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No. 13780

There's this special snowflake youtuber who has been popping up on my recommended all the time because I watch Japanese cooking videos. I finally decided to see what the shit she was all about and I cringed so hard.

>Scene, kawaii, emo, vegetarian

>18 or 19 and her parents still buy her hello kitty because of how much she threatens suicide
>Her voice makes my ear bleed
>Talks about cutting, drugs, and depression all the time
>Said how she's been emotional ever since she was a child. I quote her "I remember when I was 3, I would tell my mom I didn't want to live anymore"
>Dropped out early in highschool and her parents enable her laziness and spoil her
>No desire to pursue education and only do Youtube. Doesn't have a real job either.
>Basically is a shittier mexican version of Hailedabear
>Has an etsy store she brags about keeping up but pulls a Pixyteri and buys lots of kawaii stationary so her profits don't mean squat.
>Won't shut up about how she was bullied so much and how life has always been hard for her
>Every video talks about highschool (which she dropped out three years ago), suicide, and showing off more kawaii hauls which she rightfully earned from telling her parents how she was going to kill herself again.

No. 13781

Remember children, you can have as many kawaii things to your hearts desires if you drop out of school, do drugs and heavy alcohol, and tell your parents how looking at them in the morning makes you want to drink bleach.

No. 13782

Can we just make an entire thread about how annoying "kawaii hxc" girls are?

No. 13783

Hahahaha, those eyebrows.

No. 13784

eyebrow rage is probably the most dangerous.

No. 13785

lol @ her still going through her "i'm not a poser!" edgy phase that most people grow out of by the time they turn 13

also her eyebrows/hair are WHACK. someone should tell this girl that it's 2014, holy shit.

No. 13789

This video really pisses me off.

>>Class where everyone laughed every time I did or said anything

>>I brought something to play with everyday
>>Whaaa teacher wont let me have my phone out
>>Whaaa people trying to chat with me
>>Everyone but me is so stupid while I'm so cool and smart
>>I mean we didn't learn anything, omg school so dumb

I bet she was a disruptive cunt. That's why everyone laughed at you, bean monkey hoe. Also, why do you think she talks like that? She just says some words like a brit.

No. 13791


She's mexican and from Southern Califoria. She always lashes out and says she doesn't have an accent when someone points it out. Non-Americans think it's some Cali accent but really she just has annoying voice.

My favorite part of the video is when you can taste the bitterness from miles away due to the fact she never got to live out her high school experiences.

No. 13792

I don't really think it's her voice, she really pronounces her vowels like a brit. Maybe she watched a lot of British shows or something? Like the way she says "that", I've never hear an american say it like that. I've never heard mexicans talk like that, either. That's so weird.

No. 13796

Jealous of her room tbh

No. 13798


You can have the room of your dreams anon, just go throw a tantrum to Mr. and Mrs Anon. I believe in you.

No. 13808


Maybe I'm just getting old (I'm 24), but her room looks like a little girl's room.

No. 13811

She also has a store selling over priced squishes and other shit.

I would prefer if you guys open a new tab then look at her store, not directly from here. Sometimes Etsy tells you where it's directly coming from and I bet if she found out about here, she would shit on the thread more than Mickey did. http://katheeskawaiishop.com/

This is what her about page said:

>I started off selling kawaii handmade items on May 26 2013 on Etsy under CreepitCute. I never thought I’d enjoy selling things online but as CreepitCute grew my love for selling online grew as well

Bitch you only have 138 sales on Etsy. Also her business venture seems like she's playing store clerk like what kids do.

No. 13836

All that shit looks so fucking cheap.

No. 13842

I'm a sucker for dumb kawaii stuff, but something about her room bothers me. Maybe I'm being a sperg but putting files and keychains and shopping bags on the walls bugs me, I just want to go "nooo, that doesn't belong on there" and pull them off. Also, how much stationery does one person really need?

Probably because most of it is just Taobao/Aliexpress crap.

