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File: 1539916944428.jpeg (279.17 KB, 1242x1017, 1539155045176.jpeg)

No. 589795

Thread Image Credit: >>586933
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/586025
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/ Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Still no public updates on Tractorgate as of October 18th, 2018.

>Greg dropped the Character bs on his twitter >>586032
>Is still trying to stir up drama with trans youtuber Kalvin Garrah >>586067 >>586077
>Caps detailing an ex’s experiences with Greg and Lainey are dropped. >>586120 >>586145 >>586231 Greg and Lainey avoid and delete/block any commenters mentioning her.
>Lainey and/or Greg copyright strike Kalvin’s transtrender video, revealing her youtube network to be Fullscreen Inc. >>586263
>Brings up AJ’s “apology” in his #HimToo video >>586415
>Megan (rxbootyslayer) is outed by admin for self-posting and trashing Lainey and friends in onion related threads. >>>/snow/708131
>Lainey makes a video about why she won’t date anymore (subject to change). Implies that her ex is lying in the video. >>587356
>>Replies to Lainey’s private twitter make it apparent she had a shit birthday. >>589307 Some anons speculate it’s because Lainey and Sarah are no longer friends. >>589317
>Greg’s been lurking! You can't sit with us. >>587844 >>589399

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.



No. 589800

Chucky and cucky, one of the best images we’ve had.

Boy was that tattoo video hard to watch. How lacking in self respect must Draino be to share a video of her cunt of a husband treating her so badly? Twinflames my ass, the only flames I see are the flames of rage coming from Ogreg’s realisation that he missed his one and only opportunity to run away with a cute teenager and is now stuck with his boring, ugly wife and two kids that he hates.

No. 589802

10/10 op pic anon thank you!!!

No. 589804

So is the beautybot channel finally dead? She's supposed to upload biweekly but her last video was uploaded more then a week ago.

No. 589806

announced a hiatus because she's probably depressed and insecure anout greggly-peg's obsession over Jessie

No. 589810

File: 1539921028500.jpeg (90.99 KB, 750x547, A1B812A1-035D-46C3-8AF4-6F01EC…)

No. 589819

File: 1539921878977.png (92.5 KB, 591x423, Screenshot 2018-10-19 at 12.01…)

onion tweets jessie SO MUCH. He has 10 tweets to her over just the last couple of weeks and her ONLY tweet to him is a simple "thanks" in response to his SR video. it's embarrassing how obvious he's being

No. 589820

File: 1539921939454.png (92.5 KB, 591x423, Screenshot 2018-10-19 at 12.01…)

onion tweets jessie SO MUCH. He has 10 tweets to her over just the last couple of weeks and her ONLY tweet to him is a simple "thanks" in response to his SR video. it's embarrassing how obvious he's being

No. 589822

File: 1539922241399.jpg (45.45 KB, 438x532, SkinCondition.jpg)

Here's some unedited skin content.
>Me Grug.

No. 589827


He's trying to prey on her for their next failed attempt at poly. Lainey's had her eye on Jessie for like a year, and now Greg's hopping at his one chance to snag another barely legal bisexual unicorn.

No. 589832

>Just gotta give the right person I chance
Freudian slip or genius-level masterminded 4D chess? (/s)

No. 589849

File: 1539924417951.jpg (119.65 KB, 840x742, 8623.jpg)

>when your creepy husband gets more attention from the girl you've been stalking for months.

No. 589867

hiatus cause sarah isnt around to buy her more pallets more like lmao

No. 589870

This is like the social media equivalent of a gross old regular hitting on a pretty young waitress every time he comes in. She feels like she has to be nice to him, but you know she's internally screaming and wishing he would just leave her be. She definitely doesn't want to give him any ideas, but she has to at least sort of respond or she knows he'll freak out, so she chooses her words carefully – like a polite "thank you." He's such a fucking creep, you know she must be so uncomfortable with this.

Also inb4 Jessie kindly lets him down and he reacts with "Jessie Paege is a cruel and dishonest person. My platonic male friend Eli reached out to her for friendship purposes only, and Jessie literally IGNORED her – I mean his – kind messages! Most anyone would agree that was a literally heartless thing to do. Then she accused me of hitting on her, when literally all I did was compliment her, because I was being HUMAN. I don't know why she would even think I would hit on her, because she literally looks like she smells bad anyway. Besides, if she doesn't want people to try and be her friend or flirt with her, she shouldn't be posting herself on the internet." etc. etc. etc.

No. 589877

File: 1539929022928.jpg (702.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181019-020333_Twi…)

I bet her liking Shane drives him fucking nuts

No. 589878

File: 1539929063353.jpg (615.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181019-015842_Twi…)

No. 589880


Does Anus value pussy that isn’t his wife’s so much that he would consider sucking up to Shane? Or does his love for Shane blind him to anything else still?

No. 589882

Plus the majority of commments on her “beauty” videos dragging her for being shit at make up application and perennially avec herp sores that she drags her brushes over with complete disregard for hygiene

No. 589887


Anon that was spot on

No. 589891

lainey watches shane too

or she used to, anyway

i remember people noticed on her phone in one vid shane's was watched but greg's barely had any of the bar moved

No. 589892

Pretty sure she is going to drop that channel. Much like her husband she can't take constructive criticism and gets intensly butt hurt when people point out how bad she sucks at it. My guess is the Laineybot channel will be for her to talk about the same boring shit we have heard a million times (gender, pregnancy, exceptional marriage), but she might start another channel specifically for vlogs of her depressing ass life.

No. 589893


I’m cackling. Grot makes it too easy for us to take the piss. Seriously though, part of me is screaming internally at Jessie for acknowledging him at all, but the other part is hoping that the polite two word response is enough to keep the sperg at bay because incurring the wrath of the swamp goblin is the last thing she needs.

No. 589896

File: 1539932133587.png (757.97 KB, 939x451, god damn.png)

>when a comical caricature looks better than your real face.

I bet she wishes she had such a petite feminine chin, instead of that giant foot heel of a chin she actually has.

No. 589902

She's stumped over what to do with her 'beauty' channel? Fuck I don't know Lainey, maybe do beauty related videos you fucking spastic

No. 589910

Thank you, anon, you're an angel!

No. 589924

File: 1539950617182.jpeg (155.35 KB, 640x410, 8819EF3E-CD82-4ED5-AC36-90B6DE…)

Weeklong Shane sperg in 3, 2, 1

No. 589925

Here's an idea Taylor, and you can have it for free. Pretend you don't know a damn thing about beauty products (because it's true!) or how to use or apply them (because that is true too!), and make it an educational adventure as you learn along with your fans. You can talk about what is in it, the best applications, how to pick, usage for different skin types, etc.

You're welcome.

No. 589927

But he has? Remember when he made a series on that young girl who sings/raps? Or that child actor he hired to be his son for a day, etc. if Greg /really/ cared then why didn’t he ever mention those videos? Same logic he uses when it comes to death

No. 589932

I hope the hate finally got to her and she realized that she knows nothing about make-up and looks like her kids colored in her face when she does a "look".

She already did that when she launched that channel. "Lainey attempts make-up" … but then she got a few compliments and she started thinking she actually can do stuff with make-up and look as good as Billie (she wishes).

Face it Tay, everything you do turns out ugly. You can't handle criticism and you won't improve our learn something. You don't need a make-up channel.
All you want is a platform where you can do and say whatever you want with 0% criticism and 100% getting your ass licked.
You want people to like you, love you, admire you for doing absolutely nothing.
You're exactly like your husband and even he doesn't like you.

No. 589942

File: 1539957661573.jpg (294.64 KB, 747x645, 1.jpg)

No. 589943

He looks dead inside and outside.

No. 589948

Her head is literally half the size of his here. And yeah, they both look like they are regretting every single one of their life choices. I don;t even know what that expression she is wearing is (smug? insincere? Just got a concession about something? Who knows.) But Greg looks like he wishes he was anywhere else doing anything else.

No. 589952

To me, her expression says "Oh god, please just love me Greg! I have nothing else in my life!!!"

and he's like "Meh."

No. 589953

It looks like Ladney is cuddling up to a super sized zombie doll of Ogrion.

No. 589954

>Hog Warts and Poo Bear

No. 589957

If she were in on the joke that she was terrible at everything she could just make videos of herself failing at everything and it would actually be entertaining. Just imagine such glorious videos as:

- Laineybot attempts to cook a meal from scratch and almost burns the house down
-Laineybot tries CrossFit and can’t breathe
-Laineybot reads about wetlands while actually eating her vegetables

No. 589963

The expression shes wearing is called denail
Not like any of this will get through to you but, Taylor your husbands a gross asshole who treats u AND Your children badly. Move on already. Also start being abetter person. Enabling him makes u just as bad.

No. 589970

Aahh!!! Scary!!! Happy Spooktober!

They look like they are stangers hugging. Makes sense, because they pretend to be people that they cleary are not.

Such as, they are pretending to be in lurve, but Laney stays for the kids and $$$, and Greg stays because he needs to have another 16 year old girl ready to ship in to his house before he dumps his wife no.2

Back to this, his upper lip resembles a teens push-up bra.

No. 589974


Holy shit. I have cystic acne and rosacea and even during my worst flare-ups my skin has NEVER looked even half this bad. What the fuck is he doing to his skin, rubbing cooking oil all over it every morning?(blogging, nitpicking)

No. 589979

File: 1539969014183.jpg (526.32 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20181019-130616_You…)

No ring either…

No. 589988

File: 1539972118902.jpeg (142.46 KB, 640x482, BA67A257-020C-4D63-8347-3D9385…)

so how’s that tiny onion bulb tasting?

No. 589996

But he wears make up here, isn't it ?

No. 590005

The child was obviously hired for sexual purposes, anon.

denial vs regret

No. 590006

this is super tinfoily so excuse me in advance, but it seems super out of character for lame to not be wearing her ring, she's usually obsessed with showing it off. she also appears to be growing her hair out, this is probably the longest it has been in at least a year or so. i wonder if things have been extra tense at the onion household lately and lame is either doing it out of spite, or more likely: to get a reaction from gurg. i'm probably just over-analyzing things, but i'd love to be a fly on the wall at the swamp mansion right now, especially after lame's seemingly trash birthday.

No. 590007


you knew grease, you knew ogreg and shregg

now get ready for the onision saga: regret edition

No. 590009

File: 1539976800990.jpeg (104.65 KB, 750x1219, 1D1E768E-9644-4099-8F83-807181…)


she’s wearing a ring

i don’t know if it’s her wedding band or whatever, but she is wearing /a/ ring.

No. 590015

it seems like it's on her right hand? maybe i'm an idiot but that's what it looks like to me which is also kinda interesting tbh

No. 590017


kek, this is so apt

No. 590018

Opinions on Shane aside, I hope part of interacting with gurg's enemies is specifically to get under his skin. Maybe a little immature, but hilarious and satisfying nonetheless.

No. 590023

Imagine being just 24, still married, two kids, and STILL you begin to transform in to one of those "cool" moms with hair color all over the place, drinking/weed/vaping (but I guess she has no friends to do this with anymore), and all that other cliche divorcee shit.

No. 590024

kek god that thing is so ugly, i didn't think anything could be worse than her tacky old one that turned her finger green but somehow she outdid herself

i wonder what her turnaround is on editing and uploading videos, the editing is super simple and wouldn't take long but she is also a lazy bitch, so who knows lmao

No. 590026

File: 1539978056039.png (856.9 KB, 1233x665, handsupjaildaddylainey.png)

I don't know how long foot goes between shooting and uploading but her postpartum whining video >>589091 she was wearing her silicon wedding band. She probably just took it off for suk mi time and forgot to put it back on.

No. 590028

I guess the silicon wedding band is dual purpose. Wedding band and also cock and ball ring for Shreg's tiny clitdick

No. 590040

Her beauty channel is the goddamn worst. She has no skill or passion, she never follows trends, she never uses popular new products (nobody wants to see how to do a look with a palette from Hot Topic or some Chinese scam site, Lame), and if she did a product review it would mean nothing because nobody in their right mind would trust her opinion. It really can't be THAT hard to pull off, but here we are.
It's so obvious that she has no real interest in makeup, she just wanted to start doing it and become instantly good with no work put in so she could more accurately skin-walk Billie. Alas, the Onions have no patience to develop skills. They're both content with being mediocre as all hell at everything they do. It's mind-blowing honestly.

No. 590047

AYRT, and I agree. I mean, if she had done the learning along with Taylor thing for er channel, that actually could have been really fun and fun to watch. Except everything she and Greg touch turns to shit because they want everything on easy mode.

No. 590059

Surely this is shooped though? It can't be real

No. 590067

>nobody wants to see how to do a look with a palette from Hot Topic or some Chinese scam site

Fucking this. It’s not even in an informative way like ‘Comparing Drugstore To High End Brands’ or something similar, it’s ‘I Know Fuck All About Makeup And I Give Zero Fucks So Watch Me Aggravate My Herp Sores With Cheap Toxic Shit From China’. She should have canned that channel a long time ago. No one wants to see an ugly bitch half-assedly paint her face like an autistic toddler.

No. 590146

>>589988 OT, but kek at grucky the pimpled dildo and his fan for being extremely unaware that shane has not been following sr's controversies. the only reason grucky can spot sr's bullshit is because it takes one to know one.

No. 590147

She has the same interest as the average mom. She wants nice makeup but doesn’t want to spend the money on it nor does she care to do nice makeup on the daily. She doesn’t have a full makeup routine (seriously what pale person doesn’t wear blush???) . She got some hype years ago for being “good” (okay) at winged liner and when she saw Billie and others getting popular for makeup videos so she thought she could do it. she made that video with the peach pallet YEARS after the hype for it died. And it hyped twice lol once when it first dropped and six months later when they re-stocked and she still missed it by like two years.

Wish I could sage for makeup sperg

No. 590148

She actually looks happy, but he looks like he hates everything and like he just wants to push her off.

No. 590149

I am vegan and one of the things I have noticed is that all their "vegetarian food" is super processed, like fake bacon. Eating a well balanced vegetarian diet is one of the "best" diets as it reduces a person's likelihood of certain diseases (also can be easier to count amino acids than with veganism), but their diets don't seem balanced. Their diets are anything but fresh, and onionboi keeps going back and forth from being vegetarian and not.

Onionboi, why don't you use your money to get yourself a nutritionist or/and a cook who will actually feed you and your family well-balanced food? Stop eating shit and maybe you won't need foundation.

No. 590151

vegan anon did you see their fruit and veg platter mukbang

No. 590152

link please

No. 590154

In the old threads.

But honestly, it's just a plate of the most normal, boring crudite possible (brocc, cherry tomatoes and the like) plus some fresh fruits. And literally everything they put in their mouths, they pulled a face, said "yuck", and spit it out. They have the palates of extremely fussy toddlers raised on nothing but fries and nuggets.

No. 590157

This really saddens me and should make everyone upset. Around the age of four years old kids really need sleep, as well as proper nutrition. If their kids are fussy it's most likely due to their nutrition. Age four is one of those years where the brain grows more than it does in other ages, so it's so important. Cringy enough for two grown adults to not take care of themselves, and to promote unhealthy habits to impressionable teenagers… It's a different story when their kids are being raised in unhealthy ways. Kids are no joke.

No. 590160

Another (almost lifelong) vegan anon here and I feel the same way, grucky and cucky are a shining example of what not to do as vegetarians. That will never change because they’re only vegetarian so they can virtue signal. They don’t give a flying fuck about the environment or nutrition. For all grug’s screeching about muh begeterian bodaaaay he is destined to be a spotty pallid fat fuck for the rest of his days, and drainy isn’t far behind.

No. 590161

As a veg for almost a decade, I smell that Greg is veganing in order to appeal to the youth (veganism is trendy now.) He has no moral, health, or even environmental (we can easily predict his carbon footprint being bigger than the average persons'.) I thought he was going for the CUTE EMO VEGAN BOI profile the moment I saw that nonsense. Why else go back and forth if you truly believe animal products are messed up?

Seriously Gregory Daniels, get a cook and perhaps you and your partner will finally look adequate for your ages.

No. 590162

Doesn't Lainey spit out raspberries in the video?

No. 590163

>Seriously Gregory Daniels, get a cook

Oh fuck, dont give Shreg any ideas. Instead of bringing random teen girls into their house under the false pretense they're going to be his "camera-person" hes going to tell Plainey that they need an "in house cook", and if that cook just happens to be 17, oh well.

I seriously think she spit out half the raw food she put in her mouth.

No. 590171

tbf most 17 year olds can probably cook more adeptly than these two asshats

No. 590175

hooktube died, and im not an upload anon - but its on laineys channel. lainey spits out food like a picky child.

No. 590176

She's probably just growing it into "bieber" hair so she can hide her bald spots and flick it around like a teenage emo.
I just saw someone tweet about how she'd dyed it too so hair video expected soon.

No. 590177

I'm surprised she's actually growing it out, but that's just an inevitability of getting it cut short.

The real test will be if she makes it through the "awkward length" stage, which she seems to be entering. I predict she panics and get's straight bangs/an undercut.

No. 590178

It's real, it's a screen grab from their last date video. Scary right? Monsters do exist.

No. 590181

File: 1540017695460.jpg (647.13 KB, 1429x1478, Screenshot_2018-10-19-23-36-45…)

I'm kekking at his Twitter profile pic.

No. 590182

File: 1540019180852.jpg (41.17 KB, 462x441, thechin.jpg)

man why the fuck yall lyin, it's obviously shopped to be exaggerated, here is an actual screengrab. You make us all look stupid when you perpetuate dumb shit like this.

No. 590183

File: 1540019497053.webm (11.38 MB, 640x360, its inside the room.webm)

No. 590184

File: 1540019721608.png (207.11 KB, 448x399, 84566.PNG)

Heres the best bits of her and him spitting out perfectly good fruit and veggies.


No. 590190

How are their kids even surviving tbh.

No. 590191

Different anon
I dont know who are the anons who keep photoshoping them exagerating their face features but stop it.
It wasnt funny the first time and it isnt funny now
You keep cloggin the thread with that retarded humour

No. 590192


No. 590195


You sound like the anon requesting a normal picture of Greg to be this thread's thread image.
If you actually are the same person you should give it a rest.

I don't know what you deal with shooped pictures is, but with the amount of fuckery both Lainey and Greg put into their videos and pictures (i.e filters and other enhancements) you'd think anons would be allowed to have some fun with them, too.

if you are bothered by caricatures, caps, and shoops that make fun of their looks, maybe this is not the place for you

No. 590197

Bonus points for capturing The Lump(TM)

No. 590198

May I ask Complainey-Anon what their thoughts are on almost all the thread images that have caricatures or shoop'd exaggerated flaws?
Should we "stop it" also?

No. 590200

You’d think that seeing as he is obviously so insistent on covering up his fugly mug with makeup and filters he would make the effort to do it properly but no, he still looks red and blotchy and greasy as fuck.

No. 590201

ntaryt but there's a difference between heh look at this shoop I did, and hey guise look at this totally real screencap.

No. 590202

File: 1540025279508.jpg (33.66 KB, 422x287, 2327.JPG)

Yeah guys!
Stop being dishonest!

No. 590203

Yes and she proceeds to say "nobody likes raspberries"

Seeing this picture + his "I'm a biter" makes me want to vomit.

No. 590204

We’ll stop “lying” when you learn how to construct a coherent sentence in what is supposed to be your native language, you illiterate fuck.

