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File: 1507656032001.jpg (273.75 KB, 600x600, 1507628871601.jpg)

No. 447851

Previous thread: >>>/pt/444507

>Lameobot still sucks at makeup

>Onion boy is still going to LA for collabs and bought a pair of shoes to replace his ugly dad ones

>Onion also releases a video discussing self-harm and upsets literally everybody

>Cow tipping lameobot on YouNow about Momokun causes her to have angsty replies and an obvious facial breakdown (also potential tears)

>Tinfoil speculation about who Onion is banging due to sudden lovebombing on camera

>Thread ended with being shitted up by 13 year olds who don't know how to sage or withdraw from commenting unnecessary things. (One worded responses not contributing to the conversation are frowned upon anon)

>The teat is relatively dry from both cows but lets hope something is brewing in there

Let's hope this doesn't happen again :)

Social Media Links


Don’t link directly to onion-clan videos, sage if not new milk, don't derail with topics about astrology, celebrity gossip, and white-knighting. Lurk Moar or risk getting banned/attacked by old farmers.

No. 447854

Also wanted to link the previous thread once again because there is so much wonderful fanart and edits in the last thread that everyone should scroll for:


No. 447856

why is there infighting in the description to a new thread?

No. 447857

File: 1507656412690.png (572.36 KB, 1562x1246, perhapspplshouldtakethismorese…)

> an onision fan that resides in LA and interacts with Greg frequently

No. 447858

File: 1507656447918.png (43.9 KB, 587x463, a suspect.png)

> cakefacetay other twitter which is suspect enough

No. 447860

File: 1507656497015.png (183.79 KB, 1071x631, cancer.png)

> youtube channel for cakefacetay.
confirms she is not a gemini, but a water sign like onion.

looks like she wants to be an aspiring actor and vlogger…

No. 447861

So people can learn from their mistakes, it got really ugly over there

No. 447863

This is trash self posting, that person has bought twitter followers and is a nobody. No identity and a catfish. Next.(learn 2 sage)

No. 447864

>aspiring actor and vlogger…

Honestly I could see him collabing with one of his female followers soon. Since he replies to her, he could fly her over to do a collab and to win brownie points with SJWs.

No. 447865

hopefully the cowtipping stops, take it to discord u faggots

No. 447866

he's had 0 success with flying girls out, she lives in LA.

think onion boy is going to ditch the wife at home for all future endeavours until she leaves him.

No. 447867

did he not announce he wasn't going to go back to LA after cft was brought up in the thread before the previous one (sorry there's been so many shitted up threads hard to remember which ones are relevant)

No. 447868

why so defensive anon?

No. 447869

i'm starting to think someone is self-posting as well because I think we mentioned cakefacetay literally eons ago (in the last thread) and suddenly she is coming back up as a possibility but most of us know that Onion isn't into women who aren't white, and idk a lot of girls live in LA. Who knows, he could be talking to a girl who lives in LA but isn't following him on Twitter. But I could see her as a collab possibility.

I wish a farmhand was lurking onion threads at all hours lol, there were a few people that could have used a temporary pasture retreat if you know what I mean ;)

exactly, he isn't returning to LA anytime soon, and I think Lainey has some contribution to that decision but regardless, he has no career in LA (or a career left honestly)

No. 447870

i wish u would stop samefagging and get put out to pasture tbh

No. 447872

Yeah the rule policing anon is suspicious especially since they kept trying to put CFT in the spotlight while bitching about the moo specualation

No. 447874

if cft ever produces milk, y'all can kiss my ass.

No. 447875

Please just report the infighting and move on.

No. 447877

I just re-read the rules, and just decided to stop giving those anons attention. The best thing to do would just be to report them I guess.

Also yeah, idk why people are not okay with moo speculation, I think its a tighter lead than any other theories simply because he is giving her the red carpet to strut on.

In fact, a lot of people should be excited since Moo gets many popular threads of her own. Its like two giant milky cows are coming together.

No. 447879

yea momo does have her own thread, so why is there sperging about her tits and drama in onion thread, it's repetitive and just ups the amount of threads with no milk.

No. 447880

The hentai video was two threads ago and why are you dragging the bitching the last thread ended with into the new thread. What a shit first post.

No. 447881

methinks the anon that wouldn't drop the derailing made this thread to stick it to rules anon… yawn

No. 447882

I think the sperging is over her being discussed in Onion threads but she is literally the most relevant thing in the Onion's lives right now so she is part of the discussion. If they get together, we have to consider making a thread for all three of them at once. But for now, they're both separate but crossing over.

If you don't like it you can leave. Its Hentai edition because someone in the last thread brought up that he might be fapping to moomoo because shes his real life hentai since he quit.

No. 447883

Why is there still speculation about this? Shes beyond irrelevant and probably only got onions attention because he's too stupid to realize she buys followers. She uses other girls pics as her icons and only posts pics showing a fraction of her face. Not to mention the obvious, which is onision only dates light skinned girls. Can we please quit mentioning her or at least move any discussion involving her to the onion flakes thread?

No. 447884

move her to the onion flakes thread, the other patronfags might know her

No. 447885

File: 1507658243854.png (274.42 KB, 1044x542, racistonion1.png)

You guys forgetting about how grease feels about black people?

No. 447886

File: 1507658256237.png (220.75 KB, 1181x176, racistonion2.png)

No. 447887

File: 1507658271007.png (137.45 KB, 1187x147, racistonion3.png)

No. 447888

For people who continue to think CFT is a potential lead: >>>/snow/381380

No. 447889

File: 1507658331070.png (89.8 KB, 648x205, jndfkj.png)

pretty sure he fancied this chick he worked with a lot

No. 447892

Stop infighting.

No. 447896

Plainey's new "cosplay" vid is up. Anyone wanna mirror?

No. 447898


He was making videos with her even during the Shiloh-era, and I always thought the @video gf" phase started out with Lame. Hmm…

No. 447900

she worked with SKC too, i actually found Onion thru swiftkaratechop + cyr (who i both fancied tehe). this was the last time onion lived in LA living the dream

No. 447901

Jess was dating joenation (or whatever his name is) back then (and still??)
Jess was olgakays roommate. He also worked with olga. Olga dated Toby around this time i think.

(I'm ashamed I know any of this)

No. 447902

yes i forgot about olgakay! i don't think onion is honestly picky about girls, olgakay was an it girl for a while and i never got it

No. 447904


Cyr and SKC were the first people Onion collaborated with in person (first time going to LA), have you watched this before, anon?

PS: video not uploaded by Onion.


He collaborated with Olga too when he started taking off, I think they only made emo-dating videos and eventually collaborated again a year later.

No. 447907

kek, yes i remember. i had a giant crush on skc when i was like 16/17, i use to make my then bf and friends watch his videos. then i got jealous of britini martini lmao but still stuck around. SKC is not the same guy these days

i thought cyr was cute

i couldn't make my mind up about onision, til i saw his speaks video and realised what a dumb ass he was and kept hate watching. i totally knew he was in love with skye's sister, always fixated on her in videos. then AJ released the letter and he screamed her name out in bed or something iirc

i remember the emo vids with olga, she was a circus chick wasn't she? is that why she was popular. onion always hanged with the skeevz, you'd never see davedays working with him

sage for lols

No. 447910

File: 1507660437635.png (46.11 KB, 229x203, Screenshot 2017-10-10 at 2.32.…)

No. 447911

She is legit the only person I've seen dressed as Misty who does not look even remotely sexy

No. 447915

OT but why is onion always 10 - 15 years late with his haircuts lol. this looks like what kids in the 90s would wear. what did they all have with long hair anyways, that wasn't even popular during that time or am I wrong? And when I watch his skye era videos it always looks like 20 or 30 years ago but its not.

No. 447916


Please keep this garbage over in >>>/snow/381380 along with all the other Onion dick riders.

No. 447917

i just want to give more support to the theory that greg got caught jacking it to momo

which is why this is happening, i can very clearly picture him saying, "It's juts..kjmgrjdrg ANIME. If you were anime I would whack off to you too"

No. 447918


I always thought Cyr was a cutie, even to this day but that's just me. Also, who tf is skeevez?

Saged for not watching the lulzsor4ndUm phase on YouTube, started watching Grease in late 2011-12

No. 447919

i meant he hangs out with the sketchy ones lol. wee joke.

it's ok anon grease doesn't really evolve. if u watch the valentines dumg gf vid with jess he's almost foreshadowing his impending divorce with laimey

No. 447920

he's got no class and it shows

No. 447922


Because he recycles the same damn hairstyles from when he was a teenager, just look at the guitar picture with his former step-daddy (Crazy Tami's last husband).

On the other hand, he don't look that bad-nvm Gregma used filters in his old videos too!

Childhood ruined.

No. 447923

jfc, did she even google misty, her hair is up. she doesn't have daft heavy eyebrows and no eyeliner, maybe on the top waterline

how does she not have the time to present a decent image to the world, how is she so ignorant of advice

No. 447924

because she doesn't actually care about getting it right

No. 447926

she is taking us all for a ride

No. 447929

File: 1507661959169.png (1.5 MB, 1587x790, wontshaveybot.png)

>I'm Misty AF

Nice armpit rug, Laimey.

No. 447932

Isn't the Onion so turned off by body hair?

No. 447937

File: 1507662567936.png (82.75 KB, 275x276, Screenshot 2017-10-10 at 3.06.…)

I think onion made that "will you still love me when I'm older" twitter post because he saw himself in his most recent vlog. fuck he looks crusty.

No. 447940

I think he’s quoting a Lana del Rey song…

No. 447941

Holy shit, he actually seriously looks uncanny valley here, like he's wearing a pseudo-human mask or something. It's either his weird expression or his crocodile teeth, but something ain't right.

No. 447943

are quotes not allowed to be relevant to the writer's current mental state? pretty sure that's the point.

No. 447948


Yes but he hates Lana Del Rey, he's made fun of her singing and appearance.

No. 447952

File: 1507663799566.jpg (71.66 KB, 500x380, IMG_0783.JPG)


What I'd do

No. 447953

File: 1507663823295.jpg (67.6 KB, 575x1024, CPYlfE_WcAEbgox.jpg)


He looks like a melting waxwork a la Kylie Jenner

No. 447954

File: 1507663990174.png (116.76 KB, 359x311, Screenshot 2017-10-10 at 3.06.…)

old man gerg is getting sleepy guys it's hard for him to provide any milk these days

No. 447955

Watching LameCow pose after her 'Misty makeup look' made me almost vomit in my mouth. Hard cringe.
So little Onion milk these days, the only thing I am looking forward to is The Josh's next video in about 24hr. (No I am not him for all those paranoid anons), I just like the way his milkshake brings Gerg to the yard.

No. 447956

Her Misty tutorial was so sad, that wig is one thing, but her eyebrows being so weirdly drawn and not even remotely close to a proper color for the character did not help at all.

I think the eyeliner didn't help either, Misty doesn't really have eyeliner like that so it was basically Lameo wearing a halfassed costume.

No. 447957

bitch is so obsessed with herself, she always sticks out her tongue like a fucking 13 year old. I can't even look at her instagram, its the worst thing ever

No. 447962


I mean, she'd be recognizable on Halloween I guess, but this is so zero effort.

No. 447964

Tinfoil but Greg might be obsessed with Moo because she makes 10k on Patreon and wants Lainey to do the same–with cosplay. She's been mentioning it more and more lately although she was never into it. I wonder if he'd like her to do soft-porn, too.

It wouldn't make sense for him to find out how she's making so much because it is cosplay + soft porn, two things he couldn't do, but Lainey could. Maybe they fought about that, but Misty's costume is already pretty revealing for Lainey and her 'dysmorphia'.

No. 447965

I think she could make a cute Misty but she has to fukkin over complicate everything and be a tryhard. KEEP IT SIMPLE LAINEY.

No. 447967

yes that's why he's fucking someone else in la

No. 447971

oh god, Lainey would do it too. Anything to please Onion. Best part about it is he'd use it against her when they split too. It'd be easy for him to convince his fans she cheated on him or something if she was doing soft core porn. They're all lil teenagers who wanna hop on his dick anyway.
Only sad thing will be her kids, poor troy will probably end up seeing one his mommys nooods one day

No. 447972

Sage for tinfoil
but I bet Gerg's fucking around with Mercedes in LA. She makes the most sense out of anyone out there.

No. 447973

Probably why shes making her way back to being feminine. Wouldn't be surprised if she got the idea to become a fake boy from the tinfoiling on here about him secretly wanting to bang girly dudes (and shane)
Even better I wonder if Sarah has secretly been convincing Lainey to keep up the space prince act to make her unattractive to Onion while she lurks around the mcmansion now 17 and looking more like a billie skinwalker to steal Onion away
We all know Sarah wants the onion dick and seems more straight then gay so it'd make sense for her to want Lainey to be all space prince like and grow body hair.

No. 447977

File: 1507666814895.png (434.56 KB, 979x856, Screenshot_2017-10-10-14-15-58…)

>spending $40+the cost of a wig on this shitty costume

No. 447980

Those fucking croc teeth, Dem wrinkles. Damn grease you're fucking OLD

No. 447982

If this turns out to be the truth, can you imagine how stupid they'll both be about this?
Most professional cosplayers spend thousands on materials and photographers, and lameo and gurg are underestimating it so hard

No. 447990

File: 1507668490527.png (1.02 MB, 1276x636, Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 4.47…)

>shows off size 28 shorts like they're 24s

No. 447992

imo the reason she was a fakeboi for a while was/is because she's become so far removed from her real self that she was trying to be 'different' - so, because she didn't feel conventionally attractive (body changes from having children, short hair, emotional issues, relationship issues) she made it 'okay' by being 'not conventional' - so she had an excuse or a REASON not to be conventionally attractive

but now that her hair is growing out and things are calming down a little bit she's trying to become actually attractive again.

This is what I was saying in the last thread: if she just stuck to any one aesthetic she would be attractive by now.

No. 447994

File: 1507668968980.png (357.94 KB, 719x1211, 20171010_155450.png)

No. 448001

>We all know Sarah wants the onion dick

No we don't? I have not seen any reason to think that. Nevermind some grand conspiracy for her to manipulate Lainey to get to him. Not everything revolves around wanting to fuck Onion jeez.

No. 448003

Pls spoiler next time, that is horrific.

He likes cosmetic surgery as much as Lana, so that makes sense

One piece of evidence I remember is an entry on her tumblr or whatever "I hate the way I feel when he comforts me" or something like that.

Other anons might remember better how the Sarah <3 Onion theory came to be

No. 448005

I remember that, but as far as I remember that's all there was. Personally from what I've seen is he just makes her uncomfortable and is constantly mean to her. I get the feeling the Tumblr post was moreso about his manipulation than her wanting the D. I'd sooner believe she wants Lainey than Onion

No. 448008

Sarah is definitely lesbian and 100% doesn't have eyes for Greg. The only reason she is fixated on Lainey is because she's a teen and was attracted to dat youtube fame. Lainey made her feel special by using her as her emotional cum-rag. The fact that Lainey (a jealousy fiend) lets her stay at the house reveals that there's no threat. Haven't even seen any passive-aggressive digs and we know how much lainey gets off on them

No. 448009

Like it how all of you can slag a group of people with condioms and stuff fucking grow up and bore off will ulyou(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 448011

Before anyone even starts, don't reply just report.

No. 448012

How do we know she's definitely lesbian then? Because she says so?

No. 448013

Already done

No. 448014

Wasn't it confirmed by a family member? Also her tweets ect suggest that

No. 448015

File: 1507671307763.png (84.66 KB, 580x700, Ni29Ito.png)

oniongrease is whining about youtube once again :)

No. 448017

size 28 is for chubby girls. nice ~ana~ body lainey lmao

No. 448018

Please sage

No. 448019

pls don't backseat mod thx

No. 448020

agree(learn 2 sage)

No. 448021

Did she say "We are misty"? holy shit she sounds mental with all that angeder bullshit.

Also, why does she have to be so half assed at everything? She didn't style the wig properly and her real hair is sticking out under it.

No. 448023

File: 1507671901438.png (141.61 KB, 719x741, 20171010_164309.png)

This chick really loves Greg she'd jump on the microdick in front of Lamey.

No. 448024

Probably doesn't care to put the effort in because gregs just gonna jerk off onto it anyway. I imagine anytime they have sex anymore it involves wigs or whatever is closest to a paper bag with billies/lolli anime face drawn on it. Feel bad for sarah not only is she stuck parenting their kids but she's gotta listen to their gross sex and Lainey's later bitching about it.

No. 448025

Uuuh size 28 is equivalent to a size 6 which isn't chubby just saying, to her probably

No. 448026

I remember seeing her in the discord fag thread. A lot of his mods wanna blatantly hop on just his dick and don't even mention Lainey. I don't think Onion even really interacts much with them, they're mostly chubbos and wannabe anas

No. 448027

Asian American is 7, African American is 1. Even though he doesn't say the N word at any point, >>447886 but this shit is deplorable.

>Those screenshots are from forever ago, he's probably changed his mind or at least evolved to some degree

(Okay even the average farmer would agree he hasn't evolved a cm since high school) If you take notice of his "hot or not" videos he has said no to all black people, at least from the videos I've seen. Also, he doesn't have any black friends. He has never collaborated with black people from youtube except Smellziebutt or whatever he was called. Would he stick it in with such a racist mindset just because she's young, maybe… but I'd be more convinced if he wanted to smash moomoo, especially with all the curvy body talk

No. 448028


Nathan J. Barnett (collaborated with Onion) looks pretty sketchy himself!

No. 448035

ana-chan pls go

Given his track record, YouTube probably demonetizes his content by default. YT is not to blame for your dying channel and dwindling views, Gerg.

No. 448037

A size 6 is perfectly healthy. But she's always talking about being too thin and having to gain weight.

No. 448039

Yeah, size 28 pants are ~37-39 inch hips. That's perfectly average, but with someone like Lamey who is always talking about how skinny she is, its ridiculous. Unless her pelvis is huge, she has about average body fat on her butt and hips.

No. 448041

tbh huge-bones here and I've got a 38 inch hip, but low bf% so I can buy it, I've seen some thin size 8+s before… though the petty part of me wants to assume she forgot that she was supposed to be a smol ana boi w/ the rest of you.

No. 448047

File: 1507674883446.png (551.74 KB, 750x1334, EE702C37-AFA8-49C4-9C85-64A3D1…)

wearing the mustache and wigs, just make me cringe. it’s like he’s trying to go back how he use to be on UhOhBro when he got millions of views but it’s just embarrassing now

No. 448051

Did she say "we"? That's not even a trans/non-binary thing, that's… either a royal we or a multiple system tumblr delusion thing

No. 448054

Onion's latest video didn't even make it to 7k views after one day. That's a new low! The adpocolypse has had an impact on youtube but that doesn't explain how appalling those viewing figures are. 2.1 Million subs and 7k views, what percentage is that??? Karma is biting him so hard and its beautiful.

If you're reading this Greg I hope you realise that there's no coming back from this. You had the easy life and you totally fucked it!

No. 448064

I think it's 0.33%?

Not sure, running on 4 hours of sleep lol.

No. 448065

This. So hard.

There are a lot of people who assume Onion boy would have changed from high school but not only has he not changed since high school, he even fantasizes it and uses it as inspiration for his books. He likes having a teen demographic because he feels like he can still pretend his advice applies since he hasn't had any adult experiences (even him being a father is more of a teenage experience for him). And like yeah his speaks videos are further evidence that his opinion of colored people has not changed, he has nothing nice to say about black people (even when they're his fans) and the closest he ever is to being nice is to acknowledge someone who is attractive but you won't find this man in the bed of a colored lady.

No. 448067


I am seriously in disbelief that this is the best he can come up with. This disgusting excuse for a dad is faced w/ huge debt and has been alive for 35 years. The best he can do is buy a dollar store costume? Or better yet steal it from his ladyboy wife?

I'd rather him go back to humiliating himself, maybe in public places lol.

No. 448075

If she’s a size 28 she’s fucking lying about her weight. I’m 5’3” (same hight as her) I wear a size 28 and I’m 130 lbs.(learn 2 sage)

No. 448076

Yep. I do believe his channels been targeted so he won't recover from this but I don't feel bad for him at all. He's humiliated so many people over the years. All that drama that once brought him so much money is whats going to be his downfall in the end.

No. 448079


ANON she weighs 104 pounds, didn't you know! She regularly repeats this and gets triggered when people say she isn't too skinny.

No. 448080

>confirms she is not a gemini, but a water sign
pls ban

No. 448082

File: 1507681264943.jpg (30.7 KB, 566x223, funnn.jpg)


No. 448083

I second this, these people are ignoring the farmers' directions over and over again.

No. 448084

Lame on Younow 10/10/2017

-IS going to throw herself a gender reveal party to "come out" as Agender.
-She just adressed herself as a WE again.
-Jealous of Dan's YouNow chat.
-Someone mentions they dressed up last year and Onion agrees saying he dressed up as the joker, Lame says "There is no way I was a part of that", when I dressed up as Harley Quinn it was 2 years ago, and Onion says "Oh". (Last year Onion dressed up with Ayalla and Billie while Lames was moping.
-Talks about first date with Billie and how she was to nervous to do anything even hold hands so she just touched her leg and jumped because she was to nervous….. SO GAY!

No. 448085

Soooooo does that means she hadn't already come out as agender?

I thought she did a video about being agender like years ago.

No. 448088

I know this is blogposting/superflouous but I am a size 28 in jeans as well, and 5'3". I have a 10 in difference between my waist and hips and I still weigh 115 lbs. I am not even close to being underweight and neither is Lainey. If she wears a size 28, she's probably underreporting her weight by 10 or 15 lbs.

I thought youtube wasn't about the money, Gerg? I thought it was what "saved you" from suicide. Hmmm, maybe you're not actually creative and you just want to profit off the ignorance of 14-year-olds.

No. 448089

Lame YouNow 10/10/2017.

-Does not wish to talk about what happened yesterday.
-Wants to do flowers or glitter for her beautybot background. (She's such a boy you guys!)
-Doesn't care about body hair.
-Says it is scary to kiss girls, but has kissed 40 boys? (So gay guys, such boy!)

No. 448090


it pisses me off when people want all the 'perks' of being anorexic or having eating issues without any of the fucking 'work' or suffering. if shes so on that 'skelly' life like she's been claiming so proudly, 28 is 'chubby'. whether or not it is objectively large is irrelevant - it's not what she's purporting to be.

No. 448091

File: 1507682162996.png (292.97 KB, 614x405, Screenshot 2017-10-10 at 8.35.…)

someone needs to get this through to gurrgles, he pretends to idolize Hawking.

No. 448092

Onion isn’t 35 he’s 31/32

No. 448093

Lainey said she's not sure if she's going to upload the boyfriend buys my outfits video.

He must have really screwed up…

No. 448095

That's true– if she really had disordered eating/thoughts and was "on that skeleton shit," as she so eloquently put it, she would be mortified to publicly show off her size 28 jeans.

I'm guessing Onion just didn't want to do it and the video never existed on the first place.

No. 448096

-Ignoring most of the chat.
-Confirms that she casually drinks and would date someone who casually drinks, but weed is SOO bad huh?
-Onion bought her a drink on her 21st birthay.

No. 448099

I find her younow ramblings to be shallow and pedantic.

No. 448100

Onion is so straight edge online and shit, but BOUGHT Laim alcohol? And isn't throwing an obvious online fit about her occasional drinking? He makes no sense.

No. 448101

I've been in the Moo threads since #1 and there is no parallel story going on for her with trips to LA, hints of a new romance etc. She's ranting as per usual, busy making her shitty cosplays etc.

Like Greg, she's a dominant person in her relationships and wants a guy she can push around. I know there's some attachment Greg's showing to her by dogging her social media but she seems to be getting on with her life per usual. Moo's a cow like any other and would be dropping crazy hints. Anyone who follows her will know the other half of the story is just not there.

I do believe he's up to something, if not with his dick, with his heart. I'm sorry to see these threads devolving the way they presently are. Hopefully the right girl will be found and we'll be back on track.

No. 448102

Someone just told her she looks to small and she got giddy talked about how shes on the "Im trying to gain weight and can't diet, I get dizzy when I stand up and get bruises easily."
She's so desperate to be this frail and underweight person.

No. 448103

Interesting. I think you may he onto something here, he's flown to la twice bought clothes for himself yet I bet he told her they don't have the money to buy her outfits for that video and that's why she was all sad so they fought producing the "sad" tweets

No. 448105

Will go back to eating fish, to try to gain weight, Onion is supportive so that she can gain weight.

No. 448106


Onision lurks here often, and loves drama no matter what as it gives him notoriety and infamy. He has been caught pandering to lolcow directly. Onision sees that Momokun is a huge drama cow on this board herself and jumps at any opportunity to capitalize on that to help his dwindling popularity.

I remember an anon once saying the only cow with nearly as many threads as Onision is Momokun.

