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File: 1472257715328.jpg (62.26 KB, 500x339, ajklf;dsa.jpg)

No. 297301

Old thread: >>291769

We are currently in the midst of Cuddlegate 2.0.

>onion and billay fly off to Alaska together

>Lainey makes emo tweets, per usual
>apparently argues with onion when he returns home
>unfollows both billay and onion on twitter
>no deets yet, Lainey is in full doormat mode

No. 297303

Okay let's vote: Will Plainey finally go and stay go?


No. 297304

File: 1472258364122.png (426.03 KB, 1125x2001, image.png)

Did he ever draw lamo?

No. 297305

File: 1472258508266.png (430.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Previously on O-Ni-Si-On:

No but seriously, I thought he was talking shit about us.

No. 297306

Maybe SR?

No. 297307

If he was talking about us, he would have used plural "heroes" instead of "hero".
But onion is an idiot

No. 297309

Why does everyone think he's in Alaska? Doesn't Alaskan Airlines go to other places? I can't imagine two vegans wanting to go someplace known for seafood and large game hunting.

No. 297310

Every status he posts could pretty much be used as a comment against him but he's too stupid to realise

No. 297312

File: 1472259269227.png (97.29 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Moar DSSTM bullshit.

Oh and btw; the difference between Skye and Lamo is that Skye wasn't a doormat throughout their marriage.

No. 297313


And cold weather. They probably went to California or something.

No. 297315

He's got over 2 million subs on one channel and each vid gets no more than 300,000 views. He can't even do his own fucking job right.

He recently did a video mocking people with Parkinson's, lying about it being just for comedy and charity. A lot of people claiming to have the disease were upset, it's got tons of down votes and his response was, "stop watching if you don't like it".

Isn't youtube his livelihood? Unless he's doing something else on the side, what kind of retard, and one with a FAMILY at that, puts his livelihood at risk? The only thing that gives his life meaning is controversy and attention, it's sociopathic and I'm done with his garbage. A lot of you are only giving him what he wants.

No. 297318

File: 1472260109481.png (72.6 KB, 521x543, tweets.png)

The "x2" is drawing me in. Cuddlegate, welcome back.

No. 297320

>makes shit vids
>"don't watch if you don't like it!"
>a ton of the shit vids are him complaining about stuff he doesn't like

he's so wise

No. 297321

How many views is he supposed to have? Usually it's 10-15% of your subs, which is the same for him. Not everyone will watch every video.

Definitely. I'm wondering whether >>297305 was about Lainey.

No. 297322

File: 1472260471331.jpeg (71.93 KB, 382x560, image.jpeg)

It's so creepy

No. 297324

File: 1472260694482.png (20.5 KB, 528x206, 1.png)

Billie liked these tweets so it looks like she's definitely involved

No. 297325

File: 1472260821754.png (53.02 KB, 526x411, stfu.png)

lol at gergles posting this shit after posting about how women have to cry to win arguments

No. 297326

Does…does Billie know there's two of them? Does she realise there are three people in this relationship or this some prestige twins shit?

No. 297327

No, because "she's different". (I'm pretty sure that's what Greg is telling her.)

Also, they both know that it's about Lainey.

No. 297328

I mean, he photoshops the shit out of his face. She probably does too but I think his face shape is much different outside of photoshop.

No. 297329

File: 1472262089766.png (71.37 KB, 622x322, Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.39…)

Could be about Lainey, since we know that Ayalla doesn't really like her…

No. 297331

could be about Billie too if she's trying to play pity party to her friends so they'll feel bad for the situation she's put herself in

No. 297332

File: 1472263185072.png (180.09 KB, 587x710, Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.48…)

True. But Lainey unfollowed Ayalla on Twitter, too. Ayalla hasn't really made comments about Billie so far… not negative ones, at least. It could be about Onision though, they stopped following each other, too.

Also… development of the relationship to Billie. Kek.

No. 297333


>I have never loved Billie!

Lol wut

No. 297334

She didn't ever really look comfortable kissing Billie. I do kinda believe Lainey when she says he kept pushing her to date her. I just don't understand why she let her come back.

No. 297336


Eugh, call me crazy but…
When Fines was reading Onion's "books", the protagonist's female interests just ended up indistinguishable from the protagonist. I feel like this is a manifestation of that. I don't know why.

No. 297337


Are you talking about "This is why I hate you"?

No. 297340

So why tf did she want Billie to come back so bad??? Was it just more onion manipulation or is she just that much of a basket case?

No. 297341


It's happening!!!!!! He might have the military files!!!!

No. 297346

>unfollows both billay and onion on twitter

weakest move ever.

No. 297347

oh boo hoo Lainey. this deluded scenario only had one outcome, and that is your husband and Billie fucking.

No. 297352

File: 1472275742170.png (374.73 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

further confirmation with Billie.
but what about onion

No. 297355

File: 1472277972383.png (75.86 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Latest reply.

No. 297357

File: 1472278374443.png (144.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Onion's comebacks.

No. 297380

I feel like every time Onion andainey argue, they are in different rooms, texting and tweeting furiously

No. 297381

*and Lainey

No. 297389

right? so utterly ridiculous i can't even fathom how that could be someones life.

No. 297391

File: 1472293335486.jpg (114.13 KB, 808x934, IMG_20160827_122011.jpg)

plaineydumb's new tumblr reblog

what a huge bitch

can't wait for her to get dumped for good so her ego gets trashed too

No. 297418

File: 1472305255484.jpg (70.13 KB, 810x338, IMG_20160827_153954.jpg)

wow…what an answer..

you can see they are totally a healthy couple who knows how to communicate well.

No. 297421

Doesn't seem like he'll end it with Billie.

No. 297424


Onion is doing whatever the fuck he wants right now because he knows he can get away with it. She came running back to him last time, let his future teenage bride back into their lives, AND she's pregnant again. He knows she isn't going anywhere and even if she did there is a prenup so he doesn't give a shit right now. The way he's responding to the situation publicly (detached and uninterested) is intended to make Lamo feel like she is crazy and hormonal for having an issue with him and Billie being nasty together.

And Lainey can't even bitch about it publicly to make herself the victim BC she knows everyone will tell her "yeah… we tried to tell you this would happen Lainey…"

No. 297431

Oh my god, she really does act like a teenager… she's already showing submission to him… Doormat 2.0 is in the works already!

I got the exact same feeling for the texts between them after Lainey left the first time, she's really fucking docile around him and shows no signs of individualism, this is all gonna go the same way with every single girlfriend and wife he's been with, again!

>>she actually has a life outside of being kept away like a shut in mistress.

So did his exes, but one by one their friends dropped off the radar shortly after dating Greg… he isolates those who are weak-minded against him through guilt and persuasion, that's how he gets to control them fully and makes all their decisions for them.

Billie is no different, this is why he keeps fucking around with teenage girls.

No. 297436

File: 1472312738935.jpeg (69.39 KB, 750x866, image.jpeg)

We know, dipshit.

Her passive aggressive shit is so exhausting. I mean, I know she's the way she is because of Greg and I want to feel bad for her but she has the power to leave. She can take the kid(s???) and go to her parents house and never look back. The divorce would be a breeze thanks to the prenup and the fact that Greg would dump custodial rights in a heartbeat. Wrangling child support out of him might be a different story, I can't remember if he was willing to do that last time or not.

Her nonexistent means of coping is annoying as fuck. She'd shit herself if someone took her social media away for a day.

No. 297438

>Wife talks about feeling second best
>Says she doesn't feel like her feelings matter
>Says she doesn't like people making her feel crazy when she's upset
>"I don't know why she's upset!"

Lainey is passive aggressive as hell but she's hardly fucking subtle. I don't know how she's managed to fool herself into thinking he loves her when he barely pays her attention.

No. 297439

lol at him commenting about her making shit public in a public message to a random fan

No. 297441

Lainey is probs super pissed at his new video with Billie. It's clear those two have more chemistry on camera as her and her husband.

No. 297444

Greg runs to twitter whenever he disagrees with customer service. They really are two peas in a pod.

No. 297446

Taylor should make a video tomorrow about what a home wrecker Billie is and how she's married to the worst human in the world.

No. 297447

Wait, does she ever make a video alone? Isn't it always with onion doing all the work? How is she going to pull that off?

No. 297448


Not seeing a new video with Billie anywhere.

No. 297449

It's on the uhohbro-channel

No. 297450

No. 297451

I feel bad for her to a point. I know onion manipulated andll groomed her to get her to this point. I'm sure there is more subtle stuff he does in privacy that makes her stay, however I also know she is a fan girl deep down. And that she probably hates the idea of another girl winning her dream guy. It's kind of pathetic now that she's a grown adult.

No. 297454

Damn at least finally something entertaining is happening lol, the milk ran dry for a while.

Place your bets, people. Will Lainey leave? Will Billie stay? What happens next? Find out next! Same bat channel.

No. 297456

Thanks mate, forgot that channel existed.

I'm ready for a new childbride saga, bring on billay. Lainey is boring and stopped emotionally maturing past the age of 16. Onion and Billie do admittedly have a lot more chemistry in videos than him and Lainey, who just sits there silently before she's forced to squeak out a response.

Dont get why Onion won't grow a pair and just divorce Lainey. I mean, everyone knows he cheated, and it would've come out that he was going to give up custody in a heartbeat. His stans still love him. Does it really reflect on his reputation that much more if HE initiates the break up, as opposed to Lainey?

No. 297459

Billie looks like such a kid compared to creepy uncle Onion

No. 297464

Hmm, I don't care for his relationships, the drama is entertaining at most but to be honest, 60% of it is bullshit purposely created by them for views… but other than that, I couldn't give a shit about who he's seeing, especially when they don't listen to other peoples warnings about him.

What I really want the most is his complete ruin.

I want to watch him fall from his shitty pedestal, I want the general public to recognise him for the disgusting hateful creature he really is. I want his sexual fetishes exposed for all to see and for them to realise he's dangerous to all women under the age of 20. I want his YT "career" to crash and burn just like he made all his exe's careers do the same through his influence.

No. 297466

It doesn't because he's not a feminist, he never will be and he never has been.

It's clickbait to lure in teenagers who are new to activism and want someone to look up to.

No. 297467

In theory couldn't you be both. Theyre both about equal rights, right? He clearly does it for attention though

No. 297471

File: 1472324121613.png (35.2 KB, 552x232, tumblr_ockztogfyQ1r1kiq7o1_128…)

The shade is pretty strong rn

No. 297472

I feel like it's more like:

Plainy and grease sat on opposite sides of the sofa not talking, both tapping on their phones.

Grease: "I'm gonna do a passive aggressive vague tweet at you now so be ready with the emo lyrics" sandpapers face so it looks red enough to get concerned comments about his skin

Plainy: "ok I'll pretend to be upset some more"

they quietly tap on their phones until they fall asleep

No. 297473

Wow what an insecure whore Billie is

No. 297474

Lol at Billie. Jeez Lainey, stop having a bad attitude by being upset about your husband cheating on you! So sad that onion is even getting Billie to invalidate Lainey's feelings and making her feel more insane.

No. 297475

File: 1472325090351.jpeg (51.01 KB, 603x387, image.jpeg)

No. 297476


Lmao! It's official, I love Ayalla.

No. 297477

>grown ass women
Aren't they all pretty close in age?(except lizard greg obvs)

No. 297478

Is there some rule in the Gargoyle circle that you have to bring all the drama to social media instead of sorting it out like normal people?

No. 297479

This cracked me up. Good one Anon.

No. 297484

can't wait for Lainey to chimp out over this tweet kek

No. 297485

Is the tweet gone???

No. 297486

Ayala is 18, Taylor is 22

No. 297495

I wish they would just fucking say what's happened like

No. 297499

Looks like it anon.

I'm waiting for a video about it. Onion posted a video explaining himself pretty quickly last time, I'm just going to assume that they did something similar again.

No. 297500

He's definitely enjoying watching the girls fighting over him, I've also noticed that he's not even defending Lainey anymore… which is funny since he bragged that one time about blocking anyone who ever had anything negative to say about his wife.

No. 297501

File: 1472334146881.png (111.53 KB, 885x548, Capture.PNG)

ayy lmao

No. 297502

>He's enjoying watching the girls fighting over him
This makes me so mad. I bet he's all satisfied thinking "Just according to keikaku" like the sociopath he is, feeling so important and desirable when actually it's just two teenagers in a catfight for a grown ass yet so immature man. He's the one making the worst impression imho.
I feel sorry for Lamo somehow, since he started grooming her when she was just a teenager, and even now she's young especially if you compare her to Gurgler. She was fooled all the time, and yeah she's obviously not a genius and not a tough enough woman, but I hope this is the right time she finally grows a pair and dumps his pimple covered ass to oblivion.

No. 297503

Because if he divorced Lamey, he wouldn't be able to triangulate the way he does. He probably likes pitting people against each other like this.
Basically because he is a narcissist.

No. 297504

>but I hope this is the right time she finally grows a pair and dumps his pimple covered ass to oblivion

top kek, as if
she is gonna crawl back to him again and then shit all over people who tried to help her

No. 297505

She'll probably just get knocked up again after she gives birth. Really wish she'd realize that babies don't solve anything.

No. 297506

This is why I wonder, doesn't she have friends? Like real friends. At least one. A friend that slaps her face hard until she understands the trainwreck that will be her life until Gargles stays around. I would like to laugh at the whole situation, but it's not even between the two (three?) of them anymore. They keep spawning kids. The said kids are going to live through hell, and possibly turn out like Gurg if the damage is too much. Lainey and Lizard don't seem to understand that kids are human beings, not fucking goldfishes they won at the local fair. And if it's true that Onion lurks here, I hope he reads this.

No. 297507

she has her "best friend" Selena (whom we never see) who lives with or in the other house they own. essentially she is a live in nanny to their kid(s).

No. 297508

Found Her insta: http://instagram.com/selenammurray

Are there pics of Lainy of it??

No. 297510


Well according to her Twitter she has a long term boyfriend now which makes me think she doesn't live with them anymore. Maybe billie was gonna replace her

No. 297512

I think he was being sarcastic in that second set of tweets.

To simply divorce and handle that as maturely as possible while giving the mother of his children an ounce of respect in the process is just not his style lol and it never will be. He's enjoying turning Billie against Lainey and rubbing her face in it. Even Ayalla is getting in on it now. This is part of the fun for him, it makes him feel powerful.

No. 297513

Greg and billie are still friends on Facebook aswell

No. 297514

File: 1472339282567.png (195.38 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Maybe she and Greg wanted her to move in but she said no because of school and friends

No. 297517

I don't see how Billie saying no to her moving in would make Lainey go so emo.

No. 297518

Billie is 19 so she's probably graduated.

No. 297519

File: 1472339608753.png (459.73 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She also change her last name back

No. 297520

Lainey is still friends with billie on Facebook and so is Greg

No. 297521

Damn, thats more than she did when she walked out on greg.

No. 297522

Can't tell if pouting or actually ready to man up and walk out permanently.
Probably the former.

No. 297523

Man, imagine if we're all "SHE'LL NEVER DO IT, SHE'S TOO MUCH OF A DOORMAT."

Then she does it. She actually leaves.

No. 297524


Her AND Onion went by their OG last names on Facebook, I've always wondered why since they're married…

No. 297525


That will be awesome and we'll admit our wrongs of doubting her.

But I doubt it.

No. 297526

You know what? I'd actually supportive of her if she did that. But as it stands, she's an attention seeking bellend who cries to Twitter instead of packing her bags.

No. 297527

Because Billie was movin in on that pimply dick am I right?

No. 297528

Pouting is the only thing Lainey is competent at.

I was hoping for a bigger blow up, like during Cuddlegate 1.0. Except this time it would end in Lainey not being a total cuckqueen and actually leave.

No. 297529

I'm starting to wonder if she's acting this way over something really stupid. Like Billie and Greg wanted to watch a movie and she wanted to watch a different one or they wanted pancakes but she wanted waffles.

No. 297531

File: 1472340656278.png (795.63 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

He's lurking again.

Oh and y'all might wanna look at her eyes…

No. 297532

Seems to me as though Onion went off to visit Billie alone (which means they are probably fucking at this very moment) and Lainey had to stay home because of the risk of flying while pregnant?
That's what I've figured.
Either she's just barely self aware enough to realize they're fucking, or she's just angry that Onion went without her anyway instead of canceling the trip when they figured out she couldn't go.

No. 297533

Lainey: changes surname on facebook that'll teach them

No. 297534

No Greg, you're the evil one. Billie is just a brainless slut with no taste. Not evil.

No. 297535

What about her Eyes?

No. 297537

Billie seems to be at Onions house, he has those black framed posters all over one room (maybe at his older place?) >>297531

No. 297538

I'm picturing Lainey sitting on the couch pouting all over social media while these two bang on her bed or something. Because Lainey is that pathetic.

No. 297539

Maybe she kick them both out so they are now staying at his old since selena doesn't live there anymore.

No. 297540

Wasn't he called lizard in this thread like, 1 hour ago? So he's really religiously lurking?
Hi Greg, play with your hair if you can read

No. 297541

Tbh Billie is just a normal 19yo girl, just that she's riding his dick for dat E-Fame because Ayalla and Richie aren't enough for her.

No. 297542

Lmao, kicked out and he took his stupid face masks?

It's more likely that he took Billie and left. No way Lainey has the authority to kick that asshole out of his own house.

No. 297543


I doubt they even have that house anymore, Onion is not paying two mortgages in WA on 75k views a day

No. 297544


They're either dead or frightened, the same look Lamo and the others had while pictured with him.

No. 297545

Reaching. Those are the most relaxed eyes ever. If there's a drop of fear it's probably that she was about to get photographed with zero makeup on when she's usually dripping in it.

No. 297546

U serious? Looks like she is smiling behind her hand tbh. I don't see any scared or dead-eyed look.

No. 297547

I See smiling Eyes.

No. 297548

I think they are both at the same house. Onion and Billie are ignoring Plainey and vice-versa.

Oh wow just look at this shit, they know they are angering Plain more and don't give two fucks, acting like teenagers.

Except they are not teenagers, it's a 30 year old husband fucking around with a barely legal, while his wife, a mother of his son and an upcoming child is spamming twitter with emo shit.

No. 297549

Can't wait for a video

No. 297550

Could of bee old

No. 297551

I wonder if Plain is just like, stood folding her arms glaring at them from across the room as that pic was taken.

No. 297552

File: 1472341978684.png (681.04 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


See what I mean?

No. 297553


I meant this one, oops!

No. 297554

It amuses me that as a child he had invisible brows and now he has caterpillars.

No. 297555

Lol at that bleached out, filtered to death profile picture. Keep photoshopping your massive square jaw into a chiselled one, you ugly warty toad.

No. 297556


No Lainey used to use the name Jackson

No. 297557

I'm starting to think they're just pretending

No. 297558

I don't think Ayalla would get involved if it wasn't real. Unless she's unaware that it's a stunt. But I doubt it, seeming as her and Billie are so close.

No. 297560

Meh, she might have been in on the action to try and get some attention for herself.

No. 297561


She did delete her tweet. Maybe Billy informed her that they are just pretending

No. 297562

Maybe that's why all three of them are still friends on their privates accounts.

No. 297563

Who knows - time will tell.
Side note, I don't think Plainey is capable of pulling of a 'joke' seeming as she is void of humor.

No. 297564

Yawn. Yeah I suspected as much. Hey Gerg, maybe if you washed your face as much as you googled your own name, your skin wouldn't look so much like a baboons ass.

No. 297565

This may have been billie plan all along

No. 297566

Home wrecker

No. 297567


No, she still went by Anderson. Look at the breastfeeding screenshots from the last thread.

No. 297568


Just like Shiloh.

No. 297569

Eh, it was never a happy home to begin with so its best it's burned to the ground. Lol

Plainey Boy is never going to leave Greg because she knows she'd have to actually work. She barely even does a thing with her YouTube channel to make some cash. No matter how I look at it, she's easily Onion Boy's dumbest wife, child bride, etc.

No. 297570

You were one of this fuckheads that hyped up the Marina Joyce shit show, weren't you?

No. 297571

Or, she realizes she was just adding fuel to the fire.

No. 297572

This, even for drama and views.

No. 297573

New video. He finally admits to have gotten an Article 15 and most of his privileges taken away because of that little stunt he pulled.

Meanwhile in the files; he was harrasing another officer's 16 year old daughter, was causing trouble with the staff and real reason why he stripped in front of his boss was bc he was feigning "gay love" for him as a way to leave early - this was before everyone was cool with homosexuality in the military.

No. 297574

File: 1472345803923.png (13.2 KB, 442x159, fetishist.png)

There he goes with his teenage pregnancy fetish again…

No. 297575

Where did you see the files?

No. 297576

Nah Gerg made sure to isolate her as much as possible when he moved her across the country. Taylor used to be a cheerleader so I'd assume she used to have a fairly large network of friends.

No. 297577


Ew, greasy Onion!


I didn't, exposethebad on KF "revealed" this shit. He says pretty much the same thing in that Someguy podcast(if you can get pass eachother's cock-stroking).

No. 297578

I wouldn't take the word of a guy who said in May that he had some of the papers and was waiting until he got them all in order to release it all at one time. If he was sitting on something that juicy he would've released it immediately.

No. 297579


Which is why I've italicized "files", 'cause there's no proof(yet, there's also DSSTM)

No. 297580


And she also smiled a lot(look at her old pics in IG).

No. 297616

I am the only one who doesn't think Billie is ugly? Sure she wears way too much highlighter and her hair is fried but she's still a lot better looking than Taylor.

No. 297617

File: 1472371007927.jpg (169.45 KB, 810x901, IMG_20160828_095541.jpg)

onion keeps on with the billieposting

No. 297618

It doesn't take much to be better looking than lainey tho lol

No. 297619


Greg last name isn't Daniel. It's Jackson. For some reason he never used his last name. Maybe because it's associated with his dad??? Anyway Lainey went by Anderson for awhile but her Facebook did used to be Jackson at one point. Just not recently. Probably changed it a little bit before the breast feeding a 2 year old screenprnts came out

No. 297620

I wonder what she refused to do for Taylor

No. 297621


Well some men think it's weird to fuck a pregnant women so I wouldn't be surprised if there are women out there who thinks the same.

No. 297622

im confuzzled she said shes not with billie on twitter, but is she with onion still?

No. 297623



1) Greg cheated with Billie
2) Billie broke it off
3) Something really stupid
4) Taylor was jealous
5) They're just pretending

No. 297624

File: 1472371812186.png (57.29 KB, 594x278, Screen Shot01.png)

I am sure she is - She will never make the connection to Grug wanting Billie. It's always Billies fault.

No. 297625

I guess Gurg managed to brainwash her enough to fuck girls in front of her while she passive-aggressively tweets about everything being that girl's fault.

I would call Plainey pathetic, but then again she loves being called that.

