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File: 1498120877084.jpg (251.66 KB, 698x613, gurgthefeminist.jpg)

No. 400540

>Gerg cries about his parasitic relationship with Andy Biersack presumably coming to an end

>Lainey is treating her anxiety with fidget spinners because gerg has no money for real therapy

>Gerg freaks out in Joy Sparkle’s DM, both incapable of scheduling a debate which later turns into a shitshow

>Claims Lainey is a charity

>Jaclyn and Richie show up to trigger Gergy successfully as he later throws a narc tantrum on twitter about how he would not date a masculine woman while dating an agender space prince

Previously… >>>/pt/395817

No. 400543

File: 1498121460938.jpg (105.08 KB, 793x789, lamp.jpg)

Pinned fanart on Onion's twitter.

Heh, masculine features. Strong jawline, heavy brows…sure you wouldn't date a masculine woman there?

Not much new to report on Twitter in the aftermath of the Jaclyn sperg, just repeated insistence that EVERYBODY IS A LIAR BUT MEEEEEE GUYS.

No. 400545

File: 1498121779873.jpeg (468.6 KB, 1000x4000, 1498111050766.jpeg)

The moment Jaclyn and Richie shattered his wet dreams

No. 400550

Wtf how tall is Plank then? She looks like a pretty average height. She dresses like a 5th grade boy, him saying he only wants to fuck tiny people is sus af

No. 400551

Masculine traits Jaclyn has: tall, long face, naturally small breasts.
Masculine traits Lainey has: short hair, long face, big jaw, long nose, broad shoulders, no distinct waistline, literally doesn't identify as a woman.
I guess Greg's the bigger faggot, then.

No. 400552

Lainey has said she is 5'3.

No. 400558


I am a woman who finds men and women/non-men sexually attractive, but only when the women/non-men are very masculine in appearance. I find Lainey highly sexually attractive. I do not find Jaclyn sexually attractive (but definitely attractive, but in a 'I'd love to wake up looking like her' way, and not the 'would do her' way). I'd totally do Lainey. I'd steal them away from Greg and shower them with romance and love them forever and show them what happiness really is.

That was my self absorbed way of agreeing that Lainey is way, way, WAY more masculine than Jaclyn… Besides being tall and some strong facial features, I think Jaclyn is extremely feminine (which is why I want to look like her, preferring the feminine look for myself).

No. 400563

LOL. Its even further proof he was crushing on her the way hes acting now. He sounds like those assholes who compliment a girl until they get rejected then flip flop and call them ugly disgusting and gross because they got rejected. Hes transparent as fuck.

She constantly calls herself "boy" and says she wants to "present masculine" or "present feminine" but we all know she wishes she had dainty feminine features more like billie. And now that onion sperged about masculine features being bad, she wants to distance herself from being called "masculine" even though she was perfectly fine with it before and even said it herself.

Lameo logic:

>go tell that to your non binary partner.


>Tall woman are gross! No thanks. If I wanted a masculine person, i'd be gay!

Completely acceptable. My soulmate my angel my love my perfect human <3333 Doesnt deserve to be called out or get hate from anyone. Ugh leave me out of drama. Hold on gotta retweet my patreon's comment insulting jaclyn saying she is a "wanna be intellectual". I totally hate drama and am 100% NOT INVOLVED. Why are people dragging me into this??? DONT YOU SEE IM FRAGILE!!! Do you NOT see my fidget spinners? That means I have ANXIETY. I cant handle confrontation!!! Let me make another younow talking about all the drama that just keeps coming to me that i dont want! But now I just haaaaave to address it since its brought up…i totally hate drama…now i am forced debate the haters for an hour thanks a lot! I even forgot my fidget spinner! How can i last more than one second without it my anxiety…oh its been an hour and i was fine, but now i am done with drama and i totally had five panic attacks during it. I didn't want drama. I guess ill go on younow since there is drama that needs to be addressed. Ask me questions about the drama! I'll answer them! Ugh, how am i involved in ANY of this? I didn't ask for it!

No. 400566

Trust Onion to be incapable of graciously saying "no thanks, not interested, am happy with my spouse" instead of insulting both an individual woman and an entire category of people.

If he thinks porn preferences mean so much, he should know that there's porn specifically featuring tall women, and porn specifically featuring fake boobs, but not even rule 34 has produced rosacea porn.

No. 400568

File: 1498128803726.jpg (104.17 KB, 810x912, IMG_20170622_125134.jpg)

>Lainey: peep that transphobia

I guess miss space prince can't take it.

No. 400569

I don't think this has been posted here already

It's a funny animated parody vid of gurg using his voice

No. 400570

No. 400571

So he suddenly hates masculine traits in women

> Made a past partner shave her head, wanted Billie to the same.

> Use to constantly ree about make-up (something that is typical feminine) being fake/gross
> Is dating an agender prince

onion just admit you're insecure manlet thirsty to climb Jaclyn like a tree.

No. 400572

Too accurate

No. 400578

If the Onision threads could have a theme song it should be "My Sharona" (by The Knack)

No. 400588

I know this has been mentioned before but I can't reach Lameo directly, so I'm gonna rage at her here. (So sage)

I am SO thoroughly DISGUSTED that a MOTHER of a baby girl can think it's okay to pretend to be a baby/little girl to get your husband hard. What the heck?? How can you SEXUALIZE sucking on pacifiers/changing diapers/sippy cups when you have a helpless little infant that is doing those things in front of you 24/7?!? Greg sees Lainey doing baby things to turn him on, he is USED to reacting to those things. So when he sees them from his own daughter, how is that not going to subconsciously make him excited? I do NOT care if you are an adult doing it or not, it's encouraging pedo-esque behavior and it's sick! If you have those urges, you shouldn't be around a helpless little girl. Period. Lainey is a horrible person for putting herself over the future well being of her daughter. Because she believes she'll always be so "SMOL" and cute forever, when she can't come to terms that she looks OLD af already, and Greg is already shoving her out the door!! Lainey following BINKIEPRINCESS on instagram is proof enough for me that Taylor Elaine Avaroe, or whatever her latest name is, is a disgusting pedophile enabler. I wish Lainey would read this so badly. If Greg molests her kid, I wonder if she even would feel bad? And before anyone accuses me of kink shaming, forget that. It's NOT a huge leap to think that if you desire your wife to act like a little girl in the bedroom, then you ARE sexually attracted to little girls. I'm so mad right now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400591


No. 400597


I dunno. Plenty of chicks like to roleplay "rape" but would not like to actually be in that situation in reality. I often get turned on at the thought of fucking my "sister", but if I actually had a sister, I'd probably be grossed out at the thought of actually fucking her… I imagine.

fantasy =/= reality.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400599

No. 400604

I dont even think they really have a DD/LG relationship. Just that lameo calls onion daddy and then thinks shes the kinkiest coolest person ever. She wouldnt be calling him daddy if that hadn't been a "trendy" kink either.

But i can relate to wanting to rage at lameo. I feel like im more annoyed with her than onion these days because we already expect onion to be an asshole, but lameo taking in his footsteps, slowly transforming into him was unexpected. I thought she would have peaced out by now, but i guess she is just a truly terrible person deep inside her bones and it finally is coming out in its full glory day by day. Shame. At least i wont have to feel bad for this one when onion's job dies and shes just stuck with an acne ridden sperging attention freak and/or when their marriage implodes for good. Shame about the kids though. Hope they arent chained in the basement for schooling and can actually find good role models.

No. 400606


Holy shit I lol'd

No. 400607

What the actual fuck anon.
Saged for anons fucked up phyche.

No. 400608

Isn't DD/lg pretty different from ABDL though? Like ageplay isn't really what primarily characterises a DD/lg relationship. I'm as grossed out as you are thinking about what goes on in the greases' bedroom, but I don't think he's sexually attracted to actual children or would ever molest his own, nor do I think that them being into DD/lg shit would make him be attracted to children. Like come on.

If you really want her to read that so badly I'm sure there are ways for you to reach out to her, it's not like it's an impossible thing to figure out.

No. 400612


I have been tweeting at her non stop. It's sick. She should be called out. We already know she drinks out of sippy cups, calls him daddy and follows Binkieprincess on insta…what more proof do you need?

No. 400613

Also I was blocked by Binkieprincess on twitter for pointing out that Lainey has an infant daughter and the behavior is disgusting when you have a baby girl.

No. 400614

I'll stop while I'm ahead because I don't want "derailing" accusations, but just looking at Binkieprincess on insta, seeing that Lainey follows her, then seeing all the twisted shit she's into has me lowkey mind fucked

No. 400615

That literally proves nothing but her bad taste. What is it that you are trying to prove? Plain uses sippy cups, thinks it's cool and kinky to call him daddy and follows some weirdo on insta = she likes to act as a baby to turn Gerg on = Gerg is being subconsciously turned on by their infant daughter and will therefore molest her = Plain is sick and a bad mother!!!!

You're reaching real hard.

No. 400616

Even for an anon imageboard, that was more info than any of us ever wanted

No. 400637


Okay, but rape roleplay is about relinquishing control. Literal pedophilia involving pacifiers, sippy cups, daddy/daughter is sick. I'll kinkshame the fuck out of someone who thinks it's healthy to pretend this shit is perfectly fine.

Sage for rage

No. 400640

I tried to find a post to respond to to make my post somewhat relevant but since people are on the subject of pedophilia..
Onision during the debate kept talking about how pedophilia is "attraction to PRE-pubescent children" and how he is therefor not a pedo. I'm so disappointed not a single person in the debate was capable of addressing this and confronted Onision about his ephebophilia. He has spoken about it before (albeit long ago).

So long as people confront Greg about being a "pedo" it will never get through to him because he lives his life according to dictionary definitions so people need to confront him about his ephebophilia (and possible hebephilia) if they ever want him toget through to him.


No. 400643

THIS. SO MUCH THIS. I was getting so annoyed at Joy for not just straight up cornering him with the ebhebophilia! He thinks he's so dang clever getting away with liking such young kids (I'm thinking 13/14-18 but honestly not sure how low he'd go, cause some 12 year olds are developed. So I think in Greg's sick mind that's okay somehow.)

No. 400645

File: 1498143939225.png (200.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-22-17-04-30…)

I live for this shit.
He's doing SO BAD on YouTube now.

No. 400646

Is UhOhBro monetized again?

No. 400647

lol, bleeding more subs than Daddyofive.


So I guess hell week is over.

Sage is for milk-less posts. Backspace is for super long blogging and/or sperg outs. We get it, Lainey is gross.

No. 400657

About time we got back on topic, god damn.

I was hoping he would lose Patreon subscribers as well after his narc rage last night.

No. 400671

I'm calling it now: Onion will fuck Lainey's sister by the end of this summer and convince Lainey it was Lauren's fault.

No. 400672

hows his recent twitter sperg out affected his followers? would love to see a correlation

No. 400673

File: 1498151388895.png (30.79 KB, 870x270, Screenshot (3).png)

here you go anon, also sage

No. 400674

Loss of Patreons are usually clearer at the end of the month.

No. 400675

And Lainey will believe it.

No. 400677

No. 400678

I'd put money on them having already fucked whilst Lainey was taking care of the sprogs.

No. 400679

why do all the fan "artists" just trace. It is so apparent, especially lainey's fans.

No. 400680

It's already obvious that money has changed Lauren's morals.

No. 400682

i wonder if Greg knows people can have both masculine and feminine features?? Also since Lainey's hair has been growing out, idk why but her face is starting to remind me of his a lot lately

No. 400685

not to fearmonger or anything but narcs are more likely to sexually abuse their children, because they tend to see it as the closest they'll get to doing it with themselves. explains why lainey is turning into grainey day by day.

No. 400689

Another projection of his insecurity in his height. Be less transparent Greg. Flatforms are an option.

No. 400691

File: 1498154564355.png (52.07 KB, 750x434, IMG_2607.PNG)

No. 400692

File: 1498154597614.png (58.48 KB, 750x494, IMG_2603.PNG)

No. 400694

God it disgusts me knowing he's down for girls my height. Thank god I wear heels everyday.(blog)

No. 400696

Jesus Christ pick a side you vegan pimple covered fuck.

No. 400697

So by his logic would fucking a 5'6 twink be less gay than fucking a 5'9 woman? Srsly onionboy you're confusing us all.

No. 400699

>having such a fragile ego and malnourished scrawny body that a 5'9" woman intimidates you
>needing to date exclusively small, borderline-underage girls and abuse them in order to feel like a man

No. 400712

Greg, calling Lainey your "wife" isn't very non-binary of you.

No. 400715

Even Lainey calls Greg her "partner" and I'm guessing she expects him to do the same.

No. 400716

I suppose 5.9 would seem like a "masculine" height to a fucking manlet though.

I bet it kills him inside knowing if they were to meet in person, she'd be looking down at him.

No. 400717

I'm confused why people are so upset he doesn't want to date someone who's 5'9. Are people not aloud to have preferences anymore? being realistic his wife doesn't look masculine at all either, so it's not really contradicting.

No. 400719

He's basically saying ALL women over 5'5" are masculine and therefore if you're a man who dates them you're pretty much gay and might as well be dating another man. Meanwhile Lainey is pushing her teenaged boy with mommy's eyeliner on angle and Onion is defending it because she's short and therefore still feminine enough not to threaten his homosexual self-hatred.

No. 400720

Calling 5'9" masculine.

No. 400721

because they're about twelve and don't know any better

No. 400722

File: 1498156694195.png (85.99 KB, 737x649, IMG_2608.PNG)

There's a difference between "Eh, I'd rather date someone who's a bit shorter." And "Tall woman are often gross." It's just insulting.

No. 400723

All you have to do is read. It's not about preferences, he's being insulting because a tall girl rejected him.

No. 400727

Hold the fuck up I just realized he had no problem being creepy as fuck to Andy and that Dean guy from supernatural…. Now all of a sudden he doesn't find guys attractive?

No. 400728

I really think the tall issue is such bull. He's clearly been arrassing her in a way where he always come back and try to butter her up. He only do that shit for women he wants to fuck.

I'm sure he's masturbing furiously to her Hannah Minx knockers while raging like a virgin high schooler.
He wanted to upgrade his current subpar used cheerleader to an actual alt modele he could degrade to feed his ego.

I wonder how mad he is he got caught. It's going to take a lot of fidget spinning at Casa de la Grease to forget all the yelling and narc raging forced sex.

No. 400729

File: 1498157327617.jpg (44.18 KB, 617x419, asfasfasfas.jpg)

People are allowed preferences but "over 5'9"" is incredibly broad. Also a transphobic af statement. Nice to see that Lainey is right on cue with continuing to not publicly denounce him, it's fine because he's a really chill guy in private!

Pic related (probably about Blaire White lol) - I know Lainey in her mind is only peripherally involved and shouldn't be held to answer for her husband, but how can she be so fucking dense to not realize that he constantly says "transphobic" shit all the time and will continue to because he doesn't care.

No. 400731

With all the attention Onion is getting now after the debate, do you guys think we'll see more "debates" in the near future? He is desperate for viewers after all..

No. 400732

He's not getting any attention though.

No. 400735

But the videos he released about this "debate" has performed way better than his usual stuff. He might get hungry for those sweet views, when he sees that.

No. 400737

Does this count as a preference issue though? I mean, blog but I have a preference for dark eyes on a person, I dont find blue eyes attractive, to me thats different than "all women over 5"9 are manly and if a man dates them then he might as well be gay."
Then again I also dont think short women are cute so maybe I'm biased.(blog)

No. 400739


Love knows no gender but he's claiming stereotypical gendered traits make a person gay or straight. That's homophobic. Lesbians who date butch girls hear that all the time, why don't you just date a guy? Why do you want a girl who looks like a guy when you can date an actual guy? It's mostly from insecure guys who are angry at the idea that there are women in this world who don't need a man. Greg's not ok with that either since we know how hard he tried to convince Luxy to let him fuck her too. There's more to sexual attraction and sexuality than gendered traits but his dumb ass is only capable of seeing it in black and white when it suits his needs and then rainbow pride when he's defending his space prince husbandwife. He's a narc buttfuck.

No. 400740

Preference would be "I don't like dating xyz"(sage this)

No. 400744

I preference is preferring something over the other.(sage this)

No. 400745

>chimps out at Joy for not being able to remember his "four letter" name and accuses her of having a "mental illness"
>can't even remember his own partner's gender identity and not to call Plain his "wife" anymore

Is he fucking serious or…?

No. 400747


>I fuck my WIFE constantly!!!! EVRY DAY!!! Have you seen me fucking Jaclyn ever?!?!?! That's what I though, your argument is invalid. FAX!!!!

No. 400753

I don't know if it has been mentioned but here's Plain talking plastic surgery…

She doesnt want one cause shes afraid of anesthesia… Too bad cause I would love to see how Greg supports her in cutting of her boobs because disphoria kek

Also I love how Social Repose tweeting "tell that to your non-binary partner" is transphobic, but Grease making fun of trans people all the time isn't.

Even when you take his rage against getting fake boobs - it's like telling all the transgirls they're gross and unfuckable because got fake bodies. jeez

No. 400756

lol, that YouTube thumbnail makes her look like an autistic evil mastermind from some anime about fidget spinners.

No. 400757

that's what she is tho and greg is her light yagami

No. 400758

She keeps saying this…

No. 400759

File: 1498164254390.gif (212.48 KB, 600x600, Untitled-1.gif)

Sorry I meant to add this, not youtube link again

No. 400763

I honestly think the head shaving thing is about control and making them less appealing to other men so they won't drift from him.

I think the make up thing is similar, though it probably touches more on his insecurity of suffering from his gross deformities while it's socially acceptable for women to play up certain features using make up. Women also gain higher social status in this sexist culture by looking better, so again I think it's a way of controlling someone from gaining too much self confidence and leaving his abusive bullshit; while at the same time shaming anyone that is "allowed" to mask minor imperfections with make up. But make up is pigment and paint, not a magic fucking wand, and most people are awful at it so I will never understand his externally presented argument against the self expression of using it.

What's fucking weird is that he was so loudly against her getting implants if he's so into stereotypically feminine traits. She has a pretty malnourished body so her implants are really obvious and look bolted on, but at least se's happy with them and I'd suppose they look better than having an underage boy chest. Which is why it's weird - is he more upset that she would raise in general status because of her implants, or because she doesn't look as underage as she did before the surgery? It wasn't like she was going to be with him anyways? He's trying to present himself as a devoted and married man ????

Him losing it to this catastrophic of a degree is not only super embarrassing, but very transparent. I knew Greg was below average IQ but for a manipulative narc he hasn't even calibrated his techniques to a successful degree and he's what, mid 30s working on teenagers? Can the IRS fuck him in the ass already.

No. 400765

Thanks for the laugh, anon.

No. 400767


>she actually unironically has a fidget spinner

And people wonder why she's with Onion, it's cause she's autistic and boring with nowhere to go. And clearly she gets off on the attention. She is garbage just like him.

No. 400768

I also think he thinks shaving their head makes them look less feminine and that other guys wont want them or if gerg leaves them/they leave him, he will feel less bad because he doesnt find them as attractive. I think thats the main reason he was asking for billie to do things that will make her look unattractive. He realized things might fall through in the relationship and wanted to make sure she branded her body or made physical changes on herself that would last awhile and be a reminder of him, so if they broke up, she couldnt easily move on. He constantly seethes in rage because of how attractive she is and wishes he didnt lose her because of how pretty she was. If she looked like an oompa loompa after the break up, he'd be more at ease because she cant just move on from him, and she'd look unnattractive to him during that time. And he could make fun of her for doing that shit and still fucking up and getting dumped by him!!

>if i wanted to get plastic surgery, i would get plastic surgery!!
Not unless you wanted a divorce. Dont even lie lameo. No way would she do anything that makes her supposedly unattractive to gerg. And gerg wouldn't just calmly let her go against him.

No. 400774

>And he could make fun of her for doing that shit and still fucking up and getting dumped by him!!

i HATE this crap. he told a barely legal girl that he wanted to chain her up in his basement and all he can defend himself with is, "Well that just proves what awesome people we are, that she would be willing to do all of that to get back with us :p" go fuck yourself greg. and fuck you too lainey for hearing this and still deciding to make a 5 minute video about how you're actually the victim in this whole mess.

No. 400779

I just realized some bullshit Lainey lied about.

Lainey keeps saying she didnt want to get back together with Billie when Gerg and Billie talked about "terms" and the basement etc. She had no desire to continue etc etc

But later on, after the weed fiasco, Gerg emails Billie saying Lainey still loves her and dreams about her and some other shit insinuating Lainey DID want to keep dating her. Why else would she cry to onion about this shit?

Unless she milked the breakup for whatever asspats she could get from Gerg and Gerg ran with it as an excuse to email Billie under the guise that it was Laineys desire when really it was his?

Perhaps Gerg and Lainey were both manipulating each other, even in that instance?

It must be exhausting for Lainey to play so many mind games in order to stay in onions favor. But shes that thirsty for onion dick and coin I guess.

Sage for partial speculation

No. 400783

File: 1498170044369.jpg (939.81 KB, 2316x1968, dms.jpg)

Joy made a video about messaging Onion to milk more drama. She says she wants to try a civil debate again so he has a chance to redeem himself because he’s bleeding subs from this. Pretty obvious that how she acting mocking Onion in the stream that this isn't about redemption, and just more views for her. As much as it makes me feel dirty, I've gotta agree with Greg on that one. Joy is being manipulative and of course the man who's made a career of manipulating people sees that. I don't think he'll do it.

No. 400784

That's too bad. I would love to round 2 of this shit show.

No. 400787

Anyone else notice Lainey had ZERO ANXIETY until it came out that Billie had anxiety and panic attacks and people showed support? Now every time Lainey feels an inkling of being uncomfortable it's a panic attack.

No. 400788

No. 400790

He can't handle not being in control. He's stubborn af. He only did it in the first place to stir up the drama, at his wife's expense no less.

I was thinking, too. Like, yeah. She's complicit and that's just as abusive. And Plainey plays up spaceprxnce and anxiety for attention, but that's prob cuz her husband has set the precedence that her emotions are an inconvenience to him (doesn't make it less obnoxious). I don't doubt Lainey thirsts for gossip like most of us, but I don't think if she were alone she'd put her personal life out there to the embarrassing extent that Greg does. So, him doing that makes her anxious AF. She's just too stupid and caught up in it to recognize what he's doing.

No. 400791


But the question is, can she out-manipulate the Grease lord?

No. 400792

Every time we get to see these two interact it's like they're competing in who's the bigger retard. And every time it's a tie.

No. 400793

Joy should just stop. These debates are going to do nothing and joy can't keep her composure during them. I hate listening to her speak so i cant even enjoy the debates. I'd rather have a jaclyn vs gerg debate because you know gerg will not be able to keep himself composed and will attack her boob implants every chance he gets.

Honestly over the past few days with all the younow/drama, i realized lameo is actually a huge liar and manipulator. She purposefully leaves out details or even completely flip flops her story to make it sound like the other person is crazy. "What i NEVER burned billie's stuff. I shipped EVERYTHING back to her" Apparently she had insisted this for awhile but then she comes out and says "okay when we burned billie's stuff that was a long time ago and it was only things we shared!!" But you denied ever burning anything? Shes a manipulative psycho as well. Also it was creepy how she was talking in her younow about how she wants to get closure with billie and doesnt understand why she cant have that. Like why are you trying to open conversation with her? It seems like she wants to bait billie into talking to her so then gerg will sperge out at billie for messaging lameo and it will make billie look bad for contacting them. And lameo will of course stay quiet during that time and in no way shape or form mention it was what she wanted.

Lol i noticed that too. She mentioned anxiety here and there, but after billie saying she has anxiety and thats why she uses weed, she went 200% overboard making sure to mention anxiety every day, and mentioned panic attacks. Even looking back on her twitter, she only ever brought up anxiety after having met billie. Billie could have talked about anxiety with her, and of course lameo always hops on things to relate to people with. Oh you're nonbinary, so am i! Oh you have anxiety, me too way more anxiety than you!!!!

No. 400794

They're both trying to manipulate each other but I hope they don't debate again cause she creams her panties whenever he speaks to her.

No. 400795

This shit is like the twilight zone. Is this even real life??

>women shouldn't wear makeup!

But he wears makeup all the time to cover his shit skin
>tall women are gross and masculine!
But I help people overcome their low self esteem! (every supermodel in the world are tall) love yourself!! But lowkey body shame!
>ew masculine features! I'm not gay!
Your "literally" married to someone who dresses, hair, makeup as a boy and daily refers to herself as a fucking boy/man (so not masculine though?)
>tall women are all gross!!!!
That's just my preference! Honest YTer! I can't have a preference w/o insulting half the women in the world & even my own tall female fans, I had to include the insult, FAX!?
>don't you dare ever insult my WIFE! Transphobia!
But I can insult social reposes wife as much as I want! But insult Lainy, triggered!
>peep that transphobia!
But it's cool for Greg to be homophobic regarding masculinity and tall women, and extremely misogynistic to Jaclyn
>social repose said "say that to your non-binary partner" HOW DARE HE
but it's not like he just stated a FAX (w/o ANY mean insult attached to it) isn't Greg all about FAXX?
>if I wanted masculine, I'd be gay!! Ew!!
Nigga you fuckin married someone who claims to be a BOY
>love knows no gender!
JUST archaic, extreme gender norms, sterotypes of what a women should look like to him
>just stating my PREFERENCE! FAX!
You had to insult someone's wife to do that? She didn't ask you for your your opinion on her body like the idiots on your forum
>if someone does what I did to Lainy, they're transphobic!
But I'm an honest YTer! That's disrespectful! FAX?!??
>leave me out of this!!! I have nothing to do with this social repose! I have anxiety!
Re-tweet an insult about social reposes wife

What the fuck. No one can be this blind to hypocrisy? Right. Please I pray to Jesus that Greg/Lainy just admits (as his career ends) that the past 10 years he's just been a very intricate dedicated troll and isn't this fucking stupid. Or agrees to couples lobotomy therapy.

No. 400796

He also said those pervy videos of girls in their underwear were about promoting body positivity? But then when someone tweeted him "body shaming now?" he goes "ABSOLUTELY. Tall woman are gross!"

Oh so…then the pervy underwear videos were just pervy underwear videos where you were getting off to insulting/praising 12 year olds in their underwear and you dont actually have some body positivity agenda. Got it. Thanks for clearing that up onion.

Honestly their only fans are very little children and people who arent all there in the head so they cant piece two and two together and see that lameo and gerg are a psycho couple of manipulators. You could tell by seeing whoever lameo guested on her younow. They were all like 9 years old.

No. 400799


Jaclyn is not Richie's wife! Just go back to KF.

No. 400801

What? They literally signed the paperwork in a video and that is how Richie refers to her?

No. 400802

Not that anon but who fucking cares about the term used.

No. 400803

… Ritchie refers to her as his wife all the time. They are married.

