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File: 1528775660280.png (184.59 KB, 400x314, thehappycouple.png)

No. 530011

Thread Image Credit: >>528942 (Lainey's face is Social Repose's) and >>529098
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/525312
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>Lainey spent almost a full week with her family and old high school friends in New Mexico with the kids
>Onion used the debate against randos from as content for videos >>526197 and also proposed doing similar YouNow debates on a weekly basis. Anons unanimously agreed to avoid participating in the future to contribute to his downfall.
>After sperging angrily for 5 whole days, Ogreg changed his tune to playing the victim and wanting to change with fake apologies >>526756
>Blaire White actually accepted having a debate with Onion >> 527411 it's really boring and not even worth hate-watching, featuring Onion playing the victim and admitting to pandering to Blaire and his audience
>Ogreg also posted on twitter posing as his dog Leelu >>527679
>Ogreg, as he promised during his debate with Blaire, made half-assed apologies to people >>527857
>Lainey posted a video where Onion waxes her legs, complete with close-ups of her discharge-soaked panties >>528771
>McMansion is up for sale, complete with virtual tour of the not fully cleaned house >>528858
>Greg posted yet another video where the outline of his junk can be seen >>529263
>Lainey got a haircut that is worse than the 8 previous hairdos the Onions have had in the past couple of months >>529308
>Lainey also posted a self-care video (now removed) featuring herself in a bathrobe and no clothes on underneath >> 529495 Thanks to anon for the screenshot compilation >>529535
>But to top it all off, the Onision channel got its 2nd strike!! :D >>529904

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.



No. 530013

Well GSW got the stupid Yoshi tattoo..

No. 530018

Lainey is starting to look like trailer trash. I’ve seen many a podunk hambeast rocking the same Walmart tier clothing and glambutch haircut.

Seriously if I saw a picture of her with no context I would assume she was from some poor Appalachia town. Very depressing.

There’s a way to do edgy and androgynous while looking sophisticated. She’s seriously lacking class.

No. 530021

File: 1528777719708.png (1.3 MB, 1440x2378, hahahaha.png)

Shreg is super suprised that YT doesn't want his bare ass and bately disguised nutsack on their platform.
Love how he's pushing his wife's channel and his patreon. He's legitimately freaked out and if he thinks his Patreon will still bring in money after he's booted from YouTube he's sadly mistaken.

No. 530023

File: 1528778145950.png (528.48 KB, 1440x2389, Banned Guize.png)

He just made a video whining about his strikes and more importantly his inability to get sponsorships anymore. Because it's all about the videos and not the money, right Shreg?
This is karma at it's finest. His minions have been false flagging "hater" videos nonstop. And interesting how he's a great defender of "comedy" now, but not when other people make jokes.

No. 530024

File: 1528778146330.png (48.34 KB, 625x232, Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 12.34…)

a gem I found digging for other tweets about flagged videos

No. 530031

Been out of state for quite some time just now catching up on drama and the “truth about my father”. If the accusations about Onions father are true why would the space cadet Tammy send Greg to go live with his accused child predator father. If Ran is a molester why would Tammie ship Greg to be with him?

No. 530041

If youtube does get rid of the Onision channel will he still be able to use his other channels? I thought that if you lose your channel due to strikes you can't have another youtube account uploading shit

No. 530042

were the videos that were flagged actually against youtube's guidelines?

No. 530043

Im wondering the same thing. Like with Keemstar, he got his personal channel flagged and deleted and can never make another channel. The only reason he has drama alert is because he says hes employed by them and the owner of the channel is someone else (total BS probably)
But since Shreg made these alt channels years ago will Youtube allow them to stay if he gets his main removed because of community strikes, or does every single channel go bye bye when Onision channel gets dumped?

No. 530048

File: 1528781889866.png (226.84 KB, 678x498, 43456.PNG)

If you watched the Why YouTube BANNED Onision video he shows the actual reasons that YT gave him.
I sure the reason for the Trisha Mukbang was probably for that censored ass shot, and implied sexual content. I cant go watch it and figure it out because its been deleted. As for the Chibi one, Im sure there was some kind of sexually suggestive content that Greg is skirting around and not mentioning in this video.
So yes is the answer to your question. This wasnt the haters or "shadow fans" making the decision, it was YT admins following the guidelines given to them.

No. 530050

File: 1528782416614.png (117.72 KB, 488x223, 45231.PNG)

at the 1:50 mark of that video he has a placard that describes "background issues"
I know Greg likes to be vague and pussyfoot around names or details, so I understand that when he says "background financial issues" that concern an accountant hes talking about him trying to write off his house and every fucking thing he could think of when he did his taxes for the past few years and now the IRS is going to ass rape him.
But what does it mean when he says "a background second job"
Did he actually get a real job? or is he just baiting?

No. 530053

Maybe his second job is finally taking care of his kids but he makes Plainey pay him to do it.

No. 530054

he totally got a strike for showing his dick lmao now if lainey could get a few strikes for showing us her tit and vag juice. even her gymnastic video seemed suggestive. these creepy onions really want us to see their crotches.

No. 530058

File: 1528785905019.png (1.3 MB, 1334x750, 5BED1CC9-A073-4FA4-8285-31CC60…)

Their matching tattoos

No. 530059

File: 1528785958471.png (1.78 MB, 1334x750, F421F6E7-567F-41B9-9C86-B43712…)

So many disturbing faces throughout this video I’m sorry I have to dump them here. During her tattoo she was making this face kek

No. 530060

File: 1528785985466.png (1.3 MB, 1334x750, 1FA78EDD-5C18-442A-A4D0-E1A6D6…)

Her face whilst Greg promoted her patreon on her video

No. 530061

File: 1528786018835.png (1.42 MB, 1334x750, 223200C3-0C2D-4B73-A072-C00693…)

While she talks about how Greg was putting the pizzas in the boot and pizzas don’t belong there

No. 530062

File: 1528786038460.png (1.47 MB, 1334x750, 296C7588-167C-4D87-B1FC-63E407…)

Greg’s tattoo face

No. 530063

File: 1528786065081.png (1.57 MB, 1334x750, 08CCAABC-8F43-43F4-8B1D-413CEA…)

Much attractive. Very social repose

No. 530064

File: 1528786092076.png (1.35 MB, 1334x750, 347BCECE-8930-4549-92D9-E8789F…)

No. 530065

File: 1528786112091.png (1.25 MB, 1334x750, 8EAA71AB-123D-4124-B480-37EF78…)

Small mans mirror shot at end of the video.

No. 530070

God, they're rough. If it wasn't Washington I'd guess they'd be Georgian deep South good ol' boy queers based on how rugged and trashy they are.

No. 530072

I love that hes now drinking from sippy pouches. Juice boxes were too much of a challenge for him. I hope other anons remember that gaming stream a few weeks ago (months maybe?) when he spent a good 2 minutes trying to get the foldy straw into the juice box. He couldnt puncture it by pushing it with his fingers so he put the straw in his mouth and tried jamming it into the box, again and again like a chicken pecking at corn on the ground.

No. 530074

this is actually a squeezy applesauce pouch for babies. I want to say fruitgogo, it looks like the same one my kid eats. They are OK for babies but they taste gross for an adult, and a baby even clots age should be eating with a utensil. Idk why he would eat the kid food anyway unless there isn't anything else, shits bland af

No. 530075

>Lainey is starting to look like trailer trash
She has always looked white trashy. But now she does even more.

Does anyone has a new hooktube link for blame's "self care" video? The one in the last thread isnt working.

No. 530076

Lainey deleted it once her fans told her that her pancake was exposed.
A kind anon did mirror it for us.

No. 530077

I remember watching a short docu similar to those My Strange Addiction shows, where this guy was addicted to plastic surgery and he would only eat baby food because he thought that he wouldn't age internally because his body didn't have to break down the food and he'd live longer and look younger. I could see Greg thinking that and now only eating foods that he doesn't have to chew.

No. 530078

File: 1528789687797.png (Spoiler Image,208.79 KB, 688x400, sevenniparmy.png)

Let the udder memes commence.

No. 530079

I imagine this is the face he'll make the day he dumps Taylor and the kids and moves his new teen puss into the swampshack
Total bliss

btw are his two front teeth slowing trying to close in on each other, like they're hinged in the middle. His wisdom teeth must be late bloomers and are crowding his teeth together like accordion doors.

No. 530081

i wonder how greg feels about his 12 year old boyfriend's armpit hair

No. 530083

They’re both so putrid, I bet Draino reeks stale breast milk, baby spew, dried yeast infection discharge and BO, and Gurgle like crusty dick cheese, swamp ass and Taco Bell skid marks.

No. 530084

After shaming Billie, a damn teenager, about her teeth you’d think that back when he had money he’d have spent some of it fixing up his festering yellow snaggle teeth. As if he isn’t fugly enough with his suppurating zits.

No. 530085

Wait what did he say about her teeth? Is there even anything wrong with them? I recall them being relatively straight. Certainly not as bad as his front two snaggle teeth loud and proud in the front.

No. 530088

It was in one of his videos after the break up (or one of the break ups) where he mentioned the was going to pay for her to “have them fixed”. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed them but then I’ve never been up close and personal with her.

No. 530089

Im sure at that point he was grasping at straws to bring up things he didnt like about her. He said she didnt wash her arm pits, for fucks sake you wanted her cootch in your face, yet you say her pits smelled? Im sure he didnt like the way she slurped soup either.

No. 530090

Totally. I bet her pits smelled like a spring meadow in comparison to his straight wife’s soggy, saggy cuntflaps

No. 530091

File: 1528797331000.webm (389.77 KB, 218x180, anywho.webm)

you're off by 2 years

No. 530092

File: 1528797441503.png (42.08 KB, 400x225, lulz.png)

I was wondering this too. Someone should ask Bunion.

There's some speculation, but there's nothing out there that outright says it.

It DOES seem like if he gets another strike in 90 days, he might lose the channel though.

The Trisha Paytas one was downright foul. I don't know what he changed for YT, but he makes a ton of sexual noises and talks about bukkake while sucking on his microphone and shoving food in his face and mixing it all together. Very disgusting.

The Chibi video is mostly annoying, and he humps a tree and the ground a bit, but it's fuckin' mild in the grand scheme of Onion's fuckery.

No idea why those two videos actually got him strikes, he's got at least a dozen off the top of my head that are a million times worse.

Hilariously, he actually CAN'T upload to his Onision channel and can't collect sponsorships there.

No. 530093

>he's got at least a dozen off the top of my head that are a million times worse

care to share which ones? asking for a friend

No. 530095

There's the one where he talks about how he pretends he has downs and talks about how he can't masturbate that he linked to a charity and the charity even told him to remove the link to his video. There's also the one where he humps a sex doll with Andy Biersack's face on it. There's probably more but I've always been amazed the down syndrome one managed to stay up.

No. 530096

Is it just me or are Shrugly’s videos about that DDLG bullshit becoming increasingly frequent? He sure is running out of ideas for content.

No. 530100

This video up somewhere? I don't see it yet.

>Raping Grandma
>Video about a man raping a woman
>Video mocking the deaf
>Video that mocks Japanese suicide victim
>Video made right after that woman shot up YT HQ
>Suicide jokes right in the beginning, violence against women, etc.
>Promoting violence against women
>Racist shit in the middle
>Video where he pretends to kill his son
>Video of him abusing and pissing on a baby
>Video mocking the disabled (Parkinson's Disease) He also shakes a pretend baby here.
>Everything he says in this video
>Gay jokes, lots of innuendo
>More simulated sex/humping with Chibi and innuendos
>He rapes an Andy Biersack effigy

I really can't stomach any more of his content, but spend a few minutes watching a few videos and you'll find a ton of things.

No. 530101

doing god's work anon

No. 530102

its really fucking sad that these are their nicest tattoos. these actually look good, but they're really pathetic.

No. 530105

All her tattoos are trash. They’re the typical stupid, ugly, random shit that people who don’t actually want ink yet feel they need it to be 3edgy5me get.

No. 530107

They're in debt, owe back taxes and have a new house to pay off but they can afford to buy tattoos?

No. 530108

Why does Yoshi look so scared

No. 530109

You're amazing! Cheers anon

No. 530110

thanks for putting yourself through this.
actually watched a bit myself and jesus. childish sht up in that head of his.

No. 530112

The Yoshi one looks like those temporary tattoos you find in popsicle packs that you apply to your skin with water

No. 530115

does anyone have the link for the tattoo video?

No. 530118

She actually looks like a real lesbian now

No. 530119

She flipped her shit about someone calling her a lesbian on stream yesterday because she's NOT A GIRL GUIZE FUCK

No. 530120

So uhh are we all going to report these orrrr

No. 530121

I think that was implied dear anon ;)

No. 530123

It’ll be on her channel in a few hours.

No. 530130

Yeah I haven’t watched a video in a week because he’s too dumb to reap the benefits of attention.
>have a “debate” where you come off as rational and working for change
>follow it up by making five DD/LG videos and make fun of Eugenia some more

No. 530133

File: 1528817592612.jpg (54.15 KB, 619x697, 55e.jpg)


but yet, she calls herself gay because she "likes girls"?

No. 530138

I love that Greg is complaining that he can't get sponsorships on his channel right now. If he can't upload or live stream why should he get money from people? Also what an ass, he gets people to give money on Patreon and then gets them to double it up and sponser him on YouTube too? I bet the people who give on YouTube don't get access to his Patreon even if they give over a dollar (I'd check but I can't since it's gone)

No. 530141

File: 1528819389460.gif (1.79 MB, 1000x420, sexy times.gif)

No. 530144

I'm guessing the first and last ones have been taken down cause I can't view them.

No. 530145


Grunk stalks here religiously anon, he probably saw the above post flag them and rushed to remove them before he gets flagged.

No. 530146

File: 1528821272696.gif (796.78 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 530147

Not so fast anon! He has herpes! What teen is stupid enough to want a life long STD from onion?!

No. 530148

Lots. I mean Greg has had sex so there are plenty of stupid teens out there.

No. 530149

I don't think so. Herpes stays with you for the rest of your life. I am pretty sure that is teen repellent in general for onion. No one wants the herp!

No. 530150

Well more than herpes (it's actually really common), he's old and ugly. His skin is repulsive, he's got the worst personality and now he's lost his popularity and lives in a shack. He's staying with Lainey because he won't get anyone younger ever.

No. 530151

And he's got a dumb haircut.

No. 530153

File: 1528824494543.jpg (451.29 KB, 1079x601, Does Greg find Ellen sexy.jpg)

And living with greg has turned a cute bubbly cheerleader named Taylor into Ellen Degeneres

Also, why did Taylor spend 2 great weeks with family, but upon returning to Greggles and his trashy trailer, Taylor instantly needed to de-stress and do self care because of all the stress????

Guess its NOT the kids that causes Taylor so much stress

Its Greg stressing Taylor Elaine out to the point that she forgets shes a smol space boi, and instead tries to be soft and girly with her boobs flopping out.

Bet that Greg made fun of her for not "making herself sexy enough for him after being apart for 2 weeks."

Maybe the fact that he instisted on doing her from behind is because he doesn't like to look at Taylor during sex. He "punished" her for flipping around by bruising her neck with hickeys, which bt the way, Cannot be good for the elasticity of the skin, neck skin, face skin and the decollette skin is oh so delicate.

But as i was saying, maybe he said she looked like shit and didn't want to look at her all unkempt amd fug, so she went to extreme with her destress pampering.

Either way, no body envies the foot after all the herp a derp sores seen in every one of her videos.

Because if greg dumps taylor for new puss, that new puss will get the same sores, but no valtrex, because greg hates doctors and wont let his partners go to the doc.

Tell me, what fresh young girl wants a guaranteed case of raging herpes from fhe suk mi king?? After all of Laineybots videos showing what happens when the bloom fades from the relationship?

Who would ever want to be permanently marked by that, from Onision of all people??

No. 530165

he got them removed

No. 530173

Because those and Eugenia videos get him a little more views than his usual bullshit.

No. 530177

The one where he suits up in militia gear loads a gun a pretends he is going to shoot up YouTube but instead makes a cake… legit three days after the shooting and says he sympathizes with the original shooter

No. 530187

I yaaaam screaming! I know I reported the Trisha Paytas video, but I thought that it was a long shot. Good job anons!

No. 530198

I have faithfully reported every video over the years that go against YT's TOS amd guidlines and it has frankly been astonishing to me how much they have let him get away with, while he and his minions have false flagged countless "hater" videos successfully.

It's hilarious to me that he sees himself as a victim and somehow targeted by YT. Also I love that he is so dumb: by crying about this on Twitter and trying to garner sympathy and support, he's only going to succeed in getting more people to report his videos in hopes he'll get booted permanently.
He has nearly 350k followers and only got 29 retweets and 124 likes. I'm sure he assumed people were going to rush to his defense kek.

No. 530201


same. he has been floating checks for years. it's about time it finally is caching up to him. it was odd that he and he alone was able to get away with so much for so long. back in the day, I thought it had something to do with happycabbie but happycabbie has been dead for years and still it continued. whose dick did you quit sucking, greg?

No. 530203

Can help but be super curious to know what legal papers he got from Sk 'trying to take his life'

No. 530206

File: 1528833083603.png (473.54 KB, 1440x1918, Poor me!.png)

Shreg is going full-on victim mode. A few short days ago he promised more positive content, but I predict he will treat his teen fans to at least a few whimpering, teary masterpieces on how YouTube is put to destroy his family. Then a few more rating their bodies and harassing Eugenia in the name of "comedy".

No. 530208

Pretty sure it was the request for spousal support/alimony.

No. 530218

As far as I remember, the YT sponsorship doesn't get access to his Patreon, but it gives you access to his stupid instagram. Why anyone would pay $5 a month for that I have no clue.

No. 530225

File: 1528834145221.png (446.67 KB, 1440x2236, Dear Shregly.png)

Kek why would anyone ask a creepy, angry ogre in his 30's who has zero friends for advice about friendship? Boggles the mind.

No. 530236

It's the face he pulls when he loses. According to the idiot Lamebot, it "Me as fuck".

No. 530240


She's so vain and narcissistic. She can't like anything if she can't make it all about herself

No. 530242

I didn't actually know that happycabbie died. Going to go do an internet search about that now.

No. 530243

I hope Shreg gets his account deleted cause then if he makes a new one, only his active followers will subscribe and he'll get 50k subs at most. kek

No. 530247

I think that person was just desperate to talk to anyone. I don't think that they cared if it was onion or not. They will probably carry on and continue to reach out for help. That's just the assumption that I am going with.

No. 530248

File: 1528835722698.gif (1.84 MB, 424x240, milk.gif)

That would be the milkiest thing ever!!

No. 530251

No. 530252

File: 1528836240672.png (166.15 KB, 1236x652, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 4.43…)

Looks like Gronk is targeting BinkiePrincess in his videos and tweets now lol

No. 530253

File: 1528836270888.png (691.32 KB, 1440x2767, uhoh Shreg.png)

Kek he made a plea in his "YT Banned Me" video asking for people to subscribe to his Uhoh channel since he can't upload to the O'Shreg one.. Looks like it didn't work out in the way he had hoped. Poor Shreg, can't catch a break.

No. 530265

Hahaha he's literally shoving his Patreon on to people's faces.

Why not make a normal censor???

No. 530275

he deleted it in mere minutes
why tweet it if you're going to delete it immediately after
its like mumbling insults under your breathe and when someone says "what did you say" he shakes his head like he doesnt know what you mean

No. 530288

reporting all

No. 530308

>And living with greg has turned a cute bubbly cheerleader named Taylor into Ellen Degeneres

HDU, Anon! Ellen is funny and charming and is an actual lesbian that likes having having sex with a woman, and who knows how to do her makeup to emphasize her best features. (Granted, she looks like she's been out in the sun a bit long in the right hand pic.)

Unlike Taylor, who is none of those things.

No. 530309

File: 1528844897036.png (370.27 KB, 788x701, Screenshot (545).png)

wtf is this face?

No. 530323

File: 1528846622609.png (661 KB, 683x780, Screenshot (557).png)

No. 530326


dude are you really nitpicking applesauce? it tastes like normal applesauce.

No. 530328


I find it funny that LGH insists on doing doggy style because he doesn't want to look at GSW

No. 530404

It's funny how this is a thing yet they try and push their ~amazing sex life~ on everyone who watches them or read they tweets. It doesn't matter how many hickies they get, it doesn't even matter how often they have sex if one of them can't even look their partner during it

No. 530405

The first one is still there, but he definitely deleted the Andy Biersack one in the last 24 hours.

No. 530407

Let us pray that a sex tape never surfaces, I think I would choke on my own vomit if I had to look at this nauseatingly hideous pair of retards going at it.

No. 530409

My thoughts exactly
proceeds to get tattoos
It’s like they need to be spoon fed luxery in order to keep breathing.

No. 530412

Did Laineythot ever address her nip slip or the general poor reception of her video? On YouNow, or twitter, I’m blocked.

No. 530413

I doubt your gag reflex would have enough time to fully engage.
Greg strikes me as a 2 minute guy, and one minute of that is trying to position Footface on the bed so he doesn't have to see her DeGeneres face.
2 minute sex tape tops.

No. 530415

File: 1528857931537.jpg (34.29 KB, 640x640, 6b5e3b3d107afe7738ddcc55dafc82…)

She's been ignoring that and everything that relates back to BinkiePrincess. She would only answer stupid questions about herself on YouNow again today. She was trying to get 69k her last stream and she barely broke 3k. People told her that we didn't like Gronk in her videos and she said she wants him in them and so he will still be in them. She also insisted she's more than Gronk's wife and that people don't only watch her videos to see how Shmegma treats her.

No. 530416

Several people brought it up many times and she refuses to even hint at it.

Several people also asked if she wanted to take the chance to stand up for her "friend" BinkiePrincess but she somehow lost all sight when those comments scrolled through as well.

Guess I won't be getting those glasses she's pushing

No. 530418

She’s his “wife” huh? I’d badger her about that soooo much lol basically make gurg admit that he isn’t married to a ‘wife’

No. 530422

Maybe she said spouse, but I'm not going to entertain those little nitpicks to be honest. Spouse/wife, she's really just a tool for Gronk to continue being horrible and to get attention.

No. 530423


Oh, also, after people were telling her how happy she looked in NM, she made a point to mention that she felt soooo anxious and uninspired there.

Then after it was mentioned that a person hoped she didn't feel like she has to lie about her feelings, smuggy mcgoo insisted she doesn't…

…which is interesting, because 1. all she does is lie and 2. she definitely said she was feeling good and happy while in NM. She's just trying to convince herself and others that she's happiest in her shitty swamp, but if that's the case why did she suddenly have "mental health" problems so soon after returning? HMMMMMM

No. 530424

I like how she constantly says she can't control her ogre husband. Yeah, maybe you can't because he's a screeching manchild, but being complacent means you are basically supporting the verbal diarrhea he spews constantly. Have a fucking spine. You can't go from swamp prince to swamp king by acting like a doormat.

No. 530425

she said she wants him in them and so he will still be in them.

In her recent tattoo video, she herself says she hates Shreg being in her videos because hes annoying her
@ the 6:40 mark

She needs a bigger mouth with as much as she speaks out of both sides of it.

No. 530428

>smuggy mcgoo

I love that, especially with all her squinting and ugly glasses

No. 530431

she lies more than greg at this point. You can't trust a word that comes out her mouth. Shes a chronic liar.

No. 530445

That putrid binkie princess cunt is the one person Gurgamel is justified in being a twat to. She’s an inbred retarded degenerate piece of white trash. So of course Taylor wants to be “friends” with her. I’m surprised Shrugly doesn’t too, seeing as they have pedophilia in common.

No. 530450

Theres a part of me that wonders if she doesnt really think shes lying anymore.
She convinces herself of whatever story she or Greg are trying to push, even if theres proof to the contrary.
Like how she didnt really want a girlfriend but Greg pushed her into it. Then the story became that Greg helped her understand her wants and need for a girlfriend.

No. 530461


It's all about saving face. With both of them. No matter how ridiculous they look.

No. 530470


But Anon, she felt uninspired and anxious because she was misgendered and had to act as a cis female, when she's really a ~smol space prince~ No but in all seriousness I bet she's going to push that she felt uncomfortable because she had to act girly because she hasn't "come out" to her family. And that she prefers being in the swamp because she can be her "true self".

No. 530471

His second job is probably shit like:
"Lainey's editor"
"Lainey's videographer"
"dedicated twitch streamer"

No. 530473

Also, just wondering, do you guys think Lainey will post anything related to National Pride Month? I feel like this is the best time for her to push her bi-pride lies

No. 530476

this feels kind of familiar, doesn't it?


No. 530479

I'm honestly very surprised she OF ALL PEOPLE is not taking advantage of pride month to advertise and profit from her bogus bullshit with makeup tutorials and questionnaires. I genuinely think she's just too tired.

No. 530485

File: 1528867277097.jpeg (463.03 KB, 750x846, C394B5F3-A413-47AC-8C16-205316…)

No. 530486

File: 1528867483204.jpeg (233.94 KB, 750x1170, 302B89F5-3F2A-464B-B739-C07D3C…)

Plus the feedback

No. 530487

File: 1528867497245.jpeg (218.97 KB, 750x1034, E0C5302D-B7E8-4A49-9C44-CD897D…)

No. 530488

File: 1528867510910.jpeg (236.06 KB, 750x1093, 4DD2C6F6-2CE8-4DC9-A973-52BA66…)

No. 530489

File: 1528867525274.jpeg (91.21 KB, 750x497, EB2378DF-9A10-4D8E-A6FB-6FC72C…)

No. 530491

So its another "what about me"
Shes angry that no one is stroking her fragile ego, and because no ones giving her asspats shes going to stop giving them that perk.

I can just imagine how it is to be Trot and Clot. When she gives them toys they have to say how thankful they are every day they play with it or she takes it away and hides it in the closet.
"you kids are so ungrateful"

No. 530495

Lol u mean having ur tiddies and vag out there for strangers to ridicule.

No. 530498

File: 1528871579745.png (1.6 MB, 1334x750, 6AC9C798-0AB8-473B-A327-8D0C1F…)

Wow her newest beautynot video was her “reorganising” her make up which literally just consists of her dumping shit out and putting them in a “nice” place and rearranging palettes. Boring af and she shows her “closet studio”
She handles nothing with care.

