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File: 1494450875301.jpg (147.13 KB, 640x682, IMG_4151.JPG)

No. 382981

-Onion is dying from a tumor and a horrible skin disease! He really needs them kids' lunch money to ~survive~!!!!

-Is still making shitty content

-TomatoBiscotti still hasn't gotten his collab with Onion as of yet, but he's patiently waiting u guiz!

-We see up close Greg's aging process over the last 7-8 years (pic shown above)

Fullscreen has terminated their contract with the Uhohbro channel and now Grease resorts to making a new one, effectively abandoning Uhohbro and thus releasing "Onion Son"

-He still had to pay alimony (haha)

Moar milk to come, stay tuned!

Previous thread: >>>/pt/378857

No. 382982

Edition*, my bad!

No. 382984

File: 1494451770399.png (266.36 KB, 584x417, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 2.27…)

He's "accidentally" deleted most of his forum members and topics.

Whether he uses this for a fresh, "family friendly content" start remains to be seen. Based on his whole "uncensored edgelord vids for Patrons!" angle I kind of doubt it, but it's interesting that he's got rid of some rather incriminating evidence.

No. 382987


Aren't some of those forums archived though? I know the previous ones are…

No. 382988

Loving the abandonment of his fans
Loving the lack of concern or care

You can delete everything Greg, but the Internet and government always remembers ;^)

I predict he'll make a patron-only forum in approx. 5 hours

No. 382989

Yes, they are. The archives were made in the hopes that YT - or more optimistically, law enforcement - would make use of them. Neither seemed to care. But they do exist.

I think Greg just thinks he can make a clean break and everything will be like it was for him 7-8 years ago - except he's not changing anything about his behavior, or the videos he makes. He's just making new channels to do the exact same thing, thinking he's being clever and staying a step ahead of YT.

No. 382991

plainey's on younow

No. 382993

Are you single? "No and yes"

No. 382994

She's in flirty fishing mode, showing a little leg and everything.

No. 382996

Her vocal fry is intense.
Dani is of course in the chat, thirsty as always.

No. 382998

so triggered by someone calling her fat

No. 382999

heard a teeny tiny baby voice in the stream, anyone else???

No. 383000

Didn't he already do/try that? I could have sworn one of his perks for some of tiers in the upper tens was some kind of private forum access to him. Or did I misunderstand and he was just talking about the patreon comments?

No. 383001

I remember that too. Private forum on onion.xyz for Patreon donors or something.
It's possible that he couldn't figure out his forum software's options for private forums and access.

No. 383002

Dani just asked Lainey something and she acknowledged the question and rolled her eyes.

No. 383003

>"Start a streak with me Lain"
>"Ugh uh, well, Snapchat me and then.. We'll start a streak.."
>looks the other way and seems kind of annoyed

No. 383004

Just imagine all the shit she sends them in DMs that we haven't seen.

No. 383005

Can someone ask how much to donate to patreon for lainey to unblock lol

No. 383007

I don't get it, I really, really don't. There has got to be someone more interesting and cuter than Onision's wife for the kids to fawn over.

No. 383009

is plainey still on younow???
don't namefag fag

No. 383010

Na, she just logged off.

she's more energetic and talkative lately.

No. 383012

Did anyone record it?

No. 383014

She always seems to be like that when she does broadcasts/videos on her own

Nothing much happened, it was just a basic Q&A really

No. 383015

kek OP

No. 383026


OP's image, fucking kek
>gregs only okay pictures are where hes doing the "fat girl angle shot" coupled with make up and lighting, in the rest he either looks like a neanderthal or emo dad

My goodness gregs fans are really thick as shit to fall for the "onision is attractive" meme, fucking kek


No. 383032

File: 1494464522540.png (1.27 MB, 881x649, c.PNG)

grease's head is almost twice the size of plainey's jesus

No. 383034

I bet the Air Force is proud

No. 383038

His face is so white here, it's clear he has a fuckton of makeup on to hide his gross tomato face

No. 383039


What a beautiful lesbian couple.

No. 383049

File: 1494468302497.png (2.03 MB, 1440x2560, 47937584972.png)

That droopy eye.

No. 383050

Anyone have a summary of Lamo's younow (with Onion)?

No. 383051


Holy cow! Gave me the creeps

No. 383053

Don't you mean hideous?

No. 383062

File: 1494471889903.jpg (53.71 KB, 570x428, frankmakeup.jpg)

he looks like fucking frank from always sunny when hes wearing funeral makeup for the beauty pageant

No. 383065

The fuck are they doing in short sleeves/pants? It's cold as fuck out here. Did gerg finally pay his heating bill or…?

No. 383076

I didn't need to see that.

Put on some fucking pants Lainey, this is now the second video you've been in where you're barely wearing anything, it's sick.

No. 383084

Had some responses to posts from last thread:
Yessss please!
Also I still want a comic or something of that greentext anon posted about Taylor staring into a fridge full of Fiji.
Just throwing that out there.

For someone who's gone through rampant pedo accusations, why would he keep doing shit like using very sexually suggestive thumbnails of younger girls? What the fuck. I hate that he gets away with this shit.
Because, I know, sex sells. Ugh.

> "happy, awesome & fun" are perhaps the least likely words anyone could use to describe gerg's unending stream of diarrhea over the past decade.
I was eating while reading this and almost choked on my food from an unexpected laugh. Fantastic way to begin a post, anon. And yeah, he's fucking delusional. FUN, AHAHA. Even Taylor probably wouldn't agree with that.
I'd like to actually see what she'd write as descriptions for his channels and videos, as well as how long it took for her to write it, of course.

No. 383090

It's actually been really nice up here lately. I was in shorts in all day as well. Soooo…. keep up the wishful thinking. You'll most likely see more skin as it heats up, and he refuses to turn on the A/C

No. 383092

it's because he can't hide his desires and legit thinks they're normal

No. 383095

lol, i guess being three hours south does make a difference, cause I'm in Portland freezing my tits off.
sage for irrelevant

No. 383113

I agree. Drawanon please make a comic of fakeboi Lainey holding an infant while she is wistfully staring into an open fridge full of Fiji Water while Greg is in the background in front of a greenscreen yelling FAXXXX at a camera.

No. 383124


I get that some people hate them, but bitching about Lainey wearing shorts, not pants is petty as fuck. It's warm in Washington. It's not "sick".

No. 383147

He need to give me the name of the foundation..its soo pale i need one like that

No. 383152

Cmon now, its shorts and a shirt, its not like she is in her underwear

No. 383156

One notable thing from her YouNow last night is that she said she likes to be called "Lain" since it's more gender neutral, which is ironic since Taylor is a unisex name that she hated because… It was too unisex.

No. 383160

It looks like he's wearing Plainey's makeup, you should probably ask her.

No. 383170

It's probably more because she feels "Taylor" isn't anything special, it's a popular name for both girls and boys and she wants something more unusual for a girl because it'll make her stand out more.

Just like the agender, poly, bi, smol spaceprinxe bullshit.

No. 383172

File: 1494525229999.jpg (533.16 KB, 1065x1686, Screenshot_20170511-134759.jpg)

How did this happen? Well there's a saying in my country that bad weeds never die…..

No. 383173

File: 1494525329124.png (74.89 KB, 582x225, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 1.55…)

Oh boy here we go

No. 383176

He peaked in 2011. Is that when he became vegetarian? Would be hilarious if his shit diet is what triggered the destruction of his face

No. 383192

>posts shit from a month ago like it's new
>can't look through past posts to see if it was already posted

No. 383193

Wonder how Dani felt. Probably didn't even notice Plain's slight irritation.

Same. I don't understand why they think a married couple with children is something enticing to a bunch of preteens. I don't understand how preteens find a married couple with children enticing.

I'm fully convinced that he's using Plain's foundation now.

That Tomato character is a real dunce. I don't understand how his wife could let him shill out all this money weekly on top of that $1k he pledged, knowing that they both are in dire straits. He is completely irresponsible. I may have overlooked it, but do they have kids? If so, he needs to sit his ass down and rethink his priorities. Get a job, and think of YouTube as a hobby before trying to make a career out of it.

No. 383201

In what way is vegetarianism a shit way to eat? If you're going to insult onision at least do it right. People are have different diets and people have stretch marks. There are are better ways to criticize greg and lainey, but a lot of people here go on about stupid things.

No. 383204

File: 1494530208052.jpg (66.9 KB, 837x466, IMG_20170511_211458_986.jpg)

Oh god.

No. 383206

File: 1494530300818.jpg (55.01 KB, 828x417, IMG_20170511_211426_720.jpg)

Welp,he is really dumb. Onion will suck him dry.

No. 383207

Reference to his "shit diet" is because he posted a video not that long ago showing what he eats and it's all processed fake meat and premade vegetarian things. There was no produce or fresh food in site. This kind of vegetarianism could very well cause skin issues due to soy, sodium, wheat, preservatives etc. I'm sure that's what they meant.

No. 383208

*sight, stupid autocorrect.

No. 383211

>Spending $1k a month on a random, washed-up youtuber who made a patreon because he is FAILING
Fucking idiot. Did he really pay him $1k twice or is he saying that he only paid for one month for one collab so far?
Meanwhile, Onion is desperately trying to collab with Shane and whoever else.

No. 383212

ugh his new video "why do people hate emos" uses images that are literally 8-10 years old. doesn't he notice that they're all old memes? doesn't he understand that "scene kids" and "emo kids" ARE NOT THINGS anymore???? it's really wild to watch him make these videos thinking that it's still a relevant thing.

No. 383220

Lainey's streaming on younow. She's about to show how she does her makeup

No. 383221

I doubt Ladyboy felt anything… she's Grease's fan, she just likes/follows Lainey by proxy because being friendly to his wife gets her on his good side. She asskisses everyone who is remotely related to him in some way, Sarah, Mercedes… even Serena.

It's all a too obvious ulterior motive to try and get an invite to la casa de la grasa… she wants his microdick.

No. 383223

Vegetarianism isn't a shit diet, in general. Gregma's version of it is laughable though - it's almost entirely comprised of processed foods, especially mock meats. And some of those processed foods he eats aren't even vegetarian, lol.

No. 383224

He's a "cheese pizza vegetarian" - his diet is shit even by vegetarian standards, you would've known this if you lurked more instead of attacking anons for something that's technically correct.

No. 383230

File: 1494534590564.png (306.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170511-162457.png)

I would kill to see this video/break down of him canceling onision speaks… lmao

No. 383232

Read this as
>vegetarianism is a shit diet in general

shit got me triggered. On that note, I have never ever seen so many processed faux meat shit in someone's pantry like Greggles have. I highly doubt that Lainey and him even know how to cook other than heat shit in the oven, or make sad pancakes. Their kids are gonna grow up on premade food and tofurkey.

No. 383235

File: 1494536730483.png (212.04 KB, 581x502, LaineyGetSomeHelp.png)

GodDAMN, watching her do her brows triggers the fuck out of me. She's pressing that brow pencil down so hard, it's creating these dark, bold lines when you're just supposed to do small, soft, short strokes with the pencil in the direction of the hairs with some soft lines on the top and bottom edges of the brow to make them look more defined. You don't PRESSSSSS that shit into your face. Goddammit, Lainey.

No. 383237

She wants that dippie look without using dippie

No. 383239

no, he became vegetarian in 2008

No. 383240

it's most likely due to incompetence. i used to be on his forums and know people at the admin level some years ago, and we all were aware that he had no idea what he was doing. his forums would crash and get wiped out every couple of months and he never learns how to be a proper admin.

No. 383241

File: 1494537617998.png (165.15 KB, 583x461, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 5.19…)

People that give me money for shitty content > People with a brain

No. 383242

he's pretending as if he's turning down hollywood opportunities… greg you're deluded. we all know he doesn't have the social capabilities to survive in hollywood.

No. 383243

File: 1494538254393.png (38.37 KB, 583x162, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 5.30…)

He's so desperate for gratification from numbers on the internet.

No. 383244

He looks like he smashed his face into a chalkboard. Or into a pile of coke.

No. 383245

>>I started YouTube so I wouldn't kill myself.

It was his ex-wife who started the videos though, they were creating stupid ghost-hunting videos to start out with… that's hardly content that would make you re-evaluate your life deeply enough to not kill yourself over, it wasn't something worth bragging about being "life saving" material at least.

No. 383246

File: 1494538408387.jpg (27.1 KB, 691x631, 2beautifulppl.jpg)

not drawanon but this made me laugh

No. 383248

>names her child after a youtuber
>>gets pissed of when said youtuber doesn't notice her

Yeah this bitch is really something.
>I don't want hollywood
No, Gregma. Hollywood doesn't want you. At all. Not even to play a pedophile.

No. 383249

Greentxt anon here: I'd LOVE to see my imagination diarrhea turned into a short comic. I'd do it myself, especially because I have such a clear mental image of the events, but I don't have a scanner or a tablet, so I turn to you, fellow anons, to make it a reality.

No. 383254

It's most likely because onion renamed her to something he liked better. He seems to be the one who likes his gfs/wives to have speshul names (skye, shiloh, billie) and Taylor was too boring for him. He even pointed out in that video how much he liked billie's name, so its probably a thing he cared about. And lameo will change her whole identity for him to marry her and stay with her, so she started hating her own name.

Man I feel bad for her. I'd hate to know that I gave such an asshole so much power and money by getting him into youtube and helping him become popular on there. And she got screwed over out of the fame and money she built up.

Was she supposed to just do my drunk kitchen for the rest of her life? Lol. Then she'd really become onion making the same content for 9 years. And she seems to still post on YT, just not daily or anything.

Oh lameo, thank you for being so uninteresting and plain. It really has helped the downfall of onion's channels. Have fun being stuck with the ugly old man after his YT career dies.

i'm not really worried about him getting that much on patreon. If his youtube channels continue dying in views and subs, that means he isnt gaining new fans. And the fans he has now will eventually grow up and not want to spend money on him anymore. He will probably still have some dedicated fans, but if hes not getting new fans, it will constantly dwindle. Lets just hope his youtube channels stay dying.

No. 383255


I'mma get an iPad Pro next sometime week, can you/we wait then?

No. 383257

Yes, absolutely. Sounds awesome.

Also, urrgh, I'm jealous. I've been trying to find a tablet that's compatible with my chromebook, but I'd have to install Linux first and, being the least tech savvy person ever, I'm super wary to do so.

No. 383258


Installing Linux sounds very painful! Doesn't chrome book have Windows though?

No. 383261

This isn't a thread for tech discussion, stop derailing.

She actually did a stream that wasn't related to Gerg in any way? Wow… I wonder how long she can keep it up for.

No. 383264

Jaclyn Glenn talked about Grease a bit on younow

No. 383266

Did Onion-man dye his hair or is it an old uhohbro video uploaded to his shit channel?

No. 383269

So at this point his YouTube "career" is just like his relationships.

>I broke up with YouTube, YouTube didn't break up with me!

No. 383272

Jaclyn's new boobs look nice. Bet that pisses him off too.

No. 383282


He looks like an uglier, younger, more eye-lashy version of Simon Cowell.

No. 383290

File: 1494552814776.jpg (1.41 MB, 2400x3300, Untitled_Artwork.jpg)

Not draw-anon but I thought it was really funny !!!

No. 383293

this is wonderful

No. 383294


i laughed and cried

No. 383297



No. 383299


Yerba mala nunca muere?

No. 383300


Part 2: Lainey longingly scrolling through Twitter looking at pics of teenage girls with one kid hanging off each tit. Greg is heard banging around elsewhere in the house, presumably with one of his homemade sex dolls. In the background you can hear him shrieking "SUK MI BILLI- I MEAN ANDY!!!!!"

No. 383302


you've just made me feel a hint of sympathy for Lainey. you monster.

No. 383304

blue wig on the floor is a nice touch

No. 383322

If you did the one where she's looking into a fridge, I've been considering drawing it. That shit's hilarious.

No. 383338

Holy fuck you are really talented…I wish I could draw. Well done anon!

Right?! Same fam. KEK

No. 383363

The ads are back on this faggot's videos!

No. 383376


will it get demonetized if someone reported it for something?

No. 383396

File: 1494603567759.jpg (64.48 KB, 1111x610, Capture.JPG)

His patreon dropped by about $900 overnight. Looks like one of the big donators backed out.

No. 383400

It was the guy who'd paid to collaborate with him.
And greg has lowered the cost of a collaboration to $750

No. 383401

No more tomato biscotti? I wonder what changed his mind and if Gregma decided "no $$$ no colab! I need 2 sUrViVe!!"

No. 383402

I BET that he tried to squeeze another 1k out of him for a "full month"!!

No. 383405

I think that guy is rather mentally retarded, I don't think he knew that he was going to be charged again for another month and thought it was just going to be a one-off payment.

It wasn't until yesterday that someone bought up the collaboration and asked if he was doing it twice, then today his second payment has been withdrawn.

This guy shouldn't be trusted with money, fucking hell… looks like he pisses it away on the regular.

Either that, or he realised yesterday that he was still being charged when someone gave him a little heads up about it on Twitter.

No. 383406

Thank you! This is so good

No. 383408

File: 1494606269662.png (63.23 KB, 539x289, on1.png)

Sounds about right. Greg told him to withdraw the payment

No. 383409

I really hope they still collab. I need to witness the cringe fest of Tomato kissing Greg's ass and trying too hard + Greg being visibly uncomfortable throughout the entire video

No. 383411

Grease hasn't said shit about it until that Trump patron bought it up earlier. Yesterday >>383206 somebody asked if he's doing two collabs and simultaneously lowkey informed him that's what he's technically paying for… then only today it's been withdrawn.

If his lord and savoir said anything about it sooner, it would've happened sooner… the only direct thing he said to Tomato-idiot about the collab was something like;

"Don't you think it'll be rather expensive paying for the collab on top of paying for a hotel and flight just to make a video with me?"

Tomato-Idiot replied that it wouldn't be an issue and Grease just shrugged and shut up about it.

So no, he can't take credit for that.

No. 383417

It's happening at the end of the month apparently. I'm guessing that's why tomato is doing a crash diet

No. 383418

bet LOST :<

No. 383421

File: 1494608779007.png (158.47 KB, 526x540, fatass.png)

Grease finally discovers avocados after being a "vegetarian" for a decade and is currently binging on them.

Grease doesn't realise that avocados are really high in fat and will make him put on even more weight if he doesn't exercise or eat them in moderation.

This can only end well.

No. 383422

Lol. He deleted the 500$ skype tier and joined it with the collab tier and lower its price to $750.

No. 383423

You know he's done that out of spite for Tomato withdrawing his payment.

No. 383424

I bet he is eating cheap ready made guacamole. Istead of a fresh avocado

No. 383426

That's so horrible of him to do after the tomato guy already paid $1k. He should also pay for his flight. Wasn't he even saying he had to save up for it or something? So he didn't have $1k just laying around to give to Grease. I wonder if someone will bring it up to him.

No. 383442

I'm wondering what his wife thinks of it all, I'd hit the roof if I found out my spouse was spending up to 2k to meet up with some z-lister from YouTube for one measly video.

She's probably a fan of the Grease as well, that's the only explanation I can give for it… I don't think Grease has any intention of paying for anything, the guy sounded like he insisted on paying for the hotel and flight.

No. 383446

if only tomato disquette was a hot alt teen girl…

No. 383447

Onion would pay her 1000 dollars to collab kek

No. 383450

On all his channels or just the new one he created?

No. 383451


The ads were on his old Speaks videos from what I've seen, they were pre-Onion drama too. I'll see if they're on his new videos.

No. 383454


Came back! His new videos don't have monetization.

No. 383456

What about his Billie-related vids?

No. 383457

If he got fat, he'd be breaking one of those relationship rules about keeping in shape that he made up right? You think Lainey would ever leave him over something like that? Or do you think she's that far down the rabbit hole, all she can hope for is staying with him for the money and keeping constant lesbian relationships going so she can at least get off some way.

No. 383458

Lol no. Even if she did try to leave, he would come up with some mental gymnastics to justify him getting fat and how only he can get fat and not her.

No. 383459

he made this promise with skye. do we have a reason to believe that he also did it with lainey? shiloh was fat when he was with her

No. 383465

Fans used to comment on Skye's legs. Greg flipped out and never let her wear shorts or skirts in videos.

No. 383468

Yeah shiloh was fat but, he goes back and forth between calling women who are fat still attractive and healthy to make his land whale fans feel good about themselves.

I think shiloh was the peak at what he would accept but, at the same time most likely used it against her constantly knowing how he is. He might have made an exception for her too because she was a singer and wanted to be known for dating one etc. I don't think he took his relationship with her as seriously compared to lainey and skye, she was just a money and drama cow to milk, literally.

No. 383469


You for real?

Though I've seen her wear skirts on his Haters United skits

No. 383470

"if shane dawson can get SOOooOo enormously fat, then so can I! it must be what's making him revenue."

(i dont think shane is fat, btw.)

No. 383473


Nope, not even the Eugenia ones (and both of those are on the Encore channel).

No. 383496

On the contrary, I think his biggest obsession has been with Shiloh and I think you could make the argument that he 'loved' Shiloh more than anyone before or since. Doesn't mean he didn't fucking destroy her, and while drama was the prominent visible feature of his relationship with her, I think that's because he realized that it brought in more views (gief money plox) than he'd ever seen in his life. Kind of fucked up to think about, but you could say that it was actually Shiloh who made him famous.

Without her I think he may actually have faded out and kept on doing his shitty websites and his retard ghost hunting indigo child so spesh crap while his mom gave him the occasional full body/handy.

sage for bp

No. 383499


dude, watch any shiloh vid vs. any plainey vid. they def had some chemistry and it was obvious that she was obsessed with him. she was also kinda childish and the younger fans maybe liked her infantile bullshit because of it.

though, greg drove her insane so i don't think her infantile bullshit was entirely on her. i don't know what she was like before greg, reliable enough to start a music career at least.

No. 383501

Different anon,

I disagree. Yeah they had chemistry but saying they love eachother (or he loved her is a little too far fetched), he was very abusive to her; he shaved her head, stopped her singing career as soon as she got with him, humiliated her countless times, had her sleeping out in the hallways by his door, etc.

Yeah, he loved her alright.

No. 383504


Hence why I placed the word loved in quotes. Of course he didn't love her.

No. 383507

File: 1494628001616.jpg (455.96 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_4154.JPG)


Also this:

No. 383508

Shiloh definitely helped keep his shit videos afloat. She'd always star in them and actually had a personality. Plainey is helping it die, so shes good for something.

