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File: 1503281767255.png (1.43 MB, 816x759, grg.png)

No. 426045

Previous thread >>> /pt/422661

Last time on The Greg Parade:

- CloggerBex returns home after accomplishing one shaving cream video and showing up in Gerg's livestreams. Her twitter suggests she won't be flown out again due to school and expenses, not that it matters because she's sad that Plainey shit-talked her on previous younow streams.

- Lainey continues to dye her hair Billie's color, making pissy comments on her younows (bars pls!!!) about how she's not with Bex and totally not poly you guys, but she's a weeb now so pls submit fanfics and cosplay ideas. And she's vegan, and did she mention she hates weed?

- Gerg suicides his channel by transitioning the main Onision channel with 2 million subs to paid-only, 50 cents a month. Some people's Google Play connected cards were autocharged, and Gerg's 13-year-old fanbase sobs in his comments about how their mom won't let them pay him. Gerg is unmoved, knowing he needs to get sweet cash before the IRS fucks him to the tune of up to $300,000.

- A potential third trinity member, Ashlyn (macncheesefairy) appears. 18, vegan, and a visual clone of Billie, she's been getting plenty of Onion's attention on social media, but this isn't definite - Lain-boy has a new crush, but won't say who.

- Drama youtuber TallVideos and conspiracy farmers suspect that Greg has three kids total: Troy, Cloey, and one from a previous partner or marriage, which would explain some of the age-inappropriate children's toys around the house better than Lainey's daddy kink. Delicious, but unconfirmed milk on this episode of Big Greg Goes To The City.





No. 426048

live previous thread link: >>>/pt/422661

No. 426049

File: 1503282179755.png (281.88 KB, 460x320, ashlynn.PNG)

Ashlynn's twitter is at http://twitter.com/macncheesefairy , she was the thumbnail from one of Greg's recent rate-me videos.

No. 426052

jesus he really is trying to find a new billie. the one that got away (from being chained in the basement)

No. 426053


this is boring and un-milky. unless someone has proof that he has a ~~sekrit~~ 3rd child, just shut up about it

No. 426056

Gerg's agender space prince will get jealous soon enough.

No. 426058

it's a fucking rumor, stop spreading it like there's legit proof.

No. 426068

Calm the fuck down, Greg.

No. 426069

Gerg's currently on Twitter chimping out because Lameo's videos got demonetized. Naturally he's working her "lgbtq" fake status for sympathy because HIS I MEAN HER I MEAN THEIR MONEYS! and begging his middle school minions to "write YouTube."

No. 426070


No. 426071

File: 1503285971406.jpg (287.2 KB, 1080x1920, image000000.jpg)

Why do they care so much about smoking when they smoke cigarettes? Their yard is littered with cigarette butts.(please stop with your subject line fagging)

No. 426075

Fuuuuuck anon what have u done

Digging all the new milk

No. 426078

It could be either one of them.
Both have shitty skin and Lainey probably does it to lose weight. Does she have smoker lines around her mouth? Could also explain her premature aging and her lips being dry as fuck all the time.

I honestly wondered if she did because hes made a ton of anti smoking videos, and wondered if he was being passive aggressive with Lainey again. Also, his dad's religion (Adventist) is against smoking and hes retained a lot of its beliefs even though hes an edgy atheist now.

No. 426082

File: 1503286958318.png (511.62 KB, 1080x984, 20170820_214209.png)

Also, when I see his old videos, I wonder how he ever gained fans

No. 426090

File: 1503288241999.png (1.36 MB, 873x872, Untitled.png)


further proof of this anon's cigarette smoking claims is the lighter seen in this picture.

also have noticed Lainey's voice become more deep and raspy. Could be part puberty part smoking. Makes sense.

No. 426093

That's a BBQ lighter. They have some sort of large fireplace/oven… thing in their backyard if I'm not mistaken. I'm not convinced those were cigarette butts to begin with, either. No discernible filter and awfully long for a "finished" cig

Sage for possible non contribution

No. 426094


yeah I forgot about the fire pit thing, I take back what I said. Thanks anon.

If Onion allowed Lainey to smoke he would definitely not allow her to do it while breastfeeding or to leave her nasty butts where their children play.

No. 426095

Until you find new (not previously posted) material that corroborates the secret child theory, please don't derail the thread with speculation.

No. 426096

There was a picture in a past thread of Lainey smoking something. She flipped out because people thought it was weed but it wasn't.

I think they look like cigarette butts to me! Just bc some anon accidentally thought their fireplace lighter was a regular one doesn't mean she doesn't smoke. I mean even here: >>426090 it looks like there are cigarette butts under the table. Could be something else, but that coupled with the picture of Lainey smoking on a bench that time, and her deeper voice- I'm inclined to believe it.

No. 426098

That's the same pic as >>426071 silly. Personally I'd have to agree with the other anon, those are very long for cigarette butts. would be interesting to go through old pictures and see if there's anything else to go by though

No. 426105

guys this is an irrelevant reach. do you think either of those two high and mighty turds would be caught dead smoking cigarettes? or greg would even let lainey without freaking out about it? he didn't even let her eat fish

No. 426109

Then what was Lainey smoking on the bench in that one picture? I know it wasn't weed but I can't remember what it was. Or which thread it was in. But I definitely remember Lainey being in plaid on a bench smoking something in a picture.

No. 426113

I believe those were tea cigarettes.

No. 426129

it was a troll

No. 426130

Not that anon but thanks! How do we know this?

No. 426131

go look in the older threads.

No. 426132


How? I didn't see nor remember anyone calling the anon a troll or confirm they were afterwards, all I saw were other anons blasting/chastising the troll to leave her alone and not remind her of Grease.

No. 426136

is it just me or do girls seem to shoop themselves before sending pics to greg?

No. 426137

File: 1503303814296.jpg (61.72 KB, 600x751, CQRik-0UYAE8I5U.jpg)

thought this was greg turns out it's lainey

granted. the cigarette could be fake or a "Tea cigarette" as if it's still not poisoning their lungs

No. 426138

I thought Death Note died sometime in the last decade? What is it with the Onions being so behind the times?

No. 426139

Well, they do say dogs tend to sometimes resemble their owners. If you hadn't pointed out it's her, I would have scrolled by thinking it's just Gergles.

No. 426140

Onion wants to stay in his twenties forever and has weird ways of trying to hold onto that.

No. 426142

Sage for derailing but without further proof there's no way those are cigarette butts. Onion had no problem publicly making Taylor feel bad for eating fish, if she were a smoker he'd call her out in anti smoking vids. And if she were hiding it, there wouldn't be cig butts everywhere. There's a possibility Taylor's sister is a smoker (idk when the pic was taken?) but even then, if you're staying with anti-smoking people you use an ashtray.

No. 426143

The butts are from 'tea cigarettes'. Onision and Lainey admitted they smoked these a couple of years ago, whether they still do I don't know.

Tbh I'm surprised people are so shocked to see butts in the pics, this was public/open information back when they were smoking them. Most people new to the Oni drama perhaps?

But yeah, 100% confirmed tea cigarettes, from the horses mouth. Can see for yourselves somewhere in Onisions mess of videos but I cba digging it up, but they did tell everyone and it was public/known info.

No. 426144


To add, they're still idiots because smoking anything fucks your lungs up. It doesn't matter what substance the smoke you're inhaling comes from, some things are worse than others and chemicals are different and can have worse consequences, but very basically, smoking any burning substance is bad for you.

No. 426145


Including marijuana?

No. 426147


Yes. It baffles me people don't realise this. Smoking weed is bad for your lungs. Smoking anything is. Inhaling anything smokey is! You are burning a substance and inhaling smoke - including particles, bits of ash, chemicals, all sorts of shit. Your lungs are delicate, thin tissues and tiny capillaries designed only to handle air and perhaps minor 'pollutants' and not an onslaught of thick smoke of any kind. Of course it's bad for your lungs!

Afaik though, tobacco has additional harmful chemicals, so it's 'worse' than weed, but weed not being as bad doesn't mean it's not harmful at all.

sage cus this is derailing and honestly shouldn't even be a question why don't people already know this. Google can help.

No. 426148

Yes. It's not as bad but it should be common knowledge that it can cause some blood vessel damage, premature aging and bronchitis symptoms.

It's better to vape or ingest it.

No. 426152

File: 1503308395189.png (33.17 KB, 626x274, SJWBVT4.png)

is this all the evidence we have to go on? because that's a little reaching. Why wouldn't they use an ash tray?

it's an imageboard, post screenshots not words

here i screen capped for you

No. 426154

File: 1503308743576.png (427.47 KB, 894x612, QvZOON0.png)

this links directly to his channel

No. 426155

Maybe because your wife's content is trash just like yours?

No. 426157


Ah she'll be fine, a little demonetization wouldn't hurt!

No. 426158

>How dare you demonetize someone as amazing as Laineybot!

Lets see her videoss
>Is Onision my daddy?
>Doing my makeup with fidget spinners
>Which girl would I date? (featuring snaps of underage girls!)

Yup, I would demonetize that bitch in a heartbeat

No. 426161

File: 1503310488108.jpg (783.67 KB, 2048x2048, 3E1CA081-B75F-4277-A344-6BE265…)

I mean I can see it

No. 426162

> laineybot
> positive

He really doesn't watch her streams. Can't blame him.

No. 426163

Lol, it's because she's swearing every other second now in her videos, and she's doing it to hide the fact that her videos are half assed and horrible.

She probably would have been fine if she stuck with just makeup and 'i try to' vids, but she puts little to no effort into any of it.

She seems to just decide on a video and knocks it out within a day. No prior planning or consideration given to it (lesson learnt from onion no doubt).

"Let's just make whatever with whatever I have right now."

With that kind of attitude, no wonder she's losing subs.

Also, I find it hilarious that Billie's recorded with a potato makeup tutorials are pulling in the same if not more views than hers.

No. 426166

At a glance I thought they were the same people.

No. 426167

Jesus christ she's Billie's legitimate skin walker. The first picture is the exact same plus a fringe, down to the house panelling background. Poor Billie can't catch a break.

No. 426168

I can't stand this whole Lainey is a perfect little innocent pure beam of light and ray of net positivity on the world fragile smol bean.
Grow up! There's nothing wrong with being sensitive or emotionally fragile, there is something wrong with expecting special treatment. An aspect of your temperament isn't a disability, nor is it something people need to make accommodations for.

Also wearing ~~precious fragile smol bean~~ as a badge of honour is grating as fuck. We've all met that guy who describes himself as "a ladies man"/"life of the party"/"an amazing musician"/whatever when he is in fact none of those things. If that's who you are, don't say it with words, show it with actions.

No. 426169

File: 1503314379665.jpg (186.88 KB, 1160x984, weird.jpg)

they do, a lot of them have warping around the waist and arms

I think the worst shoop job was that one body where they had a nice shape but a huge saggy stomach and edited their skin like a wannabe kpop star

No. 426170

This , I've noticed Plainey likes to compliment herself a lot:
>I'm a pure smol bean with an open heart
>When I love, I love with my whole being
>I am an empath, so full of empathy
>I'm very very kind
>But mean people use me and that breaks my pure heart and causes anxiety~

Meanwhile in reality:
>Scoffs at anyone who doesn't kiss her ass and calls her perfect
>Makes fun of people who tried helping her in the past
>Uses female friends for her emotional issues and then ignores them later
>Is totally okay with her husband pulling out shit like attacking girl with an eating disorder and many more fucked up things
>Brings an underage girl to her house. Said girl is missing school because Lainey needs someone to listen to her bitching and emotional issues.
>Pretends to be ~poly and bi~ while setting the worst example, making the whole poly community look even more scummy
>Wouldn't leave her husband because then it means she would actually have to work
>Her children have to endure their dad bringing underage girls to their house and causing drama

wow laineybot is such an angel

No. 426181

Shes a professional victim. She has to be fragile smol bean don't hurt my feelings!!! And acts like she hates confrontation, while always "calling people out" on twitter if they dare misgender her and rolling her eyes at everything. Such precious fragile flower that must be protected!!

It pisses me off when people like sarah buy into this bullshit and enable/baby her by being her asslicker. Like this adult woman is older than you, she isn't a precious fragile flower who must be protected from any criticism!!

she honestly seems like she lacks any empathy and is an asshole. Shes 100% that friend who makes everything about herself and only her problems matter. Allowing your shit husband to insult/harass/attack people isn't "being kind". doormat =/= kind. I think that is what she thinks makes her a good and kind person. That she doesn't upset onion as if hes the only human that matters in the world.

No. 426183

File: 1503322189819.jpg (6.78 KB, 131x162, image000000.jpg)

I smoke. I smoke much more than I like to admit

That is a cigarette butt

And fyi you can stop smoking a cigarette before it's just a butt.

Does no one here smoke cigarettes?

Maybe I'm the only one, whatever, this is definitely a cigarette butt. They smoke or let people smoke on their property. End of question.

No. 426184

File: 1503322446882.jpg (Spoiler Image,190.23 KB, 814x757, IMG_6019.jpg)

I couldn't resist shooping a dick where Onion's hand is in OP's pic/post…


Does he ever acknowledge that they shoop their images before submitting them to him ? Or is he blind/stupid and doesn't even realize it ?

Perhaps when he went after Lolcow and PULL and called us jealous haters he was too stupid/visually impaired to tell that most of the girls on both sites are extremely edited.

No. 426185

I mean she had been a bitch in the past remember her you now where she said "I can't control gregs actions or words" when her fans confronted her about gurg being "transphobic" or something, they pretty much called her out on that. tbh I use to feel bad for her but she is as bad as grease, the ones paying the price here are the poor kids wished someone just took them away from that mess.

No. 426186

Stop with this crap, I smoked for years but that pic is so blurry it could be anything. Probably just leaves or trash. It doesn't make any damn difference if they smoke or not anyway.

No. 426187

Finally figured out that this pic reminds me of Joy ( no, not saying it's her ).

Can not unsee, you've ruined me, anon.

No. 426194

LOL that wonky fucken eye!

Seth Bishop dropped an Onision diss track.

No. 426195

Didn't she just say her family was visiting? It was probably one of them.

No. 426200


Possible it's from her family, but I think that would be really rude to leave your butts all over someone else's yard.
Then again, look who they raised.

No. 426202


Their house never looks like it gets cleaned, so it really makes no difference if they leave their butts everywhere. They eat,breath and live in garbage.

No. 426205

I honestly dont see how anyone is seeing cigarette butts. That looks like fucking leaves on the ground.

We finally stopped derailing with third child conspiracies and now people are believing leaves are cigarettes and were gonna have onion/lameo actually smoke conspiracies for another ten years.

If any of them smoked, billie would have 100% ratted them out for it after the shitfit they threw about her smoking weed. Can we stop shitting the thread now?

No. 426206

>huge empty house
>interior looks like a frat house
>shitty anime posters on walls
>carpet is dirty as fuck
>unclean shower full of grease
>furniture looks random
>on the sofa you see a pouting horseface woman taking selfies of herself
>in garage, a greasy manlet with a big red head is slathering himself with shaving cream and screaming
>kids constantly crying in the bathroom
>there is a young alt girl chained up in the basement

Holy shit someone make a horror video game put of this

No. 426207

Only if all the monsters in the game wear heeled loafers to the gym.

No. 426208

They kinda look like maple tree seed pods (the helicopter things).

No. 426209

File: 1503329176362.jpg (20.32 KB, 500x504, smirk.jpg)


No. 426227

my computer with everything on it died this morning but i'll definitely do this when i get my new one in a week or two, anon. too good to pass up

No. 426236

>tea cigs
what a gayboy

No. 426237

Wel it's official, we ran out of shit to talk about. We can't talk about the ~sekrit child~ conspiracies because farmers and trolls will start bitching which prevents us from doing any sleuthing in the past even if it were outside of Lolcow nor the nasty cigarette butts on the ground despite already knowing they're just tea cigarettes and what difference would it make. Not only that but there's not much milk to talk about other than some bitch pretending to be Billie for ~notice me senpai~ points but not much.

Is everyone happy now? Good.

No. 426238

anon in past thread brought up was lainey sarah's legal guardian for tax purposes?

no one discussed, think it would be interesting. rather than sarah have some abusive family life, probably just went off for some money win/win.

also how was HSanon debunked, did he not do an interview? can someone show me sauce for debunk?

No. 426239

File: 1503337446956.jpg (2.73 KB, 108x108, images.jpg)


I agree. Milk deniers sperged so hard it was kind of out of place and suspicious.

not much else to talk about besides going back through old threads and piecing together old drama and new speculation.

No. 426242

Fuck it, I'm going to keep going lol

Could baby number 3 be Adriennes'? Nobody has brought it up yet and I think it's a possibility even if it's a reach.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 426247

Can we talk about Lainey's family more? Like where is this babysitter her dad cheated on an allegedly got her pregnant.

If this has been discussed in old threads, then fine I'll fuck off to look for it. But Doormat is a cow too now and I don't mind checking if her dad is really that horrible a she portrays.

No. 426248

>Get your character close to the pouting horseface woman
>She starts rolling eyes uncontrollably
>Choose what to say : A) "You are a beautiful smol bean prince" B) "Billie is better"
>Choose B)
>You start drowning in her tears
>Lose 25% of your HP
>You hear loud thumping from the garage
>Angry red manlet comes at you screaming "BILLAAAAAAAAAAAY"
> If you don't react fast you lose all of your HP and get a game over

No. 426251

IIRC, Adrienne and Gruggles had unprotected sex (he said he wanted her to have his baby, the girl was dumb and said ok), but used plan B afterwards. I don't think she would have given birth to his child after the whole suk mi incident, so I'm thinking she would have aborted that pretty fast if the Plan B failed.

No. 426252


he cheated on all of his girlfriends with randoms when he was younger and doesn't believe in condoms (uses the pull out method)

If this speculation is true (which I am not saying it is) it is most likely some girl we've never heard of that he cheated with in his youth.

would also explain why it was so easy to keep private. girl felt guilty/was embarrassed. her family probably helped her take care of the baby as long as she cut greg off. greg gets to skirt responsibility as a teen/young father.

No. 426253


There are 2. Stop.

No. 426262

Jaclyn said in a YouNow broadcast that "sending the key" was a joke and didn't really send anything; nothing really milky

No. 426263

Everyone thought Beck flying out to the Grease Mansion after knowing them less than one month was completely impossible and refused to believe it.

Then Beck showed up.

No. 426265

Sweet, does that mean that they get no more YT income? Shame they still have patrons though.

No. 426267

if anyone can source when HSanon got debunked, we can drop the 3 kid debate.

how many kids rooms do they have?

No. 426268

File: 1503339840535.png (142.12 KB, 1080x572, 9353cb51-3d97-406c-bcd8-fd7fcc…)

Another thing with Greg defending Lainey is acting like because Lainey is bi and agender that both of them are exempt from being homophobic/transphobic/racist and pull the 'Well I can't be that because I'm bi'. I haven't seen Lainey being racist mentioned before but hey it probably has been and I've just missed it.

No. 426269


Troy now has his own room, decorated with CARS/Lightning McQueen decor.

Cloey does not have a bedroom and co-sleeps with Lainey. She is still an infant.

The conspiracy started when anons discovered an older child's pink bed, princess bike, and barbie dolls in the home before Cloey was even born.

No. 426270

Oooweee this is gonna be long…


It's takes a long process and money to fight for custody and legal guardianship over a child which I doubt they did. We would've heard from Onion of how much money he spent fighting for Sarah to escape her ~abusive~ household . Pretty sure Lainey just made it all up to cover their asses and get us off their backs, along with slipping that Grease is over controlling and domineering.

As for hsanon, his testimony must be taken with a grain of salt. He blatantly stated that Skye's fam weren't invited to the wedding reception but there's pictures of them in Grease's old sites with her. Yet he described Crazy Tami to a T along with how greasy and unhygienic he is (apparently he'd stink up the school for about a week wearing the same damn clothes) as well as killing his pets.


Yeah, what gives? It's not like we're talking about the illuminati or some shit.


Nah fam, it ain't her. We would've read it in the letter or an update by now.


Well, it might explain why her parents are no longer married but that doesn't give Onion an excuse to shit on him like that while Taylor does nothing. I also have a feeling that Tay and her daddy probably got along fine before Grease came into the picture.


Yeah, but can Greg keep his mouth shut for very long? Probably not, it would've been on his sites and online journals; then again, the man does have his private moments when it comes to the truth.

Now that I think about, it's not impossible.

No. 426271

It's weird how people are still so willing to bitch at Laineys lack of a personality but something that could actually be milky like a sekrit third child gets anons all riled up.

The only real thing to talk about now is how fast they're sinking from YouTube cutting off their main source of revenue.

No. 426273


The funny thing is, the sekrit child rumors started way before hsanon ever showed up.

No. 426275

People get riled up about it because the same exact "proof" gets talked about over abd over FOR YEARS with little to no new info. Abd no, some autistic kid that's clearly butt blasted does not count as proof.

No. 426276

File: 1503340691174.jpeg (22.43 KB, 512x288, 3childern.jpeg)

I saw this pic on another forum but in this video (from last october) on the wall there is a toddler boy jacket and and older kids jacket. In october the new baby wouldnt have been born yet, so why is there 2 sizes of kids jackets??

No. 426279

the jacket doesn't look that small, it could be Lainey's or something.

No. 426280

File: 1503340887983.png (81.29 KB, 500x280, tumblr_inline_ncl1ygZ45M1rud97…)



Because of a live stream that Billie was doing with her friends which occured BEFORE Lainey's second child where one of Billies fans asks about Onisions child and Billie replies with;
> Leave their kids out of this, their kids should not be involved'

She said "KIDS" but this was before Lainey fell pregnant with her second kid.

No. 426281

are u implying taylor isn't that smol

No. 426283

Taylor is not that sall for one thing the fucking sleeves would be too short. GTFO

No. 426284

why do we have to ask permission to talk about shit. i hate to be that guy, but seriously

No. 426285

Lainey also used "kids" multiple times during that whole fiasco, so who knows

No. 426286


No, I mean the sekrit child conspiracy dates all the way back to the (beginning of) divorce saga; way before Doormat was ever in the picture.

I may bring caps for this since the rumors were on the yt comments section and on Twitter during that time.

No. 426292

plz do!

No. 426293


All because there was (apparently) a status on Skye's Tantaga Facebook page stating that the reason Grease left her was because she was pregnant, before Alicia spilled the beans.

No. 426294

I thought she said that she meant the kid and the dog. I don't know why she would take an older kid that is not even hers with her, so I don't think that's proof.

That would be great!

No. 426295

File: 1503342049750.png (157.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9515.PNG)

since when are they buddy buddy?

No. 426296

isn't that the guy who got accused of sexual harrasment/rape? …birds of a feather

No. 426297

Maybe they bonded over their mutual obsessions with Jaclyn Glenn.

No. 426300

Nope, he just thinks all his 12 yr old fans all are ~curvy goddesses~ but none of them look that way in real life, he only calls out editing when its overexposed face pics cuz he's too use to doing it himself

No. 426309

File: 1503344337753.jpg (467.67 KB, 1617x1800, c.jpg)

their son obviously prefers and uses boy toys and decor.

so all of the little girl items are completely out of place in their home with no real explanation.

Some anons speculate they are secretly regression props for Lainey, and some speculate they are there for an older illegitimate child of Greg's.

Any explanation for the little girl stuff is milky and weird as fuck.

No. 426311

It wouldn't surprise me if they have decided to raise Troy as gender neutral/fluid so both of the rooms are his

No. 426312

Ugh, that room is so depressing. No little desk for coloring, no books. Just some toys and a big TV.

No. 426313

Has Lainey ever said what the kids refer to her as? Is she ok being called "mom"?

No. 426314


She said her kids call her mom and mommy.

No. 426317

eurgh I so agree
>thomas the tank engine
>CARS move poster

No. 426319

Their whole house has no soul and is barely furnished. Considering they never leave the house you would think they would take some pride in the way it looks but no.

