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File: 1616501478561.jpg (39.49 KB, 362x389, andydick.jpg)

No. 828285

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/820994
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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

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~~patreon.com/onision~~ [deplatformed]

TLDR; The "Onision Documentary" was a predictably three ring shitfest filled with irrelevant people except for Onision's dad, Shiloh and Regina.

>Greg made contact with fellow rapist Andy Dick

>Gregory von der Poo streamed with attention whoring trophy wife of Andy Dick, while said Dick was stoned on the roof
>Real Stream News is still trying to desperately insert Amber in this thread, fails since nobody cares, RSN still wants in on the rape action since he's a rapist
>Something something Heatboss and over 9000 sock accounts all presumed to be Greg, Greg only humanly possible to run 0.57% of said sock puppets world wide.
>Gregory von der Poo sold his house for way too cheap, and moves in practically on Repzions lap for some weird, unknown reason.
>Angry Snail lied about having talked to Gene, no one still cares about any of these self-inserting autists.
>Andy Dick will fuck Greg
>Foot jealous since Andy Dick lookes younger and more feminine than her.
>Greg calls Andy Dick father figure in shit stream.

No. 828288

small side note:
I get it, this thread is absolute shit, its garbage and it is probably the worst thread in the entire history of all of lolcow farm. Duly noted, but we needed a new thread.
Now, if you start complaining here how shit this thread is (trust me, we know, look at this thing its garbage and simply won't do and OP should kill themselves) then, if you complain a lot, it will be full again in a heartbeat and we will need another thread which will be just as shit or more.
So please, for the love of Greg, lets keep the complaints to a minimum. We know how shit this thread is, its disgusting. It fucking sucks, and really how dare we.

No. 828289

Theres still another hundred posts left on the previous thread and this OP is embarrassing, please leave

No. 828290

Did you see the side note?
Thank you for starting us off on a great start.

Your letter has been read fully, and your thoughts have been inputed and accepted for better improvement. Thank you for your time and efforts.

No. 828291

What fresh hell is this thread?

No. 828292

File: 1616502680787.jpeg (28.17 KB, 590x421, C9026950-D687-4848-90B9-4F5000…)

>Gregory von der poo

No. 828293


Thank you OP!

And I fully agree, regardless of what is done, every fucking thread the same whiny cunts complaining.

That's an idea for a separate thread, or a new entire sub, to be honest.

"Whiny cunts complaining about OP" thread.

No. 828294

Oh hey OP

No. 828295

i love these forums but having 50 ongoing threads each needing a tldr isn't the easiest to manage and "onion part 43" then "onion part 44" would work.
the only good thing about the new thread at 1200 posts is the change of thread pic

No. 828296

Anon, pls

No. 828297

i fagnewed myself

No. 828298

so andy buttfucking greg when? or did he technically buttfuck greg with that horrendous stream?

No. 828300

hi non-saging-kun!

No. 828305

complaining helps a lot on this "forum", specially when they not sage, their contributions help the algorithm.

No. 828308

I'm not satisfied until he actually takes it up the butt by adult boy Andy Dick.
Billy the fridge would also be acceptable, but I have a feeling he'd offer his obese ruby starfruit readily to Gerg.

No. 828319

File: 1616515254999.jpg (10.47 KB, 150x168, download.jpg)

John Swan would gladly open his butt cheeks to greg to have greg pos his neg holes. To then have Greg sex piss all over his face in and in his jewfro jerry curl.
John Swan lives for that shit.
He'd be overjoyed and feel honored. he'd rub it all over himself, hold gregs tiny carrot to let it leak all over his tongue going "hmmmm yes, gregs cum!, finally! oh fuck yess"

No. 828321

File: 1616515823456.jpg (24.62 KB, 437x510, maxresdefault.jpg)

he would have to fight Nicholas Deorio though who's been getting fat off Greg's tard-cum for many years now. I don't think Deorio would ever let go of Greg's dick in his fat ass willingly.
Not in this life.

No. 828336

YAY !!! Im a tardo that everyone should look at..

Dont make new threads until the old one has run out.

Who you think you are Onision?

No. 828338

Sage this shit

No. 828341

This fat incel started supporting Grease just because Shiloh went off on him one time. I'm not defending her, I know she's crazy but imagine supporting a predator and dismissing all his other victims just because you had a negative interaction with one of them, how petty is that?

No. 828353

Greg had his eyes on Andy Six and instead he got… Andy Dick. It's like pottery.

No. 828355

File: 1616529501602.png (463.67 KB, 987x625, andy dick.PNG)

I think this is Greg's scheme to fix his money woes. He'll fly down to LA, meet up with Andy. Andy will eventually try to grab Gregs dick or molest him in some way. Greg will embellish the story with each telling and it will end up
>Andy Dick RAPED ME!
Greg will sue and get some sweet sweet Dick money.

No. 828357

Never would I have imagined Andy Dick being talked about in 2021.

No. 828369

File: 1616537588864.jpg (27.37 KB, 533x241, greg_attack.jpg)

just some wishful thinking i guess when i saw this picture of greg standing stupid next to a tree on his smegmalands.

No. 828382

hasbeens stick together, pervs stick together, it’s an ideal match

No. 828392

File: 1616564172418.png (839.33 KB, 1017x570, ...hey.PNG)

We know Greg lurks here so he must of seen that we figured out he's in the garage of his new home because of all that shit on the shelves >>828044
He makes a joke in his latest Speaks video about sitting next to all those chemicals.
>so you can now see i'm next to the cleaning aisle.

Little known fact- If you swallow two heaping spoonfuls of that "Fix-It-All" patching compound your money problems disappear, you don't have to worry about raising two kids you don't want and you never again have to listen to your ugly man-wife cry about your past infidelities.

No. 828395

The thread reeks at the moment. Wonder if the Greaseman is sad his collab with a celebrity sort of didn't make much of a splash. Most noteworthy thing is that farmers already memed about Lainey looking like Dick years ago.

No. 828420

No one cares about Dick boy. He's irrelevant.
That goes for the lot of them. The only older people either of them would attract are entirely unhinged and zoomers certainly wouldn't know who they are.

No. 828422

He lookx so dead inside I love it, its he finally realized shit really hit the fan for him, whats next getting buttfucked by both billy the fridge and deorio?

No. 828424

How long until one or both of his kids "accidentally" drink those cleaning products

No. 828429

He went from living in a mcmansion with like 6 bedrooms to living in a barn and having to record videos in the garage next to cleaning products and a water heater tank, how SAD.

No. 828467

File: 1616635893305.png (151.88 KB, 1287x270, cloeypolicereport.PNG)

During Laineys YouNow stream Greg walked in off camera and they had a mini argument because Greg wanted to know why she had turned the thermostat all the way up. Lainey said "we already talked about this." They tried to talk in whispers but you could still hear them. One of the kids had figured out how to reach the high thermostat and play with it.

In the police report both Greg and Lainey said that C likes to climb up on things so even though the chemicals are on high shelves if they dont watch her (which her cracked skull proves they don't) she's going to get to them.

Both are absent parents. Greg hiding away from the rest of the family to jerk off to loli hentai, Lainey scrolling on her phone in a desperate search for a tissue to replace Sarah. I can see those kids having accident after accident until it finally ends in tragedy.

No. 828468

Interesting that they both said the same thing almost word for word.

No. 828472

Yup they got their stories straight ahead of time and set up for a future “accident” as well as retards can.

No. 828476

I've read the threads on both farms and haven't gotten a legit answer to why they sold the Swamp Shack and bought the Cow Barn. Yes some said they downgraded but its not by much, money wise. This new place looks so much shittier but the price was very close to what the old one was. If they had bought a house for $250,000 that would answer my question as to why. I just don't understand why he'd leave Gig Harbor. One major plus with the Swamp Shack was privacy. Seeing how paranoid Greg is he should have loved the distance between him and his neighbors and the fact that the street up to his house is a dead end. Lookie-loos or people wanting to vandalize his place cant just drive by. I know his house still got egged but having your house at a cul-de-sac or dead end helps keep the traffic down. Is this similar to his name change? Did Greg really think they could move and no one would find their new address and plaster it all over the internet like Anonymous Gene has been doing the past couple of weeks.

No. 828483

He's trying so hard to do 2006 emo hair but he's balding. He's literally sporting a combover at this point. It was so evident in his interview. Freakin' hilarious

No. 828484

Omg, please somebody so much more sober than I am answer this question for greggie poo.

No. 828485

*these questions

No. 828489

File: 1616650209202.png (4.9 MB, 1630x1250, wetlands restoration.png)

So this was acceptable to Pierce County?
If the pending sale goes through then the answer is yes.
He literally used a sheet of paper and black marker to make the signs.

No. 828490

File: 1616650255370.jpg (108.8 KB, 1212x772, ExDOZwgU8AERvGy.jpg)

No. 828497

Of course he did the absolute bare minimum. Of course. Hypocritical, virtue signalling, childish scum.

No. 828499

I believe he's selling the swamp to pass the wetlands problems to the next person who buys it and to get the money he lost back since he's selling it for much more expensive than he originally bought it. Also putting the house in a trust just a few months before selling it seems suspect, he's definitely trying to scam people.

No. 828507

He built the fence pretty much right on where he planted, you can see it in the third picture. What a lazy, useless piece of shit.

No. 828510


No. 828511

He used his "onision" email to send this, what an autist

No. 828512


I shouldn't be surprised. I actually love split-rail fences and they can be beautiful when done by a professional.

But this is just more proof that Greg can fuck up anything.

No. 828514

File: 1616676141821.jpg (224.08 KB, 1319x543, 23bc_2c904938_1280.jpg)

Is it just me or does that not sound like Greg? I get the feeling that his realtor typed out what to say and made him email it. He explained to Greg that this email had to be short, polite and to the point. In the previous emails Greg sent he rambled on and made these little snide remarks like
>Illegal photo of my property taken without my permission by Scott violating my rights/privacy
all written in what looks like Chaloops font. Very professional.

No. 828515

File: 1616676968632.jpg (922.83 KB, 2180x724, 1740167_38_232.jpg)

I'm positive that the realtor is the driving force on trying to get this piece of shit sold. If you look at the photos uploaded to Zillow and Redfin when the house was first put on the market this March there is no split rail or shitty signs to be seen. I'll bet you they got a prospective buyer, the buyer did his due diligence on the house and all these red flags popped up about the lien on the house and the title not being free and clear. So the realtor either told Greg to get his ass in gear and put up the fence, signs and plantings, or the realtor did it himself and hired some Home Depot Mexicans to slap together something that he hopes passes and he's going to add that to his fee when the sale goes through.

No. 828522

I'm terribly confused right now. Has the wetlands situation been resolved or has it not been resolved?
Now if its NOT been resolved, perhaps greg is moving thinking he can get out of it that way?

No. 828523

I don't have 100% proof of either.
Looking at this email >>828490 there must of been an earlier email where Greg is asking why his title is not clear. Scott Sissons then emails him back on March 11 saying the reason is because he never put up the fence signs or plantings. Greg emails back the next day on March 12 saying here's proof we just did what you asked so please remove the violations and clear my homes title.
If we see a reply email from Sissons saying the work done is acceptable or if the current pending sale goes through then we can assume its been resolved.

No. 828527

Yeah that's usually a red flag imo.

No. 828532

Y'all do realize that police reports are written to be as brief and informative as possible right? It's not a verbatim write up of what was said. It's likely the officer just asked if their kid was an active child and then asked for examples, possibly by offering a leading question like, "do they like to climb up onto furniture, like chairs and tables?" It's pretty standard procedure when interviewing people for information.

No. 828546

Sorry to give this old hag views but oh god some of these emails are just so creepy. There's one that's concerning Jaclyn's safety and he asks her to skype him or else she's not "safe" –wtf. He's so desperate for attention that he's baiting women to talk to him.

No. 828562

Um… Yeah… No.

Police reports are usually made in a way where whatever the person says is summarized as is. That's standard procedure. Why? Because it's important to record what was said just in case any "suspicious" dialogue is found in the description of the incident reported. Especially when more than one party is involved. I don't mean to use such an extreme example here but it's the only situation I know of that parallels Greg and Lainey's narratives in the report.

In 2015, the couple Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare were listed as suspects in the murder of Nathan's step-sister Becky Watts. Why? Because when police questioned them their narratives and alibis were identical. Which rightfully lead the police to believe it was rehearsed. Police looked into them and eventually found that they were guilty of the crime.

Suspicious dialogue was found in Cloey’s "accident" report but nothing was further looked into due to the obvious incompetence of Gig Harbor Police. Even in the report, detective Moss found Greg's reasons for video taping Cloey strange but again nothing was looked into.

>It's likely the officer just asked if their kid was an active child and then asked for examples, possibly by offering a leading question like-

If the officer did ask the questions then the report would say that the officer did in fact ask those questions. Please keep in mind. They were both audio recorded so why would the officer note or summarize anything other than what was said in those audio tapes?

I think you're trying too hard to defend what's undefendable at this point Anon. I'm all for plausibilities but that plausibility you're trying to push makes no sense when you consider ACTUAL standard procedure and the fact that their narratives were audio recorded. The summary of what was written would have been taken from those audio tapes my guy.

No. 828572

File: 1616705805414.jpg (133.11 KB, 1344x653, Cloey's Bedroom.jpg)

>Suspicious dialogue was found in Cloey’s "accident" report but nothing was further looked into due to the obvious incompetence of Gig Harbor Police.

Funny how you mention police incompetence because in the report Kai had said that she was not sure how Cloey could have gotten up to the window as she did not believe that the headboard overlapped the windowsill yet there is a pic of Cloey’s bedroom that shows exactly the opposite of what Kai said.

Like if the detectives took pictures and what not, which they did, one can clearly see that what Kai was saying was simply not true. Almost as if she was purposely feigning ignorance. Why didn't they call a red flag on that? Heck, Cloey's bedroom window is even open in the screenshot and that was capped from Kai's Patreon house tour video that was leaked in 2018. A whole year before the fall. What parent in their right mind has their "active" toddler's bed right underneath such a huge window? That is just asking for disaster.

No. 828574

paid promotion, because gotta buy grain alcohol and throw pillows people.
ironically theres even a throw pillow in the same fucking room. and liquor too no doubt.
fucking skinny ass skankasaurus.

No. 828575

The way that Greg emailed her a screenshot of a tweet he had saved to his computer for five years is so creepy kek. He has several people living in his mind rent free except his wife and kids

No. 828578

dude literally wants to fuck everyone and masturbates to their images. bet you dollars to donuts he's also signed up for her onlyfans and jerks it twice a day to her.
mumbling to himself: "yeah take it you dirty bitch, take it!" just pulling on his tiny wiener with a pair of tweezers till his tiny little marble balls are blue.

No. 828582

"I need to christen my house with an Onision video!" in other words you just moved and are a little low on cash so you quickly need to cash in with another video about the lord of the cucks.

No. 828594

Well that picture surely adds some perspective.

In Lainey's narrative she had said that the window was closed when she had put Cloey in her bedroom to watch TV.

With how the bed and window are situated, I simply can't see how a two year old would have the agility, balance and strength to stand on the thin headboard while pulling open such a large window, and then pushing out the window screen (keep in mind window screens are usually made to withstand great force).

Two year olds are active yes, but they aren't the most balanced or agile beings. I think any child’s attempt at such a feat, in that bedroom, would more likely lead to them toppling down onto the bed and then the floor than to result in them falling out the window. The whole report reeks of suspicious inconsistencies.

>What parent in their right mind has their "active" toddler's bed right underneath such a huge window? That is just asking for disaster.

>Interesting that they both said the same thing almost word for word.

Really hoping this doesn't lead to a tinfoil ban but if the screencap of Cloey's bedroom was dated a whole year before the incident and Greg and Lainey's narratives were identical- suggesting that they rehearsed. Could it be that the "accident" was set up over a long period of time?

I mean, in regards to their grooming of Sarah for sex, they waited 2 years (4 yrs if you count the fact that Kai started grooming her at 14) to have sex with her "legally" so it isn't far fetched that they would wait for the right time to inact Cloey's fall.

The incident took place 10 days after CPS visited their house to conduct an investigation into the grooming allegations, which again was not further looked into. In the few videos Greg would make about CPS visiting their home, it was in regards to their children. He was always gloating and smug because CPS would call bullshit and close their investigation, but in that instance they showed up for a matter that didn't involve their children.

Could it be that Cloey's bedroom was always set up for failure and they conveniently used her fall to get CPS on their side again?

Not sure how long ago it was but a couple threads back and anon gave insider information on how CPS deals with near death accidents involving children. They had said that CPS would work closely with the parents to develop their parenting skills and have them go through CPS mandated therapy for at least a year (could take way longer) before concluding the child is safe and no further involvement is needed. They'd also mentioned that Greg's narrative of Lainey doing therapy and taking meds was actually about Cloey's accident (given CPS'mandate) and not about what "Sarah did to her".

I could see them using the tragedy of Cloey's fall and injuries to garner sympathy and attention away from their sexual grooming crimes. Developing a relationship with CPS so they would seem like an unsuspecting "famous" couple who now has to deal with such a tragedy while battling totally false and not real grooming allegations.

No. 828595

I doubt it was pre-planned. I think their lack of concern and care for their kids caused that to happen. They're two self-absorbed people who often forget that they have children. This isn't going to be the last time that it happens because they still don't give a single shit about their kids, and refuse to do anything about Troy's anger issues.

No. 828602

>Could it be that Cloey's bedroom was always set up for failure and they conveniently used her fall to get CPS on their side again?

no. this is nonsense.
please sage your tinfoils in the future

No. 828603

Greg may liken himself to Kira/L because he's retarded, but he can barely plan for the future let alone plan and hope for a convenient accident that has more chance of failing than succeeding.
retard tinfoil.
The simplest explanation is that they're both self-absorbed and not aware of basic child safety

No. 828618

I've kinda been waiting for an opportunity to talk about this and now seems like the appropriate time.
In the report Kai said Troy was watching TV while Greg says he was playing video games. Why was it easier for them to remember the exact same past events of Cloey's activities and not what happened on the night of the accident?
Okay, let's not take sources of suspicious from the actually incident.

A welfare check done on Kai was closed on 15th September 2019. Close to midnight. In that report Kai had said that she was home with Troy while Greg was tending to Cloey in the hospital.
11 minutes past midnight, into 16th of September, with Kai confirming where Greg was, he makes this tweet, >"Stand in front of the window over there. The world should see how pathetic and helpless you are. I'm going to humiliate you, and right before you lose consciousness, I'm going to destroy you."
Tweeting about humiliating and destroying a helpless individual IN FRONT OF A WINDOW when you're in the hospital with your daughter that FELL OUT OF A WINDOW is VERY SUS. It almost appears like he was gloating in the fact that he could post what he wanted about the situation because no one would know what he was talking about or specifically, what he did. I'd bet money he would have never done that had he known the police report would be leaked a few months later.

In a livestream posted on April 2nd 2020 (Onision Confronted LIVE (Full Story Part 3) at the 1:29:06 mark Greg was asked about the tweet he made while his daughter was fighting for her life in the hospital. Per usual, he doesn't give a clear answer, but implies that that was his way of coping with the situation, saying he would have to see a therapist to evaluate why he made those tweets.
Then, in a livestream posted on April 8th 2020 (Onision Confronted LIVE (Full Story Part 4) when asked about the tweet a second time at the 2:22:09 mark, Greg just says it was from a hentai, implying that it had nothing to do with the situation.
Both livestreams were done 6 days apart and he couldn't even keep his story straight. If it really had nothing to do with the situation why lie about it? That in itself, on top of the actual tweet is very sus.

In the livestream Restreaming the Killstream: Onision Edition, at 1:14:47 Greg says that the incident felt like it was “beyond your typical fall”.
At 1:18:30 Greg says that “the kid” was nowhere near the garage door when they saw her. “Like a foot or two away” which he could not comprehend as the child, according to him, tapped on the garage door.
That narrative is suspicious because that would mean 2 things:
If Cloey somehow fell a foot or 2 away from the garage door, that would mean that she got up, walked to the garage and tapped on it. Then walked back to the spot away from the garage and laid there for her parents to find her.
The other plausibility is that she fell very close to the garage, got up, tapped on the garage door then walked a foot or two away from the garage door and layed there for some reason.
Mind you, this would be all while her head is cracked and fractured in numerous place, while most likely conscious enough to feel the extreme pain.
If you pay attention to what Greg is saying, and how he's saying it, it almost seems like strategic admission of ignorance to the incomprehensible, as if to be on the side of those asking the same questions.
Just the fact that Cloey was a foot or two away from the garage when she was found suggests that she may have been placed there.
Now mind you, a foot or 2 away is actually not that far in distance (30 to 60 cms). Greg didn't need to mention that which leads me to believe that she was found much further than Greg implies.

Then there's his Super Mario Muder Mystery video that he uploaded December 10th 2020.
The eye cancer goes like this. Fat Princess (Peaches?) wakes up to a rabbit greeting her. The princess hates rabbits saying to it do you know what I can do to you? and that there are no witnesses around. She pushs the rabbit off a platform. Bowser saw what happened and is scared. A detective comes across the rabbit's body. An investigation takes place. The detectives pin point Bowser because he's the village monster. For some reason Bowser knowingly takes the rap for the Princess who also pushes him from the platform while the rabbit's ghost laments that there is no justice.
Now given all Greg's subliminal implications. That super funny and not suspicious video appears to just be too close to reality.

With the report, Greg's tweet, his statements and that video. I've counted over 10 inconsistencies and suspicious happenings that suggests it wasn't a mere accident. There's no doubt they're neglectful parents but there's so many red flags surrounding that isolated incident.

No. 828619

>There's one that's concerning Jaclyn's safety and he asks her to skype him or else she's not "safe" –wtf. He's so desperate for attention that he's baiting women to talk to him.

He also tried to bait Billie into calling HIS number to give Footface "closure", that seems to be his thing when women ignore him and he gets desperate for their attention he tries to bait them into contacting him

No. 828632

Yeah I don't think the Onion family did anything like push her out a window like some disney villain. I do think they were negligent since I don't think putting a kid's bed up next to a window is a good idea but I wish we would put window-gate to rest.

No. 828644

>Greg may liken himself to Kira/L because he's retarded, but he can barely plan for the future let alone plan and hope for a convenient accident that has more chance of failing than succeeding.

Exactly. They're narcissists who value themselves to be smarter than the average individual and they're also criminals. That's why I think it's likely that both him and Lainey are dumb enough to plan and execute something as fucked up as that without thinking about all the failures in execution and inconsistencies that would be found out in their doings.

Why do you think they're up to their necks in criminal shit the way they are now?

Keep in mind. They don't love their children and Greg does not know what love is. He is incapable of caring about anyone but himself.

Lainey cried to Billie when she found out she was pregnant with a girl because she KNEW how Greg treats women.
Greg wasn't even there when Cloey was born. Very rarely do parents and children share the same birthday. It's usually an exciting thing but Greg didn't even show up for her birth which again points to his narcissistism because how dare Cloey be born in HIS special day.
Jessica said Cloey didn't even go to preschool and Greg would never talk to her. He even made a video mocking Lainey's "concerns" about that.
I wouldn't chastize anyone for thinking that Cloey may just be as disposable as the girls and women they abused.

In a way they're "smart enough" to commit a crime or cover it up but they're not smart enough to get away with it long term. There's always inconsistencies and suspicious patterns that slip through the cracks of the things that they do and say. And that's coupled with Greg's incessant need to drop hints on his wrong doings.

>Yeah I don't think the Onion family did anything like push her out a window like some disney villain. I do think they were negligent since I don't think putting a kid's bed up next to a window is a good idea but I wish we would put window-gate to rest.

I don't see anything wrong with believing that it was just neglectful parenting that caused Cloey’s fall but to rule out or denounce other people's suspicion (based on circumstancial evidence) that foul play occurred poses a greater risk of them getting away with something that they may have done.

Yeah Greg is dumb but he also got away with soliciting child pornography on his forums, child sex tourism, violating the Mann Act, interstate travel to have sex with minors, child grooming, scamming the military for benefits and tax fraud. He got away with all those things for over ten years. He would have gotten away with what he did to Sarah had he not subliminally and publicly harassed her about the BPD she didn't even have and his false rape allegations against her. What's laughable is that Sarah was most likely gonna take what happened to her to her grave for Kai's sake but Greg HAD to fuck that up with again, his incessant need to stalk his ex's and drop hints on his wrongdoings.

No. 828646

They’re never going to jail no matter how many times they “slipped” attempting to murder their children, so please stop with the thesis-tier sperging. Thanks.

No. 828648

>mumbling to himself: "yeah take it you dirty bitch, take it!" just pulling on his tiny wiener with a pair of tweezers till his tiny little marble balls are blue.

I feel bad that I laughed so hard at this.

No. 828649

There are easier ways to orchestrate an accident with children.
Occam's razor man. Greg is just retarded and didn't think about why it might be a bad idea to put a toddler's bed right next to the window.

No. 828668

>this is your brain on true crime

No. 828686

Police and CPS in Pierce County are a fucking joke, they basically delivered Susan Powell's sons to their deaths so it's not surprising they did fuck all to punish Grease and Footface for their obvious child neglect.

No. 828687

Complete tinfoil but I truly think troy pushed cloey out that window and Onion heard troy make noises. Just from the knowledge we know and that Greg has taught troy to hit when angry and to hit him etc and with Greg being a shite parent in general such as screaming at his son for not carrying him in Mario kart, I bet he's angry towards everyone. There was a stream Onion did a few months back when he discussed getting rid of all the dogs apart from Dobbs. The most recent dog they acquired killed one of the chickens and would go for the other animals. They don't train their animals, neglect the kids and at times kill the pets. The Guinea pigs were probably at deaths door before Madison took them. I bet Lainey leaves the two kids alone all the time and even in the aftermath of the fall Onion thought it was going to be Troy outside. He probably heard a commotion and thought it's plaineys issue and she probably has her fucking airpods in or whatever the fuck.

No. 828688

File: 1616743486928.png (1 MB, 1202x564, 5675_554_76.PNG)

I saw this on my tl and immediately thought of Greg. I'm sure you all know about Jessica Yaniv. Someone plastered over 100 posters in the area she lives warning the public about her past arrests for illegal weapons, assault, death threats and inappropriate behavior with minors and attempting to lure young girls on the internet.

Its not just faceless people on the internet that hate Greg. There are people in his town that are willing to drive up to his home and vandalize it. His home in Gig Harbor was egged twice. How long until Greg and Lainey wake up one morning in their new home and see every tree and light pole on their street with posters of their faces warning the neighbors about the new sexual predators that moved onto their block. I have a feeling that the upcoming 4th installment of the documentary and Sarah's interview is going to put a fire under these people in Greg's town that hate him. One thing I noticed about the first 3 episodes of the documentary was they would do these long lingering shots of the front of Onion's house. I counted 4 times they did this. They never gave the address but it was like they were purposefully giving enough information for people that lived in that area to know where Greg and Lainey lived. If Discovery shows the new home in this 4th episode I'll know it wasn't by accident.

No. 828693

The noises he heard outside were probably Cloey's agonal breathing

No. 828694

Why do people write these detailed little fanfics? It's really weird.

No. 828714

The fall from the window story is sketch af, and the additional observations that anon kindly provided push the sketchiness even further.

Some people have been losing their breath arguing whether it's possible or not for C to have climbed up the windowsill, whether the window was open or not etc, which, at this point and in terms of the big picture, is just pointless nitpicking and derailing from the more important questions that are the only remaining trail to the truth (as >>828562 also pointed out) – there were 2 adults in the house and their narratives are straight up sus, to say the least.

Not only what they've said to the police seems rehearsed, but they've also gone on to say utter bs like C supposedly fell "a foot or two away" from the garage, but at the same time somehow tapped on the garage door, which caught Greg's attention. How is it technically possible for a toddler with a fractured skull to be tapping on the door that is 1-2 feet away from them? That would imply she's somehow stood up, walked to the garage, tapped, and walked back to faceplant into the ground like >>828618 mentioned.

Bullshit. And why would she be tapping in the first place? Even if she were right there at the door, that is adult behavior – tap to get help. A toddler doesn't have the concept of "if something bad happens to you, call 911 or seek bystander help / assistance otherwise". If an accident happens to a toddler, they just scream-cry for help. The whole tapping bit is bs in its essence and should have been a huge giveaway.

And then again, they keep talking about it as if the fall from the 2nd story on the concrete occurred in pure silence. Fair enough, let's say Lainey had her airpods in like the other anon suggested, but Greg was "working" in the garage, and the boom from the fall wasn't interfering with his filming, but the subsequent little tap on the door was? How does that make sense? Their entire story is a load of horseshit, and I don't understand how the police nor CPS didn't pick up on it.

Bottom line is, the accident happened, probably due to neglect, but why not also with a little assistance (>>828687). At least one of them cucks knows why/how exactly that happened, and they've clearly made up this entire ~mysterious~ bs story with the silent fall, and how everyone was conveniently in a separate room and had no idea, and the aliens tapping on the door, and how they're all so puzzled and unable to comprehend it – all just to cover their own tracks. They've even filmed a little clip as "evidence" to support their story. Sick fucks.

No. 828716

Hey guy, it's Big Keith here. Just checking in bdcause I haven't posted for a while. Big things are coming though including a new website and some other things that are going to get Greg Mad. Hope you're all well and I'll share links here when the time is right. Stay safe(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 828720

I don't doubt Greg is up and moving thinking he can hide from his troubles. Funny thing is that the area he's moved to has at least 3x the amount of sex offenders which probably means it's monitored more. Neighbors would be more wary, they'd know which houses to keep their kids from, and his house is far more distinct now without any sort of privacy.

He's basically painted a target on his back for anyone who wants to find him. No privacy, close neighbors, and nowhere else to run.

No. 828728

That’s actually quite a valid point anon, you’re correct whether she screamed or not the sound of her hitting the ground would be much louder than “tapping” on the garage door and I’m presuming he claimed the tapping happen at the time of the fall?, i can’t understand what his “tapping” adds to his case tho? What benefit is it

No. 828730

what is up with these entire walls of text? jesus christ

No. 828742

Reading is hard.

No. 828743

walls of autism and word salads are, yeah.

No. 828745

Unironically this. Have onion threads really devolved into your average reddit thread filled with shit no1curr about, unfunny jokes, and attention whoring retards?

No. 828763


Something that's gets overlooked is that C couldn't have been in her room when she fell. The window in her bedroom faces the back of the house and there is no TV shown in the picture or the video.
She had to have been in T's bedroom at the time of the accident.
Also, could the tapping be from the window screen? Maybe it was loosely hanging and swinging into the garage.

No. 828764

i heard all sorts of conspiracies about chloe's fall, some better and slightly more plausible than others, but fact of the matter is none of us were actually there except for Greg and compLainey.
Now I assume had it been anything else that the doctor would have seen it. Hell, I've seen them notice that shit before specially on the Steve Wilko's show. If there's some fuckery involved, they see it, they see that its not consistent with a fall or what have you.

No. 828768

File: 1616792510535.jpg (155.71 KB, 1359x720, Troy's Bedroom Swamp Shack.jpg)

>She had to have been in T's bedroom at the time of the accident.

Now in the report Kai did say she had put Cloey in HER room, not Troy's, but if she was in Troy's room, that makes things all the more suspicious because Troy's bedroom window seems harder to reach (or fall out of) than Cloey's.
Like >>828594 said. Any attempt at standing on the headboard, pushing open a large window, then pushing out a window screen would more likely lead to Cloey falling down than falling out the window. When comparing both rooms, Troy's seems like a much harder feat than hers when you look at the situating of the headboards and windows. She would quicker fall back onto Troy's bed or fall to her left onto that burgandy seat-looking thing or onto the floor.

What's odd is there's small toys in front of the part of the window where Troy could climb from his headboard to open it, it seems like they were trying to prevent such an accident with Troy by placing stuff there but paid no mind to Cloey's window, leaving it bare. That in itself is suspicious as hell.

No. 828772

The tapping he heard could have been Cloey having a convulsion or thrashing around on the ground due to pain. But it's really weird he heard the tapping and a low voice but didn't hear the fall itself which must have been really loud.

No. 828777

That's what I always thought, that it was Troy's bedroom she fell out of. From past videos and the furnishings it looked like his room. Perhaps why they both have conflicting stories about troy watching TV or playing video games, he probably was in the room cloey took the tumble from.

No. 828778

>Now I assume had it been anything else that the doctor would have seen it. Hell, I've seen them notice that shit before specially on the Steve Wilko's show. If there's some fuckery involved, they see it, they see that its not consistent with a fall or what have you.

Um… Yeah… No…
To make such an assumption based on a TV show you've watched doesn't make sense in reailty. Doctors and hospitals can be just as incompetent as the police (ask Greg).

What I took notice of in the report is the doctor just explained Cloey's head injuries and concluded that it was consistent with a two story fall. There was no mention of a "second opinion" or a "second analysis" where they'd look into whether or not it may have been consistent with anything else like- I dunno- blunt force trauma.

Heck, the report made no mention of any other injuries consistent with the fall ie a dislocated shoulder, sprains, bruises, fractures on other parts of the body etc. There's no fucking way only her head was injured in that fall. Not from a two story window. Not when it's a two year old whose bones and body is still fragile and developing. There HAD to have been more.

Either an incompetent cop didn't make an effort to ask for or record the other injuries that Cloey would have gotten. Or. An incompetent doctor didn't see it as necessary to explain the other injuries Cloey would have had. WHICH IS IMPORTANT.

Now given that the report only spoke about her head injuries, it could be that that was all that was noted since it was paramount but the other injuries were recorded and filed at the hospital.