No. 530499

File: 1528871617970.png (1.64 MB, 1334x750, 5CE17708-1C1D-4D73-A775-D03DEE…)

I mean she literally dumped this one out, put everything back in and then decided to move it to a storage bin

No. 530500

File: 1528871637958.png (1.24 MB, 1334x750, 19C6B5C5-F84F-45F9-93B5-35DEDC…)

And her closet pride

No. 530501

File: 1528871661369.png (1.52 MB, 1334x750, 7A0F6AAC-67AF-4F9B-A4C9-4A1E10…)

We love a wife that knows her place stored and hidden away

No. 530506

>making piles
much organised

No. 530508

Ugh. It's so cramped and tiny. Remember when she was first spouting that she liked her closet studio more than her old spacious one at the Grease McMansion. Yeah I doubt she still feels that way. Lmao actually I doubt she ever felt that way. The swamp trailer is tiny and disgusting.

LaineyThot's videos are always so lazy. She's so uncreative and plain that dumping her makeup out and rearranging it was the best thing she could quickly come up with. I cannot understand why people unironically pay for her content

No. 530512

I'm sure swamp prince could get more constructive criticism and feedback from us than her teen fans who will eat up literal garbage because god forbid they slight lame since that could ruin their chances in the trinity.

No. 530518

Her "studio" looks sad af, I'd be depressed just by looking at it

Of course she would, living in an echo chamber is never helpful to grow as a person/"creator"

No. 530529

bitch is so passive aggressive. I know things can be interpreted differently when it's only written text but she added "sorry for the mini rant" herself, so… wow. It's not enough that people PAY for her content, no, they have to praise her too.
Also, she ALWAYS feels lost and has to ask literal children what to do. This is not a new thing. Maybe just stop "being in the public eye" if you don't enjoy it and aren't inspired by it, Lameo?!

No. 530532

She freaked the fuck out when people kept asking that trans guy to roast her, and Blaire and onions chat about nonbinary shit probably spurred the self care vid.

She knows goddamn well that outside of her small little army of ass kissers lie a sea of people that will see through her bs. She is using the LGBT label to be special to a select group of retards but she knows that she should never get too involved if she doesn't wanna get burned.

No. 530535

Here's a mirror for the video. She mentions she doesn't identify as agender anymore. What a surprise.

No. 530536

I’m not surprised but somehow even more angry. What did she say she identifies now as??

No. 530537

She's been saying demiboy or something but says even that isn't quite right.

No. 530540

Probably “isn’t quite right” because she makes it up as she goes along and uses gender and sexuality to excuse her behavior and/or desires. Ugh.

No. 530542

She holds up what looks to be her transgender flag and says she has to get rid of it lol @6:30

No. 530544

She said "transmasc" the other day on stream. Yesterday said non-binary with a gender expresion leaning toward the masculine side of the spectrum and liking looking androgynous.

She loves being confused for a boy and gets pissy when her voice giveaway her away– "No,no. You had it right…"

So whatever the fuck that cluaterfuck even means.

No. 530546

bitch, they're already giving you their money to see your content early. Giving you compliments is not a stipulation.

No. 530547

She's doing a fantastic job at pretending nipplegate never happened.

No. 530548

It means she likes getting attention by continually changing herself to appear attractive in front of whatever audience she’s trying to convince. It’s almost funny, she paints her face with insane amounts of makeup; but even without it, she wears a manipulative mask. Kind of giving your duplicity away there, eh Lainythot?

No. 530549

So basically she wants to go for the young twink vibe but not actually want a dick.

Wow, you hear that everyone? If you like a short haircut, baggy clothes and anything remotely associated with men then congrats! You're are officially in the trans club! You poor marginalised lot, please email me your preferred pronouns so I may not offend you.

And as for me please continue to refer to me as she/her because I have never cut my hair and I don't even own pants or shoes without heels. Doh! I am such a dirty cis girl.

No. 530571

File: 1528884161550.jpg (326.31 KB, 810x1878, Screenshot_20180606-123655.jpg)


this was what you'd get for $5.
Literally just access to more ugly selfies + access to messages he may would have want just his 3 sponsors to see. Definetly worth it… not

No. 530573

take my money onion

No. 530578

What the actual fuck is this stupid bitch's problem? First she was uwu agender smol space prince, then she pushed demiboy, now she's going for transmaculine? Lainey, you dipshit, you're not masculine or trans, kek even calling you androgynous is a stretch.

I think she decided to go for transmasculine because she got called out for being a trender and not legit trans. But who is she trying to fool with her nip slips? Lmao

No. 530580

This is probably why she needed that "mental health" day. Coming to the realization that you've been frauding your fans and that its time to come clean, not fully though, is probably stressful.

No. 530584

Transmasc all these random terms just sound like trans? So she thinks she's a boy? In what world is this lost confused girl a boy? She gets offended on YouNow when people call her a man, everything she does screams 'fancy me!!' she's an insecure mess. She's not even a tomboy. Nothing about her day to day indicates she leans towards the masculine. All her lame dates with Greg she dresses like a middle schooler and has girlie accessories like her stupid little backpack. Grow up before you have to interact with other parents or you're going to ostracise your kids.

No. 530585

I will always remember anon that was funny as fuck.

No. 530587

why is she not closing her break tags?

No. 530593

Because muh Bachelor's in psychology magna cum laude degree
To be fair, if she wanted to pull some Gronk style mental gymnastics, she could have chosen the transmasc label because it, literally, has the word "trans" in it. I can already see the YouNow clips where she spergs to someone saying she ain't trans: "Uh no, I'm TRANSmasculine, like literally, I AM trans, muh dysphoria, muh anxiety"

No. 530594

what the fuck does transmasculine even mean….like…isn't that just "tomboy" at that point.

No. 530597

it's hard defining things that don't exist lol

No. 530610

Who copied who?
When was this released?
I'd be hilarious if his "biggest success" was just a mediocre copy. lmao

No. 530611


from what i could find the hotdog thing is 3 months old, the video is by jib jab aka. peter hobbs, i think.

No. 530613


But hey, at least the video looks like there was more effort put into…

No. 530621

File: 1528907007573.png (88.56 KB, 786x131, Capture.PNG)

Meanwhile our beloved Swamp Monster is late to the trends as always… Doing another video with only voiceover and no facecam à la LeafyIsHere. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=G6wDtj2IV8o&t=

No. 530629

Guys I haven't had iternet in like two weeks and I want to die

But seriously, Greg fucks Taylor like a literal animal confirmed ?
I saw how she moved so the front hicky is "her fault". So in my mind he mounts and bites her so she can't run away.

I can't keep this mental image to myself, you're (un)welcome

No. 530630

File: 1528908455156.jpg (729.29 KB, 1080x4406, IMG_20180613_134244.jpg)

That's such a waste and he's really ripping off his fans for this one. I mean, this is what you get for the same amount and less on his patreon. Greg already set the standard for what things cost, I get that he doesn't think before he does things but this is a whole new level of stupid and I'm saddened by how many kids probably pay for both or the sponsorship on its own

No. 530637

Im pretty sure GSW showed her tit on purpose, she had her robe undone that entire time and seemed to be deliberately leaning etc so that it was exposing her shitty trot-nutrient-source. Same way as the innappropriate poses in her waxing video and being naked or in a bra a lot in videos. She's such a narcissist like her husband that ages literally trying to be an exhibitionist on YouTube. Lame you look SHIT naked, your viewers are like 14 stop trying to expose yourself to them its super fucked

No. 530640


Bitch,isn't their money enough? Now you need their comments too?
Like,I get wanting feedback or to interact withpatrin but fuckoff

I hope she posts uncensored for obvious reasons.

No. 530643

but even a closet so tiny one could turn into something nice. BUT NO, let's make it a depressing fucking murder closet

No. 530644

She's very comfortable being naked in front of the camera and all the mirrors around there bed. Meanwhile Greg can't catch a break and is confronted with her SR looking face at every turn lol. I wonder if they keep the camera rolling in front of the bed sometimes

No. 530648

File: 1528911756444.jpg (184.95 KB, 1046x837, Onision is a Hypocrite.jpg)

Well, Greg claimed the garage for himself (that will bite him in the ass in the future heh heh), and there were no more spare rooms (prolly his words), so she shoved Lamey in the closet.

If Lamey actually HAD proper self-esteem and self-respect, she would have not accepted to be put away in a closet.

You know, for how staunchly femenist Greggory claims to be, he isn't practicing what he preaches. Their recording space shows enormous gender inequalities.

If they are married, and they are equal (per feminism), then Lamefoot should get equal recording space. Or one whole room equal to size of their garage.

Surprised for how feminist Shreggly is, he didn't insist that Lame gets the garage, or that they share the space.

Greg is a hypocrite and no friend to women. He's a misogynist through and through. Onision believes in the inequality between men and women, and he proves it every single day he keeps Lainey in the closet.

No. 530650

File: 1528912113707.jpg (195.16 KB, 1051x790, Onision claims to be feminist.…)

Samefag, here is Onision's tweets claiming to be a feminist, and saying women are better than men. But still… where's the equality??

No. 530652

Are those new hickies on the back of her neck?
Do they only do doggy style because Onion can't see her face anymore?

No. 530654

File: 1528914121559.png (66.08 KB, 152x271, ewnoswipeleft.png)

I'm not going to insult anyone's intelligence here by explaining everything wrong with this…

..but holy SHIT Lainey and her disgusting husband are some of the least self-aware people on the planet. They don't seem to grasp that no matter how often you claim to be something, no one has to respect that as being true/real. Lainey can claim to be trans/poly/happy all she wants, but her behavior and mindset suggest otherwise. Greg can claim to love women, but all of his recorded behavior over the past decade points towards him actually despising women, especially confident women who are too secure to give a fuck about his approval of them.

Also I'm just gonna attach this snap here because I want a reason to delete this horrible photo off of my phone forever

No. 530655

Did he really just steal someone else’s video and add his shitty commentary? Please tell me he at least credits whoever actually recorded it.

No. 530663

Her background always looks so sad and dark, she needs something more than a ringlight to make the place look bigger and less sad

No. 530664

He's so embarrassed of his hair that he's taken to dubbing over a picture of himself when he still had long hair kek

No. 530668


At 1:24 she mentions the fake mini beauty blenders she got from Wish that didn't work very well, and reaches for the little bag she's gonna give to her mom before deciding against it and grabs the Ulta bag to throw them away. Is she seriously giving her mom all the shitty make-up she no longer wants? And I know there was a bunch of nitpicking and infighting over using another person's make-up on cold sores, but seriously that's gross as hell. Her grubby hands touching every shadow and powder, using things directly on the skin. That's just gross.

No. 530674

"I'm a hotdog"
>Beat drops
"Look at me look at me look at me"

Really makes ya thonk.

No. 530686

File: 1528918465960.png (931.37 KB, 1366x768, 2018-06-13 (3).png)

Lol. Did her face 3lbs foundation smear, but I guess she didn't think of not showing the back of her head where her foundation ends.

No. 530696

"My face make up, We need to fill that right up"

"My eye make up, As you can see its pretty empty"

Don't think I don't see that subtle manipulation to goad your thirsty fans into buying you more make up. Its the same script from younow.
"Ohh that animation is soooo cuuuuute"

"Oh a new animation omg I want to seeee it"

Completely ignoring the fact that those oh so cute (shit) animations cost fucking money you cow.

Fuck lainey.

No. 530697

File: 1528919036903.png (149.73 KB, 1432x989, everday tags bro.png)

He's definitely getting panicked about money. Notice every single tag is aimed at Paulers. He has always tagged his name with some combination of "awesome" and "comedy", but even he knows his name is YT poison now.

It's good he didn't show his face, but unfortunately he used his own hideous voice and stupid hyena laugh. Interesting how this voice is about 10 octives higher than his "serious" voice where he's trying to prove how untriggered he is. I hope it's eating him up inside that he has to resort to this kind of nonsense to keep his channel afloat.

No. 530704

Did she ever edit the nip slip video?

No. 530707

That's hilariously pathetic.>>530697

No. 530723

Haha he's slipping down the irrelevancy drain so much, Is the had dissillusioned that he doesn't realize that a lot of teens and kids now days don't want to watch him or his "lol so random, oo randomly shooting a person, SCREAM, Ahahaha, Dress up and make a shit pun" videos are fucking dead and boring as all hell.

Face it grease, The only time you'll ever see any jump in your views ever against is if you divorced lainey. Thats it.

No. 530734


I will never understand WHY she decided to use that salmon-y satin sequin for her backdrop, it looks so dull & lifeless.

No. 530735


It's also as stereotypical "girly" as it gets. And uninspired… boring…

No. 530736

If I was LGH and losing relevancy this quickly I'd definitely stage a divorce agreed on by both parties, cause some mild yet alluding drama and squeeze out "most every" (huehue) video I could.
After two months I'd officially reunite with Lamey release some more drama about how terrible the time being alone was and squeeze out more videos.
Lamey could have her 2 month social media break that she's longing for because of the sadness, depression, smol bean victimhood bla bla the divorce has caused her.
Causes an uproar among fans, causes an uproar among farmers, causes an uproar among haters.

Win-win for both of them.

I wonder if he's already had this idea and Lamey's just too clingy and suspicious that her "Greek God" might leave her for good.

No. 530738


Now that I think of it, her entire aesthetic seems to waver between looking like a 10 year old girl or a 10 year old boy. Funny, seeing how Greg can't stop bashing the DDLG community (although I find it odd myself)

No. 530745

Didn't he just make an apology video where he mentioned Blaire White suggesting he use the names of YouTubers in videos but he said he wouldn't do that to show that he was somehow morally superior to him? That didn't last long.

No. 530750

That's hilariously pathetic.>>530697
Wants to be a teen twink emo boy

No. 530759

File: 1528923655853.jpg (331.7 KB, 1017x1802, Screenshot_20180612-143640.jpg)

That is sad. To tag any popular name but your own brand. The name onision is pure poison

He'll throw his "principles" right out the window when it suits him. No character, no real intergity. That's why people avoid him, he's just not for genteel company.

This whole post. The newest batch have a new mentality, his humour no longer retains their attention. Young people still think its strange for such an old man to try to be all hello fellow kids with them.

For the rest of us, there's huge amounts of new info, stories, videos, facebooks, games etc. on top of partners, work, family, daily errands, hobbies, school, cooking, pets, sleeping, and relaxing.

There's never time for anything, there's so much more stuff to see or do during free time. Why would anyone want to waste it on some old manipulative narcissistic asshole with a stunted mentality??

Who wants to see small onion boy get angry or hear shreiking when they just want to relax and unwind???? No thank you

Thats why hes failing. His content blows and hasn't adapted to the new times. If dinosaurs don't evolve, thego extinct.

Here he is buying more and more subscribers to keep his numbers afloat while his channel will have to remain inactive. Kek like we can't see right through you

No. 530769

File: 1528924053146.jpg (71.6 KB, 448x581, 2018-06-13 (4).jpg)

Twink emo boy? More like tomboy lesbian. Oops.
She sperged so bad the other day when someone called her a lesbian.

No. 530773

He really has fallen to rock bottom. At this point he actually should be looking into getting a real stable job. No matter how you look at it, his Youtube career is over. He can't even use his own name and most people despise him as well.

His channels are bringing in nowhere near what they used to and while they might be able to sort of keep him almost afloat, Youtube is only getting more and more strict over-time. He has to realize by now that it's never going to go back to how it used to be, right? They're never going to help him. He's never going to reach another million followers and most of the followers he has now don't even care about him either.

He truly has no future with Youtube anymore. If he were mentally stable enough, he'd understand that and give up his "comedy" video making and just switch over to vlogging his normal life as a normal citizen raising kids and hauling Costco groceries. He has to face the reality of his age and situation and adjust to that instead of screeching how life isn't fair

No. 530777

I kinda wonder who else he's going to lash out at after his binkie spergs?

He's going to end up having the mother of all extinction bursts and dear milk gods I hope we all are witness.

No. 530780

Extinction burst?

No. 530781

and they tried so hard to recreate what he did with Shiloh. But Shiloh was entertaining, Shiloh had charisma, Shiloh was funny, and, most of all, Shiloh was LIKEABLE.

No. 530784

Skye, Shiloh, AJ, Billie and heck even Sam were all very much likable in their own ways. Lainey is so fucking unlikable and is obviously just a spoilt little girl that wanted to be famous for fucking a youtuber.

No. 530806

>Didn't he just make an apology video where he mentioned Blaire White suggesting he use the names of YouTubers in videos but he said he wouldn't do that to show that he was somehow morally superior to him? >That didn't last long.

Just last week anon on June 4th 2018. Timestamp is the first 10 seconds

Took him a week to go back on his word.

Wonder if thats how long he stayed away from whacking his pud to hentai loli girls

Can you imagine how shitty of a husband he must be, to never keep his word. How tragic that Lainey puts up with it for so long.

No. 530818

>How tragic that Lainey puts up with it for so long.

She made her bed, She sought him out even when he was being abusive with shiloh. She wanted this.

I have no sympathy for the cunt.

No. 530840


yesssss, I was looking to see if someone would call her out for it. Can you imagine being a 23-year-old mother of two, married, with a college degree (even though it's probably shit), and manipulating young teens online into buying you gifts? Her 18-year-old friend bought her an ABH palette and lipgloss. That's almost $60! That's so shitty. And her poor family, they get attacked by her onion husband but still send/buy her things and help her out with the kids. And I think the part that irks me the most is when she shits on these things, asks for more, or sells it online (the clothes).

No. 530859


She also was so into LGH around the same time he was with Adrienne. Lame really did want that suk mi action alright.

As insufferable as she is, if she was, at the very least, consistent with her being agender, transmasc, emo, non-binary or whatever, she'd get a bit less hate. She likes to play with these labels like they're fashion accessories. GSW is just shy of being as retarded as Milo Stewart-tier sjw retards who are "40% masc, 30% fem, 30% idiot one day and the next identify as 99% masc". She's like so dark and emo but goes for the washed up walmart Ellen Degeneres look >>530769
If she was as intelligent as her magna cum laude degree should technically prove, she'd understand that nobody with at least two functional brain cells thinks she's whatever the fucking Tumblr label she discovers that week.

Never change, Lame.

No. 530860

File: 1528933542131.png (77.41 KB, 655x797, Screenshot-2018-6-14 Onision Y…)

LGH deleted a video on his main channel. Probably scared of getting another strike.

No. 530862

Lets keep reporting.
All his videos violate guidelines one way or another.(cowtipping)

No. 530886

We can check from now on what videos he deletes.

No. 530888

Good work anon! Thanks for this!

No. 530890

Did he seriously make an emoji of himself as a child?
>what the fuck

No. 530903

Its for his fellow pedos. He knows his supporters and caters to them.

No. 530930

Kek at those lil boosts where he’s obvs buying them

No. 530932

I kinda wonder if lainey even knows he's paying for boosted numbers. Imagine them getting poorer and poorer and lainey finding out that he's spent bank just to keep his fake numbers up.

No. 530933


"I should probably try to do something viral again. I haven't done that in a long time."

- Onision, 2018

No. 530934

>I wonder if they keep the camera rolling in front of the bed sometimes

Without a doubt! I would wager he still has most of his sexual exploits still on his computer or on a USB somewhere too. Although, I wonder if he had ever filmed them when these girls were 17. That's child pornography no matter what state you're in.

No. 530937

he tried with the shaving cream thing, the screaming baby thing, the egg smashing thing, etc.

he is a failure.

No. 530948

I’m all for milk and will hate watch the onion all day, but what in the actual fuck is this? This is a 30yr old man drawing dicks and vaginas with teenagers. Arrrrrrg can’t do it

No. 530997

Shiloh is coming back to youtube and has quite the following on Instagram. Wouldnt it be hilarious if her videos did better than Lame and Grease

No. 531000

Really? I am going to check out her videos just to spite the onions. I bet they will try to start some shit with her of she gets popular.

She's so cute and a good singer, wish her the best.

No. 531009

Absolutely fucking YES. I hope she comes back and blows them out of the fucking water, Heres hoping for a shane shiloh collab meet up.

Ohhh just imagine the rage

No. 531010

I will forever loathe Shiloh for what she did to AJ but I am 100% here for this potential milk flow of unprecedented proportions

No. 531011

Yes she is according to her Instagram bio and Instagram stories. She said itll be for her music but I hope she vlogs her life to. I cant wait for her to take oooooff. Greg is gunna WEEP

No. 531012

I'm confused is this supposed to be self-aware like a leafy parody or is he really trying to be like leafy with this "new" content. Doesn't he get that leafy's channel died cause ppl are over this type of content? Also laughing at his video title cause he stole it from a video that went viral with the same title and similar thumbnail. Hoping to get views by ripping off viral videos now eh? Didn't he always take so much pride in making "own original content"?

No. 531013

Oh, the desperation

No. 531022

He was an ugly kid with a head shaped like a brick and he became an even uglier adult.

I bet some fucking freaks would totally watch swamp prince and shreg sex tapes. I can't lie I'd probably watch it, or at least try to, but I would most likely need a therapist after. I bet them having sex is so fucking gross. Hickeys all over her neck are fucking gross.

No. 531023

I still can’t get over how fucking ugly Draineythot is with her new haircut. I mean, she’s never been an oil painting but now it’s like she’s deliberately trying to make herself as hideous as possible. No wonder her gay husband likes to plough her from behind, probably with the lights off as an extra precaution.

No. 531024

File: 1528970005111.png (229.75 KB, 667x405, beforeandafterlainey.png)

Like her dream date video she didn't look that bad, longer hair suits her. And then a day or two later she looks like a tweaking meth head lesbian hooker.

No. 531030

As much as I hate to admit it, the k pop style actually suits her face shape, even more so than long hair. If she kept that hair, ditched the clown make up and went for a tomboy look (as distinct from this transtrending tumblrkin bullshit) she could look decent.

No. 531032

Is he using his "Leafy voice" again? A couple years back around Billiegate he was using it constantly and also wouldn't shut up about Leafy. Its like high and whiny and just gross.

No. 531037

File: 1528976829226.jpg (29.84 KB, 620x413, FFV6S45HWRZ32P5.MEDIUM.jpg)


>she looks like a tweaking meth head lesbian hooker

Spot on anon! Bravo

No. 531039

I don't watch his videos anymore (unless he's sperging out for a laugh) but christ, this is so fucking unfunny. Listening to him laugh at his own jokes is so viscerally repulsive somehow.

No. 531046

Sh coming back to YT is cool, her music on Soundcloud is actually pretty legit. I follow her on Insta, a lot of her content is really building up a following for her upcoming music.

I really hope she pulls it off but I guarantee you the day she gets big, Greg starts his "SH EX BOYFRIEND DISCUSSES X" series and tries to milk it for all he can

No. 531047

Anon no, short hair and a long face do not go well together at all. That pic only looks better in comparison to the even more terrible haircut she currently has.

No. 531052


can someone link me to her soundcloud/insta?

No. 531057

>hickey on back of neck

I guess even Shreg can't look her in the eye during 30 second sex. It's wonder they had kids at all with how comically tiny he is.

No. 531058

Had them to knock her up and give her something to entertain herself with while he moved on to the next 17yr old.

No. 531071

>the egg smashing thing
Seriously? He was hoping to go viral with HowToBasic's signature schtick?? Ahahahaha, pathetic

No. 531073

Not only is he going to milk it, but he also can't handle an ex of his living happily without him.
He'll talk about his ~evil canadian ex who got pregnant with another guys baby, who I dumped because she laughed when I slipped on ice~ even more, hoping his ten real fans will harass her off the internet again.
Plus all the Lameo lovebombs so everyone can see how happy and in love he is.

No. 531075

Gotta hide that masc receding hairline somehow.

No. 531076

I hope she takes legal action. She already did by threatening to go to court if he didn't provide the proper legal documents giving him the rights to use and profit from videos with her in them.

Poor dumb fuck couldn't get it through his head that volunteering and consenting to being in a video without having a gun to her head wasn't legal proof that would hold up in court.

She has the resources. I hope it made him shit his sock-stuffed manlet undies and think twice about antagonizing her.

No. 531096

File: 1528995303666.jpg (224.88 KB, 978x978, Juicy.jpg)

The one thing Greg no longer has is vast amounts of money as before. A long dragged out legal fight will destroy him financially, and his peons on youtube won't understand why he is attacking somebody who is just trying to make it in the world with her creative spirit.

He's saddled with 2 runts and the Foot in a new house with a new truck, and he's sending his accountants about 4k a month ((probably the accountant is placing the money into an escrow account because the fine Shreg must pay back to the IRS is huge, not that the accountants fees are 4k a month, that is ludicrous)).

He's busy sending chump change to the bots for his twitter, patreon, and all his youtube accounts.
Oh we know you do Shreg, you cannot buy real time views on twitch or periscope, you get like 15 people on average, max. That's your fanbase. Top kek

So with Greg screaming at her lawyer last time, i am sure that her lawyer will be much more extreme the next time Greg chooses to try to drag Shi's name through the mud. These libel and slander lawsuits are no joke.

Greg ain't got the money. Also, i don't think The Foot would be happy with Greg spending any of their fanily monies on "the ex". Every dollar tossed that way, every moment he spends invested in fighting that, would be Greg saying to lainey, "Shiloh is more important to me than you or our 2 kids."

Something tells me The Foot would not approve. We'll see.

No. 531099


Lame won't approve, but she "doesn't control him", and will let him do what he wants, even if it affects the kids, so as to appease her "Greek God".

No. 531114

I bet Shreg would choose to represent himself instead of getting a lawyer to save money.

God I would do anything to be in that courtroom after he's charged with contempt for narc raging at the judge. After that phonecall with Sh's manager he's proven that he's too fucking narc'd up and socially retarded to behave himself in front of other people.

No. 531127

I tried going back in time to research it, but do we know what type of lawyer Taylor’s dad William is?

No. 531131


His billionth DDLG vid, this time starring with Madi. Gross, weird, cringe. That Billythefridge guy is here too.