No. 297626

File: 1472373171373.jpg (374.34 KB, 810x1369, IMG_20160826_144933.jpg)

Also wow, her Instagram is literally just the same picture from a different angle and with a different filter.

No. 297630

Thank you for italicizing them but remember that there are ratchet bitches in this thread that love to run wild with conspiracy theories. I don't believe exposethebad and think he's full of shit and I hope this doesn't give those "OMG TAYLOR IS SEXUALLY MOLESTING HER SON BECAUSE SHE STILL FEEDS HIM WITH A TIT." any credence.

No. 297631


Get over yourself. If you want just facts then you shouldn't be on here.

No. 297632

File: 1472375220777.png (154.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Why are people tagging that ??

No. 297633


Daniel was Onion's original last name. How else would he go by it in high school as well as the military. It's there on his (first) marriage certificate, high school graduates' list and military records (DSSTM uploaded screenshots of his request to get Onion's files and said last name showed up - a bait, the remaining letters of his last name are censored except for D.) it also showed up on his uniform on his old photos in the wayback machine.

Oh, and don't forget when KF doxxed him and his family, his first house was under that name before he changed said name to Avaroe.

As for "Jackson" I just know that his mom and sisters have it, dunno why it wasn't assigned to him in the first place. He started using the last name publicly since the Shiloh era.

I'd take it he never mentioned his last name in the beginning of his ascend to e-fame bc he used to have a shitload of websites under his full name in the archives as well as potential mock and ridicule over the creepy vibe.

As for Taylor; I don't know that. Then again, I've recently checked her account awhile ago bc I never really cared to look into her stuff before.

No. 297634

I should get over facts because I'm a bit cynical? Sorry, do you think that Greg is being investigated by the FBI because of underage sex logs or the fact that he abused a turtle and everyone posted when the ASPCA was going to visit his house?

No. 297635


Putting words into people's mouths to win fights. Great plan

No. 297636


Maybe one of them is his middle name or its double-barrelled.

No. 297637

Twenty One Pilots logo? Idk

No. 297638

Anytime. :) tbh I'm just gonna wait till DSSTM releases whatever he has on him, then we'll know for sure what happened.


Well he did got animal control called on him but we also have to remember, every other animal under his care has suffered, especially his first pet chicken.

As for the FBI bs - it's still bs and they've never came through. Damn.


If that was the case then Jackson should've showed up in everything, not just Daniel alone.

No. 297639


I wish I could look up Lamo's IG but the bitch blocked me for posting "suspicious comments" in one of her pictures point-Cuddlegate 1.0


I hope 21 Pilots sue her ass and everyone involved! I like their music…don't judge me.

No. 297641

why in the world would they sure her for her followers commenting their logo on her insta

No. 297642

File: 1472378980347.png (901.87 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Taylor still has her tagged on that Love bite pic. Classy.

Btw I don't think she had pictures of Billie on her IG to begin with to be fair

No. 297644

Anyone else looking forward to the day Onion dumps her?

There is no way that she is going to leave him first.

No. 297645

I hope billie gets an std, fucking nasty whore

No. 297648

This happens a lot. The other women gets blamed even though the guy is the one in the relationship. imo it's because blaming the girl instead of your man makes it easier to stick with your man because you can pretend he was tempted into it by the evil whore. I've seen loads of people do the "he wouldn't have cheated if she hadn't handed herself over on a silver platter!" It's embarrasing

No. 297649

File: 1472384941219.png (43.39 KB, 469x427, comeonnow.png)

Girl, cut your husband off not your hair

No. 297650

File: 1472385003350.png (24.21 KB, 497x303, over.png)

No. 297651

File: 1472385195412.png (73.51 KB, 477x385, bitter.png)

He needs to take his own "don't like it, don't look" advice.

No. 297653

This would be a great before/after picture if she shaves her head now because of Greg. We can put it next to Shiloh.

No. 297656

File: 1472389542311.png (565.31 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Billie hasn't been happy since April

No. 297658

I like Lainey tbh, long hair and better makeup would suit her better but she's cute. Girl next door cute, but still.
Billie, eh… I have a feeling that she's going to age badly, but the both of them are still too good for Onion imho. Every woman is too good for that cunt

No. 297659


I stalked her FB too

Her mothers looks good for her age and her dad. She's the type of mother who posts nude baby pictures online though. Gross

No. 297664

Lainey posted something about how she "can't wait until Wednesday". My guess is that's the date when Billie heads back home.

I bet that once Billie leaves, Gerg starts trying to convince Lainey that she's being over-emotional and needs to get back with Billie for a 3rd time - Lainey continues to pine over her all over again, weeks of emo lovelorn tweets until she's finally invited back over again so Grease can fuck her.

And Billie is going to continue playing the game because of the attention from his fans and her not-so-downlow obvious crush and infatuation with Greaselord.

I mean Billie is already morphing into a doormat before our eyes with all this "Yes Greg, no Greg, I'll do anything for you and tolerate the hate if I have to for you" bullshit already.

No. 297667

File: 1472394742343.png (171 KB, 477x559, kek.png)

Shes is so fucking wet-behind-the-ears…

That's right, Lainey. Make a post about shaving your hair off in protest of your husband fucking teenage girls, not to mention they've both been 'sperging out over Stranger Things for the past couple of weeks… I wouldn't be surprised if he's got a hard-on for Eleven either considering his fetish for de-feminizing his lovers (re: Shiloh).

If you shaved off your hair, Lainey… you'd be doing it for him, not yourself.

Why on earth is she continuing to allow Billie to stay with them until Wednesday? He's got the money, why not put her up into a hotel until her flight? The "Oh, she'd be lonely" wouldn't fly either… she'd easily find a follower or two or a friend to hang out with by making a simple Tweet about wanting some company.

This all sounds really fucking fishy to me.

No. 297680

Billie looks like basic alt girl trash tbh. Like the girl who's going to age stupidly because she's done too many drugs at too many festivals, and she's beautiful and unique just like everyone else.
Lamey just looks boring, but ok.

This. It is neither of these girls' fault that Gerg is a paedo creep with narcissistic tendencies who's got to triangulate hard in order to feel valid. I mean yeah they're both enabling it, but he is the lowest common denominator here.

No. 297683

Lainey won't do shit just empty threats to guilt trip onion and billie even though they don't give a shit rn

No. 297684

No. 297708

He admits to beating the shit out of one of his sisters for disconnecting the Internet and never fully admits to slamming Shiloh with a doorframe, blaming it all on her(protip: Shiloh's not 5'0, she's 5'4) and her weight.

No. 297709

No. 297712


Yep. A lot of the speculations that she had a year ago about Onion are crazy accurate to now.

I just got extra creeper out by that shop picture where he made himself look so much like Lainey. Not only is he shopping himself to appeal to teenage girls but also to just turn Lainey into himself.

No. 297718

File: 1472418031080.jpg (85.52 KB, 564x688, wilmer.jpg)

>It was legal there!
>B-but she doesn't look any different than an 18 year old
>Hurr durr reproduction
He was replying to a series of tweets pointing out Wilmer Valderammas creeper tendencies. Of course Onion had to reply with some pro ephobophile garbage since he also thinks it's okay to start fresh with a new teen girl every few years or so. BTW where is that little munchkin Onion made with a teenager while the mom is freaking out right now? You still got to raise those kids after you make them.

No. 297726


What was Wilmer Valderama famous for again? All I know was that he was on a Disney channel show for 6 year-olds and the Yo Momma show on MTV back in the day.

No. 297727


>BTW where is that little munchkin Onion made with a teenager while the mom is freaking out right now? You still got to raise those kids after you make them.

You lost me anon. What?

No. 297728

He was Fez on that 70's show and was in a couple movies otherwise.

No. 297731

I think they're asking where the kid is while all of this shit is going down.

No. 297732


Oh okay. He's with Lamo 24/7 remember?


Hahahaha he basically threw the bitch under the bus. Top kek

No. 297733

Does anyone else feel like this whole thing is just an orchestrated soap opera with all three of them knowing exactly what they're doing just to get attention?

Gotta admit it's working if that's the case.

No. 297734


What is his point, though?? It's a good thing to adopt a retarded (or blind or whatever) and unwanted kid and give it a more dignified life, why is he implying it's bad? Same with animals. Did all the grease on his hair go to his brain?

sage for sperging, but fuck.

No. 297738

I think (don't quote me because I'm not a full blown psychopath like gerg) that he was trying to imply that the guy tweeting about the kitten could've just said that he adopted the kitten, the blind bit was just for attention.

No. 297740

File: 1472426872150.png (652.07 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lurk moar Onion!

>hiding dat growing beer belly underneath the jacket.

No. 297743

When's he gonna tell us what he's done

No. 297744

File: 1472429294011.png (628.1 KB, 640x1136, 1471040210736.png)

From this video:
>I'm 5 foot 11
Pic from the last thread posted about a couple of weeks ago ←-

Just further proof he's incapable of being honest…

No. 297745


Whenever he feels like uploading another "Re: I betrayed my wife" video.

No. 297746


How tall do you think he is?

Ew, Onion cameltoe.

No. 297747

The 5 foot 11 he said in the above video seems more accurate than whatever is going on in that pic.
Sorry for reposting Onion cameltoe

No. 297748

Not to nitpick, but is he standing on his tip toes? His heels look higher up, like they do when you stand on your toes.

No. 297749

wait..Bottom half looks blurry now that you mention it

No. 297752

In addition to raising up his heels it looks like he's leaning forward a bit too. I don't know what he thinks lying about his height is going to do for him, he's repulsive either way.

No. 297753

He's standing on his tiptoes slightly and his hair gives added illusion of height. Insecure much? Gurg pls.

No. 297754


In his old sites, he claimed to be 5'11… I'm confused, is he said height or is he taller?

No. 297757

No. 297758

Fucking reach. His face looks nothing like that chick, its not that swollen at all.

Onision has had weird skin since Shiloh, its nothing new. chances are he just has rosacea

No. 297759


I dunno… Onion himself admitted in one of the links to have some medical condition and there are two videos (one on Ustream, the other on YouTube) of him bitching about his back hurting while having very little mobility at the time. Again, idk

No. 297761

He's pulling some Kim Jung Un shit right there lmfao

No. 297766

If I was Onion, I wouldn't be concerned about my height.

Instead I would work on making my shoulder look broader so my head doesn't look so fucking huge holy shit

No. 297768


Didn't he used to have pointy ass shoulders???

No. 297773

Dramu unrelated:

Onion's old blog about nightmares whilst trying to be the center of attention as well as his reaction to them.


No. 297774

I think this is just another show they put up. Too bad nobody's going to take Lainey seriously when (or if) she ever really tries to get away from the relationship. Everyone's just going to be like "Good show, girl. Now post some more emo lyrics".

She's the girl who cries wolf.

No. 297777

Essentially, and it's sad, because she's truly been manipulated and emotionally abused over the years by him. Unfortunately she's just not self-aware enough to break the cycle.

No. 297781

There are many victims of spousal abuse that don't use their situation for attention, or use it to troll those who are concerned for a laugh.

She's self-aware enough to do the above, repeatedly on numerous occasions… which is pretty much what the anon who posted above you is getting at.

No. 297782


Exactly. This is what she wants, we should know better than to feel sorry for her - at least until the divorce is finalized.

Though it would be hilarious if she decided to don the bald Shiloh look!

No. 297783

His posture is really terrible in every full-bodied standing photo, that's what decades of doing nothing but hunching over a computer 24/7 will do to you.

No. 297788

I expect her to become more and more desperate in her attempts in trying to keep him the rest of this year.

She's already (twice) invited a teenage girl into their relationship for him to enjoy, but it's backfired because he's not thankful or grateful for it and she will most likely continue pursuing younger girls for him until he makes her feel rewarded for it.

She's basically revolved her life around pleasing him, so she will strive harder each and every time she feels she's not doing enough for him - which is why the both of them together in a relationship is so fucking dangerous.

The one with all the power in the relationship clearly has some (or more) type of personality disorder with a history of fucked up behavior and fetishes, the other is his #1 fan who will go to any lengths to keep them happy and entertained.

That's why they're dangerous to their followers.

No. 297793

It honestly feels like they're recycling the same drama… here's a synopsis of what happened the first time AND currently the second time.

>>Billie comes over to stay, Grease cucks over them both, he obviously gets more aroused by Billie and wants her in all his videos and photos.

>>Lainey gets jealous because she realises Billie is more interested in Grease and Grease is more interested in Billie than they are in her.
>>Lainey complains and lashes out at Billie and cries all over Grease, both of them are unsympathetic because they're more interested in themselves having a good time.
>>Grease attempts damage control by love-bombing Lainey over social media.
>>Lainey is not satisfied and resorts to airing out their dirty laundry over Twitter so that their fans give her the attention and sympathy that her husband and girlfriend are not giving her.
>>Grease tells Lainey she's overreacting, sides with Billie and tells Lainey to "find or make her own happiness" because she's being too "clingy and needy".
>>Lainey does fuck all about the situation and posts emo lyrics and sad posts all over the place until Billie goes home.

Then of course the whole doormat behavoir (pining, doubt, regret, guilt) kicks in shortly after Billie has left and she's suddenly wants her back again so she can keep Grease happy enough to want to stay married to her.

No. 297794

So Lainey follows Onision on Twitter again and he unfollowed Billie, she did too. I guess Lainey got what she wanted?

No. 297795

just means Lainey bitched out yet again. Onion could bring home a parade of naked 18 year olds and she wouldn't do more than unfollow him on Twitter.

I'm wondering if this is going to culminate in him pushing the boundaries even more.

No. 297797

I guess onion wants to avoid drama that paints him in a bad light until he comes up with drama that paints plainey in bad light so he can throw her out.

I think the kids are the biggest obstacle to him.

No. 297815

No. 297820

Everyone seems to forget that lainey groomed herself before Greg even knew who she was, Greg is manipulative and emotionally abusive, that goes without saying. But lainey will always be a fan girl who will do what she needs to because at heart, she's just an obsessive fan who has a sense of self entitlement. Billie is in it for the followers/subs etc, she proved that with how vocal she became immediately after.

Sage for sperging.

No. 297821

It's never going to happen. I don't think he was expecting Lainey to be such a doormat when he embarked on this elaborate plan to get her to break up with him. It was all according to keikaku the first time - she wanted a divorce, he dumped the kids on her, and he had Billie waiting in the wings. Then Lainey got cold feet and Greg was forced to try to make it work or look like an asshole who never cared about her or their children. Dunno whose idea the bandaid baby was, but it obviously didn't stop Greg from pursuing Operation Trade In, Redux, thinking surely Lainey wasn't enough of a pussy that she'd stand by while he banged Billie again. Except she was.

No. 297828

gdi lainey

No. 297832


This whole situation is kinda hilarious when you put it like that. Onion just wants Lainey to leave without making himself look bad but all his usual tactics are wasted on her. Cuddlegate 1.0 was supposed to be the real kicker but Lainey, surprisingly, came back to him on her own volition and now he's stuck. It's beautiful, and it's exactly what greasedick deserves. Unending pain and unhappiness.

No. 297833

Lainey is never going to let Grease go. I'm sure many of us aren't surprised that she's staying. Such a fucking doormat. Onion is going to have to just dump her if he wants to get rid of her that badly since she'll stay with him no matter how many barely legal girls he brings in to fuck. Lol

No. 297834

>exactly what greasedick deserves. Unending pain and unhappiness.

top lel, nice
Manlybot is the end of him. She will stay no matter what and one day he will explode and it will be obvious, even to his fanturds, what a piece of shit he truly is.
His wife will also get what she deserves because so many people tried to help her. Too bad she can't replace her onion fantard brain of hers so she shits on them instead, starting fake drama and getting pumped up with more children.

The Onion Cow might seem dry at the times, but everyday it's accumulating milk. One day it's gonna explode and milk will run in hundreds of gallons for farmers to enjoy.

No. 297835

Basically this. He was like "yeah, I totally understand if you want to take the kid and move out" and then Lainey was like "nah". It's pretty funny because like >>297832 says, none of his tactics are going to work because Lainey is locked the fuck in. He either has to live with her and take the L or ditch his wife and kids for some barely legal alt girl, which will make him look like a prick after everything he's said.

No. 297837

File: 1472492866092.png (215.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lulz Onioncock's throwing a hissy fit about being compared to Shane Dawson!

No. 297838

What's great is that it's his fault for making her so codependent on him. He turned her into this miserable, friendless shut-in, cut off from her family and her old friends, who has basically no contact with anyone but him. Lainey is annoying but it's hard to blame her for being scared to return to the real world as a single mom when she's been pretty isolated for four years.

No. 297840

I've… never elaborated the situation in this way.
>Greg wants to break up with Lamo to jump on his new doormat barely legal girl
>Lamo doesn't leave
>He can't be the one who asks for divorce since this would make him look like the asshole he is
>He's doomed to live with her wife and kids
>The sidehoe will eventually dump him because he can't marry her
It's… beautiful

No. 297841

Ya, totally why Selena moved up there to take care of their kid and Plainey's mom goes up there to take care of her kid.

No. 297843

File: 1472493885597.png (88.95 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 297847

File: 1472494580872.png (81.85 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 297848


tbf though that was a good joke

No. 297854

Moar bitchin' about the military, his job, and the "I was about to pull the trigger" story.

Oh and you can here Troy's voice.

No. 297857

Anytime I see onion post a video like this bitching about his life all I can think is "good. You deserve it".

Meanwhile, his wife is having a breakdown in slow motion… Is he maybe setting himself up as the tortured by his past victim man who can do no wrong so that when Lamey leaves him on claims of him cheating, he can still get sympathy votes?
"All I wanted was to love two women, but one was being selfish and was denying me this love I have had my whole life. I cant be with someone who won't let me be myself."

No. 297861


I'm starting to doubt his suicide story tbh…




No suicidal person would "critique" other people's music when they've hit rock bottom…

No. 297862

Not really beautiful. He can do whatever he wants. He can continue to fuck Billie and basically has proof that Lainey is okay with that so she can't challenge the prenup. It's just a free ticket for him. Why would he marry another girl, anyway? It just makes it harder for him to get rid of them, as he now knows.

No. 297867

He tells this story every time he's in desperate need for his fans to asspat him. Its getting old, no1curr

No. 297868

Yeah he can do whatever he wants, but the more he cheats the more people will start seeing him as a douche. While Lainey will be the poor sweet girl (add "mother" for bonus points) whose husband cheats on. Just take a look at the replies she gets whenever she goes emo on twitter.
Onion will be the one in the bad light, and he doesn't want to. This is why he plays the victim - just think of the shit he wrote on twitter during Cuddlegate 1.0 "I don't deserve you" and stuff like that. But he can't just do it forever, at some point his followers will turn against him. ESPECIALLY since he's the one who talks shit about cheating everytime he has the chance.
>Why would he marry another girl?
Because this is what he always does, like a schedule. He starts manipulating the girl, tells her to marry him (remember Skye, Adrienne, Shiloh…) after a very short time since he's met her (in Adrienne's letter she stated that he told her to marry him after two days, kek), to have his babies because he's got a huge pregnancy fetish, and so on.

No. 297869

This has been discussed many times in every thread here; she sees her family often and she sees friends occasionally.

She is not "isolated" and never has been, and her family would probably take her back if she did divorce him as she's still on good terms with them.

Her family dislikes Grease, not her.

Seriously, if this is your only excuse as to why you pity, sympathize or feel sorry for her, then congratulations in believing in something that isn't even true.

No. 297874

File: 1472502727380.png (8.41 KB, 434x63, kek.png)

"When Grease-sama says that women don't need make-up because they look better without it, the more I'll stop wearing it." #justdoormatthings

No. 297878

Why did he even bother with going into the military? What did he expect it to be like?

No. 297881

His sister has a successful career in the air force. He probably thought that if she could do it, so could he. He's just a pussy who washed out and complains about basic training.

No. 297886

How uncanny cause ever since she started slab on a grand amount of makeup like she's done lately is the only time I've found her at least fuckable kek

No. 297891


No1 curr

No. 297892


He also complained about being a cop and how the higher-ranked were treating him like shit. lol

Oh yeah, he was sooo passionless about his previous marriage that he forbade her from working and had to see him 80% of his time. Two years later, he increased said percentage to 95 (she was working at the time).


>she didn't wanna get a job and was mooching off me. Fucking bitch!!!!


No. 297894

Eh, there may be some emotional isolation going on there. They may come and visit and vice versa, but she still moved states away to be with Greg, and Selena is basically her one and only friend.

Greg has talked a lot of shit about Lainey's family publicly, I could only imagine what he says privately. Yes, they're still involved, but we have no idea what she thinks of them currently. As far as her family, excluding Greg, she is a pretty private person.

No. 297895

Idk. The last time she even mentioned her was in the beginning of May. There's not pictures of them on Laineys or Selenas accounts anymore, although they used to have plenty.

No. 297900

When do you hear Troy's voice? I didn't hear it.

No. 297911

But that's not a joke about Texans! He's not even trying any more, just lashing out like the bitter bitch he is.

I think for him marriage is a way to keep them on lock, it's like ownership in his mind. It makes it a lot harder to just walk away from him when a huge blow-up happens and all his crazy starts to seep through. The thing is after he gets them tied to him he starts to get bored and expects them to just disappear as soon he has a replacement ready. It happened with Skye/Shiloh and now it's happening with Lainey/Billie.

No. 297914

In the middle of the video, when he takes a pause before speaking again.

No. 297915

oh yeah he kinda yells at 4:30

No. 297916

You're forgetting Onion has a massive marriage/pregnancy fetish. With pretty much every girl he's dated, he mentions knocking them up and marrying them within days or weeks of dating them. Even if he didn't want to get married again - divorcing Lainey would mean he gets to play the field as much as he wants. He could fuck around with Billie until she got too old for him, then move on to another 18 year old.

I know he doesn't think long term with the whole pregnancy/marriage fetish shit, but it weirds me out that neither he nor Lainey ever talk about their kid. Like, I can respect that they don't want to show him on social media, but never ever mentioning him really puts out the vibe that they couldn't give a fuck less about him. (Which I guess Onion doesn't because he was pretty willing to give up custody completely to Lainey if they divorced.)

No. 297921

Is this billies skinny friend

No. 297922



It's been theorized before the kid may have some kind of disability. It's a huge reach, but makes sense to me from their point of view. Lainey isn't the type not to brag about her kid, the only thing she ""bragged"" about was breast-feeding a 3 year-old, which is already very strange if Troy was a healthy kid. Again, huge reach, but I guess we'll see with the second kid.

No. 297924

Well him and Lainey have a prenup so he won't owe her anything in the event of a divorce except child support. And his alimony to Skye is done next year. If he remarried, I imagine he'd get another prenup.

No. 297925

no pictures together, yeah. i did see selena's head in the background of one of lainey's insufferable selfies recently so it's a fair assumption that she still lives with them

No. 297927

File: 1472521748675.gif (4.92 MB, 315x210, NwKXNav.gif)


No. 297929

Fucking spot on anon.