No. 448108

Let's go one step further anon. Maybe she nagged him to buy her clothes and he didn't want to, so he bought really shitty stuff. Like he probably got passive aggressive with it and came home with jockstraps and protective cups. Or size 13 men's shoes. Stuff that a real man could wear and she wouldn't ever fit in them.

Maybe he instead went to the goodwill on the wrong side of the tracks and he brought used, nasty things for her. Like humiliating clothes with stains and smells. She would never show any video like that, and she wouldn't she keep asking if he kept doing that to dissuade her.

sage for tinfoiling. I just want to think that he's mean toward her in everything he does

No. 448110

I believe he would go out and buy her ugly stuff because he thinks it's funny and it made her sad, he could have also made her feel bad after when she didn't want to make a video using them. I could see his response of " it's a my boyfriend buys me outfits, I did so why are you mad"

Got this tinfoil hat on origami swan style

No. 448112

I mean… sounds like Greg.

No. 448113

Lainey just said it pissed her off when other people call Onion daddy, saying he isn't theres.

No. 448115


>Daddy!!! …daddy Gregma

Bite me Doormat

No. 448116

She turns down every suggestion people give her about her low Iron. She wants to eat fish, which is fine but just be honest about it, I bet if she didnt have an iron deficiency onion wouldn't let her eat fish.

No. 448117

being called "daddy" by a woman in a rugrats shirt and bright blue hair has to get to him a little bit

No. 448121

Honestly this is most likely what happened. She's been asked so many times to do this video and probably pestered him and he decided to take the liberty of putting his creative influence on the video by making it funny in vein of becoming viral and sohilariousomg. But lameo just wants to show off Onion as her own and wanted a cute couple video that showcases their marriage in a good light. Ofc she isn't ever going to get that.

I don't think there is one video (maybe like two) of them together where Greg doesn't deliberately act like a huge idiot because he thinks it would spice up the video or make it entertaining.

I'm looking forward to their divorce bc you know she'll pull evidence out of him being a huge dick to her

No. 448122

Shame he'll never call lolcow out directly or feature us in a video because he knows while some of his personal army would come here to defend him, a majority of them would become educated and actually leave him.

Lol he might as well be theirs considering he was only hers for a year of their marriage

No. 448123

File: 1507687179242.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0818.PNG)

Look y'all, Gretchen made his dinner all by himself! Yay he can cook!!!

So much yeast and starch, will he be able to shit?!

No. 448124

Wonder if he made any for Laimey and the rugrats.

No. 448125

he just dumped each thing out of a packet and microwaved it, right?

No. 448126

>all for myself
>pretty sure its vegan

when u dont give enough of a shit to check to see if ur food is vegan, and dont give enough of a shit for your family to share with them

No. 448127

No he doesn't use microwaves because they're bad for you!

No. 448131

how does he heat his readymade food? does he have it cold?

No. 448132

I never got uncanny valley. I've seen pics and videos, but it didn't freak me out like most people. Now I get it. If I opened my doors to this I'd have a mini heart attack.

No. 448133

Probably throws it in the oven and feels all acomplished like he actually made something for himself. I know someone like that, they have a microwave but usually make that shit in the oven to be all. "I cook my food in the oven" Yeah bud its still fucking premade frozen shit so settle down.
I know vegan shit can look like real meat and all but do they make frozen vegan ready meals? Almost looks like crap from a hungry man frozen dinner.

No. 448134


Probably uses toaster oven.

No. 448141


this is so fucking hilarious, it looks like troy made it. i can't stop laughing at how heart-breakingly sad this awful little meal looks, kek

No. 448146

Why is this all yellow? This onion-eyed corned beef face wee person can't be buggered to slice a tomato or plate some black olives. Manky piss walloper.

No. 448147

This is the first time I see a little bit of vegetable on his food. Still not much but well..

No. 448149

I'm sorry, but how can you be 'pretty sure' its vegan.(learn 2 sage)

No. 448151

It looks like a dinner made for a picky child! This is awful.

No. 448155

Gonna sage because this is probably obvious to many farmers but people in the comment section have said how hes changed the rating system on his recent videos so you cant see the like/dislike ratio.

Even his fans have commented how hypocritically thin skinned hes showing himself to be now kek

No. 448158

Beige plate of toddler food. He eats like ForeverKailyn. He's supposed to be eating a healthy vegan diet and his food looks like ForeverKailyn's old "so yummy!" pics of frozen chicken nuggets and soggy fries.

No. 448163


But could the Onion be trying to get Lame to divorce him? I feel like his Youtube career and relevance means everything to him even more than his family. He may think a divorce and his dramatic videos on speaks of divorce, child support, custody etc, followed by a new girlriend to collab with will bring in views. With his drama before he did get hate but he got views to and fans did still stick with him. It may come to that but he can't initiate the divorce without some backlash.

No. 448165

Who the fuck would take a picture of this garbage? It looks like a warped version of school lunch. Disgusting.

No. 448169

Sadly, I think that could actually help his channel. Lainey is so boring and she doesn't have a connection with onion, her only "personality trait" is being SO GAY. At least Skye, Shiloh and Billie were quirky and kinda funny. Lainey is just…so plain, even if she dyes her hair, tries to do flashy makeup or cosplay she will remain plain because she is trying to be someone else. Also, it seems all her fans pretend to like her just to get close to onion.

No. 448170


I've noticed even people that start of Laimeys fans migrate towards Onision and start going up his ass. I also think it could help his channel.

No. 448171

No doubt, he's really pushing doormat to her limits and she's practically grasping at straws to prove: "Greggy still loves me!!!"

Something went down in LA/she's finding out even more fucked up shit about him by the day

He knows damn well she's more of a liability to him than an asset, aside from luring in teen girls (she still fucks that up) what does she honestly bring to the relationship? Cosplay? He can just fap to Momo-kun's arguably better (yet still shit) cosplays. Manic Pixie Dream Alt-girl fantasy? He can just e-stalk Billie. Cooking and Cleaning? She probably reminds him of the biggest mistake of his life (divorcing Skye). A loving family? To him, those kids are probably parasites that suck his money dry and scare away any potential girlfriends.
In Greg's mind she'll always be the rebound from Shiloh.

No. 448172


Yeah, I wouldn't feel too bad if he abruptly divorced her; you know, if she wasn't such a heartless bitch to everyone including her own family.

No. 448173


Not to mention that the little onion-family he has probably reminds him of what he could've had if he was still with Skye or Shiloh; a cute girly wife who'd do anything for her husband and children and not having to worry about the pesky IRS tryna jack his hard-earned money.

Lainey is his karma

No. 448174

I was watching a Billie video where she talks about things that she hates and she says "Screaming children, like when parents go out and just let there children cry and scream". Onion has made it clear that he doesn't think parents should try to get there kids to stop screaming or crying instead they should coddle them until they are calm. No wonder Billie migrated towards Onion to get away from their kids. Lame has said On YouNow she wants a girlfriend so that they can hang out all day while Onion is busy at work (Selfish bitch).

Off Topic sorry.

No. 448175

File: 1507698411984.png (25.58 KB, 460x228, skyye truth.png)

Hmm seems years later he's still trying to prove Skye wrong, getting in a failed 3 way relationship and having 2 kids. He may live in a trailer somewhere if he doesn't adapt to his new salary.

No. 448177

>If she wasn't such a heartless bitch to everyone including her own family

This upsets me because when Onion divorces her, no doubt they'd welcome her back with open arms and be more than willing to either help take care of her kids/help her get back on her feet

No. 448185

File: 1507701074796.png (153.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0819.PNG)

Well she also predicted this:

No. 448187

File: 1507701185681.png (169.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0820.PNG)

I guess he's been a miserable fuck ever since he left her for younger women who didn't fill much of a void other than power-trips

No. 448190

File: 1507702194147.png (89.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0821.PNG)

Found another interesting post!

Also wtf she was friends with Edwin?! Oh yeah and she made a slight dig at anti-O's for being dramawhores lol

No. 448200

You lose them how you get them. She was a fan that constantly tweeted at him even when he was with Shiloh. She basically talked to him and was his standby chick if things didn't work out. Now he has all some of these still obsessed fans tweeting at him and telling him they love him, I wouldn't doubt he has started "emotionally cheating".

No. 448203

>pretty sure it's vegan
Just read the fucking ingredients list on your shitty microwave meal, Greg. I know you don't read, but it's only a few lines! You can do it!(!)

No. 448265

Shaved armpits of a dark haired person look like this. She's shaved, don't shame her for having dark hair.

No. 448266


Her natural hair colour is light/medium and her pits look like mine when I don't shave (same hair colour). No shame to you, anon

No. 448267

Someone asked her about it last night on stream and she said she just hadn't shaved recently

No. 448283

He doesn't even need to read the ingredients. Most vegan products say "suitable for vegans" on them. In fact, almost everything these days has at least "suitable for vegetarians" but he can't even be arsed to check for that on a pack of jellies.

No. 448286

Been considering his escape plan for a while and here's my 2 cents.
Greg will not be serving Lameo divorce papers when he's gonna start a new permanent relationship. There will be child support issues and alimony to contend with, and we've seen how quick he is to dissolve any sense of responsibility when it comes to taking care of anything but himself. Neglecting turtles, giving away guinea pigs, got rid of nibbles the dog before lame arrived. Does he walk his dog's now or clean up after them? Does he physically feed his children? When was the last time he bathed his kids or changed their diaper?

See, Greg is so ready to dispose of things, friendships, followers (your blocked, blocked) pets, and children. He would say, I don't want to take your babies away from you Lame. You keep them. But here's the rub. He would be very willing to sign away his kids (give up parental rights) because then lameo could not get child support.

When parents get divorced, usually men are fine with the woman getting sole custody with visitation, until they find out that it means paying hefty child support. In most cases, the men are now pissed at the thought of alimony and child support, so then they gun for shared custody, because then they don't really have to pay much if any child support. Greg does not want to ever take care of those kids by himself ever, not even for a day.

I believe Greg will only initiate a divorce if get gets lameo to agree to terminate his parental rights of the children, thereby protecting him from ever giving them not even a dime. But since Lamey won't let onion break up with her, here's what I think he will do instead.

Greg will just get separated from Lame instead. He can file for a legal separation, say he and lainey are no longer together, and he won't be held financially responsible for anything. A separation exists to protect both parties. After a seperation, both parties now can make oodles of money without having the other person lay any legal claim upon that money from that point on. They can stay technically married forever while not being liable for any fiduciary responsibilies incurred by the other party.

Also, he will do the same thing to Lame that he did to Skye. Offer her to stay at the house for a year free or get paid a miserable amount per month for a year. He will bully her into signing papers he drew up himself and use that in a court of law later to negate future claims. Lame would be an idiot to sign anything without her father, hence why onion alienated her from her dad and support system.

I think he will only ever get divorced if he finds a rich trust fund kid or another famous person with money, or any person will a lot of money. Otherwise, unless something very grave happens, or as you said, he drives Lameo to divorce him first. He won't be pulling the pin of this grenade anytime soon

sage for super long blah blah text wall

No. 448290

People can have dark body hair and lighter head hair, anon.

Anyway it doesn't look like she shaved either way. Her pits aren't even that bad, considering the whole package.

No. 448293

same fag again, forgot one thing.

Now this part is major tinfoil, but with his repeated trips to LA, I think maybe something even more devious is being plotted by greasy.

I think grease had been pushing lameo mentally to record her. Remember like a week or 3 ago in that one video where he says, You gonna hit me again, and he zooms up on her and his face in the mirror? He will use it as evidence in court (duh).

I think grease is traveling to LA to not only cheat, but to more importantly establish residency in California. The divorce laws there are well known, but allow me to explain. California is a no fault state, meaning adultery doesn't matter, only if you use community property funds on the cheated, and then you can get that money back, but that's about it.

Also, in California, it's a 50/50 place, meaning if grease files in California, Lamey will have to pay Onions debts in a divorce. Greg would have to pay her debts.

I think, continuing the trends on Lame and her continued success (and onions fall of revinue) that gred will wait until she is the main bread winner, then he will file for divorce. That way, Lamey will have to pay Greg alimony!!! Can you imagine?

That would probably be the only way to achieve any semblance of popularity that gurg had once. Lame in on the hook for alimony and child support, and Greg will make videos of it. Otherwise, a regular divorce won't be anything new, and will just be repetitive. Oh wait….. lol

Ps I am the Hollywood gossip girl. I saw Shaq wife do this to Shaq before the divorce. She took his kids, left Miami, got a hotel in California, and filed under California laws to get more money. Smart lady, will groggles do the same?

sage for speculation tinfoil and 2 Hollywood gossip sentences.

No. 448298

Does this really work? This is kind of fucked up.
I think we'll see whether Greg will go back to L.A. or not, his video title said he wasn't.

With any other couple I'd say don't give him ideas, but… they're both so unbearable and the divorce has to happen sooner than later.

No. 448299

there is zero chance of him keeping the kids / getting child support. he's stated more than once he doesn't want them if they split. the rest might work I guess?

No. 448303

Ive mentioned thid "theory" in many threads before.

Hes definitely trying to do that because 1) it would make him go all like "awww i got dumped plz feel sorry for me" and 2) theres a lot of shit that will go on on the divorce proceedings that will benefit him instead of go against hi (if he dumped her instead).

No. 448304

I just know Grease would try and hide money to try and pay less child support.

No. 448306

Lainey wants a girl friend not a girlfriend, that's blatantly obvious but if the girl isn't infatuated with Lainey, Lainey is probably scared that Greg would go for the girl or vice versa.

No. 448309

>implying theres any money to hide

I think the amount you pay for child support is pro-rated to the last couple of years you worked, or so, so hes fucked. Yes, Brendan-fraser-kinda-fucked.

No. 448314

I don't know how it would work with YouTube money because I don't think legally that's a "job" so I wonder how they would guesstimate his payments on a strictly random based income. He'lol definitely get fucked hard by the courts and the IRS.

No. 448315


He's recently sold a house to his mom. Is it possible he had his mother hold onto the money from it an in a bank account under her name ect?

I know a few people that put property and money under their parents so when a divorce happens the spouse can't claim jack shit of it. I highly doubt someone who is as frugal as he is has literally spent 100's of 1000s on nothing … Because besides his basement he's got nothing to show.

To me he literally comes off as a hoarder of money. Frugal that he'd wear the same ugly second hand looking clothing for years and never properly decorate his home and never a single vacation.

I think he's stock pilling money into a bank account under his mother so Lainey can't touch it. He's readying himself to make a leap. While telling Lainey the moneys going to pay off debts, debts in which he never shows her the bills for.

No. 448317

Greg is NOT that smart.

No. 448318

Anon who youre answering to , here.

> I know a few people that put property and money under their parents so when a divorce happens the spouse can't claim jack shit of it

I talked about this too when I talked about the divorce outcome. Yes it is something people do a LOT . He has been "covering his bases" for the last couple of years or so, no doubt about it.

No. 448319

There is no way he's that smart and the only laws he's interested in are the age of consent. He wouldn't even pay for an accountant to help with his taxes when he had the money. There is no way now he'd pay money to a divorce attorney to get advice on how avoid paying child or spousal support.

No. 448322


He's too cheap/frugal to pay for advice. Probably just going to an online legal site for advice just like he went to an online tax site to do his taxes.

However, I do agree with the anon you're quoting that he probably is looking into divorcing Lainey in L.A if it means she pays half the debt. When ever he's wanted something, he's always done research. He has an obsession with always being in the right and coming out on top. He's not smart by any means, but he's not really stupid to just sit on his hands and do nothing either.

2 things he cares about

> Money

> himself

He's going to fight tooth an nail to make sure neither of those get screwed over.

No. 448334

People forget in his first divorce he filed online in a county where you don't have to actually show in person and everything is done online, when skye contested it the divorce was moved to an actual court where he was a no show, which on his part if he thought she was such a liar he should have shown up. So He has no right to complain about alimony

No. 448336

What if ever since the LA trip, Lainey's been lurking even more than usual, and after reading all the tinfoils about Moo and Greg cheating, like the insecure little bitch she is, ordered her good little minion Sarah to help in shitting up the last thread (since doormat clearly can't do anything herself).

Sage for tinfoil

No. 448339

Maybe he’s slowed down in his old age and really isn’t going to make risky moves with new girls. Maybe he’ll never leave Lainey.

He can use Lainey as an emotional punching bag and she won’t leave anyway.

No. 448361


Is Lainey even going to be able to claim that much alimony ? She's probably not making much less then he is as her stuff isn't being cut on youtube as much/ she has her own patreon and younow. While he got stuck paying his ex alimony because she had no job or source of income.

He'll only be nailed for child support .. Unless Lainey is stupid enough to make a verbal agreement with him on how to go about it with the children. Which he'll stick with for a couple months before starting to weasel his way out of it. ( stop paying )

He's really been pushing her to be more independent lately.

No. 448365

File: 1507744531164.png (45.88 KB, 221x220, Screenshot 2017-10-11 at 1.54.…)

No. 448366

The IRS and legal documents have to show the actual amount he made in case of both an investigation and a divorce. Gruggers is fucked if he divorces. Doomed if he doesn't. Either way, he rages. Serves him right.

No. 448367

Why is everyone clogging up the thread discussing the extreme details of tinfoil divorce speculation?

No. 448368

He's pushing her to be independent so he won't have to pay any alimony. With that in mind, I can almost guarantee that he plans on leaving her. He just doesn't want to pay another ex-wife for anything.

No. 448370

Better than clogging it up with Moomoo tinfoil speculation. Possible divorce is more likely because of the current events.

No. 448372

God she would be gorgeous if she knew how to do her eyeliner.

No. 448373

Didn't seem like he did obsessive research about taxes kek

No. 448377

File: 1507745148825.png (255.4 KB, 940x350, kek.png)

she looks like an actual haggard witch

No. 448378

That's the thing, he pushed her to start making her own money. God knows exactly what was said, but it sure lit a fire under her ass. But she's screwing herself up by listening to him and streaming and sruff. Onion will show that she can support herself and the kids.

His tweet on April 8 2017 at 2:43 am says Lainey is doing such a good job selling our used clothes. So happy Lainey has that income.

He's planting the seed over a period of time that shows consistency in her ability to work. Notice how this all eventually started after Billie got with Drew? He just wants to be free. To get free last time was very expensive for him. So if Lainey doesn't want to stream or make videos onion will bug her until she does. Cuz he's a dick and wants to pay as little as possible.

No. 448383

great, the person with the worst eyeliner in history is making a tutorial

No. 448387

File: 1507745848264.png (352.52 KB, 546x379, great.png)

this time it's not shooped, she almost makes them touch. Maybe one more video guys and it happens.

No. 448389

Gotta love the kind of vegan that doesn't know shit about food. Wheat with I guess a bean patty, lentils with beans, corn, more wheat bread and whatever that thing on the left is. But he's pretty sure it's all vegan and everyone knows vegan equals healthy, right? What a fucking child.
Also no wonder they sleep in separate rooms, he must break wind like a brass band.

No. 448391

File: 1507746192107.gif (1.98 MB, 440x330, Spongebob-Squarepants-gifs-spo…)

I think the most pathetic part of Plaino the "lesbian" Cuck is that she can read all of this shit yet still have the audacity to scoff at the "jealous h8ers" or brag about how much of a "twin flame" she is to Gregory "I have an addiction to Hentai" Avaroe/Jackson

Just give it a couple months or even a year plank, the end is high and while you make your "Why I'm getting Divorced." Video all of us anons will still be here saying we told you so/laughing at the hilarious milk that divorce saga'll bring

No. 448402

didn't adrienne once say greg farts like a horse?

No. 448403

Yup, she did.

No. 448406

If you have a foot fetish I suppose

No. 448409


Let's not forget she also said it's half a hot dog in a turtleneck kek

No. 448415

If he establishes residency in California then Skye (and Shiloh) better gtfo asap! For their sanity's sake

No. 448421

She looks so much better with no eyeliner. I wonder if this phase will ever stop.

Could be the case, I just thought he realized that it's easier for her to make money. But then again, she said she keeps all the money that she makes from YouTube and streaming.

No. 448423

come on, i might see the worry if he moved to the same neighborhood as either one of them out of nowhere but california is also a major entertainment work hub. shiloh giving up on her studio contacts and contracts in cali just because "greg might move there" is over the top. besides, what's he even gonna do? irl stalking is not his MO, and he'll be busy with some new underage fan trying to snack on his smegma flakes

No. 448426

Nice theory but considering Greg can't even file his taxes properly I doubt he is informed on the intricacies of divorce law in multiple states.

I think he's been pushing Lainey though, but most likely to get her to divorce him first. He'd never take the children.

No. 448429

How would that be different from any other freelancing job though? Estimated based on income from previous years, i.e. before the adpocalypse.

No. 448435

All thread speculation and no FAX makes Anon a dull farmer..
Can whomever is able to cope watching Lames Younow later please grab any interesting/squirmy moments for England dwellers.

No. 448443

File: 1507751002889.png (57.28 KB, 223x212, Screenshot 2017-10-11 at 3.42.…)

No. 448458

She responded with grace and class here. Shame to have had to speak up at all. Will Lainey act with such poise when greb is dragging her name through the mud? They say if you want to know how you partner will speak about you after you've broken up, just see how they speak about their ex's.

No. 448465


I think she doesn't understand the fact that eyeliner with a half-closed eye doesn't look the same as when you open it. You've got to calculate it and even it with an open eye. No matter how straight or perfect the line, it's worthless if it doesn't look good with your eyes opened, especially with hooded eyes like hers.

No. 448469

She can't really be making that much, don't videos need to be 10minutes long to get ads? Most of hers are short. And probably don't even bring in any revenue

No. 448471

The stupid contracts he draws up and gets people to sign are not legally binding and will not hold up in court. He'd have to get actual lawyers to draw up and notarise a contract, and even then, if it's not considered fair by the court it can be overruled.

Alimony and child support are based on income not whether it's "legally a job" whatever that means. They don't care if the money comes from blowjobs or a trust fund or being manager at McDonald's.

I know, and it doesn't even seem to be well-informed. It's a combination of giving lurking onions free legal advice and giving them shitty legal advice.

No. 448473

No, 10 minutes just allows for 2 ads per video instead of one.

From the last thread:
> LaineyBot:
>LaineyBot, Youtube
>$249 - $4K Estimated Monthly Earnings


>$1,509 per month ($1,433 with the 5% taken out)


>3,000 - 50,000 bars daily (she averages at 6,000->7,000 bars a day) (6,500 Bars cost $49.99)
>90,000 - 1,500,000 bars monthly
>Based on her average I would estimate she pulls about 1,500 a month


>Reselling Clothing/Sponsor provided items


>$3,182 per month

$3k and not having to pay for rent? Yeah. She has enough money.

No. 448478

and the 3k is only the absolute minimum number taken from the estimated income, it's probably much higher

No. 448481

She makes even more than that now. She begs for volcano and love potions all the time now.

No. 448492

That still doesn't make sense to me. Greg is outspoken about his circumcision

No. 448495

No? Where did you get that from? It was never confirmed, we just know that both feel strongly against it.

No. 448510

Why do all her tweenybop fans have so much money to throw on horseface's paycheck?

Remember the time when you used to get allowance, or when you used to work some entry-level job for minimum wage? I used to be so happy to earn some money and be able to spend it on something I needed or wanted. I can't fucking imagine throwing that much money on a boring horseface that is scoffs 24/7.

No. 448511

I've seen multiple videos where he talks about how his dad mutilated him and "had strong feelings about circumcision"

No. 448520

Au contraire, I'm pretty sure he is obsessed with the topic because he has the skin

No. 448521

can we stop with this off topic crap? it's gross.

No. 448527

ikr, I'd be buying clothes or going to the movies. I get that movies are easier to acquire now and maybe clothes are cheaper but that doesn't explain to me people paying for nonsense.

I mean, if they wanted a boring friend to sit there deadpan vocal frying about their fidget spinners, they could surely do that for free.

No. 448534

Just wondering, where has he stated this multiple times? I don't keep up with all his videos/posts. And if its true, it completely contradicts his cringey song about his son "I'll Never Stop Loving You (A Song For My Son) " on his Onision channel.(learn 2 sage)

No. 448540

When is Lainey going on younow?

No. 448541

During the first "I betrayed my wife" video he mentioned that he signed exclusive custody to Lainey

No. 448544

Probably in around 2 hours if she streams at the same time every night.

No. 448545

Or because he got a fucked up circumcision. My nephew apparently has one, the machine or whatever didnt cut him right so its only half done. It can be fixed later but she isnt sure if she wants to do it in case it somehow becomes worse. Could be what happened to Greg would explain his obsession with it being horrible and back up adriennes claim. Bet his mommy tried voodoo magic to fix his messed up willy and Onion was too big of a doctor phobe later to do any corrective surgery. Fuckin kek
But for real it is 100% a real thing that can happen

No. 448549


doctors do that shit by hand. it's really fucked up. but can we stop talking about this?

