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File: 1547794419938.png (912.1 KB, 1168x657, 1547372058454.png)

No. 627226

Thread Image Credit: >>625614
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/624765
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since.
Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Luxymoo speaks about her experiences with Lainey and (mostly) Greg. >>625028

>Sarah has deleted her public Instagram, isolating her even further. >>625160
>Greg makes a few clickbait videos and tweets making a joke out of the allegations in an attempt to show he’s totally innocent and not bothered. >>625242 >>625244
>Greg is still creeping on Jessie Paege while pedophilia and abuse allegations are swung his way. >>625299
>Greg puts a pause on his false positivity to out a person’s sexual abuse story (thanks Taylor Avaroe) to use it against her, among other things. >>625571
>Surprisingly, but not really, Greg still tries to reach out to Billie. He has left an hour-long voicemail on Ayalla’s phone whining about how h-Lainey really misses her before. >>625906 (transcript: >>625993) >>625887
>Greg references the movie Mean Girls again, this time to refer to his victims. >>626232
>Greg streams again with yet another clickbait title (Mirror: >>626127) and rees about fellow youtube creep RSN, pretends to not know Luxymoo and rees about being innocent until proven guilty. (transcripts: >>626128 >>626226 >>626477 >>626478)
>UhOhBro is terminated for hate speech >>626835 only to have it reinstated by youtube’s incompetent staff a day later. >>627055
>An anon’s dms with Madison are dropped. >>627087 >>627089 >>627092 >>627093 >>627094 >>627095 >>627099

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking (This includes HDR edits of Greg and Lainey’s faces >>590295), derailing, or infighting, you will be banned. Please revisit the rules (https://lolcow.farm/rules) if you have any confusion as to what nitpicking, infighting or derailing consists of.
- Lurk before you post, asking to be spoonfed information will be banned.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here (cowtipping). You will be banned.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.



No. 627229

File: 1547794714335.png (94.49 KB, 773x449, 15443648345756.PNG)

Its not a social experiment. He had no control over it. If his channel had disappeared then Id say yes, he purposefully deleted or hid his UhOhBro account to prank people.

But if you scroll the thread and check the people who spammed his Twitter you'll see the screenshots. When you Googled that channel it would come up with the reason YouTube gave for terminating the account >hate speech. Unless Grugly has YouTube Admin control he couldnt do that.

No. 627235

Bastard blocked most of the Anti O’s on twitter

No. 627236

as expected lol, he's gotta keep his echo chamber somehow.

No. 627238

That niccimusic1999 girl literally made an entire video about greg cheering her up. I know she's ugly, but she has blue hair and is female and young and worships him…

No. 627239

So much for not letting da haturz get to him. Guess it’s easier to keep up the uwu positive charade when the only interaction he has is with his handicapped fans

No. 627242

Given how fast he got the thing back I suspect the channel got taken down by mass reports triggering an automated response.

No. 627245

File: 1547797876515.png (721.62 KB, 939x552, gummy smile.PNG)

In that freezing pool challenge I didnt even have to see that McFly girl on camera. I knew she was there by hearing that horrible laugh of hers in the background.

No. 627258

Yeah I checked the link and saw the termination clear as day myself, if he is actually going with some bullshit about pranking people, then he better back-peddle fast before his retarded fanbase realize the world's most honest youtuber wasn't so honest with them.
It was clearly appealed and then reinstated, which I personally knew was very likely to happen sadly enough. He most likely appealed his third strike for hate speech and some dumbass 22 year old intern let him get away with it because they saw how many dead subs he had and wrongly assumed he is somewhat popular/important.

Does anyone know if there is a way to private all of your videos at once though..? Because there is no way in hell Greg went through and privated 1,000+ videos himself.
Maybe he had one of his mentally ill patron sluts like booty do it for him.. I don't know how they could do it that quickly, though.

No. 627259

God this chick is oozing desperation. Because any random ass mid-thirties dad tweeting generic bullshit totally gives any pathetic teenage girl a reason to keep going.
She might as well have just made a 30 second clip of herself begging to double-fist Greg's baby-carrot peen and Kai's strap on simultaneously.
I get such a kick out of these mentally-retarded teens with their uwu my little pony hair.
They probably all bond with Greg over having pedos for fathers.

No. 627263

File: 1547803347665.png (514.66 KB, 939x731, 1.PNG)

another date day & marshall discount clothes haul.

No. 627264

File: 1547803415546.png (916.08 KB, 916x512, nice.PNG)

from video: gurg lookin like the unkempt snack he think he is.

he looks like he smells like heterosexuality.

No. 627266

can't believe we're at the point where this is one of his BETTER photos

No. 627269

he has the ugliest shaped top lip ever(nitpick)

No. 627270

>Does anyone know if there is a way to private all of your videos at once though..? Because there is no way in hell Greg went through and privated 1,000+ videos himself.
Maybe he had one of his mentally ill patron sluts like booty do it for him.. I don't know how they could do it that quickly, though.

I thought the same, if all those videos got privated one by one it would take several hours and it would be an extremely tedious process, I doubt that lazy fuck would be able to do it

No. 627271

File: 1547804653745.png (464.5 KB, 466x556, 2.PNG)

there is also this gem.

No. 627272


Always a "boy", never a "man". How telling.

No. 627273

Could you give a link please? I love getting patron perks from these assholes for free while we all roast the hell out of them. It would be very much appreciated anon!

No. 627275

Oh… my… GOD.

We all know about the very obvious constant chemical peels because of the redness around Greg's white eyes, and I personally fully believe the individual who came forward claiming to have seen Greg attending a plastic surgeons office for botox injections because, let's be real here, no 33 year old man has a paralyzed forehead the way Greg does unless they've had work done. But on top of all that, now I'm beginning to suspect fillers as well. This deformed swelling makes Greg look exactly like a 50 year old woman from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

..in fact, Greg IS technically a housewife now… He should consider auditioning, I think this would finally be the big Onision comeback his handi-capable fans have all been waiting for. With that melted malformed oglop face, Greg would be a shoe-in. He even has his high-pitched bitchy "I'm way too old to act this way and am extremely insecure over it" voice down stat.

No. 627277

Does she have blue hair? If you check out her channel, she seems to have short brown hair. Or is one if that a wig?

No. 627279

If you look closely at her profile picture, it is obvious she is wearing a wig. The other picture of her with blue hair is apparently old.
But of course she had to thrown on a blue wig for her profile pic.. how else could she ever possibly reach her dream of someday having rancid Onion splooge caking her face

No. 627284

Oh god, look at that GUT. That's what you get for eating nothing but processed junk, kids.

I think I'm one of the last ones standing, though he'll probably do another sweep when he wakes up to resume being POSITIVE AND HAPPY AND NOT CRACKING AT ALL.

FFS Lainey, if you insist on being male then be a man. A hairy, smelly grown man.

No. 627289

No. 627290

she looks so fucking sad. like shes about to kill herself any second.

No. 627291

You can do them all at once, you don't need to do it individually

No. 627293

With all the uhohbro views removed and possibly videos I wonder if that means the channels monetisation value has plummeted?

Remember YouTube provided him with a support phone number and were concerned about his mental state not that long ago, maybe they reinstated the channel but don't feel obligated to let him run ads. He's a freak but maybe YT HQ doesn't want his blood on their hands kek

No. 627298


…. maybe don't spend $35 on a fucking FACE MASK when you're drowning in debt? Hot damn is karma ever going to fuck their shit up.

No. 627300

It's an option which I think is under Bulk Edit > Privacy. Would take just a minute.

No. 627304

The more she turns into a "boy" the more miserable she looks. She needs to just be her damn self, even if she has no personality.

No. 627305

Thank you, love. These patron videos are always a treat to look forward to.

No. 627341

I'm surprised they stopped doing the "Boyfriend Girlfriend tag" videos, it would be funny if they did a "Boyfriend and… Boyfriend" tag now.

No. 627343

This lasted long lmao. I can't wait until he blocks some of his moron fans for having a drop of critical thinking.

No. 627344

File: 1547834019758.jpeg (686.43 KB, 1125x1761, E4F2132D-C68C-4325-A900-D1647E…)

Seeing how most of his fans are like the photo attached, that ain’t happening.

No. 627345

Huh she looks eerily like ryland. Its creepy.

No. 627357

critical thinking? that's just being a HATUR!!!1!1!!!!!!!!1! to someone like Gregma

No. 627377

File: 1547839692840.jpg (145.3 KB, 1228x692, makeup.jpg)

I just love that this is sponsored by poshmark. Every few months or so when she switches up her identity she'll put a bunch of barely worn clothes for sale there, even better if those clothes were gifts from fans lol.

Also Kai why were you reaching for that makeup? You just said a few days ago that doing those makeup videos made you feel dysphoric because you're totally a male now!

No. 627390

But anon, she had to pick up those pallets so she could throw a little shade at Kat Von D

No. 627393

File: 1547841665658.jpg (478.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190118-195526_Twi…)

Seems I've joined an elite group here.

He's changed his Twitter profile and display pictures, so I'm guessing there's another phase of this manic cycle yet to come.

No. 627398

File: 1547842214544.jpeg (770.21 KB, 1591x1209, B9F92040-878D-4D2B-A2F0-5C0928…)

Very little negative comments on his page, He seems to have blocked most of the anti O commenters. Time for his delusions to fester in the presence of brainwashed girls… Lainey doesn’t post to Twitter at all lately, sucks for her fans, but she doesn’t care about them much so.

No. 627401

Don't tell me he's going to try and pass his header off as the view from his backyard.

No. 627405

File: 1547843067024.jpg (180.93 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20190118-211949_Ope…)

Until yesterday or so he mainly had hate comments, now he's only got a few ass licking ones left cause he blocked all the people who mainly interacted with him.

I can imagine him so well, sitting in front of his pc, cackling like a hyena while he's deleting 95% of his comments and blocking everybody.
You sure a one busy man Gurg. No time for your husband, kids or wetland when the haters are on it again.

No. 627406

File: 1547843170089.png (1.07 MB, 1413x789, awk.png)

Jesus, they look so awkward and dead inside.

No. 627407

He did say that he gets legitimate enjoyment out of blocking "da haturz", like he gets giddy about it. How pathetic can you be?

No. 627408

Why are companies still sponsoring this bitch even after the child grooming accusations came out? I would not want to associate my name with that if I were them

No. 627411

It’s literally the only way he can feel powerful. That and making videos calling us dumb.

No. 627413

Dying because Jeffree Star just uploaded a video where he gives Shane and Ryland over $15,000 worth of Gucci meanwhile Anus is buying boy clothes for his transtrending spouse based off of their own money and Christmas money kailor got from family.

No. 627414

File: 1547844141460.jpg (43.01 KB, 580x608, blocked.jpg)

Speaking of blocking people this happened, Elijah has a bigger twitter following so I bet it pissed him off. >>627178 People were replying to Elijah with ss showing they got blocked by Onion boy too.

No. 627423

He always has that dead expression whenever he's in frame with Lainey. One look at him and you can tell immediately that he'd chew his arm off to get away from her.

Normally I'd call this off topic but with the hate boner Greg has for Shane this has to be the ultimate insult. Especially when Jeffree considers 15k to be basically nothing. He's already pissed enough that people make a few thousand off him on Youtube but to find out his biggest love/hate relationship is getting 15k in clothes when his fans won't even GoFundMe his forum?

He's on a blocking spree today. So much for remaining positive.

No. 627426

File: 1547847606332.png (62.8 KB, 720x400, IMG_20190118_223608.png)

Sure, Greg. You're like Gandhi.

No. 627428

File: 1547847865121.jpeg (371.54 KB, 750x1048, E6CBD7BB-F2A7-476A-AA26-5FA97D…)


Acting like the majority of those impressions aren’t from da haturz.

>work my butt off reeeeeing into my echo chamber and mass block/deleting anyone who isn’t a mentally impaired tween

No. 627430

File: 1547848001624.jpeg (154.71 KB, 750x476, 9E0F6221-0837-4480-B8DF-484C46…)

Oh fuck off you illiterate dullard, as if you even know who Socrates is

No. 627431

File: 1547848027759.jpg (481.05 KB, 1492x781, 1483347718510.jpg)

It's still too funny that pedonision posted this publicly!!

>Sarah thinks I'm hot. Did you hear that internet? The child I'm currently a guardian of is being inappropriate and this pleases me so instead of ignoring like a rational adult I'll tell the world because I'm irresistible.. #inyourfacelainey #shewantsmeeeeenotyou

the farms remember gurg, the farms always remembers.

No. 627434


>Do I look like a grandma?

Misgendering Lainey?

None of those clothes looked masculine at all. More neutral gendered, but Lainey tries zero to look like a guy.

No. 627435

File: 1547848175151.jpg (390.14 KB, 660x1018, Screenshot_2019-01-14-19-26-37…)

>but i haaaate teen girls, I would never encourage them..

No. 627436

Gandhi was actually a racist, misogynistic, victim-blaming piece of shit. Not unlike Greg in that regard.

You just know he pronounces it SO-crates.

No. 627437

Geez he's so dumb haha. This was 100% about Sarah. I love how he's always setting up traps for himself in the future and he doesn't even realize it.

No. 627439

she is legit a straight girl, bored being a straight mom, so she made up this Kai personality? it's actually cringey to watch

No. 627442

kek I was gonna add, if he does it’s only because he has seen Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. So-crates! Still, him attempting to look learned is fucking hilarious. He brags about not reading. The cognitive dissonance is stratospheric.

No. 627443

God these Instagram pictures are so fucking embarrassing. Imagine being a fly on the wall watching this ugly retard as he tries to get his best angle and find his light. Just making cringey as hell facial expressions into his iphone. I have never in my life met a grown man who takes selfies like a 15 year old girl the way Greg does. This second-hand embarrassment I am experiencing is beyond painful.
Lmao Greg actually believes these analytics..?
Every time I think he cannot get any dumber, this man without fail out-dumbs himself.
Honey, if you were getting 600k+ views on your twitter per day, don't you think your youtube videos just MIGHT be able to break that 15k viewership ceiling you've hit..? Honestly his most viral videos are at 30k these days. As everyone's favorite trihard faggot Ricegum loves to say:

No. 627444

She was only excited to give her kids toys and read to them.

She needs to drop the fake boy stuff and talk about being a mom. She’s always more personable and excited when she talks about her kids.

No. 627445

I’ve had a glass of wine or two, and it’s got me wondering (re: instagram angles). What the actual fuck is he doing to make his photos from an iPhone X look like they are back from MySpace? (Blog post but got upset over taking a photo and it showing some scaring that I thought was makeup covered same camera, well covered). Does he literally keep and iPhone 4 for these selfies? Or is it just 15 layers of filter?

Also, what’s everyone’s bet on how long til Sarah is officially back?

No. 627449

Well the fact that it’s not a real Socrates quote shows he is just repeating shit from an inspirational quote instagram or google search.

Can’t wait for him to post “They hate us because they ain’t us - Buddha”

No. 627450


Of course he had to brag about someone calling him "sexy" lmao that narcissistic couldn't keep it to himself

No. 627452

it's sad because she probably never gets to talk about her kids otherwise.

No. 627453

File: 1547850849644.png (941.13 KB, 848x669, 2019-01-19 09_32_34-HUSBAND BU…)

he's such a dirty ass looking gremlin in daylight.

No. 627456

File: 1547851114713.png (325.62 KB, 587x508, Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 5.26…)

Why have we never heard about his support of the World Food Program until NOW if he’s been supporting it for years?

Also, why did he link to the U.K. site? When you go to the link he posted and try to donate from the U.S., it redirects you to wfpusa.org, the American branch of WFP.

By “promoting,” he means just that; he’ll tweet about it once, but he isn’t donating. That’s our job. I mean, his own family is POOR and STRUGGLING just as badly as these kids in Ethiopia or whatever!!1!

Did he just Google “money for black hungries charity” and post the first shit that came up?

No. 627457

File: 1547851508716.jpeg (121.55 KB, 1010x1010, 507891FB-840C-45E9-A64F-E2AADC…)

Look at how dirty the mirror is

No. 627463

Gandhi also liked to get into bed with teen girls, so.

No. 627464

>Why have we never heard about
>until NOW if he’s been supporting it for years?

…because he's a compulsive liar.
(but you already know that)

No. 627474

is he trying to look rough and manly instead of a 5 year old boy now? just looks like he's trying to be paul joeseph watson lmao

No. 627479

Getting serious Cyr vibes from this picture.

No. 627481

So to summarize the Madison caps

>Lainey led her on by confessing feelings, then denying them later

>It's true that Greg doesn't speak to his daughter
>Madison would get ghosted for weeks and essentially played their maid

If she has feelings for Lainey, god knows why, that explains why she's been so eager not to fully burn that bridge.

No. 627483

File: 1547853099843.png (661.48 KB, 1080x594, 20190119_001048.png)

Hold me anons, he looks like a legit retard.

No. 627484

File: 1547853125404.jpeg (170.07 KB, 750x460, A17B41D7-D142-463B-B4A2-C73325…)

I can’t even be fucked hate watching this shit but Grot and Thot have the worst collection of random meaningless tattoos I’ve ever seen so this will no doubt be heinous. Also, you might not want to flaunt your new tattoo when you’re trying to beg for money to restore the wetlands you destroyed, but then that would involve actually being a rational adult with a conscience.

No. 627486

File: 1547853180922.png (1.71 MB, 1334x750, 005C128D-5BE3-4850-B919-E3B423…)

holy shit he’s so fucking stupid spending money on this dumbass ugly piece of shit tattoo.

No. 627489

>spending money on tattoos
>clothing haul
>starts a gofundme to pay for his fines

The stupidity knows no bounds

No. 627490

File: 1547853388812.png (1.29 MB, 1334x750, F966011C-8698-4A86-9F60-DB74AD…)

honestly even would’ve preferred his first “design” over this disgusting mess.
pic his first design

No. 627492

File: 1547853410173.png (852.43 KB, 1334x750, 22CD88C4-1F08-4F2C-BF0A-C5C5EE…)

what he ended up getting

No. 627493

God I hope that’s real. He’s an idiot if he did. It is a good warning label for everyone else though especially young girls.

No. 627495

File: 1547853567342.png (1.54 MB, 1334x750, 0A6E6D44-4064-47D0-9313-AF770D…)

I really think only he would be so retarded

No. 627496

wtf is going on with his pants? too many socks stuffed in there or did he shit his adult diaper?

No. 627497

This is so fucking bad. It looks like a temporary tattoo you’d get out of a coin machine. I’m so glad he got this on his body permanently.

I think he really is mentally handicapped in some way.

No. 627498

Legit looks like one of those coexist bumper stickers

No. 627499

wtf is going on with his pants? too many socks stuffed in there or did he shit his adult diaper?

No. 627500

File: 1547854099526.png (302.51 KB, 330x432, was-it-worth-it.png)

> tfw you could've risked it all for billie but you decided to stick out for your tranny manwife

No. 627502

Laineys last tattoo was the dedicated to Greg to show her love lmao
Greg’s latest tattoo is dedicated to all the haters.
Lainey he does not care about u, he loves us enough to dedicate a piece of his skin to us.

No. 627505

can't wait for him to drop the fake posi woke king bullshit and start raging with that on his arm

No. 627506

Haha it's even more pathetic than that. It's the fact that he was literally unable to refrain from being a massive, horrific douche to Billie (who is on record at one point of gazing at him as if the sun rose and set from him) and killed her feelings for him, when if he had just acted with just a little bit of kindness she would still be there. But he just couldn't do it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.

No. 627507

This is so fucking hideous and pointless because we all know he can't help himself from engaging.

No. 627508

What even is that design? Even if the top was consistent with the design of "engage", the tattoo would still be cringe.
But my God, how awful. It's like a 12 year old girl designed it in 2004 for Myspace.

The only good thing about it is the line work.

No. 627509

I legit think he is too. I know we like to bandy the word “retarded” around but I honestly think he is, at the very least, developmentally challenged. No grown ass adult behaves like this.

No. 627510


He is. We all know about his enlarged head in the womb, but he also said that the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck at birth. Oxygen deprivation at birth causes brain damage.

No. 627512

File: 1547854826822.jpeg (114.48 KB, 640x774, 5A9F1352-6F06-4566-AFA2-FE2704…)

kek he literally googled “angel wing tattoo transparent” and slapped the first clipart that came up onto his shitty “design.” So creative. Such an artist.

No. 627513

File: 1547854951063.png (1.23 MB, 1334x750, D9D9AE17-3CCE-405F-9B76-7F3022…)

This, my dear anon, is what happens when a 33 year old man child tries to design a tattoo on his computer in a toddler-like fit of rage thinking he’s some genius master.
“look i put this because it represents peace, and this too represents peace, and yingyang to show the balance of darkness and light”

No. 627516

No matter how much you try to suck your gut in, we can still see you're fat, Grug. Hit the gym, loser.

No. 627518

>inb4 he changes it to DO NOT GET ENGAGED after he leaves Lainey and resolves to stop celebrating his one-month-versaries with marriage proposals

No. 627521


I'm appalled.

I cannot understand how these people are so rocked on crappy aesthetics concerning tattos and everything else………Gosh.

No. 627522

Lmao it must sting to know that the guy you'd trade any friend or family member you ever had for loves his haturz more than you. Well… The haturz, himself, his exes, attention from young girls, youtube bucks, basically anyone and anything but you. LOL Be mad, Taylor.

No. 627524


The most painfully uncool thing I have ever seen .. holy shit .

No. 627526


He is though! Gandhi was a pedophile too!

No. 627533

Remember when they were supposed to get matching Mario themed tattoos and he flaked out?

No. 627534

By "support", Greg means he used this program as a tool in order to manipulate others. I.E., someone famous dies and he gives a link to a charity and says look at all these kids who are dying from starvation but none of you care about THAT. Or he links to this charity and says "So-and-so's video made a ton of money off of me they should donate it all to this charity but they won't because they're a shit person." Greg has used this particular charity countless times over the years in his usual attempts at making other's look bad.

He only uses the appearance of "support" to this charity as a manipulation tactic, he never brings charity or positive programs like this up because he actually gives a flying fuck about the suffering of others or to help others. It is so far beyond fucking revolting.

I have never in all the years I've known of Onision heard of him donating a single dime to any sort of charity, yet he constantly likes to shame others (who never owned mansions nor hundred thousand dollar cars) for not giving their hard-earned money to these charities.

Just further proof of how completely nonsensical Greg's logic truly is. It's okay if I've never in my life donated to someone less fortunate than me, but you? You're a pathetic monster if YOU haven't donated.

No. 627535


He flaked out on Sh, too. What a winner

No. 627536

that is some temp tattoo levels of bad. Like a design on a tshirt you'd see at forever 21

No. 627538

They got those tattoos on their legs a year after the promise though - Toad and Yoshi.

No. 627539

I still cannot believe Shiloh hasn't removed Greg's name from the back of her neck.

…I mean can you imagine…? Does not make one single iota of sense

No. 627540

i just don't understand the edge. why get some threatening message put on you with peace symbols and shit? its like the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing trademark. he'd probably take that as a compliment though, since he loves deceiving children like a Catholic priest. what an absolutely shit idea for a tattoo. greg really shoots himself in the foot with everything he does.

No. 627543

Regarding this tat + flood of fake posi tweets:

So this is how he copes with stress and failure. By painting himself as a martyr.

And we all know he's hugely stressed and failed this time because he's not only painting himself as a martyr figuratively, but painting himself as a martyr LITERALLY and permanently.

Whoah. That's some extreme denial. And it's extremely stupid. Akin to:
>Child: if I close my eyes, you can't see me!
>Onision: if I write it on myself, you can't touch me!

No. 627544

He is taking after his dad who was pretty chunky a few years ago but has started to lose weight and even ran in a marathon last year.

No. 627545

File: 1547856828585.png (406.54 KB, 434x642, fat1.PNG)

God look at the pouch on Greg's stomach. Lmao I thought only women had these.

No. 627546

File: 1547856829468.jpg (13.46 KB, 425x284, 61JBp4h7bgL._SX425_.jpg)

This just reminds me of collars for anxious/vicious dogs. God is good.

No. 627547

File: 1547856869795.png (574.13 KB, 617x642, fat2.PNG)

grossest body ever. He looks like he has worms.

No. 627548

Not to mention his bitch tits. I guess he hasn't been following his own skinny pact!

No. 627549

he got it to remind himself not to engage with the "haters" online, i saw him talk about it on repzions video, i think the peace symbols are part of this new zen good guy mentality he's going for right now but of course he's going to flip the script and do the whole "alright guys no more mr nice guy your gonna get the real brutal honesty" spiel again eventually

No. 627550

That's his message to Youtube and any future bosses when YT finally boots him completely:
Do not engage

Or he could change it to
Go thot, en|garde!

No. 627551

He acts as if he is on drugs in that maniac laughing video on Uhobro. Back when he was Skye and talking in videos by himself about meat eaters etc he looked as if he was on drugs there too. His eyes were pink and he talked really slow. He looked like he was using weed or downers

No. 627552

>greg really shoots himself in the Lainey


No. 627553

File: 1547857301094.png (1.27 MB, 836x1050, GRONKTATTOOS.png)

Greg's future tattoos.

No. 627554

jesus fucking christ, that is truly one disgusting, terrifying looking human..

No. 627555


I know it's a little early, but this definitely gets my vote for the next thread pic!

No. 627556

File: 1547857823274.png (20.16 KB, 585x318, uhoh.PNG)

Greg's apparently sooper stoked to get back to old-school UhOhBro videos. Because that channel wasn't getting abysmal views prior to being terminated or anything.

How has he not learned yet that people are over him? His shit original uhohbro content might have raked in the views in 2015, but people have grown up. People have moved on. That sad immature "comedy" where he's an obnoxious basic react channel isn't going to ever garner the attention it once had.

While other youtuber's have evolved in their content and their identity, Greg is still desperately chasing his past that will never, ever be relived. It is so… pathetic.

No. 627558

This ^^^
Maybe add four tattoos of Jessie Paege's face and it would be absolute perfection.

No. 627559

Is there a picture somewhere? Because I know Taylor got the Yoshi tattoo, as revealed in a YouNow stream, but I swear he said he would get it later and never did.

No. 627566

70s asylum patient chic. He really does look like a grotty tard.

No. 627568

I think he's running out of options, so that's why he's falling back on an old formula. I doubt it will work out in his favor, though.

No. 627571

File: 1547858777218.png (6.09 MB, 2208x1242, 11BC0B2C-CAED-4EBB-A217-D5120F…)

No. 627572

While we're on the subject of his embarrassing photo habits - I actually can't believe he thought this was a good picture, much less post it.
Bad pants stuffing, awkward fucking arm, gut, and worst of all the mirror is fucking disgustingly filthy. I would never post anything that showed how disgusting my house hygiene was, it's so trashy and gross.

Imagine a 30+ unemployed father getting all fake fancy dressed up to take fucking selfies in his filthy mirror to post to his mentally ill fangirls. Jesus how sad

No. 627573

Yes, yes I can. It makes perfect sense to me.

I still keep bomb shells from the war I lived through as a teen. They give me strength because they remind me what I lived through, survived, and came out of.

The most difficult thing for me was to accept that those traumatic experiences shaped me irreversibly, that they are a part of who I am.

I dealt with that fact similarly to Shiloh - I owned it. I am proud of the person I am today, of the person I grew to be, DESPITE of everything.

The things I keep are physical proof that I'm a badass in a good way. It inspires me every time I reach a new obstacle.(no one cares about your seashells)

No. 627576

What the heck is that thing in the corner of that picture?! It looks like a toe with a horrifically grotty toenail on it.

No. 627577

File: 1547859228524.jpeg (91.71 KB, 750x245, B02480BF-F0BA-4327-A57D-1DDD8F…)

His mentally ill fans are even more fucked in the head than he is. I mean, there’s this

No. 627578

Very beautifully written, anon.

I suppose I just hate to think that Greg knows his name is still on this beautiful girl's body in any shape or form… knowing Greg and his narcissism, he probably gets off to it, thinking there is a female out there he branded just like he tried to brand Billie.

But now that you explain your personal view of the tattoo, I can understand that. And I can see someone keeping a tattoo to see it as something they grew from and overcame.

I simply hate knowing our resident retard probably sees it in a really gross, disturbing way. To have a 17 year old girl get your name permanently written on their skin…
so beyond fucked.

No. 627581

Why is it that Greg's handi-capable fangirls always look just as retarded as they sound? This chick looks like a chinese prostitute who is desperately attempting to hide her down syndrome with caked-on eye shadow.