No. 297935


FYI, just because they have a prenuptial agreement doesn't mean he doesn't have to give her anything during divorce. First, they could have customized the terms to be anything. Second, a judge can reverse the terms of a prenup pretty easily if inclined. They're definitely useful for protecting interests, but they aren't magical unbreakable blood covenants.

No. 297947

File: 1472526895595.png (Spoiler Image, 1013.12 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_ocp46jkUpt1rgyhcpo1_128…)

I'm spoilering the photo because of Grease's face (check out them squished up irises tho.)

This was posted around an hour ago, but look carefully at Lainey's eyebrows. She NEVER does her eyebrows like that, that's the same eyebrow makeup that Billie uses on her own and I even bet she did them for her.

Billie also posted and pinned "my personal life is no ones business but my own" on her Twitter, and that suspiciously sounds like she's been confronted about the matter but is still with them. It doesn't make sense if it was directed at Grease and Doormat, but more at her friends and followers for telling her to bail on them.

No. 297959

That face swap is fucking terrifying.

No. 297968

Billie is a white trash fame-fucker with no dad.
Their videos just make them look more like father/daughter. He's only five or six years off from technically being able to be her father.

No. 297971

Well Lainey did say something about how she can't wait fort Wednesday, which some of us assumed meant thats when Billie is leaving. So she is probably still there.

No. 297976


Damn. That's really sad, anon. We're basically watching a young girl who LOVED the outside world, traveling with her once closest friends and meeting bands to becoming Onion's potential sex-slave and doormat with our very own eyes. It's also been confirmed (by Billie-bob herself) that she was once in a mental hospital, I fear she's gonna end up (mentally) worse than Shiloh, I really do.

Then again, I want Greasecock and Doormat 1.0 to divorce already.

No. 297977

Oh Suk Mi, you can't hide that paunch with black clothes anymore.
Might wanna get some man sized shoulders too.
That photoshop on the face is too obvious.

No. 297979

I think Billie's smarter than,we give her credit for. She's a fame whore trying to get her youtube channel more exposure. She tried with Social Repose, and now the Banana-bots.
She's milking the cash cow.

No. 297980

I hope this can happen when (not if) they divorce. I still feel a little bit bad for Lainey since they married within a week or two of her turning 18 and I doubt she took the prenup too seriously since she thought she found true love with Onion. Besides the post nuptial agreement he tried to enforce on Skye was really unfair IMO so I'm betting he did something similar with his agreement with Lainey.

No. 297981

I'm aware that she may be heading home on Wednesday, what I'm saying is that it sounds like they've already made up with each other…

Grease still has his cucking header photo image up on Twitter, Lainey has shut up complaining about Billie since Friday, and today Billie is telling everyone to mind their own business about her "personal life".

That suspiciously sounds like that they've patched things up… and Lainey constantly does this every time she wants attention, she flees to Twitter to post snarky passive-aggressive bullshit whenever she doesn't get her own way.

She keeps leading her sympathizers around by the nose, and time and time again; people keep falling for it; they're all living under the same roof - they don't need to discuss their private shit over social media but they do because people keep buying their bullshit.

No. 297984

The three of them have been abnormally quiet since Friday when Lainey decided to throw a jealous shitfit over Billie.

When "cuddlegate 1.0" happened… the three of them couldn't shut up about it for days and weeks at a time.

Only today has Billie said anything remotely related to the matter which was basically "mind your own business", so it sounds like they've all made up with each other over the weekend.

If my suspicions are wrong and the reason why they're quiet on the subject is because they've low-key dumped Billie but are remaining civil towards her until she leaves; then that's a surprising step in the right direction for Billie and for Lainey.

But given Greasemonkey and Doormat's consistent history of bullshitting to keep their audience interested, I very much doubt it.

No. 297985


Tbh I don't think he even asked Skye for a prenup. If he did, he would've said something about it in a (2005) blog post. They probably thought they'd stay together forever. Otherwise, the divorce proceedings along with the subject of alimony wouldn't have slapped him in the face when he decided to leave her.

No. 297986

Well, this did happen…
So you might be correct that Billie is temporarily dumped. I don't know if it will be permanent though. Honestly kind of doubt it. I feel like Onion is only doing this to appease Lainey for now, but won't give up on his new teen obsession that easily.

No. 297987

He didn't, they never had one… that's why that anon said:
>>Besides the post nuptial agreement he tried to enforce on Skye

Post nuptial, not pre nuptial.

No. 297988

I think he'll continue to chase after Billie with or without Lainey's permission.

He's got plenty of cash to fly to any state he wants on a whim, all he has to do is feed Doormat some horseshit story about why he's travelling and she'd probably believe him.

No. 297989


Oh lol my mistake!

Hey, if he was gonna bring Shiloh over as his "playmate" why'd he wanted Skye to stay with him if he was gonna leave her anyway? I always found that to be weird.

No. 297990

Ehh, I'm not gonna put much stock into their following/unfollowing habits, they've been flip-flopping with that shit since "Cuddlegate" to be honest, both on Instagram and Twitter. It usually changes every time Doormat "has a feel" about something Billie or Greasebucket has said or done.

I'm gonna go with the ol' saying of "actions speak louder than words" or in this case "no words are speaking louder than their actions" as they've been unusually quiet since Friday.

No. 297991

Maybe he wasn't expecting to be caught and his original intentions for Shiloh was just for her to be his mistress/side-piece?

If that deer didn't smash into their car whilst he was driving up-state to fuck Shiloh and gave the game away, I really don't think he would've ever entered into a relationship with Shiloh… Grease doesn't handle being dumped very well and Skye separating from him rocked his co-dependant little world and he ended up on the rebound.

He did the same to Shiloh with Adrienne, and he did the same to Lainey with Billie… haha, shit… all his relationships have been rebounds off each other.

No. 297993


Eh… Actually, he filed for divorce THEN went to Philly fo fuck Shiloh. Skye already knew about the relationship but she didn't wanna leave anyway. Hence why she claimed to have been forced to sign the papers. Idk if anyone watched her FFTS videos 'cause there, she sounded very hurt and resentful towards him.

No. 297995


How many times does it have to be mentioned that she's moved out to live with her long term boyfriend for people to believe it? Check her Facebook and insta

No. 297997


She's on Instagram wtf?

No. 297998


Ohhh you're talking about Selena not Skye! My bad lol

But yeah, I'm glad they're both out of Onioncock's grasp.

No. 298000

She probably lives near by though and still baby sits

No. 298003

I thought this was strange too! It seemed like he wanted to keep her in the house with him and most people divorcing with no kids are glad to live apart. Did he want to rub Shiloh in her face and inflict more emotional suffering? Did he want to keep her near as a safety net in case he became single since he can't be alone? Some combination of both those things? I don't know but I'm glad Skye got away from that mess.

No. 298004

Isn't Lamo's classes online, why does she need a babysitter? She doesn't have a job or anything. Is it because Onion can't be bothered to spend more than a few minutes a day with his own child?

No. 298012

File: 1472541362608.png (867.58 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She just posted this

No. 298013

File: 1472541400943.png (675.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

And this guess she still there

No. 298014

She sure made herself comfortable

No. 298015


No. 298016

File: 1472541681145.png (13.04 KB, 577x107, laimey.PNG)

sorry dropped the pic

No. 298018

It looks like it was taken the sane time as that Photoshopped snapchat. Same wall in the background. They been hanging out so everything is appears to be sorted.

No more milk there

No. 298019


Tomorrow as in wendsday.

No. 298021

They hanging out but not showing themselves together. Maybe it's old


No. 298022

She removed the lovebite tag though

No. 298026

Wtf is going on with her legs? Those are some curvy ankles.

No. 298028

Pic is def warped at the bottom. Her thigh looks really weird too.

No. 298039

Let's see if we get some emo tweets tomorrow

No. 298080

I find it weird that people in this thread are kissing Billies ass.. Shes not a genius, shes just in love with grease, and shes not pretty shes very basic, Also my i remind you that shes a fucking homewrecker

No. 298082

Wow look at her "preferring to wear no make-up"

No. 298097


Wow… in the first photo she's chubby to say in the least, yet in the second one she's a lot slimmer, is she wearing brown circle lenses like Shiloh used to? Because her irises look unnaturally huge here.

I used to feel bad because of her and Lainey's seemingly "flawless complexions", until Grease took candid photos of each of them without filters and it showed how caked on their makeup was.

I don't support Gurg's opinions on what people can or can't do with makeup, but they could at least apply it right… seriously, if you're piling that shit on as thick as crisco, at least use a base so your pores and craters don't look like they've been filled in like a drunk bee has been working on its' honeycomb.

No. 298099

Where? And I think from all the people Greg has been with she's definitely the prettiest. And I think Greg is the real home wrecker here, yeah she doesn't seem to care about Lainey but who really does.

She never said the preferred to not wear it. Why can no one in this thread read


Yeah. Also, in the video she did with Greg you can see/ hear how much trouble she was with reading. Not sure how she finished high school (if she did).

No. 298101

What… where? Nobody has said any such shit about Billie except she's learning how to become Doormat 2.0.

Don't accuse anons of saying something they've actually not said. No one in this thread (or previous threads) have shown support for Billie in any way whatseover - we get irritated and pissed off at Lainey's sympathizers as it is, we can barely tolerate that bullshit… let alone tolerate Billie.

No. 298102

There are more that i didnt catch, but really? Shes just as dumb as lainy and so attention starved that she went for a married guy.. Like im not defending grease, but she Also played a part in all of this, its nasty. Im liking the milk but this girl is fucking braindead, she knows about his past but still chases after him, atleast lainey has a few excuses like brug manipulated, married to him, pregnant and has a kid with him already, but Billie? Shes just a dumb whore.

No. 298105

Who is this post in reply to?

No. 298108


Uhh, those posts are still not supportive of Billie or calling her a "genius"… the first one you referenced is not even about Billie, it's about Ayalla.

Each one of those posts are saying she's nothing special, even one calls her a brainless slut against your claims of everyone calling her a "genius".

Yes she IS riding Greasy's E-dick fame, yes she IS better looking in comparison to Lainey… and I'm sorry if the truth hurts, but if you think this is "proof" that people are supporting her, I think you might want to work on your reading comprehension skills.

Next time, don't bother - you've already made a fool out of yourself with your baseless accusations at anons and you're pretty much derailing the thread with your strawman tactics.

Just stop.

No. 298112

Since the last thread, I'm starting to wonder if the mod of eoliveson has been privately dishing out the url of this site…

All the recent influx of raging Lainey sympathisers has been a bit odd, and you can tell they're newfags because they prefer to believe in rumours first instead of facts.

Are there any mirrors of her old FFTS videos about? I only started getting into Grease's drama since he finally broke up with Shiloh/got with Taylor for the first time so I'd be interested to see what Skye was like outside of Onion's influence.

No. 298114

File: 1472571311478.png (113.33 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I saw this during Cuddlegate 1.0, um…?

No. 298120

File: 1472572083526.png (268.74 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Hahaha his private fb account got banned!

No. 298121

This is pointless fodder, and it sounds like the eolivesblog is starting to sound just as absurd as DSSCTM's blog by the day.

No. 298124

File: 1472572638993.png (185.68 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 298125


Eh maybe, we don't really know why he wanted her there after the divorce…

No. 298126

How Greasecock didn't kill his unborn child and (still) blames Shiloh for it.

No. 298127

He sure does like to contradict himself a lot. One day he's pro "wimmins rights" then spends 95% of his social media time bashing women. And somehow still manages to be relevant to his fans for some unknown reason. He's a legit walking contradiction.

No. 298129

I don't understand how argument that Shiloh was too early to miscarriage due to physical trauma. First trimester is when a baby is most likely to miscarriage, and any sort of trauma the mother goes through could have an affect on it. His argument is null and void, he isn't presenting any facts.

No. 298131

No. 298133

Where is the sudden influx of illiterate Anons coming from? What you just linked says nothing about that girl wanting to fuck Onion. It says him and Lainey probably want to fuck HER.

No. 298137

Yeah i feel sorry for Lainey, always have. I hope onion and Billie get aids.

No. 298140

>makes sexist tweet
>I'm feminist

No. 298143

Men's rights activism is NOT about equal rights. It's about using twitter to abuse feminists, feigning oppression (women get free drinks WAHHH women win more custody battles because they're better fucking parents than us WAHHH WAAHHHH) and spreading hateful/pro rape shit. Oh and pretending to care about male rape as an argument against the apparent neglectful nature of feminism despite feminists being the only ones campaigning for the recognition if make victims.

So yeah don't mistake MRA as anything except hate. This has been a PSA

No. 298144

go away Onision, cuck.

No. 298145

File: 1472579573256.jpg (88.98 KB, 500x670, image.jpg)

I don't mean to be insulting and I understand this is why she's called "Plainey" but her wedding dress was so fucking plain, it's suspicious. It looks like she found it in clearance, from a fake prom dress site or from a charity shop.

Could she not have got something with even a little style? A fit n flare? A mermaid? A ball gown? Some lace? Some rhinestones? Maybe even some pleats? There was also no professional photography or posed photos and it appears to have happened in someone's yard. It can't be a family heirloom because it would be more modest in terms of the neckline and it certainly wouldn't be tea length.

Honestly why was the wedding so basic and low budget. I thought onion was minted

No. 298148

I'd also like to add that the bustier looks like a fucking sports bra from primark.

No. 298150

because why spend money on something he doesn't actually care about?

No. 298153

Is there wedding cake from Costco? I bet the whole thing was less than $1000.

No. 298155

Muh conspiracy

No. 298156

The whole wedding was super rushed, she probably did get it from clearance or something. No thought or love went into that ceremony. I've seen more well thought out weddings at court houses.

No. 298157

Huh, good point. Do you think onion manipulated her into a small budget wedding? Again, doesn't he have the money for a nice wedding?

No. 298158

samefag for noticing the grease in greg's hair. Could he not take a shower before he married his child bride?

No. 298160

Honestly not to flood the thread but WHY. WAS THE DRESS SO CHEAP. It really bothers me. Her wedding dress really fucking bothers me. It looks like it's worth $50. Most bridal gowns are $1000-$5000.


No. 298161

I know it's not like he had to bust his bank because he never married Shiloh and therefore never had to spend money on a prior wedding, a divorce settlement, alimony or child benefit.

No. 298165

File: 1472581917885.jpeg (52.14 KB, 640x476, image.jpeg)


His first wedding seemed nice, should've been outside imo. Dunno why everyone didn't dress formal (not even Onion in a tux) except for the bride who wore a gown.

No. 298167

Bride looks pretty in this picture, too bad about the ogre she's standing next to

No. 298170

Fucking hell he won't leave shiloh the fuck alone jesus christ man.

No. 298171

of course he won't. she got away from him. you know it chaps his ass she never came crawling back.

No. 298177

Not his real wedding, anon. This is a ceremony they held when she was knocked up with her first child a year after they married via justice of the peace. Nothing wrong with that but this 2nd ceremony was to appease Plain's family.

No. 298180

wait - when was it confirmed lainey is pregnant?

No. 298181

Look in the older threads. Greg's mom posted it on facebook before he made her delete anyone she didn't know in rl.

No. 298183

The first time? She told us. The second time (now)? Greg's mom said so on her Facebook and someone took a screenshot.

No. 298186


thanks! I'll look for it

No. 298187

Lainey also confirmed it herself in that parenting group she was in

No. 298192

Lainey is following him again. So much for this milk :(

No. 298195

This is such a terribly obvious shoop job.

I kinda wish/expects that Billie gets preggers with Onion and they all get to live together in a huge, happy home :o)

No. 298196

>>Another anon predicted it before you, cuntjockey.

No. 298201

She also confirmed it in the dentist post and still breastfeeding troy.

No. 298204

I agree. Billie has way more evidence of Greg's ways than Taylor did, and I think she's using her white trash tactics, she learned from Mama-Horton, to get her foot in the door of someone else's home to get money and security.
Billie is smarter and waaayyyy more scummy than Taylor ever was at that age.
That's what enrages me about Billie.

No. 298205

>I kinda wish/expects that Billie gets preggers with Onion and they all get to live together in a huge, happy home :o)

That would be delicious.

No. 298206

She looks like a knockoff Kristin Stewart here

No. 298208

> he isn't presenting any facts

Isn't this basically his MO? People have tried correcting him and it gets them nowhere, it's like trying to educate a brick. This is why his fanbase is mostly dumb kids, adults realize he's just spouting off whatever bullshit he has on his mind that particular day.

No. 298209


Hence why Onion kept calling her "Bella" in his old twilight parodies.

IMO I thought she looked like a 'normal' version of Amy Lee.

No. 298211


1) That home was wrecked anyway
2) No one is kiss her ass

No. 298212


She smokes weed

No. 298222

To quote Lainey..(&21 Pilots)
You don't know the half the of the abuse.
All my friends are heathens don't you know.
Wait for them to ask who you to know.
Please don't ask them to make any sudden moves..
You don't know the half of the abuse

No fucking wonder Lainey loves them. Babe this music is meant to be an escape and not from Onions abuse get out babe!!!

No. 298240

What the fuck kind of trash wedding is this… A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Why in the hell would you get a dress this plain for your big day? I've seen prom dresses that looked better than this. It looks like as an anon said, a $50 clearance rack dress. That cake looks like it came from the local grocery store. It's more suitable for a graduation or birthday party than your fucking wedding.

No. 298241

No. 298243

Skye looks really pretty here. She was never awful looking, but it was like you could see the life drain from her the longer she was with soul sucking onion.

No. 298247

File: 1472606981845.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Billie is going home

No. 298255

She might be a conniving white trash basic bitch in love with Onion, but she's not a homewrecker.
Onion wrecks his own home.
No one held a gun to his head and told him he had to start fucking around with Billie. He made that decision all on his own. A real man who actually cared about his wife wouldn't do that, no matter how hot or easy the other woman was. Nor would he keep Lamey hanging on like this.
He likes the attention he's getting having two dumb girls fight over him. This is all on him.

Same reason the wedding rings turn their fingers green, amirite? No reason to invest in something that he didn't want to last.

No. 298256

File: 1472611754216.png (121.6 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 298258

File: 1472611907469.png (152.19 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 298259

File: 1472611958361.png (296.55 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Flirting and had she falling out with her friend or it's just banter

No. 298260

File: 1472612057021.png (121.69 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Both talking about bloody make up

No. 298261

Charge your phone and go to bed anon wtf

No. 298298

Youre Right… She fell on his dick

No. 298299

She looks like a fat little boy

No. 298300


Can we stop with all this "Lainey Support Group" bullshit in here? If you want to talk about Lainey and how much you feel sorry for her, this isn't the fucking place to do it.

Go back to eoliveson if you want to talk about how sorry you feel for Lainey, or how much you can't stand Billie, or whatever fucking rumors you want to believe in… but stop derailing the fucking thread with your sycophantic dribble.

This is Lolcow, not a fucking Hugbox… we're here to laugh at cows, and in this thread it's laughing at Onision in particular.

No. 298302

Uhm, youre the one pushing for it to be a hugbox, why are people not allowed to critisize Billie but onion and plainey?

No. 298303

File: 1472635217642.png (71.04 KB, 445x472, olllllllddddd.png)

It sounds like people bringing up his age is getting to him, it's like he's forever stuck in a mid-life crisis 10 years too early.

No. 298304

Seriously, fuck off with that bullshit… no one is supporting Billie in here either, you are becoming wayyyyy too invested in believing that we are and it's frankly annoying as shit.

No. 298307

Obviously you are lmao

No. 298308

File: 1472635902058.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, 01.jpg)

No. 298309

You feel uncomfortable when someone has a differing opinion or something?

No. 298311

This thread isn't anyones support group, why can't you get that through your thick skull?

You're not always constantly derailing the thread by throwing accusations at other anons, you're purposely picking fights with them as well because you can't handle the simple fact that the majority of anons here dislike all of Onion's wives/girlfriends - that includes Billie and yes, that includes Lainey… get over it.

Go elsewhere if you want to support them or talk about how sorry you feel for them, but you're basically using Lolcow for something it isn't supposed to be used for.

And in closing, that's the last I'm going to say on the matter because you're just fishing for attention.

No. 298312

Where in any o my posted have i Said that i wanted to make this a support group? Jesus you are reaching, i was just wondering why people seemed to like Billie, shes a dumb idiot who has Nothing connecting her to Onion, Therefore no reason to stay. The only fucking thing i Said about Lainey was that i felt sorry for her, i never Said i supported her or liked her. You gotta be able to handle other opinions, and sure there are a lot of anons that agree with you but this last hour has only been you continuing to respond to me, you dont have to you know? If it makes you so mad that you have to write an hour long essay about it i would say that you are the one that is emotionally invested. If you want an echochamber just go to tumblr, you'd fit Right in.(multiple argumentative and derailing posts.)

No. 298314


2/4 of the posts you quoted aren't a 'Lainey support group'. Hating billie =/= supporting Lainey. She is a homewrecker and slut. Why did you quote them if not purely for disliking them hating on Billie?

No. 298316

I´m new to Onion and his pubescent emo wifes …. WHY does people like this have children? Those poor, poor kids :(

No. 298323

File: 1472652307119.jpg (52.67 KB, 680x223, lollll.jpg)

Wow, the level of newfags sperging out in this thread is climbing to ridiculous levels.

If you want to talk about how much of a homewrecker Billie is, she has her own thread here >>>/snow/85507 stop shitting up this thread and stay on topic.(multiple argumentative and derailing posts.)

No. 298324

LOL Billie such an evil seductress omg… Onion didn't do anything wrong lol… he just couldn't control himself around her because she was so easy and hot lol…
Honestly you're acting like he just fell into her vagina or smth. Like there was nothing he could do to prevent all this.

No. 298326

For the record I don't like Billie. She's a dumb basic alt bitch who's going to look like washed up festival trash in a few years' time. But the whole scandal with Onion is all on him. This isn't the first time he's tried to juggle 2 girls, and it won't be the last. He's a predatory little shit who picks younger dumber girls because he can hook them, build them into heartsweets from the ground up, and then break them down.

No. 298330



Billie Bob Dingle is nothing more than a naive but willing scapegoat at this point… she doesn't only just play the role as the fuckbuddy, she's there to sponge up all the heat and hate from their fans whenever Lainey whines about not getting enough attention from Onion.

Onion instigated all of this, he convinced Lamo that to fully express herself as bisexual she MUST have a girlfriend to prove it… why? Because he's bored of his wife and he desperately wants to get his dick wet with another girl without resorting to divorce, which he currently can't afford to go through at the moment.

They're both fucking MARRIED to each other with no prior experiences with being polyamorous so what did they expect was going to happen?!