No. 448556

Yeah can we not have to read blogposts about your relatives' baby dicks getting botched? K thnx

No. 448557

I sincerely hope Lainey's parents take in xhir children post-divorce, but at the same time, their kid ended up with onion… so I dunno.

No. 448558

No. 448565

You're good. Just wanted to say thats probably why he's so obsessed with circumcision.Hopefully some theres some milk during Laineys younow tonight, should be going on in an hour or two.

No. 448570

I just rewatched all of those videos. In his video Re: Re: Re: Re: I Betrayed My Wife, he says all the videos are jokes afterwards. But I'm sure theres truth in that he would want exclusive custody to foot face to evade child support. He tried to sugar coat it though like "because as a mother it's her choice to decide who my kid can and cannot see".

No. 448573

File: 1507761378346.png (109.46 KB, 660x731, sc9pl70.png)

Guess who made an appearance on /r/im14andthisisdeep

No. 448617

atleast they can possibly turn out to be like plainey’s sister, you know going to college or whatever while plainey stays in a house all day fidget spinning and girlfriend shopping on Snapchat

No. 448635

Wow I never considered this but it's disturbing how much it makes sense.
Dicklet is so insecure that he needs to constantly talk about how at least HIS dick isn't mutilated.

No. 448640

he probably just has a fetish, but seriously can we stop?

No. 448659

I'm waiting for Lainey to stream and I am just perplexed why she doesn't try streaming on the LGBT tag?
Think she's aware the community would tear her apart?

No. 448661

Has anyone noticed that since onion came back from cheating/la on Saturday night, lainy hasn't tweeted at anyone? Besides tweeting about her stream or uploads, she hasn't sent out not one tweet or retweet. Not that she's happy onion is back, or how sad she feeling. Not a single tweet. He must have messed up bad.

No. 448683

Lame is about to go on YouNow to do some "coming out stuff".

I will watch and report the dumb shit she says.

No. 448687

File: 1507772505635.png (235.05 KB, 447x408, sigh.png)

The boy wearing a Tiara, she is wearing it because she gave herself a gender reveal party with cake and all.

No. 448688

Lainey made a 'gender reveal' video, she then said she identifies as no gender. Agender.

No. 448691

"WE went to target and we listened to gay music in the car, and I made like gay cupcakes and stuff."

Someone needs to call this bitch out, shes making a joke out of the trans community, transtrender.

No. 448693

What exactly is gay music and gay cupcakes?
Isnt that homophobic within itself?

No. 448696

File: 1507773202473.png (132.74 KB, 467x429, dog.png)

-Onion is her guest at her gender reveal party…." These people are parents 'huge sigh'.
-Theres a bible thumper in the comments and Lame says the only people that could help her repent and change her mind and go religious is her parents.
-Went to the pumpkin patch, of course onion didn't bother going was probably fapping to hentai and a strange dog got into her car.

No. 448697

File: 1507773225871.png (306.33 KB, 483x563, cntsee.png)

She's back to squinting through her whole stream.

No. 448698

This bitch gets on my nerves so much with her gender reveal shit.

I was raised by two women, in a same sex relationship. I've been around the LGBT community since I was a child… She has NEVER had to experience oppression, discrimination, etc. She can easily ~*come out*~ online because she doesn't have to fear for her safety in any way. How can she even talk about coming out when she hasn't come out yet to her family?? What a hypocrite.

Also btw, she looks drunk in her younow. I mean i know she's not because daddy would never allow it, but she looks AWFUL.

No. 448699

File: 1507773445897.png (184.77 KB, 804x332, punch.png)

I bet Onion wants to punch her for real because she isn't bringing in the barely legal girls.

No. 448700

He does allow her and she says she has a drink occasionally.

No. 448701

What's with snowflakes and showing off their bruises?

No. 448702

File: 1507773667725.png (207.28 KB, 469x461, muh anemia.png)

She is so desperate to be a frail weak snowflake.

No. 448703

Tegan and Sara and rainbow cupcakes, obviously.
But yes this is homophobic stereotyping because Plainey's not really gay and she's a fucking cunt abusing the LGBTQ community for attention.

How was that whack with the ugly stick?

No. 448704

Its disturbing how she refers to her kids as things. She said I was carrying a very heavy thing all day and someone said your kid. She responded yes a kid a very heavy kid! Then just say that, you don't have to call your kids things, thats not going to give away their identity.

No. 448705

File: 1507774241082.png (263.03 KB, 870x423, donalll.png)

No. 448711

Ew her fucking hair, What a fucking mess, Can't tell if its just her roots or a premature receding hair line. Either way lainey wanted to be a man so congrats on the male pattern baldness look bitch lmao

No. 448715

She just said they have a total of 4 computers and Greg just put a new one in her room and she doesn't even know where it came from. Is he still buying more computers when hes broke?

No. 448718

he also tweeted, after that, that children should always go with their mother in a divorce.

No. 448719

She's raising her kids vegetarian…. But they eat like shit, I hope she at least feeds her kids a healthy well balanced diet.

No. 448722

I'm honestly surprised she feeds her kids more than just her tit milk tbh.

No. 448723

>tfw no gender to reveal

No. 448725

They both don't understand nutrition, so I highly doubt it. Greg thinks anything without meat means it's healthy. Lainey doesn't even know how to cut a cucumber.

No. 448731

With the whole internet at their fingertips, youd think theyd find some yummy vegan recipes.
Its not like they're poor…

No. 448734

Ohhh my god anon did you just ASSUME her kids identify as such? How do you know her kids don't identify as dogs? Hmmm? Don't specie shame her children
But for real, it really shows how unattached she is to her kids. She' said definitely one of those girls who gets knocked up young and regrets having them and does her best to try and live her life like she doesn't even have them. It's really surprising considering she breast fed both of them supposedly. Like the way she avoids acknowledging they exist as often as possible is crazy.

No. 448741

P. sure she's always had a funky hair line that was usually covered by her emo bangs in the past, but those roots look bad.

No. 448755

I don't call my ~things~ daughter/son because i dont put gender conformities on them~~~!!!!!11
Yep and she's trying so hard to cling onto her youth with clothes from Hot Topic, ~muh anxiety~, and forget the fact she signed her life away to the responsibility of having kids before she was mentally ready.

No. 448756


I wonder, just…how much does she regret her life? I'm sure her kids will end up resenting her in the long run.

No. 448760

Onion is retweet tributes from his fandroids about how he saved them, even though they were solicited last week. It's making twitter even more unbearabl than normal.

The shit I do to keep an eye out for milk.

No. 448768

I'm vegan and I'll always try new junk if it's interesting, and if I remember correctly the ball on the left is a BBQ sauced infused "pulled pork" creation that's super sugary and pretty high in calories. The fact that he's eating it along with a veggie burger is terrible. Quite the diet there, gurgles.

No. 448769

Samefag, just checked the pic again and he's eating three meat substitutes on one plate. Why.

No. 448775

File: 1507786577107.jpg (45.88 KB, 455x415, Lumph.jpg)

No. 448777

Yup it's definitely one of those vegan Gardien pockets either 'pepperoni' pizza or pulled 'pork'. It's pure vegan junk food. I seriously can't believe how horribly uneducated these two are on nutrition.

No. 448782



No. 448783

topkek great work anon

No. 448786

Sage for autism, but Hot Topic has some cute shit

No. 448791

Educating themselves on nutrition and eating healthy would mean taking responsibility but responsibility is forbidden in Onision household.

No. 448792

You're already abusing the LGBT community adding the Q. Might as well start adding "ABCD" too.

Pissing myself from the laughter here. She looks an Oompa Loompa met papa Trump indeed.
Onion got his wish that he wanted reserved for Billie

No. 448797

It's the accepted acronym so if you don't like it how about you GTFO? Including queer people isn't the problem, tourists like Lainey are.

No. 448802

Not that anon but calm down SJW, it's gonna be okay

No. 448819

Stop throwing letters around we're not ordering sandwiches.

No. 448833

File: 1507796705147.jpg (49.38 KB, 868x397, Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 1.03…)

foot face vs trump

No. 448842

i have dark hair and my shaved pits don't look like that.

No. 448853

Same. Lainey said on the stream she hadn't gotten around to shaving yesterday. Wonder if she's depressed, would explain all of her low effort crap, but that could also be her faking it for attention hoping one of her dear fans asks if she's a sad smolbean for more pity. She's proven to be just as manipulative as Onion, only a better actor (not by much but still)

No. 448855

tbh they look like diabeetus pits. maybe home girl has insulin resistance from eating sugary crap all day.

No. 448856

oompa loompa doopadee doo, can i have another volcano from you?
oompa loompa doopadee day, my pronouns are only them or they.

No. 448859

Plainey could keep both her ~agender space prince~ persona and try to reap money doing soft core porn by cosplaying yaoi ukes (especially femboys like Cannabis ukes), the teenage fujoshit tumblrinas would go crazy over them, but I doubt Onion would like that lol, plus it requires actual effort

No. 448864

I have to wonder about you anons sometimes, acting like you've never seen armpits with a 5 o'clock shadow or that it's some kind of scandalous thing.

Given the gender stuff it's a wonder she doesn't just let them grow wild.

No. 448866

Right? I cringe at how petty some of the comments are sometimes. It's mainly annoying because if any of them lurk here it gives them reason to dismiss all the more serious criticisms of them

No. 448868

File: 1507805953324.png (896.4 KB, 1458x1339, helikesthemyoungandfresh.png)

Not sure if anyone noticed his latest pedo incident

No. 448870

But was there any actual interaction?

No. 448871

What incident? That he retweet from that awful combination of Sarah and Billie? He is retweeting pretty much everyone for approval rn
Nothing new.

No. 448879

Some of these kids need a flick on the nose and their phone revoked.

No. 448883

She probably means she learned it from his videos. Not that he personally called her very attractive.

No. 448887


Some other anons have touched on this (>>448864, >>448864),but;

First off: LEARN TO SAGE. Jeebus. It is NOT hard, if you have no real contribution then put the word "sage" in the email field. I know, doesn't make sense as "saged" font is blue and "unsaged" font is fucking green (like sage) but deal. This thread is turning to shit and this is numero uno why.

Secondly, depressed because not shaving? Do you have any life experience further than your nose? Shaving/not shaving does not equal depression. Fuck. Even if attention… no. Blanket statements. NO.

Thirdly: her low effort crap? She's literally retarded, this is what she thinks effort is (but she's had Onision san as her fucking mentor so low effort seems to be what to strive for in their household).

Fourth: and not specific to your post, anon, but please do not sympathise with this fuckrag of a woman. We have seen her "evolve" and it is a sad sight to see. She takes pocket money from youngsters (upwards of $3,000 a month) for this shitshow of a career. Fuck her. She wants to be special but she's about as special as my toenail clipping once it hits the floor because it's flicked off the clipper and I've forgotten to pick it up until its embedded in my sock a fucking fortnight later. Yes, abusive relationship, we all know she is in one. She doesn't want help, and when she does, she can read past posts and fucking read the evidence there and drop his mongoloid ass. There are more than enough out there, just fucking stop now.

Even THIS thread is turning to shit.

I know you're like "smolbean" and "she's manipulative" but fuck my raw red arsehole after a bowl of double-sachet Shinramyun noodles if I don't hate you newfags as much as I hate that weeman.

Key lesson: Learn to sage, don't sympathise with a shitshow such as Taylor and don;t make blanket statements. That makes you as bad as them.

No. 448892

>She wants to be special but she's about as special as my toenail clipping once it hits the floor because it's flicked off the clipper and I've forgotten to pick it up until its embedded in my sock a fucking fortnight later.

I'm roaring with laughter, Holy shit anon

No. 448896

Thank you anon for this post.
Plainey is considered a lolcow for a reason. Your pity only makes her agender dick harder.

Also that Lainey stan always forgets to mention that she lured a 16 year old in her house, and didn't give a shit that girl is missing school as long as she can use her as emotional tissue. And in that case, she wasn't manipulated by Onion to do so.

No. 448899

Lol for real about the sarah thing. She encouraged her to quit school and move in with her to take care of her kids, be her tissue, and be her defender all under the guise she was ~saving~ her from her abusive home and taking over her guardianship. She brought her right during all the billie shit because she didn't want a 2v1 against gerg and billie.

Then when there was a chance it could negatively affect her, she agrees to throw her out back to that abusive home she was saving her from. That's the reason she came right? But she so easily sends her back if it starts making her or her husband look bad? What a great friend! Guess that WASN'T the reason she actually brought her after all, or she wouldn't send her back.

And when lameo couldn't get another person to do all those things sarah would do for her (reason she wants a gf) in fear they want to steal her rotting onion, she brings her back. What a joke. Shes the only person dumb enough to ruin their life and revolve it around her ass. She probably thinks she deserves girls doing that for her since she did it for onion boy. No, that's not how healthy relationships work.

No. 448900


>I know you're like "smolbean" and "she's manipulative" but fuck my raw red arsehole after a bowl of double-sachet Shinramyun noodles if I don't hate you newfags as much as I hate that weeman.

can we make this a banner?

No. 448905

did she really just copy billie's dumb twitter bio

No. 448906

>She encouraged her to quit school and move in with her to take care of her kids, be her tissue, and be her defender all under the guise she was ~saving~ her from her abusive home

No need to put it in the past tense, Anon. If Sarah is out there now, as many suspect, it is the same shit different day as it was when she was 16. She's 17 now, or soon to be 18, I believe. I suspect one day 5 or 6 years from now, Sarah will look back on this episode of her life and wonder why she threw her youth away on two people as undeserving as Greg and Taylor. But right now, she's in luuuuuuurve or something and thinks she'll be able to get some of that Taylor poon if she's there on the scene. Or something else along those lines that is making her so very, very stupid.

No. 448908

she's a Gemini(no1curr)

No. 448911

She also plays the guitar, piano, and she also sings, she says it's her passion. And peep that blue hair. Did you see her last tweet cautioning about not saying I love you unless you mean it? That was 2 days ago.

No. 448913

you're right, i was multitasking too much and misread the comment sorry

it's still funny though that his fans are such sponges and adopt his opinions and the looks of the girls he likes

No. 448914

Billie and Ayalla follow her as well.

No. 448918

At this point I hope they both kill themselves and let the children have a better life elsewhere.

No. 448920

guys she had two fucking children no shit she has big hips can we all stop bitching about her weight, she'll gain it back when she realizes starving won't keep greg omg

No. 448922

Sage for ot but I dreamt of onion and he manipulated me into cheating with him on my bf (not my actual bf but my abusive ex).
And onion had a really small dick and I told him it doesn't matter as long as he is "good in bed"… and even when it was just a dream I really needed a shower after that disturbing experience.
So sorry for OT but I really needed to get that off my mind.(no1curr)

No. 448924

File: 1507822180481.jpg (49.38 KB, 400x400, vPpGZX_x_400x400.jpg)

sage for random but I just noticed Billie's display picture. I'm guessing some fanart? Which I only bring up because Plain always gets this super mediocre fanart (probably cause her actual fans are like 12)..even Billie's fanart is more beautiful and creative.

No. 448926

oh god anon, maybe you are reading this thread too often lmao

it is indeed fanart and you're right, all that lameo gets from her fans are stupid cringey drawings that look nothing like her and don't even fit her space prince agenda. I think we've made fun of that in a past thread

No. 448930

Yeah lolcow make me have weird dreams O.O

No. 448931

Eugh, it's so cringey when anons post about dreams they've had about cows. There's no bigger way of blatantly showing obsession. It adds nothing to the thread either. Please keep it to yourselves.

No. 448937

i had a similar dream but i banged greg right in front of lainey while she made that sour squinty face

No. 448940

I had a dream where Onion was moved to snow bc of the lack of milk and bullshit posts like these

No. 448941

They follow macncheese too right? Wonder if shes another troll trying to get into the mic mansion for milk
If so then geeeze they really need to learn to be more secretive.

No. 448945

Lol thats even better

No. 448948

Onion belongs in pt.

No. 448950


This is gorgeous. Lmao at Lainey getting fanart from 12 year olds using ms paint and anime bases from deviantart and Billie getting stuff like this.

No. 448954

Your complaint added nothing either, thats what sage is for. Also "blatantly showing obsession" you know its common to dream about the last thing you did before bed. If you read this thread on the shitter before bed you might dream about it. Not the anon you're complaining about, just find you annoying.

No. 448962

if you're having sex dreams of onion get a better life so your subconscious does better

No. 448965

I don't have dreams of Onion, I'm not the anon you were replying to. I don't understand why you couldn't just ignore posts you don't like about something as insignificant as dreams just to be a bitch.

No. 448966

Like we are here to shit on Onion so keep your bitchy comments about other anons to yourself because all it does is cause infighting when anons can't help but be cunts to each other in the first place.

No. 448967


Not to derail any further but I once dreamt of a farmer dropping a pic of Gregma's sekrit child, it was a boy and he was blonde af with blue eyes. And that was after reading a thread about Troy and sekrit children.

Maybe some of us should step away from Lolcow for awhile.

No. 448968

ikr, I don't get why some anons need to fight with other anons all the time just because they write something that's not interesting. as long as it is saged and not clogging up the thread too much because a thousand people write the same shit over and over again I don't see the problem. I thought it's funny that some anons have weird sex dreams about the onions.
We should focus on hating greg and lame instead of being bitchy to each other.

No. 448969

In lainey’s gender reveal video it’s SO obvious Sarah’s filming. Why doesn’t anyone hold their feet to the fire and ask why she’s staying at their house again?

Sage for old news but honestly.

No. 448975

Every time I feel even a small amount of sympathy for Lamp I just remember her where's my fucking support breakdown during cuddlegate and it's gone. Such an entitled little child.

No. 448976

I don't understand why she just won't say Sarah is back. Everyone at this point already knows she's there. It's only going to get more backlash the longer she keeps it a secret.

No. 448977

In her gender reveal party she literally calls out Katy perry and says she sucks because she's not really gay and just experimenting because of the I kissed a girl song.
Like…wow. The retard is truly strong with this one. Thinks Katy perry ain't really bi or gay cuz she doesn't know if she's eaten a snatch pretty much but Lainey can barely kiss one single girl without cringing

No. 448979

You can hear Sarah laugh too, sounds like her but without proof the least we can say is it's 1000% not Greg filming so she can't even bother claiming that. Even worse, the car seat looked to be in the car and Lainey's pushing around a cart without one so either the kid didn't come along and is with Onion (possible but unlikely) or Sarah has her own cart with the baby in it while she's following Lainey around filming

No. 448980

saaame lol. she stayed completely quiet when he was trying to make billie shave her head, get a tattoo, chain her up in the basement, AND used
"betraying lainey" as justification. radio silence. but when people rightfully call them awful people then it's all "BUT WHERE'S MY SUPPORT? HOW AM I IN THE WRONG?" like hmm bitch i wonder

No. 448986


Weird dreams about Onion are probably more common than you think. I've had a couple and I'm a completely different anon.


I think most people's pity for her ended when she decided to stay after the first Cuddlegate. I only feel sorry for the poor kids.

No. 448987

File: 1507833388202.png (1.33 MB, 1366x768, Soovegan.png)

did anyone notice that in lameos gender reveal video gurg ate a cupcake and didn't care if it was vegan or not? after lainey mentioned it he just said "I'm vegetarian" and ate the whole thing. how can you be so full of shit and claim to be vegan for weeks but eat non vegan stuff all the time.

No. 448988


It's easy, he's in it to pretend to have a moral high ground, not because he ACTUALLY cares.

No. 448989

Why is his neck so disgusting?

No. 448994


lol what a fatass, looks like he's gonna munch down the whole cupcake rather than taking a small bite for taste.

No. 448995

Can someone please upload the idiots gender reveal video.

No. 448996

Has anyone seen Gerggles new Facebook videos? Sage for not providing links..

No. 448997

Oh and why is there a coffee pot on the counter? Aren't coffee drinkers addicts Gregma?

No. 448998

I'm blocked, someone upload!

No. 449000

yes he actually did that cause he acted like a hyperactive 8 year during the whole "party"

No. 449001

i lol'd anon

No. 449002

I just looked at his page and he only uploaded videos that were postet on youtube a few weeks ago. needs to milk that content as much as possible

No. 449003


No. 449005

lmfao greg is not this fucking smart way to just hand a known abuser the tools to fuck up yet anther woman's life

No. 449006

Anon Lainey isn't a woman! They are a smol space prince! How dare you misgender them /s
But let's be honest, Lainey knowingly and continues to ruin her own life anons can't help him anymore than she already helps him herself

No. 449007

File: 1507835592464.png (211.63 KB, 393x353, genderreveal.png)

No. 449009

not dream anon but calm down it could just be because they read the thread before bed, i always dream about random stuff from my day

No. 449010

anons policing what is talked about and being bitches is far more annoying than anons talking about whatever they want related in some way to onion yall old time farmers need to chill

No. 449012

File: 1507836304952.png (2.01 MB, 1334x750, 4EFA69E0-AB44-4250-9ACE-8E022E…)

ship that space prince away onion boy!

No. 449013

i'm so embarrassed that I watched that.

No. 449014

Oh my, I just noticed how gregmas shirt makes his face even more red. I didn't know that was possible

No. 449015


No. 449016

File: 1507836771674.png (1.77 MB, 1146x724, midgetonion.png)

Maybe it's just me but he looks especially dwarfish here and it's not only the perspective. I also remember a lot of videos where his pants were way too long, maybe I'll try to find one or two for the lols

No. 449017

Such a sad backyard. Not raked, full of weeds, patchy grass, no pretty plants, no ornaments… It's totally neglected. Even worse than their poorly furnished house.

These people are literally a waste of space.

No. 449018


I would be very, very embarrassed to be seen with these people.
They're both waaaaaaaay too try-hard.
And way to stick to your veganism Onion.

No. 449019

File: 1507837396453.png (58.12 KB, 220x218, Screenshot 2017-10-12 at 3.42.…)

No. 449020

Awe look at his A cup. He should borrow a binder from space prince.

No. 449021

Many thanks for uploading anon.

Question time. How can she be gay and agender? Don't they cancel each other out? If anything she is straight because being "agender" means no gender.
Of course this is based on her logic. If you have a brain you know agender is a bullshit term brought about by millenials who need to labels themselves for attention and a feeling of self worth.
Lezz be honest Taylor, you're a lipstick lesbian who sometimes feels a bit tomboyish. Get help you snowflake.

No. 449024

he literally admitted he gets off on humiliating underage girls and he recruited them to basically make him porn. can he please fucking die

No. 449025

I love how every inch of their house always has toys just thrown all over the floor. Even the yard.

No. 449027

File: 1507837999214.png (510.01 KB, 839x748, shortlegs.png)

So here's one that I found from the Lainey & Greg (A Day in Our Life) video kek

No. 449028


A quick Google search about Katy Perry suggest that Katy has done more with a girl than Lameo has.

Doesn't Lamey get mad when people try to tell her what her sexuality is? Who's the fake again Lamey?

No. 449031

Because, it's bullshit. For one anything that falls outside of the gender binary ends up contributing to homosexual-erasure, most definitely bi-erasure. being trans, gender queer or agender is also a cheap, easy way for people to get around being ~icky homos~

No. 449032

I bet he does that so he doesn't have to lie about the length of the pants he buys. Would come in handy with any height arguments I suppose.
"Oh yeah? Well if I was lieing about my height would all of my pants reall say – length??"
Little does he know these pictures of his fucking floor dragging pants gives it away. He must go through a lot of jeans, I know personally from hand me downs that jeans like that get worn down quick.

No. 449033

File: 1507838430292.jpg (30.44 KB, 480x270, bubbles.jpg)

No1curr about your dreams. We don't care about astrology derailing, armchair psychology, mombie rants, etc. so why is this acceptable, interesting or relevant.

When did we start letting newfags shit up our Onion threads guys?

No. 449034

We have been plagued with them. The last thread and most of this has been an embarrassment.

No. 449036

so.. she doesn't conform to the two genders but recognises them, but acknowledges she is attracted to males and females. so she rejects other agendered trans/folk? i'm so fucking confused.

does pansexual not go with agender

how can she have so many crushes but not understand wtf she identifies as, who could handle that mess, the fact onion deadpans straight face puts up with it shows he knows its a farce

i often wonder what is scripted and what isn't. is laineybot a persona? greg tried to make onision a persona after all the shiloh shit when he tried to backtrack about some of the more controversial footage he produced.

they're so mental

No. 449038

He don't look too happy doing this shit, just look at them sad fish lips kek

No. 449043

the end is creepy. he gleefully admits that he is excited to have found a way to get concentrated pics of his choosing from girls.

next he'll be taking trips to amsterdam for sex tourism if that's not what he's already using that hotel room in LA for

imagine greg in that lonely hotel room dm'ing fans that are in the area and he's free, alone and in a hotel….

