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File: 1574779869476.jpg (157.74 KB, 1600x800, have a seat.jpg)

No. 734013

Previous Thread: >>731845
Onion Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/691458
A separate thread has also been created to talk about anti-o twitter >>>/snow/892011

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time on THE CURSE OF THE SWAMP TRAILER:Greg releases a video in response to Shiloh's claim of him locking himself in his office and wanking it to loli porn while she cried. >>731846
In a live stream, Greg talks about modifying his hard drivers >>731855 >>731897
Greg releases some bloopers of an ex in attempt to manipulate his audience.>>732148 >>732282 News flash, you can laugh and have fun with someone and yet still be abusive to them.
After seeing an injured person laying on the floor, Greg thinks it's a great idea to film it for attention. >>732331
Always ready to show case his stupidity, Greg post a picture of himself crying about not getting the job he wanted in the Air Force. >>732457 The question we all have is why would you join the military if you where not prepared to face that you may have to fight?
Greg offers a new perk on patreon, ring tones. He makes examples where he yells, tells Lainey that she better not be like his exs and sings about how the FBI is coming while showcasing his disgusting body. >>732538
Greg starts outright talking about/harassing his victims on twitter. >>732360 >>732383 >>732835 >>732859 >>732892 >>733051 >>733054 >>733060
While trying to frame himself in a positive light, Greg post screen shots of text with Billie that show her full phone number. >>733183
Next, he moves on to Sarah releasing more damning text messages where it's clear that he was trying to push a relationship between Sarah and Lainey. >>733253 >>733268
Apparently Greg wouldn't swim at the YMCA because he didn't want to be in the same water that disabled people occupied. Also to no one's shock, Lainey is extremely shallow and would never be close friends with an ugly person. >>733316
Chapter 5 of his book is released. >>733613
Lainey is still a fan girl of her husband and he is her top priority. >>733725
Greg is now trying to claim all his gross sexual tweets are not because he's a sex pest but just a sad damaged person. >>733895
After watching the new joker movie, Jimmy dubs himself 'The Joker of YouTube'. >>733960

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules:
- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT, just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.

No. 734016

File: 1574780351554.jpeg (122.35 KB, 750x694, 4EF14D55-203F-4BAB-BB61-BE7B44…)

No. 734018

File: 1574780416103.jpeg (209.38 KB, 750x997, 096741A3-F743-42C5-876D-26F532…)

his tweets are getting more deranged, he keeps having to up the ante to get a rise out of people i guess

No. 734020

Yeah, it's goady, but notice the pedo/incest content.
I can't wait for him to get arrested so his children don't have to be near him anymore. It needs to happen as soon as possible.

No. 734022

>Ruin Thanksgiving; Tell your brother […]

Sarah mentioned her brother found out about Onision and someone made a comment how it's going to be an awkward Thanksgiving which she liked iirc.

So I'm guessing Onion is tweeting at her.

No. 734023

Yeah and the mother fucking him after thing could be referring to Lainey as they were her guardians.
Wouldn't be surprised if the whole legal guardian thing turned him on. He seems to be like the creepy type to watch couples on babysitter/daughter porn

No. 734025

He'd rather tweet about girl dick instead of his ugly man wife LMAO

No. 734026

You can tell that he thinks he's upping the ante by talking about gay sex/fucking trannies. He must feel like he's not getting enough attention from being vulgar anymore. Wonder how long it's going to take for him to start talking about fucking animals or some other weird shit.

No. 734028

>nothing is hotter to me than a feminine man with a nice penis
>Lainey is crying

No. 734029

I swear this just goes to show how he'd rather hatefuck Blaire White than his cracked out Ellen ftm wife.

No. 734030

>shaved body
>long hair

Basically all the stuff Lainey has given up during her tranny stage.
Had this tweet been a couple of years ago during her non binary phase when she wore makeup and still shaved, I'd have thought he'd make her wear a strap on and a wig, but it's really obvious he's attracted to everything she isn't right now.

No. 734038

So is the cunt turning into a fakeboi to have him not touch her? Is she just obsessed with owning him and let's him fuck other girls so he stays satisfied? If so, why does she get jealous? Makes no sense.. but then again their whole situation doesn't.

No. 734039

He's not helping his case as a suspected pedophile sex addict here

Sounds like he's upped it from three hours of hentai a day to 6 hours of tranny porn and whatever incest bullshit is on the pornhub main page

I feel so sorry for his kids.

No. 734050

>So is the cunt turning into a fakeboi to have him not touch her?

That is a popular theory. I mean, would you want to have sex with someone who acts the way Greg does? I am sure she doesn't frame it that way to herself (because she apparently keeps telling herself he is amazing and awesome … talk about cognitive dissonance), but it makes a lot of sense, IMO.

No. 734055

This is gross. I truly hope those kids get taken away. The way he casually inserts incest into this as if it’s not weird is so fucked.

Also lol as if he has ever made anyone cum with his baby carrot.

No. 734058

I thought he hates long hair on women and tries to humilitate/defeminize them by having them shave it or cut it very short?

No. 734059

Greg is just trying to troll with all this "girl dick" because someone here was whining about that. Just his normal "trying to be shocking and confuse people" bullshit.

He also hates anal anyway, he's just a pedo who likes women. He's not anymore bisexual then his wife is.

No. 734060

It's boring at this point when he goes on these rants because it's so transparent and cringe.

No. 734062

is it me or his videos are getting more and more bizzare? with his latest video i feel like im watching a psycho who's about to commit school shooting or familicide ..we like to think everything he does is some twisted joke but i think most of you fail to see that this time he really lost it ..he has gone fully demented ..the only thing im sorry for is those kids..can cps do nothing after seeing these videos?

No. 734067

No. He doesn’t hate long hair. He’s attractive to feminine looking girls. He just also gets off on the power of defeminizing them and making them into shells of what they were.

No. 734068

When these sick fucks get arrested someone needs perform a physical and mental exam on the kids to see if they suffered sexual abuse

No. 734072


I think Onision, in all of his impotent rage and caveman wisdom, is fantasizing he's fucking everyone who ever did him wrong into submission. Girls who exposed him, Chris Hansen, Blaire White…Repzion is probably next.

Everyone except Krainey the Sad lmao.

No. 734078

I'm not shocked Greg gets more turned on by dicks than a vagina after puberty. He can only handle jerking it to cartoon children with smooth featureless vaginas. He doesn't like when vaginas get wet and he doesn't have a fucking clue about where anything is in one. The dick is probably less threatening and scary to him. And who is he kidding fucking a man, if this deranged retard was put in jail he'd be made a bitch in a week. He's only fucked two women the same age as him Skye and AJ and they were utterly unimpressed with him. Skye referring to his dick as 1/12 of a ruler and AJ saying it looked like a sad half a hotdog. In fact read AJs letter again if you want to hear about Onion's sexual prowess of curling up into the fetal position because he's dick game is wack and most definitely does not have anyone begging for more. You turn the dickhead down and he borderline rapes you and wears you down until you give into him. He throws a tantrum over not getting head. He's such a fucking man child. He definitely hasn't made anyone cum.

No. 734081

idk anon. i watched his stream for a few minutes yesterday and he seemed pretty normal, slimy jokes aside (as normal as gurg can be)

No. 734083

I really wish anons would stop falling for it. This kind of response is what he wants. Not to say he isn't losing it and getting desperate, because he is. But he's doing things to get a rise out of people and to try and intimidate the girls coming forward. Taking him seriously and saying he's deranged/twisted/psycho or some potentially homicidal maniac is just feeding his ego and making his micropeen hard.

No. 734090

So how long until he gets really deranged to the point of no return and starts drinking kambucha with his own fluids?

No. 734099

Fucking spot on anon. He has some serious control/power issues. No wonder why he can't have a relationship with an equal partner. He needs naive or broken teens that don't know what it's like to have a loving relationship, or know what having sex with a man who can actually get them off is like. It's why he only has dry sex, otherwise they can't feel it.

No. 734100

Call me old fashioned, but if one finds themselves jerking it to dickgirls, that seems like a step before rock-bottom in porn addiction.

No. 734102

People need to stop talking about his tweets. It's clear he's just doing it for attention and gets a kick out of your reactions.

No. 734106

I do appreciate the fact that Onion posted the same pic of Blaire and Jaclyn that aldlii used in the infamous olive garden video when he was lurking their twitter.
On the other hand, althought i am guilty of responding myself because it was funny at the time, I do wish people would start ignoring his tweets and instead of giving him t0he attention he craves, focus on getting him deplatformed and permanently tagged as a predator

No. 734107

Is this why he wanted Sarah to be his foster daughter? So he could live this fantasy out with Lainey as her "mom"? Degenerate.

No. 734108

Dude has a daughter. Some next level creepy shit right here.

No. 734113

Onion wants people to talk about his Shocking Tweets and not the fact he's a grooming pedo.

No. 734123

I agree. I'm convinced at this point the tweets are a way for him to try to start a new controversy and to make people think this is just his "thing" Like to make them believe it's not weird that he groomed a child, that he's just insane and obsessed with sex. Let's not give him what he wants

No. 734127

File: 1574804439610.jpg (48.86 KB, 567x496, 1569904034892.jpg)

This, he's just being a 2edgy4u try-hard to distract people from the Hansen shit and intimidate his exes. He's no more or less deranged than he's always been, and not deranged in the way that he would like to be.

No. 734144

File: 1574809794074.png (512.78 KB, 586x576, Screenshot_1.png)

I don't know who said something about Onion boy wanting to hatefuck Blaire White but this might confirm your suspicions.

No. 734147

Ain’t that the same outside that one slut wore when Richie fucked her in the bathroom? Topkek Jac

No. 734148

He's just taunting and baiting. Nothing more.

No. 734149

Onion tweeting about these two to make them feel uncomfortable shows how little ammo he’s got left.

No. 734150

Boring and predictable, yet some of these autists keep responding to it like he's not said the same exact shit a million times or varations of it. He has no originality, no creativity, all he can do is leech off of others and do piss poor imitations of someone else's work.

No. 734153

>read AJs letter again if you want to hear about Onion's sexual prowess of curling up into the fetal position

Imagine living in the Onion house? Two overgrown children crying in separate corners, while their literal toddlers are sitting there neglected and probably hungry and unwashed. Nothing makes me more sad and angry than thinking about the children of those two pathetic pedophiles.

No. 734154

He's making clear to them and anyone who reads that he sees them as objects. He's built his entire "caReEr" on dehumanizing women. He's the incel poster child.

No. 734157

There was a vid uploaded in the last thread where he talked about watching some animated bestiality porn ft. Harlequin.
Nah. Rock bottom is the loli-rape porn that he's been watching for years. He gets off watching cartoons of this shit because he knows if it were "live action", he'd be guaranteed to never see daylight again. This also reinforces the fact that he has no moral compass, he uses the State as a metric for ethics like a true waterbrain.

No. 734162

It's a typical immature, unoriginal, adolescent boy way of taunting. It's basically the "I fucked your mom and jizzed on your face!" type of sperg, except he's a 34 year old father of two with schizophrenia. He's not sperg tweeting his incel rage at his "fans", he's sperging at everyone calling him a pedophile.

No. 734166

Huh so I guess Greg doesn't mind keeping Lainey in hiding and discouraging her from ever returning publicaly. Thanks Gregmas! You sure are upsetting everyone apart from your wife. Good job.

No. 734168

Who hasn't figured out by now that that's all a put on? No half-way decent, well adjusted human being does shit like this >>733855
That's on top of all the other shit he's done. Do you know who else acted normal? Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gayce, until they were exposed for what they were. Acting "normal" doesn't mean anything, not when you have a pattern of (abusive) behaviors you can put into context.

No. 734170

That's because he's a keyboard warrior. If he let himself talk about it on a broadcast he'd sperg out and show how he's really feeling. He thinks he is tough by acting like a douchelord pre teen boy and writing explicits on the Internet is showing everyone up. "But anon he's winning he's getting attention!" Well yes, he's acting out of control and deranged everyone and their mother can see it. Maybe he wants all of the ma's at the school pick up to want him. He's clearly a dynamite in bed with the way he talks about sex. He's a cool guy. Definitely not a loser who can only get people talking about how much of a freak he is

No. 734171

he's also trying to imply jacklyn is a tranny too

No. 734174

File: 1574813426842.jpg (133.5 KB, 988x557, k pedo.jpg)

He's an actual pedophile meme.

No. 734176

>i'M the joKeR!
Says the R. Kelly of Youtube.

No. 734178

File: 1574814104767.png (39.89 KB, 960x432, dog complex.png)

So is he The Joker or a "god"? Because The Joker never said he was a god - can't be both at the same time. It must be so hard keeping things straight in that tiny waterbrain of his.

No. 734180

File: 1574814276047.jpg (141.44 KB, 1080x2323, 20191127_022241.jpg)

His patreon isn't up anymore

No. 734181

File: 1574814401032.jpg (129.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191127-002608.jpg)

Just came here to post the same!!

No. 734182

''I bullied a girl into crying. I am a god.''

I knew he had a god complex but he seems easily pleased about it. I imagine he thought he was an alpha male the first time he had pity sex as well.

Ayyy lmao. Can confirm it's down. I hope it's a sign he's feeling the heat and BRAVELY RUNNING AWAY.

No. 734183

Holy shit you're right. I can't believe patreon finally did something about it.

No. 734184

Please let this be true.

No. 734185

File: 1574814631054.jpg (189.9 KB, 370x493, Kanye.jpg)

Please Lord let this be true and not another UhOhBro channel termination tease.

No. 734186

I hope that Patreon took it down from all the complaints and it wasn't Grug himself who deleted it, if so the incoming narcrage will be delicious.

No. 734187

God fucking bless. Did he take it down himself, or did Patreon do it?

No. 734188

Why would he take it down himself?

No. 734189

Right? His patreon is the only thing making him money at the moment

No. 734190

No fucking clue, but I wouldn't put it past him to do something stupid and nonsensical at this point.

No. 734191

Please let the next shoe drop be Twitter terminating his verified account for pornographic content.

No. 734192

File: 1574815028454.jpg (107.92 KB, 525x499, Uncle Joe.jpg)

He's the Joe Biden of YouTube.

No. 734193

That would be wonderful if it would get nuked too. I'm keeping an eye on his youtube, just in case. We're bound to hear him talk about his Patreon shortly. He can't resist the attention, even to complain about it.

No. 734194


To mess with people. Because he's gotten it in his head to leave it behind and move on to other 'projects'. Could be anything with gerg

No. 734195

File: 1574815106105.gif (928.96 KB, 600x600, source-2.gif)

Fucking cheers fellow anons. Greg is crying.

No. 734197

I expect he will follow the same game plan he did when his UhOhBro channel got terminated. He didnt talk about it publically, didnt even answer his fans on his contact forums. He was frantically emailing YouTube threatening them until they reinstated his channel then he make that short video laughing and mocking everyone that hoped it was true.

No. 734198

File: 1574815225977.jpg (251.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191126-193954_Chr…)

Something definitely happened

No. 734199

I checked for myself and it has been removed. If this is permanent, Patreon has done what Twitter and Youtube have refused to do.

No. 734200

Please stop posting pedo memes. What onion is doing isn't funny and harming children isn't a joke. Sage for autism, the milk is flowing but these tasteless memes are damaging the flavor

No. 734201

File: 1574815260047.jpg (503.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191126-193814_Chr…)

This was the tweet shes referring to

No. 734205


He was trying to sell custom ringtones on his patreon yesterday so I doubt he did it himself unless he did it in narcrage

No. 734207

I think you're missing the fact that two pedo's are being compared.

No. 734208

File: 1574815766434.png (74.9 KB, 198x380, Hanson-exploitable-fixed.png)

Well, considering Chris Hansen has been stirring the pot for a few weeks with guests about Onion's past. It's not that far fetched to think someone or something must have happened behind the scenes.
Chris was making his streams on Wednesdays so hopefully, we might get more juicy info tomorrow.

Also thinking how Chris wanted an interview with Susan from Youtube, I may be over-optimistic but if the Patreon was down out of Greg's own will, it may be the first to fall in a domino serie for Greg. Especially if Chris asks her hard questions about Greg's behavior.

What third-world country retard still buy ringtones? lol

No. 734209

I wouldn't be surprised if Chris contacted Patreon himself to get him taken down

No. 734212

I'm waiting for an official statement before getting my hopes up.

No. 734213

Tweet is deleted now.
I wonder what happened?

No. 734214

Like I said, we are bound to hear about it. Just a matter of time.

No. 734217

Do we know how much money he was likely making on Patreon? I wanna know just how much hes missing out on if hes been banned

No. 734218

He harassed a ton of people because they pulled their pledge, maybe Patreon FINALLY did something about it

No. 734219

Patreon pays out at the start of each month right? So does this mean that he won't receive a payout on December 1st, and his only income is what, YouTube Adsense?

No. 734220

i'm glad this hansen meme has been revived lol. I sure hope that patreon kicked him off and he didn't just baleet himself for drama

No. 734223

File: 1574816868446.png (12.13 KB, 298x277, patreon.PNG)

He hid how much he was making. This is what it was back then. Hes gained a bunch of patrons but most are cringey trolls paying him a dollar.

No. 734226

File: 1574816925433.jpeg (397.63 KB, 1177x1925, DBC02F13-1EC2-4E1B-A900-E91085…)

No. 734227


If this article is to be believed, it was Patreon's doing, because doxxed Billie.

No. 734229

oh my god i bet hes RAGING hahahahaha beautiful

No. 734230

File: 1574817044387.jpeg (162.47 KB, 750x469, 4C65365A-20FC-4A71-B95C-64B860…)

Looks like they were just waiting to nail him on something

No. 734231

File: 1574817048450.jpg (92.93 KB, 500x570, theviolencehadescalated.jpg)


Wonderful. It's about time.

No. 734232


No. 734233

Poor, poor Greggles, can't afford a good lawyer now, can he?

No. 734234

File: 1574817198849.jpeg (380.06 KB, 828x1187, 47BBD1A7-269A-43B0-AA73-D554F5…)

The deplatforming ball is rolling. Finally.

No. 734235

File: 1574817233483.jpeg (392.1 KB, 828x1177, 6673D4A6-85C8-4EE7-819E-975574…)

No. 734236

inb4 Greg tries to set up his own "Bananeon" site where his fans give him their credit card information and he charges them directly. Im sure you can trust him.

No. 734237

Of all the things I thought Greg was gonna get deplatformed from, I definitely didn’t think it was gonna be doxxing. Lmao this is such a strange and satisfying twist to the saga, especially cuz there’s no one to blame but himself.

No. 734238

File: 1574817334708.gif (200.07 KB, 220x193, tenor.gif)


No. 734239

>>A woman who asked to be referred to as Sarah
She will absolutely haunt him for the rest of his life. I'm so proud of Sarah.

No. 734240

Hopefully this will encourage other platforms to give him the boot too.

This raises the question, will the narc rage come before or after he starts using krainey as his income sweatshop on her patreon?

No. 734241

Now if Kai can just fuck off. They still have her Patreon to make money.

No. 734242

Same. Sarah if you read here, which I know you do, you fucking rock and I'm so so proud of you. I'm proud of all of the girls really. Way to fucking go.

No. 734243


Am I tripping, is Sarah not her real name or something? Why does it say that lol

No. 734244

His rage is going to be so delicious. Do we make popcorn or cook a turkey for this Thankmilkmas?

No surprise that Youtube gave no comment.

No. 734245

Could he use hers to make money?

No. 734246

Yeah it's strange, isn't it? What a fucking idiot, that's what he gets for thinking he's above the law or any type of community guidelines. He got bolder lately, it was only a matter of time

No. 734247

Now we can expect Greg pushing her even harder to make content for Patreon and return to her YouTube channel.

No. 734248

File: 1574817566211.jpg (70.76 KB, 624x960, thismakesmeangus.jpg)

Amen to that.

Let's see how he's gonna pay his alimony and legal defense against the FBI.

It can only go downhill for Grog and there's no brake on the Bubba Rape Train.

No. 734249

File: 1574817650522.png (1.37 MB, 1366x2301, Screenshot_2019-11-27 Controve…)

full article

No. 734250


I really think patreon was just waiting for something solid to base the kick on. Its actually such a weak reason for getting rid of him since he removed the pic with the number really quickly, and they would have known that. They must have been trying to find any reason to ban him that looked legit for a while now i reckon.

As much as we believe the accusations, and those of us watching closely over the years have seen way enough evidence to know they're true, and patreon even saw reason to believe them and want him gone imo… there was nothing actually solid out there yet for patreon to base a ban on. Nothing for them to write down simply and say 'this is why. goodbye'. Now there was, just about, with the doxxing and seems they jumped at the chance.

No. 734251

and don't forget the incoming fines for the wetlands lmao. i doubt kai's patreon alone is going to be enough to weather the shitstorm headed their way

No. 734253

File: 1574817753863.png (8.76 KB, 401x158, Screenshot (121).png)


This is what Lainey's Patreon currently makes.

No. 734254

this is so fucking funny. I bet he really thought he was invincible and I doubt he even thought twice before posting billie's number. hopefully this is just the first in a chain of his accounts being deleted

No. 734255

Yeah. I think there was so much pressure to get rid of him and they wanted him gone so bad that they pretty much were waiting for him to go against any of the rules even in the slightest way. Good that he’s gone though.

No. 734256

Seconding this. Thank god for Sarah and all the others coming forward.

It sucks that Billie had to be doxxed for Patreon to do anything, but damn. Thanks for being the reason for the season.

No. 734257

File: 1574817873631.png (45.94 KB, 1675x250, chrome_aTEkfXhS1F.png)

>really quickly
It took him an hour to remove the post with her number.
Meanwhile, twitter continues to be fucking pathetic.

No. 734258

it's so funny how he's removed from patreon because of doxxing. he knowingly released billies info and gets it thrown right back at his face.

such great karma.

No. 734259

Kai's fan mostly hate Greg lmao, 8f he forces himself on her patron loads of them will unpledge. Aww it's going to be a sad Christmas for the Onion's, is he going to have to sell this Tesla as well now?

No. 734260

Same. Probably none of this would've started had Sarah not stepped up. She should be real proud of herself.

No. 734261

Inb4 someone sights him at the local welfare office applying for food stamps. (Unless the feds come for him first). His income has just gone to zip.

No. 734263

>took him an hour to remove the post
That's just it. If doxxing is against twitter rules then why didn't they suspend him? The blue check mark excuse ain't flying with me.

No. 734264

Hmm, is Greg prideful and stupid enough to now tell Kai to quit patreon? obviously its less money for the household, but I wonder if in his sperging he'll be all 'I dont know how you could stay on a platform that BANNED me! LOYALTY! You are supporting a website that BANNED ME.'

Cutting off his nose to spite his face ofc, but that's what I'm wondering… is he narc enough to do that? He strikes me as if he is, because hes a dumb fuck especially when he rages, but who knows.

No. 734265

I hope he sells all his internal organs.