I think onion loved how billie was always down to be in his videos and didnt complain about being shy and needing to put on makeup like lameo…and actually would smile and laugh. He would have loved to replace lameo with her and it would have helped his bank account, so im glad that flopped.

No. 383523

Oh yeah, definitely about Billie… he wasn't just in love with her, but he saw her as a cashcow that could pull in a lot more subs than he could ever do on his own; she was young, pretty and trendy whilst his youth and popularity was fading fast.

If Sarah was similar in personality and looks to Billie, they would've fought a lot harder for her to stick around regardless of the pedo accusations. It was easier to get rid of her because she had nothing to offer, she just sat around the house all day in onesies being his emotional punching bag and scouring the internet for what his "haters" had to say about him… she was a dead-weight and even Lainey payed her little attention whilst she living there.

No. 383534

I don't think it was the pedo accusations that got to them. He freaked when anons started to talk about reporting him to the IRS because of Sarah and Billie "working" for him and betting he didn't properly document it. Now that we know he's being audited for 2015 it makes more sense if it was the finances that did it.

No. 383551

imagine if he goes to jail, the tweets would be incredible. ~pls pay my bail or my whole family will die~

No. 383553


Can you get internet while in jail?

I understand this was meant to be funny, sorry if I ruined it!

No. 383555

i have no idea actually!
he'd certainly be blowing up his twitter during / after court though lol

No. 383556

As far as I know, depending on what you did or where you are, you can have internet time. But it's heavily monitored both by guards in the room and people watching internet activity.
Grugly def wouldn't be able to groom teenage girls over jail internet. I'd also imagine they'd get sick of watching the e-begging so they'd claim it to fall under something fraudulent so they could stop giving him internet access.

No. 383557

I remember that and I remember Sarah bragging on her Tumblr that she got a debit card during her stay there, so he was definitely paying her for whatever it is she was doing for him…


This is interesting to note as her school would've had to of been notified of all of this as well, did he actually complete any of these requirements for her employment?

Also, the way he was mentioning being audited soon made it sound like it was a bad thing as well, he wouldn't even mention it if it wasn't an issue.

No. 383558

When did she make this comment?

No. 383559

It was sometime after the last breakup they had, so over five years ago.

No. 383563

It was after Greg made that video about being emailed by Shiloh's ex friend. There were a lot of baseless accusations, Shiloh still being in love with Greg being one of them.

No. 383568


It was back in 2015, 2-3 months before cuddlegate 1.0 became a thing.

No. 383569

File: 1494642745549.png (725.8 KB, 594x596, 2crustybaps.png)

From their instagram, Some farmers were completely right, Lainey has aged terribly and well, onion is busy looking like a twat as usual.

No. 383570

File: 1494643085947.png (275.55 KB, 487x464, youonlyjustnoticed.png)

Can't help wonder if he'll mention the "fan club" from eugenia richie and jaclyn

No. 383586

Why do they always have the creepy couple who will murder you in your sleep look when they take selfies together.

yeah i dont think he was into sarah all that much lol. Especially when you put her up against billie.

And after onion called her plain, sarah bleached her hair and hinted she wants to dye it pastel pink or some shit. I feel like she still has hopes to join in on their weird trio, but hopefully not since she said shes never been in a relationship. How fucked up would it be if her first relationship was a weird poly bullshit with a psycho and lesser psycho.

No. 383593

I really won't be surprised in the slightest if she goes back as soon as she turns 18, that's if Lainey isn't completely bored of her by then… I suppose that's ample time for them to manipulate her into whatever current alternative trend at that moment they're attracted to for their own satisfaction.

No. 383599

File: 1494647920330.png (815.01 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4156.PNG)

Fun fact: Onion at one point used his wimminz "lady-needs" as props for his videos.

No. 383600

File: 1494647971836.png (12.41 KB, 536x101, endofdiscussion.png)

In regards to his past claims that he has BPD back during the "AJ saga", he doesn't and never did; so that can finally be laid to rest now.

No. 383603

Sure Onion. You tweeted it so it must be true.

No. 383604

File: 1494648148200.png (94.4 KB, 613x538, Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.01…)

Flirty flirt flirt flirt with Dani

No. 383605

Oh please, he's a narc… everyone knows that by now.

No. 383607



No. 383608

Gotta keep her money rolling in and at the same time using the few fans he followed to look like he interacts with fans and cares all of a sudden after years of bashing them lmao.

And a few years ago he said he had BPD. Him saying he does or doesnt have BPD apparently doesnt make it true lmao. But yeah we already know its not BPD. He has NPD.

No. 383612

So, how long until he's exploiting his kids to "survive" I predict it will be within the next 6 mos.

No. 383613

What was her Tweet that he was initially replying to?

No. 383614

File: 1494649932348.png (91.69 KB, 608x448, Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 9.31…)

No. 383616

I have a hard time believing she miscarried as she stole someone's picture of their premature baby and claimed it to be her "miscarried" one… and she refused to prove in any way that she was even pregnant which a simple blood test would show.

No. 383619

Lol calm down.

Shiloh owes no one - certainly not internet lookie loos, not even Greg - blood tests and proof and sworn testimony. Enough of it is true and provable that arguing about the rest is certifiably retarded.

No. 383620

Thanks, she has me blocked.

I reckon if he can't find another teen alternative girl by summer/autumn, he'll end up desperate enough to invite her to the mcmansion for greasesomes at some point; she's so thirsty for it.

No. 383621

and stealing pictures of other peoples premature babies and claiming it as your own is not certifiably retarded?

No. 383622

File: 1494650539579.png (1.34 MB, 1258x846, onion.png)

I'm loving that none of the last two rows of videos on his main and speaks channel have hit 100k. Especially his main channel. 3 week old videos not even hitting 100k on a 2mil sub channel haha.

No. 383623

Why are you derailing this thread about old milk, not saging your posts, and arguing about the one thing Shiloh can't prove? Either you're Greg and you're salty, or you're salty and salty. Move on.

/sage for no further derail

No. 383624

I noticed that too and it is absolutely driving him mad, I hope his ego is suffering… oh wait, no it has nothing to do with his content and is entirely YouTube's fault for not promoting him.

No. 383625

File: 1494650833862.png (132.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-13-14-44-44…)

Lmao plain didn't even like it how fucking sad

No. 383626

File: 1494650841236.png (48.77 KB, 625x478, lameo.png)

Only a matter of time.

And I recall in one of her recent broadcasts her saying she gets a lot of emails asking to date her, but shes too scared of being hurt.

Shortly after, tweets about making this video. Yeah, shes just looking for the perfect one that they can fool into their trashhold and that she thinks she can keep a leash on to not steal her precious gergles away.

No. 383627

File: 1494650884776.png (328.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-13-14-43-52…)

Cows of a feather flock together, moo!

No. 383628

LOL how cute she thinks they're friends XD, if it weren't for that $$ neither of them would even be aware of or acknowledge her existence.

No. 383630

Who does she think she is, Phil Collins?

No. 383631

They're both so, incredibly, thirsty. Tomato makes 5-6 sec reaction videos to some of Greg's tweets; they're never liked or commented on. No one finds him funny, or even interesting enough to get irritated at. He's just boring. They both are.

No. 383632

Bottom feeders.

No. 383633

File: 1494651357743.jpg (75.51 KB, 960x960, wififorehead.jpg)

Has anyone seen her shitty "Makeup Artist" photos yet from her MUA Facebook page? Pic related. What the fuck is this shit.

No. 383635

The thing is, it's totally transparent and obvious that Ladyboy has little to no interest in Lainey… you can even feel some slight rivalry and thinly-veiled tolerance in their sparse and brief interactions.

Ladyboy is thirsty for oniondick, she never even went out of her way to converse with Lainey until Grease added her to his follow list and they began talking… if she ends up at the mcmansion; it's just going to end up like the previous situation with Billie and Lainey will be locking herself away crying whilst thinking up ideas on how to turn Grease against her.

No. 383636

her contour is so low her face looks fuckin' square or something. does she have a jaw deformity?

No. 383637

>>What the fuck is this shit.
What the fuck indeed. That makeup is BAD, like you take the photo, critique yourself, delete the pic, wash off the makeup, and try again, bad.

>>her contour is so low her face looks fuckin' square or something. does she have a jaw deformity?
Yeah, the makeup is bad - but she's really unattractive, and does have a "special" look about the jaw area. Photoshop maybe? Otherwise yeah, it looks like bad / 'tardy genetics. She's also got an awfully creased forehead for being what, 20 or so? She and Greg have that in common, I guess, along with an undisguised need for public attention.

No. 383640

she needs lessons from shiloh. :>

No. 383641

File: 1494652273812.png (89.14 KB, 278x293, lol.png)

Lainey looking for compliments and Ladyboy does not provide, kek.

No. 383644

Looking at their twitter just makes my skin crawl. Obsession is not cute.

No. 383657

File: 1494653827644.png (25.37 KB, 353x455, wat.png)

Is she for fucking real?? The average American her age makes around $28,000 a year and she's asking for over double of that - for doing NOTHING.

Get off your fucking lazy ass and use that degree for training and experience in the field you got it for, she disgusts me to no end.

No. 383658

That got she will never reach even a third of that amount.

No. 383662

Haha, thank you, anon!

Yes and thank you! A decent amount of people want to draw it, myself included, so I say we all do our own versions and the winner gets some worthless internet asspats and a fleeting sense of purpose in this emotional wasteland of a life as the prize.

Guhhh…as an MUA, I feel bad just straight up shitting on her work, but…oh well.

Her contouring is a mess, so much so that it actually confuses me. If you dunno what you're doing, look into a mirror, take note of where the shadows/light naturally fall and use that as a guide. Instead, it looks like she was winging that shit with only a bit of help from a Pinterest how-to she glanced at 3 months ago. Like that contouring by her temple? Good lord. Plus, cheekbone contouring 101: applying too high is always better than applying it too low. Good job creating the illusion of bone structure, dear, too bad it just happens to be the bone structure of an ugly dude.

Fucking blend your crease, apply the goddamn eyeliner all the way to the fucking lash line, don't…just, whatever you do, don't do your brows like that. Ever. Learn how to use lipliner and lipstick, also, learn how to pick shades that aren't just flattering for your skin, but for your current look, like, the fuck is this? "Washed-Out-Fakeboi Fuchsia"?
For the love of god, apply some blush.

I really, really think Lainey is negatively influencing the young Tumblrina's of the internet, this is some straight up Plainey fuckery. It's depressing, it's genuinely depressing as fuck.

No. 383666


She looks older than Shiloh

No. 383668

Did she used to have acne?? Do these people never wash their faces and sheets or something what tf is going on

Is Plank vegan too? Sorry for personal but I've been vegan for 10 years and after watching it ruin cows I'm reconsidering it. It might just be their awful lifestyle/eating out tho…

No. 383671

It's definitely their awful lifestyle and eating habits. They only eat ready made carb laden fake meat products.

No. 383674

Neither are vegans, they're vegetarians. Lainey is severely anemic, however, to the point where supplements don't cut it (and they eat like shit, all processed fake meat products, frozen food, no fresh produce.) Greg screams at her when her doctor makes her eat a piece of fish for a couple weeks so she doesn't pass out; he, of course, knows better than any doctor, and omg Taylor you just aren't trying hard enough.

He makes her live like he lives (multiple hot baths / showers each day; fucking him multiple times a day; eat like shit; etc etc). When he made Billie get on his lifestyle, she, too, suddenly looked like shit and had awful skin. So whatever Greg is doing, it fucks up everybody's face / skin / looks / life.

No. 383676

They're both "cheese pizza vegetarians" but Lainey is the only one who eats fish.

Grease tried being vegan in the middle of 2016 in an attempt to impress his vegan mistress (Billie) at the time but couldn't hack it for more than a week or so and went back to stuffing his face with boco burgers smothered in veganaise.

No. 383706


Jsyk, both boca burgers and veganaise are vegan, but yeah I got your point lol

No. 383713

Yeah, he's never exactly stuffed his face with a bowl of fresh bok-choi and king oyster mushroom quinoa… but you get me.

It's just -his- shitty diet and lifestyle, he shouldn't put anyone off for being a vegetarian or a vegan just because he's a failure.

No. 383732

the low income for a 4 person family is 54k in pierce county and 79k in king and Snohomish county… it's actually ridiculous how expensive it is to live here. I live in Puyallup and we just got another sales tax hike and car tab hike. our sales tax alone is 0.099%. I couldn't imagine living off of 28k a year here.

saged for voting financial talk.

No. 383733

boring* not voting. stupid auto correct

No. 383734

How does no income tax in WA affect youtubers?

No. 383787


lainey and her are perfect for each other! they both can't apply lipstick for shit.

No. 383796

File: 1494696032293.gif (784.38 KB, 500x226, huehue.gif)

If this was any other youtuber, I'd feel bad for them. But since its Greg I'm just all pic related

No. 383798


>"I'm a professional makeup artist and photographer!"

>Has 4 different 'looks' in her portfolio

Why why why why would you want to make your already gigantic forehead and droopy lids appear bigger? She looks so dry here. Also, please try to get your eyeliner to actually line your eyelash line, white gaps like that are so visible.

This Dani is for sure a cow, I personally love her desperate attempt at getting Gregma's attention.

No. 383824

I remember you (if you're the same anon) asking in the last thread as well, I'm guessing you never got an answer to it back then either… it would be interesting to know.

No. 383825


Actually, avocados are a form of healthy fats, and healthy fats don't make you put on weight. If anything, it has helped many people lose bodily fat and weight in the process. Forgot the science behind this, but yeah. Sage for food stuffs.

No. 383828

Everything in moderation, though.

No. 383829

I'd agree if he was eating them as part of a balanced and healthy diet, but he's currently gorging himself on them and he's still not exercising.

No. 383839

Unsaturated long-chain fatty acids are good for you yeah, due to the double bonds it won't end up clogging your arteries. Fats are necessary in general for hormone production as an example or cell health. It is also good for brain function. Obviously if you eat too much of it, it are still calories, you'll still gain weight. It's just that you have to get 20% of your daily calories from fat, preferably from long-chain unsaturated fatty acids.

No. 383841

Veganism as a diet isn't going to ruin you. If you plan a vegan diet properly, it can actually be very good for your health.

What "ruins" most vegans is their shitty attitude and militant propaganda. If you've been vegan for 10 whole years, feel pretty good, and have no deficiencies, it's serving you well. As for your attitude, I know nothing about that, so self-evaluate as you see fit. I've been vegan for 4 years, and it's actually helped my chronic health issues (I have an autoimmune condition). I definitely was a member of Radical Veglam for a year or so, but since abandoning that attitude I've had no complaints.

tl;dr - Eat how you want to eat, just don't be an asshole about it.

No. 383843


I don't know how it works for youtubers… I think they're considered self employed which just means you need to have money set aside for when you do taxes to pay. A good chunk of my family is self employed so they do a 1099 and usually have to pay/don't get money back from taxes.

No. 383848

That is outdated information. The USDA now puts no limiter on saturated fat and doesn't consider it a heart disease risk factor.
Plus there are now numerous studies that show it is not a correlating factor.
The risk factor for heart disease is now considered to be inflammation in the heart. Cholesterol is sent to soothe the inflammation, and the inflammatory factors like free floating triglycerides oxidize the LDL which cause it to be "sticky" and promote clotting.

Avocados are healthy, yes, but so is coconut oil (90% saturated fat).
There IS such a thing as an unhealthy fat, like those found in hydrogenated oils, however (which, coincidentally, is found in most of the food he's eating).

As the other anon said, in a healthy diet, the fats in avocados help suppress appetite because the fat doesn't spike insulin (insulin suppresses leptin a hormone produced by fat cells that signal fullness).
However, when in eating what onion does it won't do anything for him. His diet is horrid regardless of what catchy foods he eats on the side.

No. 383849

That and LDL spending too much time in the bloodstream also causes it to oxidize. It is normally sent to the liver, I believe, to recycle it and then send it back out. If that doesn't happen it will become old and damage and inflammatory in itself only worsening the problem.

No. 383851

The thing thats triggering me most is that she caked on the makeup and made her skin texture look awful and then it looks like she HIGHLIGHTED that awful skin texture. It accentuates every pore.

I can't believe this moron is in charge of two children. What kind of parent decides that relying on a bunch of younger strangers is better for the family than seeking out stable and long-term employment? If they're struggling financially as much as they say, then they're both shitty for not finding something more reliable for the sake of their kids. One of them could stay at home with the kids while the other worked. They judged Billie for her job at Target but is that really more embarrassing than begging for money online? At least Billie had an actual fucking job.

No. 383853

File: 1494703856163.png (67.18 KB, 609x322, Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 12.2…)

Took another swipe at Billie this morning… who has said absolutely nothing about his kids. She said something to her boyfriend, who mentioned it.

Unlike Greg, who revealed her most horrifying personal experiences to the world as revenge for not wanting to be abused by him (which he calls him dumping her… when she refused to come back to them). Such a great guy.

No. 383855

And that was a while ago. He probably remembered how attractive billie was again when he looked at plainey and got angry, so he tried his hand at attack tweeting her again, hoping she'd respond.

And it's like his fans forgot about or dont care that he revealed billie's secrets. They just go "who cares he was being honest!" But then at the same time agree with gerg that saying shit about his kids is terrible. But who cares, she was being honest.

No. 383858

Funnily enough billie actually posted some new pictures today, I bet onion saw them and raged

No. 383859

holy shit Grease mom updated her patreon. it reads JUST like Greggums

No. 383860

Isn't blabbing about someone's abortion talking about their kids? By Greg's own logic, he is literal human trash.

No. 383861


Screencap it and post it, then. This is an image board, ffs

No. 383863

i don't know how to(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 383864

File: 1494705244554.png (64.47 KB, 271x458, gm.png)

No. 383865


No. 383866

'I feel so inspired when I can draw something that might make someone laugh or look at something from a completely new perspective. I want to share this new adventure with you'

No. 383868

No babe, in that instance your use of the word 'to' was correct.

No. 383869

No. 383870

Does talking about somebody's abortion fall into this category, Gargoyle?

No. 383871

His fans are fucking idiots. Trying to coerce girls into being chained up and then outing all of their secrets when they say no is 100x worse than anything Billie has done but apparently she's the one in the wrong?

No. 383872

He's probably so angry that she dares to exist so publicly. His other exes sort of disappeared from the public eye. Even the ones that spoke out kind of faded. I'm glad Billie is still posting and not hiding out. The more she posts, the more normal she looks and the more psychotic he looks.

No. 383874

Doesn't she need to get to a certain amount of money before he can get the referral bonus? Do they seriously think people are going to pay for this?

I agree completely. I believe this is right on the nose. What's even funnier is that I think she gained even more views/followers from the whole debacle and I'm sure that makes him rage.

No. 383875

What is this referencing?

No. 383877

Billie told Drew that onion's kids cry more than any kid she'd been around. Drew repeated it on a podcast.

No. 383879

File: 1494707091654.png (61.11 KB, 581x204, p754.png)

Yeah, if he makes any money from it, it'll be a tiny amount

No. 383882

I sorta explained it in the last thread… he's not gonna get the top bonus unless a bigger YT'er than him (More than 2,000 in patrons) partners with him.

It's here >>382561

No. 383885

lord his mom has written books. what is it with this family and terrible "literature?"

No. 383886

Honestly, I don't care what you say about an ex in anger, because people say f'd up things about exes. But NO ONE should talk about someone elses child publicly. To me that makes Drew and Billie so much worse than Onision. I don't even have kids, but if he wants to keep them private and all of their information, and they are NOT cows, then I do not think that he or she should be releasing anything about them. Honestly Drew is such a loser, I think if Billie wanted to make Onision look bad by dating him, she mad the wrong decision. All his videos are about smoking weed. Do we really think he will make something of himself? They are both complete losers…

No. 383887

File: 1494708374991.jpg (118.24 KB, 1214x610, 1776.jpg)

I'm pretty sure he still hasn't provided any proof that she 'targeted' their children

No. 383888

Get the fuck out, you noob. You can't even post correctly, sage your shit and you're whiteknighting so hard we can see your screeching, underage lust for the Onion lord.

No. 383889

File: 1494708519922.png (132.35 KB, 304x232, KPaOFPE.png)


I don't give a single shit about Billie or Drew saying that the kids cry a lot. She didn't even say anything bad and he didn't repeat anything bad.

No. 383890

Your retardation, it's terminal.

No. 383891

Are they still messaging her? LOL. Leave her alone. And don't even talk about "pretending to cry". She was legit crying for good reason. Onion's videos, however, are all full of fake crying. lmao.

LOL. She said they cry a lot. That says more about onion and lameo than the kids. And maybe shes dating drew because she likes him? LOL Are you onion boy? Not everything billie does is because of onion.

No. 383892

I want to see this lawlsuit happen.

No. 383893

Well fucktard, it's you that is white-knighting Billie. I just happen to think that she is as much of a cunt today as she was when she dated Onision. I like to look at things from all angles instead of just being a hateful person like you clearly are.
Also, not underage.

No. 383894

Learn to sage, newfag.

No. 383895


Sage your shit and just stop. Just stop, girl.

No. 383896

But it's okay to reveal to the world you were raped and had an abortion while underage ? Thanks anon. Amazing moral compass you have.

No. 383897

File: 1494709065249.png (430.02 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4157.PNG)

Incoming milk!

No. 383898

File: 1494709146462.png (308.94 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4159.PNG)

No. 383899

File: 1494709260775.png (347.41 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4160.PNG)

No. 383900

I'm feel onion's regular posts about Billie are partially an attempt to scare her off social media, like he did to his other exes

No. 383901

But lainey, I thought you are not responsible for anything your spouse does?? If you're gonna blame billie for what drew said, then you are responsible for everything greg has said about everyone. No more denying it, oops! Lameo makes me angrier than onion sometimes cause shes such a snake. Hope they both get fucked over by everything and are miserable for the rest of their stupid existences.

Lol these two are so pathetic. They cant get over billie and will keep emailing her for anything, hoping she will respond so they can open a conversation or use anything she says to defame her. Billie needs to never respond to them and block all their emails. They want her to reply or lash out at them, so they can make a video to use against her and say how horrible she is.

No. 383902

Billie is quite /literally/ so over the drama, I'm glad she laughed at their threat to sue her. They have no proof, no crime happened, they just want to start twitter drama like always.

Also I like Lainey's bitchy "Thank you." what a passive aggressive POS. Keep stirring that pot.