No. 426320

Reminds me of her stream yesterday. Done rando had the misfortune of using the wrong pronouns abd she got really snarky and angry about it. Then it was brought up how Greg misgenders her all the time and her excuse was ~people are allowed to make mistakes~ Shes been "out" for like two years now abd Greg continues to misgender her on an almost daily basis. But that's just a mistake, however the complete strangers online that may know nothing about her or her pronouns… UNEXCEPTABLE

No. 426322

I would love to see a screen cap of this! I don't find this hard to believe at all! I mean, he cheated on Lainey while she was pregnant, so it would make a lot of sense.

No. 426324

This is super shitty and I would never do that to anyone else aka legit trans person but I would love to ask her how come breastfeeding and cleavage selfies don't trigger her dysphoria.
God, do I hate her.
>That feel when you have so little personality or hobbies that you decide to fake being transgender and holler that YOU ARE SO GAY every 2 minutes despite being in the most heteronormatic relationship ever

No. 426326

I wanna see her get top surgery for her self induced dysmorphia, watch how awkward is gonna be for her now that she can't show off her tits, and greg will probably do milky shit if she gets top surgery as well

No. 426327

Does anyone know if Skye added just anyone when she had her "Skye Tantaga" facebook page?
Because we have a mutual friend apparently. I don't know the girl personally but I'm curious if she actually knew Skye or if Skye just added anyone since "tantaga" seemed to be her internet personality.

However, she doesn't have that many friends on that facebook and her Aunt is on her friends list. So maybe she actually knew this girl.

It's so tempting to message the girl and ask, but I don't know if that qualifies as cowtipping. So I won't. haha

No. 426328

It's a normal sized fucking jacket, you loon

No. 426333

File: 1503346911081.png (135.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0398.PNG)

Alright, here are the the statuses, sorry I took forever posting. I'll be back with the comments!

No. 426334

File: 1503346983298.png (269.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0397.PNG)


They're talking about the Skye Tantaga page btw, which is real

No. 426335

File: 1503347044994.png (146.93 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9517.PNG)

funny how she calls SR transphobic but when Blaire used quotes around trans during the debate, not a single tweet from lameo. and also saying Billie misgendered her and her pronouns aren't valid.
why didn't lameo tweet at Blaire?

No. 426337


just do it, wouldn't hurt.

No. 426339

he didn't rape anyone, but everyone found out he was a massive alcoholic.

anyone else sick of hearing these two fags saying they're gonna kill themselves casually?plenty of people have lost friends and loved ones to suicide. i dont care how "tumblr" it is lainey, fuck off and get some therapy since you and your husband are "soooo totally depressed"

No. 426340

You'd think someone with a psychology degree would want to do something about their depression instead of just being ~edgy~.

No. 426341

Can some nice anon re-upload his latest video called "Everyone hates me"? I would love to hear him whine.

No. 426342

doing it now, one sec

No. 426344

You are a wonderful hero! Thank you!

No. 426348

File: 1503348128209.png (76.93 KB, 593x156, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new OnisionSpeaks vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 426349

If he had a kid with skye, why claim infertile to shiloh and adrienne?

No. 426350

Still just a theory, anon. You'll need a lot more proof than that.

No. 426352

Why would the bisexual pride flag be in the little girl's room then? Especially it would be weird since I don't think Lainey would put a flag in a kid's room that wasn't her's.

No. 426353

File: 1503348338283.gif (1.48 MB, 400x270, truf.gif)

Unless you have caps of the status where Skye says she's pregnant then ?????????? This is literally just a cap of some person saying a fake page is claiming Skye was pregnant. This also doesn't explain that up until Adrienne Greg was claiming to be infertile in private conversations. Why would someone who has a kid claim that IN PRIVATE. Also HSAnon posts makes it seem like he had the kid in his younger years, either before he went big on YT or right about the same time. So if he divorced Skye because she was pregnant then that means the baby was born sometime in 2011, which doesn't really add up.

pic related

No. 426355

Anyone else thinking the handful of anons that have a hard on for this third kid theory are the discordiots trying to start something? Seems like ever since Tall made that random ass comment a few anons have been pushing it super fucking hard

No. 426356


It's not confirmed. This is getting really ridiculous.

I'll believe it when I actually see it, rather than other people saying they've seen it.

On top of that I'd wanna see it on an active Facebook page that has more family members on than just 2 - and close family members at that.

/blogpost I know a few members of my family and people 'confirmed to know me' who would accept an add from an account with my name on it and not bother to check it was actually me, or even ever interact with it or mention it lol.

No. 426357


Yeah there's something fishy about how hard some anons are pushing this, it's fucking stupid and there's no proof whatsoever

No. 426358

My own theory about the room situation is that they are filming rooms with kids toys and things for their kids to play with or for them to nap on while they are filming. Might be giving them too much credit as parents but that's the impression I got from the house tour video.

No. 426359

File: 1503348670006.png (97.85 KB, 580x152, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new UhOhBro vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 426361

She deleted her real one years ago, that's a fake account and for the love of it please stop posting the family names..she doesn't have a kid and she has moved on and is no longer relevant..stop it

No. 426362


I think it's one anon sameposting, and it's that weirdo who was insisting in the YT(?) comments that there were 3 kids

No. 426364

And whoever posted her family members name delete your post! It's rude and unnecessary!

No. 426365

Not the anon that posted the Twitter caps. Am the anon that agreed with that person. Am not the YT weirdo.

So yeah, there's plenty of us farmers who believe the speculation (maybe it's not Skye who is the mother though)

But I deleted my comments because farmers clearly don't want to hash out this theory anymore and that's fine.

Also big deal >>426364, it's called google and anyone can find this stuff out. Literally takes a two second search so just chill.

No. 426366

File: 1503349200460.png (10.86 KB, 239x211, download.png)


this video was so incredibly frustrating. He says when gaining weight "it's not how much you eat, it's just what you eat!"

how does this retard not know about calories in vs calories out and the laws of thermodynamics??

he literally says the exact opposite of reality and preaches it to all of his moronic fanbase who take it as the word of god.

all the while shamelessly attention whoring about his own pathetic skinnyfat dadbod.


No. 426367

Yeah but still it's rude and unnecessary even if a search away it's just bringing that crap into something that her family wanted away from.

No. 426368

File: 1503349322633.png (148.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8279.PNG)

Coming from the man who literally makes videos rating people's bodies kek

No. 426369

File: 1503349497238.png (13.24 KB, 579x155, Untitled.png)

he has no idea what the term "Darwin Award" means.

What apathetic old man trying is hardest to appeal to the nihilistic youths and stay relevant but missing the mark by a mile.

No. 426371

really? it'd surprise me a lot considering they don't believe 90% of the shit that comes out of their own mouths.

No. 426372

no way, onion is too cheap to have two gendered rooms for one child, let alone two when the known girl grows up, also where does she sleep, do they use cribs?

can someone take screencaps of the house plans and speculate about children sleeping quarters, i feel like any time a farmer gets close to something someone derails

No. 426373

Baby sleeps in pack and play, it was seen in the pink room.

No. 426376

I think someone should try to replicate his house on sims lol. Teenager chained in the basement included!

No. 426378

no i'd rather match house plans to known rooms in the mcmansion

why does skye talk always have anons white knighting and trying to hush up. most anons who speculate about third child believe the child is before skye and onion marriage (child not skye's.) so fuck off

onion lying about being infertile was to stop the shiloh being pregnant drama

No. 426379

File: 1503350487730.jpg (512.66 KB, 560x4559, XVhRjO3.jpg)

this, but give it a story. akin to something like the chinman chronicles from 4chan's /v/ board


No. 426383

My lord anon, you're fucking psycho about this shit.

1) he just did a tour video
2) he did one a few months back for the IRS
3) you can find his house on a real estate link/ there are caps of it (not sure if the links still work)

do your own research about your obsession and come back to us when you find something juicy

No. 426384

Speculate all you want but please no family names or images..its respecting what her family wants..period.

No. 426385

File: 1503350996298.gif (535.26 KB, 500x281, tumblr_niuiz34nlf1qzqwzso1_500…)


honestly… I am 100% certain these are the fuckwads from discord trying to troll. Not sure what the end game is, maybe they want us to get riled up and get the rumors going and make Greg aware? IDK but its annoying as fuck.

No. 426386

Probably to have sex without a condom. He does have an impregnation fetish after all.

No. 426388

Stop tinfoiling that we are all from Discord for goodness sake! Am not the same anon, but DO personally believe in the third child theory and NO I'm not from discord.

How shocking that others might believe something different and NOT be trolls!

No. 426389

i can speak for myself

my posts
i'm not on onision's discord or speak to anyone about this directly other than itt

interested in speculating about 3rd child. i cba getting the caps myself rn maybe later if no one else does, i'm on a chromebook, it's a nightmare for capping.

No. 426390

just fuck off
nobody cares about your tinfoiling
third child doesnt matter until there is more evidence

No. 426391


tinfoiling but maybe shut up greg

No. 426392

Oni telling everyone he was infertile when he knew he was not is not that big of a leap. It is actually something common for controlling narc men to do. (based on personal observations)

I do not know if the 3rd kid thing is true but also want to hear more about it.

No. 426393

I'm sure every farmer here wants to know more about it, but the point is there no new information. Literally everything brought up in the last few days is just rehashed bullshit.

If you few anons really want to know more, then go do your own research and come back with SOLID EVIDENCE. Not just stuff seen in the back of videos. Greg plants shit there all the time to throw people off and get them to speculate wildly.

No. 426394

I think there's a whole lot of us farmers who are very interested in it, but keeping quiet because the loud majority tries so hard to shut it down.

But there's no other milk to distract from at the moment so I don't see what the harm in it is.

For example, some anon claimed that the Skye Tantaga facebook is fake. I do not believe that for a second. Why would several family members be friends of that account then??

No. 426395

>>I do not know if the 3rd kid thing is true but also want to hear more about it.


This retarded. It has been debunked over and over and over and over. Figure it out elsewhere and don't come back until you have proof. Which will be never.

No. 426397

Last time.
No family names or pictures..they spent years of him trash talking her and her family..why do we need to bring her family back into it?!! STOP we are not here to dig into skyes life

No. 426398

those were two different posters, try harder with ur intimidation tactics

No. 426399

lol for the love of god, skye never pushed a kid out of her vagina. if she was ever pregnant at any point, i do not know, but if she ever was then the pregnancy never came to term for one reason or another, she never gave birth, and she does not have a child. she also never mentioned a pregnancy on her facebook at any point, so if she ever was then she kept it more secret than that. and still never gave birth to any child.

there is something seriously wrong about how hard people are pushing this baseless rumour. there has to be some driving force behind this, some motive other than speculating or gossip, because it's beyond fucking stupid at this point

skye has nothing to do with this shit anymore. if you need to speculate about greg having a third child somewhere then knock yourselves out, but skye isnt the mother of this mysterious third kid, so leave her out of it.

No. 426400

skye and her sister who were in many onision videos do not get exempt from being brought up tbh, who the fuck here knows their family

if they have an issue they can take it up with greg

sage for all these posts defending right to gossip about a cow. wtf is going on

No. 426401

Do you personally know Skye anon? You're speaking with such certainty.

No. 426402

It's privacy and respect.

No. 426403

sage for OT now, but when has lolcow not been able to talk about something unless there is proof? At the very lest there is enough random stuff for a theory. Its not ridiculous for rando theories on here to turn out to be true. Why so bent out of shape, just let them talk.

No. 426404

people have already stated skye not believed to be the mother, go comprehend better before knighting

No. 426405

AMEN anon. This is getting ridiculous!!

No. 426406

In videos years ago and don't associate with him at all they grew up and moved on.

No. 426407

>100 likes = 100 people convinced to start eating healthy!

Is that a joke or him finally admitting to how young is fanbase is?

No. 426408

and what, content still up, alciia's ass crack still visible in happy days videos. i'm guessing not a big deal

No. 426409


i know 100% that she doesn't have a child with greg. she is not a cow and she does not need to be brought into this, and certainly not because some weird fuckers want to push this rumour for whatever reason they do (and i bet now that its not just for the sake of gossip, there is something very off about the people pushing this one).

that's all i'll leave it at. consider me done on this topic.

and some are still pushing that she has a child with him. they are who i am replying to/posting about.

No. 426412

Anon this is lolcow. If you know 100% the least you can do is confirm you know her personally. That's not risking anything and it's the only way we can be sure. I'm sick of over confident anons not at least SLIGHTLY providing proof by at the very least saying "yes I know her"

No. 426413

when i'm replying to most of your posts and i don't believe skye to be the mother, but i also don't believe she gets a censor on this site

fair enough adrienne felt ashamed enough to censor some of her letter, but not our business, we can discuss what's in the public forum.

this is the internet, go be sensitive somewhere else

3rd child speculation is in OP, it can be discussed
more than 2 people close to onion claim more than 2 kids (billie and a patron), HSanon as well but they've been discredited somehow

No. 426416

Lainey stated that Sarah's mother signed over guardianship.

IIRC it was speculated that they had a baby shower or something at that time so there were other people in the house.

No. 426418

who's trashtalking skye sensitive anon? if anything skye never gets negative remarks posted because the skyebots always scream until it derails if anything is speculated about her other than being the best onion girl gag

No. 426419

wonder if sarah's mom got any extra income from the onions for the tax fraud kek

No. 426420

File: 1503353473004.png (123.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0399.PNG)


Apparently she did.

Again, sorry about the weight, yt comments are cancer.

No. 426422

yea and in the wrong thread

No. 426423

sensitive anon seems really upset about upsetting skye's family…

No. 426424

weird, no one has even contacted skye's family before from here

No. 426426

anon deleted post trying to use manipulative language, also gerg went on his discord a few minutes after topics discussed here and tweet about online haters.

tinfoil, suspect greg can't deal with accusations of causing drama still when the twat has just made his life infamous

No. 426427


I wanted to add that I'm not even sure if Skye was legit about this or if she was trying to protect Grease from public outrage (why?) by withholding the truth.

No. 426434

I'm ignoring this weird third child obsession because it's irrelevant until there is evidence, not milky at all since it seems to have caused no drama, and unlikely because of said lack of drama. the idea of lainey being able to deal with greg having another baby mama is laughable tbh. Can we please get back to laughing at this insane narc explaining that even Jesus and MLK had "haters"?

No. 426436

try harder grease or grease-patron

u don't speak for the thread. turn on hide saged posts or scroll on by

what are you wanting to laugh about? greg thinks MLK and jesus has/had haterz? … lol ?

No. 426438

All this 2 children, 3 children extremism. You're as bad as each other. The sensible centrist position is 2.5 children.

No. 426439

Onion just got refused a collab live on younow kek

No. 426440

lainey has dealt with her husband fucking other girls in her house, i'm sure at 17 she could handle greg having an illegitimate child

No. 426442

He's talking about the third child rumors on YouNow and acting weird, putting a gun to his face repeatedly, just being insane.

No. 426444

i hate this "third child" speculation..mostly because i bet greg reads this thread and gets a hard on from us discussing his Illegitimate Heir like he's fucking robert baratheon. if greg has a secret child or even 7 secret children why should anyone care about them?

No. 426446

oh he doesn't get a hard on about the other stuff, whom cares.

we gossip about everything. but lets stop until more caps/proof. let's watch greg sweat on younow

No. 426447

his attempt at an irish accent is p cringe ngl
saw someone in the chat "IsBeckTheNewStepMom" and keked hard, thanks for the heads up that he was streaming

No. 426451


During cuddlegate 1.0 I asked Lame on instagram if she was a stepmom and got blocked since.

No. 426452

lmao he obviously doesn't give a shit about his patrons, he just likes having people around him who will never disagree with him and laugh at all the dumb jokes he makes. One of the girls in his chat talked about how she had anorexia and now she's gaining weight and feeling really bad about it and he just said "..okay"

No. 426453

lol definitely. They are probably also the cigarette butts conspirators. When they were told to shut up about the third child, they somehow brought that conspiracy in. The way they sperge about how this must be milk sounds like trolling. I don't want to believe anyone is really that autistic. Also this thread is really active for no reason because nothing is even happening and only oniontards care that much to talk about onion 24/7

>stop tinfoiling about us being on the discord! That's preposterous! But this third child theory let us tinfoil forever and shit up the thread!!!!
uh huh.

No. 426454

He just got some type of message through on younow and he got super pissed off. lol

No. 426456

come on farmers get on younow to troll onision(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 426461

Drew also said "kids" when he said what Billie told him

No. 426463

Drew wasn't involved until after Billie was done with them.

Sage your fucking posts.

No. 426464

Again, if you don't have new proof supporting the theory, don't derail the thread with a secret third child.

No. 426469

File: 1503358100425.png (337.98 KB, 1027x945, Untitled.png)

lets add something positive to this thread:

Laineybot is losing subscribers and her videos are being demonetized.

No. 426470


Saw that and Onision is blaming youtube and claiming they are against LGBT community because Lainey is "gay"……………sorry Greg but both of you are making shitty content that is out dated and too late on the trends.

No. 426473


Greg and Taylor are going to be screwed when they eventually need to downsize to a much smaller home and they run out of rooms to run away and hide from the kids to.

normal single family homes have a bedroom for the parents, each child, and a living room area. maybe an office.

No. 426474

I wonder if her spinners have their own room

No. 426475

File: 1503358949106.png (51.5 KB, 885x635, onion.png)

His sub loss count on his uhohbro channel is beautiful. What has he been doing thats getting him 2k unsubs a day? hahaha.

No. 426476

Not paying for them anymore

No. 426480

A collection of moments from today's YouNow.

He talks about demonetization, mentions Jaclynn and Richie, gets rejected for a collab because he's too controversial to work with, uses transphobic slurs again, plays with a gun and addresses the child rumors

No. 426481


Oh, this is delightful.

This is what happens when you tell your fans that they are garbage because they can't/wont pay for his crap content on Onision channel. His true fans are now starting to rebel against him and mass unsub him. Soon all he will have left is his crappy paid for channel.


Probably this too.

No. 426483


I haven't been able to locate the posts, but she said exactly something along these lines in a parenting group.

No. 426484

I think this is to do with him charging for his main channel coupled with his recent video where he attempts to emotionally manipulate his audience into sending him money, this particular video went down very bad even with his hardcore fans and they have posted videos explaining why they are not longer his patreons. I hope this trend continues its been a long time coming.

No. 426485


Cigarette post person here, I actually think the three children thing is just reaching at this point.

At least the cigarette thing could be credible.

Lmao people just want to believe i, Ambi-Anon, am retarded.

I may be a little crazy but I'm not stupid. I also barely post. So try again.


No. 426486

thank you for this cancer you have bestowed upon us(taking the bait)

No. 426487

The way he describes women as underdeveloped is creepy as fuck. Just because a chick is petite does not make her "underdeveloped." She is FULLY DEVELOPED GREG, she just has a small body type.

No. 426489


As a person being "underdeveloped", I felt violated watching that. What a dirty old man, glad his career is dying.

No. 426490

he said that in the Blaire debate, "i dated someone who was 19 and underdeveloped" probably about Billie not having huge tits

No. 426495


he just said on his younow that "My spouse's ex-girlfriend was underdeveloped"

he's definitely still thinking about billies smol tiddies


No. 426496

yes in the clips he says specifically that lainey's ex (billie) was also underdeveloped. its fucking creepy.

No. 426498

this plus his daddy kink and the impregnation thing…i cant into..never did i think he was a sane man but wow. it just intensifies.

No. 426500

Oh gross anon, you're right. I forgot about the weird ddlg they have going on. The man is without a doubt into young teens, fucking want to see him burn.

No. 426501

can you imagine if onion got on Hansen VS Predator(if it's still airing)
"im a internet star and she posted onto my forum. i like women with female parts cause i'm a heterosexual male Chris"

No. 426503

Lainey's YouNow is live.

No. 426506

she said streaming the same time as Jaclyn in the girls tag

No. 426507


In one of his recent videos, he mentioned how he liked to grope and feel dem exes' smol titties during sex.


No. 426510

File: 1503362727482.png (752.15 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0400.PNG)

Welp she finally did it, and she looks old as fuck!

No. 426511

Lainey is wrapped in a blanket, sniffling her ass off and talking about how she's "so fucking triggered" for hot chocolate right now. She has 15 spinners.

No. 426512

I love the difference between the two of them. jac is actually engaging with her audience,
even creating content with their participation! And Lainey just sits there and answers mundane questions cries about how sad she is that she's losing so much weight!!

No. 426516


in today's younow so far:

Lainey continues to beg for "Tiger" to return and shower her with money (Tiger is a viewer who donated a lot of money in a short amount of time and then vanished) ….again

Corrects people on her pronouns, scoffs at questing, rolls her eyes, responds with one word answers like "Yuuup.."

complains about not being #1 in the #girls tag (…again)

No. 426517

>i dont know how to put on weight it just doesnt happen!
>obsession with thinspo
>husband talks about anorexia a lot

this is the first time i have ever listened in on a younow, i usually wait for a farmer recap because she is so gawdawful. immediately i regret.

shes freaking out about someone asking about a house tour its pretty funny

No. 426519

File: 1503363591117.jpg (49.4 KB, 552x379, aight.JPG)

thanks for reminding me of these. Im re-downloading the sims for old times sake.

I bet if someone actually did this there'd be a "sickos are pretending to torture and kill my family in a videogame" or something or other by greg. Just like the freak out about the "simulated rape" fan art.

No. 426525

File: 1503364053543.png (965.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9518.PNG)

isn't that Billie 2.0?

No. 426527

File: 1503364101815.png (822.86 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9519.PNG)

No. 426528

plainey says she no longer has a crush on anyone besides that girl involved in team10 drama. lmao guess she cant handle billie 2.0

No. 426529

I like how she parades how gay and poly she is. But the moment theres a chance a girl will be brought into the relationship and she will have to share onion, she backtracks. Lol. shes a chronic liar who cant keep her lies straight.

No. 426530

File: 1503364478872.png (276.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170822-020823.png)

No. 426534

lameo said she doesn't have any crushes and supposedly the chick from snapchat(didn't specify which one), from that video she did, is cancelled.

No. 426541

She looks like serial killer Rose West

No. 426542


i bet that all of greg's minions (like two people) only subscribed to her channel because she was onision's wife. after actually watching her content and realizing how boring she is, they just started unsubscribing like crazy.

her personality seems super forced, channels like that never go anywhere. oh well, maybe they'll make their kids start youtube channels. hell, make the dog start a youtube channel. they are desperate.

No. 426543

lmao that hair. she literally looks like a granny, and not in a cute ironic way.

No. 426544

Lainey's moments are now included in this link

No. 426546


a few days ago onion was going on about how "women start looking like their mothers once they get older blah blah i wanna fuck teenage pussy". i think that this confirms that he was talking about lainey. like you just know that he HATES this shit. she looks so much older than she should. its like she actively trying to look worse.

No. 426547

does anyone think onion boy will show his children for the views? will he be THAT desperate?

No. 426550

File: 1503365811577.png (519.35 KB, 460x460, 1501206501353.png)

No. 426551


My initial response is that no, I don't think he will.

But then again he has always been of the mindset that he won't show them until they can consent themselves. As they get older who knows what he'll do.

No. 426563

File: 1503366829973.jpg (45.56 KB, 545x515, Capture.JPG)

Anyone else find it weird onion is following Billie 2.0 yet Lainey isn't? is it possible Billie 2.0 might be trying to force herself into the trinity because she has a thing for gurgles?

No. 426565

Possible? More like probable.

No. 426567

interesting. i thought she didn't interact with plain at all

No. 426568

samefag but I'll also mention that Billie 2.0 followed Gurg before she followed Lainey. It seems very odd to me and obvious she wants Gerg.

No. 426574

On younow, someone asked "what's your opinion on Ashlyn?" And she said "who's Ashlyn?"

No. 426577

File: 1503368611562.jpg (37.11 KB, 599x599, cringe mom.JPG)

Thanks for these. And the moments from Lainey's stream too. Pic related, I have secondhand embarrassment watching these. She's wrapped herself in an agender flag and is sitting in front of the bisexual flag, talking about being So Gay and using her fidget spinner as usual. That's the ENTIRETY of her personality. YOUR SEXUALITY IS NOT YOUR PERSONALITY. GAAAH. Also, she's a lactating mother of two, married to a man. She has a gender, lol.

