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File: 1576551737766.jpg (371.75 KB, 1080x477, greg-legal-topics.jpg)

No. 741284

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>In a genius puppetmaster move, Greg invites Chris Hansen to appear on his channel kek >>740639 >>740680 and >>740986
>Rag Reynolds, former Onision forum moderator, is a guest on Have a Seat with Chris Hansen >>739919 at the end of the strema Chris says Greg has "been on the FBIs radar" for a while
>Family sighting in the wild >>739655 they are obviously still all together
>Wk "Jeff" continues his rambles in support of Greg's Patreon petition >>738693 and >>739418
>Greg commences A Great Email Sperg to Chris Hansen's assistant Vincent, featuring dictionary definitions >>738538 >>738801 and >>740710
>"Meltdown" video is posted from the car, featuring fake Florida divorce papers >>738439 and >>738445, and another one where he pretends to be living in a hotel >>739217 and >>740211
>A new wetlands complaint is made - local resident or cowtipper? >>738189 >>738198 and >>739427 due to Greg making a video in the swamp >>738685
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No. 741290

I'm still laughing at when “Jefferey Smith” reveals he is from “Los Vegas, CA”

No. 741295

Thank you OP. Here is a bit from the one I was working on.

We're going on two weeks of fake break down videos. It's boring but I guess it's easier to spaz out in a hotel room for 5 mins than actually put effort into his content. It's been speculated that Greg is taking inspiration from hidinginmyroom's 'homeless/divorced' videos.
Dissolution, Greg claims him and Lainey are getting a divorce. Googled documents make an appearance. >>738439 >>738445
I'm Done, claims he kicked out of his house and is now living in a box >>738759
I Want Custody, Greg begins shooting in a motel. Says he wants custody of their dog. >>739203
Oh No, 'crying' because he lost his patreon and of course more gagging. >>739516
Baby Carrot, People making fun of his tiny peepee and he's getting upset about it. >>739814
Broke, Claims that OnisionFans is failing, pretending to be crazy by talking to himself . >>740213
I can't anymore, Says that he is now living in a closet. He's goes on to spurg about the picture of him in the skirt where he shows off his tiny dick. >>740444
It's Over, A new hotel room. Greg threatens to sue everyone who dislikes his video and beats up a pillow. >>740723
Update :(, Claims he has HPV, apologizes to the people he's been with sexually and then cries and dry heaves some more. >>741013

Apparently Greg's idea of great sex is 'four minutes of jackhammering', Sounds like it would take divine intervention for onion to make a girl cum. >>738277
Greg spurgs in e-mails to Vince claiming Chris Hanson has slandered him. He once again threatens to sue the show. (Google definitions make a return) >>738538

No. 741307

Kai briefly appeared as b roll footage on my local news today:

Around the 2 minute mark. Let's see Grug try to copy strike it.

No. 741311

File: 1576567185546.jpg (281.99 KB, 1138x1934, lainey.jpg)

Lainey would be living to be called a "teen".

No. 741313

the funny thing about greg and kai vaping ejuice is that it's actually waaaaay more unhealthy than vaporizing cannabis. total dumbasses.

No. 741317

File: 1576574808909.jpeg (1.88 MB, 2048x1538, sluts-r-us.jpeg)

christmas came early for Greg's lawywer.

they just handed him a win. guess we're down to just Sarah as a credible witness now.(bait)

No. 741318


Can everybody chill the fuck out on this shit and stop pretending like you know how the law works, please? Selling nude pictures on the Internet doesn't make you incapable of being raped, abused, or manipulated. This is Greg "Adrienne slept with 20+ people, therefore she can't be raped" level of logic. Stop.

No. 741319

Why does that discredit them when we've literally all seen his penis?

No. 741320


"Your honor, my client couldn't have murdered those women. You see, they sold nudes on their onlyfans.com account once when they were 22, and as we all know, that means it isn't possible for them to be victims. I ask that you dismiss this case immediately."

No. 741321

This is some incel-tier logic

No. 741323


Greg didn't kill anybody and this is clearly a very stupid move. But whatever, you guys know best, right?(bait)

No. 741324

nta, but them selling nudes has nothing to do with onion boy and sage this bullshit

No. 741325

Billie selling nudes has literally fuck all to do anything. If a lawyer even tried to submit these they'd just be thrown out.

No. 741327

gurg would be too busy fapping to submit these to his lawyer

No. 741328

I feel like this is a troll that just wanted an excuse to showcase their nudes here. I get that they are censored but it's so vendetta-like and weird. plus why the hell did you pay for that? Just to share? Because if so, that's really desperate. Just like the idiots that pay Greg $5 an insult on livestreams.(stop responding to obvious bait)

No. 741330

I thought the same thing at first but then I checked and the picture comes from ayalla's twitter

No. 741331

These two aren't in any legal case with Greg. The picture is real (a tease for onlyfans) but the post here was bait.

No. 741337

Exactly. Cannabis is evil, but vaping which cools what you inhale maximises what you're taking into your lungs. People like to shit on cannabis but the carcigens involved in smoking are due to the chemicals in tobacco/nicotine/e-vapes and the smoke vapour itself. Inhaling smoke is dangerous to your lungs. Why medical professionals are apprehensive about vaping trends is because it's more damaging to the lungs! But why be educated when you can grandstand against gross druggy losers. Then this is Greg, the most unhealthy vegetarian on YouTube. He can't even fucking do that right. He has a steady diet of carbs and unsaturated fats.

No. 741338

In the most recent stream, the paypigs are discussing all the careers Barbie has had. They mention things like Barbie having been a racecar driver, a doctor, etc. The Waterhead then chimes in with there being a SIDS Barbie. When no one reacts/notices his super eDgY joke, he desperately tries to redirect attention to it. Nobody really laughs, the pigs seem sorta horrified. But ofc, they dare not outright speak against the baby carrot having manlet.

I mean, fuck him. Truly. It seems like a dig at Shiloh considering someone was playing the "nobody knows how much I abuse you" clip before being banned. Gurp actually mentioned her a few times.

He's got such fucking nerve making fun of other people's babies dying considering he has two kids himself. It's just more evidence that he doesn't give a fuck about either of them as I just don't find it possible for a loving parent to joke about SIDS (especially as an indirect jab at someone you know) with two kids under 7.

I hope that the Onion family can't go out in public without feeling extremely unsafe and I hope that he and Lainey are verbally terrorized when they do go out.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 741339

SIDS would be a dig at Shiloh. What an unfunny man. Is there learning difficulty barbie he can get for his under developed woefully neglected kids? Or is he still pretending he's not a parent?

No. 741341

Someone was talking about plastering signs all over Gig Harbor about Gurp and Foot being predators. I would love nothing more than for that to happen because fuck them. Consider me MOTI, but the SIDS joke he directed towards Sh really fucking chapped my ass.

A local dude in my area was arrested on a several counts of child molestation. Someone made flyers with his pictures calling him out and posting them all over town. I don't encourage anyone to do this, ofc, but it would be funny and well deserved. They deserve to encounter real life consequences every fucking day, consequences they can't just sign out of.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 741342

>cannabis is evil
Wtf why are there so many prude spergs in this thread? That's something Greg would say

No. 741343

File: 1576589741453.png (34 KB, 597x299, 121719.PNG)

>guess we're down to just Sarah as a credible witness now.

You forgot Regina. Another "credible witness" and underage girl Lainey sent nudes to.

No. 741344

I know its hard to get sarcasm through text but Im sure that anon said it in jest and meant to mock Onision and his "all druggies should die" idea. Reread the whole post instead of jumping on the first few words.

No. 741347


Consent is a thing, anon. Nobody had Billie broke, working for 0$, and emotionally drained for that photoshoot. Two models having a safe and consensual shoot is way different than someone being coerced into sex with an abusive relationship.

No. 741355

>>Polite girl takes tastefully nude photos on the internet
>>Abusive prick posts videos in his underwear screaming, pouring liquids on himself, naked in the shower, dry heaving and rubbing shit on his face

Yeah I don’t think we need to worry about Billie being the non credible one.

No. 741360

File: 1576600032075.jpeg (711.38 KB, 828x728, 1423F66D-CDA6-45FD-A3BF-7BBF99…)

redeemingly hot for Lainey is a bit of a stretch.

No. 741362

you guys need to look at the situation more objectively. It definitely seems from an outsider view that she is taking the piss out of greg and saying haha i got you in trouble and look at me almost, as if she is just a hurt ex. It does affect her case, and a lawyer would accept this as evidence under the guise of showing she is not mentally traumatized and was never sexually assaulted if she can post photos like this. A lot of woman post nudes online but there is still the majority that doesn't which makes her actions stand out. Personally, it seemed in horrible taste to try and sell nudes right now. And it could effect gregs case, especially sense she wasn't underage and he hasn't seemed to commit any crimes with an underage persons YET. She really needs a therapist, it just wasn't a good idea right now for her to do.(stop)

No. 741370

a lot of sexually abused women turn to sex work. billie was viewed as a sex object by the gruesome twosome, it could cause some psychological damage. maybe she thinks that’s all she’s good for. probably not accurate, but that’s how a judge or whoever to see it.

also, this whole thing isn’t about billie. they treated her like shit but that technically wasn’t illegal. the part that jimmy’s getting investigated for is the UNDERAGED girls

No. 741371


I agree. As long as the US court system employs the use of a jury of 'regular citizens' instead of solely leally trained people, things like selling your nudes online can absolutely be used to taint a witness in the eye of the jury.

You only need to have a few slutshaming-minded people on there and boom, billie and ayalla's credibilities are out the window with their testimonies. It 100% could damage the case.

This, however, is not a legal board but a gossip board. I am so much more interested in talking about how much I love their timing because you KNOW grug is watching in fury at these women profiting from their sexuality to others than himself lol

No. 741372

stfu, they're not even nudes. you can see the pink frilly clothing/underwear on the sides

No. 741373

I was waiting for someone to say this hahaha what the fuck. All the sperging in these threads. The austism is so strong lately. I can only hope they keep pushing it so that mods reveal who these people are. I want a good milkmas.

No. 741377

It's still the idea of what she's pushing, old ass adult normie man, in a professional real court room are not going to have the same chill out attitude of young woman with board culture mindsets. This is all hypothetical though as Gregma has never been charged etc. so we will all have to wait and see.

No. 741379

As of now, it seems that the case against Greg and Kai is focused on:
1. the child pornography solicited by kai
2. Greg possibly selling child porn and hosting a site for predators
3. sexual impropriety towards an underaged Sarah
1 and 2 are well documented through evidence on phones and laptops. Even if Billie is called in as a witness of what was going on in the house when she was there, she isn't vital to proving anything. She is not pursuing a case of her own either.

So how does pictures of Billie in her underwear affect these cases exactly?

No. 741380

it's just angry anons (or dick havers) wanting to get everyone riled up because she's selling lewds and/or nudes. Who cares? Her credibility isn't out the door because she's selling nudes NOW.

No. 741381

I hope him and his lolyer use the “sluts can’t be raped” argument against them so we can all laugh at ‘em

No. 741383

If her credibility is gone and nothing ever happened because she's selling nudes, then what the FUCK does that mean for the years and years of bullshit that Onision has put out there? You telling me the jury would dismiss Billie for nudes and believe nothing happened, because of her current day hustle, but would'nt dismiss Onision's plea's with the mountains of bullshit he's done?

No. 741384

i thought the issue wasn't that she was sexually assaulted, but that greg was trying to manipulate her into shaving her head, staying chained in the basement, the relationship contract. then when she left and wouldn't do that stuff, greg blasted her personal business and dox on the internet. i would say that's more mental/emotional abuse and blackmailing since she didn't actually do that but he blackmailed her and put her in the middle of relationship drama. doxing is illegal but that's probably the furthest he could be prosecuted for, as far as anything to do with billie. i don't think her nudes have any bearing on the case, since doxxing is illegal if it's used to harass or intimidate someone. which it was, full stop.

No. 741386

File: 1576603671205.jpeg (237.61 KB, 828x698, FC02EE91-318D-4F92-BDB6-9C9F5B…)

No. 741388

How can lewd pictures (that none of us have even seen btw) be worse than the meltdown videos of Greg in his underwear pouring shit all over himself? clownery

No. 741389

It’s a 50/50 chance that may happen, it also depends if the jury are a bunch of close-minded boomers. Not saying they will lose the case against cuckoo but his lawyer may use their thottery against them if Gregma decides to snitch like he did with the neighbors.

No. 741390

Of course she lurks…

No. 741391

This is what I've been saying. Greg has been doing his best to further sully his own reputation with his idiotic videos and social posts. I don't think there is a juror or judge out there that would look at everything he himself has posted and feel a shred of sympathy for him. He's a total doofus who SHOULD have played the sweet and innocent card for the long haul if he wanted any chance of going with the "they're all lying! Cancel Culture! #METOO!" defense.
He already ruined his chance of being a sympathetic character in this play. He can say all he wants that everything he does is "satire" but even his own live streams show what a dickhole he is, making constant sexual jokes, calling people retarded, etc…

As others have said, Billie is not a key witness. Nothing he did to her was illegal and she is not claiming he raped her.
And to whoever it was that was trying to say she is posting these nudes specifically to get back at Greg - are you a dude? Do you seriously think he has anything to do with her desire to post nudes now? That's something only a self obsessed narc would assume.

No. 741393

She's not very composed and extremely impulsive unlike sarah
She asked twitter for legal advice on leaking revenge porn kek

No. 741394

eh just another couple of e thots selling nudes which is cringe but has nothing to do with onion
Ayalla also thinks she's non binary or some shit and so does regina and dylan

No. 741398

The victims' gendershit doesn't have anything to do with Greg either lol

No. 741399

Yes and like it's impossible to abuse a woman if she has taken nude photos? This thread took a very dumb, scrote-ish turn.

Comparing them to some cool fantasy demons is a bit of a stretch.

No. 741400

You're right it doesn't but it goes directly into the bucket of cringe like krais larping.

No. 741401

who cares? This thread isn't about what those girls identify as.

No. 741408

Hate that it has to be repeated every time but Farmers, they're Greg's fans here to muddy things up.
Every time something happens, these select anons show up discrediting victims and claiming there's no proof and if there is proof, no court will believe to because (insert reason here).

No. 741411

I highly doubt she lurks. Some retards are probably tweeting her and saying the exact shit they say here.

No. 741414

i feel like the child porn/child abuse aspects of this case might be enough to turn a close-minded boomer though. greg has engaged in enough quintessential "corrupt person" stuff to give any old person some reason to dislike him, from destroying the wetlands and annoying his neighbors to literally running a pedophile forum

No. 741416

So… “Sluts” cant be abused basically? Sick fuck, you must be an ex paypig since you think just like gregma

No. 741419

the fuck are you on about, ayalla dated social repose way befoe jaclyn did. go back to greg's discord

No. 741421

I really hope that, if it comes to trial, he’ll insist on testifying or representing himself because he’s such an utterly unlikeable moron that even the most misogynistic MRA-minded juror wouldn’t be able to side with him after listening to him talk for five seconds.

I don’t think anon necessarily agrees with that sentiment, but unfortunately there are people out there who think that way and those people can end up on a jury. I mean, I once read that sexual assault victims are discouraged from wearing the colour red to trial because it’s considered “too sensual/provocative” and may affect the jury’s opinion of them. There are a lot of irrational assholes out there.

No. 741422


They're not saying that, they're saying that that could be sold to the right (or wrong, I guess) jury.

Idk, maybe I'm not giving the US court system enough credit here but afaik slutshaming has been used successfully by many a lawyer to make juries turn their noses up at victims/witnesses.

I don't get why this is what made people large-scale freak out about what's posted on lolcow, jesus fucking christ one person is calling them sluts, the rest are just saying that sex work CAN be used by a lawyer in court.

There are, however, SO MANY lengths we have to go to before that's even remotely relevant (Seriously, take a moment to picture how far in proceedings things would have to be where A&B's general online presence is possibly being discussed in criminal court) that none of this fucking matters.

They're selling nudes. Not news, not an issue. It'll piss people off. Not news, not an issue. Who fucking cares.

No. 741423

Anon, you spend hours of your life reading drama threads about people you don’t know. You’re telling me you wouldn’t be reading up on drama threads if they were literally about you and a bunch of people you know? Lurking is a given IMO

No. 741427

Even if Billie didn’t witness/ could provide evidence she can still testify to his character. I’m not too sure if that would apply to this sort of case, but it would definitely sway the jury at least

No. 741429

Lol, "Slut-Shaming". This isn't directed at you, but none of this would bolster Onion's case. As other anon's have pointed out, sexually abused women often turn to sex work.

He has multiple victims who haven't turned to this, and were underage/abused/groomed. He has multiple character witnesses, is in the news, and the FBI has been monitoring has activities. His Social Media is a mess. There are videos going years back corroborating the victim's stories. There's proof we haven't even seen and things we haven't been told. This will not weaken the case at all; if anything, it will strengthen the fact that he targets damaged women and only damages them further, with them seeing their only worth as that of being objects to be sold, which is incredibly sad.

And you guys coming in here from Onion's discord server; you guys are seriously fucking retarded and disgusting. When you will fucking get it? How do you support this?

No. 741433

File: 1576612471347.png (174.71 KB, 750x1334, 7793DBF4-4DEC-4285-8CDC-14B17C…)

Love that this is so prominent on onision’s wikipedia page

No. 741435

> he targets damaged women and only damages them further, with them seeing their only worth as that of being objects to be sold, which is incredibly sad.

That’s it! We won the case!

No. 741436

if billie or allayah were called as witnesses in a court case, then greg's lawyer could potentially bring up their sex work and ask them about it on the stand to try and sway the jury's opinion of them as credible witnesses…but i'm guessing any criminal lawyer would first bring up stuff like mental illness or previous drug use to try and discredit their testimony or their character. if sex work is brought up it will just make greg's defense look even more retarded because the girls' future choices are largely irrelevant to alleged the crimes that happened when they were with gregorio

No. 741440

gj missing every other word outside of your quote.

No. 741451

That wouldn't really matter but what they could do is ask why ayalla and billie didn't come forward when lane initially did. The fact a 14 or 15 year old spoke up and they didn't speaks tremendous volumes. Add to the fact ayalla started baiting about it last year after Sarah turned 18.
Inb4 I was scurred they were old enough to have known that shit wasn't appropriate.
Billie had constantly talked mad shit to friends/farmers about how often onion and lainey would hate fuck while Sarah and Billie watched the kids. There was no way they didn't know something was up and ayalla confirmed that years after the damage had been done.

No. 741454

They absolutely do lurk. Do you know how many times they implicitly addressed farmers in tweets? Don't be daft.
Every time some anti o or girl does some retarded shit I'm sure they come here to try winning the public opinion. Cows and flakes always lurk its pretty common.
Exactly, he's his own undoing really.

No. 741455

File: 1576621314268.jpg (28.7 KB, 720x440, b535e1b970821a2bf585a3567227ee…)

plugging my meme because greg hates these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD2UaUDJxyA(stop)

No. 741463

File: 1576625105051.png (288.6 KB, 681x655, Capture _2019-12-17-20-19-23.p…)

I love that even Billie is making fun of Anus pathetic fake meltdowns, on her main account. I bet that will hurt the fragile manlet's ego that the girl he's still so obsessed with is making fun of him

No. 741472

If anything these pictures are indicative of those who have been sexually abused. There is a high % of CSA survivors in adult entertainment

No. 741474

“sutff” is that another one of his mispellings?

No. 741477

I was around when the fallout with Billie happened. I couldn't believe he wasn't deplatformed then after harassing and bullying her and Ayalla. He might have thought he was defending himself or whatever but that's not how it came across.

No. 741480

I think Shiloh took the piss out of Greg. After his Patreon was removed she made one that same week. He doxxed Billie so he got what he deserved there.
>I just don't find it possible for a loving parent to joke about SIDS
You're reaching a bit anon lol. Parents who love their kids aren't immune to using black humor to let off steam/vent. People use dark humor to deal with how horrible, fucked up and unfair life can be.

No. 741483

Technically he didn't "run" the forum, he had other people do that. I agree with Rag on this, that the issue is the forum had his name, his brand.

No. 741485

There are people on both sides who think they know how the law works when a proper trial hasn't even started yet. It's getting old.
One cures cancer, the other gives you cancer. Take your pick.

No. 741490


He basically let teenagers (including 18-19) run the damn thing, and he was the one paying for it to be hosted. He's got a massive responsibility just with that.

No. 741505


The biggest wtf in all of this is that Billie hasn't implied, to my knowledge, that she's going to press charges nor has even implied she thinks anything worth making a case over was done to her, so I'm not sure why everyone is even taking the bait anyway. No, you cannot use character evidence in a way that does not directly contribute to whether or not a crime was committed, or the case will be deemed a mistrial. For example, character evidence could be potentially used against Greg, because it would be evidence to his predatory ways. However, character evidence could not be used against Billie in that way, because selling nudes online has nothing to do with whether or not you can be domestically abused. However, it doesn't matter, because Billie has not given any indication she's pressing charges.

No. 741511

Eh I don't think that's always the case. OT but I just read the new book about Jeffrey epstein and they went over how his high powered lawyers reacted to the grooming/enticement/trafficking charges. Dershowitz (was on OJ Simpsons lawyer dream team) scoured all the victims' social media and presented anything provocative to support his claim that they were sluts, prostitutes, criminals, and to one girl he even pulled up all his social media surveillance of her and essentially said look at all your public scummy behavior, isn't it more likely all of that ruined you rather than being raped by Epstein??

Sorry for sperg. It's great that Grugly won't be able to afford even a low powered attorney though.

No. 741512

One thing that gets me about Hansen - other than some of his leading questions - is he always asks if Greg was trying to start a cult. Sicesca was just a failed idea, it never turned into anything. How could something that never actually got off the ground (no one joined) be considered a cult? That it could've possibly turned into a cult doesn't make it one. Too much jumping to conclusions.

Based on what's actually occurred, it's more plausible to say that Greg probably wanted a harem at one point to feed his sex addiction. Polyamory/bigamy could lead to something cult-like, but it's still not a cult in the strictest sense of the word.

No. 741513

The only solid evidence we know of is what's been shown about Lainey and those gross pics she sent to people who were then minors. We don't know what's been discovered on the other devices the FBI apparently has in their custody, on top of whatever Sarah may or may not have.

Most of the people I see talking are just fueled by their hate boners, and yeah they have a right to their opinions but it's so irrational and boring. Greg's misused and abused his platform, there's enough evidence for that, but as it stands it looks like Lainey's the only one going to jail.

No. 741514

I think the cult angle partially stems from people saying that Greg wanting his gf's to get tattoos was him trying to "brand" them, which I think is really reaching. He didn't force Shiloh to get a tattoo. What he did do, was LIE to her and tell her he was getting HER name tatted on him, which was why she got his name that she's now removing.

His bullshit about asking Billie to get a liar tramp stamp was idiotic and fucked up and Billie was right to call it abusive, but branding? I don't see it. I've seen actual branding in actual cults and it's nothing like this. Greg's not a cult leader, he's a hard headed douche bag.

No. 741518

The thing is, anything that Billie or Ayalla could provide is also backed up by other evidence. Sarah's entire relationship with Lainey and Greg was recorded through YouTube, social media and chats. It's not as though their testimony would really be that important, they'd just be there to confirm the timeline and that Lainey and Greg are cunts. And again, given that all that stuff was recorded anyway it's be hard to discredit them by bringing up that they sold lewd photos several months after the fact. I don't even think someone with a bias against that kind of thing would be swayed by it in that context.

No. 741519

The thing is, anything that Billie or Ayalla could provide is also backed up by other evidence. Sarah's entire relationship with Lainey and Greg was recorded through YouTube, social media and chats. It's not as though their testimony would really be that important, they'd just be there to confirm the timeline and that Lainey and Greg are cunts. And again, given that all that stuff was recorded anyway it's be hard to discredit them by bringing up that they sold lewd photos several months after the fact. I don't even think someone with a bias against that kind of thing would be swayed by it in that context.

No. 741530

Yeah I think Greg gave up on the cult thing long ago, but he definitely wanted a harem. If he weren't such a dickhead that drove everyone away and he had gotten someone to actually stay, he likely would've knocked them up and then eventually invited someone new into their relationship. All that talk about him mentioning "square" relationship is proof of that.

He's too much of an idiot to actually run a real cult. All he thinks about is sex so he was only interested in snagging as many girls as he could to satisfy all his weirdo fetishes.

No. 741534

Could Hansen just be using "cult" in the most basic definition of the word? Or he could be trying to veer off into a Nxivm sort of thing. A bunch of women with one male leader.

No. 741535

>he had gotten someone to actually stay, he likely would've knocked them up and then eventually invited someone new into their relationship.

He did, he got Taylor. As you said, he's too stupid and impulsive to get anyone with an ounce of self-confidence to stick around. His "cult" is the equivalent of an hour long get together in a Walmart parking lot.

No. 741536

>he always asks if Greg was trying to start a cult.
It makes the story sound more interesting or sinister than it actually is. This is why Greg writes "legend" and "myth" on his twitter handle, because instead of sticking to the reality, some people sensationalize it by adding elements to it that don't make any sense in context, or it's really far removed from what we know as a concrete fact.

When I look at some of what Chris has done, I wouldn't be surprised if Skye had doubts or was reluctant to go on because of it. He's not as objective as he should be imo. I'm angry at Greg's behavior but I'm not going to go after him for something he didn't do, that there's no evidence to support, or make wild assumptions using weak conjecture. Inserting your own narrative into a story that's already fucked up enough isn't good journalism. At the very least it's unprofessional.

No. 741537

Chris said he's looking into Nxivm so I think he's trying to tie in these two stories, which I think is nonsense.

No. 741539

He's smart enough to understand the implications of the word, or at least what it implies to most people. He's using it very deliberately, and not in an honest way imo.
He does ask leading questions. Not a fan of that.

No. 741552

So what if Chris used the word Cult? Onion and Plainey have use cult tactics in their mind games:
Controlling the environment of the target (Billie)
Lurk for people easily influenced near the target (Ayalla)
Love-Hate dynamic so the target doesn't can't tell the difference (Sarah)
Control the finances so they can run away (Billie, Sarah, Shiloh, Skye)

The branding wasn't related to Onion but was definitely a step to another tattoo related to him.

Cults don't start just in one day, it can take yeaaars to work but Onion did have a base

No. 741556

Anons in the last thread mentioned Cult of Personality, which I agree with to some extent, but this applies to all youtubers it's not unique to Onision in the least. The word 'cult' by itself is too general and vague to apply to this situation and comes off as sensationalism.

No. 741557

How were Sarah and billies finances ever controlled?
I'm sure it happens to lainey and skye and Shiloh because they legit lived together.

No. 741558

pretty sure Lainey had control over Sarahs bank account and would see what she purchased etc

No. 741559

Wasn't that normal for Sarah given that she was still a minor? Having someone else be in control of her finances I mean.

No. 741560

Maybe but she was never in their custody and she still had a relationship with her family and cousin when she bounced back and forth between Washington and Michigan.

No. 741561

I think the point is Hansen seems to be pushing this narrative like Greg was trying to start a cult, which there just isn't enough evidence to support this was his aim. There's more to support the harem idea than anything else.

>Controlling the environment of the target

>Lurk for people easily influenced near the target
That applies to any predatory behavior. It's not exclusive to cults.
>Love-Hate dynamic so the target doesn't can't tell the difference
Again, shit abusive behavior that's not exclusive to cults. They manipulated Sarah, no question.
>Control the finances so they can run away
That's conjecture to say 'so they couldn't run away'. I don't know about controlling finances. If I remember, Greg wanted Billie to work for him exclusively. Did he forbid her from finding work elsewhere in WA?

TL;DR Greg isn't L. Ron Hubbard.

No. 741563

Anons get autistic an then start comparing onion to the joker or Charles manson kek

No. 741564

To be fair, the Manson comparison did cross my mind at one point, but after thinking more carefully about it I realized that idea is based in sensationalism more than anything.

No. 741565

File: 1576659570166.png (28.75 KB, 603x257, 4751209.PNG)

When Lainey and Sarah would get in an argument and Sarah would leave the house for a while, Lainey would track where she was and what she was doing by checking on her purchases. How fucking creepy is that shit?