No. 383903

I also think its this. Greg and lameo are angry people didnt buy their bs about billie being the most evil person ever, and still like her. And they are angry she gets views and still has fans and is happy without them. But I think they want to make her say something mean to them and are trying to provoke her, so they can screencap it and use it as fuel against her, just how onion did. Someone should tell her never to reply to them.

No. 383904


Oh hell yeah. Please let this milk be thick and bountiful.

No. 383905


No. 383906

File: 1494710360214.png (77.09 KB, 844x278, Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 5.18…)

No. 383907

File: 1494710387308.png (290.48 KB, 435x395, Untitled.png)

Laineybot video: People I would Go Out With (Part 2)

No. 383909

But it's okay to reveal that Billie was raped and had an abortion when she was younger? Right on!

Someone ban this tard ffs. All Drew said was that Billie mentioned that their children cry more than any other kids she's ever seen. What private info was release with this statement? The fact that they had kids, as if no one knew Taylor was pregnant? If Greg wanted to keep them private, he wouldn't bring them up when it's only convenient for him, or use their toys in his videos. Sage your idiocy.

I believe this too. I also believe it'll never happen. Billie, just like any other teen, will be stubborn and continue to stay online. It'oll definitely help her with her future goals (mua) and I doubt she'd let that fucked up family take that from her.


No. 383910

Who's Ash?

No. 383911

File: 1494710608070.png (307.12 KB, 1086x960, danidogseth.png)

This video is disgusting on so many levels, but the fact that Greg is trying to steal the show and whines about his "skin disease" makes it even grosser.

Pic related, Dani is still trying.

No. 383912

>people lainey will date!
>greg is in it.

Scouting for new girlfriend together again, i see. Idk why i thought she was actually going to make a video alone. Those people submitted pics for lameo, now they get to be ridiculed by greg as well! Yay!

No. 383913

Also loving how he mentions billie every second.

>"We found a replacement!"

>"She has the same eyes as your ex"
>"Thanks billie for submitting a picture"

Then they bleep out the name but we all know who you're talking about. Lainey doesnt even mention her, but greg constantly brings her up. Haha lameo how does it feel to know gerg gives 0 shits about you and just wants you to give him a billie replacement. He wants so badly to get a pretty girl who looks like billie. #couplegoals!!!

No. 383914


"I'm so gay" "I'm feeling gay tonight" "Guise, did I tell YOU I'M GAY?!"

Lainey is such a pathetic, boring person. The only thing remotely "special" about her is her alleged bisexuality, and even then, it's really not a big deal.

No. 383918

File: 1494712802125.jpg (22.48 KB, 320x240, smg_star_get_us.jpg)

No. 383921

File: 1494713512127.png (176.96 KB, 475x381, Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 7.08…)

plainey's on younow.

do you think you look better squinting than you do wearing your fucking glasses?? because you don't.

No. 383922

File: 1494713542248.png (59.15 KB, 1056x192, fuckedonthereg.png)

lainey is broadcasting on YouNow. Someone asked her how Sarah is doing, and she said "ask sarah" and scoffed. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but the other day she tweeted

did you mean the year basically everyone in my life fucked me over"*

Hoping Sarah ditched them for good.

No. 383923

File: 1494713659441.gif (810.16 KB, 286x225, lainey being a prissy bitch.gi…)

That sneer when she mentioned billie though

No. 383924

this fucking bitch.

No. 383927

Wow, a fucking facial expression. Way to go Lainey, your attempt at being a human with emotions still isn't paying off.

No. 383928

This girl says shes triggered by everything. I used to love horror movies but cant watch horror movies now, my anxiety is so high!!! I couldnt watch the lovely bones because I was literally gonna have a panic attack! It triggered me so hard!

What the fuck does the lovely bones and you have in common that it triggers you. Were you murdered?

No. 383929

Ugh idk how people can bear watching her, she's so boring.

No. 383933

File: 1494714699069.jpg (53.59 KB, 673x445, Witch.jpg)

No. 383938

R e k t

No. 383939

I kind of want an anon to draw a scene showing the reason Lainey and the kids are crying all the time is because of Gurgles being a literal onion…

Sage for possibly being the only person who finds this funny

No. 383940

kek it's okay anon I thought it was funny too

No. 383943

kek, I found it funny as well. Someone draw this.

They talk about Billie publically more than she talks about them. They're finding every reason they can to contact her.

No. 383946

Right? Billy hasn't mentioned them since she made the video about the whole situation and she even took that down. They have not provided one single bit of proof that she talked about them or their children at all. I wish they would just leave her alone already.

Wow, she's so petty

No. 383947

What in the goddamn fuck could they sue Billie for? Like i'm legit curious. Then again i'm from Europe where if you'd try suing someone for stupid shit like this the judge would laugh at you

No. 383949

Absolutely nothing. Plain hasn't learned that threatening lawlsuits only makes her look stupid.

No. 383952

Literally the only thing Billie has said is that "their kids cry a lot". She didn't even directly claim they were bad parents or anything… threatening to sue her is so stupid holy fuck

No. 383954

She ruins a poor girl's life by taking advantage of her kindness and need for money, tarnishes her reputation and has her husband relentlessly fuck her, alienates said girl and makes her cry.

And this cunt still finds the ability to identify as the victim even though she's a culprit of someone else's misery

No. 383956

Taylor probably could run someone over with her fancy tesla and would still call herself the victim of the situation on twitter

No. 383959

I don't know how somebody can look so smug while knowing that their husband would have ditched them in two seconds flat if the pretty alternative teen had given him the thumbs up.

I can't believe so many of us (including me) felt bad for her early on in the marriage. She's absolute scum and, if there were no kids involved, I'd be glad that she ended up in a marriage where her husband is constantly looking for fresh meat.

No. 383961

>when he hit my windshield it made my anxiety flare up!
>He misgendered me when he asked me to call an ambulance!
>The mean cops yelled at me while I livetweeted my awful day :( :(

No. 383963


Anyone else felt like the video was…weird? There's something really uncanny about watching Lainey showing emotions and trying to have a personality.

No. 383964

Sometimes i wish billie went through with it, got onion to divorce and demonize lameo some more, then dumped him. Then lameo can stop her smugass bullshit thinking shes better than everyone lmao.

Billie doesnt want your used up loser of a husband anymore, dont worry. Basically no one does. And hes using you because he gets comments with 12 year olds wanting to date him while you get comments with these alternative looking girls wanting to date you. Thats all you will be good for. Finding his next bait and sticking up for him/making him look like the victim.

Idk what mental gymnastics she had to go through to paint billie as the evil one who ruined her relationship when greg was the one completely ignoring lameo for billie, he was the one who cuddle cheated (did billie make any promise that she would do only what friends would do? No. That was greg who then justified it to billie. But yeah totally billie's fault). And he was the one who said the no boundary shit and slept with billie. And he was down to throw lameo and his kids away in .5 seconds if billie committed to him.

I didnt see any personality. She just said shes gay fifty times as she holds onto her husband in her heterosexual very straight marriage.

No. 383966

"I'm gay" "I'm so gay today" "Eyebrows on fleek" Sounds like an old man trying to creep on young alternative girls.

No. 383967

>he was down to throw lameo and his kids away in .5 seconds if billie committed to him

The fact that plainey ignores this is so fucking pathetic. It wasn't even just her sad ass that was about to get cast aside. She's clinging to a man that would have ditched his own KIDS for a girl he found online.

Bitch needs to understand that dragging Billie through the mud doesn't change the fact that gurg wanted her more than he wanted lainey. She can cuddle up to Grease and blame Billie all she likes but that won't save her from the next new thing that catches gerg's eye.

No. 383968

>Sometimes i wish billie went through with it

Same but tbh it probably wouldn't have changed anything. Lainey already knew that Greg wanted to dump her and she still stayed with him. If he had left her, she probably would have still managed to make it everybody's fault but Greg's.

No. 383973

She stays for them shekels, that's all. and maybe something similar to stockholm syndrome

No. 383976

I meant if billie stayed long enough for gerg to divorce lameo, and hed probably making eighty videos saying why lameo was terrible. I feel like if it went that far and lainey was actually distanced from him for a period of time and also if they got a divorce, she'd be less likely to come back and more angry at him as well as billie. But then again shes psycho so he'd probably contact her if it ended with billie and she'd jump right back into it.

They are still following each other on twitter, so i doubt it. Whats interesting is that Regina came back onto twitter and follows lainey but lainey doesnt follow her. And sarah has been hanging out with regina. I wonder if shes pissy they are hanging out without her and shes alone stuck with gerg and her fiji water bottles.

No. 383980

and when billie dumps him lainey wouldve gone right back (cause u know hed go running to her so hes not alone)

No. 383984

File: 1494724600942.png (267.04 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4162.PNG)

Onion still mad cuz he ain't getting dat sweet jewtube $$$

No. 383987

She kept using obnoxious slang and talking about her extreme gayness.

I did find it funny that half the time Gerg would take the phone away to just stay at one girl or another. It was pissing her off so bad.

Yeah, Lainey, you and Greg are total poly material.

No. 383999

File: 1494731033561.png (317.79 KB, 587x601, Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 11.0…)

Leafy throwing shade

No. 384005

But now she has a patreon and her goal is $5000 a month to be ~independent~

Soon she won't need to slurp that onion dick.

No. 384008

Does Billie have anymore of Gregma's stuff to sell? like his shit-stained Calvins?

No. 384011

I hate that she can say with a straight face that she needs a bunch of people to give her money on a monthly basis in order for her to be 'financially independent'

No. 384018

File: 1494734644966.jpg (62.33 KB, 480x549, this same face in 30 pics.jpg)

They're getting a ~fun photoshoot~ out of it so it's not entirely selfish.

No. 384020

Oh how queen lainey blesses us poor peasants.

No. 384021

I've been trying to picture the fun photo shoot for awhile. All I can see is Lainey sitting on a bed with money.

No. 384024


>They're getting a ~fun photoshoot~ out of it

So Lainey is officially a whore now?

No. 384025

Every time I do my fucking winged eyeliner now I always think of Lamp's shaky ass looking, fuck up, whacked out eye liner. Her eyebrows trigger the shit out of me. She has such a great eye colour too and it's WASTED.

No. 384026


I'm very sorry, Anon…

No. 384028

I don't know if it's her anteater face or what but she always looks like she's severely constipated. I know ur a cheese pizza vegetarian but eat some fibre girl.

No. 384047

File: 1494741142476.jpeg (3.35 KB, 168x192, E0EFEFDD-F6BD-49BE-97F4-DBF62A…)

Victoria? Is dat u?

No. 384049

vic is redeemable, don't do this

No. 384053

I had no idea she pierced her nose

No. 384057


>Vic is reedemable

Not really.

No. 384075

File: 1494746482370.png (19.78 KB, 624x122, trisha.png)

Oh oh oh my, look what I found.
Video attached is the one with the comment pinned on top. If anyone still doubts the Trisha video about internet pedophile youtuber wasn't about Onision.

No. 384088

>she always looks like she's severely constipated.
Agreed. All of her pics look like they belong in psychology textbooks on top of the chapter about Freud's "anally retentive type".

She looks like every sphincter in her body is painfully contracted at all times. It's because of her mouth. Even when she (rarely) smiles, it still looks stiff.

That can't be her natural face… Can it?

No. 384091

I couldn't get through more than 3 minutes of that guy, pointless rambling video and he's practically whispering as he walks around.

No. 384096

This legitimately sounds like fucking Greg, this actually read to me in his voice. Get the fuck out of here you disgusting ape piece of shit. Billie is way better than you in every single way.

No. 384097

File: 1494762464792.jpg (62.23 KB, 475x314, gergamel_the_e-begger.jpg)

Yeah the person bothered writing correctly and capitalizing "Onision". No one here will give him that ounce of respect. Go back to ebegging gergamel

No. 384100

A whole 15 seconds, wow

No. 384104

they really look alike…

No. 384106


thought he was chasing Pinterest for a moment lol

No. 384107

Billie is a fucking cow you idiot. Are you just going to white knight everyone who is no longer with him? So what if Lainey left, would she be a fucking saint then? Billie is a fucking loser too.

No. 384108

She really isn't a cow, she keeps to herself mostly and doesn't air any dirty laundry. Even during their last breakup she said nothing until Ayalla spilled tea. Also she may be a loser but compared to Greg and Lainey she's enjoying life and traveling the world and has a loving boyfriend. RIP Lainey

No. 384109

>fucking cow
>fucking saint
>fucking loser


No. 384112

Oh my bad, I thought this was lolcow and not the Billie fan club ^_^(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 384113

> ^_^
Greg, just fucking go, you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 384115

Holy shit, I see it… she reminds me of a creepy ventriloquist's dummy.

No. 384116

File: 1494771172123.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, 1480971832307.gif)


No. 384119

lol be mad

No. 384120

Billie has her own thread in /snow, go stomp your feet for your one-man-shitshow in there and stop derailing the thread.

No. 384121

>healthy fats don't make you put on weight


I really hope you aren't that idiotic. Calories are calories, no matter from which source. You can gain weight from eating too many calories, even if they are from avocado.

No. 384122

Learn to sage and to not respond to old shit that derails

No. 384125


You're the one who's clearly idiotic. Nobody here advocates the lifestyle of eating thousands of avocados without any exercising or other dietary changes. Learn to sage, you toad.

No. 384140


get over her gerg, she's moved on while you clearly haven't.

No. 384147

Someone should check their IP Adress to confirm it's really him…or just ban the random faggot, idk.

No. 384148

I'm betting it's someone trolling and purposely typing like Onion

No. 384149

File: 1494787229301.jpg (168.05 KB, 960x536, tumblr_nsziotmtUy1qf8lsjo1_128…)

No. 384154


Yeah, we all know that Onion doesn't like to interact with us haturz and would rather watch our every move instead. No way it's him.

No. 384155

File: 1494787605796.png (53.88 KB, 209x174, Untitled.png)

Gregma just uploaded a video with Skye in it to his "archive" channel. I wonder how Plainey feels knowing he goes through his videos of past wives reminiscing about the good times.

No. 384156

File: 1494787712596.png (551.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4163.PNG)

Them caveman/special needs features really do run strong in the Onion family…

No. 384159

File: 1494788490604.png (1.46 MB, 1136x640, IMG_4165.PNG)


She also didn't stand there like an idiot, eh Lamey?

No. 384164

I personally think they are all dickheads. Every last one of them

No. 384180

If you look at her pics where she's not with onion and hanging out with friends, or even better yet before onion she actually looks a lot less stiff. Her time with Greg has made her a lot more… well how she is now.

No. 384186

white trash

No. 384187

I love the fact that you guys hate anyone with a differing opinion. It feels like we are just a small group of like 5 people with no life <3

No. 384189

Who's "we", Greaseface?

No. 384190


I'm gonna take the bait.
You're pretty much ruining the thread with your incessant samefagging. Please, for the love of god, go away or dial it down.

No. 384193


Gretchen wtf are you doing here? You suddenly got bored of e-begging to your fans and decided to mess with us now?


No. 384195

I've only posted once in the past 24 hours:
Mod can confirm, if it's really that big of an issue.

No. 384221

File: 1494799201505.jpg (123.23 KB, 1255x661, 4ub12B2.jpg)


onision's pinterest, probably

No. 384222

"You hate anyone with a differing opinion" always translates to "I am like 16 and can't handle people disagreeing with me without padding and sugar coating, or not at least conceding a little and offering feel-good platitudes like ~Let's agree to disagree~".

Up your game, stop crying, and get over yourself.

Sage, stop now.


Fuck! He is just as ugly as Greg. Who incidentally poses really hard in photos these days. Getting old grugly? Kek

I hope so. I bet Greg reads this though. Surely he will have boiled over with rage by now

No. 384225

File: 1494799882503.png (31.08 KB, 625x218, grease.png)

More shade

sage for sort of irrelevant/old

No. 384226

So let us be a small hateful group you seem pathetic spouting your retarded opinion. Stop whining, you idiot.

No. 384231

clearly throwing shade at shiloh with his "LOOKS JUST LIKE MY EX HURRRR" on that one chubby girl.

No. 384251

jfc Leafy is so unfunny. He's probably just trying to bandwagon. Doesn't make him special or smart.

No. 384252


… Or he's hinting at something coming.

No. 384253


Like what? Why would The Leafster be interested in the Onion matters?

No. 384255

milk might be spilling in imallexx's live, right now


No. 384256

damnit, i yelled milk too soon. the chubby dude says he knows cyr and has a thing or two to say, but they just skirted it. sorry guys.

No. 384265

File: 1494811772929.png (191.46 KB, 1321x424, waaaah.png)

Has lainey changed this recently? I'm blocked so I can't see ant moody tweets

No. 384266

File: 1494811924275.png (211 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3536.PNG)

Nothing new just pushing shit content and expecting money for it

No. 384268

File: 1494812814455.jpg (94.88 KB, 1902x794, 10 things I hate about myself.…)

Here's yesterday's "comedy" video on the Onision channel - "10 Things I Hate About Tumblr."

Plank hosts this video and complains about obsessive boring blogs, thinspiration, people who post the same crap over and over, and people who overshare about their kinks. The lack of self-awareness is the only comedic aspect of this video.


No. 384269

It's an ad for an artist she's friends with, callmekarizma. She's had it for a month or two.

No. 384270


Thank you for the summary, anon. I really don't wanna see her video, I got bored just by looking at the picture above.

No. 384272

File: 1494813507100.png (1.25 MB, 1310x1000, b.png)

I noticed there was a really weird blur in one of the shots by their bed, I assume it's their newborn baby girl's bed? They flashed something similar in Lainey's makeup tutorial and you can see Greg move it out of frame.

No. 384274

File: 1494813817630.png (237.54 KB, 1134x523, bb.PNG)

Sage but I quickly found this, so there's no denying they have a newborn.

No. 384284

that excuses one of them not having a job. but both of them begging on the internet is fuckin' baaaaad parenting.

No. 384289

Does this artist specialize in non-ironic, 2006 era Myspace page graphics

No. 384292

What is Grease doing to that poor baby? (Besides rocking it)

No. 384294


I also see she got a new haircut, so much for growing it out…

No. 384296


No. 384305

File: 1494820741568.png (262.72 KB, 580x588, Untitled.png)

No. 384312

So…the video could be about anything then, right? She cries at everything. Lmao.

Laineybot being an attention whore for 45 minutes!

Her last younow she mentioned she might make a video tasting foods she hates. It could just be that. She was probably triggered by watermelon and had a "panic attack". You know. The daily life of lameo.

No. 384341

File: 1494824994368.png (227.76 KB, 583x523, Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 1.09…)

"For people that don't want to give me money, you can still give me money"

No. 384350

File: 1494827753757.png (507.38 KB, 552x313, 8598786501.png)

>tells fans best way to talk with him is patreon
>only replies with short condescending sentences

so much interaction with his most appreciated fans!

No. 384355

TBH I wanna see her infamous crying since it's the thing she's best at right next to being boring without accidentally doing anything interesting

No. 384356

Didn't he used to brag up and down that he made no money at all from his merchandise? Also didn't he used to use that as a point of attack for other youtubers, to prove that they were using their fanbase for profit and never truly cared about them?

No. 384367

can we just ban people like this?

No. 384368


Learn to sage newfag.

Seriously.. There should be a warning for people whenever they choose to post anything.

No. 384369


Times are hard for the grease stain. He was so confident and finally his total reliance on YouTube itself screwed him over.

No. 384370


It's tiresome to watch her boring wallpaper personality. She has nothing to offer except for her speshul agender space prince aura.

No. 384371

What a fucking douchebag

No. 384373


I find it amazing how over the years, Taylor went from one high school student stereotype to another.
When Onion started dating her, she was a typical normalfag: a blonde, popular cheerleader who was fond of doing splits on her (ex-)boyfriend's dick. I think that onion picked her up because she was the type of a girl who would either completely ignore him or snark behind his back had they been in the same high school class. Maybe she reminded him of that one ex that he made wear goth clothes.
Now Lamo is EXACTLY the kind of high-school outcast she would make fun out of: the sjw tumblrina discovering her personality and sexuality. Too bad that she's not 16 anymore and it's pathetic to act like a high school student when you are a 20-something mother of two (three?).

No. 384376

Was she really THAT popular?? She seemed like a "normal" student , at least from the pics ive seen going around.

Btw how is anyone sure there's a new baby, that it is a girl and her name is Claire? inb4 lurk moar, ive been lurking for many threads already and keep seeing anons mentioning her by the name and being sure that Lamey gave birth somewhere near December but Ive never heard of how you guys found this info! (only proof ive seen so far has been that pic posted by some anon >>384272) but thats it.

I want 2 believe.

No. 384377


Grease definitely alienates his SO's from their family, exaggerating their wrongdoings (ie. the time Grease scolded Plainey on twitter for saying she had the best mom ever). She could have exaggerated how her fam treated her to be special and get attention from Grease… but either Grease or Plainey said before that her mom would bother her about her weight (she has a history of online ana), and her fam is religious. Not saying that's bad, but could be more judgemental of her. They hid their relationship before Grease could trap her in marriage, so her family was (understandably) not accepting.

Judging from her posts pre-onion, she was his type–an insecure teenager, probably didn’t feel understood by her fam, blindly loyal to her e-celeb crushes. Normal, mentally healthy teens don't usually stalk their online crushes like that, even when they're fan girls.

No. 384381

File: 1494845104410.jpg (540.61 KB, 1065x1837, Screenshot_20170515-064331.jpg)

Just in case anyone wants it for the speshul price of $5

No. 384383

File: 1494845826700.jpg (35.87 KB, 500x252, tumblr_inline_ojb71uMOHA1qmuq7…)

In one of Greg's many fucking stupid videos around the time of her speculated birth there was a Claire banner.

No. 384388

Tbh I hate Onion's guts and I think he deserves everything that happened and is happening to him but I still find the concept of alimony to be really absurd. Why should someone give money to someone who is perfectly able to work and take care of themselves?

No. 384389

Go to /ot if you want to discuss off topic things. Also, learn to sage.

No. 384390

because he made Skye not work, it's about keeping quality of life after marriage. If your husband didn't let you work, and you totally relied on him - then he just up and left, and totaled your car in the process to get some underage puss puss wouldn't you be pissed and want reimbursement? Most of the money goes to therapy for the PTSD he gave her, as well as housing and fixing the car.

