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File: 1606741036987.jpg (174.34 KB, 720x762, gruckladuck.jpg)

No. 806820

Previous thread: >>>/pt/799829
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Onision Drama Crash

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 from one viral video and he's been beating that horse's corpse ever since. His peak milk came from his grooming of successive underaged and borerline-underaged girls, as well as his grooming of the local landscape and too many crossover episodes with other lolcows to list here.

Nip / tuck edition

Last time on Cuckory Duck:

> nothing

> not much at all
> more greasy ass shit and shoving dildo's up his ass for shekels on onlyfans
> reposting old body rating videos trying to get attention
> former mod and fanboi Rag Reynolds got doxxed / owned
> new mod mcfly is doing a piss poor job, or great job depending how you are looking at it
> Grainey has a care bear made for the kids, or something
> Greg's balding and aging continues
> Greg becomes even less relatable to the kiddies he craves
> Greg is busted sock puppetting on twitter, here and on kiwifarms
> Onision documentary goes ahead as planned, still nobody cares
> Greg gets asked to do documentary, says no
> Repzion makes more videos about Greg for shekels

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No. 806822

assuming this was posted long ago and I missed it, but onion has hashtagged shiloh's recent username/stage name whatever on his years old videos with her and introducing her, and it's just another glaring reminder of how creepy and obsessive he is

No. 806825

If time has proven anything its that Greg is very petty and loves to have a sense of "control" over people. Just look at what he did to Shane making over a million videos on him, or even how he's on onlyfans. He saw Billie and Ayallah were on it, so he has to be on it as if to say "you can't get rid of me."
He's very petty, and refuses to let anything go. He has to keep self insert himself in to peoples lives.

No. 806865

Shout out to OP for thread pic and description

No. 806866

Nitpicking maybe i dint know. probably is. it is a nasa shirt after all and not an actual sports jersey, but something about the Grease wearing a sports jersey of any kind makes me laugh. this is a grown man more into superheros and anime than actual sports. His weird attempt at trying to act like a jock chad well still dressing up as the joker is actually really funny in the worst kind of way. He has made several videos explaining why professional sports are weak sauce in his own mind and thinking sports are for 'pathetic alpha males' well being a 35 years old man dressing up as the joker….cause thats way MoRe mAcHo MaN GuYs. maybe its a stretch but Grease hates sports and thinks men that like sports are bottom feeders well his greasy gross old man ass dresses up in kitty cat ears with dildos in his ass are more mancalline and manly than sports ideation. TL;DR i hate the jersey Grease is wearing

No. 806877

Thank you, appreciate it!

No. 806882

The thread pic is top notch!

No. 806883

File: 1606779978525.jpg (159.59 KB, 720x1133, 20201130_174330.jpg)

The muscle tone (lack thereof) is sad and hilarious at the same time. If he's going to catfish his pics into oblivion, you'd think he would've caught the flacid chicken wing

No. 806885

Joe Rogan has the exact NASA sweatshirt. Greg mentions Joe Rogan's podcast constantly and thinks they're on the same level. kek It's yet another person he tries to copy and as usual fails!

No. 806886

File: 1606780956679.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.04 KB, 661x416, sloth.jpg)

he reminds me of that Sloth victim from the movie Se7en.
I dunno if anyone else noticed but he photoshops that beard on. You can see the evidence of this on almost the bottom of the last thread where he did it in his twitter avatar.
fruit can't even grow a beard right. also the hair is very photoshopped, just check the anti aliasing, or rather lack thereof, around the edges its weird black lines etc.

No. 806888

File: 1606781605940.jpg (40.9 KB, 490x466, cuckvshero.jpg)

interestingly that makes greg less of a man than the internets favorite manchild chris-chan. since chris-chan can grow a good beard, and Greg can't.
On the left is Greg's real attempt at a beard (screenshot from a video) and on the right is the internets superhero Chris-chan.
if Greg photoshops more bodyhair in until he looks like cousin It, maybe then he'll look a slight bit like a real man. it will still be fake, of course, but maybe he can fool people with it.

No. 806889

Greg looks like a textbook rapist. It's actually scary. Thank god he is aging so horribly, unless he dies early he's got so many years ahead of fucking his lonely self in the ass, I think his days of getting anyone like Billie again are long gone.

No. 806890

Footface can't even pull any new teen ass for her and grease anymore. The best karma is him being stuck with foot for the rest of his life…someone he can't stand

No. 806891

and not just looks, also sounds. like those stories he writes are sick. and not in a good way, just sick rape fantasies.
I actually made a list once of things that Chris-chan was better in than Greg. It was quite a list. If people here are interested I can post it here.
yeah i know such a list is retarded but that was kinda the point, just silliness really.

No. 806892

Those days are long gone indeed, and I bet he knows it deep down and yet can't admit it to himself. That's why lately he has been very desperately trying to relate and trying out different platforms. Its also why he often posts pictures of himself 10, 15 years ago next to photos of him today going "see I look nothing different!" No Greg, you do. Its called aging and it happens to us all. Its just some people such as yourself take it a lot harder, since you're a narcissist and a man-baby.
I remember back in the day he had lots of fans, you couldn't say anything even remotely bad about him on twitter or in the youtube comments without being attacked by tons of tweenie bopper girls. Today you can pretty much say anything to him and there won't be any attacks. In fact last I checked he hardly gets any replies at all, it seems like even the anti-O's somehow got bored or finally realized that just ignoring Greg will make him disappear at last.
These days must be hell for him, and its only downhill from here. His 15 minutes are over. Have been for a long time now..

No. 806898

his twitch is so sad its pathetic. he just plays reruns of his old vids which gets 0-2 views. Whenever he does go live its just his discord cronies

No. 806907

He is a rapist, he doesn't just sound and look like it.
"Eventually I realized I was fighting an uphill battle, so I gave up and just went with it." isn't consent.

No. 806909

Not to mention this is how 3 separate women, including foot face, describe their first encounters with him. There was also that time he pulled whats her face into his lap, kissing his cousin, trying to kiss and flirt with the underage sister of his ex-wife and then continuing to stalk her and fap to her nudes. But nah anon, he's an ally of women, a total sjw definitely.

No. 806945

The way Adrienne described their encounter I would call that rape. And then when he asked for "sukmi" and she wouldn't he just cried under the covers and moped.

No. 806951

If he's gonna take so many pictures of his body he should at least put some effort into working out so it won't look like a flabby piece of raw chicken, no one wants to see that shit. This guy is a failure at everything.

No. 806955

everything greg ever does is piss poor effort. i think its hilarious that he has all this fancy expensive equipment yet produces trash with it a 13 year old girl could make on her iphone, and it would even look more professional than gregs garbage.

No. 807019

You'd think if he's going to photoshop his beard he'd shop in some muscle tone too, but maybe he wants to look underaged.

No. 807027

he did have that in an old twitter header where he had his arms up wearing no shirt and shit, as if he was doing yoga or something, however it was his head / face photoshopped on a body doing that.
he's such a sad wanker he often reminds me of Luka Magnotta doing shit like that.

No. 807030

File: 1606863268497.jpg (59.12 KB, 695x632, DEPN0AfXYAAO4f7.jpg)

took the liberty of looking that greg twitter banner up and its clearly photoshopped.
such a sad twat.

No. 807031

Saggy bicep is beyond pathetic. It's hard to find a man (using that term lightly in his case) with zero muscle tone. It's literally drooping

No. 807032

Like greg or foot would even have the discipline to do yoga for 2 minutes. He sure as hell couldn't hold that kind of form long enough for a pic. It's insane how he thinks people buy into his bullshit

No. 807050

>It's insane how he thinks people buy into his bullshit
very typical narcissistic shit. Luka Magnotta used to do that all the time, to try and appear rich and worldly and what not. its pathetic really but thats how they operate.

No. 807060

His biceps are almost as saggy as Taylor's pancake tits.

No. 807063

he also has no idea what females want, or how female erotica works. then again i bet he also doesn't even know what gays want.

No. 807065

File: 1606870733154.jpg (75.76 KB, 1073x1032, dumbshit.jpg)

Greg wants everyone to know that he saw Silent Hill : Revelation, you know the second Silent Hill movie about that 14 year old girl.
It had the seal of Metatron in it.
I'm guessing Gregory Poo felt it sounded interesting and looked up what that word is from. Funny enough he's wrong, it wasn't in the bible but in the Talmud.
You fucking dumb shit, you.

No. 807087

i hate comparing greg to killers but his personality is dead on for magnotta. right down to deciding any attention is good attention and just making up how successful and handsome he is.

No. 807122

Kill me, I hate this thread already…

I hate his fucking face!

No. 807126

At least Skye (and Alicia to some extent) has escaped his online clutches

No. 807137

I really hope they have and can enoy their lives Greg-free. Then again, Greg is known for compulsively sending mails to his exes, so who knows whether their inbox is full of his verbal diarrhea at this point.

No. 807151

I’m surprised he hasn’t stalked them irl yet

Then again, he did went to California a lot in the past for collabs. What if there were nefarious reasons as well?

No. 807166

you ever see Greg do anything without a hidden agenda?

No. 807210

File: 1606945921252.jpg (933.68 KB, 1276x1282, GregkinsJenkies.jpg)

This is old but just ran in to it, this is basically Greg's Jenkins Jinkies (Chris-chan reference) where he poses as a troll to try and spy on the trolls and / or change their opinions.

No. 807211

Greg always has a hidden agenda

Onion man really is becoming the next Chris-Chan, when will he shit himself on camera and do nothing just to own teh haturz?

No. 807215

I predict a tranny saga. I predict he will go full on troon one day.

No. 807217

He dipped his tiny carrot in that pool last month. >>>/pt/803999

But Im with you. He's going the tranny route in the near future for some ulterior motive.

No. 807222

My theory is and always has been that he wants to be a teenage girl, with some daddy figure doting on him.
Theres signs of that all over the place if you want me to point them out:
1. He hates teenage girls, and thinks they have no problems. He stated that in many videos. I think this stems from jealousy.
2. He has major daddy issues.
3. He crossdresses, a lot.
4. The whole turning Lainey in to a dude thing, why does she go around saying something like "daddy as fuck", where do you think she gets that from? I think he "inspired" her to do so, specially the whole daddy as fuck bit.

No. 807291

File: 1606968362881.jpeg (179.08 KB, 708x1200, B91CBFCB-ADD9-4B13-8782-805B64…)

Will he finally cut off his duck into a China?

No. 807307

He's going to try and worm his way into their lives just like he's done with Shiloh >>806822. I mean her singing career ended ages ago but still the fact he's tagging her is pathetic. Anything for an ounce of clout and relevance. He's just as nutty as Shiloh.

No. 807312

Anon you should really spoiler corpses.
>maybe he wants to look underaged.
You a newfag? He only stopped trying to look 15 after everyone was calling him out for trying to look underage to appeal to minors. He'd still be targeting them if he was never called out for it.

No. 807315

I think he'll do it if he gets desperate enough for shekels, but yeah he uploaded a few pics last month to let everyone know he lurks here. Apparently he can waste even more time reading what haturz have to say since (hopefully) his kids aren't living with him anymore.

No. 807320

see >>806622. take your unsubstantiated tinfoils to a relevant thread.
>last I checked he hardly gets any replies at all
Most of the replies are either roasting him, calling him a pedo or telling him to leave yt. He recently turned comments back on. He acts like he's going to live any of this shit down lol.

No. 807344

File: 1606996045203.png (973.78 KB, 1080x1575, 1606961122662.png)

starting to believe the whole midget thing, his arms are short and weird.

No. 807346

That piss poor make-up job makes him look like he has Jaundice.

No. 807347

His arms look like little chicken wings. I never saw a more unappealing body on a man (if we can even call him that)

No. 807356

File: 1607007086572.jpg (251.86 KB, 1593x1117, kramer-turkey2.jpg)

No. 807359

He is short. That is extremely evident from his nudes. He has a short torso and stubby legs and arms with a fat head. I think a lot of his aggression comes from his inferior genetics.

No. 807414

File: 1607025153915.webm (1.8 MB, 320x180, mp7BjSWMTUlVPyfk.webm)

No one would interview him or debate him so Greg has resorted to scaping the bottom of the shit barrel for relevance and went on Rape Stream News channel to tell "the truth".
Clip is about PoopBeck and how she got her nickname.

No. 807422

Having an embarrassing but natural bodily function and joking about it is unfunny and unacceptable….. coming from the guy that licked a toilet for "comedy"

No. 807423

In the court photos he literally looks like a midget. That's what he really looks like in real life without the flattering angles and editing, even Doormat admitted he was shorter than she imagined when she first met him in person, ouch

No. 807424

I thought the whole reason PoopBeck came out was to be an "actor" for his videos. Now he's saying it was to get in Kai's pants? So he's admitting she was there to audition for the "trinity"??

No. 807425

Yeah, Poop Beck confirmed in the Hansen interview she was there to be a third, but it didn't work cause Foot rejected her.

No. 807428

jesus h. trump, greg really is scarping the bottom of the shit barrel.
well at least rape can be happy with 5 more viewers than usual.

No. 807429

He's acting like he wasn't the one who invited PoopBeck to their house in the first place (and he did that behind Taylor's back I might add)

No. 807430

where can i find this shit interview? its not on the pedophile nor the rapist their channels i dont even see it announced?

No. 807431

Right, as if his shit smells like roses, specially with his terrible diet.

No. 807433

He always uses the "she's stinky" card to degrade women. He did it with Adrienne, Billie and now Beck. It sounds like a lot of projection as well judging by how dirty his ass looks in his onlyfans photos.

No. 807434

and he shot her with a gun over it in the video guys! so random "lelololol" you know same as he does in every other god damn video. use and abuse women and pretend to shoot them with a gun.
shit is sooooo funny. (not)

No. 807436

i can only imagine he implodes the house himself with how bad his shit smells from that garbage he eats
literally everyone who goes to his house is there for a potential third he can hide it anyway he wants it is what it is at the end of the day though
Also never forget the whip cream… that was just an excuse to get his face in her puss.

No. 807437

its not out yet I imagine it'll be on one of rsns channels

No. 807438

Reminds me of how he shamed Adriennes hygiene after she rejected him and he made a video of himself getting tested for std’s yet he was against wearing a condom.

No. 807440

projection at its finest. He spends most of his time looking like a hobo who has been living in the wilderness washing his penis and butt-hole with leaves every time we see him
Maybe that's why it's purple?(Tamara)

No. 807450

File: 1607034079010.jpg (81.33 KB, 734x401, ojsimpsonrobertblake.jpg)

>Rape Stream News interviews Onision

It's like if OJ interviewed Robert Blake about his innocence.

No. 807475

what about all the flies in that god damn swamp trailer? theres videos of greg complaining about it and lainey never cleaning up shit. theres also testimonies of people who where there that said it made 14 branch land court look clean and proper.
greg might look in to his own yard before accusing anyone of smelling bad.
how can he even smell anything in that garbage heap they call a home?

No. 807477

>a lot of his aggression comes from his inferior genetics.
topkek. That sounds about right.

No. 807481

RSN is also another perfect example of how Greg uses everyone to his own advantage.
First RSN rapes Amber right, Greg makes a video, since he feels RSN is one of those dang dirty anti-o's. He uses this by pushing the narrative that Amber was a fan of his and to "not associate yourselves with anti-O's" almost as if to say "because shit like this will happen to you."
Now Greg is accused of all sorts of shit and already used the Johnny Depp shit as an example of how "he too is innocent". Now RSN did this half assed thing where he forced Amber to say that he "did not rape her", RSN has been spreading that around everywhere, Greg notices that and uses it.
I bet you dollars to donuts that Greg will use and spin that narrative like crazy "oh i thought you were guilty too RSN because everyone was saying that, and i am just like that uwu we're innocent" even though they're both scumbags.
its funny its two users using eachother basically. hey greg i thought you hated drugs and shit? well RSN is a junky and he does way more than just smoke wacky tabacky. and he's scammed the shit out of his own users, one of whom a cancer patient who couldn't get chemo because RSN wouldn't pay back money she loaned him. all that ok with you?
i call this the scumbag vs scumbag, keemstar 2.0, virtual mutual cocksucking interview.
oh i bet RSN jerks himself off at the thought of becoming the next keemstar. you won't though RSN, you're a scumbag but your dorsal fin ain't big enough bud.

No. 807482

File: 1607045621895.webm (935.83 KB, RealStream News Onision Interv…)

I listened to the RSN/Onision interview and it was nothing but the same stories about every woman that has had the misfortune of being in his life. This little clip was interesting. Both him and Lainey still pine over Billie to this day. I really hope she's changed her number and email. How much time was Billie really in their lives, a few months? And 5 years later they both still daydream about dumping each other and hooking up with Billie.

No. 807487

Glad Onision can maintain his relevance with RapeStream's 4 whopping regular viewers. Inb4 he and Rape go live swapping stories about abusing women.

No. 807488

>even Doormat admitted he was shorter than she imagined when she first met him in person
Bet she was surprised to see his face look nothing like it did in his vids either with the several lbs of makeup and filters he always uses.

No. 807515

It's so weird to hear greg not lying for once.

It's funny because billie really is greg's dream girl and he's the sole reason he fucked it all up. She's doing the right thing by protecting herself and not engaging with them at all because he'll try to suck her back in at all costs. Lainey probably just misses having someone around that doesn't emotionally abuse her and sticks up for her and others against greg since she's clearly unable to do it.

So glad she and sarah didn't allow their relationship to be poisoned by greg constantly trying to pit everyone in the house against each other to keep everyone vying for his attention.

No. 807518

>sperging about Beck taking a rank dump and laughing about it
>spreads his rank ass on OnlyFans where everybody is laughing but him

At least UpperBecker was able to laugh at herself, god forbid a woman be human and clog a toilet. I'm glad she dropped a bomb in their house, he deserved to smell her shit kek.

You know this slimeball pays for her OnlyFans, if Netnusa opened one he would be their in a heartbeat and I seriously doubt it's different for Billie.

He is such a fucking freak - "we still miss her uwu" really Gurp? Or do you just obsess over her like every other woman that bailed on your ass because they got away? He has a bootlicking doormat as a spouse but he still obsesses over the women he couldn't control. And the only reason Lainey "misses" any of these chicks is because she didn't have another sistur waif to share in the misery of Gurp's penis and his tard rage.

No. 807525

Lmao saying it was for kai is another lie altogether, of course it's only for him.

He's gotten away with dropping the facade that it's about anything more than exclusively his own pleasure as the years have gone by though. I think the next one will be HIS girlfriend that kai can get with if she wants (but won't obvs).

She's avoided a lot of the due criticism by leaving the internet but she's also given greg complete control of how the wider world sees her now. He can say she's encouraging him to explore his poly identity (just like when he said he was ~selflessly~ supporting her bi exploration).

>You know this slimeball pays for her OnlyFans
So pathetic that he's still paying to try to have her in his life in some capacity. I'm kind of surprised he hasn't reached out to her like he did with Jaclyn as "coworkers" in the same industry.

No. 807529

During his second to last "Anti-O debate" on Twitch one of his male fans asked how he would describe all the women he's been with. I wish I could link or clip it but its not possible since he wiped all his Twitch livestream after getting unpartnered. Greg answered the question-
>one was a sexy, beautiful alt girl, the other looked like a goblin.
He was describing Billie and Shiloh. I thought he was describing Lainey when he first said "sexy, beautiful" since it sounds like his usual love-bombing but the "alt girl" part was a dead giveaway. Plus he wouldn't dare misgender Lainey and lose the LGBTQ brownie points he's tried to gain. He never mentioned Lainey at all. It was very telling that the first person that came to Greg's mind when asked about his relationships was Billie. Ten to one if Billie showed up at the swamp shack tomorrow and asked Onision to runaway with her he'd drop his ugly man-wife like a wet vagina.

No. 807532

>You know this slimeball pays for her OnlyFans

Some anon started posting her nudes in the flakes thread 2 weeks ago. Just out of the blue. Wasn't particularly milky. It looked like old photos that had been saved over time and made into a collage. The anon seemed to have posted them to try and get others to roast her. I know its tinfoil but I immediately thought of Greg. That anons insults were about her tattoos and breast size and as I read them I could hear his whiny, nasally voice.
>What decent guy would like a girl that looks like an extra from Apocalypto
>them triple a cups, tho

No. 807544

File: 1607064285796.jpg (423.09 KB, 1548x876, original.jpg)

Another paypig kicked out. They either piss Greg off or start fighting among themselves and run to Greg with evidence of of their fellow paypigs treachery and betrayal. Whos left? McFly and a few scrotes? I don't know much about this Sarah/Sarscars girl but she sounds desperate to get Greg alone.

No. 807548

"to this day"

oh shit lmao, no wonder there's so many fangirls that try to skinwalk billie, he really is desperate for that replacement and no one will ever live up to the pedestal he puts her on. hahaha

No. 807556

File: 1607074624514.png (59.45 KB, 540x279, Kainey never loved Billie.png)

>We were both really stuck on Billie for a very long time
That's not what Kainey said. kek there's several ss capped in old threads where Kai/Lainey admitted she didn't want to be with Billie and never loved her. Anyone who knows the backstory knows Greg pushed Kainey to have an uwu gay relationship with Billie just so he could turn around and have Billie all to himself. He never gave a single fuck what his wife actually wanted.

Has muh most honest yootoober lied again just like he lied about fucking the freshly 18yo girl he called his "foster daughter"? Imagine my shock.

No. 807564

He always uses Footface as a shield lol, he said she's still into Billie too so he wouldn't look so bad for still being obsessed with his wife's ex girlfriend. It's like when he called Ayalla and told her Foot was having dreams about Billie, but at the end of the call he ended up revealing he was the one having the dreams

No. 807565

I very much recall him standing next to a Spiderman display statue that was listed as 5'9 on all 3 listings I found.
Visually there was about an 1"-1.5" difference.
Considering he has lifts in his shoes, this makes him no taller than 5'8. Even then, he's most likely closer to 5'7. If his head were a normal size, he'd be around 5'6.5.

No. 807586

just watched some of that RSN interview, will watch it all but my God RSN is an awful interviewer. For one he already puts up a defense for Greg, for seconds he keeps interrupting him whenever Greg is on a roll and wants to talk and then he gets about a good 75% of his facts wrong. (And leaves out really important shit.)
He never asks him any hard questions which was to be expected but don't fucking fill in everything for whoever you're about to interview because then they won't feel any need to respond to it anymore.
I'm not just saying this because RSN is a rapist, he's just a horrible interviewer, he sucks as hard at it as Rag does. They're two peas in a pot.

No. 807590

File: 1607095452149.jpg (618.02 KB, 708x2168, GregAngryAtHeatboss.jpg)

Angry message Greg sent to Heatboss, hope someone will do a dramatic reading of it because this is comedy gold.
Why can't Greg write this good in his shitty books? Or did he plagiarize this as he usually does from Batman?

No. 807591

File: 1607095702956.jpg (222.34 KB, 714x649, grekaren.jpg)

"I want to speak with the manager."

No. 807610

File: 1607103577556.gif (365.26 KB, 220x150, tenor.gif)

The massive, raging hate boner he has for Kiwi and Heatboss is too fucking funny dude. He really has nothing better to do with his life, the reality of how hideous he is is too much for his narc brain to handle kek

No. 807613

Does he even have money to sue anyone?

No. 807614

File: 1607105540182.png (40.66 KB, 673x163, dmca.PNG)

Something big happened yesterday. Greg was on a REEEEEE marathon. He's also attempting to DMCA everything about him on KF. Was it the RapeStreamNews interview that kicked off his spergfest? I was watching the premiere and everyone in chat was talking mad shit about Onision. Im sure he was lurking and was pissed he couldn't say anything. Im curious if LC Admin has received any dogfucker type emails from Onision raging at them to remove "pirated photos" or delete the whole thread because its slander.

No. 807625

Surely since Greg has run countless of his own forums he knows he has no chance of suing Null or KF. In fact you'd think after his embarrassment of withdrawing his own lawsuit against Rep that he wouldn't do this. Although I guess this is one way to stay relevant

No. 807636

So much for "do not engage"

No. 807639

Kek, it’s not saying much, but Lainey’s smarter than Greg. She never was into Billie for the same reason she’s not really sexually attracted to any woman. But if she says she’s still in love with Billie, Greg will pressure her less to get another gf/plaything for him. Plus there’s the added bonus that she knows Greg can never coax Billie back

No. 807650

This is like seeing his kid’s tiktok from the future: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMJVLrWmc/

No. 807662

He misgenders foot face all the time. He knows she's as full of shit as he is

No. 807669

File: 1607125737499.jpg (82.32 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_20201205-004647__01…)

Spotted in instagram. Kek

No. 807672

What's he gonna do, sue the wrong Null? kek

No. 807745

Excuse me, she was actually 18 AND A HALF

No. 807757

Even then he was rounding up.

No. 807768

Yeah, she wasn't "18 and a half" yet when he fucked her. He loves making them older than they really are

No. 807769

No. 807778


Kek. Also married Kai a month after her 18th birthday

No. 807790

He just looks plain weird, all his proportions are just off. Wouldn't be suprised if Grug had some sort of hard to detect genetic disorder.

No. 807798

File: 1607208222769.png (131.55 KB, 884x612, DiscoveryPlus Onision.PNG)

The Hansen/Investigation Discovery documentary is premiering January 4th. Check out the time slot. Who's going to see it? Tweakers and insomniacs?

No. 807800

File: 1607209263456.jpg (88.9 KB, 700x393, onisisonfirearm.jpg)

On the latest Drunken Peasants podcast Billy the Fridge added some interesting details about his time around Onision. When Billy and Joe showed up at Gregs house after the Repzion-Hansen court case, Greg didn't know it was them and came out of the house with a gun. Billy wasn't sure it was real or a prop. I don't know what's worse, being such a scared little faggot that you pull a real gun on anyone who enters your driveway. Or trying to threaten people with a plastic BB gun and maybe getting shot because the "assailants" have a real gun. Plus his neighbors watch what he does like a hawk and could have called the cops on him for waving a gun around in his front yard. Billy also said that Greg was running out of money right before Hansen came knocking on his door and was seriously thinking of working for Uber. The increase in views with the Hansen drama and his fake meltdown videos kept him from the poor house. Can you imagine jumping into your Lyft or Uber and its The Groomer himself driving you home in his low end Tesla.

gun - 24:55
uber - 40:00

No. 807812

the biggest thing i took out of that whole billie the bitch fiasco was how greg RAN to the home when there was a car approaching.
what normal person does that? then again if the gun thing is true, what normal person goes outside holding a gun just because theres people in the street?
i dont care about those rinky dink walmart signs, these people don't own this public street.

No. 807815

You're asking about the same person who thought he was important enough to need a Kevlar vest to a convention
And again when he served the wrong Hansen and had to appear in court for a few hours

No. 807818

>In the fourth picture from the top I think he’s holding his actual dick, and… yeah, it fits in his closed fist.
Aww poor Pedonision, he doesn't want the free promo?

The first link on that list tells me this has nothing to do with OF and everything to do with the fact he wants to wipe his history off the internet. Too bad all his bullshit is archived practically everywhere. kek

No. 807831

Underrated comment, lmao

No. 807857

3am est (east coast) is 12am in pst (west coast) they are premiering it at midnight.

No. 807860

This reads like the brain dead ramblings of some third rate dollar store super villain. RIP.

No. 807867

File: 1607250618948.png (175.31 KB, 907x748, 2020-12-05 Dmca'd by Cuck ( Bi…)

>Greg didn't know it was them and came out of the house with a gun.
Pretty sure Joe talked about this last year. Also Greg has real guns. CAD reports in old threads verify the cops know he has firearms.
>Billy also said that Greg was running out of money right before Hansen came knocking on his door
I imagine he's in dire straights again which is why he's desperately trying to dmca anyone he can to soak them for extra shekels. Big Money's (anti-o) about as retarded as Greg so I'm not surprised he had to lock his account.

No. 807868

File: 1607250822335.jpg (1.22 MB, 1054x2666, the internet never forgets.jpg)

>i'M BeInG SlAnDerED bY cRiMiNaLs
ok groomer

No. 807885

Judging by how these retards neglect their kids how long until trot or clot grab one of his guns and accidentally shoots themselves or someone else? I'm surprised it didn't happen yet

No. 807891

notice his psychopathic smirk there. i bet he was really feeling like the joker there.
"yeah man, this person needs help and I just keep walking because i'm edgy like that"
Greg truly is a sad pathetic wanker.

No. 807899

while filming the whole thing and then being proud about it on the internet.
how would he feel if he had a stroke in a store and people just walked past him letting him die, while filming it smilingly, i wonder.

No. 807902


That's why it was so satisfying when someone posted a photo of him in the elevator looking like a clown. He got big mad at the girl who took the photo too, cause for this hypocrite things aren't so funny when he's the one being exposed and humiliated online, only when it's someone else

No. 807905

that single image is more telling than whatever he's been doing on the internet for the past 15 years. you can just look at that image and know exactly what kind of person he is deep down.
That picture is Greg without his mask of humanity on, its the real Greg.
And its sickening.

No. 807906

‘My kid falls out the window I must film it. Gf is having seizures I must film it. Random strangers keels over I must take a picture.’

Typical Anus

No. 807910

File: 1607272676193.jpg (99.23 KB, 509x603, 15700033818022.jpg)

I was hoping all he has in that house are prop guns and airsoft pistols. But in the police report that was filed when they did a welfare check on Lainey when Greg was posting all that sadomasochistic shit on Twitter while he was at the hospital with Cloey, the cops say that from prior calls they know Greg has real firearms in his house. The way he jokes with guns in his videos Im sure the kids have seen him do the same around the house. And I hate to say I can see Troy finding the real guns and thinking "Daddy points it at his head and pulls the trigger and he thinks its funny." And yet another tragedy at the swamp.

No. 807995

File: 1607342425285.jpeg (243.05 KB, 1125x1881, 1412B292-0280-46AB-853D-B3E70C…)

Grug big mad @ Lucinda

No. 807996

File: 1607342453947.jpg (124.42 KB, 586x785, 1607310272797.jpg)

Meanwhile Luncindia is suicide baiting..

No. 807997

File: 1607342486986.jpeg (76.93 KB, 1494x534, E3C12013-DF44-4B78-8849-68A0ED…)

more spergalotto from the caveman in the grotto

No. 808000

>Saying disgusting things about kids
Says the guy who wrote sexual tweets about his own daughter while she was in the hospital with severe head injuries

No. 808002

Said the man that basically fucked a girl that was in his care, I don't care how he spins that story that's fucking abuse.

No. 808003

File: 1607349672484.jpg (432.91 KB, 971x4394, Screenshot_20201207-053852_Chr…)

Kinda reads like a Chris-chan post about the Dimensional merge.

Grug big mad @ Matthew McConaughey

No. 808010

And he fucked her while his daughter was sleeping in the same bed

No. 808011

Right, almost forgot about that one! or repressed it
Thank you for reminding me!

No. 808014

File: 1607357459539.jpeg (114.9 KB, 640x790, 9726A724-068D-44D2-B2F5-55B043…)

Lucidia dropped the date of the Discovery special. I’m sure we can look forward to his sperging.