No. 449044

File: 1507840593370.gif (2.21 MB, 247x183, GIVEMETHEFUCKINGMILK.gif)

Anyone noticed lately that grease barely streams on younow anymore? FFS I just wish these cunts would hurry up and fucking divorce and cause a god damn milk flood. Cunts, I want my fucking milk!

Sage for whinging

No. 449045

God damn dude, when did she become so unbearable and try hard? She's always been kinda cringey, but this was seriously hard to watch lol

No. 449047

I wanted to slap her really hard by the end of the video. I had to pause it four times it was so unbearably pathetic and desperate.
I am losing hope Greg will ever leave her. We all sit here tinfoiling but what if he actually loves her. No evidence to show he doesn't really.

No. 449048

File: 1507841152516.png (193.88 KB, 643x365, gurgleschedule.png)

yes he's hopping between streaming platforms right now. the only milky streams were some of the younow ones. but I saw he uploaded a new schedule on twitter today so I guess we can look out for younow milk on mondays and fridays

that's exactly my thoughts. It would be such an embarrassment for him to buy shorter than average pants

No. 449051

File: 1507842165637.png (339.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0827.PNG)

I just realized it's (sorta) the 10th anniversary of Onion's shitty YouTube rise to infamy, he was less narc-is and more dorky back in '07.

Happy greasy anniversary folks!

No. 449055

File: 1507842930142.png (1.06 MB, 1176x640, ugly to pretty.png)

Says he's still in LA and he wants to 'pump out those videos'.
>I'm all alone and it's delightful.

Says he had ten pages worth of entries for his contest. (Giving away a signed copy of his book This Is Why I Hate You.)

>And I'll ship it to you, assuming you don't have painful shipping. In an awful British accent In Great Britain we have an import fee.

A call back to the time he had a contest to give away his old DS but didn't want to pay the high shipping fees.

(Now Ugly to Pretty)
>First of all we have ugly. You get a z for zero effort. and the pretty version is them with half their face. There is no way your winning this. Who tries to look pretty and only has half their face in the picture? It's rude.
says the King of Zero Effort

>Now we have horrifying to now quite as horrifying. Nice filter.

>I suppose this is the ugly version. My psychic powers are saying she's going to take off her glasses implying people with glasses are ugly. Oh wow, I need to edit this out of the video. I'm not allowed to be wrong ever. It's that narcissism.

>Oh no, you look afraid and I guess here you're pretty. You get a z for zero effort because guess what, you're one of those people who is afraid to be seen as ugly and you're therefor you're like this is me trying to be ugly even though we both know you're not really trying. Smear some poop on your face lady.

>Not sure how we're gonna clean up this mess and… you did it. You look totally, potently super arousing, although I'm not sure whats going on with your neck - it's kinda freaking me out a little but the rest - oh my gosh.

>A ten year old submitted this one. Or not, maybe they're eleven. You see adults, take it from the kids - the know how to be ugly.

>Patron only because your face is so gross. I fear YouTube may shoot me in the head if I show it on my channel. Who needs a snap chat filter when you have a table top decoration.

>Queen of fuggly and kind of pretty here. Kind of super pretty.

>Finally the Rock has found someone that knows how to play this game. My stalker Meowcifer. She may have won. Pretty impressed actually.

>Spookykook, because why put on makeup and apply effort when you can just snapchat it.

>Awww, are you ugly because your an Onision fan? And now your super pretty congratulations you won the… I'm kidding, you didn't win.

>Hey a guy watches me. That's literally the only reason your in this video because you're a guy and you stood out for being a guy. Because your ugly to pretty was the lowest effort yet. Like how do you graduate school? Do you just say, 'Teacher I don't want to try. I just want to sleep with you and hope that works out.' because that's not how it works Morty. That's now how it works

>Gross. Less Gross.

>Mediocre. More presentable but sadly my camera just shut down so I have to wrap this up.

>You're disgusting; now you're pretty.

>You actually look perfectly fine and now you look almost perfectly goth.

>Not gonna show that one. I can't tell which one is the ugly one and which one is the pretty one.

>Here is Harley pretending that she's trying to be ugly. We all know she could do worse and her looking actually pretty. Sick.

>Obviously a gross ten year old and now, oh my god is she twenty?

>Oh my god, this might be a winner. The power of ugly is strong in this one but so is the power of looking like that chick from Glow. Who is a good looking human.

>Probably the weakest attempt I've seen yet and that says a lot.

>Holy Hell. See, Becca gets it. Becca knows how to be ugly and she also knows how to make herself look good.

>So here is someone super nasty. Wait for it… ugh, oh wait that's the good part. You did a good job.

>Oh god, oh - oh no. This is where you want to criticize but your not sure if she has cancer. So you don't want to say anything. And now, not that bad. That's a glow up. The cancer to the not cancer. I shouldn't be saying these things huh?

Announces new contest for only 18+. Fat to Skinny. Try to make yourself look as fat as possible and then as thin as possible.

No. 449056

i'd be very embarrassed to be seen with her in public if she acts like that. it really is for the best that she stays inside.

No. 449057

It's honestly impressive how little charisma she has

No. 449059


He looks like he's fantasizing about slamming her head back in that box and mailing it to China.


Why does it look like his bodies been squished ?
His body is so fucked looking

No. 449060


Jezz. He could get them hemmed to actually fit him. But nah.

No. 449061

It baffles me that she has any kind of following, but then you look at the sort of person who gives her love potions on YouNow and it all makes sense.

It doesn't take much at all.

No. 449063

File: 1507845016722.png (8.92 KB, 600x130, Screenshot.png)

sage for OT but this happened today

now what?

No. 449066

Gemineye the girl that gives her potions daily said that she was physically abused until she turned 19 on Lames stream, her followers don't know any better.

No. 449067

I wonder if it would be worth it to create a new thread on /OT to discuss this separately or if we should take it to reddit. Generally a FAQ or a general thread would be a good idea I think. With links and receipts with stuff he's done in the past.

No. 449068


We should fill it full of his unflattering pictures and screenshots compiling all the ridiculous things he has said and contradicted himself on

No. 449071

going through reports, everything against him personally has been reported. only once.

I'm the only mod, I'd need a couple if you guys are gonna turn it into a pitchfork factory tho tbh

No. 449072

And there’s two of them. So that means two are probably crammed into a cart. I hope they haven’t fallen out and cracked their domes while their caregivers are running around filming in Target.

No. 449079

Was it the same user who reported them?

No. 449085

Can someone explain wtf gender reveal has to do with sexuality? She says its her gender reveal party, then says its her gay day and kept talking about being the fake gay she is. She is the embarrassment of all LGBT people i swear. Agender's colors aren't even fucking rainbow or have anything to do with being gay.

And as shes screaming how gay she is, her only invite to her party is her straight husband from her straight relationship. What a joke.

Also again, we witness lameo's severe social anxiety as she calmly parades around target acting weird and filming everything with no ounce of anxiety present. Shes been forgetting to pretend shes anxious since shes more obsessed with screaming shes gay.

No. 449086


At 5:20 (2:52 left on the vidme) there's two arms belonging to two different people when they're setting up the balloons in the box. Also, when she's releasing her balloons with Onion and getting in the box and whatnot, the camera clearly isn't on a tripod. It's definitely 100% sarah, they have no way of explaining those things.

I don't think the kids are there with her at the store cause she brings that giant box in the car and puts it in the back where the kids would be sitting. I could be wrong.

No. 449087

You can hear Sarah giggle multiple times.

No. 449090

File: 1507848202397.gif (5.29 MB, 337x337, seeya.gif)

this was so very painful to watch. jeez this vid shows so perfectly how pathetic plains life is. No friends, no hobbies besides dyeing her hair Billie's next color, her entire identity surrounds her ~gay agenderness~. The only reason she has so many "crushes" is because she's so isolated from the world. You're as straight as they come taylor.

also idk what's going on with her hair style right now but it's triggering tf out of me

No. 449092

Why would anyone with Onision's lifestyle buy a fucking $999 printer?
Has he ever done anything that suggests he uses it? Or is it just ""eco-friendly""?

No. 449093

Wow I've finally heard Lainey sing.

No. 449097

Sarah was definitely there. Or for the benefit of doubt, some girl. Possibly Madison.

No. 449099

File: 1507849537194.jpg (25.35 KB, 418x508, niggaUgay.jpg)

Does anyone have P.O. Box "privileges"?

No. 449101

This is good, If we gather our shit we can compile all his and laineys bullshit, Make a megathread. You should head into lolcord to gather people up. Least it'll give us something to do while the milks dry. We also have super creative anons here as well that create some kekworthy shit so maybe they could get in on this as well. Just some ideas.

No. 449102

damn, i'm from ireland + just can't understand how onion gets to fly places alone when he could do a fun road trip with his family and still get to his destination. i'm envious of people who live in countries connected to others by roads lol. he honestly just needs a fucking camera and internet connection for his job. i can't understand how you could have made millions and been this fucking boring

No. 449103

>Also again, we witness lameo's severe social anxiety as she calmly parades around target acting weird and filming everything with no ounce of anxiety present.

Yeah that fucking pissed me off to no end, Bitch likes to act sensitive and ~*~Anxious~*~ when she's confronted with shit and has to take responsibilty, Meanwhile she could give fuck all for even her fans being anxious and shes rude as all hell. To act like that in public? Skipping around and making dumb poses? Fuck her and her fake fucking gender/sexuality/selective anxiety. Bitch doesn't know the meaning of the word struggle.

No. 449106

When Billie was around, he told Lainey he didn't want to be married anymore, almost left her for Billie and had plans to move into an apartment with Billie, ignored Lainey for Billie countless times while she cried in another room, fucking Billie behind Lames back, made videos calling her negative and humiliating her, and he let her walk out the door with his kid and said nothing, chose to cuddle in their bed with "her girlfriend" that he barely knew.

Just imagine anon: Lainey off crying somewhere with a 3 year old while onion was rubbing oil all over Billie's naked 18 year old body, telling her he loved her, and I could be mistaken, but he cuddled Billie all night. (Possibly naked? Funny now nobody ever speculate about this part of it)

You don't do that type of shit when you love someone. He decided he loved lame again, not after counseling or working on their marriage, but after he fucked it up with Billie so Lamey was all he had left.

No. 449107

I'd be willing to help you anon but could I potentially use a throw away account?

No. 449108

i feel like lainey is going to acquire ptsd from cuddlegate

she was pregnant or just given birth, her hormones would be fluctuating like mad, she already had a toddler, her husband was playing mind games and fucking a girl.

cuddling? ha. there are videos were commenters on vids have claimed onion to be fingering billie on camera. they had sex. they have watered it down for youtube, in the way we don't know the insults or fights him and lainey directly have. i'm sure a lot worse happens behind closed doors

not trying to wk lainey, but i assume your husband fucking a younger girl in your house while your pregnant and your kids running around would mentally break someone. especially someone with so little experience, got snatched from highschool, married and impregnated.

her family are kind of odd imo for allowing lainey to stay with him. if they have access for visits i dont understand how they dont remove their daughter. i think a supportive family would get her the fuck out of there

No. 449111

I don't care about that. whoever wants to contribute send a message to me on reddit and I'll add em

>reposted, forgot to sage

No. 449115

So, she hates Katy Perry because Katy kissed a girl and said that she was just experimenting, not actually gay. Most gay people dislike people for kissing one girl/guy and then screaming from the rooftops that they're gay. Oh, I guess Laney can't harp on those people because thats literally what she did… Also this video is so painful to watch. It's so disturbing to watch her act all cool and hip and knowing she's actually ignoring her kids to vainy pursue youtube popularity.

Side note, if she was agender and gay that would mean she liked other agender people. Not saying that I believe any of this 'i don't have a gender' crap when its not linked to body dysphoria, just saying she makes no sense.

No. 449116

Who is Madison? Her name popped up every now and then. Is she just another nobody from the discord?

When tempcow was around the the Onion thread was invaded by his discord fags I threw in the name Madison for shits and giggles because I know it's one of those American basic bitch names and I couldn't when there actually was one around.

No. 449117

File: 1507851138638.jpg (38.84 KB, 800x800, BlessBlessBless.jpg)

I feel like halfway through complaining about Katy Perry she realized her hypocrisy.

No. 449120

Lame is on younow.

No. 449122

Cannot stop laughing, Thank you anon

No. 449123

"I don't like to talk about this bs"

Whats she talkin about?

No. 449127

File: 1507852103724.png (174.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1718.PNG)


Someone asked her about the giggles in her coming out/gender reveal and she got hella annoyed

No. 449128

she's such a sour faced woman

No. 449129

>implying Taylor is a lesbian

If she truly didn't identify as either gender she'd be neither gay nor straight. I personally don't think nb identity is bullshit but she never treats herself as anything but a cis woman unless it's convenient.

No. 449131

She looks like an angry grandmother.

No. 449132

Bitch got a face more sour than Renee Zellweger.

No. 449133

becca is streaming too and guesting with someone, she has more people watching. can lainey not cry to greg about this

No. 449134

lmao someone tell her that even the big ol' beast is doing better than her, Also mentioning sarah seems to trigger her

No. 449136

Lainey is a grown-ass adult now, you can't just remove someone because they're in a shitty relationship. Even if her family wants to help, she'd have to take the help and she won't.

No. 449137

She's talking about "muh anxiety" Bitch you were prancing around the fucking store, Fuck off with your fake ass.

No. 449140

that legitimately breaks my heart. you know lainey doesn't give a fuck about her and just takes her money as if that girl shouldn't be treating herself, probably making fun of her. such a prolific mental health professional.

No. 449141

i want to believe anon

No. 449143

greg interrupted her stream to give her wedding band to her. now she's going on about how it's too big for her to wear

No. 449146

She's fishing for compliments something shocking and making up some bs story about a hot topic worker flirting with her and giving her a drugged cupcake? The fuck? You'd think grease would scream about that shit. Also onion isn't in her stream, Is he in beccas?

No. 449158

Holy shit the gender reveal shit. Releasing balloons and getting glitter outside (aside from being annoying to clean up, as if they would) is so fucking bad for the environment. The whole thing was stupid but this gets me.

No. 449160

She just compared the new puppy to leelu.
That poor fucking dog.

No. 449163

"I'm not fishing for compliments."

"I'm tired of my glasses, tired of my hair, tired of my face."

Lame on YouYawn.

No. 449164

Laineys grandmother is visiting right now.

No. 449165

Lames Grandma is already there.

No. 449166

she only has anxiety in regards to her abusive husband but she probably uses it as another thing to be a victim about in general

No. 449167

What the fuck is onion's new video? He's so giddy about dressing up as Yuno Gasai. What a loser

No. 449169

"Don't write those lyrics in my chat legit I will have a panic attack!"

Dramatic bitch.

No. 449170

Bwa ha ha look at his mosquito bite boobies sticking out!! Moobies! Bitch needs a training bra or a girdle.

Greasy looks just like Janet Reno here. Like a short, late in life lesbian.

No. 449175

She's saying shes burnt out and has low energy and that shes very sickly

No. 449180

Lame doesn't even have a general practitioner. IF shes as sick as she says then why not just go to a Dr.

No. 449182

Well yeah that's what starving yourself does, I would almost bet she only eats on camera because she stuffs her face like she's been chained to a wall without food for 2 weeks on top of that shitty food both of them eat it's no wonder she feels like crap

No. 449183

their actual verified address is very easy to find if you lurk back a few threads or search "realtor" on the archive.

No. 449185

She was supposed to go 5 minutes ago but she's ranking 10 in girls lol

No. 449186

Maybe she's sick because onion had his tounge in other people, and he passed germs back on to lainey when he came back for her scheduled love bombing session.

sage because I'm mixing the milk powder with water.

No. 449188

Onion is quitting veganism because he is in pain and not healing quickly lol.

No. 449189

She says she wants to stop streaming or take a break because she feels sick but I think its cause she isn't getting that much money or views.

No. 449190

lol he can't even do it anymore.
Lainey hung around hoping for money but nobodies coughing anything up.

No. 449194


look at this


No. 449197

Lol, yeah right. He probably just took a look in the mirror at his man boobs and can't figure out why he has them, so it must be veganism, not the fact that he can't stop shoving garbage in his face. Nope, it's totally the lack of animal products. Onion,I'm just S T A T I N G F A C T S when I say your boobs are at least a B cup.

No. 449200

File: 1507856401791.png (68.51 KB, 227x220, Screenshot 2017-10-12 at 8.58.…)

No. 449202

>there are videos were commenters on vids have claimed onion to be fingering billie on camera.

like which one??

No. 449209

>dem delicious mantitties are made by veganism

Is he gonna start wearing a bra then wear women's clothing just like Chris-chan? I hope so!!

No. 449213

It is alarming how accurate some farmers are at guessing where Onion takes his career next

No. 449219

The average age of his commenters is 12, what do they know? Onion and Billie definitely fucked though.

No. 449220

The only positive thing I can say about this video is that the pink wig makes him look like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert and the Cosby kids. His eyes sliding all over his face and then eventually dripping off his cheeks.

No. 449222

some people have resting bitch face, lainey just has permanent cat butt face

No. 449227

anon please this is an image board

No. 449228

oh shit this girl is 15 minutes away from me. I've dated people who went to that school. Weird. She's got a smaller chin than leafy, kek.

No. 449229

Someone told her Becca got 20K likes and she rolled her eyes.

No. 449234

Ugh sorry, trying to delete to repost and it's not allowing me. I'm doing things wrong! My bad.

No. 449235

File: 1507859513843.png (79.52 KB, 640x585, IMG_3641.PNG)

Most of the tweets under lame's video are bashing her lul.

No. 449238

I'm trying to compile a master list of the horrors of Greg and Taylor for /r/onision if anybody wants to add points and/or sources: https://www.reddit.com/r/Onision/comments/761r10/greg_and_taylor_avaroe_a_dossier/

No. 449241

check out your flare tbh

No. 449242

File: 1507860591350.gif (11.07 KB, 318x200, 200_s.gif)

lol it's okay anon, it was only a reminder. Lots of new friends around lately.

No. 449244

love it!

No. 449249

This is great, thanks anon. I hope we can include video links and screenshots to everything.

No. 449251

Exactly. What is the most masculine thing she has ever done? Dressed boyish? That's it. That's the only thing. And many girls who identify as girls dress this way. Everything about her is bullshit. She must be the most empty person.

No. 449253

Thanks! I'm gonna try and source as many things as possible over the next few days.

No. 449254

Hold on, Troy had cavities and needed surgery?

No. 449255

Has worn flannels and clenched her jaw.

No. 449260

did anyone notice that in Lames new video Gurg says “wait you’re bi? Is that why” and then gets bleeped out… but if you read his lips he’s saying “we fucked a chick together”. And then Lame laughs and says “I wasn’t ready for that one!” …… I hate them both

No. 449262

I’m in that younow screenshot. She had been talking about how she didn’t want to talk about “drama” and about how she thinks anyone who doesn’t support her isn’t REALLY from the LGBT community because, and I quote, she “has a few friends in the community who support her”. So I guess actual gay and trans people can’t disagree with her or else they aren’t REALLY LGBT

No. 449263

Just a suggestion about the first blurb: link to the LifeofOnion section or screenshot in which Onion explicitly told Skye not to work, or talked about the decision he made of not wanting her to work. It's in Skye's section.

No. 449266

Sage for making a request

Would anyone be willing to make a gif with the captions of Greg admitting in his "I betrayed my wife" video that he was going to sign away custody of his kids?
I have almost no reception right now so I can't do it but I think it'd be helpful to have it as easy to find evidence

No. 449269

So then she's mad about her gender reveal video having actual members from the LGBT community complaining that she is mocking them. Way to fucking invalidate actual LGBT people who don't think being LGBT is a big fucking joke all the fucking time. Fuck this cunt, God damn just like fucking grease, Thinks shes an authority on LGBT issues now and gets her little minions to pick on and shout at anyone that might have the slightest disagreement or issue with her.

No. 449275

This might be a good time to concern troll with all the Weinstein shit happening. Point out how he's been predatory for a decade and how it's all been documented by himself.

No. 449278


Lainey is oh so triggered, clearly. B was always too good for both of them.

No. 449290

File: 1507865033808.jpeg (186.99 KB, 804x926, image.jpeg)

Does anyone have any side-by-side comparison pics of taylor trying to copy billie?
Yeah, it was mentioned on a post leaked from a mom's group a little while back.

No. 449304

any artfags with spare time want to design a banner for the subreddit?

No. 449310

are you the snally from /r/drama?

No. 449322

It's going to be nice to have a sourced master list of Greg and Taylor's transgressions; there's so much information and it's so decentralized that it takes ages to get up to speed on how terrible they are.

No. 449325

File: 1507868621721.png (191.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0833.PNG)


Here y'all go! It wasn't much difficult to find, it was under the 2007 journal link. Oh and I love how he predicted Skye's film career - that did not include Greg.

No. 449326


This is rich. I'd love to see him respond to how he has become the person he criticized. Totally forgot about this.

No. 449334


she looks constipated

No. 449338

File: 1507871977189.png (182.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0834.PNG)

>He’s at least 30 and he talks to teen girls all the time, it’s weird. Almost everything about this guy creeps me out.

The Gregster unknowingly predicted his own demise through this Chris Levins fellow, kekk

No. 449340

Someone should tweet the image to him or post a screenshot during Lame's next stream. I'm sure she'll say something about "I don't control him"

No. 449342

>Shes been forgetting to pretend shes anxious since shes more obsessed with screaming shes gay.

That's her new persona ever since she became a fan of Miles Chronicles (previously Amanda Chronicles). Miles did this a whole lot, the whole extreme 'I'm gay!' persona , saying the word 'gay' 200 times a video before he came out as trans and sortakinda tuned down on the gay thing and focused more on the trans thing. Anyway, my point is.. I totally see Lamey copying Miles (old) persona, it's uncanny.

No. 449344

Great find, added it to the dossier.
Hope we can pull up more instances of hypocrisy

No. 449349

His journals are fun to read sometimes, LoO has a lot of hidden gems if you look hard enough! There's an email reply to Skye's mom from Onion telling her (Sabrina) to (pretty much) fuck off when all she did was trying to protect her daughter from Onion's wrath, and the confession to that Margaret chick in the Sicesca letter of how he used to verbally abuse Alicia whenever she stood up to him. Crazy shit man

No. 449354

finally watched the gender reveal video, nd im ready to kill myself tbh
what a cringefest

No. 449355

File: 1507874822466.png (236.75 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0835.PNG)

Uhh guys? I don't mean to bring any hocus pocus mumble-jumbo back but…?

No. 449356

File: 1507874906452.png (987.9 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0836.PNG)

No. 449365

What's particularly annoying about Onion is that he could actually take all the time in the world. It wouldn't affect his bank account or SUPER SRS upload schedule. He just filmed three (or more?) videos alone in a hotel. How fucking sad is that? Pay a bunch of money to film in a hotel room by yourself. His content would be 10,000 times more interesting outside of four walls or his backyard. No "collab" needed. You're 30 fucking years old. Act like it.

No. 449367

Her grandmother is supposed to be visiting soon. I don't know this, but I'm willing to bet her grandmother stays in touch with her to try to keep watch over her in case Onion doesn't some greasy things to her. I wonder if her whole family knows the extent of cuddlegate.

No. 449369

Madison is a girl they have had over at the house and collab'd with on and off. Seems like their relationship with her is purely business, since Lainey and Greg never mention her as a friend.

No. 449374


Why is it always playgrounds? "Sorry little Timmy, we have to wait for the men dressed in girl clothes to finish before you can play."

No. 449376

Gemineye spends SO much money on her. Not sure if she's a Greg fan too, but I think so. She's also vegan, so I guess she feels some kindred connection or something.

Someone should mention to these soft-hearted vegans that animals choke and die on balloons all the time in the wild. Just so her space prince ass can "come out".

Girl is seriously depressed and doesn't realize it. Trying to fill that vast void with something, anything.

Sad thing is, being a young mother to kids that age is rough as hell. Especially if you're not getting much help. They bed share, so she isn't getting much sleep either, guaranteed. She feels like shit because she's a mom, but her diet and home life aren't helping the situation. She definitely needs to see a doctor.

When she had her kids, did they do a home birth or what? Or was she in the hospital?

I'm thinking she is definitely doing some high calorie restriction for sure. As much as she reads about being a good parent, you would think she read the most important parts; TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF. You can't pour from an empty cup. If she's burnt out, her children suffer too.


They might not accept mail at that address or something. They could turn away a package if they don't know where it came from.

No. 449379

Except Miles actually identified as gay and dated girls, and the videos were so OTT that it was clearly tongue in cheek.

I wonder what their collab would be, he probably wouldn't question her so her feefees won't get hurt and just give her fake ass more exposure.

No. 449384

File: 1507878264360.png (1.31 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0837.PNG)

Is he qualified for the sex offenders' list yet? He's not wearing pants!