Or. Those were the only injuries she got. And if only her head was injured in the fall that would mean 2 things:
Either "gravity" just decided to fuck up her head that day, leaving the rest of her body unscathed and located a foot or two away from the garage door she tapped on.
Or her injuries are consistent with premeditated isolated blows to the head aka blunt force trauma and she was placed a foot or two away from the garage door.

Which ever way you spin it. Taking note of all her injuries would help in an investigation if ever foul play was found out but they didn't.

If there were no other injuries on Cloey's body, only her head, and the doctor didn't inspect or notice that then it can only suggest one thing. The report on her injuries stemmed from unsuspecting incompetence on the doctors part.

To me it seems like the doctor just heard the story of what happened from the paramedics/cops and was like, "Yeah, those head injuries are consistent with a two story fall" and called it a day. THAT, along with no mention of her other injuries, suggests unsuspecting incompetence from both the cops and the doctor Anon.

As with >>828532 you should probably stop trying to defend what's undefendable at this point. Just because you saw a TV show doctor being competent doesn't mean all doctors are.

No. 828780

>Um… Yeah… No…
>To make such an assumption based on a TV show you've watched doesn't make sense in reailty. Doctors and hospitals can be just as incompetent as the police (ask Greg).
Its not just based on that tv show, any doctor is able to see if a kid was abused and if an injury isn't consistent with what the parents claim, you absolute novel writing sperg.

No. 828784

File: 1616801156927.png (110.82 KB, 786x1460, autodraw 26_03_2021.png)

>There's no fucking way only her head was injured in that fall. Not from a two story window. Not when it's a two year old whose bones and body is still fragile and developing.

You'd be surprised toddler's aren't as fragile as you'd think when it comes to "natural" injuries. Their bones haven't finished fusing so they're more "malleable" and can bend more easily than older children and adults. I think this in combination with other things is why only her head was injured.

Their heads are proportionally too big for their bodies (so when they fall it's often upper body first) and then haven't mastered balance or reflexes. Knowing Greg genes, C's head could be even larger than average.
They tend to go "limp" when experiencing things like a fall. It's what their bodies programmed to do. Kind of like how older infants instinctively hold their breath when under water or how drunk drivers tend to survive car crashes more often. Some toddler's are more "floppy" than others.

It's a pretty high fall, but not so high that it becomes improbable for a toddler to walk away without multiple injuries. It's a bit surprising that she didn't have any additional scratches, but there are multiple variables that could prevent them:
>The type of clothing worn
>Whether or not there was extra rubble
>The height isn't enough for her body to fall at full speed
>Her body weight
>Falling on top of the screen
>The way she fell (i.e arms and legs spread out)
They're really susceptible to head injuries, but it's quite a bit harder to break legs and arms.

Excuse the shit illustration
Sage for responding to tin foil

No. 828785

File: 1616802571875.jpg (149.28 KB, 1280x720, House Tour jpeg.jpg)

>That's what I always thought, that it was Troy's bedroom she fell out of. From past videos and the furnishings it looked like his room. Perhaps why they both have conflicting stories about troy watching TV or playing video games, he probably was in the room cloey took the tumble from.

To be honest I don't really like the tinfoils of Troy being responsible for Cloey’s fall because if Greg and Lainey were responsible and they were ever found out by law enforcement they'd probably blame it all on Troy like they blame everyone else for their wrongdoings. Troy'd be their scapegoat and it'd be easy to blame him too because the witnesses attesting his violence towards Cloey.

With that being said however. You may have a partial point because in Lainey's House tour video you can see that the kids bedroom doors are clearly situated on opposite side of each other:

I'm sure the police (as incompetent as they are) would have noticed the difference in their bedrooms and would be able to tell that "Cloey's room" at the front of the house was actually Troy's room based on the gender scheme we see in >>828768 and >>828572 (girlish vs boyish look).

The only way that wouldn't be noticed is if Greg and Lainey switched the kids rooms. Making Cloey's room situated at the front of the house while situating Troy's at the back. This had to have been done because Kai said Cloey fell out of her bedroom window and as noted in the report, she fell out of the window right above the garage. That's at the front of the house.

Now if Cloey's room/window was still situated at the back of the house. That would mean that the 2 year old, with multiple skull fractures and internal brain bleeding, got up, walked all the way around to the front of the house, tapped on the garage door, then layed down a foot or two away from said garage door for her parents to find her. That's HIGHLY unlikely to have occurred.

Which begs the question. Why would Greg and Lainey switch the kids rooms? And is it just coincidence Cloey fell right where she needed to be for Greg and Lainey to have their shocked reactions captured on the ring door bell footage, with Greg handing that over to police as if it adds some merit to their innocence. Very convenient if you ask me…

And given that they had that proof of their "innocence". Why would Greg then need to record Cloey injured and in pain, bringing up the decade old Shiloh incident that he recorded as if to add more proof of his innocence?
Sane and caring parents would've scooped their child up. Jumped in their car and speed to the nearest hospital. If not that, then they would've called the ambulance and stayed with their child, talking to them and comforting them through the shock and pain until help arrives. But what does Greg do? He immediately pulls out a camera and films his dying daughter because God forbid they ever suspect he had anything to do with it.

This >>828777 is brand new information for me and it does bring some merit to what >>828594 said. This would have had to be planned. Maybe not over a long period of time, but planned nonetheless.

No. 828786

Troy's a minor though, the blame would still lie with the parents and probably more involvement with CPS if the kids also demonstrating bad behaviours rather than just a freak accident of a toddler falling out of a window.

The kids sleep with their parents, do Greg and Lainey stay in the kids rooms with them or split up like they did in the mc mansion with them both have a double bed each. They've such a weird family dynamic. Like I'm stuck on Grease mentioning he thought troy would have been outside. Maybe he fucking tapped the garage for someone else to come out and deal with it.

No. 828791

Jessica the girl that Lainey was stringing along spilled the beans all about the kids on twitter and livestreams before Sarah and the other girls told her to shut up.
One of the things she mentioned was that Lainey cosleeps with Cloey in one bedroom and Greg slept with Troy in another.

No. 828803

Look, we don't know what happened but it is pretty damn scummy/suspicious of Greg to record all of this to "prove I didn't do it!" and more or less tell that to the cops and give them footage he recorded.

As for Trot, we don't know if he had anything to do with it but the kid is fucked up already. We know Greg encourages the kid to hit him and generally act out/be physical with him when he's having a tantrum. Also someone who stayed there saw Trot try to shove Clot off the couch.

No. 828807

File: 1616816883749.jpg (127.32 KB, 720x726, Cover Up 1.jpg)

I took the screencap of Troy's room and layed it out with another screencap of a kid's room in their house.

From Kai's angle opening the door and the angle where Greg is standing in front the door, you can clearly see that it's the same room based on the position of where the door is. Kai said she put Cloey in her room to watch TV but here's confirmation, comparing the two rooms, that only Troy's room had the TV (cropped out in pink).

That would mean that Kai lied to police. Cloey was not in her room. She was in Troy's room like >>828777 said.

Now that screencap at the bottom where you can see Greg standing was from a video Greg posted to his Onision channel on September 26th 2019.
"The Truth About Onision"
(I don't have a mirror and don't know how to mirror, it's not like he's getting money anyway, that channel's demonetized, plz don't ban me I'm on a roll here).
That video was uploaded 14 days after Cloey fell from that bedroom window.

Now what you'll notice is that the wall posters below the TV changed from a boyish poster to a girly My Little Pony poster (both circled out in blue). That brings some merit to what >>828785 said. They didn't necessarily switch the rooms per say as Troy's bed remained but they decorated Troy's room and put Cloey's stuff in there to make it appear like it's hers. That's probably why the cops didn't notice the gender scheme difference and assumed the room was Cloey's.
Now this right here brings some merit to what >>828644 said. They're fucking dumb but they're criminals who commit crimes and they get off on getting away with it. They're just not smart. Greg didn't even think NOT film videos in Troy's Room or any of the children's rooms for that matter.

No. 828808

No. Sam "the camera-person" saw Troy complete the act, he pushed Cloey off the couch and then got reprimanded by Greg because she gasped and reacted to the little girl slamming onto the floor.

No. 828811

File: 1616817541903.jpg (118.78 KB, 720x718, Cover Up 5.jpg)

Same anon here.

On September 27th 2019, fifteen days after the "accident", Greg uploaded "I Did Something Awful" to his channel.
The title of the video, if you ask me, is kinda ironic given that it's being used as evidence he and Kai may have covered up a crime.

Now in that video there were some things that I notice they did. They switched the kids rooms to make it appear as though Cloey's room was Troy's

As you can see in this pic attached to this message. The boyish wall posters were switched out with girly posters (circled in green) to make it appear feminine yet the bed remained the same.

No. 828812

File: 1616817726125.jpg (110.33 KB, 720x718, Cover Up 4.jpg)

Me again.

They'd switched out Cloey's tall giraffe poster from her old room and put it in Troy's room.

No. 828813

File: 1616818131730.jpg (143.37 KB, 720x723, Cover Up 2.jpg)

Hi, it's me again.

They took Cloey's blue storage container/seat (circled in yellow) and put it in Troy's staged room (Notice the My Little Pony poster on the wall. Plus you can see the cord where the TVs plugged in.)
You can see the storage container isnt Troy's because if you look at the picture of his room, you can see his own is identical, but the color is burgandy.

No. 828815

File: 1616820476682.jpg (131.59 KB, 720x721, Cover Up 3.jpg)

I'll go away I promise.

Notice the bookshelves circled in purple? At first glance you'd think they were the same but they're not. Troy's bookshelf has khaki colored wooden sides while Cloey's has burgandy/red colored sides. That brings more proof that the items in their rooms were switched.

Again it's suuuper coincidental that they, for some strange reason, switched the kids bedrooms only for Cloey fall out that bedroom window, conveniently close to the garage door, where she got up, taped on it to alert Greg, then walked a foot or two away from it to lay on the ground all while harboring a near death head injury. I mean it total wasn't planned that way so Greg and Kai could get the ring footage capturing their feigned shock and "innocence". Oh no no no.

I mean let's be real. Fate would have it that Cloey's original bedroom window was situated at the back of the house so how else were they gonna capture their innocence for the cops if Cloey fell at the back of the house? Gotta think ahead for when "fate" deals such tragedies, right Greg? Right Kai?

What was that tweet Greg made again? You know, the one he made while his daughter was fighting for her life in the hospital. Something about destroying and humiliating a helpless individual in front of a window right before they lose consciousness? Oh yeah that's just how he "copes". As all loving non-homocidal parents do when their baby daughter falls out of a window. /s

No. 828821

He didn't just "try", he did in fact shove her off the couch and she hit her head on the ground, that's what Sam said happened.

No. 828824

You know what bothered me about that whole incident was they got angry with Sam for reacting to the poor little girl hitting the floor. It sounded as if Greg and Lainey felt that if the kid didn't see the adults react with shock she wouldn't cry. Were they conditioning Cloey not to cry when injured? Well it worked because the reason they found her crumpled on the driveway WAS NOT because they heard her crying.

No. 828833

youre getting 2 different situations mixed up. c was pushed off the couch but it was only mentioned cause sam was talking about t's supposed anger issues. the incident you're talking about is when sam and greg were live gaming and t walked in off camera and tripped and fell and she gasped. he got mad at her for giving attention to him cause they were live, some bs to do with his privacy. Completely ignoring your kids and pretending like they dont exist isn't protecting their privacy…

No. 828834

File: 1616827966681.jpg (106.45 KB, 1074x1064, EOwlNGtWsAIy9mX.jpg)

I don't understand why every rard freaks out about Greg's 'sex tweets' while Clot was in hospital, when the money shot is this tweet right here.

He tweeted this the day after her fall. If he didn't actually push her, he at the very least delighted in the situation, which isn't much better.

Why else would he tweet this?

No. 828836

Yeah, Grease even called Sam a "child abuser" just because she gasped. He's literally retarded

No. 828837

Sam talked about it because Grease was accusing her of abusing Trot, all because she gasped when he pushed Cloey off the sofa. I'm sure the livestream is still out there somewhere

No. 828838

File: 1616829526546.jpg (418.11 KB, 1920x1920, What Really Happened.jpg)

Yeah… No… I think you're the one mixing things up buddy.
Sam specifically stated the gasping incident was related to Troy pushing Cloey off the couch.

No. 828840

>I don't understand why every rard freaks out about Greg's 'sex tweets' while Clot was in hospital, when the money shot is this tweet right here.
I think the freaking out would have something to do with all the other suspicious shit surrounding said tweet. Given the new information in this thread and everything else that happened, ya know? The alarm bells should be considered reasonable at this point.

>He tweeted this the day after her fall.

Nope. It was four days after her fall. While he was with her, she was in the hospital fighting for her life btw.

>If he didn't actually push her, he at the very least delighted in the situation, which isn't much better.

>Why else would he tweet this?

Maybe because he was involved in the situation and was gloating in the fact that he got away with it?

Like at this point I don't see how the concept of them doing something so heinous is beyond comprehension given all the curcumstancial evidence seen in this thread.

No. 828841

Thank you. I spent half an hour searching for this message because I wanted to make sure I remembered it right.

>just fucking landed on their head full force.

This poor little girl. She keeps taking hits to the head.

No. 828843

No offense but going this far to prove Cloey's fall was an accident is pretty sus my guy. Like you took the time to illustrate this.

I'm gonna have to take that with a grain of salt because my little brother. At age 3. Fell off what was like a 7ft balcony onto concrete. He bussed the back of his head, got a small fracture and a mild concussion. He sprained his shoulder and an area on the back of his upper torso was black and blue even though he had clothes on.

Given what I know I find it very hard to believe that a two story fall onto a concrete driveway only resulted in injuries to the head and nowhere else.

No. 828848

File: 1616832322771.jpg (62.78 KB, 720x380, Greg AntiOnision2 (fucking sic…)

Okay with the screenshots and templates that these anons are providing. I really don't think the conversation should be about Troy and his temper towards Cloey at this point.

Think about it. If Troy had pushed Cloey out of his bedroom window and Greg and Kai realized that. There's no way they'd be able to switch around everything in their rooms before calling for help. Shit like that takes time. We're talking removing wall posters, placing new ones. Switching carpets, switching bookshelves and tables, moving toys etc.
They would've had to set up the rooms prior to the "accident".

And there's proof to suggest that. In Cloey’s "new room". Look at the posters on the walls. The toys and books in the area. Nothing is crooked or messy or "out of place". That suggests that they had time to prepare and the rearrangment wasn't rushed. The set up of Cloey's new room was most likely premeditated.

If that's the case. Another thing to note is that in the livestream Restreaming the Killstream: Onision Edition. At 1:17:47 Greg said that he was not sure what he was looking at (when he saw his daughter) because “the thing he saw” was covered in debris from the driveway, with grass and “stuff” surrounding it. This was never mentioned in the report and that suggests that Cloey may have been out on the concrete of the driveway for a long period of time. If the fall was premeditated it would mean that they left Cloey out there in hopes that she would succumb to her injuries because her death wasn't instant. With too much time passing they may have opted to initiate a type of “plan B” which was to cover up the alleged attempted murder as an accident.

The reason why I'm inclined to believe this is because of that tweet Greg made from his AntiOnision2 twitter sock. I know it's been debated a million times whether or not he has socks but the screencap released showed that Greg didn't crop his tweet properly and it exposed the near top of the profile pic of his main twitter account Onision. Proving that it was his sock. When people called that out he shut down the account immediately. Then he had his other sock Brock claim to be the who got the account taken down by reporting it. But that's all besides the point.

What he said in the tweet and I quote:
>Onision's daughter should have kept quiet when she fell from the window, maybe then it would have been easier to ignore her so she could bleed to death.

Now there's no way in hell any "Anti-O" would speak that way about the kids, unless this account was specifically made to slander the "Anti-Os" as terrible people which is not beneath Greg.

Now that dialogue comes across as very personal which is telling. Mind you there was no record of Cloey screaming from either Greg or the police report but this "Anti-O" somehow knew that that was the case. It's very telling and suggests to me that they did throw/push her out of the window in hopes that she'd bleed to death. It also tells me that while she was out there covered in debris and grass, she wasn't tapping the garage door or groaning. She was screaming. Making it very hard for them to ignore her bleeding to death. Her screams would've eventually alerted the neighbors to what was going on. So maybe they inacted that door bell footage and video tape for innocence plan. Shit didn't work out as expected. Onto the next scheme.

No. 828850

File: 1616833139604.png (Spoiler Image,599.41 KB, 1114x736, billaaay.png)


No. 828853

Why do Billies uncensored nudes always pop up when there's talk about how suspicious Cloey's fall was?
>hey guys don't look at that, look over here.

No. 828854

I didn't say that couldn't, I'm saying it's definitely possible for her to fall like that and only injure her head.
I'm just showing what I've seen and learned working with little ones professionally. I'm not arguing that the cause goes back to Greg or the situation is weird. The most likely answer though is it was caused by him and Lainey being shitty negligent parents though, not hatching some scheme hoping she'll happen to have an "accident". It's just such a huge stretch to think he could be so elaborate.
It's not that unlikely for a little kid that can walk to lean up against an open window.
I am pretty certain, based on the reports, she fell from that window.
More than likely she's done it before and the swamp fam didn't discourage her, just like how they don't discourage T from punching and pushing people.
I don't think Gurg would have really cared if she died though because he's a shitty person.

No. 828855

Spoil this in the future. Billie is useless and I think she gets off too easy with a free pass. Fag is useless. Complainey is useless. Billy the fridge is useless. All the orbiters of past and president are useless
Cunts. Madison the entire works. But too often Billie a high school dropout who couldn’t be bothered to get a driver license,
Job or GED before, during or after dating grease gets away with being a do nothing bitch. I have sympathy that greasy probably did mind fuck her in a lot of ways but she met him a year after she failed out of high school: why wasn’t she attending hs or driving at 17? By the time she met grease she was a year out of school working at target and being a nobody. She still hasn’t gotten a GED, job or license. Don’t like the girl at all

No. 828856

The onions have much more hazardous things around their property. So if this was a planned attempt to make an accident happen, that was the shittiest one they could go with.

No. 828857

Doubt! If it was a a planned attract C would have just been attacked by the noxious weeds around the swamp! If grease harmed c deliberately wouldn’t it have been far more beneficial to blame it on the blackberry bushes thorny weeds out back?

No. 828858

Or the road, or the water. I'm just saying there needs to be moreedical proof that shows she wasn't injured from a fall to hold the tinfoil that it was set up.
I could almost believe the one where people think she was hit by something/someon, but even then there would be no need to set up the window shit and again, the conclusions and details included in the report suggest she fell from the window by pushing on the screen frame.
The tinfoil that this was all deliberately set up doesn't hold up to scrutiny. Again, most likely a case of it being an accident caused by negligence.

No. 828861

Agreed. Bad parents equals bad parenting. No need for conspiracy. Neglect. It isn’t that deep, probably as deep as the swamp. They ignore and neglect both kids and accidents are bound to happen.

No. 828863

Why do Billies uncensored nudes always pop up when there's talk about how suspicious Cloey's fall was?
>hey guys don't look at that, look over here


Everytime Cloey's situation is brought up. You could literally unload tons of evidence pointing in the direction of definite foul play and they'd just be like, "There's other easier ways of attempting murder so I know for a fact that they wouldn't do it that way even though there's evidence pointing to the fact that they may have done it that way."

"Yeah there's copious amounts of suspicious curcumstancial evidence of abc but here's some mere probabilities of xyz that TOTALLY debunks that."

"They're too dumb to commit a crime like that even though there's proof they've committed other heinous crimes like soliciting cp, grooming minors, having sex with them and not to mention the sex trafficking! But no! There's deeeefinately a line they won't cross because clearly they have some form of a moral compass and aren't psychos! I mean- wanting to brand they're victims with degrading tattoos, demanding they shave their heads, chain them in basements- that was just a gesture!"

And not to mention everybodies favorite, "They're just neglectful parents. Fuck that curcumstancial evidence! Fuck those suspicious happenings surrounding Cloey's fall! Quit tinfoiling already! Geez!"

Like you would think Billie's nudes popping up the moment shit with Cloey gets too real is a sign that Grug's making another shit attempt at distracting us from that talk. Heck, some of those "it didn't happen" post might very well be him.

That in itself is suspicious and should make us question all the details surrounding Cloey's fall even more but nope. It's just neglectful parenting that caused the fall despite aaaallllll the shit that shows otherwise. It couldn't be anything else but negligence.

How stellar.

No. 828864

The Billie nudes are sus, I give you that, but the tinfoil as it is with the evidence provided really isn't enough to make such a bold claim anon.
Again, the simplest explanation is usually the answer. The kids really should be taken away before the shitty parenting actually leads to the shallots dying.

No. 828865

>Again, the simplest explanation is usually the answer. The kids really should be taken away before the shitty parenting actually leads to the shallots dying.

That's fair to say but with reading through all the messages about Cloey in this thread. I've counted not one, not two, not three but SEVENTEEN suspicious happenings and inconsistencies that do not link to "the simplest explanation" of negligence.

Why were the kids rooms switched around?
Why did it appear to be switched around the time of the fall and not long before then?
Why did Kai lie about the headboard not overlapping when it did?
Why did Kai and Greg have the same narratives when questioned separately?
Why did Greg film Cloey to protect his innocence?
Why did he give the cops the ring footage when it couldn't add to solving what happened? The only thing it could really do is add to his and Kai's innocence.
Why did he then make that tweet while in the hospital with Cloey?
Why did he lie about why he made the tweet in two separate livestreams?
Why was Cloey found a foot or two away from the garage door she supposedly tapped on?
Why was there no records of other injuries to Cloey's body? Why only her head?
Why are Billie's nudes always posted when new information on the topic is brought up?

I get the philosophy that the simplest explanation is usually the answer but if you were to apply that to why Kai got power of attorney over Sarah. The simplest explanation would be that Kai was just helping a minor, a friend. She cared for them and wanted to get her away from abusive situation and homelife by housing her until she was old enough to be on her own. That's the explanation they gave. It was simple. The answer however, was wrong.

As with Billie. The simplest explanation was that Kai wanted a girlfriend to explore her bisexuality in an intimate way, so Kai sought her out and they fell in love and became girlfriends. Simplest explanation. But again the answer didn't correlate.

I believe Cloey's situation doesn't boil down to a simple explanation or answer. And that's because it never does with Greg and Kai. There's always some more and that's what I think people should consider.

Just the fact that they're perpetually neglectful towards the kids should show just how much they don't care about them. So is it really far fetched to think that they're just as expendable and disposable as anyone else in their lives?

No. 828869

File: 1616843633983.jpg (29.65 KB, 1217x255, 2021-03-27 12.11.55 forum.sexy…)

Should there ever be any doubt about who's buying and posting these…. he leaks them on this forum, i looked it up. someone thanked him and he responded with this….
hmmmm now who do you think would purchase and leak both billie's and ayallah's pictures? out of some sort of warped sense of revenge?
having looked up this leaks forum and read it i also got a strong sense that greg is even sock puppeting on there.

No. 828870


Because of her looks. The other people you mentioned are fuck ugly. Who needs a job when you look like that? She can up modelling easy.

No. 828871

Of course its Greg. What anon would go out of their way to pay for Billie's nudes just to post them here when C's "accident" is being throughly discussed with new information and citings too.

Just the fact that he would do that to distract from these tinfoils makes me believe that they may not just be tinfoils after all. Say what you want but it's gotta have some standing if he's gonna go this far.

No. 828876

I'd say something about Billie too, but i've been accused of "slut-shaming" before.

Then again, I don't see a problem with slut-shaming, since being a slut is a shameful thing.

No. 828878

No harm in being a slut. Nothing wrong with being a hoe. No shame here. It’s the fact she was already had no future before meeting the geese family. She can’t blame that on Greg. She was already a drop out, young yes but it’s been like four years girl. Get a job, learn to drive go to college or at least finish a GED.. even with that body she’s still living at home. Clearly being hot isn’t enough money to get her out from under her moms roof. She needs a job.

No. 828880

There's no new info, just sperging and tinfoiling because there's no milk. Anons are desperate to turn the accident into some kind of murder mystery or something and it's depressing. It's like watching all the armchair detectives in true crime community coming up with bullshit attempts at CSI: Autism.

Sage your boomer nonsense, no1curr

No. 828881

The room switching is sus imo, I'm just glad other farmers noticed it was originally Troy's room she fell from, I thought I misremembered.

Troy had that burgandy toy box right up against the window, honestly seems extremely plausible to me troy pushed cloey out that window. Also to the anon that said it was a lot of effort to switch rooms, they literally moved like 4 posters, switched two toy boxes and switched two small book cases. That's like a 5 minute job lol.

Greg's such a freak. I bet he's got discord channels as well for leaking their onlyfans, he is obsessed with them.

No. 828882

>No harm in being a slut. Nothing wrong with being a hoe.
If someone wants to be a slut thats fine, but realize its still a shameful thing even though people are trying desperately to change that.
Hold a 100 slut walks, hell hold a million mile whore march, doesn't change anything. Its shameful and they should feel that shame.

No. 828885

File: 1616857450726.jpg (147.27 KB, 720x650, 20210327_095551.jpg)

Greg is back to having literal convos with himself using sock puppet accounts (not that he ever really stopped I guess). He's attempting to make memes of himself based on things "fans" have said about him. He uses the most Aids filters and pics he can find. This pic is a catfish. He looks nothing like this. He can't let the retarded fake eye lashes go…not to mention he's fat, balding and his wrinkled brow slope is sliding off his face.

No. 828887

Just wanna throw in another tinfoil. What if T is a little slow (hints for that were discussed here before) and confused the rooms after they had been switched up, got angry at C for being in "his" room and pushed her?

I don't want to blame anything on T, he's just a little kid and his parents should have reaised him better, nor do I want to say that this is what happened. It's just another possibility since we're already takling about C's fall.

No. 828889

OP here, I must've missed that part so apologies! I thought he just tried and I guess Sam stopped him or something.

I'm not going to speculate over everything but the Onion household is fucked up all around and the one getting the short end of the stick is Clot. Trot has anger issues, Lainey is an accomplice and bad mother who can't even keep a house clean and sacrifices her kids wellbeing to be Greg's sukmi gal, and Greg is an abusive pedophile. Sure, he might argue that it's hebephile or whatever the fuck he wants to call it but if you've normalized having sex with your kids in the room or even in the bed with you, you're a pedophile.

Greg has gotten away with everything legally up until now but I still firmly believe his undoing is going to be CPS related. Maybe not any time soon but his kids are getting older and they're going to start saying stuff in school that raises some eyebrows and gets CPS called because they're normalized to whatever sick shit is going on in that house.

No. 828890

His "memes" are easily debunked considering the Hallmark Greeting card inspirational-tier messages he writes on them is often shit he likes to say about himself almost verbatim.

I'll give him that, his memes are like his career, unfunny.

No. 828895

The only girl I knew who liked onision post cuddle Gate was a diagnosed schizo-chan.

No. 828896

yeah pretty sus as probably greg is the one to horde nudes or lewds of almost every woman he has interacted with and has a only fans.
only greg would really say that, truthfully I am indifferent to shit like that every body has a right to live how they wish even if it means being a slut and making money off their body and working at target.b only greg or another loser pay pig simp would be that interested in some random girls
Its greg, if any one honestly thinks that its some one else, then they are retarded as greg has done dirty shit.

No. 828900

File: 1616879119558.jpg (89.73 KB, 720x689, 20210327_160032.jpg)

Why is he like this? Pushing middle age and still can't keep anything to himself. Highly doubtful it's really from Shiloh, but what he says about footface is hilarious. He can never answer what's so great about foot. He always just says 'she an angel', 'an amazing person' top kek

No. 828901

Unless the kids are being beat or sexually abused (as in the kids say it or there is undeniable evidence), cps isn't going to remove them.
As long as they're properly fed (i.e not eating dog food or starving), getting medical care, go to school clean, not being left alone in the house, and have proper clothing it's not happening.
CPS won't remove children who are having their basic needs met. At most they may be assigned a case worker who'll monitor them for a bit and get them to take some parenting courses.
Contrary to popular belief, CPS always prioritizes keeping the children with their families unless they have reason to believe the children are in danger of dying.
Unfortunately inappropriate and creepy conversations and posts aren't enough to do that.

Maybe if the kids continue having suspicious accidents, but Gurg is a pretty paranoid guy so I don't know. I'd also rather not wish harm on the shallots, even if it fucks the pedos over.

No. 828902

No one sane would disagree, but unfortunately the type of shit he tends to do doesn't leave much in way of physical evidence. I think it's going be a long time before anything catches up to him. At least anything not related to tax fraud or the wet lands and his lack of marketability.

No. 828909

Sarah said he told Footface the only reason he's still with her is because of the kids (aka he doesn't want to pay child support)

No. 828915

Oh I'm sure it'll take a while but I do have hope. A munchie-by-proxy who had her kids diagnosed with mental illness and filmed them for Youtube (and had sex with her boyfriend with the kids in the same room) finally had her kids taken away after years.

It won't happen overnight but CPS already has a record and while I don't wish harm on innocent kids, we all know it's going to get worse the older they get. Especially for Clot which is why I can't take anyone seriously who depends Lainey and makes her out to be a victim. She's point-blank said she puts Greg over their kids despite her fears over having a daughter because she knew what would happen.

No. 828916

I was on the side of C's fall just being an accident. Reading through the posts however got me on the fence because anons were proving what they believe made good points. I'm still on the fence though. There is a lot to show that many suspicious things happened before, during and after the accident so it is fair to believe that foul play could be involved too. Like some anons said. They are criminals after all.

An accident, in my opinion should only have about 2 or 3 suspicious things happening that could be pure coincidence. To me Kai and Greg not getting their story straight on what T was doing that night could just be them not thinking on it too much. He was in front of the TV so they could've just said what they thought he was doing.

Kai and Greg being captured on the door ring footage… Well I'm sorta convinced it may have been set up on the mere basis that they gave to police because it does appear like they were trying to prove their innocence. But hey. The camera was already there and they did come out through the front door to see what was going on.

I too do not believe that T had anything to do with it and if he is, everything is still on his parents for covering up something so terrible. I agree with the anons that think we shouldn't implicate him in the accident because if by some odd happening we ever find out that C's fall wasn't an accident. Kai and Greg will try to blame him. There's never been a time where they have taken responsibility for their actions and it definitely won't happen in a case of an alleged murder attempt.

To the anon that pin pointed the switching of T and C's rooms >>828807 Bravo. Those videos you linked are over a year old. Like you just remembered those videos off the bat? That is scary impressive. Good detective work even.

What still has me bordering the side of parental negligence is the fact that there just doesn't appear to be a clear motive or motives for that matter. Why would they attempt to hut or kill C? If >>828863 could shed some light on that it may just help to further the discussion/perspective in a practical and logical way.

No. 828917

soulmates kek

No. 828927


>What still has me bordering the side of parental negligence is the fact that there just doesn't appear to be a clear motive or motives for that matter.

This was right around the time where all the grooming stuff was taking off. It could have served as a way to change the conversation, or maybe make sarah feel bad and not want to cause more problems for them. That's how greg prob honestly thinks.

No. 828928

they probably switched the kids' rooms after the fall. jfc. greg is a creepy pedofile, but i really don't think he tried to murder his kid.

No. 828931

He speaks so freaking weird and his water-brain writing syntax is beyond bizarre. It's even funnier when he proudly posts "letters from fans" worded the exact same way. Can't believe he hasn't embarassed himself into stopping

No. 828932

>This was right around the time where all the grooming stuff was taking off. It could have served as a way to change the conversation, or maybe make sarah feel bad and not want to cause more problems for them. That's how greg prob honestly thinks.

If that's the case I think you're partially right. They may have done it to change the conversation but not with or for Sarah. Remember no one was aware of what happened until the report was leaked. So they most likely did it to sway CPS.

Like >>828594 said.
>The incident took place 10 days after CPS visited their house to conduct an investigation into the grooming allegations, which again was not further looked into. In the few videos Greg would make about CPS visiting their home, it was in regards to their children. He was always gloating and smug because CPS would call bullshit and close their investigation, but in that instance they showed up for a matter that didn't involve their children.

>I could see them using the tragedy of Cloey's fall and injuries to garner sympathy and attention away from their sexual grooming crimes. Developing a relationship with CPS so they would seem like an unsuspecting "famous" couple who now has to deal with such a tragedy while battling totally false and not real grooming allegations.

That to me seems like a pretty good motive. CPS is outdated cyberwise. You can't even email proof of child abuse, it's always over the phone. Their grooming crimes mostly took place over the Internet which makes implicating them to CPS much harder. Plus by the time CPS showed up to the house Sarah was gone. Just the fact that they showed up to the house to investigate tells me they were looking for physical proof of grooming and when they didn't find any they left.

Greg and Kai could've sacrificed Cloey as a preemptive measure to keep CPS preoccupied with their needs instead of their crimes. Given their criminal mindset. That makes sense.

No. 828936

If it is him leaking stuff god I hope he really gets hung out to dry legally for posting revenge porn like that.

Either way it’s from almost TEN years ago (July 7, 2012). I don’t know the timelines with them but I would bet if it did come from her it was during a period where they were on and off still and she hasn’t processed the relationship fully at that point.

No. 828937

>they probably switched the kids' rooms after the fall. jfc. greg is a creepy pedofile, but i really don't think he tried to murder his kid.

There's a few things wrong with the point you're trying to make.