No. 531133

Not sure if this is true, but her stepfather does work in real estate

>Her father is a rich insurance fraud/claims investigator


No. 531134

File: 1529001039097.jpg (27.53 KB, 486x309, whatthefuck.JPG)

He and Lainey are sure getting comfortable with all of the crotch shots

No. 531138


In this video he posted the other day about Eugenia (yes, another one), he uses YouTube comments where people say they're doctors/ nurses/clinicians etc. (LOL doctors aren't watching your videos, Greg) and he uses those comments as "professional" opinions. This idiot actually believes random people on YouTube saying they're doctors.

He also lists a bunch of ED hotlines and tells people to call them to… what, force them all call Eugenia?? Wtf

No. 531140

What was the actual point of this video? I mean besides him finding an excuse to show off his baby dick. Legit the video was just LGH asking Madi 'how do I be a little?' over and over and referring to Madi as an "expert".

No. 531142

Thanks Anon…… I began reading the linked thread and it mentions that Gregory use to claim and proclaim how he was infertile. I know this is ancient history by now but he use to brag how impossible it was to get a woman pregnant. I don’t doubt for a second lames kids are his biological spun, but it makes me sick thinking about him claiming to be infertile. That’s always been the go to “nice guy” claim excuse not to wear a condom. Grease pugs always claim they can’t have kids so they can go rough dog. Disgusting.

No. 531145

File: 1529002757737.png (1.02 MB, 1287x874, hipponision.png)

Looks like that diet he was talking about isn't working.

No. 531146

That’s little bitch has fucked a handful of women and never forced to wear to wear a condom!! That’s so disgusting! I’m all for casual sex and hoeing it up but BE SAFE ABOUT IT!! Wrap that shit up! He just fucked these girls ( I would say women but you know faxxx) but he fucked all these girls raw doggy and than claims how dirty, unhygienic and filthy they are! Grease is such a disgusting pig!

No. 531161

Well he made a vid in the past getting checked for std’s, after his break up with Adrienne and also in the voicemail calls to her he mentions getting checked because of Shiloh. He’s disgusting

No. 531162


Yeah, even AJ said that he would ask her over and over again if she would have his kids when he fucked her raw dog the first time they met. No doubt it's because of his nasty impregnation fetish

No. 531164

File: 1529004402103.png (667.17 KB, 1176x862, Untitled-1.png)

No. 531165

Yeah, Shreg is a serial projector. His infidelity made him feel dirty, and so to absolve his guilt he blames the other woman.

Shreg seems like the kind of cretin that would say he's infertile knowing full well that he is not just to possibly impregnate someone. He took an at home fertility test that came out as infertile but know him being a neanderthal and all he probably didn't follow the instructions and whacked off to hentai 50 times before testing.

No. 531166

Like wear a condom dude!! Even if you wear one it’s good to have regular health checks! But don’t imply Adrian or sh were the dirty ones when you haven’t ever used a flippen condom yourself! Pigs always use the infertile excuse to go in raw!! Shame on Adrian and Shiloh for allowing it too… they should know better

No. 531167

File: 1529004454851.png (1.4 MB, 1099x878, skinwalker.png)

Not creepy at all.

No. 531169


Billie's waist is almost half the size of Lainey's

Such a smol bean indeed

No. 531170

That's deeply disturbing, it's on a whole new lvl of skinwalking. What was the date on the Billie pic?

No. 531171

That’s a bit of a reach, swings are props that most people have access too. Nit picking/reaching

On the other hand, she made a look book and a series of outfits as if she actually leaves the swamp. She made a bunch of going out looks as if she actually leaves the house! Bitch got no friends up in Washington! Bitch made outfits to hang out with the dogs in kek. What a loser pleb

No. 531173

Gay transmasc "nonbinary" demiboy androgyny is her new identity, apparently.

Don't you dare call it a lesbian tho. She loses her shit.

She is GAY.

Baby, if you're a transMASC demiBOY, your pretend attraction to girls makes you straight.

Greg's straight wife indeed.

No. 531175

she also said she’s going to pride? is there a pride happening in washington?

No. 531177

She’s wearing the same shirt as Billie and similar shorts. How is that a reach?

No. 531178

It was for the fourth of July in 2016. So Lainey is still trying to copy Billie's looks from almost 2 years ago…

>exact same outfit
>same pose
>same prop

It's not a reach at all anon. Especially considering the level of skinwalking Lainey has managed since the throuple ended. Shit is disturbing.

No. 531180


> exact same shirt

> jean shorts
> swing

It ain't a reach, anon.

No. 531181

So many "looks" when she wears some boob juice stained oversized t-shirt and pajama pants 24/7 as we saw in that one video with Sam.

She wouldn't wear make up if her "job" didn't make her. She's been wearing less lately because "muh androgyny" as is. We can still see the litres of foundation you desperately cake on your face to cover the herp. Blur filter doesn't work as well as you think.

No. 531182

Wtf this video is so fucking cringey
Its almost as bad as the prom video

No. 531183

Yes, where she will be going as:


To "test it out". She also wants us to call her "he" now.

Definitely not binary, guys.

Tumblr said so.

No. 531184

So in that video he uses http://www.anad.org/education-and-awareness/about-eating-disorders/how-to-help-a-loved-one/ to compare the 'do's and don't's of addressing anorexia.

He mentions 'Don't Pretend it will go away' but conveniently leaves out 'Don't try to be a therapist', 'Don't force them to eat', and 'Don't shame them'.

Really, Grease?

No. 531186

File: 1529005413647.png (721.51 KB, 738x1008, Screenshot (699).png)

cHeSt dYsPhORiA

No. 531187

she looks like someone made a lot of mistakes in a character creator.

No. 531189


The waist line of those shorts that Billie is wearing is above the belly button whereas Lainey's is below. If she wore high-rise shorts, it would give her a smaller appearing waist. But lainey wants to appear masculine, sooooooo………

No. 531191

It must be devastating to Onision to know that his body is getting old and his metabolism isn't doing what he wants it to do.

No. 531193

No. 531195

Jesus christ she's obsessed with looking like billie in that picture.

No. 531196

File: 1529006194572.png (3.21 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_06-14-03.55.21.png)

"I have never felt comfortable in a bikini"

I'd also like to point out in her old swimsuit haul she says she only has chest dsyphoria SOMETIMES

No. 531197

Jesus christ she's become a parody of herself, It must be absolutely enraging for legit trans people/farmers to see this hoe getting sponserships fucking money thrown at her, Co-opting the LGBTQ+ community just to make bank and look like a victim.

I long for laineys downfall as much as grease at this point.

No. 531198

Her pride outfit looks like she’s trying to be a f/butch lesbian. It’s at lease the most actually masculine look she’s come up with since starting all of this. Everything else has been something any girl would wear with a SnapBack onto make it “masc.”

No. 531199


Hmm how long ago was this? Maybe they've sunken even lower since.

Also jfc do some squats Lainey that's the lower half of an elderly man

No. 531200

I have never wished death upon anybody so badly In my life. I mean I don’t wanna murder the bitch, but I wish she would just drop dead! I can’t stand her! I hate her so
Much! I gotta calm down but god she make me so mad!(blogposting)

No. 531201

Eh kind of creepy but it’such a generic outfit that it could have been a thoughtless copy. It was creepy when she was wearing blue wigs and dyed her hair different colors but this feels less intentional. Who knows though!

No. 531203

These are by far the least flattering, ugliest outfits I've ever seen on her. Coupled with that god awful haircut, she is looking like absolute dogshit these days - I can't believe Gurg is even still banging her, let alone still married to her.. She looks like a pre-pubescent boy with a dykes haircut. SMFH, have we reached rock bottom?

No. 531204

Google "short hair tomboy lesbian".

It's 100% Lainey.

No. 531205

Yeah, that's a bit excessive.

If some sad little twit online bothers you that much, ya might wanna turn off the computer for a while.

No. 531207

We have no evidence he bangs her. I truly doubt he is stick his rotten peen inside her flappy meat curtains. Lords knows they both stink to high heaven, sour milk and all. I doubt he fucks her.

No. 531210

She's a horrible cunt that gets paid to larp as lgbtq+ while her bulldog fucks her from behind in her vagina every fucking night. I feel you anon, I can't stand vainglorious loathsome lainey.

No. 531211

I hope her grandmother picks up on the abuse and potential child neglect and taddles.

No. 531212

1:03 I have sensitive eyes and the sun hurts them!
Bitch it’s the sun! It hurts all our eyes! You ain’t special, it’s the god damn sun. Hurts all our eyes!

No. 531213

funny you say she should do squats considering he just liked a picture of some chicks ass on Twitter the other day

No. 531216



No. 531217

Haha I use to manage insurance fraud investigators and handle their cases. I bet he's loving Greg getting done for fraud. He's probably use to cold calling and confronting all sorts of crooks no wonder Greg hates him.

Although a little disappointed he's not a lawyer that would deal with divorce.

No. 531218

I feel so sorry for his kids. Hopefully he'll ll be banned from YouTube before they have to assimilate with other kids.

No. 531222

They won’t assimilate at any point. There is no hope for these kids. Mom and dad have zero friends and zero hope of making any. C was a band-aid baby and T was a ballchain. These kids are doomed. No sense is wishing and hoping when they don’t have a chance in hell

No. 531223

Just one more strike

No. 531230

@ 6:14 in her "pretty boy" she says she needs Sperry's to go with her outfit but she doesn't have any. Nice subtle begging right there Draineythot.

No. 531231


I missed the sh lawyer call, is there a link?

No. 531232

I wish she would learn to speak without constantly talking with a full mouth! Btch take the dick out from between your lips than talk to the Camera. God damn girl, there is more to life than sucking that dick

No. 531233

August of 2017

No. 531234

File: 1529010126646.jpg (1.05 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180614-230025_Ope…)

Bless up, swampprince

No. 531235

IIRC he flat out admitted to jerking off within the restricted timeframe while reading the instructions to the camera. So yeah, he botched the test.

On a side note I wonder if Taylor is still returning her herp makeup back to the stores after using them for videos. Do you think she returns or sells the pallets sent to her as gifts as well?

No. 531236

?? There is rumours that lame is again pregnant? I don’t think she is. Girl could tone up some of that belly, but from what we can see that isn’t a baby bump. Farmers didn’t start this rumour did they. I can’t find other mention or talk about a 3rd baby outside of twitter. Fake milk right?

No. 531237

Awwwww I totally understand and forgive her body considering she squeezed out two crutch spawn but I can’t help but giggle at that little flap of skin over her shorts. It’s not like a fat pooch.. more like an empty fupa

No. 531238

this is the first i'm hearing about this, the rumor didn't start here.

No. 531239

No I know it didn’t start here. I haven’t read anything about it, and from the looks of it she isn’t. I conclude false news. Just making sure I’m saw I missed something

No. 531240

can you imagine? that third baby will be raised gender neutral

No. 531241

I don't think she sells her used makeup. She'd get way too much shit for that.
She probably gives it to her mom, her sisters or Sarah.

No. 531243

she has admitted on previous younow streams that she returns stuff that she doesn't like back to Sephora/Ulta. I haven't seen any evidence to indicate she stopped doing that. but she buys less now because cheap makeup companies are sending her PR packages now.

No. 531244

Remember his plan was to threaten Shiloh and her manager with a no contact order if they ask for him to remove any content featuring her. I don't know if he's said it publicly but here is an older clip from his discord around the time when Shiloh's manager requested Onion to take down the recently reuploaded videos that featured her. Of course he changed his tune quickly, I wonder why…?


No. 531246

She’s so flabby and gross, what an ugly cow. “Smol” my ass.

No. 531247


That fat gut and thunderthighs tho

No. 531249

Bulldogs are wonderful, you wash your mouth out young lady!

I bet he fucks her in the ass without realising because his festering dick is so comically tiny.

No. 531250

God In Heaven strike me down! I hate this pretentious, ugly, self-righteous, snotty ass btch. I seriously hate her. But God Strike me Down; she does have a nice butt. I’m sorry. I know I’ll suffer for saying it. But it’s pretty good.

No. 531252

File: 1529012747264.jpg (11.1 KB, 172x126, Capture.JPG)

(sorry for this anons but) are we looking at the same ass? i mean i guess you're entitled to your wrong opinion :^)

No. 531253

It's one elderly saggy ass that's for sure it's off putting

No. 531254

Kek I feel guilty and dirty for saying it okay. But I seriously think she has a nice ass. I’m similar to Lame’s build but Greg’s age. I’m NOT a smol bean by any stretch of the imagination. I’m 5’4, 107pounds. I’m thin but taller and not small. My measurements are similar, skinny fat and a size 3ish. But my butt is flat flat flat, it’s actually pretty messed up.
Maybe it’s my age or something but my butt is awful. My body is a fit more toned but only slightly. And I wish I had lames butt. I’m sorry and maybe I’m wrong. But I like her butt. She is still a garbage piece of shit person over all(no one cares)

No. 531255

throw some squats on it

No. 531256

Its disgusting. I agree with the anon who said it looks like an old mans.

BTW I wonder if gurg has heard about Shane going to Tanacon? He must be riddled with envy.

No. 531257

File: 1529013432688.gif (3.09 MB, 400x225, makeitstop.gif)

Anon please stop. Please be trolling.

No. 531260


Calm all yo tits, fam. I’m talking about her thighs, not her ass. Though her ass could benefit from some squats.

No. 531264

Here is a mirror of the video where Onion calls Sh's Manager.


No. 531265

Im going to drop the subject.. I’m just saying. It could be a hell of a lot worse. I’m athletic and only slightly more toned than Lame and my butt doesn’t even have crease or pucker. It just goes from my back to legs, nothing In between. She’s got a good butt for a skinny fat build. Subject dropped(no1curr)

No. 531269

File: 1529014565081.jpg (53.61 KB, 457x270, GSW.SWAMP.jpg)

I honestly feel bad for her skin.

No. 531272

File: 1529014620913.png (870.07 KB, 816x858, Screenshot (692).png)

It's bad.

No. 531273

It looks like two chicken cutlets stuffed in a swimsuit

No. 531274

Her and Gronk can compete who has the worse skin.

No. 531275

File: 1529014853693.png (39.92 KB, 500x522, 4BA9C493-1697-49EC-9FED-00B1D9…)

No. 531277

Which is about 4 times bigger than mine. It could be worse okay. Just being honest. Maybe it’s my age idk. Maybe my butt use to look like that. I can’t remenber. 30s been hard on me kek still hate the btch regardless. She’s ugly inside and out. It’s so pathetic both grease and her know soooo much about each other’s sex lives before they got together. Most couples do t care those details unless it’s vital information. I’m not the jelly type but I couldn’t imagine my man telling about other girls he fucked and slept with, espt raw dogging! It’s filthy(no1curr)

No. 531278

Now that folks is the skin of a person who doesn't clean their face. Like fuck take care of the skin it ain't that hard.

No. 531279

And you know it she smells of spoiled milk, she’s not a clean person and it’s disgusting

No. 531280

Nobody here knows you or gives a shit about your hank hill situation

No. 531281

Is she wearing makeup?

No. 531283


And I thought my skin looked bad at 33. This makes me look young. :o

No. 531285

It's amazing how many male cows have a micropeen.

No. 531288

File: 1529016486226.jpg (189.42 KB, 1000x667, smolprince.jpg)

Fucking hell! This shit was so cringey.

No. 531291

God, I hate that stupid smug face she always does. It's so cringey and pathetic that she's basic af whether she's a guy or a girl.

No. 531292

File: 1529016824835.png (1.13 MB, 1075x1608, Screenshot_20180614-174334~2.p…)

meanwhile he's scoping out other girls asses on twitter

No. 531293

Sephora recently made a post about changing their return policy because of cunts like Lainey abusing their generous return policy. She won’t be able to constantly return shit without getting flagged and banned now.

No. 531294

Wtf is she doing to make it look this bad? That's meth skin. She should start begging for skin care products. Not like her trans/tom boy/nonbifuckitall whatever image requires her to wear a lot of makeup nor does she, so why not just focus make up application into skin care? Morning care, microcellular water in the afternoon with a moisturizer skin refresh and reapply sunscreen with a good night mask would make her look her age.

No. 531314

Underrated post

No. 531334

never watched this before and now that I have all I can say is WOW. Just WOW. How petty is this shit that he is keeping it up because he "likes it". No you don't. Nooo yoooouuu doooon't. You like being petty and dragging this rotting corpse of an experience around so show off as your "shock value footage." Do you honestly expect us to believe that your wife is totally chill with you simply liking you and your ex's material??? ha. You know and she knows that you are a snake underneath under all that wool. Also, the fact that he just is totally unwilling to work with her legal representative just shows how immature and entitled he actually is. What. A. Joke. Greg, honey, if you want to lord over something hilarious, SO HILARIOUS THAT EVERYONE IS LAUGHING, look at yourself, because you are a hilarious mess of a human being. You. Not anyone else, you are the center of all your problems.

No. 531336

Sunscreen even if she doesn't go out?

Drinking a damn glass of water would also help greatly.

No. 531337

Talking of skin walking has anyone watched grace from ash and grace? Lainey watches them and seems to have very similar feelings to grace. Grace identifies not fully as male but close and had only chest and hip dysphoria but no bottom dysphoria. She also uses the word “comfy” a lot when she refers to her pronouns and how she presents. Skin walking there seems likely.

No. 531341

I can see that a lot of her skin damage is from picked at acne that's been exposed to UV damage. Eventually the redness will fade (sometimes completely) if you make sure to prevent further sun damage. If she doesn't go out, she probably doesn't need it, but a drive to the store is enough for UV damage to start discoloration. And yeah, drinking water would probably be her best friend. Either way, I wonder how much of the Onions' skin is actually from uncontrollable acne and rosacea and how much is from poor hygiene and laziness.

No. 531362


Not to mention the dancing around saying how much she looooves swimsuits

No. 531365

these look like the resurfaced pics of an edgy spree killer who girls on tumblr put flower crowns on top of. all she's missing is a gun kek

No. 531369

I can't believe I watched all of that. It was like watching a girl pretend to be a butch lesbian.

No. 531386

Awk my bad love, No harm to bulldogs!

No. 531387

Honestly, that haircut ages Plainey. Pretty badly. It's not doing anything for her.

No. 531419

She’s actually reached trailer trash status. Like this confirms it.

Girl please learn how to dress flattering, I honestly don’t give a shit if it’s feminine or masculine, but this bullshit looks good on no one. The best outfit was the Billie rip off, that’s saying something.

No. 531422

I lolled when she said I don't have bottom dysphoria. "maybe you should with that mom ass"

No. 531448

it's just…. WHO dresses like this? who finds this shit hot? where is she getting the inspiration from besides turning billie's outfits "masculine"? considering she has no identity of her own and skin walks teens on tumblr who identify as trans or nonbinary, i'd wager it's some of them

No. 531452

ikr like why doesn't she just copy some asos male models or something

No. 531483

Her whole lookbook makes her look like an 8 year old boy. Like she's 23 almost 24, stop dressing like a fucking child. Its not helping shreg's totally not a pedo case.

No. 531490

Mods if u don’t b& this I’m telling on you.
Consequences will never be the same.

No. 531502

Just finished watching a video of that Madison Decabra chick from May of this year. She’s doing a daddy dom video with this guy who does tutorials on it. She talks about being a huge chronic and a little in the bedroom. What’s her deal? Is she just thirsty for onion relevancy. Not that he has any these days, but why does she bother hanging out with the onions if they soapbox everything she’s in to? What’s her deal? Is she guilty by Association for leaching?

No. 531504

She also has a Patreon do you think both the onions support her? Like they use their patreon money they get to go and support hers?

No. 531509

and she smokes hella weed too.

No. 531510

File: 1529043785029.png (103.66 KB, 948x520, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 11.2…)

Eeeerrrrrrrrr she's delusional too.

No. 531516

She's got borederline personality disorder which can come with feeling grandiose and some pretty emotionally manuipulative behavior. I watched her BPD video and my eyes almost rolled out of my skull. "Being loved by a borderline is the greatest thing you can have" or some shit like that, just gag.

No. 531517

videos after the daddy dom collaboration with the other dude. Bitch is thirsty. She brings up being an “actress” of Onision’s in almost every video. This bitch is thirsty as all fck. I guess I answered my own question after watching her more. The thirst is so strong I don’t even wanna talk about her. Sorry I didn’t know much about her until tonight and I’m already over it.

No. 531525

That's BootySlayer, one of his highest paying patrons lol. Maybe he's doing that so she'd up her pledge.

No. 531531

It's hilarious to me how Grog still thinks he can keep doing what he did 10 years ago and it sells. He's so up his own ass he can't take 2 minutes to do some god damn market research. He could have kept afloat a little longer even with his shitty ''''comedy'''' and insincere videos if he knew how to work the system.

Literally he could have shelled out a little to pay buzzfeed or another site to write some bs article about him. It could have been something fucking dumb like Laineys gender or "Honest youtuber saves hundreds of depressed teens by roasting them????". Then get the big facebook groups with thousands of followers to share that shit. It would have generated a bit more traffic.

But he thought being a spastic was good enough and missed his chance. The market changed and he's not cool enough to keep up with banter and is years behind 'memes' to get with what works now.

No. 531533


so i'm watching this and my god
look at how much gurgels hand is shaking towards the end of the video kek

No. 531557


are we sure she isn't actually wearing billie's shirts? didn't billie leave some wigs behind? if she did who's to say she didn't leave some shirts behind too?

that makes her wearing the shirt all the creepier tbh.

No. 531559

The new thread number wasn’t put on the old thread

No. 531560

Formerly Lady Flatass. I wonder when she contacted him after Shiloh banned her for the Onision forums?

No. 531562

Maddie makes me sick. The dumb bitch has half naked pics on her tumblr along with pics of her daughter. She is a cam whore

No. 531563

very disconnected from reality.
nobody intelligent would work this him.
anyone who works with him stays a nobody.

No. 531565

It's kind of funny that she associates so much with Greg and vice versa considering Lainey doesn't seem to care for them (especially after that super awkward point she pretended she was totally bi for Maddie) and Madison is a lot of the things Greg claims to hate. From basically nude modeling to being a little. I don't understand where this friendship comes from or why it's still a thing that seems pretty organic. At least when Jacklyn and Greg were friends it made sense since they're both militant atheists. Madison doesn't have that same strong connection with Greg. Nor does it make sense to be using Greg for her career given she can't get much of a following for her modeling from Greg's audience. Unless she's dumber than I think and she's actually under the impression that Greg can kickstart her film career

No. 531566

seems like it's way more probable that she's not very intelligent and just sees his sub count and not his actual views.

No. 531568

Sarah has BPD, she has BPD…like attracts like…

No. 531582


Sarah might not have BDP though, I don’t think minors can be diagnosed like that (correct me if I’m wrong doctor and medical farmers). LaineyThot probably just took Sarah for her word, or they did some shitty online quiz and thought it was trendy.

When Sarah turns 18, she can actually go and get diagnosed. Or she can move in with the Onions again and fulfill her lifelong dream of being part of the Trinity. She basically looks like a plainer Billie with bad teeth now.

No. 531586

They can't, it's too difficult to differentiate the symptoms of BPD with those of a hormonal teenager (especially in girls.) So there would be no way to be completely sure if they do. It's similar with other mental health disorder but particularly with BPD

No. 531593

Just a reminder to keep reporting LGH videos. It seems google puts more weight to reports of older videos for strikes(this is cowtipping)

No. 531596

File: 1529076404955.jpg (93.97 KB, 720x973, _20180615_162352.JPG)

Look at that hammy arm in her look book tho. B b but much anorexic very underweight n smol rly need to put on weight(nitpicking)

No. 531604

File: 1529079820698.png (38.86 KB, 1103x219, whendesperateforcollabs.PNG)

Look at who I found sucking Jaclyn's ass on her new video

No. 531606

I tinfoil that he's fucking her honestly.

No. 531610


I'm sorry mods (different anon) but I don't see how this is nitpicking too much? Her weight is relevant since she keeps on pretending to have an ED and is a smol bean. She's wannarexic as fuck and keeps on saying that she's sick from not keeping on weight.

No. 531613

There's clearly some mod going on a crazy banning spree.

No. 531615

this. the mod clearly didn't take her meds this morning. it's happened on like every board.

No. 531632

I never understand why this bitch and her gay husband don't know how to exfoliate their skin it's such a simple step in skin care. They always both have dry flaky skin which can be fixed so fast with a peeling or a face brush jesus. Someone teach them. Wish I could sage but this is such a pet peeve of mine.

No. 531633

Doubtful. Lame gets on with her fairly okay and they hang out sometimes. I don't think Lame would willingly spend time with her if she was doing suk mi on the ugly grease monster.

No. 531640

Highly unlikely, due to the fact of his tiny hot dog peen. Mean to say that since Maddie had children, Greg knows what they do to the birth cannal. He targets small underdeveloped teens for a reason. Actually several. No shade to Maddie at all, or mothers. We just know what Shegg the suk mi king is like.

This is fucking disgusting, and the main reason he is such a predator. Grooming his underaged teen fanbase to see their bodies and normalize that behaviour. So that when the young teens go over to the swamp shack, they won't be as horrified to see these adults cavorting around in states of undress.

This is the guy who insisted on hugging Sam and lifting her up, then letting her slide down so closely his effect 3 inches got caught on her genital region.

Fucking disgusting Shregg and Lame, pedos the lot of them.

In the past, he always represented himself, EXCEPT, for the times he wanted to date a minor. He stated in videos repeatedly on how he consulted with his lawyer to make sure his relationships with Shi and Lamey were not illegal. Hence, why Shregg moved to NN to be close to Lamey. Crossing state lines repeatedly would not have worked.

The reason he has a tax lawyer now is only because his finances were threatened by sonething he couldn't yell or manipulate away.

Hence his creation of his LLC. earlier this year. The dinglebrain found out how his personal affects were threatened because he never created a seperate business under his LLC. That's why he changed everything up too, to apply those tax kickbacks to his new toys and new house. While his personal assets are protected more now, it means that his income is still vunerable because the LLC. makes everything go back to zero, in a general sense, in that its a new business.

Just one more strike, that would be just awful for Onision, where would that pedo go to hunt for underdeveloped teens then? Would he fight the YT, or would he get a 9-5? Questions questions…

No. 531653

Lame's entire face is so dry and flaky and dirty, a gentle exfoliation would uncover another identity.