No. 13849

So she doesn't actually make anything she sells…wtf

No. 13860

I'm so tired of food jewlry. It's not even aesthetically pleasing food. Things like cupcakes I can understand, but burgers and churros? Lmao

No. 13867


No she's too dumb to know about those sites.
She has several videos of her mom taking her to sanrio and buying shit for her. If you live in Cali, they have Japanese stores like Kinokoniya and Daiso that sells tons of crap so I imagine she buys out the whole place.

Every time someone asks her if she's 9 because her parents buys her little toys and school supplies, she goes full on rage mode bragging that she's so busy with her etsy store and that she has her own online business.

No. 13870

I love Hello Kitty but that room looks so god damn childish.

No. 13873

I actually recognise a lot of the stuff from aliexpress, though she probably pays 10x as much for it from some asian store.

No. 13882


Yea I recognize them too but they sell it for a dollar each in Daiso/kinokoniya

No. 13884


Off topic but new business idea for you broke ass lolcowers, go to dollar tree and buy their weird crappy stuff and sell them on etsy for 10 times the price and mark them as 'vintage'. Also the dollar section of Target has tons of craft supplies for a dollar and sell them as crafts there.

No. 13957

its valley girl speak, anon

No. 13962

>her voice is annoying
>she's spoiled
>she sortof runs a business not really
>shes edgy and talks about her depression a lot
honestly pt? this is hella boring and hardly lolcow
you guys are nitpicking so hard
shes kinda cringy but??? really?? wow she resells cheap shit on etsy/storeenvy like 90% of kawaii stores now??? chill. and so what if he rooms "too much". you salty bitches arent living there so who cares how she decorates? sure its a little too much but jesus christ this is what can be considered a lolcow now?

No. 13964


Hello whiteknight anon, you must hate a lot of the threads here since they contain similar special snowflakes like kittyphina and hailedabear. The lolcow well is running a bit dry so it's understandable to post potential trainwrecks

I suggest going back to PULL :(

No. 13992

>i took acid
>i loved acid and i took a million acids!!!
>pretty colorzzz:-))
>but wow i am a lsd junkieee nooooo
>i took shrooms
>weird shit makes u hear voices and sends u to mental ward lol just like acid
>btw someone choked me in the ambulance or something

No. 14000

What's with all these ex-emo/scene whores with mental problems jumping on a kawaii bandwagon?

We only need Raven Sparks to become kawaii aidoru to and the circle will be complete

No. 14001

She's so pathetic.

No. 14004


She is really bad at doing drugs.

No. 56855

File: 1425424137349.png (127.11 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_2015-03-03-15-04-03…)

I knew she looked familiar. She recently appeared in a Taco Bell commercial. http://youtu.be/u2xhdiJ3WGc

No. 56864

What accent is this? Its so annoying to me. I'm british and it sounds like a garbled american/british accent but all the while having a blocked nose

No. 56944

Her accent drives me up the wall. Some other anon mentioned she was from the valley. She sounds similar to Suzy/Mortermer in that way. I can't stand either of their voices and both are spoiled.

No. 56945

Why do people make these dumb ass rants on youtube? Geez.

No. 56966

I think it's a posh accent or something. They tend to say their vowels the brit way. It might be a valley girl, though, idk.

No. 56967

That's not an American accent– even a "posh" one. Where did that even come from, have you people ever even heard Valley girls speak? Nobody here in any providence speaks that way.

It sounds like she's faking an English accent and she can't do it properly.

No. 56972


I've heard someone talk in a smiler way. She just isn't exaggerating it and sounds casual, so it's hard to recognize, but I think she sounds posh.

No. 56988

Though I understand what you're saying, TV usually over exaggerates stuff like that. I wouldn't really rely on a sitcom clip as claim evidence.

Nobody, rich people included, speaks like that in the US anymore except for in cartoons/kids movies/television.

I still think she's just faking an English accent.

No. 56991

that's not her is it? the eyes/eyebrows look different.

No. 56992

nevermind, i just looked in the comment section, i guess it is her after all. huh.