No. 741566

Thanks for clarifying the pronoun bullshit confused me

No. 741569

Yeah I appreciate some of Hansen's work but I'm not following him off the deep end of hyperbole, it comes off as tabloid-ish, which unfortunately is a word Greg used in one of his emails to Hansen lol. I think Greg is a prime candidate for an ayahuasca retreat, or an exorcism, whichever.

No. 741570

Not that I think Chris should keep pushing the cult angle unless he has some real evidence that his behaviours match the BITE model or whatever, but it is extremely strange that a man who did try and start a cult and failed, then essentially tried to recruit young women to live in house in some sort of weird unbalanced polygamy "lifestyle".

Like it does seem that he was essentially trying to recruit people to either his cult/ his "family".

No. 741571

In some sort of way, I can see why Chris keeps asking about the cult aspect to this.

>Greg made his own religion

Even if it failed, this is like Cult 101
>Greg recruits females only
Again, cult leaders do like harems.
>Greg forces the females in his life to follow his lifestyle
No meat, dressing in a certain way, no makeup, hygiene control, increased sex
>Emphasis on sex and pregnancy
Not strictly a cult thing since Greg has a fetish, but it's pretty common in cults
>All the females have a tattoo/marking he decided on
You have to admit, that's pretty creepy and cult-ish to some degree

We keep saying that Greg just wanted to build a harem but that's essentially the same as polygamists with their sister-wives, which is rooted in religion and certain cult-like offshoot religions like the FLDS Church.

There's no actual proof that Greg is trying to start a cult but it's more of a case of people learning about him and each of these facts and thinking "Well if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's gotta be a duck."

No. 741573

>forces the females in his life to follow his lifestyle
>cult leaders do like harems

Like >>741561 was saying, while some of what Greg has done is abusive it's not exclusive to, and therefore not indicative of, cult activity/behavior. That he made his own religion is fucking weird but Greg is an extremely bizarre person so it's not surprising. Being weird af doesn't mean he was Jim Jones in the making.

As for the tattoos, when did he force anyone to get a tattoo? You said "All the females have a tattoo/marking he decided on", Skye never got tattooed, Billie never got tattooed (close but she refused), neither did Sarah. Shiloh's tat was something she decided on. There's a lot of gaps in some people's thinking here, including Hansen's, although that might deliberate.

No. 741575

I think Hansen pushes the cult angle so old people take this clown as a serious threat to young women, at the cost of grossly exaggerating the Grease family's organizational skills. Did anyone ever take sicesca seriously other than gerg himself? You know that baby carrot stiffens at the thought of being mistaken for an actual cult leader.

The point of branding is to mark your property in a way that's difficult or impossible to remove, so although it's not branding exactly, it's really not much of a reach to compare it to branding.

No. 741579

It's definitely weird, and polygamy has aspects that can be cult-like. Ultimately the only person who knows for sure what his real motive was, is Greg. I don't think anyone will ever know exactly what drove him to do that, aside from the sex addiction being an obvious impetus.

No. 741583

There are aspect that match the BITE model that is public knowledge at this point, and coupled with gurgle trying to make women come stay there (either for a relationship or for support like Ayalla) I can see where the cult idea comes from.
We know he tried his stupid religion thing, idk why it's assumed he has given up on that now. When has Greg ever let anything go?
Imo there's enough to explore the cult angle further.
Sure it could be boiled down to just regular ol' abusive behavior too, but it's the added aspect of bringing people into the home that makes it a little more suspicious

No. 741585

File: 1576676833145.jpeg (578.27 KB, 1125x1293, 02658FE1-DDAA-46C0-B735-9902AD…)

Y’all remember “muh back tumor”? Yeah, well it’s still there

No. 741586

Yeah I'm sure theres a few points on the bite model that apply, it would be interesting to see someone breakdown the bite model in relation to the onision fiasco to see how cultish his behaviour really is.

No. 741587

File: 1576676865644.jpeg (85.46 KB, 1080x1100, 1593A140-C22B-4C83-9718-7C54BC…)

Pic related

No. 741589

That's fucking weird that its literally right in the middle of his back where his spine is.

I mean even if it is just a lipoma, the location alone would make me want to get it checked out.

No. 741590

If it’s a lipoma (which is just a fatty lump) then it’s unfortunately harmless.

No. 741593

could press on his spinal cord though leading to nerve damage if it keeps growing.

No. 741594

File: 1576677762140.jpeg (339.24 KB, 754x785, 23EBF355-09CB-4EED-88FB-830437…)

Pics from the 2017 video

No. 741595

File: 1576677849324.jpeg (187.47 KB, 956x523, 40F9A5CD-50D5-43FA-809A-E3E5CB…)

No. 741609

File: 1576683345439.jpeg (225.13 KB, 828x607, E5B014FB-209A-44D5-AFA9-67B1F4…)

I wish Vince piped in more.

No. 741618

I dunno I'm on the fence. I kind of feel like sinking to Onion's level and making constant catty remarks is not the way to handle the situation.
I feel like Onion responds most poorly to consistent professionalism because when he can't get a reaction, he has no ammo to use back at them.

No. 741621

I'd bet it's a sebaceous cyst that's been building up and he needs to go to a dermatologist so the can cut it and squeeze the nasty build up out of it.

No. 741631


I'm with you on that. It's kind of off putting seeing Vince constantly being immature/snarky. I'm assuming hes loving all the praise for it, but I think he should be a bit more professional. It also seems like he got close to regina.

No. 741632

I don't wanna assume anything or start unnecessary rumors but it would seem to me that becoming close with a young girl when you're in the middle of exposing other men that prey on young girls is a really really dumb thing to do.

No. 741633

So it seems we have Lane on the show this evening. I'm not hugely caught up with their story, what can they add to the milk?(Spoonfeeding)

No. 741635

Not entirely sure - i don't think she ever had direct contact with the Onions. So she could probably only really share second hand info from being friends with Sarah and some of the other girls. She may be able to give details they left out, but as I said… it's all second hand info as she wasn't ever really involved on more than a surface level. She may have talked online to Lainey but as far as I know, they didn't have any sort of real relationship.

No. 741636

File: 1576692067191.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, D44F615B-9088-42E7-850A-5A6CEA…)

Shiloh got her Greg tattoo covered. Sage for non-milk

No. 741637

Damn they did an awesome job covering that shit stains name

No. 741638

It's not unusual for people that investigate crimes to form bonds with victims or the family of victims, like police or journalists.
I wouldn't assume anything foul since it could just be one of those connections, either way Regina is in her twenties and can choose her friends however they like

No. 741639


Gods, that's a good cover. I can't imagine the fucking relief at just not having that name there anymore.

No. 741640

She was Lainey and Sarah’s friend, she got noticed because she tried to look like Lainey. The falling out happened because she stuck up for Billie when Anus was raging at her which subsequently had Lainey calling her a traitor. Anus even made shitty tweets about her.

No. 741641

Ooh he gon’ rage kek

No. 741644

Blaire White just uploaded a video about Lainey

No. 741651

Yeah, I agree…it lessens the legitimacy of what they’re doing when they stoop to making cheap shots that have nothing to do with the abuse or grooming. It makes it feel like they’re Perez Hilton or some dumb drama-chasing sham journalists.

There are already enough people mocking him and we don’t need more of that. We need someone to be an adult and make a case against him.

No. 741656

Heh, the bitch literally just threw Kai’s “innocence” out the window. Topkek

No. 741664

> I'm free
> was fine with it being there the past eight years.

Ugh, I like Shiloh, but this is the biggest bs. If she wanted to cover it up she would've done it earlier and with her own money.

No. 741669

>>741664 fuck right off with that bullshit

No. 741670

give her a break, anon. She can be melodramatic, that's always been her way, but I'm sure she had her reasons for not making it a priority. the fact that she can't see it herself probably allowed her to not think of it often.

No. 741671

YouTube just recommended this video and I cringed hard at Stevie threatening violence within the first 2 mins of the stream. I really hope he does not get a platform via Hansen


I have enjoyed all interviews thusfar. Even Rag’s Interview as controversial as it was. All the girls did a great job in their own way.

However when I see the interactions between Gork and Stork. It’s not milky nor interesting to watch.. it’s just 2 beta apes, beating their chests and pretending to be superior to one another, but in the end they’re the same kind of breed. (Saged)

No. 741672

All Greg did was ask if he was someguy and he fucking lost it KEK. Stevie is fucking mental

No. 741674


Vince was tweeting about "baby carrot" a few days ago and while I get it's fun for like 5 secs, there are more important things to focus on. The ad hominem only makes it easier for Greg to deflect. He should be getting dunked on more for his lying and manipulation.

No. 741676

Panther. Nice choice.
Yeah Regina's not a teenager anymore. I don't know what that other anon was on about.

No. 741679

That's what I thought. If it keeps growing it will cause serious problems. Looks like it'll definitely need surgical intervention.

No. 741683

Looks a lot like a very large cyst to me, but I've seen bigger.

No. 741684

>This is why Greg writes "legend" and "myth" on his twitter handle
Pretty much. Some people think it's because he's a full of himself dickhead. It could be either/or.

No. 741686

File: 1576706959427.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.59 KB, 960x960, 79093826_10157875235109711_909…)

What is his strategy, posting a barrage of fake breakdowns that everyone has already got bored of, interspersed with gross dom tweets and then images like this? Does he genuinely believe he's a powerful sexy man at this point?

No. 741688

Looks like someone forgot to stuff his pants. I'm not convinced he doesn't have a pussy tbh.

No. 741689

>large hotel room with two beds AND a cot

is he hiding out with Krai and the kids in a hotel because he's afraid the FBI is going to come knocking at his house?

No. 741690


Now that you've said this, Anus will take it upon himself to post a full nude to show us haturz and I don't know if I'm ready to throw up multiple times, anon.

No. 741691

File: 1576707605784.png (15.51 KB, 594x131, Screenshot_2019-12-18 The Myth…)

>Virtue signalling is acting like you're better than everyone else
No, virtue signalling is when someone pretends to care about something they don't actually care about - they do it for clout, for show, or some other ulterior motive.
>fuck mindlessly
Yes because thinking with your dick hasn't caused you any problems, right Greg?

No. 741692

could it be the rare visiting the family?

No. 741693

We've all heard his valley girl accent. Genuinely wouldn't be shocked.

No. 741694

His head? Back? Or the whole thing? Cause I actually see a 150lb manlet cyst. And a cancerous one at that. He definitely needs to see a doctor so it can be popped.

No. 741695

it´s a bag of fat is what it is

No. 741697

This image is very potent with desperation and insecurity. Greg get help.

No. 741698

Not to derail too much, but Vince has a poor history/reputation on YouTube with the TCAP community due to his immaturity as well as being copyright strike happy. There’s probably a reason he stays on the quieter side.

No. 741699


I really hope someone can fund raise to get that poor lipomas onion removed


No. 741700

Why two beds if he's there alone? This constantly spending time in hotels makes me want to tinfoil.

No. 741702

I was a little put off by the immaturity tbh, >>741674 especially for someone his age (assuming he's older than onion). Not that he's not allowed to joke around, it just doesn't come off professional. But you're right, there's a bit of a history there.(offtopic)

No. 741703

Maybe it's his evil power centre.

2 hours till the interview. She seems to be getting a full hour of air time too.

No. 741707


No. 741709

Assuming hes older… are you retarded? Do you think Hansen is 33?

No. 741710

They're talking about Vince, buddy

No. 741711

they're talking about vince, not chris hansen. I know reading comprehension is hard, anon.

No. 741720

His strategy? Pretend not to have severe psychological problems while telling everyone that his obvious sperging and acting out is all a ruse? Yeah some of it is an obvious put on, but it's not all acting.

He's always projecting his own psychological issues onto other people. All this attention he's getting, he thinks most of these people must want to fuck him or something because for him, whatever he pays attention to eventually becomes grist for the mil in his unhealthy sexual habituation. Tinfoil af but that's what I see.

No. 741721

Lads, we can call off the search… we found the missing link,

Seriously; I don’t know where to start? Stormtrooper track pants? Clip art tattoos? And he wonders why no one else wants to join his haram

No. 741732

File: 1576717165393.png (777.79 KB, 997x4116, Vendetta.png)

Really? I thought the first 30mins of Stevie ranting was hilarious. Youtube links go in the yt field btw.

The point that Greg kept avoiding about the molestation story wasn't whether it was true or not, it was that he made a video about it putting it on blast publicly when he had no business doing so. He justified it by saying he did it to "protect other people" - if only he didn't have a history of taking things told to him in confidence and shamelessly using it for video content, maybe his excuse would've been more believable.

He also harassed AJ and left insane voicemails on her phone telling her he was going to "reveal every detail so everyone knows who you are", making his claim of just trying to be helpful by outing her father sound like total bullshit. He had a grudge, plain and simple, but he LIES about it trying to cover it with virtue signalling horseshit. Pic related.

No. 741756

was there a thread for this night's livestream?

No. 741757

nope. here's the stream btw

No. 741758

No. Probably because no one gives a fuck about lane.

No. 741760

Better that than Stevie, imo.

No. 741762

Everyone pretty much called it. Lane had nothing to say because her only milk was the situation with Sarah which Sarah has already explained. Having Lane on was a huge waste of time and felt like a filler episode. There was absolutely nothing that she could have added about Greg besides him harassing her when the first Sarahgate happened. That doesn't need a whole hour to explain.

Hopefully Greg will be sweating again next week. I don't think anything will be happening with the wetlands until January or February.

No. 741763


I also thought stevie was hilarious and his ranting at the beginning was glorious. He said a lot of shit to onion that I want to say.

No. 741764

I know some people feel negatively about Stevie, but that aside, Stevie would really be in a position to discuss Grug's patterns of behavior, like when he killed his turtle, how he didn't feed some of his pets when he was younger so they just died - things like this haven't been brought up in Hansen interviews yet, but I do think it's important to have someone bring up information like this so people can get more insight into how sociopathic Grug really is. Stevie wouldn't necessarily even have to be the one to share that information, but he has been calling Grug out for his shit longer than anyone else I can think of.

No. 741769

"Your face looks like someone fell asleep in a deep fryer" that was gold.
I'm looking forward to Stevie's interview. Was hoping he'd be on this week. He can really go more in depth with history that probably only someone like Skye would really know about.

The only other person I can think of who's been calling Greg out longer is Repzion. I think Rep's first video on Greg was after he uploaded the video of Shiloh's seizure, Rep called him out for it.

No. 741773

Recap for people who don't want to watch it.
Lainey complain about Billie coming back after the first breakup.
Lainey got extremely pissed off after Lane tweeted that Billie was not a bad person for smoking weed. She started to call Lane out by calling her fake and saying 'I wish I never met you'.
Text sent to Lane: "Did you honestly call Billie a good person after everything she has just done? You are just about the fakest person I have ever met." "She is not a good person because she was wrong. She's not a good person at all. She is a horrible person that has done so much bad to me. Should her info have been posted, No but that doesn't make her a fucking good person. She left out so many details in order to paint herself as a victim. And yes you are fake, a few months ago you where hating on her."
Lainey try to dictate who Lane could be friends with and she got big mad when she found out Lane was talking to Hayley.
She feels like Lainey enjoys power and that's why she befriends younger girls.
It appears that Greg and Lainy go after girls that are in extremely vulnerable situations at the time.
They talk about the baby carrot video. The Shiloh interview was demonetized but they question how Greg can continue to be monetized even after flashing his tiny peen.
Greg and Lainey had scared Billie off the internet for a while and Sarah now has major trust issues.
They address the kids for a moment and express their concern for the kids mental well being.
Thankfully the girls have a support system now and they will be there for eachother.
The FBI is still investigating and they will be examining the evidence that they have obtained.
Chris mentions that Greg has offered to interview him on Greg's channel.
There will be no live stream next week. Have a wonderful holiday.

No. 741774

Chris Hansen said "As we peel back the layers of the onion.. Sometimes, he is called Onion".. The way he said it so matter-of-factly and looked smugly into the camera after saying that last bit.

That part had me dying, hearing Chris call him Onion was hilarious.

No. 741775

>She feels like Lainey enjoys power and that's why she befriends younger girls.
I guess this was the main picture they wanted to paint with this interview?

No. 741776

It might not be the best move, but Vincent has had to deal with Greg messaging him incessantly with inane bullshit for months now. I don't blame him for wanting to roast Greg.

No. 741779


No, it doesn't speak volumes at all. Billie and Ayalla were terrified of attracting the ire of a man that they'd DIRECTLY INTERACTED WITH - they'd watched him run several of his other girlfriends completely off the Internet. What was Lane, some random girl on Twitter, supposed to be afraid of?

No. 741780


Well Greg did make an entire mean tweet dedicated to her one single time

No. 741781

I wonder if Grug's sperging dry heaves in his recent videos were meant to be a subtle stab at Lane or whatever, since she said she dry heaved from being so upset about how callous Lame was to her. I'm probably reaching, though. Grug can't act so he sticks to the same shit over and over. Probably isn't related to Lane.

No. 741782

Definitely sounds like a huge reach.

No. 741784

That single tweet ruined her whole night anon, have some sympathy.

No. 741786

Vince was born in 1976, according to his IMDb.

No. 741788

The best part of the Lane interview was when Chris coaxed Lane into describing Greg's latest on-camera spergout for all 10,000+ viewers - you know, the one where he talked about his "baby carrot" on camera, and accidentally panned over a shot of his lil button.

No. 741789

That wasn't even Greg though, that was Sarah who kept calling lane on different numbers. Then greg basically told lane Sarah would stop publicly.

No. 741790

I was referring to the tweets, not the phone calls. Forgot about those.

No. 741795

I wondered at first why he mentioned that, then he brought up the point about how YT allows that to stay monetized when channels like his get sanctioned/demonetized. It's almost like morons run YT.

No. 741796

>I think Greg is a prime candidate for an ayahuasca retreat, or an exorcism
He really is. If Greg had an ayahuasca ceremony, that's something I'd literally pay to see lol. This Western concept that certain plants (like pot) are just drugs is such a shallow way of thinking and perceiving the world, not to mention antiquated.(autism)

No. 741799

i think lane's interview shows at the very least the manipulation tactics greg and lainey casually used on kids as young as 12, even if they didn't fully groom them. for lainey to be saying shit like "you're a horrible fake person" after combing through your tweets and involving you in adult relationship drama when you're in fucking middle school……it don't even sound right. lane didn't offer much new info (if any) but it's important to remember that chris is trying to paint a narrative for people who are unaware of onion, even tho it's redundant and boring oftentimes for us farmers

No. 741805

At this point what do you think it'll actually take to get grognion kicked off youtube? With all the shit he's done/been accused of I would think it should have happened already. So I'm betting nothing happens until he and/or kai is actually charged with something.

No. 741807

He should have been banned permanently after he was rating literal underaged kids.
I think there should be a clip where he rates a young boy and onion says something along the lines of "I don't know what to say because i''m not attracted to guys" I wonder if someone can find it.

No. 741808

Someone told Greg on his last livestream about Blaire's video and his response was essentially "she's covering drama because she hates herself". Ah yes, an adult mother of 2 sending sexually explicit selfies to minors is just drama in Onion land. Boy just like those FBI folks who're investigating it RIGHT NOW. Mhm. They're investigating it because of their love of drama and self-righteous grandstanding. Get your head out of your ass Greg. Your inability to face reality is what helped get you into this mess in the first place.

No. 741809

He's getting masses of traffic and attention but is Grug actually still monetised or is it just assumed? There are no adverts on his videos before or after. It wouldn't surprise me if his only source of revenue on YouTube is actually from copyright striking and that's what all the short attention seeking videos are about, to keep people making response videos.

No. 741812


Weed IS a drug, though. A drug is just any substance (other than food) that changes the way your body functions. It's much more of a dumb, shallow Western concept to automatically conflate drugs with a negative connotation.

No. 741814

Christ almighty this tattoo is fucking atrocious. I mean it’s still better than being branded by Shreg but are we really going to pretend that it’s not hideous? If I donated to this stupid fund I would be so pissed that is was where it went

No. 741815

If that's what a bad tattoo looksike to you what the hell is your example of a good one

No. 741817

>she was never in their custody
Yeah no. Lainey's on video saying they [she and Greg] had legal guardianship of Sarah, legal custody.

No. 741818

Despite Greg having a well-defined track record of behavior that has been extensively documented and publicly showcased, Kai's isn't by comparison - especially not for randos just tuning in.

Lane was just a kid who was one fan of Kai's out of what probably was hundreds of others at the time, and they weren't super close. She had been following Kai for years and was trying to imitate Kai the best she could in appearance. Then she tweeted ONE supportive thing to Billie, and Kai starts chewing her the fuck out in DMs, calling her "fake as fuck".

What kind of normal 20 year old hinges so much on what some random teenage fan of theirs thinks about their ex? Kai has serious control issues, but particularly towards kids. It's just like when Greg lost his shit over Kai and that one band member interacting on Twitter, but even more petty. It's ridiculous.

I wish Chris had pushed her more on Kai's treatment of fans, because most of Kai's worst behavior took place behind the scenes in DMs, while Greg puts his shit on display for everyone.

No. 741819

There's no contrast, so it looks super muddy. That panther's face is gonna age like shit. Still better than before tho

No. 741821


I get that this is a gossip board, but for fuck's sake, do we need to shit-talk EVERYTHING? This is a fantastic tattoo by any standard, especially for a cover-up. Chill the fuck out.


There's plenty of contrast - the reason why it's so dark in the middle is because the artist had to cover up a relatively large, pure-black tattoo with an outline. The only way to cover up black is with more black. The rest of the tattoo has plenty of contrast, and it isn't muddy at all.

No. 741822

Almost anything is better than having your abuser's name on you, especially when that name is something like "Gregory".

No. 741826

When I think of the word 'drug', not in its strictest definition, I think of something most people use just to get high or fuck around. The plants however (ayahuasca, peyote, san pedro, etc.) are different because depending on how they're used, they can become tools for personal growth and the expansion of consciousness. They've only been used this way for centuries. Not that there aren't other ways of achieving this, just that ancient cultures have used them as stepping stones on the road of personal growth. We're all experiencing that anyway in the time we're in right now, some have a better understanding of this experience than others. And some, like Onision, are having a difficult time of it.(offtopic)

No. 741827

They said that but Sarah and others have stated that wasn't true at all. It was power of attorney which isn't the same. Lurk more newfag.

No. 741828

I'm pretty sure being afraid of a couple tweets is outweighed by literal child grooming.

No. 741833

>(Other than food)

Drug: A medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

Technically, food could be considered a drug. Did you ever hear of the Sugar Wars (or sugar rush)? Most of us are Sugar and Caffeine addicts and don't even realize it. Anything that acts as a catalyst for changes within the body fits the definition of "drug"; if you're eating good food and it's releasing a certain level of dopamine and other feel-good neurotransmitters/horomones, isn't it causing a physiological reaction? In Western Society, we just call things the DEA & FDA don't like or do like but sell, drugs.

sage for sperg

No. 741834

File: 1576756080113.png (45.54 KB, 600x378, Screenshot_2019-12-19 The Myth…)

I finally understand now why he calls himself a comedian. Just about died laughing at this one

No. 741835

Blaire shows the video here >>741644 where Lainey said she had legal guardianship. So Lainey was lying? I don't remember what Sarah called it.

No. 741838

It's lopsided lol

No. 741839

File: 1576759170601.jpeg (746.92 KB, 1125x1119, 93363098-F999-4651-8479-E768D2…)

The fact that I saw several normie-types posting this yesterday on Facebook makes me laugh. The fact some people thought these were real tweets goes to show how similar the two are.

No. 741840

Are you the same idiot from a couple of days ago trying to sperg how orangemanbad and grug are the same as each other? Give it up you moron, nobody cares that those 2 are narcissists.
Saged obviously.

No. 741842

Did he forget that he has admitted to using “manipulative language” to get what he wants from people?

No. 741844

Receipt? I wanna see this badly

No. 741845


no-one fucking cares what your grandma laughed at today, dipshit.

stop drinking in the mornings.

No. 741846


Can people please stop fucking announcing their sage? We know and don't care you've done your civic duty, idiot.(minimodding)

No. 741847

That is funny. He's so honest that he'll never admit to the fact that his Patreon was removed because he doxxed his ex gf. He'll make up a bunch of other bullshit reasons for it though, like "cancel culture" and "MeToo".

Good one Greg. Fuckhead. Grow up.

No. 741848

File: 1576762839893.jpg (302.68 KB, 1000x1161, manipulation is deception.jpg)

He's admitted to being manipulative multiple times. What Mr. Honest apparently doesn't comprehend is that manipulation by its very nature demands deception and distortion of the truth.

No. 741851

Not to get overly sentimental, but fewer things make me want to punch him in the throat more than him talking about how honest he is. It's one of the most egregiously self-righteous bullshit things he says on a regular basis.

No. 741852

I'm disappointed Lane didn't talk about the "where's muh sympathy" messages Foot sent her while Anus was incessantly harassing Billie and Ayalla. That would highlight what a shitty person Foot is

No. 741853

I found it relavent to show that he’s no long just being discussed in niche drama corners and that it’s exploded into the mainstream beyond just news stories. It was surprising to me to see middle aged and early 30’s normies laughing at this in meme form and knowing about the breakdown videos. Idk.

What I’d like to know is do people think they’re real or do they know they’re staged for attention. I don’t want to admit I follow the drama so I didn’t engage

No. 741854

It still looks 100 times better than Lame's and Gargoyle's childish, tasteless clip art tattoos

No. 741856

he finally learned to use the term 'almost' instead of most everyone. is this the progress and character development we all wanted???????

No. 741857

File: 1576765245031.jpg (761.9 KB, 1536x2048, EMF0O-BW4AUGiMh.jpg)

No. 741873

Next thread picture please

No. 741874

The painted toe nails made me giggle

No. 741875

if that's true which i don't doubt the possibility, it seems like a smoking gun. but then again so does everything else greg has done

No. 741877

I can’t tell if this idiot actually believes he is honest and never lies or if he’s still just trying to convince others
This dude has been caught in lies so many times so it baffles me he can continue this charade.
he always uses the word “manipulative” which I guess he has convinced himself is not the same as lying. this is what he said when he admitted he told Skye he was suicidal when he was not.
but in this video he shows a blatant and bold faced lie. There’s no “manipulative language” here, it’s just a lie. Yet still he thinks he’s never lied.

No. 741878

Don't bother with the window lickers. Some newfags are too dumb to integrate. They will never stop unless sage announcements become a bannable offense.

No. 741879

Those comments are not the main topic of the thread (Onion), still related though, but it's still a bit off-topic so people are stating they saged in attempts not to derail. It's impossible to discuss a topic (Onion) and not have sub-topics come up.

You making a comment that isn't contributing to the topic (or sub-topic), is worse than someone who is contributing and adding saged so they don't get flamed by miserable anons like you.


No. 741881

He has no self awareness, so he does believe that he is "the most honest YouTuber." People like him believe anything they delude themselves into regardless of what everyone else thinks.

…and one idiot crawls out of the woodwork. There is no reason to announce sage. It does not prevent derailing. It's just annoying and is actually against the rules.

No. 741885


Oh for fuck's sake.

We already know who's saged and not by looking at usernames and/or filtering, we don't need people doing the shittiest virtue signalling anyone's ever seen on top of it

No. 741886

It is a bit discouraging to see more prominent women, like Skye and Adrienne, and even Alicia and Maya, not appearing on HASWCH. I know that Chris is trying to interview as many people as possible to see each angle of the years of abusive, predatory behavior, but at this point it kind of feels like grasping at straws. Skye and Alicia have been pretty vocal in their support, whereas Adrienne hasn’t said much and it’s been radio silence from Maya, so I’m wondering if any of them will be appearing.

No. 741887

Does it damage or derail anything if anyone adds the word "sage" to the end of their comment?

Be objective now, in your eyes, what has derailed this thread and is more "annoying": a few comments where people added "sage" at the bottom, or the now 5 comments arguing about it? Just ignore it.

No. 741889


Well, you are what you eat.