No. 734266

I wonder if he'll join the police academy like he was talking about a few years ago. I'm sure that'll go very well considering how he just flourished in the military.

really though, we'll probably see pictures of him working at Target within the year. he doesn't make NEARLY enough off of youtube to support himself and his family. he's probably been living off of the money he made from selling the mcmansion for the last couple of years, but who knows how much (if any) of that is left?

No. 734267

News articles usually require full names.

It just means its Sarah but she declined to let them use her full name.

No. 734268

File: 1574818211291.gif (1.36 MB, 640x336, milk.gif)

Milkmas has officially begun, farmers.
Greg and Lainey are both crying.

No. 734269

Lmao, I totally forgot about the wetlands situation.

This is a total fucking blessing. Just right around Christmas too. He will have a wonderful budget of NOTHING this year.

Season's greetings, Greg!

No. 734270

At once.

No. 734271

If any anons have access to his patron-only discord server, i'm very curious as to what's going on there right now.

No. 734272

This Christmas there's no "proving the IRS wrong" (or patreon) kek

No. 734273

I don't believe Patreon is his only source of income. I think there's more to the tinfoils of him having black money. Between him and Lainey, they made a paltry amount on Patreon

No. 734274

File: 1574818558219.gif (1.56 MB, 366x274, ezgif-1-d37e86c04520.gif)

This is so beautiful I can't wait for the narc rage.

No. 734275

samefag. Paltry compared to all the expenses they have.

No. 734276

oh boy oh boy now hes really gonna lose his shit ..he just lost his main income buahahaha

No. 734277

I think this will be more suspect if laundry's patreon suddenly goes up

No. 734279

Hallejulah! Was his main source of income.

His Instagram used to be 'verified', but no longer is?

Kai's patreon is not much to fall back on, and it's not likely he's ever going to become a full time successful 'author' lol. Few can get to that level these days.

Greg should probably stop acting such a fool on social media at this point, and go check himself into some sort of rehab. Kai if they had any sense would take the kids and run ASAP.

As usual with these types, his ego and seeing how far he could test the limits may have finally caught up with him.

No. 734280

Just imagining onion at this moment yelling at a patreon representative to be a real human and reinstate his patreon

No. 734281

Every time he does that he only makes things worse for himself so here's to hoping that he does.

No. 734282

I'm sure that's EXACTLY what he's doing. That or screaming at lamey

No. 734283

"You're literally starving my family. You're killing them and taking my money which makes you a CRIMINAL!"

No. 734284

That's $2,307 a month. I agree. There's no way they've been living on that alone, especially with however many pets they have and two small children. Unless they've been on welfare all this time and/or have been going into credit card debt, the only other option is black money imo.

No. 734285

i dont want to ruin the party but do you guys think patreon will undo his ban any time soon just like youtube did for his uhohbro channel? or you guys think its permanent this time?

No. 734286

He violated their no doxxing policy. They're not re-instating him.

No. 734287

he's setting himself up to be a webcam slut

No. 734288

It’s permanent. He concretely violated their terms of service, and the amount of backlash patreon would face if they allowed him back onto the platform would be a controversy they don’t feel like dealing with. They were sitting there itching to remove him.

No. 734289

File: 1574819149345.png (3.59 MB, 828x1792, 4DC661D1-5DF1-4A44-989C-DD1F76…)

His Instagram is no longer verified. kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 734290

It's permanent. It's a shame that it took a phone number to do it and not the hundreds of other fucked up things that he did that were far worse. Alas, his Patreon has finally been taken down and now the narc rage can truly begin.

No. 734291

Not sure about this but I read that he tried creating another account that was also swiftly banned. Two accounts in one day.

No. 734292

I've been thinking the same. Patreon has banned people for less though, so I'm holding out hope that they don't humor him. As other anons have said though, violated policy.

I feel other sources of this kinda service wouldn't take him, usually since they're smaller and more independent.

No. 734293

yeah don't forget his weird shady business! There's no way in hell he doesn't have other sources of income.

No. 734294

File: 1574819298254.jpeg (558.34 KB, 828x945, 405A64BF-3A39-49E4-9755-989FA2…)

What in the entire fuck is this?

No. 734295

File: 1574819346575.gif (585.25 KB, 303x241, X8cD.gif)

for me it is not about the small amount of money he has lost. I am more delighted that now he has nowhere to host his awful 'uncensored' videos. If he tries it on YouTube he gets no ads and how dare they not let his express himself. I am happy with Patreon RN, at least they have balls unlike YouTube and Twitter.

No. 734296

Seeing Patreon made a statement to media about banning him, no I don't think they'll allow him back.

No. 734297

Yaaa he's definitely just going to take over Lainey's patreon.

No. 734298

File: 1574819431558.jpg (49.49 KB, 773x523, 2019-11-26_20-50-23.jpg)

He's pretending like it doesn't bother him.

No. 734300

Look at his frail shoulders. He looks like a fucking bird that could have its bone broke at any minute. Wish Shane Dawson agreed to that boxing match, he probably would just have to stand there and Greg would run into him and KO himself. He's such a pussy oh my loooord

No. 734301

he just posted his first sperging tantrum on speaks channel acting more delusional and demented than ever

No. 734302

Now that Patreon's finally stepped up (kudos to them) I expect these other platforms to get off their lazy asses.

No. 734303

looks like he can't use the "a patron told me" excuse anymore now that they are all gone

No. 734304

File: 1574819565910.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 3192F12F-7859-4600-B7C1-19DB09…)

Oh my god. Just uploaded 1 min ago right as I decided to check up on him. He’s trying to make it look like an act but he’s just looking nuttier and nuttier every day!

No. 734305

File: 1574819566740.gif (5.06 KB, 140x185, 1492838992643.gif)

Lol, like clockwork, he's pretending it's everyone's fault but his.

No. 734306

File: 1574819628780.png (3.36 MB, 828x1792, 5B767ED1-D29E-4EC0-A653-BACB83…)

No. 734307

File: 1574819649480.png (1.57 MB, 828x1792, B893D25B-03D5-4169-ADC3-8DD12A…)

No. 734308

>>734298 i like he thinks since the fbi hasn’t come yet he is in the clear . He has no idea how the fbi works they don’t come get you immediately . They take their time and build a case it could be months sometimes years depending on the type of case

No. 734309

No. 734310

File: 1574819671132.png (2.96 MB, 828x1792, 93517BB1-5833-40AA-B317-CEC0AF…)

No. 734311

It's just him acting like dollar store joker. As usual.

No. 734312

he is deffinitely lurking here …someone here joked about him drinking kambucha and he mentions it in his video

No. 734313

I know he's trying to act like the joker but he just reminds me of Chris Chan lmao

No. 734314

He pretty much is Chris-chan with kids.

No. 734315

Please tell me that video is archived and then tell me that the cops already came to take the kids out of the house. Shit is going down.

No. 734316

Oh that gif is adorable, but yeah I'm glad he lost his Patreon. He still might host his vids on his site or something but at least he lost one source of revenue. I do believe however, in the black money tinfoil

No. 734318

Jesus, can you imagine being Kai and his children? They've got to be second guessing if he's just pulling an act or if he's about to actually lose his shit and shoot the place up.

No. 734319

bless you, anon, bless.

No. 734320

He's had control of all her sm from the beginning. He's probably been pocketing all the money she makes from Patreon/YT himself.

No. 734321

Does this mean Julia's patreon is going to come back? Miss her.

No. 734322

Pretty sure that's basically ban evasion, could be mistaken. He can try.

No. 734323

Remember, this is a father of two small children. Two toddlers are in his home.

HELLO CPS, do something you losers.

No. 734324

cant a mental ward institute come and pick him up in a straight jacket ? his videos are enougb proof of his insanity and he is a danger to his children ..i thought cases like this gives them permision for immediate intervention to section him

No. 734325

If krai was smart she'd take the kids and escape to new mexico. But alas she's a dumb bitch and is probably crying and making patreon content to earn all those lost bucks.

No. 734326

He's lost his patron but at least he's going to gain all the flies in his house he could want. We all know he'll not be cleaning the floor after pouring that drink all over himself. He's such a critical thinker.

No. 734327

They need to take Taylor’s patreon next

No. 734328

I never thought patreon would be the first in deplatforming him and I'm sure gurg didn't imagine it either. lmao I can't imagine how much it chaps his ass his little sekret echo chamber is gone

~Merry Milkmas ladies!

No. 734329

Noticed that too. Did a patron tell you that Greg? Oh wait. Nigga ain't got no patrons!

No. 734330

Those kids are way too young to understand what the hell is going on with Greg's psycho Joker schtick, act or not. They must be terrified.

No. 734331

He didn't remove it quickly, it stayed up for an hour

No. 734332

I was going to say he should take himself to an exorcist, but I think he's too far gone at this point.

No. 734333

He may fancy himself as the Joker of YouTube, but no one sees it that way. Sorry if this has been posted before, but early in November Elvis the Alien and BionicPig made a video roasting his terrible Joker impressions.

How can one man be so ugly and so untalented and so unfunny and so incredibly, depressingly stupid?

No. 734334

File: 1574820382356.png (297.69 KB, 1242x2208, BDF13A10-24C6-4851-ABA1-23B3F5…)

The woman who wrote the article just posted this update. Trying to avoid taking responsibility per usual.

No. 734335

File: 1574820399317.png (85.6 KB, 744x486, the verge.png)

No. 734336

Lol, of course he had to paint himself the victim.

No. 734337

Isn't that considered impersonation and isn't it against their rules?

No. 734338

I've been wondering this myself. Why hasn't he been sectioned yet? Because he acts 'calm' on his streams? I guess he's trying to play off his unhinged videos as being all an act.

No. 734339

it's like a mumblecore remake of that decade Christian Slater thought he was Jack Nicholson

No. 734340


"i just don't understand why my manipulation camouflaged as being nice didn't prove my innocence!!! im the victim here!!! me!!!"

No. 734341

Where'd you read that?

No. 734342

File: 1574820494794.png (606.29 KB, 750x418, C08E81CA-E33F-4D72-81DC-2A9BFB…)

No. 734343

Lmao, Lainey is crying. He loses his patron and makes a statement about how he's still pining over the ex teenager that dumped him.

No. 734344

Yeah let's forget the fucking doxx just because he compliment her a little bit

No. 734345

Lainey’s crying, send gifts!

No. 734347

Hey op, when you hav a run of links to post, put an extra space between them, or a word:
eg: >>732360 >>732383 >>732835 >>732859
with extra spaces or words between them: >>732360 >>732383 and >>732835 and >>732859

No. 734348

How can he have any real viable social media career when his content is not advertizer friendly, no Patreon, sponsorship and business partner deals unlikely?

His prospects for a legit job? Not great with his history out there and investigation hanging over his head.

Brought it all on himself by not caring at all about others he pushed to the limit. Only ones I'm feeling sorry for is the kids living in this environment. Please, keep them safe.

No. 734349

i know this is far from the point right now but i never look at his insta so i never realized just how many pictures he has of his hair swept over his forehead and these faces he pulls trying to look like a kawaii 19 year old. he's on his way to 40, a father of two and these are the pictures he takes to lure in teen pussy. gross.

kek wasn't christian slater on a lot of drugs? onion has no excuse. he says drugs are for criminal scum.

this is art.

No. 734350

File: 1574820779727.jpg (56.34 KB, 321x480, bub.jpg)

>he's going to gain all the flies
Pretty sure the lord of the flies already runs his house.

No. 734351

'lost' on the t-shirt, could not have said it better myself, you have both lost.

No. 734353

Can't post it but he kust uploaded a video om YouTube. Jfc he's really into the delusion that he's the joker, or he's legit snapped.

Oh and remember Greg, no one got your patreon deleted but you. You doxxed Billie, YOU did this.

Get fucked xoxo

No. 734354

Better be practicing “you want fries with that?”

No. 734355

File: 1574821117051.png (104.68 KB, 628x716, Screenshot_2019-11-27 Elvis Th…)

Speaking of.

No. 734356

Me, I was anticipating him to pull a Chris-Chan (drinking orange soda with jizz during a sperg-sessh) after going too far

No. 734357

There are some people saying Chris Hansen and Vincent are responsible for getting his patreon removed . I don’t know if that is true or not

No. 734359

File: 1574821250091.gif (993.67 KB, 250x250, 1532553927603.gif)

it's been posted >>734309

No. 734360

File: 1574821263837.gif (1 MB, 250x250, hoesmad.gif)

I had to laugh in his WOW video, he had to put his ''Onision'' bumper at the end of it as if his chimpout was totally a skit.

He's not mad at all. He's platinum chimpout mad.

No. 734361

Dick Masterson aka Dax Herrera offered to host him on newproject2. Or just have him on TDS? Not sure.

Seriously tho Dax, why.


No. 734362

So post screencaps.

No. 734363

>Billie's been upset with me ever since
Actually, she's a really sweet girl who just wants to forget he exists. That's literally all it is. We'd all like to forget his existence, but we can't until he's held accountable.

No. 734364

File: 1574821411289.png (70.76 KB, 664x645, on.PNG)


No. 734365


Deity channel on youtube doing a live atm, said he got an email from Vincent saying they got it done. Perhaps they approached Patreon directly after seeing what Greg did.

No. 734366

I seen the stream when he mentioned it but I will wait until either Chris or Vincent themselves says so on video.

No. 734367

Nice. I see a potential next thread pic.

No. 734368

File: 1574821586561.png (91.53 KB, 1358x498, chrome_Bw4fHqWZYS.png)

literally who?

No. 734369

>>734368 I wonder what Regina means by this

No. 734370

File: 1574821680401.png (68.1 KB, 1316x289, chrome_OmNUS7oieC.png)

and before the twitterfags get any ideas… enjoy the milk, don't try to play hero

No. 734371

I'm not op but thanks for mentioning this I never figured out how to do it lol.

No. 734372

Fuck, man, this is fucking stupid of Dax. Look into the shit just a bit, this isn't a free speech issue. It's an asshole issue.

No. 734373


Fair enough, though Vincent and Deity do seem to be friendly lately. Deity is saying that Vince and Chris played 'significant role'.

Expect there will be a lot more to come.

No. 734375

Please let CPS come in and snatch the kids. No money, no kids to use as leverage, just Greg and Lainey stuck in the swamp with 25% of their income and the wetlands, IRS, and FBI breathing down their neck.

No. 734376

5 bucks says they're talking to lainey again and lainey is playing along cause she is scared shitless that regina is gonna go to the authorities with all the CP lainey encouraged from her.

No. 734378

So glad she said this but it's sad that she even had to. On most of Greg's tweets, he barely gets any likes but always has a ton of comments from people who keep giving him attention. He goes after the girls because he knows it'll bring more attention.

They might be doing a silent investigation with the FBI and Chris.

Grease has his greasy fingers all over her accounts. She can't talk to them without him knowing.

No. 734379

Will the preteens follow him to newproject2 though? This is fucking me off.

No. 734380

If they are talking with Foot, I hope that it's through Chris or (more likely) Vincent.

No. 734381

File: 1574821966523.png (65.64 KB, 657x587, reginaa.PNG)

Luxxy mentions the FBI and CPS too. It's going to be a strange holiday weekend for Lainey if she's visiting her family.

No. 734382

Yeah, it's just that Deity is some youtuber I came across for the first time digging dirt on Onion on Youtube recently.

I'm pretty sure either Chris or Vincent had the contacts necessary to pull the strings necessary to terminate Onion's Patreon. I just want to hear it from the source directly.

Hopefully Chris should be streaming tomorrow.

No. 734383

>He's platinum chimpout mad.

No. 734384

File: 1574822065407.png (273.17 KB, 1113x634, jld.PNG)

I guess Greg is going to have to put all his time and effort into his Julia Patreon now. Its still active.

No. 734385

I thought he destroyed the sex doll?

No. 734386

Hopefully Patreon will take this one down too

No. 734387

So… would you guys agree this is the milkiest Onision saga ever? This feels like what we've all been wanting to see since 2009.

No. 734388

Well that's a big sigh of relief.

No. 734389

Will he just rename the sex doll patreon? Still gonna take a hit even if he pulls this stunt.

No. 734390

Can someone please explain who is this guy and what is newproject2?

No. 734392


I agreed. I've been following this train wreck since then and this is definitely the milkiest most satisfying time. Its beautiful. I hope there is more to come though. And Im sad all these girls had to be abused for it to happen, he should have been prevented way back then. So many of us were calling him out for being a dangerous insane asshole

No. 734393

Sounds like the kids are no longer in their custody or actions are being taken to head in that direction.

No. 734394

Uber seems more likely. That affords a bit more autonomy & privacy.
Holy shit Patreon actually did it. I hope he doesn't hurt his kids.

No. 734396

More like a pedophile/serial abuser issue.

No. 734397


Yes, I couldnt agree more. Been following this walmart joker since he ended things with Skye. Good to see karma swinging back at him with an extra dose. I cant wait for whats in store for 2020 for the swamp rats. Praying hard the children are taken away and krainey's family will be looking after them.

No. 734398


With what Regina said, it sounds like they're making some kinda move.. He's been unverified on Instagram and had his Patreon taken away at the same time.. She said the FBI and CPS have been watching and the children are safe..

I am so curious as to how this will all unfold lol.

No. 734400

Look, if Dick is offering him space on newproject2, all of this is for nothing. He'll feel the pinch financially until he builds the sub base again. I'm super fucking pissed that Dax is doing this.

No. 734401

Shiloh was right. Handing Onion aaaaaallllllll that rope finally paid off. He's got more than enough for leftovers, too. I'm sure it's vegan and everything.


No. 734402

Twitter is really doing the most to avoid banning him, huh.

Anyway I imagine he will try to push his content on Lainey's patreon under the table. Like "sub to Kai and I'll send you my shitty videos on vimeo" or something. Which will just get her banned as well so I hope he tries it.

No. 734403

i love how Sarah has become a dark fucking horse that will do whatever she can- like clearly she is protecting those kids and i hope one day she gets to see them again. i know she mustve ment something to them/them to her and she is doing fucking stellar work trying to give them a chance unlike their own parents.

seriously though twitter and youtube are pathetic. i wish some actual people would do shit on those platforms and stop those idiot

No. 734404


It wasn't at the same time. His instagram has been unverified for some time now.

No. 734405

It is dick masterson he started his own patreon like platform called new project 2 because a lot of his friends were being deplatformed ,. People like Sargon of Akkad , mister metokur , and what they used to call skeptic youtubers

No. 734406

Keep pushing as with Patreon. If he loses his twitter he will combust with rage.

No. 734407

Dax Herrera aka Dick Masterson is an LA comedian who used to do shit with Upright Citizens Brigade and podcasts. He started and runs a patreon alternative for people who have been deplatformed. It's patreon under a different name.

No. 734408

File: 1574822626650.gif (1015.69 KB, 498x286, tenor.gif)

this is beautiful- the end is nigh

No. 734409

Yeah didn't he make a video where he got rid of it?
I imagine they will since he's no longer allowed on their platform, even if he's LARP'ing as a sex doll.

No. 734410

this isn’t even a free speech issue, Onision abuses his wife, children, and countless other women. And some snowflake fool is going to come and fuck it all up?

No. 734411

I'm proud of Sarah and Regina. Lainey spent years emotionally toying with them, manipulating them, and using them to satisfy her sick ego and sicker husband. But those girls came back swinging. The same goes for all of his victims. What a way to end his travesty of a career.

No. 734412

He won't be able to make content on this Patreon alternative if he ends up in prison. Still totally possible.

No. 734413

Even if he does go on that bootleg Patreon, there's no way he's going to gain back all the patreons he's lost. He can try but he's gonna be fucked no matter what.

No. 734414

I feel like twitter is atm, a lost cause. doubling down on coming for youtube would be smarter. all those twitterfags that whinge constantly about him would be useful to direct their rage at youtube to try and get something done- for fucks sake their so concerned for 'the children' you'd think he'd be the first to go whomp whomp

No. 734415

Uber/Lyft has had its own controversy with drivers literally trying to abduct women. This happened to a girl a few weeks ago in I think San Antonio. The dude drove up to a warehouse but she was able to get out of the car and escape. Her vid's on twitter.

No. 734416

it appears as though he is. people in the thread are trying to talk to him but this is his thing. he believes you don't have the right to take away someone's ability to make a living. greg doesn't 'deserve' to make his living off shittty videos, though.

No. 734417

yeah and then pseudo-intelligent muh political discourse will feel like an idiot

No. 734418

I don't know who this guy is, but he's awfully stupid if he's seriously offering a platform to someone under the investigation of Chris Hansen and the FBI. It won't go well for him if that's what he plans to do.

No. 734419

the bootleg patreon makes people money just as well as the other one does. i'm livid.

No. 734420

File: 1574823082938.png (682.79 KB, 744x520, 7845612.PNG)

You thought Lainey was pissed when she had to clean up sugar water that Sam poured all over their wooden dinner table. Now shes going to have to steam vac the basement carpet because he poured a full bottle of kombucha all over himself and the carpet.

No. 734421

Right up Greg's alley then.

No. 734422

He's not stupid at all. Unfortunately. I get why he's doing it but dude, bad fucking deal.

No. 734424

Imagine getting into your Uber and the greasy haired fuck driving you takes you to some secluded area, turns off the car and you hear in a quiet effeminate voice "sukmi?"

No. 734425



No. 734426

You'd think that someone part of the "critically thinking" skeptic community would be smarter than to associate with someone like Pedonision.

No. 734427

Has he lost it? Or is this bait for views? Hard to tell. The crying is his usual fake style, but losing almost 3k a month will hurt.

No. 734428

why is he trying to set up a support system for a sick individual who is being investigated by the FBI and Chris Hansen.

No. 734429

Didn't he do something like this when he was trying to get himself kicked out of the Air Force?

No. 734430

This means nothing. Really. Gurg is fucked no matter what. His Patreon being removed is TEN steps forward. Don’t be so dramatic.

No. 734432

He isn't a skeptic and he has nothing to do with youtube. He's a comedian and a free speech advocate. But this is not cool of him.

No. 734433

I thought the same thing. The part in the Wow video where he starts taking off his clothes in a frenzy is probably the exact same thing his superiors saw when he was trying to fake a mental breakdown and get kicked out.

No. 734434

Yeah, traffic to patreon is huge compared to some start up version. This is a win for us.

No. 734435

And when Sarahgate happened. He also did this when the boxing fights were popular and he wanted to fight Shane. He does this a lot when he's truly jealous or being a bitter faggot.

No. 734436


he's an internet edgelord who hates women and tries to disguise it as 'jokes' and 'satire'. sound familiar? exactly.

honestly why would anyone expect anything different from dick masterson tbh. greg could be his best mate

No. 734437

I wouldn't worry about it too much. There's a lot of issues with Onision jumping over to this other platform. The biggest issue is that Onision's fanbase is significantly smaller than it was when he initially started his Patreon. Think about how many followers he has on his private accounts. The people who are supporting the creators on this newproject2 site are actual fans of the content and viewpoints that the creators have. No one's defending Onision except for people who are trying to be contrarian and edgy. How many of those people are actually gonna donate money to someone who's content appeals to no one? It's gonna be significantly less money than he earned on Patreon, which was already dwindling every month.