No. 808017

Not trying to be a bitch but it sounds an awful lot like troll shielding to me, like saying "hurr durr i was just trolling u guyz, honest" or "it was a social experiment".
I also suspect her of being the lunatic that has been derailing threads here. Not saying that she is for sure, I have no evidence, just a suspicion.
No, I don't know her or her story. Just my 2 cts.

No. 808018

It was already noted itt >>807798

So she probably is telling a half truth. Since Onion is getting a TV episode dedicated to what a cunt he is, she didn't want to be linked to him anymore.

Did she even get any milk for going "undercover" or was it just an exercise in attention seeking?

Ot, but I think farmers should get drunk and try and watch the episode live together. All the years we've spent on lc discussing this and then having Hansen and other youtubers take our discourse and run with it, we're finally getting a TV quality production. Wonder if we'll get a shout out for our effort.

No. 808019

>Since Onion is getting a TV episode dedicated to what a cunt he is, she didn't want to be linked to him anymore.
That right there is very good insight, and thats probably it. For all we know they recorded parts of their discord sessions for that show and she caught wind of it.
I'm all up for that group therapy session of us all watching it together. I'm game. Sign me up, partner.

No. 808056

Lol he says he cant trust anyone but did an interview with rsn.
I wonder how much rsn paid him.
They probably split the profits from the video.

No. 808057

Well Billy has ruined any future for him working for lift or uber by mentioning it.
Besides, he's no celeb but i'm sure someone would recognize him eventually like they did in Lowes or Dairy Queen.
Even with a wig, sunnies or beanie, he has a really distinct faggoty voice and noone in this modern age has the same shaped waterhead as him.

Lol imagine if he rocked up in the tesla dressed like the joker like he did with Billie and Ayallah.

No. 808103

I’m glad Billy ruined that for him. The last thing some young drunk alternative girl needs, is Greg picking her up from the bar and forcing his hero complex on her and becoming obsessed with her.

No. 808128

File: 1607391105911.png (71.56 KB, 778x555, 1607386223167.png)

It amazes me every time. Like how he kicked Cyr out of his life after "voting for the wrong candidate". Cyr was a friend of his since they where toddlers. They even lived in a house together.
This screenshot just reminds me of how petty and childish Greg is. Does a friend automatically mean they have to agree with everything you say and do?
Isn't that sort of the point of being friends, that you start off having some things in common, and remaining friends even if you disagree on certain shit?
It blows my mind every time. Greg must be the loneliest person on the planet.

No. 808139

Just FYI, Cyr and Greg weren’t childhood friends. They met through YouTube and started collaborating together.

No. 808148

I can't believe we live in a timeline where Onision whores himself out on the internet for old smelly men to jerk off to

No. 808153

It's not just him walking by either, he literally made sure he filmed the person/got them in the shot, but by pointing out shit he's actually fucking done he's being "slandered" according to him. Classic waterhead.

No. 808155

>It blows my mind every time. Greg must be the loneliest person on the planet

Bingo. In Rape stream new's weak interview, Greg kept going on about how he thought Billie and Ayallah's relationship was just 'so weird' and that they should just get married since they are attached at the hip. I know he was trying to isolate Billie but he really doesn't understand a friendship.
Also unrelated but Rsn kept bringing up Ayallah, I bet he's creeping on her only fans.
He only allows Lainey friends that would have a use to him eg- watching his kids or fucking him.

No. 808158

>I suspect her of being the lunatic that has been derailing threads
I don't think so, seeing how some of it is the same fucking shit from last year.

No. 808159

Why does he always sperg on topics that he knows nothing about?
It's common for him anyway, he thinks he knows everything, but when he tries to talk about or school people on politics it magnifies his stupidity.
Not a Blaire White wk but any means but he looked like an absolute idiot when he said he tried to discuss politics on that one stream. Also his political views in videos are retarded. Jesus he should just go back to explaining what an emo is to children.

No. 808161

Anon you're assuming Greg has feelings >>807868.

No. 808164

File: 1607409498974.png (149.06 KB, 788x607, the burn book.png)

Didn't Greg call LC a "hate-site full of Mean Girl Regina's." And now this 35 year old, married father of two is making his own high school Burn Book to shit on the women he feels humiliated him. That ss piqued my curiosity and I checked out his "SECOND Onision community" as he calls it. Greg keeps sharing emails to prove someone is sending him screenshots of lolcow and tweets exposing Lucidia and Sarscars, gathering info on the "traitors" in the community and the senders name is always Kelly. I remember when Heezy was accusing Greg and Lainey of being predators on the Gig Harbor neighborhood watch and Pierce County Sheriff's Facebook pages she used the name Kelly Cambridge. Then I saw an edit Greg made a few hours ago. It looks like Heezys hopped back on Gregs tiny deformed dick. How many times has Heezy flipped sides now? Three or four? I guess the Anti-O fags told her to kick rocks when she tried to join their Anti-O games.

No. 808167

>forcing his hero complex
He has a self admitted god complex. A faggoty voiced, balloon headed neanderthal with a god complex. This shit writes itself.

No. 808168

No surprised Greg thinks he's better than anyone that defended Shane Dawson after being interviewed by RSN the rapist just a few days ago.

No. 808176

File: 1607414898952.png (210.67 KB, 720x1393, Sarah.png)

Anons calm down, none of these blatant patterns of behavior mean anything. muh slander
He told Sarah (the girl he and Kai groomed from the age of 14) that he didn't know what love was.

No. 808177

>I remember when Heezy was accusing Greg and Lainey of being predators on the Gig Harbor neighborhood watch and Pierce County Sheriff's Facebook pages she used the name Kelly Cambridge.
She did, those ss are archived.
>How many times has Heezy flipped sides now?
I've lost count lol. Grug wouldn't be talking to her if they hadn't already made some sort of deal in private because publicly she's constantly switching sides. Two cows.

No. 808178

Of course he voted for Joe Biden, too bad the elites won’t invite him to their pizza parties and Epstein’s dead so no trips to the island on the Lolita express for Grugly either!

No. 808187

File: 1607424857991.jpeg (165.01 KB, 500x1010, F003029C-FBBC-47C6-9248-04D2A4…)

Gruck’s shilling out his military “career” again with special guests: ex-wife and family he no longer talks to.

Skye looks really cute in that dress though (no homo)


No. 808192

File: 1607429071026.png (380.76 KB, 852x990, Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 21.0…)

Onion posted the messages him and Lucidia exchanged when they "made up" and tbh she looks desperate as fuck to get his attention. Way past the "lmao im such a troll" stage. I agree with some anons here that think she only said she was a troll because she got caught trying to suck his dick for real. Why else would she had privated her twitter?

(pic related, they posted the whole convo on the other farm. For some reason it didn't let me save the pic so I had to screenshot it)

No. 808193

Def wasn’t her since she complained about the constant derailing.

Speaking of derailing… Onision is so dead I guess the flakes thread no longer exists lmao

No. 808196


You can really see what a disproportionate dwarf he is in that pic.

No. 808198

if she happens to read this Skye lawyer up and sue the bastard. Take him for a ride again. you deserve it.
greg himself always whines about copyright and DMCA's people, time to DMCA greg.

No. 808199

File: 1607434323107.jpg (141.92 KB, 798x566, amn-daniel-usaf-security-force…)

there is that fake 1000 yard stare again. "yeah man i seen shit, damn" yeah no greg, you guarded a fence in korea because you're a shitbird.
and you even fucked that up by trying to scam your way out with a stupid video and spergin' out nude in front of your CO.

No. 808200

File: 1607434380735.jpg (75.52 KB, 500x849, gregory-usaf-security-forces-b…)

grug serious soldier, don't laugh.

No. 808202

didn't he try to strip off his clothes and shit on a generals desk because he didn't want to be in the military and tried to fake being insane?
saged for obvious reasons

No. 808203

Greg's barely taller than Skye and she's not tall lol, look at his proportions the stupid little dweeb.

Lucidia and Hezzy are the same type of bitch. Desperate attention seekers. It's very easy to troll Greg without sucking his dick or cowtipping. Shit like this just gets his back up. There's been so many copycats since that Milkmas with the blonde girl whose name escapes me.

No. 808204

he stripped down naked in front of his CO yelling "I'M HUMAN!!!!" because he didn't wanna kill a bunny rabbit. no joke, not made up, his own words.
its one of the things the airforce makes you do to be able to survive in the wild. so they make you butcher, prepare and eat an animal. usually a bunny or a chicken. in my brothers case it was a chicken, thats how i know that last part.

No. 808207

>Ot, but I think farmers should get drunk and try and watch the episode live together.
yes please!!! Idk how to set it up so farmers all over the world can watch. Will someone pirate it?

No. 808210

Does anyone know how tall Skye is? That would also help determine Greg's actual height.

No. 808238

File: 1607452623804.png (1.57 MB, 1334x750, 1526340565461.png)

Taylor is apparently 5'3" so

No. 808254

jesus fuck, looks like you're really enjoying your little home prom date thingie for lainey, greg.
i haven't seen a look on someones face like that since they canceled Firefly.

No. 808257


5'8" max. Plus, you can tell by his super stiff, unnatural posture that he's trying to appear as tall as possible, possibly standing tip toe.

No. 808259

File: 1607455760290.png (856.05 KB, 877x745, only faggots and sailors are c…)

I know he's going for badass Green Beret, but all I see is FMJ Private Pyle.

No. 808260

1000 yard stare, or autism stare? you be the judge, i mean its the same stupid look as this picture with his wifes pretend prom since hubby is a cradle snatcher so she didn't have none..

No. 808262

File: 1607456722707.jpg (34.44 KB, 256x297, o4ddv80.jpg)

Every time someone brings up the truth that he sat in front of a chain link fence for 8 hours a day I remember the story he told about how he fantasized about the plane behind the fence he was guarding. He got hard imagining the plane in some weird sexual scenario. How the fuck do you sexualize a plane? I thought furries were fucked in the head. Its very concerning that if he can sexualize a plane he can sexualize anything.

No. 808277

They both look like ventriloquist dummies

No. 808287

I wouldn’t say it definitely wasn’t Lucidia shit posting here. She has proven to be someone that has to be in the middle of things. It fits her character to create a problem and then complain about it. She delights in trolling.

No. 808301

File: 1607465551881.png (561.68 KB, 573x760, 67593_5776_880.PNG)

I wouldn't call what Lucidiasans did "trolling" She legitimately wanted to be in Gregs good graces then she realized he was as boring and whiny as everyone says, plus she was losing her Anti-O fag-friends over it she played it off as "I was only pretending to be retar… I mean I was trolling." Also her excuse that she "dipped because the documentary was coming out in January" makes no sense.

>has to be in the middle of things to create a problem and then complain about it

Tbh Heezy does that too. And we know for a fact she lurks here daily since Greg released the emails and lolcow screenshots Heezy sent him. Since she's back to sucking Greg's cock I can see her trying to derail the threads in /pt/ and /snow/ to take the spotlight off the intended topic and prove she's a good little dog.

No. 808313

File: 1607468614270.jpg (1.13 MB, 1861x1242, Onision In Real Life.jpg)

He's reacted to the upcoming ID documentary. Nothing new. Same old stories. Two things I found entertaining is he has a new name for Sarah, Shiloh and Billie.
>the three siren's

And he's updated his law enforcement resume. Not only was he a former US Air Force cop but now we find out
>I'm a former police-aide volunteer, we help bust clubs taking part in illegal activity.
What the fuck does that mean? Bust what clubs? Was he trying to get chummy with the local Sheriff's hoping they wont think he's a pedo if he volunteers? Greg logic again.

The constant font changes was all Onision. At the end of the post he uploads the emails and contract that ID/Blackfin sent him. I left that out because they can be found here >>>/pt/805512 >>>/pt/805526

No. 808315

Greg thinks he deserves an acting award he is so fucking delusional. He has learning difficulties or some shit. His reaction is pure autism.

No. 808322

Yeah either make a tldr or ss what he wrote cause I'm not clicking the link.

No. 808343

he is delusional. profoundly so.
There was this funny thing in that rape stream news interview I wanted to mention here. he said something along the lines of "people never pick the side of the person taking the higher road". and by taking the higher road he means "not engaging", so in his mind if you are accused of something and not respond, you automatically are taking the higher road.
I had to kek very hard at that. That ain't how "taking the higher road" works or what it even means.
To put it in one of those stupid Greg-like comparison say I scratch a fellow message board visitor here her car and she's pissed at me for it, knows I did it, and yelling about it here and I don't respond according to greg i'm taking the higher road, thus better.
ya, great, greg.
I swear to Christ every time I do read one of gregs stupid long ass posts defending his actions, or watch one of those videos my iq is dropping 2 points.
it ain't good.
anyway, i just needed to get that out of my system.

No. 808344

I'll settle with a tldr after someone else watches it as I'm sure it's going to be aids and I have better things to do.

No. 808347

>police-aide volunteer
We know he likes to make things up to spin narratives and try to make himself look less like a piece of pedo dogshit. He has no sauce so it's meaningless.

No. 808359

I agree Greg will outright lie but the game I like to play is to figure out how he's spinning the truth to work in his favor. If this "police aide volunteer" story is real I'm positive that its not recent. He wouldn't do anything for free and he'd look down on being a "police-aide" since he considers himself a big time YouTube celebrity. My tinfoil is this was during high school and he was part of those underage "hey mister can you buy me some beer" stings. And he probably only did it once but that one time means he can forever bring it up when people question his honesty. It checks off all the boxes.

No. 808363

File: 1607480835568.png (31.65 KB, 598x223, onision docu discord.PNG)

I lurked in discord hoping for a spergout. He talked about the documentary for a few but the fans didn't seem as outraged as he wanted and everyone moved on. It was 2 hours of sex jokes and awkward silences and the usual fuckery. Before Greg left he did bring it back around to the Discovery docu. We got a hint of what's going to be causing him night terrors until January 4th. He said since the pandemic everyone is hungry for something to obsess over and what if Onision: In Real Life goes viral and becomes the next Tiger King. I love the idea of that. I would shit if my parents and grandparents suddenly started talking about "the Onision Groomer" because they saw it on one of their cable shows or Entertainment Tonight.

No. 808365

Sadly it probably won't ever reach Tiger King levels because they're showing it at like 3am.

Does anyone know if it's just one part?

No. 808367

Don’t worry, he didn’t write shit. It’s just pictures of “the good ol’ days”.

In older websites before YouTube, she stated that she was “5’7”.

No. 808368

Another anon put a positive spin on it and mentioned that it would be midnight on the west coast which isn't too bad of a timeslot. The release that Discovery Plus put out just has Season 1 -episodes ???? >>807798 I cant see there being enough footage or storylines to go past 3 one hour episodes at the most. Id love for it to become the new hot thing to talk about but I also fear it going the wrong way and Greg becoming the next Carol Baskin. Yeah she murdered her husband (allegedly) but people put that aside to meme the fuck out of her and she became this weird media darling. Can you imagine seeing Greg on Dancing with the Stars?

No. 808375

>police-aide volunteer

I'm not sure how that aide works in the sense of what other authorities he'd have police wise but that got me thinking. I always found it weird that after all those calls and complaints no one in law enforcement decided to do their own investigation on this guy. Like the guy's known online. A Google search here and there about the allegations might have helped instead of concluding that there's no evidence of any crime because they couldn't find anything in his house. That's basically how most of his cases are concluded. They check his house. If nothing seems to be wrong. That's it. Case closed. Then the Anti-Os/Internet gets blamed.

I'm guessing if he did/does police aide for the Gig Harbor community it'd explain why nothing ever happens to him. He'd only do it for the purpose of seeming law abiding, to stay under the radar, to learn what the police know about him, and to have a well maintained relationship with the police so they and CPS would have no reason to believe he's lying when anything comes up (ie the numerous CPS calls and wellness checks). They'd trust his narrative and they'd never check his videos or online presence.

This is an even wilder tinfoil but As a police aide he may have also gotten some dirt on the police, corruption that they don't want out. Greg's history is literally learning people secrets to use it against them if need be. They probably sweep all his cases under the rug because of that.

But like you said. It could be a lie he's telling but it would also explain why his local law enforcement is non-investigative towards his crimes.

No. 808393

Bigbuckteeth on kiwi farms is a stupid bitch, she outed the many ways to help Lame but Grease behind bars (she doesn’t blame her for sending nudes either - it’s all Greg’s fault!) and not-Greg saw the post.

If one were to believe that Gregma’s really there interacting with you guys, don’t you think it’s not wise to out your keikaku so the waterhead can see your autistic ways of helping his pedo huswife?

You deserve that dumb rating you got.

No. 808395

I’m pretty sure he was talking about pre military. If I’m not mistaken in one of his old blogs he wrote about a volunteer police group he belonged to. I believe it’s archived on life of onion.

No. 808396

File: 1607489594610.jpeg (618.19 KB, 1125x1227, A0FEB869-3DB0-409E-9D61-E6278A…)

Still giving her plans?

Here, let me help so she can see:

There, Kai’s means of escape are outed and Grugly knows better on how to control his bitch before she fights back (sarcasm). She made her own bed, feeling sorry for her is so 2016.

No. 808400

He signed up for USAF at 19 years old right? So this volunteer police aide shit would be as a teenager in HS.
>we help bust clubs taking part in illegal activity
Going down the list of illegal activity I can think of that a bar or club could be involved in. Drug trafficking, money laundering, illegal gambling. I don't see the police using a teenage volunteer for that high risk activity. I do see them using a teenager to enter a bar or club, request an alcoholic drink using an obviously fake ID and seeing if the bartender refuses to serve them and reports it to his higher ups. Greg was just teenage bait to bust bartenders serving minors. He tries to make it sound so much more important.

No. 808406

>Since she's back to sucking Greg's cock I can see her trying to derail the threads in /pt/
She "quits" Greg and comes back every couple months, there's a distinct pattern. I agree with >>808177
>Grug wouldn't be talking to her if they hadn't already made some sort of deal in private because publicly she's constantly switching sides.

Also Heezy and Lucidia weren't around when Onision's old forums were up. The trolls that came here sperging were derailing with unsubstantiated tinfoils about the old forums mod(s).

No. 808410

>figure out how he's spinning the truth to work in his favor.
lol it's not complicated.

His bs about being a police aid is as relevant and factual as the "sarah raped us" bs. He thinks he's playing 4D chess when it's just the water in his head sloshing around more violently than usual. He actually thinks he's doing something when he's just having brain diarrhea on the daily.

No. 808412

I can't go back into older threads right now but a twitterfag looked into open cases using Greg's legal name. After looking through the case files and posting ss on here, some anons figured there might be one open case since it hasn't been confirmed closed yet. I might repost if someone else doesn't do it first.

No. 808413

>as every opinion poll i've ever ran concludes

Go record more people collapsed on the floor pedo degenerate >>807868 you clearly enjoyed yourself, possibly as much as you enjoyed grooming your 16 year old "foster daughter".

No. 808414

I remember there being a big Twitter fight between John Swan and Good Citizen Records. GCR requested and then tweeted out all the cases with any variation of Greg's name new or old and there was one open case that was found but no one could figure out what it was about. Is that what you're talking about?

No. 808442

File: 1607507117368.jpg (535.05 KB, 1058x1240, Lainey Regina.jpg)

>I've never spoken to or met Regina
>Regina is two years younger than my wife
Poor Onion must be getting severe dementia in his old predator age. Well since I know he and his pickmes constantly lurk, here's a refresher. enjoy

No. 808443

Yeah that's it. JS said he called the PA (prosecuting attorney) from I'm assuming Pierce County, who said there were no open investigations.

The cases GCR referenced were all closed except one. This was confirmed by cross referencing them with other police reports (not CADs). As far as I know no one's bothered asking the Sheriff >>803849 about it which is weird to me since he's the one who confirmed an investigation in the first place. You'd think he could at least direct people to relevant parties if nothing else.

No. 808444

File: 1607510277963.png (198.29 KB, 717x1155, Screenshot_2020-12-08 Ashlee o…)

One of Dahvie Vanity's victims commented on a vid Greg recently uploaded on Dahvie.

No. 808453

>The proof will be recovered

What does she mean "recovered", I thought the FBI already had the proof since Sarah handed the laptop and cellphone to them.

No. 808456

Is he talking about the DARE program? He's just a fucking tattle tale but he can't stand it when people out his fucked up behaviour.

No. 808464

Gregory Avocado logic: Drugs are worse than pedophilia.

No. 808489

File: 1607535997798.jpg (14.25 KB, 300x221, Best-Retard-Meme-35-300x221.jp…)

>Grug gr8 actor
>Grug was super stronk chairforce gatekeeper
>Grug fight evil scary teenage girls
>Grug dindu nuffin

Deep down this idiot is loving Discovery right now, he gets to cry bully and remind everybody of his """accomplishments""", his two favorite past times outside of being a groomer.

These spergs on Kiwi are so fucking annoying. Nobody needs a three paragraph essay on how Kraibot is a victim of her pedo husband - we know. Guess what? She is still a creepy asshole groomer too.

"KaI iF Ur ReAdInG ThIs"
She's not. It's her husband that goes to the farms to obsess and sperg over what the evil "Anti-O's" are saying about him, not her. She actively avoids reading anything that doesn't fit the delusion that Groom gives a fuck about her and her life isn't a complete shit show. It's what they have both done for years, nothing changes with these two.

No. 808495

They also “noted” the scars on his back are from Taylor fighting back whenever Greasy decides to have his way with her, pfft yeah right.

Topkek! That’s why your site’s going down when section 230 hits!

No. 808498

I agree that kiwi post is retarded but you're really naive if you believe Footface doesn't lurk or doesn't have a sycophant doing the lurking for her. She had Sarah lurking for her for years and now that Sarah's gone she probably has that ugly fakeboi Ryan doing it or she's lurking herself. She's as obsessed with the haturs as her greasy husband is and she would always say something snarky in her videos and livestreams about the "rumors" the haturs were creating about her.

No. 808508

I'm not naive anon. The reason she had others lurk for her is because she is a coward and refuses to think for herself. It's easy to snicker and have little giggle fests at da haturz expense when she had orbiters at home and on stream to reassure her that her and Groom are in the right. But going on the farms and reading the thread for herself without a hug box to tell her "OMG look at how crazy they are!!! There is no way you guys are weird, abusive pedos LOL" is way too much for her codependant brain to handle.

I mean the bitch has been radio silent since last year. She has addressed nothing, nada, zip. And according to Groom she wasn't happy that he kept "engaging" with his detractors to the point that she threatened to leave (a big sure Jan but that's still a bold thing to say coming from her). She really wants to forget any of that shit happened so she can keep living a lie. But the internet never forgets and thus why we will probably never see her on social media again - which is a good thing! Unfortunately she couldnt convince her autistic chimplord to do the same.

No. 808527

bragging about being cop-adjacent is certainly the best way to get young pussy in 2020

greg has his finger on the pulse of the gen z zeitgeist

No. 808538

Footface the lazy retarded doormat fighting back. Kek Sure.

No. 808554

Is he still under any illusions he'll ever get another Billie? Hell he's probably still telling himself Billie will come back, that's how delusional he is.

No. 808556

>according to Groom she wasn't happy that he kept "engaging" with his detractors
Exactly. Greg also said she was in therapy and taking meds now. Obviously you can't believe everything Greg says but certain things do line up and add weight to the possibility. I've also heard his kids are now living with the in laws but I have no sauce unfortunately - it's an unsubstantiated tinfoil for now.

No. 808560

>former mod and fanboi Rag Reynolds got doxxed / owned
Despite knowing more than everyone else, none of those aspies proved Rag a liar once. Doxxing just discredits the retards and their claims.

No. 808561

Either you read that wrong or you don't know what it means to recover data from a device.

No. 808563

I'm convinced Kiwi's Onion thread went to shit because of anti-o spergs (Stevie's even made a few comments giving them asspats kek). Those little faggots go back to their safe spaces on twitter because nigger words offend them. And section 230 hurts everyone, not just Kiwi. Hope Null hangs in there.

No. 808566

File: 1607575137259.jpeg (169.69 KB, 1049x1676, buttsore no shekels for u.jpeg)

>Deep down this idiot is loving Discovery right now
Probably. More than anything I think he's malding because he didn't get paid while he virtue signals about it being a cash grab - he's only crying because they didn't give him any shekels for it but of course he's too HoNeSt to admit this. It's a blatant shekel grab but no different from anything he's ever done, exploiting his predatory relationships his entire time on youtube.

No. 808569

>Sarah herself apologized to me for being a rapist.
Oh no, not the girl he called a "foster daughter/little sister" at 16 then he fucked as soon as she turned 18 and kept inviting back to his home? Poor Groomsion.

Well at least he has friends in the guy who did a livestream with the girl he raped (RSN) and child predator Dahvie Vanity, both of whom he's publicly defended >>807414, >>808444. Like attracts like.

No. 808571

lol so fucking true. He filmed himself in the store on the last one btw and uploaded the footage.

No. 808574

Imagine how much of a fucking smooth brained loon you have to be to support someone like him? Heezy, Mcfly and what, the 5 orbitors he has left? Heezy's a certifiable turncoat. Greg definitely has a type. Cow probably thinks she's Lainey's replacement kek. More milk for me.

No. 808580

I like how he screeches for his privacy, his kids privacy yet he gives no shit about others privacy, rates minors without their parents consent, outs private medical information of his exes including their rape stories. Fuck him and his double standards it was hilarious when CH went to his house and I am going to enjoy seeing him sperg out when the documentary comes out.

It’s too bad tho that the girls decided to not participate, I hope that decision doesn’t go in his favour

No. 808590

>too bad tho that the girls decided to not participate
Yeah that's because Hansen hid from them that he was selling their story lol, they didn't find out about it until AFTER he signed the deal with Discovery. Hansen's two faced. All the girls (minus Regina and Shiloh) refused to sign on. Ashlee >>808444 said Hansen lied to her too about having FBI contacts, just like he did to Sarah.

Doubtful this reality tv docu will be worth watching unless there's new milk. I'll catch a tldr first.

No. 808603

File: 1607589201155.jpeg (988.99 KB, 1046x1925, BED3955D-1BCB-4600-AAAE-3A4D59…)

Bigbuckpickme thinks I’m not-Greg and a rape/domestic violence apologist. See: >>808396 and >>808495

No bitch, I’m actually Nick Rekieta.(no1curr)

No. 808606

He's forgotten Lames age several times

No. 808612

Sam said he forgot his own age and argued with her about it until she used an online age calculator to prove it.

No. 808617

File: 1607595680585.jpg (489.06 KB, 1682x1036, billythebitch.jpg)

Its funny, he posting that 374 part 74 hour long explanation and tons of posts like these with word salads but so far Greg hasn't explained away a single thing. Theres no explanation for that whole weird NDA Sarah Blackmailing them in to sex thing and how that correlates to Lainey sending her a tweet saying "I'm grooming you nicely." Lainey was raped by Sarah? Really? They're not groomers? Really? oh wow.
I love how on that Billy the bitch driveway thing he tried to say how "..and teenagers! you are not as hot as you think you are blabla" waving his hands around like a lunatic. Sure Greg, we're all buying in to that. And I have a bridge to sell you.
Greg hasn't disproved anything.

No. 808626

I hope the kf posters don't migrate here with worry about their site going down. They make shit posts

No. 808627

File: 1607602509255.jpeg (213.59 KB, 1124x2329, A8B90E50-EA41-493C-B8EE-07C944…)

She’s still there with the kids. I also saw she still has patrons, who are these fools lol

No. 808631

What are these milkless non contributions and why are they being posted here? We had the same problem in the last thread fuck off.
Some retard in the last thread said Greg was trying to start a feud or something between Kiwi and LC which is one of the stupidest fucking things I've ever heard. Kiwis users aren't talked about here, only very recently they've been mentioned because anti-o's over there have been shitting up the Onion thread and having their ss posted here.

No. 808632

>Hansen's two faced.
I don't know what kind of product people are expecting from a snake but I don't think it'll amount to much.

No. 808633

I dunno, anon. Quite some time ago, farmers on LC were the first ones to contribute new information on Greg, now we're usually a couple of days behind. I remember when there were arguments about what should and shouldn't be posted here and many people said they'd leave LC, so my guess is that they migrated to KF. Just a hunch, though.

No. 808634

>many people said they'd leave LC
If that happened I have no recollection of it. It's a fact that anti-o's are posting over there though.

No. 808643

I read through the kiwi thread and from what it seems it looks like you did lie about what was said in >>808495
No one ever "noted" Greg having his way with Kai but you. They spoke of domestic violence and you said they spoke of him raping Kai. You literally pushed a false narrative onto the kiwis. For what reason exactly? And why do you care if Kiwifarms gets shut down so much? I'd really love to hear an explanation on both things.

You pointed out that you're >>808396 as well. So I reckon you got a really specific hate boner for Buck. You accused them of constantly defending Lainey when I've seen more than a couple times they've shit on her and acknowledged her as a pedo and predator. You can despise somebody and still not rule out the fact that they may experience domestic violence at the hands of Greg.

If feeling sorry for her is so 2016 Buck's posts should be good since according to you it helps Greg trap Lainey more and no one should feel sorry for her.

So if you're really not Greg then boy oh boy it's hard to tell.

A lie: >They also “noted” the scars on his back are from Taylor fighting back whenever Greasy decides to have his way with her, pfft yeah right.

>Bigbuckpickme thinks I’m not-Greg and a rape/domestic violence apologist.

This is such a blatant twisting of words. What are you trying to tell us, what's your goal here, Definitely Not Greg?(infighting)

No. 808645

None of his stories make sense when you barely even scratch the surface of them.

I wish colossal is crazy would have done something on him like he did with fouseytube or the interview with lion maker. He does a good job of clearly breaking down motivations and flimsy lies as well as seeming to have a knack for reigning in guests when they try to avoid answering questions.

No. 808646

Anybody who's asking critical questions Greg won't talk to. Not when they also happen to be big youtuber. Thats why he goes for patsies like Keem and RSN, who themselves are also major douchebags and / or rapists so he can relate to them.

No. 808648

That’s true but I think if you caught him in one of his more manic moments where he really feels like he’s the smartest guy on earth and can manipulate everyone that he could be foolish enough to try to engage someone that would surprise him.

It’s a pipe dream though and doesn’t really matter. It might be better for him to continue to fade into obscurity.

Although, as much as I want him off all platforms I do think if he got offline like Lainey that he would be much more dangerous to young girls because he wouldn’t have people looking over his shoulder all the time. Idk.

No. 808664

Where is this confession?? I have to find this, that may be the most bizarre thing he’s ever admitted to yet. I know we say he’s sex obsessed, but that is truly beyond the pale lmaooo.

No. 808671

I think you’re the one twisting my words to fit that narrative. They indicated that this scratches on his back were from Taylor defending herself from Greg’s sexual assaults when they’ve admitted in the past they’re into kinky shit and she’s a pillow princess. A user posted that video a few pages back.

And why are they giving her information on how to put Grease behind bars as well as blaming him for her involvement sending and receiving nudes from minors? That to me shows they’re defending her and stupidity because he’s known to lurk there.

Oh and sage your post, kiwifag

No. 808678

Before anyone starts to fight online about Onision, first try to realize : Is Greg worth it?

No. 808679


Okay you've convinced me of three things.