No. 741890

If their names come up in the FBI investigation they can still be reached and questioned, they don't have to appear on Hansens show
The wheels are already in motion and they can still help while on the down low

No. 741900

File: 1576783898553.png (160.63 KB, 643x537, Screenshot_2019-12-19 The Myth…)

Your Patreon is gone because you doxxed Billie you twonk, and if you want to be successful try growing as a person and actually admit to some of the shit you've done.

You can get an "I'm a doxxer" tramp stamp.

No. 741904

He says in this stream that the only problem the county had with him dozing the property was that he used a tractor, and that they would've allowed him to dig up what he did had he used a shovel instead. Well then. Now he's got a fence to build, so there's that.

No. 741910

I hope something will come out of the anons whose relative filed a complaint in the last thread.
I mean he is on video pouring kombucha into the water of a protected wetland in true waterhead fashion

No. 741912

File: 1576786085905.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.74 KB, 1920x960, subject - naked mole rat.jpg)

greg bod, also the original picture screams 'dickless'

No. 741913


Hehe yes, and the miniscule bulge. It's the (very) little details that make a picture.

No. 741917

File: 1576787742550.jpeg (328.2 KB, 2048x2048, 3BA54806-6D3F-4864-A1AA-AF44C5…)

Another incoherent hotel vid. This time promoting his cameo, saying he’ll be “broker than broke”, flipping a mattress and flexing his doughy body at the camera and seeing how red and disgusting he can make his face. The goal is unclear. It’s not funny anymore. He’s just clearly losing it.

No. 741921

It sucks that there’s no way to gauge how much money he’s making anymore. I wonder how many people are paying him a buck or two out of sheer curiosity

No. 741922

Hey all,

I wrote here before Thanksgiving. My aunt ‘K’ lives in the same neighborhood as “Onision” and his wife, and had both filed a report and spoke directly with ‘D’, someone who works within the country commission dealing with environmental issues after “Onision” was very visibly in the wetland area filming, pouring what we now know is a tea product that contains basically a colony bacteria (obviously non-native) into the water and trampling around in the area and plants. There have been past issues and concerns with him after he destroyed plants. The area already has major flood risks and what he originally did with destroying plants, trees, flattening ground that was purposely raised to help prevent flooding not only was destructive to animal habitats but also put other homes and property at risk for flooding and there was concerns about the potential of impacting home values. I know most people already know this, but just to repeat.

I have a few things I would like to ask. First, a thank you. I know this is considered a gossip website but you all have really put together a great timeline of this family’s behavior over the years and I can tell you 100% it has helped local people become aware of what is going on. Using your content I was able to give my aunt a really good summary which she has then shared. She is older so she doesn’t follow Youtube or anything (but she does look at his videos occasionally now for obvious reasons). You would be surprised at how few people in the community knew about ‘Onision’, or that he even lived there. But now there is more and more awareness over the past 6 months or so.

Second, when I first posted about my aunt filing and report and speaking to the county, other people filed reports the same day and it seems like they used information from the summary of my aunt ‘K’s correspondence I wrote about. ‘K’ both talked to someone in the county and documented it with a report through the community portal, and requested that her report was listed as private because of ‘Onision’ being a public figure so her name, address, and details would not be public. I have no clue if it was people from here that filed reports or from other places, but wanted to say that this is NOT necessary. Just please know it IS being dealt with, and they have already started taking action. There isn’t a need for multiple reports, it just adds to the workload, it’s a small department and everyone there is great and really does care.

I did say I would update, but there isn’t much. As far as ‘K’ knows ‘Onision’ has not done anything else since he was made aware that this event was being investigated. His property is a lot more visible this time of year to a couple of the other houses both on his street and across the waterway because there isn’t as much foliage on the trees. And one more thing, my aunt received an email on December 1st and then again on either the 6th or 7th- can’t remember offhand- from someone asking her if she was a neighbor of ‘Onision’ and asking questions about him. I can only guess that someone used public records or property records to guess who she was. Not sure how they were able to get her email, we cannot find it listed publicly anywhere (they sent it not to her main address, but to an email affiliated with her cable TV/internet provider that paperless statements go to so it was pretty strange). She was kind of shook up about that. I am not accusing it of being anyone on this website but just in case it is please please don’t do that. To whoever is doing it and if they are reading, please think about if you had a family member who was older who just by luck of the draw had a weirdo move in down the street and how they would feel if they started getting emails asking questions. Thank you all again and happy holidays.(bait)

No. 741923

I don't think he's "losing it" at all. He just really has a terrible sense of humor and still thinks these videos are hilarious and that he is a "genius actor", as he keeps mentioning it constantly in his live streams.
I mean, he's been making the same awful skits with the same tired old characters for a decade. He is just incapable of coming up with new ideas.

No. 741924

The good news is that his views are going down again because people can only cringewatch a screaming man child for so long. I'm really looking forward to what he'll do when these stupid videos no longer get him the attention he craves.

No. 741925

What you're describing is borderline what we'd call 'cowtipping', ie confronting the person talked about in hopes of a reaction, which is against the rules here.

Of course that doesn't mean that someone from here didn't do it, but at least know it's not at all an acceptable thing to do even by our standards.

Thanks for the wall of text, come back if you have some info from your aunt on the onion man.

No. 741928

That's what I have been wondering. It would be like Grug to go camp out in a hotel while simultaneously filming there so that he ends up providing clues that reveal their location and defeats the whole purpose- fucking moron kek.

I mean what other reason could it be? They definitely ain't at Great Wolf Lodge on a family vacay. The only thing Grug has been doing for "work" is an endless barrage of autistic chimpouts on YT, so it's not for anything related to that. And why would they want to pay hotel expenses when he just lost his Patreon and Lame basically ghosted hers?

No. 741932

Has lainey completely removed herself? Isn’t she supposed to be “podcasting?” She hasn’t done anything in like 2 months right?

No. 741933

I don't think he/she is cowtipping, it's the aunt that is doing the job of making Wetlands 2.0 come true, the anon is just sharing the story

No. 741934

Not that anon but i think they were talking about whoever contacted the aunt.

No. 741936

Last Patreon perk she completed was Nov. 22nd. No December calendar has been posted. No word from her asslickers though.

No. 741938

File: 1576795022612.jpeg (62.06 KB, 750x209, 4D678337-4EE4-4686-B1EC-283679…)

so his “wow” video officially hit a million views, when are retards going to realise NONE of these spergs are real and stop putting money in his pocket? with all these “deplatform predator” hashtags you’d think they’d be smart enough to not click the videos when people are reposting them constantly. every one of them hits at least 100k now, they’re doing to opposite of deplatforming him

No. 741939

This video is currently being memed to hell and back. I'm pretty sure a large portion of these views are people who hate him and like seeing him sperg out. But honestly he loves every second of the attention no matter how negative.

No. 741940

Seriously. It doesn’t fucking matter that they’re hate watching him, they’re giving him sweet tube bux.

No. 741941

Thank you sincerely for the update. Emailing your aunt is really uncool but I doubt anyone here would stoop that low. If I can ask, has it been quieter around his house since he's apparently been gone lately?

No. 741942

Yes but you did this to yourself Greg. Literally. You're the cause of your own problems. Crying in bed isn't going to fix what you fucked up. You can blame everyone else all day long.

No. 741944

He's trying to play the victim card for the umpteenth time. Most people would be out looking for a job by now instead of fucking around like this. He can start an onlyfans and sell lewds like Billie and Ayalla. kek

No. 741946

How accurate is social blade? It give a good run down of subs and views at least.

No. 741948

Is it just the angle of this or are his lips unusually full?

No. 741949

I think it's just from the blood rushing to his face, happens to people sometimes when they cry or scream

No. 741950

I was wondering what was happening with Lainey's patreon, are people still giving her money? I know there have been issues with Greg's new system, new people signing up for "perks" or whatever and not receiving them after emailing him about it. This was just in the last week or so.
I haven't seen anyone saying they see ads on his videos. That's the only way he'd make money. Even then, they're so short he'd make next to nothing anyway. It's definitely getting him more attention though.

No. 741952

He's forever contradicting himself. He's also said that he was feeling suicidal but if I remember right, he was financially more than capable of handling the debt at the time.

About divorcing Skye, in one of the last vids he made taking shots at his exes a few months ago, he said he left her because she was greedy or just wanted his money. In earlier vids, he said he it was because of her depression and he didn't think he could make her happy. His mind is so fucking convoluted no wonder he's miserable.

No. 741954

What's interesting to me, and it might not mean anything, is I've noticed Skye not retweeting any of the Hansen interviews after Shiloh. She's not very active on twitter anyway, I just thought she'd make things like that more prominent on her tl. I'm wondering if Skye and Alicia had second thoughts about appearing with Hansen for whatever reason. AJ already made clear on a FB post that she didn't want to be directly involved. I think that's why her friend Stevie's stepping up.

No. 741955

Thank you for the update, WA anon. I'm sorry about your aunt, that is really weird. Some people's autism get the better of them. I hope she's left alone now.

No. 741959

I've seen Alicia commenting on other people's tweets. But neither she nor Skye have a big internet presence that we know of, so it makes sense they'd not want to be in the spotlight.

No. 741961

What, are they afraid of Greg now? So much for “confronting your abuser”; all that bravado and suddenly cold feet.

No. 741962

I think anon was implying that there's some beef between Skye and Shiloh. Which would be a shame.

No. 741964

I didn't say they were afraid. You don't have to be "afraid" to not want to be interviewed live. There is nothing wrong with being a private person. Its quite possible Skye or Alicia would give a private interview but would prefer not to be infront of 10k people.

No. 741966

Skye has been tweeting and retweeting in support of Shiloh during this entire thing. I don't know what evidence there is that she has beef.

No. 741967


Nah I don’t think it’s that anymore, Alicia’s been tweeting her stuff and seemed happy over Shiloh covering her tattoo with the rose panther-thing on her neck.

No, they’re afraid of Gregma lashing out on them and making degrading comments towards them as punishment for speaking out.

Don’t talk shit if you can’t take it. Even Billie came out of her shell and is just as private and introverted as Skye.

No. 741968

these people literally live in his area and are affected by his behaviour and you have the gall to call it cowtipping? fuck some of you are retarded, you do realize life exists outside the boards right? people pop in and out for info, because it's the internet. IRL people aren't going to follow these boards rules
I bet you're one of those assholes who doxxes people for "cowtipping" when their interaction has 0 to do with these boards. are you okay? go outside.(infighting)

No. 741969

>>741961.Being on Hansons show is not going to change anything about what Sk experienced regardless of what platform she chose to disclose it on and doesnt mean shes scared. Jesus fucking christ, hansons show is not an actual trial. People can provide evidence without it being blasted to hell and back on social media. She said what she wanted to say publicly. The FBI is involved, what more do you need??

No. 741970

Billie posts her face all over social media she is not as introverted by any stretch.

No. 741971

reading comprehension is important, anon. the person you're replying to is saying that someone digging up an old lady's private email in order to ask questions when they're not involved is cowtipping. they're reassuring the relative who's posting here that what happened to their aunt is not cool even by lolcow standards.

No. 741973

You're most likely right. They'd both rather stay out of the spotlight.
Skye not retweeting the other Hanson interviews after Shiloh >>741954 makes me wonder if something happened behind the scenes, but I'm probably reading too much into it. I don't blame them for not going on the show, I was just curious what their reasons were.

No. 741977

File: 1576809544340.png (858.64 KB, 972x873, Onision-OnisionSpeaks-UhOhBro.…)

That got me thinking about his current alternative to Patreon, which is a subscription to his UhOhBro YT channel for $4.99 - $9.99 - 39.99 - $99.99. What are his fans getting as perks now? Ive looked at his 3 main channels. I havent seen any new comedy skits on any for months. His OnisionSpeaks channel is just his cringey 3 minute freak outs. His flagship Onision channel and UhOhBro is just uploads of old videos from years ago, nothing new for a month.
One of the main things Onision pushed for joining his Patreon was uncensored and early release of his comedy skits. So are his fans paying $4.99 a month to listen to him trying to talk over a gaggle of giggling girls while playing video games and access to a discord that is dead 23 hours of the day?
Gregs fans said they were fans of his comedy. Wheres the comedy sketches?

No. 741982

Calling it. If Grug makes an onlyfans account as his swan song before the feds come knocking, he got the idea from here kek.

No. 741984

"Cervix", "almost". Wow it's almost like he actually learns new words. Now if he could learn what a "predator" or "grooming" really is, now that would be progress.

No. 741986

Anyone saw Shiloh’s new video?(offtopic)

No. 741989

tbh it was probably the onion boy himself who emailed her.

No. 741991

I mean, the music is horrible and the lighting is so ugly, only slightly worse than Myah Alana. Buuut you know, good for her.

No. 741993

I mean, I don't like it, but I hope she gets famous even if only to spite Onion ruining her career lol
Her voice is nice tho

No. 742002

Probably not someone from here. "cow tipping" isn't allowed. We maybe faggots, but most of us aren't retarded enough to email unrelated randos.
Hope your Aunt is ok, thanks for the update

No. 742003

Skye and Alicia have no obligation to go on Hansen's show. They've apparently said what they needed to say after years of distancing themselves from this shitshow, and appearing on the show would serve no purpose beyond entertaining viewers. It's not like it would increase the probability that Greg were arrested if either of them went live.
Greg's too lazy to find some random lady's obscure email address. It sounds like something that would come out of KF

No. 742006

Alicias story about him trying to kiss her when she was 15, the nudes he kept in his phone if her as well the video where he admits to being attracted to her when she was a minor is all pretty relevant if you ask me.

They don’t have any obligation, I agree and I probably wouldn’t want to relive it that way but all that creepy behaviour showcases what he was even like back then.

No. 742008

I think like other anon's have said, the most important thing is that the ball is seriously rolling now.

The FBI are involved, and when it's time, I'm sure they will contact her and the rest of the victims (if they haven't already) for a private interview and to collect evidence (like texts, if there are any still). Chris Hansen's interviews have already produced visible effects in the public's awareness of Onion - It's the FBI's turn and we're just going to get more of the same until they make their move.

No. 742009

There are still some girls that find him attractive, I personally know a few that want to hate fuck him (don't ask) - it's a thin line between love and hate as the saying goes lol. He's already been taking these weirdly suggestive selfies >>741686 Could you imagine knowing the FBI is watching you and posting things like that publicly?

In case he reads this because I know he lurks: Greg if you don't get help you'll just keep going around in circles. Put your goddam dick away.

No. 742010

It's not about increasing his chances of getting arrested. These interviews won't affect whether or not he goes to jail, they're just painting an overall picture of Greg's personality back then, trying to tie it in with the present, which ultimately is incomplete since Greg himself refuses to go on sans a hefty sum. I can see both sides, and in a way, I understand why Greg doesn't want to participate in it. Anything he says will be used against him (right to remain silent), he knows that.

No. 742012

File: 1576826375779.png (185.84 KB, 906x615, Onision Cameo.PNG)

Maybe Onision can fall back on his Cameo career, or not.

No. 742020

You guys should be ashamed of readily taking bait.

No. 742021

Are you ok? That's not a bait.

No. 742022

It parallels the same event when he kissed maya

No. 742023

I don't get it either. They posted in the last thread with receipts talking about their aunt.

No. 742025

They didn't post receipts in the previous thread but we did have a few highschool anons or really bad trolls faking being patreons

No. 742027

It was this >>738198

No. 742030

This really has been one massive PR stunt for her rubbish music hasnt it. She would not have resurrected this drama if she didn’t have something to gain. Well played, Shiloh. Thanks to all the retards you have farmed for sympathy you now have money and clout. Well done.

No. 742031

File: 1576840709242.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1128x4514, Greg never lies.jpeg)

>the closest I come to lying is in my acting

Right. Except for that time he lied saying Sarah raped Kai. But that lie was just an isolated incident, right Greg? It's just another unhappy moment in the past (a few months ago) to be swept under the rug and forgotten. No worries, Greg's a changed man now, he's turned a new leaf.

I don't wholly condone it, but it's no wonder people are flaming your ass on twitter all day: you refuse to take accountability for a single damn thing you've done to any of these girls. As long as you keep pulling this bullshit things are going to keep getting worse for you. Since you obviously don't care, my suggestion to you Greg, is to prepare your anus asap. The FBI's not fucking around.

If you really cared about your family you'd get off the internet and get your shit together, you've got two small kids. You're a coward, and a sad, poor excuse for a father, and you're proud of it too. And I know this because if you could get away with silencing these girls and bullying them off the internet (AGAIN), you would. You're so transparent it's not even funny.

No. 742035

You can thank all the Twitter ass lickers for that with their constant retweets and @‘s to media about his stupid videos. Even the reuploads give him attention and people want to see the spectacle shit stain. Currently there are over a dozen streamers regularly live streaming their reactions to these videos.

No. 742047

>Right. Except for that time he lied saying Sarah raped Kai.

This was such a weird lie, and looking back on it, I am left wondering WHY he said that, and then doubled down on it. I am only left with the notion that he is so bereft of empathy that he literally did not think or believe that Sarah would respond negatively (maybe because of her being up their asses for many years), and that the people who follow him would not respond. I think he actually thought he could shrug it all off, or that it would be negligible.

Looking back, it is amazing to me. He sees no nuances at all, no difference in situations that cause people to react in various ways.

No. 742048

I think Grug is or was genuinely paranoid that Sarah was playing a long game this whole time & scheming for his dick and Lainey’s nasty pussy all this time just so she could turn around and ruin their uwu perfect lives. That’s definitely the narrative he was trying to put out with the rape allegations. Just like the Billie situation, he’s bending the facts so they’re victims to the big bad 18 year old girls.

I think it’s possible that he’s so deluded, stupid and divorced from reality that he has convinced himself (and Lainey) that they were truly intentionally deceived by Sarah (rape by deception). I don’t wanna give him the benefit of the doubt, though.

No. 742049

I think it's only fair she gets a dig at his career and relaunches her own, seeing as he basically fucked hers over. If she'd never met him, she could have been a bit more somewhat famous.
Some would call the timing opportunistic and her music isn't really my thing either (neither was her earlier stuff) but I don't blame her for trying again with her music. It's a big improvement from sex work and I think losing her career and child was pretty tough, along with having to live with Gurg's abuse the whole time.

Back to the hansen thing, I have a feeling Jaclyn will definitely be on one if the streams. Shes probably the only one left Id be interested to hear from. I could barely watch Lane's. Sam, Maya and Madison would be interesting considering they all stayed at the house, but I highly doubt any of them will speak. Maya is too scared of the internet, Madison is too salty over lolcow and still likes Lainey and Sam I have no idea.
I thought she may have still been obsessed with Greg but she went on Real stream and then went incognito so I never understood her end game.

No. 742050

Yeah out of all the weird delusions and reaches onion has, I still have no clue why he's saying Sarah raped Kai.
It's kind of like when he said Billie cheated on lainey (they're both at fault though), but took himself out of the equation. I guess it would be tinfoil to say he really means he raped Kai?
Yeah that's ridiculous but maybe it's not that far from the truth. Maybe something happened during a greasesome?

No. 742053

That's actually a scary tinfoil, because it may not be that far out there. It's well known how much he projects with things like this.

No. 742054

I think he used that word and imagery to scare Sarah, thinking she would be to frightened to say anymore about him and Lainey for fear he may say these things in public in one of his videos. Sarah took away that power when she publicly released the message he sent to her. Funny that this whole "Sarah raped Kai" thing has never been uttered by him ever again.

No. 742055

I feel like Lainey probably told him AFTER their three way encounter on the bed (orchestrated by Greg and probably not cleared with Lainey first) that she felt forced into it and in order to clear his own conscious and remove himself from blame, he just shifted it all into Sarah. It’s pretty much the exact thing that happened with Billie.

No. 742056

It is telling that he has never mentioned the rape thing publicly, only in private messages to Sarah. Maybe he knows how stupid it sounds.
But it could also be that he has avoided directly mentioning his sexual involvement with Sarah period.

No. 742058

Ive wondered about that. I would be a liar if I said I've watched every YT video, gaming stream or leaked discord chat of Onisions after Sarah dropped the bomb. Has he ever admitted that him and Sarah had sex? Every time Ive personally seen something about Sarah come up he never says her name and is super vague and doesnt mention a sexual relationship. Have I missed a stream or video where hes said otherwise?

No. 742072

Eh, he produces these delusions that he then chooses to believe and save face in front of himself. It's easier for him to say Sarah raped Kai then to admit that he failed in his narcisstic controlling rage. He wants to humiliate Sarah, wants to gaslight her till she starts to believe it herself and wants to start doubts in her mind. Had a similar thing happen to myself, seems to just be something narcs do to feel better about being shitty people.

No. 742075

Anyone else notice the names on the end title card for the latest fake breakdown video? Are those the names of subscribers on his patreon knockoff site?

No. 742076

File: 1576861787518.png (125.6 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20191220-180916.png)

Sorry for doubleposting

No. 742077

File: 1576862149548.png (65.53 KB, 593x594, Screenshot (142).png)

i think this is what hes doing instead of patreon now, looks like those are people who pay $40+ a month lol.

No. 742079

Not to mention the Z-list anti-O youtubers making meme videos out of his meltdowns. I can almost guarantee you they gave him a good chunk of the views.

No. 742088

It being featured in newpapers is what gave him the views.

No. 742089

Idk more views means more outrage if he doesn't eventually get punished. I don't think it's that big of a deal, he's the only one dumb enough to think it's anything positive anyway. Besides it might make him smug and even dumber with his narc brain

No. 742090

File: 1576869089626.png (796.3 KB, 864x513, views.png)

His first video got so many views because it was directly linked in a bunch of normie articles.
Yes, the others are getting more than he was getting prior to this whole thing, but they are steadily dropping.
IF these are monetized, he'll enjoy a short boost of income but he's still screwed. He can't do these fake freakout videos forever (though it certainly seems like he is trying to) and as soon as he goes back to his regular content he will be back to 10-20k views max.
No one that is watching these freakout videos is a fan. These videos aren't gaining him new fans or making any attempt to clear his name. He is perpetuating his bad reputation all for views that aren't going to last more than a couple months.

I know people are pissed he's getting these views and I have no doubt that he thinks he is winning, but I really think all he is doing is digging his hole deeper so that when the interest wears off, he'll only fall further.

No. 742092

Jesus Christ I didn't realize he's made 20 of these. Won't be shocked to see more for at least another month, though.

No. 742094

He's looking nastier by the video kek

No. 742095


It drives me crazy that people get so pissed when he still makes a little money off of YouTube when he makes $0 off of patreon now, and owes $400,000 to the IRS and for the wetlands destruction. The dude will never be rich again. He’ll never even be lower middle class again. He’s most likely going to get convicted for something, so even if he doesn’t get jail time, he’s still going to be paying out the ass until he’s 90 and still trying to get 18 year old girls to be his caretaker.

No. 742097

Don't forget he's stuck with paying child support and probably alimony too for at least 15 more years lol

No. 742100

He's turning into Nicocado Avocado

No. 742115

It is annoying when these news sites link directly to his videos, the reader doesn't even need to visit his channel.
My dudes, he can't make money if there aren't any ads. You also need runtime+watchtime to make anything, Onion has some of the latter and none of the former. If he's making any money it's probably from old videos from months ago, and also however many extra channels he has that he's uploaded to. I've seen nearly a dozen of those.

No. 742117

$40 a month for a "1-on-1 discord", and your name at the end of a video where a clown goes spastic for 2 minutes. No one with two brain cells would pay for this. I wouldn't be surprised if most of his patrons were in assisted living or something similar. Someone did say McFly sounded slow.

No. 742118

File: 1576892698166.jpeg (330.52 KB, 828x729, 3DBC975F-C0DB-4106-BF96-8E8C84…)

There’s a cameo protest beginning to get Onion deplatformed. Several people in the replies have already sent in requests to Cameo’s founder asking about Gurg. I predict this one will be quick and easy.

No. 742120

>Has he ever admitted that him and Sarah had sex?
He categorically denies it in every video I've seen. The only confirmation we have from his own mouth that I know of, is the leaked text messages.

No. 742121

>I think he actually thought he could shrug it all off
I'm pretty sure he even said himself at one point, that he believed this was all going to blow over, the internet will forget etc. Even when Hansen started crawling up his ass he still didn't take it seriously, going so far as to make jokes about having his baby and all that shit. A sensible person wouldn't react that way in this type of situation. Greg's ego has tripped him up more times than I can count.
I could totally see Greg doing that.

No. 742134


Pretty sure he admitted it in that weird blog thing he wrote

No. 742139

and don't forget when he kept claiming Ayalla asked to have sex with Sarah!
I don't have screencaps unfortunately but I know they were posted at some point in a thread around the time or shortly before he falsely accused Sarah of rape.

No. 742148

File: 1576916441192.png (229.35 KB, 765x356, 12212019.png)

Was looking for a clip and thought it might be on Onisions YouNow, went to his channel and its gone. Did Greg delete it or is it yet another platform hes been kicked off? Laineys channel is still there. I cant see a reason he would delete it himself. He enjoys re-watching all those "debates" he had with his own fans.

No. 742150

File: 1576921020157.jpeg (44.42 KB, 861x541, 8C2DB53E-8896-4938-8F7C-CF400A…)

Onion boy’s latest pic

No. 742151

seems strange that he'd delete a platform himself.

No. 742154


I watched out for adverts on a couple of them and I don't think they are monetised. I think the only money he is now making on YouTube is from the copyright claims he makes.

No. 742157

File: 1576931660541.png (226.97 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20191221-143259~2.p…)

Gregs IMDb has gained some interesting um…additions.

No. 742161

Could there have been incriminating things on there? In live streams/ things he can't edit is where he usually slips up and tells the truth for once. Especially if he was doing debates

No. 742163

File: 1576934354214.jpeg (622.14 KB, 1134x2751, maximum irony.jpeg)

I like how the irony of his statement is completely lost on him considering his history of doing this very same thing either directly or indirectly to so many girls over the years, including Alicia, Skye and Shiloh. Doesn't feel so good when the shoe's on the other foot, huh?

Oh Jimmy James, I would say 'never change' but I've never said that unironically before. You're not a victim dude, you're just getting what you're due. Sign of the times.

Be Human bruh. Better yet, be a man for once in your life. Or keep not taking responsibility for anything you've done and see how far you get. your choice.

No. 742165

I had to double check for myself. Interesting. So much for his future as an actor.

No. 742167

File: 1576935949906.png (240.42 KB, 887x554, muh sympathy points.PNG)

I don't remember which video pic related is from. Pretty sure it was during adpocalypse? He's bullshitted and manipulated so much through the years, it's only natural most people don't take him seriously when he pulls what looks to be nearly identical shit. He has himself to thank for that.
You'd think he'd be more troubled about being actively investigated by the FBI than what randos on twitter are saying to him. Guess not. Priorities.

No. 742178

So he's going back to his super serious sit down and talk quietly videos where he tries to act morally superior to everyone else.
Maybe this means his charade pretending to be homeless and puking is finally over.
Not that this gaslighting shit is any better, really.

Perhaps he's taking the advice of the anons here and attempting to frame himself in a more respectable light. Buttttt it's too late for him.

No. 742179

File: 1576951895107.jpg (367.97 KB, 1080x1976, 20191221_121053.jpg)

Krainey posted an update on her patreon.

No. 742180

I wonder if Greg is pissed at her for this or if he’s the one who made her do it. On one hand it’s the only income they have left, but on the other hand he probably wants her to lay low so she won’t slip up and reveal something that’s not part of his narrative

No. 742181

File: 1576953242441.png (49.06 KB, 1077x583, Screenshot (143).png)

yeah i cant imagine they can afford to lose $600 a month.
also none of her perks are there anymore (not sure if she did this herself or what)

No. 742183

This is terribly manipulative wording. It’s essentially saying: “if you care about me, pay me for absolute no service or perks”. She should just refund people and get it fucking over with. Get a real job that doesn’t revolve about manipulating barely legal girls into sucking baby carrot and paying for you to do fuck all.

No. 742186


Yeah, what the fuck?

"I will probably not come back but please keep paying [this random person who will never make an appearance on the internet again and completely vanish from your life] or else I know you only gave me money bc you wanted me to put content on the internet [and not because I inherently deserve your actually-earned money for doing fuck all]."

No. 742187

Basically “I don’t plan to make any more content but please give me money anyways uWu I am such a sad smol boi!”