No. 734438

Yeah, he's made his mind up. Fuckin why though, srsly.

Greg just needs to tweet the address to fans and he still makes his dosh. Dax = asshat rn

No. 734440

>he believes you don't have the right to take away someone's ability to make a living.
Greg has done nothing but abuse every single platform he's been on and use them to groom children, harass his exes, and now dox them. He doesn't deserve any platform. His "right to make a living" hasn't been taken away completely (yet), he can go apply at McDonalds.

No. 734441

Oh my god we get it Greg, you saw joker

No. 734442

If Greg gets a platform back and gets notoriety again then I give up. Let Onision inevitably assault his children and more women and underage girls. Let dick be responsible for it. See what happens to his credibility and let his ideology fall apart.

No. 734443

This is what Greg calls "making a living".

No. 734444


That and I bet a lot of “patrons” started donating to him a long time ago and then forgot all about it/won’t bother to put in the effort to go to the new platform and sign up all over again to donate/parents will say no when they ask to.

No. 734445

I want Onion Boy to have to work a real job so bad. I want reality to slap him across the face. He is so disconnected from it all, the sooner he has to actually work the better. I'll travel down and be sure to say hi when he's working at Panda Express.

No. 734446

again, unfortunately he's not a literally who. this is fucking dumb of him but there you have it, wtf man

No. 734447

>this dude is a literal nobody
lol ok.

They don't like him. They're actually trying to get him to come on for interviews etc, so this could be part of the play to get his trust. (I doubt greg will take them up on it though.)
But yeah, he's not going to get the same money as before. Most of them will probably stay dropped off from all the bullshit that's arisen or too lazy to re-pledge.

No. 734448

Has he lost it? Or is this bait for views? Hard to tell. The crying is his usual fake style, but losing almost 3k a month will hurt.

No. 734449

I'm trying to figure out what Onision being removed for maliciously doxxing one of his exes has to do with "free speech".

No. 734450

what is it with faggots like this who think they’re entitled to people’s money just for being disgusting online? onision, dick masterson, metokur, and soygon are all little turdlets who think their content must be funded or else it’s a human rights issue lol. like >>734419 points out, private companies banning them off their platforms for violations of their rules has nothing to do with free speech but they’re just too lazy or too inept to get real jobs lmao.

blogpost ik but I’m sick of these entitled assholes.

No. 734451

File: 1574824127918.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, 8BCCD341-5582-4FA5-9B1D-36F65C…)

No. 734452

Sarah would know how hard this would fuck him and Kri, financially. Anyone friends with her on twitter?

No. 734453

Don't worry. One sad, failing comedian is not going be any sort of revival. Greg fucks up everything he touches, and can't work with anyone. Hell when he works with "friends" in videos, half the time he dubbs their voices over with his own. He's painfully unfunny and idiotic and he will not prosper, not even under the guise of notoriety, anywhere else. Chris Hansen is tagged to his name now. This other idiot is only going to hurt himself by attaching his name to Onision's. Since when has that worked out for anyone?

No. 734454

He's definitely not faking mental illness. You can't hurt people the way he has, have no remorse, and not have some severe pathology. Like >>734168 said, Gayce and Bundy acted perfectly normal when it suited them, meanwhile they were busy burying bodies in the shadows.

No. 734455

i wonder if billy the bitch tits and company will still associate with him

No. 734456

I can only hope you’re right, anon. Otherwise Dick is helping to perpetuate Greg’s ability to abuse and offend and that will be all on him.

No. 734457

Keem commented!

No. 734458

File: 1574824488518.png (422.86 KB, 750x1334, BE3B646E-5EC3-46DB-AFFF-165514…)

Oops forgot the img

No. 734459

I know nothing about this guy but he sounds like winner. He'll be winning with the FBI if he let's Pedo boy on there.

No. 734461

Sarah also confirmed in her Hansen interview that Patreon is the majority of their income lol, he’s totally fucked.

No. 734462

He barely earned that much to begin with. Between him a Lainey they made a little over 2k.

No. 734463

Of course Keem comments on it now. Fucking predictable. Finally stop snorting up the Paul brothers' shit, eh?

No. 734464

it is. Not sure how Patreon runs its shit, but I know for instance, on Twitch if youve been banned, you can't even appear on someone else's stream or else their channel could be banned too.
Part of me hopes he's too stupid to think of this and he gets Lainey's patreon banned as well.

No. 734465

fucking keemstar piece of shit now he covers him but before he was old news and above him

No. 734466

File: 1574824862851.png (50.66 KB, 1070x456, 7391.PNG)

Read something on Reddit about how well this alternative to Patreon does. Even if Onision runs there I doubt hes going to make enough money.

No. 734467

His patrons will follow him regardless of the platform

No. 734468

totally unimportant to all the delicious milk that is flowing right now - but earlier today he did a patreon stream and everyone posted screenshots of how greasy his hair looked and I thought, "Surely it's just wet cause he took a shower an hour before, right?" but then his hair is CLEARLY wet in this video hours later - so either this gross troll had realty greasy hair or he washed his hair more than once in a day in which case… still a greasy troll

No. 734469

>Since when has that worked out for anyone?
Looks like Dick wants to find this out the hard way.

No. 734470

Off-topic from the milk right now, but Grug is also doing streams and is a partner on twitch still, kinda hope that they will do something about that too. Doubt he makes any income from there but still.

No. 734471

Assuming this guy ain't trolling, he'll find out soon enough why Onion doesn't have any friends or working relationships with anyone.

No. 734472

Thanks for telling everyone what they already knew, Keem.

No. 734473

Not nearly as many as were on Patreon, I imagine. I know I wouldn't trust some tiny website for something like sending money.

No. 734475

He said something about "dont use vaseline on hair"

No. 734477

Yeah, payment processing trust isn't big on small sites

No. 734478

there's also no proof he himself removed it, right? So many people reported it instantly that it's more likely Twitter removed it

No. 734480

Lmao the girls pretending they have this shit handled when the majority of them kept their mouths shut about abuse and the things the kids were exposed to until krai hurt their feefees.

People will handle this however they want.

No. 734481

File: 1574825432682.jpeg (25.4 KB, 243x273, 23270D92-7400-4F3D-9914-55EC1A…)

No. 734482

sadly…he's still got youtube. and although the tinfoil of his making money through shady means is a nice idea.. chances are he makes more through youtube than we realize. He's got thousands of videos and not all of them are unmonetized.

No. 734483


Of course. As everyone predicted in prior threads. He's interested now.

No. 734484

why are his lips the same exact color as his face? he does not look like this in other pictures, is he using lipstick?

No. 734485

woo boy does a fella look Wrecked. hilarious.

No. 734486

I'm really curious what they mean by this? Surely Lainey isnt going to talk to them and assure them the kids are fine.

No. 734487

>People will handle this however they want.

Sure, it's why JoySparkles became a bloated hypochondriacal thing.

No. 734488

I think there's a lot of merit to this tinfoil >>734273
Does anyone have estimates of how much he makes on yt? His and Kainey's combined income on Patreon was very little.

No. 734489

It's funny that he's chosen Onision as his hill die on when it comes to this "free speech" crusade of his.

Welcoming a pedo onto your website with open arms isn't a cute look.

No. 734490

The FBI's involved. Comparing what's going on now with what happened back then tells me you know a lot less than you think, anon.

No. 734491

File: 1574826319600.png (87.67 KB, 598x781, oni.PNG)

people are trying to tell this guy that this isn't a good idea but he thinks harassing your exs on social media counts as "free speech"

No. 734492

File: 1574826467422.gif (3.86 MB, 240x266, thefuh.gif)

Yeah, that's how abuse and grooming works, anon. The behavior is normalized so you don't report or they've been emotionally manipulated so they don't report. Not to mention the power dynamic and the history of Onion publically shaming and weaponizing fans to attack his exes. Not every person has your seemingly iron will to resist the effects of abuse.

No. 734493

Idiot doesn't understand that your free speech ends where someone's safety begins lol

No. 734494

his followers think that pedos and abusers need share their opinion too uwu

No. 734495

It really feels like all this Armoured Skeptic-tier comedic genius was looking for was a burst of promo and it's working

No. 734496

She probably shouldn't have said anything like that in case Greg gets paranoid and tries to retaliate by using the kids, but her follow up was much better >>734381 .

>His and Kainey's combined income on Patreon was very little.

Indeed. Looking forward to the milk Chris will spill tomorrow. he spills a little bit more about the investigation in every interview.

No. 734498

Do you guys think Chris reads here?

No. 734499

Okay, here it goes.

For the longest time I've been a patron of Greg's. Him getting kicked off the website, as well as reading some of this board, has been a bit of a wake up call for me.

I know a lot of people won't understand where I'm coming from but I have talked to Greg every single day for a long time. We talked about some deep shit. I've seen a side of him that most of the public haven't. Deep down there is a good guy and a loving father.

With that said I sincerely hope he gets help. For everyone's sake including his own. This could all have been avoided and even now… If he gets the right help he might be able to turn things around. I really hope that some people put there might be able to appreciate that he's a real person under it all, not a cartoon villain.

I'm not excusing that he's in the wrong here btw. It's just not as black and white as it seems

No. 734501

You say this was a wake up call but then go on to still defend him. Retard.

No. 734502

I think Greg has legitimate NPD and will never be able to truly reflect on himself. He's a hopeless case, as sad as it is to say. I'm sure there's some "redeeming" things about him too, but at a certain point you have to draw a line and accept that the label "bad person" has to apply to somebody.

No. 734503


sometimes it is more black and white then it seems.
gurg has done what he did to you to all the other women hes abused. making you think hes ok or whatever then sperging about how you a garbage person when u say something he doesnt like. wake up stop defending a proven pedo and abuser. people thought bundy was chill. like stahp bro

No. 734504

Hard to believe dumb kids can't just look up his name on Google. Smh

No. 734505

Most of you haven't met him in person. I have on several occasions he's different to the persona he shows online(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 734506


>This could all have been avoided and even now…

Yeah, if only he hadn't groomed and abused children.

No. 734507


ye its been about 10 years coming all this. a good guy and a loving father doesnt have 10 years of history behind him being called out

all thats happened over those past years is his head has grown and his shittiness escalated to the mess you see today, with girls actually coming forward about having been abused

hes not a good guy. he is not a loving father. you're just extremely gullible and he found it easy to manipulate you. he likes your kind. your kind is the only reason he was ever allowed to continue having a platform to groom girls to abuse them in the first place

tldr fuck off(biting)

No. 734508

Shut the fuck up

No. 734509

That makes it even worse you absolute nonce.

No. 734510


Sarah met him in person. What do you say to her?

No. 734511

If you're going to whore yourself here for some attention thinking we care at least learn to sage

No. 734512

>been a bit of a wake up call for me

Has part of this wake up call been you realizing he abuses young underage girls? Once I figure out someone is capable of doing that I dont continue to defend them with "its not black and white" "hes a real person not a cartoon victim"

>Most of you haven't met him in person. I have on several occasions he's different to the persona he shows online

You could of just said the usual line of "he never abused me"

No. 734513

but you're saying this like greg suddenly isn't greg when he's online. Just because it's a different side of him doesn't mean it's a different person. And there are several firsthand accounts of people who HAVE interacted with him in person who have said that he's even more abusive and manipulative in person, so gtfo.

No. 734514

yeah, there's totally a good side to someone who films their wife having a seizure instead of calling 911. fuck off.

also, we should stop replying to this guy. report and move on, it's probably a troll; nobody could possibly be THIS stupid.

No. 734516


Of course he'd only show you his best side! You payed him duh

No. 734517

Being nice to someone is not the same thing as being a good person. He's had sex with his own child in the room. He is beyond help.

No. 734518

File: 1574827178970.jpeg (104.69 KB, 1242x694, A3BD49FE-F7B6-4A91-9A1E-DAFEF3…)

lol not to totally armchair but he’s really showing his narc tendencies in this video. saying he’s “totally innocent” despite the fact that he DID post her real phone number and Patreon had a good reason to delete shit. Plus, with the “statement” to Verge he’s also totally omitting any wrong-doing on his part. Narc to a T. I’m really hoping that this isn’t the best of it. Kids gotta go and his twitter and YT have to be dealt with somehow.

Also he looks so nasty in this video with his mannerisms. He’s not the dom he wishes that he was, that’s quite evident in this sad lil video.

No. 734519


Does the fact that several women have come forward detailing similar experiences of coercion, manipulation, and abuse with him and Kai not speak loudly enough? Yes there is a real person in there and he still deserves to be deplatformed and face the consequences for his actions

No. 734520


Yeah, I like what Chris Hansen's doing, but he doesn't know enough lingo to poke around here. He seems confused on a lot of modern internet terms on his show.

No. 734521

If this isn't complete bait, then here's a good life lesson from all of this: just because someone is nice to you, it doesn't mean they're a good person.

No. 734522

Pretty sure they just live beyond their means or are using credit cards. I really don't think either of them could keep up some black market shit for very long without being found out. They're not very smart and they're also really fucking bad at establishing and maintaining relationships.

They don't just section every dumbass who acts 'crazy', regardless of your personal opinions on his mental health in the eyes of the system he's not an immediate danger to himself or others (aka not violent or suicidal) therefore his rights trump the state. The only other way he'd end up in a psychiatric Ward is if a judge decided he belonged there during a criminal trial.
>>734454 he's definitely mentally ill, just not in the way he wants everyone to believe. He desperately wants to be one of those slick, manipulative sociopaths who gets whatever they want because they're so clever and powerful. He thinks he's that CEO type but in reality he's just a run of the mill, predictable narc.

No. 734523

He would also have to go through 122 threads which might be too much for him. Sarah lurked for him a lot though so she would probably fill him in.

No. 734525

It wasn't just "harassment" either, it was actual doxxing. Funny how he says "Oh THE actual Chris Hansen is on the case?" while ignoring FBI involvement. If this >>734436 is accurate then it's no surprise he's going for Onision. Dick is just another run of the mill opportunist hoping to make a quick buck, it doesn't matter whose back its on.
>Gib me your poor, your tired, your pedophiles under FBI investigation
Good one, nonce.

No. 734526

You do realize that some people are nicer to people when they want their money right?

No. 734527

Lol, this faggot is a cow.

No. 734528

>For the longest time I've been a patron of Greg's
>I have talked to Greg every single day for a long time
>Most of you haven't met him in person. I have on several occasions

Either this is a troll or its McFly. Blasian has only met him once during the last Patron get together.

No. 734530

You're a paypig. Of course he showed a different side. Smh

No. 734532

Classic case of the old Myspace Angles.

He only looks decent when his lighting blasts his pores out, he has makeup on, is filtered, or shot from the exact right angle to not make him look like the Neanderthal he is.

No. 734533

A good and loving father doesnt fuck next to his kid

No. 734534


No. 734535

Tbh considering the company dick keeps and the kinds of things he has done in the past trying to reason with him is a total waste of time.

No. 734536

>being this new

No. 734538


Do you know where you are

No. 734539

having a tough past does not excuse abusive behavior. onision is a classic narcissist, down from his abusive backstory to his abusive tendencies towards others today. you are very naive.

No. 734540

imagine maleposting on here

No. 734541

no I got linked here
I'm amazed at this site's activity, I underestimated the female love of social drama

No. 734542

Soooo you met him once or twice and you think that makes you a good judge of who they are?

Have you never been in an actual relationship before? It's fucking EASY to pretend to be a good person for a handful of days.

Try being involved with the person day in, day out, IN PERSON, not online. That's when you actually know who a person is, because they can no longer hide it.

And guess what? 90% of the people who have had contact with Onision for more than "several occasions" has the same. exact. story. about his character. And it is NOT a good story.

Whatever you think you know about him is all an act. He himself claims to be such a good actor. He's claimed on multiple occasions to be so good he can fool all of his fans whenever he chooses.

You have been fooled. Wake up.

No. 734543

I dont understand why everyone's so concerned Greg will go from Patreon to NewProject2 and become successful? Its like if Greg was kicked off YouTube and then retreated to 9Gag-TV.

No. 734545

"one of my patrons told me"

No. 734546

stop being a faggot and go to the kiwifarms thread on onision; this site isn't for you

No. 734547

>Deep down there is a good guy and a loving father.
>With that said I sincerely hope he gets help.

Not mad at you for writing this. I think you're deceived dude. Another anon brought up John Gayce. Several of his neighbors came forward after he was arrested saying what a nice, funny guy he was, and how surprised they were at what he'd done. They thought they knew him, they didn't.

Greg is a serial abuser who watches loli-rape hentai and cartoon bestiality for sexual gratification. He has sex with his toddler lying in the same bed. He's preyed on underage girls for years, including his ex wife's younger sister. He's admitted to what he is, he's also admitted to liking who he is, meaning, he doesn't want help, he doesn't want to change.

All of the women interviewed by Hansen have evidence of the kind of person he really is, their evidence is exhaustive. He's manipulated you like he's manipulated his audience his entire time on youtube. Case in point, Shiloh. No one knew how bad it really was because he gaslit his audience into believing his lies, into believing that Shiloh was crazy. Meanwhile >>732426

No. 734548

I love this, and by thread end it can hopefully have another item or two added to to vision board, and we can use it for the thread pic

No. 734550

"the female love of social drama." jesus, fuck. the malepost in this the disgust

No. 734551

ah fuckin hell, Lainey's going to play the "run away with me" card again but with all of them.

No. 734553

Honestly, I wish she would.
She's a horrible person, but I don't think he would physically hurt the kids at least.

I would not be surprised if Regina or someone else in that circle is still trying to reach out the Lainey and talk some sense into her. Problem is, you can't trust a single thing Lainey says.
Unless she is physically forced out of that house, I don't think shes goin anywhere

No. 734554

File: 1574829277815.png (263.27 KB, 881x363, 48199.PNG)

Lainey would never go against her lord and master.

No. 734555

Sarah saw his "wow" video.
https://twitter.com/edgydyllie/status/1199538539597316096/video/1(this is an imageboard)

No. 734556

File: 1574829411178.jpg (51.96 KB, 600x431, hahashow.jpg)

"He's different in real life"

Have I been doing the internet wrong all these years?

No. 734557

>lolbergtarians enabling child predators and degenerate behavior

what else is new?

No. 734558

i'm not even sure how this "different in real life" narrative can even still be a thing.

We've all seen his private texts and emails to people. He's just as much of a manipulative unfeeling asshole in his private texts as he is in his idiotic videos.
And those are just the texts we've seen. The VERY few we've seen between Lainey and Greg that Sarah showed were far worse, and more likely those are the ones that show his true character. Because he isnt trying to win someone over or somehow make himself look better during a breakup.
I actually think he is far worse in person than we even know. He puts on this over the top Joker bullshit in his videos and then some sort of deadpan personality in his patreon streams, but neither of those is real.

No. 734559

He’s live

No. 734560

File: 1574829933414.png (201.27 KB, 601x657, he isn't getting any from lain…)

He's trying to play this off as a joke but Patreon was a big source of income. Keep on diggin that hole Jimmy.

No. 734561

Probably not a good idea to watch it since he knows streaming after that will bring in views.

No. 734562

If anything, I'd assume that Greg's "real" personality comes out more on the internet/in texts. That thin veil of anonymity really does a lot for some people.

No. 734563

>He puts on this over the top Joker bullshit in his videos and then some sort of deadpan personality in his patreon streams, but neither of those is real.

No. 734564

That's why he's doing it.

No. 734565

People on twitter always post it after its over or livetweet it, so don't give him views.

No. 734566


it just confirms how he's been doing this all along. he's been trying to make people think that his complete lack of self control is actually him devising as if he is some kind of mastermind. what a buffoon. the only one who believed that shit was him.

No. 734568

It's good to see her happy. I hope she has more happy days than not.

No. 734569


"Kai came in and was like, your Patreon is deleted and I was like 'Oh okay'"

"I've got to find a way around Patreon"

"I can't be on any website that can be bullied"

ok I'm done

No. 734570

My insides are exploding from happiness. That is all.

No. 734571

Its in response to reginas tweet

No. 734572

Not sure how he could try to pretend to be any sort of mastermind now.
He'd never want his patreon removed and everyone knows that. When I first saw the news I assumed it was too good to be true and that he must have just changed the name or something. He could have easily played the Mr. Nice Guy card and gotten some sympathy bucks out of his remaining fanbase, but he had to go full retard instead.

Anyone who supports him after this is just mentally ill. There's no other explanation .

No. 734573

yeah right he was just "OH, OK"

who are you trying to fool

No. 734574

mm thought kai didn't care about internet drama how come she was the first to know…

No. 734575

Appreciate the people who take one for the team and stomach watching his bullshit.
>"I can't be on any website that can be bullied"
What he meant was, he can't be on any website that would punish him for bullying. Waterhead always tries and fails to turn shit around and accuse everyone else of what he's guilty of doing.

No. 734576

File: 1574830675125.jpg (71.99 KB, 753x530, ew.JPG)

somehow his hair still looks wet hours later.

I'm really not sure how he does it

No. 734577


Dunno if it's possible to archive this or anything but I am trying to type this as fast as possible, to try to capture things.

He's talking about getting a PR company. He's also talking about GOFUNDME but not using those becuse they get shut down due to pressure. He said he shut down his wetlands because people were actually donating, and that it was a "prank." He said the cops were called, and then he said he was like "there is nothing, see??"

11:50 They're talking about Hannah Minx??

He is talking about how he made videos in regards to blowjobs and they're his favorite kind. He also said he is meant to be the kind of person to "trigger people", and it's his purpose in life. He says it's beyond a prank, and it's just him fucking with people for the sake of it.

11:54 He's making fun of the pedophile allegations by screaming "you're a pedophile!"

11:55 Now he's talking about doxxing Blasian??? As a joke, but honestly it sounds weird. They continue to talk about McFly.

He's saying people thought he would react one of two ways, and a patreon says that they thought Greg would kill someone. Then Greg says "but you know me!"

11:57 Now he's saying he likes hanging out with Police officers, and he's literally a former military cop. He sees cops and hangsout with them. The only time he alleges he doesn't like seeing them is when they pull him over.

I'm posting this rn so farmers knows someone is on it. I will continue to transcribe more.

No. 734578

To be fair ayalla had apparently known about the sarah stuff but didn't say anything when lame came out. Billie said on hansens stream she saw Sarah in the bathroom with a naked lainey. Neither of them were groomed but I also didn't see them back up what 15/16 year old lane said.

No. 734579

i dont know if I am just reading too much into this but on this stream he's been pretty straight faced and it really looks like he's trying to not break down crying. He's spending his entire night talking to kids and he has to do it for free LMAO

No. 734580

its that same mysterious person that informs Gregs about everything.