No. 384391

because skye worked for gerg (see: the hundreds of videos they made together) and was emotionally and mentally abused/manipulated/etc by him. She moved to South Korea for him (i.e. wasted her time) and if i recall correctly he was the one who encouraged her to not work. He is at least partially responsible for her not being financially independent, so she should be able to get financial support from him.

No. 384393

A) Mama-Onion made a post saying she was expecting a new grandchild.
B) Lainey herself had made a facebook comment on a post saying she was having a daughter and due in Novemeber
C) Lainey was wearing her old maternity clothes close to her due date
D) Some selfies show a baby seat in their car facing backwards, how you would sit a newborn not a toddler
E) As >>384383 they seemed to have had some cheap baby shower with a banner with the name Claire on it, however this could be a red herring on their part

No. 384394

Because some marriages still are antiquated in the fact that one spouse usually has little to no education/ work experience while the other was the one working and bringing in money. So you leave and you have no way to make money and/or you make a fraction of what your spouse is making. Its about keeping quality of life for that person as they get back on their feet.

No. 384410

The irony is I bet Skye has been more responsible with her alimony checks than onion has been with his mountains of Youtube bux.

Sage for speculation

No. 384419

File: 1494857131559.png (5.71 MB, 2480x2801, happyonionfam.png)

No. 384420


I bet on that shit too, Anon!


Troy looks like Naruto here, also kek @ Onion's eyebrows; right on point!

No. 384421

superb. this is really great anon. it has my vote for the next thread pic

No. 384426

File: 1494858998355.png (387.12 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4188.PNG)

Tryna get new mods now…

No. 384444

File: 1494863899398.png (335.4 KB, 988x451, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 1.57…)

Just checked it out and look who it is lmao miss plz notice me!!!

No. 384447

Don't forget Skye pretty much made the Onision channel what it is today, if it weren't for her and her contribution towards the viral Banana video and many others I don't think he would be anywhere near as many subs and views as he's gained today.
The least she deserves is some alimony, or as Greg puts it "paying someone who's not in your life anymore to not be in your life anymore"

No. 384448

File: 1494864807493.png (84.64 KB, 719x290, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 2.11…)

So apparently Onions mother now has a Patreon..
He literally just gave her his old house, what would she possibly need support for? anyway that's irrelevant.. just interesting and totally not coincidental that she would start one.
Maybe Troy and Claire will have their own soon too.

No. 384452

File: 1494865843147.png (94.29 KB, 585x278, WEW.png)

>Troy's rotting teeth

/pt/ is truly blessed today

No. 384453

It's really not interesting because it was mentioned earlier in this thread and if I'm not mistaken, was also mentioned in the last thread. grugly is trying to get dat referral bonus, but can't get the full amount unless his referrals match his number of patrons. It was also mentioned that his onionmom's patreon is reading more like grugly's currently.

No. 384457

She was dating David for 3 years before she met Grease and from the photos I've seen of him, he looked and dressed like a scenester… if she was a normie, she wasn't averse to dating alt kids.

No. 384458


>Tbh I hate Onion's guts

good! this is what this thread is for!

>I find the concept of alimony to be really absurd

no one gives a shit. that's related to american law, not greg. just discuss that elsewhere dude, jesus fucking christ. whenever these threads get anywhere near politics they go straight to shit. don't try it for fucks sake

No. 384459

Are the kids off school/college at all? I've noticed we've had a small handful of newfags not knowing how to use imageboards in here and other threads as of recent.

Brilliant, my only suggestion would be to change the hue of him being a white onion to a red one… it'll be perfect then.

No. 384460

File: 1494868828587.png (816.65 KB, 1751x2183, 15439.png)

Gurgle's Mum's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Vamchoir

No. 384462


You know, for someone who's frequently bragging about paying the person just to not see their face anymore, he sounds like he wants her back…along with his money.


Scary ass bitch.

No. 384465


No. 384466

>fot all of us
Onion boy got the talent of manipulation from mommy

No. 384469

"Vamchoir" sounds like it could be an awesome Gothic Metal band name, too bad its forever ruined.

No. 384479

File: 1494873373822.png (76.7 KB, 1706x292, Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 2.34…)

Her nose is so far up Onion's ass, she can smell the vegan food he had for dinner last night.

No. 384481

File: 1494873658969.gif (1.69 MB, 480x239, no.gif)

>main character, Ravena Doomlah

No. 384482

>>Keeping under 18's out.

Hahahaha! He's not going to like that one bit.

No. 384484

File: 1494874551862.png (39.82 KB, 584x206, Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 2.55…)

No. 384486

smelly dumb narcissistic scum

No. 384487

No. 384488

why is she calling him "onion boi" and "gerg" while trying to kiss his ass like is she actually that stupid and/or trying to be "edgy" by using nicknames his "haters" use? (no one here says boi, i know) she is so fucking dumb

is it bad i want to see her dragged and any dirt on her spilled? i just hate this chick for some reason ugh.

i actually noticed some other youtubers taking this stance since the youtube debacle. ot but i subscribe to Rob Dyke for his horror shit and he got super whiny about youtube (maybe he shouldn't have put constant cleavage thumbnails in his old videos HMMM but no he throws horror under the bus) and is now shitting out videos left and right, always with a dramatic patreon alert at the ending. it's so cringy and underhanded. and speaking for Rob (who's still a much better youtuber than onion), yes, his quality has gone downhill.

No. 384492

Sometimes I feel his frequent displays of a lack of self-awareness outweigh his moments of clarity.

No. 384493

Make a /snow topic about her if you want to, I think it'd be worth it considering it's only taken a month for her to elate herself to cow status and there's plenty of examples and resources posted in the threads already to warrant one.

No. 384494

Irrationally mad that ladyboy is exposing one of my favourite bands to Onion. If he picks them up it'll be the worst.

No. 384496

Ha, I had the same sort of gut reaction, like please, no, do not touch.

No. 384498

File: 1494878244921.png (98.09 KB, 782x312, Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 3.56…)

No. 384500

You shouldn't be mad about it, she's an example of the "This could be us but~" meme.

The only problem I have with her really is that she interjected herself into his Tweets suddenly as soon as she was followed back by him… that's suspicious as fuck, makes her sound like she was a chosen plant there to draw in more teenagers to the shitstorm.

She obviously doesn't give much of a fuck about Lainey and their lowkey passive-aggressiveness towards each other is amazing.

No. 384502

File: 1494879240484.png (5.27 MB, 2664x1442, crymoar.png)

Lainey has a new video on her patreon, titled "Why I stay with Onision" and it's pretty shit. She cries, but not waaah-crying, just invisible crocodile tears. He constantly talks over her as per ush, and they're trying to come up with reasons why they are still together.

It's uploaded to Vimeo and I can't seem to find an address for it, so no link. She probably checks lolcow on the regular which is why she switched over to vimeo.

No. 384503

But aren't they meant to be paying her to do her own videos? That's the point, right?

No. 384508

File: 1494879736175.png (160.4 KB, 986x784, sadcauseoffiji.png)


Yeah, it is. I think some of her 'fans' are getting a little sick of him always being in her videos. And she says she's 'having a mental breakdown, basically' and that's why she needed him to be in the video.

Girl, if you're having a legit mental breakdown - don't make this stupid ass video that only makes you look like a doormat who can't even do the menial task of hitting the record button.

I wonder why she's breaking down now. Maybe she saw the cartoon about her and was reminded that she would never go to Fiji.

No. 384509


LMAO. She really wants to push her omgah i panic attack at everything shit huh. Even makes a video about it. Go see a therapist then dumbass. Stop whining about panic attacks if you're not even going to go get diagnosed and treated for them.

Why is she even freaking the fuck out over reasons why she stays with her husband? Is this another omgah billie ruined my life video and onion is my rock! He stood by me while billie forced his micropenis inside her and forced his arms around her to cuddle her! What an upstanding guy to always have my back while signing away the rights of our kids to me and willing to get a divorce if billie said yes. Oh by the way, i was pregnant during all this, but he still stressed me the fuck out. Soulmates <3. Billie so horrible! Onion so gud!!

>I needed him to be in this video bc i was having a mental breakdown basically

Idk why she pushes greg has to be in my videos or panic attack!!! Like you have a camera and are alone in a room. Stop recording if you freak the fuck out and continue when you aren't. And when you do record alone you look 100x more comfortable so its all bullshit. Why the fuck are you starting a video if you are "literally having a mental breakdown". LOL What an idiot.

No. 384510

>Tries to list reasons why she stays with her husband
>Has a mental breakdown while talking about those reasons

top kek lainey, you dumb bitch

No. 384511

I like to think the majority of onion and complainey's videos take place right after an argument about the end of the argument becomes the subject of the videos.

No. 384512

"Your video was funny"
"I'm a cunt"
"Oh well I hope you're feeling better"
"Nope I'm still being a cunt"
"Oh… Ok well good luck"

No. 384514

I like how that person was praising onion for helping her get through it after lameo basically said thats what happened. But then lameo has to mention no im still having one. Like….are you now denying onion is helpful? Make up your mind. And your fans dont care about your attention whoring pity me im still mental breakdown!!!11!! Go talk to your friends if you even still have any with how much of a bitch you are.

Lainey is no doubt that friend who doesnt give a fuck about your feelings and just wants to talk about herself. How I imagine a convo with lameo:

Friend: "Today has been the worst. I'm so sad today."
Lameo: "Sad? Dont even get me started. I'm gonna have a panic attack just thinking about it! Today has /literally/ been so fucking awful you cant even imagine."
"That sucks. What happened? I had a panic attack today too and I havent had one in a long time."
"Omgah gurl you're so lucky! I have like fifty a day. You dont even know how many panic attacks I had today! I flushed the toilet and I /literally/ had a panic attack! Your day can not be worse than mine if you only had one!"

That's also how I imagine her convos with lesbians go about gayness. Girl who is actually in a longterm relationship with another girl mentions something about her gayness. Lameo pops in going omg no you dont even know how gay i am today! clutches onto her husband

No. 384516

She says "basically" as often as Gerg says "literally". These idiots need to expand their vocabulary.

No. 384518


>get the fuck off me you useless bitch!

Idk but that's what I got from looking at him

No. 384520

this is beautiful lmao

No. 384521

File: 1494884208624.jpg (99.88 KB, 1920x1080, 58754asd4g5.jpg)

still trying to bring back the high of Gergloh huh

No. 384526

Damn, the expressions​ are almost identical.

No. 384532


This would be perfect if Greg's teeth were just a little more crocodilian. They are very pointy and sharp.

I love the mascara-stained tears on Taylor's face and her ~music~; Troy's snot bubble, dirty face and rotting teeth(poor kid).

No. 384533

is there a mirror for this yet? i need to see the glory

No. 384535

Apparently so. You are all just a bunch of angry ass tweens. Im not an onion fan, but god this thread is full of just the same shit over and over. Praise Billy when she is not with onion, go at her when she is. Go at Lainey when she is and fuck she will suddenly become a saint if she ever leaves him.
You are all obsessed lol he probably LOVES this

No. 384541

Lainey will never voluntarily leave onion. Kek nice try.

No. 384542

I guess that depends on his bank account $$

No. 384545

I would be delighted if someone were to tweet this to Plainey side by side, just saying.

No. 384549

Why don't you?

No. 384553

No one cares about billie or hating on billie in this thread. She has her own thread people can go talk about her there. She hasn't done shit since she left onion so no one cares. She told drew his kids cry a lot? Wow. So bad.

Also you sound like an onion fan so go suck his micropenis and donate some money to his patreon or something instead of posting here no one cares. This thread is mostly talking about onion or lameo but you are somehow obsessed with bringing up billie? LOL. Okay.

Lol both ending up with short hair crying on his shoulder while he gives a look like he gives no fucks. Idk how anyone who is super sensitive could date this guy.

No. 384570

File: 1494896200040.png (57.06 KB, 1293x230, 666.png)

Quickly everyone, grab your torches and pitchforks now! It is the sign of the devil 666

No. 384572


This bitch is sooo far up their assets, but doesn't realize they'd never want her. It's clear that they already find her annoying.

Also, he loves underage teens. No way that's a selling point.1

No. 384579

i bet if plainey had gotten into a regular, boring relationship after she grew out of her fan girl phase, hadn't married a narc as a teenager and popped out two kids, she'd probably not be in a constant state of anxiety and stress, and just be… well, plain. boring, normal, and plain

No. 384580

meaning, i don't think she'd be unusually sensitive if it weren't for grease's grooming and narcing

No. 384588

I love you, anon. This is PERFECT

No. 384589

File: 1494900485966.png (114.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4195.PNG)

Yeah that's great and all but for how long? How long are us audience gonna wait until someone finally cracks?

No. 384592

Reminds me how lameo's first tweet or one of the firsts to him was "i want to put up with your bullshit greg :)".

Wonder if hes referencing that haha. Also didnt he tweet that no one should be forced to put up with someone who has depression or other mental illness if they dont have it themselves. Make up your mind onion boy. You just want people to put up with your bullshit without having to do the same back lmao.

No. 384593

File: 1494900786387.png (138.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4196.PNG)


This is accompanied by the lastest sperging!

No. 384594

File: 1494900827803.png (155.54 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4198.PNG)

No. 384595

File: 1494900847934.png (383.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4199.PNG)

No. 384596

>If I burned I bridge

Ahhhh Grease, not picking up a book for 10+ has done you wonders it seems.

No. 384600

>>384594 Lmao he's so butthurt that Shane won't reply to any of his tweets.

No. 384601


I would honestly just chalk that up to autocorrect, although Gregma burns every bridge with everyone ever and salts the Earth behind him.

I just don't think he realizes that's not fucking normal.

No. 384604

File: 1494905618078.png (156.38 KB, 1282x594, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 04.3…)

He's having a legit break down isn't he? The replies to this tweet are all like wooah calm down. He's trying to cling to any form of fame he can get, is Jeydon Wale still popular at all?

No. 384610

I think he is? He posted his story about being trans and about his transition and being on T, so he probably has a decent following in the LGBTQ community.

No. 384621

Jey isnt anywhere near as popular as before but since coming out as trans, taking hormones, talking about it, etc. He's following is getting back up there since he was very "I've spoken about it before. If you didn't watch that video, then I'm going to be hush hush about it".

No. 384628

File: 1494910850938.png (174.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4200.PNG)

Cousin video is up now.

Man, aside from sharing caveman features, he's also insufferable just like Onion.

No. 384629

good to know we can add his cousin to the laundry (lol) list of things he hates.

on the bright side i actually lol'd at the "my whole life is a joke" tweet. gerg should do more self-aware comedy since it's pretty much the only thing he's right about at all.

No. 384632

Except if that person's name is Skye…
I guess her "bullshit" depression caused that deer to jump out in front of her car…that he was driving.
Sooo I guess Skye stayed with Greg, despite his "bullshit" of infidelity.
And this is one of many reasons Tantaga gets a check each month.

No. 384637

Can't do videos without mentioning or starring your husband? DON'T FUCKING MAKE THEM.

If you can't go through with the simple offer you've promised your patrons, then take it off your list of offers and stop conning them into giving you money for something they're not going to receive.

And this bitch has set a goal of 5k a month, what is this world coming to?

No. 384672

That is exactly how I would picture a conversation with her and I really can't fucking stand people like that.. i try avoid talking about my problems at all costs, no one wants to hear that shit unless it's a close friend you confide it, not every single person who ever makes eye contact with you..

No. 384676

Umm isn't the photo she posted almost the same as her avatar except photoshopped to have a larger cleavage line?? (and of course different colors)

No. 384679

File: 1494933472023.jpg (42.38 KB, 510x336, gone fishing.jpg)

I doubt even Gurg would be dumb enough to fall for this, but stranger things have happened.

No. 384681


Nope. On the right pic she has a piercing on her lip, her hair falls on a different way, her lips are slightly parted, her eyebrows seem longer and her arm is on a slightly different position. Still, I'm sure she is trying to catfish him.

No. 384689

Honestly, there are so many parallels between Lainey and Shiloh's relationship with Greg. He uses the exact same abuse patterns each time (maybe with an added layer of not-so-justified cuckoldry once he gets tired of the girl and has already turned her into a baby-maker, in Lainey's case). It's creepy.

No. 384714

Except I think he authentically loved Shiloh (in his own narc way) and was much more passionate about her than he is Lainey. Out of every relationship Greg's had,I think his with Shiloh was the closest thing to love for him.

No. 384715

I personally agree and maybe deep down he's not truly over her yet because he keeps looking for girls that are edgy and fun like she was. Their breakup really messed him up.

No. 384734

File: 1494949237109.png (446.65 KB, 562x754, vaguetweeting.png)

Thats strange grease, Hasn't lainey overused that filter?

No. 384741


Y'all are delusional, stop.

No. 384742


Must be making a dig at her.

No. 384743


she's not a woman, stop misgendering her

No. 384746

What is it with shitbags like him hating the dog filter so much, just get over it onion.

No. 384761


Okay tumblr police

No. 384771

File: 1494958217195.png (922.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0389.PNG)

Dani wants so badly to shout from the rooftops "I LOVE YOU ONION BOI" but she hasn't met him yet and doesn't want to seem weirdly obsessed(too bad she already does).

but sadly there are no likes or replies for her ?

No. 384772

This joke and the original black Twitter source is old as fuck, overused and unoriginal. By now, it's literally a year old. He probably only just found it.
Leave it to Grease to be the last one to get in on all the Cool, Hip Millenial Memes, I guess.

No. 384777


Plainey please stop taking the same fucking photo of yourself over and over and over again. You are boring looking. I hate you.

sage for unnecessary sperging

No. 384782

didn't realize i'd need to use a sarcasm tag when i say "SHE's not a woman, stop misgendering HER"
what is happening to today's children

No. 384786

summerfags are coming

No. 384803

I think it was elevate

No. 384835

Would you guys mind if I put screen caps from Lainey's younow? there are some cringy things Dani is saying that I've caught

No. 384836

Go for it

No. 384838

File: 1494967740276.png (601.05 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4201.PNG)

Onion misses the military.

No. 384839

File: 1494967767548.jpg (90.29 KB, 1277x616, 2.JPG)

Lainey was saying how her bf in High School asked her out over an intercom and she freaked out. Lainey's reaction was pure though

No. 384840

He went to all the effort of digging that out and putting it on but couldn't be bothered to iron it. He's a mess.

No. 384841

File: 1494967814339.jpg (90.63 KB, 1167x609, Capture1.JPG)

According to Dani Lainey gets askedout on the daily

No. 384842

ahahah Dani is acting like a unwelcome PR agent. Lainey seems so over her shit and so annoyed by her constant interjections.

No. 384843

File: 1494968081785.jpg (93.14 KB, 1277x577, 3.JPG)

here is another one. Lainey mentioning her #1 fans (the people who give her bars) and Dani had a mini melt down

No. 384845

File: 1494968500706.jpg (8.48 KB, 256x256, 1494666865279.jpg)

>Lainey is the type of person who would not let a man control their life, you can tell


good one

No. 384846


I take getting her money isn't worth it anymore…

No. 384848


Lainey is legit answering everyone but Dani. Dani is trying to get Lainey to help her with a broadcast for makeup

No. 384849


He seriously needs to stop with them Botox shots, look at his face!

No. 384850

File: 1494969380482.png (438.92 KB, 600x528, 89b.png)

Please tell me that's one of us

No. 384852

Lainey also apparently doesn't have her period

No. 384853

I don't think Lainey realizes stress can also stop girls from having their period.

No. 384856

Stress, malnutrition, body fat percentage under 17%, pregnancy (and a bit after birth).

No. 384857


This is nothing new, Lainey said she was bombarded with requests every time they broke up with Billie.

>>Lainey is not the type of person who would let a man control their life, you can tell.

Holy shit, those extremely poor observational skills.

No. 384858

she just bitched me out for saying birth control doesn't just stop a period and then randomly said "oh no, the anorexia rumors are going to fly again" with zero prompting. she threw a cunty "you should probably see a doctor" at me for it lol

maybe i don't know enough about IUDs (which she says she has) but i don't think it's normal/healthy for you to not get a period on one. anons with more experience can enlighten if you so choose.

No. 384860

+ breastfeeding

No. 384861

And he's back at it again with the caveman brow face expression kek

No. 384862

Gurgles straight up made lameo cry in her new vid and laughed

No. 384863

UIDs are known to stop periods for the lucky ones.

source: dr wanted me to try for that reason, wasn't lucky tho.

No. 384864

They can. I have had one since November, no period. It depends on the type. Hormonal is more likely to stop them than the copper ones. Copper can give heavier periods.

I also knew a girl in college who skipped "off-week" of the pill to prevent her period and her doctor just prescribed her more to make up for it.

No. 384867

i see, thanks.

No. 384868

That could actually be the case since there is a birth control pill that makes you stop having periods… and it's a common one for women that have just given birth to take.

No. 384872

Umm, depo provera can stop your period for three months and if you decide to keep up with it, it can continue to stop you from getting your period.

No. 384878

It depends on the person. I had a normal but lighter period the 3 years I had Skyla. Some do literally stop having a cycle and there is nothing wrong with that. You don't have to have your period, you're not going to explode or die.

No. 384886

File: 1494977077772.png (196.78 KB, 1242x1115, IMG_5537.PNG)

> talks to lainey like literal garbage
> says he'll get it right with his third marriage
> passes insults off as "just joking"

> "I don't know why I'm crying!"
> cries for entire video
> is mother's day
> lists vapid reasons why she is with Greg

No. 384900

I used to use Nuvaring to skip my periods until my dr said I was building up too much lining and the exposure to estrogen can cause cancer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Depends on the birth control, I think.

That said, I'd be shocked if Lainey is ACTUALLY on bc. Seems like something Gurg would explicitly forbid.

No. 384901

>Thirds time the charm and this is only my second marriage
>Appears (?) to actually cry and says she feels anxious because of the comment
>He ignores her/speaks over her/makes fun of her for getting upset about joking about divorce/replacing her
>Passive aggressively says "your needless anxiety attacks are SO fun for ME"
>Vapid shit no one cares about, also an ad
>They can barely list why they're together other than onion saying she's "loyal" (kek)

Fucking wow that was worse than I expected.

No. 384902

>she says he's hurting her when he flails her arm
>he does it 2 more times anyway

gotta prove his dominance i guess

No. 384903

Also that for some goddamn reason they decided to save, edit, and upload that video instead of just trying again without the divorce line or editing out the crying parts.
It's all the worst parts of their relationship.
Mothers day, doesn't acknowledge lainey is a mother. Ceaselessly making fun of lainey, and punishing her for getting upset by insulting her and disguising it as a joke. Lainey pretending to have a personality and possibly fake crying? Plus "muh anxiety" (instead of just saying she was hurt by the comment and leaving it at that or pausing to actually communicate). Using social media to air their dirty laundry. Displaying the shallowness of their marriage. Hurting her even after she says him twisting/bending her arm hurts. I could go on forever.