No. 590205

Ditto. Who the fuck advertises shit like that? And as shooped to hell as his previous twitter avatar was at least it wasn’t as hideous as this.

No. 590206

File: 1540026077215.png (278.61 KB, 396x525, wtrgpsu.png)

Is it just me or have there been a bunch of
>can't we just have a regular photo of Greg as the next thread header
>can we all stop altering Gregs photos and being dishonest
type of posts in the last 2 threads?

Either there just happens to be multiple anons who feel we have unjustly slighted Ogreg and need to stop.

Or theres one person who we've touched a nerve and its getting to him.

btw pic attached, totally untouched and honest

No. 590208


You need to rein in your neck anon.
I'm the anon who thought it was the genuine screen grab, I wasn't lying or trying to exaggerate, I was just mistaken, it looks just like her real heel of a chin to me. You seriously need to chill out.

No. 590219

Gerg's Amazon wishlist was posted on kf and I didn't see it here, so I thought I'd share it with you.


No. 590220

File: 1540035312935.jpg (53.6 KB, 749x589, female mannequin.JPG)

This one makes me feel uneasy. What the fuck is he going to do with this?
The upside, it isnt a child mannequin.

No. 590221

Oh anon, all of lolcow has shoops all over the place.

Do you police all the other threads, or just the Onision one?

Why the vested interest in the Gurg?
He's just as ugly as we see, no use in hiding it with makeup and filters.

Unless it's The Grundle himself spazing out, but I do not think so. He gets virulently angry and spastic when he comes on the threads.
(Maybe its the flatt butt reptile queen?)

Personally, all the artists here are pretty amazing, and I love seeing all the output posted.

Until lolcow changes their policy on Photoshop, I say, bring on the shoop!

No. 590222

He hates filming with Lainey and he needs something with more personality?

No. 590223

I agree with you, anon even though I enjoy the shopped pictures. It does put LC in a bad light, though, when peeps start to confuse shoppes and actual screengrabs and unfortunately gives Grugly and Gruglier a real reason to complain about.

No. 590224

>gives Grugly and Gruglier a real reason to complain

Who cares? Are they going to tell mom & dad on us? They complain to their fanbase, its preaching to the choir.
Photoshopped photos of Greg and Lainey are #287 on the list of complaints Greg has with the "hate blogs"
Fuck them and their "complaints"

No. 590225

>implying their own photos wouldn't be considered shopped

in b4 muh filters r difrun

No. 590230

I see your point but I just enjoy it a lot better when Grug and Gruglier expose themselves by twisting facts and outright lying about what they've done, even though it's clear it went down a completely different way.
It kinda supports them and their HoNeStY when they bitch to their fanbase about "Muh HaTuRz shop ALL of muh pictures, and they're so stupid to believe those pictures are real, and they just WANT to hate me. See, all they do is twist fax and lie about me, even though I'm such a great guy. I'm the most(BrOoTaLlY) HoNeSt person, so believe in what I tell you, peasants, and give me your money."

I love when they're called out and criticized for the shit they've done, like shopping their own photos to hell and back etc., because it drives home what manipulative and terrible people Gregory Daniel Avaroe and his wife Taylor Elaine are. Anons falling for shoops gives them some way out since it makes our valid criticism less believable imo.
Don't get me wrong, I love the shoops, the great thread pictures and the creative anons we have here, like high-res anon, collage anon and video anon.

No. 590231

Oh onion, no amout of crappy costumes can save your shitty YouTube career.

No. 590234

>when they bitch to their fanbase

Ill say it again. If you're worried about what he tells his fans about the "haters" then you are fighting an uphill battle.
Every single thing that is shown or discussed on these threads could be spun by Greg to make us look bad, sinister and dishonest.
>they called me a pedo, and everyone knows that pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent children, they are so dishonest.
>they posted photos of my home, inside and out, even gave information on its selling. They are trying to dox me and endanger my children.
>the haters probably hacked Maya and posted texts and conversations without her consent, thats so illegal and dishonest.

Look at how he spun the narrative to his fans when he was emailing Shane over and over and calling Shane a pedophile. Shane nicely told him to stop, or he would bring legal action, something he wouldnt want to do because he knew it would effect Lainey and their children. Greg cherry picked parts of the conversation, spun it and told his fans that Shane was some how threatening his wife and children.
>dont you ever talk about my family!

If you're hoping for the conversion of an Onision fan, it has to happen organically and usually by his own hands. Latest example- Becca.

No. 590250

Just my two cents as a [REDACTED GENDER] but I really think calling Greg shrimpdick and photoshopping his face just boosts his ego since he "knows" the ""truth"" and we are just ""pathetic haters""

No. 590254

Considering how much he chimps out about it, I doubt that very much.

No. 590255

File: 1540050000184.jpg (49.34 KB, 500x550, WellAlrIGHTYTHEN.jpg)

Well compare his "ugh you losers that's not how I look!!" rage compared to his "oh fuck this is hitting way too close to home" legitimate chimpout.

I'm certainly not calling for "normal pictures", I just haven't ever seen him get super upset about it.

No. 590256

File: 1540050138846.jpg (22.44 KB, 500x490, k431xxkljdox.jpg)

I really don't see the point in trying to tailor and regulate posts here on lolcow in consideration of how Greg/onionflakes may potentially receive them.

This board is for documenting and laughing at the big ass cow that is Onision. Nothing more/less.

No. 590257

File: 1540050424980.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 451.52 KB, 1658x2206, DA035BF1-A743-4837-8F75-2475CF…)

No. 590258

I agree don't get me wrong. But there have been threads where it's 100 posts focusing on his dick in a few frames of a video. I think a narcissist like him would LOVE to find that on a "hate forum".

But then again I guess he assumes we are all grotesque gargoyles that he would never want to fuck.

No. 590259

Holy shit. Masterpiece.
Not sure if it's intentional though but that really looks like Jacklyn.

No. 590260

This is perfect, love it.

No. 590264


He’s going to use it to body shame Plain at some point. After all, the mannequin doesn’t have a pouch or stretch marks from kids she had that he doesn’t give a shit about, and it also doesn’t have huge, saggy, veiny busted udders from breastfeeding from five years straight. He’ll probably stare at the mannequin while banging Plain from behind.

No. 590265

Who cares what he wants/likes/doesn't like? That's not the point of these threads. >>590258

No. 590266

Who cares what he wants/likes/doesn't like? That's not the point of these threads.

No. 590267

Who cares what he wants/likes/doesn't like? That's not the point of these threads. >>590258

No. 590268

Go away(no contribution)

No. 590269

this is why onision threads are my favourite holy shit

No. 590271

>>590257 omg anon, bravo! This is truly a masterpiece kek

No. 590279

there have for sure been a ton of anons complaining about the thread pics and asking specifically for a normal picture of gurg in the last two threads, never complains about the shoops of plainey though. it's definitely sus as fuck, either one of his minions is here or some dumbass anon with rosacea is a little too sensitive kek

No. 590280

Very true. I think what it comes down to is the cycle of how long he can keep his mask up before the cracks start showing. Narcs put up a front in public but at home is where their true behavior is exposed. Thats why every girl that's been involved with him has to cry "No he is really a good guy in real life!" Until they can't take his abuse anymore and THEN the truth comes out.

Top motherfucking kek anon

No. 590281

Anons need to report it. I dont know where the farm hands are but it's pretty obvious by the same faggotry that it's one of the Avaroe's ass lickers.

It's an image board dedicated to the fuckery of exceptional individuals. There are no rules against shoops as long as it stays relevant to the thread.

No. 590285

>hurr durr everyone is Greg xDDD

Applying a HDR filter to a screenshot isn't milk. It's funny the first couple of times, but we get it, their skin is bad. Posting HDR shoops just for the sake of it is the same as nitpicking, just in image form. As such, it actually is against the rules.

>as long as it stays relevant to the thread.

I'll let you figure out the rest, anon.

>farm hands

>same faggotry

Maybe learn site lingo before you accuse others of being Greg, newfag.

No. 590286

File: 1540061879357.jpg (15.23 KB, 206x244, kek.jpg)

incredible work, anon

No. 590289

Complaining about the shoops surely is clogging the thread. What a turn of events.

Is easier to ignore what you don't like, don't you think, captain autismo?

No. 590291

Do you really find milky or funny old screencaps with super expose filters and obvious photoshoping?
It was funny the first times but now it doesnt, we get it their faces are fucked, their skin is a mess and their face features are shit, you dont need to post over 10+ of the same picture over and over again in every thread
I cant see the difference between those picture and that time that anon could not stop posting the same picture of Plainey with the make up brushes while trying to put mascara.
I dont give a shit about the Onions feelings, it just annoying.
And dont try to use the retard logic "You must be Grug or a SNOWFLAKE!!1!"
There isnt a problem with the drawing since at least they are original, funny and non repetitive.

No. 590293

I'm not sure if it's a "ton of" people.
Groggle namedropped us a bunch of time, it probably are his five remaining fans trying to get the anti onion blogs to hate less on him to get some approval from their ~Bananaking~

>see Gerg, I got them to use a nOrMaL pic of you! can I get in the trinity now?

No. 590295


Quit the filter derailing, and quit the filtered/ edited photo spam. It isn't milk and it's no different than the edited photo spamming in the plastic or moo thread.
Unique drawings and shoops are different than the same filtered photos with high contrast, or obsessively zooming into body parts nobody wants to see.

No. 590296


I think it’s funny they switched to silicone bands. I know people get them for different reasons, but didn’t Onion once say he was scared of getting his ring caught and pulling his skin off?

You know he doesn’t do real work. I “married” a guy and we have the same kind of bands. He still won’t wear the band to work (machine technician) because one of the machines could shred the band. Greg sits on his ass all day. What logical reason is there to be worried about his ring finger. And if he did real work he’d know a silicone band doesn’t change much in the way of protection.

No. 590297

File: 1540067078223.png (40.04 KB, 612x441, onionshavelayers.png)

No. 590298

It's called degloving or avulsion and it can happen whenever you get your ring caught on something, which isn't that rare.

He may not work, but he jumps around like a sped for his videos. It could happen.


Of course we know the real reason though, and he takes the ring off all the time anyway.

No. 590299

File: 1540067446151.gif (3.03 MB, 480x448, tenor-1.gif)

Jesus fuck what a whiny little faggot. Dis his transtrender wife say no to the Jessie trinity?

No. 590300

File: 1540067724694.jpeg (77.16 KB, 750x590, 242ACE2D-8BAC-4C3F-B1E4-8E4B2A…)

Seems like he’s definitely on the outs with momma Tammi and consequently his siblings. My guess is that they had some sort of Halloween party/family get together and Greg’s family wasn’t very accepting of Lainey’s ever-increasing need to be accepted as a 12 year old boy.

No. 590301

Or he tries to find a statistic to keep Taylor from seeing her family. …Her mum didn't nurse her anyway.

No. 590303

that's surprising. he was always mommy's number one special boy. I bet she got a new boyfriend or something and Onion can't stand not being the only man in her life.

No. 590305


I wonder if momma onion has made any "comics" about gerg if they had a falling out

No. 590306


I don’t know anon, it could just be because Anus likes to lure in girls with daddy issues and bad home lives so he can fuck them up more.

No. 590307

File: 1540071369149.jpg (37.6 KB, 528x640, 16649244_692801484199_46759455…)

This is spot on. Well done.

You know you may be on to something. Greggles would feel betrayed if Crazy Tami suckered a man in to a relationship with her.

No. 590310

He's probably upset that they're fucking in the house that HE bought for her, the NERVE

Isn't there some gif of Tammi kissing someone and Grundle turning away in disgust? I remember it a few threads ago.

No. 590311

my vote for next op tbh

No. 590312

maybe his tiny dick got stuck in it

>brags about beating up dad
>calls him a child predator
>continued slander

i wanna know the momion drama, fuck
make a video about it you weirdo

No. 590316

File: 1540075267605.png (289.32 KB, 640x1250, D75F0B27-E94E-4BA0-852B-B64503…)

Did Laundry accidentally step on one of the crotch potatoes’ toes or something?

No. 590318

Maybe his mom finally slapped the shit out of him.

No. 590323

Nah he spergs about this once a month or so. Probably bitching about his own childhood, I doubt Lainey would ever hit the kids since she follows that gentle parenting stuff

No. 590327

File: 1540078883516.jpg (478.61 KB, 900x1193, jawlinetothegods.jpg)


Peep that underbite tho

No. 590332

File: 1540080276048.jpeg (78.55 KB, 640x433, 5A406455-63E7-45DA-91F3-6EA8C8…)

No. 590336

My guess is the kids were behaving terrible at a family event and mama tammi suggested they spank them. Now Onion will cut her out of their life.

No. 590337

Is anyone here still a patron? I cancelled mine last month

No. 590338

HA! Thank you anon for that.

No. 590339

lol, do you think he made a P R I M E tier rant.

Also, do you think he chose the word prime due to Amazon? lmao

No. 590342

>special talks

You mean screeching into your echo chamber? No one besides those three people actually give a shit about your fee fees, you corpulent cunt.

No. 590358

File: 1540086739878.gif (6.39 MB, 500x336, OnionOedipusComplexGIF.gif)

Im with the anons saying Momma Tammi is hooking up with another man and Gregs pissed.

No. 590360


No way, Anuson is more turned on by Tammi’s nude body massages than he is pounding Thot’s flat ass from behind.

No. 590364

This is an obvious way to try and get a rise out of the h8rs and try and bait people. He will not be speaking anymore freely than normal, just being a bit more of a whiny bitch. There is a 99.9% chance that there is no milk.

No. 590370

File: 1540091706355.webm (1.4 MB, 320x180, siblings.webm)

We all know about the problems he's had with his father.
A month ago we found out that his sister Christina doesn't talk to him because shes a "giant snob"
Hes done a bunch videos with his sister Joanna, so I was shocked that hes not cool with her anymore because shes "a liar who lied to my face."
And now it seems that something happened between him and Tammi and hes super mopey about it with his polls >>590300 and poems >>590297

So can we expect a new video where he exaggerates and distorts the whole thing?
>Why Onision Is Now An Orphan

No. 590371


>giant snob

The irony of uneducated, illiterate, trailer dwelling white trash being snobby.

No. 590377

>>And now it seems that something happened between him and Tammi and hes super mopey about it

Total and complete tinfoil: wonder if Greg regrets gifting Tammy a house right before he got fucked in the ass by the IRS (because he'd still have to pay gift taxes on the house) and he's asking her for rent or something, or help to pay the back taxes on that property. The house was a gift but you know Greg is the ultimate Indian Giver who will try and guilt Tammy over it nonstop. It doesn't seem like Tammy, the original narc, would put up with that shit for second. She'd probably laugh at him if he asked for rent or help with taxes, like "nuh uh, it was a GIFT, too bad, so sad, kiddo."

No. 590378

I have access to his patreon but I have no idea how to download the videos.
His new video is about Tammi and how she never loved him, she beat him with a belt and all

No. 590380

oh wow, this would be great
try distillvideo.com/
if its not possible to download then maybe you could do a transcript and post it here

No. 590381

He didn’t buy that house for her. He already owned that one

No. 590382

Nope, the link doesn't show. It's a vimeo video embedded on Patreon.
I'm working on the transcript right now

No. 590383

Do you think Skye ever checks out his life now and is laughing her ass off and feeling lucky she is not still married to him?

No. 590384

Download OBS and record from the screen/stereo mix audio, then reupload somewhere. It's a bit more cathartic than just straight up downloading but it works.

No. 590386

Im pretty sure that you can link the original Vimeo video, separate from the Patreon page.
Similar to how when people embed a youtube video like this >>586270 in their post and you can click the "Watch on Youtube" link and go to the original video and get the url from there.

No. 590387

>>590378 We've had people link to Laineys private Vimeo videos. → https://vimeo.com/293768512/10aa01763f

Could you do that? Just find the URL somehow.

No. 590388

No. 590389

Patreon noob again
If any anons know how to download the video and want to help me out, email me:

No. 590390

>I'm working on the transcript right now

I believe that most people here would appreciate that. Its probably a static video of him from mid chest up trying his hardest to cry about how mommy doesnt love him anymore.

No. 590391

No, it shows his childhood photos burning while he narrates
It also has this sad piano background music… lol

No. 590392

What? He burned his family photos?
Holy fuck that seems kind of serious.

No. 590393

He managed to burn bridges with his own mother, when will he realize he's the problem, not other people? Pretty much the only person who is still by his side is a doormat with no self respect and who is too weak to stand up for herself, that should say a lot

No. 590394

I lifted lainey's house tour and etc videos by right clicking on the title of the video (in the embed) and opening in a new window. alternatively you can hit f+12 on a computer browser like Firefox or Safari and click the "network" tab and reload, look for the mp4 or webm source and copy/paste that link here

No. 590395

if this doesn't work, you can click the "watch later" button on I believe the top right corner and it will add it to a playlist for you later which will give you the link to the video, but you need a vimeo account

No. 590396

Patreon noob again.
This is the transcript that I have so far:
"Let me tell you who I am
I’m a child of parents who do not love me
My father molested my own family members
My father lied about why we fist fought
not disclosing that he attacked me first
To save his reputation
My father let the police haul me away
When he could have taken my place
He lied to my face about what he did while I was locked away
When I proved his lie, he changed his story.
He’s lied to me só many times, I have no true idea of who he even is.
I have not spoken to him in nearly 15 years.
My mother beat me as a child.
Attacked me with a fire extinguisher, attacked me with a massive flashlight, smacked me in the face and hit me with a belt.
My mother lied to my face about her drug use and lied to people close to me just like my father, to save herself and make me look worse.
My mother told me she would not date a man who ever had sex with another man.
My mother called my spouse a tranny.
The man she invited into our lives, my stepfather, had us pray to the TV saying “I love you satan”
The same man used drugs around us as kids, according to my mom’s own admission.
Only weeks ago my mother said she could sue me for protecting my own family from her (I would not let family be with her alone, only while other adults present, she was upset by this)
Years ago before I lost almost everything I had, I gave her a 200.000 dollar house. Even after this I still want her to have it."

I'm going to keep searching for a way to download it

No. 590397

File: 1540100676576.jpg (57.93 KB, 300x300, laineybot-4.jpg)

I bet you Plainey has a permanent smug smile plastered on her face now that Mama-T is out of the picture.
Plaineys hate for Tammi reached its pinnacle when Tammi called her a "tranny"

**[Disclaimer~ The attached photo has been altered to add extra smugness. It does not represent an accurate representation of the actual smugness of Laineybot]**

No. 590399

Damn, something serious must have happened between them.
I bet crazy Tammi is regretting not getting that abortion like the doctor told her to

No. 590400

File: 1540101712109.png (563.99 KB, 1173x565, 093546.png)

I was always puzzled by the "dont hit kids" tweets he made. I thought maybe it was because he was shaming Lainey for pushing the kids or spanking them, or trying to shame Sam about the swatting Trots hand incident. Turns out its because Tammi probably spanked or hit the kids because Greg and Lainey have never disciplined them and they act uncivilized in public.

No. 590401

He left out
>my mother gave me naked full body massages which is totally not inappropriate

Who else wants to bet that 99% of that is patently false? Why the fuck would Grugly buy his mother a fucking house if she was so abusive?

No. 590403

No. 590404

>Why the fuck would Grugly buy his mother a fucking house if she was so abusive?