1. You're notGreg.
2. You're still lying because buck only speculated the probability of rape AFTER you made those false claims.
3. You're a dumbass for spreading that lie because anyone who's interested can just go through the threads and TIMESTAMPS. They'll see that all of what your claiming, specifically towards Buck/KIWIS is false.
He indicated the scratches came from domestic violence/Lainey fighting back first.

>They indicated that this scratches on his back were from Taylor defending herself from Greg’s sexual assaults when they’ve admitted in the past they’re into kinky shit and she’s a pillow princess. A user posted that video a few pages back.

First things first, to use their professed kinky shit as a reason to debunk the likelihood that Greg commits martial abuse/rape is fucking stupid because they're fucking liars AND Greg has a history of violence and disregarding consent. Beat the shit out of his dad, his sister, slammed Shiloh into a doorframe. He tried to take advantage of a drunk 15 year old Alicia and forced Adrienne into sex. He also forced, manipulated and co-erced LAINEY into having sex with Billie and Sarah.

Secondly, Buck only spoke of the probability of rape AFTER you made that post claiming the kiwis implied Greg rapes her, not before. Meaning you started the Greg rapes Kai claim, claiming it was the kiwis who started it when all that was spoken about was the likelihood of domestic violence and Kai fighting back. You're a liar.

The timestamps on each corresponding post will prove that, dumbass.

>And why are they giving her information on how to put Grease behind bars as well as blaming him for her involvement sending and receiving nudes from minors? That to me shows they’re defending her and stupidity because he’s known to lurk there.

Ummm maybe because its important that Greg goes to jail as well knowing that he plans to throw her under the bus? Maybe because he should be blamed as well as he's the orchestrator of their crimes? And even if he is lurking it should be exactly what you'd want. Sabotage for Lainey since you hate her so fucking much. You seem to blame her and her only for their criminal operations. Even the mention of helping Lainey incriminate Greg makes you froth at the mouth. Which is why I would believe you're actually not-Greg.

It's okay that you're angry. Just try to stop lying and actually make sense next time. Okay pumpkin?

No. 808683

Or you know, you fuck off back to kiwi yourself. We’re done here.(infighting)

No. 808686


Yeah, right. You'll continue to respond to any and all anons that mention you. You just as much an attention whore as Greg(infighting)

No. 808690

Lainey has always showed off hickies and such, Onion probably got scratched on his face by either Dobbs the only dog they still have or one of the kids.

Greg probably is a domestic abuser but I doubt he'd show marks of Lainey fighting back. Maybe she scratched his back while they were fucking it literally doesn't look that deep.

No. 808707

Further infighting will result in longer bans.

No. 808709

>he forgot his own age
He's so desperate to look like a teenager again - which was why he used to shoop his pics to look like a teen emo all the time before getting called out for it - he's convinced himself he's not a father of two in his mid 30s. He's also convinced himself he's not a pedo.

No. 808710

He'll never disprove anything because he literally can't. What he will continue doing is trying to push false narratives, he's been doing that most of his life. That might've worked when he had millions watching his F tier horseshit on youtube but now with his reputation as a pedo cemented, he can't get away with what he used to do.

No. 808711

Agreed. When he was younger and recorded his videos with a potato and the lighting cranked up to hell and back, he was able to pull in an audience, but now that everyone and their mom has seen his unappealing body, including his butthole and lil purple tictac, nobody's fawning over him anymore.

And don't even get me started on his obnoxious behaviour and terrible, infantile personality. Or his perspective on women, politics and the world in general. Dude's a lost cause. He'll probably not even go out with a bang but he'll slowly fall into oblivion.

He should actually pay Discovery for making a documentary on him, that'll be the most attention he'll get for a long, long time.

No. 808713

>You pointed out that you're >>808396 as well. So I reckon you got a really specific hate boner for Buck.
Quit bringing your milkless self posts >>808396,
>>808603 over here. No one cares.

No. 808714

>Onion probably got scratched on his face by either Dobbs the only dog they still have

Is it common knowledge that Dobbs is the only dog they have now? I find that information and reason to be very sus-specific.

I'm thinking if he explained away the back scratches why didn't he explain away the mark on his face?

>Greg probably is a domestic abuser but I doubt he'd show marks of Lainey fighting back. Maybe she scratched his back while they were fucking it literally doesn't look that deep.

So what a coincidence it'd be that he and Lainey had back scratching sex AND he got a bruise from Dobbs or thekids on his cheek. All around what appears to be the same time given that there were shots of each marking taken in the same photshoot.

Why'd he feel the need to take pics of his back if he knew he'd have to explain away the scratches? Why not just leave that out? Why not edit it out like the constant editing and shooping he does on his face?

Don't get me wrong I see where you're coming from.'Shit happens' and odd things can be innocent or coincidence but with these two fuckers there no telling whether certain things are innocent or evidence of something darker going on.

No. 808719

How are some of you sperging on Lamp fighting back? Fighting back from what? Jesus Christ she's a manipulative, lying, delusional piece of shit just like Greg. Stop with anything in the realm of her being any sort of a victim

No. 808720

Learn to fucking sage anon. Jesus Christ.

No. 808729

>recorded his videos with a potato
That's whats so funny about today, he has all this expensive equipment and not a clue what to do with it. His videos are complete and utter garbage. I seen 11 year olds make better videos on their iPhone that where more entertaining too.
I think thats also a major problem he has, after all this horse shit train wreck that is his life, even his most loyal of fans couldn't excuse his behavior anymore. And the other part of audience he lost simply grew out of it. (him) The few middle aged women he has left now have kept following him, they're hopeless cases like the ones i've seen. Again, I won't name names because shit here has been touchy enough as it is, but we all know who they are and I mean all of them. The ones that did leave only did so because Gregory kicked them out. After which they immediately go to the other side of the Onision autism spectrum and become "*die hard Anti-O's", really just looking for sympathy and companionship there.
Yeah, good fucking luck with that.
probably, from what I seen happen, is that the anti-O's hear them out for a while until they have no more new dirt to tell and the novelty wears off.
Then they are truly left with nothing, its devastatingly tragic, I know..
We should write our own book "the plight of the Onision fans".
(Except asides from a very few, nobody cares)

No. 808737

I suspect we have some newfags and/or retards coming in from somewhere else, same as last thread. Kiwis are getting blamed when most of the recent transplants in the Onision thread there are anti-o's. Some of the anti's associate with known doxxers and trolls like Anonymous Gene too.

The odds of Lainey even being in the swamp shack anymore is minimal. But yea, the woman who did this >>808442 to multiple underage girls isn't a victim.

No. 808741

He said on a twitch stream they got rid of leelu, caterpie and the blonde dog was rehomed because it attacked a small animal. Only dog is Dobbs unless they've got a new one but doubt it.

No. 808745

>She’s still there with the kids.
There's no sauce for your claim. We're all tinfoiling here, I just think it's unlikely she's still there with the kids.

There's nothing in your ss indicating this is Lainey's Patreon. I thought Patreon closed her account after Greg started using it to message her patrons to start donating to Greg or something. If I remember correctly Patreon closed her account for being associated with him since he's been banned.

No. 808754

>now we're usually a couple of days behind
Behind on what though? There's no new milk unless you count Hansen's tv show that most of the girls he interviewed are pissed at him for because he sold them out behind their backs. There's nothing happening so we're kinda just rehashing old milk.

No. 808756

File: 1607657399770.png (202.49 KB, 1152x896, Capture12102020.PNG)

Anti-o's tried to get it suspended because he was using her Patreon to promote his shit. Patreon didnt care I guess. Its still up and she's still getting a little under $100 a month.

The only evidence we have that Lainey is still there is the Build A Bear girl who made a couple of toys for T & C. around Thanksgiving. >>>/pt/806335 But most anons who are in the "Lainey is gone" camp said it wasn't enough proof. Either side of this argument is going to need a proof of life video with her holding up that days newspaper before they accept anything. The only reason I believe Lainey is still there is Greg would not be able contain his anger that someone left him. He would either make a video sperging about her and drop all the details or at the very least make passive aggressive tweets or vids where he talks shit about her but doesn't say her name.
>Lets say Person A leaves Person B and takes their kids 1 and 2 without Person B's permission. I would call that kidnapping. Person A is LITERALLY a child kidnapper.

No. 808759

>Either side of this argument is going to need a proof of life video with her holding up that days newspaper
True. The issue is the identity of that twitter person was never confirmed and neither was their having any interactions with Lainey. I can see your point about Greg here but on the other hand, it's not like he'd complain about them being gone when he was about sign total custody of his son over to Lainey so he could ditch her to be with Billie and ruin her life too.

I had to check it out.

Her last post was a YEAR ago. Who would be giving her $90 a month, and for what? I guess Greg's buying more butt plugs and kombucha with that money.

No. 808765

Doormat will never leave, get this through your head. That cunt would rather set her kids on fire and watch them burn to death then leave her uwu soulmate

No. 808775

lmao oof.

Like >>808756 was saying, without any tangible proof there's just nothing to go on. She's been MIA for a year with Greg throwing bits and pieces out about her being on meds etc. and since we know how much he likes to lie and stretch the truth in general, I take everything he says with a grain of salt. If she is on meds I doubt she's done so of her own volition, and given the fact she's been gone for this long I think it's possible a 3rd party has intervened. If the law were somehow involved you know Greg wouldn't talk about it openly.

No. 808807


No. 808842

File: 1607703820131.jpg (146.37 KB, 1018x2389, Screenshot_20201211-073909.jpg)

Looks like Greg is resorting to talking to himself now..

No. 808853


Just because she's hiding from the internet because she's a coward and can't victimize herself anymore it doesn't mean she left Grease, I don't understand what's the correlation here? The lazy bitch is probably happy she doesn't have to sit in front of a camera and record half assed videos anymore, it's a win win situation for her cause she gets to hide like the coward she is and doesn't have to "work" anymore. There are no benefits in her showing her face online ever again, her reputation is completely destroyed and she knows it.
Also Grease probably encouraged her to take meds in the first place so he can use it against her and gaslight her (like he did with Sarah's BPD) when he throws her under the bus even more than he already did.

No. 808876

File: 1607718787442.jpg (14.37 KB, 720x128, seattle, wa.jpg)

>The only evidence we have that Lainey is still there is the Build A Bear girl who made a couple of toys for T & C. around Thanksgiving.  >>>/pt/806335


The build a bear worker's first tweet about them was on Nov 22nd. A Sunday. This was days before Thanksgiving and there was a female with Kai so one could argue that her sister/mother flew out days prior for the holidays but I'm lead to believe that the kids were most likely being sent to live with their new foster parents aka aunt/grandparents.

Here's why.

Someone was able to cop info that the Build A Bear worker is from Seattle. When you Google Build A Bears in Seattle. There's only one that shows up located at 2800 Westfield Southcenter Mall, Tukwila, WA 98188, United States.

What's located very close to that mall?


* Seattle-Tacoma Int'l Airport (11 mins away)
*King County International Airport - Boeing Field (12 mins away)

Then there's 528 Seatac Airport which is located at Westfield Southcenter Mall. The same mall the kids got their stuff toys.

>Given the fact she's been gone for this long I think it's possible a 3rd party has intervened. If the law were somehow involved you know Greg wouldn't talk about it openly.

I like that you said this because Greg has been radio silent on the most recent CPS call he got. Let's rewind to 1st Nov when Greg posted his "hiatus" video where he explained CPS was called again. In all the past CPS videos he'd made over the years (now deleted) he never seemed so angry and distressed. More smug and gloating since each claim was always unfounded and closed. That worked in his and Kai's favor because CPS would believe callers claims less and less each time. But in that hiatus video he looked so dishevelled, manic and worried. I think the story he gave the audience is bullshit because CPS would screen the report first and they'd call bullshit on the tweets. Just some random sicko online. They don't have time to investigate that if everything at the Grease Shack is fine. It'd be unfounded and closed like all the other cases.

That's why I think Greg is lying. I believe Greg set up the AntiO2 tweets on the 28th Oct so he could introduce his CPS lie 'properly' to blame whatever's going on behind the scenes on the Anti-Os.

Kind of like how he insists it was an "Anti-O MAP account" that got him unpartnered on Twitch when HE KNEW he got demonetized for streaming on other platforms when it's prohibited.

CPS is bound by law to investigate each and every single report made. Whatever it is they found or learned about Greg and Kai. I believe it was dire to the point law enforcement got involved and CPS demanded they hand the kids over to Kai's parents. That reptar and pony T and C got? That could've very well been parting gifts before their flight rather than mere presents. Kai's mother/sister would've had to be there for the kid's flight since C has developmental/physical issues since the 'accident' and they're both too young to fly out to NM on their own. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think Kai can leave WA if she's being investigated alongside Greg.

Minor mention but Kai's sister Lauren privated her IG. Last I checked it was open less than two months ago.

Now I know the cows don't really like the Not-Greg tinfoils but on twitter @TruthKing27 (Greg) specifically stated that Onision is still happily married and 'has his kids'.

Now why would this fan have this insidered information and why would he specifically feel the need to mention that Greg still has his kids?

With all this being said I could be wrong but I believe the only two people in the Swamp Shack are Greg and Kai. Only a matter of time to know what's truly going on. They always get found out.

No. 808885

Plausible, i was ready to tell you to fuck off with your tinfoil textwalls but shit makes sense

Maybe Kai did actually move out without the kids, if so its easy to see why CPS would be like ‘ ok NOW these kids truly need to leave’

If this catches on at kiwi we’ll know based on whatever 4D shrieking greg tries to pull in reaction to the truth coming out

No. 808896

Same as other anon. I was about to ignore the tinfoil, but your post makes a lot of sense.

No. 808909

>the only two people in the Swamp Shack are Greg and Kai
If that's true I'm sure Greg is in 7th heaven. The kids were a nuisance to him. But what does Lainey do all day now? A year ago she would complain about how had so much to do, she never had enough hours in the day. She had a house to clean and cooking. She had to keep her fans happy with YouTube videos, streams and updates on Patreon. Plus she was basically a single parent to 2 small children. But now there's no Patreon to update, no YouTube videos to make. Greg has mentioned he does the majority of cooking so she's not making the meals. She doesn't actually clean as witnessed by all the flies buzzing around her head during streams and Greg bitching that he will ask her to clean up and then find her on the couch looking at her phone. If the kids are gone she doesn't have to watch them (and fail miserably when one falls out a window.) So Lainey is just there as a hole to fuck when Greg says get on all fours.

No. 808911

You could be on to something there.

No. 808929

That's all she's ever been to Greg. She's lazy and doesn't clean. The house tour video showed laundry shoved into the kids larger toys. Literal flies buzzing around the counter tops and trash bins overflowing. She made the teens she baited into the house babysit 24/7. If the kids are gone, she's probably excited that she can go back to acting like a (self-proclaimed)12 year old fuckboi again and posting cringey try hard emo shit on Twitter

No. 808931

Don't forget she let T's teeth rot & he had to be put under to remove baby teeth. She would be thrilled if her only daily chore is fucking her "Greek god twin flame". You're giving her way too much credit.

No. 808953

>She had a house to clean
Everyone who ever visited that house complained about how filthy it was with flies everywhere, including in the WINTER time. Lainey was too busy making her shit tier content and posting sad selfies on IG to bother with household chores. Same with Greg except most of his time was spent jerking off to loli and animated bestiality in the basement. I'm sitting here laffin because despite all this, waterhead still thinks he has any room to talk shit about anybody else. How about cleaning your fly infested house first, pedo.

No. 808976

File: 1607776274477.png (2.57 MB, 1440x6285, AntiO2-.png)

>the kids were most likely being sent to live with their new foster parents aka aunt/grandparents.
Agreed. It's another reason why I think Lainey's no longer at the swamp shack. Lainey has no income that we know of (aside from a measly $90 a month from Patreon) and Greg sure af isn't going to support her even if he did have the means - he's making peanuts now - nowhere near enough to support 2 kids. So where would Lainey go? Most likely where the kids went.

The sock tinfoiling was banned here for awhile. There's nothing tying Greg definitively to these sock accounts, it's just as easy to assume it's one of his stans doing his bidding or a troll.

>I believe Greg set up the AntiO2 tweets so he could blame whatever's going on behind the scenes on the Anti-Os.

This is the only thing I don't follow: "blame whatever's going on behind the scenes on the anti's", do you mean the twitter stuff in pic related? If this was something he planned out then he wasted his time because all LE would need to do is subpoena twitter and it's game over. Only the terminally retarded believe VPN's are good enough to protect them from LE computer forensics.

With few exceptions, anti-o's have a history of really brain dead takes which is why they've gotten shit here before, it also it makes them easy scapegoats. I never believed pic related was an actual anti though. No one hates his wife and kids more than Greg does.

No. 808989

>Only the terminally retarded believe VPN's are good enough to protect them from LE computer forensics.
I always tell people that a VPN is about as useful as a cock flavored lollipop but they don't listen. Its modern snake oil, just look at this:

No. 808995

>Agreed. It's another reason why I think Lainey's no longer at the swamp shack.
>So where would Lainey go? Most likely where the kids went.

I'm thinking she couldn't leave with the kids even if she wanted to. There's a reason Greg hasn't given an update on the CPS call he got. In the past he's bragged and specifically made videos about cases being closed.

In the instance where there is a CPS investigation going on Kai can't just skip town. Matter of fact when kids are handed over to their grandparents through CPS demands it usually means parents can't get to see/go with their kids. Especially if CPS/LE is investigating abuse, neglect or endangerment.

>Lainey has no income that we know of (aside from a measly $90 a month from Patreon)

This, on top of the likelihood of an investigation is exactly why she wouldn't be able to leave Greg/the Swamp Shack.

>Greg sure af isn't going to support her even if he did have the means

That's debatable. Kai has mostly depended on Greg's wealth for financial stability and leisure. Greg has always wanted it that way to keep her dependent and entrapped. The money may not be what it once was but just enough to survive. I reckon she's so lazy and dependent that she'd double down her lifestyle by force. Plus she's a known criminal throughout Gig Harbor and neighboring counties. Probably couldn't get a job to support herself and leave even if she wanted to.

I'd bet things are 'set up' in such a way where Kai wants so desperately to leave but she can't. She racked up that Karma on top of everyone telling her to leave since Nov 14th 2012. Top Kek.

No. 808996

What fucking irony it'd be if they got convicted for abuse, endangerment or neglect of their own children before they could ever be charged for violating the Mann Act, child grooming, soliciting child porn and distributing it for sale.

It'd still be a great thing though. It'd mean their last two victims finally got out of that house.

No. 808998

I've been saying that for years, once the money is gone she's out there quicker than you can say "narcissism".

No. 809008

Cloey's birthday is in November so the bear was probably just a birthday gift, it's not that deep.

No. 809011

This makes sense. It's always been confusing why Kai stays in Washington when both sets of her parents seem well off, one has a pool. Taylor has been so lazy that she prefers being abused than working, that's probably the main reason she stays with Grease. It's funny af if she's now stuck because CPS are finally doing their job.

No. 809015

File: 1607801170093.jpg (Spoiler Image,234.71 KB, 1080x1547, billiedawnwebb-onlyfans-nudes-…)

Greg can put his cock in blue haired girls' ear canals left and right, so why would he leave either? He can literally do anything he wants. No other girl would allow him to get away with cheating, fucking other girls while an infant sleeps next to them, etc, Krai was free blue haired tatted girl SJW bait

There's girls like that Danny bitch who shamelessly skinwalks Billie to get his attention, I could see him pulling in another Billie 2.0, but it'll be a pathetic Wal-mart version

No. 809019

>Cloey's birthday is in November so the bear was probably just a birthday gift, it's not that deep.

No offense but that's not a reasonable counter argument given the context of everything else. Cloey's birthday is closer to Greg's than it is to the 22nd of Nov and I highly doubt its a birthday gift if her brother got a stuffed toy too. She got a pony btw not a bear.

No. 809021

>highly doubt its a birthday gift if her brother got a stuffed toy too
Troy has anger issues so maybe they gave him a stuffed toy too so he wouldn't get jealous and want to beat up his disabled little sister. Sam said he would push Cloey off the sofa headfirst when she was just a baby.

No. 809023

>Cloey's birthday is in November so the bear was probably just a birthday gift, it's not that deep.

>Troy has anger issues so maybe they gave him a stuffed toy too so he wouldn't get jealous and want to beat up his disabled little sister. Sam said he would push Cloey off the sofa headfirst when she was just a baby.

Are you trying to say those factors rule out >>808876 ?

What's your take or speculation on what happened that day? I'm curious to know.

No. 809024

>but it'll be a pathetic Wal-mart version
As opposed to the dollar store original you mean?
That'd be a step up, actually, a Wal-mart version.

No. 809032


I could buy the idea of at least C being palmed off to her grandparents. It shouldn't come as a surprise if we learn that the idiots that let C land on her head from a great height are also incapable of caring adequately for a now higher needs child.

No. 809038

looks like she got the green hair Greg wanted her to have. is she trying to make it up to him?

No. 809041

Greg is still stuck with the droopy titted sold out of a trunk of a car in the dollar store parking lot version.

No. 809042

What else is new? Greg has always and will always fuck gutter trash. He can't get any better than the women he's been with.

No. 809072

>Krai was free blue haired tatted girl SJW bait
He knows just as well as we do that that's the only reason he kept Kai around, as bait for underage or barely legal girls. Every single one of his relationships have been opportunistic (he's on video somewhere admitting to marrying his 1st wife Sky just so he could live off base and get more money). Now that Kai has nothing left to offer him he must be desperate to either ditch her (again) or throw her under the bus. Completely OT but I really like Billie's eyeliner here lol.

No. 809073

>assuming she still thinks about greg
Her bf is hot af anon I've seen him. I think she's plenty content in her life rn, she has no reason to live in the past like o-greg does.

No. 809077

File: 1607823344226.jpg (291.92 KB, 1080x1350, 123759100_757932301474398_1256…)

>Her bf is hot af
Well at least this one doesn't appear to be addicted to meth, hell I doubt he's old enough to drink.
Nice that they visit the same hair dresser, I suppose.

No. 809078

File: 1607823597457.jpg (252.13 KB, 747x664, 560e361bc294ad838517ab21d9dfb1…)

All of her boyfriends of the month are ugly af, imo
better than the child rapist she dated, I guess

No. 809083

I think he's in his early 20s. We should keep the Billie/non-grease related talk to the flakes thread.

No. 809084

>There's a reason Greg hasn't given an update on the CPS call
The call you're referring to was someone else calling CPS on him, if I remember correctly - imo it could be nothing but I'm open to there being other possibilities and am leaning more towards your tinfoil. I could see him staying silent because he knows if he talked about it openly it would definitely make him look worse than he already does. There was one instance when CPS investigated the Onion's directly, I think it was after C's fall? I honestly can't remember the timeline rn. Would be nice to have official documents proving an open case with CPS. Back to the sock accounts for a min; I think it's very likely that it's him because he's done this shit before, we just don't have concrete evidence. Only LE would be able to provide that.

I didn't mean to imply Kai would skip town, I totally forgot she doesn't have family members in WA, as far as we know anyway. My guess is since her family's well off they're probably sending her money. Knowing Greg though, if he knew about it he'd try to take it for himself just like he did with her Younow account after it blew up and she started making a lot of cash. He's really tried to ruin any chances of her being independent or having any outside support. It's her fault she is where she is now but Greg definitely helped her get there, on purpose.

No. 809134

>Billie is shoehorned into the convo
>looks like you're keeping pics of her to post here
>wrong thread
>scathing towards what just looks like a young modern couple


No. 809150

Is he allowed to vote?
Yes, its definitely Greg who is still obsessed with her. Go tell everybody.

No. 809151

>>809078 I hope you die

No. 809152

Imagine being manipulated and raped for years as a child just to have people shit on you for it :) you do you tho luv glad to see you support child rape

No. 809153

I remember a few weeks ago he was sperging on Twitter about how he would be spending Christmas alone and was going to do streams or something. I bet Krai's just gone to her family for the holidays like she always does … but more and more it looks like Greg is not welcome.

No. 809154

Greg's not welcome anywhere.
His in-laws have despised him ever since, and the recent fallout with his famliy made him aware of the fact that he's not welcome at his own family gatherings either.
But, y'know, it's always all of the other people's fault that Greg's life is empty, boring and becomes worse with each passing year. Like, after his OF arc, how much lower can he really fall?

Honestly who cares what her bfs look like, they're a major step up in comparison to Greg. Plus, I doubt any of them is cursed with such an awful personality as Greg's. lol

No. 809158

Is he allowed to drive?

No. 809159

I just realized Josh Powell blew his kids up in the same area where Gregoyle and Footface live, and CPS was blamed for being negligent in not preventing the boys deaths. So yeah no wonder CPS is not doing anything to protect Troy and Cloey. Those kids are screwed.

No. 809170

Is he allowed to talk to strangers?

No. 809176

i think it’s likely that her parents are at least looking into renting a place nearby, could explain her sister visiting to look at places or get keys etc
if CPS told taylor they were removing her kids and preferred family placement, i think her parents would fly up to be available for it rather than having the kids in foster home/s because that involves having two open cases in both states and having to complete all the criteria, which takes a couple months even without a pandemic. it’s not as instant as people are assuming. her parents would have an easier time just staying in WA rather than going through the ICPC regulations in both states.

sorry for blogpost/tinfoil, my sister is a social worker and i’ve been shocked the kids stayed with them after the window incident and have asked about this a lot lol

No. 809184

Footface isn't capable of handling any child special needs or not. Trot's baby teeth rotted out as a toddler. He had to go under anesthesia to get them all pulled out. All this before he could even talk. She babbles on about it on a live stream while stupidly singing along to her shitty taste in tween "emo" music.

No. 809225

I've always said she's a bad mother, despite some of the victims like Regina claiming she's a good mother. She also puts Greg first, she's told people like Sarah that, to me that's being a bad mother. A mother should put her kids before everyone, before herself and the father even. That's being a good mother.
Sure you need to take care of yourselves, that's logical, but at the end of the day when you are a parent nothing comes before the kids.
I don't want to convict the whole girl falling out the window thing, because shit happens, but in her case I never felt comfortable with that either. Its an odd story as I'm sure CPS agrees.

No. 809227

billie wasn't raped as a child, you dumb-ass newfag. she dated the child sodomizer in pic related, and he killed himself, and she put a little memorial on her instagram. when someone called her out on him literally raping a child, she responded, "lol so what bitch"

No. 809233

my stomach from laughing omg

No. 809258

File: 1607908098310.png (69.85 KB, 155x275, 1470168898436.png)

No. 809262

I honestly don't even know what to say to this. I'd like to ask Greg what we are supposed to say to it.
Just, fuck you, Greg. fuck you.
Grow the fuck up.

No. 809284

Shit happens but a kid falling out of a second story window and nobody knew it, is straight up neglect. Shit like that doesn't just happen.

No. 809291

I bet Tami regrets not aborting him like the doctor told her.

No. 809300

If she had let the vacuum get him then she wouldn't have gotten a free house.

No. 809305

But anon she dyed her hair green, it must mean she's thinking about Greg! lol in his addlebrained delusions I bet he thinks they're all still clinging to his memory the way he clings on to theirs. He was just texting Billie last year while she ignored it - he'd still be doing it too if he could. kek

No. 809306

His "logic" works like this: it's someone else's fault he brought a 16yo into his home, groomed her and fucked her as soon as she was legal. I'm sure he blames Kai too even though he knows he was using Kai to bait underage/barely legal girls. He applies this same "logic" to his forums where he collected pics of minors in their underwear blaming "the perverted internet" for saying he was doing pedo shit, and now he's lost everything. Guess that's the internet's fault too. Everything showing the type of person he is is on the internet forever and he has himself to thank for it - bitch gonna die mad, alone and a pedo.

No. 809317

File: 1607930236812.png (167.11 KB, 798x1231, Most Honest Pedophile ( Onisio…)

>muh rape/blackmail/extortion
He literally says the same shit over and over as if repeating the lies will eventually make them true. If he weren't lying he would've taken his shit to the police by now.

Since he lurks here: Take your professional victim narrative to the (now) Pierce County Sheriff who publicly confirmed you were under state and federal investigation, I'm sure he'll be happy to hear it. kek cry more

No. 809322

>its definitely Greg who is still obsessed with her.
Correct >>807482, >>807556.

No. 809325

Footface instigated shit with Sarah all by herself in the beginning. Foot wasn't used or forced by Greg in this situation. She's a predator just like Greg is. It is her fault as much as his.

No. 809326

File: 1607938933240.jpg (66.25 KB, 457x600, 7212160208194315g.jpg)

Since we're talking about Greg here lets go with dictionary definitions, the "big lie* or "große Lüge", as invented by Adolf Hitler:
“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
Ironically, in Greg's case, it clearly does not seem to be working.

No. 809327

File: 1607939428293.jpg (374.5 KB, 1425x740, fullcircle.jpg)

and so we've come full circle.

No. 809334

When's Onion ever going to address the contract he claimed Sarah coerced him to sign was drafted (searched on Google) by him and printed out? How is Sarah coercing him when he was threatening to kick her out if she did not sign his NDA and explore their "relationship". He's a 35 unemployed man online that invites girls over to his house and makes them sign NDAs because he wants to fuck them and make sure they don't tell the Internet. No one is as fucking dumb as Greg to believe Sarah or ANYONE would rape him.

No. 809337

Lmao it was so funny when he tried to address this when he was “finally speaking up” in his stream of YouTube videos.

He basically was like “she threatened me that she would ruin my life. I didn’t know what she thought she had in me but I thought she might lie and try to ruin my life online so I had to sign the nda that I insisted on in the first place because the options were:

1. Kick her out again and have her spread a bunch of unfounded lies that I could try to refute.
2. Get raped along with Lainey and also create some actual evidence that makes me look really bad aka sleeping with someone I’ve had an incredibly inappropriate relationship with when they were a minor.
3. All of number two and also cheat on Lainey with the minor.

So I guess you could tell which one I had to pick…”

I think he has an ability to hold the technical on paper version of events in his head alongside real events and that allows both things to be true at once. Sarah made a joke about getting what he wants but technically saying those words in that order would be her extorting them (blind to all context) but also make having sex with an 18 year old sexually satisfying for him because he groomed her for years and was finally able to harvest his efforts and bask in the taboo of it.

No. 809338

Honestly, cats in heat sound better than this. Even flushing the toilet is more melodic.

No. 809340

The rape was so bad he kept inviting her back for months, and willingly fucked her ass in the shower and on Lainey's chair.

No. 809342

Take a minute please to let that sink in: You got a minor in your house right about 14 years of age and you're thinking to yourself "well i'd like to have sex with her one day", and she's under your care.
No really, let that sink in for a minute. Take some time to think about how depraved that truly is.
I'm sure you all have nieces, sisters, siblings..

No. 809345

It’s rich that they try to say that this is obviously a joke but Sarah’s joke out of discomfort wasn’t.