No. 531662

File: 1529094328789.gif (468.56 KB, 480x228, 1497125042750.gif)

Holy shit that got me

No. 531670

File: 1529096148678.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1186x1150, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 3.54…)

she had fully nudies on twitter

No. 531671

with her "very real dysmorphia" that she has condom talks with the girls she wants to "bone".
'scuse me, if we do it, who's gonna wear the condom cuz ya know… dont wanna make babies'

No. 531674

well now…
things makes sense now.

No. 531675

yea fuck ok i meant to ask do you think with her "very real dysmorphia" that she has condom talks with the girls she wants to "bone".
'scuse me, if we do it, who's gonna wear the condom cuz ya know… dont wanna make babies'

No. 531682

Wtf are these outfits…..
Lainey not being a flabby mess will automatically make you 1000% more “masc”. Eat and workout not just attempt to starve yourself silly bitch
Also take fashion advice from actual men instead of tumblr and high school fuckboys you are a grown woman jfc

No. 531692

File: 1529101358942.png (631.88 KB, 1136x640, IMG_2467.PNG)

In gurg's newest onisionspeaks video he was talking about going through and removing all the comments from lame's videos kek. Also apparently he's bisexual now. He's never up and stated that. In the past he's only over said he was biromantic so I guess that's changed

No. 531697

lainey is such a pussy she can't handle shit. Guess he wants to skinwalk shane even more by acting like he's bi.

No. 531699

He's one step away from having to call Lainey his husband. Him saying he's 'biromantic' is hilarious considering how defensive he used to get when Lainey suggested they were in a queer relationship.

No. 531700

Onion translation:

I'm taking over this page as much as possible, because I hate the fact that people keep asking my spouse to not include my scary pimply red tomato face in her videos. How else will I find a young 16 year old willing to ruin their lives to come and play with me and my wife, although I will be the one fucking them in the end.

Also, how trendy am I to claim bisexuality, even though I'm a raging homophobe.

I control my wife down to her ability to work, and this way, you fans and Lainey, both don't forget that.

Now come give me adulations for "protecting" my wife from constructive criticisms or a much needed smack of reality in the face. Because that may make her realise that I'm a huge piece of shit not fit for society and I need her extra income to claim as my own because I spent so much getting microdermabrasion and Botox so that teenagers won't run screaming upon the sight of me without the filters and high contrast.

No. 531701

I doubt his "I'm bi" phase will last very long lol.

No. 531702


I'm pretty sure he pretended to be pan for awhile too. It's just a really obvious and very desperate attempt to stay relevant.

No. 531703

That is a fan talking, not Greg

No. 531704


>i'm also sorry this is happening to your wife


No. 531705

>>531692 I can't read this post without having to go back and reread every sentence because I think "they" is referring to a group of people when really it's just referring to Lainey. Very annoying.

Also I think this post was written by one of her fans on Onision's page. Or at least that's what it seems like to me

No. 531708

They often refrain from a BPD diagnosis until your mid 20s anon. Behavior prior is often erratic and reminiscent in both males and females. A key component to the disorder is an inability to emotionally regulate, which isn’t a skill that’s truly mastered until your 20s.

No. 531710

That’s not how vaginas work at all

No. 531711

Such a fan but can't write properly Laineybot
And yes, I have seen a lot people from the LGBT community complaining about her. So idk what's the deal with this stan.

No. 531714


are you implying vaginas don't lose elasticity and tightness over time + after childbirth? because that is how they work… pushing a couple of babies out does some irreversible damage. it's just a part of life, nothing to be ashamed about.

thats why ogreg is always on the hunt for a twitter teen to stick with his mini cocktail weenie

No. 531718

File: 1529105532104.png (22.29 KB, 364x209, 44245.PNG)

Not Greg, some stan is angry about the hate comments on Laineybots channel and crying about it on Gregs Patreon

No. 531719

I love how she says “works primarily with Onision” like it’s something to be proud of. Bitch please.

No. 531721


she's proud of that because he's the only one working with her while she's wearing clothes,
it's like the one job she can tell her parents about

>yea i get naked for the cam from time to time

>but first and foremost i'm an actress and it'S just a matter of time before my big break
>i primarily work with my clothes on! i'm a real actress!

No. 531725

Ordinarily I’d say no because she’s too fat for his tastes but seeing as he can’t pull any teen cooch these days… desperate times, etc.

No. 531726

My parents would definitely have much less of a problem with me getting my boobs out than they would working with a psycho like Grug.

No. 531728

File: 1529106869600.png (Spoiler Image,595.68 KB, 636x655, 4354665646.PNG)

Im really hoping that in a year or two once something happens between Toothy McHorseface and Onionboi, and they hate each other she does a #MeToo story about all the creepy shit he made her do, including BTS weird shit we all know happens but doesnt get captured on vid.

"he laid on the floor while wearing a diaper, crying and begging me to change him, while his morbidly obese friend pushed me towards Gregs semi-erect penis in his adult diaper, pressuring me to touch it, all the while Lainey was banging on the door asking what was going on"

No. 531730

File: 1529107247604.png (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 1616x1114, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 6.57…)


honestly wouldnt surprise me… although bigger than his ideal, she actually has a feminine body (which is what greg is attracted to… not smol bean prince boiiis), and despite having a child, she doesn't have saggy cow utters like lamey

No. 531731

I’ve said it before but I think the way that Grugly goes out of his way to bleat about how gross anal is (much like he does with anything pedo-related) coupled with his stinky cocktail wiener is indicative of how he can only get off either via spanking it to hentai, suk mi in the shower and engaging in back door action

No. 531737

File: 1529109503069.png (222.54 KB, 392x434, untitled.png)

Can we talk about Maddie in the snowflakes thread? Don't get me wrong she's a total cow and there's tons of shit to talk, but she's also a notorious attention whore and probably half these posts about her are selfposts trying to hype up her insta-thot career. Just an opinion, if nobody else agrees please ignore me.

No. 531747

How desperate he must be for views that he'd do this with people he knows rather than film by himself or just Lainey.

Does he think this is the pinnacle of humor and we'll not all just think he's a perverted freak?

No. 531750

I agree. But the discussion about her isnt out of no where. She was in a recent video, people will comment about her for a day or so and then it will go silent about her (hopefully)
If it goes past a few days then Id say Im with you about moving the conversation to snowflakes.

No. 531766

This comment is everything, anon. I’m hollering.

No. 531767


Link doesn't work. Is there another one somewhere?

No. 531770


Did he move it from one channel to another?
Its currently on his OnisionArchive channel, where did he originally upload it to?

Other questions
Whos Stephan? He seems to be alleging they beat their girlfriends.

Whys the colors all washed out and muted. Is that how his top dollar 4K camera suppose to look? Or has he just tweaked the filters because the original super HD was showing too many imperfections in his skin?

No. 531778

Stephan is Stevop, Binkie Princess' boyfriend. He's probably kidding about the beats and maybe referring to spanking. Lainey really likes BP.

I'm surprised he managed to get so many people there for that video. Who's that random blonde guy?

No. 531780


1:34 Do you spank me

Ahem. Where have I heard this before? Where oh where have I heard this before?


Do you suk mi?

No. 531814

Unless you have severe tearing, the vagina returns to its regular shape and elasticity, especially when you’re young. At 23 your elasticity is fine and wouldn’t be “loose”. Looseness is a common myth anon…yes it can change slightly during childbirth or when you’re old, but it doesn’t permanently, nor severely, change. Even after a couple of children, at 23 any permanent elasticity loss would be hyper rare. The only reason it would be noticibly “tight” is if you were pre-pubescent. But by the time you’ve reached your full height (vagunal depth) and matured it pretty much stays that way. Looseness myths were invented to shame women for sex and having kids, medically it’s not accurate.

No. 531818

Is that his house?? I try to avoid his videos but goddamn it's so messy and gross. Also why the hell does he wear pants under his jeans?

No. 531819

File: 1529123348087.jpg (86.3 KB, 931x435, stand-by-me-.jpg)

>Who's that random blonde guy?
A grown up Teddy Duchamp?

No but seriously, Im curious who that rando is too. Could it be Madisons boyfriend?

No. 531820

Actually she's bipolar. Lainey messed that up cause she thought bpd stood for bipolar disorder. ~such psychology degree~

No. 531821

Yes its his new place. Just moved in a few months ago. You can see how it looked after the house flippers got done with it, and compare how the onions have slowly started to destroy it.

That didnt even register the first time I watched the vid, even though she makes a sarcastic comment about his two pants. I cant think of a good reason to wear two pairs of pants, unless his jeans are too loose and the pants underneath are actually sweatpants and hes wearing them to fill out the loose pants. But its mid June, why the fuck are you wearing two pairs of pants. I hope the tinfoilery goes full steam on this.

No. 531822

Wrong. But not completely. Childbirth can lead to vaginal prolapse but not in everyone. Here’s a list of things that would cause a “loose box” from a laser vaginal rejuvenation article. https://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/1089247/reasons-to-get-vaginal-rejuvenation

No. 531824

is this going to turn into a
>how contagious is herpes?

Im not one of the previous posters, but I promise you that I can find at least 2 dozen pro and anti vaginal elasticity after child birth articles and scientific studies. Can we agree that we are all different and your experience may not be like your neighbors. No ones going to be 100% right and no ones going to come out on top of this argument.

No. 531825

No, Sarah claims to have borderline personality disorder, not bipolar. But yes, Lainey mixed the two up, which, as her psych-degree wielding "best friend," is pathetic.

No. 531827

No. 531832

1:30: "The reason Lainey thought I was bipolar… There's nothing wrong with bipolar. I just don't have it… the mental illness that I have that Lainey confused with bipolar is BPD."

So, yeah. Sarah's not bipolar. She says she's borderline, but as we've discussed, she was too young for a BPD diagnosis anyway.

No. 531838

I think the whole incident is just a perfect example of how stupid both parties are.

Footface just throws out mental evaluations by whats the easiest definition of that acronym her tiny foothead can muster.

And Wannabe-Billie 2.0 took some online quiz last year, so now she has Borderline Personality Disorder.

No. 531839

Not to start an argument but I got diagnosed with borderline personality disorder when I got thrown in a stupid pseudo funny farm for rich people’s kids when I ran away. I was 14-15. I remember I looked it up in the DSM Criteria at the time and it eve said it could affect early teens up to 18. If this is wrong I guess I could sue that place, and the psychiatrists, not even psychologists. All I need is proof in the current DSM!(blogposting)

No. 531840

File: 1529125861217.png (134.42 KB, 640x1136, 78AC87FC-7469-47EC-8150-4CB831…)

So is real stream a peice of shit?? I say fuck that guy!! He’s a loser. Is this a farmer? Do we know them? Idk give a shit. He’s a loser.

No. 531841

yes. real stream news is a complete and utter sack of shit.

No. 531847

I’m sorry…. I’m not trying me an asshole… I get it…. I’m small with small tits….. but is it just me or does Madison have ittie bitty titties for a ummm “bigger” girl. The chick is a big girl just saying… she is curvy to put it nicely…. and she’s got little boobies for a bigger girl. Just saying.
The smol bean space prince is way smaller yet twice the cup siZe. Maddie has little tots for a big girl(no one cares)

No. 531849

He's a certified piece of shit: >>>/snow/589468

No. 531850

get yr eyes checked. She's no twig, but she's far from being a 'big girl'.

anything new come about regarding the whole Amber/RSN rape thing? Or did she decide to drop it?

No. 531854

She’s a curvy girl with little boobies. I second that. She isn’t thin but she is curvy and far from voluptuous if you know what I mean. Small tits on a chubby chick.

No. 531858

File: 1529129439823.jpeg (470.78 KB, 640x904, 0AA68D61-96B0-48D9-A98D-6DF97D…)

Sorry anon I’m have to 3rd that motion. Unless we are starting a Madison thread, Can we not talk about the girl. She’s got curves in all the wrong places. But this is an onion thread not about Madison DeThirty

No. 531862

File: 1529130255815.jpg (317.86 KB, 750x1830, Desperate.jpg)

We all know Onision is loosing subs, but look how desperate he is to get back to 2,100,000 subs again.

He has staggered his subs numbers.

The subs have been bouncing between 2,097,000 range for 22 days.

22 days.

He looses subs, then buys a bunch, looses, then buys a bunch.

But for 22 days, the subs have stayed the same number???

Nope no uh uh no. Desperate small man.

He is suspended from posting, yet his numbers increase???

Buying fake accounts. Buying fake subs. Thats what Onision uses his patreon money for. For fake fans.

It still doesn't make him popular, and it does not meam he has fans lol.

No. 531880


> fans of their videos please support them on them

sounds like a nonbinary gang bang tbh

No. 531886

They release new editions of the DSM with different guidelines. One edition can say that a certain age range can be diagnosed, but after more studies and discoveries the next edition can completely remove a certain group of people from eligibility of being diagnosed. I really don't think you have a case to sue, and psychiatrists are just physicians with a psychiatric specialty. Psychologists can also be doctors, but they typically don't diagnose and cannot prescribe medication. Your best bet is to go see another psychiatrist to really see if you have BPD. If you think you have a legal claim you're going to need to go to a lawyer not lolcow.

To steer the topic back to Onion Farm, its very possible that the same thing happened with Sarah, she got diagnosed under different guidelines. Since she's part of the Onion Farm though I'm inclined to believe that she took a buzzfeed quiz probably titled "Pick a breakfast and we'll give you a mental disorder".

No. 531888

They don't.
Go to r/badwomensanatomy, there's a lot of people explaining that better than I could.
Vagina DO NOT get loose until you get too weak to use your muscles when you're like 80, except childbirth complications , suddenly stopping working out or being aroused.
It's a muscle tunnel, why would it get loose if the muscle isn't torn.

Nice, so now both of them roleplay as bisexuals even though they have never had sex or loved anyone of the same gender and are a hetero couple with children.
If he's trying to appeal to lgbt group, he's really stupid. I don't doubt it will have the opposite effect.

Is buying subs even good for anything? I don't get it. Those are just empty accounts and his views will stay low so I don't see a point in it.

No. 531889

functionally no, it's pointless. it's just to look like you have lots of subs but the low views give it away anyways that most of your subs are fake or inactive.

No. 531899

Real stream said the charges were dropped. There was no proof of rape

No. 531900

I can’t get any of the mirrors to work

No. 531901


No. 531906

he has a thread for this >>531849

No. 531907

> Just one more strike, that would be just awful for Onision, where would that pedo go to hunt for underdeveloped teens then? Would he fight the YT, or would he get a 9-5? Questions questions…
Thank god he's not smart enough to become a teacher … imagine him and Plainey - as the school's counsellor - grooming an endless supply of underage girls. shudders

No. 531908

No. She just pretends it never happened.

No. 531910

File: 1529154215319.jpg (Spoiler Image,303.18 KB, 640x640, 976584657221058556962440775.jp…)

if laineys going to walk the city streets in her bathrobe she needs to cover that shit up

No. 531917

It seems to work fine for me but I reuploaded it just for you.


No. 531944

So is Patreon anon gonna come thru with the house tour or…?

No. 531948

File: 1529172328740.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5998.PNG)

From Lame's Snapchat. Who's in the background? Looks like a woman with breasts but hard to tell, could just be Gurg's soyboy man titties…..

No. 531949

thats def Greg the bloated head gives it away

No. 531950

File: 1529172558576.png (892.61 KB, 1087x1107, 1529172328740.png)

here you go

No. 531961

Can we lay off the body nitpicking? Seriously the autism is reaching new heights. Lainey might be out of shape but she is far from fat. Madison has a nice body, she is not a "bigger" girl. Plus keep in mind both of these women had kids, and there are a lot more milky things to discuss about them then their waist, tits, and ass.

No. 531966

Totally agree, it's irrelevant and boring. Especially when it takes up most of the thread.

No. 531968

Supremely under appreciated post, anon. This is fucking gold. Please let it be the header for the next onion farm thread.

No. 531969

That looks so much like Greg. Maybe he really is growing breasts. Zooming in makes it look like someone placed a doll there, fucking creepy..

Someone took it personally

No. 531970

Christ alive, Grugly’s saggy udders are about to usurp Draineythot’s.

No. 531971

File: 1529177586428.gif (1.06 MB, 175x131, 1524095303483.gif)

Oh damn I totally missed that post as well, I agree let this be the next thread pic for the love of god!

Dear god it is her indeed bahaha

No. 531975

Maybe he's on E and Foot will finally get her girlfriend. His micropeen's can serve as a macroclit.anything to stay straight.

(Obvs not but funny to me?

No. 531976

File: 1529178888403.png (256.59 KB, 608x1222, keksmallman.png)

I thought this was funny, She was the only one to correct him on the first tweet.

When is he going to stop pretending to be leelu?

No. 531978

The Slayer of the manlet.
Twice in a row.
Autocorrect is a thing.

No. 531979

I bet his egos too big for autocorrect, I mean look at his books lmao

No. 531980

File: 1529179317428.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.74 KB, 640x640, fuck.jpg)

Anon, I hope you don't mind I used your photo to add in gurgs.

No. 531982

Oh my god.

No. 531984

Keep in mind this is the board that calls Onision a manlet with fucked up teeth and a grandpa body

No. 531991

It's okay to say whatever you want about Gregs body but not about the female cows apparently because some people can't leave their own insecurities at the door.

No. 531994

I dont think so anon. Madison can be found in vids from 2014. If something was going to happen . It would have happened already knowing Onion boy.

No. 532000

The cows have their own thread to criticize vs taking up the thread on Maddison thiccness

No. 532004

File: 1529185444779.png (689.75 KB, 800x800, LisSoHawt.png)

No. 532007

Dear God, So many acne scars and dead skin.


No. 532009

File: 1529185703590.jpg (340.84 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20180616-234502_Ope…)

Onion's trying to suck up on Deefizzy again.

No. 532014

He looks like that "smiling man" from that creepy short film that was on youtube? I think it was based on a creepy pasta. It's uncanny.

No. 532015

His skin is directly indicative of his diet. Pure Shite.
Looks like he took a brillo pad to the face. His face looks like the old porous cement with the holes that used to be around pools. This skin has some major issues. The main one is that this skin has never seen a drop of sunblock in it's life. After his facial scrapings he needs to smear that spf50 on, or it will age you quicker. Thank god he's wrecking his own skin.

No. 532019

File: 1529188683039.png (1.45 MB, 1170x967, superscoffsupreme.png)

No. 532026

File: 1529189257816.jpeg (27.45 KB, 300x224, 11DB5D3F-77E3-4B62-92C5-69C0F9…)

>A dog misspelled a word
>The most honest Youtuber.

No. 532027

He's literally using leelu as a shield right now

No. 532029

I think it’s $25 pledges only so that’s why no one snatched it up yet.

No. 532031

Her poor hair. What is this, the third time she's bleached it and the third time she's redyed it?

Her hair must be so brittle. Honestly, she needs to leave it alone and just focus on letting it recover. Everyone knows 'smol space princes' can't be bald. I wonder what happens when it all starts to break and fall out.

No. 532032

Groggles is going to start to slowly unravel soon. Especially if his house doesn’t sell. I wonder what their actual financials look like. He claims ALL plus a few hundred more of his Patreon dollars are coming out to pay for his lawyer per month. I find that extremely hard to believe. I doubt their mortgage payments are that low, plus they still have to pay the mortgage for the house they didn’t sell yet, right?? Otherwise they have to give it to the bank. I can’t imagine Greg just writing that off as a loss or declaring bankruptcy. I feel like he is too proud for that.

No. 532033

When will we find out if his house didn't sell? Or do we just have to base it on his spergs?

No. 532034

She didn't bleach her hair twice in one day did she?! My own hairstylist has said to never ever do that, you have to wait weeks in between bleaches to avoid fucking your hair up.

No. 532036

Yup, Aunt Kelly did it for her first and she thought it was too brassy then did the second herself with greases help, Then toned it. All in one day. Jesus.

No. 532045

File: 1529192560726.jpg (62.42 KB, 600x800, spot the difference.jpg)

No. 532046

I wonder how hard this made him narc rage irl. We all know how much he despises being corrected. I genuinely wonder what happens when he gets super triggered by intelligent people on the internet.

No. 532049

Ahahaha Uncanny

No. 532050

He hasn't tweeted since then lmao hes such a little bitch

No. 532054

Autocorrect fail rofl

No. 532060

Those pores are gigantic. Would it kill Lame to do a "I put 10 different face masks on my husband" video? I've yet to see so much grease on a face.

No. 532063

I'd like to see her use a blotter against his face and see how much grease comes up kek

No. 532064

No wonder she’s fucking balding.

The comment deletion spree on her videos is out of control. It also highlights how many more “likes” the “haturz” get that the comments who praise this trainwreck

No. 532067


No. 532072

She should just shave it and get it over with. Her whole head is so traumatised from all that bleach, she’s probably getting brain damage.

No. 532075

File: 1529194671341.jpg (10.06 KB, 246x138, hqdefault.jpg)

MFW you're too poor from being a shit tier youtuber and your husband's tax fuck ups so your husband's Aunt has to bleach your hair.

No. 532077

Honestly I want to see her completely bald. Maybe Gronk can shave it off and film it for the lulz.

No. 532078

you realise anon shoops these

No. 532080

Yeah enhancing the image, Why so defensive anon?

No. 532081

not defensive. some people seem to take these repetitive shoops at face value.

No. 532086

there was a farmer a few days ago that called this whole "leelu onision twitter" as an excuse to negate any personal responsibility on Onion's part for stupid and offensive tweets.

whatever anon called this, you were right.

No. 532089

if it were just a spelling error it wouldn't be in the title of the video as well. He's so stupid.

No. 532091

File: 1529197970092.png (1.25 MB, 1440x2334, wat the actual fuck.png)

I just noticed Shreg's Patreon increased by a significant amount. Then I saw that someone had actually pledged $1000/mo. What do you think the odds are that this is an actual person and not Shreg or one of his family members?
Or he promised to do a "pledge for pledge" type deal with another youtuber as a last-ditch effort to boost his numbers?

I refuse to believe that anyone with a spare $1000 would choose to spend it on this sack of shit.

No. 532094

File: 1529198388872.png (492.99 KB, 1440x2443, Toby Turner.png)

Samefag but I did some more digging and may have figured it out. He and Toby Turner pledged to each other. I love how he claimed it's "10 cents" invested. No wonder he owes so much in back taxes, math isn't his strong suit.

No. 532097

How does this strengthen his patreon?

No. 532098

For the same reason he buys Twitter followers and subs, I guess. Makes it look like he's more successful and worthy of investing in.
Some day he's going to have to accept that throwing money at the situation isn't going to save his dying channels.

No. 532100

it doesn't…:)

No. 532102

File: 1529200836675.jpg (23.53 KB, 356x331, 1532325806532907.jpg)

This is the 4th time in just 2 months that I've seen the same exact post, word for word when it comes to photos that are augmented (not photoshopped)

Ill get my hand slapped if I say hello to you, so Ill just say- I know that you know that I know you're keeping tabs. Keep watching and keep those feelings hurt.

No. 532106

you need to get out into the summer sun anon. your brain is going to mush if you think any old poster is grug.

No. 532107

hello again

No. 532108

File: 1529202452265.jpg (69.8 KB, 425x647, hqdefault (1).jpg)

I love the part where Billy the Industrial Refrigerator is trying to hide.

"Fridge wheeeeere arrrrre you? I cant see youuuu"

No. 532114

Do Greg and Toby attend Alleged Rapist Conventions? They seem to be best buds now. Not sure how they hooked up, and it seems like Toby isn't as vocal with his support of Onision or making their friendship highly visible.
It has to bother Onision that an accused rapist doesn't want to sit at the lunch table with him, but will gladly take Gronks milk & brownie.

No. 532117

>spot the difference

The musicians hair looks better?

No. 532119

The musician has a discernible talent.

No. 532120

This seems like a really bad move on Toby's part. Imagine the shit storm Shreg will brew out of his ass. I can see it now, Toby withdraws his pledge, Onion fakes ignorance and claims Toby took advantage of the most honest youtuber, commence 30 videos and weekend long twitter spergfest. After being outed as a rapist Onion sperging at him is the least of his concerns, still probably not great for Toby's career.

I wonder how the Onion Clan will honor Papa Shreg for father's day this weekend. lol who are we kidding? Shreg is gonna lock himself away in the basement and fap to hentai.

No. 532122

File: 1529205657730.png (36.53 KB, 420x294, happy-fathers-day-mom.png)

Taylor is daddy too.

No. 532158

File: 1529219850715.png (116.27 KB, 640x1136, D602AE18-EF7D-4A93-BB54-492C7A…)

Any anons k ow what has Grease crying here?

No. 532165

File: 1529222627120.jpeg (18.78 KB, 512x288, images (8).jpeg)

>tfw you're an alleged rapist and now the only people who want to associate with you are other alleged rapists

all grundle needs is a shitty soccermom haircut and his transformation into shrieking middle aged woman will be complete.

No. 532176

It probably stemmed from his hate boner for Jaclyn, (Toby and her were in a relationship at one time, she made a few videos about him when all the rape accusations were happening, prior she had made a few videos about Toby being stalkerish and a douche after they broke up) I’m guessing that onion decided to make his support video and befriend him as a way to shit on her.

No. 532180

looks like a skinnier, twinkier ricky from trailer park boys. bless up

No. 532188

Isn't it interesting how with so little evidence Shregg was ready to burn Shane at the stake however, despite multiple people backing up claims that Toby is a predator toward women- not to mention a huge drug addict- Shregg is willing to believe him based solely on Toby screeching that he didn't do it in the most unconvincing and cringe way possible.

No. 532189

It's so ironic that Gurg's only friend on youtube is an alleged predator and well known to being a druggie (at least in the past idk how it is now) Since LGH likes to sperg so much about people he thinks are "bad" for whatever jokes they make, but here for some reason he choose to ignore all the allegations from several women against Toby?

No. 532190

File: 1529244331564.jpg (364.82 KB, 1885x1063, Screenshot_20180509-181913.jpg)

Many many many years ago he used GoDaddy services for quite a few years. He would even talk them up in his videos from time to time, offering deals and discounts from them.

Then something happened. I think they started to charge more because of the increase in traffic and activity, or they "shut down" his stuff because they didn't want his toxic brand. I forget exactly.

What i do remember is his GoDaddy hate vendetta after that. Calling them crooks, liars, and stealers.

Sound familiar? You'd think he was dating GoDaddy and their web host services.