Didnt buy her a house. It was one of his old houses that he paid for and lived in with Lainey.
I think he "gifted" it to his mother as a tax scam. He was afraid that the IRS was going to take it away during that time he learned he was being audited. Giving her the house would be a way of keeping the house. The same way mafioso's and white collar crooks put property in their wife or extended families names to keep it safe from the tax man.

No. 590408

This sounds crazy as hell. Wonder if Tammi could get over something like this if she saw it.

No. 590409

Imagine if Tammi went on a milk spilling tangent about her son after all his spergs.

No. 590410

This is the best I could do, anons.
Someone put it on hooktube, I'm going to bed

No. 590411

Thank you patron-anon. Unless thats your actual YT account I wouldnt worry about having someone else mirror it.

That snicker at 1:11.

No. 590412

Well. Damn. If it were from anyone else I'd have sympathy for the person making such a video.
I do believe at least half of this to be true, Gergle isn't this fucked up for no reason. Shitty parents laid the groundwork, he did the rest.

That would be milk galore, ha.

No. 590414

>moshi moshi tinfoil desu
Let’s suspend disbelief for a moment and assume that Grot was actually abused by his parents, it could explain why he turned out to be such a sociopathic fuck. Though it’s probably more likely that he was always a turd and his parents smacked him out of despair when no other disciplinary measure were effective.

No. 590415

Full transcription:

Let me tell you who I am
I’m a child of parents who do not love me
My father molested my own family members
My father lied about why we fist fought
not disclosing that he attacked me first
To save his reputation
My father let the police haul me away
When he could have taken my place
He lied to my face about what he did while I was locked away
When I proved his lie, he changed his story.
He’s lied to me so many times, I have no true idea of who he even is.
I have not spoken to him in nearly 15 years.
My mother beat me as a child.
Attacked me with a fire extinguisher, attacked me with a massive flashlight, smacked me in the face and hit me with a belt.
My mother lied to my face about her drug use and lied to people close to me just like my father, to save herself and make me look worse.
My mother told me she would not date a man who ever had sex with another man.
My mother called my spouse a tranny.
The man she invited into our lives, my stepfather, had us pray to the TV saying “I love you satan”
The same man used drugs around us as kids, according to my mom’s own admission.
Only weeks ago my mother said she could sue me for protecting my own family from her (I would not let family be with her alone, only while other adults present, she was upset by this)
Years ago before I lost almost everything I had, I gave her a 200.000 dollar house. Even after this and other things I haven't shared I still want her to have my gift.
I want her to keep the countless other things I gave her amounting to thousands of dollars as well.
But I can't do this anymore.
To my parents, love is not telling your kid you could sue them when they have done nothing wrong but protect their loved ones.
Love is not watching the police take your child away when you should be in their place.
Love is not beating your child. Love is not lying to or about your child. Love is not molesting your child or their family.
Love is not repeatedly putting yourself before your child, no matter how much damage you've done.
To my parents, you raised me to be just like you because you only love yourselves.
You missed the point of parenthood entirely.
Your kids are not meant to grow up to be like you, they're meant to be better than you.
Your kids are not here to worship you. As a father I know I am here to worship them.
Your kids are not here to make you happy, as a father I know I am only here to make them happy.
Your kids are not here to be beaten by you, they are here to be protected by and from you.
So let me tell you who I am.
I am a child of parents who do not love me.
I am cold with no love from my parents to warm me.
I was raised with poor and mostly absent father figures.
My home was broken. I am broken. My heart is torn.
My eyes are soiled with tears and my mind lost to the open and black absence of meaning
All that is left is the hope that I can be everything my parents are not.
That I will always tell the truth to my kids. That I will never raise a hand against my kids.
That I will always be the one that takes a bullet heading their way.
That I will live my life drug free, setting an example for my kids.
And I will say I'm sorry when I'm wrong.
That when they are weak, I will be strong.
So let me tell you who I am.
I'm a child of parents who do not love me.
But I am also a parent who will never stop loving my children.
And I know this is true, because my happiness does not compare to the happiness I want for them.
Punch me and I'll ask if your hand is okay.
Yell at me and I'll say I'm sorry for hurting your voice.
Need me and I'm there.
But even when I'm away, I'll always remain.
Because a true father is a servant and a protector.
And their offspring are perfect, no matter what they become.

No. 590416

imagine being a man in your mid 30s and still being this fucking melodramatic.

No. 590417

Gerg, a lot of parents make mistakes, not everyone turns out to be a psycho abuser like you. Even if it is mostly true albeit exaggerated it’s nigh on impossible to believe anything that comes out of his mouth on account of his proven track record of lying in spite of all attesting to be bROodaLLy HoNesT!!1!!!1!

No. 590418

I don't know if I snickered at tranny or the snicker lmao

Jesus christ, this is like some mellow dramatic shit a murderer makes and leaves as evidence.

Also reminder GREGORY that just because you don't use drugs, or hit your kids (apparently), doesn't mean you aren't abusing them. You are abusing them, maybe even worse since at least daddy onion left marks. Because at least then someone would look in to the situation.

No. 590419

It could… but I'm sure he was just trying to be cheap

No. 590420

File: 1540109581467.png (74.04 KB, 683x395, Capture64881.PNG)

You should change your diet Gregory, or see an optometrist/ophthalmologist.
That shit doesn't sound right.

No. 590421


I bet this is not about reaching out or opening up.

Tinfoil: Who does this appeal to? Victims of abuse. What could he want from them? A new Trinity member, maybe - someone who's been abused and doesn't know any better than to get right into the next abusive relationship. Soft little girls who'll feel so sorry for him they won't dare pull their patreon pledge because he's been through so much already uwu

In any case I don't believe this shit for a second.

Maybe she smacked his hands here and there, maybe her boyfriend drank a beer while watching TV and he came up with all these grandiose versions of abuse where they did crystal meth and then attacked him that score him points with the mentally ill teens that follow him

No. 590422

I disagree, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. They're both insane.

No. 590423

File: 1540110470005.jpg (173.63 KB, 1080x1180, 20181021_042750.jpg)

No. 590425

"And their offspring are perfect, no matter what they become."

Really Greg? You sure this isn't your way of trying to justify your actions as "I'm a perfect child uwu". On top of that, actually no: not all children are perfect. It's parents who think that their offspring are perfect and capable of no wrong who raise selfish, spoiled, manipulative, shitty kids. Maybe you think your spawn are 'perfect' but in reality they'll grow up fucked up if you don't parent them properly.

No. 590426

This is such melodramatic bullshit. So he had a fight with his mom and to retaliate, he publicly accuses her of abuse? How disgusting can a human be to not only attempt to destroy someone's reputation, but receive monetization for it as well?Watching this video was like watching a shitty reenactment of one of his books.

This is a slap in the face to

1. His mother, who he had no issues with up until now, and does not have a social media presence to refute his claims

2. Real survivors of abuse and traumatic childhoods that grow up to mental illness and poverty

No. 590427

I kekked at this bit. Not only is it cringy to be a man in his 30s spewing this emo shit, it’s cringy to be a man in his 30s without basic command of the English language

No. 590429

@ 2:16 he says , "love is not molesting your child and family."

He's talking about himself here in a list of things you don't do to your family unless he just generalising things you don't do to your child?? But all the other things were about him so this one surely is too?…

No. 590430

Someone gonna photoshop Onion with shit tears?

No. 590431


Love the disclaimer

No. 590432

Can we please not photoshop Onision with poop tears.
Someones going to think its real and say "OMG does Grugly really cry feces?"
And then someone else will complain that we are being dishonest, and trying to spread rumors that he has poop tears and its somehow ruining lolcow and its putting LC in a bad light.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 590433


I'm pretty sure ignoring your children and locking yourself away from them most of the day counts as neglect/emotional abuse

No. 590437

We all know that he abuses his family but as far as he is concerned he is father/husband of the year and nothing will ever change that

No. 590442

pls just drop the 'dishonest editing' saltiness anon

No. 590443

He's such a fucking drama queen, most likely a narcissist and his entire life is a performance, I'm not positive anything is truly serious.

No. 590447

This coming from the same guy who signed his kid away for teen pussy without hesitation. The hypocrisy and lack of self awareness, I don't even know where to start

No. 590448

Can you fuck off with the autistic minimodding?

I don't think he actually believes emotional abuse is a thing. It's just being "brutally honest".

No. 590449

Ugh I'm sure this whole thing is as simple as, Trot misbehaved (we all know he's a puncher, knows no no's or rules. He punched Sam and threw Clot off the sofa) and Tami raised her voice, swattet his hand or just dragged his away from something.
He probably started screaming like any kid, who never suffered consequences, would and Greg flipped the fuck out, screaming "Abuse!1"
Now he's pissed and riding on the "I hate my parents. They never loved me and my childhood was shit." train.
If he'd live at Tami's house he'd probably lock himself in his room, break stuff and refuse to eat to show her

No. 590450

I think that anon is being sarcastic, but still, flogging the dead Social Repose.

No. 590452

File: 1540121648367.jpeg (312.74 KB, 750x1084, 409127CF-BA99-4890-B502-06AB85…)

No. 590453

The little shits could use some discipline (both Trot and Grot) so I wouldn’t blame Tami if she did dish out a few swats. Before long Trot will be lying on his back kicking Anus and screeching autistically while Draino just picks at her sores and rocks back and forth in the corner.

No. 590455

So this was in fact about crazy tami, I guess he didn’t want the haters knowing he isn’t mommie’s #1 little narc anymore.

No. 590456

File: 1540123159185.jpeg (158.71 KB, 750x657, 53E2D92B-A071-4268-B978-78957F…)

And unsurprisingly the only thing on laineybot’s mind: “im gay”

No. 590457

Once he realizes that we know (informed by one of his patron snakes that monitor the threads) he will upload it to his channel.
He doesnt want to look like hes hiding something.

No. 590458

I'm surprised he doesn't put these ~deep talk videos~ under a higher paywall. $30 to listen to me whine on video and on Twitter

No. 590459

Skye and her sister outed themselves posting here not long ago. So yes, she is. If she's laughing about it - I don't know. But she definitely checks on him.

No. 590460

Do you happen to know what thread? I know it was a really long time ago now but I took a break from onion threads for a while because they were stressing me out.

No. 590461

What’s with him making his mom promise that she wouldn’t date/bring a man in the house who had slept with another man? Is he inferring that gay or bisexual men are pedophiles? Why else would it matter?

No. 590462

I think you got it wrong,
she told him she wouldn't date a man who had sex with another man and he's basically insinuating that that makes her a bigot/homophobe or something

No. 590465

I found the thread, hope the link comes out correct:

Some posts about them were deleted

No. 590477

File: 1540131757769.png (213.51 KB, 1080x1338, lawn.png)

Kek at the lawn mowers. Imagine one of his teenager/broken adult worshippers buying him one. He's such a middle aged dad for putting that on his list. Does he even have a use for that? The sod that he cleverly tried to layer over foliage and twigs must be dead already.

No. 590478

Oh he's mad that momma dearest isn't making her precious son the center of her love and attention anymore.

No. 590480

Random, but I don't remember if anyone's pointed it out (sorry if it's already been) but I got recommended lame's swimsuit try on vid and noticed the comments were disabled lmao. Guess she couldn't handle the criticism from people calling her out for wearing (and liking) women's swimsuits. Kek

No. 590482

Imagine the onion kids in preschool, punching a kid and then getting upset because the person he punched didn't ask if his hand was okay.

No. 590485

This video is fucking hilarious. It’s like a teenager got told she can’t see her boyfriend so she posted a Facebook rant about emancipation and parental abuse.

No. 590488

File: 1540137071650.jpeg (165.66 KB, 750x488, 490A0810-1B86-4A76-818A-E35918…)

What is this autist’s obsession with needlessly expensive things? He isn’t a “working man”, he already threw a tantrum when his truck got a boo-boo. He doesn’t like on a fucking farm, he has less than a fucking half acre of rotting sod to mow.
He really really likes buying expensive electric things because he’s so “green” and world-conscious. spits out kiwi

No. 590492

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought it was his dad who attacked him with a fire extinguisher? He tweeted about it, didn't he?

No. 590495

I'm in a rush, so no mirror, but here is the Vimeo link to the original version of this video.


No. 590496

You're 433 years old with two kids, you cave troll. It's time to move the hell on, Gregma.

No. 590497

Thank you hero anon!

No. 590500

I can never get these links to work

No. 590501

They're perfect kids until they grow up and don't want to be controlled, manipulated, bullied, and demeaned by him anymore. I can't imagine my parents telling me that us losing a game was my fault, and I'm sure that's only the tip of the ice berg. Those poor kids are going to be so fucked up.

No. 590502

LOL You called it Anon. He just uploaded the video to the Speaks channel.

No. 590504

File: 1540146821247.png (70.03 KB, 1032x476, futurehomeschooler.png)

20 seconds in and he's already struggling with basic English. I love this so much

No. 590510

File: 1540148600010.jpeg (320.98 KB, 867x692, A5C1CBFB-3DFF-4A34-BC44-1FE351…)

2010 amazingphil called, he wants his hair back

No. 590512

I'm morbidly curious what Trot and Clot's posts to RBN would look like, assuming r**t is still a thing.

No. 590513

Ha, I called it yesterday! Knew she was growing it out so she could try be emo again. What a fugly trout.
Anyone willing to upload?

No. 590522


Jesus, she’s somehow even more hideous. How does it that she looks even more like a horse?

No. 590527

>fist faught

It'll be a wonder if his kids get past the point of having to sign an X for their names.

No. 590528

Neither of these load for me

No. 590529

If even half of this stuff about Tami was true, he would have said it by now, no? He looooves to dramatize his life. Maybe he would have made it out like he's such a great son for forgiving her for her past transgressions and gifting her a house, bla bla bla, but he would have mentioned it. I'd like to think his dislike for drugs and his other weird behaviors could have stemmed from some of these things, but I'm too skeptical about the validity of it all. It's also pretty convenient he comes out with this right after Shane's Jake Paul series, wherein Shane heavily insinuates he believes Jake's parents and brother have emotionally abused/manipulated him since childhood. It's a trendy thing right now to be abused, apparently. Sorry Onion, but nobody's gonna feel bad and change their minds about you. Jake Paul might be an immature asshole, but you're a disgusting, malicious creep with no redeeming qualities and no fanbase to work with.

Also, I'm no lawfag, but when he says Tami threatened to sue, is this another lie or is there some kind of ground she has to stand on with that? Perhaps she could try to sue for partial custody based on how much she keeps the kids and how much money she's spent on them? I'd think she would have to have them a LOT for that to be something she could do. What else would she be suing for, though? Especially directly involving the two little scallions?

No. 590530

Why are Plainbot and Obesion so stuck in a cringey Y2K emo phase and don't realize that they are way too old for this shit? Is it because both didn't have a chance to live out a rebellious teen phase , so that now they are eternally stuck in their "teens"? At least for Lame that would make sense..being that she was groomed into a early marriage by a creepy old dude. So maybe Planey is actually trying to live out teen years she missed, while I guess Obesion is just trying to appeal to teens. (which i am surprisd is still working on some like wtf)

No. 590531

File: 1540154186634.jpg (489.78 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181021-214059_Vid…)


"Husband reacts to my new hair"

(First link didn't work so I had to upload again, sry)

No. 590532

At least a quarter of it's true. I believe HS Anon's story that shows off how batshit Tammi is.
There's also the story about how doctors supposedly told Tammi she should abort Greg. Sure, we make fun of him for it now (and it's hilarious). But how many times did Tammi tell him that story as a kid? Who does that unless they want their kid to fall to their feet grateful for not aborting them? I wouldn't be shocked if the story ended with "I should have aborted you".

I feel sorry for the kid Greg was. I don't feel bad for him now.

No. 590533

https://twitter.com/Ethelmonster/status/1052980831596220417 i was reading this thread and most of them describe greg(this is an imageboard)

No. 590538

Why feel sorry for kid Greg? All of that is speculation that might not even be true. Yes, I do think Tammi is badshit crazy, but her other kids seem normal. I assume that Grease asked her what were her thoughts when she first found out that she was pregnant with him cause he likes to get into people's heads to use what they say against them later.

No. 590541

I’m guessing she threatened to sue for grandparents rights. Laws for that vary greatly from state to state.

No. 590542

This shit actually makes me agree with Kalvin that she'd probably want to transition further / take this shit seriously if she weren't with Greg. I don't know, it's starting to feel like she's like this because she's stuck being his wife at the same time.

No. 590543

File: 1540157124059.jpeg (16.45 KB, 200x303, 1536521674778.jpeg)

I highly doubt Lainey is actually trans. She's only playing a part to get more pity. Being a trans male with a shitty husband is more special and unique than being a regular girl with a shitty husband.

No. 590544

She's a transtrender. She doesn't want to go further than this. It's most definitely because of tumblr and being married to Grease. He tried to take away the femininity of his previous victims too.

No. 590545


I believe him, but while he may think is reedeming, it's not really. I believe it because the correlation beetwen a fucked up childhood and being a fucked up adult has been long established. Lots of pedophiles and serial killers have gone through fucked up childhoods, and people don't like them more for it.

I have no reason not to believe it. It's funny tho that he has no merit even in being a lousy ass person because having this kind of experience does that to some people.

No. 590548

A lot of people have fucked up childhoods and they don't turn out like Grot cave troll. He and Mariah have the same issue and that's telling so many lies that no one can tell what's the truth.

No. 590549

he talks about his shaved head kink again in this video. why is that a thing?

No. 590551

File: 1540157994135.png (565.7 KB, 688x503, baldybot.PNG)

Her hair thinning is veeery obvious in this video.

No. 590552

I guess Plainey isn't going to shave her head, she's going to transition into being bald. The only transitioning she'll ever do.

No. 590554

That doesn't suit her AT ALL

No. 590555

File: 1540158709252.jpeg (125.31 KB, 641x212, CB9C2CC7-069A-4792-ADB1-A1DFF8…)

Has anyone kept track of how many Eugenia videos he’s made since Eugenia personally contacted him and asked him to stop?
Video is nothing knew, although he calls her out for deleting comments which is pretty funny.

No. 590557

It looks like a comb-over.

No. 590558

That harsh black does her no favors and it didn't look good on her gay husband without all that contrast either.

Must be something he acquired in his military days. Maybe it'll be easier to tolerate sexing up Lainey if he pretends she's a twink with a shaved head, he already calls her a faggot.

No. 590561

Kek anon I think you’re in to something with the jarhead shaved head kink. All this time he’s wishing he was plowing his mean Air Force boolies.

No. 590563

He did say he stripped off in front of his superior officer, and his excuse was so he would "see him as a human being". Maybe it was a failed attempt to come on to him and his Airman twink kink has lasted until this day.

No. 590566

The line confused me too, but it's followed by calling lainey a tranny.
So I think he's using it to reinforce how close minded she is to those lgbtq

No. 590567

He's an idiot, plain and simple.

Expensive = better

No. 590570

She'll be missing 50% of her hair by early 2019 with how much she bleaches and dyes it.

No. 590571

it looks like she put a wig on wrong, or is wearing an ugly hat

No. 590578

omfg she seriously straightens her hair while its wet

No. 590579

Hairdresser here.

That's not the case. This kind of hairloss is not caused by bleach or dye…Bleach/dye hair loss is actually something that happens by hair breaking, not falling from the root.

If someone like Lainey sat in my chair I would tell them to go see a doctor.

The most likely cause is malnutrition, given genetics is a not common single cause for early hair loss in females. Anemia could cause that, but considering how not diverse and shitty their diet seems to be, it could be worse than that.



that's sad to look at.

No. 590582

>If even half of this stuff about Tami was true, he would have said it by now, no?

If it had actually happened, he would have reported it when it did. Crying now does nothing. It's only for attention.

Source: how he replied to other victims of various abuse

No. 590584

Exactly, by his own logic HE HIMSELF is the scumbag for exposing Lainey and his innocent children to dangerous druggie tami.

A man chose an admitted abuser over keeping his family SAFE!!1 He knowingly and willfully traumatized them. Bad Onion dad.

No. 590586

And he's trying to profit off this, when in reality it should be posted ad free on his biggest channel so people will know what a horrible predator his mom is. Also he should name her directly.

No. 590587

Oh, I absolutely believe he and his mommy have a complicated relationship. We know she gave him naked massages, we know she told him he was a special indigo child who could do no wrong, etc. I believe she used corporal punishment on him, and maybe she and her husband were around the kids while high off pot or something. But he's definitely using exaggerated wording in this whole thing to make his parents out to be horrible criminal child abusing druggies, when we don't have any FAAAAAXXX about his claims against his dad whatsoever, and he has been fine with his mom up until she demanded to see her grandchildren unsupervised (who are probably being kept from her for a dumb reason, ike trying to actually introduce discipline into their lives). He legit did not care that she called Lainey a tranny until right now.

Good fucking points, anons. Why could abusive druggie homophobe/transphobe Tami watch the precious Onion spawn by herself this whole time up til now, Greggie? Why could she pose a threat to them and influence them in such terrible ways up until she did something that made YOU mad? Why didn't you tell the police she was so horrible so she couldn't do these things to anyone else?!

No. 590588

I wonder if Taylor's family keeps up with this mess of a life they have together. How would her bougie-ass parents feel knowing their grandkids have been around someone who apparently hits kids with flashlights and does drugs around them? I mean, surely they've thought she was suspect this whole time, but now he's just outright saying it.

No. 590590

Not only that, but the reason why it was supposed to be patron only is because he is fucking retarded enough to think that no one would leak it ergo no one outside his deluded circle jerk would see it, including his mother, so no one would be able to challenge him on it. Surprise, motherfucker. Regina George is one step ahead of your handicapped ass.

No. 590591

File: 1540169520980.png (42.26 KB, 636x300, great kid.png)

Any normal person would try to grow and become better than their parents. Greg on the other hand has tried to become worse than both of them combined. He might not physically abuse his family but I'm sure there is mental abuse going on. At least his dad didn't make up his own religion and his mom didn't isolate him and his sisters. That's more than can be said for Onion boy. He uses his upbringing as an excuse for his bad behavior and a way to make people feel sorry for him. Also he gets the bonus of being relatable to teenagers. He's 30 something years old, it's time to grow up and deal with it instead of crying to his fan base for asspats.

No. 590594

File: 1540171402676.png (530.3 KB, 721x514, 679411.PNG)

I feel like they were being overly "loveydovey" in the new hair dye vid because so many people commented on how despondent Greg looking in her last video, and that he seemed to push her off him when she tried to cuddle.

No. 590595

File: 1540171612122.jpeg (508.59 KB, 750x1205, 81D190DE-21BA-4114-AA6D-D0FA8C…)

peep those embarrassingly low view numbers, fam

No. 590597


Remember how he goes off and says "No one cares" when things happen like Christina Grimmire and the Manchester attacks? Gregie, you're a 'big internet celebrity'…no one cares.

No. 590598

File: 1540172259706.gif (1.67 MB, 260x146, 330A4EB2-DBF2-4846-B52C-5C5244…)

But we all know that this is how he really feels about Thot

No. 590601

File: 1540172959821.webm (477.04 KB, 265x180, Onisions_Dream_Come_True.webm)

He did seem legit sexually aroused after Footface said she looked like she was 15 years old.

I bet they did some nasty taboo role playing later on that night.

No. 590602

That manhandling of her face is always awkward to see.

No. 590604

jesus, what a cunt.
i know it's yelling at a wall, but how the fuck does she tolerate being treated like this?

No. 590609

Look at the body language though. His torso is facing forwards, away from her…there is a large enough gap between them that Footface has to lean forwards to be kissed, while he maintains a neutral posture. His left arm is draped over her shoulder, the hand is barely making contact, almost as if he doesn't want to touch her. If this was genuine, their torsos would be pressed together, he would be holding her with full flat of the hand contact in a more tender manner. And that kiss…eugh - apart from being vomit inducing, they are kissing with closed lips, pressed together (at least Gerg is, for sure)..absolutely zero tenderness whatsoever. But his moronic fans will say "Aww cute! Goals!" and other assorted bullshit because they lack the life experience to see what's right in front of them. That, or they are just plain stupid.

No. 590610

The look of rage on his face when he aggressively shoves her hand away is legit disturbing.

No. 590611


jfc, this guy is a narcissistic sociopath. Using emotional scenarios to try to pander to his viewers. The fake-crying when watching JG's video for manipulating viewers… All those random outbursts trying to pander to his followers. Also, the stupid attempts to be relevant by trying to look at what is working for other Youtubers. He just fails…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 590612

jesus christ leave this poor girl alone you psycho creep

No. 590614

This isn’t even the latest one either, he posted one a few hours ago called We Saved Eugenia Cooney that is supposed to be “comedy” but I’m not fucking clicking on it

No. 590617

File: 1540175674254.jpg (233.18 KB, 1920x1080, Smeagreg.jpg)

Just watched it. His standard "comedy", dresses up as Eugenia and then kills her. Dressed as Batman, he says "how's my dick look?"; the next scene is focused on his socked package.

But it did contain this gem. A picture is worth a thousand words.

No. 590619

god, this is so funny. I'm seeing another new channel in the near future when he starts fooling himself that he's not getting views because of the ~algorithm~ again

No. 590620

that it changes in the blink of an eye only makes it scarier.

No. 590628

I know people hate him being compared to American Psycho, but that gif is hella Patrick vibes.

No. 590631

Right? It’s not a look of mild annoyance, it is actual anger. Who the fuck reacts to their alleged love one like this?

No. 590668

File: 1540191098438.png (12.72 KB, 423x120, a new victim.PNG)

Please let this be the beginning of some type of ______gate incident.

No. 590670

Her ego is easily as big as gurgs. I've never, in my 28 years of life, heard someone compliment themselves so much. That was unbearable to watch. And the disgusting kissing, VOMIT!

Without a doubt.

I had a scrap with this nutjob on Twitter, I told her, "It'll only be a matter of time before your posts on lolcow will be revealed just like Booty's were."
I was just rattling her but it worked, she went crying to gurg and pretended to be all naive of lolcow kek.
If she goes for a visit it will be delicious milk, she's insane. She would definitely sleep with gurg behind lames back.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 590681

Why is she pushing this emo narrative and that her parents didn't let her dye her hair black? all her old pictures just show a basic suburban blonde boring girl
If they let her bleach her hair and dye it red, I'm pretty sure they would let hair dye it black if she wanted to.
(Or are you telling me they were so tight to not let her teen daughter dye her hair black but they let her have a older boyfriend at the age of 13? )

No. 590685

Lol at Greg trying to push the ”I prefer dating 25-year olds” narrative. You dated one 25 year old and went right back to dating 17-year olds after she saw through your bullshit. Besides, he’s fucking 32. Even if 25 was his prefered age that’s still 7 years younger than him, it’s still gross

No. 590686

his obsession with age is creepy enough

No. 590689

When I was younger my parents were against me dying my hair black as well.
Parents probably know that black hair doesn't suit everybody and that there's no going back from it.
Lambo's parents probably just wanted to spare her from running around for a long time with hair that doesn't suit her.

No. 590691

Awww, that probably sends away crying some of his hardcore fans who now know they'll never have a chance with him because Lainey is his twinflame.
Yet another video in which Lainey quite passively cucks him and ruins his chance of having a trinity.

Yeah, there's something peculiar about this whole situation…
Leaked sex tape (for more views and showing those damn haters) when?

No. 590692

oh shit really? yo skye you out-acted onion in every video you were in together, and i thought fellfromtheskye was great. glad you moved on and ended up being the luckiest survivor in this shitshow

No. 590693


He thinks he's 25 still. I think he genuinely tries not to remember that he's in his thirties.

No. 590694


Does Gerg always stare at the camera while talking to her? He almost never turned to look her straight in the eyes, he just stared at his own reflection in the camera for the whole video.

No. 590696

Yep didn't Billie confirm that he often 'forgets' his age and says he's much younger.

No. 590701

Yeah I thought the same, it was obvious they were doing that to show the haturz their marriage is GOALSSS

Also wasn't she pregnant when this happened?

No. 590702


I don't know about Billie, but Sam had to prove to him that he was at least a year older than he thought he was, she had to use Google and and age calculator. He thought he was 31, not 32 and absolutely would not believe her otherwise.

No. 590711

File: 1540218276812.png (39 KB, 484x246, Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 16.2…)

this comment on his "MY MOMEY BEAT ME" video made me lol

No. 590712

A 32 year old dating a 25 year old is gross? You know you have to be 18+ to post here, right?

No. 590713

I'm not saying that you're automatically gross if you fall in love with someone younger than you. But If you're 32 and you will ONLY date 25 year olds, you're probably gross. Just my opinion.

No. 590714

I know a lot of parents who wouldn’t let their kids go through an emo phase. A lot of upper middle class parents don’t want their kid wearing all black and dying their hair. And no her parents where not okay with Greg AT ALL. It does seem like her parents where pretty controlling which is probably also a reason she is so stunted. A lot of being a teenager is finding yourself through self expression and if you aren’t allowed to do that in those years you’ll overcompensate when you get older.

No. 590715

32 and 25 isn't gross. 24 and 17 is though.

No. 590716


You can tell it wasn't a playful shove either. The way Taylor's smile instantly drops and her face takes on an almost guilty expression as if she's had this response before is jarring. And the look of disgust on Greg is telling as well.

No amount of camera cuddles is going to convince "most anyone" that Greg feels anything beyond "momentary attraction" towards Taylor.

No. 590718

why are we discussing this when his spouse and none of his recent fancies were anywhere near 25.

No. 590723

That reminded of this weird spin Onionboi puts on the age discrepancy he has with most of his partners.
He will bring up the age of the women at this current moment, in 2018.
I cant remember word for word but he'll say something like
>and look at my wife shes 23 thats not underage.
does he not understand that everyone knows that he started talking to Taylor at 16 years of age, then flew down to New Mexico to fuck her in a seedy hotel at the age of 17. It doesnt matter that shes 23(24) now.
I wish I could find the videos hes said this in. Its been more than once Ive heard him use this mind game.

No. 590725

Honestly, is anyone here seriously going to believe he's super into only 25-year-olds? Really? I bet even Gargoyle doesn't believe his own lies.

No. 590728

Nah, this was in between pregnancies, when the agender shit started.

No. 590734


Maybe hes bringing up the "I find 25 year old women attractive" because his father in laws threatening words are still ringing in his ears.
>Come back in 10 years, when she's 25

No. 590736

I don't think doormat even believes that.

No. 590742

Somebody noticed that Greg gropes lainey in the tattoo designing video @4:26 and called her out for her dysphoria.

No. 590745

You mean when he pushes her off him while shes trying to get some lovin?
Yeah we all saw that here >>589724

No. 590746

Why is he even admitting this? So he proudly stopped talking to his father 15 years ago but continued to talk to his mother despite her being "abusive" also? Isn't he the one who is always telling people off for being hypocritical and making special exceptions for certain people? Also why is he so proud of continuing to talk to his mother after calling Taylor a "tranny" when he crucifies anyone if they so much as get her pronouns wrong? I bet he thinks this makes him look good and like a victim but it makes him look like a hypocritical fool.

No. 590747

I don't think he grabbed her boob
His hand landed in there to push her away

No. 590749


if she's actually still wearing her binder there probably isn't anything to grab either way, even if he wanted to

No. 590755

First time that gif was posted it looked like he was copping a feel. It didn't look romantic if that helps some people cope with it better.

Onion loves to twist facts. Sk gets considered one of his 20something partners even tho he was cheating on her with teenage Sh and ended the marriage when she was like 23? Sh has also aged so he likes to claim her age now as being relevant to when he dated her.

The only 20 something year olds he dated before marrying Lainey was AJ who dumped him after 3 weeks and he thinks flirting with Hannah Minx on Skype constitutes as a full blown love affair with a mature woman.

No. 590756

She's just wearing it for videos to get those extra transpoints.

No. 590760

This girl is trying so hard to wiggle her way into the swamp trailer but if you take a look at her photos on IG and Twitter (the photos that dont have big eyed cutesy filters) she looks a lot like PoopBeck, and we all know how that ended.
I doubt either of them will fly her down for a trinity tryout. Shes just another one of those stupid, love struck girls they string along for the Patreon cash.

No. 590765

No he's love bombing Lame who was freaked out by turning 24. She knows she's too old for him. He's just saying it to stop her complaining about being "old".

No. 590766

Id die if he took his next harlot from Buffalo NY, talk about the trash wanna be emo kid circa 2009 capital of the world. I’ve seen her around at the bigger mall in the area she reeks of desperation and her upper lip looks more tragic in person.
Would sage if possible, this also probably belongs in the flake thread.(>>>/snow/)

No. 590787

maybe he'll replace lamey with >>590668 now that she's too old for pedo onion

No. 590791

The onion flakes positing and self posting has been very obvious over the last 12 hours. There’s an entire containment thread for you losers over in /snow/.

No. 590819

Kek ye most of upstate ny is like that. Gurgs heaven

No. 590828

classic case of the lady protesting too much. he really wants to throw people off his trail so he accuses everyone else of being a pedophile instead and says shit like "I definitely enjoy dating people who are Legal". he's so obvious it's not funny, just sad

No. 590829

It's the whole reason she's 'trans'. I'm sure he makes her feel like 24 is ancient, not to mention she is a mom to two kids and didn't get to freely enjoy her youth. She's also under so much stress that she's legit not aging well.

The reality of being a 24 year old grown ass woman sucks, but if she adopts a male persona, she can be a teen boy! No need to consciously deal with the hell that is her reality, she's young again!

No. 590833

>My mother told me she would not date a man who ever had sex with another man.

omfg this stood out to me immediately. everything else on grease's list is about himself or his family, but crazy tami is allowed to have her preferences. why would he care to say that if he didn't want to secretly give shane dawson his micropeen?

No. 590853

gurg is 'premiering' his videos now on the main channel. jeez dude, you're really outta ideas huh

No. 590873

That "sex tape" would fit in to a Snapchat

No. 590888

Sk was underaged when they began dating and he was 18/19. So doesn't that mean AJ and Billie are the only ones who were legal adults at first sexual encounter?

No. 590890


I honestly feel bad for her in that regard.
Honestly, I think it's terrible for any girl/woman to look in the mirror and see how gross and sickly they look esp to others.

No. 590903

Any one who is following their "secret" accounts needs to be added to flakes imo(>>>/snow/)

No. 590942

No. 590946

File: 1540267718278.png (205.84 KB, 576x730, chrome_2018-10-22_23-07-29.png)

No. 590949

Was doing some snobbing on Mama onion and her personal Facebook page is directly connected to a drug rehabilitation ministry. Maybe there is truth to the drug use?

No. 590950

File: 1540268725524.jpeg (642.51 KB, 2100x1575, 0D8C0619-66C0-4B4F-AECA-730BAE…)

Forgot to include the photo

Was doing some snobbing on Mama onion and her personal Facebook page is directly connected to a drug rehabilitation ministry. Maybe there is truth to the drug use?

No. 590951

File: 1540268745282.jpeg (174.42 KB, 640x573, 2F1D6226-71CF-4C05-BCB1-136080…)

No. 590961

File: 1540270117732.jpeg (112.26 KB, 640x1136, BD41C53C-7DD9-45DD-9C6D-C0578C…)

If Aunt Kellie spells her name with an “ie” it looks like she owns a charity boutique with The Ministry. I’m not shaming either Aunty onion or mama onion it looks like they are involved in good causes and doing good work for the community. But drug addiction may be more than a beer or weed for the young onion growing up

No. 590962

So his mom is a recovering heroin addict and he throws her under the bus? What a wonderful son :\

No. 590963

I don't think we should jump to conclusions and assume that Crazy Tami was shooting up heroin. Being involved with an outreach group doesn't mean she did heroin. If she did I'm sure her crouch fruit would have been a LOT more descriptive of her "drug use."

No. 590964

If Aunt does charity work with it, so could mom.

No. 590966

Is it possible that the Onion clan does do good charity work and involves themselves with good samaritan actions even if it doesn’t directly benefit them? Seems impossible but maybe? You’re right though. I’m the fag that posted but we shouldn’t assume either mama or Aunty ever used drugs. This 100% just be good charity work.

No. 590971

Doesn’t appear at all to be the same Aunty kelly since aunt kelly in Facebook is spelt with a y and has a different name entirely than the one featured her.

No. 590973


Why am I getting serious JeydonWale vibes from this?? I mean he's everything she wants to be, ACTUALLY trans, attractive and successful in a relationship, an actual small (smol) boy, and has a decent fanbase.

No. 590975


Greg has proven over and over that 90% of what comes out his herpes hole is over exaggerated, fluffed and glossed over bullshit. If Tammie was ever on drugs he'd out her immediately as a drug abuser who ruined his life alongside any other BS allegations. The reality of the situation is as a previous few anons have said. Greg is upset with his mother and is doing what he does to anyone who rejects him or wrongs him. Exposes a bunch of not even half-truths alongside some terrible past traumas. In reality, this is just another "I dumped them!" rant, except it's about his mother. I know the saying is to take the words with a grain of salt, but a whole fucking bags worth is needed for the cancerous cist that is Gregory Avaroe.

No. 590981

He's never really gone into detail about the family functions him and Foot go to. But hes mentioned in passing hanging out with his mom sister and cousins on the holidays.
This is perfect timing since Halloween, Thanksgiving and Xmas are right around the corner.
Im sure he'll sperg because hes uninvited to all the upcoming family functions.

No. 590983

Classic Ogre. He's losing his mind if he's not allowed at Tami's house for the holidays.
It's like with his dad, when Gerg lost it because his father stopped sending him presents for Christmas. Despite Gerg giving him nothing in return except another "my dad is a child molester" video.
He expects everyone to suck his micro peen but he also wants to kick and stomp the person without complaining. Maybe he should consider buying a slave off the deepweb.
I hope Tami doesn't put up with his shit and teaches him a lesson.

If they don't spend Christmas at Gergs moms house, they're gonna sit alone with the kids at their house.
You know Gerg would rather die than visit Lamp's parents.
Funny that he books hotel rooms when they come for a visit and passes trips to NM because they don't like him because he stole their teen daughter, but Lamp gets dragged to mama onion all the time despite her hating her and calling her Tranny.

No. 590985

If Onion's ma was on the herion he'd be spazzing about that drug but he just likes to attack weed cuz Billie smokes it. With Onion's mum liking weed she's probably more open minded and knows other people and has come across people with issues.