Give me a fucking break. I hope she loses all he patrons bht something tells me the people that are still there are just pathetic hanger ons that will give her money regardless

No. 742188

File: 1576956615514.png (58.84 KB, 531x352, onision-laineybot-twitter-tru-…)

No. 742191

This bitch actually expects people to pay her just to exist. She is literally a terrible fucking human being.

No. 742192

Gurg is suicide baiting again.


No. 742194


Krai please get a job


Does he still think he's fooling anyone with these stale freak outs

No. 742196

These are so predictable at this point. The only thing he didn't do this time was dry heave. He thinks he's some tortured genius blurring the lines between fiction and reality with amazing acting but leaves retarded details in that are really obvious. He goes on about getting that McDonald's job and says he got fired because the public dobbed him.

He says 'so I was at the register and I said to the customer would you like a number 1 or what would you like?'
Like it's obvious he's doing a 'bit' or whatever, but it's a pretty universally known thing that you don't order numbers off McDonald's menus like you do at some other chain restaurants. You order meals.
It's like the divorce shenanigans he's trying to put on when there is a spare bed in the motel room and the divorce papers say Florida.
His acting is fucking terrible so he could at least put in some effort to the other details.
I'm guessing that he just filmed all these fake freakouts in the space of a day or two and he's actually back at home with Lameo and the kids.

Also Lainey is the biggest fucking coward ever. She's just an e-begger. I mean she's always been one, but at least before Greg was shilling her shitty content.
Now she's just crying somewhere expecting sympathy and asspats and money for no reason.
Get a fucking job and/or actually raise your children you piece of shit instead of sending nudes to teens and chatting amongst your teenage hugbox for validation.

No. 742198

I guess he's never heard of cause and effect. Chickens come home to roost eventually.

No. 742200

That's what being a youtuber (former in Lainey's case) gets you. You're bound to have a few clinging vine orbiters with no self-respect who stay to the bitter end.
Having a job would mean actual work and effort for once in her life. She's too bourgeois for that. A bourgeois pedophile - not the first time I've seen one of those.

No. 742201

File: 1576963700415.jpeg (553.44 KB, 828x1346, 05E5B8E5-23C8-420C-ADBD-6770A3…)

What is so deeply disgusting about it is that she could just pause her Patreon billing cycle temporarily and resume it when she is ready to post again.

Instead what she’s gearing up to do is to keep on billing her “supporters” without even giving them an estimate on her return.

What an absolute leech.

No. 742205

She just wants to see how many suckers will pay for nothing. Then see which ones are almost 18 and from troubled families. That's how they are getting the next trinity member.
Ahaha fuck this scardy bitch.

No. 742209

Why the fuck did he put children into this world if he thinks life is suffering and mostly horrible?

No. 742211

Because he's a narc with an impregnation fetish. It's really that simple.

No. 742212

Although he claims he’s a slave to his biology and that’s why he’s driven to reproduce even though ~logically~ it doesn’t make sense.

I think he uses that same reasoning to justify his ephebophilia too.

I don’t think it’s mainly driven by laziness. I think she realized how much the internet is going to scrutinize all the bad choices she makes and is trying to play it safe and totally go into hiding. She already hanged herself with the exchange of images of minors though so it’s a little too late for her to try to erase herself and her misdeeds from the public eye. She’s been much better than Greg in terms of keeping things quiet and trying to be strategic about everything which makes her dangerous when paired with Greg.

I think if Greg had left her and gone to Billie but still eventually preyed on Sarah that he would have been flaunting their relationship because “if it’s legal, I can’t be criticized” but she shut that down like she shut down “dat booty doe”.

It’s unfortunate because it stops Greg from digging himself an inevitable hole.

No. 742213

Could it be possible Patreon messaged her some kind of automatic reminder to make at least some kind of content, so she can keep her page AND actually make money on it despite not fulfilling any perks? I don't know if this is how it works at all. Just tinfoiling.

No. 742214

I don't think he ever made one. I remember he used plainys with the rational "it toatal nootral guyz i have nothing to gain"

No. 742216

I agree on Kai being better at keeping quiet, but I still think everything she’s done was quite manipulative and passive aggressive:
- as soon as shit started to hit the fan she appeared on the podcast with Greg talking about how “real life is what matters” and “the internet isn’t real”
- yet now the internet is real enough to keep a Patreon account billing people who “are there to support her, rather than for the posts” because “uwu hiatus”

I mean wut? The lack of self awareness is befuckingwildering. But on second thought, if people are dumb enough to fall for this “I’m clearly the victim here” narrative, they probably should keep paying their stupidity tax via Patreon

No. 742223

Probably not, I feel like if anything she's just smart enough to realize that people are probably reporting her for not posting and therefore not fulfilling her perks

No. 742230

I wonder is something big is happening in the Onision household, for lainey to take a step back from Patreon - given that is one of their only sources of income now. Part of me wonders if this in Lainey's way of moving farther away from Greg's control. Or perhaps her family is giving her advice. I feel that amongst the two Lainey is the most at risk as it is criminally. So I can only imagine what is going on (if anything new).

No. 742231

File: 1576975258987.png (96.86 KB, 714x190, 07862.PNG)

Thats the url its trying to open, then it reverts to the usual log-in page and says "that user is no longer available. He did originally used Laineys YouNow then created his own channel when he started doing those debates.

No. 742234

Optimistic of you to think this is any more than Lainey sulking like usual
>where's my suppporrrtt

No. 742237

File: 1576976933049.png (23.37 KB, 688x241, patreon refunds.PNG)

I would love for this to end up costing her because of the platform fee and payment processing fee plus the refunds that will start being requested.
I know it wont happen because she still has those die hard fans as you can see in the comments section of that hiatus update. At least one of her patrons seems to have opened her eyes.

No. 742242

I seriously doubt anything out of the ordinary is happening in their home considering their domestic life was already a dysfunctional dumpster fire

She is probably copping the "muh anxiety" card hard right now because she doesn't want to deal with people asking her why she sent nudes to minors and bullshitted about their true intentions for Sarah.

It's funny how they are such "victims of slander" and yet when presented with opportunities to explain themselves they refuse to because they finally got backed into a corner they can't weasel themselves out of. Such innocent law abiding citizens though! Kek. Get fucked Krugly.

Underrated post

No. 742251

>>I think he uses that same reasoning to justify his ephebophilia too.

You don't even have to assume this because he has outright said it himself.
He says in this clip it's totally fine to be into someone under 18 because A) Google says 17 year olds are hot and B) It's programmed into our brains to find teenagers hot

And he wonders why people call him a pedo?

He can play semantics and claim "pedo" only means under 12, but he still openly admits to being attracted to minors and as a 34 year old, that's creepy as hell.

No. 742256

I don't know how many of you are oldfag enough to remember this, but back when Onion was newish to YouTube, he used to spend a lot of time sperging about a more popular (at the time) youtuber called Cute with Chris.
He'd make many posts and videos mocking the dude basically because he was jealous, but then also comment on Chris's youtube licking his ass. (pretty sure at least one of these comments is still up)
Anyways, one of Onion's major insults on Chris was that he was 30 and had a channel that attracted teenaged girl fans. I remember seeing some rage post on his website or similar calling the dude creepy and gross for creating content that was directed towards teenagers.
Just another amusing example of the complete hypocrisy of one Gregory Jackson.

No. 742260

File: 1576992823212.jpeg (157.62 KB, 887x800, 10EDC0BE-6280-4DDD-9188-64ECAE…)

That foreshadowing tho

No. 742264

File: 1576997795513.jpg (425.49 KB, 1273x895, he so old.jpg)

No. 742269

Greg's probably calling her every name under the sun every night and pinning the whole thing on her because she's the one who sent and received nudes from a minor, something actually provable.

No. 742271

I have to appreciate how dead Greg's threads are getting on here, hopefully all the attention on him dies down soon and we'll just be left with the FBI investigation and everyone generally being aware of what an abusive, rapey pedo he is.

No. 742273

>fiNal viDeO

This is quite possibly the slowest trainwreck I've ever seen. He can't go one day without trying to manipulate. That's his only means of relating to other people, by incessant lying and manipulation. Can't wait for an agent to have a sit down with this man-child. We'll see how good his manipulative bullshit is then.

No. 742281

>not cheating on my wife
you cannot make this shit up

No. 742286

Weirdly enough this is the most honest post I’ve ever seen from him. He’s obsessed with fame and the approval of others but he likes to pretend otherwise

No. 742290

Worse even.
In one of his Periscope streams I think he said he recently got into clawing (in the bedroom) but he can't tell when its screams of pleasure or pain. Someone then asked about safewords and he said he never got into them.
Unfortunately the stream was deleted soon after.

No. 742291


Yeah. It's been said before, doesn't excuse her actions, but I shudder to think the actual fucking torture she must/could be under right now.

It struck me now that she might have called her family over for Thanksgiving in a panic to be safe(r) for a little while.

No. 742292

Yeah, of course, Greg's been working at McDonalds. smh
I wonder if he specifically said that reddit and 4chan made him lose his "job" at McD in order to have old media pick up on it, report it and shift the blame on said platforms, possibly to have them scrutinized by people - once again to make Greg appear as the victim that he always claims to be.
If I don't see any (legit) contracts, I don't believe anything that whiny man-child says.

I don't feel any pity for Lainey (anymore), she's been ignoring red flags for nearly a decade now, but I do hope she'll leave Greg and gets out of that hell of a house. For the kids' sake.

No. 742293

>but I do hope she'll leave Greg and gets out of that hell of a house. For the kids' sake.

She's made it clear (and Sarah confirmed) that she will and has put Greg above their own kids. She tosses the kids at whatever girl is living in the house and is more than willing to expose them to sex if Greg wants. She doesn't give a shit about those kids.

No. 742318

LOL has she been reading fucking Man Leads, Woman Follows? That's actual literal advice from the book (and it's written by a woman, too)

No. 742327

File: 1577041525073.png (735.68 KB, 1440x1554, boohoo.png)

So Grugly posted a boring drawn out rant on his UhOhBro channel yesterday (I guess this is his Speaks channel now since he made Speaks the place for his chimpouts)
Keep in mind I'm loosely quoting this shit -

Basically he talks about the "paparazzi" (lol like he is a fucking celebrity) and how they have nothing else of value to contribute to society so that's why they do what they do for a living.

Realizing this makes him look like a huge hypocrite he points out that he too has made videos that exploit other people in the past (alluding to Eugenia because he made 'several videos about somebody's eating disorder')

Starts making his pseudo deep thinker talking points about how we are all the same deep down and just trying to survive, he doesn't believe in karma because "we are all suffering" and it's the people pointing the fingers who are just projecting their issues and blah blah blah same mental gymnastics different video.

Alludes to Sara towards the end - "maybe I would turn into a paparazzi if I was born with BPD and grew up in an abusive household" Lmao okay groomer.

No. 742328


This is always said on here, but it’s abundantly clear she will never leave him, even if he threw her under the bus to the authorities. If she went to prison and he didn’t, she’d still pine after him while behind bars. She’s just that pathetic, codependent, spineless, and that bad of a mother, most importantly

No. 742331

File: 1577042926402.png (3.55 MB, 1242x2208, 1479423857951.png)

She was groomed since the age of 17 and sought out onion just as desprately as the other girls. She's also lived with him the longest and was pregnant while he and "their" gf fucked and painted her as depressing and emotionally abusive. We still don't know her story and I don't think she ever will because of the way she's been treated by the public eye that's only confirmed onions delusions that everyone is out to get him.

Plenty of leaks and confirmation show that she knows what he is and what he's capable of.
Hate her or pity her you can't deny that greg has succesfully alienated her from everyone. All she has is her kids.

No. 742336

Sorry but exposing her toddlers to sex and intentionally grooming minors for her husband's sake and to get her pussy ate a few times absolves any pity anyone cant have for this spineless bitch. Any abuse she's suffered is sad but it cannot compare to the shit she's done. Honestly if she was a man people would stop this pity party for her and actually hold her accountable.

No. 742338

He made a second one. Something about how to clean your teeth properly and recycling. Didn't listen further. The video's called 'no', if any anon wants to mirror.

No. 742342

All she has is her kids yet she has them in a toxic household with a narc dad and random girls coming in all times of the year. Let's not forget how they get to watch daddy and mommydaddy fuck. She's a sick bitch

No. 742343

Anons always get their panties in a twist when anyone tries to logically say "Laineys an abuser but shes also a victim" as if they're calling her a space prince who everyone should "leave alone uwu". We dont need a recap of everything shes done everytime shes mentioned. Literally anon was trying to point out that erasing one of Greg's biggest victims is dumb because as awful as Lainey is she would have not been the grooming piece of shit she is without Greg. I wish anons would stop acting like Lainey has always been this manipulative pedophile. Its psychologically proven that abuse can turn people into abusers and it doesnt mean 15 year old Lainey was just gearing up waiting until she could prey on young women. But we KNOW that's been Greg's MO since hes always viewed women as holes with tits.

Lainey should be held accountable for every girl shes tried to rope into their grease harem and for subjecting her own children to the swamp monster himself but anon is right when they said shes probably got the most interesting story to tell. It just feels like acting as if Lainey has ALWAYS been an abuser absolves Greg of any of the abuse we know hes put her through over the course of their entire relationship. Shes still a victim of HIM whether or not shes now the abuser of others. That's a huge reason why Greg should be deplatformed imo - he doesn't just hurt people, he warps their vulnerable minds to become like his which can potentially cause people to turn out like Lainey. He might have been too stupid and cringy to start any real cult, but whatever woman is close to him definitely gets subjected to the same methods cults try and wrap their victims up in.

No. 742345

my issue with this logic is where does it end? you can blame greg all you want, but it speaks to lainey's personality that she's not able to judge herself and her actions.

No. 742347


did you even read anon's post? they just said it doesn't excuse her, but it should be acknowledged she's still a victim, and is only an abuser because of the stuff she's been put through.

No. 742348

Okay but it's been discussed to death, for ages. We know she's been fucked over, it doesn't matter because it's not relevant anymore. It may explain her behavior but it doesn't excuse it and they fact of the matter is that she clearly isn't a very good person regardless of Greg. She has a support system despite everything. She has people who would absolutely drop everything to help her if she said she fucked up and wants to get out but she won't, and that's the real problem. She will literally let Greg do whatever he wants and continue to fester no matter what happens.

No. 742349

Her stepdad’s Mexican too? Taylor’s mom officially liekz dat Chile grande kek

Btw, isn’t that the stepbrother who was humping her when they were younger??

No. 742357

Interesting point because when Billie and Sarah had the exact same things they'll still be hailed as victims. They went back many times even though they had support.
There is a double standard here and its simply because nobody has ever liked her. Even before being outted for grooming anons would sperg at her over makeup or appearing "smug".

No. 742358

she visits her family as much as she wants anon. they also came to see her at thanksgiving.

No. 742359

All he's been doing since the very begging is try to twist this around like he and Lainey are the victims, he's still doing that. They're so innocent they're both being investigated by Chris Hansen and the FBI. Hopefully he'll keep wasting his time playing the victim card every day, claiming all his exes are lying until he's finally incarcerated or at the very least, OFF of the internet.

No. 742360

>she will and has put Greg above their own kids.
>She tosses the kids at whatever girl is living in the house and is more than willing to expose them to sex if Greg wants.
That's what seals it for me, the obvious fact that she couldn't give two shits about her kids.

No. 742363

She's a "victim" because she wants to. She refuses to leave Gargoyle, he admitted in a video he tried to divorce her several times but she just refused. And she's willingly putting her kids in danger as she cried when she found out she was pregnant with a girl so that's proof she knows she's married to a fucking monster. She'a sadistic piece of shit who enjoyed watching her gross husband abuse and humiliate all those girls because it made her feel better about herself

No. 742364

>whatever woman is close to him definitely gets subjected to the same methods cults try and wrap their victims up in.

This was said in another thread but to reiterate, associating what Greg does with what real cult leaders do, or with actual cult like tactics, only minimizes what people like Jim Jones have done. Greg is deranged, manipulative, abusive and as far as his exes go, remorseless. He's a sick in the head asshole who's smart enough to know better but likes to run around pretending otherwise and playing innocent. Yes, the world would be a better place if he stopped existing today, but he's no L. Ron Hubbard.

No. 742365

>nobody has ever liked her.
I had some sympathy for her before I found out she was fucking in front of her kids, puts Greg's whims above their well being, and used the revolving door of young girls as nannies. >>742293

No. 742366

Tinfoil here but maybe she quit Patreon because she's running from the FBI
She won't do it because she knows there are still retards who will give her money no matter what like Blasian, Laura and some other inbred looking weirdos

No. 742368

They get support because they actually fucking left and condemned him, don't be stupid. If Lainey finally grew some balls people would be more positive towards her too.
Not to mention tons of people here still shit on Billie for ever having sex with him in the first place and being an egirl attention whore, really don't know what you're getting at honestly.

No. 742369

i did, that's what i meant by "when does it end". we can treat her as a victim and still acknowledge that she is continuing the behavior.

No. 742370

Don’t forget that Anus raised her, she never learned to be a young adult outside of his clutches. She also never had to rely on her own devices in those formative young adult years. Anus created a monster much like himself

No. 742374

All she has is her kids, yes. But she's willing to put them in danger for Greg. He's verbally harassed them, neglected them, and exposed them to sex with two different women. One time fucking just inches from one of them on the same bed.

So yes, all Lainey has is her kids but she has absolutely no regard for them. If Greg wanted to leave in the middle of the night and leave both kids outside with the dogs, she'd go with him without hesitation.

No. 742380

File: 1577062200140.png (199.21 KB, 657x405, 12222019.PNG)

Seeing these new videos view count makes me so happy.
Once the reaction videos of his freak outs die down and people learn they can watch any of those vids in his Twitter replies without giving him a view, then Im sure he will be struggling to break 10K.

No. 742382

People speculating that Kai would have been just as bad as they are with Greg are fucking wild. Kai was always a brat and a pain in the ass. They're dramatic, passive-aggressive, sort of ditzy, and clingy, but that doesn't make someone a predator.

Kai would have been a moderately insufferable, basic pain in the ass, but a relatively normal person without Greg.

No. 742383


Someone with zero empathy for others who will do anything their partner tells them to do doesn't deserve to be whiteknighted this hard. If it hadn't been onion, it would have been someone else that she did disgusting things with

No. 742385

He has aged so badly. Not to imply he looks good in this video, but he at least doesn’t look balding and diseased.

No. 742389

He's aging into Ron Perlman

No. 742390

>running from the FBI
Someone mentioned that the FBI investigation shouldn't have been announced publicly because nothing's legally stopping them from running off somewhere. I wouldn't put it past the "so innocent uwu" to try and make a break for it. imo the investigation should've been kept under wraps, it's not like they don't do that all the time anyway. It's all moot now so whatever.
I agree. She would've found someone else equally if not even more dysfunctional than Greg.

No. 742399

Im risking the ban for asking to be spoonfed but I cant find any concrete confirmation about this.
Is this Walmart version of Pitbull the father that Onision tells stories about him wanting to take Troy away from them, threatened to beat Greg up during dinner, told Greg to wait 10 years until Taylor was 25, and wanted to borrow their car during a visit and Greg went ballistic on Twitter about it. I assumed when she talked about her "dad" she was speaking about her Mexican stepdad because her biological dad when out for cigarettes and never returned when she was a toddler.

No. 742407

just throwing this out there, not sure about the laws in that state but I've seen a case where the authorities said they -had- to inform the person being investigated that they were being looked into, and if they ran then there would be a warrant and it would just be a matter of them trying to get a job somewhere else or getting pulled over for whatever reason to be taken to prison because it would show up. like I said, might be totally different there but maybe that's why it's being discussed openly?

saged for slight tin foiling

No. 742410

>Is this Walmart version of Pitbull the father that Onision tells stories about


No. 742412

The FBI doesn't have to tell you when you are under investigation. 90% of the time people have no idea until the FBI knocks on their door to talk or serve a search warrant. This case is just more public because Onision is a minor e celeb and Chris Hansen got involved.

No. 742414

File: 1577076903928.jpeg (259.55 KB, 1242x625, 0460FA64-0F7E-482B-B8E1-2578BB…)

Anyone know who this is?

No. 742416


Someone who has said they've exchanged messages and pictures through Snapchat with Krai while underage. They said that they were in a "Would Lainey Date You" video where they specifically asked that Lainey not talk about their wig because they had a health condition that made them bald but of course Lainey pointed it out anyway.

No. 742418

File: 1577077511414.png (3.48 KB, 576x74, Capture734200.PNG)

This was the only entry in the Onision/Laineybot Abuse Timeline.
I read a few of this persons tweets a while back and it sounds like its a similar situation to Jessica and Cali, Lainey just stringing along someone to get attention. I also think this person is female to male.

No. 742419

Except Chris said they were taking a week off this week for the holiday.

No. 742420

38:43 into the interview if the link does not start at the correct time code.
>We do want to let you know that next week Wednesday at 8pm obviously that's going to be Christmas so we wont be doing a live show probably do something on Thursday.

No. 742421

File: 1577079716108.jpeg (221.6 KB, 996x2048, EFMay1zXYAAY7Wr.jpeg)

Sounds like their interaction was pretty brief tbh.

No. 742424

Don't do Ron Perlman dirty like that.

No. 742426

>he doesn't believe in karma because "we are all suffering"

The deflection and avoidance is perpetual with him. "Hi, I'm under FBI investigation and Chris Hansen's putting his foot in my ass, let me tell you why I'm the same as you, if not better."

Karma is just another word used to describe a universal truth: What goes around comes around. This doesn't require knowledge of anything metaphysical - cause and effect is basic physics. That he is now at the receiving end of the very same shit he's done to other people is something a child could see and fathom, not so for Mr. Galaxy brain.

No. 742428

Isn't there a possibility Greg could kill Lainey and bury her within the extra acres of land he has maybe that's why he bought it. The man is probably thinking about pulling a Chris Watts.

No. 742429

Is he really sitting there trying to figure out the Big Questions when he's literally incapable of holding himself accountable for any of the shit he's done? Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that he's faked taking responsibility before by issuing phony apology videos (Eugenia), only to go on repeating those same things he once claimed remorse for. So authentic.

Your average person doesn't groom minors, or is on VIDEO saying to an ex gf "no one will ever know how much I abuse you". How delusional he is to think he can manipulate people into thinking that they're not so different from him.

No. 742430

Who knows. Hopefully since the FBI are surveilling him they'd stop him before something like that would happen, one would think.

No. 742431


They actually were talking about Lainey’s real dad, not her step-dad. Although her dad supposedly ran off with the babysitter, she still has a relationship with him and her youngest sister.

No. 742432

I don't think anyone questions that. Regardless, none of that diminishes her responsibility for her own actions and the fact that she more or less knows what she's done, is an adult in control of her own faculties, and most importantly, a mother who's shown repeatedly that she doesn't prioritize her children well being. However Greg has warped her as a person, this doesn't change the fact that she's clearly unfit to be a mother. Neither of them are fit to be parents.

No. 742433

Yeah, it's possible just like it's possible that he's running a satanic pedophile drug-smuggling ring in his basement or is secretly santa claus in his free time or is a really nice guy who is just putting on an act for his videos.

No. 742434

Nta and I dislike this kind of tinfoiling as well ( although, none of us know what's currently going on in that household. I really do wonder what the dynamic between them is rn ), but
>or is a really nice guy who is just putting on an act for his videos.
this made me laugh, because that's the one thing we know is impossible.

No. 742436

When the possibility of being Saint Nick or a devil loving pedo drug dealer is more plausible than being a nice guy, damn.

No. 742437


Amazing how her dad had her and some other kids considering he has no balls. Had he had balls he woulda just beat Greg to death with a baseball bat early on to prevent this whole mess she's in now.

No. 742445

Her dad had an affair, he didn't just ghost her. Lainey is part mexican.

No. 742446

She has a relationship with him when he’s buying her shoes and EarPods but other than that she lets Anus shit on him in videos still.

No. 742447

>Lainey is part Mexican.

Isn't she just like quarter?
I thought her birth father and mother are white and her grandmother is the Mexican.
Not sure which side the Mexican grandma is on, but yeah.

No. 742448

File: 1577106067514.jpg (546.41 KB, 608x809, jessica.jpg)

In the comment section under Blaire's twitter post of her Kai video. They both need to go to prison, getting deplatformed is not enough. Imagine the fucking damage Lainey would do as a counselor dear god.

No. 742449

Krainey's doing her Master's? Where the fuck do they have the money for her schooling? Grug lost most of his income, Krainey barely scrapes by with her abandoned Patreon. Doesn't add up.

No. 742450

And who would hire her with all this shit. So what's the point of going back to school?

No. 742451

>Lainey called me cute before she found out I was 17

No. 742452

They probably had more spare money before all this went down, and I'm sure her family would have been happy to chip in

No. 742453

Good lord he's exceptional. Is he so stupid that he didn't get that Chris made most of those emails up or greatly exaggerated them?
How ironic that he chimped out over Chris pretending to do what he likes to do for real.
Oh, & unlike Onion Boy, Chris WAS playing a chr & actually has a decent resume of work as an actor/writer.
Oh and Chris knew when to drop a shtick when it got old.
Something Onion Boy seems incapable of.

No. 742454

Billie and Sarah didn't have kids and weren't putting them in danger like Footface is. A huge reason people hate Foot is because she allows her kids to be in a shitty situation and does nothing to change it

No. 742456

she was still groomed
I would imagine she would be more forthcoming if people genuinely wanted deets

No. 742457

Where do you get the idea she would ever be forthcoming? She has spent every livestream she’s ever done spitting in people’s faces and lying through her teeth about all the things she and Greg have been accused of in the past.

The most forthcoming she ever was was during her angry twitter rant when Greg was planning to leave with Billie. But Greg sure shut that down fast and we never heard personal stuff from her again

No. 742458

File: 1577113297216.jpeg (145.8 KB, 659x317, 2676A1FA-5AF3-40CA-A138-355639…)

>The man is probably thinking about pulling a Chris Watts.

No. 742459

According to her ethnicity test she did on her channel she’s 15% Mexican

No. 742461

File: 1577113755706.jpeg (83.31 KB, 1125x845, 207FC57E-E2CE-486B-8BDD-B1773A…)

He really went there

No. 742462


he's such a fucking piece of shit

No. 742463

She’s not going to school currently. It was just mentioned in conversation as something she wants to do.

No. 742464


do you happen to know which vid it was?

No. 742465


The only way this would really be interesting is if they talk about trans issues/things in relation to kainey. Since this person is actually FtM, saime as kainey is claiming, there is a possibility for some interesting info there if they ever talked about it.

Or it's more nothing except evidence that hasch should stop being a weekly hour thing. I'm actually fine with them uploading weekly, it really shows how many kids the Averages have pursued one way or another, but I do believe an hour each is a bit overkill.

I'd rather see another interview with Shiloh or Billie, tbh, now that they've gotten more time to deal with this blowing up (also in Billie's case, maybe not livestreamed so she has time to really collect herself and answer in her own time with breaks if needed).

No. 742466


The degree will go to waste, because any future employer’s background check will seal her fate.

No. 742468

I also have to wonder how progressive our society actually is to want to hire a self claimed transgender person to be a counselor for children.
I think she’d have a hard time getting parents that want to send their child to her for that reason alone.
I don’t think society is there yet.

No. 742469

Pretty sure women know not to be alone in a room with him anyway, he'll just try to debate and guilt them into having barely consensual sex with him

No. 742471

God if only he actually did this. No more creepily asking for hugs from minors when Lainey is out of the room. It wouldn’t fix the problem but it’d be a start.

Not to be weird but there’s no reason for him to murder her. She’s not stopping him from anything and if anything she’s a scapegoat he’s got if he needs it legally. Chris killed his family because they were “in the way” of him being with his mistress. Everyone always assumes he’s going to leave her or do something worse but he gains nothing from doing that because she puts up with anything and goes along with anything.

I honestly believe this, deplatforming won’t be enough because they’ll continue doing what they’re doing but in secret.

I do think if Lainey wasn’t with Greg and got back to having a semi-normal life, she wouldn’t need to seek validation from children or groom them to get validation from her husband who clearly only “loves” her for the access she can provide to teens, but without that she needs to be out of the public.

