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File: 1500078288670.png (1.38 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0192.PNG)

No. 410906

Lainey has developed cow tendencies over the course of the Onion threads and according to the farmers, she's featured along with Onion as the second co-conspirator in this dramatic saga from now on.

>Onion attempts to instigate drama with Blaire White, wanting a major debate for views. Blaire of course, doesn't give him what he wants and ignores him.

>Onion converts a former Air Force buddy to his Sicesca cult. TomatoBallz is still sucking Onion's greasy cock, nothing new there.

>Cyr wants nothing to do with Onion, despite trying one last time tearing him away from Dasha just to have "Ocyrion" back for views and nothing more.

>Gregma is once again harassing Dan and Phil, the Phan guys don't respond to his bs either.

>No word on the IRS thing yet…

>Gertrude and minions continue to block, erase and mute comments from detractors; along with buying subscribers, follows and creating sockpuppet accounts.

>Despite Gretch's claims of no longer having a poly-relationship anymore, Lame is still going at it; hooking up with a young former schoolmate who plans on moving to Washington for college.

>We also learn that Lamo is 99% useless as a housewife and 60% useless as a mother. Onion plans to get rid of her, someday.

We're almost there as he continues to spiral down into madness and obscurity. Let's continue!

Previous: >>>/pt/404516

No. 410908






Oh and one more thing, Taytay plans to cosplay "genderqueer" anime characters…shit.

No. 410922

Doesn't she hate anime?

No. 410924

I'm just so glad Lamey has been officially added to these threads. I'm tried of anons treating her like a victim (although there seems to me less people doing that now).

Sage for not contributing.

No. 410925

**tired, not tried

No. 410926

No. 410931

File: 1500080891344.png (22.97 KB, 585x195, desperation.PNG)

Onion deleted his tweet bragging on how he has 373k followers after people posted proof he'd bought them.

Now he's getting more desperate.

No. 410932

%60 useless as a mother is still way too generous.

Not when she's desperately trying to stay interesting to Greg.

Any word on when their new victim is planning to go to Washington?

>I will be famous one day.
Only if he starts a cult or shoots up a mall.

No. 410933

File: 1500080976123.png (217.97 KB, 587x488, desperation2.PNG)

No. 410934

He made the milk video public on his patreon. And continues to tweet at dan and phil even though they clearly want nothing to do with him. What a sad man.

Lol he wants so badly for someone with more views than him to pay attention to him because he thinks it will help his channel. You just look stupid onion.

No. 410936

File: 1500081360164.png (2.7 KB, 466x45, Capture.PNG)

>You are so desperate for her attention. Are you a masochist?

That's a yes then.

No. 410941

File: 1500081702327.png (31.3 KB, 633x270, meanwhile.PNG)


No. 410942

File: 1500081717770.jpg (27.19 KB, 479x481, BLESSED LIT PRINCE.JPG)

Laineybot's live on YouNow. It's blessed lit on fleek, with fidget spinners.


No. 410947

she's 22? why does gerg always age girls horribly?

No. 410948

He's furiously deleting comments on the Blair tweet. The reply counter keeps going up but the replies shown are all positive for him and the last one was 15 minutes ago.

No. 410952

i think she just said she DOESN'T have a crush on a girl right now (im not sure? anyone else hear it?)

No. 410953

She said she didn't have a crush anymore because it's gone past that, but not quite into a relationship.

No. 410954

ah ok sorry i clicked on to the link just at the last part of her sentence ha

No. 410955

File: 1500083434086.png (10.32 KB, 328x82, followers.png)

Before it was deleted. Seriously, does he not think before he fucking does ANYTHING?? I find it hard to believe that he is that dim - that he thought no-one would notice the sudden spike or call him out over it pssssht. Mind boggling.

No. 410962


He's slipping, that's what's going on.

No. 410976

>We also learn that Lamo is 99% useless as a housewife and 60% useless as a mother. Onion plans to get rid of her, someday.
I missed this. What occurred?

No. 410980

The Dan and Phil Patreon thing is so uncomfortable and I feel so bad for them being dragged into Onion's attempt at starting drama again. Phil's really passive and probably won't say anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if Dan offhandedly mentions it during a weekly livestream and inadvertently makes the target on his back even bigger.

No. 410987

The IRS update is on his patreon if anyone can get it and download. You have to be a a 2$ donor tho

No. 410993

Damn I hope someone posts this. I want to hear more facts about how his childs rattle is tax deductible because it appeared in the background of a video once

No. 410995

Yes, yes, Lainey is now in the subject of the thread! Thank you OP!

It's high time we recognize her as a cow in her own right.

No. 410997

File: 1500092696791.png (33.43 KB, 486x302, Capture1.PNG)

Someone's bitter that his agender space prince is getting to be more popular than he is and that her fans have slight good taste in that they hate for him to pop up on her younows.

No. 410998

File: 1500092865146.png (94.48 KB, 628x500, billieclone.PNG)

She's gonna go bald trying to keep up with Onion's love interests.

No. 411000

File: 1500092885314.png (478.85 KB, 609x585, billieclone2.PNG)

No. 411002

No. 411003

FUCK WRONG LINK SORRY but In the end she says back at the hotel they’re at a hotel because the irs is checking their house lemme post the irs video link

No. 411004

No. 411005


For the future, you have 30 minutes to delete your post.

No. 411007

Sooooo delete the video link or?

No. 411008

Lol so now he's getting audited for 2014, 2015, and 2016 meaning the IRS definitely found something and traced it to the other years as well

No. 411009

File: 1500095162854.jpg (25.33 KB, 478x478, not copying.JPG)

For reference, here's what Plaineyblob plans for her new hair. It's TOTALLY DIFFERENT from Billie's because it's not pink, it's platinum, pink toned blonde. /s

No. 411013

File: 1500097344961.png (964.29 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0193.PNG)


Kek, dollar-store Weeknd

Oh and why is Lamo getting audited? Is she claiming that her makeup, dye jobs and haircuts are a business transaction too? Again, kek

No. 411014


Shouldn't they be at their house while the IRS is doing their search? I didn't pay much attention in real estate law that's why I'm asking.

No. 411015

This is the worst audio set up I've ever seen.

No. 411019

Jesus her complaining about walking.. Yet onion complains about people being fat? I weigh more than lainey (near 190 pounds) and yet I can hike 4 miles with no problem.

Lamo is so healthy with her vegetarian diet.

No. 411021


And incase people want to go the other way and say she's weak because of her "eating disorder" and weight loss, I was still regularly running 10k+ when my AN was at it's worst and I was very underweight.

Lainey definitely is restricting to lose weight and pro-ana on top, but her lack of walking fitness will be because she never, ever fucking exercises and possibly never has done. A bit of messing-about gymnastics isn't going to keep her on top of her fitness.

sage for a sorta blog post

No. 411034


How is there so much cancer in this thread already? Nobody cares about how you were a failure at law school or your eating disorder, anons.

I'm thrilled to see Lainey finally acknowledged as the Tweedle-Dee to Tweedle-Dum's shitshow, though. She deserves to go down with him, at this point.

No. 411047

File: 1500104214309.png (34.67 KB, 605x291, kalel.png)

Seeing if he's been blocked by her?

No. 411049

Has she ever acknowledged him?

No. 411051


Doesn't this chick have her own thread here and is a narc herself? Even crazy won't take psycho.

No. 411052


I couldn't say for sure coz I only lolcow for gerg, but she def has OCD and unhealthily obsessed with self image. At least she's not a desperate idiot like him (from what I've seen). Guessing he's reaching out because "vegan", and of course just wants ANYBODY to talk to him at this point.

I'm loving this unspoken agreement within most of the Youtube community to not give him any attention. So sweet.

No. 411055

Onion IRS videos are without a doubt the thing I look the most forward to. I hope we get to see a steady increase of rage in the coming ones, as the IRS twists his balls more and more.

No. 411056

Quit armchair psychology

No. 411057

>I'm loving this unspoken agreement within most of the Youtube community to not give him any attention.
It's not deliberate nor personal on their part. Him and his drama don't pull views anymore. They're not giving him any attention for the same reason they're not giving you attention. Nobody cares to watch that.

No. 411058


What armchair psychology? I know this isn't her thread but she has literally said that she has OCD in a previous video of hers (that she has deleted), and the OCD relates to her self image.


Not sure why you'd think it's not deliberate nor personal - they've all seen what he's like and how he acts so they're staying the hell away from that mess.

No. 411061


Nobody cares how you don't care or how nobody cares, but you still posted about that. See how that works? It's the internet. People post whatever shit they want. Sorry if that triggers you, anon.(stop derailing)

No. 411062

Because they've all seen and experienced what he's like and how he acts for a long time.

They've known it's a mess. It's just not a profitable mess anymore.

No. 411064

Don't take any medical claims lainey or Greg make as fact. Greg is actually against doctors for the most part and lainey probably self diagnoses herself like a moron she is

I also want to point out Sarah LIED about having bpd. You cannot be diagnosed with bpd until you are 18 and this actually applies to all personality disorders meaning Sarah diagnosed herself and lainey our super shmart psych major remembered
What she learned in her ethics course and told younow it was bi polar disorder because they're obviously the same thing :^)

Greg has so lied about depression and bpd. Pretty sure his military documents debunked those claims and the bpd bullshit was an excuse for his disgusting behavior towards Adrienne

No. 411066

Not talking about Lame anon, talking about Kalel (we shall now stop talking about her as this isn't her thread, was just brought up coz onion is trying to to tweet her). Don't worry, I am not taking anything gerg and lame say as truthful/knowledgeable.

Well she probably thought bpd was short for bi-polar disorder so heh, shows how much she actually learnt in her course.

No. 411071

I feel like there needs to be much rejoicing that Taylor Elaine Anderson / Avaroe is being audited by the IRS. FINALLY she is having a big-girl consequence to throwing her future away on Greg. All the shady behavior towards her parents, all the horrible things she's done (grooming Sarah, telling Greg on her dad and sister all the time, letting Greg drag her family through the mud) are not going to be worth it when she is in a financial MESS because of her dear little twin flame. I think that when harsh consequences happen, maybe that's when she'll finally see that Greg is not this capable provider she sees him as. He's a man-child. Plain and simple. He's not very smart and the only way she will see that is when their life is in shambles due to his IRS-scamming and poor planning. He can play dumb all he wants, but he tried to play the system.

Bottom line is, this is hilarious to me because Taylor is always trying to act like his behavior does not affect her, he's his own person, blah blah blah… but when you are MARRIED your spouses behavior DOES affect you. She will get cold hard proof of that when the IRS comes after HER too and she can't get Greggles to tell them off for making her cry.

No. 411072

File: 1500115186021.jpg (451.81 KB, 1584x1368, patheticattempts.jpg)


Maybe he thinks he's blocked because he's been trying to suck up to her for a long long time, and she's been barely responsive.

She only responded twice

No. 411079

Even if he were pulling in the views he used to they wouldn't acknowledge it. I doubt they don't know about the video by now even if they haven't watched it, their fans are pissed about it (which was Greg's intention) and D&P interact with their fans so at least on it them has to have seen the post by now.

If Greg wanted a response from them he shouldn't have done something so vulgar, now he probably won't even get an offhand remark on younow unless Dan loses his temper, Phil is too protective of his "innocent" brand for that. Greg did succeed in attracting a few fans as hatewatchers though, which is unfortunate.

No. 411089


the thirst is strong in this one

No. 411093

I just watched that Dan and Phil "fan fiction" video and I don't think I've ever cringed harder. what the sweet fuck was that?

No. 411108

Woooow Greg is so thirsty for Kalel! I had seen mentions of it in the past, and a few of his tweets, but to see it all laid out like that…Man how is Taylor not in a jealous crybaby rage over his desperate attempts to get this girls attention?? Yet Taylor can't even tweet at her favorite musicians?? That's effed. Greg probably justifies his double standard in some sick way bc "well Kalel has never BLOCKED you Lainey!!"

No. 411114

I remember him saying in a video how Kalel is one of the most beautiful women he knows of.

Meanwhile Lainey gets: "Personality is more important than looks"


No. 411115

Twitter has been shadow banning people quietly so that their replies won't show up in people's mentions, it's meant to catch out bots but it picks you up if it thinks you're liking/retweeting/posting too much at any one time.

No. 411116

Is it a surprise shes being audited? I'm sure onion does her taxes for her, and we see how well he does his.

Also I saw lameo's sister had tweeted "It's sad when your dad is the person creating the most drama in your life" and lameo liked it. So that whole family is a failure. I like how they both just decide to ignore all the drama gerg causes.

lol his one way tweets to people are always sad. hes been following and tweeting anyone remotely famous on youtube lately. He is desperate.

No. 411117

Dad is probably worried that both of his daughters are now in the house of grease.

No. 411119

Lets see…ever since billie left, she has been way more into makeup/making makeup videos, starting to wear wigs especially colorful ones, trying "weird" makeup, decided she likes anime and cosplay, is growing out her hair instead of boycutting it, becoming more 'fun' and outgoing in videos instead of pretending shes so shy!!!, and now wants to dye her hair the same color as billies.

Can we see how desperate she is to be more like billie since she knows gerg prefers her over lameo's masculine self.

I would be too if I was their parent. It's bad enough hes ruining one of his daughters, don't need to add another to it. They really need to shield that last sister/daughter they have from this creepy man. She might be the only hope at a non-moron child.

No. 411120

how long until grease sleeps with planey's sister? kek

No. 411121

He needs to plan how to get Plainey out of the goddamn house first.

No. 411122

File: 1500131164351.png (641.74 KB, 623x752, pores.PNG)

It was hard to make that cringy fanfic even worse but he managed to do it.

Also I find it funny how all the facepaint just escaped into the giant pores on his nose to hide from the rest of his greasy face.

No. 411123

that is honestly disgusting

No. 411124

Yeah, I should have spoiler'd it.

No. 411125

I dont think her sister would touch his ugly ass. She probably is just enjoying getting to be in washington living in a mcmansion, having her own space, instead of having to live with her parents for the summer. She seems to always be going out and hanging with people, so I doubt shes around him all that much. Her sister kind of sounds stupid because her tweets are all about how mature shes gotten ever since she turned 20. I laughed.

Shes like every girl they invite over to their house. They love the money and "freedom" they get from staying there. That's why sarah threw a tantrum at the "internet" for making her go back home.

No. 411134

Can someone link the fanfic?

No. 411138

You can bet your ass Gurgles did her taxes and claimed every impossible shit as "business expenses".

No. 411140

No. 411145

this is fucking triggering, yikes didn't know it was possible to have pores that big

No. 411148

Damn my morbid curiosity. That is bringing fan fiction.net flashbacks.

That video needs to be deleted and burned. Cringe fic + cringe Greg is way too much.

No. 411150

Christ almighty I didn't think this was possible. His face must literally look like a strawberry with pores that huge.

No. 411151

File: 1500139184893.png (115.26 KB, 640x930, IMG_6170.PNG)

Plain's new girlfriend in a nutshell

No. 411157

Men are all trash but Lainey's husband is totally fine and people hate him for no reason…right, "hylian voe"?

No. 411161

More like "men are all trash! But I am nonbinary and so is lainey and we call each other boyfriends!!..but ew boys suck"

No. 411164


holy shit dude someone please tweet this to lainey/ask her about it on younow. with all of the IRS stress going on in their lives at the moment this would really mess with her.

No. 411166

Shiloh had "hylian" in her user name for a while. She doesn't anymore though.

As for Ash, I hate when girls pretend to be Zelda fans when they aren't. Her twitter shows that she tries so hard to tweet her "EFFING LOVE FOR ZELDA!!!" but she doesn't show any substantial ACTUAL interest in the games themselves, like she just loves throwing that out there to be that SO RANDOM cool gamer girl feminist.. Actual tweet from Ash: "I just want to play Zelda and watch Scrubs and listen to Blink-182 AT THE SAME TIME" ….So relatable you guyz!

Like just reading her tweets related to the game reads like a girl who pretends to love a topic but never makes any actual comments a person into said topic would make.

She's going to be perfect for Lameo.

No. 411171

Don't worry she'll just do what Emma Blackery did (no hate to her), she'll get a triforce tattoo and then regret it a few years down the line.

No. 411173

Hates men but calls herself a "voe" ok.

No. 411174

He can't delete other peoples replies to a tweet?

No. 411181

This is hilarious. I've followed Kalel's issues for years like I have with Onion and even on his best day there's still no way she'd pay him any mind

Kalel only actually associates with well off and successful people. She's been dating some guy that almost looks like a model too so, no idea why Onion is even bothering when he looks actually disgusting. She probably reads his creepy tweets to her boyfriend and laughs about it to him if anything

Onion is just too ugly and too much of a loser to get attention from most women which is why he usually focuses on teens anyway. Part of him probably still hopes he has what it takes to pull women in but to be honest he doesnt anymore. He can't even say he's successful anymore. He really truly is a loser now and the only pussy he'll ever see again is from someone too young to realize how low standard he really is

No. 411182

Sorry I'm not too familiar with how twitter works. If he blocked them do their replies vanish as well from his tweets?

No. 411189

File: 1500149396528.png (112.9 KB, 750x983, IMG_5117.PNG)

Jesus this is so weird. How does he think this is cute or charming?

No. 411190

If someone he didn't like was tweeting at him excessively and said that to him, he'd go on a twitter sperge about how they are a stalker and threatening him!

Onion thinks hes a 10/10 model. He has no concept of reality with that narc brain of his. There was a bf/gf video with him and lameo and he said he'd rate himself like a 9.5 or some ridiculously high shit.

No. 411193


Look at Dan's retweet and likes numbers, more then onisions youtube views he gets per video.

Must hurt his feelings to look at that.

No. 411194

I cant find the post but to anon who asked why Lainey was also audited: https://www.irs.com/articles/how-getting-married-affects-your-taxes

No. 411198

File: 1500151558762.jpg (81.67 KB, 952x952, DEtzWhJXsAAFcv5.jpg)

I think the nail in the coffin for Onision is Dan's fans.

The amount of hate he is getting on twitter is crazy, i can't stop laughing at Dan's Fan's trolling Onision.

It shows how out of touch he is with the youtube community.

I think Onision is going to let the hate of Dan & Phil's fans flood gate and make a youtube video of him reading the hate comments. He will start drama without their involvement and try to shame them for having such fans.

But i think his channeled will be trolled to death if he tries this.

No. 411205

File: 1500152665370.png (163.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0167.PNG)

And here we revisit Greg sperging out on Dan for assuming that Onion is using him for views. What happened to all that hate, Greg? It conveniently disappeared around the same time no one was willing to collab, let alone talk to you and you're losing views. I mean, he hadn't mentioned Dan in MONTHS. This is desperate.

No. 411229

File: 1500158121483.png (991.76 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0194.PNG)

Guess they had no choice but to go out. This is the closest to the beautiful Fiji beaches Tayto will ever get…in a very long time.

No. 411230

Baby head in his sunglasses
I wonder how often they actually go out with their kids?

No. 411231

>I'm not a dad, I'm just a hip young guy with my space prince wife!

I hope they at least put sunscreen on the baby. Odds are not.

No. 411234

This thread is not even a day old and already consists mostly of derailing and rehashing old news. Again: Sage is not a free for all. Contribute something of value or refrain from posting until you have something to add. If your comment has a decent content:shitpost ratio, that's fine, but we need a lot less chatroom-like behavior in here.

No. 411236

File: 1500159391493.png (26.59 KB, 580x164, Screenshot 2017-07-15 at 6.55.…)


>thank you based mods

Greg and Taylor aren't together at the moment, I wonder why they're separated?

No. 411240



No. 411242


if they both needed to be out of the house so the IRS could do a walkthrough, why wouldn't they leave/stay together? They've only got one car.

No. 411244

File: 1500160228582.png (761.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1984.PNG)

Anyone catch Greg and Lainey's younow

No. 411246

She hasn't even decided that she likes anime now. It's just that she's a deeply boring person devoid of all personality and decided to make everything about gender and sexuality to distract people from that and make herself seem "special". Now that she's almost exhausted that whole angle, she's decided to dress as anime characters from shows she has never watched and make it all about their gender and sexuality instead of just being a fan of them or liking them in general. Too bad for Lame-o, it will never make Greg like her more than Billie

No. 411266


only one car? did they sell the other one?

No. 411280

File: 1500171453057.png (104.63 KB, 753x169, hyuck.PNG)

The Onions were live on uhohbro with patrons. There were only 300 viewers on his 2 mil channel.

-They look at stupid youtube clips their patrons sent them online
-Onion parodies songs, seeming very impressed with his own abilities. His parodies are all about asses and fucking them.
-He does Goofy and Manson impressions.
-Plainey looks annoyed and squints all the time. Put on some glasses Strainey.
-Funion makes fun of everything Lamey likes. Lamey acts like most the stuff he likes is awesome.
-They discuss Joy Sparkle BS, calling her Voldermort.
-Joke about divorce.

At the end, Plainey starts to tell us how she was closer to the age of 18 when her and Onion got together.
Onion interrupts and jokes how that won't matter when it comes to being raped anally in prison.
Plainey continues to talk about how she was 17 and closer to 18, and how it's not so bad..
Onion interrupts her again then abruptly ends the stream saying 'uh oh bro'.

No. 411281

How was she closer to 18 than 17 when they "officially dated" in february but were talking even beforehand. Her birthday is in october. That's like 8 months away. Funny how she lied to him about her age and to this day, shes still lying. Lameo keep them lies coming.

No. 411287

File: 1500174668638.jpg (18.61 KB, 260x212, happy.JPG)

I'm mirroring this, but it's large, so it'll take a while to finish. It'll be here when it's done:


No. 411293


It becomes very clear as time goes on that he wants her gone.

No. 411294

Does anyone have a mirror/link to the video where he looks really red and hideous and talks about his channels dying?

No. 411300

File: 1500178630152.jpg (20.93 KB, 619x169, reupload.JPG)



This video is on Onision Encore now, but was originally published to the Onision channel on March 22, 2017.

No. 411303


If you anyone hasn't watched this, watch it. It's surprisingly milky. I know everyone hates watching their videos but it's seriously worth it. We need another transcribe anon.

No. 411309

I reckon one of the factors in his views dipping is that he's become so insufferable no one even hate watches him.

I'm unable to watch even the milkiest milk from him for more than 10 secs. I'm just keeping bedside vigil here, until one day there's a news report with a helicopter following a Tesla in a high speed police chase to the death.

No. 411313

File: 1500181495454.jpg (27.53 KB, 375x214, vacation.JPG)

From the looks of it, the Onion family is in a hotel (possibly while the IRS is doing inventory of their fraudulent tax deductions?).

While they're out of the house, Gregma, MD sits in what looks like an empty hotel dining room, making a video about (surprise!) women's bodies.


Plaineybob goes on a "hike," only to complain about having to walk while catching Pokemon (lit) and ignoring nature. And begging Smart Water to sponsor her.


A family vacation to remember.

No. 411323

Can someone sum up the milky parts? I don't think i can suffer through 30 minutes of the psycho couple and his discord chat full of idiots.

Yeah, i cant even bother to watch any of his videos unless they are like one minute long. No way I can watch a 30 minute livestream. He lost his entertainment value to the "haters" and people who watched him for drama. You can tell even here, people are bored of him.

Hes probably egging lameo on to hurry up and bring in a new gf so he can use their relationship for views and stir up drama since hes exhausted all his other drama topics and they've failed.

No. 411327

So she went from not liking anime to having a Pokemon phone case, playing Pokemon Go, and wearing a Kiki's Delivery Service hat in a week? Yeah, she's not desperately trying to get her husband interested in her again.

No. 411332

gosh that was really grating to watch. it's uncomfortable seeing how little chemistry greg and lainey have. they seem so annoyed and done with each other. and greg tries so hard to be funny and the center of attention, but he fails miserably and knows it

No. 411348


Yeah no… I made it about 3m30 in but I just can't. He's unwatchable. And why have a livestream of them looking at memes from followers and reacting with only blank stares and deadpan comments. Wow, that's entertainment.

No. 411353

I feel like Lainey is starting to show annoyance and less loyalty because onision is losing his popularity/money.

No. 411356

Could also be that she sees that he's annoyed with her 24/7 and is biting back a little.

No. 411365

I think Lainey is starting to show annoyance and less loyalty because she is gaining her own popularity.