Firstly, Kai said that she had put C in HER room to watch TV. But there's evidence that T's room had the TV in it as seen in those pictures those anons provided previously (good eye btw). C's first room was the one situated at the back of the house. In Greg's videos soon after the accident you could see that T's room was decorated to look feminine and I say that because T's bed remained. They didn't switch the beds. If Cloey was in "her room", aka the one with the TV on the night of the accident then there's no way they switched the kids rooms after the accident anon. It would've had to have been prior to the fall.

However I do have reason to believe the switch occurred soon after the fall because T's bed remained in the room. That's a sign it was rushed or staged to look like it was originally C's room because if they had switched the rooms weeks or months prior. Why didn't they transfer C's original bed too? Why only her stuff? If the room was still T's and he pushed her, the bed would be too much of a hassle to move in between the "accident" occurring, them rearranging the rooms, Cloey's alleged screaming, rehearsing their story, coaching Troy, staging their shock for the door bell footage and calling the cops within a times frame to save C's life.

Greg did say she was found with debris and grass on her, which suggests she was out there for a while which also suggests that they did need time to prepare everything.

With that being said I don't think that T had anything to do with it because we need to remember that these are lazy, sloppy, dumbass criminals we're dealing with here. They probably planned that shit but didn't switch the beds because the police don't monitor their videos or their lives like we do. Pretty sure Greg and Kai never thought that Sherlock Holmes ass anon would figure out the switch but here we are. Now if the police were to find out about this along with all the other skectchy shit these anons highlighted. I'd like to think a case would be reopened.

No. 828938

File: 1616893090896.jpg (69.53 KB, 720x501, a distraction maybe.jpg)

Okay so when the tinfoils about C were being discussed an "Anon", for no apparent reason, posted Billie's nudes.

It's the next day. Clearly the topic of C's fall hasn't died down yet. More brand new information is even being found out. Now all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, Greg changes his Twitter name to Onion King and his pfp is now him kissing Shane Dawson. With him constantly retweeting Shane's old tweets and tweeting shit about him.

I dunno about you guys but it's starting to seem like >>828853 has a point.

Why you tryna distract us Greg? Is there something about C's fall that has you nervous? What else might we find out?

No. 828939

File: 1616893371420.png (57.04 KB, 714x286, wow 2012.png)

Greg never changes, He's so pathetic that he's willing to show an e-mail from 2012 to 'prove' how great and innocent he is, but of course he'll never show the 100s of upset/angry e-mails he got from Sh.

No. 828940

File: 1616894099252.png (449.74 KB, 1632x504, discord chat gaming.PNG)

This is what his gaming streams look like. Eight fans, and Im positive that 2 of them are the moles posting leaks of whats going on in VC to KF. The support and love is incredible. What if there was a plot twist and we find out McRetard was in for the long con.

No. 828942

>The fall from the window story is sketch af, and the additional observations that anon kindly provided push the sketchiness even further.

If >>828863 could shed some light on that it may just help to further the discussion/perspective in a practical and logical way.

Thanks anons. I had much more to show and say last night but I kinda just gave up on trying to speak tbh. Like I can reference videos with timestamps, I can dechiper changed environments, suspicious dialogues, inconsistent narratives. I can compare changed environments. I can pin point Greg and Kai's sketchy behavior and provide evidence and screenshots of all of this. Yet somehow a one or two paragraphs of "It's just negligence" trumps paragraphs and paragraphs of practical and circumstantial evidence pointing to something much more sinister.

If it makes any of the other anons feel better. I don't know if I'm right. I'm just not looking at the situation as is. Everything has details. And it's a good thing to look at the fine print of the situation before coming to conclusions, you know, what the police failed to do in the report of Cloey's fall. Even Detective Moss asked Greg why he filmed Cloey. That's probably because she found that suspicious. She had even noted that she found his reasoning strange yet they wrote it off as an accident and called it a day because hey. It looked like an accident so it must have been an accident, right?

I really don't mean to come off as angry (plz don't ban me) but you guys might as well be Dective Moss. Noticing things that are strange and suspicious but still ruling it as neglect because hey. They're neglectful parents and the cops ruled it as an accident so it must be neglect despite all what we're aware of now. Right?

I appreciate those who are willing to approach the discussion a non condescending way because with more and more information being provided it becomes less of a tinfoil and more of a reasonable suspicion.

No. 828943


Okay anon. You come in here with these tinfoils as if you're more competent that the police who concluded the accident was indeed an accident.

You weren't even there when it happened but apparently you know more than CPS and the cops. You know what happened based on all your "evidence" which you're so kindly shitting up the thread with.

You claim you don't know if you're right but you're going on and on and on about how this 'foul play' definitely happened.

Like >>828916 said. Kai and Greg would've had motives for what they supposedly 'did'. Why aren't you mentioning those motives? I mean you're writing all these text walls of 'evidence' without mentioning a clear motive. Thats probably because you can't even find a motive and that shows all your autistic manifestos are indeed tinfoils. Keep that nonsense off the threads man. You're embarrassing yourself.

No. 828944

>Why aren't you mentioning those motives? I mean you're writing all these text walls of 'evidence' without mentioning a clear motive.

Uhhh like I said… I was gonna post more stuff but I gave up because of anons like you and I know if enough people attack me I might get banned.

And there's literally no need to be that hostile dude. It's not like I'm just saying shit, I'm providing screenshots, links and references to back up what I say. You're talking as though I'm just making shit up when I'm not.

No. 828945

To be fair, CPS does fuck up. In my state, there have been plenty of cases where child abuse is ignored, but only found out after the child dies. One example was a little boy who got beat to death by the mom's boyfriend. Another horrific example was a little girl getting drugged, raped, killed, dismembered, and set on fire. Both children were failed by CPS. It's not a perfect system unfortunately.

With that being said, I would hopefully like to believe that onions daughter did indeed fall out of the window and not something more sinister. Onion and his wife are clearly neglectful to have let it happen in the first place.

No. 828947

I'm actually pretty impressed by that anons keen eye for details.

No one who've known the children's rooms were probably switched around the time of the fall if it weren't for them.

Is there anything else you may have noticed or observed that may be sketchy about C's fall?

No. 828948

is this "report" of cloey's head injuries, that people are mentioning, refer to the police report made after the fall, or some other medical report?

No. 828959

one anon mentioned children have more "flexible" bones, this is true

one thing i'm curious about regarding the hospital visit:

does their state have CPS teams at their hospitals? i forget the exact nomenclature, but they're essentially units in the hospital that examine children's injuries for foul play.

they've been accused of being overzealous in the past, and even separating parents after accidental falls. i can only assume their state doesn't have these people? i'd be quite surprised if their state has them and they managed to avoid scrutiny?

his tweets are definitely sus as fuck. bet he never even helps with the daughter's diapers cuz "ew, i'm a guy!" you know, like normal father's do.

the fact that lainey cried when she had a girl; and those creepy fucking tweets he made; and the way he acted around their friends' daughter & not changing her diaper is fucking weird as fuck. not a way i could imagine any normal adult man acting

i think he doesnt give a fuck about his kids, and especially not the daughter. cuz she's a female. good luck kid. he's such a fucking creep. no wonder lainey doesn't let him sleep in the same bed. i feel so sad for those kids. esp the girl, who has hit her head being pushed off the couch & took that horrible falls. fuck knows what else goes on in that goddamn house (such as lainey and grug having intercourse in front of their kids. or the dentist thing.) fucking freaks man

No. 828960

i enjoyed the analyses. grug is so washed lately, it's the most thoughtful posts i've seen in these threads in awhile. though perhaps i am in the minority

No. 828962

fwiw I do too, it’s not just baseless tinfoiling, it’s considered speculation based on significant attention to detail, clearly some anons don’t actually care about milk unless it’s lulzy, the discussion of the circumstances around Clot’s fall is pretty pertinent to this thread imo

No. 828963

Again, stories about cps being over kill are highly exaggerated. If the kids are clothed, clean, fed, and there's no clear evidence of on going abuse (or claims from the child), it's incredibly difficult to actually remove them.
The system has too many kids for the amount of resources given. If they think the kids won't be killed in the home, they're going to work to keep the family together.

No. 828965

i think it probably depends on where you live. obviously after all these high profile child abuse cases, some cities and counties are going to change their policies so it can seem like they’re repenting for their mistakes. like Gabriel Hernandez.

but in huge cities or small towns, CPS is definitely not going to separate the kid. and if they do, they give them to the grandparents or aunts/uncles who just give them back to the parents.

No. 828969

>>>If the kids are clothed, clean, fed, and there's no clear evidence of on going abuse (or claims from the child), it's incredibly difficult to actually remove them.

You'd think that's true, but it's not. The CPS investigator decides whether there's a risk or not, and then a judge signs off on the paperwork to remove the child. I think judges tend to not even read the paperwork fully, because they know the people they're working with. That's all it takes. They use a lot of profiling and "algorithms" based on studies done. Since greg is "law abiding" and relatively "rich", he probably didn't meet their profiling. Simple as that.

No. 828970

Absolutely no disagreement here. Everybody and anybody has every right to make a living any way they see fit. But she’s 23 and living in her moms basement, I wouldn’t say that’s exactly “making a living”. If she wants to model or do porn as a career than I say go for it, I support her decision but she needs to get her shit together first. Maybe set some goals, learn to drive. Taking pictures of your puss in moms basement isnt a gold standard in ambition. She’s lazy and completely complacent. Just like Lainey wanted a free ride with zero goals Billie had/has the same mentality. Go from her bio daddy’s house to a new daddy where she doesn’t need to do shit with her life or develop any marketable skills. She’s useless like the entire clan and continues to be. If she wants to model or do porn to make a living than she should, but right now she is far from doing that. Poof poof pass Billie

No. 828971

Absolutely no disagreement here. Everybody and anybody has every right to make a living any way they see fit. But she’s 23 and living in her moms basement, I wouldn’t say that’s exactly “making a living”. If she wants to model or do porn as a career than I say go for it, I support her decision but she needs to get her shit together first. Maybe set some goals, learn to drive. Taking pictures of your puss in moms basement isnt a gold standard in ambition. She’s lazy and completely complacent. Just like Lainey wanted a free ride with zero goals Billie had/has the same mentality. Go from her bio daddy’s house to a new daddy where she doesn’t need to do shit with her life or develop any marketable skills. She’s useless like the entire clan and continues to be. If she wants to model or do porn to make a living than she should, but right now she is far from doing that. Poof poof pass Billie

No. 828972

Holy shit can this anon please stop. It is incredibly obvious you are talking to yourself, egging yourself on, pretending to be multiple people, etc. It does not prove you're right by generating more "conversation". The tinfoil is duly noted, please stop.

No. 828976

Please 23 is hardly neet years and truthfully I don't see why living with her parents is an issue, especially given the whole hansen stream and a brief view into her mental health, probably permafucked by greg from the years in which she was living him and he coerced her into being sexually assaulted then blaming her over and over again, that has to take some sort of toll on her pysche, and only to be humiliated by him after? it's like your convienantly forgetting that she was technically raped by greg over and over, and instead of being apologized too she was blamed, and your surprised after this cycle of abuse she decides that lol lets do an only fans? Alot of rape and sexual abuse victims tend to take to various aspects of sex work, as sort of a way to reclaim their sexuality, after their own sexual autonomy has been taken from them. So billies onlyfans may be less business motiviated and more about coping with the fact that greg at some point took her sexual autonomy away from her and this is her way of reclaiming it. I am no suprised that greg targets young possibly drop out girls, as they can present the most dependance on men.

No. 828982

>Alot of rape and sexual abuse victims tend to take to various aspects of sex work, as sort of a way to reclaim their sexuality, after their own sexual autonomy has been taken from them. So billies onlyfans may be less business motiviated and more about coping with the fact that greg at some point took her sexual autonomy away from her and this is her way of reclaiming it.
A lot of sexual abuse victims turn to sexwork because they are fucked in the head from shit they went through and think it's all they have to offer. They default to that even though it harms them. So I wouldn't be so sure that Billie selling porn of herself to creeps (including Greg, if he wants to pay) from her mother's basement is some empowering moment. Looks like the opposite of taking charge of her sexuality, to be honest. Especially since she started from relatively chaste photos and now she's showing her pussy to the world. She clearly needs the money.

No. 828986

this shit started when they went foward with naming and shaming greg right? so if your trying to say hurr de durr, billie is being a whore because she's got an only fans, literally everyone and their mother has some sort of only fans, so I doubt its on the harmful side. Point is your pussyfooting around the issue, if you want to call billy a whore than just say whore instead of trying to find any other way to dance around it, anon who possibly might be greg.

No. 828987

but you won't because you're a pussy lol, billy is just selling complete full nudes and some porn, she isn't banging any tom dick or harry on the street for dope money, sex work to some can be empowering and it doesn't seem like she's being human trafficked into it, unless she becomes a crack whore with meth mouth than I don't see an issue, the whole pussyfooting around calling billy a whore instead of focusing on some small moral failings is literally a telltale of greg, some simp paying greg, or vince; if it is possibly greg, are you mad that your now stuck only with your wifes btfo vagina to stick your small miniscule size penis in? I mean surely after you blew the stitches after your wife gave birth, fucking both billie and sarah may have been the best lay ever. Then again you like them dry and unconsenting so you probably wouldn't even know what a normally aroused vagina feels like.

No. 828990

What the fuck are you talking about? I am not the whore anon. This is my only post on the topic. I wanted to point out there is another reason why sex abuse victims turn to sex work since buying into SW as peak female empowerment is incredibly naive. TBH IDK why are we talking about Billie instead of Onion, but the ignorance of the common psychological pattern of revictimization irked me. I do not think the normalization of Onlyfans is good, but I did not intend to shame Billie. Should have phrased it better, since my negative judgment was for the sex industry's conveyor belt pushing women to show more and more to get that money, and them throwing them away like trash when they get too old rather than Billie herself. Especially since I am aware she might be not in her right head. Let's get back to roasting onion now, please.

No. 828997

no I said your pussy footing around calling billy a whore, even still with the normalization of only fans it still doesn't literally make it right to shame her for doing only fans after she hit peak revelency. How else would you capitalize being fucked and abused by greg with out him saying "SeE I wAs RiGhT"? you even fucking double posted and magically deleted your double post, because unless your actually retarded or your internet is retarded, you might have this fucking thread on 2 open tabs, then its obvious sus, Onlyfans is basically user generated content so its really up to the user on how much skin she can show, and its not like signing up for brazzers and facial abuse to do porn. while I do understand some revictimization is a thing in the adult industry, given that billy is making her own content independant of any porn company on a platfor where users have the control on what and how much they publish I highly doubt it's her feeling like thats all she's good for, and more about reclaiming herself given the fact she has an obvious choice to do what she wants in terms of content. I've seen the dark side of sex work first hand I can tell you unless she's been kidnapped by the russian mob, cartel, or somewhere in china then she'd be doing a hell of alot more than just only fans, the point is the fact is shes on a platform for user generated content, not sucking dicks on the street, or being forced to do amatuer rough bdsm porn hub videos or live streams for hours on end, self revictimization is a thing too, but not everybody in the sex work business is either victimized of self revictimizing themselves, to say that she's self revictimizing by taking nudes and lewds on a user generated platform, is legit an insult to people who actually been revictimizing themselves, or have been victims of human trafficking, I've seen some shit and you haven't nightmare fuel, and its insulting when you talk down as if you know the sex industry when its obvious you never experienced real exploitation and know fuck all about it.

No. 828998

Since the thread is derailed by faggots I just want to say a poof in the UK means a gay man, think you meant to say puff puff pass lmao. When did boomers start posting itt, is Vince back

No. 829001

File: 1616939795713.jpg (4.75 KB, 299x168, elfenlied.jpg)

i'm sorry it just fucking irks me when an obvious boomers don't get the nuances of exploitation; it's like nigga, you've never been forced do 8 hour live streams on chaturbate then getting beat up for not having enough money made. Nigga self victimization is tame compared to actual exploitation, gtfo out with that she doesn't value herself shit, atleast she had something I didn't have free fucking will to do it. Thats the difference free will, not being beat over and over again into doing some fucked up shit for shekels, you want to talk about getting chewed up and spat out then talk to me because been there done that bought a tee shirt, but quit shaming billy for doing something that pretty much every woman does to make coin out of her on free wil; no shame in that game, back to le onion roast.(derailing)

No. 829004

Jesus stop talking about her, she doesn’t need to be brought up. I know there’s nothing to talk about right now but having a circlejerk about how much of a slut you think she is adds nothing.

If Greg is revealed to be the one leaking her photos then it’ll be news.

No. 829005

>it’s not just baseless tinfoiling, it’s considered speculation based on significant attention to detail,

It's a mixture of confirmation bias and nonsense trying to come to a sinister conclusion because … who the fuck even knows. Someone's going to print off an essay of sperg from a chan board and get CPS hot and bothered with it? Trying to force the 'analysis' to fit a predetermined idea over and over again doesn't make it so. And I don't know why tinfoil-chan is being so precious about their autism anyway; if they really think something serious happened, why attach it to muh delicate feelings about getting rejected on an anon board? Just fucking post it or don't.

No. 829008

File: 1616942103086.png (9 KB, 258x195, images.png)

I deleted and reposted because there was a typo. And I did again just now to add that this thread isn't about you and whatever sexual exploitation you went through. Please seek therapy and stop projecting yourself on Billie. The thread isn't even about her, and yet you keep sperging about Onlyfans, clearly having a horse in this race. You sound mental as hell. Also just because sex trafficking is bad, doesn't mean that everything else is harmless just because it isn't as bad as sexual slavery.
>(Onlyfans being) something that pretty much every woman does to make coin out of her on free will
What world do you live in? Jesus

No. 829009

File: 1616942231306.jpg (125.11 KB, 720x797, DeadChildJoke.jpg)

Okay so… Thank you to >>828960 and >>828962 for the kind words. I appreciate that you guys think my posts are thoughtful. It kinda gave me the courage to come back now.

I really don't wanna infight or upset anybody. I just wanna show what I know and observe. I know tinfoils are ban-able so I tested the waters to see if it was okay. I assume what I'm doing is somewhat acceptable because I haven't been banned yet.

For those of you who seem to be curious and are indulging in the discussion, I'd really like to keep hearing what you observed surrounding Cloey's accident as well. It's super helpful because if it wasn't for >>828763 and >>828777 I wouldn't have found evidence the rooms were switched. I had always thought Cloey's original room was at the front of the house. Not the back. That jogged my memory to Greg's videos where I saw a My Little Pony poster in what looked like a girls room but it didn't look like >>828572.

>the discussion of the circumstances around Clot’s fall is pretty pertinent to this thread imo

Greg made a dead child joke 9 days after his daughter almost died.

The video is titled "I'm Innocent" and it was posted September 21st 2019.
At 5:51 there's a picture of Jesus looking over a sleeping little girl. Greg reads the text of Jesus saying,
>I know you're innocent and all but I'm letting you die tonight to test your parents faith, lol.

He doesn't seem too enthusiastic about the joke but he had 0 reasons to put that in the video after what happened and he did anyway. Mind you this would be 5 days after his suspicious window tweet. The audacity of it all. It's like he really didn't anticipate the accident report going public.

No. 829096

slightly off topic but wasn't there supposed to be a new episode of the discovery+ documentary soon?

No. 829111

Yeah, last I remember they said it would be spring 2021, not sure if we've gotten anything more precise than that though.

No. 829133

Greg is going to shit bricks when he finds out both Sarah and Billie are in it. I really hope Billie tells all and Sarah doesn't hold back on the stuff involving the kids. Maybe that'll give CPS the kick they need.

No. 829142

File: 1616993810723.jpg (247.6 KB, 720x722, front×back.jpg)

Tinfoil-Chan here again.

There's curcumstancial evidence that suggests the fall was staged. Disclaimer, this is mostly hypothetical. I didn't want to leave out anything important, it's worth the read but it's long so buckle up.

The window circled in yellow is the one Cloey supposedly fell from. She fell onto the area circled in green. The area circled in orange is where the ring camera would've been but pointed away from where Cloey fell.

The report made no record of whether or not Cloey sustained other injuries to the rest of her body. An isolated head injury does suggest that it could have been consistent with something other than a 2 story fall.

Let's say that it wasn't an accident, let's say that she wasn't push. If gravity didn't do their dirty work for them, they could have hurt her with items like a frying pan or a baseball bat. That too would cause near death head injuries to a 2 year old. The aim (obviously) would've been to kill her (allegedly).

Small side note, the window tweet wasn't the only sus as fuck thing Greg posted while in the hospital with Cloey.

He also said this,
>I don't want to blindfold you. I want you to see what I'm going to do to you.

>Promise me you won't pass out. I want to hear you scream.

>Your eyes are beautiful. They'd look even better rolled in the back of your head.

One deliberate swing would get the job done since a two year old is practically still a baby but if you ask me. The cops showing up to a dead child in a driveway could've led to a more serious investigation than if she had just succumbed to her injuries in the hospital. That'd be bad for business with their seemingly rehearsed narratives and that convenient ring footage of their innocence. The fact that Cloey wasn't dead when they arrived may have registered to the clearly incompetent detective/cops that they didn't try to kill her.

There's nothing to suggest that they had tried to learn how to injure her in a way where she'd be found alive by the authorities but would pass away in the hospital.

With Greg's statement of her being found covered in debris and grass, that suggests she was out there for a while so her death is probably what they were hoping for regardless of where it happened and Greg's tweets does raise the suspicion that that's what he was still anticipating.

If that welfare check on Kai wasn't done at the right time, at the right moment. If Cloey died in the hospital days or weeks later. No one would've known the sick fuck was with her when he was doing what he did. Coping mechanism my ass. No concerned or remorseful father would EVER post shit like that while in the presence of his severely injured daughter. The. Sick. Fuck.

Cloey tapping on the garage door then being found a foot or two away from it suggests that Greg may have been lying about the tapping.

She may have been placed in the spot she was found, partially on top of the window screen they may have rigged, and there's a pattern of curcumstancial evidence that brings proof to the likelihood of that.

If you look at the areas circled in pink and peach you can see that those are back entrances/exits to the house. They could have easily went outside through one of those exits, passed around the left (their left) side of the house and placed her near the garage door, right on the window screen they could've broken themselves all while remaining detected by the ring footage. Entering back into the house from the back, they could then go to the front porch to stage their shock at "finding her" the way they did.

Now here's the kicker. CPS and a police officer showed up to the house about ten days prior to Cloey's fall (Case No. 1924501647). It wasn't Detective Moss who showed up with CPS. It was someone else, who, at the time of accident had went to the house, but did not enter. In the description of the report they saw the scene then went straight the hospital to assist Moss in interviewing Greg and Kai after she had asked them too. Moss, Deputy Mancuso and Forensics Officer Anderson went to the house after the accident to take pictures but they only went to the room on the left of the end of the upstairs hallway. They only examined and took pictures of "Cloey's room".

The factual evidence of them switching out Cloey's stuff from her room and putting it in Troy's, but leaving his bed, does suggest a level of rushed premeditation and sloppiness (how surprising). The cops wouldn't have known the bedroom was originally Troy's so Greg and Kai probably didn't bother going through the hassle of switching his bed too.

Now with two different sets of authorities showing up at the house about a week apart, with none of them being the same person. And only photographing "Cloey's room" in the end. They would've NEVER noticed that the room switch happened. Kai and Greg got EXTREMELY LUCKY.

Keep in mind, the 911 call happened at 7:08 pm and it was late in the year (earlier sunsets). This means that they may have attempted this at night because they are less likely to be spotted by nosy neighbors or people passing by rather than if they did it in the daytime. The secluded area they lived in would make the staging of the alleged crime easier too.

So although this is all hypothetical. There appears to have been some levels of premeditation involved.

Now this may be unrelated but I found it to be strange as well. If you look up The Swamp Shack on the most popular "House for Sale" websites. You'll see that there is no picture of the back of the house when there used to be one. I had to source the pic from the other farm. Why would Greg and Kai remove that? Wouldn't potential buyers want to see the back of the house too?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 829143

File: 1616993868036.jpg (64.77 KB, 712x392, totally not suspicious tweets …)

No. 829144

File: 1616993901274.jpg (111.2 KB, 720x656, totally not suspicious tweets …)

No. 829145

File: 1616996142944.png (703.67 KB, 714x874, Screenshot_20210329-001834.png)

Greg is sporting the sad middle age dude comb over. He literally has a receding hairline and won't let it go. Shave that greasy shit, Greg. He's also posting that he 'misses being L'. Nothing at all creepy about a 35+ year old man posting that, nothing at all.

No. 829147

His hair looks so stiff. It's probably all the Grease accumulated on it.

No. 829151

This is really old ass milk anon…

No. 829156

> as if you're more competent that the police who concluded the accident was indeed an accident.


Literally just google the percentages of cleared crimes by police, the numbers aren't great. CPS is pretty notorious for half-assing cases that result in child abuse and murder too. I can think of so many cases that have been all over the news, but the one that stands out to me the most is Gabriel Fernandez.

I'm not saying that the Onions did toss Clot out the window themselves, but to think that the police or CPS don't consistently fuck up (or simply not care) is incredibly naïve.

No. 829157

shelf stable milk

No. 829217

File: 1617054819982.png (1.07 MB, 990x1719, B407393E-2F99-4745-ABCE-35D434…)

In other non-tinfoil related news, Grugly’s going after Jesus-hating Jaclyn with multiple tweets and emails. Yikes!

No. 829226

What an annoying faggot

No. 829265


No. 829271

He's so stupid obsessed with her its tiresome.

No. 829272

He could also just stop spamming her but this is Greg we're talking about. He should just be blocked and left alone to starve for attention at this point

No. 829278

Probably the reason he isn't blocked yet (like he should be), is that Jaclyn secretly likes to keep that door open, so that every x amount of time she'd get the chance to tweet and make videos on the topic of how much of creepy stalker Greg is and how he should stop. Only to secretly wait for the next time she can yet again milk it for effortless shekels and an ego boost.

No. 829290

File: 1617118109761.jpg (31.83 KB, 472x542, clot at lowes.jpg)

someone earlier in the thread (sorry i'm too lazy to go back through) mentioned that C didn't have any other injuries listed in the doctors report, but there was this in-the-wild pic of greg and C at lowe's where it looks like C has a boot on her leg, like for a cast. i'm not sure when this pic is from in relation to the fall but i saved it in january 2020 so presumably this is after she fell. i imagine this would be a related injury, but it seems strange that something like that would go unnoted. unless she hurt herself in another incident? or, alternatively, i suppose she could just be wearing real fuckin bizarre shoes lmao but uh that seems doubtful imo. if we have an explanation for this that i've missed at some point forgive me, but i thought it was worth posting the pic again for anyone who might have missed it the first time around.

i'm not really certain why some anons are so committed to shutting down any tinfoiling about the accident, i get that you think it's dumb but like… literally nothing else is happening, there is no milk, it's not like it's a distraction from anything. and that anon pointed out some admittedly strange shit, regardless of how spergy they did it. idk i'm not saying that i believe anything one way or another but the hostility that this specific tinfoil is being met with is odd to me. especially considering that nobody saying that this tinfoil is retarded is providing an explanation for why every time it gets brought up, someone posts billie's nudes for no reason. it's pretty consistent, and even if you think that the fall was 100% an accident, you do have to admit that it's a very strange coincidence that every time someone starts to talk about C's fall, like clockwork, billie's nudes are leaked here. it's not like this is kiwi, we're not a bunch of coomers, so why would anyone here be posting that shit in greg's thread out of nowhere, with no context? i dunno, i'm not saying i have any answers here but it does absolutely seem worth at least spitballing about. this thread is like 90% infighting at this point lmao christ, i'm just not sure why we're trying to shut down the only conversation that isn't rehashing shit we've already talked about a million times.

inb4 accused of being CSI sperg-chan, i'm just vibing here and enjoying seeing some conversation beyond "greg and lainey are gross and bad and dumb eheheheh" bc yeah, we know, but it's not beyond the realm of belief that they would also be legitimately evil people; look at all the people they've hurt with no regard whatsoever.

No. 829295

File: 1617121405329.jpg (31.64 KB, 500x377, Bundgaard the Walk soft rose 2…)

>looks like C has a boot on her leg
> suppose she could just be wearing real fuckin bizarre shoes lmao

I'm guessing that you have never seen toddler shoes before? That just looks like a standard toddler shoe with Velcro straps. The pic is pink, but shoes come in a variety of colors.

>i get that you think it's dumb but like

Because some of it is so fucking stupid you put others in the position of having to defend these to slime bags. No one wants to do that, but some of this shit is beyond full retard.

No. 829296

>i suppose she could just be wearing real fuckin bizarre shoes

Well, yeah. Have you seen how her parents dress? Lainey dresses like a transtrender and Greg dresses like he's a slow person trapped in 1998, so I wouldn't be surprised if they make their kids dress like idiots.

No. 829301

honestly no i'm not at all familiar with kid shoes so that could be my mistake, it just looks like, disproportionately huge for her body. again though i don't know shit about toddlers so maybe that's just how they look, i'm not around kids much lmao. i just recall that the thread had a lot of debate about it initially and there was a lot of speculation at the time about whether it was an injury. and i agree that there are tons of tinfoils about absolutely egregious shit, but that doesn't necessarily negate some of the more valid observations. i get not wanting to defend them tho, that's fair, i guess i just don't see the harm in speculating when there's nothing else happening anyway. these threads have always ended up with some degree of tinfoiling, which sometimes end up being true. i guess i'm trying to say that there's sort of a middle ground between saying that onion bashed his daughter's head in with a baseball bat and saying that it was 100% an accident, solely the result of neglect. there can be a grey area that's not exclusively "attempted murder" or "tragic accident." i do get where you're coming from though.

No. 829302

I have to go back but I was under the impression that the employee that took the pic said she had a boot on. Maybe they didn’t know either though.

No. 829305


idc about tinfoiling but definitely sick of scrolling past these massive text walls. learn to express yourself concisely anon jfc

No. 829309

It does look much bigger than a regular toddler shoe. The anon that suggested otherwise either has never seen a toddler themselves, or they've birthed bigfoot and thus can't relate to the normally proportioned population.

It looks like a toddler shoe with some thing on top of it, or an odd enlarged boot of some sort, maybe medical, but maybe not. Maybe C's gonna go skiing, who knows (unlikely, but you get the point)

No. 829310

I did go back and it was only anons tinfoil it about the boot. If the employee had seen one I’m sure they would have mentioned it.

No. 829314

File: 1617131367459.jpg (66.81 KB, 720x582, legbrace.jpg)

I wouldn't rule out the leg/ankle injury tbh. When anons first saw the photo they immediately thought it was a cast or a brace on C's foot, which do look similar to kids shoes. That was seen long before the accident segment in the Killstream where Greg did say C still had 'a little limp' despite a full recovery. A limp is pretty on par with a leg injury so they may have guessed correctly. And if the accident happened in September 2019 and that Lowes photo was taken January 2020. By March 2020 (when the stream was recorded) her leg would have already healed significantly enough for her to just have 'a little limp'.

It would be consistent with the fall too. I still don't think only her head was injured so it probably just wasn't recorded in the police report for whatever reason.

The possible brace appears to be on her left foot though. Did the report specify where she made impact? Would it have been on her left side given the apparent brace and confirmed limp? I can't see the impact on being her right side if her left leg/foot got injured.

The thread was No. 752485

No. 829327

Brain injuries can cause walking problems. Seriously, there's people who don't know that? Your brain controls everything including the movement of your legs, so her limp was caused by her brain getting injured in the fall.

No. 829328

Remember when Billie blocked him that didn't stop him from harassing her, in fact that made him harass her even more.

No. 829329

yeah the best way to deal with an onion is to just ignore him, blocking him will just make him do it more, giving him attention gives him the energy to continue I think the best way if your a normie fag with out a channel is to go ahead and hit spam and go on with your day.

No. 829335

File: 1617142998150.jpg (98.77 KB, 720x428, ImpactOnRightSide.jpg)

Not trying to tinfoil, just pointing out what I looked into (Google is your friend).

>Did the report specify where she made impact? Would it have been on her left side given the apparent brace and confirmed limp?

The doctor said she had multiple skull fractures but singled out a skull depression that was on the right side of her skull. It was pushing into her brain, unlike the other multiple fractures. The sentence right after that implies that her injuries or specifically that injury, was consistent with a two story fall.

If you Google skull fracture depressions the articles tell you that it's usually caused by high energy impact to the skull. In that same livestream you mentioned, Greg said he found her looking up to her left. You can only do that if you're laying on your right side so that, and the doctor not noting depressions anywhere else, kind of confirms that depression is where she made impact.

I wanna ask why the boot was on her left leg only if she fell on her right side but we can't see the right leg so no one can really say only her left leg was injured if it was. However, a limp does imply only one leg was affected. If it were both legs she would just have trouble walking. That might just be a red flag.

This might stir the pot but it's factual information and should be considered given all the suspicious shit that was pointed out.

>"Depressed skull fractures, as shown in the image below, result from a high-energy direct blow to a small surface area of the skull with a blunt object such as a baseball bat. Comminution of fragments starts from the point of maximum impact and spreads centrifugally." (would explain the other multiple skull fractures she got).

>"A depressed skull fracture is a type of fracture usually resulting from blunt force trauma, such as getting struck with a hammer, rock or getting kicked in the head. These types of fractures—which occur in 11% of severe head injuries—are comminuted fractures in which broken bones displace inward."

>"It may be difficult to differentiate abusive head trauma from accidental injury since accidental falls are common occurrences in infants and children. In addition, falls or accidental injuries are frequently offered as explanations when abuse has occurred."
>>828965 is a good example of shit going unchecked far too often.