Tbh that emo kid looks like a young Kirk Hammett

No. 449388

I really doubt this means anything; I have two sets of tarot cards but I don't believe in psychic powers or the supernatural.

Sigh… the milk is so dry that even I miss Billie

No. 449389

File: 1507879325031.png (24.69 KB, 498x202, taymom.png)


Damn, I was in that group and saw her post a few times. I wondered why she left. Most of what she posted was pretty normal and she always seemed pretty focused on her kids. This is before she got super into YouTube and YouNow AFAIK.

No. 449390

Eh, it's really just another point in his hypocrisy when you think about it. You know…

>I haz magikal powerz but I'm an atheist! Hail Sicesca!!!

No. 449393

Ugh, imagine having babies with someone who won't share in the burden of nighttime wake ups or even sleep in the same room.

No. 449394

She used to be a super duper crunch granola mom type before this whole agender fad. Though there's a good chance she was just putting on a front for the facebook group. After all, she's had a live-in nanny for years now, and everyone tries their best to sound like a good parent to others. They're clearly living in a fucky household, and something is seriously wrong with her parenting if her toddler had to get a serious surgery for rotten teeth.
It is pretty weird that was into the whole paranormal thing given how fedora-tier he is now. But I guess it's too much to expect any consistency from him.

No. 449396

File: 1507879974553.png (1.27 MB, 1194x672, life.png)

Nit-picky AF, but look at those shelves.
No order. Cleaning supplies by food. Lots of "boxed" meals. Things laying on their sides, upside down, crooked, and generally just thrown everywhere.

No. 449397

in some alternate universe she's a mommy vlogger who does fun crafts with her kids.

instead she does bi pride eyeshadow and releases balloons into the sky so she can validate her own identity on the internet. oh well.

No. 449402

I don't think she was ever really crunchy granola, she just thought she was cause she could produce more milk than other women. She used to brag about being the best mom ever for breast feeding her son longer than recommended and practicing attachment parenting.

I'm guessing what happened was her son grew up. He stopped being this little baby she could wrap up and just lie next to while she played her phone.

She realized that cooking complete nutritional meals for her son is a lot harder than just popping a boob out for him to suck.

And she realized that kids need a lot more engagement as they become older.

It was about the exact time where she could no longer just solely breast feed her son that she started getting nanny's in, I think.

Also, I think she left that group because she posted stuff about Troy getting cavities? And people started tearing her up about it because there's some link between cavities and extended night time breastfeeding.

No. 449403


Well, all his exes claim he's still a Sicescan despite he's not, he probably still practices this shit to this day. Weren't Grease and Taylor gonna have a pagan wedding reception a few years back?

I see a Campbell's can there, don't those soups have some meaty/chicken flavor in them? Unless that's a tomato soup…?

You just can't escape out of the hypocrisy woods, huh Onion?

No. 449405

In other words, Taylor's a stupid selfish bitch mom.

No. 449406

This makes a lot of sense. Shitty attachment parents seem to love to brag about taking care of their kids' most basic, minimal effort requirement needs, no wonder a lazy cunt like Taylor latched onto it.

No. 449407

I mean, the thread is gone, so I can’t check, but most crunchy parents wouldn’t say much about extended breastfeeding = cavities, so I can’t see her getting torn apart for that in there. Seems like she probably left because someone reported back to her about it getting posted here.

No. 449408

Where did this come from? Our board?

No. 449409

Yea, it wasn't that crunchy parents group. It was some farmer mummy's accusing her of causing the cavities and soon after that she stopped posting in that group. I'm just assuming she already knew it was being posted and the cavities criticism was the final push for her.

My bad should have clarified on that.

No. 449414

I dreamt me and a good friend lived in the same apartment with Gurg and Plainey, (two separate lockable rooms) and we never saw them or heard them. A second friend was over and we began to hear breathing from the other room and my other friend said "It's him.". We checked the news, and Onion's channel had been permanently removed off of youtube, and at that point we heard Lainey scream. Then silence. My roomie friend went to see what was up but didn't return. My other friend went into the closet. Onion entered and grabbed me and I tried to hit him with my phone but kept missing, and my friend came from the closet and hit him on the back of his head but he didn't even notice. I felt a pinch in my back and realized he was injecting something into me. I lost my conciousness and woke up from the dream. Gurg is scary and ruined my sleep.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 449418

it was posted here a long time ago, so probably. someone from the group was also a farmer.

No. 449419

wtf anon

No. 449420

nobody cares about your dream.

No. 449421


Dental assistant here, a child that age should not have cavities unless you have poor oral hygiene (brushing teeth etc and too much sugar).

If they had take them to a dental therapist for frequent check ups they would have given them fissure seals which is like a layer of protection on top of teeth to protect them and prevent cavities.

I work in the surgery room so it's always sad to see a child have to get fillings at such a young age. 100% preventable unless they have a type of medical condition.

The child should not eat or drink because during anesthesia they can choke on their own vomit if they puke previously eaten food as a side effect of the anesthesia.

They are lazy parents.

No. 449422

went went over all this at the time and since.

No. 449423


Ok thanks for letting me know


No. 449424


That has nothing to do with attachment parenting and everything to do with the fact that they are terrible parents in general.

Sage for parenting shit.

No. 449427

sorry to be a bit harsh, but it did reach the point of farmhands telling people to not dental sperg any further.

No. 449428

Sage in email field anon not in comments

No. 449433

File: 1507898809295.png (142.12 KB, 1005x717, onisionOT.png)


But i thought it was funny how other youtube communities view onision.

I watch Ice Poseidon a popular live streamer and he got this random guy leeching and name dropping Onision claiming he knows him and it just put off a whole community of people watching when he mentioned Onision.

Now dude is being humiliated in the Reddit of Ice Poseidon for name dropping Onision of all people.

They are caling Onision and anyone who knows him a "normie"

No. 449434


Its weird as fuck that some of these people come on here and tell us about your dreams. Half the dreams are about getting fucked by Onion himself, that is gross I would vomit in my sleep. How can you claim to hate Onion then dream of you getting banged by him? I think dream posts shouldn't be allowed its fucking weird.

No. 449436

We'll I just woke up and I'd love to sperg, but only with evidence per say. So here goes, with a sage for dental sperg.

In Onisions old video Wisdom Teeth Removed (not wisdom teeth removal), Onion talks about needing to get his wisdom tooth removed. At 0:06-0:10 into the video he opens his mouth to show the tooth in question. OMG yuck.

His tooth is black. BLACK. The wisdom tooth is black. His tooth is black. Not even 30 yet and he had a dead black tooth. If he couldn't be bothered to even take proper care of his teeth for his own well being, how can anyone expect him to have the sense of responsibility to protect his own children's teeth.

Now, the video is a re-upload, to his archive in 2014, but the day after his 'surgery' video (Wisdom teeth removal) was uploaded on Feb 14 2012. By this time he was starting to chat with Lainey online but they had not yet met.

It is of my opinion that Onision wanted to never mess with his teeth, until he found some jailbait willing to look at his wrinkled Visage. Since she was so young and innocent still, the black tooth and wisdom teeth (an indicator of age) had to go. Can't scare off that fresh 17 year old with his tenderly cultivated black truffle of a tooth.

sage because it's the rules.

No. 449438


And how does your post help the conversation?

Back to topic: in an old thread I found one of lameys tweets, bragging about onion lying to her for 4 years. Maybe someone should remind her of that tweet? It was right after the Billie drama.

No. 449440

Trust me, it's better than dreaming of sex with the onion.

No. 449442

eww why did i go and watch that. I want to slap myself in the face

No. 449447


Oh my god, disgusting, putrid, vile.

No. 449460

You don't need to say sage in your post, everyone can see if it's saged or not.

No. 449469

Not really complaining but I really want to stress about anons posting their dreams of onion. Guys seriously, Hes a narcissist and a lurker, Posting about how he's getting in your head ONLY serves to feed his massive ego. Not having a dig at anyone who did post but seriously think about what your doing.

No. 449473

I also hate dream sperging, but was shot down when I complained about it like 10 threads or whatever ago. Dream sperging has happened since the earliest threads, let's just ignore posts we don't like and get along :^)

No. 449474

true anon, I don't mind people posting it but imagine gurg reading that his haters are having sexual dreams about him

No. 449475

You are right. The most important thing is that we all get alongside since one thing unites us… the hate for onion.
And as long as there's no new milk I didn't mind it anyways. I wish sarah would spill some milk since she is right at the source…

No. 449477

You can report comments that don't contribute to the conversation anon.

(IMO Onion dreams is literally an OT subject belonging in a scary dream thread)

No. 449479

It's stupid it's allowed to continue. I think/hope it is just one poster. If there is more than one person posting dreams about gerg here then I will have to shoot myself.

No. 449481

kek I agree.

No. 449484

When you want to post these tmi Onion dreams, think of them as possible fap material for Onion boy, maybe that'll put you off from posting them. If it does the opposite go get help.

No. 449490

File: 1507910682664.jpg (55.66 KB, 766x761, cappp.JPG)

He's making a new video with Madison called 'fat woman and Rick Sanchez' now you look me in the eyes and tell me if there is a god (kek points that he didn't even ask his plain board of a wife to do it.)

No. 449496

That Rick wig looking like a handful of off-brand swiffer dusters.. If the Greases ever follow through with cosplay, the cgl farmers are going to shred him so hard.

Also, I hate how he ignores people who actually support him. Like I feel bad for BeccaCopsicle, maybe she has her own life but I'm sure she'd be excited to have the opportunity to collab w/ the people she's spent thousands on. Like why did Poopstain Becca go…

Inb4 he does exactly what I suggested above kek.

No. 449500

File: 1507913026907.png (14.23 KB, 588x156, Screenshot-2017-10-13 Onision …)

Did he now pay people for writing comments?

No. 449505

>If grease ever follows through with cosplay…

Bit of a reach/tinfoil but what if, just if, he was/is sucking up to moo so he could worm his way into the cosplay community? Think about it, he could set up a completely separate patreon dedicated to "Fenny Cosplay Skits"/" Proffeshinul Cosplays" all while screeching "One of my friends is Marian Mallad and she's a professional cosplayer!"

No. 449511

He doesn't have the attention span to put any real effort in to it, look how fast he abandoned his channels when they didn't get him enough subscribers.

No. 449514

He seems to be really keen to suckle on Momo's teat lately, so honestly I can see him pretending to do cosplay in an attempt to suck up to her and get a similar level of patreon bux at least.

No. 449524


Maybe he's worming his way into the cosplay community not to become one.. but to fuck one ? or two.. or maybe which ever ones will.

Let face it. All cosplayers love anime and fun coloured hair and totally "cork" shit. Everything he wants in a woman. He found a new hunting ground and is probably trying to use moo as a entrance.

No. 449526

I've never posted about it but not long ago I was reading pt on a plane and when I took a nap I had an elaborate dream about Onion House but it wasn't about fucking Greg and more about saving a Billie clone. I think we should have a thread in ot to prevent drean sperging because it doesn't seem uncommon (especially since my meds prevent me from dreaming so that was extra weird) but idk how well that would help with containment but I know I personally would like to discuss the greasy attack on my psyche.
Sage for dream sperg(just make the thread and go)

No. 449536

Oh No…is he gonna go full retardo like the rick and morty fandom..make it stop.

No. 449545

You're right, the only thing that can make the rick and morty fanbase worse is if you add onision.


No. 449547

Wtf???? Can you stop the dream BS? Really is so weird and patetic
If you can handle a gossip forum then you shouldnt be here(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 449549

I agree who cares about dreams? We are not here to talk about dreams as they are dreams and provide no milk, everytime someone posts about a dream they get like 2 people going ooooh so gross and everyone else saying stop it's annoying.

No. 449550

Then shut the fuck up? no one is talking about it but you guys. The new topic is Gerg trying to crawl his way into the cosplay community

No. 449553

Nothing pays $300,000 in taxes like cosplay!

It's like he completely forgot that he owes money.

No. 449554

Did he ever say what the result was? It seems he stopped talking about how much he might owe?

No. 449556

Lame is on younow early.

No. 449557

Lames about to go Live on YouNow early, cause she has a date tonight.

No. 449558

How so?
IRS investigations take time; it's probably going to be a little while until we hear the result.

No. 449559

File: 1507922554447.jpg (27.62 KB, 199x260, thank you.jpg)

Shout out to younow-anons that regularly watch Lame's streams and report milk back here.

No. 449560

Wait..cosplay..thats why he is talking to momo on twitter?

No. 449565

she just said that they are going to have a date in olive garden topkek

No. 449570

More from lameo's younow:
people compliment her on her ugly brows, no wonder she doesn't see that they always look like shit
>says she needs to get her brows threaded
>says she's been listening pretty much to the same music for ten years
>"I don't like change, I'm not good with change"
(would explain why she's afraid to leave gurg)
>says there is no way shane would ever collab with her cause he has way more views and subscribers
>she doesn't like to talk about deep shit with greg cause then she gets a panic attack
(wow must be a very deep marriage then)

No. 449573

the last bits from the stream (she's off now):

>says she wants to try a simple skeleton type make up with a tutorial

that's gonna be hilariously bad
>having a girlfriend is a lot of work, so I'm like naaah
>I can't do casual relationships, I'm a very obsessive type
>says she's not interested in having a gf right now
>wants to schedule the streams earlier
(that's good cause I'm a eurofag and I like to report younow milk)

No. 449579

Pretty sure talking to your SO about "deep things" shouldn't give you a panic attack.

No. 449581

From what she said today it's pretty obvious that she doesn't want to face the truth in life and rather live in a bubble. Talking about shane she also mentioned that she didn't watch his conspiracy videos cause she doesn't like things that make her think about deep or unknown things. And i'm pretty sure that she's afraid of greg. It doesn't sound healthy at all when you avoid talking about serious topics with your fucking husband.

No. 449588

She wont even watch his video on top surgery because she doesn't want to be upset by it.

No. 449590


If she can't even watch the video where he talks about his feelings towards it, how in the hell would she ever be able to actually go through with it?

And if she's so afraid of change and the unknown, how would she do ANYTHING transition related, with or without Onion?

No. 449596

and they've been together for 5 years now and have 2 kids. that's healthy and really doesn't make me question anything at all!

also it's one thing to be anxious/nervous about bringing up certain topics with your S/O, but what really gets me is that she'd rather tell the entire damn internet that she's afraid to talk to her own husband instead of just talking to him. why does he not mind (and even encourage) that you're afraid of him?

No. 449601


Anon, she was never planning to go thru with it. She loves her knockers, but just wants to also feel a little special and get lots of attention for shit that isn't real or ever going to happen. Its like she wants the sympathy of things, but not to actually go thru with it.

> I want to remove my titties because they bother me

> I'm never going to do though.

> But just so you know.. I want you to feel bad about this. Cause I'm sad about my tittie.

> But but ! I love using them and so does Greg.

> So I bought a bunch of binders ..

> But I'll never use them.

No. 449604

Onion's on younow

No. 449614

You forget she was also asking her fans to buy and mail her binders. Even listed brands she likes

No. 449617

File: 1507933756103.png (269.71 KB, 900x434, lol.png)

lame had to go to his younow again to get a response from him. she's waiting for that romantic date

No. 449618

File: 1507934089529.png (295.77 KB, 1805x1232, IMG_5804.PNG)

#tbt the last time Lainey posted a pic of something besides herself to instagram. May 22nd, 2016

No. 449620

wow, that's just embarrassing.
Do they honestly not understand how terrible that looks? Why don't his followers?

No. 449622

wow I checked her instaand you're not even exaggerating. self-obsessed bitch

I'm still watching the stream and some fans write stuff like "I've been a fan for years, it would be great if you'd notice me" and he ignores them and only talks to his discordfags. The Chat is running really slow so he could easily just be nice and respond

No. 449623

They are the most honest YouTubers, even about their frigid marriage.

No. 449624

File: 1507934802057.png (16.69 KB, 361x170, subguyz.png)

can this cunt shut up already, yes lame, we get it, you're sooo submissive

No. 449625

He probably justifies it this way.
"Look YouTube is my family, you are all my family. And the last thing I want to do his hide our marital troubles from my family. I won't lie to my fans and say everything is alright when it isn't" or some shit like that

No. 449627

What is more annoying: Lainey's scoff when she is complaining about some dumb shit that triggers her


Greg saying mmkay when he is trying to condescendingly explain why he is right

Was just thinking this after watching Lainey scoff for the millionth time on her younow moments.

No. 449628


She's such a simple bitch

No. 449629

I don't watch her YouNow but it must be pretty annoying if it's at all comparable to "MKay?"

No. 449630

to me it's definitely his condescending mhkay, if I'd ever get the chance to meet him in person I'd punch him in the face for that

No. 449631

couple of the year

No. 449632


Aww, you can tell he genuinely cares by his lack of response.

No. 449633

File: 1507935856840.gif (2.33 MB, 570x309, lainey.gif)

Fans being more eager and attentive to her arrival than the husband/father of her children! Only to also be ignored! #couplegoals, am I right. They have all the chemistry of bleach and ammonia.

Basically this.

No. 449634

I love how he never acknowledges her messages in chat until becca or someone else from discord mentions them. also it seems to be quite common behaviour recently that he doesn't look into his phone for lainey's messages

No. 449635

Her excuse for not wanting to be responsible for anything is that she's a submissive, not that she's a lazy attention seeker.

No. 449638

The Younow is over?

No. 449641

I don't know if there's going to be milk, but Lane's live talking about how they burnt Billie's stuff


No. 449643


was just about to talk about this, she was also talking about the “tumblr drama”, which was her getting harassed out of nowhere by lainey ass lickers. obviously sarah or someone they sent to do it kek

No. 449646

Notice the thick jacket to try to hide those tits, even though in Lainey's "coming out" video it looked pretty hot out, and we know they need instant gratification so they don't film videos in advance.

Also it must be so pathetic to have to text and talk to your husband through a chat on his livestream when you are both at home. Most couples it'd be a "~stream invasion~" to have your significant other walk in to talk to you, but he hates her so he won't have that shit.

No. 449648


Yeah, I like how it's ok for him to walk into her stream to ask a question or to give her something, but it seems like she can't do the same.

No. 449649

Well she probably can't because muh crippling anxiety.

No. 449652

Personal observation, not something she said.

No. 449653

I reckon yes. Also she's making top Patreon dollars out of little effort, something he would like to emulate.

It occurs to me: her lewds are probably giving Daddy Grug ideas too. He can do some sleazy POVs with 17-18yo girls who pay him for the privilege. "It's for WORK, Lainey". His cum lube is probably in the mail rn.

No. 449654

Any clocked his recent Uhohbro uploads? Includes videos titled 'kitty cat in heat' and 'witch caught fling on tape'.

Those kinda clickbait videos were amongst his first 'hits' back in the day. He's so desperate now that all of his channels have completely lost direction. He's totally self-perpetuated his own downfall and its beautiful.

No. 449668

I agree it's pretty ridiculous that she can't just man up and do the same but at the same time Lainey is obviously a stage 5 clinger. He can't be on a live video feed in the same house as her without her freaking out and needing his undivided attention. If I was Onion I'd get pretty fucking tired of her too and ignore her, apparently Shiloh and skye had the decency to accept they were being ignored and just let him lock himself away and do his Skype cheating sessions. I wouldn't be surprised if Lainey is literally sitting on the floor outside the room he streams in while Sarah wrestles the kids

No. 449678

File: 1507941866211.png (577.8 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0838.PNG)

STORY TIME(trust me you'll love it!): after taking their cat (Skye and Gregma's) to get spaded, they've noticed some "leaking" from her behind. Like true autists, they didn't know wtf was wrong wi her. One of his commentators told Grease she was "cumming" and in the mood/looking for a mate (hence "in heat") and that's how his horny cat videos got started. This was taken from Onion's own words.

I'm also not sure why he moved this video from the Archive channel though.

No. 449679

It’s real sad. I wonder how grandma is taking seeing the grease man treat her granddaughter the way he does.

No. 449680

yeah and you just know he doesnt even have the insight or the decency to at least pretend to be a good guy in front of the grandma

No. 449682

Because it got alot of views when the og video went up, how pathetic of him he clearly is uploading old videos because he has no original content and he hated skyes cats glad she took them with her and didn't get rid of them like he tried to make her

No. 449685

So Lames Grandma has been there 2 full days and so far Lame has gone on "gay" target rides and half ass dates with Onion. She's using her granny just like she uses everyone else.

No. 449686

I'm sorry, I was in a hurry and I completely forgot how to spell "spayed". Please forgive my autism!

No. 449688

File: 1507943851159.png (442.66 KB, 719x690, 20171013_201608.png)

I wonder if Onion only got her a free water cup to drink out off and not an actual drink that they could take in the theater.

No. 449708

Anon I assure u that going anywhere with Onion is most likely an excruciating experience. Ofc he didn't buy her a drink, he probably told her to bring one from home if she 'was so thirsty'. He probably is the type to even buy popcorn for himself if no one is around.

Lame is proud for nothing, Onion may have money but no amount could make sane, intelligent people put up with him. Yeesh he probably ruins movies too

No. 449710

Every time she mentions her future hair cut on YouNow she always says "I hope it makes me feel better. The hair cut will make me feel better." She obviously think chopping off her hair is going to accomplish something, it sounds fucking stupid. Anyone want to tinfoil what she means?

No. 449712

no guys shes fake ana remember?
she was trying to be ~ana~ and only get a water

No. 449716

I'll explain. A good haircut does make you feel better. It is a simple, yet striking change if done right.

It is THE lowest effort highest payoff thing in the world existing. Super serious here.

How come you haven't gotten aware this life cheat so far? You too young?

No. 449719

Sounds pretty self-explanatory, Anon. Lainey does not like her hair. This is obvious because she's constantly changing it and talks about it. As >>449716 said, it doesn't require much effort to receive a haircut and if done well, it will temporarily give her an instant boost in confidence. It won't "fix" anything fundamentally erroneous within her. Right now, it's just the focus of her overall self-dissatisfaction. Not much to tin-foil over.

No. 449724

Christ, I can't blame Onion for Laim's lack of depth. She won't even entertain the unknowns of life, even if they're presented in YT vids. Of course she won't even address unknowns with her relationship or friendships. She wants absolute certainty from everyone and everything. Hell, at least Onion attempts to question the unknown or "deep" topics from a 14-year-old "comparing everything to cupcakes and ice cream" perspective.

No. 449727

Probably she thinks with every new cut/color she will change and with that change she expect to still be interesting in one way or another to Onion
But the truth is no matter how much she change her look, she will always be the same boring used toy to Greg

No. 449728

I cant blame her if she start to think about deep things she will realize how fuck up is her life. She wouldnt risk her ignorance cause that mean everyone else was right about all her life choices

No. 449729

I'm 23 and haircuts never make me feel better I only ever trim my hair to get rid of split ends. If you've seen her YouNow she makes it seem deeper than that, people will ask are you OK? She respond with I will be making it seem very dramatic.

No. 449738

File: 1507952785645.png (984.86 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0839.PNG)

They didn't go to Olive Garden

No. 449745

>That Rick wig looking like a handful of off-brand swiffer dusters..
it does and i'm dying

No. 449746

I dislike Gurg and Plainly as much as the rest of you, but I do want to say that dates don't have to be where the man takes out his wife out to dinner and a movie. It can be just the two going out and paying for their halves.

My fiance and I have always been a "going Dutch" couple. I can count on one hand how many times either he or myself paid for the full meal/date. So I don't think it's fair to judge a couple on how they decide to have their date.

Granted, there's a great many other reasons to judge Gurg and Plainly's shitty relationship, so fuck it. I'm sure whoever was treating who went super duper cheap in the worst way.

No. 449748

After watching Lainey’s gender reveal video all I can think about is how badly Greg must regret pushing this bisexual/agender thing on her and i think it’s so freaking hilarious.
Also seriously how has Greg aged so much so quickly, he dresses 60 and his face looks no younger than 40. As much as I can’t stand laundry at this point she’s way out of his league

No. 449751

>paying for their halves
>My fiance
what?? i don't know, maybe you haven't been dating or engaged for too long but that's weird to me. by time i was engaged we had a joint bank account and everything was our money. it's not one taking the other out, it's just going out.

No. 449752

You know, I think all you anons are just jealous. I personally would love to go to an Olive Garden instead of a high class restaurant that my husband could clearly afford. (he totally didn't go to Cali and buy sporty man heels!) Though I understand when people are going through a financial crisis and can't do fun things like that (Greg's not a greasy Jew!), it's nice to spend a night at home trapped in the basement next to a blowup Billie doll while hearing the symphony of Lainey's grandma cleaning and their kids screaming their lungs out.

>N-no Greg, my name isn't Billie, you don't have to keep calling me that every time I put on the wig.

No. 449756

File: 1507954847322.png (507.23 KB, 750x1334, DE87E0E5-B61B-4C18-B6D2-E8E7E5…)

i wonder where plainey got the skeleton idea from

No. 449758

Don't tell us what to do. Also, no1currs how you or your fiancé pay for your meals, no one asked. Thanks.