No. 590989

File: 1540280348139.webm (2.68 MB, 352x316, Keeping An Eye On Bootyslayer.…)

>It looks really nice!

lol still thirsty and trying hard to get in good with the wife
Little does she know that Lainey keeps a close eye on all of Gregs little stalkers.

If you show any kind of interest in Greg, Lainey is most definitely lurking all your social media on the daily.

No. 590992

Oof imagine being over 30, pandering to middle schoolers with content that absolutely demolishes your personal dignity and strips you of all respect and not even getting views for it. Jesus. He could just do camwhoring and it'd honestly be less embarassing.

If he cares about anorexics so much, why does he only ever go after EC? Has he ever mentioned Ashley?

No. 591014

this is the weirdest thing to be upset about. why does he care if his mom fucks a dude who is bi???

No. 591022

no anon, he's upset that his mom said she wouldnt date a bi guy bcus gotta pander to lgbt

No. 591025

She looks fucking awful. That hair makes her face look even more like a foot, I didn't know that was possible

No. 591026

File: 1540295536141.jpg (16.29 KB, 382x120, another shitty video coming up…)

Shes asking her fans for video ideas because shes a basic bitch with no originality. How often does she plead for ideas? I swear I see her asking every other week.

So I guess we can expect another-
"I Move Boxes And Toys Around The Swamp Trailer For 10 Minutes In 2X Speed"

No. 591028

>Maybe he should consider buying a slave off the deepweb.

Nah, we all know he's too cheap to buy one. It fits his lifestyle way better to just lure in another doormatty teen.

No. 591049


She asked on her IG story last night, too.

She knows she has absolutely no talent at anything. She’s not musically inclined, as evidenced by her god awful tone deaf singing. She’s not artistic. She’s not athletic. She’s not cultured in any way. She’s a terrible cook. She’s not funny. She’s not intelligent enough to make competent reviews (seriously literally every time she likes a palette she says the phrase “it has virtually no fallout” like its some grand obvservation).

Screeching about how gay you are, how much of a soft boi you are, getting cucked by your husband, and complaining about everything like the first world bitch you are do not count as talents, laineythot.

No. 591051


“It has virtually no fallout”. Thank you! I thought I was the only one who noticed this. The dumbass doesn’t even realize that some amazing palettes, like ABH Modern Renassaince, DO have a lot of fallout because they’re super pigmented. And on the flip side palettes that have no fallout like tarte palettes are super dry. Sorry for the makeupfagging.

No. 591054

The only cool talent I think Lainey has going for her is tumbling. Do those gymnastic videos not do good out of her shit content? You get the bonus of seeing her act like a sped in public. Yet who would hold the camera since she's got rid of all of her friends? And Onion can only endeavour to go out in public like bimonthly plus her kids. She's stuck all day with those kids, bet she wishes Onion wasn't such an autist and she could film her daily life and have a functioning home to show. All of the bottom floor is Onion's studio and the open plan of upstairs has another office station for him plus all the kids crap. She should have used her little gay closer downstairs to practice her make up and film content with that but that was too much effort. She's not even livestreaming anymore. I can see her doing even less in a year

No. 591056


I don’t know anon, she seems decent at gymnastics. It was a hobby she did for years before Anus, before he could suck that life out of her.

She won’t do it though. It would be a cute video to see her taking the kids to a trampoline place like those other videos of hers, but she can’t risk offsetting her weak, smol, pale, fragile soft boi image by doing anything athletic.

No. 591059

>If he cares about anorexics so much, why does he only ever go after EC?

Because she'd be his type if she was healthy and in greg's mind if he can bully her into gaining weight to fit his ideal then she'll come running to him wanting to suk mi as a thank you.

No. 591060

File: 1540306886896.png (68.46 KB, 880x155, 0422.PNG)

I was searching for videos of Pedobot doing gymnastics last week and I came across this vid.
Being a gymnastics coach for young girls would be perfect for her and Shreg. She and him can pick out the shy, vulnerable girls whos parents arent really in the picture. Then tell everyone shes mentoring the girl and start the grooming process. Similar to Sarah, but she'll have a wider selection and the girls will live in their hometown, no need to spend hundreds of dollars to fly in the new victims.

No. 591063


Don't give them any ideas.

No. 591065

File: 1540309622466.png (859.52 KB, 608x681, KwSfXIDsku.PNG)

What happened to all that sod he laid down a last month? Latest video shows the backyard looks bare.
Something to do with that soil erosion and eco destruction situation?

No. 591067

He put the sod directly behind the house and in the pic related it looks like he’s off to the side of the house based on the dock in the background. Guessing the grass looks terrible so he had to film away from it.

No. 591075

Larry Nassar 2.0

No. 591076

don't worry, if this isn't the right area, his sod will die anyway, since he laid it down on top of sticks, debris and didn't do anything to allow it to take.
all that money and effort for naught.

i'm honestly surprised he hasn't ranted about how the people who sold him the sod lied and ripped him off.

No. 591078

I for one hope she does a video about bleaching her hair to platinum from black. kek.

No. 591083

Holy shit he has the body proportions of a 7 year old boy

No. 591104

wow, that's pretty damned bad. she should be rubbing rosemary essential oil or just spraying that area with rosemary tea every day. it helps stimulate regrowth.

No. 591122

and the head of a full grown Xenomorph

No. 591154

File: 1540328417093.png (449.9 KB, 846x497, I0MTcTMBBGV.png)

Is the thumbnail in her latest video suppose to strike fear in the hearts of the GOP?
All it did is crack me up.

No. 591168

File: 1540330633091.png (556.07 KB, 1287x1017, oniongf.png)

She is such a joke.

No. 591171

File: 1540331332723.png (139.8 KB, 384x340, imarealtrans.png)

We Will Not Be Erased (#TransRightsAreHumanRights) | Laineybot - Transcription

Hey guys, it's Lainey. So I'm sure a lot of you have seen the news lately and that Trump is trying to redefine what "gender" means. So let's just read it:
So this from the New York Times reads, the Department argued in its memo that key government agencies needed to adopt a explicit and uniform definition of gender as determined on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable. The agency's proposed definition would define sex as either male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals a person's born with. A dispute about one's sex would have to be clarified using genetic testing.
So essentially, Trump is trying to define trans people out of existence. By saying that a person's gender is unchangeable. So, if you are female at birth, that cannot be changed. You cannot (waves arms autistically) become a man even if you are a man. Unless you have male genitals at birth.
What really really really irks me about this whole thing besides the obvious is them talking about how it has to be "clear" and "grounded in science" when science supports transgender people and supports being transgender as being a real and valid thing. Science supports nonbinary people. Like, it is proven in science that people are transgender and people have been transgender since the beginning of time.
Several indigenous cultures had genders outside of the binary so it's not like this is a new radical made up thing that people are jumping on the bandwagon for. Like we are real, valid and not going anywhere.
You can't just redefine our existence so that we disappear because we're not. That's not gonna work, it's- we're not gonna change. All it's doing is hurting trans people and make the resources they need inaccessible to them.
And another reason I really don't understand this is because we're not hurting anybody. How is being transgender or being nonbinary or being anywhere on the gender spectrum how is that hurting literally anybody? Me being nonbinary does not affect anybody's life except my own. And that goes for every trans person ever. It doesn't affect anybody's life except their own and not having access to like resources and things that they need deepyl affects their life more than our existence could ever affect any of your lives.
So I just kind of I guess wanted to make this little video to remind you guys that you are valid, that we are not going anywhere, and that we will not be silenced.
I was on the fence about making this video cuz it's political and controversy but it didn't feel right to just sit in silence while this happened around me because it not only affects me but it affects many of my friends, even if I wasn't a part of this community I would wanna stand up for this because trans rights are human rights, and anyone who disagrees with that is wrong.
And I hope that any of you allies watching this will also stand up for us and will also not let us be silenced. And I'm sure this is really upsetting for a lot of people it's very upsetting for me as well and it was shocking to read this when it came up in my feed because it's 2018 and you think we're at a point i this country where we would accept people and where we would embrace diversity and just love our fellow human, but apparently we're just on the backwards track right now. Which is also a good reminder for you guys to vote.
If you are of voting age, please vote. Please vote for these midterm elections on November 6. I'm gonna be voting, my ballot just came. Greg's gonna be voting and I honestly have never voted in a midterm election, I've only voted for two presidencies and I have always thought that voting wasn't a big deal besides from the presidency. As I'm getting older and learning more about politics and learning how the system works and learning about all the injustices that are currently going on in this country, I know how important it is for me to vote in these midterms, its a very important midterm and its important that we all vote especially if we want to see a change in this country and if we want to see the quality for people it's not gonna happen right away but this is how it begins. We have to go and vote and we have to make ourselves heard.
Anyway, thank you guys for watching. Please don't let this get you all down on yourself and make you feel bad because you shouldn't feel bad. You shouldn't feel your existence isn't real or isn't valid because it 100% is, and that is also grounded in science.

No. 591176

Honestly, how does this affect her? She would not be traumatised if she were sent to a female prison. She is not going to be pat down at the airport. she doesn't use the male bathroom. Her marriage is not going to be declared invalid. In what practical way does she live her life as a transperson? Her translarping is so offensive when this legislation will hurt actual transpeople. Fuck her co-opting of trans issues.

No. 591178

your audience of fresh and ripe 14 year old gendertards won't vote because they can't. you and your uninformed retarded, water brained husband wont vote.

No. 591184

I hate to agree with a laundry transcript, but for once good on her for saying this even if she is making it about her. Any awareness on this issue she can raise is just more help to protect trans rights.

That aside; she’s not trans. Not personally effected because of it but if this message was being put forward in an ally perspective good. Her trying to get “IM LGBTQ PROMISe” points, hmm. Also lain, please go to an actual hair dresser. Even if you’re growing it out. Jezzzzz.

Also, minor niceness aside I highly doubt Grot and her are even registered to vote from what she’s saying. Never mind that she’d ever get her husband to vote for anything that wasn’t “suk mi time on demand”

No. 591186

I know this question would be more of instigation and way to poke her in the eye, but has anyone ever asked her what bathroom she uses when out in public?
If she was asked during a livestream Id love to see how she'd dance around the question and act indignant for even being asked that question.
Im sure that her "gender fluidity" gravitates to the female whenever nature calls at Olive Garden.

No. 591188

It's honestly sad that they won't attend family holiday parties when it comes to Clot and Trot. Their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins are the only other important people in their lives that they EVER see and interact with, and holidays are one of the only times they get to do that. At least one of Onion's sisters has children around their ages, too. With Madison and her child out of the picture already as well, their little circle just keeps growing smaller and smaller. It's depressing to think about them just sitting at home with their creepy parents arguing, filming, and fucking in the background all day for the rest of their childhoods.
(I know supposedly Trot is in daycare, but you know nobody is going to let their kid hang out with him outside of it based on who his bizarro parents are.)

No. 591192

i genuinely feel bad for their kids. they're the innocent people here and don't deserve the trainwrecks they have for parents. i hope they get the fuck out of that house as soon as they can.

No. 591201

Lainey's autistic. The only members of the trans community that have statistically relevant success rates of transitioning are those with the genetics of 3 sex chromosomes instead of 2.you can't just think therefore you are. Death rates are ridiculous for people they transition but have no biological markers of being trans. Biology and science doesn't erase trans people, it allows for actual education and resources for trans people. Faggots running around rejecting gender stereotypes while being the new emo scene kids hive mind with added spicy activism personality traits are not a minority. These cunts are a dime a dozen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 591205

She tags herself as "onision girlfriend" and changed her name from Taylor to Lainey…
She uses the female bathroom at Oliver Garden.

No. 591209

Dude, yeah, she's not trans, like you said. But she projects herself as a one, so of course she's going to post something on this.
It's literally a 4 minute video of "oh my god it's controversial should I post this, but transgenders are not wrong, it affects me, it's controversial, I wasn't sure if I should make a video, I'm upset."

>>591176 hit the nail on the head. The most of a fuck she would give about it would be her skimming through Twitter on her phone, saying to Greg, "can you believe that omg" and forgetting about it a week later.

Lainey is not going out on a limb to raise awareness about some under-the-radar matter. She's taking advantage of it.

No. 591212

i always see this boiling water/table joke on onion threads but i havnt been able to find the thread where it originated, would someone be able to explain? thanks anons

No. 591213

Onion and past "camera-person" Sam poured boiled sugar water on their dining room table during a skit they filmed, and Lainey was apparently extremely mad about it. They also didn't clean it up, so Lainey had to, and it ended up fucking up their table. She complained about it during streams a lot at the time and used it as a strike against Sam, even though her dumb husband was behind it. It continues to be brought up as an example of Lainey's bitterness, essentially.

No. 591214

This is the first time she's made a video about trans people & their rights. The only reasons she made this are bc 1: Kalvin called her out and made her cry & 2: her views have dropped and she hopes this will give her a boost

No. 591231

I’m surprised no one asked her this before. Everyone asked if her kids call her mom or dad but never what bathroom she uses in public. There isn’t a chance she uses the male bathroom.

No. 591232


Honestly, even if there was a unisex or family bathroom, I don’t doubt that she uses the womens’.

No. 591233

Of course she does, it probably eats away at her on the inside that no human being with a pair of eyes would ever see her as a smol teen uwu boi

No. 591234

She looks more and more like Social Repose. Why did she think this hair color was a good idea? You can also tell by her smugness she thinks she is really hot emo shit or something.. But she looks outdated and old .. oh my.

No. 591236

You can't change your chromosomes, ergo, you can't change your sex. You can only change the gender that you present as.

Men and women can have different medical needs based on their biological sex. It would be dangerous to treat and examine trans people (and those who claim to be trans but haven't gone under hormone therapy).

No. 591245

File: 1540342479407.jpg (110.96 KB, 1611x881, pathetic.JPG)

Any patreon anons want to recap/reupload his 2 latest money grabs?

Also, a 35 year old has-been father of two making a video about "emos" (kek) catching pokemon is just…depressing. Emos not a thing anymore Gergles, kill yourself. Actually emo was only a thing AFTER gregma was out of the age that is the standard awkward teen years. Yet more evidence that he likes 'em real young like

I didn't get a pic but he's also tweeting about how being nice to someone does not mean he wants to be with them. OK GRANDAD AND PATHETIC SPACE-MID20S-MOM JUST LEAVE JESSE ALONE PLEASE

No. 591246

i sometimes wonder if she's even aware how heavily she copies the people she sees around her. i mean, you do something often enough and it becomes second nature; the B skinwalking was obviously very, very intentional, but she bites styles and mannerisms from so damn many people, I find it hard to believe she's aware of 100% of it.

Or maybe I just can't comprehend that level of delusion, insecurity and self-hatred.
She may be turning in to Obesion more and more as time passes, but I just can't help myself feeling a little bad for her.
The time she spent being groomed by Onion and then married/bearing his spawn to him were years she should have been developing and figuring out who she was.

careful now. biology is transphobic, these days.

No. 591249

It's pretty apparent Lameysplot has no identity or actual, grounding sense of self. Excuse the armchair, but she was a little below-to-average intelligence extremely basic teen girl who was in an abusive relationship and then groomed and caught by the also extremely unstable object of her unhealthy (and embarrassing tbh) obsession.

She never had the chance to have the normal human growth for a personality or real identity.

Everything she does is a copy or regurgitation of shit her husband feeds her or something else she saw, usually some shit she found on tumblr, her "feel-good" place. She is stuck at mental and emotional age 15 and it's glaring to outsiders

No. 591265

onion took her gay closet too tho lmao

No. 591266

That "we're pregnant" video is him shaming people who have family yt channels and put their kids on videos

No. 591268

lol you know it's because Plainey floated the idea of Mommy blogging/Mommy vids to help fund their incoming swamp legal battles vs. the states of Washington. And maybe because she actually gets satisfaction from making those videos and the feedback she gets. Grugenstein can't have his doormat getting any self-made self-esteem after all.

No. 591272

File: 1540344921060.jpg (165.45 KB, 1034x1020, 31195610_2082774485325567_4019…)

No. 591276


I will never be turned on again after seeing this.

And Anus said he’s a 9/10, pfffffftttt.

No. 591278

it's always either stereotypical pretty boys who are about as smooth as onion's face, or ugly motherfuckers like him who have massive, bloated egos.

it's really hard to tell which is worse.

No. 591284

tl;dr sex is not gender

and I'm sick of these idiots relating the two, since men and women can have different health issues so birth sex will always be relevant. And you know, the whole facet of "gender" was created by a psychopath but whatever.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 591285

>Honestly, how does this affect her?

It will affect her Youtube income, obv. Be a human, anon!!!

No. 591297

File: 1540349000765.jpeg (95.76 KB, 750x227, 84C89313-8003-4EB9-9D33-A154EB…)

Not gonna lie, I’m hating the fact that Greg isn’t getting any backlash for how he treated M. He’s going to keep getting away with hurting young woman because it’s constantly swept under the rug.

No. 591298

File: 1540349022486.jpeg (356.19 KB, 750x834, BC9351DE-5333-4668-A7DC-FEFB8F…)

No. 591307

Is this his mom?

No. 591316

how dumb do you need to be to fall for Greg's "I'm changed! I'm a new man! Honest faxxx!", when he does this at least once a year; every couple of months?

Or should I be generous and chalk it up to naivete, for the young ones? Anyone older than 20 falling for his routine needs some sense smacked in to them.

No. 591320

This needs to be spoilered. I'm triggered.

No. 591323

at least this person seems somewhat skeptical - but we all know he's just trying desperately to find someone who will give HIS channel some sort of shout out so he can finally gain new viewers again.

It feels like he's tweeting at all these new randos as some sort of Spray and Pray method.

No. 591324

I've only voted for two presidencies and I have always thought that voting wasn't a big deal besides from the presidency.

Wait how? don't you guys have presidential elections every 4 years? How did a 24 year old vote twice when you can only vote at 18?

No. 591327

Lainey was born in October… Elections are in November… It is possible she voted right after she turned 18, and at the next election after that.

No. 591329

bitch has probably never voted. but its super uncool to admit that.

No. 591336

Yea but the last election was in 2016, she was 20 then. And one before that was in 2012, when she was 16.

She was never old enough to vote for the obama era, so wtf second presidency did she vote for?

No. 591339

….she was 22 in 2016. and 18 in 2012.

No. 591341

We have other elections you can vote for but, I doubt Lainey cares enough to vote for local government and senate races. I’m around her age (I’m only a week older) and was able to vote. I believe some states allow you to register to vote when you’re 17 as long as you’re 18 before elections begin.

No. 591342

you all know with her smol bean anxiety her bitch ass has never stepped out to vote. hard to give a shit anyway when you're married to a mini dictator anyway.

No. 591347

>Anus said he’s a 9/10
Please oh please source

No. 591361

File: 1540359088385.png (409.12 KB, 696x429, 564911.PNG)

Saw the old video of him critiquing Filthy Frank, and I was baffled that he doesnt see himself in that character.


No. 591384

Not to mention the fact he jokes about miscarriage and losing children. Along with cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with a mannequin and saying it's okay because he just decided they were "poly". He's really going for that wow factor with the gratuitous swearing and sex talk, wow so surprising. Oh and it ends with him putting his new "child", a baby doll ($10 it's Clot's), through his woodchipper.
He obviously lurks here because he pulls a lot of points made here as his hilarious "comedy". He's about as original as his wife.
I wish I could say all of this is in poor taste, but can we really expect any different from Grugly?

No. 591411


I just noticed he stopped getting botox, kek

No. 591412

File: 1540367531113.jpeg (30.38 KB, 359x297, 86354E2E-9245-48D4-B2FD-AA85B9…)

No. 591414

She lives in WA so she can just mail in her ballot anyway, but you're not wrong, Greg absolutely decides who they're both voting for "as a family" and she goes along with it. And probably never votes in local elections because he's too stupid and self absorbed to care.

No. 591423

File: 1540370302196.jpg (228.31 KB, 578x527, bieb.jpg)

No. 591425

Well, I guess anon was right about the black to blonde thing huh

No. 591432

File: 1540374176239.jpg (107.86 KB, 878x1210, RViymio.jpg)

Is Gurg blind? Bieber looks like a Ken doll that has scribbled on.

No. 591436

It’s a wax figure

No. 591497

I guess his expectations really are unrealistic. This is the wax face he wants lol.

No. 591508

This Shannon chick is friends with Billie so she should know better, what a fucking idiot

No. 591520

He also hated on her a lot in his videos when he was bullying this emo youtuber group she was in.

No. 591528

That's gold, anon, thank you!

No. 591533


Fuck I forgot, it’s in a video. He said he’s a 9/10 and Lainey is a 10/10 (sure Jan). I’m sorry, I’ll try and find it.

No. 591535

File: 1540395204123.png (506.54 KB, 750x1334, E5F1C1DE-4B61-4113-959D-1D2644…)


Are they though? I thought they hated each other over the Tyler thing? Unless they made up since? Sorry, would sage if I could.

No. 591536

They have since made friends as shannon and tyler broke up

No. 591541


He's a 9/100.

No. 591544

Onion is deleting comments on lainey’s latest trans video atm

No. 591545

It must be a great past-time for him to get to read all those shitty comments about her that he wishes he could say. He probably tells her what a lot of them are before deleting them, just to see her reaction.

No. 591547

File: 1540398342400.png (71.87 KB, 800x546, Screenshot_2018-10-24 Gregory …)

You support neither of those things tho Greg.

No. 591559

File: 1540400412373.png (119.98 KB, 350x379, cap42209.PNG)

This is the second time Ive seen him use the premier option.
Anyone konw why hes doing this?
Does he think its going to up his viewership or tweak the analytics?

No. 591578

I cant believe a video with a title like this was uploaded in 2018

No. 591581

Honestly. This sounds like a weird Smosh rip-off video circa 2008. This man has his finger on the pulse of the latest youtube trends…from a decade ago.

No. 591587

File: 1540403339546.png (22.87 KB, 366x266, 5734254.PNG)

This looks like its a reupload from 2016.
What the fuck is he doing putting out all the bells and whistles making it a "PREMIRE!" and its an old video from 2 years ago hes just rehashing.

No. 591606

He started losing subs on his speaks channel again, I guess he ran out of money to buy new ones

No. 591614


Anus will find a way to blame his wife, since she’s not uploading to BeautyThot anymore, nor does she stream on YouNow anymore. Her shitty makeup videos weren’t even getting 7,000 views anymore, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you need 10K to be monetized?

Who actually makes more now anyways?

No. 591617

is there actual proof shreg gets botox? isn't he too proud to do something 'fake' to himself?

No. 591620

He's not too proud to keep up with his OWN appearance. He only likes to dictate what others do to their bodies. It's a narc thing.

No. 591628


idk try looking at his face

No. 591636

File: 1540412200766.png (97.09 KB, 640x1136, 5794E677-73FF-4222-966B-9F9B05…)

Naaah, it’s because he bought twitter followers. I guess 10 replies per tweet hurts his ego so fucking bad

No. 591650

the stark changes in his eyebrows give it away

I don't think he's gotten any since M left though

No. 591657

I don’t see the botox. No proof he injects

No. 591658

File: 1540416182119.jpeg (32.76 KB, 251x367, E64B3422-D2FD-4A2B-9CC6-501A74…)

Recent pic. Botox were?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 591662

itt: onion or nasty onion cock hopefuls unable to accept that a narc wouldnt invest into their own self image, needs "proofs"

No. 591666

seriously I wish these onion stans would GTFO.
way too much defense of his appearance lately to be random anons.

No. 591670

File: 1540418781694.jpeg (651.9 KB, 1910x2546, 9B7BAEDD-5749-4563-9DF0-8FC055…)

No. 591671

File: 1540418608353.png (2.11 MB, 1920x1080, allnatural.png)


Any of you botox denying geniuses want to explain how the middle part of his forehead is completely frozen but not the rest of the forehead? Or can we stop derailing with this nitpicking garbage?

No. 591672

this is bootyful anon

No. 591673

Anon stated that it has been many months since Greg had Botox. A recent picture wouldn’t show signs of botox use. Why does that comment scream, SHOW ME THE FAXXXXX!!!!

No. 591674

Botox or not he is actually hideous, botox can only do so much

No. 591675

the hickeys are fucking glorious, nice work anon

No. 591677

ew im not a stan, I just thought his views bashing plastic surgery or any kind of cosmetic/corrective treatments are a huge nono. even his opinions on thots top surgery bothers him cause 'scars' and 'natural' is better. >>591666

No. 591681

It's because when he premieres a video, he has the chance of people donating to him when they watch it.

No. 591682

>Anyone konw why hes doing this?
I think it's because when it 'premires' it's 'live' so subs can view it as if it's a live stream and donate their shekels.

Basically to make money from the live chat shout-out system because possibly the money made from views isn't enough.

source: pewds is doing the same (as well as other people)

No. 591683

My confusion is why you'd go to a doctor's office and inject actual fucking toxins into your face then not go to a derm doctor and treat your skin issues? If he's a narc wouldn't he fix the texture before the wrinkles?

No. 591684

You forget anon, he's retarded.

No. 591697

Which one of those issues (acne vs. wrinkles/sagging/wear) makes you look your age? Which issue would keep Narc Gergenstein up at night worrying about losing his 14-year-old alt girl fans drying up?

It's classic Gergenstein tbh. Anything to net that vulnerable poon

No. 591698

He's also too retarded to ever fix his skin (super hot excessive showers, chemical peels, etc etc) whereas botox is an easy quick fix that takes 0% actual effort/following simple medical advice

No. 591707

He has no qualms using make up to cover his rosacea.

No. 591715

File: 1540434472921.jpeg (91.74 KB, 750x422, 1C89C89E-6F62-4680-88C7-A62A9F…)

What’s yelling at your son over Mario Kart then?

No. 591717

He seems like the type to think of real abuse as just physical and maybe molestation too. When he described his mother being abusive it was mostly physical and also some mentions of the stepdads, religious wackery and poverty. But he didn't say a whole lot about mental abuse which I'm sure happened more with a mom like his. Her poor boundaries also fucked him up but he acts like that is no big deal. I guess this was my long winded way of saying he doesn't think it's that bad to insult your small child over video games or alledgedly hold them while screaming at a young girl. He probably tells himself that T is too young to remember anyway because he like to yell a lot and is too lazy to realize his faults or change in any significant way.

No. 591719

Not too get too far into a children tangent, but has anyone from the house talked about what the children do during filming?
Watching him dress up as random characters and screech alone in a room can't lead to good socialization.

No. 591723

They've been in the background of a ton of Lainey's videos, whether visibly or audibly. I really think she has them all the time and just tells them to be quiet while mommy talks to the camera. I guarantee he makes Lainey watch them when HE films though. He probably uses the whole "children should be with their mother" excuse, like he did when he tried to sign away Trot to run away with Billie. You just know he thinks his filming and ~special alone time~ is more important than being around them.
Maya said Lainey has to balance taking care of the house and children by herself 24/7 while also trying to "work." I bet the only alone time they had with their dad was that hour a day while she streamed, and she doesn't even do that anymore.

No. 591727

The previous house was giant and drafty so if they were on the opposite side from him with one of their random sitters or Lainey I could assume they were kinda shielded from that. But the new house is much smaller so I bet they hear him yell weird stuff on a daily basis since his type of "comedy" involves screetching nonsensical bullshit.

No. 591736

didnt he used to claim he couldnt remember a large part of his childhood tho

No. 591742

but anon, Gerg is super edgy.
So of course he just remembers every bad little thing that happened but nothing good.
He always suffered and was mistreated but he remained the good, caring, honest guy every dad would love seeing steal away their daughter.

No. 591745

this HAS to be the pic for the next thread

No. 591761

File: 1540462235345.jpeg (343.92 KB, 750x859, A8905E0D-9D03-4FDE-8FFD-EA0C50…)

Yet another dumb and unnecessary relationship video. Thanks for reminding us yet again that you married a man who is known for rushing into marriages with teen girls.

No. 591762

I keep forgetting how young Lainey was when she got together with Onision and the thumbnail is giving me some really bad vibes. Why can't these people understand that just because it's legal, doesn't mean it's morally right

No. 591763

No. 591764

>Why can't these people understand that just because it's legal, doesn't mean it's morally right
Because we have idiots like Lainey and Greg (and their fans) who romanticize and defend their creepy age gap. We also have teen girls with daddy issues being introduced into DDlg by pedos on tumblr and other social media sites.

No. 591765

>tips and tricks
be young, basically

No. 591766

File: 1540463988539.jpg (13.57 KB, 420x255, hansen.jpg)

This is fucking nasty and I hope someone takes her kids away from her gross ass before she starts teaching them that this kind of shit is okay.

Why would you try and teach young girls who are most likely underage, ways to snag an older man?

No. 591767

Gross gross gross

Teenagers do not need to be thinking about dating older men, LameassBot.

Teens should be shyly crushing on other teens who are their peers. Teens should be young together, and fumble into love gently and innocently.

A teenager with a man who is almost 30 is disgusting and fucked up. It's also illegal in lots of states.

Just being with someone so much older puts the teen at a disadvantage. The power is in imbalance. Poor 17 year old Taylor Elaine, she has no idea how badly this is going to end up.

I wonder if she took a page out of FrankenHeads book, and made a targeted "advice" video, not to her fans, but to that One Fan she may be trying to convince to date her monster Sebaceous gland of a husband.

If you made it this far, here is a clip of Lainey in NM when she was "allowed" to attend her grandpa's funeral. https://youtu.be/Jay4zerVeFQ First off, at :55- 1:15 she speaks about being allowed to attend her pawpaw's funeral and being happy to be able to be with her mom….. because she has missed about 10 funerals in the past couple of years. Subtext is, Lainey is not permitted to see her family, and only her mother maybe twice a year. Um Greg, controlling much??

And at :30 seconds she announces that she's a lot more happy and comfortable being there, subtext is, happier far away with her family, than stuck at home with her screaming, autist husband.

All this small clip shows is that, No Lainey, a 17 year old dating a 26 year old is a very very bad idea, and that your tips and tricks are bupkiss. Hooey!!!

No. 591768

>a 17 year old dating a 26 year old is a very very bad idea

It's like she has no idea how teens get into sex trafficking, rape, prostitution and murdered.

I hope she gets a lot of backlash.

No. 591769

Because your relationship is anywhere near healthy and balanced

No. 591770

that is number 1. Number 2 is be dtf them in a seedy hotel, on a desk, straight away when you meet for the first time. Oh, and better start working on dat blowjob skill.
Imagine catching your daughter watching this toxic dump of a video, banning onion content in the house and hearing from your daughter that 'b-but lainey married onision when she was 18 and he was 26 and she is perfectly happy!' and then discovering the trainwreck that is their relationship

No. 591773

This whole post gets me pissed. Tips and tricks? Jesus fucking christ someone punch her in the face already. Side note, of you wind up looking like Taylor, I'll pass on landing a 9 years older manchild.

No. 591774


Fucking ew, Taylor what's wrong with you.
How can she post this and choose that kind of a title without hating herself.
Take a shot for every "but I'm 24 now" and "luckily he was no psychopath because this could've gone very wrong"

No. 591777

Imagine being a two year old girl seeing your own father mangle your doll (which you consider a friend or little sister).

No. 591778

> she speaks about being allowed to attend her pawpaw's funeral and being happy to be able to be with her mom because she has missed about 10 funerals in the past couple of years

This is legitimately insane. How is she ok with Gerg forbidding her to attend funerals?

>hey Greg my …. died and the funeral is next week

>you already saw your family a year ago Lainey! Why would you even wanna go there, God isn't real and funerals are stupid crap for stupid Christians

She really doesn't care about her family at all… she has to put up with Gregs sister not inviting her to her wedding, his aunt and mother hating on her and calling her 'tranny' but she can't even go to her family's funerals.

No. 591779

Yeah thats the problem.

See, Greg loves the cutie young underaged girls because they don't know any better about anything, especially what constitutes a small penis. Kek.

But Greg likes Alt type girls too. So sexy, so exotic! They are so cool!

Here's the rub.
To Greg, he views his partner, whomever they might be, as an extension of himself.

That's why he gets angry at alt-type girls when they express independent thinking and individuality.

He wants the girls to be controled by him, he wants them to submit to him, to change for him, to become extensions of himself.

With the underaged girls, its much easier to control them into whatever he wants.

If Greg can't control something or someone, he goes… bananas. Lol. Sorry. Lol.

>This is legitimately insane.

>How is she ok with Gerg forbidding her to attend funerals?

She's not. But what can she say? She's already deep in her own trap, swam in there of her own accord, and chose to spawn with the crabby, craggy, carapice affectionately known as Tomato Face.

If she were to ask for thing, for herself, Greg looses his damm mind.

How he screamed at Sh lawyer?? That vid he posted?

Lainey for sure gets that type of attention when she "messes up" or pisses Greg off.

So how could she ever say, hey, my great aunt died, can I go to the funeral?

shes been beaten down so, that she flinches at everything.

You start to feel bad for her, then she releases >>591761 with the intention of teaching underaged teens to subjugate themselves to an older, more wrinkly and smelly stale old guy with even wrinklier balls bigger than the actual dick.

She deserves those 2 inches that she gets when Greg de-feminises to the point that he sees her as a 12 year old emo boy.

No. 591809

Here's to hoping her channel get a strike for this. It's against yt policy to showcase child abuse including discussing sex with minors. Even if it's technically legal on a state basis.

No. 591811

Duh anon, she can facetime with her dead relative, she doesn't have to go to their funeral!

No. 591813


Tips and tricks? I beg your fucking pardon? Tips on what? How to sneak behind your parents back to fuck on a hotel desk not an hour after meeting in person? How to lie about going to school and really be living with someone a decade older? How to get married the second you’re 18? How to get knocked up only months later?

Christ, she’s so self absorbed she doesn’t realize that this is how real life horrors happen. Sex trafficking is real. Abuse is real. Rape is real. But no, let focus on how much Greg cLeArLy still LoVeS her since he strangles and bites her during sex, because twin flames uwu is no much more important.

No. 591814

Did she… just admit that when they started dating she was underage? Weewoo

No. 591839

Holy fuck this is disgusting. She absolutely lives in a sealed bubble and has no concept of the real world. Jesus, if she puts this on youtube it needs to be taken down. How gross and delusional can 1 foot be ffs

No. 591840

Holy fuck this is disgusting. She absolutely lives in a sealed bubble and has no concept of the real world. Jesus, if she puts this on youtube it needs to be taken down. How gross and delusional can 1 foot be ffs

No. 591843

File: 1540483651419.png (12.89 KB, 590x107, documentary.png)

Ummm, have I missed something?

No. 591845

Probably a clip of him dancing in a banana suit.

No. 591854

yea. or a clip for a doc called "predators on youtube" or "world's ugliest bastards"

No. 591855

Yeah Foot, who doesn't want to learn tips and tricks on how to marry a narcissist predator and ruin their life forever? You're so helpful

No. 591856

Keem’s doc about Leafy

No. 591865

No one cares how she got an "older man", people care how she got a YouTuber. Her deluded fans either want tips to steal Greg, or to gold dig.

I mean, you guys already covered the other aspect.

No. 591867

>tips & tricks

tips- tweet at your older man insistently until his wife divorces him and the rebounds he shacks up with realize hes crazy and leave him. He'll eventually notice you.

trick- lie about your age when you finally do talk to him. If you tell the truth and say your 16 he may run, so fudge the numbers a little.

No. 591893

I did a thing anons. I hope you like it.

No. 591895

File: 1540496215864.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, BC09D6C6-4CBB-4868-AA55-7342EF…)

RIP my sides, that last bit where he’s on the couch. Top kek, anon.

No. 591904

a++ vid but onion boy don't deserve to be in the same vid as that glorious music

No. 591908

File: 1540498645427.jpg (417.39 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181025-213348_Vid…)


"what it's like dating an older man"


No. 591913

If this is who I think it is, thank you and welcome back.

No. 591925

Her advice in the beginning is to get to know the person and make sure their intentions are good.
Because, you know, it's not like an immature and naive teenager being easily manipulated and a poor judge of character is the reason predatory relationships even happen in the first place or anything.
Teenager girls ALWAYS know when the creepy older man proposing marriage to them on the internet has good intentions or not!

No. 591932

Synopsis of what she says during this video:
- She's making the video video because lots of people ask her about this.
- It's important to listen to your gut and take things slow, because there are "a lot" of great older people out there who would make awesome partners, but there are also lots of bad people who can use the age gap to their advantage. Be aware of red flags, because you can be putting yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.
- When she was 17 she thought she knew everything and was an adult, but now she realizes how scary some of her decisions were at the time. Luckily for her she found someone who is good to her and makes her feel safe, so she "lucked out."
- Many people will judge your relationship – most of her family and friends and some of his family disapproved of their relationship at first. It made her feel conflicted because she loved Greg, but had other people in her life telling her he was bad. However, they didn't even get to know him at the time, and now they actually like him and think he's a good person.
- You can have more in common with an older person than you realize. You know a lot of the same songs and movies, they just make you think of different points in your life (things that remind Lainey of "elementary school" remind Greg of "a different point in his life.") This can be fun because they can teach each other about new things that they might not have known about if they dated someone the same age as them.
- Having an age gap makes your relationship feel more special. It's cool to Lainey that she and Greg even ended up together since they're from "completely different walks of life," but that's because they're "soulmates."
- The age gap seems much less significant as they get older. It has "always been legal," but now it seems less important. She used to think about it and feel insecure about mentioning it to people, but now she doesn't think about it anymore.
- Relationships with significant age gaps are "normal" and it can be just like dating someone who is two years older or younger than you.
- It's important to realize you both are equal in the relationship and both offer important things. She always thought Greg was more mature and experienced in life, so she let him make all the decisions in the beginning. She says this was not at all influenced by Greg telling her she was too immature or couldn't make the decisions herself. He has never made her feel like her opinions don't matter or that she isn't smart, and always encourages her to be an equal partner. She has realized over time she has important opinions and perspectives, and that she and Greg are equal partners who bring
"different things" to their relationship and household.
- Just because the older person is older doesn't mean they're more mature or that they can't still learn things. Lainey says she is more mature than Greg, no offense to him. She's seen a lot of maturing and growth from him throughout their relationship too, not just from herself.
- As long as everything is legal and both people are good to each other, there isn't a problem with an age gap relationship because adults can make their own decisions.

There are so many problematic statements and outright lies seeping from every line of the video. It's marvelous.

No. 591937

She says “he hasn’t never made me feel like me opinions don’t matter” can some ambitious anon make a compilation video of all the times he’s done that or called her stupid or crazy. Like ???