With all this being said however. Like the article above says. Accidental falls are common occurrences in infants. So unless more suspect shit starts popping up- like- to the point foul play really can't be denied. Who the hell really knows what happened.

No. 829337

god he wants to fuck her so bad, he's so angry she didn't fall for his shit
I don't like jaclyn at all because she's fucking annoying and cringe, but I do love how angry she makes him by existing

No. 829340


Of course this pedo is trying to use kid's lingo. Literally every kid on tiktok says bestie now. He's probably going to try and use it in every goddamn sentence now.
This is more cringe than when he overused the word 'lit' when it became popular with the kids.
I won't be surprised if he starts trying to use AAVE like 'chile' or if he starts putting sparkle emojis around his words too. What a loser.
Its funny though because he still tries to type smiley emojis like :P when no-one has done that since 2004. He's showing his age.

No. 829342

So skull depressions are caused by high energy impact… usually from blows or blunt force trauma attacks. They make up 11% of head injuries which means it is rare… However accidental head injuries are common with children, but what is also common is such head injuries are usually written off as accidents when it really results from abuse…

What a whirlwind of brand new information anon. If it wasn't your intention to stir the pot… Too late. It is pretty stirred.

No. 829347

the best part is Greg was late to using lit and other similar slang. he always takes forever to catch on to anything that is relevant to the current youth culture which makes him seem even older and more creepy to his target demographic.

No. 829349

He's wanted to fuck her and Eugenia for about a decade.
I'm kind of surprised he hasn't appeared to harass that girl who wears rainbow sweaters in ages.
Some of that might be due to him never meeting her in person.

No. 829350

I wonder if he has another teenage girl in the house teaching him those words. He had to ask Sarah what "tea" meant because he didn't know.

No. 829358


see this shit

Zero evidence of this tinfoil but some anons treat it as canon. That's part of how these threads got so notoriously bad in the first place, too much fake milk.

And then it leads to >>829335 where 'factual info' is presented to a bunch of folks who aren't qualified to analyse it by some random asshole who also doesn't have any qualifications.

No. 829365

>Zero evidence of this tinfoil but some anons treat it as canon.

What is there no evidence of anon? The brain injury or the limp? Or is it the correlation of the two that's not canon? Because the report highlighted the brain injuries pretty clearly and noted no other injuries to her body, and Greg said she had a limp, which brain injuries can cause so…

>And then it leads to >>829335 where 'factual info' is presented to a bunch of folks who aren't qualified to analyse it by some random asshole who also doesn't have any qualifications.

So you're telling me the info. That was first analyzed, contextualized, and provided by legit websites, from both medical and educational sources. For common folks to have access to. Is somehow not written in a way to be comprehended by common folks? Like the sources just wanna fuck with us? Or you think we're to dumb to understand what's being said?

It's not armchairing mental illness. It's an injury. And the information is in english. If there's words that aren't understood, like the anon said, google is your friend. It doesn't take genius or even a doctor to understand that high impact on the skull = fractures that push into the brain and likewise other fractures associated with the initial fracture.

What qualifications would we need to interpret that?

Like what's the point of starting an infight over this? If you wanna talk about something else you know you can do that, right? Nobody's forcing you to take part in the conversation.

No. 829371

File: 1617164651620.png (651.42 KB, 2048x1203, Screenshot_20210331-002236.png)


Fwiw to this tinfoil, your brain hemispheres control the opposite side of the body. So an injury to the right hemisphere could potentially result in a limp/mobility issues in the left leg

No. 829374

File: 1617168057421.jpg (249.44 KB, 2048x1751, Exwz-l_WgAYGbzX.jpg)

This gives me hope. Matt Gaetz traveled to fuck an underage girl years ago when he was single and the feds are still pursuing him. The age of the girl was 17 and it doesn't matter the age of consent in the state involved. Once traveling is involved then the the girl has to be 18. Yes he's a hated Pro-Trump politician so he has more eyes on him and people going through his past looking for things to ruin him and that could be the big push that got the DOJ involved. But I can see the crazy Anti-O's pushing just as hard.

Greg thinks he's in the clear because what he did was years ago. But it looks like traveling to fuck an underage girl and getting charged for it doesn't have a expiration date.

No. 829375

Thanks anon. I appreciate you bringing in that point across without being condescending about it. That changes my perspective of what resulted in the injury being on her left side.

I no longer register it as a direct red flag but if you ask me. There's still a 50% chance that the apparent leg brace was a result of her leg getting a physical injury. There's also a 50% chance it could be from her brain injury.

Either way it's not necessarily paramount, however I do think it's a good thing >>829290 noted it because that's now out of the way and it helped bring up new information as well.

I think the discussion really lies in whether or not any of her injuries were a result of a fall. Which can still be debated as long the arguments are reasonable and there's a continued flow of new information that pieces together known information.

Like >>829157 said. This is shelf stable milk. Some can drink, some can choose not to. No one should judge either side for their choice in what they choose to do with it.

No. 829376

Lainey likes to pretend she's 14 so it was probably her using it.
She's just as cringe.
I can just imagine his next cringey stream or discord chat with his paypigs 'Kai made me this veggie burrito and it's bussin'
It's hilarious how out of touch and cringe it makes him look.

No. 829392

File: 1617196155064.jpg (494.98 KB, 928x924, lookathisjackass.jpg)


No. 829396

Love the comb over he's sporting. That reminds me of the crazy guy on Kermit and Friends that proposed to the female host.

Greg's hair looks as bad as his cheap wigs at this point. He should really work out a better hair washing routine instead of lecturing POC. lol

No. 829398

yeah thats the most cringey gayest shit ive seen is he trying to look like an edgey teen?

No. 829399

are the glasses meant to hide his caveman brow or accentuate it? his jawline looks off. not sure what. shooped?

No. 829413

File: 1617208618091.jpg (17.02 KB, 250x250, MI0003613690.jpg)


All he needs is a gold chain with the turtleneck.

No. 829434

skinwalking cyr from like a decade ago, smooth

No. 829437

It's 100% been edited its Greg. He's an ugly fuck with bad dress sense.

No. 829457

His hair has thinned out so much with age this style makes him an even bigger joke. Total cliche with the combover. Even more embarrassing that he buys all of the positive comments from a company that uses "real accounts". It's like he's so delusional that he's tricked himself into thinking it's all real somehow. What a sad sad little man. Total try hard

No. 829468

more like fat Steve Jobs without the business sense

No. 829477

File: 1617243650777.jpg (252.55 KB, 2100x1135, CHARLIE-AND-THE-CHOCOLATE-FACT…)

No. 829483

Willy Wanker

No. 829490

What's the end game with all these faux-positivity tweets? I know their on a schedule. There's times a tweet goes out every couple of hours for a full 24 or 48 hours. Unless he's attempting a Leonardo da Vinci sleep schedule he must be using a program to randomly send them out during the day. I wouldn't be surprised if the tweets are from some random list they allow you to pick from and he had no input in wording them. He never does anything unless it benefits him monetarily or its him thumbing his nose at someone out of spite.

No. 829503

His hair looks like a dead animal on his head, and it probably stinks just as bad.

No. 829513

File: 1617269549276.webm (1.32 MB, Andy Dick-Elisa Jordana-Wendy …)

It looks like Greg's new buddy is talking shit behind his back. In a private discord chat between Elisa, Andy and a couple of their friends they discuss Onision and the allegations.
Elisa tries to defend Greg
>but he's not with children though
Andy responds with
>but they're underage
Andy then calls him a pedophile.

I really hope Greg thinks he's found a kindred spirit in Andy Dick and flies down to California to collab and Andy does something outrageous because he thinks Greg is a pedo.

No. 829514

Did Andy and him have a falling out already? Andy was kissing his ass on Twitter the other day and he's calling him a pedophile, that's strange

No. 829517

File: 1617271814560.png (283.08 KB, 672x650, upi_andy_dick.PNG)

I think this was "behind closed doors" talk. They speak about Onision one way in public, and are more blunt and truthful when they're talking among friends in private.

How tarnished is Onision's reputation that Andy Dick (who has been arrested and convicted of sexual battery and molestation numerous times) thinks Greg is a disgusting human being and is "done with him, he's a pedophile."

No. 829522

>How tarnished is Onision's reputation that Andy Dick thinks Greg is a disgusting human being and is "done with him, he's a pedophile."
Andy Dick, being the absolute garbage human being he is, doesn't even want to associate himself with Onion anymore? Hilarious.

No. 829526

A guy quit the show just because Grease was on it, that's hilarious

No. 829533

I reckon Andy is only saying that because he was threatened by him taking his wife. Greg is ugly but Andy is uglier. He probably got paranoid with his drug fucked brain and thought combover Jones was flirting with Elisa.

No. 829534

Lmao I'll take the ban to say Hi Greg

No. 829537

Andy is broke but Greg is broker

No. 829562

i don't know if this has been brought up before in a previous thread but it was news to me: onion has a tiktok lmao


it's a mess, i love it
i'm having trouble downloading any of them in browser to post here but if anyone is interested enough i can download the app and do it from there (unless another anon more familiar with tiktok would be willing to do so)

No. 829564

imagine being 36, trying to appeal to the kiddies. in order to take their money and fuck them.

dude's a pedophile approaching 40.

that is all.

No. 829567

He's annoying as fuck because he doesn't even try to do any of the tiktok trends and instead just posts snippets of unfunny skits of his from like 10 years ago.
Imagine thinking your old shit videos make any sense to the zoomers on the app nowadays.

No. 829569

File: 1617293759737.webm (6.24 MB, 576x1024, 30261377246.webm)

Salty onions

No. 829571

This wasn't even funny or entertaining.

No. 829572

File: 1617294051457.webm (2.05 MB, 576x1024, 82599883620.webm)

FYI it's very easy to download and upload the videos to lolcow! It just requires a moment of your time. You can do it on your phone without any specific apps.
>grab a tiktok url
>go to https://www.tiktokdownloader.org/ and paste it
>after downloading, go to https://cloudconvert.com/mp4-to-webm and upload your file
>go make yourself a coffee or tea while it converts
>upload webm to lolcow
On another note, wtf is he singing there? Am I supposed to understand, is that the joke? His skin looks horrible, like a wax doll with pimples
>This wasn't even funny or entertaining.
Wtf have you expected, we are talking onion here

No. 829574

File: 1617294379942.webm (6.56 MB, 576x1024, D13aOR8kD8.webm)

Onision literally playing himself

No. 829575

File: 1617294555950.webm (7.55 MB, 576x1024, 86562401522 (1).webm)

>I'm disgusting for doing sick shit? Ackchyually it's you guys being disgusting for egging me to do disgusting things!!!

No. 829576

>has a multitude of instruments he hardly ever plays
>waaahhhhhh i'm broke

Owning instruments doesn't make him a musician like he so proudly claims everywhere that he is. The same thing applies where inserting autotune in his every "works" doesn't make it good either.

At least, he can't purchase talent. He really can't. He's broke.

No. 829591


Kek he's deleting comments

No. 829611

You can download TikTok videos by using https://musicallydown.com/ if you want everyone to suffer more from his awful TikToks, kek

No. 829621

this guy never had any talent. how did he ever get 2 million youtube subscribers. how was he ever able to buy a house with money made from this garbage? how.

No. 829635

Skye used to write a lot of the early skits back when he first got noticed on YT. Then he just kind of rode the wave of being a friends with Shane and Cyr and having a ~so randum~ sense of humor which was popular back then. His "career" has been on the decline forever now, but he managed to stay semi relevant with endlessly inserting himself into drama. These days he really doesn't have anything going for him anymore. It's bad when even Andy Dick thinks you aren't worth associating with. kek

No. 829646

it’s like a dude whose ex-wife bought him a winning lottery ticket pretending he’s a successful financier

No. 829670

His teeth are so goddamn awful. Like this will only appeal to retards.

No. 829672

He looks like his breath smells like SHIT. also he admitted in a video that he brushes his teeth only once a day, before he goes to bed, so his breath really must stink throughout most of the day

No. 829678

Well that woman does sound like a stupid whore so I can see her wanting to bang Grease. Although she looks a little bit too old for his taste, like at least 15 years too old.

No. 829683

TikTokers have already become aware of Greg. A tiktok went viral a few threads back for raising awareness on Greg shortly after he joined up.

No. 829694

File: 1617345193464.png (884.26 KB, 1012x844, back to the cum cave.PNG)

I went to check out his TikTok and I saw something interesting. We already know he's set up his desk, cameras and video equipment in the garage next to the cleaning supplies because of these posts >>828044 >>828392
But if I'm not mistaken that's a bed in the background. First photo is obviously the garage because of the roll up door. The rugs he has on the floor in the first photo are the same rugs in the second photo. Its really bright and kind of washed out but that looks like a mattress in the background.

>He went from living in a mcmansion with like 6 bedrooms to living in a barn and having to record videos in the garage next to cleaning products and a water heater tank, how SAD.
That post by Anon breaks it down perfectly. You just have to add that he sleeps in the garage too.

I'm positive him and Lainey are living separate lives. The only reason they wont divorce is because he doesn't want to pay alimony/child support and she doesn't want to move back home with mom and dad saying "I told you so."

No. 829698

Weird that he'd sleep out in the garage given that there is three bedrooms in the place. Guess he really can't stand footwife or vise versa. Living in a grubby garage does suit him tho.

No. 829699

Even in the other house he had a bed in the basement or whatever that room was even though there were 3 bedrooms upstairs

No. 829700


oh dear lord his teeth look like goddamn gravestones. Peep that gum recession. He's gonna have a real rough go with oral care in the next 5 years or so, yikes.

No. 829702

When it leaked that he was selling the Swamp Shack it made sense why he was living and sleeping in the garage. He had to be out of the way while they did repairs and prepped the house for sale. But now that he's in the Cow Barn he's back to working-living-sleeping in the garage when there is no actual reason except Lainey doesn't want him around.

Do you think they still have sex?

No. 829710


nitpick but I'm tired of this discussion point being used as milk.

It's pretty apparent that this is his tax write-off. The dude tried to write off an entire fucking house as a film set so it's not past him to do so. He probably doesn't "live" in this garage insomuch as he works there. Same instance with his basement bed.

I mean he's a fucking degenerate but he's gotta tug his dick on onlyfans away from the kids somewhere. This is his somewhere lol.

No. 829712

File: 1617356932710.png (92.85 KB, 456x474, 652390564.png)

>has a mattress in the garage and is only seen there in videos & streams because he's selling his house and has to be out of the way of the workers so he works and sleeps in the garage.
He's already in the new home. There's no workers around or prospective buyers dropping by. Why is he still spending all his time and sleeping in the garage?

>he's using the house as a tax write off

He's sleeping in the garage as a tax write off? I'm pretty sure Greg has learned not to fuck with the IRS and play word games to get around paying his dues.

>he has a bed in the garage for his OnlyFans content

He hasn't uploaded new photos or videos for months. He's only logged into both his accounts so they wouldn't be deactivated. The KF user Heatboss that leaks all his OF photos/videos has verified no new content for months. He needs a bed to tug his dick? Most of his OF content was him kneeling on the garage floor, sitting on the office chair, or railing himself in the bathroom. You are correct that he's hiding away from the kids to jerk off to his loli-hentai, but he doesn't need a mattress for that.

There's only one reason he has a mattress in the garage.

No. 829715

>There's only one reason he has a mattress in the garage.

For when mcfly visits?

No. 829716

The upstairs floor plan of his new house the bedrooms look tiny they also look open plan I think the upstairs bathroom is off a bedroom. I'm sure it feels claustrophobic for the man that has spent the majority of his marriage trying to fuck anyone else.

No. 829717

I don't doubt for a second it's super claustrophobic with footwife and the two kids. I wonder if he ever reminisces about the mcmansion.

No. 829718

File: 1617359988241.jpg (53.46 KB, 1080x442, Screenshot_20210401-104632_Twi…)

Aaaaand we're back to the Christopher Weston Nolan 2008 Harvey Threeway Batman Dark Knight Hero villain quote again. (Word-salad Greg versions, that is)

I swear to fuck this motherfucker is autistic.

No. 829719

Maybe Andy Dick already lost interest again, since he stopped spergin' about that.

No. 829721

I think Andy Wised up and realized that collabing with Onision would be like collabing with Kevin Spacey or some other well known sexual predator. Im betting Andy has ghosted him.

No. 829722

Now he added a hint of Star Wars to it. Incredible.

No. 829723

File: 1617360403639.jpg (238.28 KB, 1158x953, 1617165072280.jpg)

No. 829724

>I wonder if he ever reminisces about the mcmansion.

Oh fuck yes he does. I bet you he has nightly dreams about living in the McMansion, with Billie by his side watching anime and fingering her under the blankets… and then he wakes up because he accidentally kicked over a bucket of paint solvent in the garage and the fumes were choking him out.

No. 829725

Amazing isn't it? Its kinda like Gary Glitter ghosting Jimmy Saville.
Yup, big brain Greg.
Man, I wish I coulda been there when he saw The Dark Knight for the very first time. I mean sure it was a nice movie and back in the day it was big as shit, but it left quite an impression on our little Gregory.
I can see him now, taking notes writing down "you either die a hero…." "MAN THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIT, IMA DRESS UP AS TEH JOKER AND SAY THAT SHIT OH WOW"
See, thats why you need to pay close attention to the shit you let your kids watch. Since if you have little retard waterheads, this might happen.

No. 829726

Its too bad he has a shitty tesla or i'd tell him he can save on the heating bill by running the car in his garage with him while he sleeps.

No. 829727

well shit I really liked the Matrix when it came out in 1999 but I don't go around telling people "there is no spoon"?
Plus, I long got over that movie since then.

No. 829731

File: 1617363123858.png (675.24 KB, 640x1136, 1478316537090.png)

>I wonder if he ever reminisces about the mcmansion.

Lol of course, that's where he lived the happiest time of his life when he had a bunch of teenagers walking around the house. He will never have a mansion again and will never have an harem of teenage girls again. I bet it makes him feel miserable when he remembers everything he had and lost.

No. 829732

File: 1617363540470.jpg (79.1 KB, 640x427, 1247626135478.jpg)

reminds me of Chris-chan when he was very briefly in the prospect of some possible china.
It never happened of course, but still, same stupid grin.

No. 829742

>TikTokers have already become aware of Greg. A tiktok went viral a few threads back for raising awareness on Greg shortly after he joined up.
I'm pretty sure that's why he made this awful video >>829569. He's playing the 'woe is me, I'm so misunderstood uwu' card hoping for another teenager that thinks that everyone deserves a second chance and/or you need to find out for yourself what kind of person a notorious groomer is instead of listening to people warning you to avoid him. I don't remember which one of onion's victims thought so, but at least one admitted to making the mistake of disregarding the warnings (was it Maya? Maybe the Polish camera girl? I genuinely do not remember, there were so many)

No. 829764

I still can’t get over that he called Ayala ugly kek. He wanted her too, fucking creep.
It did warm my cold farmer heart that she was there for Billie, if only Laimey was there for her “bestie”.

No. 829769


so much blue hair god you'd think it's a cult.

No. 829779

> I bet it makes him feel miserable when he remembers everything he had and lost.

…Because he was a A-grade fuckheaded asshole to his literal MPDG, and who was physically unable to restrain himself from being one. Let's not leave that part off, cause it is one of the most visible signs of his karma coming home to roost I can think of.

No. 829790

Ayala is absolutely gorgeous.
And no I don't mean that in a thirsty way, I just think she's beautiful.
Greg should look at his own foot wife.

No. 829791

File: 1617395488148.jpg (228.17 KB, 1080x610, Greg_Don Quixote.jpg)

Greg is Don Quixote now, fighting made up enemies of his own making.
take on an army? dude you cry when your nose bleeds. you run inside when a car comes down the street (fridge interview). you don't dare to open when Hansen is at your door. Who the fuck do you intend to fight? dude you hid in a room because that hobbit Shiloh was after you. You checked in to a hotel because you thought her dad was gonna beat you up. Bro, you spazzed out in front of your CO stripped down naked because u couldn't kill a bunny rabbit. you? fight an army? shits hilarious.

No. 829794

this is what i'd tell Greg in answer to that tweet, and his so-called self proclaimed "hero complex":

No. 829799

Not when theres a timecode. Build that in.

No. 829801

He called Sarah ugly too, and then buried his dick in her ass a few years later

No. 829804

This is how you fish for clinically depressed underage girls. Is there a term for a thirst trap, except instead of thirst you are using sappy melodrama?

No. 829808

Andy is also a disgusting predator. It's pretty telling if even Andy is repulsed by Greg.

No. 829816

And then he complains the girls who get involved with him are mentally ill and uses their mental illnesses against them. Their mental illness is what made them become interested in him in the first place

No. 829827

His biggest enemy is himself, his life is such a mess because of his own stupid actions like destroying protected wetlands, commiting tax fraud and not being able to keep his deformed Vienna sausage inside his pants around teenage girls.

No. 829830

If only someone had the police report from Shillington, Pa. on Dec. 26th, 2009 for the hotel greg met Shiloh in….

2299 Lancaster Pike, Shillington, PA 19607

under Gregory James Daniel

No. 829843

It's interesting he never mentioned that incident where the cops got called on him until Shiloh brought it up many years later. So much for being the most honest YouTuber lmao

No. 829868

Well, anon, Grugly might be a retarded, verbally, emotionally and sexually abusive man-child, but these girls aren't perfect, either. What right do they have to call him out on anything after doing all the things he browbeat them into doing?

No. 829876


No. 829885

Now that you mentioned it, what type of retard takes a bunch of cameras to a hotel room where he's gonna fuck an underage girl he illegally drove to another state in order to have sex with. I'm convinced the only reason he's not in jail is because of police incompetence.

No. 829890

Who even watches him for fun anymore? His constant complaining about getting 'hate' is annoying enough to drive anyone away.

No. 829891

God I hope he's sleeping in his new 'studio' that way he can't write it off on his taxes :)(:))

No. 829898

"These girls aren't perfect…" blah blah blah. Good job anon. Victim blaming 101. There's a huge difference being a teen girl who is doing stupid shit for all the world to see and a 30+ year old man who is doing incredibly skeevey and sketch stuff- not to mention illegal stuff involving the girls. Greg turns these girls crazy. I'm definitely not White Knighting for any of the girls. I can't stand any of them personally, but they were still abused by Greg and Kai. The entire thing is a shit show but a shit show where Greg is the ring leader.

No. 829905

you missed a sarcasm

No. 829907

Lol did he just delete these in the past 2 days because they aren't on his tiktok anymore

No. 829916

Even if he didn't end up doing all the creepyshit in his past, I don't think his popularity would have ever lasted and gen Z would have ended up hating him anyway. He doesn't fit the format of tiktok, doesn't even try.
If 'I'm a banana' was released on tiktok today, I reckon the comments would be telling him to go back to 2006. There's some dude that makes cringe Jim Carrey faces on tiktok and his comment section is filled with hate, I could only imagine.

The problem with Greg is that he will try again and again to be funny and even if people don't find it funny, he just blames people for not having a sense of humour instead of changing his material to suit the times.

No. 829927

Lol. I probably did. Sorry

No. 829931

He thinks whatever comes after Gen Z will be his comeback kek. His songs are freaking hilarious and that's only because they're so so so bad and they're supposed to be serious. He wants to be a Gen X dude so bad. He said his music inspiration is Nirvana and 9Inch Nails. Sure Greg. I'm sure they're honored. I'm sure Kurt isn't mocking you from the grave.

No. 829950

File: 1617509211347.png (71 KB, 846x660, onisiontiktok.png)

Anons start talking about Onision trying to "get big" on TikTok and Greg uploads this an hour ago on onision net
Coincidence I'm sure.

No. 829954

File: 1617510557391.png (112.79 KB, 1347x539, onision new site contributions…)

>A lot of you guys have been donating like… 7 people

>I'm launching my own video platform.

He's starting his own YouTube/Storyfire site with $200? I hope he dumps any money he got from the Swamp Shack sale into this just for the milk when it fails.

No. 829960

lol that kaitlind retard is still around, she’s in her 30s and one of his most active twitterfags, people used to @ her constantly and she never even made her account private like his other braindead stans who got bullied

No. 829971

I can't imagine him actually following through with this but fuck I hope he tries. Onision Goes Viral On His New Platform (15 views) and then dumps it after making like two clips

No. 829972

just the fact that he has to post about this all grandiose makes me think he used a bot service (AGAIN.)

No. 829973

Remember when some popular twitter account or a reddit post he was featured on for not good reasons and a whole slew of people that didn't even know about him started ratioing his tweets. That's when he leaned into it with his "please dont retweet me" bullshit. Well during that time he had a discord chat with his paypigs and he was talking about all the activity and engagement his twitter was getting and he was really happy, even though it was all negative. And at the end of his boasting he says
>they don't realize they're upping my engagement, do you know how much I'd have to pa…
and he stopped himself. I thought it was very telling. He knows the going rate of paying for views and engagement and he almost outed himself.

No. 829979

Imagine being a nearly 40 year old man and bragging about going "viral" on Tiktok

No. 829980

I hear 6k isn't even that big of a deal. its also the kind of number you'd order in views from a bot service.

No. 829987

This gave me flashbacks to when he was boasting about being "Youtube's perfect supervillain". Why is he complaining now? Oh because hardly anyone gives a fuck and therefore he doesn't get money? Well tough shit, onion man.
I fucking hate onion's habit of speaking in third person about himself. I know it's partially for seo, but he has always been doing this shit in a really cringey way.

No. 829996

The video has 600k views but only like 3k likes soooo it’s pretty much people hate watching. No comments because he’s deleted them all. So no one is engaging positively.
He’s not gonna become a star again by having people hate watch him

No. 830037

He's so delusional and his cycle is never ending.

No. 830043

He's the same middle aged dude who posts on Twitter asking people what their pronouns are. He's so stunted. It's beyond embarrassing.

No. 830057

Isn't Mercedes McFly's real name?

No. 830059

No her name is Esther

No. 830077

Shut up Gene.

No. 830099

File: 1617594339017.png (22.16 KB, 634x475, imdb.PNG)

I was looking through his IMDB page and laughing at some of the entries.
Wasnt Julia his sex doll?

No. 830105

No. 830111

File: 1617605027449.jpg (107.2 KB, 720x541, TrishaKaii.jpg)

Excuse the shitty screencaps but does anyone else get the feeling that Greg is subliminally taunting Kai through bashing Trisha Paytas?

I find it odd that he's bringing up age old inappropriate tweets she made when Kai was literally doing worse. Like Kai literally showed proof she was grooming Regina and Sarah on twitter while Trisha, although still inexcusable, was just making inappropriate tweets/a video towards a minor with no tangible evidence of actually grooming them.

With Kai MIA most of the hate is still flooded in Greg's direction and if he has all this shit to say about Trisha, what does he have to say about Kai and her wrongdoings?

If Trisha is James Charles, isn't Kai James Charles too?

No. 830113

Its just projection.
He knows Kai did even worse and people saved that information so he's trying to find dirt on others.
There was no need to mention Trisha because the controversy is centered on James (Charles) but what Trisha did is the closest example of what Kai was doing on twitter so its easier to project on her.
>"Don't look over here- Look over there!"

He's kind of defending Kai the way he would defend himself. I don't think he wants to but all her crimes link back to him so it's mandatory. That's his safest option right now. Keep Kai quiet, feign being on her side and point fingers at other people.

No. 830116

>That's his safest option right now. Keep Kai quiet, feign being on her side and point fingers at other people.

its funny that you say that because i believe greg is the one keeping kai quiet. not that she would want to stay on the Internet after getting exposed as a predator, its just that each time she got the shittier end of the stick in previous situations she always went against him.

take cuddlegate for example. greg was gonna leave Kai for billie so she exposed him on twitter. she had said more than once that it was him who pressured her into bringing other women into the relationship because he got something out of it and the archives are there. thats practically a confession that greg was using her to lure in women because kai strictly told billie it was just supposed to be between the two of them and greg said he wanted kai to have a girlfriend so she could explore her bisexuality. yet when billie arrived greg was engaging in sexual acts with her and had even pressured her into exclusive sex after the fact.
thats sex trafficking; orchestrating and executing the recruitment of a person or persons for sex under false pretenses.
if police were to get a hold of those archives greg would be implicated in a human trafficking scheme because kai made clear statements that it wasnt her initial decision. it was gregs. she just went through with it.

then theres that video greg made after kai went on twitter saying greg wanted to divorce her, and that he and billie were doing shit to hurt her. i think the video is called we broke up, our marriage is over and it just reeks of damage control and low blows at kai for airing out their business yet again.

i think after that greg put things in place to deter kai from leaving or exposing him. the whole 'kai said he would leave me if i spoke about the allegations' thing back in january 2020 might have just been greg making it seem like kai eventually staying and keeping quiet was her doormat decision when it wasnt.

i get the feeling that kai finally wants to leave greg for the same reason she left david. the relationship wasnt serving her anymore and better prospects lied in leaving. david wasnt famous, had no money and was beating and raping her so when the rich and famous greg started grooming her she jumped to her twisted happily ever after with her groomer twin flame the moment she could. except it wasnt the happy ending she had hoped for.

the reason their marriage lasted so long is because kai is just like greg. she was only loyal to him because she was loyal to her narcissistic desires and urges which her marriage enabled and he was only committed to her because she enjoyed grooming minors and luring women into their relationship when he aged out of being able to do it on his own. now theres no money, theres no fame, theres no nannies or maids to take care of her responsibilities. with no more girls and females to groom to satisfy her sick and twisted urges of validation, manipulation, exploitation and emotional abuse. she would want out.

shes now exposed as a criminal and might be facing legal repercussions because of it so better prospects lie in leaving greg the same way she left david. even fleeing to her parents with the kids isnt a downgrade at this point. its a chance at freedom

thats why I think greg could be blackmailing her into staying.

its not farfetched to think he has secrets on her the same way he had personal information on billie and sarah. and her secrets are probably far worse and more exploitable from a legal standpoint so she would be stuck in a catch 22 situation. if she leaves, he will ruin her. her best bet would be to hope they never get arrested but if they do itll just make her look even more guilty and participatory in the crimes they committed.

and the sad thing is. even if kai tries to take the fall for him as the scapegoat (least he exposes more dirt on her), theres just too much information out there directly linking greg to their crimes. he will expose her secrets even if she stays because the end game will always be to make his partners and others look worse once its over for him. thats what hes always done. and if they get arrested. thats what he will do to her

she is so fucked.

No. 830127

Very interesting and fair remarks, anon. Taking my virtual hat off.

And yeah, she's fucked, but rightfully so – she's just like Greg, like you pointed out yourself, and deserves every little bit of it. They should rot. Together.

No. 830131

There's a bunch of theories and I don't wanna go around here tinfoiling, but here's my own suspicions:
Whenever I see a Greg sock puppet come up, and whenever the suspicions that is Greg are at its absolute peak and everyone pretty much agrees that its Greg, they are posts just dripping with hate for both Lainey and the kids.
You make of that what you will, but they just ooze hate, particularly towards Lainey and what an "ungrateful lazy dumb bitch" she is. That aren't my words, those are the words of whoever is making these posts.
At face value, on his Onision tweets he's showering her with love from time to time, but under these sock puppets that get called out they are always, without exception, vilifying Lainey to the core.
Make of that what you will, I'm not saying one way or the other.

No. 830148

I am personally thrilled to finally see Kai get what she has coming. She's so smug. She basks in muh sympathy and victimhood while thowing the girls (she personally baited) under the bus.

No. 830172

Yeah no. Again with trying to make a narrative to fit a conclusion. Lainey will never leave him unless forced to, she's made that perfectly clear over the years. It's why she groomed the girls and why she threw them under the bus. And when she did lash out at him, it was an attempt to make him swing back to her.

If she was going for 'better prospects', she would've gone long ago.

>Taking my virtual hat off.

this isn't reddit

He's been doing that for years, nothing new there.

No. 830178

not the same anon, but all this salt in you vag is seemingly making you unable to comprehend that it can easily be BOTH. Those aren't really mutually excluding 'narratives', you know.

Lainey is obsessively clung to her Greaseman, yes, and will do anything and beyond to keep him to herself. However, that is partially due to her own narcissism as >>830116 mentioned,
as well as inability to let go of that fantasy life with a ~famous bf~ that she had long envisioned for herself. Plus, accepting that she's just a dumb entitled bitch who fucked up royally as everyone indeed 'told her so'. Her ego is too inflated to take the defeat.

Greg really was her best shot at what she's aimed for, and she's never actually had any 'better prospects' after him. So, it wouldn't be all that odd for her to want to keep her trophy manlet at all costs, granted her personality. But bet you, if tomorrow all the allegations magically disappeared and some dude from one of her favourite bands DMd her saying 'you're my uwu soulmate prince, let's run into the sunset together', she'd jump the gun and leave. But she knows that ain't happening, so she clings to what she has, hoping it'll somehow unfuck itself back to the early days.

And at the same time, none of this excludes Greg blackmailing her to stay either. He's long sick and tired of her, but he's gotta secure his arse, make sure he doesn't have to pay child support, and likes the convenience to fuck a living body on demand since he can't have anyone else right now.

Not saying that all of this is exactly how it is, none of us can know for sure. But one can't entirely dismiss it either, because it's not that unlikely.

No. 830191

> Lainey will never leave him unless forced to, she's made that perfectly clear over the years.

He must resent her for it. As much as he needs someone to be as pathologically loyal to him like Lainey if he had picked Billie this last time, he would be the one that had a joint onlyfans with her that would actually get attention and even have a real reason to rotate through girls “for content.”

I wonder how he will find a way to get a new girl in now. The cameraman route again? Sarah was the only person Lainey couldn’t say no to on the basis of trustworthiness but what’s next?

