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No. 719767

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/715385

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Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Greg/Onision/Jimmy/James/Whatever spergs about a variety of topics, including his Patreon being 18+, the age of consent in Japan, and his height. >>711795 >>711482 >>710896
>Jimmy continues (still) to rage about “cancel" and/or "outrage culture” (too many examples) >>715133 >>714858
>Lainey breaks her silence looking like hell, seemingly forced into more videos by Greg >>712596
>A police report about a wellness check on Lainey is leaked, suggesting Onision has real guns in his home >>713081
>A neighborhood watch group seems to be keeping an eye on Jimmy and Lainey >>712793 >>713092
>Onision tries to claim all his exes just want his baby carrot. >>714264 >>714161 In response, Skye continues to roast the Onion >>714329 >>714341
>Regina livestreams, confirming that Plainey really doesn't like women and is just a tool for Greg to reel in teen poon >>714977
>Greg tries to say anyone who calls him a pedophile is a pedophile >>715112
>McFly, a new potential trinity member, openly thirsts for Jimmy >>715286

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:
- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT. There's been a lot of bait in the past thread. Just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.
http://www.twitch.tv/onision(shit OP)

No. 719772

File: 1571345307990.jpg (457.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191017-214731.jpg)

FYI he's using onisionspeaks fb to give updates. Must be tiring always having to jump around your sm cause you're so hated.

No. 719773

Great idea, Jimmy. Even better if you shut down all of your shit. He's probably scared that people of actual importance are going to go through all of those teen rating threads.

No. 719776

I wonder what's all happening at the swamp trailer right now as we speak? Also, I wonder if the locals especially the PTA soccer moms are still talking about this now that Chris Hansen got involved. As for Lainey's family I wonder if they've already placed the brown paper bags on their heads by now.

No. 719778

was the op just copy/paste from the last one?

No. 719780

Don't be picky. At least we have a thread again.
I'm guessing they are in full blown panic mode

No. 719785

He sounds like he is converting the forums because there's a lot of evidence in them he created a space to prey on minors. Notice how he made that decision after lurking Chris Hansen's stream with Blaire.

No. 719786

What a coward. Didn't he appoint mods to keep his main FB a hugbox?

What is Lainey's family supposed to do, exactly?

No. 719788

Going by Twitter, looks like his site was down, then came back up.

His forums are now inaccessible and just show source code.

No. 719791

>What is Lainey's family supposed to do, exactly?

I always wonder about anons who say shit like this. She is an adult and hasn't lived with them for many years, and more to the point, has shat upon any family member who ever tried to help her (and some who just caught Greg the wrong way). What are they supposed to do except tell her to call if she needs them. Apparently she hasn't called. There's a mean part of me that thinks they should tell her to drop the kids off if she wants, but otherwise to pound sand up her ass. But they are probably too nice for that and would welcome their prodigal daughter home (despite having has done literally everything in her power to fuck her own and her children's lives up)

No. 719807

File: 1571349761256.jpeg (289.49 KB, 745x737, A1F7E5C1-2640-4D6C-870F-23798F…)

Seems like one of James Jackson exes are jumping in in the bandwagon, could you just imagine the tantrum he would throw if any of his other exes joined in oh the ride we would be in.

No. 719812

At least you could have mentioned Chris Hansen was on Grugly's ass.

No. 719815

It's not really a bandwagon, I think she was asked to be on the show.

No. 719817

Since the anon who wrote the OP was either too lazy or to dumb to make a proper one:

Could someone maybe summarize the last thread?

No. 719818

I vote you do it

No. 719819

Maybe you could? I was thinking new threads probably take ages cause farmers don't want to go through the threads lately as they're full of shite posts and derailment and newfags.

No. 719821

the one complaining should be the one to "fix" it.

ie YOU

No. 719822

File: 1571353268641.png (1.3 MB, 603x960, 1571349823801.png)

No. 719834


you made him look like robert z'dar. lol

No. 719837

File: 1571355926998.jpg (83.41 KB, 645x387, onion_dfe.jpg)

No. 719838

Yes. When your adult child goes off to become a massive fuckup, there's nothing you can really do. In Lainey's case, they can't just kidnap her kids or ground her like some anons seem to think they can. She's pretty good at larping as an idiotic high schooler but she's still an adult. They could cut contact but I'm sure they want to leave that door open on the off chance she takes the kids and leaves her retarded half-orc husband (and being disowned wouldn't make her leave anyway).

No. 719839

File: 1571356143392.png (2.03 MB, 1374x910, 1571349793867.png)

Seems accurate I forgot which one of the girls said it but one of them said Greg did plop the kids in front of a TV or gave them some type of electronic to keep them entertain.(newfag)

No. 719840

File: 1571356299227.png (223.71 KB, 375x523, 1571349763613.png)

No. 719844

File: 1571357110391.png (19.9 KB, 653x102, Capture _2019-10-17-21-04-38.p…)


Yes, she was asked

No. 719860

If this doesn't scream guilty, I don't know what does. He's truly backed into a corner and knows it. What goes around comes around, asshat.

No. 719862

He just doesn't have anywhere to hide anymore. Everywhere he turns to he gets dozens of hate comments.
On one hand it's satisfying to see everyone hate him but on the other hand it slows the milk because nobody is encouraging him to talk shit

No. 719865

File: 1571360333613.jpg (534.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191017-205520_Chr…)

Rep confirms(?) hes gonna go on Hansen's show/stream.

This is true anon, but have faith a narc rage such has never been seen is brewing, it could be a milkmas miracle.
Or, more likely Gurgles and his boi hag are going to scurry away into the darkness like the pathetic coward scum they are. They know they cant justify anything once the "real world" of adults starts paying attention.

No. 719867

Making shitty wacky and dated videos where I LARP as an emo boy while being in my mid thirties is so time consuming, guys

I'm definitely not going into hiding because everyone online and offline knows I like to groom teenage girls for sex

No. 719877

File: 1571361918838.jpg (58.74 KB, 960x763, 35yearoldgroomer.jpg)

found this gem in response to one of groomery's fb videos…even fb normies aren't having it with jimbo

No. 719883

>finger my ass
wait WTF is this?? when did he say that?(spoonfeeding)

No. 719885

In his "I Betrayed My Wife (Spouse)" videos he joked about wanting a prostitute to finger his asshole. This was during Cuddlegate. Can't recall any other occurrence where he wanted to be fingered kek.

No. 719888

Milk is enteraining but the point of these threads has been to document his abuse in order to bring this peice of garbage down, and its actually finally happening.
Milk may dry up but only because hes finally getting what everyone wants and what he deserves and its fucking glorious.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 719892

So he's shutting down the forums cos making videos 'is so time-consuming' yet he shits out a video by 11 am? This nuking of the forums TOTALLY has nothing to do with Chris Hansen & mainstream media getting a whiff of your stink & wanting to wipe the record clean before they start digging into your sketchy past, eh Greg?
Uh huh.

No. 719893

I'm pretty sure he's already busy "accidentally" wiping his hard drives again.

No. 719895

File: 1571364283723.jpg (732.96 KB, 1074x1397, 20191017_215830.jpg)

Any updates from HomolKai moles? Even if it's just radio silence again, it's always interesting to hear.

Hansen tweeted a ty video to Blaire just now and specifically called out how hes going to be doing more interviews on Onion.

Its surreal that this is happening, not that to catch a predator is big like it once was, but just wow. Fucking finally. And Kai better get fucked too, she should actually go to jail for child porn and sending lewds.

No. 719899


Holy fuck. Been following this insanity for four years now (know a lot of anons have been here way longer) and this is a twist I’ve never anticipated. I figured one day Grunk would go down and maybe we’d get a few articles and arrest/court records. But with Chris Hansen…the man has been publicly hunting pedos for almost two decades and now he’s had a whiff of Grunt…oh my god. This will be spectacular.

No. 719901

No, no it is not. That has never been the point of this or any thread. God, this comment perfectly explains why Twitter fags and newfags have turned these threads to hot garbage.

No. 719909

He's been putting out a single video every 2-6 days so it's NOT a reasonable excuse for closing his forums. I don't doubt something fishy may have been happening but more than that I feel like he can't take the heat. Jimmy wants a hug box where he can ban people the moment they hurt his feelings.

No. 719912

If he wasn't acting like a greedy son of a cunt he could have gone on there to control the narrative. Why would someone give a washed up "comedian" $350,000? You aren't even worth 1/8th of that, Greg.

I'm surprised he can still have an ego during pedo allegations that can land his ugly bitch ass in jail, but here we are.

It's perfect, isn't it? After years of Chris Hansen going after Greg jokes, here we are.

No. 719914

File: 1571370378087.jpeg (161.35 KB, 946x2048, EHIB8kpWoAIxSeL.jpeg)

Luxymoo posted this
The irony

No. 719918

Goddamn that's creepy.

>PedoKai: lolol people are so dumb for saying such things

>All of it actually happens down to nearly every detail IRL

Pedo cunts.

Yes, anon. What a time to be alive.

No. 719932

Did Lainbrain not understand that sexting and phone sex counts as sex? I think she legit believed her teenage lovers would never ever turn on her. LAMO

No. 719934


I genuinely don't think she realised she was being predatory. What with someone much older hitting on a younger person being normal to her (because Gerg), her being so stunted that she genuinely felt she could relate to these minors, Greg encouraging her to act in these ways and her being stupid enough to take his word as ultimate law, and finally her complete and utter genuine lack of consideration and care for anyone else besides herself and Greg.

I'm very much not saying that in a 'lainey is innocent because she didn't know' sense - She knew what she was doing was considered wrong, which is why she tried to hide it and has gone quiet now obviously… but I don't think she truly took to heart or even realised exactly WHY that is. She would have done if she had any care or compassion for others, or spent one single moment listening to someone who wasn't Greg.

She had ample oppurtunity, many people tried to help her and explain how fucked up the situation was from the moment she met him even. If she was any kind of decent person, she wouldn't have done anything, it's her lack of decency which lead to her lack of understnaning… she was out for herself which included Gregs wishes - and that's on her. And now kai is crying.

As for Greg, he knew he was being a predator… and has always meant to be. Targetting the young and vulnerable worked for him, and he knew it and why. He just genuinely doesn't give a fuck, because 'he wants what he wants' and is fucking gross.

No. 719937

Well, since you are so industrious and intelligent, maybe you could write a full summary.
Nothing they can do now but pick up the pieces, I think. They are about as influential in the situation as the parents of people who join cults. Legally they can't do anything but take the children in case those to groomers end up with criminal charges.

No. 719938

I agree on pretty much all points. While Lainey is her very own brand of scum and complete idiot, it's unsettling to sometimes see glimpses of how brainwashed she is by Greg whenever she defends him.

No. 719940

there's a lot of people in my csa therapy group that have (self admitted) awful boundaries with teenagers because of arrested development. Lainey isn't a child abuse victim, but she was involved in a power imbalance dynamic due to age during her formative years. Half of me thinks she saw the girls as on-her-level, so it wasn't a big deal. Lack of self awareness is striking. It's probably half intentional to "help Greg" and half her being stuck at 17. A little introspection goes a long way for people like her.(armchairing)

No. 719948

File: 1571393516168.webm (2.51 MB, 240x180, Onision TCAP.webm)

(If) Onision met Chris Hansen and the Pierce County Sheriffs Im sure this is how it would play out.

No. 719949

Why are people so hyped about the Chris Hanson video? It's only at 20k views. Hell that's Greg level of no account. You want to see true narc rage Repzion needs to make a Taylor video. Sure he gets all his info from the farms, but his Onion videos get hundreds of thousands of views. You want more Greg milk, send the hounds after his predator wife. He may not give a shit about her irl, but he has to pretend to and lovebomb her online to keep up the facade of a caring spouse.

No. 719950

Hansen is known for TV and to catch a predator, it's pretty famous. How is it not funny as fuck that the man a lot of people grow up watching exposing pedos has a vested interest in Onision?

No. 719952


Chris Hansen is a old name, but a name that means something to anyone that hears it. His name means something to people who barely have a clue what YouTube is even. He is also a man with more power than pretty much anyone currently talking about this - even if he's not using it yet.

If Chris wanted more exposure, especially when it comes to a youtube audience, it's a very very good thing that he is looking towards Greg. His first video might only have 20k views, but it seems like it wont be the last livestream video on the subject… but more than that, forgetting the livestream vids completely - if Hansen decided to roll with 'YouTube allows predators on their platform, like Onision! Look what this Onision person has done!' thing (most likely for the benefit of his own career, but who cares) then he has the resources and reputation for it to possibly actually do something.

No. 719956

File: 1571395507682.jpg (217.18 KB, 1080x783, IMG_20191018_114501.jpg)

No. 719957

File: 1571395908764.png (289.85 KB, 564x584, hello fellow kids, lets talk a…)


I only made it through half of this trash fire. It starts off with him telling everyone how it was Laineys birthday. Next on the agenda is he's going to become a religious person because he was diagnosed with depression like 13 years ago. What follows is Jimmy making skits about how God is evil and him continuously claiming the worst thing he's ever done was speeding on the highway. Can't forget to throw in a Columbine joke cause he's just that classy. I give up, it's the same ol' shit. He has nothing insightful or interesting to say and it's all the same shock humor he's been putting out for years now.

No. 719958

>Chris Hansen is a old name, but a name that means something to anyone that hears it.

Couldn't agree more. For the average person Chris is sort of a legend, especially since the majority only knows his HTCAP shows. I'm sure the videos are going to get more exposure and that's really all that matters. As much exposure as possible, whoever's talking about it.

It already made Jimmy abandon Twitter, ragequit FB and deleting shit from his forums.

No. 719959

Lainey is still in hiding. She hasn't posted to insta for 6 weeks. The last thing she did on patreon was release a Spotify playlist on the 15th. Honestly she's probably sulking because she didn't receive a ton of birthday gifts from teenagers that she doesn't even give a shit about.

No. 719961

0/10 In the scene between Joker Onion and Retarded Fred Onion you can tell were filmed at completely different times of day based on the light outside. I thought you were trying to make cinematic quality videos Onion?

Also, yeah sure everyone you date is a criminal. That includes room for your wife Lainey who has probably committed the most heinous crime of all your exes which is receiving child porn.

No. 719962

File: 1571398702208.png (289.66 KB, 579x474, ill fitting suit.png)

People were wondering why he was wearing a suit in his I Have Something With My Head video >>715350
In This Is A Joke video he says he attended church recently. So the suit was either for a church wedding, childs baptism or something similar with his family. Sad that he went stag because Lainey was never seen in the car. Further proof that Gregs family really hates her and probably requests she not attend family functions.

No. 719963

I mean Onion's mom pretty much called Lainey a tranny freak iirc

No. 719965

Didn’t he say in one of his most recent videos he just went to a funeral? Oof

No. 719966

He would probably try to shoot them for "trespassing" but would become their target practice for trying.

> It's only at 20k views.
So what? Word of mouth spreads more and Twitter is already going nuts with spreading the word that Chris Hansen is going for Greg's throat. Repzion will be on the next Hansen vs Predator show, just be patient.

Surprising no one, Greg's edgy "humor" is bland and outdated.

How much you wanna bet that this is either or a lie or he tries the same shit humor in church? He manages to still look ugly in that screenshot even though it's blurring his naturally ugly face.

No. 719968

probably because most people watched it live on twitch? you'll notice even big name twitch streamers don't get that many views on their youtube reposts because their fanbase has already watched the stream.

No. 719969

I don't mean this to sound patronizing, still, I'm going to assume you're super young or perhaps not in the US, otherwise you'd know that having Chris Hansen's name attached to the #DeplatformPredators movement lends it a ton of credibility, especially when it comes to mainstream media and normies.

While many content creators who have covered Greg and Lainey have made a signicant impact on the internet, they have not been able to extend their reach to broader audiences. Hansen doesn't need to rely on YouTube views as his reach isn't specific to social media. His name is synonymous with bringing predators to justice. He has many connections in mainstream media as a legitimate journalist who once had a hugely popular show on network television for years.

Hansen has made it clear that he's very concerned with the years and years of predatory abuse Greg has unapologetically inflicted upon young women and teenagers. From what he and his producers have stated, it seems like their show intends to dedicate atleast an entire episode to the situation. I feel like there's reason to believe that Hansen's coverage will bring signicant consequences to Greg and Lainey's life in more ways than they've experienced so far. Their day to day lives will be impacted, when in the past the only repercussions they've faced have been online primarily. Because Hansen is a well-known cultural figure at this point, normies far and wide will be made aware of the atrocities Greg and Lainey have committed.

Who knows, perhaps the association of Hansen will finally bring enough IRL outrage that YouTube and Patreon will be forced to act. I feel like this is the closest we've come to that so far, anyway.

Aside from all that, I really wish the show would ask Jaclyn on to explain details of the situation. She's such a good speaker, knows the history, knows Grep personally and I feel like she always best communicates what Greg has done anytime Greg does something terrible. This is nothing against Repzion or anything as he's definitely been so important to bringing awareness. I just feel like Jaclyn and her presentation would make it feel more legitimate vs social media drama (if that makes sense.)

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 719970

I just love how his logic never applied to him or Kainey. Both are degenerates. One of them is a predator with legitimate undeniable proof, the other is a slippy predator that only got busted for destroying wetlands and tax evasion. He'd be having a field day making videos about how Kainey is criminal scum if they do get divorced though.

No. 719972


This, but he would be laying on his back on the floor flailing his arms and legs and bobblehead around screaming REEEEEE BE HUMAN!!!!! and kainey would be crying

He'd make anyone feel pretty around him because he look like an old man's rashy scrotum dabbed in shitty paint with greasy straggly hair glued to it

It's not a good look when a 33yr old pedo keeps calling himself "boy" and "kid" and trying to appeal to "girls" rather than women

No. 719974

File: 1571404731352.png (150.32 KB, 400x224, 400px-FoxNews.png)

I was looking for this when Greg/James was talking about donating to a wildlife charity.
Old 2010, but like all things Onion, it never ages well.

No. 719975

dat scroll at the bottom predicting the future tho
>person he thought was a 15 year old girl

No. 719977

File: 1571406014903.jpg (389.89 KB, 1105x839, the.jpg)

look, this isn't a joke, ok?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 719981

I wonder if he realizes if he wanted to divorce without alimony/child support he could probably get custody of his kids if he played into the confirmed cp she sent and received l. Would probably be the best chance the kids would have of escaping, we all know he would drop them off at their grandparents the second the case was over

No. 719982

Being raised by crazy Tammy is really no better than having Greg as a father

No. 719983

Gross. Everyday is Halloween for this Frankenstein looking mofo. Speaking of Halloween, wouldn't it be great if Hansen showed up on their doorstep with a plate of spoopy sugar cookies?

No. 719984

True. Only hope is Lainey's parents, I don't know if Jimmy and Tami have fixed their relations and I highly doubt he'd let his "predator" dad get the youngins. Would his sisters take them?

No. 719987

File: 1571411073001.jpeg (367.87 KB, 2048x2048, 889A91C5-A0E9-45F1-AE4A-F538F5…)

It’s unbelievable how different he looks when he’s “vlogging.” He really uses his camera lens, angle, lighting, and post-production to his advantage in his videos.

No. 719990

This was the worst. It's unfunny skits as usual with him rambling.
Also his eye is SO lazy in certain parts throughout the video.
In the skit where he's the news reporter, it's basically floating in another direction like a toad.

No. 719992


what man i ask you, uses make-up?

(except trannies en gays, or at least bi-sexuals?)

No. 719993

He currently hates tami iirc so he wouldnt give them to her, especially knowing she'd probably want them so hed give them to whoever else would take them I'm sure that'd be laineys parents. tinfoil though

No. 719994

Having full custody of those kids would likely be a worse date to him than paying child support .
Last time he tried to sign his kids away he gave some bullshit excuse about how “kids should be with their mother” - but now that Kainey is a boy, he can’t really use that excuse anymore now can he?

No. 719996

Holy fuck he legit looks like Frankstein's monster in the first one. Maya was 100% right, not like I ever doubted her in the first place but this image is just more confirmation

No. 719998

He could easily manoeuvre around that with something like “kids should be with the birthing/breastfeeding parent”.

What I’m wondering is how he’ll backpedal out of being “gay”. Will he come right out and admit he’s really only attracted to (teenage) females (cue 50 “My trans spouse TRICKED me into a gay marriage!!!1” videos) or will he just pretend this whole gay husband thing never happened? I doubt he wants to attract more masculine-presenting spaceprinxes. Dude likes to strip the femininity from his victims himself thankyouverymuch.

No. 720000

>>719998 So true. Shiloh is such a girly girl and he tried to destroy that part of her. Same with Billie.

No. 720023

he would absolutely pretend it never happened.
He seems to do that a lot with his past opinions/outlooks.

No. 720029

>#DeplatformPredators movement
that ain't a movement it's about the same 20 or so people retweeting shit.
Nobody wants to give a roach like onion the time of the day, it's why everyone ignores him as much possible. Hansen is about the most negative attention he can get at this point.

No. 720036

I don’t think he will want to roll back being gay after Lainey because it benefits him still.

He always kind of flirted with “being gay” for certain people like AB but we all know he would never act on it with an actual biological male. It gives him access to the lgbtq audience too and he feels like he can comment on it because he is “part of it” even though he’s straight.

No. 720039


Well LGBT is trendy right now and gets views. I don't mean that in a derogatory way to genuine LGBT people, rather that it's easy for someone with an agenda to create a bandwagon, jump on it even though it's not their ride and hijack it to attract an entirely unique audience on YouTube. Given that teens are figuring out their sexuality and orientation all the time it's guaranteed (in his eyes) to keep him relevant.

No. 720058

In the thumbnail complete with massive chin covered in stubble he's trying to look like Shane lol

No. 720062

People on tv/film? Models too.

No. 720066


this kinda sounds like Skye's writing

No. 720070

She should get on his show then instead of asking others to. She knows Gruckenstein better than anyone, including the childbrides and would prove a lot of info

No. 720075

What if “the end” isn’t murder-suicide nor “fading into obscurity” like we’re all predicting for the grease monster but rather turning to Christianity to “atone for his sins” are use that excuse until his dying breath?

We know he’s not gonna be serious about finding Jesus and stopping his pedo ways but this might be in the next objective

No. 720079

File: 1571439292657.jpeg (63.98 KB, 1074x611, 47B57DF5-4C32-4A0A-B161-4871D5…)


can’t atone for your sins if u don’t admit to them in the first place

No. 720080

So after him going on for years what a monster his dad is and hiding behind the church Onion was just projecting, AGAIN lol.

Next time he goes on about bandwagon shit people should point out his transtrender wife is the biggest bandwagoner alongside him with the whole I'm totes gay for AB! Look ill even hump this effigy of him uwu

No. 720112

The likeliest end is probably jail time, either the IRS, Enviromental Agency or he's going to find out he hasn't quite staked around the staturory rape laws as succesfully as he thinks he has. Hopefully all three.

The only Jesus he'll find is in a prison shower who'll help him find out if he's truly gay or not.

No. 720129

This reminded me of a great quote from a Megadeth song:

“Bubba: boy, yo’ soul betta belong to Jesus. Mmhmm, cuz yo’ ass belongs ta me. cackles

No. 720149

videos including blaire white interview missing from chris hansens youtube.

i just checked myself and it was the featured video, i reloaded and it was gone.

No. 720151

Surely one of onions fake cease & desist letters didn’t actually take effect?

No. 720153

Chris moved some of his videos around. Im not sure if this is just something he does once the videos out. Blaire White video is currently on his Have A Seat With Chris Hansen channel.

No. 720157

File: 1571456544940.png (875.63 KB, 1440x2880, mentalgymnastics.png)

So according to this blurb he pulled up it's weird to refer to anybody past 12 as children. It's more accurate to call them "teens" or "young people". More technicalities for Grug to try and justify his grooming of CHILDREN (yes Sara was still a child you freak).

It's interesting that he mentions Mary from the Bible becoming pregnant between the ages of 12 and 14. A lot of people use this to illustrate how ignorant the Bible really is, but I wonder if Grug looked at it and thought "Well Christians support this so why can't it apply to me?"

Not realizing that modern Christianity does not portray Mary as a 12,13 or 14 year old. And even the historical data that may have implied she was that young is still up for debate. But I could see this troglodyte being like "See everybody is a pedo! Even God!"

His mentality is "Old enough to bleed old enough to breed" not taking into account the high risk of complications that an extremely young Mother and her child face in that circumstance.

But who gives a shit about that when you have a disgusting fetish to justify? Grug will even use a religion he has vilified for years to make himself feel better about it.

No. 720158

so then I guess when Cloey turns 12 he can ship her off and let her live with some 30 year old dude cause she's not a "child"?

I mean no sane parent would agree to that but I wouldn't put it past Gurg

No. 720167

I love this.

Y’all remember Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate hopeful who was accused of pursuing sexual relationships with multiple 14–16-year-olds when he was in his 30s?

Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler attempted to defend Moore with this: “Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus. There’s just nothing immoral or illegal here. Maybe just a little bit unusual.”

He lost the bid and to this day, no one remembers him as anything but a dumbfuck pedophile who was literally banned from shopping malls for creeping on underage girls. He tried numerous times to beg his supporters for money to sue his detractors and accusers, without success.

Sounds like someone we know.

No. 720179

Or they ignore the fact that the life expectancy back then was around 50 years which kinda necessitates for still developing adolescents to take on more adult roles and duties. We now have the privilege of modern medicine to allow our children to fully mature now. In the bible the verse that says "man shall not lay with man" was probably actually originally "man shall not lay with a child" as a response to the Roman Empire loving to fuck young boys.

No. 720182

File: 1571466567850.png (433.6 KB, 2048x555, D2IdC25U4AEOAzH.png)


Chris should be informed that onision's threats to sue are not serious just in case. He has threatened to sue like half of the internet so far but never even came close to suing anyone. Not too long ago he was hardcore threatening to sue Repzion and Fullscreen via email, and guess what happened? Absolutely nothing. His threats are more empty than his gigantic head

No. 720187

i'm pretty sure he's threatened to sue every anti-o

No. 720189


He doesn't need us to reassure him. He'll have a legal team who knows more than any of us to do that, if it ever comes to it.

If Hansen wants to push forward on the Greg topic, stupid and empty threats to sue wont stop him.

When he told us before that Greg had threatened to 'sue his shoe' (lol) he was pretty much laughing it off. Don't forget that Hansen would have dealt with plenty of angry and uppity pedos way before now, hes got this. If he ever is unsure of the boundaries, he'll give his legal team a buzz and say 'yo, can I say/do this?' - tbh even if the internet has already 'reassured' him. Even if he needs it, he wont be getting legal advice from the internet commenters.

No. 720195

writing a demand in fake legalese demanding Repzion sever his business relationship with Fullscreen. never change, caveman Greg.

No. 720196

Chris probably backed down because he wants to tread lightly with more legal issues/ monetary issues. He’s been busted for writing bad checks, and was cheating on his wife. So his career has really taken a tumble, unfortunately.
Maybe somebody will intervene to let him know Onision’s threats are empty.

No. 720215

Chris hasn’t backed down, as far as we know.
But the original show was actually sued by a relative of one of the predators after he killed himself. But the judge dismissed it. So, if they can dismiss a serious case like that, they won’t take Greg’s “they’re saying mean things about me!” Case seriously.