Greg on the other hand needs to be away from the public full stop. The pattern he’s shown over all these years shows he’s very unlikely to stop preying on teens and other vulnerable women.

People have had more time to dislike her because she’s stayed the longest.

People hated basically everyone but Sarah (because she was a literal child when she came in and it was pretty clear to everyone that she was going to be victimized) but after they left and shared their side, people came around. If you weren’t following at the time, people really hated Shiloh too but even she got redeemed. If Lainey ever did come forward, she would get more sympathy than she’s getting now but probably less than all the other because she became toxic and abusive herself. Unless she’s been hiding something crazy like Greg’s been holding her hostage at gunpoint or something but it’s more likely she was just too weak to say no.

No. 742472

Is that a piss-stain?! Why does Onion-boi keep pissing his pants?

Is this the equivalent of Chris-Chan shitting himself and doing nothing???

So many questions yet very little answers…

No. 742475

I don't think it's hard for trans people to work with kids, even as a counselor. Some people wouldn't allow it, enough would though

No. 742488

>>742468 well, good, why would you want a person with mental illness to treat your child? And before you jump on me, gender disphoria is in the NHS. I might be banned but I don t care, you don t tell a drepressed suicidal person "well if that s how you feel then die". Gender disphoric people should be treated, not praised for their desillusions.

No. 742489

Besides that Lainey has also claimed on camera multiple times that "she wishes she was dead" or "wants to die". I get that it's one if those "reletable" things now to say but it's kind if a shock to hear the mother of two kids talk like shes a depressed teenager.

Lainey has directly said she has multiple mental health issues besides gender dysphoria that would make her an ill fit therapist for anyone. You can learn psychology but that doesnt make you qualified to diagnose people or help them with their issues. I think it's pretty obvious Lainey does not have the qualifications or skills or even the WANT to become a therapist. Gorg wouldn't let her leave the swamp and at this point she probably doesn't even want to.

No. 742490

Out of curiosity do you think being with James Jackson/Greg made Lainey a little jealous of her sister Lauren. Think about it while Lainey was off being cheated on and abused, Lauren was at home hanging out with friends, cheerleading, going off to college, joining a sorority, getting the opportunity to walk the red carpet, traveling, and meeting all these well known famous people. Lainey is now alongside Greg is being investigated by the FBI, still getting fucked over by him, possibly still cheated on, and abused. Meanwhile, Lauren is off on another traveling adventure with her friends while partying.

No. 742491

And that would be just more money thrown in the trash because that bitch will never actually work, she's too lazy for that

No. 742492

He sounds like a Mogtow bro now

No. 742493

is lainey's sister an influencer or something? where do u see this

No. 742494

Exactly my thought when I saw this.
He's one step away from joining the Redpill community. He's always shared many views with them anyways so he'd fit right in. Thats where he should be posting for support rather than 4chan

No. 742495

Lainey's sister Instagram and stories, she's always traveling and partying plus she lives in LA so there's that. Idk her family just seems so adventurous, fun, and active I mean from her step dad's Facebook the family did a lot of traveling and socializing too. I just feel like some of Lainey's background has been slipped through the cracks cause some of her life didn't seem so boring before Greg. I'm not defending her or anything but from the videos from her old YouTube that be claimed she had she was always out being social and fun, even in old pictures she's outgoing, happy, and seemed to be having fun. Now she's more boring than stale bread.

No. 742496

He is just mad that there isn't a 17 year old there to give him head and presents this year.

No. 742497


Her sister is kind of the spoiled ditz Lainey is was back in high school, but at least she’s adventurous and has a life. Poor Krai, she thought her youtuber bae would take her around the world and buy a rich mansion for her to laze in until the end of her days. Who needs Fiji when you have hundreds of thousands in debt and an active FBI case?

No. 742500

lainey lets greg abuse their kids by fucking in front of them, which is covert incest, which is fucking stop trying to tell anons 'oh, she's not that bad meep meep' guess what? as soon as she started exposing her kids to this bullshit all bets were off and it doesn't matter how much she was a victim.


No. 742503

I posted this before but knowing what we’ve learned about The Onions, I can’t help but get this creepy feeling that Krai continues to breastfeed her children to give Grug some sort of sexual satisfaction. We know that Grug shamed her mother for not breastfeeding and we also know that he gets off to mommy/daughter incest shit. The sick freaks already fuck with their kids in the room and aware, who knows what other aspects of their sexual life they’ve forced on their kids.

No. 742504

I think we all had our opinions on Greg's exes, and especially Lainey. At the end of the day, Lainey IS a victim, but a predator herself. Would she have ever gone down this road without meeting Greg? Probably not. She was a victim before, due to the last abusive rapist boyfriend. However, a line gets drawn when you become an abuser yourself, just like she has with these young girls, the sexual nude images shared, and exposing their children to sexual intercourse. Saying someone is a victim DOESN'T excuse their behaviors when/if they turn into an abuser/predator themself. Its quite common for abused people to start abusing as well. Sometimes they don't, like Shiloh, Skye, Sarah, and so on. Lainey was abused, a lot more than we know of I'm sure. It would be interesting to hear what SHE was exposed to. Considering what happened to these younger ladies behind the scenes. Any sympathy for Lainey as flown out the window at this point.

Saged for nonsense that we all seem to be talking back and forth about, and should probably stop

No. 742517

Nothing towards you in particular anon, but I think it's nauseating how often what you have said has had to have been said ad infinitum. Lainey was abused before Greg, got abused some more, and as a result repeated the process. She was a victim. She is still a victim. But also an abuser. This is not rocket science, people. This is and always has been a two way street.

Why do we keep asking what if and holding out hope that this cunt will provide us with a sliver of information about ANYTHING "if" she were to escape and leave him? All the years that have passed, all the support she was offered, all the fallback she had to rely on and she shit on it all just to uphold some kind of image that this was worth it and not all just some giant mistake. Ain't never gonna happen.

No. 742521

File: 1577144685406.jpg (96.27 KB, 561x521, Onision Pence.jpg)

Sounds like Trumps right hand man.

No. 742522

I'm with you, anon. This happens every single month. A couple of Plainey whiteknights show up to sympathize, armchair, and derail, then cycle gets repeated for a week. She's never going to spill any milk or leave him. She had support from people, flung it back in their face and laughed about it each and every time. That isn't going to change just because there's a big fire lit under her ass. If she didn't question or leave Greg after every fucked up shit that he's done (including to the kids), she isn't going to.

No. 742523

File: 1577146345429.jpg (57.33 KB, 596x600, 298x300.jpg)

A very high percentage of rapists, pedophiles and serial killers have been abused as children and that shaped who they are and what they did. When they are eventually caught that excuse is sometimes used as a defense in court but most of the time its looked at as a cooked up justification.
I think the reason some people still hang on to the "bbbut Lainey was a victim too!" is because we have actually watched the abuse, gaslighting and grooming from the beginning and throughout the years. But if we were to come to this story about Lainey, Onision and the young girls like a lot of the public who had no idea about the history Im sure we all would grab our pitchforks and light our torches without a single question about why Lainey became a predator herself. Which way do the scales tip. Are we more concerned that Lainey was turned into a predator by Onision, or that she continues the abuse of young girls on her own?(armchairing)

No. 742525

Am I the only one that thinks Lainey following her dads advice to stay quiet is actually a terrible move on her part? I mean there is no justifying anything she's done and there is nothing she can say that would make any of it right, but I think if she spoke out and talked about what is going on with her that it would actually get a little bit closer to humanising her. Right now, everyone else is controlling the narrative however valid their viewpoint is. I think her best option at this point is obviously COMPLETELY DISASSOCIATE with Onision for one like hello captain obvious. Then to talk about everything he's been doing to her and how it controlled her actions. I think her fans who have supported her through some pretty terrible stuff deserve that and an explanation. I think she should be an open book on everything she's done to her victims and publicly apologise and validate them as well as offer support towards them getting justice. I know none of this is EVER going to happen, and it doesn't offer her any redemption legally, but I think it could take her public image a long way and may lead some to viewing her as redeemable. Just a thought that I think is worth discussing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 742527

I'm not saying that's what I WANT to do if you even read my post, I'm saying it would be a good move for her tactically. It's a discussion point, not a personal want.

No. 742528

there is a thread in snow for lainey related discussion

No. 742529

Oh sorry, didn't realise. I mean the clue is in the thread title I guess but I still assumed the two are related in this main thread like it was a while back.

No. 742530

Sorry i deleted my post, i wanted to add on that she is a daft, oblivious fuck and would rather go to her grave than give any of us the satisfaction. She is one of THOSE people.

And i wasn't saying YOU in particular, i know how to read simple sentence structure thank you very much. Let me rephrase, why would ANYONE want to humanize a literal pedophile lmfao

No. 742531

I'm sorry samefag but to add on again because my brain hurts but even to those poor people that want an answer, to everyone wondering what the fuck went wrong to lead her to the path she is on now, they're going to have to suck it up because the answer dies with lainey. I'm not trying to be rude but it seems useless to speculate about the shit that's never going to happen. We will just spinning our wishful thinking into the thread and going back and forth on that when the discussion should stay on the facts and what we know maybe?

No. 742532

At least Mike Pence has is faithful to his his wife. Take your libtard agenda somewhere ass, snowflake.

No. 742533

Point taken. But still want to point out it's not wishful thinking on my part but just something I think is worth discussing. For the record I don't WANT her to have an out, and when it comes down to it I don't think there is one, but what I'm interested in is if the radio silence is a good move or not.

No. 742534

Ha ha ha! After all the video evidence and text evidence of Onision bullying and manipulating teenage girls, he has the audacity to try and imply he is traumatized? Accept the consequences for your actions, man. It was gonna bite you in the ass eventually, so just hush.

No. 742536

Why are you speculating as to Lainey being quiet because of her father… nobody knows what is going with behind closed doors. There’s too much of that in these threads as of late and then rumour spread it’s frustrating.

Lainey isn’t talking because that’s what she always does, she hides behind Anus.

No. 742542

Lainey is too much of a petty bitch to ever admit fault even if she does leave Onion she'll never spill the tea. She's in too deep with his shit and he's fathered children to her. I doubt she'd ever completely sever ties with him for that reason alone. Onion has completely destroyed her self esteem and confidence but so what. Every person reading this has had their confidence and self esteem knocked down, but most people would pick themselves up and change direction to avoid hurt. Not Lainey. Something about the Grease man appeals to her more than anything else that she's dangerous to anyone that gets close to the family. Onion's own family fall out with him all the time and cut ties, knowing this man causes immense hardship. She sticks it out and she'll hurt others for him. Onion bully's her she's a victim of him. She's one of his many victims. Honestly the man should have been aborted but alas. Difference is, none of Onion's other victims turned abuser. Yeah shiloh called a girl smelly and implied she didn't know how to wash, but Lainey has been involved in coercing teenage girls into sexual relationships with her husband. And she perpetuates a horrible environment and is a manipulative bitch as well. The audacity that her actual fans have to go out of their way to gain a refund ffrom her not doing promised work. Her and Greg's patrons were just pedophile playgrounds and it seems its pretty much in hushed tones that Lainey's patron serves as a money dump for Greg. Why the fuck would Blaisain and McFly pay to support Lainey when one actively tries to fuck her husband and the other is complicit in keeping it quiet. Hansen needs to start hassling actual fans for an insight on what the fuck is the appeal of this man. Lainey's just a sad pathetic bitch; there's so many better labels to stick on her than fucking victim. Who the fuck cares about semantics. She's never going to do anything because of public perception if she cared what people thought she would have ditched her ugly fucking husband long ago. She can choke

No. 742544

File: 1577154853909.jpeg (217.58 KB, 1536x2048, 589EE89E-66EF-4983-8EEC-2B1134…)

No. 742545

Where is this picture from, is he at one of those indoor trampoline places? He looks like a homeless man/he hasn't bathe in weeks if not months.

No. 742546

He looks like the caveman from those old geico commercials

No. 742548

>>742545 not my pic sorry. Forgot to put a caption. Someone on Twitter posted this from their work place. They saw him with his family.

No. 742549


Obviously, Lainey should not be a healthcare professional, but I hate to break it to you, tons of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists have mental illnesses and learning disabilities. It's what gets a lot of them interested in the field in the first place. A lot of times, it makes them very good at their job, because they have first-hand knowledge of what those issues are like. Trans people become counselors all the time for that reason. This isn't a trans issue, this a pedofile issue


Well, on the bright side, I guess they are at least somewhat getting their kids out of the house, even if it's just for public appearances sake.

No. 742552

He looks mad, like he doesn’t want to be there

No. 742553

He doesn't want to be there to see his kids having fun and interacting with other kids. He rather be somewhere in front of the screen acting like a psychotic jackass whilst yelling at the haters while rating underaged girls body's. Also where is this bulletproof vest he claims he wears in public since people/haters want to shoot him. Also, Lainey is probably crying cause all the mom's want to kill her, they're too scared and embarrassed to be out in public apparently.

No. 742555

File: 1577156669674.jpg (95.88 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20191224_031109.jpg)

No. 742557

He's probably growing a beard so the general pop would have a harder time recognising him since the majority has only seen his filtered to hell and back teen wannabe uwu pics.

No. 742559

Lol! That's exactly what I thought when I saw the beard. Unless he's trying to have a rough demeanour like when he drew a sharpie beard on to imtimidare Shane Dawson.

That's like the only place they take their kids that indoor trampoline place. Wonder if Greg felt confident enough to act like his usual dickhead hyper self. He looks like shit so hopefully the pressure is getting to him.

No. 742565

Wow. He has really gained weight. Look at that body shape, almost womanly now

No. 742568

He should expect by now that every moment, even if he thinks it's private, is going to be watched. Whether he's out in public and someone recognizes him, or it's the FBI, he's gonna be watched. He did this to himself.

No. 742569

No she wouldn't, haven't you seen Sarah's tweets? She's said more than once that Lainey puts Greg above their children. Nothing is above Greg, not her, not her children's well being. CPS should've taken those kids yesterday.
>Chris killed his family because they were “in the way” of him being with his mistress
True, usually there's a motive for violent crime. What myself and maybe some other anons are thinking is that Grug doesn't need a motive if he gets into one of his manic, irrational episodes. He could just snap. Wouldn't put it past him. It's just another reason showing why Lainey's so unfit to be a mother, she should know better than to keep her children around someone like that. No mothering/protective instinct whatsoever. All her decisions are ultimately built around placating the giant man baby married.

No. 742576

>Hansen needs to start hassling actual fans for an insight on what the fuck is the appeal of this man.
That's an idea. Current sycophants obviously won't, but more recent, former patrons might have something insightful to contribute.

Sarah and Regina said that as kids they idolized Lainey, and were kind of awestruck and flattered by her attention. Cult of personality. Same with Shreg.

No. 742579

The brains of actual trans men and women have shown to be wired more like the gender they identify as. Others think it's genetics. Homosexuality used to be in the DSM, it wasn't removed that long ago. I suspect transgender will be removed in much the same way.
Lainey's said among other things that she has anxiety and maybe ptsd, which logically I think stems from the sexual abuse she suffered as a child and young adolescent. I don't believe Lainey studied psychology to help people. It's not like she demonstrated any desire to be of help to anyone after getting her degree.(>>>gc/pp)

No. 742583

That blue streak behind him made me think of how great it would be if he were struck by lightening. Not to kill him, just to cripple/disable him physically. He might learn some humility.

No. 742584

Yeah but Pence's covert misogyny stems mostly from religion. Greg's casual misogyny can't be attributed to anything clear cut like that, aside from his perpetual love of playing the victim.

No. 742585

Oh wow I didn't expect him to go for the death penalty this early.

No. 742588

>if the radio silence is a good move or not.
Anything you say can be used against you in court. Why would she address any of this publicly knowing that? That's what her husband's doing for the most part. Most people with two brain cells can see neither of them are innocent. They've both been caught in numerous lies related to this case so it really doesn't matter what they don't say as far as public opinion goes.
That's what she's always done. Grunt's been her mouthpiece/pr person for a long time. A lot of good that's done her. kek

No. 742589

>Are we more concerned that Lainey was turned into a predator by Onision, or that she continues the abuse of young girls on her own?

She's outright sent nudes to minors, she's not walking away from that unscathed regardless. There's no question she's responsible for her own actions and she'll see consequences. At this point the question for me is whether or not she can be rehabilitated. I see no hope for Greg but Lainey, there might possibly be something, given that she's still young enough. Ultimately that's for a judge to decide.

No. 742590

>Lainey following her dads advice to stay quiet
There is zero proof this is what's happening

No. 742591

>Whines because he's getting a taste of his own medicine
He dishes it out but he can't take it. Typical incel.

No. 742592

File: 1577167847127.jpg (34.24 KB, 640x596, no u.jpg)

He's really been pushing that "I'm so bullied" narrative - always the damsel. Too bad for him predators don't make up the majority of the population. Most people are rightfully indignant
at the abuse, manipulation and intimidation they've seen the girls experience at his hands, and they're not going to stop until he finally faces the consequences for what he's done.

No. 742594

>He really went there
lol that was my first thought when I read it. He's really THAT far up his own ass.
>I'm so innocent!
>I'm being investigated by Chris Hansen and the FBI because EVEL WOMENZ have lied on me B-(

Topkek. I knew he was a waterbrain but what kind of imbecile fails to understand that the FBI doesn't open investigations based solely on the hearsay or rumors of what waterbrain himself calls "spurned exes"? He's as brilliant as the people that give him money.

No. 742596

File: 1577172188228.jpeg (62.72 KB, 918x1024, EMfxBJRWwAEm_DI.jpeg)

James Jackson/Greg's Christmas letter for Santa. Merry Christmas he's getting a lump of coal.(autism)

No. 742602

>billie and sarah were never the same
victims will come forward when they want

No. 742603

have we actually seen proof of nudes? we got some badly censored images. I guess the FBI verdict will really determine this.

No. 742610

You do realize you can't publicly post nudes like that? We've seen them, I'm sure the FBI knows what's up.

No. 742611

10 bucks says he goes full Jonathan Yaniv in 2020.

No. 742612

He always has that arms crossed defensive pose in public. I remember a few threads back he was standing in line exactly the same. (Not the dairy queen photo)

Also it's kind of creepy that his idea of a fun place for his kids is the same as the place he took Sarah, Lainey and Billie for a video.

No. 742616

maybe a lovebomb treat for lainey as well since she enjoys doing gymnastics

No. 742620

Still a pretty lame gift considering you'd think you wouldn't want to bring her there after he made videos with the others there. Sensitivity isnt his forte though.
Didn't they go to a spa resort when they had Billie around? Yet he only takes Lainey to Olive Garden, dairy queen, Wal-Mart and the same jumping place he took a bunch of teenagers. I get he doesn't have the money anymore, but you rarely heard of him doing anything romantic for her except using her as a shield for his shitty behaviour and trying to get sympathy (although noone feels sorry for her)

I did initially tinfoil that they brought another secret girl there seeing as typically kids under 6 years old don't typically go to those trampoline places. I mean Troy is old enough, but the trampoline place in my state has rules where you have to be over 6 years of age. It's a stupid tinfoil though because it's obvious they aren't pulling that shit anymore with the whole fbi thing.
Plus if they did have a third you just know he wouldn't be able to shut the fuck up about it. The I only time he was quiet about it was Sarah, and that's because she was underage and he knows he'd have to address lying about other shit.

No. 742621


Well, it's another textbook abuse tactic. HE wants her to feel like she's worth shit, so she won't think she deserves to be happy and won't leave, so he treats her like fucking garbage.

Taking Billie &co there feels like another way to """assert""" himself as powerful if it's a place Lainey would like to go to and he mocks her by bringing other girls there.

No. 742628

Hi again. Found this video on Facebook.

No. 742629

File: 1577213183924.jpg (63.54 KB, 1334x750, Kai.jpg)

And a screen shot of Kai from afar, from another video

No. 742630


Has Greg ever been spotted in public by himself or is he using his kids as some sort of shield from any sort of public confrontation

No. 742631

He got spotted waiting in line at taco bell once lmao

No. 742638

Aww. At least they have their own kids to take now that they don’t have any teens under their roof. How cute.

No. 742643


Sarah did an interview with Newsweek, and it's pretty horrifying to hear more detail about some of the things she went though.

No. 742645

Typos, Newsweek, typos. I'm at
>Greg was super nice to me, patting my hair and saying 'you're so mature for your age, I feel like I'm hanging with a 20-year-old.'
and it's already turning into holy shit. Imagining him doing that is making me gag.

No. 742647

File: 1577225120539.jpeg (198.76 KB, 750x945, BE083598-A845-4E83-8C67-8C149B…)

sarah says kai took baths with the kids while she was in the room?? probably flirting with sarah while kai's naked in the bathtub with her kids. god help those children f

No. 742648


Probably, plus he might think it looks good to be seen as an active family man for his character defence when the time comes, even though he obsessively tweets smut on a daily basis. Zero self awareness.


So creepy, Kai's quite the voyeur. Grug telling them to shower together too because Sarah was so close to being 18…I don't think you can pass that one off as 'helping' with the kids!

No. 742649

Erm, did she say that Grease gave her a massage at age 17 with his fucking CARROT pushing into her back???
Surely that is sexual contact with a minor? Surely that’s completely fucking illegal?

>he would give me massages where he was in me and presses his whatever into my lower back

This is when she was 17….

No. 742650

>Grug telling them to shower together too because Sarah was so close to being 18…

Surely this legally falls under sexual contact with a minor…

No. 742651

>He says he owed over $150,000 to the IRS in 2017 (the IRS declined to comment), was ordered to pay $90,000 by Pierce County in Washington for disturbing the wetlands in his backyard (which he claims to have paid and is currently replanting)

damn, that puts some numbers that we've been guessing out there. 90k is insane for the yard damage, especially since he's nowhere near finished for the process yet. that weird story arc is going to be the real nail in his financial coffin.

No. 742653

>"The first time they broke up with Billie, Kai was really devastated and Greg didn't want to talk about it. He was like 'move on or divorce me. I don't want to talk about this. I don't care if your feelings are hurt.'

I know we're all shocked. What a great guy, upstanding family man and husband. Taylor should have left his doughy ass right then like she threatened, but I guess hindsight is 20/20.

No. 742654

Seeing him carrying his daughter makes me so uncomfortable. That sick fuck has a incest fetish and he definetely will want to have sex with her at some point, if he doesn't already

No. 742655

I wonder what excuse he will give to this "my mom pressed her vagina into my back when she gave me nude full body massages, that's completely normal and not depraved"

And I wonder if Footface knows? She made a big deal about Gargoyle massaging Billie and almost divorced him because of that

No. 742656

>We would send ludes
Kek. If I'm reading correctly, Grugly actually responded to them? Somehow I doubt they paid him 50k or whatever it is he asked for.

No. 742659

So she's reduced to cosplaying fat versions of porn tropes. Ouch.

No. 742663

That makes sense. Since he can't wear a ball cap (heads too big) he grew the beard out to try and go incognito. Lainey has always said she hates beards so I wonder how thats going over.

No. 742664

Reminds me of that time when Grug grew his beard out in late 2016 because Billie said he looks good with one lmao yeah, fuck what Krainey thinks.

No. 742666


Because she, like Greg likes her partners and/or victims to look like young teens, since she and Greg try and look like teens, and fail miserably, too. She also said even if she’s a “man”, she never wants facial hair.

No. 742668

File: 1577239764740.jpeg (429.83 KB, 828x1153, 34B05D24-FC7C-469E-91B6-9906B5…)

>I would ask Greg what he wanted to watch tonight and he would say to watch you and Kai make out

How exhausting, Jesus.

No. 742669

Let's be fair, his mom gave him these massages, too. So it's totally normal…

No. 742670

>Kai did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Merry Christmas to the Onion household indeed

No. 742671


God to be a fly on the wall when Kai's family takes a look at this article

No. 742674

I lol'd when I read that. He didn't want to talk to Taylor about it but he sure had no problem telling the ENTIRE fucking internet. He just wanted to be rid of her.
He also spoke a few sentences to The Verge, if I remember correctly.

No. 742677

It's not like farmers haven't been prescient. Greg's defended Jonathan too, hasn't he?

No. 742678

This is grotesque. Poor Sarah just went from one fucked up, dysfunctional environment to another. Glad she's in a better place now.

It's not looking good for the people running Youtube to continue hosting child predators like the Jackson/Avaroe's. They're only being investigated by Chris Hansen and the FBI but for them, I guess it's not enough.

No. 742680

>if she’s a “man”
This bitch needs to stop trying to LARP as a teenage boy and get her act together as a mother while she still has custody of her kids and whatever remains of her freedom. Who am I kidding, that would require putting her children ahead of herself and her idiot husbands whims, she's never done that.

No. 742681


We have seen censored photos that are said to be allegedy be nudes but oddly enough she's been fully dressed in them all.
I can't imagine what will be found on the devices but the reveal on Twitter was vague.

No. 742683

Jesus what a nightmare this was to read. If I'm horrified I can't imagine what someone new to this story reading about it for the first time would feel

No. 742684

If fully dressed means an open pajama top where one breast is half hanging out and since Lainey wasn't wearing pajama bottoms and the tail of the top wasnt long enough her Arby's #1 was flapping about.
I think the images the FBI are looking into on the devices that were previously owned by Lainey/Onsion, and then given to them by Sarah are photos of underage girls.

No. 742685

The fuck are you talking about
They are clearly nudes with the nips and flaps blacked out.

No. 742686

Onision has even conceded (in private) that Lainey sent photos of herself where her breast and vagina were visible. Billy the Fridge said in one of of The Drunken Peasants podcasts that Greg was telling him that Eugenia had accidentally showed her vagina during a broadcast and why wasnt she arrested for showing her genitals to children? That tells me that he made Lainey show him the photos sent and he realized that she did send photos showing her privates and now he had to find some new way to spin it and the Eugenia excuse was the best he could come up with.

No. 742688

lmao he's trying to draw comparisons between what Eugenia did, which was at best a mistake, to what his wife did which was deliberately expose her nasty ass to minors. Greg is a special kind of stupid.

No. 742690

Not to mention how obvious Lainey's intentions were. The face she makes in those pics makes me want to retch, or alternately punch her. I don't want to imagine what would've happened to their children had they been allowed to get away with all this.

No. 742691

>>"(Jackson told Newsweek that the reason he acted that way was to "distance himself" from Sarah, who at the time had no sexual contact with him. "I was that way because I didn't want them to have any interest in me," Jackson told Newsweek. "And they admitted that they didn't and that they hated me. So I was like mission accomplished.")"

this comment right here really just shows how delusional greg is. He actually think this is a perfectly reasonable and solid explanation, and it shows he is unable to relate to normal human beings. It's like he is thinking the whole audience will agree with: "well of COURSE I have to worry about being attracted to her and doing sexual things with her, who wouldn't be? So I was MEAN to her so that wouldn't happen, as any 30 year old man would do with a child, duh!"

Greg just thinks everyone thinks and operates like him. He doesn't understand most 30 year old men aren't attracted to 15 year olds. He legit doesn't get it, to the point where he non nonchalantly says this to newsweek. LOL.

No. 742692

Yeah it really is unbelievable that he doesn’t realize how bad this sounds.
And it’s just like his whole explanation about why he wouldn’t change a baby’s diaper. He was legit thinking his reasoning for not wanting to change a diaper was totally understandable and acting like everyone would be like “ohhh ok! Makes sense!”

This guy does not live in reality.

No. 742693

I don't know why he even bothers talking anymore after having already been caught lying about Sarah >>742031
He must love digging himself into deeper shit everyday.
>it’s just like his whole explanation about why he wouldn’t change a baby’s diaper.
He makes constant arguments or excuses that don't sound plausible or reasonable to any rational adult human being. Even his stupid wife knows better than to keep talking.

No. 742694

What the fuck lmao
this guy is demented

No. 742695

This really is heartbreaking, in the Chris Hansen interview there was a lot of focus on Lainey (and rightly so) but this interview really puts into perspective how they both conspired and played their parts in manipulating and grooming her for sex. It also really shows how Greg knew EXACTLY what he was doing from their first interaction.