He put them on blast and went to another web host.

The funniest irony of it was that before, he was sooo happy with GoDaddy and tall about how much better they were from his prior web service.

Its been like 5 years since he got mad at GoDaddy.

I assume he either wanted to hint at fathers day in a discreet way without talking about Trot and clot,
Or, he spun the Onision Wheel of Wahs to find something to complain about, because according to his own words, he would never use them again.

So then why bring up an issue form 5+ years ago, when you had already resolved it beforehand?

Sounds like someone is DESPERATE for drama!!!

Happy Father's Day Greg. May your ball and chain and bandaid babies always remind you that everyone gets their comeuppance eventually. Hopefully one day you can grow enough as a person to be able to love your family unconditionally (but we wont hold our breath lol)

No. 532191

Because he thinks it monetarily benefits him more to align with Toby than it is to pretend to champion women. Unfortunately for him, Toby is just as washed up as he is - 6 million subs yet his latest videos don't even break 20k views. It's beyond pathetic to see these two has beens (onion is more like a never was) teaming up.

No. 532194

Okay so I kind of get why Onion doesn't get a job, since he's in his 30's and has never worked so nobody will hire him. But Lainey absolutely should try to work in her field. She has a degree and everything. Even though she makes more with youtube right now, that's not going to last and she should know that better than anyone.

No. 532196

Isn't it crazy how when Ayalla told him that Richie was abusive he believed her no questions asked but when several girls, including his "friend" Jaclyn says toby is abusive he's willing to brush it off?

No. 532208

>Samefag but I did some more digging and may have figured it out. He and Toby Turner pledged to each other.

Good detective work,anon. Slightly off topic but does Turner have his own updated thread? His recent video where he twists the #Me Too movement to whine on his career tanking due to the 2 yr old rape allegations is some prime self-indulgent milk but I can't find anything new on the idiot. Seriously these morons like Onision and Turner need to wake up and realise it isn't 2006 any more and their lame 'lol random' content doesn't fly any more. Why am I not surprised Turner and Gurg suk each other's peen?

No. 532233

NTA but I was wondering the same thing. If not I hope the farmhands will approve one because he's turning out to be just as milky as Shreggly.

I get Onion's got something to benefit from hooking up with Toby but I don't get what Toby's getting out of it. I mean Grug isn't really going to help his 'reeee I'm a good guy' spiel. Maybe it's just that onion is the only one willing to play with poorlittle Toby in the sandbox. I noticed he's been pulling an Onion move and tweeting at Youtubers like Markiplier and getting ignored kek

No. 532234

No. 532237


He’s complaining now, 5 years later, about not getting refunded for something because he is literally THAT deperate for money, anon.

No. 532243

he's probably only getting all friendly with toby to make jacpyn uncomfortable so that he can stir up some drama when she refuses to collab with them or something lol "she became a dishonest liar and stood me up because of her own selfish personal vendetta" or some other projection. he seems like the creepy type who likes to make a toxic friend triangle.

No. 532246

File: 1529263860403.png (180.13 KB, 1242x1328, IMG_7238.PNG)

Maybe he can collab with Toby's gf. She's retweeting his video on Toby and wanting people to take criticisms of Onion elsewhere on twitter

No. 532247

File: 1529263920093.png (447.47 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_7235.PNG)

Is this aimed at Grunk?

No. 532251

seems so

No. 532255


This situation is going to turn so milky when Toby eventually offends Grease with something and you know he will- is there a single collaborater Shreg has worked with that he hasn't later turned on like a rabid animal?

No. 532256

She has a psychology degree. The only jobs she can get is middle management (and even then she doesn’t have any management or sales experience) or some low teir caretaking job making the same as a CNA

My friend is going to school to be a psychologist and only has her bachelors and she works as a care taker for a special needs kid making $10 an hour.

No. 532262

Sooo, Lainey finally decided to cash out on it being National Pride Month, first with her Androgynous Summer Look Book and now a Pride Colored Eyebrows Tutorial: https://hooktube.com/sz78HFVQaSU

If she goes to PRIDE in her area, I'm so sorry for everyone there who sees this wanna be transtrender

No. 532263

Do we have any idea why Shreggly is hiding his face the last few vids? Trying to Botox the caveman brow back up?

No. 532266

File: 1529268545837.png (4.21 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_7245.PNG)

No. 532279

Maddy Cambra seems to have an ok relationship with him. Billy the Fridge too. Always someone of lesser status though

No. 532281


Why do her eyebrows look like used tampons ?

No. 532290

Because she's a cunt?

No. 532294

I see social repose is doing makeup tutes nowadays

No. 532295


Jaclyn also made a video saying she didn't believe the accusations levied toward Toby.



He didn't maintain his db and blamed Godaddy when the forums crashed. This was back in the day when he was really trying to drive traffic to the forums.

No. 532300

File: 1529277772033.png (73.65 KB, 853x530, Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 7.22.…)

Onision on his website saying he'd date a trans guy.


No. 532301

Kek at Grease forgetting he said he's not attracted to masculine looking people

No. 532304

is a "trans guy" ftm or mtf?

No. 532305

born female, trans into guy.


No. 532306

No. 532308

Hahaha I guess he’s having to own up to all his sperging years ago saying he’d still love Lainey if she magically grew a dick since now is a reality

No. 532310

Has Grease ever said that he loves his children ?

No. 532311

Even though those are shitty jobs, it still would be dependable income. Lainey doesn't want to work, period, that's why she married some flash-in-the-pan internet celebrity. She was young and dumb enough to think Greg's money would be always be there to support her lazy ass

No. 532317

He doesn't really talk about them unless he's soapboxinng about something

No. 532318

why would he say that? theyre not patreons
:P(don't use emojis)

No. 532320

isnt it against the rules to pretend to be someone else on a verified Twitter account? seems like that has to be against policy or something… cuz he's pretending to be a dog on a verified account…

No. 532322

File: 1529280475612.png (818.7 KB, 1440x1577, Daddy Shreg.png)

How ironic is it that on Father's Day Shreg chooses to upload this. He says that this depiction is what a REAL daddy looks like, someone who can "pump babies into you". Babies you can then ignore while you make substandard cringy videos shaming people, I presume.
The hilarious thing is, the kid in the picture is a dead ringer for Shreg.

Also, he apologized for not showing his face again, there has to be something going on. Maybe his straight wife got him a facelift for Daddy's day.

No. 532327

:/(don't use emojis)

No. 532328

I know this isn't the final result but it looks so god damn ugly. It makes her eyebrows look huge. At least she's self aware enough to admit that the red at the start of the brow looks terrible.

No. 532331

I cross my heart and hope to die. Pinky swear promie on my grave! I am NOT a hipster wanna be! I am anything but a hipster trender. I was born in 1987 in the same neighbourhood attending the same high school as Grease. I have never in my life herd of Andy or Jinkerson outside of Grease! I moved to the Great White North at age 19 in 2006ish, but still have never once in my life herd my friends or their friends or even my local Canadian radio station ever mention either of these artists.j Granted I’m 31yrs old just like greg but I just don’t know who these people are! I’m not a hipster or a tender and maybe just super old, but are these bands bigger in te States than they are in Canada? I feel like I know music and have good taste but I haven’t herd my peers, friends family or radio stations locally ever mention these bands outside of Grease??? Is it me, or is it Grease? Or are they just bigger in America? I swear I’m not
A wanna be douche canoe hipster? I am basic AF yet don’t know Andy or Jinkerson

No. 532334

Samefag like I said I grew up with Greg in Washington during the 90s only left in 2006, listening to come of the greatest music of our time!! I grew up with Jam and the entire
Movement happening all around us throughout my teenage years! I am so lucky to born where and when I was at that time In history, only leaving Washington in my early 20s. I mean I’m very out of touch and very unaware of the current music scene of Seattle or anything that the kids are listening too currently…. but I still do listen to Music and try and stay current yet nobody I know both in Seattle and Canada have heard or listened to Andy bursack and his band or the other Jinkerson fellow. Is this an age gap or am I just out of touch?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 532336

I don’t know why that’s out of pastor material? Anon was asking if the references made towards these bands was relvent to age or influence? No I’m not the same anon Iive in Florida. But I do think it is applicable to the thread. Are these bands ONLY something teenagers are aware of or do adults listen to them to

No. 532339

It just occurred to me that although I'm sure Shreg thinks this extra $1000/mo. bump in his Patreon by swapping pledges with Toby is going to encourage more kids to fork over their allowance, but does he realize that on top of the 5% Patreon cut he's going to have to report this to the IRS and pay taxes on it too? It's technically income.
I don't know the rules on this, but I don't think pledging money to YouTubers is an expense you can write off. It's not an advertising expense and it sure isn't a charitable donation, it's a gift. I wonder if this will be yet another of his desperate schemes that will bite him in the ass.

No. 532341


take it to ot or something. this thread isn't about music.

No. 532346

What anon is trying to say (or at least what I’m trying to understand) is anon is wondering if this is music more geared towards younger teenagers or what? Is this music that teenagers listen to or is it that anon is just clueless. If it is music kids listen to than I feel that says A lot about gregs character and mentality. Anon isn’t dissing musical tastes just wondering if the taste in music is applicable to his age and peer demographic. If so that it is relevant. Anon didn’t say BVB was bad music, just whether or not it was something people gregs age listen to or if it’s for teenagers. It says a lot about gregs character if people his age are listening to it. Cultural relativism and context(ban evasion)

No. 532353

That's sad :((don't use emojis)

No. 532357

Surely including if they went through T and had bottom surgery. Surely. Not pre-op, pre-T pussy.

No. 532366

If course he doesn’t know. And he absolutely will have to pay taxes on his monthly earnings. And more money = more taxes

No. 532367

If he actually has a tax person as he has claimed he does, he should be submitting his Patreon statements monthly. So any month he makes that extra 1k, he will be taxed accordingly

No. 532370

moron likely thinks the only consequence in the patreon fee

No. 532384

So Lainey said a few weeks ago about how she was growing as a person and is going to read the comments because she needed to grow up ect ect and then yesterday says she doesn’t read her comments because she won’t subject herself to that and she can’t handle it. When someone asks her what’s with the comments she says “the comments? I don’t know probably because I suck and people hate me. Which isn’t fun. It’s not fun”

No. 532396

File: 1529293631536.png (36.33 KB, 944x287, lainey.png)

off topic but i saw this on the gender critical subreddit and it made me kek

No. 532463

My lord, Gronk’s DDLG obsession is rapidly approaching critical mass. As much as I loathe that retarded degenerate piece of garbage Binkie Princess her boyfriend’s response to Grug was tres hilarant and I hope he continues to bait him into a narc rage so the spergy onion milk can flow once again.

No. 532464

underrated post, absolutely brilliant

No. 532469

File: 1529318592758.png (946.72 KB, 1067x600, Screenshot-2018-6-18 DDLG FAKE…)

"This guy not a daddy. More like a guy holding another dude's inverted pocket in prison."

Blatant homophobia, nice job Gork.

No. 532477

He tweeted about a disconnect with his fans because hes reduced face cam appearances and then on his newest video about DDLG, he quickly mentions him not showing his face on his videos.
What do you think he did to his face?
Could it be his usual facial scrubs and Botox treatment went wrong?
Did he do some kind of actual facial plastic surgery and fucked his face up?

No. 532489

Botox bruising can last several days to weeks, he always does this.

No. 532502

He was on younow yesterday, Nothing happened to his face

No. 532506

I actually like the idea but the execution is … not good.
It also makes her look incredibly sad. Plainey, blink thrice if you're in danger!! kek

No. 532508

Tinfoil: He wants people to speculate about not showing his face in order to remain interesting and relevant…

No. 532509

His threads here are taking a week+ to even fill up, so his relevance is diminishing.

Hoping for a sperg, narc rage or facial treatment gone wrong.

His ddlg shit is fucking boring tbh. But I guess it's the only thing giving him views? His content is motivated by analytics, so maybe that's it.

No. 532511

It's his "second job"
"Boo hoo I have to work a second job to make ends meet. If you want more face time, gimme more monies to I can stop needing a mysterious 'second job'"

No. 532512

Why would 1k motivate kids to spend?

No. 532522

File: 1529328678538.jpg (168.9 KB, 372x674, CYMERA_20180618_093126.jpg)

Extreme tinfoiling, based on Shreg's intense hatred of pedophiles and his elite military police training, I believe that Shreg is leading an elite tactical pedophile strikeforce as his second job and Toby Turner is probably his partner.

No. 532526

Takes one to know one I guess.

No. 532530

File: 1529332030965.jpg (345.47 KB, 1047x1354, Screenshot_20180617-094437.jpg)

>He didn't maintain his db and blamed Godaddy when the forums crashed
Thanks, couldn't remember his reasoning, he's just such a cry baby about everything.

He's run the gamut of Onision. Com , onision .net , onision .xyz (where did that go lol) and now onision .wtf . He sure does love trying to find new places (domains) to hide his pedophilic behavior of grooming and seducing teens on his forums.

Any I missed??

This whole comment anon. Bachelors alone don't cut it anymore, a master's degree and a certificate or two, and you'll be rolling in money that used to be guaranteed with a mere bachelor's.

The bachelor does count for something tho, if you are thinking laterally when job hunting(seen it paired with success, and amazing high paying jobs, but I'm not going to help Shregg or Crusty Lips there). But it almost guarantees you a shift manager position in retail or food service after a year, earlier if its like, say, economics, or accounting.

She did think it would be easy money being married to a YouTuber. Now??? She's probably never worked so hard lin her life before (scoff), exempting her gymnastics and tumbling times.

>Onision on his website saying he'd date a trans guy.
>born female, trans into guy.

Heres his tweets, lest we forget how he feels about the whole trendy "trans" stance.

>Kek at Grease forgetting he said he's not attracted to masculine looking people

Exactly. When he said that about Jaclyn Glenn, because all of pt and temp kept pointing out how Shregg had a huge crush on his atheist modeling queen. He was so jealous and upset that she was dating Ritchie.

He had to find something disparaging to say about Jaclyn to make himself feel better than them, but because Greg loved Jaclyn (he always loves what he can't have) there was nothing he hated about her mind or her thoughts, or her stance on atheism or her beauty.

So he attacked her in the closest way it triggered his insecurities.

He attacked Jaclyn Glenn's tall height, because it made him feel even more like a small man.

And we all know just how small he trully is…. downstairs….. lol lol 3 inch cheese doodle man ha ha.

No. 532550

There was also onision.me, DSSCTM snagged uhohbro.com and he ended up getting uhohbro.net

No. 532616

Has it been brought up that his recent antiDDLG videos may have stemmed from an attempt to alienate Lainey from that binkieprincess girl? They clearly talk and seems to be supportive of each other on sm and maybe he doesn’t like that. It wouldn’t be the first time he tried to cut his partner off from others.

No. 532617

Lainey is also undeniably a little, or was until her twink emo fuckboi phase. Now she'd be a little boy.

No. 532650

Off topic, but I’ve noticed that with LGH, if you tweet him something that’s not sucking his ass, he’ll just block you, but if you DM him, he’ll actually engage and get in a fight with you? He’s such a little man, hiding behind a screen thinking that DMs are safer than the public, even though he’ll end up posting abbreviated, cropped versions of the conversations in a feeble attempt to screech how he “won” against a hater.

No. 532651

Good point anon…honestly I was thinking it was just an extension of Shreggly trying to put gross details out there about his sex life. Seems like they both revel in displaying their SUPER EXCITING KINKY sexcapades

No. 532652

I agree.

If it was publicly speculated that Lainey is into DDLG then it would be assumed Onion must also engage in her fetishes as her husband. People may use that as further proof that he is a disgusting pedo.

No. 532655

File: 1529359933598.png (131.53 KB, 1242x1040, IMG_7281.PNG)

Well Grease's new positive facade is cracking

No. 532656

File: 1529359953824.png (135.96 KB, 1242x969, IMG_7282.PNG)

No. 532665

35 Year Old Man Pretends to be Dog, Barks for Attention

No. 532685

I want to see him get kicked off YouTube but that just means 40,000 tweets like this everyday.

No. 532689

Spot on, it’s like his fake support of feminism to throw off the fact that he’s really a huge sexist dick

No. 532691

Completely agree. It's silly, as it doesn't inherently mean he engages in them. I can have and engage in fetishes that my partner doesn't. If being a little to lainey is wearing onesies, decorating her room like a wittle pwincess, wearing lisa frank and coloring my little pony books and sucking on binkies or whatever, she's free to do that without greg having to be her daddy.

Even though she calls him daddy. And he acknowledged it at some point.

But yeah, we would automatically associate it, so he's going on an antiddlg spreeee

No. 532705

I don’t mention who but there is a Lamey stream up of her defending her disgusting hickies, and how is completely normal when Greg walks in and asks her in the most condescending patronizing degrading voice why the thermostat is set to 90

No. 532712

If you're not him, please lurk more. You can link the videos with hooktube.

No. 532720

Too lazy and don’t care enough to hook it. Still Worth the watch of these dysfunctional “adults” try to be a normal married couple.

No. 532726


he doesn't know that's what happened and that's why he's still blaming godaddy.

also, crovati

No. 532748

No. 532805

Ugh, she’s so insufferably smug. I hate this cunt so much.

>tonnes of bug bites

Bitch, you live in squalor, next to a swamp, and it’s summer. The fuck do you expect? Filthy cow.

No. 532817

>One bitch to another
Does he really think calling the CEO of YT a bitch is a good career move? Yeah, like Wojcicki is reeeeeally gonna go out of her way to address any of his problems.This really is the beginning of the end for this maroon.

No. 532821

YT has been ignoring his tantrums for AGES. I'm praying for that third strike.

No. 532829

This made me snort laugh. He’s kept this stupid dog thing going for longer than I expected though.

No. 532839

It’s probably because people called him out on coming back to Twitter after two weeks, so now he technically isn’t tweeting

No. 532846

File: 1529390815318.png (375.24 KB, 354x502, taylor.png)

she looks terrible.

greg's fake nice voice is so irritating. and the way he fluctuates between his fake deep "take me seriously" voice and this passive aggressive high nice voice is seriously infuriating, but how is their thermostat low enough for a child to reach?

No. 532855

Funnily enough, I think he would have been more popular than he is now if he maintained that narrative. He's trying so hard to pander to the tumblr crowd but he's just way too old and ugly to cross their radar. He should have maintained his 'brutally honest' shtick and become a full on commentary channel that shits on the tumblr crowd.

No. 532860

When my brother was 3, he was already capable of climbing on top of chairs, sofas and tables to reach the light switches. So it's not really surprising that their kid messed with it especially since it feels like they barely pay any attention to them.

Also can I just say, why are their kids so eerily quiet. For a 5 and 3 year old I'm expecting incessant chatter, questions and singing, especially when they're in the car during the vlogs.

No. 532863


>"guess he didn't listen to me…"

When is he ever listening to her? That's nothing new kek

No. 532890

Is it just me, or does anyone else think Grease would still have an alright following if he kept up his “you know what makes a man a man? a PENIS not feelings!” attitude and buckled down, owned up to the offensive/edginess and made it work? I feel like he tried(s) to pander to too many different audiences and that’s what didn’t work. That, and separating his YouTube persona from his actual person.

Plenty of youtubers work the offensive and edgy thing and still have a big following.

No. 532903

File: 1529400731902.jpeg (4.92 KB, 247x204, download.jpeg)

I can easily see how a child could play with a nest thermostat. There is no cover or buttons. Trot could easily reach up and spin it because it spins the way old thermostats used to.

I agree Onions faux nice voice is irritating. All his voice changes are creepy. Its like seeing him shift characters right in front of you. I have never in my life met someone who changes their voice as much as he does and I work in a psychiatric unit. Its fucking absolutely bizarre.

No. 532904

Blaire White and her band of merry alt-right retards are an example of this, though their YouTube content has been deservedly demonitised.

No. 532910

So has onion's content tho, but had he continued with his alt-right stances instead of sucking whatever leftist appendage that crosses his gaze, I think he'd have a better chance generating income from podcast/patreon/twitch.

No. 532911

Lurk moar.

No. 532912

Possible tinfoil but I don’t think Grug actually has any political opinions of his own, he just parrots whatever he thinks will get him views. I highly doubt he watches the news, much less reads any articles. He only pretends to care about LGBT issues for the sake of his straight footstool and professes to hate Drumpf and live veg because that’s what’s acceptable amongst the tumblrtards. I bet he goes on midnight runs to Popeyes or Maccas to scarf fried chicken and burgers when no one is watching.

No. 532917

File: 1529407649133.jpg (285.26 KB, 956x638, Scardey Greg.jpg)

Onision was always insecure.
Greg can't stand the heat in the kitchen. Whenever it gets too hot, he flees.

Hiding behind Santa Leelu, the most beloved of the onion clan, because he knows we prefer her, a dog, to any of the trash humans in that family. Most everybody can see right through you, duh!

Not the first time that ginormous insecurities get the better of Greg, we know he is afraid of confrontation. Hell, Greg is afraid of most people, because he only knows how to feel secure talking to underaged teens, not normal human adults.

Always hiding behind someone else or something, a partner, a dog, a lame partners personal channel, a bullet proof vest, a tesla, a patreon, a mask, body paint. Botox! It always something hes hiding behind, cuz he's an insecure git.

No. 532946


That’s what happens when you marry someone who is nine years younger than you and fresh out of high school. Skye and Adrienne wouldn’t have given him this whole tumblr shtick. Shiloh might to some degree, or Billie, but arguably those two were the women he loved most.

He cheated on both his wives to be with them (Skye with Shiloh, Laundry with Billie), they were young, popular, alternative, and presented themselves as women, not a little boy in Laundry’s case. He’d endure the odd tumblrina behavior from them if it meant he got suk mi. With his ugly straight wife, he’d rather just dry hump her from behind.

No. 532963

>intense hatred of pedophiles


No. 532964

Pretty sure anon is mocking gregs extreme distaste and witch hunt mentality for "pedophiles" (like shane and felix) despite his own fucked up pedo tendencies.

No. 532996

In onion's newest video on uhohbro he mentions lolcow and takes an image from us. He deletes any comments on plain's videos that aren't extremely positive because plain is a smol precious bean (adult woman) who can't handle criticism..

No. 532999

What's funny is, as much of a stupid cunt Lainey is, she at least tolerates people a liiiittle longer than Greg does in general on YouNow. He streamed the other night and IMMEDIATELY blocked people for asking anything that seemed in slight disagreement with him at any point. It was so pathetic and sad.

Oh, and he pretended to not know whether or not Cyr and Dasha are dating (even though he left a comment on one of Edwin's recent videos on them and he damn well knows the situation) just so someone else could be blamed for bringing them up and he had a chance to shit-talk Cyr. Much like Shane, he sees people's opinions on Cyr as directly related to him ("If Cyr is bad, WHICH HE TOTALLY IS THAT LIAR ABUSER, that means I'm good!!")

Not saying Cyr's great, just that Greg is a transparent baby who continues to break his little promise of never speaking ill of ex friends. He told us to call him out if he ever did this again, remember? During Billiegate.

No. 533002

Also he kept changing his opinions whenever it was convinient for him (being transphobic when all the bathroom and jail thing for the LGBT community happen and now support Plainey)
I think if he had kept the macho alpha mentality (being transphobic, homophobic, male chauvinist, etc.) at least he could have audience, all white trash, but definitely not haters.
Besides it would feel more real coming from him since he is like that, everyone can see the bs behind any support towards everything (support the LGBT community, being vegan, being a good dad, etc)

No. 533006

He titled his newest video “defending my “wife””
Yet no one commented saying she was his wife?? So he quote misgendered her why?
When ur husband uses one of ur apparent biggest insecurities for click bait

No. 533010

“It obviously wasn’t me .. my dude
Did she just call her husband “my dude” what the hell hahahah sorry but that just sounds so fucking weird to me. Also did he really have to come in on stream to ask that, isn’t their normal method of communication via text not enough? Gotta show that dominance

No. 533014

No. 533017

File: 1529438759376.png (248.18 KB, 640x1136, CBC69FD9-EC04-4CB9-A365-D1950C…)

Very OT but Shi’s cognitive dissonance is astounding.(don't post shiloh unless she is relevant to current grease drama)

No. 533023

may that homophobic woman beater rest in piss

No. 533024


LMAO he used girlfriend as a tag

No. 533025


No. 533027

is the pinkeye on the left side caused from him tonguing his girlfriend from behind?

No. 533028

On the paper on the outro, you can see writing on the opposite side. If you flip it and enlarge you can see bits and pieces. Muckbang [sic], Onision, writing. I would do it but can't at the moment, but if you flip it, enlarge and tinker with the contrast, you may be able to read some of it.

No. 533037

File: 1529440690044.jpg (240.44 KB, 518x663, gayhub.jpg)

shoutout to farmers at 1:50

first cap:
"SHE? first of all, you just misgendered them"

second cap:
"reading: 'When I get high, I watch Lainey because 'their' voice is so soothing'"
"You know what, I actually like that comment"

No. 533043

she’s deleting comments now too

No. 533044

God she has a live stream up with her crying about it while hitting a bong.
I really thought she was doing better but her talking like she’s hood saying “we out here…” etc was cringe as hell. She looked hella rough without the filters, and her body looks emeciated. Sigh.

No. 533050

File: 1529444038985.jpg (29.2 KB, 978x150, Man man.jpg)

Omg and the foot is laying down and taking this??
Everyone with eyes can see the #of comments don't match up with the small amount of comments left.

He's basically saying that Lamey is so insecure and so weak and uncourageous, she can't even read her comments?? Ha! Thats a laugh. She reads all the comments, she loves to be talked about, narcissistic skank.

No. 533051

Unless Shiloh is currently involved with Greg and/or Lainey drama, don't post her.

No. 533056


No. 533061

>greg's fake nice voice is so irritating. and the way he fluctuates between his fake deep "take me seriously" voice and this passive aggressive high nice voice is seriously infuriating

Narcs have no core sense of self, so they imitate what they think is the appropriate persona to be in any given situation. I always think of Gurg when I watch that clip from American Psycho:"There is an idea of a Patrick Bateman Gurg, an entity… but I'm not really there."

No. 533062

"im going to block the haters"
>blocks people who give beauty advice to a beauty channel
okay greg, maintain that echo chamber

No. 533065


well, she obviously never was a particularly good judge of character.