Yeah, he sperged about small tits being "underdeveloped" for what looks like a long time. What a strange word choice to describe small chested women. What the fuck, Onion. The part where his patron mentioned that she'd been a D cup since age 12 and his face lit up was extremely creepy too.

No. 426585

Does he think that only applies to women? Onion Snr is his future. Do 18 year old alt-girls like that kind of daddy? I think not, Gurgle.

No. 426590

File: 1503375060460.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0403.PNG)

Here's something fun to talk about;

I may have found a reason for Onion's obsession with clean bootyholes, and I can't tell if these are shit-stains or just darker areas in his undies.

No. 426601

Why is he in a prison bathroom?

No. 426607


That's from his old apartment in South Korea

No. 426608


Heard that too. I find this kind of weird, tbh: Why didn't she just ignore the question if she's going to play dumb? Their interactions are quite obvious.

No. 426609

Greg isn't even qualified to clean bathrooms apparently.

No. 426611


There was red stuff that looked like blood in the bathtub in his shower song video, I'd screenshot it but I don't wanna give the fucker my money.

No. 426636

it was A JOKE

No. 426641

This is so funny to me. Greg is probably fuming that Lainey has become too smart to give any attention to girls that are way more attractive than her. If Lainey was really diabolical, she would've latched on to no-threat-Beck and brought her into the trinity so there wouldn't be any space for actually-attractive-Ashlyn.

I am torn between wanting Ashlyn to run far away from these people and also wanting her to steal Greg away from smug-mug-Lainey.

Side note, does anyone think Greg will stop lurking since his feelings are so hurt by the "haters" lately? Or do we think he can't help himself..

No. 426651

these girls attractiveness has little to do with the avaroe's desires for them. It's about how mailable and willing they are, which is why age comes into it. The younger the more naive.

No. 426652

Sage for samefag but this time last week >>>/pt/423685 Lainey was stating how she was no longer poly, but now she's hunting for fresh meat again? So she's not polyamorous when girls are over and there's an actual possibility of it happening, but she is poly when it's all idle flirting across the internet.

No. 426653

I'll agree with you that they like them young and impressionable, but Greg won't date an ugly girl.

He hated Ayalla and didn't put up with her or try to win her over because she was unattractive. He admitted he only pursued Billie multiple times because she was "So pretty."

I think personality matters to an extent (outgoing for video purposes) when they are hunting for someone, and age definitely matters, but Greg insults and bypasses any "ugly" girl.

No. 426654

File: 1503387147608.png (150.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9522.PNG)

here we go again

No. 426655

Doesn't believe in condoms. Lol wtf

No. 426656

Are we sure this girl is real? If she is, then he would easily fly her out if she agrees to it. He didn't bother to even tell lameo about bringing beck over. Lameo has taught him he can get away with doing whatever he wants, so why not?

She changes her mind daily. Also only girls who are into gerg as well are let into the poly discussion. Hes always going to want her "girlfriend" to be into him as well. And the girls lameo crushes on probably don't want to be controlled by onion boy, think hes fugly, and dont want to get into a relationship with a married woman with children. It blows my mind that shes always hunting for these teen/early college girls and had some fantasy about meeting a girl at a concert to be her gf. Like did you forget you are married with children? LOL. You lost those teen/early college years chasing after onion boy and breeding his kids, and they are not coming back. Time to grow up and be a decent mother.

I dont even believe shes into girls, let alone poly. I think she just wants someone to do fun things with because onion is boring and probably shackles himself up in his office all day and she only sees him for dinner and sex.

I'm sure eugenia/shane/billie/all his ex's, etc were all saying the same thing about him.

No. 426657

Greg hated Ayalla because she had influence over Billie. He always retorts to the same retarded namecalling when he feels threatened.

No. 426660

Ehhh not the same anon but old Greg would have dated 'ugly' girls but tried to change them eg- Shiloh and always telling her to lose weight. Since his judging bodies videos, he wouldn't go for an ugly girl (and I use that term loosely because it's what HE deems ugly)
I agree with the other anon, he hated Ayallah because she helped Billie get away from his toxic ass, and Greg hates anyone that takes the control away from him. I really don't think Ayallah is ugly, it's like anon said, he resorts to name calling when he can't win.

No. 426661


Eh. Shiloh wasn't ugly and I don't think Gerg thought so either. She gained weight in her relationship with him (a mix of sedentary lifestyle after he kept her home, and stress/comfort eating perhaps?) and he used this against her when the relationship went down the drain… I don't think he ever genuinely thought she was ugly, and only picked on her weight gain when the relationship went too sour to continue.

But yeah ditto Allayah. She's not ugly. He resorted to those insults when he couldn't win/when she was messing things up for him.

I agree he wouldn't date a girl he thought was ugly though. If anything, he seems to take at least kinda pretty girls and somehow MAKE them ugly, with random head shaving and whatnot.

No. 426666

He did suck up to Ayalla for a while and portrayed her as a cool gamer girl in his videos. Only after she left with Billie he called her ugly and wanted Billie to cut ties.

No. 426670

and he absolutely would have added Ayalla to his harem if she hadn't gotten between him and Billie.

No. 426679

I also think he thinks she's ugly because she looks ethnic. I don't give a shit what Greg says he would never date an ethnic girl.

No. 426680

File: 1503401060325.jpg (277.7 KB, 810x968, IMG_20170822_132257.jpg)

mang she is looking uglier and uglier with each new selfie

No. 426682

She isn't getting objectively uglier, it's probably an effect of you disliking her more/finding her more annoying. Also her retarded styling.

No. 426691

Omg so anorexic guuuuyyyzzz

Seriously fuck her, if anything she has ednos but even then if she does there's no reason for her to be prancing around trying to galmorize the fact that she's "anorexic"

Sage for ot/blogpost but in my experience most anorexics hate/feel ashamed of their body because it's not good enough and rarely flaunt it, or at least don't openly talk about their eating disorders in fear of being put into rehab or others catching on

Her whole shtick with anorexia just screams attention seeking precious fragile dumb fuck who can't even act like an adult in the slightest way

Sorry for the rant it just bugs me so much with how she's trying so hard to come off with having all these different mental disorders just for ass pats on the interweb

No. 426692

why does she want to look like a granny?

No. 426694

she is who fidget spinner display cases were created for

No. 426698


man if that pale hair and dark lipstick doesnt make her look old as fuck. she doesnt realise that with the lighter styles she needs to alter her makeup to keep it fresh. she just looks like a 40yo soccer mom now.

No. 426704

at least soccer moms pay attention to their kids

No. 426714

I'm just catching up on this 3rd kid drama and I reckon the room with the girls bed and the pride flag is laineys but also will be the bandaid babies when she grows up. Clearly onion is too cheap to buy multiple beds so why not buy a girls bed he can ship lainey off to in the night and also double as the kids bed later?

No. 426718


I don't want to blogpost to much but my cousin is a shitty mom, like she doesn't know how to be a mother. and how Lainey and Greg decorated the children's rooms shows it.
It's typical for neglecting parents to make budget cuts first for kids toys and other stuff instead of their own hobbies and expenses. They reasoning being that kids won't remember whether they had 3 toys or 20 because they're still young. And that kids don't pay attention to the colours of the wall so it's all a waste of money.
And then the parents justify buying computers and a new phone because that will bring in money. Or being things the kids will grown in to.
These parents are abusing these children.

No. 426722

Does no one else remember the tons of toys scattered around the house? I remember we used to complain about that. I don't think they have little amounts of toys, just less in the rooms. I more have an issue with them decorating the room for Greg's interests, comics and video games.

No. 426725

File: 1503414449463.jpg (190.01 KB, 1242x2069, IMG_1141.JPG)

i think i found "Ashlyn" on instagram but i'm not sure if it's actually the same girl because "Ashlyn" only has 3 selfies

image attached for any farmer who wants to look

No. 426726

>I more have an issue with them decorating the room for Greg's interests, comics and video games.

Whole house is decorated in Greg's interests only. Lainey gets one bisexual pride flag in the corner of the room, kids gets some toys (Greg probably plays with them). It's a narc cave, all about him.

No. 426727

I think that's another girl who looks very similar. Megan here is, according to her IG, only 17 and from Ireland.

Ashlyn's Twitter page lists her IG name as something else. (don't know if I'm allowed to actually post her IG name, but it is readily available on her Twitter).

No. 426731

File: 1503415342552.png (264.79 KB, 1636x1078, Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 11.2…)

I know her instagram is privatized

No. 426732

If I wasn't supposed to post, I'll delete. My bad.

No. 426738

That's not the same girl. Ashlyn hasn't posted a picture with long hair and that girl's never had short hair. Ashlyn also has a tattoo on her right upper arm which this girl doesn't have. They just look very weirdly alike.

Pretty sure Ashlyn is a real person though, she gets loads of comments on her pictures and has tagged friends in pictures. Unless she's been building a web of fake profiles since she made the instagram (first upload was in March) but I don't think so. Most of her friends accounts are private but have like 400+ followers. Some up in the 2k range.

She is however, just turned 18. Her birthday is June the 22nd. She's Gerg's perfect gal on paper.

No. 426749

that would make sense if lainey hasn't already stated the basement bed is hers, and they have a master upstairs. they have a spare sparse decorated little girl's room for some unknown reason, this is why caps of house plan and rooms we know of being matched would make sense

No. 426750

I didnt get to watch the Gregs YouNow stream where he mentions not being able to interview/collab with one of his idols because their reps said it wouldnt be a good idea.

Who was this person he was going to collab with? Shane? Andy B?

No. 426759

I would assume it's Shane because he said that the YouTube has around 10 mil. subs and is based in L.A.
He also thinks that Shane still likes him and that they're friends, so… would make sense.

No. 426769

File: 1503422666907.gif (1.96 MB, 498x278, IMG_2025.GIF)

No. 426773

He said the failed collaboration would have been with "one of his heroes, his all time biggest idol…ever"

No. 426775

I assumed Shane was who he was speaking of at first, but in Gregs mind I feel that he thinks him and Shane are equals.

Whos Gregs all time biggest idol? Im racking my brain trying to figure this out.

No. 426777

I still think it's a filming room and not really a kids room (the brown couches for filming are also in this room) and instead a play room/nap room while they're filming.

No. 426778

I don't know if Toby is his idol but he's been reaching out to him on twitter lately and mentioned him in a stream. Collectively Toby has over 10 mil subs between his channels and Greg is the kind of guy who probably counts subs to his separate channels as different people sooo maybe it's him? Would explain why if going by the tweet in the last thread even tho Toby doesn't seem on bad terms with them they haven't collabed. I'm sure his rep probably thinks Onion with all his crazy pedo allegations and general craziness wouldn't be good for Toby when he's rebuilding his image after all those rape allegations.

No. 426779

Plainey made a totally original smash or pass video and said she's sure Shane hates her lol. at least she's more honest than Grug

No. 426780


Maybe they put the lil' bastard on the couch to sleep on…or they sleep with Onion while Lainey sleeps with her kids in the basement.

No. 426781


the brown couches are in another, larger room with blue walls.

The pink princess bed with mylittlepony sheets is in a room with a white clothes dresser and a baby pack n' play.

No. 426782

No. 426783

As of the Onichan Shaving Cream Man vid the brown couches are in the room with the blue walls, the pride flag, the princess bed, and various toys. The IRS house tour video is older.

No. 426784

File: 1503426234751.png (95.41 KB, 579x159, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new Laineybot vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 426785

can confirm someone who's anorexic would NOT flaunt it or talk about their bodies

generally speaking people with anorexia hide behind baggy clothes and don't discuss their weight because they're ashamed. people with ed's try their hardest to hide it and make excuses

she also looks like she's not unhealthily thin so plainey is just trying to get attention i'd assume
an ed-trender

No. 426786

File: 1503426363461.jpg (50.53 KB, 578x621, IMG_3838.jpg)


No. 426790



When my ED first started developing, I did want people to notice my weight loss, how skinny I was, compliment my willpower, even feel sorry for me, etc. I didn't go as far as to brag about not eating or anything stupid like that, but I DID want people to notice and felt like I wanted attention for it. BUT then when people actually started noticing and I got that 'attention', it's like a flip totally switched instantly and i found myself embarrassed and ashamed and tried to hide it as much as possible (including the baggy clothes), lying my ass off whenever anyone brought up concerns, avoiding people.

:end blogpost

Maybe it's the same for Lainey… but people are bringing it up and it just seems to please her more than anything else - so more likely, she just wants some sort of attention full stop. She's blatantly been restricting her intake quite low to see the weight loss she has, but on one hand there's stupid 'wannarexic' crash dieting for attention/vanity that people can stop doing whenever it suits them, and then there's actual deep seated eating disorders that people cannot shake off even when they try, and feel ashamed of.

No. 426791


good, lainey is as much of a cunt as greg. she deserves it. i hope they go broke.

No. 426793


All of Onion's women are lolcows whether we like it or not. No exemptions.

No. 426795


Then we should stop talking about her wanorexia and let the bitch "starve". No skin of our backs.

No. 426797

it seems like even after being thrown out on his ass by youtube, something he never thought would happen judging by his finances, he thinks patreon is going to last forever.

No. 426804

File: 1503429115889.png (89.29 KB, 586x152, Untitled.png)


Ah okay, my bad anon. Never saw that video so here it is reuploaded.


No. 426805

I don't know if I should subject myself to this…is it as bad as the one with Beck? Better? Worse?

No. 426806


more pathetic.

No. 426808

File: 1503429888106.png (677.22 KB, 1080x610, 20170822_122307.png)

worse. ive never felt more uncomfortable in my life.
that droopy eye though.

No. 426809

Did he stuff his junk again?

No. 426812

God he looks so gross and old in that screen cap. If he's still reading lolcow I can only imagine he'll be running off to get some cheap Botox shots soon. If we see him wearing masks again we know what's up.
God you are really wearing your age here gurgles. You and Lainey are progressively turning into that bitter old couple that tries to be hip and in with the kids.

No. 426817

File: 1503430739225.png (495.16 KB, 959x533, aa.png)

fuck their home is filthy/disgusting.

No. 426819

File: 1503430805480.png (538.38 KB, 959x531, a.png)


and here we can see what Lainey does all day.

tumblr blogging instead of cleaning a bit and letting her children live in squalor.

No. 426821

Why the fuck does the guinea pig live in a tank?

What's the point in having these animals if they don't give a fuck about them?

No. 426822

Sad attempts to bank in the "look at my cute pets" trend a lot of big youtubers have been doing most likely.

No. 426823


it's actually 2 guinea pigs living in this tiny 20gal tank, with no place to hide, no privacy, in front of a giant uncovered window.

what a life of suffering.

No. 426826

Lol why is there a giant 30 gallon trash can just sitting there in between a playpen? And living room?? Gross

No. 426827

Damn. Right in front the sun like that? In a tank? I feel sorry for those small creatures.

No. 426828

An uncovered 30 gallon trash can. Between the pets - especially the guinea pigs in the hot window - and the trash, the smell has to be unreal.

No. 426829

that could be a toy bin if they were really lazy and din't want a buy an actual one.

No. 426831


nah if you watched the IRS house tour vid you can see they have a trash can and recyling bin in almost every room.

they're literally too lazy to walk all of their rubbish over to the kitchen trash like functioning human adults.

and yet with all of these garbage bins their house is still completely trashy.

the table from this >>426808 post highlights how filthy everything is. how hard is it to take a wipe to your family's eating area 2 or 3 times a day after each meal?

No. 426832

Yeah its for sure Shane. He was just bragging about working with someone with 10 mil subs when he goes to LA, and now a big Youtuber just pulled out of an "interview" which makes me think podcast.

No. 426833

It was either Shane or Andy Biersack tbh

No. 426834

File: 1503432881666.png (374.92 KB, 966x477, BQT8cu8.png)

Ashlynn follows Billie and Erin (one of Lainey's almost-gfs who was interviewed by Joy) and has commented on Social Repose's stuff. She most likely knows about Cuddlegate then.

No. 426835

YO that guinea pig cage in direct sunlight though, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

No. 426836

I think larges tanks are ok for rodents if the top is open and if its big enough. That is NOT AT ALL big enough for two guinea pigs.

No. 426839


lol go back to the joy thread and cop there. who gives a shit if some anon wants to talk cigarettes you ass

No. 426840


Talk about whatever you want. They can scroll.

No. 426841

If it was Shane, I think he led Gerg on for shits and giggles and had no intention of working with him. It would be funny since Gerg has complained before about plans with Shane falling through and he probably was so hopeful that an appearance with him would save his channel, kek.

I just doubt that after the weight videos, Gerg insulting Drew (called him ugly) and Trisha (fat Fiona lookalike) and being an overall cunt, Shane would think he could benefit in any way from this, business or otherwise.

No. 426845

File: 1503434218861.png (793.86 KB, 1058x1534, cIyUATQ.png)

she doesn't follow Erin. she does follow Billie though.

No. 426846

and that comment on Richie's IG post was just around Halloween when shit was about to go down. there's no way she doesn't know about all of this.

No. 426849

File: 1503434589979.png (130.65 KB, 602x198, main-qimg-0c4ad8aac32864696fe9…)

The ammonia build up must be awful. And guinea pigs will not do well at all without hides due to being herding prey animals.
Few things get my goat like poor animal care done by people who have the resources to take proper care of them but choose not to.

No. 426852

Yeah, that's not a habitat worth housing animals in no matter how small they are. They don't even seem to have any enrichment in there for staying active, not to mention hidey holes. They treat all their pets like garbage.

No. 426853


all of their pets seriously would've had better lives being kept in whatever pet store they were purchased from.

and that is saying a lot.

No. 426861

File: 1503437079986.png (451.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9524.PNG)

anyone notice this girl tweeting onion constantly?

No. 426862


She's like a fat version of the chickenfingerfairy chick.

No. 426865


This fucking bitch fucks me off so bad.

She's bordering on Munchie at this point with all her BS ailments and thinly disguised pro-ana shit.

I will say that she looks terrible because I think she's a terrible human being.

No. 426867


tons of desperate ugly attention whores tweet @ onision constantly.

this is nothing new or notable.

u selfposting bro?

No. 426868


He's a fucking retarded person. Whenever I watch him doing this kind of crap I think about the fact that he has two children.

No. 426869

I don't see her supposed weight loss at all. She just looks haggard as fuck. Isn't it all just losing baby weight? So she just looks the same as she did before?

No. 426870


yeah she just has zero muscle mass from being completely sedentary for the last 5 years.

when she stops breastfeeding she'll put on some more body fat.

No. 426871


lol @ the fact that both the guinea pigs and her children are penned up while she jerks off on the internet. what a piece of shit parent you are, Elaine.

No. 426873

File: 1503438707443.png (92.2 KB, 628x151, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new UhOhBro vid, should be good to go in a sec.

I know these videos suck and have no milk but I figured it's best to reupload them anyway just in case anyone gets curious.


No. 426874


Baby weight doesn't just naturally fall off. You need to lose it like anyone else loses weight - burning more calories than you consume. She gained a LOT of baby weight if you go back and look at the vids when she was most recently pregnant and has lost what she has lost recently fairly quickly. She has also been boasting about how she is close to underweight and losing it fast blah blah.


That said, breastfeeding does burn more calories compared to not. I don't know how many though… I'd still bet my money on her purposely restricting her cals low and wanting to lose weight fast/get skinny/pro-ana shit though.

No. 426875

File: 1503439070101.png (73.69 KB, 250x250, tumblr_static_dvo10xkysc0swwko…)

Wow his hair was awful here.

The dude doesn't even know how to fucking smoke, but holy shit does Lainey look like Max Caulfield from Life is strange in this. Look at her baby face wow

No. 426877


I thought this was that fat deer face chick from the patreon discord for a second.

No. 426878

If he's just going on Shane's podcast it's hardly a collaboration, Onion also really wouldn't benefit from it being a boring dude n all.

No. 426879

Heads up, grease is live on younow announcing he wants to drink bleach and doing laineys shtick of "lol wanna die"

No. 426880

Don't insult my bby Max like that thank you.

No. 426881

I can just imagine him thinking "well, it's working for her". Next: Onision becomes noncommittal bisexual agender space prinxe

No. 426882

Troy walked in during one of Laineys streams and said 'Mommy'. I think that's all the confirmation we need. Not sure if anyone recorded that part of the stream, but many Anons can testify

No. 426883

breastfeeding burns around 500 extra calories a day.

No. 426884

File: 1503439761328.png (370.74 KB, 923x522, Untitled.png)

check out the billie 2.0

No. 426886

someone told lainey about the billie 2.0 girl in chat and she left stream for a minute (presumably to check out the girls channel) and then she returned.


No. 426887


Man thanks anon, genuinely didn't know that. That's a fair chunk. Maybe thats the reason it's fallen off her like it has then. No idea.

No. 426889

Is he actually drinking anything out the bleach bottle? Even if you empty it and fill it with water I'm pretty sure it would still do damage

No. 426890

File: 1503440410096.png (630.64 KB, 619x733, img55.0.png)

Had to flag this current younow, since there are actual 11 year olds watching this shit.

"Broadcaster put gun to head and pulled trigger while drinking bleach on live stream to solicit donations."

hopefully he gets some sort of penalty.


No. 426891

He keeps reading macncheese/billie 2.0's comments too and now Lainey has joined. I guess Lame was intrigued.

No. 426892


he said he put tap water in the bleach bottle.

No. 426893

Pretty much keeps reading her comments in particular, Also just called lainey "good background noise"

No. 426894

It's actually a survivalist trick to rinse out old bleach bottles, or put a couple drops of bleach in a (very large, gallon or more) bottle of water, when you store it for the long term.

He'll be fine even if he rinsed it and filled it with water.

No. 426895

Onion just said Laineys videos "make good background noise"

peep dat support tho

No. 426896


No. 426897

Reported also, thanks anon.

No. 426898


he has read every single thing she has said.

he sees her posts over everyone else's because he's following her younow. when someone you follow comments it reads as bolder than the rest.

No. 426899

I would also like to report, but how?

Sage for clueless

No. 426901


as long as you're logged in, there are 3 little dots on the bottom right of the clip that should open up a menu with the report option.

or if you click on his channel there is a red flag on the bottom right of the popup window and you can report that way as well.

No. 426902

also reported it, this is fucking vile

No. 426903

Reported this sick man.

No. 426904

I'm actually furious about that pet tank in the open sun with no curtains. can someone help those animals? call aspca or whatever? i mean, this is infuriating and the same as leaving a dog in the sun… come on..

No. 426905

he could get banned for puking on stream too along with the bleach and gun stuff

No. 426908

No. 426911

Laineys freaking out in the chat instead of going and checking on him and also asked him where his phone was lmfao

No. 426914

Drinking liquids out of a container that has stored dangerous chemicals is actually very dangerous regardless of washing it out and such

No. 426915

File: 1503441469380.jpg (29.15 KB, 861x208, Capture.JPG)

No. 426916

Did anybody see how annoyed he just got with Lainey? He looked PISSED. Kek.

No. 426917

fucking hilarious. you live in the same house and your husband is drinking bleach and you're literally shaking and crying on his younow instead of checking on him lmaaao

No. 426919

File: 1503441500130.png (339.07 KB, 930x523, img55.0.png)

kek he's getting annoyed with her and vice versa.

No. 426920

File: 1503441521946.jpg (21.15 KB, 700x176, 1.JPG)

No. 426921

They're in the same house jesus christ are they incapable of actually speaking to eachother directly

No. 426924

Oh okay that makes sense. With that info I agree with >>426916 and >>426919 he is barely acknowledging her and a lot of his replies are because discord people rare reading what she's saying. And he definitely sees her comments since he kept replying to Bill 2.0

No. 426925

File: 1503441643825.jpg (17.92 KB, 576x152, 2.JPG)

No. 426926

After 10 minutes of crying on Younow she finally went into the room and told him to stop lmao

No. 426927

pussied out on drinking the rest of the bleach bottle as he promised.

watta fag

No. 426929

File: 1503441684416.jpg (1.19 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170822_164015.jpg)

Lol and someone said, "lainey, can't you just walk in and stop him?"