No. 809349

why doesn't greg just tell the truth and say that he abused Sarah mentally in the similar manner he does his fans, like McFly in example that one stream where she's upset because he said something shitty (as always) and people confront him about it. And he then goes and says that "he is training her to be his own harley quinn, where she just gets used to the abuse" and then doing the harley voice going "you want your slippers mister j?"
that to me sounds far more plausible than the whole "scaring her away from my very tiny cock"-spiel

No. 809358

And remember
It's something he printed off from Google
NDAs are already difficult to hold up in court in most cases

If he truly thought this NDA was necessary to that point, then he would have stayed a legal battle for a) "breaking" the NDA and b) being totally "blackmailed" and "raped"

I mean, we already know it's all bullshit, but even his version of events elude all sense of rationale.

No. 809365

He had no problem taking Repzion to court just because he made some videos about him, but won't do the same to someone who raped him and his totally innocent wife. Jeez I wonder why he won't take Sarah to court.

No. 809366

He's too traumatized, clearly. Fax.

No. 809391


he hates teenage girls b/c he's attracted to them and knows they're mostly off limits to him now.

even online, he has a very select few he can try cultivate & groom now due to him being catfished numerous times & being caught out.

under-aged girls & "under-age girls" post the chatlogs to the internet and he's very paranoid about it now.

No. 809392

>the "big lie"
I thought the same thing. He's always done this, it's why he's had socks all over twitter and elsewhere. It's partially how he was able to drive his exes off the internet for awhile. Now the little hamster in his brain's been working overtime trying to utilize the same deceptive techniques and it's just not cutting it anymore. So sad.

No. 809394

They moved Sarah in when she was 16 but Lainey started talking to her and having sexual convos with her when she was 14, Lainey was 19/20.

No. 809396

Plus he had no problem driving Sarah to and from work, bringing her to family holiday parties, making videos with her, talking to her about her virginity as a minor, letting her take care of his kids etc and etc he’s so full of shit.

No. 809401

File: 1608037182917.jpeg (227.21 KB, 828x605, 36EBE2AE-5F44-4746-9276-9B32E1…)

Has anyone seen the new music video Grease posted? I’m not sure how to post it as it would go directly to his shitty archive channel. He’s singing about the ‘woman of his life’. Probably about Billie kek.

It seems he’s having a melt down on Twitter too. Reminds me what he was like whilst he was getting divorced. All he posted about was not being good enough and depressed.

No. 809405

Bullshitting again for attention as usual. We already know what an empathetic bleeding heart he is >>807868.

No. 809415

Yeah i now believe kai did leave with the kids and greg is only now realizing he was tricked into letting them leave the swamp for a ‘family visit’. It’s what gArY FuLler let slip, and it explains both his brief initial mania a few days ago and his current uwu sadboi lovebombing - an attempt to guilt kai into returning.

This means the lil prick is PRIMED for a massive rage meltdown when the docu comes out

No. 809417

File: 1608048868084.png (239.83 KB, 798x1042, themanyoutubelovestohate.PNG)

Discovery gave more info on the documentary.
>three-part limited series
>exclusive interviews with his father, Randy Jackson (Randall Daniel)
>archival content from Onision’s own channels
If they use clips from his videos without paying him you know he's going to go ape shit about it.

I think they made a mistake attaching a name to the production of this docu.
>Lisa Holme, Group SVP Content and Commercial Strategy for discovery+
Greg and his ever shrinking gang of supporters will try and dig up shit on Lisa and use it to discredit the whole series because she bounced a check back in 2009 or had a messy divorce last year.


No. 809418

Randy being in the documentary will make got some delicious milk. Wonder what Greg's going to do when he finds out LOL

No. 809421

Randy is finally gonna have his revenge for the years Grease slandered him and called him a pedo without proof lol. This gonna be good.

No. 809422

Since Greg is on the outs with his mom and both sisters Id love if they had interviewed them too. I know if my brother had talked so harshly about me having an abortion and then a month later told his fans that when he was a child I had forced him to show me his penis Id be pissed enough to expose everything I knew about him.

No. 809427

The song is definitely about Billie, if it was about Foot he wouldn't have "misgendered" her in that song so many times, not because he cares but because he wants to keep that fake image of being supportive of his "husband" being trans.
I wonder if he's been sending Billie weird email again kek.

No. 809428

Poor Greg will have to take one of his tired sob stories out of rotation now.

Unfortunately I feel like they’re going to fuck it up just like Hansen did. It’s going to be a totally overdramatized shock piece and make everything seem cartoonish. It will probably help make him even more of a pariah in his local community but I’m sure most of them hopefully already know not to let their tweens and teens babysit for them.

I think it’s possible they’re in separation like they were the first time Greg cheated on her but without external intervention I don’t think she will be able to stay away. Maybe not though. She’s in so deep now that she might be too worn down to try and get away again.

No. 809431

There aren’t really any lyrics just “I know it could be true, it’s you, the lady of my life” over and over again.

So it’s not clear who it’s about, it could be about Billie, a new target, his daughter, but it’s not about Lainey.

Lady is a weird work choice though. I wonder why he went with that.

No. 809432

What were the exact dates that he said he would be streaming a lot because he would be alone? Did it start today?

Whenever he’s alone he normally melts down.

No. 809433

that sounds like some Kenny Rogers shit

No. 809436

oh greg, greg greg greg. you annoying, winy little sycophant. this is how you do a song about mother.

No. 809437

He wouldn't use "girl" because he's afraid of that word now. I've noticed more than once in his streams he gets to the "gi…" part and then says woman. Im sure the first working title was "The Legal Female Adult Of My Life"

No. 809438

It sounds like he tried to rip off Astronomia / Coffin Dance. His voice sounds even worse and more nasal than usual, he should really stop dabbling in the arts.

No. 809450

File: 1608059160523.png (Spoiler Image,611.67 KB, 1225x331, Capture12152020.PNG)

His recent onlyfans uploads is him bare assed with a towel over his head. Why the fuck is he hiding his head if his back is turned and you wouldn't have been able to see his face. I understood the luchador masks thing when he was hiding his face because of whatever tinfoil you believe (bad chemical peel, plastic surgery, shitty botox) but this has me puzzled. Did he do something about that bald spot and they fucked it up and that's the reason for all the crying?

No. 809451

Probably hiding his balding head, hair can look hella thin when it’s wet

No. 809486

another aids tier song

i wonder who the lady of his life is?

No. 809491

his mommy.

No. 809496

Imagine if they interviewed his mom and that’s why he’s spazzing

No. 809499

>ex-fiancé Shiloh
Yeah, that scheming bitch was going to be there. Not sure it’ll help revive her dead music career kek

No. 809502

I wonder if the documentary will cause Greg to finally be banned off of Youtube and Twitter.
And I also wonder how big a success it will be, and if Greg can still show his face outside after its done.
I know I'm kinda asking for a lot, just playing with the thought.

No. 809503

Taylor is as creepy as Greg. She's right where she wants to be. She's not too worn down to leave. She just doesn't want to leave. She's already said she'd put Greg before her kids.

No. 809511

File: 1608080578968.png (60.7 KB, 600x593, 453288_88.PNG)

Over 30 tweets in two hours. Usually Greg spergsout when Lainey goes to visit her family and he's left alone in the house. Did she fly back to New Mexico early for Xmas? I'm crossing my fingers for a total freak out later tonight. Maybe he'll even stream it.

Not worth screenshotting them all. He's fighting the same old shadows.
Chris Hansen
Shane Dawson
Social Repose
Blaire White
cutters should blame themselves
people who now date someone with BPD as a snub to Onision are retards

There is a new obsession. He's pissed at Logan Paul for wanting to fight a shorter man, Mayweather.

No. 809526

>he was tricked into letting them leave the swamp for a ‘family visit’.
Would be hilarious if this turns out to be true.

No. 809528

>interviews with other accusers
Like the girls who didn't consent to having their faces/stories used in this documentary? And before someone goes "it's on the internet what's the problem", the girls who no longer speak to Hansen were of the understanding that their interviews were staying on youtube, unedited. I'm not giving that old faggot asspats for lying to the people he said he would help.

I'm dubious of this project with Hansen's name being attached to it after all the lies he's told. It says he's going to be interviewed, I'd heard he was hosting the series. I guess we'll find out.

Interesting Randy's in this. I'll be sure to watch a pirated copy of his interview.

No. 809532

>I am so sad
>BPD = batshit crazy
>a shit personality that hurts others
Pot meet kettle >>807868.

No. 809533

Oh give the fuck over! Hansen did the best he could do with the uncharasmatic girls. Billie and Sarah, apart from Shiloh, are probably the only worthwhile victims to interview for TV and they already got Shiloh. Billie got slated by anti-os and Onision fans for being inarticulate and most likely refused going on TV for that reason, also because, again, anti-os and onision fans shame her for her past unrelated to Onision. Sarah also got harassed by Onion fans and anti-os and people attacked her for unrelated reasons relating to Onision. No one gives a fuck about Regina or the others that had online relationships only with these people. Maya refused Hansen so doubt she would have been down for network TV.

It's hilarious that his Dad agreed to go on. If they reached out to Greg's Dad they probably reached out to Lainey's parents and family, which could actually have been the catalyst for them finally taking the allegations against their daughter's husband seriously. Compounded with the fact CPS seem to be a common occurrence with their grandchildren. It's the documentary probably causing Onion to sperg out. Look how often he cites being on Tosh.0,im not American but apparently its a variety clip show for virl YouTube videos? For UK anons think of rudetube which was a lazy late night show of viral YouTube videos. Like if he wasn't being painted as a fucking villain this would probably be Greg's highest achievement to date. Having a TV show made about him. Except the egotistical bastard has no say over the direction of it and they're going to paint him as an absolute cunt and even his dad is going on TV to talk shit about his son.

Sucks to be Greg!!!

No. 809534

Randy's the only milk I can realistically see coming from this.
>It’s going to be a totally overdramatized shock piece and make everything seem cartoonish.
Given the person who sold the story to them, that's what I'm expecting. At least Randy will get to say his piece though, unless they fuck that up somehow.

No. 809536

Hopefully they will also talk about the "other women" Sarah said visited the swamp shack (or maybe these women will have milk to bring too).

No. 809539

Hansen sold a story without the girls (except Shiloh) knowing about it, and when they found out, he tried to "convince" them that it was in their best interest to sign the release forms. They didn't. He lied. End of.
>Billie got slated by anti-os and Onision fans
Farmers were slagging her off too back then lol are you new. Billie refused to do the show for the same reason everyone (but Shiloh and Regina) did.

I don't expect much from this series, other than maybe some milk from Randy.

No. 809540

I wouldn't wonder whether Discovery+ keeps an eye on his twitter and saves his tweets to add them to the final episode at the last second, or to give an update after those three episodes have been broadcast. kek

No. 809541

Most farmers don't slag Billie actually, its the anti os that post here and also post her OF content into the Onision thread or post the more explicit ones in the flake thread.

Big fucking wah Hansen sold the idea for the show. Farmers care about milk and bringing attention to what an absolute cunt Greg is. This TV show is doing that for us. We weren't exactly thrilled with how Hansen handles some of the interviews or how some of the girls handled themselves afterwards but my God did it bring a lot of milk and some actual consequences for Greg.

The most vocal group against Hansen and this TV show are the queer YouTube drama channels that feel entitled to compensation and views even tho half of the fruits outright use lolcow as their source but don't acknowledge us and get assblasted when we criticise them or correct them.

No. 809547

I have no problem with Billie. Some farmers criticized her interview back then because it just wasn't very good, that's a fact. She did her best, I don't fault her for her choice then or now.
>Big fucking wah Hansen sold the idea for the show
He's a pathological liar, correct. You must be new. It was Luxy if remember correctly, who put out a group statement representing all the girls except Shiloh and Regina, disavowing Hansen and the tv series. The girls have also publicly thanked some of those youtubers, so I'm not sure what you're on about. Some of those youtubers actually helped a few of Dahvie's victims get in contact with FBI because Hansen lied about having FBI contacts LOL.

Like I said, I only expect milk from Randy. I'll catch the tldr.

No. 809549

File: 1608088001713.png (21.8 KB, 776x165, newsweek randy jackson.PNG)

I'm with you on that. I hope its a new interview and not a voice actor doing a dramatic reading of the Newsweek interview.

>I don't expect much from this series
If anyone's expecting new revelations from this documentary or that its some how going to get Greg put in jail they're idiots. This documentary is just going to be like a Repzion or Blaire White video. They gather information from the farms and compile it into a nice little package. Discovery isnt putting reporters/detectives on the ground to do legwork and find evidence. My only hope is that it causes Greg to give us the Spergout of the Year and those older people who watch crime shows get to hear about Onision. Hopefully more people in his town are exposed to what a garbage human being he is.

No. 809550

Everything on Discovery is tacky overdramatized dumbed-down shit.

The good part here will be when people not familiar hear “Chris Hansen made a show about Onision” and jump to conclusions.

No. 809552

So are you Luxy or one of the drama channels? Some of the girls also just wanted to put their story out there and move on. Sarah handed her devices into the police so something is still happening that way. Hansen has contacts with the Sherrif for Greg's County. TV has a lot more weight than YouTube, so I would not be surprised if Discovery has more reach with getting in touch with LE for interview as its only been an already established name in TV - Hansen, that got the police to actually go on camera and discuss ongoing investigation. I also believe it was Hansen that elevated attention on to Dahvie Vanity and his victims?

Like it's pretty obvious what camps people are commenting on behalf of when they're already bad mouthing this documentary when farmers who have been posting here for years think it's hilarious that out of all the threads on Cows, we're finally getting a TV show about Onision not painting him in a good light and actually addressing his allegations.

No. 809554

lmao of course they didn't do any research, Hansen didn't do any research before his little "investigation" either. Other than separate interviews with people like Randy, it looks like all they did was compile info from vids on youtube and mash it all together. There were a lot of youtubers who refused to take part in this so it'll be funny to see who decided to sign on.

I heard the docu is set for a weird time slot like after 12AM? Definitely not prime time.

No. 809555

>Most farmers don't slag Billie actually, its the anti os that post here and also post her OF content into the Onision thread or post the more explicit ones in the flake thread.

Agreed. It feels like there’s one or two vocal people that have a hate boner for billie that will come on and say needlessly shitty things about her but I don’t think most people don’t like her. She’s one of his exes that handled the horrible shit he put her through the best and came out on top in the end. She’s been a needle in Greg’s side ever since she rejected him for the final time and a source of entertainment to see Greg embarrassingly pine and grovel for her all while she rightly won’t give him the time of day.

> Hopefully they will also talk about the "other women"

I understand if they wouldn’t want to come out and be associated with Greg or Lainey but it would be good to know what their experiences were like if they could do it anonymously on the show. I think if what maya shared and how it really gave you a look into the dysfunction of the whole household and how toxic Greg is.

> >he was tricked into letting them leave the swamp for a ‘family visit’.
It took family intervention to finally get Shiloh out even after all the shit she had been through so it’s not too far out to think that while Lainey would never leave her ~twin flame~ that her family would finally realized it had gotten bad enough that they need to intervene for her sake and the kids sake. It’s too bad that she stayed so long because she’s become an accomplice to all his fucked up abuse and she can’t take back all the damage she’s caused sarah and the other girls.

No. 809557

Bragging about being on Tosh.0 is like bragging about being on America's Funniest Home videos.

No. 809558

I agree that he did the same as Repzion and most other YouTubers. The only thing we got from the Hansen interviews were a few new pieces of damning information about Greg and Lainey that no one on the farms had heard before. My jaw dropped when Sarah mentioned that Greg and Lainey had sex with her while their little girl was in the same bed with them. And she said it like it wasn't a big deal. They had normalized such bizarre behavior in that household she thought it was okay.

No. 809559

>So are you Luxy or one of the drama channels?
That's a stupid question. I can find and post the group statement she made if you like. Shiloh lied to her "sisters" and colluded behind their backs (shocking I know), Regina decided to do the show probably for shekels, so that makes TWO out of all the girls involved, the rest refused. Hansen lied about having FBI contacts, we know this because Ashlee >>808444 said it publicly. Ashlee and the other Dahvie victims (minus one or two) also no longer talk to Hansen.

Hansen was supposed to get a second interview with the Sheriff of Pierce County and never did, I wonder why?

Overdramatized, poorly researched reality tv drivel doesn't = milk. The "camp" I'm in includes not being full of shit.

No. 809560

You're thick. Posting a ss of her statement doesn't disprove you are either her or someone Hansen interviewed or one of the drama channels. Like honestly, weren't each of the girls asked to be on the show, well the relevant ones anyway? So how tf was Hansen lying? Oh because he met Shiloh in LA were he was probably meeting with TV execs and she was the fist to sign on? Oh no, how horrible. Now there's going to be a TV show painting Greg as a pedophilic grooming abuse piece of shit.

No. 809561

>what maya shared gave you a look into the dysfunction of the whole household
That's true. Maya's experiences really helped paint a picture. It's very telling how similar all the girls stories were despite them being with the Onion's at separate times.

No. 809565

Can we agree that most people here (minus the Anti-O fags) are only excited about the docu not for the milk it will bring, but the freak out that's going to happen when Greg sees it. Maybe Randy will tell new stories about Gregs childhood.

>weren't each of the girls asked to be on the show, well the relevant ones anyway?

They tried to interview that kid who looks 13 and does his "podcasts" out of his closet AugieRFC. Relevancy wasn't big on their list. They were emailing anyone and everyone that had ever said Onisions name in a video.

No. 809566

>doesn't disprove you are either her or someone Hansen interviewed
lol ok. I know the timeline of events because I've been around awhile. And yeah, I know Hansen met Shiloh in LA but I wasn't aware she was the first to sign on. Thanks for that tidbit.

No. 809567

So them researching and putting the effort into reaching out to people associated with Greg is now wrong? Some people think Greg writing the same tired shit on twitter is milk so really it's difficult to understand how some people see this documentary as pointless. It's not everyday a person becomes the subject of TV series about being the most hated person on YouTube and their own dad signs up for it. I don't get the mentality about writing this show off unless you're bitter you're not personally involved for whatever reason.

No. 809568

>the freak out that's going to happen when Greg sees it
I'm not getting my hopes up anon, I refuse. There have been plenty of times farmers were hoping for le epic chimpout and it didn't happen.

No. 809569

No, the critical farmers >>809549 are saying there was no real research done because the guy who sold them this story doesn't do research, which is a fact. No one thinks Greg's circle jerks on twitter is milk. Randy might bring milk, he might not. We shall see.

No. 809570

Yet no one has saw the documentary so stating its not researched is just a tinfoil at this stage that helps Grease discredit it for his remaining fans. Just such a bizarre stance to take unless you're personally offended by Hansen.

No. 809572

Im not calling it pointless. What Im saying is that when a big media corp does a story about Onision there's never anything new. Like the Newsweek stories or the smaller internet magazines. They just reiterated everything posted on the farms. I will give credit to Steven Asarch for reaching out to Randy.
Am I going to watch it. Fuck yes. Am I excited about it? A little. Only because I hope there will be a little gem that surprises us all and we find out new dirt. Plus maybe this will bring new heat on him in his white retirement community of Gig Harbor. Old people love those crime drama docu's.

Im not trying to be argumentative. Im almost positve they're just going to compile shit they found on Youtube, Google and what Hansen hands over. Have you seen the release they gave for the show? They couldn't even be bothered to research the real name of his dad.
>exclusive interviews with his father, Randy Jackson
His dads last name is Daniel. Any farmer who's been here for a while knows that.

No. 809575

>helps Grease discredit it for his remaining fans
What the hell are you even talking about? Who the fuck cares what his "remaining fans" think?

By saying "there's probably been no real research", we're drawing logical conclusions based on what we already know to be true. I also said I'll wait and see, but it's safe to say my expectations aren't high and I wouldn't be surprised if it's another milkless shitshow. I'll be watching a reupload somewhere anyway.

No. 809576

TV networks that write the descriptions for the TV guides usually aren't the show runners or the producers that make the show. Also it's just fascinating that people are implying drama youtubers put more thought into their videos (which btw, they often misconstrue facts or get shit completely wrong) than TV writers and people who had to compete with other highly qualified people to work in the industry.

The fact they've got his dad, Hansen and shiloh will be interesting. Hansen can actually discuss the intent of his investigations and discuss things that wouldn't suit the format he had for interviewing people. Greg's dad is obviously going to be interesting to hear from. Shiloh probably has enough content to pad out the entire series depending on how they do it. Her arc is interesting even if you hate her. She had potential to be a legit pop star and got groomed by Greg and he filmed and dramatised some of it for his shitty YouTube career.

They're doing more than one episode. Hansen could have been in washington filming with them when he showed up go Greg's house we don't know. We have no idea the format of this show. Just people quick to dismiss it for whatever reasons.

No. 809577

>They just reiterated everything posted on the farms.
>they're just going to compile shit they found on Youtube, Google and what Hansen hands over.
This is exactly what I've been saying.

Unless the boomers in his town are up past midnight, I don't think they're going to see it.

No. 809580

File: 1608092845861.png (696.92 KB, 1227x712, discoveryplus.PNG)

Unless the boomers in his town are up past midnight, I don't think they're going to see it.
docu is set for a weird time slot like after 12AM? Definitely not prime time.

I was worried about the exposure too. I checked out the homepage and it seems like its streaming not timeslot shows. So if Im not wrong its going to be like Disney Plus. Its not shown at a specific time only, its released on a specific day and you can stream it any time you want after its initial release. Like The Mandalorian, a new episode is released every Friday at 12am PST and you can stream it at your convenience. Please correct me if Im wrong. If Im not mistaken then this brings me hope more people will see it. Gig Harbor Boomers scrolling through the list of ID shows to stream and see something about a groomer in Washington state. Im sure they'll watch.

No. 809582

didn't even realise discovery+ is a new thing and one of their flagship shows is going to be Grease the Groomer? Hilarious!

No. 809583

That lump on his back is repulsive, why on earth did he think this was a good angle? Not that there's any good angles on Grease, but gross.

No. 809602

I haven't seen one of these pics and never will. I honestly don't think he does OF to be appealing because he knows he's incapable of it.

No. 809604

This is an anonymous image board no1curr who you think anyone is. We're not a hivemind, there will be different opinions. All they >>809559 were saying is they're glad to show you the ss where most of the girls disavowed Hansen for being a lying two faced sack of shit, selling a story (their interviews) behind their backs without them knowing about it. They also had some choice words for Shiloh in particular but I digress kek.

I expect no milk from this show other than maybe Onion's dear old dad, that might be the only thing worth watching for me.

No. 809623

k, i'm putting 10 dollars down on Discovery getting a bunch of fax wrong and the internet (anti-o's) spergin' out on twitter @ discovery over it afterwards.
calling it now.

No. 809635

With all the stuff that Greg tries to hide, rewrite and twist it's kinda bound to happen.
I'll reserve my criticism until after the show has aired. After all, thanks to Hansen we're aware of C falling out of the window, which wasn't known before. He was the catalyst for the information to come to light. Maybe there will be more bits and pieces that help piece together certain events or explain Greg's behaviour at a certain date.

No. 809645

File: 1608141129483.jpg (Spoiler Image,282.43 KB, 1080x1436, billayyyyy.jpg)

Billie's a trashy e-thot, but she makes Grease rage because "no pretty kinky e-girl to live out my threesome fantasies with," so I hope she continues to post BDSM photos and pictures of her on a dog leash on her Onlyfans just to spite him

No. 809648

File: 1608142159920.jpg (Spoiler Image,362.68 KB, 1080x1650, billiedaw.jpg)

imagine him REEEEEEEE(learn to spoiler files)

No. 809657

This seems like a poorly vailed excuse to post her OF pictures and call her a “trashy ethot” more than anything else. Who cares, it’s funny that Greg is pining after someone that won’t take his abuse anymore but you’re not adding anything with this.

I’m sure he’ll have a new young girl in the house soon enough anyway for everyone to focus on and hopefully any association with Greg will fade away for all of the people who dealt with him in the past but have since cut him out of their lives.

No. 809658

Billie's OF photos are hardly relevant to the Onision thread.

No. 809662

Just noticed discovery+ is available on Sky under apps, like how netflix, YouTube and amazon are. Hopefully this means UK anons with Sky can watch the Onision documentary at the same time as Americans

No. 809670

Oh, lord, imagine if mumsnet gets a bee in their bonnets about Greg. That would be amazing.

No. 809678

File: 1608164598517.png (819.77 KB, 1080x675, 885080675.png)

>This is a true crime series for the streaming generation
Gotta love this nigger marketing vernacular. lol boomers.

No. 809679

Anti-o's have gotten facts wrong before. We've thankfully avoided most of that shit here. I don't even think the current group call themselves anti's. Most of them have tried unsuccessfully to distance themselves from the last batch.
>thanks to Hansen we're aware of C falling out of the window
C's "accident" was revealed by a twitterfag >>808414. The boomer that doesn't do his own research got the info from them.

No. 809689

I assumed it was either someone with a long standing vendetta from the Cuddlegate days, or an attempt to steer the conversation away from the Discovery documentary. They only started posting her OF photos here because they earlier tried getting a reaction in the flakes thread and no one cared and resumed talking about what race Shiloh was this month or what breed of dog Tamara has fucked recently.

No. 809698

File: 1608177067902.webm (9.93 MB, 320x180, PImKpjD9krY2p1Nl (1).webm)

I'm happy to hear that its going to be a NEW interview with Gregs dad and not a rehash of the Newsweek interview. Repzion seems hyped for it and says we're going to learn new things. I have one question. Why was Daniel allowed early access? That's usually given to people that are involved in a project. Did Repzion go back on his earlier decision and actually worked with Discovery?

No. 809703

File: 1608182775913.jpg (203.95 KB, 810x1079, 20201216_21498.jpg)

Posting this to see if any farmer that has knowledge in real estate affairs can explain what he did or his probable reason for doing it. Ive seen the term "for one dollar and love and affection" on quick deeds. I Googled Wollochet Heights and it maps out to the Gig Harbor area. There's a Wollochet Dr near his home also. If this is concerning his current home why did Greg sell the Swamp Shack back to himself for a dollar? Was it because of the name change a year ago? You'd think he would of taken care of this back then.

No. 809708

File: 1608183803915.png (633.04 KB, 956x534, Capture0564112.PNG)

The current estimated selling price of Greg's home is a little over half a million dollars. If he sold the house to himself or family for $1 then he will owe federal gift taxes on that $530,599 to the IRS.
IRS saga pt.2 when?

No. 809711

That's the same parcel number as his home address, plus the lot he bought next to it.

No. 809723

>we get to see his fathers side of things
>Onision's going to rage over this

Since he's seen part one this gives me a little more optimism that maybe we'll get some actual milk out of this. I don't know why someone would be allowed early access. I think if Repzion made a deal with them he would've been transparent about it like he's been doing for months. I'm sure the reason will come up soon enough.

No. 809724

Could you imagine this being the face of your one true love? The girl you lust and long over everynight. She’s not ugly but she definitely isn’t anything special. She’s a high school drop out who failed to this day to get an actual job. Nevermind I see the commonality between her grease and Kry. All three are useless Af. Not one of them is doing anything worth while on this earth. Billie is a thirst trap who isn’t skilled enough to find work and greases baby carrot begs for that slop

No. 809727

And non-saging anon tries to spin it towards Billie again when its revealed Greg may be trying to transfer his real estate into a trust so it can't be claimed as an asset if there is a lawsuit or divorce. Hmmm, not suspicious at all.

No. 809728

idk why her pics keep getting posted here. Shit belongs in the flakes thread when it's unrelated to grease.
>IRS saga pt.2 when
He's trying to play some 4D chess again. kek. Just when I thought this cow was dead, it looks like we're in for at least one last Milkmas.

No. 809735

File: 1608200167934.png (15.35 KB, 534x156, deeds-trusts-the-uniform-fraud…)

Greg and Lainey transferred ownership of both parcels (the home on Fern Ln plus the sliver of land he bought earlier this year) to Troy and Cloey in an Irrevocable Trust. And who are the Trustees of T&C's trust? Greg and Lainey. This smells fishy to me. Is someone trying to put a lean on their house?

No. 809739

Billie did work, its Kai that's never had a real job. Be mad.

No. 809740

Just tinfoil, but maybe they came to an agreement that Repzion may review the series or talk (and promote) it on YouTube without getting DMCA'd because he was so upset about them taking "his" (aka LC and KF kek) reseach and turning it into a TV show.
We'll find out onw way or the other.

No. 809744

File: 1608209456533.jpg (152.28 KB, 603x910, _20190409_191233.JPG)

Greg started manic tweeting at 3am. He also made a new video Onision: In Real Life Documentary - Shiloh, Sarah & Discovery+ Exposed to dispute the docu synopsis Discovery put out. He's panicking even before January 4th.

No. 809746

File: 1608211849858.png (515.8 KB, 2061x675, Onision In Real Life Documenta…)

That first tweet
>looks like someone is getting sued

In the video he reads the synopsis and highlights the name of the producer and starts making threats.
>sharing the truth behind one of the most notorious characters on the internet says lisa holme now i know who to sue wonder what lisa holme's net worth is
>group svp content and commercial strategy for discovery plus see you in court you'll see in court why you shouldn't be proud

His excuse for not suing Repzion, Hansen, Sarah is they don't have any money or assets. So even if he won it wouldn't be worth his time and he would lose money with all the court costs and lawyer fees. Discovery is a billion dollar corporation. What excuse will he pull out of his ass this time when he chickens out and doesn't go through with the lawsuit.

No. 809747

As if Discovery didn't plan for this already. I would love to see him try though.

No. 809753

File: 1608215557016.png (201.36 KB, 802x910, Don't RT Me on Twitter.png)

Sorry but this one deserves its own post. Can't wait for more court photos with a dirty manlet in an oversized suit.

No. 809754

>when he chickens out and doesn't go through with the lawsuit.
Anon don't jinx the milk. I beg.

No. 809756

File: 1608217383157.jpg (25.69 KB, 390x310, 32.jpg)

>mfw Greg thinks he can win against a company with a 14 billion dollar net worth.
Like they wouldn't have their own stable of 378 personal Johnny Cochrans vs his 15 dollar an hour lawyer. Hey, maybe he can hire Fran Nicotra? That will work!
I want to believe, the only problem is Repzion is a sell-out willing to sell his own mother if the price is right. So he could very easily be promoting the damn thing.

No. 809757

The Discovery CEO can fuck Greg in the ass and sell his mother in to slavery, with actual filmed evidence and 14.000 witnesses, yet still get off scott free.
And then make a documentary of the whole process, called "We fucked Greg in the ass and sold his mother in to slavery" and make mad bank off of that. If he thinks he can win against them he's more deluded than we all thought.
Might as well try and win a case against Disney.

No. 809760

File: 1608218705017.webm (13.16 MB, 1280x720, Shiloh.webm)

>Abusing #meToo by lying hurts everyone.

>Made a video where he pelted a girl with hard candy, admitted to abusing her saying no one will ever find out and giggled about it like a high pitched little eunuch.

He's says it was all scripted when he can't act for jack shit. It's only the first half of the vid that's been edited out where Shiloh's obviously going off of a script. She's easily one of the biggest cows to ever exist but I know abuse when I see it.

No. 809763

Look at this fuckwad, singling out the woman for an attack.

No. 809765

Is it just the Shiloh video or did he create a whole montage of “receipts?”

Lmao old man cc’ing people in a tweet without their handles.