No. 830199

File: 1617679090708.jpg (245.66 KB, 1080x1112, MusicExpert.jpg)

Something to laugh at during this time of dry milk and walls of tinfoil in the thread

No. 830210

>Lainey will never leave him unless forced to, she's made that perfectly clear over the years.
>And when she did lash out at him, it was an attempt to make him swing back to her.

Kai told a Patreon about how Greg was verbally abusive. That Patreon released proof of that conversation and spoke about their phone calls where Kai would always be lamenting.

Kai told Madison how Greg would never help clean up around the house, Madison even livestreamed about experiencing his abusive ways first hand. He was screaming and cussing at Kai in front of her and Sam, in front of her child and his own two children, while Kai was breastfeeding too, then that abuse was directed at Madison for sticking up for Kai, telling her that she deserved to be raped.

Kai had video calls with Adam who would hear Greg screaming at her and the kids, with Kai constantly flinching throughout the calls.

Most of the people at the house attested to how uninvolved he was with his kids and cleaning, and how abusive he was towards Kai.

Kai allowed Greg to abuse Sarah as a minor in front of Billie and Ayalla. Even Sarah said on Twitter that what Greg puts Kai through is torture. Even after exposing her as a grooming pedophile too.

Kai being abused by Greg wasn't just her doormat-syndrome.

Kai knew what she was doing when she allowed all those things to happen.

She gave Greg room to show his true colors so she could build her alibi. I call it "battered wives insurance". She would feign fragility when Greg abused her in front of others. She would even set up conversations while he was being abusive, so others could see it and hear it. Whenever she spoke about the abuse friends would believe her because they already saw it first hand. That's genius.

And that's low-key what she did with David too. When he was abusive to her she would go tell her friends. Some of them even witnessed it first hand, saving her from him at some points but then she would go right back to him. When her ticket to her desires came there was enough witnesses and screenshots to show what a maniac David was. People believed she actually left him because he was abusive when in reality she was already priming herself to a demented abuser. That's genius.

She's always been planning. Take her My Nighttime Routine video for instance. At 3:51 she recorded Greg on camera using her phone and the dialogue they had about it was more than suspicious. Greg, being the fucking idiot that he is, said,
>“I wasn’t texting anyone… You’ll never find out. It’s the best place to do it. You would never check your own phone.” He laughs maniacally then says, “While I’m telling you all this right now it’s a problem.”

That was filmed in 2017. Two years before shit hit the fan. That acts as proof Greg did have access to her phones. She could easily claim he was the one talking to those minors she lured in for him. That's genius.

Another thing I noted too was how Kai allowed Greg to run his mouth about the Maya situation in the livestream she did January 5th 2019 when the grooming allegations first came out. Maya does act as proof of Greg's direct involvement in sex trafficking women because his narrative doesn't not match up to what Maya said she experienced. It's clear they tried to pull another "lure in a woman under false pretense" tactic like they did with Billie. This time by lying by omission. Making Maya believe she was just there for Kai, not telling her Greg was a part of it, with Greg forcing a kiss on her on Christmas Day to her shock. That's sex trafficking and the fact that she's from Canada and they flew her in from where ever is a Mann Act Violation.

At 1:09:40 the dialogue about Maya starts. Pay attention to Kai's demeanor throughout it. She's not defending Greg or hinting to him to shut up at certain points where he's incriminating himself. At one point Greg tried to imply that he didn't kiss Maya until after Kai had already kissed her but Kai adamantly refutes that, even after Greg got visibly angry with his insistence of Kai kissing her first.

At 1:12:24 the conversation about Maya ends, and Greg is about to leave, but what's interesting to note is that at 1:13:14 Kai says to Greg,
"[inaudible] speak for things that you have done. Although I don't know if it's going to benefit you."

That in itself shows that Kai knew Greg speaking about Maya would be incriminating, it wouldn't benefit him and she still let him talk anyway. Kai even kept bringing up the hard questions the viewers had for Greg. She sees he's struggling in-between his lies and defenses yet she kept letting him put his foot in his mouth like the two-faced bitch she is.

It's almost too perfect because she technically doesn't even need to testify against Greg's crimes or show her own proof that she was abused. The archives, videos, statements and testimonies will do that for her.

>And at the same time, none of this excludes Greg blackmailing her to stay either.

When I think of Greg blackmailing Kai I think of their cryptic dialogue in Kai's video Revealing The Truth To My Husband. At 7:10 Greg brings up the fact that he knows Kai has "bragged" about him to her friends in the past but the way he says it kind of implies that he was upset by Kai constantly telling her friends stuff about him aka SNITCHING,
When Greg, visibly upset, says,
>"I know you've bragged… For a fact."
Kai gets all defensive like,
>"What the fuck that's supposed to mean."
Greg replies,
>"Meaning I've been talking to people and they've been telling me that you bragged."

That alone is a sign that Kai isn't as loyal towards Greg as she portrays herself to be. She's is not loyal to anyone outside of herself and Greg knows this.

Madison attested that she told Kai private info then later on when Greg was talking to her, he brought up the same info only Kai would know. Kai is a snitch and she snitches for her benefit. She snitches to Greg to build info against their soon to be victims, to seem loyal to his cause. Then when it suits her "battered wife's" narrative she snitches on Greg for herself.

That's why blackmail shouldn't be ruled out because why else would a self-serving snitch not snitch in a situation where freedom and sympathy is on the table? Think about it >>830172.

Greg knows what she is capable of and probably knew that for a very long time. So wouldn't he get dirt on her that would cancel out her alibis of abuse and indoctrination? Wouldn't he prove she's a monster in her own right? If it is blackmail that has her staying, quiet and complicit. It must be ten times worse than what we already know. Knowing what maniacal psychos they are, it could be something that would have the public asking for Kai's head when Greg exposes it.

And when I think about that I think of Greg's video admitting to demanding Billie sign a contract to be chained up, branded, and shaved bald as a punishment for smoking weed:
At 6:57 he says, “But I already said in a previous video- yes I did tell this girl to do those things. And you know why I told her to do these things? Because she fucked us so she had to sacrifice something to prove that she was worth a relationship.”

If he could demand Billie make such a sick sacrifice for something so small, imagine what he would force Kai to do for inevitably fucking him in the process of fucking herself. Especially in a situation so criminal. Kai was technically the one who fucked them by giving the public direct evidence of their crimes against Sarah and Regina. For all we know he could have forced her to make a sacrifice, doing something so fucked up to ensure that she'd keep her mouth shut.

Greg is stupid but he would make sure Kai couldn't cross him or leave, especially when he knows her loyalty is a farce.

Like >>830178 said.
>one can't entirely dismiss it either, because it's not that unlikely. (no1curr)

No. 830213

Let's be real, they both have plenty of dirt on each other and it's one of the reasons they're actively stuck with each other. Besides, they'd both have a difficult time finding anyone else to take them at this point. Greg is lucky to pull someone who even looks as grubby as Mcfly.

Honestly, the relationship with Billie would never have lasted. She was in it purely for his name, fame, and money. When it ended up being more trouble than it was worth she bailed and never looked back. Only Lainey has been stupid/desperate enough to give him kids, incriminate herself, and generally be an absolute doormat for our detested greaseball. I do think she's probably pretty fed up with him to a point now, but feels stuck due to all the circumstances.

I don't know though, time will tell? I get that milk is slow, but what's the use in essay long tinfoils?

No. 830220

File: 1617703807148.jpeg (33.89 KB, 800x450, 05113C8E-2034-4AFA-99E4-4D6B8C…)

Please go outside and touch some grass, anon

No. 830221


>So wouldn't he get dirt on her that would cancel out her alibis of abuse and indoctrination? Wouldn't he prove she's a monster in her own right?

>For all we know he could have forced her to make a sacrifice, doing something so fucked up to ensure that she'd keep her mouth shut.

It is hard for me to not think C's accident could be it. I wanted to say this when the conversation was still fresh but the negative reactions made me not bother. C's fall happen two weeks after Sarah exposed them and Kai was as silent as a mouse after that. Greg talking about the fall in the police report and that live stream anons keep mentioning has too many inconsistencies if you ask me.

Based on that skull fracture information mentioned in >>829335 we can now understand that the impact occurred on her right side.

>In that same livestream you mentioned, Greg said he found her looking up to her left. You can only do that if you're laying on your right side so that, and the doctor not noting depressions anywhere else, kind of confirms that depression is where she made impact.

What that skull fracture depression tells me is that C fell onto her right side and was found by Greg looking up to her left comfirming that she was found on her right side. That is suspicious and here is why.

Greg is saying that his two year old fell from what could be 12 to 14 feet onto a concrete driveway depressing the right side of her skull. She then got up or crawled to the garage to tap on it. Then walked or crawled a foot or two away from that garage only to lay right back down on the side that was impacted by the fall?


I know she was an infant but human instincts and excruciating pain would make anybody automatically roll onto the next side or at least their back or front. She made significant movements to the door, then from the door then went right back in her initial position? That is bullshit. I only read the report and thought she fell very close to the door because the police said the screen was beneath it. I thought she fell right near the door so she could have got to it to tap and fall right on the spot. Even so falling on the same side that was impacted by the fall still does not make any sense. 

The only way she would have been found on the side that made impact is if she never moved in the first place.

In the report she was found partially on the screen of the window too. That must have been found a foot or two away from the door as well right? So what happened there? Did it land there? Did she just crawl partially on top of it? Did she drag it with her?

That live stream adds a whole new narrative of confusion.

I want to believe. I really want to believe it was just an accident but Greg and his stories sound like lies when you flesh them out with practical thinking and logic.

With this theory of Greg forcing Kai into blackmail and C's fall happening very close to the time Kai went silent. And all the inconsistencies and suspicious things anons rightly pointed out before during and after the fall.

Could C have been the sacrifice? One anon had a theory that C's bed and window was set up for failure for a long time but another anon had a theory that they did it to get CPS focused in their needs instead of their crimes after they had showed up to investigate the grooming. What if its a mixture of both? What if it was set up for a long time but the urgency of their exposed grooming to authorities seemed like a good enough motive for a sicko like Greg to blackmail Kai into silence by forcing her to hurt Cloey as the sacrifice?

They get CPS on their side and Greg gets to hold extreme leverage over Kai. Kill two birds with one stone. If Greg were to expose something like that people would be out for blood against Kai because how could she do something so inhumane against her own baby?

No. 830222

File: 1617704092275.jpg (117.48 KB, 724x923, EyPxpZ0WYAY2Khx.jpg)

We're going to have to take a huge grain of salt with this because its coming from that Anon Gene sperg but milk is milk and Id love to see what the police report says if he can actually get it through this request. I'm sure the cops thought it was really fucking creepy that a twenty something weirdo was in a hotel room with a 17 year old and there's video equipment everywhere. Id like to see how they described the scene and Greg and Shiloh's statements.

No. 830224

well first of you said it yourself, its from fail gene.
second of all look at the fucking font it looks faker than Mia Khalifa's tits.
bad shoop is bad. no wonder he had to claim credit for those invoice shoops.

No. 830225

Here, you can make your own:
Make your own ween like gene.

No. 830247


Sperg, but yet here we are… you talking about Gene, basically bobbing on his knob. Sharing his milk, calling him a sperg at the same time.

No. 830248

File: 1617722919673.jpg (120.92 KB, 1680x1050, new equest.jpg)


lolz… sure Jan.

No. 830260

Still got to take it with a big grain of salt. He used a form freely available online. Anyone can fill out the form for anything and never send it.

Second that supposed email blacks out the recipient's email address. Why? They're e-mail address as a public official is public. In fact on the https://www.openrecords.pa.gov/RTKL/HowToFile.cfm page there's a link to a database to search to make sure you get it to the correct officer. So, again, Why hide it?

Or at least show that it was actually mailed to someone with an @pa.gov email address which all the "Agency Open Records Officers" have.

That is proof of absolute fuck-all. Filled out a freely available form to someone (quite possibly and bogus sock email, hence the need to hide it).

Going to have to try a lot harder.

No. 830261

Anon Gene is the ultimate faggot

No. 830267

Are you high or just delusional?
Footface has no backbone. Her entire "flinching" nonsense was to get attention. She did it deliberately. The girls in the house said she did it all the time. She flinched on Billie who is far tinier than her. She saw people commenting on it and used it to further her 'smol uwu' wannabe persona.

No. 830269

you should just quit while you're ahead, i mean, behind, gene.

No. 830277

File: 1617744893179.jpg (1.22 MB, 2279x2249, shit_shaite.jpg)

maybe he saw the critique on his shit shaite here..
and yes greg, your webshait is still shit.

No. 830279

Are you ok anon? You're giving this neglectful, selfish, manipulative, attention seeking, stunted dipshit of a mother way too much credit. This POS has also said on live streams she would put Greg before her kids because they're twin flames. This freak is the one who stalked Greg until he finally responded. Of course, Greg shouldn't have been a pedo about it and turned her down but of course that wouldn't happen. It's hilarious you think this puke of a human is capable of anything beyond sitting around on her lazy ass feeling sorry for herself. She brought these girls in for Greg to abuse and then she was disgustingly smug about it. Sarah said Taylor would tattle to Greg on the other girls and sit there smugly while Greg berated them. Go watch some of her old live streams.Def not a fan, but RSN probably still has them up. She's freaking repulsive.

No. 830282


lolz, sure Jan.

Keep believing it didnt happen. Keep trying to make others believe it… and when the reports are reviled? What then? Gonna call me a faggot..


No. 830283


Such love, why?

No. 830284

Don't forget Footface dyed her hair blue during this time too. Kek She was straight up skin walking Billie during this time. Of course every effort was a total fail

No. 830288

File: 1617747688355.png (235.5 KB, 720x462, Gallery_1617747522477.png)

Top kek. Ultimate skinwalking fail

No. 830289

The skin walking was pretty hilarious considering how long it went on for. She didn't even try to hide it.

No. 830290

She also started growing her hair out, started a makeup channel, got a bunch of floral tattoos and became obsessed with having small boobs and small feet all because ok Billie. But she SWORE she wasn't skinwalking Billie, it was all just a coincidence lol

No. 830291


Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! I remember Geocities websites from back in the day that looked better than that.

No. 830295

File: 1617749520616.png (309.03 KB, 702x802, Gallery_1617749292804.png)

This entire era was so freaking funny. It was never ending and she was so pleased with herself. Don't forget her blue wig. Everyone in livestreams would asked her if Greg forced her to wear it when he banged her doggy style. She would get to snarky and defensive. Greatness.

No. 830303

if you're gonna post here genefail, at least have the common courtesy to sage.
I don't get why she's trying to be a tranny when she already looks like one with zero effort.

No. 830304

This picture is terrifying

No. 830312

File: 1617753652832.jpg (254.15 KB, 839x704, splaino.jpg)


No. 830322

The mods here really are trash.

No. 830329

People called her out for it in live streams and she would get so triggered. She actually said, "I don't want to be this small. I hate it" lol She's not even small. She's an average sized woman. It was freaking hilarious. She even said she had to see a doctor because she was so underweight. Everyone was dogging her. She said she wore children's shoes because adult sizes were to big. It was hilarious. No one was having it and kept calling out her lies. Reminiscing like this makes me almost wish she still did her retarded live streams. I actually looked a few up earlier and they're so bad. Pure cringe.

No. 830330

It wasn't just two weeks after Sarah spoke out– C actually fell the day after Shiloh went public with her story on Twitter iirc.

Here's my thoughts, truecrimefag. Considering that this time period brought a groundswell of testimony from all the girls who'd gone to the Swamp Shack over several years, I think it's just as likely she fell due to neglect as it is that they tried to kill her. Greg was probably in his little cum cave furiously emailing everyone who was talking about him while socking on three different accounts in between masturbation sessions. Since both adults (used loosely) in the house had just been exposed as pedo groomers they were too overwhelmed with seething and crying respectively to think about how dangerous the open window could be. They were used to having a nanny harem to spare them from most of their household responsibilities.

Also, It just doesn't make sense to me that Greg would intentionally draw CPS's attention. Greg wouldn't want any outside evaluator to determine he's a failure of a parent, his narc brain would need to protect him from that feeling of inadequacy. It's why he's never shown his kids in a video or tried to pivot to family vlogging. He knows his kids look like shit and when they're that young he can't control for what they might do on camera so instead he gets to brag about preserving their privacy– even though under the cover of privacy his son's teeth are rotted out of his skull and his daughter was speech-delayed and now potentially brain damaged.

Greg DID however
1. Not notice anything had happened for a very, very long time.
2. Film her bleeding out so he wouldn't be incriminated in something that could easily be explained away as a household accident.
3. Write the "stand over by the window so everyone can see how helpless you are" dom tweet while in the hospital.
4. Fantasize about his whole family dying in a fire in a tweet by one of his socks that was indisputably proven to be him.

There is a lot that looks very wrong there. He is a creepy predator who is undoubtedly traumatizing those kids with verbal and psychological abuse every day he's in the same house with them.(autism tinfoil)

No. 830337

because he wants to stay far away from his family. Take it from someone who's dad slept in the backyard shack for a number of years.

No. 830344

Sage your shit, fag

No. 830364

God I am so sick of the whiteknighting for lainey, krai holomaka obviously has the upper hand, and can probably leave and pin it on greg, but she didn't. If she was so motivated to flit from relationship to another based lol resources a relationship would probably bring her she would of left when the irs stuff happened.
we get she is possibly being abused, but her victimhood stops when she choose actively to drag others into the fire with her, take from who was tied in the woods and left to exposure of the elements for saying no too grooming a 16 year old for a similiarly abusive prick, theres a breaking point normal empathitic people get to into these

No. 830365

sorry internet fucked up, theres a normal breaking point for normal empathtic people get to no longer tolerate to their abusive circumstances, kai isn't normal nor empathetic nor a good person, so even if shes being abused it still doesn't absolve her given she brought other girls into a waking hell with her.

No. 830369

I swear you’re the same anon who keeps white knighting Kai when clearly no one fucking agrees or cares.

No. 830390

MuH KrAi Is A vIcTim ToO gUize!

No. 830411

nonny isn't defending kai though, they're saying kai has been working to frame greg this whole time.

No. 830422

>She said she wore children's shoes because adult sizes were too big
Her shoes were listed on Poshmark as a size 7, that's not even small. That cunt is such a liar

No. 830506

That's still giving Footface way too much credit. I doubt the mom who is too lazy to even brush her toddler's teeth so he didn't have to have them removed-is planning a takeover.

No. 830518

File: 1617884235821.jpg (79.94 KB, 1123x701, 2021-04-08 14.18.10 drawceptio…)

No. 830533

I think Footface chooses shitty men on purpose so she can be a uwu victim and receive sympathy when she secretly bitches about them to her friends and family. For example she started dating David AFTER he leaked her underwear photos to the entire school, she talked about it in a video. There's something seriously wrong with that bitch. Unfortunately for her doing that with Grease backfired on her tremendously.

No. 830629

It is funny, the equivalent shoe size for a 7 in woman's is a 5.5 in childrens. A lot of women could fit in childrens shoes. The only thing is that they are wider, which honestly works perfectly for me, because I have wide feet. So she wears a 7, but if a kids 5.5 fits her perfectly, she is actually a 7 WIDE in womens.

No. 830639

The wider fit makes it even funnier. That live stream is still available on RSN channel. RSN is beyond disgusting so I hate even mentioning his channel, but he did get a ton of gold from foot face's live streams. She also tried to say she was "so small" she needed to go to the doctor. Everyone was calling her out and it was freaking hilarious. She wouldn't let it go that she was unhealthily tiny kek

No. 830649

File: 1617972854101.jpg (1.23 MB, 972x3127, Screenshot_20210408-180915_Chr…)

on behalf of the internet: Shane, please fuck Greg in the ass already so we can get this over with.
This is just tragic to see.

No. 830663

She's such an attention whore, announcing she needed to go to a doctor because she's so smol and that she had no idea why she couldn't gain weight, I love that no one was buying her shit. I also love that Regina exposed that cunt and said she used to eat Tic Tacs instead of meals to lose weight

No. 830674

Of course that weird bitch bought children's shoes, she was obsessed with looking like a little boy for some creepy reason. She used to brag about people saying she looked like a 12 year old boy, they obviously didn't mean it as a compliment but she took it as a compliment because she is sick in the head.

No. 830679

I apologize for beating a dead horse right now but thats all they ever do. Lie. Its ironic how Greg once accused Shiloh of that in his stupid song going "lie, lie, lie, lie", "stop lying", it was one hell of a self projection really. It's easy to see when Greg and Lainey lie, they open their mouth.
The funny thing with them is how they are sometimes "caught in a truth". Meaning they accidentally let slip a truth. Very unusual for them, but with them it was especially the whole Sarah & Billie thing. People were already suspicious and then Lainey lets slip some shit, after which Greg slips a ton of shit. Which is why I think she isn't allowed online anymore.
Normal people sometimes get caught up in a lie, like you call in sick for work because fuck it, and a co-worker sees you shopping. that type of shit. with greg and lainey its the other way around, they sometimes get caught in a truth. they accidentally slip something truthful, and it gets them in to shit.
and then of course greg implicating himself more for like 17 hours with all those stupid videos he made talking about the situation. he slipped some accidental truths in there as well. he really needs to stick to what he's good at, which is lying. his whole credo with "the most honest youtuber" thats already a lie, and its his mantra. "I'M ONLY BEING HONEST". alright i'm sorry i will stop beating this dead horse now. i mean its dead, its buried, all thats left are some smoldering greg ashes.

No. 830680

It's cause she married a pedo.

No. 830687

I mean, she probably is unhealthy. Think about the kind of food they regularly eat.

No. 830705

Just by looking at her constant herpes breakouts we could see she's unhealthy, but she was claiming she was this super fragile smol bean who couldn't gain any weight doesn't matter how hard she tried and that was obviously a lie. Unhealthy people are not small necessary, just look at how many unhealthy obese people exist.

No. 830711

File: 1618003639350.jpg (164.51 KB, 720x633, greglurking.jpg)


Seems like Greg lurking the thread is what inspired this second Dawson manifesto.


No. 830712

File: 1618003668504.png (143.7 KB, 937x594, Capture.PNG)

Saw a really shitty thread on /wsg/ (worksafe gifs) board on 4chan that was nothing but the banana song.
It was probably a 12 year old posting them but it wouldn't shock me that much if it was Gerg selfposting lol.

No. 830713

File: 1618006756358.jpg (64.86 KB, 720x304, greglurking2.jpg)


Laughing my ass off at the zero subtly laced with insanity.

Does every single thing get under his skin that much?

No. 830722

that is a very good catch.
good job.

No. 830724

how is that a good catch? it's just common parlance?

No. 830726

File: 1618009622512.webm (4.66 MB, 001.webm)

Greg had a discord chat this afternoon. I recorded it and edited it down to what I thought were the interesting parts.

>Greg is outraged at Elvis marrying a 14 year old.

>Its okay to have sex with an underage girl as long as you marry her and stay married.
>Michael Jackson joke that shows how cringey his fans are.
>Greg displays his great knowledge of age of consent laws once again.
>An 18 year old girl wants to do an OnlyFans collab with Greg.
>Greg says a 35 year old man having sex with an 18 year old is "fucked." Why didn't he have this thought with Sarah?

No. 830727

File: 1618009832911.webm (4.18 MB, 002.webm)

>McFly was constantly getting stepped on and ignored throughout the whole discord chat. This is just one example. Is Ester no longer the favorite retard.
>He tells the story about little girls trying to tear his clothes off. He loves that story!
>Talks about sleeping in his car at a get-together and Jessica (the girl who tried to have a relationship with Lainey till Lainey ghosted her) came knocking on his car door, he ignored her. Then a nude Billy the Fridge tried.
>He starts to talk about Skye's sister and I thought it was going to be the drunken kiss but I've never heard about his underage sister-in-law and her friend trying to pull his pants off at a park.

No. 830729

File: 1618010003285.webm (3.73 MB, 003.webm)

>Talks about the documentary and the January phone call with Sarah.
>Asked Sarah if she got paid for the Discovery interview, she wouldn't commit to an answer.
>Sarah now has money for a down payment on a house so he thinks she got a big check.

No. 830730

File: 1618010186250.webm (4.42 MB, 004.webm)

>Talks about the laptop, FBI and Hansen.
>Wants us to believe he didn't record the 9 hour phone call with Sarah.
>Sarah told him her Discovery interview will be her shitting on & calling out Regina & Shiloh.
>Greg explains how this saga will end. Netflix will contact him, he will make his own documentary with them and get mad cash. He will get a lawyer and sue Discovery.

No. 830731

I can't really elaborate but I think he's referring to PlaymateTessi as the "18 year old that wants to collab for onlyfans with him."
Don't ask me how I know this.

No. 830732

File: 1618011290539.png (264.16 KB, 733x524, Capture4531.PNG)

>infamously known for making fun of a patient with Leukemia and abusing her cat.

I couldn't understand why any legit OF girl would want to collab with Onision but reading up on her history they seem a perfect match.

No. 830734

omg anon you are my hero bless be sister

No. 830736

>Greg says a 35 year old man having sex with an 18 year old is "fucked."

bitch, this you?

No. 830737

File: 1618012227589.png (94.52 KB, 897x666, wikiPLAYMATETESSI.PNG)


I really hope Greg changes his mind and collabs with this trainwreck of a girl. She gives off major crazy vibes. I'm sure Lainey is going to love that transphobia. If Tessi calls Lainey a tranny Im sure Greg would laugh along with her like when Crazy Tami asked "who's the tranny" when Greg tried to inform her that there was a transgendered person in his family.

No. 830745

Why would Sarah talk to Greg? And for 9 hours?

No. 830746

i love the depths of his delusions
netflix will contact him to make a documentary

No. 830751

She’s an attention seeking BPDfag who would almost certainly still be tethered to Shreg if he hasn’t tossed her aside, don’t kid yourself into thinking that money and exposure isn’t her primary motivation for speaking out against this rancid pus filled grease trap and his ugly footfaced, herp ridden wife
My sides, this dumb bitch is a cow in her own right, surprised she hasn’t been mentioned on /snow/

No. 830753



No. 830755

because Greg always tells the truth

No. 830760

It's the conspiracy anons trying to do their thing again.

Because she never gave up on making it work with him. Even when she was clowning with the courthouse photo etc, she was pretty obvious that she was just playing the scorned sperg and would go back in a heartbeat. That's why the laptop saga happened - she never actually wanted to bust him, just hurt him back for rejecting her.

No. 830761

She looks exactly like Blaire White lmao

No. 830762

But anon anal sex is not sex

No. 830763

Next the president will call him and give him a medal. Oh and YouTube will restore his channel's monetization and make him the new CEO

No. 830764

It certainly seems strange she was suicide baiting on Twitter and deactivated her account after the call supposedly happened

No. 830767

lol nta but how is it a conspiracy? all the victims have behaved like cows and shot themselves in the foot. if discovery hadnt picked up the story everyone would have forgotten about it by now (except autists like us, obvs.) it’s not outside the realm of possibility that sarah did have a lengthy conversation with onion. regardless, there’s no conspiracy. hating grug and criticizing the brave warrior kweens are not mutually exclusive

No. 830775

Greg rejected her? Kek yeah, no. Grease always like the fanfics he writes where he rejects all the bad people and he’s the good guy always.

No. 830780

how is that a good catch? it's just common parlance?

It's the conspiracy anons trying to do their thing again

Its so weird how whenever someone calls out Greg's clear pattern of lurking the thread there's always a playa hater jumping to his defence.

Like sure, the idea of Greg lurking the threads is sooooo far fetched at this point. Greg would NEEEEVER do that. It's just super coincidental that that anon could point out 4 hints to Greg mimicking words and sentences of what was said here and flipping it to suit his narratives.

Nothing but a big super duper conspiracy there anon.

No. 830782

File: 1618041973282.jpg (81.78 KB, 720x507, greglurking3.jpg)

>how is that a good catch? it's just common parlance?

>It's the conspiracy anons trying to do their thing again.

>Its so weird how whenever someone calls out Greg's clear pattern of lurking the thread there's always a playa hater jumping to his defence.

That anon writing it off as a conspiracy isn't just a playa hater my friend. Like I said before, zero subtly.

No. 830783

File: 1618042132252.jpg (103.53 KB, 720x558, greglurking4.jpg)

>Because she never gave up on making it work with him. Even when she was clowning with the courthouse photo etc, she was pretty obvious that she was just playing the scorned sperg and would go back in a heartbeat. That's why the laptop saga happened - she never actually wanted to bust him, just hurt him back for rejecting her.


No. 830798

Her Hansen doc episode is supposed to come out soon. Probably collecting some soundbites. Greg probably incriminated the fuck out of himself if the call was anything close to that long. I have a personal tinfoil that she's thinking about a lolsuit too. No way she wasn't recording.

No. 830803

Am I wrong saying that this story about Skye's sister and a friend trying to pull his pants down is new? I wasn't around during the Skye saga but Ive been around long enough to have heard all the stories (I thought)
Is this just another convenient epiphany Greg had like the story about AJ saying her dad raped her. I had never heard that one but he suddenly remembered her telling him that while he was showering that morning.

No. 830807

I have no doubt if Grease wanted her back she would be back in a heartbeat. Unfortunately for her she's no Billie, and Grease is not desperate to have her back.

No. 830813

I feel like I remember this story being told once before, but it could just be a case of déjà vu since I cannot recall when it would have been.

No. 830817

It's definitely new, he said she tried to kiss him while she was drunk once, but never said anything about her trying to pull his pants down. He also said some little girls at a daycare he worked on ran after him and tried to take his clothes off so I think he got those 2 fake stories mixed up by accident.

No. 830819

Never seen a more suspect statement. Tell us more about how you rejected a minor Greg, that mindset goes over well.

No. 830823

I doubt it's by accident. That's giving him way too much credit. He's a pathological liar.

No. 830824

Well, Footface thrives best when she gets to whine around being a perpetual victim. Too bad she still doesn't do cringey live streams for hours or vague Tweets babbling on about where's muh sympathy.

No. 830826

Oh God. Alicia said the attempted kiss really happened, except it was Grugly who tried to take advantage of a drunk Alicia. What if this also really happened, but all in reverse?

No. 830827

She's a pedo herself tho. She called herself a '12 year old fuckboi' constantly. She tried to look like a 12 year old boy to pull in super young girls. Her embarrassing alter ego 'Landon' is the identity she used to catfish super young girls. She lived for that shit. Nobody can even blame Greg because this was all her basking in her pedo glory. A mother of two young children pretending to be a 12 year old fuckboi. She's actually worse than Greg in some ways. She's beyond nasty.

No. 830830

I fully believe that this story did happen but that he's simply trying to turn it into something sinister and perverted on their part instead of what it really was, a dumb prank to embarrass him for a laugh. Also really don't believe he would have the physical ability to climb up a basket ball pole either considering how she struggles to do a basic pull up now.

No. 830831

He seems to think little girls everywhere just want to rip his clothes off to force him to have sex with them.

He's not a pedophile, he's just too weak physically to stop 100lb max girls from raping him! Cut him a break you guys.

No. 830832

>Alicia said the attempted kiss really happened, except it was Grugly who tried to take advantage of a drunk Alicia. What if this also really happened, but all in reverse?

That's exactly what I was thinking. There's video he made in the beginning of 2020 talking about what happened immediately after that even. He talked about laying down next to Alicia and holding her hand throughout the night until she woke up freaking out about it. Greg painted it as consentual and had even implied that she wouldn't remember the event correctly because she was drinking the night before.

With him saying she woke up freaking out and that she was drunk… Could it have been him pulling down her pants down then? It would explain her freaking out as she woke up.

It's no coincidence that this story is brand new too. It's almost like he knows he can't use the Alicia tried to kiss me lie because she confirmed to the public that not only was it a lie, it happened in reverse.

It's also pretty convenient how none of those stories happened in his timeline of "fame". He can just claim this now because "it happened" without mountains of evidence to debunk it like all the other things he's tried to claim against others during and after his timeline of "fame".

He's using Alcia silence to his advantage again. If she were to come out and say that did happen but in reverse. He'd have inadvertently digged his criminal hole even deeper because Alicia was 15 while he was an adult.

Just the fact that attempted sexual assault on a minor happened with that attempt debunks his claims that he's not into minors.

If anyone can find the video or clip of him talking about the Alicia situation that'd be great. It was during the time he uploaded a of series of manic videos defending himself and Lainey against grooming allegations in January 2020.

No. 830835

Yeah, you'd think since little girls are so perverted and are constantly trying to rape him he'd stay away from them as much as possible, but instead he does nothing but be around them.

No. 830839

File: 1618077373741.jpg (206.07 KB, 720x722, predatorfashion.jpg)

>She called herself a '12 year old fuckboi' constantly. She tried to look like a 12 year old boy to pull in super young girls.

It's uncanny how she slowly started presenting herself as prepubescent to her audience after presenting as a teen.

Given that Lainey started grooming Sarah at 14. I'm almost pretty sure she was gearing up to rope in a prepubescent girl once she used Sarah up got rid of her.

Her Power of Attorney tactic would've made that easier too.

>"I'm a uwu Foster mother now. I just love helping out disadvantaged little girls via my social media influence. Only disadvantaged little girls though."