No. 426930

o nvm i think it was someone on discord

No. 426932

she said she isn't home and that greg isn't answering his phone lmao

No. 426934

File: 1503441781751.png (375.22 KB, 925x523, Untitled.png)

No. 426935

File: 1503441785386.jpg (28.76 KB, 494x346, 3.JPG)

Lainey is getting butthurt with Ash cause Ash said for onion to vomit it

No. 426936

Can anyone who's watching and hasn't already reported him do it please, he's ridiculous

No. 426938


Ashlyn had to say "YOUR SPOUSE" for him to acknowledge Lainey.

No. 426941

File: 1503441951952.png (349.03 KB, 920x521, Untitled.png)

No. 426943

File: 1503441989923.jpg (450.03 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170822_164606.jpg)

No. 426944

I like how no one respected Lainey's super serious they/them pronouns and she says nothing

No. 426946


lainey isn't home because she's at a hotel from fighting with gerg. Onion is drinking this to passive aggressively get her to worry about him instead of having any power over him.

No. 426947

Lainey said she had to leave, the discords said he should call poison control just for lainey, and he rolls his eyes and says

>guysss, im not gonna call poison controoollll

I hope he gets poisoned lol

No. 426948

lol you can hear his phone vibrating from Lainey blowing him up and he just ignores it

No. 426949

Wouldn't surprise me, she always seems to be home/doesn't have any irl friends to be out with

No. 426950

Hilarious too because he claimed he didn't have his phone to Lainey

No. 426951

I heard it too, which is funny since he said he didn't have his phone. He's clearly just trying to avoid her

No. 426952

Lainey is so fucking dramatic. He'll be fine.

No. 426953

The fact hes ignoring the shit out of his wife and always talking about macandcheese is hilarious though

Funny that, He just said he didn't have his phone on him

No. 426955

When will your fave have a fuckin domestic argument live on stream, jeez these people.

No. 426956

maybe tinfol, but for me it's all orchestred for extra drama to make the stream interesting

No. 426958


I don't think so, he loves pissing Lainey off, she's often in his streams and videos being worried. He's just doing it to piss her off.

No. 426959

Probably just lainey trying to get something to talk about in her stream

No. 426960

Lainey is probably crying right now.

No. 426961

everyone is swooning over billie 2.0

No. 426962

"I told you guys, Macncheese is SO funny"
-Greg just a minute ago

When will Lainey pull her head out of the sand? He's melting over this girl.

No. 426963

File: 1503442791031.png (341.2 KB, 909x520, Untitled.png)

d-list celeb dick riding attention whore confirmed

No. 426964

File: 1503442794026.jpg (16.3 KB, 473x86, Capture.JPG)

she's completely aware of what she is doing lol I'm interested to see how Lainey reacts

No. 426965

She's probably desperate for everyone to tell her that she's better looking lol

No. 426966

am I weird for thinking flithy frank or someone from the crew? i get papa franku vibes from his attempt at rebranding himself

No. 426968

Hm I doubt any of them would want anything to do with greg (no matter how hard he tries to be them/get their attention).

No. 426970


He's already tried to bait Filthy Frank, by comparing his videos to Frank's, asking why he's so popular when they did the same stuff. It was beautiful.

No. 426971

So she's intentionally emulating Billie. Despite how creepy it is, I hope she succeeds and slithers her skin-walking body into the Grease Mansion, and I hope she lets the animals free before tearing the onion family apart.

No. 426973

Didn't he do the same with Idubbbz, probably trying to get a content cop or something. Did he really think any of them would care enough to bother responding.

No. 426974


Yeah, he did it with papa Franku, iDubbbz and howtobasic. None of which responded. It was glorious.

No. 426980

File: 1503444171061.png (360.66 KB, 792x727, IMG_20170823_002059.png)

"Cant shoop video: the musical"

Looks nothing like Billie, nor her photos really.

No. 426983

File: 1503444264393.png (262.27 KB, 750x1334, Ay6ayPQ.png)

More of his staff/asslickers are leaving. I wonder if they've got enough on him now for future keks.

No. 426984

this man-child getting so desperate for dat money he is starting to pull a tom green rofl

No. 426985

lmao @ anons saying she's better looking at than billie she looks like a a goblin omfg

what do you mean?

No. 426986

File: 1503444518930.png (172.59 KB, 640x400, my_sides.png)


anon you're the best

>that fucking nose

No. 426988

Laineys streaming now, Apparently sick even though she wasn't home earlier? Hm

No. 426990

File: 1503444724128.jpg (455.88 KB, 2000x1118, catfish.jpg)

No. 426992

macandcheese is trying super hard to get Lainey to recognize her lol Lainey just keeps skipping over her comments or rolling her eyes

No. 426994

Lainey is pathetic but she isn't stupid. She knows what this girl is doing.

No. 426995

lainey is hardcore ignoring the pathetic catfish spamming her

No. 426996

File: 1503445261147.png (19.99 KB, 512x288, 6BD577D4-4028-4A92-AFFA-D71423…)

Classic product vs packshot right there's on macncheese

No. 426998

lainey paid for a plane ticket for snapchat girl to fly out but snapchat girl chickened out and has a boyfriend.

No. 426999

I remember the toys too, they had a lot.
I was using it as an example to illustrate how easy it could sound for neglectful parents to justify their own wants over the extra's for their children.
I think Lainey does care about her children but you can still be a neglecting POC especially when all you think about is online teenage 'gay' relationships.

No. 427000

wtf no way this should be allowed on there. This should be an auto-ban.

>i'm not home wtf am i supposed to do
go home? LOL. Where is she that she can be watching his stream and replying in chat nonstop, but is too busy to go home? At least now we know if onion has a heart attack or something, lameo will just be texting him in the other room.

Her nose looks completely different lmao. I think shes cute enough for onion to go for her. Shes cuter than ugly poop girl, but billie was still better looking. Now it all depends on if the girl has shit parents/will willingly fly over to gerg. Lameo disliking her wont stop onion boy.

No. 427003

I don't think she drives or has a car (someone correct me if I'm wrong). She's posted before about being out and needing Greg to "pick her up" from somewhere.

No. 427004

She said in the stream she went to sonic to get a slushie or some shit. She mentioned how she didn't break her side mirror this time.

No. 427007

ask lainey if she's a step mom plz

No. 427009


She does drive. Several of her newer videos show her driving to get some hair dye or something. She also backed Greg's old car into a pole and pissssed him off. He still talks about it.

No. 427010

She is so overdramatic. This is why people need to be screened before having children. These two absolute morons are incapable of caring for another living creature or human being.

No. 427011

File: 1503446002764.png (476.72 KB, 1080x915, IMG_20170823_005226.png)

Gr8 b8 m8

No. 427012

A part of me is thinking that Greg is doing all this on purpose(treating Lainey like shit, flying chicks over etc) to provoke people = more exposure etc since it's his last hope for an income that doesn't require him to get a real job. Lainey is probs in on it too since spaceprinces obvie shouldn't have to work.

These people have kids.. lord have mercy

No. 427013

Apparently Greg threw up, kek. He doesn't want to go to a doctor. https://www.younow.com/tinycatcactus/28283638/39839494/52ef931o/m

She also said that he didn't hug her (I guess for support?).

She repeated that she's 104lbs like three times.

Is anyone still a patreon of hers? Apparently she's uploading a 'saucy swimsuit haul' and her breasts were too big for all of it. Would love to see the space prince agender space prince with body dysmorphia doing a swimsuit haul.

No. 427014

Onion and Ash are talking in Lainey's chat. Mostly saying hi.

No. 427015


>i'm agender, stop misgendering me, hissss

>does a swimsuit haul probably only consisting of two piece suits showing her flacid tits

No. 427016


if ever there were a time for onion to get some justice this would be it

No. 427019

File: 1503447175980.png (472.26 KB, 1080x1564, 20170822_181148.png)

She's featured and definitely looks like she had cried.

No. 427020

File: 1503447181406.png (284.56 KB, 579x582, l.png)

please keep shit talking your ex-patrons gred, maybe more of them will leave.

No. 427026

On younow shes talking about starting a makeup channel

No. 427028

i like how he feels so entitled that he demands a reason why his patreons unpledged or thinks its not a good enough reason. It's donated money. They dont need a reason.

I bet onion is telling her to make multiple channels like he does since shes getting demonetized. She already makes makeup videos on her channel that suck. Why would she need a separate makeup channel?

No. 427031

Also, breastfeeding requires a ton more calories, and if you're not getting them, they will be taken from you. If she really wants to continue to breastfeed, she needs to eat properly, or she will suffer in the long run or potentially dry up quicker than she wanted to.

No. 427032

Ashlyn looks nothing like her instagram pics wow. I think she looks less attractive than Billie for sure, but her pictures are more attractive or at least same… That is insane.

Greg already knows that she doesn't look like her pictures though bc he showed up to her stream to visit and give her advice. So I think Greg would still go for her. Personally I think Vix was better looking and more of a baby face.

Him and noses though, like he clearly wants someone with a cute little button nose like Billie but keeps ending up with noses like Laineys or Ashlyn's. Kek.

I think he'll pursue Ashlyn if he has the chance. I do think Lainey will make it really hard for him to do so. I also would bet a million bucks that Ashlyn lurks here, so Hi Ashlyn!

Also there was an anon that said with absolute certainty that Greg made videos about Eugenia because her situations pertained to his personal life. Well no duh anon, that's not rocket science. I have no doubt Lainey is trying SUPER HARD to be anorexic for Greg's attention. So Lainey, NO you are not anorexic, you don't even LOOK anorexic. No one cares how much you weigh, least of all Greg.

I think she doesn't realize just how much she annoys him. Watching Greg roll his eyes and talk down to Lainey while being so enamored of Macncheese was all the proof she should need. Greg could care less that she's starving herself because I'm sure that he can tell she's doing it for attention.

Lainey probably misses when everyone (even farmers) used to pity her and baby her (because back then she practically was a baby)…But as a grown adult with two kids to think of now she has lost all of that attention and it's obvious she wants it back. Neither her husband, nor the internet fawns over her any longer and that's got to sting.

No. 427034

>Lainey probably misses when everyone (even farmers) used to pity her and baby her

You hit the nail on the head. Its why during the break up she was so upset people were actually taking Billie's side and not hers. She wants people to feel bad for her, but at this point she is no longer a dumb teenager, she's a grown women with two children who needs to start taking responsibility for her own fuck ups.

No. 427035


She knows this and has been using breast feeding to lose weight. Why do you think she hasn't stopped breast feeding her first kid yet?

No. 427038

File: 1503449530295.png (890.24 KB, 1170x756, Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 8.51…)


No. 427039

>Why do you think she hasn't stopped breast feeding her first kid yet?

That would end up requiring her to actually feed the child nutritious meals that she would have to prepare and make which would take up her precious instagram time anon~

No. 427041


Hi Ashlynn, sorry bitch your true self has been revealed. Please kindly get your overgrown watermelon head out of here unless you got some juice about your self and the greg.

No. 427043

For once, I'll defend Lainey (in a way) and say maybe she knows breast milk is healthier for them than the vegetarian diet (see: bean burritos from taco bell and veganaise) Greg will want to inflict on them. But she could, you know, stand up to him and demand they eat meat, at least until they can decide if they want to be vegetarians. Pipe dream, I know.

No. 427044


Wow, she looks super average in these, nothing like her profile picture at all. She has a weird weak jawline and her nose is way too big on her face

No. 427045

loooooooooong ass nose

No. 427046

File: 1503450156439.jpg (653.66 KB, 2000x1118, nocunt.jpg)

too late to redeem yourself, nothing like your profile pic at all

atleast billie at all angles looks the same, not catfish game on her

No. 427048

She looks like a wacky, disproportioned Snapchat filter, except it's just her natural head/face.

I find it funny that Lainey finds shit out in real time along with the internet like Becks arrival and
the Bleach stunt. Greg doesn't consider her in any decisions he makes lol.

No. 427050

Ash exists.

No. 427057


>poop girl was ugly

>lainey getting uglier and older
>only girl similar to billie turned to be ugly as shit too

onionboy is having one hell of a month, for sure

No. 427059


2017 has not been kind to Onion-boy at all.

No. 427062

>She wants people to feel bad for her,

This along with the fake gayboy, bisexual, poly, anxiety, anorexic attention seeking stuff makes me wonder what stunts she'll try in the future. How long until we learn she actually has a rarely-diagnosed-suspiciously-trendy illness to be her new personality?

>I find it funny that Lainey finds shit out in real time along with the internet

This is the most depressing thing I've read all day. I honestly think we know as much as onion's thought process as she does. He doesn't want her involved in his decision making, I doubt he even wants her in his daily life anymore.

No. 427064

At her daughter's current age, all the milk she's producing should just be meeting her daily caloric needs.

I just don't know how it's possible that she's producing enough for her one year old and some for her 3 year old too.

She really is a legit cow if she actually do it.

No. 427065

pretty sad to think a mother would entertain the idea of drying up her own milk supply at some stupid revenge diet because she and her husband bicker nonstop

No. 427066

File: 1503454001825.png (51.63 KB, 589x284, Screenshot.png)

I doubt she is doing both.

No. 427067

wtf that even mean? i breatfed two kids. you got to tiddies, you make milk all day. express it, store it, and if you spill some, grab some more.

sage for motherfagging

No. 427068

no kids here, but my take on it was something had happened where she was unable to for Troy for one reason or another. maybe she produces less than some people because of her ~diet~

No. 427069

Lainey should know that if she leaves grug she'd be as popular as she wants, have all the internet feel bad for her and baby her again and gain a ton of subscribers.
should go like this: leave greg, find a stupid girlfriend for the views and start a boring family, gay,'omg I'm so special' vlog channel and get a ton of patreons.
hell she could even say all the lies she wants about Onision and everyone would believe her, not that she needs to, true stories would be more than enough.

obviously she only cares about the internet popularity and trends so she should get behind this plan.

No. 427070


Also another Anon that's not had kids yet. When do you stop producing milk after having a child?

I just read an article that if you stop breast feeding a baby you'll dry up after 7-10 days. Do you keep producing milk as long as you breast feed a child?

Maybe Lainey has been keeping troy on the titty the past two years to keep her weight down, since she was around 120-115lb when Onion and her first got together, now she says shes 104lb.

No. 427072

from my experience, yea. but as much as its touted as a weight loss claim. i personally believe a lot of people spread that around to new mothers as a way to get them to breastfeed because bouncing back from baby weight asap is unfortunately important.

while it burns calories, you still need to make sure your diet is varied and nutritious. so, speculating, if lainey crash diets, could be bad for milk supply, but she doesnt look haggard, just like a mom, tired and shit, so i agree with a lot of other anons, shes no ana. so if shes still producing enough milk for two kids, she is eating more than shes letting on or something.

No. 427073

Are we seriously gonna debate over Lainey's sagging tits? Really?

Yet farmers can no longer talk about the sekrit child and baby-momma?

…okay then .

No. 427074

>believing anything lameo says

She said she was 5'3" and 104 pounds and that puts her at a bmi of 18, which is still healthy for a weight she fabricated.
"Wahh I'm so unhealthy for my size"
If you're going to lie, at least do it right.

She is most likely 115 or 120. She isn't fat but she would have more muscle mass if she didn't cry over girls all day like a a pathetic bitch.

No. 427075

Except I firmly believe Lainey is not attracted to girls in the slightest. She barely did more than kiss Billie and had plenty of opportunity to. She likes guys, she just let Onion talk her into liking girls for his own benefit and bc she thinks it makes her more attractive in her husband's eyes. (Which it does since he has a fetish for it, and enjoys having two women kiss up to him and fight over him)

I believe without a doubt that Lainey would end up with some other guy if her and Greg ever split. She'd date a girl for a while so that she'd save face I'm sure, but it wouldn't be long before she was with a man.

No. 427076

File: 1503455132140.png (64.62 KB, 613x361, Screenshot.png)

what would you consider to be a decent cut-off age?

No. 427077

Of course, Anon, only an idiot would believe her special snowflake status, that's why I said for the views. If she goes after a guy right away she would kill her "career"
maybe she would go for a butch one

No. 427079

Eh it actually doesn't matter if she does for over a year. Lainey is just going to pretend she's revolutionary for doing it when she really isn't( it's alot more common than people think )

No. 427081

I think it is inappropriate to breastfeed for a really long time. For example if the kid can talk, you probably shouldn't be whipping your tits out for them.

Just feels wrong to me. Granted others can think differently, just think Lainey thinks she's so special because she breastfeeds so she doesn't want to give it up. Like those women on facebook who post their naked tit breastfeeding pics for attention.

No. 427082


exactly, as an actual bisexual girl the same age as Lainey in a 5+ year long term relationship with a man I would be all over any decent piece of ass in every kinky way imaginable.

sage for gross blogpost but lainey is sexually very heterosexual and insecure.

she makes videos about being kinky and sexually open but in practice it's all tumblr talk.

No. 427083

id say about 2 years old. as they are introduced to solid foods they become less and less interested in breast milk and it happens naturally

No. 427086

File: 1503455872256.png (Spoiler Image,492.46 KB, 834x543, Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 10.3…)



Are all of his female fanbase catfishes ? I was looking at that one fans name thinking it sounded familiar " InvaderNoodles", then remembered it was some fat trailer trash looking cosplayer that PULL likes to talk about.

No. 427087

weak genes. your kids will be gay manlets

No. 427088


I agree, anon. I believe if the kid can "ask for it" and form memories it is inappropriate.

I would be mortified if I could remember nursing from my mom and it would make our modern day relationship awkward and weird.

No. 427089


If the kid is talking and she's breast feeding them still .. her nips probably look like minced meat.

No. 427090

Did she say she's still breastfeeding him?
Honestly, a lot of mothers don't stop because it keeps their children calm. For example, some will use it as a way to put the child down to sleep. She's probably not getting a ton of sleep. I wonder if she has to pump a lot to keep up with it all. She's definitely suffering from a lack of proper nutrition though.

No. 427091

My nipples suddenly disappeared.
I beg you to Stop Anon, for the love of god.

No. 427093

But then he wouldn't be the "creative genius" he thinks he is, if he had to script this stuff. It's gotta be sPoNtAnEoUs!!!

No. 427094

i'm not sure if shes feeding them both… during the younow someone asked if its easy for kids to latch on when feeding and she continues with "Some kids are easier than others" or something along those lines

No. 427095

File: 1503456786217.png (182.14 KB, 1080x965, 20170822_205214.png)

I have an infant and what the American Association of Pediatrics recommends is 1 year minimum and up to 2 years is considered good. The concerning part is continuing to breastfeed a toddler with a significantly bigger appetite than her infant and possibly compromising her infants dietary needs because she won't tell her son that he's a big boy now and she needs to feed only her baby now. Anon above was right, a mother's milk is naturally customized for what the BABY needs, your bodynis not accounting for a much older child feeding too.

No. 427096

Personal opinion, I think 2 to 3 is fine. Hell, if you want to keep going, pump it and give it to them in a cup. After that, I feel like it's probably not sending a good message to the child, regardless of the arguments about "milk teeth" and such. I see a lot of these sort of messages in vegan/vegetarian circles and "natural" pages. You'll usually see a bunch of talk about how "cow's milk is for baby cows" simultaneously with the notions of long term breastfeeding.

I honestly wouldn't judge someone for what they do in the privacy of their home, within reason. It is irritating to see someone pushing these ideas homologous to their "eating disorder" though. It would do Lainey a lot of good to join some support groups and speak to a therapist.

No. 427098


I am not sure how old her daughter is but if she is only breast feeding her child or even half breast feeding her child and feeding solid foods, the child can suffer from malnutrition and have growth and mental development from it.

It can even be considered neglectful if the mother does this, legally. The child will suffer in the long run because of the nutritional neglect.

It's actually disgusting if you think about it.

>Poor development

>Feeding difficulties
>Respiratory distress

No. 427099

Damn, Billie may want to hire some bodyguards with this bitch and Plainey wanting to wear her skin.

No. 427100

Some mothers "designate" a breast to the child their feeding when tandem feeding. Supposedly, this solves the issue.
Sage for irrelevance.

No. 427101

I hope Onion pines after Billie for life haha (provided he leaves her alone and keeps going for the Billie clones)

No. 427102

If these kids go to a pediatrician, they monitor all of this. They will get involved if they don't follow the "curve" on their height, weight and age. I know that there are posts that say that Greg doesn't like doctors, but I imagine they still take them. It can be considered negligence if they're not seen for the first two years or so.

No. 427110


This post just reminded me of something. Wasn't Lainey bragging about being a medical student a few years back? What ever happened to that?

Also it kinda makes onions rant about doctors seem also targeted towards her since it was her previous aspiration.

No. 427117

I get the sense Lainey probably doesn't research much, given how badly the pets are treated in that house. The fact that Greg bleats about evil doctors all the time, I wonder if they would even feel compelled to listen to a pediatricians advice.

Honestly, Gregs YT career really needs to fail, if anything but to humble his ass. He needs to learn the lesson that hes a high school grad, he cant expect to know as much or more than a television agent, a tax consultant, a doctor, an editor, etc.

No. 427118

She shoops that nose so much. hahaha. It reminds me of Felice fawn's shoops.

No. 427120


go to the boob nazi general b4 you derail about breastfeeding, lainey is a flake in there too

No. 427124


Seriously fuck yourself, Lainey is a part of the thread now and talking about her shit is not derailing you fucking cunt threadcop.

No. 427125


and sage your fucking shit.

No. 427126

Not that anon but god damn, chill out. They aren't completely wrong, the breastfeeding did derail cause Lainey wasn't the topic, the age of where to stop was. It ain't that serious, chill.

No. 427127

File: 1503460584398.jpg (17.13 KB, 512x288, 21597_512x288_manicured__EjA3K…)


yessss its so sad and it just won't stop!

like remember when the trio of garbage was together and all the onions fans were saying how they thought onision and billie were cuter together etc. when he would fight with lainey and all of his own fans would be like "you should stay with billie! BILLIE!". so onion loved billie and all of onion's fans loved billie too. and lainey was the sad mother that everyone ignored in the situation.

its so strange seeing how lainey is trying so hard to be liked the way that billie was. she keeps trying to get into the same things as her (dyed hair, alt makeup, anime, etc) and stealing her style and its straight up sad tbh.

like remember how before billie came along, all of onison's fangirls tried to look like lainey? they don't do that anymore. now they all try to be fat billies. she was replaced and i think that realizes it. even all these months after, you still see the comment sections asking for billie to come back and the bitches trying to copy billie's makeup on twitter. people just don't care for boring lainey. like how pathetic billie isn't even involved anymore

pic related billie and lainey

No. 427136


Ashlyn stop self posting here and fly the fuck out there so we can get some more goddamned milk out of these fools!

No. 427137

Even that one girl that was basically a clone of Lainey moved on to trying to emulate Billie. She went from exact Lainey hair cut and plaid clothes to trying to grow her hair out and she dyed it pink/blue/etc.

Lainey's short hair is the aftermath of Onion. Greg prefers longer hair (even if he lies to Lainey and says he doesn't) and then girls who end up with Greg are convinced by Greg to shave/cut/dye it. It's like a control thing for him to take away their long womanly hair.

No. 427142

>now they all try to be fat billies

Doesnt happen that often… but I laughed the fuck out loud when I read that. ty

No. 427143

No. 427146

File: 1503462059927.jpg (56.48 KB, 422x433, 653351503.jpg)

Holy shit, With that side by side comparison of her pictures - its like when you smash Silly Putty on a photo and then stretch it out sideways.

Maybe the glam photo on the left is a combo of photoshop and an old photo before the weight gain

No. 427147


Yet Skye got out of there with her hair unscathed while Lainey and the others were drastically changed for the worst, appearance-wise.

…except for that one time in 2007 where she chopped her hair off so who knows

No. 427153

File: 1503463959838.png (1.08 MB, 1234x1272, Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.5…)

No. 427154

Poor Beck is old news. Greg is in full on hunt mode over Ashlyn. I bet Greg doesn't even realize the disconnect between her pics and her stream.