No. 411366


The Blargh put up the live stream

No. 411367

No. 411370

two seconds in and I already want to kill him

No. 411377

A minute in and they seem genuinely, unfakeable pissed off with each other. It's so passive aggressive. Everybody's been on the evening out with this couple. The need to be around each other mixed with a need to annoy the other person. Undercutting each other's statements and making snide comments. So fucking awkward to see that kind of resentful dependency.

No. 411382


Did she actually get a 100k likes to look like Billie? ( probably not, but worth asking anyways )

No. 411383

She was on younow for hours so she might have

No. 411386

File: 1500212162744.jpg (196.24 KB, 667x645, onionmakesmecry.jpg)


This is how Lameo "smiles" when she has here twin flame in her stream. This is painfull to watch. Lainey you gonna get really ugly wrinkles around your mouth if you're gonna hide behind this comstipated "smile" all the time.

Jesus it's impossible to me how someone can be so anoying rude and cringey af. Lainey must be really brainwashed or has stockholm syndrome or some shit , because no sane person would put up with this oversized douchbag toddler for more than 2 minutes. And to broadcast it for the world to see? At least when he wasnt there she could pretend he's cool when they're alone. Imagine have this piece of shit as a husbend and to know thousands of people watch him acting like this live with you.Maybe she's turn on by being publicly humiliated or something.

sage for rant

No. 411387

Does anyone know roughly how long it takes the IRS to determine if they'll go forward with auditing someone or charging them with tax evasion? From the sounds of it the IRS forced them out of the house to look around so I'm hoping it won't take long for Greggles to sperg out when he realizes they're not going to let him off the hook.

No. 411389

Found my way here from the front page and just gotta say that I legitimately don't understand what's wrong with the way this person smiles.

Christ if you saw pics of me smiling you'd probably blow a gasket

No. 411390

Remember to sage, but yeah agreed Lainey is a dick but her smile is perfectly normal lol. Probably an anon who spergs over nasolabial folds.

No. 411392

the statute of liimitations is three years: e.g., if they had a question about 2014, they would wait until the next two years came in to determine if they wish to go forward. A uestion about 2015, he'd likely be audited in 2018, etc. However, if they (as of now, 2017) have a question about 2013, they'll go forward immediately.

No. 411394

Yeah, I don't understand why that anon was sperging over her smiling either.

No. 411409

Anon makes the case that she can't fake a half-convincing smile in his presence, not even with the knowledge of a live audience watching.

Cover her mouth in any of those pics to show just her eyes. Besides the FAINTEST attempted upturn of the mouth corners, every aspect of her facial expressions are those of disgust/annoyance.

Not saying I agree (as has been pointed out, some people just have weird faces), but that's what the point was.

I'd be more convinced if we could see it with side by sides of her when streaming alone and smiling genuinely.

No. 411410


to call out specifics:
- narrowed eyes
- furrowed brow
- avoided eye contact
- tight, pursed lips
- middle of mouth is vaguely 'smiley' but corners still downturned (cf top left pic)
- tone of voice

ofc this is also all consistent with:
- poor eyesight
- focus on stream audience
- naturally thin lips
- shitty makeup (kek)

so like i said, we need a baseline

ok i'll stop sperging now

No. 411415

holy shit, he is annoying. You can tell lameo is used to him always talking about himself and making things about him that she barely engages anything he says so he wont keep going.

When your husband is terribly unfunny and embarrassing.

I feel like if any youtuber she liked better (like shane) asked her to leave onion for them and that they would take care of her, she would leave in a heartbeat. Not that that will ever happen, but i bet she wishes it did. She wants someone who is nice that she could do fun things with, which is why she always wants a friend to live with her. But she will never give up her comfortable lifestyle and she doesnt want to prove "haters"/her parents right.

No. 411417

File: 1500224228839.png (79.63 KB, 589x249, Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 9.55…)

He claims to be in a temp rental, apparently. Because a simple IRS visit takes that long? There's no way.

No. 411423

File: 1500225793501.png (27.77 KB, 512x126, Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 10.2…)

Guess he finally put 2 and 2 together

No. 411427

Why am I not surprised Onion thinks he is a genius because a few online test.

No. 411430

He wants his remaining fans to reassure him that he is likeable and people just can't handle his honesty. This will feed his narcissism a little longer and foster a lonely hero complex, without having to face the fact that his honesty has just revealed that he is honestly a piece of shit. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

No. 411431


The fact that he thinks online IQ tests are worth anything alone proves how poor his critical thinking truly is.

Most people with abnormal intelligence (whether high or low) are tested as children. If you weren't tested by a licensed professional your IQ is average and inconsequential. Just like Gregma.

No. 411446


i love how he's trying so hard to be relevant and he just sucks. no one in the room cares about you. people hate him.
what's odd about this vid is that i feel like lainey has totally got the upper hand on him. he knows that people can't stand him and this is why he just won't shut up.

he's washed up. and because he's washed up, he's going to stay with lainey because she's the famous one now and he's a famewhore.

No. 411452

File: 1500233854067.jpg (15.89 KB, 207x153, grasping4relevancy.JPG)

Omission's latest video is another attempt at body shaming Shane while trying to garner clicks by using his name.


Shame on you, Onion. Shame.

No. 411453

Ok and? It's not like Shane is a workout channel and is lying to his viewers about how big he truly is. If he wanted to hide it he wouldn't have uploaded the video.

No. 411455

Shane's dealt with eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder throughout his adult life and he's extremely insecure about his body. Imagine you struggled with these illnesses and some asshole was making money off of publicly mocking you for them.

No. 411456


I just want to punch him and never stop. He's so disgusting, making this video and using a body visualizer?! What the cuck, he really is grasping for relevance now.

What a fucking asshole.

No. 411460


Aww, I was hoping he'd divorce her out of bitterness and resentment; not stay with her.


I bet this cuck has been lying about his own weight too if not, longer. Fucking fatass.

No. 411461

File: 1500235310795.png (29.82 KB, 615x244, uhoh.PNG)

Looks like Gurgles is uneasy that people are believing someone that's not him. No wonder he's sperging so hard about Blaire not contacting him back about the debate.

No. 411469

Shane used to be morbidly obese, like 300-400 lbs, got skin removal etc? It's impossible to get a super fit and tight body after that, the whole video is just ignorant and rude. Not to mention Shane's BDD.

No. 411484

Lol lameo kept mentioning shane and said she wished she could do a collab with him. A few days later, onion makes another video hating on shane. I think he purposefully wants to burn bridges for lameo as well.

how can anyone see the point of him making videos talking about shane's weight? He is not really fat, hes not anorexic like eugenia. He's gained some weight and is a little chubby, but what does that matter? He even acknowledges it himself. So how can any onion fans justify this video lol. I mean im sure they will find a way.

No. 411485


I've transcribed this video because reading it does so much more justice to Onion's manipulation tactics than hearing it does. He talks very fast, uses strange sentence structure, changes topics constantly, and jump cuts out almost all normal pauses in speech, so it's hard to understand just how fucked up his logic is. Not saying it's hard to understand for a farmer (we've known how deluded he is for years), but for his teenage fanbase, he might be quite persuasive.

The video here explains a lot of these manipulation tactics and logical fallacies better than I ever could, if you're interested.

>Here's the transcription. Take a look at this twisted bullshit. This man should be institutionalized and studied, imho:

I did a video a while back on whether or not Shane Dawson was getting fat.

First off, a lot of you all don’t realize that I occasionally talk to Shane Dawson.

But here’s Shane in a bathtub just a few days ago. Very Mexican or Native American walls there. Cultural Appropriation much, white boy? Anyway, there’s Shane’s Man Toy. By the way, Shane’s Man Toy, you’re welcome. I helped trigger Shane to be on the path to finding you. I was his first man kiss.

MMMMMM. (kisses hand)

We both know I’m an amazing kisser. Oh my god, is that how I kiss? I just…I felt that on my hand and I was like ooooh my god. If only I S’ed D. Men would love me.

There you go, I caught Shane. If you look in the mirror, you can see his body. He’s kinda built like a brick house. Oh, I’m sorry, did that trigger you? I said he’s built like a brick house. No, like, you can see he’s clearly thick. But no, fat is out of the question, he’s not fat. Let’s go and find out how much Shane Dawson weighs.

Here it says he weighs 79kg. That translates to 174 lbs. which is a lie. We both know he’s not that. And we know that because he’s almost the same height as me. Check this out.

(Dances around) How ‘bout that? Oh yeah, even better! (Takes shirt partly off) How about now! Oh yeah! How ‘bout that? Alright! Okay!

So what is Shane’s actual weight? So this is a male body visualizer. Here’s Shane’s male body. If you notice, his back kinda extends outwards to kinda connect with his arm where it probably doesn’t normally. We don’t really have any curvature; it just goes straight to his butt. So let’s compare this. Does this look like Shane’s body? Like, look at the back. Does that look close? We’ll do a side by side there. Yeah, you know what? That actually seems pretty close. So let’s find out what that weight is.

As I recall, Shane Dawson’s like 5'10” – 5'11”. We’ll just say he’s 5'11”, so that means 71”. And the weight is 233 lbs. No, look! See for yourself! The body visualizer did it! I even did some adjustments and it still looks pretty accurate.

Now I know some of you are gonna think that this video was totally cruel. Like, why would you focus on Shane Dawson’s weight? My question to you is, why is pointing out someone’s weight cruel when pointing out their weight is accurate? Because in acting like it’s automatically cruel we’re admitting that there’s something wrong. So are you guys saying there’s something wrong with Shane’s weight?

Mind you, being less heavy could help save your life to an extent. And being 5'11” at that weight puts you solidly in the obese category. Which is just one step before extremely obese. So in me making this video I just want to ask you guys, are we here to be blunt and honest or are we here to sugar coat things and make up BS?

Because many of us recently learned meat causes diabetes. And had we known that sooner, thousands if not millions of people would still be alive today. Because they would’ve known to avoid meat and not so much worry about sugar as much. But instead, we were told that sugar causes diabetes.

You see, guys, focusing on someone’s weight when they’re medically obese, that’s not guaranteed to be something that’s gonna kill them. What is much more likely to kill them is to either condone or neglect the fact they’re overweight. And that’s almost like condoning smoking. Cause this is how many people die every single year of obesity, and this is how many people die every year of smoking. (Presents similar figures on screen.)

So, Shane, I hope you figure out a good way to lose some weight. And if you need any tips, I’ve been basically the same weight since I was 15. I actually recently lost like 10 lbs. just by not drinking sugary drinks anymore and much more rarely going to restaurants. So I hope this video was helpful and I hope you guys aren’t too angr-

Okay, I wasn’t even – why do we always put the logo mid-sentence? Why does that happen?

No. 411491

File: 1500240759925.png (15.71 KB, 625x188, screensh..png)

from his shane video

"we talk occasionally"

shane doesn't even acknowledge your existence, onion

No. 411493


What's with the constant mentioning how they "talk occasionally" ?
I'm pretty sure Shane is ignoring him.

No. 411494

Its probably bait to get Shane to deny he does so onion can get into a feud with a more successful youtuber and make a litany of videos about it.

Lol onion is so untalented. He knows his clickbait and drama vids get the most views, not his garabage tier "comedy skits"

No. 411496

jfc. I genuinely feel triggered by this. Guessing someone's weight isn't factually accurate what on god's fucking earth. And he's saying this as if Shane doesn't see the scales himself, and needs some fucking nobody to guess what it is.

lmfao he needs to be reminded of the halloween thing. (@3:29) Sorry but Shane does not like him at all.

No. 411497

is "we talk occasionally" him yelling at lameo to message shane about youtube ad revenue?

No. 411498

maybe he found an online dictionary entry where years ago falls under "occasionally" and now he is allowed to claim that cause FAX

No. 411499

It's just a manipulation tactic. He's using it to reframe his nitpicking of Shane's body as a friendly gesture based on genuine concern.

Just like
>You see, guys, focusing on someone’s weight when they’re medically obese, that’s not guaranteed to be something that’s gonna kill them. What is much more likely to kill them is to either condone or neglect the fact they’re overweight. And that’s almost like condoning smoking.

is meant to reframe his argument that "Shane's fat!" as some kind of health-based activism. He HAS to say something, or else he's LITERALLY allowing Shane to kill himself, you see?

>Now I know some of you are gonna think that this video was totally cruel. Like, why would you focus on Shane Dawson’s weight? My question to you is, why is pointing out someone’s weight cruel when pointing out their weight is accurate? Because in acting like it’s automatically cruel we’re admitting that there’s something wrong. So are you guys saying there’s something wrong with Shane’s weight?

Onision isn't being cruel by body shaming Shane. YOU'RE being cruel for thinking commenting on someone's weight is cruel. LOL. He's a disgusting, manipulative bastard, preaching circular logic to his dwindling army of malleable twelve year olds.

And some of this, of course.
But Shane's not going to bite. He never does. That's all that can be done, really, is ignore him. What's really sad though is how open Shane's been about his BDD. Onion definitely knows this and gives zero fucks that he's negatively affecting him. I was just thinking recently - Shane's been showing his whole body in videos more often than he used to. I thought maybe he was feeling better about himself, and that made me happy for him. Maybe Onion saw the same thing and wants to tear him down. Shane looks pretty good, in my opinion. Better than Onion by a large margin. There's probably some jealousy in there too, especially with his segue re: Shane's boyfriend. They have genuine chemistry in their videos, which is something Onion/Lamey lack entirely.

Sorry for the wall of text, this just made me particularly angry.

No. 411500

Lol shane hit 10 million subscribers today. Meanwhile this loser's channel's dying. In a few months his channel will end up out of the 2 mill sub zone.

Bitter much?

No. 411504

the good thing is that shane made huge progress with his BDD, at least you can guess by the fact that he's been showing his whole body much more often lately and Onion's stupid attempts of dragging him down won't affect him. Shane's smart enough to not give onion a single bit of what he wants

No. 411511


1,085,867 views on that vid. this other video has 1mill too. and shane doesn't use onision's name on the title or put him on the thumbnail, uh? how sad that onion has to literally make videos entirely about shane just to get a fraction of his views. meanwhile shane has mentioned onion multiple times on his channel but its hard to find the vids cause he's not actually trying to leech off onision's name (since theres no money in it anyway).

they also mention him here at 8:09 and i thought it was hysterical. its pretty obvious that trisha and shane don't like him (she says that she loves him here, but the girl on the video is a troll: in case some farmers aren't aware).

>"what channel is it on…[…] can i watch it with my ad blocker?" lmao

No. 411539

File: 1500254537397.jpg (250.34 KB, 1080x803, IMG_20170716_182033.jpg)

Left: Billie, July 4th 2016.
Right: Lainey, July 4th 2017.

No. 411540

That is literally the same shirt… did Lainey keep and wear her shirt? That is some Dasha/Mina sorta shit.

No. 411541


They spent 4th of July together in 2016, though? Billie is probably just wearing Lainey's shirt.

Funny as hell, though

No. 411543

haha. I would not be surprised if this was intentional. It could possibly be her just picking out a red/white/blue shirt and didn't think about it though. But shes pretty psycho and into copying billie rn, so i could see her doing it on purpose.

No. 411544

File: 1500255176532.png (668.31 KB, 814x599, lameo.png)

She looks like an old lady/witch.

No. 411546

That angle isn't cute. Her eyes look wonky, and her face looks like it's too big for her head.

Keep trying to be Billie, though.

No. 411548

This is creepy as shit.

And how the hell does she manage to have so many fans??

No. 411549

File: 1500256297645.png (35.09 KB, 357x387, kek.png)




No. 411550

It doesn't take much to gather followers these days. Plainey had it a little easier than most with Onion's fanbase and her Tumblr pandering.

Speaking of that, wonder how ~dysphoric~ she felt at this moment.

No. 411551


99¢ store Gaga

No. 411552

No. 411558

Every time I pop into lameo's younow for a little bit to see what's going on, she has a new fidget spinner and is talking about gender/sexuality. Every time. How does anyone find this entertaining?

No. 411560

File: 1500258389587.png (58.16 KB, 601x326, Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 10.2…)

It is happening!

No. 411561

I was just thinking that Lainey was single white femaling Billie earlier today…the shirt just confirms it

No. 411568

I like her eye colour and wig colour together

No. 411571

Someone should prep blaire with screenshots
including ones where he contradicts himself/ends up as a hypocrite

No. 411579

That's a great idea. I'll definitely look for some tomorrow. Maybe we can post them here so a bunch of people can tweet them at her.

No. 411582

Bless your soul, anon.

No. 411584

File: 1500263649012.jpg (53.59 KB, 673x445, Witch.jpg)

Yea, of course she's a witch.

No. 411589

File: 1500264147903.png (346.94 KB, 870x741, Blaire.png)

He said in his latest video that content ID is automatically claiming copyright on people's videos, and that he has nothing to do with it.

The fucking music in the background of this video… it's like he's revealing something terrible and malignant, or its the kind of build-up suspense music that would be in the background of a conspiracy theory video. But he's just fucking reading tweets "calling out" Blaire for not replying to him. Yuck.

No. 411594

File: 1500264758951.jpg (20.56 KB, 269x199, bw.JPG)

No. 411606

I don't even want Blaire to respond. I want to watch him yell "see, she's afraid of my FAX!!" into an empty room while no one pays attention.

No. 411607

Onions video about Shane now has 2k likes and 3k dislikes with most of the comments about how crazy and obsessive Onion is about him.

No. 411613

Is he going to look like a homeless luchador during the debate too?

No. 411621

File: 1500273059673.png (242.97 KB, 524x601, 1487873012465.png)

Thanks Greg for reminding me of how poorly you treat your animals by putting your poor scared dog's face in the god damn screen. Hope you get some good ol' testicular cancer.

sage for rage, yeah I have a soft spot for dogs

No. 411624

Back to the fucking masks again, got another botox session?

No. 411628


She looks like a pastel Sarah Jessica Parker. They have the same footface.

No. 411645

that's some fucking psycho shit going on with her. Now even a blue wig, I wonder how she can wear it after all that heart-breaking cheating.
If billie saw this she would probably be creeped out.
God, everything lameo does is so try-hard. Now it's try-hard being alternative and try-hard being up-to-date with the tumblr slang

No. 411650

He's gotta look his best for the debate.

No. 411680

That dog always shows such signs of submission when near him. She looks incredibly nervous. Ears back, licking lips, showing him her belly. Yikes. I bet he yells at her a lot.

No. 411692

That's the one he says pees everytime he's close to her, right? Correct me if I'm wrong, of course. That's really fucked up. There's no way he treats that dog well. It's sickening.

No. 411706

Just an fyi: botox has zero down time. A mask woyks do nothing after botox shots. A peel requires some downtime. The mask probably signifies another peel, or a really bad breakout.

No. 411725

File: 1500317408669.png (470.6 KB, 864x541, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 2.43…)

In Lainey's new wig video, she has a box of her + Onion's wigs. She says that this wig isn't hers and she "doesn't know" who it belongs to, so she won't try it on… Billie has uploaded pictures in a teal wig with black roots before. Subtle

No. 411736

Why draw attention to it? Such a damn attention whore. Stop milking your "broken heart" and go be "so gay" with another disposable girlfriend.

No. 411738

That's funny she won't wear it because Greg HAS worn it before for his videos.

No. 411766

File: 1500324958622.jpg (19.24 KB, 260x194, nonstop drama.JPG)

Grug's new "comedy" video, in which he shades Eugenia Cooney and still doesn't understand eating disorders.


No. 411767

File: 1500325220607.jpg (21.67 KB, 262x214, they.them.JPG)

No. 411768

This so incredibly cringey. I don't understand why people have said: yeah he's an asshole, but he's good at editing. Maybe in 2007, but his "work" is lazy and cliche af.

Imagine a healthcare professional seeing this video. They're probably think it was made by a 14 year-old who just doesn't know any better yet. And then the facepalms when they find out it's a 31 y.o. man with a daughter. jfc

No. 411771


Y'all bitches be jelly, Greg's sexy af with his vegetarian boddeyy! He's my daddy <3

His videos are getting creepier and darker as he loses everything. And here I thought the South Korea videos were fucking scary.

No. 411772

This is one of the few videos she actually looks cute in, but her calling herself cute constantly ruins it. She should grow her hair out.

No. 411775

>borrowing my husband's wigs and then going back to bitching about my own short hair, please give me views and ad revenue!

No. 411776

this video begs the question; who the fuck cares? she has no personality

No. 411777

Omg Lainey needs to shut up. Complimenting yourself every two seconds isn't "loving yourself." Loving yourself would mean doing something for yourself not your husband.

Also, she is going to loose her hair or have issues because she went from box dye to now professional. You are suppose to wait a while before doing that. Too much dying can really damage the fuck out of it. Even professionals tell you that.

I admit she would look better with longer hair but she needs to look at herself with filters on in the camera. You are washed out because you are so filtered.

Both of them death by filters.

No. 411780

The tangled state of all of their wigs is making me so uncomfortable. It's not hard to store them in a way that keeps them relatively neat, then hearing her tear through it with a brush is giving me the shivers

No. 411781

File: 1500327123806.jpg (42.07 KB, 736x721, rusty.jpg)

It's horrifying that this is a 31 year old man acting these scenes out and feeling smugly superior.

Also Greg is DYEL as fuck. Bird chest ass bitch.

pic related.

No. 411782

So a visibly comfortable and happy lainey is in front of the camera checking herself out, talking about how cute she is, laughing by herself, and then she put it on the internet for all to see and judge?

Wow all the anxiety and disphoria, how does the poor girl even function. /s

No. 411783

Forgot to mention the rainbow wig part where she just literally poses differently and says I'm gay over and over like a literal parody of herself

No. 411787

File: 1500329073966.png (51.04 KB, 610x396, cyr.png)


No. 411788

He's so mad that everyone except for Lainey is ignoring him.

No. 411789

>Also, she is going to loose her hair or have issues because she went from box dye to now professional.

Maybe she'll end up like Charms.


He seems to be getting more and more desperate. Getting ignored seems to piss him off more than any negative interaction could. Makes it all the sweeter that he's becoming irrelevant.

No. 411790

>We both apologized so that means YOU MUST GIVE ME ATTENTION NOW

fucking mantoddler

No. 411794

File: 1500330333793.jpg (175.04 KB, 686x1445, Untitled.jpg)


No. 411795

lol favorite wigs?
she's going to start cosplaying for sure. god damn it, doormat. you have no personality of your own at all.

No. 411815

File: 1500334955011.png (216.84 KB, 494x248, IMG_3326.PNG)

No. 411817

File: 1500335754069.jpeg (544.22 KB, 1080x1920, Captura_2017-07-18-09-22-09-26…)

Gregs having a twitter meltdown over being friendzoned.

No. 411818

File: 1500335854529.jpeg (559.68 KB, 1080x1920, Captura_2017-07-18-09-56-50-08…)

No. 411819

File: 1500335896291.png (335.71 KB, 588x580, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 4.57…)

So…. Lainey got mad when he spoke to a girl?

No. 411820

File: 1500335967284.png (55.74 KB, 584x340, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 4.58…)

Or this is still about Cyr, and his confusion over the fact that Cyr wants nothing to do with Greg (and Dasha has nothing to do with it)?

No. 411821

Is this Jaclyn, or someone else?

No. 411822

File: 1500336337261.jpeg (675.96 KB, 1080x1920, Captura_2017-07-18-10-04-37-31…)

Nah. Jaclynn has refused to talk to him for ages, he also kept on insulting her. I doubt its her, bless this girls boyfriend for stopping Greg. He the real MVP

No. 411823

>>bless this girls boyfriend for stopping Greg. He the real MVP

For real; we see how manipulative Greg gets. If this girl's partner stepped in to run interference, it was for the best. Lucky girl to have such a good boyfriend, uwu boyfriend-san

No. 411824

Feel like he's talking about Kalel. He's been kissing her ass lately.

No. 411825


I highly doubt it as she doesn't even respond to him.
I wanna say it was another random twitter teen they fished out. Maybe a Lainey patreon ?

No. 411826

What about that girl with the kid?

No. 411828

File: 1500337060412.png (105.42 KB, 767x650, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 5.16…)

Meanwhile Greg gets more subtle about his twitter follower buys; he's almost offset the 4,000 he lost in he past month.

No. 411830

File: 1500337241854.png (132.94 KB, 798x742, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 5.18…)

Just a reminder: all 3 of his main channels are still in the Top 15 Most Unsubscribed Channels over the past 30 days.

