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File: 1418260956075.jpg (32.92 KB, 480x330, Onision-feature.jpg)

No. 29193

So can we please have an Onision thread.


>Extreme lolcow, used to be in the top 100 on youtube, now is in the 700s

>Preys on underage fans, his current wife was 16 when they began dating
>Cheats on every girl he's ever dated/married
>Thinks all meat eaters are murderers
>Compares alimony to slavery
>Put his turtle under a plastic bin out in the sun in the middle of summer and was shocked to find it dead an hour later
>Says he's a feminist and that women are all attention-seeking, greedy, succubus whores in the same sentence
>Tells his fans to kill themselves and posts sexist, racist tweets on the daily in the guise of "comedy"
>Stepped on and burned a bible while paying for his wife to attend a christian school
>Caused his ex-fiance to miscarry by slamming her into a door frame
>Created a "skinny-pact" with his ex-wife so she'd remain sexually attractive to him
>Got his new wife pregnant at 18 and now they have a son named Troy

The list goes on and on…


No. 29194


No. 29196

No. 29197

How is he a rapist beyond someone claiming they got raped?

I mean, that's a pretty serious accusation.

No. 29210

Cringe thread material

No. 29212

File: 1418265508544.png (86.6 KB, 712x600, Untitled.png)

He coerced his ex-girlfriend into sex and basically took every opportunity he had to try and fuck her into submission.
She admitted to a lot of this in a letter. Which Onision later confirmed to be accurate.
He's been backpedalling hardcore ever since because he got banned from Vidcon because of it but yeah.

No. 29213

I watched this alone in my room in the middle of the night and I still have second hand embarrassment. Ew.

No. 29215


I feel like I've read pretty much the exact same story involving like three other YouTubers.

Why are YouTubers such douches and their fangirls so stupid? I'm just not even surprised anymore.

No. 29217

I'm sorry, but women like this give actual rape victims a bad name. She wasn't fighting, struggling, screaming no stop or trying to push him off of her. She didn't go the police station, she didn't sit in the shower for 5 hours.

I'm not saying rape in relationships doesn't happen, but I'm sick of these overly sensitive professional victims denigrating the horrid crime that rape actually is.

"Meh, he was into it, I wasn't, but I went along with it and had sex anyway because I felt like he wanted to" is NOT rape.

Being forcefully restrained, tied up, beaten into submission, threatened or drugged for non consentual sex is rape.

No. 29223

This shit here shows how fucked up he actually is

No. 29224

There is a lot of stuff so idk where to start. There is skye, his ex wife. He publicly calls her names and hate on her for having an agreement in their divorce that gets her money. She was a bitch for sure, but he still talks about this years after it happened in videos.

Then Shiloh
>must have started talking with her while still with his wife, if they had sex while she was underage it was with him meeting her in a state where she was over the age of consent
> she is living by the time she is 18, he is 26
> makes a bunch of weird and kinda creepy videos with her
> a video of him filming her having a seizure is uploaded. He later claims she is faking it, but at the time he thought she was really having one and posted it to show her what she looked like
> they break up but she still lives with him.
> He uploads a video he calls the 'truth' in which he films Shiloh having a mental break down. He somehow thought it would show his viewers she was crazy, it really just makes him look more like a dick.
>implications that he abused her in some way, but she never says a lot about it.

They have an on and off realtionship for a bit after this, but it is pretty hazy what happened and what videos are 'jokes' but she was pregnant for real at one point. There is a fake pregnancy with fake pictures in a video he made, but also a real pregnancy that she had a miscarriage with a bit later, and onision confuses himself about this. He claims that she made him make the fake videos about being sick and the pregnancy and stuff, but he also changes his story every time he talks about it.

No. 29225

I don't know why rape has to be violent to be considered as rape but okay.
Coercion is a form of sexual assault.
He also later said he couldn't possibly have raped her because she's had lots of sexual partners and sluts can't be raped.
So I think it's safe to say he is a scumbag.

No. 29226

Adrienne is lucky in the sense that she is a bit older, I think she is 26 here, but she at least has expereince to back her up.

A lot of what happened with her is posted in an email she sent to someone who was aware of how fucked up onision is..it got leaked somehow, idk. The dude who she sent it to got a bit too involved in this drama.

>whole relationship is only a month

>she knew about shit that happened with shiloh but wanted to get to know him anyways.
>immediately tries to isolate her from her friends and tries to take control over her life.
>says he loves her after 3 days of talking
>wants her to move and live with him already, she has a job and a life and so she says it is too fast. He gets upset about this and tries to manipulate her.
>gets upset that she cant skype with him when he wants to because she has friends over. He also says that it is shady that she wants to be able to hang out with her friends without him tagging along.
>blows up her phone demanding where she is when again she has a life and is doing other things.
>tells her to change how she looks like the peircings she has, then dumps her when she gets angry at that. They make up a few days later
>they meet up, she gets pressured into sex (she says she doesnt see it as rape)
>he acts like a child during the visit and she tells him to stop and they argue. She actually leaves because he is being so childish and he dumps her, they make up again the next day.
>more of this back and forth shit, the finally broke up for good over a fb status. She posted about getting a massage, he get angry at her because since she is bisexual she may cheat and so shouldnt let anyone else touch her.
>she goes to work and >>29223 happens.

Here shiloh is talking to him again, Adrienna even talks to her mom about the messs.

No. 29230

Last girl of interest is Lainey (taylor), who is his wife now

> lainey says they started dating in 2012 meaning he was dating her and shiloh at the beginning of 2012. Was long distance until the fall.

>met while she was 17, he lived where she was at until she was 18 and he could be public about their realtionship
> they get married in Nov of 2012
> have a child together
>he called her younger sister (I think the girl is 16) a slut for being upset about an ex on fb
>killed their turtle(?)
> her twitter frequently is about how she feels alone and hurt.
> had a meltdown in august, looks like the relationship is dying but who knows when it will lead to a divorce

For those who want to read it all. A lot of his videos actually backs this up, he just pretends they didnt happen later on so he can call out all the 'haters'. Taylor while likely in over her head here in this relationship is not that innocent, she was very vicious to the previous exes and was aware of the issues surrounding him.

No. 29233

There's not a set way in which a person has to react to rape. A lot of victims put little to no resistance while being raped and others might be too shocked to scream or kick or struggle. Not only that but the reaction -after- being raped can also be different.

>"Meh, he was into it, I wasn't, but I went along with it and had sex anyway because I felt like he wanted to"
You and I read completely different things. She mentions that after trying to stop him, she went along with it because there was no point in fighting or resisting. This alone should tell you this was showing signs of an abusive relationship.

This still doesn't make what happened right, and there are different ways in which you can abuse someone.
It's cliché and ignorant to expect rape to be always be violent; it's almost as if you were trying to glorify it by being "but it HAS to be a certain way which is super violent and tragic". Abusers have many ways to get what they want, especially when in a relationship.

She was not pleased with the way things were going, she literally said no before having sex with him, and she was clearly not comfortable with having it with him to begin with, so yeah, it's pretty much rape.

>inb4 tumblr

>inb4 ur a sjw XDDDD

No. 29238

I didn't think it'd be possible but I actually hate Taylor more than Shiloh. At least Shiloh has moved on and is trying to rebuild her music career.
>E-stalked Onision, tweeting him several times a day saying how much she loved him and oh the things she would do to him
>Has an eating disorder because of Onision, tags pro-ana stuff on her tumblr and then denies it
>Changes her story of how long she and Onision have been dating several times to cover for their illegal relationship
>Gained a ton of popularity purely for marrying Onision and treats her fans like she's queen of the them and calls them "minions"
>Got pregnant not even six months into her barely legal marriage (despite Onision making tons of videos about how teen mothers are nothing but housewives and have no aspirations in life- ick)
>Threw a fit when other students tried to be friends with her at orientation (made several tweets saying "Can't you see the ring on my finger!! I'm married!! So not interested!" and "Can't you see I'm pregnant leave me alone!")
>Speaks to her husband through twitter
>Will disagree with something Onision says then delete her tweets
>Posts very misleading tweets about her feelings and depression then says "They're song lyrics guiz"
>Shamed mothers who cannot breastfeed
>Basically her whole life became about breastfeeding and brags about donating milk
>Did absolutely nothing when Onision sent his fans after her little sister and released private details about her life that were told in confidence to Taylor (his fans seriously tried to dox Taylor's sister and she did nothing)

No. 29272

Just because you regret having sex, doesn't make it rape.

In relationships, you also don't necessarily ask for freaking consent ever time you have sex. You cuddle, start kissing, then you start taking his shirt off, he stars touching you etc. and it goes from there. In real life nobody sits around asking 'may I have consent to have sex with you?" because if you don't want to, you say 'NO' and you don't have sex.

It's that simple. You say 'NO' and don't have sex. If he continues to take your bra off or whatever, you put your hand on his, look him in the eye and say "I'm serious, I really don't feel like doing this". At this point he will stop. Unless you're a drama queen, then you'll let him take of your clothes, let him kiss you, let him have sex with you while you LET HIM.

Did he take off her clothes forcibly and rape her while she was crying and not moving? Or were they having sex, was she ACTIVE in having sex and THEN regretted it?

I doubt her bf fucked her as she lay there crying saying 'no no no please no'. She regretted having sex, she didn't really feel like having sex at the time, etc. but at the end of the day SHE AGREED TO IT. She's a grown ass adult and she slept with him.

Bitch doesn't know what rape is. Coercion, sure, but good luck proving that in court.

No. 29275


No. 29277

I hate this Guy and his underage fans. He is scum of he earth,

No. 29278

The comments on the video are mind boggling. Teenage girls with ladyboners for this guy will really excuse anything that he does, huh?

No. 29279


haven't seen this guy in years. I used to be a fan lol

When did he start going apeshit?

No. 29319

I haven't seen him in a long time either, but the shit he did to his canadian popstar girlfriend really shed light to how depraved he actually is.

This is a pretty decent recap:

No. 29350

I've never heard of this dude but he sounds like a creepy asshole. From the looks of it, he preys on ugly girls with low self-esteem to manipulate them. He's scum.

No. 29353

If he wasn't good looking nobody would take any notice to the shit he comes out with. They'll pass him off as any other creepy retarded twat on the web, but his twelve year old fans can't see past this.

No. 29356

The thing is that he's not even that good looking. I don't think he's ugly or anything but if you shaved his head I don't think most people would think he was very attractive or cute. I'm convinced it's the hair.

No. 29357

Yes that links to why all these emo kids think he is their lord and savior as he has faggy hair.

No. 29359

Am I the only one that thinks he's ugly? Seriously, remove the faggy scene hair and his face looks like a foot.

No. 29360

I don't think he's ugly but he wouldn't be deemed "attractive" without the hair, if that makes any sense?

No. 29362

I don't think he's "ugly" per se, but he has a very greasy and sinister look to him, as well as his shit eating permanently smug and brooding face. He looks like he's constantly thinking "gosh teen girls, aren't I so deep and soulful?".

No. 29367


I see what you guys mean, maybe it's his creepiness that just makes him physically ugly to me.
It's a little more than that, I kind of find him repulsive, like if we were at a party I'd be side-eyeing him like a motherfucker and hold on to my drink with all my might because he looks like the type to drop a pill in it.

BUUUT, then again, I know too much about him already so I'm biased. I can't see past his persona.

No. 29379

It's the hair, for sure. I can't see him looking good with short hair. In truth, he's actually pretty damn average but his personality and all the shit he's done makes him ugly as fuck.

No. 29396

> if we were at a party I'd be side-eyeing him like a motherfucker and hold on to my drink with all my might because he looks like the type to drop a pill in it.

No, I completely agree with you. He looks shifty as fuck and like the type of guy that thinks obsessively checking up on you every 20 minutes is "romantic" and tells 15 year old girls he loves them after knowing them for a day. He just has that kind of look going on, you know?

No. 29400

lol he is exactly that guy.
He throws around the word ~love~ to manipulate young girls and get sex (Shiloh, Taylor). And what's even worse is that he treats other people like they have no understanding of the word "love". He bashed every youtuber for saying the loved and appreciated their audience.

No. 29409

From reading the third girl's account, the 26 yr old, he sounds like my ex, who was a Cancer. I don't believe in that too much but he would say similar things to me. He was highly emotionally manipulative and I would tell him the same thing she told him. Basically to stop playing games.

I'm pretty sure he cheated. He later dumped me because I was struggling w/ depression and I told him that before we dated, his reason was he wanted someone happier.

He called me up a month later wanting to get back together and I asked him if he was with anyone, because I had heard he was. He said yeah. I told him to stop fooling around and either dump her and be with me, or leave me alone. The best part is he whined "you don't understand the pressure I'm under!" Haha,

I think this guy is more egotistical because of his fan base and internet presence, it adds to the creepy factor. Is he like 30 or something?

No. 29419

so it's only rape when the rapist knows it's rape because of the struggle their victim is putting up? Okay, so what about people who rape others while they're passed out drunk? They can't put up a fight at all.

So many people stay silent because they feel safer that way, where their abusers will beat them to or near death for resisting.

While some stay silent because they think they're supposed to enjoy what happened to them (either because it was their husband/wife or because a guy doesn't wanna be thought of as a fag). They likely did come out to someone close to them and they were told the same thing you're saying about rape. They don't want it, but they felt they didn't have the option of saying no.

No. 29422

File: 1418355011802.jpg (104.31 KB, 820x488, tumblr_nfqhzhFFFL1rgyhcpo1_128…)

He just turned 29 last month.
He definitely keeps his hair long to seem younger. He also throws in like fifty filters on his videos and photos to seem like he has perfect skin when in reality his skin has aged horribly.
Gotta look like a teenager to appeal to his 12-year old fans even though he's almost thirty and has a son.

No. 29425

It's the fucking clockwork orange eyelashes man

No. 29428


I would love to see an unedited picture of him!

No. 29431

Is he the one who had a girlfriend/wife who had a memory loss problem? I remember a video where he(?) explained she would lose chunks of her memories, forgetting they were in a relationship or not knowing who he was. She would wake up from seizures or something acting like a child who's lost or have no memory of the last week/month.

No. 29432

No. 29433

I still don't understand why you would film that let alone upload it. Unless she gave permission that is such a gross violation of privacy. Why broadcast someone when they're so vulnerable and something that scary for them??

No. 29434

What's worse is that he put ads on it, literally exploiting her. IIRC she originally gave permission… but ever since they broke up, she's been struggling to get all her videos removed.
Of course he's still making youtube money off them so he refuses.

No. 29436

I jsut read the article here >>29319 but I'm still confused. Does it say she admitted her memory loss was fake? This is rather poorly written (they kept switching up last and first names so I wasn't sure who they were referring to without scrolling back up) but I think it says she admitted the memory loss and pregnancy were fake?

No. 29440

I'm pretty positive she faked it.
And she had two pregnancies IIRC, one fake and one real.
The real one was during one of their on/off periods. But she miscarried (because Onision literally slammed her into a door frame and told her she shouldn't be so fat while she was on the floor in pain). This was during the summer I think, like around the time he posted that video of her having a mental breakdown and I don't think they really announced this one but Shiloh wrote about it on her blog.

The fake one, she had pregnancy tests and Onision announced before she was twelve weeks. They went to go get it checked out and they couldn't find the baby on the ultrasound, and they couldn't get a heartbeat either, so basically Shiloh had the dead still inside her waiting to miscarry. She then had the whole sepsis debacle and she posted a premature baby photo on her facebook and said it was her passed child. Someone found the original photo and exposed her. And they ultimately broke up around this time.

That's what I think happened. IDK. There's a lot of lies woven into that relationship so it's kinda hard to tell the truth from bullshit. So there might have only been one idk.

No. 29441

Also, I think there was a fake pregnancy during him bouncing from AJ to Shiloh, or that might have been the fake pregnancy when she left for Canada to go to a hospital.
He mentioned a lot about a fake pregnancy in his voicemails and even AJ wrote about it in her letter.
There's also proof that during this time he began talking to Taylor (around 16 at the time). In the voicemails he was happy to find out he wasn't going to be a father and that the pregnancy was fake, and he called AJ because the only other person he talks to "is in school right now".
Pretty sure Taylor was the only highschooler he knew at the time.
Also Shiloh has hinted multiple times and even outright said that Greg left her for another woman (a skinny one).

No. 29443

I agree 100%, but that adds an additional level of attractiveness to him, in my opinion. I have a thing for guys who're seriously fucked … I'm pretty self aware, though. Not sure how many others hold the same opinion and fully realise why they do.

No. 29464


Are you that same anon that was hitting on Marjan?

No. 29467

File: 1418390395991.jpeg (24.38 KB, 500x278, tumblr_m964u1ch831r6ogkoo1_500…)

>hitting on marjan

No. 29863

nah that was me, different anon. I don't have a thing for creeps, I just love getting sad guys fall for me and then fuck with their lives. But Marjan was banned before I got anywhere with him

No. 29911

File: 1418593211950.jpg (29.9 KB, 600x706, full.jpg)


No. 29915

He looks like a serial killer under all that hair.

No. 29982



I don't eve know what to say, he still looks creepy, just a different type. He looks like a fucking skinhead, there I said it.

Did he have a Britney Spears meltdown and shave off his hair? Or what he wearing a wig this whole time!?

No. 29983

This guy reminds me of Dandy from American Horror Story. I think it's the pompous look on his face and shitty personality

No. 29984

Someone please Photoshop him to look like Shrek

No. 29986

File: 1418602045771.png (458.12 KB, 600x706, shrek.png)

Someone fix this, I'm drunk.

No. 29989

Anon, pls.

No. 29990

File: 1418602939254.jpg (60.19 KB, 486x309, 1417245638860.jpg)

my sides

No. 30015

File: 1418612832883.gif (1.19 MB, 234x200, ayyy.gif)

No. 30107

I just died from laughing, thans anon

No. 30155


No. 30184

I fucking knew he'd look like shit without the long hair. He looks like one of those disgusting neo nazi people.

No. 30187

Here is his old video on how to shave hair.

No. 31238

I don't even know where to begin with this but it seems like someone is having wifey troubles.

No. 31265

He is literally in no place to complain about women being "psychopaths" or being oversensitive and hiding their true intentions. Fuck this /r9k/-tier bullshit video

No. 31333

He also called a woman a slut for not wanting a man to buy her expensive jewelry.
And then says women just want men to take care of them and pay for their dinner and buy them everything.

No. 31383

wow… so bitter
i feel really bad for his wife rn

No. 31415

Is he seriously comparing women to a fictional character?..

Actually, I'm not even surprised. It figures he'd think he knows so much about crazy women since he acts like one.

No. 31433


How does this crazy still have fans? A large amount are young girls and this video pretty much just shit all over them. And he's wife, she must have zero self respect, confidence and brain cells because there is nothing nice about him. He's not even a lolcow, there is nothing funny about him and everything he does and say is just outright horrible.

No. 31505

File: 1419160813057.png (194.5 KB, 364x386, 1406363700954.png)

No. 31508

So he gets into an argument with his wife, and like a true mature 30 year old, makes a shit video where he whines about women.

Oh her arguments are immature? Maybe because you married and impregnated a teenager you dumb fuck.

No. 31556

Oh man, first wife skye in that video. Very old

No. 31773

File: 1419221487082.png (179.45 KB, 651x1279, tumblr_nguemgtav91r1kiq7o2_128…)

No. 31803

i hate the guy but i can't help but be amused at how hard that att rep is trying to get him to shut the fuck up and contact him so he'll stop publicly discussing how shit att is

No. 31808

can you believe that stupid fuck is a father to some poor kid?

No. 31917

Out of literally everything in this thread, the fucking tenacious AT&T Twitter rep did me in. Sides are in orbit.

No. 31963

What a fucking asshole.

Reading this pissed me the fuck off.

No. 31973

Wait, this is the skinny faggot from the "I'm a banana" video? Whaaaat

No. 31987

Please stop telling 12-year olds about how your wife pisses on you, Onision.

No. 31999

>guys thinking that squirting is real
>internet searches wont give you a definite answer
its all pornstar techniques, why are men so influenced by this shit?

No. 32000

No. 32042

SO much this.
Men are dumb as fuck when it comes to a woman's body

No. 32051

I've come across plenty of women that claim to be squirters.

That said, even if squirting IS real, 99% of squirting in porn is piss. I don't understand how people can delude themselves into thinking otherwise.

No. 32056


With a creepy, unwashed mooch like him, would you really blame her?

No. 32062

Female ejaculate is 100% a real thing.
Female porn stars almost always fake it because not every woman is capable.
Female ejaculate also has zero smell or color and has a complete different chemical makeup than urine.
Sorry Onision….you're wife has been peeing on you all along…

No. 32084


Story time:
I was at a house party with a bunch of friends and friends friends and there was this one chick who got drunk pretty quickly. I'm not sure if she was a slut but she wasn't afraid to tell you about her sex life. She was bragging to a bro-friend of mine about how she could squirt. Later that night when the party had kind of settled down and people had split off into groups all round the house to talk ect, bro-friend got pretty wasted and they both disappeared into the spare room next to the 'pool table' room down staires.

Me, two girl-friends and three other bro-friends were playing pool quietly (and awkwardly because they were in the room next to us) when we hear bro-friend yell-whisper in horror "Is that piss?!" and we all just froze. "Did you just piss in on me?!" We couldn't help our selves, we cracked up laughing and he ran out of the room straight to the bathroom, the look on his face was priceless. The room smelt of piss and she just left without saying a word. Never saw her again and we still call bro-friend pissdick to this day.

Moral of the story: never believe a bitch when she says she can squirt.

No. 32192

this video is so cringey

No. 32194

File: 1419329655209.jpg (507.36 KB, 1053x1331, 78786.jpg)

No. 32195

File: 1419329797793.jpg (45.98 KB, 338x600, 98.jpg)

No. 32196

File: 1419330068597.jpg (137.12 KB, 1067x601, 7.jpg)

No. 32197

That's pretty top kek.

The NHS says this about squirting, to paraphrase

~"it may or may not exist, however many women claim to be able to do it. Some have even tested their squirt samples and found that it's not urine. There is no concensus upon its existence. "

No. 32452

File: 1419372759597.png (887.75 KB, 849x773, tumblr_ndydh9Y9WO1rgyhcpo1_128…)

The difference in filters between a teenager and a 30 year old man barely grasping at his youth.

No. 32471

you know, onision would make a good looking woman

No. 32472

squirter here,
female ejaculate is sweet and odorless and is clear.

No. 32485

File: 1419376568407.jpg (81.39 KB, 476x614, Screenshot_2014-12-23-15-11-39…)

Are all of his fans like this?

>Never seen his videos, what's the "boob grab"?

No. 32487

Sorry, I meant "boob squeeze".

No. 32488

He likes to end a lot of his videos with a groping gesture and says "boob squeeze".
Which is fairly creepy since a vast majority of his fans are minors.

No. 32753

A girl who i used to be friends with loves this guy so much, she is 23 now. She gets so angry when you tell her the truth about onision, cause he is her cutie banana. I don't get how an adult can find Onision funny or charming in any way. On the other hand she still acts like a loud obnoxious teen and also thinks pewdiepie is SOOOOO funny.

No. 32782

Anyone who thinks pewdiepie is unironically funny is a lost cause and/or severely retarded, anyway.

No. 32812


If I didn't know who Onision was, I would've assumed that picture was a screenshot of a creepy pervert from a Lifetime movie.

No. 32938

LOL is that greg's handwriting!?

No. 33593

holy shit. this is actually happening o_o

No. 33616

is that you? why do you look like you're in a 90's pop punk band?

No. 33617


No. It's not.

Remember the last time somebody waltzed here saying they were in the know about a certain lolcow? Also filename.

Not trying to ruin anybody's fun, I'm just sayin' folks…

No. 33732

What is old Shiloh up to these days? Is she still testing the camgirl biz?

No. 33801

She did a few videos a year or so ago answering some questions. She had a baby, daughter named Zelda. Maybe is trying to still do music, but she hasnt done anything since like 2010 so, who knows on that.

Not much recently, last thing she posted on twitter is about Robin Williams.

No. 33802

He has fans because his retarded fans think they're so edgy and omG if u dont liek him then ur butthurt XDDDDDDD.
They fail to understand their favorite youtuber isn't a troll acting like this on purpose, he's seriously a bad human being.
but whatever, with young kids being this autistic nowadays, anyone can have fans.
reminds me of when a kpop idol beat down one of his ex and his fans still defended him even though there were pictures of his ex gf with bruises on her face.

No. 33858

she was gonna be a camgirl? shit, i'm really out of the loop.

i hope she's still happy and doing okay, at least? last time someone posted an update on her on efagz she looked like she was doing a LOT better. but i guess anything is better than being manipulated by a sociopath with an e-army of thousands of rabid teenage girls, so…

No. 33942

What kills me is how upset he gets over having to shell 1k out of his six figure salary, to his ex-wife every month because she was awarded alimony.

No. 33948

when he makes shit videos like that, it just show what a huge greedy egoist manchild he actually is.

No. 33950


>BAWWWW, pay attention to me, 12 year old fans of mine. I only get $5000 out of my $6000 salary. Even though 5k is more than most of your parents would make even in three months; it's still like totally slavery and stuff!

No. 33952

He should have married someone who could help him take better care of his skin…

Also he wouldn't need so many filters if he considered a little makeup, and accepted that he was WAYYY too old for that hairstyle so he'd cut it shorter

Yeah he looks terrifying as a bald guy.

Even Shane Dawson isn't as irritating as him even though they're on the same level of obnoxious

No. 34079

the difference between onision and shane dawson is shane dawson can actually be funny (in a really childish way sure) when he's acting out characters. onision did like, what, the banana suit thing? where it was just onision in a banana suit acting like himself in a banana suit? i dunno, onision doesn't come across as like…talented or amusing or anything, why the fuck does he have so many subscribers? most of his videos from what i've seen are just him talking out of his ass and being generally arrogant/ignorant. what the fuck is his appeal?

No. 34108

stupid people think he's hot and edgy.

No. 38109

How does anyone find this cunt attractive? His face looks like it's melting.

No. 44093

isn't this the guy who killed his turtle

No. 44159

Yes. Totally neglected it. Yet he claims to be vegetarian and all for animal rights.

No. 44166

He literally cooked it and then posted photos of him crying for sympathy.
When people called him out on his neglect, he made like five or six videos screaming about how awful meat eaters are, and how they're not allowed to say anything about his turtle's death. Despite the fact that he actually killed his own pet. And a deer not too long ago. And let his dogs play in trash for a video.