No. 720218

I'm not Skye, I swear. But I do consider it a compliment that you think our writing styles are comparable, lol. I love her 'writing voice' or whatever.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 720219

File: 1571488553145.jpg (359.16 KB, 1044x1320, Screenshot_20191019-083209.jpg)

Hansen isn't bowing down to the caveman-faced creep, he just moved the video to this channel which seems to be a brand new channel.

Also, regarding Grugly's latest Patreon garbage, I wonder why he's all of the sudden trying to say that Christians aren't allowed to find fault in his actions since in Christianity, all is supposed to be forgiven. He also mentioned Mary being 12 and giving birth to Jesus. All of this has got to be directed at one person, perhaps Chris Hansen? Is he a Christian?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 720220


To be fair, the fact that he called this new channel 'Have A Seat' is pretty promising in a way. It's the 'meme' of him on the internet, that popular phrase people like to chip in when anything that could be taken as kind of pedo-y is mentioned - perhaps this could mean he really is trying to crack into an internet audience…

And if he is trying to do that, he'll very very likely be wanting to crack down on some popular (even if disliked) internet figures. See if he can't (rightly, justifiably) get them exposed/taken down, for clout.

Looking at you, Greg. Onisions channel may be dying and he may not be as 'internet famous' as he once was, but people know who he is too, love to hate him most of al, and all the hundreds of thousands of views on Reps video and such… he'd be a great one to get under Hansens belt and raise the popularity of his internet endeavour.

This could actually be a thing that is happening. Beautiful of Hansen, if so. Full support.

No. 720225


The Bible doesnt really look too favourably on trans people, afaik. Byebye Kai.

No. 720227

I think you're exactly right about this new Hansen channel being created with gaining a social media following in mind. I think he and his team really have something here. It'll be like a modern-day To Catch a Predator. God knows there are enough creepy/predatory social media figures out there.

I feel like this new channel will blow the FUCK up if Hansen and his team make Gurp and LaineyIsCrying their first takedown.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 720234

This is really, really fucking good. I'm only a few minutes in and have learned so much shit about Gurp and his early life, like how he legitimately believed an evil spirit communicated with him on a oujia board to tell Gurp that he, the spirit, liked him.

This person also goes into Gerp's birth defects and I know this sounds like a self post, but it isn't. I'm just super impressed

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 720238

Editing is good and her voice is listenable, but I don't dig videos where they have a cartoon avatar on screen for the majority of the time. It's alright to listen to like podcast style but to watch, it can become a bit boring.
Also apart from the ghost thing, none of this is new information.

No. 720240

Chris looks like hes sobered up and making a proper come back. He's going to revive his old success this time on youtube by taking down Onion. I can't wait.

No. 720259

Whether all of it is new or not, I've never seen all of it well presented and put together in a video before. Also, the avatar isn't onscreen the entire time. She uses a lot of screenshots and clips as well.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 720271

I didn't say the entire time, I said the majority.

No. 720296

When Romeo Lacoste was outed for being a pedo I totally thought he’d be in prison by now but he’s still posting on his IG daily

Now gronk’s been outed for several broken laws and he’s still posting his usual whack ass content, I can’t make sense of this, why do these people keep getting away with it?

No. 720374

Well because unfortunately it’s a combination of either the victim never went to authorities or there wasn’t enough evidence for prosecution to press charges

No. 720410

File: 1571537059743.jpg (674.51 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20191019-220407_Chr…)

No. 720420

File: 1571537979925.jpeg (78.24 KB, 828x305, 05E05368-26D7-490F-AE5C-F2C0E0…)

No. 720423

Did CoolCryKai finally take the kids and leave?

No. 720441

Jesus fucking christ. 10? FUCKING 10? I was already disgusted with teens, but this is making me legitimately scared for his daughter. We already know he liked the thought of little sisters, but if he goes after his own daughter, then i dont know what to think anymore.

No. 720443

it's so weird how he flips between claiming to be disgusted by children and trying to justify he's obvious pedophilic tendencies. if he had half a brain cell he'd stick to his guns one way or the other

No. 720450

this has been going on for at least 2-3 years. Billie and Ayalla were at the mcmansion while he filmed many rating videos.

No. 720503

File: 1571552769308.jpeg (180.66 KB, 640x944, 7FF890E1-9EEF-4176-A208-BFF777…)

No. 720507

Inb4 he tries to justify it as "16+ was clearly labeled on the thread, I can't help it if people break the rules!!1!"

Underage kids get the banhammer on a multitude of other sites for posting at all, let alone posting suggestive pictures. Why weren't these children given the boot for their own safety?

No. 720570

>>720507 >>720503
I'm really curios about how old Regina and Sarah where when they started modding and lerking for the Onions. It would look even worse if he had a person under 16 modding his 16+ forms.

No. 720575

File: 1571574441707.jpg (59.02 KB, 679x401, Image1.jpg)

Kinda funny how they all have that pedo smile.

No. 720576

File: 1571574768214.jpg (1.79 MB, 2818x1478, Untitled 1.jpg)

Open this one full screen to get the full effect, its the stuff of nightmares.

No. 720587


Bottom left looks like Adam Lanza lol. Fitting.

No. 720603

When are these pics from though? If recently, then fucking ew and they should kts. But maybe these were from before like years ago?

No. 720609

The guy on the bottom right. Has a magazine or some shit covering over his real face kek

No. 720645

i'm sageing bc i'm gonna go off-topic, farmhands feel free to ban but i just gotta ask this

what is going on with these threads? why are they moving so slow? it used to be that anons would post literally every 5 minutes but now, even with the chris hansen shit, barely anyone's here? am i out of the loop, did the farmers at lolcow move somewhere else? it takes ages for us to even get a new thread ffs. i realize onion has closed off most of his social media but we do have anons still in.

No. 720648

It could be because there is very little milk until Chris does something like interview Repzion/Shiloh etc. Plus Greg and his foot-face wife are behind hidden social media accounts, and no recent sperging from Greg on Twitter, but that is my guess.

No. 720654

do you have any new milk to make the thread move? no? there you go, that's your answer.

No. 720656


its because they keep banning everyone. eventually there won't be anyone left who can post.

No. 720658


People keep getting banned for random shit by ever so slightly over zealous mods, so I think it's a case of a bunch of people being perma-banned and/or a bunch who are a bit nervous to post much incase the banhammer is getting chucked about again

No. 720660

Taking the L (because I’m going to get banned for mini-modding) but if you’re going to complain about moderation, take it to /meta/. You’re better off posting there than posting here and getting banned for derailing.

In all honesty, the thread is slow because there’s not much going on due to Greg and his man-wife hiding behind their paywalls. Chris Hanson talking about Onision didn’t blow up because most people don’t know he’s live-streaming on YouTube. Every time a thread on Onision slows down there’s a few people who freak out but it’s always calm before the storm. It’s okay if things slow down on lolcow. Not everything is worth posting.

No. 720663


why? don't they understand it when you complain about them here?
another stupid rule.

No. 720664


there i posted it in the precious meta thing. you happy now? they're prolly gonna ban my ass for complaining there now.
it wont have any effect what so ever anyway.

No. 720667

Sage because not about the onions themselves but Regina is live on twitter answering Kai questions now.

No. 720669

ugh, I haven't been to the farm for ages. what happened.

No. 720678

not white knighting mods, but there are hundreds of threads on this site. you really expect mods to read every single one, every day to check for mod complaints? at least there is a place to group it all

No. 720680


Yes, I do actually. And something tells me that me and that one other guy haven't been the only ones complaining about mods being banhappy here.
I mean if they can ban over every little god damn thing and read all that, they must also be able to read our complaints.
Common sense. Gotta love it.

No. 720681

i get that there isn't much milk but we've had livelier threads with even less milk. like no one's even commenting anymore.

why do you keep mini-modding when you know literally no one cares about you? do you enjoy being an annoying person? they answered my question, for which i wasn't banned. they didn't come here solely to criticize mods.

if the mods will allow me again i'd like to ask a question: should the threads be strictly to update on milk (e.g. "post if you have milk, otherwise move along") or should we be allowed to comment on the milk, without nit-picking but like still criticizing whatever we would like? because if it's gonna be the former, these threads will just turn into archives. that's not fun. i'm here to have fun and rip new ones to these excuse for humans. sure there should be some hard lines like armchairing, blogposting, but like… these threads aren't fun anymore.

same. before it was that we would still be free to comment and criticize, but we would sage. new milk would be unsaged. i don't think it's the mods tbh, the rules are pretty clear, i think it's anons acting like any post other than milk is our of place. it's not. it's literally an imageboard for fucking gossip.

No. 720688

cute shitposting but like, can we get back to Greg and Kai? anyone catching Reginas stream? what’e she saying?

No. 720690

If you have complaints about modding take it to /meta/. Any futher derailment will be met with lengthy bans. This is not the thread for it.

>>720680 Is a serial ban evader, scatposter and male who shits up the thread frequently. Quit taking his bait.

No. 720692

Hopefully sage has worked properly etc, but I’ve recently joined (in the last 3 months) a complete other discord server and the whole “clique” “side chat with the person you’re pledging to” isn’t just limited to onion. I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s never backed away and instead just is within a group of a few “chosen ones” as an echo chamber. Same for Kai

No. 720699


Regina’s stream answering questions about Kai. Can anyone summarize? I’m not in a position to watch at the moment

No. 720709

According to regina, "Teemo mcfly visited their home (onions swamp house) frequently" she also mentioned rumour of them fucking

No. 720716

Still watching but here's what we got so far

regina has confirmed that adult men/pedos were pretty rampant on the onision forums, and she herself was groomed by one of them and was aware he also had talked romantically and sexually to other girls on the forum

Regina is cutting up a cheap necklace kainey got her for her birthday, comments how cheap it is and how she spent a lot of money on kais birthday gifts

Greg hates kainey and that was the main reason kainey plotted to leave with regina (many times, confirmed) Greg only acts nice to kainey in videos and ignores/is mean to her irl

No. 720721

Kek. Grug is nice to Kai in videos? Since when?

No. 720731


Is Mcfly a patron? wonder what Patreons community guidelines would have to say

No. 720736

Run down of Regina’s stream:

Forums were heavily under moderated; lots of inappropriate activity between underaged children and older men (basically rife with pedophiles).

Greg would change reasons for constantly dismantling and relocating forums (probably due to above activity).

Lainey would constantly plan to run away with Regina. Regina states their relationship is ridiculously unhappy and that Greg truly dislikes Lainey.

Greg is using laineys transition to get another girlfriend. That current girl may be teemo mcfly, who regularly visits the household.

Lainey despises Tammy (who tries to give her parenting advice) and will not go anywhere she is.

Ryan is pretty much the only one who visits Lainey nowadays, and they used to date before Ryan transitioned.

Lainey dated billie and Regina at the same time.

The authorities have been made aware of the grooming situation, but Regina won’t go into detail (understandably).

No. 720746

Teemo is a patreon of greg. Allegedly Lainey hates Teemo, so I wonder how she feels about her husband having her visit so often…

No. 720752

He had to change channels because the other one contained the word "predator" in the name and that's a blacklisted word by YouTube so I think it caused the entire channel to get blacklisted

No. 720753

He moved it because he was going to get in trouble with Youtube for using the word "predator".

No. 720755

>Ryan is pretty much the only one who visits Lainey nowadays, and they used to date before Ryan transitioned.

I guess that means Gargoyle fucked Ryan too since he fucks all the girls Lainey "dates"

No. 720756

File: 1571617993257.png (2.19 MB, 1956x1416, Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 2.30…)

Wasn't it a farmer that color coded greg's text based on manipulation tactic? repzilla definitely lurks. at least he's giving the Chris Hansen stream some attention

No. 720760

Ryan probably got out of fucking Gergenstein by transitioning.

No surprise. He shilled his video quite a few times when this whole thing happened. It's best to not give him the attention he whores for.

No. 720766

Strange how Greg allows Ryan to still visit, considering he’s an ex of lainey’s.. and is now a ‘male’

No. 720768

You really think Grug is into another translarper like his wife? Ryan/Jess probably wasn't attractive enough for him.

No. 720770

Ryan probably didn't get bottom surgery therefore still has a vagina, so he doesn't see Ryan as a man

No. 720771

File: 1571620120640.jpg (221.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191020-210603_Chr…)

Bit of fun with a twitterfag baiting Gerggles and the resultant bitchboi tantrum multiple pics incoming

No. 720772

File: 1571620154588.jpg (423.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191020-210639_Chr…)

No. 720774

He wouldn't let Lame date another woman if he couldn't get something from it, plus Ryan still looked like a female back then and she wasn't ugly

No. 720775

File: 1571620379722.jpg (409.74 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191020-210644_Chr…)

No. 720777

File: 1571620477029.jpg (331.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191020-210707_Chr…)

No. 720778

File: 1571620514907.jpg (261.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191020-210716_Chr…)

No. 720779

File: 1571620549809.jpg (356.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191020-210723_Chr…)

No. 720781

He's really that desperate for any bit of cash good Lord.

No. 720784

a bit retarded to bait onion like this, but thanks for reporting anyways

how is he so unprofessional making deals like these lmao literally doesn't have 2 braincells

No. 720789

Lmao his defense was basically "no u". I expected better even from this idiot

No. 720791

It makes you wonder how much sheer cash he's blown by fake deals like this over the years.

No. 720793


Sounds like the Onision forums are ripe with filth. Pretty damning that the first thing onion did upon catching Chris Hansens attention was to delete his forums. Anybody have any archives or additional screenshots/info?

Realize this may seem like old milk, but I think we’d all see it in a different light now

No. 720795

Anus effed a child doll, his ‘foster child’ and an effigy of Andy Biersack I’m confident it’s been established by now that he will eff anything… Ryan seemed nice tbh it’s a shame

No. 720821


Archive of forums for those who asked for it. There’s some disturbing shit in there.

No. 720830

jesus this is sad. Onion is the last person I'd ever want casting judgement on these lonely little teen girls.

No. 720831

File: 1571631830432.png (51.11 KB, 1004x624, Untitled.png)

No. 720835

I think most of us remember this gem. Instead of reacting like a mature adult, Jimmy refused this very valid request of taking the video down instantly and "argued his case". Good thing you posted it, though, for the ones who missed it - since this topic is very relevant again ( more than ever ).

No. 720841

I’m pretty sure the anon who colour coded it also posted it on twitter but I would be surprised if he lurks to take info for his vids.

No. 720843

File: 1571635920154.jpeg (115.64 KB, 750x586, EDC8C2F3-061A-47D1-A44B-FFC361…)

This is some of the most fucked up shit. I feel bad for these kids looking up to someone like Gerg

No. 720858

File: 1571647254439.jpeg (534.81 KB, 1242x2169, B541910D-E853-48A0-9B56-724155…)

No. 720859

File: 1571647405999.jpeg (218 KB, 1150x2048, 8857E7DF-795D-488C-B478-79AD9B…)

No. 720860

File: 1571647978052.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.96 KB, 955x609, jimmyforumfun.jpg)

It pisses him off because he's aware it's just bait for caps that are going to end up online. He sure didn't seem to mind it when girls were posting this on his forum. ( pic related ) Creep probably has all of them saved.

No. 720862

It's annoying, these people trying to force the drama. It's stupid, because what would actually work is letting the thread go quiet. On that note…

No. 720870

I remember he saw this post and made a video on it and basically said "well, you should've emailed me about it!" What the fuck kind of reasoning is that? He's encouraging pedophiles at this point

No. 720871

File: 1571654158610.jpg (547.35 KB, 1303x792, AchmielAchbacka.jpg)

Yeah no, this is actually a serious post from an Onision fan from Iraq.


No. 720874

Surprise, surprise, he never rated this guy because of Grug feeling threatened by guys along with racist connotations. He bullies Germans for less. Still "king of cocks" lmao.

No. 720875

That is a joke and an intentional misspelling of "all hail king of cucks". Those pictures are of a dude who was memed about on /fit/ years ago, in 2011 or so.

No. 720877

Having it confirmed that an innopropriate image of a 12 year old girl is displayed in your video, surely counts for some type of cp distribution

No. 720883


>Lainey would constantly plan to run away with Regina.

>Sarah tweeted how Kainey wanted to run away with her, they would look up houses on zillow

Billie also mentioned something similar iirc?

What's with Kainey constantly pretending she'll run away with one of the girls, only to fuck them over?

No. 720889

He sent this to himself just FYI…

No. 720890


Just my opinion, but I think she legitimately wanted an out and made those plans with the intention of following through, but always got scared (rightfully so lol) because she realized that she has pretty much nothing without Greg. No job, no car, and probably not much money in the bank if she's been the one paying the bills all this time.

Greg likes his women/girls nice and co-dependent. His whole shtick about letting Lainey livestream so she could "have her own income in case she wants to leave" was mostly hot air.

No. 720894

File: 1571663333705.jpg (193.05 KB, 849x960, 73390726_10157712585234711_979…)

Grugly posted this on FB with the caption 'you are perfectly imperfect'.

No. 720898

What the fuck is with his upper lip, it's almost like he had a botched lip injection or some other procedure and it gone bad

No. 720899

It looks like Ryan is there with Lainey now. She must be the only person they could find and Greg can still maybe have a third while he waits for this to die down.

No. 720900



No. 720902

File: 1571666347224.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x1620, 01D74F50-DFC1-4501-9A38-6A2405…)

Lainey is the one in the Pikachu mask, Ryan/Jess is the one in the Thanos mask
Last time I’ve checked Ryan has a gf that absolutely hates Lainey.

No. 720903

“You are perfectly imperfect. Except tell me how perfect I am in this photo, cause it look like 30 tries to get my hair to lay just right in my face and I’m giving my best squinty eye look. Teen girls are gonna love this, right ?”

No. 720907

File: 1571667511806.jpeg (363.39 KB, 828x742, B0A74573-7E7A-4EC2-BB10-633CA5…)

some (censored) gems from those archived pages of the forums. yeah, that place was legit just pages of insecure underage girls. disgusting.

No. 720908

He’s an idiot if he doesn’t realize this is an attempted set up. But I think he does, which is why he was so immediately dismissive.

But these trolls need to stop. Greg’s MO had never been to just accept the propositions of random girls. He likes to go after them himself. He will choose his next victim, not the other way around.

If the rumors of McFly are true, I can’t wait until he inevitably screws her over and she spills. Although it may end up like the Dev situation. She didn’t really share much of anything , just made some passive aggressive comments. and I am certain she knows more than she let on.

No. 720909

God why does anyone care what that saggy, malnutritioned gremlin thinks of their body?
Did Lainey ever actually respond to these? I never watched any of her shitty videos

No. 720910

File: 1571667638428.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 300.57 KB, 828x710, 1AA3BD4C-6186-4A5B-9197-76768E…)

gonna spoiler AND censor this one bc… ugh. no1 wanna see 15 year old’s chest except pedos and the fact that every pic is watermarked with Onision’s name is even grosser. I can imagine him jerking it to all of these pictures and his eyes glancing over to the ~Onision~ name and his ego/narc brain just going into overdrive and frying. Sick.

No. 720913

File: 1571667760418.jpeg (836.13 KB, 828x1560, B05F27F0-DA83-4718-9023-5DC012…)

look at the sea of mature adults onision had access to!

No. 720914

A 15 year old telling Greg their boob size with a bikini photo attached and him allowing it is definitely something that Repzion should mention when goes on Chris Hansen's stream.

No. 720916

File: 1571668066769.jpg (99.2 KB, 597x800, Greg Osmond.jpg)

How is this diseased looking troglodyte so fucking vain???We live in a very odd world where some of the most beautiful film actors are insecure about their looks but Greg with his terrible skin, caveman brow & shit personality thinks of himself as the ultimate stud muffin. He pulls exactly the same expressions for selfies that they used to get teen stars like Leif Garrett or Donny Osmond to pull for the cover of Tiger Beat 3 decades ago.The way he purses his lips into what he thinks are kissable little triangles is vomit-inducing.You're waaaay too old to be pretending to be a teeny-pop star, Gurgles.You're even getting an '70s moptop. Wasn't a good look then, isn't one now.Oh & Donny is 61 now & looks waaay better than you do.Protip:familiarity with good skin hygiene & a hairbrush is a good start.

No. 720917

I'm pretty sure Gurg used to say in videos that "onision" would have to be written somewhere on their body…fucked up man

No. 720919

Agreed. Greg always like to Reeeeee about how his forums are 18+ but never mentions that he didn’t attach that stipulation until after he had that article written about him and even then, it’s 100% clear the majority of posters were not 18+ and he didn’t enforce his dumb little disclaimer at all.
Even if he did start kicking off under 18s after he got put on blast, it wouldn’t erase the fact that he was at one time allowing kids to post their scantily clad photos on his forum and not deleting them.

No. 720922

Oh man, this is just infuriating.She's a CHILD barely past the age of puberty.And he thought it ok to keep this photo up. I really want this lass to have a protective dad with a temper and a shotgun.Fucking sicko.

No. 720938

he's not even really pursing his lips, that's just what they look like lmao. all of his features are just bizarre. he probably thinks the strangeness of his looks makes him attractive.

No. 720939

Ryan's/Jess' significant other (not sure if it's this girlfriend or was it a boyfriend) didn't want her coming over to Grugly and Lainey's house for extended period of time for good reason. Lol.

No. 720941

lots of eyeliner, wew.

No. 720947

File: 1571675355750.jpeg (158.52 KB, 828x616, 8DF889BB-09D0-490D-BC23-1EEF72…)

Weird Donny Osmond derail, but ok.

In other news… Ayalla has been strangely quiet since all of this started considering she was sort of the fire starter initially. Big things always seem to come out when she’s involved so I’ll be waiting to see what comes of this.

No. 720948

File: 1571675726060.jpg (158.96 KB, 1278x820, Guess age ii.jpg)


Yep, it only became "strictly 18+" all of a sudden once more and more people started publicly calling him out. He's even still got a video up on UhOhBro where he guesses people's ages and openly acknowledges how young they are. There are loads he guesses at being far younger than 18, including this 12 year old girl.

No. 720951

Anus was wearing the same pickachu hoodie in his recent Patreon video …

No. 720952

Even a blind man can figure that out

No. 720961

The biggest flaw in waterhead's logic about the forums was that even if he spelled out "18+ only" from the beginning it wouldn't have mattered.

Asking for people to send in images of their bodies for him to judge is pure bait for insecure young girls and he knew that.

No grown adult women are going to send their pictures to a greasy/fat/disease ridden bobblehead like Grugly for him to tell them their a "5/10" or "hmmm looks like you're muffin topping, might wanna lose weight fatty".

And obviously men/boys dont have the same expectations as females do in regards to weight or beauty so it pretty much rules them out.

Grug wanted young scantily clad girls to write Onision on their bodies and tell them how much they worship him and place their self worth on his baby carrot's response.

No. 720998

Reading his chat on his current livestream is pretty fucking funny. Everybody's calling him out and he's clearly super pissed off that chris hansen wanted to talk to him.

No. 721003

where is this?

No. 721005

the uhohbro channel

No. 721010

ew. he looks like he hasn't washed his hair in 2 weeks.

No. 721012

Maybe add that Regina admitted to lying about her age on the forums. A lot of people were pretending to be older, according to her.

If Gurg is supposed to go down, there needs to be some basic honesty about a few things….

No. 721014

It's probably just a manipulation tactic to make the girls think she's such a uwu smol victim, I don't believe she ever actually wanted to leave Gargoyle

No. 721018

I'm honestly asking here - was there any proof of her being 12? Anyone could have written that to troll him and point fingers afterwards. Like I said before - where's the point in being disingenuous if it only helps his case?

No. 721022

The girls he has on…Tamara & co, dear lord, they sound completely braindead.

He talked about Krainey, basically only saying that it never happened ( her exchanging nudes with minors ), because if it did, she'd be in jail, etc. Also is saying that he has no idea what the allegations against him even are. Lol.

No. 721028

Why does he do his makeup like that? That's what I did when I was a 12 year old edgelord. Also take a fucking shower instead of a selfie, Grugly.

Damn, he's disabled chat. Saw a drastic amount of dislikes, (23 likes and over 200 dislikes) then when I went back to downvote it myself he had hidden the votes.

No. 721030


the chat was hilarious. no one there was a fan, and it was just mods scrambling to delete comments.

No. 721031

At one point during the stream he referred to the anti-os in the chat as people who have drunk the kool aid which is a bit rich considering him and his braindead patrons

No. 721036


He also did one of his high IQ comparisons. He said something like
>Haters are like barnacles. They stick to a ship, but the ship doesn't care about barnacles because ship has better things to do.

Then one of his fans immediately says "That's a good analogy!"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

No. 721039

Anyone download the stream? I went to uhohbro and it doesn't seem to be there anymore

No. 721047

It's still there anon, first video on his homepage

No. 721048

>>Also is saying that he has no idea what the allegations against him even are.

This is what a lot of the fans on twitter say to. And honestly, I think it may be true for a lot of them. There is SO much stuff out there, some offenses much larger than others, and no one can ever stick to the one, big thing for long enough. They always go off on tangents about all the other dumb shit he's done. Yes, he tried to start a dumb religion, but is that really so important now that he's been outed for grooming a minor?

No. 721049

The focus has also started shifting more to Taylor and off of him. We know that he doesn't give a single nugget about her so he's fine with the blame being all on her at the moment. People seem to have forgotten that Gerg is still worse because he had a forum of little girls showing their underage bodies to him and pedos running rampant there, including Greg himself.

No. 721069

Are you serious? The girl is clearly extremely young and she has ONISION written on her arm… unless you're going to claim that's shopped, it's very clearly a super young girl branding herself for Grugly's attention, and it's weird as fuck that he wouldn't immediately shut that shit down, like any normal non-predator would do.

Actually normal people would never make videos rating and critiquing random girls' and young women's bodies, because that is gross as fuuck.

No. 721074


"who goes on chris hansen for free? who wants to be associated with that?"

um people who have a million child abuse allegations against them and have nothing to lose by clearing thei name because they're already associated with him?

he could teach a master class on mental gymnastics

No. 721078

Has anyone ever asked Gurgenstein why his father isnt in jail? Since all predators are in jail, obviously.

The recent early days on Onision video has a clip within the first few minutes of Jimmy saying something like real predators arent in jail, they're flying under the radar.

Lol you fucking greasy retard, just lol.

In his stream he also tried to talk about chris Hansen going to jail until one the little idiots corrected him that Hansens charges were dropped. I only watched 4 minutes or so, because he is too cringy for me, but everytime one of the little girls wanted to correct some dumb shit the 34-year-old man spouted they you could hear how scared they were, they apologized constantly

No. 721082

If he doesn't know what the allegations are, then how can he have released multiple videos and statements about the allegations? How are his fans so retarded that they can't see this obvious lie?

and the jail thing… it's seriously a 5 year olds grasp on morality.

No. 721097

>if it did she'd be in jail
He uses this excuse for himself too and that's typical sexual predator explanation 101. Sad fact is that he likely wouldn't be in jail nor would Lame. His fans are complete asslicking retards though so I'm not surprised they buy it.

Such a huge lie though considering he started defending himself with his Twitter meltdowns about what a dishonest BPD druggy liar criminal Sarah et al are.

No. 721098

File: 1571701252762.webm (4.83 MB, 640x360, middle school onision patron.w…)

Only patrons are suppose to be able to voice-chat with Onison right? Why is a middle school girl still part of his Patreon? Middle school is grades sixth through eighth grade, ages 11-13.