No. 627592


lmfao. what fucking design process? it's fucking clip art. the hardest part was hitting ctrl + p

No. 627595

Exactly. And anyone who doesn’t think this looks like a scratcher hack job needs their eyes checked, holy shit.

No. 627596

Why is his chest so lumpy under his tits? I'm genuinely concerned lmao

No. 627598

I'll never get over how fucking big his head is compared to those narrow little girl shoulders

No. 627600

he needs to stop being so scared of real human interaction and get his hair cut by an actual professional

No. 627604

idk if he's still botoxing or just getting more grotesque as he ages but he's starting to look like those over-botoxed old men who start looking like old women in their desperate bid for youth. and he's only 30.

No. 627606

anon, those are just lines from his healthy, vegan lifestyle

No. 627609

Nice. Now I have new bait for tattoo cringe threads.
My brain is hurting trying to think of a way to convey how terrible this is. Just imagining him in the parlor explaining to the artist:
>Well you see I’m a famous YouTube who has made several viral videos, and this is to remind me to ignore the haters.
Is every new tattoo of theirs clipart/first result on google?

No. 627613

He’s a living bobble head doll.

I can’t believe he’s so proud of that tattoo. It looks like some terrible clip art the church secretary would put on a newsletter.

No. 627615

for real lmao. he needs an entire make over cause he looks like a wet fart. he even dresses like a teenager.

No. 627619

Wow the sad thing is he probably thinks hes a design master and that this was genius and so amazingly made. Like his shitty onision logo. The tattoo looks well done at least, he should have let a tattoo artist design it. These two idiots never get tattoo artists design them original nice work, and instead just google shit to copy. They have 0 nice tattoos. I dont know why they love to put clip art around their bodies.

It will be hilarious when he starts raging while having that tattoo at least. Is he hoping this will prove how hes changed so attractive alt teen girls will want to date him again? Too bad thats not what girls want to see when they say "tattoos are hot".

No. 627620

This is so funny and SUCH a good tattoo cuz it's like a warning to everyone who might ever interact with him: "do NOT engage." it's like fucking pottery. I can't believe it. He's so stupid. His brain is so tiny it could rotate endlessly within a peanut shell and never touch the sides

No. 627623

Those are his workout lines

No. 627630

This honestly just shows how manic he is lately and how much the "hate" is getting to him. Greg is legit going insane lmao

No. 627633

RIP Old Pixyteri
Oh no. Yikes! Can't wait for him to regret his tattoos but won't admit he's wrong, just like his relationships!

No. 627637

Everything else about Greg that’s fucking repulsive aside, can you imagine a first date with him? He asks, “Do you like tattoos?” and you say, “Yeah, they’re fine.”

Then he rolls up his sleeve and proudly shows off THIS garbage?

“Yeah, this is for peace, this is also for peace, this is for peace too, this is, like, symbolizing light and dark, and this is to remind me not to respond to my haters.”

He also shows you “REMEMBER LOVE” for one ex-girlfriend, plus Yoshi and what appears to be two crosses and some pointy blob that’s supposed to be a number for his ex-‘husband’… and he is so proud. He is sure he’s such an edgy tattooed badass emo boi.

No. 627648

I thought this was hilarious

No. 627651



No. 627652

File: 1547867705554.jpg (91.62 KB, 958x534, gregisapedo.jpg)

Fixed it.

No. 627653

File: 1547867752157.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, graphic_design_is_my_passion.j…)

>Wow the sad thing is he probably thinks hes a design master and that this was genius and so amazingly made

Lmao so true. He's the living embodiment of the "graphic design is my passion" meme

No. 627654


No. 627656

>That feeling when you find a meme that fits a situation maybe a bit TOO perfectly

lmao yes anon. Yes.
We have some major talent lurking this thread. Praise be.

No. 627658

Lmao right??? His tattoo looks like its stuck in 2004 with that horrible design and those goofy ass wings too. He really cant let go of his teenage years.

No. 627659

I agree. Pretty much looks like a logo teens would draw in their notebooks during class.

No. 627661

It looks like one of the spray paint options in Tonyhawks Underground.

No. 627662

File: 1547868765860.png (978.13 KB, 1136x640, 65359ED4-796E-4A26-9727-B41A37…)

Speaking of. This was his original design.

No. 627665

Lol, his tattoo is an exploitable meme.

This is why Onision is my favourite cow. He's a natural, and never stops giving.

No. 627673

He should have tattooed that pussy message before he applied for the military. It would have saved him from being discharged, and also from being enlisted.

No. 627675

File: 1547869874409.png (509.26 KB, 1008x681, uhhh.PNG)

New UhOhBro video. If anyone would mirror, this would be a good video to post here because it is just.. so much sadder than usual.

This is Greg trying his absolute HARDEST to be funny. …lol it is really, really hard to watch, actually

No. 627677

File: 1547870536306.png (9.07 MB, 2208x1242, 1DE2577F-196C-41DD-926A-28F76C…)

Picture him drawing this and sweating, or Laincrotch.

No. 627683

Christ. The sides of the black border on either side of the 'E' aren't even the same width and he got it tattooed that way. I can only imagine what the artist thought.

No. 627684

He looks like William H Macy in his later years if he if he tried to cosplay as a sceney teen boy.

I bet the tattoo artist was cringing at the design the whole time. Even Lainey seemed to be unsure about it. She was nice about it at the end though, but when she said 'where are you going to get it?' she looked so done.

To me, this WHOLE video reeked of mid life crisis. The shit tattoo, the dad bod, doing pull ups shirtless in front of his audience.
Also nitpick, but he doesn't even do pullups correctly. His form is terrible. He only pulls himself up halfway.

No. 627685

Yeah YouTube reinstated you because they know you're a nutjob who would go on a killing spree if they didn't

No. 627688

File: 1547871643733.png (399.19 KB, 621x504, whatdafugg.PNG)

Foot-thot looked extra nasty in this video, I guess marriage is working for her..

No. 627691

I was commenting more on her attitude. Sometimes you can see the actual regret that she married him in her actions. It was only at the end of the video she showed any kind of 'warmth'
She was shooting daggers at him at one point.
But yeah, you are right she looks run down as fuck. Probably losing sleep over the fact she's been outed as a predator and can't be poor victim Lainey anymore.
Gurg can no longer say 'Lainey/Kai/whatever is crying uwu!!!' because now everyone knows that she's turned into just as big a cunt as he is.

No. 627694

Apparently his channel was terminated because of the black hair videos

No. 627696

i'm not trying to downplay what a racist piece of shit he is by any means, but shouldn't youtube also consider he's been actively harassing a fellow youtuber for YEARS now using her likelihood in thumbnails, titles and videos for his own sick profit, even after she's been asked to stop and people have reported that shit? i thought youtube was pretending to give a shit about bullying, but i guess not

No. 627698

all the different line thicknesses is triggering me.
And the wings (and random plant sprig?) are so unnecessary.

this is just making me think of his stupid stove analogy. "Whoa-ho-hoooo!!! I literally say do not engage and you did anyway!!!!"

No. 627699

And you know this how?

No. 627700

If I saw this design on a t-shirt, I would think it was created by an kid or someone with very limited computer skills, but at least it would make more sense as a graphic tee logo than as a tattoo on a person's body. The font he used plus the google clipart is just horrific for a tattoo.

No. 627702

If she wasn’t such a garbage person I’d feel sorry for her looking this rough at 24, but it’s really just her dreadful personality physically manifesting, along with the fact that she rarely leaves the house and subsists predominantly on Cheerios.

No. 627703

mods, please forgive me this moment of weakness, i wish i could sage, but HOLY SHIT I CAN'T FUCKING BELIEVE HE ACTUALLY GOT THIS AS A PERMANENT TATTOO! i'm in such disbelief that im expecting this was all staged and a giant troll, but he isnt smart enough to pull that off convincingly. worse, he's fucking proud of that monstrosity. that it makes the perfect exploitable meme is just icing on the cake.

more on topic, someone who remembers the legal deadlines, are we coming up on any big ones soon?

No. 627704

What is it with cows having shit tattoos. This is raven level bad.

No. 627709

I think they're just assuming Greg was telling the truth about it in his new UhOhBro video.
Greg says something along the lines of "I got an unfair strike for hate speech because I talked about how beautiful black hair is and the importance of hygiene".

Something like that anyway. Who knows (or cares) if he's telling the truth, because either way he appealed it and apparently won the appeal.

Amazing as other anon's stated how a strike would be doled out for the black hair videos but not for the hundreds of videos making fun of a severely mentally ill girl and profiting nonstop for years off of it.

No. 627712

I think it is the 1st of February, if I am not wrong, that is for the planning report/progress.

No. 627716

aww we matter to him so much that he got a tattoo that represents us. he should have got it as a tramp stamp so it could represent being branded as one of our top cows. such a wasted opportunity.

No. 627717


I think that little plant sprig is supposed to be an olive branch. So, not random, but still stupid. Especially since most people will probably have no idea what it's meant to be.

No. 627720

File: 1547875798299.gif (452.87 KB, 598x322, wasteland.gif)

Hes trying so hard to make it seem like losing all his videos is a good thing, a "brand new start"

No. 627721

I wonder if that random plant sprig got there by means of tractor?
The plant sprig is to commemorate defiling protected wetlands.

No. 627723

Oh my God, guys. In a weird twist of fate we "haters" ended up branding Greg just like he tried to brand his exes.

What a beautiful twist of sweet irony hahaha

No. 627760

File: 1547878202642.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080, PicsArt_01-19-01.08.49.png)

No. 627761


100% guarantee he doesn’t know how to pronounce Socrates.

No. 627768

File: 1547878810556.webm (3.15 MB, 568x440, where do women pee out of.webm)

What are you talking about? Greg is the most bestestest word sayer I know.

No. 627769


He thinks if he flexes hard enough it’ll look like has abs, but does he not realize he has tiny arms, too? No muscle mass whatsoever.

No. 627772

After finding out the tattoo is indeed real and not a silly temporary one he stuck on for a skit, I am genuinely convinced he's actually autistic. I've always thought it but this cements the idea.

No. 627773

I'm convinced he's trying to flood his twitter with as much "positivity" as possible to help him look kind to the government and wetlands folk.
It's all a tactic.
"Look, I'm a good man, I help most all people!"

No. 627776

So Greg does want it in the ass in prison…

No. 627779

File: 1547881756050.png (253.35 KB, 436x639, evil_gremlin_2.png)

He's morphing into his final form. Pic related.

No. 627782

File: 1547882101916.jpg (22.36 KB, 598x270, fiction.jpg)

It's just a shitty ripoff of that 'Fiction' t-shirt a lot of YT atheists liked to wear a few years ago.

Much original, very design Greg,

No. 627784

File: 1547882515215.jpeg (491.93 KB, 750x990, 0053C1AC-53B9-4D31-8D16-BAF4C3…)


No. 627785


Welp, we called it. She’s looking for any reason not to make a video.

Too bad Foot and Anus will still never take you back, Madi, count your blessings.

No. 627787

If someone leaking info that she was going to speak on is making her stop the video…. she was never going to make it.

No. 627789

Oh, bullshit Madi was ever going to talk. If people were "pretending to be her friend to post it online" then where is it, Madi?

Also, fuck her for being all "Onion hurts girls, I can't let this stand" only to say "fuck them" when she gets cold feet. Then tries to act all virtuous about it.

She never gave a fuck about the people Greg and Taylor hurt.

No. 627790

Honestly I sort of can agree with her. When she isn't revealing what farmer's want, she is called a bitch or useless, but when she reveals anything people are all in her inbox and so "interested" in her wellbeing. Even though she was ignorant for dealing with Onion in the first place, she is still a person and being toyed with does not feel great. With that being said, we all need to remember she is a person. You can't pick and pry with her for your own selfish reasons then be mad she doesn't react how you would like or act to one extreme. Even to play devil's advocate, she might not have been revealing new milk, but she is confirming speculations and was inching closer to being more open, but now that's all fucked up.

No. 627792

gee, what a huge surprise /s

>hey everyone, I have some serious milk on the onions!
>wait, I misspoke, I take it all back
>But it's OK now, I'll definitely explain everything soon
>wait, I misspoke

>look at me look at me look at me

So no, don't try this lowkey stanning. She's a minor cow and an attention whore.

No. 627793

She didn't have to answer/open up to anyone in her inbox. She could've just said "that'll be answered in the video" or just ignored them. She wasn't planning on going through with it to begin with.

No. 627794


I’m inclined to agree with you re: being up in her inbox under the pretence of concern when the end game is milk but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s a cow herself and is using pedogate to drum up attention for herself. If Grot and Thot didn’t “break up” with her over her degenerate ddlg fuckery or whatever is was she’d still be trying to ride Taylor’s strap-on

No. 627795

She is a useless bitch though. Not like it's the first time she's alluded to Greg being a creep for young girls to later recant her statements. If she was working on a video she'd already have a lot of effort put into it and why give that and the views that would come with it up over some stupid screenshots? There is no video. She's just using this as an excuse to weasel out of it because she's hoping the Onions will take her back.

No. 627796

Yep. I reckon the main, or even the only reason she’s not spilling and never had any intention to is because she’s hoping the Pedonions will take her back. Let’s be real, she’s a grown woman and mother who had an unhealthy relationship with two abusive reprobates and she is part of a community that sexualises children, she’s as fucked in the head as they are. It’s not like she met them when she was 17 and realised what a gross error of judgement she made upon growing up. She is an adult who willingly pursued a friendship (and more) with these two predators.

No. 627797

it's here in these caps, surely: >>627087

No. 627803

I kind of agree with both points. People who cowtip for milk are retards but at the same time Madison is an idiot. She left her kid with the Onions and bitched she was filthy and that Shreg didn't watch her. Shiloh and Billie kept the fuck away from the drama even though their names, especially Shiloh, were dragged through the mud and people kept calling them cunts. Madison just keeps reeeing about things and then acts like she knows all about their shit and has toooo much 'respect' to spill deets but then gives hints to shit and goes on podcasts but then screeches when people ask questions.
She wants the validation and sympathy of an onion ex, but at the same time doesn't wanna address shit because she's hoping Lainey will be friends again with her in future. Newsflash Madison, she won't. She's a little snake who will always side with Onion.
She's trying to act holier than thou and that she's above the others that knew Lainey and Greg but she's really not any better then the onions themselves.
Also she's dumb as fuck for being friends with Billy the fridge as it's obvious he 'supports' her because he very clearly wants to bang her. I can't be the only one that thinks this.

To go back to the anon who befriended her for milk, it's a shitty snakey thing to do and even if you were okay with being shitty and snakey, you could have at least waited to release that stuff.

No. 627804

Agreed and if anyone has ever watched her livestreams, she's extremely unlikeable.

No. 627805

File: 1547885949999.jpeg (159.46 KB, 640x670, 604DF012-62F2-4078-A149-EF5CD2…)

Madison is reffering to this
>>>627087 and five more ss
Here’s the first one

No. 627806

Ofc, it was so obvious she was just looking for a way out.
Good to know you really only care about getting attention and not about exposing an abusive, manipulative pedophile, Madi.
You tell people he didn't care about his and your kids while he's watching them, but you don't want to expose him. People start conversations with you and leak them, because you're not doing the video you said you'd do, to gather some information.

No. 627810

Madison has become extremely fucking pointless and irritating. What has she done to help in outting Greg's ongoing revolting behavior? What has she done to help these girls come out about how horribly he's treated them? She always stood idly by doing nothing and all I ever see is her attempting to play victim.

Madison somehow just slides into major drama wherever she goes. And she's the victim in every circumstance. I think she is guilty of never once standing up to Greg and Lainey until THEY threw her dumb ass to the curb. Then she wants to get drunk and call out "pedo-like behavior" yet wavers on ever giving actual proof or verbal instances that she herself witnessed, even going so far as to give in to Greg's demands, going on instagram to state multiple times, "I've never seen anything illegal, I don't think he ever did anything illegal, I never saw anything wrong with Sarah, and I was wrong."
Useless. Absolutely and completely useless coward.

Personally? I think Madison knew full well whoever that anon was wanted to get info out of her and would post it and she happily went along with it just so she could feign ignorance and outrage and declare she wouldn't be making a video. I think this was all complete bullshit and she is nothing but a pussy bitch coward who is too scared of "legal trouble" to stand for anything.

Fuck off, Madison. You are and always have been an idiot attention-seeking sleezy bitch.
Bye bye now. Good luck ever getting anyone to pay attention to you again.

No. 627811

Don't expect someone whose fetish is subconscious pedophilia to speak out against child abuse.

No. 627812

Honestly, this is the same cunt who has been cozying up nonstop to Billy the Fridge. I wouldn't be surprised if she was in on the "leaks" and she's hoping Greg and Lainey see her as this poor innocent victim who believed these terrible meanies uwu.

Madison is so pathetic, nothing would surprise me at this point. Next comes the video of her apologizing and begging for Lainey and Greg to still be her friend. She even stated herself that she didn't say shit about anything until Lainey ignored her for a month straight. She is the definition of pathetic. NO ONE wants you, Madison. Neither side wants anything to do with you. Just go away already.

No. 627814

I don’t think she’s even scared of legal trouble, she just doesn’t want to burn her bridge back to the swamp. As if she cares about them being pedos, she’s into ddlg, that basically qualifies her as a pedo herself. Regardless, most of us called it, she never had any intention of spilling the milk, she just wanted to get in on the action. The only person who has been brave enough to stand up to these two is Ayalla, everyone else is happy to ride her coattails.

No. 627815

Truth, anon.
I guess I just didn't think she could be so revolting as to use actual grooming and manipulation of teenage girls for sex as a ways to garner that 15 minutes of fame.
But she was sucking Greg and Lainey's dick for what, 8 entire years? I don't know what I expected.

No. 627816

>Personally? I think Madison knew full well whoever that anon was wanted to get info out of her and would post it and she happily went along with it just so she could feign ignorance and outrage and declare she wouldn't be making a video.

This. Most online personalities especially ones linked to drama whores like the onions are supppper careful when it comes to talking about their lives to randoms.
How long did she even know this person for? Long enough to give them milk apparently. She wanted a way to screech about Greg and Lainey without directly saying it herself. Then there's all the petty stuff she's doing like hanging out with Shiloh, going on drunken peasants, liking all these anti Onision tweets…for someone who wants to stay out of drama she's trying to continue it.
A bit like Sam. Either spill the deets or fuck off completely.

No. 627817

As much as I agree with all of you other anons,

I suggest we refocus on professional child and cow groomer Onision and his boring 'boy' wife.

No. 627818

Absolutely true. She knew what she was doing spilling all that info to that anon. She knew people were looking for dirt on Greg and Lainey. She's claiming "someone came to her with a sob story"? Bitch are you retarded? You really think we all believe that some random came to you and you had no idea and you poured all this personal shit to them thinking they wouldn't tell a soul? How stupid do you think the rest of us really are?

She's clung to this like the sad little slut leech she is to gain relevancy from something horrible. God you cannot get any lower than this chick

No. 627819

Sorry I'll stop derailing. That was just massively gross.

No. 627820


She's more than likely taking advantage of the situation to draw attention to herself and some new 'single' she's releasing. She's more upset that she can't appear in Onion's and Lame's vids than anything else. All she has is this non-milk account of her sainthood acts towards Lame. Much hurt.

She wasn't around during the B Saga, she revealed, as she was ignored. Pretty sure she didn't really interact with or meet Sarah.
If she actually mistook Sh in that DP livestream, she's even more incompetent in her basic knowledge of someone whom she's known soooo well for 6 years.

No. 627821

She's more concerned with people using her for "tea" than she is the wellbeing of minors. Says a lot, honestly.

No. 627822

Also note that the "info" leaked was all Madison basically stating that her and Lainey had secret feelings for each other, and that Lainey really liked her and Madison should have been part of the trinity but because of her DDLG based falling out with Greg, Lainey withdrew from her.

Personally don't think Lainey had real feelings towards the chick for a moment. Nor did Madison have feelings for her outside of wanting a piece of her and Onion's fan base. She just decided to release this tidbit indirectly instead of making a video in hopes it would get everyone talking about her just in time for her single, just like you said.

No. 627823

bpd is a helluva drug, have fun playing victim for the rest of your life madison!

No. 627824

For real. All this shit does is cement her status as a cow. As much as we’re all hoping for more milk I doubt we’ll hear much more about the grooming of Sarah seeing as no one, Ayalla included, has any conclusive concrete evidence. Unless the cops are notified and choose to investigate it the sad reality is they’ll probably get away with it. Greg has fucked up so many times yet still has several platforms from which to spout his batshit nonsense, he’ll probably just fade into irrelevance (I mean, he’s most of the way there already) before anyone takes meaningful action against him.

No. 627825

File: 1547890162627.png (29.25 KB, 634x273, stalker.PNG)

lol Greg made sure not to miss his daily Jessie Paege stalking, even during the drama of his channel getting temporarily shut down.

You have to admit, this dude is MAD persistent. I hope someone starts a compilation of all Greg's Jessie Paege tweets, there has to be over a hundred by now. How does Lainey not find it odd that her husband cannot go a single day without publicly stalking another girl? I know they don't have anywhere near a normal relationship, but Lainey needs to reel in her wife. This is starting to seep outside the realm of embarrassing and is crossing into the territory of just straight up disturbing obsession.

No. 627826


Fucking kek, of course he has to recommend a series about an obsessed stalker. Remember when based anon made the twitter bot that retweeted Grug’s deleted tweets as soon as he deleted them? Someone needs to do that for every time he tweets at Jessie.

No. 627827

File: 1547890852325.webm (2.79 MB, 400x300, poor onision.webm)

It does seem like a hundred, but its only at twenty.

No. 627828


I tinfoil that she does makeup videos to seem more like Billy. She probably realized this at some point/is going through a mental crisis.


No. 627829

Tbh I'm beginning to feel the same way… I don't know if anything will actually come from Ayalla stepping forward, at least not in the way of repercussions for the Avaroes. I think Ayalla is a hero for bringing this to the attention of many people who were blind to it, though, and I would like to think she saved a young girl or two from falling into their trap blindly. But until Sarah wakes the fuck up, which is unlikely to happen unless of a major falling out, they won't be legally reprimanded for any of their disgusting behavior or actions right now… and I'm scared that Lainey and Greg will honestly pursue legal action against Ayalla - although these allegations against Ayalla will not stick because she didn't say a single thing that was not true.

Although physical criminal charges won't be given based solely on the information we currently have, that doesn't mean Lainey and Greg haven't lost hugely in the court of public opinion. Videos on Onision's grooming have exploded, garnering millions of total views.

tl;dr while we might not be getting any instant gratification from Ayalla speaking out on the Sarah situation, I think in the long run she has played a massive part in waking everyone up to the truth surrounding Greg and Lainey. This is something they will never be able to live down - the internet never forgets.

No. 627830

You are amazing, anon. This is everything. Please keep adding to this, it will only get funnier as time goes on.

My dream in life would be to somehow get this into the hands of Lainey.

No. 627833

>Good girl.
Well that's fucking creepy, no matter the context.

No. 627834

I also think from a legal standpoint nothing is going to happen to Greg and Taylor yet, if it ever does at all. The pursuit of a case seems unlikely unless someone drops an information bombshell and Sarah changes her tune. Things like this happen with no legal consequence all the time.

It seems like the best, likely outcome for now is a ruined reputation.

No. 627835

For real. Ayalla refuses to be threatened or bullied into silence. Girl has been through some shit too, she’s a trooper. As you said, even if Grot doesn’t end up as some thug’s prison wife the whole outing has had an undeniable effect on his reputation and “career” for want of a better word. If only YouTube wouldn’t be so hell fucking bent on upholding the first amendment and ban his hateful ass already, but given the recent turn of events that’s highly fucking unlikely. He’ll just keep screeching into the shrinking echo chamber and blocking da haturz until there’s no one left except his smol gay husband and their two brats.

No. 627836


He got a tattoo saying “DO NOT ENGAGE” to stick it to the haters (with a picture of a tree in the middle, to prove how much he cares about the environment). Let me repeat that: a 33-year-old man permanently altered his body’s physical appearance as a response to Internet backlash.

He spent thousands of dollars and bought dozens of expensive presents for his family to “prove the IRS wrong” about how much money he has (because apparently the IRS demanding 600k in back taxes is them making an accusation that you have no money? I don’t fucking know).

What an absolutely petulant fucking manchild. I honestly cannot wrap my head around what Lainey finds attractive about this narcissistic pissbaby. They have three children, not two: Troy, Cloey, and Greg.

No. 627838

File: 1547895590003.png (237.62 KB, 800x955, Screenshot_2019-01-19-02-52-59…)


Olive branch confirmed. Another lazy Google image clip art search.

No. 627839


Madison is live, she’s talking about Sarah.

No. 627841

>I know she's ugly
she’s not even ugly plus she’s a child? can people stop letting their embarrassingly low self esteem leak onto every post they make.

No. 627842

File: 1547897183262.jpeg (17.43 KB, 350x350, 6B5D7C99-247E-4626-BD2C-40AF22…)

Nah bro it’s the stupid outdated referane to the the “coexist” image from the early 2000s. Greg ripped off a design/moment that had already been circulating for almost 20 years. It’s the dumb ass outdated and already lame boring and dull coexist design that EVERY fast fashion clothing brand has and was using for 2 decades now. It was edgy 20 years ago, but is so outdated at this point. Yawn

No. 627843

I someone recording?

No. 627844

Don't waste your time, she's just holding a pity party for herself and not sharing any milk whatsoever. " greg was mean to me waa waaa ! ! " thats it. Not even talking about the pedo/grooming allegations. Pretty much expected this from her tbh.

No. 627846

Greg was yelling at Lainey about not coming out about her rape online, Madison stood up for her and Greg told her she deserves to get raped while she was holding her child. He also said to both Madison and Lainey that if they meet a rapist, to tell him they’re available.

No. 627847

File: 1547898328757.jpeg (89.38 KB, 1125x180, 8F832A7F-2986-468F-A225-2C4A71…)

Billy is still defending a man who told his “best friend” to essentially get raped.

No. 627848

lol I'm sorry I'm not believing jack shit this chick has to say. Lets all remember something: Madison saw Greg and Lainey under fire for grooming, abusing and manipulating teenagers for sex and she has since added nothing of value for over a month besides back-pedaling and dropping a SINGLE at the same time as everything else is going down. That is by and far the most revolting reach for fame conceivable. Fuck off, girl.

Genuinely don't know how any of you can believe a thing she says. She can make up any little story she wants about Greg being mean at this point. What credibility is there?

No. 627849

There is crediblity about Greg screaming at Lainey about not talking about her rape. He’s made videos about how rape victims who don’t speak out are going to be targets for more rapists.

Sorry, but I’m inclined to believe Madison about Greg telling her she deserves to get raped.

No. 627850

File: 1547898846665.gif (959.63 KB, 500x305, DD3DCCE5-5C09-4A19-805F-6530F2…)


If this is true (let’s be real, I wouldn’t put it past her to embellish if not outright lie) then holy shit he is a malignant cunt

No. 627851




By what twisted narc logic did he choose an olive branch? As if he would ever make an offer of reconciliation to anyone.

No. 627852

I came in late and caught the ass end of her crying about her holding her child as Greg yelled at her.
Was there any thing more revealed?
Just the rape thing he yelled at Lainey and her about?

No. 627853

Yeah personally I can't listen to her because she is inclined to say anything we want her to say at this point. LC went from her fan club to hating her and she has a single to sell, so she plays victim again. That's a nope from me.

No. 627854

literally the most boring stream ever

No. 627855

File: 1547899315275.jpg (42.14 KB, 720x707, _20190119_120047.JPG)

OK I need to fucking know, what in the fuck is this appendage because it looks foul(Nitpick)

No. 627856


Not really. Shes just a perpetual victim. There was a guy there constantly calling her out and pointing out that she brought things on herself and no one was saying the things that she was crying about, and she just kept yelling and crying and making shit up on the spot. She's acted like she was so bothered to be there talking and was being forced to speak up, when everyone was kissing her ass and being supportive. She is such an insane drama queen.

She did say that Lainey is an amazing parent, and definitely LGBT.

No. 627857

looks like a foot with a witch toenail

No. 627858

If she was totally planning on exposing the oinkions behaviour and everything shitty they've done then anything she said in DM's would have been in the video wouldn't ti? So why the fuck would it matter if people got their '''tea''' via a video or her DMs? Unless ofc she had no intention of putting everything in her video (which she was obviosuly never going to do anyway).