I wonder how long before Greg gets super annoyed that Lainey won't act on "her" desires

No. 427155


Maybe onion's just taking whatever he can get

No. 427156

She knows damn well that she was only there for him.

No. 427157

she needs a proper husband too

No. 427160

even sarah ended up trying to copy billie lmao. Funny how lameo only decides to grow out her hair after the billie shit. Shes already over her agender shit.

lol i swear they can never go long in that house without flying/inviting someone over. I feel like onion and lameo can barely stand to be together.

Who was the snapchat girl who lameo tried to fly over that failed? Also funny how they have the money to still shill out tickets for girls to visit them.

No. 427161

I think snapchat girl was probably some chubby transtrender with buzzcut that Greg definitely wouldn't wanna fuck.
Lainey wouldn't fuck her either, she'd just be there as Lainey's personal entertainer and emotional support.

No. 427165

File: 1503471306702.png (46.96 KB, 554x406, 566478890.PNG)

Maybe Im reading too much into the rest of the their conversation, but…
He skirts her "I tried to be Laineys wife" comment by talking about Supernatural and Star Wars, and she tries to keep him talking to her by going with the Star Wars topic and asks "Favorite episode?" and all she hears is crickets.
Greg is like, sorry gotta move on to another Fat Billie Skinwalker

No. 427166

I'd read the same into that. Cringing that she though a one word "Yep!" meant he wanted to keep talking. Ouch.

Onion boy is scraping the bottom of the barrel and he can't even make that work. The whole Billie thing really fucked things up for him - he needed their first triad to work because Lainey was still stupid enough to think he was doing it "for her". Now she knows the deal she'll never agree to another third, and even if she does she'll be careful with the rules. He must be fuming - not only did he lose the most attractive girl he will ever get (Billie's no supermodel, but she's cute and Onion is aging like milk), but he lost his chance to trick his agender space prince into letting him fuck another woman/have a girlfriend.

No. 427167

honestly, i wish lameo divorced onion boy and just ran off with billie lol no cupcake or the sprinkles on top

No. 427169

I wish she didn't take him back after he tried to run off with Billie at the airport and she said no. How sad life must be when your husband can proposition another woman and be turned down by her, then come home to you and act like your marriage is fine and the other woman is the problem. Plainey is an idiot.

No. 427174


Girl has to live in denial if she wants to continue living in a rundown mansion with young female fans of husband kissing her ass 24/7.

Also love the fact that Greg was so incredibly butt hurt when Billie moved on to Drew before he could lure one response from her to make his signature "all my ex's wanted to get back with me" crap statement.

He was absolutely seething when they told him to stop contacting Billie too.

God, those were the milkiest of days. Here's to hoping fat Billie skinwalker can bring forth such milk.

No. 427177

if lameo divorces onion boy, i think she would get some pity subscribers because she'd be a single mom. hell, make some exposing videos.
(but her videos are being demontizied anyways)

No. 427182


Honestly I dont think Billie ever was that much into Lainey to begin with so that would have never happened. Billie was more there for Greg, if not totally.

No. 427183

File: 1503476486676.jpg (45.88 KB, 480x480, 12292679_157730541249515_15727…)

Nor was Lainey into Billie. She might've considered her cool and wanted to hang out with her (pre-cuddlegate) but that was it.

Those early Billie and Lainey kissing video were awkward and forced as fuck. Not to mention Onion was filming thenlm while fapping in the corner which raises the creep factor to highest levels.

No. 427184


Man, Billie's eyeliner's on fleek while Lame's looks like shit! Kek

Just give it up Doormat, you can't have Billie's skin,

No. 427185

File: 1503477286701.jpg (214.9 KB, 810x1152, IMG_20170823_103331.jpg)

Reading Clogger's tweets is next level cringe

No. 427186

when cuddlegate first happened and lameo actually broke up with onion/considered divorce and spoke her mind on twitter, that was like THE time to break it off. Looking back im surprised she ever did that much, because she now just lays down like a doormat regardless of what onion does and hes done worse since then. She gave in so easily to his love bombing and only tried counseling for a day. It's like after that incident, she became an even bigger doormat than she was before.

I feel like both her and lameo are not into girls but think they are and were trying it out. I feel like billie probably went there with good intentions but then developed a crush on onion boy and all the promises he was making her about paying for all her shit and he was likely lovebombing her to death and very nice in the beginning. I also 100% believe when billie got there lameo was rolling her eyes, acting cold towards her, not wanting to hang out, feeling jealous, etc and thats why billie ended up gravitating towards onion and liking him better. I bet if lameo and her were actually friends and she didn't feel like lameo hated her all the time, she would have sided more with lainey on things.

I noticed lamey's eyeliner technique changed after meeting and hanging out with billie and now it looks similar to how billie does it. In that picture you can see how she used to curve it way up.

No. 427191


I know, I just wanted to fuck with her since she lurks here, the stupid bitch.

No. 427193

She looks like a twink ginger
Billie if I recall is kind of into ladies genuinely though because she had a short relationship/love affair with ayallah.

No. 427196

awk personally i think lainey looks cute there. she has a nice face, i find her face more favourable to look at here. she just seems awkward and hasn't grown into her skin.

she was 17 when an older man got interested, then lovebombed her and married her within months. at 17 i was not as mature as i thought, and still very silly. i'm 26 now and still feel silly at times.

lainey has had kids young, married young and is married to an immature man who will never build up her confidence or self esteem. i can understand why she is bitter, she probably doesn't feel like she can relate to another soul in the world and why she probably spends her hours online.

i wish she would leave him. her early yt videos i've saw with her friend and they were at school she seemed happy and a normal girl. i think she's shy and her and onion have little in common it's why we find her so unengaging.

like it's not a bad trait to not be able to let your whole personality shine on the internet, some people are just more introverted and personable. she didn't want to be a youtube star, i think she geniuenly had a crush on onionboy and explored it, i bet she got caught up. adrienne previous, a 26 yr old got caught up and nearly moved state for him even after meeting him in person.

he picks girls well initially, he's shit himself at keeping it up. he changes, then we see the girls changing drastically shortly after as they can't understand what happened.

only girl not to go thru a drastic transformation was skye, and i assume that's because they met in highschool, had common interests and bonded in the normal way in person over time.

No. 427198

File: 1503480740623.jpg (480.86 KB, 1200x1600, pt2017_08_23_17_26_16.jpg)

Man, it's not even funny anymore. Lainey's hair is fried af and it might just start falling out if she continues lusting after Billie's skin.

I think this is the 3rd consecutive colour

No. 427199

That hair color and style aged her 15 years overnight but she's too busy trying to get Onion's attention as a Billie clone to notice until her hair falls out.

No. 427200

I'll admit your perspective is a very sad version of her life, but I think you're giving her way too much leeway in terms of responsibility.

She's not exactly a young girl who was abducted and groomed by an older man.

There were plenty of people who objected her marriage and relationship to Greg which included her entire family and majority of the internet.

People sent physical letters to her parents, they did everything they could to stop her but she still went behind their backs to marry him.

It's not like she was uninformed or ignorant as well. She grew up watching all the Shiloh milk and watching Greg fully abuse her. She read Adrienne's letter and get response was "I hate her, I know Greg was better"

While 17 is young, I think it's also an age where you should be held accountable for your bratyiness. She was a brat and still is.

No. 427207

idk, when i was 17 and felt in my heart that something was true etc (remember how daft 17 yr olds are) and the whole world was against it, i'd still have went for it. what teenager doesn't rebel.

i think people are genuinely too hard on lainey in here and need to understand, this is a young girl, who met a freak of a man who is teetotal might i add; he came down to encroach on her time as a student at uni, then got her pregnant.

the girl has missed out on so many normal coming of age moments, she was forced to grow up fast by an immature jerk, so her development as a rational thinking person didn't develop just all this impending stress and responsibility; from living with her parents to immediately becoming a parent. that's a lot to take on.

blog: i moved out of home at 19 with my hs bf who was 3 yrs my senior and vastly more immature than me and had no drive to better himself personally and career wise. after therapy etc i finally left him at 23 to finally take my turn to get back into education and make a proper stab at life.

young girls get drawn away into fantasy i believe and parent's can be surprisingly nonchalant about it because puppy love etc or society standards of girls, it's an interesting topic and disproportionately affects young girls rather than young males. probably something about women hold little value in society besides babies and sex.

we also don't know the greg tactics used to get this young girl to go down the aisle with him so soon. also she told greg she lied about her age, she came clean in her lies, he's never came clean to her before. he's more the fool for marrying her.

No. 427208

File: 1503486860988.jpg (27.87 KB, 480x320, david-3.jpg)


Laineybot's old photobucket

No. 427211

I love how you dont hold her accpuntable for her actions
>after her husband leaks billies biggest secret she asks, wheres my support
>lures minors and the youngest girls they can into their home
>manipulates woman after woman while her husband berates them about their sex life

Not to mention she is fast turning into a fucking munchie with all the shit she pretends to have, blatently copying billie then accusing billie of harassing her?!
Stop being so sweet to her anon. That's what the smol space prinxe wants. Just wait till the next time she shit talks you like she did all those supporters trying to help her escape.

No. 427214

she's what age now, 22?

4+ yrs living with a mentally debilitating person. a control freak. sure he has only recently given her slight free reign on her on channel, he use to direct her in real time for all to see.

sorry but some of y'all put too much on lainey to manage.
> she can be pissed about billie and be a salty bitch, billie and her husband both disrespected her in her own home. what was lainey suppose to do after greg already released info? how could she fix it, greg invited Beck over without telling her, you think he runs things by her???
> the only girl(s) lainey has lured to that house were Sarah and Billie. The Mercedes girl seems like a genuine friend to Lainey and that shows something. her IRL friend still stands by her and she's always chirpy and happy around Lainey.
Sarah left, no drastic abuse stories about her and she talks freely
> Billie, again she came herself. she was on youtube, had been to other youtuber's places, had been to SR, seems to know the drill. I doubt Lainey cast out much of a lure tbh, and again, we have no idea what Greg was doing in these initial stages, prob already having his own convos with these girls
> Lainey isn't manipulating anyone. the girl wears her heart on her sleeve unintentionally. her face gives her away.

also lainey can't shit talk me, she hasn't a fucking clue who i am lol

No. 427215

Laineybot is looking haggard AF with her new hair and those god awful glasses.

No. 427216

Your stance would be valid if this was just Lainey in her first pregnancy.

Unfortunately time has passed now and we've seen all the questionable behaviour she's demonstrating. From interacting inappropriately with minors to acting as a lure for young girls for her husband.

She has self awareness that what Greg is doing is wtong. We've all seen her acknowledge it at times. But she won't act on it.

Greg releases private info on Billie and what does she do? Makes a video crying about what about me?
"That 19 year old ruined my marriage, how dare you guys pity her. I'm just a smol fragile bean and she's a bully who misgendered me!"

Trust me anon, most if not all of us were like you. But we just grew tired of giving Lainey excuses for her shitty behaviour.

No. 427217

also i want to add

sage for blogpost: my hs bf was a 'creative' type and it was acceptable that he didn't work to try and be a shitty artist (my dad actually supplemented him a wage as i couldn't afford to be the only one working). and you know what, i still got beat up and emotionally abused for his failings.

y'all have no idea if greg is violent against lainey. no one believed me that my sweet unassuming shy bf could be so violent.

years later im still dealing with being a bitch even tho i returned from my lunch hour with a concussion, bleeding and black eye but was already on probation for being kept late by the same twat so had to go in.

desperate girls will overlook any nightmare if it's pretty and it's sickening.

i bet greg abuses lainey emotionally and physically and i just want her to leave him.

No. 427218

i liked lainey's video after the billie stuff, i liked hearing her side.

i'm with lainey, it's fuck all to do with her that greg released info and making that the big point. the point for lainey is that she admitted to being insecure, unsure and feeling alone and that neither of her partners in her house were willing to talk to her about any of it, just ignore her and leave her to deal with kids.

imagine being lainey with her kids. greg's family don't like her. she lives in another state from her family. has virtually no friends. she probably only knows how to relate to kids, she was plucked from the world right when all these doors would have opened and she went in the onion one. i want her to just get out in her early 20s so she can still have normal life for herself and her kids.

like i fucking hate greg. i see so much of my ex in him

No. 427224

Ur preaching to the wrong crowd. Take this shit to tumblr or something and you'll get more support. No one feels bad for Lainey anymore. Everyone obviously wants her to leave but that doesn't mean we need to be sympathetic anymore. She KNOWS what he does is shitty, she KNOWS he continues to do it, and she's had her chance to leave and just went running back. She is choosing Greg over and over conciously.
There is no excuse. She's not a victim, she's putting her own children in danger because -she haaaas- to be with Greg.
She's made her bed and now she lays in it.
Stop with the sympathy posts, because no one here cares

No. 427225

fuck off ashhead or toilet plunger beck - nobody gives a fuck about lainey because she leaves animals in the sweltering heat in the fucking tank near the sun, doesn't look after her kids and sits on the internet all day pretending to be bi with shitty dumb ass pronouns

No. 427226

File: 1503490251038.png (497.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170823-130439.png)

Scum. Looks like Gregma is trying to claim ad money by submitting copyright claims against small youtubers who have videos that are eligible for monetizing. Videos do not contain his content. Fucking uncool.

No. 427227

File: 1503490391289.jpg (123.7 KB, 886x882, soGvCAd.jpg)

oshit it really is hers

No. 427228

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!! Why is he doing this, this doesn't change things - what a fucking sleeze ball, trying to make money off good content of others. Jesus christ if he just got a real job he wouldn't have to be such a piece of fucking shit all the god damn time. Makes me actually angry.

No. 427229

Look, no one cares about your sob story and how your dad is on the spectrum. You're seriously just projecting onto her. Just stop Lainey isn't you.

You have very different circumstances and it's not just a few anons hating on Lainey suddenly. It's been like this for the past few threads now and collectively, majority of us all with varying backgrounds and experiences have deemed her to be a shitty person.

Even people who have met her irl are saying she's a shitty person. Just think about that and stop pushing your battered victim agenda

No. 427230

oh bitch what's going on in your life

the girl needs therapy not a days worth. greg is the wanker here, i bet u love skye too. the hypocrisy

No. 427231

why would anyone think im fucking beck, beck could give a fuck about lainey lol.

and yes i hate how they treat their animals!! but they barely look after themselves, they both just sit in their gloomy house all day exasperating their depressive states

No. 427232

File: 1503490996014.png (758.99 KB, 864x840, wutlol.png)

I think we found the reason Onision hates shane so much lol

No. 427233

Okay where did all the random Lainey supporters come from? Cause if you're still in that stage you won't feel welcome here. Farmers here have long realized that Lainey is just as bad as Greg and that she THRIVES on sympathy and babying, so take that somewhere else.

Also, why does Lainey look like a druggie in all those photobucket pics?

No. 427234

i don't have a victim agenda, but the constant berating of lainey's looks is tiresome.

we get it, discord and desperate girls lurk here and still want the gregma's attention, calling lainey ugly here isn't going to help you.

No. 427236

old news, she found out about gerg through his collab with shane. he's well aware she was a fan of shane first.

No. 427237

It's fair game because she's trying so hard to look alt and Billie-like. If she was how she looked a few months ago people wouldn't really care

No. 427238

File: 1503491511819.png (197.87 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1119.PNG)

No. 427239

The original tweet is 4 years old

No. 427240

Yes, it is. But Gerg and Lainey's replies are not.

No. 427242

Is there any confirmed cows in onions patron? Tempted to try to infiltrate and monitor what gets said there.

No. 427243

she was grooming Sarah since 14. forget having a normal life.

No. 427245

Don't bother. I tried doing that and the answer is they are all fucking awful. Pledged a dollar and took it out in 48 hours. My opinion of him and his fanbase went from poor and borderline pitying, to full on frothing at the fucking mouth. I eagerly await his "why did you pull your pledge" message

No. 427246

Wow really :/

No. 427248


Yes. And now I deal with knowing I contributed a dollar to his income. I would have rather set the money on fire.

No. 427249

From the way they're typing, it's just one person throwing themselves a pity party about their lives and projecting that onto Lainey.

Also, that was the 'in' think back then. Plus her ex bf was a pot smoker I think, so I wouldn't be surprised if she used to be one too secretly.

No. 427250

Jesus, did you at least take caps? It would have been a dollar redeemed if you did.

No. 427252

I think we are capable of both wanting Lainey to take responsibility for her own actions while also acknowledging that she is probably fucked beyond repair from the grooming, manipulation, abd emotional abuse from Greg. And when I think about it like that sometimes I do feel bad for her. I want her to get out, but I also knowvshe herself has acted terribly. People can have both viewpoints

No. 427253

Since the thing with Shane fell through, I wonder if Onision will try to get on the h3h3 podcast next.

No. 427254


I took some videos of parts of his streams that I found absolutely repulsive, such as the chlorox incident last night, and the previous evening where he rambled some shit about "underdeveloped girls" to justify the fact he is a fucking ephebophile

No. 427258

no pity party, a lot of the anons on here talk about therapy and suffering abuse etc, i've actually been to therapy, just throwing out my opinions, sorry some of yall cant relate.

an abused animal acts terrible and has bad behavioural problems, the fact so many of you will call greg psychotic, but not think that he inflicts violence on lainey and controls her is so bizarre.

i feel like i am talking to greg's teen patrons half the time i post about lainey, it only seems acceptable to drag her looks. yes we get it, she's copying billie's style. as i said, she's emulating what she thinks greg likes since he no longer likes herself.

i swear some of yall young af

No. 427260

A lot of us have been to therapy. Lainey has proven time and time again that she's a terrible being.

I don't even know what the point of your ramble was. If you can't cope that some people have opinions different from yours, that's not the right place for you.

Feel free to post anything that hasn't been posted yet. But I have the same issue with him.

No. 427261

have a different opinion then no need to get petty.
and if you've been to therapy you'd have a whole lot more empathy for her tbh, rather than call her a terrible person for opening her home to 2 girls. neither of which left with complaints about lainey. (iirc billie said nothing against her) only girls that drag lainey have been desperate cloggers like Beck

take what you want from that

No. 427262

I never understood why people try to say how Lainey was young, naive, and taken advantage of. I'm the same age as Billie and if anyone I know my age acted in the way Lainey or even Billie did then people would think it was really weird. Most teens do stupid stuff like getting caught for underage drinking, not getting with a creepy washed up married man with kids. It's simply not normal to not have enough common sense to avoid this situation.

No. 427264

it is really weird it's why he's been a cow for years, he attracts vunerable girls. he's money behind him, gregariously tries to stick to the law (kek), has pseudocelebrity status.

half of the people your age will not tell you half of the weird shit they get up to or involved in, luckily greg puts it on camera

No. 427265


Sorry but fuck no. We all have been through shit. I agree that she may be going through abuse, but she has been offered help so many times that it's not even funny. There are millions of abused men and women out there that don't get any help yet we should feel bad for Lainey? Fuck that. Also, she has two kids, which should at least give her a legit reason to grow up, not for herself but for her children.

No. 427266

I don't understand why some anon is upset with farmers ragging on Lamey when her name is now on the thread. She is a full fledged cow on her own now.

No. 427267


not the anon up Plainey's ass but this comment is very ignorant

No. 427268

I disagree with you. I am an older anon and many people I know have gotten into many bad situations when young. You seem to have been lucky to grow up with good situations that didn't leave you vulnerable.

No. 427269

Eh, she was 17 and greg told her whatever she wanted to make it seem like she'd be living a life of celebrity status. People warned her but she had her head in the clouds abd was easily manipulated by Greg. It shouldn't even be a debate at this point that Greg groomed her. We may not like her or are tired of her bullshit but as far as her relationship goes she is a victim. People are just tired of feeling sorry for her all the time. At this point if she wants help she needs to reach out to people, she won't listen to anyone.

No. 427271

do you realise she can be both vulnerable and manipulated, and also at the same to have crossed the line herself? one does not exclude the other. there's no getting around her spending two years grooming a teen to be her 'bestie' and implied future gf.

No. 427272


This. We don't justify or pity a pedophile's behavior just because they were abused or traumatized when young.

No. 427273

I used to feel sorry for Taylor as well, up until the point she blamed Billie for Greg's breaking his marital vows, and up until the point she supported his sociopathic and abusive behavior to Billie, and up until the point she passive-aggressively manipulated Greg so that his psychotic behavior would focus on Billie and get her to leave rather than telling both of them that she wasn't comfortable with the situation any longer. The pnly reason why Billie isnt living with Greg now is because Billie ultimately had more integrity in her little finger than both Greg and Taylor put together. She basically entirely owes the fact that she is still blissfully married to Greg to Billie (which come to think of it, may be why she hates Billie). She also, as another anon pointed out, pulled underage Sarah into that mess, and that was a deliberate action. I feel sorry for 17 year old Taylor, but not at all for 22 year old "Lainey." She has purposefully thrown aside any hand that has ever been extended to help her– literally mocking people who have expressed legitimate concern and care for her, including repeatedly throwing her own family under the bus for fucking Greg. She's as shitty as he is, and she is 100% on board with his fucking awful behavior.

No. 427274

its not unheard of for victims to of long term abuse to start acting like their abusers. yes its fucked and no its not ok but ultimately she needs help.

No. 427275

Onion was abused when he was a child as well, yes? (Or at least went through some fucked up shit) Should we pity him as well?

No. 427277

And? What do you want us to do about it? Lainey doesn't want help, so no matter what help she received it will do nothing. Not to mention when a troll came through and made it seem she was actually in danger, many anons pulled resources together to get a wellness check done by the police. Help is useless if she doesn't want to leave.

No. 427279

I understand if people don't take advantage of help from random strangers on the internet, but her family wanted to help her out and her dad offered to get her out of the prenup. Instead she told Greg about it and he made that stupid video about her dad.

She's not going to change. It doesn't really matter how it got the way it is now because it won't change and it doesn't excuse her actions.

I won't pity Lainey for the path she took, even if she was a stupid teenager and is now a stupid adult.

No. 427281

How many times has this conversation devolved to arguing about whether or not to feel sorry for Lainey? Who cares what other anons personally feel about her? These threads are getting exhausting to follow.

No. 427283

That's my point tho, she won't accept any help because she doesn't want it. No matter where it comes from. As another anon said, I feel bad for 17 year old Lainey but not 22 year old Lainey

No. 427284

Please share them!

No. 427285

stay classy

No. 427286

Anyone that went through abuse and doesn't attempt to break the cycle is a terrible person tbqh

No. 427288

This is most likely underaged, I would consider deleting that

No. 427289

Wait is that actually considered CP by law even if there's no nip? Should probably tell my sister to delete some of her photos then

No. 427290

I don't think it's considered by law, but it's just a bit creepy. Kinda similar to how it's not illegal for Greg to have collected images like that but it is 100000% creepy

No. 427291

It's fucking weird and creepy to post it for sure

No. 427295

I'm not disagreeing with it being weird, but was wondering about why they should delete it.

No. 427299

Because it's creepy and weird

No. 427301

It blows my mind that he does stuff like this instead of getting an actual job to support his family and himself.

What a pathetic excuse for a man and a human being.

No. 427302

File: 1503503237356.jpg (116.81 KB, 407x1031, img-2450.jpg)


Sage bc not a thread on macncheesefairy, but someone I know went to the same highschool as her. Altho she's still cuter than Lainey she doesn't resembles her instagram pics or look remotely like Billie, her angles and editing are on point

No. 427305

No. 427306

>the claimant is allowing their content to be appear
>ads might appear

So Gargoyle has resorted to claiming random videos for $$$? Surely it doesn't automatically happen if one video is video gameplay and the other is live action?

No. 427307

File: 1503505887861.png (16.6 KB, 282x159, Screenshot.png)

not sure what good claiming a video with ten views is gonna do for him, let alone 7 seconds of it. wonder where or how he found it, or why.

sage for ishygddt posting but get ready for the funniest tweets of your lives

No. 427310

he's on younow talking about jerking off while his sim character is giving birth

>she's pushing and I'm over in the corner jerking off ~le xd teenage giggle~

No. 427317

Downside of trying to hold Onion accountable for falsely striking small channels (telling Keemstar or Philly D) is that it could give Onion more exposure instead of letting his channel die on its own.