Lainey can whine all she wants to but at the end of the day, he suggested it and she followed through with it, they both invited a teenage girl into their marriage because Onion is thirsty as fuck for underaged poon, and somehow that gives Lamo a free pass to shift the blame onto Bob Dingle for the unhappiness in their marriage that THEY'VE caused? There was no homewrecking left for Billie to do when they wrecked their own marriage for the sake of appeasing Onion's disgusting fetishes to begin with.

No. 298334

You're frothing at the mouth there to the point where you can no longer form coherent sentences or spell anything correctly.

Take some time out with a juice box and a nap, you need it.

No. 298336

You idiots seriously feel the need to excuse her behavior? Because shes young? Fuck that shit, if you didnt know that pretending to like a girl that her husband forced to date you just to get in his pants(same for him) at age 18-20? You were really that fucking naive at that age. And what the hell lmao, who the fuck is defending onion and plainey? Arent we allowed to hate all of them for their shitty behaviour, or is it not allowed to hate Billie because shes such a victim, basically a fetus at age 18 and should be allowed to fuck up marriages(again not defending fucking gerg and lamo here) because she ~didnt know any better~

No. 298338

My autocorrect is Danish so it makes it into weird words, but nice try.

No. 298339

This thread has been way off topic recently. It has already been addressed a few times prior to this, but in light of a flood of reports from two people arguing with one another, I will say again :

Keep on topic, stop flaming each other, stop samefagging, and don't dox people that have nothing to do with the drama at hand.

If you want to sperg about Billie, she has her own thread in /snow/.

No. 298340

Newfag? I'v hated that fat little slut since cuddlegate, you must be the newfag or have bordeline disorder since her behaviours that almost everyone were against is suddenly acceptable.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 298362

Pretty much agree with all of this, except that I'm pretty sure Greg is willing to divorce as long as Lainey initiates it. When Lainey asked for one during the first cuddlegate, he lept at the chance and was already banging out custody arrangements while telling Billie she was his next soulmate. It was only because Lainey backed out that he changed his mind.

No. 298382

No, it was because Taylor was getting support from his fans and everyone was telling him that he was shit. I really don't think he cares about anyone's feelings and only cares about views.

No. 298384

Has Gergen ever broken it off with any of his relationships before? Skye initiated the divorce, Adrienne ran the fuck away, not sure about Shiloh since that whole clusterfuck was a shut show. Now it seems as if he's just waiting for Lainey to kill the relationship. Makes me think he self sabotages until he can get out, but why not just end it? It can't only be because he was sympathy, especially if this is a trend since before YT

No. 298387

He's a self-proclaimed feminazi. He has to let the woman dump him in order to keep up his image.

No. 298395

Then why would he just give up his kids like he doesn't give a fuck? Why would he be immediately running to Billie if he wasn't basically banking on a divorce?

No. 298399

I don't think he cares about his kid since he was willing to sign him away. He only went back to Plain after his fans bitched and he knocked her up again to fix things.

No. 298409


No, Onion filed for divorce, Skye didn't wanna leave. The reason he went apeshit during the separation process was because he realized he threw away the only person who gave a fuck about him. They both confirmed this((who initially filed).

No. 298410

Which is probably another reason why he refuses to be the one initiating it this time.

I really think he doesn't care about having kids, he just wants to breed up his current teen queen. The kid is a consequence of fulfilling his kink.

No. 298413


Except Lamo doesn't give a fuck about him, only the money and fame. He won't bat an eyelash when she leaves.

No. 298418

I Think shes in love with him, he on the other hand..

No. 298420


I don't think she is anymore, she's way too much of a tumblrite to not realize what a steaming bag of shit he is. Lainey has never had a job and does not want to have to actually grow up and be a single mother of two. That's why she just pouted about Billie this time, because she knows Onion wouldn't give a single fuck if she left so she just has to put up with the bullshit or she's on her own with Troy and Bandaid.

No. 298426

Groog seems like the type to enjoy the idea of multiple women sex slaves who he can impregnate whenever he wants.
And of course, have sex in front of him.

No. 298427

No. 298543

Onion boy tells his underage audience gross details of his past sex life

No. 298544

Im new to Onision drama, is there a pastebin or something anywhere to get vaguely catched up on this shit? I got completely disinterested in this guy when Shiloh lost her memories or some shit years ago.
Sorry for being annoying.

No. 298553

The ED article is iight, but it is lacking some

No. 298557

so is the youtube TOS going to affect Onion? I saw a bunch of youtubers getting videos removed

No. 298562

He's definitely going to lose revenue on many of his videos if this is the case. Meltdown incoming.

No. 298564

hes complaining about a girl spitting on his dick. that's so ..normal

No. 298566

I said this in JNig thread, but YT actually didn't change its policy (according to YT) They just increased the amount of notifications sent.

No. 298571

First girl he talks about is the gypsy girl anon interviewed. Onion lurking and fuming confirmed again

No. 298574

He must be running out of ideas if he has to talk about something that happened 14 years ago. You have to be a special whiny little cunt to complain while getting a blowjob.

No. 298577


He's bullshitting, that's not what she said! That creepy look was merely a "wtf" look she gave him because…wtf? Also, did he just make jabs at Adrienne?!

I'm sorry that you're butthurt Onion, but that's not our problem!

No. 298588

File: 1472768290968.jpg (54.99 KB, 810x311, IMG_20160902_001707.jpg)

Ayala (Billie's BF) posted this and Billie liked it.

I'm pretty sure it's aimed at Lainey.

No. 298595

So #goals

No. 298596

File: 1472770363360.jpeg (157.77 KB, 640x1157, image.jpeg)

Wrong pic

No. 298601

Fucking kek.

No. 298603

At least hes not licking her arse with "I don't deserve my wife" tweets like last time lol

No. 298608

wtf is wrong with his lips?
He desaturated that video so much.

No. 298610

>Later on she said she was tied to a tree and raped. By someone. I don't know.
>For some reason she told me that.
>It was just a really weird relationship to have with someone.

Maybe she told you that because you were dating and became intimate and thought she could and should share that with you. Omg how weird of her!! I bet she's regretting that especially since you're using it for youtube content over a decade later.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he did make a jab at Adrienne. It was a very brief relationship that happened like 4 or 5 years ago! He can't let anything go, especially not if it bruised his lil ego. Of course he had to stress that she was into it, that letter still bugs him.

No. 298619

Who else here is just bored at this point? I just want onionboy to divorce lainey already, ugh, why is it taking so long. This wait is killing me.

No. 298622


He won't divorce her until he got Bhiloh basically ready for marriage. But Bhiloh is studying and living in another state. She might be smart enough not to quit everything. But then again Sh quit a promising career as a singer for him.

On the other hand Lamo won't divorce him. There's too much to lose. Too much money. And you think she'd stay clean in Gurgemels books if he could blame her for everything? She will become the incarnation of evil and crazy. Just like all of his exes because he does nothing wrong.

No. 298623

He's probably fucked then. With how many people hate this faggot, he'll be getting flagged all the time.

Why… why do people even want to know this? He's whiney as fuck and shows just how uncaring he is.

No. 298624

He can't be throwin' divorce papers around until Bandaid is born. Unless Lainey wants to push for it, which she won't because she's a doormat who wants e-fame and money, it's probably not going to happen for awhile.

No. 298627

Same. I have high hopes that all will come to blows when the new spawn is born

No. 298628

I hope a natural disaster takes him out while he's on his way to Spencer's to buy his newest anime poster.

No. 298637

she took off her makeup because he wanted her to. no, she is not that smart. it is literally only a matter of time.

No. 298642

I think it's kind of fucked up that she got raped and confided in her boyfriend about it and he's talking about how it made him feel weird. Imagine telling someone you trusted something like that and then seeing a video that made it seem like you were strange for doing it.

No. 298645

File: 1472816867512.jpg (100.16 KB, 953x719, dude.JPG)

Anyone noticed this girl who is Plainey's biggest asskisser and a white knight? She looks like a carbon copy it's kind of creepy.

Lainey also reblogs her and they follow eachother.

No. 298646

File: 1472817119181.jpg (33.32 KB, 587x265, wew.JPG)

No. 298648

in what fucking world is 18 the prime age for reproduction?? pregnancy at 18 will wreak havoc on your hormones, pelvic floor, posture, musculoskeletal system, etc. This creep is either woefully misinformed or kind of a pedo

No. 298649

i feel like if i scrolled down i would see "rawr xD"

No. 298653

Now Onion knows the perfect time when to fuck Billoh again.

If Plainey starts whining on Twitter, everyone will think it's the new Taking Back Sunday lyrics.

No. 298662


Ajajajaja, the person who has no identity is having their identity stolen

No. 298665

He posted a video about a Sasha Grey sex toy. Is that even allowed with all the new TOS?

No. 298667

Start flagging him lel

No. 298669

Honestly though, let's do this.
He won't be able to monetize videos if they get flagged.
Call me childish, but i actually found that video kinda funny though. Shame on me

No. 298670

Sorry for my shit english, I'm kinda busy kek

No. 298683

This video is age restricted, can those even be monetized?

No. 298684

Is Billie really studying? She usually just complains about her job at a gas station. Never seen her talk about school.

No. 298685

>>298165 personally (just) here they both look good. as in: his little smirk looks happy and not manipulative-ish? he looks like a child when they're like oh so happy. I don't know how to put it. I really like this pic and it makes me really sad knowing all the things we know :l

No. 298686

File: 1472841500938.png (267.98 KB, 586x577, Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 2.36…)

Sorry for samefagging, but she's not going to school. So, she basically has no education, talents or anything else… I think she would definitely move states to live in with Greg for money and fame tbh.

No. 298687

Shes perfect, dumb, Young, insecure
Basically shiloh 2.0

No. 298688

Nope, can't be monetized. I say we flag some of his other shit where he's bullying people with stolen content which is like, half his uploads.

No. 298689

I dunno the rules for this since I graduated high school. But I thought you couldn't take those tests online, you had to be in a room filled with other people being monitored to prevent cheating and checking your phone and shit.

That or she took one of those meaningless 15 minute tests that mean nothing just to make herself feel better

No. 298690

http://www.gedtestingservice.com/testers/test-fraud looks like Billie got defrauded. There are online high schools that give actual diplomas but not GEDs.

No. 298693

Not an Amerifag, but could this just be the results? Like she took the test in a room full of people and was e-mailed or given a link to results?

No. 298702

This is probably what happened.

No. 298722

I've not taken a GED but the way my online school did it for any standardized test was to send you to a state approved facility (usually a college) you take the test in a room with a bunch of people and they send you the results via email and a paper copy.
When there they mentioned if you failed you could follow the same process with some guidance to get a GED.

No. 298729

Ohhhhhh yes he is so ripe for milking right now

No. 298752

Lmao, hes so butthurt

No. 298755

Good. Can anyone see the build up of rage he is bottling lately in his videos? Gonna be great when he finally loses his shit completely.

No. 298756

Everyone report his videos

No. 298758

File: 1472864362144.gif (133.26 KB, 286x199, tumblr_inline_nt3tehwUK41qmnjh…)


I just did! Let's all report his videos!

No. 298759

We knew this would happen! Farmers, get those reportin' hands ready!

No. 298760


I think she just got emailed a link to her results

No. 298762

Someone post what videos to report and what reason to use? This guy makes his living trying to offend people so I'd bet most of his videos aren't advertiser friendly.

No. 298779

better to just use your own judgement because the grease king lurks here and there's no point in giving him a heads up on which ones are being reported

No. 298781

This. There's a shitton on his channel that violate the TOS easily. Just use the usual Adblock, find the most offensive ones (all his bullying shit, stealing content, being an all around shitbag among other things) and report it. Greaseball is going to have to get a job much sooner than later!

No. 298786

Also any of the ones where he's disclosing his disgusting sex life

No. 298790

That dress screams "easy access" to me.

No. 298798

Can we not try to report every single one? Like half of us report the old and the rest report the recents? Saying that he has so many..

No. 298799

File: 1472891275889.jpg (33.17 KB, 546x271, eyeliner.jpg)

Ok, just do whatever he wants and that'll fix your marriage I guess.

No. 298800

I don't know what Greg could do if he has knowledge forehand of what we are reporting but I think mass flagging could get more demonatized. We could flag almost all his videos for being advertiser unfriendly because he's such an edge lord. Is there a way to tell if a youtube video has been demonatized?

No. 298850

File: 1472917579331.png (300.65 KB, 727x603, obsessed.png)

I went to see what I could flag yesterday and went onto his "UhOhBro" channel.

These were all his recent uploads - check this shit out, every one of them is about teenage girls, I even redboxed the pregnant teenage girls he used as thumbnails for his videos.

It's far from being a fantasy for him now, it's hardcore fetish of his and an obsession made reality.

He's seriously fucked up in the head, like he really needs help before he goes even further with it than he already has.

No. 298855

Love the thumbnail of that "things girls do that guys hate" video like anyone's had raccoon stripe hair in the past decade lol.
But yeah this is fucked up. No surprise there.

No. 298857

File: 1472928778957.jpg (217.84 KB, 555x491, Screenshot_20160903-114425.jpg)

Onion sorta looks like a less attractive Jeff Fahey, circa The Lawnmower Man movie era.

No. 298858

I doubt this has anything to do with what Greg wants, she probably just fucked up her wing. So many girls have that shitty little liquid liner wing, Billie included. Terrible trend, can't wait for it to die.

No. 298861

Scroll by comment but the pic in that pregnant girls video gives off some major CP vibes and I don't even know this guy and already think he's some kind of actual pedo.

No. 298862

It is Kaka. She would probably move heaven and earth to take that off the internet.

No. 298864


>Kaka in a thumbnail pic

Someone should tell her about this, the milk of the Onion Boy and Kaka Queen would be delicious!!

No. 298869

Its literally a child and that photo has been popular on 4chan in the past for CP threads.

I'm fuckin disturbed as to where he went to find it.

No. 298871

Seriously? Fucking hell I hope he gets banned just for that then. I'd report but I don't want him to get any money if I have to click on it to report it even if I have adblock on.

No. 298874

File: 1472945312393.jpg (39.02 KB, 584x332, d.jpg)

apparently someone made a fake account and is trying to troll Lainey as Billie. @bilIiedawnwebb (capital i in place of the second l)

No. 298876

File: 1472945367701.jpg (28.06 KB, 582x305, Screenshot_7.jpg)

No. 298878

Lol such fucking doormats. Greg doomed himself since she'll stay with him no matter how many times he fucks other girls. Any woman with self-respect would talk to neither him or the other woman ever again but nope. Not Lamey!

No. 298879

File: 1472946192807.jpg (36.04 KB, 579x297, aaaaaaa.jpg)

did she fuck anyone before Onion? But it's definitely a stab at him, re: his latest videos

No. 298892

She had a boyfriend and he told all her weird sex fetishes to someone's tumblr. They didn't think it added anything important so they deleted it.

No. 298899

I think she's insinuating that she was sexually assaulted

No. 298934

Just a question, but how is he getting away with using photos of people without their permission or credit, or paying them for usage?

No. 298935

I reckon if authorities got hold of his PC, he gonna git done.

No. 298938

Apparently she dated a douchebag before Gerg, he does have a funny habit of picking up underage girls who come to him with problems about abusive ex-boyfriends. (re: Shiloh)

This is why I firmly believe all this is some kind of power-trip for him, he exhibits all the signs of a predator, and he acts on them.

No. 298976

He goes for women that have any sort of broken backgrounds. Family issues, depression, self image issues. He preys on those hoping to 'fix' them to a state he sees better fit. Meaning, he just tries to turn them from the people they are into himself.

No. 298996

File: 1473016589007.png (304.05 KB, 500x545, tumblr_inline_n5bghuZtT11qmuq7…)

He has a god complex. He wants to be the great leader because he thinks he is special. That's why he searches for young girls to make him feel that way. Also reason why he makes those shitty Speaks videos where he tries to influence kids watching him.

No. 298998

yep, he's still lowkey trying to make his cult happen

No. 299004

File: 1473020640086.jpg (98.69 KB, 640x866, 1472811069068.jpg)

>eternal youth

No. 299011

File: 1473021804340.png (279.05 KB, 523x527, lame.png)

Okay, he's definitely trying to score with Billie's best friend Ayalla at this point.

I suspected as much the first time he oddly white-knighted for her (especially considering he has no fucking room to talk given his relationship history) but I didn't think he'd obsess over it considering she never really mentions Grease or brings him up on her social media accounts.

NOONE goes this far and out of their way with this shit without an ulterior motive, but creeps certainly do.

No. 299013

No. 299019

kek so it's okay for him to upload multiple videos joking about cheating on Lainey? it's okay for him to make money off videos regarding cuddlegate? get off the internet Gerg.

No. 299027

The have no chemistry together (of course, duh, but still). It's so painful to watch.

No. 299036

Why would you even make a video like this?

No. 299037

File: 1473030390098.png (245.81 KB, 631x312, funions.png)


i'm not entertained

No. 299041


No. 299042

Basically no matter how many times he cheats on her, Lainey refuses to divorce him. I think we figured that out quite some time ago but thanks.

I don't get how someone can stay married to a person they have zero chemistry with. They act so fucking incompatible compared to YouTube couples that actually have chemistry, like Onision's arch nemesis PewDiePie and his girlfriend.

No. 299043


BC Lainey doesn't want to have to get a job or move back in with her parents or support 2 kids on her own

No. 299047

"shuuuuht uuuuup"
Well, she's just busting with personality.

No. 299059

She looks like a hostage. ffs.

No. 299069

why has he been dressing like this lately?

No. 299070

Not divorcing him is the only power Lainey has in the relationship

No. 299082

I think for a brief second she finally realized how fucked up he is when he told her that he would divorce her if she got ugly because of a poor diet. Like he has room to talk.

No. 299092

File: 1473063817235.png (372.84 KB, 500x582, tumblr_mpuu2vyiLS1s6kpnlo1_500…)

No. 299093


That girl is dead now…

No. 299095

File: 1473066486196.png (86.72 KB, 268x325, 1472759049338.png)

wtf are these questions…. 'on accident' huehuehuehue.
fucking psychopath.

No. 299131

Maybe this should be Onion's part-time job once demonetization hits him hard.

No. 299132

File: 1473074291947.png (95.5 KB, 1321x414, 1456049513629.png)

It's been implied that she was sexually assaulted prior to Onion, which if true would have happened when she was a minor. This pic is from one of the earlier threads and the comment is here: >>239600 If you read through the thread a little starting from this point they had a huge blowup about this and then Onion went to the hospital and declared doctors stupid. Also interesting is that this probably happened around the time they conceived.

No. 299157

File: 1473081861202.jpg (12.44 KB, 385x285, bernardo-homolka.jpg)

>she will most likely continue pursuing younger girls for him until he makes her feel rewarded for it
I don't think Gerg is physically violent but still…

No. 299239

Don't worry, anon. Taylor's sister will never suffer Karla Homolka's sister fate because she hates him. Couldn't pass off your sister-in-laws love of big dicks, could you Greg?

No. 299249

Another Onion cock-sucking Q&A, this one's free though!


No. 299264

She was unsurprisingly in an abusive relationship before Onion, dude was apparently an also older stalker (probably where she learned her obsessive flirting techniques) and a piece of shit.

No. 299265


No. 299320

File: 1473146140154.gif (830.11 KB, 624x352, 4V01V.gif)

Has onion ever acknowledged this moment later on? WHY don't people barrage his media platforms with it to force him to address it it must be his cringiest momennnto

No. 299357

I think that creating images like that is something from The Secret (the law of attraction stuff)?

No. 299388

No. 299391

File: 1473175068196.jpg (114.06 KB, 511x783, o1.jpg)

Looks like he is. I'll post it…

No. 299392

File: 1473175172444.jpg (126.03 KB, 502x779, o2.jpg)

It seems like this whole thing is over Social Repose.

No. 299393

File: 1473175282825.jpg (48.17 KB, 585x430, o3.jpg)

And she didn't give him permission to post their convo.

No. 299395


But Onion, you are even a bigger shit than he is.

No. 299396

File: 1473176087743.jpg (159.55 KB, 810x1025, IMG_20160906_173415.jpg)

No. 299398

File: 1473176319629.jpg (154.58 KB, 806x834, IMG_20160906_173822.jpg)

No. 299403

People are going in on him too, in the replies. Which is great. People are finally pointing out the hypocrisy of his crusade against SR for cheating when he did the same thing, and for posting private messages.

What a fucking dildo.

No. 299406

>befriended Onision despite advice against it
lmao I love how easily she flipped gurgle's "don't be nice to dicks" message and used it against him

No. 299424

Is this person talking about Gerg? The description of who they're talking about fits him to a T.

No. 299427

She's known for plagiarism and it took her collabing with Greg to get some of her fan-base to unsubscribe. He should really try to keep some of the few friends he has.

No. 299429

As far as can tell it's Greg talking about Social Repose. He really hates everyone who reminds him of himself, doesn't he?

No. 299446

The biggest thing is that it's none of his business? SR cheated on Ayalla, he even said that he did and didn't try to deny it. Ayalla and him still make videos together and I bet she's hurt but it hasn't ruined her life, otherwise they wouldn't hang out anymore. So how is that Onision's fight?

He's really just doing this so Ayalla will like him and Billie will to start disliking SR, huh? What a dick. Especially because he cheated himself.

No. 299447

When did he delete this? I guess deleting it yourself instead of YouTube deleting it is better for your account?

No. 299448

Oh man, seriously… it's like he always self-projects, and that on top of his contradictory nature and hypocritical stances (at the age of 31) and his unwillingness to seek help to come to terms with/change those negative and harmful behavoir patterns; just makes me think that he's gonna be doing a stint in prison by the time he's 40.

>>He's really just doing this so Ayalla will like him and Billie will to start disliking SR

Bingo! He's pissed as fuck that his white-knighting for Ayalla didn't have any affect on her the first time around (I think it was a couple of months ago when he first attempted it and she didn't even acknowledge him for it.) - so in true Grease fashion, he's obsessing over it and will constantly post about it until he gets a reaction out of her.

What he's wanting out of it is exactly what you said, he wants Ayalla to notice him and thank him so he can get close to her.

One of the only life experiences that he has under his belt, (and he has tried and tested every time to the point it's worked for him) is that he uses a teenager's past relationship woes to his advantage to show them that HE'S NOT LIKE THAT and would NEVER TREAT THEM THAT WAY to break down their defences so he can… well, you know how the rest usually plays out for him.

No. 299451

lol im tempted to report him to the FBI for using that CP photo

No. 299466

He's def trying to isolate Billie from SR, Ayalla and co. because they're the ones that are keeping her grounded and telling her that Onion is bad news. To have 100% control over her he needs to get her away from anyone that's logical and well meaning and for some reason his method this time is to discredit them even though he's guilty of the same exact shit. Obviously it's not working…He's an idiot haha.