Madi pls. You care more about yourself and trying to lick Taylors herpes lips than the girls they groom and take advantage of. You have a chance to expose them and turn peoples opinions around on you but you choose to attention whore and run away.

No doubt Greg contacted her and she go all gidddy thinking she has a chance now so found the first excuse to drop out.

No. 627859

I was wondering about that too! That is pretty horrific. And I guess it begs the question as to whose terrible toe that belongs to.

No. 627860

File: 1547899721027.png (148.8 KB, 415x271, 4555.PNG)

its the big toe and little toe next to it looks like a curved nail for some reason(Nitpick)

No. 627861

She just read this post verbatim. >>627848

Lurking or someones feeding her info?

No. 627862

File: 1547900304572.png (278.82 KB, 446x345, ffggdg.PNG)

those indignant facial expressions shes making as shes reading the posts from here remind me SO MUCH of Onision when he does his Speak videos about the haterz

No. 627863

Something is really off about Madison. So suddenly tonight she's super upset about Greg telling her and Lainey to get raped, but something like this was never bad enough to bring up until just now? When LC turned on you in the same night? I feel like this is badly written fan-fiction, probably because she was visibly drunk the entire stream.

No. 627864

Madie. Says she’s really into girls. Wrong! You’re boring and dull, bitch, and nothing about you is interesting. You like girls cause it gives you something interesting to talk about. Lainey uses the same logic. A dick in the mouth is more interesting than anything she had to say tonight. Period. Fax

No. 627865

File: 1547901028589.png (135.92 KB, 627x660, decambraslut.PNG)

she is still a fan of theirs and hopes to get back in, she was and always will be an enabler. Do not ever expect any milk from her.

No. 627866

Anon above said Madison was talking about Sarah. Did she say anything interesting?

No. 627867

lol I forgot about his obsession with getting people to sign contracts, does he really think that any of them would be legal

No. 627869

you need to chill

No. 627870

I do think it's pretty gross she is minimizing and deflecting Greg's blatant abuse of Billie here.

No. 627872


WTF? Calm yourself psycho.

Also this is the kinda shit that gives her victim ammo. Stfu

No. 627873

What is wrong with you?

No. 627874

Im getting the vibe from what shes saying now, she loved being the golden child during the initial drama with Onision when people thought she was going to do a tell all. She never did and just teased just enough to keep everyone interested. And now that Ayalla and the other girls have taken the spot light shes pissed that shes been thrown to the side and ignored.

No. 627876

Agreed, but welp, she has only herself to blame for that. No one likes a cocktease.She was in a unique position to shed some light, and instead she continues to duck and cover for Greg and Kailor, for some reason, and despite their treatment of her. She seems to be under the impression that they will take her back, or something.

No. 627877


She's a massive attention whore. I don't think Ive seen a bigger drama queen. Watching her stream was borderline crazy. She's fucking delusional.

No. 627878

>calling Sarah ugly

Context? What was actually said by Madison about Sarah? Seems weird she would make fun of Sarah at this time or comment on Sarahs looks.

No. 627879

Didn't she say during her apology stream where she took back the pedo allegations that she was "kidnapped" and that "She called Lainey and Lainey wasn't there for her when she was kidnapped and needed her so she wasn't a good friend"? lol it was something very bizarre along those lines.

No. 627881

Madi and that one weirdo chick that accused RSN of rape should go on a road trip together and see who can one up each other.

No. 627882

yeah that was another thing that weirded me out during her apology stream.. she started screaming and cussing at RSN for "causing all of this". Now I'm no Realstream stan whatsoever but her anger issues were out of control, as were Billy's. It was like they both desperately wanted back on Daddy Greg's teet so they both threw giant tantrums and blamed all of their behavior on RSN. The entire thing was so freaking weird lol

No. 627883

I agree, it’s disgusting. This is some premium tier thirst, jfc woman, love yourself. We all know you’d be back in the swamp trailer if the pedonions granted you a pardon for your degeneracy.

No. 627884


No. 627885


Holy shit this gets more bonkers by the minute. At this rate Madison is going to warrant her own thread, she is definitely on the way to becoming a prize heifer

No. 627887

What light could she shed? It would all be hearsay, a) because she’s too stupid to have considered getting receipts and b) after all the insane attention whoring behaviour she is exhibiting who would take her seriously? Even if she had witnessed more fucked up shit go down in the trailer than we already know about, no one, at least not us farmers, will believe her

No. 627888

About 5 minutes before Madison decided to stream, I commented on one of her "outraged" tweets saying "The funniest thing about this 'leak' was no one on the thread even cared when we saw the messages.. it just wasn't interesting". She blocked me for saying that lmao and then that triggered stream happens.. it just makes me further think she really did fake those messages and Madison actually thought she was giving us some amazing milk by saying Lainey secretly liked her.

lol I still cannot believe… is she REALLY releasing a single during all of this??

Like… girl. No. Just no. You couldn't be more obvious if you tried.

No. 627889

Yeah I'm with you on that, anon. Of course I want to believe the worst about Greg… but after what the irrational trihard has done tonight, I can't take anything she says seriously.

No. 627893


Precisement, mon ami. When it comes to Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber down in the swamp we all want to see the dirtiest of the dirty laundry aired (figuratively, not literally, we already subject ourselves to well over a lifetime quota of festering trailer trash grossness) but we have to be realistic about it. Hysterical drunk ass degenerates suffering from a personality disorder screaming into a camera about how we’re all ebil meanies down here on the farm isn’t exactly going to lend credibility to the allegations/accusations. Right now the only thing I feel would bring fresh milk to the table would be if Sarah was to miraculously wake up and realise that she was being groomed by a couple of overgrown toddlers for several years and decided to spill her version of events. With receipts, of course.

No. 627896

Preach, anon! If you'll allow me to stroke your ego a bit, you have a penchant for writing. The farms never ceases to make me smile when I see talented people coming together creatively so that we may meme and roast Greg and Lainey not just viciously, but beautifully.

How on earth Madison ever thought it was a good idea to begin her musical career by riding on the coattails of predators is beyond me. Doesn't she have a patreon as well? For what exactly..? Ludes? She isn't pretty enough to be a model either, in my opinion. Her mouth is just too… strange. Like Napoleon Dynamite-esque, to put it kindly. Someone like Madison who claims her career is in modeling.. she clearly is extremely narcissistic and entitled. Madi must know her music will be a flop, but to try and bolster sales by forcing herself into a very tragic situation involving abuse.. I am befuddled by her complete lack of self awareness

No. 627898

24 hours before the release of her single Madison will reveal she was also one of the girls R. Kelly kept in his little house of horrors.

No. 627899


Much obliged, I try! And I agree re: the creativity, I actually think that’s what makes Anus reeeee all that much harder; he and his husband being eloquently savaged, complemented by the gigakek tier artistry amongst our fellow anons who create the photo edits/clips/gifs, when all he has is his clip art and Instagram inspirational (mis)quotes. Tinfoil, but I can picture Gurg frantically copypasting half the words we use to describe him here into dictionary.com because we all know he has the vocabulary and comprehension ability of a developmentally challenged 12 year old.

No. 627900

File: 1547906948299.jpg (100.87 KB, 581x750, 190119.jpg)


>Madison somehow just slides into major drama wherever she goes. And she's the victim in every circumstance.

That even calls into question whether that was a legit conversion or whether those texts were sent from one phone to another in the exact same house…

In the meantime Greg is having the "best time" of his life, creating the "best content" ever to be seen and bringing back "the best ideas" from his former "amazing" videos.

Dear video anon, will there be a reupload of his shittoo video or is it just not worth it?
I really don't want to give him views but if there's broad agreement that it's boring, I don't want you to go through the trouble.

No. 627901

She probably got the kidnaping idea from lurking the Shingles threads but is too much of an autist to realise that instead of making people sympathetic it makes her look even more insane and lulzy

No. 627902


Would anyone be surprised if the next bit of embellishment she added to the story was that the perpetrators had ashy gray skin, big black eyes, and there was anal probing involved.

No. 627903

I'm under the belief that Maddie is in on Old Man Onions 'social experiment'. I'm waiting for the video where he tries to prove that we are foolish for believing girls who come out about the abuse they had endured/witnessed. Maddie has no self respect and has engaged in the onions past 'jokes' enthusiastically.

No. 627904


He just really loves Aldlii’s Olive Garden vid and wanted to tribute it in his tat guise

No. 627905

Hmm, that's an interesting idea.
I remember Maddie wanting to be an actress, so it would be plausible. It would also fit to my assumption that her recent leaks were leaked by herself and the convo was fake - or even between Greg / Lainey and her.

On the other hand, Greg doesn't strike my as a person who's able to plan well ahead or carry out ideas which take a couple of weeks to prepare and set up a certain atmosphere and dynamic with people, etc. He's more of a "I have an idea and it'll be done within the next two hours" person, as we all witnessed with his Shane documentary, flying out girls on a very short notice and so on. Greg genuinely seemed pissed about the video in which Maddie was acting as him which I personally believe was her ticket out of the Swamp Trailer. Him making fun of her DDLG kink and her getting back at him, was just the cherry on top to finally kick her to the curb.
Even if it was a social experiment planned by him, I don't think that given his past, he'd make her say that he's a predator or having pedo tendencies, I mean that's quite simply a death warrant.

No. 627906


Interesting tinfoil but I agree that it’s unlikely. He doesn’t have any interest in her because she has a kid and that disqualifies her as trinity material. I could see him pulling a stunt like that with Sarah but there’s no end game with Maddie. Plus the way she’s acting out seems genuinely spurred and not handling it well.

Tbh she should just be patient and lie low. He tends to go through cycles with people where he paints them black but then down the road gets bored and takes them back (cyr, that red head girl tbat was with Richie, almost any ex he’s had)

No. 627909

I decided to go back and find Madison's apology stream from Instagram to find where she brought up kidnapping. This is how she started it:

>I've had a lot of things go on with me this year that have to do with men and men getting away with things they shouldn't get away with and treating me in certain ways that are inappropriate and disgusting and just all around not good. A certain BDSM photographer I worked with, there were serious things that came to a head regarding that as well as a certain youtuber regarding blackmail, I can't talk about that legally at this time yet but I'm having issues regarding that, I also had issues with an attempted kidnapping which was really cool, there is also a prank youtuber who was incredibly vile and inappropriate when I interacted with him as well as a huge musician youtuber who is friends with the prank youtuber who was also hugely disgusting to me and inappropriate with me as well, so that's all come to a head in the past few weeks.. and that's all besides Onision.

Holy Lord. People were not joking when they said this chick is a drama queen, that is so far beyond normal… yeah I think it is pretty clear Madison is not a source we can take seriously nor give attention to. This chick has PROBLEMS.

I mean when you have Greg and Lainey actively searching for young impressionable girls who come from broken homes and whom are prone to varying levels of mental illness, you realize that Madison has to be a special kind of crazy for Greg and Lainey to never once jointly pursue her.
That and she's clearly too old for them lol

No. 627910

No. 627912

Omfg this tattoo. Do Not Engage sounds like a warning you sleep on a mental case and then he's decorated it with a fucking olive branch, the yin and yang symbol and a peace symbol. What a massive faggot. Are we sure Onion isn't the tranny?

I hope to God Taylor put the idea in his head to have Do Not Engage branded on him. That's right girlies back off this freak!! DO NOT ENGAGE

No. 627914

The leaks weren’t posted by Madison. Let’s stop derailing the thread about how crazy she is and focus on what she said about Greg. Discrediting the girls who he’s interacted with is what he wants.

No. 627915

Quite literally this tattoo is of a sign you might see in a hippy's yard when they have a rabid volatile dog.

So yes, the tattoo does suit Lainey's wife perfectly.

No. 627918


I've been thinking on this for a while and here is my logic - I think all the past friction between Maddie and the Onions is real but both have something to gain at this time. Maddie's soon to drop single and Onion proving he is not an emotionally abusive and manipulative person who targets barely legal girls. She's always crawled back in the past no matter what he's done so it stands to reason she will keep on trying to get back in their good graces in the hopes one day they'll accept her into their marriage. Remember how he said it would take a month to prepare his Shane Doc but ended up releasing it only a few days later? Why hasn't the same thing happened with his social experiment? I think it's because Maddie had to get the drama going but she was too damn lazy to make the video. Since she was running out of time (release date of her single), I think she dropped fake screen shots and then geared herself up for the stream.

No. 627919

I don't want to doubt her but she's proved to us time and time again that she isn't truthful. If she is a victim I feel bad for her but there is more wrong with her than just Onion. With the way she changes her stories and takes back everything she said she's only hurting the credibility of the other girls who have come forward.

No. 627920

File: 1547912449307.png (1.23 MB, 1279x718, Do NOT Enrage.png)

No. 627921

>"The wellbeing of minors is at stake, I should expose the predator!"
>"Nononono not like THIS! How dare you try to get some info because I'm not going through my promises? Now I won't expose the predator anymore, humpf! Sorry girls, me getting attention comes first"
Birds of a feather… only someone like her could stand to be around the Onions for so long.

No. 627922

lol no. We can stop derailing about Madison in general but "listening" to her is another story for me. Madison is an attention whore, she is not "one of the girls" and never has been. I'm personally 100% done giving any of my time to her anymore, she is simply milking people's concern for free publicity. You can buy her single coming out January 31st, which is aptly released right as Ayalla shows her strength and takes a stand against Greg and his abuse.. personally I'm going to keep to supporting the girls who actually are serious about all of this and don't treat it like some form of advertisement.

No. 627923

Thank you as always, anon. You're awesome!

No. 627926

Holy fucking tinfoil. I'm the anon who dropped the twitter DMs; long story short, all I did was slide into her DMs with a wall of text about how Lainey led me to believe that she'd fly me out if I was single, so I broke up with my bf. I did this because I know of Madison's begforjay sob story and thought she'd relate to that detail. She immediately responded with >>627805 and we didn't talk before or anything of the sort, I used a throwaway Twitter account and just started following her a minute earlier. She's trying to victimize herself by pretending I was a friend who betrayed her trust, but she was all too willing to spill right away to a faceless Twitter account. I did all of this because I'm sick of her milk-teasing for attention while she'll never spill publicly because of how much of a spineless attentionwhore she is, eager to get back with the Onions for clout and no doubt discouraged to leak by Billythefridge who is obviously Onion adjacent. She desperately wants to spill all her "tea" but she doesn't want any of the negative attention that comes with it. She just wants to use other people's abuse experiences to draw attention to herself, so I figured the only way to get her to stop teasing was to force it out into the open. My only regret is not going in for the long con. Now please, I'm sorry for leading so many to believe she'd pull this off as a way to covertly leak, but if you have to discuss her further, use the flakes thread >>>/snow/691458 , lord knows she has a place there.(cowtipping)

No. 627927

Honestly it's Madison's fault for being this naive

No. 627929

Exactly! Thank you, I knew Madison was full of shit. She clearly used you as a scapegoat from making a video, and when she saw that LC wasn't sympathizing with her "outraged victim" tweets, she drunkenly goes on live stream and tries to come up with any sob story she can think of to gain back the support she lost from being a bitch on twitter. I do not believe for a second she waited until an unplanned live stream to drop the truth about something as serious as Greg yelling at Lainey and Madison to both get raped. No way in hell, she would have been screaming this from the rooftops the second they had their original falling out. She would have made that the entirety of her apology stream instead of apologizing. She didn't sit on this, she's just a pathetic liar who cannot let go of the attention she's had since Greg and Lainey dumped her ass.

Madison clearly knew what she was doing and thought we would all fall for her victim bullshit. Surprise, girl, we aren't all as dumb as you'd like to think.
Glad that's cleared up, thanks for the clarification anon

No. 627930

Imagine thinking Greg is smart enough to pull off a social experiment.

No. 627933


Why did he have to put the scale in the shower to step on it? What kind of retard does that?

No. 627934

I ♥ you, anon! Thank you so much for taking the time!

It's actually worth watching because I like how he starts to ruin his new house and it reminds me of the McMansion all over again. lol
Never change, Greg!

No. 627935

File: 1547914741575.jpg (828.94 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190119_101245.jpg)

If it makes yall feel better these were the top comments on his "10 year challenge"

No. 627937

File: 1547916405279.jpeg (302.03 KB, 1242x1307, 60A2B29B-2C07-43A8-B5E8-B64BD8…)

If anyone needs more proof that he’s STILL not over it…..I’m not surprised he’s still emailing her.

No. 627941

Madison is the same age as Lame and has a daughter, in what world did she really think Grease would have considered her to be part of greasesomes?

No. 627945

I'm sure he cries himself to sleep after an intense rage hentai fap session in the shower thinking how much of a dumbass he was for choosing Lame after Cuddlegate. Maybe Billie would have helped his channels grow a lá Skye style. Stay mad, Shreg.

No. 627946

IMO I think it’s silly to dismiss Madison’s story. I do think she didn’t touch on all of it during her stream and I do believe that she’s trying to protect Lainey not Greg. Honestly, if we really wanted to figure out what really happened, there was someone other than Greg, Lainey and Madison there.

No. 627947

I don't think it's worth giving any attention to a snake. She happily supports Ayalla and encourages people to speak out. She even went as far as to befriend Sh. She acts like it's really important to speak up but then stomps her feet at the first opportunity. She can either speak or not, she doesn't deserve asspats until she decides.

No. 627954


What stream are you referring to? The one she did a ig a few weeks back?

No. 627955

Was this what he was touting as the best thing ever that he was soooooo excited about posting to his Patreon? If so, wtactualf?

No. 627958

Jesus that editing. Why is it shifting random colours for no reason to the sounds of evil clown music?

No. 627962

Madison deleted all her angry tweets, btw.

No. 627963

>Click this like if you like me and this one if you are… attracted to dogs (laughs after awkward pause)
Jesus, back at it with the dogfucking obsession. You guys will see that it turns out he is an animal rapist as well.

No. 627968

I just heard about this Onision x Lainey situation and jfc. So I kinda knew Lainey since she was best friends with my gf at the time (I'd be able to prove this since she's still mutuals with her on her private fb but it looks like she recently deactivated).

I don't know if it's common knowledge (might be) but he moved to Las Cruses like immediately after Lainey turned 17 since that's the age of consent in NM. He was able to keep it super under wraps, as far as I know no one in her friend group knew (my then-gf didn't iirc and they were best fucking friends). She just was a normal-ass sweet girl, and was able to maintain normalcy for quite awhile. He broke her down mentally 100% and rebuilt her into some psychopath that he is. Lainey wasn't some predator, she's deep down the rabbit hole of Stockholm Syndrome and will probably get taken down with him.

It's a damn shame since if she never met Onision she'd be a perfectly normal person. Not to say she shouldn't be held accountable for this shit, I just wanted to say that Onision took in a good person and turned her into a monster. I hope this shit ends up with Greg in prison and the key thrown away before her starts ruining more people.

No. 627969

She's a coward, what a surprise

No. 627970

She wasn't gonna make the video anyway

No. 627971

File: 1547922822891.png (1.14 MB, 1492x905, lainey.PNG)

Found it, wonder how valuable is it to know Lainey's real private fb account lol

No. 627972

Greg's personal fb is pretty bare and mostly abandoned if anyone has any questions about it btw

No. 627974

Taylor's personal fb is very easy to find if you search for Taylor Anderson and most regular non-newfag anons knew of it already.
Inb4 she deletes/hides her fb account.

No. 627976

If she's still keeping quiet on Laineys behalf then she's a damn fool. Lainey was a shit friend to her, like she is to pretty much everyone else. She said herself that Lainey didn't talk to her at all when Billie was in the picture and wouldn't defend her when her gross husband said she was inappropriate and wanted him. In that younow stream Lainey did she said that she would have a conversation with Madison but also that she didn't really want to talk.

If Madison actually ever comes out with something I might consider it. But this being vague routine and the hinting if you only knew what I knew with no follow up? I mentally have her on ignore.

No. 627977

>if they meet a rapist

Pretty sure they already did, his name is Gregory Avaroe

No. 627980

Onision talked shit about her daughter something along the lines of "she's just a product of her mother having an affair with another guy" would Madison really subject her daughter to that? I wouldn't doubt it, but still

No. 627985

File: 1547927992212.png (1.63 MB, 1157x678, Capture4.PNG)

Credit to KF for proof that Onion is a fucking idiot and I hope his next claim to fame is winning a Darwin Award.

No. 627987

Do you guys try to keep up with Taylor at all or has she closed all of you out?

No. 627988

Man, Greg should have all his powertool credentials revoked. He is clearly too stupid to use them properly, as evidenced by this and also his swamp fuckery. This capture is amazing for its depiction of geen pool culling in action.

No. 627992

The debt is so overwhelming that he HAD to buy a new (used) 10.000 dollar truck. Poor Onion boy

No. 627994

Also you can see Trots arm and bit of his body in his new video
Plus a wonderfully funny haha "Onisin beats me"-joke(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 627996

What in the world is he doing/building?

No. 627997

He wanted to put up the stupid pull-up bar that he usually sets up, but the top of the door frame was too tall on one side. So his idea was to take off that particular wood panel and trim it an inch and put it back on.

He failed in every way possible:
1) First took down the panel on the wrong side of the door
2) Measured out the line to cut with the side of a Harry Potter book and not one long measuring tape
3) Didn't think to secure the wood panel on a surface and instead used his legs!!!
5) The battery while using the electric hand saw died lol
6) The resulting line he cut wasn't straight
7) Hand-nailed it back in but kept hitting them in at bad angles and ruining them
8) He ran out of nails as a result!!
9) Realized his error with taking off the board on the wrong side and had to remove even more nails

Why did he not go to a Home Depot to prepare, I have no clue. The tattoo place was closed the first trip out, he might as well have stopped by and picked up hardware.

No. 627998

He was trying to hang his pull-up bar from his doorframe, but the top of the frame was too wide. So he ripped it off and sloppily cut it, then realized he tore the frame off the wrong side. So he ripped off the other one, sloppily nailed it to the first side that he pulled off, then nailed the piece of frame that he cut to the other side.

It looks like shit. If I were Taylor, I’d be fucking pissed.

No. 627999

I love he destroyed his house for a pullup bar hes only going to use a few times before he quits because "muh chest pains during sex!"

No. 628001

I mean it's pretty hilarious that he went from a 100.000 dollar Tesla to this

No. 628003

File: 1547934462684.png (126.02 KB, 620x393, Rdpo5zj.png)

Gurg's impulsive and is too egocentric to actually research how to do anything properly for fear of feeling inferior. I mean, he couldn't even proofread his books, research how to do his taxes, or property regulations before his "yardwork". But ask him about the age of consent and he'll scribble you a map from Washington state to Washington DC. Maybe this should have been his tattoo?

No. 628005

There were two Teslas. lol

No. 628007

File: 1547935398390.jpeg (21.3 KB, 480x360, 2252C702-FBB4-452B-BBA5-878FD6…)

Can anyone with a twitter help suggest this video to Greg so he can have his “positive” spin on it?
I’d love to see him defend indigenous peoples.

No. 628008

his head looks like it should be on a different body, really looks off

No. 628011

Wait. So he got rid of one truck, bought an SUV?, and now he's bought another truck? Where is he getting this money?

No. 628018


He’s like an impulsive little boy … he needs new toys !

No. 628021

I'm confused as well. Did he end up showing a new truck in a recent video and I somehow missed it? What in God's name would be the point of owning two trucks when you have two small children?

No. 628024

He's in no danger of cutting his dick off, at any rate. Watch out for those arteries in your legs though, Gerg!

No. 628026

Yeah he posted a new video on speaks where he buys the truck and shows it

No. 628027

This is what makes no sense to me re: anyone wanting to be friends with Taylor. She treats everyone in her life like garbage, and unashamedly so. She’s duplicitous, disingenuous, smug, selfish and manipulative. How does anyone who isn’t fucked in the head see that and think “yep, I wanna be close to this person”? Rhetorical question obviously, as we’ve established that anyone who associates with these two reprobates is fucked in the head.

No. 628028

File: 1547940160859.png (1.69 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2019-01-20-00-21-09…)

No. 628031

File: 1547940314911.png (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2019-01-20-00-21-39…)

A great shot of his rash face with that weird fuckin hair, that looks like it's thinning rapidly
In the speaks truck video you can see Trots arm at around 6:22

No. 628032

Oh my God you've got to be fucking kidding me. That is a nice truck, too. Aren't they supposed to be paying back the government? I guess once an entitled spoiled piece of shit always an entitled spoiled piece of shit.
Why does any of this surprise me any more.
Way to think of your children instead of desperately buying big boy toys in hopes that you can somehow reclaim your masculinity.

No. 628033

File: 1547940746715.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2019-01-20-00-28-13…)

So. It's a Dodge Ram, used which is he thinks is so great and he can't believe his old truck cost over 40.000. He needs it for work stuff, to pick up people and move heavy stuff for his sets around and such. Lamey likes it and felt really manly sitting in it. He suggested a patreon photo shoot with her in it, so "his hubby" can show off her manlyness. He rants about his old, more expensive truck, with the "shitty window" that just broke after he threw a box on it

No. 628035

File: 1547940910050.png (1.21 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2019-01-20-00-27-26…)

And here is Lames bruise on her leg, which she got from opening (or closing I forgot) the car door. "But no Hubby Kai! That is wrong, tell the truth! Where did you REALLY get it from??" So she says he beat her and they have a good ol' time making up how exactly he did it. HE closed the car door on her! No, he bit her! Haha so funny uwu

No. 628037

lol so he says they had a 40,000$ truck that they had to sell. I bet he lost a ton of money on that one.
You KNOW Greg is going to attempt to write off that truck from the IRS. Why else would he be going on and on about it being a "work truck". When does he ever move around heavy items for sets/build sets..? I cannot remember Greg ever building anything, he just lazily films his skits in his house. We all saw how skilled Greg is at "building" when he tore apart his door in his last video because he was too retarded to put a simple bar above his door. Who does he think he's kidding with this work truck nonsense. Smh.
On top of that, his Onision channel is dead af (only channel he would need a "set" for). A video on that channel is a crazy success if it gets 10,000 views any more.
He just seems lately to be manically making life decisions without thinking any of it through.
Inb4 Onion and man-wife sell this truck because they couldn't afford/write this one off either.

No. 628041

That Neanderthal brow is almost completely obscuring his eyes and that oil slick on his head, wew lad, somebody get Greenpeace on the case. Also, Owen Wilson called, he wants his busted nose back.

No. 628042

kek, anon.
That bruise perfectly sums up Lainey. Just like all those blood cells underneath her skin, she is dead inside.

No. 628043

The only logical way he's "affording" these things is if he's leasing them, defaulting on the lease almost and then trading them off somehow before he gets caught.

Or he has committed tax fraud once again and has hidden income more than we thought from the IRS and he's paying for all this out of pocket without paying the taxes on these funds. He didn't make enough money from YT even before tractorgate to afford all this if he were paying taxes even somewhat legally and that's being gracious enough to set his already known fraud aside.

No. 628044

I never saw someone so proud of getting bruises like this bitch, she thinks it makes her a fragile smol bean who bruise easily uwu. Guess what bitch, everyone bruises and you're not special because of it

No. 628045

File: 1547941732858.png (207.91 KB, 803x168, badbotoxjob.PNG)

as someone who has friends who regularly get botox between their eyebrows… this is what it looks like when you get too much filler. It can cause this strange looking, repulsive lumpiness. When was the last time any of you saw Greg actually have the capability of furrowing his eyebrows?
Dude needs to lay off the chemical peels and injections. His face is not adapting well.

No. 628047

I'm fucking dying anons holy shit. Just when I thought he couldn't out do the faggotry of "remember love" on his wrists he gets this shit kek. Oh and Madison can kindly go fuck herself. She wants everybody to feel sorry for her and tell her how awesome she is because she is a sad attention hungry thot. You don't want to raise awareness about Pedonision's behavior, you want to raise awareness for yourself. Dont you have a kid to take care of? Or did you drop her off with another irresponsible loser? Grow up and get a life good lord.

No. 628050

No. 628051

So true. I'm done with Madison. She had her time in the limelight. After the shit show of lies and faggotry that comprised last night, I think it is in Ayalla and the rest of the girl's absolute best interest to completely separate themselves from that leech.
If she cares at all about stopping Greg and Lainey (which is doubtful), she will bow out now and focus on actually finding this fame she is so desperate for on her own merit, not from milking a horrible situation and these young women's pain.
Bye bitch.