No. 721103

File: 1571703169598.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 21.37 KB, 226x189, 99039D0D-F574-4D7B-A045-D42D5F…)


good god hope y’all dont have trypophobia

No. 721113

good god, what causes pores to be this huge? His face looks like orange peel

No. 721119


ffs jimmy, if you really shower every time you shit, why don't you ever wash your fucking face

No. 721125

Ayalla's livestream

No. 721132

Sun damage & poor hygiene. I doubt the fucker wears sunscreen when he mows the grass around the swamp.You know Tami has probably convinced him sunscreen is bad for you.

No. 721133

I looked at a reupload of one of his awful anti-self harm videos where he calls his father an accused child molester etc….why didn't he report his Dad to police??

No. 721138

Irony that he washes his hair every day and goes after people who don't lol.
The dumb fucker also didn't report Shane Dawson or AJ's father. Lol when has Grug ever made any sense

No. 721167

He probably doesn't know how to wash his face properly, just like he doesn't know how to wash his dick properly since he keeps giving his partners UTIs

No. 721187

Same reason he didn’t report Shane. He’s making shit up for attention and shock value.

No. 721197

File: 1571717177265.png (17.53 KB, 500x525, 1570315711673.png)


Repzion covered the color-coded texts too, IIRC. I didn't watch much of that video, since I'd already read them.


So… are these from an actual email exchange with Onion? Are they fake, but not being passed off as real anyway? Yes, I am retarded rn.


Pic related


I'm certain that a middle schooler would say "my school," not "my middle school." It's pretty common to refer to immature/cliquey/awkward/etc. things as being from one's middle school. It's pretty hacky at this point, but obviously Gurg's fans don't have a sophisticated sense of humor.

No. 721250

Holy shit I lit do have that phobia and I can barely look at that shit thank you for censoring

No. 721292

These caps we've been looking at are not the forum he just closed. This is the first forum that we- and Blair White- exposed him for a while back. It's why there are all the underaged girls in the forum caps we're looking at, he didn't put any age restrictions until the exposing started here and Blair had the infamous debate with him.

With Chris Hansen now interested, it's no surprise the second forum has been deleted, there was probably still juicy shit in there even though he drove the age limit up after the first one had to close.

No. 721298

Who's got a link to the livestream? Link on Twitter is ded

No. 721326

It's so disturbing that he encouraged (whether it was outright or subtle, it was intentional regardless) girls to write his name on their bodies. He has a pattern of defacing the bodies of women and girls, like how he convinced Shiloh to tattoo his name on her neck, how he convinced Lainey to get several tattoos about him, and how he tried to force Billie into getting a tattoo to show how uwu sOrRy uwu she was for hurting Lainey (a misrepresentation, he wanted her tattooed for the same reason he wanted Lainey and Shiloh to be tattooed which is some gross humiliation/power fetish.)

Beyond graffiti, we know he also forcefully defeminizes his partners by negging them into cutting their hair, and by not allowing them to grow it out. And in Shiloh's case, shaving her head himself without permission. He also forbids his partners from wearing makeup unless they're filming, makes them wear boys' clothes, won't even let them wear bras. Just look at pictures and videos of Billie during her stay with the Onions. She was always in t-shirts and sweats and never wore makeup. We know this to be removed from her typical behavior of putting super cute outfits together and creating extravagant make up looks.

With this pattern of behavior in mind, his name being on all of the bodies of these young girls is the most signicant proof that the real reason he accepted allllllll those inappropriate photos goes way beyond needing content for YouTube. He wanted those photos for himself and he wanted to judge their scantily clad (and underaged) bodies to fulfill his disgusting and deranged sexual fantasies of power and humiliation. He literally got off on seeing his own name all etched on their bodies, and got off knowing they were giving him the power to publicly humiliate them.

I believe these images (and probably worse images he's never shared) were all stored to his hard drive which is why he wiped it. I feel like there's a reason he announced publicly that he "aCcIdEnTaLlY" wiped his drive, but I'm not sure what that reason is.

I hope this is all being brought to the attention of Hansen and his team.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 721332

This is a really good analysis. He's all for destruction of women.

No. 721333

No. 721346

>It's so disturbing that he encouraged (whether it was outright or subtle, it was intentional regardless) girls to write his name on their bodies.
He literally had contests for submitting photos and literally told them to write "Onision" on themselves to prove they took those photos specifically for him.

No. 721354

The funniest part is that a lot of them are too underage and stupid to understand that they would need to physically write his name on a body part or piece of paper in the photo to serve as classic internet proof, but a lot of them just scribbled his name over their photo in MS Paint thinking that thats what "proof" is. I'd love to have seen his inner frustration over that.

No. 721379

So true anon. Also him demanding Shiloh shave her head DURING SEX as some kind of proof that he basically owned her / her femininity. That to me is one of the most deranged things, straight up something I would expect from a serial killer.

No. 721380

Was talking about the one where a relative (brother?) was complaining about pics.

Besides, the one where it says she's 12 - she's dressed appropriately, so what's the point if it's uselsess (talking about the girl in the checkered shirt here).(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 721403

he didn’t demand Shiloh shave her own head during; he got up in the middle of sex and forcefully shaved her head to degrade her, which only serves to further prove your point. He’s an absolutely psychotic monster.

No. 721434


did anybody listen to this?

No. 721438

I watched a bit of it. Nothing new to report really, but she did say that greg basically chased her off the internet, and the whole situation was really distressing for her. She wants to come back to youtube and will probably be making a video explaining things this week.

No. 721442


Not to negate her trauma from the Grease monkey but she of all people has been very vocal against him, especially when Billie and Sarah were scared to speak out. Now that they have, she’s been very quiet. She’s still claiming she’s scared to go online? She knows as much as the others do that his NDAs are 100% bullshit, and he only has 6 remaining rabid fans left. Maybe she’s letting the other girls, ones he was sexually (I don’t even wanna say romantically about this primitive Neanderthal) involved with, take the mic. Either way, glad to see her speaking again. Saged for non contribution

No. 721443

When I say he chased her off the internet I mean more her youtube channel, which she was pretty active on. He was calling her ugly and anorexic, and I think that knocked her confidence a lot, never mind having his rabid fans commenting on her videos.

She also said that she is very happy that people are coming forward, but doesn't believe that its her place to speak now. I think she's just being there for support at the moment.

No. 721448

File: 1571781436561.png (20.26 KB, 569x222, time away from Lainey and the …)

He usually spends 2 hours or more hours when he does these gaming streams. And it looks like hes going to try and do them more often and in the evening. Hes not going to get money from this. Is it just me or is he trying to find ways to keep himself busy and away from his family and spend more time with his giggle girls?
>I have to do this Kai, its for my Patrons, do you want us to lose that money?

No. 721460

File: 1571785136277.jpeg (178.96 KB, 640x734, 6AE9F1EC-83C7-44CF-97AC-46BC4C…)

Anyone know what’s up with this?

No. 721464

I'd guess that some dumbass Lainey fan took the username so that nobody else could. Perhaps to prevent someone from using the Laineybot username to make a Pedobot parody account??? That's what I'd do if I was able to get ahold of her username.

No. 721465

Either a fan has taken the account or a troll

No. 721469

A true fan wouldnt "dead name" Lainey.

No. 721477

File: 1571788050640.jpeg (218.32 KB, 750x1197, 45F18674-8803-4E48-9062-73D302…)

Could be neither.

No. 721487

Someone already took kaiclassified on twitter, so she's probably saving it so the same thing can't happen to this one.

But Kai, why would you save your "dead name"?

No. 721488

File: 1571792048692.png (392.54 KB, 601x575, chrishansenhaveaseat.PNG)

Chris Hansen and Repzion talk Onision tomorrow.

No. 721496

new aldlii video

No. 721497

File: 1571793737846.png (56.27 KB, 600x590, eLaineybot.PNG)

Seeing this made me snoop around. Could this also be Lainey? I dont understand how having a private twitter with no followers would be helpful as a "vent account" unless its like a diary that she just writes shit out to make herself feel better about the hell shes living in.

No. 721499

maybe, i mean she could threaten greg at anytime to unprivate the account.

No. 721502

File: 1571794295921.png (103.99 KB, 689x440, Capture _2019-10-22-22-29-58.p…)

And there will be more!

No. 721540

It only shows one Tweet. It's likely to be her but she deleted whatever she posted on there.

No. 721545

Did anyone mirror the sims video? Someone was mentioning one part of it was getting a girl pregnant and then making her watch his character have sex with another girl in front of her. Even with him defending Lainey as the perfect husband he can’t resist continuing to mock her.

No. 721552

File: 1571802972629.png (112.17 KB, 563x386, igotstranded.PNG)

Any mirrors of I got stranded and A lovely remake? Or are they just the same shit hes been doing the past few weeks?

No. 721553

All the thread titles are about their bodies, and all Youtubers know their main audience are teenagers, so you can essentially assume every subforum is
>pictures of teenagers bodies
It's fucking gross. Nobody wants to look at that unless they are a pedo. Adults have no interest in "judging" a child's body. I hate this guy.
They sound so cute, even without the grooming issue, his content is not appropriate for 13-14 yos imo

No. 721561

Nothing interesting. He starts off by vaguely saying that there is something wrong with his car so he is probably at a shop or whatever waiting to get fixed.

He blabs on about how he has been researching analytics for Patreon and trying to figure out what videos will do better.

That’s pretty much what the video is about .. he also talks about wanting to start writing his ‘porn’ book and he says he wants it to be better than fifty shades of grey lol

No. 721576

maybe she realized greg manipulated her into being fake trans, realize her life is awful now, and is trying to seperate herself from her current circumstances as much as possible

No. 721578

Ooooh, that "duper's delight" at :45. Fucker.

No. 721601

Its fucking creepy too because he got exactly what he wanted which is Eugenia to acknowledge him directly even if it's just to tell him to knock it off with harassing her over her ED. What a nasty fucking cloaca he is.

No. 721612

Posting this because I am a sick fuck who wants to watch the world burn.

Jeff comes in a minute later.

“Alright everyone, let’s get settled in! Sadly, my buddy Greg will be in a different room. After all, we need to get ready for our collab…together.” He smirked and winked at Onion-boi.

“Mercedes, you and Anthony take the little ones outside. Kai, hand over your kiddie-bag to her; we have a lovely swimming pool outside waiting just to be dipped in!” He says ecstatically.

“W-why can’t I be with my kids?” Taytay asks, voice slightly louder than before and quickly handing the bag to Mercedes.

“We need an audience, and you’re part of the fun.” He turns and winks at Nate.

“Hey, it’s whatever.” Greg says, “where’s my room?”

“Damn, so cold are we?” Jeff keeps his mouth shut from spilling these words, pretending not to notice Onion’s dismissive treatment towards his own family since they got here.

“Alright, well…I’ll show you your room and Nathan can show Kai’s; how ‘bout it?”

“Mmkay.” Greg’s final reply as he walks next to Jeffree towards the bright pink hallway.

Jeff leads Greg to a hidden guest room, also in bright or a pale pinkish tone before locking the door and turning on the cameras with a hidden remote control.

“Why’d you look the door?” Greg asks, voice slightly panicky. He doesn’t notice the hidden cameras.

“Now, I want to talk about our conversation earlier.” Jeff starts.

“Why did you lock it?” Greg asks again.

“So, you think I’m a creepy ugly faggot, huh?” Jeffree asks darkly, smiling even.

“I can still sue you for defamation, you know,” he walks around Greg, cornering him from behind,” but that wouldn’t fun.” He licks Greg’s earlobe.

“W-what the fuck are you doing?!” Greg tries to get away before J* puts him in a chokehold, with a hot pink revolver pointing at the side of his head.

“Don’t. Move.” He cocks the gun, bullet is ready for release.

“So is this how you tried to kill yourself while in the military?” J* moves the gun to Onion’s mouth. “Or was it in the front, wanna go the Kurt Cobain route?”

Greg stood frozen with fear.

“Please stop…” He silently asks with a shaky breath, fearing that the bullet would come at any time now.

“You’ll do as I say.” Jeff’s baritone voice darkens again.

He takes off the jacket from Greg’s still frozen body then orders him to take off his shirt.

“Not too bad,” his hand explores his torso, other hand has Greg in a headlock. “A little exorcising might do you good though.” Before his fingernails pinch greasseboy’s nipple.

“A-ah!” He croaks

“Mm ya like that, huh?” He chucked

“N-no!” He tries to move again, Jeff’s gun rams into Onion’s temple. He stops moving.

“Good boy! Now, take off your shoes.” Voice is back to nonchalant.

Greg takes off his shoes with his feet, much very afraid to bend over or move at all.

J* continues exploring, his hand move from Greg’s belly into his groin. Hand sneakily goes in his pants and lightly caresses Greg’s length, feeling him shudder.

“Please don’t.” He asks meekly.

“Why not? You’d be okay if Jansen Ackles or Andy Biersack did this to you but not me? Am I that ugly?”

“N-no, I was just-“

“Just what, queerbating?” He gives Greg’s erecting member a hard squeeze through his boxers.

“S-stop, ah!” He chokes

Jeffree smirks; “seems like your dick likes it.”

His hand now moves upward and unbuttons Greg’s pants which then hit the ground as his hand snakily goes in his SAXX boxers, gently ruffling a bed of curls underneath before moving towards the prize.

“Ugh, so constricting!” He tugs off at the boxers before they finally hit the ground.

Jeff’s hand moves towards Greg’s saggy ballsack and fondles it, an uninvited quiet moan escapes from his lips as Jeffree gently kisses his neck oh so sweetly.

“Aww does my little Onion-boi want more?” He asks lovingly.

“Please, I don’t want to…”He pants.

“Hush now, love.”

His hand is now stroking the head of Greg’s cock, experienced fingers squeeze and tug at his length as one finger massages the tip after pealing the foreskin, precum starts leaking.

His other hand now moves to his nutsack and squeezes it hard to remind Greg to stay in his place before he starts to fondle and gently scratch at it with his long fingernails.

“A-ah!” Greg pants, his breathing slightly hitches.

“So you do!” His hand continues to play with his dick and balls as he found a “sweet spot” and strokes there.

“F-fuck stop! I think I’m gonna-uhn!” his legs start to buckle, his back arched and hips unwillingly thrust in Jeff’s grip on his throbbing member - Greg’s body was betraying him.

Onion-boi came hard on Jeffree’s hand as he panted and was trying to catch his breath, tears were spilling from his eyes from the whole ordeal.

J* looked at his hand covered in Greg’s spunk, “Oh hey, free lube! Yass now for the fun part!”

Jeffree then sneaks his jizz-covered hand to Onion-boy’s firm yet saggy ass and gives it a playful slap.

So I heard you like getting your prostate stimulated.” His snake-like tongue licks away any remaining tears falling.

“I-it’s just comedy, I was just trying to fuck with my viewers like always.” He replies frantically. “I-I really don’t like anyone going down there!” He panics.

Mm, such a shame, it’s always a character.” The last sentence was laced with a mocking tone. J* forces Onion’s legs open by aggressively placing his foot between them as a command to spread ‘em.

Without warning he then rams a coated finger in Greg’s entrance, the latter yelps in discomfort and shock.

“Oh, I forgot to to tell you; this room is soundproof so scream all you want.” He plunges another finger in and painfully stretches his sphincter.

“A-ah it hurts! Get the fuck off me!!!” Greg shouts tearfully as if on cue.

“Yeah, it is pretty painful on your first time.” J* replies nonchalantly before taunting Greg’s asscrack with his hardening member.

“Hah, even my dick wants on the action!” He laughs loudly and inserts a third finger as He thrusts them back and forth at Greg’s entrance, much to his discomfort.

“Mm, tight.” He turns Greg to a bed and shoves him forward to it.

“Mm nah, I think I wanna see your pretty eyes as I’m fucking you.” Jeffree aggressively turns Greg to face him. Onion is in shock at the revelation and before he makes a move to escape, Jeffree pins him down by straddling his legs and his arms sternly gripping his wrists.(autism awareness ban)

No. 721613

Jeffree proceeds to dry-hump him and moans loudly as the other man underneath him starts begging for him to stop.

Obviously ignoring the man’s pleas, he leans forward and shoves his lips and tongue into his mouth.

I don’t feel like finishing the rest but basically, J* violently fucks Grug in the ass until he gets bored, decides to suck his dick for a change; the calm before the storm. Jeffree puts him a cock then violently fucks him again. I was supposed to write a subplot about Nate charismatically forcing Kai to drop her guard out of sheer loneliness and disparity so he could fuck her but again, meh.

No. 721616

Oh yeah and Jimmy’s buttfucking was live-streamed to the entire web as Lainey helplessly watched before Nathan came in stick his cock inside her

Yeah, I had plans for this

No. 721618

File: 1571836493070.jpg (148.03 KB, 978x598, Screenshot_20191023-091452.jpg)

No. 721628

Bwahahaha!!!! Oh NOW it's a parody Grug? We know you ripped off the idea from the game retard.

No. 721635

File: 1571843356216.png (703.99 KB, 1129x635, no costume required.png)

No. 721638

I noticed ayalla and billie no longer follow one another, I had thought that they had some kind of falling out and that's why shes been so quiet

No. 721643

They have fallen out and made up a few times since leaving grease mansion

No. 721662

Does he listen to any music outside his own shitty songs? Every song he makes sounds the same.

No. 721667

a raunchy book is definitely what you need in the middle of a variety of sexual abuse scandals, grug.

No. 721670

File: 1571850615242.jpg (67.34 KB, 666x500, DbRFMGNUwAE--Kf.jpg)


"Guiz, the "Shiloh forgot me" and had seizures video was a joke!! She's clearly lying about this having been the truth. Geez, you are stupid people."

"FYI, my GoFundMe where I wanted YOU to pay for MY destroying the wetlands was a joke!! It was a total coincidence I took down the campaign after the county got wind of it and started to look into it. Geez, the internet is a bunch of morons."

"Spoiler alert: Siesca is a parody of the plot from FFVII… yikes. [Those old mirrors of my homepages of me trying to start my own cult MUST be fake… Why are you all so stupid and don't accept that I'm the most clever and Godlike person in this world?! I'm the most honest youtuber, goddammit!]"

We get what you're doing, Greg.
Not sorry to burst your bubble, but even for the blind it's clear to see that whenever any (every) idea, you have, backfires, you always call it "a joke".

Much clever.
Sooper high IQ of 142. More like 14.2.

No. 721677

he would be so much more believable and dare i say likable if he just actually owned up to something for once in his life.

"Yeah, when I was younger I made a stupid website dedicated to a religion whose ideas I got from a video game. It was idiotic, but I got over that idea."

Of course, in many cases owning up wouldnt help his dumb ass because he goes and tries to pull the same shit again and is shocked when people don't believe him…. like admitting he faked suicide to skye.

No. 721679

Things are so bad and he’s such a fuck up, he may as well just declare his whole life is one big piece of performance art.

In all seriousness though, his life is depressing. Take away all the sick fuck things he has done and all you have left is this pathetic man child who has no life outside of YouTube.

It’s sad when the only thing interesting about you, is the harm you have caused other

No. 721688


it would definitely make him a little more likable than he is now…but given ALL the shit he's done and his longass history of denial, deflection, and narc rages…i don't think there's any redeeming him at this point even if he apologized for everything.

unless he has a brain transplant and admits to the shit he did to all these women and commits to going to therapy/paying penance for what he did…maybe people might think about giving him a second chance? even then…there's just too many victims and a lifetime of abuse so it's questionable.

No. 721689

>It’s sad when the only thing interesting about you, is the harm you have caused other

Dang well said anon. That belongs in a book.

No. 721693

WTF? "My views are moderate.""You all just want to be outraged."

What ingenuous horseshit. How are the following views 'moderate'??

A 34 yr old man & his spouse dating girls barely legal is fine.
Women should wear shorts under dresses to not get raped.
His partners should follow his rules.
Skinny pact.
A moderately curvy girl like Sh is 'clinically obese.'
Long hair on women makes them look 'Amish'.
Rating underage girls for hotness is fine.
Most abuse victims bring it on themselves by not being 'angels'.
Self-harmers are attention seekers.
Meat eaters areas bad as murderers.
You can't be raped if you've had 20 partners.
Telling the internet your GF had an abortion when she was raped as a teen is a suitable punishment for smoking weed.
Telling a teen to get a tramp stamp & be chained to a basement is fine.
Not talking to your infant daughter is fine.
Letting a baby stew in a dirty nappy is fine cos you sexualize her genitals.
Sleeping with another woman outside your marriage is somehow ONLY her fault, not yours.
'Stop' means only temporarily.
Not paying for your GF who miscarried to have the fetus removed is fine.Go home to Canada & get it done for free if you don't die from going septic first.
If he was a pedo 'he'd be in jail by now'. Proceeds to call every man & his dog apedo even if they've never been arrested.
Alimony is slavery.
"I identify as apanda.No surgery.' Lainey does the same but it's now ok.
You should force yourself to have sex with Greg cos'Lainey is worth it."

Moderate my fat ass. All of his opinions are utterly insane, hypocritical,motivated by narcissism,sadism, sexual degeneracy & spite.

No. 721712

>Letting a baby stew in a dirty nappy is fine cos you sexualize her genitals.

Wtf, I know all the others but could anyone tell me what this is from ?

Even to this day in his vlogs he is still insulting Shane Dawson. Why does he hate this guy so much?

No. 721715

He left Madison’s daughter in a dirty diaper when her and Lainey went out for drinks. She sat in shit for over an hour without even calling Madison because in his words he didn’t want to look at her kids junk.

He hates Shane because he’s not Shane.

No. 721723

He also Hates Shane because he thinks that when they collabed over a decade ago it was a verbal contract that Shane had to promote Onision because Onision back at the tine got 'clout' for always being compared to Shane Dawson because they both had the gay emo hair. James here is still stuck in the past decade, reflected by his shite tier humour, awful videos and love interests.

No. 721726

Greg was one of the only people seen at the time comparing himself by looks to Shane Dawson. Similar to how he thinks he looks like actors he admires. Almost all positive rumours about him were started by him. It's really pathetic and sad.

No. 721733

File: 1571866809275.jpg (92.15 KB, 1017x787, rephansen.JPG)

tonight 8 eastern time. Chris hansen and repzion


No. 721734


He's just jealous of Shane, simple as that. Shane's videos are successful and he continues to get millions of views and collaborates with other big YouTube personalities. People respect Shane. The only way Onion gets any significant views is to clickbait and take advantage of drama and even then it's pathetic compared to the numbers that Shane gets. Being a similar age (actually, Shane's a bit younger) and having been previously compared to one another a long time ago it must damage the ego somewhat.

No. 721746

I love this because he was always "the joker" to Shane's "batman". He use to pride himself in being the youtube villain, now he is reaping what he has sewn.

No. 721752

So Repzion is working with Chris Hansen. That's great, while Onionboy goes into poverty in a swamp shack with his fake tranny wife and dwindling flow of teenage pussy. Fucking kek. Greg's crying!!

No. 721754

here's the hansen stream in question. It'll start in 55 min

No. 721763

It started.

No. 721764

Kek Repzion is already dropping facts.

No. 721773

I wanna be a fly on the wall in grease's mcmansion right now

No. 721778

Regina is going to contact Chris Hansen.

No. 721779

>>721754 the chat is a total dumpster fire but repzion isn't really holding back kek

No. 721780

Regina has actual proof that Lainey had their underage nude pictures. She better get her daddy ready to defend her in court.

No. 721781

Yep, they'll also be in contact with Shiloh. Hopefully Sarah jumps on board.

No. 721783

What a birthday present this must be for Lainey.

No. 721786

Repzion just said there's proof that Lainey was posing on Tinder as an underage girl.

I've never heard of this before, is there proof?

No. 721788

me neither… maybe he meant she was posing as a boy? i remember her doing that even before she started going by Kai/him

No. 721789

The livestream was amazing. Repzion did a good job at explaining what those freaks do to young girls, he also talked a lot about GroomingGuyKai's participation (not enough people talk about that). Kai is crying

No. 721790

I think he meant as a boy too. He also made the mistake of saying that Greg brought his first wife out of state to fuck her, but that was his second wife.

No. 721791

And chris revealing that he and his team are going to help 2 victims that want to press charges, I think regina wants to also.

No. 721792

He has dyslexia

No. 721793

File: 1571878648070.png (62.14 KB, 703x388, Capture _2019-10-23-21-55-50.p…)

No. 721796

Forget crying, Lainey and Greg are looking for a one way ticket abroad right now.

No. 721797

Maybe Taylor Elaine Kai Avaroe Lainey Anderson Jackson will finally get her dream trip to Fiji!

No. 721803

File: 1571880039176.jpg (178.53 KB, 846x538, kaiandgregarecrying.jpg)


Officially on Chris Handsen's website. I wonder when the narc rage will come. Peep the ending for kek

No. 721805

the "soulmate where are you" tweet was a pretense to make the existing relationship public. it gave an origin story for something that was already happening.

No. 721808

What’s the source on that?

No. 721809

she's going to need to go through his website contact, like he said on the stream. hopefully she heard that and will do it.

No. 721810

File: 1571881027573.jpg (555.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191023-213623_Chr…)

Next thread photo?

Kek. Get fucked Smergy and Homolkai you fucking pedos

No. 721814

can you imagine the pure freak out gurg is having right now?

No. 721817

This seems increasingly likely and plausible. There have been a couple of slip-ups in ofgreg’s YouTube videos where she admits to talking to Greg when she was 16, as well as the tell-all from her high school ex that confirms that Onion and Krainey were involved pre- soulmate tweet. I am starting to think that Onion probably “emotionally cheated” on Shiloh with Taylor just like he did to Skye with Shiloh. There’s a pattern here that meets Onion’s insecure, sex-obsessed, narc ways: find a new young girl to replace the older model he’s about to dump. I bet he’s looking for wifey #3 right now.

No. 721836

yes it must be enshrined as the next thread pic

No. 721844

Can't post caps right now, but got this off of Twitter. Greg has TWO entries on Hansen's website section Hall Of Shame now.

No. 721849

No. 721851

File: 1571887326097.jpg (82.94 KB, 1038x244, 2019-10-23_23-22-13.jpg)

This part must really chap his red ass.

No. 721858

File: 1571889564937.jpg (97.23 KB, 550x792, 2345678888754.jpg)

Foot got a new podcast chair after Lane pointed out Gargoyle fucked Sarah in the old one. Lainey is crying!!!

No. 721860

shit, he's BEEN looking. Its just that none of them have ever worked out. And part of that is that he keeps making them go through Lainey for some reason. I guess so he can feel morally superior and say he isnt cheating. But there have been many attempts. Billie, Vix, etc…

No. 721863

well, this will be interesting. will greggy be able to ignore CHRIS FUCKIN' HANSEN? pretty gleeful at the thought of it, tbh.

No. 721867


LOL @ the constant quotations around Kaineybot's gender.

Onisions wife/"husband"

No. 721868

I'm impressed with the way Repzion presented the facts. He didn't try to sensationalize anything or pretend to know the answers to alleged situations we have no proof over. Very good job, IMO.