No. 384907

I just realised that it was recently Mother's Day in America. What's the bets that smegma done absolutely nothing in regards to helping Troy (and Claire) make/buy a card/present/breakfast/anything for Lainey? He's not at school so he's not made anything there. Maybe minor but still sad

No. 384910

So is this all of his Youtube content in a nutshell?

No. 384916

If she hated all of the comments about him abusing her and telling her to leave then why even upload a video like this? If anything you would think they would at least fake a nice video to show the haturz, I thought that was what they were doing in the first few videos but this one threw me off (I haven't watched it but going off of all of the anons comments)

No. 384919

They're probably at a point where they can't even pretend they have a healthy relationship for the internet anymore.

No. 384922

This has to be a ploy for views

No. 384925


Well, yeah. They're both vapid creatures. Lainey's vids are either about her gender or taking quizzes to see if her husband is mentally ill or abusive. I haven't seen another YouTube couple make a video about why they're together or if they think their partner is a sociopath.

Could you guys imagine H3H3's Ethan (who is the same age as Greg) and Hila making videos like this? I genuinely don't understand why even teenagers think this is healthy?

sage for nothing new

No. 384927

Wow why did the video change from "Married" to "With"…?

No. 384958

File: 1494991217615.png (148.97 KB, 579x387, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.1…)

Oh boy here we go again. "Survive"

No. 384959

File: 1494991260125.png (38.85 KB, 581x229, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.2…)

No. 384960

"Im sorry if I'm not worth 1 dollar a month to you"

this is pathetic. what if a 14 year old fan doesn't have 1 to give him? he wants to guilt trip his fans so badly. that's low.

No. 384963

File: 1494992120398.jpg (149.15 KB, 1905x876, eat_me_daddy.JPG)

Mirror of "Why I'm Still Married to Onision" from the Laineybot channel:


No. 384970

>that baby foot print behind lainey's head

No. 384976

holy shit. sage for rage but i cannot fucking believe the balls on this man anymore. just when i think he can't scrape the bottom of the barrel anymore, he manages to extract a heap of gunk. "am i not worth even one dollar a month to you?!" what a literal entitled piece of shit. he doesn't deserve the patreon bux he's got. the only thing i'm cleaving to is the inevitable downfall that a shitvacuum a guy like this causes. i don't actively wish for anything bad to happen to any of the people on this website, but i hope grelp comes back as a cicada in his next life. just an entity who stays underground for 17 years, only to reemerge as a clumsy annoying bug who is easily eaten by all the woodland creatures.

go fuck yourself, Greg. please.

No. 384986

Damn anon nice eye, wtf.

No. 384988

Or you could get a real job to pay your bills, just saying.

No. 384990

Even he knows no one would hire him at this point.

No. 384991

File: 1494995978718.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.76 KB, 340x191, 1449886386337.jpg)

When they list the reasons they stay in marriage, Lainey says "Because I like your face, angel face"

No. 384994

File: 1494996610505.jpg (263.99 KB, 804x1334, IMG_20170517_064735.jpg)

jesus fucking christ

No. 384995

He's now backpedalling over those tweets by claiming he's not trying to make them feel bad for simply just being his fans, yet he JUST SAID he thinks they don't think he's worth a dollar and his patrons are funding him whilst his average fan is not.

Who ELSE is he talking about when he says "I don't mean u guize!" - the fans who are broke are the only ones not becoming his patrons, of course he's talking about them specifically, there's noone else.

A longterm fan brings up a legitimate complaint that he's spamming Patreon advertisements all over the show, YOU'RE NOT A REAL FAN BECAUSE YOU WON'T GIVE ME A DOLLAR OR BECOME A PATRON!

No. 385001

Our taxpayer money should go to curing stupidity

No. 385003

That's not even how anxiety/panic attacks work… she's playing up for the camera, people with hardcore anxiety wouldn't dream about having their episodes recorded, especially for pity points.

No. 385007

Lol. Already losing fans. Alienates even more people telling them to stop being fans. How do any of his fans not realize he only "cares" about his fans when they give him money. He has said he doesnt love his fans, he doesnt think they are the reason hes successful or any part of his success, and he constantly degrades them. Then all of a sudden he needs money, so he starts praising his fans again…but only the ones who pay him. LOL.

Lol i looked at the comments on the actual video, and people who say lameo has anxiety and is shy and cant talk a lot and make videos by herself…she does LIVE YOUNOWS. How is she incapable of making a VIDEO where you can edit and pause at any time you want and completely scrap it if you want. LOL These morons.

I think its pretty clear lameo wants to play this dependent fragile creature to onion boy cause he he wants someone who will depend on him completely and do anything he says. She is a puppet basically and thats all she will ever be as long as shes with him. But dont worry lameo, if you act like a toy, people still get bored of their old toys and find new ones and you are guaranteed going to be thrown away. And she knows it. That's why you're crying idiot.

No. 385012

He's currently sperging out on his Twitter because he's been called out for prioritising his Patreons over his general fans and guilt-tripping them into signing up for it.

He's trying to play the victim by saying he's never said or done such things and that everyone is either a cunt or mentally retarded if they disagree with him. He sure likes to fling shit around and instigate these situations but can't handle it when the shit is flung right back at him.

No. 385014

This was very depressing to watch.

No. 385016

File: 1495004261833.png (131.15 KB, 503x656, gerg.png)

kek he lost a patron over the sperg out

No. 385019

No. 385021

>>Accuses a Patron of being mentally retarded for pointing out the fact he constantly prioritises, praises and favours Patrons over his general fans.

>>Literally made a Tweet nearly four hours ago doing exactly just that… and he's been doing it ever since he launched the fucking thing.

Yet it's everyone else who is "mentally retarded" when he doesn't even remember what he tweeted four hours ago, sure grease.

No. 385022

I agree. You know I laugh at people on youtube like TT and others who promote their patreons but at least they are nice about it and dont make people feel like shit for not supporting them.

This fucking asshole, I hope this is the thing which actually knocks some sense into his idiot fans and makes them see they are only paypigs to him and nothing more.

>go fuck yourself, Greg. please.

We all know this is onion boy's ultimate dream.

No. 385046

His compulsive lying has come to such an extreme point, that he's constantly tripping up over shit that contradicts him only hours before.

He can never get his story straight and it severely frustrates his tiny mind.

He lashes out every time he's caught out on it, but it's never at his "haturz" because they're smarter than he is and are quick to tear into him as soon as he attempts to "prove them wrong with faxxxxxx"… his fans are the ones that end up taking the full brunt of it all because they're easily hurt by their idol's disappointment in them, he's a cowardly bully.

No. 385047

> I hope this is the thing which actually knocks some sense into his idiot fans

If I had a dollar for every time I thought this, I could buy all Onion's houses and a few collabs with him too.

No. 385052

Oh my god just get a new fucking job like everyone else then. I think patreon is a great thing for creators to be able to make more content for their fans, but he can't do anything without being a salty entitled cunt about it.

sage for lethal levels of salt

No. 385053

jesus that dani girl cannot get off lainey's dick

No. 385054

>32 year old man calling a teenage girl mentally retarted for not giving him her pocket money
keep it classy

No. 385055

*retarded, sorry farmers

No. 385056

You know, it ain't too late to pull out, the month's not over yet!

No. 385065

how has nobody pointed out how weird the atmosphere gets when she accidentally hits him? she gets like a second scare like she's expecting him to blow up and then covers her face immediately. fucking unsettling to watch, jesus

No. 385066

god this video actually made ME anxious watching how he treats her. when she lightly tapped him on the face and his expression went stone cold, shit kind of freaked me out even though i know he was playing it up a bit

No. 385067

right? which is obviously also the reason as to why she started getting an "anxiety attack". reminds me of when you go over a line with an authority figure as a child and your stomach drops and you start crying even though the adult isn't outwardly mad at you. it's creepy as shit

No. 385076

I don't doubt her tears are real throughout that whole video, I mean who the fuck LISTS reasons why they're with someone?
and none of those reasons being heartwarming or anyshit like that…

As soon as she jokingly slapped him thats when the mood changed completely….
Also how jumpy she got when he slapped the fireplace. That's probably a stretch but it was worrysome with the other behaviour throughout this entire video.

No. 385078

File: 1495029074417.png (55.6 KB, 228x976, Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.49…)

Does anyone know what causes the negative views on socialblade? Is this correcting an error, or is Onion deleting vids? Asking because I'm curious about how accurately they're telling his income too, but it's showing negative on some days.

No. 385082

Tbh it's no wonder she has anxiety and cries all the fucking time, can you imagine living in fear of your spouse and how he might react to things you do and say… and on top of all that he keeps saying he might leave you one day. I don't like Lainey, but jeez I do feel for her in that aspect.

No. 385086

Yeah you can tell that and him making the comment "third times the charm" really got to her. i can't believe she uploaded this mess

No. 385087


I've seen his first wife playfully hit him (or just tap him) in videos and nothing happened, no scary or annoyed expressions on his face, just continued on with whatever.

Is he gradually getting worse as time goes on?

No. 385088

First time poster, hope I'm doing this right.

Wow, this video was sad to watch, really shows how he treats her just by how easily she cries. She might be just as bad as him and kept herself in this situation but it's still pretty.. ugh, both are so passive aggressive to one another too, just really sad to see how they still tolerate each other.

No. 385090

Of course he is, we've been watching his slow but steady decline into madness for nearly a decade online.

He's been actively and consciously isolating himself from the real world, outside influences and interferences for so long that he has a myriad of undiagnosed mental illnesses that have had a grip on him since his early 20's… he hasn't grown or mentally evolved in any way whatsoever.

He's fucked, and it's only going to get worse and uncontrollable by the time he's in his mid-30's.

No. 385096

it's video deletion/privatization. iirc if you privatize a popular video, your views go into the negative number territory but when you make it public again it will look like you got new views.

No. 385101

his voice is so gay

No. 385102

If you guys are saying it's as bad as it sounds; I don't want anything to do with it and that's coming from someone who is already triggered by Grease in every way; so it would be extra hard to stomach this.

Welcome anyhow, you're doing it right so far and have picked it up surprisingly well for a first timer. Just remember to "sage" your posts if you don't have any new direct information; for example - sage is used when replying to others in a conversational way or a close but unrelated topic, blogpost or tangent… you can do that by putting just "sage" in the email field.

No. 385121


Is it too late for him to, you know…get help?


He's been moving videos around his channels nowadays, if that's anything of concern.

No. 385122

Hell yeah, this whole vid is creepy.And the way she reacts,it's kinda obvious he gets physical often. It may not leave bruises or scars but he def likes to hold her down,push her and grab her so hard that it hurts. He's escalating, I bet he walks around pissed off most of the time nowadays.

No. 385125

Right now, yes… over 35; no hope.

No. 385128

Notice that not so subtle lunge he makes after she taps his face, Her brows furl up and she looks scared.

Holy shit…Its really obvious.

No. 385135


So there is some hope left since he's under 35 then, but it's up to him if he really wants it. And I doubt he wants it at all.


Do you think he hits her or something? The idea crossed my mind a few times but idk…

No. 385140

I transcribed the reasons why they stay with each other from this video and rewrote them in third person

Gregma's reasons for staying with Lainey
1. She is the most loyal person he ever met
2. She is into the most stuff he is into.
3. She is a really good kisser
4. She has only wrecked one of his cars (repeats how it's HIS car)
5. He doesn't feel she is maliciously selfish, she doesn't do evil things

Lainey's reasons for staying with Gregma
1. He takes care of her, like "more" than just financially, like emotionally and stuff like that
2 They have fun together
3. He is very good with kids
4. She likes his angel face
5. He is really passionate about things he believes in

No. 385144

you forgot to mention how lainey also likes the fact that he works hard.

No. 385147

He'll never get help though. He thinks he's right and in control and there's no one there to tell him otherwise, especially not the girl/young woman he's been grooming since she was a teen.

No. 385151

The fact she immediately attempts to move into a defensive position is also glaringly obvious that shit goes down in that house

No. 385153

i don't know if he gets super physical but i bet he has a screaming fit every time she does something he doesn't like

No. 385154

Like >>385151 said, Her reaction just speaks volumes and also how she jumped out of her skin when he banged on the fireplace.

I think he's gotten far worse and speaking from experience her reactions feel so familiar to me, its incredibly unsettling. I dunno if he hits but the way he grabs her arm and thrusts his face into hers before pulling back feels extremely aggressive.

No. 385157


He's losing it, Taytay should've grown a brain and left a long time ago.

No. 385158

eerie how he looks at the camera before he starts trying to pass his outburst off as a joke

No. 385161

File: 1495044503174.jpg (19.24 KB, 710x177, Capture.JPG)

I looked up her channel and couldn't help but notice the description

No. 385162


I loved the part when Lainey semi slapped him the face with the arm he's messing with.

No. 385174

Jesus he is losing it on his new patreon video. Can someone download if i give them the link?

No. 385175

Can do.

No. 385179

File: 1495048517103.png (1.82 MB, 1375x1079, 26332.png)

Onision Patreon video: Mean YouTube Comments (MY REACTION) - https://vid.me/gCAs

No. 385180

When did Jim Carrey start doing meth?

No. 385181


Oh my damn! The devil's inside him…

No. 385182

File: 1495049855513.png (Spoiler Image,2.51 MB, 1920x1080, 51243771.mp403239.png)

yeah he probably grabs her to make her listen to him and he's definitely the type who wouldn't hit her, he'd hit the wall or table to scare her. you can tell like >>385076 pointed out.

he was holding her arm pretty hard while he was talking about the watch, but look at their faces after she tapped him.

No. 385183


>please don't hurt me daddy, I'll be good I swear!

>you better do what I fuckin' say, bitch! Do you hear me?!

No. 385184

can't unsee

No. 385186

Couple goalz u guiz <3 but seriously, the fact that his fans actually see them as a cute couple is so beyond me. She is visibly scared of him and he really enjoys degrading her. What's cute about that??

No. 385187

Ew, that mantel must be really dusty for it to be so visible wtf

No. 385189

File: 1495053008981.gif (4.22 MB, 500x300, 68465423.gif)

No. 385190

Gerg looks and sounds SOOOOO tense/irate in that why are we still together video. Also seems like they may have had to do several takes.. he looks damn scary.

No. 385191

Weird how Greg seems to expect another hit. Lainey's look when they realize that Greg isn't really mad is also quite obvious.

No. 385192

Just posted but also.. how the hell did their babies footprint get there on the fireplace… that's such an awkward spot ?

No. 385193

you can see lainey tensed up trying to get her arm back so yeah

No. 385194

Onion's still being salty about Billie in his new "10 REASONS BREAKUPS ARE THE WORST" video

No. 385195

i think he flinches since she moves her arm away and its probably just a normal reflex.

No. 385197

Looks more to me like Gerg pulled her arm to slap himself, was going for another and she pulled away (looks at him like 'seriously'?).

No. 385199

File: 1495054642319.png (650.16 KB, 739x664, 3452.png)

Onision video: 10 REASONS BREAKUPS ARE THE WORST - https://vid.me/xjha
Insults Billie and Skye, probably all his exes.

No. 385201

I swear, even his parody styles are stuck in 1999.

No. 385203

I like how he portrays the druggie with injecting drugs and overdosing. Yeah let me just inject weed and overdose on it. Completely accurate lmao. Billie isn't doing fucking heroine onion dumbass.

Idk how this man cant get over shit thats even happened like half a decade ago. And you can tell he definitely isnt over billie haha.

Also how does anyone watch this content. Like continuous fart noises? You have to be actually 9 years old for this to be funny at all.

No. 385204

wait, is he implying that that weed and heroin are just are harmful? or that weed's a gateway drug…?

this garbage just reinforces how spiteful, passive aggressive and utterly ignorant he is. jfc

No. 385207

This video is fucking cringe and why the fuck won't he leave his exes alone? I found like 3-5 insults directed at Billie and Shiloh, 2-4 insults directed at Skye (one of 'em is probably directed at Lainey too) and 1-2 insults directed at AJ.

If it's true that some of his exes are gonna make them big bucks soon (especially Skye with the movie thing and Billie with MUA), I wish them well while Onion bites their dust.

Saged for rant.

No. 385208

He's probably mad that they're all happy and making money while he has to beg for it and pretend to be happy.

No. 385210


Kudos to The Feminist Onision™ for dispelling those nasty gender stereotypes with his only female character, Vicki! What a self-assured, independent and nuanced character. Definitely not vapid, egotistical, and unfaithful, and certainly not a representation of how Greg views women!

No. 385211

Mama Onion really did a number on him.

No. 385226

File: 1495060315979.png (233.87 KB, 583x568, Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 6.31…)

INCOMING MILK. This gonna be good.

No. 385234

File: 1495061299202.jpg (17.71 KB, 470x300, IMG_4203.JPG)


Yasss! The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

No. 385240

Ooo, I want to see this.

No. 385243

File: 1495062991183.png (79.96 KB, 582x382, Untitled.png)

Good day for Grease Man

No. 385244

File: 1495062994818.png (94.06 KB, 580x379, Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 7.16…)

Keem comin for the Onion

No. 385249

File: 1495064036756.png (694.67 KB, 901x618, Screenshot 2017-05-17 at 7.33.…)


No. 385251


>"I will support your channel no matter how stupid YT can be boob squeeze"

Too bad he doesn't think you're supportive unless you pay him on patreon to scream into his camera, though. The whole boob squeeze is so gross. Grug is starting to become the epitome of bitch eating crackers to me.

No. 385252


Well at least he hid his ugly rotting face but what's with the purple hair?

No. 385253

Looks like it could possibly be a filter. Parts of the bag on the right look red and purple to me. Could also be my screen tho.

No. 385254


It looks like some sort of purple light. You can see it on his fingers and the jerky bags

No. 385256

poor guy. he really looks like shit now.

No. 385260

depressing vid. she's so whipped

No. 385261

made this short 1 min vid for y'all

No. 385262


I kek'ed at Hollaback Girl, nice!

No. 385265

No. 385266

Leafy made a vid on good old Onision.

No. 385267

oh no, I clicked on a Leafy video. I regret that so much.

No. 385268

Lol good video. I feel like all these fans who go #couplegoals dont remember the shit thats been said in the past.

Idk why she bothers to say "i dont know why im crying" when we all know why shes crying. Shes terrified he will leave her in a split second with no remorse because he was about to do it not that long ago! She starts crying when he mentions a third marriage because she knows that he's not even totally kidding. It is very likely, and probably will happen. She 100% knows that her marriage is hanging on a thread and if onion finds a new girl, she will be dropped, ridiculed and wont be shown any love from onion boy any longer.

She can get mad at billie all she wants, but it's her own husband who was willing to leave her and didnt give one shit about what he was doing to her until his new girl hesitated. I'm 100% sure if lameo was in billie's position she would have went through with it and been even worse than billie is, so she can't even talk. She was so desperate to get onion boy when she was 17, she would have stepped over any other girl in his life and would have had no remorse for them, but she judges billie so hard HAHAHA. She was tweeting at him, trying to get him to talk to her, obviously with romantic interest the whole time he was still with shiloh.

No. 385269

File: 1495067265083.png (34.07 KB, 531x375, oldnewsonion.png)

Here he goes again.

No. 385270

File: 1495067379492.png (1.96 MB, 1920x1080, crusty.png)


Jesus fucking Christ, EXFOLIATE.

I wonder if pieces of his crusty foundation and dead skin fall off into things. Like food, Lainey's hair, etc. Disgusting.


If his fans really loved him, they'd send him a bunch of fruits and vegetables, or a loofah and some moisturizer, kek.

No. 385271

This actually was a decent video.

No. 385272

How long till he spergs? I'm really hoping for a YouNow but I guess I'd settle for a hasty fax video

No. 385273

my favorite thing about seeing groggy complain about billie is that he's completely dropped the "My Wife's Ex" act and is going after her alone, like she was HIS girlfriend (which everyone knew, it's just funny to see him show it) lainey is at best the abused child in the middle.

No. 385274

Tbh her crying all the time, so easily and the jumping could actually be her anxiety and depression. Lord knows she ain't getting treatment for it

No. 385275

Inb4 "I didn't watch the video but it was wrong" Yea we all know you watched it while foaming, cussing aloud. Making Lainey cry and waking your children up making them cry

No. 385276

Very good point, Nicely spotted anon.

No. 385277

File: 1495067915327.png (15.45 KB, 578x209, Untitled.png)

We all know Gregma would commandeer that younow

No. 385279

Just found out my ass. He likes to wait a couple weeks between his sperges so he can drop another thing about her in an attempt to make her look bad as if shes obsessed with him and constantly bringing him up, when really all this shit was done all at once weeeeeks ago and she never talks about him. And her depop shit was obviously a joke, when her description was sarcastic as fuck.

Wheres the option to go cry, or does she do that regardless of bath or younow.

No. 385282

i know we all like to take the piss out of lainey for being soo "sensitive" but i grew up with a narc dad and this is definitely a thing. they're immune to other people crying.

i'm wondering about that comment she made about greg being really good with kids now. my dad was super good with kids when he didn't have to actually take care of them. making funny faces and hanging out with kids is easy enough but once they start crying narcs will just tune them out.

No. 385283

ahahahaha absolutely fantastic

No. 385286

No. 385288

For someone that says his audience is mostly above 18 he sure does care a lot about being in restricted mode.

No. 385292

So thats what hes doing. Uploading old content on onion son because that channel apears in restricted mode with all his videos.

No. 385294

File: 1495072418867.png (24.51 KB, 355x79, Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 9.53…)

Here we go

No. 385295

"if you're asking me to prom you're probably too young for me" KEK wherever onion is he just clutched his chest in pain

No. 385296

you know hes going to come in and bitch

No. 385297

Debating joining with a Billie-looking icon called Billedawnweeb just to see the look of horror

No. 385298

No. 385299

Talking about Dani, "She is obsessed, that doesn't mean I'm dating them" Bet Dani is pissed

No. 385300

she's still mad at Billie because she won't send "$300" worth of clothes back to Lainey when she supposedly sent back everything Billie left at their house.

No. 385303


Oh snap, she said that?? Dani is probably pulling her donations as we speak, hahah. I need more of this milk.