And tf does that have to do with KF?


No. 400804

Correction: They had a mock wedding thing in a video

No. 400807

File: 1498172228982.jpg (113.84 KB, 540x596, bothgross.jpg)

No. 400808

The much more plausible explanation is that Gurgle wanted an excuse to email Billie, and Lainey isn't going to go against him and point out the lie.

I'm sure she's not completely the ineffectual victim she makes out but let's not buy into Onion's mantra about truth and facts. He has a loose connection to reality and then on top of that he lies.

No. 400809


>And tf does that have to do with KF?

Hi "Multiverse"

No. 400816

For some reason this post makes me want to vomit a little.

Joysus should really just stop at this point. I don't think debating him would be hard - just look up legal and dictionary definitions, avoid using the incorrect terms and go from there, because you obviously can't get to this fucker otherwise. Stay calm and avoid ad homs/attacking his looks, not because he deserves the respect, but to show you're actually above his level - but I don't think Joy is the person for this.
In her thread some anon counted the videos Gergle made on other people and this exact list really is nonexistent. They're like two very "special" children who can't even agree on simple things.

No. 400820

Joy is just as cow-y as onion so there is no hope of these debates ever going anywhere. It just ends up making onion look more credible if she starts raging and cant make a clear argument. Her debate skills are non-existent lol. I dont think anyone who wants to appear in a debate with onion will be the right person for this. I dont think there is even any point in debating him, because i dont think it will even convince anyone of anything, and onion will just twist things to praise himself, like how he edited the videos with his added commentary saying how he won the debate. He is like talking to a wall. The best thing would be if no one gives him any attention, but people keep taking the bait. Billie is the only one being smart enough to not take his bait and come out to defend herself, but she should also discourage her posse and bf from including themselves in the drama. Onion's whole tactic is to throw out something that makes you rage and want to defend yourself in order to get you to respond to him.

I do think hes made more than 80+ videos mentioning his ex's or shane or someone, but some are deleted and some don't have their name in the title, but he throws them in there. Like how his "manspreading" video, a completely unrelated topic, had a random rant thrown in there about how billie is terrible. If she actually wanted evidence, she should compile a list of all the videos where he talks about people. She should just retire the going after onion thing already and completely move on with her channel, but shes too much of a cow.

I do think its hilarious and probably makes onion rage that her videos pop up when searching his name on YT. He must hate that. I think that was his main motivator in messaging her and wanting to scare her into deleting her videos about him. haha.

No. 400822

I don't think anything can make Smeg seem credible

No. 400824

It's a sad day when someone makes onion seem credible. looking at the joy thread, there are people who dont really know onion well and side with him over joy and think he made valid points in the debates.

No. 400825

And yet Joy and Jeff did exactly that when they fell into his trap during that so called debate. They made him look sane which works in his favor.

….Of course anyone with a quarter of a brain can see how crazy he is when he's raging on twitter.

No. 400826

As I said there, you can dislike them both. Believe it or not, when you have two cows in a room one can make the other seem better. Gregma is a piece of shit that we can only wish out of existence but just because we hate him, doesn't make Joy right.

No. 400827

I honestly think at this point, one of them should just take it up to the courts. I feel like Joy is being a bit too loud for anyone to take her seriously. And well…onision is just being, well him.

If anyone has evidence then show it to the appropriate people in a case. Instead of just babbling on and on. But hey, whatever makes them views I guess.

No. 400828

I also dislike both and think they are both stupid. I didn't mean you had to side with either of them, but some people are siding with onion because they want him to take down joy and think he looked more credible because he was "calm". I'm all for them both taking each other down.

In lameo's younow she said i think we are going to go ahead and go through with the legal stuff, but i feel like shes bluffing to make herself look more legitimate.

No. 400829

Get them to go on Judge Judy.

No. 400830


Or Steve Wilkos!

No. 400832

File: 1498178996791.png (412.78 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0047.PNG)


Took her long enough.

No. 400834


tl;dr pls

No. 400835

Them taking each other down would be great. I get what you mean though, people are letting their dislike for a person root for the other team when both sides are full of shit.

No. 400837

>i think we are going to go ahead and go through with the legal stuff
>we are going to go ahead
as if plainey has any say in their marriage lol. as if gurg doesn't selfishly and impulsively make life decisions, that affects everyone in his life, based on his own childish whims.

No. 400838

File: 1498179368055.png (251.71 KB, 599x1062, onion.png)

And of course joy gives onion more ammo. But onion is dumb as fuck, because all his videos should be reported for the shit he says if thats what he counts as reportable.

No. 400839

Joy is right about Lainy being fake.
I'm glad joy said things like "Why the fuck do you always claim you have anxiety"

I think she made the right points about how much she is a doormat and how she wraps to her husbands personality to stay for money.

No. 400840

i really hope you do go through with it lainey because then you'll have to justify suing someone with patreon money.

No. 400841


Joy is pissed and going on a long autistic rant about how Lamo hurt her feefees when all Joy did was help her poor anxious soul! :(((

No. 400842

Why the fuck is this video half and hour long

No. 400843

Joy makes me cringe and is full of bullshit herself,but at least she sees through Greg's bullshit. For this drama,I'll take her side,even though her debating skills are shitty and she acts off her rocker. The onions are infinitely worse.

No. 400844

Because Joy keeps playing clips from the younow, then goes on an hour rants about said clip.

No. 400846

Because Joy made it.

No. 400847


Yeah, but to be fair, Joy was also fake as hell during that debate. She was all on Lainey's side and understanding, saying her anxiety video was great, that she could relate and tried to get on her good side, when she previously have stated that she thinks Lainey is just as much as an abuser as Greggles is. Both parties are crazy, though. I'm not going to take sides on this, just lean back and enjoy the fucking milk.

No. 400848

Joy gets excited when Onion talks to her though. Like she's a secret fan of the guy.

No. 400849

Joy's obsessed but she's the only person on YouTube who's called out Lainey. I can't wait for Greg's video sperging about joy's mistreatment of Lainey. He's the only one who's allowed to treat her like crap!

No. 400850

File: 1498180095140.png (87.56 KB, 602x936, onion.png)

They are going to show da police guize. Joy's "threat" is her saying "i'm coming for you bitch" to start off the video as in im going to rant about how you are fake. Not a threat of harm. Moron.

No. 400851

She gives me Stevie Gore vibes. I'm sure she'd flip onto her back if Greg gave her the chance.

No. 400852

Can we just refocus all our hate on Plainy now considering how much it bothers him?

No. 400854

Oh shit guys, Onion said Plainey is on the phone with da po-po. It's as if this is routine for them.

No. 400856

File: 1498180231106.png (10.93 KB, 591x91, onion.png)

She called the police by herself??? I thought she had phone anxiety!!!

No. 400857

Oh my god this is great. I hope they get fined with making false reports.

No. 400858

File: 1498180385812.png (106.18 KB, 585x348, onion.png)

My wife is so threatened her life is in danger and shes on the phone with the police! But hold on let me tweet about these poll results!

No. 400859

we should just title these threads "Grainey" considering how she's going.

annoying upper class white couple calls police because someone on youtube dragged them..sounds like an onion article, doesn't it?

No. 400860


Okay so… This Joy-sperg is almost as good as Greg on a good day.

>This was MONTHS ago so I can't remember

Well, she keeps bringing up her exes and that shit is so old and over and done with.

I can't wait to see what comes of this police calling and slander cases. This is gloooorioussss.

No. 400861

>"wife" feels threatened. I SHOULD TWEET ABOUT THIS.
>RTs anyone giving them support through this "oh so terrible time"
>Continues to tweet about himself or Plainey

I feel like aliens from outer space would have a laugh at this shit.

No. 400862

Lol can you imagine if the police had to look into this and then found all these onion videos where hes rating children in their underwear and talking about how chaining a girl in their basement where their kids often play in.

No. 400863


She's not wrong about Lainey tbh and I don't even really like Joy

Lainey is a fake pussy, probably also a sociopath since she's still with Gerg after all he's done too, she's average looks at BEST, has a boring ass personality and is a huge fake le trendy cunt who's only friends are 12 year old fangrils of onion online.

No. 400864


Is she even going to have a leg to stand on, here? I highly doubt it. BUT a raid on Joy would be so good, though.

>ma'am, can you please explain what happened


No. 400866

>Is she even going to have a leg to stand on, here?
Who cares, kek, let the legal hilarity ensue.

No. 400868

Joy's fucking nuts, but I have to say it. She's right in this video about Lainey.

No. 400869

File: 1498181273971.png (53.45 KB, 583x571, onion.png)

>they are still talking to us
So you are using a lot of police time then?

>brings up billie situation and supports him trying to pressure a girl to get branding on her body as punishment while saying his wife is threatened

No. 400870


Yeah he's seriously on the phone with the police just because Joy said (taken out of context) that she's "coming for her"

Onion is retarded, Lainey knows what that means too. She meant she's responding to her shit and not kissing her ass. Fuck what two retards. They deserve eachother.

No. 400871


Agreed. Joy is a bit annoying and could definitely be better at what she does. But at least she's going against the awful that is Onion. He deserves the stress. I'm still mad that he actually has children… WTF He is a psycho. I feel they're not safe.

No. 400872


Great waste of police time, Gerg. A girl said she was "coming for" another girl in a youtube video… NOT LITERALLY but as a phrase that means she's responding. Everyone fucking knows that. Joy didn't even say anything resembling that after. It's so dumb.

No. 400873

I hope Greg realizes the more stupid police reports he makes the less likely the police will take him seriously in the future.

No. 400874

if any of you were police and you responded to his house for this report, what would your reaction be when he pulls up his twitter page and you see his banner

No. 400875

How is he on the phone with police explaining the situation while simultaneously reading twitter and responding to comments?
Spoiler alert he's not actually in a real phone call. He's talking to the imaginary police in his head.

No. 400876

I would be trained to remain calm and civil, but would probably have a massive internal facepalm.

No. 400877

Greg did this shit with Blaire White, too. In that video of him raging tfo and then victim-played
>Blaire: …I’d be out for fucking blood.
>Gruck: Wait. Did you just threaten me? You said if one of your kids wound up in one my videos, you would try to hurt me? You proposed a hypothetical situation in which you would commit violent acts against me.

He is such a coward lol

No. 400879

He claims this every once in a while, always when he comes under fire.

"It's an act"

He also said in the debates a few years ago with Someguy

"I choose to put on a certain personality. I am not fake, but I exaggerate."

My question is this, is this bullshit? Is he really just putting this persona on all the time to get money and attention…does he not care that he has to act like a monster and everyone hates him but his family and brainwashed fans?

Or is that bullshit and he's actually completely insane…

Guys, this is getting too deep. I'm too high for this shit. Lmao

No. 400880

File: 1498181655342.png (81.23 KB, 598x722, kek.png)


Forgot pic.

No. 400881


If he REALLY is the realest youtuber and person around, it's convenient how he drags up being a character and playing a role. I love that the replies also think that.

No. 400882

They are probably used to crazies, and will realize it's one of those days. I would find it hard to not snort at that pinned fanart.

No. 400884


That's a good point.

No. 400886

File: 1498182065754.png (487.14 KB, 754x643, JayV9gG.png)

He's the realest alright. I mean look at him, have you not met anyone as real as him??

No. 400887

I just realized onion probably called lameo in to debate joy, hoping joy would scream at lameo and insult her, so then he could claim "how dare she insult my perfect angel wife! All you guys know lainey is perfect right?! You like her right even if you dont like me?!! This woman is crazy to insult this perfect human being!"

He always uses lameo as his shield.

Hes the most honest youtuber. But if he says something horrible people dont like, then its all an act! Yes cause those texts to billie were all an act? The video you took of shiloh having a mental breakdown was all an act? The papers awarding skye alimony where she said she had PTSD caused by your abuse is all an act?

No. 400890

Onision: If you care about a the size of a dude's penis you're petty and shallow.

Also Onision: Tall girls. EWWWW!

No. 400891

Also, even if he is exagerating, his opinions are still asshole opinions and no man in his right mind would make dozens of videos with half naked 14 years olds, even as a "character", its too fucked up
All the crap hes put his exes through including billie wasnt faked either

No. 400894

I can really see that conversation going well. Someone called you out on the internet and said they were 'coming for you' and they live half a continent away? Yup, sounds real serious. We'll get right on that once we deal with the unsolved murders, kidnappings, robberies, thefts, and rape cases piling up.

Lainey's a fake lying ugly fakeboi cunt. It's a wonder that both of these braindead social retards haven't taken to a bleach drinking contest yet to go out in style.

No. 400895

i get it now: tall girls make his micro dick look smaller

No. 400896

Hes now sperging on twitter about the debate, and how he proved joy is a liar. Isnt he suppose to be on the phone talking to the police about this awful threat to his wife? Instead hes talking about debates and liars? Well guess that "police" thing went nowhere.

I was hoping they'd get to see his screaming texts to joy that instigated all the drama that led to her "scary threat" video.

No. 400897


Well said. He's so full of it.

No. 400898

Supposedly Plainey overcame her crippling anxiety and is the one talking to tha po-lice on the phone.

No. 400899

I second whoever said her name should be on this thread and it should be an Onion/Lainey thread because she is becoming the hugest cow these days.

Just remember, she was diagnosed with severe social anxiety, so crippling she cant make phone calls or order at restaraunts! But calling and talking to the police was okay, because she used five fidget spinners at once.

No. 400900

File: 1498182874833.png (73.95 KB, 608x410, lol.png)

Greg must have such a narc boner rn. He gets to play hero to his wife, and victimize her and himself at the same time.

No. 400903



No. 400904

I wonder if Gerg would get mad if one of his lurkers saw her name on this thread kek

No. 400905

I hope this painting lameo as a perfect angel who can do no wrong backfires on him when they divorce. But knowing her, he will grovel to her for five seconds and she would take him back.

I hope she will get mad, because "omg i did nothing wrong. im not an abuser. i'm not involved in any of this!"

No. 400908


you can do it greg, try and sue lolcow

No. 400909

I laughed so hard when at one point during the debate she was like, "OOOOH greeeg ur so much fun!! XD i love dis"

His face lmao. Her hate boner is massive.

No. 400912

File: 1498184912126.png (74.5 KB, 609x406, lol2.png)

Imagine this phone call.
>Children crying in the background
>Greg screaming about a "stupid, ugly fucking bimbo bitch cunt", furiously tweeting instead of calming his kids
>Lainey paralyzed with fear and sobbing
>The operator thinks it's a domestic dispute, tries to calm her down enough to make sense of what she's saying
>"Is someone hurting you?"
>"No. S-someone… on the internet…"
>"…called me a bitch. It really hurt my f-f-f-f-feelings."
>(puts hand over phone, to the others) "Can someone get me a cup of coffee, please? Sigh"

No. 400913

I would love if they would laugh at her whiny ass but if Joy does actually call the police near him to ask about them, it might make them seem more credible and that would fucking suck.

No. 400914

File: 1498185007308.png (61.37 KB, 603x308, fax.png)

No. 400916


lol watch out Joy!

No. 400918

Did the IRS also confirm your video tour was valid?

No. 400919

I'm not a legal fag but surely considering he broke his own cease & desist letter in order to get in touch with Joy first, isn't he just talking out of his ass here?

No. 400920

Other people's opinions = just opinions
Onion's opinions = FACTS AND THE LAW


But what if Joy is just playing a character, Greg? Should we play the police your seething swear-fest over Blaire White?

No. 400921

Wasn't the whole cease and desist thing debunked to be fake anyways? Correct me if I'm wrong here. But it smells like Onion is just spewing shit to make him and Plainey look like the victim.

No. 400922


That letter isn't real.

No. 400924

I've been listening to the scanner in his area and no one has been dispatched to his address

No. 400925

Oh my fucking god I know this happened a couple days ago but I just watched what I could of the "debate" and if Onion just calmed down a little more - I can't believe I'm about to type this - he would have come off as the SANE one.

Joy is a fucking psychopath stalker and the "moderator" is a white trash loser and they're both OLDER than Greg. I really can't get over how that fucking dive bombed so hard, like an 8th grader could have handled that so much better. I can't tell if he worked his narc charismatic thing or the other people just came off SO BADLY that I find him actually rational.

No. 400926

Hes definitely talking out of his ass. He contacted joy first and screamed at her through messages to debate her while constantly insulting her. Hes going to go to the police and report harassment and say shes threatening after that? lmao.

Gerg logic is if you remain calm then you are the sane one, so dont fall for that bs. That's why all his ex's are "crazy emotional psychos!!!" while hes honest and logical and right. Nothing he said was intelligent. But yeah,joy and jeff made a fool of themselves. This debate shit should stop.

No. 400927

Hell yes, they use each other as tools of manipulation, and she refuses to even disagree with her husband because "I can't control him" while daring to criticise people she has even less to do with, and tries to hide behind bullshit stories of anxiety while texting her daddy during a livestream to pull his strings.

They are basically equivalent, and should not be treated any differently. If anything she is worse because she has more people believing she's not as bad as Greg.

No. 400929

If Onion had stayed calm Joy wouldn't have been rocking and screaming FACTS at him though. It would have been completely different.

Neither of them are that much older than Greg. They're all old YouTubers mining for views. It's embarrassing that "debates" are now the way to solve things on the internet instead of just keeping your mouth shut and not giving in to it.

No. 400930

File: 1498186228914.png (318.3 KB, 968x974, onion.png)

>troy wants to go on a walk when you're done.

Is troy a dog? lmao wtf.

No. 400931

He always fucks himself by sperging about it online after like a coward. His calmness is reeeeally unsettling, though. Like, the look in his eyes. He gets off on hurting people. Sometimes I forget, or have the rare chuckle (when he meant to be funny)… and then I remember all the terrible shit he's done. He's the type of narc that can fool people for a long time.
Where's the grown ups (IRS) to fuck him up alreadyyyy? lol

This is so so so accurate.

No. 400932

What does that prove?

No. 400933

>Cancelled Call
Why the fuck would you cancel a call to the POLICE??

Secondly, that fucking number. Boy, last I checked police numbers were either 911 or 10 digits long.

No. 400935

not sure why he would save the phone number as an area code. that's not even an edit, they purposely saved whatever number they called as their own area code

No. 400936

Also why is it an incoming call? Where is the outgoing call to the police? lmao. They had to call the police first, not the police call them back?

No. 400937

She probably uses Troy as a middle man for what she wants to do like a few mums I know. "Troy wants to go a walk" = Lainey wants to go a walk, but Greg's less likely to say no to Troy.

In the tweet he says it's proof the police called back, but you're right why is there no sign of them phoning the police to begin with.

No. 400938

File: 1498186840290.png (60.71 KB, 585x635, onion.png)

According to him if the police call you only an area code shows up?

No. 400939

Did… did onision edit this completely pointless image?

>image received from Lainey at 7:40pm

>time on received image is 7:42

Not to mention
>charge level (as well as Bluetooth, orientation lock, etc) identical between two screenshots of what is meant to be different phones

No. 400940

I call major BS simply because A) The SPD's number doesn't even start with 253. and B) Why cancel the call in the first place?

No. 400941

Maybe that's how they do it in onionland but in the real world caller ID shows the number of the caller.

No. 400943

Puyallup where he lives is a 253 area code. But this isn't in the "recent" list. You have to click info to get this portion. Plus the whole number shows when the cops call you back. It shows as the local station number. Which is easy enough to look up.

He edited it.

No. 400944

I thought he'd had Lainey's sister phone her and edited her contact on Lainey's phone but kek you're right

No. 400946

Also apparently joy is guested on sarah's younow right now. Why is sarah still involving herself? lmao.

No. 400947

I think they're both screenshots on his phone. The second is a screenshot on his phone, of her screenshot from her phone. If that makes sense lol

No. 400948

And then his dumb ass lied about it instead of just saying something about not showing the number so the police weren't bombarded with calls. But it's a lie anyway, so.

No. 400949

Joy is guested on hers. Joy keeps getting her involved.

No. 400950

Same fag but I know this as I live in pierce county not 15 miles away from him

No. 400951

But when you open an image on an iPhone the notification bar/time/wifi whatever you want to call it disappears. So that screenshot is supposed to be a screenshot of Lainey's phone screen, including what is supposed to be the notification bar from her phone.

No. 400953

File: 1498187338395.png (346.03 KB, 745x419, jaclynshaircolour.png)

Heres laineys new hair colour btw, Doesn't it look familiar? LOL

No. 400954


A photo viewed on an iPhone does not open in fullscreen on default unless you tap it. Only then does the clock and provider and wifi disappear. He has it open and not tapped it, which is why the top says 'Photo' and the share icon is down in the bottom left.

No. 400956


Kek what's next? Is she gonna grow it out like Skye's hair, shave it completely off like Shiloh, or dye it blue/purple like Billie?

No. 400957

giving that micheal jackson realness

No. 400958

Because you have admitted you get upset when women say "no".

No. 400959

Lol sarah and her friend are parroting lameo/onion saying joy saying"im coming for you bitch" is wrong and the most terrible thing ever.

But sarah…you support onion. You cant have it both ways LOL.

No. 400960

She looks so aged, jfc.

No. 400962

surprised people aren't calling her a right wing nazi since she does that hand sign in literally everything she posts

No. 400963

File: 1498187907126.png (692.41 KB, 1280x718, twins.png)

No. 400964

Good point, thanks for clarification.

No. 400966

Listening to Sarah and her friend try to defend Plainey and Grog is so mind-numbingly frustrating.

No. 400967

who the fuck is that second butterface, and why is she doing all the talking, why are they broadcasting under #guys, are they transtrenders too - this is all just too fucking much.

Sending the teen army again to defend her, or is this just Sarah inserting herself into the drama again? I mean she guested fucking Joy. I hope for some Lainey-Sarah friendship milk here.
Sage for rhetorical questions

No. 400968

The same can be said for Joy, though. Joy told her that she's a child and shouldn't be around adults that old and yet she's older than Gregma and trying to butter her up. Joy's rules never apply to herself.

No. 400969

Sarah keeps saying she doesn't want to be dragged into the drama but she keeps putting herself in the middle of it and is too braindead to see that.

No. 400971

Just like Lainey! BFFS 4EVER!!!

No. 400972


Sarah is so fucking mind numbing stupid, she cannot articulate a sentence to save her life, yet she keeps interjecting in the drama to appear "intellectual and mature" so Kati Joy takes her seriously.

>uhhhh okay ummm, sooo, the problem with that.. is that.. uhhh

No. 400973

You pretty much summed up almost her entire vocabulary.

No. 400974

It doesn't really suit her, at least with that make up, but that's about it. Not every colour can suit any face, anyway.
It's like she has trouble speaking. It reminds me of when you're trying to control a stutter.

No. 400975

File: 1498188630845.png (33.4 KB, 587x514, surejan.png)

No. 400976

File: 1498188683625.png (11.12 KB, 582x105, lol (2).png)

No. 400979

People who have to defend Lameo because shes "weak":

16 year old Sarah
19 year old Lauren

People lameo will defend if it means going against her husband:


No. 400980

Police don't deal with C&Ds. Puyallap PD did not file a police report over the phone. Just no Greg.

No. 400981

File: 1498188963034.png (16.95 KB, 584x230, deleted.png)

Got this before he deleted it.

And yes grease, This is very petty and a quote taken out of context.

US farmers, Would police take this so serious?

No. 400982

File: 1498188964593.png (253.95 KB, 648x369, sheerterror.png)

>tfw u discover someone made 6 videos about you in one day that total to over 8 hours of manic content

Thought I'd post here for the look of genuine fear in Greg's eyes.

Thank god she has a thread here so lolcow doesn't get associated with this crazy bitch.

No. 400983

>the literal cops
He's just doing it to be annoying now. He can't really mean this!

Yes because the law is perfect and never changes and people are never wrongly convicted of crimes. Moron.

No. 400984

call me stupid but… was he talking
to a 911 dispatcher? if he was, does a 911 dispatcher really use up the line for 23 mins to discuss the legality of a (fake) c&d? wouldnt they just refer you to a lawyer or legal professional?

No. 400985

Greg likes the law because he knows how get away with working around the fringes, in that gray area. Or claim ignorance (like I think he'll do when the IRS shit hits the fan). And when he uses the law to "prove" a point, he thinks the law is infallible and objective. He has no understanding of the law and just wants to use it to make him feel superior.

No. 400986

File: 1498189203940.png (12.21 KB, 583x107, Ihopeyouliedtopolice.png)

No. 400987

they would have determined after getting the FAX out of doormat that they were not in immediate danger, but they would put out what is referred to as a 980 or 'routine detail' to go to their house and have them file a report, date and sign it in the presence of an officer.

No. 400988

File: 1498189324946.png (26.81 KB, 593x265, NEED MONEY PLS.png)

Wow.. What a greedy fuck.

No. 400991

She is batshit crazy but he deserves a person like her.

No. 400992

bless you for explaining, Thank you xo

No. 400993


I smell a new thread-header

No. 400994

Greg can't claim ignorance (which isn't an excuse) with the IRS because this is his second audit for filing personal expenses as business.

No. 400995

I pray to any and every deity that wants to provide us with milk that he starts a fundraiser to sue Joy, only to have 3 people back it donating a grand total of $5.46 or something.

No. 400997

She has to cycle in her brain to do mental gymnastics to make sure she defends her BFF. She even said in the past younow, you cant support both billie and lameo and have to choose sides! Everything is black/white for her:

Lameo right.
Everyone else wrong.

She will never say these words: "Lainey was in the wrong" ever. And will even defend onision just to side with her. lmao.

No. 401001

Dunno if this is common knowledge, but Sarah just confirmed that Lainey and Greg have a prenup.

No. 401002

File: 1498190030535.png (149.3 KB, 1278x622, Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 04.5…)

Captured this within 55s, within 16s it had 68 RTs but wouldn't let me see nearly a quarter of those 68 people. Just posting as proof he buys followers/RTs considering this is now his pinned tweet.

No. 401005

"Lmaoo drag him dad"

His fans are so far up his ass their lips are caked in shit.

No. 401008

File: 1498190712491.png (40.19 KB, 587x425, brootalyhooonest.png)

No. 401010


Yeah it has been mentioned before - they had one in place because he had to pay alimony to Skye and hates it so he covered his ass. When Cuddlegate erupted, Lainey ran to her evil daddy and he looked it over, and when she went back apparently she told him and they reworked it.

No. 401012

blaire white was right about all of onion's bananaz having the snapchat filters lmaooo

No. 401016

Oooh. Ok, thanks!

No. 401018


Correct me if I'm wrong as well, but when it comes to C&D, you clearly don't call 911 to file for one? Wouldn't they just give him information to contact someone in a more appropriate department?

No. 401020

File: 1498191569147.png (15.24 KB, 586x207, goingonandon.png)

No. 401021

File: 1498191595700.png (177.07 KB, 888x818, Screenshot (7).png)

you get it from a court, or if you are in desperate need you can pay a lawyer

>source https://legaldictionary.net/cease-and-desist-order/

No. 401022

I won't sue you you're broke!!!
- Onion 2017

No. 401023

>life is easier when you trust what i say is true
Is that a threat??!?!!