No. 628055

Inb4 he breaks a window and complains about shitty Dodge craftsmanship

No. 628057

Not sure if there is much milk to be found in Lane's stream. So far it just seems more lighthearted rather than focusing on the drama. I also don't think Lane has much else to say at this point that hasn't already been said.

No. 628058

Yup seems like, she did say that she’s open to talking about anything, plus luxy is there. But there doesn’t seem to be much else to say

No. 628060

Yeah I really want Ayalla to not engage (kek) with this clout chasing lunatic. She’s complicit in the Pedonion’s fuckery as far as I’m concerned. She’s not only an attention seeking thot, she peddles pedo fetishism and she has actively participated in Grot and Thot’s “content”.

No. 628062


Not to mention owning a car is pretty costly in and of itself. Monthly insurance, proper care, tabs, gas… I find it hard to believe that Lainey is driving around much at all without Greg unless she has to because she's a needy smol boy-child.

No. 628067

Exactly anon. I hope Ayalla is able to see Madison for what she is now and separate herself. Unfortunately considering how attention hungry Madison always proves herself to be, I can't imagine she wont make another desperate grab at relevancy..
I'm sure we will get at least one more drunken tantrum stream about meanie Greg and claiming the haterz are forcing her to talk again before the 31st when her single drops.
I find it ridiculous that Greg and Lainey can justify in the slightest having more than one vehicle, considering neither of them will never have grown-up jobs outside of the house. The only time they ever leave is for their constant eating out at restaurants (so poor) and buying their weekly clothing hauls at Burlington.
Also hilarious how Greg added to his tweet about the truck video "I got a new truck, before this we only had one car which we lease". Because he knows how stupid and unnecessary this looks, especially to the IRS who they're still trying to convince "we're dirt poor honest humble hard working people with two whole kids to support uwu"

No. 628068

I bet the single will be a raging dumpster fire too, further cementing her status as fully fledged cow. Tinfoil desu but she’s probably hoping she’s accepted back into the swamp just in time for Grot and Thot to help promote her music because let’s face it, her target demographic is going to be the same as theirs (ie handicapped tweens) and they both still have a bigger following than her.

No. 628069

Why do they even need TWO cars? They both work from home. They’re never going to be used simultaneously

No. 628074

kek. Madi-leech IS a walking talking dumpster fire. I'm personally dying to hear this infamous single, you know it's going to be hilariously awful. She would happily crawl back to the swamp, it's Greg and Lainey who want nothing to do with Madison, not the other way around.
Honestly last night was hilarious though. Seeing her have a mental breakdown because LC saw through her twitter bitch-fit was comedy gold. Now neither side wants anything to do with her. The cow needs to finally go away.

No. 628080

File: 1547946299873.png (128.65 KB, 704x518, Capture _2019-01-19-22-58-40.p…)

Apparently their other car is leased, I guess that's the car Complainey drives

No. 628081

I hope the county and IRS sees all this flaunting of expenditure when he is crying poor and claiming to be incapable of paying off his debts. The retardation is palpable.

No. 628082

With all the money he spends on shit like clothes for 'Kai' even though she has too many clothes already, he could get a gym membership.
He would never do that though because he's too insecure.
Imagine seeing his scrawny nelly neck down at the gym around actuallly fit and attractive men. Not to mention everyone would side eye and snigger at his terrible form. He likes to show off at home so he can film himself using big grownup tools and he can do it shirtless for all the little girls watching.
Haha what a fag.

No. 628083

How long before he breaks this truck? And what the fuck is his credit rating. How are they still blowing money on useless shit?

No. 628084

Two cars is completely a waste of money. They never go anywhere by themselves, it's usually together and even then, they barely leave the house. Look how excited they get on a 'date' which consists of them eating and then going to a store to get clothes.
Greg is one of those typical tiny dick dudes that like to get everything big and flashy to show off, even if he can't afford or doesn't need it. Just like my sister's husband. Gets the biggest truck, the biggest dog, the most expensive powertools. Purely for boasting points.
I hate those types of dudes.

No. 628086

He grew up lower middle class. This is what a poor person thinks rich looks like.
Its the worst example of "nouveau riche"

No. 628087

It just goes to show how much they feel the need to overcompensate for the baby carrot sitting in their pants.
Greg never made a big scene over wanting a truck until Lainey decided she was a man. He's so desperate for some sense of masculinity.

No. 628088

In the video where he installs the pull-up bar he said that from using that he should probably 'be back in super shape in like a month' lmao he'll never go to a gym

No. 628090

File: 1547948307203.png (652.87 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2019-01-19-23-33-13…)

He said he has to transport "heavy heavy fat people" and laughed about, he was definitely talking about Billy the fridge lmao. Imagine being friends with a guy who makes fun of your weight

No. 628091

Poor greggy poo can memorize this map and still commit felonies like he did with Lainey and Shiloh.

No. 628094

He’s in no position to be criticising anyone’s weight. Or appearance full stop.

No. 628096

He just fucking said on Twitter that he was in the best shape ever. I guess he had an unprecedented moment of clarity?

No. 628098

nice to see the avaroes being wise and saving money when they know they're about to go bankrupt, it's good to see them putting their two very young children first and not being reckless with their spending so they can always have backup money to cover their basic needs like food or diapers or warm clothes for the winter.


No. 628100

No. 628101

lol I'm pretty sure his scuffed pull-up bars cannot reach the disturbing fat deposits under his breasts that look like giant tape worms.
Greg's body is so… ugly. He has completely lost that youthful healthy look and has reached full-blown dad bod. He has man teets, a lumpy stomach, and an extremely large pooch. I don't know how he has the confidence to show himself shirtless anymore - teen girls don't understand dad bod and the aging process, so he's just chasing away possible grooming victims.
That seems counter-productive, Greg.
Seriously, though. Greg without his shirt on really shows what sitting inside doing nothing but hunching over a computer does to your looks. He has aged horribly. It's too bad he gets so much botox and filler, I'm sure the amount of wrinkles naturally appearing on his face are amazingly bad. He's gotten so much filler, lumps are appearing at the injection sites on his face, especially between his eyebrows. His plastic surgeon clearly must be working over time.

It's always nice to see the outside physical appearance of someone as horrible as Greg catch up with their hideous insides. His looks and personality are actually in contest for which is uglier, and they both are outstanding in that category.

No. 628102

File: 1547950639710.png (67.88 KB, 599x207, Capture _2019-01-20-00-15-36.p…)

He made a song about "Kai", how sweet

No. 628103

Thank you sweetheart

No. 628104

I see no such tweet, did he immediately delete it?

No. 628105

Lol my dad is 60 and he has a better body than Greg, not even kidding. The fact that he started doing pullups and then stopped and then took his shirt off and started again is extremely cringe.

No. 628106

What makes it even stupider is Greg's arms aren't the problem - its his entire mid-section that is revolting. No amount of arm workouts are going to fix that.
I don't even know if the gym can fix what he has going on. Its like a bunch of loose skin.

No. 628107

It's his diet and like someone else said, all he does is hunch over at the computer for hours. Both he and Lainey claim to work out but both eat the worst shit and their skinny fat bodies are evident of this.
There are men way older than Greg with much better bodies and they don't even touch plastic surgery.

He thinks plastic surgery and a few pullups will help. Just like Lainey thinks starving and makeup will make her look good.
They both need some actual vegetables and iron and to go for a fucking run for once. Take your kids and dogs to the damn park instead of taking the quick fix.

No. 628108

File: 1547952614437.png (552.99 KB, 1080x1920, 20190119_183238.png)

So I guess Keemstar either doesn't care or doesn't believe that Onion Boy is a predator. Looks like we won't be getting any exposure on it from Keem. Really unfortunate.

No. 628109

I'm surprised he isn't eating more and trying to get bigger. At least then his head wouldn't look so massive in comparison to his scrawny grandpa chicken bod.

No. 628112

I'm not surprised tbh. Keemflop has never shown himself to be a reliable person when actually caring about victims comes into play.

No. 628113

Hopefully he doesn't make such a video. That's not even funny at this point, just dumb af.

No. 628114

It's pretty hard to go to the gym wearing a bullet proof vest tho

No. 628116

I think he was joking because he knows everyone hates onision

No. 628117

Fucking this. They live in a gorgeous part of the country, the wetlands destruction is pretty telling is how little appreciation they have for nature. They should be going to farmers markets and on hikes and letting the brats be brats, climbing trees and rolling around in the dirt and whatnot but no one in the trailer knows any existence outside overpriced gadgets and the internet

No. 628121

Yeah he is obviously just being a dick but I think the time has come for anyone with a platform who hasn’t got dirt on him or Taylor to ignore him altogether

No. 628122

File: 1547954346158.jpeg (302.98 KB, 750x600, 28F58052-F55C-4256-9CF0-6114C9…)

>They should be going to farmers markets and on hikes and letting the brats be brats, climbing trees and rolling around in the dirt and whatnot
It bugs me so goddamn much. They live a ~2 hour drive from the only Rainforest in the US, but I guess that would require sitting next to his husband for a two hour drive and being a responsible parent who tells their children to be careful.

No. 628123

the paperwork for the truck says it's financed…meaning they didn't have the money for it up front either, but can't afford another lease payment. probably from one of those "good credit, bad credit, steal your grandpa's ssn for credit!" shady dealers

No. 628125

Man just look at that thriving backyard.

He absolutely will try to write off that truck. That trick has failed so many times but he still thinks he can outsmart the IRS.

No. 628132

File: 1547956432396.jpeg (232.58 KB, 750x536, 101D2B9A-059B-47D7-96EF-6D637B…)

This is so pathetic, he supposedly has 300K followers yet this tweet only has 9 replies, and 7 are from haturz he hasn’t yet blocked/deleted. How the fuck does he have 500 patrons?

No. 628134

Anemia can cause people to bruise easier and Lainey is too much of a snowflake to just take the supplements. You'd think she could research which veggies are high in iron but that would require effort and eating real foods.

2 hour drive? B-but anon that would mean Onion might not be able to grace the internet with his presence for one entire day! He might get a bug bite being all out in nature like that. He destroyed his back yard over blackberry thorns and stinging nettles there's no way he could handle a hike.

No. 628138

OMG I beg to differ anon…His arms are absolutely repulsive. Beginning from his neck, his shoulders are literally nonexistent sloped effeminate garbage. It's actually what makes him look so stupid in the selfies - he literally has the shoulders of a 2 year old boy. His arms slope from his neck, and then they're like 2 gangley pale pool noodles.

The fact the tattoo artist's hand was the entire width of his bicep…my lord. Maybe I'm too picky because men with beefy neck/arms is what I find attractive, but every picture, the way I know he's in a delusional narc bubble, is that he seems to be absolutely fine with showing his little girl arms off.

You could break them like a toothpick. It's hilarious

No. 628141

I really wish somebody could emphasize how fucking weird it is that Lainey doesn't want to be a man? She identifies as a delicate little smol boy???
This to me reads as an easier ploy to lure in younger naive girls.
Between sexual abuse/having her heart broken by Billie + being a last choice.. certainly these factor into why she's so fucking retarded?

No. 628144

File: 1547959839600.jpeg (118.6 KB, 750x398, 801BC044-2DAA-4D20-887D-99BC2A…)

More moronic ~inspirational~ quotes he has pillaged from a basic bitch Instagram account

No. 628145

Oh wow. I'm seriously disappointed in Keemstar despite him being a massive douche he always seemed well aware of how awful Greg was…
keem has a penchant for making really dark jokes, just recently he called a girl who's been looking more thin than usual Eugenia Cooney so this isn't out of character for him. Honestly he might fully believe the allegations against Greg, in fact he probably does, but just like he makes fun of a young girl's obvious weight loss by calling her Eugenia, he says things that are just fucked a lot of the time.

Also, honestly I don't know if I would want Keemstar covering Onision… I think the reason he hasn't is because of the fact that he sees Greg's channels are absolutely dead and he knows bringing any attention to Onision, even if it is negative, will still result in more traction for his channels and more income. I know Keemstar fully believes "all publicity is good publicity" mantra.
Either way, still agreed that it is disappointing

No. 628148

lol don't mistake what I said… when I mentioned that Greg's torso is his most repulsive area and his arms aren't the problem I am looking at the equivalent to a pile of feces and saying the color isn't the problem, it's the smell. I know his arms make him look deformed, but his disgusting stomach and man teets in my opinion outshine the fucked arms in the ugliness category. If I looked like that I would want to try and fix my most fucked feature first before moving on to the other fucked areas.

No. 628149

As if Billie broke her heart, she’s just salty because her gremlin husband was willing to leave her with Trot and Clot and to run off into the sunset with his fantasy. She never loved Billie, she just wanted a friend and Grot wrecked everything by allowing his half hotdog in a sweater to get between them, literally and figuratively. Her obsession with being a smol ghey boi is probably a result of never having a single functioning relationship in her life, romantic, platonic or otherwise. She doesn’t know how to be an adult and she doesn’t want to be an adult, she just wants to be a spoilt child forever.

No. 628150

>How the fuck does he have 500 patrons?

Faking pledges to himself and swapping pledges with other creators.

No. 628153

Oh I know he does that, but still, 500? His patreon page is top kek, if I didn’t know how genuinely retarded he was and just stumbled across it I would legit think it was a joke. He is so out of touch with reality.

No. 628169

As someone with a toddler I just wanna say that looks like when a kid bites you, we already know trot has violent tendencies thanks to onion wouldn’t be surprising if he started biting I mean he probably seen his dad do it so many times to Lainey and most kids go through a biting faze (although most are very very short and rarely ever bad enough for these results) but I doubt Lainey will acknowledge the problem until too late and use the bruises as more “UwU I’m a small frail boi” bullshite

No. 628171


his house is so filthy lol.
watching him cut that board had me squirming. Good thing the fucking battery died you almost cut your god damn leg you retard. In what fucking world is holding a board between your legs and cutting it with an electric saw sound even remotely safe? 10000 IQ.

No. 628173

I love that he indignantly tore down his entire le epic poster wall in his moving house video last year, only to re-salvage the cruddy wrinkled torn up posters in his new basement. Accurate portrayal of Gurg regret.

No. 628177

Yiiiiikes. Not that I’ve ever been around toddlers or kids but this sounds entirely plausible. Just imagine what else the crotchfruit are picking up from their shining beacons of exemplary parenting. We already know how much Grot loves to call Thot a cunt in front of them.

>dumb ass motherfuckers take a glock to the mouth

>telling people to get raped

No. 628178

File: 1547964521741.jpg (65.61 KB, 577x600, boi.jpg)

He's calling himself boi lol. He's gotta keep trying out new profile pics that make him look youthful but not as eerie as >>623617

No. 628179

Yeah, no Anus. You still look like a creepy old kiddy fiddler. Keep trying though.

No. 628182

god that hair style makes his head look even bigger

No. 628183

look at how bad that skin is, and that cave man brow, wow..

No. 628187


Lainey straight up said in a YouNow stream that she won't take iron supplements for her iron deficiency because she "likes how pale it makes them look".

No. 628192


That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. The anemia can be the cause for all the hair loss and frankly I can't imagine living with such a dumb choice. When I was anemic I could only think of driking tomato sauce, it makes people tired and dull

"I'm so Mexican I can't even eat BEANS'.

No. 628194

Kek Onion Boi. More like Baby Carrot Boi.

No. 628197

I hope she likes the receding hairline iron deficiency gave her too

No. 628212

I mean, I know a lot of us girls do dumb shit for the sake of vanity but this is a first. Also, she’s fucking breast feeding! Way to show everybody that being a smol frail spacetard is more important than the nutrition of your spawn. Mother of the Year right here.

No. 628216

Almost every single response to this tweet is calling him out. So much for blocking all the haturz, great job Anus. Also, is he trying to make it seem like he is in on the joke by calling himself “onion boi”? We’re laughing at you not with you, Greg.

No. 628218

>service to others
“I made I’m a fucking banana!”

No. 628219

File: 1547974185377.jpeg (102.69 KB, 2000x2000, 0E47A390-45B3-4D09-8204-437ADE…)

So I watched the video and noticed that he totally fucked up the Yin-yang. It’s not symmetrical, you know, the whole point of the symbol.
I think we’ve reached the pinnacle of lazy clip art googling. Enjoy that tattoo regret Greggyboi, maybe when your biceps grow it will fix itself!

No. 628239

File: 1547979486614.png (Spoiler Image, 202.68 KB, 353x391, 14.png)

>It's pretty hard to go to the gym wearing a bullet proof vest tho

anon please, Greg works out in jeans like a real man

No. 628240

Holy shit, he looks like a midget. That giant head and stumpy body, my sides

No. 628248

I know if I was a 33yo man facing allegations of grooming young women and minors, my first thought would be to take a picture of myself trying to look as young as I possibly can and call myself boi.

I certainly would not try to look like a grown man with a wife and two children.

Appealing to teens and young women would be my first priority. Most importantly I would do this all without wearing a shirt. That would help my case. Sure am glad I have that genius IQ.

No. 628257

Topkek it would make more sense if she actually wanted to be a man with a receding hairline because it's manly af but she wants to be a soft teen boi and boys who aren't done with puberty don't have the hairline of a 50-something year old geezer. Even Grug's hairline is better and that says a lot.

No. 628261

File: 1547987048903.png (349.16 KB, 657x423, whatthefuck.png)

Strange plastic bag with what looks like 2 disposable cameras and a digital camera on the wall? Why? It's at like 7:33 mark. The onions just make no sense.

Also this video shows Greg's way of living, absolutely zero planning or thought.

No. 628268

Theyre going for the serial killers den decor

No. 628270

Is this old?
Oh my god, I've never seen anyone wear jeans to the gym in my life and I go pretty often.
I don't understand why??

No. 628280

The main difference is that he now thinks he needs to raise his eyebrows to Jesus to look "nice."

If anything he's so much less truthful than 2011. Also raising his brows creates a vanity paradox, it'll create forehead wrinkles… And yet, he can't afford Botox so he's lifting them in the first place…

No. 628282

She does realise that iron tablets don't tan you, right? She'll still be pale, but it'll be healthy pale rather than grey and dull.

Why even buy power tools without purchasing things to stabilise the things you're cutting/safety gear? Everything he does is half assed.

No. 628284

She’s probably so worried that her “mexican” coloring will come back smh

No. 628285

>How long before he breaks this truck?
He's on a bad luck streak and constantly fucking his shit up 24/7. It will probably happen soon.

No. 628293

He's also wearing loafers if I remember correctly.

No. 628301

I've seen extremely thin men with still nice bodies. Although they are usually tall with wide shoulders. Greg just looks…old. i don't know how else to describe it. He's like scrawny in some places and flabby in others. Then there's the whole giant head with tiny body. No wonder Maya said he looked like Frankenstein. There's no way this manlet is 6ft. It's funny how he keeps posting comparison photos of himself on instagram hinting that he believes he still looks great, if not better, because he wants teen girls to leave retarded comments like 'omg ur aGIng bAcKwaRds GrEg!!!'
He looks like absolute shit and has possibly the most unfortunate bodyshape. It looks like a 43 year old man's body, not a 33 year old.

No. 628303

That’s very Gary Glitter.

No. 628309

File: 1548004000766.jpg (506.95 KB, 1065x1065, 20190120_110452.jpg)

He's so cringy. It fucking hurts. And he obviously gets botox. Why does he do the creepy wide eye look?

No. 628311

He IS 6ft. However much of that is his huge head. So he doesn't look tall, just disproportionate

No. 628315

Because he thinks it makes him look young and uwu animu to pander to all the tweens. Imagine how many filters/how much editing went into this single shot in order to not look like what you see at the end of your bed when you have sleep paralysis

No. 628317

What’s with his eye that’s closest to us? The far one looks wide and like he’s holding it dumbly but the one on the left looks genuinely bad. Does he photoshop his picture and messed this one up?

No. 628318

It's already broken. You don't buy a 12th gen F150 for under $16000 unless something is drastically wrong with it that will surface in the coming weeks.

No. 628320

That's his lazy eye

No. 628324

Tinfoil, but maybe those cameras hold blackmail material? Or that's their trashy way of storing things

No. 628325

File: 1548007995375.png (516.21 KB, 789x720, 76532134567.png)

Lol anyone remember this? He legitimately looks like a midget here

No. 628326

He is the world’s tallest dwarf. He has the same body proportions as Peter Dinklage, just stretched out over 5’9”-5’10” (measuring yourself as 6 feet tall with shoes on doesn’t make you 6 feet tall, as he did in last week’s insane video).

No. 628329

Something about him just reminds me of what a teen antagonist from any movie before the year 2000 would look like.

No. 628332

File: 1548009597876.jpg (1.16 MB, 1593x2100, Guurg.jpg)

He thinks he looks like ian whatshisname and other hot actors when in reality…

No. 628338


I mean this kind of midsection is normal when you get into your 30's and kind of let yourself go without having a very physically active lifestyle. He could tone/tighten up that area with a good diet, some cardio, and then have days where he works out different parts of his body with a weight workout.

But we all know Greg thinks he has a super body that will tone up in a month with just pull-ups. Not even the hard pull-ups.

No. 628341

I was wondering about this. That is a really nice truck for really cheap

No. 628342

This guy still looks a lot better than Gurg

No. 628345

Jesus I never realized how big his head is. It looks photoshopped.

No. 628349

yeah, i can see him getting swindled because he didn't do a thorough examination of everything and missed a major problem in the making. at least we'll get some milk out of the videos!

No. 628352

File: 1548013462154.jpg (13.24 KB, 300x230, XbiLE1Z.jpg)

No. 628360

guess we'll be getting 10 1 hour videos about how he was scammed then

No. 628368

Yh also thought of this most men that I know of that work out and get in good shape usually aim for actually gaining weight. I have never met a man that claims to be so fucking fit and “strong” but is so obsessed with losing weight. Like gregma isn’t going for being fit and strong he’s just going for being … skinny.

But at the same time why be surprised in his tattoo video when he showed his technique on the bar … yikes ma dude. When you do those pull ups you’re supposed to have your legs straight, arms firmly apart and let your back work out. When he started with swinging his legs like a fucking child I thought I was gonna piss myself he actually looks like a moron. I don’t know if he was trying kipping (a cross fit way of pull ups) where you also use your abdomen in the pull up ((super hard to do and get it right)) but it was a mess. He didn’t do anything for his body in that moment, he just put strain on his arms, fucking idiot didn’t even work them out. And then the audacity to humble brag and show off and say he did good for someone who hasn’t done it in a while??

I don’t mean to shit on people that are going back to working out and so on but like he really thinks he’s some fitness strength god. At least he could have said that his technique was off and that he needed to practice and get back into it but noo lets just give them a coy smile and say it was good for the little break I took. That this man has the audacity to judge other peoples bodies, their ways of eating etc is so fucking funny when u can see how fucking shit he is at EVERYTHING(nitpick)

No. 628382

He does chin ups, well tries, he probably can't even do a proper pull up kek

No. 628387

File: 1548018571130.png (1.26 MB, 1334x750, 41ABD537-B21A-42C3-BE59-57DAFF…)

Oh yeah his work on “pull ups” were horrid. He swung his body, letting the momentum of his legs pull his weight up rather than actually using his muscle. It resembled what children do on monkey bars to swing themselves up to climb onto the top.
Look how fucking high his legs are on that one without even attempting to pull himself yet.

No. 628388


kek he looks like a toddler playing on a jungle gym (which isn’t far from the truth)

He hasn’t tweeted in 15 hours, that has to be a record for him, I wonder what’s going down in the swamp (besides his career and follower count, obviously)

No. 628392

Dear god Greg! Cover up your tits, you fucking slut!(non-contribution)

No. 628394

All i want is for him to do some more videos using it and it buckling under his weight/shitty instalment and ripping his wall/doorframe up.

No. 628398

I don't think they're blackmailing the kids anon.

The doctor tried to warn his mother about his oversized head but she wouldn't listen.

No. 628400

File: 1548021736567.jpeg (217.34 KB, 750x917, 20447179-A8A6-4760-B9E7-A6AABA…)

>7year old

Wew, his demographic is getting younger

No. 628402

kek best meme ever. Looking at this and picturing Eye of the Tiger playing in the background. Muscle man Greg rippin through those "pull-ups" lmao

No. 628404

File: 1548022997155.png (202.8 KB, 250x577, doingpullupslikeapussy.png)

Shreg does pull ups like a pussy. If he wants to impress (and do it the correct way) he needs to rotate his hands 180 degrees. Also gotta hand it to Greg for using

No. 628405

File: 1548023491855.jpeg (121.77 KB, 750x386, D6B2C64E-BD1E-4C4A-B3D8-AB28EB…)

>eat more bananas

Is this code for “suck on my comically tiny wang”?

And we all know that no berries are consumed in the trailer, seeing as both Grot and Thot spit out all fresh produce and perennially look like they have scurvy

No. 628406

File: 1548023680419.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1894, 5BF2B3C6-2E91-4B31-AEFA-F2B621…)

No. 628408

File: 1548023915719.jpeg (295.25 KB, 1125x477, DB4BDCC4-34A3-4CBE-BF94-601D65…)

Verifying that the argument with Madison did happen

No. 628410

>people that don’t report abuse are basically supporting the abuser

The fucking irony. Jfc Anus, this is some Guinness Book of Records tier cognitive dissonance.

No. 628418

In theory he could properly work out and actually fix his diet so he'd actually look toned but we all perfectly know that he's not as much retarded as he is lazy to do so. Him doing pull-ups is him pandering to teh haturz that he's trying to get in shape. Inb4 he tries to go vegan again.

No. 628426

I don't personally think any of us doubted that SOMETHING like what Madison spoke about happened… just that she was embellishing how bad it was/changing how exactly it went down to garner sympathy and play victim.. because that is what Madison does. She's a professional victim.
I'm sure Greg got into an argument with Lainey regarding her being wrong over not reporting the man who sexually assaulted her. And that is not cool. I'm sure they got into an yelling match over it. But was Madison holding her child crying with Lainey in a corner as Gregory held a butcher knife and screamed at them to go get raped?
No. lol no. If something that bad had happened she would have been spouting that story months ago.

No. 628427

Madison was so willing to throw Sam under the bus but here Sam is backing up for her. Madison, you should at least appreciate Sam for coming through for you.

No. 628428

Why are Sam and Madison still even being discussed.. So during the 8 years Madison was friends with Lainey and Greg, she argued with Greg. Who cares.

No. 628429

>But was Madison holding her child crying with Lainey in a corner as Gregory held a butcher knife and screamed at them to go get raped?

Butcher knife? I don’t think she ever mentioned that lmao. I do think Greg yelled at both Madison and Lainey about not reporting their rapes. His frantically made videos about victims not reporting their rapes being responsible is solidifying to me.

No. 628432

File: 1548029824446.jpeg (285.45 KB, 750x1034, 668D749C-40FD-4366-B3E2-907CCE…)

Still getting savaged by the haturz who make up 99% of people who respond to his inane tweets in spite of his vows to block them all

No. 628434

File: 1548031004119.jpg (108.96 KB, 1068x329, Blairewhitesvictim.jpg)

He says in this video similar things to what Madison alleged they argued about. She seems truthful about that incident at least

No. 628435

This is coming from the man who was calling someone a faggot on his stream, and justifying that there’s a “good” type of faggot and a “bad” type of faggot.
Remember guys, if he told Lainey she was a faggot she’d probably say “thanks” according to him. Though last we heard he calls her a faggot in bed so hm.
Gay isn’t a “compliment” you fucking moron. It’s a sexuality. Saying it’s a compliment does the exact same thing as when it’s used as an insult, people will start saying “omg that’s so gay lol!!”
Fuck off. Stop trying to be everything you aren’t, you’re 33 years old. You can support LGBT without being a cringey moron.

No. 628436

can you all please shut up about attention whore madison already? continuously talking about her is just giving her what she wants. we already know that she has no milk so stop bringing her up

No. 628437

>she has no milk so stop bringing her up
She just came forward and told us Greg essentially told Lainey (and herself) were responsible for other girls getting raped because they didn’t report. It’s not much but it’s still milk.

Thread policing isn’t cute, salt-chan.

No. 628438

It’s like he legit has multiple personalities and he doesn’t remember saying that shit. He isn’t even deleting and blocking the hate comments. Motherfucker has actually had a psychotic break

No. 628439

His existence is a psychotic break. He's unhinged, illogical, redundant and comically over emotional.