The upside, Philly D and Keemstar both loathe any tactic that prevents smaller channels to thrive, and they hate false strikes with such passion that YTers would probably band together to destroy Onion's reputation further or get him band from YT altogether for being such a greedy scumbag.

So… Do with that what you will.

No. 427348

lol maybe he made a sim of billie and imagining what life would be with her. billie having onion boy's babies

No. 427351

further on in the broadcast he made light of cheating on his sim wife in front of her, trying to impregnate a stranger. it was really something to behold, and leads credence to the theory that he has an impregnation fetish

No. 427356

Seems to me to be mocking the theories that others make about him. Not to say he doesn't have these fetishes, as he obviously does, but I don't think in this particular case is evidence of that.

No. 427370

File: 1503518001962.webm (3.35 MB, 640x360, gif.webm)

context, this converted webm is the section from 4:20 - 4:52 of that video, there is no audio to speak of except menu sounds and no mention of anything to do with grease.

can't he lose his channel for false copyright claims?

No. 427383

He can, if he gets enough flags back against him. It's definitely happened to other Youtubers before.

No. 427385

Circling back to the guinea pig discussion real quick, you can actually kill guinea pigs by leaving them in prolonged sunlight with no cover so it's an awful idea to leave them in front if a window. They can die of dehydration. I feel like Onision neglects his pets in an attempt to kill them but make it seem like an honest mistake.

No. 427386


What if it's brought to the attention of YT on a larger scale that he's false flagging? YT probably wants him gone, anyway… Might kill his channels more by giving YT the reason to boot him for good.

No. 427394

I think the reports have to come from the people he's actually false flagging. The person he flags sends back a dispute and it's reviewed. YT can then decide to give his channel a strike, and they have a 3 strike rule. if he's done it to enough channels, he could be in deep trouble.

I'd sit back and let him do it, let the people he's false flagging be his well deserved downfall. It'd be the most sure-fire way for him to lose it all.

No. 427395

can just imagine the chimpouts when "youtube nobodies" become what put his channels down. kinda sweet, to be honest.

No. 427396

Nice try, Sylar :)

No. 427398

Hi Greg.

No. 427406

It hurts as a guinea pig owner because my guinea pig cage right next to me takes up almost half of my medium sized room just to put how horrid the size is for his guinea pigs and my cage is close to the MINIMUM requirement

No. 427415

After YouTube boots him out for good, how's he gonna support himself and Lame?

Tbh he should just go back to fixing people's pipes (plumbing), starting now.

No. 427416

File: 1503522170830.png (85.04 KB, 750x584, IMG_6056.PNG)


No. 427417

86% likely, huh? Pack it up guys, Greg knows to an unlikely percentage that he is going to "blow up" and "be huge" next year. Surely this number is based on solid market analysis and not something he pulled out of his ass for reasons known only to him. Regardless, nothing more to see here.

No. 427420

File: 1503522433744.png (72.79 KB, 570x622, Screenshot 2017-08-23 at 5.05.…)

Tall asking GingerBeck for an interview.

No. 427421

It's literally crazy how much she does not look like any of her pictures. Wow. She has to do some serious editing, but my brain can't connect the dots in the sense of WHAT she changed exactly. Like I don't get how she went about editing her face to look like this delicate little tumblr fairy when in reality she looks very off and there's something a lot sharper about her and way less feminine than the photos. Editing wizard.

No. 427424

She knows if she looks like Billie she can get into that trinity action. There is noooo way she isn't aware of what she is doing.

No. 427425


it's called facetune

No. 427430

New video on his speaks channel "Onision ISNT divorced" you can look it up and someone can mirror if they want its interesting…

No. 427432


i'll mirror it now, should be ready in a few minutes. please don't give him views.

No. 427435

I've already done it


No. 427436

File: 1503523548286.png (83.74 KB, 616x161, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new OnisionSpeaks vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 427440

File: 1503523800249.png (95.52 KB, 612x157, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new UhOhBro vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 427441

supposedly that mod left yesterday because the admins got into an argument over selfies

No. 427443


cant say i blame the guy for giving up on onion if poop girl and the drag queen want to cause drama over nothing every week

No. 427444


implying anyone would smash grannybot back

No. 427445

Wow, so Lainy is just Onion but attractive. She should throw herself into boystyle and drop the predominately femm stuff, this suits her well.

No. 427446

I know it's been discussed some in the past, but I really can't stand the Beccacopsicle girl. I don't care about the fact that she's not the most attractive or skinny person, it's her attitude. Her attitude every stream is the most bitter and annoying out of anyone. She also has to pipe up constantly. I wonder if she has a crush on Onion boy but she'd have to know he wouldn't go for anyone overweight… Like do these bigger girls that support him completely ignore when he bashes overweight women? It would be one thing if he wasn't so emotional when he does it, but he clearly has such disdain for bigger women. If I was a larger woman and in Becca's shoes I wouldn't spend a dime on him.

No. 427447

why the fuck does she keep singing bits of songs in the middle of the stream? is she that narcissistic that any conversation that doesnt involve her needs to?

No. 427448


he did a 30 second song at the end of the video about wanting to fuck his dog, dobbs.

No. 427453

He tolerates the obeast for the money.
Shes one of those fat cunts that overdo the ol' make up and sing for attention. I'd gander a guess her swamp moistens anytime grease mentions her.
Poopcunt and the fat narwhal have been pretty much destroying greases server for him, They got rid of some of the more "decent" folk for their own friend group and been running the place like nazi germany

Kek greases own fans will be the ones to chase away any new comers and its glorious

No. 427455

>Poopcunt and the fat narwhal have been pretty much destroying greases server for him, They got rid of some of the more "decent" folk for their own friend group and been running the place like nazi germany

His fanbase is one big autism fest

No. 427458


The reason why you can't see her statuses there is because her fb's privatized, all you will see are just FarmVille screenshots.

Around the time Onion started accusing her of stealing his shit she privatized all her social media containing the Tantaga name.


She has more than two relatives on that page from both sides of the family, as well as Cyr.

Just wanted to clear that up and leave it at that.

No. 427466

File: 1503528108672.png (1.35 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4461.PNG)

I wish I'd stared at the eclipse and gone blind instead of watching that video.

Anyway, among all the pics he rates as nasty, including the pic of a normal woman before it a prostitute, this pic is "fine". Great taste, Greg.

No. 427469

As long as people will still give both him and Lainey money on Patreon, it won't matter. I don't think he'd ever get a normal job. And Lainey, who actually has a degree and could get a decent job, won't do it either because she's using to doing nothing all day long.

No. 427473

I talked to one of Skye's old friends who lives in Washington last night.

Can confirm that facebook page was real. So if at any point that page had claimed Skye was pregnant, it had to be real. Or she would have had to be hacked.

No. 427476

If you have any proof, share it.

No. 427481

Really? Which friend? I call bs. I'm friends with a lot of her old Washington friends seeing as we went to school together.

No. 427482

If you say so, anon. I'm currently writing this from the onion boys garage, my ear pressed against the wall to the house. Lainey was reading this thread aloud and she winked and nodded and I heard it so yeah rumour confirmed. Read this comment for proof.

No. 427483


>Or she would have had it hacked.

That was the same excuse Alicia gave when she blurted out the truth. Either Skye was protecting Grease from collateral damage from the public, or she really was pregnant.

Something ain't right

No. 427485


Dude, are you seriously asking them to drop a name here? Of all places?

No. 427486

Please do not respond to commenters claiming to have facts without showing proof.

No. 427489

File: 1503531495759.png (126.08 KB, 1318x503, NQFKuHD.png)

Saged for ancient rotten milk, but here's Onion's old creepy website where he made Barbie videos and other strange things.


No. 427490

No. 427491

File: 1503531624625.png (58 KB, 1352x374, gff5chn.png)

my sides

No. 427492

looks like a post school shooting mugshot in the corner

>mental conditions: none

No. 427494

sounds like one of the anons that was pushing for the third kid theory is back from the ban. sad.

No. 427495


Does Grease recycle the same hairstyles over and over again? Because I've seen this particular one from his 2010 videos. Lol wtf

No. 427503

The lack of self awareness is astounding.

No. 427505


So umm, he became goffick due to his caveman features? O…Kay then (lmao)

>2.54 gpa

It's official, the man is retarded.

No. 427506

File: 1503532598847.png (49.43 KB, 1342x274, QcbUAz9.png)

Some of his download links still worked, so I'm uploading for posterity.

No. 427507

The "film" with Skye

No. 427508

"Comedy lick or ish"

No. 427509

"really phucking gay fantasy 1"

No. 427510

"raisen hell" (doll video)

No. 427511

Is it possible the things omitted about Skye from the adrienne email is regarding a third child?

No. 427512

File: 1503532822482.png (74.39 KB, 1340x447, StXtUb9.png)

List of his 404'd doll videos

No. 427515

>just know -
>I warned you..

nightmare fuel

No. 427518


Found one on YouTube

No. 427522

Hes tried to break up with lamey many times, and she says no? LOL. What a great marriage. He makes it sound like this is a good healthy marriage. It's pretty obvious he only stayed with lameo because he couldn't find someone new. But im sure in her head she thinks she has him all figured out and can make him stay with her forever.

How depressing is it. Their kids are going to grow up and watch this breaking up/getting back together shit all the time.

No. 427530

laineys on younow looking like a grandma

No. 427531

The only way I can think of putting the third child speculation to rest is if someone buys copies of their public divorce records (don't know if anyone has done that before). In some states you can file dissolution without children if pregnant and then everything with the child is figured out later. On their divorce record there is a sealed personal health care record that is confidential. The rest of the confidential records are financial ones. But, yeah, only way I can think of somewhat putting this matter to rest and a sealed personal health record is the only "evidence" I could really find of a tinfoil third kid.

No. 427548

all you have to do is omit names in screenshots. pretty simple stuff.

No. 427549

Maybe try to sort something out with the admins via email? They can confirm it for the rest of us and you won't be outting yourself publicly

No. 427552

"He used to do all my editing but Now I'm independent and I think I can keep up if we were seperated."

No. 427553

Please email lolcow.farm@gmail.com and we'll look into it. We will not publish whatever you send us or the content of your message.

No. 427557


Dssctm once bought the records a long time ago(along with the letters to Lainey's parents). Of course, he only showed the financial and problematic stuff; nothing else.

I also remembered that he was pretty quiet during the whole HSANON debacle and only reblog/liked the material at the time.

Source: I used to follow Tumblr blogs and read their archived stuff.

Whatever the truth or reason is, we're not meant to find out.

No. 427575

unpopular opinion - i think she may actually like girls, or is projecting her desperation for love into this gay character she has made up for herself. if i was manipulated into having kids (lainey is dumb as fuck i don't believe she wasn't manipulated deal with it) with a man that is infamous for just dehumanizing women and legitimately gets off to ruining younger girls i would be "gay as fuck" too and want the world to know. people in abusive relationships can be asshole too, but just because she isn't a "perfect victim" doesn't mean if she hadn't met greg she would ever be this person. she probably sexualizes girls/teenagers now too out of self hatred.

but when a real living girl comes close again the fantasy of emotionally reciprocated love wears off and she knows how easily she can be replaced. she's probably both too stupid and was groomed for so long she may not think men who aren't deeply misogynistic exist.

tl;dr (sorry guys) - gay lainey is a character she plays out of internalized sexism

No. 427583

theres some girl chelsey just offering hersef up to lainey and greg right now on younow. says shes married with similar agreements to her and greg

No. 427584

In what fucking world!! They're both ugly.

No. 427586

lmfao gingerpoop is kissing lainey's ass and they're just ignoring her, making a point of responding to someone else who said the same thing as assbeck

No. 427590

Are you using they/them pronouns for Lainey? is this Sarah?

No. 427592

File: 1503540151826.png (399.91 KB, 1431x1288, Capture _2017-08-23-19-00-31.p…)

Nah I'm keeping all the milk.
Need it for my cereal in the morning.

-Lt Lassie

No. 427593

cool story bro

No. 427594

also did you high five yourself for that SICK BURN you just gave us all?

No. 427595

Another thing to hurt their kids, listening to their dad asking for a divorce during dinner times.

No. 427596

pretty sure thats bait

No. 427597

Kek at the implication that Lt Lassie has posted before though. Or is just not certified brain dead like every other cow who visits.

No. 427598

same holier than thou attitude as namefag anon in previous thread. coincidence?

>-Lt Lassie

No. 427603

File: 1503541431035.gif (1 MB, 350x191, 6f6.gif)

No. 427625

>I took some videos of parts of his streams
Do you mean his YouNow streams? Every one can watch that without being a Patron.
Did you get some caps or video of his super secret discord convos? Now those are what we want

No. 427629

You bitch that Lainey is a product of Gregs abuse, and we should pity her, then proceed to bash Greg.
If we are to follow your way of thinking… then Greg is a product of his mother and fathers abuse, you should be kissing and hugging Greg and bashing his parents.

Lainey is an adult now, she has to take responsibility for her actions and the life she is living and the enviorment she has placed her children in.

No. 427631

macncheesefairy reminds me of those russian whores you see on cam sites.

Sadly we all know what happens to most Russian women as they age.

No. 427632


Just to be clear, papa-onion never abused anyone; including Grease.

No. 427635


You would know this how?

No. 427639

Fuck off
you dont get labeled an "alleged" molester without there being smoke

And even Greg alludes to daddy touching him by saying "I dont remember much until I was 7"

No. 427645


Because Grease and Crazy Tami made it all up newfags, lurk moar.

Onion has 20+ threads here, start digging.

No. 427646

not that anon, but he was never convicted of anything. he's never been a registered sex offender in any state he's lived in.

funny how that allegation came from tami, though. you know, the woman who gave her son full body nude massages.

No. 427649


yeah tami 100% molested onion not his pop newfags lurk moar

No. 427650

So why aren't we throwing a pity party for Greg like we were for Lainey? Same concept and probably worse for Greg cause it happened when he was much much much more impressionable than Lainey was.

Also, any guy who willingly marries crazy Tami has got be all sorts of fucked up himself. I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't any truth to the molestation allegations.

No. 427651

File: 1503549752900.png (382.86 KB, 1242x1711, IMG_4065.PNG)

Does anyone know/remember where it was mentioned that greg and lainey 'dumped' billie for sitting on a dudes shoulders at a concert? How ironic that they called that cheating but Greg burying his face is bex crotch isn't

(swear it was in one of his videos…)

No. 427654

File: 1503549837386.png (563.86 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9527.PNG)

being chained in the basement is a sign of loyalty.. i bet onion wrote that himself

No. 427656

sage your posts newfag. you're not adding to the milk.

No. 427657

File: 1503550086985.png (314.92 KB, 602x596, 34685644.PNG)

I wonder who made fun of his height this evening.

Hes going off the rails trying to prove hes not a tiny man.

I realized that making fun of his height was such a sore spot with him.

No. 427658

lel of course those lifts and shitty heeled shoes he loves to wear have nothing to do with how tall he is

No. 427659


and andy is clearly bending over to get on the same level as mr manlet to be polite for a picture

bending at the waist and probably the knees kek

No. 427661

File: 1503550779329.png (11.75 KB, 552x78, 674883903.PNG)

Not fact, just my half assed theories.

The "idol/hero" he was going to collab with but was told their reps thought it was a bad idea because Onision is controversial, COULDNT of been Shane, because it looks like Shane hasnt been giving Greg any of those laughable 1-word replies since those vids Greg made about Shanes weight.

I still cant figure out who the collab was suppose to be with. Ideas?

No. 427662

it was probably toby turner

No. 427663

If he was such good friends with Shane he wouldn't make comments or videos at all regarding his weight, considering he struggled (still does?) with an eating disorder.

No. 427665

but he was helping him! just like he's tried to help eugenia!

No. 427666

I thought It was Toby Turner too.
But I was watching his younow a week or two ago and he was asking his viewers what their thoughts on Toby was because Billy the Industrial Freezer told him that Toby was going to be at an "event" Billy had invited Greg to go to. Greg said "I didnt now much about Toby so I Googled him and saw all those allegations"
You wouldnt Google someone that you considered an idol for years.
So Toby being the collab was taken off the table for me.

No. 427667

Onion is a fan of jacksfilms so maybe him?

No. 427668

wasn't he annoyed with jacksflims because jack would tweet about the emoji movie

No. 427669

jacksfilms doesn't have enough subscribers

No. 427671

More than greg plus he collabs with alot of other big youtubers.

No. 427676

well yeah, but didn't onion say the guy had 10mil subscribers?

No. 427681

What is he on about? He did call him fat lol. He said he looks like jack black and looked like he gained 100 pounds. And then estimated his weight and looked up his bmi as "obese".

Like this is a blatant lie. What happened to the honesty hes raving about? haha.

No. 427683

File: 1503554251844.png (1.26 MB, 1676x940, Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 06.5…)

The editing is so distracting. The music is too loud, the weird black and white clips/CRTV effect is really distracting. Dude. Just upload it as a rant, go spend time with your kids instead. I think he's deliberately doing this to manipulate his audience from actually thinking through what he's saying.

Also him talking about why he broke up with Skye is hilarious, and the little foot note about he dumped her to fuck a 17 year old. Cool cool.

No. 427690

File: 1503555435491.png (421.57 KB, 622x564, Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 07.1…)

No. 427697

I really dont understand his sudden increase in the black & white + CRTV effect. it just makes his videos even more cringey then before

No. 427700

He's trying to hide his aging, ugly skin and at the same time recapture his glory days as an emo kid. Hes 31 years old, its pathetic.

No. 427702

Im guessing that hes watched some videos of other youtubers and seen those effects and maybe their views were high, so he thinks this is yet another thing to gleam to try and save his dying career.

that too, we always knew he blasted the white exposure to compensate for his low brow and herpes skin, but when you over expose in B&W it hides the imperfections even more.

No. 427704

Don't forget the trash in the corner.

Fuck me, this guy can spend so much time editing in shitty effects but he can't pick up the crap in the corner of the room.

Both of them really need to hire a maid over a nanny tbh.

No. 427706

File: 1503557051192.png (817.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170824-074253.png)

Oh shit. Am I in a club now?

No. 427707

What did you do? Lmao

No. 427708

File: 1503557256682.png (125.48 KB, 1080x731, IMG_20170824_074647.png)

Commented "accurate" on this tweet.

No. 427710


Looks like he already baleeted the tweet.

No. 427713

is onion wearing mascara in the left pic? his eyes look especially creepy. wonder how jealous he is that andy's effortlessly a pretty boy and he just looks like a wax figure.

weird he "exposed" andy for being 2 inches shorter than reported…isn't that also the length of onion's own height discrepancy? projection.

No. 427715

>Onion wanted to break up many times but Lainey says "no"

wew, unless he finds a Billie that will be willing to run away this time - he's never getting away from the space prince

No. 427717


I used to work for an alt music publication. Have met Andy. He was the same height as my partner, so 6'4".

No. 427733

Definitely not. Jack doesnt even like Onision.
> e.g min 0:19

No. 427734


Why is he still talking about her? Isn't this the last month of his alimony payment? Always gotta bring up old shit, huh?

Or is bringing up the Skye drama a way to make Lamo and co. look good when he still pines over her (and others)?

No. 427738

kek grease's discord mods are desperately lurking
i like how he pretends he and skye were only ever friends
anyone remember them talking again during adrienne drama?

No. 427741


I saw his tweets from him about that back in the day while digging up stuff, apparently they used to talk about a lot of stuff along with Skye trying to calm him down. Oh and he also talked to her when he got back with Shiloh.

Kek too bad Skye can't save him from the possible killing of his family

No. 427747

This is the reason why I despise Lainey. She knows Onion isn't in love with her, they fight like cats and dogs, they've got kids they care nothing about (as opposed to their internet 'fame') but instead of walking away with her kids to give herself and them a better life, she digs her claws into Onion. She doesn't care if he cheats, brings women to the house, etc. She'll get mad but instead of divorcing him she'll run the girl out, smear her online, and then ensure she's the "winner" by still having Onion as a husband. She's the literal ball and chain.

No. 427749

She thinks staying in a loveless marriage where her husband constantly cheats on her and embarrasses her makes her a winner?
As if every girl is dying to steal Onion away from her.
But at the same time, she ditched Luxymoo because Luxy didn't want to get involved with Onion and be with Lainey only.

I don't get Space Prince logic, someone pls explain.

No. 427750

I dont think Lameo kicked Luxy to the curb because Luxy didnt want to be with her and Grugly. I think once Grugly found out about Luxy not finding him sexually attractive, and attempting to shame her into having sex with him and Lameo and failing, Grugly probably shit talk Luxy to Lameo until Lameo gave in to his foot on her neck and said "on to the next teenager fucktoy"

No. 427752

What if he tried to collab with the Fine brothers?
> located in Los Angeles
> Have a young audience
> Have ties in the entertainment and filming industry
> Greg could mean collab as in appearing in 'YouTubers React to'
>combined 15 million subs
>Fine Brothers have a casting crew and PR people since they are a LLC

Yep I bet all my savings it was the Fine Brothers

No. 427754

same here, my guinea pigs are my life and it genuinely upsets me that they own piggies

No. 427755

Did he say he loved her even once in that video? Or did he just describe their marriage like it was a literal ball and chain where he cannot escape no matter how much or hard he tries?

No. 427756


If you count the "she's better than Skye because she's not greedy!!!" then yeah, it sure is love!

All I understood was that she won't leave him alone so that's why he stays, nothing more.

No. 427758

it would explain why he is 86% sure that he'll be more popular next year tbf

No. 427759

File: 1503575244287.jpg (1.02 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170824_054347.jpg)

Exactly. And it was Lainey who was combing Billie's Instagram and was upset about it and revved Onion up over it. But of course Lainey doesn't say shit aboit him doing the same thing to another girl. I guess her rules only apply to the girls Greg tries to bring in. He's exempt because their relationship is a fortress blah blah blah

No. 427763

File: 1503577219396.webm (1.54 MB, 320x240, 78567432.webm)

Im really starting to think it was Andy Biersack.

If you listen to the clip I capped he says-
the person we wanted to interview
from my hero
in a video with him
person-hero-him, all singular, if it was the Fine Bros I would think he would say "they" or "them"

He wanted Andy to come on his YouNow to be interviewed since Andy keeps blowing him off on why he wont have Onision on his podcast.

No. 427773

Yeah I admit it does make more sense that it was Andy Biersack

The over 10 million subscribers was what led me think of Finebros.

No. 427774


idk man, he doesn't even use the right pronouns for his wife. ( They / them ) Probably looks at everything/everyone as singular.

Though your probably right about it being Andy.. Seems Andy is the only person he obsesses with, and probably just over embellished the subscriber count to sound more important.

No. 427787

Is Andy really gonna collab with him tho? Andy brought SR and Jaclyn onto his show one time. Not only that Andy has an image to protect and collabing with Onision isn't gonna help with that.

No. 427799

Me too anon… me too.

No. 427801

didn't Greg once admit to beating off to the sound of his mom having sex with a guy called Greg? Can someone point me in the direction of this gem???

No. 427804


Go to waybackmachine.org then type the link: onision.me, make a few clicks and you're there.

No. 427805

Reading this I thought he was talking about Lainey and Billie tbh

No. 427812

File: 1503588131193.jpg (785.67 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170824_092009.jpg)


Lol Gerg doesn't realize he sounds like millions of cheaters before him. He's such a stereotype and he thinks he's so ~complex.

No. 427817

File: 1503588897521.png (269.13 KB, 500x495, thisstupidfuckinglook.png)

And the narc cycle continues!