He does know filing a police report doesnt mean hes right, right? It just means they filed a police report.

I still want to see proof of this outgoing call to the police.

No. 401024

he sounds like a fucking cult leader yikes

No. 401025

Oh okay, gotcha. Even then, he's just blowing smoke out of his ass anyways.

No. 401026

this is the best milk in ages

No. 401027

File: 1498192122039.png (30 KB, 584x407, everyoneliesbutmeeee.png)

No. 401031

Every time he insists he's THE MOST HONEST PERSON EVAR I just want someone to bring up the way he manipulated Plainey to cuddle with Billie and give her a naked massage. It wasn't an outright lie but it was withholding truth and duplicitous intent so he could get Billie to wrangle his dick.

No. 401033

File: 1498192683027.png (30.22 KB, 590x441, isheevenselfaware.png)

No. 401034


>he sounds like a fucking cult leader

Well uhh… he did start off with Sicesca and it originally had 1 or 2 members.

No. 401036

Someone tweet the link to his crazy rant against Blaire White where he callled her a stupid dumbfuck cunt or whatever. His emotions definitely got to him there.

No. 401038

File: 1498193252915.png (22.66 KB, 587x247, onion.png)

How can lainey confirm you didnt lie, when you claim shes lied in the past about you pressuring to have a gf (but only due to anxiety!!). You killed her own credibility.

No. 401039

Does he remember telling Billie he loved her during the same time frame he told Lainry he didn't love her anymore? ?

Oh wait! Lainey lies when shes emotional. Thanks for clarifying, Gerg.

But he dumped Billie for lying and stays with Lainey? Onion, what a tangled web of "truth" you weave.

No. 401040

god, i want blaire to roast his ass in one of his bullshit "debates" so bad ugh

No. 401043

to completeley blow him out of the water all Joy has to do is call either Puyallup PD or the Pierce County sheriff and explain she was told he filed a report on her, would like the report number so she can go and give a statement at her home PD. if he filed, they will give her the occurrence number, or they will not have any idea what she is talking about.

No. 401045


I did sage so chill

No. 401047

File: 1498194479587.png (245 KB, 1478x652, IMG_0123.PNG)

He's ridiculous and completely ignorant of the actual workings of the police.
You can literally file a report about anything.

You don't even have to speak to a police officer, you can file a report online. Having a report filed means absolutely nothing until there are official documents.

Sure the police will tell you over the phone you have a right to be concerned. Cause their job is to make citizens feel that the police are doing their best to protect. Especially if they're speaking to a likely hysterical woman on the phone.

Of course every situation is different, but I had an actual stalker once (as in, he physically came to my house, left me dead flowers on my car, etc) and it was actually extremely hard to get the police to do anything. They also told me that if there was proof I had initiAted contact with him, it would hurt my case.

Soooo once again, onion's ignorance has gotten the better of him and he's now got a huge narc boner shouting about how correct he is.

No. 401049

i am praying onion involving the police backfires on his lawn gnome looking ass.

No. 401051

Did anyone else notice that he took down his "Joy Sparkle:BS" video on his main channel? Hmmmm, I smell trying to cover up your tracks.

No. 401053

good thing the internet is forever!

No. 401076

File: 1498199524371.png (120.21 KB, 1156x458, apologiez.png)

I know this is old milk, but god damn it, he sounds like a petulant child.

>well I never technically said I was honourably discharged on paper, APOLOGIZE!!! mooooom!!

No. 401077

File: 1498199704434.png (209.53 KB, 1194x854, flabbydaddy.png)

>the thought of someone being attracted to kids make me sick
>tucks in lainey in her pink my little pony bed after fucking her with a choker on while she whispers daddy

No. 401079

Peep when he placed pictures of underage girls in his videos and commented on their body. With included him scanning them over with his eyes and debating whether or not their body type was attractive to him or if it wasn't, why they weren't attractive.
It annoys me when he says he didn't ask for the photos yet he has videos still up online where he guesses tHEIR FUCKING AGE. And a majority of them were 12-16. He knows the age of his fanbase yet he tries to hide behind YouTube analytics the same way he does with definitions.

No. 401082

Prediction: Lainey will drop "the case" and "choose not to press charges because she's suuuuch a gooood person" (let's be real, they didn't call the cops) and her anxiety was too much for her poor bby

No. 401090

File: 1498202505534.png (68.35 KB, 1086x204, Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 09.2…)

The Church of Joysus is in full swing!

No. 401091

File: 1498202736547.gif (2.52 MB, 532x279, highschool.gif)

Fine, ephebophile.

Ephebophilia is the primary or exclusive adult sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.

Shiloh was 17. Plainey was 17. Billie was 18. There are his videos where he rates the bodies of teens and whether or not they're hot and we know what that's about. If your ideal partner's age doesn't increase with age as you age, that might be an indication you have a problem.

No. 401094

Isnt it strange that he or lainey haven't posted screenshots of these supposed "threats" you'd figure they would post them up with usernames and all but they don't. So we've to take his and her word for it? Lol usually when anyone tries that dumb shit, Gurglemess would be hollering from the rooftops screaming what a victim they both are.

No. 401095

It's probably something they heard from someone.

>ummmm okay, like, sooo Lainey, someone said on my younow that they wish you would kys

>rrrreeEEEEEE muh wife is getting death threats!

No. 401097

I wonder if that made Lainey cry… she used used to rage on twitter about fans calling him daddy.

No. 401099

>I'm not a psycho
>Liars should come with warning labels

This motherfuck honestly needs to try out for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with Mental Gymnastics this good.

No. 401100

Someone made a video condensing the after debate lainey stream where she mentions joy, if anyone is interested.

No. 401107

Maybe I missed this, what is onision planning on suing Joy for exactly? Harassment? Slander? Not that he has any intention of actually doing it or a leg to stand on, funny to imagine his thought process.

If he does end up in a court room, via suing Joy or due to the IRS investigation, I fully expect him to be pompous enough to represent himself.

No. 401112

yup, same anon. had a stalker harassing my family via fb and releasing pics of me online. called the police and filed a report, and the most they could do about it was go and tell him to knock it off unless he actually approached me. its extremely difficult to have charges laid especially when it comes to the interwebz.
grug is #LITERALLY exaggerating the situation to make it look like joy is gonna be charged.

sage for blogpost.

No. 401118

File: 1498212210198.jpg (170.11 KB, 720x952, IMG_0919.JPG)

The colour isn't too far off. Coincidence? Considering gurgles just sperged the fuck out about her?

No. 401124

Both him and Joy have been screeching at each other the past few days. He's exaggerating, but in this case(and I hate admitting it) I side with Onion on this. Solely because batshit Joy made 5-6 stream videos apart, and some 40+ minutes plus within a week or less strictly about Onion.

Her hate boner is real.

No. 401129

Who is this man?

No. 401131

Go away Keith

No. 401133

Does someone here have a proper ED account? the IRS audit situation should be added as a section. I lost my old account and can't edit protected pages with a new one.

go away greg

No. 401141

"you can't even remember 'wife?' it's four letters."

No. 401144

how…. how does he think that conversation would go?
> hello, police? someone on the internet called my wife a bitch.

No. 401152

File: 1498224580589.gif (1.11 MB, 200x150, qUE4r.gif)

I don't even know what post to reply to but this Onion vs Joy saga is gold.
Keep it coming Gregoyle!

No. 401164

File: 1498227950346.png (91.28 KB, 699x693, IMG_4978.PNG)


No. 401166

File: 1498228274883.jpg (21.24 KB, 269x269, IMG_4979.JPG)

Also does anyone else get a liquid Chris vibe from that pic?

No. 401168


Yeah. Also, dying her hair will just make her look even more like Clay Aiken. But nooo you guys, Jaclyn is the masculine one1!!11!!

No. 401171

Twitter banned me for 12 hours for @ing onision telling him hes a cunt.

No. 401176

File: 1498230733670.jpg (102.2 KB, 1220x1163, Masc.jpg)

No. 401177

File: 1498230765383.jpg (68.22 KB, 500x500, RWGTTHo.jpg)

but they have met in person a few times.

No. 401179

File: 1498231101081.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.83 KB, 536x343, cyberbullying.jpg)

I'm starting to believe the continued use of "they" is lainey being self aware of her multiple personality disorder

No. 401180

File: 1498231463053.png (93.73 KB, 1308x572, billipictriev.png)


Also Billie

No. 401182

I still cant get over how lameo tried to act like SR's comment was transphobic because shes ~nonbinary~ so masculine doesnt apply to her? Wasn't she claiming dysphoria about her chest and hips because they are feminine traits and not masculine? Keep your gender bullshit straight lameo.

Lameo's own thoughts on gender:

>"i think that gender is a spectrum and people can fall anywhere on that spectrum ranging from male masculine maley male to a very feminine female and anywhere inbetween"

So nonbinary falls inbetween masculine and feminine, not your bullshit of i am not anywhere on this spectrum.
>i personally experience most of my dysphoria in my chest and in my hips…when im feeling more dysphoria i wear baggier clothes or more 'male-type' clothing.
??? Talks about chest binding after this. So you are covering your feminine traits to make them more masculine…but masculine doesnt apply to you?

Peep that lying bullshit.

No. 401186

Onion just made a 50 second video calling SR horse-face and saying "i dont want to bang your 5'9 anorexic-looking boob-implanted freak of a girlfriend"

Hes so butthurt. Go pay attention to your masculine plain wife who doesnt know how to apply makeup to save her life.

No. 401188

File: 1498233265046.png (39.1 KB, 582x447, onion.png)

Onion coming at you with dictionary definitions.

Did he just agree that trans people are freaks?
Peep that transphobia.

No. 401189


she also prefers to dress masculine 99% of the time, has short hair, hates when someone calls her cute or beautiful, wants to be called handsome, daddy and a boi so yeah….

No. 401190

Wow, didn't he say how good Jaclyn looks in her photos in his previous videos? He's so salty lol

No. 401191

File: 1498233673618.png (114.45 KB, 1154x452, laneboi.png)

Ha, gay!

No. 401192

File: 1498233742139.png (31.04 KB, 582x225, cyr.png)

confirmed ?

No. 401193

That's not what they asked lol. They asked what if she wanted to get surgery. Sneaky Grease.

No. 401194

>if i wanted a masculine person i'd be gay!!

>i'm not gay but i'll still be with my wife if she has a penis!!!


No. 401195


No. 401196

guys he changed his twitter name to Fact Machine

what now?

No. 401198

File: 1498234601715.png (68.75 KB, 586x694, onion.png)

>tweets about a "persona"
>tweets about honesty
>tweets about his "persona" again.


No. 401199

He's falling apaaart.
I wonder how long it'll take for him to completely disappear. He's bleeding subs, losing fans. He has like ten people defending him on twitter and the rest is negative comments. These two months have been horrible for him and he's so stupid he's constantly making it worse for himself.
At least he's going out with a drama-bang.

My guess is around next Christmas. He's gonna be totally irrelevant around that time.

No. 401201

Someone should tweet him this

No. 401202

File: 1498235194942.png (17.03 KB, 579x156, jaclyn.png)

His videos that dont include drama or putting another person's name in the title to get views can barely reach more than 30k views. His channels so dead and he kills it more every day.

No. 401206

>ongoing parody of my persona

I guess the narc realized he is cringy as hell and now is trying to pretend it's all "a persona".

No. 401207

Also I think Lainey gave him that idea, when during the stream she said "He is a completely different person offline you guys" which we all know it isn't true and she was just trying to defend him like a good doormat.

No. 401208

Her only argument for being different offline though is he is "chill and laid back". She said all his opinions he states are still real lmao. I can believe gerg is not raging 24/7 in real life so I don't get her point. We all know he plays up shit for the camera already. When he's "acting" it's obvious as fuck. And it's obvious he always tries to claim his nicknames when he's made fun of for it like "fact machine" and "most honest yootoober" and plays them up.

No. 401210

File: 1498237172927.png (47.21 KB, 588x225, wellthen.png)

>My channel is dying. YOUTUBE RIGGED IT.

Or maybe it's because you're a shitty person who makes shitty videos?

No. 401211

File: 1498237178678.png (49.19 KB, 588x498, ITSYOUTUBESFAULT.png)

No. 401212

Its interesting that Shane and Onision have both been in YouTube forever, but Shane is still relevant and thriving. Shane is great with networking and has loyal fans. His videos are low effort and not family friendly. The only people that will collab with Onision are famewhores with no morals. They've both been compared, and yet they've taken complete opposite paths. (Not a Shanestan, tbh I find his bf to look like a child and their overly public sexual relationship is uncomfortable.)

No. 401213

File: 1498237544039.jpg (208.62 KB, 960x651, IMG_3558.JPG)

No. 401214

File: 1498237707611.png (510.86 KB, 1102x770, onionsearches.png)

Why would anyone search "onision" besides people who already know your channel? lmao

Plus when i searched it…these are the searches in order. His Onision channel is the fifth one, and all 3 of his channels pop up. Maybe if you didnt have seventy channels, the Onision channel would be on top.

No. 401215

File: 1498237820650.png (12.16 KB, 585x127, youmeantheremainingidiots.png)

No. 401216

Why targeting Lainey would be "so low"? He talks about her as if she's mentally disabled or something like that. She's an adult, she can defend herself

No. 401219

File: 1498238330920.jpg (Spoiler Image,14.87 KB, 480x360, IMG_1698.JPG)

gross reminds me of smiledog.jpg

No. 401222


More 'Jeff The killer' but okay.

When Lainey said he is quiet in real life I instantly thought of that photo where he's hanging out with Shiloh and her friends, but looks like he doesn't want to be there and literally uses Shiloh as a human shield.

No. 401224

wow…how noble

No. 401229

why does onion keep using "lainey hates you" as an insult like? no1 cares if your boring brainwashed child bride doesn't like them

No. 401231

hes been using her to excuse his bad actions as if shes a puppet. "What I did something wrong and someone is mad at me?! WELL THE REAL VICTIM IS LAINEY. THAT PERSON HATES LAINEY. IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH ME THAT THEY SUCK, THAT MEANS YOU HATE LAINEY!!!"

Hes still stuck on shoving her in everyones faces like look this is the victim you all talk about, and if she hates you that means your wrong!!! Because she is pure and good! Everyone is already catching on to her abusive/manipulativeness, and realizing shes a lying bitch, so her credibility has already died. But the little tweens who are trans trenders will still run to defend her.

No. 401236

File: 1498240924168.gif (1.93 MB, 460x259, tumblr_oo4lr9haXC1vvs38vo1_500…)

>"I'm not gay"
>thinks of the video of him literally fucking a puppet with the face of Andy Biersack on it
>thinks of his obsession with Shane Dawson

No. 401241

I would be zero percent surprised if he came out with some gay "scandal". His vehement declarations of "I'm not gay!" Are too frequent. It's very much like any anti gay politician that is later found to have participated in a Taiwanese boy sex ring.

No. 401242

jesus lord this is LITERALLY like watching a car crash in slow motion. I can't believe it's taken a decade. OT but it's kinda funny seeing the same thing happen to Joy/Kati, only accelerated to the nth degree.

No. 401245

File: 1498241951419.gif (585.58 KB, 245x183, 7jjye.gif)

No. 401246

I feel like he would love if he were gay, because he thinks it would get him more views, and thats why he always plays up his ships with andy and other people. I doubt hes actually gay.

No. 401247

Is he seriously now trying to claim everything he does is a "persona"? Has he made these claims in the past?

i am sure this is some tactic to try and salvage his reputation, but I do wonder just how much of what he puts out ther is real. I have to assume that if his crazy was just an act, he'd still have friends.

No. 401248

I dunno, despite him claiming to be progr spice and accepting, he seems pretty homophobic.

No. 401252

File: 1498242866219.png (1.01 MB, 583x5307, henevershutsup.png)

No. 401253

File: 1498242939421.jpg (89.2 KB, 2048x726, email.jpg)

The email from youtube

No. 401258

ik this is old but i seriously can't get over how fucking ugly lainey is. like, she's actually hideous, there's not one attractive feature on her face. guess the outside is reflecting the inside now huh!

No. 401259


It's a mechanism to protect himself. He has said that he can be who he wants. Everything controversial he does he says is comedy and playing a character. That's his genius idea how to get away with everything.

Another armchairy theory I have is that he has to have characters for every situation because he can't handle things as "Gregory" so when he has the mindset (and costume) of a character he can be and act like that said character that is created for specific situation. For example that wig+beanie+warmarks was his "Debate-character" but he couldn't keep his cool and act like the character so he had to leave the stream when before we'd see the true insecure Greg behind.

No. 401260

File: 1498243407883.png (12.05 KB, 580x100, okaythen.png)

Agreed, I frankly think she's absolutely hideous lol.

No. 401262

He does realise that most of his 'facts' ARE opinions right?

No. 401264

From his latest video on the OnisionSpeaks channel, yes, he seriously is.

Literally anything he says or tweets could very likely be part of a "persona", a "character" or "acting". This retarded fucking cop out is just too much for me. "You're a gross fucking freak". "lol jk, that was just acting"

I started following his shit again around when he started his patreon, and I'm already tired of his constant bullshit. This shit has really triggered me. I'm done. I can't handle all of his crazy bullshit. I'm actually done. Following this lying, manipulating, sociopath is exhausting…

No. 401266

I find it hilarious that he never shows the time of this email from youtube. Not to mention, he seems to just to find reasons to cover up his fuckery.

He claims to be an actor in his new video and shows how easily it is to switch from one thing to another and make it look believable. How in the world are we supposed to know what's "real" then?

No. 401268

I'm living for this sperg about environmentalism. Classic projection - a guy living in/heating and cooling a huge mansion when he needs 1/4 of that space. Who owns another house just to film in (that he also must heat/cool). Who eats nothing but processed, heavily packaged junk that's shipped all over the world before getting to him.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, Grease, do it. Screaming that everyone steps on bugs doesn't justify how wasteful you are.

No. 401270

Note how his list of what keeps him alive is 100% external validation

No. 401272

Joy's new video proves how hypocritical Onion is. I'm glad she's using his own tactics against him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqzIjfZcr94

No. 401273

Another video about him? Expect six more today and him talking about it all day long.

By the way newfag, don't link directly to her video. Upload it elsewhere.

No. 401274

File: 1498245073493.jpg (30.52 KB, 580x496, onisionfanhateslainey.jpg)

Apparently some crazed fan of onions was the one making the death threats to lainey

No. 401275

that's not just a crazed fan that's one of gerg's mods and a racist piece of shit

No. 401283

File: 1498245803426.jpg (95.85 KB, 810x605, IMG_20170623_212158.jpg)

No. 401284

File: 1498245818080.jpg (82.12 KB, 810x452, IMG_20170623_212215.jpg)

No. 401285

File: 1498245844289.jpg (95.12 KB, 810x530, IMG_20170623_212233.jpg)

No. 401286

But by this definition Jaclyn isn't a freak…. Boob implants aren't unusual in the slightest. He really is grasping at all kinds of straws.

That reply to some kid asking about what's keeping him alive - how fucking heartless. Am I being autistic or was the original tweet worded in a way implying the kid is currently suicidal, wondering what keeps Greg going/looking for advice? And he just makes a list without offering any support. How callous.

Also kek at "I know it is a glitch because youtube directly confirmed to me that the glitch exists" is the same as "I know I have Fields’ disease because doctors say it exists"

No. 401290

I know he's a greaselord but is he actually going for a combo greaser/Elvis look now?

No. 401291

Weird, she actually shows personality in this video.

No. 401292

did they put the dye on his face kek

No. 401293

File: 1498246631361.jpg (798.81 KB, 3140x2076, bellanage-chemical-peel-image.…)

No. 401294


Just like Jaclyn. Now her hair color matches Grease's face

No. 401297


She can't sing and why is Grease treating her like a little kid with special needs?

No. 401298


Because she is special needs in his eyes lol

No. 401299

Well, this isn't at all crazy.

He always treats her that way, in "public" online. I think it has to do with wanting to show how good of a husband he is, or something. Can't threaten precious Lainey, etc, he'll go on a full rage fest ( which I think is just for show ).

No. 401301

he is just…..the ugliest thing ive ever seen omfg…

No. 401303

I have severe anxiety to the point I can't even go into stores by myself. Lainey, if your anxiety is soooooooooo bad then how come you were so comfortable going into that store alone? or is it really not bad? you even forgot your fidget spinner! (joke)
I saged for rambling and no1curr

No. 401304

This bitch wants to "die" because she had to go to the store twice I mean…. why the hell does she have children?!?

No. 401307

She also filmed herself talking to the camera in the store.

Would a person with crippling anxiety do that?


No. 401309


I have general anxiety disorder and panic disorder. It peaked like two years ago, I could barely leave my house. I could barely talk to my own family either, it was so bad. I've worked damn hard at it (without meds, I've been using other techniques, mainly exercise as "therapy" - I'm lucky to get this far without meds tbh), and it's slowly gotten better now and I can go to the store alone most days… yet I'd still consider both conditions pretty severe as they both affect my life on a day to day basis, and what I can and cannot do. But going to the store alone is something I can often do now. I couldn't film myself in a store though heh.

That said.. whilst I can see how someone can consider their anxiety/panic disorders severe yet still manage a trip to the store, but this isn't really in defense of Lainey. I 100% think they are using their anxiety as a shield, an excuse, a way to get out of things. I don't doubt they have anxiety issues, no reason to doubt it, but they definitely use it (or try to) as a 'get out of jail free'-type card.

Also, WHAT are they doing to improve their condition/s? Anything at all? Any effort? I'd like to know about that. I've pushed my limits for 2 years now to improve my quality of life with minimal professional help (since very little was available to me on NHS in my area)… seems Lainey is just sitting there crying going 'mah anxietyyyyy'. Get your finger out and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT if it's that fucking bad jesus.

No. 401311


sage plz and thankyou

No. 401313

I actually like this video. They seem like a normal couple in this, for a few seconds I forgot they're shitty people

No. 401314

She has children because Gurg has an impregnation fetish and doesn't cover his grease knob. The second one was their band-aid baby anyway.

No. 401317

Didnt billie make a video with drew dying her hair?

No. 401319

wtf lainey was likeable in a video??? this is the first time she seemed to be not a wet blanket to me.
i really dont understand her muh anxiety because everything that happened to her was normal derp moments for anyone, its nothing to cry over or cry your having a panic attack over lmao

No. 401321

File: 1498250298344.png (324.57 KB, 418x780, sr jaclyn onion.png)

Onion is so butthurt over the whole SR/Jaclyn thing, that he is moderating the comments in his new video where he calls her an ugly horseface so it looks like everyone agrees with him lmfao.

No. 401322


>i really dont understand her muh anxiety because everything that happened to her was normal derp moments for anyone, its nothing to cry over or cry your having a panic attack over lmao

That's basically what an anxiety disorder/issue/whatever is. Getting panic attacks or anxiety over things that are pretty normal or chill for everyone else. That anxiety/panic response crops up in response to things it should not.

No. 401323

Yeah and Billie and Drew actually have chemistry in their video.

No. 401325

File: 1498250681948.jpg (684.71 KB, 1281x841, Dictionary.jpg)

No. 401326

Yup, I noticed that.
She kind of tends to copy her.

Also Lainey was singing a song that goes like "She makes me feel like shit, but I can't get over her." And then she says that song reminds her how gay she is.

I think she developed some crazy fixation on Billie. Nothing romantic, I don't think she ever had a crush on her… more like majority sided with Billie and Plain wants to prove that she is the one who is right or some shit? I wouldn't be surprised she learned how to narc from Onion

sage for tinfoil

No. 401328

she was kinda cringey and said at a point she's "so gay" but overall just a bit less unlikable than she usually is. she just seems so boring and the type of person that has to relate all things back to her in a conversation

No. 401329

He needs to stop taking those 3 hour long hot showers. His epidermis is paying the price.

No. 401330

She's not gay. She's not even bi. She's a horse faced space prince married to attack of the killer tomatoes.

No. 401331


I think it's more that her husband was going to leave her for Billie, so she thinks that if she copies everything Billie does he won't leave her.

No. 401335


Maybe Onion has a good reason to believe the pedo rumors about his dad.

No. 401336


His dad is not a pedo, it's been debunked a few threads back. Lurk moar.

No. 401337

Kek'd seeing this, thanks Anon.

It was strangely a somewhat likeable video. I suppose what with it being a huge departure from the normal air seen from these two.

No. 401338


To refer to previous post, click on the No. on the top, it'll link to it.

He says he had to sell his recording set to ~~survive~~, I really wanna see the listing for it. All I've seen is the listing of the McMansion.

No. 401340

Although I'm enjoying his narc rage and seeing Jaclyn trolling Onion immensely, she seems as much of a narc as Onion.

They could never date, there wouldn't be enough room in the relationship for both of their egos.

No. 401341

underrated post

No. 401342

Really?! What makes her a narc at all? Nevermind onion level.

No. 401343

How is she a narc? Where the hell are you coming from?

No. 401348

File: 1498253483299.jpg (22.64 KB, 627x626, b8.jpg)


No. 401350



No. 401352

Honestly a lot of her recent videos have made her seem somewhat likeable, still boring as fuck and we all know if she wasn't married to Greg no one would care about her. But its almost as if this crippling camera shyness just sort of… vanished over night. HMMMM.

No. 401353


Btw I think it's like he trained Lameo to be doormat, by rewarding her doormatish behaviout

> Daddy, I defended you on twitter and said shit about your enemies, do I get a reward?

> Right…I'll use your pronounce for few hours and be less scary in your vid, k?
>Yay, thanks daddy!
>Good doormat!

No. 401368

As much of a narc as ONISION?! What the fuck?

You are going to have to back that view up.

No. 401370

C-come inside next time, Onion-kun…

No. 401371

Is Jaclyn the new sperg-chan?

No. 401379

File: 1498258763702.gif (657.83 KB, 380x254, raw.gif)

yah srsly Jac stop trying to be tha star

you have a youtube channel, you're a fucking narc

No. 401381

No. 401385


I wouldn't say a narc, at least not Greg levels. She at least has some kind of conscious. She is definitely egotistical. And while Greg's reactions are funny, her and Richie are attention whoring and milking the situation way too much.

No. 401391

No, it's crazy that onion calls decently attractive people ugly (Ayalla, Jaclyn, im sure there are more) but he is dating a pasty, lumpy horse face with a massive overbite

No. 401393

Classic beta-boy behavior. Remember the bullied fat boy in elementary who was a cunt to everyone? Same thing.

No. 401396

He will never be married to someone who modeled for Playboy lol

Jaclyn literally has her attractiveness reaffirmed by the rest of the world, Onion is so salty he associated w an attractive woman and never brought her into the greasome

No. 401402

Can we stop the Jaclyn discussion here? make a thread about her if you want to talk about her. Stop derailing.