No. 449760


We don't want to have a shared bank account. That really is too much of a hassle. The previous relationship I had, I was with him for 10 years and we had a joint bank account. We broke up and I assumed he closed it (I was living abroad). Nope! It was a shit show since he wanted to buy a house and was engaged to some other girl so it was super odd for me to still share a bank with him. Nice he trusted me enough after the shit he did to me (he was well off) but it was still a shitty situation.

My fiance and I discussed it and we decided his bank account is his and mine is mine. We both have old bank accounts and once someone is added, you cannot remove them. If the unfortunate possibility of a divorce happens I don't feel like either him or myself starting over by closing the bank account. Both our banks charge monthly if there isn't money being added to the account (as well as my savings accounts). Yeah, it's not convenient. Haha. And with only 42% of married couples having joint bank accounts I don't feel like my decision is bad.

But yeah. It's just going out. There's no difference.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 449761

Its not about the date or the money they waste its about Gerg. He won't pay for vet bills, doesn't like to pay for heating/cooling, won't purchase proper furniture for their huge mansion. But will fly out people to collaborate, give thousands of dollars to Billie and buy her clothes and makeup. He probably told lame to ask for a free water cup but flew out 3 times to LA. He's a shit husband that is all.

No. 449762

Would probably also shame her if she bought herself her own drink because its "expensive".

No. 449763

Uh, you know he can just remove you from the account right? You sound like a fucking idiot. I'd much rather dream sperging than your shit blogging.

No. 449765

No one legit cares about you or your fiance.

No. 449770

this entire platter literally cost less than 15 bux at the local Asian grocery…wow, great date night

No. 449771

Unless a blog post is not saged honestly just don't respond. This is what I was talking about the other day just needlessly bitchy anons who start infighting because they can't keep their cuntiness to themselves. You being a salty twat shits up the thread as well.

No. 449772

it's just pathetic that they've been married for 5 years and they do date nights for the purpose of showing everyone else that they went on a date night. it'd be different if they went somewhere pretty and did something fun or at least somewhat worth mentioning, instead of just updating the world on their lame schedules. lainey gets giddy and smug as shit and keeps dropping those really conspicuous hints about going on the date and what not. the fact that she acts like this every time greg shows her the least bit affection (with a date night being the peak of his romance) just shows how rare it is that he even acknowledges her. the bar is so low and yet she's still head over heels for him.

No. 449773

She called him the best husband in the world n YouNow once because he brought her a sparkling water. She's still a fan girl.

No. 449775

Wow that's just…sad.

No. 449778

Just a cosplaying, submissive, fidget spinning, psychologist who is afraid to think deeply.

She's like a character on Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm or some other Larry David produced comedy.

No. 449780

File: 1507961125030.jpg (25.46 KB, 466x180, chpped hair.jpg)

Ah now I see.

No. 449781

File: 1507961261841.png (171 KB, 477x559, clingy.png)

No. 449784

Wait! If she hates "thinking deeply", then why the hell did she major in psychology? Psychology itself has a lot of deep thinking shit right there with a lot of other complex shit most of us probably wouldn't understand. Oh, and she was cum laude?

I'm stating to think that the edubirdie conspiracy is true…

No. 449788

She mentioned in her YouNow a few days ago that she hated her pink hair already. When someone brought up an old video with her pink hair she said she hated that hair in it. It’s like she has no concept of the little consequences such benign actions create for her. It’s like she’s desperate for something that fills the emptiness she feels but in reality, it’s probably poor nutrition, poor sleep, no exercise, unbalanced hormones (very normal in women several years into post partum) and living with someone you can’t trust at all with any real emotional part of yourself. This girl would benefit so much from a couple of trips to a doctor.

No. 449789


The funny part is that she doesn't wanna go to a doctor, "don't even have a GP" because the doctor can't tell her anything she doesn't know…. so she puts it off so she can whine on YouNow and calculate her BMI on air. This bitch, I s2g.

No. 449792

t really does make me sick and I think she probably is suffering from PPD, but I wonder if Onion shames her if she talks about trying to go to the doctor or something.
These two are going to have an incredibly difficult time as they age because they are not taking good care of their health as young people.
(3rd time is a charm! Deleted to sage)

No. 449794

More like the doctor will tell her all of the things she doesn't want to hear. Living a life of willful ignorance is benefiting her in all areas of wellbeing.

No. 449818


She's the most boring kind of person: Copies others, has no personality whatsoever, uses her gender and sexuality as a way to make her seem special, whines constantly, overuses stupid slang, avoids deep thoughts…If I was stuck on a room with her and a gun with a single bullet I would shoot myself so I didn't have to listen to her whining. Hilariously enough Onion would probably do the same.

No. 449866

Pologies but I need to tinfoil in a paranoid way.
When I caught Gergalerg out in the heatstreet article comments it way due mostly to his over use of these …, … now whenever I see a well written comment with … my conspiracy antennas go up.
Also you refer to him as Onion, something not common in here.
If you are not Gerg then sorry, but I hope you are, judging by your comment you hate Lame as much as we all do.

No. 449867

Wow, that is tinfoiling to the extreme. I am not that anon but I also refer to him as Onion and I use ellipses a lot also. You are unbelievably paranoid.

No. 449868


Well, I can't really prove I'm not him so, eh.

As far as I know I used ellipsis once and correctly, since I was listing things? Also, many people refer to him as Onion.

No. 449872

she only has a bachelor's in psych.

No. 449876

don't be paranoid, anon …

No. 449882

Good morning all! I'll do a sperg on Lame. Just my opinion and observations. It's super long, you don't have to read if you don't feel like doing so.

The people I've found to study psychology, or those who wish to do so, choose it to better understand themselves. Usually these people have been to therapy or seen psychologists themselves in adolescence, so they wish to learn more and help others.
I'll toss my hat in the ring and theorize that Lamey has been to see a therapist in the past, her parents could obviously afford one, and of better quality too. So I believe that's why she chose to study that. Because she had a psychologist that helped her process and understand her wacky teenage feelings and thoughts.

I think that Greasy outwardly encouraged her attending school because she was underage, but inside he did not like that. Lame being exposed to other people's thoughts and ideas in person with young men all around? No, he did not like that at all. But he put up a good front for her, to trick her.

So later on, he dangles the DigiTour in front of her face. "Oh my dearest Sh-I mean Lain, come travel the country with me, I will show you the world, just take your classes online". Gurg knew he would never be a real host for DigiTour, people tend to not hire suspected child predators, but he used that to seduce Foot away from her family and school.

Now I'd say that Lainey has seen how she was duped. Tricked. Lied to. But it's all so very public, even if she tried to leave, burgly would send people after her and stalk her like he did to Skye. She doesn't want to hear everyone say, we told you so.

Also, grubby would hate having someone with more prestige than him. He would be embarrassed that they would say 'Mr and Dr jackson/averoe'. Of course he discouraged her from continuing school.

I think that since Greg is such an outwardly spoken feminist in the first place, and since he already works from home, he should be the housewife, and lainey goes to work and brings home the money while he watches the kids, pets, and cleans and cooks for the family. What truly better way to honor and understand what countless mothers did for families for millenia?? If he has so many cameras, lighting, and what, 6 computer editing stations now? He orders everything off the Internet right? He doesn't like to leave the house anyways, wearin his little bulletproof jacket everywhere.

That DigiTour thing really made me upset. Like, foot legit thought that grease would open up doors and she would experience life and travel the country. Now the most traveling they do together is the 7 miles to Olive Garden. Top. Kek.

Aww boo hoo Lamey, you wana feel new and different and special? Stop being such a basic bitch. Put your bitch boots on and kick onion to the curb, or just stop whining like your 5, your well on your way to 30. Besides, a haircut isn't going to help if you keep cutting your hair every single week. What's left to style, Jesus. Doesn't Greg prefer long hair anyways???

sage because it the weekend and apparently I'm bored and this super long commentary is just stuff we've all said before. I love all you guys here!!!! Let's keep informing people we know about Onision, so that if they themselves encounter onion, they will automatically know he desires underage underdeveloped girls, and then they can tell 2 people, and they'll tell 2 people, and so on, and so on, and so on….

No. 449885

Disagree with a number of things in this, but this stood out to me:

>Doesn't Greg prefer long hair anyways

He does. Greg likes ultra-feminine girls, so it makes me wonder why she keeps pulling this agender/ trans bullshit, since it's directly opposite of what he has historically found attractive. (Note: He has his partners shave their heads as a means of defiminizing them and making them unnattractive, thus asserting control of them. e.g., "Look, XXX shaved her head and made herself ugly, for ME, because I asked her to do it!" It's a pure power trip. I wonder if something similar is going on with Taylor, and if he's getting her to screw around with her hair in some way.

No. 449892

I thought he doesn't like the girly feminine types though? Saying they wear too much makeup, hates high heels, "high maintenance" types. He gravitates to grunge/edgy girls. While still female, wouldn't call it ultra-feminine based on IMO what is considered girly.

No. 449893

I personally think Gerg does like feminine girls but only so he can strip them down and defeminize them and basically fuck them up just because he's a narc and it gives him a boner to think he can have that much power over them

No. 449902

I think he hates feminine girls in the same way incels do, he would actually fuck one at the drop of a hat but he doesn't want to admit it.

No. 449903

>The people I've found to study psychology, or those who wish to do so, choose it to better understand themselves. Usually these people have been to therapy or seen psychologists themselves in adolescence, so they wish to learn more and help others.

Lol bitch you did not find anything. That has been a well known phenomenon for decades. Stop acting self-righteous

Fucking hate psych majors. Oh and um how have these people not gone broke yet

No. 449905

He finds it attractive but when he's in a relationship he is afraid of other men finding it attractive and becoming a threat. So he convinces girls to look plain so be can feel secure in the relationship.

No. 449917

Yes anon, this, this so much! He is so blatantly insecure that he needs his women to be around him all the time, isolated so he can make sure other guys don't take his things away.

Also think that in high school he desired the cheerleader types and preppy girls for sure, but when they quickly outgrew his childish antics, he moved on to edgy girls, who tend to be more accepting or more insecure at that age. And of course now he's mentally stunted to age 15, so he repeats the pattern of desiring those girls and tearing them down. Jacylynn anyone?

He's so insecure about his own person (penile dink) that he insists no other men can be included into the trinity. So that lain doesn't see and compare the two.

Wow he's such a catch isn't he?? ←with southern sarcasm

No. 449918


Then after he uglys them up and he gets all smugly and secure they get needy. Ugly and needy makes his peepee turn into an acorn so he takes that fully charged smuglyness and hunts for another barely legal clueless cutie to feed his narcissistic hollow confidence.
I wish he would get hit by a semi truck or something.

No. 449921

Gregs criteria for his girlfriend/wife:

*stop wearing makeup
*cut your hair, don't style it in a sexy way
*no high heels
*no short skirts
*if you're overweight, talk about how attractive skinny girls are
*if you're thin, talk about how attractive thick girls are

Am I forgetting any?

No. 449922

File: 1507997312845.png (50.71 KB, 115x158, nice.png)

>Ugly and needy makes his peepee turn into an acorn

good fuckin bye

No. 449923

They have to fuck, shower (drying out skin and hair), and suk me daily

No. 449939

>le petit prince

ok you know this bitch has not read that book. i do think it's sad to see her go between "greg doesn't control me" to "i really only have control over my appearance maybe" though.

No. 449942

Lainey really does have some cognitive dissonance going on. She says Greg is a great husband, her anxiety has improved since she married him, their relationship is better than ever.

And yet she admits in a video that filming with Greg makes her have panic attacks, talking with Greg about deep subjects gives her panic attacks, and she wont watch certain videos of his because they will hurt her feelings (since it shows to her they are incompatible).

It's astounding to me how hard she delves into her own denial and ignorance of the fact that they don't have a good relationship and he isn't a good partner. He provides for them (for now) and that's about it. He neglects her emotionally and possibly physically since he flies away often and has a masturbation problem.

She's just so damn pathetic.

No. 449943

File: 1508003799823.png (69.53 KB, 750x340, IMG_4410.PNG)

From Lainey's new vid

No. 449944

File: 1508003817066.png (75.12 KB, 750x373, IMG_4409.PNG)

No. 449945

So did Lames foot double in size why does she have like 8 pairs of shoes that "Don't fit"?

No. 449946

Lmaooooo omfg.
Her "boyfriend buys me clothes" video is up. I'm guessing she was pissed at him because 2 minutes in, he's already showing that he thinks she has too much shit and took the time to complain and record video of all the excessive shit he thinks she has. Lainey said she needed shoes and long sleeved shirts and he decided to film clips of every pair of shoes and long sleeve shirts she has to make her look stupid and prove her wrong on her own channel.

So what she wanted to be a cute video, he couldn't resist turning it into a condescending video where its all about the FAXXXXXX.

No. 449948

File: 1508004160870.jpg (98.7 KB, 683x391, talk to your husband.jpg)

Could she really not just tell him this?

No. 449949

File: 1508004781194.jpg (67.72 KB, 606x387, uncomfotable.jpg)

Old screenshot but this makes me uncomfortable.

No. 449950

When you are pregnant, the body releases hormones that loosen bones and ligaments. It's what allows the pelvis to widen up to accommodate childbirth, whole watermelon passing through a tennis ball thing.

So quite often, yor hear of women whose feet have grown larger or spread out. It's because of the hormones loosening up foot tendons. To have lainey say her shoes don't fit her anymore rings true. It also explains why she's a size 6 but only what, 100 lbs or whatever. Her hips spread out. I think maybe it's why she doesn't like to do gymnastics. The foot agility she had before on popping out 2 kids is gone. That's 2 kids worth of hormones on her feet spread.

Also, pregnancy can make noses grow. Same reason. Her beak is 2 kids worth. Maybe it explains the short hair too. Pregnant women tend to loose a lot of hair before and after pregnancy. The hair follicles lie dormant. Women can pull out handfuls at a time. So since footlocker already had very thin hair, she cut it short to regain volume she lost to thinking hair. It's what old ladies do when they loose their hair.

Not defending lame, just had pregnant friends around.

No. 449952

yes, being able to spend 80% of his time off with him (thats fckin crazy imo)

No. 449955

File: 1508005601579.jpg (48.54 KB, 960x720, misa_amane_poster_by_londonexp…)

this will be his sex life in 10 years or less

No. 449956

She's desperate and grasping at straws anon. Like has been since the beginning.
Part of it is because of her kids needing an onion in their lives, the other part is her general smugness and stubbornness to admit that every ex girlfriend was right about Onion being an abuser and a horrible person. She refuses to admit that he doesn't love her but she's fully aware of it. It's all downhill for her but hey at least her personality is just as bad and she can make his life into hell by dragging barely legal girls around and messing his reputation even further. (Whether it's intentional or not)

No. 449961

Maybe instead of telling gressles that the flannels aren't warm enough, maybe, you know, remind Greg of his promise to you?

The promise he made you in your very first text conversation you ever had?? You know, the one where you (lainey) tell Greg it's super hot down there (AZ) and that you never really have known the cold?

You know, where he then promised you "guess I'll have to hug you allllll the time when you get here…" how is that working for you??? He too busy to hold you while he wanks off to hentai loli's?

Oh that's right, he threw in " or you can just wear a coat". Thank God he got you a nice warm coat for the cold WA weather…. oh, he got you things too light weight and unsuitable for the cold?? You would think he'd be holding you allll the time. Or know you enough to realize that it's still too cold for you.

But you know, soul mates and all. Blech.

No. 449969

Sarah's hair is blue now (Snapchat).

No. 449975

Has anyone reuploaded it? If not can someone do it I wanna see greg try to prove plainey wrong in his typical narc ways

No. 449978

she’s also wearing lame’s sweater, that skeleanimals or whatever it’s called

No. 449981

If the shoes don't fit maybe don't have them laying in the area where you take of your shoes?
Is it that much work to grab them put store them away or donate them?

No. 449982

You can tell she was pissed that he got her clothes that were a bit too big for her and didn't validate her smol bean low bmi lol

No. 449985

She gave him fucking sizes and measurements and he still ignored them lol. He also didn't get her any shoes. He of course couldn't just actually buy what she asked he first had to go look through her stuff so he could show her she didn't need any of it. If it were for Billie he would probably buy her 20 makeup palettes at once.

No. 449990

Is kind of sad all the clothes he bought are the kind you see first because the store wants to get rid of them fast
But since Plainey doesnt even have style it isnt that bad

No. 449992

Blaire W posted on twitter that she wants to start drama on a livestream tonight. I say we all request she mercilessly tackles Lamefuck and her sexuality/gender craze.
Oh the satisfaction it would bring.

No. 449995

She's not only trying to tell Gurg that she's become SUCH a smol bean, but her viewers, too. In a way, she's trying to explain her bitchy attitude in the video, which is why she didn't upload it right away more than likely.

What stood out to me is that when Gurg bought her that Spider-Man sports bra, Gurg calmly and almost supportive-ly told her, "It looks like it could work as a semi-binder." We know that Gurg would greatly prefer Laim not to have breast reduction, so maybe it's his way of encouraging her to keep her breasts.

What gets me is that binding is associated with significant health risks and is usually not advised long-term. Gurg is anti-high heals for health risks. You'd think he'd advise against binding. Granted, his argument would be "people who bind do it for different reasons than people who wear high heals," but he's so about being natural and authentic and being healthy (kek) that one would think he'd be against binding.

No. 449997

LOL Onion implied she needs sexy underwear, he is really getting over her fakeboy phase. How long before he makes a speaks video about how much his partner has changed.

No. 449999

Date night to a belt sushi joint to not even eat actual sushi……… what was the point besides to take pictures of ~*vegan sushi*~

I guess the restaurant has a 4 star rating on yelp though so good on you Onion, fort aking compLainey to a not so shitty but still not good "date"

No. 450001

Not sure if this needs saging or not but the josh uploaded a video interviewing an actual pedophile. It about 30 minutes long but in the last 5 minutes they get to talking about Gurg forum. When even a pedophile calls your forum dodgy something is wrong.

No. 450002

Lmao @compLainey
Is this a new one?

No. 450006

What ever happened to that not for views puppy? Is it still around or did Greg kill it?

No1curr, I know, but as I was making waffles this morning listening to my kid explain how she created a line of Halloween costumes for her barbies made from old socks I had a brilliant epiphany out of no where on how Greg could save his dying YouTube channel overnight and become popular again in the good way.
I wish I could post it, but I think I'll wait till it's too little, too late and there is no turning back. I'm probably not the first to epiphany this epiphany, but it's so obvious and so easy and never been done before and literally only Greg could do it.

The fact that he isn't doing this already proves how fucking impossibly stupid that guy is. How much time does this guy spend thinking about saving this cush job? And someone mindlessly making waffles looking at cut up socks can come up with BEST PLAN EVER, but he can't? He's got shit for brains.

No. 450008

i cried anon, thank you

Do you think they only went for the sushi over olive garden so greg could claim hes still vegan?
who has the kids when theyre out? Sarah?

No. 450012

you aren't as brilliant or original as you think you're being tbh

complainey omg

No. 450013

>be le me making waffles XD
>i got a good idea
>i got a great idea
>i got the best idea evurrr
>i'm not even gonna tell you what it is

then why would you post in the first place? goodness

it's been around, guess it's coming back in vogue lol

No. 450015

go watch your kids or something

No. 450016

I asked her if she could do an update on the puppy (I was wondering the same thing) and she said there's not really something to update because it's the same dog.

I don't get it, they implied that they'd use the dog for views so much and now we never hear about it anymore other then them complaining about it for doing things puppies do…

No. 450024

File: 1508014807366.jpg (372.07 KB, 1280x1251, lame.jpg)

Stumbled upon this old pic of Lame, was she already pregnant here?

No. 450025

where did you stumble across this trainwreck? she definitely LOOKS pregnant

No. 450027

this is our next thread pic pls

No. 450028

Holy shit.

Heavily pregnant, Whats weird though is that she looks far more human in this picture than I've ever seen her. Shes become more of a caricature as the years with grease have gone by.

No. 450030

In a Cuddlegate 1.0 thread.

No. 450031

She looks really young here. Lke pregnant trailer trash. Looks like the kinda pic that you see with the caption
"Cousins by blood, lovers by choice"
She legit looks 16 and pregnant.

No. 450032

Blaire W is going to watch Laineys gender reveal and slag her off. She is just getting round to it so we need to all go and push her to do it fast. Find the live stream on BW youtube page.

No. 450033

File: 1508015687149.gif (980.12 KB, 394x222, budder.gif)


No. 450034

Plain is pushing this ~ana~ dream SO HARD. Putting it in her video is so annoying, I’m betting the only reason she even put it up at all was BECAUSE she could complain and get ~~~~support~~~~ from all those lovely teens. Maybe she’ll find a girlfriend (even though she’s now saying she doesn’t want one again) in the comment section or something.

No. 450035

File: 1508015853208.png (1.14 MB, 1080x705, 20171014_151646.png)

This is at her parents home in New Mexico. So this is just her being chubby as a teen. I found pics of her house online and matched the backyard. Her dad is loaded it seems. This pic is by the Cyprus trees in the grassy area in the back

No. 450036

File: 1508015950212.png (1.2 MB, 1080x773, 20171014_151851.png)

Here's her old room

No. 450037

That looks like a Spa, no wonder she gets annoyed when people suggest drugstore makeup, she's always been a spoiled brat.

No. 450039

Wait I assumed it was since it has sunflowers but now I see "Lauren" so I guess its her sisters room. So her and her sis both like sunflowers and did cheerleading? Can they be anymore basic and beige?

No. 450040

God it's so NORMAL. looking at this makes me a little sad since Taylor probably could have had a totally normal life if she never meet Greg.

No. 450041

File: 1508016130937.gif (732.93 KB, 250x264, goodgood.gif)

Possible milk!? I'd love blaire to go after compLainey, Bitch has had it too easy for too long.

No. 450042

Yeah, so I'm guessing she went after greg because she wanted this lifestyle forever without making any effort
How would she cope if her and greg split

No. 450044

Is that a BDSM rack?

No. 450047

File: 1508016498032.jpg (74.92 KB, 631x630, old milk.jpg)

Old ass milk I know! But if Billie and Onion didn't fuck during Cuddle gate 1.0 why did he need an STD test? Sorry for the derail, I still think more went on.

No. 450051


DAYUM!!! She sure downgraded from this lifestyle to Grugly's who's still white trash either rich or poor. Good on ya Lame.

She could always go back to her parents' house but would hate for everyone saying "I told you so".

No. 450053

File: 1508016756486.png (209.79 KB, 446x408, Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 5.28…)



No. 450054

INB4 old anons who claimed Lainey had the child from a previous relationship and the third child is hers pop up again,
I bet looking at her old chubby pictures is gonna drive Lainey nuts tonight, expect more bitch face on younow along with Ana bullshit

No. 450055


Taylor did say they've done more than just "cuddle"…

No. 450057

this thread has been dry as fuck, this post is a blessing. Thank you anon.

No. 450058

kek is this the real macncheesefaggot

No. 450059

If this is true, she done fucked up. Rich princesses like this could enjoy that life way longer and married a guy with an actual career in something that's not a temporary boom. Someone who gets an accountant to do his taxes.

It's bad enough to have your life goal to marry money, but to then fuck up that lazy ambition? jfc

What's more, this is what she could go back to if she'd just leave this stupid marriage.

No. 450060

File: 1508017488079.png (164.39 KB, 1242x1348, IMG_7046.PNG)

No. 450061

>it's the same dog.
Well they do cute shit and are guaranteed views.
Also it's the same Lainey. Your point Cuckbot?

No. 450063

God, that was so painful to watch.
>goes to target in lieu of “Hot Topci” because he is mentally stuck at 14 years old.
>asks what she needs and then sits and derides her for it for the first half of the video
>buys almost nothing she asked for
>all of the clothing is something a middle school kid would wear and doesn’t match
>buys her a fucking shirt with a CAPE
>she can’t withhold her disappointment and disgust so he makes her look bad by saying he “failed” in his zero effort shopping haul
>everything fits poorly

A normal person would not put up with someone treating them this way. But I guess it doesn’t matter since he gets her pronouns right.

No. 450064

File: 1508017729886.png (57.07 KB, 216x219, Screenshot 2017-10-14 at 5.48.…)

No. 450065

this wouldn't be bad if she weren't an adult.

No. 450069

File: 1508017995450.png (55.73 KB, 222x222, Screenshot 2017-10-14 at 5.49.…)

No. 450070

suddenly makeup is a "way not to be a victim?" but guuurg, isnt makeup "false advertising"

also, rosacea apparently fixes racism.

No. 450071

File: 1508018062612.jpg (875.66 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171014_155149.jpg)

Just dropping off proof that lavish ass backyard pic with the pool is of her old house.