No. 721875

Does anyone know if Skye will be featured/interviewed with Chris Hansen? I know that Shiloh most likely will, and honestly, you could argue that she and Sarah’s stories are the most damning. Sarah of course by being 14 at the start of this, the fostering, the nudes, the laptop full of evidence, being there as a nanny for the kids, being there during a good chunk of the Billie saga, etc. and Shiloh was ostracized, alienated, hated, physically abused (during sex and the doorframe incident), and lost her baby and music career. But Skye is the oldest and wisest and knew him back in high school before they married, she certainly has interesting insight into his behavior of at least 20 years.

No. 721878

File: 1571894664157.png (451.5 KB, 565x876, EC.png)

No. 721879

The things he did to Shiloh were absolutely disgusting. He refused to pay for her medical treatment after he caused her to have a miscarriage which forced her to go get treatment in Canada, and as soon as she landed in Canada he broke up with her and started making videos attacking her while she was still in the hospital. He's a monster

No. 721880

I'm hoping for this as well. In the same vein I'd also love to see AJ, because she'd have a lot of say as well. The rabid voicemails, saying her dad's a pedo and of course being pressured into sex after repeatedly saying no ( which Jimmy said was a lie, because "he can't even get hard if a woman says no" ). But I also understand if she wants nothing to do with this.

No. 721882

Calling Greg "remarkably good looking" seems generous, is this on some sort of scale?

Love that the last line has "husband" in it to refer to Lainey.

No. 721891

File: 1571896182880.jpg (43.92 KB, 349x642, pretending.jpg)


he's this ancient meme epitomised tbh

No. 721903


"Wow, isn't Eugenia such a great girl for recognizing me doing a super awesome generous thing for her? I mean like I did this super kind, nice, generous generous thing, and she recognized that I did this great thoughtful amazing thing, wow…I'm so- I mean SHE is so great…BTW I'm so financially secure that I don't even KNOW how generous I was. I mean it was $300 but I don't even know it for sure you guys! And lastly, not to make it about me or anything, but I did send her some nice emails."


No. 721904

She literally asked him to stop and he's still all "It's for her own good!"

I'm so glad this inconsiderate pussy is getting investigated for being a pedophile.

No. 721905


Holy fuck. Sucks to be them- just wait until someone forwards this (because you know they will) to the Soccer Moms or Neighborhood Watch groups. Hansen calling them pedos/predators will be as good as the word of God for even the most normie parent out there.

No. 721912

I'm almost positive that he's been using Lainey as bait because he's had multiple failed private attempts. There's probably been a good number of girls' DMs he's slid into only to get rejected. Hell, we KNOW he's talked to girls privately because Sam came to live with them and Lainey didn't even know who the fuck she was.

No. 721913

Guess someone saw Aldlii's new video

No. 721914

It seemed like he was going to say "I had a flat tire" but caught himself and stopped. He realized how sad it would sound that a man in his thirties cant change a tire and has to rely on some dude from AAA to do what most teenage boys eventually learn when they get a car.

No. 721917

When that GoFundMe for that sick little girl was around he donated only $50 and said that was the most he could afford, but he gave $300 to Eugenia (who is already rich by the way). He's a liar piece of shit

No. 721920

So he has another private Twitter?

No. 721921

I've often wondered how Greg will cope when he's nearing 40. This is a hard milestone for normal women who are judged more than men for their looks.For someone so obsessed with youth & beauty the idea that he's old enough to be his victim's dad will likely bother him on some level.Not the squick factor- more that the poppets he lusts after won't see him as the pinup boy he thinks he is, but a boring old man. The odds of luring a teenage girl to groom will decline rapidly-especially as what's left of his artfully filtered 'looks'declines & his bank balance shrinks, & no one is left who remembers his fleeting fame
as the Banana King of vegetarian rants. If he's not in prison,what do we reckon, folks? Sports car? Maxing out his credit to get a bunch of cosmetic procedures done? Anheroing? Running off to a country with a low age of consent, high rates of poverty & weak extradition laws? Religious conversion?

No. 721922

If something comes out of these accusations, you know he'll be buying a one-way ticket to Thailand.

No. 721923

Actually everything you have listed anon, lol, apart from a sports car probably. Just at different points. There's absolutely no doubt he'll be getting more cosmetic procedures. Might move to a country with looser law next. Finding his spiritual self afterwards. Then the inevitable anhero.

No. 721927

We don't believe her, her own family doesn't believe her, Greg doesn't believe her, and even if she got arrested, the cops wouldn't believe her. I remember Greg making a huge fit when someone called her a they and used quotation marks for her when she just recently starting going full on fakeboi. 10 bucks says Lainey is on her way to be a mini Yaniv but too bad her and Greg are not in Canada lmao.

No. 721929

If Lainey's story of finding out about Grug from the Shane Dawson kissing video (uploaded August 2011) is true, then that still gives both of them two months of Lainey being 16, assuming they knew each other. Honestly who knows.

No. 721938

He’s racist.. there’s no way he will move to a foreign country

No. 721946

I can actually see him moving to Canada as it's pretty close to him. Lax laws, close to Washington state.

No. 721948

how do you know its him?

No. 721949

canada actually has harsh laws when it comes to predators. The only reason Jessica Yaniv hasn't been arrested yet in Vancouver, British Columbia is bc the RCMP is probably doing a thorough investigation.

No. 721957


nta, but that’s one of his old usernames from his cries from the crypt/gamer shadow days. So, it could really be him since it was made two years ago, before anyone really knew about niqmo, Oddsname, Oddikaun, or any other username he used to have.

No. 721961


Uses that name on his League of Legends account.
Also location and date of birth checks out.

No. 721965

interesting i suppose, but the real question is, is it active?

No. 721980

>which Jimmy said was a lie
The thing is, he didn't even deny it when it first came out. He just said that she "couldn't be raped" after sleeping with a lot of guys.

No. 721983

Hmmm, that reminds me of this weird possible slip-up Greg had. In one of his older videos where he was reeeeeeing at people, who were criticizing his relationship with Lainey, and he said that Lainey's father told Greg to come back in ten years when Lainey is 25. He laughed it off saying he had misspoken but now that so many f* up things have been revealed and proven, this story has a different ring to it.
I can't remember which video it was though and I can't even place it anywhere on his timeline which is pretty sad. Sorry.

No. 721988

I remember that. He made two videos after that addressing the 15 year old part, and with Regina saying he talks a lot about things that bother him, that hits differently.

No. 721991

I think some other anon pointed it out 2-3 threads ago, Grug is far too xenophobic to even consider going to a non English-speaking country. He can hardly stand Brits and Aussies, he'd never be able to live in an Asian country.

No. 721994

File: 1571942974884.jpeg (579.4 KB, 828x1408, FD96331D-687E-45F8-93D2-7BBAD6…)

kek they’re back on the local crime page. no particularly interesting comments yet but this will be nice legitimate exposure

No. 721998

> willing to assist the victims of Greg and Kai in navigating the legal system
duuude. do you think he'll be working with Sarah? if she already went to get legal advice…

No. 722025

>anons still believe that twitter dms and google searches are legitimate legal advice
Sarah has clearly been on the side of twitter justice and until any action happens there is no reason to believe shes done anything. This is a great chance for her to do so if she hasn't.

No. 722038

This is when Chris Hansen is a goldmine. To people online he's more of a meme at this point but to the normal middle aged folks and boomers? This is as good as saying the FBI is involved. Chris Hansen's name in the American household was huge and if word didn't spread among Clot and Trot's schools already, it sure as hell will by next week.

No. 722042

Well we also know that at this time Onionboy was relentlessly harassing Alicia, had just left Shiloh, then Adrienne, then Shiloh again in close succession. It's not out of the realm of possibility that Lainey wasn't the only teen he was talking to during that time period and that he had this conversation with another father and misattributes or purposefully fabricates that it was Lainey's father.

No. 722052

File: 1571957599458.png (1.03 MB, 1348x902, grose.png)

Onion looking very rough in his thumbnails these days. These are on his main channel too.

Its a beautiful thing to watch whatever shred of good looks Greg's ever had slowly fade away, like leaves on an autumn tree. Just beautiful

No. 722053


its so strange how his face alternates periodically between puffy and normal. wonder if hes on steroids or something.

No. 722055

You can't just up and move to Canada.There are only a handful of countries that will accept an American just by virtue of them being American/won't enforce immigration laws, and they're all poor. Greg is stuck where he is.
It's hard to even picture him at 40. He won't have any money left and there's a decent chance that he'll be in prison. Regardless, he's probably going to have to contend with aging, losing his audience, losing attention, losing his house, losing his ability to lure teens etc. within the same span of years, it's going to be glorious

No. 722057

looks more like a neanderthal than usual, maybe he got more cheap botox?

No. 722075

He looks super plasticky, so I assume more Botox.

No. 722076

Tbh there were several several girls he was schmoozing at the time, most of which he would find via his forums. He even mentioned to Lainey in one of their videos that he had been Skyping a few other girls before he decided to ‘choose’ her, my guess is that they were probably not as doormatey

Even when Shiloh was in the picture he would chat up other girls… like that bootey who Shiloh banned from the forum

No. 722077

His eyebrows are so, so unflattering. Idk if he plucks them that way or if thats how they are naturally but they are so low down close to his eye and shaped like caterpillars. It is really not helping him

No. 722079

The only thing sadder than his uggo mug is those view numbers. 27k in two months? kek.

No. 722080

Kek this is going to make him rage.

No. 722082

File: 1571967501455.png (475.76 KB, 596x462, new third.png)

No. 722085


So what do we think…? What's most likely/most milky?

Ryan keeps clothes there/is staying with them? Ryan wears Gurg's clothes or vise versa because they're dating or infatuated with one another to some degree? Or they just have the same hoodie and Gurg's trying to create some kind of intrigue?

No. 722086

Ryan seems to be young, at the very least younger than Onision.

Greasion might just be trying to look younger by skinwalking.

No. 722088

> canada actually has harsh laws when it comes to predators
Then why is Karla Homolka out of jail?

No. 722089

Ryan is Jess, a girl Lainey used to make occasional videos with (blindfolded makeup challenge in 2015). She's around Lainey's age.

No. 722094

File: 1571971619944.gif (3.63 MB, 360x294, oops_but_not_really.gif)

No. 722096

Does this mean it’s confirmed that she’s aware that he cheated on her yet again? I would love to hear how he talked himself out of that one because she doesn’t seem to even care at this point. She loves him just the same. She at least used to be upset when he trod all over her.

Tinfoil but do you think her rules about him not ever sleeping with whatever third they have has to do with trying to control his impregnation fetish? I’m sure she feels a false sense of superiority over all the girls he cheats on her with because she had his kids and is “special” in that way if she can’t be special to him in almost any other way. When he was mocking Sarah about being loud in bed/asking to be impregnated (probably at his request) it struck me that he might try to get one of the other girls pregnant too and understandably Lainey wouldn’t like that.

No. 722097

Because the prosecution made a deal with her BEFORE they discovered the extent to which she was involved in the crimes. How hard would it have been to Google that before shitting up the thread with it?

No. 722105

File: 1571977860514.jpg (92.49 KB, 1280x720, cromagnom.jpg)

He often dyes them with the same box dye he does his hair.There are quite a few selfies & videos of him doing this. Which is not only unflattering but dangerous.That shit is too harsh colorwise for eyebrows & if you get it in your eyes you're gonna have a hard time.

No. 722115

I’m quite aware of what happened, thank you. Still doesn’t answer my question. That case was handled horribly.

No. 722116


Off topic, and no one gives a shit.


God damn, he is REALLY trying to look like shane with the side swept hair and stubble. Too bad it just ages him another 5 years.


I don’t know about Jess (or Ryan, though she’s just like Lainey, another trender who says “dude” and “bro in every sentence and hasn’t had any surgery, diagnosis, or therapy, or gone on T), but I wouldn’t doubt if it was McFly. Poor anus, after he got a cute, young, hyperfeminine 18 year old Billie once, he thinks he can always get his anime e girl, but has to settle for ~older~ girls who look only slightly better than him.

No. 722119

File: 1571981965441.png (338.67 KB, 564x713, what happened.png)


Deflect, Dismiss, and Mental Gymnastics galore. Also he's too much of a pussy to bring up the Chris Hanson stream. Instead he dances around it by mentioning the e-mails Vince has sent him.

No. 722128

kek get triggered gurg

No. 722130

And he still doesn't admit that he fucked Sarah. Says he can't talk about it because of his fake non disclosure agreement, but he still talks about Sarah doing coke that one time tho. Can't pass up those opportunities to vilify your victims right Jimbo?

No. 722131


holy FUCK, greg. shut the fuck up, motherfucker. all he does is live in the past. he is literally stewing in his own shit. the way that he talks in this video seems like he's ready to fucking snap or already has done some REAL damage to whoever is in the household rn. go off, onion. continue to play the uwu victim card with your crying spouse.

No. 722144


…..how does that not answer your question you fucking retard


No. 722151

Is it just me or is he trying really hard to skinwalk the old Shane here? And somehow looking more gross?
….. He hates him cause he ain't him

No. 722156

It's not just you, I said it 7 days ago and another anon said it 5 hours ago


No. 722159

I thought it was lainey wearing the hoodie/ thanos mask.
In the photo, you can see whoever has the pikachu mask on has dark hair but lainey has bleached hair now.

No. 722161

forget fiji, the malvides have a no extradition treaty with the US. tropical paradise away from the feds, everyone wins

No. 722166

File: 1572005505403.jpg (14.24 KB, 205x245, Capture.JPG)

grop hates sun tho

No. 722169

LOL I can never see that pic of Gurg fresh out of the one of his 3 hour shower fap sessions without thinking of J Longbone's description of his appearance here as 'the emo afterbirth of Glenn Close' or 'Tom Cruise melted & then slightly roasted.'
Forgive the repost but it's fucking funny.The remarks about the video this pic is from start at 8:55.

No. 722187

File: 1572012300813.jpg (137.52 KB, 978x1064, Screenshot_20191025-095814.jpg)

"and then you have another girl who's not even saying anything about me and photos, but rather someone else and photos and like this is supposed to be the same story, like this is what people are perpetuating as the same story?"

Gurp is mad that people keep getting him and Lainey mixed up in regards to who sent the nudes to Sarah.

FUCKING KEK, to all the Anons who said Gurp would ultimately throw Lainey under the bus, you were right. If Gurp is publicly saying this, if he's publicly voicing his displeasure as being mistaken for the person who sent nudes to Sarah, fucking imagine what he's said and done privately to Lainey. To be a fly on the wall of the Swamp Trailer. Holy shit.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 722202

He didn’t say he was friends with Billy the Fridge. He read an email that said Billly the fridge is speaking out against you. He’s no friend of yours. Greg went in to say there are many people I can’t talk about due to legal agreements I have made to hopefully maintain friendships like that.

He’s spinning things.

No. 722207


His eyes look very stressed, like overwrought.

also, a parody video

No. 722209

Last night on DP he said if chris hansen approached him he would spill everything on onision.

No. 722210

File: 1572016403114.png (102.71 KB, 673x426, Capture _2019-10-25-12-12-33.p…)

No. 722222


It's almost a 5 hour podcast. Do you have a time stamp for when he said that?

No. 722223

isn’t he basically throwing Kainey under the bus with this one? lmaoo she’s fucked

No. 722224

So do any of you guys think he has his wetland fiasco fixed, next week in Halloween and still nothing. I wonder how Pierce county is going to fill this time and what excuse will he give them. Also, what do you think the outcome is going to be? Jail or just more fines???

No. 722226

That in particular just doesn’t convince me that Canada is tough on predators. Sorry. No need to get upset. Sage for being off topic.

No. 722227

so rage inducing.
He mentions that people say all the girls have similar stories about him and that’s how we know there is truth to them and the ONLY example he brings up is Alicia’s nude photos. And because THAT ONE situation is unique, the entire argument has to be dismissed.

And he basically uses this same tactic with every other argument in the video.
Never mind the fact that the “similar stories” is about his gross manipulative behavior towards girlfriends and potential girlfriends.
Oh, but “everyone is manipulative” according to Grugly. That must make it all okay. Except most people aren’t manipulative to the people they love/ are in a relationship with.

I don’t know exactly what went down with him and Shiloh as the stories from both are kind of all over the place, but one thing we know for sure is that they both did awful crazy things to each other (though by al accounts his total of awful things far outweighs hers) but the main difference is, she was an inexperienced TEENAGER. He was a god damn adult who should have known better. But he only ever focus of Shiloh because she’s the only one who did anything objectively questionable (cheating MAYBE)

So he didn’t actually address anything that has tangible proof. ((His lies about emailing Billie, his texts to Taylor about Sarah)
Just more of the same garbage, not clearing his name, just attempting to discredit everyone against him.

No. 722229

File: 1572023529908.jpg (97.2 KB, 720x773, IMG_20191025_130657.jpg)


Who the hell is this Jeff guy anyway? Even Skye’s pissed off about him. This frustrates me because I'd like to think we're always one step ahead of Gurg in regards to information but moles like Jeff keep feeding info to him.

No. 722230

you know, Greg keeps claiming he isn't talking about sarah because he "respects the NDA" or some dumb shit… but do you think it's because he actually thinks he could get in real trouble for the shit he did with sarah and for once in his life has decided the best tactic was to keep his mouth shut about the situation? it's hard to believe he has the capability to think that far ahead.

No. 722236

Greg, of course, "isn't involved" in drama, so his "friend" or acquaintance or whatever, Jeff, made him aware of the allegations against him (Greg).
In a video that's making rounds on twitter, and which I watched on KF, Greg tries to prove that Jeff writes messages by showing a standard youtube / google icon but hides the actual messages.

All in all, it comes across as pretty much fake, so I guess Greg made an account and sent himself that BS.
Same old same old.

I love Skye's double burn there. kek

Edited twice because I'm extra exceptional today and just remembered the video had been posted here earlier. Sorry farmers.

No. 722238

File: 1572025671756.jpg (40.05 KB, 598x427, sarah.JPG)

I know the topic of Sarah going to the authorities is a touchy subject around here, but I just hope that her friend here is implying that they are moving forward with it.
Because sarah has been awfully silent of late (aside from her response above) and it is starting to look like she's going to just let it go.

No. 722239

My tinfoil is that her recent silence is because the police told her to stop talking. If they're going after Greg or Kai then they'll want to have their ducks in a row before they make any arrests, and they won't want Sarah exposing evidence to the public and to Onion.

No. 722240

Of course Grug the smooth brain doesn't even realize it takes a while for cases to be handled by the authorities

No. 722244

I doubt Jeff is even real, Grease made him up to not admit he stalks the girl's accounts. We know for sure he stalks Alicia's account since he emailed her almost instantly after she shared screenshots of his emails on twitter

No. 722245

she has said things directly implying she is, like when people ask why she won't and she says "don't assume I'm not". they're in the threads. I honestly don't think she should be pressured even if she weren't pressing charges, but she's said people should just chill and not jump to conclusions just because he hasn't been taken down yet

No. 722249


- Greg refers to his genuine paypigs by their usernames (mcfly, blasian etc), not real names (‘Jeff’)

- Only ‘evidence’ Jeff exists is greg’s word (less than worthless) and a careful flash of greg’s inbox, which only proves that he received emails from an account whose first name begins with ‘J’ (could easily be a sock or ‘James’ as innnn)

- greg already includes quotes from jeff’s emails in the video so there is no reason to hide what jeff’s emails in his inbox actually say…unless they wouldn’t help his narrative (do you really think greg would ever withhold information otherwise, like to respect someone’s privacy? Lmao)

- we know the pedonions get subjects to report on things for them, but those comms typically happen over existing channels (discord or texts, as with regina and sarah). Never by email

- greg’s only followers in the past ~year are the diehards who got brainwashed before his most recent scandals. who in their right minds would suddenly jump on board the onion train in its current state, an adult male no less

No. 722254

What if “Jeff” is a girl? We didn’t even get shown a full name and you KNOW he doesn’t want people associating him with women right now, especially young ones.

No. 722259

File: 1572030014642.jpg (129.05 KB, 666x875, 9065463.jpg)

You're right it is Lainey wearing the Thanos mask and hoodie.
Just thought Id put this out there since people are tinfoiling that Ryan is staying with them, keeps clothes there or wears Gregs clothes. >>722085

The person wearing the Pikachu mask has a mole on their neck. You can seen in this ss from an old video Lainey doesnt have that mole but Ryan does (reversed the ss to mimic the reversed mirror selfie)

No. 722261

I also agree about Jeff being a sock. For whatever autistic reason, Gurp has always insisted that he doesn't watch videos about himself, which wouldn't be an outrageous thing to simply say if it were true. But it's not true! Especially when you have Grep going on about something Repzion/Jaclyn/whoever said in a video, he'll always start to slip in a way that indicates he actually HAS watched the video, but he'll catch himself and throw out some dumbass explanation for how he knows so much about what it is they said "I know because a Patron told me" or something to that effect. It's such bizarre behavior. Why not just admit you saw it? If you're not too embarrassed or too good to take all the god damned time and energy to literally make a video, edit it, and upload it addressing what was said, what logic is there to be too embarrassed or too high and mighty to have taken the tiny amount of time to have actually watched their video in the first place? I am so serious when I say that there are severe mental issues going on with Greg, not just like behavioral/personality issues but like, actual intellegence and social issues.

It's kinda in the same vein as the way he pretends not to know xyz youtuber's name when bringing them up, like how he was acting like he didn't know James Charles' name. How does it make sense to actively bring up and discuss something another creator has done or said (in this case James Charles) which implies you obviously know who they are, but still dramatically pretend like you're having trouble remembering their name? Anyone care to guess what his motivation is for that or what the logic is? I'm honestly perplexed.

Anyway, back to Jeff. For some reason, I'm associating the name Jeff with an incident a while back that was shared by Gurp. It was this big post made by a supposed anti-o who went on about how he has seen the error in his ways and described to Greg how sorry he is for being a dumb hater and how wrong he was cause Greg is actually the literal coolest, smartest, funniest person on the planet. IIRC, the post went on and described himself as a middle-aged man or something and I could be wrong about this, but for some reason the name Jeff is ringing a bell in regards to that post. Like the author's name was said to be Jeff, maybe? I mean, ofc it was Gurp in sock puppet mode. I remember seeing the post when Gurp shared it but I can't even begin to place it on a timeline, let alone find screen shots of it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 722264

File: 1572030629533.jpg (89.04 KB, 648x662, 1560134880067.jpg)

It was Gary Fuller. And it was theorized it was just another Greg sock.

No. 722265

Damn anon, thank you for posting that! I can see why I mixed the names up, I knew it was like an older white dude name.

And I agree, definite sock account.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 722268

It's pretty obvious that Lainey was in the Thanos mask for two reasons.
1. She hates anime
2. The Pikachu mask wouldn't be long enough to cover dat chin.

No. 722271

>Why not just admit you saw it?

Because he likes to act like he's too good to watch their shit and tries to 'hurt their feelings' and he also uses it as a way to not address certain things directly.
He can't bring up Chris Hansen because he 'doesn't know about it'
Also he likes to put out this image that he's totally unbothered and dOeS nOt EnGaGe yet he basically engages in everything.

No. 722272

Jeff and Tony are like Greg's only imaginary male friends.

No. 722273

File: 1572033592415.jpg (204.36 KB, 1405x701, onision_garyglitter.jpg)

No. 722276

He “doesn’t know” about Chris Hansen but he sure as shit googled him immediately to find out about his bad check writing charge

No. 722282

You fucking go, girl. Jesus it still pisses me off how those fucking gremlins used her.

No. 722285

Extreme tinfoil but – Jeff, as in Jeff Holiday? He's super involved with Youtube drama (to the point of getting on Doctor Phil) and was Greg's moderator in the debate between himself and Joy Sparkle back in the day.

No. 722287

Jeff Holiday fucking HATES Onision and Onision knows it. If you've watched any of Drunken Peasants with Onision and Jeff together they dont mix well. "Jeff" is obviously just Gregs way of commenting on all the drama without admitting he watches every video about himself and tweet directed at him. He usually says his Patrons told him whats going on but that excuse is wearing thin. Now its rando's emailing him with detailed information on the drama.

No. 722288

I'm inclined to believed this is correct because she said she has an entire laptop worth of evidence, and if she weren't going to authorities, she would have kept dropping screenshots like she had been doing before. It seemed like she only stopped around the time when her friend said they went to the courthouse. Sure as hell there's more than she has already posted.

No. 722289

File: 1572041810271.jpg (149.28 KB, 680x570, Gary Glitter and Son.jpg)

No. 722290

There’s no Jeff … it’s just greg trying to make everyone think he has people who are looking out for him. He has no friends… the only friends he has are the ones who pay him on patreon to treat them like crap.

No. 722294

Please let this be the next thread pic

No. 722297

Perfect. Also voting the next thread pic.

You can tell Greg is losing his shit if he's trying to say court didn't want anything to do with someone who has proof of sexual misconduct with a minor.

No. 722301

File: 1572047983446.png (223.4 KB, 685x881, Capture _2019-10-25-20-58-35.p…)

They were manipulating her financially too

No. 722304

File: 1572049264963.jpeg (45.08 KB, 1024x634, EDlOnxsXsAYdHVU.jpeg)

Holy banana balls they really actually might be fucked this time yall. That is SUCH a good detail for any lawsuit/civil/criminal investigation. GUYS they. Are. Fucked.

No. 722313

sorry i'm slow, but what would this imply?

No. 722315

That's also because this water brain thinks that if you are a victim all you have to do is walk down to the police station, hand in all your evidence, the police put down their donuts down to give the evidence a once over, say good enough, all hop in their swat vehicles and drive lights and sirens to the perps house and arrest him in under 24 hours. The criminal justice system crawls. He also knows his fans have to be retarded to even be fans of him in the first place so they won't know better or question Onion.

No. 722328

The NDA Greg mentions was signed under duress as she knew that Greg and Kai had control over her bank account and believed that would be used against her should she not sign.

It just further devalues the NDA being legally binding if it ever was at all. It's also further evidence of Greg being controlling.

No. 722332

Will Shane give Onion credit for his makeup line? Fun little fact: When Onision & Shane were friends, Onision was very open with the fact he would wear a small amount of makeup while filming & has put it on in front of Shane in the past at least once. As everyone knows, Onision does not need makeup because he is ugly… he wears it to even out natural red tones & slight discoloration & only does it for filming. No one has even skin tone… if they claim to they are lying. And if you actually believe them you are retarded. All men in Hollywood movies wear makeup & they wear much more then Onision does. Shane was surprised (this was before Onision was open about it publicly) & even said he might try it. Shane has bad skin issues which are likely due to poor hygiene. Shane seemed very interested in trying out makeup. Thinking about it logically, Onision was probably the first person who put the idea of men wearing makeup in Shane’s head which helped make it acceptable & even normal in Shane’s mind. I don’t expect Shane to admit this or even give Onision credit publicly… but I agree it would be a super nice thing to “Hey, I remember & I appreciate it”…(b8)

No. 722337

No. 722338

Points for producing an original white knight, I guess.

No. 722340

lmao is this a parody of gregma? i love it anon

No. 722344

This is bait, they're trying to derail the conversation about Sarah and Greg's manipulation tactics.

We should just ignore it.

No. 722351

Guess we can add Financial abuse to the list. Jesus christ.

Excellent point!

No. 722352

This needs to be thread pic.

No. 722353

I do love to imagine how jealous Grot is over Shane’s palette. Jeffree Star made $20 million on one palette. Greb is crying.