No. 533076

File: 1529447810423.png (125.68 KB, 310x285, untitled.png)


Can we not turn the Onision/Laineybot thread into a ghetto gossip rag? Summerfags.

No. 533081

Their kids are probably quiet because they're neglected. Either that or they're screamed at to shut up whenever they make so much as a peep.

No. 533084

yeah because kids being unheard on camera for the time it takes to film is a sure sign they're probably being abused. Totally no other more likely or rational explanations.

No. 533085


probably being kept quiet by a flashing screen. wonder how many hours a day they spend in front of one or another

No. 533086

Are you really trying to defend the Onion couple's shit parenting? Remember that they flew out an underage sitter to take care of their kids despite having ample time to take care of them themselves. They don't want to interact with the children.

No. 533092

I'm not defending it, I just haven't seen any reason to think they're abusing the kids or even that they're intentionally bad parents.

No. 533096

RealStream Reacts To Onision Patreon Exclusive Defending My “Wife”

He talks about lolcow, too.


No. 533103

that streamer dude is such a piece of garbage content stealing filth. I don’t think the rape thing is even true but he is just as unclean and filthy and oily and grease himself. Fuck that guy. Post the video but let’s keep his name out of OUR mouths and hope he keeps OUR good name out of his kek. Dude is disgusting filth period (even if you ignore the rape shit)

No. 533105

You don't have to be intentionally hurting your kids to hurt them. Something as simple as knowing your parents don't care or your dad not loving you/wishing you didn't exist is enough to fuck a kid up.
I think it can be said with pretty much certainty that Greg doesn't love anyone. At least not properly. The closest he's seemed to come to love or caring is Shiloh, Billie, and Cyr (as a friend). And if he does his hatred/lovebomb cycle to his kids that's a surefire way to destroy them mentally (Peter Sellers's kids for example). Honestly I'm hoping Greg mostly ignores them cause that's the best I expect him to ever get with them. It'll mess with them but not as bad
Now of course I don't know Greg personally but the possibility of him loving and caring for his kids like a father should does not seem likely

No. 533106

That Shrek Shop of him and Lainey must've really gotten under his skin to include it. Wonder why he's suddenly willing to mention lolcow? I mean it's been obvious that someone in the Grease Camp has been reading here for quite a while.

No. 533112

Remember when people pointed out the hypocrisy for calling out Eugenia and her assumed eating habits (Though I do think she has an ED. Not that I support the way Onision handled it.) but not Billy the Fridge's since he is obviously overweight (Dude might actually be big enough to be considered morbidly obese)

He cited a bunch of statistics "proving" that having an ED is more detrimental to your health. Therefore being obese is healthy!

Good times.

(I'm not trying to slag people who are overweight. Sorry if it comes off that way.)

No. 533115

File: 1529454477576.jpeg (17.34 KB, 276x207, 0006E0A6-0DE2-4E6C-9F65-BC3E81…)

From Lainey’s date video, enjoy!

No. 533116

Interesting considering he made a video on the exact opposite this summer when he was trying to say that Shane was worse than Eugenia for being fat. And BTF is certainly much larger than shane.
Oh and of course last month or so he had made a video stating he wouldn't make any more videos on Eugenia cause he read about the life expectancy of people with anorexia being the same as the average person in the world

No. 533119

No shade on billy fridge….I’m totally fine with the dude (besides being a friend of Grease), but he is yes very very much in the morbid range…. by a lot. But good on him, that’s a billy problem not mine. Grease needs to worry about himself. Learn how inept he his first before trying to fix EC of Shane

No. 533120

File: 1529455134804.png (653.96 KB, 822x496, ENHANCE.png)

for everyone's analytical pleasure

No. 533123

Did did did, did I just watch them eat yogurt from you know a MOO COW? I totally found 4 videoed and maybe a 5th of Grease talking about how terrible drinking cows milk is and how cruel it is… something something cow rape… blah blah….DONT DRINK MILK! Source on possible vegan alternatives: may or may not work at that particular chain and those favours are clearly not labeled vegan

No. 533131

might be morbidly obese? he is 400 lbs, he is in the danger zone

No. 533134

Not surprising, considering she has said that she regrets leaving Onion and that if she could go back she would. Traumatic bonding can be permanent.

No. 533145

how are those thunder thighs? Also if she exercised ever she would probably have an ok body

No. 533149

Bitch needs to do some strength training. She has the body of an elderly lady and she's only in her early 20s.

Also this. She doesn't have thunder thighs whatsoever but every part of her is saggy as fuck because she's too lazy to do anything but whine and play with makeup.

No. 533173

File: 1529464789322.png (315.49 KB, 513x415, too hot for youtube.png)

His 'uncensored' videos hardly have anything different. The only change in his 'Defending My Wife' video was this 'too hot for youtube' image which is just a screen shot from trisha paytas's channel. He's insane if he thinks his 'uncensored' videos are worth paying for.

No. 533177

File: 1529466179225.jpg (197.57 KB, 652x795, Senior citizen.jpg)

As usual, greasy is way too late to the party, that challange is so old. Done, gone, forgotten.

How can he expect to bag a new high schooler if he can't keep current on the latest viral trends?

No. 533208

Greg is a narcissist. They have a high sex drive and it doesn’t matter what or who they fuck

No. 533230

I'm pretty sure it's just some shitty script for one of his videos.

No. 533237

File: 1529480418257.jpg (42.61 KB, 508x592, wutt.jpg)

"Cos the suns gonna be shining down on all of us gays" says a mother of two who is married to a man and has only ever kissed a woman… It's delusion or? She can't actually think she's gay. It has to been outright lies, right?

No. 533238


> it doesn’t matter what or who they fuck

All the more reason why he shouldn’t own pets. Dolphins supposedly like to rape turtles in their shell cavities. Poor Reptar was probably just the right size for Shreg’s microwang.

No. 533241

He's not vegan, he went back to vegetarianism because he's lazy and it would require having to give up Taco Bell and Olive Garden.

When he gave the veganism up, he lashed out at Freelee claiming that she lied to him about the health benefits and losing weight. Which is funny because I don't remember Freelee asking him to eat entire loaves of bread and tortillas all day.

No. 533248


whatever it is, it has something to do with trisha paytas. can't really make any sense of it but you can make out some words and phrases. it looks like trisha is one of the words.

No. 533258


Also he blamed Freelee because he ate some non vegan pasta. Claims she said «most pasta is vegan», so the idiot went out to dinner with Tomato and gulped down a plate of non vegan pasta because he didn’t even bother checking the ingredients.

It’s truly astounding how lazy he is.

No. 533264

I remember that story. It sounded like Tomato wanted to smack Onion around for yelling at his wife. But of course we're talking about Bisquette the pushover, so he pussied out and praises Gronk for halfheartedly apologizing to them in the car (hours later)
Im assuming were not suppose to link to Onision orbiters and give them views so I just hook'd it up.


No. 533265

File: 1529491515348.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.51 MB, 3264x3264, vomit.jpg)

He ate shit like this while trying to go vegan, completely ignoring Freelee's advice to eat more fruit/veg and stop scoffing down bread all day but of course it's somehow Freelee's fault that he failed.

Going through his Instagram again, the only food he eats that looks decent is from restaurants. Two people living at home full time for the past 6 years (or way longer in Onion's case) but they still haven't figured out how to cook a meal that can't be microwaved. They're actually beyond lazy.

No. 533266

Onionboi has an irrational fear of microwave ovens. He wont use them and doesn't allow Lamey to use them for food prep either. He probably thinks its going to give him testicular or colon cancer.
I wouldn't be surprised if he just opens a can of food, drops it on the ovens open flame for 5 mins and then sticks a spoon in it, dinners served.

No. 533302

that sounds perfectly reasonable

No. 533306

File: 1529500260367.jpg (67.01 KB, 791x283, If u dont eat puss, u aint gay…)

>Onionboi has an irrational fear of microwave ovens.
>He probably thinks its going to give him testicular or colon cancer.

What does he think will happen with years of eating out expensively at restaurants instead? Perfect health??

He doesn't know how to eat heathly, homemade, nutritionally balanced foods! Thinks he's invincible. Let him eat that shit. All the food he eats at restaurants are packed and loaded with sodium, and before yesterday filled with artificial trans fats.

Greggles is gonna have high blood pressure and cholesterol issues, and at risk for blood clots and stroke. Atherosclerosis, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, all that can be brought on by shitty diets. Let him keep killing himself by his own hand, all that shit will age him horribly too.

Anyone really think he would ever eat healthy? Nah son, he only has time for facial fillers, male makeup sessions, and botox.

I feel kinda bad for that cunt, she should have a microwave, no wonder she can't cook. Greg can leave the room if a microwave is working. But its just Lainey being controlled by her husband again. Because you know, gay people screaming about tolerance and equality will turn around and play into traditional gender roles and be subservient to their straight CIS husbands. Yup

No. 533322

Thanks for spoilering this. Fucking disgusting. I'm not even vegan and I make really good vegan dishes just from throwing a nice vegetable dish together. No wonder Lainey and Greg have putrid bodies. How pathetic to be their age and not be able to cook a balanced meal.

No. 533331

He maintains good rs with all his collaborators right up until they don't do something for him that he expects. If they just accommodate to his requests, they could be child rapists and he would be able to excuse them.

No. 533361

File: 1529513405034.png (167.67 KB, 554x636, img.png)

Youtube rejected Gurg's appeal on his video flag. lol

No. 533378

That ramen looks soooo healthy. Lol. The laziness is horrifying in that household.

No. 533394

i don't have a microwave and cook fine. I guess since they're lazy as fuck, but meh. Never had a microwave (not out of principle, prioritized other appliances).

If only he'd spend on a freaking dermatologist or a medspa to treat his skin instead of focusing on covering it up with pounds of makeup. Both of them. But he'd rather botox and fillers instead of working on healthy skin.

Same with Lainey. She spends hundreds on tattoos every month but won't get a facial. On stream she said she hated them. Boo fucking hoo. Keep ruining your skin with shitty makeup instead of actually dealing with your skin.

No. 533403

Someone needs to explain these photos. Spinach, pickle and veganaise burrito? Pr e packaged burrito? Poop smear burrito? Plain bread and instant ramen? Did I get these right? Is this what aliens eat when they wear human skin?I

No. 533404

that's toast and ramen you uncultured swine

No. 533413

I think his eating habits and skin problems might be profoundly connected. Bad diet influences gut bacteria, causing outbreaks, acne and bad skin in adults (among other things).
A friend of mine had the same problem and he only found out about it after having an appointment with an alternative practitioner. He's way better now.

I've been pondering about writing this for some time now cuz if LGH reads here I don't really want to give him any advice…

No. 533414


Titled "…I messed up." I'll try to get through this:

Unable to stand in place, Greg rambles on about how his channel's been tanking, how Tobuscus suddenly got attention after telling his story but Greg's told his story and he isn't getting popularity again.

Pontificates about "how humans are" for the billionth time.

Mentions "horrible crimes" for the billionth time.

Whines about "society" being a "crazy mess"… oh god i'm trying to follow along for you guys but now he's talking about Hitler.

…Ok.. Now he's saying he shouldn't watch Mel Gibson.

Saying he and others are hypocrites.
Now he's saying "if I were in the next Marvel film.." (LOLOLOL NEEEEVER gonna happen)

What? Now he's talking about animals and their levels of cuteness?

Now he's talking about having to call the cops on Sh. What the fuck is this video. Omg now he's saying his ex "didn't have boundaries" what… Ok now he's back to Hitler… parenthood.. war?

Ok now he's saying Tobuscus is cool bc he's met him… he says Toby will probably not wanna be his friend bc he's high risk and he'll understand if that's the case… now he's saying YouTubers don't want friendships with each other (no Greg, they don't want to be friends with YOU).


tl;dr he's lost it

No. 533418

Great work Anon!
>tl;dr he's lost it
Oh absolutely, Toby gaining traction again has fucking destroyed him mentally.

No. 533420

File: 1529523156267.png (9.96 KB, 714x167, loltags.png)

Those tags?!?

There's desperation oozing from this one.

No. 533421

This is just getting sad…..

No. 533424

File: 1529523875211.png (257.1 KB, 947x341, 1529455134804.png)

No. 533432

It is absolutely related to his gut health. I had the same story as your friend. Posting here doesn't matter because he would never be able to commit to the amount of work it takes to fix the issue. Plus you actually have to cook real meals and eat a bunch of really unappealing food. No more cheese, beans,or gluten. That's literally his entire diet. He'd never make it.

No. 533433

It's weird that he's scared of microwaves but will carry around a cellphone.
He looks manic and sweaty in this video.

No. 533434


Whole video summarized after cutting through the 'deep' bs.

'Am I out of touch? No. It's the children who are wrong!'

No one hates you because you embody flaws in everyone Greg. People hate you because you are aware of these flaws and do not change; you publicly ignore your own issues. Not only that, you hold other people to a higher standard because you have no control overyourself.

No. 533436

Chibi was probably eating yellow snow after he pissed on it

No. 533437

Does anyone remember the days of his speaks videos where he would actually make a bit of sense? Man, I really miss those days, it was so easy to demonise him back then for being a waste of space.

Now he just makes no sense and I feel really bad watching him mentally breakdown in front of a camera.

Greg if you're reading this, just quit it with the whole full time YouTuber shit. Your brand of ADHD and randomness is way too dated for the current crop of kids and no amount of trying to fit in and saying lit is going to make them forget that you're over 30.

Stop whatever you're doing and use whatever clout you have left and advertise yourself as a video editor. If you want to keep food on the table and Fiji water in the fridge I reckon that's your only viable option left at this point.

No. 533447

I only knew about him after he and theamazingathiest got into a fight about veganism

No. 533459

Onion stating he's moving onisionspeaks to uhohbro instead, because he can't be lewd onscreen.

Yeh ok, moving around your channels and content didn't work before, not gonna work this time.

Sour grapes this one, getting envious that Tobuscus got 1.2 mlion views, and a video of toby got him like only 50k, which is a lot now, thats onisions normal now. 10k, perhaps 20k lol. A year from now, he'll be getting only 7k per video.

Onision has no redeeming qualities. Thats why people don't care for his story. Hes a cancer that drags people down. Can't grow a success story out of that pile of dirt.

No. 533463

Silly Onion. Pulling out is how you were born and we all wish that was more effective.

No. 533466


Fucking kek. Since they already rejected the appeal in the Trisha one, just one more and that channel is gone.
It's funny he thinks he's being unfairly targeted. He might be right about that Chibi video not being that bad, but he's gotten away with so much shit over the years, they could literally close their eyes and pick any of his videos and find rule infractions. I hope they keep reviewing and nuke him off YT altogether.
The sperg will be amazing to witness.

No. 533467

lol he's lost his mind.
Also I swear he lowkey just admitted that he didn't love his kids and was angry that he had to love them? I dunno he rambled so much.
Either way, He knows he has to change but just doesn't want too. Never change grease, stay a shitty person for us to mock and laugh at.

Poor little small man huehuehue.

No. 533477

What the actual fuck. He found a way to mention almost everything BUT Pewnews and Philly D. Seriously, he included Hitler, Tobuscus, Sh, Michael Jackson, his own uncle and even Mel Gibson ffs. What a desperate loser.

Also, wtf does the title have to do with anything? Nowhere in this bizarre, nonsensical sperg does he mention "messing up".

What stood out to me most was him repeatedly mentioning how Toby had gone "viral". Shreg has been obsessed with going viral for eons, thinking that will turn this sinking ship around. If Toby continues gaining subs without any trickle-down to his channel, Shreg's support will quickly turn to jealous outrage, and we shall witness a geyser of milk erupting from the Swamp. And it will be glorious.

No. 533481

"Pew news?" He's willing to call Felix a CHILD PREDATOR based off of a tweet, bash him for not doing charity (completely false btw, most big creators should be aware that PDP has raised/donated a LOT of money for different charities over the years; how about you, Gronk? Hypocritical idiot) but has noooo problem using PDP's brand to leech off for views? Is that not the kind of behavior he shits on other creators for engaging in? Pathetic.

No. 533488

File: 1529532638519.png (1.24 MB, 832x757, poor little leelu.png)

Jfc. Not only is he encouraging his young fanbase to forgo condoms, but he did it while pretending to be his poor, sweet dog that he hates.

He is a human skid mark.

No. 533491

"So many people still supported Adolf Hitler and I am nowhere near as bad as he is! Wahhh unfair!!"

No. 533492

File: 1529533489308.jpg (208.36 KB, 800x800, BeautyPlus_20180619155640114_s…)

K-pop guy? Kek

No. 533500

I should have been happy with your excellent summary, but I watched most of them. He's…retarded. More so, he's disorganized. It's hard to keep up with his points, but the most striking thing is he's trying to be poignant with the ideas of change and how humans change while saying he won't change at the end of the video. He criticizes the idea of human beings changing? Or is he talking about his resolve to not change because he has a big mouth and he's really not as bad as Hitler?

Here's the thing that Greg doesn't get. Society will forgive your greatest crimes based on your contribution to society, i.e. TALENT. Take Dr. Martin Luther King, who forwarded Civil Rights while being a misogynist or John Lennon's contribution to music despite beating his wife. These men weren't just forgiven, but somehow you can respect their talents. Greg shits in diapers and makes lame ass comedy. There's no conflict where no duality exists. Greg is just a piece of shit who isn't that funny nor entertaining. There's no reason to balance his past and present offenses because his contribution is far too below par. Greg seems to understand this to an extent since he mentioned being in a Marvel movie (kek) and somehow people liking him again. Well, yes Greg, if people saw you had talent they would watch you. It's fucking simple and doesn't need high school level psychological probing of the human condition.

No. 533515

The utter balls to do this on a video where he spergs about his honesty and righteousness while looking directly into the camera and insisting he's done making videos for views. He's making videos for his subscribers, family and Patrons, guize!

Is he so far gone that he actually thinks Pewds or Philip Defranco's viewers would be interested in his shit videos?
He literally made a "Five Nights at Freddy's" video a few months ago. For someone who spends all day on his computer you'd think he could take a few minutes to google what's current with his teen viewers. But instead he just keeps pumping out the same old garbage.
But keep it up Shreg, I'm sure you're going to siphon a bunch of their subs with your epic roasts of old photos of goths, rating the attractiveness of the girls on your patreon and your fascinating obsession with pedophiles.

No. 533522

It’s crazy to me that these two didn’t turn out to be anti-vaxxers.

No. 533523

Bless you anon, that summary had me in tears XD The fact that he's envious of Tobuscus says a lot tbh, and that's not even thinking about all the other BS he put together.

Even though the thread hasn't been overflowing with milk recently, I've been enjoying the steady stream of unhinged-ness we're seeing from Ogreg.

No. 533525

File: 1529536135948.jpeg (24.17 KB, 140x180, 65974891-83B6-4407-A0EC-8AC431…)

Bald spot

No. 533528

File: 1529536272549.png (1.23 MB, 1138x646, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 7.10…)


You were very close anon. He eats shit in the video. I'm only 30 seconds into this too.

Source: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2n0ziw

No. 533530

How desensitized must you be to have your face anywhere near dog (or human) shit? Ew!

No. 533533

“Why won’t people like me when I’m a steaming pile of shit and refuse to change at all?”

Onision - 2018

No. 533535

So he literally ate shit and film himself do it and then he's shocked this video got flagged? lmao.

No. 533539

you're also nowhere near as charismatic as Hitler was, gregma. He was also a lot nicer to his dogs.

No. 533544

File: 1529536960125.png (Spoiler Image,858.11 KB, 1138x636, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 7.17…)

He also "vomits" on camera too at 0:45

Based on what the "shit" looks like on his face, I'm pretty sure it's pudding since the texture looks more liquidy and darker than runny shit. Safe to assume he got a Jello cup and squirted it onto snow.

But even still, many Elsagate videos featured an uncomfortable number of scenarios of characters eating poop thinking it was chocolate, so it wouldn't surprise me if YouTube was cracking down harder on this content since last year.

No. 533546

He also humps a tree and the ground. While he’s jumping the ground, he says that’s how his “daddy taught him” to make snow angels.

Yeah, joking about children being molested is A+ content. But Ogreasion, protector of the children from the mean pedo Shane was only joking, right?

No. 533556

File: 1529537575907.png (869.54 KB, 1440x1311, Shreggy B Anthony.png)

>Here's the thing that Greg doesn't get. Society will forgive your greatest crimes based on your contribution to society

Are you saying that Shreg shoving a tampon up his ass wasn't one of the bravest and most important contributions in the history of the modern women's rights movement?
How dare you, anon!

His sacrifice and words of wisdom will be reflected upon for generations and surely will be recorded in the annals of history.

"Organize, agitate, educate, must be our war cry."
-Susan B. Anthony 1896

"It sucks being a woman"
-Shreg 2018

No. 533567




Pls tell me this is a troll

No. 533568

File: 1529538830290.png (877.62 KB, 1440x1392, mice n flies.png)

Shreg just uploaded a video where he's dealing with a mouse in their house.
With the amount of trash they leave lying around this isn't surprising in the least. Also they say that for every one mouse you see, there are likely a bunch more you don't so who knows how many mice are running around in that mess?

He spends the majority of the video being a dick to Madison and doing his gross hyena laugh. You'd also think he might have put Leelu in another room considering that they were trying to get the mouse out alive.

No. 533569

I sure hope he knows that condoms aren't only effective against preventing pregnancy…you can still get AIDS if you pull out dumbass.

No. 533573

File: 1529539248072.png (181.13 KB, 1434x902, Pathetic bro.png)

Jfc I just noticed the tags on this one too. Again with the Pewnews, also "youtubenews" and "truth".

What an absolute shitstain.

No. 533574

Only a single tiny mouse? Their swamp dungeon should have rats and cockroaches soon enough.

No. 533575

i wonder why this didnt show up on that Deleted tweets account that someone started…

No. 533576

Hold the fuck up, it's against YouTube TOS to falsely tag your videos. "Among other things, metadata added in an attempt to game search algorithms will lead to the removal of your video and a strike against your account."

No. 533577

How do you report it? Under what category?

No. 533579

poor thing. thought it was running for it's little life. bring back your friends and nest in his over so every time he turns it on, the house will be covered in the smell of mouse piss.


…because it's not deleted


No. 533583

That damn profile pic tricked me.

No. 533587

Good way to get herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis, and hpv my dude.

He's such a self indulgent little bitch he can't even stand losing a bit of sensation during intercourse at the risk or contracting a disease. Onion is a raging dumpster fire.

No. 533589

Look at the name. It's probably a farmer.

No. 533591

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this your tweet? Because of the analytics and like, I mean.

No. 533592

What's that face she makes? Is she intentionally jutting her bottom jaw forward? Yeeeeesh.

No. 533597

its a tranny trick to look masculine

No. 533598

Definitely a farmer their name is margaret palermo aka venoos's mother.

No. 533599

He wants Tobuscus to ditch him as a friend so he can make a million videos about how he helped someone get back on their feet as a YouTuber and they ended up leaving him after using him.

No. 533607

…they've been in that house for…what, a month? 2? and they already have mice???

No. 533612


This just proves his vegetarianism is something he can virtue signal with. You could tell he wanted to see that mouse get ravaged by his dogs, sick fuck.

No. 533613

mice live in swampy areas, too. in the late summer, mice come inside where im at due to harvesting. its gross but theyve probably always been there.

No. 533616

Are her eyes photoshopped, or is it just a lack of eye makeup making them look off?

No. 533617


Lainey cashes in on National Pride month once more by doing a Bi Pride Lipstick Tutorial.. Except she got the flag wrong. Whoops.

No. 533623

File: 1529548293732.jpg (287.38 KB, 932x1004, collage.jpg)

she got the flag color order wrong. purple goes in the middle because it's a fusing of the two colors (girl pink and boy blue into purple). I am unable to even.

No. 533627

She's really fucking dumb. Also, her teeth look like the enamel is wearing off. Does she throw up her dinner every night?

No. 533629

So I’m just wondering if lamey went to Seattle Pride? Can somebody ask her in the stream? We didn’t get pictures or a video and I can’t imagne her going anywhere outside the swap without filming and making it a massive huge deal! So I’m wondering if she actually went or not?

No. 533634

Psychopaths always start with little animals.

Btw long until he starts killing people? I’m surprised he’s held out for so long tbh.

No. 533636

the thing is. in a picture we saw a kids cuisine meal. last time i checked you cant bake one of those in the oven. so they have to at least use one for their kids food

No. 533637

She didnt-She would have spammed the fuck out of it. Unless she did and is saving the content as a surprise

No. 533638

It's not until Sunday June 24th

No. 533642

File: 1529551072261.png (387.74 KB, 739x514, 5723100.PNG)

I noticed in the mouse video-
Greg and Lainey are running electrical cords through different rooms up against the door frames. When they open and close the doors the electrical cords will get pinched and eventually damage and expose the wires causing a spark and then fire.
If any of you followed Chris-Chan this is exactly the same way Chris burned down his house. Chris and his mother initially blamed the coffee maker he had in his bathroom, but the fire & arson investigators discovered it was the extension cord that ran from the hallway to the bathroom and the constant opening and closing of the bathroom door tore the outside rubber covering exposing the wires and causing a short circuit spark.

I hope Greg reads this. I have no other way of letting them know since Im blocked on all platforms. I dislike the Onions but I dont want them and their children to die in a house fire.

No. 533643

What would she do at a pride parade? It actually involves walking and interacting with people and there's no where for her to sit knees to chest and act like a small bean while picking at her fried food.

FYI, she ate fish and chips recently yea? That's fish and and eggs for the batter and tartar sauce. How is she just a prescatarian again?

No. 533656

Vegetarians and pescetarians can eat animal byproducts that dont cause death, like milk and eggs, vegans dont. All this vegan hoopla has made everyone forget what vegetarians actually are. Vegans recognize farming eggs and milk causes animals stress or forces them to live in horrible farm conditions. Vegans who dont eat honey are just retarded ignore them. Wish I could sage.

No. 533667

I'm surprised it has taken her this long. not surprised it is such a half-assed effort.

pescetarian literally means no meat but yes fish, and is otherwise vegetarian, so the eggs etc don't matter. if you're going to nitpick, try to get it right.