No. 830841

He's told the story at least once before about 2 years ago. It took some digging but I found the original post where it was transcribed. >>626226

>Like, ok. So, I’ll give you another story, right? These two—I think they were 14 or 15 at the time—but I went to this park … I went to this playground because you know how teenagers like hanging out on playgrounds. I was like 18, or I think I was 18 or 17. Maybe I was 17? I was probably 18. So, we went to this playground and we were just hanging out there. Myself, my girlfriend, who I think was also 18, and her sister and her sister’s friend. They decided that they would wanna try and take off my pants. And so I was running away from them to try and keep my pants on, and then I ran up to the top of the basketball hoop and they were unable to take off my pants. These are two 14 or 15 year-old people who tried to do this and I had, like, a four year age gap with them. So, they tried to take off my pants and that’s what I’m talking about, alright? So, yeah. They didn’t get my pants off, and I was able to run away from them. If I did that to somebody at that age people would call me a sexual predator, but it was these girls doing it to me. And, you know, I forgive them because they’re girl. It’s just how sexism works. I’m sexist as fuck.

Why he feels the need to bring up the story again I will never understand as nothing about the story or even his retelling sounds the least bit sexual. Honestly just sounds like they were bored and wanted something to do.

No. 830847

>I ran up to the top of the basketball hoop
I call bullshit just because at no point has Grease been physically fit enough to climb a basketball pole.

It's also skeevy as fuck that in all his stories it's "These kids tried to undress me. If someone saw, they'd claim I was a sexual predator even though the kids did it!"

It's like setting up an early alibi. "You see, yes you found me naked with this barely legal girl but SHE took MY clothes off. Arrest her!"

No. 830850

>Honestly just sounds like they were bored and wanted something to do.
Anon omg it obviously didn't happen. I agree with >>830847. It feels like such a common fantasy of predators that it's actually the children/minors that want to fuck/undress/seduce the pedo and not the other way around.

No. 830854

I phrased that badly. I meant that even in his story it sounds like they were just bored and wanted something to do. In all his stories about young girls trying to undress him it sounds like they have some non-sex related motivation, like wanting to swimming or being bored and trying to pull a prank. He's too dumb to even weave a narrative that doesn't make him sound like he's taking his own story out of context.

No. 830855

File: 1618086950423.jpg (205.26 KB, 720x721, laineyboyishpredator.jpg)

Same anon as >>830839

Forgive me for going off topic but I just wanted to know what other anons think.

I think the fact that Lainey actively infantilized herself in a boyish way proves that not only was she determined to prey on minors, she enjoyed it.

I believe Lainey was groomed yes, but it's hard for me to believe she was brainwashed. I always wonder where that predatory mindset truly started with her. Maybe even before she met Greg?

It's easy to assume teens are brainwashable because of their youth, naivety, and lack of real world experience but they're still people, and people can be terrible in spite of those things.

Take Greg for instance. As a teen he preyed on his cousin in her sleep, kissing her at age 13. He also preyed on Alicia when he was 18 and she was 15. That begs the question. Could Lainey have had the same predatory urges towards children even as a 15/16/17 year old?

She's unlike all Greg's other teen partners as none of them ever joined in on his predation even when groomed or manipulated (Shiloh, Billie and Sarah). They were just victims of his abuse.

I know Lainey was obsessive and had a top 5 or top 3 list of famous men she would tweet at constantly. It's clear she likes men but I wonder if she actively narrowed in and focused on Greg because she saw how fucked up and predatory he was with Shiloh and thought Yup. He's the one. We're perfect for each other because we're the same and want the same things.

Like a Harley Quinn to his Joker. Except they only prey on underaged girls. And who knows how far she was willing to go with her predation. I could see her wanting to groom young boys to get the same satisfaction Greg gets from a 'straight' perspective but there's no way in hell that would be allowed because it doesn't feed into her pimp's sick desires so Lainey sticks to grooming girls/females.

I could be overthinking it but it's just a thought I had given all the circumstances surrounding Lainey's predatory personality.

No. 830858

To make this pic even creepier- Those are Billie's clothes in that pic. She left stuff behind after her last escape from Grease Mansion and foot face took to wearing them and posting pics in them. Her skin walking went in for literal years.

No. 830861

eww lol, how sad. we don't even need a "who wore it better" comparison

No. 830864

Predatory urges can go beyond the preferred sexual attraction. Especially when restrictions are applied.

Take Karla Holmoka for instance. There's nothing to indicate that she was into women (or her little sister that she raped and killed) but she still partook in the multiple kidnappings, tortures, rapes and murders of teen girls because that's what her husband Bernardo would allow and she was subordinate to him. If Bern wanted or allowed her to rape and kill teen boys I'm sure she'd have indulged all the same because it's the sick and twisted acts committed against other human beings that people like Karla get off to.

It's not that extreme with Greg and Kai obviously but the same rules apply. If Greg had zero restrictions on the sex of their victims, Kai would be grooming young boys too because:
1. She's straight.
2. She's a pedophile.
3. It's easy for adult females to groom underaged males.
4. She's an all-round predator. She sex trafficked adult women (Billie and Maya) into her relationship for Greg, not just an underaged girl (Sarah).

I agree with you anon. I think her predatory ways were restricted because of her subordinancy to Greg so she only indulged in preying on females. Simple as that.

As for Kai being a teen pedophile. She started grooming Regina soon after she married Greg and she was only 18 then while Reg was 15. That's the same age gap Greg and Alicia had when he preyed on her so yeah. You're correct in thinking Kai was always fucked up.

What people should pay attention to is that none of the other girls ever said Greg told them to solicit child porn or groom females for him which could only mean that he never told them his MO. The fact that Greg felt comfortable enough telling Kai his exploits, only for her to then execute it on his behalf, speaks volumes to what her psyche already was. They're two peas in a filthy rotten pod.

No. 830882

These reaches make me yawn

Is onion boi still making porn in his basement?

No. 830887

She dresses so freaking weird as a "boy". No guys dress like that. It looks more like Garanimals a 4 year old would wear. So damn bizarre.

No. 830889

>He also preyed on Alicia when he was 18 and she was 15

If I'm not mistaken Alicia is 5 years younger than him, so she was 13 when he was 18

No. 830891

Honestly. The anon who has a very obvious writing format and keeps samefagging with walls of repetitive tinfoil is beyond autistic. It’s embarrassing.

No. 830894

So she dresses like her own kids

No. 830895

She literally made a video of her trying to put on their children's clothes. I think C was still an infant and T was a toddler.

No. 830907

I think Lainey most likely suffered post partum depression and her larping as a child was the delusions of an anachan and a young mother completely out of her depth, whilst also being married to a pedophile that was constantly gaslighting her about her sexuality and making her partake in rating teenagers for his YouTube channel and eventually coercing her into poly relationships with jailbait.

No. 830910

"Making her partake…" Nope. She thought she was hot shit in her 'Would I date you' videos. Nobody made her do them. So smug and defensive too. Mocked anyone who dare question her relationship. You act like she doesn't have free will. Every predator has a back story that brought them to their tipping point into becoming a predator. She's no different. Making excuses for her doesn't change what she is. She's a disgusting excuse for a mother. She's ruining her children, but has always said she'll put Greg before the kids.

No. 830913

Not this shit again, Ghislainey knew exactly what she was doing, she’s every bit the predator that her festering pustule of a husband is. He didn’t “make” her do anything. I suppose you think that he made her fuck the help with one the shallots in the same bed too.

No. 830921

No-one forced her to do anything.
She loved that YouTube attention and only left because she couldn't handle the heat over grooming a child unlike Greg who is used to the shitstorm consequences to his behaviour. If the Sarah thing didn't blow up, Lainey would still be out there trying to thirst trap teenagers. I wish people would stop feeling sorry for her. The only people I feel sorry for in the onion camp is their children.

No. 830934

Ikr, it’s always the same. Some anon makes a massive paragraph post about Lainey and then ANOTHER discussion about if Lainey knew what she was doing starts again…

Can we just ignore the anon that keeps doing this? It’s getting old now and it’s not milk

No. 830936

This and the bold text abusing essay sperg, I know the milk is light on at the moment but for the love of god please ignore these retards. Hopefully if people stop indulging them they’ll go back to twitter or tumblr or wherever they can continue to scream into the void without shitting up the thread

No. 830942

I remember that video, she ripped a bunch of her kids clothes the dumb bitch

No. 830973

whoever this white knigh anon for lainey is, let me make this clear:

LAINEY WON'T FUCK YOU. there I said it, I don't care if she had been abused, I lost hearing in one ear and got legit ptsd from a very abusive situation, and I still managed not to groom any teens or barely legal girls to be fuck meat for her husband.

its not to ignore the fact that abuse victims emmulate their abusers for various reasons, but a majority come out with hands clean; any one who cries so much about my lainey I can't personally stand because I literally have no hearing in one ear because of the extent of the abuse I endured which would equate to a living hell compared to what ever shit lainey goes through, and still managed to not groom people who are vulnerable.

stop insulting abuse victims with your shit white knight anon, what lainey is going through is a hell of her own making, shit even my dumb gullible self at 18 would have saw the red flags and ran away; I mean I don't mean to make an essay, but that pisses me the fuck off, it's like every thread its MUH LAINEY DIDDIN DU NUFFIN WRONG, for ages.

no she's just as culpable and truthfully if I saw her in person I'd like to punch her face in for doing all that shit; she had every chance to opt out with face still intact way before sarah but not only chose to stay but bring other girls to be fuck meat for greg; at that point she's betrayed others and deserves to be beat the shit out of in prison daily for her crimes. but it won't happen, and I am fucking tired of this rhetoric you can both be a victim as well as a repressible for your horrid crimes.

go do a flip in minecraft white knight muh lainey anon.(sperg)

No. 830979

That anon obviously is in love with Foot, but they have to understand she will NEVER leave her greasy "greek god" to be with them since she puts him even before her own kids. While they waste their time defending her she's getting her cloaca pounded by Grease from behind kek

No. 830988

File: 1618192850277.jpeg (237.06 KB, 1125x798, 96186E3E-D192-46E1-B68B-D05F3B…)

Instead of fighting with the autist, focus on actual milk:

Onion claims he got hacked and some retarded group on discord lead by a tiktoker decided to spam his Twitter with #cultofstrawberry ala cuck and creamy meme dude.

No. 830989

File: 1618192878331.png (84.09 KB, 587x802, 64AE9C5C-CF0E-4565-8572-3305F7…)

No. 830991

File: 1618193942552.jpeg (43.78 KB, 500x375, E8C19032-A842-44A2-865F-896C25…)


No. 830992

That's retarded

No. 831008

Next time you have an autistic rage sperg like this, could you at least sage for fucks sake?

No. 831010

>>830973 this must be anon tard. Fuck off fail gene, stop shitting up the thread

No. 831022

File: 1618227484318.jpg (82.54 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.jpg)

this is relating getting spammed by the simps of a fat british shitwhore influencer wannabe:

don't get me wrong i do think its funny, anyone shitting all over Greg is a win in my book, even if they're british and fat.

No. 831023

File: 1618227638078.jpg (32.78 KB, 400x400, -DhKmpVz_400x400.jpg)

I'm sure this has nothing to do with her wanting her 15 minutes of fame in the ham-light.
"I didn't know what was going on you guyz, i'm just at home being chubby, you guys, teehee!"

No. 831024

File: 1618228077052.jpg (166.86 KB, 1097x1445, 2021-04-12 13.47.25 kiwifarms.…)

Captain Dumbass is on the Christopher Nolan Hero / Villian autistic spergin' again. This time he's also superman, she says.
I'd offer up a drinking game for each time he mentions Christopher Nolans "Hero / Villain"- Harvey threeway line and / or his own word salad variations of it, but I don't want the responsibility of causing people here to become raging alcoholics.

No. 831025

She's worthy of being in the tiktok general thread imo, she's a fat teenage mum chav LARPing as an egirl but I do appreciate the shitshow, even if it's for attention

No. 831027

Greg is pushing 40 and speaks like a 9 year who wants to be a 'big boy super hero' when he grows up.

No. 831029

File: 1618232257363.png (257.24 KB, 457x598, 1598228376580.png)

Did someone say Jodee Norene 2.0?
She does seem to like to be showered with attention.
It's funny how Greg denies being a narcissist while everything he says and does fits perfectly in a narcissistic personality disorder. Including the "hero-complex". Don't be fooled, this is a fake hero complex they feel is real yet its them running someone in to the ground.
Then again, no narcissist will ever admit to being a narcissist. Ever.

No. 831030

Website policies. Next thing Greg is going to do anti piracy adverts. He's so fucking boring in his old age. I haven't hate watched any of his content in about 2 years.

No. 831031

No. 831032

Lets talk websites policies, like Youtube anti-harassment policy, where he pretty much vilified everyone like Shane, Billie, Shiloh, Eugenia Cooney, list a mile long I can't even name them all.
Or how about using bots and misleading shit to get views. How about underage girls in their underwear on his shitty forum and then showing those in videos, and not removing them when family members ask him to.
Well, I don't need to go in details, hell its not like there isn't already a 3 part documentary on the old media with more parts on the way.
Why Youtube hasn't banned this waste of humanity the minute he set foot on there is beyond me. I will never understand it. You or I could say as much as "poopy" in a video and be banhammered off there in a day.
Greg must have a baby carrot made out of solid gold or he can make it dance or some shit, otherwise I don't understand Susan's logic. She's even been confronted about it by Hansen yet she does nothing about this hyperactive freak.
It's fucking insane.

No. 831034

Moreover, might I add that people probably report Greg all the time, since everybody hates him. I bet since the documentary even more people mailed Youtube about him, yet nothing is done.
Its the biggest question I have regarding this whole Greg situation: Why oh why is Greg impervious of bans?

Twitter too, no matter what he does, onlyfans, same story. He never ever gets banned. So far Twitch and Patreon are the only ones that ever banned Greg. And hell, Patreon was due to his own stupid mistake.

And I just. plain. don't. get. it.

No. 831035

YouTube have finally demonetised him at least. Maybe he's a security risk and if they outright ban him they're worried he'll shoot up YouTube hq.

No. 831036

And they had to make a full 3 part documentary on Discovery+ in order for them to do that. Yet, they still haven't banned him.

I'm just interested can I get a show of hands here if you've ever been banned off of Youtube? (Don't need to give your channel name, just a simple yes or no will do)

Also, if you have been banned, or got a strike, what was the dumbass reason for them to do so?

Just interested. I bet people here have been banned off of youtube once or twice too.

No. 831037

Please log off and go outside. The “sage” function isn’t a free pass to sperg ad infinitum about the same old shit. No one cares about your retarded tinfoil, and for the love of god stop using bold text you fucking sped

No. 831038

what in the fuck are you even talking about? how is this even tinfoil?
follow your own advice, you jackass.

No. 831039

I’m talking about your fucking essays of tinfoil that are shitting up this entire thread. Your writing style is extremely conspicuous. It’s the same shit all the time, and it isn’t milk.

No. 831040

Should I contribute like you do just yelling and hurling insults at people trying to have a conversation like some autistic Karen, like you do?
Would that work for you?
I mean so far your contributions have been golden. Look I fat texted again, now kindly fuck off. Thnx.(infighting)

No. 831041

I always thought the reason they didnt ban him is because it might have given him a reason to sue. Demonetizing him allowed YT to ruin his career but not risk him having a legal leg up to start a lawsuit.

No. 831045

Honestly, don’t waste your time trying to understand it. YouTube is an absolute farce. Look no further than the fact that Eugenia Cooney still has a platform. They’re morally bankrupt. They only way they’ll ever consider banning him altogether is if he is charged, which, let’s be real, is fucking unlikely. Grug is highly adept at skirting the law without actually breaking it (except when it comes to taxes and wetlands, kek)

No. 831046

Here's the thing though, when you look in to other notable youtube bans:
They even at one point banned the entire government of Pakistan.
Is Greg somehow more important than that list of people?

No. 831050

So another person starts a fight, they reply and tell them to stop, and THEY'RE the one infighting?
How you figure that there, mod? Friends of yours?
Just sayin'….

No. 831051

oh plus I'M the one that reported that person to you, yet again, i'm the one getting banned.
GREAT modding you guys, clap clap clap awesome job. And before you ban me, you bet your ass I already "took it to meta"(ban evasion)

No. 831054

He talks about website policies but he was crying and whining for months after Patreon deleted his page for doxxing Billie and then tried join again by making another account even though that's against Patreon's rules since they don't allow banned people to join again with a new account

No. 831059

File: 1618248876402.jpg (527.04 KB, 1080x1377, HansenReg.jpg)

Regina posted a photo with Hansen. Maybe we'll be getting news about episode 4 soon.

No. 831061

heavens to betsy.
he can eat around that face?

No. 831066

Lol I hope the KWEENZ get triggered

No. 831067

She's far better looking than Greg or Foot Face.

No. 831069

I mean he banged pug faced Shiloh and she's almost in the same level of ugly as Regina.

No. 831070

I doubt they will since Sarah and/or Billie are going on there anyway.

No. 831071

Apparently they're going just to bitch about Shiloh and Regina.

No. 831081

The anon that usually would sperg about Regina and post edits has compelled me to post that she looks nice here.

No. 831082

According to Greg. I can't really see discovery putting money into the previous 3 episodes for a victim to come on and discredit the others lol.

No. 831085

Discovery would put money on anything, did you watch any of their shows? And Lameclone who is one of Sarah's "spokespersons" said Sarah decided to be in the documentary just because of the way Shiloh and Regina handled it. Because fuck going on a documentary to expose 2 actual groomers and child predators, right?

No. 831086

>Sarah decided to be in the documentary just because of the way Shiloh and Regina handled it

That kills your whole argument. She is going to tell her side, her way.

No. 831087

We'll see that when the episode drops. Sarah has shown many signs that she'd be back to Onion in a heartbeat if she had the chance.

No. 831089

Greg said twice in a stream and discord call that once the ball got rolling and there were half a dozen girls talking about what Greg and Lainey had done to them, Lainey received a text from an unknown phone that had the same area code where Sarah lives. The text said "How can I make this better?" Take it as you will.

No. 831091

yes, because Greg would never lie

No. 831093

Greg is delusional. Greg still thinks everyone wants Kai. Greg also can't tell the truth if his sad, pathetic life depended on it.

No. 831094

She really isnt though

No. 831099

File: 1618269905657.png (91.56 KB, 448x252, 7B1D2CBA-EFF7-45B6-AA47-955004…)

U rite. Crocodile is cuter and has a higher chance of ruining your life kek

No. 831100

Greg and Lainey are two sideshow looking freaks. I think the two of them are so absorbed with their own images they have memed themselves into thinking they're hot purely because they stare at themselves so often. Especially in the case of Greg. He spends so many hours editing his image. Imagine his horror if he could see himself through the majority of people's eyes. Gross.

No. 831103

>Greg still thinks everyone wants foot
No Greg thinks everyone wants Greg

No. 831105

File: 1618271677482.jpg (142.63 KB, 738x597, Screenshot_20210412-195459_Tum…)

No. 831106

Sarah’s a totally ordinary looking person. Greg and Taylor are actively unattractive.

No. 831107

Sarah let him fuck her in the ass several times without lube and he nutted inside, it's not too unlikely she still wants him back. It takes a lot to let someone fuck their asshole without lube.

No. 831113

Not an inexperienced young girl, plus as small as Greg’s Dick it, lube wouldn’t really be that necessary

No. 831116

Didn't he make up those "beautiful emails" he got from Eugenia?

No. 831118

She didn't poop right for a week afterwards so maybe it was a little necessary.

No. 831120

She was definitely as fug as Regina back then but she’s less of an eyesore now.
Finally someone who agrees with me! Every time it’s brought up the conspiracy theory retards like boldfag start screeching about how suspicious it is and/or adding it’s Greg self posting. Sarah is trash who had a threesome with a couple whose child was in the same bed, she would 100 per cent would still be getting fucked in the ass literally and figuratively by Greg.

No. 831121

No need to samefag. This thread reads like Greg's trying to cope whenever Sarah gets mentioned or that episode. If Grease and cunts itt really think the worst of Sarah and that she's a fame whore attention seeker then truly since she absolved herself of Grease and got the support of the Internet etc I'm sure she gets much more viable attention from men that don't look like a Thing from the Swamp Shack. The thing about Greg is, is that he's stuck with his queer wife and life while all his victims do eventually get to move on to much better and brighter futures. Greg's a retard. Never forget. He married himself to a teenager he didn't even love to spite Shiloh. He doesn't think long term. It's why he's not very calculating. The only reason he doesn't face a judge over all his sexual misconduct is because no one is bringing charges against him. He is a dunce

No. 831126

They were talking about Regina. Lainey is pretty average, Greg is weird looking and Regina is pretty ugg. Sarah is also average-cute.
Mic drop
Is Regina related to Chris? Why tf is he at their family dinner? Is she just hungry for fame and trying to get it through Hansem now??

No. 831127

I mean she is attention starved AND onion is a pedophilic freak who prayed on her, these arent mutually exclusive. Most of onions rotation have been cows, the only one thats isnt is probably Adrianne, doesnt mean he didnt treat them like shit. Shiloh is a cow, Billie is a cow, Sky is a cow, Lainey is a cow, i meam i could go on.

No. 831129

What have you got against Sarah?

No. 831130

lmao ayrt, not everyone who has an unpopular opinion is samefagging jfc (though I can’t say the same about you and your glaringly obvious writing style). Either cope with people not standing your brave kweens or go back to twitter.

No. 831131

>Is Regina related to Chris? Why tf is he at their family dinner?
I thought Greg was the only autist that couldn't understand a joke or sarcasm. Regina probably met up with Chris and his gf and the joke is "family photo time."

No. 831133

She was attention starved. It was the whole premise Onion could groom her she had a shit home life for whatever reason and willingly lived with Greg. That was the past. She's at college now. She's not vulnerable to the point she needs some 35 year old man and his 20 something year old wife to play kinky mom and daddy games with. I think the only person fantasising about any of the girls going back to Greg is the greasy man himself.

No. 831134

Pardon my autism but i havent been following smegs thread since his dick pics traumatized me so im a bit out of the loop.
So tldr Regina is still trying to insert herself into a situation that has nothing to do with her?

No. 831135

She’s an attention seeking cow, that isn’t mutually exclusive with acknowledging she was groomed and abused by Grot and his wife. If it hadn’t gone tits up she’d have her own thread by now, refer to the archives for proof of this. And she engaged in what is tantamount to incest by fucking the swamp monsters with their spawn in the same bed. There’s no excuse for that.

No. 831137

>So tldr Regina is still trying to insert herself into a situation that has nothing to do with her?

I get why some say that but I aslo see how she was played by Lainey for years, got nudes from Lainey, and sent underage nudes back. So Id say she's involved and could have the most damning story concerning an adult sending nudes to a child and CP being sent to an adult.

No. 831140

Can Greg's new shithole even house another roommate? There's no sex appeal in a house that was fitted for a handicapped person.

No. 831141

>> she fucked them while their kid(s?) were sleeping next to them

I mean that is fucking disgusting and there is no excuse for that, they are all gross for that.
I also still think the video that was supposed to have been filmed right after she defended lainey was filmed way after because it was a totally different room/angle.

No. 831142

She was suicide baiting on Twitter just a few months ago so it doesn't seen things changed as much as you think they did, she's still an immature attention whore.

No. 831144

The new Cow Barn has about the same size as the Swamp Shack
>3 bed 2 bath 1,800 sqft
They figured out a way to fuck Sarah in the Swamp Shack so if Greg can wrangle new teen poon he'll figure out a way to fuck em in the new place even if it means doing it in the unfurnished cum cave garage.

No. 831146

Tbf she's 15 years Greg's junior and has had very few public meltdowns considering the amount of traffic been directed her way online. Greg has an identity crisis every month and also did porn. Like he's fucking himself in the ass on camera. He's an absolute clown.

No. 831148

You're very convinced Sarah is returning to fuck Greg. Do you think about it often?

No. 831151

That anon said new teen poon, learn to read.

No. 831153

>I also still think the video that was supposed to have been filmed right after she defended lainey was filmed way after because it was a totally different room/angle.
That comment right there makes you sound sus as fuck.
Its already been proven that that video where she breaks down (she called it "bloopers" It was more of an outtake) was filmed the same day probably within the same hour. One video was in one room of her mothers house, the second was in another room of the same house. And the video image was reversed in one not the other. Her hair color is the dead giveaway both videos were filmed the same day not months apart.

Greg brings up this argument regularly.
>look at her hat its not the same way in both videos, look at the room its a different room.

No. 831155

File: 1618279348671.jpeg (48.62 KB, 666x424, B8AE5CD0-58AF-4D32-BB06-1A5628…)

I can assure you im not Onion but back to the point, the blonde is more grown out in the blooper video, see here(my shitty screenshots i just took)

No. 831156

File: 1618279379481.jpeg (41.13 KB, 528x423, 2383540C-8A99-451E-82E3-9B4780…)

No. 831158

You can see that the grown out brown is down to her cheekbones in the first video but has grown down to her jaw/chin in the blooper

No. 831159

That's due to the movement of her head when speaking. Her side fringe matches up with the hat logo. Why are you whiteknighting Onion on lolcow?

No. 831161

File: 1618279775777.png (481.4 KB, 545x340, pending.PNG)

Really Anon? Im not going to argue this. Its already been proven they were taken at the same time. I hope this gets called out as derailment and other farmers don't take the bait.

While I was looking up the square footage of his new/old house I saw that the Swamp Shack sale is still pending. The house switched from for sale to pending on 03/19/21 >>827737 Its almost been a month since someone put a bid in on the house. My only experience in home sales is my parents and sister both bought and sold a house and it only took 2 weeks until the keys were handed over. Could the buyers have cold feet? I bet you its over that shitty fence and the lien on the house.

No. 831162

You must be blind. Her hair is exactly the same. Same length same color. Moving rooms changed the lighting between the videos.

No. 831163

File: 1618280028276.jpeg (173.38 KB, 640x561, A6796C7C-4DEE-48F6-8D60-CD3AD7…)

Anon, me having eyes and seeing her hair is obviously more grown out in her blooper video does not mean i am defending onion. That video doesnt even change anything, it was obvious that she was forced to make it to begin with, and they still treated her like shit. I just dont understand what purpose her second video had at all and find it stramge that she pretends that it was filmed in the same day when its obviously weeks apart.

No. 831164

You should of stayed with the veiled Sarah A-Logging. This CSI hair length thing showed your hand. Good try tho.

No. 831171

I don't feel like being banned for taking the bait so I'll keep this short and to the point. Sarah wore clip on extensions. She fixed her hat before doing the final take we all saw. The clip on extensions are bad and look like crap. It's beyond obvious. That's why what she's saying is actually 100% believable. End of.

No. 831172

it can definitely take a month to close, it could be listed as pending when they had an offer but then the buyers have trouble securing enough funding, they're not going to take it off pending while they wait. could also be failed inspections or other red tape on the onions' side, but not necessarily.

No. 831190

Do you, though? Have eyes? Because it's the same damn hair and I'm ntayrt.

No. 831198

Its obviously more grown out, its to her cheekbones in the first video and below her chin in the second video

No. 831201

Which crosseyed onion fan are you? Shes leaning over, there’s filters and there’s angles that would explain whichever growth that only you see. All very obvious though so idk if you’re some shit troll that picks a dying thread to dick around on or if you’re just that brain dead. Either way, take your meds.

No. 831213

I really dont have to be an onion fan just because i can see the difference between your videos Sarah. You can take your meds, you are the one with actual mental illness right?(hi cow)

No. 831228

Except Sarah proved they were taken on the same day by showing the original time stamps on her phone So all your hair nonsense is worthless.

No. 831231

I agree anon, her hair looks like it grew at least an inch and angles or whatever excuses other people are making don't explain it. She lied about Ayala wanting to have sex with her so why it's so hard to believe she would lie about the video too? And I'm not "samefaging" by the way, before some retard accuses me of that.

No. 831240

It's clip on extensions. Everyone has been over this a million times. Cheap crap clip on extensions. Nothing grew over a month. Stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 831247

Wait, wasn't it the angles? Now it's clip in extensions? I'm confused.

No. 831250

I really can’t wait for Sarah’s interview to air. I love knowing that onion is scrambling to defend himself before then. I wish we could hold a farmers watch party when it does air so we can all collectively enjoy.

No. 831254

File: 1618330578124.jpg (348.47 KB, 2880x2880, Gross Grease hair.jpg)

Jeah, Sara's hair grew suddenly so definitly not the same day!! Very fake although she showed proof it part of the same video. Gregs greasy hair also grew during the Kermit and Friends interview so it must have been conducted on separate dates!!

Just in case Grease reads this and feels supported, I am being sarcastic.

No. 831261

tragic to see a man in so much denial about his hair lmao.

No. 831272

You're confused as to why clip in extensions and different angles create different looks on the same day? If that is such an abstract concept that it "confuses you", you're mentally challenged.

No. 831284

He's hanging onto the 3 hairs he has left for dear life. His insane lack of self awareness and delusion tells him no one notices his receding thinning hair. Kek

No. 831291

I hope she talks about all the junk to rear sessions she had with Onion on Lainey's favorite chair. Did they even have the decency to clean the cum and shit stains from that chair before Lainey returned home from her trip? I wonder if Lainey noticed any suspicious caramel colored stains that smelled funny on that chair when she sat on it not knowing her husband and "best friend" had many rounds of anal sex on it.

No. 831293

Footface is the one who brought Sarah into the shit show to begin with. Hilarious that it all back fired on her yet again. What an idiot.

No. 831304

The strands that are growing out of her head are a different length in the second video you can see the brown has grown out an inch or so, the blonde is down to her chin and in the earlier vidoe its at her cheekbones, so unless shes wearing two different similar wigs in the videos that explanation doesnt make sense.

No. 831306


Then you are too stupid to continue living. Please use the most convenient suicide method that you can find.

No. 831311

She showed the time stamps. It’s the same day. Not sure why you are still arguing this.

No. 831313

It sure was a "shit show" and not just figuratively.

No. 831314


In the statement vidya she released, there's an extremely blurry filter she used to quote, unquote "hide the fact [she] was crying earlier". The blooper release didn't have the filter, was filmed in a different room, and her beanie was shifted in a different angle.

If you want to hate on Sarah, there are plenty of other things to hate on her for. This is one hell of an autistic hill to die on. There's no way you're not a shitty troll.

No. 831315

do you not understand how cameras work?

ilu, tysm

No. 831320

It's actually quite peculiar, that in the midst of joining them for sex, while being fully aware of the kid in the same bed, she didn't have an issue with it. Otherwise she wouldn't do it, right? It's only suddenly become 'awful' and 'disgusting' once things went sour between them.

Same with the multiple junk to rear sessions in Foot's chair. She let that happen, without lube, and knowing well enough her bff is vehemently against it. And it was done specifically in Foot's fav chair for a reason too, and she couldn't have not grasped that. But she went along with it anyway, because that's what she wanted. Like >>831107 said, it's not just due to her being young and impressionable, and Greg's mindgames. There's gotta be something else on her part too. And again, it only became wrong all around once they've fallen out.

Of course, none of this erases that Grease and Foot are sick paedo fucks that should rot in a jail cell, and they've messed Sarah up big time. But it's still kinda eerie to think that, hadn't they fallen out, there's a good chance Sarah would be still down for doing all those things with no issue.

No. 831323

If I remember correctly, didn't Greg and Plainey toss Sarah's clothes out of reach during one of the incidents when the kids wandered in?

You still can't discount grooming being a factor as well. Sarah was barely legal and had been exposed to stuff for YEARS. Lainey would have her sit in the bathroom while she bathed while Sarah was underaged. Greg has always been hypersexual so they probably fucked around Sarah often and they don't care about fucking in front of their kids anyway.

It doesn't make it right but you do get desensitized to stuff, especially when it's the same behavior for years. You only really find out how fucked up something is when you get out of the situation and find out not everyone else behaves like that.

No. 831341

>Otherwise she wouldn't do it, right

yeah anon, she was GROOMED to think that was normal behavior

yep, she said that greg threw her underwear to the other side of the room.

No. 831342

Yeah it's almost like she was groomed from the age of 14 by this couple or something and that's why her perception on healthy sexual interactions was skewed. /s

Get off this "why didn't Sarah see a problem with a kid in the bed?" It's Greg and Lainey's fault. Groomers push boundaries to desensitize their victims. Sarah probably felt wrong about it at first but with their years of manipulation made her gaslight herself into thinking "well if it WAS wrong they wouldn't be doing it so it must not be wrong." Greg pulled her into doing it. They're the sick fucks.

She only realized it was wrong when "things went sour"? Or did she realize it was wrong when she finally got away from them mindfucking her daily after so long?

No. 831343

She didn't even think fucking in the same bed a toddler was sleeping was a big deal, later she made a tweet saying she wouldn't have said anything if she knew people were going to freak out.

No. 831344

Sarah was coerced into the sex, maybe you're comfortable putting yourself in her shoes and deciding how she should have handled it but it comes off very weird how focused you are.

Junk to rear. Like are you onision who the fuck calls anal that apart from an absolute spastic. Onion did rear to rubber dildo for shekels on the Internet what in the absolute fuck are you going on about him fucking Sarah up the ass for? What context are you trying to place it in? Because she had anal sex she's discredited Wtf is your point

No. 831348

She tried to put on her shorts when C came in but Greg threw them across the room. It seems that Lainey got C to sleep and they started fooling around again - still pretty fucked up but Greg was the one pushing to have sex. Also you forget Sarah was groomed, a good example of what was 'normal' in that house is Greg and Lainey fucking in a room with a wide open door while their son who was awake and playing with his ipad was in the same room.

No. 831351

Are you insinuating Sarah got off to having the kids there and would do that shit without the Onions? Like who are the cunts posting this shit.

No. 831352

Fucking all of this, anon. I don’t think being groomed is any justification, she’s an adult. She knew it was wrong but she did it anyway. She’s a victim but she’s still a degenerate.
No, but thinking it’s “normal” is degenerate. Stop defending this shit.