This home theater pic is from the same set of pics from the address I found. Next to it, a cap from her video "reacting to my old videos" of her and her friend dancing.

No. 450073

She loaded Lames gender video at the start of the stream and began cringing at just the thumbnail of lamefuck in the box, it was gonna be good but she got caught up in superchats. So frustrating. Can anyone record Blaires stream?

No. 450074

fuck Plainey was loaded!!

No. 450086

Imagine being her parents giving her all the love and opportunity in the world, ready to finance her tuition at college. Instead, she married a YouTube weirdo she met online at 17, drops out of college for him, pregnant and married at 18, dressed like an agender, gay tumblr stereotype and prances around target like a retard, throws a gender party, and her husband confesses to fucking her girlfriend and being addicted to cartoon porn.

No. 450087

Maybe it's just me, but I'm genuinely surprised at how almost pleasant he is in the second half of the video. He seems happy, enthusiastic, supportive and he compliments her a lot. Meanwhile she doesn't talk much and seems unhappy most of the time which is weird to me since this must be how she would like him to be in her videos, right? It comes off as if something happened before they filmed the video and she's upset and he's trying to make up for it.

No. 450090

Ikr, a home theatre?! She left this when she was underage for her second pick of youtubers?

Why does she hate her family so much? You would only leave this if you had a bad relationship with them surely.

No. 450091

Didnt her family have problems? Her father cheat on her mom or something like that
Imagine having tons of money but hearing fights all the time (oh wait….)

No. 450092

The fuck?? Is this an episode of Teen Cribs? Wow.

No. 450094

File: 1508019092936.png (60.09 KB, 294x128, Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 5.58…)


How does someone get such fucking pointy teeth. His teeth look like the after math of someone who chews on bricks.

No. 450096

It was the video she said she wasnt sure to upload? (however there wasnt any proof if it was made before or after Lainey got all FAXX mode un Younow about Grug cheating on her in LA)

No. 450097

Her parents divorced when she was a kid.

No. 450098

I'm not macncheese. I just needed a name to reupload some of their videos and thought this was fitting.
Just wanted to stop further derailing about this, sorry if it was confusing, I thought it'd be obvious.

Yeah, that's the one. I think their fight must have been about this video because he says that he's "so I'm a failure as a husband and all these awesome gifts that I got for Lainey are trash".

I guess she was disappointed because this is her birthday present. I mean… if this is what you get from your husband after being married for 5 years it's sad.

No. 450099

File: 1508019435439.png (216.79 KB, 595x469, 18 year old cyuuutie patootie.…)

you got my hopes up anon

No. 450103

Nah, this is just standard McMansion shit, and property values in most of NM are incredibly low. Home theaters are surprisingly common in new houses that are 500k+ in areas with low property values. They're definitely upper middle class, but not loaded.

t. knower

No. 450104

I mean if she lived in a small town in some boring state, I'm sure the house was affordable. If it was California or something, it'd be atleast a million or more in cost for the home.

No. 450105

Oh, if it were the bay or LA, it'd easily run for 2mil+. In NM, it's probably somewhere from 500-700k.

No. 450107

The listing estimates it at $489,100. Pretty cheap for what you get, but yeah, in NM.

Do we know if they still live there? They've been trying to sell it since 2014 and go down with the price every few months. First listing was $590,000.

No. 450110

File: 1508020463161.png (144.61 KB, 582x1366, Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 6.32…)

We're definitely not looking at the same listing, but it has the same pictures. Weird.

No. 450111


It was my fuck up so I deleted the post lol. Sold to a t-shirt printing company for 485,000 this year.

No. 450113

thats exactly what macandcheesefairy would want us to think now isnt it

No. 450114

No. 450115

I haven't watched any of his "comedy" videos in a while, but you can tell he's may no effort to educate himself with film or comedic timing. He breaks the role of 180 constantly. The lights not considered, and is always just blaring. It feels like a 13 year old's first comedy sketch, the thousand dollar equipment wasn't needed, and a webcam and a torch would have sufficed. The editing is lazier and sloppier than ever. You know what? His older videos were better. Even Lainey's fucking boring "girl logic" videos were better (and sh's "MY AWESOME GIRLFRIEND"), at least it kept to the fucking 180 rule. The colours were better, framing was better, there was some semblance of comedic timing, background music. Ergh. How do people get worse at shit like this when it's all they do????

No. 450117

Does that mean he edited the video or something? I would have just cut the unnecessary shaming Lainey and proving her wrong stuff.

No. 450118

File: 1508021355970.png (161.36 KB, 457x378, lunchlady.png)

>oh my gawd u guyiz im seeew sikkly n thin ugh i just ferget to eat i nevur gain wait

No. 450120

wasn't she just after having a baby last winter??

No. 450121

Try to look at it this way.
He’s supportive and happy because he’s trying to convince her that the clown clothes he bought are becoming.
He didn’t buy anything she really wanted or asked for. And imagine the narc rage after she seemed unhappy, disinterested in the clothing.
That’s my takeaway from this.

No. 450122

I know I shouldnt expect anything from Greg but man was that poor. Does he even write scripts??? How is he surprised that his channels are bombing? It's a miracle he had anu audience to begin with.

I subscribed for about a week in 2010 and I swear it was at least slightly more structured back then.

No. 450124

sage for ot but my ex (who i believe to be a narcissist, extremely controlling and manipulative) would always do this–he'd buy me clothes that i didn't like because HE liked them and thought they'd look good, meanwhile they wouldn't fit me at all and never went with my style. it doesn't help that he liked putting me in clothes that made me look like a boy–actually maybe this is a little close to laimo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 450125

Only 20 lbs since last winter? Jeeze I literally lost 27lbs the first two weeks after giving birth, most of which was just her. No way she's only lost 20 in a year. If so then that just proves her "I'm so sick" uwu ana shit to be false. If she was really so sick surely she would have lost more in a year. Especially after a kid. Cuz hat means she's literally hasn't really lost any weight since she had the kid which I assume the majority of that 20 lbs came from

No. 450129


They did fuck tho?

No. 450132

she looks like pre-heroin Luna in that pic

No. 450136

Not the first cuddle gate.

No. 450137

File: 1508023838978.jpg (997.39 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171014_172941.jpg)

Seem to be taken around the same time frame. Also around the time her and Gerg started talking

No. 450138

File: 1508023992813.jpg (45.05 KB, 576x419, Capture.JPG)

Did he just put her clothes next to dried dog pee? seriously what stain would that be in a closet?

No. 450141

Didn't Lainey mention she was debating not uploading the video because of something Greg did? maybe he made her rerecord the video which is why she seems pissed while he seems "happy". I can see he didn't take it seriously so she got pissed off.

No. 450143

Lame and Onion are going to unbox shit on YouNow this should be a shit show.

No. 450144

File: 1508024671506.jpg (1.03 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171014_174415.jpg)

Yep. Matches up.

No. 450147

Onion and Lame on YouNow, Onion is having a tantrum because a box a fan sent them smells like "Pee" and is covered in hat hair, Lame keeps telling him to be nice and not smell.

No. 450148

File: 1508024968560.png (960.7 KB, 750x1334, 8664FC7F-C913-4E4A-A77E-E2962B…)

Guess whos made an appearance on Lames younow?
>kek because she’s not even getting reactions from Lame or Gurg
>extra kek at Onion for screaming and complaining only a few minutes into this stream, complaining about gifts he was given by a fab, insulting the fan, yelling at Lame
>says Lame is telling him to kIlL HiMsElF

No. 450149

File: 1508025071105.jpg (53.77 KB, 447x371, beckk.jpg)

She's doesn't even watch Lame on YouNow most days but her Onion is there, Beck wants the grease D.

No. 450150

oh god. They got Lamey a ton of more fidget spinners. THEY ARENT RELEVANT ANYMORE

No. 450151

I understand maybe the box smelled bad but he was rude AF what if it wasn't cat piss and it was actually there dogs that pissed on the box.

No. 450152

The fact that people can only seem to think of fidget spinners as a good gift for her says a lot about her personality (or lack of)

No. 450153

dude i feel like greg's/mens teenage fetish is mores about attitude. i know they're cute, or a different kind of attractive (fucking of age obviously), but that is the ooooonly age that will treat men like they're special/look up to them naively. now lainey has kids she obviously wants to grow up a little and get shit done, and greg just wants a little girl to distract from a "mean older woman" with responsibiiiiiilities. he just wants someone to straight up lie to him an tell him he's impressive lmao.

it's fucking pathetic, i hate lainey but i don't want to watch her literally choose to destroy her life for this sad excuse for a "man". she needs to find someone older who actually acts that way so she can be carefree and be a positive mother, not someone constantly resenting her shitty husband. that shit isn't her fault but it will be if she accepts her role as just some woman to be humiliated.

why doesn't she WANT to enjoy her life

No. 450158

Lame said Onion bought her size small clothes and they were to big so it wasn't his fault, but a few days ago she wore size 28 shorts that fit well. Makes no sense.

No. 450160

28 is super smol bean size at bbw stores anon

No. 450163

she does not look as small as she claims to be at all. In the video, her midriff looks normal/a little flabby, which is more than fine after 2 babies, but she can fuck off with her ~su smol~ bullshit. It’s just another addition to her collection of totally real adjectives—agender, soo gay, fragile, smol. Am I missing any?

No. 450165

Now. NOW! Now it makes sense why GASSY stays with her. It makes even much more sense why Gurg decided to pick lainey from all the rest.

He wants her money. Maybe she didn't have like, tangible money, but she will soon enough when the parents kick the bucket. Shit, Lane might actually have a trust fund that she hasn't discussed publicly, or Roth IRAS in her name.

Foot face might posses money. Foot comes from money. Eventually, Lainey will aquire her parents money and house and assets. Stock options, properties, gold futures. Onion saw all her money, and targeted her for marriage. Onion want to inherit his father-in-laws $$$$$. That's the only thing Greg understands. Money, and 16 year old breasts.

Groggy saw that house and that's why he suffers with her day in and day out. For her future money cash flow. How sad to not even know if that's true or not because you can't trust your dream daddy hubby and his pimply, cystic backnee.

No. 450166

Lainey was showing selfies on her phone and got a text from Sarah telling her dinner is ready yet she still wont tell anyone that Sarah's back.

No. 450168

File: 1508027283105.jpg (28.52 KB, 480x230, whoishe.JPG)

she took 30 selfies at the vet and was going through each `~unedited~ one critiquing herself. she loved this one.

the fucking chin tho lmao

No. 450169

She looks like a sick foot.

No. 450173

Get any screenshots?

No. 450175

Is it just me or is lainey really panicking on younow right now, She seemed pretty distressed with her body language.

No. 450177

Unfortunately no but once she's done streaming and the broadcast is re uploaded I'll take screenshots for you guys.

No. 450178

Bit of a reach here, anon. Besides, Gregma has his daddy’s money to care for. Papa-Onion is a financial advisor and is also well off. He will get money someday.

No. 450180

Seriously anon? Those are what you consider lunch lady arms?

No. 450182

Sometimes when I try to understand a person's motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst. What's the worst reason they could possibly have for saying what they say and doing what they do? Then I ask myself, "How well does that reason explain what they say and what they do?"

You'll never trust anyone, but in Onisions case, truer words were never spoken. Approach everything Onision does with this quote, and you will see all possibilities open up, and understanding will come.

sage for sounding like a game of thrones loony

No. 450184


What makes you all think either Taylor or Greg will inherit anything from their parents? Parents aren't under any obligations whatsoever to leave anything to their children. It's nice if they do, but I strongly suspect Greg won't be seeing a lot of $$ from his father, and maybe Taylor not from her parents either– she is not as estranged as Greg is from his father, but she's sure treated them shittily, and a lot of parents hold grudges. They might put money in trust for the grandkids though; that would keep Greg and Taylor from touching it money, anyway, if it was an issue. Point is, I don't think either of them should count on an inheritance. They aren't owed one.

No. 450189

I do not believe that Greg will get money from his father. He supposedly beat up his father and accused him of being a pedophile. Most likely Mr Jackson will leave money towards the daughters, but not Greg. There is no love there

Taylor's dad is different though, and he loves his daughter. He will most definitely be leaving her and her sister an inheritance, he has made sure of that.

What I am saying is while our parents that have worked so hard and we understand that they don't owe us shit (rather we owe them), Greg doesn't think that way. He has shifty eyes, shady. No one should ever count on an inheritance, they should make their own way. But as I've mentioned, Greg does not think normally like others and lacks empathy. Psychopathy is what he most likely has, and that's probably worse.

No. 450190

Sage for extreme OT but I know a family who did that; left all of the inheritance to the grandkids, and the kids petitioned to a judge on not receiving anything in the will and won the inheritance. I am pretty sloppy on details, but I know one day they weren’t in the will and he next day they’re buying houses and cars and all kinds of stuff.
More of the story: sometimes bad people still win.

No. 450192

File: 1508030017670.png (552.84 KB, 900x618, lollll.png)

Sorry for the bad quality, but here's a screen cap I managed to grab.

No. 450193

>Mr. Jackson
Mr. Daniel actually, “Jackson” is Crazy Tami’s maiden name.

Idk though, Mr. Daniel’s a devout Christian so he might’ve somewhat forgiven Gertrude after awhile, but he has other kids outside of his first marriage so you’re probably right about Grease not getting much or no money.

No. 450194

It's not worth transcribing the whole video but here are some points of interest.

>Hi there, I just wanted to update you on my skin disease which is what you're looking at now. Some people might not say it's a disease but it is. If you look up rosacea; it fits the description of my face.

He's shows he's really sensitive about his fading looks. He can blame his complexion on rosacea but what about that brow and forehead dent?

>A lot of people use a picture of me right after I got out of the shower; where theres like a lot of hot water, the remnants of hot water on my face. So like all the blood rushed to the front of my face and made my face look super red. Pretty bad. It's an interesting message to spread to people. That I look like that naturally. But this is how I look normally. No makeup, no filters, no nothing.

For being so honest he doesn't even include a the picture he was talking about. He was able to include all sorts of older pictures of himself looking 'good' but why not the specific one he's talking about. Also about no makeup, filters, etc. - He always abuses lighting. Their dark walls always look like off white because of how much lighting he uses.

>I think it's a good choice if you have a skin disease (makeup). Make it go away. Who wants to be a victim. Makeup is kind of like saying I don't want to be a victim. I will not let you control my life skin disease.

Like an earlier anon mentioned, He loves to shame women who wear make-up for lying and false advertising but he always has a reason why he should be able to do the things he's against.

>I just kinda wanted to make this video for people who are similar to myself. And that they are white people typically with a not so privileged condition. Finally the white man dose not have a privilege that minorities typically have. It's good. It's fair. You know what, it's justice. It's justice you guys.

Aye, such justice you guys. Sometimes people of color are profiled, harassed, denied opportunities, and sometimes even killed but don't feel bad for them. Ol' whitey is more prone to getting rosacea. I'm not a SJW or anything like that but god, does he realize how insensitive this sounds.

No. 450197

in gregs latest rosacea video he is purposely wearing a red shirt to make his face appear less red. He is trying to redeem himself from the screenshots of him wearing a white shirt and no makeup

No. 450198

Yeah, I don't get why she's not just telling people that Sarah is there again. It's just weird. Thanks for the screenshot, anon.

No. 450199

This is so lame. He went to one store (target) which you know she regularly goes to and shops at. He also bought her the good vibes shirts, and isn't billie's profile thing "good vibes only" hahaha. Most videos ive watched, people go to several stores, spend more than usual for their gf/bf to get really good clothes, and get them a mix of stuff they like and stuff they wish to see them in, and some joke stuff. He got her shit you wear as a pre-teen. No wonder they both never grow up. And everything he had to buy had to be "practical" and he cheaped out on her.

And to top it off, this is her birthday present? He couldn't just do the video. He had to make it her birthday present, and give her shit clothes. And also whine about what she wanted and raid her closet to prove a point. She must be depressed because she realizes she has to dress like a pre-teen forever so onion doesn't remember shes old and run to another girl

No. 450200

File: 1508030716584.jpeg (77.18 KB, 640x719, 10DF925C-85C5-4110-8634-DD327D…)

Grunt's biography

No. 450201


A few weeks ago, she made a carpool karaoke with Sarah for her patreons, the $25 and up tier. Someone asked her what the video was, and she said "i did karaoke with Sarah.. when she was here, she's not any more".

So not only is she keeping Sarah on the DL, she's also straight up lying.

No. 450203

File: 1508031238737.png (780.38 KB, 875x491, hoodie.png)

>Lainy is giving this hoodie to the person that drew that picture. Pretty amazing. Available now.

From what I've seen the artist was never credited. They most they're going to get out of this deal is a hoodie that Lainy probably didn't want anymore. Even worse it was partially and add for her merch.

No. 450204

For how uncomfortable she claims she is about her body, she sure dose have quite a few videos with her taking her clothes off.

No. 450206

Probably because she wants someone to comment on her super ~anorexia~ body similar to people harass Eugenia

No. 450208


Ew I was cringing the whole time when I was watching him, really does look like emo-dad.

Tbh I kinda knew he was Irish from the first time watching him, I think one of his exes is too.

No. 450209


is that a fucking cow fetus alien in the background

No. 450211


No. 450213

This video is so sad, like Donald Trump's 10 old autistic son sad. He clearly doesn't love or respect her. He chooses quantity over quality.

If he wanted her in sexy undergarments why didn't he buy her stuff from Princess Tam Tam, or Agent Provocateur, or la Perla?? Spider man bras and minion underwear?? Yeah, he likes you looking like a 10 year old boy ick.

What ticked me off is that if all her socks are missing(mysteriously) and it's fucking winter, why the hell did he buy her cheap polyester Short length socks??? Why not warm wool socks, or even cheap long socks?? He cannot be that ignorant willingly. He builds computers himself, he can research.

But no, all he can muster is a passive aggressive ride to target. And he doesn't speak to her like a lover. He's talking to her like they are in elementary school and they are showing off their new Ninja Turtles toy.

Yeah I know Greg will never do anything nice or selfless, but you would hope that for Lameo birthday, he'd make a bit more of an effort. Am surprised he didn't just go to Walmart.

No. 450214

File: 1508033619633.png (1.44 MB, 640x1136, 607AB588-F9B0-4477-9008-8F2B7A…)

First thing grandma Anderson did was clean up their house.

No. 450216

File: 1508033825420.png (1.69 MB, 640x1136, ED794B0F-108A-4F61-AACD-95BBA6…)

Lighting turned waaay up! Whatever happened to being brootally honest Gregma???

No. 450218

Guys I'm a 5'4" man and size 28 jeans are pretty fucking small.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 450219

Amazing? Its an organized pantry, it takes a few minutes to accomplish.

No. 450220


There’s so much (vegan) junk food and so many fake sausages…!!!

No. 450222


Is that a half jar of spaghetti sauce. Aren't you suppose to refrigerate spaghetti sauce once it's opened? Is it just me or…?

No. 450223

You're most definitely supposed to refrigerate it, hope the little onions don't get food poisoning.

No. 450224

Everything they eat is fucking canned
In 10 years they will have their sugar and cholesterol to the roof

No. 450225

File: 1508034846606.png (114.17 KB, 389x331, Screenshot 2017-10-14 at 6.33.…)

did anyone else notice laimey stopped being so desperate and pathetic for a girlfriend as soon as sarah was suspected to be at the narcnest?

sarah is fulfilling her need for companionship so it's easy for lame to be a cunt on younow about wanting a girlfriend now.

No. 450227

File: 1508035147009.png (187.15 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171014-223449.png)

Look at his uhohbro social blade. Over 2000 subscribers lost in one day, and the day isn't over yet.

Maybe not make videos about female discharge? Just a thought. He grossed out over 2000 human beings. Who knows their age or gender, but he pissed them off good.

Ahh, his salty tears, they taste delicious!!

No. 450229

File: 1508035156707.jpg (74.88 KB, 400x480, male vs female waist comp.jpg)

>this is why r0bots will always be intellectually inferior fuck buckets.

No. 450234

Pretty sure Lainey wears jeans (and particularly boys jeans) on her hips.

No. 450235

OG image size for anyone that wants to snoop


No. 450237

Nope. Plainey wears Women's jeans. Hence why in the "Boyfriend Buys My Clothes" video Onion shows a size 4 Women's jeans and says along the lines of "guess we'll go up one size and see" and the jeans fit her perfectly.

She gave him her sizes in pants and he bought all of her jeans in the Women's section at Target.

No. 450240

Thanks anons, I snooped. That 18 pack of pringles is not vegan, and is not vegetarian. The original flavor is vegan, but that's it.

Pringles cheddar cheese and sour cream and onions, which are included in the pack, both contain whey and milk products. Not vegan, not vegetarian.

Bunch of pretentious phonies. Hey!! This guy is a phoney. He's a big fat phoney!! No but seriously, why the fuck you lying?

No. 450241

inb4 malepost b&

No. 450248

Wait isn't that silk yogurt on the bottom shelf.

No. 450253

nah that's the chocolate soymilk packs with the straws

No. 450259

Lame has said it that she wants a girlfriend to keep her company cause onion works a lot. Its honestly selfish and pathetic, bitch go cuddle with your kids.

No. 450260

Apparently to footface, being bi makes you automatically poly

No. 450262

Sour cream and whey are vegetarian but not vegan

No. 450263


sis, what you need is a real friend. holy shit, that's so sad.

No. 450268

Sour cream and whey are created using rennet, which comes from slaughtered cow stomachs,not very vegetarian friendly. Some cheeses, creams, and whey are vegetarian(use lemon juice), but I assume it's not cost effective for pringles. Just look at the ingredients for all the different cheeses creams and whey. Even taco bell sour cream that Greg loved so much is made with rennet and gelatin (cow hooves).

No. 450271

From today's unboxing YouNow I really think the first box was a troll box. She did send Lame a few spinners but everything she sent Onion was a joke used moisturizer and excema cream LOL! I think Laim also talks to her patreons about her kids a lot they sent her a lot of stuff for her kids like baby probiotics and fever reducer.

No. 450272


Absolutely revolting look at all that processed junk food. I bet there's not a scrap in their fridge

No. 450273

It's because she has deluded herself into thinking she's skinny and wants people to comment on it

No. 450279


It's because all people do is lick her arse and make her out to be an untouchable goddess on twitter. The attention has gone to her head, the only time she gets a reality heck is when greggle cucks her. Her husband makes videos ripping girls appearance but yet he's married to a saggy flesh of slab. She's a smug little bitch and I can't wait to see her get kicked to the curb.

No. 450280

No. 450281

File: 1508046736810.png (2.61 MB, 1136x640, 2ABE860F-C626-43E2-A750-74753C…)

Any vegan anons know if this is healthy? They’re seen on >>450214 and there’s a shitload of ‘em

No. 450284

File: 1508047224614.jpeg (818.64 KB, 1410x1189, 651EA7EA-22ED-4516-B27C-D11722…)

No. 450302

I was always an advocate of arguing soy only caused moobs in large quantities, not sure if this qualifies for that argument or something different

No. 450308

File: 1508050304779.jpg (44.28 KB, 1000x1000, r6-liquid-vegetable-rennet.jpg)

This stuff costs the same as regular animal based rennet.

No. 450309

He literally dresses her like a child. But nope, he isn't a creepy predator who likes little girls you guys.

No. 450310

last call for farmer mods for the subreddit, originally six were appointed but most of them aren't involved in farming and will be either dispatched or lowered in rank.

No. 450312

Some of these ingredients aren’t healthy and are diabeetus-inducing. He’s been eating this shit for the past 7 years!

>Torula yeast - “Torula, in its inactive form (usually labeled as torula yeast), is widely used as a flavoring in processed foods and pet foods. It is often grown on wood liquor, a byproduct of paper production….”

Oh and contains msg

L-Lysine Monohydrochloride is used on amino acid substitutes (pills), for some reason; webmd and other sites wouldn’t let me see the entire info.

>Erythrosine, a.k.a Red #3 Color - derived from fluoride, food coloring which is also used for printing ink

Propylene glycol - odorless and colorless liquid used in food processing

Also contains caramel, more yeast and onion juice.

No. 450322

things are desperate when you are dissecting food ingredients from the things in their pantry.
hint: it's not milk you are looking at.

No. 450331

W-we just wanna know if he’s dying fast! C’mon anon!

(Personally, I don’t really wish death on him nor anyone though)

No. 450333

He really is a cheese pizza vegetarian to the point where he can comfortably be vegetarian because he can have food that looks familiar to him. He isn't a very enlightened man despite being the type to have his own cult. You'd think he'd be more interested in plants and raw vegetables but nope, not even a main part of his vegetarianism.

If he didn't have Morningstar or veggie food that looked like common meat food, I assure u this lilbitch would never have become vegetarian or would have been a liar.

No. 450334

sent a message a day or so ago, I may have messaged the wrong person? My reddit throwaway is subtlefarmer.