No. 734581

I was going to do a recap myself, but it is legitimately painful listening to them saying "and I oop" over and over again. Thank you for carrying this burden for us, anon lmao

No. 734582

File: 1574831029335.jpg (48.91 KB, 525x459, ewwwwww.JPG)

wtf really

No. 734583

File: 1574831044712.jpg (211.11 KB, 1281x1705, screencapture-twitter-edgydyll…)

No. 734584

Has anyone figured out why Patreon removed him for doxxing but Twitter won't despite that post being up for almost an hour? I don't think it's just because Hansen and co. put pressure on the former, but if that is the case hopefully they're working on getting him off twitter too.

No. 734585

Looks like Billie going on hansen wasn't in vein. Her mere presence was enough for him to fuck up. She probably could have just sat there and said, "Yeah, Greg sucks, he manipulated me and pressured me." and the outcome would have been the same.

No. 734586

File: 1574831285035.jpeg (253.66 KB, 1200x1200, F3A4072D-12AF-42A5-9EF8-C5F86C…)

Has he ever been more greasy

No. 734587

i think patreon had some kind of controversy recently? their employees were on strike or something like that. i think patreon are just being proactive and avoiding more bad press tbh

No. 734588

twitter is a billion dollar company that probably gets 10,000 reports a day, and this site is full of autistic retards that has spent years talking about him being a turtle killer or that he chopped down some trees. Hopefully in time they will remove him, but don't be surprised that it can take awhile. The twitter board doesn't have the same high level of acumen as lolcow does

No. 734589

At this point I think it's fairly well established that they're not even there for Greg as much as the community they've built with each other. I can't fathom why anyone would want to pay for his "content" or his company anyway.

No. 734590

He used all these Patreon perks like playing with his fans, streaming and discord chats as an excuse to not be around Lainey and the kids. What excuse is he going to use now so he doestn have to be around Footface?

No. 734592

File: 1574831464478.jpg (13.87 KB, 351x351, Gtbulli user _a91e9728f681b3dd…)

>"wash your hair daily or else you're gross!"
>look like this on a livestream

No. 734593

Its a bunch of social retards that found other social retards and bonded. They're just happy other people talk to them.

No. 734594

In the discord people are asking how to send money and are telling him to make an onlyfans and post the same content there

No. 734595

so he's essentially trying to do what billie does with her lewds? lmao he's really sunk low

No. 734596

his teen cult don't understand he has to pay a mortgage and buy food and pay for heating and electricity and gas. "just start a paypal" LMAO

greg has NO future. He has nothing on his resume. He can't point to his online presense for some normal job in video editing or something like that. Youtube is already giving him almost zero views. Now no more patreon. He's got nothing. He doesn't even have a college degree. Pretty soon the man of the house kai is going to have to go out and be the breadwinner, but given kai is also a pedo, that's going to be hard too. Maybe they can both beg on the street for nickles.

No. 734597

Onision is playing a front with his "confidence" right now in the face of legal consequences. I've been to prison before for assault and on my court date when I KNEW I was going behind bars for at least a year (I ended up serving 6 months on good behavior) I was so fucking scared and nauseous. Onision is facing possibly 30 or more years in prison if he's LUCKY, he will probably go into shock and break down crying when the feds arrive at his household. How long do you guys estimate before he's officially behind bars because he's already been proven to be a genuine sex offender at this point. I give it a year at the most.

No. 734598

I feel (I HOPE) that the majority of his 500-something patrons were people that pledged small amounts and forgot about it.
Any platform he moves to won't have the same numbers.
His discord is only like 10-15 people based upon the videos we've seen. I think those are his only real fans that will follow him and as another anon said, it seems to me like theyre pretty much in it for the community with eachother. I doubt most of them even watch his content.

No. 734599

that's what his patreons are saying not sure if he's commented on it

No. 734600

They have video hosting on there? i didn't see that option.

No. 734601

he's gonna try to be a mall cop, remember how he was half-jokingly looking at a security job a while back? but being a mall cop exposes you to teens so good luck, Greggo, people are going to chase you and your employers down. those "sexy" tweets are't very befitting of an authority figure.

No. 734602

I'm a security guard (have been for 10 years at many different branches) and he probably could get a job just fine there, they don't really do very hardcore background checks and there are a lot of degenerate fucks who work security.

No. 734603

11:58 "McFly where are you?" and says she's 'here', and he says "yeah but where in the game?" and someone says "in your house." Due to recent events I am not sure how to interpret this although its most likely a joke.

he whole time Greg’s affect looks quite unbothered but not really his smily self. There are many fake/polite smiles, and his hair is absolutely greasy/wet looking.

12:01 He cannot stop making sex jokes and says “you have a giant hole in your bottom and you should try eating cereal out of it.” He still hasn’t shown any legitimate smiles.

`12:02 his patrons are calling him onion boy as a joke, but his expression remains blank. Everyone else is laughing. It’s 12:03 and he’s still making jokes, but is absolutely blank. Not once has he smiled.

First smile at 12:04 and he made fun of Spanish accents, and then said “that’s racist and agesit.” This was his first real smile imho. He is smiling at amusement from his game again for the first time at 12:05.

12:05 he says if he was talking to Anastasia it would probably be to ensure he’s not sducidal.

12:07 Nonstop touching his greasy hair, and his screen/face is blocked. He seems to be having an issue with his camera. He turned off his camera by 12:08.

12:09 continues to call himself a badass. His camera is no longer working.

12:10 He says he is responsible for blessing his patrons for his mere presence and deserves a thank you. People are rightfully confused.

12:12 They continue to be racist and a pattern jokes “this is an age restrictive server!”

They’re mostly talking about gameplay, which is not milky enough for me to transcribe, so I am just going to keep waiting and continue to write down the times they continue.

12:16 “Man I’m wasting all kinds of money over here” Not sure if real money or not, because I don’t play these games. Though if it is, it’s retarded considering he has children and he’s about to hit the fan.

12:18 O says thanksgiving is cancelled this year for him and his family. Says “34 year old traditions gotta end some time” This is as a response to a member saying they have to work thanksgiving and they’re bummed out about it.

12:20 Patreon says they have to say out loud everything they say is a joke, and then Onision continues to make light of this.

12:21 Discord live ends. Unsure if he will continue.

And to >>734601, yes, he continues to believe he is/was a cop.. So he probably will at least try to do this.

No. 734604

He's saying in the discord chat right now that he needs to go and is unsure if he'll stream tomorrow since he needs to find a new platform and is asking his patreons for help

No. 734605

Thanks anon, I tried to do that but it kept coming out too blurry.

A useless mall cop is the only authoritative job he'd be able to do.

No. 734606

He won't fuck your gross pussy, Tamara. You're way too old and ugly for his taste

No. 734607

> O says thanksgiving is cancelled this year for him and his family. Says “34 year old traditions gotta end some time” This is as a response to a member saying they have to work thanksgiving and they’re bummed out about it.

is it because he has enough shame he can't face his extended family in person?

No. 734608

Samefag as transcription.

He did not specifiy, but said he was upset about it. He made a joke about how traditions should last until the day he dies.

No. 734610

Many of his victims said the same thing until he fucked them over. Soon you'll be the next one

No. 734611


a while back, onion and mama onion had a falling out. maybe they never kissed and made up.

No. 734612

File: 1574832956281.png (67.48 KB, 530x541, Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 12.35…)

Could be interesting? Maybe there's something to the black money tinfoil.

No. 734613

You're right, it's probably McFly.

Hey McFly, does Jimmy know you used to deal drugs? He wouldn't be so nice to you if you weren't paying him, specially considering you're criminal scum

No. 734614

“12:01 He cannot stop making sex jokes and says “you have a giant hole in your bottom and you should try eating cereal out of it.”

He still hasn’t shown any legitimate smiles” 100% greg does lurk on reddit because yesterday there was a post trending on reddit on the front page #1 and one of the first top comments you see was saying something about watching a porn video where someone eats cereal out of someone’s asshole.

No. 734615


I made that connection as well. it's either that or he watches a ridiculous amount of porn. we already knew that one though

No. 734617


i googled the phone number and its some warehouse/storage company in illinois wtf


No. 734618

Why do any of his patron's think he 'cares' about them? He doesn't care about you, he just wants your money. Why waste all your time, energy and empathy on someone who'd never give you the time of day if you weren't PAYING HIM?

No. 734619

I saved a screenshot with the number. pretty sure posting the number isn't allowed, but it was an Illinois area code.

No. 734620

I recall being his patron just to get access to his Discord in 2018 (Terrible use of money). He literally said in a group call "Pfft you think I'm gonna sit here and just play video games with you guys on Discord all day? DURRR"

Motherfucker these people are the only ones supporting your disgusting lifestyle. YES you should spend more time with them.

No. 734621

>there are a lot of degenerate fucks who work security.
I always suspected this was the case. A lot of them have always seemed so skeevy to me.

No. 734622

Lame really is a pathetic bitch with low standards for fucking her entire life, her kids sanity and her future because of THAT. EW

No. 734623

Remember when he banned that one girl who made some lame joke he didn't like on his twitter then put her on blast when she tried to apologize?

Was that his "online persona" too?

No. 734624

Somehow this makes me even more uneasy than if it were from some rando's personal number. I don't think storage companies tend to make random calls to folks at around 11pm very often. What the fuck?

No. 734625

google it and tell us if it's associated with anything interesting

No. 734627

Watch Gargoyle suddenly start caring about "freedom of speech" even though he forced his victims to sign fake NDAs, falsely copyright claim videos and threatens to sue people's shoes if they talk about him

No. 734628

>He says he is responsible for blessing his patrons for his mere presence and deserves a thank you. People are rightfully confused.
How are they confused? He's talked often about being a god and that people should worship him. They should expect his delusional shit by now.
>says thanksgiving is cancelled this year for him and his family.
Hopefully his entire life will be cancelled soon enough.

No. 734629

File: 1574833727344.jpg (31.47 KB, 759x216, skye.JPG)

And Skye is still able to be more witty in one measly tweet than Greg could ever hope to be in his entire life.

No. 734630

HomolKai is probably more of an actual risk to the kids than Smergenstein tbh. The second Jimmy no-shoulders casts her aside or rolls on her (highly likely) she is sick and damaged enough to Yates them. Either to get back at Gerg (tho he wouldn't care) or out of complete dissociated psychosis.

Gurggy doesnt give enough of a shit about them to hurt them in an annihilator sense I dont think. Just fuck his footwife next to them. They're really more like furniture to him

No. 734631

Bitch didn't even shower after pouring kombucha all over himself

No. 734634

no worries, I had to mess with the levels to get it visible

here >>734617

No. 734635

Literally kys

You cut a libertarian and pedo bleeds anon, its true

No. 734636


for real like what are his ties to illinois and to a storage place? bizarre af

No. 734637

McFly: Im not going to lie your joining made my anxiety go away. I thought you were gonna like kill someone.
Onision: Oh really? You think Im that kind of person, you know me though.

His top tier paypig and rumored replacement for Lainey knows the real Greg and was worried. Gregs whole ThisIsFine.jpg facade is not fooling anyone, not even his patrons.

No. 734638

It's where he imports his child brides kek

No. 734640

let us not forget that real reason greg got banned from patreon was because he was trying to harass billie the other day. He wasn't "reminiscing," he was posting intimate details of prior conversatinos inbetween talking about fucking people up the ass and how awesome it was to cum in them and all other gross shit. This spergy retard finally got his hand caught in the cookie jar. He's always been his own worst enemy, which is why the rest of us can be so confident that he'll continue to undo himself.

No. 734643

If that was true twitter would have banned him, not patreon. Maybe the exposure helped but he's still doing this creepy shit on twitter.

No. 734644

Ty blessed anon who is immune to effeminate screeching and greasy combover fiddling.

Ed Kemper was another pathetic loser who loved hanging around cops too. Like old Kempy Onion is too retarded/disturbed to actually function enough to obtain a position of real authority and respect, so he clings to them and rejoices in the fact some cops tolerate him, maybe. If that's even true, which it actually 100% isnt now that I'm thinking about it. What WA state cop is hanging around an effeminate straightedge emo-dad? Lol

Tinfoil: He's bringing it up because now his backup plan is cop, hopefully we'll get to see his narc sperg once he inevitably fails the mental exam or starts screeching at a training officer.

No. 734645

these things take time. It took us a decade to get to this point. Twitter is a huge site, they can't possibly sift through all this shit. I have faith.

No. 734647

It's been so long that I haven't really allowed myself any sort of hope, but this is a watershed moment for me. Could it really be; could it finally have all caught up with him? Part of me still wants to say that he can just scurry off to another platform and relocate all his paypigs and somehow live in perpetuity, but man, this really is something.

Maybe patreon has different standards here. Twitter doesn't exactly have a good record.

No. 734648

>He's always been his own worst enemy, which is why the rest of us can be so confident that he'll continue to undo himself.
Yeah I can only see him getting worse honestly, even if he does find another platform for his cancer content.

No. 734649

I'm not saying anything against that but he hasn't been harassing anyone on patreon. He uses twitter for that and thinly veiled threats.

No. 734650

Besides losing the money, him being banned from Patreon was a huge blow to his ego. He thought he was invencible and could doxx Billie without consequences, he just shot himself in the foot massively and it was beautiful

No. 734651

Sage for tinfoil, after looking up that company on facebook it would appear they are a shipping/receiving company for truck drivers in addition to storage. Recently they had a hiring event according to their facebook.. maybe Greg has to get a job? https://m.facebook.com/pages/PG-Edwardsville-Il/114458418640198(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 734652

The only cops that would be hanging around him would also have to be pedophiles. No self-respecting person in that position would do otherwise.

No. 734653

Anyone remember when Crazy Tami was doing long haul trucking? Does she still drive a rig?

No. 734654

>Twitter is a huge site
Yeah and people have been reporting him in droves, in the thousands/hundreds of thousands. There's no way they don't have a clue by now. Even more so now that The Verge has picked this up.

No. 734655

He always ends up shooting himself in the foot when he's in hot water.

That's not how you sage.

No. 734656

I wondered if him just randomly mentioning this was a sort of dog whistle to the people he thinks reported him, meaning did the cops or some LEO visit him just recently and he wants to laugh in the haterz face by saying him and the cops hung out laughed and had coffee and donuts.

No. 734657

Patreon can ban people based on what they do on other platforms too, it's in their rules

No. 734659

The storage place is owned by P&G and is close to St Louis - like 20 miles away. Basically just in the middle of a ton of other warehouses and trucking companies. There's really not anything out there about it aside from reviews, in which the only one that isn't just "good" or "slow service" is a a review from one year ago that says it "smells like chemicals and death". Nothing incredibly out of the ordinary for a review page.

Simplest answer is that he might have something being moved to him, but it's also confusing given that P&G is mostly toiletries, cleaning products, and over-the-counter medicine. I don't know if they will move other shit around that isn't their products for people, though. Or maybe Greg is getting a warehouse supply of shampoo for that oil spill on his head.

Either way, it's still weird and making me want to tinfoil lol

No. 734660

Maybe he's looking to flee out to IL, it wouldn't be surprising because he's dumb enough to think that he wouldn't be traceable thanks to bIgBrAiN

No. 734661

File: 1574835910190.jpg (130.29 KB, 1080x2137, 20191127_011805.jpg)

His second patreon was taken down.

No. 734662


It could also just be a spoofed spam call, too. I'm not saying Onion isn't worth the tin foil, but there also could be a very mundane explanation, too, and he could just be off in general.


Ooh, this is really going to set off the narc rage

No. 734663

Do Kai’s next

No. 734664

File: 1574836125504.jpeg (155.73 KB, 1030x559, 7EB72045-E58E-46D1-94B6-D17161…)

No. 734665

If it can be proved that he is part of her Patreon will they dump Laineys also?

No. 734666

File: 1574836145560.png (151.52 KB, 1178x636, Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 5.28…)

Someone already checked with the number, seems to be a random call unless something very tinfoil is happening(repost)

No. 734667

cringe once again
imagine cowtipping and needing validation on twitter over it

No. 734668

File: 1574836344004.jpg (291.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191127-012805_Chr…)

I'm not sure if this counts as proof, but this is what I sent to patreon when I reported Kai.(cowtipping)

No. 734669

God it would be glorious if her Patreon got taken down just because of its association with Greg.

No. 734670

Looks like >>734662 was probably right. Probably spoofed. Oh well, it was fun being a shitty internet detective for a second.

No. 734671

File: 1574836845988.jpeg (131.25 KB, 821x660, FD451520-4754-4881-9EA4-3E5AFA…)

Now I’m just waiting for youtube and twitter to follow Patreon’s lead.

No. 734673

Lol at him putting his name before hers when it's supposed to be primarily her content

No. 734675

File: 1574838828016.jpg (147.18 KB, 256x2048, 1573091766838.jpg)

Gurg posted from laineys Patreon few threads ago. Only a matter of time until her account is removed since Ol Gurgles is running it.

No. 734676

Could very well be something with her… and the cancellation of thanksgiving. They have family gathering dinners maybe she called to say she wouldn’t be able to do dinner or something

No. 734677

File: 1574840725307.png (115.94 KB, 2700x170, Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 2.44…)

i think gurg is self-posting on fucking 4chan of all places… the whole thread is a nightmare tbh.

link: http://boards.4chan.org/b/thread/814954795/daily-reminder-onision-blew-massive-loads-of-cum

No. 734678

I think it's b8. A real selfpost would probably include something about him being the most honest youtuber while at it lel

No. 734679

Well, they're /b/tards; they may just be incels that genuinely idealize greg lmao

it attracts the lowest common denominator of human

No. 734681

I think that self post actually might make sense, but only because no one really posts on /b/ anymore. /b/ has been nothing but a porn and gore dump for years now. The real incel gathering is /r9k/ or even /pol/ or /trash/ would be much more likely for a thread about onision to pop up in organically. greg is infamous for being stuck in the past, so it would make sense that he still went to /b/ thinking that's where all the "powerful" edgelords still are.

No. 734682

Sadly discord probably won't do shit to him, they're notoriously bad at handling any complaints no matter how serious and the company is run by furries with diaper fetishes.

No. 734683

File: 1574842565366.png (976.91 KB, 750x1334, 6C723DDF-9CB9-4A9F-A079-BCC2AF…)

No. 734684


Just out of curiosity and trying to prove a point, and please be honest here, how old are you? And are you female?

Abusive men never seem like a bad guy when they're trying to get you to like them. If you're under the age of 18, and you're a female, you didn't know the real him. You knew what he wanted you to see.

I dont like attacking Onision fans because they're young women with self esteem issues that he preys on. So I'm not attacking you, I just feel sorry that he has managed to manipulate you so much.(don't respond to bait)

No. 734685

File: 1574842846916.png (795.34 KB, 750x1334, DE028C41-46D8-4EC8-9C17-E9221E…)

No. 734687

File: 1574842990012.png (325.35 KB, 750x1334, C9A48629-06B0-4C3F-B388-5F61FD…)

No. 734688

sauce? If this is true, this is going to completely fuck them up.

No. 734689

Is he actually trying to #Metoo with Sarah?

No. 734690

I meant to say he said they have a laptop , cell phone and another unspecified mobile device they are trying to extract images from he didn’t actually say it was theirs . The source is Vincent himself deity the youtuber interviewed him

No. 734691


Back to this shit already? What a bland boring person. Lainey must be rubbing off on him.

No. 734692

File: 1574843287241.png (2.73 MB, 2048x1365, okgroomer.png)

No. 734693

Sage for opinion

If I am brutally honest I don't like all the reaction videos going up. Sure its all good when we call out his crimes and wrong doings but the "Wow" video seems to be some kind of mental breakdown. I am 100% convinced he needs help and am scared for Kai and his kids (mostly his kids) because this reminds me of all those stories when someone has a mental break and then does some murder suicide. I wouldn't put it past him since we know the rabbit story is fake.

I hope he gets the help he needs because I don't feel a sane person would make a video like this. Perhaps it is the intention of the video that way but I hope the kids are okay.

Greg if you read this don't do anything drastic. Your kids deserve a bright future.

No. 734696

There have been threads on /pol/ and /r9k/ already. There's idiots calling him "based", so there's a 60% chance they're being serious. Some were crying about bullying or whatever, but a decent amount were just saying he's a shithead and annoying. Oddly uplifting.

No. 734697

Vincent says the fbi has three devices including a laptop and phone they are trying to extract images from . Starts at around 14 minutes

No. 734698

He's banging gorgeous young women because he literally pressures them into fucking him, that's borderline rape and hardly an accomplishment lol

No. 734699

File: 1574844884490.png (604 KB, 750x1334, E6DE43AA-A5CB-4DE0-8E0A-5C7683…)

No. 734701

3 devices? Would that all be things Sarah got to keep and take back with her? Or did they gift random used tech to others as part of their grooming strategy

No. 734702

I am pretty sure the laptop came from Sarah but I don’t know about the other two , Vincent doesn’t say . I assume the third device is probably an iPad or some sort of tablet but I could be wrong

No. 734704


billie was under fire from his entire fan base at that time (during cuddlegate), she also didn’t realise how fucked up the swamp family were as they had just started the poly bullshit

sarah had been bullied into making that video with text evidence and literally posted a clip from the same time of filming where she broke down and said verbatim “i hate that i have to do this”

luckily his retarded billie sperging will help her to prove to other platforms that he’s been harassing her as well as the doxing. what shiloh said about the rope is so accurate lmao

No. 734707

File: 1574846372110.webm (6.56 MB, 640x360, Precious Patreon.webm)

I figured out where Greg stole that "performance" from.

No. 734708

i'm fucking crying lmao, the retching is 11/10

No. 734709

This is fucking hilarious, well done, anon!

No. 734710

File: 1574847207262.png (16.58 KB, 635x143, Acting .png)

Someone from twitter said they talked to one of his patrons. He does this strictly for views. This is why on streams he's so corpse-like >>734481

He's falling apart regardless but as many other anon's have said, he acts deliberately. This is all going to backfire on him so spectacularly.

No. 734711

His dollar store Joker acting is beyond cringe. Some of the worst acting I've ever seen. He'll never do anything original and whatever he copies, he just butchers it with his piss poor imitation. Why would anyone with two brain cells to spare pay money for that?

No. 734713

He said he's in contact with someone inside the onision and Kai circle who informs him about the children and he's trying to get that person on the show. Who can that person be?

No. 734714

File: 1574848179594.png (8.47 MB, 2048x1536, B67316F8-C12A-4F90-9A6F-EE171E…)

Billy the fridge said on his Drunken peasant’s podcast that he’s no longer friends with onion, he hasn’t been speaking to him since the stuff about Sarah came out and that his die hard supporters will be donating to him through PayPal now. Supposedly that’s why he made the “wow” video and why he’s acting like he’s doesn’t care that he lost his patreon

No. 734715

Billy is a huge pussy, I have a feeling hes still friends with onion but hiding it so he doesnt get attacked.

>die hard supporters will be donating to him through PayPal

He only has a handful of them, I doubt they will donate enough for him to survive for a month.