The milk is up for fair use in my opinion. People are sometimes desperate not to give attention whores attention, but I feel like this site was designed to give unimportant attention whores attention…save for the Queen. Bless her.

I suppose the most annoying thing is that Madison makes up reasons for not coming out as if it's some privilege, while the other girls are only sharing their experience in an effort to help others that may potentially be vulnerable to the Onions. If anything, she gets special mention exploiting the actions of much more virtuous concerns.

No. 628440

There is a separate thread dedicated for Onion's related attention whores. Right now Madison isn't particularly relevant, nothing that has come from her is new info or adds much to the discussion.

Is Sarah still at the house?

No. 628442

Agree, she's making it all about herself and she doesn't give a fuck about the victims and the potential future victims. She even trash talked Billie and Sam in a livestream

No. 628443

So he watches movies with his patreons. Does he stream the video for his members that are paying to be a part of this "premium" service?

If he's streaming it and he hasn't payed royalties to do so, couldn't he also get slapped with a huge fine?

No. 628444

No, Sarah is back in Michigan. This was mentioned in the DMs with Sarah’s cousin a few threads ago.

To be fair people are only discussing Madison because of the most recent claims she made about Greg. Telling someone they deserve to get raped because they didn’t report their rapists is pretty fucked, even if they have a history of being a flip-flopping attentionwhore.

No. 628445

I digress, anon, but she's boring enough I don't care much about what she has to say.

What man can't do a few inappropriately performed pull ups. I don't even understand what this man child is trying to prove. So devoid of content he posts such inane garbage.

Greg also mentioned that he would eat a half a pizza but lately 3 slices have been enough. What a fucking fatass. I think Greg wants to be a small boi like his husband. His weight isn't horrible for a 33 year old man (his muscle mass and fitness are separate disgusting issues), but certainly not the body of an early 20 something young man with low body fat percentage. His little boy phase or whatever the hell myspace angles he's pulling off is a pretty creepy early mid-life crisis. Too bad he'll never get a young body with his diet.(nitpick)

No. 628447

File: 1548033479212.png (116.52 KB, 880x540, so empty.PNG)

It would have been great if his UhOhBro channel had been permanently terminated. But I think the final outcome is better. That channel is now a testament to his downfall. When you look at the videos page there are just 4 lonely thumbnails, a noticeable difference from the hundreds and hundreds he had weeks earlier.

I love that Greg is trying so hard to make the restored UhOhbro seem like a WIN.
Onision analogy incoming - Its like having your newly bought Ford F-150 pickup impounded for speeding and reckless driving, and when you go to pick up your truck from the tow yard all you're given back is the steering wheel and pine tree air freshener.

No. 628448

Well if you do his BMI with the weight he showed in his video (77.9kgs) and with his height being 5’11 (doubt it but fine) it’s 24. That’s going very close to “overweight” territory and he doesn’t appear to have any real “muscle” that would cause him to weigh heavier.
Vegetarian body isn’t doing so hot Greg, lay off the burgers.(nitpick)

No. 628453

File: 1548035038948.jpeg (196.58 KB, 750x690, 95164CE3-54EA-42AB-B02A-D6DEFE…)

>you, Daddy

Yep, definitely what you should be posting on Twitter when facing allegations of pedophilia and grooming

No. 628463

He’d block anyone with brains calling him out on his gross shit so why not post gross ego boosting polls?

No. 628468

But he’s not though, most of the comments on his tweets are “haters”, probably because there are so many he can’t delete them fast enough

No. 628471

File: 1548041386469.jpeg (276.46 KB, 750x857, 1E4EB6D5-E904-4DCC-B25E-A0E0EF…)

Oh how the mighty have fallen

No. 628472

File: 1548041559379.jpeg (107.96 KB, 534x443, 66630CB0-76DC-4D22-857D-7AB67F…)

No new followers but losing an average of over 100 a day. What a time to be alive.

No. 628474

I kept wondering how Greg affords things like the new truck with his dwindling fame and hemorrhaging finances. So I started digging around curious if he actually did the unthinkable and got a real job.

Eventually, this came up and apparently it was briefly discussed before but it may be worth bringing to light again now that we've seen the full scope of his IRS rape and tag-teaming from the county because of the wetlands disaster, coupled with his odd new claims of being an "investor":


Nesiamotu (can he ever pick normal names for anything?) is a nebulous, nondescript, and apparently for-profit business entity he's been running with the assistance of one Alexandre Vace for almost one year now. No services provided are listed, what this incorporation is even for is listed. Yet it's listed as currently active and for-profit so that implies money is being made and intaken…so where is that money coming from?

Alexandre Vace is a California based CPA specializing in social media and phone app-based businesses. Greg came out with this "company" almost immediately after the IRS audited him and at the time it would've been easy to speculate this was some odd effort to try and mitigate the damage to his finances his ignorance of the law caused with the help of a professional CPA. I'm not so sure anymore.

This stinks of some kind of legitimate fraud because it is by the numbers appearing to do what most fake fraudulent businesses do. It's safe to say we know Greg's nature pretty well by this point. He's willing to scrape by with laws as best as he can because he feels the rules need not apply to him, so the idea he'd start up a shell company to run some kind of financial scam he's keeping under the radar isn't outside the realm of possibility. Thankfully for the rest of the world, he's far too big of an idiot to ever keep his dealings a secret as evidenced by this being publically listed for everyone to see. Much like the damage he caused by his diligent "yard work".

No. 628476

Good point anon, he's stealing other people's content and it's against patreon rules to do so

No. 628478

I wonder if that's legit grounds for his patreon to be suspended or deactivated if he was reported.

No. 628480

Alexandre Vace is the CPA that Greg hired after the IRS started buttfucking him.

No. 628484

It’s pretty sad that I’d be thinking of Onision while observing a celestial phenomenon; but I wonder if he’s letting his children experience something amazing, or if he’s too busy watching Death note for the 12th time to leave the swamp.

No. 628485


My money is on them giving as few fucks as YouTube when it comes to “the rules”. YouTube could not care less about his hate speech and assorted fuckery, even though he must have been reported more times than we can count, so I doubt patreon will bat an eye at copyright infringement, especially seeing as they get a cut of his patron shekels. Not that it would be much these days, but still.

No. 628486

The movie studios arent going to be as quick to look the other way. The keep an eagle eye out for people using their movies without permission.

No. 628487

Anon please, as if they’re allowed to participate in anything that doesn’t involve being kept indoors with an electronic nanny (ie iPad, television, whatever the fuck allows Grot and Thot to pay minimal attention to the spawn so they’re free to spend 23 hours a day taking endless selfies and e-begging/seeking asspats on the Internet)

No. 628489

That smells like a money laundering scheme to me

No. 628490

Goody, hopefully Anus can add multiple production studios to the growing list of regulatory bodies he owes large amounts of money to

No. 628492

Does it ever. Surely the IRS would be wise to this shit, as I imagine many people, including those who are much more intelligent than Greg, try to pull this sort of shady fuckery. The CPA is either just as stupid or is cashing in on the Pedonion’s fucktardedry by taking them for a ride

No. 628496

File: 1548046429586.jpeg (185.72 KB, 750x585, 2F80FF92-7F11-48D2-9585-E0066A…)

This was Kailor’s last tweet (on her public account) almost a month ago, the ~muh anxiety~ must be at critical mass, especially if the Triceratissue is back in Michigan and she’s on her own

No. 628497

File: 1548047045524.png (58.69 KB, 447x247, laineybotyounow.PNG)

I like that when you go to her page the last tweet on there is her promoting her trainwreck attempt to sweep the grooming allegations under the rug and she only made it worse.
She hasnt even tweeted about her most recent YouTube videos to boost them. I hope she keeps it this way.

No. 628498

For real. She must be having a meltdown, what with the allegations, everyone on the internet dragging her to hell, and Grug still insisting on maintaining his PoSiTiViTy UwU cringe factory on Twitter. It’s glorious, and I hope that we’re due for a cap dump from an anon with access to her sooper sekrit sookfest twitter account.

No. 628499

unappreciated gold

No. 628501

File: 1548050467151.jpeg (443.63 KB, 750x1063, DF3034CB-C598-4C17-B756-988A63…)

I don’t know what’s worse, his desperation in attempting to look like an eMo Boi or the imbeciles enabling his creepy narc validation strategy in the comments

No. 628502

It's the second time he changes his profile picture in a little over 24 hours, this guy is so desperate

No. 628506

This may be a stupid question, but in the past did he usually like every single positive reply made to him? It feels like hes trying to bump up the asslickers replies. If you look at the postive tweets they only have one like, and its just Onision lol. Does he think its like YouTube where if the creator likes your reply it automatically bumps to the top?

No. 628507


I know this isn't new information but goddamn his top lip is so thin, it's barely visible. And his cupid's bow is unnaturally wide.. His greasy mug as a whole is repulsive, but fucking hell, shreg.(nitpick)

No. 628508

Knowing the way his tiny brain rattles around in that gargantuan cranium, that sounds like it would be consistent with his logic. He is probably liking each miserable positive comment while rage deleting hundreds of negative ones. I bet there will a huge drop in the overall number of tweets directed at him if he is currently going through an vetting a day’s worth of comments

No. 628509

Given how much credence he gives to us and our opinion of him (exhibit a: getting a tattoo that is tantamount to being branded by the haters) he’s probably reading this and making a note to himself re: asking for some lip fillers to go with his next round of cavebrow enhancing Botox

No. 628511

So I understand.
That's honestly what I'm thinking. And there is no way his CPA would've been aware of what sort of a client he obviously is to deal with.

No. 628513

File: 1548053529590.jpeg (311.63 KB, 750x903, A53F0CDE-1DED-4080-87C9-231C38…)

Tinfoil: this creepy old autist and self-proclaimed “renowned artist and writer” with the language grasp of a preschooler who is always the first to comment on Gronk’s tweets is also a kiddy fiddler

No. 628515

Holy shit you were right. That is exactly what he is trying to do. I missed this initially but looking again you can see that he filed it as a class-c corporation. Here's why:

"A C corporation is a business term that is used to distinguish this type of entity from others, as its profits are taxed separately from its owners under subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code. In an S corporation, the profits are passed on to the shareholders, and are taxed based on personal returns. This is done under subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code.

A C corporation is owned by shareholders, who must elect a board of directors that make business decisions and oversee policies. In most cases, a C corporation is required to report its financial operations to the state attorney general. Because a corporation is treated as an independent entity, a C corporation does not cease to exist when its owners or shareholders change or die.

Another major advantage of a C corporation is that its owners have limited liability. Thus, they do not stand personally liable for debts incurred by the corporation. They cannot be sued individually for corporate wrongdoings."

Source: http://www.businessdictionary.com/article/37/what-is-a-c-corporation/

>its profits are taxed separately from its owners under subchapter C of the Internal Revenue Code

>A C corporation is owned by shareholders, who must elect a board of directors that make business decisions and oversee policies.
Yet it obviously has no investors. You have to a service or product to sell for them to want to invest in. Unless he's doing his best Mitt Romney impression.
>In most cases, a C corporation is required to report its financial operations to the state attorney general.
There is no doubt in my mind he has never done this. Colonies on other planets would have heard his spergouts about it they'd have been so loud on social media.

And here's the big one:

>Another major advantage of a C corporation is that its owners have limited liability. Thus, they do not stand personally liable for debts incurred by the corporation. They cannot be sued individually for corporate wrongdoings.

>they do not stand personally liable for debts incurred by the corporation.

>They cannot be sued individually for corporate wrongdoings.

He purposefully filed this thing in such a manner to be intentionally extremely fraudulent thinking these minor loopholes got him out of legal accountability. He's possibly funneling his remaining incomes from Patreon and wherever else people donate to him through this to avoid incurring taxes on them so he can "recuperate" what the IRS and county took from him in fines and audits. Explains this "act" he puts on when trying to convince people he's so down on his luck with money when we see him doing just fine. What a wonderful little con artist.

No. 628521

This is nuts. Not to get our hopes up, but in addition to tractorgate and pedogate we may also have a laundergate in our midst. If this can be deduced by lil ol’ us on the farm it’s only a matter of time before the IRS cottons on.

No. 628524

A wide philtrum/cupids bow and thin upper lip can be indicative of a birth defect or development issue. Also, when his mother was pregnant with him, his cranium measured large (macrocephaly). Both of these features are often markers for autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, and other syndromes/disorders. I'm not saying he has anything, but it could be a reason why many people think he looks "off."

No. 628528

Is this just the formation of a company to buy his house?

No. 628529

Patreon didn't give a fuck when he showed hentai to his then non 18+ patreon, what makes everyone think they'll care if he streams some movies?

No. 628534

I am fairly certain RSN is in here sperging about Madison.

No. 628536

If that rapist POS is here he should be outed by admin, he has an entire fucking YT channel that is shitposting in video form he should gtfo of our board

That aside, it appears things are quietening down with regards to pedo allegations, if no one else comes forward with evidence the next big milk spillage could potentially be Greg’s tax scam. I hope there’s more light to be shed there.

No. 628537

Yeah Patreon won’t but as another anon said the production companies that license the films he is streaming might, seeing as it is illegal for him to show them publicly, even moreso if he is charging for the experience, even if he has purchased them

No. 628543

It would be amazing if the self proclaimed Most Honest Youtuber turned out to be a massive FRAUDSTER.

I don't know how this narc is going to handle his 30s his crashing pretty hard these days. What self respecting man would have such a preschool looking ass twitter theme along with the cringe emoticons and freak profile pictures updated daily with some psychotic expression.

No. 628544

Really weird that this chucky looking troll gets botox, sees an eyebrow person and wears heavy makeup and filters (there's also speculation he's had a nose job)
yet he would sperg over his partners and women in general getting plastic surgery or wearing makeup. I think he just THINKS he prefers natural beauty when in reality he just likes girls with less makeup because they look younger. Bilbo looked like 5 without all the makeup. Lainey used to look the same until he sucked the life out of her.
Also weird how he hates on makeup and tit implants but he'll praise sceney boppers and tell them their hair is 'awesome'

No. 628545

What a dishonest piece of shit. I don't understand much about law, can he face jail time or fines if he gets caught?

No. 628550

Holy shit this sounds serious. You are clearly extremely educated regarding businesses, thank you so much for all of this information.

Do you think he will be found out by the government? Can people contact the IRS about this?? It sounds really illegal and really fraudulent… I honestly didn't think he would continue trying to con the government but here it is.

No. 628551

The IRS can do their job without 'concerned farmers' putting their oar in. I can copy-paste business definitions here too, it doesn't mean his CPA is corrupt. He's probably trying to protect his (meagre) future earnings. He should have started a company for this purpose long ago to be worthwhile as he's still on he hook for his 600K debt and his future looks bleak.

No. 628554

Yeah seeing the close up photos between his eyebrows, and as someone who has multiple friends who get botox and filler, I asked a girl who works as a technician at a plastic surgeons office. She said there is no doubt in her mind that Greg has not only gotten botox between his eyebrows but also filler, which is why there is an unevenness to the skin in both it's color and texture. You can also watch every video Greg has uploaded in the past year and never once does he show he has the ability to furrow his brow.
So Greg 100% gets plastic surgery. My bets are on him shrugging this off as not "real" plastic surgery because it isn't necessarily permanent, but rather semi-permanent in that these injections each last around 6 to 10 months on average.
The uneven appearance though shows that he has been doing this for a while and doing too much of it, especially regarding filler (this is what for instance Kylie Jenner puts into her lips - it is used to plump skin and often used in combination with botox, which paralyzes the muscles of the site of injection).

Greg is quite honestly the hugest hypocrite in the world. As long as plastic surgery makes you appear younger, it is apparently fine with him. But if you happen to get plastic surgeries (like a breast augmentation) and your goal is to look older, NOT COOL!

In a million billion years though, we all know Greg would die before admitting it. These injections also cost about 800$ per, and botox only lasts for 2 months. So if he is getting botox injections every 2 months, that is 250 a shot, plus every time he gets filler another 600$ per area administered.
This combined with his obvious and frequent chemical peels = a shit load of money.

No. 628555

uhh… okay. Just reacting to the information provided to me and as it was communicated, it seemed fraudulent (obviously). I'm not expecting anyone from LC to contact the IRS, I'm more thinking how they would be made aware of the situation by those involved personally ex. people more involved might be red flagged, such as his accountant. Anyway, if he is doing what was implied above then I hope he pays for it. It is tiring to see Greg get away with so much so often.

No. 628557

This is an odd response because I never accused his CPA of being corrupt, just inept at understanding what sort of a client he's working with.

People like that get taken for rides all of the time by people with nefarious intent. It doesn't mean they are the bad people. It just means they were taken advantage of. I also never asked anyone to, nor implied anyone should report Greg to the IRS for this. This was simply something that occurred to me when looking again at these fillings and seeing how he'd chosen to classify this.

The reason I copied over these definitions is that they directly point out the type of loopholes he would be willing to exploit thinking in his childlike mind that he's getting away with something. It's bizarre to me that this actually needed to be explained.

No. 628560

File: 1548071693053.png (744.01 KB, 975x604, creepergreg.png)

No. 628562

…it didn't need to be explained. On occasion there always seems to be the rare anon who is perpetually and unnecessarily passive aggressive/problematic. I would just ignore those few individuals who act in this way. Thank you for the info.

No. 628563

Disney has a specific antipiracy email you can contact and he did stream Incredibles 2 so…(Cowtipping)

No. 628569

If you look at his feed, his tweets fall into 3 catagories: 1.Fawning, thirsty comments to young male porn actors (especially their nudes/lewds). 2. Impotent political raging which goes directly against his apparent benevolent image, and 3. Shite motivational tripe. Also, it appears no-one interacts with him on Twitter apart from the occasional like from the young gay guys he fawns over. No wonder this perv is attracted to Gerg. Isn't he almost 70? You'd think he'd have matured by now.

No. 628574

File: 1548079967565.jpeg (112.39 KB, 1200x884, dtyisfD.jpeg)

imagine typing this up, completely seriously, thinking it's a good comment to make, then pressing new reply.

No. 628578

There is a youtube channel called "Most Cutest Girl In The World" where they anonymously upload criticism videos on Eugenia Cooney. "Most cutest" is such an Onision thing to say it leads me to believe it's him. It makes sense, he loves criticizing Eugenia, he gets money while being anonymous about it and "Most cutest" is something I've only ever seen Onision say over and over.

No. 628580

It might also be someone impersonating him. I remember rumors dealing with whether posts online were wirtten by him or an impersonator.

No. 628586

File: 1548089742620.png (44.78 KB, 897x547, whatisittodaygurg.PNG)

What have you been deleting today, Greg?

No. 628591

There's nothing illegal about this and any benefits would be prospective, not retrospective (i.e. he can't get out of the IRS bill).


No. 628596

depending on how exactly things are set up and operated, it could still be at least investigated as money-laundering/fraud. correct me if i'm wrong, but the IRS investigation on his previous years taxes' is still ongoing, isn't it? the IRS could use slight improper operation (like not reporting actions) as an excuse to pry the whole thing open and seize those funds.

>>628557 is likely more correct. shreg probably gave the cpa an extremely inaccurate idea to build this protective shell around, and if the cpa doesn't/can't/is too greedy enough to question orders, he could have still fucked himself even if using it proactively.

No. 628601

That fucking Bieber bowl cut haunts my nightmares. Why has this autist always been too cheap to go get a real haircut? Even when he was rich he insisted on pwning his hair with scissors. And no matter how he cuts it he just runs his hands through it until it ends up looking like this mop of mid life crisis. Grug is so proud of himself afterwards too, like he really did a great job. He probably can't go to a barber because if they asked him "who did this to you?" he would storm out like a pussy and go make a 10 minute video on Speaks about how much better he is at cutting his hair than professionals and that's why he won't shill out $50 not to look like a sped.

No. 628603

File: 1548097702705.jpeg (282.14 KB, 750x610, 1FC6090B-8C63-4AE1-AB80-62F4F3…)

“hmm now when they google my name and predator, my skits will come up instead of the actual allegations!”
That tactic might’ve worked Greg, like a year ago when anyone still watched you. All your haters are bigger than you now, your little skit will be buried just like everything else you do. How pathetic must it feel to watch the one thing you could ever say you were “good” at fail so drastically.

No. 628606

why the fuck is he wearing Edward Cullen makeup in this video?

also I cant believe multiple people were willing to make this with him.

No. 628607

He's probably hoping people will tell him that he looks like him

No. 628610

Assuming this is the same filming day/group as the “Onision kills the wetlands”, he’s extremely insecure and needs a pancake face to be near people

No. 628611

only 13 ass licker comments. guess he is hard at "work"

No. 628612

Yeah the views and comments on this are absolutely fucking abismal. Love it.

No. 628613

When you have to start keeping the hate comments there cause you need your engagement boost lmao

No. 628615

I don't get his current obsession with looking so young. I've been following his drama since he was in his 20s and he was never like that back then. He'de talk about how soooo many people find him attractive but never pretend he looked 14. Like, I get being in your 30s can be a weird thing to get used to, but he has never looked like a bishi boy with the big eyes and small face, why the hell is he trying to now? Too much anime?

No. 628616

He might be feeling his age so he's taking pictures like that to feel better.

Or, tinfoil, he might be trying to appear younger and less threatening in light of the allegations.

Either way he looks creepy as fuck and his fake smile and wide-eyed stare is something I could have lived without seeing.

No. 628617

He's getting more loopy and out of touch with reality w/every day that passes tbh.

No. 628618

The thing that’s weirds me out is that he knows people find him actually attractive with facial hair, he acknowledged is when he did that “I’m NOT trying to look young” phase; but he seems to try looking like a weird ventriloquist dummy instead.
I know Lainey said she didn’t like the beard but that wouldn’t stop him normally.

No. 628619

Animu bishies don't have beards.

No. 628620

>people find him actually attractive with facial hair

Uh, no

No. 628621

I disagree. Every comment was “omg daddy” shit, and it covered up half his face and made him at least look his age.
Maybe he avoids it because then he can’t look like Shane.

No. 628622

kek he probably just didnt like being called daddy because it made him feel old and made it obvious that he's a predator for teens

No. 628625

>Every comment was “omg daddy” shit

His retarded fans comment that regardless of the beard, they just like to kiss his ass 24/7.
His beard was ugly as shit, it was all sparse and weird looking and made him look even more like a creepy predator

No. 628626

File: 1548106367462.jpeg (152.62 KB, 750x414, FFEC8910-065E-4CF8-A034-869577…)

Well they probably mean at 2am you idiot. And we saw from Laineys blackout video (which you stupidly left the lights switched on so when you came home the fucking house was lit up) that you don’t use your curtains.

No. 628627

File: 1548106567081.png (413.74 KB, 1334x750, D833E6D4-94F9-4818-8DA7-E92EE3…)

Shit picture but you can see when they were coming home, look how fucking lit up their house is with NO CURTAINS CLOSED and this was when they weren’t even fucking home.

No. 628628

its also likely they're talking about his bright video lights, not just regular house lights.
I know when I use video lights you can see that shit from all the way across the street if I don't use curtains.

No. 628629

Get some curtains you numbskull.

No. 628630

I love how he has neighbours that won’t just put up with his shit and he has to learn how to live as a human again.
Watching him complain about things on twitter, things that are completely normal and make sense, really shows you how young his audience is when they reply with “make them brighter!!”
Like yeah man, and next they’ll be complaining you’re too loud at night and you’ll bitch that you’re trying to work. Then it’ll be your dogs bark at night and you need to sort it out. It’ll be another thing every time because you’re a man child who can’t behave appropriately.

No. 628631

Do I sense a subtle complaint about the neighbors not being interested in his ~much special, much kinky~ sex life?

No. 628632

They don’t even have curtains installed to close, the windows in the McMansion were all mostly bare as well.

No. 628637


Dunno the layout of the street but they also could be complaining because that bright af porch light. (Or if they have lights out back, same thing.) It could be shining/ illuminating into a bedroom. And onion translates that into "I can't have lights on at night!!"

Sounds like some indecent shit he'd do as a neighbor.

No. 628638

File: 1548108211713.png (396.39 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2019-01-21-20-00-18…)

You can see it the truck video too how fucking bright the lights in his house are, no wonder the neighbours are pissed

No. 628640

Onion has some balls to suggest it's his neighbors fault he did what he did to the wetlands. You can't blame everything on your fucking neighbors.

No. 628642

OT but I think anus deleted the video of him playing horror games with Billie, sarah, and Ayalla. One, it showed that he actually got along with Ayalla. Two, it showed Billie all snuggled up to him while he quite possibly was touching her under the blanket. Three, it showed Sarah looking jealous at him and Billie cuddling.

None of those bode well for someone accused of pedophilia with someone in the video, him treating the person he’s threatening to sue nicely, and being in love with the girl he’s been trying to contact two years after their breakup.

No. 628644

Wtf? Why don't you ask your neighbor instead of twitter.

They really do put their entire life out there for anyone to see.
I wonder if the neighbor can hear them arguing too.

No. 628645


Not off topic at all, anon! There has to be at least one mirror of it, give the number of times it has been cited here. At the very least there are multiple caps of it. I hope this is indicative of how shit scared he is that there’s weight to the allegations

No. 628647

Because that would involve having an actual conversation with grown adults, something Grot has shown himself incapable of without shrieking like a banshee. Which would probably result in the neighbours calling the cops on him for fear of their safety, given how much of a psycho he is

No. 628649

It’s never his fault, anon. It’s always someone else. He’s just an uwu positive boi tryna help depressed tweens overcome their self harm and eating disorders, he is helping people, BE HUMAN!!!11!11!!!1!

No. 628650

He deleted the goth song too. I think he's so furious with Ayalla hes wiped her off his channels. I hope some anon out there has it backed up

No. 628652

That’s a first. He hasn’t deleted videos with anyone else has he..? At the very least he reuploads them, money was always worth more than his “moral standpoint” when it came to exfriends. I believe the only person he completely wiped was Cyr after the whole woman bashing thing

No. 628653

I hope to goddess that she and/or other people have more milk, I don’t want the grooming and pedo allegations to be sidelined again, he has gotten away with this creeper predatory shit way too many times now. I know it’s probably wishful thinking but someone needs to end this fucker once and for all

No. 628655

The irony of him vilifying Mike for allegedly bashing his girlfriend. I wonder how much milk he has on Anus but simply cannot be fucked engaging (kek)

No. 628656

I can't believe as badly as Greggles values his privacy and his neighbors not snooping that he doesn't own a single curtain. His poor neighbors must get so much light pollution from them alone.

No. 628657

His house is even in very close proximity to the neighbours, so imagine how bright it must be. Yet another indicator that he gives zero fucks about the environment and is a wasteful cunt. Imagine what the trailer’s electricity bills are like. I wonder if he tries to use that as a tax write off too.

>I’m a professional producer, I can’t work without having every light on my set blazing 24/7!

No. 628658

"what should i do?"

i hope to god in heaven when i hit 32 that i'm not this fucking useless. BUY CURTAINS WITH YOUR BIG YOOTOOBE BUX, it's not fucking astrophysics

No. 628661

Why is the whole house lit up, by the way? Gergles is too much of a scrooge to turn the heat on, forcing his wife and kids to go around with blankets at home, but turning on the lights in the whole house is a-okay? And they seem very consuming, too, looking at how bright they are

No. 628663

i bet it's to deter home invaders, same paranoid logic with gurg wearing a bullet proof vest

No. 628665

kek, what would they steal? A lifetime supply of Cheerios, Fiji water and discarded fidget spinners?

No. 628666

Greg use to always complain about Lainey leaving lights on remember and she said she’s scared of the dark. If anything i’m surprised he’s not agreeing with his neighbours into shaming Lainey for leaving lights on. But he’s still on his “lainey is a god” high to detour the pedo allegations i suppose

No. 628669

Wow! Such concern for the environment to have such bright lights! He's going to set up a gofundme now for curtains and accuse any haters who don't contribute of not caring about his neighbours.

No. 628670

if we're lucky maybe they'd steal the children into a better home.

No. 628677

thank you sane anon

setting up a company is not in itself fraud. the irs is still getting their 600K from him, he can't escape it.

my neighbours leave their lights on 24/7. some people find it too hard to switch lights on and off I guess. the onions seem very much those kind of people. it must really stand out in that quiet community.

No. 628678

That looks like a porch light that's turned off in the screenshot. My neighbours use to have a light on the back of their house orientated that it shone into the bedrooms upstairs. Every time the dog ran for a piss the sensors would blast them on.