No. 411831

Does anyone know if YT punishes subscriber buys? I'm just wondering why he doesn't try to buy channel subscribers. Not that it would improve him bottom line; he's just become sensitive about his Twitter followers so I'm curious.

No. 411832

In addition: he's pretty much abandoned both the new Onision Games and Onision Reacts channels; no new uploads to either for the past 3 weeks. He's got monetization back on Speaks, Onision and UhOhBro so I guess they served their brief purpose (evading his channels being demonetized.)

No. 411833

Hes been hovering over some girls on his discord. Some people saying it could be a certain mod. Good idea to dm her the farm, now that greg is going at her?

No. 411834

He doesn't realize that his recent drama stirring (bullying Shane, Jaclyn) might generate clicks but loses him subs lol

No. 411835


nah, I'd wait and see if it blows up even more. As long as she's still modding for him, she'll still be on his side. I'm low key hoping for a romeo and juliet situation with them.

Anyone know who she is, though?

No. 411838

No it can't be her, Kalel literally just broke up with her boyfriend. I wonder if it's some fangirl Lainey has been flirting with..

No. 411840

Is it the person he was happy about walking in on fucking lainey in this livestream?

No. 411843

Her boyfriend probably freaked out because he's a fucking weirdo who wanted to chain a girl in your hi tech basement and tattoo that she's a liar and because he shames women who don't want anything with you.
I hope the boyfriend comes after onions beta manlet ass

No. 411845

File: 1500338737401.jpg (15.77 KB, 295x196, twitterbitter.JPG)


Old "comedy," but relevant:

I love watching past Onion mock present Onion.

No. 411846

timestamp? i dont wanna watch the whole video for one part lol

No. 411851

Skye's edits and writing really made the early channel, damn. Greg would never be able to make something like the Fruit Weather background even after all these years, or even think something like that up. The characters were his only contribution, and without the edits and writing they just fall flat.

No. 411852

Lainey: "Vics (?) says I'm cheating on you with her"

Grease gets very excited lainey says I fucking knew it. lol

No. 411853

Idk this is just speculation but when he streamed on twitch he was playing overwatch with some girl (I dont remember her name. ??vex??) it could be her. They seemed to get along well

No. 411854

Name seems to be vix / vicks / vex, something along those lines

No. 411855

Is he talking about mayotit bounceboob vexxed? I fucking knew they would get together.

No. 411856

No, this one is a chick

No. 411857

thanks anon

that's reaaallly fucking weird, if this is the girl than no wonder her bf stepped in.
he's obviously into her and was hoping she'd be the next trinity member

No. 411858


Is it this one? Onion follows her on Twitter

No. 411863

Ew, she reeks of Billie. Wouldn't surprise me if Lain would get pissed off that he was interested in her. Especially seeing how much Lain tries to be like Billie.

No. 411864

File: 1500341315485.png (957.49 KB, 927x690, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.27…)

Seems to be her. She's following Onision and Laineybot. And apparently she's into anime and video games… and has a Billie vibe. They really have a type, don't they?

No. 411865

Onion def has a type
and Lainy is not it

No. 411866

File: 1500341426715.png (90.17 KB, 625x505, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.29…)

It's also who he meant when he mentioned "Vix" as one of his good friends.

No. 411867

I feel bad for her. She looks nice/young and has Onion shouting about her, after she tells him to back down. Tweeting how her bf MUST have a small penis, because hes uncomfortable with him… Wow greg.

No. 411868

>I can count on one hand the people I think I treat well

No. 411869

yeah what a great friend he is

No. 411870

plus shes into overwatch/anime and he posted two gifs of overwatch and anime reactions during his twitter rant about this "awesome person"
funny tho cause lainey doesnt even follow her …..

No. 411871

She does look suspiciously young…though I'm sure Greg's taking care to court over-18's from now on.

No. 411872

She's 26 and shes also one of his trustees on his discord

No. 411874

File: 1500342541467.jpg (134.64 KB, 575x1024, IMG_0512.JPG)

Yet Lainey couldn't even enjoy a fangirl moment that meant nothing

No. 411875

File: 1500342584498.png (807.49 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0195.PNG)


You should also upload his Money song. The irony is the song warns about overspending and to save your money wisely…which he does and doesn't do.

No. 411881

Wow, she's Shiloh x Billie, just the kind of girl he will relish breaking. Bless her bf for (hopefully) putting the brakes on this.

No. 411882

and Billie couldn't sit on a guy's shoulders at a festival.

No. 411883

Shit, I hope this girl and her bf don't break up over Onion. His ego would reach critical limit if he wrecked a relationship.

No. 411885

No. 411888

File: 1500346130382.jpg (33.71 KB, 478x475, plaineyblob.JPG)

Plain is live on YouNow. She fucked up her hair.


No. 411891

File: 1500346718870.jpg (43.76 KB, 1288x419, moneysong.JPG)


Thanks for the suggestion, anon. This is hilarious given his current situation.


No. 411892


Her eyebrows genuinely disgust me.(saged nitpicking is still nitpicking)

No. 411901

i think she looks better with light hair, hoping she just washes it with hot water to dilute how hot pink it is and does a crazy amount of conditioner treatments. she's a natural blonde i thought so when her roots grow out it's going to look exactly like Billie's hair…

Billie's been through enough after thinking she could take advantage of the Greasome, but I can't decide if it's funny or not that Lainey is doing this to her.

No. 411902


>>is talking to a therapist about anxiety and depression ("I don't know why I'm struggling")

>>says she's now using he/him pronouns on occasion

No. 411903

Plainey on Younow denying she'll have a new girlfriend soon "Because fuck girls, that's why"

No. 411904

No more girlfriend for her apparently:

"Fuck girls, basically. Girls are mean and I don't want to deal with it."

"The crush is over. I don't see the point."

"I'm not just into guys, but I don't want to date a girl because I know she'll break my heart. There's no point." -> Greg's getting those divorce papers ready y'all. No wonder she's anxious.

No. 411905

Wait so she can judge an entire gender because of one girl who her husband cheated on her with? What about the ones who are girls but don't identify as that?

No. 411907

File: 1500348631332.jpg (30.94 KB, 477x478, buzz.JPG)

The fidget spinner is killing me. It's named Buzz.

Her streams are always so boring. She sits there, squints, and spins her fidget spinner. She answers only the most vapid questions her fans ask. The only topics she brings up herself regard her sexuality, gender, or appearance. Or breastfeeding.

No. 411908

Seems like she's also referring to the other new girls she tried to "flirt" with and control online (demanding all their passwords, etc.)

She's just as controlling as Greg, but more hysterical / needy, less manipulative.

No. 411909

"Ash is my internet boyfriend"- refuses to fly her out and gets angry at the idea

No. 411910

"Ash is my internet boyfriend"

"I went to high school with her"

"I don't need to fly her here. I'm cool here by myself. I don't need all these people here"

Someone's had it with Greg's cult wants

No. 411911

[why are you mad] "There's just a bunch of shit going on. I apologize to everyone on this stream. I'm trying to make a positive space, but people are just pressing my fucking buttons tonight."

She hit 20k likes and got ready to sign off. She's reaaaally irritated with whoever makes the "Ash" accounts.

No. 411913


Sooo…why are you giving her ideas for how she should treat her hair?

No. 411918

Wonder how long Greg will hold out until he gets frustrated and forces her to lure in a girl, finds one behind her back, or chucks her out. There's no way he's staying committed to only her for the rest of his life.

No. 411919

Because I just said I don't know whether it's funny or not that she copies Billie, it's really entertaining. She's not going to take it.

No. 411921

Wear your fucking glasses or get contacts. Why is this so hard, Lainey. Strain just makes your vision worse.

No. 411922


Except Billie has been through enough with these bozos, she doesn't need to have some ugly old bitch wearing her skin just to save her already-failed marriage.

Regardless of her "sinful ways", give the girl a break.

No. 411924

Greg just doesn't seem to understand marital or relationship boundaries. It's fine for him to do whatever – he can impose his wants out of jealousy on others, though.

In my marriage we don't really have opposite sex friends – at least not good ones. I know a lot of older people with that "unspoken rule," and don't see much of a problem with it.

Onion is SOOO offended that he's been cut off from a seemingly easy catch straight out of his fanbase that's willing to pay him. She should really say something about this. I'd go compton on some orbiter's ass if they tried that shit with me. She's paying the guy to whine that her bf has a small dinky for cockblocking him, ffs.

No. 411925

Lmao dude fucking chill I told her to wash with hot water and condition.

Greg has a thoroughly documented abuse history online so actually no I don't feel bad for Billie or Lainey for that matter. Lainey can copy Billie forever because it's milk.

No. 411926

I agree. I've noticed only either really young or immature people really go out of their way to fight for their right to have opposite sex friends. Unfortunately a lot of people are like Smeg and only want to be their friendly guy friend to push the other guy out of the picture.

No. 411927

So that makes Billie, Lain_1313 and now Plaino with pink hair- who's next? She needs to quit the Dasha act, it's psycho

No. 411928

Sage for autism, but I think it depends. I'm happily married, my best friend of nearly 20 years is a guy, and it doesn't bother my husband at all because it isn't a threat to our marriage. In Greg's case he's so damn insecure Taylor can't have any guy friends, and he doesn't like getting a taste of his own medicine when another guy does the same with his girlfriend/wife.

No. 411929

Fuck, forgot to sage, my bad

No. 411936

When you hook up with people via the internet rather than real life in-person interactions, it's gotta be 100% visual. Too bad if they turn up at your mansion and smell like cow shit or don't look the same without MySpace angles.

No. 411937

Peep that misogyny, yo.

No. 411942

File: 1500362306878.png (890.81 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0197.PNG)

I'm no medfag but is this the beginning of the rosacea stages? 'Cause either way, nigga was doomed from the start!

No. 411943

it's genetic. different stages appear as one ages.

No. 411944

I've noticed the exact opposite.

No. 411945

No, nothing rosacea like in this picture.

No. 411946

File: 1500362774764.png (890.81 KB, 1136x640, 1500362306878.png)

No. 411947

Literally every time he makes a video about Shane, he HAS to use that one clip of them kissing. Every single time. He's so obsessed and pathetic.

No. 411949


So I've mistaken this for grease, moles and zits? Shit.


Fuckin' kek! Then I realized he must've SUK MI with one of his then-partners before making the eating placenta video. Ew

No. 411953

>[why are you mad] "There's just a bunch of shit going on. I apologize to everyone on this stream. I'm trying to make a positive space, but people are just pressing my fucking buttons tonight."

She's easy to troll

No. 411954

Onion's been really hittin it off on Twitter with that spooky girl.

No. 411955

File: 1500366394943.png (70.26 KB, 562x560, MEJulPn.png)

confusing interaction.. no idea who this person is but this is how it started apparently

No. 411957

File: 1500366651473.png (550.67 KB, 1250x536, OgglKNQ.png)

Looks like this person has a million subs and gets at least 200,000 - 1,000,000 views per video. Gerg must not be too happy about someone like that dissing him publicly :)

No. 411958

File: 1500367213852.png (302.91 KB, 550x722, lZq5cOY.png)

Actions speak louder than words. You have enough money Plain, get some T and chop off your udders. Until then this reeks of attention whoring while exploiting the trans community.

No. 411959

I think she said something against him on her Snapchat and cult of Onion fantards needed to bother her on Twitter about it so that is why she started tweeting that.

No. 411960

I'm confused as all three pictures are of her, including the snapchat of the person saying "get ur tits out instead"…?

No. 411961

I don't really know how snapchat works but I'm assuming these are all responses to her boring snaps, which are those three pictures.

No. 411962

"i'm a dude." Sure Jan.

No. 411963

In Lainey's new wig video someone pointed out that she kept saying "i'm gay" over and over in her rainbow wig and that it seemed like a parody of herself.

I agree with that, and I'm going to take it a step farther and say that it came off as proof she lurks here. It was if she was saying it to stick it to us anons here that get annoyed at her saying it so much! Which is hilarious because by doing that, she pretty much just confirmed she reads what we say.

She definitely had a try-hard "sassy" tone about the joke that lead me to believe this.

And as for the Vix topic, I actually really HOPE that she is the friend Greg lost today, but then why would she still be following him on Twitter? She's the most entertaining one in his discord videos in my opinion. She's def his type and I really think Lainey will stay farrr farrr away from her BECAUSE Greg would want her so much. She's pretty and judging by her twitter she seems like the type that Greg could easily mold into what he wants due to her need for validation. She also has blonde hair so it would be quick-n-easy for Greg to slap some alt hair color on top of that and voila! Ready made girlfriend. Another perk is that although she is 26 she looks WAY younger than Lainey… The girl looks 16. So Greg could have his Lolita princess while simultaneously gaining the ability to scream "SEE I date older girls!" at the "haterz."

No. 411965

I saw Dodie's snapchat story. She started talking about him because he left that reply on her tweet.

She says she hates him and she doesn't know why he's trying to talk to her, that she thought she was blocked or something. Can I upload directly to lolcow? I recorded it, pretty choice.

No. 411967

on;y images can be uploaded. for video you'll need to host it somewhere, like vid.me

No. 411974

You can upload videos on lolcow, but only as webms

Anon sure, please upload it.
I didn't know who she was before this but I'm liking her already.

No. 411979



Things i noticed.
>Sarah Telling Onision to stop mentioning her
> Lainey fans telling Onision to shutup and to leave
> Greg being interupted continuously by Lainey off subject
> Greg talking and Lainey interrupting that she wished she had her fidget spinner
> People calling Greg racist and him trying to get his debate on with Lainey's fans about "how he is racist" but Lainey cuts in about what colour pink hair she wants
> Greg trying to talk about sexuality but Lainey rolling her eyes pretty much and correcting him continuously making him look like an uninformed tool


That was just the first 5 minutes.


No. 411980

They sure like em young and barely legal

No. 411982

Here is Dodie's snapchat story about Onionboy. I didn't realise this app recorded microphone as well so you can hear me stirring my curry at the beginning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


No. 411988

says further up in the thread shes 26, so she's 4 years older than Lainey. She looks like a teen but she's not this time. >>411872

No. 411993

Lainey isn't a natural blonde, Billie is. Lainey's natural hair is a fair/medium brown colour and shes had it natural and undyed for fucking ages before she dyed it that red-jaclyn colour she went for a few weeks ago. Billies natural colour is a proper dirty ashy blonde.

No. 411994


It's really creepy how Greg acts around Lainey, he uses stupid humor that 13 year olds would find funny because he has no knowledge of an adult mentality/sense of humor.

No. 411995

it really depends. Usually there's no problem with long time friends of opposite sexes, but if my SO was to go out of his way to suddenly make nice with some girl and have 1-on-1 time with her I'd find it fishy, especially if he was as open with his attraction as Onion is.

Greg is obvious about his intentions, though, I'm surprised Taylor hasn't lost her mind over it – he's never been subtle. I wouldn't be shocked if Greg pulls Vix into a private room to talk at night, that's usually what orbiter discord owners do.


I've always seen stubborn men throwing a fit like Greg is doing now, usually after being told to stop talking to some girl by their SO, "it's just friendship!!!" (when it's obvious that the dude is attempting to cheat.) It's different if they're legit friends. A real friend wouldn't threaten someone's relationship enough to have the boyfriend step in. Greg was obviously saying SOMETHING weird to her in order to have her bf say something about it. It's just awfully fishy, he only tweets like that when he doesn't get his way. Reminds me of men on OKC who get mad when they're turned down.

No. 411997

File: 1500387440546.png (92.46 KB, 334x805, WbFvMmD.png)

I didn't really keep up with the greasefund…when did he remove the 1,000/500$ collab tier? Is he scared another TomatoAssLiquette is gonna waste his time?

No. 412012

Yeah no, Dodie can shut the fuck up about bullying since she's buddy buddy with, and actively supports and apologizes, Simply Kenna which is a known bully who even went so far to harrass and send her minions after a girl who had just lost her whole family. So Dodie has no room to talk.

Top kek, as if. Lainey is a doormat, whenever Greg flirts with some other girl she just weeps in her room and texts him.
Who apparently got mad is the boyfriend of this "awesome human".

>Cute "Twitch streamer" with only 13 followers
>Signed in on May 2017
I don't know, she smells like catfish.

No. 412014

File: 1500389546794.jpg (125.71 KB, 786x1200, CzSj92oVEAAJwC8.jpg)


>that third one

No. 412016

File: 1500389858909.png (212.03 KB, 600x882, shane2.png)

No. 412017

Pretty sure this is a DMMD Aoba cosplay wig as well.

No. 412028

He has a new video: "It still hurts." He talking about his "bleeding wound" about Vix/Vex/whatever her name is not talking to him anymore because of her boyfriend. Greg's sad, her boyfriend is toxic, and Greg has found another topic to crusade about. And of course, his followers are hug boxing him.

God, it is so banal. I almost wish her boyfriend hadn't done that just so he wouldn't have more victim/woobie points to show his "persecution." Dumbest drama in awhile. Losing friends sucks, just move on, dude. Once you're an adult, most people just learn to accept it because it happens all the time.

No. 412031

b..but they're like the fox and the hound anon, her boyfriend is controlling her!

No. 412033

his goodbye at the end was creepy, he'll prob get more desperate patroens now thinking they can fake drama or some shite

No. 412034

File: 1500393345423.png (692.7 KB, 1544x812, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 17.5…)

>Lainey reads through all my texts, if the most anxiety ridden spaceprince says it's okay, then it should be okay for us to be friends, uwu

He's crushing on her, hard. This isn't normal, lol.

No. 412037


you didnt reupload, this is directly referencing his youtube video.
Don't give him views.

No. 412038


fuck, my bad. deleted the link and I'll learn how to post properly in the future.

No. 412039


So she'd prefer them to say "Get your manboobs out"?

No. 412040

File: 1500393769193.png (242.29 KB, 424x490, BCVefWt.png)


No worries, I reuploaded it

No. 412046

File: 1500394067102.png (13.51 KB, 112x112, 2dd589b039bccc2d.png)

"lainey reads all my texts when it comes to me talking to FEMALES"

but what if you are talking to other agender lactating princes?

No. 412047


I bet this new female friend is a 16-17 year old girl, kek.

No. 412048

as stated above she is 26, looks young af though

No. 412049

I wonder if this is the real reason for her ""Fuck girls" rant

No. 412050

File: 1500394361380.png (115.29 KB, 282x288, oSjQLSN.png)

"I was planning to have her in onision videos"

There it is. He wasted time on her and didn't get to monetize their friendship. This is why we're getting a sour-gurke-frowny-face vid

No. 412051

who wouldn't leave their boyfriend for this face?

No. 412052

Losing an opportunity to make a buck is the real reason his heart has a bleeding wound.

No. 412053

File: 1500394817056.png (186.55 KB, 534x574, s5ZS8tj.png)

Someone needs to remind him about how he is only having first world problems, and since people are dying in other countries, he has no right to complain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 412054

She looks like a pig sometimes

No. 412055

kek, in onision reacting to hate comments vid on uhohbro vix talks about here and the over analysis of lainey's smile.

i thought theyve been catering to here for a while. i'm bewildered sometimes if greg is calculating

No. 412056


Holy shit, the autism with this one. Does he not realize he is giving her boyfriend even more of a reason not to let her talk to him because he's acting like a psycho? You just know he's trying to break them up to feed his ego. I am praying this girl listens to her boyfriend and does not give in.

No. 412057

on the uploaded discords you can see his realtime reaction to anytime vix talks or posts, he's infatuated and she'll know.
she's 26. she's going to be another adrienne sucked in by the dramz

No. 412058

File: 1500395375218.png (114.2 KB, 294x278, vGjzNJe.png)

it's an imageboard. post screenshots, not words.

No. 412059

new drama to spam when blaire tears him a new one?

No. 412060

someone upload the video
also he focuses on vix quite often in the 'is my marriage happy' video and lainey looks noticably peeved/goes on her phone/shows greg a text(or her bitching who knows)

No. 412061

very beak-like nose you got there, grease

No. 412064

File: 1500395614153.png (20.45 KB, 430x201, D52r8tM.png)

What a fucking drama queen. Does he even know what a panic attack is?

the video was reuploaded here

No. 412066

No. 412067


strange he wasn't acting even remotely this emotional when Lainey was going to divorce him after he cheated on her…

No. 412068

I mentioned a flash flood that killed 9 people on a few of his tweets. I wonder how he will react to that.

No. 412069

I really hope that Blaire gets a mod, uses image sources, and stays calm in their debate. Her worst debates/livestreams are when she loses her shit, even if she has a good point. I really want someone (who's not Joy, ugh) to get under his skin calmly and not sperge like he does.

GET OFF THE INTERNET. Go cry in a pillow or something. Airing your dirty laundry and angst online makes everything worse. You think her boyfriend thinks he made the wrong decision when you react like this?

No. 412070

i hope lainey is collecting a fanbase, divorce that man lawyer up with her dad fuck greg in the ass and spill all the beans

No. 412071

lainey has to be worried now according to his instagram he's going off into the woods tormented over the loss of this girl lol

No. 412075

or at least hinting at it. Extra dramatic after he recently made a shit tier video on one of his ""characters"" disappearing into the woods kek.

No. 412079

His face is genuinely creeping me out. x-x

stop getting work done, onion.

No. 412082

Confirmed he had every intention of trying to get Lainey to hook up with her which then give him the green light.

Also its not normal in a friendship to never talk about each other's relationship. In fact that's a huge red flag imo when someone is interested in something more.

I sort of wish she did fly out and hang with them for a bit and then become the new trinity, because the milk would be flowing. However if they ever do bring a third into the relationship his views will probably skyrocket again

No. 412083

File: 1500398565168.jpg (115.4 KB, 1080x1080, BqRXFh2.jpg)

kek he caked himself in make up. it looks terrible even through the filter, imagine how bad it look irl.

No. 412089

File: 1500399588132.jpg (103.14 KB, 720x662, 279369ac458840bd45cb1d9144bbc7…)


He truly is Dennis Reynolds personified

No. 412095

File: 1500400363944.png (204.49 KB, 555x712, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.5…)

Sounds like that doodie girl will be interviewing people who claims Greg has helped them. Greg taunts her about it, probably because years after the fact, out from his spell, they realize he didn't do shit.

No. 412096

ew, that "i miss you..dude" thing at the end gave me shivers.

No. 412097

File: 1500400378764.png (52.66 KB, 589x162, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.5…)

No. 412098

That's like textbook narcissistic abuse damn.

No. 412099


The show highlights Dennis being a horrid narc

No. 412100

File: 1500400512264.png (62.57 KB, 585x317, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.5…)

It's still going. If she's not completely under his spell, this has got to be humiliating for her.

No. 412101

File: 1500400576368.png (50.8 KB, 587x200, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.5…)

Accompanying twitter post

No. 412102


who the hell is dennis?

No. 412103

a stupid narc character from the show it's always sunny in Philadelphia.

No. 412104

that was so awkward, i didn't even catch it the first time watching

No. 412110

The dude in this pic >>412089 is Dennis from the TV show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The joke on the show is that he's a raging narcissist and a horrible human being. That photo is of his system to destroy the women he dates, methodically.

The joke is also that Greg is like the horribly unrepentant narc on a TV show, but in real life

No. 412112

File: 1500401600918.png (209.21 KB, 562x550, MSjzDAX.png)

No. 412113

File: 1500401660134.png (403.98 KB, 512x906, r7Tk656.png)

the attached images

No. 412114

File: 1500401688662.png (421.58 KB, 506x902, Uz0jJN1.png)

No. 412115

File: 1500401715569.png (356.18 KB, 510x902, EVxmWLH.png)

No. 412116

File: 1500401747937.png (369.82 KB, 504x906, KJB01nR.png)

No. 412117

She should just ignore him, or speak about him without engaging. He's dying for attention right now and she's giving it to him.

Starve the beast.

No. 412118

File: 1500401827941.png (209.32 KB, 554x743, BCo4Zee.png)


No. 412120

File: 1500401854758.jpg (111.08 KB, 750x1334, SqMlEDC.jpg)

the attached image

No. 412121

Lol he just declares things wrong, and himself as right (which he is not). She's right about the cream not work, and about anorexia being a mental disease that isn't a choice.

The dude is just retarded and argues like a 12 year old. "No! Wrong! Facts!"

A lot like Trump, in fact. Which makes his hatred of Trump so hilarious.