No. 734716

>die hard supporters will be donating to him through PayPal now
I'm sure that's true, but it's definitely not going to reach the same level of $. + There won't be any more $1 patrons who were only pledging to see what he's doing. All in all this is a huge win.

No. 734717

>inside the circle
That is a puzzle. Any sensible, rational person able to stand either of those two pedo's for more than 5 minutes is a gangster.

No. 734718

Onision's personal Discord:


No. 734719

Oh yeah I definitely agree, Billy is a pussy!! And I’m in no doubt that he is still friends with onion, he’s defending him on the podcast and his co-host even called him out for it

No. 734720

What? why does the article say "alleged" doxxing? It's not alleged…. Its documented and fully proven.

No. 734722

>isnt friends with onion anymore
>but knows exactly what onion is up to right now and how his fans are still going to pay him

No. 734724

Dick Masterason, feminist"s nightmare.

No. 734725

God, if it was Crazy Tami appearing on the show to spill the milk on her ungrateful son and his transtrender wife I'll lose my shit.

No. 734727

Never heard of this loser before, and I wish it continues that way

No. 734728

I always had the impression Billy The Faggot defended Onision so much because he was a gay man in love with him, now I have no doubt anymore after seeing him calling Onision "hot" in this video. Gosh, just come out of the closet already, Billy The Faggot. Oh and I also doubt they are not still friends behind the scenes

No. 734730

File: 1574851502321.png (29.07 KB, 598x213, Dax the clout chaser.png)

Already posted >>734446
He's another "mommy issues" MGTOW-wannabe hack. He reminds me of Rooshv before he "converted" to Christianity, or whatever it is he thought he did.

He's another clout-chaser who sees a kindred spirit in Onision: they both blatantly and shamelessly pander to incels for money and attention.

No. 734732

Girlfriend, not wife. Shiloh was never married to him, thank god.

No. 734733

This is his twitter for anyone who missed it up thread >>734491

I bet he's been watching from the sidelines this whole time waiting to swoop in like the vulture he is.

No. 734734

im guessing lainey has to work on thanksgiving at her retail job

No. 734736

It was hard to hear Vincent over speaker phone but I think he said
>they are direct blood relations
So it has to be family of Lainey or Greg not just some close friend that visits.
I would say Tami but shes has always been of the mindset that Greg does no wrong. What about his sisters? He seems cool with Joanna. He even did videos with her recently just after they moved into the swamp trailer. But Christina and Greg seem to have a strained relationship. He said that she was a snob and thought she was better than him. Maybe its Laineys Grandma?

No. 734737


any chance its actually foot's family??

No. 734738

Maybe. Could be Laineys dad he fucking HATED Greg so he'd be willing to talk to Vincent about this.

No. 734740

>Tami but shes has always been of the mindset that Greg does no wrong
No, she has expressed disliking what her son does before. Lainey's parents sort of wouldn't make sense, since they only see the kids a few times a year, if we're speaking about 'inside knowledge'. Whoever it is, it's cool they have someone who's blood related giving them info.

No. 734742

nah tami has beefed with greg for years before like >>734740 has said

No. 734743

Tami also despises Lainey and possibly her parenting. So could even be her throwing Lainey under the bus and spilling a bunch of info about the shit the kids go through without even thinking Greg might be held accountable as well.
If theres one thing grandparents like to do when they dislike an in-law its rant about their parenting. Believe me

No. 734744

I'd be stoked if it was Lainey's more successful and more attractive sister, Lauren, who they used as an indentured servant to watch the kids the summer after adpocalypse.

No. 734745

File: 1574856534999.png (261.35 KB, 680x382, EKWnQ7GUYAIZ2kp.png)

from twitter

No. 734747

If Chris Hansen interviews one of onisions family members we will see him sperg out like never before . He will make 40 videos of facts about why they are liars . He will let go of the last strand of sanity he is hanging on to

No. 734748

Imagine if it was Greg’s fucking dad. Cops would have to collect Lamebot and the kids before they ended up 6 feet under the swamp from the sperg out that would occur.

No. 734749

I would actually like to hear his dads side of the story because all we have ever heard was onisions takes on his father . But yeah he may actually violently react to his dad

No. 734750


Whats the likelihood here of his Dad actually being a genuine, stand up guy, good father, and Greg only hates him so much because maybe he's been the only source of normal discipline greg has ever received when greg doesnt think he should have any consequences in life?

No. 734751

Only factor keeping me from even entertaining that idea is that who ever it is has to have current contact with the kids. It being Tami is seeming more and more likely.

No. 734752

Not much is known about his dad but I have never seen a shred of evidence to back up onisions claims

No. 734754

1) Greg, you're boring. It's always the same old, same old.

2) Which alt teen girl wouldn't like a flabby, old, red faced man who is drooling and spitting saliva everywhere? Probably reminds them of their grandpas. lol

3) What kind of kombucha does he drink that tastes like piss? He's either cheap or lacks taste, probably both.

But hey, at least he got some exercise while having his hissy fit and screaming like a little child who doesn't doesn't get his way.
That might help him finally get somewhat in shape. Good for him. lmao

Thank you for the upload, anon! Never would I ever want to give the most boring Youtuber any views.

No. 734755

File: 1574858994706.jpg (93.33 KB, 1070x1051, IMG_20191127_123711.jpg)

It's so satisfying to actually see Gerg cracking now. He can act likes it's all a skit but we can all see he's losing his mind.

The Twitter clapbacks are gold. There's also been a lot of people spreading the fact he's a predator on TikTok so the younger fans should hopefully see that first over Greg's content.

Get fucked, onionboy.

No. 734756

Something seems.. off. So we are supposed to believe Kri goes down to the basement office, tells Greg his patreon is down in a non-effected tone and he's just "ok, whateves". Then has some "brilliant" comedy idea to make a video acting like a shit tier joker? Yeah that's suspect as fuck.
Oh and the cherry on the top is him making two posts on twitter to Sarah and Billie? And he isn't bothered? SurethingGreg. We know how his narc mind works. His dubshit teenage fans during his game chat made me chuckle. They acted like him losing his main source of income was no big deal and brushed it off. He was very mentally distracted during the stream and it showed.

No. 734758

Lol, no, you're not suppose to believe that. We're not going to see his every reaction. Patreon was probably his biggest source of income, that we know of.
Of course he must be crushed. But he's not going to show just how much yet either.

No. 734760

15-year-old Onion wanted to be with his girlfriend for the weekend. Onion's father and stepmother had the AUDACITY to take the family on a little vacation without running it by Onion Lord first. So he was like totally pissed that his carrot wouldn't be getting chafed by dry puss that weekend. So in the car Onion Boy is blasting Rob Zombie to show to everyone just how hardcore he is by shattering his tympanic membrane. His dad asks him to turn the music down probably because it's really fucking obnoxious to listen to music blasting out of someone else's headphones while driving and it's just bad for Onion's hearing in general. Onion flicks his father off. Wow, so cool. Onion's father probably saw a vision of retroactively aborting Onion and didn't want to crash the car so he pulls the car over at a gas station and asks the little shit what his problem is. Onion, our feminist hero, responds with "It's your bitch wife" and then something about how she was inconsiderate with other people's plans (still buttmad he has to wank it himself) and her being stuck up in general. Apparently Onion's father attacked Onion, Onion claims he was being choked, Onion then retaliates with his big bad ass combat boots by stomping her father in the face. Kicked him 7-15 times in the chest and face. "It was very successful chuckles because he was smacked against the front dashboard of the car. And, uh, he had no chance against me. It was over. And I warned him but he didn't listen so. Anyway and this is weird because he outweighed me by like 40 pounds." - Onion on savagely kicking his father in the face. What a fucking creep.

No. 734761

I highly doubt his dad even choked him probably just put a hand on his neck because he could see that his tard son was about to lose it. He’s such a dramatic little bitch someone said he had a beer belly and he went on to say he got an eating disorder and ptsd because same person yelled at him. Someone trespassed on his property according to him when in reality an officer or whatever just passed his porch slightly. Alimony was slavery and the irs are trying to hurt his children. Shane Dawson telling him to fuck off with stupid allegations bc they are starting to become illegal is apparently onision’s family being threatened. The dick rider tomato something “betrayed and stabbed in the back” but in reality just bumped into Repzion and had a lunch with him. It’s insane that there’s so many examples where onision has exaggerated shit so fucking much and used serious words he can barley pronounce and definitely can’t spell. A lil bitch boy. It’s the same man that put up a video where he was like :(((((( my dad that I have called a child predator won’t send me Christmas or birthday gifts after I told him I want nothing to do with him! His dad was also super abusive because he would pick a practical hairstyle for onion when onion was like 8 or 9.

No. 734762


No. 734763

could be madison. despite all her faults she does have an in depth knowledge of the onion household

No. 734764

Madison isnt blood related, thats what Vincent said. Has to be family.

No. 734765

That's the sad thing, we didn't. He fucked himself over.

Don't let him fool you, he's crying.

No. 734766

File: 1574862526500.jpg (2.21 MB, 267x200, tyroneisthefather.jpg)


Onion was legit fucking mad in the beginning before he's clowning around with kumbucha at around 1:20 in his video. His face got really red screaming about ''being censored'' and being a victim in all this and having to lose his paycheck out of his own doing. (lmao) The way he shouts, having his face red like he did and crisping himself and grinning his teeth is a clear sign he's platinum fucking mad.

He also seems to assume that since the popo or the FBI didn't come knocking at his door the following morning that it's no big deal to worry about. He tends to forget for someone with military history that usually people don't go guns blazing into shit, especially in a legal case of all things.

Onision is terminally autistic and my, oh my, it's going to be entertaining looking at him crash and burn pouring kerosene all over himself.

No. 734767

Oh yeah or just grabbing his shirt by the collar. Exaggeration is the only way he can make himself sound good in any situation.

No. 734768

File: 1574862537492.jpeg (184.46 KB, 1242x701, FEDFCCA5-00AD-4DF9-9037-6ED99B…)

Update from a few minutes ago

No. 734769

File: 1574862705616.png (422.64 KB, 1278x719, 566445454.png)

Just looked at the site and he's fucking planning on creating a new forum??

No. 734770

File: 1574862729201.png (223.84 KB, 295x562, Screenshot_2.png)

Idk if those tiers always been like that but dat price increase curve, jesus

No. 734771

File: 1574862808600.png (674.33 KB, 1317x894, Screenshot_3.png)

What a fucking bargain lmao

No. 734772

I'm at least somewhat thankful he didn't take the Freedom of Speech Warrior up on his offer. The guy got outed as a pedo-sympathizer and got nothing in return. That's what he gets for expecting anything from Onion

No. 734773

File: 1574863091535.png (821.69 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_2019-11-27-08-57-02…)

Another article has been made about his petition being deleted. No new info but spreads the awareness. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dexerto.com/amp/entertainment/youtuber-onision-banned-from-patreon-after-alleged-doxxing-1292334

No. 734774

He's tots sowwy guise UwU

No, we don't forgive you. Get raped in jail lol.

No. 734775

so now us government will just give permission for this predator to run his dangerous little cult of brainwashed teens behind he curtains ? theres no regulations for site owners?

No. 734776

It's GoDaddy hosting the site, WHOIS guard enabled. And the only real regulation would be money handling if he's taking payments.

No. 734777


How does he handle payments on these? Is it even secure or will he just steal credit card info lmao

No. 734778

Still larping as some off brand joker. Jfc topkek, never change Greg.

No. 734779

He really thinks hes an actor…

No. 734780

Lmao hes so pathetic
Every videos the same abysmally acted repetitive shit thats just so ToTaLLy sHoCkiNg guys

Start out normal
Dollar store jim carrey facial expressions
Cover face while ‘breaking down’ to hide that he cant emote or cry on cue
‘Pretend’ to be incensed while the rosacea reveals what he tries to play off is fake rage
Expose crooked ass croc teeth as he transitions to sooper spoopy jump scare yelling and more tired joker impressions
Remove clothing and humiliate self more on video


No. 734782

File: 1574864233993.png (51.71 KB, 1343x627, hmmmmmmmmm.png)

At least $45/mo is going to pay for this. I doubt he'll upgrade to the higher tiers and then he'll be fucked when he runs out of storage for his shitty songs, books, and videos.

No. 734783


God, anyone signing up for this is an idiot. It's his own personal site like there is no middle man/company protecting your information. I wouldn't put it past him to steal credit card numbers and apply extra charges to them. Plus if they went against him he'd have access to their full names and addresses.

No. 734784

File: 1574864479226.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

Grug is the living embodiment of this meme

No. 734785

It's powered by Invision Community, they do hosted ecommerce and other platforms like CMSs and their ecommerce supports stripe, paypal, authorize, and 2cc. Those are all legit.

No. 734787

Around 1:12, it looks like onion boy is really crying.

No. 734788


Doesn't look like it gives you too much info of who is subscribed and even then the tards who follow him willingly invite him places to make them miserable in person.

No. 734789

I think ur right, I did see some tears streaming down his face. Keep crying Greg it's only gonna get worse

No. 734790

Thats just the ‘tears’ he squeezes out by wrinkling his face and tensing his flabby rosacea neck as hard as he can in a sad attempt to affect genuine emotion

Anyone can do that by making a cryface and straining their voice and muscles for a few seconds

But only his face would change that shade of beet red lol

Such a talented actor guise, only needs to cover his face and forcefully fakeretch for minutes in order to generate some eye moisture

No. 734791

is he hypomaniac or bipolar ? the way he rapidly switches from one emotion to another is fucking scary..the crying looks genuine though

No. 734792

Waterbrain couldn't even handle his own forums costs and maintenance before and now he's adding tiers and subscription that he has to keep an eye on?

Either he'll forget to see who hasn't paid per month or he'll never timely with tier rewards. Either way he'll lose what tiny money he'll get because I doubt more than 25% of his former patrons will sign up and none of his free forum members because he couldn't even get donations for site costs out of them before.

How's that $500 or less a month gonna keep them in vegan frozen meals and cereal now?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 734793

File: 1574865299375.jpeg (324.86 KB, 2048x2048, CF5BB9DD-36A7-42C4-B9C6-25BE60…)

Ngl he made me laugh at the beginning when he said “a little schizo”.. bravo, Greg. Even a gross pedo can be funny on accident. Then, like the class retard, it spiraled from funny to attention seeking and sad. This dude is 34. With two kids.

Also, Articles should use more accurate photos. Here are a few choice screencaps that I thought were nice!

No. 734794

I hope his site gets DDoS'd.

No. 734796

it hardly needs it, if >>734782 is anything to go by. he hasn't got the money to build a more robust site. the new platform will fall over if he sneezes too hard.

No. 734797

he was absolutely legit fucking mad at the start of that vid. anyone who's seen a narc flipping out will recognize it instantly for what it is. the rest of it is him acting a tard, but the beginning is priceless. people should study this vid in psych 101, lol. these are the people you avoid like the plague.

looks like he decided NOT to take dick up on his offer? good. this fathead is too egotistical to take help, it's amazing to watch.

dick is really a fucking asshole though. him doubling down is even dumber. wonder what people on the platform think about that, i doubt any of them want to be associated with a fucking sex criminal.

No. 734798

i wonder what he would do if he goes totally broke and bankrupt ..they cant survive on Taylor's peanuts money alone ..the only jobs where he might have a career is garbage man or toilets cleaner ..he might start a Uber career as a driver but he is too unstable for that and even there he is infamous enough that his reviews will be shit and no one will book him …best case scenario for him is to force Taylor to go to work a real job in the real world but we all know she would rather be shot dead than do that ..bitch is too damn lazy

No. 734799


No. 734800

File: 1574866919505.png (25.49 KB, 732x255, retard.png)

You see you guys!! I was only pretending to be retarded!!

No. 734801

this must be what a bad trip feels like

No. 734802

sure thing bro, sure thing. literal embodiment of the meme.

No. 734803

exactly like wheres the catch ? giving his haters some good entertainment and laugh at him ? how thoughtful of him

No. 734804

File: 1574867245578.png (14.25 KB, 166x166, 1476903795015.png)

The lack of self-awareness this man has is mindboggling.

''I'm not mad at all to have source a major source of income. Stop fooling yourselves. I was just making an act. I'm LMAOing at your lives right now.''

Could have fooled me, grug,

No. 734805

yes. of course thats it. any sort of attention is what he wants. thats why he calls himself the joker of youtube (cringe). are some of you guys so new that this is surprising?

No. 734806


*lost a major source

No. 734807


He will rack up a shit ton of credit card debt and file bankruptcy before either of them get an actual job. I'm assuming they already have plenty since they are only bringing home around 2k a month before taxes, haven't adjusted their lifestyle, and probably had to give the IRS most of the proceeds from their old house. They're both too dumb and lazy and socially isolated to do any sort of black market money making.

No. 734808

Who's on Chris Hanson tonight? Is it Luxy or this mystery guest in the Onion circle?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 734809

No. 734810

No, it's Hailey tonight.
Link to stream :

No. 734811

Imagine Grug, not having worked for years, going back to the work force.

This will end well for him.
''So what do you have in terms of professional experience?''
>I made youtube videos for 10 years.


No. 734812

His red face really bring out his yellow teeth.

No. 734813

Haylee is Luxymoo

No. 734814

It's worse than that. He has the DSP problem. They won't search "Onision" when looking at his resume. They'll search his legal name. He'll have to keep changing his name for the rest of his life because any name change is going to get documented. He's never going to be able to escape his history.

No. 734815

i dont think he worked a day in his life ..idk if you count a few months in the military training as work
Gronk would rather be gay for pay on some obscure porn website than work a 9 ro 5 job

No. 734816

it's actually pretty funny that he changed his name to avaroe because jackson is so much more common. it's harder to sift through the thousands of greg/jimmy jacksons than it is to look for one greg avaroe. i know he changed it back again, but i always thought that was particularly stupid of him.

No. 734817

So basically, 10 years wasted on a shitty "portfolio" that he can never show anyone. Good luck, Greggy Boy.

No. 734818

File: 1574868108321.jpg (147.43 KB, 1906x1012, mosthandsumyootuber.jpg)

>You thought Lainey was pissed when she had to clean up sugar water that Sam poured all over their wooden dinner table.

No, it's GREG who did it. Lainey is going to sleep next to the kombucha stain and worship it.

Also, look at this beauty. I can't find any reason not to donate to this heavenly creature. I bet cute teenage girls think it's hot that he shows symptoms of tourette. /s
He's literally always stuck in the same rut, get angry, embarrass himself by stripping down and pretend to fake-cry. He really should get off the internet. Forever.

I had the impression that the tears came from the immense pressure he put his head / body through from all the weird things he does. It makes your eyes bulge and gets you all teary.

No. 734821

Ah. Thanks.

I've been following lolcows on and off for a while and I don't think I ever saw anyone else undress in a fit of tantrum aside from him. You'd think maybe a toddler would but not a full grown adult. This is how pathetic grug is.

Also, where is Krai through all this? Chained in his basement?

No. 734822

Plz be a Lainey family member plz be a Lainey family member lol.

Chris Hanson has been giving us fans great service. He is a brilliant man and great entertainer. If he has got a blood relative of either of these two cunts on to interview im going to lose my mind. Hope people tune into tonight. Honestly the more engagement and feedback Chris and Vincent get from us the more good they do for us. Isn't it amazing when people come together in a positive way to support victims and deplatform predators. Imagine giving money to a pedo and thinking you're a good person lol

No. 734824

>O says thanksgiving is cancelled this year for him and his family.

How shitty for his kids. Apologies for the tiny bit of blogging, but my mother was a widow with no money but we always had SOMETHING for major holidays: some Dollar Store chocolate eggs for Easter, a modestly priced doll she put on lay away for Xmas,sparklers for Cracker Night.We were poor but those sacrifices are remembered fondly. Thanksgiving is kind of a big deal of a holiday for you Americans, 'right? Couldn't he buy a modest turkey on sale, cook a few spuds & have his Mom over & have her bring dessert? At least turn off the damn pc & spend time with his kids & tell them he's grateful for them? I hate how he makes his ego &YT his god 24/7. He never justs goes offline & makes good memories with his family.He's probably going to prison.You'd think leaving his kids with SOME nice memories of him, ones that didn't involve screaming about sex or Youtube or ignoring them would be impt to him now more than ever before he goes away for years.
What am I saying? He's a narc. His kids aren't real to him.They're npcs in an endless skit called: Greg:A Hero's Journey.Sad, really.(no1curr)

No. 734825

Lainey's patreon has gained two new subs since last night. I know it's not much, but annoying that people are actively paying ANY amount of money to these people.(namefag)

No. 734826

Well, the first google result for James Jackson is a white supremacist murderer.

He changed his name to Avaroe when he was feeling exceptionally untouchable and the jewtube bucks were still coming in hot. He had no idea he'd literally destroy his entire life in a year or two by his own ineptitude and idiocy.

If I were her I would have packed up the Onionbulbs and gone straight to New Mexico.

No. 734827

I understand what you mean. My family and I aren't really rich either. For Christmas, when we can't trade gifts, we gather around instead, spend time together and have a great meal. Works just as fine.

Now as to why Onion boy mean to say Thanksgiving is ''cancelled'', no fucking clue. AFAIK, his family relations are strained with a major hateboner for his dad.

Maybe his family got wind of Chris Hansen stepping in the situation and just wants nothing to do with him as to not be collateral damage to the situation?(no1curr)

No. 734828


if I had to guess, staying offline so she can continue to delude herself that she’s not going to be charged with a felony

No. 734829

His dad is in Florida I think, pretty sure the 34 year tradition was Thanksgiving with mom's side. He's definitely been at odds with his mom before, but there has to be more family on his mom's side that he's not getting along with if the whole thing is cancelled because one person is working. Probably isn't even really cancelled, Onion just doesn't want to go.

No. 734830

Lainey's patreon is already up to 163 patrons and $703, I think she had about $600 before.
I can't take a screenshot right now, sorry.

I wonder in how far Greg is involved in this.

No. 734831

He has to be involved in some way. He's a massive control freak. Everything has to go through him like he told Shiloh while throwing candy corn at her.

No. 734832

He's probably not invited, he had a falling out with his sisters not long ago because he's pissy that they are still close to his dad and I don't think he and Tami are on good terms, Tami and Kainey hate each other and Tami makes fun of Kaineys "transgenderness"

If they did invite him to Thanksgiving he would probably just rant about patreon and chris hansen and make it unpleasant for everyone.

No. 734833

I was thinking about this and it’s sad because neither one of them is a mature enough adult to properly provide a thanksgiving dinner. They can’t cook, they’re lazy vegetarians. If they’re not invited to something it just gets bypassed, so it seems.

No. 734834

no doubt he not-so-subtley pushes now ex-patrons in his discord to laineys patreon, but im sure a few die hard fans migrated over without him asking anyway

No. 734835

We all know why Thanksgiving is suddenly cancelled. He burnt bridges as Tami's golden child and so he's not invited. Plus his saner sisters wouldn't invite him to their own and Plainey's family is out of the question.