> What excuse will he pull out of his ass this time when he chickens out and doesn't go through with the lawsuit.
My bet is he uses this to fuel his persecution complex and bleed fans of their money. Boo hoo there are even anti-os in this big corporation, I need my fans to fund my ability to stand up to this big corporate bully and speak fax to power. Then later say it would be fruitless anyway and his true fans know the truth and most importantly, no refunds.

We’re still waiting on him suing sarah for breaking an nda, extortion, and rape so he probably should get to his lawsuits in order too.

Htg shut up and let it go. We get it, you hate Billie and want to shit on her. Not everyone feels the same way about her that you do and you keep shitting up the thread talking to yourself about her.

No. 809768

Is he gonna sue the wrong people and dismiss himself in court again?

No. 809770

Says the guy who threatened to kill himself if Skye didn't stop collecting the alimony she rightfully won. I wonder if Shiloh learned that manipulative tactic from him or vice versa?

No. 809771

If I remember correctly, Shiloh said that everything up until he started talking was scripted, and everything else like the candy throwing wasn't

No. 809772

Wait, since when did he start claiming this video was real? He used to always say it was staged

No. 809773

What lawyer pray tell would even take Greg's case? I mean what are you going to argue against a major fucking company like Discovery?
Even Michael Jackson's lawyer Thomas Meserau first looked at jacko's case and only then when he had this feeling like "I can win this" did he take the case.
Which lawyer would take Greg's case? I don't see any way you could ever win.

No. 809776

He doesn't even have the money to afford a lawyer

No. 809781

Greg's been dying to make a GFM for himself. Its one of the things he's most mad about, that his victims and Rep etc got money off of people to spite Greg lol!

No. 809786

If that happens maybe she will have the first orgasm of her life

No. 809789

>What lawyer pray tell would even take Greg's case
As if he wouldn’t be deluded enough to try and represent himself a la Bundy.

No. 809790

No. 809805

Like a good Jewish lawyer trough a hole in the sheet, and heck that could prevent him from getting Lainey's herpes.

No. 809822

File: 1608238526054.jpg (1.83 MB, 2560x1920, onision documentary.jpg)

Grab your popcorn, everyone!

No. 809824

Don't want to risk getting in trouble with the network, but AMA

No. 809826

Thats the only question we have: Put the shit online so we can watch it.
Stop being a chicken shit. Don't tease. post the entire thing all 3 parts.

No. 809827

Because it's not out yet and they're only sending it to a few people for review. They probably won't care about some screenshots but if I leak the whole thing then they're gonna get pissed and there's only a small pool of suspects.

Only part 1 is in circulation.

No. 809828

I got a question is Gregs crazy ass mom in this shit?

No. 809829

Not that I know of, only his dad and his step mom. They talk about the incident where Greg beat up his dad and seem very upset about the whole situation with him.

No. 809830

Ah that means I don't need to shit my pants. (bet)

No. 809831

lol, fucking edwin shoehorning himself in there

No. 809834

File: 1608241000982.jpg (50.09 KB, 1079x796, Screenshot_20201217-102230_Twi…)

well why do you think people unsubscribe from you, greg?

No. 809845

Are you able to pull any choice quotes at least? Particularly from Randy and Edwin.
I imagine Shiloh is likely going over more of the same.

No. 809847

Edwin is mostly just giving an explanation of what dramatubers do, nothing of value.


He says Greg was a great kid, "everyone wanted to be around him", he doesn't know where it all went wrong and made him who he is. He tells the story of when Greg beat him up and says it was traumatizing.

"To know that this little boy that was so sweet, innocent, and just a great kid, would be, at this point in his life, someone who doesn't care who he hurts… it's a reality that I wouldn't wish on any parent."

No. 809853

Any interesting new info? Or anything particularly scathing? How mad is gurk gonna be when the doc drops?

No. 809854

The only thing I didn't know before watching the episode was that apparently Greg made Shiloh believe that her relationship with her mother was incestuous because they were so close, and that's why she stopped talking to her mom. But she might have mentioned that before somewhere, I'm not sure. Other than that, nothing was really all that new. Totally forgot to mention one thing though, because it wasn't in the episode but it'll be in one of the other two eps- they did an interview with Eugenia Cooney. That might make him rage out if his dad's appearance doesn't

No. 809856

>apparently Greg made Shiloh believe that her relationship with her mother was incestuous because they were so close

that projection kek

No. 809857

I wonder what made Grease turn out the way he did. Was it the nude body massages Tami gave him? I imagine that would screw any kid up in the head.

No. 809859

Yeah, I can't say anyone is missing out on much. I'm sure it'll be interesting to people who haven't followed this shit forever and I guess it'll fulfill its purpose for that audience. But it's not going to be exciting for farmers, anti-os or really anyone who has followed the drama for a while.

No. 809860

have sex buddy

No. 809862

He's always done shit like this to his partners to any outside sources. He told Billie that not seeing her family for a year was reasonable and that Lainey only sees hers once or twice a year.
He also told Billie her friendship with Ayallah was 'weird' because they were too close.
He tries to isolate them as much as he can. Same with Lainey, he has bashed her mother, father and sister online, making them out to be awful people. Sarah had a bad home life but even then he bitched about her mother a lot, more than she did. He doesn't want anyone he dates to have any outside influence. In a way he treats his fans and paypigs the same. Doesn't like them to watch anything remotely bad on him.
He wants his entire life to be an echo chamber. It's going to be awful when his children start to question him or try to make friends. I imagine he's going to find so many imaginary faults with their friends.

No. 809863

Didn't he jerk off to his mom screaming his name during sex ( because that was her bf's name at the time )

I'm all about this Docu but I wish they didn't show Eugenia, the last thing that girl needs is more fans and exposure. Girl needs to go away to take care of herself. But yeah Gorg will reeee so hard. Guess Xmas is going to be after New Years , fam !

No. 809864

Nah he's definitely gonna encourage his kids to have a lot of female friends and bring them over for sleep overs. We all know why.

No. 809868

I actually disagree. I think he would act like a total dickhead to them and try to avoid them or be rude to them because he overcompensates the fact he 'doesn't like kids'
Maybe when Cloey is 17 and a half he might be a bit weird to her friends (hey guys i'm the cool dad I play video gaymes), but otherwise I could totally see him insulting a bunch of 9 year olds trying to hang out.

Troy probably wont have that issue unless he has female friends, but poor Cloey is probably going to have a lot of issues with socialising.

She probably wouldn't even be allowed sleepovers even if her friend's parents are ignorant because of cancel culture and it'd be like the sperg he went on about the nappy changing.

I can already imagine the rants he would go on to Lainey or make an autistic video.

>My daughter's friend asked me where the SHOWER was and I felt SO uncomfortable!

>I was trying to pour myself some juice and she was WATCHING me in the kitchen while she ate a banana slowly, she clearly wants me!
>One time I dropped them at the mall and she looked at me in the car mirror omfg she was so creepy

I also imagine him mentally rating his kid's friends as well.

No. 809871

'Dad, why are you filming us?'

'Because one time a girl told me that she was gonna kill herself and make it look like I did it to the cops! I need proof that I'm innocent!'

'Dad you are embarrassing me'


No. 809872

File: 1608254284573.jpg (871.58 KB, 1914x1687, slosh_slosh.jpg)

Power-leveling spoilered but I felt this needed a sort of reply:
No Greg as a parent I am not disgusted by your dad. Would I go to the media to do an interview about my rotten child, no, but you are Greg and you're that special exception. If my kid launched a nuke I'd knock him the fuck out, as i'm sure my parents would do to me.
Greg has a very strange narrow view on what a parent should be, which is odd because usually when a person becomes a parent they start to appreciate and understand their own parents more. Then again, Greg never grew up.
That being said, loving these meltdowns. Just imagine how utterly delicious January will be..

No. 809875

nice cow crossover there with shanny, she's got a kf thread

No. 809876

The dad and stepmum being interviewed is kind of worthwhile, though. If anybody bothers to watch it, that’s going to make an impact. They seem like ordinary people and Greg chimping out on Randy isn’t a great look.

Preview anon, do they talk about Greg’s allegations against Randy at all?

No. 809878

They show a clip of Greg accusing Randy, then Randy says he doesn't actually know everything Greg accuses him of because he hasn't watched the videos or read the things Greg says, but that Tami petitioned the court to restrict visitation. Randy voluntarily went through a psych eval. Deb confirms that Randy and his daughter are very close and there was no sign of any discomfort. They had to pay for psych evals out of pocket, but there was never a hearing or an investigation because it was dismissed early on.

No. 809879

So that's why Shiloh dyed her hair blond a however many months ago that was. She went back to black.

kek I just realized looking at this that Greg's got his dad's face and his mother's crazy eyes. Too bad he didn't inherit his fathers sanity.

No. 809880

Fortunately for her she didn't need to smile or her face would crack.
Its like her whole entire face is painted on.

No. 809881

There's actually a second one listed on here >>809417. Looks like he went with the other one for her title.

No. 809883

Anon if you keep leaving him advice like that he might actually succeed.

No. 809886

Thanks for the cap anon. Appreciate ya.

No. 809887

her thread is this way anon >>>/snow/1081173

No. 809888

If I had to guess, he most likely went there to represent the others who declined to take part in it. I'd heard at least one youtuber signed on I didn't know it was him, I thought he declined too. Edwin's alright lol.

No. 809889

Lmao in his latest tweet bleats he’s latched onto randy misremembering him as 17 when he was aCtUALLy 15, to try and change the narrative

My favourite thing is that nobody even needs to argue because he’ll just keep furiously spreading everywhere he can and still nobody will give a shit or change their mind. And he knows it and that only makes him more mad. Hes too stunted to fathom why that isnt remotely relevant to why he deserves the hell that is his current and future life

Die mad shreg


No. 809890

Listening to her have sex with her bf who was also named Greg was probably a defining moment for him kek. It's no excuse for his shit, it just proves how weak he is that he can't move past it and grow up.

No. 809891

tbf I don't think Repzion is as informed as farmers are. I'm sure there were things new to him that we already knew about. I'm looking forward to hearing from Randy though.

No. 809894

It's an introductory episode to a 3 part series, there needs to be a set up.

No. 809895

I wonder if he’ll try his secret pervert move and wrestle c’s friends like he did with Sarah and Alicia

No. 809896


An attempt at “protecting” the house from the IRS except that it won’t work.
3. Protecting Your Assets. Protecting your assets from your creditors usually requires a trust to be irrevocable, and the Trustee and Beneficiary must be unrelated parties (or, at most, the same party with limited power over trust funds). These are commonly referred to as “asset protection trusts” and are usually only created in states that have favorable trust laws, such as Delaware, Nevada and North Dakota. For people who frequently face lawsuits (such as surgeons, architects and real estate developers) these protections are incredibly meaningful.


No. 809898

I'm still hopeful that his kids will be minimally involved with him, it's not like he doesn't neglect them already. With all the heat on Grease, someone with sanity (and actual weight behind them) is going to step in for them.

No. 809902

>Greg never grew up.
That's it. He's never attempted to get help to improve himself. That's why he repeats the same shitty narc cycles over and over, it's why he's blaming his father for his problems, it's why he's a professional victim, etc.

He said Randy's 3 kids don't talk to him which I don't believe but even if that were true, Greg's family doesn't talk to him either! LOL. That's why Greggles is spending Christmas this year ALONE. His entire family's disowned him for being a sack of shit but that's all their fault apparently. He's a lost cause.

No. 809904

File: 1608263003000.png (398.76 KB, 1444x579, prescient farmer.png)

A prediction from 3 months ago kek.

No. 809905

File: 1608263440563.png (107.45 KB, 625x500, wig.png)

This one called it exactly lmao

No. 809907

4 months ago lol even better.

No. 809909

File: 1608264506791.jpg (1.73 MB, 2522x1893, kek.jpg)

Man she really went all out with that Swedish Karen look. I'm sure Greg abused her, it's just such a shame she had to be a mini Greg and discredit herself so much with her meltdown last year and lying to the other girls. Much like Greg, she never grew up.

No. 809918

File: 1608268702492.jpg (208.77 KB, 1256x893, _yikes_.jpg)

I'm laughing my ass off remembering all those stories he's told about how he fantasized about his "sexy step-mommy."
>I was praying to God, I was like please God have my stepmom come down here and suck my dick.

No. 809924

Doubt. Highly doubt. Greg's level of autism and retardation makes it impossible for me to believe he was ever liked be his peers, classmates, cousins, kids next door ect. Even in his "candid" wedding photos he shared with us the only pictures of him with other family were of him playing in the creek with his pre-teen cousins and not interacting with other family members like an adult. Come to think of it, did he or Kry even have friends at the wedding? No. I doubt Randy is being honest when he claims he was a well liked child. Gregs always been weird, inept and stunted at any age.

No. 809953

why are you shitting on her looks? she could have been attractive back then. Anyway it's irrelevant, Greg was (and is) a degenerate for having those fantasies and admitting to them no matter how the woman in question looked like.

No. 809961

File: 1608300911902.png (98.86 KB, 798x698, Repzion on Twitter.png)

According to Rep the company reversed its position about using footage from the girls who declined. We'll find out when part 2 and 3 comes out.

No. 809963

File: 1608301235237.png (94.95 KB, 798x562, muh shekels.png)

>without being paid damages

No. 809965

File: 1608301472641.png (512.59 KB, 798x2138, SLOSHING.png)

Hey waterhead, your dad paid for his own psych eval, passed and was cleared of the accusations >>809878. You know you'll never do that because you're scared of what a shrink will find.

Remind us again why your entire family refuses to speak with you and you're spending Christmas alone this year? We know one of the reasons has to do with the minor you groomed that they found out about. Funny how the sister whose story you're using as a shield against criticism (like you do with your kids) hasn't come out to defend you.

Funny that.

No. 809967

>Greg made Shiloh believe that her relationship with her mother was incestuous that's why she stopped talking to her mom.
He created a rift between Shiloh and her mother just like he did with Lainey and her family. He always isolates the people he abuses.
Of course it won't work. His autistic megamind 4D chess bullshit always goes tits up. Delusions tend to have that affect.

No. 809968

I knew this idiot would try to scam the IRS again, after getting caught twice. He never learns.

No. 809970

Are they still sharing the details of the other girl's relationships with Greg, or is it going to be only focused on Shiloh. I hope the other parts bring up the body rating videos and sketchy forums.

No. 809971

"Greg is busted sock puppetting on twitter, here and on kiwifarms"

That has yet to be proven.

You know… it's interesting that a while back on the KiwiFarms cult forum there was someone called "Purple Carrot" who everyone was led to believe was Onision… after a few days one of the moderators did an IP check and this Purple Carrot person was from Ohio - no one would use an Ohio vpn either if there even is such a thing, and if there is no one would want to use a VPN from that useless shit hole southern redneck state.

It couldn't have been one of those moronic Anti-O's from tumblr or twitter because how would they know about Onision destroying a nest of aggressive wasps trying to harm his children?

Newsflash: Only someone who knows Onision personally would have that kind of info… Who does Onision know in real life that is from Ohio and has actively been trying sabotage him and put him in hot water? His father.

Furthermore we also know Onision's father is a hunter. He decapitates deer and hangs their heads on the wall. He sets out steel-jaw traps (illegal) to catch raccoons and skin them alive. One of those raccoons were in Purple Carrot's profile picture… interesting. Want proof? Look him up on facebook.

His father already lied about Onision living with him at 17 when Onision proved that to be false. He lied in a article once and is now lying in a documentary created to attack his own son at all costs. The greedy fat pedophile fuck will do anything for money and has always put it before his own family.

If he is so innocent then why doesn't his son and daughters want anything to do with him? why did Onision change his last name to avoid affiliation with his father? Why did Onision's mom divorce him? Why is he forbidden from seeing his grandchildren? Answer: he's the problem.

It's fair to come to the conclusion that Onision's father is actively trying to ruin Onision's life, slander him, defame him, etc - just like everyone else that Onision has kicked out of his life.

One other Onision fan by the name of Gary has exposed an individual called "heatboss"(idk much about him" along with another psychotic weirdo that everyone knows called "ButMoneyOnision" who also tried to frame Onision by creating a hater account called AntiOnision2 and from this we can start to see some more mindblowing ties:

Onision's deadbeat father is working with Discovery Plus.

Heatboss is working with Chris Hansen.

Shiloh is working with Chris and Discovery Plus.

Repzion is working with Chris Hansen.

Edwin is working with Discovery Plus.

Chris Hansen is working with Discovery Plus.

What a coincidence! All these people attacking Onision are shills that are in the same exact group that takes peoples money to sell a story, and you stupid fucking useless dumb fucks continue to fall for fall for it. The only thing they want is to take your money. If they cared about the truth why would they want you to pay to hear it?

Repzion ripped you off through for legal fees.

Shiloh ripped you off to get a tattoo.

Sarah ripped you off to get a laptop.

Those are just a few examples.

You guys are so fucking braindead that you are beyond help at this point. Go ahead and waste $4.99 or $6.99 to watch a shitty twisted propaganda filled documentary that will only mislead you stupid fucking piece of shit cunts and divert your attention from real world problems that are actively going on but you don't know shit because you're distracted by shills.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 809973

lol be mad, Greg.

No. 809975

Can't be Onision when verified otherwise. I made a good point and that's your response? Weak.

No. 809976

could the main image please be spoilers? It's really disturbing

No. 809978

Verified where? And where's the good point?

No. 809980

Greg, what are you doing to solve "real world problems that are actively going on"? You seem pretty distracted too, what with the documentary and endless sock accounts and such. Don't you have a family to feed?

Oh wait.

No. 809982

>then Randy says he doesn't actually know everything Greg accuses him of because he hasn't watched the videos
Well we can't fault him for that. Can anyone here honestly say they've ever watched a Greg video asides from the first Patreon freakout?
Those posts are eerily spot on. Except for those ugly septum piercings dangling from her pig's snout.
Jesus fuck, she reminds me of that chick in the original Total Recall that stays on Mars for "two weeks", and then it turns out shes Arnie in a mask.

No. 809986


If Onion's dad has done everything you're accusing him of, he'd be in jail.

Right, Greg? Isn't that how it works?

No. 809987


You know… it's interesting that a while back on the KiwiFarms cult forum there was someone called "Purple Carrot" who everyone was led to believe was Onision… after a few days one of the moderators did an IP check and this Purple Carrot person was from Ohio - no one would use an Ohio vpn either if there even is such a thing, and if there is no one would want to use a VPN from that useless shit hole southern redneck state."

Greg, you've confirmed that you use vpns. Choosing an Ohio vpn is not difficult whatsoever. You can insult Ohio all you want, but this dumb reasoning of "ip addresses proves that i am Truthful" gotta stop. Changing your ip address is extremely easy these days. You gotta be retarded to think otherwise.

No. 809990

Thanks gre- I mean anon! This just made me go ahead and sign up for discovery+ I was just going to wait for someone to upload a torrent but this wordvomit made me want to pay this company for giving us some sour onion milk

No. 809991

Die mad, faggot.

No. 810003

Bro, doesn't your dad live in Florida? And has for many years?

No. 810004

No one needs to pay for evidence for proof, we've been posting the facts for years on lolcow. Now there's going to be a TV show lol

No. 810007

File: 1608318166166.jpg (55.16 KB, 720x326, gregblackmailskrai.jpg)

>that will only mislead you stupid fucking piece of shit cunts and divert your attention from real world problems that are actively going on but you don't know shit because you're distracted by shills.

Should we be distracted by this information then? Seems like a real world problem to me.

No. 810009

Who is this person and what kind of credibility do they have?

No. 810010


It's obvious bullshit. The doctor putting her head back together would be able to tell the difference.

No. 810011


Yeah don't post this garbage.

I 100% believe he has CCTV footage of Cloey falling out the window, though.

No. 810012

There's no way he wouldn't have deleted it in fear of having evidence that makes him look bad

No. 810013

File: 1608320589528.jpg (67.61 KB, 720x471, cloeyfall.jpg)

Anyone got verification on this?

No. 810014

Skeptical. Every time someone pops up and claims to have all this damning information it goes nowhere and they eventually disappear. Not sure why these people keep trying this. It's no even a funny troll its just stupid.

No. 810015

Seems unlikely.

She’s hurting her kids by keeping them in a toxic/unstable environment but I don’t think she would actively hit them.

He is probably also holding stuff over her head to keep her in the shit but it’s unlikely it’s this, more likely it’s selling her out for being the active peruser in the sarah situation and having sex in front of her kids all the time.

No. 810017

Are u mad because people would rather waste their money on a shitty documentary than on your onlyfans to look at pictures of your dirty greasy ass and your deformed vienna sausage? So die mad you jealous greedy bitch. I would tell you to get a real job but no one would ever hire you.

No. 810022

If any of that shit where true Lainey would be in prison already and we would have heard about it.
Doctors can tell that shit pretty much on the spot.

No. 810023

>There's no way he wouldn't have deleted it in fear of having evidence that makes him look bad

It could be a last resort to ensure Lainey is dragged down with him and vilified beyond repair if he's ever convicted of any crimes.

On the other farm it was speculated that both Lainey and Greg were in on Cloey's accident for insurance money, plus there is a lot of scketchy information in the report on her fall, then there is the cryptic sex tweet Greg made four days later while in the hospital with Cloey.

Greg ensured Lainey committed the grooming crimes for him to secure her incrimination. So it would not be too far fetched for her to commit the act of hurting Cloey if the plan was infanticide for insurance money.

I am thinking he would keep the tapes just in case they are ever jailed for any of the crimes they've committed, even if its not related to Cloey's accident.

He would writhe if Lainey double crosses him or gets a lesser sentence using her 'victimhood' after all his master plans of throwing her under the bus and walking away scot-free fails.

If convicted of a lengthy sentence he would not care if law enforcement knows he blackmailed her or conspired murder for profit. He would use those tapes show the world that she is just as evil and deserving of worse criminal charges. He is just that menacing and deludes himself into thinking Lainey is at fault for everything. Like he did with all his ex's. He villanizes them in the end. Lainey is no exception.

I do not know if any of this is true, nor am I saying it is, but I am thinking about the plausibilities if it ever turns out to be true.

No. 810025

File: 1608325614658.jpg (67.03 KB, 590x543, IMG_20201218_210329.jpg)


How about this for proof eh Greg? This DM is totally genuine, just like the messages you - sorry, Gary - posted between heatboss and BigMoneyOnision.

No. 810026

File: 1608325725705.jpg (236.63 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20201218_210240.jpg)


Seriously Greg, shut up and take your daddy issues to a therapist already - before you get one of your kids killed.

No. 810029

>If any of that shit where true Lainey would be in prison already and we would have heard about it.
Doctors can tell that shit pretty much on the spot.

Kai could've very well pushed/thrown Cloey out the window. It would explain why she never died because blows to the head would've been more likely to kill her.

What I found odd in the police report was that they never mentioned if Cloey got bruises or marks on her body which would be consistent with a 2 story fall. The report only spoke of her head injuries as if she only recieved head injuries.

Likewise injuries from a two story fall could very well be consistent with isolated blows to the head. The doctors could've tried to form an option on that instead of just concluding the injuries were consistent with a 2 story fall.

Given the strange context of the report it just seems to me like Gig Harbor Police, Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Peirce County's CPS were quick to rule it all as an accident of neglect just because it seemed that way.

No. 810030

If Lainey did that then she did it for Greg, as a tribute. For you see Greg loves to mindfuck young underage girls, and an underage daughter with a hole in the head is far easier to mindfuck. literally.
Has Greg broken her in yet, by the way? His little peach?
Just stick your baby carrot in that hole in her head, its easy.

No. 810031

Oh shit I just realize with Lainey throwing her from the window and breaking her skull, much like with Sarah, Lainey again is the first one to break her in.
Hope that doesn't cause trouble in paradise, she did it with the best intentions?

No. 810032


I don't believe any of these conspiracies. If they truly wanted to injure or kill one of their children, they could do so in a much cleaner manner. When all the girls stopping in their home said that Lainey loves her children, I believe that. I believe she loves them, but she doesn't know how to be a fully competent parent. She was a teenager when she became a mom the first time with no family around her to help her.

No. 810033


Is this Greg trying to frame the horrid Anti-Os for being sick about his wife and children again? I mean, he's online right now.

No. 810034


I reckon you're trolling but I don't think Lainey did what she may have done just for Greg. If she truly is an infanticidal mother then that's all the proof needed that she's sick and demented as fuck in her own right. Especially if the alleged attempted murder was to profit off insurance money.

No. 810035

Yes she did, she always obeys him. His every whim, his every desire, just like Harley Quinn.
She also lets him fuck her.

No. 810040

I'm not exactly putting my faith into this twitter guy. However, maybe it could be trot? He could have hit her with something or pushed her out the window, and the onions are trying to cover it up.

No. 810041

>I don't believe any of these conspiracies. If they truly wanted to injure or kill one of their children, they could do so in a much cleaner manner.

Killing and injuring in a cleaner manner? What!? As if those two idiots aren't the sloppiest at hiding or commiting crimes. LE/CPS failure to investigate and act is the only reason these two idiots aren't in jail right now.

>When all the girls stopping in their home said that Lainey loves her children, I believe that. I believe she loves them, but she doesn't know how to be a fully competent parent. She was a teenager when she became a mom the first time with no family around her to help her.

So yeah this loving caring mother just so happen to let her son's teeth rot out of his head and let her daughter fall out of a window. Mind you those two things occured when none of those same girls praising her were around. This same mother exposed her children to her having threesomes and sex with her husband multiple times.

And of course a loving mother would solicit child porn from children then groom a child into being her husband's concubine under her rules.

Her being a good mother and person was and still is all an act. The only thing I support Lainey in is doing what she needs to, to ensure Greg goes to jail with her.

No. 810043

Are you stupid? Kai let their teeth rot out because it helps blowjobs.

No. 810044

Jesus Christ this thread is going off the rails quickly

No. 810045

Greg is currently socking again on KF with the name JayJay kek

he mad

No. 810047

Sounds like he’s been here too
That one graphic anon has a weird fetish for grease being barbaric.

No. 810049

Nothing barbaric about breaking in your own child. Rather a real man deflower her than some pimply teenager who doesn't know what the fuck he's doing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 810050

>It couldn't have been one of those moronic Anti-O's from tumblr or twitter because how would they know about Onision destroying a nest of aggressive wasps trying to harm his children?

Let's remind Gurgles how we came to learn about the wasps.

Purple Carrot goes on KF: You hate Onision because he bravely destroyed a wasps nest. Your hypocrites. Somehow.

KF: Dude, wtf are you talking about? Who the fuck cares? What wasps?

Purple Carrot: The wasps! That Onision heroically destroyed! You stupid cunts!

KF: We archive everything. Gurg has never said anything about killing wasps. Blackberry bushes, yes. Wasps, no.

PC: Whatever. You're just a bunch of stupid anti-o's. Goodbye.

Around the same the same time on Twitter…

Grugly: I can't believe people actually hate me for heroically destroying a wasp nest from attacking my children.

No. 810051

He had a few wasps sting his family to test if they are allergic.

No. 810056

File: 1608333405104.png (154.23 KB, 1174x944, Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 5.08…)

You just had to throw your dad in there, didn't you? Or was that entire post just to throw your daddy under the bus again?

No. 810057

When Sarah started coming forward Grease made a Facebook post trying to intimidate her into silence by saying he had cameras all over his house. I always found it REALLY convenient that none of those cameras captured Cloey's fall.

No. 810068

File: 1608338586305.jpg (55.17 KB, 1080x715, Screenshot_20201218-154818_Twi…)

ah I see we're playing Greg bingo tonight. he again shittified the Christopher Nolan thing with "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

gg Greg, you fag.

No. 810069

you either die a banana or live long enough to become a groomer,

No. 810071

He goes from "I'm innocent" to "I'm a villain" so which is it? Make up your mind, Grease.

No. 810072

I was just thinking that him using that line over and over again is just as cringy as using "hasta la vista, baby", "eat my shorts" or any other line from TV.
Chris-chan has a habit of doing that, a lot. He pretty much got everything he ever says or does from TV. I wonder if Greg is autistic too.

No. 810085

>Why do NONE of his 3 kids talk to him?
lul the kids he had with Tami? Pretty convenient Greg leaves his half-sister, who has no issues letting her kids be around Randy, out of his shit narrative.

No. 810089

does anyone think greg is getting close to offing himself? he's irrelevant, all alone on christmas, about to have a tv show about him, which will 100% be passed around by the towns soccer moms, he's locked in his house 24/7 like the untouchable goblin he is…

No. 810093

Thanks for the keks >>809965

No. 810097

He won't do it cause he's a narc but for sure he will threaten to do it. Hope the discovery people wont fall for that shit

No. 810099

I love how he criticizes Shiloh for threatening to kill herself but he's done the same several times and is still making tweets implying he will off himself. The hypocrite has no self awareness.

No. 810101

That Purple Carrot faggot was outed by Null as being Greg, if I remember correctly. The only officially confirmed Greg sock.

No. 810102

Yea he'll suicide bait and "leave" the internet then come back a few weeks later. Same ol' same ol'.

No. 810104

kek he recently showed the vid with the cops asking Shiloh if she threatened to an hero and when she confirmed it they're like, "those aren't the statements of a reasonable person." Shiloh and Greg truly are UwU soulmates.

No. 810113

Greg confirmed it himself a while ago on a discord chat

No. 810138

We all knew that. Greg's socks are all fail trolls. This one is special because he tried to stir KF over a fake story no one cared about and forgot he never told that story to begin with.

No. 810149

File: 1608365591888.png (350.98 KB, 500x600, discovery-plus-rev.png)

Could this Discovery documentary be a catalyst to Greg getting all his YT channels demonetized? I know it wouldn't be that big of a hit financially to Greg because his views are shit but Id love the meltdown, threats of lawsuit and the scramble to try and find something to take its place. YouTube only terminates a channel if the owner is convicted of a crime e.g. Austin Jones. But they demonetized Shanes channels for all the things he did in the past and the outrage it caused years later. No new information is going to be revealed in the docu but having it pushed out by a larger media company and seen by more eyes may have a new larger group of people contacting YouTube about having a predator on their platform.

No. 810173

That's what I've been theorizing about myself, I mean if people want him banned off of platforms like Youtube, Twitter, etc. all they need to do is point at that documentary once its out.
Is that as good as being convicted? I honestly don't know. And what about real life? Can Greg still show his face outside? I guess only time will tell.

No. 810176

Wouldn't be surprised. I would also put money down on him being molested by his mom growing up.

No. 810186

File: 1608396439790.png (298.8 KB, 627x698, mQBg0DDI26k-00-04-45.png)

Maybe the state of Washington and Sheriff Verne Troyer or whatever his name is, Sheriff Nothing Burger will finally get off his fat fucking ass and do something.
Happened in the Michael Jackson case after Martin Bashir made a documentary. Don't get me wrong I don't think Greg can be convicted of anything (much like Wacko Jacko) but it would be funny to see them going trough a whole trial and having Greg stress out and Lainey cry.

No. 810188

Lil Johnny is late as usual. >>809822

No. 810191

It's even the exact damn screen shot.
That being said, take a long hard look at the upper left Greg, that's your future. That is what you will look like in a few years.

No. 810192

Johnny come lately.

No. 810198

>Sheriff Verne Troyer
I'm dying. Isn't Verne Troyer the guy who played mini-me in Austin Powers?