No. 450336

Which begs the question; why did he become a vegetarian in the first place? What is the point of eating fake meat when you can just have the real thing? This man has fucking Botox inside his forehead which is not vegan and eating chips containing meat products.

By this logic, Gregma, YOU are a murder eater just like the rest of us whether you like it or not.

No. 450337

there is nothing in modmail, but I have sent the invitation

No. 450338

He looooves to feel morally superior, even if it's completely unwarranted (aka calling himself vegan when he doesn't bother to check if his meals are vegan, and doesn't care about using vegan things outside of food). Anything to help feel his superiority complex and help him lord it over people.

No. 450342

He was raised vegetarian because his father was Seventh Day Adventist.

No. 450343

Yeah, and pretending to love animals when in reality he treats them like shit and would rather have them dead.

No. 450345


Adventists are vegetarian for health reasons not ethics, so while Onion may use it to wax superior now, he can ignore your criticisms when convenient.

Onion threads are all just newfags and nitpicking now. Should move to snow soon.

No. 450346

Then stopped being a vegetarian by the age of 12 only to come back at it 10 years later. HSanon (if believable) once said he’d pull this murder eaters shit on everyone whilst eating “animal corpses” himself.

No. 450353

Yeah, this thread is getting really frustrating to read. No new milk, filled with newfags and not even fun nitpicking.

i miss the days of makeup-sperging.

No. 450354

File: 1508058022167.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 6F85B678-2CF2-4655-8754-150586…)

Sooooooo I just saw this on Sarah’s insta, then saw her comment she added after the Billie fiasco

No. 450356

File: 1508058060263.png (163.41 KB, 750x1334, E6674749-2806-43D0-BC1C-F41DAD…)

No. 450365


Why are we looking at year old milk?

No. 450388

File: 1508065835249.jpeg (75.75 KB, 750x473, 8B004792-A39E-44E2-A43C-37A6FE…)

1/3, what is it with this guy and calling them crackheads?

No. 450389

File: 1508065866181.jpeg (52.28 KB, 750x501, 199D197B-3809-481C-B275-337D42…)


No. 450390

File: 1508065902161.jpeg (69.36 KB, 750x470, 84F81283-90EC-488D-A0A0-E29D88…)

3/3, SR is annoying as fuck but this made me kek

No. 450391

File: 1508065953987.jpeg (67.49 KB, 735x413, 6C20F90D-1244-421D-AA0F-A71071…)

and a bonus for the first onision post

No. 450397

Wow, this is so bad for you. He wants to eat meat, but goes for fake paltry soylent greenish stuff? Look at the main 2 ingredients that make up 98% of the filthy franks: wheat gluten and soy.

Soy can (for some) wreak havoc on the digestive system, tummy and makes super gas. Too much soy can definitely aggravate rosacea. It can create an over abundance of sebum oil production, leading to cysts.

Wheat gluten. Basically wallpaper glue. Eck.

Even my pets food ingredients list is much shorter than this. He'd rather eat these sad little winners rather than some baked eggplant or fried cauliflower or fresh edamame.

Maybe the fake weiners make him feel better about his mini peni, everything he eats one he goes, "hey, least I'm bigger than you, when errect."

Sage for food milking.

No. 450402

File: 1508068750738.png (285.27 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171015-072303.png)

Wow, someone is salty. Maybe he saw Social Repose socialblade.

What was Greg socialblade at again?? >>450227

He is seething with jealousy and envy. Both. Richie creates music and is going on tour. Onion is stuck in a dirty home with a smelly wife who doesn't shave her pits (pit hair creates more smell because there's more surface area to adhere to).

Have you guys seen Ritchies new music video and the making of?? The production values are off the charts (in relation to grease). He took 50+ hours to design the set. Did you see all the people involved? That's a decent sized team.

Gred has no production values to speak of. It's all just him shrieking like a banshee writhing around in the dirt. Recall how he insulted part of Net nobodys team?Good that you insult them. That way people know that you are too childish to professionally collaborate/befriend.

No. 450404

Can you guys stop bashing a woman who is underweight about her weight? Its honestly disgusting and could make her want to go lower

No. 450406

>underweight about her weight
so are you calling her an airhead? that's the only place a ~smol bean prinxe~ could be underweight under their weight

No. 450409

you sound like Greg, sperging about pit hair

No. 450411

The social blade comparison is funny but…

> (pit hair creates more smell because there's more surface area to adhere to)

Men don't shave their pits and tend to sweat more, but only would be called smelly if they neglect showering. The one thing that isn't being neglected in that house is showering. Is Lainey actually known to be smelly? Or we so low on milk we're resorting to telling people they smell bad like it's kindergarten?

I hope Onion has a major meltdown soon. This thread is becoming too much like his career.

No. 450412


she’s not underweight, she just wants people to say dumb shit like that because she’s still the same ~pro ana~ asshole she was before and wants to feel validated about it

No. 450413


saying lainey smells with absolutely no proof aside from one screencap of her unshaved armpit makes you sound as dumb as greg did when he talked about billie having b.o and “stinking up the whole house”, stop

No. 450417

Anyone notice how Lainey-yard calls in "manja" instead of manga? Poseur much?

No. 450418

Sometimes I can't tell the difference between anons in this thread and the cringey retards that worship Gurgle.

Yeah, I mean shes not fat or chubby like ana-chans make out, she's thin but not underweight. She wants to be noticed for being thin, but that's a competitive ana thing too so maybe that's where she's headed.

Showing off her body fits anorexia more than it does dysphoria.

Greg would never sacrifice her cashflow just to spare her young impressionable viewers from bad influence the way he said Eugenia should.

No. 450419

are you calling my astute observation cringeworthy and retarded? do I look like Troy to you?

No. 450420

According to the University of Bristol, men and women smell different when the bacteria is exposed to air. Men's underarms smell of cheese, but women's underarms smell of sulfuric onions.

According to a swiss study by Firmenich of Geneva, only 2% of the population have pits that do not stink or smell. Only 2%. The rest of humanity has pits that secrete enzymes that react with bacteria that is always on the skin that can never be 100% removed.

I may sound like onion but only because he can only comprehend things in relation to himself (per the billie smells thing, everyone smells eventually). I assume he reads here. So I'll happily pick on anything I can. Because this cow is dead, like his career, and we're buzzards picking at the bones.

No. 450425

File: 1508072904672.png (49.66 KB, 230x170, intercourse.png)

most of the stuff you wrote is literally factually wrong. stick to gossiping, anon.

what kind of a married couple, especially with a stay-at-home-wife, lets their grandparents clean their home? and then posts about it online? embarrassing.

pic unrelated

No. 450427

>According to the University of Bristol
Jfc, stop.

No. 450432

lol no.

No. 450434


I'm sorry WHAT.

She lets her kids INGEST things sent to her by complete strangers on the interwebs because she's that desperate..



No. 450439

>anon mentions their messy cabinet from the gender reveal video
>it’s suddenly organized
It’s liek pottery
I wonder if the Onions read here on their own or if their minions just report back.

No. 450442


Edamame is soy you idiot.

Not to sound too onion, but please stop spouting shit and use facts.

No. 450444


That wasn't after Billie, that was when Plainclone came on discord saying she had screenshots of Sarah being in love with Lainey or whatever

No. 450449

File: 1508080029746.png (749.72 KB, 869x583, Q9lIcRO.png)

OT but I think I finally understood why Lamo does insist on wearing those unflattering glasses. She's trying to be the cute lesbian from San Junipero.

No. 450450

What? Those things could be anything. Hermetically sealed or not.
She's still letting her kids eat it?
Does she not have any common sense? Those kids could wind up extremely sick and needing a doctor and we all know how much Onion loves doctors

No. 450451

Ah he spinned the wheel again.

No. 450457

It's incredible how they haven't killed one of them yet. Especially with that rotten teeth stuff. I'm also dreading thinking about Onion molesting his daughter once she reaches his desired age gap. You know Lameo wouldn't stop it, she'd sacrifice anything just to keep her Greasedick, even her own children.

No. 450462


The worst thing is he would do the mental gymnastics to somehow justify it: "My mom used to give me full-body massages too so it's okay" "It's just father and daughter love! Stop getting triggered." "I'm a parent so I obviously know what's best for my children"

No. 450463


>It's incredible they haven't killed one of them yet

Thats because Sarah is taking care of them. Probably cooks separately for her and the kids too. Plainey's busy trying to starve herself, and Grease's food looks like the kaka that comes from their bumholes. Kids are picky eaters, no way they're getting them to eat food that smells and looks like shit.

No. 450464

if they were indoctrinated from birth that was their food, they wouldn't be picky. apply that logic to people in third world countries, I highly doubt their kids have the option to not eat their mudpies and wash them down with parasite riddled pisswater.

No. 450465

what are they, 14

No. 450466


They're not third world though… Why would you even compare ?

You think Lainey doesn't feed them sugar ? or just junk prepackaged food ? Lazy parents tend to just hand their kids junk when they don't want to actually cook healthy meals for them. Hands down Plainey probably just makes chicken fingers an fries or PB sandwiches for the little shit squirt. She comes off really lazy, and more then likely one of those parents that gives in easy because she doesn't want to listen to them scream.

Your teeth don't rot that much with a veggy only diet.

No. 450469

File: 1508087553415.png (795.18 KB, 750x1334, 3BF84D38-35E5-4253-9623-212302…)

OT but I cringe every time I see plains pictures, a few threads back an anon mentioned how she always poses with her rings and now I notice it too. She went from normal photos to awkward, “look at my hand!” poses just to show she’s still married to Greggles

No. 450473

File: 1508090607692.png (54.12 KB, 216x192, Screenshot 2017-10-15 at 2.00.…)

No. 450477

kek even with fancy brushes (tarte unicorn collection) it still looks like shit

No. 450482

It's despicable that they're basically using this teenager as their own house slave. I wish someone would get Sarah out of there, she wanting to stay or not. They're so disgusting, both of them.

No. 450484

Why doesn't she prime her eyes? I'm not really aquainted with makeup but isn't that something you're supposed to do?

No. 450485

I think she primed before the vid started

No. 450486

Oooh, gotcha, ty anon

No. 450492

Sarah had family trying to help her but she's too stupid. Age can only carry so much of the blame.

No. 450493

Her dad sent her the palette, get Onion openly talks shit about him.

No. 450495

To be fair i always felt like Jaclyn was always at his back whenever they separeted
So this actually make me kek

Sage for irrelevant

No. 450496

She is exactly like Taylor at exactly the same age. She knows better than literally everyone, and no one is going to tear her away from her truuuuuuuuuue loooooooove. Except it's Taylor, instead of Greg in the older person taking advantage position.

(Yes, she is so fucking stupid, and she will look back on all thsi with regret for having been a stupid assshole (which she is)). She is exactly like Taylor– she doesn't want anyone's help, and she thinks we're all jealous or some damn thing. Whatever. You can't help people who don't want to be helped, and she is nearly a legal adult.

No. 450497


She seemed really happy about getting something from her dad… you know, since he’s sooo awful and all

No. 450505

I really wish her dad would of actually sued Gerg but I'm guessing he knew Laim would never forgive him.

No. 450508

File: 1508099313937.png (1.29 MB, 1889x536, cheapbot.png)

sage for nitpick but those aren't even tarte, they're knockoffs from ebay/aliexpress.

No. 450509

Anyone watching Lame on YouNow? She's broadcasting early must be going out again leaving her poor grams with the crying baby onions.

No. 450510

I am but nothing has happened yet besides her drawing her horrendous eyebrows on.

No. 450511

she's been reading.. or she just forgot to put eyeliner on. I officially agree that she looks better w/o, or at least just tightline. maybe not have the crease colour go that far in as not to accentuate her weirdly shaped brow bone

No. 450512

File: 1508100500430.png (390.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171015-134709.png)

Whatever Anon said she looks like a witch is spot on.

No. 450514

File: 1508101258568.jpg (363.25 KB, 1203x902, fb1216b2bc4a7a01e6ed3ced7b19ba…)


Lameo is seriously giving me evil stepmother vibes lately. I guess the green hair just really topped it off to match the eyes. Talk about a tale of two monsters

No. 450515

lainey has to ask greg if they can go to the mall on her birthday. because apparently he's gonna work and not take the day off for her kek

No. 450518

I love how apparently onion is working all the time even so much that it takes priority over taking time out with his family even over a BIRTHDAY nevermind say, a holiday or something. Yet, they are super stingy about money such as Lainey buying fake tarte brushed for her beauty channel…

No. 450519

work = jerking off to hentai vids

why does he need like 4 computers to edit his shitty videos? oh yeah, hentai dominates multiple screens.

No. 450522

But when Billie was there, they went to the mall, to Starbucks and took a 3 day vacation to a resort by the river lol. For her birthday he won't even take a few hours off. Let's not forget in his Hentai addiction video he says he waste a lot of time on Hentai, time for Hentai no time for Lame,

No. 450523


Working on what though ??

His videos look like they're put together within 30 mins and his video concepts are repeats from 08.

No. 450528

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but does Lainey have an underbite? I've noticed it before but now that I see her profile it's pretty clear her jaw is crooked in some way or another

No. 450529

maybe he only types with one finger

No. 450530


i've really never understood what he counts as working and what lainey also believes is working. it's like when my parents would try to get me to something and i'd lie and say i'm busy studying and they'd leave me alone. his ideas aren't that original, he's not spending time with his family, and he doesn't take that long to film and edit. what the hell is he really claiming to be doing that takes up so much time every single day with no breaks? "working" is just so vague

No. 450532


like a grandpa that just discovered the internet ?

No. 450541

Probably, I used to have one and had a similar jaw profile to Lainey. It's also noticeable when she speaks, her bottom teeth are more visible than the average persons

No. 450542

probably doesn't help that she purses her lips in a cat's ass pout every time she takes a selfie.

No. 450543

File: 1508104950825.png (45.84 KB, 275x182, 1428553874820.png)

Lames dad isn't allowed to go to their house but laim dislikes Anna minx and for years she's till able to go over and collab. He has 0 respect for Lame her word doesn't matter.

No. 450549

File: 1508106310077.png (64.68 KB, 719x518, 20171015_172344.png)

Tell her happy birthday so she doesn't feel too lonely when I'm ignoring her all day.

No. 450555

Damn, for a sec I thought those leaves near Plainey's head were a ponytail braid or something, and it made her look so much prettier and less plain. She really should let her hair grow and do something with it that isn't letting it be straw thin. She truly has no sense of style or personality. No wonder your husband was fucking Billie, Doormat. /sage

No. 450558

If she did that, she won't pass as ~agender space prince UwU~.

No. 450561

File: 1508107399852.gif (862.47 KB, 360x202, cb50f03e-401c-4ad9-ba64-80d9b6…)

Sage for old milk but that post refers to Anna Lichty not Anna Minx. Iirc she visited them to do collabs while Lainey was pregnant with Troy.

No. 450562

Her parody name of Hannah Minx was Annah Minx, so the name was correct.

No. 450567

That's a completely different person. anna lichty hasn't been in the picture in years

No. 450570


oh my god shut the fuck up you bore

No. 450572


She's like Vicky Shingles, always with the claw in shot
Take my strong hand, child

No. 450581

File: 1508110558088.png (73.2 KB, 275x222, 1429855833071.png)

Let's not forget her old ring used to turn her finger green.

No. 450582

Is there a silent minority left who are sick of posts starting like this or am I on my own?:
-'Sorry major tinfoil but'
-'don't you think it's kind of suspicious how as soon as we start talking about ____ then a bunch of people appear trying to disprove it'
-like fifteen separate responses to some blogpost 'no one cares about your ____'
-'omg can't believe he isn't making FRESH vegan food'
-Anything about his patrons
-'Sage for irrelevant/ot/blog ect' when has anyone ever been asked to clarify why they saged something your post is already irrelevant why make it worse?
-'Eugenia/Jaclyn is number one on younow'
-Every 5 posts having some snarky comment from the mods in red text like if you insist on doing this over moderation thing can you at least do it quietly?

Lolcow has really changed so much for the worse this board would be better if the onision thread was like on a separate website somewhere else

No. 450599

where did those pictures come from? It looks like some kind of party but I can’t tell why they’re there.

No. 450604

I only recognise them from previous threads but I'd guess it was related to Shiloh's music.

No. 450607

You forget to mention YOUR kind of comments, whinning about everything
The reason why lolcow "become" like this is because there is no milk, what do you fucking expect?
If it bothers you so much things are like this i invite to GTFO
No matter in how many part u want to divide the thread or were do you plan to move this thread it will be the fucking same

No. 450608

Thats SDA brand canned food; all of it is either vegan or vegetarian. Its not as healthy as eating actual fresh food. Its just a quick and easy meal. Most of it is ready to eat right out of the can. Most SDAs are raised on this shit.

No. 450609

Actually, Grease and lainey are both such massive cows. Why not give them their own separate board, That way topics are separated and we could have a sticky for updates. I think that would resolve all the massive infighting and everyone would be happy.

No. 450613


Again, no–they're too intertwined.

No. 450615

No way anon. No offense but I think they belong together in one thread where everything can be discussed comprehensively. Too many anons would complain about things popping up in the wrong thread. Besides, the milk won't be this dry forever.

What would fix the problems completely is anons who are complaining about what other anons post. Don't want to read it? Keep scrolling. Move on.

On to the topic at hand, WHY can't Greg just PRERECORD a video tonight so he doesn't have to "work" on complainey's birthday? And is she too stupid to request that of him? It's pathetic.

No. 450616

Onision is so dead nobody actually takes him seriously, it would be dead he's a joke. Lame keeps the boars alive tbh.

No. 450617

I, specifically, have never posted before only lurked for years but it's like this milk or no milk, there's always been times of no milk and there has been an observable decline in the quality of posts. This wasn't meant as a personal attack on like individual posters more the way the mods are running things and just the rules/inconsistency of the rules/ way of laying out the board etc

No. 450622

anon said YOUR KIND of posts not yours

just turn off sage if you're that bothered

No. 450624


Guess he never shed his old Christian ways

No. 450628

Has any'non noticed that Greg's front tooth seems to be getting more crooked? Is it in my head or is it turning more outwards than it has looked in the past? It would be his front right tooth that I am referencing.

No. 450632

Seeing as how his crocodile teeth are all kinds of fucked up he might have another tooth that's coming in somewhere pushing it forward. My boyfriend has one of them it's an extra tooth that just pops up behind another one and starts pushing and turning the other teeth. He's so avoidant of dentists he'll probably let it go until his tooth is practically sideways. Not very noticeable unless your upclose and looking in his mouth, least my boyfriends isn't,

No. 450634

Saw nobody replied to this, it should be posted to his twitter and hopefully would gain traction again. Everyone seems to have forgotten about his pedo incident and I hate that he might get away with it because he is still doing it. He was getting called out so much before, I was so sure something would change.

No. 450635

He got his wisdom teeth removed a couple of years ago so it’s probably something else

Side note, Onion once stated he doesn’t wear deodorant.

No. 450642

It's hilariously ironic that in his new "Halloween makeup" vid, Onion sees a pic of a girl in green makeup dressed as a witch and says, "It's nice that you got your skin color to match your nose!" and then he cackles….

For a man whose OWN WIFE has that identical nose, he sure is obtuse.

PAINT LAINEY GREEN GREG, YOU'LL HAVE THE SAME RESULTS. Man, it bothers me when he mocks others for something he or lamp have/do.

PLS can some anon photoshop Lainey green?

No. 450644

Samefagging for a second to say he then goes on to make fun of some girls eyeliner.

GREG ARE YOU BLIND?!? Does he just not see Lainey's horrid eyeliner? What planet does he live on?

No. 450646

I'm sure he knows. It's just his way of insulting Lainey without having to insult her to her face. I'm sure many of his followers draw the same conclusion (esp those that want to usurp Lainey's place as Queen Grog)

No. 450649

File: 1508123085840.png (58.02 KB, 719x458, 20171015_220338.png)

Was anyone else also creeper out tat he basically dressed her like a 9 year old?

No. 450657


I've been trying to figure out who Lamp reminds me of for a long time, just realized it's the Wicked Witch of the West.

Someone made a Wizard of Oz themed pic for next thread plz

No. 450658

I believe it but Lainey is too obtuse to realize the not-so-subtle jabs. As long as gurg isn’t fawning over other girls or insulting her to her face she feels smug.

No. 450661

Found out Jaclyn, Richie and Eugenia are going to see the premier of American Satan (Andy Biersack’s movie) with Andy.

I’d post the info on where I got it from but nobody likes Tumblr. (Sometimes I go there for unseen milk)

No. 450673

And yet you know someone is gonna defend those clothing choices and say that their kinks shouldn't be shamed.

This is amazing oh my god I hope they vlog with him and all the farmers send it to onion

No. 450676

File: 1508126759229.png (108.96 KB, 237x275, 1442742986273.png)


No. 450682

File: 1508127758866.png (281.19 KB, 629x627, Untitled.png)

Surprised no one posted this here yet. Fucking kek'd.

No. 450689

Ew you can see his wrinkles starting to form

No. 450690

File: 1508130200638.png (69.38 KB, 275x230, 1443303033295.png)

No. 450693


Kekk, he’s wearing a big ass black jacket along with a black shirt (which doesn’t look like it fits) to cover up his veg potbelly

Rosacea is taking its toll

No. 450699

File: 1508134908406.jpg (302.37 KB, 1116x455, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 450700


No. 450702

Could you explain what's wrong about it for the non-MUAs here?

No. 450703

I was cackling through the whole sequence, I couldn't help myself

No. 450711

You're not supposed to put eyeshadow on feet.

No. 450713

tell that to dan schneider

No. 450716


I want to edit those brushes away from her face so it's just that derpy face for no reason.

No. 450723

Please do. Would make a great image for the next thread!

No. 450724

File: 1508138697363.png (184.44 KB, 316x450, wickedcomplainey.png)

It's not the whole clan but here lol

No. 450740


I'm not close to a computer until end of the week. If someone can do it before that be my guest.

No. 450742

She put eyeshadow on her lower eyelid(?) and is trying to blend it with a giant fat furry brush and is basically going to flick mica all over into her waterline and eye and cause irritation to her eyes.

No. 450759

File: 1508149266187.jpg (124.56 KB, 455x454, IMG_20171016_180938_mr15081486…)

No. 450763

Good job, anon!
I legitimately nearly choked on my coffee from laughter

How does foot face derp so badly when applying makeup?
We've all seen some serious derp but Lameo takes it to potato

No. 450766

File: 1508151923643.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171016-064733.png)

Maybe he's right. Youtube is trying to kill off onion. Years ago you'd type Onision in and get I'm a Banana. Today? This is what first comes up on a search. Lol.

I'd rather not give him the click, but that child predator song he made is creeply accurate for him now. If someone would vimeo it that would be cool. (That The Josh video is super long and ick, but worth it for those who go down the rabbit hole for science. Not for the rest of ya'll, you sane.)

No. 450772


No, anon, this will give him more attention. The fact that he's doing this shit and still nobody gives a fuck about it is the #1 biggest sign that his channels are dying.

If he were relevant, he'd be called out still, but… he isn't.

No. 450776

I don't know whether I should laugh or scream.

No. 450779

File: 1508159565797.jpg (104.26 KB, 455x454, IMG_20171016_210854_mh15081595…)

I had too much fun with my phone apps

No. 450781

File: 1508160074158.jpg (230.29 KB, 901x1200, hwat.jpg)

sage for day-old selfie nitpick, but out of the 30+ selfies she went through on younow, this was the cream of the crop? it looks like she stretched the left half of her face and squished the right half down

No. 450782

top anon.
Next thread pic pls

No. 450784

bless u anon, you did her make up better

No. 450818

File: 1508169183566.png (555.97 KB, 1035x533, laineybot instagram screen sho…)

She should stop cropping off the top of her head.

No. 450822

I like how the only alright pic she has is when she is trying to be billie

No. 450828


No. 450843

Gerg, "LOOK AT me when SUK MI"

No. 450845

File: 1508173324314.jpg (80.85 KB, 365x482, nightmareshit2.jpg)

so since we're editing footfaces today, here's some more nightmare stuff for you all to "enjoy"

No. 450846

File: 1508173345765.jpg (89.68 KB, 386x482, nightmareshit1.jpg)

and the second version

No. 450852


Oh my god I just spit out my water, we need more of these.

No. 450856

The fucked up thing about this is that her lips actually look better.

No. 450858

anon pls. you're killing me

No. 450859

These edits are amazing.
What an ogre.

No. 450866

File: 1508177090974.jpg (46.47 KB, 366x482, AltBlowUpBot.jpg)

Finally got that 'green' hair and ~alternative~ look going, eh BlowUpBot?

No. 450876


this retard can't even put shoes on to do yard work wtf sorry but this sock shit with him really triggers me

No. 450877


she looks like a disapproving biology teacher

No. 450887

File: 1508183477118.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.53 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg