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The site maintenance is completed but lingering issues are expected, please report any bugs here

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No. 63266

This thread will be used by staff to post general site updates and will remain locked to keep those updates easily visible. If you'd like to discuss any of these announcements, please use the General Meta Discussion and Complaints and Suggestions threads.

No. 63267

There have been a handful updates to embedding and file uploads:

  • mp4 files can now be uploaded
  • YouTube shorts links can now be embedded
  • TikTok links can now be embedded, but only using the long form of the URL (e.g. https://www.tiktok.com/@user/video/123456789012345)

In some cases, browsers with strict privacy settings will not allow TikToks to embed. This is not specific to this site, but a limitation of TikTok embedding in general. If you see a message indicating that an embed is not available, that is the most likely cause. As a fallback, in those cases the thumbnail will link to the video on the TikTok website instead of embedding it

No. 63524

Apologies for the site being unavailable for a few hours, our host had networking issues that they have now been able to resolve.

No. 65399

There have been a few small updates:

File uploads/embedding

  • .wepb files can now be uploaded. This also fixes some lingering "failed to resize image" errors, which were from files that were encoded as webp but had the .png extension
  • YouTube live videos can now be embedded
  • Fixed issue where TikToks that do not embed due to browser privacy settings were not correctly linking to the video on TikTok
  • Query strings are now stripped from embed URLs, which should mean that anons who are too retarded to remove them will now be able to embed videos
  • File upload window is filtered to show accepted file formats only by default

The site

  • Lazy loading added to images to improve page load performance
  • Issue with new banners not displaying has been fixed, and new banners have been added

Behind the scenes

  • A new way to automatically detect and ban known CSAM has been implemented. Between this and other measures that have previously been added, less than 1 in 5 attempts to post CSAM succeed

No. 66235

Falling snowflakes return for the month of December! Click the silver snowflake icon to enable/disable the effect.

No. 69790

Small update that should curb the CSAM link spamming in /pt/. Since their image posts are no longer getting through, they've resorted to this instead.

No. 73454

An issue with post numbers on /ot/ required posting to be temporarily disabled, it has now been fixed and posting is back up! The bug that caused it has been patched.

No. 73714

The site will be going down for scheduled maintenance on the 29th March at 11:00 AM GMT.
We estimate the maintenance will take around 3 hours and the site will not be accessible during that time. If that changes, updates will be posted on our server status page which can be found here (this link is also available at the top of the page):

The purpose of the maintenance is to upgrade the server's OS and package versions in preparation for updates to the site software itself at a later date! The server OS version is currently 9 years old and considered legacy, and maintaining it has been a pain in the ass. When the upgrade is finished it should not affect the site in any way (except perhaps some small performance gains) but it will make further updates much less difficult for us.

No. 73963

The site maintenance is complete!
It took significantly longer than expected due to more issues and incompatibilities with the board software than anticipated. However, the upgrades were ultimately a success and this clears the way for migrating the site to new software in the future!

A new thread has been created for users to report any bugs that have been created as a result of the recent maintenance:

No. 74935

In response to the recent influx of CSAM posts, a new method of blocking CSAM posters has been added. There is a very small chance this may block and ban a legitimate post, if this happens to you please appeal your ban and email admin@lolcow.farm if the ban is not lifted within 24 hours.

No. 76428

The site was down for around an hour due to a widespread issue with our hosting provider, which has now been resolved.

No. 80575

Our host had networking issues which resulted in approximately 2 hours of downtime. Unfortunately, this was an issue with the host and not something we could have prevented. If they continue to have issues, we will consider moving hosts.

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