No. 591938

She says “he hasn’t never made me feel like me opinions don’t matter” can some ambitious anon make a compilation video of all the times he’s done that or called her stupid or crazy. Like ???

No. 591940

Or when he made the skit complaining about her trying to get him to interact with his own daughter.

No. 591941

Didn't he also make fun of her tumbling to a point where she completely dropped that hobby?
There's a video out there adding a crashing sound effect whenever she's bad at tumbling.

No. 591942

Didn't they say this was the #1 thing they talked about in their brief stint in couples counseling?

No. 591944

“Greg, I think it should just be Billie and me”

No. 591945


The chances of an age gap relationship actually working out are very slim. 50% of marriages are likely to deteriorate, and it's even more likely with an age gap. Most people that have an age gap (myself included) have to attend couples counseling to overcome and address power imbalances based on age, even if you have a wonderful marriage. Whether it's other people thinking the older party has an authority or the partner being inconsistent.. it can affect the autonomy of the younger individual. It is so important both parties attend individual + couple's counseling. The fact that she doesn't make a point about how:

a) There is a reason why men who disproportionally date young women is a red flag. Girls their age don't want them for a reason.
b) most of the time it has nothing to do with the younger person's maturity (which is often used to justify), but it is the lack of maturity of the older party.
c) It's common to have the younger party grow and change interests, which can also make it harder for the relationship to stay strong since what you bonded over is no longer part of your interests. Like Lainey's music that onionboi hates.
d) if you begin to discover things about your sexuality, you won't be able to explore too far (could be why they're poly)
e) you will NOT get to experience your youth in the same way.
f) things WILL be awkward around friends for a while, granted my friends were fine because we met at a concert in the dark, and many of them were there and saw how young he looks (he didn't know my age until our first date and weeks of texting.) He literally met her online knowing details about her age.
g) you will have dehumanizing experiences if you are a younger woman. ex: men sometimes try to high five my husband for having a younger wife (I'm in my 20's and got married two years ago & he's in his early 30's) It's not cute and it can lead to feeling objectified, but it's usually after I disclose my age. My husband purposefully does not disclose my age without my go ahead.
h) no, your relationship gap is not cool. If anything, it's an obstacle you have to work with in order to have a healthy relationship.

I am not meaning to b blogging here but I think I can actually give some insider info if some anon wants to make a video basically telling her to stop normalizing age gaps. It takes a lot of work and commitment to make it a functional relationship.

No. 591947

I would have loved THAT to be included in her video since then it would have some profoundness to it: pondering the good AND the bad. But unfortunately she's too shallow for doing that (and I tinfoil to a great extent that this video only exists in order to add more echo to her echo chamber about how great her marriage and life are. You know, the more you repeat it, the sooner you'll believe it.)

No. 591948


Age gaps can work, just like poly. But they have a way of completely swamping things up that can make even the most simple of things seem so complex. It's kind of hard to be in a relationship with an older man whos determined to believe he's still 25, and its impossible to be poly with a man who only wants to fuck 1 of the two others involved.

No. 591950


Ugh, he's obviously trying to bait people into thinking he's talking about Shane.

No. 591951

An age gap can work but not between a 17 and 26 year old. This video is fucked up and dangerous to her retarded fans. She didn’t marry a nice older dude she married fucking Onision, and both of them are cruising for barely legal girls

No. 591953

File: 1540507464801.png (417.98 KB, 743x549, 659331.PNG)

I bet it'll be similar to how Lainey was on This Is Life with Lisa Ling “Gender Fluidity”
There was a segment where they talked about gender discussions on the internet and you see a couple of 1 second flashes of Lainey.

Its just going to be a quick glimpse of multiple YouTubers and Onisions mixed in there somewhere.
>ok my part is coming up… wait… wait… OK PAUSE! there I am, SEE!

No. 591956

The general rule of thumb is "half your age plus 7", something that I think Onision would be disgusted by.

No. 591957

Youtube is not allowing reports right now. Wonder if it's a sitewide problem, or if her nasty predatory ass is getting reported too much

No. 591958

File: 1540509225659.png (43.23 KB, 624x311, chrome_2018-10-25_18-13-12.png)


No. 591960

File: 1540509362942.jpg (109.96 KB, 450x689, ptodLR8.jpg)

I used to enjoy when Shreg and Foot would argue back and forth via Twitter.
Shreg shut that down a year ago and I guess told her shes not allowed to tweet about her displeasure in the Onion household.

I cant believe that she stopped cold turkey. Shes a life long victim/whiner, she has to have some outlet online for that. I know she has a private Twitter, but she should be crying about something daily and we'd see her fans reply with asspats.

You think she has some super SUPER secret account?

No. 591961

Sadly I don't think that's possible. If Lainey didn't want the asspats and attention she would write about it all in a physical, secret diary. Or she'd save notes on her phone. But she makes "private" twitters and tumblrs to vent because she wants the attention and the replies.

No. 591962

Uh uh what's happening now?

No. 591963

"When Billie doesn't answer your 927th email begging her to come back"

No. 591964

Or that very last spark of resistance was snuffed out just like the rest of her personality, character, and future

No. 591967

File: 1540510444459.jpeg (147.81 KB, 750x863, A75C4EC0-3C93-4428-844B-2A65C2…)

No. 591969

Bitch, you never had anything fancy. Expensive does not necessarily equate with fancy. You had expensive trash to match your white trash ass, you tasteless, ignorant fuck.

No. 591970

He was Darth Gaydar for a hot minute today too.

No. 591971

The Teslas were fancy
But that's it

No. 591972

File: 1540511588857.png (491.38 KB, 743x570, 773291.png)

I assumed that she did all her crying to Sarah after Greg said no more airing out their dirty laundry online. With Sarah gone whos she going to cry to now? Shes way to paranoid to start telling secrets to any of these new tryhard girls looking to be the new B.

No. 591974

When he had to sell his Teslas he (yet again) had to spin it in his favor.
It wasnt just that he couldnt afford them, he made some stupid analogy about eating with a fork and what if you could only lift the fork to your mouth at a slow speed all the time, but theres times when you want to eat fast. He was basically griping about how slowly the Tesla automatic gull-wing doors open, and THATS the REAL reason hes selling his "fancy cars"

No. 591976

File: 1540512915062.jpeg (185.42 KB, 640x776, C4E1E2AF-1D72-486C-BC68-87EB61…)

Child predators are really thanking Laundry for her video, huh?

No. 591977

I really hope the 14 year old is trolling. Gross.

No. 591979

she is soo fucking disgusting for making this video i really hope youtube strikes her channel to hell.

No. 591980

well i just reported the vid myself, so it's working again

No. 591983

File: 1540515562988.jpeg (684.82 KB, 750x1105, D8EBDC6F-4466-4388-AA33-ADAAD4…)

No. 591985

I hate to say it, but she really does like a 13 year old boy. I cant imagine how desperate Greg is get away from her

No. 591987

thought it was greg for a sec. also doesnt have a single Myspace era vibe to it if we're being honest here, it just looks like any other boring instagram fakeboy.

No. 591990

nah she looks like a grown woman feigning being a 13yo boy.

No. 591996

File: 1540518633814.png (324.79 KB, 812x600, DLTCAP.png)

I really wish that Hansen had done one of his predator stings in Washington state.

No. 591998

Been watching a lot of TCAP recently myself and imagining the freak-out Greg would have in this scenario. It would be of astronomic proportions. Ah, if only "Lainey" had turned out to be a decoy, and when Greg came to greet her at the coffee shop they first met up at, it had been Hansen he greeted instead…

No. 592001

I hope she gets fucking flamed for this. It isn’t about age gaps, it’s about normalising pedophilia/ephebophelia. Her fucking fan base are tweens, this is so fucked I don’t even know where to begin.

I really hope this is a troll but something tells me it isn’t. Regardless, Pedothot needs to be cancelled immediately.

No. 592009

File: 1540522808819.png (6.62 KB, 264x495, 6.PNG)

No. 592010

That's just the swamp trailer, Greg.

No. 592014

She goes from making a video about Trans Rights to romanticizing being with an older man and giving "tips and tricks"? Fucking gross. You're a mother, Lainey, and you pull this shit?

No. 592015

Imagine being so insecure about continuing to age out of your cryptkeeper looking ass husband's prey range that you put him grooming you on a pedestal. She's thinking wistfully on the times he looked at her with anything else but disgust at this point.

I hope all the anons that fawn over her "potential" as a mommy vlogger realize she doesn't give a single shit about her kids. She spews this dangerous tripe, she contributes to their awful environment, and still thinks she's the most victimy victim to ever be victimized. They're a means of keeping her husband tied to her forever and not much else.

No. 592018

Oh great, she's telling her young teenage fans to "trust their gut" about older men.

When I was in high school, having a secret adult boyfriend was a coveted fashion accessory. The gut feeling was wrong because we didn't know how fucking dodgy those loser men were.

And no shit you can be more mature than an older man. That's why they're predating on teenagers, they're manbabies. You're endorsing creepy manbabies to your impressionable audience, just because you threw your youth away.

"Take it slow"

No. 592019

>Take it from someone who wasted a million dollars, money doesn’t buy happiness
Ftfy greg

No. 592022

He’s ty to relate to he police officers before they tackled him.
>”Hey I used to be one of you, be human!”

No. 592031

Hansen: Have a seat, Greg.
Hansen: Why are you here tonight, Greg?
Greg: I was just trying to find a new camera-man to work on my hit youtube channel with me! You've probably heard of my Banana Song Video?
Hansen: Really Greg? Because it says here in this chat log that you wanted to make this teen girl become your slave and have threesomes with you and your wife.
Greg: Those are all fake! You LITERALLY can't prove I typed that! Show me the FAAAAXX!
police officers approach him
Greg: I'll have you know I'm a trained military cop!

It would be grand.

No. 592042

the fucking bottle of bleach in the background of her selfie haha

No. 592044

File: 1540535067549.jpeg (482.1 KB, 750x1120, 5C046DD7-1E88-49A2-9EE9-05496E…)

No. 592049

File: 1540536898522.jpeg (92.32 KB, 750x467, D47B7FD9-9EFA-4B08-95B1-F2E9D0…)

Wonder what’s going on in the onion household?

No. 592054

This needs a spoiler, fuck she looks rough

No. 592057

how'd she pose in a tank with no bra without her giant udders sticking out

No. 592058

she tucks them into the waistband of her bike shorts

No. 592060

>prefers to look more masculine
>shaves armpits
Okay Eli

No. 592061

Wow shaved armpits how very trans. Even butch lesbians look more masculine than she does.

No. 592062

shreg would NEVER allow her to grow out her pubes even just a little if she wanted. pretty sure she shaves cause she has to for him.

No. 592066

Why would he be desperate to get away from her?13 year old boys are what he's secretly into. (and probably the reason Plainey wants to look like one)

No. 592068

*social repose in the house

No. 592069

>a) There is a reason why men who disproportionally date young women is a red flag. Girls their age don't want them for a reason.

It's something to put a pin in, but there's lots of reasons why someone may prefer to date a different age group. I date older because guys my age aren't going to want to date my ass that's ready to settle down. A guy might date younger to avoid a woman's biological clock longer for them to mature.

I do like that Lainey mentions "as you age together the age gap doesn't seem so massive". Good job Lainey you described maturing. Of course its not as jarring to hear a 24 year old mention their 32 year old husband, but they also don't know that your 32 year old husband had been grooming you since you were 16.

It's so strange to see a mother of 2 regress into a teenage boy. Is she leaving crispy crunchy socks all over her room?

No. 592070

She's basically telling her undarage fans to go for an older man

No. 592071

She's basically telling her undarage fans to go for an older man

No. 592074

File: 1540550358099.png (179.23 KB, 420x608, Screenshot_2018-10-25 Darth Ga…)

He briefly changed his twitter profile to this yesterday. I dunno wtf that was about.

No. 592083

File: 1540555974201.jpeg (185.4 KB, 640x473, BB0BF437-0AA1-49E3-860A-2B7C5E…)

Sarah looks good here

No. 592086

Don't feed the child narc in training

No. 592087

Its not actually Sarah

No. 592092

no shit sherlock

No. 592094

>He briefly changed his twitter profile to this yesterday. I dunno wtf that was about.

Skin breakout that necessitated yet another mask/helmet. Thought of a shitty joke to get twice the narc mileage out of it. He can now claim it as a work expense!(I kid, I kid)

No. 592095

Does anyone have the screenshots of Lainey’s new tattoo? Saw it briefly on twitter but shit reloaded before I had time to saw it. The tattoo looks actually so awful and the colors are messy… looks like trashy sticker.

No. 592097

>It's so strange to see a mother of 2 regress into a teenage boy

That shit is going to be pure embarrassment/humiliation for Troy when becomes 13. He's not going to have friends because of his parents, going to have to lock his clothes away to keep Pedobot away from them; and will probably just run away to get away from a father who will be in jail(Cause let's face it, Onion's going to fuck up big before Troy turns 13) and a mom who's too up her own fake ass and trying to make herself look more like her son.

No. 592099

searched laineybot on twitter and its the first thing that pop ups. looks rough. also they didn't even have the artist try to do the correct flower? looks exactly like the copy and pasted images from greg's google search…>>592095

No. 592100

File: 1540562746753.png (447.17 KB, 510x628, 764325.png)

No. 592101

when is LAINEY gonna learn that no matter how many awkward, borderline pedophilic photos she takes of her trying to look like a 14-year-old boy, everyone is always going to see her as a dumpy, ugly girl? YOU'RE A GIRL, LAINEY. get the fuck over it.

No. 592104

Lmao it looks SO bad

I figured that the shitty clip art they made in the video was going to be used as an example, and that the tattoo artist would draw an actual tattoo. But NOPE this bitch actually got a tattoo of clipart flowers she found on google images.

Also I heard that yellow tattoos fade fast and looks shit most of the time… and yet it’s the colour they used on the biggest flower lol

The shading / colouring of the whole thing is SO ugly

What the fuck, can’t get over this

No. 592105

Hahaha they both have those wide short frog looking faces, the comparison is accurate

No. 592106


I'm not one to say most tattoos are done badly but… this is some amateur level tattoo work. Like when some friend buys a tattoo gun and gives free home tattoo.

No. 592109

Her trans shit is fake af though.
By the time Trot is 13, she'll be a cunty soccer mom lifestyle vlogger or fingers crossed she is free from onion and has stopped the tranny shit and is a normal person.
I don't see her carrying on this shit more than a few years.

No. 592110

Looks like they got the flower colors off of Billies most recent hair colors(orange, pink, and yellow), and they made the tattoo HUGE as well, kek. What's worse is that GREG made it for her from that video, enjoy the constant reminder that gregle controls your life and billie is still on his mind, lamey.

No. 592111

File: 1540563804578.jpeg (18.64 KB, 600x324, ugly_mullet.jpeg)

That mullet though, I thought it was Christina Ricci's character in the movie monster for a second (and that's not a compliment)

No. 592112

He's such a creep about pubes. He immediately associates hairy vaginas as being dirty or less hygenic. Wash your hole and wear clean undies everyday and your vadge will be clean, hair or not.
Mind you he probably sperges about the hygeine thing because deep down he likes shaved because it's more 'teenage' to him.
I personally think bushes can look kind of attractive, cleanliness has nothing to do with pubes.
He's so childish about women's bodies with his weird preferences.

Reminds me of how Tom Cruise tried to control every aspect of Katie Holmes's pregnancy. Like she wasn't allowed to scream or cry during childbirth. If a man said that to me, I'd jam a lead pencil down his urethra and tell him not to cry.

No. 592113


Aren't the flower colors supposedly off of Onion's, Trot's and Clot's birth month flowers? I know Onion pines for Billie and Lamey pretends to miss her, but I don't think she'd actually get a tattoo to remember her by since she, you know, never actually loved her.

No. 592114

Yeah I agree.
I have no doubt Lainey skinwalks Billie and Greg is still obsessed but the colour scheme of the flowers is a reach.
You could say the same if she got a blue flower because Billie used to always have blue hair.
Definitely a reach.

No. 592118

Discount tattoos are not a steal Lainey, this looks bad, you need a better artist. The placement is also messing with me. Seems like the left side should be up higher.

No. 592125

Yeah, it’s friggin lopsided

No. 592129

It’s her and her kids birth months.

No. 592130

File: 1540568047679.png (143.06 KB, 600x600, dd3.png)

it looks like a badly done coverup but it's not even covering anything

No. 592133

This could have been better if the coloring was less garbage and pencil like. Then again the longer I look at it, the worse it looks.

No. 592135

it reminds me of shitty art on notebooks you buy at target.

fuck i can't even tell what flowers these are supposed to be.

No. 592138

Thats awful. All them tats are awful.

Most think she's still trying to skinwalk B. It comes off as more as skinwalking Sh to be honest. B's tats had a different style, more elegant that what these yahoos pick, all yoshi and clip art stencils.

Not saying Sh tats were lame or cartoony, but its more that she added a lot of design aaallll over, and compares to Lameys original 2 relationship tattoos, it's just not <cool> enough, in her head.

All her tattos are about greg, its sick. I think that after a huge huge messy fight, greg pesters his Left Foot to "prove" her love to him again, because she somehow hurt his delicate feefees, and says, "tattoo my name on your shoulder," the chin responds, "no way," he stamps his leg down as he yells "you're not fighting for love!!!"

"I'll get your birthstone color tattooed on me instead," she says, as the saliva droplets spray onto her cheek, staring into one angry red eye, unable to catch the attention of the other eye gazing at the ceiling. "I'll tattoo flowers on me with your birthstone color, just please, band-aid is getting scared," she says, shrinking away from the screaming hemorrhoid, so red and sore, its texture, so bumpy and scratchy, like cut cactus spines. A visible sheen of plasma mixed with oil and pus glistens on the talking fissure as Greg remarks, "good."

No. 592144

Billie's tattoos were way nicer. I mean I've seen that style before, it's not super original, but the placement seemed to flow better and the linework is way better. Her mom is a proffesional though, it's not like she goes to random ones like Lainey.

Also, why does Lainey keep getting flower/girly tattoos? The most masculine tattoo she has is the thing on her foot and even that is pink. Yoshi I guess is unisex, but even then…

No. 592167

Wow that's bad.
Guess that happens when you feel like getting a tattoo and just go to the next best shop that can give you an appointment in a few days.
I hope she's proud running around with that all of her life.

No. 592171

File: 1540576016560.png (210.2 KB, 640x800, oops.png)

No. 592176

File: 1540576678619.jpg (101.08 KB, 738x618, Plain.jpg)

>it reminds me of shitty art on notebooks you buy at target.
Ironic/Iconic, you decide.

No. 592177

Where's her binder?
Peep that dystrenderphoria.

No. 592178

This is such a classic Onion move. A tattoo of your husband and childrens' birth flowers could be a really nice thing, but they did absolutely no research on what the flowers actually look like, lifted random pictures from google, and arranged them side by side in a way that was not only not very artistic, but also not at all related to Lainey's original idea. They just slapped it on there and said "good enough." Then they went to a shit tattoo artist that saw that picture and though "yeah, this is fine, I won't tweak it or fix it at all to make it actually look good" and then proceeded to tattoo it lopsided. Everything about it is half-assed and cheap, like their lives in general.

No. 592181

In the video where they plan out the tattoo, she talks about going over it with her tattoo artist, so she goes to the same person each time. Which of course makes sense, since they're all subpar and guarenteed the shop is in the mall.