No. 722355

Yeah the fib about patrons telling him about 'the drama' is total bullshit.Moles have recorded his Discord & mentioning the current drama or saying even ANYTHING even mildly critical or troublesome will get you kicked/muted on the chat.Patrons suck up to him. That's it. He got the info by obsessively googling his narc ass & watching EVERY video. Also Gurg, how can you be Mr FAX MACHINE if you're getting all your info via a game of Telephone? OOpsie, didn't think that lie thru', eh Gurgles?

No. 722365

Additionally, it goes beyond the power of attorney or medical authorization the Smergensteins had over Sarah, which was already depraved enough given their amorous relationship with her before and after she turned 18. Homolkai essentially controlled her entire life via finances. Even if anything criminal falls through, Sarah could legitimately take them for all their worth (nothing at this point, but still) in a civil suit no doubt about it. Controlling her finances goes way beyond signing off on her prescriptions.

No. 722400


"eugenia cooney is such an amazing, incredible, awesome, amazingly beautiful human being that I just gave – i don't know – $300 in bits to and very nice emails but this isn't all about me and how giving, charitable, and generous i am, it's also about eugenia cooney, who i gave $300 to."

grug is literally the type of guy who donates $50 to charity once and then tells everyone about it.

charity, by definition, is a selfless act mr. 2 digit iq. by highkey humblebragging about it, it's no longer charity. especially when you donate an amount and then have your sock account ready to donate 2 pennies to say "that is the real onision" less than 3 seconds later.

No. 722408


honestly 2 digit iq galaxy brain will probably break down and pretend he's "embracing" his age and become a dollar store charles manson with his sisesca cult bullshit

No. 722409


but i mean he was stationed in south korea and loved it there.

also, in his infamous "race ranking" thread, he rated south koreans pretty high and even gave asian-americans a whopping 7!!!!!

No. 722411

Hey ya’ll- Please don’t think Sarah being a little quieter and not posting as many screenshots means she is letting things go. She is taking things very seriously, as are the people the really matter. (I got permission to say the above sentence).

In my own/personal opinion- Greg is doubling down with his “if I did something wrong I would not be a free man” / police know everything is great / the super awesome super smart people in courts don’t take internet drama seriously, by the way did I mention they are amazing human beings? Because he’s scared. It’s like he makes these deflection videos as a self soothing method. Mark my words (Gurgly I hope you’re lurking) his time is going to be up soon. The icing on the unrelated cake with Chris Hanson being involved is gold. People in the local area -offline- are even talking. The train is moving and it’s only a matter of time with everything going on that the local news covers it. His dream of becoming mainstream is close to happening. He always thought he would be known off YouTube.

Patrons aren’t telling him shit. He’s obviously watching and reading like a hawk trying to get any information, hoping to stay ahead. But there won’t be a heads up when the sheriff is there with a subpoena to appear, Greg. It will just be a knock at your door when you least expect it. I really hope during a livestream in the near future we’ll hear the dogs start barking, him yelling at them to shut the fuck up, then hear the whisperings of a panicked Lainey off camera telling him “Greg, Greg, no seriously listen to me I’m not fucking kidding” as he pushes his swivel chair slightly out of frame and comes back with a “Uh…hold on…yeah, guys, ha ha, I don’t know what’s going on, gotta go deal with something for a second I’ll be right back, so uh yeaaaaa….”.

No. 722413


as beautiful as watching the seasons change….single tear shed as delicate piano music plays

No. 722422


Just noticed all these links became dead links. You can find articles older than these that are not behing a paywall. I guess Hansen could be afraid of legal retaliation.

No. 722449

File: 1572073695468.png (304.82 KB, 1065x930, gaslighting.png)

Just because the police/cps/animal control didn't take the time to do further investigation into the abuse and neglect you post on social media regularly doesn't mean they can deam you "innocent" Gurg.

They base their judgement on one safety check, maybe two. And we all know how easy it is to just brush it off as "all those evil crazies on the internet", which is basically what you and Taylor have done every time.

Once again dipshit: many abusers manage to fly under the radar quite easily when it comes to the authorities because most of them are two faced narcs like you.

So you and Taylor are about as far from fucking innocent as it gets.

Topkek anon holy shit

No. 722452

yup…possible undue influence as well ie. involves one person taking advantage of a position of power over another person.

"This inequity in power between the parties can vitiate one party's consent as they are unable to freely exercise their independent will."

No. 722456

File: 1572075803380.jpeg (246.86 KB, 1125x2248, C02998D1-7B4F-4F03-9DB0-B68A01…)

This story is behind a pay wall, the other one has been deleted (I assume, I can’t find it anywhere)

Has Grog finally followed through with the years of threats about sueing people? or is Chris just worried about Grog’s empty threats?

No. 722461

The livestream is atleast still on the Have A Seat With Chris Hansen channel.

No. 722503

Both articles are still posted and updated. Chris simply sees onion turd as a opportunity to make money therefore he his the articles behind a paywall.

No. 722504

Stop selfposting your shitty videos

The only reason he hasnt gone on to do it yet is because he is involved too so he has to bury it. If he wasnt directly involvwd he would have thrown her under the bus as soon as Sarah started talking.

No. 722506

Well.. can’t say I’m not disappointed but hopefully he interviews more people and keeps talking about it

No. 722507

Since Anus has donated money to Eugenia.. he pretty much owns her now.

No. 722509

Longbone didn't post this, dude. I'm in australia and I just think the line about 'Tom Cruise lightly roasted'is fucking funny..Not everyone is a lame self-poster. Stop being fucking paranoid.

No. 722538

Aaaaaand Greg's Twitter is back to public.
I wonder if he's planning on using it as future prove that "there are so many crazy people on the internet that harass me all the time, officer."

No. 722552

If this had Grug and Kainey instead, it would be perfect.

No. 722553

Hrs currently back on his tired old positivity schtick. But his positive posts are so regurgitated and meaningless I am shocked he still has girls commenting buying into it.

No. 722554

If you actually had watched that Joy Sparkle and Grugly debate, you'd know Jeff Holiday was calling him out rather angrily after getting provoked.

No. 722556

Anyone thinking Gurgles complained and made him take these articles down? I thought Chris Hansen was careless posting these, it came over as borderline defamation. Thinking from a purely legal standpoint, that is.

No. 722557

Anyone thinking Gurgles complained and made him take these articles down? I thought Chris Hansen was careless posting these, it came over as borderline defamation. Thinking from a purely legal standpoint, that is.

No. 722560

File: 1572105723386.png (536.09 KB, 1125x2436, 427969C8-DCB2-47CC-82B3-7A5B65…)

I haven’t seen this posted but it could give a n explanation for how Greg has stayed afloat for so long, depending on the amount of shares he has.

No. 722562

It's most likely because he's verified and he can't be private.

No. 722564

Nah. He’s not that rich. They’d laugh at his bank account. He’s a joke. He probably doesnt even hold a full share. Probably a fraction.
YouTube just won’t do anything until he’s officially charged with something, and even then, they may not give a shit.
Grease does things in ways where he covers his tracks. At this stage there just isn’t enough solid hard out evidence that he’s a risk on the platform. To anti os, we know he is. But YouTube staff aren’t going to go through he’s whole history. They just don’t have time for him. He’s a shitstain with fuck all views anyway. They’re probably worried they’ll create another nasim situation if they ban his channel completely so they’ve probably just pushed the “do not promote” button behind the scenes and called it a day. He’s not popular enough to give a shit about to them. He gets like 300 views per video.

No. 722570

Really??? to put your content behind a pay wall, I hope this money isn’t going directly into his bank account, and it’s not like the content in these posts were ground breaking, if anything they missed huge details, especially if Hansen wants more people to find out about this

No. 722573

Uh no. I own shares of google. Not a ton, mind you, but anyone can buy google stock.

If he had any significant amount, he wouldn’t be living in a swamp trailer.

No. 722575

Someone in the comments had a theory that is most likely true, which is just that YouTube has already pretty much shadowbanned him - his videos get shit for promotion on the site, and creators that mention his name also get demonitized most of the time. but if they outright ban him they risk getting hit with cries of censorship. They won’t do anything until there are actual legal charges.

No. 722578

>they risk getting hit with cries of censorship

I highly doubt people like Paul Joseph Watson would even report on Onision getting literally banned from Youtube. It's not because of his political views or because of dark humor like Mumkin, it's literally because he is preying on underage girls. LITERALLY NO ONE will step in to defend Onision.

No. 722591

Nah, no one's afraid of Jimmy, especially not someone as experienced with pedos as Chris Hansson.
Maybe all of his articles go behind a paywall after some time.
Whatever is the reason, I'm sure it's not Chris being afraid of Jimmy.

No. 722593

It's not that pearl clutching. If he gets in trouble for using the word "predator" on Youtube then he can't make much money that route. The streams aren't behind paywalls and people can watch those for free.

This. And when Youtube finally does do something, they'll be in the hot seat for taking so long.

Also this. In the stream with Rep, Chris pretty much said that he's not worried about Greg/James/Whatever the fuck his name is these days.

No. 722594

Doesn't check out as they've demonetised a lot of his channels and do not promote his channel at all

No. 722598

The videos on Onisionspeaks are still getting monetized though, and that's the channel where he gets most views

No. 722622

This theory would checkout if
Daddy o five hadn’t been banned, or other youtubers.

No. 722648

I meant more about any money he might be getting depending on the amount of shares he owns. He used to make a ton of money so he could’ve bought a substantial amount back in the day and is currently living off any off any money he gets from that. He’s not making money via Paetron so he must be getting it from somewhere.

No. 722652

Anyone thinking Gurgles complained and made him take these articles down? I thought Chris Hansen was careless posting these, it came over as borderline defamation. Thinking from a purely legal standpoint, that is.

No. 722654

You think it's anywhere enough to cover his living expenses? His views are dwindling compared to even two years ago

No. 722683

No.. if they were legally removed in any way then they would be completely removed. Hansen has dealt with so many pedos and alleged pedos and no doubt has been threatened before I’m sure he knows what he can and cannot say in that respect .. he has a friend who was a top investigator in the fbi .. he’s not just some dumb Youtuber

No. 722687

Archive link I made when it went up:

No. 722688

I feel like Grepedo unprivated his Twitter as a response to allllllll the heat he's getting, especially now that Hansen is covering him which makes him and his crimes known to more normies. He's assuming unfamiliar people will Google him and see his Twitter where he's posting such uwu iNsPirAtIoNaL uwu tweets and will think "WOW everyone's clearly wrong about that Onision guy, look at how hUmAN and pOsItIvE he is, those people are clearly all haters who are jealous of Onision's stunning good looks and how he definitely doesn't have an overbite, where's his Patreon I need to donate all my money this instant!!!!"

I mean, according to social blade he did go through and delete like a hundred tweets before making it public.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 722695

File: 1572133323423.jpeg (119.25 KB, 750x729, D229AA90-E3E0-40C2-8B2F-5C352B…)

Waterbrain confirmed, kek

No. 722697

My concern with Chris Hensen is that I feel he is bank rolling off everyone’s hard work and maybe not utilizing his resources. He has been at this a long time but I do question if he is in the right place.

Dude was big in the 90’s but I wonder if there is more than just check issues as to why he hasn’t gotten his show back on TV.

I want him to be the turning point but I notice he gets way off topic rather on to why people are doing what they are doing. This sadly can be used to Greg’s advantage. Tinfoil hat theory

No. 722699

He does his research before the interviews. He only really went off on a tangent with Blaire, not with Repzion and has offered to help the victims. That doesn't sound like "bank rolling" off of the coattails of others.

No. 722702

Paywall, used to Dmc his old show, and with Repzion he mostly stayed on topic. My point here is the victims shouldn’t have to contact him and if he did enough research he wouldn’t question names.

I’m not going to fight this but honestly unless he actually makes contact to help I’ll question. This guy back in the day used to have to have body guards going anywhere. Also, bounced bad checks. Just because someone does good things doesn’t mean they can’t do corrupt stuff themselves.

I am leaving the idea out there that yea I happy if it REALLY is help. But I have reservations that I don’t want I won’t ignore incase he turns cow later on.

I get he has to make some money but take up Patreon or put Ads for site traffic. Better ways and can control more content.

I really want him to direct the ladies to legal assistance. It’s just a healthy level of skepticism.

No. 722711

No. 722753

Can we get more from the facebook watch groups? I’m not on fb & it’s amazing to read ye olde boomers opinions

No. 722767

File: 1572145605971.jpeg (487.86 KB, 1242x775, E509086F-B432-4DEB-AEDE-24B706…)

No. 722833

None of this matters, since it's his prior reputation in the wider world that maters to the school moms and members of the Gig Harbor community. He's offered to help out with legal info, it's really on those who contact him how they follow that up.

As far as him using Greg to build his channel, yes that's how it's going to work - and who better to use than the one who has used so many? No-one starts a Youtube brand for asspats alone. His audience isn't farmers, it's people who respect his past name and want to see him go on the attack.

No. 722847

File: 1572157092605.png (587.04 KB, 1242x2208, 46E87973-CBBC-44FD-A723-502C1C…)

Said they saw him at the great wolf lodge before

No. 722855

yeah I wish people would quit bringing up the bounced check thing. It's literally a non-issue and not even worse than Onion's IRS fiasco…… Except Onion owed the IRS hundreds of thousdands of dollars and Chris Hansen only owen tens of thousdands soooooooooo…….

No. 722857

does anyone on the internet even know what a "Boomer" is?
It's someone 65+

stop referring to 30 somethings as boomers it just makes you look ignorant.

No. 722861

It’s also really not relevant to the bigger issue here, not sure why people bring this up every time his name is mentioned

It’s nice to assume that, but YouTube really don’t care as long as it makes them money, I’m gonna throw out an example here- Danielle Cohn still posts videos regularly and you can still comment on her content despite YouTube bringing in a service that automatically switches comments off on any video uploaded by a minor. Also when Grog uploaded the videos of him literally rating Childrens bodies and saying “if they’re developed why can’t I rate them??” these videos were monetized for a long time (idk if they are anymore but they were when I watched them)

No. 722863

"Boomer" is also a colloquialism for anyone who doesn't understand how to Internet properly. For example: the fact that you don't know this makes you a boomer.

No. 722864


>does anyone on the internet even know what a "Boomer" is?

>It's someone 65+

Actually Boomers cut off at 1964. So you can be a Boomer at 55.
I think they know what a Boomer is. It's just a way of saying you're stupid with technology or old fashioned in a way that is reminiscent of that generation.(I tried for years to teach my Boomer mother how to program a vcr without success & my surgeon godmother can't use a goddamn DVD player.) Facebook is known for being used predominantly by olds while anyone under 30 has moved on to Twitter. Language evolves. If the kids want to use 'Boomer' to mean middle-aged Facebook mom or tech luddite, let'em do it.

No. 722866

Honestly who cares about the reason why Chris Hansen is getting involved with Greg, he could use the possible upcoming youtube bux to shove it up his ass and it wouldn't matter.
What matters is that a widely recognized name is talking about this and is experienced enough in the subject to help the victims with what their next steps should be.

No. 722870

This happens every time things finally get interesting. Each time someone tries to help the girls or the girls speak out, someone always comes here to try to discredit them instead of sitting back to enjoy the milk.

No. 722885

I had the tinfoily suspicion that this forces Greg* to take a legal route to get the articles removed, now that they are behind a paywall.
He has implied he hasn't read them because he doesn't have any knowledge of the accusations against him, so if he's able to quote sentences from the article he either has official access or he's "illegally" gotten to them (which btw is what he accuses people of who watch his patron videos without being patrons… kek).
And if he really should involve a laywer, they would need to get to the articles first and might eventually question Greg's credibility or even involve the police after reading said articles.

I don't think Hanson('s crew) did this intentionally but it's basically the same stuff Greg pulls: You want the milk, you need to pay.

*Gregory Avaroe James Jackson Onision of Gig Harbor, Washington (please do your job, google)

No. 722897

Don't forget Greaseboy sends his last few followers here to "muddy the water". Odds are the ones that pop up every time the milk is flowing are doing it on purpose for him.

No. 722911

next thread photo pls

No. 722922

It could also be that the articles are protected because Hansen is helping Sarah with police stuff.. so if there’s a potential investigation it’s to protect her information.

Hansen spent his career saving kids from pedos.. he’s a good guy.

No. 722984

OT, but I know that lainey’s parents could very well have washed their hands of her, but with all Chris fucking Hansen involved (which middle aged people would recognize more than teens or young adults today), wouldn’t they at least want to step in for the sake of their grandkids? There’s no way they don’t know, and I don’t see Anus having any legit legally binding paperwork that forbids them from seeing the kids. I could see them getting custody easily if one or both of them go to prison, and god knows if it was Lainey, Anus would dump those kids so fast. He hates them and the idea of solely caring for them more than he hates the idea of child support.

No. 722999

I’m certain just like with cps etc .. they’ve lied and manipulated their relatives into believing it’s all online drama and they just have ‘haters’

No. 723005

File: 1572205050294.png (495.39 KB, 631x595, no thankyou.png)

No. 723007

what a perfect encapsulation of all his shit outside the (very large) sphere of emotionally abusive relationships

the 'humor'
the white trash pigsty of a house
the toddler tantrum destruction of property
burning finished wood in a fireplace (still illegal, and did he leave the metal trowels in???)
any excuse to strip down in a video
no hint of lainey or children

lmao someone screencap his xenomorph blockhead in profile pls

No. 723008

me again…just wanted to also say the overriding thought i had watching this was "my god imagine living in a hellhole like that with his screeching 24/7"

it would be intolerable and that's before you even consider eventually having to interact directly in any way

No. 723016

His house looks like a teenagers bedroom with all the anime posters.

But I guess being in a teenagers bedroom is Greg's thing, so.

No. 723017

okay. he just uploaded a new video. this. is. cringey. TOTALLY.

No. 723031

File: 1572211666039.png (1.62 MB, 1600x900, pigsty.png)


He seriously can't be fucked to tidy up a bit?

No. 723038

that looks like a college fratboy bachelor pad, which is fitting since i guess that's the maturity level he's stuck at developmentally. also just curious, what's that thing on the bottom right? is it some kind of a printer?

No. 723051

I feel so bad for those dogs and the children. Imagine being dependent on someone like him.

No. 723071

File: 1572220472345.png (2.29 MB, 1728x972, massage chair confirmed.png)

Massage chair rotting outside confirmed

No. 723073

Jesus. Has onion ever been this unhinged? He's always been an annoying slob but he just continues to spiral. Can you imagine looking out your window and seeing your neighbor doing this shit?

No. 723077

Jesus, is that someone elses house in the background? Those poor neighbours.

No. 723080

I know this has all been said a billion times as he keeps churning out the same unwatchable, unfunny content, but he’s always outdoing himself with how dumb and pathetic he is. Living in pure filth. Having your family and poor animals living in filth. Autistic sO rAnDoM screeching that people stopped laughing at a decade ago. Red ass inflamed skin. Having your neighbors watch you destroy things in your yard while screaming and half naked. It checks all of the marks we’ve been over too many times, except now we see him potentially poisoning himself and whoever is in the house by burning shit that’s not actual firewood. Of course his giant waterhead would know nothing about that despite being a fax machine. /s

No. 723103

Holy hell do they allow their children to play on that deck? 2x4’s? I hope it collapses with grurp and krainey on it.

No. 723105

i'd call pest control

No. 723107

Even so, even if it's just "internet drama" and "haters", there's a point at which Chris Hansen's name gets connected to this and it makes me wonder why her parents aren't stepping in, even if only to protect their collective reputation. Or maybe they're trying but she won't listen or agree to change anything.

No. 723109

this would have barely been funny in 2006 let alone now. wtf.>>723005

No. 723122

There’s legit something wrong with him, the yelling and running around isn’t just done in his crappy comedy videos.. he’s like this even out and about doing errands.. he has zero manners and filters in daily life too.

No. 723129

Disagree, he is a pathologically insecure coward who stays withdrawn and submissive around anyone he perceives as a thread, ie. any mature adult especially male or attractive female.

Online where he delusionally feels he has power, and where he can construct a banbubble of just his dwindling sycophants, it’s a totally different story (albeit a pathetically transparent compensatory facade of one). The ultimate spineless bully

No. 723142


That's assuming that 1. They know and 2. Greg and Lainey would tell the general public if they were

No. 723151


What could they possibly do? They can't force Lainey back. They can't force them to hand over the grandkids.

I dont doubt that they would be concerned if they knew about what was going on. Don't forget that their daughter was a teen that Greg lured in too, they didn't like the idea, Greg and Lainey ran off to get married without their knowledge even.

But honestly, what could they actually do? And Lainey isn't going to tell us if they've tried to step in, is she?

No. 723152

Grug has horrendous skin, and for people who have really painful acne and other various skin issues, steroids can be prescribed to help clear up a skin issue sometimes. But if i remember correctly, Grug hates doctors, and doesn't really go to them very often, so unless he goes to a primary care or a dermatologist, he wouldn't be able to get a script for steroids for skin issues, I think. but steroids is not out of the question!

No. 723159

Either he is finally showing he's a psychopath
He's posting this crazy, cringy shit to try to draw attention from the allegations.

No. 723160

I think it's just irritation from the multiple scalding fap-showers he takes daily. Hot water is already bad for your skin, can't imagine the damage that showering so much would do to someone with rosacea or whatever he has.

No. 723161

working on his insanity plea

No. 723170

Seriously. Can anons stop acting like Lainey's parents have any legal recourse in this situation? She's not a kid, they can't "punish" her for acting out. At this point they have probably accepted that she's dug her own grave and all they can do is hope for her to figure it out.

No. 723180

And they've already raised three children of their own. Who says they even want to raise another two? Even though that would be considered "selfish", it's still understandable, especially since we don't know anything about their relationship with Lainey.

No. 723183

‘Requested by mcfly’ kekkkkk

No. 723193

I KNOW they can't do anything, they can only ask or try to convince her, they can't compel anything, thus:
>maybe they're trying but she won't listen or agree to change anything

I'm acting like no such thing. Read the post before you sperg.

No. 723194


Holy shit, chill out.

The person who brought up the parents here


obviously thinks they can do something, asking why don't they 'step in'. Which is stupid. People are linking to your post there because it was the latest in the conversation string, not because they are getting at you specifically. Stop taking everything so personally.

Unless you are the person who brought up the parents in the first place, then yes take it personally lol

No. 723200

File: 1572265066777.png (31.72 KB, 591x413, OP.png)

i will never understand why he chooses to bring things up that are so close to the allegations against him.
this "original play" thing is apparently where adults go and cuddle with random kids as some kind of healing/therapy thing. and it didnt take long for me to find several (german) articles about how many pedos are obviously using this system to their abhorrent benefit. why is grease even bringing this up?? and i cant figure out what his tweet even means. "it makes me feel bad for people". WHICH people?

No. 723202

Thanks for the post - and you're right to be confounded about his idiocy of bringing this up since it relates strongly to allegations against him. The only potential explanation I can think of, in this instance, is that he's asking people's opinions about this program/organization to see what responses he gets about it before he tries to cite it as some kind of feasible defense for his behavior, or before he tries to affiliate himself with it in any way. He doesn't seem to truly ever care about anyone's opinions, because he's always certain he's already right, and his word is gospel. Or at least, that's been a long-running theme for Gruglet. So he's probably only asking to see what people think about it/know about it before he associates with it in any capacity.

But that's speculative on my part. I think it's fair to say he's being vague on purpose though. He doesn't want to "lead" anyone toward a certain opinion or certain response because he wants to know how Original Play is perceived.

No. 723203


'we should all be nicer to each other'

you belong in jail shreg

No. 723204

File: 1572265815709.png (526.69 KB, 1056x986, Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 7.29…)


This was posted after the caps in your reply, I believe. I just checked his Twitter to see if he posted anything else related to Original Play or whatever.

No. 723205

yeah i meant to add this after, because it does seem to imply he's taking a certain stance on it. but is it just for "muh ephebophilia, NOT pedophilia" points? so he can later say, "see!? i publicly condemned this gross pedo pile party organization, i cant POSSIBLY be a pedo myself!"

No. 723218


This is tinfoil, but it is possible he could be tweeting about this organization/corresponding with creeps who abuse the organization's purported purpose in order to get their talking points so he can craft some shitty defense of his predatory behaviors/actions. He's not particularly smart, you'd think he would know better than to post about creepy pedo shit given his circumstances if he wants to appear "innocent." Or it could just be him posting shit like this to get us talking and theorizing rather than focusing on what we more concretely know based on all of the recent evidence that's come out the last few months.
Hard to say. So tinfoil on my part indeed.

No. 723220


Uhh this is kinda fucking weird. Grug's initial tweet about Original Play where he says, "what are your thoughts on Original Play? I googled it and it makes me feel bad for people. We should all be nicer to each other" was, I thought, a way for him to gauge public perception or opinion of Original Play. In the handful of replies he got to this tweet, only one response wasn't reaming Gurg's ass for being a pedo. The one response just says:
which I assumed might be a response to the first part of his tweet, "What are your thoughts on Original Play?" I checked the twitter profile to see if it was one of Gurg's (alleged) sock accounts, but it was made June 2018, and Gurg's (alleged) sock accounts tend to be pretty recent, typically. This profile says it's a 14 year old (if this is true).
A tweet that's presumably responding to basic personal questions is attached here, and it seems like if this is actually a 14 year old gay kiddo that he's potentially trying to attract older men. Like it or not, Onision's tweets about Original Play attracted the attention of this 14 year old kid, which is what I presumed the purpose was for him posting it in the first place.

No. 723221

forgot to post the screen caps of the 14 year old who responded to Onision's Original Play tweet. These are caps of tweets from this underaged kid. This is really concerning because whether Grug likes it or not, he's getting at least one response from a kid who is looking for pedos to interact with.




No. 723235

I love how he has no clue as to how transparent that is

No. 723238

File: 1572273880532.jpeg (57.61 KB, 638x605, EHimLXtX0AEaVNf.jpeg)

Saw this on twitter

No. 723246

next thread pic

No. 723259

File: 1572278646748.jpg (626.44 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191028_120304.jpg)

>lmao someone screencap his xenomorph blockhead in profile pls

Here you are, Anon.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 723261

Yes. That is totally his stance.

He tried the same tactic back when Kalvin G was accusing him of being transphobic. He thought him making a couple supportive posts (and his support of Lainey) were all the proof he needed to show he wasn’t transphobic.

No. 723267

File: 1572280990959.jpg (302.7 KB, 897x1182, Screenshot_20191028-124238_Chr…)

Gurggy James is balding worse than his pedo husband

No. 723269

Holy shit, that's signicant as fuck. It couldn't happen to anyone more deserving.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 723276

excited for his keekz style skullet

No. 723277


and hes only in his mid 30s. lol.

No. 723279

File: 1572283801443.jpeg (473.04 KB, 1242x1979, 0B0212AC-5948-4572-9102-CAC0BE…)

I wonder if this is the ‘buddy’ Jeff. I thought Jeff didn’t like him because but from the thread seems like he’s worried for poor balding Anus

No. 723283

File: 1572284778933.png (2.01 MB, 2448x1586, 80176AD9-8EDF-449E-ADFD-CCFDDF…)

Would make sense, Jeff Holiday is a pedo too.