No. 412124

Good for her for cutting it off. She should block him for good measure.

Let it all die out with Greg screaming to himself in the void: "FAAAAaaaacccctts…."

No. 412125

>have u ever taken a quizilla IQ test? no? ur dum!

Onion is so fucking pathetic.

No. 412127

File: 1500402252850.jpg (14.9 KB, 480x360, corpsemakeup.jpg)

jesus, did he go to a mortician to get his makeup done?

No. 412129

these people need to stop humoring/arguing with greg and just flat out tell him he's stupid. it's like watching a bunch of adults try to gently tell a child why he can't wear diapers his whole life.

No. 412130

damn grelp out here looking more and more like edward cullen dipped in crisco.
"but we talked about videeo games n' animu tho"
he literally has no idea how to adult or forge friendships like an adult.

No. 412131

>>it's like watching a bunch of adults try to gently tell a child why he can't wear diapers his whole life.

Best analogy

No. 412132

I just can't believe that he thinks that online IQ tests say anything. Most people can easily score 130+ there, which is usually not even close to what their real IQ would be. A real tests costs so much money and I don't know why anyone would waste their money on one for no reason.

Agreed. Although I think that ignoring him is the best strategy, it's irritating him and he seems upset. If you tell him he's stupid, he'll tell you that you can't argue/ he's a fact machine etc.

No. 412133

> thousands of reviews says it does work

Sure Greg, just like thousands of people on Twitter magically followed you suddenly all at once.

For someone who thinks he's the only honest guy in town, he's so credulous to supposed reports of Sisesca faith healing. Watch how that changes if anyone dares say that he had a negative impact on him.

Doesn't matter, still better to starve him.

No. 412134

>>I just can't believe that he thinks that online IQ tests say anything

Or IQ tests in general. They're extremely socially and culturally biased, and measure a certain kind of puzzle solving skills.

He take magazine surveys, twitter polls, and online dictionaries to be THE LITERAL TRUTH. The surveys are data collecting your IP address and FB profile; the twitter polls have biased response; and online dictionaries are known to be inaccurate - and, a dictionary definition is different from a law, an argument, a real life situation, and nuance. They literally mean nothing (see, Greg, I'm speaking your language).

Semiotics was considered top of the line food for thought back in the 70s, but they were focused on the fact that we arbitrarily assigned meaning to words, not bashing everyone over the head to take dictionary definitions are the end all be all. He's just too stupid to process any other thought process. His stupidity would be sad if he wasn't so toxic and harmful.

No. 412142

God, this man is so ugly that I'm going to need therapy if I stare at this picture any longer.

As long as it isn't Jeff, I agree.

No. 412143

File: 1500404563459.jpg (320.42 KB, 1166x846, onioning.jpg)

He is still going on about it.

No. 412144

makes you wonder if he asked the person if they want him to release their email…

No. 412145

Did he really just out what seems to be a private conversation?

No. 412146

It seems like he's trying to cause problems within their relationship. Hoping that the boyfriend sees what she said.

No. 412147

File: 1500405150996.jpg (37.62 KB, 589x505, Capture.JPG)

what did she mean by this?

No. 412148

This is honestly just bizarre, even for Gergles.

No. 412151

I hope he asked permission, cause that is really personal to throw out to everyone.

Also, the whole sperging and bringing up bad, controlling relationships would piss me off if I was vix. Gerg's painting her boyfriend as shitty as possible; that doesn't seem like something a good friend with a mature outlook on life should act.

It reminds me of Ayalla and Billie when Greg called Ayalla a fraud for saying she'd stick with her best friend no matter what and trying to keep Billie away from her.

No. 412152

he's going this hard for this girl just so they can be ""friends""? sure, grek

plainey better get dem papers ready…

No. 412153

ikr like he didn't even fight this hard to keep cyr, who he actually lived with and was friends with for years

No. 412154

Of course he didn't. Who would want this shit out in the open? That's like something you tell a close friend.

That said, it reveals that the girl Greg's after is a GREAT candidate for him. History of manipulative relationships, which means easy to manipulate, plus she's apparently loyal given how long she's been with her bf. Greg's in love for sure. Wouldn't be surprised if he left Taylor for this one if the girl dumps her bf.

No. 412157

I seriously doubt it was done with consent. The girl is complaining/explaining her relationship issues that seem very private. It would be bizarre as fuck if she said "yes go release it for everyone to see, even my bf, cause it can't possibly do any damage".

No. 412159

she's also closer to his age so he doesn't have to worry about pretending that "slayeth" is a funny thing to say

No. 412160

He is clearly trying to convince her to just leave him, notice the back and forth with "I can't just leave him, buuut i'm also suffocating and there is no trust and he manipulated me" etc etc

No. 412162

someone needs to watch plainey scheduled anxiety talk later today

No. 412164

>they were just friends
>i don't know about this girl
>they were just friends
>it's totally normal for greg to go apeshit over losing her, nothing going on you guys
>spins fidget spinner while trying not to cry

here, i summed it up to you

No. 412167

I've talked to Vix on discord before, she's mentioned her BF to me and iirc they've been together for 2 or 3 years? I don't know who he's outing but it's not her with this message.

No. 412168

Seems like Lainey. Her first boyfriend she apparently didn't love and he manipulated her. And Greg was able to reel her in and "save" her.

No. 412169

File: 1500406355655.png (405.01 KB, 909x562, hb.png)

No. 412170

Thats strange, maybe its someone else and not even Vix?? But Vix would make the most sense. Maybe they've just known each othewr for 9 years been together 2-3 years.

No. 412171

yeah this is almost definitely one of his fake fan emails he loves to write in the notes app on his phone lmao, mte when i saw it

No. 412172


>Greg see's pic, "just my kind….for uh lainey"

> About to invite to live with them
> Starts typing
> Reads comment
> Shit i better not……..publicly
> Sends it through her sisters DM

No. 412173

she's 17?

No. 412174

what 26 yr old would have all summer to sit on his discord? sounds like a teen to me

No. 412175

She changed her instagram name or deleted it. Is that guy really her brother? She just really fits Greg's type: young, alt, has a non-typically name. And might be 17.

The anon who said she's 26 didn't post any proof, does anyone have anything?

No. 412176

not surprised, she lurks here, someone should tell her brother kek

No. 412177

even if she did say she was 26, this wouldn't be the first time that a girl in gerg's circle lied about her age. Shiloh claimed to be older than gerg before she was formally introduced.

No. 412178

Hmm, maybe if he wrote it up himself, he made it close to Vix's own story so that he could use it to convince her to leave.
I KNEW she looked way too young to be 26. Though there are plenty of 20-something deadbeats sitting on discord all day.

No. 412181

i wonder if he plants fake leaks here. we know for sure sarah and vix has confessed to lurking here. also when vix mentioned the lainey smile analysis in the video on uhohbro, he burst out laughing. he knew what she meant.
they lurk.

No. 412182

This shit Greg is doing >>412143 is going to make things far, far worse for her if the BF really is that controlling. You know what controlling dudes hate? When something out of their control happens, like telling people about them. Greg should know this firsthand - he's punished every ex who's had the nerve to speak out.

Greg: this dude is going to punish her to writing those things to you. Thiswill not drive her to you; this will cause her harm.

And of course she's vulnerable to Greg, and of course Greg is chomping at the bit for her: she's had 9 years of training in (what sounds like( an abusive and controlling relationship. She's someone who gives and gives to a needy person. She's like a giant throbbing crack rock to a junkie for Greg: he's dying to have someone give like that to him again, all fresh and new.

If this chick leaves her boyfriend, I'd give Greg's marriage months.

No. 412184

does anyone has a link to this? i can't seem to find her account

No. 412185

this screenshot is edited right……why is the pic stretched out like that

No. 412187

The account doesn't exist, someone's fucking with us.

No. 412189

the same 26 year olds that can spend all day on here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 412190

yeah i just tested all the usernames on the image and none of them exist, so this is 100% bullshit. mods should ban the person who posted the pic.

No. 412191

It's possible she will get Sh0eonhead to mod. She's had her mod debates before.

No. 412193

shoe is extremely unequipped to deal with this. she is way too soft and will probably just wave her hands in desperation if things get out of hand.

No. 412197

> Breaks up with BF to suck onion dick and roll around in the (very little remaining) youtube bux of gerg?

No. 412201

What's it about this thread that compels people to pollute it with bullshit?
Oh god, please no. It'd be nice if someone who were actually stable and not an attention whore got involved for once.

No. 412203

if that does end up happening then i will feel no sympathy for her. what kind of desperate idiot sees how all of greggle's relationships end, and STILL persuades him?

No. 412207


No. 412208

>They're extremely socially and culturally biased
Nope, psychometrics have been cleaning up their shit very throughly for past few decades and standardized IQ testing is quite good both at measuring IQ and g nowadays.
Going by his writings and general behaviour Greggels mentally underdeveloped in quite a few areas and his SAT and ASVAB scores probably reflect that. Of course he really thinks he a fucking genius thanks to Quizilla but there's no way he'd land above one SD on a proper IQ test.

Yeah, a "debate" with Gurg needs somebody dominant enough slap down his spastic behaviour. Such a person would, of course, cause Gurg to spazz out even more.

No. 412211

Eh….Shoe isn't a very good mod. She hates stepping in and Greg will just run her over.

No. 412213

She definitely does lurk here. I wanna say Geurg is so desperate for some views he's made some girl up and fabricated this whole romance. But I'm not sure, I don't for a second believe anons mentioning her age or her instagram or anything "randomly" posted without caps. It all seems very forced, I'm not sure. Like >>412147 who cares? It just seems this Vix girl has been shoved into the lolcow limelight and I'm not sure why.

Until there's solid evidence that he's stopped speaking to someone he was grooming then we should drop it. Smeg can't contain personal details about people who escape him, so I'm not honestly sold on this whole romeo & juliet story.

No. 412216

Agreed. It's also weird that she's blocked his phone but not his twitter if it's Vix. He is going too hard on this, I think he just wants attention again.

No. 412220

So this 17 year old girl has been with her boyfriend for 9 years, so since she was… 8?

A very poor quality attempt was made, but I think the general consensus here is that someones messing with us.

No. 412221

When has he ever not outed a private email? I honestly wonder if there's a dm or email conversation left in his inbox he hasn't mined.

Is there even a point in having a one to one conversation with Greg? You know for a fact that within a week or two he'll have posted skewed segments to twitter.

No. 412227

File: 1500409046349.jpg (9.18 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

dang, i didn't even notice that…

No. 412239

Yeh there's way too much that just doesn't add up if it's meant to be Vix/even real.

1. Anons claiming without proof she is 26
2. Anons posting fake screenshots claiming she is 17.
3. Gurg's e-mail stating she has been in a relationship for 9 years.
4. Anon claiming to have been on discord with Vix & her relationship being 3 years long at most.
5. Vix deleting his number but not unfollowing him on twitter.
6. Vix being pushed on Lolcow as the girl.

It's all very odd, the only reason(s) Vix seems likely is because of Lainey gushing over her & then seemingly unfollowing her, coupled with her girls suck rant etc. Also anons trying to throw us off with photoshopped instagrams etc. Whether it's true or not, it's still milky.

Whatever it is atleast we know they're being somewhat sneakier about who they're trying to bone. Minuscular difference but still.

No. 412240


I do not believe Vix is Laineys crush, she's the only moderator on her discord server and Lainey has been pretty verbal about her crush on there. It makes no sense that Lainey was crushing on her, more likely this is a crush of Greg's.

No. 412241

I was wondering why her twitter looked brand new… She barely has any followers and is barely following anyone.
Did Gergles make this girl up??


>>411864 I reverse image searched this on google and tineye and nothing came up.

Something is weird…

No. 412243

Nah she's real, she does twitch streams. https://www.twitch.tv/bbvix/clips

No. 412245

i thought this too, but she apparently streams on twitch and people have heard her voice in videos (right?)

No. 412249

File: 1500410263661.png (144.02 KB, 692x455, onenote.png)

hey anon here that posted that screencap, i saw it posted under onision's twitter by another user, i didn't realise it was a fake soz kek

still seemed believable. but also think it should be noted gurg and lamey have made refs to here, prob feeding drama

No. 412251

File: 1500410400734.jpg (314.33 KB, 1920x1420, greasecord.jpg)


I looked it up on grugs discord server and she's 26 according to this conversation with some of his other fans

No. 412252

Sage for tinfoil hattery here but is it possible this has been orchestrated by Onion and Laimey to make "drama" which will probably give him more views?

No. 412254


i think this, that fake screenshot was posted by a new account and it only has two tweets about onision, but anti-onision.

he couldn't give a fuck anymore about his reputation

No. 412256


maybe a patreon with a brain told him to just create drama, maybe vix has the perk to write a script kek.

No. 412257

If he orchestrated the drama, it's a pretty shitty attempt.
He should've at least pretended she is visiting them .

No. 412258

Then people would want physical proof of her being there and he would have no reason to not provide it

No. 412259

his editing skills have always been shite.

but going back to vix being 26.
the email then must be her*

also lainey does seem bothered by her in the livestream

No. 412260

File: 1500410845578.jpg (459.49 KB, 4000x1551, collage.jpg)

You didn't though, you posted that screenshot here before the twitter account tweeted it. Note the timestamps, I forgot to circle them and am lazy.

I mean after the past few hours on here it's definitely possible that SOMETHING has been orchestrated. I'm not sure how much is real or not, because he really doesn't strike me as smart enough to drum up some kind of romeo and juliet fanfic for views, but also Lainey isn't as upset as normal when he finds new teen puss.

No. 412262


nah i took it off twitter, then went to asda to get a pizza and came back and saw it was a fake, i never checked the name on instagram since i needed to get dinner it's 2148 gmt here give me a break(no1curr about the pizza)

No. 412264

You posted the screenshot on here 3 minutes before it was tweeted.

No. 412265

>believing onion

thought it was pretty well known those "emails" from "fans" are full of shit?

No. 412269

File: 1500411369647.png (344.46 KB, 1363x623, fax.png)

i literally have no idea how that happened because i can prove it, i clipped it via one note because i'm on a chromebook

here is my screenshot, look at the save time, minus my onenote account name lol

No. 412279

someone should summarise what is being propagated as true by what has been stated by onision and vix on their various communication channels

No. 412290

> vix is a patreon
> they had a dramatic just friends break up
> onision has released an email assumed to be from her
> a fake screenshot of "her" (stating she is 17) instagram was posted by a twitter that has only recently been created and only has 2 tweets (the screenshot and another one being anti-onision)

No. 412291


> also speculation drama being created for views
> no reaction from lainey, except for looking unamused by vix in a livestream
> greg has a video stating lainey has looked thru their texts (greg + vix) and found nothing alarming

No. 412293

I agree, he said in his overwatch stream he likes to fool people to "test his acting skills" he's faked relationship drama for views before

No. 412295

Cleared up some comments. Stop spamming the thread as if it were a chatroom, remember to give context for other users, think before you post, and if you made a mistake, delete and re-post instead of doubleposting.

No. 412304

He has to fake relationship drama to get attention because we are some of the last to give a fuck. Think about that.

He won't die until this thread does.

If the milk was real, would it even be that interesting?

Enjoy the fidget spinners, hair dye, and fake girlfriends, anons, because that's all this dried up cow has left.

No. 412307

i look at everything that onion does as fake and a ploy for attention. he's oversaturating his audience with all this "drama", it's only gonna draw his all lil onions away.

No. 412314

Is it me or when Greg is on Lainey's stream she seems really annoyed. She tries to distance herself from whatever conversation he tries to engage in.

I think she is with him for the money and kids, and lusts for a life outside of her marriage. Without youtube i think she would have escaped already.

No. 412315


i'm here for the divorce. onision is a sitcom. it follows the same old tired shitty formula. i need oprah to interview this man

No. 412316

Called it. She's just another catfish, only a more elaborate one.

No. 412319

It's pretty damn sad that he's resorted to courting his h8ers for views. How desperate do you have to be?

But this thread just proves time and time again to take every potential new 'drama' with a grain of salt.

Same, it's probably going to be the last big happening we get out of him before he's gone forever, unless he runs off with another girl first (quite likely)

No. 412320

File: 1500416214015.jpg (20.52 KB, 608x152, twin flames.JPG)

Does anybody remember this bullshit?


Onion's got some really twisted views on love/relationships. Now he's contradicting the things he's said with so much conviction in the past. Why does he need a friend when he has Lainey? LOL

Here's the video he references in the "Where is Your Soulmate" video, in case anyone wants to watch it too.


I miss the days when Gregma's videos were only a minute or two long. His 10+ minute videos are so painful to watch.

No. 412326

Him resorting to making up mild drama for haturz doesn't help his views and relevancy. His new videos still get only 20k views kek.

He should do it and divoce Plainey already, I bet the shitstorm is gonna bring him so much views.

No. 412339


Lol what for? He's not gonna get an acting job outside of YouTube due to his infamy and no big production wants to work with him now. He should've been more "out there" a long time ago.

His "acting skills" only work on his young minions and retarded dedbeats, he won't get far. Sorry Grease.

No. 412342


lol i just realized he probably forces lamey to use stretch mark cream after her pregnancies.

sage for tinfoil hat.

No. 412343

Farmhand my dear, I dare say Onion dramu should have a discord group chat set-up. It will help stop the threads from derailing, shit posting, and blogging.

No. 412346

File: 1500419283568.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0199.PNG)

Found new (meh) material from his Tumblr acct., he's gonna make a firearms video with Billy and some other dude no1currs about.

Young Gretchen pic-related

No. 412347

File: 1500419450171.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0200.PNG)


Side note: I didn't bother posting the Vix dramu with his recent video about it. After with what we just learned, I found it pointless to do so.

No. 412348

Buh..but.. Grainey are sooper serious ACTORS dontcha know, they even got imdb profiles and everything… They're brutal AND honest too, they would never tell nasty lies for money/views, nope, never ever, not even once.. nu-uh..

No. 412350


didn't onision straight up write books with school shootings and shit? i mean his face… onion looks like an absolute weirdo… i don't like the idea of onision with guns at all

No. 412351

It's ok anon, he's a conscientious objector/vegan/vagina. . The only "guns" he gets close to are those scrawny sad arm bump things he calls "biceps"..

No. 412352

File: 1500420287439.jpg (106.75 KB, 700x527, trig.jpg)


you can tell they're all posers based on severe lack of trigger discipline.

it's literally firearms 101, 8 year olds handle guns with more thought. ?

No. 412354

Call me superficial, but I'd be disgusted to have someone in my home let alone have as a friend someone that's obscenely fat as billy the fridge. Fuck

No. 412357


Didn't Onion had military training on weapons and how to use them though? Surely he didn't forget those skills over time…nah who am I kidding.

No. 412372

I think you guys are totally mistaken to write off the Vix drama so quickly. If you've watched all his recent videos (I have) she was the only entertaining person on his discord, and the ONLY girl he didn't immediately act super annoyed with/try to get her to shut up. The way he said her name was said with affection, and he even listed her as a friend in one of his tweets a while back. I don't think this is fake at all.

I think all the pouty smoldering selfies on twitter and IG right now are NOT for our benefit or to create drama, as a girl who has been through this, he is 100% trying to win Vix over. He has a Savior complex and is trying to convince her to leave her mean controlling bf to stay friends with him. He admitted he complimented her voice, of COURSE her bf freaked out. I bet he said other inappropriate things too.

As for the facts "not adding up herp derp" well they do. Exclude that ONE crappy fake IG drama post and they add up fine.

1. She is 26 therefore has been with bf since age 17.
2. She followed Lainey and Greg and Lainey unfollowed her after obviously catching onto Greg's feelings.
3. She is a twitch streamer (not a successful one but still thats enough to prove shes not a catfish)
4. Greg making alll this up doesn't make sense when his latest narrative had been how HAPPY he and Lainey are etc etc. I don't think he's trying to create drama, this SCREAMS manipulation to me, but not of us- of Vix.

Lainey should be extremely worried. Greg IS controlling. He didn't magically CHANGE his mindset like he stated in his video lamenting about Vix (he brought up controlling Lainey on twitter) He still IS controlling, but the difference is he no longer cares to control Lainey. He wants her to have the illusion of freedom so that in turn he can get away with more himself. Lainey probably realizes this. Greg even said he'd be HAPPY if he walked in on Lainey and Vix…Greg was trying to lay the ground work for that "trinity" to happen and it all got foiled by Vix's bf.

Let's not let one idiot's fake IG screenshot make us lose sight of the fact that Greg is trying so hard to win this girl over. This is good milk, and I won't let it be diluted by some anon that wanted to take it too far. To that anon, it was just as scummy on Greg's part WITHOUT her being 17. He's still salivating over some girl that's not Lainey! Don't screw this up with fake caps.

No. 412375

Samefag here

Vix since I know you DO lurk here (you mentioned lolcow indirectly in Greg's stream) Don't let Greg get in your head about your boyfriend. Greg is not worth throwing away a 9 year relationship and your bf is not some controlling beast… He was probably just picking up on the fact that Greg is very clearly trying to get his claws into you. He was laying the groundwork for you to be with Lainey, and if that didn't work I am willing to bet he would have left Lainey for you eventually. (He would have wanted it to be a sure thing because Greg can't be alone)

And Lainey, if you pull your smug head out of the sand long enough to read this, you are really dense. Their conversation being "too tame" and boring to continue reading shouldn't negate the fact that thousands of strangers watching Greg's video can agree that he has FEELINGS for this "friend" he lost. I have no sympathy for you if you lose him to Vix because you don't want to face the truth.

No. 412377

I agree with you almost completely. But, I think the 9 year story is gregs fantasy. I have an alt on the discord and Im 70% sure she has mentioned her bf a few times only. She referenced offhand to having been together for less than half a decade once. Greg makes up stories, chances are hes on purpose trying to paint her bf worse and worse off to become the saviour.

As for the timeline.
>Greg finds a girl who likes anime in his patreons
>Suddenly Lainey starts maniacally tweeting about her animu
Note, lainey doesnt like anime, this was as farmers before referenced, weird.
>Vix and Greg play/watch anime together, Lainey unfollows Vix
>Bit later does her "Fuck Girls" -rant
>Onision is now referencing in tweets as Vix as a friend
>Vix is creeped out and sets boundary using her boyfriend

The more ive dug, the more it seems theyve known for maximum of two months. Id estimate a month and a week based on tweets and discord logs. Greg wanted this girl to join the Mansion Basement (tm) and she/her bf got alarmed on it.

He said he wanted her in his videos, which means that GREG HAS FORMALLY INVITED THIS GIRL TO JOIN THE THREESOME.
Why do I think this?
Billie got roped in there by the prenotion of getting work and hanging out with Lainey.

This time the prenotion is work and hanging out with Greg.

It matches too well to be a coincidence.

No. 412378

No. 412379

….Read the threads and decide for yourself if this is old milk.

No. 412380

This. Is. An. Imageboad.

Post a fucking screenshot, don't link stuff. If you don't think it's milky don't fucking post it.

No. 412382

It's worth pointing out how "tame" conversations probably were with Gerg and potential interests when he was still in a (dying) relationship. He's known to emotionally cheat, per his words, careful to not say anything overtly unfaithful, making sure he maintains the interest through "friend-love-bombing", excessive admiration and support, opening up to them in a way he "never would with literally anyone else" because what they have is so special.

No. 412383

sorry, but using a video game character to slip in a compliment about a girl's voice isn't tame at all! lainey probably never gets sincerely hit on anymore so she doesn't know. (maybe if greg told vix that he's very shook by how much her eyebrows are slaying she'd get it rooflflflf)

No. 412388

it was a vid onion uploaded taking troy to the doctors years ago

No. 412389

File: 1500425011195.gif (1.67 MB, 245x245, tumblr_mukl31R9Mu1qew2ypo4_250…)

Am I the only one who feels that Billie just got her reputation cleaned? Its now obvious she was a stupid teen who fell for gregs "friendship" and promises of collab/work and hanging out with friends. He promised her the moon and the sky.
Then it all escalated and she got played, tossed around and abused.
If hes this manipulating and abusive towards a girl he has known for a month, imagine what he must have sent billie.

I feel bad for badmouthing her now, look what hes doing to this girls bf. Imagine what he did to Billies "druggo" family and friends…

No. 412390


You'd think onion would be too w/ his super healthy & very fit vegan bod he loves to shove in everyone's faces

No. 412391

I completely agree with you. Greg is just not that smart to go through all of this just to stir drama. Yeah sure he may pick fights on Twitter to try and rile people up, but I highly doubt he'd go through making a whole other fake person, especially since there is a video with her talking in it.