That light looks like it just beams directly across to the neighbours probably keeps it on all night so all his spyware cameras can have a clear picture.

No. 628680

gregma has complained multiple times in videos that plainey always leaves lights on lol but she defends it as "im scared of the dark uwu", i guess he just gave up trying

No. 628683

jeez man she can get some fucking nightlights

No. 628684

He needs to close his fucking curtains. What kind of a moron doesn't realise you can see inside incredibly clearly when the lights are all on like this? Lainey apparently walks around topless, he's advertising all of his shit to thieves.

No. 628691

Kek, by transforming his house into a giant showroom he's attracting burglars if anything. They can just look inside and choose what to steal.
Kevin McCallister did better

No. 628697

File: 1548116015659.jpeg (97.96 KB, 1280x720, 44A196BE-3CE4-4922-9181-FC275F…)

Wow I guess it was just my bad memory and the fact that I have even shittier beard genetics.
It looks like dirty rat hair(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628699

>he gives zero fucks about the environment and is a wasteful cunt. Imagine what the trailer’s electricity bills are like.
Uh anon he installed solar panels on his house (cough in Washington cough), he’s done more for benefiting the Earth than all of us combined.

No. 628707

All the stupid shit these two spend money on and they can't buy some fucking night lights? I'd be more concerned about getting robbed than it being dark. And knowing Onion he probably spends hours into the night editing too.

No. 628709

Do you really want to know? One of his first hair cutting videos got featured on tv back when the banana song was popular. He keeps on rehashing things over and over again in hopes to recapture his popularity.

No. 628717

Of course she walks around topless, men, sorry, boys do that all the time! Nothing to see there! No tiddies in the manly man’s swamp trailer.

No. 628723

File: 1548122634181.png (1.54 MB, 1029x716, 565454.PNG)

Its not like he lives in a suburban tract home subdivision where your neighbors house is 10 feet away. He lives at the end of a dead end road and if you look at the sat photo his nearest neighbors are not that close and the trees on his property should block out most light.
I know most anons are thinking its his indoor lights that are shining out through open windows, but do you think he may have installed outside flood lights. And we all know how Gronk is, he would install those industrial bright as the sun type of flood lights because Alpha Males have 22000 Lumen floodlights.

No. 628724

Don’t usually watch the Greasy game streams but was killing time house cleaning.
In his latest OnisionGames Friday the 13th video he tells his audience of horned up female fans that he isn’t getting any sex or action from his husband. Using the word action was a deliberate choice in words since Grease says it himself.

8:30 time-stamp for full context and to avoid any misinterpretations or mental gymnastics. Grease is crying out for suk mi time

Cashcow: he’s coming to touch your butt

Grease: I’ve been needing the action

No. 628737

>when you are married to a doormat who would do anything to keep you happy but no matter how much you bleat about being gay the fact that your wife is now your husband replete with masculine receding hairline the thought of her giving you suk mi causes your cocktail wiener to invert

No. 628752

Also included in the stream. Cashcow describes at 4:20 how expensive rent is for them (it’s actually insanely cheap but besides the point). Cashcow feels as if their rent is very expensive and how they struggle to pay it. Grease convinces her it’s actially really cheap and it’s not that big of a deal. Cashcow struggling with rent while at the same time paying Grease big bucks to play online games with him, and grease thinks this is normal and convinces her that her financial struggle for rent isn’t that costly. Grease online gaming is more important than rent

No. 628757

This is totally unsurprising given how fucking retarded his fans have proven themselves to be, but seriously, if you’re going to waste your rent money on unnecessary shit, there’s a fucktonne out there that would be more gratifying than playing a game with a greasy old pedo. I also wouldn’t be surprised if this cashcow is a single mother who puts giving money to Grot above the welfare of her spawn too. His paypigs are as useless as he is.

No. 628776

File: 1548130349671.jpeg (260.15 KB, 750x693, 06FC5862-FC72-4E72-8CA1-4DE5F5…)

Close enough.
He realises outdoor lights are to see… when you’re outside? Why have it on all night? Cause I’d have to assume he has it on often/late enough for someone to actually say something.

No. 628778

Maybe if he didn't chop down most of the foliage around his house, his yard wouldn't be so visible to the neighbor across the lake.

No. 628779

Well some people leave their front porch lights on if a member of the house is coming home late, but no one in that house has night shift or a social life, and outdoor lights seen across the lake would be on at the back, so what the fuck?

Onion is confused because he has to think about other people.

No. 628781

File: 1548131303208.png (35.49 KB, 867x625, 87899.PNG)

I assumed it was the house to the west of him since its the closest, or maybe even the one to the east. But look how far the houses that are across the "lake" from him are.
He definitely has super bright floodlights on the back of his house and he probably has them pointing straight out towards the swamp because hes a shitty neighbor with no consideration for other people.

No. 628782

Oh yeah. His neighbors were use to there nice slightly reserved housing, probably the reason why a lot of them bought houses there and he went and fucked it all up, bought his team of social rejects with him and lit up the place to showcase his freakshow. No wonder they aren’t happy.
Would love for him to do that creepy fucking diaper video in his backyard now. He’d have his neighbors calling the police within 5 minutes guaranteed.

No. 628783

10 to 1 he uses the "I have the lights for the security of my family/children" same as he did for tearing up the wetlands because thorny bushes were going to harm his kids.
Not to shit on all parents but I know many who use kids to get what the want or stop things they dont like.

No. 628785

I find it hilarious that a large amount of us know where he lives, he likes to make us out to be crazy, lunatic stalkers. But never do we go to his house or anything at all. And we have all these little maps, photos of every entrance and everything, and we even know the layout inside of his house and shit.

No. 628786

Maybe he got rid of the beard because he knew the greys starting to poke through wouldn't be attractive to teen girls

No. 628796

It's probably that the lady wanted to see the lunar eclipse over her nice quiet secluded pond, but instead she had to get fucking glare from her neighbor's lights.

No. 628798

File: 1548135400411.png (44.8 KB, 699x330, barktoomuch.PNG)

They already complained about his dogs barking, a couple weeks ago. It was a complaint just like his for the lights.

No. 628799

Why does he keep tweeting about his neighbours complaining?
Maybe to his brainwashed fans it makes his neighbours seem some sort of way but to any sane rational adult it really shows how inconsiderate he is. Also what 33 year old man need to ask twitter “wash wat does i do ppl r mean 2 me”
Have a fucking conversation with them then.

No. 628801

omg greg.
get some curtains and teach your dogs not to bark like a decent fucking human. it's not that hard.
no one wants to look out their window to see wtf your dogs have been barking at for the last hour and be accosted by the sight of you doing shirtless pull-ups in your rancid home.

No. 628803

File: 1548136043597.png (324.28 KB, 447x518, 1547804653745.png)

Imagine having this kind of thought process, asking kids what you should do when neighbors ask you to turn down the lights at night. They answer with "make them brighter" and "ignore them". He cannot be this stupid can he?

No. 628807

The replies to the one about his dogs were mostly like that, "let them bark more!" "Screw the neighbors! "Dogs are more important than people hurRrRrr" "bark at the neighbors lol"

He probably wants those answers as a twisted justification to do the worst option. Remember the type of mind games he has to play with himself to keep up the illusion of being right.

No. 628812

I mean when sh moved back to Canada and Greg no longer wanted the dog he adopted it out and justified it by saying sh couldn’t be trusted not to have sex with the dog. Old milk but he justified abandoning his dog instead of giving it back to sh because he claimed she would sexually abuse the dog according to him. So I’m sure he’ll find any justification to get rid of these three current dog even if that means tossing his neighbors under the bus. He himself gets angry and even yelled at them in the last video to stop barking. Rather the barking actually annoyed the neighbours or not he’ll use it as an excuse to rid himself of the burden. He sure did some fucked up
Mental gymnastics with sh’s Dog in order to ditch it

No. 628819

File: 1548140030267.jpeg (182.37 KB, 750x562, 7D6501A3-AC4B-436E-B3AC-49C62E…)

Imagine being a 30something father and husband and posting shite like this


No. 628820

File: 1548140358869.jpeg (146.29 KB, 750x432, B78E129C-315D-427E-89CC-8A25A0…)

Still keeping up the bullshit fake positivity, kinda impresses it has lasted this long. Motherfucker has obviously been on a block/delete rampage because both these tweets had a bunch of hate that has mostly disappeared with only the asslicking autistic cringe remaining

No. 628821

One of the girls who follows him is a 17 year old teen mother who named her daughter Lainey. She sits there and defends him online and when people called her out about Sarah, asking if she’d be okay with her daughter doing that ect ect her response was along the lines of “well i’m not an irresponsible mother, clearly their parents knew his intent for when she was of age and we’re okay with it”
This. This is the type of brainwashing he’s doing to his fans. It’s sickening.

No. 628823

File: 1548140929611.jpeg (359.16 KB, 750x911, 5709330D-7717-4927-ABCD-CA6580…)

Sorry i’m just at a loss for words. What does he say to these people to make them think like this.

No. 628824

File: 1548141002257.jpeg (163.9 KB, 750x405, 31B7D0E0-5A0A-4117-A721-F1FC27…)

Even his fans apparently think he was into Sarah and was just waiting. And this is coming from a hardcore stan who would hand over her own daughter at 18

No. 628825

This is one step away from the stans of that psycho rapist from Lostprophets who were actually convicted. Fucking disgusting. Good job getting these caps, anon. If only natural selection was more reliable, these reprobates are a waste of oxygen

No. 628826

File: 1548141748770.jpeg (119.04 KB, 624x474, 6BF74C4A-4489-4769-B7B3-CFBE66…)

Still bleeding followers, I wonder what the 99 deleted tweets were… more shit pointing to him being a pedo perhaps?

No. 628828

Then he wonders why people call him narcissist

No. 628834

Who the fuck doesn't have curtains?! And fakeboi prances around naked all the time?! Muh dysphoria tho!

>>628665 my sides Anon! So true!

>>628723 Yes anon but you're forgetting, those trees and bushes in front of the lake no longer exist. The light will go straight across the water and into neighbour narks house.

No. 628837

File: 1548148405500.png (177.02 KB, 273x389, Coach Gurgg.png)

No. 628844


This reminds me of when Michael Jackson would grow his beard out. I can't believe how similar it looks.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 628850

i bet gregs neighbours were really nice and polite when they came directly to him to address the issue, rather than have some authority type person come to do it. yet greg is too stuck up to be bothered with things like "being a decent human being." i feel bad for all of the people having to endure this petty asshole every single day, i can't imagine how insufferable that must be.

No. 628855

Lol I'm sure Gargoyle is the kind of person that doesn't want to spend money on useless things like curtains. Pretty sure Lame might have wanted to decorate the house nicer and get some stuff to make it look less like a porn set up from the early 00's but he prefers to spend cash on USEFUL things like cars and electronics.

No. 628859

The similarities between Dennis and Greg grow even more disturbing.


No. 628864

The ones across the lake are the same ones who filmed his destruction of the wetlands. Maybe now they have a vendetta for their ignorant, selfish, thoughtless neighbor. Onionboy just makes friends everywhere he goes, doesn't he? How long have they even been in that house? Doesn't seem that long to already have a neighbor who wants to drown you in the swamp. Then again, it's Onion so I guess it's not surprising or out of the bounds of reason.

No. 628865

I thought the neighbor that originally reported him, moved?

No. 628866

This is why he's probably tweeting about his neighbours vaguely. For the self proclaimed truth teller and fact machine he really doesn't ever want to be direct with anything he talks about.

He's just a poor victim and all his neighbours try to have rationale conversations with him but it's too much!! He can't converse with adults without asking if their humans and screaming about gas lighting

No. 628868

you linked to a three year old post

I don't know how you did it but I'm proud of you anon

No. 628871

I took inspiration from an earlier anon and have started watching a stream of his and I’m just a couple of minutes in and there has been a racist joke already about Jewish people. There’s kind of a lot of racist jokes and statements in his streams if I did a com of time stamps do you guys think anyone could make a video comp of Gregma being racist ?

No. 628872

Thank you. It’s nice to have my ineptitude and lack of awareness appreciated.

No. 628873

Ugh. This reaks of pedogate. These grown stans are fucked in the head.

No. 628876


Because 2010 was a good year for the Gergster and his dealings with young and impressionable women.

No. 628877

Not even grown, Anon. This girl is 17 (according to her Twitter) she’s younger than Sarah ffs

No. 628879

LOL. So she totally knows how she would react to having her very young (hypothetical) daughter orbiting someone like Greg and Taylor. FFS. Sarah''s mother failed her on just about every level, it sounds like, and especially with throwing her into their grasp. She's an aberration of maternal instinct, not something to be desired or emulated. Sarah's relationship with Greg Avaroe and Taylor Avaroe (now calling herself Kai) is not "goals", and it beyond disgusting to suggest it is. I wish his stans would understand how dysfunctional and unbalanced both Greg and Taylor are, and how out-of-whack their power dynamic with Sarah is.

No. 628880

It makes you wonder what the fuck is wrong with these people to make them think what the Avaroes did/are doing/will probably do again is okay.

No. 628881

Why are all of Onion's videos such shit quality now? Did he get grease on the lens? Blurry to cover shit skin? Sold all of his good cameras and got a lower quality one?

No. 628882

Oh ffs he's so uncivilized. What should he do?
He should go live in a cave, he's clearly unfit for life in society, plus he looks like a caveman too.

No. 628883

what can you expect from a teenage mother anyways.

No. 628884

Anus, I’m pretty sure you don’t need your lights on all night when you’re locked away fapping to hentai and Billie’s instagram. You don’t want the neighbors to see your micropeen through the curtain less windows.

No. 628886

I am a youtube partner, and racist comments can get your channel demonetized and maybe removed EVEN if its censored. Basically new rule is you can censor curse words and be okay, but you can't censor racial slurs.

No. 628887

Madi said something about her livestream she did a few days ago getting everything off her chest. Did she recently stream or was that when she went live on IG to clear up the pedo allegations that she insinuated on DP podcast?

She says she wont talk about it again. At this point, she can fuck off. Why would you not want to bring to light the negative shit grug and lainey have done? She probably didnt have anything else and wanted attention.

Also sorry for posting about her again.

No. 628898

"the trees on his property should block out most light."
how many of these trees are remaining?

No. 628900

turn off your lights at night man its not that deep

No. 628912

>he gives zero fucks about the environment and is a wasteful cunt. Imagine what the trailer’s electricity bills are like.
>Uh anon he installed solar panels on his house (cough in Washington cough), he’s done more for benefiting the Earth than all of us combined.

The McMansion had solar panels, his new home doesn't. I wonder whether hes smart enough to know that he actually has to pay for electricity now. I don't know how that works in the US, but here you usually pay a fixed amount per month and by the end of the year you'll either be billed the rest or get the surplus you spent refunded.

>I don’t want the grooming and pedo allegations to be sidelined again, he has gotten away with this creeper predatory shit way too many times now.

Even if nothing comes from all of the proof about him being abusive and taking advantage of teens/tweens, he won't change and therefore will continue to draw in weak and easy to manipulate women. One day he's either gonna get to "the right one" who'll finally expose him completely or he'll screw up and expose himself even more than he already does by putting his whole life on the internet.
Given that his neighbors seem to value their previously calm and quiet neighborhood, they might also keep an eye on him and report him if they witness him flying in underage girls.

Tinfoil: But I wonder what role the neighbors' daughter who wanted to become a Youtuber as well played in revealing his dirty laundry to the residents of GH. I'm inclined to believe he perhaps tried to impress her, saying she's living next to a famous Youtuber.

No. 628914

He literally has the cold, dead stare of a psychopath. He reminds me of Ted Bundy.

Also, how does he still have a house when he's in that much debt? I'm younger than him, I don't have nearly as much debt (just school loans to pay back), but if I fucked up for two months I'd be risking homelessness.

No. 628915

File: 1548180496506.png (570.42 KB, 783x586, Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 1.05…)

Forgot my pic

No. 628916

He is so bad with money it's amazing, if he leaves outdoor lights on for every night his electricity bill must be huge.

>buys new phones and computers yearly

>has super expensive cameras and setpieces, which he doesn't know how to use
>keeps on changing his car without having paid the last one off
>buys a gas guzzling truck for some reason
>donates to his own patreon
>keeps lights on all night just for the sake of it

No wonder he is broke, he doesn't even realize that electricity costs money.

No. 628917

>buys new phones and computers yearly
He currently owns an iphone and an android phone. His messages to Ayalla were on an iphone and his messages to Madison were on a android (don't know the model).

No. 628919

File: 1548182670532.png (141.56 KB, 699x618, Capture _2019-01-22-16-36-55.p…)

This idiot acting like he actually read the Bible, he's too lazy to read regular sized books, imagine one with over one thousand pages

No. 628924

his last video (the to catch a predator one) have only 12 comments. LOL dude's career is so dead. Question is, when will he get the hint?

No. 628929

The other video on Onision called something akin to "Staying in a Cold Pool for $$" Shows him at that same house hanging out with Billy and some other characters, most noticeably some questionable girls.
I don't know how Lainey deals, I really don't.

No. 628931

File: 1548184337211.png (13.5 KB, 588x170, Screenshot_2019-01-22.png)

is he fucking serious?

No. 628934

does that apply to shane or eugenia? or billie or ayalla? god the list could go on..

No. 628935

It has 197 comments he’s just hidden da haturz (and no doubt been hard “at work” going on a deletion spree)

No. 628937

>Now that I'm the target, I want better treatment than the treatment I subjected others to when I targeted them.

No. 628938

>is he fucking serious?
Is he ever?

ummm NO!

That's greg for ya!

He's full of shit, manipulative and a compulsive liar.

No. 628947

File: 1548189630535.png (11.64 KB, 588x110, Screenshot_2019-01-22.png)

for real tho. he just keeps trying to be seen as this forgiving and compassionate person when he's anything but.

No. 628949

He can’t even keep track of his own fakeassery, he has said multiple times during this bullshit uwu positive phase that he wishes he was forgiving because he isn’t.

No. 628950

in his new idiotic speaks video he uses the 'die of aids' song that sh sang on, and plays half of her verse. cool shit

No. 628951

Surely she can sue his ass for that, he has already been warned by her manager, how fucking retarded is he?

No. 628952

It makes me so sad seeing her do gymnastics knowing how much money her parents wasted on her

No. 628953

File: 1548190507096.jpeg (88.11 KB, 750x335, BB34285E-E2B1-477F-A3F5-D06D92…)

>I’ve finally found a handicapped teenager to fly out and suk mi while my husband is looking after the kids I give zero fucks about!

No. 628954

Don’t, her parents are at least partially responsible for the reprehensible cunt she’s become

No. 628956

No. 628957


She was always a snotty stuck up brat, dunno why people want to try and blame Greg for the way she is. He just liked what he saw.

No. 628958

who is this tweet even for? his young teen girl fans who havent bought into edgy fedora atheism yet? is he shaming young girls for their religion under the guise of being some woke "there for you" good guy? idk how its possible, but his """"positive"""" tweets somehow manage to be way more disgusting and creepy than his narc rage tweets.

No. 628959


Lainey was always a privileged, stuck up snob, but Anus made her 10000% worse. Not trying to whiteknight her parents because her sister is also a brat, but by looking at the picture of her glowing and smiling in her cap and gown at graduation shows what Lainey could have been. Besides, her dad cried when he found out about Anus planning to take his 17 year old daughter away immediately after high school, and then showed concern for his young grandson (which Anus turned into him being “threatened” twice). And both her parents helped her out after her ex in high school sent a half nude picture of her around the school.

No. 628960

Probably that thirsty blue haired girl, who tf knows. This is just tinfoil on the basis of his existence with the Foot being so miserable that I can’t imagine what else he could have to be so happy about, of course

No. 628962

I don’t know what she’d have to be snobby about, she’s not “cultured” or “worldly”, she has a cereal box degree and has probably never read a book that wasn’t prescribed as part of the curriculum, her parents are middle class and they spoiled and coddled her, but it’s not like she came from wealth/academia

No. 628968

She's always been a spoiled bitch, but gerg broke her down and rebuilt her into the same abusive, lying, predatory waste of a human he is.
She deserves everything she gets out of being with him, because she actively participated in his behavior for years now.

No. 628978

He should legit start a cult. He's too perfect for it.

No. 628979


Don't give him permission/ideas

No. 628981

He already tried that with his Sicesca bullshit. Lord knows he'd fuck up massively again.

No. 628982

File: 1548200779102.jpeg (245.9 KB, 750x777, A25C651A-AD14-4058-9FA9-643E61…)

For fuck’s sake you creep, keep that poor girl’s name out of your mouth. I hope she serves you for all the harassment, stop pretending you care you piece of shit

No. 628983

he's such a weird autistic retard, like this is not how people talk about other people. creep.

No. 628984

File: 1548200937561.jpeg (115.28 KB, 750x319, 4DD769E0-466C-4431-B6A0-F9070A…)

No one loves you “darling”, we just want you to get your just desserts for being a racist, misogynist, homophobic, abusive, predatory cunt

No. 628985

File: 1548201229328.png (1.84 MB, 1892x2048, Screenshot_20190122-185149.png)

In case anyone wants to watch, no guarantee it's onion related

No. 628986

He has no idea how humans actually work. He is legitimately retarded. The only people he interacts with are other retards so of course he doesn’t knows how regular people talk.

No. 628987

Even if she doesn’t intend it to be there’s no doubt she’ll be bombarded with questions.

No. 628994

File: 1548202865820.jpeg (281.75 KB, 750x795, 254297E2-2C02-4146-B57D-6BAF6D…)

kek, almost as many dislikes as likes. how’s that deflection working out for y’all, ya pedos?

No. 628997

Ew that tweet is so creepy and gross I had to take a shower after reading that.
He's such an obsessive weirdo, why did he think it was a good idea to type that shit? But then again it's onision, the guy with zero self awareness

No. 628998

File: 1548203353102.png (890.92 KB, 762x590, redskinzombie.PNG)

This guy is falling apart, that skin is absolutely repulsive, plus using a Sh song he made with her in a video about him and his wife spending time together? What an embarrassment..

No. 628999

I wonder how much he is sperging about all the haterz being ugly faggots who should kill themselves to the paypigs while using every ounce of energy left over from hentai jerkathons to maintain this ridiculous “zen” facade on Twitter

No. 629000

It's always been obvious to me that he has a weird attraction to Eugenia.

No. 629002

can this fucking cunt for once in his life, not do this? he is so gross and tiresome. enough with eugenia. lay off her, fuck.

No. 629005

how much do y'all wanna bet he keeps a scrawny black emo wig around the house he makes Lainey wear when he fucks her

No. 629007

This makes me believe he is the guy behind the "Most Cutest Girl In The World" eugenia stalker youtube account even more. Fucking creeeep.

No. 629010

I reckon it’s him too, the autism is way too similar to Grug’s brand of fuckery

No. 629012

Did she delete this post? I don't see it

No. 629015

He has a strange saviour/god complex, he probably sees her as 'broken'. He's scum

No. 629016

File: 1548206231052.jpeg (302.12 KB, 750x1023, D6CF6FB8-FFF7-4D29-9984-BEBC44…)

Fucking kek, on so many levels.

No. 629017

Are you kidding? He has been on a block/delete rampage, but he still can’t keep up with the proliferation of hate he is getting

No. 629019

File: 1548206438637.jpeg (94.87 KB, 750x343, 38465098-EFB1-4DAC-BD78-665FE2…)

Looks like it. There’s still this though

No. 629020

She probably just wants to talk about life stuff and is worried (rightfully so) about the stream being hijacked with Anus-related nonsense. And/or he and his army of maggots are still threatening and harassing her

No. 629034


Yeah, if she gained weight she would have major Hannah Minx vibes and Greg never did get over his obsession with her.

No. 629037

File: 1548209452078.jpeg (591.33 KB, 750x1253, 7941B333-4726-45F2-8883-E5A695…)

She’s live, fam.

No. 629041

Don't think she's talking about onion boi today, just singing and building furniture.

No. 629043

Yeah I hope that if Grug does become part of the discussion it’s on her terms. Billie is in the chat too.

No. 629048

Does anyone know what college Lainey attended? I genuinely am surprised that she graduated, she has never in all my time of watching her and knowing about her come off as someone who is college educated.
Greg loves to mention that she "majored in psychology". What exactly does that even mean? Did she get her bachelors or associates? I don't think she acquired her bachelors either way, as always stating someone "majored in psychology" is generally not something you say about someone who graduated with a bachelors in social sciences.
An associates takes two years if you take a full class load every semester and are extremely diligent with your time, as well as put in a good amount of effort. A bachelors takes 4 years and considering how Lainey claims to have only taken classes online and seemed to finish college somewhat quickly, I am pretty certain she only ever acquired an associates degree. Which isn't really anything exceptional.
She is living proof that a college degree does not equate to actual intelligence.

No. 629050

I think she did an online course that Greg "paid for" as he puts it.

No. 629051

>all those dislikes


No. 629052

File: 1548211877176.jpeg (332.9 KB, 750x865, 3C04BD27-6591-45EE-9923-ADDF4D…)

Shut the fuck up you useless cunt, you are not part of the LGBT community and that community does not want you as an ally. You are not “woke”, you’re a fucking homophobic transphobic Neanderthal who virtue signals to serve your own agenda.

No. 629054

Yeah it was online, I don’t recall the name of the institution ever being mentioned but she claims to have a bachelors. Frankly I don’t believe she ever graduated, but if she did, as it has been pointed out before, it just goes to show that any idiot can get a university degree these days

No. 629056


she only needed to take 6 100 level intro courses and 4-5 upper level courses in psych and maintain a 2.0 (!!!) to graduate with that degree. that's incredibly low standards for a specific program.

No. 629058

File: 1548212199256.jpeg (163 KB, 750x535, F71647D6-9B4B-4278-B991-B66E4F…)

Jfc no one likes your “songs” you fucking talentless retard, another one of these inane polls isn’t going to change that

No. 629064

Jesus Christ they really don't expect jack shit from someone.. I'm beginning to think Lainey went into some bullshit online program that wasn't real, they have thousands of them these days. I'm still working my ass off for my bachelors and the base requirement is at least 120 credits. There is no way in hell this chick took 40 classes online. Nope, sorry, absolutely fucking not, don't believe it. All she ever did is sit around Onion's house barefoot and pregnant. Plus she's a moron. If she actually got her bachelors, Greg wouldn't say she "majored in psychology" when she was going to school. That is something you say when someone gets a silly bullshit online degree that isn't real.

No. 629065

Samefag but people obviously define themselves as majoring in a certain area while they are still attending college… once you graduate though you graduate with a degree in a specific area. You wouldn't go around saying "yeah I went to college and majored in psychology." You would say "I graduated with my BA in social sciences."
Either way, none of us have seen the actual degree, you would think people so self-obsessed would have that thing hanging in the background of every video ever if it were real. I'm not buying it.

No. 629066

File: 1548213159542.png (322.06 KB, 588x473, Screenshot_2019-01-22.png)

ffs when's he gonna stop this stupid ass 'positive' bullshit?

no one (with a functional brain, that is) buys into your fake ass shit, you gremlin.

No. 629070

His self awareness never ceases to amaze me. This positivity bs on Twitter and just going to make even more people stop following and supporting him because most of his followers loved his "brutally honest" asshole personality. He is no longer "edgy" and cutthroat. It is hilarious. Everything that he thinks is going to get people off his back backfires.

She probably also focused on child development since she wanted to work with children, so that is probably why she doesn't know shit about complex disorders, and has to take online quizzes to know if her relationship is toxic.

No. 629076

If she wants to focus so much on child development then she should know that certain people in her life, including herself, are developmentally behind.

No. 629078

For “hungry” read “broke and irrelevant,” then, yeah.

Difference is, you can’t just do a banana skit and get views and $$ these days, old man.

No. 629080

September 2009 is when he launched "I'm A Banana" and began to feel like he was better than everyone else. This is probably when things started to go downhill between him and Skye. They divorced a year later. He probably started to search for a replacement in 2009 right when he started to get fame, maybe there were girls before Shiloh we don't know about. He is probably going to ramp up the search now. Obviously getting very desperate for fame and new puss again.