No. 742697

We now know why Kri made that Patreon update. Newsweek is a well known magazine. Most parents want their kid to be sucessful and get noticed. Don't think they'll be clipping this article into their scrapbook. Kek

Still amazed they both have the balls to go out in public.

No. 742700

That wasn't even Eugenia's vagina showing, she had pink clothing of some sort under her skirt and it looked as though it could've been her labia or vulva(or "vulvis" to quote Obesion) on show when she crossed her legs but it wasn't

It's such retarded logic too. Kind of like a boy at school that's mean to the girl they like. Gerg is such an egotistical cunt that seems to think he's so utterly irresistable therefore he has to be cruel to girls so they "won't like him" until they're of legal age. either that or it's a manipulation tactic so when he does give them positive attention they begin to crave it

No. 742701

File: 1577279244373.png (Spoiler Image,537.22 KB, 579x954, tumblr_pa4km7lOnl1s931hao1_640…)

Oh this made me remember Footface "accidentally" showed her saggy pancake tits and hot dog nipples in a video, that makes it two times she exposed herself to minors that we have proof of

No. 742703


>"And they admitted that they didn't and that they hated me. So I was like mission accomplished."

how did that even come up in a conversation anyway? i doubt she just walked up to him and “admitted” she wasn’t sexually or romantically attracted to him. seems more likely that he asked (or pushed her to answer) would like to see if sarah can clear that up, he made himself look worse by saying that

No. 742705

I'm sure gurgle is of the same mindset as many other manipulators, that if they're mean or negative for the most part it'll be special and memorable when they suddenly aren't.

No. 742707

Her saggy vag def Popped out but it wasn't intentional

No. 742712

Even if that is true (and I don't think it is) she still sent those photos out, knowing what were on them. Are you seriously suggesting she doesn't look at photos she sends out?

I think Taylor is a lot more calculating and manipulating than people give her credit for. She just hides it better because she send Greg out and lets him tank for her. "Lainey's crying uwu" "Kai's crying uwu" "I've never seen Kai so hurt before! uwu" "Where's MY sympathy?! uwu" (Although she slipped up and said that last one herself.)

No. 742713

File: 1577288921677.jpeg (413.52 KB, 1125x1780, C6E3902F-1749-46A2-A6E9-6AB00C…)

I guess Greg didn’t like his Christmas present.

No. 742714

File: 1577288968498.jpeg (492.26 KB, 1125x1698, 4F47C4D5-73FB-43D1-96C6-4A1366…)

No. 742715

Is he trying to imply that Sarah violated the so-called NDA he made her sign? Or am I misunderstanding?

No. 742716

Lol when Sarah went to the court house she got confirmation those NDAs don't mean shit, they were not legal at all. "What an idiot", yes, you're are an idiot, Gargoyle

No. 742717

It seems that he believes his NDAs are foolproof and is stating that he is only telling this reporter things that he didn't make others and himself sign. This is why he freaks out so hard when people "violate" them, he REALLY fucking believes that they will hold up in court…

No. 742718

Washington has a rape shield law; troll harder.(taking bait)

No. 742719

Greg is so retarded that there almost isn't even a point in arguing with him. Everything he says is so hypocritical and he will never understand it. There's no point in arguing with a moron. His spergy emails are so funny to read sometimes, though.

No. 742720


Bad reporting. Very unprofessional. SAD.

'Crazy Steve Asarch' is against making Greg great again.

No. 742721

Wasn’t the NDA between Lainey and Sarah? We never saw one that Greg signed.
But whatever, I think he’s using that NDA as an excuse to not have to openly admit he fucked Sarah. If he pretends he has to keep silent he never has to answer for his crimes. He can just cry about cancel culture without actually addressing any of the accusations.

No. 742723


Jimmy trying to use his gaslighting tactics on normal adults never ceases to amaze me

No. 742724

I love it when he throws around phrases like "journalistic integrity"/ "honest reporting" to an actual journalist. Lol, just lol.

No. 742725


Greg's speech patterns are frighteningly similar to Donald Trump's. Both are very, very stupid narcissists. I sense a pattern.

No. 742728

File: 1577303683664.png (343.23 KB, 1008x1714, QilT0sfHDQ.png)

No. 742729

File: 1577304371936.png (259.91 KB, 1015x988, chrome_H6WjQYLnyP.png)

No. 742730

he has to relate everything back to his baby carrot doesn't he.

No. 742732

NDA cant cover illegal actions. Even if the nda was legit, what they did was illegal and wouldn't be covered by an NDA anyways.

No. 742733

So is he still saying lainey divorcee him, or…?

No. 742734

File: 1577306539415.jpeg (337.91 KB, 1125x1372, CFD2D609-9E4E-458F-A7B3-E170FC…)

No. 742735

This is hysterical. He's so cringy, I can't. Not to mention he's doing this on Xmas, lol.

No. 742736

>Onision Management

No. 742737

Wow, finally watched a mirror of yesterday's video after not having seen one of his melt-down's in a while. Since when did he start faking seizures? That is so incredibly fucked up. No doubt aimed at Shiloh?

I've never wished anything bad on another person, but I really hope either the stress or someone in prison shakes it into his head hard enough, that he has a seizure so he actually understands what they feel like and what people who have to deal with them go through. Like, seizures are highly stigmatized and people don't get it; each seizure you have, you risk dying or permanent brain damage which is terrifying, EVERYONE (and at least 50% of the population by the end of their life time has some form of one), can have a seizure, we all have seizure-thresholds that are affected by foods, stress, sleep, drugs, etc.

It's like if cancer had physical symptoms that caused episodes, and he started making videos with those hypothetical "episodes". That'd be beyond socially unacceptable and inappropriate. A seizure disorder is usually a degenerative one in a way; each seizure lowers your seizure threshold making you more likely to have one in the future, and each one is neurological Russian Roulette and pain.

So what do anon's think he's doing now? Now that he's faking seizures, I think we're past using these videos as an attempted insanity plea. Is this is his quick-cash-grab-going-away-party?

No. 742738

I think he's talking about when she temporarily left him after cuddlegate in 2016

No. 742739

Here's a fact, Onion is an absolute illiterate retard that doesn't even spell check or check his grammar when trying to fight with a journalist. How embarrassing for him that at 34 he's not as literate as a highschool graduate. If he doesn't end up an heroing himself I wonder if he'll ever even mature enough to realise what an absolute spastic he is. Perhaps the day he will that's when he's fuck himself off the planet for the benefit of all.

Imagine boasting that he can't get rid of Lainey. We're aware dude that's why your biggest audience was around cuddlegate. Everyone was laughing at you and your trampy wife. It's so funny when the joke doesn't know it's the joke.

No. 742740


That delusion. The feds ain't working fast enough

No. 742741

holy shit I haven't seen that one

No. 742742

I love how he will openly admit to verbally abusing and bullying a teen-aged girl for something he considers a 'good reason', yet his brain is so waterlogged that the thought of at least faking nice to appear somewhat decent has never even floated by his peanut.

Keep abusing absolutely anyone and everyone who crosses your path Grog, things are looking great from here.

No. 742744

Virtually everything he says makes himself look worse. It's hilarious.
I saw the EC vid in question. It was on yt.
Yep he's actually THAT deep into his own delusions.

No. 742745

>You are spending Christmas sending mean messages for what exactly?
Poor Steven, he has no idea the level of low IQ deranged that he's dealing with. He has my sympathies.

No. 742746

Priceless.. anus talking about life experiences lol the idiot.

No. 742747

>either that or it's a manipulation tactic
It's a typical adolescent boy's response to a girl he likes, to bully her or make fun of her to play down how much he actually likes her. In someone like Greg's case who's an adult doing this to a child, it's predatory.
Gross. Good thing I already ate lunch, it would've spoiled my appetite.

No. 742749

>I get why Trump hates the media.
This isn't first time he's mentioned Trump.

Who all has he either defended or compared himself to now? Jonathan Yaniv (pedo), Kevin Spacey (pedo), Donald 'grab her by the pussy' Trump (I'm sure I'm missing a few). Such great company!

No. 742752

>20-year old

No. 742755

File: 1577322244052.png (939.63 KB, 2554x720, Delusional.png)


>When you're doing whatever you want, a lot of people will want you

Like the FBI, Chris Hansen, CPS, the IRS…
>everyone subconsciously wants to be like me

He does know that he's talking out loud right? I knew it was only a matter of time before he revealed his full on edglord, greasy incel pandering.

These non-spergouts have consisted of him trying to give "life advice" while his own life is coming apart at the seams because his own selfish, idiot actions. First it was, 'everyone's criticizing me because they think they're better than me!', now it's 'everyone's criticizing me because they wish they WERE ME'. LMAO. Yeah I wish Chris Hansen and the FBI were putting their collective foot up my ass right now. Waterbrain has truly lost it.

No. 742757

he has always spent holidays doing ridiculous dumb e-drama shit. remember the repsock debate on 4th of july a few years ago?

No. 742758

Why is he trying to look like Kurt Cobain now?

No. 742759


He’s moving out of goth phase in to grunge.

Always keeping up with what the youth are into..

No. 742760

He has no identity of his own, just like Lainey. The acting in this is beyond cringe, even if he does actually believe half of what he's saying.

No. 742761

Nah, he had his Kurt Cobain phase last year when he dyed his hair blonde.

No. 742762

Not sure if he’s trying to be believable in these new serious-talk gaslighting videos, but he already burned his credibility to the ground with his totally-real freak out videos on his totally honest Speaks channel.

No one will ever take his words seriously again.

No. 742763

>one cures cancer

No. 742765

I honestly hope he decides to bleach his hair again and has to shave it all off

No. 742768

Who the fuck is he to tell anyone they lack life experience when he's spent his entire adulthood being a shut-in who screams at strangers on the internet

No. 742770

File: 1577331456012.jpg (109.9 KB, 930x720, GwvsoAi.jpg)


the retard is trying to copy kurt cobain

No. 742771

This really is some cringe-tier edge lord shit. He tried being the Joker, now it's Cobain. Who will he embarrassingly LARP as next?

No. 742772

So Greg really wants to start comparing himself to Trump? Is this really the angle he’s gonna go for now?

Somehow, I always suspected Gurgles secretly loved Trump and now that assumption is not so unfounded anymore

No. 742775

I remember, yeah! It's just hilarious he's doing it again, on a different holiday. Like fuck, what a miserable life they have. Obligatory "poor children", because they're the real victims here. Fuck him and his impregnation fetish.

Not many people would feel sorry if he chose the same exit strategy as Kurt.

No. 742776

File: 1577336368840.jpg (36.36 KB, 500x375, brains, pray for them.jpg)

>you couldn't detect a lie if it smelled like shit and was shoved up your nose

Oh I am laffin. His dumbass was already caught in more than one blatant lie about Sarah >>742031 yet he still sits there talking like he has a point, or any leg to stand on. He's doing the FBI's job for them now. Hilarious.

No. 742779

Greg is the type of person who aligns himself with whatever/whomever is convenient for whatever narrative he's trying to spin at the moment. Sometimes it's MRA's, right-wingers and incels. He could just as easily switch to the opposite tmorrow. It all depends on what's most convenient/serves his purposes in the moment, not unlike any full of shit politician really.

No. 742780


Greg used to go off saying how much he hated Trump; he and Thot have a video on her channel called Why We Didn’t Vote for Donald Trump. But he also claims he hates Christians and religion in general, and pedos, but pretty much embodies extremist religious views and diddling “underdeveloped girls”. The projection is strong with this one.

No. 742781

lmaooo the way he holds his cigarette like a fucking middle school girl tryna look cool at the party

NOT EVEN INHALING im fuckin screaming

No. 742782

lol it's not even a real cig he is literally inhaling nothing

No. 742783

is this a dig at lainey / kai or what? talking about how no one wants to be around a "sad, pathetic person" who can't even "put a smile on their own face" ? not exactly a secret lainey is all uwu mopey and riddled with anxiety

also this goes without saying but all his talkin to the camera vids like this are deeply embarrassing. stick to dancing for peanuts with the fake breakdown videos you washed up old sex offender.

it also seems lainey has officially detached from the internet. wouldn't be surprised if those channels stay dead for a good long time. hopefully the donations will dry up. no idea what people are paying for otherwise

the only concerning thing is that now lainey is off twitter, they can still use less public websites to communicate with kids. heard some sketchy things about kik, tiktok, ect., tho i'm admittedly behind on what specific sites kids are using these days. hope all the stink hansen and co. are causing is enough to dissuade people away from these sick fucks

No. 742785

Not only does he not have an identity of his own like Lainey, everyone he skinwalks, he does badly. He's nothing like the characters he tries to skinwalk. Kurt cobain was a talented musician. He is not. The joker is a fan favourite villain, he is not.
Even his Shane Dawson skinwalking is terrible because he insists on skinwalking 2006 Shane instead of following new trends.

No. 742788

This is about EC you retard

No. 742793

which is hilarious considering Kurt was a feminist and married an older woman

No. 742797

You can just imagine what Ol'WaterNoggin is thinking with this one

"I can't pull off the hot emo boy anymore.. I need to appeal to the teenagers again, what do they like? Kurt Cobain! All the sixteen year olds think he's sexy!"

Forgetting that the age of the girls he's trying to attract weren't even alive 5 years after he killed himself.

No. 742799

I've almost got second hand embarrassment realizing at least partially what's going on. It was always a running joke about how little self awareness he had. If he hadn't preyed on a little girl and bullied his exes in his stupid videos, I'd almost feel sorry for him. It's like his sense of self is practically non-existent. He's been fucking around on yt for so long, doing his sleights of hand, playing fast and loose with the truth, he's become some pathetic, convoluted self-parody. He and Lainey both.

Sucks to suck.

No. 742802

File: 1577366840990.jpg (217.3 KB, 654x844, Onision Newsweek.jpg)

I never thought I'd see the day Newsweek would do a story on Greg and Lainey but I wish it was in their print magazine. The population of Gig Harbor is older white upper-middle class and it would have a bigger impact with that group seeing their neighbors face staring back at them in the checkout line at Whole Foods.

No. 742803

Just remember Facebook has an older demographic these days and old people love sharing scandalous news articles, hopefully it's been spread about Gig Harbour. We've had more public sightings of Greg than usual because the locals are becoming more aware.

I just wonder what his mum and sisters have to answer to, from my understanding they still work and socialise in the real world. If this shit was happening with my brother I'd be talking about it too

No. 742808

Those empty blue eyes though, compared to Kurt’s sad ones

No. 742809

More middle age people use Facebook these days than young people. The youngest use tiktok, snapchat, Instagram. Boomers have started to use Facebook while young people, I find, have moved on.

Really hope that the Newsweek article gets posted to local Gig Harbour boomer Facebook groups.

If (and - most likely, not if but a matter of when) the FBI comes down on Grease and Krainey, you can guarantee that shit will hit the printed MSM. Tabloids love stories about pedos, and the usual demonisation of social media and the safety of kids online etc. Perfect story and this one is full of horrible scandalous details perfect for tabloids. As for more serious and respectable MSM, the accountability of Youtube and their inaction would make a very interesting and important story.

Grease and Foot are gonna be ruined.

No. 742812

They're not blue, they're green. I remember Grug saying one of his "girlfriends" in elementary broke up with him because she thought his eyes were blue, but they were actually green.

No. 742814


lol that's actually hilarious. I bet he told it like that seven-year-old abused him

No. 742818

Nah, his eyes ARE blue. Gurg just hates to be something common.

BTW 'Adam',one of Kai's exes is appearing on Chris Hansen today. Who da Fuck is Adam?
(Not asking to be spoonfed,I googled/read the threads but still no luck. Pls don't ban me.I have tried to find this info myself)
There's no way this is a cis male so I'm assuming it's a trans/enby person.

No. 742820

No. 742822

Ah,thank you anon. Somehow I missed that Mon Cheri is Adam. The male name threw me as all the exes generally ID as female when they date Krainey.I try not to ask stuff I can find myself but this one genuinely confounded me.We've actually hit a point where keeping track of Kai's many discards is getting difficult.

No. 742823

What Gregory fails to realise that even IF the only reason Sarah spoke out was because he dumped her (fyi: it's not). He and his manwife still fucking groomed her. Whether she's just hurt he won't fuck her anymore or not doesn't matter. Grooming. Happened. That's illegal. That's abuse. And by using "she's just mad I dumped her ugh" as an excuse he has basically admitted to it all. What an absolute water brain.

No. 742824

Also, he keeps bringing up Sarah’s coerced “statement” video as irrefutable evidence that she is lying now, but even if that video was 100% true, that video only really refers to Lainey. All the creepy gross shit Greg did was never mentioned and Sarah never denied any of that happened at any time prior to now, right?

No. 742826

File: 1577385464036.jpeg (225.28 KB, 1125x896, D4AD1E76-396D-476D-87C8-FA7214…)

No. 742828

Damn I didn't know they were planning on meeting up. I just thought it was a few messages back and forth. I wonder what made them change their mind?

No. 742831

Yeah this Adam/mon Cherie stuff confuses me, but I’m definitely interested so I will watch. I would love to hear from Skye though. I want to know how she dealt with this idiot for so long. And to me she seems like the most stable out of all of the victims.

No. 742832

It wasn't old! Lol I'm still watching his last video and waiting for his return, I loved cwc.

No. 742842


I hope they have evidence for this though. If it's just word of mouth the Greases will easily deny, and it does sound a bit out of character for Lame. She usually wants people to pine for her and come to her. Not the other way around.

No. 742843

who tf is adam this time ? and i thought jacklyn is gonna be next?

No. 742844

I could see her making promises without ever intending to actually follow through. That seemed to be her MO with the other girls. Play lovey dovey and then go cold as soon as it gets serious.

No. 742845

yea to be honest right now it just seems like a shit fest of people trying to gain clout and attention without evidence ..at least sarah, bilie, shiloh had hundreds of texts and videos as evidence ..what does this guy have ? whats next ? big Buba claiming he was raped by the frail chicken legs Taylor ?

No. 742848

File: 1577399532959.png (56.1 KB, 640x537, screenshot.png)

Next guests

No. 742850

Ah good ole Poop Beck. Cant wait for Chris Hansen to ask about her clogging the toilet KEK

No. 742852

wow this is really going off the rails. the fucking toilet clogger is getting whole episode. what next, mikenactor?

No. 742853

Onion wanted Beck to be a new member of the trinity. Lainey said no. It'll be interesting to hear about what went down.

No. 742855

he seems like someone who'd be sending three desperate pleading emails a week offering to be a guest

No. 742856

Who's the mod? Erica? Or am I missing something here.

No. 742858

File: 1577402558344.png (71.33 KB, 984x574, chrome_tO0JrqadEI.png)

No. 742859

it was all consenting adults, she was desperate to be there and get in the trinity. the fact lainey said no is telling, since lainey likes it all groomey and shit.

No. 742861

Lainey said no because she didn't choose her. She is the same kind of narc cunt her husband. It's why they can't have a poly relationship. Or a regular adult relationship.

No. 742863

If they're going to have PoopBeck then I really want them to bring in Sam. There was more drama involving her. PoopBeck basically came down for a few days, did a couple videos, destroyed their toilet and got sent home. Is Sam still around? I remember her talking shit on Twitch for a couple weeks then went silent unless I just missed some other platform she moved to, or did she really join the military?

No. 742864

I'm still so confused about the sam saga, like she got to live with them but did they ever fuck?? They just flew in an editor?

No. 742865

Greg flew Sam in under the guise of being his "cameraman" Lainey had no idea Sam was going to start living with them.
Im sure Greg thought that if he could get Sam in the house and start slowly chipping away at Lainey she would say yes to having Sam as a part of their "trinity" and he could fuck some strange without technically cheating on Lainey. Nothing sexual happened other than some slightly inappropriate touching between Sam and Greg.
I always got the vibe that Sam was like Vix. She caught Gregs eye and played along but deep down was conflicted and didnt really like what she saw behind the mask.

No. 742866

Anus wanted her to be part of the greasesome but Foot didn't, so they sent her home

No. 742867

She lived in their house for a few days, and she hinted on her Twitter that she witnessed some things she didn't like

No. 742868

He copies everything popular because he thinks it will make him popular too, he was pretending he liked K-pop a while ago on Twitter for example, he truly is pathetic. Cobain died over 2 decades ago but he's still quite popular until today, that's why Gunk is trying to look like him

No. 742869

Vix was trolling greg from the start though.

No. 742870

Beck might be interesting. She had to write a whole song apologizing for smoking weed and Greg filmed those nasty near-nude shaving cream videos with her before blocking her over some constructive criticism. Nothing new but if she really has turned her back on the Onions it could just add to Greg's pattern.
And this is just throwing ex-friends into the discussion, has the Tomato guy mentioned Greg since their fallout? I wouldn't trust him as someone to be interviewed though

No. 742883


I’m definitely not WK the onions, but let’s not forget how much of an annoying fucking mini-cow Beck was.

They didn’t make her write the song. She was obsessed with them. There were screenshots floating around of her begging Jimmy not to cut her off. She’s one of the patrons who donated tons of money.

She’s one of the few that turned only because they actually did get rid of her. She was annoying, boring and she doesn’t need a spot any more than someone like Vix does.

I understand Hansen is trying to paint a clear picture of who he is but “I wrote a song apologizing for smoking weed and they stopped being my friend anyway after I clogged their shitter.” is hardly a story. What a shitshow.

No. 742885

Chris Hansen covering onision is amazing. Quick nitpicking at who he interviews.

No. 742886


Nah, good ol' poopbeck will make for a much more interesting guest than someone like Lane, or whoever this Adam person even is. I want to see if/how she spins the toilet clogging story.

No. 742888

if you want shitty low-tier milk, sure. checking the adam stream, it builds the case that might get greggy charged and jailed. there are enough stories of pathetic fans in the world, who gives a shit at this point

No. 742889

Can I get a rundown on who tf poopbeck is and how she relates to Onion, aside from being a paypig?

No. 742892

the more videos chris hansen makes, the more sites like newsweek pick it up. the longer the series, the more the views will snowball. plenty of normies are horrified by what we wouldn't consider milk at all. the continued coverage is a great thing because it keeps onion's horribleness at the forefront and doesn't let him bury it under a million freakout videos. of course they can't keep having a shiloh-tier show every week, and that's a good thing lol

No. 742893

Nta, but sure, I'll take low tier shit ( lol ) milk over no milk at all. It's what we're here for at the end of the day.

No. 742895

It's funny you mention TomatoBisquette because I looked him up like a month or so ago with the same curiousity. He's basically abandoned his YouTube channel/social media; his views never improved despite paying thousands to gain attention through Greg

Deleted/reposting because I want to edit in, I checked again he's actually deleted his Twitter and Instagram entirely. I could've sworn they were still up last month. If I had to guess, he doesn't have any dirt on Greg and probably regrets working him. This guy failed hard, how embarrassing for him

No. 742897

Not trying to be mean, but this Adam person sounds not all there. I definitely believe their story, but they sound a little bit slow. How old are they now?

No. 742899


I haven't finished the interview yet, but I think a lot of it may be nerves, his voice was shaking a bit in the beginning. Twitter bio says 19.

No. 742903

He’s actually on twitch streaming video games. Not sure why he deleted his Twitter maybe he got a new one.

No. 742907


Poopbeck is a girl onion flew out a while ago as a potentional 3rd. She was a patreon of Greg. She, I assume, started liking lainey & it didnt work out. She criticized onions writing skills and offered to proofread his book for free and onion got super offended and blasted her on Twitter. Calling her out for being obsessed with lainey, I believe.

No. 742909


Onion & beck didnt work out because beck smoked weed for pain management and onion didnt like that she was a "druggie".. y'know, typical onion bullshit.

No. 742915

Were Poopbeck and Sam legal when they were invited into the trinity? Maybe Lainey said no to them because they weren't in her age group. Kinda telling that she seems to say no to girls who are in her age group.

No. 742917

For both I think Onion was bringing them in for Lainey but Lainey rejected them. Those 2 (especially Sam) are more Onions speed, nothing attractive to Lainey.

I truly believe the whole blue hair scene girl thing isnt really Onion's cup of tea, he just goes with it often because he know its easier to convince Lainey to get em'.

Long hair, no makeup, gamer girl, hot body Sam is more his taste.

No. 742921

File: 1577422429470.jpeg (384.57 KB, 3056x1719, 508BE314-904D-4BB7-BB1C-310E81…)

Has anyone made this correlation yet?

No. 742922

Adam cannot possibly be a male, clearly another mentally ill trans, same with Regina. There is a clear pattern here…

No. 742925

Hey newfags. Beck didn't work out because she was the sloppy seconds when vix ghosted onion.
Onion sold his tesla to fly out vix.

Farmers posted becks leaked texts with lainey while beck was clogging the toilet, with brilliant timing this ruined any chance beck ever had.
And if you really think Beck has anything juicy to reveal, you're dead wrong. She blabbed her mouth in discord about the visit and how nice onion was IRL while she thought lainey wasn't.
The cringe songs were written for attention, not out of force. At one point beck said she was eating dog food to continue paying for onions patreon and she called billie a dumb druggie. She also lied about weed but nobody really cared because she's always been a hypocrite.
She will also cry about muh revenge porn on lolcow despite linking patreonfags to her fetlife.

Sam didn't work out because Lainey was never informed that someone would be living with them. Sam totally had feelings for onion even though she insisted he was just a friend. She seemed like a discount skye and streamed on twitch while farmers tipped her constantly. The reason she was kicked out is because of tempfags that instigated a fight between sam and lainey, leading to sam being kicked out and being homeless.

No. 742926


Yes, the trend of random anons jumping out of the woodwork to offtopic sperg about trans people like the rest of us care. Trans people tend to be drawn to other people who are trans (or, people lying that they're trans), it is pretty straightforward. Whether you think they're trans, whether you don't, do we have to rehash this every single time?


Yeah, I've been more okay with than some about all of Hansen's guests so far, but I have no idea why they're having Beck on. Hopefully he can at least steer the conversation in a positive direction. But, like other anons, I think at this point he's keeping going to keep the internet exposure to Onion's misdeeds alive. The interviews may not be as enlightening as they were in the beginning, but news outlets are still reporting on Onion's grooming allegations.

No. 742929

they cluster around lainey since she's ding the same, so it makes perfect sense

No. 742930


You got those leaked texts about the toilet? They sound hilarious.(lurk moar)

No. 742931

>local fakeboi goes after underaged fakebois
It's pretty relevant if you ask me.

No. 742932

Stop asking to be spoonfed.

No. 742933


Did you just now figure out the Onions were groomers, or…? Whether or not their victims are trans or fakebois or whatever, it really doesn't change anything. All that changes is whether or not people clog up the board debating some random kids gender or mental illness.

No. 742940


No. 742941

Even when it comes to adults, it's off topic to drone on and on about this shit in a thread about Greg. Who gives a shit when the real issue is that Kai tried getting some really inappropriate photos from even more minors than we originally thought?

No. 742942


There is a snow thread about these people should you like to sperg further.

On topic, the interview raises an interesting question. Exactly how many minors have Lainey and Onion sent nudes too? Because the answer seems much higher than anyone previously thought, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were victims who don't want to come forward.

No. 742945

Pretty sure this YouTube channel LetsGameItOut is Onision… the voice sounds exactly like him but sped up a bit. He calls himself “Josh” on this channel. Disturbing.


Perhaps he’s using this channel to lure in further kids under another identity?(tinfoil)

No. 742946

File: 1577432470489.png (240.27 KB, 800x450, consider_the_following.png)

Well, for every girl they imported to the swamp shack/roped into their discord circlejerk there is going to be an amount of girls who didn't "take"so to speak because their parents weren't neglectful enough and cut contact, rL interfered etc.
The only question is how much larger that number is and I wouln't be suprised if Gurg was on the radar because one of his many grooming attempts resulted in a tip to law enforcement.

No. 742949

Taylor is drawn to girls with identity issues who put her up on a pedestal. Sarah identified as a lesbian while living with the onions, regina and moncheri are fakebois.
Onion tends to go more for the manic pixie type he's been forcing onto taylor. It's just another alt phase he's never gotten over. Note sarahs billie like transformation before they completed their grooming process.

Since the end of beauty bot it seems lainey has given up trying to skinwalk billie or gregs ideal. She might fully troon out once she stops breastfeeding and she'll try finding fresh meat for Greg.