No. 401405

Richie I'd believe, he's a stone throw from gerg level of narc but I can't see Jaclyn bothering herself with it. she's getting her meat from him personally attacking her through gerg

No. 401407

Agreed. What is related however is how many videos Joysus is dishing out - I'm just sitting back and waiting for Gergle to react. Bitch is legit crazy.

No. 401408

A little strange Onion and Joy are quiet from twitter… hmm..

sage for my tinfoil hat

No. 401409

I don't understand why she has to release a new video every few hours instead of waiting a week to get her thoughts together and putting into on concise non-spergy video.

No. 401410

"She releases a ten (10) HOUR video every WEEK."

No. 401412

I'm wondering if she's doing it on purpose to piss Greg off. He wants her to shut up, so she does the extreme opposite and throws out an insane amount of videos to 'show' him that he can't 'silence her', and really winding him up.

When I think of it like that, it's pretty hilarious. She's definitely a bit crazy though either way.

No. 401413

That would make sense. I doubt he would pay much attention to her if she wasn't as outspoken.

No. 401415


Greg sounds like his best friend, Trump.

No. 401416


Mmhmm. He's digging himself a hole to get her to shut up, now to the point of threats of legal action and saying reports of filed with a tone of confidence that suggests Joy will be in court next week.

The teens he'd try to threaten/manipulate into doing what he wants would have been scared into submission by now with this threat of legal action, believing it to be legit and that he'd get them in trouble… this sort of shit will have always worked for him before, since they are usually the ones he tries to manipulate.

But Joy has ignored it completely and turned the dial to 11 on her vid-making. His exaggerations/manipulation tactics are doing the opposite of working. So how much further can he go? He'll be so fucking pissed that it hasn't worked so far, he's exaggerated about how much of a 'case' they have, and so will look undoubtedly like an idiot because of it when she's still making vids and it comes to nothing despite all this shit he has said… and he knows that. And he can't do fuck all about it because Joy is simply not listening to his shit and still making all these vids. In short, Joy is sticking it to him that he's lost control of the situation.

I'm far far from a Joy fan, but I like to think that's the reason she's doing this. And even if it's not, it'll still have the same effect, so I'm with her on this one.

No. 401417

no, she does this for every topic she covers. she is just that fucking crazy

No. 401418


Ah, I see. I unsubbed and stopped watching her ages ago because she pisses me off and I dislike her, only kept up with her during this drama since the live debate. Still think the effect it'll have on Greg is pretty funny though

No. 401419

File: 1498267026153.jpg (1.07 MB, 2064x2376, onionhouse.jpg)

No. 401421

File: 1498267339412.jpg (295.94 KB, 1061x1200, ruserious.jpg)

No. 401422

So… if he's so broke he needs preteen allowances, and he's losing his audience, AND he's about to get fucked by the IRS for years of tax fraud - why do they not sell the McMansion and move into their fully paid off, 3 bedroom house, which is the perfect size for a family of 4 with 2 young kids?

Oh, because Greg's a fucking moron with zero financial acumen, who is incapable of making rational decisions, while thinking he's brilliant, cool headed, rational, and unemotional.

No. 401423

I think in his narc mind that would mean defeat in a sense. Loss of a "status", you know? He absolutely doesn't need any kind of donations and it makes me sick people fall for this crap, even if they're really fucking desperate to spend 10 seconds with him playing some shitty video game.

No. 401426

File: 1498268663439.png (18.9 KB, 438x389, 1490188972146.png)

>death note wallscroll next to the toilet

fuck i'm kekking


No. 401432

I laughed so hard at this. Bitch, they were murdering people in Death Note. How is this even comparable to joy making videos about you? What the fuck. The police in death note had a real fucking case to deal with, not some idiot's internet drama. What a moron.

I was just thinking someone should just make an "Onion debates himself" video, with all his flip flopping in videos. If hes said one thing, hes bound to have said the opposite, because he can never keep his opinions/bullshit straight. It'd be a million times better than any actual debate ever could be.

No. 401441

Well Greg would know all about cheating on his wife; his first and second.

No. 401444

But does the 3 bed come with a basement? If not, then you have your answer.

No. 401452

his head looks like a giant zit.

No. 401460

File: 1498273735510.jpg (29.5 KB, 453x339, craterface.jpg)


No. 401461

I do not approve of this moron having the I want to believe poster .

Btw isnt this supposed to be his mom's house? Or thats another one?

No. 401463

This is such a nice house with so much potential (non US fag so I don't see lots of houses like this despite it being normal in the US), I don't understand why he doesn't just move into it. He's a gluttonous bastard.

I believe this is his set house, the one he absolutely 100% needs to record in despite making most of his videos in his mcmansion. His mother's house is an entirely different property.

No. 401465

Just watched her hair dying video and as someone who works at a Sally's (not a hair dresser though) this fucking mortified me. She bought wayyyyy too much developer, tried to use cream color in a bottle made for liquid color, bought the most basic ass dye kit, didn't measure the developer at all, slapped the red all over her head so she's got fucking hot roots.

Idk maybe I'm just being picky but god that was awful to watch.

No. 401466

He's always seemed incredibly fay to me, everything from his voice to mannerisms to the fact he likes masc genderfluid 'girls' (I think Jaclyn looks like a MTF too) screams gay, but you're right, he would love to be gay so he could get on Shane Dawson's level. It's just another facet of his narc image.

Lamey sounds so pathetic and defeated all the time. But she loves it, she's a professional victim. Also, how is a borderline shut-in who can't even go to the store or vlog in her car without freaking out supposed to raise her kids functionally?

No. 401470

US-fag here, I completely agree and the mortgage price is reasonable for a house that size. Maybe it's just because everything is expensive as fuck where I live (housing in/around D.C. is ridiculous), but I'd buy a place like that if it meant I didn't have to rent an apartment since that's all I can afford out here. One day…

No. 401473


She also used a metal container instead of a plastic one. Bitch should stick with box dyes or wasting Onion's money (c'mon now, it is his money after all) on hair salons.

Oh and sage your shit.

No. 401477


That's because she's FAKE!!!

I battle with some anxiety too. I barely speak to my professors without feeling intimidated and tend to (unintentionally) heighten my voice pitch when ordering or buying something as well as talking to complete strangers while wishing they'd just leave me alone before I start feeling like I'm about to have a nervous breakdown.

I bet Potato just talked nonchalantly with the cashiers while playing the "muhh anxiety, I wanna die!!!" card for dem views.

No. 401479


ty anon, I have been looking for this. Lol at the house looking 100x better and cozy with 3 pieces of stage furniture, than with all of Onion's nouveau riche car bed and dollar poster. Also non-us fag here, it's a cute little house and would totally be enough for their family.

No. 401481

I still cant understand why people keep calling Gorg's house a "mansion". Its a big house yes, but definitely not a mansion, not even a "mcmansion".

His mom's house is smaller than this I think then, right?

No. 401482

Many people deal with anxiety, no one here needs to know ur specific quirks and shit tbh.
We all know she exaggerates it or w/e, so let's stop derailing with "I have anxiety and I can't do this!" Pls..

No. 401485

File: 1498277096132.png (2.7 MB, 1900x1196, greasemansion.png)

It is a McMansion, though. Cheaply built, excessive in size, impractical, uneven and just shit architectural work. Not sure if you have seen the listing for the mcmansion they live in, here you go:


Also, the house he gave to his mom is a smaller, 1 story condo with two bedrooms. Much smaller, but size appropriate.

No. 401486


okay but all the anons sperging out saying she doesn't have anxiety because of their shitty anecdotal evidence, or because they themselves have issues that are different - you do realize you come off as know it all autismos? Even if you do have anxiety, you'd think you'd accept that not everyone experience it the same. Not saying Taylor has it, but still.

>>401482 is right. I'll stop derailing now.

No. 401489


Driveway is one way, let's make the stairway the opposite way! Yeah, there wouldn't be enough room… and whose fault is that?

And what is with that RANDOM dormer for no apparent reason blocking light the the windows beneath it?

There's no symmetry. Just ransom unnecessary levels. How many fucking roof levels are there? It makes the house look like a roof and garages with a house.

Reminds me of this blog of terrible design that makes me howl: http://www.mcmansionhell.com/ It just goes to show you, money doesn't refine your sense, style or tastes.

No. 401490


he has a really weird attachment to death note, he's like those weird kids in middle school who think they're living in an anime irl and can't differentiate between the two.

dude really tries hard to act like L, which is where i think his obsession with logic and facts comes from

they are a very…very hideous couple

No. 401493

File: 1498278425655.png (422.9 KB, 670x377, modelhome.png)

Their house is like the model home in Arrested Development: gives the illusion of luxury, but on the inside is totally devoid of any personality, sensibility, or taste. They match their home perfectly.

No. 401495

File: 1498278689677.png (2.26 MB, 1894x1200, suchluxury.png)


Exactly. Going by some of McMansionhells logic, you can see how shit this house is. Driveway makes zero sense, 10 different sized and styled windows, huge impractical rooms, inconsistent roofing, everything is beige, too many garages, strangely shaped rooms etc. Also, the Greases decorating makes it even worse, since they don't hang anything other than shitty anime posters on the walls and keep moving the one couch from room to room. The bedrooms he used in his IRS-video reminds me of a child pornography horror episode of CSI.

Sure it looks grand and gives you a false feeling of exclusiveness with big windows, big rooms and that weird staircase/bridge situation in the foyer, but it's impractical to decorate, utilize and probably super expensive to heat up and cool with all those fancy big windows. Not that he ever turns on the heat, gotta save the environment (bucks)…

sage for architectural nonsense, but this house is so ugly and they just can't make it seem habitable

>>401493 too accurate, anon. Kek

No. 401496


The wall the screen is on looks like big ass cinderblock. Maybe THAT'S what gave him the idea to use the basement as a dungeon since it already looks like a jail. snicker

No. 401498

Anyone see his new Speaks video? It's called

"Onision: The Actor



He says he can fake how he acts, like when he acts sad or angry or passionate

No. 401499

No. 401500

File: 1498279323738.jpg (187.17 KB, 905x1200, C-ID1pYWsAMIPoc.jpg)


Forgot pic whoops

No. 401504

(you can delete posts for a short period of time if you made a mistake, anon)

He is so fucking dumb, too. Okay, so now the schtick is that he's just an actor who knows how to manipulate his behaviour? Okay, all good, but you forget one thing here, you just outed yourself to your fans as fake, not caring about these body posi videos, and being able to "act" as though as you care.

Most honest, real youtuber you say?
> they fall in for a massive orchestrating, puppeteering of how they perceive me

Thanks for the word salad, bro. Your acting is like your wife's overbite. Reaching and obvious.

No. 401506

File: 1498280137865.gif (1.86 MB, 435x246, 1409.gif)

10/10 >>401504

No. 401509

I can see a bit of a similarity between Greg and Light, as in the delusion and the unstoppable feeling Greg gained when he was in his YouTube prime, grooming little girls. Only difference is Greg is ugly as fuck, not charming whatsoever, and absolutely nowhere near as intelligent as Light was portrayed.

No. 401510

the house never looks that big at first glance until i take note of the garages, and then get an idea of the size of it compared to a person of average height.
that fucking giagntic facade though.

No. 401511

i want to see that guy with the 'i hate mcmansion' website do an analysis on this house. it would be the funniest shit.

No. 401512


He was gonna chain Billie there…

No. 401515

that's literally just up the street from me… way too close for comfort!

No. 401517

No. 401520

This is so excessive. They are two grown adults with two little children. Who needs this big of a house? And he tried to write this shit off as a business expense lol wtf. I need more updates on this IRS shit. Did you actually send them the video onion??
He basically showed how he acts when hes saying he needs money to survive and begs for patreons. But his fans still dont get it.

its a joke.

No. 401522


Old as fuck - it's from 2015, and please post pictures. This is an image board.

No. 401538

File: 1498288482371.png (35.67 KB, 678x222, Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 5.10…)

According to the sale history he purchased it on 12/30/16 for $227,719 and listed it a mere 6 months later on 6/4/17 $239,950.. I didn't realise a houses worth could rise $12k in 6 months! also it seems he's using the same agent he used to purchase the McMansion.. what a blow to his ego that must be, barely 6 months and already has to sell!

No. 401540


Such a "chill guy" that her dog pisses in sheer terror when he comes near it. Totally normal!

No. 401550

All the negativity that Gerg has created, all the hurt he has caused, all that Gerg hates and all he deserves has taken shape and has turned on him and come to roost in the form of a crazy, housebound, YT hound for whom boundaries don't exist. I hope he is driven mad.

No. 401555

Oh man, I have often thought about this myself but I can't edit to save my life. I would love to see a compiled video of every argument that he's said/screenshots of twitter posts that contradict each other. You could probably make an hour long video with the amount of lies and contradictions. I know people break these points down in videos, but if there is no person in the video for onion to attack or try and dance around the question, I feel like he would get less distracted by the person in the video. Kinda like what the blargh did with the video on Lainey saying shit and then it showed something contradictory. If someone made a good video I would retweet the fuck out of it and I'm sure a lot of farmers would.

No. 401561

Yeah as soon as he realised he was going broke and some dumb fans were asking questions about his behaviour, he does what he does with telling people lainey is crying for sympathy, he started forcing her to do videos because she's the more likeable personality. I use to term likeable in regards to his retarded fans, because I do not find her likeable or even remotely interesting. She's sooooo boring jesus

No. 401568

I'm sure his fans do realize what a shitty person he is, they just don't care, most of them are pathetic tweens who would give anything to let Gurg stick his greasy gangrene dick inside of them and fulfill his impregnation fetish.

And the worst part is they actually do stand a chance with him, as we all know he plucks his most pubescent looking fangirls and grooms them into becoming his creepy little grease cult child brides.

No. 401569


See, I can edit videos and I've been wanting to make an Onion one for aaaages -but haven't been up for sifting through the mountains of videos/tweets of him sperging. If we came together to collect the information as a sort of group project, I would edit it all together.

No. 401571

Wtf? I didn't know that, how awful :/ Poor dog. It must be able to sense those malevolent Grease vibes.

No. 401573

I think the bigger issue is the fact that he's almost certainly a sociopath who is incapable of love or genuine emotion, and it's worrying to think any child could be around such a vicious narcissist. There's no telling what people like that will do in a narc rage.

He is generally just a weird, perverse, sadistic control freak who doesn't care about other people's personal or sexual boundaries.

Of course we shouldn't call people pedophiles without any proof but we speculate with pretty solid certainty that he's an ephebophile (given his past, his preferences, and hence why he kept insisting he's not attracted to PRE pubescent children in Joy's debate) and he's certainly not someone I would trust around my daughter or any child in general.

No. 401575


Exactly. He thinks he's being very honest and clever by stating PRE pubescent children. But lets be real, Gergles would have sex with a 12 year old provided she was developed. He already proved he doesn't care about the consent laws when he broke the Mann Act. He justifies his sickness to himself by the fact that these girls he lusts after (such as the young developed 13/14 year olds in his videos) are more physically mature than some of their peers. He is unintelligent enought (or he just doesn't care) to realize that MATURITY is a huge factor. But for Gerg, the less life experience they have- the better. He's just not a very smart man. Children (12-17) are less intimidating and they idolize him so that's his obvious preference.

No. 401576


Peep that coincidence:

>> 3 days ago
>> Loving that if you search for onision on youtube most of the results are joy instead of him.

No. 401577

KEK I was speaking about Joy and her harassment of Onion

No. 401579


No. 401580

Hahaha, he thinks this auto-template of a reply confirms the "glitch" and its level of responsibility for his downfall? All you need is Facts when your brain is this creative with reality.

I… just can't. There is no point arguing with someone this self-serving in all his views. Say something mean? It's ok because it's honesty. Bunch of people died? It's ok because more people died in a worse way some other time and the media ignored it. Own two houses but cry poor? It's ok, I film poorly made skits and rants and write it off on tax. Climate crisis while you waste energy on your mansions? It's ok because people walk on bugs.

Why not kill that rabbit in training then? Millions of more intelligent mammals like pigs are slaughtered every year.

Why care about death threats? Bjork's stalker was way worse and actually tried to kill her and I didn't see Lainey or Onion say anything.

Why even own a Tesla?!?!

No. 401582

reads tag line
spit coffee all over phone

No. 401583

oops lmao wrong person I meant to reply to >>401540

No. 401584

File: 1498301109086.png (476.66 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2779.PNG)

Did anyone catch this tweet before it was deleted?

No. 401587

Grug uploaded an edited, summarized video of the debate with more definitions and "proof". One proof that Joy was lying is because a study show that when you lie you look up and to the right. I don't know which of his channels it was on but he deleted the video pretty quickly. Did anyone download the video?

No. 401588

File: 1498303578773.gif (485.61 KB, 500x268, tumblr_lmnwwg7oFs1qgmd19.gif)

Yeah wtf I swear he's said he's DA MOST REAL youtuber before in an attempt to be superior, now he's fucking embarrassed himself he has to go the other direction.

ALSO, if 'Onision' is a character like FUCK ME is it a turdish boring one

No. 401592

File: 1498305766114.png (25.05 KB, 282x243, Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 8.00…)


aaaand expect at least 9 videos from Joy about this today, but honestly I hope they never stop sperging at one another because he just keeps purging all of his followers everywhere.

( This is twitter )

No. 401593

Maybe he's going to attempt to do a joaquin phoenix and claim it was a social experiment

No. 401594

What did he buy that house for? Time wise it could have been a future home for Billie.

No. 401595

nah man hes not been losing twitter followers for months now. that's just the twitter glitch!!!

Isn't that his "studio" so he can run away from lameo and the kids bothering him. And where he can take his gfs in his poly relationships so he can cheat on lameo in peace.

No. 401607

Thanks anon, let me know how I/anyone can do to help :)

No. 401609

Is that the house Billie always appeared in around the bed?

No. 401610


No, they filmed for the most part in the grease mansion, in one of the bedrooms/editing stations there. Lainey films a lot in that room, and Gregs video on his amazing acting is filmed in there.

No. 401611

Probably not if he bought it in late december. They started having their drama shit after new years since he was mad she smoked on new years, and she never got a chance to come back since they broke up for good. But he was probably planning on it. It'd be much easier to be able to shove lameo (or billie) to the other house when lameo is angry instead of having to send billie back home. Especially when he was planning on keeping her from her family. I'm guessing that was actually the reason he bought the house. Makes the most sense.

No. 401615

My favourite part of his twitter's social blade report is that you can see he loses fans every day he tweets. When he doesn't tweet he doesn't lose fans. It's indisputable proof he is his own downfall.

No. 401618

He just changes words to fit his agenda.

Faking = Acting
Insults = Brutal Honesty
People Calling Him Out = Haters
Surviving = Not downgrading
Rational = No Empathy

No. 401624

I don't think it was meant for her, if it was he no doubt would have used it against her already like "u ungrateful bitch, I BOUGHT U A HOUSE AND U LIE TO US AND MADE LAINEY CRY"

No. 401634

Wait…he's gone a day without tweeting??

I notice whenever he uploads a video he loses the most subs on yt lmao. On days he doesn't, it's less. Especially if it's a really "controversial" video it's like -1k+ in a day. But yeah totally just a glitch and you're making the greatest quality content ever. Sure there onion.

No. 401638

File: 1498318014163.png (810.08 KB, 1314x924, Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 11.2…)

No. 401639

File: 1498318026249.png (40.25 KB, 465x271, Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 11.2…)


kek, everything is rigged against him. Even his IG ( instagram ) is purging followers. I know he's been losing fans merely everyday, but when he's sperging this hard the number drops significantly ( usually only around -40 per day but that becomes -150 or more when sperging hard )

I can't help to notice that all of a sudden his Onision channel is gaining followers now… Is Youtube giving his complimentary bot followers ? Because I'm pretty damn sure 90% of those sub loses are actual people unsubbing his ass.

No. 401641

The person basically said that if it's proven than greg has a thing for underage girls, they hope lainey will leave and take her kids with her

No. 401643

For someone who cares so much about views and stats, it's hilarious that his narcissism is so overpowering that he doesn't make the obvious connection between his own sperging = losing followers. He acts like he doesn't care, but when he says, "Unsubscribe! Unfollow! GTFO!" it's just manipulation to weed out the ones with empathy and logic, and keep the more extreme fans who will stick with him no matter what. Scary shit!

No. 401645

That's not gaining followers. That's +8 and the day isn't over lmao.

Was that really it? I thought it was a death threat or some shit for the person to get banned.

No. 401646

Yeah, but I think greg sent his army to report them

No. 401652

Which is funny considering Greg himself has admitted in the past that girls at 16-18 are perfect child bearing ages and its just common sense then men would be attracted to girls that age! But now he has a hag (22 years old!) for a wife, so he can't play that anymore. At least publicly.

No. 401660

honestly, i started watching the video (i dislike lainey very much mind you) and actually chuckled at parts, esp the spongebob music. the MINUTE she got into the bathroom and greg was there sounding like an obnoxious retard cleaning his ears, then PULLS OUT HIS FIDGET SPINNER, i audibly groaned and closed the tab. what a fucking disgrace to humanity. maybe she's dying her hair red so the tone matches his face and they look even more related.

No. 401662


No. 401667

File: 1498325010218.gif (2.87 MB, 640x360, trustmedaddy.gif)

No. 401671


Ew is she actually saying "trust me daddy"

No. 401672

Yeah, she is. It is both hilarious and shudder-inducing.

No. 401708

>Also Lainey was singing a song that goes like "She makes me feel like shit, but I can't get over her." And then she says that song reminds her how gay she is.

is she trolling at this point?

No. 401713


>then PULLS OUT HIS FIDGET SPINNER, i audibly groaned and closed the tab. what a fucking disgrace to humanity.

I literally burst out laughing at this comment :')

Lainey is so fucking basic,she clings to trends. Has she ever even tried to be original or rebel against ANYTHING in her entire life?

No. 401715

She's such a… pointy person? That makeup does not work for her at all. She looks like that ugly kid from Gummo.

Gurg's a genius, helping dye hair with long sleeves not even rolled up out of the way. Smartest man alive right here.

No. 401724

File: 1498332451740.gif (2.24 MB, 640x360, greasecloth.gif)

She really is a pointy person. Pointy nose, chin, head, boobs. I didn't know what it was about her, but now that you said it, I agree!

He also tried to rinse her hairdye out
with a

No. 401726

Okay if you didn't know the context of this gif, it honestly looks like he's trying to drown her at first glance

No. 401727

lmao A+

No. 401729

I can see it too, the red washcloth looks like it's bloody, and she's lifeless as usual. Kek

No. 401737

I don't really frequent the Onion threads, so as I was scrolling past I got legitimately alarmed for a moment because this is exactly what I thought was going on.

No. 401738

>DC fag
>apt you can barely afford
my nigga ;)

Saged for OT

No. 401750

When was this from? lel kek

No. 401792


No. 401812

I hate how Onion always sends stupid fake emails that he's going to sue people for slander and tries to stop people from posting shit about him when he does it all the fucking time. I was legit sad when keemstar took down his video because I wanted more people to know how much of a dick he was. Im kinda glad Joy is not falling for his shit so she can keep annoying him and making him sperg.

No. 401815

Something that realllly annoys me is when Lameo tries to use slang to pretend she is relevant. "Bless up fam, peep that fleek eyeliner!"
She sounds like the Steve Buscemi meme.

Can someone please find the video where he said this? Because I definitely remember him saying that.

No. 401838

And now her face is as red as her husband's.

No. 401839

Yeah as much as Joy is a huge cow, she pushes gregmas buttons. Its bittersweet having to deal with joy while watching onion sperg.

No. 401843

File: 1498350495571.png (872.54 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0049.PNG)


Indeed. Soulmates 4 evarrr!!!!

No. 401853

fuck greg. go to a dermatologist or something. or a spa. do ANYTHING about your horrific body acne and rosacea.

No. 401865

File: 1498354682783.jpg (20.97 KB, 640x377, 19275127_1898167543789694_6827…)

No. 401870

is that carrot top

No. 401872

File: 1498355434535.jpg (41.43 KB, 477x472, fidget spinner.JPG)

Plank's live on YouNow, spinning her fidget spinner. She says this spinner's name is "Trinity," and it isn't her least favorite or favorite spinner. They have NAMES, FFS.


No. 401885

File: 1498356832406.jpg (42.9 KB, 817x327, Capture.JPG)

> "But finding tall women attractive makes me GAY" - onision 2k17

No. 401897

The name of Lainey's Fidget Spinners:

white one named Oden, orange one named Danny, black one named Trinity, rainbow one named Elliot, Batman one named White Knight.

Also she says she wants an entire box of them.

That's about the most interesting thing going on. Nothing much has happened so far.

No. 401901

topkek anon, that tweet was made to be posted in this thread.

No. 401903

"Greg bring me Trinity!"
Greg brings Oden

No. 401907

File: 1498360015260.jpg (Spoiler Image,172.44 KB, 1068x646, IMG_20170625_050419_901.JPG)

Eww. So dirty.

No. 401908

the projection is unreal

No. 401910

Who the fuck names their fidget spinners? They aren't cute. Is there any trend lameo doesn't immediatley jump on? I'm sure you will still be talking about fidget spinners when the trend dies. lmao.

whats with his fake tattoo obsessions? Go find one that says "I'm a liar" and put it above your ass while you're at it onion boy.

>omg implying your gross tall masculine gf wants to date me? DISGUSTING. If i wanted to date someone masculine i'd be gay!
>omg i thought i saw andy's bulge!!!! <333

Hey onion, Andy is over 6 feet and he actually is a man. He also probably is getting creeped out by your insistence of sexualizing him/making videos where you pretend to fuck him. Yeah…i think thats a little creepier than someone pointing out your obvious jaclyn crush.

No. 401911

>The point is there are laws in this world.

Nah Bunion, the point was that Light shouldn't have played God and murdered people. Even if there was a law allowing it, it would still be fucked up.

Btw-how is Death Note remotely comparable to what's happening? Just no.

It's a nice house, and him and his broodmare are completely undeserving of it. I hope a nice couple or family buys it.

No. 401913

File: 1498361401769.png (87.1 KB, 604x1043, onion.png)

Will he ever stop bringing up kissing shane? I'm sure shane wants to forget that traumatic event.

Also does he think thats a good love story or something? My wife saw me kiss a dude and fell in love with me before ever having spoke to me apparently!!! Then i proposed to her when she was 17 because she was obsessed with me and was willing to lie to her family/change her whole life for me, and married her at 18! Shes been stuck with me ever since! #goals

No. 401915


I've seen some of those tattoos as a kid back in the early 2000's. That era is old and done with, Grease. Move on, loser!

No. 401916


Kek! Even Gertrude and Skye's "love story" was better than this! "Bad boy" notices "good girl" after many girls and stalks her everywhere Edward Cullen-style into submission.

No. 401920

Topkek the fact that he took the chance to brag about kissing Shane Dawson to answer that question. He's also avoiding the obvious that he's been banned for being a danger to young girls.

No. 401931

Wait, wait. Grub was saying some time back when the topic of vidcon came up that he wasn't ever banned, he was warned not to come for his own safety one year and then never bothered trying to go again. If I recall correctly?

No. 401938

File: 1498365326668.jpg (56.89 KB, 498x416, vidcon.jpg)

Here ya go

No. 401942

File: 1498366228553.jpg (43.6 KB, 594x309, IMG_2630.JPG)


No. 401945

>banned because of people threatening my safety
>hank told me not to go.

blaire white has been getting death and rape threats ever since her channel gained traction, and yet she hasn't been 'banned' for her safety (threats you'd probably take more seriously than any threats against onion boy).

i spot a hole in this story.

No. 401947

For once, twilight was actually a better love story.

You expect gerg to keep his story straight for more than 5 seconds? You are expecting too much from him.

No. 401966

Can someone please tweet this to her if it hasn't been done. It's too perfect. I would if she hadn't blocked me ages ago.

No. 401970

Did Lainey ever comment on her husband trying to leave her and her kids for an 18 year old? I know on the livestream she was making excuses for why he had cheated "oh I never told him NOT to fuck my girlfriend, but I told her, so, as a third party to this relationship she is 100% to blame."
Why doesn't she stop and consider how conniving he is and how he obviously had ill intentions the entire time? He just wanted to use her to find a prettier, younger, less lame model of her. Some real Paul Bernardo shit.

No. 401971

Onion twisting the truth again, he got banned because he claimed that "Women who had a lot of sexual partners can't be raped." and then the dumb narc even tried to defend that statement.

Then he started losing massive ammounts of subs so he pretends he never said that.

No. 401972

>She says this spinner's name is "Trinity"

If I didn't know better, I'd think she's trolling.

Lameo, you dumb brainwashed doormat.

No. 401973

I think she admits that as in "Yes, he was willing to do that" but then quickly shifts to blaming Billie.


No. 401982

When he was gonna leave her was the cuddle cheating too, which was 100% him not listening to what she wanted. He had asked her if he could cuddle with billie without her, clearly asked her, and she said no. Then he just STATED he wouldnt do anything he wouldnt do with a friend. Then used that as justification. Lameo just chooses to ignore it now and he even admitted he was manipulating her to get what he wants. And after the manipulation and cheating on her, he still blamed lameo for being jealous and causing it and was going to leave her for billie. He gave absolutely no shit she was upset.

Then the second time he cheated, she just parrots his excuse for him about how she should have made it more clear to him, but she made it TOTALLY CLEAR TO BILLIE SO ITS ALL HER FAULT.

Yeah you made it totally clear to ONION about the cuddling, not to Billie, but still somehow made it all billie's fault in the end there too. Onion clearly admits he manipulated to get what he wants the first time, but she will parrot his bullshit excuse of she never told me as justification for cheating on her again.

She will go through whatever mental gymnastics to justify her relationship and pretend its healthy. This is why idk how sarah and lameo's other "friends" in her life arent screaming at her that shes married to a terrible person, and instead support and defend him. The fuck. Do you even care about your supposed friend? lmao. It's one thing to stick by her during the abusive relationship. Another to go on the internet and defend all his actions, enable her messed up relationship by agreeing that everything is fine, especially for selfish reasons like free housing/exposure to benefit from his money/fame (sarah, mercades). She needs a real friend, but she and onion kick all the decent people out. And all the decent people want nothing to do with onion, and are also getting sick of lameo supporting/enabling his harassment/abuse of others and now taking part in it. Her only chance is some other teen obsesses over him enough that he ditches her for them. That's the only way shes getting out.

No. 401992

I wonder if she accepts this logic from her kids.

"Don't climb on the table."
"Ok." Starts jumping on the table.
"Hey, stop that!"
"What, you never explicitly said I couldn't jump on the table!"

No. 401996

Lol I hope the opposite. I hope he's forced to sell it, and it's a struggle for him and no one wants it

No. 401997

Lainey's and Onion's kids would probably be very ill tempered I think. Speculation of course, but i doubt lainey or Greg would bother to discipline them and seem like the type to put them in daycare/drop them off at greg's mums or even just buy them whatever they want so they don't misbehave. Also from what drew said about them crying all the time, makes me think they are either little shits who scream and cry for attention (more than regular kids) orrrr they are highly stressed and cry from trauma eg- being neglected while daddy has threesomes/plays video games with teenagers and mummy plays with her fidget spinners and talks to kids far too young for her.

No. 401998

Oh man, i hope these kids don't start learning and spouting onion logic in the future. One onion is enough.

>"Did you call that kid a stupid loser?"

>"Yes. What's wrong with that? By definition, 'stupid' means lacking intelligence or common sense, and loser means a person who loses or has lost something. He clearly lacked intelligence because he gets worse grades than i do, and he has lost to me before in a game, therefore BY DEFINITION he is a stupid loser"
>"But that's not very nice to say. You shouldn't say that to someone."
>"I'm just stating the facts mom. Don't argue with me. Argue with the facts."

No. 401999

Oh my gosh or imagine if Lainey brainwashes her spawn to be tumblr sjw non binary trash like herself and the kid ends up with identity issues or it backfires on her and the kid ends up more snowflakey than her.
'Claire/whoever, could you please clean your room?'

No. 402000

The young years are the most crucial years where you need to model good behavior for your kid and appropriate ways to display and handle emotions. There's no way these kids weren't there during some of these fights that go on in that household. And the fact that lameo describes herself as super anxious and always crying, they are picking up those behaviors too.

I can imagine her kids will have problems with anxiety or depression in the future. They probably will struggle with regulating emotions because they aren't learning it from their parents since they cant do it themselves. Lameo not treating her own problems is def affecting the kids.

I only hope they end up disliking their parents and wanting nothing to do with them/to be different from them. I'd rather onion want nothing to do with his kids then be overprotective/controlling of them and never letting them go anywhere or do anything. And I bet her kids will just be straight cis kids, and lameo will be disappointed.

Is she gonna still be talking about how gay and poly she is and how she wants a girlfriend but doesnt want one while these kids grow older? Imagine your mom bringing a 18 year old new girlfriend in the house and has all this drama with her and your dad vlogs about it online to the whole world while he mentions how great the threesomes are, while you're in middle school and everyone else you know has normal loving parents. These poor kids. Please purge your channel before they grow any older. None of your kids need to find those videos you've already made.

No. 402002


Onion deleting comments, not surprising but still hypocritical.

No. 402008


I hope his kids actually grow up hating him and eventually out him on the internet. I just imagine him going to lie about something and his 14 yr old son drags his ass on twitter and shows the "facts/proof".

Though at the rate of unfollows/unsubs he's going he probably wont last till then, and no teen wants to support a jobless 40yr old.

No. 402011

I wonder when her kids are misbehaving and acting like brats, does Lamo break down crying and spins her fidget because her kids made her ~*anxious*~?

No. 402012

I noticed he was moderating comments on that video where he calls Jaclyn Glenn a "horseface". Video had about 60% dislikes, but all the comments were agreeing with him like "omg onision slay her! she is a horseface how dare she" and there were no negative comments at all.

I think his ego got bruised so much by SR and Jaclyn that he spent the whole day monitoring comments just to show how right he is lol

No. 402014

File: 1498392926883.png (558 KB, 1080x717, IMG_20170625_131333.png)

Just straight up admitting to reading what the Anti-Os say?

I know we all know he stalks where his detractors discuss him, but in this video he is being super transparent about it as far as I can tell.

No. 402019

has lainey ever mentioned why she doesn't see a therapist for her anxiety if it's so bad? or are they ~too poor~ and ~pls donate to patreon for lainey's partial hospitalization~~~

No. 402024

im pretty sure its due to onion, he thinks all doctors and therapists are liars/stupid. When Lain tried to get them to go to marriage counseling they went ONCE. and then onion convinced her that they were find and it was stupid to pay for going

No. 402025

His face is filtered to the hell and back.

No. 402028

Lameo pretends talk therapy doesnt exist. She only mentions "i'm not on medication for it, i might need it in the future" and "i cant go on medication because im breastfeeding. im trying natural things like lavender scents blahblah". But she adamantly says "I was diagnosed with panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and severe social anxiety", but at one point says by a physician, so who knows what bs shes making up or how long ago this supposed "diagnosis" was. It most likely was diagnosed by doctor lameo. She will never see a therapist as long as shes with onion. Even their couple counseling only lasted a day because onion said it was stupid.

No. 402029

I think the only reason Lamo is anxious is because she's afraid someone will confront her about her two-faced and behaviour and lies she puts out. So every time she speaks to someone she has to try to keep her story straight and at the same time be afraid she gets asked for the contradictory bs she spews around.

No. 402033


I'd go with this. Since this is anonymous, I can admit this - I swear this is how my own anxiety disorder developed.

I was a really two-faced, manipulative, selfish teenager. I ended up constantly worried/anxious as I tried to keep up with all the shit I pulled. I became socially and generally anxious because of it.

I whipped myself into shape by the time of my later teen years, not because of the anxiety feelings, but straight up because I didn't want to be shitty to people anymore. I just grew up and out of being an utter shit, I guess. I wouldn't have stopped just to stop the anxiety, I don't think, as that constant 'worried' feeling I blamed on everything and everyone else but myself despite it being self inflicted (come to think of it, sound like anyone?!). Despite not being that type of person anymore in my adulthood, my 'worry' had already properly developed into an anxiety disorder and stayed. I have general anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder.

I recognise a lot of the manipulative/selfish/abusive tactics/behaviours I used to use in Onion… not so much Lamey, but she might be more subtle about it. Onion isn't. He's so blatant, but I can't imagine he gives a fuck about the comeback because he feels invincible.

No. 402042

I imagine the kids will either really thrive in school after a rocky start, or exhibit more and more challenging behaviours over time.

They may well test the limits of school, especially initially, but with a firm hand, consequence-based discipline and always following through with what you say, soon respect the authority of teachers. In addition to seeing the rewards of good and kind behaviour of course.

That, or they'll rattle against authority from the get go, end up with various diagnoses that don't entirely fit, when the reality is they're just unhappy and feeling insecure and unloved at home.

Or third option - Onision and lainey, in desperation for views try to become a family friendly channel when child one hits five-ish, initially excited by the influx of views that goes with having a cute kid. Post more and more, do a few challenge type vids. Over time this devolved into weirder and weirder stuff (Shiloh-style) until we have another Daddy o five situation on YouTube.

No. 402046

Lainey said last night she liked thinspo before because she wanted a smaller chest.

Onision prefers small breasts.

This made her identify with transgender.

No. 402047

She has such a masculine face. That's why only short hair suit Lamo, I can't imagine her with long hair and mid-lenght looked like utter shit on her.
Also, Trinity? Even ignoring the whole "naming fidget spinners" bs, it's like she's either trolling or begging to be laughed at.

No. 402048

File: 1498405042897.png (567.98 KB, 1133x1063, pictriev face search engine.p…)

Samefagging, but I tried pictriev on that picture and look who came up as first in the lookalike list. I swear it wasn't made up!

No. 402050

So all that time back then when she tried to deny her having a eating disorder, she was restricting calories and posting/looking at thinspo. And you wonder why people thought you had a ED?

No. 402082

Anyone knows what the fuck is going on with the whole face-tattoo/whole body tattoo thing? And how are people on the comments stupid enough to believe they're real?

No. 402091

File: 1498411936390.png (Spoiler Image,4.2 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_5713.PNG)

No. 402092

THIS. I hate to admit it too, but when I was a lying, manipulative, criminal little shit in high school, my anxiety would peek when I was comfronted w/ the truth, or anything that might "out" me. & other "criminals" I worked w/ would have full-on panic attacks when faced w/ evidence, or a possibility of being "outed"/caught. Coincidentally for Lainey, when she's "having serious anxiety"/panic attack/crying is usually always related to when the "haters" are asking questions on younow/twitter/YouTube confronting her about her/gregs shit behavior. Anytime a "hater" posts evidence or confronts Lainey, to her face (live streaming), w/ the truth or a bad thing she/Greg did she's "having anxiety!!11" or "muh wife is crying!". ESP when big expose scandals occur such as the Billie cheating/Billie basement/pedo vids/even joys recent vid on Lainy lying/Etc. then the smallest thing that might "out" her she cries and claims mental illnusss!!1. It's not like these "haters" who are making her cry are saying "kys" or sending rape threats. They're always just confronting & questioning her shit behavior. Suddenly then it's tears & fidget spinner time. Even when someone made that fake Billie younow account and posted EMOJIS in the debate chat when Lainey was on, she lost her shit, cried, claimed anxiety, believing it was really Billie's account. Any hint of her shit behavior coming back to bite her fuckin triggers her. What.a.coincidence. +gregs constant tweets that "haters just made muh wife cry!" "Exposing my abuse is giving Lainey anxiety attacks, thanks LYING HATERSZZ!!!1"

Just like when fuckin children are confronted w/ breaking a lamp in their parents home. That's Lainey, bc she sure as hell isnt anxious enough to FILM & talk to a camera inside Ulta around dozens of people & livestream every single week w/ hundreds watching her. She's fine until a "hater" starts confronting her w/ truth. Strange huh?

No. 402098

His fanbase is generally stupid, that's how. I thought he was just using tattoos his kids had because he had a minion one originally. But I guess he bought himself a pack of some real "edgy" ones.

No. 402108

File: 1498414147934.jpg (71.9 KB, 640x438, tattedonion.jpg)

Without a doubt the best he's ever looked, anything that covers him up is an improvement.

They're for a series of skits he's uploading to his main channel, acting all serious about how he ruined his life or whatever and has to disguise himself or something. Was boring, didn't really watch, but that pretty much sums it up.

No. 402109

samefag, forgot to add that he's still trying to prove shit about his military service, got them hard FAX out and everything

No. 402110

File: 1498414697288.png (1.18 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0071.PNG)

How much paper and ink was wasted in these "documents"? …lol

No. 402111

Oh and he now claims adjustment disorder = major depression (from seeing the med records Keith put out).

Of course, the dumbasses buy it.

No. 402114

That's okay, he'll just write it off on his taxes.

No. 402118

She's 23 in October, I think she looks way older than 24…. She seems to have the same nose as Shane, speaking of her nose it is rather manly.

No. 402119

This motherfucker has a pool table in his "office" / "editing bay". Just for that alone, the room can no longer count as tax deductible.

It's gonna take time, but the IRS is gonna fuck him hard (again, because this is the second time he's got caught), and he's got less YouTube bux to count on this time.

No. 402120

You say it like you're joking when it is more than likely he actually does that XD(XD)

No. 402126

are we to assume he got away with it before? he was previously audited but if he was forced to pay back the IRS I think we would've heard about it.. unless last time they just gave him a warning? I just don't understand how someone can be so retarded as to think they can claim anything and everything on their tax so long as it was featured in a YouTube video they made income from…. "I used my PS4 in two videos so I am allowed to claim it's $400 price tag as a deduction! Oh and this hair brush? yep I use that to style my hair like a 15 year old myspace emo so I can attract more young edgy teenagers to watch my videos so I am allowed to claim that as a business expense too.."

No. 402132

why are people saying this is a mcmansion… this is an average sized house for an average price. yeah i get the architecture is bullshit but so are half the houses in america. this really isn't a huge house.

No. 402133

I cant decide if onion likes small tits because he's crypto-gay or because he's into 12 year old girls. Or maybe both? That's why he was so mad Jaclyn got the boob job.

saged for nothing new

No. 402134

>> he was previously audited but if he was forced to pay back the IRS I think we would've heard about it..

We have; he said in one of his recent videos that he had to pay the IRS $18,000 for his little "divorce is totally a business expense!" stunt. He still thinks he was right and the IRS was wrong, but he had to pay fines and back taxes from his last audit, and listed the sum like it was a concession he granted them out of exasperation, and not the money he tried to hide from the government because he's a moron.

So he's on their radar already, and was forced to pay back $18,000 last time. It's going to be a lot more than that this time.

No. 402135

this is for his smaller "set" house anon, not the one they are living in

No. 402139

In his video about his "Texas ex" (Shut up about poor Adrienne already Greg, geez) he reiterates the fact that he cannot handle being alone. He just can't do it. Which explains why Lainey is so anxious 99% of the time. I just can't picture her being so studid that she can't see right through Greg when he pressures her about a new gf. She can't really believe that he wants to find her "twin flame" for her right? Like he said, he can't be alone. So he has to find his safety net backup girl BEFORE he will leave Lainey. So if she would just not fall for his obvious trap of a "girlfriend," he'd be safely in her clutches forever.

But honestly at this point I'm genuinely not sure if I want him to leave her (so we can enjoy our long-awaited I-told-you-so to Lainey) OR if I want him to be stuck with the same woman/kids for life and never be able to touch a teenager again. Really not sure which outcome would be sweeter…

No. 402145

I wasn't aware of that, thanks for clearing that up… strange considering I generally try and keep up with everything that has gone down with him.. in a recent video he made we could see on his backdrop that he had been visiting Tax Audit advice websites so he is at least somewhat aware that he's gonna be up shit creek again.

No. 402147

I'm really surprised that after that he still continued to learn nothing? Surely he would know this new investigation was inevitable

No. 402152

Lainey has a new video up reading old texts from Greg.
All I can say is how SAD it is seeing how INTO him she is, and how NOT into her he is. Like genuinely sad. Not even a gloating kinda sad either, but a sad feeling of wishing she had a friend to tell her "hey can you spot the difference of Greg back win he was trying to win you over at 17 vs now??"

He seemed like he could care less reading those texts. When he read past-Gergles telling her that waking up next to her would be "a dream come true" he was like "yeah it kinda is a dream come true…it's just you get used to it…so…" And then Lainey gets all emotional as if they are still so on fire about each other. I guess she didn't just hear his completely monotone lack of interest????

He just seems so bored with her and NOTHING he does can make her see that. If his reactions to those old texts stirred nothing in him, then what will? In the texts he told her "I live for you because I live for love" and instead of sweetly saying "I still live for you" or something similar, he just confirmed that he can't live without a girl (seemingly interchangeable because it doesn't specifically have to be Lainey) in his life…How romantic.

No. 402153

oh my bad, thanks

No. 402157

well said anon

No. 402160


That video made me feel sad too. I don't understand how Lainey can't see the difference between how he was then, and how he is now. She seems to be stubbornly believing (trying to convince herself?) that he's still that 'in love' with her.

That said, was he ever in love with her to begin with? He has a record of rebounding upon break ups, proclaiming passionate TRUE LOVE for the very next person he meets, being all romance-personified to get them, and then sticking to them like a barnacle. Then get bored, dump, repeat process.

I seem to remember that he did it with Billie too. Got all passionate over her, was going to leave with her even, then that didn't work out, Billie got 'dumped' (as Greg does when he can't control them well anymore), and when Billie left he got all romantic and loving over Lainey again for a while, until that died down again. Like Lainey was this ready-to-use rebound chick. Like that's all she ever was, only difference is she's the one he never bothered to get rid of because she's so obedient and gulliable.

Yet she seems to really, really love him and still feel romantically/passionately. He couldn't care less for her. There wasn't even a smile from him at those texts. Absolutely nothing.

No. 402162

i saw that too and it's soooo painful how uninterested he is, and he'll like explain why he said something "oh i can't live without love so i was saying this because i need to be loved" or some shit like that and shes all crying as if that love is still alive? part of me wondered if she was crying because he doesnt speak to her like that anymore, but she was probably also using this as a way to ignore the truth… if that makes sense. remember how much he loved her and use that as validation somehow that he still does..

No. 402163

it was actually awful how monotone his voice was, not even a "i fell hard for you" but a "yeah i was going back and forth between you and another girl for a while"

someone should post a mirror of it if they have one

No. 402168

the idea of her damn near crying at his highly impersonal robot texts just gives me a case of the sads. she get emotional and all he can say is "that's intense." these guys are LITERALLY the opposite of "couple goals" and i cringe so hard seeing all the commenters telling them they're perfect.

No. 402169

that vid just highlighted why he loves 17 yr olds. there's a part that shows one of his first texts to her and it's about how unique she is and he's never felt this way about anyone. like uhh you guys barely know one another. only a teenager wouldn't have the sense to think that he was a creep.

also yeah he doesn't even smile once lol

No. 402172

Super good point!

I think Lainey's goal of reigniting those feelings he had for her actually backfired pretty heavily. If anything it probably just reminded him how fun and exciting it was trying to ensnare a new teenager who idolizes him and adores him. I can't see Greg liking married life and the real struggles that come along with it. With an obedient little teenager (and no kids yet) he was able to live out his fantasy of "rescuing" her from "Mr. Grump" …Maybe that's why he liked Billie so much. She was his new teenager to "rescue" from her "criminal family" and he could provide a good life for her in his mind. Once again putting him back on his savior pedestal, and fulfilling his God complex

No. 402174

The very next time an eager to please hot little 17-19 year old manic pixie dream girl comes along and falls at his feet adoring him and ready to be obedient , Lainey is history. 100% sure of that. Unless he can swing another 'trinity' I guess, but that will depend on what the new teen hottie wants. If she doesn't, Onision will be jumping ship.

No. 402175

Wasn't he talking to her at 15? In one of his old calls to Adrienne (I think?) he said something about 'the only other person I talk to is in school.' So I bet he was talking to her the same way then, as well. But go on and tell us you're not chasing young pussy, Gurg.

No. 402178

she was deeeeeff in highschool when they were sending those texts, I might be wrong but i think there was someone who found her old twitter where she posted screencaps of those messages and she was still in school doing cheer or gymnastics or whatever. Greg mentioned in the video how she was in "college" but the only college girl has ever gone to is online AFTER marriage so… ?

No. 402180

In one of the texts Selena or whoever asks how long practice was that day. She was definitely in high school. What 26 year old man pursues a high schooler for marriage?

No. 402182

i want to believe this but my fear is that public opinion of him at that point will be so low that he might stay to court favor again with the public. maybe he's too stupid to realize that if he loses his audience completely that won't be able to support himself as he's basically unemployable, i don't know.

lainey is getting weirdly and wrongly popular, either that or half the people i see in her younow are people like me who can't stand her and want to see her retardation.

No. 402183

That's why they're searching for someone to join the 'trinity.' It's a selfish act on Gurg's part so he gets to have his cake and eat it too. Plainey is too brainwashed at this point to ever find a backbone to stand up to him. If he can find someone interested in the trinity he gets to fuck a younger girl while keeping his wife on the leash.

No. 402186

Jesus fuck how many videos will Joy put out?? I feel like there's a new video every hour

No. 402187

I can't decide if this whole relationship is sad or amusing. Gorp is used to getting tired of women and moving on from them. He either "dumps" them or gets them pissed enough to leave, but not with Lainey.

She is holding onto him with a death grip and I think it's kinda funny to watch him get stuck like that. He knows that if he leaves her, a majority of his fans will side with her (like with Cuddlegate), but she is too delusional to leave him no matter how horribly he treats her.

It's kind of a twisted sort of karma, really. The only way that he could attempt to resurrect his channels is by divorcing her, but we know that's not going to happen because neither of them have the backbone to do it.

No. 402188

Lainey did a YouNow stream where she put on shit makeup, she addressed the DD/LG rumors and said they weren't part of the community, they don't live that lifestyle and that she only has a daddy kink. Apparently someone said she was an adult baby for drinking out of a sippy cup.

Idk, I kinda believe her. But at the same time, it's probably because I want to find some redeemable quality so bad.

No. 402190

crypto-gay has always been my guess. The Andy obsession, Lainey turning into Lain Boy Space Prince, Shiloh head shaving, the weird shit Cyr had to say about him in that interview an anon transcribed for us. The list goes on for me. He's ragey about it and struggles with it is my perception.

No. 402204

File: 1498428589222.jpg (26 KB, 384x289, sad.JPG)


Here's the mirror:


Another shining example of what a disgusting ephebophile Onion is. He was completely enamored with Lainey when she was still a teen. So many of these texts he sent her scream "grooming" to me, but Doormat still can't see it. Sad af.

No. 402206

Yeah, some anon was sperging about it earlier in the thread, and was tweeting at her that she was disgusting because apparently the sippy cup + daddy kink + following binkieprincess = irrefutable evidence that Plain is not only into DD/lg but also is an adult baby. I believe her too, mostly because if they were into the lifestyle I think she would be milking it more for attention/views.

Idk, he seemed like he just woke up and would just like to get it over with and go take his morning piss or something. I thought it was kind of nice to see him not be a clown and take all the attention in HER video like he normally does. This is probably the closest we've ever gotten to see the casual everyday Gerg, I imagine this is how he is around the house most of the time. A tired workaholic more eager to go work on his shit content than spend time with his "spouse" and family.

I think he does love her, as far as a narc is capable of loving someone other than themselves. Throughout the video his focus is more on what was going on with him and his life, how he is as a person etc, than their developing relationship. And that's how their dynamic is always going to be, they're married but Plain will always just be a supporting role in the movie that is their relationship.

No. 402207

There are probably a lot of people who dislike her in her YouNow streams. She blocks anyone who openly questions her about anything, so I keep my comments neutral. I imagine a lot of others do the same. The genuine diehard fans in her chat are usually kids, if you take the time to visit their profiles. I don't think she's as popular as it seems.

There is a new video every hour or so, lmao. Joy has her own thread here for a reason. She's a very milky cow herself, but she pushes so many of Gurg's buttons, I love it. It's a real battle of narcissists; I hope they stream together again at some point, because that was fucking beautiful.

No. 402212

It must make plain very sad to know that Greg sees her fanbase more fuckable than her.

No. 402213

you'd have to assume spaceprinxe is smart enough to correlate

No. 402215

There is NO love from Greg holy shit. Lainey getting upset probably because it's sad to look at when your husband used to love you

No. 402216


The way he reads those texts with no apparent emotion or joy is so weird and sad for her. She seems so invested in him/addicted to his bullshit and lovebombing and wants his approval so bad. I too think it's his everyday self, which must be so demotivating to be around.

No. 402219

File: 1498431023118.png (1.08 MB, 1108x826, bighead.png)

His head is fucking massive. I know he's a manlet and we make fun of him for it all the time, but I really haven't seen how big his head is until now.

Sage for non contribz

No. 402220

The only love he shows is the literal word on his wrist kek

No. 402221


I recognize your writing style and you're definitely the same anon who is always lowkey defending Greg.

Not that you don't have some good points when you do, just definitely disagree on the whole "he was tired and wanted to get back to his own stuff" because it's not hard to show a little admiration or love for someone if you actually love them. He seemed completely detached.

No. 402222

Anyone wanna compare Grease's first and second marriages? At least he shows a little…emotion.

Don't worry, this shit has been re uploaded!

No. 402225


Lol I didn't even realize when they stated talking that greg was rebounding off of Shiloh and even Adrienne. So their entire marriage is a result of him wanting to fill an empty slot (punny). No wonder he shows no passion towards her at all.

No. 402227


>I think he does love her, as far as a narc is capable of loving someone other than themselves

Considering that actually means 'he doesn't love her at all, at most he might want her around for supply/whatever benefits she supplies' then I guess I agree?

He doesn't love her. He knows he doesn't, too. It's written all over his face,and not even just in the most recent video. The one with their 'date' was just as obvious.

He's getting bored of her. He's even getting bored of acting as if he loves her, obviously. What she 'supplies' is boring to him now. She's also older, less of a shiny toy. Once he gets better elsewhere, mark my words, she'll be left in the dust if his new chosen one wants him to herself like what would have happen if Bilie had accepted him.

He'll totally keep tatty old armchair Lain around if he can though, but he is absolutely bored of her - and not in any type of love.

No. 402228

Wew lad he doesn't have any of this genuine-ness for lameo. He'll make fifty videos proving how much he loves her and their relationship is great but I think he really felt like Skye was his other half.

Lameo hasn't travelled to different countries with him, she wasn't there for the transitional period in his life when he went to the military. His first wife was his rock and literally tolerated his bullshit till the end and all Lainey does is cry because she is not a strong person and let's Greg walk all over her. And he likes that because it makes for a beneficial relationship rather than a genuine love one.

No. 402230

I agree, Lainey is just a cum rag at this point to him. She benefits from being in a relationship where she doesn't have to worry about money and Greg fucks her whenever he misses Billie. I think he cares about his children, but even they are more of a consequence of his actions (his impregnation fetish) rather than a decision that he 1000000% wanted

No. 402231

I don't make those kind of posts very often, but I like giving things a bit of nuance I guess? English isn't my first language, I don't really mean to "defend" him but I suppose to other anons it comes across that way. When anons speculate how he is behind the camera I do the same but like to speculate the other way, I'm kind of obsessed with horrible people having normal qualities and vice versa if that makes sense.

Oh, I didn't mean that he was acting appropriately being that way, it was just my first thought since he's usually so obnoxious in her videos.

That's what it means, yes.

No. 402233

he lives like, uncomfortably close to me

No. 402234


sage your shit and you've said this before, so please do feel free to either: act on your weirdo desires, or shut the fuck up about it. thanks!

No. 402238


Say hi to him whenever you see him.

No. 402240


His S's infuriate me. This is the period where he imitated Shane Dawson in the way he spoke and acted on camera.

Imagine having this shit online and knowing your husband said she completed him, that she was the soulmate, that he wanted to be with her 24/7, and then he's married to your boyish ass and buys a fucking house to work away from home and away from you. He wanted to be around Skye so much that he didn't want her to work - he wanted her to spend all the time he could with her. Which is sick and controlling in its own way, but at least he showed some animation and emotion when talking about their marriage.

>it's a partnership, it's a love interest, yes - we do have sex, we do enjoy it, [but] there is so much more to us, more than pretending to make babies

No. 402246

This is really sad… I don't understand how she can't see it. Who edited this? Her or Grok?

Like when she says "Greg dreams 2 nights in a row… sign!" and Gregma goes "how is that a sign" in the most deadpan loveless voice…

There's no way he loves her

No. 402248

Didnt she claim those 2/12/12 texts that were the first time she talked to him? But now they admit she was talking to him the whole time he was getting back with his ex's, and she was already talking about how they are getting "so married" in february texts. Wtf. She claims they start talking 2/12 then already 2/20ish shes telling her friend hes so in love with me and were totally gonna get married! That's before they were even "officially dating" 2/27 according to her. What the actual fuck. He basically is telling her hes gonna marry her and that he loves her not even a week after talking to her? And she and her friend think this is normal. lmao.

All his texts are such cheesy bullshit he obviously has spouted at every girl hes dated or tried to get with. Yet it's fucking depressing seeing lameo still at this age sitting there acting so giddy as if he wasn't totally just telling her what she wanted to hear. Shes so naive its depressing. Does she really think he saw her online and realized she was the one for him and that she was oh so special and no one else in the world is like her one week after meeting her? No, hes said this bullshit to everyone hes wanted. Lameo is so dumb and naive, it's painful.

No. 402251

timestamp 4:16 - That legit speaks volumes about Greg. He loves being loved and adored,he can't stand not having attention

No. 402253

So they started "dating" on 2/26, confessed their love for each other on that day and then expressed interest in marriage on 3/1. Sounds like it was an extremely well thought out and mature decision. Also, taylor was 17 yrs(4 months) and greg was 26 yrs(3 months) during the start of their relationship. He referenced her going to college the next year in one of his texts so he definitely knew how old she was. This whole video just makes them look so creepy.

No. 402255


I see, she was never a fucking cumdumpster heifer-breeder to him like Lamo and the others. He probably saw more than that of her (iirc he even stated how he fell for her weirdness and "dark aura" when he finally noticed her in his old journals) and stated once (or twice) that no one compares to her. I bet she was one of reasons why he didn't shoot up his school before graduating.

I can see why he shits on (while low-key stalking) her whenever he gets the chance, in a way.

Tay looked so happy and content with reveling in the past that she barely noticed Onion's disinterest to the point where he seemed to feel forced hugging her and kissing her for the camera.

Saged for possible retarded speculation

No. 402259


Imagine being 17 fucking years old and deciding to get married to your biggest idol and rightfully being over the moon - fast forward 5-6 years and you're stuck with the biggest asshat on the internet, two kids who he probably doesn't care about, and making a living for your family by streaming your arbitrary life and shitty makeup skills on the internet. And you stay with him because it's all you've ever known. All that wasted potential and personal growth. I do think she will end up leaving him in her late 20's, though.

The novelty of their relationship must have worn off and slapped her in the face when they had Troy and he became increasingly controlling and spergy.

No. 402260


>Shes so naive its depressing. Does she really think he saw her online and realized she was the one for him and that she was oh so special and no one else in the world is like her one week after meeting her?

I sincerely believe that Lainey is legit retarded on some level. I know it's cool and shit when senpai notices, but is she so ridiculously overwhelmed by these basic bullshit pimp lines that Greg throws at her?

My god, he's living on Easy St. He could beat her and this dullard wouldn't have a problem with it. Guaranteed she would even find some way to make it her fault. Insane.

Greg, if you're reading this, why don't you force your wife to whore herself out to men for cash? You'd make more than the Patreon thing and you know she'd do it for you.

What a piece of shit.

No. 402261


I think you should never meet people you idolize, ever, for this very reason. Gretch is defff the worst case scenario but I've never seen it end well.

No. 402262

Unless you're going to show evidence or get all up in his face, no one cares.

No. 402263

She probably scrolls through those texts on the daily to convince herself he loves her. Those texts make some sense when she was a 17 year old obsessed fan at the time, but it seems her mind is still stuck as a 17 year old to not see the shit hes pulling on her. She also witnessed how fast he was about to dump her for another girl he just met, who he was spouting the same shit about how he loves her too. I loved when she was amazed he could say that to someone he just met (billie), when he had done the same thing to her. And she still thinks he loves her? Really gurl.

No celebrity/internet famous person should date an obsessed fan, let alone propose marriage right after talking to them. That's a huge power difference along with their ages. But all onion wants is people who idolize him and tell him hes amazing, so he would only ever date a fan. She was very naive and whats up with her friends at the time not calling out how fucking weird this marriage bullshit is. If only lameo had a good friend at the time who wasn't completely stupid like her, and didn't encourage her and slapped her with some reality, she might have been able to avoid this. I cant imagine even at the age of 17 encouraging my friend to marry some e-celeb she met a day ago.

No. 402269

Imagine being so lame that your biggest idol and "celebrity" crush is Onision?

No. 402277

She had a list of like 6 youtubers she wanted to marry. Onion was the only creep on the list who actually would do it.

But I also dont get why people are even onion fans, when there are so many other celebrities and youtubers that are actually entertaining, dont have a tomato face, and dont yell at you for disagreeing with them/pulling your donations from them. How does he still have fans? People are weird.

No. 402281

This would make me lose respect for her if I had any left, which I don't.

No one on YouTube is worth getting excited about like that

… except maybe salvia erik

No. 402283

We all agree and know that Gretchen would leave her in a heartbeat if he had some teen on the side. So, tinfoil hat on for a second, what if he is already using Patreon to scout for/is talking to a new girl? Wouldn't that be the perfect cover for an emotional affair? Greg messaging some sweet teen who PAYS him and he can just brush it off as "his job" to talk to her. And because he wouldn't want to broadcast this budding romance to Lainey, we wouldn't hear nill about it until he decided to actually act on it. For instance, viewers/blog sites didn't know about Shiloh until well after their little affair started. Heck, even poor Skye (presumably) didn't know. So I'd be extra mad if we are missing out on lots of Milk just because Onion has to hide things from Lainey. Or, do we think he's too "moral" to do that? I know he hates cheaters with a passion (he LOVES to bring up Shiloh cheating on him) but didn't he cheat on Skye WITH Shiloh? Seems hypocritical to me. Anyways, what do we think? Think he has someone on the side he confides in?

Sage for tinfoiling

No. 402299

I don't know where he would find the time really. His channels are dying, he's being audited, trying to sell the recording house, sperging on twitter, making and editing his shit content, still thinking about Billie, gathering military fax, dealing with his SKIN DISEASE, "suing" Joysus, hating social repose while lusting after his wife, looking up dictionary definitions, crying over how Andy will never love him back and probably a lot more crazy shit I've forgotten about, all while trying to keep his spaceprince from crying and raising his offspring.

By his own logic he didn't TECHNICALLY cheat on Skye, the same with Billie so I don't think he would unless he managed to find a loophole somehow, but he's pretty creative in that department so who knows.

No. 402302

I feel like if his channels werent dying, he would have already found a replacement. But hes focusing on his channels dying, that he might not want to make the risky move of dumping lameo and losing her fans. I also dont think he plans to dump her anytime soon because shes such a good puppet for him and will do anything he says, lie for him, attack others for him, justify all his actions for him, shit on her own family/friends if it means supporting him, etc. Shes such a trained puppet that speaks and acts on command. If he wants a new girl, he will just turn her "im poly" switch back on, because she has no choice in the matter if she wants to stay with him. You can see how naive she is and will believe anything he says/convinces her of.

>Lameo you love that girl and want to date her

>I do?
>Yes, you think about her all the time! You even had a dream with her in it. That means you love her!
>You're right. -goes on video/twitter-. Hey guys i realized with the help of gerg im in love with blahblah and we are going to bring her into our relationship!

No. 402307


Man, you almost make him sound like… a handler when you put it that way.

No. 402314

So true, I think now that he knows that Lainey is easily manipulated into letting him have sex with her teenage girlfriends, that's definitely the route he will take. I think he's probably just biding his time until he finds someone to push on her or until he's less busy with all the other things you mentioned. I just can't wait for the day that Lainey realizes her big bad father was actually just trying to protect her from a child- no wait sorry greg- TEEN predator. The day she realizes that her dad had her best interests in mind is going to be a good one. Also, how she could let Greg drag her sister in the public eye is insane, so I guess I'm just kinda eager for Lainey to get her comeuppance. I want her to have to drag her two kids to her parents house, look her dad in the eye, and say "He left me for a different teenager" like what ALMOST happened with Billie. We were so. close.

No. 402317

Is there a mirror or link to the Billie video where she's talking about how Onision treated her?

No. 402318

I definitely think at some point he got bored with Skye but only sexually….from what I've seen and what's been discussed, it seems like his maturity levels are so stunted that he craves the 'puppy love/honeymoon' stage of a relationship and the lust that comes with it. So my assumption is that he wanted Skye, because he loved her, but cheated with Shiloh because he values sex and passion over an actual relationship.

Even so, I think it's pretty fucked up he described his relationship with Skye in such a raw way only to cheat on her. These videos are just mocking him now

No. 402319

That assumes that she actually does any parenting…

No. 402320

I wish that had played out differently, and Bills become his teenage bride only to bleed him dry and leave him so Lainey could witness it

No. 402324

I also really wish billie didn't reject him right there and he went through with divorcing lameo for her, giving away his kids, only for billie to leave him shortly after. It would have been great and maybe lameo would have woken up. I feel like there was a good chance she'd run back to him even after divorce though.

But I actually dont think billie was that shitty of a person, which is why she actually didn't want to ruin their marriage or "steal gerg". She probably just wanted to benefit from it and keep it as a threesome. She could have easily turned gerg against lameo if she really wanted to because onion would have chosen her over lameo any day.

No. 402337

I commented on that stream saying I named my fidget spinner Cloey and she blocked me….

No. 402338

Is that the only thing she could have blocked you for?

If not, that's pretty much confirmed that theory.

No. 402343

Shortly after Greg and Shiloh split, Onision started talking to Taylor. But since she was 17, he actually rented a place down to where she lived (with her family still. She was a senior in high school at this time) to be closer to her. You can actually go back to this videos and for a a couple of months, his filming surrounds take a total change before resorting back to normal. And when they do, what do you know, he has a newly 18 year old Taylor standing right underneath him like the doormat she is.

No. 402344


Wait, isn't that normal to be sexually bored of someone after they've been married to them for so long?

So what you're saying is, he at one point KNEW what it was like to feel (genuine) love for another person and even cherish said person besides being a sexual object, only to fuck it up with trivial lust in the guise of passion 'cause seckz = love!!!

I guess that's why Skye got some leniency and didn't walk out looking like a dude unlike Shiloh and Lainey.

No. 402345

Yeah, I was trying to keep my trolling to a minimum but I guess that one was too much. Everything else I had said wouldn't have gotten me blocked.

No. 402368

Yes exactly all of that lol

He takes what he sees in movies and books as his reference for what a successful romance is, and most teenagers grow out of this belief that love requires constant passionate sex, but he's definitely one of those lost kids who never grasped the concept of 'people grow and change in a couple'. Now he thinks he needs something exciting to be his proof of what's real for him and Lameo should just pack her bags now because he is really not in the marriage for the long haul.

She has her twinkish body right now, once the elasticity starts wearing down, he's gonna find someone feisty and young again. He's too immature and permanently stunted to grow old with someone. He probably imagined his life being one big passionate romp with his wife and then suddenly being in his 80s waiting to die in his rocking chair w his spouse.

But he is slowly realizing he has a lot of life to live and it's a day by day thing. He can't stand the mundane parts anymore lol

No. 402369

I know everyone has a different idea of what love is and mine may clash with others here b this grosses me out so much. Even I feel you imagine it's not Greg saying this, who we know the history of, it describes someone who is insecure. He goes straight from saying how they spend every waking minute together, he feels hollow without her there, to saying "I don't think think she'll ever cheat on me, because she's an honest person".

When most people talk about love it's about meeting a person who you share your life with, someone you admire, and who make sure you strive to be "a better person" (i.e. Follow creative pursuits, have more direction at work, be more social, more personal confidence, etc.).

What egg describes is to me such an immature concept. "We spend every day together because we are emotionally dependant and unable to survive without each other." Nothing about growing as people, learning from experiences, it's all about being together and not much beyond than that.

No. 402382

After popping out 2 kids, you can bet that the elasticity is fucking gone. It makes me shudder he probably forced her to start fucking again very soon after giving birth. No wonder she's sad all the time, that sounds like a nightmare.

No. 402387


Haha, it kinda sounds like a John and Yoko-type of relationship when you put it that way. But I think he really did mean what he said about her, you don't really hear him ever say these things about Lainey (or even Shiloh) at all.

The shower part freaked me the fuck out though. Ew.

No. 402396

Did someone just take the last paragraph of the comment i wrote here >>402248 and copypasta it to lameo's youtube comments word for word, even kept the "lameo" in there. Ngl that's a little weird.

The weirdest thing to me, especially in that video lameo made, is he is basically telling to her face he could care less who she is, she was just there to fill his "love" void. And it's like shes in la la land ignoring what hes saying while shes stuck in her giddy memories remembering the lovey shit he said to her, and how excited she was to be talking to her online celeb crush.

It must be so boring for a narc like him because she is so easy to convince of anything. It's not even a challenge anymore. He probably was enjoying having billie around because he finally had a "challenge", but he was so use to lameo being the most extreme doormat, he went too crazy on billie too fast. No wonder he is trying to pick fights with anyone and everyone.

No. 402397

Screenshot, please. That is fucking weird. But it's like that wanker, Multiverse over at Kiwifarms who keeps following this thread and writes a synopsis about it.

No. 402398

File: 1498493011830.png (33.29 KB, 824x256, uhwhat.png)

Lol i dont pay attention to any kiwifarm drama, so i have no clue, but this is it.

No. 402401


It may not be multiverse but I do know they take our shit to KF, and every time I bring this up I get "attacked" for some reason. It's easy to spot them when they call Richie's gf "his wife" when they're not even fucking married among other shit when posting here.

No. 402402

File: 1498493940458.png (792.3 KB, 875x600, lol.png)

No. 402404


Holy shit I remember reading this! Lol wtf

Oh, they're in for it now; it's blocking time!

No. 402405

I love that he put the tattoo on his forehead trying to cover that dent

No. 402406


That look says he probably does.

No. 402411

File: 1498494754846.png (1.91 MB, 1161x893, lol2.png)

dude can't even be bothered to pretend that he enjoys her touching him anymore

No. 402412


This is extremely awkward and sad. Look at her face and body language compared to his… jesus.

No. 402414

>wahh other people are stealing OUR lolcows
>wankers are TAKING OUR SHIT
petty, silly and off-topic tbh, completely irrelevant to anons original point. Stop acting like he's your cow instead of a public figure.

With the new hair colour on Lamey, they look like estranged siblings. Greg really doesn't look comfortable in any of these, like they've been forced by their parents to "kiss and make up"

No. 402421

File: 1498498143183.jpg (744.76 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170626_112627.jpg)


Compare his body language here to the body language in his videos with Billie.

Lainey is willfully blind. I say willfully because she knows what she saw. She said she wasnt ready to see them affectionate on camera. Yeah, it must be hard seeing your husband look at someone lovingly when he doesnt look at you that way anymore.

No. 402422


He showed much emotion here…m

C'mon man, isn't your second wife supposed to be better than the first? According to you and your fans? Kek so much for soulmates

No. 402424


Onion makes Michael Jackson seem so innocent.

… I liked Billie's hair in the middle.

No. 402425

Yeah I don't think Greg is going to leave Lainey anytime soon. Finding another child bride now will be no easy task. His looks have gone downhill and he simply does not have the fandom. Lainey has actually been somewhat successful in creating her fan base. Yes it was because of Gregs exposure but I think a lot of her fans genuinely like her. I know during a lot of the drama I saw a ton of people say they aren't even fans of Greg, just Lainey. So Greg needs her for her audience

No. 402429


I think this is a great point. Skye had some backbone and stood up to him to some degree, which helped him retain interest. It's no fun if the person you want to be a doormat actually IS a doormat, if you get my meaning. Lainey is boring, cries constantly, and clings. People like Gretchen think that they like that shit but they grow very tired of it very quickly and are always looking for greener pastures and new conquests.


He can't even disguise his thinly veiled loathing for Lame. The compare and contrast with pics of Billie say it all.

No. 402430


Sorry for no sage!

No. 402431


Wew lad, that's some difference. How Lainey can willfully blind herself to this is some next level crazy. You have eyes, Taylor, use them.

No. 402433


same. i'm honestly obsessed with the dent. i look for it in every single picture. it's so massive, i really don't understand how it happened unless the doctors were a little too forceful with the forceps during his birth. which i say all the time, or at least enough to be annoying. but yeah.

the dent.

No. 402434

The Dent sounds like a Seinfeld episode.

No. 402435

File: 1498501461747.jpg (101.97 KB, 640x640, 1399144417avril_1.jpg)


They look like those cringey photos of Avril and Britney with their VIP fans who paid 1k to take pics with them and they'd rather bathe in bleach.

Its hilarious because she IS one of those fans, Gerg was dumb enough to marry her and give her two chances at child support.

No. 402436

File: 1498502824123.png (590.54 KB, 669x504, hellodarknessmyoldfriend.png)

No. 402440

Did he say why he did the whole fake tattoo thing? It's kind of interesting since Jenna marbles and julian did s video last week where they put a bunch if fake tats on.

No. 402443

At the end of the video he did say something like ok I'm going to go work now when he got up. So he's probably got them on for a video he's filming. And he probably is just trying to jump on a new trend if that's the case.

No. 402444

File: 1498504320759.png (35.16 KB, 641x446, 1492408071805.png)


>"lainey always wanted to bring billie back!! but then when i brought billie back she would get all mad! she would be depressed the entire time! so weird guysss!"

kek its so clear why lainey hated to have billie around, she could tell that billie and onion actually liked each other. they always looked like they were on their honeymoon period. meanwhile lainey and onion always look like two awkward silbings together.

i still think that he's a creep and i'm glad that billie left him before he ruined her self esteem tho. they deserve their unhappy marriage.

No. 402445

File: 1498504414937.jpg (167.23 KB, 1023x1198, IMG_2656.JPG)

The only difference is that Jenna and Julien actually did something with it and were funny throughout the video.

Sage for off topic

No. 402446


He's out of ideas and think it's funny. Also he's never been too original. He thinks if he does the same popular Youtubers to he'll start earning money again.

Too bad he isn't original nor entertaining by doing it. He literally is the walking picture of Dorian Gray. Everything shitty thing he has done is visible on his skin, vegetarian bodeeh and sinking neanderbrow.

No. 402447

Do you think onions and plainey's next member of their cuck cult is going to be started by him or her?

No. 402448

File: 1498504736284.png (88.79 KB, 589x370, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.1…)

Still buttmad about the Jaclyn video.

Hey Greg, remember when you had a crush in elementary school? You'd shove her and throw bugs at her and call her ugly? Yeah.

No. 402450

File: 1498504798554.png (318.94 KB, 587x436, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.1…)

And here's his bad peel coupled with Bieber hair circa 2007

No. 402451

File: 1498504818284.png (975.94 KB, 1001x669, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 12.1…)

No. 402452


she's so full of bullshit. As soon as Billie was out of the picture she would start with the depressing posts on tumblr

No. 402455


this video is so depressing. she clearly loves him so much (ew) and he's checked out so much. im sure he'll defend it saying he was 'acting' but jesus fuck

No. 402458

An Andy Biersack fan asked him if he liked Onision. He gave a very PC answer, pretty much: "I don't really know him." Not too exciting, but lol: the camera guy: "they're talking about Onision. Ahhh… I hate him"

No. 402459

That video is depressing because now it's obvious Lainey never moved from the fangirl phase and probably never will.

No. 402460

File: 1498506033828.jpg (18.63 KB, 182x261, 1409685927674.jpg)

>ugly girl
That's rich. He knows that any sane person can acknowledge she's fucking hot and completely out of his league. I'm not a fan of fake titties but, it doesn't change that fact that she has a naturally beautiful face, nice body etc.

No. 402461

It's funny because the only you tubers he ever really talks about are those that blew up circa 2010. I don't think he even keeps up with current trends or newer youtubers unless they directly impact his life. His career is just di bizarre.

No. 402462

File: 1498506404934.png (41.79 KB, 750x408, IMG_2634.PNG)

From socials new video hehe

No. 402463

File: 1498506442832.gif (4.51 MB, 600x404, mariah-carey-i-dont-know-her-0…)

Thats pretty hilarious

No. 402465

I know watching the text video makes Lainey seem sad and pathetic (which she is) but, remember guys, she is not a victim of anything. Sure at 17 you can argue she wasn't aware of what she was getting into but, she's 22 now and if she doesn't realize or is content with the situation she's in, fuck her. She has children, she's no longer a victim of anything. I've gone past the point of ever caring about her, maybe if she leaves him but, that probably will never happen now.

I just don't understand why anyone would be this naive and easy manipulated, yeah she gains something from him as far as she gets fame and can get off on feeling like an 'anxious androgynous snowflake' to a bunch of 12 year old fans but, how can she not see her future as doomed? I can't imagine someone like her raising children when she acts so much like one herself, when they get hurt she'll probably make it about herself because she loves pity attention so much or just blame it on her anxiety.

It's all just so fucked, I'm not religious but, I pray for those fucking kids.

No. 402468


in re; onion as dorian gray–what if his entire face sinks into the dent? praise jesus, let it be.

No. 402469


At least he admits that he's diseased.

No. 402471

It's obvious that the 'cream' was the chemical peel. His face was exactly the shade of red you get after peels when he was dying Lainey's hair. He's an idiot.

No. 402472


I agree with you. It's just painful to see how little he gives a shit about her. It's cringey in a depressing way.

No. 402474

The fact that you have children or get older doesn't make you any less of a victim, are you serious, anon?

She's still a victim. But she's also an asshole that only thinks about herself and her image on the internet.

No. 402476


lmao he deserves that.

andy is a celebrity and i bet his PR person told him to stop associating with onion. that "PC answer" is usually what happens when your publicist tells you what to say in case of a controversial question. pretty transparent imo.

No. 402479

yeah and she knows she's a victim, hence her sadsack posts and bs that garner her views and she knows it. idk why we act like lainey doesn't know this, she milks it for all it's worth

No. 402481

You know that guy you reject and then he goes on a rampage about how ugly you are? Onision in a nutshell.

No. 402484



Lainey is pathetic on any number of levels, trades on that, and is finally coming into her own as a cow.

No. 402487

Fucking hot is also a bit of a stretch anon. Idk her face is creepily pointy in some pictures and she has a quite unfortunate nose. I wouldn't call her ugly, but fucking hot? She could stand to gain a bit of weight so her face would look less skeletal.

No. 402488

File: 1498512198500.png (73.62 KB, 588x254, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.17…)

While playing a game with his court of fools, Greg guessed that a newborn baby monkey in Japan was named after MLK, Jr. (because black ppl and monkeys, geddit?). He was wrong.

So he made a long, tearful ,facetious apology video that his fools are taking as gospel ("omg Greg this is what I love about you! Everyone makes mistakes!"). He's making fun of them and they just lap it up.

If he ever fucks up this gig completely he will never recover. Appreciate it while it lasts, Greg. You lucked into a narc dream and you're overdue to awaken.

No. 402489

File: 1498512240873.png (23.91 KB, 591x95, Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 2.18…)

Moar Lainey love bombing.

No. 402492

I actually think this is further proof they both read the thread, alot of harsh truths recently about his conduct in that video and their body language vs how he was with Billie. He has some major sucking up to do

sage for tinfoil hattery

No. 402493

File: 1498512753748.jpg (45.29 KB, 720x480, 10-personajes-iconicos-del-cin…)

No. 402500

Video has got 19,000 views, 1,700 likes and 700 dislikes but ONLY HAS 35 COMMENTS!

No. 402501


His channels really are dying…lol

No. 402504

I hope he sees this and cries into that blowup doll.

No. 402505

More like he is deleting comments. All the comments are tween fans, not a negative comment in sight.