No. 629084

At the end of the new speaks video, Greg says "Go subscribe to Uhohbro.. it's really good advice because amazing shit is coming."
Wasn't he toting that channel as something ground breaking after it came back from termination?
The last thing this faggot uploaded was "TikTok Teen Couples Cringe (Reupload)". Possibly the saddest video on the face of this earth.. not only a reupload but a tiktok reupload. Was that some sad attempt at getting views…?
You have to be a special kind of delusional to proclaim this is "hungry" work ethic.

No. 629090

Yep, I’ve said this or something to this effect repeatedly, she’s only slightly more educated than Grot, they’re both illiterate white trash who have no interest in the world beyond the swamp. If he hadn’t come along Thot would have ended up barefoot and pregnant with some other loser. She chose this.

No. 629094

wonder if he's gonna buy a dozen donuts and give her the ones he doesn't want and post it on twitter to prove what a positive husband he is again

No. 629096

Isn’t that the opposite of how the meme works?

No. 629098

…more or less. I'm pretty sure Gregory went into photoshop and made this one himself. He has been known to not get memes.. just look to the countless "onision memes" he has made in the past. They all look like a png from 2002 that your dad would send you.

No. 629103

>But I'm hungry again

Yeah, hungry for a payout from your patron fags. You are too lazy and old to be hungry. You got spoiled on JewTube shekels for your shitty videos and now you don't know what to do with yourself. Nothing is going to revive your dead career Onion, it's over. 2019 is not your year, you don't have any interesting content lined up and you sure as shit aren't going to get out of debt any time soon. Oh yeah and you don't have any friends left except Billie the Fatass and that's on borrowed time as well.

No. 629105

The thing is that Skye seems to have been a big part of his early success.

Lame-O isn’t going to be able to add anything to the mix except equally dull, self-centered whining.

No. 629109

File: 1548222568676.jpeg (323.03 KB, 750x897, F51B382F-145A-4956-AED6-C5A951…)

The levels of retardation, thirst, fakeness and all-round cringe are off the Richter scale. He is being read for filth with the trans tweet. And the emoticons in the Death Note tweet, he is such a loser

No. 629112

I think he does a pretty good Austin Jones impression

No. 629118

File: 1548225176955.jpg (10.14 KB, 314x84, lb.jpg)

Love bombing Lainey some more, she must've been crying.

No. 629119

^^^THIS lmao

No. 629124

kek and the reply deletion rampage continues, he is doing the twitter equivalent of sticking his fingers in his ears and yelling “LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU”. Fucking moron.

No. 629125

I wonder if she knows about him complaining to his paypigs that he doesn’t get any “action” (of course she knows, she’s got nothing better to do than read hate comments on the internet and pick at her face while the two brats are hanging off her sagging udders)

No. 629127

File: 1548226952988.jpeg (88.59 KB, 750x388, 683B9DED-F7A9-48A3-AAB4-8FCE4A…)

underrated comment, kek

Re: pic related, keep telling yourself that Gergmamel. You’ll never be good enough.

No. 629129

Has anyone seen this new death note video that is supposedly available for the paytards? Do we still have any paytards amongst us or has everyone got jack of throwing shekels at him for the lulz?

No. 629130

I know we have one amazing farmer who consistently mirrors and gives links to Greg's patreon videos. Hopefully they'll help us out with this one.

No. 629133

Please come through based anon! No doubt this video will be more of him trying his hardest to look like an uwu animu boi, because nothing screams “I’m innocent” more than pandering to an audience of 12 year olds when facing allegations of grooming

No. 629134

File: 1548228849233.png (318.6 KB, 486x344, the new look.PNG)

>it's not new
>I've had it
>for a while

Im not sure if she made that halting statement of her own accord or it was coaxed by Greg, the way she looks at him while trying to find the words. They have to make sure their fans don't think they're spending those Patron bucks on spider man sweatshirts.
I've always hated her smug look, but this ones new and I hate it even more.

No. 629140

Imagine Grug waking up next to this every morning knowing he was so close to skipping off into the sunset with Billie. I guess Taylor feels she has a lot to be smug about in that respect.

No. 629141

No worries it has more dislikes now lmao.
Imagine using “Laineybot” in the title for more clicks even tho “tHeYrE KAi nOw”
And then to dig the knife in deeper using a song you wrote/preformed with your ex-child bride Sh to go over your go kart montage.
I wonder if going to do Gymnastics is ruined for Lainey since they use to bring Billie and Sarah with them all the time and greg would shoot Billie doing dumb stuff more than Lainey actually trying to relive her cheerleading school days.
And acknowledging the kids in the background by telling us he’s raising a jedi. You mean you’re giving your kids technology instead of talking to them cause u know dads gotta film soz

No. 629142

He’s doing it on YouTube too, you see like 250 comments, click “show newest” and the number dropped to like 100

No. 629143

File: 1548231776253.png (1.08 MB, 1071x598, moneyproblems.png)

usually they upload gymnastics videos on her channel. I wonder if they are slowly abandoning that channel now?
Also these fucking wasteful cunts… buying 5 packs of 1 serving cans of drinks. Even for a family which is not supposedly struggling with money that's so stupid because it's way more expensive than, for example, buying larger bottles and filling everything in smaller bottles to take them with you. Morons. Not to mention how horrible this shit is for the environment. Of course their fans are too stupid to look further their vegetarian facade and see the hypocrisy.

No. 629144

Yeah why didn't he think of just leaving Lame beforehand? I mean, his cult members forgive him everything and he's done worse shit than leaving his wife for a new bride. Trying all this poly shit as a cover for his actual intentions (leaving her for fresh teen puss) was a very stupid decision. I bet he would have had an actual chance if he straight up left Lame and then contacted Billie for a relationship (I doubt it would have lasted long, but that's a different story)

No. 629145

Anon don’t be fucking stupid. If they just bought a bottle they’d have to do dishes?? Honestly you’re so dense. They’re saving water, anon, they can’t afford to be using all that water to wash dishes and keep up with Greg’s 4 daily showers at the same time

No. 629147

lmao this sounds like an actual Gurg justification. No but you're right, it's very obvious they are using so much throwaway shit because they're lazy cunts. I wonder if they even own real glasses or if their pantry is just stuffed with paper cups. Can you imagine being too lazy to use a dishwasher?

No. 629148

I really really really hope Shiloh, as much as she’s trash herself, sues his ass for using a “song” she features on after he was warned by her lawyer or manager or whatever. This is possibly the only tangible piece of evidence besides the wetlands and the IRS business that can be legally used against him

No. 629149

She gets more views than him and he knows that no one gives a fuck about his dying channels so he is trying to lure over what remains of her fan base. The problem with that being that her fans hate him so he is expediting the death of her career ergo killing off his cash cow in the process because he is too fucking stupid/narcissistic to realise

No. 629150

something about this deeply disturbs me. says "i wear no protection" as he posts a photo of some man in nothing but tight underwear that he probably thinks resembles himself. that's just gross.

No. 629151

To be fair, I guess Zevia doesn’t come in 2 liter bottles and I guess that’s Lainey’s new favorite drink?
I thought Onision proudly only drank water because he’s a health God? Or is sparkling flavored water still water to him?

No. 629152

>some man in nothing but tight underwear that he probably thinks resembles himself.
That’s ‘Bruce Almighty’ Jim Carrey, someone Onision DEFINITELY thinks resembles himself.

No. 629153

he talks like a cringy teenage girl asjdiosaj>>628984

No. 629155

Talking to his demographic in a language they understand in the hope it will assist with the procurement of suk mi. And also because he is developmentally stunted.

No. 629156

Why do these pedos hangout where little kids are to make videos when it seems like their kids aren't even there at all? Taking a page out of Philip and Nancy Garrido's book? They also kept a young teen, Jaycee Lee Dugard, captive like Onion probably really wanted to do to Billie.

The video is a news clip about how Nancy and Philip went to playgrounds to "film him" but the entire time she's like zoomed in on kids playing.

With the accusations, and no sign of their own kids, it gives off a weird fucking pedo vibe. Pedo or not, these two fuck wits shouldn't be allowed to interact with young impressionable teens since they've publicly done a lot of harm to their fans.

No. 629157

absolutely disgusting. the grooming never stops with this sick fucker.

cant understand what they like about that nasty zevia trash besides it being some trendy vegan thing. it all tastes like bitter artificial sweetener flavored slightly different than each other and costs 2-3 times the price of regular soda.

No. 629158

They shouldn’t even be buying water. They live in America, not the fucking Congo. Buy a Brita filter and stop being such wasteful twunts, jfc. Imagine how much money they’d be saving if they ate like us regular vegans (i.e no processed or packaged shit). It’s a stupidly cheap lifestyle, this is just insane.

No. 629160

His "pedo" video ( >>628603 )
definitely had a Jim Carrey wannabe feel to it. The part where he's walking in the house looks like a poorman's pedo Ace Ventura by the acting.

If they want bubbly water buy a fucking sodastream. They're not that expensive to buy (compared to other useless shit they buy, cough $10k gas guzzling FORD truck cough), more environmentally friendly, and they can exchange the CO2 tanks for a discount at Target since they're there all the time. Bonus, it would probably be fun for the kids, but they ignore them anyway so lol.

No. 629161

File: 1548237496210.jpeg (290.92 KB, 750x887, 18040895-80B3-4FB8-8B8C-2AC048…)

So now that Anus has unhidden all the reuploaded trash on uhohbro, my curiosity got the better of me. This is some of the most racist, transphobic, misogynistic, objectifying shit I have ever seen, holy fuck.

No. 629162

>buy a fucking sodastream

You took the words out of my mouth, anon


I do not understand how this garbage has more likes than dislikes

No. 629163

So they were just all privated. So what, did he have to delete some videos or did he fight to say there weren’t hate speech? YouTube terminates and demonitizes the stupidest shit and let’s THIS motherfucker come back. Gross

No. 629164

Go have a look at the channel, it’s a fucking disgrace. If he did have to delete anything for it to be reinstated he is just reuploading it.

No. 629165

Do you think onion has skinny pacts and fantasises about EC because smol girls might think his tiny dick is huge. Bet he wouldn't mind EC wet. After Taylor pushing out 2 Greg head sized babies I'm sure he needs all the friction he can get.

No. 629166

If Onion got any fatter his massive saggy old man balls would look like giant floppy labias and his manclit would like a giant lady clit.(nitpick)

No. 629167

He's so fucking short,fat and retarded.I can't get over him standing on a hill in his orthopaedic fucking shoes measuring himself and creaming over his and Taylor's incompetence over measuring their heights incorrectly. And Taylor fucking hunched over shivering in shorts and sweatshirt outside in the middle of fucking winter still being measured 5'5. So tiny Taylor uwu. Standing shoes off against a wall in the house would have been too weird.

Then he weighs himself by putting the scales in a concave shower basin. The bizarre lengths these people go to fudge facts.

He's 5'9 at most and Taylor is 5'6. No duh Onion likes smoke girls he can feel like a man. Wish he didn't take the video down of the metal song with Ayalla. Another fine example of his height complex. Short stack wears a ridiculously oversized top hat and slinks behind the girls doing the Sims vampire walk and you can truly see the troll goblin for what he is. No wonder these girls are embarrassed to release screencaps maybe flirting back with him. He is deceptive, poor Maya didn't realise she was walking into Frankenstein 's liar

No. 629168

Man, don't talk about EC like that even if it's meant to be a burn to gurgles she doesn't deserve to have gross sexual remarks made about her, especially in the same sentence as the dude harassing her for eternity.

No, anon! Its perfectly fine! Now that he's dating a definite, certified man, he's allowed to scream faggot at people for hours and it's perfectly moral! What an amazing member of the LGBT community.

No. 629170

He's trying so hard to maintain his positive twitter thing, but the cracks are showing because he still can't resist proving he's still mad and still cares by posting stuff like this… Don't forget your shiny new tattoo Greg! Do not engage!!!
it's actually hilarious how not long after he started the positivity thing he sperged on live and decided "I never said I'd be positive everywhere!!! Just twitter!" (proves its all bull really doesn't it)

>lainey is crying

No. 629174

these people cant even be bothered to turn on the tap and wash a single dish though, imagine them attempting to use a brita filter. itd just sit there collecting dust next to their countertop tofu. they're mental children that need their "pop" or they aren't satisfied.

No. 629176

Here anon, here's an old video (11/2/16) of Onion, Sarah, Billie, and Ayalla destroying pumpkins. You can see how close in height he is with Ayalla and maybe even Sarah? lol. Also obligatory gotta be mean to underage Sarah because she wants to fuck me. I bet Onion made Billie destroy the pumpkin with Lainey's face on it.


It might still be processing.

No. 629177

>implying it doesn’t already

For real tho, what I wouldn’t give to be one of those many flies hanging around the trailer, there must be some spectacular sperging taking place between the Gutlord and his husband. I bet the neighbours can hear him screeching about faggot haturz from the other side of the swamp.

No. 629178

What do you mean? He’s not having sex with his Buddie?

No. 629189

How much do you wanna bet that he doesn't cut up the plastic rings? Turtle killer strikes again.

No. 629190

Yeah but isn't it kinda weird for your non-trans husband to transition to female before you, a trans, even do any kind of transition besides cutting hair short and strapping down your sock titties?

No. 629192

Can't Sh's management team copystrike his new video since it's using her song and vocals without permission? She wasn't even old enough to sign a legal contract giving him rights to it.

No. 629198

Noticed in the video
>Onion:"Sarah who do you want to smash?"
>Sarah: "Ayalla"

Tinfoil but, since there's a lot of jump cuts, could this potentially be the source of Onions claim that Ayalla asked Sarah if she would have sex with her?
It's unknown how she worded it, that's why I tinfoil about the "smashing" in the pumpkin video and the jump cuts in which ayalla could've made a joke back. Could've been a joke between them that onions done his usual and intentionally mislead his audience (it's not lying guise it's manipulation, very different!1) and Sarah's just going along with it for greasepoints

No. 629199

File: 1548252939840.png (307.28 KB, 553x485, coupons.png)

No. 629200

File: 1548253115964.png (313.93 KB, 555x465, deathnote.png)

No. 629202

wow. that was dumb.

No. 629203

I literally don't get this shit. I realize I am outside the age range of Greg's target demographic, but how do any of them think this shit is actually funny? There's no humor here; it's just dumb. HUr-hur-hur we're smashing pumpkins with faces taped to them, clearly we're comedic geniuses! Even that asshole Gallagher who smashed watermelons (maybe still smashes) made amusing commentary while he did it. His fans need to up their standards: this is just embarrassing and cringy.

No. 629204

this is literally almost 2 minutes of her somersaulting back and forth. wow. impressive.

No. 629206

She’s so lazy she can’t film an uncensored part of the intro where they show the name of the game for patreon. I thought patreon was UnCeNSoReD cOnTeNt. Could have used that as a way to promote your shitty patreon and say “oh I can’t show the name on YouTube but it’s on patreon.” Grease used to say “patreon only” in her videos, like in the kissing one (barf). lame’s patreon is a bigger waste to whatever fans she has left than Greg’s

No. 629207

Lol when the suggestion of being covered in babyoil and getting frisky comes up, she says she doesn’t want to be slippery and he says why would you want to do that while you smell like a baby. You did it, Greg. We’re all convinced you’re not into children now.

No. 629208

Duh anon babies can't be fans so he doesn't want to fuck babies.

No. 629212

File: 1548257420486.png (1.6 MB, 1334x750, 9B2909B8-DBC8-4FA0-BF52-DD7953…)

Well that was boring as shit. You can really tell when someone doesn’t want to make a video and it sucks for the audience. Also clean the areas you’re going to film in, honestly it’s not that hard. No one wants to watch your foot being rubbed by some creepy guy who doesn’t even take his thumbs out of the holes in his sleeve with using oils on his hands, and your laundry piled up in the background. At least when she was doing her own videos she had 1/10th of what resembled a personality because they were videos she actually wanted to do. I dare say her diss video on Greg was her best one ever.

No. 629219

File: 1548259478539.jpg (82.03 KB, 408x525, hs.jpg)

>I got these for him like a couple years ago for a gift and he's never used them.

Wow scraping the bottom of the barrel for content ideas there. Just like with that how tall are we video that took inspiration from discussions had here.

Also a couple of years ago would be just after C was born and Billie departed for good. Lainey made an attempt to keep him interested but the sex coupons just gathered dust.

No. 629225

Super appreciative of Ayalla coming forward, and all. But dare I say, there's not really anything more that she can share/do. Unless she takes it to the police, and there are further developments. Clinging to her now seems pointless.

No. 629227

File: 1548260781074.jpeg (192.98 KB, 750x446, 3CCC7564-EB19-4E09-9006-5B6D2C…)

Seeing as his fans don’t even seem to care. Disgusting. Greg likes to say “if any other youtuber did so and so they wouldn’t get shit for it like i do”
But honestly if any other YTer got exposed half as much as Greg did, they’d be crucified. It’s times like these where it’s a shame he isn’t as big, because the horrid shit he does gets no exposure.

No. 629233

Wait, is this from ayalla? I'm a bit confused, is she stating that Sarah had already agreed to become part of the trinity whilst underaged?

No. 629236

Nah that’s from some random sycophant of greg’s defending him on Twitter

No. 629237

The 17 year old teen mom who wouldnt mind her 18 year old daughter hypothetically getting involved with Greg? (A+ parenting goals there, for sure.)

No. 629238

No it’s from a teen-mom 17yearold fan who said she would let her daughter (who’s currently an infant) move in with Greg when she turns 18 if she wanted.
Strange how everyone’s denying involvement, yet his fans seem to have it that they’ve all agreed to become involved once she’s of age?

No. 629241

File: 1548261956041.png (1.12 MB, 1440x900, Screenshot 2019-01-23 10.42.58…)




No. 629242

"Grey's Anatomy" and "The Office"?

Way to stay "on trend" with what the kids are watching these day Onion.

No. 629244

File: 1548262353627.png (277.39 KB, 750x1334, DA5D2D14-C3C5-477D-A951-6776BE…)

Greg was talking to himself on Twitter, sock puppet account name is @RedPotato_666_

(also sorry if already mentioned & first time posting a pic)

No. 629245


I mean, with that skin he can at least pull off a decent Deadpool.

No. 629248


No. 629249

kind of a nitpick anon lol i mean the office is pretty good

No. 629254

"no thanks lainey id rather get a massage"

more like give a topless massage kek

No. 629255

This is the irony, that Laimey gets more views than Gurg.

I wonder how long it would have taken Billie to get bored with Gurg if they had run off together? Six months? You know he would have been one of those angry divorced dads who complains all the time about child support.

No. 629257

What a faggot, kek. Why ask your audience for an opinion when you can just ask your sock accounts? I hate when he does these stupid polls, it just further proves he has no creativity when it comes to his videos -
>Hey guys! Which shitty rendition of a popular character do you want to see next? Oh look! 3/4 the choices are the same characters I have done a million other times in my videos! Everybody still loves my bastardized Heath Ledger joker right????

No. 629260

totally. someone who's made several videos complaining about alimony to his ex wife ist definitely gonna sperg all day at home about child support + alimony for his second wife kek. I think it wouldn't have lasted longer than a few months either but I'm more curious if he would have gone for the sex slave route this heavily and quickly if Billie was his only girlfriend and not "their third". I mean they treated her like a sex toy but what if she would have become his new ~soul mate~? I think the crazy shit with abusive demands like head-shaving and chaining her to the basement would have come much later.

No. 629264

I don't know why she wants her aesthetic to be 'wet blanket' but it's extremely off putting. I guess when Greg's money dries up she can always go back to daddy's.

No. 629265

Maybe the more attractive to a girl the quicker his psychotic tendencies come out since he's an insecure piece of shit.

It's hard to believe that Sh was only around him for a year with all the shit he pulled. Dullard Taylor just subjects herself to years of shitty behaviour and Greg tries to hold the door open for her to leave but she won't.

Billie wasn't even there a year and you have freakazoid trying to chain her in place so she can't leave. Then in his breakdown stream screaming about facts over emails he sent to Billie that Drew outed (I watched the stream recently, in the email being discussed he was talking about dreams with Billie, they must try and go with the prophetic route of roping girls in) he was screaming about how ugly Drew is how he would never want dumb bitch Billie back then 15 minutes later anons bring up the actual email with him specifically asking for Billie to go back for Taylor only, exactly what was being accussed and he just switches defence immediately to "THAT WAS SOOO LONG AGO. MOVE ON!!!! MOVE ONNNNNNN"

He knows he's pathetic and a lying scum bag so then all he can do is cry about how that's the past and he's just super positive and changed now. He can do whatever he wants and he can change for the better but you best believe everything derogatory towards another human is FAXX and they're literally evil.

Also unrelated, but I think Onion is sperging hard about his Dad lately because Onion didn't get the manly jaw from his ma and striking features but he's morphing into his little short fat Dad. It must kill him, he's turning into his Dad but Onion will hopefully get convicted today because the allegations against him actually have proof.

No. 629267

File: 1548265463265.png (12.67 KB, 588x110, Screenshot_2019-01-23.png)

when your content is so generic and boring you have to ask your dumb ass 'fans' to provide video material for you.

(someone deck this asshole already.)

No. 629271

File: 1548266800456.jpeg (707.66 KB, 1800x1012, 452A2E32-3F91-44F3-90BD-85905F…)

credit to Pina Colda 88 at KF

No. 629277

File: 1548267802420.png (144.5 KB, 541x365, Capture.PNG)

this is just proof he hasn't had a real job in over a decade.

most calendars run from sunday to saturday. beginning with monday is confusing for people who actually work for a living.

No. 629279

>six months?
Lol MAYBE two weeks. He would have immediately dropped the “pretty princess” treatment and started to playful call her a homewrecker to guilt-trip her into sukmi.

No. 629280

Wew lad an absolute mess of mixed memes but hilarious nonetheless. I hope he actually does lurk here.

No. 629281


Monday is the international standard to start a week. So I don't know who finds Monday to be confusing day to begin a week but it certainly isn't the majority of working people.

No. 629283

File: 1548268894287.jpg (251.12 KB, 1919x1079, Screenshot_2.jpg)

I swear to the heavens above that this is an unaltered screenshot from the video. If you don't believe me, see for yourselves at around 6:35.

I can't get my head around the fact that he of all people rates teens'/tweens' appearances. Maybe if he had had a job in make-up or clothing before or at least had some style, I'd kinda understand but it's been shown time and time again that he doesn't know anything about art or athtetics.
Neither can I get my head around the idea how or why sa(i)d teens/tweens find him so irresistable btw. He's unfunny, arrogant, uneducated, a bad father, a bad husband, a bad craftsman, bad with money and doesn't have any social skills.
I'm sorry for stating the obvious.

But hey, on the plus side, his long lost forehead trench has showed up again! It's been missing for the last 9 years and it's good to see it again.

No. 629289

File: 1548271355810.jpg (501.78 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190123-132125_You…)

His 2-3 inch pecker made an appearance in the coupon video.

No. 629290

Nice litter on the floor too.

No. 629294

Wow he deffenetly acts the way he does to compensate for his tiny dick lmao

No. 629295

Lmao anus body would never be that muscular

No. 629298

I think it was later, Lainey bought the coupons for his birthday in 2017 in November. Still it's funny how they always act super kinky and this video shows how they don't have any passion for each other at all.

Also Lainey is probably crying now because Greg couldn't see any of her bones sticking out, even though she's so Sm0l :(

No. 629300

she said she'd go to the police with all of the information she has on him. they probably told her to not go public with anything they said about her case, so I guess we'll have to wait until something comes out of it

No. 629301


Thank you so much, anon.. you are beyond amazing!

No. 629306

Does someone have a clip of Gurg recently complaining about Foot not putting out? Cause that’s super hilarious given they’re always bragging about their sex life. It kinda seemed like it was all they had, so now what do they have ?

No. 629309

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Gurg himself that is the source of the “no action”. He’s not attracted to Lame and he’s got hentai sooooo…..

Lame probably needs those sex sessions cause it’s the only time he shows her any sort of affection

No. 629310

well, he admittedly only shows affection to people he's attracted to, and he's repulsed by his buddie i mean wife i mean husband, so i doubt he's affectionate even when he's fucking her.

No. 629311

Wouldn’t be a surprise if she wasn’t giving him any action. Shocker, when youre a shitty person to your partner they typically don’t want to have sex with you. I know, it’s mind boggling for an egomaniac like Greg. Get a better attitude, show some appreciation and you might get some loving.

No. 629314

Calling his EC videos educational haha screaming that someone should just eat when they have an eating disorder yeah so educational very inspirational

No. 629323

This Death Note video is so… bland. It isn't funny, it isn't interesting, it's just…
He cannot possibly think these videos are good. In his new speaks video he said "If you look at my Onision sketches, they are fucking BOMB. My new sketches are great." Even goes so far to highlight the new Death Note video.
His new friend group at least appear to be closer to his age group.. I guess that's a plus?

No. 629326

Shreg is an abuser. He swoops in and isolates, already tried to lay the ground work with Billie with the rules/contract. Shreg said shit like "Lainey only sees her family once a year and she's fine. I guess illegal drug users are more important than me". Even if Billie did get bored after 6 months he would have begun wearing down her self esteem until she became like Lainey. When you have no self esteem you're less likely to leave.

I know the contract was after cuddlegate not Second Coming of Billie, but you can see his controlling abusive behavior with the isolation, name calling, and punishments. It's one thing to kinkily punish someone in bed and another to chain your girlfriend to the wall because she "betrayed" you or some shit. Was the chaining after she smoked pot and sat on some dudes shoulder?

No. 629327

Well, it's probably not money-laundering at the very least, since that requires converting dirty money into something that looks legitimate (e.g. buying jewelry, giving it to a dirty car wash), then doing a bunch of financial transactions to obscure the source of the money. Greg's too dumb for money laundering, and it's rarely a one-man operation.
Would a Class C corporation really benefit Greg if the flat tax rate is 35%? His and Taylor's federal tax bracket is likely 24% at most.

Also, according to this source:
There are also more paperwork requirements (i.e. a lot more government oversight) than other types of corporation, and we all know that Greg is incapable of doing paperwork correctly. Not to mention that filing for Class C is the most costly.

This is what is strange to me. iirc most average joes who don't have tens of millions of dollars use an LLC to protect themselves. Why would Greg go the route that would cost him more in taxes than he already pays and requires more paperwork? It's unlikely that he's money laundering unless he made some really shady business connections at some point in his life, but something seems amiss.

No. 629333

Onision became psycho sooner with Billie because he got overconfident. His abusive schtik worked twice already - on Tyalor and Shiloh, he finally fulfilled his dream of banging two chicks at the same time ("trinity"), and he had lots of money and rabid followers from YouTube. He got into his head that he can behave however he likes and will get whatever he wants. But instead… we got the LOL BE MAD meme.

No. 629336

his new "I Need To Be A Better Dad & Husband" video is really just 15 minutes of him making excuses for why he gets no views anymore.
Shocker, one of those reasons is NOT because he isn't funny, talented, or interesting.

He also seems super manic. he can say he doesnt care if his views suck all he wants, but his body language gives him away.

Does anyone actually believe he is suddenly self aware when he says he is a piece of shit and wants to do better? Hard to believe when only a week ago he was making a video smearing Ayalla and Madison for daring to speak the truth about him.

and EL. OH. EL at him saying he has the potential to make as much as Pew Die Pie near the end. GOOD LUCK GURG. You arent even an ounce as likable as Felix.

No. 629338

File: 1548280454885.png (289.8 KB, 640x359, better.png)

I Need To Be A Better Dad & Husband
First 10 mins he cries about how his videos are no longer monetized because of his Eugenia videos - BTW those videos where totally educational.
Last 5 mins he goes on about making higher quality content and trying to spend more time with his family. How many times have I heard that before? And just so you know, that new Death Note video is 'bomb as shit'!

No. 629339

File: 1548280876782.jpg (60.44 KB, 1248x663, fop.JPG)

I havent been able to actually make it through any of his recent skits to see what they are even about, but holy shit what is with his makeup?

he looks like he's trying to be an 18th century newsboy in a small town stage production

No. 629341

anyone wanna take bets on how many of these "fucking bomb" sketches including him shooting a gun and/or killing someone in some way?

No. 629342

He puts a bunch of powder on that makes his skin look greige and like a corpse. Basically he's going for a Edward Cullen fucked up chromosome vibe with his blocky ass bobble head too big for his body and with a forehead caving in from lack of brain support.