No. 299473

Maybe it's the challenge he's drawn to, plus all of his actual fans are either Lainey lookalikes and asexual gender queer special snowflakes, or sad fat 15 year olds. Ayalla and Billie are probably the most interesting, attractive, e-popular women that have paid him any attention in years.

No. 299474

His child brides must be loyal to him, and Billie is too unpredictable right now because she's friends with Ayalla and SR. So he'll try to flatter Ayalla up and paint SR as this terrible person so that eventually both Ayalla and Billie will want nothing to do with him anymore. Even if he doesn't want to fuck Ayalla (I'm sure he'd love to have her in his basic alt harem, but this probably isn't the time), it'd be good to have her on his side in order to alienate Billie from anyone who is suspicious of him.

No. 299489

Lmao, their try hard edge fags, not "interesting e-famous women"

No. 299507

File: 1473244375072.jpg (31.81 KB, 541x407, c6987052d5d0579fb07b6da6ab5add…)

when contrast to his fans, they're quite the catch.
But yeah agreed- they're pretty emotionally retarded and naive. Honestly, I bet both of them found all the online dirt on grease, sad that they do not head.

Or maybe just playing the ol' boy.? i can only hope.

No. 299523

Lainey is getting fat as shit and probably won't bounce back after this kid. Ayalla looks like a supermodel compared to her rn, and you know Gurgles is way overdue for an upgrade attempt.

No. 299554

I wonder if that's why he said he'd divorce her if she got ugly because of her poor diet in the video. It was meant as a "joke" but he was probably being serious about it considering that he had a "health pact" to stay skinny (Life of Onion:"He states it would be selfish for one of them to gain weight and not take into consideration the other person's sexual needs. He says it would be hard for them to maintain attraction for the other when they are "intentionally, consciously letting themselves go").

No. 299555

With Skye, not Lainey. Sorry for samefagging.

No. 299582

TLDR: baaaaaaaawwwwwww

No. 299594

Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant. Not trying to talk up either of them but compared to Greg's fat retarded fan base they're shining beacons of ephebophilia.

No. 299597


But…isn't he fat now? Look at his recent pictures, he's def hiding that veg belly!

No. 299599


I guess his lolcow thread is next?

No. 299652

He's so pissed that people are calling him out on his pedo ways.

"If they can legally consent to something then you can legally shut the hell up."

No. 299656

Haha, wow… he actually said that? I guess he'd be okay with fucking a 12 year old Colombian then considering it's legal there… he really does have the mindset of a sexual predator, haha.

No. 299660

His recent videos including this one all sound less like he's been trying to talk on highly personal subjects so that his fanbase can know him on a deeper level than before, and more like his way of trying to rationalize his past erratic behavior to stem feeling guilty about it.

Think about it. He's never once confirmed or debunked his father ever being a pedophile for himself but creates a two part video justifying his blind hatred of the man and his own past physical violence toward him anyway. About a week later he does a video trying to justify pushing Shiloh into a door frame while she was pregnant and other times he was physically aggressive towards women. Now he goes once again on a justification spree about his need for a vast age gap in a relationship. No apologies are offered for his largest indiscretions that he discussed and all of these videos are carefully worded and seemingly rehearsed to garner a hugbox effect in his comments as he's using his usual play towards sympathy and empathy act.

He's using the positivity and support from his audience to force away the natural feelings of remorse, guilt, and regret of treating people the way that he has over the years leading back to his childhood almost. He doesn't want to feel guilty that he knowingly takes advantage of younger girls to plug the holes in his heart put there by himself, he doesn't want to feel regret that he threw his father and half of his entire family under the bus for no real reason in front of a million people online, and he doesn't want to feel remorse for abusing a girl he invited into his own life in front of an entire website…so he uses the biggest asset available to him to assist in killing those feelings. If he can make what he's done seem normal to his audience (people he sees himself as having a direct influence and control over) he can convince himself just as easily they were normal as well. The fact that he's willing to dehumanize himself that much shows the real extent of his sociopathy.

No. 299674

I know it's way late, but "Bob Dingle" really made me lol - thanks, anon.

Bingo. Narcissist 101.

No. 299681

Sure, but Gerg is a huge hypocrite. When other people do something it's deplorable but if he does it he's either in denial or will demand to be forgiven immediately.

No. 299682

>I've literally always been in legal relationships. But after the drama the internet vomited upon me despite me being in a legal relationship after I dated a 17 year old when I was like 25 I was hoping that my next girlfriend would be at least 18.

Lol okay the internet is just vomiting drama on you for no reason. It should be easy enough to avoid getting into yet another relationship with a teenager since it causes so much drama right?

>My current 21 year old wife told me she was about to turn 18.

>I found out that she actually lied about her age. She was early 17, not late 17.

Oh you poor thing as someone in their mid-twenties it was simply impossible to keep those teens girls away from you. You were totally the victim here even though you knew she was still in high school she lied to you.

From his video the most well known and active blogs are there but buried in that huge list. I don't think he'd call us out by name, it would bring traffic directly to a place that has receipts on him.

I've noticed all these recent videos going through his past incidences as well. I wonder if this is him framing everything in a way that makes him look more sympathetic to Billie. I bet a lot of people are trying to give her warnings about Onion and he's trying to get her to listen to his version and not the h8rs.

No. 299683

so, gurg proudly states that he lost his virginity at 14. Anyone know how old his partner was? Did he ever say?
I'm scared to think of how young she was.

No. 299684


If he's trying to hide any feelings of guilt then I wonder how he really feels about the divorce now.

No. 299686

Fishing for new underage poon, huh?


No. 299687

This is literally so fucked up. Why are these kids posting their picture to be shat on my him? They'll do anything to be featured in his stupid videos.

No. 299700

I'd say majority of these are between 10 years to 13 years. So awful. Funny how he still calims majority of his fanbase is 18+

No. 299702

File: 1473364102474.png (350.04 KB, 899x679, ds.png)

>make sure to include the word onision in the picture so i know its really you
>they post a picture and write onision under it in the post
top fucking kek

No. 299704

This legit looks like a 14 year old and her mom…

No. 299705

I'm not sure how to articulate this in an appropriately PC manner, so I'll just fucking say it…

A HUGE portion of his fanbase has to be mentally challenged. Retarded. Like eating the paste, licking the walls…

He has to notice this, right?

No. 299706

File: 1473365233853.jpg (111.02 KB, 1714x640, sure thing onion boy.JPG)

Browsing his forums further…wow

No. 299708

I'm surprised that his answer wasn't just go to the nearest middle school, pick out a child and then wait a few years then mentally manipulate them into staying with you.

No. 299709


What a funny guy, he truly is a comedian! :D

No. 299713

It's either outcast 12 year olds who haven't reached mental maturity yet or truly mentally retarded older ones.

Also why does Onion delete his forums every few months? Trying to hide his tracks of fishing for a new underage gf?

No. 299716

I think it's to hide that the retarded advice he gives to teenagers is really bad. Like the post about the girl who got knocked up using the pull out method that he advocates.

No. 299718

Wtf, where does he advocate pulling out? My friend had a pregnancy scare because of that shitty method.

No. 299720

This is on his "serious" channel.

No. 299722


Funny, in one of his old Speaks videos, he advised against the "pull-out" method and not all condoms protect you from STD's….what changed?

No. 299737

I had a little skim through this thread, It make me cringe so hard when I see pics especially from girls who are very obviously not ugly at all done up in make up and posing, Gotta get onion sempai to notice even at the cost of self deprecation I fucking guess. God damn have some self respect ladies..

No. 299740

He realized he had a pregnancy fetish, duh.

No. 299742


Ew gross! He deserves to be alone!

No. 299751

well if they can get the guy who makes fun of everyone to give a shit about them then it's a huge self esteem boost. ~i can change him~ ~look what my love has done~ kind of thing.

No. 299771

I'm so disturbed by this. Most of these fans look no older than 14 years old. This is fucked up.

No. 299783

>tfw it hits you he could just be using that thread to fill his jack material folder…

No. 299875

I had the same thought and puked a bit.

No. 299877

File: 1473423000853.png (625.86 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Also, Onion's back to "loving his waifu" again…

No. 299879

He can make as many videos that he wants to on those subjects, it's still not going to erase the evidence against him (that's easily found online) that he's into diddling teenage girls, he surrounds himself in teenage girls and he's currently fucking a teenage girl.

I don't give a fuck if he thinks it's legal or not, it doesn't take away the fact that he's 13 years older than the girl he's fucking right now… he's a fully grown adult. Fair enough if they were in their 20's but they've barely had enough time to explore relationships and feel a sense of confidence about themselves.

Why didn't he search the many classified ads out there for a mistress? There's hundreds of them in their mid-20s to mid-30s and they probably have tons of sexual experience to satisfy even anyone with weird fetishes… but no, instead he chooses a teenage girl with barely any life experiences.

He honestly can't face himself, he feels so much guilt for it that he goes out of his way to try to convince his teenage fans otherwise… he can do it all fucking day for all I care, it's not going to erase the truth.

No. 299882

Especially as they are probably 12-15yos posting selfies with their baby tits half out their shirts because they're trying to get Gergs attention. Vile.

No. 299889

>too good to look into classified ads
>20-30 year olds is too old, do not want
>he's an eternal teenager
>teenagers are more easily influenced, and when it comes down to it, it's not actually about sex with him, only power.

No. 299892

I think my hatred for this guy can basically be summarized by saying, I wish he would suffer the most horrific death ever.

There are so many lolcows on this site, and whilst it's funny to have a laugh at their escapades and expense, I wouldn't wish death on most of them… this guy though, he's a blight on humanity and needs to be put out of his misery for everyone's sake.

No. 299895

I've found a pretty good "anti-o" blog here that documents his shit on the fly, it's seems regularly tended to as well.


Thanks Greasestain, you fucking idiot… you know, for advertising all these blogs I've never even heard of before, you sure got the better of those trolls, amirite.

No. 299915

His "beard" legit looks like when Tumblr fakebois try drawing a beard on with makeup and a stipple sponge.

No. 299918

+ there's no way he'd go hiring someone like that. look at his views on women with more than one or two partners. he wouldn't touch those women with a six foot dick.

No. 299953


Sooo he's pretty much Seto Kaiba then, but with moar edge. I had that feeling too.

No. 299954


He looks like a child molestor with the beard, he always did. How fitting.

No. 299963

This relationship advice video was posted earlier this week. It's not his fault that he keeps getting into relationships with insecure teens but when they act like insecure teens that's emotional warfare and he's going to say mean things and call them bitches. But you shouldn't judge him just for that, he's said nice stuff too!

>Hey baby you eat whatever you want, I love you for you.

Unless it's not vegetarian of course.

No. 299964

File: 1473451267190.jpg (55.37 KB, 635x170, d.jpg)

Here's the video description.

No. 299965

File: 1473452074168.jpg (80.31 KB, 605x353, c.jpg)

Here are some comments that caught my eye. It's good to know that some of his viewers can see through him.

No. 299967

File: 1473453411530.png (13.22 KB, 567x95, newchildbridevictimwhen.png)

lainey is tweeting about meeting up with a 16 year old. guess their collection of underage teens to fuck is growing

No. 299968

File: 1473453453804.png (1.04 MB, 760x913, ,0303.png)

this was on the girls tumblr btw

No. 299970

She started talking to her when she was 15. Sarah claims that they're best friends and got mad at her IRL friends when they made fun of Greg.

No. 299975

The wonky eye really adds to the look

No. 299981

Where the fuck is this kid's parents?

No. 299983

this is so fucking creepy. fuck greg and fuck lainey

No. 299987

File: 1473458987024.png (122.73 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 299990

This meet up was supposed to happen before she met Billie and I'm pretty sure she was still 15 at the time, now Billie isn't there… can you be anymore obvious, Lamo.

No. 299991

He's fucking creepy as well the way he constantly talks about those girls, I don't recall Ayalla ever visiting Lamo and Grease, as far as I know she hasn't exactly been on buddy-buddy terms with Lamo either judging from her Tweets to her, so there wouldn't be any point in going to visit them… I get really fucking tired of his weird opinions without ever posting proof, yet he still expects everyone to believe in his guesswork.

No. 299992

File: 1473460112959.png (826.74 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Going through this girls Twitter, she's gay and is seemingly hyper sexual with her posts.
I'm not trying to sperg out too much over this but, I find this IG post to be a little too fucking creepy. Based on Lainey's past visit with a "friend".

No. 299993


Isn't that Lamo? I thought they were just fwends… Now gf?

No. 299996

I wouldn't take it literally, I do take it as little baby les has a crush. It's Lainey's first time to groom, playfully flirting with her"friend"

No. 300018

It's an old photo, she was 14 when she replied to that.

No. 300029


I hope you upvoted those ones, because they're true.

No. 300069

Hey, I'm sorry I'm bringing old shit up in the midst of things but it got me thinking… What if it's true about what "HSAnon" said? That the former Mrs. Onion indeed has a child with Onion and was pregnant during the divorce proceedings.

Watching Lamo hiding her pregnancy from everyone kinda brought back the thought Skye was hiding it as well, just look at the last two videos she was in; we could only see her face and upper torso…

No. 300070

File: 1473531206809.png (863.98 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

This is what I'm talking about; isn't that the same pose buzzkill's currently doing? If true then congrats Onion, not only did you threw your previous wife under the bus, you also threw away your first child to for some Avril-wannabe pop star. You are awesome!!!! -end sarcasm-

No. 300072

File: 1473531717814.png (462.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Hahahaha wait, doesn't he enjoy X-Men and Power Rangers? They're mostly dudes in them wtf?

No. 300085

This is off topic and derailing; also, should have been saged.

No. 300102

File: 1473558858378.jpg (58.32 KB, 540x485, tumblr_odbgmobe3s1s0umkzo1_r1_…)

lmao what do u guys think about this, from DSSCTM ofc.

No. 300103

File: 1473558932621.jpg (333.12 KB, 871x982, tumblr_odbgmobe3s1s0umkzo2_r1_…)

sorry, part 2

No. 300105

Because he apparently has a fetish for claiming to be an atheist while dressing like an evangelist.

No. 300109

what an idiot.
Also, stupid as she is, Lainey is not the problem. Instead of trying to punish her and further alienating her from other people, go after the real abuser.

No. 300116


Laimey is definitely just as gross for this shit. Even Onion never went after a 15 year old.

What is wrong with these girls though for real, why would you want to fuck a pregnant woman that is 6 years older than you? Even if they are actually just platonic friends, what the hell do you have in common with a high schooler Lainey, you're married and have 2 kids..

No. 300118

Report it to the fucking FBI, you idiots. This falls within the Mann Act, which would make Onision responsible for a Federal crime. He could end up with ~12 years in prison.


And here's info on the Mann Act:


>a felony to engage in interstate or foreign commerce transport of "any woman or girl for the purpose of prostitution or debauchery, or for any other immoral purpose."

No. 300120

Lainey might not be the main problem but she's definitely a problem and learning how to creep from Onision.

No. 300122

then report her to the fbi as >>300118 said. if she is grooming the teens for him, she is an accomplish and will receive a sentence as well, or at least a huge scare if the defense find her to be acting due to emotional abuse

No. 300124

Does anyone know if the girl is flying out to Washington to meet/stay with them, or is Lainey (on her own) flying out to meet the girl and her mother?

No. 300125

File: 1473567055122.jpg (287.31 KB, 1920x1080, g1.jpg)

He also looks uncannily like Ray Liotta in Goodfellas when he's all greasy and sweaty and strung out on cocaine.

No. 300128


No. 300129

She's going to see them.

No. 300131

Shit, I could maybe understand all this if it was some kind of casual "fan meet & greet" in a neutral setting with the mother present, but… no, this is beyond fucked up.

I can't fathom why their fans don't understand that a 16yr old visiting a couple of 22 and 31 year old STRANGERS from the net is dodgy as fuck… Gary Glitter and Jimmy Saville were way more famous than these two shits and they were complete pedophiles, fame doesn't make someone safe to be around, Jesus.

No. 300132

I have no sympathy for Lainey in this, she's straight up grooming a child and is having a child come see her for the same reasons Onion did to her and other underage girls. It's so gross and creepy that she's straight up advertising it too. She's a 21, married mother, she should not be chatting up 15 year old girls for meet ups and casually flirting with them online. She's a predator.

No. 300133

Just report it to the FBI too.

No. 300134


this. If you really want to stop them, alert authorities instead of filing petty social media reports and giving them the opportunity to cover their tracks.

No. 300176

Oh damn this is actually quite scary…

No. 300178

Here is where to report it: https://www.fbi.gov/tips

Do you guys think the fbi would actually look into it? I'm tempted to do it but it feels like it would be useless…..

No. 300189

I don't want to be all in a moral outrage and shit but why is this girl visiting Taylor and not in school?

No. 300196

I wondered the same thing, it's September now. So is this just a weekend visit or will she be missing school? I'm assuming she'll be staying over at their house and even if they don't have any gross in mind this is still majorly inappropriate.

No. 300198

I was honestly wondering the same thing last night when catching up on the thread. It could be just a weekend trip.

also, this bothers me a lot since the age of consent is 16 in WA. Its like both Lainey and Greg plotted to wait until this chick was 16 and fly her out to see them so they could have a threesome with her.

Jesus fuck, they're both predatory assholes at this point. Even if Lainey is just some brainwashed fuckhead, this is still disgusting.

No. 300202

I really hope nothing happens, for the 16 year old's sake

No. 300203

Well she's 'Legal Age' that's all that matters to Greg.

No. 300204

so wait, if they're flying this kid out there, isn't it a felony if either of them have sex with her? because I'm pretty sure that counts as sex trafficking regardless of her being over the age of consent or not.

No. 300205

I doubt it since she's doing it out of her own free will, and chances are her parents know she's going. Why they're letting her though, is a different question.

No. 300206

LMFAO billi and these other girls are all sugar babies. How fucking degrading for Onion have to PAY for sex and to PAY girls to fuck his nasty wife.

Way2go Onion

No. 300228

Actually it isn't in Washington state, since they are both more than 5 years older than her. I saw this on DSSCTM: http://d0ntstandsoclosetome.tumblr.com/post/150192307624/httpappslegwagovrcwdefaultaspxcite-9a44

Even if she's going of her own free will they could still get in trouble for this if they do anything inappropriate. I'm pretty sure they're the ones paying for her airfare.

No. 300248

No, I think getting older and fading into irrelevance would be the cruelest and most fitting fate for him. He can't function without attention, be it negative or otherwise.

No. 300281

Even if their marriage survives due to Planey's willingness to be a pure doormat, I wonder if she will leave him when he looses popularity and the money dries up….

No. 300283

She looks so miserable.

Potentially stupid question but are these teenage girls even really, fully aware that Lainey's pregnant? She's clearly being hush-hush about it, just like they’re very quiet about their older son. They’re not actively denying their existence but they’re not exactly showing off their parental status to their teenage girl audience, either.
Imagine flying out to finally meet your edgy ~*space prince*~ YouTube relationship goal idols in the flesh, and instead meeting a cranky pregnant woman with a toddler hanging off her tit and a greasy spotted ogre-thing with a flabby gut who keeps trying to take close up photos of you to post to his own social media. And that’s before they try to have sex with you or involve you in their petty relationship squabbles. Yuck.

No. 300305


Teenagers don't actually think that shit through, all they think is HURR HURR I GET TO RIDE ON AIRPLANE I SO SPESHUL AND FANCY which is why it is so gross to manipulate them like that

For being such a ~*feminist*~ you really should know better Lamo you fucking creep

No. 300306

Onion's been posting on fb a lot, it seems like desperate white noise now.

No. 300308

of course she knows better, she's just a fucking pedo like her husband

No. 300309

she could make his life miserable by never leaving him.

No. 300315

I think the 16 should know that Laineys pregnant and has a toddler, they've been chatting for the last year or two. However I agree with the rest of your sentiment that this kid is in for a rude awakening when she meets these 2 IRL with no filters. Best case scenario is that she gets to be a fly on the wall for an adult couples dying marriage. That shit is uncomfortable even when you're grown and she won't be able to just have her mom come pick her up when things get tense.

No. 300322

If they try anything sexual with Sarah, that is at least sexual misconduct with a minor in the second degree, under WA law. Lamo just meets the cutoff age for it to be illegal.

No. 300325

Whatcha got for us Anon? On his Twitter he's really being selective with who he answers to (retarded ones).

No. 300329

File: 1473753263190.jpeg (109.08 KB, 740x922, image.jpeg)


Apparently nothing is going on but I dont believe her.

No. 300339


Has anyone actually reported this to the FBI yet?

No. 300345

She'll pass it off like she likes Furiosa or Eleven or some shit

Though it would be fucking funny to have the 2 pictures next to each other.

No. 300358

File: 1473781148096.jpg (190.62 KB, 810x1088, IMG_20160913_173703.jpg)

onision trying to suck up to leafy, going after idubbbz

idubbbz shits in your mouth, onion boy

No. 300361

He just wants to be featured on content cop so he gets more views.

Also I think Onion-san is a bit butthurt, because at the beginning of iDubbbz's new content cop, lots of YouTubers appear, even Shane, but not Onion.

I guess you are just completely irrelevant, Greg :^)

No. 300362

onion and idubbbz look kinda similar so this is pretty hilarious

No. 300366

File: 1473782273989.jpg (633.95 KB, 1080x1080, 20160913_175631.jpg)

No. 300367

Funny that coming from Onion the actual rapist and kiddy fiddler

No. 300368

Onion shut up
Ian's a cutie now that he has hair

No. 300369

Yeah they look alike if you stab yourself in one eye and pour acid in the other and then squint.

Ian is what Greg wishes to be, he's 'controversial' but witty and funny unlike himself, he's just a lil bitch who is always salty.

No. 300371


Onion has such an ugly meaty head

No. 300388

No. 300393

File: 1473794499545.jpg (65.16 KB, 610x343, love.jpg)


too much hypocrisy

No. 300395

File: 1473795315586.jpg (44.4 KB, 480x360, CfYbuluWEAIQDyI.jpg)

Everyone is dragging Onion in the comments, even some of his fans.


No. 300396

File: 1473795706740.jpg (103.03 KB, 810x652, IMG_20160913_214105.jpg)


nice backpedaling cuck

No. 300397

File: 1473796166257.png (588.34 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-09-13-21-47-32…)

I am enjoying this way too much

No. 300398

File: 1473796203432.jpg (99.42 KB, 809x531, IMG_20160913_214822.jpg)


Oh Ian <3

No. 300399

File: 1473796320376.jpg (61.02 KB, 810x589, IMG_20160913_215147.jpg)

No. 300400

File: 1473796517520.jpg (118.17 KB, 810x771, IMG_20160913_215450.jpg)

Meanwhile Onion is going full buttmangle mode

No. 300403


The newer photos just confirmed he's even more ugly than everyone first throught.

No. 300404

File: 1473798260777.jpg (99.48 KB, 964x627, article-2318782-199A6447000005…)

Sometimes Gerg reminds me of a bird that freaks the fuck out when it sees itself in the mirror, except birds are actually cute and likeable.