No. 742950

Having listened, I agree the voice sounds uncannily like Greg. But the humour is a little too pulled together don't you think? I mean, it would be interesting if Greg actually had secret, successful channels with whole other fanbases and real channel growth, but he's so obsessed with himself could he even put his ego aside for a minute to pretend not to be Greg torun those side channels?

No. 742951


Onion also has a fetish of defeminizing girls, which given his fetish for beautiful, alt girls, has always been confusing to me. In some ways, Lainey has allowed herself to still fill a part of Onion's ideal, even though she's even plainer than she started and larping as a boy.

No. 742952


Sounds oddly like Onion but actually capable of being funny and not making everything about himself or sexual

No. 742953


nta, but besides the voice I actually also feel like the humour is very similar to greg's humour…

No. 742954


I think it's just a coincidence. His laugh sounds nothing like Greg's, and his voice is slightly deeper. At the end of some of his sentences, his voice drops to a lower note than Onion's would in the same circumstance.

No. 742955

nah dude

No. 742956


Greg likes beautiful, alt girls. He also likes knowing he can have power over them and destroy them.

And also destroy what he perceives as giving them power - which is their beauty. And ofc anything else which he might think gives them too much power, like their music careers, support network, etc. But he's a misogynistic fuckwit, so their beauty is the main target for his need to destroy and have the power. Perhaps also because he hates how their beauty has power over HIM specifically.

He doesn't have to keep them beautiful. Once he has broken them down enough, he can keep them to the side subservient (throw them away, carry on using them if theyre useful, etc) whilst he gets another beautiful alt girl to enjoy and work on.

No. 742957

there are some humour elements in common with greg for sure but it's still more together. notice he doesn't resort to spazzy noises through lack of something to say. he's also not making value judgements about things or people. I feel like greg couldn't pull that level of focus off.

No. 742958


Creeping through his twitter, it's extremely non-sexual and coherent. He also posted a few pictures inside his house and it looks nothing like Greg's. I'm pretty sure this is just some guy that really likes fan art and dicking around in tycoon games.

No. 742959

For most of the channel it was a two person show with some other guy called Anthony. Seriously doubting onion has or had some secret long term bro to riff off and play games with every single day for over a year. Could you imagine the shit show that would devolve in to? Gorge having a long term and lighthearted friendship with another man that isn't a troon or otherwise retarded? HA.

No. 742962

I'm late on this Hansen stream and went in cold not knowing this character's story but they're painting a pretty good picture of Lainey as a cold manipulator who always delivers her targets over to Greg eventually.

No. 742963

Clicking this I thought b8 for sure, but it does sound weirdly like him yeah, the speaking pattern/pauses and everything.
Not saying it is him, obviously, lol. That'd be too much.

No. 742966

I really hope it's not just Vince and some spastic anti os that validate the interviewees. Ginger Beck has been demanding lolcow remove the photos patron members posted here of her. It's going to be another interview like rag Reynolds where they hide that they consented to all the madness and are only against Onion man cause he cut contact. Getting bored of the clout chasing but maybe Beck will still make herself out to be a retard and I can get a couple of chuckles out of it.

No. 742968

It honestly is like that. They even got anti-o morons as stream mods.

No. 742970

This interview altho victim maybe not as well known is informative and good. Hearing Adam cry about Kai outing his insecurities is sad, you forget how insecure teenagers can be. This whole interview is good to add credance that Greg and Kai are hellbent on getting some dumb third to be their domestic and sexual skivvy. Altho PoopBeck is cringe her story is one of many that shows these two YouTubers endgoal is getting a young woman into their home to use and abuse. Honestly fuck my elitism on how deep some peoples knowledge is on the victims, this interview just showed me how powerful first hand accounts are of dealing with these cunts.

No. 742971

But Footface smoked weed too, according to Sarah. Not to mention Anus asked Sarah (a girl bellow 21, potentially making it illegal) to bake him weed brownies. God, those pieces of shit couldn't be more hypocritical if they tried

No. 742975

File: 1577452352573.jpeg (154.67 KB, 750x548, 54F6615D-849E-4C16-AB33-57D026…)

So the stupid cow who tried to bargain with the farm to get her nudes removed is getting an interview with Hansen. This is a fucking joke, how the fuck is some dumb cunt who clogged the onions toilet remotely relevant?

No. 742980

Beck is retarded for trying to bargain with “Anti-os” but I’m curious as to what she has to say. She’s kept quiet about Onision for over a year now and never has shared her piece (she only chose to mention clogging their toilet publicly, good going Beck) We forget this is for normies to see how shitty Greg and Lainey are to people, not for farmers and twitterfags who think they know everything about the situation.

No. 742982

"So, tell me about the state of their plumbing. Do you think the fact that you clogged their toilet is evidence that they have disposed of victims deemed to have become to mature for the Jackson's tastes by dismembering their bodies and flushing the parts down the drain?"

No. 742983

Beck is definitely one of the people Onion always refers to that would still be hanging around if he didn’t drop them. I have no doubt she would still be a patron if hadn’t blasted her.

No. 742990

Greg actually used to (pretend to) have a friend called Tony a couple of years ago. I remember the Onision tempcow thread turning into a Tony fanclub at one point with fanart and everything. Alas, poor Tony has since been replaced with Jefferey Smith from Los Vegas, CA.

No. 742991

Quick shout out to Tony and Jon Bovi, good times, anon.

Eh, whatever, we're still going to watch it.

No. 742994

What exactly do normies gain about hearing about a clout chasers story? If anything it will make normies cringe and take the situation less seriously.
Beck wasn't trying to bargain with anti-os, she was demanding the site take her shit down in exchange for her sob story.

No. 742997

When he made her cry on his live stream when she was trying to explain herself about wanting to help him edit his book and he started laughing about it with his other patrons, thats when she truly moved on.

No. 743001


Which live stream was this? Is it archived?

No. 743002


Honestly, stop complaining about Hansen's guests. Do you think he's ever going to have anyone on that lolcow doesn't know about? Do you really think there isn't a stone left unturned by farmers? None of the guests, not even Sarah or Shiloh, really said anything on the Hansen streams that farmers weren't already aware of. Just take some lulz where you can get it.

No. 743003

The voice is uncanny, but the biggest tip-off that this isn't a channel run by gerg is the fact that there is no Patreon linked to it or listed in the description.

No. 743006

Poor Gurgles. He can't even keep his imaginary friends for long.

No. 743007

File: 1577466711937.png (353.17 KB, 1080x1842, fake tweets.png)

So those fake tweets that showed up Nov-Dec of last year had the ring of truth.
Could the Lainey alt tweets of been real? Or at the least whoever faked them was in the know (a close friend of Sarahs or the current circle of girls around her now) and trying to light the fuse by faking them in hopes that it would get Sarah talking. I know this is tinfoil but I wouldnt put it past Greg to have faked the tweets. Billie said in the Hansen interview that Greg would tell them lies about the other one being angry or make up shit to get Lainey, Billie and Sarah fighting with each other so he could sit back and enjoy the show.

No. 743010


I would love to see Vix as a guest on Take a Seat with Hansen. After Billie, I think she was the final nail in Onisions perception that he was attractive. After her I think he knew he could no longer rely on his looks.

No. 743013

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't think this sounds anything like him?
The voice is way deeper than Greg's. If it were sped up as suggested, it would be higher.

No. 743014

idk, I think that gaming channel /is/ him (and we can not trust those who say it isn't) I didn't go through the WHOLE channel, but it seems like the "cohost" or whatever is only there for the early videos and not the later ones (could totally be wrong though because, like I said, I didn't go through the whole channel.). If you play it at 75% speed, it sounds just like him, though a little slow. I would bet the audio is slowed down (to 85%, the year of his birth). getting the right speed would yield the right pitch, too. of course, this leaves the question of who the cohost was. i don't really pay attention to the surrounding cast of characters so you guys would know better than i would. does that tomatobisquette fellow live in washington?

forgot to mention, it seems like he is throwing the "onision" identity. this would make sense if he had a backup, like this channel.(tinfoil)

No. 743015

Who fucking knows anymore with Kri. Greg and her are shady as fuck.

No. 743016

File: 1577469081903.jpg (79.69 KB, 594x801, notgreg.JPG)

This is not the inside of Greg's house. He does not have a recording room with foam walls.

Can we let go of this retarded tinfoil now?

No. 743017

File: 1577469440384.png (489.59 KB, 577x647, racistshithead.png)

>I hate it when people are critical on a imageboard
The lulz have gone dry. Pic related.(autism)

No. 743018

File: 1577469656754.jpg (380.38 KB, 1080x1377, Screenshot_20191227-094418_Chr…)

No. 743020


Did this guy scam you out of money or something? His vocal cadence isn’t the same at all. “Local white guy sounds like other local white guy and has edgy humor” is not tinfoil worthy.


I wonder if this is another post Hansen Stream freakout or related to something else.

No. 743021

In his new onisionspeaks hes screaming his autistic ass off in a tent and talking about how youtube called him up to tell him to delete his shane dawson videos and that everyone is bullying him and hes gonna quit youtube. Not trying to take his bait or anything but he seems more mad than usual so a part of me wants to believe it kek

No. 743022

Huh. Well, I didnt think anything about ant of this, but Craig just released a video filmed inside a blanket fort.

Could be total coincidence but whi knows.

Is any of this vital milk? Nope. Get is still an unbearable faggot in either case.

No. 743024

After the kombucha incident and an assortment of other things he has done in his videos along with it leaves me almost 100% positive Grepedo is here taking ideas to get us talking. And then probably another anon from his discord trying to distract from everything going on right now shitting up the thread with these outlandish tinfoils.

No. 743025

File: 1577472630475.jpg (168.38 KB, 1411x1764, EMz9_BUXsAED4aS.jpg)

No. 743026


So it's just more of his retarded "LOOK AT ALL THE GULLIBLE HATURZ HAR HAR" bullshit.
Not that I ever believe any of his shit in the first place, but this is the first time during the recent sperg he's posted his make-believe stories on twitter rather than on video.

No. 743034

New online news article.

>Reaching out to Jackson for comment on the controversy, he stated “People get rejected, get over it. You should not be punished for kicking people out of your life. All of you need to get lives and stop obsessing over fake drama.”

>When asked for clarification on what about the controversies was “fake,” or whether Jackson had any evidence to demonstrate his case, he instead issued a thinly-veiled legal threat, writing “when people want to attack others/ruin their public image, they talk to you. When people have a legal issue, they talk to a lawyer.” Jackson then demanded no further inquiries.


No. 743035

No, he mentioned the "divorce, living in a tent and quitting Yt forever in his latest video", it wasn't just on Twitter.
This does beg two questions, though:

1)If it's suppose to be painfully obvious that the videos are fake ( they are ) - why is he still at it? What's the point? The views are dropping anyway.

2) When is he going to have his "come down" phase? Because he always does. Something happens, he rages, he spazzes, etc. 3 weeks to a month pass by and then he suddenly has the realisation that what he's doing is wrong ( whether it's for the public or because he genuinely has a moment of clarity ). He makes gRoWtH posts/videos, cuts off his hair, burns his old pics…It always happens - only this time…it doesn't seem like it's going to? He can't ride what he's currently doing indefinitely. He must know that somewhere deep down.

The only thing he's divorcing is reality.

No. 743036

It’s so embarrassing that he thinks this such a “gotcha!!” Moment like yes James we are so stupid to hope in that the idiot u call “spouse” will finally divorce even if not for her sake but for the sake of your children, it definitely doesn’t say anything about how you fucking act and who you are.
When will this clown realize that people believe him when he acts retarded not because he’s a master troll or a good actor but because they think so low off him that him being all kinds of retarded wouldn’t surprise them.

No. 743046

What a shock. Greg is offered yet ANOTHER attempt to provide evidence and clear his own name and he can't do it.
He claimed to have evidence back when he wrote his dumb essay villainizing all the victims. Where the fuck is it, Grugly?

If he had that evidence, he would've handed it over by now. No one, not even Greg, is stupid enough to allow the destruction of character to continue if they really truly have proof they are innocent. The NDA excuse is the lamest excuse in history.

once again I am left wondering HOW he can have any supporters left. The idiots like Tamara are SO SURE the victims are lying but they also can provide no evidence. They just take that idiot monster on his word alone. How stupid do you have to be to see his response to an article like this and think he's innocent and he just refuses to provide proof for… some reason that makes to sense.

No. 743047

Didn't Sarah say that part of the reason she came forward was because Greg actually said to her, "If the public knew what happened between us, it would ruin me" or something? If I'm remembering that correctly then someone needs to remind him he's already acknowledged committing indefensible acts and can't claim this is all "fake drama"

No. 743049

it's pointless and there's a better thread for it on /snow/

No. 743052

At 2:22 on this podcast "I have a comedy based YouTube channel"

For a second I thought he was going to out himself. Sorry but I can't unhear the onion voice.


No. 743053


Oh for crying out loud. There are people with similar voices, do you really think no one who's lived in his house for years (for example Sarah) currently doing the #deplatformpredators thing would have outed that by now?

Or that he could possibly have kept the fact that he has a very successful gaming channel A) a secret to everyone and/or B) not gloated about it At All online?

No. 743054

Other people sound like him, like this song. Doesn't mean it's him https://youtu.be/9rEQMFTK8XM

No. 743056

This tinfoil is getting retarded. Is it that outlandish to believe some people just have similar voices? He does sound similar but it's not him. Grug is too stupid to keep this charade.

No. 743057

Anons please stop, now I can't unhear him in every video, lol.
But most importantly all of this >>743053

No. 743087

Oh I get where you anons are coming from. That gamer guy sounds eerily like Greg. shudder

No. 743093

File: 1577507652179.jpg (103.08 KB, 488x847, 80393050_1053617314974044_7919…)

probably nothing but

No. 743095

wait, the fuck?? if this is real uhhh youtube you okay?

No. 743102

if this is real it feels like the first true proof of the universe clowning on us collectively

No. 743104

Onionboy is finally relevant again so of course the algorithm is gonna push him when people have been searching his stupid pretend meltdown videos.

No. 743105


Yeah, if he's been watching a bunch of onion's videos, YouTube is going to recommend his videos. I get recommended Anti-O videos from YouTubers I'm not subscribed to all the time, it's just how the algorithm works.

No. 743107

well according to the person who posted that, their boyfriend doesn't watch any of grog's videos or anti-o ones

No. 743108

if he knows nothing of onion to watch any videos then why would he care enough to cap it and show his gf. sounds like a waste of time.

No. 743110


She probably watched some video on his channel, then he was connected to the same WiFi network and thus got the rec. I was just today noticing that between my TV signed into one YT account with certain viewing habits and then my phone to another YT account with significantly different viewing habits, there were obvious out-of-place cross-recommendations. I've never looked into YT specifically saying they do this, but it's been widely reported Google does it and they own YT.

No. 743114

Omisión thinks babies are stupid because they can’t talk. In his video about Austin Jones he says 13 year old girls are stupid… that video really helped me to understand how he thinks. He considers that underage girls that aren’t stupid to him are mature enough… sorry if it is off topic.

No. 743115

Can confirm, this happens. I got recommended a video about something I‘d never even searched for once after my bf watched a bunch of videos of it at my place. So if she watched Onion videos over the same WiFi as him, that’s very likely why he got the recommendation.

Or: Sometimes videos get a lot of views in a short period of time (e.g. because people search for Onision and the banana is the first video that comes up and they watch it), so the YouTube algorithm thinks ‘oh, that seems to be relevant (again)’ and starts recommending it to random people > more views > gets recommended to people even more randomly.

Either way. There’s really nothing out of the ordinary or worth mentioning imo.

No. 743120

He broke up with her for a second time and I think that broke the straw on the camels back.

No. 743121

Didn't we assume/wasn't it a theory at one point that Onion was Shadowbanned on YouTube and YouTube's algorithm didn't promote his videos? Didn't he make a ton of videos about it too?

I've never got recommended ONE Onion video. I've gotten Jaclyn & Repzion, but not Onion lol.

No. 743122

Greg definitely used to sperg about how his content was being censored/hidden, yet Greg & Lainey’s shit comes up on my recommended all the time because I watch exposing videos. I’ve gotten notifications like this for Gurg’s new videos within the past couple months at least twice.

No. 743127

He did more than just "break up with her"
Onion loves to frame it as if it was just a simple reasonable breakup. But he strung her along, kicked her out of his house twice (the house she was living in, at least temporarily) for idiotic stupid reasons only to email/text her soon after trying to convince her to come back.

That is not just breaking up with someone, or as greg likes to say "kicking them out of your life". That's jerking someone around and manipulating them into believing they are the reason the relationship isn't working.

He always loves to claim he's never been dumped, but in reality he's the only one irrational enough to blow up and dump someone over something small rather than discussing it like a normal adult. But when Greg emails them after they've gone home and realize what a turd he is and he attempts to get them back and they refuse? That's the real dumping.

No. 743128

I agree - it's mostly based on your watch history. I got recommended his "To catch a predator" parody yesterday, which I didn't even know he made because who actually watches the skits on his main channel.
I'm not sure why he made a fake Chris interview to 'parody' the situation - he was already screaming about fucking 12 years olds on his main channel 11 months ago.

>That's the real dumping.
That's so true. He dumps someone in a fit of rage, then begs them to come back - the other person refuses and still, somehow, he dumped them? I don't think so, Jimmy.

No. 743137

Onions in his Voice Chat right now on discord and going off about sarah turning in devices, and how she would be in trouble because she committed "felonies". Saying sarah was given drugs by her mother, etc.

Saying sarah will be going to jail, if anyone will in this whole situation.

No. 743138

Is there any way you can record it without alerting him? Maybe listen on your computer and record the screen with your phone?

No. 743140

Now he's talking about gingerbeck. After sperging about chris hansen just doing everything for monetary gain.

Apparently lainey has only ever dated 2 people, one being a 21 year old from canada and one being billie.

just so many lies.

No. 743141

>21 year old from canada
Maya? The girl who said his head was like Frankenstein's monster.

No. 743142

he is such an absolute moron.
He has NO CLUE how the justice system works.

It's not like the police ask you if you've ever done anything illegal in your life when you report a crime and if you say yes they go "Oh well, in that case, this crime you reported must be thrown out, DRUGGIE!"

There is no proof sarah ever did a drug in her life. The police have absolutely no care if you tweet that you did cocaine - if they don't find it on your person, they give no shits. It is NOT illegal to say you do drugs.

Sarah has no criminal record. And unlike Greg, she has no files on her various dubious activities such as tax evasion and violating environmental laws. In the eyes of the law, she is far more credible than he is.

And even if the police did care about her supposed drug use, If Sarah's mom gave her illegal drugs when she was under age, then her mom is the one who would get in trouble.

If he actually believes Sarah can go to jail for tweeting that she did drugs one time, he is even more stupid than we thought.

No. 743143

Yeah it's Maya. I remember everyone thinking it was unusual for her to be interested in someone over 20

No. 743144

I guess Lainey doesn't consider sexting, sending nudes, and mailing promise rings "dating". Which is fine, but it absolutely doesn't matter what label you put on it. It doesn't change anything she has done.

No. 743145

Hahaha did Onion sit and read the thread for clarity since his pathetic fags won't tell him why anyone hates him? They can't state the reasons or he'll ban them out of rage. Hilarious, be class if this was recorded.

No. 743146

The police can stop me high as a kite as they've done before on nights out and because I've absolutely nothing on me I haven't even been charged. Onion's a retard to think the police will do anything about a story that someone got high. Fuck if CPS doesn't give a shit about his kids what the fuck does he think will happen to 19 year old Sarah who already lives independently away from her mom.

If all he has on Sarah, Billie and Shiloh is that they took drugs he's doomed.

No. 743147

>>If all he has on Sarah, Billie and Shiloh is that they took drugs he's doomed.

That must be all he has because its the only thing he ever brings up to discredit them.
What he doesn't realize is that most young people experiment with drugs. Likely most of his paypigs have. Didn't someone once say McFly actually sold drugs? If anyone is agreeing with him on this, they're just blowing smoke up his ass.

No. 743151

Public gaming stream was cut short today, only 20 minutes. He took it to private discord after warning someone that he would ban them if they were under 18 and the girls in chat started talking about their love of bondage.
Everyone that has been speculating hes larping as Cobain was spot on. He mentioned that a while ago in private chat they read aloud Kurts suicide note. He got a little dark after that. I dont know if he was just looking for pats on the head and "It'll be okay Jimmy" or all this publicity about him being a sexual predator is really getting to him, but he said he'd be cool if he died at 35, which is next year.

No. 743155

So he's officially suicide baiting now? I wonder what his demands are for his paypigs so he doesn't off himself.

No. 743161

As if that narcissist would ever kill himself. He just wants attention

No. 743162

Sarah is a young white girl, I doubt she'd go to jail for doing drugs. He said the same about Billie, and guess what? She never went to jail either

No. 743163

I guess Footface should go to jail for illegally smoking weed when she was underage in new Mexico, and he should go to jail for asking Sarah (a girl below 21) to bake him weed brownies

No. 743164

File: 1577566649290.png (18.73 KB, 550x201, 3waywrestling.PNG)

One other thing that was strange in that stream is he just out of the blue brought up wrestling and started asking Mcfly if she could beat him in a match. Then he started talking about the wresting hes done in the past, he made sure to emphasize that they were ADULT women and it was sexualized wrestling.
Sarah tweeted something about wrestling a few months ago, I wonder if hes trying to spin that event now.

No. 743166

File: 1577567480044.png (36.74 KB, 490x551, toosmartforalawyer.png)

Apparently there's now a tumblr blog which takes note of Gurg's discord content. I left the url in the post if you want to have a look for yourself. After they read the suicide note, Gurg introduced a new defense! Still as shitty as the old one lol.

No. 743167

File: 1577567501834.png (24.49 KB, 491x344, sarahthefelon.png)

No. 743168

File: 1577567945954.png (34.31 KB, 493x478, gerg i know you're more neande…)

Oh god this blog is a goldmine I'm going through all of it right now and post caps with new information.

No. 743169

So Greg is no longer sticking to the excuse that if Eugenia unintentionally showed her vag and nothing happened, then Lainey shouldnt go to jail for "accidentally" sending pics with her tit and lips hanging out. Now its a new story that Sarah swiped Laineys phone and sent the nudes to herself(Sarah)
When this excuse falls flat I wonder if hes going to throw the kids under the bus and say they were playing with Laineys phone and unintentionally sent those photos to multiple underage girls.

No. 743170

it would be ideal that they start recording the discord happenings.

No. 743171

File: 1577568446373.jpg (441.98 KB, 1440x1920, 20191228_132551.jpg)

He must really be going nuts if he thinks admitting to doing a drug once in your past causes an sort of jail time or charge.

No. 743172

Did they say anything about hearing a huge sigh of relief coming from Tamara?

No. 743173

Considering Jimmy eventually does everything he publicly "finds disgusting" it feels a tad uneasy that they had/have dogs.

No. 743181

he gonna bang his daughter b/c Greg's 30 is actually 17 and we know he likes bestiality bc of that Harley video

No. 743183

And he gave her parental permission to let him fuck her

No. 743197

Greg's trying to imply the laptop which was given would be deemed stolen property and finding Lainey's nudes wouldn't effect her. Guess Greg forgets the Fbi will have technology that can deem if these nudes were then circulated to minors. He's grasping at straws, but then of course he is. He's fucked.

No. 743199

he's such a tard for a 34yo man, like doing coke once makes you a felon lol. Remember when he made the video about stoners (billie) being felons & justifying his demonization of Billie but to catch a felon charge for pot you'd have to get caught with pounds of it.

Also why is he telling us Sarah got coke from her mom? How is that supposed to make us NOT sympathize with her?

No. 743200

Onion even implied way back when when he had that small black dog Noodles he would fed spaghetti licked Shiloh's vag. He's sperged countless times about that Harley Quinn dog porn, is he worried the fbi is going to find videos of Greg having dobs lick his dick. I can't cope

No. 743201

Didn’t they actually sell it to Sarah though?

No. 743202

Pretty sure according to Regina they don’t just have Lainey’s nudes out of context but they have the conversations of her asking for them to send her some . So it isn’t just a few pics without context . According to what Regina and Sarah said the case seems pretty concrete

No. 743205

Crazy thing is even if this is faked, it still sounds like stuff Greg would say and has backed up with similar views.

No. 743207

When Morges recorded his discord she caught him saying all kinds of disgusting things to his ass lickers, so I don't think it's fake

No. 743208

He is absolutely fucking obsessed with the idea of dogs licking peanut butter off of genitals. He went on and on about it in that video where he was dressed as a Sith Lord destroying his kids toys. He had them all saying he forced them to let dogs do that to them.

He made a joke about it in a another video featuring Crazy Tami. He was pretending to be Hitler.

No. 743212


Not to mention in the same recording a few of his paypigs stated they were under 18

No. 743219

It's just dawned on me that Andy biersack hasn't said a word about onision since 2017; I wonder what happened there?

No. 743220


Didn't Greg film himself smearing stuff on his body for the dogs to lick off as well?

Probably the creepy Andy doll being raped.

No. 743221

While he's still posting his greasy sexts, it appears onion has deleted a lot of previous tweets. I wonder why?

No. 743233

File: 1577588302289.png (3.79 MB, 1334x750, 4012C629-0E46-4DA4-850C-9F5FFD…)

Pretty sure he’s stuffed his boxers with a sock in his latest video. Feel pretty gross having looked at his crotch for so long. The fact that he’s sitting in his pants and opens his legs shows that the baby carrot stuff is getting to him.

No. 743253

lmao he's gaining so much weight and aging so bad, soon even the filters wont do much to hide his age.

No. 743258

Apparently hansen has confirmed the transmission of CP and I don't see why this hasn't been mentioned here

No. 743259

Definitely, too wrinkled to be his dick, and we already know he's tiny as hell.

No. 743260

Can you elaborate further?

No. 743262

Anus was really more a ‘friend’ of Andy’s dad than him. Andy’s dad fanned him hard for a few years and was the reason why they made a video together in the first place or had any contact at all. Anus and AB’s dad had a couple twitter beefs and finally around the time Anus raped a doll of his son he stopped following him.

No. 743263

It was mentioned in the ~39 min mark in fakebois stream last night by Hansen. AKA they have found transmission of CP on the devices

No. 743270

It's not super specific but let's hope it's leading somewhere. From the interview with Adam:

>39:01 - the FBI is investigating a number of things in relation to Onision and Kai, one of which is the transmission of what is considered child porn. there's some evidence of that, physical evidence. enticement, which is a very broad federal violation.

No. 743272


Just now on the Drunken Peasants Podcast (Like 7 hours in, its still live right now) Joe, Billy the Fridge's friend claims Onion is gonna be on the h3h3 podcast, idk if this is him trolling or actually gonna happen

No. 743279

I doubt that would happen. Ethan doesn't want to give him money as he's said in his podcast about Shreg's false copyright claims and although I could see Shreg wanting the views, he would refuse to address Ethan directly and just waste his time. He screeches about proving haters wrong and wanting to debate it out, but he refuses to do it without a ridiculous amount of money or he'll demand that he is debated/interviewed on younow/his own platform of choice. Unless he truly knows he is fucked and wants to make one last scene before he is arrested by the FBI, I don't see him going on there.

No. 743283

if real, he's gonna go on in Joker makeup and act like a complete spaz, bank on it.

No. 743289

HAHAHAHAHA holy fuck he's squirming

No. 743291

File: 1577614245716.png (44.14 KB, 500x338, 1539458203962.png)

he must have found out about >>743258 during the stream earlier this week.
He's so fucked kek

No. 743298

Ethan and Onion are both insufferable, that would be such a shitshow

No. 743299

just wanna expand on chris' mention of the word 'enticement'. lainey would seem to be fucked by this.

>18 U.S. Code § 2422.Coercion and enticement

>a)Whoever knowingly persuades, induces, entices, or coerces any individual to travel in interstate or foreign commerce, or in any Territory or Possession of the United States, to engage in prostitution, or in any sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.
>(b)Whoever, using the mail or any facility or means of interstate or foreign commerce, or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States knowingly persuades, induces, entices, or coerces any individual who has not attained the age of 18 years, to engage in prostitution or any sexual activity for which any person can be charged with a criminal offense, or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title and imprisoned not less than 10 years or for life.