No. 44214

His head is also huge while his shoulders are narrow

No. 44220

This guy truly baffles me. I might be a meat eater & daughter of a hunter but i would never harm an animal or give them a cruel death. He is one of those vegetarians that uses that to feel high and mighty, even through he treat his own pets like shit.

No. 44254


I'm vegan and find this guy to be the craziest crazy I have ever come across.

No. 44599

He cooked his turtle? Alive? Like what? Did it die of neglect and then he just what… put it in a pot of boiling water? Did he not feed it?

No. 44601


Never mind, just saw the video. I really really hate this guy, not so much for the turtle incident (but yeah fuck him for that too), but because of the way he acts afterwards. If it was an accident you wouldn't be so antagonistic, defensive, and condescending.
God I hate this motherfucker.

>>you woudn't blame a child for making a mistake, so obviously I'm blame free!

Motherfucker aren't fucking 30? You're not a fucking child, you're a grown ass man living in the age of information. GOOGLE MOTHERFUCKER, you have no excuse.

No. 46979

One of Taylor's friends sent several messages to an Anti-O.

Supposedly Taylor:
>Uses Greg's semen to condition her hair
>Has tons of orgies and refuses to shower for days afterwards
>Braids her pubes
>Has two sons, neither of them named "Troy"
>Is currently one month pregnant with twins maybe
>Makes Greg act like a dog and cries to get her way

There is zero proof any of it is real tho so it's probs just Onion and Taylor creating fake drama.



No. 47057

That would be so awesome if it were true. The girl who posted it seems full of shit though, or at least bored out of her fucking mind.

No. 47059

That's just over the top.
I bet it's Onision himself creating drama

No. 47074

The girl who posted those convos has been dealing with a lot of shit from Taylor actually.

>MsK sent Taylor hair care advice

>Taylor's fans go in a rage bc "how dare u insult leeny shes perf ur just jealous!!!11!'"
>Harass MsK and her family
>Talk shit about MsK's infant son
>Taylor says basically "lol i cant control them" and did fuck all
>MsK vents on tumblr on how awful Taylor treated the situation
>Taylor makes several tweets attacking MsK and saying how fake she is
>MsK makes a post how she circumcised her son for legitimate medical risks that run in the family
>Taylor the ~intactivst~ goes into a rage on twitter, all her fans continue to harass MsK
>Fans tell MsK she shouldn't be allowed to have children, call her abusive to her son, etcetc
>Taylor continues to bitch on twitter

Just recently two of Taylor's closest friends came to MsK on kik and started spewin this bullshit.

No. 47075

No. 47080

But people have tried dealing with these people (Onion, Sh and Lainey) with fire. nothing happens tbh. They won't change unless it directly affects them.

No. 49716

File: 1423929833585.jpg (149.87 KB, 1047x1280, tumblr_njqc6eof0X1rzbjnpo1_128…)


Because circumcision only happens so we can mutilate men. There are no other possible reasons eVER.

No. 49717

Most of those circumcisions are just as much made because of religious reasons as the female ones tho.

No. 49722

Comparing male and female circumcision is almost a false equivalency. Male circumcision just removes the foreskin. Female circumcision removes the labia, clitoris, and/or almost wholly seals up the vagina to preserve virginity.

No. 49724

File: 1423933814380.png (90.18 KB, 666x328, 01.PNG)

Onision's wife likes to compare the two a lot.
She's been on this anti-circ kick for a while now and it's basically all she ever tweets about.

No. 49725

I hate them both, they are both total dick heads.

No. 49726

File: 1423934211514.png (78.59 KB, 660x377, 02.PNG)

I think the worst part is that she used to study pre-med and wanted to be a doctor.

No. 49728

File: 1423934863914.png (50.35 KB, 672x387, 03.PNG)

Because it's totally the same thing.

No. 49729

Why are they both ranting about it?

No. 49735

No. 49738

File: 1423937668822.png (47.68 KB, 597x436, 04.PNG)

Taylor has nothing better to do and Onision spends his whole life on twitter ranting his uneducated opinions anyways. So it's probably rubbed off on her by now.
Also a girl that offered Taylor hair care advice made a post about how circumcision saved her son from a hereditary disorder and possible medical risks to show that there are legit cases where circumcision is necessary. Taylor didn't like that, called her immoral and a child abuser, etc.
Ever since Tay's army of 12 year-olds has been harassing this girl and her son.

No. 49741

I can't believe this man is 30 year old with a child.
He sounds like a immature 16 year old.

No. 49744

Onision looks like he wears a buttplug 24/7.

No. 49835

File: 1423959747196.png (1.21 MB, 1841x671, Bitch looks 40.png)

No. 49842

File: 1423961089313.png (261.56 KB, 600x342, B91PggOIEAMGcGK.png)

Haggard as fuck + shitty foundation application.

No. 49844

he isn't even attractive

looks like one of those effeminate gay men who try to be twinks at 50

No. 49846

File: 1423961465742.jpg (25.61 KB, 600x450, B9qzl7fCcAAgUfI.jpg)

Her sperm-shaped brows fuckin kill me every time.

No. 49862

File: 1423964483141.jpg (21.64 KB, 373x335, why.jpg)

at least they're not as bad as the comma eyebrow

No. 49872

File: 1423965760605.png (255.56 KB, 600x450, B.png)

Fixed them. Girl needs to learn what an eyebrow is.

No. 49914

It's not a false equivalency because there are several types of FGM.

No. 49918

Much better.

No. 50069

is that a fucking booger up her nose

No. 50077

No. 50078

Or it might be her nose stud, hard to tell.

No. 50081

Does anyone have link to Shiloh's twitter?

No. 50095


It's not very active though. Don't know if she has any other accounts.

No. 50188

File: 1424041862558.png (179.03 KB, 554x624, Onion.PNG)

Why is he such a condescending piece of shit.

No. 50201

Fucking lol. He goes on about how genital mutilation is wrong, yet I bet 100% his dogs are neutered or castrated.

No. 50202

the question is why are the so obsessed about other peoples dicks??????

No. 50204

Because humans and dogs are same species.

No. 50206

It's his son…

No. 50208

They think they know best for the entire human race.
Despite people sharing personal stories about how circumcision can actually be beneficial, they still rub the "IT'S CHILD ABUSE/GENITAL MUTILATION/SEXUAL ABUSE" shit all over twitter and tumblr.

No. 50255

Unless it's bent out of shape, it's stretched too weirdly to be the back of a stud.

No. 50258

Well, yes. But I'm guessing that >>50201's argument was to Greg they are the same. Cows, deer, bugs, every animal is better than man in his perfect vegan eyes. By his logic, getting any sort of operation on your genitalia that you have no say over (dogs tend not to speak English) is "unnecessary" or "mutilation".

He's made countless videos vomiting up this sort of insane logic.

No. 72760

File: 1427842837903.png (73.71 KB, 580x609, tumblr_nm0p8nm87n1sk70o1o1_128…)

Can we all collectively cringe at his now self-published book on amazon.


Spoiler: It's about a teen named James who's obsessed with a girl named Abbi. Of course the girl is in an abusive relationship and NEEDS to be saved by Onision's self-insert character. James hates everything and everyone except his friend Davis, who kisses his ass every chapter he's in, and his ~tru luv~ Abbi. Abbi's boyfriend later decides to shoot up the school later or something.
It's super edgy guiz.

No. 72765


Here's a free sample someone posted on tumblr BTW if you want a taste of this shit he's pushed out.


Keep in mind this 30 year-old man hasn't read a book in 14 years but decided to write his own.
The editors listed as "Onison" and "Lainey" lmfao what a joke.

No. 72813

It's honestly not as bad as I expected, but shit like
>I laughed in my casual dorky tone
fucks it up.
He tries to shove as many adjectives as he can into a single sentence. It's too much.
Oh and snowflake shit like
>For as long as I remember I've enjoyed seeing how people move around and talk to each other, like they're all animals at the zoo. I would try to deliver a more accurate analogy if there was one but so many of them seemed incredibly unaware of themselves, just living life as if it were some generic predefined routine. >Sometimes I feel like an alien who had a VIP pass to submerge myself in primitive human culture just for entertainment.
He goes on to shit on people like "the dumb attention-seeking drama kid" and "the bleach blond bimbo who gets overly aggressive at the slightest hint of criticism".
Lmao stop trying to romanticize the fact that you're a judgmental piece of shit and you have no friends.

No. 72816

idk who this guy is but holy balls, cringe

No. 72845

LOL the Amazon reviews
>"If you want to read a book about a desperate mentally unstable teenager who can't handle rejection well, this is your book!"

"I wish I could give this pile of s* a lower rating. You'd find better works of fiction scattered on the internet from 12 year olds. The plot of the book can be summed up as whiny teenage angst. The writing is over dramatic and often scenes are dragged out in paragraphs when they could be explained in a single sentence. Characters are boring – they have absolutely no depth whatsoever. Lines are often delivered in short single word sentences. If anyone says they've actually enjoyed this monstrosity they probably hate themselves. Don't waste your time, don't waste your money, do NOT support this author."
pls, this is the best thing that has happened today.

No. 72859

File: 1427848910965.png (164.18 KB, 552x2172, onion1-5.png)

Onisiondrama has been summarizing each of the chapters for us.
So here are the first five chapters done.

No. 72870

Also in other news: Onision allegedly sent some kind words to help support an actual convicted child molester. What a fucking surprise.

No. 72874

Onision is just as brain dead as that pedo. Two peas in a fucking pod.

No. 72876

File: 1427851010322.gif (5.01 MB, 854x480, Ogres-Are-Like-Onions1.gif)

I'm sorry, he's a total shit and all but the only think I can ever think of when I see this fucker's name come up is onion-san.

No. 72931

This shit is great. I've been following it all day. I absolutly love how he needs to pull the "this is my first book" card to get nice reviews from his fans on amazon. Classic onion.

No. 73506

wait… someguy827 is still making videos?
I followed him for awhile until he said he was leaving youtube.

No. 73513

He still made videos on his facebook page for a while but I think he's come back to Youtube with a different view of it all because his newer videos are better quality imo Like he doesn't so much just rant and ramble about the topic, he's a lot more collected and to the point. Well they were until the pedo stuff happened because it seemed to really piss him off, as seen in his reply video to some guy in the comment section. He lost his shit.

No. 73772

File: 1427932833949.jpg (82.72 KB, 628x906, tumblr_nm3rjp0S171s8gtrgo1_128…)

Onion is now throwing a fit about all the bad reviews he's getting lmao.
What's worse is trying to justify how crappy it is with saying "well it was my first book! so you can't give any sort of criticism!!" or screaming "yea well u didn't even read it did u haha!!".

No. 73773

File: 1427932864257.png (45.67 KB, 647x277, tumblr_nm1ybtI6161r1kiq7o1_128…)

No. 73788

>can't handle criticism
>especially for first book ever
fuck, I hate (^_^) more than anything in passive aggressive situations, fucking Christ ✞ why am I getting so worked up.

No. 73796

Reading the reviews are gold. From what I can tell, I bet my story for English Lit when aged 12 was better written. Jfc using '&' instead of 'and' topped it all off for me. Brilliant.

No. 73802

The book seriously feels like a poor fan-fiction someone wrote when they were 12 years-old and cringe at every time they look back on it now.
And it was written by a grown ass man.

No. 73846

File: 1427937811048.png (83.54 KB, 955x332, uvDZQkr.png)

Onision fellating himself over his great achievement of writing the worst book in history.

No. 74374

File: 1428016858741.png (778.01 KB, 2250x1334, imgg.png)

This is how Gerg thinks two 17 year-olds fuck.

No. 74459

File: 1428025377736.png (72.86 KB, 1025x450, Dyo18ra.png)

The amazon reviews give me life.

No. 74460

File: 1428025525264.png (62.18 KB, 1014x377, xZGA3Wl.png)

No. 74462

File: 1428025641105.png (117.36 KB, 1045x643, 0rNhuCu.png)

No. 74480

oh.. my… good god..
Those reviews are fucking GOLD.

"how can I turn that frown upside down? Poopy poo poop?"
How did Greg look at that and think "yeah, thats perfect"

The book is basically a warped autobiography for Greg

No. 74686

so it's pretty much Greg's mary sue fanfiction of himself.
He & stephanie meyer should get together & discuss a collaboration.

No. 74779


I read the whole fucking thing and wow I don't know how I managed. It's literally Greg's manifesto but written from the perspective of a whiny 17 year-old. Abbi's character is especially lacking and unrealistic and her name is in the freakin' title of the book.

I actually got sorta mad during the sex scene because Abbi is a rape survivor (barely). Abbi never gives consent, James just assumes she wants it. James never asks her "is this okay" or "are you alright", he just fucks her how he wants to fuck her. It's disgusting. And the "I wouldn't stop, I couldn't stop" lines especially. Gag.

No. 74788

What do you expect? James is basically Greg and writes him as Greg would react to things, and that is EXACTLY how Greg acts during sex.

No. 75089

"James" is his middle name lmao.
Also he does strike me as rapey.

No. 75200


Wow, He is a fucking CREEP.
I'm worried for how his son is going to turn out when he's older… I feel sorry for the kid

No. 75220

File: 1428119795948.png (163.09 KB, 523x2451, onion6-10.png)

Chapters 6-10 summarized so we don't have to read the actual book yay.

No. 75221

This girl is also reading the story and criticizing it throughout for those interested.
Hearing the book read aloud just amplifies how shit is really is.

No. 75393

Listened to this while playing Pokemon.
Today is a great day.

No. 75394

File: 1428165440911.png (153.81 KB, 525x2379, onion11-15.png)

The rest of the summaries were posted.
Chapter 11-15.

No. 75395

File: 1428165627727.png (113.12 KB, 525x1829, onion16-20.png)

Chapters 16-20.
The end.

No. 75396

These are great to listen too tbh. I hope she does the whole book.
She's up to chapter five now.

No. 75397

No. 75398

My favorite part is how she writes him this sob letter about being raped and beaten, and then literally in the next chapter they fuck ALL DAY.
Greg has some really warped ideas about what being a rape victim is like… especially entering a new relationship RIGHT after getting out of an abusive one.

No. 75403

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSS, I love gineriella. I wonder why the videos are unlisted though?

No. 75407

She kinda explains in her most recent video that she made them unlisted because she's been so inactive, and she doesn't want the first thing people see she's done in months be Greg's shit book. She's going to make them public soon I think tho. Either way, they're great.

She points out almost every little thing that bothered me when I first read it.

No. 75409

Ohh, thanks!

No. 75490

This girl is hilariously cruel. I love her.

No. 75521

>school has been burned down, no classes until next year

haha what the fuck
this guy is mentally 14

No. 75549

Oh yeah and:

>James, a minor, gets to live alone in his mom's condo while her new rich husbando pays for everything

>Abbi's dad loses custody of Abbi (because of an assault charge?), police ASK Abbi if she wants to go to the orphanage. Abbi declines and magically gets to live with James.
>Whole school burned down, apparently no firefighters in this town
>Seth kills 52 people by the time he is taken out by A TEENAGER, not police or swat

Because what's the worth of realism in writing?

No. 75555

kek oh man, i gotta read this book

No. 75557

You can do a 30 day free trial of Kindle Unlimited and read it for free lol. That's what I did.
Reading it honestly just made me feel better about my own writing skills. At least I know I will never be Greg-tier at storytelling.

No. 75559

My province (Quebec) isn't eligible! :(

I'll wait til someone leaks it.

No. 75641

This is so fucking great… I have no words.

No. 75653

>getting this butt mad about bad reviews
>"You didn't even read the book!! Your opinion is wrong because I said so!!"
>"My characters are soo interesting how dare you!! I'm not gonna explain why…. BUT LOOK AT THIS BLOOD!!! SO INTERESTING!!!"
>"omg i h8 u amazon :'((( even tho i chose to self-publish via amazon instead of getting a real editor and agent to pitch my story to real publishing companies…"
>"I begged for mercy bc it's my first book :'(((( waaaahh internet meanies!!"

No. 75672

I read the summaries and its similar to the book hate list (bf who shoots up school bc the girl and him hate people) (in gregs book she wanted everyone to disappear?? and ex shoots up school) idk ITS SIMILAR

No. 75682

Yeah it's barely expanded on but I guess when Abbi was very depressed post-miscarriage, she wrote a lot of emo letters to Seth??
Kinda like what she did to James to explain why the guidance counselor hates her.
I wish the book was told in 3rd person bc James is an awful narrator and his life is so damn boring.
At least with Abbi's character you could grab the reader in with her back story (minus abusive dad, he's pointless af) and maybe expand on how awful it is to experience rape or abuse through her character.
Lmao but no we get James' shitty self-importance judging every one every chapter.

No. 75684

File: 1428194931815.jpg (103.09 KB, 640x480, Patrick-Bateman-2.jpg)

Nigga looks like Patrick Bateman's younger, unsuccessful little brother who does gay porn on the side.

No. 75688

That would mean that Greg would actually have to have writing talent, to be able to 1) emphasize and relate to Abbi and 2) not put his own personality into a character.

And you know thats not going to happen.

No. 75714

>Great job! Just ignore the haters.

This is a review of his book on amazon, it's funny how he says people who don't instantly love the book didn't even read it passed the first chapter when his 4 or 5 star reviews all sound like fangirls who didn't even open the book spamming how much onision rocks and anyone who disagrees are haters

No. 75965

Lmfao Onion and his teen wife are probably giving all the negative reviews "unhelpful" ratings. He's so salty.

No. 75967

Chapter six.

No. 75973

oh my god i'm cracking up so hard right now. also, that girl is hella cool lol

No. 75979

Gineriella is fucking hysterical. Watch her dramatic reading of 50 shades of grey.

No. 76185

omg, the part where her mom comes in and is constantly like, "is this comedy? this is comedy. come on. this can't be real. you're making this up."
> (groaning) dick farmer.
love her.

No. 76449

I'm in love. Proof that a woman doesn't have to be a doll to be fucking awesome.

No. 76505

Chapter seven.

No. 76506

Stevie's review lmao.

No. 76520

File: 1428339583140.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-04-06-18-55-30…)

Is it true that Onision admitted that Abby was based on Shiloh?
No wonder Onision's wife is going full emo on tumblr.

No. 76524

From what I've read, a lot of Abbi's past seems to be based of Shiloh. There are a lot of parallels throughout the story.

>Abusive ex-boyfriend

Shiloh originally met Onion through his forum. Their first contact was Shiloh asking for advice on how to deal with this abusive guy she had been dating.

>Bad home life

I'm pretty sure it's been stated before that Shiloh's family wasn't that great to her. I think the only person that cared for her was her mother. And even after the on-and-off relationship with Onion, I think her mom sorta gave up on her in the end. Especially when Shiloh was crying about having to go bad home, only to be kicked out by "her" in that one video of her having a breakdown.
(This might be why Abbi's mother is never mentioned in the book too)


Shiloh miscarried at least once. But this was by the hands of Onion. Onion pushed her into a door frame and she described herself as literally on the floor, in pain, miscarrying their child. And all Onion had to say was something like "Why are you such a bother". (She confessed this in one of her old blogs).

But to me, it seems like the inspiration of Abbi's character shifts after she meets James. She becomes super dependent, vulnerable, insecure, etc. She even calls him "hubby" by the end of the story. This sorta makes it seem like she is more based on Lainey by the end.

I know someone asked Greg was Lainey thought of Abbi, and he said "She hates Abbi :')".

No. 76529

File: 1428341255032.jpg (20.51 KB, 750x244, tumblr_nmcqui6a3N1uruftko1_128…)

But the're totally in love guiz.

No. 76532

File: 1428341681362.jpg (81.41 KB, 652x1024, nwah46.jpg)

She's been bitching on twitter for a couple days now.

No. 76533

I don't understand how she can live like this. It seems she is always going through emo stages, then suddenly its all 'happy family' then next minute she's writing shit like this. It can only be about him, I mean who else could it be about? No one.

Does anyone call them out on this or even mention or ask if she is okay and happy? Because it honestly seems like she's not happy at all and feels stuck with him. It would be no surprise to find out he emotionally abuses her, that's a given.

Shits weird man. I don't understand how anyone would want to stay with a creep like Onision.

No. 76545

File: 1428343022085.jpg (32.03 KB, 640x144, Onision_Taylor_SC_3.jpg)

Once Onision finally announced his new gf, Taylor, almost every anti-O went to her aid and try and help her get away from him. (Given his abusive past)
The blog laineybotdrama started out as an archive blog and including several resources to identify abuse.

But Taylor ignored it all. She even ignored the claims of his past girlfriends because she was so ~different~.

Now I think she's too overcome with greed to let him go. She has her own 800k house to live in now, because Onion is renting it just for her. She brags about her high-end cosmetics, her band merch, etc.
Plus Onion pays for everything to support their baby.

Onion likes to keep a facade to his fans that their relationship is always amazing, etc. But Taylor's twitter is pretty telling.

I don't even know anymore. I feel like Taylor has dug her hole to deep now to get out. A lot of the anti-o's, that first offered her help, are in complete disgust with her behavior and attitude.

She acts like a princess and calls herself ~goddess~.

And yeah, it's obvious that she only tweets about Onion since she doesn't have any friends.

No. 76547

Sad thing is many women are, too, especially when it comes to reproductive organs.

No. 76548

No. 76549


God, he's such a cancer.

I went through Mr.Repzion's video (before he went insane and changed) and I remember when Onionsan made a video addressing him because he thought he sent a letter to his inlaws. And at one point Onionsan wanted to debate but he refused and onionsan started calling Mr.Repzion a coward and such for not stooping that low.
Though, I think he finally agreed and did a debate, I can't remember.

No. 76552

Yep!!! I remember that!
Greg got this video removed from Rep's channel for like bullying or something lol.
And then accused Rep of stalking?? and sending a letter to his inlaws?
When in actuality, DSSCTM sent it. And even recorded him sending it.
But Onion will just choose to blindly defame and accuse someone of something than look for the truth 100% of the time.

No. 76553

File: 1428343719677.png (23.84 KB, 603x302, spoketosoon.png)

Yeah, I spoke to soon. It seems people do call her out on it because she felt the need to post this about 40 minutes ago. Maybe it's because she was so young when they first started dating that it's all she knows now. Plus, as you said, she probably loves the way people suck up her ass and talk about how perfect she is.

It's actually kind of sad. One day she'll look back and realise how it wasn't worth all the 'fans' in the world for putting up with Onision's bullshit ego. Unless of course it gets worse and she loses herself in the whole having people talk to her as if she is a ~goddess~ thing.

No. 76558

File: 1428344093807.png (33.22 KB, 563x386, tumblr_n0qwisFSAR1srs8bto1_128…)

Yep. Typical.
Anytime people call her out or even ask if she's okay, she almost always responds with they're song lyrics omg!!" or "I'm allowed to feel things!!".

No. 76560

File: 1428344159115.png (101.62 KB, 607x740, tumblr_nh2fn7UiCO1srs8bto1_128…)

No. 76562

File: 1428344222508.png (15.46 KB, 596x263, tumblr_n88x40NjYP1srs8bto1_128…)

No. 76564

The cringe is strong with this cow.

No. 76565

Saying they are song lyrics isn't even a good excuse. She's listening to those kinds of song and posting those specific lyrics for a reason.

How old is she now? She seems like stupid emo teenager who posts depressing song lyrics for attention and then when people ask if they are okay, they claim nothing is wrong and that it's just a song.

With the amount of depressing statuses she posts something is obviously wrong. Maybe Greg's god complex has rubbed off on her to much because she seems to think everyone is stupid and will blindly eat up the shit excuses she uses.

No. 76568

Taylor is now twenty years-old.

About a year or so into the relationship, she started to post "song lyrics". Guess the honeymoon phase is long over for them.

She's always been battling an eating disorder, but denies it to this day. She's changed her sexuality multiple times since she started dating Greg, too.

There's definitely something wrong with her mentally. I know a few have thought she was bi-polar, because of her weird up's and down's online. And how she seems to have a superiority complex while suffering from extreme insecurity at the same time.

I can't imagine what things must be like for their son, to be growing up in that kind of environment.

No. 76571

That's the one person I feel sorry for the most. The poor kid has Greg as a father, which speaks for its self, and from what it seems an unstable mother. The kid isn't going to know how to socialize with other kids. Greg sure as hell doesn't and Taylor has pretty much only spent time with Greg through out her young adult life.

On another note, I wonder what's going to happen when Gregs like 35 and she's still in her mid 20's. She doesn't seem to have many real life friends or even goes out without Greg by her side. Her life must be so boring and lonely, no wonder she spends to much time on the internet posting emo song lyrics.

No. 76581

File: 1428346593937.png (27.44 KB, 575x195, tumblr_nlv0clIG8t1srs8bto1_128…)

Oh I totally forgot how she has all her fans call her "mom" and "mommy".
She retweets anyone who says something like "I passed my test mom!!! r u proud of meh!!".

Just scroll through her twitter and you can see tons of 12 year-old calling her "mom". It's gross. She has her own son to call her mom for the rest of her whole life, don't know why she needs thousands of Greg's fans to do it too.

And then she got all pissy when her fans were going along with the whole "mom" thing, and started to call Greg "daddy" (GAG).

No. 76586


so fucking cringy, he ignores the 'anon' or tries to subtly dodge answering the questions… even though hes talking to himself.


No. 76587

Let's not forget Taylor obsessively tweeting Greg before they started dating.

(How To Become a YouTube Partner’s Wife)

No. 76588

File: 1428347589572.jpg (105.97 KB, 640x640, 11081268_10153232848009711_702…)

That's so gross. She seems sort of delusional. Like it gives her an ego boost to have 12 year olds calling her mum. Pretty funny that Greg doesn't like it lol. I can only imagine what it must be like between them in privacy. Specially because they try to up hold that they have a perfect relationship online.

Makes me gag because he tries so hard to still be 'young' and relevant. He wears make up to cover his horribly ageing skin. Maybe that's why he likes the young ones, because he tries so hard to be a teenager again and it makes him feel like he is.

Gross. He's just a bag of cringy dicks.

No. 76589

No one posted that stupid Meat Eater video he made?

The whole head turning makes me cringe so fucking much, you're not Julie Chen, this isn't fucking big brother. Quite switching the camera view over and fucking over, you trash fuck.