Too bad Lainey only gets to see her family at holidays.. not that she could show her face now that everything is hitting mainstream news and she's the social outcast of her local mom groups.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 734836

Personal tinfoil, I think one of the reasons the FBI hasn’t moved in yet, other than the fact that legal shit takes time, is that they are trying to catch Greg for something and not just Lainey. Because, The FBI isn’t stupid, they know that the real problem is Greg. If they just arrest Lainey, they’ve basically not accomplished anything, because she is the product of what Greg made her, and Greg will turn right around and do this to someone else. It doesn’t excuse Lainey’s actions, but her actions are the result of Greg’s grooming and abuse. Everyone trying to spin it that she was a pedo before she met Greg, even though she started talking to Greg at sixteen, just because her ex said she was attracted to someone who was just barely younger than she was, is excusing Greg of his behavior. I’m not defending her at all, because fuck her, and she deserves to be in jail, but Onion is obviously the real problem here.

No. 734837

>Also, where is Krai through all this? Chained in his basement?

Can you imagine trapped in your small pigsty of a house out in the swamp cos the local moms at the PTA are whispering about you grooming teens? Meanwhile, your husband is screaming half naked in front of a camera. The kids are probably terrified of him.(or used to it, which is actually worse.)He doesn't have a job.He's ruining the carpet with Kombucha. That shit is hard to get out if left to dry.You know that for the whole month of December the only guaranteed money coming in is the $700 from your patrons.That's if you don't get kicked too. And there's a chance police are coming to arrest you.
If she had any sense, she'd say 'Fuck this shit' & take the chives back to NM & spend xmas with people who actually love her who aren't screaming all the time & negging her 24/7 & looking to cheat on her with teen girls.If she's going down, it might be her last happy memory with her children.

No. 734838

File: 1574870628044.jpeg (88.1 KB, 1242x615, CEDF840F-AFE1-4E94-AC0D-B1FCBE…)

This was yesterday morning.

No. 734839

The more he sticks his gruby fingers into Taylor's patreon, the sooner it will be taken down

No. 734841

Exactly. Sending his patrons to his wife's patreon that has his name all over it is just ban evading. They'll take hers down too and that'll be the last of their income.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 734843

Not to mention that her fans hate Grugly.Way to tank her views even further.

No. 734844

Please can news outlets start using this image.

No. 734845

one thing that never ceases to amaze me with jimmy is the fact that he's so so so stuck in 2008 with his internet mannerisms, and i wonder if part of it is because thats the only way he can stay integrated on the internet and still manipulate ppl. cant really see 30 something year old jimmy ever contextually using "bruh" or "fam" like all the vloggers lol

for example, the weird throwaway acc shit he still pulls is such an old era thing to do. you'd never see j* or pdp or any other dramatic person of interest pulling that shit these days, no matter how much bullying they get

then with all these fake ass romance writer tweets he uses these <3 and really bad warcraft 3 style one-liner ERPs that reek of 2010 or just simply being 12.

though, guess hes ok with that sort of impression
sage for autism

No. 734846

File: 1574871354306.gif (245.79 KB, 500x281, 7532800d725e6bff66fb629d6cef8e…)

Maybe Krai is taking care of them in the background as Grug screams at a camera and tried to fake puke on the carpet. Not to blogpost but I have anxiety-related health issues that can lead to vomiting at times. I know how they feel and I know how to spot when it's coming out. This is definitely not his case. It just happens when he needs it to in front of a camera, which is not how it works at all.

All Onion does is screaming at the camera and then cough and hack. He probably does all that for sympathy points and pretend it's just acting and we are all fools as usual.

From what I gathered as well, Onion boy definitely spends more time on the internet than taking care of his kids. He spent 20 hours awake in his sory.mp4 video which probably means once he's too tired to piss and complain, he will go to sleep which leaves Kray to feed and take care of the kids. Onion boy is an egotistical and neglectful jackass. It breaks my heart to see kids so young depending on this piece of trash.

No. 734847

They’ll probably get him for tax evasion, like Al Capone.

No. 734848

Comparing Onion boy to Al Capone is an insult to the prison system.

No. 734849

Sarah said Kai give her his laptop second hand, and didn't wipe everything, so I guess that's the laptop they have?

No. 734850

The less Greg is involved with his kids the better. Especially with the youngest chive now that we know Lainey is willing to sacrifice them to Greg.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 734851

File: 1574871782696.png (125.87 KB, 890x475, 1146e4593d584310e6c0b1853f53b3…)

His new site already got fucked over, people can't even register to join it rn

No. 734852

Speaking if images,Cecil McFly posted this Greg animation on Twitter.Dunno if it's been posted before but it's pretty funny.Especially now his past is catching up with him.(And before you ask, not a self post.It's just funny)

No. 734853

No. 734854

Will he still be claiming to be in control as a puppet master from the back of the Taco Bell kitchen on his 15 min break when he inevitably has to get a real job?

No. 734855

The first pic..I'm dying. This is a more realistic portrayal of Jimmy, fuck the filters.

No. 734856

normie tier media. you finally hit the big time greg.

just not the way you wanted. enjoy jail.

No. 734857

The dude who wrote this needs to clean it up, it's riddled with typos and errors. Still glad to see it!

No. 734858

>Tami also despises Lainey and possibly her parenting.

Yeah, because CT is clearly mom of the year, with her screaming out "Greg" during sex, and her naked massages of her teenage son. Basically, she doesn't get to have an opinion of how terrible someone else's parenting is.

No. 734859

I was thinking about this and everything we know about Tami came from Jimmy. An incredibly unreliable source. The sisters turned out fine.

No. 734860

Yup, he got Sarah and Billie confused.

No. 734861

Hey now Onion is her indigo child

No. 734862

That's what I've been thinking for quite some time now. Greg's been twisting facts left and right, down to outright lying.
I don't know why he would not twist facts or lie about his childhood and how he was treated by his mother if it makes him look more innocent.

No. 734864

What's that about his mom saying his name in bed?

No. 734865

Exactly. Jimmy lies about everything, why would this topic be any different? And what's Tami suppose to even do if that's the case? Make a "My son lied about me!!!" video on YT? Lol, I think not.
The only thing we know is that she made some quirky comics. Everything else is fiction in my mind for now.

No. 734866

She dated a guy named Greg and ol'Waternoggin would fap to listening to them have sex and her shouting "his name".

You know how he is about incest.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 734867

Hey accountant & IT anons,sorry if this is a stupid question,but I know fuck all about running an e-begging site like this. How the fuck is he even going to run this financially so the IRS don't bite him in the ass again? With web site fees, no set 'subscription' fee how the fuck is this even going to work?How would independent donations even work?I can't see him doing meticulous book-keeping.If he DOES keep a ledger for his accountant, I imagine it's going to full of idiot entries to 'prove' how much he spends on his 'business'.It just smells of a total bust to me.

No. 734871

I knew he wanted to fuck his mom but wow

No. 734872

File: 1574874678501.jpeg (129.19 KB, 653x900, 3F9A7F54-BFBA-43C6-9706-3C5309…)

Jimgreg at his next parole board meeting in 2039

No. 734873

The girls he groomed and raped disagree. He just wasn’t attracted to you.(biting)

No. 734874

According to Aldii on Twitter,Deity had an interview with Vincent who claims the FBI have possession of a laptop & 2 mobile devices with evidence against Onion & Krainey.
https://twitter.com/aldlii/status/1199733530143662083(repost, not milk)

No. 734876

My concern is Vince and Chris didn't do due diligence and have someone with a digital forensics background look through those devices. There's no clearly marked chain of custody for those devices and gives Grug some plausible deniability if the fbi doesn't want to nail him to the wall.

No. 734877

I'm hoping that Krainey and the kids are visiting her family for the holiday. He always goes just a little bit crazier when she's away. Maybe the kids didnt have to hear their father screeching and dumping kambucha all over himself.

No. 734878

No worries, anon. Chain of custody starts when it is obtained by law enforcement and Hansen's possession really has little to do with the evidentiary process since it's not within the legal system yet.

No. 734879

Either Taylor's family is that angry and ashamed of her or Greg doesn't want to risk her having a change of heart.

Personally, if Taylor were my daughter, I might still be holding out stupid, stupid hope to make her wake up for the children's sake.

No. 734880

It's just something to be aware of since this wasn't found in "accident" like taking your PC to a repair shop. A good attorney would argue that they went on a fishing expedition on those devices and may have manipulated the devices. Write blockers are a major issue for these things and while I trust the fbi to have proper protocol enforced, I doubt Chris or Vincent have the same.

No. 734885


True. It's not like Chris Hansen and his team have any experience or knowledge in getting online predators caught and prosecuted after all.

No. 734887

If you don't read the rules before posting, don't wonder why you're banned for a few days.
Do the thread a favor and refrain from responding to blogposting and bait. Check the thread before posting to avoid reposting, it isn't hard.

No. 734888

Yes, it will be brought up in a prosecution, but "Chain of Custody" is a serious issue that could lead to a mistrial or throwing out any information obtained from the electronics if compromised. I'm just saying that Chain of Custody integrity isn't what the issue would be if Chris or Sarah were accused of manipulation, especially since the computer is Sarah's property. I'm not saying your wrong, just semantics are extremely important in case law. The most responsible thing to have done would be turning over the laptop to police immediately, however, Chris and Vincent would have probably gotten police to take the evidence more seriously by saying they encountered illegal conversations/activity on the laptop and that's their reason for turning it in to police. I don't think it necessarily gives much ammo to a potential court case.

No. 734891

Thanks for all you do. Taking care if this thread must be an absolute nightmare.

No. 734893

Lol I love how they can't even trust their own blood relatives because even them are being "informants" to their enemies, they are gonna get paranoid as fuck after seeing this

No. 734894

sage for non-contribution if your hair is really damaged (which I assume his is from the 3-hour sauna fap fests), then it can take a really long time to dry

No. 734895

Wonder if it’s Lame’s sister? She probably knows about the allegations, and I can’t imagine that her and Onion get along well.

No. 734896

I have to wonder if that's why Thanksgiving is 'canceled' in his house.

No. 734897

Exactly… eyeroll
Chris knows what he's doing, he's been doing this for over thirty years now, this isn't his first case and Jimmy/Taylor aren't the most special pedos he's encounterd jfc.

No. 734898

Vincent clearly stated the FBI is in possession of the laptop/mobile devices. It's not like some guy who used to use to work for GeekSquad is going to restore system settings and call it a day

No. 734900

onisions side patreon "lovedoll" has also been removed.

to me this tells me that patreon is being thorough and not letting onision slip through the cracks on their site. laineys patreon could be next.


No. 734901

sorry about the video added, that was by mistake from when I was going to post about that a while back(samefag)

No. 734904

File: 1574881460832.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, glitch1517886614268.png)

>one sentence of blogging in context to onision and the situation at hand


No. 734906

Onion is already named under her patron perks. Isn't that now against patron since he's barred?

No. 734907

LOL don't worry anon, that video is a gem.

No. 734908

Riiiight this product was selected to give his fans the best experience possible. Definitely has nothing to do with the fact that he got banned from patreon.

No. 734910

Here’s the link for livestream with Haylee today. Sorry if it was already posted

No. 734911

another article now, from the daily dot:


>He was banned by VidCon for saying one of his ex-girlfriends was incapable of being raped because, as noted by Medium, he said she “had sex with more than 20 people.” He’s been accused by many people of grooming young girls for sexual purposes.

>He then pretended to cry and go into hysterics about how people are using YouTube to make videos about him before he promoted his new website.
(this is an imageboard)

No. 734912

I think if he appears in one of her videos again they'll have a basis to remove her Patreon too. No more "Onision and Kai podcasts" lol

No. 734913

What is his intent with this… display? Like, are we supposed to think this is real or is it meant to be some kind of satire?

No. 734914

He keeps referring to his deranged tweets at satire so probably. Methinks he doesn't know what that word means lol

No. 734915

Everything that makes him look like a fool is satire to him.

No. 734916

he's trying to gaslight the entire public to associate any past bizarre behavior as all part of a grander act and that anyone that thinks he's a piece of shit just isn't in on the joke. it's entirely transparent and obvious

No. 734917

To add on to that Anon, I'm pretty sure he's also just trying to "make fun" of how people expect him to be reacting.
Like, "you think I'm bothered, you expect me to have a mental breakdown? I'll show how unbothered I am, look at me laugh at myself!!!"

He's not very smart or creative, and his """acting""" is the same as usual where he just screams because he can't emote what so ever.

He's certainly bothered because he's going through the same manic cycle he usually does when shit happens. But the video itself isn't "real". What people need to keep in mind is that he's not going to have a genuine reaction on camera because Greg can't comprehend that there's a good chance he won't face consequences. The man literally thinks he's the Joker on top of feeling Godly for making little girls cry.

No. 734918

It's not even bizarre anymore. His responses are always:
>incredibly bad acting
>scream, fake cry
>take your clothes off and pour food/liquid on yourself
>fake puke

Literally, since 11/2012 as far as I can remember, maybe even prior to that. It'd be more bizarre if he finally told the truth for once.

No. 734919

my opinion is that his chimpout videos are real, he just tries to play it off as a joke once the manic episode wears off so as not to alarm people to call 911 or CPS on him

No. 734921

Just having to make a video called sory after his chimpout is indirectly admitting it was real.

Playing it as parody afterwards only serves to fool gullible people and ackwardly trying to avoid embarassment.

No. 734922

File: 1574885762122.png (887.58 KB, 1091x413, komb.png)

is it me or he has an uncanny resemblance with chucky the doll? minus the greasy hair.
if theres one character that he should be impersonating thats chucky suits him way more than this wallmart joker attempt

No. 734924

I wish we could see the frantic emails he sent Patreon begging them to reinstate his page by using Kai and the kids as a shield "you're hurting my kids and making my awesome husband Kai cry!!!", implying he'll commit suicide over this and threatening to sue Patreon's shoes

No. 734925

No. 734926

That breakdown was so much easier to watch with that music

Videolinks go in the YouTube field, anon

No. 734927


100% there is a lot of truth in them. Greg can't joke. Everything he says in his videos, he believes. He spazzes around because that is the sort of thing that got attention 10 years ago and he can't get with the times.

No. 734928

I think lainey has manipulated people into thinking that just because a situation may be nonsexual between friends, it means that nobody is allowed boundaries or common sense like "it might make someone underage uncomfortable to be naked in the same space as an adult they're not related to".
It's pretty disgusting, but it matches up with how she was just topless on webcam as if it wasn't a big deal.

No. 734930

>if he finally told the truth for once
Yeah he'll die in jail before that happens.

No. 734931


Does Lainey even do jack shit on patreon anymore? She doesn’t fulfill perks, she’s very inactive with her forums and discussions, the only time she messages someone is if their payment doesn’t go through. She violated their TOS by allowing other accounts to be a paid perk (Twitter and Instagram follow). She was even absent an entire month. If Anusion can get banned for doxxing, and get his second account taken down, too, wouldn’t Patreon maybe remove hers is Anus is really the one who starts to run it? He ran her YouTube for a good few years and recently went back to doing all of her shitty editing.

No. 734932

>Imagine giving money to a pedo and thinking you're a good person
I can't figure out what motivates them, clearly it's not his content. They spend more time talking to each other than they do him, so it can't be because they actually like him. Obviously they don't care that he has no remorse for all the harm he's caused, that he's under FBI investigation, and that his only 'relationship' with them is through their wallet. He'd never see or speak to any of them again if they couldn't afford to pay him. I guess like the old sayings go: there's a sucker born every minute, a fool and his money are soon parted.
Probably some of Onion's paypigs. Lainey's last stream that I saw had about 7 people watching and two of those people were McFly and Blasian lol.

No. 734933

File: 1574888405084.png (41.91 KB, 590x266, Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 3.58.…)

Slightly off topic and not very milky (for now) but Shiloh is covering up her old tattoo of Onision.

Can't wait to see if he spurges about that, we all know how he likes to brand his women like cattle.

No. 734934

It's been over two months since she's uploaded to yt.

No. 734935

Can't wait to see the results. I always wondered why she kept it. I know she's given her reasons, I just didn't get it.

No. 734936

Not really. She did a google hangout sometime this month but that's about it. She doesn't do youtube videos, streams or even update her twitter(though she did create a new one before it was discovered and she deleted it). Why even her fans would support her at this point is baffling because she doesn't even do her footfaced tired ass streams anymore where she just looks dead eyed and doesn't answer any questions her patreons ask her.

No. 734937

Of course he's ass hurt, he's just desperate to hide it. Maybe he'd be a little more convincing if he didn't look like a homeless derelict on live stream. His personal appearance has totally taken a dive (more so than usual) because eVeRyThinG's fInE and you're just an idiot for believing otherwise.

No. 734938

and this is the one time I hope he isn't lurking here, because he'd normally be too stupid to think about this.
But if he does realize he can no longer be shown on Lame's patreon, then there goes like 75% of her content.

No. 734939

Like I said before, it's a combination of shitty acting and mental instability. He acts muted on streams because his gross mental pathology and real opinions come out primarily when he makes videos, like the ones where he blatantly mocked and threatened the girls and their stories after they came forward.

No rational, reasonable human being in the face of all the evidence, in the middle of an FBI investigation would even dream of making the videos he does, let alone as a "joke". He can try to gaslight the public all he likes, things will never go in his favor again. It's good that he loves digging his own grave, less work for the rest of us.

No. 734940

> Not to blogpost but I have anxiety-related health issues that can lead to vomiting at times

Psychopaths and people with similar co-morbidities commonly have scatological responses to intense feelings of anger and rage when they try to repress it and act out non-violently. And that's called "dry heaving", not "fake vomiting".(armchair)

No. 734941

If this is really his plan he's even more stupid than we give him credit for.
He isn't under fire for his idiotic videos where he acts like a psychopath. All the shit he's in trouble for are offline behaviors in his actual real life relationships.
These stupid videos aren't helping him, theyre just making the "rumors" about him seem much more likely. He's just so, so stupid its kind of painful

No. 734942

>He's literally always stuck in the same rut, get angry, embarrass himself by stripping down and pretend to fake-cry.
This is exactly what he did to get out of the military. He's a sociopath, he's devoid of real human emotion. Like all sociopaths he tries to imitate real human emotion and fails miserably, which most people can see through pretty easily. He's incredibly textbook.

No. 734944

They have to say alleged to protect themselves legally.

You can be caught red handed and the press will always say alleged until conviction.

No. 734945

Mods run a tight ship to where sometimes I don't even understand it lol, and this isn't my first rodeo.

No. 734946

I dunno, anon. His anger is probably real, but he covers it up with his weird Joker impression. But his fake crying was pretty bad.
You don't get to the dry heaving ugly cry state without a flood of tears. His cheeks were dry.
Nah he just made a second video cause he saw the first one was getting so many views.

No. 734947

>he just made a second video cause he saw the first one was getting so many views
Everything he does is for attention, even if it works against him. Anon >>734766 called it, he's terminally autistic.

No. 734948

the blogposting and tinfoiling is getting out of hand though

No. 734950

This might actually be the end. After 9 years he might actually get convicted. I never thought I'd see the day the infamous pedo hunter Chris Hansen would investigate Greg Jackson/Avaroe/Sisesca.

No. 734951

Slightly off topic but I'm honestly surprised that Onion hasn't fixed up his Do Not Engage tattoo, not sure what realistically could be done to fix that. Also, I'm pretty sure Onion probably sees nothing wrong with the tattoo because he designed it and he is a true artist so I'm not sure if he would ever fix it. Lainey is at least working on adding to the stupid flower clip art biker tat that Onion designed for her and it does look a lot better, still shit tho.

Or bops her head back and forth to shitty music.

No. 734954

He confirmed Gunk owes 500k dollars to the IRS (when the other dude brought it up he didn't deny it, and he seems to know everything about Gunks life). Gunk is fucked

No. 734955

Mods need to run a tight ship with all the new people coming in or else this would look like the kiwifarms where they compared how Hitler was better than Greg for like 2 entire pages

Greg can make 100 reaction videos where he crys and throws kitchen condiments all over himself but each one will rope in less and less views just like they did with the Eugina videos and Billiegate videos. No one on the platform except Onisions tiny group of sycophants want Jimmy's content. They only want drama and the more drama Greg gets himself into the more he loses his audience and platforms to sustain money. Theres nothing he can do but make videos and watch his sinking ship slowly get engulfed.

No. 734958

I'd say his paypigs don’t even want his content and just the drama. They like the attention too, the ones that think they've got clout and stalkers. Half the time he brings up a past video he made none of them have watched it and he looks peeved. This must be the equivalent of them supporting a sports team, but they're just a bunch of trolls and want to group together. It's them against the world. They're just a bunch of losers paying a pedo for a the experience of being apart of some type of friend group.

No. 734959

I don't know if he's completely devoid of emotion so much as he has difficulty expressing emotion, genuine, healthy expression, not play acting for an audience. Sure he's stunted and has all the emotional range and maturity of a prepubescent boy, but he's not totally lacking in feeling - he hides his real feelings from everyone. I'd go so far as to say he hides his real feelings from himself. I don't think he knows how he feels most of the time, that's how self-unaware he is. What he is clearly lack is a conscience or any sort of remorse for anything he's done, which makes him a dangerous person.

No. 734960

That explains why he wanted 350k from Hansen. I wonder how the wetlands are going?

No. 734961

I've seen the influx of newfags and I get it. Sometimes though, it does seem a bit too strict.
>They're just a bunch of losers paying a pedo for a the experience of being apart of some type of friend group.
That is incredibly sad seeing it written out like that lol.

No. 734962

Apparently he has until January/Feburary to pay some fines before the government comes cracking down. It's a slow moving process but unless Greg can come up with the money with his $100 youtube income eventually if he keeps stalling payments he just might lose the land entirely.

No. 734963

Anyone with brains would be seriously downsizing, move into an apartment or something. But he won't of course, he's too god-like for such a thing.

No. 734964

Could you imagine him in an apartment with his screaming, entitlement, hentai fap sessions multiple times a day? An its going to happen eventually because his money is drying up. I already feel bad for his neighbors.

No. 734965

File: 1574893307475.jpg (362.78 KB, 1080x1675, Screenshot_20191127-231815_Ope…)

Um ok, sorry to be that bitch, but why does this anti-o fag organize this gofundme? 2,5K is a lot of money to cover such a small tattoo and Shiloh surely could pay for it on her own?
Also, why get it covered now and not sometimes in the past seven years?

No. 734968

shiloh keeping her tat and flaunting it a few months ago was bad enough, if shes behind this it's cow behavior
if it's just an anti-o its still making me cringe

No. 734969

Why are they so fucking involved like this, it's so obvious they just want clout. It's awkward that someone else began this without Shiloh's knowledge, it's also very odd she wouldn't have had it covered all this time, and that's way too much money as well.

No. 734970

She has mentioned a reason for keeping the tattoo, I think it was maybe a reminder of the horrors and how she's grown. And nice tattoos can be costly, gives her leeway on how big she'd like it.