No. 723286

Wouldn't expect for Jeff to deflect the negative attention from Greg onto Chris. You would think that he would want to help the girls since he has issues with the balding onion and used to talk shit about him being a pedo. Now he's in defense of him? Way to flip flop.

No. 723291

Very surprised he would do that.. I mean reading his tweets he’s pretty much more concerned for Anus than the girls he abused/groomed.. what a joke

No. 723298

what the fuck his head is shaped like a toaster

No. 723304

i guess this is why he's sporting the ridiculous comb-over in this photo:

No. 723308

He's probably afraid Hansen will go after him too

No. 723309

"Chris Hansen is homeless" hm he lives in a pretty nice apartment in New York judging by his livestreams, that's hardly homeless specially considering how fucking expensive nice apartments in New York are

No. 723310


Know very little about Jeff other than he went off on Greg before that discussion with Joy Sparkles and appeared in another anti-O video with Blaire White and Repzion. Is this the same Jeff that has been feeding Greg info for some reason? Is Jeff deserving of his own cow thread?

No. 723320

his head shape is so confusing

No. 723325

Jeff and his wife Memorie have a thread here but it fizzled out pretty quickly. >>>/snow/748844

He sometimes gets brought up in YouTube skeptic threads, and in the shoe0nhead/Armoured Skeptic thread. It’s also widely suspected that he self-posts.

No one knows if this is the Jeff feeding Grot information, or if Greg’s “Jeff” even exists. I still think it’s likely Greg is obsessively lurking, and made up “Jeff” as a cover to pretend he’s still Do Not Engaging.

No. 723328

File: 1572293173383.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 58.91 KB, 800x800, C13133CF-8A54-4A3C-9051-C1D882…)

Why does his body look like the old woman’s body from The Shining? It’s just further proof of his ever loosening grip on life. Some crazy irony the guy who thought he was an authority on rating teen girl’s bodies has let himself go so far

Spoilered for obvious reasons. If I were photoshop able I would’ve posted that Xenomorph noggin right into her body.

No. 723333

File: 1572293654938.png (568.57 KB, 720x769, PicsArt_10-28-08.13.24.png)

He got a long ass head

No. 723335

The fact that Shreg is even “confused” about it speaks uncomfortable volumes. Any normal adult can see how fucking creepy it is

No. 723336

Fucking kek Anon, this is inspired. Next thread pic please. Xenonision

No. 723342

File: 1572296309369.jpg (9.64 KB, 392x243, sub-buzz-7125-1464974872-3.jpg)

No. 723344

It mostly looks like hotel rooms imo but he probably travels around a lot, he was in Europe not too long ago for a conference and when he almost met IcePoseidon. I really don't know how Chris could really leech anything cause I don't believe he's asking payment for appearing on his internet show.

No. 723346

Exactly. He didn't seem shady at all during the interviews either. It's pretty suspicious that Gerg and his "friend" Jeff are both trying to discredit someone who's trying to help the victims.

No. 723348

This is highly interesting. I'm starting to doubt Hansen will be of any use in this. Looks like he's desperate enough himself, and I doubt he'll be able to offer any significant help to Gurgle's victims.
Sarah's story should be handled by a court, not by a washed up journalist. I'm kinda disappointed, to be honest.

No intention to derail, just in context of this thread because a lot of anons a putting a lot of hope into this!


No. 723350


It IS being handled in court/with police.

No. 723351

Someone should photoshop alien onion with Sarah as Sigourney Weaver

No. 723353

No one cares if you're disappointed.

Not just that, but Chris Hansen is a well-known predator hunter and is offering to give the victims all the help that he is able to offer. It honestly sounds like people from the onion camp coming here to derail.

No. 723354

Yeah, I know it's already in court! This is the only thing that really matters! Hansen's powerless and looking for profit. Repzion and Blaire presented him like a sort of saviour, what the hell!

No. 723355

He's known for exposing predators. Him being involved adds more exposure to Onion and his predatory behavior. Move on.

No. 723356

Chris Hansen is a household name associated with pedophiles. It's SO important for him to be on this case so people know just what he is, even if the legal system falls through.

No. 723363

Wouldn't he have a lot of useful contacts- law enforcement who deal with victims of grooming & know the law well/are sympathetic to victims,lawyers who rep victims etc? Just as a contact resource, he'd be a gold mine.

No. 723368

File: 1572302546062.jpg (177.17 KB, 798x420, xenonision1.jpg)

Thanks for the inspiration!
I can't decide whether I prefer this (since it captures Greg's horribleness better)…

No. 723370

File: 1572302620624.jpg (177.87 KB, 798x420, xenonision2.jpg)

… or this since it highlights his stupidity (even though he thinks he looks hot kek).

No. 723377

much prefer this one

No. 723378

Oh fuck him and his wife got brought up adjacent to the zoosadism/pedo shit. No wonder he has 'feels' about Chris Hansen. Nice ally to have, Greg.

No. 723393


I mean, he's no more powerless than Repzion (and let's be honest, he has way more public sway than Repzion does just because he's, you know, Chris Hansen), but we're not championing for Repzion to stop talking about Onion, so… Also, to put this in perspective, a lot of those neighborhood moms who live near the Onions who are freaking out and spreading info on facebook will have grown up watching Chris Hansen. That's a big deal. No one is expecting Chris Hansen to slam dunk the Onions into prison. This is a PR thing and that's the point and that's why it's a good thing.

No. 723394

The thing is that it being broadcasted by Chris Hansen gives it more credibility than some random Youtuber a lot of parents/people in general most likely aren’t aware of.
Even if Chris Hansen isn’t successful in doing X,Y,Z there’s still buzz that builds around him going after someone. It’s the domino effect. One person knowing is better than none.

No. 723403

So… Then what exactly is the goal for involvement of these people, to make videos, to get ritch off Anus’ name and of course to give us milk?

An investigation is only speculation at this point and if there was why would the police want all these Youtubers involved in that.

It’s just really all about the drama at this point.

No. 723408


I personally don't think there will be an investigation, youtubers or not. I don't think Sarah or any of the girls are going the official route or even really planning to. It's all just talk.

No. 723410


Yes? Chris Hansen and Rep and whoever aren't police, so the only way they can get involved is by publicly dunking on Onion, supporting the girls, and privately offering them resources if they need them. It pisses off Onion when people dunk on him, which is a plus. If Onion has to exist, a few decent people might as well get money off dunking on him, which is a plus. People IRL who live in proximity to Onion get properly warned that he's a pedo so they can hide their kids and hide their wives, which is a plus. And, milk is a plus. No one except Onion loses.

We don't know what's going on re: the legal side. Shit takes absurd amounts of time. Just because we haven't heard anything doesn't mean that it's not happening. Some of you are getting real impatient and thinking it means something. And, if it isn't happening, that's the girls' choice. But, as long as people aren't interfering physically with the investigation, law enforcement don't give a shit that a few Youtubers are dunking on Onion. It doesn't mess with their job. As long as no one interferes with the investigation, Judges don't care. He's a public figure, you're allowed to talk about him.

No. 723411


You guys are really, really, really overestimating the amount of time it takes to arrest someone, take someone in for questioning etc. They don't need a whole case together to arrest someone, they only need reason to suspect. Google 'probable cause'.

It's a court case and building that which takes the time, which is why it can be years before someone has their trial at its worst… and if that was in the pipeline I can assure you a lawyer would absolutely demand Greg be totally silent, else no one would work with him.

Nothing legal is happening, just the way shit is. None of the girls bothered in the end, either because they had nothing the police could use, or because they plain didn't want to.

No. 723412

Thanks for this beauty anon lol

No. 723414

File: 1572309867684.jpg (96.2 KB, 773x434, sarah gruglien.jpg)

Here's my attempt.

No. 723416

File: 1572309951547.jpeg (379.08 KB, 2048x2048, 3353EEAB-94FE-4376-92F0-FB7CF0…)

All Greg has to do is bleach his hair piss-yellow again and his Halloween costume is figured out. Lame can be a ~sweet transvestite~ and hopefully they both fucking blast off into outer space never to be heard from again.
fucking hell this picture always makes me giggle, Why does he look like that?

No. 723417


Oh hell no. Do not associate the genius that is Richard O’Brien in anyway with the Gurgoyle.

Greg is not even fit to suck the sweat off of his balls.

No. 723419

Holy fuck this needs to be a banner for the site.

And I wish Anons would stop bitching about Hansen or how the victims are approaching this. I think some of you people don’t understand what this thread exists for. It’s for laughing at Onion and collectively enjoying his well deserved suffering. It’s really only recently people have began to try to swerve the thread towards getting some kind of righteous justice against Onion. There’s never going to be anything “righteous” about lolcow and if think that you’ve got some kind of moral complex virtue signaling bullshit.

No. 723423

Don't do Riff Raff dirty like that

No. 723435

Of course the twitterfag comes in here without sageing.
Prove it.

No. 723446

THIS. Glad to see there are still some of us left..

No. 723448


Lol, I work in the legal field but go off I guess. Considering Sarah went to the courthouse instead of the police station, it means that they may be going the civil route instead. Which takes forever. Also, your view of how criminal proceedings work is…skewed. Criminal suits involving crimes committed by a public figure that involve multiple victims across many years can, in fact, take time to sort through. Not to mention, in a case like this, the Onions would almost certainly be given a criminal complaint first, not arrested, which hey, takes time. A proper arrest wouldn't come until at least after a formal proceeding. You can't just lock up every single person who is accused of sexual assault before it's even investigated. Maybe nothing is going to come of any of it, but in the end, that's the girls' choice.

Also, that implies that Greg isn't too stupid or too much of a narc to listen to his lawyer which is…doubtful lmao.


God, this

No. 723451

Completely agree, plus the tinfoils and infighting about legal action have been so beaten to death at this point, there’s really nothing else to say about it that won’t be redundant.
Isn’t this the guy that gurg worked into a frothing rage on that livestream debate? That was embarrassing to watch. I don’t know who was more cringe in that situation, him or onion.

No. 723453

They make it really easy to tell who the newfags are when they complain about getting milk.

Lucky for you, the two cows have decided to come together so you'll get double the cringe.

No. 723457

Take a second to think how onions lawyer must feel, if the shithead even had one. Can you imagine having Gurg as a client?

No. 723465

That was indeed him. He’s been on Dr Phil to talk about the whole Jilly Juice insanity as well. Never cared for him. Anyone who associated with JoySparkleBS is a complete nutcase even if their opinion of Shreg is similar to ours here. Prime Example: Mikenactor

I’m sure it will go the way of Tedd Bundy’s law team. “YOUR HONOR HES NOT REPRESENTING ME RIGHT REEEEE.”

All roads lead to Jimmy self-representing.

No. 723466

wk: comes in and says "I don't know about Hansen guys"
thread: "yes but ten reasons why"

if we ignore the wks they will wither and die

No. 723467

File: 1572323868434.png (32.67 KB, 592x224, Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 12.37…)

Poor Sarah.

No. 723473


KEK I forgot about rsn n his blob ass

No. 723478

Funny you mention Ted Bundy, anon. Recently saw the 'Extremely Wicked' movie and there are such hilarious (disturbing) similarities. All of Grugly's sperging about how eeeeevil alimony is and how dare Skye reject his masterfully crafted, airtight "contract", probably written in the hazy aftermath of a 4 hour hentai fap session — it's the exact same egomaniacal delusion that leads Bundy to think he should self-represent, which is actually an utter failure and he makes a total fool of himself, despite trying to come across as this bright/charming law wizard. Same pathological grandiose sense of self that led Grug to think he should start a new religion/cult and that any of his insane rambling made any sense or was clever/important whatsoever. My bad if this is armchairing, that similarity just really stuck out at me.

No. 723482

If he does go to court over all this I hope he gets another lawyer like the one he got for the wetlands, the one that couldn't spell and had been suspended for some time. Besides his grandiose we know he's cheap when it comes to real life things that one should actually put money into, like a good lawyer. The narc rage will be glorious if this ever comes to fruition.

No. 723486

He's apparently removed it (can't find a link or a merch storefront) and apologized, albeit poorly.

No. 723490

As if Chris's alleged home situation affects his dealings with Onision. Strange doubts coming from Jeff who "moderated" the debate Gurg had with JoySparkleBS.
Yeah he's probably worried hes next so wants to discredit the power Hansen has.

No. 723491

No. 723497


Hansen appears to have fallen on harder times of late but I don't think he's powerless. He's bound to have contacts and friends in the media (which ultimately holds all the power) and his son (?), Connor Hansen, is now a reporter for Fox News. So that's another solid link to the media.

The impression I get is that Chris Hansen is looking to rebuild his career and is only really getting started on this new venture. In a way this is a good thing because the incentive is there for him to get positive outcomes and justice for victims. He wants to make this work to get his career back on track.

No. 723503

File: 1572342938530.png (341.93 KB, 563x776, no part 2.png)


He's not releasing part 2 because Lainey is mad at him for focusing on all the negativity that surrounds him.

Funny choice of stock footage to represent good/happy things. Seems to me like she may be pissed off because he's still pushing for a third despite all the shit that's happening.

No. 723506

So how long does this current do not engage, no more drama episode last this time?
Also, did he get a 30 day free trial from some stock footage site?

No. 723507

Between him obsessing over the latest scandals he is involved in and Footface ignoring it, makes for fine entertainment. Let's face it he cares about losing his pay pigs and the wife treats them like they don't matter so long as they keep buying her gifts. Part of me wishes the fans would wise up, but most of me thinks of fools and their money.

No. 723511

He's inspired by Shane right now

No. 723512

So, he has less than 2 days left to finish building the fence around the wetlands. Something tells me he's not nowhere near to completing it

No. 723516

i lost it in the first 30 seconds when he said he wanted to make a video about why he is good and others are bad. that sums up his life as of late. gurg good, everyone else bad! you can definitely feel the shane influence on this video down to the emotionally manipulative music. i don't believe lainey is mad at him or alive for that matter because for all we know he's taken her phone and is holding her hostage in the basement.

all this time he's been ranting about what druggy criminals the girls are but he's a criminal too. he destroyed wetlands. he's further destroyed them as far as i'm concerned with all the trash on his property and he hasn't done most of the work he's expected to after the harm he caused.

No. 723519

File: 1572352721380.jpg (118.03 KB, 850x600, Teemo gets the call.jpg)

My bet is summer 2020.

No. 723521

is he trying to copy shane's editing? lol

No. 723523

>Lainey is mad at him for focusing on all the negativity that surrounds him

More like she's mad because he threw her under the bus in the last video by saying he had nothing to do with the naked photos she sent to minors

No. 723525

Saged. He released a video saying he was going to go "even more silent" and avoid this topic completely right after going pretty silent after the Chris Hansen situation; I don't think that's a coincidence.

Like other anons, I wonder if he truly will follow his "do not engage" mantra which he's failed to do multiple times in the past. However this time is different - he's tried his best to prevent this information from spreading to the level it has, and it's reached a point where people in Gig Harbor are discussing and taking photos of him in public, sharing them on Facebook groups as well as discussing all information about him. This forced him to move from multiple social media platforms, back to Twitter, and notice he made it public again and is keeping it pretty clean unlike his "I WANT TO DOMINATE U" tweets.

I really think he's scared. I think he's trying to seem as calm and boring as possible at this point as a measure of last result; like I said, I wonder if he truly will hold up to the "do not engage", but it seems like being boring for him is a measure of last result to stay under the radar and hope things get memory-holed.

On the other end of the coin, I can see this back-firing on him big-time with an investigation probably having already been in-process the last couple of months (He's been on their radar for years: the CP complaints, the IRS and the city troubles with the wet-lands; Gig Harbor knew about him, discussed him and his twitter before all of this). Him being "boring" and "not engaging" (if he can truly manage that this time), may just speed everything up as it's a waste of time and resources for this investigation and I'm sure between everything I just mentioned, they have enough to start an open-investigation and get some warrants. But who knows, I'm not a lawfag and don't claim to be one. Just seems like sifting through months of possibly boring content if he does stay squeaky clean and "doesn't engange" would be a waste of time and money when I'm sure they have enough.

If his skit before this one is any indication of him not engaging and returning to new content however, maybe they'll stay around and watch some more lol.

No. 723529

samefag, saged, sorry for the double post.

but lol@how in the clip posted by anon here >>723503 @ 1:22 he says:

"kai doesn't want to see this type of responsive, negative content anymore as a subscriber, she doesn't want to see me doing this and we've been fighting over it and she wants to see me return to my old fun content, my skits".

As he gets to that final sentence, during the montage playing, he has a clip of him brushing his sex doll, Julia's lips, which I'm sure Kai is just thrilled about and would love to see him return to.

No. 723531

File: 1572356934541.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 79.36 KB, 800x800, 29E908B5-87D0-40A9-90F6-D89C4C…)

No. 723533

I have experience with the legal system involving this sort of stuff. Don't expect this to be resolved in a timely manner at all.

No. 723537

File: 1572358165678.png (855.81 KB, 710x937, temp..png)

No. 723538

Jesus christ, his head is massive.

No. 723540

Take your antibiotics and vitamins yall we're getting another Onion book! Lol this should be good; pre-emptive RIP to all those we lose to cancer from reading it

No. 723541

and forceps-kun is already visible!

No. 723543

I had to look closely to see if his head was completely submerged in the water. His nose and mouth are above the surface. On one hand, I'm relieved because seeing that done to a baby gets my blood pressure up. On the other hand, if Grugly had been submerged at that age, that would explain a few things.

No. 723544

Kinda sad. That baby had potential to be anything and it ended up as Onision.

No. 723552

this is nearly irrelevant but figured i'd point it out before any sperging starts, if you look closely at his stomach in the pic you can see that his whole upper body is out of the water, i think it just looks like he's underwater because it appears that it's a picture of a photo. again, pretty irrelevant, but worth noting for clarity i suppose.

that being said, where is this photo from? forgive me if this is old, i've been following the threads for a while but it's easy to miss shit. did he or crazy tami upload this?

more on-topic, however: it's wild seeing how many videos about him are popping up, and it kind of warms my heart, kek
nearly all the gossip/internet culture youtubers i follow have made videos about the onions predatory behavior recently, some pretty extensive and well-researched. it's really wonderful seeing so many new videos made by people with (imo) more credibility than rep or most of the other faggots who have long been making videos about greg, and for those videos to be more available and prominent for normies who don't really know anything about the situation. even if the law can't do anything (tho i am of the personal belief that sarah is pursuing some form of legal action, that doesn't always pan out) i think it's really great that more and more people are seeing this shit and learning about how fucked the onion clan is. it's annoying af how people are moralfagging in here like lolcow has ever been about achieving social justice lmao but at least more people care than they did before. double-edged sword, i guess.

No. 723555

It’s really unfortunate that Lainey has been able to stop him from digging himself into deeper holes. She shut down his that booty tee shirt idea too.

No. 723559


This picture is from this video: >>723503

and if you look really carefully to the right of his nose, you can barely see the outline of the water. initially, i (the image op) thought his head was submerged, too, until that anon pointed out that it wasn't.

No. 723565

You should have used Predator instead of Alien.

No. 723573

The only argument you have to discredit Hansen is that he's "homeless" and that's not even true. And you seem way too much invested and desperate in trying to discredit him and that's starting to look a little bit suspicious, just saying

No. 723582

Its a joke about his mis-shapen head

No. 723583

>Kai misses muh old cuntent. Kai is amazing hooman, much hero.

Nobody cares what your pedofoot wants to see from your septic channels. We know she doesn't watch your shit and the actual reason you're fighting is because you're both finally starting to face consequences in the real.

>Random clips of lesbians making out, a couple +1 in bed, him molesting his sex doll

You can't even make this quick shitty video about "not enganging" without putting weird pervy shit in it. Try again Pedochan.

Tami should have listened to the doctors and aborted. Thanks 7th Day Adventists for cursing us with this bobblehead abomination.

No. 723588

No one called him homeless and no one cares where he lives. This thread should stop worshipping him and the video list up why. Only law enforcement will have any real consequences, and this is the closest Gurgles ever got to see any. I have a good feeling about this.

No. 723591

File: 1572374225678.png (76.97 KB, 886x522, gg.png)

what an idiot

No. 723592

That Jeff guy called him homeless, that's what I was referring to >>723279

No. 723597

Oh, ok. I was referring to the video I linked, which is about his work and doesn't call him homeless. Moving on ….

No. 723598

one look at any of his videos, especially the ones that involve him in a diaper or something, straight up proves the doctors were right.

No. 723599

Is he looking for internet sympathy points? Top fucking kek.Tell that shit to those girls that were sold into sex slavery or kids that get the shit beaten out of them like Waterhead got 3 meals a day.

No. 723600

Can't even imagine what he's expecting from this. Cuddles? A true moron.

No. 723601

The thread isn't about Chris Hansen though so who cares what the video says. He's the man behind the predator meme and checking out Grog, that's milky.

The doctor was right, you're pretty defective as a human being, Grog.

No. 723605

Uh were they wrong though? Don’t worry we’re going to have a lot of fun with that.

His head to body ratio as an infant looks like a doll with a bean bag body where half of the pellets have fallen out and won’t support the giant plastic head atop it. Definitely something you would find at a thrift store for 15 cents.

No. 723607

This is his waterheaded attempt at aping/‘reclaiming’ what Sarah did to him with her preemptive ‘i did cocaine use it against me’ etc posts.

Of course in classically Gurg (and in this case, hilariously ironic) fashion, his encephalic sub-intellect fails to grasp what made it work for Sarah.

In her case, the admission was to a sympathetic audience who understood that the person she was getting out ahead of was a manipulative narcissist who would be otherwise expected to distort her ‘cRiMeZ’ for maximal narrative control.

Whereas when he does it, it’s to a growing legion of individuals who despise him based on documentation stretching back for literal decades, to get out ahead of…….themselves??

Lol back in grade school we were teasing the weird kid on his bus about his dick (normal dumb schoolkid shit) so he marched to the front of the aisle and went IF YOU WANNA SEE IT SO BAD THEN HERE and defiantly dropped trou to the whole bus. Of course we just cackled even harder. In his head the kid mustve thought it would be some powerful moment of power reversal or something. Greg is the same.

No. 723609


>Have fun with that, internet

We already do Grugenstein, we already do.

No. 723610

Is he trying to imply he's not completely defective and that the doctor was wrong? LOL he's even more delusional than I thought

No. 723617

more confirmation that he reads here

No. 723620

The comments are ROASTING him. I'm so glad he unlocked his twitter.

No. 723627

'I finally realized, I'm too stupid to drag myself out of this hell hole I created because I always reveal the horrible things I've done myself. Oh, and it's totally on """Kai""" that I'm not making this video anymore, um .. I mean, """he""" helps me be the bigger person.'

It's funny how he can blame Lainey and in the same sentence he praises her for being so amazing.

For once Greg might have actually made a good decision. Eh, tough luck, I'd have preferred him digging his hole even deeper.

No. 723630

The Tweets are so thirsty. He is just begging for engagement. And once again, out comes the goddamned banana.

No. 723632

I can’t wait to put this tweet next to his mugshot for a thread pic, holy fuck.

No. 723640

Sarah will be going live with Chris Hansen tomorrow at 8pm est.


No. 723641

Holy shit, this is amazing!

No. 723643

This is perfect. I think Shiloh is supposed to go on too? I hope Sarah spills all.

No. 723644

Holy shit!
Let's se if old man Onion is going to sperg on Twitter when he finds out.

No. 723648

I hope it is actually Sarah and he didn't confuse Shiloh with her.

No. 723652

Shiloh was groomed too. That being said, Sarah lives in NY iirc.. he’s definitely in New York.

No. 723655

Sarah lives in Michigan

No. 723656

Topkek Grug way to pwn yourself. We know you lurk here faggot. Maybe try following what you preach for once and stop making it clear you are obsessed with your detractors. Or ya know, grow some balls and own up to your shit.

Are we going to get the subtle "an hero" phase of your Twitter next? Inb4 "life is meaningless guize, time to soak in my tub with taco bell".

No. 723659

Don't worry anon, just like all of his past 5783589 empty promises to "not engage" "leave Twitter" "I'm gonna stop talking about this person" etc, there isn't truly an end to his sperging.

No. 723663

I think he's getting upset about the giant head comments lol.
so he's trying his "if you make fun of me for this! you're making fun of a birth defect! you're a bad person!" angle

No. 723680

File: 1572408195623.jpeg (279.4 KB, 2048x2048, 878EDC33-4694-4EB9-AFAA-0DE9AB…)

My bad, I was thinking of when she got a new apartment + visited NY within the same timeframe. I connected the dots wrong and assumed she moved to Brooklyn.

No. 723685

Maybe he's trying to do the same thing Sarah did? When she put out her business before he could use it against her.

No. 723686

File: 1572409529810.png (158.02 KB, 388x313, 44512.PNG)

He released "Part 1" to his Patrons only. Then has an epiphany that he needs to distance himself from the drama and abide by Laineys suggestion to not talk about their personal life or defend himself from all the allegations.
He just uploaded that "Part 1" diatribe a few hours ago. If hes all "Do Not Engage" shouldn't he of just deleted it instead of putting it out there for more people to see than just his Patrons.

No. 723690

File: 1572410516961.png (72.96 KB, 1018x496, onision sex book.PNG)

I know that we'll get a laugh out of how horrible his spelling, grammar and over all writing style is. But the one thing Im hoping to get out of Gregs Sex Book is that we'll get a glimpse into what his sexual fetishes are. I already know he practices low energy S&M with Lainey but what you actually do in bed and what you fantasize about is totally different.

No. 723692

File: 1572411173599.jpg (32.39 KB, 795x168, 2019-10-30_00-53-11.jpg)

Pretty sure it's Shiloh.

No. 723693

So pretty much like every other fictional autobiography you wrote, Greg.

No. 723694

lol the fact that he thinks his other books were good is hilarious. i wonder how he’ll sperg out again when this book inevitably gets bad ratings as well. also, do you really think the book will reveal any new gergenstein depravities? he’s already been exposed for having like 50 different disgusting sex fetishes, how much crazier can it get?

No. 723695

yeah he's doing this so when everyone inevitably tears it to shreds because it's garbage he can say hehehehe i meant to make it bad!!!

never forget how upset he got over Strange Aeons dunking on stones and this is why i hate you. That was peak onion

No. 723696

File: 1572412145884.png (105.48 KB, 932x1206, 1.png)

No. 723697

File: 1572412242292.png (156.09 KB, 934x1206, 2.png)

No. 723698

Nice grammatical error in the first sentence

No. 723699

File: 1572412333340.png (148.24 KB, 935x1206, 3.png)

No. 723703

This was so painful to read. I don't even understand what's going on with the poor grammar, absence of breaks with dialogue, and sudden "plot twists". He could really afford to get an editor. How does this shit even get published?

No. 723704


Nice racist caricature of an Italian man, Gurg.

No. 723707

He's trying to write The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs from South Park and he won't even get that right.

No. 723708

this is complete shit and you know Greg's made his mary sue a girl this time to defeat the HATERS who say he always writes himself as the protagonist

No. 723710


God as usual, what the fuck is it with him and weight? Projection much? Yes, you’re getting fat, grugly, enter a skinny pact with yourself.

And the gross daddy issues. Ever notice how all the girls he’s dated either a) has good relationships with their dad, and left his ass, or b) had shit relationships with their dad, and thus stayed longer.