No. 76591

File: 1428348160197.jpg (66.73 KB, 640x640, 11686_10153242326684711_131991…)

>That ugly ass skin

Does he look after himself? It honestly looks like he doesn't wash his skin properly. And he's almost 30, does he not know about skin care?

No. 76593

God ew yeah. He's aging like spoiled milk.
At least he cut his hair. He's been rocking that tween-swooshed, bieber-cut style for way too long.

I think when people call him "daddy" he realizes how old he is. Since he's probably old enough to be some of his fans' dads.

His sub rate is dropping each day tho, so I imagine in the next few years he'll have next to no fans to back up his shit anymore.

Remember when he made several videos blaming meat eaters for the death of his turtle? Purely because they ate meat?

And now he backtracks saying shit like "uHM most of mY FAMILY ar HUNTERs obvi iM OK with MEAT EATERS".

Even though he made that piece of shit video comparing meat eaters to murderers and Hitler.

No. 76595

Let's not forget how he tried to prove he was innocent but even admitted he didn't even know what kind of turtle he owned. Great pet-owning right there.

No. 76596

File: 1428348911905.jpg (107.83 KB, 609x652, lolwut.jpg)


For someone who tries to come off as a SJW's best friend, he sure loves gender roles.

No. 76597

Woooooooow. I'm laughing because he even CRITCIZES men who are too prideful to cry, even after something tragic like a school shooting.
He fucking criticized the jock-y boys in his class for physical violence, in his book.
Who the fuck decided "crying" was a womanly thing to do lmao what even the fuck. He cried for sympathy all the time when Shiloh broke up with him, when he has to pay alimony to Skye, when he fucking baked his turtle alive.
What a fucking nut. How can he even claim to be such a "feminist" while posting that trash. Disgusting.

No. 76599

He fucking starts crying 8 minutes into this video, clutching his heart over his Canadian gf. What a fucking hypocrite.

No. 76619

File: 1428353593281.png (37.32 KB, 1039x311, 06.PNG)

Does anyone else find this fucking hilarious.

No. 76621

I can't believe this guy is the one in that banana video, I used to watch it all the time as a teen. Christ what a pile of human mould. I feel greasy now.

No. 76623


>-5* review one word- "THANK U FOR READING"

No. 76631


jesus christ he is the most pathetic person in the entire world
>dat fake crying
he knows all his fans are like 12 and panders to them so hard
no one with any kind of clue about how the world works would fall for this shit

No. 76637

Yaaas the classic Onision heart clutch. The whole Shiloh/ Adrienne saga was so fucking much. God I just want to punch his stupid face.

No. 76641

File: 1428355989533.png (119.26 KB, 572x370, 07.PNG)

He's been talking about his book since around November of 2014. Assuming he actually had some concept work done and was in the early stages, he maybe spent around six months "working" on that book.

But in actuality, when he started hyping in Nov, he probably hadn't done shit and just decided "WELL SHANE WROTE A BOOK, SO CAN I!!!".
Then ended up rushing, and spent a week shitting on microsoft word and released it.

No. 76645


didn't he cheat on Skye with Shiloh anyways..?

No. 76646

And he bounced between Shiloh and Adrienne for a while.
I know someone made a timeline that showed like just a week after he broke up with Shiloh, he started tweeting his new wifey, Taylor or something.
He always needs to be in a relationship lol.

No. 76647


Skye admitted that near the end of their marriage Greg did say he was talking to a younger woman. I don't know if he physically cheated on Skye when they were still married, but he was emotionally cheating on her with Shiloh.

No. 76653

File: 1428356686786.png (817.96 KB, 576x616, tumblr_muv6a9BYiv1st4zlio1_128…)

Shiloh also made some posts about her "Wreck this journal" on twitter. They sorta reveal some stuff that maybe be about Onion's relationship with Adrienne or Taylor.

They say:
"he cheated on you because you disgust him"
"he likes her more she’s the skinny one"

No. 76658

File: 1428356871903.png (69.26 KB, 589x512, 08.PNG)

Shiloh proving she's now a 100x more mature than Taylor will ever be.

No. 76662

File: 1428356942003.png (53.68 KB, 1250x500, tumblr_nii30iUy6F1rgyhcpo1_128…)

Timeline of Onion and Potaytay's relationship.

No. 76676

The evil part of me would just LOVE to get another girl flirting with Onion, destroy his relationship with Taylor. Then dump him on his ass and have him trying to crawl back to Taylor.

No. 76678

This is one of the fakest cries I've ever seen. Seriously, I've seen kids fake cry more convincing than this. He has to be a sociopath or something like that, what kind of person does the shit he's done and still thinks he's a-okay?

God, I can't believe he still has followers. What the fuck is wrong with kids today?

No. 76682

File: 1428358575205.png (143.41 KB, 1008x1008, tumblr_nepfcrDESZ1sk70o1o1_128…)

Someone sent him a fake nude.
They sent him an email and attached a pic of a topless girl, claiming to be an underage girl wanting to be in his videos.
He tried to pursue her.
People called him out, he backtracked saying "How dare u!! Pedophilia is srs!!".
Even though he's dated/fucked two 17 year-olds lmao.

No. 76683

> Shiloh Hoganson

Just sticking this out here, but holy fuck. She used to be a pseudo famous Canadian singer back in ~09-10. I remember listening to her songs. She was like the wannabe Avril Lavigne.

No. 76684

No. 76686

File: 1428359064305.png (213.53 KB, 416x354, tumblr_ncozfvEZBp1sk70o1o1_500…)

No. 76688

File: 1428359178036.png (474.06 KB, 480x640, tumblr_ncozjvAUbs1sk70o1o1_500…)

No. 76689


No. 76690

File: 1428359264709.png (355.02 KB, 500x400, tumblr_ncp9lzGFaz1sk70o1o1_500…)

No. 76692

File: 1428359334188.png (617.65 KB, 900x506, tumblr_ncqjtfr2781sk70o1o1_128…)

No. 76696

She was a mess I'll admit but she looks like she's doing so well now. She's finally happy and I think that's great.

No. 76715

File: 1428363942253.jpg (74.33 KB, 800x533, wut.jpg)


Jesus… I mean, he looks A LOT better without all that hair in his face, he looks his age, BUT THAT FUCKING SKIN. And you know he's hiding behind 3 or 4 filters.

No. 76727

Probably would never have been super-duper famous, but it makes you sad when you realize she fired her entire team because Onision told her to. :/

No. 76741

I remember maybe 6-12 months ago some girl (eoliveson?) Said she had shit on Greg. Like, could get him thrown in prison shit. (Apparently some of gergs "victims" came forward to her with evidence). She was very hush hush about it "omg the police told me not to say anything!!". I wonder if thats still something thats in the works; can you even imagine all gergs 12 year old fans screaming when their savior is sent to jail?

No. 76742

That was venitaspeaks.
She's kinda bowed out of the anti-O drama for a while now. I'm assuming there wasn't enough evidence to convict so the police didn't pursue it.
Even though Adrienne's rape is well documented, and there's something that could be interpreted as a confession from Onion, because the case is so old it would be impossible to lock him up (zero physical evidence, Adrienne never filled out a rape kit, etc).
I really do hope something comes from it. There have been a few people who have shared stories of sexual assault online anonymously, but how much can you trust that shit yknow?

No. 76745

Yeah she seemed really serious about it, I was semi expecting for a long time something like "the cops wont do anything so heres everything I have and know"

No. 76747

does anyone have any anon confessions regarding onionsan? Bs or not im curious now

No. 76749

I know there was one a bit ago about Onision jumping a girl in a supermarket or something but it felt very… fiction.
I'll see if I can find it.

No. 76760

File: 1428371714285.png (565.94 KB, 848x487, tumblr_n2cameNdZ01r1kiq7o2_r1_…)

Greg took inspiration from his own abuse and put into his book. Wow.

No. 76775


wow, do you have more of these?

No. 76777

I feel so bad for Shiloh. Although she was a huge lolcow herself, she was young and onion completely took advantage of her. She's trying to get her life back in order and then this book comes along. I think that Shiloh, had Onion not come into her life, would've probably pulled a Carly Rae Jepson and made one song that got her up there temporarily.

Also fuck, did Onision get his name from onanism?

No. 76778

I could see Greg being like that. It's fucking gross and I wouldn't touch that cunt with a ten foot pole.

OT but I'm sad Someguy stopped giving a shit about Onision's antics. I mean, it's great that he's over that stage in his life and wants to move on but he used to find out so much information.

No. 76815

File: 1428377066946.jpg (263.49 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nmf27u39Eh1rgyhcpo1_128…)

Because you wrote Abbi based on Shiloh perhaps? Lmao.

No. 76971

lmao, that moment when he clutches his heart while obviously fake crying. what aa fucking psycho.

Has anyone read Adrienne's letter and listened to the voicemails he left her? Dude is legit crazy.

What I find amusing how he always talks about finding true love, yet when he found a girl who takes his BS (Taylor), he obv got bored of her.

But since Taylor isn't doing anything crazy (only posts occassional emo status), he can't really start shit about her.

No. 76972


I can't believe she threw her career away to be basically prisoned in onion's house.
If she kept singing, I think she would become pretty popular with the teen crowd.

No. 76974

Time before Onision

No. 76986

Since her break up she's been trying off and on, but I think her window is gone tbh. Its really sad because Onion is not fucking worth it.

No. 76989

This is actually so sad to compare this to her having breakdowns probably caused by shit head Onion. She was cute, her reggae beat pop style was fun.

No. 77048

You could tell from the start that Onion never truly was in love with Taytay. He's just desperate for teen pussy, and likes to think having a wife makes him successful??

Shiloh was outgoing, quirky, talented, etc. She inspired Onion.
Taylor is just boring and conceited af.

Sad that Taylor is now basically just used by Onion to keep up appearances and be his little pawn.
He hasn't made a single post about his son at all, besides that creepy song. Sad that a man could be that detached from his own child.

No. 77069


I think a part of it might be he doesn't want to drag his kid into it if drama does start. or hes just a conceited prick who only wants the spotlight on himself

No. 77077

Something is wrong with him, that's why. He doesn't seem to be able to make proper connections with people. It seems that he seriously doesn't have any real relationships, sure he's marry but it seems like such a cookie cut married relationships and we hear nothing of his family or child. Like he fakes 95% of the feelings and affection he has for her online. From what I've read from what his past 'lovers' have said about the relationships they had with him, off camera he's a cold, uncaring asshole. So in my opinion something is wrong with his brain; sociopath, pychopath or whatever it is, something is wrong.

Sorry for the wall of text.

No. 77084

When Lamo was pregnant, they apparently got anonymous death threats?? Idk. Usually death threats are treated like a big deal when they happen bc ppl try to stress "This person doesn't represent Anti-Os, this behavior is disgusting and completely inexcusable, please don't let this one individual represent us, etc".
I never saw the threats so idk.

If anything, I've only seen Anti-O's try to protect their child. Moderators refuse to post anything harmful to the child (like death threats, insults, etc) because it IS a child. No one hates him enough to take it out on their child lol.

IMO I think he refuses to show the child bc he'd probs get child services called on him. It's obvious he doesn't care for his dogs, their coats get so long and dirty and he video taped them playing in trash.

Recently though Onion has said that he isn't afraid of death threats anymore. He said they're empty threats from cowards online. Which kinda contradicts the whole "WE'RE SAVING OUR BABY FROM THREATS" idea.
Plus I think I've seen 100x more death threats come from his own fans than his haters.

Tay now says she won't show her kid until he WANTS to be shown.

I just idk. Idk how that kid is going to react when it's old enough to use the internet, and see everything his father has done (killing innocent animals, abusing wives and girlfriends, raping Adrienne, etc)
Sorry for the rambling oops.

No. 77085

File: 1428414958891.png (75.74 KB, 713x568, 09.PNG)

No. 77087

File: 1428415247061.png (105.25 KB, 496x518, What_the_hell_did_I_just_read.…)

No. 77088

She was famous enough to be played on Family Channel alongside Disney stars. She disappeared after making a few songs and I remember wondering where she went. Sad.

No. 77092

But don't you know that Greg is an all-knowing love guru and can decide what's right for other people's relationships???
He is SO experienced with love he can decide these things.

No. 77095

He got engaged to Taylor after a month of knowing her so no wonder he thinks 10 years is an extremely bizarre amount of time to wait.

I don't know why he speaks so highly of the idea of marriage since he's been divorced and had an engagement fall out. Obviously he didn't wait long enough to decide who to spend his entire life with; so why is criticizing Jenna for trying to make the right choice for her own needs?

No. 77097

Not to mention that it seems his marriage with Taylor is falling apart lmao. Like he has any say on the "sanctity" of marriage. Especially since the idea of marriage is based in religion, mainly Christianity. Onision has made it clear he hates all religions and even went as far as to set a bible on fire and dance on it.

No. 77132

Honestly, I couldn't watch that video. The amount of stupid that just from that is ridiculous. And the more I think about him faking every thing on camera I can't unsee how fake he really is.

No. 77135

No fuck that reference. His fans defended him because that bitch was just as shady as he was. She even admitted that she provoked him and would often get physical first. He's beaten her before and she NEVER said a word and never went to the cops. She came forth JUST to ruin his name. She deserved the asswhoopin' she got. Keep your hands to yourself.

No. 77145

Even his fake crying makes me angry, fuck.
This is some teen movie tier acting.
Where are the tears
Stop feeling your nipple
Stop mouth-breathing

No. 77164


No. 77197

File: 1428425842917.jpg (102.78 KB, 526x625, 098.JPG)

From Adrienne's letter about Onision.

If it's true than he is cringe as fuck

No. 77212

File: 1428426892619.jpg (105.15 KB, 510x624, 76.JPG)

No. 77224

Is he emotionally unstable or something?
That's the only way to justify this.

No. 77259

Is there more? This is fucking entertaining.

No. 77265

Here is the whole letter:

There are censored parts about Skye, I wonder what he did to her. Does anybody know?

No. 77350

One thing I am 100% sure is that he is a narcissist

No. 77358

It makes me so fucking mad to see such an old dude act like a basic moody teen.

"Let's say you and I are dating but uh it's gross durrr eyeroll like uh really gross - yuck"

Ugh the way Onision describes marriage seems so … icky and abusive but totally fit his personnality. Maybe it's because he's american but I don't get how he can associate getting married with living with someone and being loyal, or getting kids ? And then HE calls her stupid ?

No. 77368

Why the fuck is he so rude?
>"You're a beautiful….woman."

No. 77389

greg is one giant sack of abusive crazy. here are the voicemails if yall haven't heard them yet. he admits to having bpd around 6:50, which comes as a surprise to no one.

No. 77414

The vibe I get from those voicemails is that he was trying to emotionally manipulate her but when she wouldn't respond, he lost his shit because he couldn't. I think >>77350 is right and that he's a narcissist because it seems like he 100% only cares about himself, bettering his image and gaining whatever he can off people. It's kind of scary that a guy like Greg has a follow of young teenagers.

No. 77426


No. 77469

I feel like he can't accept his debunked personality but has to make her feel bad about his mistakes, like how shes not helping him enough. Even his sadness sounds callow.

No. 77487

File: 1428449770487.jpg (21.57 KB, 530x305, amazing.jpg)

No. 77493

No. 77494

Fuck, the things id do to get a copy of that letter in full. I can only imagine the crazy shit he said about skye

No. 77524

File: 1428455442865.jpg (233.12 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nmg0akiB2k1trzbmio1_128…)

Onision thought this was good enough to be in his book.
Lainey, his editor, thought this was good enough to be in his book.

Onions fan claim this is the best book they have ever read.

I have no words.

No. 77532

> poopy poo poop

Why was that even necessary…? And did he forget "down"? I don't understand.

No. 77539

Oh my gosh he did. Woooow.

>I patted his arm…sarcastically…"
Sarcasm is an inflection you put on your voice when you are saying something you don't really mean.
Not a physical action your arm can magically do.

There's a missing period at the end of his paragraph too. And anytime a new character spoke, he didn't bother making a new paragraph. Ick. Ick. No. Bad writing.

No. 77563

> "I'm going to kill myself"

> "I would never do this to someone I love"

> "I'm a nice person"

> "I guess this is how it's meant to be"

> "I'll do anything to make you happy"

> "I'm sorry for everything I've done, I love you"

Jesus christ Greg. Emotional manipulation to the extreme, Part of me feels bad for Greg.. but that's the part the sympathizes with him because I can kind of understand what's mentally going on in there. He's got some serious abandonment issues that he thinks relationships will heal.

No. 77564


Greg is my favorite lol cow. Wish he was causing more drama these days though.

No. 77574

File: 1428459227615.png (589.84 KB, 882x571, 10.PNG)

Greg obviously isn't as great as editing as he thought because he didn't even bother to try and censor his son from the shot.
Troy is probably 6-7 months here.

No. 77576

Creepy AF.

No. 77578

holy shit is he wearing makeup? totally looks like he's wearing blush. he looks like a hon

No. 77586

This. So much.

No. 77590

Abandonment issues?

No. 77610


No. 77612

His views on women must be truly twisted. I can't count how many times he's called women the superior gender bc they have tits and ass and are "life factories".

Just watching this video explains this music video. Of course he thinks women are only valuable when they're "hot" by his definition.
Also he made that music video for his insecure child bride lmao.

No. 77615

its glorious

No. 77618

dudes, I just went to the actually page for this to see the comments (disabled, of course) and why does he have so many videos about jenna marbles? Is this a normal thing for him? I don't like her or anything but she's at least 10x more entertaining and 50x more sane than him.

No. 77620

Gregory makes videos bitching about people more popular/successful than he is so he can cash in on easy views. He's done this with Shane, Hannah Minx, Jenna, Joey Graceffa, etc.

When he made his Joey "toast" (instead of roast) video, it actually got shut down by Youtube because I guess there were a lot of gay slurs? And it was technically bullying or hate speech or something.
Of course Onion's first reaction was to whine about YT censorship.

No. 77638


Generally people with BPD can have mood swings of 'STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME' right back to 'WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU IGNORING ME!?'

it's a constant struggle of wanting two things at once and wanting a control or complete control.

Did his dad not leave when he was a child?

No. 77639

His mom divorced his dad when he was little because Greg's dad was a child molester. Now his dad is some church minister or something. There's videos of him online.

No. 77640


ah Thanks, I think his dad leaving when he was younger plays a lot into Gregs mentality. I think he has this fucked up 'American' dream.. A wife, big house, kids with everything running perfect because he never had it as a kid.

but his ideas are too warped and not realistic.


Fucking CRINGE.


He uses big name YTer's so he can stick their name in the title of his videos so that their fans will flock to him. Giving him views, Adesense money, and the possibility of them subbing to him. A lot of people do this, it's just clickbait


No. 77641

Found this video when searching for his shitty music. One of his fans told him he probably has Borderline Personality Disorder and agrees with them, but somehow disagrees that he has most of the history that is common amongst BPDs.

Also, this video was taken the same night these voicemails happened >>77389 I think if anything he's bipolar just judging by the extreme highs and lows he shows in both videos.

No. 77643


Was this video before or after adrienne/ the voicemails ?

No. 77645

Probably during. The date for both is Sept 21, and during the voicemails Onision leaves a message talking about how he has BPD and thats why he's so fucked up.

No. 77647

File: 1428468287763.jpg (22.93 KB, 226x370, taco_puttin_on_the_ritz_12_inc…)

There is something really fucking creepy and off-putting about his eyes. He reminds me of Taco.

No. 77664

This guy is danger for children and teens

No. 77667

tbh I think he's kind of hot in a I-want-to-choke-him-out way

No. 77669

he looks like poor white trash

No. 77670

He looks and acts almost exactly like my ex, i find him fascinating just because he's so ignorant and oblivious to how shit of a person he is.

No. 77671

File: 1428471259617.jpg (162.36 KB, 750x1077, tumblr_nmgva4w5Lu1uruftko1_128…)

What is he even going on about now.

No. 77672

File: 1428471423532.png (377.09 KB, 648x307, 11.PNG)


No. 77674

Did one of Tay's (if she has any to speak of) friends threaten Onion? And I'm assuming she stood by them, instead of her husband? And now Onion is calling her crazy?
No wonder she's been so "sob sob emo song lyrics sob omg emo" lately.

No. 77686

I wonder how long until Onision and Lainey divorce. And what his next excuse will be.

No. 77696

File: 1428479244355.jpg (59.94 KB, 604x369, 3521883746732.jpg)

It seems something happened.

No. 77703



lol, it's already happening

No. 77705

Taylor is still too immature to realize what kind of fucked up manchild Greg is, but she is slowly starting too.

No. 77738

I just really feel bad for their child. A psychopathic father and a brainwashed mother.

No. 77740

Their child is going to be the future regular poster of:

No. 77757


No. 77762

Lainey will never get out because she got married and knocked up when she was basically still a kid and thus has no idea what a normal relationship looks like.

that, and the fact that no matter how miserable she is she won't ~let the haturz win and be right about her psycho husband all along~ because she will never give up her e-fame or admit that she was a dumb teenager that threw her life away to live with some loser who sits on his ass making YouTube videos for 12 year olds all day

No. 77763

also… I love how they use "privacy" as an excuse to pretend they aren't parents

and by love I mean I see right thru u bitch

No. 77769


I think Lainey will eventually leave and take Troy with her to live off of gregs money, but shit… If I was living in a really good house and had everything paid for me by greg.. I'd milk him for every cent he's got then leave

No. 77770

>tfw no rich insane utuber boyfriend who I can milk

No. 77780

As much as Lainey living Greg would be glorious, I don't think its going to happen anytime soon. Lainey is just waaay too attached to him. Lets not forget that she's the one that reached out to him via Twitter first, and was basically an obsessed fan that wanted him, and she got him. She's proud of that, so she isn't going to let that go no matter how miserable and abusive Greg is. Which is really, really fucking sad.

No. 77788

File: 1428504978418.png (306.86 KB, 585x363, tumblr_nc0i9zQq5S1rgyhcpo1_128…)

Yup. There has always been trouble in paradise for them. Taylor is more vocal about it, though.

There was one time she changed all the pictures of her facebook/twitter that used to be of Greg, to her dog, Dobs.
She also changed her bios in all her accounts to "…….".

But yeah, they'll be over this soon and start posting selfies together saying "omg wer sO in LUV!!!!!".

It's sad.

No. 77797

Chapters 8 and 9 are up now.

No. 77801


No. 77825

File: 1428509624036.jpg (125.45 KB, 1024x576, uhhhhh.jpg)

He reminds me of Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining.

No. 77827


Someone posted a download link to EO if anyone wants to download this book and read it for themselves.

No. 77829

Waaaaay off-topic, but these photos are giving me war flashbacks to this uh, asexual, couple I used to follow on tumblr when I had one. I always knew the guy was 30+, but only after they met up irl and posted about it did I learn the girl had just turned 18.

No. 77836

File: 1428512583036.png (71.51 KB, 609x279, 12.PNG)

Obvious tweet about her baby, not Greg.
But vague enough her fans will all think it's about Gerggle.

No. 77852

He's almost like a ~sensitive~ Dahvie Vanity for non-scene 12 year old girls.

No. 77859

Why does this feel like an odd claim of custody for her kid?
But also feels like some sick goodbye?
"We will always have each other".

Is this really happening guys?

No. 77900

his music reminds me of german "rap" music from the 90s.

No. 77911

is that tommy wisseau

No. 77924

File: 1428519604730.jpg (544.28 KB, 1920x1080, onision-speaks-still012.jpg)

hugely off topic but i met tommy wiseau once
there was a special screening in my town and both he and greg strestosterone were there, taking ppictures and signing things
mr. wiseau was just as insane and coked up as you would imagine him to be
and greg was there to promote his "tell-all" book about the making of the room

anyway, onion san is a fucking creeper, 1000%. The book, the relationships with underaged girls.. he's just a creeper rapist with no idea of how real relationships work and any dude who is like over the age of 25 and writing children's novels about young adults fucking(?!?) is absolutely a grade-a douchebag.

I'm his wife's current age right now and the thought of having a son with something like Onion makes me cringe.. because he's the exact replication of an abusive boyfriend I had in high school (if he had a youtube channel.)

also bro get some fucking face wash jesus. he thinks he's so fucking sexy but the crazy factor just ruins everything

No. 77927

>the crazy factor just ruins everything
It makes me want to hatefuck him

No. 77929

and beat his face in right after

No. 77982

His face though, he looks like such a fucking caveman. In his pics i feel like he can't even speak, just make low grunt noises.

No. 78019

File: 1428526482172.jpg (26.01 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

he hides his greasy caveman looks with long hair

also his head is huge

No. 78031

Wow, he made it into Madame Tussaud's???

No. 78082

File: 1428530317453.png (12.86 KB, 538x185, 14.PNG)

But Taytay… I thought you said you weren't being abused.
That you were special and things would be different this time, compared to how he treated his previous girlfriends.

No. 78094

I really don't get how people can find him attractive. he kind of reminds me of jared leto (not the same look but kind of the same type if you get what I mean? like feminine twink and caveman in one body). and I also never understood the hype about leto. he too has crazy eyes and something creepy about him.

No. 78115


wow seriously? I would love to meet tommy and greg, but never tommy without greg. I'm reading through the disaster artist right now and jesus, Tommy is such a weirdo.


I must agree with you, I used to think Onion was good looking when I was about 17 and was subscribed to him.. but that was almost 5 years ago and now I'm older he's nothing but a complete manipulative asshole. He's one of those people that stays the same their entire life and doesn't change much, and only after a few years do you notice and not want to be near him.

I think the girl in the video should have a sit down with Onion and remind him of how fucking stupid he is.

No. 78168

What does this mean? Is she bisexual or not?


(I'm not on a device that can take screenshots, sozzers.)

No. 78175

Aren't his dogs vegan?

I remember he posted a video of him saying his dogs are vegan/vegetarian and people were furious.

No. 78197


> "my family doesn't know I'm bisexual either bc I'm not completely sure about it yet"

LOL, Greg making you question your sexuality Lainey?

No. 78204

Objectively, I can see why some women might find Onionvision attractive, but the creepy narcissism and overall crazy is such a turn off. I just don't understand the reaction people have of "hatefucking".

No. 78210

From what I understand she was openly bisexual before meeting Greg, and even had a girlfriend. But because Onion has no self-esteem he freaked out about it, so she sort of clammed up about it and even told people she was not bisexual. I guess she's being open about it again?

No. 78225

Dogs are omnivores so technically they can be vegan without health detriment, as long as they get enough vitamins and nutrients.

Cats are carnivores though, so a vegetarian diet will result in major health problems and death fairly quickly. I have an extremely stupid family member who tried to keep his cat on a vegetarian diet and almost killed him.

No. 78231

No. 78236

File: 1428544488213.png (15.57 KB, 717x203, 15.PNG)

No. 78240

Coercion is a a form of rape, shut the fuck up.
"Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person's consent. The act may be carried out by physical force, coercion, abuse of authority or against a person who is incapable of valid consent, such as one who is unconscious, incapacitated, or below the legal age of consent."
rape isnt like what you think. Some victims stay silent. rape isnt always violent.
She isnt giving a bad namr of rape, it is actual rape

No. 78241

>Dogs are orminovores

No. 78244

He tried to keep his dogs on a strict vegetarian diet. They kept puking up the food, so now he feeds them dog food with fish and veggies.
He shouldn't be allowed to own pets though. Not after he baked his turtle alive.

No. 78258

Here's Taylor with the chick in the screencaps of this video. I love this video because you can just seeee the butthurt in Gerg because Taylor isn't paying any attention to him, and honestly Taylor looks like she just hates Greg.

No. 78260

Oh and Taylor denies being bisexual but Selena ain't want none of that shit

No. 78261

Oh good double post of video, me.

No. 78267

Hilarious that he got cucked.
Also, I don't get why he's always such an asshole to people he's supposedly into. It's not even the "funny" type of insults, it's just being rude
>Shut the fuck up :^)
>Stop being you :^)))

No. 78268

That shit is ~cute~ when you're like 15, not grown ass adults who are married

No. 78269

His wife has been pretty open about trying to get a girlfriend in the past few months. There was a whole day she was just posting okcupid profile questions and asking her followers to answer them for her.
Ever since December she's been preying on Greg's young fans for a gf.

But I think there might be something surfacing of Greg being the actual cheater? (not surprising)
She posted a couple tweets saying "I know when I'm not wanted", and "At least now I know my suspicious are confirmed".
The same day Greg posted some status about cheating men.

No. 78270

This is why the relationship is not gonna work for either of them. It's one thing to be polyamourous and compromise for each other, but Gerg and Taylor turn insanely jealous whenever other people even remotely say anything flirtatious to either of them… They're monogamous and disturbingly dependant on each other, there's no way that Gerg will let her date other girls unless she does it behind his back.

No. 78272

The only way I can imagine Onion accepting Lainey having a girlfriend is if he feels he's gonna get something out of it. And considering he acts like a child with no worldly experience in any field, he'll prolly be thinking "hurrhurr threesomes" and make her only participate in flings and not long term relationships.

He's in for a shock, this can only end well.

No. 78273

In hindsight I really wish when all the drama was happening with Shiloh/ Adrienne that people would have just shut the fuck up and let it play out. Now Onion will never make dramatic crying videos about his marriage Q.Q

No. 78278

Naw he still does that, he just does it through passive aggressive tweets and google videos now.
The one about how "crazy" girls are is a prime example.
Just watch, this week we'll see a video about having a bisexual wife, or why all men cheat, or something.

No. 78282

File: 1428551191755.gif (197.27 KB, 400x225, 0001f15p.gif)


No. 78286

That gif is fucking creepy as hell

No. 78293

File: 1428552088875.gif (732.93 KB, 320x180, tumblr_n9r07hEDkn1rgyhcpo1_400…)

No. 78297

God that just makes me so sad. Like I know Taylor us young and stupid and she loves the e-fame but this fucking douche bag is not worth it, especially since his fans are fucking stupid anyway.

Look at the hate and disgust on his face. He needs a good fucking punch

No. 78300

You can see that he's an asshole just by looking at his eyes from this gif.
I'd seriously assume Onision is a psychopath if he could be considered charismatic by anyone but naive teenage girls.

No. 78311

File: 1428553874820.png (95.79 KB, 500x330, tumblr_inline_nmeianvofa1t8bru…)

What happens when you marry a teenager.

No. 78313

Someguy was molested or raped as a child a few times apparently. He's mentioned it in his videos only in passing a couple of times tho. I can see why he had the reaction he did on that pedo guy in all honesty. I would've too.

No. 78351

I think Shiloh is still active on Tumblr as the posts are up to date.

I'm glad she's giving everything another shot, she's still young and I kinda admire her for pushing past a traumatic life event that is Onision.

No. 78383

I've been following this guy for a while ever since a colleague shared one of his videos with me after a lecture at University. Because I'm doing study into the field of criminal psychology I'll share with you guys a bit of a profile I ended up developing on the guy. I've taken the time to really research this entire situation and Onision in general (he is relatively well known by psychology community in general these days unfortunately) so I consider this about as accurate as I can come without having any formal sessions with the guy:

Onision was very likely raised into a single parent home the majority of his life. He appears to have had on and off father figures but of them were substantial enough nor were around long enough for him to fully attach to. It has been noted that his mother was and and is heavily into new age beliefs and raised her son to think he was an 'indigo child'. Indigo children are a pseudo spiritual concept and are not based in reality. These children are said to have special gifts and abilities above normal children and to a young and impressionable Onision he took this to heart. His broken home life and self esteem issues caused from said home life reinforced his need to rise above his problems and by falling back on these beliefs he found his temporary way out. This caused him many problems in school years years and to escape those he chose to categorize people and reside mainly online. That avoidance of reality helped spawn his judgmental attitude as he never learned how to see people for the most part as anything but stereotypical archetypes. "The bully", "the jock", "the slut", "the nerd", and what have you. Over time he just applied these broad generalizations to pretty much everyone. Without many friends in school to help him learn how people can actually be and a general lack of a social life to help him develop any normal identity aside from a facade he wore on the internet he started to lose more touch with how his changing attitude would be received to others. He has even applied this to people of other races do to bigoted racial stereotypes. Later in life he started to use the same generalizing to label things like beer, cigarettes, tattoos, piercings, as completely benign taboo entities even though he had no previous personal encounters with them; he ended up hating booze though he never drank, he ended up hating cigarettes even though he was never around smokers and apparently never really smoked, he hated tattoos and body piercings because he for the longest time associated them with the types of people who bullied and roughed him around in school until he got over it enough to get tattoos for an ex girlfriend. Generalizing became his way of idealizing the world to his personal comfort.

It was discovered that on his first incarnation of Onision.com (or whatever the site is named now) he actually had a page that listed his ex girlfriends in detail. Names, reasons for breakups, everything others did not need to know. He began to pursue relationships that ended in failure because rather than seek companionship in women, he decided to seek a person to be his bucket to dump his mental and emotional stresses into. His conflicted personality caused by a detached mother and being raised by mainly women throughout his life gave him a warped impression of girls and these broken attachments began a long lasting trend of his infidelity in his relationships. The aforementioned pages were listings of his justifications for his actions in his relationships, and almost every time he listed the woman as the fault for the relationships failure. He sought to humiliate them for his own mistakes online and heal his bruised ego by doing this as well. He at that time was pursuing relationships with for the most part, normal and emotionally balanced girls, but their focus on life and career made him feel insecure about his immature for his age childlike attitude and he started to pursue after a while women with issues like depression, self image disorders, even eating disorders. Their need for comfort and emotional validation he saw as something he could try and fix. In some ways he saw his own issues in these women, and for a time with his first wife, things went well. However, due to the lack of control over things in his mind and life he started to want control over their lives as well.

His marriage fell through and he asked for divorce because of the same reasons his previous relationships had fallen through: he cannot attach to a person enough to actually love them. He seeks women to fill a void in his mind and life that he both understands and yet does not understand to an extent. Onision is cognizant of his ability to manipulate the women he brings into his life and even aware of the depths he has to be prepared to sink to in order to manipulate them to stay. However, he does not seem to understand why things fail for him and this drives his mental instabilities into further and further extremes. His absolutely extreme codependency starts to show during periods of breakups he goes through. The longer he stays single, the more his mental state starts to deteriorate and the more "unglued" he becomes. When he chose leave his ex-wife he chose to do so in haste to suit his desire for this Shiloh girl, but when the reality sank in of what he had done his frantic behavior was growing worse and worse throughout the weeks of that mess. His treatment of Shiloh was attributable to him trying to recover back to his warped sense of normality and going back to what he was used to doing; dumping his psychological problems into another person so he could fix himself vicariously through them. His brief stint with the AJ girl was his realization that he cannot form connections with women his own age and also showed him how he could try to damage control a possible rape. Women her age are too old to want to be fixed by someone and would rather be independent of a relationship if given a choice. He kicked her to the curb and tried to win back his ex Shiloh whilst talking to the woman he would eventually make his second wife because he had finally learned how to play his cards with their emotions well enough.

If things fall through with this woman he is now with for the very obvious reasons they would, because she has had his child, I do not think this time will be just so much fun and drama. As mentioned his mother is apparently a pseudo spiritual new age person and more than likely does not believe that things like psychology being real or helpful. He himself has stated he does not even trust doctors. Thus, it can be rationalized that he has never once been formally diagnosed with any real mental disorder. Because of this it has hard to discern the true extent of what is wrong with him, and what exactly it is that is wrong with him. I won't use his recently published book as criteria for the following as I have not read it, though I have heard it does somewhat show the unfortunate state of mind he is currently in. From everything that I've observed Onision is a self aware narcissistic manic depressive hebephile with sociopathic tendencies. He is aware enough of his problems to use them to his own twisted advantages, he has a massive self absorbed ego do to his raising as a child and lack of good parental direction, he is a manic depressive as displayed in his long periods of "enlightened" creativity followed almost always by periods of extremely over emotional and depressive behavior, he is a hebephile because he no chooses for the most part not to try to pursue mainly sexual relationships with women his age and actually has lowered himself to the attitude of a teenager to assist with this, and he shows sociopathic tendencies as he is completely willing to abandon any sense of conventional sense of morals and ethics in order to gain the things he wants for himself above all others. If his marriage falls through like all of his relationships so far have, things could potentially become dangerous. He knowingly married a girl as young as this Taylor because he resigned to her as being his "last". Having giving him a child, an item of attachment he cannot attach to I can only speculate how he would react. I speculate things would go beyond the level of just "lolz". I speculate his entire purview of the world would finally collapse on itself and he would do something that would land him in prison or in an institution for the rest of his entire life.

He cannot and will not form any bond with his child. It's not even an excuse to say that its because of trolls he cannot enjoy the relationship he should be enjoying with his child. He never wanted one. He was disappointed in every announcement about the baby from the pregnancy test video to even the baby's birthday. Because of his codependency he accepted the child just to keep his wife which I fear will cause in his son the exact same abandonment issues he suffered. He should be having the joy of his life even thinking of taking leave from YouTube to focus on family but now more than ever does he bury himself in it to accept another reality he does not want to face. If you thought the mental collapse he went into when his wife left and when Shiloh left, you may want to stay glued to the news if this falls through because he may end up on it, that's all I'll say.

All in all, this is the opinion that a lot of psychological community has come to on this guy. Onision is beyond an unstable wreck aware and unaware of how bad he is at the same time. I felt like sharing this because for one I thought it would interest you since you've got a pretty big thread on him going, and also because I've been wanting to get this off my chest for some time. I've followed this stuff for about two years now and it's been more interesting than most actual cases that I study.

I think the majority of anger issues he obviously has suffered throughout his life are related to something of that nature. He obviously has a lot of unresolved conflict and many victims of childhood sexual abuse often do. He admitted in a few places that he had parents who had substance abuse problems and he had gotten over some himself and in some cases people sometimes choose vices over therapy because they want to kill the emotional pain instantly. He changed obviously in the time he left and came back, and I know that he lost a close family member during that period. I don't know him at all but I would guess that due to that he might have gotten some treatment for his anger and addiction problems. It's obvious he kicked the drugs. It was really obvious that he was taking something for a while in some of videos from even last year. I think YouTube is a good outlet for him however. For some people writing in a journal is just as beneficial, it allows them to introspect their issues from the outside looking in. For him it allows a place to not just vent anger but open up to people in a manner he probably doesn't usually do.

I won't lie, seeing his video ripping into that pederast made my day. That was seriously good stuff.

No. 78394

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and I'm sure it took a little time to write all that so thank you for that also.

As stated above somewhere an anon mentioned how it seemed like he isn't able to properly connect with people and after reading that I started to notice that as well, it's not surprising to hear some of what you said. It unsettles me a little; knowing that he has a wife and child, a whole young teen following, it creeps me out knowing he cares for none of them.

And as for Someguy, I can kind of understand why he was so angry and obsessive. I suffered in very similar ways as a child and I also went down a very similar road, so it makes me happy to see him venting his emotions in a much more productive and creative away.

No. 78435

File: 1428581019072.jpg (29.65 KB, 592x205, 6729563983.jpg)

No. 78446

even Taylor knows he's not hot.

No. 78460

I guess she is wising up a little bit.

But even if the divorce happens, Greg will easly find another dumbass teenage girl. Anyone ever checked out his forums? Almost all girls have selfies as their avatar.

Hell, I bet he already cheated with Taylor.

No. 78461

*cheated on


No. 78463

File: 1428583927575.jpg (18.23 KB, 597x76, 8797.JPG)


>what determines your happiness is love and respect Greg gives you

this is so tragic, his fangirls are blind and delded

No. 78480

>your happiness is reliant on gerg
>no happiness without gerg
>happiness gerg

No. 78484


No. 78521

Because all of their fans are 12. Who the hell would want a life like his.

No. 78525


This made me legit laugh out loud. Thank you Anon.

No. 78551

File: 1428598042488.jpg (173.78 KB, 680x1128, kh.jpg)

Fans of his book.

Challenge: Find someone older than 15

No. 78567

That cover looks like it's written in period blood.

No. 78617

No. 78633

Isn't this book supposed to be a romance? Why does the cover look like a slasher novel?

No. 78635

>most of them probably begged their parents to buy the book
Feels bad.

No. 78648

I never would've thought that this was a book cover until someone pointed it out. It reminds me of something those crazy K-Pop fan girls do with writing letters to the object of their affection with their period blood.

No. 78667


LMAO!! "indigo child" .. is this still a momma's definition and excuse of a kid ranging on the Autistic-spectrum these days?

The term is mostly used by financially well-off families to excuse their kid's lack of social interaction and socially inept behaviors to make them feel "special" than your average kids ranging on the autistic spectrum.

The usual truth is something like; "My kid is special cos I can't interact with him, so he's smart for working things out on his own." or "My kid goes to a boarding school, s/he can learn 'life skills' there".

Don't get me wrong, anon… if this person had -any- desire or need to interact with others to better themselves, they would seek counselling or therapy to work out the issues they are most likely to have in life experiences.

At the same time, maybe you're right? Can we say so without proof, citations and quotes that directly link him to that problem other than an inkling of a feeling?

No. 78673


in other words Anon, I love the care and detail that you've taken in composing some sort of elaborate reason for Onison to be the way he is… but I think you should re-evaluate at least the first three paragraphs you made.

Theories on people and subjects are all well and good, I could do it all day with every person and situation in life, but without clear proof, your analysis is bunk.

I don't think you wanna do that blindly again, and trust me when I don't mean to sound patronizing,

No. 78675

Well.. Shiloh seems to be doing better judging by this video, but this was filmed like 2 years ago. They talk about greg quite a bit in this video

No. 78677


I'd just like to add, Good job being the bigger person Shiloh!

No. 78679

Sorry for the spam,but here is another Q+A with shiloh

No. 78683


Hey double-poster, it's okay.. Shiloh isn't the lolcow. She's got issues of her own that she's trying to get through.

Until she kinda does something fucked up like NOT getting on with her life without Onision… I don't speak for everyone here, but let her be?

No. 78688

Didn't somebody find out about her camwhoring sometime ago? Around the time her baby died.

No. 78697


Shiloh was always a bit of an edgy lolcow (as seen in her old music videos). Dunno too much about her now, but she used to post porn and sex toys on her fanpage which was full of her underaged fans.

No. 78699

How long ago? 3 to 5 years? It was made pretty clear by herself that she faked a second pregnancy to get Gerg back… stupid? Hell yes!

I dunno though, the "second pregnancy" was only talked about through Onision when he voicemailed Vivienne repeatedly about the reasons why he was "sooooo messed up"?

Can anyone give good context on this?

No. 78703

File: 1428611470634.jpg (44.23 KB, 474x322, wtf.jpg)

Dropped pic. She also has possibly underage nudes floating around but Grog might've been the one to leak those.

No. 78704


That's not her though?

No. 78705

She used to go by Draculoh on social media.

No. 78706


I know that, but that video that was posted wasn't her personally. You see that, right?

No. 78708

Shiloh and Onision's life together was full of made up shit that they can't even get straight. And neither can I because I just sat here for 10 minutes trying to fit it together and I couldn't.

I don't know what this second pregnancy is. There was the pregnancy Greg talks about in the voicemails and then there's the pregnancy after the voicemails/ Adrienne that cause Shiloh to get sepsis, which is a bunch of horseshit.

I'm happy Shiloh got away from Greg but I'm pretty sure she is still a subtle lolcow.

No. 78709

My point is, that I don't know if the pregnancy in the voicemails and the sepsis pregnancy are suppose to be the same one. I'm going to assume they are, because there's only a two month difference.

No. 78711


Sorry, I'm not taking a stab at shiloh or calling her a lolcow. I'm posting the videos because they just give a little more insight into her and gregs fucked up relationship and it mentioned Greg so thought

"hey other people in the thread probably haven't seen these"

It's no stab at her, Im just happy she seems more mature now.

No. 78712


Same faggorette typing here!

I do know for a fact that TWO "pregnancies" were going on, the first was real when Onison shoved her into a door frame… there was some kind of blur after then when she claimed there was another pregnancy?

Again, I'm not sure, need more people to come forward and talk about it.

Ughhh… that video disturbs me for the fact that she's hiding herself and won't talk and he's doing all the talking, NEVER EVER DO THAT, don't let anyone speak for you, ever.


No. 78713

Shilohs YT Channel for anyone interested


No. 78714


No, it's okay… We've got nothing else better to do at this time of night except shit on shitters. <3

No. 78716


Fucking hell, Shiloh! STOP! You editing is exactly mirroring Onison's shitty videos! STAHP!!!

No. 78719

shiloh's a mixed bag for me. on one hand, she was a gorgeous girl who seemed to be going places before she got into an abusive relationship with this douchelord. however, she definitely was a lolcow in herself. i can't seem to find them now but i distinctly remember her uploading overly dramatic, attention mongering bs as well on her draculoh channel. she was a well-documented liar too. glad to see that she's gotten past the greg crap and is getting on with her life but she was just as bad imo. here's a video of her sobbing for 2 minutes straight for no reason, because that's something normal to put on the internet.

No. 78723


Phew! 2012! The bad editing and all of Onision's videos were strong with that one.

No. 78729


I've seen her about online, her boyfriend looks handsome as all fuck. She 'reposts' vague messages on her Tumblr like we all do when we feel akin to any certain posts that attract us, nothing out of the ordinary.

No. 78780

The smacking sounds in this video drove me nuts.

No. 78859

The door frame pregnancy is the pregnancy where she claimed she got sepsis according to these caps: >>76760

I can't remember if after she went back to Canada to "treat her sepsis" if she claimed to be pregnant again, but that wouldn't make much sense considering she never went back to Onision after that.

No. 78879

File: 1428625709182.jpg (280.08 KB, 728x1096, Someguy.jpg)

God he's fucking hideous, what the fuck is wrong with his skin seriously. His opposition however. Yum ._. SG has much cooler style than a guy who looks like he only shops at target.

No. 78893

>tripp pants
C'mon anon, you can have better standards than that

No. 78929

File: 1428629772337.jpg (39.05 KB, 640x360, 10629876_934634139903267_24362…)

Yeah that is an old picture. He looks a little different now.

No. 78942

Still not looking much better IMO, but different strokes and all.

No. 79014

imo Shiloh may have already been kind of unstable before she got with Greg. Not saying she was crazy, but most teens don't really know how to express what they are feeling and end up venting it in weird ways. So maybe she turned into a full blown lolcow after she got with Greg because he just fucked with her that much it just got worse? Like he never gave her a chance to grow and understand what she feels and how to properly vent them, instead he just emotionally abused her.

Without getting to OT I have to agree with you, anon. SG is my kind of man. The long hair, dark style, steampunk-ish look. This things I would do to him.

No. 79016


she was a teen that didn't like.. know how to act not crazy? i was the same to a lesser degree. but she was definitely still a lolcow. she has kind of outgrown her lolcow-ness as far as i know, but she was certainly a heifer in the past.

i don't really judge her for it too much because she was in a shitty abusive relationship and she was a teenager but goddamn she was a drama queen. the main reason i don't really judge her for it though is because she grew out of it. if she still acted like that i would lol most heartily at her.

No. 79018


but uh.. yeah.. some of you anons have some really weird taste in dudes, between this guy and jontron..

No. 79040

Yeah, I do. I just find SG really attractive, but I think some of it has to do with the fact he hates Greg just as much as I do. I enjoy watching SG rip Greg a new one. Imagine the angry sex…

No. 79048

File: 1428647674435.jpg (83.25 KB, 500x281, image.jpg)

I feel like some anons will take anything they can get their hands on

No. 79053

Each to their own, anon.

No. 79087

File: 1428666606556.png (1.04 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-04-10-13-41-35…)

Lainey's tumblr reblog

sounds like gurg lol

No. 79294

Chapter 10 and 11.

No. 79295

Chapters 12, 13, 14.
The sex scene is in this one omg.

No. 79308


I didn't want to read the shitty book after reading a few snippets posted online, but she makes the would-be awful experience bearable and somewhat enjoyable

thank u youtube lady

No. 79315

File: 1428707486517.jpg (19.65 KB, 560x315, hokuto1.jpg)

>Sucking on someone's tongue.
>In class
lmfao, I swear this is a fucking fanfiction, why are you fucking being that gross in a classroom with people? Most of these fucking readers are 11 and you are appealing.

Didn't Abiboohoo fucking get raped and got a miscarriage, and the first thing that comes up to your head is "ok lets kiss in skool teehee"

No. 79316

File: 1428708232114.jpg (30.83 KB, 504x235, 143424475.jpg)

can someone please tell me what this means?

No. 79317

Probably being sarcastic like the asshole he is.

No. 79322

I'm just watching for Sadie tbh

No. 79392

He's bitching about people who eat meat.
Saying the water to support these animals (bred for consumption) is "wasting" our water supply.

This sorta concerns me though because is he raising his child on a vegetarian diet?
I know Taylor was vegetarian while pregnant and only recently started incorporating fish into her diet. Before, she would take supplements which aren't the same as eating actual meat.
I also know that Taylor has been breastfeeding her son for the first year of his life but??? Because of her diet (and her eating disorder) her milk could be seriously lacking.

No. 79393

As far as vegetarian diets go for kids, I knew a girl in high school that was raised vegetarian or whole life. As far as I personally know, its perfectly fine iiif you actually know about nutrition/ what foods provide what. Which Greg and Taylor probably don't.

I worry for the baby.

No. 79401


She was breastfeeding with an eating disorder? Jeez.

No. 79404

Idk how I feel about that. I understand the whole "not my baby, not my decision" kinda thing but yeah eehh.

Taylor and Greg get in a tizzy about circumcision all the time because a baby cannot consent and because parents should not push their religious beliefs on their child.
But wouldn't pushing a vegetarian diet on their child be the same thing? A child cannot consent and they would be pushing their moral beliefs on their child.

Greg and Taylor don't know the first thing about health. Any time they are filming themselves, they are always seen eating pizza or Taco Bell. Lmfao.

No. 79411

File: 1428720214800.png (210.27 KB, 413x530, tumblr_mnol0uz9vb1srs8bto1_500…)

She tweets about being skinny all the time, saying it's "natural" and tellin ppl not to body-shame her.
But she's tweeted about reaching her weight goals (115 lbs), posted about only eating tic-tacs for breakfast, asking her fans if she looks like a stick, tagging her photos on tumblr as "thinspo", etc.
she's been doing this since she started dating Greg.

No. 79412


you have a right to be concerned about the kid for many, many other reasons but most of the current literature on the subject says that human milk is pretty much nutritionally perfect for infants even in cases of malnourished moms. once he weans (or did wean) is when there would be a concern especially if they're trying to raise him veg

No. 79413


>can't even count ribs



No. 79414

File: 1428720436547.png (70.15 KB, 631x613, tumblr_nix1dcZFPW1srs8bto1_128…)

No. 79430

I agree with all of that, Gerg and Taylor have no idea what they're doing.

No. 79444

File: 1428722724060.gif (500.7 KB, 500x281, imgonnarapeyou.gif)

No. 79451

pls don't
this gif is absolutely triggering

No. 79460

Why did she say this? It looks like she just said it to shove IM SO SKINNY SKINNIER THAN YOU LOOK AT ME at this other girl. Wtf?

No. 79474

File: 1428725760698.jpg (59.8 KB, 551x338, Onision_Drama_5.jpg)

She's always shoved her weight goals in people's faces. Always trying to one-up other girls.

No. 79476

Wow I wonder why she's so obsessed with her weight.
Onion needs his ladies starving to remain sexy.

No. 79480

Which is weird considering that Shiloh gained a lot of weight when she was with him, but he still seemed like he wanted to keep her and control her

No. 79482

When they started talking/dating, she did lose a lot of weight. She had a video on her youtube channel of her at the gym.

No. 79486

I don't think she has an eating disorder at all. she is just thin and tries to act 2edgy and so troubled omg by having an eating disorder

>>'omg i only ate tic tac!!1'

>>prob ate a normal amount of food but wants to brag

No. 79487

IMO there were a lot of things that could explain that.
Greg likes to stay in relationships well past the expiration date because he tries desperately to prove he can have a "healthy" relationship. He's done it with Shiloh, Adrienne, and now Taylor (possibly Skye?).
When things hit the shitter publicly, he completely drops that person. He claims to be the victim throughout the whole thing while bad-mouthing the person at the same time.
There was also a pretty equal amount of emotional manipulation I think with him and Shiloh, especially towards the end. She used to say stuff like "No one will ever love you as much as me" and stuff.

But abusive relationships are complex as fuck.