Greg clearly wanted that poon, and got really buttmad when it was denied to him. Nothing new here.

No. 412392

I mean, its the same shit he did with Lainey promising that they would travel the country together and all these nice things. Why else would young women, or any woman, be the slightly bit interested in him?

No. 412394

Has Onion ever tried to intervene on The Fridge's health with Honest Facts. That would be some hilarious backstabbing.

No. 412396


it makes billie look a lot better, because she actually walked away from all of that. he was promising her a car, a place to stay, money, and tuition. i know a lot of 18 year olds who would do a lot more for a lot less. i mean look at lainey.

No. 412398

I agree with you and he was inappropriate regarding Vix in the stream with Lainey. They were talking about Sarah and Lainey being together and he said that he would vomit and cry if he walked in on them but then he says that if it were Lainey and Vix he would smile and feel good about it.

No. 412400

Same… way to many annoying newfags posting unnecessary shit quality posts and sperging

No. 412406

File: 1500427060300.png (51.05 KB, 582x227, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 6.15…)

"Hahaha my wife watched something that reminded her of when I forced her into a poly relationship and she got upset"

That Greg got Lainey to believe Billie was the cheater - not her husband - is just retarded.

No. 412407

She was legally and adult and was extensively warned. No i dont feel bad still a #cumtdumpsternever4get

No. 412410

With Lainey firmly against another "trinity" I don't see Greg's fantasy coming true any time soon.

He's going to have to break up with her. It's just a matter of when.

No. 412412

that show is my guilty pleasure and this "poly couple" he's referring to was just a very insecure girl who saw her boyfriend getting close with an ex, so she decided to allow another girl in the "relationship" to keep him. She ends up going full psycho in front of the whole school I can't wait until they watch this together because it basically slams poly relationships.

No. 412415


I guess nobody should be surprised that two age stunted morons are watching a show about 14-18 year old drama.

No. 412416

lol? legally an adult = deserving of abuse? you sound like sarah and/or greg, please sort yourself.

ew! this is why girls don't want to date you lainey. you're just a fuckboi with makeup on.

No. 412423

if you told someone over and over again with evidence to not touch a fucking hot stove and they did it anyway because they convinced themselves they were the only one who wouldn't get burned would you feel bad for them

No. 412427

Wow, such a woke queen, being incredibly sexist to all women and claiming none of them can be trustworthy.

No. 412430

good job equating abuse to something completely unrelated, but please do everyone a favor and sage your bullshit.

No. 412431

its like the same 2 or 3 anons with a hate boner for billie just shut up about her already holy fuck we get it u don't feel bad for her now go away and be irrelevant somewhere else thank you

No. 412433

lmao ok gatekeeper of abusive relationships, if someone shows you videos of a man who shaved his girlfriend's head and then filmed her breakdown and you chose to still date them don't expect those people to pity you.

I don't even hate Billie and I've never made a comment about her until now. Lainey and her are fucking stupid for getting with Greg when there is an abundance of information out there proving he is an abusive piece of shit. If Lainey is not a victim, neither is Billie, that's it.

No. 412448


If someone told you over and over again not to derail the fucking thread with repetitive shit about Billie, would you ban them?


I think it's so cute that they can both be misogynists together. # relationshipgoals

No. 412449

Its sad that Lainey cant read the writing on the wall.

Remember when Billie was her exclusive girlfriend that Greg selflessly flew in, out of the kindness of his heart for Lainey? And how he was just being nice to Billie whenever they played video games and watched anime when Lainey got anxious, no hidden agenda there!

And the time he told Billie he loved her…but as a friend! And the time he gave her an almost nude body massage…but he'd do that for his friends, you guys!

And how Lainey was uncomfortable being sexual with Billie…and miraculously found herself in bed with Billie and Greg…but the attention was on Lainey, so it's cool! Greg is so innocent, you guys. He ended up fucking Billie when Lainey wasnt around, but its only Billie who cheated!

Greg wouldnt manipulate Lainey! He's just too honest and forthright to deceive Lainey. He's harmless. Nothing to see here. He's just tearing up over a friend.

No. 412450

You forgot the part where the stove is trying to convince you that all that stuff is just rumors created by the haters, and it's not a hot stove, I promise. It's a really cool stove that's going to give you free education and a car.

>And the time he told Billie he loved her…but as a friend! And the time he gave her an almost nude body massage…but he'd do that for his friends, you guys!

He should give Billy the Fridge a full body massage. They seem like good friends.

No. 412453

that's. not. me.
plenty of people remind everyone Billie wasn't a victim when Lainey does some creepy copying shit. She's still very relevant in their lives, Vix is like a clone of Billie minus the hair dye. So in your logic it's only derailing when people don't see Billie as innocent? Take your boner for her elsewhere.

People shared the video of Shiloh being abused, so explain to me how video evidence is a rumor. And if he's promising her financial support in exchange for fucking his wife, full body massages, and sex, sounds like prostitution. Maybe don't listen to a fucking stove that regularly burns people, especially when people who have been burned (Shiloh, Adrienne, Skye) have publicly told their side. Stop defending Greg.

No. 412458

The video of shiloh being abused was uploaded by gerg, in the context of
>Look at how crazy she is and how calm I am! Look at how patient and good I am for dealing with this.]
It's called crazymaking and it's a common abusive tactic. If you have no context or Greg's context the video looks like a patient man dealing with a psychotic woman.

No one is defending greg by saying this shit dude, people point it out to demonstrate how his manipulation tactics work despite the mountain of evidence against him. Billy fell for it, yeah, but that's because he chooses his marks very carefully. They're always young enough not to know better and from shitty homes or backgrounds which make them vulnerable.

No. 412464

>If you have no context or Greg's context the video looks like a patient man dealing with a psychotic woman.
No. No it actually really doesn't, she's crying and pleading and he's psychotically cool about it.

I know about abuse tactics thank you, that's why I do not feel bad for her. I don't care how manipulative someone is, so many people warned her, there are accounts of the women he abused online speaking out, and she consented to various sexual acts knowingly behind Lainey's back.

Again, if Lainey isn't a victim neither is Billie.

No. 412470

Inb4 a farmhand has to come in and tell you two to stop derailing

No. 412471

>No. No it actually really doesn't, she's crying and pleading and he's psychotically cool about it.
Well, that's just like, your opinion man. Crazymaking works or abusers wouldn't do it, lots and lots of people took onions side when this video was released. It took a long time and a lot more evidence for people to be convinced he was really the mental one. If you saw it for what it really was immediately then bully for you, but lots and lots of people didn't.

>Again, if Lainey isn't a victim neither is Billie.

I'm one of the anons who thinks lainey is mostly a victim, but that doesn't mean I have nothing but pity or sympathy for her. Being an idiot and a victim are not mutually exclusive concepts.

why is discussing the subject of a thread considered derailing now? all of the old threads are full of shit like this in moments of the lolcow being quiet and it was never considered derailing back then. I don't understand this sudden shift in what it's okay to discuss and talk about on here.

No. 412472

File: 1500433449100.png (138.74 KB, 750x988, IMG_1221.PNG)

>feeling better

Vix must've really rattled the narc huh

No. 412473

It is because we've been over this for months, thread upon thread. There is no use arguing about it over and over. Your opinions have been heard. Don't keep going in circles.

No. 412475

you're 31, Greg. 31.

No. 412493

>No. 412475
I don't know what's worse him acting like this or TomatoDisquette begging for his attention,

No. 412496

File: 1500436649779.png (90.92 KB, 739x312, HPMzAwg.png)

Looks like Lainey's had it with him and Vix.

No. 412498


i hate how he never shuts up about "girls who like anime are soo awesome and quirky!" but his dumbass doesn't even like anime that much. its 2017 and he's still talking about death note and shit. i can't stand it.

No. 412501

Is anyone else suspecious this sperg is a lowkey attempt at making Billie jealous?

No. 412503

File: 1500437364236.gif (1.02 MB, 245x184, Zmqor.gif)


i agree with you except for the

>She is 26

i don't believe it for a second. she looks like a 12 year old emo girl. she's too old to like onision or lainey's content, and like the other anons said, she's too old to be all day online. gif related.

i think she lied about her age and she lied about her long term relationship. I'm not saying that this means she's 17, nah she could easily be Billie's age o something like that.

i mean, how are you going to be almost 30 and still want greg's manchild dick…nah. she dresses like a teenager in high school too… i just don't buy it.

No. 412505

They're not very smart so maybe they'd find it plausible if that would trigger Billie but I don't think it's that.

I think Grease lovebombed Grainey today and she needed more of it and finally acknowledged that he'd moved on from giving her the slightest amount of attention in between sperging about muh sadness and muh friendship feels to lovebombing directly lovebombing Vix.

It's interesting he is so intense since it seems he hasn't known her for that long. It's like AJ's descriptions match so well and he only had voicechats with this girl!?
Lainey be shooketh

No. 412507

I think Lainey's jealous for sure and I love that she's probably in so much trouble for that tweet sass.

Also she may look young but some 25/26 year olds do LOOK that young. I'm that age but regularly told I look literally 16. So no anon it's not unbelievable. We don't know her situation or why she has so much free Greg-time. Maybe that long term bf supports her.

No. 412511

File: 1500439043987.png (1.63 MB, 1124x845, vix.png)

Honestly, I don't think she even looks that young. She's fairly cute and baby faced, but if you look closely at her picture, she's got some lines in her forehead and under her eyes. She looks her age at 26.

Also, has anyone mentioned the fact that she's wearing a very visible ring on her ring finger on her left hand? Promise ring? Engagement ring?

No. 412515

File: 1500439698163.png (25.66 KB, 623x217, itsgettingcreepynow.PNG)

No. 412517

File: 1500439901956.jpg (781.89 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170718_225001.jpg)

Give some chick youve known for less than 2 months the same affectionate names you use on your wife. This harmless friendship seems legit

No. 412520


Skye is also a weeb, and with Shiloh and Billie's aesthetic…

Frankenwife confirmed.

No. 412528

PLOT TWIST: she's actually a farmer.

No. 412530

They are not your fucking friend Greg shut the fuck up

No. 412531

Honestly I would not be surprised if she was. She at the very least lurks here (she brought up something from here in the discord chat) and Greg (if he was thinking with his brain) should be really annoyed that his so-called friend spends time on a gossip site reading bad things about him…

No. 412534

Also Fatherspooky on Twitter is a catfish account. Greg clearly doesn't know this bc he liked one of her replies to him. I follow the real girl on insta, that's not her.

No. 412540

Yet she identifies as poly? She didn't like the poly relationship she was in, and clearly doesnt want one, but she still calls herself poly. Wtf is wrong with her?

Lainey is the least trustworthy one. Bitch is full of lies and will allow her husband to berate you/harass you and say nothing against it while pretending she loves you. Also love how she obsesses over girls, but then goes complete opposite when gerg is hitting on girls himself, and blames all girls for that and calls them untrustworthy. YOUR HUSBAND ISN'T TRUSTWORTHY. She dumb as fuck.

Didn't he tweet this same exact thing before when talking about billie? LOL.

No. 412546

Can we stop with the: 26 years do NOT spend that much time online/26 year olds would NOT enjoy Onision's content. It not a good arguement at all.

Im 28.

No. 412548


And do you enjoy Onion's content, anon?

No. 412550

The milk is delicious

No. 412567

She looks her age lmao what do you fucking morons Think 26 year olds look like? It STINKS of newfag and underage here

No. 412570

When's the last time he was into a girl like this? Didn't even seem to be this hooked on Billie.

No. 412571

Ugh, the way he talks about her is so creepy and weird. He's clearly obsessed.

No. 412572

That's because Billie didnt outright block him during the beggining part of their relationship.

Onision got cockblocked by his new manic pixie girl's bf.

Haha, cuck.

No. 412573

I'm just disappointed that the object of his obsession was pulled away so quickly.

Anyone know if she still supports him on patreon? She didn't show up to his "debate" about God discord stream. So I wonder if this means she's out of his life for good?

I also love that Lainey got so salty on Twitter about his romantic ramblings to his "friend" kek

No. 412575

File: 1500450819138.jpg (33.42 KB, 500x333, 1399163162101.jpg)


No. 412579

He's obsessed with her because this is all he has right now. Don't get confused and think he feels especially strong about her - he feels especially strong about his dwindling career, his lack of attention, his lacklustre marriage, the crying children, the IRS… his manic pixie dream girl is a fantasy escape hatch from all this.

No. 412583

Good find but.. why did you like and retweet him, anon?
Especially when we know he has people lurking here for him.

He's also obsessed with her because he is obsessed over EVERYTHING he is denied. He can't stand even being broken up with and has to twist it to "I/we broke up with them" so he can sleep at night.

Also this is really gross and as much as I hate Lainey I hope she makes him sleep on the couch AT THE VERY LEAST.
I know it's shouting into the void to write to her but: Lainey, you know Greg doesn't do "subtle."

Also that girl upthread who was posting snapchats about him was pretty dumb and definitely not debate-quality since she actually thought she could "change" him, and lacked the self control to not indulge him. That's basically a step away from having him buy her an airplane ticket, unfortunately.

No. 412590

I ship Onion and Billy tbh, it's obvious he fails at wimminz and should just pound dat sweet thicc booty.

No. 412595

I thought you meant Billie at first and was almost mad, and confused on why you called her thicc.

Then I realized you meant that shrek looking dude he's been hanging around with so much lately. I mean, he's probably a little more feminine than Lainey…

No. 412597

wonder if he uses this to back out of blaire's livestream today

No. 412600

inb4 'Too sad to do any defending too manic or Oh I acted like a fuck head because I was having issues,she should of debated me when I said'

No. 412601

In the "is my marriage happy" stream vid I love how gutsy Onion has gotten with doormat.
He says at one point, "Vix turn up your mic, I wanna hear everything you say" with more emotion than he's shown on cam for Lainey in forever.

And I love how CLEARLY annoyed Lainey is with everything Vix was saying and Greg's obvious infatuation with her. It's HILARIOUS. At exactly 18:29 she visibly rolls her eyes in annoyance bc Onion didn't give a crap about what a guy said and instead asked "but what did vix say?" and the moment he said that the look on her face could kill. LOL She definitely wasn't feeling very "happy in her marriage" at that moment.

Greg also sings immature song lyrics that are oh so funny "POOP AND SEX" stuff, and Lainey just stares at him like he's an idiot while Vix chimed in and sang along. I think Greg is regretting not going for a "fun" girl with his same 10-year-old boy sense of humor.

Drinking game for that stream: drink everytime Lainey squints or rolls her eyes at Greg. You'll pass out so quick you won't have to suffer through much of it.

Lastly, Lainey seems to LOVE it when people stalk her life or create stupid "smile collages" of her. She wants to be a victim of Greg in our eyes because then she can whine to him about it make him feel like her protector being all "Leave Lainey alone!" Sorry Lainey, no one views you as a helpless victim anymore.

No. 412602


i'm glad someone else saw the milkyness of that video, lainey has had it up to her squinty eyes of that shit

No. 412621

hadn't watched that until now, that stream is so awful.
Lainey is clearly pissed off and doesn't want to be there, and Onision just keeps screaming incoherently over other people, and being obviously dismissive of his wife.

Really seems like they can't even keep up the peachy keen happy married couple act on camera any more. More milk is soon to come.

No. 412622

Ship name = boily

No. 412623

when Gretch is talking about every single male singer getting fucked in the ass/sucking dick and thinks it's the funniest thing ever.

Plainey, peep that homophobia thooooo!!!!

No. 412626

>I think Greg is regretting not going for a "fun" girl with his same 10-year-old boy sense of humor.

I've not been following them that long so someone can correct me, but I imagine Taylor used to have a sense of humour more aligned with his… thing is, unlike Greg, most people continue to mature as they age. He was lucky to find someone at the age of 17 with his immature sense of humour, let alone the other people he's sucked into his wormhole.

No. 412627

>At exactly 18:29 she visibly rolls her eyes
has someone reuploaded this vid? i'd like to observe the bitterness

also, adding link to the scheduled Blaire White debate… really hope she can handle him the right way. He needs to be put in his place.

No. 412629

She doesn't particularly look her age in pictures but in streams etc she does.

Can we not point out all of the catfish accounts? It doesn't affect us in the slightest and if it's trolling gureg then let them continue.

Same boat anon, no idea what plainey used to be like but she was "his biggest fan." So I can only imagine she used to share his humour, what's pretty funny is I'm pretty sure she's admitted she doesn't watch many of his videos now. At least she didn't watch the one of him raping the Andy doll.

No. 412635

I really hope for some top tier milk at that "debate", not like the Joy stream where she kept trying to please everyone.

Question for farmhands: Are you gonna make a separate "debate"-thread for it, like you did with the Joy Sparkles stream?

No. 412639

I will make a thread when the debate starts with looser rules for commenting. You will be able to chat there and sum up the milky parts for this thread here. A Cytube chat for co-watching would also be possible if they stream on a platform supported by Cytube.

No. 412651

This is the same person posting. We are not interested in Vix. There is no milk and that story has an end. This is all fake.

Wether you are Sarah or one of Gregma's patreons who are trying to get him more populare/views.. Fuck off

No. 412653

You're a moron. I am one of those anons and only responsible for TWO of those posts.
Second of which I even stated "samefag here"…
Great expose, genius.

No. 412656

This is bs but besides lurk more anon and learn to sage properly. Thank you.

No. 412657

so if onion is such good friends with billy the fridge, like he's such good friends with shane, shouldn't he be making videos about billy's weight too? you know, because theyre such good friends and he's concerned about his health????

No. 412658

Whoa, she looks like a mixture of Shiloh and billie. It's easy to see why Gerg would lust over her, shes the mixture of both girls that got away.

No. 412660

You don't speak for all of us here, And learn to sage. Grease wouldn't be having such a sperg out if he got what he wanted and lainey has been popping veins whenever vix is mentioned on stream with grease. Its good milk, Don't dismiss it and good on vix and her bf for putting an end to that shit.

No. 412661

If you would have said trendy instead of populare, I would think you were Greg trying to steer us away from Vix. But I bet even gurg knows how to sage after lurking for so long.

No. 412662

File: 1500471936624.gif (805.23 KB, 427x214, 3fhirnehsA.gif)

>At exactly 18:29 she visibly rolls her eyes in annoyance bc Onion didn't give a crap about what a guy said and instead asked "but what did vix say?

Here you go, I made the gif for the keks

No. 412663


ooh i hope lainey leaves his ass and takes all his money + credibility. i don't care if she's looking bad rn for her actions, she's a young adult and if she spills the milk i'll call her pretty

No. 412664


if i can astrologyfag a moment

lainey exhibits a problem many native librans have, we can hold our tongue but not our emotions, libran faces always show their mood, they're said to have several faces a day lol

anyway, greg has his mars in libra. you can sometimes hear him trying to balance his emotions and anger, but he's just so neurotic it gets overshadowed by his messy emotional manipulating self.
he's badly manifesting as a scorpio he needs help kek. lainey will no doubt walk away the winner here

No. 412668

File: 1500472955056.jpg (45.39 KB, 640x480, IMG_1070.JPG)

No. 412669


make a gif of her physically recoiling from him near the end of the stream when Vix asks lainey when the divorce is and Lainey replies 'yesterday..' and then greg spooks her and invades her space to wind her up after the comment.

they fucking hate each other lol

No. 412671

Was she even his "biggest fan" before he started responding to her thirsty attempts to contact him? IIRC she had a list of YouTubers she wanted to marry and he was only her third pick. I think she was more into the idea of YT fame in general than his specific videos and sense of humour. I bet she regrets getting with him and not Shane or someone else who's more popular and less of a raging narc.

No. 412672


there was also a part greg was asking lainey what annoys her about him or whats annoying her now and Vix butts in then lainey speaks over her and says 'Right now'
she hates Vix too

No. 412678

To be honest I'm feeling schadenfreude for this. I love it when Lainey gets smug during the love bombing phase only to be crushed hard by reality whenever a new girl catches the Grinch's interest. I hope Cuddlegate 3.0 happens.

No. 412679

Again, some of the anons in here should message Blaire with some screen shots and video craziness

I would, but I'm working and don't have a gurgle folder

No. 412682

File: 1500476693800.jpg (23.86 KB, 543x273, Capture.JPG)

lol nice polls onion

No. 412684

The twitter polls begin, wonder if he's hoping to use the results for this evening.
On some bullshit about death note ya figure an anime fan would want the source material of their anime to actually be cared about but Onion just playin that race card.
Sent blaire one of Onions mods saying he'd email onion about the girls on forum and onion would respond to everything BUT what the mod was saying the mod would purge posts 8 hours a day but girls would keep popping up. Then it got worse and the great purge happened.

No. 412685

what is the debate on, don't want to derail it on this shit

No. 412686

Onion is a Scorpio? Makes sense

No. 412687

he's the kris jenner that has pushed a new gender on lainey, but lainey is secretly the kim. she needs to finesse greg and hoover up the potential income

No. 412689


He was probably gonna use them for his debate tonight too.

No. 412690

File: 1500478964863.jpg (109.5 KB, 439x810, tumblr_np0zq73iPV1rgyhcpo1_540…)

girl deserves a better wedding day and husband

No. 412691

no, she deserves the shit she got

No. 412692

kek greg looks about 5'6, he's always trying to claim shane dawson is same height as him, shane is a giant compared to this manchild. (who wishes he was shane's boytoy, we all know you're gay greg)

No. 412693

File: 1500479086800.jpg (135.87 KB, 850x1176, ros2mt6hrbay.jpg)


>everything about that wedding

No. 412694

shane's 6', no way is onision close to 6'

No. 412695

iirc lainey is about 5'3 lol

No. 412696

lainey prob trying to identify as a man with bigger balls than her manchild

No. 412697

kek, you would think he would have gotten the suit tailored.


No. 412699


lol why is the space prince even in a dress? won't that make "Lainey" feel misgendered?
peep that transphobia tho.

No. 412700


Lurk moar, anon. She didn't identify as "agendered" until 2015-2016, and she's also said she didn't like the dress or her hair at the wedding, but that her mother in law chose it for her.

No. 412701

File: 1500480305929.jpg (69.38 KB, 623x651, ugh.jpg)

No. 412702

what exactly is he trying to prove here?

No. 412703

I like how he ignores that most of his followers (i.e the ones taking this poll) are:
60% under 18
and almost 50% (41%) say they're older than they are i.e 18+ because otherwise content is ristricted

No. 412707

Ah, and now we have a pt 2 of the shane dawson shame-a-thon

No. 412708

His eyebrows are triggering me in this video.(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 412709

File: 1500481825937.jpg (48.05 KB, 637x473, 1485828196518.jpg)

So much of this manlet's height is his big ass head lmao

This just reminds me of him going from confusing prosecutors/defendants to showing precise knowledge of individual states' age of consent over the course of an hour. All to compare him cheating and almost abandoning his young children to a teenager lying about their age by a few months, mind.

Now who wouldn't want to side with that?

No. 412710

File: 1500481945664.png (281.94 KB, 620x726, onion.png)

Lol now he flip flopped? In this video he says obesity is worse than starving yourself. Before he said starving yourself is worse than obesity when people said why doesnt he make a video against billythefridge? Billy is WAY BIGGER than shane.

No. 412711

File: 1500482042414.jpg (34.23 KB, 500x424, DFHIMfsU0AESwZa.jpg)

I'll sage this because i'm not sure if it's been posted in past just some more irony on the shane thing.

No. 412712

can we discuss that in the shane video where he tries to guesstimate his weight, he shortens shane by 2", adds 2+" to his own height, then takes his top off.

can blaire call him out on his height and homophobia in the recent livestreams on his channel

No. 412713

File: 1500482373051.jpg (45.64 KB, 593x428, onion polls.jpg)

No. 412714


>if you are not on the same side as facts, change sides.

I choked on my soda.

No. 412721

File: 1500483755712.png (208 KB, 815x461, Lamo living the dream.png)

You must remember her maturity level when they started dating. I'm sure that their humor on the same level at that point but Lainy grew up.

Remember this masterpiece she sent him?

No. 412723

How can you not grow up after being with a manchild for 5+ year and having two kids.