No. 629343

Oh man he doesn’t even talk about being a better dad until 10 minutes in and does so for 2 minutes. TWO minutes out of fifteen. What happened to not speaking about being a dad at all. Remember, no one was going to know you have kids? But he has no problem exploiting his family in the title, he knows a title like that would make people intrigued. You don’t have to shove a camera in a kids face to “exploit” them, Greg.
He says family vloggers exploit their kids for money (some definitely do) but i’d say clickbaiting a title like that is just as bad, if not worse.
He’s also hiding the sub count for his OnisionSpeaks channel or is that just me?

No. 629344

File: 1548281697941.jpeg (151.56 KB, 750x549, 2367DFE2-C3F9-4866-A05B-EDDD0B…)

okay not just me. Man he’s so weird with his constant back and forth of hiding sub count, deleting/private videos, deleting tweets. For once in your life Greg, just fucking say something and actually stick to it.

No. 629345

…damn I had no idea he gets that many views. Considering the total from this channel and his others as well as patreon, the dude makes a surprising amount per month.

No. 629346

i mean, he claims the majority of his videos are demonitized which would mean he is not getting any of that money, right?

No. 629348

Most of his shit is demonetized anyway. Maybe the low end estimate a month from this channel but there's no way he's getting 6k a month with his "edgy" content from this channel alone.

No. 629349

Kek, stealing views from Eugenia’s channel by talking about her?!

Shreg, your view count is sadder than Lainey’s 2016 Twitter.

No. 629350

C-Corp does seem like an odd choice, but the IRS has him on their radar now, so if he thinks he’s going to get away with anything fancy in terms of tax sheltering, he’s mistaken.

Of course Laimey probably said nothing, but if a normal person’s spouse made a C-Corp without them for the business they were both in, in which they were, like Laimey, currently more successful and bringing in more $$, that normal person would freak the fuck out.

Unless Laimey filed for “innocent spouse relief” for the mega tax debt, in which case not mixing finances would make sense.

No. 629352

File: 1548284460107.jpg (32.7 KB, 551x411, newgerhl.JPG)

anyone else think this girl might be a trinity candidate? She isn't exactly gergs type but he doesn't have the largest barely-legal dating pool to choose from anymore.

Just thought it was interesting that he wrote in a semi-affectionate scene with the only decently attractive women, featuring himself.

No. 629355

I think the trinity days are over. The next step would just be straight up cheating and his excuse will be either A) I thought you were into her too! or B) you’re always flirting with girls so if i’m cheating so are you.
And Lainey will either leave or be a pathetic housewife, accept it and defend him.

No. 629356

Yeah, a bit.

But I wasn't criticizing the quality of the shows, just that I don't think that's what his teenage fan base would be into (as Onion is always trying to act young and hip).

No. 629361

I thought this as well until I went to her twitter (links to his new BFFL's twitters were in the Stay in Cold Pool for $$ Video on Onision channel) but she is apparently dating one of the weird rando guys that have been appearing in Greg's videos of late.
I wouldn't put it beyond Greg to be into one of the other thots who appear in the pool video though. They all seem pretty.. available, to put it nicely.
Hell, what am I saying, she probably is despite the boyfriend.

No. 629362

Your post was on point. Those shows are shows Gurg’s fanchildren’s parents watch. He is closer in age to their parents than to his fandom, and much closer in lifestyle. He’s a suburban dad with graying hair and a dadbod.

No. 629363

It's more than an odd choice- he's paying a higher tax rate if he's using the C Corp to represent himself. What could be the point of that? There has to be something else he's doing with it, right? Or maybe he's just an idiot, I guess it could go either way.

>if a normal person’s spouse made a C-Corp without them for the business they were both in, in which they were, like Laimey, currently more successful and bringing in more $$, that normal person would freak the fuck out.

Maybe she's the board member, lol.
In seriousness though- if they're married can he use the C Corp to protect their joint funds?

>Unless Laimey filed for “innocent spouse relief” for the mega tax debt, in which case not mixing finances would make sense.

That's a thing? Who can qualify?

No. 629367


Billie would have helped his views spike a bit, seeing as she’s young and pretty and him being with her would be controversial. However, she seems to have enough self respect now, I think if she were trapped with Anus she’d find a way out after a few months because she actually has a backbone.

Laineythot actually gets off on being abused and coddled like a literal child, which is why she will never leave.

No. 629370

File: 1548286327524.jpeg (250.79 KB, 1125x869, 50704913-27E6-477E-A653-35A4EE…)

No. 629374

File: 1548287315502.jpeg (168.83 KB, 750x605, A52D2F12-EEED-41DD-9AEB-F2418D…)

I don’t know what’s more barf inducing, that mental image of the Gutlord or creepy old pedopoof’s response

No. 629377

File: 1548288084474.jpeg (390.02 KB, 750x1021, 2DD56A4C-E928-48BC-AD7F-5E7473…)

KEK he blocked that blue haired girl who made the “onision cheering me up” video, wonder what she did to rule her out of being his new teen chocha

No. 629378

File: 1548288304026.jpeg (414.4 KB, 750x1022, 2C6260C5-2D3E-419C-BD42-29217E…)


She probably dodged a bullet tbh

No. 629381

That's weird, she was constantly kissing his ass on Twitter and onision loves to have his ass kissed by his fans. Maybe she said something he didn't like or disagreed with him and that's why he blocked her?

No. 629382


Jfc how many more videos can he make saying the.exact.same.shit

No. 629386

She probably sent him unsolicited nudes and seeing as she’s not pretty it probably made him “uncomfortable” (not like he can be fussy/judge anyone else’s appearance given that he is a plump little goblin). He’ll probably tell her she’s gross and publicly shame her like he did with Hamber.

No. 629389

Taylor probably said Shaylen was probably a deceptive hater in secret trying to infiltrate the Swamp Kingdom, uncomfortable for all the interest she showed in her husband, so she had to go.

No. 629390

File: 1548289751329.jpeg (105.54 KB, 750x677, 4F11925E-0FC2-42B2-AF72-9897B7…)

Perhaps he couldn’t handle her jokes

No. 629391

He mentioned in a few recent videos that he would block everyone interacting with him that was underage, it's funny that he seems to have done that here. Not sure he realizes he'll have to block literally everyone following him on Twitter lmao.

No. 629392

She’s 19 anon according to her twitter.

No. 629394

Yeah he probably saw that and blocked straight away, not realising it's a joke. He's been blocking a ton recently

No. 629395

>when you’re such a daft humourless cunt that you bloke someone for making a joke that went over your head without realising she’s a paypig and rabid fan

No. 629396

He's eyefucking himself throughout this entire video and I want to vomit until I die so that I don't have to go on in life having seen this hideousness.

No. 629398

blocking any underage person on twitter doesn't really help you when you've got pedo acusations + have said, repeatedly, on stream, that you can't be nice to underage girls bc they'll "fall in love with you" and you'll be "helpless". anyone over the age of 20 can see past his bullshit and realize he's a not-so-covert pedophile.

he's the equivalent of those dudebros who say "guess i'm never talking to a woman again" in response to the #metoo movement, who completely miss the point and inadvertly out themselves as creepy guys who can't have a normal conversation with a woman.

No. 629406

File: 1548291446416.jpeg (265.7 KB, 750x768, 90D59978-A876-405B-A430-02FF64…)

More dislikes than likes, and a tonne of hate comments he hasn’t yet deleted or hidden. I love it.

No. 629410

Tinfoil: He blocked her so he could effortlessly slide into her DMs to apologize and spark up a conversation that way. If she's back asslicking every retari-positive tweet he does after this you can bet he's grooming the fuck out of her in DMs.

Even though she's not B or EC, he will definitely settle for the rush her blind worship gives him no question. He's pathetic

Or, if he accidentally blocked her because she made a joke that's even better. He's a pathetic triggered little manlet who got lucky with random exposure (thanks Skye!) and will never again because hes talentless and witless

No. 629428

Maybe she just wasn't being "positive" enough.

No. 629430

File: 1548294776361.jpeg (151.08 KB, 750x1029, 133DD8F7-DDD3-4A3E-ACB8-73699B…)

it was a video of her looking like she was going to do a flip but ended with this. Onion triggered easily

No. 629431

Between this and this >>629390 she clearly has more of a sense of humour than he does, he probably feels threatened

No. 629432

Did Booty ever come back from her lack of "positivity"? Giving people the middle finger is so not positive. This is 2019, God Onision cashcow, wake the fuck up. Onision is so beyond all of that. He is enlightened now.


No. 629433

File: 1548295472392.gif (5.97 MB, 360x640, ezgif-1-7ed99684f570.gif)

Why so serious onionjoker. For a guy who tries to be edgy AF everyday he is easily triggered. I think I might keep this though.

No. 629434

File: 1548295708251.jpeg (94.85 KB, 321x320, 015E2452-DDAD-4C2F-9913-201FD9…)

>tfw you’re a ~sO rAnDoM aNd EdGy~ youtuber trying to make a living off your “comedy” and a depressed teenage fan is funnier than you

No. 629435

Compared to him, she’s Miss America. Jesus, he’s a douchebucket.

No. 629437

Sarah's 18 and they'll start that trinity up whenever they think the shit has blown over and Greg gets Lainey to comply. Remember Greg also feels very strongly about impregnating a new trinity member while Lainey watches. Ya know, to save Lainey the burden of carrying another kid. It's on his future board so he's not joking about that at all. He won't get another Billie, no - the guy has no money. But Sarah is completely loyal.

No. 629438

As milky as it would be for us I really hope Sarah wakes the fuck up before anything like this eventuates. Imagine how horrendous her home life must be to make the swamplords a more appealing option

No. 629440

he is easily triggered.

This whole thing with him blocking a Patron and verified sycophant just because of a little joke reminds me of a story he told on stream about him and Sh. They were walking some where and Gronk slipped on some ice and fell on his ass, Sh laughed and he broke up with her. He literally turned around and started walking back home telling her it was over, the whole relationship was over because she giggled at him for slipping on ice and falling on his ass. Sh had to beg and plead for him to take her back the same day.

No. 629444

Well that is the thing.. from what I've heard Sarah's mother is a mentally abusive alcoholic.
Compared to that type of home life, being objectified by two internet celebrities, even if you are an impressionable teen, might not seem so bad.
She probably never received proper love nor validation from her mother or family. So to be made to feel wanted, valued, and important must mean a lot to her… which is why Sarah is happy to overlook and feign ignorance to the fact that the Swamp Family has these perverted ulterior motives in "helping her escape".
I am just saying I can totally understand on a basic human level how Sarah perceives the Onion family in a positive light, and why she might feel inherent loyalty towards them. It is heart breaking, but they have been grooming and actively manipulating and brainwashing this girl since 14 - still only a child.
Which is why I am extremely doubtful Sarah will turn on them anytime soon. Eventually I definitely can see it happening, but not until she's older and wiser and able to properly comprehend the real reason why the Avaroe's have been so passionate to "help".

Again, sadly, she isn't going to flip anytime soon from what I can see.

No. 629445

What a fucking baby, he thinks he is so funny when he has no sense of humour. One might say that he doesn’t have a humerus bone in his body (sorry, couldn’t resist)

No. 629452

When you accidentally joke about something that Onision does for real and he gets butthurt about it.

No. 629453

Can any of you imagine Sarah as a parent…?
She seems like the least responsible and most unstable young woman imaginable. She acts like a child, yet wants to parade herself as a "legal adult".
Seriously, imagine Sarah carrying Groglodites next spawn.
Call me crazy but I don't think the man-wife would be very accepting of that. Future board or not. Lainey constantly ignores very serious red flags regarding Greg. For someone who claims to never so much as touch tylenol, and is so against prescription medication, she sure seems drugged up and out of it lately.

No. 629454

File: 1548297349683.png (58.26 KB, 413x549, ap,550x550,12x16,1,transparent…)

made me chuckle, thanks.

No. 629457

That’s what I’m getting at. It’s so fucked that of all the people in the world the ones that chose to “help” her were these two. It’s sad that she didn’t/doesn’t have real friends with enough influence to convince her to run for the hills.

No. 629458

Tibia honest, he's always had a thick skull. So it's no wonder he's gravely out of touch.

No. 629459

Would make a lovely banner to match with the Billie promise ring flip banner.

That kind of home life is perfect for Onion to exploit. OT but there's a murder case here at the moment involving a teacher who killed his wife while having an affair with a student, and the student seems just like Sarah, needing to move somewhere safer because her home life was unstable and had conflict with an alcoholic parent.

If Sarah ends up ensnared with Onion, she then won't have anywhere else to go and will feel unable to control the situation at all, I reckon. She'll have way less options than Billie did.

No. 629467

File: 1548298999167.jpeg (153.66 KB, 750x438, A6C3B064-E8B8-401A-A8AF-A43268…)


No. 629472

Link please I gotta see this

No. 629473


this is hard out some of the saddest shit i have ever seen, holy shit. you are nineteen years old he is a disgusting old predator consider yourself lucky he blocked you and move on, jesus girl

No. 629474

It's just a bunch of screenshots of him liking her tweets

No. 629475

I wonder if she had them all already saved because she clearly obsessed with him, she’s almost as bad as handicapped hamber

No. 629476

File: 1548299899521.jpeg (123.57 KB, 750x391, A3731E34-3306-4D3C-AA49-C777F8…)

If there are any Kaineythot patrons amongst us please report back on this

No. 629477

Why the fuck is Onision letting people know about Laineys patreon shit. Oh because she still can’t go on twitter without having a mental breakdown I bet.

No. 629481

She is such a contemptuous entitled cunt, yet people still give her money for the privilege of being treated like garbage by someone who gives zero fucks about anything besides the shekels they throw at her. Stupid bint.

No. 629491

From what I've seen, Greg's patreon is an honest to god cult of mentally ill females. He randomly will drop people and cut them out of the cult that they revolved their entire lives around and they have a mental breakdown when it happens.
Fucking creepy, man.

No. 629493

I’m also slightly confused at her doing a discord call. Whenever i’ve done discord calls it’s typically with around 6ish people while we’re playing our game together and we need to concentrate so we can’t type, but even then it’s because we’re focused on a task it helps us not talk over each other.
How the hell is awkward little Lainey going to have a call with a bunch of stans who are going to just sit there and go “omg you’re so handsome!!” and she’s going to be like “thanks….”
She can barely fill in the awkward pauses in an instagram live unless she’s ranting about something let alone have a group conversation with a bunch of basically strangers who just compliment her all day. That’s not a conversation. I wish we could get the audio on that because i’m sure it’d be a real laugh.

No. 629495

You might be on to something anon. The fan probably gave him PTSD flashbacks of his precious Billie flipping off "Lainey's" ring. Was the origin of the ring ever explained? I bet onion picked out and bought the ring for Lainey to give to Billie.

No. 629497

My money is on the “discussion” being nothing besides lumpy space prince lameythot ranting at the paypigs about Ayalla and all the big boolies on the internet spreading BiG LiEs!!1111!1!!!!!! about her and gutlord grug being pedos

No. 629498

>muh demonitization
>muh late night fap errrr "work" schedule
>muh hurt feefees
>muh wokeness
>muh "bomb as FUCK" vidyas

Yawn. If you were capable of taking responsibility for yourself you wouldn't keep fucking up retard it's that simple but nooooooo it's always "most everybody" else's fault. You are a fat, ugly wart on YouTube's ass Grug, so it doesn't matter how "fucking bomb" you think your shitty Death Note skit is. They don't want you on their platform anymore because you have proven yourself to be a creepy asshole and they don't want your stench mucking things up for their partners.

No. 629499

It was a promise ring given to her by Lainey but probably heavily encouraged by Greg like everything she does. It was a way to keep her with them and probably prove how “committed” they were. It probably would have ended up being their faux polygamy ring if they stayed together so Bil could feel like a wife rather than a plaything. Too bad Greg screwed it all up by being abusive too early.

No. 629504

does anyone here actually think Lainey will allow Sarah to be any part of their retarded "Trinity" or whatever?
I truly believe Lainey knows sarah is her only friend. She doesn't have romantic feelings for her, she just led her on with vague non comittal language so sarah wouldn't abandon her.

Gurg on the other hand probably thinks sarah is his only chance at this point.

No. 629505

not a chance. billie showed that greg will bail at first opportunity, and taylor knows that she'll be left in the dust as a single mom of two. as an act of self-preservation, she'd turn on sarah in an instant.

No. 629508

this would actually be the best scenario for everyone.

Lainey finally gets free of Gurg and the kids may have a chance to grow up normal, Sarah will also leave Gurg because she wants to get back in Lainey's good graces, which will leave Gurg all alone with no one.

And we win cause think of all the passive aggressive tweets we'll get to see.

No. 629509

lmao "finally gets free of greg" have you been in these threads long? no hate, but that's a very naive opinion. she's happy where she is, her heels are dug in. the sarah part is more likely, but no way lainey would let another girl win.

No. 629527

you misunderstand me anon. I don't think she will ever leave on her own. In this pretend scenario, Gurg leaves her for another girl. So lainey is only "free" in the sense that she will be forced to be free. but in the long run, we all know it'll be better for her and the kids.

No. 629552

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Why does he keep mentioning why he would or wouldn’t date these women. Does he have a chance In hell? No. He doesn’t own them. Maybe he should be asking would they actually date him. Grease here is some advice, if they wouldn’t date you in a thousand life times from now then don’t even bother saying if you would or not, cause they wouldn’t date you! Fuck off bro

No. 629556

File: 1548313413981.jpeg (272.19 KB, 750x981, 544BB178-7A36-4E67-A98E-C11841…)

Oh she changed it from the suicide thing, is Lainey no longer crying??

No. 629558

Don’t be ridiculous anon, lainey is always crying. Except when she’s being a smug shit to her fans. Was anyone here in the chat?

No. 629560

now it's quoting a song from a band (brand new) that's frontman is also accused of grooming teenagers lmao.

No. 629562

File: 1548315052875.jpeg (215.17 KB, 750x611, 46C24090-FE67-4BBA-BE1D-FE0807…)

ok greg eat your potato…

No. 629588

Imagine being so devoted to your groomer that you have their ugly smug mug as your twitter banner. Sarah is a lost cause.

No. 629596

Taylor is always crying because she married an onion.
If she left, she would stop.
Also, this whole ring talk, if Sarah comes back we need to keep a close eye on everyone's hands for new rings.
At what point will it be more acceptable to start being more critical of Sarah? "She's brainwashed and abused!" But so was Taylor.

No. 629604

Even now you’re talking grooming from the age 14 rather than 16/17. Sarah’s only just become an adult and has been influenced from a much younger age and still has time. But the second she starts showing behaviour of being an abuser herself (such as Lainey has) that’s when it becomes unacceptable.

No. 629686

Is this a coincidence or….

No. 629689

I think they both just have the same 'I'm so random' sense of humour lol

No. 629690

Either that or Sarah is back in the trailer playing side dish to the cocktail wiener

No. 629697

Billie's codename was anime. Maybe Sarah is potato.

No. 629711

does anyone have a re-upload of the classic onion video where he calls blaire white a cunt? it's the one vid from that era i can't seem to locate(Lurk moar)

No. 629724

Part of me believes it is just a coincidence or shitty lawl random humor like another anon said, and part of me believes Greg is actually this stupid and Sarah is actually that naive and brainwashed and it is every bit as bad as it looks.

At this point, I don't think I'd be surprised if Sarah ended up in a relationship with Greg and Lainey, even after all the allegations.

No. 629725

We have been critical of Sarah though. She’s been called a lapdog, a skin walker and believe that she’ll probably do whatever it takes to stay in Lainey’s good graces. She’ll always kiss Lainey’s ass or buy her presents whenever she’s mad at her, but we like to keep hope that maybe one day she’ll open her eyes

No. 629746

My money is on Sarah being knocked up within the next year. That way her and Lainey will be in the same shitboat, together. Riding the grease canoe into oblivion with their damaged shallots in tow.

It’ll be lit, fam. Bless.

No. 629764


kek, fleeky af. I’m shook.

For real tho, this tinfoil is not outside the realm of possibility. Triceratissue is obviously fucked in the head as a result of her home life and years of being groomed, if she doesn’t get out now she’ll be Lumpy Space Prince 2.0 within the next 12 months. She’s already halfway there.

No. 629811

She seems quite funny. Maybe Lainey got triggered because this girl has more personality than her.
I really hope she wakes up and stops stanning him. Fingers crossed!

No. 629838

This is the first time I'm trying to link a video. It's that desperate girls "tribute before Onision blocked me" video. I'm hoping I did it correctly.

No. 629842

Samefag I didn't realize someone already linked it, I scrolled by too fast. Oh well now it's embedded

No. 629848

She may be funny but that video is cringe as fuck. I'm glad he blocked her she needs to move on.

No. 629876

File: 1548348480623.jpeg (598.4 KB, 1125x1686, 8BAE306A-5125-43A7-9706-4417AE…)

Someone mentioned that Lainey liked a fanfic about Sarah and Lainey being together. It happened around the time she had her fanfic contest last year.
Links if you want to check it out yourself:



No. 629888

File: 1548349930258.png (370.53 KB, 1125x2001, B1C9E1EC-5E44-4BE5-B7FD-7CF931…)

Yo this is fucked and is definitely not helping those grooming aligations lol

No. 629890

File: 1548350128256.gif (Spoiler Image, 495.61 KB, 500x282, 1474254381473.gif)

>>629888(Non-contribution )

No. 629895

“Write fanfic about me” is the thirstiest thing possible.

No. 629896

Is Lainey one of the two likes?

No. 629898

No normal person would read a fanfic about themselves and a completely platonic friend and enjoy it. Imagining yourself with a friend is like imagining yourself with a sibling, it feels wrong.

No. 629914

File: 1548351369494.jpeg (449.14 KB, 1125x1130, E3B37804-71C5-408A-8421-238BE6…)

Yes, she liked it.

Remember that this was from a year ago when she gave the winners “Laineybot boxes” filled with her favorite things, a “shy bot” shirt, makeup, fidget spiners and gudetama blind boxes she got from Hot Topic.

No. 629940

Sarah was 17 here so she wasn't an "adult", so what excuse is anus going to use now?

No. 629943

File: 1548352935330.jpg (27.15 KB, 605x517, laineypimplesti2.JPG)


JFC, Lainey you need to fucking moisturize or find a more moisturizing, non-matte, foundation for your face.

I literally almost gagged when I saw the pimples/herpes around her bottom lip. Maybe if she stopped biting them (a habit she does all the time in every video every few moments) they could heal and it wouldn't look so gross and flakey.(nitpicking)

No. 629946


Lainey likes that Sarah was/is young, because in her mind, she’s a teenage boy, and teenage boys have teenage girls as girlfriends. She’s not aware that in reality, befriending a 14 year old online when you are 19-20, and having her live with you and your children when she’s 16-17 and you’re in your mid 20s is bound to raise eyebrows.

It’s also fucking creepy to date her the second she turns 18. You’ve seen her as a literal child, and you’re 24 (a grandma, in your words).

No. 629954

File: 1548353545923.jpeg (209.06 KB, 750x507, 8B9B3A42-4622-4635-8CD4-832ACC…)

Everyone knows you “hate” alcohol Greg. You aren’t fooling anyone.

(and by hate i mean u had no friends to drink with when u were a teenager so u shamed everyone for doing it and continue to do so even tho u admit it can taste nice)

No. 629959

Nothing milky there but unless mistake I never saw mention of greg's flickr accounts, just came across it by accident and thought I would share in case last occurence was 4 years ago and someone with a better eye could find any interest in it. https://www.flickr.com/photos/gregoryjackson/


No. 629965

Considering Lainey being seventeen didn't stop Greg from fucking her at that age, I don't think this would faze him.

No. 629971

He's probably faking being drunk again like that one time in Lainey's video where he had like 3 sips of wine and acted wasted.

No. 629972

I know, I said that because anus kept using the excuse "she's an adult now" in that video he made about the accusations

No. 629989

Liking a romantic / an erotic fanfiction about yourself and your underage friend who you have guardianship over is definitely morally questionable and should revive the whole discussion about Lainey Avaroe grooming minors.

That sounds like he's making another video on Maddie and her allegations.

No. 629992

File: 1548355673942.jpeg (162.31 KB, 750x327, F2BAB44A-F4A1-4A38-8D44-97D93F…)

If he is making a video about Madi, no doubt it’s because of the leaked caps and her constant subtweeting about Lainey kek. Even in the last day she can’t stop.

No. 630000

File: 1548356014291.jpeg (528.83 KB, 2048x2048, E9CFFA33-28AE-4BF3-98F7-7CFE77…)

The last page of images on the first link his nose looks different than it does today. Maybe the nose job tinfoil anons from a while back were on to something.(nitpick)

No. 630005

File: 1548356329229.jpeg (343.41 KB, 750x850, 3AC982B4-6983-4B02-8C20-D0A68A…)

>His most recent selfie for comparison.

No. 630007

Whatever happened with @IAmASociopath on Twitter? The account seems to be empty now, was it proven to be Greg or just kinda faded away?

No. 630008

Lookin a lot like Shmorky here.

No. 630029


It’s now Red Potato 666 or something ridiculous. He still retweets all his stuff or tweets edgy things about atheism or songs from the early 2000’s.

No. 630032

I think it did get suspended, the new accounts are @redpotato_666 and @zeaszue

No. 630033

Her single is about to drop do she needs that dose of attention

No. 630128

File: 1548360317420.png (154.2 KB, 1191x507, fanfic.png)

The fact that the writer of the fanfiction was 17 herself is a bit worrisome

No. 630199

Really makes you stop and think about the image they portray to their younger audience. To think that this is okay, to try and write this type of shit about an underage girl and her 22/23 year old friend. I know people just ship shit for the hell of it even when things are purely platonic but come on. The way she was acting around Sarah when she was 15/16, the jokes, how she leaned on HER for emotional support about her poly sex shit, it’s fucking inappropriate and extremely damaging to the emotional stability of a teenage girl. Lainey should know better than to be this pathetic weak bitch. Even if it’s not sexual, the amount of pressure she obviously put on Sarah to be her support person is disgusting. She was a teenager, you’re an adult woman. Sort your own shit out.

No. 630230

If Shane did something similar to that anus would be making a 30 minute long video calling him a pedophile, but since it was his ugly wife who did it then it's perfectly fine and acceptable

No. 630243

File: 1548366728302.jpeg (684.67 KB, 1125x1671, 198B0F0C-12B4-4509-9E4C-DEC7AA…)

No. 630244

File: 1548366742518.jpeg (762.05 KB, 1125x1742, 6B73C3BD-0AD3-4E16-BE1A-FB53A5…)

No. 630252

File: 1548367156059.png (71.54 KB, 687x526, owrjwriuuvljarnljwhgjhwlj.PNG)

Not my post but he has updated more.

No. 630254

Dude laim is deeply involved in it BECAUSE of how involved in it she is. She's the one who groomed Sarah, sent her basically nudes when she was a minor and was topless in front of her on numerous occasions. Can't believe he's gonna give this snake pity points just because she sent him asslicky messages once

No. 630255

File: 1548367279487.png (69.95 KB, 692x514, oefoeqhuhqiguhhgw.PNG)

No. 630257

And she's exposed herself as a liar R.E. the grooming in her contradicting livestream to her idiot husband, what's the point in hearing her side?

No. 630258

I think he was giving her the benefit of the doubt, so she can never say it was one sided when he reached out. Innocent people defend themselves.

No. 630262

I'm so glad Lolcow can sustain Edwin's life and help him ship his girlfriend back to the US… Can we ban this loser's IPs?

No. 630264

I’d rather him report on it than have him banned tbh. The more people who know about how shitty Taylor and Greg Avaroe are, the better.
Let’s just hope he’s willing to accept that Lainey is just as complicit.

No. 630265

Agreed, he does have his reach and the more people talk about it, the better.

No. 630266

Anons go crazy about wanting someone to expose Onion, anons get excited by the prospect of Keemstar or PhillyD covering the story… so why not Edwin? It gives the story more exposure. I'm looking forward to the vid.

No. 630268

He calls the website a "hate-forum whilst" using research anons put the effort into doing to make profit. He wont explicitly name lolcow as his source because his videos are contingent on it appearing as if he made all of these discoveries himself. It's scummy as fuck. He shittalks the site in the same breath as profiting from our work.

No. 630272

Cause he's a cow too. A cow reporting a cow is just silly. If someone more reputable than him did it, it would help. Edwin is just doing his daily lolcow lurk and wants attention.

This is really fucking gross and Pedobot to encouraging it is just worse. What kind of legal guardian even says things like that? She may as well come out with the truth with all of these evidence around.

No. 630273

File: 1548368852937.jpeg<