No. 385305

I joined, does it show me join or do I need to say someting?

No. 385306

i hit the spin button or whatever on younow, and it gave lainey 500 bars? now i'm the top fan. i doubt that means she'd pay more attention to me, but any suggestions of what to say lol

No. 385307

Say somethin

No. 385308

File: 1495073588565.png (74.92 KB, 556x596, guesshesawleafysvid.png)


No. 385309

ask about dani and about her obsession!

No. 385311

"I'm not lying, everyone else is lying! Every single one of them!"

No. 385312

no answer :/

No. 385314

The irony being she was prom age when she dated a man in his late 20s (way older than her age now) and then married him immediately turning 18.

LOL someone should tell her she said that about her. How can lainey insult someone for being obsessed when she was an obsessed greg fan then married him HAHAHA.

Haha, i knew onion boy was only praising leafy and being nice about him because he thought leafy liked him haha.

No. 385315

File: 1495073987580.png (718.82 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4204.PNG)

Great, now he thinks he looks like Jim Morrison

No. 385316

she's replying to me but no sperg/milk

No. 385317


Ahaha "I read in a comment that Dani was obsessed, I don't think there's anything wrong with that". She seems pretty aggravated about the Dani questions. Also, I think her "ex" Erin/niretho joined.

No. 385318

Yeah she's getting bitchy about the Dani and Onion questions.

No. 385319

what else should i ask? still #1 fan and she's replied a few times

No. 385321

Ask her about Erin (the alleged ex) or who joined the younow chat or something. She seems mega triggered by it.

Or… you could always ask about the april 4th emails. JK

No. 385322

cuz she knows she's only relevant because of her disgusting husband, and she doesn't give a shit about her fans

No. 385323

two other people went to 1 and 2 spot. i'm going to bed. pray for milk, y'all

No. 385324

She's not getting a job because she "worked her ass off getting her bachelors and needs a break".

No. 385325

Apparently Onion works eight hours a day….. doing fucking what?

No. 385327

File: 1495074801171.png (797.56 KB, 1752x1136, Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 10.3…)

Get those viewsss trend plz

No. 385329

i'm just trying to be nice to her. she answered a shitload of my questions lol

No. 385332


Same here, that's the only way to get her to answer anything. Btw, bar-anon, I think she fanned you because you were one of her top donators. Kek!

No. 385333

What's your favorite social media? "Patreon" Yea keep it classy, Lainey.

No. 385334

File: 1495075366621.png (253.35 KB, 536x1147, spergout.png)

No. 385335

>punish someone who thrives on attention, giving them hate is obviously an ironic move

No because you'll seethe for days over it. All hate and no patreon bucks makes for a cranky onion.

No. 385336

File: 1495075638468.png (38.59 KB, 550x339, LOL.png)

No. 385337

Yeah because we all know that relationships, family and marriage are not particularly enjoyable to you, Grug..

Lmao at the thought of him sitting all greasy while furiously tweeting in anger over Leafy's video and Lainey streaming on YouNow, not seeming to really give a fuck about anything in life any more.

No. 385338


Wow, what a lazy bitch, of course she's not going to work; she's useless.

No. 385343

File: 1495076562907.png (37.77 KB, 553x371, waaah.png)

No. 385344

omg he's mad someone called him out for burning bridges. i bet he stewed over that for ages.

No. 385346

Am I falling for his "if I say it didn't happen enough times, then it didn't happen" or did Leafy and Onion not have quite a lot of beef in the past? I know that leafy made the video mad at him making fun of Christina Grimmie (sp?) but I don't know much else. I assumed they were long past the burning bridges stage. That bridge is dead in the water and Leafy's taking preventative measures incase a new one pops up.

No. 385349


IIRC Leafy made some snide remarks about him and then Greggiepoo made a response video mocking him and it went a little back and forth, eventually ending in Onion Lord sucking up to Leafy, saying that he was cute etc. He kept on doing that shtick for a while, saying it was impossible to be mad at someone as cute as Leafy etc. Basically thirsting for a collab.

No. 385354

Yall are fucking stupid. He clearly slapped himself with her arm as a joke which is why she seems startled and pulls her arm back with a "the fuck, man" face. It's not that deep fam, it's a joking thing people do sometimes.

Grease is scum and he is abusive but this slap thing is complete tinfoil.

The video as a whole was a bit cringy, he keeps interrupting her and passes it off as a joke as well as poking fun at her crying fits way too much. Really doesn't seem like Lainey is so done with that relationship, or like he is beating her. He just seems rude and self absorbed, not physically violent.

No. 385363

Billythefridge is live on YouTube and will be talking about Gerg!

No. 385365

No. 385366

Billythefridge live:


No. 385376

dont watch it its a fucking snoozefest. no milk.

No. 385377

billy is just whining about how hes cool with grease and he doesn't want the giant narc cuck to think hes a liar
more or less, hes lowkey admitting that grease will jump on any rumor and brand anyone a LIAR!!!! even if its totally unfounded

No. 385380

I'm anon who posted about Billy's live. Sorry guys…. I was very disappointed. :\ thought he'd spill some tea instead of literally tiptoeing on eggshells and trying way too hard to not say the wrong thing that would set off onion. So lame.

No. 385393

It's just amazing to me how butthurt he comes off as. Fuck dude, let it go…

No. 385395


He should've just went for it. Onion"s "career" is dying and all he does nowadays is scream about FAAAAXXXXX!!!!!!

…is Greg gonna come out and murder the poor bastard with his psycho eyes and faaaxxxx if Billy does say something? Pussy.

No. 385439

if that were true his second flinch wouldn't make any sense. he was expecting her to tap him again which is why he flinched away. if he did it on purpose that wouldn't have happened. but alright

No. 385444

Hahaha, I fucking knew Lainey hated her… Ladyboy is just as passive-aggressive to Lainey, they see each other as rivals for Grease's attention so whenever they ever have a brief interaction - they'll throw almost subtle shade at each other.

I laugh every time it happens, you know for a fact these two would mercilessly stab each other in the back if it meant only one of them could have Grease.

No. 385447

Tbh it looks like he did hit himself the first time, but then flinched because she almost touched him while trying to get free. That's the moment when his expression changed, and you can see how she goes from wtf-look to scared look(she also pulls both her hands in front of her in a defensive manner), then he goes on jokingly and you can see relief washing over her. It doesn't imply that he beats the shit out of her off camera but it sure looks like she is used to being treated rough by him.

On another note, I never watched Leafy before and only now I understand what everyone meant by Onion talking exactly like Leafy at one point. Holy fuck, he imitated him almost perfectly…

No. 385448

Not entirely sure if she sees her as competition or if she just thinks ladyboy is not attractive and is annoyed by her
Yknow how there is that one ugly person who bothers you all the time and is desperate for attention with little to no filter or cognitive thought? That's ladyboy for you

No. 385456

I guess "I love you" wasn't a reason.

No. 385457

I see it as all three. But I think Lainey would've been more accepting of her if she was already a fan of hers to begin with, but everyone could tell she was a suck-up on Grease's behalf.

No. 385486

ot, but do you guys think it would work if we sent e-mails to doctor phil to get grease on? he said before that he was thinking about it, right? maybe a little pushing would spill some milk?

No. 385488

That's exactly how it looks. As a "joke" SMEGMA HIMSELF moved Taylor's hand as if she was slapping him, she starts pulling her arm away so when he tries to do it again he misses. It's very obvious.

No. 385491

I believe onion would do it. In his narc mind, he would think he'd be getting more attention for his channels/Patreon.

No. 385497

Hilarious, tbh.

No. 385520

File: 1495127466789.jpg (135.39 KB, 810x741, IMG_20170518_190940.jpg)


No. 385523

You can't have it both ways Greg. You can't praise your patrons for being true fans and then tell them they're mentally retarded, its just not going to work out.

No. 385526


32 year old adult man calls children "retarded" but fails to see the irony of it.

No. 385531


How embarrassing!

No. 385533

File: 1495135943371.png (22.9 KB, 545x226, gregdox.png)

He also put said ex-fan/patreons name on blast as well as insulting them.

No. 385534


Holy shit, just when he couldn't get any worse!

Hope his other fans pull out tho

No. 385538

File: 1495136342424.png (39.29 KB, 546x418, fuckoffyousadman.png)

No. 385540

Totally forgot I made a Billidawnweb twitter to troll lainey on younow and was liking a bunch of anti onion tweets with him tagged

No. 385544

File: 1495137537073.png (80.35 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4205.PNG)

All of his fucking Speaks videos have his fucking Patreon ad on the description, ALL OF THEM!

Is your e-begging REALLY that necessary, Grease?

No. 385548

File: 1495137853729.png (49.57 KB, 560x523, Keepondigging.png)

No. 385550

File: 1495138186873.png (22.5 KB, 511x313, youfuckingcunt.png)

No. 385551

There we go onion. At least 36% of your fans are under the age of 12. Congratulations.

No. 385552

Yup he's losing it more and more.

Few years ago, he was able to act like a poor victim who did no wrong for few months to get sympathies from his fans.

Now he spergs out every week, can't even hold himself from calling his patron a "retard".

How long until he shoots up a school?

No. 385553

File: 1495139793885.jpg (220.74 KB, 802x1394, IMG_20170518_223506.jpg)

Even ladyboy doesn't approve.

No. 385557

Love it. From being "censored" on youtube to his dearest patreon fans trying to "censor" him, where can he truly be his shitty self now?!

No. 385560

Yet she'll keep being his patron unless he directly insulted her, the same thing happened with the ex-patron yesterday… they may not have agreed with his shitty opinions, but it wasn't until he personally attacked them that they actually left.

They're still supporting him regardless by giving him money, therefore they're supporting his opinions, no matter how hard they try to spin it - it is what it is.

No. 385562

Lol. Love that hes a dick to his own fans and they still support him. But the second it happens to them, they freak out. Yeah remember when he released personal info on everyone and insulted everyone? Maybe you shouldnt support someone like that because he will also do that to you the second you do anything that slightly ticks him off. Hes a pure evil asshole. Can more patreons drop out of supporting him. That'd be great.

Lol and he stops himself from using f*ggot on younow because its offensive, but only because hes trying to pretend like he cares about LGBT. His true thoughts on that word are the same as right here with retarded.

Who cares if shes still supporting him? She thinks shes above the other patreon who he called mentally retarded and that greg will listen to her reason.

No. 385564

Agreed, I guess throwing money at Grease is more important than standing up for her sister's honor.

No. 385566

I guess her and lameo have that in common. They both are fine with gerg degrading their sisters.

No. 385567

Posting harassment of Creator on patreon to here: https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

No. 385568

File: 1495142288980.png (249.82 KB, 1258x1702, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.17…)

No. 385569

someone should tell that girl to report him on there and to tweet at the patreon creator

No. 385570

File: 1495142511222.png (33.15 KB, 589x154, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 22.2…)

Is this satire?

No. 385571

No, it's just his fans way of thinking.

Also >>385550 is so funny to me because Lainey doesn't approve this at all, but of course she won't say anything about that.

No. 385572

Thanks anon, he has recently deleted the Tweet in question but the screenshot still exists so everyone be sure to include it as an attachment when filing the report to Patreon.

No. 385573

I emailed screenshots as well. Had a feeling he'd do that. He literally did it minutes after.

No. 385574

fucking done

No. 385575

His screenshot here >>385520 of his own tweet and the girls full name is still up though lol.

No. 385578

I've advised her to report it to Patreon as well, she'll hopefully get a better result than Twitter's automated harassment system.

No. 385579

He'd change his tune if greasestain directly attacked him, they're all hypocritical assholes - just like their idol.

No. 385581

I filed a report with Patreon, and in it included the tweets where he calls people retarded and this gem ;)

No. 385583

Yeah that's great but could you NOT LINK TO HIS CHANNEL please

No. 385584

Thing is, he's not the one who posted it, one of his patrons did, to his patron page. Her response is to him, from Facebook. He responded to it on patreon, then released a screenshot to Twitter. It's not the responsibility of every social network to police every other one.

No. 385585

He chose to leave her name in, Doesn't matter, He still had no right to put a patreon on public blast and insult them.

No. 385586

Sure, but that doesn't mean Patreon has any responsibility to take action against something he did on Twitter.

No. 385587

I find it odd you aren't linking to my post. And yes, Patreon can do something about it, Considering that person was a patreon of his.

No. 385591

You just said its posted onto patreon >>385584 so how does it have nothing to do with patreon lmao. And patreon can choose to take action or not. It's their own website, but doesnt hurt to report it.

No. 385594

It was posted to Patreon - but not by him. It was posted by another Patron, who was pointing it out to him. The only place he directly posted it was Twitter, which Patreon has no control over. At worst, the post will be deleted, and he might get a slap on the wrist, but more likely the Patron who posted it to his community board will.

No. 385596

You're clearly new here and dont know how to reply or sage your posts, so onion fan?

Also he did not try to take down the post on patreon, did he? No instead he took the screenshot and posted it onto an even bigger platform (twitter) with 380k followers exposing her name. So yeah, its kinda his fault when hes that irresponsible. And dont worry this wont be the last time he insults a patreon or does something offensive. Might as well report it when it happens since patreon claims they are against bullying, discrimination, and hate speech.

No. 385598

File: 1495145392925.png (10.42 KB, 549x100, patreon.png)

Some advice Randy. Just pull your pledge. That's never happening. LOL.

No. 385600

If she's going to be a stay at home wife/mom she better be working her ass off to take care of those kids, clean, cook, do chores and run the finances where she can. If she doesn't the least she should do is work as a service rep from home - all you need is a headset and a quiet space with ethernet connection. It's what I do cuz of agoraphobia, on the side it's a very easy way to help out with the bills, but wait! I forgot! If an angry customer calls in Lamo might start to cry and have an anxiety attack! God forbid.

No. 385601


Nobody cares what you do. Lainey is lazy, it's a damn fact. Sage your irrelevant shit.

No. 385602

He just fucking Tweeted earlier that he has no intention of "sugar coating" his "brutal honesty" which translates to no regrets or apologies either, his fans are so fucking dumb.

No. 385603

File: 1495145947075.png (147.99 KB, 1058x668, Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 00.1…)


This Randy seems like a person on the fence. I enjoy it.

No. 385605

Doormat should dump Grease and marry Randy instead.

No. 385606

File: 1495146151183.jpg (363.57 KB, 2000x1000, transwomenashumor4.jpg)


No. 385620

File: 1495150010321.png (400.58 KB, 1128x1920, lol.png)

So much for Greasy appreciating all his fans equally, eh?

No. 385621

why would they want to repledge after he showed them what an asshole he is? how sad and stupid are they.

No. 385622

They're a teen whose parents cut off their allowance when they saw their kid throwing cash at an abusive YTer; obviously they're pretty young, and responsive to the lovebomb / abuse cycle. In other words: this is the core of Greg's audience.

No. 385623

LOL does he harass everyone who cancels payments and blocks them if they dont instantly reply.

No. 385624

i guess that's true, it's just hard to understand how anyone (teen or not) could be so easily under the influence of someone they've never even really talked to. i watched greg when i was a teen and stopped like a month later when i realized he was actually a huge asshole.

No. 385634

>made long discussions and led seminars on mental illnesses
How old even is ladyboy? It seems like every time something comes up, she brings up something she's done which requires tons of training.

No. 385637

She probably stretches the truth. The "seminars" were probably not a big professional seminar or anything.

Also apparently shes going to go on younow today. All these onion supporters are just famewhores

No. 385642

File: 1495153555590.png (211.84 KB, 1303x940, tomato.png)

Lol this tomato guy is sad. I cant wait for this collab to happen so he realizes it did nothing for his channel but maybe get him a handful more subscribers.

No. 385647

>>I HAVE been in that place many many times… Way too many…
>>Life can be a nightmare
>>Ive had to get stronger too often

Lol are you an emo 17 year old or what, TomatoDisquette? His channel has 304 subscribers or something, his videos average at 20-30 views at best, and he's fangirling and shooting his cum all over Greg because he thinks a collab will magically make him famous and his YT career can begin? Newsflash - the YT career path is impossible, especially when you're an unknown person like this Tomato. I cannot fathom the logic behind paying $1000 for a measly collab that'll probably give him 50 more subs who will all eventually leave because his channel is really, really boring.

I'm getting some keks watching his weightloss rants, some anon mentioned that he was losing weight probably to look good in Gregma's video.

No. 385648

If BillytheFridge didn't see much of a rise in subscribers and views since his collab videos with Grease, what makes Tomato-idiot think that he's going to get famous on YT for this?

No. 385659

Tbh, I feel bad for this guy. He seems genuine and like he has good intentions and just is too naive/ stupid to make the right decisions. Also felt bad because he said that $1000 is a lot for him and the next month Greg lowered it to $750, kek. But it's his own fault, and yes, he won't gain new followers from that collab.

No. 385667

God, why is he still using the "I'm brutally honest" response. No one said you weren't being honest, Omission. They criticised you for being an arsehole. Putting your comment down to honesty just means you really deep down are a genuine arsehole.

No. 385672

I used to have sympathy for him too. I don't feel bad for him at all because he's trying to become famous for doing nothing other than vlogging and making videos about gaming. Beating a dead horse into the ground. Also, if he's having money issues then why would he think that donating 1000 buckaroos is a good idea, you know?

Cyr touched on this and made a really good point in that Greg only cares about his logic. There is only black and white in his world, if he's being "brootally honest", he's doing the right thing. He doesn't seem to understand that being brutally honest is a shitty attitude when nobody asks for the honesty and he's constantly using it as his "weapon".

No. 385680

I went to look at ladyboys twitter and she's live on younow right now, when I got in she was saying something about Lainey and then said Onision told her they'd play video games together (Lainey and her) didn't record sorry

No. 385681

File: 1495160116406.png (325.71 KB, 513x765, losthisdamnmind.png)


No. 385682

File: 1495160278830.png (34.43 KB, 569x256, wat.png)

No. 385683

File: 1495160459655.png (107 KB, 561x456, LOL.png)

No. 385685

Was curious and looked at this site which shows his most disliked videos: http://sortbydislikes.com/search.php?channel=onision

Looks he deleted a few of them cause they got so much hate. kek

No. 385692

> And that part didn't even make it to this video?

taylor, if it was a joke then why need to cushion that explanation further? also idk but the hitting was in the repost linked here, so i dunno what she is defending specifically. but she sure is overly defensive.

randy sounds like a decent human being. why he is eating up their videos is beyond me. ugh.

also tomato dickette can go fuck himself for how he's responding to that girl. "well i wouldn't have bluh bluh" who gives a fuck? he's an adult man. she's a girl (idk her age but she seems young). that alone skews the perspective. and we all know how greg feels about women.

also holy shit if the 304 subscriber thing is true, he's even smaller than i thought. he needs to reassess his fucking life. also i wonder how his wife would react to all this shit? (namely how he brushed off greg exposing info on a girl)

No. 385697

Same fag, I didn't know she'd talk about them again but she's talking about him saying 'retarded' and how the three of them are friends even though they barely acknowledge her because "he follows me"

No. 385699

File: 1495161989574.png (179.94 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0543.PNG)

He's been having a break down for the past few days and it's coming to its climax just now. He's trying to deflect his narcissism by making outrageous jokes about it. "I can't be a narc if I'm self aware" kinda thing.

Also this.

No. 385700


He's gonna move them to his Archive or Encore channels, just watch; he already moved all the aniti-Billie videos to Encore anyways.

No. 385701

File: 1495162224031.png (234.67 KB, 585x594, Screenshot 2017-05-18 at 10.49…)

Do you think Onision will make a response video to Leafy?

No. 385704

>>385701 Of course. He probably made a five minute video already. At the beginning of it he'll say something like "So I didn't watch it because I have a very busy work schedule in order to please my patreons." He'll then have a link to his patreon pop up on the screen and continue to say "I'd rather spend my time on people that help me survive. But one of my friends that did watch Leafy's video told me he said a bunch of lies blah blah blah…" Rinse and repeat.

No. 385708

File: 1495163610294.png (21.1 KB, 579x202, Untitled.png)

The moron can't even spell 'peasant' right. Or at the least use spellcheck.

No. 385712


>#supportsicesca or else.

No. 385715

He's decided to brand with it because he can't escape it. He filed to control the narrative by denying it, so now he's going to flaunt it in the hopes that his teenyboppers lap it up.

And they will, right up until he calls them retards and narc rages at them. Narc victims love it in the sun; can't sympathize with the other victims because the narc is so great to them, then stunned when the sun stops shining on them and THEY become the target.

No. 385718

He's trying to be "ironic" but he's failing miserably. You're not funny. Shut the fuck up, Greg.

No. 385719

Isn't that Shane Dawson's character Shanaynay?
Damn copying much?

No. 385726

God that dani girl is fugly.
But honestly, can we not talk about lane? She is under eighteen and I did nothing but pity her to the extreme during all that drama. Out of respect please anons?

No. 385727

Good gawd, that mug is hideous.

No. 385744

While onision has this guy after desperately pushing his patreon into everyone's faces, Billie is having serious companies coming to her feet themselves to give her money to appear in her videos.

No. 385746

Really? Sauce?

Don't see anything on her twitter.

No. 385770

I've been poking around the internet for tomato dickette milk, unfortunately didn't find much, but no one will be surprised to know that, like his buttbuddy greg, he seems to have a wife who is ten years his junior and judging by her twitter a youtube fantard. So I guess she has just as much to say about her husband's behavior as plainey has.

No. 385771


yea he did this when people started calling him a cuck, trying to "embrace" since I'm sure it got under his skin

No. 385779


He is always a cheap knock-off version of some mainstream character on YT. Like chibi derf is actually FRED spelt backwards. He had that nerdy character that was a rip-off of Shane's Ned character.

No. 385785


Ah Jeremiah; the Bible-thumping nerd, of course.

No. 385797

File: 1495179428912.jpg (556.16 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170519_093133.jpg)

I'm going to hell for this

No. 385799

With him trying to embrace the narc like he tried to with cuck, it's only going to make his fans say "That's not really him! It's just for his skits and an act! It's funny!" Like those guys with Drew who couldn't understand that this isn't an act and Onion is fucking insane.

No. 385804

That's a very good point, anon, and concerning. My guess would be many people are put off by this act and see it for what it is but a lot will eat it up, fall for it and be manipulated. Which is really unfortunate for his underage, susceptible fans he milks for money.

I really hate when cows try to rebrand criticism or jokes on them. It's so stupid.