No. 412724

When you're groomed at 17 and are refused life experiences outside of being holed up in your Mcmansion popping out kids

No. 412725

Yeah. Honestly the thing I've noticed is-and I don't want to post comparison pictures because his ex's have already been through enough..if you look at all his ex's, they WERE bright and cheerful and happy when they met just like how Vix is. They were all those cute young and perky types of girls he likes

He gets them and saps the energy out of them until they're just hollow depressed shells of what they used to be. He tried to crush Billie the same way he crushed all the others and it didn't work, she's still happy and cheerful and that's what bothers him about that. and if he got his hands on Vix you better believe he'd slowly start chipping away at her until the light of love for her life slowly left her eyes too.

No. 412728

hahahaha…does anyone know vix's sign? if she's a taurus i'm gonna lose my mind.

i feel like after this relationship, lainey's going to have the most pure undiluted hatred of anime. it seems like that's his Code for "I like this girl a lot more than my wife"

No. 412731


Skye, Shiloh and Billie are also Taurusses, you can scream now!

No. 412733


No. 412737

could you guys keep your woo astrology bullshit to yourselves? nobody gives a fuck if Greg is sooooo Scorpio and Lamey is suuuuUUuch a REEEEbra

it's a drama centric image board not your diary.

No. 412739


I do not want this plain bitch to try her hand at cosplay.

No. 412740

File: 1500486887608.jpg (44.18 KB, 495x457, Untitled.jpg)

>i feel like after this relationship, lainey's going to have the most pure undiluted hatred of anime. it seems like that's his Code for "I like this girl a lot more than my wife"

hahah yeah, I remember when Onion used anime as a "I wanna fuck Billie" codeword.

No. 412741

My friends and I are going to play a drinking game along with the stream tonight, anyone got any suggestions for reasons to drink?

sage because not necessarily related to the thread

No. 412742

Onion interrupting Blaire while she is talking.
Drunk in 5 mins

No. 412743

I dont even understand his weird obsession with girls who like anime. He doesn't even watch anime that much. He only watched anime with billie, and since then, never mentions shit again besides Death Note which is a million years old. Is it just that he thinks girls who like anime are quirky and weird or some shit? Or does he just want the opposite of lameo since she doesnt like it and shes boring as fuck.

Every time onion says "facts". Every time onion pulls out a dictionary definition. Good luck.

No. 412744

when will he just find a cancer to sulk with or manipulate a pisces. he's such an idiot! kek

No. 412745

I second facts and dictionary definitions kek

No. 412746

she seems short and fat, prob loads of water aspects
earth signs usually short and stocky with good hair, he has a type. then he likes to shave that quality hair and pretend he's towering over another male for once

No. 412747

If you're going to astrology fag at least know that Aquarius is an air sign anon, you're making it look more woo

No. 412748


Do you want them to die?

No. 412749

there have been 4 posts about astrology in this whole thread. you're such a gemini.

take a shot of whatever you're drinking every time he brings the facts

make a mixed drink at some point and finish it off when he gets frustrated and lainey takes his place

i don't know onion's venus sign or anything but just based on who he is i think an aquarius would be dangerous for him. they're very….quirky lmao

No. 412750

yeah aquarius is air, water aspects would be the water signs, i'm saying for an aquarius she doesn't seem very tall and angular looking

i could do your natal chart and your mind would be blown fagfag

No. 412752

i'm dom aqua, libra, sag i'm the real truth seeker out here, not greg lol, prob why i can see thru his bs.

No. 412753

divinationfag here. the powders show a portentous event in lainey's future. greg's spirit horizon appears to be oscillating, which could foretell either a blood imbalance or wind next thursday

No. 412754

Can we not.
Astrofags have been given a short ban. This is even worse than armchair psychology.

No. 412758


His med records kind of indicated he has high-blood pressure so…

No. 412759

hahahahhahahaha! sorry

your powder's not charged enough, greg's spirit horizon is pretty stagnant (;

not even just lainey's face, look at that infatuated smile he has. it must be weird having record of your husband falling in love with everyone except you.

No. 412763

File: 1500489381907.png (399.42 KB, 943x525, Screenshot 2017-07-19 at 2.34.…)

ha git wrecked scrubs

Looks like Gag is on a spree of killing off his cringy characters.

No. 412766

File: 1500489604976.png (306.76 KB, 454x324, 2E8BC612-C6D4-4F7E-BBD4-D77797…)

No. 412767

now if only he'd do away with the main character…

No. 412768

File: 1500489867158.png (29.98 KB, 664x801, the onision debate drinking ga…)

here it is, the onision debate drinking game.

feel free to join in

No. 412769

Sudden Death Mode:

If Vix/Luxy/Billie show up, take a bong hit.

No. 412770

Do you wanna kill us, anon?


No. 412773

This will make Amerifags blind drunk in the middle of the afternoon.

Maybe we can get high / take a hit every time? As a double fuck you to "straight edge King Gregory" [barf]

No. 412775

If i'm gonna play that drinking game i'll just stick to water. You will be piss drunk within the first 10 minutes.

No. 412776

"drink every time he insults the opposition" RIP

No. 412778

Anon, you forgot drink once each time Greg calls someone a hypocrite!

No. 412779

Spare my liver

No. 412780


I'd do this, but I feel like I'd get alcohol poisoning.

No. 412782

I did leave out a lot of questions because I didn't want to make it too hard, but then again, we're scottish so this is a cakewalk for us

No. 412787

File: 1500493850438.png (3.1 MB, 2360x1326, copybot.png)

Laineybot dyed her hair pink. It's boring as hell, but I did notice all the times she said she wanted to die/kill herself. I know she says this because she's a trendy tumblr meme-girl, but seriously - she is so void of any personality that it amazes me.

Also, imagine being a toddler, hearing your mom say she wants to die or kill herself 15 times a day. Fun times.

No. 412788

of course even from this picture it looks badly/unevenly dyed.

No. 412789

File: 1500494059251.jpg (50.16 KB, 478x696, BlJxRcOCMAELBKy.jpg)


>pic related

No. 412791


Bitch even went to a salon to get it bleached, the dye didn't take well to her piss yellow hair, so they had to go over it twice. apparently it's fading really unevenly, too.

She says she wants to kill herself 4 times by the 2:40 mark, jfc.

No. 412792

File: 1500494241288.png (12.53 KB, 589x95, 2017-07-19 21_56_56-Blaire Whi…)

No. 412793

Oh man I am living for this.
Does anyone know if they'll have a mod?

No. 412794

tf salon did she go to, supercuts? i just can't believe it looks that bad already.

is 4 times in 2 minutes really enough? she needs all the edgy-desu uwu points she can get.

No. 412795

Im gonna do this but with bong hits. Should anyone post this to Blaire's main debate tweet?

No. 412796

going to a mainstream hair salon isn't going to give her the colour she wants, because they simply don't have the means or the eye for it. That being said I don't think it looks that bad. Would look better a bit warmer.

No. 412798

i've no booze on me but i do have weed and a bong lol
thanks for the entertainment tonight greg

No. 412800

i like lainey enough that i'm not going to attack her in a way that would be detrimental to her channel.
i think in order to take out greg,lainey needs to be king

No. 412801

still looking like a soccer mom trying to look like a teen

No. 412802


I finally watched the video and…

This fucker just accused Shane of promoting obesity! And to add insult to injury, on his fucking birthday!


Oh yeah Greg, you are sooo sexy! I wish I was locked in your basement too daddy! Fat fuck

No. 412803

I knew when they put that bright ass pink dye on her head she was going to hate it. I don't think they even toned her hair. She doesn't know anything about hair or makeup.

No. 412805

File: 1500494988509.png (131.79 KB, 632x768, Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 4.06…)

I can't believe that a professional did this. It's horrible and nothing like the picture she showed in the stream? Iirc she wanted a platinum pink with a pink/ purple undertone. Yikes.

And Onions logic is impressing me every single time, it's just hilariously stupid

No. 412806

This woman is a mother of two kids. Even worse is looking at onion and realizing hes the father of two kids and all he can do is make butt rape jokes and attack people online for attention. Whats the chances their kids wont become fucked up?

Also like how she said she wanted pink hair after seeing a pic of a cute girl with pink hair. Who was the girl? Billie? LOL.

Lol. no. Lainey wont be the one taking out gerg. Gerg will dump her for a new girl and she will be crying about it wanting him back and will go crawling back if things dont work out with his new girl. Shes self-admitted pathetic.

No. 412807

hairdresser's can be hit or mix, i use to work in one and i damn prefer the results i get with a box dye, heat and conditioner

if she leaves conditioner in her hair it will lighten, same to anyone who hates the loudness of any new colour, put conditioner in

No. 412808


atheists are such bores, their whole identity is based on the rejection of some other individuals beliefs. #getalife
what would an atheist even believe in if there were no god? or would they just be dull clones doing whatever their government or propaganda told them

No. 412809

We just got rid of the astrofags don't start a religion war…

No. 412810

gurg's never had kids before involved in a marriage.
skye has been taking his earnings for a few years now, imagine what lainey could take and she's also chalking up her own following and her fans already outright hate on greg, he couldn't scare her off the net like skye!

No. 412811

Well, the loudest people tend to be the most idiotic ones. There's dumb atheists and christians and normal ones that don't complain about shit all the time online. I'm not Christian but Greg's logic is so flawed.

Agree with >>412809 though.

His alimony payments end next month, right? Would be a good time for Lainey to divorce him, kek.

No. 412812

Yet hes friends with billythefridge? Wheres the video on how billythefridge is promoting obesity? His name is literally billy. the. fridge.

Oh that's right. Shane has ten mill subscribers so of course he will go after shane who is just chubby over the morbidly obese billy since that gives him attention. He also wants to act like hes so much better than shane by showing off his ugly body.

Shane has ten mill subscribers, has a successful channel and side projects like his podcast and books, has a fun and loving boyfriend who he can make videos together with and they dont look like they hate each other, has a great group of friends/youtubers he can also make videos with and hang out with. Meanwhile onion has everything opposite of that. Oh but shane is a little chubby, so that's what matters in life!!!!

If she turns her uselessness into anger against onion, then maybe. I feel like she will be a doormat in divorce as well and just wallow in self-pity and hate whoever he replaces her with instead of being angry at him in hopes she can get him back.

No. 412813

lainey and her dad need to lawyer up and take this cuck for his money, force him to also get a real job on account that lainey can't work atm cause he's fucked up her psyche and caused ptsd most likely.

lainey seems way more normal. she can go out in public and appear rather confident whilst saying she wants to kill herself (i found her endearing in the pokemon go hunt video altho all that cussing). she's also a mother and i bet she does the majority for those kids, she'll have the natural instinct to actually go out and support her kids and be able to do normal things for them.

greg has already proven he is eager to give up the responsibility of having kids. it's to hard to cater for the kids on the internet at the same time, the kid$$$$ that matter

No. 412815

Wouldn't his patreon for his ' completely honest uncensored ' videos count as rewards?

No. 412816


Americans say biscuit?

No. 412823

File: 1500497488274.jpg (445.45 KB, 2048x1365, All-Purpose-Biscuits-superJumb…)

Yeah, but an American biscuit is pic related. It's greasy/savory, and nothing like a cookie. Lainey probably meant "chocolate biscuit" as a euphemism for feces, since she was 17 and that probably struck her as funny.

No. 412824

So where was it we were allowed to chat or we? It starts soon

No. 412827

Where is this stream happening? For it being 4 minutes away I'm surprised no one is tweeting anything lol

No. 412828

Heres a link to the stream guys

No. 412829


It's happening on Blaire's channel.

No. 412833

File: 1500498219368.png (386.49 KB, 504x570, POhrJ93.png)

He sounds very upset

No. 412834

HAHAHA he is so intimidated by Blaire its hilarious!!!

No. 412835

Probably because he's already losing

No. 412836

She's not letting him bulldozer her. Yes. She'll mute him if he keeps interrupting her.

No. 412838

She's ripping him a new one and it's only been five minutes hahahah

No. 412839

He just said he likes girls who are under developed LOL

No. 412840

Blaire is going off on him and he sounds so meek. She yelled at him for talking over him and threatened to mute him. She went shh shh shhh like she's scolding a toddler.

No. 412841

Is there a new thread being made for the debate ?

No. 412842

Will someone please create and link a chat thread?

No. 412843

Do we have debate discussion thread yet?

No. 412844

He's being muted because he keeps interrupting her RIP anyone doing the drinking game.

No. 412845

The amount of interruptions.
I'm gonna be legless drunk by the end of this

No. 412846

He sounds fucking dead inside.

No. 412848

Debate thread will be ready in 5.

No. 412851

You're the real MVP

No. 412852

This is pretty funny, he sounds so defeated already.

No. 412853

Oh God, Blaire should have got a mod. This debate is chaotic

No. 412854

He sounds like he's about to cry haha

Also he looks and sounds so cute and submissive 10/10 would peg

No. 412857

"I'm not Joy Sparkle. You're going to let me talk on my channel."

No. 412859

guys, wait for the debate thread.

No. 412860

Yes, but her shushing keeps making me chuckle.

No. 412861

what is this debate actually meant to be about, they're just going around in circles

No. 412862


also hi jarath

No. 412864


No. 412865

This isn't a debate, this is a shit show about who can scream at the other the most.

No. 412866


Direct all debate discussion here

No. 412868

See: Jaclyn Glenn/Onion debate.

No. 412869

I don't even fucking care I love this get fucked Greg

No. 412882

File: 1500498950503.jpg (125.44 KB, 956x661, who.jpg)

Debate summary so far

No. 413220

File: 1500502631517.jpg (36.16 KB, 790x275, Capture.JPG)

Lainey might be getting a binder apparently

No. 413228

Whilst breastfeeding ? I'm assuming that's pretty bad for you

No. 413236

The livestream is over and archived on YouTube. Apparently Joy will go live next to talk about it. Please feel free to use the debate thread for that too. >>>/pt/412863

If anyone wants to summarize the debate for other farmers who don't want to watch, we would appreciate it.

No. 413246

File: 1500502924281.png (10.13 KB, 527x95, XdCfF6m.png)

he loves blaire now

No. 413253

The first time a woman has ever been in control of him. I think he has a huge hate bonner crush on her now lol

No. 413256

Was he um…"pleasuring himself" during the debate or something? He's being so creepy. She had you on a leash, dude.

No. 413263


> think greg fell in love with blaire

> he seemed so grateful someone wanted to talk to him for so long
> he doesn't understand english or know what the word 'collect' means
> a sports bra and leggings is appropriate attire for a 13 yr old to photograph herself in and send for the sake of a 31 yr old rating her body
> the twitter polls where him collecting evidence for the 1 of the 3 vague points he kept trying to come back too
> the other point he kept trying to win on was that blaire got banned for a day by twitter for retweeting a photo so she is bad enough to be punished for her actions, but he is not

No. 413265

File: 1500503094729.png (179.4 KB, 386x326, qWX9aNU.png)

ye his face is unsettling

No. 413272


> i wonder what it's like to be with a real tranny i'm sick of this fakeboi shit

No. 413282

he also admitted he dated an underdeveloped 19 yr old, so he's cool dating above his preferred type as long as they are immature

but then he will also date a minor that is mature, like lainey. lol

No. 413287

i am stoned, i think he was trying to say he likes mature children

No. 413302

yeah basically the only reason he stated for why he wouldn't be attracted to a kid is that they're idiots/immature (implying he's neither of those things lol)

No. 413315

Let's hope he never meets a child genius shudder

No. 413316

He seriously does have a weird thing for Blaire, he knew he couldn't come at her like he did with Joy. He took a similar approach to what he did with Jaclyn but he was even more docile. I love that Blaire called him out on his manipulation and didn't get sucked into his strawmans.

No. 413318

His smile at the end was almost flirtatious.

No. 413321

To me it looks like he's gonna stab his wife and kids.

No. 413327

he's definitely got autism or aspergers, he has no idea how to relate, he needs definitions decided by a council of elders. he is a grown fool

No. 413336

Can we not with the armchair diagnosis derailments again? He's clearly not autistic, he's just a shitty person.

No. 413338

I think he's attracted to both Blaire and Jac so that's why he's nicer to them when debating.

No. 413340

I feel like he's so threatened by Blaire he's trying to play nice to gain her favor

No. 413397

No he just does it to ~not give blaire a negative reaction~ he's seething on the inside.

No. 413402

I honestly don't think he was being nice at all, I genuinely think he was attempting to appear docile/calm just to gauge her reaction. In previous debates he hasn't done that, he was disrespectful, and he knows Blaire is going to be different so he's testing a new approach.

He's manipulative as shit but not very smart. He found out fast she wasn't going to take his shit so he tried to win her over, after the debate he probably went into a huge narc rage after trying to suppress his emotions for so long.

He's a timebomb lmao

No. 413411


I definitely agree his attitude towards Blaire (and really anyone else he debates) is usually really calm and collected (in appearance of course)

It worked for him again here in the sense that Blaire was being overly passionate and angry and in contrast it just made him seem a lot more collected (but in reality whenever he talked, everything was horse shit)

No. 413425

onision does not look good in this if your brain can retain facts.
blaire adds comedy by drinking doing this, we knew he would talk in circles, i faded a few times, i came back to life at the collect thing then he ducked out

No. 413437

**he also got confirmation he could email blaire, so i bet he tries to keep up that communication channel, he's infatuated

hasn't he said in a video he only likes people that bring more awareness to him

he has a respect boner for blaire and wants her to stimulate that g spot in his butt he always spergs about

No. 413440

Guys, did you see the video greg posted before the debate? The one he cried so much after making? Then he tweets about it then goes and debates Blaire doing that low voice and Blaire asks him if he's okay.

I feel like he's going to use this as painting himself even more as a victim. He prepared the bed for his retarded fans so they would feel sorry for him before hand…

No. 413441


That part was fucking weird.
He said he had screenshots of some YouTube-stuff he wanted to send to Blaire, she said "feel free" dripping with sarcasm because she wanted to move on from the subject, and he got all coy and asked

>"b..but.. do you want me to?"

what the fuck, man.

Which video is this?

No. 413443

File: 1500506554038.png (294.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170719-192131.png)

Look at the order of the tweets and then how he was at the debate.

No. 413447

Hes probably going to use this too as an excuse for his silence after the debate lmao

No. 413453


did anyone reupload this video?

No. 413476

File: 1500507928242.jpg (15.52 KB, 208x156, mp.JPG)

>Which video is this?


It's some bullshit follow-up "comedy" piece to his "I want to be skinny" video. He still doesn't understand self injury in this one.

No. 413478

Samefag from >>413476, I guess this is a different video. The one he edited and whined about before the debate won't be on youtube until tomorrow though.

No. 413487

y'all im paused at 1:35 trying to understand this, but are his characters autiobiographical that ma looks like his crazy ma, the fat guy is shane dawson right?
anyway, is he burning a massive elmo? is that his kids? are they a witness to this?

No. 413493

File: 1500508800613.png (26.68 KB, 585x202, Screenshot 2017-07-19 at 7.38.…)

Lainey gonna' start mashing down the udders soon when she's finished up nursing. The only thing keeping her from going full blown fuckboi sterotype lesbian is her kids.

No. 413495

>flowers and lace and sparkles
Because that's what men like to wear

Her kids would have been better off living with relatives or sent to a boarding school. At least they'd get more attention there.

No. 413500

I don't think she would actually do it. In my opinion it seems to just be attention-whoring. She can make all these comments to SEEM trans without the commitment of actually BEING trans.

Taylor Elaine Anderson / Avaroe aka Laineybot is the very definition of a "transtrender."

She wouldn't do it because she knows it would make her even LESS appealing to Greg. She is accidentally going in the wrong direction with this whole "gay" facade. She knows it gets her more affection from Greg, so she plays it up. What she doesn't understand is that Greg's not really into gay chicks and he's DEFINITELY not into her being trans, he just wants to have sex with "her" girlfriends and watch her makeout with girls bc that's his fetish. But Lainey has latched onto this new avenue to A) make new friends and feel like she "belongs" to something. and B) to please Daddy Greg by being oh so edgy and different.

No. 413513

I still largely believe these characters all originate from his religion he made up.

No. 413517

Absolutely nothing about her is trans aside from her saying she gets to choose what she identifies as. Transtrenders piss me off. Trans people have no choice but to identify as trans in order to live as the opposite gender they actually feel, and they want to be identified as the opposite gender. These people who decide they just want to go against social norms and identify as nonbinary/agender and lump themselves with trans people are so stupid and it undermines actual trans issues.

Nothing in the way she acts or presents herself screams anything but "girl" besides her own insistent demands to be called a guy or agender. She just had a short haircut. And now she is growing it out, dying it pink, wearing a ton of makeup, and she dresses in girl clothes regularly. So wtf does she need to be agender? Just be a girl who likes guy shit sometimes like every other girl on the planet. Girls who are 100% girly girl all the time are fucking rare.

Yet she lumps herself as trans alongside people like Blaire who are clearly presenting as the opposite gender, taking hormones, and planning to have surgeries. Really lameo, you're issues are the same as people like that? Uh huh sure. Go buy some binders you wear once for a picture or for one day and toss aside because its uncomfortable. Shes a joke. She acts like she faces the same transphobia others face because people on the internet don't believe her or "respect her pronouns". Other people ACTUALLY deal with transphobia by just existing, walking outside, and not bringing attention to the fact they are trans, even getting killed for it. It is just based on how they look. Has she ONCE ever had to deal with that? No.

No. 413531

> So wtf does she need to be agender?

Lots of these tumblr kids have a good heaping of internalised misogyny. They want to be cool and special and not like the other girls, they don't realise the way to stand out is to have an interesting personality and interests. If the same people were five years older they'd be been ~gurl gaymers~ and a little before that yaoi fangirls were the main source of them. It's sad really.

No. 413533

File: 1500511647693.png (266.37 KB, 576x435, J7j3hcf.png)

and he's back to missing his totally platonic 'friend' ……

No. 413535

What would be the best way to debate Onision?

You don't get anywhere using normal tactics because he plays evasive mind games like the narcissistic psychopath that he is. The debater should just talk about Onision amongst themselves, as if he were a zoo exhibit. I think the lack of attention and control would drive him apoplectic.

No. 413537

File: 1500511816435.jpg (205.6 KB, 1200x908, CvouJABWYAUf7RV.jpg)

No. 413538

Onion comes off as even more pathetic than usual here. Wtf man? You sound like some goddamned 13 year old girl. I know that's your demographic but shit.

No. 413541

File: 1500512220008.png (40.77 KB, 587x172, Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.56…)

And then goes right to love bombing his "spouse"

No. 413543

>What would be the best way to debate Onision?

In text, I guess. No one gets to talk over the other and you could address everything point by point.
On video he usually semi slips into his Emo Charlie character, to appear calm and collected. Regardless of how calm the other person is, they're not going to get anywhere.

No. 413544

File: 1500512324441.png (492.22 KB, 925x575, Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 5.57…)

>>"Your relationship is so beautiful"

HOW. He's constantly thirsting after other women, and putting Taylor down / interrupting her in between love bombing her.

No. 413549

So, today is apparently Shane Dawson's birthday.
I hope he doesn't pay attention to onion, makes onion 4x shittier imo to make a vid on his 10 mil day then the part two on his birthday.
Ain't no rest for the wicked.

No. 413550

This is so childish, jeez.

No. 413551

This is a 30 year old man acting like a middle schooler who lost a friend and going on about how he cant relate to most people.

This is just how he did it when he was obsessing over billie. Lameo is either dumb as all hell or in deep denial if she doesn't see how much he likes other girls more than her and he only keeps her around because shes convenient and hasnt found a replacement yet.

No. 413553

Back to smoochin on lainey because she looks like one of his anime girls and they eat it up because they wanna be his waifu.

No. 413557

death note is literal garbage for edgy tweens

No. 413560

>>>What would be the best way to debate Onision?

For one (and I think this is a big one), an actual EXPERIENCED debate moderator. Not a "Youtube friend who's volunteered to mod". If I was debating him seriously and cared about quality, I'd hire someone. This would prevent him from de-railing things, going back to topics already covered, personal attacks/manipulation and doing his typical slimy stuff. It's impossible for an actual debate to happen when the two people are constantly interrupting each other which destroys everything.

Additionally, having some pre-determined topics you'll cover and actually researching and having the info and "proof" available at your fingertips to throw right back at him.