No. 57011

>Said how she's been emotional ever since she was a child. I quote her "I remember when I was 3, I would tell my mom I didn't want to live anymore"
that's actually quite sad
if she has depression then i feel bad for her
i know some people that dropped out because they had depression and school was fucking up their health

No. 57014

i'm sorry for sounding like a shitty whiteknight or w/e
i've never heard of her before
it's just that i know some people that because of depression they do drugs and they really want to die and then drop out school so yeah some of them aren't dumb, just truly need help tbh
however, holy shit
why doesnt her parents tell her to go get a job to pay kawaii shit? fuck you don't threathen to commit suicide for dumb shit like this
it's because of people like her that nobody takes suicidal people seriously

No. 57066

she's insufferable and i got so much secondhand embarrassment.

i had a best friend who dropped out junior year too because she was severely depressed, but confided in me enough to say she regretted it and wish she pushed herself. she lived with her dad who was abusive though, it's hard to learn to believe in yourself when you deal with that.

it makes me wonder about this girl's home life.

depression runs in my family and i've talked seriously about dying when i was a child too. it gets pretty real, and i understand why she would drop out, but you don't learn to live with depression by letting it control you. unfortunately it's a series of battles and it doesn't look like she's trying, and her parents don't help that.

No. 57069

Yeah but you should also know depression isn't the only condition that could negatively affect one's life, she could have been dealing with multiple issues that affect how she deals with her depression.

I've had major issues with school due to depression and anxiety, and honestly would have wished at my lowest that I had something as asinine as an affinity for kawaii bs to help me cope with how terrible I felt.

Originally I was rolling my eyes at her behavior, I find her room set up akin to something a toddler would enjoy, but if she really, truly suffers from a disorder, than I can't really fault her for the all of this.

Idk if her parents tried to intervene at all and get her help when she first/most needed it, but if she didn't this enabling behavior may be due to guilt. At least thats how my mom was for a little while when she found out I wanted to die. Idk, I guess if you expect to find your kid dead one morning, you either try your hardest to get them help or to give them everything you think will make them happy while you can.

No. 57112

> ends up in mental hospital 4x

Well someone is bad at drugs. Although that doesnt surprise me, she seems like a dumb cunt. IF she really has depression (which probably isnt the case) taking drugs is the dumbest thing you can do. It can make you go into psychosis, make depression worse, ect.

No. 57115

but drugs are the only escape from this twisted fate we call reality, muh nigga

Seems like your run of the mill 'depressed' grrrl that takes drugs to look cool and can't function in society. I won't judge too much because I wasted a year and a half of the last part of highschool severely depressed and abused, so I understand how that shit goes. Tragic backstory and everything. But I go to therapy an I'm trying to work my shit out :/ I realized I couldn't be a weak little child forever, and the only way I could survive was to push through. And now, like 2 years later, I have my own apartment and I'm going to school ect. You have to grow up even if you're sick in the head. It's just fact. I don't feel too bad for people who stopped developing after 14. Put on your big person pants and suck it up. :/ if you have the mental and physical capacity to be a functioning member of society, try your fucking hardest to do that. Ugh.

No. 57120

File: 1425464867680.jpg (54.83 KB, 640x361, image.jpg)

No. 57296

Urg exactly I know someone who is severly depressed. He is in therapy and soldiers on even on days where he doesnt feel like it, because he has to provider for his family. Muh depression isnt an excuse to hide in your room and stop developing and just generally being a sack of leeches to other people.

No. 57301

Ive also wanted to die since im a child
pls be my friend anon

No. 57841

She talked about her commercial on Tumblr. Here's what gets me (cringe-worthy part in bold for emphasis):

>My entire life people just kept telling me I’d be a fuck up because I never had a plan for my future. Especially after dropping out of high school and not going to college or getting a job, just sitting around at home enjoying my only life and doing the things that make me smile the most was everything that mattered/matters to me. All the people that stood around laughing telling me I was crazy for not going to school and doing silly things like talking to a camera don’t matter anymore.

I feel a little bad but c'mon girl, grow up.

No. 63422

Just a comment on the accent - I have a Canadian friend and she's lived in England for the last 11 years and she talks a little bit like that.