No. 810202

File: 1608400098173.png (339.38 KB, 618x423, 87878787888.PNG)

I wish I could link to the post. It was probably 2 or 3 threads ago where someone posted a photo of Randal when he was in his early 20s and anon mentioned that Greg had the majority of his dads facial features, but had his moms crazy eyes. That comment always stuck with me because its true.

No. 810209

Edwin went radio silent after this screenshot was posted. I cant remember him going a full 24 hours without a tweet, reply or retweet. He hasn't tweeted a thing since noon Dec 17th. Is he embarrassed he got into bed with Hansen? His buddies Swanboy and FatOreo wouldn't be happy about him rubbing elbows with the grifter. Id love for Edwin to give us some tasty bts info on the upcoming documentary but it looks like the "little pussy rat" is in hiding till Jan 4th.

No. 810212

Edwin is probably the one who posted that stuff kek

No. 810213

I know for a fact that he's pretty close to some of the girls from the Dahvie Vanity streams, who have been very vocal about how much they hate Chris now and that they think the documentary on Onision is disgusting. Really wonder how they're gonna react to their buddy Edwin being part of it

No. 810214

Yes, the Pierce County sheriff is called Ed Troyer.

No. 810221

yeah it is, and yeah deputy dewie is about as useful as an ashtray in a convertible.

No. 810223

What's more likely, a half-assed police report by a lazy cop just wanting to go home or an insidious plot to kill a child? Bruising isn't apparent right after an injury. Greg and Lainey are so incompetent that they would have fucked something up and every investigator, social worker, and medical professional completely failed.

No. 810227

No. 810231

None of the girls said she was a good mother. They said she wasn't as bad as Greg was toward the children. Trot's baby teeth rotted and he had to be put under anesthesia to remove what was left. Mothers who love their children don't have threesomes in the bed with their kids. Mothers who love their children don't admit to friends that she will always put Greg first. Good mothers don't send underage girls nudes and be a self proclaimed "12 year old fuckboi". Taylor is a shit mom and don't even start with the eluding to it not being her fault.

No. 810232

Sage is your friend. Also we're all aware of Taylor's failings, I've read about Troy's teeth rotting so many times now just itt.

Lol thought it was either Edwin or Rep, they're pretty stupid coming here and announcing an AMA about the show. No one needs to give Greg a heads up about what's going to be coming out, just let the retard sit in suspense until the 4th.

And also think it's pretty retarded people saying it's not going to be milky and it's going to be a rehash of what we already know. Like no shit? It's a TV show for a general audience. They're going to have to go over what we all here know, and might skip certain things. A little critical thinking goes a long way… Discovery isn't make this documentary for us lol

No. 810236

Lol he's so fucking predictable. Earlier in the thread anons were talking about how he was gonna start suicide baiting, and look at him doing just that.

No. 810237

File: 1608425823597.jpg (50.97 KB, 480x299, dilhole.jpg)

Since this dilhole loves making polls so much I figured i'd make him one. Its the poll he should make.


No. 810239

Its pretty fucking ironic how a scumsucker like greg is always shitting on people with BPD or people that self-harm and yet here is is, again, suicide baiting.

No. 810240

He always accuses people with BPD of being unstable, well i'd call wanting to kill yourself like the mother of being mentally unstable.
And it's also self-harm, which he always says is so stupid and blablabla
Which is it, Greg, no really? Because if we are to take your obvious suicide baiting at face value, you're hella unstable. Then again you always were, and literally everybody knows you're way too much of a pussy and a chicken shit to ever go ahead with it.
So either shit or get off the pot, buddy.

No. 810242

He always uses suicide baiting to get what he wants. He threatened to kill himself to get out of the military, to make skye stop collecting alimony, implied he would commit suicide if his fans didn't give him money cause he was "struggling to survive". I hope no one falls for his bullshit.

No. 810266

File: 1608449645705.png (153.51 KB, 687x859, onision2.png)

This is from public records from Montgomery County Ohio. It's about Greg but unclear as to what specifically (someone please doublecheck). Interesting to note that at the time this was filed (January 2005) Greg would have been 19 and turning 20 in November. Whatever it was lol at Crazy Tami making the lawyer say "Fuck this shit I'm out"

No. 810267

Could it be about unpaid child support. Even if Greg was 19 late payments are in arrears. Greg did tweet something out yesterday about Randy not paying support.

No. 810274


The cop doesn't have the psychic powers that anon has and just listened to the medical professionals.

No. 810277

File: 1608468813155.webm (3.33 MB, 480x480, discoveryplus3nBjISa.webm)

Discovery+ Onision: In Real Life promo.

No. 810281

File: 1608473822246.jpeg (189.26 KB, 1800x1200, 8DE2E95A-D2FE-4590-A370-1B20DD…)

from KF, had to post it here because funny

No. 810287

holy fuck that noise couldn't be more annoying and this trailer couldn't be less interesting. if you don't know about greg why would you watch this at all? even to a true crime junkie this looks like shit.

No. 810290

It'll attract people, people love hearing about fucked up online romances.

No. 810291

It depends on so many factors. Is there anything else important on? (then again its on a streaming thing so maybe we can rule that one out) are people bored out their skull? So many factors. I think they're failing releasing this in January, they should have released it right now before Christmas. Thats when people truly get bored out of their skull.
And January might have the COVID vaccin so people will be way busier with that.

No. 810298

Whatever it’s about, her attorney dropped her because of “difference of opinion” that makes it impossible to represent her, so she was probably acting batshit crazy as usual.

No. 810309

I love how desperate this is worded to be free of mama onion. Having worked at a few firms, it takes a lot for an attorney to want to drop a client especially if it’s “difference of opinion” unless the client has lied. They want their money.

No. 810310

File: 1608493672020.png (1.43 MB, 1242x2688, F0D3710E-D824-432D-84DD-EF006D…)

Found what he practiced.

No. 810317

his mother crazy Tami is batshit insane. no, i'm not just saying that because she's gregs mother, she is certifiably crazy. she's nuts. she thinks she's talking to angels and ghosts and shit. and while raising little greggy boy she used to have 20 different boyfriends every week and this one time she had a boyfriend named Greg and liked to scream his name all throughout the house whilst fucking him. and the walls in her house where paper thin.
now you take a moment to let that sink in, and what that does to the mind of a young boy.
if you ask me she in the very least deliberately screamed out boyfriends greg name, and maybe even went as far as to find one just for that reason.
then theres the old website of gregs when he was a shitbird in the airforce and she wrote a whole homage to him on her son. people read it and where like "god, this woman wants to fuck her son." it was that extreme. steveree did a whole video on that. then of course she would give him full naked body massages and well, incest much?
you don't need to be Siegmund Freud to realize where Greg gets it from to just fuck while their own children are in the same bed.
Greg was raised like this, to him its normal. I'm telling you Lainey better get young Cloey out of there before she reaches the age Greg likes, because as Vince Nicotra puts it: Dollars to donuts, I bet you dollars to donuts he's gonna fuck her.

No. 810318

File: 1608495928568.jpeg (925.52 KB, 1125x1970, 81A1B7D3-39CD-4B32-BE41-3F9F98…)

Some kiwifag who works at a call center reported one of Onion’s Twitter sock accounts to cps about the death threats towards his manwife and kids because he and his workplace are tired of dealing with Greg’s shit on a constant basis.

No. 810319

File: 1608496376219.jpeg (711.74 KB, 1125x1323, 5D68026B-211E-439B-A29C-6FC4EF…)

His call center is a 3rd party for multiple companies and they’ve worked with Grugly’s cable and net company (Comcast/Xfinity). Allegedly, one of the managers had to deal with him for five hours and some of the staff members quit because they didn’t want to deal with him anymore. They were conspiring to get rid of Gertrude and the cps report was a fail.

However, they are no longer working with that company anymore so the poop-toucher decided to come clean and simp for heatboss because “it’s not his fault u guiz, it was mine!!!!1!1!1!”

No. 810321

Even if it wasn't full blown incest, covert incest is still a thing that definitely lines up with Greg and Tammy's relationship and can fuck up a kid just as much as incest can.

Seems like Tammy put a lot of emotional weight on Greg compared to his sisters in her own freaky way by his own weird admissions. Maybe thats why they both project the pedophilia thing on his dad so hard.

No. 810322

She's like him, a full blown psychopathic narcissist. And i'm sure the "dad is a pedo-thing" came from her. I would put all my money on it. She's much like him in also mindfucking him. One day he's the golden boy, the next day he's a good for nothing piece of shit, depending on her mood and if he's doing what she says.
The apple really did not fall far from the tree. Also him wanting to start a cult, thats all her, she also has her own home made sort of religion or whatever she calls it. Like I said she believes she's talking to angels and ghosts and what not. She's a complete lunatic.

No. 810323

Oh and then continuing on with dad, his dad has to be wacky too. Now I don't believe he's a child molester since, well greg says it and I don't believe a word Greg says by default, but from what I understood is that his church where he is a minister from; that church is the church that caused the branch Davidians to happen and that whole ATF stand-off. For you see David Koresh used to be with that church and then left with a group of people to get more hardcore christian than they are. The church is dad is with isn't sanctioned by the holy sea of Rome and they're basically a cult.
Anyway, thats from what I could gather but I could be wrong. Feel free to look in to it and correct me if you want.
But that church Koresh was with theres been problems with that church forever basically, like weapons charges, shoot-outs, you name it.
But please, feel free to look in to it, in fact I encourage you to because i'm not 100% sure.

No. 810324

She loves her children yet stays with Grease even after she broke down crying to Billie when she found out she was pregnant with a girl because she knew Grease would mistreat her. A good mother wouldn't just cry, she would actually leave and save her daughter, but the useless selfish doormat didn't do that, did she?

No. 810325

Neither of them give two squirts of piss about the shallots. She proves that by telling Sarah Greg comes first. No mother in her right mind thinks like that.
And I really don´t want to condemn the C falling from the window incident and yet I find myself condemning it. She goes to make dinner, the kid is upstairs and clearly that god damn window was not locked.
When Greg tells that story of how she, with her last strength, crawled to the garage door to knock its just devastating.
Neither of them should have ever been parents.

No. 810327

And then she goes online a video or streaming or whatever the fuck `reviewing` vegan snacks and you hear Greg scolding the kids in the background so loud people later on commented on it and reposted it yelling at them to `TAKE SOME RRRRRREEEEEEESPONSIBILITY` and she just sits there like an asshole not reacting eating those nuggets.
That´s what she is, an asshole. I get why she´s gender confused because she´s not a woman and certainly not a mother. She´s fucked.

No. 810329

Take some responsibility, there´s a fucking laugh from a man who lives from self induced crisis to self induced crisis.
Responsibility, like not fucking some skank while your little girl is in the bed? or not having her fall out the window? or how about not making greasy sex tweets from the hospital while your little girl is possibly dying in a hospital bed, fighting for her life, since you let her drop from a second story window cracking her head open on the pavement?
Responsibility, like not blaming all your mistakes on other people, responsibility like not cheating on your ugly footwife. responsibility like seeing the error of your ways, paying your fucking taxes and not trying to write everything off, and then literally fake crying crocodile tears in a video to your tween fans.
take some responsibility greg, be a fucking man you fat old ugly cuckold. stop begging your stupid fans for money and find yourself a real job, you cunt.

No. 810331

in fact you should tell your ugly footwife that too take some fucking responsibility. instead of putting on make up and baggy sweaters playing dressup for your perverted spaceboi kink, try being a mother. take some fucking responsibility so their teeth don´t rot out and they don´t fall from windows.
thats what you need to do, you both should practice what you preach. start living like normal human beings and especially parents, since thats what you are now. playtime is over, take some responsibility, assholes.

No. 810336

> The church is dad is with isn't sanctioned by the holy sea of Rome and they're basically a cult.

The only churches the Holy See of Rome is responsible for are Roman Catholic churches. The mainstream Seventh-Day Adventist Church isn’t a cult, even though members have split off to form cults.

No. 810400

File: 1608565087692.jpg (108.35 KB, 500x598, documentary.jpg)

I know it's dumb and gay, but it annoyed me that no one had made this connection yet to this stupid old MEME.

No. 810431

I'm right there with you, anon. What got me was that there wasn't a screen in that window. Baby proofing 101. And how much you want to bet Kai or Greg had caught C messing with the window before but didn't care enough to figure out how to make it impossible for her to open? What got me too is in reports about it, not once did either of them try to think about how C could have opened that window and fallen so that they could prevent it from happening again. Kai spreged about how sure she was that she locked the window when clearly she didn't and Greg sperged about how he didn't do nuffin and gave justifications for why he spent precious time filming his poor child lying on the ground instead of calling 911 or something. Neither one of them actually seemed to give a shit about C or her safety moving forward.

No. 810438

And thats exactly where my dilemma lays. I wanna give them a break, I really do, since every parent knows accident happen. But the problem is that as everyone here i know these assholes. I know what people they are. And as if to make things worse Greg tweets raunchy disgusting sex S&M weird shit tweets out as his daughter is laying in the hospital fighting for her life.
To me it spells negligence and I am looking at CPS here, and sheriff dolittle, why the fuck do you guys keep letting these assholes get away with everything?
You guys, and the FBI, must have a dossier on these dickwads up to your eyeballs. So whats the holdup? Or are you waiting to give us all a really neat christmas present here. Whats the deal here?
No, really.

No. 810439

I find it really weird how Grease was so worried about his kids getting stung by blackberry bushes that he bulldozed the wetlands to protect them (at least that's the excuse he used, I don't buy it but let's pretend it's true for a second) but didn't baby proof his house to prevent his toddler daughter from falling down the second story window and smashing her skull on the concrete driveway, specially when both him and Footface knew she liked to climb on furniture so they should be extra cautious. How screwed are their priorities? That's why I find it extra funny when Grease brags about how "smart" him and Footface are, they couldn't be more retarded if they tried.

No. 810441

Or how about the fact that THE MOST HONEST YOUTUBER who talks about his life constantly was trying to hide it? Same as his footwife, the internet had to find out, thats how we found out, but not because they told us.
He still doesn't wanna talk about it.
That really tells you all you need to know, he knows they where wrong and he knows that if he lets people ask him they will ask all the hard questions we have here.

No. 810442

>So whats the holdup?
There may not be enough evidence that would lead to any sort of conviction/be sufficient to take the kids away. Greg and Taylor are complete pieces of shit, but unless there's very solid evidence that either of them broke specific laws, evidence that would hold up in court, we're SOL. As for CPS, they tend to be extremely cautious about removing children except in cases where the kids' lives are in immediate danger; it can take them many years to make a move, even when there is severe abuse involved (see: Jani and Bodhi Schofield). I wouldn't bet on the law catching up to Greg for the time being and 100% wouldn't bet on the kids getting removed anytime soon, though maybe the cops will find a way to harvest some positive publicity with the Discovery documentary coming out.

No. 810443

>except in cases where the kids' lives are in immediate danger;
judging from how they let their kids teeth rot out, have sex with them in the bed and them falling out second story windows almost killing them they are in immediate danger.

No. 810447

Greg had taken up a new insurance plan in March, 2019. I'm assuming it was for his whole family.

That's approximately 6 months prior to Cloey's fall Sept, 2019.

I wonder if CPS or law enforcement looked into that.

No. 810448

Unfortunately, none of these things would qualify as an 'immediate threat' and lead to immediate removal unless there was a clear indication that Cloey was intentionally tossed out the window. The threshold of abuse or neglect that has to be crossed before a kid is removed can't be overstated, and just because Greg and Taylor shouldn't have custody doesn't mean that CPS is going to change how they operate and swiftly remove them.

No. 810450

On the current subject of child negligence, does anyone remember Lainey saying to Greg about 'someone being able to open doors'?

I can't remember if it was a livestream but one of them was complaining about the door being open or something.

So even though they knew their kid could open doors, they didn't bother childlocking the windows.

No. 810451

File: 1608589764601.jpg (55.03 KB, 979x380, Image1.jpg)


sheriff fuckhead was too busy buying votes

No. 810452

Taylor and the shallots are probably with her family enjoying the most normal Christmas they’ve ever had, and that makes me happy. I also think that’s why Gout is sperging out right now: he’s home alone for the holidays and that documentary is about to drop.

I don’t give a shit about Taylor but I hope she’s doing the right thing and keeping Trot and Clot far from Grug’s clutches, especially right now.

No. 810453

finally a christmas were they don't see their dad calling their mother a useless dumb bitch
i hope they never need to go back to the swamp shack

No. 810455

Of course he threw in Shane Dawson's name there lmao

No. 810465

File: 1608595217255.jpeg (97.92 KB, 287x300, 3BD3AD77-7E88-4789-BB30-2E5B21…)

Lmao I guess he’s facetuning his OnlyFans content now. Guess he learned from some of the other cows

The lack of snaggletooth makes it undeniable, and even then it can’t contain the caveman brow

No. 810471

Do you insurance tinfoilers not understand how health insurance in the US works? You don’t get money if someone is injured, the insurer pays the hospital directly.
If you’re talking about life insurance, taking life insurance out on children is rare and it is usually just enough to cover the costs of a funeral.

No. 810472

File: 1608597982846.jpg (168.24 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20201221-100202_Twi…)

All I have to say to this tweet is box FPS Diesel, Greg.

No. 810473

Not that I am particularly fond of Jake Paul but at least he has boxed people, and even won some.
Is this you challenging Jake Paul to a boxing match, Greg? Because I would actually pay to watch that.

No. 810474


What in the actual fuck. He looks so unrecognizable. Is he trying to scam people?

No. 810476

File: 1608599078544.jpg (37.24 KB, 807x454, maxresdefault2.jpg)

Dude's making himself look like Robbie Rotten from lazy town.
Still trying to attract minors, aren't you Greg?

No. 810477

File: 1608599366967.jpeg (54.37 KB, 460x615, FBA743BB-A784-4ED3-9743-40789F…)

is he pretending he’s Louis Tomlinson lmao

No. 810486


Wtf, dont insult LT like that.. He only wishes he can look as good as these celebrities. He's so deluded that he believes he looks like Ian Somerhalder or Zac Efron..

He has to resort to editing because that's how busted he looks in real life..

His fucking nose ridge at the top and the forehead wrinkles has disappeared ffs.

No. 810489


Trying his best to grasp at anything just to gain some ounce of relevance. Pathetic.

No. 810522

Jfc, you guys. The police report stated that Cloey was partially laying on the window screen. Could we please stop the tinfoiling that the onions tried to off their youngest shallot?


No. 810529

File: 1608639726332.png (316.26 KB, 1258x742, onision pedo leafy.PNG)

He really thinks Leafy is his friend. After being called a pedo he tweeted out a short video of him looking puzzled and saying
I guess that's him trying to show it doesn't bother him and he's playing along with the bullies.
Then he tweeted out lol and haha to make sure we know it doesn't bother him, along with a video
>So no matter what you do nobody's going to fucking care in a hundred years. That's cool right? What are we doing? What is anything? Even if people did care in a hundred years what's the fucking point you're gunna be dead.

Sounds like that faux depression is kicking in again. I really need to know why he's been up at 3 or 4am every morning this past week. Is he having trouble sleeping wondering what the Discovery documentary is going to do to his already broken career and personal life?

No. 810531

File: 1608640574668.png (14.85 KB, 595x119, definition.PNG)

and out comes the definition to prove everyone wrong

No. 810534

I'm still hoping his mother crazy Tami will be in part 2 or 3. She's a narcissist and very angry at him at the moment, so shouldn't be too hard to do.

No. 810538

File: 1608646177227.jpg (53.26 KB, 359x438, CC514B1C-E0AA-451A-BAAE-86F481…)

This is such a prime example of who Greg is, asides from the wonderful Leafy remark. Not a leafy fan but whatever, this was funny.
But his post here shows how black and white things are to him, there are no shades of grey. Only shades of Greg.
He had it all basically, all a guy could dream of with his money and his threeway. But then he fucks it all up because oh he has to control her and she can't smoke weed.
Greg is his own worst enemy.

No. 810539

Now had she been freebasing and scoring smack on my dime too I woulda understood it, but weed? really? weed? it just isn't a big fucking deal.
then again, it was all about the control factor for old greg.

No. 810563

I bet Leafy makes fun of him behind his back all the time and thinks he's a joke. I hope Grease becomes paranoid over it, he has a weird obsession with Leafy.

No. 810576

>If you’re talking about life insurance, taking life insurance out on children is rare and it is usually just enough to cover the costs of a funeral.

You think he's smart enough to know that??

No. 810585

So if he thinks that he wins all arguments on Twitter, doesn't that make him a pedophile by this definition?

No. 810586

insurance agents are
also i doubt you can even buy high-dollar life insurance on a toddler because nobody would legitimately need it

No. 810591

Actually, it isn't all that rare.
Gerber is still a massive company selling policies for babies/kids, Globe Life is the same. When I sold insurance, it was extremely popular to get whole life insurance policies on babies (after they were 14 days old) that carried until they were of age, or carried under their parents until they were of age and got their own policies.

The only time you get a payout for life insurance is if it's death or a life-altering injury such as limb loss (partial payout). And most insurance has a clause that will not pay out in cases of suicide within the first 2 years.
Insurance will also not payout if the death is suspicious until a police investigation has been completed, especially on children because by all logic, they should not die young.

Depending on the company, if it was some shitty fly by night, they can simply not pay out at all if they think it's suspicious.
sage for insurance sperg.

No. 810592

>also i doubt you can even buy high-dollar life insurance on a toddler because nobody would legitimately need it

Oh, you can. No insurance agent will turn down the commission. But you are correct, child policies are usually for are $10000 and very cheap. I had one when my daughter was born.

No. 810616

File: 1608684515598.jpg (26.74 KB, 250x317, 1804131-bbe693f3999d909fae6b9f…)

oh typical greg, always taking credit for shit, even when you done wrong.

No. 810621

File: 1608685933996.jpeg (85.22 KB, 800x450, C8007BA4-99A4-470C-B121-B97A7F…)

Kek, he deleted the tweet too

He can dish it out but can’t take it. Must be especially brutal that it came from his no chin man crush

No. 810624

The 100k he paid in fines were a good trade too? Hope it was worth it making himself and his family poorer, at least he has some ugly mushrooms growing now

No. 810626

Bushes with perfectly edible berries that provide a natural blockade to the pond: dangerous nuisance that must be removed immediately

Potentially poisonous, but tasty looking tiny mushrooms: Wonderful to have around kids.

Yeah, that all makes perfect sense OnionBoy

No. 810627

I thought he wasn't allowed in the wetlands anymore, didn't the county order him to build a fence and put signs all over it to keep him away and prevent him from causing more damage?

No. 810639

those look like Atheniella aurantiidisca, which aren’t edible but also not poisonous

No. 810646

Makes me happy for the kids, for sure.

No. 810647

Poop touchers are the worst. LC has rules against it for good reason. And who tf would simp for Heatboss?
He's been obsessed with Leafy for YEARS.

No. 810652

>No one needs to give Greg a heads up
A heads up about what? That he's a manipulator and pathological liar (he and Shiloh are twinsies)? Who cares. Besides the release date has been all over twitter.

No. 810655

>When Greg tells that story of how she, with her last strength, crawled to the garage door to knock
He never said that. Did you read police report? The explanation he gave the detective was one of the most autistic things I've ever read. Only a room temperature IQ would take it at face value.

No. 810658

What I always questioned was why the detective(s) didn't look at the all surveillance footage available.
All that's definitively known is that she fell out of the window. The doctor said her injuries were consistent with a fall, whatever lead up to the fall was never determined. It wouldn't come as a shock if the wanker that made vids about this >>807906, filmed this >>807868 and this >>809760 was in some way responsible.

No. 810660

oh yes he did, he said he heard a "weird groaning like noise" and knocking on his garage door. she had to crawl to the garage to knock on that door, to get her dad's attention since her life was danger.

No. 810676

File: 1608737962339.jpg (184.93 KB, 1037x1429, Screenshot_20201223-070920_Twi…)

..aaaand we're back to Eugenia fucking Cooney.
Anyway, how has your day been going people, any fun plans for Christmas despite the old 'rona?

No. 810680

Who's complaining about milk or the source thereof? I thank the milkmen/women for their service.

No. 810690

I hope he starts obsessively making videos about her again and youtube deletes his channel like they deleted Leafy's for harassing a girl.

No. 810700

I like how you think my friend, I like how you think.

No. 810706

He only fixates on Eugina because she's literally his dream scenario of a girl. A 26 year old woman trapped with a 14 year olds mind because of her stunted growth due to years of malnutrition that is probably vulnerable to manipulation from older men. I bet he pictures himself valiantly bullying his way in and "saving her" by just telling her to eat 10x a day and verbally abusing her when she doesn't kek. Too bad for Greg, Eugina already had a narc with their talons in her already. Theres no room for another.

I would be surprised honestly. Greg has continously broke TOS throughout the years of him being on YouTube. He false copyright strikes channels on a regular basis. Not sure why YouTube has such a boner for Greg but it would take something massive for him to be booted off.

No. 810707

Greg getting banned off of youtube, twitter and every platform has been a long dream of mine.
silly but i somehow feel that i jinxed it because its a dream of mine.

No. 810717

File: 1608760571986.jpeg (1.56 MB, 3024x4032, 70CB0E30-A254-4281-B665-F172B7…)

No. 810719

File: 1608760610537.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3024x4032, 0560FB5C-90D5-4520-9775-367E4D…)

new york post

No. 810724

File: 1608764459429.png (339.96 KB, 692x683, nyp.PNG)

I wonder if this is the reason he's back harassing Cooney. She's going to be interviewed about Greg.

No. 810726

>Greg Jackson, who is known as the character "Onison"
lmfao they couldn't even spell it right. And lol at 'Onison' being a character and not Greg's disgusting self with extra steps.

No. 810733

He lurks here you know. You're giving him tips lol.

No. 810737

File: 1608774966098.gif (1.17 MB, 225x225, 5f4cb757.gif)

Did he install a ceiling fan in his smelly cum-cave? The ceiling is so low in his garage that the blades spin right at head level. I cant see the previous homeowners thinking that's a good idea so I don't think it came with the house. If Greg installed it I'm sure its jerry rigged with duct tape and zip ties. I hope he forgets it there and the blades take out one of eyes.

No. 810739

File: 1608776002890.png (95.47 KB, 594x365, onifrankenstein.PNG)

Has he become self aware? Personally I don't see any difference from this and the original. Maya was bang on when she described seeing him in the flesh was like looking at Frankenstein's monster.
He's currently on a deepfake sperg on OnisionPrime. Almost 30 at last count.

No. 810755

>Too bad for Greg, Eugina already had a narc with their talons in her already. Theres no room for another.
True. It sounds like something he'd seethe over.

No. 810758

>"weird groaning like noise"
That's not what was written in the report.
>she had to crawl to the garage to knock on that door
Well I don't know what you read but it definitely wasn't the police report. Nowhere in the report was Greg quoted saying C was crawling on the ground. One can safely assume she was, to put it bluntly, inert after falling 2 stories.

No. 810759

He made a vid recently repeating the pedo allegations against his father for the 100th time. Randy's not in jail so according to waterhead that means he dindu nuffin.

I'm looking forward to hearing his dad's interview on the 4th of Jan. Groom must be malding at his inability to spin and control the narrative like he used to back when he was relevant.

No. 810760

His ways of trying to "save" girls are just hilarious and delusional too. Just make thousands of videos harassing and mocking them, compare them to the "crypt keeper," put on a wig and impersonate them, and they'll come to their senses, gain 50 pounds, and owe it all to you and reward you with alt girl pussy.

No. 810761

It's not self-awareness, it's him playing 4d chess with many brain folds. "You can't make fun of me for it if I make fun of myself".

No. 810780

I remember reading this too so this anon's not wrong, the groaning quote was onion's recounting of the story himself iirc, not the police report

No. 810781

watch the interviews you absolute exceptional individual. gawd.
he said it in his own words, how long are you gonna keep up with this? he said it in one of the god damn interviews. if you don't keep up with the shit coming out lurk moar.

No. 810793

File: 1608826250447.webm (4.29 MB, Predator Wins Onision on the K…)

Don't expect us to spoon-feed you because you cant take the time to look through older threads. This was Onisions interview on the Killstream. I hope it puts this argument to bed.

No. 810794

autism asides I feel worst for the kid. an accident like this will always have lasting effects she will struggle with for the rest of her life.
all because mommy and daddy where too busy grooming girls for threeways and wearing make up and baggy sweaters playing spaceboi saying they look "daddy as fuck", whatever that means.
its negligence any way you slice it, and Washington CPS failed those kids.

No. 810817

He said he was "panicking" but what person who is panicking would think about recording a video showing the kid laying on the ground with her head caved in to prove his innocence in case someone accused him of pushing her? IF he panicked, the only panic he felt was for himself, not his daughter.

No. 810819

File: 1608838260753.jpg (Spoiler Image,421.14 KB, 1080x1924, 20201224.jpg)

That growth on his spine is getting so big you can see it through his shirts now. I hope he ends up in wheelchair or loses use of his dick because it starts pressing against his spine. Not being able to jerk off 8 times a day would be the only reason he would an hero.

No. 810827

He has another visible one now, on his back around his rib cage.

It’s not going to paralyze him or anything, it’s just a fat deposit.

No. 810842

>I'm looking at something on the ground and its kind of like it doesn't look like an animal its covered in debris or whatever from the driveway like the grass and stuff surrounding it.

C fell on the concrete driveway. Why was she suddenly covered in debris? How fucking long was she laying there?

No. 810865

I think it’s safe to assume a long time as otherwise the surely recorded video evidence of her falling (and the time between falling to being discovered) wouldn’t have not been available. It’s bullshit that that particular spot wasn’t covered by cameras we all know Greg owns like 5000 of them and has them set up to record trespassers and vandals.
Breaks my heart but I honestly believe that’s the reason why he couldn’t use the video surveillance footage to ‘prove his innocence’ as it would show they didn’t bother checking their kids for a long time before discovering one missing. Saying she was covered in debris just proves she was there for ages.

No. 810910

File: 1608894682793.jpg (223.3 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20201225_074624.jpg)

Shit he tried to delete after posting it on KF

my sides, greg truly is giving us a wonderful milkmas

No. 810911

File: 1608894720641.jpg (301.35 KB, 1080x2097, Screenshot_20201225_074604.jpg)

part two of the tragedy of Gregory "the wise"

No. 810914

File: 1608895517253.jpg (31.67 KB, 600x600, die_a_hero.jpg)

Again with the hero shit, my God Gregory, what has that movie Batman begins done to you? Now he "tried to help Eugenia" yeah sure like an expression we have in my country "tried to help her between the shore and the ship" i'm sure. I love how he tries to claim that and yet calls her a "stupid bitch", "brain damaged skeleton" and a "dumb cunt" in the same breath. So now we can't trust her word because she has some sort of mental disorder? Well then we can't believe a word you say either since you claim to be depressed and suicidal, Greg. Ya, that would be a mental disorder and probably one of the worst since when it's real its almost always fatal.
All that aside how many more shit-tier versions are you gonna make from that already shitty Christopher Nolan Harvey Two-Face quote.
Does seem fitting though, two-faced, like you are.