✓ over exposed lighting + smoothing filters to hide acne rosacea
✓ cheesy edits used genuinely
✓ teenage emo hair, dyed black to hide greys
✓ all wide-eyed, soft spoken and using higher pitch voice
✓ uses his ONE long-lasting relationship as “proof” that he’s not the problem, despite everyone else thinking he’s garbage. i mean, it’s not like plainey’s a groomed co-dependent with shit self esteem and two kids with a pregnancy fetishizing narc.
✓ uses his favorite logical fallacy, relative privation: extreme examples of overt abuse to excuse his manipulation, gas lighting, and covert mental/emotional abuse.
✓ horrible analogies that he thinks are deep
✓ does that fucking thing with his mouth where he purses his lips to look sincere.
✓ stares into camera after making what he thinks is a good point.

People who are happy together don’t have to constantly talk about why they’re still married lol. Keep spinning your narrative, Greg. Keep love bombing Plainey because you’re trying to fuck Ashlynn.


No. 427820

>Keep love bombing Plainey because you’re trying to fuck Ashlynn.

Right on the mark. He did a "sweet" video with Lainey a couple weeks ago while booking Beck's ticket without Lainey's knowledge around the same time. I guess Lainey is happy he uses metaphorical lube before he royally fucks her lol

No. 427842

File: 1503593652617.png (120.66 KB, 1152x557, IMG_1315.PNG)

He's been sperging out on twitter over Shane. Pretty much solidifies for me that he wanted to collab with him.

Incoming photo dump

No. 427844

File: 1503593681120.png (470.99 KB, 1105x1152, IMG_1314.PNG)

No. 427846

File: 1503593805637.png (83.05 KB, 1152x218, IMG_1313.PNG)

Along with other vague tweets about honesty and being a fake etc. His "funny tweets only" twitter lasted a whole two days, not even that considering his spergout over height this morning.

No. 427848

Grugly you retarded caveman there's a difference between telling your friend they're making a stupid decision and telling them they're fat and gross and need to go vegan because they're fat

No. 427852

"I just told you the truth! Not to your face in private. But through TWO videos on my channels insulting you! Even though you are insecure about it and didn't ask for my opinion! APPRECIATE MY HONESTY!!"

Also why should he be obligated to be your friend for any reason? He doesn't like you. lmao. Why would he want to be friends with someone who only wants to talk to him for fame/money? I love how onion boy thinks his manipulation tactics will work on grown ass adults.

No. 427854

>Don't be friends with anyone who rejects your blunt manipulation. If you can't control them, you are never gonna stop feeling frustrated either.


No. 427855

File: 1503594735615.png (161.7 KB, 1152x483, IMG_1316.PNG)

I'm sure it's just coincidental (kek who are we kidding), but it really looks like gugly replied to you anon

No. 427860


What, he means like when someone looks like a woman so you call her she/her instead of they/them? Oh wait, that hurts SpacePrince's feelings and is therefore super evil and wrong and you should be ashamed

No. 427862

Anyone got the time to make a cinemasins type video for every time he has said honest or honestly?

No. 427868

Lmao, is it really possible to have this lack of self-awareness? I know it's Caveman Grug, but is he truly unable to see the difference between outright shaming someone (and comparing your "I only eat processed soy and it shows" adult acne/10 body to theirs) and being honest with your friends? Your face is splotchy and red, Grug. Your skin looks like absolute crap because you're a 30+ year-old who won't eat anything but vegetarian burger patties and cheese. Stop running from the truth by using filters and angles that won't make your skin look as disgusting and your body as manlet-ish as it truly is, you fuck. Stop running from the truth by pretending you're in your teens, you hypocrite. You're not disliked because you're blunt, you're disliked because you're an emotionally stunted middle-aged man who cares more about finding teens who'll make you feel young and in control of something (because you're obviously not in control of yourself and your emotions) again than your own kids.

No. 427869

"I perceived you were stupid and ugly, so i called you stupid and ugly! That's not bullying or anything. It's HONESTY! Not only do i get to say whatever insults i want at you, but you also have to not be offended by it and be my friend or you don't appreciate HONESTY!!!!!!"

The likelihood of his kids being straight up bullies increases as their dad promotes it and says its okay, and their mom never goes against their daddy's every word and instead sticks her face in her phone all day. I dont have high hopes for them.

No. 427873

Oh Grug, the Internet perceives you as being an abusive pedo but it's an HONEST perception…

No. 427875

Part of me wishes Shane and any/every other youtuber would pull his shit on him. Just straight up make videos calling out his physical flaws and use his own retarded logic on him when he gets offended or hurt. Obviously we know he's insecure as fuck about most of his physical traits. It would be so sweet to see his peers do to him what he does to others.

No. 427877

Gergs obvious physical flaws:
Hideous red skin
Caveman brow
Wonky, pointy lips
Crocodile teeth
Thinning greasy hair, with possible grays
Skinnyfat with some flab
Mutant tongue
Lazy eye

Am I forgetting any?
It's so obvious he picks on others' flaws because he knows he looks like shit. All he can pull nowadays is a whale who slathers on makeup, a Rick Moranis lookalike with bowel issues, and various catfishes who troll troll him plus 11 year olds with no taste and experience.

Billie was his peak but he got cocky and ruined it. He's stuck in his Lainey prison, I mean castle, avoiding his crying children, whining online about how he fucked up his finances and YouTube career by being a dumbass and a dick. No wonder he wants to drink bleach.

No. 427879

he would love that. He keeps tweeting at shane with anything because he WANTS a response publicly, because he wants it to attract viewers for himself. Then he can make a response video "debunking" it and get views.

I hope all the youtubers keep ignoring him/declining collabs because thats what really drives him crazy.

No. 427888

Well along with his caveman brow he also has some weird indent in his forehead. It's not always noticeable but then sometimes it's VERY noticeable and weird and ugly. Also his fashion choices are butt ugly.

No. 427890

this! he knows exactly what he's doing and its all to generate those sweet yt bux.

No. 427892

File: 1503598897441.png (13.32 KB, 591x108, onion.png)

But i thought lameo is a sensitive anxious fragile smol bean??

No. 427903

are you implying narratives are Grease's fidget spinners?

No. 427908

File: 1503600228637.jpg (496.33 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170824_123919.jpg)


Hello, it's me, Past Onision.

No. 427910

File: 1503600433604.png (28.01 KB, 552x110, 20170824_123808.png)

Sorry I fucked up the last tweet

No. 427911

It's like, look it's ok to be ~brutally honest~ and all that but don't expect people to be licking your feet just because of that fact because at the end of the day you're being 20% honest 80% cunt

No. 427912

File: 1503600513379.jpg (49.05 KB, 600x800, emo-dad-22891-1257438303-107.j…)

that profile picture suits him better imo

No. 427920

>When gerg is single/trying to win an ex-gf back
"i know i am wrong and so terrible. i deserve to be alone and sad forever. pity me. i know the problem is me and i probably should change…i will be a better person."

>when gerg gets the girl back/is in relationship

"fuck all you stupid fragile SJWs. You are WEAK if you cant handle my brutal honesty. If you can't handle it, leave!!!"

No. 427927

It's more like, why does he feel the need to tell others his "truth"? If someone, personally, asked for Onion's honest opinion, that's on them. I doubt Shane asked for Onion to make any videos on his weight or asked for input at all. That's why Onion will use the whole "A viewer asked me to talk about Shane Dawson" as a way to skirt around it.

At the end of the day, Gerg, YOU made the choice to pick that video request/question and make the video on him because it gets you views to talk about bigger YTers. Be honest, Gerg. You didn't/don't suck up to Shane and other YTers to be successful. You create drama and conflict instead to be successful (or gain exposure). You create drama by picking reasons to openly disagree with more successful people and justify your actions with excuses like "I'm just being honest," "A fan asked me, so I had to," "I'm just looking out for my fans or the YTer," and "Everyone else is the problem because I'm brutally honest and real, my opinions matter more and the feelings of others are invalid." Your justifications are also shitty, Onion Boy.

No. 427945

be onision

slather makeup on to hide the fact that you look like a moldy tomatoe

dye your hair to hide the fact that youre twice the age of your fan base

put on 2 inch pumps 24/7 to hide the fact that youre not 6'0

stuff your boxers to hide the fact that you have a shrimp dick

get botox to hide the fact that your eyes are slowly but surely dropping down to your cheeks

*lie about every aspect of your life. (deny your obvious love for 16 year olds, abusive tendencies, your pet genocide, the fact that you cheat on every person youve ever been with. the list never ends)

HAVE THE AUDACITY TO rant about liars and accuse anyone and everyone of being dishonest.

greg if youre reading this just know that your life is a lie and were all looking forward to the day you off yourself

when you die it will make millions of people happy and dozens of underage girls safe.

No. 427946

File: 1503603709151.png (805.38 KB, 963x519, hi8j5Yo.png)

Space Prince Swimsuit Haul uploading.

No. 427949

her hair looks kind of blue lol silver with a blue tone, i hope someone points it out and triggers her

No. 427950

muh dysphoria

No. 427952

Full video (processing)

No. 427953

They look so awk on her body, I get she had two kids but I dont understand why these two can't go to a gym work out together and find one that watches your kids while you work out.

No. 427954

Use vidme.

No. 427955


Just like cheaters are prone to getting paranoid about their partner cheating on them, liars usually accuse others of lying to. Projection at its finest.

No. 427956


They look like grandma clothes on her kek

No. 427958


And not even your ex-wife nor YouTube can save you. You're done.

No. 427959

Didn't she say her boobs looked huge in the swimsuits. Kek.

She seriously must have some bdd to think she's ~smol and precious~ and that her boobs look big here.

No. 427960

No, because this is an imageboard with an embed function for YouTube. Feel free to mirror it on vid.me yourself if you must.

No. 427961

lol okay anon. onion is just gonna copyright claim the video, that's why mirroring on vid.me is a thing

No. 427962

he still gets money from reuploads. it's been said a million times already.

No. 427964

The point is we don't want a single penny going to Onion people use vidme in these threads not youtube, why risk the copyright claim.

No. 427967

Not if you download it, then re-upload

No. 427968

Geez, she's ugly. No wonder grease is frustrated, he is dating someone in his own league.

No. 427970

On youtube yes he does, because he claims the videos based on a system that flags them for looking similiar so YES he does get $ again, this is why we use vidme to mirror.

No. 427971

so he can claim it and have it taken and down??? whats the point

No. 427972

She's probably so mad that she's shredding all that weight and still can't get those underdeveloped titties that Gerg likes so much

No. 427975

so trans, so agender, so dysphoric

No. 427976


She really just looks… deflated. Her butt, stomach and arms look so flabby and pasty.

No. 427977

I was talking about re-uploading on vidme. As long as you download it, and reupload to not-YT he does not get $

No. 427980

File: 1503606302214.jpg (Spoiler Image,640.33 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170824_142409.jpg)

She got Hank Hill butt going on

No. 427983

She really just needs to stay away from anything high waisted

No. 427984

What is his autistic obsession with the truth and being real? I seriously dont get it

No. 427986

File: 1503607127832.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9528.PNG)

Billie transformation almost complete, keep fucking up your hair lameo

No. 427988

Also, her background music sounded familiar and I'm not sure if Billie has that exact song in one of her vids but its definitely close to what she puts in hers

No. 427992

It's just his excuse for being a shit person.

He's not rude he's just HONEST, he didn't say anything wrong he was just being TRUTHFUL, he doesn't sugar coat things because he's being REAL.

It's his get out of jail free card. It's not really an obsession with honesty (as we all know he lies and twists things himself constantly), it's just one of the many manipulative tactics he uses to make people think he's right and they're wrong. If you're offended it's not HIS fault, it's YOURS because honest Gerg was just being real and speaking his mind/delivering FAX and they can't be wrong because they're THE TRUTH, amen.

No. 427993

File: 1503608586094.png (1.15 MB, 1334x750, IMG_7505.PNG)

Anyone notice Lainey's tits hanging out the bottom of her bikini? Lollll

No. 427994

Petty me loves that Lainey looks like a deflated balloon after having kids since Gregs #1 reason fir bring attracted to girls 16-22 was because they're younger and will bounce back! But here's Lainey, 22 with two kids and nit looking like that 17 year again. Which just shows it's not all about your age but also how you take care of yourself

No. 428001


shit skin care routine with damn DG body lotion as a moisturizer lmao…

No. 428008


Wtf looks like its ripped under her boob. Try a bigger size next time

No. 428010

I'm so confused by this. Definitely looks like her skin poking out, and yet the skin bulge is before the fabric strap part to the bikini?

No. 428011

But she's deathly skinny, anon.
Lainey needs the smallest size because she is withering away! (According to her)

No. 428012

"muh hip dysphoria" "muh chest dysphoria"
She has no hips first of all so congrats plainey, and secondly I wonder if she gets dysphoric when she plops an udder out to feed her toddler

No. 428013

I think the straps cross in front but are separate from the cups. So the cup is over her boob and the other strap is under.

No. 428014

Its combination of wrong size and the style of the top. I have the same one and under boob is hard to avoid with how it wraps around and ties.

No. 428017

File: 1503612571216.png (965.63 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5765.PNG)

Ah I see now

Does anyone else think she doesn't actually know what body dymorphia is, and thinks means simply dislike of a bodypart? Or perhaps "dislike of a bodypart - but more important than your dislike of a bodypart". Maybe Greg needs to get out the dictionary definition for her

No. 428019

Is it scars or stretch marks on her stomach?

No. 428021


Most likely stretch marks from her pregnancies

No. 428028

File: 1503614792337.png (159.17 KB, 1472x1124, Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 23.4…)

He's now debating whether he should offer a $2 fee to watch anime with him. Is this an excuse for Ashlyn & other potential victims to be able to remotely netflix and chill with him?

No. 428034

what in the white trash hell is that?

No. 428035

Aww, Lamp has got dem pendulous breasts. Pretty common, just happens after a birthing and feeding a couple babies. Kids fuck your body up mang.
Lots of ladies decide to get their tits lifted
after they've shut down the baby factory for this very reason. Too bad Gag loves his Lamp so much that she isn't allowed to fix her busted utters. The best thing about after birth body is watching your boobs get big and beautiful, but the deflation is a bummer when your left with sad, deflated balloons

No. 428036

File: 1503615407157.jpeg (37.97 KB, 740x555, 1503615183972.jpeg)

I wonder if she'll actually cut her boobs off since she's "trans" and all that now

No. 428038

You'd think the body part she'd dislike is that flappy ass. She just has a shitty aesthetic thats unhealthy. Shes way to lazy to ever try working out so by the time she's 30 she'll be sagging and weak but, thats exactly what she wants because she wants to be morbid about everything she does.

No. 428049

File: 1503616980840.png (102.34 KB, 622x156, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new LaineyBot vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 428055

Her body is one of the worst I've ever seen, no wonder Greg is obsessed with being sent shots of teenage bods. She has the ass of a 90 year old man and absolutely no muscle tone. Combined with her pallid faintly yellow skin she is completely disgusting.

No. 428056

File: 1503617434052.png (83.11 KB, 620x152, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new UhOhBro vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 428066

Watching this just made realize why I stopped watching his videos in the first place… what suprises me most is why he's still creating the exact same awful content he did since I saw his videos three years ago. He even looks the same clothing and hair wise. God damn at least get a new outfit that's not form hot topic

Sage for no contributions just disappointment

No. 428070

Damn anon what kind of super model are you? space prince is alright, Wouldn't call her body amazing or anything, but it's fine and plain just like her.

also as plain as I find her, personality aside, just look wise, she's still too good for greg imo

No. 428072


Goddammit that is my swimsuit why do you have to ruin everything Lainey

No. 428074

thank god some sanity, lainey has a killer bod after having 2 babies. i know loads of women that would be envious.

plz discuss her hair colour all u want but the slander is ridiculous

No. 428077

give it up Gregoyle, lainey's a deflated balloon now

No. 428078


Totally agree with both of these, these people do enough bad things that we don't need to stoop so low. Her bodies not the best, but nobodies is and her body from what I can see is the least of her issues. I swear sometimes the things I see people on here say makes me feel, albeit momentarily, bad for the cow they're talking about.

No. 428079

Oh shut up, not everyone who isn't a complete bitter fucknut in here is Grease or someone relating to Grease.

No. 428080

She's not exactly got a killer bod, but it's definitely decent after having kids. Not to praise her but she has lost weight nicely. She'd look banging after a little bit of exercise but Gurg probably doesn't want her to have the strength to fight him off.

No. 428082


Lainey's body is horrible, she does not have an attractive figure. She genuinely looks like a 65 year old woman in a a swimsuit minus the liverspots and wrinkles. She looks like she's been parked in a nursing home feeding off of applesauce and Styrofoam for 10 years.

But then again a majority of the population have pathetic looking bodies. Very few people eat right and exercise.

No. 428084

has the board been spammed with patronfags recently, i swear all they do is call lainey ugly and bitch about discord members we here do not know about because we would not give greg money

if there's any milk it spills over, we don't care if someone is being uppity in the chat youre all faggots

No. 428085

calm down greg

No. 428086

yea correct, usa is an obese wasteful unpleasant society, lainey is like a breath of fresh air with no photoshop

No. 428087

why would greg care if his paid monkeys would derail here?

No. 428088


we make fun of Lainey because she is a smug piece of shit.

Just like Greg.

No. 428090

smug or insecure snarky cow.

also OT but to the anon that thinks greg can cite his 'childhood abuse' on his fucked up ways now like lainey. not comparable. onion boy independently moved out of home, had been stationed in a war in south korea, has been married, tried to start a cult, has been uploading obnoxious self obsessed videos about his opinions
this is second marriage, and like 4th emotionally abusive relationship. he's content.

No. 428091

lol calm down ana-chan
lainey is certainly not a babe by any stretch of the imagination, but having had two children pretty close together, and likely gaining weight pretty quickly during those pregnancies and then losing it all very quickly via unhealthy restriction will definitely fuck with your body. given all of that, she honestly looks pretty decent for someone who has had children, and would probably look fine if she just ate better and wasn't so sedentary.

there are so many other things to criticize plainey over that you don't need to concoct one.

No. 428094

>one of the worst I've ever seen

for someone who knows about muscle tone it's surprising that you've obviously never been in a women's gym locker room

No. 428096

she definitely looks like a typical skinnyfat privileged-but-malnourished person who never exercises but how do you go from that to the old lady stuff

No. 428101

If this isn't the definition of mid life crisis I don't know what is

No. 428103

File: 1503621036544.jpg (13.54 KB, 228x442, nicolerichie.jpg)


Lainey looks bad, she had her most recent child almost a year ago. That is plenty of time to eat properly and put on a bit of muscle mass/bodyfat. She literally sits around the house all day on tumblr. She has plenty of time and resources to take proper care of herself.

Stay mad dyel uglybodies.

No. 428107

update: she now follows greg and lainey but used to only follow billie….

in fact she still follows bille

No. 428108

you seem weirdly passionate about this anon.

No. 428110

People aren't mad that you think Lainey looks bad, it's just the severity of the one or 2 people roasting her that's bizarre. She looks bad in a very normal way, not like a geriatric fat skelly or whatever. Also, I'm more fit than her.

No. 428111


dang my bad, just tired of the notion that having children grants everyone a free pass to completely let themselves go.

No. 428113

No. 428114

1) Doing a swimsuit haul at the end of summer, uhm ok sure
2) "i got dysphoria guys lol look as i twirl around and show you my awesome mom bod"\
3) someone should tell her to not use the "a okay" sign so much, considering its a symbol for alt righters

No. 428118

I mean, if she had better muscle tone, a more appealing less sallow skin tone, softer features and a giant lip plate she could really go head to head with the Mursi tribe ladies in Ethiopia in a Mrs Beautiful Long Drooping Boobs beauty contest.
I bet she's get top 3, at least. If she could wipe that pinched expression off her face.(stop)

No. 428120

What the fuck are you talking about???

No. 428121

she claims to have GENDER dysphoria not body dysphoria

which still doesn't make sense since on younow she says she has no plans to transition which means she doesn't have gender dysphoria in the first place. Transitioning is a process to relieve gender dysphoria.

No. 428122

She's a shit person with a shit personality but for having 2 children her body isn't that bad, like I understand bashing Greg's pimply man child body but Lainey's is average.With a bit of muscle tone, she would look fine. I reckon it's a bit nit picky. What I find hilarious most of all is she's doing a swimsuit haul. Does she even leave the house to go swimming? Like at all? Bet she ends giving like all those swimsuits to her sister or something. Like another anon said as well, the designs of the swimsuits are very feminine for someone who complains of dysphoria.

No. 428124

This made me think, where are the kids? I really hope they weren't home with Greg during all of that. Is Plainey's sister still living with them or is she back at school?

Sage for late response

No. 428127

Why is it so bad to let yourself go?
Not every mom that's let's themselves go is a smol spaceprincess getting wet looking for fresh pussy for there husbands and uses an ED to attract fresh meat to the mansion like Lainey. Pregnancy is already hard and having a kid is even more difficult and time consuming. Some people put their children first before thinking about themselves.

>>428118 Just stop, she's still a mother and has a mom body. This is low, especially talking about her breast. Your not even talking about her fake dysmorphia but actually making fun at a woman's breast after breastfeeding her child. That's just cruel even towards Lainey the predator.
And for fucking once stop thinking every who disagrees with you is Greg or discord people. You look like a bunch retards yelling into a void.

No. 428130

Her sister left long time ago. I think 3 weeks ago? Haven't been keeping track.

No. 428132


Ew why are y'all white knights here? Go back to Tumblr.

No. 428133


Lainey is just as much of a cow as Greg is. Her name is in the title. Users of this board are free to talk about Lainey and her body as they wish, especially since she just released a swimsuit youtube video. It is relevant.

If you're feeling personally offended on behalf of Lainey because some of the comments apply to you- please feel free to stop reading the board. There is no need for such sensitivity.

No. 428134

we gossip guru now?

No. 428135

Could we agree that she looks like an ectomorph with a shit diet who doesn't exercise and move on. thinking she looks much better or worse than that is so subjective

No. 428138

Because this contributes nothing and y'all know it.
I disagreed with the whole third baby conspiracy but how is this any better? Filling up the thread with how saggy her breast are? You want to feel good bashing about things she can't control, fine. But I atleast I said my piece cause I know not every farmer is that low and atleast know that I'm one of them. I can hate Lainey and Greg and still not cross the line

No. 428140

i hope i never see the day. gg is like lolcow drained of any ounce of self awareness. mindblowingly petty nitpicking of anyone who has the audacity to make a youtube channel, yet no one actually thinks they're petty act and like it's their mission from god to make fun of beautycrush's hairline.

No. 428142


just leave saggy birther troll we're moving on

No. 428145

She says her hips & breasts make her feel dysphoric.

No. 428146

File: 1503624940321.png (174.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9529.PNG)

the onion cycle, first he attacked shane and now eugenia

No. 428148

File: 1503625119754.png (162.88 KB, 1184x654, Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 02.3…)

Fuck you anon, papa klein was sacred

No. 428149

kek okay even as a person who defended plainey's mediocre bod upthread that's dumb as fuck
yeah pregnancy takes it's toll, but it's certainly not irreparable, nor is it any harder for a mother to watch the shit they eat and get occasional exercise in

sorry that you're too busy bearing the cross of motherhood to bother looking like a human, but some people actually give a fuck about themselves and their relationships instead of making their entire identity "mommy" and using that as an excuse to be obese and disgusting. stop stanning lainey bc you think being a mom is an excuse for anything under the sun

No. 428150

The granny bathing suits really compliment her granny hair and haggard face

No. 428151

And this is exactly why I point out that Lainey and Greg both have shitty bodies. Obviously it is something they feel matter and they lurk.i like to remind them that they're doughy looking motherfuckers, two kids or not there's no excuse for Lainey's horrific saggy ass.

No. 428153

that beck girl really is hanging on his every tweet

No. 428154

Wow what a way to twist that video. Ethan was obviously sketched out by youtube manipulating what was trending beyond what you'd normally expect. He wasn't whining about not being trending the way Onion does. Ethan&Hila regularly express gratitude and awareness that they're lucky and I dont' think I've ever seen them demand more than what they get. Not everyone has the same entitled mentality towards youtube success as you, Onion.

No. 428157

certainly not the worst, but if she spent more time working out and less time complaining about how ~anorexic~ and ~anxious~ she is, she'd look a lot better.

inb4 "im too anxious to go to the gym!!/no one can watch the kids/something something dysphoria women's locker room," you can do body weight exercises at home and firm up. all this bitch has is time.