No. 831353

Defending it? Sarah is the one they exposed it so you can even grandstand over it you complete retard.

No. 831354

> No, but thinking it’s “normal” is degenerate

But it was normal in Greg and Lainey’s house. They did it all the time

No. 831355

File: 1618358366651.jpg (177.32 KB, 720x720, Greg Manipulated Sarah 1.jpg)


You anons can go fuck yourselves.

Sarah had already showed enough texts proving that Greg pressured and forced her into making that video defending Kai so there would be no reason for her to create false evidence. And like the other anons pointed out. She showed the timestamps showing her distraught was filmed the same day.

To even imply she made the video up is to imply Greg didn't pressure and she created proof to go against them in the long run. Which, given all the evidence provided, is a complete bullshit narrative.

I was really trying to avoid a hi cow ban but it's hard to believe anybody but Greg would be spewing this nonsense still given that that was the same excuse he created against Sarah once that blooper was released. Only an idiot like Greg would point out something so small and insignificant to defend himself and discredit a victim.

>>830783 >>830782 >>830713 >>830711 is starting to seem all the more plausible with these sudden groomer whiteknights and victim hatetrains.

No. 831356

>she's an adult
>grooming isn't any justification

She was what, 19 at max and had been living/around the Swamp Couple for what.. 4-6 years at that point? She's legally an adult, yes, but she went from one shitty home life where her OWN MOTHER thought sending her off to live with some random married couple was a good idea because she was ONISION'S FAN to being in a sexual relationship with both of them after seeing a string of girls come through the house being treated all kinds of ways.

You really think somewhere along those years they didn't convince her it was normal? Hell, Greg normalized shaving a girl's head and chaining her up in a basement as a sex slave humiliation. Greg also normalized dog and incest porn to his own followers so imagine what he normalized to Sarah behind closed doors.

That's how grooming works. They get you to think stuff is normal, get you into shit that anyone else would run for the hills from. Especially when they have YEARS to do it.

No. 831357

File: 1618358398501.jpg (157.12 KB, 720x717, Greg Manipulated Sarah 2.jpg)

No. 831358

>Sarah was coerced into the sex
Please. She was extremely jealous of Billie and threw a tantrum in the bathtub when Foot started talking to Luxymoo. She was always desperate to be in the trinity.

No. 831361

Billie was a success story for other delusional girls to try and get money from greg. She got ten grand to be his best girl and she got to fly to Europe with it with her stoner boyfriend she took immediately after ditching grease. No wonder he hates British people so much. Billie took his money and showed his emails to her british boyfriend who made a video that inspired the infamous fax machine video.

Congrats Greg and Lainey for successfully having sex with like what, 2 girls after all their years of going on about the fucking trinity and how amazing being poly is. Wishful thinking that anyone wants to fuck those two ugly freaks nowadays. Sarah was the start of the end of Greg, her exposure on Chris Hansen got a TV show made out of Greg being a freak. He's demonetised on the website he has thanked many times for saving his life. Die mad.

No. 831362

That's part of grooming. Lainey knew that Sarah liked her romantically and the idea of a relationship was teased continuously. Of course Sarah would get jealous when she felt that someone was taking her spot. Often only after being separated from groomers do victims start to realize the extent of manipulation they endured.

No. 831364

They groomed her, yes. They started it when she was 14.
No 14yo who was blessed with at least 2 brain cells and has had access to at least basic school education doesn't NOT know this is very wrong, and no amount of grooming can convince them otherwise. Yes, you logic will apply to the ones groomed since a very young age in childhood, but not a 14yo. Unless you're a complete degenerate to begin with, like >>831352 said.

No. 831365

This. Sarah is an attention seeking cow in her own right. You oldfags will remember that she was on the verge of getting her own thread prior to her revelation of fucking Greg. She would still be with them if they hadn’t decided they didn’t want to carry on their degenerate arrangement with her. She’s a grown woman and she’s manipulative garbage. Just look at how she amassed a following of over 30k followers on Twitter in the space of a few days. It’s all for attention.

No. 831366

That's not the point, the point was her being "coerced" into sex. She was more than willing to slurp on Foot's arby's and have Grease's deformed dick inside her pooper.

No. 831368

You really think kids just hitting puberty know it all and can't be convinced over years of daily exposure? Kids that age probably think porn is realistic for regular sex and having someone like Greg and Lainey as literally the ONLY role models in your life can't help either.

>if THEY hadn’t decided THEY didn’t want to continue on with HER

>she amassed a following of over 30k followers on Twitter in the space of a few days

Ah. Well that clears up what all of this is about. I suspected but now it's pretty damn obvious.

No. 831369

Sarah was never close to having a thread what in the fuck would it have been about? She's quiet online apart from anything to do with Onision. You're not rewriting history lol. She clearly won't be going back to the Onions, she's the one that got the attention to get Lainey offline and Greg demonetised. Your entire vendetta is moot.

No. 831370

Seriously. She let Greg fuck her in the ass multiple times after Taylor decided she didn’t want to be in the “trinity”. Sarah kept “dating” Greg. No one continues in a consensual anal-only arrangement unless they’re dedicated to it. It only stopped because Greg called it quits for whatever reason

No. 831371

> Ah. Well that clears up what all of this is about. I suspected but now it's pretty damn obvious.

nta but what do you mean exactly?

No. 831372

Let's just say you can hear furious sloshing in the distance with these posts.

No. 831373

Use your brain and come to a conclusion.

No. 831374


No. 831375

You think its greg posting? I think its more likely that its someone like regina, kek

No. 831376

Nice deflection samefag. Slosh slosh.

No. 831379

Damn, when did lolcow become a hugbox?? Is it all twitterfags or?

No. 831380

File: 1618360186800.jpg (136.8 KB, 588x1191, SarahLeft.jpg)

>Yes, you logic will apply to the ones groomed since a very young age in childhood, but not a 14yo. Unless you're a complete degenerate to begin with, like >>831352 said.

>She would still be with them if they hadn’t decided they didn’t want to carry on their degenerate arrangement with her. She’s a grown woman and she’s manipulative garbage.

>That's not the point, the point was her being "coerced" into sex. She was more than willing to slurp on Foot's arby's and have Grease's deformed dick inside her pooper

>Sarah kept “dating” Greg. No one continues in a consensual anal-only arrangement unless they’re dedicated to it. It only stopped because Greg called it quits for whatever reason

I feel like you're taking notes from >>830855 and >>831320 where they talk about Kai's MO from a young age but instead you're twisting it in a way to project that onto Sarah to demonize her "Anon".

For a know it all you seem to be leaving out the fact that Sarah actually left them for months and it was Greg who was pining and manipulating her into coming back. Again, Sarah shows proof of this.

What happened to Sarah was not her fault. She is not to blame unlike Kai who showed symptoms of actually being a degenerate at a young age and continued that into adulthood. Sarah, like the rest of their victims, left. Greg "broke up" with her when he made the false rape claims but that was obviously so he could claim he kicked her out of his life before she could leave again once she finally woke up and saw them for who they were.

To imply Sarah is anything like a degenerate seems like a very Greg-esque narrative.

No. 831381

File: 1618360234299.jpg (29.64 KB, 276x214, IMG_20210414_013059.jpg)

No. 831382

If it is not Grease villifying Sarah, it must be his minions. He has been very active on his discord lately and @everyoned them half an hour ago

No. 831383

And then all of a sudden she was conveniently "coerced" kek.

That's the thing though, she wasn't exposed to that shit "on a daily basis", she didn't even live with them all those entire 4 years. She'd come to visit, stay for some time and go, sometimes with months apart. She's had more than enough chances to have her "moment of revelation" being away from the manipulators, yet it changed fuck all as far as her perspective goes.

And yeah, teens don't "know it all", but one can already get a legit jail sentence starting the age of 14, so you're expected to "know a set of things" by the time you get to 14. Stop acting like she's a baby.

No. 831384

Billie was another dumb bitch who kept going back after he publicly humiliated her several times. The only reason she finally cut ties with him was because he went too far by airing her abortion story to the public.

No. 831385

>If it is not Grease villifying Sarah, it must be his minions. He has been very active on his discord lately and @everyoned them half an hour ago

Ah yes. When you get caught. Just blame the minions.

Is that the same strategy you got planned for Lainey?

Two posts in a row?

Making good use of those VPNs you talked about huh?

No. 831386

Why are you going over old milk? Sarah does not want anything romantic or sexual to do with Greg or Kai again and has went so far as to expose their degeneracy. She's working and going to college. She's probably had more real world exposure and experience at this point than Lainey. Greg's the one fucking himself in his bathroom. Sarah has a future ahead of her, Greg's middle aged and started doing porn after his youngest child had a traumatic injury due to her parents negligence. A bit of perspective.

No. 831387


Just give up man. Making it seem like it's more than one anon on this victim vendetta isn't going to work. Nobody else has these opinions but you. You already exposed yourself.

No. 831388

I hope the farmhands are laughing their asses off lmao, you are very paranoid and obviously very active in the onion servers if you know what they are posting every 30 mins. Lolcow isnt your personal army, we are allowed to laugh at cows, this includes Sarah since she has done a lot of cow behaviour, your white knighting is only stirring the pot

No. 831389

If Sarah is a cow take it to the shite flakes thread and discuss among all the anons that share your opinion. Also it's pretty obvious when you delete and repost.

No. 831390

What two posts in a row lmao? WHERE?
I've just caught up with a seemingly heated discussion and replied to a couple anons in one post, wtf, VPNs? Haven't used, or even felt the need to use a VPN in my entire life lol.

Anon, you need to chill and touch some grass, you're hallucinating hardcore.
I've got a good kek out of your retardation and paranoia though, ngl.

Sage for non-contribution.

No. 831391

>Billie was another dumb bitch who kept going back after he publicly humiliated her several times.

There you go changing the facts and timeline of events, Slosherman.

As someone who reviewed the Billie-gate saga extensively, I can tell you, Greg only spoke about things that should have remained private in the relationship while she was back and forth between flying out to her home state and Washington.

Matter of fact, Greg had humiliated Kai more than he did Billie throughout their threeway "relationship" because Kai was doing everything in her power to sour it.

The humiliation of Billie only came after Greg couldn't get her to agree to a sex trafficking styled branding, balding and basement chaining, and when she left because of the manipulation and abuse only then did the full fledged humiliation insue.

It's not wise to paint a false narrative when there's mountains of evidence proving otherwise. Some of us are actually paying attention "anon".

No. 831393

The discussion about her video is relevant to the onions so is the relationship with them and her having a fuck show with the onions infront of their children, a farmhand can correct me if im wrong but as far as i can tell you arent one so you cant really police what we talk about.

No. 831394

But you're not adding anything to old milk. We're all aware of the events. You keeping saying Sarah is a cow and was going to get a thread of her own. If she's such a topic of interest why not take it to the flakes thread were you and anyone else can go discuss it to your hearts content? Unless of course you know you're full of shit and have fuck all to say.

No. 831395

See this is where you are wrong, you are assuming everyone posting is Onion boi with a VPN. I have barely interacted with this thread except asking about Regina and Hansen, and sharing the screenshots showing the difference in Sarahs roots and said that i belive the videos were weeks apart. I wasnt the anon saying that Sarah should have her own thread, i dont think shes milky or interesting enough, i just thought that her lying about the videos was pretty odd and wanted to point it incase someone missed it and hear anons opinions as to why she would do that, because to me that blooper video didnt add anything to the situation, she was still forced to film the first video in the first place, her crying on camera later doesnt change that in a good or bad way.

I wonder what their plan is, new house or are they gonna rent a shitty small apartment? I would imagine their relationship is gonna get even more rocky if they are forced to be even more confined together. I’m just said that Lainey left the internet, i loved when she spilled milk on onion on younow, the milk is so dry now…

No. 831396

It’s very telling that you only call Sarah a “degenerate” instead of the couple that had sex with their own child in the room.

That is magnitudes more degenerate than anything Sarah did.

Also, the same couple that considered Sarah their “foster daughter” and had legal guardianship over her previously.

That’s super fucked up, Which degenerates did that?

No. 831397

The hair thing was just pure unfiltered autism. The video again is old milk and has already been proven credible. You asked for feedback and you got it, you won't accept the opinions that it's not some pointless conspiracy that has zero effect on the outcome.

No. 831398

>The discussion about her video is relevant to the onions so is the relationship with them and her having a fuck show with the onions infront of their children,

Agreed, what isn't relevant however is trying to use her video as a statement to say Sarah created false evidence when there's already evidence of her claims.

Her having sex while the onions had their daughter in the bed is relevant. What's not relevant is claiming she's a degenerate for that, putting the blame on her or pretending she wasn't groomed into thinking that was normal.

Did you not see Sarah's reaction to saying that happened in her Chris Hansen interview? She genuinely looked perplexed when she got an adverse reaction.

Did you not get the memo that Sarah walked in on the onions having sex with T in the room when she was still underaged?

Not desensitizing children to a sexualized and incestuous environment is the parents responsibility. Not the responsibility of a teenager they groomed into thinking that was normal or acceptable.

No one is trying to police what you talk about but don't be surprised if you get negative reactions for spewing such villainous bullshit against Sarah when all the evidence points in the direction of the onions being the true degenerates. An 18 year old that went through 4 years of grooming is not responsible for the kids. Their parents are.

No. 831403

Lemme ask you something "Anon".

Is Sarah were to call CPS in Washington state and give them that "fuck show in front of the children" information, along with all proof that they did have Power of Attorney over her, groomed her as a minor and then had sex with her once she turned 18.

Who do you think they'll quicker arrest for sexually abusing the kids? Her or Greg and Lainey?

If your answer is the later then you have your answer as to why you, and the rest of you predator whiteknights, should shut the fuck up.

No. 831405

I’m the anon who called Sarah a degenerate and I’m not >>831393
Believe it or not we are capable of having opinions that differ from yours. You, on the other hand, samefag up a storm with your walls of autism; you’re clearly the anon people are complaining about for abusing boldtext. And you wonder you get banned for 3 out of 5 posts. Let people have their opinions instead of trying to force your autism on everyone.

No. 831407


Lol man shut the fuck up.

No. 831408

>Is Sarah were to call CPS
And that's exactly what your stunning & brave kween should have done. Instead she was to busy attention whoring on Twitter.

No. 831412

You can't just assume she was aware of the opinions she had.

You're acting like what she did didn't have a domino effect of negative happenings on Greg and Kai's lives when it did.

Again. She still isn't to blame for anything. And she wasn't attention whoring on twitter either. She exposed relevant information that would help prove the onions groomed her.

Your hateboner for Sarah makes zero sense my guy. You seem to have more to say about her than the actual predators this thread is about.

No. 831413

Let’s not forget the ebegging for money to buy a new computer because her old one was supposedly handed over to the cops months after the fact and as it transpires wasn’t handed over to the cops at all. All the brave warrior kweens are clout chasing BPDfags. If they weren’t so preoccupied with their internet fame and fucking around with grifters like Hansen and Nicotra there’s a good chance Grugly and Foot would have been charged already

No. 831414

No. 831415

kek why did this thread turn into a degeneracy competition?

Why are some of you so enraged at the sole thought that they can all be degenerates at the same time? Only ones are grooming paedo degenerate scum, and the other is just a 'notsolil' degenerate cow.

The fact that they've clearly abused her doesn't wipe her slate clear from her obvious 'degenerate' behaviour. And the fact that some point out the latter doesn't make the swampfucks any less of groomers. What's with all this black and white, team picking mindset?

It's as if you were groomed, you can do no wrong on your own account. According to your logic, Foot is innocent too: she was groomed as a teen, abused as a teen, she had no clue the fuck she was doing because it was 'normalised' to her by Greg for literal years, she was just manipulated and coerced into all of this shit. Yeah, lol, okay. Carry on.

No. 831416

Take it to the flakes thread if you're so bothered. And take your smell of shite with you.

No. 831417

Precisely, they’re all fucked. Greg and Lainey are disgusting pieces of shit who should be in prison but their grooming of Sarah doesn’t give her immunity from valid criticism. I don’t know why that’s such a hard concept to grasp.

No. 831418

Take your dumb opinion to the flakes thread and stop shitting up this one

No. 831419

We've read your criticism plenty of times itt. She's not involved anymore apart from taking down the parents of the children you're so worried about. How many anons are apparently shitting on Sarah? More action than the flakes thread has seen in a while. Its almost like it's one anon desperate to engage with active posters otherwise the flake thread would have more discourse.

No. 831420

>Let’s not forget the ebegging for money to buy a new computer because her old one was supposedly handed over to the cops months after the fact and as it transpires wasn’t handed over to the cops at all.

Hansen lied to Sarah about handing the laptop over to the FBI and the laptop was returned. When it was, Sarah made a tweet saying she handed it over to the FBI office in Michigan herself. What Greg always fails to mention in his laptop spergouts was that she had handed over her old phones too. Somehow that's NEVER EVER mentioned. Almost as if it's convenient because the laptop was technically Kai's but Greg would've obviously been communicating with Sarah on those old phones she handed over so he keeps that out of the narrative.

>All the brave warrior kweens are clout chasing BPDfags. If they weren’t so preoccupied with their internet fame and fucking around with grifters like Hansen and Nicotra there’s a good chance Grugly and Foot would have been charged already

>How many anons are apparently shitting on Sarah? More action than the flakes thread has seen in a while. Its almost like it's one anon desperate to engage with active posters otherwise the flake thread would have more discourse.

It's so weird how this anon claims they have BPD and that they did what they did for clout. Those are the same things Greg accuses his victims of to discredit them.

Would I be hi cowing if I had reason to believe that this hate train anon is the Greaseman himself?

No. 831422

"It's as if you are groomed you can do no wrong"
If this isnt gurgle or ghislainey this person seriously needs to take their meds. If it is one of them, you need to check on your kids.

No. 831425

>you need to check on your kids.
check the driveway first

No. 831426

File: 1618373076240.png (191.23 KB, 827x495, Capture.PNG)

Nice to have definitive proof that Sloshnoggin follows Lolcow just as hard as he follows Kiwifarms.

Discord VC chat summary from KF.

No. 831428

Make sure there's no tapping at the garage door.

I dont recall anyone saying that any person is perfect and you're lit just looking for a way to discredit her abuse. It's not even tinfoil to say you're here to do exactly that.

No. 831429

The proof that convinced me was from Gregs own mouth >>823273
>I was browsing over lolcow and they're fucking brutal to her. Like they really just go savage against Regina.

He was so determined to prove to the fags on that Crows Of Judgement podcast that Regina is hated on lolcow he let it slip he lurks here often. These alogging posts come in spurts. Last time it was against Regina, now its Sarah. Maybe its a mad scramble because her Discovery interview is probably going to be released this upcoming Monday.

No. 831430

He goes through kiwifarms a lot. It's obvious posts, they have bad grammar, always end with an unrelated "lol oh yeah lainey and Greg are bad too but _____ shouldn't get a free pass hurhur"

Either them or someone's ethot bingo card needed "defend pedo yter " punched out

No. 831431

That would explain it. Also explains why the sudden flood of anti-Sarah posts died almost immediately after everyone caught on that it was probably Greg posting.

No. 831432

>And she wasn't attention whoring on twitter either.
She definitely was attention whoring with that fakeboi Dylan. There's also the photo of her squatting in front of the courthouse, there's no way you can say her posting that photo wasn't pure attention whoring.

No. 831446

The Regina and Tamara hate parade must give Onion hope that lolcow could turn on Sarah and forget all about him. He ignores the fact that Shiloh is definitely not well liked here and yet no one is convinced that her glaring flaws exonerate his.

No. 831447

Why is it so hard to grasp that no one here cares? There's a separate thread for it and the fact no one goes there only speaks to how deeply boring this all is.

Compare everything you accuse Sarah of to the decades of retardness that Onion has left in his wake. Him and lainey aren't going to just grow out of it. Maybe if Sarah goes on to do more shit, our collective interest will be more piqued and then we'll come to you, but until then, go seethe alone in your boring obscure containment thread.

No. 831448

Agreed. Sarah’s “milk” came from being a brat when she was still underage which oh the horror and then from her attention seeking behavior when everything first started happening. If you have an ounce of sympathy and understanding for people who haven’t had that great of families it makes sense that the moment she feels like she stepping away from what she thought was safety she’s going to have a need to not feel alone. She went from being thrown around and bullied by two retarded adults to having hundreds of girls her age reaching out and showing they care about her and want her best. Unlike lainey, she actually took it in and maybe took it too far with this gen z “everything has to be bad bitch energy and a meme” but at least where is she now? Barley ever online, no sperging, she has a job and studies at the same time. What are we supposed to criticize? That she was stupid? Done that already. That she was annoying lainey clone and white knight? Done. She’s already been dunked on and she has moved on. How desperate, young or mentally underdeveloped do you have to be to sit here and try people to join in on your borderline a-logging of someone that never did anything but be an insecure cringe kid from a bad home? I think this recent “anon” is just someone seething over the fact that a young girl from a broken home knew how to redeem and move on from the internet and have her own life with dignity, something that the two groomers will never know how that feels. They will never have a redemption, they will never be relevant again and they will never wash their hands clean of their degeneracy. Would be sad if it wasn’t so deserved.

No. 831449

The sperging about whether Sarah is a clout chaser or whatever other nonsense anons are seething over is autistic (some comments are not entirely invalid but they don’t warrant talking in circles and shitting up the thread) but you raise an interesting point here re: the people on social media supporting Sarah and wanting what’s best for her. I don’t think this is the case, I think the majority of people who engage in the YAAASSSS KWEEEEN #DEPLATFORMPREDATORS nonsense really do not give a flying fuck about the well-being of any of the girls, they’re using them as a proxy for their own vendettas and hatred of Ogreg. Most of them are former paypigs who started cringey tumblr hate accounts once they outgrew Gerg and when Sarah came forward that tumblr “anti o” community spilled over onto twitter in a much more visible capacity than it had been previously. People got excited about the prospect of Gerg finally meeting his demise and once the seeds of discord had been sown within the group of his victims themselves (e.g. shiloh being a disingenuous bully, Regina’s close association with that psychopath Vince, Sarah divulging the details of the sex in presence of shallot situation and crowdfunding a new computer because she believed hers had been turned into the FBI, etc.) the people who had been vocal supporters did a very abrupt 180. It’s no wonder Sarah made her account private after spending months being gassed up by people who were invested in her story solely because they wanted to see Greg brought to justice only to have them spit the dummy when justice wasn’t served in the way that they had anticipated.

No. 831457

File: 1618400923205.jpg (191.78 KB, 720x809, topkek.jpg)

An attempt at subtlety was made.

No. 831458

nta but did you even read the post? More importantly, do you not realise that “yaaaas queeen” is common internet parlance? You are so unhinged that you’re replying to every single comment with the same “hi cow” subtext regardless of the post’s content. The way I read the comment above this is that it’s criticising the social media circus and ex-fans of Onion using his victimisation of people as a vehicle for their own rage towards him. Get a grip. This entire thread is basically you with your extremely obvious posting style accusing people of being Greg irrespective of what they’re saying. Yet you don’t understand why you keep getting banned.

No. 831459

File: 1618402075901.jpg (120.08 KB, 720x488, afailedattempt.jpg)

Another failed attempt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 831460

So anyone who uses English words is Greg, holy fucking shit you need to log off. Permanently.

No. 831461

Your posts read like someone that attempted a psych degree, failed, and now spend all of your time on lolcow trying to have a crack at who Greg might be.

1. Read the rules, suggesting someone is a cow is generally against said rules.
2. Go outside and touch some grass maybe
3. Literally nobody cares about your highlighting bold text bullshit.

No. 831462

inb4 they accuse you of being Greg too, kek. Honestly tho, we’re banging our heads against a brick wall, they’re ban evading and even admitted in /meta/ that they’re wilfully ban evading using a VPN and bitched at the mods for banning 3 out of every 5 of their posts, they’re a lost cause. Just report and ignore.

No. 831463

It's only Greg and old man Vince that over use the yass kweens lingo that isn't prevalent here until the boomers kept posting itt and the flakes thread trying to stir hatred towards the victims.

Who fucking cares if thousands followed Sarah's twitter to get the details about Onision being a groomer directly from her. Onion's career on YouTube was monetising the private details of his relationships plus the banana song which his ex wife is mostly responsible for.

Greg knows he is nothing without a woman to piggyback off for relevancy. I'm sure the spastic is seething that no one gave a fuck he had a connection with Andy Dick's Lainey looking ass. Any attention is good attention for the water brain. He's been on lolcow for years lurking and posting. He's such a retard he believes if he posts his takes a multitude of times it'll be taken into the Onision Canon since lolcow has been documenting his fuck ups for years. You'll never get the narrative changed you absolute cunt, you're completely out of your depth.

No. 831464

I think it’s less about how many followers Sarah has (like literally who fucking cares) and more about the fact that the Anti-Onision hugbox assembled around her and the others only to have said hugbox turn on them when things didn’t go according to plan with the investigation. People wanted to see Grot and Thot on trial and when that didn’t happen, no thanks to Chris Hansen making an absolute cock-up of it, the peanut gallery needed someone to blame and apportioning it to the victims was easy. But, at the end of the day, he’s still fucked. He might think he is being big brained and using the inadvertent indiscretions of the girls to change the narrative but he’s still fucked. He might not go to jail, but he’s still fucked.

No. 831465

The only other spastics thst turned on Sarah were the cunts making money off of monetising the drama. The naive retards made a stink about anyone going on a TV show getting money from a production team. As if none of the cunts were making money off of a situation that none of them had a literal hand in.

Sarah is a victim. Sperging about her hair and that she took a selfie outside of a courtroom is hardly a scandal.

No. 831467

Fr. One thing all the girls have in common is that they’re naive and not very smart (in the case of Billie, possibly intellectually handicapped) from shitty homes. Which is why they were easy to manipulate in the first place. Greg banks on their lack of smarts to discredit them. The problem there is that he is nowhere near as smart as he thinks he is and no one with a functioning brain is buying his bullshit.

No. 831469

They may be naive, but that's due to age and experience and they'll gain so much more than Greg in the long run.

All I've noticed is that after Vince got the sack from Hansen boomer posts were on the rise on lolcow and attack on victims became frequent. Then onision, Vince and his retarded sister actually colluded together lmao. Tumblr and twitter fags are irrelevant too, Sarah locked her twitter after all the drama channel orbiters started harassing her over going on the TV show because people had raging hateboners over Chris Hansen. Wonder if Greg and Vince would have any animosity against Hansen? Remember when Vince would basically flirt with Regina. Do you think he'd have a particular dislike of her now? Uwu, poor old man. Remember when he got drunk and sperged and then blamed his family lol? Grow up Vince.

No. 831481

Sarah can be a victim and a shit person, anon. She was happy to go after anyone for the onions because jealousy. `She fucked around with reporting anything and the laptop and etc because she just wanted the attention and drama. She was months away from her own thread that people had been waiting for. So yeah, downplay it if you want but it wasn't that simple. (what is this, like the third or fourth thread where this wking shit starts up)

No. 831496

Exactly. Anyone who was been around prior to this shit being made known remembers how much of a cow Sarah was and how the only reason why she never got her own thread is because she was under 18. No one is denying that sage is a victim. She is also a huge attention whore. They are not mutually exclusive.

No. 831500

Neither of you (unless it's one sad cunt) have yet to answer what a thread about Sarah would be about? You faggots still can't even generate interest in the fucking flake threads about it. Maybe you guys would find more like minded people in Onion's discord? Seems more your vibe.

No. 831507

They are trying to gaslight lolcow lmao even back then anons would get clowned on for talking excessive shit about Sarah. They skimmed through maybe on or two threads saw some bitchy anons and really thought they weren’t gonna come off as newfags and will totally blend in with their retarded Twitter terms. There’s vendettafags and then there’s brain dead vendettafags that will sperg about there being “valid criticism” but examples? Debunked bullshit or shit from years ago that literally no one cares about because it’s not anything remotely big, interesting or fucking relevant. How much onion cum do you have to swallow to think anyone is interested in going over the same laptop and selfie saga

No. 831511

Yep, me and all the other anons criticizing your stunning and brave kween are Grease, you got us. You can stop repeating that over and over for the 200th time now, we get it.

No. 831512

Off topic a bit, but does anyone remember if Sarah dyed her hair blue before or after she turned 18?

No. 831513

If you know its off topic sage your shite and it was when she was underage. Go to the flakes thread and pretend to talk to yourself there.

No. 831522

>You can stop repeating that over and over for the 200th time now, we get it.

Obviously not as you keep repeating the same debunked bullshit over and over for the 200th time. When you learn to come up with valid, non-debunked stuff. Someone might give a shit. Until then, fuck off.

No. 831524

>Sarah locked her twitter after all the drama channel orbiters started harassing her over going on the TV show

That already was debunked by her mouthpiece Luxymoo. No one harassed Sarah over going on the show, she and the other whiny bitches on the other hand harassed Shiloh and Regina for having autonomy and choosing to be on the documentary without "muh consent"

No. 831532

File: 1618431784422.jpg (9.75 KB, 644x73, Image1.jpg)

Just found this golden gem in /meta/, this autistic sperge thinks all people using bold text are one person.
Remember to bold text for them often, its easy. 1 asterisk for Italic and two asterisks for BOLD.
Just put those before and after whatever you wish to bold or italic. Have fun.
To the autistic who posted that in meta, again: DO IT, FAGGOT

No. 831533

Oh and for the mods: I will gladly and proudly take my derailment ban for that post, and wear it ask a badge of honor.(stop being autistic)

No. 831539


anon, i say this with love: go outside and touch grass.

they're very obviously talking about the single anon that's been posting 5000 word essays about their tinfoil speculations, not about every 2head autist that uses cringey markdown.

No. 831543

It was before. She was 16-17. It was when Footface was skinwalking Billie. Sarah followed suit.

No. 831549

Nice attempt at a defense but again, your typing makes it super-obvious who you are.
Pretty much everyone and their mother uses bold. Not just "essay-chan".

No. 831571

Nothing new but onion boy is to his old tricks on asking how to be a vampire on /x/.

You are near 40 and you still behave like a 13 year-old emo twat.

No. 831572

File: 1618450413598.png (635.43 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210414-212517.png)

Sorry for sameposting. The screenshot didnt appear in my post.

No. 831584

I'm not gonna hi cow, but come the fuck on man it's obvious that your narc raging and the lack of attention has gotten to you.

Sarah isn't a shit person, why? because she got onision to a position where he can't prey on any young impressionable teenage girls, it may of not lead to an arrest with buttfucking in the showers by big bubba, there may have been fuck ups, butt lol, mission accomplished, greg is unable to chase teen pussy openly and is on the fbis radar, I don't care if the cost of that is giving the victims clout and money, see a normal person thinks in terms of benefit versus losses, sure supportive people may have sent money to her and other victims, but really is that so bad that people wanted to donate to her out of sympathy for the situation that she have been through?

We're talking years of psychological trauma years upon years on top of any outside baggage shes been through. I don't even think a grand amount of money is recompense for the trauma that onision made her endure at such a young age.

No. 831585

Is he implying he looks like a vampire? Cause he does, he's as ugly as Nosferatu.

No. 831587

I would guess most likely a troll but the fact that they chose a “flattering” picture makes me think it could be him, what a pathetic existence. Maybe hes luring little girls to his house so he can drink virgin blood and live forever?

Stfu already, this isnt a hugbox, Sarah is an annoying attention whore and you crying and spamming isnt gonna change that

No. 831589

if this a gayop done by an onision fan, your either too fat, to old, or too unattractive for him to fuck you.

go to the flakes thread and talk about sarahs attention whoring then, instead or reeing about here, theres an appropriate thread for that shit. I go there to rag on tamara the dog fucker.

No. 831592

Those threads have been going on for a bit on /x/. It’s always the same text with a different flattering pictures of James.. I’ve noticed them popping up for about a year now.

No. 831595

atleast hes not trying to emmulate christian grey, there isn't enough booze in this world for me to tolerate that kind of level of cringe.

No. 831606

He said making Sarah sign a contract was hot and kinky in a 50 Shades of Grey kinda way kek. He totally thinks he's Christian Grey, the cringe.

No. 831607

File: 1618461146878.png (810.42 KB, 842x569, Kermit And Friends Elisa Jorda…)

Andys annoying beard didnt help with this laughable comparison.

No. 831617

I take any account that appears to be Gerg with a grain of salt. Someone I know made a parody reddit account that never even mentioned him by name and posted in obscure subs like ones about gardening and it was so successful she ended up getting banned from every single sub she posted in because people were convinced it was him. I think it even got posted on here. He’s far too easy to imitate. That said, he is so fucking stupid, to the point where he never, ever learns from his mistakes and continues to white knight himself on sock accounts after being busted multiple times that it’s enough to make one suspend disbelief. It’s actually impressive.

No. 831635

All these posts shitting on Sarah just sound like the autistic Lainey white knight who keeps getting btfo every time they try to claim Lainey is a “uwu victim”. They got their feelings hurt no one agrees Lainey is innocent and totally a victim so now they’ll write paragraphs about how degenerate Sarah is.

No. 831639

File: 1618478739391.png (782.11 KB, 1004x1704, 1618366898935.png)

Here is the funny thing about Greg's little "hack", shall we call it:
9 out of 10 times wannabe influencers have this happen because they installed a shitty app promising them tons of hits on their socials.
We all know Greg is prone to using bot-services, and with him being dumb as shit and not having as many shekels anymore I wouldn't put it past him at all to have fallen for one of those shitty fake apps.