No. 533668

Im confused is she not vegetarian? Her what I eat in a day videos are labeled as vegetarian

No. 533670

Vegan or vegetarian it doesn’t make a difference when I have found at least 4 videos of greg loosing his marbles screaming about milk! I know he eats eggs so I buy the vegetarian stuff but he made a video in March 2018 screaming about dairy and milk. We doesn’t lie about eggs but he is full of shit when it comes to milk! Ate yogurt in the last video. So I feel this is only a non-dairy thing when is convenient

No. 533671

She identifies as pescatarian because of "muh iron deficiency"since she "has" to eat fish to get her iron.

I guess she'd be a "flexiterian" (i know..). Someone who is mostly vegetarian but every once in a while eats meat– in her case, specifically fish.

No. 533672


He's stated in the past that he is lazy when he's eating out about avoiding dairy.

No. 533673

Take a cue from how she labels her sexuality and gender. It changes with the wind and the definitions are whatever she wants it to be, whatever suits her and her feelings that day.
I eat meat, and I can call myself a vegan, no one can stop me, and if you give me facts and definitions showing me that Im wrong… well thats just your opinion dude, Im still going to call myself vegan and no one can stop me.

No. 533674

Its all about virtue signaling. He can prop himself up as better than all you dead corpse eaters, who make poop out of the poor deceased bodies of baby animals.

No. 533675

I’m by no means vegetarian to any extent but if I made videos of what I eat during the day (never would) they would probably be only vegetarian. Red meat isn’t a big part of a lot of people’s diets. Red meat is yummy but Catholics abstain from it on Fridays because it’s a luxury item. So just because she eats fish doesn’t mean she can’t make a vegetarian video if she doesn’t claim to be vegetarian which she doesn’t. But fuck her and Greg for everything else they claim and preach about

No. 533676

Ugh hate to keep going with this topic, but there's vegan yoghurt and egg replacers (haven't seen him eating eggs, so you could very well correct me).

They shop at wholefoods where there's vegan-everything.

He's a disgusting junk-food whatever he is. Lainey hates fruits and veggies. All they eat is processed shit. Both their diets are shit and hypocritical regardless of what they are.

No. 533678

File: 1529555637853.jpeg (30.47 KB, 441x408, C22818CB-A696-4325-AEEB-65322F…)

>mfw Blaire White just announced that she’s starring in a documentary
I wonder how long before Gerg starts sperging again, especially this coming so soon after his grandiose comment about how being in a Marvel film would save his “career”

No. 533680

Greg knows. She mentioned it I. That “debate” they did. He asked who was sponsoring and filming it she told him and he said “oh they’ll give anybody a film deal and laughed” but it wasn’t like in his normal asshole laugh and acted pretty normal and chill about it.

No. 533681

I think she already told him during their 'debate'. Can't recall what he said about it but he made some weird condescending laugh when she said she might go on tour and said:

'oh you're with (?? Network) right? Yes they make everyone go on tour, they asked me to do it too'.

No. 533682

Are we talking a "tour" or a "documentary" One would be on stage with panels and discussions Q&A, and the other would be some kind of film, right?
Im assuming those are vastly different things.

Greg did laugh and dismiss the tour thing when she mentioned it. He acted it was something offered to anyone, and they asked him to do a tour too.

No. 533683

Dang I didn’t bother watching the “debate” so I missed that…Still bet he’s seething given the recent tags in his videos grasping desperately for YouTube relevancy

No. 533684

I’m not sure now. You’re right. I can’t remember which one it was. I know she she WAS doing a documentary but couldn’t talk about it. I know he didn’t seem condescending in my eyes at that moment. He seemed cool about it and acted like human being. I just don’t remember if the “they’ll give anybody a deal” was about the film or tour

No. 533685

I pretty sure she mentioned the documentary too during their debate and he kept asking about what it was about.

This was right after he tried to talk shit about her uploading schedule I think.

She gave some minor details but then said it was hush hush and he guffgawed awkwardly again to which she responded once again with 'why are you laughing?'

No. 533688

Just watch up to the Laineybot arc. It was pretty entertaining to find out that lames will tell Greg every night that they hate their body and just want to cut their breasts off.

No. 533691

Your right
she named off the reasons she doesnt make YT videos as much
1. A nationwide tour by Fullscreen
2. Pilot for a TV show
3. Movie documentary, super secret and hush hush

I wonder what the TV show is about? Have her replace Roseanne, Dan would LOVE that.

No. 533698

Ive always thought that Lainey is just confused. She doesnt like her saggy blown out breasts, and her wide hips when she weighs more. And just because the body parts she hates are secondary sex characteristics she feels she needs to change her gender.
If she had issues with body parts that werent so closely related to secondary sex characteristics, like if she hated how large her feet were, or the size of her nose, I think this whole, "I hate my boobs, want them cut off and become a boy" thing would not be an issue.

No. 533703

I'm doubtful there is anyone in the world who would be satisfied with their breasts after breastfeeding nonstop for the last 5 years. If you had national geographic tities would you not have dysphoria over your chest?

No. 533705

there was an issue when my power went out where it didn't save Greg's profile pictures properly (the same day he changed to the pup) and it's caused database issues. I've rewritten it entirely so that doesn't happen again and I purchased a UPS for my home server that runs that account but I was forwarded an email from a coworker about twitter streaming being canceled on August 18th which means auto-updating twitter feeds and the applications that rely on them have to figure something else out.

Twitter's API has a hard limit of 200 calls per hour. so, developers of twitter api apps have a lot of work ahead of them. the bot will remain online but I will have to do a few manuals before I figure out the new API since they haven't and refuse to release it to developers.

if greg tweets and deletes something for those days, post it here, tag the bot I'll definitely make sure its retweeted but this is going to effect every twitter app, not just my bot. so keep that in mind for your other farming projects

No. 533707

File: 1529561319818.png (12.17 KB, 486x88, Capture.PNG)

Is Lamey actually going to collab with a teen girl who thinks shes a boy?
If Shreg and Lamey are flying this confused little girl out to the swamp trailer I feel bad for "Noah"
It doesnt matter that she presents as a male, she still has a vagina and Shreg is going to try and slip his bitsy choad into her as he fucks her from behind, biting her neck to hold her in place like a male cat.

No. 533709

Wouldn't worry too much about it. Kid is 10 times manlier than greg, Greg would be intimidated shirtless. But it might give use some long awaited milk when she eventually spergs out due to jealousy.

No. 533710

If only he realised that 90% of his views came from people like us who hatewatch him for the milk.

No. 533711


First, let me thank you for your service. salutes

Once upon a time years ago (I want to say maybe 6 or 7 years ago.) there was a text database of onions tweets floating around in certain circles. It was a raw text file with the tweet ID and the text of the tweet. If someone just happened to still have it and maybe put it on pastebin, I'd be very interested in having a copy and it may help you with older tweets in your project.

How far back will the API let you go?

Do you know about If this then that (https://ifttt.com/). Check it out. It may be relevant to your interests.

I've been watching the tweets regarding A and her father and I'm a little surprised he still hasn't deleted them.

No. 533713

if it's already a database file leave it's integrity and email it directly to admin and I'll talk to them. if it's already been compromised the approximate date can be extrapolated but it's not as concrete and less likely to hold up as an argument.

the API allows for 200 calls per hour, but it wont allow you to make subsequent requests on the same ID, so I can go as far back "automagically" up to 200 tweets, but exporting his tweets using a simple database and wget on a linux console backfills easy.

if you're interested in the process or have ideas, or knowledge in python (I'd even do it in ruby/rubyonrails at this point) drop a non-anon email at k421953@nwytg.com. no strings or monetary gain attached

No. 533714

it's been 13 minutes and I've got to head to bed, email the admin and hopefully together we can tackle this imposition twitter is making.

btw, for everyone else: this means twitter isn't going to automatically update your feeds. you have to drag-to-update for every post. literally everything, messages. they haven't implemented push notifications yet. I emphasis yet, they made this notice over 29 months ago.

No. 533716

File: 1529563928781.png (477.57 KB, 754x511, 95673528655474.PNG)

Something Ive noticed that keeps coming up over and over again. In his I Messed Up video he talks about Michael Jacksons pedophilia allegations. Why is it that whenever he has to make an analogy, or bring up a criminal act, its pedophilia, or when he wants to talk about some person who's committed a horrible crime, its a man accused of diddling kids. His favorite to bring up recently is Jared from Subway.
What this reminds me of is the televangelist who preaches to his congregation about the evils of homosexuality. The televangelists hatred of gays and "their demonic deviant sexual behavior" is one of the cornerstones of his church and dogma. Then a few years later we find out he was fingering his parishioners little boys on those Jesus Camp getaways, and hiring gay hustlers to fist his ass while he sucked cock.

The Onion doth protest too much, methinks

No. 533725

these clips are only from like 6 of his videos… i bet this video could easily be 2+ hours long if every "ok" was included lol

No. 533726

File: 1529567016720.png (60.1 KB, 300x168, untitled.png)


he sounds like a douchebag school principle or…

No. 533727

In some parallel universe theres an African-American Onision who says "knowhatImsayin" every 5 minutes.
This was great. The only down side was that just like when your stoned and keep saying some word over and over because it doesnt sound right, now "okay" sounds weird to me.

No. 533729

Didnt think I'd have to explain the difference between pescetarians and vegetarianism the first poster only seemed confused on eggs and dairy. Calm your tits. I'm actually pescetarian not that it matter to anyone.

No. 533742

Is this why Greg's gay now?

No. 533744

It's also a tweet from back in 2015, that's still up, that's why it didn't get posted by the twitter bot. It's just someone screenshotted recently so it's got their current icon/name. Just noting for clarity in case others are still thinking it's a recent tweet too.

No. 533745

File: 1529581525282.png (152.67 KB, 720x1280, bhg2.png)

And this Noah is obviously pretty stupid. Seems pretty young as well… no surprise there.

No. 533748

File: 1529582715043.jpg (931.4 KB, 1920x1920, 20180621_140354.jpg)

No. 533749

File: 1529582835138.png (3.33 MB, 1136x640, notkidscuisine.png)

Guys, can this meme die already?
It's just a divided plate. Probably with a Capri Sun and the same crap they ate.

No. 533750

File: 1529583058396.png (687.91 KB, 981x849, beautiful.png)

He made his bed, so I guess he will have to lie in it.

Hopefully he stays on good terms with them or it will be bad for him.

No. 533765

Noah would deserve it for ignoring all of the warnings.

No. 533769

File: 1529591492380.png (1.78 MB, 1238x798, trailer.png)


Onion confirms he's lurking and calls farmers 'stalkers' for posting public information. It's not like any of those pictures where taken by Farmers - these are all public photos that where found online. Perhaps it should be a lesson to Greg; once you put it online it never goes away. Also to LGH, You should be thankful that your 'stalkers' are helping you pay for that house. If you only had true fans backing your patreon then you'd really be living in a trailer.

No. 533770

File: 1529593283705.png (296.61 KB, 545x607, lies.png)


Lainey confesses to Maddie, but wait… it was just a Prank Bro!!

No. 533776

interesting to note that out of all of the topics discussed about them, this is the one he focused on

No. 533778

Hey Gurk! Since we know you're watching:

1. You bought the half million dollar house before you sold your old one.
2. You sold your two teslas and bought two new cars.
3. Three room house?! Oh my lord! You poor thing however will you survive your financial crisis.
4. You scam your fans via patreon because you don't want to downgrade your lifestyle. Buying two Iphone X isn't the sign of someone who is in financial trouble.

Fuck off rich man.

No. 533782

Wow Gerg… you still don't understand that no matter what you post online, it can be found again.
Doing a google search is not stalking you idiot.

I wonder if he soon pulls a Dasha and starts posting here.
Arguing with strangers in a forum about why he's right and everyone else is wrong.
When the thread gets spammed with screenshots of google definitions, we know he's here, lol.

No. 533784

I wouldn't be shocked if Lamey is genuinely developing an ED recently. Idk, something's just giving the vibe that her wannarexia is actually turning into a real ED. Shreg's admitting that Lame's stressed when she sees comments/negativity/etc, so that means she's clearly aware of how EVERYONE says she's in a shitty relationship, basically being abused by Shreg on top of her knowing that Shreg's abusive to her (and maybe even the kids).

She's definitely under stress, her family's probably telling her to get out, maybe some friends too. But she's so deep in Stockholm Syndrome that she can't see it.

All those years pretending to have an ED might've left their mark and she's using those behaviors to cope, genuinely. She's been looking sick lately.

Idgaf how much I hate Shreg & Prince but I don't want Lamey to end up with ED especially because she has kids to take care of (kids who might mirror her unhealthy ways).

No. 533786

File: 1529596590397.jpg (28.57 KB, 512x321, 687654.jpg)

>tfw lainey's gay husband lied about lurking
>tfw lainey's gay husband is most likely rubbing his baby carrot to this thread

No. 533787

File: 1529596768774.png (669.93 KB, 1067x600, why.png)

This screenshot flashes by really quick @ 5:21.

No. 533788

Why the hell that Noah kid is hanging out with lame is beyond me. He literally hates trans people like her. He goes on instagram rants all the time about how real transpeople need dysphoria, something lame doesn't believe. He's only 18 btw.

No. 533792

File: 1529597573622.jpg (76.92 KB, 999x315, Greg is a small man.jpg)

Oh silly Grundle Gronk, we see you, we remember it all. The internet remembers all.
But you have one supporter, you tiny small man you.
Everyone knows

No. 533797

File: 1529600443074.png (162.82 KB, 351x621, img.png)

No. 533798

For 30seconds that Thirty Bitch Maddison was thinking she could make them big trinity bucks! Not that the onisions have that tho of money anymore but for about thirty seconds she was weighting her options. Considering about taking it for the team and eaten puss if that meant she could forever hang off that onion dick

No. 533799

What is he doing reading a thread from 2 months ago? Extreme lurking confirmed.


No. 533801


I think it's possible that this (old) thread about the trailer is the only one he could find, or the one he happened to pull up on a Google search. Not sure if he's familiar with how to navigate an image board, how to find most recent threads, etc…

No. 533802

Nah, She may have food issues but she’s probably eating, albeit microwave burritos and Olive Garden. And judging from her her half naked videos she’s definitely not working out. Falling for her “so smol haven’t eaten all day dunno why I’m losing weight uwu” spiel is exactly what she wants from her audience

No. 533804

Around the two minute mark you can see he understands how response posts work and how to navigate the thread. I think he is an experienced reader tbh.

I think he was about ~2 months behind on his lolcow reading due to moving and being busy. He finally sat down recently to catch up and discovered the house thread and made a video immediately.

No. 533810

He thought green text was actually saying he was sexy as fuck and not mocking that comment. He's an idiot.

No. 533817


is this really necessary?

No. 533820

File: 1529604248802.png (46.08 KB, 197x176, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 4.04…)

Lame just uploaded a "prank" video where she supposedly tells Madison she has feelings for her, it's cringey as fuck and I think Madison genuinely didn't know it was a prank…

No. 533821

She knew it was a prank. They say so in the end. It’s still cringe though.

No. 533822

I admit I didn't watch till the end, too cringey,

No. 533823

also this is like the third "prank" video with Madison that she has been in on, what is the point of a prank video if the prankee knows they're being pranked beforehand….

No. 533825


If you watch to the end, it gets worse. Lainey put in a clip of her making out with Madison with her shitty stock music playing over it. It goes on way too long.

Sorry Lainey still not convinced that you want the V

No. 533828

Lmao lainey stole this idea from Taylor Skeens. She has a video exactly like this. What a dumbt twit

No. 533830

I think it is, farmers have been dragging her minutia into the Onion threads for years now. Derailing and infighting ad infinitum. Now we have a >>>/snow/ thread to redirect the discussion.

No. 533831

See! just when you think things can't get any worse, they do! I'rm surprised she included that clip considering the triggering that ensued right after the kiss.

No. 533844

Aw, man. Kinda wish no one did this. I wanna see her take off, but she seems to hide away when she starts getting dragged. I would too had I been chased off of the internet by thousands of my abuser's stans.

But it is what it is I guess, I do think she should be a little more thoughtful about what she posts


Exactly. Plus was it worth it just to make everyone cringe?? It was so boring and so bad.

No. 533847

I swear that looking at the tags Swamp Family have chosen to put on their videos is more entertaining than actually watching them.

First we have Shreg unashamedly tagging Pewds and Phil DeFranco, while also using "truth" and "equality" kek. Now in this one she's using the "boyfriend girlfriend" tag. What?

No. 533848

File: 1529609968900.png (1.43 MB, 2880x1440, BLESSED.png)

>I'm in the public eye.. People stop me and want to take pictures with me and I am BLESSED

Sure, Shreg. I'm sure you get stopped all the time by fans dying to get a picture with you. He can't even get more than 15 fans to watch his streams. He talks about it but I guarantee if that ever happened he would post those pics or put it in a video to prove how famous and beloved he is.

Never change, Shreg.

No. 533855

File: 1529611333504.png (130.46 KB, 556x587, Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 4.02.…)

No Onions for 3 months. See you on your other 7 channels, Greg.

No. 533856


I don’t know if any other farmers know who they are, but this video is super identical to the one with Taylor Skeens and VictoriaxRave lmao. She’s so unoriginal.

No. 533857

File: 1529611613834.png (309.55 KB, 1440x1907, Got eeem.png)

I guess Shreg hasn't gotten around to putting on his coat of armor and hopping upon his trusty steed in order to protect his precious bean from all the "hate" comments yet.

That last comment made me kek, but seriously what was the point of this video? It was literally just an idiotic, poorly acted skit based on the dumbest premise.
It felt like something a 13 year old might do, not a grown woman who is married with children.
I don't know what was cringier: The kids screaming and dogs barking in the background or Shreg's straight wife looking into the camera and saying "GOT EEEEEM!".

No. 533858

>hates breasts
>let’s them dangle out of her robe for the world to see and uploads the video
>even Patrons don’t catch it

No. 533860

I agree with you, anon.
She does hate her feet though, I think. She hates a lot of her body parts for not being smol enough. This is evidenced by her lies about them constantly.

Even those viewers are fading/dwindling.

They don’t really look that bad from what we could see. I’m sure they’re heavy but deflated feeling. Breasts change so much after pregnancy and even more after breastfeeding. It annoys me greatly to hear Lainey act like such a martyr for trekking on breastfeeding despite her alleged dysphoria. BFing is only beneficial to the mom and child if both are in a good place mentally. If one of the people doesn’t want to do it or is suffering mentally, it’s time to stop.

No. 533866

We're just concerned about you Shregg! The same way you were "concerned" about Eugenia and Shane.

He's really sensitive about his trailer being called a trailer. I wonder if he's considered acknowledging this thread is going to drive the curious here and if they bother to read the thread at all- I think he could end up losing even more supporters.

No. 533869

Is he actually so stupid to believe that farmers personally took aerial photos of his house? Or is he just trying for sympathy from… people who are also too stupid to realize that it’s all public record.
>They took this photo of my living room, I did not post this. A stalker posted this.
I guess your realtor is a ~big scary stalker~ for posting pictures of the home they were selling on Zillow, then.

No. 533871

lol it’s always projection with him. I’m sure he spends a lot of time thinking about it. Gross to think that he has two children.

No. 533872

But remember when he got really bent out of shape about JSBS and started calling her a stalker (well she was insane, I'll give him that) and then started calling for her to face him or she was a coward?

I wonder if he'll slowly start screaming for farmers to come face him in a debate a la "show yourselves you cowards!"

Only after Lucidia nearly decimated him it seems like most of us agree anything further is unnecessary.

No. 533873

But she's soooo bi you guize! So gay, so bisexual. She's our bisexuality expert who shits and vomits in pride colors.

LMAO. Never change, Lame.

No. 533875

How is this supposed to work as a prank for her fans? A while ago Lainey was pretending (very badly I might add) to like Maddie and was coerced into kissing her on stream in the least convincing "I like girls guyz, totally" moment since everytime she kissed Billie. Why try kissing her again? Everyone already knows Lainey doesn't like Maddie, that's why Lainey gave that attempt at queerbaiting up ages ago. Did she think what she was missing was her actually making out with Maddie instead of a closed mouth kiss as sexually charged as one you'd give your mom? She really doesn't realise it looks more awkward when you're making out with someone and there's no hint of sex does she?
You ate shit on screen and claimed it was for the kids while making rape/pedo jokes. Be happy it wasn't marked as sexual and that YouTube let you make money off of this content for so long

No. 533878

File: 1529618461012.png (1.79 MB, 1440x2415, stalkers!.png)

He's obsessed with the idea of people stalking him. I did a quick search of his videos and there were two pages of this nonsense.

Sure, people talk shit about you for entertainment because you're ridiculous but nobody cares about you anymore, Shreg. You're a washed up pathetic boring old man.

No. 533880

File: 1529619235359.png (107.4 KB, 1440x568, gayer than gay.png)

Not just gay, super-duper gay!

No. 533881

File: 1529619839230.png (294.34 KB, 498x495, 5654655666.PNG)

>when your "dude friend" is a smol'r bean than you.

I'll bet my paycheck that if someone brings up how tiny this noah kid is compared to her lainey will conjure up some excuse
"oh he was leaning in and that makes him look shorter than me, Im really tiny irl."
"I was closer to the mirror so I guess I look bigger, but Im so much more petite than noah.

No. 533916


Does her shirt say "Never Not Hungry"? Is that because she's always spitting out her food?

No. 533928

Ugh. I feel sick to my stomach.

My mom just asked me why Onision is a bad person. Apparently an old friend of mine told her that she was a big fan.

My mom had only watched a few videos and asked me why he was so bad.

Fast forward to me showing her a bunch of posts and videos of all fucked up shit he's done, including rating underaged girls online and filming his exes, along with talking shit on everyone online, and overall how toxic he is.

My mom was in shock and concluded that he's a sociopath, psychopath and overall likely has multiple mental issues.

I felt so gross just showing her that shit but I knew it was for the best instead of the thought of her becoming a fan of Gurg's shudder

Fuck this guy seriously. Fuck him for ruining a nice night with my mom and turning it into something gross.(no one cares)

No. 533929

File: 1529627594448.png (24.08 KB, 389x194, temp.png)

it's adsense payday!

No. 533932

that's not exactly an ammount to bragging about, lmfao >>533929 thats about 2 weeks of working min wage in cali… gr8 job gerg?

No. 533933

File: 1529628308012.png (27.64 KB, 855x364, dmca.PNG)

So Lainey got the mirror of the nipslip video removed by filing a DMCA claim, so I decided to put it on liveleak instead. Enjoy.


No. 533934

Based anon thank you! Also what a little shit lainey is, You've made your bed bitch you "muh dysphoria" liar.

No. 533935

File: 1529628570276.png (Spoiler Image,87.25 KB, 252x252, gross.png)

lol fuck that hag! Here's a close up on her gross udder for good measure.

No. 533936

Since the mcswamp folk lurk, I think more nipple memes should be in order, We need a nipple fidget spinner kek

No. 533937

Link says it's deleted.

No. 533938

Yeah it got deleted for some reason. Maybe because I made it general audience instead of mature? Idk. Let's try this again.


No. 533939

File: 1529628994698.png (276.93 KB, 450x450, Screenshot (831).png)

32 but looking 52.

No. 533940


No one cares, anon.

No. 533942

File: 1529630527053.png (332.63 KB, 571x783, temp.png)


No. 533943

File: 1529630541348.png (411.35 KB, 461x375, wonky.PNG)

His wonkeye is in full effect during the stalker video. Has he always had this? or is it an after effect of his Groupon Botox treatments?

No. 533944

Absolutely disgusting.

No. 533945

File: 1529630911744.png (1.16 MB, 882x990, abuslolz.png)

It has always been there, but it's been getting worse this past year.

No. 533947

Maybe it's pink eye. Lainey said on stream earlier this week that Grug had to go to the doctor. Must be something serious if Dr. Google can't help him.

No. 533948

ONISION Talks DEEFIZZY and Mental Health (YouNow Clip 6/17/18)
The Blargh
Published on Jun 21, 2018

No. 533950

Hes such a little passive aggressive pussy. He cant just talk about being reconnecting with Deefizzy, he has to throw a little jab at Cyr.
"Im happy to be friends with Defizzy again, because as far as I know he never hit his girlfriend"
Ive noticed recently that when people ask why him and Cyr arent friends that his excuse now is the alleged g/f beating, even though he only found out about it from Edwin a few months ago and the friendship actually ended almost 2 years ago. What was the real reason? Political differences? Trump won and Cyr was cool with it?

No. 533953

it was because Cyr voted third party. lol.

No. 533956

Are those veins we see or just the quality of the photo?

No. 533957

Veins and some stretchmarks I think?

No. 533958

Can’t get it to work

No. 533959

works for me, I just had to click a "im over 18" and there it was

No. 533982

It makes me angry that Greg has such great jaw genetics but everything else about him is so fukked….

Sage for jaw fetish

No. 533990

Is seriously what anons are so worked up about? I was imagining something so so so much worse. That’s nothing. Fuck lame and all her bullshit for ever more, but this nip slip is so minuscule

No. 533995

It think its more about the hypocrisy of it.

Lainey: I have chest dysphoria guys. I hate my chest so much uwu, I wanna cut them off. Nothing fits how I want!
Also Lainey: Hey guys so a subscriber sent me some binders, omg I love them! Now this is what I wanna look like! But wait- heres a bikini haul! They're so cute!
Still Lainey: Hey guys, Imy dysphoria is in rmeission today so imma only wear a half opened robe in this video and when I'm editing I'm gonna feel comfortable enough to show my unbinded chest
and cleavage.

No. 533996

and her fantastic DENIAL about it. It's unreal how it went unacknowledged. To this day. If only Gronk could take a picture from her book.

No. 534000

Not even that, he explained in an interview that the only reason he voted third party was because he knew Hillary was going to win in his area (and she did). He clearly stated he wouldn't have done this if it was under question in his area he would have voted for her

No. 534002

i think he's making a joke that it's $666, not that it's a lot

No. 534003

File: 1529650656747.png (10.87 KB, 285x126, temp.png)

aw diddums

No. 534004

What an utter piece of shit. He insinuates that Deefizzy and "people like him" have somehow let their internal sabatoging dialogue defeat them because they're not mentally strong like he is.