No. 385815

I thought the same too, but when he asked his fans if they think he is a narcissist, a lot of them admitted that they think he is, but "it's okay" or whatever.

No. 385832


I think a lot of people think "narcissist: means someone who is kinda vain or self-centered, or something along those lines. I know I personally didn't think it could be so severe (e.g. "not that bad") until I started watching Greg in action and saw how ruthlessly destructive he is to literally everyone around him.

No. 385833

hoooooly shit

No. 385857

Sage for off-topic, but I wear glasses often and enjoyed this video much. She's really got makeup skillz

Slightly less off-topic, Taylor should stop squinting, get prescription glasses, and watch this video religiously to maybe learn a thing or two about makeup.

Honestly, she should have left onision for Billie, since Billie can obviously support her kids financially with YouTube better than Greg

No. 385860


Meh, I think her skills are okay, kinda basic but probably more than most girls do. However, I think she looks crusty as hell in this!

Taylor does actually wear glasses and contacts, but for some reason doesn't in her younow broadcasts kek. Makes her look like a demon when she squints.

No. 385862

Why are we licking this tramp's ass? She wasn't innocent, she supports LimeCrime, and she always looks dirty af. Her tumblr-tier makeup skills aren't anything to admire. All of the Onion clan members are awful. Just saying.

No. 385863

Naw, her skin looks smooth and healthy now, unlike when she was staying in the onion household, breaking out from all their shit food

No. 385865

>crusty as hell
>dirty af
You forgot to add that she has smelly armpits

No. 385867


No. 385869

How does she look dirty? What?

No. 385870

Her greasy hair, probably.

No. 385871

Dude, I was being sarcastic

No. 385872


She is not wearing the right foundation shade in this

No. 385873

Billie shit really shouldn't be posted unless it's in direct relation to onision. I personally like her but it details the thread so bad.

No. 385898

File: 1495209094233.jpg (58.21 KB, 791x361, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Tomatto blabed when his collab with onion happening.
And he speaks about his hair being unnaturally healthy, while having them fried to a crisp.

No. 385905

As much as I like to rip on Lainey for staying in Onion Manor despite everything, it's hard not to feel bad for her whenever he treats her like garbage for everyone to see. He doesn't even try to pretend.

No. 385908

>32 year old man
>thinks the word retard is "soo funny XD"

No. 385913

So does the collab video include a collab video on his channel as well. Or is onion just going to make a video with this dude on his channel and profit off it while the dude gets nothing lmao.

No. 385916

Pretty sure he's just trying to elicit response from Shane. AGAIN

No. 385918

File: 1495215940422.png (306.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170519-133407.png)

I think he is finally realising he is dying and this is his last desperate attemp at "survival"

No. 385921


He made another channel? Wtf. Didnt he JUST make the onion son channel. So what is that, channel number 50? And is he really gonna keep blaming this secret blacklist of youtube. On his uhohbro channel he has completely changed his content like ten times over the past couple months, said he was quitting TWICE, uploaded old videos at one point, and now hes wondering why its dying? LOL. And you can see by his onion son channel only having 50k subscribers that that is about the active number he has out of the 2mil subs lmao. He relied on his clickbaity shit being found in searches and on his drama. When he has to rely on his "talent", its just utter shit.

No. 385925

It's exactly that and he believes it's the same thing, they're all children and he's mentally the same age.

No. 385926

File: 1495216797598.png (54.81 KB, 254x508, Untitled.png)

New perk, "5 hour public hangout"

No. 385930


I bet Ladyboy is gonna save up now

No. 385931

He's not going to get many new subs or views from this. YT gaming fizzled out years ago when Twitch came about and there are thousands of streaming channels on there now ran by skilled gamers; so even if his mentally challenged brain thought it would be a good idea to start using Twitch, he'd be so far behind that he wouldn't be able to pick up the slightest momentum on there due to his reputation, lack of skill and his NPD would be too attracted to the floods of streaming chat that he'd narc rage whenever he'd get raided by those who came to laugh at him.

No. 385932

Lol $750 to hang out with him and he won't even buy you a coffee.

No. 385933

>his NPD would be too attracted to the floods of streaming chat that he'd narc rage

he should really get on twitch.

No. 385936

more popular youtubers do fan meetups for free. he's definitely not a narc, though, right?
i wouldn't even spend that much on a celeb i really, really admire.

it'd be amazing to have a disposable income so i could pay the $750, confront him with narc FAX so he'd rage, and record it for a delicious milk vid.

No. 385937

File: 1495218326977.png (9.87 KB, 246x214, heh.png)

Speaking of gaming, three numbskulls have threw 50 bux at Doormat to play games with her once a month - I wonder if she'll stick to the promise considering her *~aNxIeTy~* is sooooo hardcore that she finds soooo difficult to talk to strangers, let alone spend an hour with each one playing a game that requires co-operation.

No. 385938

You know he'd turn up for that hangout wearing a bullet-proof vest, lol

No. 385939


But he needs those $750 to survive , Anon! Ur just a hater!!!1111!!!!

No. 385944

A hit man costs 10k on dark web… If someone wanted to harm him. What's an extra $750? kek

No. 385953

File: 1495223155423.jpg (140.67 KB, 960x720, IMG_1173.JPG)

Greg, you desperately need to go back to school. Especially now that you're nothing more than an Internet beggar shaking your tin can for teenagers' allowances.

No. 385954

Charlie (Cr1tikal) talking about Onision on his podcast at around 10:30

>He looks like a 40 year old ken doll that's gradually being melted

No. 385964


eh, there's an animated .gif of him and skye and she playfully pushes him or rubs his head or something and he clearly gets mega pissed at her. his expression changes completely and she looks shit scared.

i can't be arsed to find it but it's in a previous onion thread–or maybe the skye thread. it's scary. he's scary.

No. 385970


It's from one of the early haircut videos. she rubs his head and he GRABS her arm and pushes it away.

He also did the same thing to Lainey in a livestream. She tries to grab him like shes going to hold him as a wife would and he pushes her arm away.

Each time his reaction was disproportionate to what they were doing.

No. 385971


I thought it looked like HE made her slap him?

No. 385972

Even if he did make her slap him, the immediate move into defense and the terror Lainey has for a split second is all too real. Lainey isn't that good of an actor.

No. 385973

I agree. It's definitely weird.

No. 385978

His girlfriend sounds like she lurks lol

No. 385988

Lol, she would only be useful for a "Sleep with me" tier, where you can call or videochat her if you have trouble sleeping, and you hear her talk. Better than a lullaby

No. 385989


this fucking asshole. i want to hit him so bad. you know he thinks he's above everything because he constantly gets away with shit like this.

like, how did was he even able to skate on his underage body evaluation vids? That stuff was on HeatSt. and other normie sites. that alone should have put an end to him and his child grooming wife but now he's making money off of losers and so is wifey.

it sounds retarded but why can't someone just fucking nail him for something already, ugh. he is genuinely fucked up. i love onion drama but i also find him to be scary and actually dangerous and would be happiest if he got locked the fuck up.

sage for triggered

No. 385991


Yeah, why would you get upset with someone doxxing you and calling you a retard, I mean, come on. Just accept it and move on.

>>greg's fans are literally mongoloids

No. 385996

File: 1495230691205.png (121.94 KB, 597x523, Untitled.png)

This is from the girl (or guy or whatever) that was a patreon of Grease's until he called them retarded.
It's similar to what happened with Billie and her private information. He posts it online for all to see. Waits a few days, and then he deletes it. So it will be on the internet forever, but he can claim he removed it.

No. 385998

File: 1495230815012.gif (617.44 KB, 275x206, stop it.gif)


Billie sperganon, you were already told to fuck off once midway through this post, are you for real? Take it to the Billie thread, you autist.

No. 386000


yeah, that's the one. i couldn't remember exactly what skye was doing to greg.

i do remember how angry he got. he does grab her hard and she clearly flinches and her expression goes from playful to frightened.

No. 386001

Does anyone else imagine Onision furiously fapping at Billies close ups when she's putting on lipstick remembering those same lips around his cock?

No. 386003


Male plz go

No. 386005

File: 1495231588336.png (19.16 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nqnjkozmjw1so47sso1_128…)


…Bruh. Now i can't stop imagining that. Lainey crying at the kitchen table, tweeting about depression and anxiety while Greggypoo sits in the basement, furiously masturbating

No. 386006


Around 9:10 is when he "pushes" her hand off of him. I don't understand the hype?

No. 386008


Imo, him pushing Lainey's hands away is "worse" than this. At least he says "i'm gonna do a 360 and show the camera" and Skye had her hands on his head for a while. When he's pushing Lainey's hands off, she's reaching for a hug or some shit and he's not having it.

No. 386010


Now I feel bad for Lainey again!!

No. 386011


when you see it repeating in .gif it's definitely on par.

No. 386013

File: 1495232876046.png (68.5 KB, 581x222, Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.27…)

She's tryin' to copy Billie now apparently.

No. 386015


The second he touches her hand her facial demeanor changes drastically and she exhibits avoidant behaviors–ducking head, wiping at face, looks down/away when Greg faces her.

I don't think she looks terrified like other anon but she looks like she's been through it enough to have a conditioned, unpleasant response to it.

No. 386016


Lainey didn't even use the right makeup tools in the vid lmao

No. 386017


Why bother? Daddy might be making her life a living hell but that's what she always wanted. They're soulmates.

No. 386018

Am I going to hell for responding to Lainey telling her that her makeup skills wont be as good as Billy

No. 386030

dont waste your time or emotions lol.

No. 386036

Notice she mentions sponsors, and she's wearing lipstick/gloss with gold glitter just like billie does in her vid lol

Also if you're going to make a video why not make sure you have all the stuff beforehand?

No. 386042

Perhaps gregma wont allow her to "waste" money on makeup like he said billie did.

No. 386044

The whole time billie was around, lameo should have spent more time bonding over makeup and learning something instead of being angry in a corner. She really has no taste in anything. No wonder she has to failingly copy other people's aesthetics. Girl should have sticked to gymnastics. That was apparently her only talent.

No. 386057

Taylor going into makeup videos is actually a far better business move for the family than Greg going into gaming videos, since the former niche is growing while the latter niche is declining.

She just needs to learn to do makeup first, it would take time, but it is possible. True, she doesn't have a pretty face needed for being a popular mainstream makeup vlogger, but she can overcome that by pandering to the tumblr trans-fat-disabled-ugly-alienrobot-acceptance crowd that already constitutes her following, so she can just build up on that.

No. 386084

Horton is filthy.
Her and grug have no self awareness as usual.

No. 386087

File: 1495248486546.png (185.44 KB, 1080x1409, 20170519_224514.png)

So apparently the $1,000 was easy to shell out then. This guy is probably making bank at 23 views per video..

No. 386088

hows it feel knowing that ur nothing but a dollar sign to greg ?
what a sad human, this guy is an idiot. i cant even feel bad for him, hes willingly doing this and all for a hope at a shot of …. fame ?? im embarrassed for him.

No. 386098

i think they were referencing Billie's message to Onion

No. 386175

Onion's new channel is called "oni chan", just when he couldn't get much creepier…

No. 386199


he genuinely scares me. He's a complete sociopath.

No. 386206

File: 1495262987984.png (220.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4212.PNG)

No. 386207

File: 1495262988637.png (236.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-20-08-47-41…)

Quoting a comment: "He gets a percent of the amount of email garbage u click on. Second it wants a credit card and you are automatically takes 5 for next month"

Is he fucking serious? Is he trying to scam his fans?

No. 386227

File: 1495264586740.jpg (94.18 KB, 521x625, Capture.JPG)

He gets up to $5 for every person he signs up that then uses the service to make a purchase.

The account creation process requires linking to a US bank account (so you can load and withdraw funds from/onto these virtual cards). Not sure what the twitter commenter meant about "takes 5 for the next month". If they mean Patreon, it only bills at the beginning of the month so that shouldn't be an area of concern.

The Privacy service seems legit enough, but he's definitely trying to abuse a referral program to pad out his wallet with $5 one off donations as well as whatever amount between $0.01 and $5 he makes per referral. Since it links to a bank account, I'm guessing people will only be able to make one account else Privacy would block you from linking multiple service accounts to the one bank account. It's a desperate ploy for more cash, but it's only going to be viable once per fan.

Signing up for the service also requires:
>We Collect and Use Data:
>Data You Provide:
>Your name, email address, phone number, birth date, last four digits of social security number, payment card and bank information as well as other information you may be asked to provide when signing-up for an account, providing identity verification or engaging in a transaction.

I can see a lot of teens getting turned off having to give out /that/ much information to a service they know nothing about. Especially if the extra identity information includes scans of driver's licenses/passports.

No. 386235

why the hell does she use her damn brushes like that??? She uses her hands like a damn toddler

No. 386264

His first video is dumb as hell, it's only about 3 minutes long and is just him bagging out Watch Dogs 2 doing 1/5th of a mission and complaining how bad the game is.. well done Onion.

No. 386269

Can you pull your head out of her ass willingly or do you need a doctor to help you?

i think OP meant whitetrash. which implies dirty, of course.

his hair looks deepfried.

5 hour public hangout, expenses not included lmao

Someone do this pls and take him to mcdonalds

No. 386289

Nah, his cheap, trashy ass probably goes to McDonalds all the time to gorge his "vegetarian body" on fries. The thing to do is to take him to a really nice, really expensive steakhouse, make him stay there the whole 5 hours and pay for himself and watch his miserable ass sit there with his kids menu mac and cheese raging how everything is expensive and how everyone around him is a murderer.

No. 386294

Go back to making shitty content in another house, Greg.

No. 386297


He took billy the fridge to some restaurant out in the ghetto. For a "rich" guy, he's definitely NOT classy.

No. 386322

Been wondering this for some time: What would happen if Lainey left Gurg? Would it benefit him or would it be the last straw keeping him from shooting up a school?

No. 386326

Onion would be jublilant if Lainey left and took the kids. He could play up the martyred left husband and father. Just thinking about it gives him a boner. Plus noe more pesky wife to be in the way of finding fresh teen pussy.

No. 386330

File: 1495283931771.jpg (75.05 KB, 807x412, IMG_20170520_143836.jpg)

I find it funny how she stubbornly stays with him no matter what and Onion doesn't know how to get rid of her without looking like a bad guy.

No. 386332

Why isn't Onion keeping up his "sensitive and misunderstood emo dude" look anymore? That is basically what got him underage fans.

Nowadays he just spergs on everyone and is gradually losing fans because of it.

No. 386342

Emo's dead, or at least his brand of grunge/emo was popular during that period. If he did that he'd just come off as a try hard (hence his justin beiber haircut a few months ago)

No. 386371

File: 1495295690795.png (784.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170520-115357.png)

Tf is this

No. 386374

File: 1495296399537.png (1.35 MB, 1192x1194, Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.0…)

No. 386388


>Tf is this

She's one of Lainey's obsessed fans. She's been at it for close to a year iirc. The drawing in her avatar was the one she sent to Lainey during one of the Billie breakups. I think that drawing was the one time Plank acknowledged her even a little, and she hasn't since.

No. 386389

It's just one of their many mentally disturbed fans who want in on the greasesome… someone on Twitter a few days ago even found a "DID sufferer" whose "main headmate" was Grease, no shit…. and of course there's the weird schizophrenic RP'er who pretends to be Skye's "son" who was created in a test-tube.

They're all rather mental in their own ways, they have to be when they're a fan of his.

No. 386402

File: 1495303582859.png (681.57 KB, 1197x675, glitter-cant-hide-ugly.png)

Mirror of "Double Cut Crease Attempt (Makeup Tutorial)"


I lol'd, she needs to just. Stop. Right now.

No. 386403

She should call it "the next morning" look.

No. 386405

reupload yoooooo. Now I gave her a view :/

No. 386407

Lainey has zero skill in anything. The only thing she seems good for is popping out children and whining. It's laughable that she wants to make a patreon and youtube channel. What a boring person. What makes her so interesting to some people?

No. 386408

holy shit i didnt think she would be this bad, shes loading up the brush with eyeshadow and just pressed super hard on her eyes like what the fuckkkkk

i just wanted to leave her alone about makeup shit but thats like simple stuff, dont press as hard as you fucking can on your eyelid

No. 386411

She's dragging the brushes so hard across her lid she's going to give herself wrinkles before she's 23.

No. 386412


Lainey. Lainey. LAINEY. Stop dragging the brushes so damn hard! You'll damage your eye lids like that!

Please, go take some makeup lessons at a department store or something. Love yourself.

No. 386419

"Everybody has this idea that I'm really good at make up" no. Nobody ever thought this…except you?

No. 386423

File: 1495305706822.gif (1.99 MB, 369x271, 1470103887847.gif)

No. 386427

She looks like a fucking horse. Someone give her an apple and a sugarcube.

No. 386431

She called her water line a water bed wtf

No. 386434

File: 1495307595709.png (913.55 KB, 1181x678, Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 20.1…)

Sage for boring observation.

Is she wearing the same Sugarpill lipstick that Billie's wearing in the video she posted a week ago?

I'm just picturing plainey watching the video and through her tears noticing what a nice lipstick Billie's wearing.

No. 386440

Jeeezus you sure this isn't from a "My Boyfriend Does My Makeup" video?

No. 386441

I think it's the same lip glitter she uses for her eyes. But it is a pretty interesting coincidence, considering I've never seen her wear it before until after Billie's video…

No. 386443

It's the same glitter that she puts on her eyes, but it doesn't seem to be good quality or something since the glitter is super chunky and evidently really sparse when applied.
I think it was also already mentioned in the thread when the video was first mentioned that she was trying so hard to copy Billie with the cut crease and the glitter on her lips.

No. 386449

lainey's first time in half face drag

No. 386451


And I just wanted to scream at her that she can't do a double cut crease the same as the girl she's copying bc she has hooded eyes how does she not see that ffs

No. 386452


Billie looks like Lana here, just my observation!

No. 386453

Like a nice, more natural version though. I'm guessing she has a really good lip plumper she uses because I doubt she got fillers and looks pretty ok even though I'm not into the swollen lip thing

No. 386454

No, but it's deliberately similar.

Remember that we (drama websites) are as much onision and lainey's audience as are their true teen fans, now more than ever since they're tanking. They know this, of course, and have stepped up their pandering to us, in a way, making content and tweets we are likely to react to.

No. 386460

This fucking lazy bitch…
She makes a Patreon and asks people to donate money and with all that make-up she can't be arsed to learn to apply a style properly.
She doesn't do shit all day, would it kill her to take some time to learn how to apply this style properly so she can at least make a decent tutorial about it?
Instead she bestows her fans with a shit video of her smearing her horse face like a 12 year old while talking in a "I'm dying of boredom voice".

Well suckers will keep paying for it…or at least until their mommy finds out where the money is going.

No. 386462

shes a real beauty "guru" guys

No. 386465


Yeah, though I doubt that Billie uses Botox, with Lana it's obvious (hey, at least she still looks better than Onion, and they're the same age!)

I'm sure sorry Lana, I had to!

No. 386471

File: 1495315486978.png (612.39 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4213.PNG)

Holy shit! He's evolving into Papa-Onion!

Also the newest video is about stupid yahoo answers, don't bother watching.

No. 386481

He says In the patreon version of that video that he is in a hotel… Isn't he struggling to survive though?

No. 386493

"if you looked better without makeup you're doing it wrong"_grease
looks like onion should give his advice to lainey, instead of random makeup artists he finds on google

No. 386496

So is onion in a hotel and lamey not? They both posted a vid, she's at home, he's in a hotel. I know they prob prerecorded but jus t a thought.

No. 386501

has this man ever took a damn shower in his life

No. 386502

File: 1495320779232.png (509.24 KB, 1259x551, Untitled.png)

He's in Thailand fucking little kids.

Just so I'm adding something to the thread, his gaming channel only has 786 subscribers in 2 days of promoting it.

No. 386528

Probably meeting a new teen across state lines.
hopefully he avoids hitting a deer this time

No. 386531

Maybe he's meeting up with the tomato biscuit guy to collab? He might be trying to avoid bringing him into his house.

No. 386540


That makes a lot of sense. I doubt TomatoDisquette would be allowed to come to the McMansion. Sidenote - I am very curious to see this collab.

No. 386549

yeah no hint of kids that way.

also can we call him dickette because he's a nobody and also a dick.

i hope he loses subs from the collab. or maybe gains some temporarily and then loses them. i'm sure he'll have barely any increase in views to… whatever the fuck he makes.

also i'm irrationally annoyed by his constant use of the tomato emoji like we get it, that's part of the name you're using, you unoriginal shitlord

No. 386556

File: 1495325831161.png (180.57 KB, 703x767, Untitled.png)

OnisionSpeaks video: Thank You & Goodbye - https://vid.me/4uEo

No. 386558

What's it about? Why would we care to watch it? Is there any milk in it at all? (I bet not)
Don't just lazily dump a link like that ffs

No. 386559

My bad, I thought this was a thread about Onision's steady decline.

No. 386560


OH my god, this is so stupid.


He basically says goodbye to the channel that "has helped literally thousands of people", then goes off on an emo rant about how sad he is and that he has to abandon Speaks because it's not doing well, then says he's a pussy because he's about to cry. He does the "BEWB SKUEEZ" and then does some weird wince with tears in his eyes.

He really is the worst. Normally I would feel sympathy for someone who's crying, but I just want to punch him in the dick and scream.

No. 386561

He claims he's quitting his Speak channel (same way he said he was quitting UhOhBro, twice), boo hoo, YT hates him. Says he's helped "thousands of people" with his videos judging the bodies of underaged girls. "I'm blacklisted", etc.

Don't know why he's frantically abandoning and re-opening channels. He's going to lose the roughly 50k regular viewers he still has by demanding Patreon money from them, and changing his video locations at least once a week. It's exhausting for even the most committed of fans.

No. 386562

Yeah quitting channels and opening tons of new ones and uploading to 7 different places all while demanding children give him money is a bad strategy. This demise is glorious.

No. 386563

The description of the video though:

"When I made this video, I legitimately believed it was the end of Speaks… about a week has passed & things are slightly more optimistic. I didn't upload this then because I wanted to see if some modifications could save my channel… I now see they cannot, so here is what is going to happen: I'm going to prioritize Onion Son, but if the videos can't survive on that channel, they'll wind up here. Sometimes that means new videos, sometimes not.

OnisionSpeaks will continue, despite what this video indicates, only with a secondary priority. My new main channel is Onion Son, my gaming channel, Oni Chan, the third & fourth waves, Onision & OnisionSpeaks. It's semi complicated, but what this means for you, is it is important to subscribe to the new channels if you want to get the latest content every day and not just sometimes.