No. 831646

Yeah exactly, i doubt hes retarded enough to think that no one would recognize him. Probably a troll.

Sarah is a whore, cry moar

No. 831655

did any one told Lainey white knight anon-kun that Lainey won't fuck them? because I feel that is an important point to make. like it seems kind of sad for all this work and no reward.

No. 831664


anon pls

No. 831679

lol that nigger was actually banned before for doing the exact same thing.

No. 831687

The onion ring (or rather balloon in his case) may be a sad excuse of a human being, but the people who still orbit him and Lainey, even though he has proven time and time again that he only cares about people as long as they're useful to him, they are the real sad cases.
I sometimes wonder if they really think they are different from the people Greg has thrown under the bus before them.

No. 831745

Kek at anyone thinking Footface's saggy udders and Arby's #1 is a reward. Even her sloshing water head hubby knows it's a punishment.

No. 831768

Hope Sarah picks you.

still better than
>water head

No. 831774

Fucking kek, “water head/brain” and “slosh noggin” should be redtexted like “victim” is.

No. 831778

That anon was saying Sarah has to post Foot's uncensored nudes to "prove they're real" kek. It's so obvious they want to fuck Foot.

No. 831801

File: 1618552438226.png (1.14 MB, 1688x1024, 1.png)

Creepshow made another video because Greg went on an early morning sperg and started emailing her and the usual suspects. I wonder if she's going to be his new target since the rest of them either ignore him or tell him to fuck off.

No. 831802

File: 1618552515149.png (812.8 KB, 1698x1022, 2.PNG)

No. 831803

File: 1618552651537.png (795.44 KB, 1404x1072, 3.PNG)

No. 831805

File: 1618552780826.png (92.92 KB, 1018x251, 4.PNG)

No. 831818

File: 1618562474052.jpg (204.81 KB, 1074x1431, Grease discord.jpg)

He is definitely looking for new meat

No. 831820

My god, the cringe. This motherfucker is pushing 40. Totally normal, nothing to see here. Definitely no attempt at luring in minors.

No. 831826

Fuck she's embarrassing. Does she not wonder why no one else engages him anymore? I'm grateful for the milk and all but she seems like the type to argue with old men who have a car for their Facebook profile pic in the comment sections of news articles.

He's still pushing the sexual extortion angle I see. Yawn.

No. 831828

This reads as Shannon trying to show off to Jaclyn and the others also tagged in the group e-mail tbh. Imagine wasting all this energy continuously responding to Greg first thing in the morning.

Ngl, this made me laugh.

No. 831835

kek, I laughed too. The worst thing about all this is that it’s not outside the realm of possibility that his claims about the laptop are true. Not that it changes the fact that he’s still a disgusting groomer and absolute waste of space and resources. idk, there’s far too much about far too much that doesn’t add up. What I will press x to doubt though is that alleged 9+ hour phone conversation. How convenient for Greg that recording phone calls is illegal in Washington, like he would have done it regardless. More importantly, who the fuck talks on the phone for half a day? Much less when it’s with someone who abused them and they’re trying to move on from. As if anyone is going to believe that.

No. 831838

Crapshow will argue with anyone at any time if she thinks there's attention / clout to be gained. Expect a stream of new onision videos from her milking the shit out of this.

No. 831843

to Greg, “I kept calling her for nine hours and every now and then she was dumb enough to pick up and talk for a few minutes” is “a nine hour phone conversation”

No. 831846

spot on, everything shannon does is her hoping the other people in the emails will read, and it gives me intense secondhand embarrassment.

lmao, this. anything to be seen & heard giving her edgy uncaring opinion. she's like a much wider, even more unlikeable and insecure readytoglare.

No. 831848

Greg should spend time with his family or learn how to be a productive person, or learn anything at all instead of writing novels to people who don't want to interact with him.
The only thing he's halfway capable of doing is screeching into the void and crying about being a victim.

No. 831856

>Greg should spend time with his family
No, the less time he spends with his children the better, specially with his daughter for obvious reasons. He should stay away from her as much as possible.

No. 831857

I love how he keeps pushing that shitty website as if it proves anything. He's like "guys look at this website written by myself defending myself, it's not biased at all trust me"

No. 831859

>Expect a stream of new onision videos from her milking the shit out of this.

The email was sent three weeks ago.. (Mar 27)

No. 831871

He seems to think it vindicates him somehow. "Oh, look guys, all the proof is there on my website. I'm not trying to promote myself by exposing some crazy teen poon I was after. By the way, buy my onlyfans."

It feels really weird that he keeps addressing his bullshit actions from a third person view as in "I didn't break the Ming vase, mommy. Onision did it". His logic is that his character and person are supposed to be separate unless it's convenient for him. Otherwise, I was just totes being a character ha ha el oh el so randum. Also, giving he has a fucking god complex and wants his little harem of tweens on Discord to follow him at all times. I doubt he never really gave up the idea of making a cult/sect. He "rebranded" the purpose of it at best. He still wants to be a focus of attention. He wants to be worshipped by tweens by hearing made-up dream stories about him so he can jack off in the shower for another 4 hours and do nothing else in-between.

Otherwise, being a penniless pariah of the internet. you'd think he'd try to earn a living somehow but not even being a parent can grant him the strength to overcome his mortal fear of getting a job. He is that entitled and prideful. Even Chris-chan makes an effort from time to time by filling commissions (where applicable). Gurg just want to shove a dildo up his ass and call it work.

No. 831877

Honestly I wish some scrote would just fucking laugh him off the Internet. Like forgetting all the predatory and grooming stuff and what you have is a man that had spent the last decade talking about how hot he is and he's fucked 2 girls during the entire span of his trinity bullshit. Billie and Sarah. He's married to the human embodiment of a foot and before that he was engaged to another teenager after divorcing his wife to shag a teenager. He's fucked like what, 5 people in his fucking life and he's 35. Just stfu Greg. You're ugly as sin and everyone you've slept with has been mentally ill as you keep putting it. Why does he brag about this and why has no one made fun of him for only able to pull mentally ill girls to his goddamn face. He denies all the legalities and tries to argue those points. Attack his ego and ask him to explain why he can't get any if he's so fucking spectacular.

No. 831886

Even if a random anon would emasculate in front of millions, he is too thick headed to even consider that maybe he is making an ass of himself up to this point.

And honestly, he does a fine job on his own filming himself playing with sex dolls/toys rather than fucking his uwu husbando. I'm also 300% certain that he only says he's gay for the "merit" of shaming people when they come too close about finding weird shit about his behavior. Never once he said or talked about having feelings for men. Aside from obsessing over shane dawson to promote his faggotry on his channel, I'm pretty sure he was never interested in actually sucking his dick or taking it up the ass from him. Never once, he actually slept with a dude or bragged about it. Not even Luka Magnotta would be desperate enough to want to sleep with that faggot in order to be famous.

I'd bet too that if you were to talk to him about doubting his so call "gayness", he'd spaz the fuck out going "huurr duuurrr, he's a homophobe guys, don't listen to him, bigot."

He used to complain about ED having a page about him but now, a fucking television channel is making a 4 part documentary on him and his creepy escapades and it doesn't make more of a dent cause he just resorts to flail his arms around like Kermit the frog on coke and scream because somehow it proves he's the victim. Not even a cage match against Ethan Ralph would make him pass as a less effeminate pervert.

No. 831893

Most of the girls he fucked are average looking at best or just straight up ugly. The only decent looking ones he fucked were Adrienne and Billie, and he had to pay Billie to fuck him kek.

No. 831903


This is so pathetic. Keep linking away to that webpage full of bullshit onion boi, it ain't gonna help you.(Hi cow )

No. 831904

All of that nonsense is shit he either can’t prove (“she apologized for raping me!”) or blown way out of context (“she admitted to to extorting me!!”)
He doesn’t seem to realize that his reasons for why he is innocent and Sarah is the villain are paper thin. No one would ever think Sarah making a joke about his bogus NDA was “admitting to sexual extortion”
And it’s really sad that he believes in his weird ass narrative so strongly that he’s willing to personally email people about it.

No. 831905

Also not sure why he keeps going on about the laptop when it’s kind of irrelevant to his innocence. Wasn’t the laptop supposed to prove Lainey’s involvement? Sarah already posted dozens of incriminating texts with Gurg. We don’t need the laptop to prove he’s a creepy slimeball who was absolutely not raped.

No. 831907

According to his own logic Footface's "I'm grooming you nicely" tweet to Sarah wasn't just a joke as she tried to claim but an admission of grooming, which makes her an admitted child groomer, according to his own logic.

No. 831946

God this thread has seriously gone to shit. I don't know why all these anons think we're a hivemind. The beauty of onion drama is that it's always been a full circus. Repzion, Jaclyn Glenn, Stevie Wolfe, anti-os, all the girls, even Chris Hansen are cows.
I think he's trying to salvage whatever money he can get from those brain dead monkeys.

No. 831984

Fucking exactly. Literally everyone even peripherally connected to Gurgles is a cow. Every single person on that email distribution list has a thread on here (except Repzilla but that’s only because one of the former admins deleted it iirc). I know anons itt are getting restless in the absence of milk but hold tight, once the next instalment of the doc airs our cup shall runneth over once more

No. 831995

Because a lot of the time it is a bit hivemind. Look how active the threads used to be. The attrition of conspiracy fags and the yass queen squad drove most people away, and who is left?

Or it's just going to be more of the same.

No. 831996

samefagging to say it seems a bit obvious that the person who used to spend her time lurking these threads to derail on behalf of the onions and report back is still here doing the same shit. No doubt it will ramp up after this next episode of the doco airs, esp if they mention the child abuse she was party to. (or is mentioning that 'gaslighting')

No. 832006

I honestly think we should let the thread rest as long as there's no new milk.
It only emphasizes how Greg's getting more and more irrelevant, so not only will there be less infighting and instigation to hardcore tinfoil but it'll also be a big "fuck u" to Greg.

No. 832015

File: 1618673974158.png (21.71 KB, 681x456, tiktokonisionprime.PNG)

Another platform has told him to eat shit. And he was boasting about how popular he was on there. Getting close to a million views on one TikTok and half a million on a couple of others. Of course the likes were pitiful. I hope he freaks out on Twitter once he wakes up.

No. 832018

Your message and the way you said it too "Another platform has told him to eat shit" had me in stitches.
My sides are in orbit.
gg TikTok. When the fuck is Youtube finally gonna follow? And onlystans?

No. 832020

Top kek. Makes his snarky music about him being hated a lot more funny given he's been booted again.

No. 832023

Oh my god this is hilarious, he was so smug about going "viral" on tiktok. I can't wait for the meltdown.

No. 832025

Nice! Especially since tiktok is full of underage people. At least he has one platform less to lure them in

No. 832041

This screenshot >>829950 aged like milk and makes his ban even funnier. I bet he was thinking Tiktok would revive his dead career and make him "famous" again. Another infallible plan of his that failed miserably, lol.

No. 832049

Big dub but do we know why this happened? Is there a chance he'll be back

No. 832064

Pure speculation on my part but I suspect it was because he had used bots to up his views. I mean its pretty much common knowledge he does and then he boasted about it like a jackass:
Had he not done that maybe he woulda flew under the radar with it. I'm sure people reporting him for it, because his view counts where odd.

No. 832082

File: 1618716081484.jpg (51.4 KB, 585x888, 7E8AD053-1C8D-4595-8F31-661ED7…)

>do we know why this happened? Is there a chance he'll be back
Someone at KF caught the ban early and screenshot it. Its not a temp suspension its a permanent ban. He's not allowed back.

No. 832090

He's running out of platforms to fish for new fans and teen poon/trinity candidates. I hope this TikTok ban puts a fire under his ass to start that Onision-Tube site he was talking about 2 weeks ago.
>>I'm launching my own video platform.

He's only gotten a couple hundred from his fans so if he's really going to try this he'll have to use his own money. His funds are limited but I can see him dumping a shit load of money into this just to spite his "haters."

No. 832091

File: 1618717632939.png (110.62 KB, 598x746, jamescharlesonision.PNG)


No. 832094

I hope the fuck he does, it's gonna be fun watching it crash and burn like everything else in his life.

No. 832097

The projection is off the charts lol

No. 832103

He HAS to be self aware at this point… I mean come on

No. 832137

He wrote a book about how he is a victim of a society and Sarah on Twitter and it's deliciously bad.

No. 832143

He considers himself a model, comedian,music producer and best selling author. Does that sound self aware to you?

No. 832150

I'm away from wifi, can someone post a screen shot of his twitter whining before he deletes it?

No. 832151

File: 1618769772593.jpg (575.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210418-191532.jpg)

State of that

No. 832153

That combover is getting ridiculous

No. 832159

File: 1618772076152.png (609.34 KB, 534x896, 0C7A31C6-C547-4C39-95AD-6F2049…)

Saged for nitpick, but it really is wild how much Lainey and Andy Dick line up in the thread pic. Social repose is the only other person close to resembling our favorite space prince

Of course all parties mog Combover Greg. Maybe he can’t afford rogaine/hair plugs anymore. We really are in the dankest timeline

No. 832162

It looks like her nose has been broken at some point recently…

No. 832167

No. 832175

File: 1618777588332.jpg (240.88 KB, 1025x918, Capture.JPG)

From the other farms.
More feeling sorry for himself.
More proof that he absolutely 100% believes his own bullshit extortion story and is completely baffled why no one else believes his undeniable proof. There is no help for this man. He is delusional.

No. 832179

Oof I literally thought that was footface with a broken nose, didnt read the text.

No. 832182

Yes. Her

No. 832184

nigga, that's social repose

No. 832189

It's social repose but the resemblance is uncanny and I wonder if she is doing that on purpose bc gurgle is so fucking hot for him. She skin walked billie for the same reason

No. 832190

There's a photo Sarah posted with Footface laying in bed next to her with her eyes closed and she looked EXACTLY like Social Repose. They could pass for identical twins easily.

No. 832193

File: 1618783963769.jpg (23.27 KB, 291x173, 20210418_171142.jpg)

The one time he was honest on his wordpress…when he said he was dishonest.

No. 832222

Wow. First Sarah forces him to sleep with her then she calls her BFF the owner of Youtube to get him demonetized, then she calls her cousin at Twitch and now her auntie's cousin's roommate who mods at Tiktok to get him banned there. When will Sarah's corrupt reach ever stop? When will Greg be free of this massive internet conspiracy to ruin his life and keep him from the eager young teenage masses?

No. 832231

File: 1618800538813.jpeg (5.33 KB, 300x168, images (2).jpeg)

God I hope Richie and Lainey both lurk, the 2 for 1 insult of confusing a photo of one for the other is just too perfect

No. 832235

>muh activism

Top fucking kek

No. 832254

File: 1618812092761.jpg (6.67 KB, 620x330, image.jpg)

heres another good picture of Social Repose, or was it Lainey?
Oh well, one of them.

No. 832255

His tears are so fucking delicious. It's no longer fun being the villain when the world catches up and treats you adequately, huh Greggums?

No. 832261

Kek I love this unintentional burn, bless you anon

No. 832268

>she the adult

Hahaha it's so funny how he always specifies she's an adult or woman instead of teenage girl

No. 832269

I don't know why he's so butthurt about being banned from tiktok.
He never partook in any of the trends or humour on there, doesn't appeal to that demographic, plus he barely got views. Even if you do get views, it's extremely hard to make money off that app.
Cry harder.

No. 832271

isn't it a perfect place to groom children for a future trinity?

No. 832279

combover badly showing bald spots? He deserves that kek. How infantile.

No. 832280

Don't forget about the countless teenagers who are so powerful, they "wrecked his and Footface's marriage". In Greg's world, teen girls are hella powerful despite him being damn near 40.

No. 832281

Imagine being a grown ass man and freaking out about your TikTok being banned. Lmao What a desperate pathetic little bitch!

No. 832285

>… I want to offer you all this gift…

Delusions of grandeur.
Even if the tries to sound meek, he still slips up. I can't with this old dude…

No. 832292

If he still had the touch, then yeah it would be the place to go to groom teens. But he's not 'cool' anymore. The last phase of teens that found him cool were around the time Billie era. The new generation of teenagers (especially the alt kind he goes for) are a lot more internet savvy, obsessed with calling out pedos and abusive relationships and know about his dodgyness. Even the ones who know nothing of his fuckery wouldn't be interested because he's ugly and unfunny. The shit he would upload to tiktok was unfunny and made no sense. The format of memes has changed and the man is stuck in 2007 but not even in a good way.
If he ever blew up on tiktok it wouldn't be for a good reason.

No. 832296

I agree with you. At the same time, I still could see Onion thinking he can groom some kid that doesn't know any better and has a tendency to give people third chances.

No. 832321

The only women who still want to fuck him nowadays are ugly, desperate women pushing 30 like McFly and Blasian. Teenage girls laugh at him and think he's a creep. The fact that he's broke now, lost his mcmansion and is living in a cow barn isn't helping either, Ayalla said he used his money and big house to impress and lure in young girls but now he can't do that anymore. He will never fuck a teenage girl again, Sarah was the last one he fucked and I hope that's killing him inside kek.

No. 832323

Funniest part about this is that he thinks the stuff he was making for tik tok was "entertainment" and "content" when it was just him bitching about haters constantly. Real entertaining. Much content.

No. 832325

Teen girls now want cute, ethnic boys that dance and lip sync to songs while saying some "deep," woke shit. They're young, stylish and smooth. It's not longer edgy, emo shit. I think Onion had a piece of the puzzle when he had a million filters on his profile pic trying to look 16. It's not going to work when he's in his late 30s, red faced with thinning hair. Plus, he's so retarded he can't find a new angle. He just doesn't understand kids these days. Before his demonetization, he could barely pull in cash and kept promising "old Onision!" to get back his millions. He could never understand he was 15 minutes of fame with drama that propelled him forward. He went back to Tik Tok with his same literal song and dance and it was embarrassing. He doesn't even try to see what is popular, just banks on his old man antics because he's that full of himself.

No. 832334

His eyelids are literally melting. Imagine ruining your entire life and future for that ugly balding manlet with fucked up eyes, Footface must be so proud of her life choices lol

No. 832336

But he was once her YT crush! Second best too kek

No. 832339


I feel like he probably likes being an adult baby in private and wears diapers or something.

He keeps trying to make himself look like a toddler.

No. 832350

File: 1618869919930.png (396.87 KB, 601x875, grasping.png)

Does he really think this is going to make him relevant? The people that follow the Paul Brothers have no idea who Onision is other than some vague idea that "he's that old dude who fucks underage teenage girls and Chris Hansen busted him."

His video is full of weak schoolyard taunts.
>He could use the PR boost I think fighting me
>I'm pretty undisputedly more hated than pretty much anyone on the internet and finding someone who is more hated than Jake Paul is an incredibly difficult task
>unless of course you're afraid you'll lose in which case I understand if you don't want to do it

I think at this point Greg reveals in what he perceives is his well known villainy. When in reality he's an old dead meme.

No. 832352

I think Greg is just a washed up whore and he's trying to fall back on being the most hated. He's not relevant enough anymore to even hold that title.

No. 832357

Wish Jake would take him up on it, I'd love to watch onion get his shit rocked even if its smooth brain Jake paul

No. 832365

Aaaaaaaaalllllllll that money and he couldn't be bothered to fix his ugly-ass teeth. Grug definitely doesn't have the money for it now.

No. 832366

kek agreed, hope it happens even though Jake Paul sucks, Onion would go down like Lowtax against Uwe Boll

No. 832371

He was 3rd best, after Shane Dawson and some other effeminate emo YouTuber whose name I forgot loool.

No. 832372

If he's gonna get his shit rocked by a youtube boxer, I want it to be KSI.
>black british so gargoyle can be mad about skin colour AND accent
>won't rise to any bait because he never really seems to know wtf is going on
>has successful books, tv appearances, music and youtube channels to rub in grease's face
>rich as fuck
>has a bunch of youtube friends that will pump out the roast videos for us all to enjoy
Ngl though, anybody that wants to punch him in the face is fine with me.

No. 832378

Id love to see Onision get punched in the nose too but Greg will never step foot in a boxing ring. Greg would have some outlandish requests that no sane person would sign off on and Greg would then say they pussied out.
>Jake Paul is richer than me so he should pay for my training, a full medical check up and if any injuries occur because of the boxing match he must pay all hospital/medical costs including any unforeseen injury that may show up years later like CTE.

No. 832379

It would be amazing to see Greg get beat up but I don't think any promoters or brands would want to have a hand in a fight with a Chris Hansen to catch a predator famous person. Onion's been blacklisted even better than before.

No. 832385

>and probably wears diapers or something
What do mean probably likes it? He's filmed a whole video of ABDL content and wore an adult diaper.

No. 832391

>unless of course you're afraid you'll lose in which case I understand if you don't want to do it
Oh my god this retard must be fucking joking. He locked himself in the garage because he was scared of a teenage girl and he can't even do 5 push ups without vomiting. I don't think Jake Paul has any reason to be "afraid" lol

No. 832403

Just imagine Grugly, no shirt, little boxing shorts, and getting his ass beat. I can see those titties jiggle already.

No. 832418

On one hand I'm desperate to see him get the water knocked out of his megahead but on the other hand I hope hes just completely ignored, can't decide which would be more humiliating for him.
He HATES that big YouTubers/semi relevant people etc ignore him.
He's like a toddler jumping and waving their hands and begging for an adult to pay attention to them.
He's just getting smaller and smaller and less noticeable as time passes. He's a shitty cringey autistic little fly and nobody cares enough to even swat at him anymore

No. 832426

Exactly. It’s only a way to gain relevance, an actual fight never really was on the table.

This will be a good benchmark for his decline though because he did get some attention from trying to challenge Shane to a fight but so far no one has reacted to this. It might have something to do with him restricting his comments like crazy but still.

No. 832435

Mitchell Davis is his name. He was her nr1 lol. And he's actually gotten somewhere in life in terms of career eversince then, so double lol at Foot.

Yep, that's why it'd be especially hilarious, if some jackass like Jake actually did accept it and punch him in the face.
I get the whole reasoning behind ignoring him, but honestly, it'd be 'therapeutic' for once to make Greg eat his words.

No. 832449

Why is his tiktok reinstated?

No. 832450

oh god please yes.

i want to see this happen. jake would literally kill his pasty ass. we all know though when push comes to shove Greg will make stupid silly demands like 9 million dollars for foot until the whole thing doesn't happen anymore.
greg is such a pussy, i doubt he has any plans to actually do this.
plus his big fat watermelon head will be a pretty hard target to miss for jakey paul.

No. 832460

Wow, I somehow missed that part of Plaineybot lore. Thought Shane was her #1 and Onion the second best. Need to google this guy! Wonder if any sources on Trannybot's obsession with him are still floating around the net

No. 832467

File: 1618935428561.gif (17.91 MB, 600x338, in this corner-GroominGreg.gif)

We got a taste of his boxing prowess years ago when he challenged Shane and did a few videos of himself training. His technique is laughable and he's out of breath after only 3 punches.

If he ever did get in the ring I can see Greg throwing a couple of haymakers and then sucking air the rest of the round, asking the ref to "just be human" and let him have a time-out to catch his breath.

No. 832486

Damn, he is notably unathletic/uncoordinated. Did he ever play any kind of organized sport?

Never put two and two together but his hatred of sports probably stems from struggling at them as a kid

He’s no Floyd Mayweather, but Jake Paul has more natural talent than the average bear with world class training. If he agrees, there’s zero chance Greg wouldn’t take a knee in the first round

No. 832487

File: 1618940471829.gif (6.33 MB, 316x238, Onision Abdul-Jabbar.gif)

>he is notably unathletic/uncoordinated
>his hatred of sports probably stems from struggling at them as a kid
spot on

I wonder if he does a little hop with each punch he throws. And raises his leg like a dainty lady being kissed.

No. 832488

As much as i want to watch this insufferable cunt get k.o'd he definitely doesn't deserve the payout

No. 832496

OT but it's weird to see people who don't know livelavalive. So Lainey can objectively tell who is good looking. No wonder she's dead inside married to Grease.

No. 832497

The girls on my netball team didn't even look this gay shooting the ball.

No. 832507

Spitting image, its basically the same.

No. 832539

And to thing, this is him trying hard to impress the girl that's there. This is his best move. How is it possible to suck at literally everything?

No. 832573

The file name kek anon

No. 832578

Frankenstein's monster's puke floor vs shitty briefs, who will win?

No. 832598

File: 1618981583631.jpg (126.68 KB, 744x944, EzdJNeKUcAErXaN.jpg)

Found on twitter. Old milk but Ive never seen this ss before.

No. 832599

File: 1618982765255.png (103.26 KB, 684x758, 4202021.PNG)

I don't think Jake is purposefully ignoring Greg he just doesn't know who this washed up YT "star" is. And neither do Jake's fans.
At this point Greg is about as relevant as DarkSydePhil.

No. 832610

dirty, crapped briefs would win. never underestimate the raw power of the american retard.

No. 832611

File: 1618991168979.jpg (66.37 KB, 1023x274, 2021-04-21 09.45.58 kiwifarms.…)

cucky the clown sold the shit shack. underage daughter pavement head blood comes free with the swamp shack ensemble and makes it look very rustic.

No. 832636

Wonder how much he actually gets after all the fees to the real estate people. Especially if they had to go the extra mile to make his house look profitable.

No. 832663

Won’t the feds and shady brokers come after him next?

I really wanna believe this jet fueled Johnny guy

No. 832715

Greg is awful with money and right now he's pretty desperate. hell he even resorted to trying to get jake paul's attention and they have no idea who the fuck he is.
pretty sure they are going in dry. the wetlands may have let us down, but the IRS surely won't. the IRS never fails to stretch out someones anus.
cucky the clown will go down, only a matter of time.
and his ugly foot wife too.

No. 832736

i've been trying to find the video in which Greg denies the holocaust ever happened. I'll post it here as soon as I find it.

No. 832740

If the IRS comes for him he would at least have his first good content for his Onlyfans

No. 832783

File: 1619059795802.jpg (267.42 KB, 739x943, EzgML_3VEAEBVqp.jpg)

>Gregory J. DANIEL hosts his own YouTube webcast channel and is alleged to be a self-described cult leader.

No. 832787

File: 1619062121321.png (313.41 KB, 624x1337, 54.PNG)

Did he pay Keemstar to tweet this?

No. 832792

File: 1619062979963.png (233.26 KB, 584x433, 78.PNG)

One of my favorite replies. They think Greg is Dan Schneider. I guess all pedos start to look alike.

No. 832794

File: 1619063226475.jpg (116.75 KB, 739x947, A.jpg)

Found on twitter

No. 832795

File: 1619063336207.jpg (143.38 KB, 744x944, B.jpg)

Found on twitter

No. 832796

File: 1619063430504.jpg (163.25 KB, 739x943, C.jpg)

Found on twitter

No. 832802

Kudos to Shiloh's mom for actually caring about her underage daughter and trying to save her from a predator. Unfortunately the same thing can't be said about Foot's and Sarah's moms.

No. 832822

Sarah's mom? Kek. She sent her daughter there having never met Grugly or Footface.

No. 832826

The "who's that" replies, knowing onion is definitely reading them, makes all these years of reading these threads worth it.

No. 832832

"found" on twitter. if it's from gene its always horse shit. nice try though, gene.

No. 832839

Gene is seriously starting to bug me because he's been caught making fake documents on more than one occasion and he spams them EVERYWHERE.
recently he made a fake screenshot from twitter admins asking about Greg. but of course no one could find the actual tweet.
what is he trying to accomplish? he only makes greg seem more like a victim.

No. 832845

He was retarded enough to admit he was faking shit for attention, he threw his own "reputation" in the toilet.

No. 832846

What to expect from a drunk whore?

No. 832888

^^ sound like a bunch of twitterfags are mad. ^^^

No. 832891

I don't think its a good idea to call Anonymous Gene a "twitterfag."
He'll make a horribly shooped Discovery+/Blackfin invoice with his Babies First Shoop® program and attempt to get you cancelled.

No. 832893

pretty sure that non-saged anon IS Gene getting all pissy no one likes him.

No. 832899

I am sure "gene" thrives on being disliked. That is what it seems like to me. Call me wrong.

No. 832900


Onision sure fell for it though, so whats that say?

No. 832903

That they're both retards.

No. 832926

and you sure as shit didn't make that Blackfin invoice someone else did…. so whats to say really?
you're a lamer? ah yeah thats right. you're a lamer.

No. 832927

It was Doctor Noodles who made it, and who sent it to Greg. Then he fell for it, its all plain as day in the videos people like creepshow art did about it. Stop flaunting other peoples feathers, Gene, you loser.

No. 832937

off topic kinda but it recently occurred to me with greg buying 500k swamp shacks and owl barns - why the hell is he living in the area that he is? that money could go so much further in other places of the country.

Most people that would spend that much money for a smaller house do so for the opportunity to be close to a city for an easy work commute, or to enjoy a city's nightlife and entertainment, or like being near and close to culture.

Greg though doesn't have a real job, he doesn't have any place to be, he has no friends, he doesn't go to sporting events or concerts or nice restaurants. His own mother and sisters have essentially disowned him. All he does is sit at home watching anime and playing video games. He could do the very same thing in Nevada or Florida where housing is way cheaper.

The guy has no income. He could have a much nicer house AND money left over if he lived somewhere else.

Just goes to show you how little he thinks and plans out his life. He's a literally a mental midget that can't think of the most basic strategies to improve his situation.

No. 832961

As far as present times go, T is in school, so they prob didn't want to (drastically) change that, and C's medical stuff / financial aid is also connected to a particular area. Plus, there were talks that Foot is in some assigned therapy program to get her parenting shit together, which is also (originally) region-based. That all can be adjusted, sure, if a family were to move, but they hardly have the bother and the brain resources to do so.

Totally get your point though, anon. But probably nowadays it's easier for them to stick to the same location. Don't know what stopped Greg from traveling places back in the day though, when he had all the resources for it and no obligations.

No. 832980

My guess he’s just an ignorant man. He lives in a location with beautiful walks and hikes and only went outside when his teen-poon-poon needed to get out the house (and probably begged him to go outside)

Didn’t he also live in Korea? That would make some interesting content to milk with will the k-pop stans about. But alas he was too stupid to leave his house. The real world doesn’t have hentai and young girls feeding his ego. What a sad life…

No. 832985

File: 1619243324077.png (284.15 KB, 1253x345, dumbass.PNG)

Is it really considered "hacking" if you willingly give your password to some sand nigger and he fucks your shit up?

No. 832990

File: 1619257850344.jpg (74.92 KB, 550x688, 84810909.jpg)

looks like they arrested Greg

No. 832991

this is great, a DIY trojan, Greg is even dumber than i previously thought.

No. 832992

No. 832998

I live in ga outside of savannah, and at max I've seen houses go for is 200k and a trailer at max can cost 100k but these are athe most luxurious top of the line ones, you can get a decent sized one for 20k, 500k would probably if your frugal last 7 to 10 years and that's assuming if you have your house paid off and taxes paid.
but he hates rednecks and plus theres gunzzz and shit.

No. 833004

Wow, he really is completely fucking stupid… You'd think being on the internet this long he would know that giving a random unverified person access to your account is a terrible idea.

This isn't really milky and anonymous gene should be completely disregarded because of his boringness, irrelevance and desperation to be paid attention to. You failed at being hax0rman and you're embarrassing. Pls go awae

No. 833034

Lol and he thinks he's smart? Remember when this literal retard bragged about having a "high IQ", that just shows what a delusional narcissist he is.

No. 833055

It was a free online IQ test. Lmao He said he and Footface were both genius level. Hilarious.

No. 833063

File: 1619297186027.jpg (2.05 MB, 3021x3954, gpa.jpg)

2.19 GPA is not a smart person.

No. 833066

Not only that, he made Sarah and Billie take it too. Sarah's was actually higher than the Foot's or Greg's by a lot. After Sarah scored higher, Greg tried to back track by saying it didn't mean anything because it was an online test. Lmao
The most worthless couple ever.

No. 833072

Non-US fag here.
Do I read this correctly that it converts to a C?

He would have just been a B student in regard to writing, but always praises himself as a literature genius, bragging about how his teacher thought he had a special talent. According to the chart she only gave him a B, though. LOL

No. 833079

File: 1619308634058.png (1.18 MB, 1334x750, 38EEA5D3-675A-4A31-B691-C5B3AA…)

Shit, I am excite.

No. 833081

If this is gene being a cringe pissbag faking shit again to pretend he's in the know I stg
Clips or gtfo

No. 833083

More like C-
I feel like you have to try to manage anything below a C+ in highschool barring more severe issues

No. 833087

File: 1619313472951.png (914.21 KB, 932x624, 323 65 43.PNG)

is this suppose to make us all say
>OMG! the documentary editor is posting ss for all of us. how exciting!

You could of at least shoop'd something together that matched the leaked ss of Sarah in the interview chair and maybe used something other than a $19.99 editing program.

No. 833088

>"US govt & politics"
>"English composition"
>"Writing fict, poet, drama"
>"Speech communication"
>"General Psychology"

No wonder he got a fucking 2.19 GPA. That Astronomy class wasn't going to carry his waterbrain the whole way.

No. 833091

Nah, I made a screenshot of the FB cover photo from the Blackfin’s editor. It’s real. He said the episode is on the way.

No. 833092

File: 1619314486615.jpg (218.52 KB, 675x1200, game.jpg)

Onision, now in the pages of gameinformer.

No. 833095

File: 1619315247765.png (1.1 MB, 1334x750, 98E60AB2-C4C7-45C6-8E2B-A63C26…)

The editor uses Avid. I don’t know if that’s a cheap program or not. I didn