No. 413562

>>>And then goes right to love bombing his "spouse"

Yep. I feel like you can tell when he's likely up to sketchy stuff (like obsessing over this "completely platonic" friend he keeps mentioning is female), or shit is going down at the McMansion. Thats when the Public Displays of Social Media Affection straight up love bombing start popping up.

No. 413563

Timed periods in which to respond to the questions posed by the moderator would go a long way towards helping. Just cutting Greg off and having the other person respond in their time slot, and having the questions not determined by him (can't either change the subject, or keep going round in circles on one topic) would make things better.

But really, it's best just to let him die off without attention.

No. 413564

Lol greg would just interrupt the moderator as well. I thought Blaire did a decent job of shushing him. She obviously also had a list of things she wanted to talk about but he kept always bringing it back to the first topic regardless about what she wanted to say. You can't have a real mature debate with a man who acts like a child. She treated him like the child he is. Definitely would not PAY someone to debate greg. Waste of money.

Also anyone thinking greg won or looked better because he was "calm" is a moron. He goes by that logic himself that if he appears calm and talks in a monotone voice then he wins!!!! Even when hes saying the dumbest shit and nothing of substance. If you pay attention to what was said, blaire actually made good points. Who cares if she insulted him and made jokes? It's youtube and its for entertainment. This isn't some presidential debate and nothing happens after these debates. People take this shit too seriously. No one should debate him or pay him any attention.

No. 413565


anon plz.

Where do you even find a professional moderator to hire? Though pretty much anybody who isn't a youtube attention whore, ridiculously invested in Onision drama, and/or unhinged should be able to do it far better than it's been done before.

No. 413566

I meant they as in the girls.

No. 413574


I've once read in the comments section that Vicky was based off Skye (or his representation of her)

No. 413579

I wish he would debate Andy Warski, i want to see him debate a guy.

I think Greg & Lainey are white trash, the are so isolated and backwards. You can tell they are out dated based on their content and style.

Same with his ideas, so to have him debate a GUY, would emasculate him. Greg is afraid of looking like a bitch, that's why he finds bitchy females to debate.

No. 413583


One thread had a girl looking 14, dressed all anime, but her panties were so low and skimpy it barely covered her pussy slit.

They are so small and petite, incredibly disgusting.

How is he not investigated criminally?????

His fucking DAD IS A PEDOPHILE and convicted Sex offender. I guess it runs in the fucking family.

Now i see why these people are hating hard on him with no remorse.

No. 413589

I was watching lainey's younow and lainey said its obvious she is poly because she gets crushes on everybody!!

Also claims she knew for a long time (2 years ago!) but never acted on it.

Uh huh. Sure.

No. 413590

Not only is his dad a pedo/sex offender, but his mother is one too.

No. 413591

Are you serious?? Did he say this and are they both registered sex offenders??

No. 413595

Do you happen to have the link to the archive?

No. 413597


"Onision forum archive"

click on the first link

then you will see seperate shots of the archive
scroll down and click on the ones that say

"Have Onision Rate you 1-10"
"Body Image" (this one is awful)
"What does lainey think of your body" (This one at the bottom has one that could send Onision to jail, this is the worst one and is pretty much child pornographhy)

I am puking right now of what a pedophile shit show he is. I'm actually sending these screenshots to the FBI. Because this is CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!!!!

You can see why these people are calling him a fucking pedophile, BECAUSE HE IS!

No. 413603

To my knowledge no, she gave Gergles naked body massages,though. I'm assuming that's what the anon had in mind with 'his mother's one too'.

No. 413607

Neither of Gerg's parents were convicted of pedophilia or inappropriate sexual conduct that anyone has found or that Gerg admitted. Gerg's mom told him that his father was a pedo and rapist of a mother and her child, and Gerg later asked one of the alleged victims about it. Gerg said the alleged victim was silent or evaded directly answering the question, which was all the proof Onion needed to believe his mother was telling the truth.

Onion admitted that his mom gave him topless body massages because she's a licensed masseuse, and he alluded to getting a boner during it at least once.

That is the extent of the creepiness. When mentioning his father's conduct, he references them as "allegedly" occurring because stating them as factual would be slanderous because there's no legal backup.

No. 413609

I sent all the archive, information, onision links, pedophile picture of girl barely in bikini bottoms to the FBI tip line, and even called to tip them off.

I sent even the Blair White debate where he talks about pre developed girls and self confesses pretty much to the forum and images.

At first i like shit talking about Greg but since seeing the actual Archive, i am fucking DISGUSTED at the child pornography on his site.

I don't care if i am put out to pasture. If anyone else can do it, leave a tip at the FBI.gov website.

No. 413611


No. 413612

yes report to the FBI website man, thats what i did, i told you this shit is fucking disgusting - i didn't know how serious the situation was when they were calling him out on this shit

seeing him actually try to justify this is just fucked up

No. 413613

So lainey and ash are definitely a thing. In her younow she was talking to her about when she visits new mexico and how they are going to go on dates every day. And Ash asked her if she would be open around her parents and she said idk but probably because ill want to be next to you all the time. And shes talking about making out with her when she sees her.

People asked what her and Ash are and she said idk Ash what are we? And Ash said i'm waiting for you to visit so we can decide!

No. 413614

As if Onion would ever let her leave the state by herself.

No. 413618

Maybe Lainey is keeping this thing on the backburner for when Gerg inevitably leaves her?

No. 413625

Thank you for taking the time to inform the FBI about this, anon.

No. 413629

Thanks for doing this, it probably won't go anywhere (anons have submitted tips before), but if the image is as bad as you said, that might get him into trouble.


If you see anything that looks illegal or borderline illegal, report it.

No. 413630

Just so everyone knows, content removal requests can be sent to archive.org, but not archive.is. Archival is more helpful than screenshots.

No. 413632

If Taylor left the state, it might be Greg's chance to spend some time with a different girl. He might be happy to get away from her at this point.

She's about as bi as a high school girl and is comfortable doing nothing with her life; if she gets dumped she'll probably try to find another guy to support her lazy lifestyle.

No. 413634

Fucking praying Lainey actually grows a pair and leaves Greg herself. I mean even if he leaves her he would be doing her the biggest favor of her life. I believe she would be able to live happily without him and he would continue on this ridiculous downward spiral, no one would want to be with him after this he's done.

Also if Joy is ~all about the kids~ why doesn't she do something productive like have all her minions report Onion's pedophile archive to the FBI too? She has a 60k reach - for that matter, why didn't Blaire tell anyone to tell the FBI? These people spend all their time bitching about someone being a threat, and then when there's legitimate proof for them being a pedophile, they do nothing.

No. 413636

Holy fuck Joy's video is all about Joy. I wasn't aware that the debate was actually about Joy!

No. 413637

I honestly can't see Lainey leaving Greg unless it was for someone else who would take care of her financially the way he does/did. I do think if he started pushing her to actually get a real job though, it could push her to potentially leave, otherwise it seems like she's content enough staying right where she is as long as she can have her pretend girlfriends on the internet.

No. 413638

His dad isn't a pedo, it's some shot Greg's mom made up to make him hate his father with her. There's zero proof, he was never arrested, and his "crime" seems to be leading a church youth group. Greg acts like his dad is on the pedo list but no.

No. 413642

I was surprised it wasn't longer lol

Its going to be so much worse for those kids because Brainey has a psychology background, they'll see her as an authority on things like sexuality and end up dating 15 anteaters

No. 413648

At this point allowing Joy to have a channel is just enabling her psychosis.

No. 413650

Wouldn't her family just support her at this point? Her family is likely super well off if her dad's a lawyer, I can't honestly see her having to struggle at any point financially. If she's staying for the attention, she's absolutely stupid if she doesn't think she would get more positive attention if she actually left and protected her children.

So many other anons have said it, but once their son/daughter has friends over that are young teenagers, Lainey will be beyond invisible. I doubt it'll last that long, but if she thinks she's mad about Greg's "friend" wait until he's sperging about their children's friends.

No. 413651

This article about pedophilia is interesting.

>Facial anomalies could, among others, include having non-detached earlobes, malformed ears, or a high or steepled palate.

>The 140 consenting participants who took part in Dyshniku's study. The findings suggest that the pedophiles who participated in the study were more likely to have minor facial and head anomalies than was the case for men who were not pedophiles. These deviations were more prevalent on the head than elsewhere on the body.

No. 413662

File: 1500524921370.png (1.04 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4195.PNG)

So could the reason we find Onion's face so creepy be some kind of neurological pedo face detection system?

No. 413663

File: 1500525047430.png (960.75 KB, 1334x750, IMG_4216.PNG)

It's not just when he smiles.

No. 413667

Yeah, it's an interesting comparison to draw.
>forehead dent
>oversized head
>caveman brow
>messed up teeth, idk about his palette though obv.
>attached earlobes
Anyone know if he's right or left handed?

This article has some interesting tidbits as well

No. 413671

Is this the new astrology derailment?

No. 413673


Okay, I don't like this guy, but this is a fucking stretch.

Forehead dent? His forehead looks normal.
Oversized head? Well maybe
Caveman brow? Yeah, a bit.
Messed up teeth??? His teeth are the same amount of messed up as a lot of people who didn't get them corrected with braces.
Attached earlobes? Is there fucking proof of this or are you just assuming to fit the criterion?

No. 413674

Onision fuck off you shill, you have pedo ears………even if it doesn't fit the criteria of a pedophile your forum does now fuck off.

No. 413676

Honestly, I don't think Greg is a pedophile because I don't think he's attracted to children. I do however think because his logic is so flawed that he believes it's okay to be sexually attracted to ANY female who has womanly curves. It's still not okay and if he acted on it, very illegal, but not something i'd call pedophilia.

No. 413679

His forum says other wise, littered with prepubescent and under developed bodies in his self made "rating" threads and "lainey rates your body" threads. With barely visible pussy slits showing of 13 year old girls.

Get the fuck out you shill. He is definately a disgusting fuck, he let Sarah move in with them, who the fuck lets a strangers kid come live with them. A stranger very young teen from another area………..let them live with them.

No. 413681

Greg's army is lurking trying to do damage control.

No. 413682

I'm the same anon here >>413667, just want to clarify that I think he's an ephebophile, or possibly hebephile. So no, he's not a "pedophile" in the sense that he's attracted to prepubescent children. That doesn't make what he's doing any less heinous.

No. 413683

File: 1500527291861.png (159.51 KB, 500x416, tumblr_inline_or8xhwfV661uaatm…)

lainey's old reddit posts that she deleted but saved

thought it was interesting how she regrets having kids with greg and marrying at 18

No. 413684

I thought that was a fake account

No. 413685

no it wasn't, that was to cover up the fact it was her account

No. 413688

I want her to actually date a lesbian girl and she will realize real quick she isn't actually into girls. Not this petty only kissing nothing really physical bullshit she had with billie. I think she totally believes she is into girls because she finds girls pretty just like how she totally believes shes poly just because she has "crushes" on many people and how she believes shes nonbinary because she was misogynistic as a kid.

Shes running to the "girlfriend" idea because she wants to be loved and have someone who will be compassionate with her but doesn't want to leave greg so the only way to get it is through a girlfriend that he allows, so it'd be better for her IF she was into girls, which is why she loves the idea. In practice, i feel like shes not actually into girls and just wants an "emotional" relationship.

But then she will have to go back to her awful home!!! Where her dad cares about her enough to not want her with an abusive psycho that he tried to keep her from leaving and give her good financial advice when she was thinking of divorce! That awful person! And her family totally doesn't understand her gay nonbinary way that will be awful!!! But they actually already know about it and still care and love her, they just don't acknowledge it, but she still wouldn't mind clinging onto ash in front of her parents! Worst house ever to live in!!!

No. 413689

His flip out about Jacquelyn's boob job given how flat she was before suggests that he does possibly like bodies that lack secondary sexual features, as a child's body.

It's a pointless argument anyway, and it's disgusting that so many in the internet want to do backflips making the distinction and acting like ephebophiles/hebephiles are somehow less bad than pedophiles.

The problem with either group isn't which visual characteristics of their victims turn them on inside their heads. It's their actions, which are the same in either case: predating on vulnerable and easily controlled members of society. It's morally equivalent.

Splitting hairs about it because of the dictionary definitions of words is straight up Onion obfuscation tactics. Stop it.

No. 413692

If you actually think they didn't have sex you are naive as fuck. Obviously they all fucked together.

No. 413694


Can we just highlight his pure ignorance in the fact that he rants and raves about how disgusting boob jobs are but is an advocate for trans culture?? WHAT THE FUCK DO TRANS WOMEN GET IN THEIR CHESTS??? Breast implants.

He is filled with so many loopholes it makes me roll my eyes so hard.

No. 413696

I think he likes the mindset of high-school aged girls best, especially if they are some quirky goth/alternative into anime weird/fun shit and his terrible juvenile humor. He doesn't like older woman who have a mature mindset/career, etc. That's why even if vix was 26, i could see him being into her just because she has the juvenile mindset/humor. I don't think he likes little children, but he thinks its fine once they hit puberty even if they are underage.

No shit. No one said they didnt have their threesomes. She self-admitted she was not very physical with billie (said i can count on one hand the amount of times i was physical with her), but greg was really physical with her. And that her and billie's relationship was mostly emotional, not physical. Billie was not even into her, and lainey wasn't into billie. It was all for greg. If you think they were actually some lesbian love duo, you're naive as fuck.

No. 413700

Hell fucking no i dont think that Billie was anything other then Greg's personal dick sucker.

I bet Lainey is not very physical with Greg either.

No. 413707

I thought Lainey said they got to second base once and stopped?

No. 413708

That's not what Gurg says and it seems like it's up to him.

Saying no is a turn off that would result in insufferable sulking.

No. 413725

File: 1500533680395.png (785.94 KB, 863x656, 2017-07-20 07_51_58-WHY I'M ON…)

In her latest video Trish said she likes Mikenactor because he makes good videos about 'a youtuber' she doesn't like, I think we all know who she's talking about. I bet it's killing her to not speak out about this Shane stuff he's been dropping lately. She doesn't stray away from drama usually so I assume she's trying to protect Shane and not bring attention to gerg's video.

No. 413732

I don't even like trisha but im lovin that shade.

No. 413735

Any proofs that it's her? It's doubtful; she doesn't seem like the type to use reddit or say something about 'finding herself only after she got married and had kids'. She's still in the stages of finding herself and doesn't seem self-aware enough to say shit like that to begin with.

No. 413736

how do we know it was her account? it sounds a little too "perfect". it's exactly what we would expect to see.

No. 413737



Depending on your genes, you can get some breast growth from just taking estrogen.

no youtuber likes drama with gerg, because he plays dirty. he's a psycho. he always overdoes his insults and the more subs a person has, the more videos he makes about them

No. 413740

Okay wow, I totallly use stills from The Notebook (one of the most romantic movies of all time) to refer to my platonic friends alll the time. /s

Lainey is choosing to be blind to this at this point. I'd be willing to bet Vix and Greg have referenced The Notebook in their private texts or something. (I would kill to read those despite how "tame" Doormat found them) Douchey guys always reference the notebook when trying to win over a new girl. Kinda wish Vix would come back, cause she had the potential to emotionally wreck Onion.

No. 413744

bu but anon how else will she "breastfeed" and represent and fight for womyn without tits

No. 413747

>41% older than you are
>41% 18+

No. 413748

before she was brainwashed
honestly, when I saw her before greg pics she seemed like any other normal girl, so of course when her dream husbando she fangirled over messaged her she submitted like a dog, just to find out hes a cult member that will get her pregnant the second he finds her and force her into relationships and to groom other teens, all the while trying to paint what they're doing as some normal trendy tumblr shit

younger her, was dumb but didn't deserve it, her now, is still dumb but she deserves it because she can easily leave him, get ACTUAL therapy and help the kids
does she have a job? did she even finish high school + at least go to trade school or college?
at least billie was a little ambitious

No. 413749

anyone familiar with "Self induced depression"? basically, I believe thats the same concept for what happens with lainey and the other girls in gregs cult

lainey will take small things in her mind such as finding females attractives and think "oh god I'm bisexual lesbian pan boy" or whatever she is this week, along with other things she claims to be, along with sarah
they all seem like complete basket cases, and they need help, which they won't find from the lexapro section of the drug store or telling their therapist what they THINK they feel, which is why so many teens who have no real problems end up getting diagnosed with major depression, they will take something small, but stretch it and act depressed, especially if they're familiar with the signs of depression, they will act out on it and subconsciously believe they're depressed
its hard to explain without sounding crazy, but once you get a good idea on it, you understand how many people are like it
sage for ot

No. 413750

he also use to fap to girls with tit jobs on uhohbro
people from /ot/ talked about his hypocrisy a lot on the plastic surgery fraud thread


No. 413751

This girl made me want to scream from her desperation.

No. 413753

maaaaate. i just watched the debate with blaire, and grug's demeanour was downright creepy. he was emotionless, flat faced and struggled REAL hard not to get his rage on with her. i bet it was because he knew he couldn't pull the same shit with her like he did joy. it was almost like he put that front on to seem reasonable and calm while hoping that she would lose her shit. he struggled a good few times not to bust.

she handled him well imo, even if it wasn't as milky as i'd hoped.

No. 413755

He was apparently channeling his inner anime character L from Death Note, just thinking a 30 year old man has to imitate a character to deal with situations.

No. 413756

I love Trisha throwing this prime rib shade. Extending her reach to a 11k youtuber and channeling her petty through his videos.

Trisha I love you for this, its the ideal way to trigger Greg. Not mentioning him AND still fucking with him bad.

No. 413757

Look at him being so "nice and sweet" on his Twitter after the debate though.

No. 413758

File: 1500545111981.png (173.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170720-115815.png)

No. 413760

File: 1500546289794.jpg (156.29 KB, 489x594, writermusician-gerard-way-on-d…)

Young Gerard, absolutely not. Gerard now? I suppose they have similar receding hairlines and doughy looking dadbods…?

No. 413763


Gerard has never been good looking imho, but he was cute in a slightly nerdy way. They do look a bit alike in some pictures, mainly in those that have a ton of filters and photoshop on Gerard's as well as Gurg's so I wouldn't really be proud if it were him. When I first encountered a picture of Greg I really did think he looks like Gerard but then I found out what he looks like in reality and it's nothing like it. I think he just tries to look like him on purpose.

No. 413764

Sage for rage but Gerard Way will always be attractive, even with his dadbod and shit.

His personality and kindness is also what makes him even better than gregma so pls no bully Gerard.

No. 413765

File: 1500547289713.png (210.56 KB, 456x486, u66RRDz.png)

oh shit gerard changed so much since i stopped paying attention to him when i quit being a fangirl in 2005.

Yeah greg looking NOTHING like Gerard Way during the peak of MCR. Gerard had a cute face, while greg has the face of a creep that looks at teen girls and fantasizes about chaining them in his basement.

No. 413770

Someone needs to do a video mash up from every video Gurgamel has made about raping someone and mix his "Rape is not funny" to it.

No. 413773

Onision making videos on Shane's weight is a fucking low blow, considering how obsessed with him he is there's no way he doesn't know about his BDD. This is his way to try get his attention, Greg no matter Shane's weight he will always be better and more popular than you, get over it.

No. 413775

I'm curious about these supposed emails mentioned during the 'debate' blaire acknowledged them but didn't go into details, makes one wonder is Onion doing another JG where he coddles up plays nice then does something passive aggressive?

No. 413776

File: 1500550585558.png (2.33 MB, 2532x1637, fullautismcomparison.png)


I went the extra mile to compare gerg and gerard (sorry)

turns out F A X are not on his side

No. 413778


You know what? Good for Gerard. Actually looking his age to make teenage girls stop perving out on him. Unlike Greg. Sage for off topic.

No. 413780

What Causes Eating Disorders? (Anorexia, Bulimia & Obesity)
Leave it to Onion to irritate me in under 2 minutes of a video.

No. 413782

>"eat healthy foods"!"
>encourages his wife and slaves to eat like shit and never workout

>"have a supportive boyfriend/husband!"

>is a shit one himself and is a big part why lameo has no self esteem

No. 413783

they have full eyebrows and long dark boy hair, that's it.
greg looks like a neanderthal that drinks period blood. he's pron related to vlad the impaler

No. 413784

plus gerg is aging he fills in his brows now to give them more shape since they're melting off his face. he's going to be a strange looking 50 yr old

No. 413785

this was done already, we were the makers of the archives. how new are you?

No. 413786

Yeah expecting these celebrities to look pretty forever only produces monstrosities like Onion.

And no I don't mean to imply you're a celebrity, Greg.

No. 413787

Yeah expecting these celebrities to look pretty forever only produces monstrosities like Onion.

And no I don't mean to imply you're a celebrity, Greg.

No. 413789

File: 1500552824812.jpg (21.28 KB, 847x136, dislikewar.jpg)

The dislike war continues, while people cry about how they supposedly seem to know all of their youtubers eating habits.
"He just wants to help Shane get healthy."
It's sad.

No. 413790


They are both human bei__ Nah, scratch it, I don't see it.

No. 413791

idk, they pulled the same weird shit with the Mercedes girl for views

No. 413792

So, summing up, Greg looks like a caveman.

No. 413794

he prob thinks anyone squinty looking looks like him kek

No. 413795

those forums are creepy as fuck, i understand young girls can be stupid as fuck and post provocative photos where they think they will remain confidential + only to the recipient and those participating but i'm sure few if not most will feel regret or shame for doing so.
the young girl that wanted her photo removed from the video, it probably hit home how not ok this behaviour is. a low active forum probably doesn't feel so scandalous.
I shudder to think what photos the mods refer to have deleting that were inappropriate.
/feminism but i think society actively needs to move away from behaviours that are damaging to self esteem, the sheer fact that onision is being 'critical' of young girls bodies in whatever guise he pretends, he poses a huge issue in internet culture and the toxic society of viewing people at face value only.

he IS a bad person. he can't handle criticism about himself, he should not be dishing it out

plus he's UGLIE

No. 413796

File: 1500555534772.jpg (309.16 KB, 978x1328, Screenshot_20170720-085816.jpg)

Look at that downway spiral

No. 413797


No. 413799

Onions ex mod remarks on the forum onion claims website was lost from ddos attacks mod says otherwise?

No. 413800

fuck i always imagined the mods being teen girls or girls in their 20s.

i don't like the idea of older guys being silent mods in the background over a site with posts dominated by young girls.

i bet the girls posting themselves are oblivious to who they are interacting with, they prob just think it's the one shot they have of getting greg's attention.

creep af, and clearly attracts other older viewers

No. 413801

>fuck i always imagined the mods being teen girls or girls in their 20s.

that's what it used to be, the problem is that they don't stick around because he's both a shitty person and a shitty forum admin

No. 413802

File: 1500557621891.png (94.73 KB, 844x374, cKgTlBj.png)


Funny comment on the Blaire debate video that captures gerg's "debate tactics" well

No. 413803

I don't mind guys with his mindset being involved with mods, he seems more mature and less pedophilic about it, and he spoke out about onision being a pedo

I'm more worried about the grown men going to onisions videos and seeing these kids without clothes and onision going "but but they asked!!!! it's what you would see at a swimming pool I never told them to"

I also remember similar arguments were being used for when webcam video @ whatever time came out, people just tried to understate it "oh well there's no body parts exposed you see more at a swimming pool" type shit, and completely ignore the fact these children are being sexualized, having attention drawn to the "Attractiveness" of their body and have disgusting grown "men" gawk at them

No. 413804

that's exactly the mentality i thought all the users on his forum had, i feel naive being a 26 yr old lady thinking it wouldn't attract other predators as ref by his global mod stating he had to ban other users for being predatory

No. 413805

swimming pool in my areas use to have galleries where members of the public could sit, or yknow friends and family members, they're mostly all gone now or restricted that you have to pay to get into the pool area.

it is creepy to lurk at pools my god, people get arrested for having cameras in changing rooms. such a redundant argument

No. 413818


I do hope that if anyone debates him again, it's someone who's lurked enough to slap him with his own contradictions. Blair missed a huge oppourtunity with the rape/andy situation.

No. 413819

File: 1500560838047.png (40.49 KB, 370x349, ytc.png)

No. 413820

yeah so fucking weird to say someones name when talking to him, how odd

No. 413821

think the point is his mindless fans claim blaire lost because of her interrupting and muting him, when by these stats she gave him ample opportunities to be civil and have a back and forth.
the 'greg(s)' where mostly her trying to get his focus back

No. 413822

yea these are essentially the stats of everytime he tried to go OT or interrupt

No. 413824

Basically, allowing Greg to word salad his way out of shit is unacceptable.