No. 300405

kek, he deleted these tweets

I guess he realized how butthurt he looks

No. 300406

Onion-san just can't compare to the pros

No. 300410

They are still up….for now.

I'm going to laugh so hard if leafy makes a video about this saying he wasnt upset about idubbbz video and calling out onision for his bullshit

No. 300413

Ian is perfect. He's pissing off onion to the max.

No. 300417

Funny how hes trying to be relevant but knows little about idubbbz and leafy

>25 year old man wears graphic t-shirts to impress young audience. How immature grow up.

It's a fucking leafy t-shirt of leafy drinking bleach.

>he looks handicapped

Idubbbz constantly calls himself a retard. You aren't saying anything about Ian that Ian hasn't already said about himself onionboy.

No. 300418

Ian is adorable, funny, good skin, clever. Is Greg watching the right person lmao. He's so butthurt.

No. 300428

if ldubbbz is a 3, is onion like negative numbers then?

No. 300433

onion acts so manipulative but then has such a raging notice me sempai going on just out of the blue. did anything even happen to start this?

No. 300438

Ahh the hypocrisy. He really is trying to cling on to any chance of attention. I wonder sometimes whether he wrote the leafy/onion fanfic sometimes.

No. 300439

The thing abt idubbbz tho is he can (and does) make fun of himself and not care - Thats half the point of his content cop on leafy. Onion and leafy are so insecure but pick fights on the internet but Ian will constantly make fun of himself and everyone else so he doesnt get buttmangled if someone is like "omg ur ugly edoopz!!!"

No. 300446

I'm honestly baffled with how he has the audacity to call Idubbbz ugly, that's such a heap of bullshit. But of course greg thinks he is, because Ian actually looks like a grown man instead of a young boy going through puberty which we all know is the type greg loves to prey on.

It's really creepy the way he was calling leafy "cute and adorable" greg's such a freak.

No. 300454

ikr Ian is so much cuter than Onion it's not even funny. I actually really love Idubbbz though so maybe I'm biased.

No. 300466

Didn't gerg make a video bashing leafy before? And now suddenly leafy is a saint?

He's projecting hardcore. Ian is attractive, funny, and intelligent. He must be jealous that a younger, better looking guy has obtained the same amount of subscribers in what, a year? And every single one of his videos gets over 1 million views if not 2 million+, while cucky is getting a couple hundred thousand. Ian's video about leafy has gotten 4 million views in a single day. I don't think gerg has ever seen anything close to that type of viewership, save for his stupid fucking banana video that lost relevancy 6 years ago.

So much jealousy from a grown man with a wife and children. Pathetic.

Here's to hoping Ian makes a content cop about onion next!

No. 300467

I feel like that's why onioncuck is saying all that shit in hopes Ian will make a video about him.

No. 300468

Samefag and off topic but Greg is an idiot if he really thinks leafy is that attractive. He is objectively an average looking dude, as in a 5/10 if you're being generous. And it's partly because blatant insecurity and behaving like a 16 year old when you're 21 is a huge turn off. What am I saying, onion is the exact same way, except that he's worse looking and 10 years older. It's honestly depressing to me.

No. 300476

File: 1473837151466.png (553.32 KB, 737x813, onion.png)

No. 300477

where does gerg live and how meaningless is life in middle america?

No. 300478

File: 1473839422116.jpg (62.37 KB, 536x640, CsSSnJBUsAAYCt9.jpg)

Now he started shitting on Dan Howell both on his Twitter and Tumblr.

I guess 11 year old telling him that he is "totally right xD" feeds his ego.

No. 300482

I don't think Mother Theresa could be that generous. Saying Leafy is a 3/10 is generous. He's hideous, inside and out.

No. 300495

>I am a fan, and you're ignoring me

Good to know he feels creepily entitled to both men and women.

No. 300496

File: 1473848536608.png (56.31 KB, 589x530, ljdne.png)

Omg can he get anymore pathetic?! He's fucking married 30 year old manchild with a kid and another one on the way, yet he's bitching about how "adorable guys are jerks" when he himself was calling one of them ugly to begin with. He's so fucking hypocritical it's going to give me an aneurysm one day.

No. 300497

File: 1473848804975.png (38.62 KB, 588x332, lsnf.png)

But it's not personal.

No. 300498

Meanwhile Plain is bragging how her new iPhone 7 is coming on Friday.

Enjoy while Onion-san can still buy it for you, because he is running out of money and going full panic.

No. 300500

>I speak the truth
>I was only pretending to be retarded


No. 300509

File: 1473858917029.png (2.51 MB, 1870x1200, Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 15.1…)

He sounds like he's alternately whining about and defending people he has a crush on. Maybe he was only pulling Leafy's pigtails before because he thinks he's cute and wanted his attention? And why won't his other senpai notice him? Ugh, cute boys are all the same!

No. 300513

Gerg should stop saying others look like mentally handicapped rapists. Honestly. I mean yeah he would know what they look like cos he sees one in the mirror every day, but ffs.

sage because another cheap shot at Onion being ugly

No. 300518

File: 1473864739953.jpg (335.76 KB, 1636x670, kek.jpg)

I am loving the majority of the comments on his idubbbz video.

Sometimes, one of his fanturd tries to defend him with "But Onion-san just wants to speak his mind, he is a brutally honest person and totally not doing this for attention" but then they get dragged hard.

No. 300533

File: 1473871568341.png (Spoiler Image, 288.09 KB, 594x471, moobs.png)

New video where Greg fawns over Dean Winchester because Jensen Ackles probably wouldn't reject him on a stream? Featuring: moobs, dad bod, bacne, bad teeth, and red face.

No. 300538

File: 1473875513782.jpg (62.07 KB, 468x425, 1296607614891.jpg)

fucking hell no wonder he uses the angles and filters

No. 300539

Yung Gucci ranger knows what he's talking about.

No. 300553

No. 300554

File: 1473883557224.jpg (37.83 KB, 587x310, ethan.JPG)

Go Ethan

No. 300564


Ewww!!!!!!!! I think I'm gonna be sick…

You can see fat-rolls building up on his sides and his back wtf?!?!?!

No. 300568


how old are you…? doesn't matter. judging you.

No. 300569


How old is too old to like twenty-one pilots ?

No. 300571

No. 300582

i'm 18 and enjoy some of their songs, at least the ones my little sister plays in the car, theyre catchy!

No. 300583

Noooo Ethan don't give him any attention!!

No. 300614

Holy shit, the third fan he shows is like 7 years old.

No. 300622

He's so mad Dan doesn't want anything to do with him.

No. 300650

File: 1473952509166.jpg (388.38 KB, 1473x864, wqer.jpg)

what a fucking faggot

No. 300652

Dan needs to get a restraining order. Greg needs to retake 2nd grade to learn how to write a proper letter.

No. 300655

Look what I found. Our little pedo has a type! ?

No. 300656

File: 1473956242666.jpg (276.14 KB, 1149x594, fZIMXEX.jpg)

No. 300657

The end sounds like a break up?? He's insane!!

No. 300658

this is why it confused me when he got together with lainey, she CLEARLY isn't his usual type and it's being proven more and more with the girls he's using lainey to drag in.

No. 300660

his fucking divorce was less emotional than this

No. 300661

"I'm nice to you but horrible to everyone else, this is why you should love me"
He sounds like a textbook bad boyfriend.

No. 300662

This is all a big distraction from the fact his wife and him are now fully caught acting like complete online predators. Don't feed too much back into this particular drama he's starting, he's using your interest in it to his own advantage to divert your attention from where it needs to focused.

He wants a girl who was as little self respect as Lainey but the looks and 'alt' interests of the blue haired girl but since he cannot find that easily, he just splits the difference it seems.

No. 300664

Fair point. Isn't Sarah coming to visit them today?

No. 300665

So… the best one he chose is the one that's very obviously photoshopped. Is he that retarded? How does one miss that wobbly, anime jawline and the wobbly shadows with shit rendering that doesn't match the rest of the photo? The transition isn't realistic regardless you can just tell by looking at the before photo that she's an obese fuck and looks nothing like her after photoshopped self.

No. 300667

Yup, this is a pattern of his - he'll distract attention away from something fucking weird he's said, done or is doing by trying to start up drama with random popular Youtubers.

Shane Dawson during his breakup with Shiloh and marriage to Lainey.
Leafy during cuddlegate with Billie.
Now Dan during Sarah's visit to them.

He's been using the same tactic for years.

No. 300680


Sooo has anyone reported them to the FBI yet?

No. 300681

I can't believe Dan didn't appreciate a thirty year old man gushing over how DREAMY his eyes are.

No. 300684

Have you?

No. 300685

if anyone has they're not going to say anything in the thread because greaseball lurks. fuck off.

No. 300688


I'm just asking since everyone is bitching about them preying on little girls for the past few months and nothing's been done about it.

No. 300689

Pretty much this.

The threads about him here are made for talking about him and his shitscapades in general, so whether or not anyone has gone ahead and reported them is pretty irrelevant - people will still talk about him no matter what happens to him.

Other than that, I believe there's already been a substantial amount of people who have reported him, I don't know if they have from here; but I do know they have from the anti-onision blogs on Tumblr.

No. 300693

File: 1473977759791.png (162.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Damage control/backpedal anyone?

No. 300694

File: 1473977837607.jpg (95.04 KB, 1103x593, Screenshot_1.jpg)

hang on, that's Billie's profile photo in the comment section…
And they're friends on this profile.

No. 300695

Could that possibly mean that anon is Billie and she's lurking here as well?

No. 300696

Him: I luv Dan, he so sexxxxy and popular! Look at me, Dan! Look at me!

>>(Dan's fans are not fully aware of Greasestain's existence)

Dan: I don't appreciate you doing this without my permission and constantly goading me and my fans into giving you attention.

>>(Dan's fans are made aware of Greasestain's existence)

Him: OMGZ, you're soooo meen… I don't like you anymore, I block u.

>>(Dan's fans start talking about Greaseball and give him the attention he's wanted.)

The best thing any popular Youtuber can do is just IGNORE him, no matter what he says or does… if he starts using their content or photos without permission, then quietly DMCA them and don't mention it or him.

Otherwise, they're just basically giving him exactly what he wants; he doesn't want to befriend them - he wants to exploit them for views and subs.

No. 300697

I'd say so. Damn Billie, you got busted.

No such thing as a quiet DMCA if the person is an attention whore like Onion. He'd just make another video talking about how Dan lives on internet popularity but doesn't want Onion to speak about him because he's jealous and greedy.

No. 300698

I'm sure all of them lurk here since people were telling Lainey about lolcow during Cuddlegate.

No. 300699


LMAOOOOO busted you salty ass bitch

No. 300700

no way, busted!

But the thought of Billie reading this thread is kinda entertaining

No. 300701

I'm laughing so hard. So busted, Billie.

No. 300702

Come on Billie, don't just throw shade, spill the beans about your cradle robbing ex, she's obviously moved on to a younger woman now so nothing holding you back

No. 300703

Ayeee this is getting good.

No. 300704

We're all definitely aware (without a doubt) that Grease has been lurking here since as far back as the last thread at least… so if Billy Dong Dingle is now posting here, then there's no reason not to believe that Lamo isn't lurking here either.

Haha, it wouldn't surprise me if Grease made her sign a non-disclosure agreement when she first got with them.

No. 300705

Come on Billie, both of them talked shit about your going-ons on a public site. It's only fair that you do the same.

We're all dying of thirst over here. Just when we think the milk is coming it just dries right up again.

No. 300706

Damn, I hope Lainey sees this and finally comes out with the truth about their weird threesome arrangement drama now, but we all know she doesn't have the guts to face the backlash from Onion's fans. Sad.

No. 300708

She's been active on Twitter today as well, posting on there just 2 hours after that same anon posted in here (her last posts were on Tuesday).

Oh Billie, you sad sorry sack of shite.

No. 300709

File: 1473980211850.gif (452.33 KB, 500x324, giphy.gif)

No. 300710

I'd become a Billie fan if she started spilling her guts about Grease

No. 300711

File: 1473980379824.gif (111.42 KB, 500x250, Source_Disney_Tumblr_user_dope…)

Lmao, busted! Hey Billie if you ever need to vent about that whole Onion/Lainey clusterfuck you know where to find us.

No. 300712

File: 1473980794536.gif (754.72 KB, 420x314, aw yis.gif)

No. 300713

Haha, same! She'd probably find redemption here or elsewhere if she did.

No. 300715


No. 300716

Oh come on, it was clear from the beginning that she's only in it for the e-fame, so a tell-all wouldn't even be a surprise at this point.

No. 300717

sorry for double posting, but in fact I think this is a bit too convenient. Maybe she slipped up on purpose, it's such a rookie mistake to make.

No. 300718

Someone screen shot and send to lainey and the milk will floooww!!

No. 300719

I doubt she will spill anything if you bitches keep saying to screen and send to lamo

No. 300720

Why? I'd rather Billie just come here and spill the deets. Screening and telling Lamey will just be boring.

No. 300721

Highly doubt Billie will come spill on them or wouldn't she of done it by now? so send it to lainey and hopefully she posts all like she did during cuddlegate

No. 300722

What if Onion and Billie Bob are in cahoots on this? Once Lainey finds out Billie called her a pedophile, she surely won't tolerate Onion hooking up with her anymore. Billie has plausible deniability, he finally gets his divorce.

No. 300723

Are there any "fan" accounts with the same profile picture as Billie or is this for sure her?

No. 300724

File: 1473985911598.jpg (42.9 KB, 499x548, b.jpg)

The "fan" accounts seem to have more scene-ish photos as the profile picture, and the profile linked in >>300694 is the only really active one and has almost 5k friends including her real life contacts (Greg, Lainey, Richie/Social Repose), who I doubt would add a fake.

No. 300725

it's also friends with Ayalla. I'd say the profile checks out.

No. 300726

Well. Guess there isn't any plausible deniability! Ya screwed up, BillieBob.

Hope this means she gets away from those creeps though.

No. 300727

Hi Billie. Just come clean and give deets. How do you fuck up this badly though?

No. 300729

No. I can still find it.

No. 300731

my reaction too anon.

billie, fuck these two! they did you dirty, spill the tea. all the passive aggressive tweets lainey did while you were last visiting? give them a piece of their own medicine tbh

No. 300732

Sarah is wearing Taylor's old clothes…

No. 300734

File: 1473994349425.gif (1.62 MB, 786x490, 1145899.gif)

How interesting

No. 300735

File: 1473995346509.jpg (166.86 KB, 797x595, clovers.jpg)

Guys…Billie couldn't have been the one to post here today because she was out looking for 4 leaf clovers all day. She found 2 so she was super busy!

No. 300736

You guys know this could be easily photoshopped, right? Back when I was a stupid teeny troll, I did something similar, but with Livejournal screenshots.

But I really, REALLY hope it's not because that would be gold lol

No. 300737

Maybe, but then I feel like that person would have samefagged to point it out quickly. Instead it didn't get noticed until like 5+ hours later.

No. 300740

why is she so gross..

No. 300741

If it was doctored in any way, I don't think they would be such a noob about it… the piss-poor grammar, dropping the image without mentioning the drop, and the fact they should've known they could delete the post (before 20 mins) if it was too obvious.

Whoever posted it is new to chan boards, and as >>300737 pointed out, if they wanted attention out of it - they would of been a lot quicker to samefag about it instead of leaving it to someone else to finally notice much later on in the day, and they had.a couple of replies to that post that overlooked the avatar.

A very rookie mistake indeed, for someone to go to the trouble of being smart enough to use Billie's actual FB photo and not use a fan accounts; then post like a newfag here? I don't know, I dont buy it… I think it's her.

No. 300742

She posted the same thing on Twitter 2 hours after the suspicious anon posted here, if she wasn't around online all day today (her last post was on Tuesday) I'd give her the benefit of the doubt- but why make a huge fuss about being busy all day outside on both Twitter and Instagram? Y'know, like maybe covering up the fact you were posting something you wern't meant to elsewhere and trying to cover your ass for it in case someone else susses you out?

Hmmmmmmm….. very odd indeed.

No. 300749

You can look at the picture's data/code to determine if it was edited.

No. 300750

Go ahead then.

No. 300751

No thanks, I don't care enough to go through the effort. I was merely informing while watching this delicious milk flow.

No. 300752

I used http://imageedited.com/ and it says it has Adobe editing tags but idk jack shit about this, sooo

No. 300753

She seems to travel a bit, but could a farmhand check >>300654
see if they're from Stafford, VA?

No. 300754

Cmon Billie. Everyone knows it was you. Might as well come clean and spill while at it. At least a lot of people here will support you if you do.

No. 300755

She had to use something to crop out the rest of the screenshot. Of course it's gonna show up as edited.

No. 300756

Can an Admin see the location of the IP address. Surely then we can know if it's real or not?

No. 300758

BILLAYYYYYYY gurl come talk to us farmers, we just want the dirt on pedodee and pedodum.

No. 300759

Billiebob won't talk about onionsan, she crushes on him.

She probably just hates Plainboi.

No. 300760

File: 1474023502853.jpg (112.2 KB, 810x757, IMG_20160916_125701.jpg)

No. 300761

Or they waited for it to be more authentic, duh. I feel like you're all getting trolled & y'all look dumb as fuck being like "LMAO SO BUSTED XD". People new to this scene have no chill tbh.

Also if it were Billy, calling her a "sad sack of shit" or a "salty ass bitch" isn't going to make her wanna talk to us. Jeez.

No. 300762

Common Billie,just spill. You're already busted might as as well.

No. 300764

Honestly I'd welcome dirt on Plainey more than Onion at this point. We already have plenty of evidence that he's a fuck, I want to know how much of a sicko Plainey is.

No. 300771

He'll try to use the amount of likes to prove he's right, like the time he tried to convince Adrienne to stop drinking because some 13 year olds on the internet said so.

No. 300772

Sometimes I wish one of his other exes writes a letter.

It must've been golden age of dairy once Adrienne's letter got leaked.

Do it Billy, you will become a milky heroine.

No. 300773

This: >>300771 plus grooming his next teenage internet sidepiece, whoever that may be. If he can get a vulnerable girl to be on his side when he's abusing another person, that girl is much less likely to speak up once she's the one being abused.

No. 300774

yeah, it was just that one time. and that one thing you did. and not a whole load of other shit. lel.

No. 300776

Leafy made a video in where he said "A guy I roasted in the past tried to flirt with me via twitter". Didn't even mention Greggors name kek he's gonna be mad when he finds out about this

No. 300777

>no chill

Hi Billie, we know it was you. :)

No. 300779


Yeah, and I hope iDubbbz never makes a Content Cop about him. Or none of the other youtubers he tries to pick fight with mention him or at least do not name him.

No. 300780

Does Billie even know she fucked up yet? I kind of expected her to write defensive tweets about how above it all she is. Maybe she hasn't even been back since she posted.

No. 300782

What do I have to do to get the attention of an admin? Summon them with salt circles and candles?

Can we find out the location of screenshot poster and what else they've been saying to confirm if it's her or a Troll?

No. 300783

You can click the box next to the post and report it or you can go to meta and talk to them there.

No. 300784

Thanks Anon

No. 300785

Right now he's trying to suck off Hannah Hart and get her attention. He's desperate for any attention right now.It's probably gotten to the point where he can't afford to live off of youtube anymore and with a 2nd kid on the way and Plainey not working, buying plane tickets for their underage poon, he's going into meltdown mode and panicking.

No. 300786

Or he just likes her videos?

No. 300787

Nothing against them but the admins probably won't verify since that poster seemingly hasn't broken any rules? I could be wrong but in the past relevant cows were only outed when they broke rules iirc. Don't get me wrong, it would be hilarious if it turns out to be her, but from what I understand lolcow keeps it completely anonymous unless someone is being a total asshat.

No. 300791

Ah that sucks, we've got a new admin since then though right?

No. 300792

tbh it's not up to Admin to shelter you from getting trolled to oblivion if this is fake, people in here are being way too over the top thirsty about this. if "Billie" wasn't scared off by slipping up, she sure is now.

No. 300794

Admin or one of the farmhands told us that the person spamming all the onion videos without descriptions was from Canada when some people claimed it was Greg trying to get views. Billie is related to the drama so I don't think it will be a problem.

No. 300795

Fucking mad because i knew it was Billie and her friends selfposting but i got banned for being "agruementative"

No. 300797


Meh, I got banned from Lamo's IG for posting "suspicious activity".

No. 300798

File: 1474048574599.png (96.47 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Who the fuck snitched?!?!?!?!

No. 300799

Someone reminded me yesterday that he has another two channels besides his three main ones, that's FIVE in total. I'd really like to know which ones he's still making money from.

No. 300800

It's been known for a long while that there are anons from eoliveson who post here too, and considering anons in here earlier were talking about sending Lainey some screenshots of those posts, I bet she already has those as well.

It would've been nice to have gotten a farmhand or admin's IP confirmation first before everyone got overly excited that it might be Billay.

No. 300801


Well, for one; I know OnisionEncore doesn't make much revenue-less than OnisionArchive. The other three are mainly his cash cows.

No. 300803

I guess it's sort of nice to know at least 80+ of his videos (but I don't know if that number is still growing) got demonetized during YouTube's updated Terms of Services.

No. 300804

what does eoliveson mean anyway? eo lives on? e-olive-son?

No. 300805

I think the original blog was called 'Exposing Onision' but Gerg managed to get it terminated when Tumblr was still young, then they made 'EOliveson' when the rules became a bit more relaxed.

No. 300806

thank you <3

No. 300807

Haha, it's okay. I asked the exact same question around 4 threads back when I first heard of the blog, I couldn't figure it out myself back then until another anon explained it to me.

No. 300808

I think the only fun we're ever going to get out of that "Billie" comment and screenshot is the fact that she called Lainey a pedo.

I honestly doubt she'll slip up again or even entertain the idea about confessing anything more… I have no doubt she'll continue to lurk in here if it is her.

I hope admin does let us know which state the IP was from though, it'd piss Lainey off so much when her fans find out that even her ex-girlfriend (someone who has spent a reasonable amount of time in her actual presence) called her a pedo.

No. 300809

they should've called it "exploding onion" then, but I'm still partial to e olive son.

yeah, I don't think she'll be back either.

No. 300810

we're looking into it. if anything comes up we will let people know.

No. 300812

Sure am sick of you retard newfag farmers who accuse everyone in a thread of being the person you're posting about soon as they disagree with you.

No. 300813

…have you even read the fucking thread lately?

No. 300814


How anyone falling for this obvious bait? this anon could very well be anyone and either changed their picture to billies or just photo shopped this write a comment section.


>hang on, that's Billie's profile photo in the comment section…

just almost sounds like the same person/someone planting something and then going "omg BUT WAIT LOOK!!" sort of things


No. 300815

In regards to the post that everyone has been asking about, the IP is coming from Virginia, but from a different city. The person who posted this has posted twice in this thread, and once in another thread.

Given that the post came from Virginia, but a different city, we can't say for certain that it is Billie Bob Dongle, but we will make sure to keep an eye on the IP to see if there are any other posts in this thread from them.

In the meantime, please don't derail the thread with arguments about this. If arguing continues, temp bans will be placed.

Thank you.

No. 300817

File: 1474060903694.jpg (71.88 KB, 368x437, snirk.jpg)

Awesome, thanks Farmhand.

So Virginia it is, huh… interesting.

No. 300818

File: 1474062210969.jpg (15.74 KB, 517x103, trash.jpg)

Oh Billie we've all done embarrassing things don't be so hard on yourself lol.

No. 300819

I've been speaking to her on FB and she said they are both on good terms. She also wondered why Billie would use such an insignificant photo to post about if she were to trash talk her on here.
She's rather friendly and pleasant to talk to, no point attaching screenshots tbh.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 300820

>>She's rather friendly and pleasant to talk to

Why are you here, are you lost?

No. 300821


No. 300822

I thought the photo was chosen because the girl also has long blue hair, like Billie used to.

No. 300823

backtracking-gu desuu!

No. 300824

Hi Greg.

No. 300825

> "no point attaching screenshots"
> on an imageboard

No. 300827

File: 1474070398624.jpg (65.36 KB, 480x330, Not Onision.jpg)

>Hey guys, stop talking bad about Lainey and just stop talking about how Onision is having another 15-16 year old stay at his house again. I'm not Onision btw tbh.

No. 300829


Now. Are you guys sure this is either Lamo, Onion or Cumdumpster? Just check the IPs.

No. 300830

Think Billie is helping derail this thread so we don't talk about how there's a 16 year old visiting the two of them without adult supervision?

No. 300836

well greaseball does like to stir up drama to distract so you might be onto something

No. 300837

You do realize it's called "Exposing Onision Lives On" in the Google search result right?

No. 300838

I'm sure Selena the maid will check in on her.

No. 300840

I wonder how far away the two cities are from each other? I know my IP says I'm from a different city/ county that I'm actually in, so the fact its Virginia is pretty damn telling tbh

No. 300843


Ain't she in Cali tho?

No. 300854

In the new video Onion mentions Billie as his wife's gf yet again.

No. 300864

Why has no one pulled a Margaret on onion boy yet?

No. 300867

Of course he will, even if Lainey wasn't still with her - he's gotta:

1. Keep up appearances that their super-duper threeway is authentic, ~*so beautiful*~ and an inspiration to others.
2. Give Lainey no say on the matter by speaking for/over her which continues allowing him to fuck Billie.
3. Distract the attention away from the fact that they're currently allowing a 16 year old to stay with them.

No. 300868

A what now? Apologies but I don't follow the Venus/Margot drama on lolcow, can you elaborate?

No. 300869

There's nothing wrong with asking, is there? A bit of conversation is good sometimes.

No. 300872

It should be noted that Sarah is friends with Mr. Repzion on Google plus. Wasn't he at one point Greasecock's "arch nemesis"?

No. 300873

Depends how long ago he added her, can you tell if the add is mutual or not?

No. 300875


Marge filed copyright claims on a bunch of Venus's videos and shut down her channel for months and months

I think it would be hilarious BC they have no other source of income and would actually have to find local minors to creep on instead of having to fly them in every few weeks :o)

No. 300877

File: 1474127465513.png (299.05 KB, 1174x517, image.png)

I'm not really sure, I previously saw this on an EO reblog post and thought it should be mentioned jic.

No. 300878

Huh, so you mean like… all the "e-celebs" he's made videos of or used photos of in his videos?

I'm not completely sure how it works, but you can use other people's material under "parody" use and get away with copyright restrictions… but he's obviously not using them for "parody" use, I do know that you ARE supposed to pay for permission to use the material used in content that isn't related to parody though.

I honestly don't know why those people haven't slammed him those laws, maybe they think it gives them more exposure or they simply just haven't been notified that they're being used without permission.

But to be honest, I don't think these other (as well as himself) Youtubers earn enough cash to take each other to court. It's like; he's always claiming others are slandering him, and boasts that he's going to sue them but ultimately never does anything about it - the closest he's come (sloppily tried) was emailing Kiwi Farms with a "cease and desist" letter about libel which was clearly written by him pretending to be some lawyer/law firm and he got laughed at.

I think Margo had a case because she actually filmed those videos and that was the reason why YT took action, otherwise - I don't think it's going to work unless the people he's stolen material from for his videos (in the form of photographs or footage) decide to make DMCA claims against him and get them taken down.

No. 300879

Sorry for samefagging but I've just spoken to a friend who knows a bit more than I do on the subject.

Under UK laws (I don't know if this applies the same in the US) you can use copyrighted material if it can be proven to be used under the purposes of criticism and review.

BUT if that material is used for entertainment purposes (he DOES call himself an entertainer) then you DO have to pay for that material used.

This could be grounds to remove videos and related income, it just depends how determined someone is to protect their intellectual property.

No. 300880


Lol, you'd think Onion being involved in lawsuits and divorce settlements (hell, the retard even made a "man law" video - probably stolen from shaycarl) would have some knowledge about writing a proper C&D agreement. Geeze, go back to school Onion-boi!

No. 300881


Except Onion's American.

No. 300888

>>(I don't know if this applies the same in the US)

Exactly, so would you know if similar laws apply?

No. 300889

We have fair use laws that let people use copyrighted stuff for the sake of parody or satire. There was some lady who was a beautician who was completely mortified that Greg used her picture for I think a video like Before and After Alcoholism. It was actually pics of her before and after wedding makeup and she tried really hard to get the video taken down but couldn't because it fell under fair use.

No. 300890


Mm kind of. But because they're both in different countries, one has to file a complaint in the other's own country against them, iirc from my paralegal studies.

No. 300893

>Keep up appearances that their super-duper threeway is authentic

He still has a picture of Billie and Lainey kissing as his twitter background. Judging by Onions and Billies hair it was from cuddlegate 1.0. It's really gross how he has to constantly have his sex life publicized, especially considering how young most of his fanbase is.

No. 300896

So um, DSSCTM blocked me(I don't even have a tumblr). What the fuck? I didn't even do shit to him! I just went to see any updates and suddenly was met with a BLOCKED message.

No. 300903

How can someone block you on tumblr when you aren't logged into an account? Like can they just block anons by IP address?

No. 300904

Yeah, you can block by IP.

No. 300908


Again, I didn't really do anything to offend him on tumblr. All I ever did was post asks and submissions like every other anon (that didn't stick up for old man Onion). Unless he lurks here too…

No. 300909

Oldfag unboxes iPhone 7. Thankfully, his pizza face or "VEGETARIAN BODAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!" Aren't included (except old man hands).

Trigger warning: mayonnaise (veganaise?) is supposed to be jizz.

No. 300910

File: 1474173544848.png (160.7 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

White noise

No. 300922

>you've never caught me saying I'm not
a double back-hander

No. 300929

If interpreted; it means "I'm unlucky to have you", right?

No. 300930

That's why he dumped her and sold his toddler for a monthly stipend when a younger and cuter attention whore came around.

No. 300931

This is the part that stood out to me:
>you've never caught me saying I'm not lucky…

Well I guess he's right we haven't caught him saying that directly. Let's just ignore the way he acts towards Lainey and all the passive aggressiveness.

No. 300935


This is not someone who is in love with his wife. This sounds like when you are mad at your friend and you've been talking shit but now you got busted and you're trying to play it off like you would never do something like that lol

No. 300937

No. 300941

I don't think anything will happen but I really hope something comes of this, even if it's only a slap on the wrist. These two shouldn't be allowed to predate on their underage fan girls and get away with it.

I don't understand why they can't just find LEGALLY consenting girls in their area…why do they have to be random fans all over the country?

No. 300944

Can people start passing this around like wild fire?

This is undeniable proof that Lainey has been sexually inappropriate with Sarah from as far back as she was 11 years old.


This bitch SHOULD of been in jail by now.

No. 300951

I really hope something comes out of this. They really shouldn't beable to get away with flying underaged fans out to their home. Plus the resulting milk would be delicious

No. 300953

The "I'm 11" post is from 2015 though, I think it's something akin to the "I'm 12 and what is this" meme unless she ages faster than other people…

No. 300957

Yeesh, Lainey has no idea what appropriate boundaries are. Guessing that's Greg's influence.
I really wouldn't be as creeped out if they were meeting in a public place for an event with a few other friends or something. It's the fact that she's presumably staying at their house that's sending off the alarm bells.

No. 300959

No. 300960

Oh, I want to see that lawsuit. Plain will have to explain why she sent a 14 yo Sarah drowning in pussy memes and why she kept calling her a girlfriend and flirting with her online.

No. 300961

>2nd kid on the way
Is lainey preggers? I must have missed that

No. 300964

>Lainey using her dad to sue
>Police officer is angry that people are concerned over a 22 year old flying a 16 year old to their house

Hahahahah, keep the bullshit coming.

No. 300965

That attempt at damage control. Regardless of what's going on it is objectively inappropriate for a 16 year old girl to fly alone cross-country to visit a 21 year old woman and her 30 year old husband. I can't believe her parents would let her do that - makes me think she lied about where she was going and what she was doing (or they're neglectful as shit). Lainey and Greg are fucking retarded if they truly can't see how questionable the situation is.

No. 300966

I didn't watch the video but uhhhh…who the fuck does he expect to sue lmao? The Internet? A bunch of anonymous users? Tf?

No. 300967

Which people is he talking about? I didnt see any doxxing here. Did some other site do it?

No. 300968

It's even worse, Sarah's mom is a fan of Greg.

No. 300969


No. 300970

Uh oh, looks like we're all getting sued guys.

My parents were concerned about me taking a train to visit a guy I'd never met before. The only reason they couldn't stop me was because I was TWENTY TWO. Sounds like her mom is living vicariously through her if she's us letting her swan off to the house of two people she hasn't met before. What 16 year old makes sensible choices? Literally none.

No. 300973


Oh noes! We're gonna get sued by the lawerdepartment guys, run!!!!!

Ha! Even if he did try and sue, he won't be able to counter it since everyone here, the anti-O's and KF have so much shit on him.

He's bluffing.

No. 300974

That would explain some things.
Her mom is mentally immature.

No. 300975

He doesn't even defend the whole situation, just that Lainey is allowed to have friends and that she's going to take legal action.


Sorry but that friendship is not "normal." being 19 and making sex jokes and flirting with a 14 year old is not okay. its weird. Letting a 16 year old stay with you when you're 21 and your husband is almost 30… also not fucking normal.

No. 300976

Even better, she's going to take legal action and her daddy is a lawyer in New Mexico. Totally going to help her out in Washington, going to sue those fuckers who don't even live in America.

No. 300977

>My wife and I have had moments where we're not necessarily on great terms with each other. In those moments my wife sometimes needs a friend she can talk to.

I have no doubt Lainey needs someone to confide in especially considering who she's married to but why do they think it's ok for her to vent about this shit with a young teen? She couldn't befriend a young adult or fellow married woman? Even if nothing sexual happens this is still an unbalanced and unhealthy relationship. He's trying to play the victim by blaming the reaction on biphopia and internet hysteria while completely ignoring the issue that a lot of people are having with him and his history of inappropriate relationships with teen girls.

>So Sarah decided to fly herself up to visit my wife.

Oh really, at 16 she decided to do that all by herself? Did she work all summer to save up the money to pay for her own flight?

Good luck with your lawsuit against the internet meanies lol!

No. 300981

File: 1474238350415.jpg (93.18 KB, 1280x720, maxrage.jpg)



I hate these two so fucking much, they're pedo scum and I wish they'd get charged with something.

No. 300984

As always he is missing the point of everyone's concern.
I cannot imagine what a married woman, a mother, could have in common with a teenage girl. This is leaving out the part that her and her husband now have a record involving young girls and the sexual endeavors they have had.
How many 16 year old kids fly out of state to visit ADULTS that aren't famil or family friends?
Whoever contacted the police did a good thing.

No. 300987

I love how he claims the reason we think Sarah is their new fuck toy is because "Lainey is bisexual". Yeah no, it's got nothing to do with the fact that the pair have previously flown a 17 year old out to meet them and BRAGGED openly about having threesomes on Twitter.

Also love how he doesn't address the very overtly sexual Tweets Lainey and Sarah have exchanged on Twitter above, confirming that their relationship isn't as platonic as he says.

I've no doubt Lainey needs a friend but anyone who thinks a 15 year old going alone to meet her 20 year old "friend" and her husband who is 15 years older (at least) is normal is absolutely fucked in the head.

This is legally a CHILD staying with two complete strangers, she will be so vunerable. What if she experiences a problem? It's not like her mom is 20 minutes down the road and can collect her. She can't pack up her bag and drive to a nearby hotel, I doubt she has any money. From what I could tell from Onion's videos, their house is very isolsted also. She thinks she's mature but I don't think she has any idea what she's getting herself into.

I'm close in age to Lainey and I can't even fathom hanging out with someone 5 years younger than me. I assume Lainey is trying to experience the "high school" life which she missed out on for a few years by hanging out with girls who are still in high school. It's kind of sad knowing that she'll never be able to get those few years of her life back because she was busy having Twitter arguments with her pathetic husband and popping out kids when she should have been in school or experiencing college life, maturing and discovering who she is as a human seperate from Gravy. But she's got to come to terms with the fact that she's an adult now, she's not a teen any more and flirting with children is completely unacceptable.

No. 300992

kek i knew as soon as someone said they'd done it he'd put up a video. hi greaseball!

No. 300993

1) Surprised she did a video without Ferg,

2) Fucking loling at Sarah, an apparent land-mass, writhing around in the mirror.

No. 300994

I really feel like the only reason for this video was to "accidentally" on purpose show Sarah in the mirror, as a sort of "fuck you we do what we want" regarding Gerg and Plainy's pedo threesome tendencies.

I mean fuck, she doesn't even give a shit about her make-up, she rushes through it without a thought and says "I don't even know why I'm making this video". She doesn't even apply the make-up she just quickly and shittily talks about it.

Well done creeps, you successfully got your brand new toy delivered to you! You sure told us. Enjoy fucking up a minor for your own gain.

Also wtf is Plain's hair, lipstick and outfit in this video? She looks like an old lady.

No. 300995

File: 1474251852225.jpg (126.05 KB, 720x829, Screenshot_2016-09-18-19-20-14…)

He looks like this is him in the near future.

No. 300996

I don't doubt this at all, she has a history of doing petty shit. It's still so creepy in general.

No. 301000

Serving the mid 30's realness. I can't get over how old she looks when she's barely in her 20's. Greg's gonna be desperate in a few years if he can't get rid of her, because she's aging fast and he can only get it up for teens.

They deserve each other though. Both of them are sociopaths.

No. 301001

Please no, I would have fucked that Liotta, greaseball and all. Liotta was a charismatic guy, a star in his day.

Gerg would be furiously masturbating in the shower to think he's even in that league. Disgusting tbh.

No. 301002

Some people are saying its greg in the mirror, but I really can't tell at all.

No. 301004

File: 1474261113282.jpg (75.41 KB, 473x590, GJskk.jpg)

I'm so triggered by his shitty ironic Canadian accent

No. 301005

I feel like he blew it when he said, "My wife and that girl have been talking on and off for the past two years exclusively…" around the 0:28 mark. Why would Lainey and Sarah have to be exclusive if they were just friends?

No. 301007

The whole video is hyperbole.

Why does he bring attention to the fact that his wife is bisexual? That isn't meant to have anything to do with the friendship, right? Is that why he's fine with her inviting a 14/16 year old to their home? Is that all they have in common? Calling people "biphobic" doesn't really help his case there - if anything, it raises more flags and questions as that really isn't a valid reason to be friends with an underage girl; if anything it sounds even more fucked up as it sounds even more sexually motivated than it originally did.

You keep on digging that hole, Grease.

No. 301010

I really hope that one day Onion gets jailed for a few years.
No internet, no attention from 12 year olds, only soap.

Or at least let him spend all his fortune on a lawyer.

No. 301011

what the actual hell is she wearing? this doesn't look like her style at all and the sweater looks even dirty?
What happened to baggy t shirts and binders?

No. 301012

she can do whatever she wants bcuz she is internet famous genderbender space prince of plainplanet!!!!

I guess she is trying to appear more mature since everyone has been calling her out on still behaving like a teenager even though she is an adult and a mother.

No. 301014

Like that time Greg wrote that hilariously ham handed letter, pretending to be a lawyer, and sent it to kiwi farms.
Say Sisesca, let's send all of your wife's antics to Mr. Grump. Great idea.

No. 301018

Lainey can't befriend people her age because she's immature as fuck. What 22 year old (especially with kids) do you know acts like her? She literally sits around at home all day tweeting sad song lyrics like a teenager whose just DONT UNDERSTAND THEM!!!, of course she could only befriend a fucking 14 year old lmfao. Anyone her age is trying to hustle and doesn't have time for the petty histrionics or her creepy 30 year old "I'm a COOL dad" husband.

No. 301020

I wouldn't be surprised if Grump would throw Lamp under the bus if authorities would find their actions suspicious and get involved with this. Imagine those Speaks videos:

>I was betrayed by my wife

>My wife lied to me and cheated on me. (I honestly believed they were just friends)
>My wife used me and my money for criminal acts and cheated me with a minor!

As he is bored to death with Lamo, this kind of drama would land on his lap like a gift from God. He could conveniently be the victim as Lamp would be a predator, cheater and abuser. He could ditch her "for his own best" and replace her with Bimple.

No. 301021

This wouldn't surprise me either, but he would have to backpedal hard on the ~glorious threesomes~ he was totally having with his wife and her teenage girlfriend and fully embrace his cuck status if he wants to portray himself as the innocent naive cheated-on husband. He's going to have to choose between looking 'cool'/predatory and 'innocent'/pathetic. I can see him choosing the latter once he realizes shit has hit the fan and throwing himself a pity party to get sympathy from his dumbass fans, but it's going to be hard for him to hide his past behaviour from the authorities. Generally when predatory couples are caught, it's the woman who gets off easiest, not the man.

No. 301022


The difference between Billie and Sarah is that Onision knew about Billie being Laineys girldriend. He encouraged and acknowledged that relationship (because he could be part of it).

Now according to Onision, Lainey has stated that Sarah is just her friend. And no matter if Onision knows about all those tweets and texts between the two, when the shit hits the fan he'll make sure to state that he had no idea. Therefore she is lying and cheating.

No. 301030


I hope he pulls off something like this. Milk everywhere and Lainey can't doormat back.

No. 301031

File: 1474296788937.png (437.29 KB, 546x465, sarah.png)

It's def Sarah. In lain's instagram post, Sarah is facing forward and you can clearly tell it's her. In the video she's facing the opposite direction and has a blanket on her legs but you can still see the striped shirt she is wearing, especially at the beginning of the video where she's pulling at her shirt on her chest.

No. 301033

I still sorta believed that he talked her into the relationship with Billy and that Lainey didn't want to.

No. 301034

I think she wore that shirt the last time she was pregnant.

No. 301035

There's been two she's been wearing recently since her last pregnancy I think; a burgundy one and a striped one which is why people think they're some kind of maternity shirts.

No. 301036

Hahahaha, why is she writhing around like a possessed child?

No. 301040

Well Lainey said that and he admitted it in "I betrayed my wife" video (which he later played off as a joke).

Basically she was friends with Billy but then Onion told her that since she is bisexual, she should have a girlfriend. Lainey was fine with having just Onion but being the doormat she is, she listened to him. They invited Billy, she cried and was super jelly etc.

The whole thing with Billy was always Onion's plan. Plain is just dumb and a doormat.

No. 301043

Ugh, Lainey looks hideous here. Her shitty eyeliner makes me want to vomit and those fucking lips… Good lord.

No. 301046

She honestly looks gross.. how the fuck did she manage to make her lips look worse WITH makeup?! Jesus Christ give them a bit of volume jeez. She's like a pair of pearl earrings away from looking like someone's 40 y-o mom.

No. 301051


Ew. She looks older than his last exes!

No. 301053

She should at least start dressing like a child to keep pedogreg interested. Fool.

No. 301054

She'd be in her room touching herself all the time if she did that.

No. 301055

Same shit again. I'm not even going to consider watching this one. I'm so tired.

No. 301057

Seriously, it's very unfortunate. I normally hate when people overdraw their lips or get lip injections b/c it makes my _100% natural_ dsl's feel less speshul, but maybe Lainey needs it. Her lips actually make me sad and uncomfortable. Greg's do too. Like I've said before, it's just skin that turns into a mouth.

No. 301058

Plain inside and out. She has the personality of white bread. How in the hell does she look so old for only being 22?! I've met women in their late 20s that looked younger than her. What the hell?

No. 301059

I feel like her short fakeboi hair really ages the fuck out of her but she looked like shit with long hair too so idk what would make her look good.

No. 301061

This is just whining about Dan and how he was rejected. Then he sucks Leafy's dick to explain why he can find him attractive and still think he's a dick.

No. 301062


She's a plainjane. Waaaayyy more bland and boring-looking than the long-haired ex, which I've heard was plain af.

No. 301064


At this point, he reminds me of Pegasus from Yu-Gi-Oh!

You know, lusting after young boys while claiming to be straight (or in his case; "bi-romantic" or whatever).

>Yoohoo! Danny-boy, Andy-boy, Leafy-boy, Shaney-boy!!!!


No. 301066

no1curr faggot

No. 301071

In one of his videos where he mentioned Leafy, didn't he say he looked like a 12 year old (might have been 14, idk–young) or something? Good job gushing about how attractive he looks, Gurgamel.

I sometimes wonder if he's just that stupid, or if he does things like this on purpose. It IS Gurg, he's the kind of guy who'd mess with people that way.

No. 301072

Pegasus actually liked his dead wife. Greg doesn't give a shit about his.

No. 301073


i hate the way her lips looked too.

she really needs to change the way she does her makeup, it doesn't do her any favours.

No. 301074

Onion whiteknighting for eugenia cooney again…

No. 301078

>I don't get hard-ons for other men.
>ermehgerddd I wanna have sex with Dan!!! He's sooo handsome, and so is Leafy!!!!<3333

No. 301084

Kek, I see what you did there. I hope Sarah is okay and isn't getting massaged as I type this.

No. 301085

A new face.

No. 301086

Is Lamo still posting on Twitter? How is she not in jail yet?

No. 301088

Yeah it does. In her makeup haul vid she looks like a middle aged midwestern mom. :/ Also, I wish she would wear eye shadow so bad, it would give her face a little definition.

No. 301092

I'm sorry I don't like Greg but this isn't whiteknighting. Whiteknighting in Eugenia's case would be if people stepped on her side and say that people should stop telling her to gain weight. Because they know that's what she wants to hear, so basically what Greg did before he changed his mind.

No. 301113

Oldfag's back with the boob squeeze again… Ew.

No. 301114

Is he comparing Brad and Angelina's divorce to Billygate?


No. 301116


I think he's kinda comparing it to his first divorce tbh.

No. 301133

She wasn't actually 11..it was/is a meme from a vine that went viral of an 11 year old girl that got butthurt because people were saying she looks 9 years old so her rebuttal was "I'm 11 so shut the fuck up".

No. 301142

File: 1474436641714.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x2560, 16-09-21-01-41-21-065_deco.jpg)

Okay am I the only one who sees the resemblance between onion and Jim Carey as the Grinch in the live action movie?

No. 301144

Hahahaha! That's what he looks like, especially as of late since his looks are starting to wrinkle up. His lips and long eyelashes really make the comparison though.
He's referring to his first divorce, not what his current marriage is going through. At the end of his marriage with Skye, Greg had to tell her it was over since he was basically fucking Shiloh at that point. She was hesitant to leave him until it was brought to light that he was messing around, as mentioned here >>297991

At the end of the video, he even admitted to having the same problem as Brad Pitt when it came to emotionally cheating because they end up having strong feelings outside of their relationships. Unless he is foreshadowing the end with Lainey, which wouldn't be a surprise, either.

No. 301145

if he looked like the grinch it would be an improvement

No. 301159


He filed for divorce a week before meeting up Shiloh, he just emotionally cheated.

No. 301163

Can he just have a nervous fucking breakdown already? Come on, your bank account is dwindling.. You're getting further and further away from your age demographic..

Now hurry up and self-implode, my popcorn is getting cold.

No. 301164

File: 1474482718436.png (217.99 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Aww he's depressed y'all! Maybe he's starting to (fully) realize his "career" is almost history and doesn't have much time left. Good.


You just might get your wish after all. :)

No. 301165

How is he depressed? He lives in magical fairy land where he can will away his depression because he's not a starving child in Africa! All mental problems someone has is because they're not happy enough. Is this what happens when Peter Pan realizes that he's aging horribly?

No. 301169


Lmfao yeah probably! He too probably didn't get any loli since the law's on his ass now.

No. 301176

Oh he says this shit often and frequently enough for it to be written off as nothing more than petty attention seeking (you can see where his wife gets it from).

If he's "depressed" again, it just means something he's really wanted hasn't gone the way it was planned to… he's never "depressed" for any other reason but that.

Baby Gurgles is sulking about not getting his way about something or other and reaches out to his fanbase for asspats and validation per usual.

No. 301178

File: 1474495026025.jpg (41.5 KB, 500x750, 21b.jpg)

Gergles has had depression for a long time, but he doesn't believe in doctors and medication, so he gotta act like a dick to get his ego massaged and feel better (or have 3somes). But sometimes it's not enough, apparently.

No. 301179


I wonder how many mental issues he has…probably over 9,000

No. 301181

His dating history seems pretty consistent with BPD. But he's also clearly a narcissist. Dude's some horrifying mash-up of the entire Cluster B spectrum imo.

No. 301182

Why would you not blur out your friends' names when posting this…

No. 301183


Maybe we should start alerting the local looney-bins as well before shit hits the fan. In his mental state, nothing's impossible anymore.

No. 301184


Because she has nothing to do with this. Plus, I don't have wifi to download anything atm.

No. 301185

Your phone doesnt ask to crop screenshots?

No. 301186


Unfortunately no, it's a 2013 model (if that helps).

No. 301187

File: 1474510502172.jpg (46.31 KB, 591x299, ec.jpg)

He's acting like he's had actual conversations with Eugenia but I doubt he's done anything more than make this video. He's trying to portray himself as a caring person but he's just hopping on a topic his fanbase is talking about for views and good guy points.

No. 301188


Did Eugenia even talked to the guy??? I doubt they've exchanged words.

No. 301189

I'll take "Things that never happened" for 400, Alex.

No. 301191

He's such a fucking donkey.

Even if he did talk to her; his flawed logic and condescending attitude isn't going to work it's Sicesca magiks on every teenage girl he meets.

His inflated/fractured ego thinks that just because he gets messages of "YOU CURED ME OF DEPRESSION, SUICIDE AND CUTTING" from his extremely impressionable and young fans, he's some kind of psychic healer.

Typical cult bullshit, he wouldn't think twice about throwing someone he knew directly or indirectly under a bus if he felt he couldn't *~cure~* them of their mental ailments.

I very much doubt he's ever even spoken to her. A real friend wouldn't give up on someone like that in such a short period of time of knowing them… and they certainly wouldn't rudely exploit their mental health problems for all to see or announce severing ties with them over Twitter.

It's just more bullshit out of his yap to attract some of her viewers - just like he always does with every other fucking highly-subscribed Youtuber he randomly targets.

No. 301192

File: 1474512543199.gif (399.53 KB, 160x160, tumblr_inline_odtuw2ZZTZ1qm2l3…)

Ah yes Gerg because its all about you isn't it.

No. 301193

Anyone see this new youtube heroes thing? If you hit level 3 you can mass flag videos. It seems like a stupid program but imagine Greg's channel going down all the time. That and with his aging, he might have to get a real job.

No. 301196

Lmao I'm going to take advantage of this. It has no benefit to me but if we can get Greg's channel to constantly go down, I'm fucking game. Time to sign up!

No. 301205

Ugh, he's just gonna chalk this up to his "brutal honesty" and "tough love" without apology when he gets backlash for exploiting Eugenia's illness for attention to himself.

Why couldn't he just remove her and say nothing more about it? He could've even of worded it like "I had to remove a friend today because it was just too much for me to bear, I hope they get the help they need and wish them the best." Y'know, like actual caring, empathetic people would do?

Fuck, even the most distant of friends would do that… not just to protect their ex-friend's privacy, but because they actually respected them as a person separate of their crippling mental illness.

People add and remove friends from social media on a frequent basis. There was absolutely no need to make a song and dance about it and like other anons just previously stated, there's no evidence that he's actually spoken to her except for his regular one-sided video about her that she's probably never even acknowledged and never will.

This is a recent good example as to why those who keep posting shit to him to retweet that he's some kind of savior of mental health…

He's full of shit, always has been and always will be.

No. 301211

>tells everyone he's unfollowing her instead of just doing it
>tags her in the tweet so she knows about it
>managed to make it all about him
>thinks she's killing herself but the bigger issue is that he has to watch

Great. Thanks, Gargoyle. You're a saint.

No. 301212

Pretty sure his last video was of him saying that she wasn't anorexic and that she doesn't look like "real" anorexic girls (ie one pic of a model he found from Googling "anorexic girl" or something) lmao.
Why the change of heart?

No. 301213

>Pretty sure his last video was of him saying that she wasn't anorexic

no, he googled "anorexic person" and compared her elbow and thigh gap to the 1st image that came up, an emaciated model. he said eugenia looks just like her, except eugenia is actually a little thinner.

No. 301214

Found the video. He says she "just looks like a skinny supermodel". What a hypocritical douchebag lmao.

No. 301215

Forgot to add that he made fun of her mother. What a fucking ass.

No. 301220

Well he made another video on her.

No. 301221

Goodness, when he sees a girl in his crosshairs he gets obsessed. Then again she's pretty fetish-y, she was bound to attract creeps.

No. 301222

Idk who this person is but if they're anorexic it's none of my business. I really doubt Greg is on younow giving her cash so who cares?

No. 301223

I think all this Eugenia drama is just him drawing attention away from the Sarahbear shit.

No. 301226

Yup and also to fish some new fans from Eugenia Cooney's fanbas

No. 301227


Speaking of which, has Lamo tweeted anything interesting these past couple of days? Everything seems really quiet…

No. 301230

Also seems like a way for him to generally paint himself as a "good guy". Though the chick does look pretty sick and I hope she is getting help at least from a nutritionist.

No. 301235

File: 1474582878721.jpg (20.82 KB, 586x110, nochillgurg.JPG)

Exactly. I feel bad for her though. Onion needs to leave her alone.

No. 301236

I feel bad for her. Putting someone on blast for their ED is not how you help someone. If anything it will just spiral her disordered eating even worst. I'm sure she is well aware she has anorexia, I don't think she needs Fuck-Face to spam videos about it.

No. 301237

Exactly. He's just using her condition to distract from his criminal behavior anyway.

No. 301239

File: 1474583738302.png (65.64 KB, 598x476, ggdrrgt.png)

The positive is that she's aware of the kind of guy Onion is now.

I feel like as the years go on, more and more established YTers are realizing what kind of person he really is.

No. 301245

I had a look at her twitter myself.
The comments on her twitter from onions minions is just horrible, Very self-righteous shit that will honestly just tear apart her self esteem in the name of "help"

No. 301246

Honestly the hot topic for Youtubers right now seems to be Eugenia Cooney and her health, and literally none of them seem any more genuine than Gargoyle. It's disgusting. They're all pretending to care about her health when really they're just fishing for her viewers. One even made a video "announcing" her death to… idk "show" what it's "going to be like on Youtube" if (he said WHEN, though) she does die.

No. 301249

File: 1474591695324.jpg (50.98 KB, 579x555, Screenshot_3.jpg)

No. 301251

Holy shit is that about Sarah? I thought Lainey and Billie were over

No. 301252


Wtf's wrong with her skin?! (Besides the lipstick prints.)

No. 301253

Holy shit is that about Sarah? I thought Lainey and Billie were over

No. 301254

Nout but an attention whore. Dat fucking skin tho lainey I know you lurking, moisturise girl!!

No. 301255

Isn't it just freckles?

No. 301258

y'all never seen freckles before?
lol relax

No. 301260

right? lord, farmers be reaching.

Also, I'm curious to see if bilie has been shipped back over to the Gergles. If sarah is still in school, she should have left at the end of the weekend/ start of the week. Unless she just decided to take an entire week off of school. Or maybe she just isn' even school anymore.

Everyone's lives in this whole situation is so fucked.

No. 301262

I think they were referring to those indents on her chin, also

don't do that.

No. 301263

Once again, Onioncock "defends" girls' rights to wear whatever the fuck they want at school. -sighs-

Onion, stahp! You're incriminating yourself!

No. 301282

Jesus Christ, is this about Sarah? It could be an older picture from when she was still there. Holy shit Lainey is literally a pedophile at this point. She can't even hold herself back from not tweeting about it. Sarah looks like she has issues of her own with her hypersexulity but for Lainey to exploit them like this makes my stomach churn.

No. 301283

*FROM tweeting about it

No. 301286

Are you referring to the freckles?

No. 301290

He is full of himself, feels important and everything revolves around him in his brain.

>Youtuber girl that might have exchanged tweets Onision few times has a problem with an eating disorder

Onion: I just can't do this anymore!! It doesn't make any sense to me that she isn't following mine advice!? Well I am soooo depressed right now.

No. 301293

She be getting that lizard like Gergle mouth. She's turning into him you guys! Must be the slime for a personality.

No. 301296

File: 1474627647192.jpg (70.08 KB, 563x568, ab.jpg)

She tagged Billie in this pic and Billie retweeted it. They're still together… until Greg can make the switch I guess. I'm just relieved it's not about Sarah.

No. 301302

I'm hoping these were actually made by Gerg, since we already know he likes to wear lady makeup sometimes.

No. 301304


Huh, this sort of explains why Billie came in here calling Lainey a pedo, it's slowly been starting to make more sense when Sarah came into this whole equation.

I'll cross-post from the Billie thread in /snow because the post is relevant…

Recently, it's starting to become a bit more obvious that Billie just thinks of Lainey as "the other woman" in their not-so-cozy, triangle-of-shite at this point.

I've had no doubt since the IP reveal that it was Billie who posted in the thread, it's definitely a saltpost; but I don't think it was posted out of jealousy over Sarah - but posted out of spite because she will have to wait around a while longer for a chance to fuck Gerg.

I don't know any young woman out there who doesn't want to be #1 in a relationship (the three of them don't have the emotional or mental capacity of what it takes to be in a genuine polyamorous relationship, they continue to prove that they're still monogomous), so I find it highly unlikely that Billie is completely chill about the whole situation… there's been more than enough reasonable evidence that Billie strongly favors Gerg over Lainey.

I doubt Lainey would of allowed her around whilst Sarah was there, because Lainey wouldn't be able to constantly entertain the younger teenager whilst simultaneously trying to keep her beady eyes on what Billie and Gerg are doing together.

It would also make sense and coincide with Onion announcing that he's feeling very depressed over the past couple of days; he's not getting what he wants whilst Sarah is around (and with the cops being called on them recently, he's probably equally depressed that he couldn't use Sarah as a backup) and he's missing fucking around with Billie.

Have we ever seen Billie and Lainey being genuinely "sweet" with each other? 98% of the time it's Onion directing and pushing them towards each other, and the other 2% of the time is when Lainey whines about Billie not paying attention to her Twitter feed, or whines that she's a fool for always trusting her.

It's all so fucking forced… Billie wants to continue fucking Gerg, Gerg wants to continue fucking Billie without the damage that a divorce will bring and Lainey is still a fucking doormat.

Billie has no real interest in Lainey and is just using her to get to Onion, and the post she made in this thread was out of spite because she was basically being cuntblocked by Sarah.

If Billie is there right now, all this is too coincidental to be simply luck based.

No. 301315

This was posted on eoliveson by a family friend of Eugenia's:

>“She (Eugenia) has Asperger’s syndrome and will not eat on her own accord. It’s not anorexia in it’s common form of appearance-based body dysmorphia - her developmental disorder manifests partially as a complete aversion to the act of eating. Her parents work very hard to make sure she eats enough to survive and believe me, they can and do pay for the best care available. Eugenia is not neurotypical so neurotypical reasoning and judgements do not apply to her. I would not call this an ED although it is anorexia by it’s medical definition (aka literally just not eating - ppl with stomach bugs are anorexic while nauseous, it doesn’t mean you are intentionally starving yourself for weight loss purposes). But rest assured she has a great support system, despite living with the stigma and struggles of an autistic neuroatypical person. Hope this is enlightening!” -someone who knows her father

No. 301318

Whatever kind of disorder she is battling with, Onision is a fucking retarded douchebag.

Someone should make a vlog where they ask people to help save Onision from his obvious hypocrisy and god complex disorder.

No. 301320


Can't we just call the local nut-house instead for Onion? It's too late to save him now anyway.

No. 301322

Eugenia talks about Onision on YouNow. Basically just says that the shit Greg is doing isn't helpful, and actually has the reverse affect on her. Which anyone with half a brain could figure out.

No. 301323

I won't derail anymore than this, but she said in 2014 that she didn't:

could be lying, but I believe her

No. 301324

It's going to be such a fabulous shit show when hormonal, stretch-marked, bloated, leaky tit Plainey has a meltdown when baby daddy sets his sights on someone less damaged. She probably thinks she's trapping but really she's just going to end up pushing him further away. He already seems like a disengaged father.

Picture this: 6 months from now… Onision and Billie goat gettin' it on in the bedroom while Plainey is stuck breastfeeding not one, but two little demon spawns in the next room. Listening to the sounds of their flesh flapping against eachother while she deals with two screaming kids. Sounds fun!

Good luck with that, Plainey!

No. 301325

File: 1474666951487.png (674.32 KB, 864x582, tumblr_odxif9m9WK1s0umkzo1_128…)

Just a confirmation that Billie is there now.

Also, Greaseball has no fucking business getting into subjects related to teenage girls, their bodies and high school… Christ.

No. 301326

Its her right not to talk about her mental health tbh, even if she's lying. I don't begrudge people for that personally.

No. 301327

Good Lord, this situation with those three is so bizarre.

I honestly cannot see Billie being interested in Lainey, who has a toddler and another baby on the way. Is Billie going to help raise the new spawn? Its so weird to me that a 19 year old girl would want to be in a situation like that.

No. 301328

How small is their house that they always have their guests hanging out on their floor while they film?

No. 301329

I honestly believe she's blindsided by him because it's a possibility she's actually in love with him.

She has no qualms with his creepy borderline pedophilia, heck… even her ex sexually molested an minor and she was fine with it.

Lainey's being played and is well aware that she's no longer grease's favorite… she accepts it, because she's still his #1 fan, she just enjoys whining about it over Twitter because it gets people to pay attention to her.

No. 301331


Don't you know? Members of Sicesca have no rooms or personal belongings of their own, everything is provided by the great and powerful Onion.

No. 301333

File: 1474671262234.png (918.21 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 301335

Because Greg doesn't love Lainey and wants to fuck Billie and Lainey is a doormat so she just goes along with it.

No. 301339

What they show us on youtube and on social media isn't real. I believed it's based on reality but everything they do is for drama. Billie is fucking him for views. Remember that even the Amazing Fatass had more integrity than Greg and refused to have false drama with him so they could go on Steve Wilkos.

No. 301341

File: 1474674473594.png (5.87 KB, 239x63, OnTopicOfHateSites.png)

This is a screenshot of her talking about how she handles online hate the other week. Tbh I don't think she lurks here. I wouldn't put it past Greg though.

No. 301343

Greg def lurks here. Wouldn't surprise me if he saw us out Billie but then never told Lainey or anything, so that he could get some of that sweet teen pussy.

No. 301348

>>It used to bother me, but now I don't even look at it anymore, lolz.

>>Threatens to sue everyone who calls her out on having a young teenager stay with her.

Bullshit, she lurks - if not here, then the Tumblr anti-onision blogs for sure.

No. 301349


Couldn't we get Onion on Steve Wilkos though? It'd be awesome to have him humiliated on national tv.

No. 301350

Lainey thinks the Billie post is just a Troll and seems unbothered by it all. All very strange seeming as she normally kicks off at anything on Twitter.

No. 301358

File: 1474683869642.png (897.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

He's a size large now gais, and he's vegetarian! Get ur shit together peta!!!

Seriously, Onion's a size "large" now…

No. 301360

Does billy have some type of pregnant fetish or something? Lamo is what, 6/7 months by now? She has to at least have a good amount of baby. How creepy (or desperate for efame/onion) do you have to be to fuck someone about to give birth?

And how much of a doormat can you be to fuck multiple teenagers while with child? What is Troy doing when all this is happening? I don't even think the kid knows what the fuck goes on in that house.

No. 301361

It's not about a lack of space he's intentionally showing us Billie is there without saying so directly. Billie could have easily put her makeup on or whatever in some other room or while he wasn't filming. It's like with Sarah being visible in the background when Lainey made her video, it's no coincidence the mirror was placed there like that.

No. 301367

I fucking hate him. Vegan YouTube (and grease) make vegans look retarded.
Nah,Billie just wanted a pimple dick in her. She doesn't care about lainy and her spawn.

No. 301369

I've never seen someone make saying "I'm fat and a liar" sound so self-righteous.

No. 301372

I doubt Billie fucks her tbh I think she and plainey pretend to like each other now to please Greg and they are secretly pitting against each other for him

No. 301373

File: 1474705193125.jpg (21.33 KB, 586x189, wew.JPG)

lol taylor you pathetic clown

No. 301375

Nope, she's entering her 9th month. Idk how pregnancy works cause I like birth control and shit but I can imagine Greg is pressuring her into letting him having sex while she is heavily pregnant with her bandage baby. She doesn't realize that Greg is going to replace her with a teen despite everything she does. She aged out years ago and he can get teenage pussy by forcing her to groom them for him.

No. 301376

The boy who cried wolf

No. 301377

So, one of you wanna help me out with something that will give an endless supply of milk to all?

No. 301378

that horizontally placed mirror next to the bed… someone likes to watch himself fuckin'.

No. 301379


No. 301380

File: 1474709434641.gif (1.64 MB, 238x178, 1471399058422.gif)

Go on.

No. 301383

File: 1474713000071.jpg (72.67 KB, 604x641, 888.JPG)


No. 301384

She has reason to lie imo. She's probably embarrassed or something. Gerg was out of line either way.

No. 301385

Tell us anon

No. 301389

His fans in the comments are pissing me off. "He's just trying to help!!" Okay, but why did he do a very public video instead of just reaching out to his "friend"?

No. 301391

The mirror placement is just weird. Either hang it up or place it vertically. If Billie keeps doing her makeup on the floor like that, she's gonna end up like quasimodo.

Why does his house always look unfinished anyway? Every shot I've seen it either looks like a tip or like he's just moving in/out. He's at home all the time too.

No. 301393

Welp, we can all expect an influx of random anti-o's and greasefans to start posting here soon, some anon gave out the name of this site to both DSSCTM and eoliveson to publish either last night or this morning.

No. 301394

Eugenia has confirmed that Grease has never spoken to her on any kind of basis that you could describe as a "friendship" - he's only ever sent her one message before he went and made all the videos about her.

So yep, all the anons who suspected that this was the case in the first place were spot on.

We no longer have to believe he actually has any friends over the internet except for his wife and his fuckpiece, everyone else is attention-fodder.

No. 301396

I'm pretty sure eoliveson and DSSCTM know about this thread already.

No. 301400

Hasn't DSSCTM actually posted here? Or am I thinking of somebody else?

No. 301401

>Eugenia has confirmed that Grease has never spoken to her on any kind of basis

He's such a shitty person. I can't believe that his ego is so big that he thinks a shitty video on a crap channel will do her any good. She needs professional help, not some dumbass greaseball that makes his girlfriends swear to remain skinny.

No. 301407


I wouldn't put it past him, I saw him in one of the Onion threads awhile back(recognized his typing style).

No. 301409


I really don't care which Anti-O blogger or follower comes in here to lurk or post… however what I do mind, is them coming into the thread; only picking up bits and pieces of information that may not be correct then spreading it around on their blogs to misinform everyone else.

The Billie/Virginia IP anon debacle for example, they looked at just the two posts - felt that they were doctored then laughed about it.

If they had scrolled down some more when anons here were begging a farmhand to confirm the location of the IP, they would of seen that both of those posts came from Billie's state and that other anons mentioned there was no other FB accounts with the same profile picture as the one Billie is actually currently using.

If the bloggers or their followers don't even have the patience to read the thread in a chronological order, then they seriously have no business cross-posting random shit from here onto their blogs that will just mislead their readers.

No. 301412


I find it funny how how they still believe Onion had a(n actual)threesome till this day when it was confirmed a few threads back that he didn't.

No. 301414

I'm sure they've all been lurking since the HS anon debacle. I just hope they realize what an autist Someguy is and we don't want blog posts here.

No. 301419

I think you pretty much ruined it by posting your plan. You're not the only one attempting this, Greg will only get suspicious the more it is discussed. In all of our interest I even recommend you delete the post if you want any of us to be successful at this.

No. 301422

be hot, naive, and worship him. you're good to go!

No. 301423


Is it possible for another anon to delete their post? 'Cause I'm willing to do it if needed to be on the safe side.

No. 301424

nope, only the anon who posted it can delete it.