No. 810915

File: 1608895593017.png (1.97 MB, 1078x2906, 15795409616902.png)

nta. Put what to bed? There's nothing about C crawling anywhere or tapping on anything, they're >>810758 not wrong. We're talking about the police report you unread weenies, not the killstream. The story Greg told the Killstream changed somewhat from the original statements he made to the detective, the latter of which holds more weight than his prattling to those neckbeards where he contradicts himself multiple times, lies about wanting Sarah and Kai in a relationship so "Kai can be happy UwU" (just like he did with Billie), etc.

The story he told about C on the Killstream was different from what he told LE.

He claims LE didn't write down everything he told them - it will be a cold day in hell before I take that nonce at his word. LE audio recorded his statement. The only thing not up for debate is the doctors verdict that C's injuries were consistent with a two story fall. Whatever happened prior to that is officially undetermined. Lainey's and Greg's version of events is open for speculation. Greg's been outed as a pathological liar, so he can take his version of anything and shove it up his ass. At BEST, the Jackson's are negligent parents. I never bought his story for second.

No. 810917

You can give this shitstain >>807868 the benefit of the doubt if you want. You're free to believe a pathological liar. I don't. Sorry not sorry.

No. 810918

ya i only now realize how you meant that post, i kinda jumped the gun, you got me there. sorry.
merry christmas, buddy.

No. 810919

Sorry I'm fired up lol. His version of events has never made sense to me.

No. 810920

it was my fault really. i agree, its very easy to tell when greg is lying: he opens his mouth.

No. 810921

No worries. Merry Christmas anon.

No. 810922

I really can't wait to see Greg's responses after each of the 3 episodes. And his 14 hour long 389 part videos trying to explain it all away.
That really is how to spot a liar, they have an answer ready for anything.

No. 810924

I love how bitch boy claims to have been silent all this time. He did anything but, always spergin' out and attacking anyone whom he himself wronged in the first place.

No. 810929

He's desperately trying to cling on to his youth to attract a few more gullible teenage girls, probably.

No. 810930

Oh, definitely.
Then again, Leafy makes fun of everyone (except maybe his new BFF Keemstar).

No. 810931

>When someone suffers from an eating disorder, the risk of health consequences, such as brain damage, could occur

I wonder if Taylor's brain got damaged when she used to eat Tic-tacs instead of meals according to Regina. That would explain a lot actually.

No. 810932

Not new, Leafy has always been butt buddies with that pest Keem.
And she suffers panic attacks she overcomes with fidget spinners, so between Grugly with his self-diagnosed fake depressions and suicide-baiting, the both of them have psychological issues. Which according to Greg makes you a bad person.
Its fun to prove Greg wrong by using his own words against him, and he contradicts himself so often.
He also claimed to have BPD himself (or something like that) once in one of those 10 million obsessive compulsive voice mail messages to Adrienne back in the day.

No. 810936

Didn't Leafy have some feud (staged or not) with Keem ~4 years ago?

No. 810943

If they had, which i'm unaware of, it was probably fake. Keem did have a feud with GradeAUnderA.

No. 810954

>There's nothing about C crawling anywhere or tapping on anything

You're right there isn't anything about crawling but if you read the part you highlighted in red it says
>he heard what sounded like a deep voice and tapping on the exterior of the garage.
The "deep voice" could be interpreted as the "groaning" noise he mentioned in the Killstream and in black and white you see he said there was a tapping on the garage door.

I agree Onision will lie at the drop of a hat. But here's the dilemma. When was he lying? Did he lie to the cops when he gave his statement and conveniently leave out parts of the story? Or did he lie to the Killstream scrotes to some how puff up his story? And I don't think that he's afraid of lying to law enforcement. He will outright lie, twist facts, or lie by omission to anyone. He's done it to the IRS, Pierce County, CPS, the Municipal Court in his written statement/request for a restraining order against Hansen & Repzion. The list goes on.
If you don't believe the groaning, crawling & tapping on the garage door story he told to Killstream then you cant believe the official statement he gave the police. You cant keep pointing to the police report like its gospel if you believe Greg lies all the time.

No. 810974

Kinda depends on how old the kid is, if she talks and if she can even remember the whole incident due to her dropping on her head. Girls do usually speak earlier than boys. Usually small children will just say what happened, and if "daddy threw her off the balcony" you'd expect her to have said that. Unless she was utterly petrified of course. It sucks that CPS has such lack luster piss poor effort in Washington, and that sheriff dickless is so useless. Its all just speculation at this point and I don't think we will ever find out the truth.
It would be great if we could put someone on it that can detect lies very well, and have that person listen to the killstream.
Deputy Dewie or whoever the fuck took Cucky the Clown's statement was suspicious though. There is that. Too bad CPS is just wasted tax money. And the Sheriff too, in Washington.
It is a pickle.

No. 811078

File: 1609021239307.jpg (204.98 KB, 762x576, cuckold.jpg)

Found the audio again, this is one call from the Adrienne calls, Greg saying he has borderline personality disorder:


Why then shit on it, Greg?

No. 811091

The short arms! I'm snorting! This picture is hilarious because it shows how weirdly shaped his body is.

No. 811106

>How fucking long was she laying there?
There were a few farmers asking these questions when the story first surfaced. They're valid questions we may never know the answer to, nothing outside Greg's version anyway.

No. 811108

File: 1609053238551.png (3.37 MB, 1115x2252, Cameras swamp shack.png)

>He will outright lie, twist facts, or lie by omission to anyone. He's done it to the IRS, Pierce County, CPS, the Municipal Court in his written statement/request for a restraining order against Hansen & Repzion.
>You cant keep pointing to the police report like its gospel if you believe Greg lies all the time.

Fair enough but lying in a podcast can't put him in jail, lying to the cops could tho. I think what terrifies Greg more than anything is facing jail time because among other things, he'd be the "criminal scum" he's constantly tard raging about. That's why I think his story to LE (while surely not 100% true) is as close to the truth as we'll get for now.It's no secret he'll lie about whatever he believes he can get away with.
>when was he lying?
I think the better question is, why did his story on the Killstream differ from what he told the detective?

>The "deep voice" could be interpreted as the "groaning" noise

As far as the alleged tapping on the garage (C wasn't close enough to it that we know of) or the voice, their exact origin if they existed at all is open to interpretation. I never made up my mind about it because there just isn't enough info to go on imo, but it's very unlikely C was moving let alone making any audible sound after falling 2 stories.

In the report it said Greg walked from where he was in the garage to the upstairs and found T in the living room playing video games. He went looking for T because he said he heard a deep voice and tapping outside and immediately thought it was his son - what was that kid, 7 years old? I don't know any 7 year old boys with deep voices, do you? Keep in mind that this happened around 7pm in the middle of Sept. after sunset, so it's dark out and probably cold. For him to think of his kid straight away makes no sense in this context, at least not to me.

Then there's the cameras: The report stated the only security footage available was Ring footage that pointed in the direction opposite from where C had fallen in the driveway, which assumes that the TIME she fell was never captured. However, there are cameras that view the FRONT of the house/driveway where C had fallen, we know this because we have ss from these security cameras from around last Jan. with the Tesla (pic related).

So on the day of C's fall the footage from these cameras in the driveway which presumably would've captured when she fell, was unavailable. Instead Greg takes it upon himself to film the poor thing lying on the ground to assure LE that he wasn't responsible for what happened to her? Greg also has access to the surveillance cameras from inside the swamp shack, we know this because of the 911 call he made after his house was egged in pic related. He doesn't need to leave his filthy little pedo hovel to see who/what is outside. I could go further into the cameras but I've written enough on that.

No. 811109

File: 1609053517867.jpeg (645.78 KB, 1078x1875, Shiloh-police reports-C.jpeg)

:Reminder: C's fall happened the day after Shiloh's first public appearance on twitter on Sept. 11th. Coincidentally Greg references Shiloh's "suicide threat" in his interview with the detective on the 12th but doesn't mention her by name. Then there's that couldn't-be better-timed bdsm window tweet while he was in the hospital with C, which he gave at least two different explanations for writing btw. Welp no holes in this plot kek.

No. 811122

This is depressingly compelling. I still don’t believe he attempted to murder his daughter even though he’s shown he clearly doesn’t value her but something is still definitely off.

I think even something like leaving the window open with just the screen in an attempt to tilt the odds that something bad might happen to garner sympathy and draw attention away from the mounting scrutiny is too much. He didn’t milk it at all or even bring it up. I think he intended to keep it a secret forever.

No. 811135

>So on the day of C's fall the footage from these cameras in the driveway which presumably would've captured when she fell, was unavailable.

Im just throwing this out. But the simple answer would be that there all those security cameras and motion detectors were not installed yet.
C fell on 9/12/2019 Hansen visited 1/9/2020 kids egged the house 1/11/2020. Between September and January is when the cameras were put up. Maybe the reason Greg put up the cameras was because of C falling outside the house.

If the cops who arrived when C fell saw cameras on the trees, exterior of the house and so on they would of asked for the footage from Greg and their request and any excuse Greg gave for not providing the footage would have been recorded in the police statement.

Think about it. You're a cop that comes to the scene of an accident/crime and see half a dozen cameras pointing in all directions. You're going to ask for the footage. No where in the police statement does it say they saw cameras or asked for footage from exterior security cameras other than the RING doorbell video.

tldr: security cameras were not there on Sept 9th the day C fell out the window.

No. 811142

File: 1609099543279.jpg (10.92 KB, 284x177, cunt.jpg)

You guys do realize you're talking about Captain Wowie as if he's an actual cop right?

No. 811157

I get that some anons have a hate-boner for Troyer since he went on Hansen's show and talked shit about Onision. I'm sure Greg is pulling his hair out that the man who said he was a predator was elected Pierce County Sheriff last month kek.

The deputies and detectives that were at the scene were
Deputy Mancuso
Deputy Groat
Detective Moss
Forensics Officer Anderson
I hope you aren't stupid enough to think they bring a Public Relations Officer to the scene of a child falling out the window. Troyer's name is no where in the police report >>810915

No. 811161

>I get that some anons have a hate-boner for Troyer
>I hope you aren't stupid enough to think they bring a Public Relations Officer to
.. as opposed to your love boner for the man?

No. 811162

How is that anon having a hate boner?:
If a baker doesn't have bread baked, he failed as a baker.
If a hair dresser doesn't cut your hair, he fails as a hair dresser.
If a mechanic can't fix your car, he fails as a mechanic.
If scientists can't come up with a vaccin against Corona, they fail as scientists.
And last but not least:
If a cop fails to bring in a criminal, like our good sheriff here, he fails as a cop.
It really is that simple, there's no hate boner involved. No one here carries a hate boner for him, hell we don't even know him. We just see him as a cop who's failing to bring Greg and Kai to justice. I'm sure the good sheriff is a wonderful husband and father, maybe even grandfather, but he sucks as a cop.
I'm intrigued that you would call some simple criticism a "hate-boner", its the sort of thing Greg would say to any criticism.

No. 811163

>calling someone else greg with a response like this

No. 811164

>The deputies and detectives that were at the scene were
>Deputy Mancuso
>Deputy Groat
>Detective Moss
>Forensics Officer Anderson
So there is our list of fail. You can add CPS in that list and Hansen and then it is complete.

No. 811165

What prison pray tell can we sent mail to for Greg and Lainey? Oh right they aren't in prison.
Yeah, he's a great sheriff. He's the best!!!!
Its why we all love him so much.

No. 811166

I get why you would defend your own Sheriff white knighting autism, but that anon is actually right. Calling criticism a hate boner is one of Greg's standard moves on his repertoire.

No. 811168

Defending LEA is actually proclaiming Greg's innocence. After all why isn't he arrested, why isn't he in jail otherwise?
So its either LEA's failure, or Greg is innocent.
You feel Greg and Kai are innocent then?
Not my words mind you, I feel Greg and Kai are guilty as fuck, so obviously it was that list of cops that failed us there, sport.
Cool story though.

No. 811169

>How is that anon having a hate boner?

We were discussing the day C fell out the window and the deputies and detectives that were there at the scene. They found a way to wiggle in a dig at Troyer even though he wasnt at the the scene. I would call that a hateboner if they're always on the look out to bring up Troyer.

No. 811170

How is naming the detectives and deputies named in the police report as at the scene "Defending LEA?"
I named them all to show that "Captain Wowie" wasn't there like anon wanted to insinuate.

No. 811171

Would it be better if we used your little list there next time?
Would that make you feel better?
You sound like he's your dad or grandpa or something.

No. 811172

You are the one trying to say they did a good job, I don't know what show you have been watching but we are exactly at the same point in this investigation as we were last year.
Only difference is we got a documentary coming out next year. Maybe that will make the Sheriff move his fat ass finally?
Chris Hansen claims they have been hoarding evidence like a motherfucker, even the FBI is in on it now supposedly, and yet nothing has been done.
But hey, if you want us to go easy on little Sheriff Troyer, sure, they all fucking failed.
Does that soothe your nerves?

No. 811173

Sure. Use my list of deputies and detectives. But don't get angry that I proved that Troyer wasn't there and anon bringing him up was some weird vendetta.

No. 811174

So you feel the kids are in good hands with Lainey and Greg as their parents then?

No. 811175

I'm not angry, I'm just mystified that someone is on here actually defending LEA while they didn't do a thing. Maybe you're a Greg fan and rejoice in their failure, could that be it?
I don't wanna accuse you of anything, I'm just sayin' I don't get it.

No. 811177

vendetta? Bro the only reason I posted his mug here is because he's the only name involved with the investigation that i know asides from Hansen, thats the only reason.
Why are you so upset about this? Why are you still going on? Are you married to the man?

No. 811178

oh boy here we go with that word again.
some criticism is obviously a personal vendetta you guyz.
I'm getting T flashbacks

No. 811179

greg is not in prison.
kai is not in prison.
they still have the kids.
oh yeah great work there, kojak

No. 811180

My initial post was to bring up the senario (tinfoil) that there were no cameras on the outside of the house like was shown when Hansen came knocking and the kids egged the house. The cameras were only installed AFTER C fell out the window. And that is the reason there is no footage of C falling on the driveway. If you feel that Deputy Mancuso, Deputy Groat, Detective Moss and Forensics Officer Anderson all failed to ask Greg for the footage then Id say you're wrong.

No. 811181

I don't get why you keep bringing up the C incident as if its the only reason they should go to prison. They did other things too you know, or did you just drive in here on your high horse yesterday?
Jesus fucking Christ get some perspective here.
The good Sheriff can take Greg and Lainey down on a vast array of shit they did, and they haven't, and here you keep prattling on about how they did a stellar job.
I'm so done with this conversation.

No. 811182

Troyer's name was only brought up because he was the public relations officer. He went on Hansen as the face of the Sheriffs department. I doubt hes the detective working on the investigation into Onision. I understand hes the only face you can get angry with because Onision isnt in jail, but hes not the detective(s) working on the case.

No. 811184

There were no cameras set up to catch C falling on the driveway other than the RING doorbell. The vast array of security cameras that are up now were installed after the fall. That was and is my statement.

No. 811185

Could you calmly and rationally try and explain the very autistic point you are trying to make.
And while you are at it answer these questions:
- Greg and Kai aren't in prison, why not?
- Do you believe them to be innocent? If not then the cops haven't done their job right.
- Do you believe their kids to be in good hands in the swamp shack?
- Do you feel Greg and Kai should not be in prison? Otherwise again, the cops failed.

No. 811186

Again you are acting as if thats the only thing they could be arrested on. Again, did you just fall ass first in to this Greg thread or what?
Did you not notice all the criminal shit Greg and Kai did?
My God woman, I'm glad I don't know you in real life because you are exhausting.

No. 811188

>Greg and Kai aren't in prison, why not?
Greg walks that fine line of legality. The only case that could be brought up is that his spouse sent nudes to minors and received nudes from said minors.

>Do you believe them to be innocent? If not then the cops haven't done their job right.

I dont think they're innocent. They have done horrible things that are morally corrupt. But again, Greg knows how to walk the legal line and not do anything criminally wrong.

>Do you believe their kids to be in good hands in the swamp shack?

No. The kids need to be sent to live with her parents.

>Do you feel Greg and Kai should not be in prison? Otherwise again, the cops failed.

I wish they both would be put in prison because of the pain they have caused. But you cant prosecute on morals. Greg knew what not to do. Kai may get prosecuted for the nudes. I can only hope.

>Could you calmly and rationally try and explain the very autistic point you are trying to make.

I was making the point that no security cameras were set up when C fell. They were only installed afterwards. The 4 or 5 deputies/detectives would have seen the cameras and requested the footage. None of that was noted in the police report.

>you are acting as if thats the only thing they could be arrested on

I know this will be taken as being Pro-O but what could he be arrested for? Trying to murder his child? Transporting a minor across state lines for sex? Grooming? The anons tinfoiling that Greg and Lainey tried to kill their kid are mental cases. And prosecuting on grooming and the Mann Act are not going to happen.

No. 811189

I can still hear Chris Hansen saying:
"These things take time."
Yes, but could we maybe have this done before I reach menopause?
I'm 28

No. 811191

>Greg walks that fine line of legality. The only case that could be brought up is that his spouse sent nudes to minors and received nudes from said minors.
Would you agree with me then that it is the cops job to actually find evidence that would stick?
>I dont think they're innocent. They have done horrible things that are morally corrupt. But again, Greg knows how to walk the legal line and not do anything criminally wrong.
If you don't believe their innocent then they would have committed a crime. You don't get arrested over doing things that are bad but otherwise not criminal. So the cops failed.
>No. The kids need to be sent to live with her parents.
So again, the cops failed. As did CPS.
>I wish they both would be put in prison because of the pain they have caused. But you cant prosecute on morals. Greg knew what not to do. Kai may get prosecuted for the nudes. I can only hope.
I agree, but then you would also be saying Greg and Kai are innocent. Sure they're bad people, but they haven't done anything illegal. (I think they did though, and its the cops job to find that out. they failed us in that regard.)
>was making the point that no security cameras were set up when C fell. They were only installed afterwards. The 4 or 5 deputies/detectives would have seen the cameras and requested the footage. None of that was noted in the police report.
Yes but again, its not the only thing they did. You were right earlier about Kai, so why the hell hasn't she been arrested yet?
>I know this will be taken as being Pro-O but what could he be arrested for? Trying to murder his child? Transporting a minor across state lines for sex? Grooming? The anons tinfoiling that Greg and Lainey tried to kill their kid are mental cases. And prosecuting on grooming and the Mann Act are not going to happen.
Now that I can relate to, now you're making sense. It is a pickle, however it happens to also be what they promised us. Look at the interview with the sheriff, when I was watching that back in the day I sincerely thought they'd be in prison by now. But they aren't.
Nobody here hates the Sheriff, we don't know him personally. He could be the nicest guy in the world. But yeah, me personally and some others here feel he has failed us. And sure it wasn't up to just him, the other people you mentioned they failed us too. And CPS failed us, and Hansen failed us.
Then again in Hansen's case this was nothing more than a quick cash grab.

No. 811193

Honest to god it smells like dogfucker up in hurr(hi cow)

No. 811194

she's not even relevant to the situation

No. 811195

inb4 pretend Null comes in to defend her

No. 811196

>Would you agree with me then that it is the cops job to actually find evidence that would stick?
Absolutely agree. I wish they would look deeper into Lainey sending and receiving nudes from underage girls. And yes, look deeper into Greg but I doubt they will find anything.

>If you don't believe their innocent then they would have committed a crime.

>but then you would also be saying Greg and Kai are innocent
I may have used the wrong word "innocent" in this context. I dont think Greg has done anything he could be criminally charged with. Lainey could be charged with sending nudes to underage girls and receiving CP. I think they are guilty of being immoral people and wish they could be jailed for it. But obviously you dont go to jail over bad morals. I do wish they could get "Al Capone'd" somehow. Meaning they end up in jail for something other than the grooming accusations. Like they get caught by the feds trying to hide assets. I want them both to pay for being amoral people and destroying so many peoples lives.

I know you say the cops should do a deeper investigation and I agree. But what illegal activity would you say Greg has done. Im not arguing with you I would love for you to change my mind. But all the accusations that people bring up are either crazy tinfoil "Greg bashed C's head in" or old and grey area crimes like grooming and the Mann Act, traveling to have sex with 17yo Shiloh and Lainey.s

No. 811199

4 different people are all her-who-should-not-be-named? what do you even base that on? I'm only asking since i'm one of the people you just listed.

No. 811200

Then we are in complete agreement.
I'm linked in this exceptional individuals post too. I guess she rubbed off on us? Although I can't imagine why.

No. 811201

Why are you complimenting her? Did her IQ go up and did she suddenly acquire wit?

No. 811202

this is not the flakes thread idiot

No. 811203

File: 1609118424825.jpg (189.66 KB, 1080x748, 56TR5_45RTYY_34WER.jpg)

>what do you even base that on?
Her penchant for samefagging and pretending to be discord friends and concerned whiteknights (including Null) when she was exposed by the farmhands after they removed her anonymity.

No. 811204

i dont recall the farmhands outting her as Null also why are we suddenly talking about Tamara in the Onision thread?

No. 811205

And are my ears deceiving me or do I hear a waterhead sloshing?
Unless you are applying for the Washington Sheriff's department I wouldn't quit my day job just yet.
The scrote started it.

No. 811206

It wasn't us, it was scroty mcboogerballs that started bringing her up, and for the love of fuck please stop now before she actually comes back.

No. 811208

Im glad we agreed on this. But you didnt answer my question about what Greg did that would be considered illegal and could be arrested for. Im not be being sarcastic or trying to be an asshole. Id love for you to bring something to the table that I could sink my teeth into.

No. 811209

The two Autists screaming about Gurg's local police brought it out.
Let's refocus on current affairs.
Where do we place our bets for Jan.4?
>Greg spergs immediately about Hansen and Discovery, and how he's definitely going to sue
>Greg tries to distract from it by posting something "controversial" but unrelated
Maybe something about lame, maybe more gross nudes
>Greg suicide baits
>Greg pretends he doesn't care and he definitely only hears about what it says because one of his two fans tells him

No. 811212

File: 1609120186871.png (240.37 KB, 1854x680, Discovery exposed.png)

He did the lawsuit blustering already. I agree with all your predictions. My only question is how quickly will he make a video refuting what his dad, stepmom, Shiloh, and Edwin say about him? I'm positive he's bought the Discovery+ package, its only a $4.99 addition to a regular cable bill. The docu is released at midnight PST. I can see him watching it immediately and releasing a sperg video at 2 or 3am. Of course everything will be "my fans told me they said…"

No. 811214

Grease was always a paranoid freak who wears bullet proof vests in public and shit so I doubt it took him that long to install a camera there. When Sarah was still there there was "surveillance on his entire house" according to his own words in a facebook post he made, so it would be really convenient that the front of the garage was the only place without a camera. So he probably just removed it before he called the cops or they just didn't see it since it was dark outside when the fall happened and they're incompetent.

No. 811221

Agreed. He was so paranoid he had flood lights fitted on the trees much to the annoyance of his neighbours, I don’t doubt the cameras have been up a long time. Maybe they are hidden cameras, maybe he removed them before police arrived/stated that they were just dummy/deterrent & didn’t actually record, I don’t think the investigators would have missed seeing them if they were ordinary cameras but I honestly believe it’s on film & the reason he couldn’t provide as evidence as it shows that the poor girl lay there for such a long time before being discovered. Sorry if that’s too tinfoily for most.

No. 811230

Your critique of him larping in sports clothes when he's an unfit skinnyfat is the same feeling I get when I see him in any video wearing an ill fitting business suit.
Or when he tries to act like some anime boy when he's wearing a wig.
He's going for a look but there's a certain mustiness to him.

No. 811233

File: 1609158748318.jpg (107.37 KB, 439x810, agentgreg.jpg)


Pearly penile papule honeymoon next. Will the magic ever stop?

No. 811234

File: 1609158992549.jpg (98.33 KB, 375x378, 1605949522827.jpg)

>I'm sure Greg is pulling his hair out that the man who said he was a predator was elected Pierce County Sheriff last month
That is top fucking keks for me, ngl.

No. 811238

>Between September and January is when the cameras were put up.
>tldr: security cameras were not there on Sept 9th the day C fell out the window.
She fell on the 12th not the 9th. How do you know when the cameras were installed, any sauce? C's fall and the teens egging his house happened 4 months apart >>811108.
>If the cops who arrived when C fell saw cameras on the trees, exterior of the house they would of asked for the footage
Why would the cops see the cameras if according to you, they weren't installed yet? I haven't seen any proof that they weren't installed at that time. LE arrived after 7pm (after sunset) in the autumn. I don't know exactly how visible the cameras would've been under those circumstances but it's safe to assume visibility would've been rather low.

>Maybe the reason Greg put up the cameras was because of C falling outside the house.

Doubtful. Did you see his concern for this person having a medical emergency >>807868? Did you miss the tweets he wrote while he was in the hospital with his ailing daughter >>811109 or are you just pretending you didn't read them?

No. 811240

In Shiloh's tweet on the 11th >>811109 she wrote how Greg "publicly exploited suicide threats" and the vids he made about self harm/suicide. The fact that Greg in his interview with the detective the next day all but referenced what Shiloh had written in her tweet the day before is a little too on the nose if you ask me. I won't go as far as to accuse him of anything outright but he is definitely hiding something. Good thing he thinks he's smarter than he actually is.

No. 811245

Logically I'm thinking pure negligence. Then again when I think about Greg's psychopathy I wouldn't put it past him to have sabotaged the entire thing knowing full well what would happen. As in the window, etc. We know he's in to suffering and sadism although even I will admit that this would be a tad too much. Not saying he did, not putting it past him either. If that makes any sense.

No. 811247

>>I'm sure Greg is pulling his hair out that the man who said he was a predator was elected Pierce County Sheriff last month
>That is top fucking keks for me, ngl.
And yet Sheriff Troyer doesn't use any of this new found power to prosecute Greg and Lainey.
You know, like he promised us.

No. 811248

File: 1609168169812.jpg (528.7 KB, 1008x1076, uncanny.jpg)

same creepy pedo smile and everything.

No. 811251

For all we know, he could have brought his findings to a prosecutor who decided there was insufficient evidence to take them to court. It isn’t up to him after a certain point. The whole system is so overburdened that they probably won’t bother unless they have a clear case, but everything involving Greg is convoluted.
Maybe if the documentary actually has some traction it will create public pressure like Tiger King. But that’s a big ‘maybe.’

No. 811252

Then whatever people went over that failed, or hell the whole justice system failed. I agree with you there. I too am hoping that documentary will cause a shitstorm. We can only hope. Frankly I sincerely hope it will get him banned off of Youtube, Twitter and OnlyFans, but then again I am an eternal optimist.

No. 811254

sheriffs investigate crime, they don’t prosecute it
the choice of whether or not to pursue criminal charges lies with the district attorney

No. 811255

>maybe he removed them before police arrived
>he probably just removed it before he called the cops
lol so Greg called the 911 then hurriedly got a ladder and removed all security cameras before the ambulance arrived 5-7 minutes later? You tinfoilers that believe the Onions tried to kill their kids are grasping at straws.

>or they just didn't see it since it was dark

This is the only reason that makes sense. It was after 7pm and it gets dark that time of year.

No. 811257

>to prosecute Greg and Lainey.

I've yet to get a straight answer on what they could prosecute Greg for. Now Lainey could be brought up on charges for sending her nudes to underage girls and requesting and receiving CP from those girls. But what did Greg do that he could get jail time for? Hes a shitty person. He's an immoral person. But please tell me what crime he committed? And if you say "grooming" then walk me through the process of criminal prosecution because its been played out over and over and theres no way they can put him in jail for that. And if you say its unknown crimes that the police need to do a better investigation and uncover, then everyone could be in jail if the cops could find some unknown crime they committed.

No. 811260

Eh I already answered you on that, and agreed with you. (if you are the same anon that is)
There is nothing, what I theorize about though is that he / they have done illegal shit that needs to be investigated.
Personally I always wondered about the Sarah "wand"-thing Greg was talking about, about him "using the wand on her" and that she got angry when he stopped doing that. She woulda been underage the time he's talking about, that would be a crime.
If it seems I'm grasping at straws that because I am, I'm hoping there is something they can convict him on.
And yeah the Lainey nudes, they should definitely prosecute her for that.
Maybe I wasn't perfectly clear the last time I replied, but yeah, I agree with you.

No. 811261

I don’t think he’s done anything that could pin him yet but maybe he will get al caponed and get jailed for something else eventually. He’s shown he’s not as diligent at towing the line when it comes to things other than having sex with young girls. He’s messed up his taxes. He’s messed up his swamp. Both of those got him in legal trouble and they were his own fault.

While it looks like he didn’t do anything illegal with Sarah when sleeping with her, he does seem to be getting riskier with the things he’s doing.

As long as Lainey stays with him, he will continue to grow overconfident in his ability to manipulate and demand outrageous things. That’s what happened with Billie. Because Lainey is so passive and willing to take his shit day in and day out he thought he could push the line further with Billie too and she would come crawling back like Lainey. That wasn’t the case. He thought he could covertly harass sarah online and that she would keep quiet because he does that to Lainey and she doesn’t fight back. It didn’t work.

No. 811262

He does have some very vague companies. Now if they convict him on that it would make sense that we've been waiting so long, the IRS isn't that fast and on top of that we have Corona going around.
Here's hoping (that they are building a case)

No. 811263

> I always wondered about the Sarah "wand"-thing Greg was talking about, about him "using the wand on her" and that she got angry when he stopped doing that

I think his story was that sarah said after he dumped her that she was upset that he never ended up using the vibrating wanted sex toy on her. I think he added that detail to try and prove how much sarah was a willing and active part of their sexual relationship.

I don’t think anyone involved claimed he ever used it on her sexually when she was a minor but the prevalence of the sex toys in the house when sarah was living there was definitely part of the grooming process.

I remember when Billie came back and was in the background of one of his videos, he was talking about the drawer of sex toys they had and how fun they were. Sex was a constant overtone in the household. It was also shown to be a path to being “grown up” and not abused. The “grownups” (Greg, Billie, Lainey) got to have a fun with special toys and were closer because of it and the grownups also didn’t get verbally and emotionally abused by Greg for being virgins or anything else. The way to fit in and be a “real adult” was to engage in sex. That was clearly laid out and it’s no surprise why sarah was such an eager participant given the environment she was in for so long.

No. 811273

Yeah, Keem had a feud with, like, every commentary YouTuber that got popular around 2016.
I know the feud with Pyrocynical, obviously, was real.

No. 811276

>>Maybe the reason Greg put up the cameras was because of C falling outside the house.
I believe he started installing more cameras after the wetlands agents showed up and 'trespassed' on his property at the end of 2018. If my memory is correct I remember a few post pointing out the new cameras on the trees shortly after the incident.

No. 811277

File: 1609188004444.jpg (85.9 KB, 900x1200, guy-wig-blonde_2000x.jpg)

Serving us some super unsexy party city lewks today

No. 811283

I don't know why but I have a feeling Greg would like to speak with the manager.

No. 811284

I can't tell if Greg photoshopping Justin Bieber helmet-hair is fortunate or unfortunate.
And I also do not know for who exactly.
2020 really sucks.