I wish he would shut his idiot mouth on the topic of mental health, and healthcare in general. He's willfully ignorant and spreads so much misinformation.

He's "strong" when he wants to feel superior to others but he'll gladly play a depressed, suffering victim when it benefits him.
I quit taking anything he said about his mental health seriously when he declared he couldn't possibly seek help because the darkness in his mind would completely destroy any mental health professional.

Kek he really believes he's some kind of badass supervillain when in reality he's just an uneducated middle-aged pussy who is scared to leave his house, spends his days obsessing over teen girls, is riddled with debt, blames the world for his shortcomings and has hitched his wagon to a girl who pretends to be a little boy.

You haven't "conquered" your mind, Shreg, you aren't better than anyone else, you probably just don't have the chemical imbalance that is depression.

No. 534016

At this point I'm convinced that Lainey sells softcore porn to her fanbase.

1) She knows she draws in people with self esteem issues (exclusively huehuehue) who look up to her. Apparently content like this keeps them interested.
2) Stans can now identify with whoever Lainey kisses and can pretend to be them … or Lainey. Not sure which is worse.

No. 534017

I remember him being a lot smol'r (pun intended). When I saw the first pic I thought he's been really putting on weight recently but the second seems to show him at a younger age.

Has he always been this chubby?

No. 534029

File: 1529669207248.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.14 KB, 556x556, 1441641405572.jpg)

Yeah. But the right angles and filter make him look less chubby in the face.

No. 534093

Does Grug have autism or asperger's?

No. 534094

Does Grug have autism or asperger's?

No. 534097

Aspergers is on the autistic spectrum, so they come under the same umbrella. As someone who has a child with aspergers, I'd say it was doubtful. People with aspergers typically have an above normal IQ, and the ability to retain huge amounts of information with almost unnatural recollection skills. Their problems come in the field of anxiety - both social and general. Obviously it's impossible to go into all traits here because everyone is different..but I know for a fact that Gerg is nothing like any of the people I know who are on the autistic spectrum. Aspergers peeps would never want this amount of attention drawn to them imo.

No. 534102

You the real MVP anon

No. 534103


Huh. Messy as can be in the house. It’s interesting how Troy’s room is a stereotypical boy’s room and Cloey’s is a stereotypical girl’s room.

aRe YOu aSSuMiNG YoUr cHiLdReN’s GeNdeR Plaineythot?

No. 534105

jesus christ why do they eat so bad? they have children and they eat frozen food and cereal? like….. theyre upper middle class, they can afford to actually make good food with lots of veggies.

No. 534116

What happened to this image/post? Can someone repost?

No. 534120

Hey anon, I got em and put the mirrors on liveleak for everyone.


No. 534121

thank you lad

No. 534122

File: 1529688947011.png (679.61 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (1002).png)

>my grandmas here so the laundry is actually done

No. 534123

File: 1529689214086.png (770.78 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (1003).png)

nasty hickeys

No. 534127

I think it’s totally hilarious that he hides behind the face of an innocent animal. Nothing says wolf in sheeps clothing like this. Then he uses the facade as an excuse to be flippant about what he posts because “it’s just an animal guise, why are you taking this seriously?” At one point, A LONG LONG TIME AGO, I thought he had nads for saying what he believed unabashedly. It’s a shame that he’s grown to be a coward who hides behind a small dog and is too afraid to be straightforward with what he thinks. Now he’s like a trash panda eating garbage, hiding his true thoughts with vague rhetoric or misdirection, and lashing out thoughtlessly.

No. 534128


Considering that she was ranting previously bout how people should pick up after themselves- her house is so dirty and messy and disgusting. Total hypocrite

No. 534129

No. 534135

Yeah I noticed that as well. In the beginning she says her house is clean for once, and yet there's shit sprawled everywhere. She has no room to criticize Sam over being messy when she's the mess queen herself.

No. 534140

thank you!

No. 534144

Ugh she's littered with them

Looks like Footy tried to turn around during sex, wanting Greg to look at her, again.

Shes deluded thinking its sweet or cute. He's just trying to punish or humiliate her to the point where she'll stop tying to make him face her during sex.

He can't imagine you're Billie (or sam, or shi, or vix or tanya or jaclyn or hanna or ritchie or shane) if you make him look at you. I thought you both were ok with living in delusion, so why keep pretending he's attracted to you?

No. 534145


Like hell Shreg can't pretend Lame is Ritchie when he looks at her face.

No. 534146

File: 1529692453551.png (48.79 KB, 212x184, wDq4iMX.png)

Onion trying to rack in the views by talking about a bad experience at Disneyland after their new coaster opens.

No. 534147

File: 1529692643245.png (1.09 MB, 1241x752, lol.png)

Onion being completely oblivious and ignoring Lainey 3 feet away from him is a mood.
He look so smol next to his editing setup it's almost adorable.

No. 534149

No. 534154

What the hell is with the hickeys and the total disregard to cover them up. I guess because they don’t work or go out in public but… you people have children. It’s so inappropriate

No. 534157

Why is he using a bigass armchair as a desk chair kek

No. 534160

Well, we now know they own a microwave.

No. 534162

File: 1529693942054.png (91.55 KB, 211x287, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 4.56…)

I know right, she has no fucking shame…

No. 534163


Disney reee starts at 3:40

He wasn't kicked out.
He was denied entry.

Because he wouldn't go to his car and unlink his keys, and leave his multi-tool wallet.

Security guards were following protocol.

The manlet lost his shit and ruined a family outing to Disney "on principle", because his rights as an American were violated when asked to not to bring in a multi-tool into a park.

No. 534164


What a fucking crybaby. He tried to get into Disneyland with a multi-tool card, Which is not allowed in the park.

Now, I know Disney. I'm a Disney Freak. They would tell you they don't allow that and give you the option to go put it away and then let you in.

The thing costs about $5. If I had no way of putting it in my car (or rental car). I would just chuck it and buy another one.

But (assuming he's not making this up) Gurgles sperged out, threw a fit, and they told him to hit the road.

(Also, slight nitpick, getting denied entry is not the same as getting kicked out)

No. 534165

File: 1529694073895.png (1.04 MB, 1600x764, DischargeFromActiveDuty.png)

Once again he casually drops that he was a "cop" in the air force. He was a security guard apprentice and never finished training so he never had it as an actual profession. This guy constantly lies about his military career and doesn't deserve the respect of a veteran.

No. 534166


Also, he did his whine "I was allowed in twice before with it.."

(Again, assuming he's telling the truth)

You were allowed it in the PAST Greg" Rules and policies change. Disney land and Disney World used to allow Selfie sticks in the parks and the rides. Then, because it became a problem, they banned them from the rides. Then, because people still tried to bring them on the rides, they banned them period.

Now, you can't bring anything longer than the little GoPro "handles" (about 6 inches long).

So, yeah Greg, as little as 2 years ago, you could have brought a selfie stick, but you can't now.

No. 534167

It's so strange to me that neither Lainey or Onision made any mention of going to Disneyland. Since they live in Washington that is a pretty big trip to make along with hotel stay for multiple days. They always overshare so much I'm glad they're finally maturing and making their children's wellbeing a higher priority.

No. 534171

The only reason they don’t share about their kids is so they don’t get backlash about how they treat them. Like how guilty people are super secretive, they flip the fuck out about any talk of their kids. If you have nothing to hide/treat your kids right and you know it, you wouldn’t hide them at the level the Onions do. I understand privacy concerns and stuff but it’s just obvious they mistreat their kids with their broken ass dysfunctional marriage and Onion is a narc and hates hard evidence that he’s a bad person

No. 534172


man, those poor POOR fucking kids.
like they seriously went up to them and said
"guess what? mommy and daddy are taking you to DISNEYLAND!" and the kids probably fucking lost their shit. finally, the big day comes - they can see it, driving to it - standing in front of the gate they can already see in, hear some of the musicians laughter, maybe smell the sweets…
when their father turns around and tells them
"oh, we're not going in. yeah, we're leaving now."

they got this close to it, are you fucking kidding

if i was his kid i'd kill him in his sleep.

No. 534174

Uhhh so she had a ~breakdown~ because she realized hardly anyone watches her content unless it's to point out how shitty it is, then proceeds to reward her legitimate fans by neglecting to give them what they pay for and showing them the inside of a grocery store

If it wasn't so obvious she's too desperately lazy and entitled to get a real job, I'd think she has some form of masochistic retardation that compels her to keep broadcasting her failure. This is more embarrassing than Greg; at least he was reletively successful at one point

No. 534175



And they flew (He claims toward the end that the TSA let him through with it.) So, they're so financially strapped, Barely scrapping by that they can afford the plane tickets, the Disney tickets, hotel, and rental car or taxi. Barely getting by folks.

Also, he shows that he doesn't understand the difference between a Govt. run organization (TSA) vs. and Privately run business on private property. (Hint greg. Private businesses on private property can set whatever rules the see fit (provided they don't break the law, like racial discrimination, etc)

No. 534177

Supposedly it was a sponsored trip.

No. 534180

Not only that but the drive home, their dad is just ranting about how they kicked him out for no reason, and he has a right to keep his multi-tool card/wallet. That's the worst.

No. 534184

Not worth the watch. Unless you want to gwap at his teeth. They are hinged and so uneven and crocodile shaped. When he uses his makeup and high filters and all his lights, the crooked hinged teeth cast shadows on themselves, and it's very disconcerting to watch. Super distracting, like staring at a chunk of broccoli in somebodys teeth while they talk. That's the only good part about this vid.

Whats unsettling again is his grooming of his teen base, trying to teach or influence them to disregard rules and regulations that are put in place specifically to protect people. That type of thinking is what will leave them more susceptible to the clutches of lgh and gsw at the swamp shack.

No. 534185

Wow someone actually re-enacted this Saturday Night Live joke from 30 years ago

If it were anyone but Greg I'd think this was an art piece

No. 534187


I don't know how that works in the US but I would n.e.v.e.r in my life let my grandma clean my shit when she's in my house, no fucking way

That seems so disrespectful

No. 534188

Watched her breakdown.
1. Why would you be so lazy to just edit and post that instead of doing a different video and not being a spoiled brat?

2. Your little "crisis" over what to post, what to do, "gimme ideas gaiz!!!! What do you want to see???" Has been going for MONTHS.So no, you're not cut out for it.No, your channel iant going anywhere. All you do is a shitty copy of what everyone else is doing. You suck at makeup, you're a transtrending fake LGBTQ queerbaiter and take advantage.

There is 0 passion in your videos and it shows.

3. "Let's be open and honest, here" ok, Greg.

4. Sort your shit out in private. Then you complain about the hate when it's literally right there for people to tear into it.

Jfc you're a grown woman not a little twink fuckboi. You have kids. Act like it.

No. 534189

That’s somewhat nitpicking. I’m in my 30s and live alone and and oppressively clean. Probably learnt it from Gran. But when she stays with me there is absolutely positivity nothing I can do to prevent her from doing laundry and cleaning! I could literally have all my laundry cleaned ironed and put away and if I changed into new clothes that evening she would STILL do my laundry. Grammys are like that. You can’t stop them they’ll do anything to try and help out even if it’s already been done. Canadian polish grandma

No. 534190

Ugh She's Latina, though :( It's what Latina women do. Grandmother and mother are like that with my siblings.

If they stay with you, they will cook, clean and watch the kids. OR, judge as they watch and criticize you over every little thing lol.

No. 534191

It’s a universal truth!! My grandmother was a Canadian polish lady. No matter what I did she always tried helping even if I didn’t need it. Latin grandmas, African grandmas, Asian grandmas they are all the same

No. 534195

Now if he played the trip off as a prank that would be some Do5 shit. But honestly how fucking rediculous. He couldn't set his pride down for a hot minute? Had he already bought tickets because if so he totally fucked himself over from about a grand. Also I get maybe complaining about how intense Disney security has gotten, but to not even put the key holder away for his family on vacation is just so insane to me. Like I know he's a narc, but sometimes he still manages to amaze me. Disney is a once in a lifetime thing for kids (especially his kids) and now down the toilet. And of course Lainey stays with him in spite of him being such a shit dad/family guy. There's no way that's the first time this sort of thing has happened. Most mothers wouldn't allow their kids to be raised with someone like Greg.
My mom is the same too when she comes over (while complaining I wasn't cleaning properly). But Lainey should know this by now and at least make an effort to clean the house as much as possible before her grandmother comes over so her grandma didn't have as much to do. I'm sure Lainey's using her grandmother though so that's not gonna happen

No. 534197

You’re probably right. I make sure my house is spotless before my grandma came or my mom!! It’s a way of showing off. We are catholic so “ cleanliness is next to godliness” my mother dares not clean my spotless house though because I know how I like it and I feel more comfortable confronting her. But you can’t confront grandma! Unless you’re a total bull shit person!! But I ageee Lainey probably didn’t clean or tidy before gran got there. She probably left it as a mess. She isn’t an adult so probably didn’t care how important showcases your home is (even if in a swamp).

No. 534198

And irish grannies!
Honestly I tinfoil that he hoped something like this would happen just for the excuse to get away. A cheap little wallet isn't worth fucking over a disney trip but greases instability around people certainly would. Bet he couldn't wait to lock himself away in the hotel room.

No. 534201

It’s nasty. Im sure their kids have asked what the bruises are on her neck and the grandmother is there too. Jesus they should have some class.


I honestly think that at this point she should get off YouTube and get a real job. Having a job outside the home can be positive, and could possibly help with some of her self confidence issues. She’s never had a life outside Shreg.

No. 534202

I can’t discern what really happened. On one hand, you know he would exploit a vacation to Disney to make videos. But on the other hand, you know he crumbles at authority. I wouldn’t be surprised if he walked back to the car and dropped off his multitool wallet thing and mentally cataloging the event as a potential video where he is painted in a better light. I hope for the latter because then maybe he cares about his family’s vacation. Quite the conundrum.

No. 534204

That’s crazy!!! There is no way this stupid bitch didn’t flip shit!! He’s a pussy little beta but because of his i insecurities he would totally act defiant flip shit wreck vacation! No way did he go back to his car. He is a bitch pussy beta but 100% he tried standing up for himself and wrecked it. Look at the sh lawyer management video! Instead of acting like an adult and working within the margins of society he flips shit calls them fake! Acting professional isn’t acting fake, but that’s what greg thinks. He is insecure and inept which means ego over reason. Im so triggered. I know without a doubt he flipped out and didn’t take a moment of self reflection to gather himself. Puss butch beta dude are afraid of authority but too inept to deal with it like adults.

No. 534208

So were the kids with them to Disney Land? If so they didn't get to go because their dad is a raging narc who can't just remove his keychain? What a fucking scumbag.

No. 534209

Let's also not forget that this is a man who took his child to the ER for a ball rash and instead of calmly asking for a second opinion like any normal person, chose to throw such a giant bitchfit that the Dr. had to call in security.

He just completely loses his shit when dealing with anyone in authority. Such a pathetic manbaby.

It floors me that he shares these stories with his audience, believing he is a victim.

No. 534211

Most likely Lainey went in with the 2 kids and had to care for them all day at Disneyland while Greg drove back to the hotel and "watched hentai" alone for 8 hours. Then went back to pick Lainey up when the day was over.

No. 534212

File: 1529702138057.png (44.08 KB, 1273x303, bootyblasted.png)

Poor widdle Gronk got his feefees hurt.

No. 534214

File: 1529702487141.png (23.9 KB, 610x222, kys.png)

"If you don't agree with me, kill yourself!"

No. 534215

File: 1529702656860.png (1.02 MB, 1404x2773, HAHAHAHAHA.png)

Kek he's still going. This is hilarious

No. 534217

Manlet yelling in his comment section and twitter not to "rip" his story appart if we're not gonna bother listening to him.

His wallet was $40!!!
He "walked" a MILE to the Disney!! A MILE!

Oh, the PLIGHT if this man(let)!!

How dare we!? Can't we see he's StRuGglIng??? He can't afford $40 wallets!

Piece of shit subhuman being. If he took the kids all the way to Disney and ruined it over 40bucks? Just wow.

No. 534220

Starting a Twitter sperg lol

No. 534224

File: 1529703579630.png (100.18 KB, 560x557, Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 5.40.…)

No. 534226

File: 1529703646332.png (90.33 KB, 557x448, Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 5.41.…)

No. 534227

File: 1529703706820.png (615.67 KB, 774x620, Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 5.42.…)

No. 534228

Has anyone seen this? Madison regrets making the ddlg video with onision


No. 534229

File: 1529703831080.png (458.2 KB, 600x592, rough.png)

No. 534230

File: 1529704016971.png (215.99 KB, 517x461, ratty.png)

Every video she's in she is very manufactured and poorly acted. I don't think she actually genuinely regrets it and is just doing her psuedo-personality low functioning acting like in Lainey's fake "prank" videos.

No. 534231

Holy shit her face

No. 534233

exactly. Cooking a fresh meal with vegetables anyway would cost way less than all the shit they buy. They have the time to cook too… hell they don't even have to cook every time to eat raw fruits and vegetables or make a smoothie. Even fresh pasta takes like 30 minutes.

No. 534235

"being a part"
"being a member"
"I'm an ally"

Oh god, she's going to make DDlg videos bc SOMEONE needs to speak positively and speak out/"new voice" for the community.

Interesting horse to hitch your wagon to…

No. 534236

I watched too, why is she so excited about buyin fruit when we all know she's a little brat and spits everything out? Also she says she hasn't eaten because there is no food at her house, such rubbish. Then what did the kids eat Lainey you idiot? Or did they starve until mommy went shopping too? Dumb ho, I love seeing her finally realize eeyone hates her and her channel is dying.

No. 534237


C R I N G E. Why is she talking like she's telling us how to buckle our seatbelts before a flight takes off

No. 534238

Because it is ON. There's a new DDlg sheriff little in town!

No. 534239

What's beautiful about this is that I combed through the comments and a lot of the criticism was and questions were coming from people specifically saying they are fans.

He's yelling at the few fans he has left and telling them to unsubscribe kek

I haven't seen him get this triggered since people started questioning him on the "My doctor accused me of cheating" video.

No. 534240

File: 1529704576459.png (80.26 KB, 259x264, img.png)

tldw; she is a genuine active member of the DDLG and wants to defend the community as a "proud little girl"

what a creepy fucking pedo

No. 534241

Me neither… I don't understand why he didn't speak up during filming. Im waiting to see how gregma feels about the reaction…if he cares to say anything

No. 534242

She looks like that Brendan Fraser meme.

No. 534243

I hope he throws her under a bus like he does anyone who steps out of line

No. 534246

File: 1529704877513.png (171.13 KB, 545x516, Screenshot 2018-06-22 at 5.59.…)

Onision tweeted this at Edwin and Netnobody on twitter. The note reads
the audio is just him screaming "Dooo it for the faaaaynsss!" looped on repeat

No. 534247

This man wants beef so bad lmao.

No. 534250

Kind of nitpicky but it bugs me so much how they virtue signal this healthy eating and how they recycle but they are so wasteful. Gotta fill up that cart with prepackaged shit, bottled water and cases of tea in plastic bottles.

Washington is known for it's amazing water and it takes like 10 minutes to brew a pitcher of tea and put it in the fridge. But no,gotta create as much waste and use as much plastic as possible, because god forbid they have to put forth any effort.

No. 534254

But in her house tour vid she showed the cupboards and freezer were full of food

No. 534255


Wow…such a smol bean. I’m sure the girl beside Lames is actually taller but she just looks smaller because of the angles.

I’m sure she lies about her feet size also they look huge not a kids 4…

No. 534256

Note he is likely on child watching duty here too.

No. 534257

his hair grow really fast, wow

No. 534262

File: 1529706738924.png (254.79 KB, 581x440, Untitled.png)

No. 534263

I have a hard time believing Foot would do this. She would be complaining and feel bad for Gargamel all day. I want to believe she would prioritize her children’s happiness but I feel like Gronk is always number one.

No. 534264

>Some security guards like being fucking douchebags, ok? I was a security guy myself.

LGH is 100% that asshole to deny someone entry/ban them for petty shit just because he's in a bad mood. He's said before that if he wasn't a YouTuber he'd be a cop. Can you imagine this shit stain as a cop…? He can't control his mood and impulses, and he's abused any ounce of power he's ever gotten. He'd be insufferable to deal with.

>You have a choice to do everything exactly as some moron wrote it, and you have a choice to use common sense.

LGH loves telling the story about when he was a security guard and a lieutenant colonel apparently told him not to clean his post. A senior airman, a lieutenant, AND a senior master sergeant asked him to clean it and when he still refused like a fucking baby, he got a letter of reprimand. Talk about using common sense over blindly taking orders, gurg.
But, obviously, that was all just a ploy to get out of the military. So whatever. Just more hypocrisy.

No. 534265

>Lightly pushes the tool against his neck
>Claims he could hurt someone with his key

Okay, Shreg.

No. 534266

Just like w Shiloh's manager, and the doctor who wan't to do exploratory surgery on Trot, I bet he totally over reacted and LOST his shit on them when he didn't get his way. I hope a bystander filmed it and posts his freak out online. One can dream

No. 534269

Here he goes again about having to walk a mile. Reminiscent of walking six miles because he found out Sh was pregernate.
He really thinks he’s some kind of victim and the entire world should feel bad for him.

No mention here about missing out on a great day with family. I would love to believe that Doormat got enough of a backbone to enjoy the day anyway, without him and he’s just irrationally angry alone in the hotel room.

I’m surprised we don’t have more pics of these two outside. Hope we get some random candids.

No. 534270

File: 1529707308178.png (205.96 KB, 1130x540, trayvax.png)

Dressing up like a fratboy cop doesn't make him more credible. Way to embarrass your family for something that's easily replaceable on Amazon.

No. 534271

File: 1529707406320.png (63.49 KB, 1668x240, fuck.png)

His victim narrative actually works on his fans, too

No. 534274

Okay so his wallet was expensive, but they were only kicking him out because of the multitool attached to it. They're like $5 tops, why didn't he just throw it out

No. 534276

Kek he's on his "anyone who doesn't agree with me is DUMB" kick again. I am absolutely loving how triggered he is right now. He 100% expected that this was gonna be the one to go viral and even his fans disagreed with him.

He fucking called that poor Disney employee, who was just doing his job, a "moron" because he wasn't willing to bend the rules for the Almighty Shreg.
Not only is he extremely entitled, this was misleading clickbait. He wasn't kicked out, he simply chose not to bring the wallet back to the hotel or toss it.
I would pay good money to see his sperg, I bet his voice broke the the sound barrier as he screeched about how UNFAIR that guard was being to him kek

No. 534283

He is definitely stewing alone in his hotel room while Lainey and the kids and Grandma enjoy Disney.

No. 534284

Can't screencap right now but he just posted this in the comments

"I see people talking about my family members, creepy as usual. To put you in your place: No one's day was ruined because of my choice. Everyone was able to have a great night as I was only going to be there for one ride anyway, had to get work done back at the hotel."

So not only did he bail on a family trip because of a wallet, he was never planning on spending time with them anyways because he was too busy ranting on twitter

No. 534285

Onion might sperg or even blacklist Madison over this video.

No. 534293

God your right, anon. Nothing at all about losing a special family day. Although if he actually cared about that he would have tossed the wallet or ran it back.

Also does he expect us to believe they made a 4 year old walk a mile before spending the day at Disneyland? Any hotels around Disney offer shuttles to the park.

No. 534294

File: 1529708297705.png (3.66 MB, 2208x1242, ABEAA2AC-33D8-486C-97FF-E9854E…)

I know there’s a lot going on in this thread right now but I’m going to dump some SS of the house tour for posterity.

Starting with their collection of “things they’re trying to sell”.

No. 534297

File: 1529708393061.png (3.52 MB, 2208x1242, EF00B26E-83E8-4B90-8397-F0E22B…)

More useless shit that’s just waiting for someone to buy it. (Take that, Poshmark!)

No. 534298

File: 1529708456626.png (4 MB, 2208x1242, 44EBC857-92A8-4489-9C8F-8C3463…)

Their patio. Not incredibly relevant but shows that the suspicions of the mukbang were spot on.

No. 534300

File: 1529708531295.png (2.05 MB, 2208x1242, A216813F-6E0D-4202-9413-57FA22…)

Haphazard cupboards for the lazy onions.

No. 534301

File: 1529708566098.png (2.2 MB, 2208x1242, C3E4B532-BE8D-439F-8BA5-F6E552…)

More of the same.

No. 534303

File: 1529708618710.png (2.74 MB, 2208x1242, 87459B12-84D2-425F-999E-E55109…)

Couldn’t resist that selfie shot, over and over again.

No. 534304


they had a great day because you weren't there to ruin shit for them like you almost did in this instance. they were probably relieved and very grateful to the Disney guy.

No. 534305

File: 1529708636810.png (186.74 KB, 275x268, poorlifechoices.png)

No. 534306

File: 1529708671137.png (2.49 MB, 2208x1242, 13569BB0-C700-4EDF-8B38-811B9A…)

Grandma was staying in this “extra room”.

No. 534307

File: 1529708680117.png (197.23 KB, 565x413, poser.png)

What is most embarrassing about this entire ordeal is that he paid $40 for a "tacti-cool" plastic keychain wallet.

No. 534309

anon maybe you could make an imgur album of your compiled house tour images instead of spamming the thread.

No. 534314

Literally everything is processed foods.

No. 534315

Thanks for your input. I was done.

The fridge and freezers are the same. I’m not going to nitpick everything but it seems they don’t know how to cook at all.

No. 534316

Kek it just keeps getting better as he digs himself deeper.
>Not willing to give up a $40 wallet, but IS willing to pay for entrance to the park to go on ONE ride
Yeah, that adds up.
>Had "work" to do at the hotel
Bitch, what? What work? This might be the most asanine thing he's ever put forth.
>No one's day was ruined
Except for your kids who had to witness their insane father holding up the line and screeching at The Happiest Place on Earth, calling a security guard names and leaving in a giant tantrum.
>Makes a video about his family vacation, calls his fans "creepy" for thinking about how it affected his family.
Jeez Shreg, maybe if you worried about your family's feelings, others wouldn't feel compelled to.

Kek this is so entertaining, I hope he keeps going.

No. 534319

File: 1529709489339.jpg (69.55 KB, 750x496, tumblr_ozq8ojx0D51wi5wf5o1_128…)