No. 87730

File: 1429833419500.jpg (48.53 KB, 478x466, Screenshot_2015-04-23-16-49-27…)

An update on this girl:
>used to live with her mother only
>parents are separated and her father considers her a fuck-up
>she recently moved to Los Angeles, a street away from her best friend
>can't even set up her own Internet or call anyone to do it for her

I don't know how this girl is going to survive on her own.

No. 87739

I saw the commercial at my dad's house and it was a .2 second shot. Not even anything to brag about.

No. 87740

If she's installing a modem or router, it's the easier shit. Very simple instructions. That's pathetic.

No. 87752

Agreed. Don't know if she got paid a lot for that as she has moved out of her mom's house and bought herself a new car.

It took her about three days. She just got Internet about an hour ago.

No. 87778

omg lol. So I was skipping through parts, and I get to this one bit…
>It burns holes in your brain that drug.
>You're just never the same after you do drugs.
>One day after taking more acid, I bought $60 worth of weed and put it into a brownie, I don't remember much about that day because I woke up in a mental hospital.
wooooah lol, okay there.

No. 87782

File: 1429842497165.jpg (21.42 KB, 400x516, 9VniLgV.jpg)

She's the type of girl that probably thinks you can overdose after smoking ten pots.

No. 87784

>$60 worth of weed
>weed brownies
>not using concentrates

damn, what a pathetic piece of shit.

No. 88607

New video update:
>moved into an apartment all by herself
>wants to work at Hot Topic

Other updates:
>apparently doesn't know how to work a phone seeing as how she can't block people from texting and calling
>One of her tweets: "Got a call from a stranger and hung up. Now he's texting me asking for my address. Like what. No. It's giving me anxiety. ;~;"

No. 88610

This ad is hilarious!!

No. 88612

Even if she doesnt know, she can Google it or go to a phone store to have them do it. Come on now

No. 88668

lol I watched the video without checking the OP and the whole time I thought this girl was "Leda" another cow on here, and I was thinking "damn she got really ugly"

No. 88701

>I had no friends
>Went to concerts, went out with friends, went to parties


No. 88786



No. 88793

File: 1430033595556.jpg (53.58 KB, 478x410, Screenshot_2015-04-26-00-28-07…)

Yeah, she definitely seems like a Leda clone.

Soon they're gonna end up looking like little bits of corn. Bleh.

No. 89737

I don't really watch her shit cause I find her annoying, but how has she been able to move out? Parents paying? Bit of money from YouTube? I thought she didn't have a job.

No. 89856

That's what I'm wondering as well. She doesn't have enough YouTube views to make crazy money (about half of her videos have less than 10,000 views). Her dad said that she's a fuck-up so I doubt he'd support her. I also doubt the money she made from the Taco Bell commercial is enough for her to live off of it comfortably.

I'm pretty obsessed with this girl but have not found a solid answer.

No. 89895

>$60 worth of weed and put it into a brownie

she means she baked a pan of brownies and ate one? dude.
even if that was $60 worth of grade-A cali-grown dank, those ratios aren't right if she's trying to be impressive. unless she ate the entire pan? I guess that would be something better than this to brag about.

sheeeyit, girl.
if you end up in a mental hospital after smoking, that says something about YOU, not the drug.

No. 89914

$60 worth to make some butter, maybe?

>if you end up in a mental hospital after smoking, that says something about YOU, not the drug.

Well, iirc, 1-3 in 100 natural cannabis smokers will present to a hospital with a mental episode and something like 30 in 100 synthetic cannabis users will have a psychotic episode. That isn't per person, it's per usage so every time you light up you roll for that chance. Some are more susceptible than others, of course.

No. 89918

Meh lolcow is starting to be a beta version of pull…she isnt a lolcow, i see a boring weaboo with a cute pink room. She isnt even popular enough to have her own thread.

No. 89945

Per usage makes no sense, if it was so then more people would have a psychotic episode from weed. The percentage of people who are at risk for that is low (around 5%), from hearing about those who have this happen to them it is something that happens their first time.

No. 90233

File: 1430264092751.jpg (47.16 KB, 412x404, Screenshot_2015-04-28-16-32-06…)

It seems she got rid of her stupid accent in her latest video. Either that or I've gotten used to it.