Skye, I don’t know about her parents.
Shiloh lost her father and by all accounts loved him and misses him, as evidenced by a few Instagram posts
Adrienne is very close with her father, and she posts about him and his music on Facebook often. And he never molested her, grug.
Billie’s father I’m not sure of, but she’s close with her mom and seems to still live with both parents.
Sarah was distant from both parents, and stayed with the Anuses for nearly 5 years.
Lainey’s dad seems like an average dad whom grot and thot painted as a terrible villain for cheating on his wife (what must that be like?), crying over his teen daughter running away with a man almost 10 year grr senior, and wanted to protect his young grandson from a mentally unstable Neanderthal and emotionally stunted daughter. The only time Lainey talks fondly of him was literally when he sent her expensive makeup for her birthday or Christmas like the lazy leech of a gold digger she is. Anus is fucking nasty and loves being called daddy while choking his man foot wife, while ignoring his actual fatherly duties and avoiding his baby daughter until she’s 18. Saged for rant.

No. 723730

> did u know she has DADDY ISSUES?!
can't wait for the fucking sexcapades of this protagonist without personality…

No. 723732

File: 1572423667109.jpg (Spoiler Image, 171.41 KB, 558x659, Shit-Town.jpg)

Sounds like one of those romance novels you find at the supermarket.

No. 723734

>completely defective as a human being

That doctor is this century's nostradamus man he got it completely right

No. 723739


I'm pretty sure Olivia is supposed to represent all the women that did him wrong, along with "Regina Georges" of lolcow. That's why he is going to force the character in horrible situations

No. 723749

Just like when people started making fun of his rosacea he was like "you're making fun of an incurable skin disease"

No. 723776

File: 1572437885081.jpg (33.58 KB, 1040x85, Screenshot_20191030-081742.jpg)

No. 723779

Thanks, Gurg.I'm completely disinterested in ever having sex ever again.If writing could rape you, this sentence comes close. Now excuse me while I go vom.

No. 723782

“it’s sUPPOSED to be bad!! checkmate” well greg then why does it exist? what redeeming qualities does it have? certainly not entertainment value

No. 723783

I like how his new strategy is to say "it was SUPPOSED to be bad XDD" because he knows he can't write and he knows he's going to be criticized just like every other book

No. 723791

He really only made it 5 words before he made a spelling error.

The content is horrible. I wonder if he writes stuff like this purposefully because it’s like a natural sieve for adults. No adult could find this or honestly any of his content good or funny, so by default only young kids keep following him.

No. 723792

LOL like the Nigerian spam mail is deliberately dodgy & iffy-looking to weed out anyone with smarts.Congrats, Gurg, you're the uncrowned Nigerian Prince of literature.

No. 723793

File: 1572442405232.png (185.53 KB, 718x812, Capture _2019-10-30-10-27-30.p…)

It will be Sarah

No. 723794

"nightmarish sound of Jerry's cum sliding out of her and smacking the water"
God he's really retarded…in what world does cum coming out of your vagina sound like someone taking a shit?

No. 723795

If Gerg is "So Much Gay" with his Hubby, then why is it all video of Lesbians making out and not two guys? Wouldn't "just a couple of dudes being dudes" making out make more sense?

No. 723797

remember, its totally 100% supposed to be horrible intentionally and absolutely nothing at all based on his hentai self-insert fantasies at all. his nightmarish grammar and such are undoubtably a joke this time around. not like the last times, but totally this time. that way when people make dramatic recreations and rip it to shreds he can laugh and feel better because it was totally bait the whole time and not his actual abilities on display.

but side note, i find it interesting that for all the years taylor has said that she cant control what greg does, they sure did get rid of the sex chair pretty fast and he mentions that he is 'changing' his video styles because of her.

No. 723798

Imagine calling yourself an author but being unable to go more than half a page without a mistake.

No. 723805

He goes on to describe semen wafting from her panties, yet can't fucking describe the call the to the police or other intense dialogue from a woman who just slept with a dead guy. The fact that Greg continues to describe the Native American boy as "Native boy" instead of boy after the description shows some deep racism. Especially as the kid got knocked out, he continues to describe her blonde hair as if we don't fucking know she's blonde. This might be his most painful work to date, especially since it's a female perspective. A woman who sleeps with a gross guy because of daddy issues… How long did it take James to think of this character? Fifty Shades of Greg is shock without substance and our best observations made by our main character is of shit and semen.

No. 723806

Good god I would vote this for next thread pic but I actually never want to see this again

No. 723810


Someone should post it to reddit.com/r/menwritingwomen

No. 723811

She "couldn't" control him because she not only agreed with the disgusting things he did she was also his accomplice. She's a gross predator too and I'm so fuck glad Sarah exposed her for what she really is

No. 723816

Someone posted this in response to Hansen's announcement of the interview with Sarah, & boy is it appropriate LOL (Not a selfpost BTW, just think it'sapt as hell).


No. 723823

Good. Shiloh went through some terrible shit and I hope that she's next to be interviewed, but it's probably best if the most recent victim gets interviewed first.

No. 723824

What is this garbage? His ego is so out of hand that he doesn't even get that this is a) boring and b) horribly written with so many weirdassed grammatical errors that it's painful to try and process this shit. This is much worse than something people who are just learning English would write.

Something that's come up with a lot of cows lately is that when they write, they tend to use a ton of 'big' words, but they almost always use them incorrectly or the word they're using doesn't make sense in the context of the sentence. The sun cannot 'reflect violently'. It can be harsh, it can be blinding, etc. but reflect violently? He writes like the waterhead he is. Stop jerking it to loli hentai and go read a book, Greg.

No. 723825

This is amazing. I can't wait. I hope Sarah drops everything she has on him.

No. 723827

He wrote this specifically to get gossip sites talking. Low quality bait, Greg. Try harder next time.

No. 723829

I totally agree. I'm glad Sarah is getting a chance to tell her story,but I really want Shiloh to have her moment too. The horrendous verbal, mental,physical & sexual abuse she suffered at his hands at such a tender age was fucking disgraceful. And if they can get Billie on at some point it will establish a pattern of abuse of vulnerable minors.
You're fucking going DOWN Greg. I dunno if you're going to jail, but your career is FUCKED. You will NEVER be a big YTer ever again.Cry into your gilt framed photos of Shane Dawson & ponder what might have been had you been able to keep your perversions under control.

No. 723830

tbh i'd rather chris hansen doesn't interview shiloh. i know that she went through some horrible shit but i also think under pressure shiloh would be perceived as an unreliable narrator.

sarah is calm, collected and has routinely shown that she won't rise to bait or lose her cool. i think billie would also be able to speak, as would skye and alicia. shiloh is shiloh, with all the baggage. not saying she didn't suffer horribly, just saying leave this to cooler heads. sarah is the most recent victim. it makes sense for her to speak first.

No. 723832

Oh right, forgot about Alicia. She would also be great on there since Greg tried to kiss her when she was 15 and made a video about her nipples. He also said that they would have gone for her, but needed to wait until she was older which honestly sounds pretty damning all by itself.

No. 723835

He also harassed her for years such was his obsession with her.Emailing her the week of his wedding to Foot, FFS.

No. 723841

I think all of them should speak but honestly I think Chris Hansen is looking at this from what was illegal. At this point… besides the recent nudes from kai to Regina .. Sarah is the only one who has a case.

Shiloh would have to prove from so long ago that she was underage and if she has no proof of that then it’s really her word against him.

All of these girls are victims and their stories all matter and showcase what an abuser he is but Sarah is the one who has a case

No. 723844

True. Poor Shiloh, but credibility is important. It's sad, but for the greater good, Sarah is the better choice.

Sarah is probably the most egregious considering how she was groomed at 14, living with them, had finances controlled by her abusers and was promptly coerced into sex soon after turning 18.

But it only fuels that idea that he's a sexual deviant capable of abusing minors. Waterbrain at his finest.

No. 723852

File: 1572458273811.jpg (53.02 KB, 563x432, Capture.JPG)

Onion retweeted a BTS tweet and now he's known as a pedo in kpop circles too.

No. 723854

Hell hath no fury like kpop stans. Just wait for him to REALLY piss them off lmao

No. 723859

He is not even hiding that this is bait. He has specifically said he wants to write something that will offend people. Which is why I think we should not give it any attention. Focus on what matters

No. 723860

And this is what I feel he should focus on. If he covers every stupid creepy thing onion has done then it becomes nothing more than tabloid material.
He should focus on Sarah’s story and leave it at that. Bringing up past stuff is fine in relation to what is happening now, but we don’t need him rehashing everything onion has ever done. Grooming is illegal and of it can be proven, that’s the only way to take him down.

No. 723863


I don't think Onion has it in him to offend the smut novel community tbh. That would take a creativity that Onion has never possessed.


I definitely think the other girls should be given time, too, should Chris Hansen want to give it to them, because it paints a picture of Onion and Lainey that Sarah can't paint. Looking at just Sarah, Onion and Lainey are abusers. But, if you look at everybody, Onion and Lainey become serial abusers, which makes a huge difference from a social suicide standpoint. Sure, every "stupid creepy" thing does not need to be covered, but abusing a barely-legal girl for a period of a 1yr+ is a big deal.

No. 723871

mte this is a man fast approaching his 40s now and he still has such teenage edgelord humor. if he thinks this is offensive he's not read some of the weirder fandom smut fanfics out there. never forget the smut writer that got charged with obscenity for the story he wrote about the pop group girls aloud.

No. 723884

if anyone can bring down the jacksons it's kpop twitter

No. 723890

It’s the literary equivalent of shitting your pants in public. Congratulations, dude, you’ve showed everyone!

No. 723893

He missed the mark completely since his goal was to create something "so bad that it's good". It's just plain bad. Disgusting sure, but nothing shocking unless you're 12.

No. 723909

Shiloh has the best case against him.

All heinous stomach churning criminal behaviour with proof. To think Shilohs "characte"r will minimize or erase what he's done to her is like believing Adrianne can't be raped because she had sex with other guys.

No. 723919


Link to Hansen and Sarah livestream - 1 hour away and close to 200 in the chat already

No. 723929

File: 1572479764975.jpg (154.33 KB, 1080x478, 20191030_195551.jpg)

Can't wait to see him sperg on twitter during the stream.

No. 723930

It's live.

No. 723933

Chris Hansen’s stream with Sarah

No. 723937

Apparently they flew out more girls that we don't know about. One of them cried to Sarah and told her she should leave.

No. 723940

Sarah's confirmed there's at LEAST ten victims, and Chris is talking to 3.

No. 723941

BECK was flew to their home to test her as their third.

No. 723944

can we get an update thread for people who cant watch the stream?

No. 723945

Jesus fucking christ, they would have sex with CLoey in the same bed sleeping with them.

These people are fucking sick.

No. 723946

onision fucked girls in the same bed as his daughter

No. 723947

The youngest daughter was in bed with the the three of them while they had sex…. I’m disgusted. She was 2.

No. 723948

They've fucked up their daughter for a lifetime.

No. 723949

Spreading misinformation is not the way to go shout this jfc. Sarah said it was only her.

No. 723950

She specifically said the THREE of them had sex while Cloey was asleep next to them. Fucking hell.

No. 723951

Greg constantly messages them to say weird things like, "You would get more views if you put my name in the title".

No. 723952

I’m glad they didn’t shy away from talking about the kids. That’s abuse and it shouldn’t be kept hidden.

No. 723954

Yeah.. good job repeating what was just said. The fuck?

No. 723955

im sorry how is CPS not involved with this? in my state I know from work that that is grounds for either removal of a child to a fmaily member or requiring therapy thats court appt. what the fuck

No. 723956

I’m glad that Sarah called out Youtube and said that she, and all of the other girls, wouldn’t have met him if it wasn’t for the platform. And Hansen saying that YT “busts their chops” about using words like predator yet they let Grug on the platform… Fucking yuck.

Hansen also said that they’ve repeatedly reached out to Kai and Greg but we’re basically met with lawsuit threats each time. He also said that he is still down to talk with Greg to “get his side of the story”. Doubt that’ll fucking happen without some sort of payoff.

No. 723957

CPS can be lazy, but I doubt they knew about them having threesomes in the same bed as their child.

No. 723958

>repeatedly reached out to Kai and Greg but we’re basically met with lawsuit threats each time

Which is hilarious cause he repeatedly messages them for free.

No. 723960

File: 1572483923912.jpg (71.59 KB, 403x403, 20191030_210150.jpg)

Pic is the iconic moment the stream ended after Hansen gave Sarah a platform, dragged Kai the cryboi and Gurgles entire lives, and further ridiculed/outed Jimmy Jackson for being an unprofessional fuckwad

Chris got VERY interested when Sarah dropped the Cloey bed bomb, and he jotted some notes down while asking about CPS and the kids ages. Heh.

No. 723961

Looks like CPS might be paying them another visit soon.

No. 723962

Can you imagine CPS' reaction if Chris Hansen calls them? kek

No. 723963

So they basically had a string of girls flying in for sex games? Jesus fucking christ. How much was Taylor dragged? How active of an active predator was she in all of this?

No. 723965

i also live in a state that is very intense with CPS laws, sometimes its frustrating with other states how they arent as intense (live in NY, you can get in deep shit for being verbally abusive). idk laws in washington but maybe this shit would matter finally

No. 723966

File: 1572484174920.jpeg (215.43 KB, 750x506, D64C9FFB-D4F1-4C15-993C-2ABCCB…)

No. 723967

i would do anything to be a fly on the wall in that house right now because you know gregory was either lurking the stream or had a crony and the household is lOSING ITS SHIT

No. 723968

They dragged her a lot in this stream, thankfully her part in this is not being overlooked. She’s just as bad as Greg.

No. 723969

Also, he hadn't even so much as kissed her before the three of them had sex.He went straight from negging her to sex.Basically he commanded Sarah and Kai have sex. Greg said he only 'loves' someone if he has sex with them & 'loves Kai I guess'.Uwu so romantic

No. 723970

Karma is sometimes real, and it's happening to you right now, lmao.

No. 723971

Would it be ok to post highlights here?, or should it go into her own thread? Greg's a narc pos, but for a mother that pretends to care about her kids.. to have a 3some with her 2 year old in the bed at the same time. I mean.. wtf.

No. 723972

So Onion doesn't speak to his daughter but has a fucking threesome while in bed with her. Yeah that child could be in danger and potentially already being groomed.

No. 723973

Sarah speaking about the experience, The fact she didn't sleep afterwards and just laid there staring at the ceiling.
Doesn't sound like someone who was 100% all in consent.

They fucking coerced her into sex by fucking right in front of her and greg demanding sarah join in.

I mean this is rape right? Not all rape has to be some violent "get in the alleyway" bullshit.

No. 723974

Maybe they'll finally take the allegations of child endangerment seriously instead of believing their excuses every time they've been called out there.

No. 723975

please do honestly i didnt get a chance to watch and truly it sounds horrible and idk if i could get through it- would greatly appreciate. maybe sage just in case?

No. 723976

Sarah herself said the only solid criminal case that is obvious to anyone not a lawyer is against Kai, for exchanging lewds. She mentioned she wasnt sure if she could get the pictures though (fingers crossed they can be recovered, probably from that laptop).

A civil case is 100% solid against both Kai and Jimmy Jackson, but Sarah said she was unsure if she would pursue due to her current life with school etc and reawakening trauma by having to see them. She really has been through the damn ringer, I cant believe how well she did for a young person who is so obviously still suffering

No. 723977


Sarah said that kai is a ¨good parent¨ albeit blind to Greg's manipulation and cruelty…with all due respect to Sarah any parent that can partake in intimate activity with their child present in the room is sick and grossly unfit to have kids

No. 723978

File: 1572484974242.jpg (160.46 KB, 1080x843, Screenshot_20191031-122117_Chr…)

This was on a WA gov website regarding what they consider to be abuse of a child, we already know Greg does all of this with Cloey, if they consider this abuse then exposing her to sexual acts is 100000% abuse (obviously) but they'd need a written statement from Sarah I assume for it to hold up, they are serious allegations.

No. 723980

Greg's unlocked twitter is lit af right now. The ratio is solid.

No. 723981

File: 1572485164515.jpg (569.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191030-212402_Chr…)

He has started rapid tweeting yall…and has prefaced his sperg by saying all his vitriol is definitely not about the brave victim who just destroyed him but an imaginary friend.

Get ready for some weird cancerous shit yall

No. 723982

idk how the fuck those kids havnt been taken then because holy shit- i work in that sector and we've taken kids out of homes for less than gurgles bullshit. either whoever is calling is a dipshit troll or some moron who cant give a coherent statement.

biggest issue might be none of gregs family wants the kids and these arent foster family allegations if that makes sense. usually a family member is requested to take the child. somebody needs to fucking alert lainey's family that unless they want to deal with their grandchildren being groomed, to get up there and fix shit because clearly greg's family is useless

No. 723984

This is what I don't get. I know CPS sucks ass across the board but if they're getting called out there multiple times, why wouldn't they do at least some kind of investigation? Shouldn't the fact that they are being called out so frequently ring some alarm bells? How do they believe the "it's online harassment" excuse every time. They really just glance around, shrug and leave.

No. 723985

Chris was tearing up during the stream
may be preformative bc he's a TVfag but it really tugged at my heartstrings
this mans seem to truly care

No. 723986

am biased because i work it, but CPS only sucks for how much the WORKERS are. the system is flawed, but the people in it are what makes the wheels turn. im also suspicious if theyre really been called as often as said and what exactly has been said?

if you call CPS for future ref to anyone you have to be SPECIFIC. you cant just say, greg shit in front of his kid or i heard they keep it dirty. you have to be very fucking specific like, they had sex in the same bed on this date in front of their child or, at one point on this date greg berated his son. they need dates, as close to exact words as possible, and someone in state to back it up (or someone willing to give a statement). its to cover asses so things such as trolling doesnt happen tbh

No. 723987

i just hope she hasn't incriminated herself with these statements about cloey, u just KNOW onion will latch on to that

No. 723988

So what if he does. She spoke the truth and now Chris might have a seat with CPS.

No. 723990

Giant head with a giant combover on a pencil neck.

I love how he apparently has almost 300k followers yet his engagement is piss-poor even with his twitter unlocked and the current drama going on. And the engagement he IS getting is just people shitting on his life.

No. 723991

File: 1572485801511.jpg (483.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191030-213603_Chr…)

And they just keep comin'

I wonder if Shiloh will be on before or after her?

No. 723992

He’ll definitely TRY to make it a big deal. (“Someone Told me my lying criminal ex that we kicked out of our lives is threatening our children! Did I mention she’s got BPD?”)

No. 723993

yeah, I really admire her honesty tbh. U could tell she was uncomfortable saying it but did it anyway

No. 723995

Yeah, she said more to Chris than she did in her interview with Blaire.

No. 723996

after she was groomed since the age of 12 and after she told us how it happened and how she felt before, during and afterwards, any sane person could see that sarah is not to blame. she really grew up to be a smart, brave girl despite the onions best efforts

No. 723998

i agree, I guess i'm just anxious abt it due to onion flippantly dismissing so many women for minor shit

No. 723999

i loved when sarah said none of it would have happened if it wasn't for lainey, and how sarah's love for her was the main reason she kept being dragged back there.

No. 724000

uhhh… no pun intended

No. 724002

it really shows how greg has manipulated & transformed his young, boring wife Taylor to a cutesy weird teen boy "CoolGuyKai" to bait and lure in even younger girls. sick and twisted and it just shows he will never be satisfied.

No. 724003

Because if the anusions clean up the house and their kids look good they don’t do anything… however… when the kids get older like their communication gets better they could interview the kids too, privately.. and well if there’s anything going on maybe the kids will tell them

No. 724004

is someone gonna summarize the stream?

No. 724007

The lack of boundaries is just amazing. Like, is this something that really needs to be taught (ie Don't fuck while your toddler daughter is in the bed) or is this something that is unlearned (ie It's ok to fuck while the toddler is in the bed because my mommy fucked my daddy while I was in the bed and also gave me a nakey massage once, did)

Know what I mean?

I mean was it not a lack of being taught that caused the situation or is it the result of the opposite (ie it's a-ok) that caused the situation?

Do you really need to be told this is not ok? Because it seems pretty fucking obvious to me. Do people actually do this? My mind is blown.

That family (Grandmother, Son, Daughter in law, children) is an abomination. His mom was a bohemian whore, shacking up with multiple randos with 3 kids in tow. Of course, this doesn't excuse any of his bullshit because being fucked up doesn't mean you have to fuck up other people.

Lainey, how in the ever loving fuck did you let this get this far?

No. 724008

This really shows that there is no limit to what Lainey will do for Greg.

As much as everyone claims she’s the “good parent” because she loves them and takes care of them she loves Greg more. If it comes down to pleasing Greg or protecting them she will chose Greg every time and this proves that.

They’re growing up in a horrible environment and it will continue to damage them especially as they begin to understand the things going on around them.

No. 724009

Onion just doesn't care. And because his wife is a degenerate, she doesn't care either. I bet if Sarah had tried to say anything about it, they would've made her life hell for even opening her mouth. Remember how much shit Sam got just for gasping when T hit C or whatever? I can't imagine the amount of narc rage that would've ensued if Sarah had tried to point out they should move the kid or go into another room.

No. 724010

I would LOVE to see him try and twist it into Sarah being the criminal and him and Lainey being completely absolved of any wrongdoing in this scenario. Because it won't work. There's literally nothing he can do to make this not look like they are disgusting shitty parents.

No. 724012

Authorities can pull the photos. If they're deleted off the phone they can contact the service provider in some cases.

No. 724013

The police 100% are capable of retrieving the photos from their phones, especially if they were sent through social media. As they say, the internet is forever

No. 724015

I know people are impatient and want to see the Anuses in court or prison, but the fact that it IS taking this long and now Chris Hansen is interviewing and writing down notes from several victims is promising that a thought out case with evidence is in the works. Milkmas may still be yet to come.

No. 724019

Emotional neglect isn't enough to take a child away. CPS has too many cases that involve the worst kind of sexual and physical abuse, so anything less than that usually doesn't get a chance to be acted on.

Not saying it doesn't count/CPS never gets involved with these kinds of things

Honestly, them having sex with Cloey next to them is the most tangible thing CPS could investigate. Though if she's still an infant, it'll be a weak case, but notable.
Otherwise any parents who sleep in the same room as their infant would be open to child removal.

No. 724021


She’ll be 3 this year. Before you know it, the poor kid will figure out on her own to start talking, probably from Trot, she’ll eventually process what’s going on. Even if she doesn’t know, she will be exposed to it.

No. 724022

She was two years old.

No. 724024

Doesn't CPS try and keep the kids with the parents at all costs and only remove them immediately if there's a sign that they're in grave danger? For every story about kids being taken over something like emotional abuse, there are dozens, if not hundreds about kids living under horrific conditions and only being taken after years of visits, if at all. Just look at Jani and Bodhi Schofield; their brains were essentially fried by their crazy mother before CPS did something meaningful to stop it.

Anons speculated that the Jacksons had cleaned their shitheap at the request of CPS. They are probably taking smaller steps before considering removal, if they are considering removal at all- of course, the new allegation may change things.

No. 724026

CPS can be pretty useless sometimes. I know a couple of addicts who haven’t had running water in god knows how long, been visited by CPS multiple times, and CPS refused to do anything because it wasn’t “an emergency.”
Didn’t Trot’s teeth even rot out from not being brushed? I would think that would at least be neglect if it’s true. Disgusting all around and I hope this interview gives CPS the kick in the ass to take more serious action.

No. 724030

I really hope Sarah discussing the sex in the bed whilst Cloey was there doesn’t incriminate her. But at this point she’s really doing gods work and doesn’t care about anything anymore, imagine being broken down that much, poor girl.

The time stamp is 54:00 for those that haven’t seen it yet.

No. 724036

File: 1572495567251.png (26.04 KB, 587x197, Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 12.18…)

Saged cause I'm not sure, but I figured this was relevant.

Is there a case for this? Could he get arrested for sex trafficking?

No. 724037


Oh my fucking god I hate this piece of shit

No. 724038

probably not. her brain was probably so warped at that point after the years of grooming. i'm sure if she expressed a boundary she'd be coerced or shamed either way

No. 724041

I hope this doesn't fall under "tinfoiling about the children," but given what we know about the behavior issues with T, the behavior that is being modeled by the parents, Greg's own history, and how so much disgusting stuff goes down - I would be extremely concerned about Trot becoming a danger to C as the children get older. It's a horrible thought but those kids need to be removed from that home and the oldest needs intense counseling. Think about what that boy has seen and what he understands about boundaries and the word "no", considering what has just come to light + how his father behaves on the daily.

No. 724043

Leave the kid alone

I feel like Sarah, while angry at them, is still fairly groomed and doesn't' have complete perspective on this yet

No. 724044

>Is there a case for this? Could he get arrested for sex trafficking?

No. 724048

So this means Lainey was in bed too?

Exactly, Sarah's experience further proves how manipulative and disgusting onision is.
Who's more to blame - a groomed young woman or a middle aged man with a history of similar accusations?

No. 724050

>she loves them and takes care of them [but] she loves Greg more.

sage for armchair but she probably only "loves" them because they're Gurgle's spawn

No. 724051

I felt bad for Sarah during this because it seemed like she is struggling with not wanting to tear their family apart and worried about the kids but I really hope she continues to find the strength to keep pursuing this because the reality is that their kids are in active danger as long as they share a life with greg

No. 724053

sage for blogpost

ymmv with CPS, seems to vary
my bff was molested by her maternal uncle and her mum was an addict and CPS never took her
meanwhile I threw a tantrum as a kid and the neighbors called CPS and it took my dad a year to get me back from foster care(No1curr)

No. 724054

Yes. Greg and Lainey had sex with Sarah while Greg and Laineys 2 year old daughter was in the bed asleep next to all them. Sarah mentioned having to 'stop' what they were doing because of the child stirring/potentially being woken. Really disturbing stuff. But not at all Sarah's fault imo, as anons had already said, she had been groomed for years by that point.

No. 724055

I leave for a day and half and Christmas comes early. So much milk.

No. 724059

double post, sry, saged, but this is just too fucking great. And the first sentence of Chapter one in his book, with >>723732 anon's shop is just hilarious. I love you guys sometimes.

No. 724060

CPS action really varies. However, in most cases, they will try to keep the child with their parent(s).

No. 724062

Sarah was a fucking champion tonight. Good fucking job, Sarah. Thank you.

No. 724066

some interesting points:

-15:30 Sarah says her and Lainey spoke about being in a relationship when Sarah was 15, but then Lainey got back with Billie. So..had billie not come back around..

-27:20 Sarah says Lainey begins to tell her that her and greg talk about sarah while having sex. it sounds like sarah is still 17 at this point

-27:40 sarah talks about the first time the all had sex, but also mentions that greg and lainey had made out while they were all in the bed together prior to this as well, does not specify at what age though

-30:48 sarah relays Greg said "i think i have to have sex with someone to love them.. i guess i love kai" (opposite of "i have to be in love to have sex)

35:12 the last time Greg emailed sarah was Sept 5th. emailed her, billie, and ayalla

37:10 confirmation there were more girls the public did not know about in and out of the picture while sarah was living with them,one during the "dat booty doe" meltdown

41:45 greg told sarah she could ruin his family if she ever spoke out about her experience

45:45 confirmed beck was flown out to be potential third while sarah was living with them

53:25 chris confirms he has been in contact with shiloh and is planning to broadcast with her

54:35 sarah talks about the younger child being asleep in the same bed while sarah, kai, and greg were being intimate. and that this happened on a couple occasions

No. 724067

I loved hearing her tell Greg to go to a therapist, and to Lainey, that she can lie in the bed she made. (About 35:40)

It feels weird to say but I'm really proud of Sarah

No. 724070

Was Sam the young woman who was at the house during the the time the "Dat booty" comment was made?