No. 743300

hearing via some twitter comments that he's deleted tens of thousands of tweets very recently, anybody looked into this?

No. 743301

File: 1577617920468.png (105.23 KB, 591x316, 2019-12-29.png)

new twitter bio, he finally realised he couldn't spell deity and changed it to god lol, he also added 'hoax master' since some people are dumb enough to think his videos are real

No. 743302

Ethan hates Onision and knows he's a desperate attention whore, so I doubt it

No. 743310

Does he not know that Twitter can still pull up deleted tweets in the case of criminal investigations?
I mean, it's a bit of a stall tactic, but that's it. If they go for charges against him, they can likely charge him with trying to hide evidence of wrongdoing/interference.

No. 743312

Ethan is great. Him and Hila would never invite Jimmy to do a podcast.

No. 743317

File: 1577623310727.png (72.21 KB, 876x627, onisiontweets.png)

not sure how accurate socialblade is.
is it possible to mass delete tweets with certain words in them? i don't think he manually deleted 40,000

No. 743318

File: 1577623431589.png (210.35 KB, 431x484, Capture _2019-12-29-09-41-00.p…)

Regina disproved Gunk's shitty defense that implied Foot's nudes were somehow stolen. Time to think of a better defense, Gunk

No. 743320

this fits billie more since she was essentially paid as a live in prostitute
criminal offense of CP fits sarah and regina, assault for Maya

No. 743321

File: 1577624271039.jpg (294.47 KB, 2881x2285, chalet1.jpg)

KF have identified this as an airbnb chalet on the edge of Mount Rainier National Park and are tinfoiling he took the Onions there for Christmas since he filmed a pre-Christmas video in the bathroom. Did the Onions hide out in a cabin for Christmas? -or did he get all this shot there in a day on his own? Adding some pics.

No. 743322

File: 1577624340274.jpg (305.88 KB, 2881x2285, chalet2.jpg)

No. 743323

File: 1577624543588.jpg (319.89 KB, 2881x2285, chalet3.jpg)

the pre-Christmas one. there's another one in between but it's under a blanket.

No. 743326

Newfag sorry if I do this wrong:

The Airbnb is booked up until just before New year's, so he should be home for then, provided it's still his booking.

No. 743332

a real fun cabin in the woods type experience with dad

No. 743333

File: 1577628748574.jpg (351.94 KB, 1335x608, chalet.jpg)


Well, at least his patrons get "something" in return for spending their hard earned money on his holidays. lmao

I was interested in how much he spends for the chalet and with C being counted as an infant (I keep forgetting how old his kids are), it'd be $190/night. If she counts as a child (2 or older), it would be $210/night. The place has been booked for pretty much the whole of December, so I don't know how many days Greg and Lainey are actually staying there, but given a weekend trip is between $735 and $812, that's quite some money he's able to spend.
Sooo, how broke is he really?

No. 743334

She's at least 3 I think.

It looks like that may be a dog bed in the upper left photo here >>743321 so perhaps the onion clan spent christmas there

No. 743343

People on twitter keep mentioning him tampering with evidence too but that’s just silly.
they can’t charge him with tampering with evidence at this stage in the investigation because he hasn’t been charged with anything yet. Deleting your own tweets is not illegal.
Unless he’s been personally notified that there is an ongoing investigation, he can delete anything he wants

No. 743344


That's just a random guess but given he keeps whining about being broke, more than likely he chimped for a day or so and filmed himself in the cabin and was sporadically releasing videos. Would make sense if he is indeed under financial stress.

Something he didn't seem to figure out since his whole chimpout saga is that being ''homeless'' should make it really hard to not only have internet access but material to edit your videos and finally a power source.

Living in a tent normally provides none of those. Plus, him making his streams is a clear giveaway it's all for show.

No. 743346

I don’t think he’s actually trying to fool anybody. He made a public twitter post after the first or second video saying it’s fake.
The people that think it’s real are just wishful thinking.

No. 743349

He said in a live-stream that he was renting these places for his videos. He also has a few Airbnb’s that he’s rented before when he was collaborating with billythefridge and the fake Hanna Minx.

He would never take Lainey and his kids on vacation even when they went to Disney, it was a sponsored trip.

No. 743353

I don't know how no one's talking about his greying beard yet. Not that it matters, but I do wonder if it'll make it harder for him as a middle aged man to complete his trinity with another teenager.

No. 743374

There looks to be a child's jacket hanging on the chair behind him in the top pics. There is also a big tennis shoe and a little one right in frontish of it.

No. 743376

It has been mentioned a few times in very recent threads, so maybe you're just not keeping up. Regardless, it's nitpicking and not super relevant. We all know he's aging like milk.

No. 743379

Looks like people on twitter are finally calling out Vince for being an unprofessional choad.
That guy just needs to shut his mouth.

No. 743380

This is an image board. Post screens.

No. 743382

Last time I posted screenshots from some rando's twitter I got banned so I am not doing that shit anymore.

No. 743383

honestly it'll probably help. the more of his face is covered, the better.

i'm assuming if the kids are there, lainey must be too. it's crazy to think that after all this, they'd pay $200 a night just to go fight and be miserable somewhere else

No. 743387

File: 1577650036650.jpg (81.41 KB, 750x924, EM6eq8mUcAAanF4.jpg)

To explain the Vincent thing. He posted this dumb meme and people responded telling him to knock it off bc it was unprofessional. First he says his twitter was hacked but later goes on to say "This is what happens when you leave your phone unattended when your friends and relatives drinks to much…. AGAIN"

Stop being fucking retarded Vincent

No. 743392

>he was hacked
>"This is what happens when you leave your phone unattended when your friends and relatives drinks to much…. AGAIN"

Never watched HTCAP, was Vincent always in Chris's team or is he relatively new? This is really unprofessional and inappropriate in an active cp case.

No. 743393

You either die a hero, or live long enough to become a cow.

No. 743394

Chris should fire him asap. He is making this into a joke.

No. 743410

I don't recall ever hearing or seeing him, but he could have been associated with the group Chris linked up that actually did the chatting and baiting and all that shit. Most likely he's just some dude Chris found to help him run the stream software and shit.

No. 743415

Who cares, it's just a stupid joke. People making a big deal about this are probably the same retards who screech when someone "misgenders" Footface

No. 743420

No one is mad about the joke people are mad about him being an open and blatant liar who can't handle criticism

No. 743421


it's onision level humor aka not a good look

No. 743423

I get why it looks bad. We aren't working directly with the FBI, but if we were we probably wouldn't make ad hominem attacks directly to agents by calling Taylor "footface". It could also potentially give Onion's legal defense an oppurtunity to use malice against him as a defense.

No. 743426


Come off it anon. If there is proof that Greg and Taylor exchanged nudes with minors, or enticed minors, some twat being mean to them on twitter isn't going to change that.

And if there is not proof enough for the crime, nothings gonna happen to them anyway.

No. 743428

Come off it anono, people get off on technicalities and shit that goes wrong during investigations all the time which is all defense lawyers really look for

No. 743431

It's more like he'll keep doing shit like that if he gets charged with anything, and that will get him in deeper shit. Onion don't change

No. 743433


Yeah, technicalities regarding the investigations, dodgy police work, paperwork mistakes, interviewing, readings of rights, searching without warrants, etc etc so forth. Not someone making fun of someone else on twitter.

Do you seriously, really think that 'a journalists assistant was mean to him on twitter! He posted muppet memes!' is gonna get them off a child porn and enticement charge if proof is found that they did those things? how would it even BE used as a defence?

'Oh I only did it because I knew a guy was going to be mean to me on twitter when the victims came forward, therefore I am justified in doing it because… ????'. How is it a defence? How? Just stop and think for a moment about what you're saying, seriously.

The most that can be done is if proof ISNT found, it somehow goes to court anyway, and they say 'They only accused me because they HATE me, heres proof!'. But its not gonna go to court if no proof is found. If no proof is found, nothings gonna happen.

It doesn't matter what Vincent does or says, not the least bit. Its annoying as fuck and cringey I grant you, but it wont affect a case here.

No. 743435

I think anons are just bored and thirsty because there's no fresh milk ( hasn't been in a while ) and are sperging a little.
It's absurd to seriously think a tweet like that could be a 'technicality', lol.

No. 743438

It's just embarrassing tho. If you go and look st the flake thread before Vince sperging on twitter that a family member or someone took his phone he accused RSN of hacking out of nowhere. It's judt not a good look if he's immature and quick to accuse people of fuck ups because he deems them unpopular. He's probably the retard that let Rag on without looking into his background within the discords etc. Maybe Vince should go through some lolcow threads and use ctrl+f to learn about some of these twatty victims. He seems close to using his platform for personal vendettas it's just cringe for a man his age, especially when he's dealing with Onion. We don't need two manchilds.

No. 743444

if you act like a clown, the work you're doing looks like a circus.

No. 743446


Just from the little bit he's spoken up in the streams, he doesn't seem like the brightest of people. I think his heart is in the right place, but he should stop with the "lul onion boy dumb" tweets if he wants to seem at all professional/continue associating with CH.

No. 743453

File: 1577668130643.jpg (24.12 KB, 533x282, whatevenlmao.jpg)

His ig profile pic has me rollin'. This is fucking hilarious.

No. 743454

Looks like he dyed all his hair with piss.

No. 743456

Never forget the time he tried to bleach his hair to skinwalk Kurt Cobain and completely failed and fucked up his hair. Good times.

No. 743457


Kurt Cobain? Methinks not.

On a side note 337K followers? How many of those accounts are dead or socks?

No. 743467

went for kurt cobain, turned out closer to chad kroeger

No. 743468

File: 1577674115975.jpg (49.64 KB, 850x1300, metal-gear-coat-850x1300.jpg)

Oh boy Greg, here we go again.

No. 743472

Same thing happened with Trisha Paytas, and to a much lesser degree Jake Paul, though. I still doubt it.

No. 743480

Ethan had to remove a bit from one if his recent podcasts because Onion claimed it so that might be a motive for the invitation. If Onion actually goes on the h3 podcast I don't think his personality would allow him to leave gracefully and without being completely roasted. I would love to see JJ sitting in his bulletproof vest being roasted as he gets sulkier and sulkier.

No. 743486


The concept of "malice" does not exist for public individuals, in regard to slander (you have to prove something called "actual malice" which is different). Either way, one crime does not cancel another, particularly because one is a civil matter and the other is a criminal one. The concept of "malice" in regard to insults doesn't really involve anyone. Insulting someone's appearance is not a crime. The defense would be ludicrous.

No. 743492

Looks like three of Gurg's YouTube channels had all of their videos either deleted or privated. (Onision Reacts, Onision Channel and Onichan)

No. 743494

File: 1577692170107.png (633.95 KB, 2118x1270, Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 08.4…)


You seem to be correct. Firstly I'm shocked at how many channels this fucking dumbo has, secondly I'm wondering why he'd shadowdelete three of his off-off-off accounts? Was there something on those specifically that he'd want to get rid of, or is it just to hone all 'traffic' onto his freakouts?

No. 743495

An amon up-thread mentioned how during a discord call livestream yesterday Gurp challenged Mcfly to a wrestling match before autistically bragging about how many times he's had sExUaL wReStLiNg mAtChEs with ADULT!!!!!!!! women. During the same livestream, he asked his paypigs for any new rumors they've heard regarding him. He clarified that he wanted NEW SHIT ONLY and none of the old shit. He was clearly trying to lead them into bringing up him and Mcfly (I saw on Twitter the other day that people were again tinfoiling about him and Mcfly.) When nobody brought it up, he brought it up himself and started exaggerating how she's pregnant with 900 of his babies and other such autistic tard babble. That lead me to believe that something really is going on with he and Mcfly, and not just that they hooked up during paypig meetings in the past but that there's something going on presently.

If it weren't true, he wouldn't put so much effort into trying to coax his pigs into bringing it up, so desperate to talk about it that when he failed to have it come up organically, he brought it up himself. Plus, she recently got that horrendous uhobbro tattoo (branding) and was proudly showing it off on IG.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 743497

It's bad optics for sure but the anons clutching their pearls are just as bad. His behavior isn't hurting anyone but his own reputation and maybe Chris's somewhat by association. It is not however going to have any bearing at all on a criminal trial or investigation. People call Onion a retard all the time, that doesn't invalidate physical evidence of grooming, enticement etc you absolute dolts.

No. 743498

Pretty sure that Greg is going to dip out on Kai with McFly once Kai gets hit with charges. Didn't McFly get a job or something to keep donating to Greg or something? I'm pretty sure that McFly is going to become a major player in all of this before this is all over.

No. 743502

Onision Encore too

No. 743506

File: 1577701424280.png (332.9 KB, 762x508, Capture96712.PNG)

And for some reason he uploaded a years old video to that "James Jackson" channel he started when he changed his name.

Did McFly delete her tenglo Instagram? She did the same thing with her Twitter when it started getting hot because of the Dev allegations during the last get together. Im with the other anon, Mcfly is the next contestant. He doesn't have many choices. His ability to pull in hot young girls is nonexistent and the ones that do stan him currently are either really old (for his tastes) or in kind terms, unfortunate looking. Esther is the only one who has proven her loyalty and Greg doesn't have to worry that shes a "hater in disguise"

No. 743509

He must be really desperate for some new poon, then.

Part of me wonders if the whole thing with Sarah wasn't even planned out from the start (not that it really makes it any better), or he just got desperate/bored of Plain one day, and just impulsively thought to take advantage of Sarah's crush on them both just to get some quick pussy, even though Greg wasn't even really attracted to her.

I really do think being with someone that looked like Billie made him arrogant, and irrationally picky; he kept trying to find pretty, alt IG famous e-girl clones like Maya and Luxy as replacement, and yet, none of them were as damaged or fame hungry as Billie was back in the day, so it never worked.

No. 743511

That's what I've always thought. Sky's little sister was his unicorn, Billie was his manic pixie dream girl. Kri is his doormat and willing partner for his fetishes. Sarah was convenient. Anons speculating over McFly are idiots. If he posts about it ad nauseam, it's a deflection. He wants people to think he is either into her or fucking her already so he can sperg about how the haters know nothing, or just make up lies about him. I just wonder if he's figured out that Kri really doesn't want a poly relationship and will sabotage any new girls he brings in. He will not leave Kri for anyone but what he considers an upgrade. He left Sky for Shiloh, she was younger and had more fame. He left Shiloh for Kri because she was younger, thinner, and is a rare human invertebrate. He was going to leave Kri for Billie, younger, waayyy better looking, ready internet audience. What does McFly bring for him? She's older, chubby, obviously Mexican, and not dependent on him.

No. 743513

I'm just more baffled he is constantly talking about other girls and not his wife. Any other time he has had public heat he love bombs his wife but since allegations are against her too he's been acting even more single if possible. Constantly tweeting about sex. Talking about sex with his fans. Always reminiscing about sex with past girls. He really is sexually inexperienced for a normal man his age, he's only hooked up with 2 girls in his age range and the rest have been enticed teenagers probably to nervous to do anything other than starfish or be how he wants. His pregnancy fetish reminds me of all the fat chav girls that get pregnant to prove their not virgins. Total loser behaviour to think having sex is an achievement. His marriage really must suck to constantly be talking about himself with other girls but everyone already knew that. That's why he has his gay fan servers only because only in those forums will Onion be made to feel good for having such a wasted life.

No. 743514

It's why he wants a poly. Footface has no personality or ideas. Look at her channel and patreon. All his poly attempts are with creative girls. The sex shit is a distraction and a ploy. The silence on his wife is her wanting to erase her internet presence. Neither of them can think beyond their own gratification, so they have no clue that internet shit is there forever . Even things they delete. It seems unbelievable that they both can be so stupid, but their past actions prove it.

No. 743515

Worth noting that he didn't leave Shiloh for Footface. He was still trying to lure Shiloh back in and sent her money for a new passport, and she spent it and stayed in Canada. His foot wife wasn't even an "upgrade" to him in the beginning, she was the backup/filler wife that he got stuck with when he couldn't find a better replacement.
He always intended to leave Kri for Billie, but when it fell through his spineless footwife stayed anyway. It just happened to work out that Gurg could turn her into an e-boy to lure in teens since he got too old and ugly.

No. 743518

He must be really desperate to fuck anyone who isn't his boring wife. McFly is fugly, she looks like a dirty crackhead who smells like cat piss.

No. 743520

If only that impregnation fetish didn't finally catch up to him, literally, he should have never procreated.

No. 743522

My thinfoil is that she and the kids aren't with him in the airbnb for some reason, and since he hasn't developed object permanence yet he forgot they exist.

No. 743531

Hes unfollowed her on Twitter. I wonder if they really are divorcing.

No. 743532

I don't believe it for a second.
If he's willing to rent multiple hotel rooms/Airbnb just for his dumbass roleplaying then he'd certainly unfollow Plainey to keep up that charade.

No. 743533

File: 1577724749082.png (10.99 KB, 620x450, Screenshot (177).png)

she doesn't have a twitter does she? poodle boy is deleted, idk if she has another though

No. 743544

Greg using someone stupidly dedicated that he's not necessarily attracted to financially is not out of the realm of possibility. If he is involved with McFly, he'll drop her like a hat the moment he can get his hands on someone else.

No. 743545

It would be funny if Lainey is huffing with Onion. Easy to forget she was once a rabid fangirl, why would she ever stop snooping especially being married to this man. She's insecure enough all his talking about other girls gets to her too. Just remember she skin walked Billie for validation. I hope they're fighting even more in the swamp shack and after cuddlegate Onion said either shut up about it or leave. Wonder when her breaking point is? Not the safety of her kids but she's getting dragged hard online and Onion won't even tell us how great her tits are ove either girls uwu

No. 743554

File: 1577738016633.png (58.64 KB, 488x810, 2912discord1.png)

Newest from the same blog that posted the last happenings from the discord. It's password protected so you got to take my word for it I guess because idk if anyone else has access.

No. 743555

File: 1577738104304.png (44.52 KB, 485x733, 2912discord2.png)

In a separate post they also said they would start posting audio proof in about 3 days!

No. 743556

File: 1577738169726.png (40.88 KB, 480x737, 2912discord3.png)

No. 743558


"Energetic" = hyper little kid. Barf.

No. 743559

so grease waited until Alicia passed out and then held onto her hand. gross.

No. 743565

that is 100% not the same story about Alicia that he told previously.
He definitely said she forced a kiss on him and he rejected her. Now it's just a hug?

No. 743568

File: 1577741684844.png (175.14 KB, 853x530, mayasms.PNG)

>Jizz is happy about the "deep" conversation (which is actually just sharing stories of trauma)

I hope those fans know that he mentally filed away their stories about their abuse and will use it against them in the future.
More than one girl has mentioned that he asks about any abuse they've experienced and he brings it up within days of them visiting. Ive always thought it was just for blackmail later, but knowing about his warped idea of what BDSM is and how he treats Lainey in the bedroom I wonder if he gets off to the stories, like those creepers who volunteer at abuse hotlines/help-centers hoping to have a girl tell him how their dad raped her so he can jerk off about it later. I think it was Maya who said he had a weird smirk on his face as she told him her story.

No. 743571

Have also listened to other livestreams where he has asked a question out of the blue like "So what mental illnesses have you all been diagnosed with?"

No. 743576


Kainey had a twitter account but now it's deleted. Probably to hide evidence. She must've had shit ton of questionable DM's there.

No. 743580

twitter 100% has this data or can recover it though right so whats the point?

No. 743600

File: 1577747848060.png (18.82 KB, 486x243, update.png)

This part got edited a bit and I was asked to post the new version so that no false information is floating around!

No. 743603

>In a separate post they also said they would start posting audio proof in about 3 days!
Come back with the audio, then. While all of this sounds believable, it's still just text.

No. 743605

File: 1577749498996.jpg (49.74 KB, 600x348, lol.jpg)

Jimmy, keeping his priorities for 2020 straight.

No. 743612

You arenright, but had he not gotten Kri on the hook, he would have flown to Canada to try and get into Shiloh's pants again, or tried Adrienne again. He NEEDS a partner. He cannot stay single. Narcs cannot be alone.

And top fucking kek to him saying he's pansexual. That pencil dicked bitch boy is straight.

No. 743615

I know that greg likes to jump on bandwagons a bit late, but i honestly haven't seen anyone calling miley cyrus a slut since 2015. what a weird hill to die on.

No. 743617


Kek. It's because pornhub has a video of Miley twerking and such. We all know he's spanking it at the chalet while Krai cries with the scallions.

No. 743621

“”Isn’t a slut but if she was one” huh?? lol Only Anus the dumbass can defend and slut shame someone all in one sentence.

No. 743628

With her internet hiatus, it's all she's got.

No. 743631

Yikes. I suppose now that footwife can't bring in new teen girls he's trying a new approach? Dude looks ghastly.

No. 743634

As lulzy as it is I think he possibly photoshopped his hair and beard blonde, there’s already evidence of dodgy cropping job around his head and it just seems like something he’d do so he can turn around and go “hurrrr hurrrr haterz are so dumb” especially after an anon just recently said he would bleach his hair again to better skin walk kurt cobain

No. 743635

Yep, looks like it was done with FaceApp or something similar

No. 743636

It literally looks like his hair is wet ramen.

No. 743642

File: 1577760749661.png (254.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191230-215204.png)

No. 743655

Any idea why it went to password protected?

No. 743706

What?? Lol okay

Skye was abused too yet she still talked about his private parts and jerking it 3 hours a day

No. 743724

Frivolous commentary unrelated to onision can go in the anti-o thread, just a reminder.
Leave the name field empty and read lolcow.farm/info

No. 743750

Again; confirming what we already know: His ideal waifu is basically Shiloh/Alicia's personality with Billie's looks
Cute, alt, full of life & energy, and good in front of a camera.

I wonder why he is so drawn to "energeticness and bubbliness" so much, all while insulting people that don't possess those qualities, and yet is married to fucking Foot LMAO

No. 743757

Yeah, that's basically a manic pixie dream girl.

No. 743762

>the internet dehumanizes people
Not only is that one of the most pot calling the kettle black gobshite things he's ever said, most people are hard pressed to "humanize" a pedophile. I've said before that Lainey could possibly be successfully rehabilitated, not because I like her or want to "humanize" her, but out of recognition for how young she is especially compared to the old pedo she married who's apparently too aged, mentally deficient and set in his ways to stop being a predatory piece of shit.
>It's possible he's having a bit of an identity crisis
>a bit
The only thing he's ever been consistent with personality wise, is being a monumental retard.

No. 743766

>he only likes the gentle kind and doesn't like when it looks forced
Which is why he showed Shiloh that rape hentai of an underage character that he fapped to. It's obvious by now to anyone who's been paying attention that he hates women (why Lainey cried when C was born). He can talk shit about having empathy but that's all it is, shit talking.

No. 743768

File: 1577782885732.jpg (1.51 MB, 975x4437, 1575482804179.jpg)

It was Maya. This is more from that convo.

No. 743769

File: 1577782966911.jpg (978.5 KB, 1126x4001, 1575483202140.jpg)

Samefag. I don't remember where pic related is from. It's Maya.

No. 743771

Good points and it does look like deflection but I wouldn't count Mcfly out yet. Even if she's not his first choice she still "branded" herself. I can see a teenager doing something so moronic but that chick is what, 25? If she'd do something that stupid at her age there's no telling what lengths of stupid she won't go to for him.

No. 743774

>said Patreon stole money from his sex dolls' Patreon
Just when I thought he couldn't sound more pathetic - the only area in which he exceeds expectations.(Samefagging)

No. 743787

I don't think Greg cares for McFly as anything other than a loyal money machine that he's stringing along in case Foot gets arrested and he doesn't. He doesn't exactly have a lot of girls who are his "type" looking for his attention anymore, and he's looking at some big fees in the nearish future with lawyers, his tax shit, the wetlands fiasco, etc. McFly is stupidly dedicated and I think that Greg is just going to fake something with her in order to get some more cash until he figures out his next move.

No. 743789

He's the fucking poster boy of incels.

No. 743795

Lol the sex doll Patreon was receiving like 2 dollars a month (probably donated by himself lbr) so much money "stolen".

No. 743823

Lmao this is why Foot even claimed to transition to a man. She tried skin walking his type in Billie, she couldn't fucking master it and got laughed at. She's an ugly plain looking girl withy the personality of a wet dishcloth. Easier to say fuck out I'm a boy than try to compete. What a miserable existence. She use to hate when people who never heard of her and Greg would join her YouNow streams and ask why she's streaming in Boys. When the weird Indians and Turks started going "this ugly girl a man?" you could see her dying inside. Maybe Onion forgot she's not actually trans too and why he's always talking about how sexy everyone else is. No way it's not getting to his ugly space Prince. Her biggest issue during cuddle Gate was no one was giving her sympathy. Is this their first Christmas they had to spend completely alone with their kids? How awful for them to suffer each others company alone.

No. 743827

His second to last stream he kept talking about "big ole anime tiddies" and how if he was a woman he couldnt get his nudes leaked because he'd put them out to the public himself because he finds large breasts attractive and if he had them he would flaunt them. How crushing to hear that your husband loves with a passion something that you want to have cut off your chest. Poor poor Kry.

No. 743829

I thought he likes underdeveloped flat chests? make up your mind gerg

No. 743833

I'm sure the "big ole tiddies" thing is just a decoy. Greg very clearly stated that he liked "underdeveloped" bodies and got a lot of flak after the stream (with Blaire), he said it on.
Ever since, and especially since he's been called out as a pedo, he's been like "I love mature women with big boobs! I sware, u guize!"
Lainey knows what's up, and, I guess, had to watch lolita hentai with him or at least knows he watches it, so she knows his type is far from what he claims publicly.

No. 743836

All his public streams are "artful" deceptions. Him and his retarded fans really think they're doing something with his fake freakouts stories. We've got more to look forward to over the day and maybe a skit later to go along with his boring story. You can hear them all so not subtly discussing it. He's even pushing the narrative he has always fantasised about older women like his teachers. He likes to use the pornhub main page as his data source for why incest is ok and taboo is neat. He fails to understand all his streams actually are is a 34 washes up YouTuber constantly reminiscing about what got him hard in childhood while talking to a bunch of retards that sound like they haven't matured past middle school. The man doesn't have a future outlook he is stuck in his past and will be performing a skit based on made up circumstances of him having sex as a minor or something. He can only rewrite the past because his future is out of his hands. Imagine funding this unfunny ideas.

No. 743839

I don't think Grugly really cares for McFly because Grugly really doesn't care about anyone. I do think there's something more going on with the two of them, though. I guess I guess I can add a wall of text with reasons why I believe something is going on between them. I apologize in advance for any grammar/spelling mistakes, I'm trying to type this kinda quick.

-We have former paypig Dev's account of their most recent meet-up in Boston. As we know, she claims the two of them were attached at the hip, choosing to hangout with each other instead of hanging out as a group. When everyone was riding paddle boats or kayaks or something, Gurp and Mcfly separated themselves from the group and took their boat underneath some bridge alone.

-I don't know of it was a meet-up with all the paypigs, or if it was just Mcfly, or maybe a few paypigs. But Mcfly was in WA within the last year visiting Gurp. She had gotten an AirBnB (I believe Gurp got it for her $$) for the trip. There were pictures the two of them took together in the BnB, so anons suspected something was going on. It wasn't until later that Dev revealed Greg stayed the night with her because he was dRuNk(off two beers, ya OK) and didn't want to drive. Knowing how Gurp hyper-sexualizes everything would not use that oppertunity to cash in his suk-mi check, with Mcfly happily obliging.

-This was mentioned further up in the thread, but for the sake of being organized, I'll mention it here as well. During a discord stream, Grepedo randomly started talking about having a wrestling match with Mcfly like out of nowhere. He told her he would win since he beats her on height and weight (tall men don't constantly mention how tall they are, but I digress.) He immediately switches to how he's had SO MANY sexual wrestling matches in the past with GROWN ASS women. Ugh.

-This was also mentioned by another Anon. Greg was asking the paypigs if they have heard any rumors about him lately. He adds that he meant any new rumors. It seems like he's fishing for a specific answer. None of the paypigs really respond. He then brings up how everyone is talking about how there's something going on with him and M