No. 734971


holy shit 2,500 is enough for a car what the fuck that is WAY too much

No. 734972

This has nothing to do with onision. Take it to the anti-o thread in /snow/ if you want to continue the discussion.

No. 734975

People on here and Reddit have wondered if these "displays" from Grego are for pleading insanity if this all goes to court. But there's statements and evidence of the grooming and coercion and everything from a long period of time, pleading insanity really only works for spur-of-the-moment crimes like manslaughter. So even if he was trying that it would go nowhere.

No. 734976

If she was getting it removed 2500 makes sense.

No. 734977


According to Dr. Google, tattoo removal costs about $1200.

I'd bet that much that she's just gonna take the money and run, like she did with Greg's $1100.

No. 734979

it's 200-500 per session and most people need 6 or 8 sessions to remove a tattoo.350 x 6 = 2100 and that's on the low side. Don't be an idiot.

No. 734980

Man, stop being so bitter.

No. 734982

Sage your shit and just don't fucking donate then and also take it to the other thread.

No. 734984

I think the looney bin will be worse for him rather than the big house tbh. He will be retrained, sedated and severely medicated. He’ll be in the crazy hospital for god knows how-long, the only upsides are he won’t be attacked nor booty-raped .

Assuming he succeeds on his insanity plea

No. 734986

Even IF onion turd attempts to use his videos as a way to plead insanity no one with even two brain cells will believe it because normally insanity is spur of the moment while for his shit videos it takes time to film, edit and upload. If anything it supports the narrative how he believes he's a reality tv star and he feels a need to post everything online

No. 734987

Seriously what is wrong with some people?
She doesn't need to remove it, she could just cover it with something else. Regardless, these gaylords making a stink over it are hilarious.

No. 734988

There's a difference between being trigger happy and shit moderation.

One blog sentence in context as to why poor families can afford good moments together as a family without large sums of cash on the holidays similar to Onision's family and having to spell it out to them in /meta/ because their period feefees override the logic part of their brain (where applicable) is shit moderation no matter what rebuttal argument you can come up with. It was a sentence, two max. Not a paragraph and it was on topic. End of story.

This isn't my first drama board either. At least elsewhere, posters are treated like adults and allowed to interact on related topics to the subject at hand as long as it's relevant.

Shit, shit moderation.(ban evasion)

No. 734994

Going for an insanity plea makes no sense though.
1. They're notoriously difficult to plea for
Gerg clearly shows he is capable of planning, manipulating, and is aware that the things he does are (at least) not morally correct in the eyes of society. No lawyer would advise him to go for it. He would lose hard.
2. Even if successful, they don't exonerate you from a crime (especially sexual crimes) it's certainly not a get out of jail free card
3. Even if you're found to have mental illness, you need to prove you were incapable of understanding your actions at the time of the crime (again not going to work for someone who is being accused of grooming)

And again, acting manic and retarded on camera only implicates him more. A person deemed mentally unsound would not be able to manage social media, videos, editing, and so on.

Insanity pleas usually only apply to people who have gone through a psychotic break during the crime and were incapable of understanding reality and their actions.
At best Gerg could say he has "mild depression" documented from his chair force days. Which would likely give very little (if any) consideration for his defense.

No. 734995

Who gives a fuck what other boards you use, you obviously don't get the board culture here. Sage your shite you're going to get another ban

No. 734996

Yeah, also. Having a good tattoo cost money, sometimes they charge more for covering up old tattoos. So honestly, people are just being too negative with shiloh rn.

No. 735000

Boo hoo poor Jimmy-Poo lost $1100, he's such a victim. Shiloh deserved way more than that for putting up with that psychopath's shit for so long, plus he gave her that money to make her go back into an abusive ass relationship and it's a good thing she didn't follow his plans

No. 735001

His new website (onisionfans.com) got taken down

No. 735002

File: 1574896810381.png (122.9 KB, 2325x1299, chrome_5taM9xXhB2.png)

ayyyy lmao

No. 735003

No. 735004

Enjoy your bans for derailing the thread about tattoo removal after the farmhand message.

No. 735005

File: 1574897181074.png (769.76 KB, 750x1624, 66AD3700-D67F-4395-8919-69ECF4…)


No. 735008

No. 735009

It really seems like he's trying to imply he's gonna kill himself or make us think he will. Talking about how he needs to find his shotgun and that he's had a good life and even says its gonna be a bloody mess at the end.

No. 735010

Onion announced a one week hiatus. Can’t mirror sadly. But he’s going to make a new “Patreon-like” experience during this time.

No. 735012

Thanks anon your speed with that was fucking amazing

No. 735013

File: 1574897499838.jpg (46.49 KB, 500x500, servantokay.jpg)

Rather surprising it went down that fast. Do you know how long since it's been like that? Considering Onion was so livid last night when the patreon went down and considering how his sory video was to chime in the onisionfans website to then being taken down as well, I wonder if the word is spreading behind the scenes that Onion is persona non grata on any web platforms or he took it down himself? Maybe to fix the subscription issue?

I'm really excited for the Chris stream with Susan on just to see the after-effects on poor onion boy's channel.

No. 735014

File: 1574897557218.jpeg (536.76 KB, 1125x904, 2E07FC8D-3067-4B0D-843A-245FA5…)

No. 735015

Hansen will be interviewing Susan? I thought he couldn't get through to her

No. 735016

Run, onion. Run.

…and there was a week of peace.
But can he resist ONE WEEK without attention whoring?(ban evasion, again)

No. 735018

he'll sperg on sock accounts

No. 735019

Hahaha the bitch is running scared, How long will he stay away anons?
I give it till tonight.

No. 735020


Something tells me it won't be week before another godawful sex tweet

No. 735021


>funny “I did not hit her I did not” mockumentary type movie

He has to explain what The Room is because his only fans are 12 and don’t remember or understand anything about it.

No. 735022

He'll have to say something when Haylee/luxy speaks out later

No. 735023

>I did not groom her I did not

Predictable Onion is predictable

No. 735024

File: 1574897917327.png (24.02 KB, 588x139, Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 6.38.…)

This seems plausible. Thoughts?

No. 735025

this is retarded as fuck
court cases can takes months and even years not a one week haitus
Stop posting retarded speculation from those underaged retards it's clogging up the thread

No. 735026

Can we not post screenshots of every random tweets made by autistic anti-Os?

No. 735029

I agree he's unlikely to successfully plead insanity bc he's only recently started acting OTT crazy - AFTER his bad behaviour. He might be insane now (unlikely) but he wasn't back then

Found guilty: Jail
Found insane: psychiatric institution
Found malingering: psychiatric institution OR jail
Win-win, hopefully. Feigning insanity does not mean you get to walk free, Groggo

No. 735031

I honestly think the hiatus is happening because he is being investigated by FBI, cps or whatever organization is up his ass rn.

No. 735032

Im placing my bet on the hiatus being because he's decided to take up that weird newproject2 guys offer on joining that site, and theyre taking the time to get it talked out and set up.

No. 735033

So I work in ecommerence and payments, and depending on what service he's using, people can shut down his payment service via charge backs. Say he's stripe, stripe will auto ban you from using it if your consumers charge back at 1 percent. So if your charge back to transaction rate is 1 percent, he'll be banned from using stripe. Some places have a higher percent, some lower. but if its under .4 percent chargeback, he'll still get the money, so it has to be 1 percent exactly.

Anyway, if people end up purchasing his crappy tier shit on his new site, and then do a charge back saying the product was never received, or it wasn't what they were expect, etc, he won't ever be able to use stripe. Same thing with paypal (which has a steeper percent per transaction), or w.e else he wants to try and use for payments. He'll be extra fucked since so many people want him gone with no source of income so if a big volume of people do chargebacks on every platform he uses for payments, he literally be forced into using crypto LOL.

No. 735036

Does he think 'coded' messages to his detractors do anything but prove that they're living rent free in his head?

No. 735037

No. 735039

Didn't he have to have some work done for the wetland situation by the end of November? Wonder if he's worried about that as well.

No. 735040

From what I gather from both farms and documents, the people dealing with his Wetlands case were asking about whether or not he'd put up the fence and signs along the property line.. and he hadn't.

Best bet for this hiatus considering Thanksgiving is out in the Grease Shack, he's taking the week off to last minute scramble to get the swamp in shape because they're supposed to send someone by to see if he's done the work needed because his time is either nearly up or up now.

No. 735041


I saw on twitter that has hosting provider was contacted and they responded that they were investigating the situation, so it's possible they nuked him already. lol.

No. 735042

This could get people in a lot of trouble. You cannot go into a transaction with the intent of doing a charge back. Not only could people lose their accounts but they also could get into trouble with whatever payment method they used to complete the transaction. Credit card companies are not fans of "friendly fraud" and do cut off peoples access and it can mess with your credit score.

No. 735043


Yeah a lot of it is staged but I think he's truly angry. He's hoping these wacko videos will get the drama voyeurs to sign up to whatever new platform, to keep witnessing the meltdown firsthand.

Even after he said there would no longer be $1 Patreon deals, new patrons were still steadily signing up. I think Regina was right in saying don't give his lunatic behavior too much attention, playing into his hands.

No. 735044


I'm not a real tech head on these matters, but looked up the site status on whois.com - maybe someone can interpret it better for us.

This is all public information, here is the basics, more info at the included link:

Registrar:GoDaddy.com, LLC
Registered On:2019-07-21
Expires On:2021-07-21
Updated On:2019-11-27


No. 735045

You can definitely still get booty raped or attacked in some psych wards. Ideally, every unit should be divided up by diagnosis, but some psych units have depressed, catatonic, psychotic, demented patients all lumped together which can sometimes cause chaos. So sorry JJ, booty might not be safe in psychiatry either.

There are instances where the insanity plea is actually a worst outcome. For example one of the Slender Man stabbing girls got sentenced to 40 years in a mental hospital when I believe attempted murder carried a max sentence of I think 15 years. So 40 years in the loony bin vs 15 years in prison.

No. 735046

just in case nobody put the hanson show on tonight

No. 735049

File: 1574902031991.jpg (14.07 KB, 463x87, 2019.jpg)


I know I'm a little late but this a lovely occasion to repost this.

No. 735050

thank you so much for the kek anon this is amazing irony

No. 735052

God, imagine if he's been blacklisted from hosting sites because of the grooming allegations.

No. 735055

File: 1574903815339.jpg (22.73 KB, 454x266, gnhd2qrbs74bsb42.jpg)

Has maya come out to say anything??? does anyone know if she's talking to any of the girls about her experience?

No. 735056

Maya has other issues going on according to one of her friends. Madison tried to say that the other girls made her feel uncomfortable about speaking out, and her friend said that wasn't true.

No. 735057

That's the best article written so far. Sums up things nicely and no errors.

No. 735061


hansen has just named this site

No. 735062

Well, Haylee told Chris about lolcow, he might end up looking here sometime.

No. 735064

we’ve been exposed

No. 735065

Regina and Haylee have been the most eloquent so far. Proving time around the Onions tore the other girls down.

No. 735066

good ole L-O-L cow

No. 735067

"what is el-Oh-el-Cow?"

No. 735068

Lolcow was just shouted out on Chris Hansen, anyone who is new here reminder to read the rules before posting, and enjoy milkmas with us!

No. 735070


btw love you chris you're doing fantastic work. 100% support this endeavour A+ good going champ

No. 735072

"are onision and kai behing this website?" lmaoooo

No. 735073

Based Chris “what is a lolcow” Hansen

No. 735074

Chris saying "El Oh El Cow???" made me tear up with laughter bahaha

We are living in great times.

No. 735075


I think Shiloh was well-spoken as well. She certainly has had time to get a perspective on things

No. 735076

Thanks for the shout-out Hanson.

No. 735077

lol I fucking knew he wouldn't take dick's offer to use his site.
He's too much of a narc to accept help from someone because he'd 'owe' them.
Even when his life's going up in flames. He keeps adding wood.

No. 735080

"keep crying"

No. 735081

Maya defended lainey and is a coward so no

No. 735083

Chris is mocking his 'wow' video

I can't wait for Onion to break his 'hiatus' over this

No. 735084

regarding Greg's latest video Chris said 'I didn't watch it because it's honestly so irritating' same king

No. 735085

i think he was takling about the hiatus one because he mentioned him whining about being on hiatus etc

No. 735086

"Keep crying."

I love Haylee's energy.

No. 735087

I wonder if Discord will be next to shut him down. Oh god I hope so! Imagine, hes putting all his eggs in this "patreon-like experience AND discord" .

No. 735088

File: 1574905135487.png (348.27 KB, 697x396, owned.PNG)


No. 735089

Can't wait for his Discord to be fuckin' destroyed.

No. 735090

File: 1574905364412.png (115.97 KB, 349x642, 6Dieiar.png)

from reddit lol

No. 735091


No. 735092

She's did extremely well, the hour flew by. Monster. Prison!

No. 735093

File: 1574906031124.gif (1.9 MB, 480x359, ezgif-1-d37e86c04520.gif)

All the milk lately is amazing can't wait for the narc rage from what was said tonight.

No. 735094

The Ban Onision change.org website took a long time loading for me… wonder if it has a high traffic due to it being shown in the perez hilton website. fuck , imagine if it gets thousands of signatures? No way youtube can just ignore this too right?

No. 735095

Chris heard back from Youtube!

No. 735096

And he's getting an update from the FBI before the next stream too. Get stuffed, Grease!

No. 735097

If you're willing to play with your own personal credit just to mess with Onion you don't even deserve a friendly warning tbh.

No. 735098

that's about the ownership of the domain name, not the site status or hosting.

No. 735099

File: 1574906245557.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20191128-014700.png)

Some of these usernames coming up every week are cracking me the fuck up lmao

No. 735102

File: 1574906377769.jpg (25.93 MB, 426x240, J9S4Ntp.jpg)

the milk is too good

No. 735103

+1 for Shiloh's eloquency

Who will be on next week's stream with Hansen?

No. 735104

I hope it's that relative that was mentioned.

No. 735105

Did anyone else catch Chris saying there was another girl who got their head shaved like Shiloh did? Anyone know who that might have been?

No. 735106

I thought he was mistaken but he seemed so sure of himself. I wish he clarified that a bit more.

No. 735107


I could only think of Onions attempt to have Billie shave her head for forgiveness

No. 735108


I think he was mistaken, too.

No. 735109

I've got a theory the family member is on Lainey's side since she's gone to visit them a fair few times. She was visiting them when Ayalla dropped the tweet bomb about Sarah. It'll be someone who's concerned about how the kids have been when they've visited, is my take.

No. 735110

File: 1574906677620.jpeg (138.49 KB, 750x505, 818C0BE8-256D-44C0-A26A-6DFEF0…)

Lainey’s sister is in Washington.

No. 735111

Where's this from?

No. 735112

Yeah, when Haylee said she only knew about Shiloh he didn't say who else it was? I think he got it confused as Billie said he wanted to shave her head but didn't.

Let's hope so. It could also be Skye as Vincent confirmed he is in contact with her

No. 735113

Sarah said something about girls the internet didn't know about so it could be someone who never came forward to the public.

No. 735114

Her sisters Instagram. I’m not giving the @, but you can look for it yourself it’s easy if you know her name

No. 735115

I'd love to hear from Skye. Her tweets are fucking scathing and I'm sure she'd have a lot to say.

No. 735116

Isn't lainey's sister still underage? I'm surprised her parents would even think about letting her go there.

also major tinfoil, but maybe something really is going down. lainey's family doesn't usually visit her. the only time I can think of is when her grandma came down 2-3 years ago

No. 735117

lainey's family are coming to take the kids. Almost guaranteed.

No. 735118


Lainey finally leaving and they're going to help her move out?

Tinfoil yes but oooo imagine. Also, Gregs hiatus atm… something to do with this?

No. 735119

Her youngest, not Lauren. Lauren works at Hulu and lives in LA

No. 735120

This sister is a few years younger. She might be the blood relative who Vincent was talking about.

No. 735121

Nah her middle sister is graduated from college. She has a career, very successful.

No. 735122

I wonder if Lainey ever gets jealous of her sister? Her instagram is full of pictures of her having fun and doing things with her friends, meanwhile Lainey's literally facing the possibility of being hauled off to jail for illicit activities and grooming children (among other things).

Also, I wonder why Lauren is going up there? Maybe Lainey's finally leaving?

No. 735123

Nope, she has a sister that is in the university I think. The same one who visited her last year (and babysitted the kids0. I know she has another sister that is younger tho.

No. 735124

good point anon, the hiatus could be related to what's happening with kids/lainey's family arriving. I don't think Lainey will leave though

No. 735125

Wasnt one of Lainey’s sisters present during the joysparklebs livestream “debate” and even talked to joy directly? Could it be that one thats visiting? If so, she HAS to know about what is going on…(spoonfeeding)

No. 735126

Was this what Regina meant by having things handled behind the scenes? Holy shit.

No. 735127

Well, shit. That'd make a hell of a lot of sense. I hope that's what's going to happen, rather than have the kids in that house while Greg is having a fucking meltdown 24/7. That must be fucking terrifying for them.

No. 735128

If she is leaving Gorg she would be a moron if she actually left the state, especially if the FBI is investigating her. That would make her look guilty as fuck and Im sure it would rush the FBI proceedings.
Blame's sister going to Washington + Gorg taking a week off? Very interesting indeed.

Also I watched the "taking a week off" video and he kept mentioning the purple men. Tinfoil but, the FBI are called blue men sometimes right? Wonder if they contacted him directly and this is also why he's taking a week off.

No. 735129


I thought purple mushroom head was something to do with discord myself, because they tweeted that they would investigate him and such and then he talks about that

No. 735130

I wonder if any authorities have been in contact with Lainey's family or they're just concerned with everything that's going on and going to check up on her. Hopefully the sister isn't travelling alone and her mom is with her.

No. 735131

How long did his "I'm breaking up with you" twitter hiatus last for? Two days?
More than likely. He said he wanted a platform with a "good reputation". No one with a good reputation wants him, waterhead apparently doesn't understand this.

No. 735132

I knew Luxy was a savage but I didn't know she was that savage. All the other girls were like, jail time, get some help, Luxy said KEEP CRYING.

No. 735133

>FBI are called blue men

you're giving him too much credit anon

isn't purple mushroom slang for penis/head of the penis? kek. In all seriousness I have no idea what or who he was referring to, probably trying to make himself seem insane. I think the Anderson's are paying a visit to take the kids away

No. 735134

I'm willing to bet they'll keep ignoring it. Like I said, if yt can implement a system where seconds of copyrighted material gets taken down within days if not MINUTES, they could've implemented something similar to handle predators on their platform. They didn't because there's no financial incentive, plain and simple. They'd act real quick if this situation became a huge money drain for them, or their pathetic company got mass boycotted.
Ya'll killing me with these cute animal gifs.

No. 735135

hey everyone.. remember last night when we were discussing that storage/shipping facility that called onision on stream? maybe that's somehow related to lainey moving the fuck out and taking the kids. obv massive tinfoil and speculation.

No. 735136

Same. She's known Greg since high school. I'd love to hear her go in depth on her time with him, get more insight into the shit he pulled back then.

No. 735137

I've lost brain cells just reading a few of Greg's tweets, I can't imagine the IQ points you lose being in his company for an extended period of time.It must be worse than his video "content".

No. 735138

onision.co is still up. Tick tock, predator.

No. 735139

bitch, when i hear chris saying "lolcow" i lost my shit

No. 735140

I haven't watched this, any other anon's know if this is true?
Does he really want his house raided right now? Because what he's saying sounds like a threat to me.
>pleading insanity really only works for spur-of-the-moment crimes like manslaughter.
He's shown very calculated behavior. He has enough mental faculty to know what he's doing and know that it's wrong. He's already admitted many times to how awful how he is and by his own actions, he's proven he wants to stay that way.

No. 735141

yea no shit. But it's something that has been done in the past with other lolcows but also in situations where anons want to take a specific thing down or a company doing shady shit against a rival company. Seen it a lot of times.

Do we have a summary on the hansen video that was posted?

No. 735142


massive tinfoil, but in the back of my mind, i was thinking the same.

she would be dumb to leave the state, but that doesn’t rule out her maybe growing a pair for once and leaving Greg.

No. 735143

why Illinois though? Does she even have anyone she knows there or family?

No. 735145

I don't think she's going to leave him. She's in too deep and thinks Greg could never do any wrong. If she thinks that leaving the state while the FBI is investigating her is a good idea, she's a moron.

No. 735147

I kind of wish Plainey really was leaving with kids, then accepted what Greg has done to her, took blame for her actions and started changing back into a normal person. She is to blame for a lot of shit, but at least she isn't an overgrown psycho who refuses to speak to her daughter. I think with help of her family she might still have hope at least as a parent.

No. 735148

Maybe seeing all of these interviews one after the other put things into perspective? Like how Greg was actively influencing their relationships, telling Kai and whoever they were dating at the time that each was mad at the other, or forcing a 3 way relationship when it seems like he was the only one who wanted it. After a while it probably seems like the norm, but maybe seeing all of these interviews provided a bit of an outside perspective?

No. 735149

File: 1574910293617.png (573.47 KB, 817x987, Screenshot_2019-11-28 YouTuber…)

This was well written but they could've done without linking to/embedding his video. He's counting on his chimpout's getting clicks and views.

No. 735150

News websites are using absolutely hideous pictures of Greg, just how they should be.

No. 735151

Y'all dumb thinking she's leaving him

No. 735152

I mean at this point all the pictures and videos he's been pushing out himself are hideous

No. 735154

i'm sure greg watches them, but do you think lainey does?

No. 735155

she absolutely won't. he'll hav to be the one to boot her like last time. also her underaged sister is not going to be the one there helping her leave. she went herself to family last time. lainey's little sister surely couldn't be the person talking to chris either if she's wiling to go there and hang.

No. 735156

First they came for Onision, and I did not speak out—because I was not an Onision fan

Then they came for Blaire White, and I did not speak out— because I was not a Blaire White fan

Then they came for Repzion, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Repzion fan

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735157

File: 1574911278750.jpeg (213.53 KB, 981x1514, E0A428BA-DF5D-4BC7-B242-6A7FDC…)

No. 735158

Lol wtf

No. 735159

Is this an attempt at satire? Blaire White and Repzion aren't child groomer's/predators. Try again.

No. 735160

we need context, anon. where did this come from? who is it to?
who is Taylor's cousin? have we ever heard about a cousin before?

No. 735161

Hmmm. Makes me wonder if Regina or Vincent has been in contact with Kainey.

No. 735162

Imagine being this much of an Onion.

No. 735163

Someone on Facebook posted it, said her old English teacher said she was Kais cousin. The Facebook friend blurred the rest of the family herself so if anyone ill knew them they wouldn’t be involved. Supposedly there will be more info but who knows

No. 735164

True, she would rather throw her own kids in the fire than leave her master Onion. She's completely beyond help

Lauren is not underage, she's 22. Lame does have an underage half sister but that's not her

No. 735165

I don't know why people are hoping that foot leaves with the kids. She puts Greg above her children, let her stay while her family gets the kids out of that situation. She exchanged nudes with minors, she should go to prison. All the girls have been saying she's a monster too, doesn't matter that she's not a water headed narc.