No. 724071

Fucking yikes sarah >>724030

No. 724072

Guess this means we won't be getting any new chapters for The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs Part Faux, after all. We were all looking forward to it, too.

No. 724073

This is covert incest and it is extremely damaging to a child's development. I cannot stress this enough. Having sex in the same bed or same room with Cloey present is covert incest. It is not illegal but it is indicative that the child will have negative psychological ramifications. Lainey is an actual piece of shit for letting him do this to their daughter.

No. 724079

A disturbing thought, but do you think Greg and Lainey deliberately did that because the child was female - as opposed to their son?

No. 724081

Probably not deliberate, but it doesn't matter as the end results are the same. The effects of covert incest are as damaging as actual incest. Many, many psychs have written extensively about the phenomenon. Lainey is a negligent mother and Greg is a sociopath.

No. 724086

anons saying lainey anderson / kai jackson / taylor elaine avaroe grooming minors and having sex with them while her toddler daughter is in the same bed because she loves greg is not all true. she is a pedophile/hebephile herself and has been BEFORE she even met greg. her ex even confirmed this. She has been talking to underaged girls for years and solicited nudes for herself, probably exchanging them with greg too, but greg isn't what drives her to do it. she is just as sick and twisted as he is and probably enjoys the fact her daughter is in the bed.

No. 724087

He looks like a human bobblehead.

Fucking gag, that alone would be a mood killer. It's one thing if you're sneaking around trying to not get caught by other adults but purposefully potentially exposing your child not just to sex between parents but a threesome is extremely fucked up and I kinda have a feeling JJ got a thrill out of that.

100. 100. Though I feel like as Sarah processes and distances herself from this situation more the veil will be lifted completely, which at first is fucking devastating. That wake up moment when everything sinks in, but eventually if the kids end up safer and in a better place after this she won't feel conflicted about breaking up the product of Onion's impregnation fetish, that's what they are to Onion.

Fucking psych major… Lainey is fucking pathetic. I hope she really fucking cries when she realizes how she's fucked up her kids.

No. 724093

Of course they find it to be titillating or taboo. Otherwise they would place Cloey in her own bed. To go over this one more time: there is nothing even remotely normal or innocent about having your child in bed with you while you have sex. Exposing Cloey to her parents' sexual perversions is aberrant behavior. Normal, loving parents would never do this to their children. Ever. Greg and Lainey are disgusting and after the show with Chris they'd better get ready for some more scrutiny from CPS. Sadly the kids in all likelihood won't be taken away, but I hope Lainey's mom and dad can perhaps step in. They should disown her and take the kids. Imagine knowing your granddaughter is in the bed with that fucking pig while he gets off. My blood is boiling.

No. 724095

I seriously question how her parents CAN'T know about all of this. And now with Chris Hansen talking how can they fucking ignore it?

No. 724096


Look, I think Lainey should rot in jail as much as the next person, but she met Greg when she was 17. Being attracted to 15/14 year olds at 17 is at most a bit strange, and it certainly doesn’t make you a pedophile.


Yeah, that’s beyond fucked up. Sarah slipped it in so offhand, too, probably due to the grooming. I hope Lainey’s parents get involved, because while they can’t take the kids away, they can also pressure CPS into doing something.

No. 724097

Probably something like, "my BPD ex kept mentioning our underage child while we were having sex. Sounds like she's projecting her fantasies onto me."
All while completely ignoring or omitting the fact that it was because their underage child was in the bed beside them.

Hey, Shregma, lying by omission is still lying.

No. 724099

Didn't Greg complain about hearing his mom having sex? Or did he say it turned him on? I can't remember… If someone could link that I'd be grateful.

In any case, he's very aware of how it affected him. Further proof he doesn't care much for his spawn

No. 724100

Pls don't give that sack of shit ideas he definitely lurks

A 17 year old flirting/sending nudes to a 14 year old is fucking weird, like think about if it was a 17 Yr old guy and a 14 Yr old girl??? U OK anon??? Don't let the onion influence from reading his bullshit skew your morality
What laimey did then was fucked up and a precursor to what she does now which is even more fucked up
It's still a pattern

No. 724108

IIRC Sarah mentioned her father would kill Onion if he knew what was going on.

Her mother, on the other hand, gave her away to that sick household when Sarah was only 16 and supposedly was an "onision fan". I feel so bad for Sarah.

No. 724110

My bad for being vague I meant Lainey's parents.

No. 724112


Turns my fucking stomach they had sex while their toddler was in their bed with them. This is one way child sex abuse can begin and then escalate. Couldn’t help but be reminded of Casey Anthony, who murdered (“allegedly” but everyone knows it’s true) her young daughter. I followed that trial really closely and I remember it coming out she would have sex while her daughter was in bed with her. She is a Narc as well so….

No. 724113

That's the part Chris started to tear up at. Bet you Sarah's mom would excuse herself by saying something like, "well they were her friends and I trusted them, I don't want to keep Sarah away from accomplishing something!"

It sounds like Sarah is still coming to grips with the reality of things at the onion household. She's gotten to the point where she recognizes that what they did was shitty, but not so much the broader scope of it. When Chris mentioned how this shit is probably affecting the kids, it seemed like something clicked a little. There's no doubt that she probably feels that pressing criminal charges (if she can) it getting cps involved would be "ruining their lives", but that might be a combination of her age+the fact that it's still fresh

No. 724121


I'd agree with >>724096 , 17 and 14 is still kinda ok but it does depend on the teens involved. I think parents should give their children some space to make their own experiences but keep an eye on such relationships, talk about what has happened and what can happen and help guide or intervene, you know, like what normal families usually do. I don't automatically see any crimes or paedophilia there since usually when you grow older and mature so does the age of people you have a crush on or fall in love with.
I agree with you on the topic of sending nudes, even though I think that's a risky thing to do in general, no matter how old you are.

BUT when you get older and older and your "crushes" stay 14 THEN there's a problem. Lainey being 25 and the girls she texts being 14 to 16 definitely is a problem. The same goes for Greg obviously, but he has learned not to get his hands dirty and rather transfers the dirty work to Lainey.

In regard to Hanson's interview with Sarah, I wouldn't be too surprised if Greg will get booted from Youtube soon. It sounded like Hanson tries to get in touch with Susan Wojcicki which might be the final nail in Greg's coffin. Don't want to get anyone's hopes up but I get the impression that Hanson does have more influence than "regular" youtubers.
It's really helpful that there are weekly "Have a Seat"s now, so the topic won't get swept under the rug as easily, plus having Chris Hanson on the topic will bring more attention to it outside of the online world (that's been stated more than enough by now but still).

I'm so incredibly proud of Sarah who must've gone through hell and back all those years: No stable home or family, rather withdrawn at school, taken advantage of by her "friends" (PedOnision and GuiltyPedoKai) over the span of five to seven years and quite some backlash online before she started to make her abuse public. Having gone through all these traumatic experiences and still having the strength to talk about what happened to you, takes some real courage. I wish nothing but the best for her in her life and that she hopefully gets over those two idiots ans everything they've done to her soon.

No. 724123

There’s something wrong with you if you at the age of 17, bout to graduate and move forward in life have a fucking crush on a 14 year old that still is in middle school. It’s not the age gap number it’s the fucking part in life you’re at. 24-27 makes sense since you’re on a more similar playing field in life but you have to be a pedo or emotionally and mentally behind to have a crush on a 14 year old when you’re 17!

In other addition : Sarah also brought up that onision called her asking her to come back when she left. He apparently emphasized that this time around she should ONLY be his friend. He also cried on the phone because Sarah kept saying no since she was fighting Kai at the time.
(Repost bc spelling errors)

No. 724124

Kai was the one that was crying on the phone to Sarah not Greg. She referred to Kai as he so I can see how you mixed it up.

No. 724126

They have sex in the same bed as their daughter to make her grow up thinking that's normal so when she turns 16 they will start having threesomes with her. Those kids need to be taken away as soon as possible

No. 724127

Cmon now anon Greg's a shit bag but that won't happen

No. 724130

It is super weird that he would have sex in the same bed as his daughter is sleeping in but won't talk to her.

imo I don't think it's too far fetched. He probably refuses to have much contact with her, including changing her diaper because he's not a paedophile uwu. He relentlessly sexualises all women, especially young girls. He might not fuck his own child, but he's deffo going to do some weird ass shit that skirts the legal/moral boundaries.

No. 724131

Kailor, probably: "Sarah, pls come back!! (Be human!) I need my emotional tissue and who will I be able to use if you are not here?!!"

No. 724133

If yesterday some anon said "I bet Onision and Kai have sex with teenage girls while their child is just inches away in the same bed" I would of said "Greg and Kai are fucked up but NOT THAT fucked up." Then the Hansen/Sarah interview happened.
Greg & Lainey surprise me daily with their deviancy. Im not putting anything past those fuckers.

No. 724134

As sad as it is, it's not too far fetched. Jimmy's turned on by incest, he sexualizes babie's genitals and he won't acknowledge his daughter (besides fucking in front of her) which he did to Sarah too, so she wouldn't fall in love with him.
Taylor wouldn't stop it because she clearly has no problem having threesomes while their child is in their bed.
Those kids need to be taken away, otherwise they have no chance to ever live healthy and normal life.
I hope Chris Hansson doesn't stop until the victims get justice, the kids help and Taylor and Jimbo prison time.

No. 724135

>>It is super weird that he would have sex in the same bed as his daughter is sleeping in but won't talk to her.

Yeah sorry to armchair but isn't it a manipulative tactic to ignore your kid or withhold attention and affection? His daughter will be so desperate for Daddy's love, which he can later use against her… And it also made me think of when Sarah said Onion would only be nice to her in private, but mean to her around Lainey. And that only changed when she was 18 and he wanted to fuck. He's gonna do the same thing to the daughter.

No. 724136

Gargoyle is definetely sick and perverted enough to do that, and Footface will do ANYTHING to please him, Sarah herself said Foot would put Gargoyle before her own kids, so yeah that can totally happen and will unless the kids get taken away

No. 724137

They had sex in front of Sarah with the intention of bringing her into the act. Lainey herself said they were her guardians so she was practically their foster daughter at some point and that did not stop them. It would come to no surprise if this was some sort of sick incest fetish act to have sex in front of their own daughter and normalizing such things to her early on with the intention of grooming her as well. Pedos are pedos. Whether it’s family or not it doesn’t matter to them. A lot of children who are molested were victims of their own family members. Those kids are in serious danger having both parents as child predators.

No. 724138

This is what Onion did with Sarah, and it worked.

No. 724139

File: 1572527121511.png (22.94 KB, 598x232, nonce.png)

well this tweet aged nicely kek

No. 724140

Knowing how obsessed Grug is with himself, he'd be thrilled if his daughter grows up to be a female version of him so he can groom her and eventually fuck himself in a way. This is disgusting but it wouldn't shock me.

No. 724143

I’m really wondering if he’s going to keep ignoring it all. It’s been a bit since he’s had full on public Narc rage.

It’s painfully obvious that ignoring it isn’t working though it’s Greg so…he may be too stupid to realize that. It’s not going away Onion- no matter what you do. I think the stream last night really cemented something pretty big and inescapable for Grunt.
Hansen mocking his attempts to threaten him with legal action has been the icing on the cake. It seems like he’s seen this kind of behavior out of other predators who thought they could intimidate him with legal trouble.

No. 724144

File: 1572528286124.png (332.68 KB, 1204x1262, tweets.png)

saging for my autism here but i searched through some of grog's tweets for some keywords just to see what came up, and just found it interesting how hes held up more or less the same narrative for YEARS and how much hypocrisy is here and how he's always been ~so outspoken~ about predators and yet hes the piece of shit pedo…

(sry theres of course ocassional context missing (deleted tweets etc))

No. 724145

What always struck me when I first started following Greg drama was how arrogant he was. Back in the prime of his heyday, he shat on his fans constantly, and treated them very contemptuously. He didn't care at all about trying to maintain a good relationship with his fans, because he had so many at the time that losing a few here or there did not matter all all. It is kind of gratifying to see how the worms have turned (except for the pathetic loser that literally pay to lick his boots).

No. 724146

File: 1572528833548.webm (11.88 MB, 368x216, Every Hole Is A Goal.webm)

Seeing that tweet about his "12 year old wife" brought back something that happened in his gaming stream last night. How many tweets, jokes, videos has he made where he says inappropriate things about children for "comedy" But he freaks out when his Patrons do the same thing.

No. 724147

This dude also showed his minor patrons bestiality hentai

No. 724153

i always wondered if he was so loud about hating teenagers as a negging tactic, getting his teen fans to fight for his attention and not act like "those other teens" - and also this helps him (ugh god i get so skeeved out talking about it like that) behind the scenes: he could be texting his victims things like "oh no, but that isnt about YOU! youre so mature for your age, youre not, like, a REAL teenager"

No. 724156

He used to always like reminding his fans how expendable they were.

No. 724158

I'm really looking forward to seeing Greg and Kai try and explain why they would repeatedly have sex with their child in the same bed as them….or will they deny deny deny?

No. 724159

Yeah, that is what I mean– he made it abundantly clear at the time (and even now) that he did not give a single solitary fuck about any of them. It is bizarre to me that someone who literally relies on the ~kindness of strangers~ acts that way.

To compare and contrast, since Greg is his contemporary and they started off at the same time, Shane Dawson has always had a friendly and amicable relationship with his fans and it is apparent that he appreciates them and their interactions.

No. 724161

Greg will make vague remarks about lying druggie exes. Taylor will not mention it at all. As we know she only talks to the fans that send her gifts.

I do wonder if any of the local moms that are watching this will gossip about the Chris Hanson/Sarah interview. We all know that one mom who will publically call her and him out.

No. 724163


Yeah, it's vulgar. It would be uncomfortable enough having your dog sleeping on the end of the bed if you're getting down to it, let alone a small child. I think this kind of thing is known as emotional incest: not blatantly touching a child sexually but a parent exposing their child to areas of their life that should absolutely never be witnessed by their child.

That poor girl is really going to have issues later in life having a pervert for a father. Even if she's not sexually abused by him I can see the emotional incest being a real problem. She's going to be so uncomfortable and confused around him and probably not understand why until she's older and gets therapy. I really pray someone gets those kids out of that situation, so much mental damage will have been done already.

No. 724166


I get that the law of where they are is all that counts, but there are countries where having your kid keep being woken up as you have a degenerate threesome in the same bed as them is super fucking illegal and will get you imprisoned and registered as a sex offender.

No. 724169

Are we aware if the neighbors know about this?

No. 724170

File: 1572535945430.png (146.22 KB, 695x462, Capture _2019-10-31-12-26-26.p…)

I don't know who this girl is but apparently her and Foot exchanged texts around the time Beck was there. Foot would complain about Beck, but not about her ogre husband who invited Beck to their house in the first place

No. 724172

>but not about her ogre husband who invited Beck to their house in the first place

…Apparently without even asking Kailor's approval or input (Kailor didn't even know Beck was coming there until she was there).

But hey, ~relationship goals~! ~Twin Flames~!!

No. 724176


Jesus, he really keeps bringing up 12 years old. That’s probably, honestly, his limit. He didn’t say 13. He loves teens. He’s had 13 year olds send pictures of themselves in their underwear to him. He talks about the age of consent being 13 in some countries (ignoring the laws that prohibit adults from having sex with minors).

No. 724178

File: 1572537333079.jpg (389.3 KB, 910x1200, DER UNTERMENSCH ONISION.jpg)

Time to post this picture again

No. 724184

Old enough to bleed old enough to breed!

No. 724186

Ehhh, ever since Shane hangs out with Skeletor he became a massive dick. If a fan gets annoyed at him not uploading or pushing his "docus" back all the time, he starts a witchhunt by calling them out publicly and his stans start bullying.
Unlike Jimmy, Shane actually has a fanbase he can abuse.

No. 724191

File: 1572538967211.png (520.56 KB, 1204x1722, 13.png)

wow, anon, i didnt even really notice that…
heres a new comp of a bunch of mentions of "12", and i only found a couple in the same vein with 13/14 (on the bottom in the pic)

i also checked 11, but he just mentions a lot his encounter with julia (says he kissed her and in the same night, "3rd base"), the fact that he is 5'11" (lol), and has tweeted several times that he "doesn't remember anything before age 11". oh also a tweet where he says he peed the bed until age 11.

theres probably a few more scattered tweets about 15-18 but thats enough brain rot for one day for me.

No. 724192

It does not matter. Covert incest has the same ramifications for the child as incest. It can be equally damaging or less damaging depending on other factors, i.e. does the child have a strong support system elsewhere, does the child have otherwise normal social development. But it's always damaging.

No. 724195

Emotional and covert incest are the same thing.

No. 724197

In gurgles most recent stream he mentioned that he got a new "More powerful" & "cheaper" PC. I wonder if he's trying to get rid of evidence? If I was going to buy a PC I would personally wait for the black Friday deals, but that's just me.. I think he's legit scared.

No. 724198

I guarantee he has some shit stored in a cloud.

No. 724199

Grug is old enough to know about Chris Hansen and how being on his radar is the worst thing that's been happening to him yet. The question is will he slip up. Makes me wonder if the FBI is watching him too tbh.

No. 724200

I guess it's safe to assume he definitely had intentions of fucking McFly (if he hasn't already when he spent the night with her in her airbnb after getting drunk) since he literally thirsts for any girl he's or Kainey has invited over. Vix, Sam, that other girl that baited him (Macncheesefairy? I think). He would have fucked either one of them behind Kainey's back no problem.

No. 724201

>Fucking psych major… Lainey is fucking pathetic. I hope she really fucking cries when she realizes how she's fucked up her kids

This further ingrains my belief that Lainey got her degree by using the shady EduBirdie site that Greg was spruiking at the time.Whenever topics of a psych nature came up in their joint videos(e.g"Am I a Sociopath?"). she'd look up an online quiz instead of consulting a textbook or her own memory. I doubt she even bought the textbooks & let someone else write the essays for her instead.She seems to lack the most rudimentary psych knowledge you'd have in any Psych 101 class.I'd bet a good sum she Edubirdied that shit. She's as lazy as fuck & all she cares about is appearances.

No. 724209

His twitter is a fucking gold mine right now lmfao. His ass is grass and Chris Hansen is gonna mow it.

No. 724211

imagine thinking it's okay to have your toddler daughter, who can speak simple sentences, in the bed with you while you play out your trinity fantasy bullshit. imagine the garbage parent who thinks it's okay to sexualise their daughter this way. karma is coming for both lainey and greg and no one will shed a tear.

frankly hope cps does do something because greg is going to snap at some point and when he does it's going to be bad. it's really nervewracking thinking about those kids.

No. 724213

Damn I almost forgot about Vix, didn't know she was still at it.

No. 724214

Has Sarah ever said if Greg hits Lainey?

No. 724215

Not to public knowledge, but she has said Lainey claimed she wouldn't leave Greg even if he hit her.

No. 724216

how can her parents just stand by and watch this, knowing that she'd let him beat her up?

really wonder wtf they must think of this chris hansen stuff.

No. 724217

that’s not the same vix, but weird name choice to also be involved in onision drama. our vix and lainey only talked over discord iirc

No. 724218

She said he threatened to give her two black eyes

No. 724224

>Some people literally believe I am a gay rapist pedophile cult leader

I thought he loved facts?

Not just that, but she's going to be teased in school about it. If Sarah was teased for living with them, you know damn well that his kids will be too.

No. 724225

Lmao at Sarah and twitterfags confirming old ass milk the onions tried to hide.
We already knew beck was sloppy seconds because of vix.

Greg and lainey must really think they're good at hiding shit seeing as farmers already knew about that booty doe and toiletclogger.

No. 724226

I wouldn't be surprised if he does. Plainey was always happy when a third that calls him out (Billie and Sarah) was around because Greg would be "nicer" to her. Could be that he doesn't hit her when they're around.

No. 724227

Hmm. Really makes you think. I know Lainey is abused but once there are kids involved you have to get the fuck out, for their sake. And now we see just how Lainey takes care of her daughter, by letting her be included in their sexlife. It's fucking grotesque and I wonder if Chris is reporting this to CPS.

It's telling that Sarah mentioned the Cloey incident almost as an afterthought. It really speaks to just how well she was groomed by the both of them that she didn't seem to realize just how disturbing that situation actually was, which is a hallmark of abuse. Whoever sent that question in to the show is a hero.

Sarah has gone above and beyond in doing her part to show the world what these two are capable of. I hope that with a lot of therapy she can get better. She's at that stage where she's still enmeshed in their shit. It's rough going but I have faith she'll pull through. She's the exact opposite of a doormat.

No. 724229

Greg has guns. There is absolutely no way he'll allow himself to get a real job. When the moment comes that Youtube and Patreon dry up and the IRS demand their cash there's only going to be one outcome. He's always harboured shooting fantasies, just look at his books and sketches.

Genuinely hope the kids are elsewhere by that point.

No. 724231

She’s said that Kainey has said that she would stay with Greg even if he hit her which suggests he hasn’t yet, but I’m not so sure. Don’t forget that he made an entire video defending domestic violence, saying that nobody would hit an angel (i.e. if someone feels like hitting his partner then she must’ve done something to deserve it) and that women are basically just men without male genitalia so there’s no reason men shouldn’t be allowed to hit them. Whether he’s hit her or not, he’s made it quite clear that he’s not opposed to the idea. And that was before Lainey became a “man”.

No. 724232

Unfortunately I think you're right. He has all the earmarks of a narc control freak who snaps and does something awful. Frankly, it's a good thing that he continues to make his retarded videos, as it's pretty obvious that he exorcises a lot of his demons through that shit. When the stans and the dollars go bye-bye, that's when it's going to be time to get anxious.

A lot of anons have expressed this but I hope that Cloey and Troy's grandparents are aware of the fact that Cloey is being abused. It's doubtful that a lawyer would not be aware of his options if his granddaughter's safety is at stake.

No. 724246

That "Trot" nickname has to stop as well. This kid is innocent.

No. 724248

Didn't he post a picture of himself perched on his garage with his AR during one of his meltdowns during the Billie saga or do I misremember something?

No. 724250

>>724079 probably becauase they think she'd too young to understand and or remember. still gross.

No. 724255

We understand that they are innocent and that's why we don't use their real names…

No. 724256

Yeah but Trot and Clot? Come on.

No. 724257

Like that's fooling anyone. Using the kids' names is respectful, unlike calling them "clot" and "trot". For F*ck's sake!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 724259

I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that Sarah's mother signed away power of attorney to Gurg & Kai when she first lived with them. That effectively meant that they had full parental rights over Sarah when she was 16.

Let that sink in. Beyond fucked up and smh at her mother. That's negligent x 10. (Not that I'm trying to so much deflect anything onto Sarah's mother but damn. Gurg and Kai were pretty much in loco parentis and then had sex with her a couple years later. fucking hell.)

No. 724261


>enjoys abusing little kids while calling out Gurgles.

Sheer irony, blatant idiocy.

Said what I needed to and done with this.

No. 724264

Why not use T and C, like we do for the girls / women? Their names will be "censored", and farmers will know what they mean. Plus, there hasn't been any T or C yet.

I vaguely remember someone claiming that Sarah's mother was a fan of Laineys but I don't remember if it was BS or not.

Edit so that I won't double post.

No. 724267

Man, trick-or-treating is gonna suck for the kiddos when everyone in town knows their parents are sick fucks

No. 724269

Can we stop derailing about the names when there’s actual milk? I swear to god some of you need to lurk more or integrate. If you don’t want them called that then call them something else in your posts or better yet go back to Twitter or PULL. Anons have been calling them that for years before you got here.

No. 724270

File: 1572556585114.png (204.28 KB, 1532x1600, Screen Shot 2019-10-31 at 5.08…)

found greg's deviantart - nothing interesting other than this pansy ass 'poem' written trying to manipulate skye(?) posted in october 2007. couldn't fit the whole thing so i cut out the last genius line which was "in this…cold."

No. 724271

Wow…this is so bad independently from the cringe. It’s like word salad in some places and half formed thoughts in others

No. 724272

>I don't want to shower

Confirmed Grugly stole this poem.

No. 724273

It was also quite disturbing when Sarah mentioned that her mother didn't have remorse for her hand in it, just saying that "everything happens for a reason" and "I'm glad this happened because it'll make you stronger" (paraphrasing but basically this)

No. 724274

>i don't wanna shower no matter how hot the water is
fuck, that's how you know gergles has it bad. idk which he abuses more, women or ellipses.

No. 724275

yeah, that was a wtf moment. sarah's mother sounds like a piece of work tbh. no wonder she was so taken in. you could tell chris hansen was not expecting that answer.

No. 724276

Hope the people working with Hansen do some reading prior to having Shiloh on. You know there's going to be trolls in the chat asking about the stolen baby photos, or about her attacking AJ. They're going to have to be able to redirect that stuff on the fly, and that Vinny guy seems kinda boomer.

No. 724277

The dynamic of this household. Gredge dad, failor dad, daughter Sarah, daughter C and son T.

The poor little kids at therapy years later "I remember waking up and saw dad and dad kissing while fat dad had buttsex with my sister Sarah and I had to pretend to be asleep"

No. 724279

Well fact is shiloh did do those things. She is the one that has to live with her actions.

No. 724280

Well fact is shiloh did do those things. She is the one that has to live with her actions.

No. 724281

Greg and Kai love them damaged. Sarah was definitely putting on a brave face but yeah it's clear there's a lot going on with her family. Normal mothers would not agree to any of that. It just speaks to how good Kai was at grooming (like Sarah still basically spoke somewhat affectionately of her/him). It's so sick. And then Gurg moves in for the kill.

Also interesting how Sarah said they played good cop/bad cop so she started havng sex with Greg once Kai started treating her badly. There's so much to unpack from that interview.

No. 724284

How about focusing on their parents and the milk their fucked up behavior is causing, and not the silly nicknames? Priorities.

Fucking this, ffs.

It's really no surprise how Sarah ended up with pedophiles with a mother like that. At least she has a dad that would rip off Greg's head for what he did to his daughter.

No. 724285

File: 1572559674109.png (24.8 KB, 413x189, Screenshot 2019-10-31 at 6.07.…)

Saged because im not sure if this was posted before, but here are confirmed interviews.

No. 724286

How old was Billie when she got involved with them? Chris might find it interesting that he wanted her chained up in a basement with a disturbing appearance.

No. 724288

She was freshly 18

No. 724290

He's probably shoved her around, at the very least

No. 724291

Exactly, I also always thought that the nicknames were to protect the kids much the way people would say Sh instead of Shiloh to avoid having her name linked to Onion drama in search results.

No. 724292


Sarah did say she had a bad home life, sadly. I also recall her mentioning sexual abuse, I wouldn't be surprised if her mother knew about it and said the same thing

No. 724298

>I don't want to shower
This was back when he couldn't watch hentai in his shower I guess lmao