No. 79488

Because it's not about how attractive they are, it's about control. Sure both Shiloh and Taylor are pretty girls, but that doesn't matter. They could be the most beautiful girls in the world and he'd still put them down and make them feel like shit. If they think they are ugly, they are easy to control. Hence why he's such an asshole off camera.

I think one of the main reasons Greg decided to get with Taylor is because of how openly obsessive she was with him. It makes perfect sense for an abusive, cold hearted fuck like Greg to want to date a young, insecure, obsessive girl like Taylor because she would do/say/believe anything he told her too.

It's why he doesn't date woman his own age. He wouldn't be able to get away with as much shit as he does if he did. A prime example is Adrienne.

No. 79489

why the fuck are ppl okay with this 30 year old pedophile dating a teenage girl (is she even a teenage girl? she acts like one)

god fucking stone him and put him in prison

No. 79490

every vegetarian kid ive met is fat

No. 79493

He was like 26 and she was 17 when they first started dating.
They got married as soon as she hit 18, without her parents knowing.
And Greg and all his fans justify this behavior by saying "well uhm TECHNICALLY it was legal uhm so ya tru luv has no age, u heartless retard LOL XD"

No. 79494


ya im sry thats still fucking nasty and he is still a predator if you didnt notice, he was a 26 year old man dating a girl nearly 10 years younger than him. pig disgusting. we all know why he likes them young: the younger, the easier to manipulate and mold and break.

fuck him, i hope the coppers find the inevitable stash of CP on his computer and bust his ass so that he chokes on massive amounts of dick in jail

No. 79498

File: 1428727952541.jpg (65.87 KB, 640x283, Onision_Taylor_SC_2.jpg)

Onision logic: Getting a lawyer to determine whether your relationship with a minor is legal is totally normal!!! Dating high school students nearing your 30's is totally normal!!! Don't be such a prick!

No. 79499

>Ever since December she's been preying on Greg's young fans for a gf.

great, and now this fucking whore has grown up and will repeat the cycle with other innocent young girls. like a fucking personal assistant gathering prey for her predator. disgusting

No. 79500

*skinny fat

Saying this as a vegetarian and with a boyfriend who has been vegetarian since birth. We both look "lean" but we are soft with almost no muscle tone.
(Going to the gym this summer and we both work in warehouses, for all you /fit/mads out there)

Anyway, I don't think it's really a great idea to raise a child as a vegetarian. They should be able to make that choice for themselves.

Of course Grog Onion would be a preachy, annoying vegetarian too.

No. 79501

no, i mean fat-fat. like the parents are always skinny fat but their kids are always fucking huge. just my own personal anecdotal evidence.

No. 79514

What a disgusting cunt. If she wants to be a wannarexic then whatever, but fuck her for trying to make others feel bad about themselves as well.

No. 79520

she is wanarexic af

No. 79525

Weird, my friend was pretty average, not too skinny and not in anyway fat. She was also pretty short.

No. 79531

weird. he's skinny like a bean pole but his parents are fat??

vegetarianism and veganism can go very wrong very easily if you don't watch your nutrition

No. 79533

What an example of perfect health.

No. 79535


I gagged

No. 79537

File: 1428731598140.png (168.07 KB, 635x722, tumblr_nmiq69QEdp1ts65cbo1_128…)

Oh yeah he definitely DOESN'T judge others based on their bodies.

The video is now removed but he literally just made a video making fun of people sharing their weight loss achievements on tumblr.


No. 79538

It's now confirmed that he doesn't wash himself properly.

No. 79539

Butthurt Gerg is my favorite Gerg

No. 79540

He should have screamed 'this is my butthurt' because that's all I heard.

No. 79541

File: 1428732048231.gif (1.79 MB, 245x245, tumblr_nhkmpc1c1A1qiu7yxo7_250…)

>Says he doesn't judge people on how they look
>30 seconds later says people are probably fatter and uglier than him

No. 79577

hes probably right though

hes thin, and very lean, surprisingly… i don't know how anyone could call him fat

No. 79579

>Assumes any kind of criticism is from people "uglier" and "fatter" than he is
>Assumes people "wish" they had a body like his

Lol no. He couldn't be more wrong.
Boy doesn't even know how to take a shower.

No. 79609

File: 1428738396265.jpg (30.29 KB, 596x166, 11153252525.jpg)

No. 79613

I can't help but read his name as onionskin

No. 79616

File: 1428739259893.jpg (200.97 KB, 800x600, 1421523075553.jpg)

well that explains why it was so fucking horrible
dude hasn't read a book since HIGH SCHOOL

No. 79631

>this entire video
>that screaming
>that blatant narcissism
I give. He's a definite Patrick Bateman. Jesus fuck.

No. 79643

At least Patrick Bateman took good care of his skin. ;o;

No. 79651

oh god, please please PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER ONE.
I hope he makes a series. It will be glorious.

No. 79695

No one was calling him fat, just that his skin is disgusting and he probably doesn't even shower.

No. 79699

the retard logic>its muh genetics!!
>omg im so buff
>shows functional muscle not buff muscle


No. 79742

In relation to the Veterinarian diet. Have you picked up frozen veterinarian foods? They are fucking loaded with carbohydrates.
Everyone I know who is veterinarian is chubby or skinny-fat, because they have no idea what the food they're eating is doing to their system.
Cutting meat/ severely lowering your protein intake is a fucking retarded dietary choice. If you're cutting protein in half, you'll probably lose a few pounds… but it won't be fucking fat. You'll be lose a lot of your muscle mass. (jk it wil be a little bit of fat loss)

Your body is like 'Oh shit, im not getting enough protein but im getting plently of carbs and fat. I need protein… where will I get it? OH I KNOW MY OWN FUCKING MUSCLES. I'LL DIGEST THOSE FOR THE PROTEIN I NEED)


No. 79754

what the actual fuck. who does that?

No. 79757

Ughh anon do you mean vegetarian?

Why are these YouTubers pretentious vegans/vegetarians?

No. 79759


This. A person will just take it because it's the path of least resistance. They feel as if they can't do anything else, regardless of whether or not they're capable of physically stopping the other person.

No. 79770

Most vegetarian food is low in calories and you'll get enough protein if you eat a normal veg diet with veggies, legumes, nuts, (eggs and dairy). A vegetarian diet is normally much healthier than standard diet.
But you have to plan the diet carefully if you raise a kid on it, because malnutrition can give permanent problems.
I hope to God that Mr. Onion makes sure his kiddo eats a healthy veg diet.

No. 79942

Why does he need to literally google the definition of every word he's confused about within the video. It's called editing, Greg. It'll make you seem less stupid.
Also all his arguments in this video are hilarious.
"Ur wrong CUZ I SED so U dont KNO me!!"

No. 79947

>Quit the military over not killing a rabbit
>Had no problem baking his own pet turtle alive

lmao what a great vegetarian
obvs holier than us meat eaters

No. 79951

I was up until 3 AM last night reading about this guy because I was just like holy shit what the fuck is wrong with him

and now that I'm sober and fully awake I'm just confused. Why… does he exist? How does he exist? Who gave him a platform? Why does he have fans? Why does he has a wife? How is he able to get girls to do things like moving in with him?

Like in the Adrienne letter… if I met a guy and he was demanding I have his children 3 days in and talking about "fighting for love" I would probably block him and change my name and the rest of my identity to make sure his crazy ass never found me again. So… yeah… who are the stupid fucking women/girls going for this? Is he going after legit 12 year olds or something? what is going on

No. 79996

>Why does he exist?
Same reason we all do.

>Who gave him a platform?

No one, that's the glory of the internet.

>Why does he have fans?

Because he targets a young, impressionable audience who don't understand, nor care about, the fucked up shit he does. They only watch him to watch him, be it for his hair or face or jokes, no one knows. But they do, because they are young. They don't have the experience to see that he is just manipulating them for his own personal gain.

>Why does he have a wife?

Because she was apart of his audience, young and willing to believe anything he says because ~internet fame~. He lures them in with false ideas of love, understanding and acceptance. Because they are inexperienced, they believe it. He's an abuser; he acts charming and lovely on camera and then completely different off. The girls only ever see the person he is on camera, and are not able to distinguish between the real him and the person he acts like on camera. Once they fall for it, he moves them in and traps them. Degrades them until they feel like can't do any better or that it's there fault.

No. 80166

File: 1428801989685.jpg (36.89 KB, 495x296, 181379187398.jpg)

No. 80178

did he die of laughter bc thats supposed to be a joke?

No. 80320

Kek, he's probably only doing that because Someguy announced he was writing a book too. What a coattail chaser.

No. 80365

>he acts charming and lovely on camera and then completely different off.
But he's a complete douchebag on camera. The only time I've ever observed him being a charming person is in those creepy voicemails he left one of his exes (which I'm assuming were meant to be private), and even then he got increasingly manipulative and offensive the more she ignored him.
I feel like he puts on a "<3 nice, fun guy who wants to love you and cuddle 24/7. suck me?? <3" persona when girls meet him IRL, but lets his asshole flag fly under the guise of "humor" or "my unfiltered opinions!!!!" when he's making videos.

No. 80379

Chapter 15

No. 80382

how tall is she? I'm 5'2 110lbs and i'm not even skinny

No. 80387

You and Gines are doing God's work, anon.

No. 80501

File: 1428847277942.jpg (74.38 KB, 748x462, tumblr_nmok2fUHMR1uruftko1_128…)

No. 80548

Onision talking about how he is such an amazing pet owner and how he jacks it to hentai.

No. 80566

She looks like a female version of Greg in her icon

No. 80573

People should just start calling her fat. There. Fixed the skinny shaming she's bitching about as she posts about food. Stfu, Taylor.

No. 80575

She posts pictures of herself and Greg all the time…where's her kid?

No. 80609

Probably doing a Claude Frollo and keeping it locked away because he has Gerg's Quasimodo genes.

No. 80681

No. 80686

More butthurt Onion handling criticism very poorly.

No. 80693

Onision talking about "correcting" his ED page lmao.

No. 80798

File: 1428879479048.png (661.91 KB, 597x621, 16.PNG)

Does she need constant attention?

No. 80799

File: 1428879614831.png (133.75 KB, 595x345, 17.PNG)

"But Greg will still feature me in his videos because actual actors/other youtubers won't work with him and I'm all he's got at this point".

No. 80808

He is just ugly, crazy, and not funny. And those teeth! Yikes.

No. 80810

I'm laughing at the thought of Taylor actually setting up a camera, putting a timer on, and then getting into an angst-y position just to post on twitter.
"I'm so happy!! ttly not nearing divorce!! look at me cry!! happy marriage!!"

No. 80863

No. 80876

what i wouldnt give to befriend her and learn all the dirtiest secrets about their marriage tbh

or just wait until she cracks

No. 80884

FTR, after Shiloh and Gerggles broke up the last time and she got away from his abuse, she met her hubs(possibly still bf??) and did get pregnant after a while with him and they had a daughter (this was all confirmed/documented) named Zelda, but sadly Zelda died before/around her 1st birthday IIRC. Shiloh's newest (but not often used) twitter has a post about missing her daughter and since then she's gone really quiet on social media. It's fuckin sad.

No. 80888

I don't think Shiloh and that guy are together anymore. From what I remember Zelda died from SIDS and Shiloh blamed the father for it, so they split.

No. 80897

No, they are still together. She posts pictures and videos of them singing together on instagram. It's pretty cute.

No. 80905

Wow how unfair for Shiloh to lose her child, and for Greg to be too self-interested to even acknowledge his child's existence.
Shiloh has grown a lot since her relationship with Greg, but Greg hasn't matured in the slightest.

No. 80911

File: 1428894205671.png (23.53 KB, 706x181, 18.PNG)

It's only a matter of time, anon.

IIRC One of Taylor's ex-friends said Greg hit Taylor once? Like They were skyping and then Taylor and Greg began to have an argument. Taylor was screaming at Greg and he slapped her hard. This was a while ago but yeah. It was summed up with Greg promising Taylor it would never happen again or something.

No. 80912

god damn it, i need more.

i really resonate with her. i feel like she was a stupid kid that got trapped and now has a fucking kid. god if i had a kid with the guy i liked at 17 i would fucking kill myself

No. 81011

Anyone want to take one for the team and break up their marriages so I can get my daily dose of lulz?

No. 81019

File: 1428905333294.jpg (120.76 KB, 600x450, image.jpg)

No. 81024

Don't stick crazy in your cunt.

No. 81036

I bet he fucks those busty girls he hires in his shit videos, Lainey knows and doesn't do shit.

No. 81102

I really hope Lainey gets away from Gerg with her child and matures like Shiloh did. After those voicemails and reading about how Gergles treated former gf's I have a feeling that Lainey is either being abused or manipulated by Gleg the sociopath too stay in the relationship (Maybe even threatend to take away the child if she leaves?)

No. 81116

She stopped her education because of Greg. She'll have to escape to her family.

No. 81134

You'd have to find someone in the 16-17 age range, anon. Greg likes his jailbait.

No. 81149

Chapters 16 and 17.

No. 81216

File: 1428944804773.png (354.12 KB, 496x497, tumblr_ni49myN4yi1r3l2zuo1_500…)

No. 81242


Whoa wait hold up
I've been watching every one of these videos now because they're fucking brilliant, and I just started thinking

Davis' mum talks in his eulogy about how Davis would always talk about how handsome and great James was, and a few chapters ago he was asking James if he ever thought about dating other people and he 'seemed uncomfortable' around Abbi

I'm probably being really autistic here but did Greg seriously make his self-insert Mary Sue's best friend have a big gay crush on him or what?

No. 81247

File: 1428948104906.png (974.44 KB, 1034x634, 19.PNG)

Greg got called out several times for copying his books design from someone else's novel.
And how utterly shitty it looked.

So now he changed it to a picture of his child bride.
I think the real kicker is that he got his wife to model for a book about one of his past lovers. It's not even about her and she's on the damn cover.

No. 81270

dat lens flare

No. 81281

Is the cover updated or the whole book?

No. 81293

I really don't understand the title at all

No. 81308

Come on, you just have to spell it "Abbigale" instead of something normal like Abigail. Does Abbi's full name even get used in the book more than twice? Lord help us all.

I don't either. I want to hear an explaination of it though because it's probably going to be something lulzy and ~deep~

No. 81311

What book cover did he rip off?

No. 81312

It's not even.
It's mentioned once near the end of the book I think.
James imagines the path to Abbi's heart as a bunch of stepping stones. It sums up the book pretty well tho because James spends the whole book just trying to get into her pants. Abbi is literally just a prize. Yup.

Greg is such a ~feminist~.

No. 81316

No. 81319

He ripped off a horror (?) novel cover for his romance novel. I feel like that implicates something.

No. 81324

File: 1428957517407.jpg (103.69 KB, 487x750, tumblr_nm1eyzWY8X1ttohs4o1_500…)

The original cover.
Literally five minutes in photoshop.

No. 81328

File: 1428957682248.png (257.43 KB, 500x479, tumblr_nm3hxd933E1r1kiq7o1_500…)

Second cover.
"Stoafs to Abpigalte"

Plus he included a photo of himself dressed as the abusive boyfriend/school shooter. Fitting.

No. 81331

File: 1428957869666.jpg (173.25 KB, 973x1500, 81fl4AUjCeL._SL1500_.jpg)

Current cover.

No. 81333

bitch this cover is such a turn off
reminds me of those "i'm diffrunt from oder girls bcuz i listen to BMTH and oli sieks!! BUT I CUT NO 1 UNDERSTOODS"

No. 81338

This is a teen romance novel though???
Why such violent/emo covers???

No. 81341

skinny-shaming is real tho just like fat-shaming

No. 81342

Holy shit lmao. This cover is even worse than the original. You literally get to see the tormented girl he fucks with the head of just to get in her pants and of all people he uses his WIFE to display this to the world.

HAHAHAHAHA what a fucking moron!! Also, dat lens flare LEL.

No. 81381

Yes but Taylor has an eating disorder. The people who she claims are "skinny shaming" her are really just reaching out and trying to make sure she's okay.
She throws a hissy fit over anything that can be remotely taken the wrong way and ignores any help.

No. 81401


"When Lainey was talking about how everyone accuses her of being anorexic, I replied NICELY on Twitter saying she looked like she was a normal/average weight. She blocked me. The girl literally took offense to the idea of someone NOT thinking she looks like she has an eating disorder. That says everything you need to know about her fragile ego."

It's for attention.

No. 81405

this is what i dont get, the girl is legit average-chubby. there is no universe in the world that she looks like she starves herself intentionally lmao. she is super edge^1891019

No. 81407

She's 5'3" and weighs about 110 lbs.

No. 81410

which is completely and totally average and not remarkable in the slightest.

No. 81414

I mean?? She seems to be normal. Especially for her height/weight.

But I think the eating disorder thing came from those convos she had on skype. When she said "I never feel good enough" about her weight. IDK.
Plus the fact that she didn't gain any weight during her pregnancy and was sorta bragging about it??
"Oh it's SO HARD for me to GAIN WEIGHT!! SUCH A BURDEN!! IM SO THIN!!" was kinda the gist I got from it.
And now she like competes with her friends over weight goals???

I know I'm probably looking into this too much but she seems like she has issues with her weight. She's deffs insecure to say the least.

No. 81416

losing weight/not gaining weight in your pregnancy is really common though. i recently was pregnant and i lost so much weight and gained it all in my tits. my body never looked better.

No. 81543

I'd understand the cover/him dressed as the shooter if the shooting was actually like… an important event in the book. But nope, all it serves is to make Gorg's self insert seem more special. Although I hate all his covers, >>81331 is the best out of all of them, not saying much though. Least it doesn't look like a slasher novel.

No. 81545


I'm sure this sounds really nitpicky but wow those Hot Topic-tier gloves are pissing me off beyond belief

No. 82118

File: 1429060181196.png (96.29 KB, 1165x636, 20.PNG)

tru fax by onion

No. 82124

English major criticizing Onision's book for anyone interested:


No. 82131

So… does he know what a Mary Sue is and why they're so hated?

No. 82151

I feel bad for the poor girl he wrote that creepy letter to… and now has written a whole book using her partly as inspiration.

Like, no doubt Abbi's back story is based off Shiloh. Abbi post-Seth acts more like Taylor. I guess the name and some interaction between the characters was inspired by this real life "Abbi".

God wow I just can't get over the creepiness of this whole thing.
I imagine this girl hardly knew Greg, since James barely knows Abbi before he becomes her knight in shining armor. James writes that letter after knowing Abbi like what, two days?

The letter is basically a whole mess of manipulation. Says shit like "I want to be the only person you look at, the only person in your life of value" etc.

God he actually wrote that to someone. AND NOW WROTE A WHOLE BOOK ABOUT IT TOO. UGH.

No. 83496

Chapters 18, 19, and 20! Finale!

No. 83876

I am looking forward to the time when this faggot loses his popularity so he can no longer live of his youtube money. He will have to find a real job and his looks won't make him gain any new teenage fans since he will become an old fart.

I only fear for his son. I hope his dumb wife wisens up a little bit and gets the fuck out.

No. 83881

he will end like peter coffin. him and his childbride will just become sjws and start scamming everyone

No. 83884

how much do you want to bet that the real Abbi didn't even have an abusive boyfriend. probably a normal boyfriend who are special snowflake sociopath onison hated with a passion

abbi dodged a fucking bullet

No. 83952

He'll have to live off the state. This guy has NEVER had a real job like ever, apart from being in the military. What his experiences were while in the military hardly could be called "work experience".

he knows so little about people and so little about the world of workplaces that he'd just end up having a meltdown on his first day, and what kind of resume could he even make? lmao. He'd be like a movie theater clerk at best.

No. 85548

File: 1429504719112.png (472.13 KB, 869x597, Zeoj6rP.png)

His wife. Yikes.

No. 85549

I can't believe he married his fake twin. She's not ugly or anything, but she looks so much like him in terms of her facial features.

No. 85550

*female twin

No. 85709

doesn't look too skinny to me… kind of chub there

No. 85710

How'd he even make it anywhere in the military?

No. 85731

The military is full of wackos, esp. Since they made it easier to join.

No. 85733

She literally looks nothing like him..

No. 85757

Lifestyle blogger.

That I would LOVE to see.

No. 85799

File: 1429556610564.jpg (114.51 KB, 400x600, tumblr_nn27ioZ9lx1uo3pd2o3_400…)

Thanks Greg.
Now I feel better about myself.

No. 85828


people are generally attracted to people who resemble themselves in one way or another

No. 85848

Now I refuse to believe he doesn't browse /r9k/.

No. 85877

>coercion still counts as rape
That's pretty retarded. That makes all non virgins rapists because they convinced somebody to have sex with them.

No. 85880


That's not coercion

No. 85881



No. 85888

Dat chin

No. 87300

File: 1429767327708.jpg (77.3 KB, 750x468, tumblr_nn6tkn2LoU1uruftko1_128…)

hoh boy

No. 87309

…if two people WANT to have sex with each other. Is there a need to convince them?
Not unless the other person DOESN'T want to have sex, in which case, one would.. coerce them into it.

No. 87311

Did this dumb motherfucker that has a bunch of teenaged girls as fan just okay the pull out method as 'safe'? And use the excuse that condom is an ugly word as to why he won't use protection?

What a piece of shit. That advice should read: If a dude won't put a condom on or says 'it's not comfortable wah' or 'he's too big'or gives you bs reasons as to why he won't use protection: walk the fuck away. Clearly irresponsible/liar and not worth your time.

No. 87315

Ho boy.. No just no. Besides that pulling out is not safe at all it also doesnt protect you against STD's. Enjoy your Chlamydia Gerg

No. 87323

I hate Onion as much as anyone else but much of this video just seems to be grasping at straws tbh I don't see much real hard evidence.

No. 87382

wen u say onision it soun like onion = onion make crey don't onision

No. 87383

I'm pretty sure pulling out is only about 50% effective. Spermicides are 97%, condoms are 98%, and birth control is 99%. Wrong again, you fucking paedophile creep.

abstinence is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy huehue

No. 87392

I need the lord's strength with this one, or I might just rip his asshole apart. His fanbase is made up of idiot fucking children, and he insist of writing this shit so they can blindly follow in his shit-filled foot steps.

I just wanna kick this guy of the internet.

No. 87395

No. 87397

He made this video, claiming the pull-out method is the best and condoms just dont feel gud wah.

No. 87398

And one of his fans ACTUALLY LISTENED to this shit advice. And now may be pregnant.


Wonderful. Thanks Greg, for inspiring all this teen pregnancy.

No. 87411

she deserves it for being a fucking idiot & listening to him in the first place.

No. 87414


This is why we need better sex ed classes in america.

No. 87486

God, those replies are so fucking terrible. Call me SJW, but you don't shame someone because they did something. She came over for help, but the comments are useless.
>this website has ranking
Absolute trash.

No. 87491

>pull-out method is the best
spoken like a future parent

No. 87630

>cheaters scum of the earth
is he not a cheater himself? my god, the glaring hypocrisy

No. 87810

What an idiot. Yeah, the pull-out method is somewhat safe if done CORRECTLY, which is what most people miss.

2 out of 100 women will get pregnant if condoms are used correctly VS 4 out of 100 with the pull-out method.

Besides pregnancy, women still have to worry about STD's and shit if a guy doesn't wear a condom. Also, this guy sound like a little bitch ("wah, it doesn't feel good with a condom").

Onision shouldn't even be having sex with his own hand since he's this clueless about sex.

No. 87843

File: 1429855833071.png (238.48 KB, 543x439, 89jzHAe.png)

I'm laughing at Taylor's cheap ass ring leaving her finger straight green.

This is her second wedding ring, since the other tarnished horribly.

Greg just keeps buying her cheapo rings.

No. 87844

File: 1429855866913.jpg (48.14 KB, 500x375, tumblr_msu1uaoKds1sxttq3o2_500…)

Her first wedding ring.

No. 87845

File: 1429855894310.jpg (47.95 KB, 511x698, tumblr_msu1c0Fxz91rgyhcpo1_540…)

Ring turned green.

No. 87847

File: 1429855927527.jpg (76.23 KB, 640x640, tumblr_n9ndhvxihM1rfppc9o1_128…)

Her new ring she got 8 months ago to replace her gross green one.

No. 87848

File: 1429856192989.jpg (15.44 KB, 500x281, tumblr_msu1c0Fxz91rgyhcpo3_500…)

And just for reference: The engagement ring Greg got for Shiloh.

A wedding ring is supposed to last your whole marriage, so it's not surprising Greg hasn't gotten her a quality ring. He'll just keep getting her inexpensive wal-mart rings til he finds a new teenage toy.

No. 87851

LOL. I am not surprised that he doesn't even buy his wives real rings. Looks like he buys cheap eBay shit from China for them since he knows the marriages won't last, so why bother?

No. 87959

If my husband lied about the ring, I'd leave him. Not that I care about the ring, but it's pretty shitty and deceptive to do something like that and I'd wonder what else he was lying about. Plus the green finger! Eww. He couldn't even spring for silver? He just buys costume jewelry made from cheap metal and CZ.

No. 87963

Lol so fucking sad.

You can tell the rings probably cost him like.. what… $15 ?

You can get really beautiful rings that won't turn green or corrode for like $50 if even.

I wouldn't be surprised if he bought Lainey cheap ass Chinese rip offs of clothes and make up and spent more money on himself than on her or their baby

No. 87965

Looks like something you'd buy at Kohl's for $10

Also >>87844 did the "diamond" fall off the ring? LMAO

No. 87977

I know Onision had a thoughts video where he was in a department store looking at jewelry and said something along the lines of "Which one of these rings will make my wife love me".
He won't even get her a nice ring lmao.

No. 87994

I wonder if Lainey is getting fed up with him?

No. 88003

Even if she was getting fed up with Gerg, she will never not love the internet fame

No. 88021

33K twitter followers…is that good or average for someone who spends as much time online as she does?

No. 88040

It's a lot for someone who is a boring basic nobody

No. 88060

lol what's the point in those 33k followers when your husband is a psychopath who abuses you and doesn't give a shit for your son and you basically have no life outside of onision.
Like after all the shit she goes through the day, she logs on Twitter, posts some emo status which implies onion being abusive and her "fans" tell her:
>WELL DON'T BE SAD LAINEY, AFTER ALL YOU HAVE GERG'S LOVE AND THAT'S WHAT REALLY MATTERS and be grateful bitch because i want to be his wife too

No. 88069

Its popularity by association really.

No. 88111

One of Taylor's friends throwing a fit on tumblr because someone dared to speak ill about Onion in front of her.


No. 88178

That chick should be embarrassed.

I like how the person she was talking shit confronted her about it and Sarah, like a little bitch, just says "kk" instead of discussing it with her friend. Jesus, being 17 must be fun.

No. 88658

File: 1430015913479.jpg (57.89 KB, 600x800, CDeM5-FUgAA6sT3.jpg)

Gotta show off da ring~~~

No. 88713


I'm not a jewelry person, but to my untrained eye the soldering on that ring is really bad…

No. 89020

File: 1430072337503.png (106.21 KB, 497x620, 26.PNG)

No. 89024

@ 1:15 mark, Greg goes on a rant about how awful bi girls are and how all of them cheat.


No. 89027

File: 1430072671034.png (46.79 KB, 628x395, 27.PNG)

Because what are wedding vows? Pffft.

No. 89031


Jesus christ.

That's what happens when you date 17 year olds.

No. 89042

He probably has a few women he does his own "exploring" with.

No. 89048

They have a kid. What the fuck is wrong with them.

No. 89109

Had a dream last night that I pranked call onion and when he answered he was jerking his turkey and he kept doing it while staying on the phone. And his wife was sleeping next to him and she didn't care. Then after he jizzed he made a video with him covered in his own spunk and tried to say I forced him to do it. But I had recorded the convo and posted it on tumblr and then he finally fell into obscurity.

No. 89132

I'm all for exploring your sexuality, married or not, but once you have a child, the time to fuck around and bringing other people into your relationship is over. It's just so obvious that she's a teenager.

No. 89156

worse when you marry them.

No. 89174

Don't people become swingers after being married for more than a decade?
It just shows how tired po-tay-tay is of onion when they're in the sack.

No. 89195


>Then after he jizzed he made a video with him covered in his own spunk and tried to say I forced him to do it.

Hahahahaha holy shit that's gold
If someone told me that he actually did something like that I wouldn't even be surprised, either.

No. 89200


She posted something about practicing co-sleeping on twitter (i.e. having your infant sleep in your bed with you and your spouse) so who knows…

No. 89202

File: 1430094518965.png (386.93 KB, 534x578, cosleeping.png)

No. 89206

That can be dangerous as hell though. So many infants have died because their mothers rolled over on them or they fell out of the bed.

No. 89209


Yes, I agree that it is fucking stupid. Why take the risk?

No. 89219

do you think she keeps the kid there so Onion doesn't get handsy with her?

No. 89222


Yes, I am guessing that it might go both ways though. There is that gif with him seemingly disgusted by her touching him.

No. 89223


Onion is going to get so jealous. Can you imagine him being okay with her having sex and being cute with another person? I can't, not unless he's involved in it. If he is, that's fucking disgusting, makes me think the only reason he's okay with it is so he gets to fuck a younger girl. Because I can't see someone older being down for it and I highly doubt Taylor would go for a woman older or her age.

And why does she need a girlfriend to explore her sexuality is the first place? She could just find someone to bang, she doesn't need to be in a relationship with someone just to have sex with them. In my opinion that's selfish af, a relationship is more than that but I don't expect her to understand. She's mentally a kid.

No. 89225

I don't know, he might be checked out of this relationship. Taylor is a bit old for his taste.

No. 89229


My thoughts exactly. I think the only reason he'd be okay with it is if he was a part of it. Which is gross but I hope it happens. I want to see the drama that goes down when you throw another person in the mix.

No. 89231

I honestly can't see Gerg being down for a threesome/ polyamorous relationship tbh. His mind is too dependent on the idea of love and being "the one" for someone. Knowing his wife isn't that would tear his world apart

No. 89304

Yeah this whole "exploring" her sexuality thing makes Taylor sound like she got married and had a kid before she knew who she was or what she wanted in life. I guess that is obvious

No. 89306

File: 1430104617199.png (81.06 KB, 659x571, 28.PNG)

Taylor's friends are just as whiny as she is.

No. 90061

File: 1430247699494.jpg (161.46 KB, 575x1024, tumblr_nni12umHDf1uruftko1_128…)

No. 90066


>I am interested in talking to, and, at most, kissing a girl

I thought she had female friends though? Jesus christ. She makes it sound like she hasn't spoken to an actual, living, breathing woman in years.

No. 90125

File: 1430253587676.png (24.11 KB, 289x259, BtF9YuA.png)

hahaha oh my god.

No. 90137

So she kisses a girl, likes it, and then what? "I've explored my sexuality sufficiently! Back to my hetero, monogamous relationship!" I've never had an urge to kiss anyone outside of my relationships. I guess I don't understand the uncertainty. Everyone I know who is gay, hetero, or bi( or whatever he/she identifies as, if it doesn't fall under those headings) has a pretty clear idea of what their sexual orientation is by the time they marry and have kids. Unless there's some self-hatred or repression going on. Are her parents conservative?

No. 90181

>i'm unsure of my sexuality abloo bloo

This is why you don't get married and have a kid when you're 16 jfc.

No. 90185


Exactly. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 90273

She just needs a good slap

No. 90440

>So she kisses a girl, likes it, and then what? "I've explored my sexuality sufficiently! Back to my hetero, monogamous relationship!"

Kek, this exactly. I'm expecting that she kisses a girl, convinces herself she's ~in looooove~ with said girl, has a whole period where she goes all DYKE PRIDE LOLOL GURLS RULE and shit goes down with Grog.

No. 90450

Seems like an excuse to get away from him. "Ooops I'm actually a lesbian" then it's not her fault that they break up.

No. 90479

If that's it, then whatever man, power to her for making an excuse he'd be "okay" with (aka okay because in his mind threesomes). I hate them both, but Greg's pig disgusting and I hope she gets away, even if she's an irritatingly stupid cunt. She's not beyond saving, Greg is though. Just hope the stupid girl she ends up dragging into this mess will turn out fine as well. They're both toxic as fuck but I have hopes Taylor will seriously grow up one day.

No. 90593

I think its funny that Shiloh had to fake sepsis to get away from Gerg, and now Taylor has to fake being a lesbian.

Actually, thats not funny at all. These women are so afraid of Greg that they can't simply just break up with him, they have to find some excuse to get away.

No. 90658


I wonder if she'll pull off a dramatic escape Katie Holmes-style.

No. 91317

File: 1430400335669.jpg (374.39 KB, 590x2161, 7437359037503.jpg)

No. 91324

This makes me want to slap her so hard, holy shit. Even if she didn't have the influence of Greg I bet she's still one of those passive aggressive bitches all the time.

No. 91326


I seriously can't believe this bitch is meant to be 20. She sounds about 14.

>omg guess i'm not allowed to BE MYSELF THEN!!!!!!!!

>i'm nvr tellin u guys anything EVER AGAIN!!!!
>omg ur all so stupid im so done I literally can't even rite now!!!!!!!!!!

No. 91333

File: 1430405111225.jpg (121.08 KB, 637x639, 2453264.jpg)


No. 91338


You asked by getting married before you were even legal you dipshit lmao

No. 91342

No. 91343

Psychology student here.

I don't know much about Onision at all and have always skipped over his threads but has it ever been noted that he has ASPD/sociopathic tendencies? Because he has a classic "predatory stare" in each of his photos that jumps right out at me each time I pass a photo of this guy.

No. 91347

aww all dolled up for tumblr, cute!

No. 91348

Lel what is this? His earlier pictures of this look make me think he's trying to rip of David Bowie's 80's look…

…then I remembered this guy is basically a functional retard and has no idea who the fuck Bowie is probably…

Check out >>78383

No. 91350

Probably trying to seem feminine so that TayTay will want his pecker.

No. 91368

File: 1430412523420.gif (484.35 KB, 500x280, qq.gif)

> Mfw when I have that shirt
> Mfw I can't wear this anymore because it will now endlessly remind me of this shitstain
Actually though, what is this? Is it for a new cringey video? I just checked out his twitter briefly and he's all like FEMINISM~~ YOU DON'T CHOOSE YOUR GENDER~~~ like what the fuck. This is genuinely a disturbing photo, those fucking eyes.

> Predatory stare
Sorry for OT, but is that actually a thing?

No. 91369

>Predatory stare.
Oh yeah. It actually is a thing. Look up interview videos with convicts like Bundy, Manson, that chick the movie "Monster" was based off of. They all give the same damn look. Actually a huge trait of sociopathy is a blank stare whenever they talk to someone.

No. 91374

File: 1430413320358.jpg (57.64 KB, 539x359, bundy507.jpg)


>sorry for OT, but is that actually a thing?

Oh very much so and is a dead giveaway for those who inhibit violent/aggressive pathological traits if you know how to identify it.

Emotions are betrayed through the eyes entirely through the eyes, but the predatory stare is characterised by a cold, analytical, piercing stare that appears empty. There is no emotion contained within and so it's unnerving to look it.

No. 91375

File: 1430413436016.jpg (193.78 KB, 680x1000, dexter-poster3.jpg)


In addition for actors who portray psychopaths/sociopaths in television and film this is something they have to train themselves on, like Michael C. Hall in Dexter or Christian Bale in American Psycho, but obviously because they're not legit mental they just kind of come off as looking like edgy teenagers.

No. 91424

onion definitely has that empty stare, even when he is trying to look "compassionate" (see OP pic)

how long until he kills someone and hides the body?

No. 91426

I dunno, anon.
I have an "empty" stare like that, but most people just call it looking depressed or having resting bitch face.
I wouldn't think twice about Bundy's eyes if I didn't know he was a serial killer.

No. 91428


>I have an "empty" stare like that

Not like that you don't. There's a big difference.

No. 91435

not same anon but I have it and my father has it. my father is very aggressive though and lacks empathy. but yeah I got his eyes and stare and I'm pretty sure I'm not a sociopath.

No. 91438

>I'm pretty sure I'm not a sociopath.

That's what all the sociopaths say

No. 91441

right, you got me there.

No. 91446

dead eyes are very, very common

No. 91449


Er, no.
Your eyes still look very normal, just tired and hooded.

No. 91452

File: 1430423769387.png (814.36 KB, 697x532, face_of_crazy.png)

so true. haven't realised this about him. but he does have the "menacing eye" expression(pic related). it's kind of his go to look. just like jimmy savile's.

No. 91518

Someone please trigger a shitstorm with Onion or TayTay. There hasn't been much drama with him recently and Lainey seems too afraid to stand up to Greg. At least all the other women in Gregs life didn't just sit there and help him abuse them. They at least stood up for themselves, Lainey just seems to believe all the toxic shit that comes out of his mouth.

No. 91532


You're tired. You don't have the whites of your eyes exposed like the crazies.

No. 91534


I'm wondering if Greg told her to stop with the "exploring" because he was tired of questions and people thinking he was inadequate. I didn't see anything negative on her twitter so I'm wondering if she's been monitoring this thread closely.

No. 91541

File: 1430431212787.jpg (45.86 KB, 400x1034, 645456465.jpg)

samefag here. this is what it reminds me of. sanpaku eyes might be accurate in this case.

No. 91705

I had the same feeling. I'm one of the anons that posts their status updates and shit, so I'm on their social media almost everyday just to check and I didn't really see anyone saying anything that bad. What made me think she's reading this thread is that she started going on about how people are assholes and that 'she never said she wanted to have sex with a girl' about 6 hours after we all began questioning it.

No. 91710


Has she ever addressed on social media why her rings from greg have turned her finger green?

No. 91728

Nope, but I've seen people ask and than magically their comments are gone. XD

No. 91732

File: 1430453849435.jpg (41.36 KB, 587x347, 3728632.jpg)

Because rape victims are only victims if they report it. Because 90% of them aren't messed up from the experience and too scared to tell someone. Because they can't feel more comfortable telling people anonymously online because they are afraid of being judged or told they are lying. Because people don't get raped by family members or people they know, and that's not a hard thing to deal with, just report it!

No. 91751


Yes, every rapist who is "reported" never evades the hammer of the "justice" system by paying lawyers a shit ton, by intimidating victims and their families, by running victim smear campaigns…Oh, Greg. I prefer him when he's doing things like writing that Abbigale book. Not when he's talking about serious issues of which he has no understanding.

No. 91789

IDK, I kinda want to recommend that he collabs with Peter Coffin so that all the beta fucks unite on youtube.

No. 91797

File: 1430469729449.jpg (49.89 KB, 568x586, ddf.JPG)

better run, taylor

No. 91803

File: 1430471297395.jpg (180.21 KB, 905x854, 8325353647.jpg)


No. 91888

What about tumblr? I know there is are a few Onion blogs out there and I bet TayTay watches them religiously.

No. 92486

This is so sad, Gregs not a big a lolcow as he used to be. 2012 was like the year of the onion… :[

No. 92493

File: 1430591113240.jpg (34.66 KB, 590x185, lol92482749.jpg)


Agreed. I think it's because he got married and had a kid, plus the ranting community (SomeGuy ect) stopped caring. I can't help but think that back when they used to make videos on him and shit, Greg loved the attention and reacted to hate with more lolz. It was like a game of cat and mouse; Greg would do something stupid, people would rant and rage about it and then Greg would react with more stupid. It was like a delicious cycle of lolz. And now that he's trapped Taylor, no more crazy break ups or underage flings. ;_;

Side note, even his own people hate him.

No. 92559

No. 92668

Very accurate

No. 92677

File: 1430622937143.png (107.13 KB, 369x313, thiswillnotendwell.png)

So…it sounds like he wants a threesome.

No. 92729


Holy shit, so it was his idea. What a greedy creep! And I can't believe Taylor didn't find it weird, she must be fucking brainwashed. Who in their right mind would think that your 28 year old husband suggesting you get a girlfriend, most likely younger, isn't a red flag? Like come on, she's 20 now, she can't she be this stupid.

No. 92730

she can't be this stupid*

No. 92731

File: 1430630930435.jpg (79.93 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nnlksehfZD1qbnxbno1_540…)

It all makes sense.

Onision wants Tay to become a lesbian, Onion then becomes a woman who likes women, Tay then wants to fuck Onision again.

No. 92733

LOL maybe that's why he's been going on about transgender shit lately. Anon, I think you figure it out.

No. 92735

File: 1430631217318.gif (847.82 KB, 320x180, tumblr_nmrre1KlXy1ttohs4o1_400…)

Also just because the way his face turns a totally different color is mesmerizing

No. 92760


Isn't he too young for a midlife crisis?

No. 92762

Well they can't all wait like Bruce Jenner and do it at 65.

No. 92786

if he's gonna put any make up on, he better contour that fugly nose.

No. 92943

I'm annoyed by the lack of contour, his face looks totally flat. Also lipliner would do him good. And a highlight.

No. 92946

Good, i'm glad he choked.

No. 93329

File: 1430744253661.jpg (28.05 KB, 600x379, 8f3.jpg)

now, I don't know a whole lot about this douche other than this thread, ED, and what my 12-year old neighbor has told me.

oh and I saw a video of his ex shiloh whining for him in her """sleep."""

> ((link for lulz: http://www.cringechannel.com/2013/03/30/video-girl-tries-really-hard-to-be-cute-by-pretending-she-is-sleeping/?doing_wp_cron=1430744218.8792469501495361328125 ))

but just the language he uses in examples like this makes me itch.

the intelligent thing to do if you want to avoid being referred to as a perpetrator of sexual violence by the general public – regardless of guilt or innocence– would be either to (a) avoid mentioning it completely and let it fade to net rumor or (b) make a concise, polite response letter (kinda like JonTron did with the whole gamergate thing).

maybe it's my english-major spidey senses but the fact that he makes two separate entries, and both of them OMIT any kind of active first-person, as well as any direct mention of a rape victim or perpetrator…it's just too weird. with his constant vlogging about his personal relationships (real or fabricated) I think we can safely assume this rules out him being too uncomfortable with mentioning it.

rather than addressing the core subjects (rapist/victim), he instead goes with "rape accusations" and advises others to report a rape they may know of, but not one they have personally encountered. this redirect also "proves he's a nice guy" which feeds back into his ego, hence the "saving countless others."

I wonder if this is out of confidence, or guilt?

>tl;dr he done did it. whatever "it" was in particular.

No. 93338

Damn. Shiloh is hideous. Like a pig goblin. Gerg is so gros. Wtf. Why would he make a video like that?

No. 93386

File: 1430759779475.jpg (53.37 KB, 400x465, 34253545.jpg)

No. 93729

This video is so fucking fake and it's really cringeworthy. He also sounds like a creep when he talks to her "in her sleep".

No. 93836

that video.
is revolting.

No. 97007

nah son dat shane dawson

No. 97033

Lainey never will get that psychopath out of her life completely by having a son with him. Congrats.

No. 97632

The little "hmm" "eeeh" sounds that he make are so disgustings…

No. 97668

Does he even spend time with his son?
Considering he churns out shit videos constantly, I have a feeling he locks himself up in a garage and films that shit all day.

No. 97708

He films in his old house. The one he lived in with Skye then Shiloh. He spends night there and Lainey takes pictures of herself "sleeping alone" "wish someone was beside me"

No. 97714

They have two houses? I didn't know that.

No. 97758

MGM amputates healthy tissue off of a child's genitalia with no anesthesia (watch a video of it, really), for outdated reasons that have long been proven false (cleanliness) or irrelevant (parents' religion does not give them dominion over the body of their child).

FGM amputates healthy tissue off of a child's genitalia with no anesthesia for the same bullshit reasons. What you're describing is infibulation, the most and rarest form of FMG. Most FMG only remove the clitoral hood, which is the equivalent of the foreskin, except the foreskin is two thirds of the penis' skin and contains the most nerve endings.

It's only heard of in america/muslim places, because it's a fucking barbaric religious practice that only bible-belt-tier fuckers defend. There's a reason doctors in Europe/Canada don't even suggest amputating the foreskin to fix UTIs or tight openings, it's because these don't warrant amputation at all, they have much simpler, better and less retarded fixes. Please research this, kids deserve better. Adults can do whatever they want to their own dicks/vulvas.

see above

No. 97761

most extreme*

Idc about onision and his shitty videos tho, but I was glad someone called shaycarl out on his bullshit. He has millions of viewers and couldn't be bothered to look at the comments urging him to research better before hurting his son.

No. 97770

To be honest, by the way Onision speaks, I'm surprised he so against people defiling the American flag.

No. 97785

No. 97998

since he can't use him, he probably sees his son as something "in the way"

No. 98115

Its funny, if you do more research about these type of "studies" you can find that the men that contracted HIV actually had safe sex a lot less than the men who didn't contract HIV, which totally defeats the point that circumcision helps protect from HIV. It also makes no sense, you get HIV from blood entering your bloodstream. What about a foreskin allows the HIV virus to enter the body easily than someone without a foreskin?

Its all a bunch of a hullabaloo to scare people into circumcising their sons.

No. 98558

Yeah, this is the type of crap people eat up. It's similar to the flu shots causes autism arguments, stupid as shit

No. 100830

Seriously? My boyfriend had to be circumcised when he was younger for actual medical reasons. What a fucking idiot.

No. 100844

>last longer in bed
something doesn't seem right here

niqqa, if youre cumming too quickly, the last thing you want is to FEEL EVERYTHING

No. 102079

Is no one gonna talk about the 14 year old who Lainey befriended and is getting girls "18+" to send her numbers etc to "find a nice girl for Lainey"??

No. 102083

She's using a child to solicit sex?

No. 102150

Whoa, wait, what? I'm confused by what you're trying to say. She's using the 14 year old to get other girls numbers?

No. 102165

Taylor is asking her 14-year old friend to hook her up with a girlfriend basically.
Sarah is 14, Taylor is 20. People are now questioning their friendship too, since it's a little inappropriate for someone Taylor's age to be hanging out with middle schoolers.

No. 102180


this sounds all kinds of illegal.

No. 102187


Screenshots/links to her twitter? Not that I don't believe you, but this is so fucked up that I'm surprised her haters haven't gotten the cops involved.

No. 102257

Agreed, I'd like to see where this all came from.

No. 102287

http://eoliveson.tumblr.com is currently a good source for updates on gregs and laineys bullshit. Lots of screencaps too

No. 102291

Yes instead of going out into the world and interacting with other people shes getting a minor to sift through the spergs and (presumably) pick out a sexy n fun gal for gregs fucked up wife

No. 102293

Don't forget how Lainey made a scene saying she didn't want to fuck another girl, only "talk to and at most kiss". Perhaps to cover her own ass when/if she's found messing around with someone under 18

No. 102295

honest to christ i want those girls stories who supposedly told venitaspeaks how onion harassed/abused them to go public already

No. 102385

jesus, this has been going on for almost 6 months? Goddamn this family is fucked.

No. 104061

Its kinda horrifying tbh; if this is the kind of crap they make public imagine what does on behind closed doors :s

No. 118231

No. 118265

He sounds like he's trying to appeal to underaged tumblrites

No. 130175


New bf gf tag.

Ok it's a week old but whatever.

No. 130200

What happened to their kid?

No. 130206

Sometimes I think they sacrificed him so that onion can keep looking young so he can continue to trap teenagers

No. 130469

except circumcision has helped tons of babies and can be beneficial. for some babies, if they wouldnt have gotten circumcised then they would have died. do researches, circumcision is not evil lmao

No. 130506


Myth – Circumcision is routinely recommended and endorsed by doctors and other health professionals.
Fact – No professional medical association in the United States or anywhere else in the world recommends routine circumcision as medically necessary. In fact, leaving boys intact is becoming the norm in the U.S., as parents realize the risks and harms of circumcision.

Geez, I even gave you the benefit of the doubt and googled what you said and there's literally nothing about medical necessity.

No. 130508

File: 1435820403390.png (307.37 KB, 602x458, lameyfluid.PNG)

Oh also in recent news.
Onion's wife got a haircut so now she's genderfluid/genderqueer.
Because that's how gender works obvs.

No. 130510

File: 1435820567453.jpg (79.55 KB, 600x600, CIzSZFpVAAAjVYn.jpg)

The only reason why she chopped it all off was because her friend bleached the fuck out of her scalp in a younow stream and her hair started falling out. So now she's obviously not cis anymore.

No. 130514

File: 1435820816210.png (33.9 KB, 605x201, lameyfluid2.PNG)

And ever since Caitlyn Jenner came out, Onion has been backtracking his thoughts on trans people. Even though previously he vehemently pressed that "physically a boy=physically a boy" and that he lived in the "real world", he now advocates for trans rights. One of his tweets was even in a CNN article I think?

I think it's safe to say that all of this is for the attention.

No. 130581

Make a better looking bloke than Gerg ngl

No. 130587


oh come on i thought she was less retarded than that

but then again she married and had a child with onision

No. 130589

Was the entire pregnancy faked? There's never photos of her with her child, just photos of either herself or with Onision.

No. 130723

Yes they really have a child.
Some speculate that it's mostly Greg's mom who takes care of him since Greg works some 12+ hours a day on YT videos, and Taylor spends all her time on the internet. She took 2-3 classes last semester but claims to be "full time".


No. 130725

Also enjoy this video of Greg calling all doctors corrupt and greedy.

No. 130732

>He talks about how doctors wanted to preform a test for down syndrome on the fetus, even though the chances of their child having down syndrome was very slim. He says they wanted to preform the test after there was bleeding and the fetus ingested blood. He says the high risk specialist tried to scare them by telling them their baby might have down syndrome so that they would pay for a $900 test. He says the test is more likely to kill the child than the child actually having down syndrome. He says they keep harassing him about it because they baby showed another soft sign, or "bullshit sign", with their kidneys. He goes on about how corrupt it is and that they just want money

Do you guys think Troy does have down syndrome? That could be why they never show him ever and why Gerg's mom watches him so often

No. 130734

I think it's unlikely, but there's a possibility.
Especially since Taylor has stated before that she plans on homeschooling him.
(That poor child)

No. 130739


I happen to think he's right. Amniocentesis is for people who want to be absolutely sure there is no genetic abnormality. They're already sure enough.

The talk about ethics in medicine is mostly lip service. I've had to do so many unnecessary x-rays and CT scans (unnecessary radiation being explicitly unethical) on people because it meant extra profit for the hospital; the doctors didn't take pride in their work and never learned to read traditional x-rays; and the radiologists were too lazy to push for new protocols.

No. 130743

I hope you realize that a lot of the extra tests doctors advise be done is so they don't get sued for malpractice, not to make extra money.

To me it seemed like the doctors were preparing him for this possibility, and they didn't coddle him enough when telling him. He complains that they never got any "good news" during these visits, but rather doctors explaining current issues that may affect their baby.

And Greg also got upset when being told that the doctors were giving this information so he could prepare. Now mind you, Taylor was at least 5-6 months along during this time, and Greg immediately assumes by "prepare" they mean "terminate pregnancy". Despite the actual reason being the extra accommodations and money that will go in to raising a baby with Down Syndrome.

Greg has no idea what he's talking about.

No. 130879

File: 1435880879757.png (64.46 KB, 598x488, tumblr_nqobp8xoKs1srs8bto1_128…)

Lamo originally threw a fit on twitter saying her haircut did not define her gender and that she wasn't a boy.
Then she basically decided she was genderqueer bc some of her fans said she'd make a hot guy. So now she models bow ties and is such ~dad~ now.
The level of ignorance is astounding.

No. 131629

New video of Taylor magically becoming genderfluid via haircut.

No. 131638

What an awful header picture. :S

No. 133003

This is such a cute song. I would've liked to see this in the charts rather than Iggy Azalea or some other talentless ho. This song actually has a nice and inspirational message.

No. 133004


No. 133401

No. 133416

File: 1436232088306.png (322.26 KB, 890x691, ISZOzwS.png)

Don't forget babby's first swear words.

No. 134278

That is the fucking ugliest, most stupid shirt I have ever seen. Is that seriously up for sale on his "official" store?

No. 134307

did u no.
adding a random letter into insults makes them not insults nemore?

No. 134312

File: 1436341339651.png (641.84 KB, 889x1864, onin.png)

It's not for sale anymore, but don't worry, his store is still filled with cringe-inducing designs.


Whoever told him he was a good designer lied to him.

No. 134327

Look at me, I'm Greg! I know how to add effects to text!

No. 134331

These designs are so bad I'm actually kind of repulsed. Who the fuck would ever want to wear this shit?

No. 134405

His shirts are designed by a child with ms Paint. I am certain of it.

No. 134412

If I met anyone wearing these I'd run away from them even without knowing who Grog is.

No. 134416

Both Taylor and Greg are adults who flirt with 12 year olds online.

No. 134536

Ugh, are they still getting that teenager to find girls for Taylor?

No. 134577

File: 1436383575832.png (46.94 KB, 500x230, tumblr_nr6mi1DN1v1r1kiq7o1_500…)

That's not how sexuality works but okay Onion.

No. 134578

File: 1436383657862.png (31.85 KB, 561x186, tumblr_nr6msirHMW1r1kiq7o1_128…)

>Shane just came out about being bi??? QUICK BETTER MAKE IT ABOUT MYSELF AND MY WIFE!

No. 134589

Finally found this gross-ass video again. If you ever want to puke in your mouth, just watch this video of Onision describing what sex "should be".

No. 134595

File: 1436384273956.gif (587.54 KB, 217x199, giphy.gif)

No. 134601

lol what a hypocrite. A couple years ago he was bashing bisexuals because "they all cheat"…

(short version)

No. 134602

the original video
"Just because someone is bi, does not mean… anything really… however if they are bi & interested in being with two people at the same time… yeah, you may have a problem if you're seeking monogamy."

No. 134604

This fucking guy needs to stop. He dick rides on everything. Begone.

No. 134631

Sex with rules or expectation sucks. The only rule should be ; Do whatever the fuck you feel like doing and don't focus on time / erection / whatever. You're already finished? Lick that pussy. You can't get an erection? Lick that pussy. You don't want him to put it in your vagaygay/booty? Lick that cock.

No. 134650

Don't forget all the backhanded "slut" comments he's made about bisexuality.


No. 134655

File: 1436392499148.jpg (169.82 KB, 1143x843, ManyDontKnow.jpg)

Reminds me of all the blog posts shiloh would make about how bruised and abused she was from sex.

No. 134806

Taylor's friend seems cute, I wonder if they'll band together as strong independent lesbians and kick onision to the curb

No. 134886

No. 135420

Onion just made a long ass post trying to defend himself again from legitimate rape accusations.


He goes on about how he couldn't have raped her because they had discussed sex before on Skype briefly and she gave him oral once. Even though she was saying no repeatedly, she consented to an act before!! Like you only need consent once ever, and you get free-reign to everything in Onion's eyes, so obviously it can't be rape!!

Then he whines about Shiloh cheating for pity points like it somehow has anything to do with the fact he raped a girl.

No. 136117

So if i have consent to borrow Onion's car i can borrow it whenever i want, because he consented right?

No. 136120

Well that's fucked up. I know Shiloh also lies but I think this is believable because Adrienne's story kind of confirms his fucked up nature.
I guess Taylor is keeping quiet about his shit because she is a doormat fangirl (also she likes her e-fame) but she does post questionable tweets.

No. 136123

File: 1436608969943.png (57.44 KB, 589x481, tumblr_nradzatuWh1utgytfo1_128…)

Someone is hoping for a divorce

No. 136314

Onion thinking he's funny for making fun of Shane coming out.

No. 136326

File: 1436644400233.jpg (108.68 KB, 500x250, amandapalmer-ukelele-splash.jp…)

She looks a lot like Amanda Palmer

No. 137769

Onision is the worst human being. Why can't we all just bury him alive?

No. 137948

i see it. amanda is prettier though tbh.

No. 138090

File: 1436979199604.jpg (115.82 KB, 960x640, 310554_282240541794699_1458647…)

Want to play a game? Spot onion.

No. 138092

File: 1436979299433.jpg (69.16 KB, 960x640, 320060_282240435128043_6158813…)

One more

No. 138094

is this recent?

No. 138098

This was when he was with Shiloh.

No. 138099

How can he claim he's super anal about hygiene when he always looks so damn greasy?

No. 138104

lmfao yes

No. 138120

Why does he keep putting Shiloh on his lap? It's like he's hiding behind her.
And why does she look so gormless and out of it in these photos? Jfc

No. 138277

File: 1437009886427.jpg (48.44 KB, 721x429, tumblr_nrjcw7hUQX1s0umkzo1_128…)

Don't you know Onion hates being around people that aren't clones of himself or underage girls?
He's a no-fun zone person.

No. 138412

He's definetely hiding behind her. So weird, i wonder why.

No. 138519

He is just butthurt that every other youtuber hates him and that vidcon hates his guts too

No. 140468

Taylor's "dontjudgechallenge" video.


She's still sticking to her genderfluid shtick. Even though her legal name, Taylor, is gender neutral, she insists on her followers picking out a "boy" name for her.

She's stuck between Landon and Leo.

This is not how gender works. This girl is playing role play with her identity.

No. 140470

oh god what a retard

she's so fucking ugly tbh

No. 140487

I don't know she's always had a masculine face so maybe she's just trying to make it work for her lol

No. 140495

dam she looks like shmeegles in the first half
and second half has some freaky eyebrows the fuck

No. 140505


She looks like a soccer mom at 20 now.

No. 140509


what the fuck is going on with her eyebrows

also bitch fucks up her hairstyle and suddenly she is ~genderfluid~ now

their poor poor son

No. 140574

What? Are you retarded or just 12?

No. 140576

please die. just end it all

No. 140648


super-covered up, formal shirt and lack of makeup = boy??

boobalicious top and too much make up = girl???

ugly bitches like lainey will justify being ugly in the craziest ways

No. 140961

It's retarded because these bitches pretend they are ~progressive~ and open minded but what they actually do is perpetuate stereotypes.

>Wearing pants, no makeup and being more quiet? That means I'm a boy now

>Wearing dresses, lots of make up, giggling and being girly? That means I'm a girl now

No. 140963

Has sicesca been brought up here yet??

No. 140966

No. 140967

shit that was supposed to be a reply to

No. 141001

File: 1437416123431.png (19.56 KB, 781x140, wtf.PNG)

So this channel was confirmed as Greg's a few years ago, but I didn't know he still updated it?
Weird ass comment he left a couple months ago.

No. 141011

File: 1437417030486.png (143.96 KB, 540x474, tumblr_nidmm6PTOL1r1kiq7o1_540…)

Texting a 17 year old fangirl…gg

No. 141019

File: 1437418210439.jpg (209.6 KB, 976x643, imgonnabesick.jpg)

Excuse me a moment while I go hurl.

No. 141025

File: 1437418845897.gif (50.67 KB, 200x200, barf.gif)

No. 141030

this picture is like the dress
some see two men, some two women, some see a woman and a man. no one can decide on what it really is

No. 141048

others see the transmission of diseases

No. 141049

whats sicesca???

No. 141050

Greg's failed attempt at a cult

No. 141117


Holy shit this reads like a classic narcissistic dude and douchy. 'explain to me why you feel this way and crow about how cool I am'

I had a guy friend who was this personality type and he was always forcing me to gush about how I liked him and kiss his butt and then purposefully blow me off and ignore me so I'd have to hunt him down to make arrangements. I stopped being his friend and dealing with his BS after he drunkenly tried to enter my house and beg me to get into bed with him. but WHOA does Onision remind me of himn in every way. He was a complete sociopath and I'm convinced he had no real emotions and was just putting them on to make people feel bad

No. 141121

Yeah a guy I used to be interested in did that shit all the time. Like multiple times daily he wanted me to tell him why I thought he was cute. It got really old and unattractive fast so I started saying shit like "I don't" and then I just stopped talking to him.

Onion is such a fuckboy and I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be gay like Shane too.

No. 148991

So Greg actually commented on this video with his other yt account.

No. 148992

File: 1438479650292.png (69.75 KB, 795x552, greg.PNG)

It's old news but the fact that he defends a fellow pedo, and just recently made a video saying the age of consent is bullshit, is very disturbing.

No. 148993

No. 149611

"If she's old enough to pee, She's old enough for me" -Greg 'Jackson'

No. 149617

I wonder how is he going to divorce Lainey. I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a shit about her anymore.

No. 149646

This may be slightly off topic but has anyone noticed onision is getting related to so many channels that aren't anywhere similar to his. It's quite random.

Littleskylarklsl is a great example.

No. 151429

File: 1438724825790.jpg (94.1 KB, 579x585, tumblr_nsko9fYe9U1rgyhcpo1_128…)

Looks like the end is soon, anon.

No. 151430

File: 1438724866594.jpg (40.69 KB, 486x220, tumblr_nskoaauxzH1rgyhcpo1_500…)

No. 151432

File: 1438725050114.png (53.75 KB, 601x420, urwifeisgay.PNG)

From what I gather, Taylor is finally realizing the verbal/mental abuse Greg has put her through.
Her family wants to destroy the prenup, divorce is soon.
And Greg is convinced Taylor is completely gay and would rather be with a woman.

No. 151437

My guess is her having a child with him, she'll never get rid of him completely. Also, tweeting about shit like this is probably just his/their usual publicity.

No. 151460

>Weekly Onision breakdown #34

No. 151467

hahahaha called it

now he is getting his army of 12 year olds to turn on her

can't wait for the delicious drama because both are retards

i only feel bad for their son

No. 153830

File: 1438969275889.png (406.33 KB, 635x989, fg.png)

I'm laughing so hard.

Greg threw a hissy fit over something Taylor reblogged. He's v mature.

No. 153833

>you're attracted to shitty people

guys i think he's self aware

No. 153836

File: 1438969933840.jpg (47.09 KB, 312x499, tumblr_inline_nspwlfSymi1qmuq7…)

Guys he just announced his new book…
It's out for preorder now, and scheduled to be released on 9/11 (much edge).

No. 153838

File: 1438970087078.jpg (87.99 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nsp5swLDC71trzbmio1_500…)

Amazon description.

How many want to bet he's going to take advantage of the tragedy of 9/11 and use it as ~inspiration~ for this novel?

No. 153875

I wish he would have a breakdown and land himself in a mental ward or prison - that'll be a good laugh.

No. 154036

Taylor's coming out video, except it's pretty much just Onion speaking for her the whole time.

No. 154040

lol he totally only made that video cuz shane made one, and he looks pissed at the stuff she's saying.

"im not jealous" sure onion

No. 154071

>hateful man's path to darkness
>based on real events
>all hope of return is lost
>There is no hero

100% Onision

No. 154074

I forgot to add that he also looks like the fucking guy that shot up the movie theatre

No. 154336

>violent fights
no way, dude
>you can only go so far
>this book goes even farther
wow you sound like a brilliant writer

No. 154357

he looks like he wants to kill her

No. 154433

>based on real events

Yeah he will probably describe how he abused his first wife and shiloh

No. 154443

File: 1439036043758.jpg (476.78 KB, 898x1202, tumblr_nrz6ckMtCq1rqbzlto1_128…)

shots fired

No. 154446

You know what kinda irritated me about this asshole, that video about 'mixed race girls" he made.

I'm mixed myself and I love how he used ugly pictures for mulatto women and pretty ones for the half white/asian ones. It just really irked me.

No. 154449

"James represented the light, Arthur is the dark."

I'm not very good at English but seems like this book will also have some fun grammar.

No. 154493

>wakeup to this news
Cackling non stop.

No. 154502


If James was the light and Arthur is the dark, we are going to see some MAJOR EDGE. Love how he has to state that it's based off his own life so it's basically going to be his second Manifesto.

No. 154510

I bet it's just going to be his edgy fap fantasy where his self-insert tortures meat eaters, christians and women (aka evil sluts who broke up with the perfect onision)

No. 154799

His book must be based of a Final Fantasy fanfic

No. 154807

get 'em ross

No. 155211


That's what I was thinking. My highest weight was 118lbs and I didn't look skinny, just average, and I'm 5'3". Maybe she's tall or has a built that looks large irl.

No. 155259

oh my godddd this video… she literally deadpans the entire thing and he makes condescending jokes about whatever she says the whole time.

No. 155655

I've had a horrific dream about being his girlfriend. Holy shit, hope this never happens again.

No. 165804

So Onision and Deefizzy got into a fight on twitter. All the caps:


It all started because one of Greg's fans met him and asked for a hug, Greg refused and felt uncomfortable because of all the "online scandals" he's had, his fans brought up that other youtubers hug fans and Greg went off.

No. 165807

i know his video was bad but i agree with onision
Ugly fat people shouldnt cosplay hot skinny women from anime
its fucking disgusting

No. 165984

> the domain is fake. I found Photoshop when I inspected the page element.

What the fuck does he think he is saying? Also checked that site because I was curious, it redirects to a .gov.

No. 166055

I agree
I would rather see a fat cosplayer with a good cosplay than a skinny one with a shit cosplay

No. 166098

Shit, this crap is so stupid.
Damon hardly even makes videos anymore, he even deleted his newest one?

Guess Onion was bored and wanted a reacting, what a dick.
Yeah just cosplay your body type.
Can't stand people who make flat chested girls big chested, there's enough big chested anime girls out there for the girls who have big ol' boobies.

No. 166292

So, I don't keep up with Gerg, haven't in a long time. Always despised him and he's living clickbait.

However, he made this video about feminism where the whole video is him attacking and insulting women who say they aren't feminists, while saying he's a feminist, and that feminism isn't about hating men.

It just struck me because much earlier I saw a video he did, I think it was an ask onision thing where a girl was asking him about being pressured into sex, and given what went on with Adrienne his response was especially hypocritical, but it was the ending that stuck out to me in comparison with his words about feminism.

He closed the video by saying women were better than men and should rule the world, and mean should all be killed or forced to live on an island where they'd be kept as slaves.

Does anyone know which video this is? I think it would do nicely edited into a response to his words about feminism.

No. 166707

File: 1440227744141.png (494.31 KB, 769x532, Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 08.1…)

a little off topic but what the hell are those boobs

No. 166709

what's wrong with her boobs? they look normal?

No. 166712

i think anon is referring to the massive gap in between. it does look unattractive, but i bet a lot of people have that (who don't stick it in front of a cam).

No. 166714


They do look normal, plus she is currently breast feeding. For someone that just had a kid and breastfeeds them she and her boobs look great.

No. 166719

is that really massive? it's normal…

No. 166720

I don't know any girls who have a gap that big between their tits…

No. 166757


Have you seen them without bra though? It's pretty common/ normal.

No. 166776

That wing and those eyebrows….like why. She could be so cute.

No. 166800

Well, she married with 17 and didn't really get the chance to discover herself yet. People need time to experiment imo (with make up and style)

No. 166887

>those eyebrows

No. 166918

Coercion is still rape and clearly you dont know what coercion means

No. 167244

Her breasts are normal, she just isn't wearing a bra by the look of it. She's letting them puppies free

No. 167265

You're right, but Adrienne wasn't coerced.

No. 167309

Adrienne said no a hundred times but Greg forced himself on her, using kisses to shut her up. They even previously agreed on not having sex until a month into the relationship. Greg raped her. End of story.

No. 167335

>I’ve already said this on my Google+, but I want to reiterate that he did not rape me – but there is a fine line between being forced to do something and being pressured to do something. I just felt rushed is all.

No. 167341

they are referring to the 5 inch gap r u blind

No. 167351

her jawline is fucking amazing, not gonna lie

No. 167498


Which is still normal.

No. 170936

So someone from tumblr copy and pasted the OP description, included a link to the thread, and it caught Onion's attention!

He even graciously tried to argue every point made :^)


Onion is now aware of this thread, guys. Everyone wave him hello.

No. 170937

hello, Gergberg

No. 170940


I don't think he has found the site yet

No. 170944

I don't think so either.
But to be fair, he does have a point about the age stuff. If it is between two legal aged and consenting people then it shouldn't matter.

No. 170947

Can I just say that not only did he drive underage girls to states where it would be """legal""" to hookup, 18 is the age of consent in Washington, where he lives. They weren't legal aged, and he was also doing a form of sex trafficking by traveling to different states.
So he doesn't really have much of a point about the age stuff.

There was also an incident where he accepted nudes from a 17 year old.

No. 171342

Someone ask him to comment on his atrocious creepy book

No. 171584

File: 1440873743871.png (164.45 KB, 500x653, 3 25 2011.png)

I can't watch this and hold on to this information any longer. I won't give out much information of myself other than that my name is Michael, I went to high school with this guy, and a good friend of mine is someone he cheated on his ex wife with. I also run my own independent technology based business. Greg is a total loser and actually cheated on his ex wife with a friend of mine before him and his ex wife were ever even married. He was doing it for a while too until my friend found out he was taken and told Skye. She dumped his ass and he ended up losing his mind because he got caught and cried like a little bitch and called her every day for two solid weeks to get her back. Let me say that again, SHE dumped him. He'd been caught in school a whole lot of times by other girls doing the exact same thing to them and it was always the girls that dumped him as it was always other girls that ratted him out.

I had always wondered what ever had become of this guy since I left Washington and moved on from school. Apparently some people never change. He's been this way for years. There was a running joke among pretty much everyone in school that he was going to be put down in the year book as "most likely to commit a school shooting". He wore a combo of a trench coat, beanie, and tripp pants…every day. In fact if I remember correctly it seemed like he'd been wearing the same clothes for a couple weeks a time before ever washing them. He'd rarely ever talk to anyone and the few times he did he would always talk down to a person. At first we thought he didn't realize he was doing it, but after weeks and weeks of it being a regular occurrence we (pretty much the entire school) started getting the idea that he just hated people. I mean, he had friends, but he'd still treat them like shit. Every since I can remember he's always thought of himself as better or above everyone else.

He'd start arguments with teachers because he thought he actually knew more than they did, when he was obviously proven wrong he would completely deny it and act like a pouting child. There was one time, and I remember this because it was just before summer break, where his mother who looked completely cracked out actually came to school and argued with the teacher about how perfect her son was and how he never could do any wrong. He had gotten in trouble again for being caught cheating on yet another girl and her father was doing what any reasonable man would, he was threatening to beat the crap of Greg. I had to drop off some late homework so I went directly to my teachers office to do this and over heard the entire thing. It was the hilarious and embarrassing thing I'd ever been privy to eavesdrop on in my entire life. His mother literally started chanting some wiccan stuff or new age stuff, I'm not even sure what it was, he has his head down, his face is turning red as a beet, and his fists are balled up, while this girls father whole looks like a 250+ lbs Marine is berating him for trying to score with his daughter who he lied to. All the while our schools principal is just sitting there with the most confused expression because he had zero idea what to do. It was surreal, it was as if Jerry Springer had visited our school. To this very day I can't even properly explain what I had witnessed.

After that he really just went downhill and never recovered. He was an asshole to just about every single person he met, and started bragging about how we'd all be "thanking him and congratulating him" one day because he wanted to enlist into the military and go over to Iraq. Everyone started to really distance themselves from him at that point. I remember that he started bragging about going into the Navy or Air Force, but at that point I was just too focused on finals and getting into college to even care anymore. One more thing I do remember vividly is how often he'd pick fights he couldn't win after that. He was already known for running his mouth to people about things he wasn't even remotely knowledgeable on, but after the previous incident, he'd start actively provoking people. I can see why he gets so much hate here, Greg's still doing the same thing, even now. He ended up pissing off a few metalheads in our school, if I recall correctly he said something about one of them having a sibling that passed away and them not truly caring about it or something…and well, they just pummeled him into a pulp. Three on one basically. Once again, mom was quick to bail him out of any responsibility for getting exactly what he'd asked for. This didn't happen behind the school or after school hours, mind you. This happened in front of almost everyone. In general, we'd hear about this going on once every couple of weeks. After a while we just stopped hearing about him anymore, my best guess is that is when he secluded himself online and started doing this video sort of stuff. I've seen the video about him creating an online cult like religion, I'm just making a guess here but it seems his problems just intensified with time.

I only partially knew Skye through a couple of other people. She was a very nice, but quiet person. She did some cool graphic design stuff. I even thought of asking her out a couple times but then Greg came along and we didn't see or hear much from her after that. That never sat well with me. Other people have said this past and I can confirm, that Greg always wanted to be with her sister more. In the last few days I've taken the time to watch a few of the videos that caused the most stir and its funny to me how much he now seems to whine about "slutty" girls because back then those were always the type he'd go after. It was either girls that were more sexually free spirited, or girls who were very quiet, obviously virgins, and had some types of issues at home or depression. There never seemed to be any middle ground. It was either one or the other and his ideal type seemed to be an impossible mix of both.

As I said before, I've watched enough to catch up about this guy; all of the Shiloh stuff, when he decided to divorce Skye for her, all of that up until now. I have to tell, this guy absolutely terrifies me now. He was always off balanced but I figured that with time he'd find his niche in life and things would be relatively alright. That couldn't be farther from the truth. He has never gone anywhere in life since high school. I started my own business, own my house, have a couple of kids and a loving wife and we travel all of the place regularly. He just continues to act like a spastic teenager and he is one year younger than me and can only make money through Google AdSense or heavily taxed partner revenues. He literally displays the same behavior as an online and offline predator now. He has never once changed the way he treats women, or who gives that treatment to, he has just allowed it all to become horribly worse. I think he must also be in horrendous amounts of debt as well. I've seen the way he tries to live and I can tell you that he cannot possibly afford all of that. Greg was always terrible with money. For example, a five dollar pair of sunglasses he'd pay for with a twenty so he didn't have to count the change. He was always broke and apparently so was everyone else in his household. I watched a video just recently where he said he'd paid $6000 to a contractor for his yard who took all his money and never did anyway, and all he did was make a video on it. Obviously not even that has changed. And now he has a child? That's the worst part.

The last thing I'll leave you all with is a segment about his inability to care for, and somewhat hatred of children. Around the time this guy started coming around more I remembered him talking about working for a daycare. Another friend of mine also worked at this daycare, which I won't name because frankly I've followed the Chris-Chan saga and I don't think the place would appreciate a ween-overload. She told me that he was close to being fired (and eventually did get fired) because he had applied for a job he no idea how to do. He couldn't even do the most basic things for these kids (mostly toddlers) and whenever they started to get upset he'd be rude and mean to them. Finally when they shitcanned him he apparently lost it, with children there, and stormed out saying like "fuck these stupid kids anyway" or something to that effect. He'd offhandedly made jokes about how he'd just leave a girl who he was with if she got pregnant even if the kid was his because he didn't want children at all. Obviously no one thought it was funny. Watching the Shiloh thing unfold it was just one huge reminder of that. Apparently he caused her to miscarry as well, twice. I don't keep up with many of these people from high school much anymore until something crazy as shit happens for this guy. I'll just say there's the possibility he's got a kid out there he won't ever see or acknowledge and neither his current wife, nor the current movement against knew about it until now. He fucked over his ex-wife that badly. He was forced to pay alimony instead of child support because they didn't even want to chance him seeing the child so they just took it away from him and he was completely fine with it from what I've been told. I was told that he did this video to chase her off YouTube because she was close to spilling the truth about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1z_96Q4wVg

This video was uploaded the day before he was fully served a restraining order (pic related check the date): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6uyvlmpog1c He'd been calling his ex wife non stop being a creep to the utmost maximum. From what I've been told it made his voicemails to AJ sound like someone handling a break up well by comparison. He'd been crapping pants over going to court for it apparently because not only would he have no contact with her, he had to fork over $1500 that day. The video I've linked here is way creepier now that it has some real context. Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Busy day ahead, if people have questions, I'll be back on later. Enjoy, because as obsessive as he is, he's bound to read all of this so things will get pretty interesting over the next few hours if he indeed sees this.

No. 171603


So he has two kids?

I don't understand why a court would allow him to forgo child support. Even if a parent doesn't have a relationship with a kid, he still has to pay child support. Unless Greg never claimed paternity and the mom never had a filiation proceeding?

No. 171621

Holy fucking shit, someone ends to report him to child protective services. I feel anxious for the kids, damn.

As someone who's been a volunteer mentor for middle schoolers, and took care of a few toddlers in the past. Reading about how he tried to do child care just made me want to punch his ugly ass face. How could he think to he can do this shit? What the ruck is wrong with him? Also, why didn't the child care place call the cops on him?!

Jesus, I really want to see this guy torn apart publicly. He's horrendous as fuck.

No. 171622

*what the fuck! ugh autocorrect.

No. 171664

His voice is fucking high pitched and annoying he sounds like he's stuffed up and his laugh is goofy as hell. Someone needs to tell this nasally retard to shut the fuck up. What a fag sporting that bowl lookin ass haircut at his age. Nigga's lookin like a 12 yo with daddy issues

No. 171665

honestly probably so the mom and child can just have absolutely no ties to Greg at all, even if it means forgoing monetary support. I could see him paying child support and using that and "maintaining a relationship with the child" as an excuse to harass his ex wife

No. 171670

Tripp pants? Trenchcoat? Do you have a yearbook you can take pictures of him? I need to see this!!!

No. 171673

I had steak today to fuck with the Onion.

No. 171684

File: 1440885753747.jpg (21.04 KB, 500x500, 2004.jpg)

Apparently yes. From what was described to me, he forfeit his parental rights and signed the child over to the family. It's rare but it happens. >>171665 Hit the nail on the head. It's why they chose to do it.

This was apparently something he did to impress a girl that worked there as well. He started a lot of drama with her which was yet another reason why the fired him. He's actually admitted only that in I believe it was one of the livestream videos he did a couple of years ago which I watched. He's also held various other jobs but got fired from those as well.

From the yearbook no. I have a few that I was going to leak a while back that haven't really ever surfaced before however, from around that time. In the pre-meme days we used to screw with these a lot because he posted these on our schools online bulletin board with a long diatribe attached, as well as his old MySpace account. I'll tag them in each responding post. I'll start with one that I have which is the most future pedophile looking. This isn't a recent photo by any means, let me remind you.

No. 171688

File: 1440886357210.jpg (139.28 KB, 327x497, Yearbook 2003.jpg)

Eh, screw it. Why not have a photo dump. I dug around in my files for a bit and found one that was indeed from the 2003 yearbook. This is the face that would interrupt conversations whenever it came down a hallway.

No. 171695

I don't doubt that behavior about children. He seems to use pregnancy as a way to manipulate women to marry him (Adrienne, Shiloh, etc).
Also he doesn't even acknowledge the fact that he has a son, basically to the point of publicly denying that he has a child. At first I thought it was so he would seem younger and more attractive to his young audience, but now it seems that he really just never wanted a child.

It's sad because his child with Taylor was obviously not planned, and when Taylor announced her pregnancy, she admitted she cried when she first found out and was very scared. Even now there seems to be a disconnect between Taylor and her child, she blocks anyone who asks about him and refuses to say anything publicly about her child.

So high school anon, mind if I ask you your thoughts on a few things? Like do you think Greg raped Adrienne? Do you think killing his turtle was purposely malicious or just ignorance? What do you think of his marriage with fangirl Taylor?

No. 171698

I'd always assumed that the kid lived with his parents or Taylor's. Most people wont let you forget that they have kids but theirs is invisible.

No. 171701

The beating explains the fight scene in his book. He's been having revenge fantasies about it since he was in high school, what a loser.

Speaking of his book. Did your school have a decent English department? I don't understand how he is so bad at writing.

No. 171702

File: 1440888503583.png (30.62 KB, 408x389, 1424015107446-3.png)

yusss gibe us more, dear anon
bumpu for jutice

No. 171707

Stones to Abbigale is Greg's own Sonichu comic lmfao.
He gets to write a fantasy world where all the teachers worship him, he beats up the bullies, AND gets the girl.

It's funny that you mention that Greg was beat up 3 to 1, because almost the exact thing happens in his book, except James (Greg's self insert) manages to beat up 3 bullies at once by chopping them in the throat and going for their balls.
Reading all the parallels from his actual high school experience and STA is glorious.

No. 171708

Thank you so much for this.
This fucker needs to go down.

No. 171712

File: 1440889047798.jpg (20.07 KB, 254x516, 2004 (2).jpg)

Using pregnancy to do that seems like he's desperate now. He'd get "engaged" girls a lot. Of course he obviously wasn't going to marry them but the rumor was that he did it so they wouldn't cheat on him as easily. Which, is absolutely bizarre because he cheated almost every girl he was ever with. I don't think anything at all is something that's ever planned in his life. While myself and the people I stayed close with were all planning our futures out (as best we could for pre-college seventeen year olds), he was busy acting like the epitome of an emo kid one moment, and then in the next a psychotic know it all. Personally what I took away from his being a father is that he didn't care about the risks of having unprotected sex because its all he did back in high school as well. I think there used to be a rumor that he gave one girl a UTI and then called her a bitch at lunch in front of other people because she told her friends about it.

I've read her story and I believe it. Everything in it. It's exactly what I experienced with him back in high school. He was pushy with everything to get his way, be it with girls or anything else. Her story of being pressured is sad to read, but unfortunately it's not shocking because when he was getting berated by the girls father which I mentioned in my main post, it was for that very reason he was getting reamed. For the turtle, I think it was a mixture of both. I don't think words do justice for just how big of a dolt this guy was. He never seemed to handle any responsibilities properly and he was always getting into shit with instructors because he'd take extra credit work he would never finish. I know he used to own several pets because his weird ass mother was into collecting all sorts of animals, but he could never keep any of them alive for very long. Everyone knows about the chicken he tried to raise but couldn't. There were a couple more he never seemed to talk about. He had two dogs, both of which died from undernourishment. For a guy that is a vegan he really lazy with properly caring for animals entirely.

As for his marriage, it's a total farce. I don't see any connection or chemistry between those two whatsoever. Aside from her being afflicted with some very obvious issues, she's not even the type he ever seemed to go after. Back in school he absolutely hated girls like her. Right now I think he just puts up with it because she had his child and he feels trapped because he's been too used to running away from everything.

No. 171715

So was he known for copying people he "disliked" I noticed over the years if there is a guy he gets fixed on he will copy them or their relationships.

As for his kids not shocked. It seems like he mimics people. To pick fights or develops this twisted drama. I'm curious. I have been watching this train wreck since he broke up with Skye.

There is a screencap about the pregnancy your are talking about but it's kept under wraps.

Shiloh did tell me the memory loss was fake in order to make enough money to heat the house. I saw posts from a friend of mine about how he shoved her into the door frame lied about being septic to get away and go home because he was bitching abou the medical bill. She was told she would have to be cleaned out of the baby to keep from going septic. She utilized it to go home.

Shiloh lost her laptop and other things too having to run home. She had to play it off to get back. Many Anti-O people shame her for her lies but there are many things that you have to do till you can get away from someone abusive and have to realize they are abusive.

I am glad I won't live near him. Looks like he moved to some where bigger because people found out where he lived.

No. 171716

>He had two dogs, both of which died from undernourishment.

Wow what the hell that's heartbreaking. He has two dogs now, and people have called animal control on him in the past for not taking care of them. He recorded a video of both his dogs playing in a garbage filled garage. He tried to force a vegetarian diet on them too, but their bodies were rejecting the food and would vomit after every meal.

He seriously shouldn't be allowed to own pets, let alone care for a child. I totally understand his ex-wife keeping him as far as possible from the child. Hoping nothing horrible happens to Troy though.

No. 171717

He needs to be sent to a mental ward.

No. 171721

I'm busy at the moment so I might be slow to ask more questions hopeful you will answer.

No. 171722

File: 1440890418582.jpg (26.16 KB, 500x500, 2003 (2).jpg)

Funny I actually have "turtle" related picture for the person who mentioned that unfortunate incident earlier. He would post things like this on his MySpace a lot back then. I don't why, I guess perhaps he thought it was to make him seem thought provoking and sensitive? I don't honestly know. Oh and yes, he was always been that unkempt and greasy looking. It was gross in person. People wondered if he had some kind of literal problem with sweating too much or something because he actually smelled of BO a lot and never did anything about it for days at a time.

It was a regular happening as well. He has done one video in the past (because all of this got me curious after all these years) where he goes on about what it was like but that's just completely bullshit. He'd instigate people with things, for example if you were a meat eater and you were just having a burger or taco for lunch in the cafeteria he'd sit across from and start giving you shit about it. He'd try and make people feel guilty about their food even back then and it seemed to have just happened overnight. One day he didn't care, the next morning he's a PETA elitist. That pissed a lot of people off, but the part that really got people heated was that he didn't stop when they just gave up and skipped lunch because of this lunacy. He'd follow them around and try to get them to argue his crap about veganism. I think you all know how well that turned out.

He did this to a lot of people too. He didn't care about how ridiculous it made him look. I think in his mind, him getting beat up for intentionally pissing people off (because after a while he got really malicious about it), reinforced his backwards ideals about things. The more he'd do this the more hardcore about it he became. The "murder eaters" video is a bit older than people think it is because I remember him posting something similar in our schools bulletin board and him getting absolute wrecked people over it, even called to the office for "inappropriate usage" of it.

Our school had a pretty good literacy program actually. I enjoyed it. Greg just never seemed to want to learn much because he always seemed to think he knew everything. He never really got good grades ever from what I remember and was always turning work in late. The whole "I haven't read a book in fourteen years" thing is bullshit. He was just never good at reading in general even as a sophomore in high school. Whenever he had to orate something for class he'd just bomb pretty hard as he seemed very stunted in his reading level for someone his age. I'm listing to this one girl read some chapters of his book on YouTube as I'm typing this and I can confirm that back then it was just as abysmal if not more. For any assignment that was about creative writing he'd make just about every literary mistake someone could and then get mad at the instructor even though he was the one that made the mistake. If I make mistakes when I type up a paper its because I'm going too fast and such, for him he just never paid enough attention in class to learn much.

No. 171724

> I think there used to be a rumor that he gave one girl a UTI and then called her a bitch at lunch in front of other people because she told her friends about it.

He and Shiloh got UTIs constantly when they were together. Greg would talk about how crazy violent sex had to be, even made a video about it. Also does this confirm that Greg is a greasy motherfucker who doesn't use a shower? He's super stingy on heating bills, I imagine the same goes for water bills.

> Her story of being pressured is sad to read, but unfortunately it's not shocking because when he was getting berated by the girls father which I mentioned in my main post, it was for that very reason he was getting reamed.

So Greg has officially coerced two girls. Rapist scum. I don't doubt it for a minute either, many girls came anonymously to a blog on tumblr and shared many stories of being abused/raped by him.

>As for his marriage, it's a total farce. I don't see any connection or chemistry between those two whatsoever.

Plenty of people see right through his marriage too, between his constant reaffirmations of his love over his "hot wife", to the videos showing zero chemistry between them, the awkward kisses, etc.

No. 171729

Well this is just awful.

Even though I don't like her, I feel bad for Lainey. She probably thinks she can't do any better and tgat faggot is manipulating her. She is still young but already a mother so she thinks she is stuck.

I wonder how much she knows about Skye.

No. 171730

File: 1440892159320.jpg (88.19 KB, 631x800, old-style-photo-box-camera-gre…)

I don't doubt it. She legitimately entered therapy sessions for a while because of what he did to her. Now this is a lot stuff I got from other people, so take it as you will.

From what I was told, he'd been talking to Shiloh for while and she knew. He wanted to be with someone who was going to benefit his videos because fans started complaining that his wife was "boring" and she was finally starting to get sick and tired of his life being nothing but YouTube. He files for divorce and forces her to be okay with it and tells her she no other choice but to get out of his house when things are all said and done. She was with this guy since high school. I was put off by the fact he managed to get her wrapped around his finger like he did because myself and my entire group thought it was creepy, however for a while they seemed like a decent couple until he started seeing my friend as well without even telling Skye. That was the first time he really broke her down. He did that a few more times when he admitted he really wanted to be with her sister, and then the last straw was when he pulled out divorce papers.

Like I said this is third party information to me, but I don't really doubt it myself. He wanted a person to make himself look better, didn't care about what his now ex-wife felt or went through and dropped her on the spot, damage controlling the entire time. As I said before, he scared his ex off YouTube when her career was starting to take off with her videos, and did a creepy video himself the day before getting a restraining order filed on him.

His copying people must be a new thing because back then he dressed pretty like Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold, or something straight out of an LL. Bean catalog. I find his hatred of that Someguy827 guy pretty ironic because he used to look and act somewhat like him from the videos I've seen. Pic related is from 2004 if I recall correctly. Now he likes a dejected and burnt out poet ex-hipster. I don't know what you would even call his current look. He wants to be everything and anything counter culture I guess.

With the Shiloh video I think it's pretty obvious that was for shock value but the part I found most disgusting about that was that he wanted to play it out like it really happened no matter what. He knew he was caught, and he tried to deny it as hard as possible, it was insanity. The fallout of that situation is EXACTLY what he did every single time he had been caught cheating. He acted like it was all BS, he'd never done anything wrong, and then tried to justify it (admitting to it in the process) by bringing up things that didn't make any sense or had anything to do with the situation. Like most of the women that he's been with in the past, I've read that she's now got her life somewhat back in order from all this. It's funny to me how they're all of the crazy ones but he remains the one who never changed a bit.

No. 171733

The fact that he has another child sheds a whole lot of new insight and context to things he has said before.
He HATES alimony, but thinks child support is fair. I imagine this is probably a dig at his ex-wife for being awarded alimony, and that he can't see his kid.
Adrienne also wrote in her letter that Greg told her a hell of a lot of shit about Skye, but requested it be removed from public release in the letter to protect Skye.

HS Anon, has Greg always shown interest in girls with low-self esteem, and generally weak-willed girls? It seems a lot of the girls he's taken advantage of were fangirls with issues.
Also why does Greg hate bisexuals so much? Why do you think he's putting up with his wife dating other girls on the side?
Do you think he's cheated/has been cheating on his wife?

No. 171734

He probably cheated on his wife. Taylor sometimes tweets :"I know I am not your only one." then deletes it. When asked about it, she claims it's lyrics from songs.

No. 171736

So he likes being abused because it reaffirms his ideals. I remember when he "debated" the Someguy fella that Greg's mom beat Greg with a flash light.

So his mom would pound into him he was perfect but then beat him if she was upset. So it sounds like he is trying to do what his mom did to him to others.

I noticed though he does subtle things to get other guys to notice what he is doing.

For example: The picture someone posted of Greg in a jersey of some team is just like how Someguy does with his band jerseys and same location for a selfie.

I feel like he stalks and mimics people who he wants to play cat and mouse. In this case Batman/Joker.

The video someone posted in here he used the Anon mask as two fold. One for the "faceless" users against him. Most of them he knows who we are. Two because someone pointed out the mask in Someguys video that was in the background on the bookshelf.

The turtle thing does seem two fold as well if you mentioned he has killed animals before from neglect. I wonder if not only for attention from people and sympathy he also did it because Someguy posted pictures of his animals too.

I make these comparisons because it seems like he is trying to "one up" the guy. Maybe staying with Lainey as the "hot wife" is a competition between the two in Greg's mind.

I know it seems crazy but here is my list.
Someguy talks about his two dogs.
Greg gets two dogs

Someguy talks about his turtles.
Greg puts the turtles in video and kills it.

Someguy has had a kid one, doesn't show the kid.
Greg now has one, never shows it.

Greg copy's dress. Brags about how Someguy has bigger balls to rant against him than Repzion. Compliments Someguy a few to be friends.

Does a debate before Someguy visits his girl.

I wondered if they guy ever went that far with other guys at school.

I know he does the same shit with Shane publicly a bit over the fact Shane is more popular than him.

As far as women he hates strong women and thinks they are below him…. What's your take.

No. 171738

HS Anon

I'm not shocked he became agoraphobic. As for you mentioning him looking like the columbine shooters is kind of funny to how he wrote his book.

The guy gets overly obsessed and makes you look crazy if you pick up on his subtle traits. I am usually background but much of what your saying is still the same. I hope to never run into him.

As an adult close to his age he freaks me out.

No. 171741

File: 1440893775790.jpg (29.95 KB, 500x500, MySpace 1.jpg)

He's always been a greasy unshowered creep lol. P.E. was the worst because he'd dodge the showers afterward. Not unusual some people have issues with that which understandable but in his case it was just awful because he just stunk all of the time anyway. The few times he did go to the showers he was the most homoerotic awkward person ever. You know the videos where he's just trying way too hard to be funny with sexual humor. Think that but in person in a locker room full of guys. I don't even know at all how he survived in the military.

He'd also cake hairgel when he had shorter hair until flakes of it would fall off. The gel, mind you, not his hair. He was just…gross. No other word for it. I'd rather him reeking of axe body spray at least, rather than that awful stench of hair gel, sweat, and weeks unwashed edgy attire.

More than likely she knows nothing truthful of the situation. The things he'd make up about the girls he used to get caught with are disgusting. I can include myself in the list of people wanted to give him a shiner or twelve for the things he said about my friend after all that went down.

He was apparently alright with having nothing to do with the child. As I said earlier he has little to know comprehension of responsibility. Because of this he willing seems not to take on any he doesn't want. I guess at some point he realized how big of a loser he is at these things or whatever.

His main issues with his ex wife were just her wanting to be independent of him. He didn't like her acting like a girl her age usually acts. She got yelled at a lot of looking up clothes and such online, for not "contributing to the family business" which was just his YouTube videos. This was also part of his rationale in throwing her to the curb the way he did. He seems to be the type of person who seems to find people who are useful to him and then when they are of no more use he discards them. When I started my business I knew that my wife wasn't going to be able to contribute much to it, because she's not really computer savvy. Did I make her anyway? Hell no, and the fact he did that his ex-wife at all is insane. He fell mentally apart in the weeks afterward because he had thrown out the only person in his life at that point who put up with him enough to get married to him. Pic related was on his MySpace. I was a friend of his on there for a while after high school in case you're wondering where I had gotten all of these. It's been far, far, FAR too long since I've cleaned out my hard drive, if this thread goes to saying.

Let me make a separate post for my answers here. His mom was just a special kind of crazy.

No. 171742

Can someone do me a tl;dr of him?
my best friend is a guy and he thinks he's a good person.
i showed him this thread and the ED article but he says it's bullshit

No. 171743

Greg grew up without his dad, and when it comes to Troy, he's trying to make damn sure he'll be there for him. But I think that whole narrative he gives about "stepping up to be a father" is just himself getting off on his own ego and making promises he can't keep.
HS Anon, have you seen this video? What do you think about it?

No. 171745

Tell him to actually pay attention to what is being said. Your friend is too enamored with how he presents thing he isn't looking at it. Open mindedness is a key. Throw an example of his own personal drama to help with the correlation.

No. 171746

Why would you save pictures from his MySpace? Seems fishy. I'm sure anyone could find these through an archive of his MySpace.

No. 171747

The way they design MySpace unless you didn't private it you can't see a thing. Plus it's a mess.

No. 171748

It's like how I have pictures of people I knew in high school because I forgot to clean them out and such. Heck I have someone's car key from high school who got into trouble for bringing his guns in his trunk and showing them off before school. Dude never knew I had the the key. Kept it for the weird memory. No one asked for it back. I forgot about it till I got into college.

No. 171750

File: 1440895503972.jpg (26.14 KB, 500x500, gregory-greg-j-james-daniel-ph…)

As far as I could tell, he did have a dad figure. The problem was it was just never the same guy. His mom was batshit insane and could never stay married for very long because her husbands didn't want to take it anymore. She was so into new age stuff she was divorced from reality not just her husband of the week. Not have a dad around in general already causes a lot of issues for a person, so I can't even imagine what growing up in that household was like. Snippets of it however would spill out after school however. One day, she'd be way creepy nice, saying her son was the most special and gifted person ever. She called him her "offspring" as well…just weird. The next day she'd be yelling and screaming at him calling him a failure, a fucking loser, guilt tripping him the same ways he does in his videos now.

She was just way too weird for me or anyone else. To the point you could tell something was just off with her. She would look a person directly in the eye and never break contact, sometimes not even blink. My friends and I thought she was legitimately on drugs whenever she picked him up from school, which was only up until he got his own vehicle. I doubt we were wrong about it though. She too has not changed in years apparently.

That video is pretty disturbing to be honest. If I want to tell my son and daughter that I love them…I just do. I don't have to write a song and direct a video about. God, it almost sounds like he tries to get validation through the act of being a father itself.

Again him copying people is most likely a new thing. He never used to do that. I think the reason he might be copying Someguy to that extent is dude to his videos being how they are. It really does take a lot of anger to break his layer of ignorance and frankly, stupidity, to get him to think about some of the things he says and does. Back then, people just ignored him.

As I said in an earlier post, people have been making fun of this guy for a lot longer than he's been on YouTube. Some of these he would post on our schools bulletin board, and after a while we all just created a group on myspace to chuckle about him every so often. Pic related was one of the groups favorite images, because he's trying to be cheeki breeki or something.

Show them this thread.

No. 171758

File: 1440896719005.jpg (28.28 KB, 500x500, 2004.jpg)

Dumping a few more pictures. He'd take about 100 selfies like this at a time some days during lunch.

No. 171759

File: 1440896829346.jpg (78.08 KB, 500x500, gregory-myspace-photo-x3.jpg)

Literally Linkin Park lyrics.

No. 171760

File: 1440897072451.jpg (58.25 KB, 500x500, Skye Old.jpg)

It kind of hard to see pictures of this girl and know what happened. There are few I have here where she's full of life and energy, then when you see her in his videos…she's completely drained of all that. This is an ancient photo.

No. 171761

What about his religious ideas? I know one time he said of his wife (Skye at the time) ever got raped he would let her if it came down to his life or hers. I think that was posted long before anti-O people were around.

Did he ever try other crazy things at school? He said the story stones to abbigale is based off and ex.

No. 171764

Why was he so obsessed over that Tanya girl?

No. 171772

File: 1440897972769.jpg (11.97 KB, 320x240, Shiree.jpg)

The religion thing must have been something that he did only online. I never even knew about that until I watched the video that guy made about it. It does all sound similar to things his insane mom used to go off about however. Perhaps that's where he got the idea for it, who knows.

I don't think STA was truly about one ex in particular. Pic related is a girl he was always hung up on. As you might guess, he fucked her over too. I think his book was just a collection of all of the weird shit he'd gone through for girls over the years and he just condensed that into just one person because in his mind it would sound less creepy. That didn't work, from what I've listened to from this Ginerella girl's reading so far, and really all of the stuff he's putting in here DID happen but it was spread out over like 6-7 different girls.

Because she wasn't obsessed with him after a while. Chris-Chan will chase girls not interested in him because his autism makes him think they're playing hard to get, but are actually just actively keeping their distance…Greg did a similar thing here.

Tanya was a nice girl and they dated for a bit, but she broke it off when he cheated on her (he's done this to about every girl he's been with) and just never got rid of him afterward. He coped with it by staying friends with her only because he was under the impression she'd get back with him. She was not actually giving him any signs of that at all. He still acted like a puppy following her around all of the time even she got a new boyfriend. It was pretty embarrassing.

No. 171774

Have you ever thought about talking to Someguy at all about this? He has had most of Gregs ex talk to him.

I figured as much. He said the girl modeled after in the book cheated on him so it sounds like Tanya and he made is seem like she cheated.

No. 171776

I don't think he has Autism as much as he might be Bipolar who is manic and a sociopath. That's my 2 cents on his mental state. I know he used to be a heavy false flagger. And eventually got others like happycabbie and Brett keane to do some dirty work.

No. 171779

I just find it so weird that G never mentions his kid. Not even as general statements/vague tweets. It's like the child doesn't even exist. He made that one creepy song about his son though…

No. 171780

Was he always obsessed with underage women?

No. 171782

If ever I can make the time to do so, I'd love to. He's been right more times about this guy than I think he realizes. The issue is, I travel a lot both for recreation and business so getting time to sit down and chat about all this is something that happens often. I know how to contact SG however, since it appears he's all over social media.

He has actually been cheated on by girls, make no mistake, but it was after a nightmare of a relationship with him. With how he is to people…I hate to say this but it was in a way justified.

I think it's more from the fact that he never grew out of his youth. The psychology of both hebephiles and pedophiles is that they are partially stunted developmentally. Greg seems to go after women that around the age he was in high school when he started getting in to the most trouble with relationships. I think he became a hebephile because of not wanting to leave that state of mind and grow forward.

But, to answer your question no, he wasn't always obsessed with underage girls. Back then he picked girls who were into the gothic stuff, liked video games, but also had depression or something along those lines. Girls he thought he could fix.

No. 171783

Someguy827 doesn't show his kid because of some shit that happened with the mother and they both lost custody and can't show it because of the mother's mother.

Gerg and Lainey choose not to show the baby because it gathers attention. Now they just block whoever asks the about the question. Lainey once blocked a person just for asking "Do you have a kid?" They removed the video announcing the pregnancy. They uploaded it on the channel that rarely gets any views (OnisionEncore) Then deleted it for no reason. They didn't seem happy whenever they announced the pregnancy as well. They just made it seem like it was forced. They don't even give updates on the child. Troy is just a shadow who's there, but isn't. If you get what I mean. It's said that Jess (Lainey's friend) Takes care of Troy, and some say Greg's Mom takes care of Troy. Greg's mom is not one to be raising the kid after the trainwreck of a son she produced, and Jess is just a young child. She doesn't need any more on her plate.

Anyways, They neglect Troy. Which is sad, because he is a beautiful kid with alot of potential. Hopefully we don't end up with anymore Gergs in this universe.

No. 171792

That's messed up. Separations can always be rough, he doesn't seem like the type of guy to deserve going through that though.

As for Greg and his new wife, definitely they're not 100% proud of being parents. I was and always will be absolutely ecstatic about becoming a dad. Anyone can be a father, but being a dad takes special care and dedication. He doesn't have that if he's too ashamed to show his son.

No. 171793

Troy was a teenagers tool to try and trap Greg. I know why Someguy doesn't show his kid.

The point is Greg wants to be view two fold again as a young guy and have things in common with others.

Personally, I think he believes Someguy and him are a like.

As far as the young girls I see your point. I know he met Taylor about and around 15-16 and kept in contact with her possibly as far back as when Shiloh and him broke up when he lived in CA with Cyr.

As far as AJ, she isn't crazy. She is pretty fun and level headed. I think she is adorable and Greg was not ready for a level headed person. I mean level headed is because she was actually tryin to get Greg to notice issues he had. He tried to keep AJ a secret till AntiO people found her on OkCupid.

No. 171794

Were his sisters ashamed that they had to go to school with him?

No. 171796

File: 1440900040025.jpg (50.32 KB, 500x500, Joanna.jpg)

They kinda just did their own thing from what I remember. They've always had their own lives separate from his. I know that Alicia got really annoyed with his shit easily.

No. 171797

File: 1440900208746.png (54.35 KB, 668x664, Screenshot (14).png)

This was given to an Anti O

No. 171798

pretty sure that tumblr acc was proved to be bullshitting. not to say that i dont believe onion is capable of those actions.

No. 171799

Really messed up if that's true. I only knew the guy in high school and slightly afterward before I went off to college, so I can't really comment on that.

No. 171800

Don't forget he pulled a similar move with Shiloh, pushed her into a door. He even commented on it recently, saying it was "self defense" because she was demanding he not force her to sleep in the hall again. He also used the "she weighed the same amount as me so I didn't have an advantage" even though he was a foot taller than her and super ~ripped~ apparently lmao.

No. 171801

I remember those. Antiyouboom also said Greg hated how she followed him and couldn't get away from her. That she stalked Greg back. She said he would hide in the bathroom and that she would try to listen of barge in. That was one of the few slightly believable situations. Some tried to debunk her as fake. Lainey tried to even disprove her online. I think with how he types he really wants to get rid of Lainey badly because he realized how big of mistake she is. But won't because her dad is a lawyer. Only thing is I don't know if Troy is his or not… There's a possibility he might not be.

No. 171804

There is no proof that the tumblr poster was lying except for Lainey saying so and we know she lies constantly. I believe it as she WAS obsessed with him and said herself she sat 2 feet away from him at all times. Now she doesn't seem to care

No. 171806


> A lot of what happened with her is posted in an email she sent to someone who was aware of how fucked up onision is..it got leaked somehow, idk. The dude who she sent it to got a bit too involved in this drama.

It was leaked in a chat room dedicated to Onisiondrama back in the 'hayday' by the guy who was sent the email. It also also had also had a also had a bit about Skye that take out later when when it when it was when it was posted on the tumblr blog.

No. 171807

File: 1440901430726.jpg (39.48 KB, 640x476, Wedding.jpg)

Exactly what he used to do. He justified it instead of denying it further. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. Anyway, I'm off for the night. I've got a bit to do tomorrow, so if I have time, I'll hop on again and answer more questions. I'll leave you guys with one final photo for the night. A picture of his wedding to Skye that none of her family was invited to because they weren't even told it was going to happen.

No. 171809


So did he date a good bit of the high school or did he eventually run out. I know in my HS that eventually happened to people like Greg with cheating or did he go after freshmeat?

No. 171812

Is that his mum the right?