No. 428158

File: 1503625789997.png (65.87 KB, 1186x220, Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 02.4…)

Has he ever come at Ethan or Hila before? I don't see any interaction past that man spreading video. Cement proof he himself lurks and he's been looking up who h3h3 are.

No. 428159

She is hanging on his every tweet, I mean, could she act like more of a boob? Shes really flopping around. I bet her ego is sagging pretty hard, deflated even. Thank you for keeping us abreast of the milk. Hopefully she won't go tits up.

No. 428160

lmao he must be so jealous. i only ever see them complain about the lawsuit shit, which would knock them off millionaire status if they had lost. And by onion's logic, if you're healthy, free, safe, clothed and fed but not quite a millionaire, THEN you can complain about anything and everything.

No. 428161

Just Onion trying to get a reaction from a much bigger youtuber so he can be relevant for another 5 minutes. He's so pathetic. He just wants it too bad.

No. 428162


wtf? Ethan and Hila just won a huge lawsuit that's going to be good for all of youtube. not to mention even after their fundraiser they paid thousands and thousands of dollars out of pocket for legal fees. too bad he's too stupid to understand what happened

No. 428165

Even if he did, he'd still be bitching. I'm betting he's trying to get noticed & jump on the h3podcast like Anon said, since they hosted Jake Paul and were actually ok to him.

No. 428168


you're the one who is offended about something so stupid. lainey has saggy titties and no muscle, tons of women are the same. no one cares, stop complaining about this

No. 428169


Onion is just looking to create drama. The cycle continues. He's a predictable manchild. It's why he fails. Shane wouldn't bite his earlier attempts to start a feud. Moved onto another popular YTer. He's out of ideas. He tried to collab with YTers again more recently, but he's toxic. Back to one-sided manufactured drama. Back to talking out of his ass and taking shit out of context, and presenting it to his impressionable audience like the immature and irresponsible manchild he is, with Ethan's tweet because Onion has the depth of a puddle and limited theory of mind of an autist.

More successful YTers in the community know Onion isn't worth the trouble. They collectively ignore him to make him more irrelevant. Ethan more than likely won't bother because Onion is seen as pathetic in the community.

No. 428171

Her body looks fine, especially after having two kids. Yes it's a little flabby and yes her ass is a little flat but like why are we bashing her for it? And really, she's just slouching for some reason in the video, she really doesn't look that flabby.

It's not like she's earning a living off her body or has put down others for their bodies and talked about how her vegetarian body is better.

Chill out guys, talk about her 'muh disporia' moments and her abuse to her hair. Those warrant attention because no one likes a trans-trender who is actively copying their ex who they began a smear campaign against.

Talk about her fail makeup because she does actually go around talking about who blessed her makeup is and how she's some eyeliner queen.(sage this)

No. 428172

In tonight's YouNow, Lainey said that Selena stopped talking to her after moving back home, and that when Greg is angry, he breaks up with her and she walks away and tells him to talk to her when he's calmed down. "Lainey doesn't let me break up" confirmed

No. 428173


and who are you to tell other farmers what to talk about?

fuck off hitler and sage your autism(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 428174

Honestly I would feel bad criticizing anyone's body who is a decent person but if anything, trashing Lainey illustrates a point. Eugenia and Shane and Jacyln and many others never asked for Onion's criticism on their bodies and he acted like the body police so if he or Lainey lurk here, maybe they'll get a taste of their own medicine.

Lainey never tries to discourage onion or publically denounce his dumbass opinions so her body is fair game as far as I'm concerned. Plus she lives off the money from his shitty videos. She doesn't get a pass ESPECIALLY because she's onions wife.

No. 428175

Lol Onion is probably jealous that h3h3 did something that changed the community for the better. And YT actually respects h3h3, as they put one of their vids on the trending page in the US soon after Ethan tweeted about how skewed their trending page seemed today.

Meanwhile, Onion thought turning one of his main channels into a paid subscription channel would start a trend and change the community. But it's laughed at by nearly the entire community, especially successful YTers. And YT doesn't give Onion the time of day beyond obviously automated or scripted emails to pacify his chronic bitching disorder.

No. 428177

Flabby anon is just triggered because their ass hangs down their thighs like Lainey's does imagine. Just report for lack of sage.
Clips, anyone?

No. 428181

ffs we were almost in the clear. We had almost completely moved on and found a new topic but you brought it back to Lainey's average-not good-not awful bod. unsaged!

No. 428183

No. 428184

We get it, Lainey is flabby, please stop infighting about it.

No. 428185

Yet when he was still doing well he had thousand of other things to complain and whine about too. I guess just other people aren't allowed too now because of how low he sank and how jealous he is of others success.

On a random note and because of Onisions bitching about Shane lately, I noticed recently how everyone who ever worked with Shane only has good things to say. How real and selfless and what an absolutely good guy Shane is irl. Yet Onision finds ways to bitch about Shane. While everyone who ever worked with Onision sooner or later will come out with stories about what an ass Onision is. So I guess it is really obvious who's the 'bad person' here, even if Onision tries to play victim.

No. 428186

Lamey recognizes that Glerg is irrational when he "breaks up" with her; she realizes it's an idle threat because "breaking up" with him doesn't last. He'll get lonely and desparate and call her 10 times a day and they'll be back together in two days. Lamey doesn't give in to his attempts to be dramatic, so she's basically saying, "I'm not talking to you about this when you're behaving like a child with a temper tantrum." If Onion seriously wanted to break up, he'd do it. He's just overdramatic.

The problem isn't Lamey "not letting" Gurg leave; it's Onion threatening to break up when he's angry/emotional and Lamey putting up with it afterwards because it happens enough for either of them to mention it.

They're not couple goals, and Onion shouldn't be giving advice.

No. 428187

onion's rules have never applied to himself.

yeah, lainey's the rational one in this situation. too bad she can't apply that same rationality to any other area of her life.

No. 428192

How is putting up with repeated abuse rational? She's a doormat doing what she does best… Rolling with the punches. Rational would mean calling him on his shit later when his tantrum is done and leaving if he didn't get his shit together.

No. 428193

I'm sure Onion has made a video determining if it's ok or not ok to have saggin' foopies.
Maybe those so concerned with defending Lamps low riders should watch and then report back if Onion says it's ok to comment on hers or any woman's pooped out noogers

No. 428195

File: 1503629973217.png (23.01 KB, 580x219, Untitled.png)

>beck tries to make an eating disorder joke/pun

>Onion shuts her down like the pathetic gremlin she is

>classic "It wasn't me, it was my friend" deflection

No. 428196

Exactly. Lamey is rational the first time she told him she wouldn't talk to him until he calmed his tits. She loses the point by not holding him accountable for his behavior the next time he has a shit fit and idly threatens breaking up. Of course he's going to throw around those threats. What are the repercussions? He can tell her "it's over," justifying it any way he wants, and she'll stay with him regardless.

No. 428198

File: 1503630250150.png (116.99 KB, 619x574, Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 11.0…)

Uh oh Ketchup disagreed with Onion. Prepare for another "ex friend" video

No. 428206

Beck pls. You will never be as bad as him but you're making yourself look desperate and beneath him. Just stop talking to him unless he talks first and stop giving him all the upper hand. If you still want to be friends with the Onions, let them come to you. They probably won't but they're also desperate for support, so you may be surprised.

No. 428207

someone post the pic of him standing on tip toes in front of some measuring post. he's wearing those faggot shoes

No. 428211

Tinfoiling here but I get the feeling that not only is ol' grease spitefully jealous as fuck at their success, But in winning this lawsuit for fair use it pretty much destroys greases threats for lawsuits towards ANYONE on youtube who speaks out against him as well.

No. 428213


that't not tinfoiling anon that is pure logic :,)

No. 428216


Man, $131 of ugly swimsuit for a woman who's never going to Fiji, and I guarantee some of it's getting Poshmarked. Normally I wouldn't complain but it's kind of a lot for SheInside-tier resale shit.


Same with everything she owns. 40% Hot Topic, 40% Zumiez, 20% Forever 21, all of them $30-70 for a plain-ass cotton shirt with a patch reading ~on fleek~. Is there a name for this aesthetic? High school alt-trendy? 2003-era faux-tacky?

sage for petty

No. 428222

File: 1503634957993.png (1.46 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0407.PNG)

If you think about it, all of Onion's women have saggy titties; not just Lainey. Guess Onion likes dem saggy tatas.

The end.

No. 428235

no1curr that she's not fit.
She's not a model or a cosplayer like Momo/Jnig/Dakota where their looks are tied to their "job"/"appeal"/charity case

No. 428237

>is there a name for this aesthetic?

mall- i mean mol prince?

No. 428242

greg is cringey af on twitter tonight trying to get someone to collab with him

No. 428250

lol selena was probably sick of all the drama she had to witness and then hear lameo whine about it to her 24/7. Good for her for growing up and moving on with her life. Hopefully sarah can learn to do the same. Most people outgrow the onion shit.

Funny how lameo says it felt like a "one-sided friendship". She probably was upset selena didn't answer her every whiney text about her situation, seeing as she has to call up sarah every time someone upsets her by mentioning billie! I'd get sick of that friend too.

No. 428263


they both dress like teens

No. 428266


she's getting paid to shill swimsuits to her audience you downie. she is technically a model. and since when do you have to be a "cosplayer" around here to get shitalked about your saggy tits and flabby ass?

and learn to sage your cancer or go back to reddit

No. 428277

did you not bother to read

No. 428281

Onion and the good old, i'll use my fans to annoy the shit out of people until they wanna collab with me!
No Grease, that's NOT happening.

No. 428290

He deleted those H3H3 tweets. I guess everyone disagreed with him and his fragile ego couldn't take it.

No. 428292

File: 1503646443505.png (41.5 KB, 626x484, onion.png)

this patreon sucks up onion's ass a lot and she plans to go to washington soon of course.

No. 428293

she's an admin or mod on his server

No. 428295


Mmn… I have a feeling that she might be another troll/spy, even his precious Vix was an infiltrator/farmer.

No. 428312

Wasnt this him a while back? I dont know man. He just seems to have always have complained

No. 428316

Her you now; https://www.younow.com/spookycoo
She looks like a 40+ with foundation too light for her skin, hiding behind her autism spinners.

No. 428322

>hiding behind her autism spinners.
So, his type then

No. 428324

>She doesn't wanna talk to me anymore

I wonder why. Did Selena get dosgusted by Lainey inviting underage girls to the Onion mansion?

No. 428335

But by your logic it should be fine to talk about her body since she uses it as a way to display products, if we can talk about her shit make up that she has the option to actually put effort in, we can talk about her body that she also has the option to actually put effort in.

If she didn't want it talked about then maybe she shouldn't have put her body on display in swimsuits for the entire world to see

If we can criticize other aspects of her life then her body should be no different because just like some people might think her body is fine, some people might think he make up is fine… it all depends on one's standards and opinions

Sage for slight ot rant

No. 428336

>Cool let's get lunch

Ahahahaha middle-aged Grease is so slick. Acting like he ever leaves his house or appears w/o fucking armor in suburban Washington state. Gotta keep those pubescent girls close!

No. 428338


Ooh! Once she gets comfortable and is lovebombed, completely isolated from those she holds dear, is given verbal and mental torment then off to the basement she goes!

What a lovely life with Daddy Onion! <3

No. 428339


Wow, Spooky looks like future Luna Slater.. What the fuck even is that, she's just sitting around spinning her fidget spinner. Trying to achieve that Lainey-a e s t h e t i c

No. 428346

Listen, he is a cultured well heeled man dining in fine establishments. And by that I mean he's a Steve Bannon-skinned manlet in 3 inch stacked heel loafers not tipping the waitstaff at his closest Olive Garden.

No. 428348


He's also a retard missing link sub-human who graduated with a 2.5 gpa yet somehow is a genius who knows all the answers to everything including our existence.

Onion iz gawd!!!

No. 428351


Damn anon, your comment made me think what he could've done with the money he used to make.
For example
- A nice condo in Seattle
- Good wardrobe
- Treating family to a quality lunch every weekend
- Visit places around world, making his vlogs more interesting

What he did with the money instead:
- Shitty McMansion in bumfuck nowhere
- Spends money constantly buying new cameras, lenses and super strong desktop PCs while making shit videos that can be filmed with a phone.
- Airplane tickets for jailbaits
- Shit processed food
- Fiji water (overpriced tap water in a bottle)
- Treats his family to Olive Garden and Taco Bell
- Dresses in clothing from Hot Topic and Buckle
- No heating in the house because he is a weirdo
- Wife's makeup, but she still looks like a horse
- Shitty quad bikes he plays in his backyard with

No. 428361

>anyone got the time
>every time greg has said honest or honesty

anon, i don't think there's enough time in one lifetime to do this

No. 428362

please tweet him this oh my god

No. 428363

File: 1503671959078.jpg (69.97 KB, 810x432, IMG_20170825_163814.jpg)

what an angel

No. 428366

File: 1503672327414.jpg (82.92 KB, 810x485, IMG_20170825_164046.jpg)

Andy's dad tells him off

No. 428367

File: 1503672976864.jpg (76.28 KB, 810x399, IMG_20170825_165126.jpg)

onion keeps being retarded

No. 428370

File: 1503673274765.png (34.27 KB, 750x203, IMG_4300.PNG)

No. 428378

File: 1503675014944.png (233.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1145.PNG)

slow clap

No. 428380

I take the blame for this bullshit.
I asked Lainey if she knew about the rumors that she died on younow and she read it in her head, made a shocked face, and immediately got off of younow… a minuet later Greg started tweeting about it.

I feel so bad now(sage this)

No. 428387

File: 1503675846383.png (68.64 KB, 743x587, IMG_3960.PNG)

Case closed. If you go to his twitter there are more responses regarding this.

No. 428391

>"I tried to break up with Lainey… and she bluntly tells me 'no, you're not leaving me.'"


No. 428392

People already told him this lady night and yet he continued in his tirade. It's clear he doesn't care about Eugenia he just wanted to be proved right

No. 428395

File: 1503676490258.jpg (228.38 KB, 610x314, srUVaLf.jpg)

Good, goooodd, Greg, let the hate flow through you. Shit all over one of the last remaining people who still talks to you.

No. 428396

I'm just glad most people see through his shit besides his SMALL audience that won't stop reaming his asshole. His response for literally no one in the youtube community wanting to work with him is "GUIZ IM JUS 2 HONEST, HERE'S A POLL CUZ I NEED VALIDATION FROM PRE-TEENS".

No. 428399

File: 1503677289145.png (188.65 KB, 1180x764, Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 17.0…)

I am laughing. He's got to act like he cared/was worried because Andy's dad calling him out has touched a serious nerve. He was his last little bridge connecting him to Andy & he's probably blown it.

No. 428400

Behold: a narc in full-on self destruct mode. None of this is going to end well.

No. 428402

File: 1503677743966.png (42.67 KB, 595x348, eugenia.png)

This tweet really fucking pissed me off. He is already planning a video for someone who dies? and to be fucking full of himself about it? How fucking obvious do you have to make it onion that you have no real feelings?

He constantly talks about how unless his close family dies he wouldnt care at all because he doesnt know them. Why is he acting like he fucking cares about Eugenia all the time? TO EVEN USE HER DEATH FOR VIEWS?

He is so fucking disgusting, im so mad sageing just in case

No. 428403

you forgot dwarfism

No. 428404

It's actually pretty funny. It shows his severe disconnect from reality, Anon. He honest to god believes that unless you publicly state "Eugenia! I am worried about you!" on a YT video or tweet, infront of your hundreds of thousands of fans, then you don't care. He has absolutely 0 grasp on the idea of private relationships. He's pathetic.

I mean using her death for views is grim, but it's funnier to use it as a measuring stick as to how out of touch he is.

No. 428405

This might have been brought up earlier
But… They wear the polyamory title with pride, right? Both of them. So why is it only spaceboii that can find someone? I think people need to get on to them for forbidding grease to explore his poly side too.

No. 428406


I wouldn't be surprised if we had some gurugossipers on this thread tbh.

No. 428407

Gotta love how quick he makes this about him being a 'hero'and everyone else is horrible and at fault!! And how sick is it that he is already planning for a video to make when Eugenia dies. Onion you are talking about a human fucking being! And not some character in your sheltered youtube life. This literally makes me sick. He's so disconnected from reality.

No. 428408

From the looks of it Greg has had no problem doing that.

No. 428410

Grease is probably the shittiest white knight. I dont wven know what to call what is it hes doing. Trying to protect the lady(even though she wants to be protected FROM you) but talks about the capital gain when she dies. Didn't all the keemstar drama start when he said to the guy with cancer "cant wait to report on your death!". God i wish something similar would happen and kill his channel. Grease just loves attention so much people dont bother.

No. 428412

Of course he is planning out his social media moves for when she dies….he isnt capable of empathy

No. 428417


True, but if this would be pointed out by the fans that because she does forbid Him to look for a partner (even though we know he does low key) then they might abandon the poly title all together and stop trying to bring girls into their toxic relationship.

No. 428421

Before he even tweeted about making a video if Eugenia dies, I knew behind his "concerned" tweets, he was chomping at the bit to make a video talking about how right he was. Plus, he is salivating about the views a video like that would get him. He is DESPERATE for her to die for these two reasons and secondly, so Lainey can usurp her as the #1 girl on Younow. Both of them probably hope every day that she's dead. They are so disgusting and transparent. Their faux concern fools almost no one.

No. 428443

Absolutely fucking agree anon, Its fucking disgusting and as you say, Transparent. Imagine being so self righteous that you're almost gleeful at someones potential death so you have something to shove in the face of others, And with lainey who is the most selfish ugly cunt with a personality of a brick constantly whining about how she wants to be #1 girls despite the fact that she hates being misgendered on one. Ugh they's so fucking gross and its just fucking pathetic. I'm glad andys dad called him out on his almighty bullshit.

No. 428446

deleted some zero-content infighting.

No. 428459

Old milk still has value… Andy collaboration denied broadcast in true Grug style via a public shitshow on twitter with his dad… stay classy grugly.

No. 428470

Can Greg get booted from patreon or twitter for this Eugenia shit? It might constitute harassment.

No. 428486

i dont think patreon gives a shit. hes harassed many of his own fans for pulling their support, even doxing a girl on twitter, yet patreon still allows greasestain to utilize their website.

No. 428487

twitter? maybe. they like to pick and choose who the bullies are and who aren't, so it's a toss up. patreon, probably not, unless he's spewing his hatred on there or you have to be a patreon to view his bullying.

No. 428490

I cannot understand why patreon/younow/twitter and even youtube, In this current political social climate have not done a damn thing about the cunt.

Tinfoil, He's paying people off perhaps to stop him from getting removed. I mean for christ sake he drank out of a bleach bottle and put a gun to his fucking head live on stream, Just…How the fuck is he still up and active???

No. 428491

It seems like Patreon's been taking down accounts more frequently as of late, though. Some of them for lesser evils than Greg's committed.

No. 428499

Patreons reporting system is a bit harder because there has to be multiple sources of evidence. I don't think a non patron could report successfully. Plus Patreon may not care about things that happened on Twitter.

No. 428503

Patreon shut down both "Yes, You're Racist" (for doxing people) and It's Going Down (for all but openly encouraging terrorism), so yes they do care about the stupid shit people do on their dime.

No. 428509

Quick off topic update. In the past 30 days Onision's main channel has lost all its subs, Onisionspeaks has lost over 13,000 and Uhohbro has lost over 25,000.Onichan's figures are also flatlining now. So much red!This really is the end… of course hes too detached from reality to realise that he's fucked up his whole life

No. 428513

Funny, I'm sure if Billie OD'd it'd be "that's what druggie losers get" but if Eugenia dies it's "I'm crying and I'm worried about her and I tried to help her for so long"
Ok Greg

No. 428514

He's only saying that because he's been called out for not being sincere/ not really caring.

I think Andy's dad got to him especially.

No. 428562

any patronfags want to mirror this "long episode" he's talking about posting to patreon on his twitter?

No. 428568

File: 1503697780350.jpg (178.38 KB, 1127x1642, beccaflopsicle.JPG)

can't let honesty threaten his patreon bux.

bitch look at your bingo wings and belly you are fat

No. 428571

Greg sucking up to his literal sugar momma becca, Of course he's not going to call you fat you fucking moronic obeast, Risk losing some income? Not a chance.

No. 428573

File: 1503698044980.png (69.65 KB, 614x154, b53.png)

Reuploaded new OnisionSpeaks vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 428574

File: 1503698287222.png (63.58 KB, 605x153, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new UhOhBro vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 428576


sorry these are taking so long guys, vid.me is being slow today.

No. 428577

The grease is on younow lookin more flush by the day

No. 428582


Greg got pissed all of his tween fans were ignoring him and talking to each other so he ended the stream after 15 minutes.

No. 428584

Lmao I thought my computer had crashed. Wtf is wrong with him?

No. 428586

He seemed pretty pissy that his discord weren't focused on him and talking to each other lol

No. 428588

I felt like he got uncomfortable after they kept telling him what to do for his "redness"

No. 428589

Is it normal for people to stream with a chat of a bunch of people (e.g. What sounds like over 5 other people) also on? It annoy some the hell out me, so hard to follow what the fucks going on with multiple people talking at over each other with shitty mics

No. 428591


it's not typical, onion just doesn't have anything original or interesting to entertain his audience with so he relies on his patreons spoon-feeding him commentary and attention.

No. 428594

Lol his honesty just went out the window some more. Hes called people fat who looked just like her in his videos.

Of course hes going to lie to anyone who is funding his bullshit.

I feel like its only normal if you are gaming together and so you are in a chat with the group you are gaming with. It's weird to hear a mass of people talking in just a convo when no one shuts up and people are having side convos/talking over each other. It doesnt help when gerg is often super loud and his discord people's audio is quiet or awkward, and you hear the discord sound constantly.

No. 428597

is it just me or have these not encoded yet for anyone else?

No. 428598

Anon said the website was rather slow today, give it some time to render and all that

No. 428600


yeah they're taking forever, I even tried redownloading and reuploading again but same thing.

vidme does this sometimes, could be a while so anyone else is free to try their luck.

No. 428601

Someone mentioned this before and it rang so true.

Greg probably had a problem with lying when he was a child and was disciplined by his family for it. He then became passive aggressive with his "truths" like maybe telling Grandma that her new dress made her look like a sack of potatoes, and when his parents were shocked and yelled at him he was like "what!? Im being truthful… Im telling the truth, isnt that what you said I was suppose to do?"
I think he enjoys the reaction he gets from being brutally honest with no tact, and loves that he can be self righteous and fake confusion because hes "only being truthful"

And I think he has to praise himself about telling the because its such a foreign thing to him, its not his default.

No. 428604

laineys on younow looking crusty and doing make up

No. 428606

She go at annoyed when I asked wtf is agender freckles. Like fuck I can't keep up with all these transtrender trends lmao.

No. 428607


What are Agender freckles ?

Are they like her gender ? non existent ….

No. 428608

I know everyone talks about Onision being the one to take the whole family out one day… I fear it may be Lainey who ends up pulling the trigger.
Sometimes Gender Dysphoria is just another way a mental illness comes to the surface. Look at that kid Randy Stair (Andrew Blaze) who shot up his coworkers at his grocery store job. Ive watched his "Goodbye videos" and he says some of the same things Lainey has said on her Younow streams. Remember when she kept saying she wanted to kill herself, and when her fans said to stop joking she said "Im not joking" She only backpeddled when people in her streamed said they were going to send the cops to her place for a welfare check.

No. 428613


Is unnecessary ellipses an onion thing? Why does he do that? Christ.

Sage for rage.

No. 428614

>An ellipsis (plural ellipses; from the Ancient Greek: ἔλλειψις, élleipsis, "omission" or "falling short") is a series of dots (typically three, such as "…") that usually indicates an intentional omission of a word, sentence, or whole section from a text without altering its original meaning.

I don't believe it was unnecessary, he was likely omitting the truth.

No. 428618

Oh, please. He uses ellip