I don't know, she seems to fit the description of one.

No. 90590

Who is laughing at her besides a bunch of newfags?

No. 90596

haha good theory.

I always thought her accent was from her melted brains of so many drugs she did. I used to know a bunch of druggies who acted similar. Perhaps it's a mixture of the two.

No. 101429

Her newest video is about how she now has an eating disorder after moving out of her mom's house.
>claims to eat three times a day, then throws it up
>has anxiety
>moved out in order to get away from everyone despite living a street away from her best friend
>doesn't get much sleep anymore

No. 101434

Who the fuck even gives a shit about anxiety? Seems like the go-to mental illness because it's the easiest one to fake. I suffer from anxiety and it just makes you into an awkward little pussy that hates doing anything.

No. 101435

Exactly. I hate how people now use the word "anxiety" when they really mean they're just nervous. It's just like when people started saying they were depressed when they were only having a bad day.

No. 101472

who gives a shit? lol wat kind of pussy anxiety do you have
i mean tbh she sounds like she fakes it and its easy to fake for attention whores but people who actually have bad anxiety it legit ruins ur life

No. 101943

is she saying that she always had an eating disorder.. or that she just got it as consequence of living alone for a few weeks? that sounds overly dramatic as fuck.

also, I hate it when youtubers say shit like "I do it for you guys, you guys keep me going, you're my strength" etc. when they're literally talking about strangers who they don't know anything about.

No. 101965

Seriously. I have anxiety and it used to be so bad that I couldn't go out of the house without feeling like something bad would happen if I did.

No. 102949

might be paranoia dear

No. 151035

what the fuck is wrong with me that i always wanna date thesse chicks, i need me an edgy spic gf again(ok)

No. 219374

You are all fucking rude cunts so go fuck yourself she is a beautiful amazing girl and I don't make fun of you for what color your room is or what bedsheets you have because when you wee a child EVERY THING was bought for you so you people are rude and I hope you burn in he'll WAIT NO I DONT I don't want you assholes to interrupt me and my friends so I hope you live forever and watch all your family and freinds DIE

No. 219377

lets out a big fart on ur face

No. 219381

>revived a dead thread

OP no one cares about your vendetta.

No. 219395


>I hope you burn in he'll



You're just as bad.

No. 219460

Are you guys so ignorant that you can't accept that she is a little bit different than you? I know that on the anxiety subject, it's easier to go places with a trusted person. On screen it may not look like she has anxiety, but that is because it's easier to talk to a camera than a person. I'm so sick of all of this bad stuff about her. You guys are entitled to an opinion, I get that, but you should know to keep it to yourself and not make fun of someone because that makes you some of the worst people in the world, other than serial killers and theives.

No. 219466


Are you lost? this is lolcow.

No. 219467

Yes, I am a bit lost because who in their right mind would make a website for this?

No. 219471

A website for what exactly?

No. 219476

File: 1451843549875.gif (477.69 KB, 500x232, g-disappointed-theyuniversity-…)


Just stop while you're ahead, buddy.

No. 219502

Time to go back to where ever you came from~

No. 219518

A website for making fun of people, just for the enjoyment of it.

No. 219519

go away if you don't like it… close the tab… it's easy

No. 219538

File: 1451855443125.png (125.06 KB, 350x352, 350px-Demoman_taunt_laugh.png)

>doesn't know how to reply to posts

No. 219560


I don't why but this reaction image made me kek out loud.

No. 219583


Demoman is bae.

Also this thread is pretty stupid? I mean at the time it was decent, all cows start somewhere and this girls is kind of shitty but no point in bringing it back to defend her lol.

No. 219584

File: 1451865474257.gif (960.71 KB, 303x292, tumblr_inline_mh1zg4sKE81rrzlr…)

best taunt in the game

No. 219594

i know but i think her white knights are pretty retarded

No. 219595

i agree man

No. 219603

We have threads making fun of both fat people and anorexic people. We hate everyone equally.

No. 219610

The only thing that lolcow can agree on is thy we hate absolutely everyone.

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