No. 735167

hmm. I hope this is true but i'm not counting on it

Is it possible Vincent said she may be offered some kind of plea deal if she spilled info on Greg?

No. 735168

File: 1574911994973.webm (876.13 KB, 640x360, KEEPCRYING.webm)

No. 735170


Because if they're apart, they're more likely to spill on each other. If she has decided to leave, she may have also decided not to cover his ass anymore.

Damn right i hope she leaves. I bet there is a lot she could tell us that we don't know. More milk, more evidence against greg. Also, her leaving him wont prevent her from going to prison herself, you do realise.

Although whilst I hope she leaves, I don't expect she will at all.

No. 735171

Wheres da noodz of kai?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 735172

That's a good point. As long as the kids don't stay with her at the end of the day, then I hope she leaves. But like you said, she probably won't.

Imagine the stories she has, jfc

No. 735173

She just had to mess up her only chance at sympathy by sexually exploiting other people's children, proving how unfit she is to be a mother. She's supposed to be better educated than waterhead with her a bachelors degree. More evidence that staying too long with Onision kills your brain cells.

No. 735174

It is very possible that if she really gets some heavy charges she could get a plea deal if she was willing to testify in court that onision was behind Everything , just depends on the evidence they have against both of them . A long prison sentence is a scary thing and you would be surprised at what people will do to avoid it

No. 735175

Haylee mentioned that people at the lolcow had called her ugly (and also mentioned some were sympathetic), but she's so fucking beautiful. No wonder Onion was insanely desperate for her. Anyways, I wish Billie and Sarah had her strong sense of justice. The way she called Lainey and Greg monsters was the sort of strong stance that all his former victims need. Sarah seems to have a bit of sympathy for Lainey. #keepcrying She fucked them up. Hanson's comments on Greg's videos were pretty damn hilarious too. I love how he mentioned how obnoxious Greg is.

No. 735176

Isn't it only an online degree though?

At any rate, I doubt she is actually running away, but something is going on. I just hope that the kids are still OK and being fed and somewhat taken care of

No. 735178

They’re all at the onion household. Sorry for the censoring, I know her mom has been posted here before it’s just that she’s an innocent family member


No. 735179

It's not. She was onsite, on campus.

No. 735180

Could it be possible that Lainey has stockholm syndrome? We’ve seen everything Grugly has done to Shiloh, wanted to to do Billie etc.. so I don’t think it’s entirely off the table but it does not excuse her actions against all of the women who’ve come forward(armchair)

No. 735181

haylee looks a bit like billie, I could imagine with the blue hair Greg was all over that kek

No. 735182

>Had been talking about divorcing him over this

Hmmm does Gargoyle know his awesome "husband", the most important person in his life blah blah blah tells her family members she wants to divorce him?

No. 735183

thats absolutely fascinating what the fuck is going on over there holy shit

No. 735184

Why are they happily dancing like nothing is going on?

Seems like laineys family don't believe the allegations . Holy shit how can they be so dumb ?

No. 735185

impossible but i wish someone could show them the fucking hansen videos. they have to have no idea whats going on there is no way theyd be this calm for fucks sake

No. 735186

tinfoil I guess but maybe they're just acting like they're happy so greg (and maybe lainey) doesn't catch on? If they went in more stern, took the kids and left without lainey (let's be real she won't leave her master) then who knows what onionboy will do? If Vincent is in contact with a "blood relation" then perhaps he advised them to do it this way? Just speculation

No. 735187


Sometimes people have to find ways to laugh in stressful circumstances, this probably is not that deep. She's not gonna post on the internet about her cousin being a pedophile.

No. 735188

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they thought this was just another lie people were making up about their perfect daughter and haven't bothered to look into it further.

No. 735189


She was onsite until Trot was born, then she finished everything online using edubirdie to write her papers for her.

No. 735191

reminder that luxy only flirted with taylor over twitter because of some sort of appeal to her despite of her public clownery with billie.
She never met them but sarah did and lived with them for years.

No. 735192

she's dancing for the camera anon. it's not serious at all. they obviously think there's no problem.

No. 735193

File: 1574913638803.png (1.69 MB, 1265x3319, Screenshot_2019-11-28 Onision …)

I've capped the full article only because it irks me that they've embedded his video.

No. 735194


Like >>735191 said, Haylee (while still a victim) hasn't had the same experience as Billie or Sarah. Another reminder is this all came to light BECAUSE OF Sarah, she's been very strong and defiant in this

No. 735196

She's with her grandkids, she's probably trying to enjoy them as best she can with Onion around. Maybe give them some semblance of a normal familial relationship. Pretty much >>735195

No. 735197

Oh definitely. 13 days of online texts vs. years of grooming is certainly different. Plus the support Haylee had from her mother made all the difference. I'm not saying Billie or Sarah are wrong in how they feel, especially considering how much emotional trauma they went through, I just wish they could all have Haylee's attitude when straight up calling them monsters because Kai and Greg deserve it.

No. 735198

File: 1574913918094.jpg (86.79 KB, 640x377, tumblr_203d0e444d641cf88b5dfde…)

Expecting her mom and sister to believe the claims against her is wishful thinking. However, it can be all an act. Let's watch and wait. It is strange though how Lainey's sister posted about being in NM for thanksgiving though while Greg complains about thanksgiving being cancelled.

No. 735199

I totally forgot about edubirdie. That's how she was able to graduate in the first place, she didn't write most of her own papers. lel

No. 735200

Can you imagine if the FBI or CPS comes knocking while her whole family is there? Awkward. And I think her mom and sister do know about the allegations but they just don't care because they think it's just people from the internet lying. They both seem like vapid airheads if you ask me

No. 735201


this and its also thanksgiving in a few hours for them. maybe they just came down for the holidays?

No. 735202

I think it's good they're providing some sense of normalcy for the children, but Greg will be back to screaming, pissing on himself and writing smut novels on twitter in a few days.

No. 735203

It's probably the same shit as when she wanted to run away with Billie or buy a house with Sarah. Literally nothing of substance

No. 735204

Are you knew? This didn't come to light because of Sarah. Luxy spoke out before years ago.
Luxy isn't a victim of anything other than having some creep try to fly her over for a potential threesome. That isn't to say her story doesn't establish a pattern of behavior but all of these girls claiming emotional damage over tweets and dms is lol
I'm pretty sure Taylor's family knows all about it but what can they do? I will say >>735178 is interesting since we've never seen taylor's family go to the onion mansion, ever.

No. 735205

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that they are visitng the onions' under the guise of just being a holiday, but are really seeing if there is any merit to these accusations and possibly seeing if they can get Lainey to leave.

My guess is that either Greg is hiding or putting on his 'nice guy' persona until they leave (same with lainey)

No. 735206

I can see them dojo'ing with onion after thanksgiving. Lainey is probably done for good not because she wants to leave, but because the gravy is just about gone. She'll just continue to be a couch potato at home if she has the means to.

No. 735207

tbf what are they supposed to be doing, moping silently in front of the kids? do lame's parents even know what's going on?? unless someone contacted them or they keep up with e-drama I doubt their daughter would actually admit what's happening. she probably still thinks they are going to get out of this unscathed since the FBI hasn't busted down their door yet.

No. 735208

How would Regina know that though? Unless she or one of the other girls is secretly in contact with Lainey or a member of their family. Unless Regina was just saying things to get people to stop doing dumb shit.

No. 735209

it could be like a central location that handles coordination of stuff like that intrastate. not totally unreasonable.

No. 735210

she must be in regular contact with vincent who said that a blood relation is aware of the situation and should be helping the kids

No. 735212

here is what we know:

laineys family hates greg

laineys family was originally gonna stay in NM

onision said thanksgiving was canceled

yet seemingly out of nowhere they have all gone up to washington

greg meanwhile is saying some very important stuff is going on an he's on hiatus for the first time in 12 years.

My (totally not unreasonable guess) is that lainey was having a mental breakdown, and the family is coming for her sake to make sure she doesn't harm herself.

No. 735213

Lainey finally snapping over all of this would make sense. Onion wouldn't want to deal with the kids & would need to call up reinforcements. Aside from Crazy Tami, who would he call?

No. 735214

Onion's been posted a ton on Cringe and Cringetopia on reddit lately, he even had his meltdown get 20k upvotes: https://www.reddit.com/r/Cringetopia/comments/e2931u/onision_a_narcissistic_serial_abuser_of_many/

No. 735215

>>Luxy isn't a victim of anything other than having some creep try to fly her over for a potential threesome. That isn't to say her story doesn't establish a pattern of behavior but all of these girls claiming emotional damage over tweets and dms is lol

Yeah it seems like Chris Hansen is starting to run out of material. Hopefully he gets Skye on next or is able to dig Adrienne up out of obscurity because he's running out of people to talk to. At this rate he's going to end up interviewing an ex patron or some shit.

No. 735216

I hope skye goes on and talks to chris hanson. She could give some really interesting insights i think.

No. 735217

It does seem really last minute though, at least last minute for the Onions. I'm assuming they flew there, and last minute flights are kinda expensive right? Maybe I'm just cheap but I wouldn't last minute fly on Thanksgiving. I have a feeling Lainey's mom and sister perhaps planned a sorta intervention. James had said Thanksgiving was cancelled because someone had to work. It would just be strange to say Thanksgiving was cancelled if they knew Lauren and mom were coming. Even though it's not his original plan I don't think that would qualify it as "Thanksgiving is cancelled".

The hiatus is 100% because of Lauren and mom. They arrived in Washington ~9 hours ago. And ~5 hours ago Onion likely shot and uploaded the hiatus video while they were in the house, probably just right after being told what they are doing this week and realizing he would not be able to be his typical autist on the internet. He definitely filmed that video with them in the house because you might notice how for the first time in a long time he's not screeching and behaving like a tard. Can't act like that around the in-laws especially if they're up here because of the shit show directed by JJ and Lamey.

No. 735218

If Vincent has been in touch with a 'relative' or whoever is helping to look after the kids, hopefully that person will step up for an interview. He's still got figurehead Wojcicki to interview.

No. 735219

I hate that. So many people will be going to his channels to hate watch and give him his meager views and pennies of adsense

No. 735220

Well this is the big debate I see people having; whether it's good to give him any attention at all since he thrives off it or if it's good so he'll be more noticed for the things he's done so he goes to jail… Either way he's getting the most views he's had in years. (Last few have over 100k I believe)

No. 735221

>you might notice how for the first time in a long time he's not screeching and behaving like a tard.

I noticed this too anon and wondered the same thing. I wonder what shit is going down in the onion household

No. 735222

Luxy is one of the most fascinating because of the amount of manipulation tactics used. We got to see A LOT because she was kind and direct in her refusal to not be part of their threesome. I think her interview was valuable.

No. 735223

I would love to hear what Skye had to say about their marriage and about when he started to morph from a sort of functional weirdo into the monster we know today. It would be really interesting.

No. 735224

Even if they got Lainey to leave, she's still going to have to face her consequences, no matter where she runs off to.

If her family help her go to another state, can't they be held accountable for something? Helping a criminal escape or something?

No. 735227

now lets be reasonable. running out of material that can be made public, sure. especially if law enforcement is involved. but anyone here would have to be legit retarded to think that greg hasnt built up a veritable underground city of incriminating material. its a good thing that stuff is left unsaid so the anti os (and cowtippers here) dont start internet justice on their own. like just sit back and watch his onions fry

No. 735230

She hasn't been charged with anything yet. Its also the FBI meaning everywhere in the United States territory is their jurisdiction. They can get her in New Mexico.

No. 735231

Unrelated but found it rather amusing that I was recommended a Gordon Ramsey video for chopping onions when watching the live stream

No. 735232

Only if they've been charged unless they get a court order stating they aren't to leave the state they can take her. Chances are they are there for the kids first her next if they can. He's too far up his own ass and probably will tard out until the police are breaking the door in. Likely record it too.

No. 735233


Also, considering that they're posting about it on social media, they probably aren't aiding and abetting. C'mon.

No. 735235

if greg wanted to make some real money he'd stream the next 24 hours from his house :) not gonna lie I'd prob drop a hundo on that for sure(:))

No. 735236

People keep saying 'But Greg said thanksgiving was cancelled!!!' as though there's any reason to believe a word that comes out of Greg's mouth… pretty sure that just another dumbass attempt at victimizing himself.

No. 735240

Skye would be the most interesting since she's never really told her story.

No. 735241

At this point wether he makes some money off his channel is irrelevant.. nobody is watching him because they like him, he can’t buy his way out of this and him and Lainey are never going to turn their reputation around after all this.

No. 735242

Skye will probably go on right? And what about Adrienne? Or Someguy?

No. 735246

>I was waiting for him to put a remote control in his ass
>This the dude always posting "ride my willy " posts? What is he famous for and is this behavior normal?

Posts from people who are unaware of who Jimmy is are hilarious.

Been keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

No. 735247

Its early, but this wonderful tweet should be edited into the next thread pic - it's honestly so beautiful to see in the context of this Milksgiving and the upcoming Milkmas we will all be celebrating.

That tweet in current day is the most legitimate "art" Onion has ever created

No. 735248

Lmao, why hasn't this started making the rounds in Grok's twitter replies?

No. 735249

File: 1574921772303.jpg (571.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191127-220425_Fac…)

Greg's downfall has been a long time coming and it's finally here. This milk is glorious - he is being noticed and referenced by audiences who would otherwise have no interest for his content/life. He is now watched and laughed at far and wide. Milkmas is wonderful this year.

No. 735250

LMAO yeah he's being mocked by normies now too, hes all over tiktok and reddit and 4chan and 90% hates him hes so pathetic, i even showed my mom his videos and she cried saying hes evil lol

No. 735251

kek the fucking shooped stud bracelet.

No. 735253


lainey has zero reaction to anything that ever happens aside from saying "but where's my sympathy?" i would assume she's asking her patreons for gifts and planning more tattoos for greg

No. 735254

The kombucha one was something but I legit see him cracking in this one, definitely. It's getting harder and harder for him to maintain any kind of facade. He's not LARPing the gradual decline of his personal appearance and hygiene. He's getting less sleep as he attempts to find ways he can keep from being held accountable. He refuses to accept any consequences for his actions. He refuses to accept reality.

No. 735258

File: 1574924422977.jpeg (436.94 KB, 2048x2048, B4D9A3CC-C66A-4996-9144-1199DB…)

No. 735259

Billy is doing a livestream and said he's not associating with Onision especially since the whole Sarah situation. He seemed miffed about the question. Keemstar is active in the chat.

No. 735260

File: 1574924478285.jpeg (414.18 KB, 2048x2048, 66D843E7-7A8D-4E91-8332-87AE33…)

No. 735261

File: 1574924635854.png (385.75 KB, 650x500, onion.png)

No. 735262

He’s been memed all over Facebook all day, by people who don’t even know about the case.

No. 735263

File: 1574925880710.png (120.42 KB, 720x720, 20191128_012427.png)

Not a self post but I found this

No. 735264

I look forward to hearing what kind of scripted bullshit Susan's going to say when Hansen asks her why YouTube is literally protecting predators by penalizing channels for using the word predator. Should be a hum dinger.

Youtube's making money from this situation too. More new traffic is being brought to the site now thanks to the news articles about the problem YT refuses to do anything about, while they lick the balls of UMG and these other corporate cancers who claim videos with 2 seconds of copyrighted material. Such priorities.

No. 735265

He sits there throwing tantrums at the internet when he's the cause of all of his problems. Maybe he'll grow up in prison, but I doubt it. Good thing someone's looking out for his kids because he and his doormat certainly aren't.

No. 735266

You know what absolutely sounds like something Greaselord would do? Blackmail porn.
It's illegal, it has the potential to earn him shekels and it fits his malignant Cluster B personality to a T.

No. 735267

a marriage of ideas, made in heaven

No. 735268

File: 1574927971142.png (930.09 KB, 998x1505, call an exorcist-.png)

>she cried saying hes evil
>he said “a little schizo”
If he thinks he's still talking to whatever this is supposed to be then he might just have schizophrenia, or he's actually demon possessed, one of the two. Image and text from Life of Onion.(Tinfoil)

No. 735269

Thread on /r9k/ (cringe, I know) about Onion.
It's pretty funny to me that even people on fucking r9k hate Onion.

No. 735270

Literal nightmare fuel, maybe he is demon-possessed

No. 735272

its really not noteworthy, its what he wants to be, unstable and feared. to control the narrative that he is the joker. i wouldnt doubt that 'onision' has posted on spooky /x/ but evidenced in the /r9k/ thread, people are still falling for bait and copypasta. the people who can actually make a change have been informed years in advanced and continue to be tipped off to it. at this point just fucking let him hang himself. the girls are coming forward and investigations and ongoing like damn.

No. 735273

One of his previous stepdads made Onion and his sisters chant “I love you, Satan” to a TV channel containing nothing but static in the middle of the night iirc

No. 735275

Really sorry if this has been mentioned. I just caught up on the thread and didn’t see it;

Does anyone know if Mayah is willing to talk to Chris Hansen? Kinda get the sense she’s not interested in going public but it would be interesting.

No. 735276

File: 1574930465225.png (102.76 KB, 1367x261, schixx.png)

Tinfoil. Have not checked out /x/ for "evidence" of this.
Saw this before Onision said the "a little schizo" comment on camera - made his little quote interesting. But maybe he saw it before making the video and is fucking with people.

(deleted >>735271 for blanking on saging)

No. 735279

The antisouthernmovement channel is gone

No. 735280

File: 1574932853336.png (756.68 KB, 720x1082, PicsArt_11-28-04.20.09.png)

No. 735281

File: 1574933957009.jpeg (459.3 KB, 2048x1033, 78F90F52-D10B-40BC-AACB-76EB28…)

No. 735282

next thread pic please

No. 735283

He's not a schizo lol he's just a stupid edgelord who thinks saying this kind of dumb shit is a replacement for having a personality.

No. 735285

Was mentioned, seems very unlikely she will. I guess she just wants to distance herself from this mess.

No. 735291

Mucho late to the party but this needs to be incorporated into the next thread pic please.

No. 735295

Yeah it was Lauren, I found a video of that but I'm pretty sure it's on one of Joy Sparkles channels and I think direct linking to that is against the rules here. She didn't really say a whole but she came in big mad because Joy made lots of Onion videos. I'm not convinced that she would be this relative on the inside even though she's seen a lot shit by being at the Onion house.

No. 735297


Onisionfans.com is not down, it redirects to onision.co and that site is extremely slow last days (DDoS?). He created that site on 2019-07-21, did he ever have content on that domain?

No. 735298

It was working. He was having issues with people not being able to sign up. Is onion still on his hiatus?

No. 735299

There's no way Lambo's family doesn't know what's up. everyone heard of it by now.
I think Jimmys hiatus is because of Lambos family visiting.
If he's on his computer all the time he can't control what they're all talking about.
The fbi is involved, Lamp's family surely wants to know wtf is up and get their daughter and grandkids out of there, which Jimbo won't let happen.

No. 735300

It must be killing Ol' Waternoggin not to be tweeting to venting his rage right now. 14 hours without social media plus the in-laws are in his house and he can't control them so he has to pretend to be a good husband and father to keep up appearances.

He's like a volcano ready to blow. No way he'll last a week.

No. 735301

He's probably stewing in his own filth and playing the nice guy. He does kind of seem like he's losing it though, those recent videos were pretty intense even if he says it's just a prank bro. He wouldn't hurt anyone in the family right? I mean Lamebot is w/e (kek) but I am worried about the kids.

No. 735302


Equivalent to prison for Greg. It should be indefinite situation. Everyone would be better off.

No. 735303

Fucking this. People for fucks sakes, have any of you met a schizophrenic? He ain't it. He's from the same 90s kid generation I am from. Back in the day we would drag people like him behind the supply shed at school and beat his ass. Guaranteed he lost his virginity to the fat greasy Manson fan girl that thought Greg's spazzing was something like Eric Harris. Then promptly dumped him when he stuck his tiny dick into a fat fold, not knowing what a real vagina looks like. I bet his nickname was "fuck off, faggot" by preps and burnouts alike. Dude was, is, and always will be a little bitch. How he managed to scare girls is beyond me.

No. 735306

>>735303 That's why he targets underage girls.

No. 735308

Good luck to him if he is going to try for insanity after being that calculating and premeditating. Sick? Definitely. Insane? lolmo.

Also, the mystery call from the truck stop was from a small Midwestern town. Haylee was referred to as coming from a small Midwestern town. Coincidence?

No. 735309

Given how many "small Midwestern town"s there are in the US, and that the person who answered the phone number seemed completely unaware of the situation, I'm gonna go with yes coincidence.

No. 735310

It was just a spoof call probably. There's so many of those per day from telemarketers and fraudsters. Greg would be paranoid to get a random call like that though. Imagine how people actually call him.

No. 735311

Maybe people think that because he still defends Onision like he's his personal guard dog? Oh and I don't buy it

No. 735312

Onision made a huge Facebook post slut shaming her when she was just 16

No. 735313

File: 1574956563619.jpg (40.06 KB, 720x520, 77413474_3308352345857942_1175…)

Checked my Facebook this morning and found this gem kek

No. 735314

He was projecting his own insecurities about his micro carrot if I remember correctly

No. 735315

i'm surprised the normie media isnt capitalising on chris hansen's involvment. i thought that's what would get the onion saga acknowledged but the articles just mention it in passing

No. 735316

I think the normies are aware of the situation, if you go on something like Facebook you're going to see tons of Onision and Chris Hansen memes as well as means of him acting like a complete looney tune.

No. 735321

No. 735322

Do mama and sister Foot know Gargoyle has surveillance all over his house according to his own words and he's probably going to watch them undressing and taking showers without their consent?

No. 735323

Also kind of interesting is that he does those psycho videos in an attempt to do his bizarro bits that got him popular 10 years ago, but now people just see famous Pedo hunter, Chris Hansen going after some freak who grooms girls and then seeing clips of his videos where he looks like an utter desperate retard. It completely backfires, no one finds it interesting or funny and all see what the girls are talking about and are legitimately concerned. It's like a work of art. I love normies.


No. 735324

File: 1574961585761.jpeg (213.14 KB, 1125x1174, 4F157DEE-79EB-4611-A255-E74A39…)

This popped up for me on facebook today so it’s definitely getting mainstream.

No. 735325

File: 1574962124426.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x1813, Screenshot_20191128-122754_Ins…)

Lauren, you sure you wanna be in the swamp shack?

No. 735326


Just remove the onionstain first

No. 735327

yikes its looking less and less like foot's family is taking any of the accusations seriously

No. 735328

I have no doubt that Greg could talk Lainey into having a poly relationship with her own sister and him. Lainey would do it just to keep Greg happy.

No. 735329

Pretty sure if they knew they fucked in the same bed as C they wouldn't be relaxing like nothing is wrong. Those poor kids ne