No. 811288

File: 1609193252692.png (59.04 KB, 521x337, Law order_7233cb_4872022.png)

No. 811292

That makes sense.
>Maybe the reason Greg put up the cameras was because of C falling outside the house.
What a weird thing to say. Why would his reaction to safeguarding his kid from falling out of the window be to install cameras instead of i don't know, child proofing the fucking windows to prevent something like that from happening again? I know we're dealing with a knuckle dragging retard here but he and Lainey both said C was a physically active child so they knew what to expect, and it's not like C was his first born either.

idk if you're new here but those of us oldfags know Greg only had kids to satisfy his disgusting impregnation fetish, he has no interest in actually taking care of them. God only knows how long C was lying on the pavement before 911 was called.

No. 811294

File: 1609194479669.png (93.89 KB, 194x259, 7C539CB7-46CF-4DA6-BA15-9A58A1…)

He’s going full Karen

No. 811306

He's trying to deny that he's in to tweens. Yet he's going with a hairstyle little girls found attractive back in 2006.

No. 811318

File: 1609203563342.png (31.16 KB, 300x400, uh.png)

>walk me through the process of criminal prosecution
Maybe try opening a book.

No. 811319

I remember Sarah saying she didn't publicize all the evidence she had, so I'm guessing it was even worse than what we're publicly aware of.
>Sex was a constant overtone in the household.
Sarah also walked in on Greg and Lainey having sex on more than occasion. In one instance T was on the floor leaning up against the bed on his ipad. A+ parenting.

No. 811321

But anon, they’re such attentive parents they HAVE to have sex with their children in the room. They’d never let them out of their sight for a second so that nothing bad could happen to them!

Ffs, they’ve got to be up there for most ineffective parental combos

No. 811325

File: 1609206706869.png (199.52 KB, 1368x354, reeeeeee.png)

You can't tell me there isn't something inherently hysterical about the fact that the guy who called Onision/Greg a predator is now Sheriff of Pierce County, ya know, the place Greg lives? Reeeing about Greg not being in jail isn't going to get you anywhere. You could've spent that time calling the Sheriff requesting an update since you're obviously dying to know, but instead you sit here whining and derailing about it like some other autist did in the last thread. If you really wanted an answer to your question you would've made the phone call already.

No. 811326

You seem very glad Greg isn't in prison.

No. 811328

LC isn't here to further the criminal prosecution of Greg or any other lolcow. This site was created to laugh at them. Go back to your fellow twitterfags and cry that Greg isn't in prison. Im sure they'll give you a tissue and shoulder to cry on.

No. 811329

lol. Nowhere was that stated or implied. Try reading before replying next time.

No. 811330

Dumb it down for me then. How is Greg going to be prosecuted for grooming? I've asked this question since the beginning of this saga with Sarah. No one can give a good answer. Do you have it?

No. 811332

With the repeated statements like this it's like we've got the greaseman himself trying to find answers lol. It's evident to farmers and people that have followed this spastic that he has been trying to use his fan base to attract girls to manipulate into having threesomes with his foot wife. The evidence is out there in cyberspace it would be a nightmare for LE to track the year's worth of shite to prosecute. During the Hansen interviews even Troyer himself appealed for girls that were directly contacted by Greg and to come forward to discuss what he was doing but we have no clue in knowing if people came forward. I hope they have and shit is happening in the background.

No. 811335

I reread your post twice. No where in it did I see any examples illegal activity. Try again? I know that I come off as a Pro-O, but I just grow tired of you twitterfags coming here and whining that Greg isn't in prison. In prison for what? The only one that may be prosecuted is Lainey. And maybe if she's facing prison time she may roll over and implicate Greg as the one who forced her to send nudes to underage kids. That would be the perfect outcome. He tried so hard to walk the legal line and his ugly man-wife is the one who fucked up and got them both jailed.

No. 811337

File: 1609209741296.png (80.83 KB, 1368x323, not greg.png)

>Dumb it down for me then.
>it's like we've got the greaseman himself
Yeah the retardation is a bit uncanny. Whoever they are, they can give the Sheriff a ring if they're that pressed over it. Or visit a law library if they're capable of concentrating for more than 10secs at a time.

No. 811338

And still you can't give one example of something Greg could be prosecuted for.
Go cry on twitter with the other fags.

No. 811339

Greg and Lainey obviously both groomed Sarah, why the fuck else would they offer sanctuary to a 14 year old they had never met prior to her announcing she's a fan of theirs online. She lives in a completely different state. She isn't a family friend or a family member. She was just a young girl with a shit home life they saw as easy pickings and had a mum willing to let their daughter stay with them so she didn't have to pay the upkeep. The amount of spastic fans they've had over the years why have they only ever took in girls that Greg deemed fuckable? They're no way in fucking hell only Lainey would get done for anything and Greg would get off Scott free. Greg is the main breadwinner and he's the cunt that deals with all the finances and taxes and all the legalities to do with their adult responsibilities. Not to diminish Lainey's hand in all of this, but she's hardly the fucking brains of the operation.

Not to mention all of his exes he's fucked have been extremely young when he first met them apart from AJ and her documented experiences with him read like coercion, rape and mental illness. Greg is a 35 year old man and the sexual conquests he still boasts about to this day have all been mentally ill teenagers. It's extremely depressing and sad, but also sort of hilarious that he acts like this dom figure and adonis when all he can pull is the lowest social class of fucked up girls. He can't persue woman because he's an ugly immature spastic. He has to keep aiming for teens. He's an abusive cunt. Lainey honestly needs the divorce the cunt for all his infidelity, parental neglect and lets be real he's probably physically abusive. It would be a miracle of there is no domestic violence in that household. We already know Troy is violent. We can only speculate about what crimes the cunt has committed in his relationships but he's already committed financial fraud and has had to pay fines for that, if he was a broke mother fucker with no assets he'd probably get jail time but instead the government is going to milk him for what he owes. Fuck maybe they're waiting until he pays off outstanding debts before they sting him for grooming and inticing minors.

No. 811341

bootlicker anon wants us all to know how proud she is that her husband made sheriff.
Guess spending the liquor money on buying votes was a good investment.
Next stop; mayors office!

No. 811343

Insult me all you want, its a fail troll diversion. But you still haven't given an example of something Greg could be prosecuted for.
I'll ask again. What crime could Greg be jailed for?

No. 811345

I was one of you when the grooming allegations first came up concerning Sarah. I really hoped that he could get jailed for it. But as time went on it seemed no one wanted to go further with it because she was 18 at the time of sexual intercourse.

Everything else you mentioned is shitty behavior but not criminal.
>they only ever took in girls that Greg deemed fuckable
Other than Sarah all the girls that came to stay were over 18
>all of his exes he's fucked have been extremely young
Yes Shiloh and Lainey were 17. Its gross but not illegal.

Greg is a disgusting human being and being put in jail would benefit our society. But he's so careful not to cross that line of legality its frustrating. Ill say it again. I hope he gets jailed for his financial shenanigans. This whole quickdeed thing giving his home and property to his two children seems fishy. I hope the feds look into it.

No. 811351

File: 1609212734913.png (323.3 KB, 866x1428, pedophile nonce.png)

What's hilarious is he's not only restricted comments on twitter, he recently disabled likes and comments on youtube after keeping them enabled for the last few months. He must be having a lil' hissy fit with the documentary featuring his father coming out soon. Muh most honest youtuber can't deal with the public voicing their observations of his very public behavior on his public profiles, heaven forbid some of them might actually be right and prove him a liar.

No. 811354

>Why would his reaction to safeguarding his kid from falling out of the window be to install cameras instead of child proofing the fucking windows to prevent something like that from happening again?
nta. He's a malignant spastic? Pretty sure that's the scientific term.

No. 811358

File: 1609214509209.png (35.3 KB, 574x137, nicimmortals.PNG)

Is Nicholas FatOreo one of his mods now? That would explain all Nic's recent moaning on Twitter about the Discovery documentary.

No. 811378

I knew he was up to no good when he started downplaying the victims’ stories and talking shit about when the Shiloh feud broke out.

No. 811380

File: 1609223676544.png (56.01 KB, 592x568, 1596837865848.png)

Nice out of context ss lol.I heard he saw the 1st episode and didn't like it. As a whole it probably won't amount to much but I am looking forward to seeing what Randy has to say because I know how asshurt Greg is over his dad getting a chance to speak publicly.
>Shiloh feud
Not Shiloh the unproblematic kween? you must be new

No. 811392

File: 1609231125781.jpg (171.46 KB, 1020x679, front of swamp shack.jpg)

For perspective: View of the front of the swamp shack during the day. C fell from one of the windows on the upper left.

I don't remember if it was Billie or which one of the girls mentioned this, could've been before Billie - maybe Jessica or Maya - Greg refused to put up curtains on the windows for the longest time. I only remembered that because of how fucking weird it is but it was so long ago I can't remember which girl said it.

No. 811398

stop derailing over hypothetical criminal charges against greg.

No. 811401

>that Austin Jones reference.
lmfao I almost overlooked this. Talk about self fulfilling prophecies. Nice catch anon.

No. 811406

Watch him start self posting in 4chan again: "So uh, my fellow anons, say you're hypothetically Onision and you're also hypothetically a pedophile who groomed a girl he called his foster daughter from the age of 16, what charges do you think I… uh I mean ONISION will face?" I'm getting flashbacks to some retard who started an Onision thread in /b months ago using an image of his mug for the thread pic, claiming he was a victim of #meetoo LOL. Even the /b tards were shitting all over him. How much of a waste of a human life is he that even /b tards were calling him a pedo and telling him to end his life.

No. 811409

File: 1609244674623.webm (5.63 MB, TikTok.webm)

Lurked his discord last night. Nothing truly milky but I thought Id share. His fans have dwindled down to just 2 members in VC, McFly and Duck.

>He's not making money on TikTok because he's not partnered. (good)

>The reason for the Lainey chess tweet >>811351 is his new obsession with Anya Taylor-Joy from The Queen's Gambit.
>Tries to avoid the question when his fans ask what he did for Christmas.
>Demonstrates his idiot savant ability to name off the age of consent laws in most countries right off the top of his head.
>His fans mention JoySparkleBS and Edwin making new videos about him. Greg gets agitated.
>Talks about his father possibly suing him. Admits that he didn't know what the fuck he was doing when he sued Hansen and Repzion.
>McFly does her best Heezy impression and pledges all her Whataburger earnings towards Greg's legal expenses.

No. 811410

File: 1609244828672.webm (5.44 MB, Documentary.webm)


>Tells his fans Eugenia is in the documentary and he seems disappointed.

>Fears he will become the next Tiger King and gripes that it's in the "True Crime" category.
>Repeats he doesn't have money for a lawsuit. This is a recurring theme. McFly vows to pay for a lawyer.
>Finds out Edwin is in the documentary and whines about his father again.
>McFly and Greg hope that the DogFucker is in the documentary because she's "literally full retard."
>Kai dumped him for 4 days "a long time ago." Was this Cuddlegate or recent?

No. 811412

He wishes he could have the notoriety of the Tiger King. Odds are even with this documentary he won't be all that popular.. but his reputation with the local community will become that much worse. He's going to be the local pedophile just without the legal restrictions keeping him away from schools and parks.

No. 811414

>I didn't know what those legal options were, but I was looking into them
Ya don't say.

No. 811416

How dare you suggest the onion Lord does not have many brain folds.
I find it more hilarious that he made a dubious chess post that looks like he either set it up for the photo without knowing what he was doing, or if he did play with Lame, he made a bunch of illegal moves and took extra turns. It's exactly like him to poorly emulate a property he's obsessed with.
He acts more autistic than Autistics.

No. 811421

File: 1609254905891.jpeg (616.17 KB, 1295x513, Police report Lainey headboard…)

Based on his documented pattern of behavior over the years, I wouldn't consider much as being off the table.
I have difficulty believing his Shiloh reference was just coincidence given the timing, how specific it was, and the fact that we know he was obsessively monitoring everything his exes were saying during that time.

In the police report there was an anomaly in Lainey's story.

She told the detectives that the headboard to the bed and the window didn't overlap, which is why she followed that up by saying "it didn't make sense" to her that C had climbed onto the window sill from the headboard. When the detectives went into C's bedroom later that day what they found contradicted what Lainey had told them earlier. So either Lainey lied, misremembered the placement of the bed (idk how possible that is when it's been confirmed she sleeps upstairs with C every night), or her description was truthful and accurate, meaning someone purposely moved the bed without her knowledge somewhere between the last time she'd been in the bedroom and when C's fall occurred.

Lainey btw isn't innocent but I've never once seen her publicly foaming at the mouth unhinged narc raging the way Greg has (like when he lost it on Blaire White in 2017 for owning him about his forums). I find it incredibly ironic that (according to Greg) Lainey's the one on meds, seeing a shrink. Lainey's nowhere near this >>807868 level of derangement.

No. 811428

so either he's a straight C average or he's a C- to B- student that doesn't hand in work but causes enough problems for the teacher that they let him get away with it

both of which I find very likely

It shouldn't be hard to get away with a 2.5gpa graduating even if you don't put in any effort unless you're a complete retard or have more serious issues. Especially in HS, you have to try. If it was Uni in a STEM subject, it would be understandable, it's easy for people to be unprepared for Uni and end up on academic probation, but it's not. What a fucking smooth water brain.

No. 811430

This was all already resolved last night. I went to sleep and you continued to sperge on. I already answered you two times and actually agreed with you. You really want me to answer you a third time? I honestly don't know what you want.

No. 811433

- Human trafficking violating the MANN act with Shiloh taking her somewhere he can fuck her "legally".
- Child neglect. (C)
- Stalking / Harassment Eugenia Cooney and others.
- Evading taxes.
- The wetlands incident.
- Having sex with the two small children in bed.
- Child porn on his forums.
- Running a pedophile network on his forums, by allowing well known pedophiles on there.
Should we go on? Because theres lots more if you actually bother to investigate.
They can pick old Greg up on any of the millions of illegal things he did.

No. 811434

McRetard is literally the biggest Onion simp. Wanting to get rich so she can buy Greg a lawyer to sue people, what a brain dead retard. It must kill her that Kainey won't allow Greg to have her as a girlfriend, but who can blame Kai? McRetard's beavis and butthead laugh would get aggrevating after 5 minutes, and she's clearly too high to function. You couldn't have her around the kids.

And now that both of the kids have issues and CPS has a watch on them it's most likely too messy to invite immature girls to live with them. If Greg ever wants a new girlfriend he's going to have to separate from Lainey and the kids. He keeps stating he has no money so the cost of a divorce and child support probably weighs on his mind, wouldn't be surprised he wanted the house he gave to his ma so he could make Lainey and the kids live in it, but he's probably too broke to afford the running costs of two homes. He probably does live downstairs in the basement and Lainey lives with the kids upstairs. They've already been sleeping in different beds for years, it's such a sham of a marriage.

Living like a basement dweller must be a lonely living experience, if he was in jail he'd have more social interaction on the daily. His money needs to hurry up and run dry so he can't have all his gadgets he used to fill the emptiness in his soul. That's all he has to live for, his fucking computer and camera equipment.

No. 811435

It's a good thing all 2 of his followers are actually retarded and poor. But Mcfly and a few of the other uggos seem like the types that would sell their assets to plz daddy grease trap

No. 811439


No real surprise, but fun hearing it straight from the retard's mouth. He honestly didn't seem to know that you have to pay money upfront to sue people.

No. 811449

When you stop to think that these people actually give this hyperactive freak money it blows my mind. Think about it, they see this aspergers suffering fag in one of his many banana videos, grab their wallet, get out their old credit card number, type it in and think by themselves "yes, I want to support this person."
You'd have to be beyond Chris-chan type retarded to do a thing like that. Truly try to picture yourself doing this, supporting this douchebag.

No. 811453

Kek last time I read about McFly she was getting bullied to tears by greg, now she's talking about paying for his legal expenses? Fucking lol, I have no words for how retarded that is

No. 811458

and thats another thing: Greg isn't thankful, or nice to you when you support him and give him your hard earned cash. instead he treats them like shit. i don't get it and these people have to be full-on retarded.

No. 811462

I don't even think they find him funny or entertaining at this point. I feel like it's mostly the nostalgia factor (since they're long time fans) mixed with them being exceptionally exceptional individuals in the first place.

No. 811466

File: 1609278685738.jpg (124.67 KB, 800x1185, MV5BM2EwMmRhMmUtMzBmMS00ZDQ3LT…)

>his new obsession with Anya Taylor-Joy from The Queen's Gambit

I think it was Shiloh and Sarah that said that if they were watching a tv show, movie or playing a video game Greg would lust after the actresses or CGI characters and that would be all he was focused on for the remainder of the movie or game. Are all men like this? Just the normal ones keep their sexual interest about the actress to themselves as an internal dialogue.

His chess tweet was so random and now it makes sense. Had to look up who Anya Taylor was. How long until Lainey dyes her hair red and starts skinwalking her?

No. 811468

Is Mcfly gonna pay the lawyer with her drug dealing money, I wonder

No. 811472

File: 1609280512427.jpg (36.04 KB, 338x226, 8514567-stock-.jpg)

>So is Tamara gonna be in it? That would be kinda hilarious
>I hope Tamara is. Oh my god. Tamara's literally full retard

Seeing the dog-fucker in the documentary would be the best belated Xmas present I could ever wish for.

No. 811522

well, every dog has its day.
personally i'd much rather see Greg's mother crazy Tami on the show. She'd prolly start chanting some weird bullshit about people's aura's and biorhythms and such.
don't know that show but given the crap greg is in like supernatural and shit, im sure its bullshit. i looked it up and it says its about a child prodigy.

No. 811525

File: 1609296078788.png (673.47 KB, 500x630, Unfiltered.png)

>emo hair from 2007
When's he going to use pic related for his Only Fans.

No. 811527

McRetard is the very definition of a simp. Greg has historically only kept people around if he can use them as a means to an end (opportunistic). I don't see what else he'd realistically be keeping her around for other than shekels. His stans get recycled and when the new ones come around they have no awareness of his history.

He tried to leave Lainey for Billie, sign custody of his son over to Lainey, and Billie rejected him kek. That's the only reason he's not with Billie right now, he took the L. That's when his marriage to Lainey fell apart and it never recovered, even with the bandaid baby.
>he's probably too broke to afford the running costs of two homes.
Not probably, he IS too broke.
>fill the emptiness in his soul
He's going to live this way for the rest of his miserable life because real solutions don't interest him. He's a narc tard with a self admitted god complex.

No. 811530

>How long until Lainey dyes her hair red and starts skinwalking her?
Pretty sure Lainey's off sm for good. I doubt we'll ever see her again, unless something happens to Greg.

No. 811532

We can always hope for another candid shot like the Dairy Queen, trampoline park videos and Lowes photos.

No. 811533

Nothing like an unfiltered nonce. His outside truly matches his inside.

No. 811534

I wonder if they know about Becca who fucking ate catfood so she could afford to pay Greg. I can see Mcfly going that route.

Most of the people he attracts are incredibly damaged in one way or another. Certain people are drawn to predators. It wouldn't surprise me if she came from a broken, dysfunctional home.

No. 811535

>he doesn't have money for a lawsuit
Lol I guess his onlyfans isn't working like he thought it would. He basically shoved dildos up his ass for nothing since he's still broke as fuck. That's hilarious.

No. 811536

Yeah but she'll be covered up from head to toe.

No. 811539

No self respect/self esteem. Perfect mark for a predator. It's unfortunate because she's in her late 20s. I know anons joke about her being slow but I think she's legit mentally delayed. Perfect for Greg.

No. 811542

I remember when Social Repulsive (who was Billie's friend at the time) said Grease followed Billie to the airport in one occasion and told her he would leave Foot and the kids for her lol

No. 811555

It was Gingerbeck and it was dogfood, carry on

No. 811604

Wait, hold on, you're fucking with us, right? Please tell me Greg doesn't have dumbass fans willing to eat catfood just to pay a cuck.

No. 811607

Thanks for the correction.
Unfortunately it's true. Mcfly has dogfood dinners in her future if she doesn't escape.

No. 811608

File: 1609325204289.png (13.38 KB, 562x75, 1513300794859.png)

No. 811611

>when it looks like you're wearing a Halloween mask over your real face but it's actually your real face

No. 811613

File: 1609326264538.png (190.73 KB, 640x1136, D849BD43-DD6D-435E-95D3-A0C239…)

Onision is finally winning something. The comments are scathing.

No. 811614

>most problematic
More like most likely to kill his kid.

No. 811617

File: 1609327890579.jpg (61.31 KB, 860x574, womanheadachestressts50225_992…)

I can't even.. my brain hurts.

No. 811618

And according to Greg, Twitter polls are always 100% TRUTH

No. 811620

No wonder she clogged up Greg's shitter. She probably shits like a great Dane.

No. 811622

What is it with Greg fans and dogs? And what did that dog eat instead of the can of dog food poop Beck wolfed down?

Hope it wasn't her pussy like that other Greg fan does to her poor dog.

No. 811628

Did someone just learn how to spoiler text? I've notice a dramatic upsurge in its use the past week. I know its fun and all but it gets a little annoying ya know?

No. 811629

File: 1609331583208.webm (3.67 MB, 144x108, Dawg.webm)

Looks like they learned from their senpai.

No. 811630

Did someone just learn how to nag? I've notice a dramatic upsurge in its use the past week. I know its fun and all but it gets a little annoying ya know?

No. 811632

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come off as rude. I was just mentioning it because it essentially removes a persons anonymity when its constantly used. Especially when there's no reason for it. Like that anon who seems really mad at Sheriff Troyer >>811189 >>811171 >>811109
You can kind of figure out who spoiler-anon is now.

No. 811634

ah, you are one of these autistic people thinking it's all the same person. there has been a dramatic upsurge of those in the past year. i know its fun and all but it gets a little old, ya know?
>You can kind of figure out who spoiler-anon is now.
see what I mean? makes you look stupid.

No. 811635

Just trying to be helpful. Que tengas un gran día.

No. 811636

Did someone just learn how to post texts using they keyboard and forming words using letters? I've notice a dramatic upsurge in its use the past week. I know its fun and all but it gets a little annoying ya know?
I didn't mean to come off as rude. I was just mentioning it because it essentially removes a persons anonymity when letters and words are constantly used. Especially when there's no reason for it. Like that anon who seems really mad at Greg.
>>806820 >>807210
You can kind of figure out who words-anon is now.(but it is only you pretending to be multiple farmers)

No. 811637

Yeah you're helping a lot in shitting up the thread with autistic tinfoil, bootlicker-anon. Ve a chupar una polla.

No. 811639

kek. Irony at its finest.

No. 811640

File: 1609333779194.jpg (47.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Speaking of autistic tin-foils, I wonder who keeps sucking off Sheriff Troyer here. It can't be one of us since he hasn't exactly done a great job. All he did was appear on Hansen saying they where going to arrest Greg and it turned out to be a big nothing burger.
I fail to see why he deserves praise and / or white knighting.

No. 811641

File: 1609334081320.png (546.92 KB, 2344x1840, peak narc rage .png)

>he lost it on Blaire White in 2017 for owning him about his forums
He's always had a hateboner for Blaire. Some people give her shit now for her more recent failings but she was spot on about his forums. The ensuing narc rage was hilarious, she really struck a nerve. He practically shat himself with anger. That's what Lainey and the kids live with 24/7 well maybe not the kids anymore if CPS took them away.

Possible charges aside, the best case scenario for Lainey would be that her therapy actually does some good and she's finally able to see her relationship with Greg for what it is. When she (publicly) started dating Greg she was 17, Greg 26, almost a full 10 year age gap. Of course Greg being a low IQ pedo doesn't see an issue with someone nearing their late 20s fucking a teenager. Greg's a lost cause but I still think there's hope for Lainey if she takes some responsibility and reclaims her autonomy. Hopefully their kids won't have to lose the only parent that has a chance.

No. 811647

uh-oh. you spoilered. that means you hate the sheriff of Washington.>>811632(ban evasion, derailing)

No. 811649

This is asinine. He truly is a sex addict. Maybe him making up how Tamara fucking dogs was wishful thinking, yeah kinda throwing her a bone.

No. 811653

He looks like the goosebumps dummy here

No. 811654

It was so creepy how he was talking about when he finds someone attractive he imagines his babies with that person when talking about Anya.
Also, maybe it's a reach on my end, but her probably like Anya because she has a very young looking face. I know she's legal, but she's played a teenager numerous times.

No. 811656

File: 1609338222003.jpg (301.49 KB, 682x1024, 892.jpg)

Now that I think of it, he legit started a similar rumor with Shiloh before she left for good. kek he's been deflecting and projecting all these years.

No. 811658

>>he was talking about when he finds someone attractive he imagines his babies with that person when talking about Anya.

That seriously creepy and disgusting, also I'm have to imagine Kai and the mental gymnastics she performs to tolerate her spouse/father of her kids talking like this

No. 811663

Aww, that's very sweet to think she's not as gross as he is. She either has a pregnancy fetish herself (so much for her uwu fuckboi space prince trans persona) or she's accepted it as it is, jusy so long as she doesn't have to be a functioning adult.

No. 811677

Lainey is exactly where she wants to be. She's a grown mother of two. She was smug af about her relationship with Greg and she's as disgusting as he is.

No. 811683


You're thinking inside a box, anon. He DOES really heinous things so relatively speaking the talking is whatever.

No. 811698

I remember that rumor. Not too surprised Greg would fuck his dog. He's a sex addict, he's willing to fuck anything when he's horny… women, men, animals, kids.

No. 811707

Id never heard of that show so I looked it up and it seems she plays from age 13 to 19. Greg must have loved it.

No. 811717

Greg is such a sexual deviant I don't think it would surprise anyone. And it makes sense why he would keep Tamara around for so long. He was so mean to her and talked shit about her in public but behind the scenes Greg probably had her sending him video or photos of her "playing" with dogs if you know what I mean.

No. 811722

This was the creepiest thing to me, too. He actually stops himself from saying "I imagine having sex with them"
He's so much of a creepy sexual predator that he doesn't see anything wrong with this. Dude needs some mental help.

No. 811746

if this were true he would have posted them somewhere out of spite your desperation for this to be true is very telling of your own fantasies
also he did the same to Shiloh but theres no proof anywhere of her doing anything nasty with dogs either

No. 811780

he treats mcfly just as bad if not worse and she's been there longer so does this mean she sends him vulgar pictures of animals too kek
Mcfly still mods his discord for him even after he openly humiliated her on twitch

No. 811841

File: 1609371696425.jpg (99.96 KB, 1068x932, Screenshot_20201230-172152.jpg)

"sarah raped us"

No. 811844

He is incapable of seeing women as anything but sex objects unless he deems them as 'ugly' and even then he finds a way to sexualize them.
It's a problem, but you just KNOW he'd blame it on his biology.
He uses the neckbeard theory of wanting to reproduce on a subconscious level.

No. 811845

It's weird that he's gushing over Anya who has very wide set eyes but called Ayalla ugly for the same reason. Anya looks like if you crossed Billie with Ayalla in a way.

No. 811846

Shit we don’t even need these texts to know he wanted to fuck Sarah. He said it like 9 different ways in his rambling 20 video “explanation”. He slipped up saying he “pulled Sarah over” during sexy with Plainey, pretty much confirming he initiated it. Not to mention he says he was on board with sex and was trying to convince his huswife to be into it.

He’s like one of those murderers that gives everything away during interrogation by giving too many details.

No. 811847

>He uses the neckbeard theory of wanting to reproduce on a subconscious level.
That's just his preggo fetish. He's a loser who's incapable of actually being a father to the children he helped bring into the world.

No. 811848

If he had the evidence it would've been plastered all over the internet by now, and he would've had a wank to it too.

No. 811849

I doubt they talk much let alone spend time together anymore. As much as I hate what Lainey did, I still think she has some potential to change and improve unlike the misshapen cave troll she's apparently living with right now.

No. 811852

>she's played a teenager numerous times.
>she plays from age 13 to 19.
I can definitely see the resemblance. I agree with the other anons who pointed out the age range she portrays is why Greg's into it. He's nearing 40 and still creeping on underage girls, not that that comes as a surprise since pedos gonna pedo.

No. 811854

File: 1609375467612.jpg (52.65 KB, 654x499, 34ikqw.jpg)

>You guys are like me with that Harley Quinn dog porn
No that's just you.
>The way porn works for a lot of people is they see shit that they just know is like… that's like… there's nothing like… I ehh… and I don't know if…so fucking illegal.
>I'm looking at this like well this is fucked up, but Harley's tits
So he admits how disgusting and fucked up it is but he had no problem jerking off to it anyway. Gotcha.

No. 811857

File: 1609376566012.png (498.57 KB, 1240x1008, The Life of the Onions.png)

Clearing out my files and wanted to dump this here from back during the tempcow days. Not even old milk, just a fun time for the spergs and artanons. Happy new year ladies!

No. 811859

File: 1609377624727.jpg (769.12 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20201231_091530.jpg)

Morphed Billie and Ayallah's face.
Bingo, it's Anya Taylor Joy.

Also it's pretty commonplace for people to comment on how pretty/cute/hot someone is in a movie, but I can see why Lainey gets jealous since he doesn't just say 'oh she's pretty', instead he talks about making them his wife or making babie with them. It's a whole other level.

No. 811880

Footface gets off on tattling on the younger and prettier girl. She'll tell Greg she found out the newest piece of ass isn't loyal or smokes weed blah blah blah.Then she feels smug because Greg sides with her and gives her 3 seconds of attention. Same cycle every single time

No. 811893

He only said that because Ayalla had ZERO interest in him and made it obvious. Plus she was very protective of Billy and he instantly vilified her. His go to is to go for a feature you might be self conscious of. Wide set eyes are made fun of a lot, but in the beauty industry they're highly sought after.

No. 811902

Footface is so boring no wonder he fantasizes about someone else being his wife. I don't blame him.

No. 811903

I feel like it’s been mentioned before, but I watched a v detailed yt series about Josh Powell (guy who’s wife went “missing” and then set himself and his 2 children on fire). I was familiar with the case, but this went in DEEP, starting from the beginning of his life.

The similarities to Greg are uncanny. It’s as if they read the same developmentally delayed narc instruction manual. His smug yet retarded sense of superiority, being absolutely useless, his bizarre morals, controlling obsession with women, and constant changing of his “next big idea” and immediately dropping it (he had 3,000lbs of wheat in barrels in the basement??? Wut). It’s interesting regardless, but I was blown away at the absurd behaviors they shared.

No. 811912

thank you for the morph work anon
thats scary how similar the end result morph and Anya look
I promise you he locked the door to his cum cave and watched Cuties

No. 811914

File: 1609396973765.png (16.04 KB, 574x125, 678433.PNG)

Who are these imaginary people apologizing to Greg about believing Sarah?

No. 811929

This. His massive ego couldn't handle that a pretty girl didn't want his micro dick. He hated that his target had someone looking out for her. We know he likes to isolate the people he preys on.

No. 811932

File: 1609401132863.png (263.71 KB, 1068x1149, L.png)

The 200k followers he botted. He rarely gets even one comment when he restricts replies. When he leaves them open every comment tells him he's a groomer/pedo.

The "Sarah raped us" meme is getting old. Someone cue the Curb music.