Thank you for the support you have shown this far. This has been a wonderful journey for much of it, I just have to start over now, on these new channels."

No. 386564

File: 1495327619766.jpg (39.77 KB, 501x500, literally.JPG)

No. 386576


Needs jagged teeth and a massive hole in his Neanderthal forehead, but otherwise spot on.

No. 386579

We kind of discovered that he uplodas a video to onion son an modifies it enough until u can see it in restricted mode. Not like uhohbro or speaks that don't appear in restricted mode.If the video can't be monetized or dosent apear in restricted mode it gets scrapped. Thats why hes creating new channels. He explained on patreon that he dumped uhoh bro because none of the new videos would apear on restricted mode.

No. 386580

Also sage for samefagging, but what he means if the video can't survive in onions son is that the video dosent become ad friendly or appears in restricted mode he'll dump it on speaks. He's just literally moving videos from demonetized and restricted speaks or uhohbro and censroing them enough and reup on onion son where he can make money of them. And those original videos he posts on patreon as "original clasic videos on the 30$ perks" so yeah people are paying him to reupload old videos.

No. 386587


what a faggot

No. 386593

Why can't Lainey have killed him already

No. 386606

Nailed it

No. 386611

Betting a hundred bucks he goes back to his channels that have two million subs because he can't handle not having all those subs anymore.

No. 386636

But anon! That would be like driving a broken car!!

No. 386639

A broken fucking Tesla that was worth 100k but the owner of it smashed it up with a sledgehammer, making it worth 5k. But he just throws it away because 5k ain't worth enough to the bastard.

No. 386646


The name "Onichan" suits him, since Onis are demon-like creatures in Japanese mythology, right?

Sage for pettiness.

No. 386650

File: 1495346036710.png (74.12 KB, 404x280, watermark.png)

Anon you're suppose to download the video and reupload it yourself, reuploading via a link doesn't count since it's just an embedded video directly from her YouTube, you're still giving her views.

Seeing the YouTube watermark should let you know it's being played from her video directly.

No. 386653

Plus Onichan is usually an older male that lolis dig. Double accuracy

No. 386656


"Oni-chan" or "onii-chan" is a cutesy Japanese way of saying big brother.

No. 386664


Pretty sure big-brother is only "Onii-chan", with two Is. Nevertheless, it still suits his pedo cradle robber tendencies.

No. 386672


Yes and that's what I found odd about it, then again it fits him as the pedo-freak cradle-robber he is.

No. 386689


He's trying to become Big Money Onion by copying Big Money Salvia aka Internet Comment Etiquette.

No. 386701

Oh god, this fuck better stay nice and far away from my boii Erik, but on that note… What makes you think so?

No. 386724

ya isn't an oni a demon?
that suits him too though tbh

No. 386725

File: 1495365224984.jpg (80.09 KB, 700x700, Top-Quality-100-Resin-Japanese…)

dropped pic

No. 386726


They certainly have the same brow kek

No. 386732

and the same skintone

No. 386740

How many of these videos has he done where he acts like its the last video but its not… Its clear way to get clickbait but it aint workin

No. 386744

File: 1495376024424.jpg (169.05 KB, 805x906, Untitled.jpg)

no greg don't go, your fans are mentally retarded and need you

No. 386758

He does it to illicit emotional responses like this from his teenaged fans, the same way he hints at suicide often.

No. 386759

He literally has a whole house just for filming why would he need to go to a hotel???

No. 386763

Maybe he doesn't want TomatoBisquette anywhere near his property

No. 386765

He's probably getting tomato guy to pay

No. 386766

My guess is that if he invited him back to the Mcmansion, he'd have to get Tomato-idiot and his wife to sign a NDA.

With what goes on under that roof, I suppose that Grease feels it will just save a lot of the hassle of making them feel uncomfortable/suspicious with that proposition and just relocate the collab on neutral grounds.

No. 386768

Both Doormat and Grease have promised 11 patrons between them to play games with them once a month; why are they not complaining of being duped on that offer? Because I don't see any evidence anywhere of them doing this and it's now nearly two months since Grease has had his Patreon up.

No. 386772

And I would wouldnt be surprised he's saving his ass - were anything to happen… tomato dude can't leak inside info.

No. 386773


Onichan's are ogres. they have layers.

No. 386776

Maybe it'll look weird to not invite tomato into the real house if they film in the video house? Onion probably doesn't trust that he won't leak information.

No. 386778

Oni-chan - Cutesy way of referring to a demon
Onii-chan - Older brother

Two very different things. In no translation would you ever see "oni-chan" refer to an older brother because it's an entirely different word.

No. 386804

Gergs analogies make me cringe ?

No. 386840

File: 1495402230311.png (589.95 KB, 1062x527, Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 2.25…)

He's uploaded 9 videos in the last 24 hours on his "new gaming channel". Is the idea that the more videos he makes and the faster he uploads then, the better he is at YT than anyone else? Because that's not how it works. Plus with all the channel hopping, he's getting less views on 9 videos than he used to on a single, poorly received video posted to his old channels.

He's got 11k subscribers; my guess is that like Onion Son, he'll max out around 80k subscribers because that number represents the subscribers who were still active / watching out of his previous 2 million.

No. 386845

The sub to view count is really strange on a new channel. He very well could be sub botting.

No. 386846

Remember when he made fun of SwiftKarateChop for not getting more than like 3k views and doing gaming videos.. Irony.

No. 386848

>still doing "Le Arrow to the kneee xDDD" jokes
You deserve euthanasia for this alone Gurg

No. 386849


Onion used to be friends with SKC, there's still videos of him hanging out with Matt and Cyr. I've never understood the reason for their fallout but l have a hunch it's all Onion's fault.

No. 386851

Could be. He linked to the new gaming channel from his twitter, so it could be fans subbing is support (because he's been constantly implying he'll kill himself without YT) and not interested in watching him game. He's split the content he used to put on Uh Oh Bro into two channels - the game stuff used to be mixed in with his "comedy" / edge lording stuff. He did more edge lording videos because it was more popular with his audience; he's shitty at games. So people subscribed, but would rather watch the stuff on Onion Son. I think that might be the difference, but who knows.

No. 386855

Can someone explain to me what possessed him to make a gaming channel? What audience is he trying to reach with his "bitter, humorless asshole who clearly hates video games jerks around through some intros while passive aggressively bitching about pewdiepie" concept? I always kind of figured his audience of 13 year old emo girls was there either because they wanted to fuck him or because they want to see him make fun of other girls so they can feel superior. I doubt that's a demographic receptive to a gaming channel, not to mention that gaming channels are not exactly gaining in popularity. He would honestly be better off doing makeup tutorials, at least he seems to exhibit a modicum of affinity for that. I'm just baffled.

No. 386857

He's desperate now. It's weird because according to him, UhOhBro was originally a gaming channel but those videos didn't get the views of his ~high-end comedy skits~ and general I KNOW EVERYTHING rants.

No. 386859


>that obviously fake cry at the end

No. 386862

Does he like any games?

No. 386874

Could it be that he thinks people who're withdrawing after one payment or whatever are us? after XD-chan I imagine he's pretty paranoid.

No. 386875

Yeah, it's nearing the end of the month. He's probably worrying that his donations are going to drop again

No. 386879

I was just about to say, plenty of people make their cash on twitch by being Bad at Games and freaking out at the chat. Just look at Helenalive. I'd find it hard not to watch onion freaking out like that even knowing it supports him.

No. 386887

Omg! I didn't watch his whole goodbye video til I saw the comments about his fake cry at the end. I lol'ed for real!!!

No. 386904


Yeah he's a huge fan of 'em, more than he is of anime; his favorite game series are Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy. The problem is he's just not very good at gaming.

No. 386920

He really sucks at gaming. Is there anything he can actually though?

No. 386926


He was a sharp shooter, a good marksman in the military.

And he's also a computer-nerd, though that's not saying…much.

No. 386955

File: 1495433110089.jpg (Spoiler Image,406.7 KB, 1919x982, HH.JPG)

No. 387001

> "derp"

kys greg

No. 387004

What on the fucking planet possesses him to make him think wearing this pedo-stache is a good idea…? Is that a character? Because he doesn't act different at all

No. 387016

He wasn't in the military long enough to be a "good" anything
>computer nerd

Ew, did Greg write this?

No. 387022


For a while he was wearing a variety of fake moustaches in a whole load of videos, like how he had that mask phase. I don't think the moustaches are a character, I think it's just his abysmal sense of 'humour' having him decide to wear moustaches as a silly thing. Just more "LOLSOOORANDUM" shite. I've wondered about it for ages and this is about the best explanation I can think of.

The moustaches irritate me in the same way that whole 'blitch, fluck' thing he had going on irritated me. I know that was for a different reason but they are on par in terms of obnoxiousness.

How does he, or anyone else, think that he is funny? A scream is indeed not a punchline.

No. 387040

The snarky gayman made a tribute to Onision, good part starts at 1:27

No. 387042

Not gonna watch these videos obviously but what are they even about? Him playing games for five minutes and telling people if he likes them? Who the fuck is going to care about that??? Looks like he's getting around 3k views. Also that Skyrim fan song picture makes me want to vomit, he's so gross looking. He's going to run out of ideas. I know he's not going to play them all the way through.

No. 387043

Fucking kek'd!

No. 387047

checked out this guys gerg videos they're one of the funnier ones i've seen

the rest of his videos seem very cringe though

No. 387053

He does know straight edge also means you dont have sex outside of a committed relationship, right? Does he even know who Ian MacKaye is?

No. 387080

B-but anon, Gergles didn't cheat! That dutty ho Billie did!

No. 387097

onion trying to get 1 million subs lololololololololololol kek

No. 387104


Ew please, no Ian MacKaye and Onion in the same sentence. Ian would shove his boot up Greg's ass so hard that it would bleed for years.

No. 387125

File: 1495489201229.png (439.89 KB, 1266x1334, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 5.39…)

No. 387127


No. 387128

good vid

No. 387138


No. 387140

I thought something was very fishy yesterday when I bought to attention the fact he's not keeping his promise of playing games for an hour with each of the individual 8 patrons who are paying him for that perk.

He can't even play more than 10 mins when there's a group of them, what a fraud.

No. 387146

Sooo, has anyone noticed something fishy in onionland?
- Gerg is in a motel, hasn't done shit but reupload old videos from his emo phase for days now, save a few "gaming" videos.
- Lamey is doing videos trying vegan granola with her sister in the background(he doesn't approve of her sister iirc, right?).
- There was that whole "king master gregory narcissist" chimpout a few days ago on twitter, seemingly apropos of nothing.
- The motel situation doesn't seem related to tomato dickette because per his twitter he's still in Texas shoveling cat shit.

Are they finally divorcing or…?

No. 387153

Naw, you know onion would have already made 5+ videos about it instead of those gaming videos because they would rake in much more views and because of his compulsion to shit on exes

No. 387158

He could just be staying in the hotel because Lainey's sister is visiting, being the drama queen that he is

No. 387182

It's possible Gerg was never even staying in that hotel. His cousin visited recently - could just be his cousin's room (or even Lainey's sister's, who knows).

No. 387183

File: 1495501814536.png (61.02 KB, 676x221, oni4.png)

He can't keep his mouth shut ever, he acts as if the world needs to hear his idiotic thoughts every second.

No. 387184

File: 1495501830755.png (65.78 KB, 669x220, oni3.png)

No. 387185

File: 1495501844703.png (51.57 KB, 679x182, oni2.png)

No. 387186

File: 1495501878953.png (75.96 KB, 647x345, oni1.png)

Sorry for this multiple post format btw, someone sent these to me.

No. 387188

He's now made over 15 Tweets relating to the Manchester Arena tragedy whilst screaming at those concerned and empathetic of looking for RT's and Likes… uhhhhhhh.

No. 387190

Wow he's disgusting. Will he ever leave that 'edgy 12 year old' phase. Obviously there's going to be more media coverage when the cause of death is a bomb and 1000s of people are either in danger and/or don't know if their loved ones are safe

Is he hoping that people don't realise that he's desperate for RT's and likes but can't get them for anything positive

No. 387191


Guys, he's going fucking insane on Twitter right now. He's lower than sewage shit at this rate. People died just hours ago and this is how he's going to behave?

No. 387193

File: 1495502919988.png (49.87 KB, 557x449, gremanchester.png)

What is it about celebrities dying / people in relation to celebrities dying that makes him sperg out? Is it because the attention isn't on him when he thinks it should be? Does he want people to die for him instead (yes, probably)?

No. 387194

File: 1495503035660.png (52.96 KB, 537x445, gregnarc.png)

More sperging, he's such a narc and his language is manipulative as hell - apologize for being ignorant? I've got douche chills.

No. 387195


Simply put, he gets jealous when most of his fans talk about something or someone else that isn't him. If you don't revolve your entire life around him, you're fake and deserve a block from the Onion King.

Also lol at his "King Master Gregory" title on Twitter. His arrogance knows no limits.

No. 387196


On the bright side, he hasn't said anything about Chris Cornell dying last week!

No. 387197

File: 1495503140829.png (39.39 KB, 543x445, kingmasterfaggotry.png)

Sorry for spamming, this is just too tasty to pass up.

No. 387198

File: 1495503187484.png (48.22 KB, 537x447, triggeredonion.png)


No. 387199

I'm honestly surprised he didn't regurgitate some of the dumbass comments from his depression,self harm etc videos

No. 387202

File: 1495503597372.png (106.26 KB, 634x885, iamfeeluncomfortablewhennotabo…)

Bro Misha Collins is too busy and famous to ever notice you lmao

No. 387205


His sperging is unbelievable. He's obsessed with trying to be the smartest when it makes him look more weak.

Which brings me to a theory (sorry if it has been said already) ever since that poll asking if he's a narcissist it seems like he intensified his arrogance and ego. Maybe he made it a new persona. Hence the name and the sperging lately.

No. 387207


he legit doesn't get it. the big gaming channels make videos that are like 30+ minutes long. twitch gaming streamers make two hour long videos. he doesn't understand the demographic at all. why would someone watch a stranger play outlast for five minutes? why watch that instead of watching a stranger play outlast for 2 hours?

No. 387209


lolol dani just doesn't get it. lainey called her obsessed. onision won't even acknowledge her. u ugly, they don't care about you

No. 387210

His sperging when people tweet / talk about a world event / tragedy is caused by a few things:

>> it's not about him and he hates it

>> it gives him an opportunity to tell people he's better than him for… reasons

>> it allows him to shout at people

>> get gets to manipulate others' feelings, and gaslight them for having them (i.e. he feels superior to you because he said he cares about xyz deaths and he brought it up first and you didn't so he "wins" and is good and you are bad

>> it brings the attention back to the most important person in the world - him

No. 387212

I agree, it reminds me of when everyone called him a cuck so he called himself that and encouraged his fans to spam his urban dictionary page (or whatever it was) with the same thing. Trying to act like it was a persona he created

He's not even good at gaming. Gaming youtubers who aren't particularly talented only do well if they have likeable personalities

No. 387215

I thought Ladyboy would become a former Patron after Retardgate but she's not going anywhere.

She must have an exciting life if she pays for this kind of shit online.

No. 387219

It's because HE doesn't have the attention span for a video longer than 5 minutes, so of course they're stupid and boring and 5 minute zero effort shit is vastly superior, fuck what the public wants. Also because he appears to unequivocally hate gaming and each of his videos is just him firing up the game, immediately deciding he hates it, whining about how he has to "do stuff" and "game developer logic" and then quitting 5 minutes in. It's pathetic and hilarious at the same time, he's approaching this endeavor of his like a straight man being forced to suck dick for cash.

No. 387222

He's such a broken record. Everytime there's any sort of tragedy he just spews the same shit on Twitter. At this point I'm not even shocked or surprised he'd say this shit about Manchester. Even his SHOCK "humour" is reused and outdated.

No. 387223

Sky Williams made a twitter vid about Onions recent sperg


No. 387226

idk who he is but that response was cringy af

No. 387227

I don't know who he is either but it wasn't that cringy. Him expecting Onion to feel empathy however is naive as fuck.

No. 387230

You tuber Jamie Pine is streaming some sort of commentary about onision

Sage for nothing juicy

No. 387231

sage bc im gonna sperg.

fuck you, gregory shitface daniel averoe or whatever the shit. fuck you. i hope you die horribly, i hope your limbs get torn apart, i hope you lose someone or something you loved in a horrible way, in a worse situation than this. i am so done with all this shit. this milk isn't sweet anymore. i cannot believe people still follow this piece of literal trash. i shouldn't mind since the numbers are going down, fast.
if you're reading you irrelevant fuck, you are going to go down, and soon. we all know you're careful about the law but one day, and that's really soon, you're going to fuck up and lose everything. you'll have no one to manipulate, no teenagers to groom, and you will rot in a cell and you will feel terribly alone and no one's even going to look at your way. no one will remember who you are and no one will care. and it's really soon, asshole, it's coming.

sorry for this bullshit, i am triggered as fuck. can delete if it's too much.

No. 387233

It's okay, anon. Let the steam out. I've watched/followed Greg for years and I don't have much hope left that he's going to jail someday, but he really deserves it. 99% of the cows discussed on here are victims of their own bullshit and stupidity, but Greg keeps proving that he's an awful human being and that he deserves to be behind bars for everything he's done with grooming teen girls, the way the treats his exes online, etc etc etc ad infinitum.

No. 387234


Lol Onion is obsessed with RTs and Likes that he thinks everyone who tweets about tragedies and stuff is only tweeting it for the RTs and likes. He cant comprehend that people actually have feelings and empathy. Tragedies dont matter to him because he feels nothing. He sees everything as ways to get fame and money and thinks thats how everyone else works too. How anyone likes this moron is beyond me.

This is what onion wants, people should stop replying to him. He knows all the things he says are outrageous and hes hoping someone who has a big fanbase will reply like this so he can continue to argue and to make himself noticed by others. Also lol sky, you are not a functional psychopath. Just an attention whore.

No. 387236

File: 1495510585687.png (48.87 KB, 581x215, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.3…)

No. 387237

File: 1495510604576.png (83.06 KB, 578x321, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.3…)

No. 387239

Greg's retardation knows no limits

No. 387242


>99% of the cows are victims of their own bullshit

Are you sure? Does that include Moomoo Al-Ghoul, the other fat bitch Raven and the saggy-tittied bitch who killed Monty with cats and took all his money?

Just wonderin'!


I wish his balls fall off and shits himself on camera so I'll have something to laugh at.

Saged for childishness

No. 387243

File: 1495511583054.png (430.08 KB, 541x508, Untitled.png)

UhOhBro video : Your Selective Public Sympathy For The Loss of Life - 5 Minute Rant - https://vid.me/N16Q

Grease boy accuses everyone who sympathizes with what happened in Manchester as just being attention whores. It's almost like he's projecting all of his narcissism onto the world. Claims it is exciting to people when people are slaughtered.

No. 387244

.. you mean like he's attention whoring over this situation in Manchester, by telling people he's too great to be bothered by it in order to get attention back on himself?

No. 387245

Not going to derail the thread but 99% is pretty much an expression, not a statement saying that only onion, the remaining 1%, is an awful person. Let it be noted that he probably is the worst cow on the board though. He's evil as fuck.
Sage for responding to a retarded post.

No. 387246

Fuck i tried to watch it but he looks crazy and his voice is so fucking annoying. And he REALLY is starting to look like carrot top now.

Is it hard for Greg to understand that tons of teens suddenly dying at a concert is not like people dying of cancer? I really can't tell if he's only doing this for the drama or if his narcissism has really taken over all his common sense.

when will he disappear?? Im just as triggered as that other anon. Can anyone tell me if we're fighting a lost battle here? He never goes away. When will he stop having "fans" and crawl back to the hell where he came from?

No. 387247

>>Is it hard for Greg to understand that tons of teens suddenly dying at a concert is not like people dying of cancer? I really can't tell if he's only doing this for the drama or if his narcissism has really taken over all his common sense.

He's doing this because it gets him attention. He couldn't care less about the dead victims, because he can't empathize with them. Or with those who are upset by the event. He sees people who are not him getting attention, and did what he had to do to get that attention focused back on himself.

No. 387248

This is lolcow, not vigilante justice. All that is done here is observe and mock. It's a shame, but someone like Greg is destined for catastrophe. And when that day comes I will laugh my ass off and celebrate it as a holiday for the rest of my life.

No. 387249

why does he keep making the point that it's "white" people affected, as if it's some kind of ~WHITE SUPREMACY CONSPIRACY~

No. 387251

Word but it is really hard not to feel like we're watching a real life villain instead of a cow.

No. 387252

When have we honestly ever seen him give out random heartfelt shout-outs to people dying of terminal illnesses or even a shout-out to ask his fans to support a random charity over the years?

This sanctimonious prick just likes listening to himself speak, people are incredibly saddened because 19 children died and many more are injured on a night they were meant to be having fun and enjoying themselves… the average Twitter user who expressed their condolances made one or two tweets about the situation; this fucker made over fifteen of them just to say "I DON'T FEEL ANYTHING, AND IF YOU DO, YOU'RE FAKE AND A LIAR!" but he's totally not milking a tragedy for self-promotion at all, oh no.

Not only that, but Manchester is a city that is renowned the world over for it's cultural and ethnic diversity… but he doesn't care about facts unless he's found some shitty snippet on Google that fits his narrative to whatever demographic he's pandering to.

No. 387254

Stop this.

What he wants is attention. You are giving it to him and he's jerking off to how much glorious attention he's grabbed for himself. You are teaching him that this behavior gets him exactly what he wants.

No. 387256

im just so angry i dont know what else to do anon sorry for sperging

No. 387260

thanks for understanding, anon.
i agree with you, he is destined for catastrophe. i know and respect the rules of this board but if i was living in usa and if the time was right, i'd do something about this. i don't give a flying fuck about lainey bc she's an adult and has support, she just chooses to be with him; but i really feel bad for the children and don't really want another teen to be groomed by them. can't really do anything from here tho.


i understand your anger anon, but remember that this piece of shit probably jerks off reading replies on twitter. i had to get it out of my system and did it w/ apologies bc i know he enjoys any form of attention. don't give it to him. the worst thing you can do to him is to just turn away and ignore. i'm still trying to do that myself, but failing bc i'm actually amazed at how he can still stay standing. i want him to go down really, really bad.