No. 413826

File: 1500561943838.jpg (21.46 KB, 593x129, crowder.jpg)

Can Onion handle crowders base? We shall see maybe.

No. 413827

File: 1500562016089.png (45.17 KB, 804x178, ytc1.png)

bunch of virgins

No. 413829

File: 1500563174720.jpg (48.47 KB, 1280x720, dLG4fF5.jpg)

crowder is a science denying cherrypicking asshole but when it comes to onision, sure, bring him on. trash deserves to be picked apart by other trash.

No. 413832

I didnt realize this was a crowder thread. Also, in the tweet he said he wants to talk to blaire white, anon.

No. 413833

But that's the point. Is Blaire would come on his show to talk about Onision he'd get hate from Crowders fanbase. But I don't think she replied to him anyway.

No. 413847

i unironically find him funny because of how people that hate him react to him. i look forward to the commotion this will hopefully bring.
>>413802 incredible. so accurate.
>>413795 i kinda agree about society needing to move away from these damaging things but it would be so hard to implement. its a consequence of the internet existing, kids are kinda dumb and have to learn from their mistakes/their parents did a bad job (like mine)

No. 413854

he literally believes being a B cup and under makes you "under developed" holy shit

No. 413858

As someone who goes shooting with the bf every weekend, this triggers me. Onion should at least be vaguely familiar with trigger discipline from being in the military. Overgrown edgelords.

No. 413862

i think everyone hides stuff from their parents, and your parents hid stuff from theirs, that's normal.

i think tho when u have a guy like greg on a kid friendly website, making content for a younger audience and there being complaints about his conduct it's alarming.

No. 413867

cup size can also be misleading anyway, all breasts are breasts, how dare he shame woman

No. 413868

File: 1500570365518.png (82.28 KB, 581x224, ytc2.png)

i'm frustrated

No. 413869

File: 1500570454670.png (77.27 KB, 574x381, ytc3.png)

No. 413870

Onision called that 19 yr old he use to date 'not developed' then blaire used the term underdeveloped.

she never brought up the point, he made it and now he's trying to twist it into an insult Blaire made against small breasted girls which she never made!

context greg, context!

i guess his underage fans don't have the attention span to watch the whole thing

No. 413871

you know it's fake because lainey doesn't clean or do shit besides tweet
(they hired a sitter to help her lazy ass)

No. 413874

shane dawson has an eating disorder and has had struggled with one for years, sure it isn't anorexia and he's male but it doesn't mean its okay to fuck with somebodys mental health for VIEWS and PROFIT

No. 413875

I'm the same height as lainy and my boyfriend is 6'1. There's no fucking way gurg is 6'. I feel tiny next to my bf, but Greg and lainy look similar in height. I bet he's 5'7 max.

No. 413879

"I was joking when I vehemently called tall women disgusting, repeatedly, as people told me it was judgmental and really hurtful. They said I should call it a preference and I told them to fuck off."

This volte face makes me think he's trying to impress someone; he's apologized for his actions (audience ago and now comments) two days in a row. Does he think he'll win Vix by playing humble?

No. 413887

was anyone ever able to get his time of birth? doing a natal chart of his nasty ass to see what the planets say. (halfway joking but. he is a november scorpio and look at all the gross shit he does. lol)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 413891

File: 1500572943887.jpg (291.51 KB, 1440x949, Screenshot_20170720-194813.jpg)

No. 413893

If this is really happening then I completely believe the Vix milk now. It would be perfectly convenient that Laundry is going alone to see her crush and Greg is nursing his own. They're easing out of poly and going full open marriage.

No. 413896

this is true, sage for Ot
I knew a girl with b cups and she was super skinny and tiny, I also knew a girl with Ds but the girls Bs looked bigger than the girl with Ds because of the ratio, the b cups seem to spread out more? if that makes sense but didn't poke out much

No. 413901

I HATE when people defend something thats hurting kids by either placing the blame completely on the kids or parents, it's also an argument pedophiles have used before "oh? you don't want to get your get assaulted by me? well it's your fault for not being over their shoulder every breathing second of the day and it's their fault for letting it happen!" like no, it doesn't matter if the parents are good or bad, or if the kid could have avoided it or not, predatory behavior is always going to be predatory behavior

No. 413903

this is what happens when girls who are too young get sucked into onions cult to have a baby

but shes a fucking idiot for thinking she's the best mommy in the world, but only when she breastfeeds, not to change the topic to boobgate but her behavior is pretty much

lainey when breastfeeding: "oh I'm the best mom of the year #breastfeedingmommy #proudboobnazi "

lainey when she isn't breastfeeding: -hands baby to nanny- bye baby mommy needs to mess around with teenagers and pretend to be a space prince on the internet

No. 413915

File: 1500576680786.png (197.3 KB, 586x500, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.4…)

Such a narc perspective. It's not fair to them when someone suicides because then they don't exist to reflect the narc. "Let us keep them" is so possessive.

No. 413917

File: 1500576782013.png (25.14 KB, 585x112, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.4…)

Keep reaching. Also a narc: thinks everyone is just like them, and is out to prove it.

Greg: your audience is made up of children who want to like whatever you like. You like daddy kinks? They like daddy kinks so sempai will perhaps notice them. The vast majority of them are under 18 (and many under 13), they have NO idea what they like.

No. 413922

I thought we weren't allowed to care about celebrity deaths because of war in the middle east or whatever, GREG

No. 413924

After being BTFOd by Blaire and everyone googling his archives of his creepy forums, again…I don't think it's a smart idea to tweet this..

No. 413926

You're only allowed to care about emo celebrities

No. 413927

it's sad because that's exactly why he's tweeting it lmao like, "I'm not a pedophile!! It's a kink!!!! A KINK!!" disgusting little man

No. 413930

this dude is such an ugly hypocrite, fuck him

No. 413935

he's involved with a community that has shit tons of connections to pedophilia and his wife is involved with communities that have shit tons of connections to pedophilia (boob nazis and fakeboi side of tumblr)

all while continuing to hang out with underage girls, keep a catch of places with low ages of consent, and having an online forum with tons of underage girls sending him pics in their panties for him to judge and him not doing much about it, plus haven't they been caught grooming teens?
why the fuck does he keep getting away with this shit and not being investigated?

No. 413939

Lainey was caught red handed grooming Sarah when she was 15 or 16, and Lainey herself was groomed by Greg around that age. It's so fucked up.

No. 413940

more deets? how did she groom her? I know it was sarah but wasn't it a few others as well? like the 14 yr old they flew out to "hang out" with lainey(lurk moar)

No. 413947

I thought she started grooming Sarah when she was 14?

No. 413949

Go read the old threads

No. 413954

Had a browse through some of these and these kids aren't even lying about their age. Most seem to be around 15 and they include that in their posts.

I can't believe he actually has the gall to try and defend himself when they openly state they are underage. I've no proof that he has used any of these images of confirmed children in videos BUT he publically shared images of girls whose age he could not confirm (he said so in the Blaire White debate) which is dodgy af and he certainly didn't take any images of confirmed children down from his website (as the archive shows).

I'm not new, I've known that this has been going on for a long, long time but it's really surprising to me how open all these girls were with their ages and he still somehow believes that's okay. How is it that the authorities still have done absolutely nothing about this with all the evidence we have collected?

No. 413955

She never said that? He said he liked underdeveloped woman LOL. Women who are developed with small hips and boobs are still developed women. Hes a moron and is writing shit to himself again.

Lol, sure. It's not like he said one comment in passing. He tweeted about it for days, saying it over and over. His "sorry" is such bullshit.

No. 413960

he also said it wasn't pedophilic to be attracted to kids with big asses and tits and now he's going around saying he loves small hips and boobs?

No. 413963

File: 1500582501073.png (1.94 MB, 1218x1312, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 21.2…)

He tweeted this about an hour or so ago. If I weren't so disgusted by his face I'd go through his video about Blaire to see how many times he calls her a cunt. Also kek at this uppity bitch thinking being sober = winning. As if being slightly tipsy takes away from anything Blaire said.

No. 413966


>"this is called dishonesty"

No, Onision. It really, really isn't. You playing a character and putting on a façade of this beaten down, emo boy is dishonest. Fuck offfff.

No. 413969

Can you elaborate on these communities or provide proof of their connections, like legit screenshots of interactions or follows?

No. 413970

well besides the several screenshots of him talking about being into daddy kinks aka ddlg, and lainey always posting boob nazi type stuff (see boob nazi general in snow), I have to say the proof can be provided, if you just, you know, scroll up

No. 413971

Only his idiot fans are going to ignore the video he made of her calling her a dumb cunt, useless bitch, etc over and over. The joy sparkles debate was not that long ago and he insulted her and that other guy over and over. Now hes gonna act like hes some saint? And so what if she shushed and muted him? She told him repeatedly to let her talk and wait his turn, and he didn't listen. She warned him countless times she would have to mute him if he didn't let her speak, and he didn't listen. That's his own fault he has to be treated like a child.

No. 413975

File: 1500583165473.png (576.43 KB, 935x598, onion.png)

This man can clearly not get over billie. She has been posting flower pics on both her instagrams. Now he posted this.

No. 413976

i like white.sprinkle's comment

No. 413977

File: 1500583303748.png (1.44 MB, 1728x601, billie.png)

Just a few days ago.

No. 413978

It really creeps me out how much both gruel and plaine can't get over wanting/wanting to be Billie.

No. 413980

It was funny in lameo's younow yesterday someone asked lameo if greg liked her new hair and she said yeah he really likes it and she implied hes been more loving towards her since she dyed it. I cant remember her exact words. But I can imagine gerg wishing she'd be more like billie and being happy about it.

No. 413981

is he not even trying to hide his teen fetish anymore?

No. 413983

File: 1500584372451.jpg (33.54 KB, 822x325, lol.jpg)

His only fans are naive people with short term memory because he just tweeted this a few days ago.

No. 413991

Is he basically insinuating that he only apologises because 'society' say to? Very dishonest there.

No. 413997

Pretty sure that that's edited to say his name. If i remember correctly the original tweet said 'celebrity' instead of onision.

No. 413999


Yeah, that's a shoop. The first sentence and the word Onision is in a slightly different font than the middle sentence.

No. 414000

God no Andy is a fucking moron lol

No. 414001

I think it's Blaire he's trying to impress. During the stream she mentioned making mean videos about someone and apologising for it (it was to show that she's capable of feeling guilt, while he isn't). He's literally just trying to show her that he's capable of feeling emotions (not true but w.e) but funny he chose apologising to Jacklynn and not Shane (who was the actual subject of the debate).

No. 414003

File: 1500585780858.png (77.9 KB, 576x820, IMG_5758.PNG)

I love how he phased this as though it was a one off comment that he realises now was out of turn. Anyone else remember peeping his vitriolic fervently transphobic rant on Twitter? Ah, seems like it was only yesterday… oh, wait, it was only 30 days ago.

No. 414004

File: 1500585995693.png (15.37 KB, 590x127, lol.png)

Oh my bad, you're right. I saw it in a reply to his tweet, and i remembered seeing the tweet earlier (forgot the exact wording) so i didn't bother to find the original one. Here is the actual tweet.

No. 414006

the onision one is more accurate

No. 414010

File: 1500586433348.jpg (49.48 KB, 806x271, Uj5H1pk.jpg)

found this one as well. Seems like someone's pointing out his hypocrisy

No. 414013


Still important

No. 414015

the edited ones are more accurate than what he actually says

No. 414022

Oh my fucking god, you raging hypocrite. Why am I even surprised, kek, this is Gergles. Of course he can find new ways to make you facepalm even after all of these years - it's not hypocrisy, it's him "growing and changing his mind." Fuck off.
Sage for rage.

No. 414030

File: 1500588281928.jpg (98.29 KB, 500x500, IMG_0203.JPG)


Pay your respects, Onion.

No. 414059

he looks like a school shooter here

No. 414062

File: 1500591678339.jpg (14.67 KB, 300x225, Galen-Roddy-McDowall.jpg.w300h…)

Omg now I remeber who he reminds me of, since I was reminded of something after someone said he looked like a caveman

Sage for no milk but the resemblance is uncanny

No. 414080

>doesn't care about preteens who got BLOWN up by a terrorist at a concert.

>boo fucking hoo @ a emo singer who ended his own life.

fuck you soOO much, Onion.

No. 414095

File: 1500593693637.png (207.13 KB, 461x464, 20170720_193416.png)

Holy hell

No. 414107

yeah it was 14 and she was 16 when billie was at the mc mansion…

No. 414114

Can we talk about how this dumbass said he doesn't was his shitty stage makeup off until he takes a shower because he doesn't see the point. That's why your face is one giant inflamed pustule greg, because you sit around with corn syrup on your face until you feel the need to take one of your hour long jerk off showers. I hope you get ants.

No. 414117

does he wear mascara? it looks disgusting

i bet after a long day his face looks like crisco oil

No. 414122

A link would be helpful.

No. 414125

Onion is currently streaming on his younow and admitted that making fun of joy was wrong. https://www.younow.com/Onision

No. 414127

He's just saying it to make Blaire look like the mean one.

No. 414132


Gerg is trying to explain auditing to his 12 year old fans and says it's like playing poker, except he shows the IRS what's in his hand.
Also he tried to claim his divorce expenses blah blah blah.

No. 414133



He also just gave the worst analogy of his Audit to poker!???

He claimed his divorce as business expense, how dense can this motherfucker be.

No. 414135

That cuck is talking all the credit for the Banana video and claims Skye didn't do shit. Stop lying, Grease

No. 414139

File: 1500598199702.png (316.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170720-184636.png)

Lol he blocked me on twitter.

Also, its rich hes tweeting about autism when he says shit like pic related

No. 414141

Oh ok so people are allowed to be sad about someone dying when it's someone HE cares about. Got it

No. 414152

File: 1500599675384.png (303.22 KB, 481x456, ewwww.png)

Lamo is streaming and boy..she looks rough.

No. 414162

You know, she does have nice facial features and would clean up well if she knew how to do makeup. The problem is that she doesn't have any life in her face. There's no light behind her eyes at all.

No. 414164

Her skin look so dull, a face oil would not hurt either.

No. 414170

Well I imagine she would have got lots of shit off of onion for her reddit account mentioned here >>413683

No. 414171

anons, y'all keep inspiring me to make onion vids

No. 414174

I think she has an alright face too tbh. She's got a nice bone structure with decent cheekbones and over all her features are kind of nice is a very mature looking way. I think the problem is that instead of trying to find a style that actually flatters her features, she's still trying to look like a tumblr teen. I'm sure Onion has some influence in this considering his preference for young alternative tumblr girls. It tends to just end up aging her more and making her features look more harsh.

Her skin does look awful here though, and she looks really tired. I'm sure Greg has absolutely nothing to do with it though, of course.

No. 414176

Thanks, nearly choked on my coffee. I was expecting it to be pointlessly mean or something, but like someone in the comments said, this is art.

No. 414182

File: 1500602040484.gif (365.33 KB, 640x360, j2XqD5.gif)

I was expecting this to be garbage, but holy shit anon. Thank you for this. It was beautiful. The end especially.

No. 414189


He brings "creep" to a whole new level

No. 414194

File: 1500604216678.png (1017.64 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0205.PNG)

From his new video with Fatty-chan and Whatshisnutz…

Dude clean/trim your nails, grease cuck

No. 414195

File: 1500604459889.png (132.21 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0204.PNG)

I feel sorry for the flat-chested "woman" he diddled, it must've been torturous having Onion taking your clothes off with his psycho stare…almost

No. 414202

It was probably Billie. He always does these backhanded compliments to get attention from someone, and 2 birds if he can also victimize himself for banana sympathy.

He's doing the same thing as in this post >>413915
Greg has no empathy so he's incapable of viewing that moment as this woman sharing her vulnerability. Instead he has to make it about him.

No. 414203

at least there's no fucking heavy winged eyeliner. baby steps.

No. 414204

It was hilarious anon. Bravo!

No. 414217

Imagine being Lainey with her "developed" breasts while she feeds her children reading this shit from her husband.

if this vix shit doesn't make her leave i SWEAR TO GOD

No. 414218

No. 414220

Omg I'm cackling!!! There needs to be more of these!

No. 414224

I think we solved Lainey's "gender dysphoria". It's really body dysmorphia due to Greg's preference for "underdeveloped" bodies.

Greg makes himself look so bad, kek.

Greg's preferences:

✔️ short (not tall and gross!)
✔️ small breasts (underdeveloped)
✔️ wear no makeup
✔️ call him daddy
✔️ no high heels allowed

And he wonders why people question his forums and call him a pedo (more accurately, an ephebophile)

No. 414232

you're a blessing please make more

also next thread pic pls


it's hilarious that before he does these 'debates' he dresses up to make himself look ~ intimidating ~

No. 414240


No. 414246

Love it don't you stop anon.

No. 414250

I'm cry-laughing at this

No. 414256

You are to this thread what draw anon is to the Moomoo thread, anon. <3

No. 414265


Ok so Gurg likes little boys…. And that's why Lamp wants to be a little boy. I get it now

No. 414269


onision is holding on to his youth as tight as he can. he's been listening to the same music and watching the same shows and movies over and over for 10+ years. his life is youtube and his content is the same as it was when he first started. he cakes on makeup, gets surgery, tries to dress like a middle schooler and uses myspace angles on every selfie. he only talks to teen girls and only wants to date girls half his age. he's a legit creep. gerard way is a father in like his 40s, married, sober, working in comics. he's married to another artist with similar background as him, and he didn't groom her when she was a teenager (unlike onion).

he's the opposite of onision. pretty sure that gerard's not trying to be in 2007 anymore. i don't think he cares about having a stylish emo hair or wearing skinny jeans anymore, and i can't blame him for that. sorry that you don't find him attractive anymore, anon. but yeah you sound mean spirited for no reason.

like you can think that onision is attractive and gerard isn't but… onion boy is obsessed with his appearance and youth in general. other person is older and right now focuses on writing comicbooks and rarely shows his face anymore.

No. 414276

Greg could pass as Young Gerard's ugly, inbred uncle who not-so-secretly wants to join his band and pervs on all his underage fans.

No. 414287

okay he's clearly not ugly can we stop with that bs? it's a useless cheap fabrication and distracts what is REALLY wrong with him.. you know the underage pictures, narcissism, thirst, infidelity, entitlement, IRS, etc.

No. 414291

anon are you ok? he's ugly as hell and hides behind a bunch of filters, and even then he looks horrible - especially in videos - and like a neanderthal carrot top. literally.

i think you missed the point.

> it's hilarious that before he does these 'debates' he dresses up to make himself look ~ intimidating ~
it's actually really obvious what he's doing, and i'm surprised more people (especially those he's debating) don't call him out on it.
it isn't intimidation, at least not the common form.
it's a distraction. it worked on blaire, unfortunately. not only does it throw people off when they see him pop in with his face made up in some form of war paint or wearing a wig, it's his way of showing them how much he doesn't care about them or take them or the debate seriously.

plus it might fool some fans into thinking he's just a funny cool youtuber or some shit idk but mainly the above.

he cares so fucking much what people think of him and how he looks (notice his reasoning behind not cleaning off the makeup - he'd have to put makeup back on just to cover his redness?), just like a typical narc, that he actually tries to change his outward appearance to show how much he DOESN'T care.
it's really pathetic but it's sad how often it does successfully throw people off and cause them to spend time in debates commenting on such things instead of the things he DOESN'T want them to talk about.

No. 414292

Onision has terrible skin, uses makeup like a 14 year old girl, fucked up his huge neanderthal brow with botox and has a shitty skinnyfat body (you'd think somebody owning two houses and making over 100k would have the dosh for a squat rack).
These are all objective facts (Grease loves those, right?)

No. 414294

File: 1500627100325.jpg (51.35 KB, 602x348, wut.jpg)

No. 414295


Don't be fooled.

No. 414297

File: 1500627805021.png (194.94 KB, 484x419, 1490295110476 (2).png)

He's not absolutely ugly, I'd give you that. It's possible that if you like his personality (lol) you can also find him attractive, but he's really only average at best.
He has some strange features, like a very caveman bone structure (dat brow) and a disproportionately large head. Of course in videos he filters and hide all this stuff so it tricks you to think he's a 8/10 when in reality he's 5/10 at best.

(And i'm not even mentioning the skin stuff because i'm being charitable)

No. 414298

I don't give much of a shit about his looks and find 80 % of comments related to it hilariously nitpicky. Thing is though, he has a shitty-shit personality and that is what provides the most quality milk, at the end of the day it truly doesn't matter whether he's decent looking or not.

No. 414310

What are you talking about. Garg looks like an actual reptile.

No. 414311

File: 1500630782110.png (37.3 KB, 250x141, 250px-Cugly.png)

No. 414315

sorry about your shit taste

No. 414316

ding ding ding ding

i've always thought lainey had body dysmorphia i also think her strength needs to be realised more, she stomached 2 pregnancies with this man, i bet he was still relentless in needing to be serviced and afterwards.

the girl is probably emotionally and physically exhausted from him. she's a small girl, slim, but doesn't exercise.

she's probably breastfeeding and having to be available at the request of her cunt of a husband.

i really don't care if she acts like a bitch or has a mute face, but i think she's underestimated

No. 414317

he looks like a botched 40+ year old.

No. 414318

You must be new (or at least new-ish) to Onion. When I first discovered him I thought he was attractive as well. Then I realized that it was a complete fabrication- the filters, the makeup, the angles. I'm not saying he's hideous at all, but he is nothing (naturally) like he portrays!

Greg portrays himself on camera to be a jet black haired, porcelain-skinned, dark long lashes, striking brow hottie. And if his on camera looks were real he would be attractive.

In reality his hair is a mousy brown color, his skin is very problematic and red, his brows are more sparse, his lashes (while long) are not as striking without mascara and his facial features are average at best.

So I think Lainey and he are about the same attractive-level, but Greg is not handsome in the way that he would like viewers to believe. Watch enough of his videos and you'll see that.

(Side note, I realize attractiveness is opinion-based and you are entitled to your opinion, just wanted you to realize the majority of the time you are seeing Greg it's all filters/lighting that accounts for the "handsome")

No. 414323

File: 1500637512006.png (18.25 KB, 439x335, 13020FBA-499D-4E58-8F21-9A9962…)

Did the Blaire debate send newfags our way?

No. 414334


She was pregnant with the second child when Cuddlegate happened I believe, I honestly have no idea how she was going through pregnancy, breastfeeding her firstborn, and also doing all the sex stuff that Greg wanted with her and Billie. No wonder she was a wreck.

She is essentially a milk machine for the kids and a sentient vagina for Greg to plow after he's done stalking Billie online.

No. 414340

Oh I hope Gurgles responded to this but even if he didn't Billy dug the hole deep enough for both of them.

No. 414350

File: 1500644632197.jpeg (136.19 KB, 1500x500, twitter.jpeg)

Greg's new twitter banner.

He's that arrogant asshole who made money, surrounded himself by gear, and called himself an artist. It's like, when he had his youtube plaques as his banner, lol. So cringe.

No. 414354

What is he wearing? Oh my god

No. 414358

did he take all the screens from his various editing stations for this shot?

obnoxious cunt

No. 414378


jesus. so when robin williams does quite literally the exact same thing, it's jokes jokes jokes and he was "selfish" and what the fuck ever; when manchester happens it's "how dare you be sad for these victims when there are also other tragedies occuring;" but when THIS happens, neither of those apply??

No. 414379

Its an act. Greg is trying on being "nice" again to

1) seem better than Blaire, likes he's ~changed from calling her a cunt 50 times
2) impress Vix by not acting completely mentally ill

Hes trying to mimic human emotion. Too bad we've see his true colors several times over

No. 414380

Has Vix ever resurfaced?
Was she a Catfish?
A fan that got spooked by his crazy?
Will we ever know?

No. 414383


He was making fun of how "drunk" she was last night and how he won the debate. Sure Jan

No. 414388

He does it on purpose to make himself seem more interesting. It's like when tweens write on each other's arms/faces then leave it on for the rest of the day, because they feel so quirky and unique and look look look at me has anyone noticed I'm totally random yet?!

No. 414391

he likes kids that looks like attractive adults and likes adults that look like kids

basically, he likes…kids