No. 402510

what the fuck, that's my post too, from >>402246

fucking kiwis

No. 402512


Oh I see, how long till the sperging ends and he no longer cares about hater comments?

No. 402522

>I don't really know him
Sounds like an answer that would piss off a narc more than anything else, nice.
A shitty person can be a victim too. In fact, that is very often the case. Stable, well-adjusted people are less likely to be victimized.
Sorry but lifting posts from an anonymous imageboard and not giving credit/passing it off as your own for asspats is really pathetic.

No. 402525


>Sorry but lifting posts from an anonymous imageboard and not giving credit/passing it off as your own for asspats is really pathetic.

Exactly, anon.

It's not that people are sperging out over this, it's just fucking stupid and cow-worthy the way people like multiverse act.

No. 402528


>Sounds like an answer that would piss off a narc more than anything else, nice.

This. He's been acting like him and Andy were best buddies, had a bromance and whatever. The fact that Andy doesn't see the relationship even remotely as close will drive him mad.

No. 402542


Sadly he won't, Onion will pretend Andy-senpai never said that and continue to suck his nuts as usual.

No. 402543

That or make whiny tweets/vids about how Andy betrayed him and practically cheated on him when egg is the most honest and loyal and factual person there ever was because

No. 402555


please spread this online, on twitter etc

No. 402572

I like how you think, dent anon.

No. 402577

File: 1498529014601.png (406.82 KB, 950x958, spinnerwinner.png)

Lainey is online, spinning her new spinner Ruby and talking about some girl she started talking to, but doesn't know if the girl is gay or not.

Also, she assigned sexualities to her spinners.

I can not.

No. 402578


Oh wow… she does look like an autistic supervillain, spinning her genderqueer snowflakes-I mean spinners.

No. 402580

Lainey has the complexion of a narcotic addict

No. 402585

She looks haggard af

No. 402587

When you have no friends, you start naming your fidget spinners and giving them sexualities since that is all you would talk about to your friends.

Is she a parody at this point. What is she doing? Lmao.

And incoming more attempts at a poly relationship.

No. 402588


She also talked about how to tell if someone is flirting with you, someone said if they look at your lips or your face while you talk, they might be into you?

>>yeah but… like how do you know online?

it's so sad that all these polyships happen online because she can't ever leave the grease-mansion…

No. 402591

Where can we watch?

No. 402593

i'm beating a dead horse bc so many anons have told her to stop it with the heavy top eyeliner but DAMN it ages her so much and she could just make it really thin and it wouldn't look as bad.

Greg needs to take her to his botox appointments. Having children with a narc had ruined her face.

No. 402594

With all this time she spends talking to people online, i dont get why she cant find friends who live in washington to hang out with, instead of just attempting to find a girlfriend. The only reason she wants a gf is because she feels lonely and she cant talk to gerg about her feelings. Just find a friend then!

No. 402595



No. 402606

Laimey said one of her "patients" gave her a fidget spinner.

No. 402609

oh no…oh NO
can someone ask what she means?
It's probably just that lactation consultant bullshit though.

No. 402610

I think she said "patrons" anon

No. 402612

Because Onion doesn't let her have friends. She might start growing a backbone if she was surrounded by positive influences rather than Onion all day.

No. 402613


Lurk more, anons. She has a Patreon and people send her stuff to her PO Box. She's gotten a few fidget spinners.

No. 402614

sorry for the mixup. that makes more sense because thank god i cant imagine her working at an actual practice with her Stockholm syndrome. I just thought because she said that right when people started spamming her with "when are you going to get an actual job with your degree"

No. 402615

Came here to say this as well. I know lots of anons have said it, but I wonder if she's ever read it? She NEEDS to thin out that liner. I don't care how many 12 year olds say it looks "blessed" and "on fleek." Someone with hooded lids like hers looks a MILLION times more youthful and beautiful with thinner liner/not as long as a wing! I know this, bc I have hooded lids myself and would never lay it on that thick. If I was her friend I would tell her all that, I wish she had a big sister/friend/ANYONE to guide her/help her out with those things. But after seeing how trashy and ghetto Lauren is, not much hope from her. sigh.

She also looks sad in her latest stream, like she'd been crying or something?

No. 402616


heh, thanks anon!

No. 402620

Random thought, do we ever think Greg will accept that HE is the only reason his channel is dying? Not Youtube. I just checked out his viewcount, and his more click-baity titles seem to still bring in a decent amount of views (e.g. I Got A Face Tattoo & Goodbye Onision Channel) so in my opinion he should know that people still watch when they WANT to watch. Youtube isn't destroying him. His lack of interesting content is. The Billie-drama got more than enough attention. But his "I google random things and sperge about them" videos are just so annoying and not entertaining at all.

But I didn't even realize just how LOW his views are on every channel lately. One of his videos from FOUR days ago had only 16k views.

No. 402623

File: 1498535699853.png (977.81 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0087.PNG)

Grease admits to wasting patreon money on fake tattoos. Top quality entertainment there, folks!

No. 402624

it's funny because her lids really aren't even that hooded, she just does it so unbearably thick it looks so stupid. as far as i know that thick cat eye was more of a thing in like 2012? the most common thing is to keep it thin with a concentration on mascara and nude contouring. she doesn't have a bad face she's just actively making herself look so much worse/older.

Please someone convince her to let Sephora give her a make over.

No. 402625

He is pathologically incapable of that realisation. If he ever paid lip service to taking personal responsibility for his own channel demise, it'd be a ploy Iike when he apologised for being too negative.

Blaming himself would feel worse than death so he can never give up the conspiracy theory.

No. 402626

She's quite handsome in a snake-ish sort of way, she could pass. Guess this pretty much confirms what we already know i.e. Gurgle is a cryptofag.

No. 402627

Does anyone have a link to the letter I cannot find it anywhere.

No. 402630

No. 402644

Lainey looks so smug in Greg's latest Instagram pic that it makes me wanna shake her. She's showing off her ring on purpose too, as if that will take away from the fact that NEARLY ALL of her comments on her latest video are people trying to tell her how obvious it is that Greg doesn't want her anymore. Sigh. She'll never learn.
Lameo, just bc he spent all day love bombing you due to the negativity you received means nothing.

Plus he claims no makeup or filters in that pic…Which can't be possible with how red is face normally is. His fans believe him though.

No. 402652

She always looks smug. She thinks people are really envious of her having gerg and wishing they were her. Shes stuck in 2012 gerg where he was somewhat relevant, but he cant get more than like 35 positive comments on videos now and they are all tweens or some weirdos like tomato. No one is jealous of you and no one wants gerg lmao. Billie didn't even want gerg. lmao. She wanted those promises of free cosmetology school and money. But at least shes not dumb enough to be a doormat to get that.

I thought lamey was actually a little smarter, but I really think shes just incredibly dumb and her mindset is stuck at 17. She never gained any more intelligence after that. Please never have a career in psychology if you cant see all his blatant manipulation tactics and love bombing. He gives about zero shits about you, and if you cant see that, dont ever EVER counsel people in the future lmao. Not that you'll ever actually make it through grad school or get hired. That text video was such a disappointment when you realize shes still stuck as her 17 year old self fangirl who believes anyone saying generic cheesy lines to her even when right next to her is the same guy looking bored and saying he only did it cause he needed someone after the other girl he liked better didnt work out.

No. 402654

like clockwork >>402414

No. 402672


This video seems really different compared to his videos now. He seemed more carefree when he was with her compared to how he was after her. He's just full aggression now. I noticed that he and Lainey don't do silly videos together either. Billie seemed to bring out that side of him every now and then judging by the photos here >>402421 . She probably reminded him of Skye a bit and why he was so ready to drop Lainey like a bag of potatoes. He seems bored to tears with her. She doesn't seem fun at all and just cries when he's mean to her. He'd probably be more interested in her if she pretended like she was alive every now and then.

He made his bed and now he has to lie in it. His unhappiness is his own fault.

No. 402679


Lainey strikes me strongly as one of those women who go to a prison/mental health unit to work and end up running off with one of the inmates/patients

No. 402680

Oh god, you're right. That would almost certainly happen given how insecure and prone to manipulation she is.

No. 402681


The most striking thing about hisnand Laineys relationship compared to his exes is that they don't do comedy sketches together. It's like Lainey doesn't have the loud, quirky, spontaneous and comic attitude he loves so much in women.

Sh for example had the exactly same kind of random sense of humor and he loved it. Can you think of Lainey bicycling around with a cape and a bunny hat? Me neither. I bet he hates that.

No. 402682

File: 1498552992459.png (56.47 KB, 600x377, comments.png)

From the comments of this video. 11, only 11!

No. 402684

They hardly seem to make each other laugh which is another strong difference between their relationship and his past ones. They make snarky replies, no one laughs, Lainey ends up crying.

No chemistry at all.

No. 402685

Kek. YES!

No. 402686

Yeah, out of curiosity I went back and watched a couple of his videos that had Billie in them. Man he was SO into Billie. The way they both looked at each other you could see they had actual chemistry and he seemed to always try to impress her. In one vid that's on Billie's channel, they are playing some dice game and laughing NON STOP. That had to KILL Lainey inside. You can also tell that Greg was just completely infatuated with Billie by the way he would edit the videos to zoom in on her face when she would make cute reactions. She was way more fun to watch with him than Lainey, which is sad.

No. 402687

Going to sage this, but I'm extremely curious, does anyone know what Skye is up to these days and if she has an instagram or facebook or anything that I could see the current version of her? Or at least what she does for a living?
I follow Shiloh on instagram and it's nice seeing positive posts. So I'm curious if anyone has managed to find Skye.

No. 402688

Not that I'm aware of. But if I knew I would think twice before posting it here. Greg has said he is looking for her because of the whole alimony thing. i head she was working in film though.

No. 402689

Was Skye Tantaga even her real name?

Inb4 "lurk moar" I've lurked a really long time and no one's questioned that as far as I can tell

No. 402691


I agree with your observation here, but I would add that he'd probably have gotten bored of Billie too eventually if she had stayed chemistry or not. He may have acted like that with Lainey (off camera, as she didn't like being on camera back then) at the start too. It's what he does, he's all over them in the beginning, then wants to move on to something new.

I do think Billie and him had more chemistry than he and Lainey though still, for sure. She was more like Shiloh. Him and Shiloh had huge, huge amounts of chemistry and he never got bored with her because their relationship was so fucking dramatic and up and down because of how Shiloh reacted to him/his abuse. Thy bounced off each other like fucking grenades. They would love bomb each other, fight, love bomb, fight. Not healthy, but it kept his interest and passion going longer. Then it all finally implodes and he rebounds onto Lainey - who was/is more like comfortable tatty old furniture to him than someone he truly feels for. And I think she's feeling less comfortable, and more just boring him nowdays.

No. 402694

Also on the subject of Skye, six months ago or so some anon had found info on a facebook troll account that claimed that Skye and Greg had a kid together (they seemed somewhat credible because they had a recent picture of Skye so maybe they were fb friends with her)…then some time later the guy that claimed to have gone to HS with Greg mentioned that they might have a kid together.
Combine this with Billie's wording of "collectively they have kids," doesn't that lend credit to the theory that Greg and Skye had a child?
And I know someone will say "Greg would have griped about child support non stop" I kinda don't think so. Greg has already stated that he thinks when a couple divorces that the kids should go live with the mother. What if he just doesn't see his and Skye's child? I just really think Billie's wording is something to not overlook.

Sage for tinfoiling

No. 402700

Wtf? Tantaga was her YouTube/internet handle, just like Onion's name is not Gregory Onision.

In one of the last three or four threads, whenever the last time Skye was discussed in detail, her last name Altamarino or something like that is mentioned.

Don't tip the cows nor their past victims. Don't go looking her up to annoy her.

No. 402702

Don't know how I missed that, thanks.

Also, I didn't plan on doing any cow tipping or annoying her. Just like to silently observe like I do Shiloh. It's just nice to know Shiloh is doing well. Thanks dude.

No. 402706


Some of Greg's and Skye's divorce documents specifically state there are no children. I know I have read those documents on this site, but you may have to go back a few threads to find them.

No. 402712

We all know onision likes to have a million accounts/personalities/names (stretching way back to his MySpace, thinking about it), and I have to ask.. does anyone know why he's sometimes referred to as Gregory J. Daniel (e.g. http://onisiondrama.tumblr.com/post/11672061393 ) and Gregory Jackson (e.g. https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/onision.html )? Or sometimes Gregory Avarde or Avaroe

No. 402713

Nah Tantaga was a retarded name Greg made up for her, he also nicknamed Skye's sister "Netunesa" lol! as well as Draculoh for Shiloh and Laineybot for Taylor… he even tried to give Selena (Lamo's friend) a nickname.. can't remember what, could've been Selenabot as I'm pretty sure they made an instagram or twitter with that handle.. so yea….

No. 402714

Do we know what his fathers surname is? his mother goes by Jackson but his military surname as Daniel… but then on a Wiki he is listed as "Gregory Daniel Jackson", I am fairly certain his birth name is Gregory James Daniel and he has changed it to Jackson, then Avaroe. (someone please correct me if I'm wrong)

No. 402718

Were we aware here that he has seemingly removed the collaboration rank on his patreon? As in the top level? His top level is now $250. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, I hadn't seen it be mentioned despite keeping up with the threads pretty regularly and thought it was maybe worth a mention.

No. 402719

Different anon here:

This is probably gonna sound retarded but is it possible to hide the existence of children in divorce documents? I remember reading on the first thread that the reason they just went with the alimony and not child support so Onion wouldn't have to see the kid which apparently is rare to hide or withhold information.

Any lawfags want to clarify this? Is it possible?

No. 402720

I also just noticed that. It's also really entertaining to look through some of his patreons comments, and see his very short responses. Sometimes I wonder if it's even him responding to each thing, or if maybe that's part of Lauren's "job" now too. kek.

No. 402721


A parent doesn't have to see a child to pay child support.

The 'Onion and Skye have a child' thing is getting way to tin foil hat for my liking. They don't have one together.

If they did, it would have become obvious/common knowledge way before they ever split up for a start… then the divorce papers stating no kids, absolutely no true evidence that they do.

The sheer fact that Onion has never used having a kid with Skye/custody struggles against her in all his rantings about her speaks for itself imo. He'd totally use it.

No. 402723


Oh shit you're right! I do see a little bit of Skye in her in all three photos, especially with the "long" hair and bangs. No wonder he didn't want Billie to wear makeup around his home.

No. 402724



Yet apparently there were rumors about it dating back to the divorce (from whatever research I've gathered).

Guess hsanon just wanted to raise the roof with this shit after all. Okay, I'm done.

No. 402729

and did you guys notice he has added a perk where they can become a mod on any Onision channel of their choice? this explains the recent purging of any and all comments that aren't solely praising him.

No. 402732

Greg used to have a segment called "Haters United".. it was really just a silly skit where they would sit together dressed as characters and act like morons, he had this with both Skye and Shiloh, some of them could actually pass as entertaining, and while Skye seemed to be rather reserved herself she at least put some effort in these skits but with Lainey she just does not have the personality to engage in such activities and I think that's something that drives Greg even more insane…. we can see that he thrives on excitement and over the top childish games, Lainey is extremely dull, moody and too introverted to genuinely give her all in any video they make.. you ought only have to watch the videos they made in 2013 for example where Lainey pulls a Kristen Stewart and has the same facial expression throughout every single video.
She just does not make Greg feel alive anymore, there's obviously no mental stimulation in that relationship.. like a previous anon mentioned at least with Shiloh there was never a dull day.. he most likely thought he struck gold with her, being an obsessed fangirl who portrays herself online as actually interesting but karma has truly bit him in the ass by giving him someone who is more dull than dishwater, someone who he cannot rid himself of without once again humiliating himself by initiating another divorce, we all know he tried to have her leave on her on accord with BillieGate, but she just won't leave and it is truly a beautiful experience to witness.
/sage for rambling.

No. 402739

Just kind of proves to me he's trying to copy Jenna Marbles, which is really fucking pathetic.

No. 402744


Is it bad that I want to see a Haters United with Lainey just so I could laugh at them? Not intended for comedic purposes.

Oh and "sage" goes on the email portion.

No. 402747

If Tumblr were a person

No. 402749

I agree, Lainey is so cucked now and it's all become too boring for tomato.

I'm sure she was always a wet blanket, but you have to remember Greg pretty much mocks, silences and belittles everything she says, or talks over her (his exes mentioned he would always interrupt them and start talking about himself).

He infantilizes and talks down to her like she's a naive child and she feeds into it by calling him daddy etc. Gurg probably doesn't like that responsibility as he has the emotional maturity of a 5 year old anyway.

People react to constant putdown and silencing differently. Some people get feisty and start trying to assert their dominance by overcompensating and being loud, other weaker people just get quieter and more boring/awkward.

But at the same time Lainey is such a passive doormat who enables and defends Greg at every turn, so I can't say I feel sorry for her.

No. 402753

haha I was actually trying to imagine how that would turn out myself, I don't think it'd last 30 seconds before Lainey would have a panic attack anyway… as much as I despise Greg, he did have some earlier material that was genuinely creative, if only he would start making things like that again rather than reacting to Google image searches and sporting about being audited by the IRS and "stalked" by a snark channel.
( regarding the sage, I'll remember that next time, thanks)

I have to say, you aren't wrong.. in some of Lainey's vlogs where she is alone or with a friend we can start to see a snippet of her genuine personality coming out, but with Greg it seems she's been so beaten down emotionally that at this point her whole demeanour and anxiety issues is a result of emotional abuse and manipulation, a sort of defence mechanism.. she clearly craves acceptance, love and someone who will put her before themselves, which is something Greg just cannot give her… I would feel sorry for her too if it wasn't for the fact she has also become an insufferable cunt who refuses to acknowledge anything is even wrong.

No. 402760

File: 1498576285983.png (156.55 KB, 331x375, Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 12.5…)

Did anyone see the YouNow with Jaclyn and Joy where Jaclyn read aloud texts Greg had recently sent her? Jaclyn states she had not texted Greg since he made the video criticising her breasts and afterwards messaged her to chat about "analytics" and she responded by telling him she wanted nothing more to do with him, she then reads (and shows) a long block of text that he had texted her on Monday morning, 6/26 with the following statements which I wrote out so you guy's wouldn't have to endure watching Joy stream…
"You made a video implying I am in love with you, so it is my obligation to inform you, you are really unattractive to me I was never even remotely into you, I am married and was never even remotely considering you as a possibility due to how unattractive I find you to be, you would say it's cruel to point this out but you are the one that broadcast to over 100,000 people a slanderous lie about someone being attracted to you no? You are ugly Jaclyn, before you looked fine, tall/super skinny just wasn't my type but now that your boyfriend continue to release egotistical garbage like this clearly slandering me yes, you are ugly to the core.
As for your credibility you will always be known as the girl who plagiarises which shows how capable of lying you are you and your boyfriend go on enjoying thinking people are in love with you, you egomaniacs, gross. ("and then for some reason a screen shot of Richie's video") Now deleting your number, just thought you should know I consider you to be completely unappealing so you don't go on telling everyone I want to be with you disgusting/one more thing those nice things I said about you WAS BECAUSE I WAS YOUR FRIEND GUYS AND GIRLS CAN BE FRIENDS without wanting to sleep with each other but clearly you think someone being nice equals wanting to be with you again, GROSS.
Deleting your number now, please don't contact me, on any platform passively or directly, thanks"
Could this seriously be any more demented? it seems Jaclyn hit a nerve pretty hard.
He made a point of being married? but that didn't seem to be an issue when Billie came along? talk about a spergout

No. 402761

LOL he is so butthurt. He is totally the guy who gets rejected, then goes on a rampage about how ugly and unattractive you are and how he never wanted to date you anyway! And hes totally butthurt shes with social repose. Haha.

And wow. What a "slanderous lie", saying you think someone is attracted to you. After he uses your butt pictures as thumbnails and says you're good looking and continuously texts you and brightens up when he hears you might be guesting.

I think it leaves "preference" category when you start texting someone they are ugly. But his fanbase will continue to parrot whatever excuse he makes.

No. 402762


This is embarrassing. I'm actually embarrassed for him. All he's done with all this is pretty much prove he DID like her, WAS attracted to her. He's acting just like one of those NiceGuy(tm)s who get rejected and freak out with the insults about it.

He is phenomenally butthurt. It's embarrassing and hilarious. He is totally fucking into her. I didn't even consider that he may have been before seeing his reaction to the 'accusation'… but he totally is. lol on onion

No. 402763


Samefag as >>402762 but this text seriously wouldn't be out of place on reddits /r/NiceGuys sub

No. 402765


>If he's really such an idiot and a joke like she says, why does she keep giving him want he wants i.e. a reaction? Why doesn't she just block this asshole and move on, instead of prolonging it and making videos about it?

$$$ (and I don't blame her)

No. 402772

Last time I checked he was tweeting about a bunch of 'old friends' that he misses and who are no longer in his life.

Either this guy is super transparent and has no self awareness at all (like at least have some dignity and PRETEND not to care Greg) or this is just another manipulation tactic in order to make people feel sorry for him and see him as a poor victim who was wronged by a friendo. Possibly both.

Sometimes it's genuinely hard for me to decipher whether this guy is an out and out narc sociopath who feels nothing for anyone, or an immature dependent emotional wreck who pretends not to care as a defense mechanism (but is really bad at it). I think I'm still sticking to the former. Nothing seems genuine about him.

No. 402785

wew they dont even do it for free

No. 402790


Nah, Tantaga and Netunesa came up with their own weeb names before Onion. Draculoh, Laineybot and co were Onion-named.

Though Onion always referred Skye as "his cooba" (wtf does that even mean?!).

No. 402791

Is he talking about that one friend who he says was his best friend and committed suicide or some shit. Does this guy even actually exist. Who the fuck is Tia though. Why is onion pretending he has friends. Hes probably talking about people from a million years ago who dont even remember him.

No. 402792


This is old tinfoiling. Like, really old. I know a tinfoil is a tinfoil, but I think that's a stretch to interpret Billie's words in that way. Also, precisely where is he hiding this missing kid? Most important, why would Skye have ever allowed Greg to have custody? This fool doesn't want the kids he has now, there's no way he has some lovechild tucked away.

Also, this theory gives that FB schizo too much attention. They are retarded.

No. 402794


It's weird how obvious he is with this kind of thing. Doesn't he realize that it makes himself look like an infant? Doesn't it embarrass him? Nah, I don't think narcs feel shame all that often. Oh well. Milky for us.

No. 402796


I think (armchair) he's got NPD and definitely has elements of BPD. They're comorbid so no big surprise. I used to wonder whether he presented as more of a narcissist, or more of a borderline. Sometimes it's still kind of hard to suss out, especially when he pulls shit like this.

No. 402799


The ayrt never said he had custody but yeah.

No. 402808

I'll save you guys some time. He says, "I don't understand how being with someone who has such little life experience makes you feel good."


He's basically talking about him and Lainey's sex life and it's pretty disturbing to hear a 30 year old man talk about sex with his teenage wife.

No. 402809


direct link, ne?

No. 402812

>'I'm into bondage-y stuff'

Yeah Greg, we know, like that time you wanted to chain Billie up in your basement.

>'I'm not turned on by the word 'no' or 'stop'.'

'He gets me on the bed, still kissing me and touching me – between his kisses was me going “nononononono”, and him kissing me harder to shut me up.'

'For some reason or another, he would take me being frustrated and argumentative as a sexual challenge, and would pin me to the bed and basically try to fuck me (or, as he says, “make love”) into submission.'

Really makes you think.

No. 402815

dont link directly to his vids

summary: onion is voice chatting with his asslickers, onion says when someone tells him "no" or "don't" is a big turn off for him, asslickers have no problem with that, some asslicker reads stuff (obviously from lolcow) about lainey drinking sippy cups, onion confirms lainey does a sippy cup thinf every once in a while, then they talk about ddlg shit and how it's not pedophilic because you can also be a father to an adult too (wow)

No. 402817

What the fuck does Lainey think about Onion spilling the beans on their disgusting pedophilic love life?

No. 402819

Since when does 'what Lainey thinks' ever come into Greg's decision making process kek.

No. 402826

So being 17 is a lot of life experience? Lainey has had about zero life experience.

Since when has he not been spilling his sex life. He always gives too much info.

No. 402827


The skitzo stopped trolling a long time ago, I don't think he even uses FB anymore and took off most of the Skye references.

…they fucking lurk here too, don't they?

No. 402830

Kind of disappointed he didn't dare mention his impregnation fetish tbh.

That shit has followed him since the Adrienne days and is so taboo (even though it makes the most sense from a biological standpoint). Who gives a shit about furry handcuffs, I want him to come out and admit he's a twisted fuck who loves exerting control over women's bodies and marking them as his through tattoos, pregnancy etc. That's way more revealing.

Remember what he said in his book:

"…I've already began to gratify myself to her [girlfriend in the book] I regularly imagine unleashing inside her, having kids with her. And I actually feel authentic admiration from such an outcome. Sometimes I think about her begging me to impregnate her. That mere notion ignites arousal in both my body and mind."

Mind you his self insert and his self inserts girlfriend are both 17 in this book.

Funny how he doesn't give a shit about the kids once they're born either. What a psycho.

No. 402831

Add shaving girls heads to that list.

No. 402832

the fact that he says "no life experience isn't attractive" but seduced his wife when she was 17..yikes. really not proving your case here, greg. basically admitting sexual experience is the only thing he actually cares about.

No. 402835

the lady doth protest too much, methinks

No. 402836

I can see him thinking "No" is a challenge tbh, not necessarily being turned on by it but by enjoying the idea that he could change someone's mind from "No" to "Yes"

He does absolutely hate rejection, evidenced also in the letter when Adrienne turned him down and he curled up into a ball and cried.

No. 402838

"no" from a strong woman who means it is scary and a turn off. "no" from a small demure 18 year old is hot and inviting him to change her mind.

No. 402842

File: 1498585700305.png (792.86 KB, 1440x787, 20170627_194652.png)

From plains new video.

Wonder if Onion fucked her like this, since she looks like Billie here.

No. 402848

omg these people are so fucking transparent! i know i've said this a million times already, but Jenna and Julien did a punk edit video just a week ago and all of a sudden Greg and Lainey are doing the fake alt looks right now… mind you this was already a dead YT trend, from like 2-3 years ago and they just happen to be doing the same thing?

try harder you pathetic shit stains

No. 402849

She genuinely looks like a non-passing tranny here…what the hell was she trying to accomplish?

No. 402850

onion is always obsessed with goth/edgy girls and all he got is plaino, so probably.

Also he kept telling her to make a goth video according to his tweets. And of course she did it.

No. 402851

ewww lol. anyone else remembering when he demanded his preppy HS girlfriend to "be goth for a day to prove she loves him"

No. 402853

I bet he's going to convince her to wear this look all the time now since like this she's exactly his type

No. 402859


Well, he did turn Skye into his "gothic princess after he married her…

No. 402880

File: 1498590188651.png (827.69 KB, 935x602, lolno.png)

Was he trying to prove he DOESN'T look like the "anti-onion" fanart? Because I see the opposite.

No. 402882

File: 1498590271890.png (1.04 MB, 674x1400, giraffeinthewild.png)

would like to clarify that i didn't edit this at all.

his neck is so fucking long.

No. 402884

Must be something off with the perspective, his arms look long af too and his head looks normal-sized which is weird for being him

No. 402891


They say black is very slimming, but I still see a veg belly.

No. 402892

does he have marfan syndrome? seriously..

No. 402895


Moar like fantasy vs reality (his gross pimply face)

No. 402896

Jesus, fuck off onision. Are you seriously telling others how they should draw? They didn't draw it for you asshole, they drew it for others. For entertainment you dumb fuck.

Sage for rant

No. 402902

I wish she had made a video of her own about it rather than going to fucking Joy of all people. It's like going directly to Onision himself.

On the subject though, how much do you want to bet he'll be messaging her again within a week or so?

No. 402903


He's pissed, and that drawing wasn't even from an anti-o.


No. 402904

Wtf he looks like an erect penis in that pic.

No. 402911

File: 1498593319136.jpg (97.34 KB, 1080x720, raging face.jpg)

oh yeah, maybe no makeup, but there definitely has to be some photoshop. JESUSCHRIST. no amount of makeup could cover that shit up.

No. 402914

Stop linking his videos. And we all know the face tattoos are fake.

No. 402923

File: 1498594469452.png (762.28 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0089.PNG)

I call this phase "Witchy Onion"

No. 402925

Jenna and Julian are so cute though. They have so much more chemistry than doormat and gurg.

I wonder if this is what he thinks they look like when they do couple videos.

No. 402927

You should sage promotion of your videos also, Greg.

No. 402928


No. 402930

What a tragic combination of physical attributes.

No. 402934

Nah, she's still up his ass, she's been featuring in his new videos as a Discord guest.

No. 402937

Not long, he can't control his urges… Jaclyn also stated that straight after those texts he went on to post tweets trashing her.. he seriously has a level of obsession with women he can't control that is disturbing.

No. 402939

If Charles Manson and "Dirk Diggler" conceived a child

No. 402945

His response about the dd/lg kink pretty much just confirmed to me he IS into that sorta thing.

I know it's the "trendy" thing right now so that's why Lainey is all into calling him Daddy, but imagining her calling him daddy (in a sexual/tumblrina kinda way) when their little girl can finally speak and she ALSO calls him Daddy is just gross to me. Sexualizing the word is just wrong in my opinion. For example, there was some test some girl did with her boyfriend where she'd say a certain word to indicate she wanted to have sex, or she'd say it during sex. The bf became accoustomed to associating that word with sex and would get turned on every time he heard it.

So it's not a stretch to say that Lainey sexualizing the word "Daddy" in bed could make it really awkward when he has a tiny little girl calling him Daddy.

I also just don't like the thought of a little girl growing/developing and changing under his roof. You guys are so quick to hit the breaks and be like "woah woah woah" when pedophilia is brought up, but I don't think it's a stretch to simply WORRY for his little girl. He is her dad with ULTIMATE control, and at the very least, I'm worried he will ruin her self esteem.

Sage for rant.

No. 402947

File: 1498597296221.png (178.12 KB, 1040x138, illuminaticonfirmed.png)


Reupload of his "daddy kink taboo" video, he's gaming with his discorder idiots (Tomato is there), and they bring up stuff from here - someone even asks in the chat if they are participating in these threads since they keep bringing it up

>Wants to address rumors about Daddy kink

>is into bondagey things
>a patreon says that there is a rumor that he's into ageplay
>"oh yeah I heard that too" - we know you did greg, ITT you fuck
>the sippy cup and pacifiers are brought up - says she used one occasionally because they have kids that age (i see the logic)
>tomato asks why people would want to pry or know about his sex life
>patreons agree his haters just wants to see a sex tape
>he's into dog collars and stuff
>"just because we have a daddy kink, doesn't mean i want to molest children"
>apparently to him, ageplay or daddy kinks mean you like roleplaying daughter/step father, but she's in her 20's…….

OKAY. OKAY GREGGLES. You did a pretty good job there until the last fucking part.

He also has a toddler son, anon. I imagine it's pretty weird already for Lainey to moan "daddy" to him while their son co-sleeps with them.

No. 402951

Oh god not the pseudo kink psychologists. Please stop. Their kinks are definitely weird and they overshare like crazy but are we really going to bring pavlov's dog into this??? Onision is very comparable to a dog in a lot of ways but there is a difference between your SO calling you daddy and a toddler.

No. 402954

You continuing to bring this up is really starting to gross me out

No. 402961

I just hope them bananas don't have enough balls to come here and defend their Onion-king

No. 402962

I hope they do that would be hilarious

No. 402971

Fucking sage, jesus christ

No. 402980

Greg himself brought it up in his video. I was responding to that.

No. 402992

I wonder if Gregs 10 year old fans know it is not actually Greg "loving" (YT calls it loving) all their comments on his vids, but actually his Patreons doing it for him. There's no way he went through and had the patience to 'love' that many. And like someone else pointed out- all the negative comments are gone.

Gretchen will soon be in an echo chamber of validation.

No. 403020


but dirk diggler had a huge cock and not a microdick, anon!

No. 403021

I meant Greg is protesting too much about his attraction for Jac, but sure

No. 403022


Regarding the self esteem of his kids, it's more than fair to believe that a raging narcissist with children is going to damage those children greatly, both emotionally and perhaps physically depending on how ragey he gets. In fact, it's practically a given. I think everyone here would agree that we're not in the realm of merely 'self centered people' when we discuss Greg, we're talking about actual cluster B assholes. There are groups for "Children of Narcissistic Parents" for a reason. Your fears for Cloey (and to be honest, I hope Troy) are well founded.

My concern for Troy is that his father–who literally states outright that he hates other men–is going to browbeat that kid right into the ground. His mother's creepy attachment parenting (sorry, it's bullshit) will add to the negative feelings Greg has for Troy because the kids are so closely tied to Lainey, who he clearly also loathes.

If anything I'd be willing to bet that Cloey may end up being the golden child and Troy the scapegoat. Regardless, I think you're also right in that Cloey in particular is going to receive a very specifically shitty perspective on femininity, sexuality, and her worth as a person.

Both kids are frankly fucked as they're both getting a warped view of relationships and sexuality, imo.

No. 403024


please sage your shitpost

No. 403037

See, I'm okay with Greg being a shitty person and Lainey being the world's most trod on doormat but the fact that they have kids makes me so incredibly sad because those kids have NO CHANCE at a normal life with them

No. 403039

File: 1498608046640.png (179.21 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0090.PNG)

Anyone remember typing these texts?

No. 403041

File: 1498608071853.png (140.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0091.PNG)

No. 403044

>>A kind soul on lolcow transcribed

No. 403045

File: 1498608701858.png (511.48 KB, 982x1258, haggard.png)

Haggard Lainey is on YouNow, with a new fidgetspinner and a very energetic mood.

No. 403047

How the fuck does anyone watch this? Literally every time I check her YouNow, all she talks about is her fucking fidget spinners

No. 403056

She is now talking on her younow saying that her "spinners" are in a poly-amorous relationship.

No. 403057

File: 1498610179866.png (121.36 KB, 768x510, Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 02.3…)


Because of the retards like these who keep talking about her spinners

No. 403061

How many fidget spinners does one person need? She does know there is no proof or research that fidget spinners do jack shit for anxiety right and its a marketing ploy for idiots to buy them right? It's a toy. Did your psych degree not make you learn how to do research at all? Oh who am i kidding, she didn't learn anything and probably had edubirdie writing her papers.

No. 403062


No. 403063

Troy came into the stream and said "Hello mommy" and she said UH OH and left omg.

No. 403065

Did he appear on camera?

No. 403066

The door opened, she turned and looked and she said "uh oh" and we heard "hey mommy" and she quite the stream

No. 403067

Did anyone get caps??

No. 403068


She turned the laptop away from the door so nobody would see him. She's back online now.

No. 403069

i'm pretty surprised the kid isn't banned from the streaming room. Cause thats in the "guest house" isnt it?

No. 403070

Lauren is gonna get screamed at by the Onions, big time.

No. 403071

If Lauren is living in the guest house as the nanny, the kids might have been with her. But then Lainey should have been streaming elsewhere.

No. 403072

Lol did anyone capture that?

Was no one watching him? How did he just wander away into the room she is streaming in?

No. 403074

File: 1498610916533.gif (420.93 KB, 500x255, 1411771770662.gif)

Your post made me really depressed because it's probably fucking true. That poor child.

No. 403075


Yeah, Lainey streams in the guest house above the garage, where Lauren lives now. She's been streaming from there for months though, so they all know she'll be there. He's what, 5 now, so he probably just knew where she was and walked up to her.

It was super sad to hear his voice though, because she turned the screen away so fast, she knows people would freak out and die of excitement if her kid was caught on-screen.


I was trying to but you can't capture the last few minutes since when she exits, the stream instaquits. She seems really nervous now.

No. 403076

I was watching but I looked away when it happened and missed it! Dang it.

Someone commented that now we know the kids call her mommy and she said she saw a ridiculous comment and thats the only "outlandish" one I saw other than "what happened?" So Lainey was def offended that someone pointed out Troy calls her Mommy. kek. Trans my foot.

No. 403079

What the fuck is up with all of the newfags in this place recently

No. 403080


The summerfags have arrived, anon. Calm down, this happens every holiday

No. 403083

Summer is a myth and moot confirmed way back when he still owned 4chan that it doesn't change the sites traffic or userbase significantly at all.

Imagine it's the same for pretty much every other website, let alone chanboards.

No. 403084

someone commented about Greg's deadpan attitude in her text video and she's like like "Oh, yeah he was stressed"

No. 403085

Lainey said she's going to have a new video out soon where Greg is very "high energy" after someone pointed out his lack of emotion in her last video.

How obvious is that? She basically just confirmed that to compensate for his lack of emotion toward her in the last video he put on a big show in the next one that's about to come out. But in her mind that makes it allll better.

No. 403090

Shes purposefully going to make a video with gerg where he fakes giving a fuck about her? That'll prove something!!!

"Stressed". Lol. Even if you were "stressed," wouldn't you at least feel a little ounce of happiness or joy from reading the first texts with your SO you supposedly love so much? Did he even smile once.

No. 403091

She's such a hypocrite:

> won't promote Adam & Eve because she has a young audience


> "Yeah, I have a safe word & I'm more of a submissive than a daddy"

No. 403093

ugh i cringe whenever she corrects her stupid fake ass pronouns

No. 403096


Did anyone catch this?

No. 403097

It was just his voice, and no. She turned the laptop around as soon as he opened the door, and shut it as soon as he said "hello mommy"

No. 403098


> I was trying to but you can't capture the last few minutes since when she exits, the stream instaquits.

No. 403099

File: 1498613339911.jpeg (83.84 KB, 699x693, 1498613311095.jpeg)

"I'm not gay" - onion

No. 403102

They are clearly just staying together for convenience and for the kids. But is that really such a bad thing? They are poly/some what open relationship? so lainey gets their gay side fullfiled and onion gets to drool at women and the possibility of lainey bringing home a hot alt girl to share. Everyone wins.
(If we ignore greases shit personailty and videos)

No. 403103

You must be hella new. The problem is that Lainey isn't gay, Onion talks her into bringing someone into their relationship which is nowhere near poly. In a poly relationship all parties are consenting willingly.

No. 403104


It is problematic because of his shit personality and the way he treats women, especially when they had the fight with Billie and he leaked all that personal info on them. Had they been able to keep shit private and not sperg out on social media (all three of them), it wouldn't be as bad, or if Greg stopped literally shoving girls into her face so he could fuck them. They weren't poly until Greg decided he wanted in on it. Originally, she was supposed to be allowed to date other girls separate from the marriage.

Lainey doesn't have it all bad in the grease mansion with the kids. She always wanted to be a trophy wife to a splenda daddy in a big mcmansion, and she got what she wanted.

No. 403109

Did anyone catch how in her stream tonight when someone asked if she was "lesbian, bi or gay" she responded something like "Well if I'm gay wouldn't that mean I'm lesbian?… Or no wait, I can't be lesbian… Because I'm not a girl.." Like she can't even keep her own "gender identity" straight…

No. 403110

Lol. Yes. Last time they brought a girl into the relationship, lameo got super jealous, gerg cheated on her and didn't respect her boundaries she set, there was an almost divorce with gerg about to abandon his kids by signing them away, fifty breaks up, and hell of a lot of emotional/mental abuse and manipulation.

Tell me who won?

LOL did she really say that? She can't keep her gender bullshit straight. Just like how she attacked social repose for his comment about her implying she is sometimes masculine. She completely forgot shes said that a million times that she presents masculine at times. Must be tough when your whole life is a one big farce that you have to keep up.

I 100% believe she had a nongender/agender/whatever fuck phase and now shes over it, but shes forever stuck in it because she doesnt want to admit she was wrong. Just like her marriage. Seems like a pattern in her life.

No. 403113

She's such a fucking snowflake if I ever saw one.

No. 403116

why is she always fucking squinting

No. 403118

Because she needs glasses, but never wears them. She also refuses to wear contacts. She said so in one of her streams at some point.

No. 403119

She said in one of her broadcasts that her eyesight is bad so she is supposed to wear glasses but only really wears them when driving

No. 403164


She only broadcasts in #guys. It's fucking annoying.

No. 403168


so annoying esp when it's common knowledge over at /cow/ that josh wants to take this place over and force us all to kf
nah brah
tell your people they're not welcome here either

sage for ot

No. 403174

Ugh, he looks ready to film his scene in a horror movie.

What an idiot, who wants to squint all the time and get tension headaches because you can't see well? It's not like she can't afford to go to the eye doctor.

No. 403223

Don't think this has been mentioned - Onion is copyright claiming vids of Joy and some other guy… he also claimed one of Social Repose's.
The blargh has a quick overview - https://youtu.be/33nkzK_82I0

Like… I get if it's a react video where they don't make commentary, and one of Joy's recent vids was reuploading a vid that onion deleted and would cut the video up simply to say "I'm just making a cut here so that this is fair use, fuck you greg" which I mean… is not fair use haha but c'mon. This is petty.

I want it to come out that there was no police report written, and I want him to copyright claim heaps of vids that are technically fair use so that he gets a strike on his channel for false claims. He's a muppet.

No. 403227

i don't know why, but this phase of onion reminds me of The Fit Vegan Ginger or whatever. Pale as fuck, has muscles only b/c skinny, crazy.

No. 403229


No. 403234

In my native language there's a saying "That dog barks who is been hit by a stick" meaning the guilty one usually makes the most noise trying to prove themselves non guilty.

Onion is a textbook example of this with all that "JACLYN IS UGLY EWW" tirade

No. 403236

he sure is on a butthurt tirade these days

No. 403254

Personally I don't think it's wrong to be concerned for his kids but I don't think the risk he poses is a sexual one.

I'm more concerned with his obsession with control and his narcissism. Poor Cloey is gonna get treated like dirt because he likes the women in his life to be pliable doormats and I have a feeling Troy is gonna end up in some kind of competition with Greaselord because Gargoyle is too self-centred to allow another guy to take any attention.

No. 403262

Armchair diagnosis but narcs are still dangerous to kids because they view them as possessions, and sometimes they abuse their kids simply because they want to inflict as much damage on their psyche as possible, or get back at a spouse.

NOT saying Greg would do necessarily do such a thing but there are shit-tons of parents who do this to their kids, and at the end of the day there's really no such thing as a 'good' narc parent. Even if abuse isn't sexual it can still cause lifelong emotional damage.

It's saddening to see how willing he was to give up custody as soon as some new piece of jailbait came along. It just proves he doesn't give a fuck about anything except his stupid impulses.

No. 403263

praying that the blargh caught Troy walking in and posts the clip soon.

No. 403264

File: 1498661363410.png (162.13 KB, 350x421, 34573.png)

Onion looks like pic related from JoJo.

I read somewhere that people who are lying talk more and ramble on compared to people who are telling the truth, so it makes sense.

No. 403265

I thought about this, but even if they did I'm sure they wouldn't post it. Onion and Lainey would FREAK if something like that were to be posted. And honestly I don't think it should be. The kids should be left out of it.

No. 403268

File: 1498663038168.png (116.05 KB, 1440x736, 20170628_171632.png)

One of her 13 year old fans called her a she so

No. 403269

This is what I was so annoyed about during her boring ass stream. Someone used the "wrong" pronoun in a question they asked and she rolled her eyes and says "them" before answering.

No. 403273


Dude, sage your damn armchair before you get your ass reported.

No. 403274

File: 1498663966470.png (15.06 KB, 796x172, lol.png)

from her "punk edits in real life video"


No. 403275

She probably hit Pin instead of Remove, they're right next to each other. Still REALLY funny, though

No. 403276

ah that makes sense, it's gone now lol
smooth one lainey

No. 403283

She looks like Cersei about to get her walk of shame

No. 403291

didn't she say she was okay with "he" pronouns too at some point? and then literally two days later yelled at someone for using them?

No. 403300

It changes daily, depending on who she's talking to and how she can victimise herself.

No. 403301

File: 1498672961158.png (19.08 KB, 516x174, screenshot.png)


it's still there.

No. 403304

File: 1498673239293.png (31.31 KB, 586x120, Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 11.0…)

Apparently they're trying vegan again

No. 403305


someone please send her screencaps of all the times Onion called and calls Taylor SHE/HER/WIFE

No. 403306

ok "mommy"

does she have patrons modding now too?

No. 403309

Greg's new video about Top surgery makes me wonder if Lainey has expressed (fake?) interest in having it done. IF that video is subtly about her, it's clear that even Greg thinks Lainey is a transtrender lol

No. 403318

Didn't they both shit on each other hard online?
Though again, both are sociopathic lunatics

No. 403319

who could possibly give a fuck about something so boring

No. 403320


No. 403325

Ha Greg is soooo transparent. Pretty obvious Lainey has recently mentioned to him about getting top surgery and that this is passively addressed to her.

About a week ago someone asked whether Greg would let her get it and she got super defensive about it.

No. 403326

The difference between them is that Richard is an intellectual, which makes up for how socially inept he is. Gurg probably assumes that his politeness means that Richard actually likes him. It just means he's trying to get Gurg to go vegan, nothing more.

No. 403331

>Poor Cloey is gonna get treated like dirt because he likes the women in his life to be pliable doormats

There's one more thing I have in mind… I don't think he would molest a child, but I can totally see him getting weird and inappropriate around teenage daughter… What if Cloey looks just like Gurg? We all know he would fuck himself if he could + he has some weird ass relation with his mom (who looks like him too). I hope Cloey looks more like Lainey, she'll be treated like a doormat, but at least he wont be attracted to her kek.

sage for shitpost

No. 403336

Like if you're agender, you don't like when people use "she" or "he". I get that. But taking a common grammatical misconception about "singular they" and legitimizing it? Surely there is some better way to identify a non-binary person with pronouns. People have been misusing "they" in the singular instance for so long. It's just hard to accept. Is there a support group for people who are triggered by the legitimizing of singular they? I know there have to be others with a protective respect for using proper English.

No. 403337

How is Greg going to go days on end with temp tattoos on his face, and still expect sympathy for his skin condition? Treat your skin better Gretchen!

Also I love how in his latest video where he rambles with Patreons he trys to one up the girl who is telling a story. Cutting her off and saying "Well MY Dad was an alleged child molester so I have no sympathy for you that your dad got a tattoo" (her dad got her name tattooed on him without being in her life)
So that gives a lot of credit to Adrienne's letter where she claimed he would constantly interrupt her and make it about himself. That's the funny thing about these "conversation" videos, we are able to see how horrible he is at communicating well with others.

No. 403338

A narc dad will mostly ignore a daughter except for violating any emotional boundaries she might try to have (won't be allowed to have her own feelings, must cater to his - same deal as everyone around him.)

Her teenage friends, however: likely to be considered fair game by him.

This is all long, long in the future, though. It remains to be seen whether Greg allows his children to go to school, or what kind of scam he'll have running 14 years from now (he'll never get a real job, even after YT flounders.)

saged for future tripping

No. 403343

Is Onion fine with Lainey being "agender"? Or do you think deep inside he wishes she would be more feminine?
I have a feeling he hates this whole tumblr snowflake thingy, and is just acting like he is oh so tolerant of it just to attract tumblr chicks.

No. 403346

Jacyln Glenn did a dramatic reading of Onion tweets, and read the text messages he sent her, harassing her.


No. 403347


Surely "it/its/itself" would suffice? It's neutral after all

No. 403348

File: 1498682450245.jpg (364.13 KB, 1280x720, theythem.jpg)

+ don't ever forget

No. 403352

the heck is this. she looks like a dwarf in a crack den

No. 403353

Set it on fire and send it back to the pits of hell where it belongs.

No. 403354

Lmao, Onion also has the same body proportions as Hazamada

No. 403364

File: 1498687455974.jpg (976.88 KB, 1184x1639, wannabeb.jpg)

idk if this was posted before but damn… Coincidence? I think not! sage for possible tinfoiling

No. 403366

Not to defend Plainey, but hasn't Billie done tons of different hair colors? How many colors are left for Plainey to do, without being accused of copying..

No. 403368


Yeah, but they are both wearing a wig and a beanie here.

No. 403369


Cuz pastel hair usually is Billie's thing.

No. 403370

and a septum ring

No. 403371

she does have the piercings, the same style billie does, also it has been noted in the past that lainey even uses the same makeup billie does all there is left is for her to cut up billies skin and wear it on herself

No. 403373

On a second look, I get what you guys are saying.

No. 403375

Yep, and also if they hate her SO much and think she is this really awful terrible person who Greg says Lainey is as if not more beautiful than, why would they want Lainey to look anything even close to her? Obviously they don't mind that much. Or at least, Greg doesn't.

No. 403378

Holy shit, this is so creepy. What a freak. The previous claims re: Taylor copying Billie were fairly tenuous, but this is just a blatant ripoff of her style.
I wonder if she's doing it to win the affections of Gregma since she knows she was the alternative choice.

No. 403382

We can have a support group of two at least, because that shit triggers the everloving hell out of me to the point where I would actually prefer they use xir and shim and whatever else made up shit they want. And to be honest, it's only half to do with the fact that it's piss poor grammar. What really bothers me is that the only time I ever see singular they used outside of tumblr is by passive aggressive bitches who are fully aware of someone's name and gender but use "they" when speaking about them just to denote how they don't like the person. Which, surprise surprise, is how Onion primarily uses it (see: talking about Joy, Jaclyn, his exes, anyone he's beefing with). Then again, onion can't open his mouth without enraging my dormant grammar nazi. His diction is so abysmal I really wouldn't believe he was a native speaker were it not for that whiny accent. Latest thing he has managed to raise my blood pressure with: that instead of the million other, better sentences he could choose, he is so insistent on structuring his sentences around the word "me (as in "vegan gains has been helpful with me transitioning to a vegan diet" instead of "vegan gains has helped me transition to a vegan diet" as any normal person would say)

Sorry for the spergfest, I would sage extra if I could, I just really needed to get that off my chest.

No. 403383

wow I just watched that video… he literally just spent the last few weeks ripping Jaclyn to shreds for getting breast implants, telling her how awful she is for doing it, how Richie failed her as her boyfriend and that he himself would never allow someone he loved to get any form of cosmetic surgery but now all of a sudden completely removing your breasts is fine so long as you're "certain you want to"?
He has to either be completely trolling or desperately trying to push false narratives to please his fans, knowing the majority of them are SJWs and of course for Lainey as you guys mentioned.. does he even realise how much of a walking contradiction he fucking is?

No. 403385

This is, even though creepy copying, the best Lainey has looked in years. Girl needs to grow her hair out, go lighter and experiment more with bold lipstick

No. 403386

People were questioning Gurg's stance on surgery in one of Lainey's YouNow streams, so I assume the top surgery video is in response to that. Someone stated that Lainey would never be allowed to transition physically, since Greg "wouldn't allow" his significant other to have cosmetic surgery. She said she'd have surgery when and if she wanted to because it was her choice and her body. As much as Gurg hates that and probably WOULD prevent her from having any kind of elective surgery, it's not politically correct to deny a "trans" person physical transition.

No. 403391

It's actually the EXACT same wig anon, from Evahairofficial. I'd say def not a coincidence. Same for the sparkly septum ring, she picked one that looked a LOT like Billie's.

No. 403394

She'd never, ever get top surgery. She's a boob nazi. She's bullshitting for transtrender cred.

No. 403395

This. For all her "dysphoria about my breasts!", she's been nursing for 4 years straight and with an abusive narc who refuses to hear "no" to sex. Her problem is that she's tired of nursing and wrung out to nothing by taking the path of least resistance with Greg.

And for all that, they're fanatical about breastfeeding and attachment parenting (although she's the worst candidate for it, because she's a clingy, emotional, anxious mess), and has a 7 month old. She's not getting "top surgery" any time in the next 3-4 years, and if Greg knocks her up again, with his hippy dippy upbringing, anything less than 3 years of breastfeeding for the new one isn't gonna happen.

And by the time Cloey is weened, Lainey will have found a new tumblr trend to be consumed by.

No. 403400

She'll probably only get knocked up if they need another bandaid.

No. 403419

File: 1498696351745.png (521.67 KB, 980x1260, spinner.png)

She's back on YouNow, with the spinner as usual - there is not much milk though. Someone said Joy was in the room and she blocked them, she talked a little about how she disliked the name Taylor. Snooze.

No. 403422

File: 1498697080936.png (904.61 KB, 401x284, 5DB952DF-50A2-4264-8FF0-657F00…)

"Mommy has very important work to do right now"

No. 403427

Lainey has found the next victim of their "trinity". Her/their name is Ash. Can't find any more info on it.

No. 403428

Lainey said that person that they retweeted claiming to be her "girlfriend" is someone they're talking to. Future addition to the McMansion?

No. 403429


Yes, in addition to completely copying Billie, it is quite the genderless space prince look, as well. Oh how agender <strike>she</strike> is in these pictures.

No. 403431

She's on twitter, she has short hair tho so I doubt Gergles will like that.
Billie was feminine. I think Greg misses feminine beauty with Lainey's boyishness

No. 403434

File: 1498699010429.png (59.44 KB, 367x421, newgf..PNG)

Is this the new gf? Looks just like Lainey

No. 403437

No. 403438

File: 1498699146013.png (3.08 MB, 2150x1262, ashleketchum.png)

This is her.. she looks very familiar, I think I've lurked her from Lainey's profile before. She also looks like Lane1313 and Lainey herself..

I wonder how old she is, I think she's under 20?