No. 592182

Holy shit, it has her exact tattoo on it

No. 592184

File: 1540577582259.jpg (189.1 KB, 1200x628, laineyrepose.jpg)

Hmmmm, possible twins?

No. 592185

File: 1540577666267.jpg (109.8 KB, 750x625, gregorysbeautifulbride.jpg)

And the original picture.

No. 592188

Haha. Do you all remember when he said that he can stick his peen in deeper when his partners are shaved? And that's when people started wondering about his peen size in the first place?

I really really hope that's a god dash darn coincidence, but then again, I wouldn't be too surprised about her lack of creativity or will to put any work into anything.

Am I the only one who's slightly being reminded of a uterus? Maybe I'm reaching…

No. 592190

I get that she doesn’t have much of an identity besides being a mom and wife but goddamn, is there nothing else in her life that she can use as tattoos? Bitch is going to have her whole body covered in tattoos that represent her kids and greggo. This is her fourth one ffs

No. 592191

Her tattoo looks like the outline of Mickey Mouse

This is one of the ugliest tattoos I’ve seen. The placement is weird too.

No. 592192

If Greg didn't bash all of her past interests, music taste, and everything else, that she'd have an identity. But she has to find things that he can't criticize her for, and cling to those things. Like another thing I noticed she dropped recently was vaping after he said in a video that it was dumb. He can't bash tattoos because he has them. He can't bash her sexuality and gender. He can't bash their children. But everything else is "fair game" for him.

No. 592193

>>592100 this looks awful. But then i remember all the other tattoos she got which makes this one seem like a masterpiece.
>>592112 for some who is woke about feminism he seems to bash women for every decision they make. What a hypocrite

No. 592194

At a good shop you wouldn't even get an appointment this early.
I wonder how much she paid for this…
Tattooing someone something real shitty and letting the person go out into the world like that reminds me of Vicky lol

No. 592196

I just noticed that Taylor is -still- not wearing her ring.
Something's going on, or the cheap piece of shit probably broke.
I'm sure it is unrelated, but the asexual community adopted black rings as a symbol so they can spot and meet other asexual people, maybe someone pointed that out? I doubt that, it is a reach, but it is a thing.
I just want to know the reason.

No. 592198

File: 1540581618195.jpeg (425.42 KB, 2048x2048, F4E64F38-2DA7-4FB9-B4B5-0B19CE…)

The original inspiration vs somehow what Gurg managed to make for Plainey.

No. 592199

She looks like she's trying to pull off a low budget cosplay. Like honestly her hair looks like a cheap wig kek

No. 592200

Have we already forgotten about the younow tattoos?

No. 592203


It looks like a poorly done hidden Mickey.

No. 592204


Evolutionarily, we developed pubic hair to keep dirt/diseases OUT of our vaginas.

Let's be honest, Greg likes it bald because it looks like a little girl…oh, excuse me, a teenager.

No. 592214

actually pubes aren't for that (many people don't even get pubes near the vagina entrance), they're designed to hold sweat to increase pheromones. that's why men have them as well, thats also why armpit hair is a thing. it's not for safety at all and more studies have come out showing pubes are actually less hygienic cause they're designed to hold in more sweat.

i'm more surprised gurg doesn't shave his pubes and pits since he's such a clean-freak.

No. 592216

Greg is the dirt

No. 592218

File: 1540588375492.jpg (85.56 KB, 1280x720, volgayno.jpg)

I'm pretty sure it's her sixth tattoo.
The first 2 she shared with Gurg
The lavendar sprig on her collar bone
The elephants on her thigh that Sam drew, which I always thought was weird

And the volGAYno, never forget the volGAYno lmao!

No. 592221

Is she actually dabbing in a tattoo parlor or is that a funny misleading screencap?

No. 592224

I actually lol'd that is hilarious, we're getting too many good candidates for next thread pics atm

No. 592227

File: 1540589333353.jpg (18.41 KB, 227x190, tatt.jpg)

I'm not misleading, it's the thumbnail Lainey actually chose for her video! Lol, I just found the large version through google.

No. 592228

It’s her fourth tattoo about her husband/kids. The ugly date thing, the yoshi, the elephants and now the flowers

No. 592234

mArRiEd MoThEr Of TwO

How is she now ashamed of herself

No. 592241

kek, evolutionarily gerg was given a tiny peen in the hope it would hinder him from breeding but that clearly didn’t work out so well

No. 592242

I'm sure that they do hold sweat but come on, it doesn't make any dirtier having long pubes if you groom yourself properly.
Wish I could sage for pube talk.
I agree with other anons, it's probably the teen association for him. It's a very childish thing to be picky about hairy women.

No. 592243

>i'm more surprised gurg doesn't shave his pubes and pits since he's such a clean-freak

For all we know he does! Plus he is not a clean freak, he fucking pretends he is because he was teased for being a filthy stinking degenerate in high school

No. 592248


Oh I'm sure that he does. I remember him saying a while back that pubes should be shaved so you can go "in deeper". So…

No. 592249

oh no, sorry to imply that's why he doesn't like them, i just hate the myth that they're for protection or something.

yeah, i should have used quotes lol

how the fuck many pubes does he have for it to go any deeper without them???

i know this is kind of old but fuck i hate that tattoo.

No. 592251

File: 1540595743411.jpeg (40.71 KB, 1280x720, E4C695D8-7EB3-4C91-9765-4F3ABB…)

He just wants to be pure anon.

No. 592252

she legit looks like magdalen berns had she decided to be an emo lesbian

No. 592254


I think you meant "how small does his dick have to be to feel any difference?"

No. 592257

File: 1540597160430.png (1.06 MB, 945x1029, Screenshot (330).png)

>i'm more surprised gurg doesn't shave his pubes and pits since he's such a clean-freak.

No. 592259


God he’s fucking gross. All of his skin is dry and has age spots I swear.

No. 592266

I can't imagine having this spotty cunt gnawing on you and poking you with his microdick. He'd probably be flaking dandruff and dry skin all over you.

No. 592269

pretty sure he likes it dry so thot doesn't drown out the feeling of his clitdick with her juices. Anyone remember when he bragged about accidentally fucking sh in the ass and neither of them noticed until later in…like how small do you have to be that she does NOT FEEL GETTING FUCKED IN THE ASS.

No. 592272

More like he ignored her and raped her in the ass and later claimed he "didn't notice" and Sh was too meek to contradict it.

No. 592273

This is what I always felt when he stated this. Perhaps she was dissociating. I know I would if I had to fuck the guy!

No. 592275

Greg wishes this is how he looked.

No. 592286

File: 1540606434114.png (582.17 KB, 934x482, Untitled10.png)

Late but here's a compilation of all of her current tattoos. She really needs a better artist, all of her pieces look like they where colored with cheap markers.
Tattoos she still wants to get:
>"all of it together" matching with greg
>dance Gavin dance 'motherless' album art on inner bicep
>The Used heart behind her ear
>sunflower on shoulder blades
>something TBS related on her ankle
>heart on her hand below her thumb (billie has something similiar I believe)

No. 592294

christ they're all shittily done and basic.

>yoshi tattoo. doesn't even play games

get a sailor moon tattoo next plainey (wait, that first one isn't meant to be a sailor jupiter one is it?)

also someone said earlier that rainbow lump was meant to be a volcano & I've been thinking it was a pudding this whole time.

No. 592304

These are such trailer trash tattoos.

No. 592306

The volcano was supposed to be for Younow, too. She doesn't even stream on Younow anymore. She just has that shitty tattoo forever now for no goddamn reason.

No. 592308

She forgot to make the lava erupt into the air. She isn’t the brightest

No. 592312

The Jupiter one is 24, some bullshit relating to their anniversary. Also, imo, the age Onion will finally leave her.

No. 592313

She did the flower one already?

No. 592318

Those flowers look fucking terrible. All of her tattoos are stupid.

No. 592325

Fucking kek anon, I thought it was a pudding too.

No. 592349

And a giant head that had it been preobstetrics would have taken him and his mother out during childbirth. Thank Jesus his mom didn't abort her little indigo child because his trainwreck of a life is really fucking entertaining. He should be a prolife success story.

No. 592356

Those tattoos look like they where coloured in with a highlighter running out. I bet £20 she gets an elaborate piece next since we know she lurks this board lol

No. 592361

File: 1540626442154.png (304.54 KB, 536x750, chrome_2018-10-27_01-41-46.png)

Here's a mirror for Lainey's new (shitty) tattoo video.

No. 592363


Guaranteed there's some kind of trinity subtext here that she isn't aware of but he'll point out later.

No. 592368


It’s just so awfully done and not organic or flattering at all. Her tattoos look so flat and one dimensional.

She also needs to tone down the highlight, she straight up looks like the tin man here.

No. 592369


She says something in the beginning about wanting it on her arm, but that she wont know until she sees the design…. did the tattoo artist just CHOOSE not to redesign it?? Or was Laundry confused?

Also, you dont put ointment on the tattoo the day you fucking get it. It should be able to dry out and breathe.

And, while I've never had a colour tattoo with yellow before, yellow does fade a lot faster… but I think its bullshit that their skin isnt "taking" the yellow ink. IT'S THE DAY AFTER. You wouldnt notice it. The tattoo artist just did a shit job saturating it. What a fucking idiot

No. 592371

What I don't get is the placement of the flowers. It's supposed to mean Lame and her kids but the placement is off - a carnation (January, Trot) is on the left but the smaller one on the right is a marigold (October, Lame) and the large center one is a chrysanthemum (November, Clot). Unless Clot was left out and the big one's supposed to be Anus (or both??), the center one being their daughter instead of herself is a bit off. Terrible stock tattoo nonetheless.

No. 592372

The two side flowers are for Trot and Clot and the big one in the middle is for Onion.

No. 592373

Yellow is tricky, you need top quality pigment for it to take properly and I can guarantee that the ink used in that trashy rush job was some cheap nonsense that will drop out and look even more atrocious than it does now (if that’s possible)

No. 592379

File: 1540634218124.jpg (11.38 KB, 230x219, 0v4h3o6o69f11.jpg)

When did she get the yoshi and for what reason?
Since when is she a Nintendo fan big enough to tattoo a Mario Universe character on her? She should have went with Birdo anyway kek

No. 592381

No the one in the middle is for both Greg and Cloey as it is the Nov flower. The others are Troy and Lainey

No. 592383

She probably just watched Greg play it and pretended she does too.
Yeah she should have gone Birdo. At least Birdo is trans.

No. 592386

File: 1540638896227.gif (59.51 KB, 413x331, flowermickey.gif)

I sincerely hope that people continuously comment
>oh wow thats such a cute mickey mouse head made of flowers
I think that would piss her off

No. 592387

Greg has a Toad one or something, it's for Mario Kart, I think.

No. 592388

Wearing her Nirvana shirt from her "goth" transformation video lol.

Her new tattoo video and dating an older man video she's wearing her silver silcone wedding band. She has a black and silver one.

>Mario has always been a big staple in our relationship. We've always played a lot of video games together.

From Foot's tattoo tour. Shreg must get off on branding women because now he's designed 3 of her tattoos lol.

No. 592391

>tattoo tour

Bitch, you have seven shitty toddler scribble looking ass scratches that have no meaning yet somehow this warrants a “tour”? Even Lil Peep’s terrible stick and poke/“I was so high I don’t even remember getting this” tattoos are more interesting than this mess.

No. 592393

That would make sense if the biggest flower was for 2 people. But Cloey is October like Lainey. The giant November flower is all for Greg.

No. 592419

Even after the eventual divorce she’s still gonna be his bitch with those toddler scrawls all over her, lmao

No. 592423


It doesn't look that different when its blurred out lol

No, C was born early November.

No. 592424

File: 1540648945410.png (239.86 KB, 817x457, flagged.PNG)

Sounds like one of his recent videos got flagged.
Not sure which one but these three fit the time frame.
I truly hope which ever video it was it was on the same channel that his Helen Keller video got flagged and removed, and the one of the naked tits got flagged and removed. 3 strikes and you are out Onionboi.

No. 592435

He's only 30-something. Let's see what life still has in store for him…

No. 592436

Maybe Taylor Elaine has been really smug and condescending towards the tattoo artist as well and she (I think the artist was a woman) is just happy to get rid of Lainey, so she agrees with most of Lainey's decisions, to make a quick coin and progress with her day.
Just my two cents.

No. 592438

File: 1540655218799.gif (1.38 MB, 290x300, 96_96_7475_73_645.gif)

No. 592453


Yep. Or things like “Wow, you must really love the Epcot flower and garden festival”.

No. 592455

File: 1540657767839.jpeg (35.16 KB, 638x479, images (3).jpeg)

It reminded me of those Mickey subliminal messages Disney puts in all of their movies lmao
What a stupid fucking tattoo

No. 592478

File: 1540664619938.jpeg (123.75 KB, 640x356, 6C358836-E80C-414D-B9EA-49202E…)

thought I’d share an unedited screenshot from that heap of autism

No. 592480

LOLLLL please someone make a whole episode on youtube

No. 592481

The placement of this tattoo is so awkwarf

No. 592482

File: 1540666583857.png (1.91 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_10-27-02.53.23.png)

Such a happy marriage. Onion boy literally looks like he wants to die

I also don't fully understand why she made him be in video (or any for that matter) to just yawn and look miserable.

No. 592486

Megan you're dumb.
There are already enough websites similar to YouTube.
The problem is that they don't get as much traffic as YouTube, so they are no competition.

No. 592487

This. It’s almost like it’s too far down? I dunno it looks like someone slapped a tempest tattoo on

No. 592488

File: 1540667358541.gif (3.35 MB, 656x368, REVEALING MY NEW TATTOO _ Lain…)

I love how he's grabbing her arm and turning it around to look at the tattoo like a retard.
For a brief second she looks like she hates how he's grabbing her.

No. 592490


It looks like one of those airbrush tattoos that you can get at carnivals/fairs.

No. 592495

I have a few tattoos with yellow in them and yellow does tend to come out really fucking splotchy then disperse after a couple years when the ink starts to fade. Obviously since “her artist” doesn’t give two shits about her she didn’t tell her anything about the color or how it might look later on and she doesn’t give enough of a shit about herself to actually look it up she just thinks she sew special u guys my skin won’t take the ink :(

No. 592500

Bitch is looking like a clown with that spot of highlight on her nose.

Greg just looks…ugh. His eyes nearly slides off of his face when he yawns.

No. 592503

File: 1540672136189.png (774.29 KB, 1037x671, Untitled.png)

onion wearing a suit, fingers crossed he's been forced to go out on a job hunt irl.

No. 592505

I think it’s the opposite, the artist probably warned her that yellow is the most often rejected color (or so I’ve heard) and she immediately thinks her skin is rejecting it.
I can see the business card now
>Gregory Jackson - Actor, Director, Singer, Inspirational Speaker, Amateur Model, Youtube Celebrity, Value Village cashier

No. 592507

Only now she's starting to have a theme in mind for her tattoos which is floral. Seems a little late since she has 5 pretty random and some Onion related tattoos.

No. 592510

Or that day was court day for the backyard shenanigans.

No. 592511

shit i hope its for a court date

No. 592513

He's often wearing suits or ties, I don't think it's as big as you think.
Fingers crossed he's getting an actual lawsuit for destroying wetlands in November.

No. 592515

File: 1540677553521.png (20.47 KB, 698x180, demonitized.PNG)


No. 592516

he says the same exact thing every month

No. 592517

he says the same exact thing every month

No. 592519

>work, but no pay.

This pisses me off so much. You’re not a YouTube employee; they’re not obligated to pay you for the garbage you keep voluntarily churning out. Get a fucking job.

No. 592524

even with this shit happening isn’t he making around 10k a month still between him and Lainey? I wonder when they’re going to be actual poor

No. 592529

It's the only way he'll spend time with her. That's why she includes him.

No. 592531


But Greg, I thought that you DUMPED Shane for saying that Youtube was "just a job"?

No. 592532

10k? Hardly. More like half of that.

And to be honest, with 2 kids 5k a month isn't that much money on top of other expenses. Even if you're spending the bare minimum on them to keep them alive, fed and clothed, it's still not that much. Consider that a fat portion of their income goes to the mortgage, car payments, and before the mcmansion sold (assuming the deal went through) they were paying for that too. Plus utilities etc.

I don't doubt that the onions are hurting for money or at least have none left over by the end of the month but both of them have plenty of time to get a fucking job and continue making shitty videos their syncophants will eat up.

Just look at someone like SimplyNailogical, who has a full time job even though her channel is a huge success and she's even admitted that they make way more on YouTube than both her and her boyfriend's incomes combined (and they have good jobs). But they're actually intelligent enough to know that the YouTube ride could come to an end at any time and so they keep their jobs and save their money. And she still maintains 2 channels with millions of subscribers.

No. 592541

I remember Shreg complaining about stocks awhile ago so I wonder if his accountant has suggested him to try investing in stocks. He sold a fully paid off house so he should have at least some of that money tucked away and if he was smart he would invest it instead of buying bullshit he doesn't need.

No. 592544

Knowing Grease, he probably invested it all in Tesla.

No. 592545

Nah he remortgaged the McMansion after he sold the set house

No. 592546

If you mean refinance isn't that just taking equity out of what he already paid into the Mcmansion. Or you mean he threw all the money from selling the set house into the McMansion?

No. 592550

He doesn't understand that when YouTube demonetizes videos, they are missing out, too, because you couldn't follow their guidelines about what videos are appropriate for monetization on thier website? They want to put ads on as many videos as they possibly can, but if your content is shit they can't and it hurts them.

No. 592554

Refinancing is basically getting the house appraised and getting a loan for its new worth. So it's cash in pocket except now you owe its new value. So no, the house wasn't paid off. Most of the money he got from selling it went towards paying the loan.

No. 592577

File: 1540698401566.webm (1.87 MB, 540x360, 002764.webm)

No. 592582

this is wonder showzen level horror-comedy i love it

No. 592587

File: 1540700590052.jpg (21.08 KB, 245x230, f3412b4dd8a26fbdaeb7ca4f98e2a4…)

No. 592591

File: 1540700784752.jpg (52.61 KB, 640x370, ea6.jpg)

No. 592611

This site is just evil women and gay men right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 592623

File: 1540722896146.gif (981.05 KB, 232x232, tumblr_inline_mor5j1p2kf1qz4rg…)

No. 592624

My sides have left the orbit. But you forgot "Tax Law Expert", "Most honest person on YouTube" and "Pediatrician - specialized in pubertal girls bodies"

No. 592625

If it was Lainey and Greg would be here

No. 592631

Why is Mickey Mouse melting his ears off?? They are sliding down his head, just like how Greg's eyes are melting off his face.


This must be why when visiting YT, if I type up Onision in the search bar, the results will not show the Onision Channel option, like, at all. Anything related to the main channel never shows up. Hooray!

Oh Lawdy Lawdy Lawdy!!!!!
Boring Lamey just droning on and on about boring stuff.

Greg just dying of regret inside so much, the Botox lost its holding power, and his eyes did the melting thing, they always trying to escape.

So spot on anon, so spot on!!!!!
Kekkkekkkekkkekkekkkekke!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 592633

>Bitch is looking like a clown with that spot of highlight on her nose.

She chooses to ignore that a highlight on the tip of ones nose only looks cute for small petite button type noses.. not .. what she has. It only highlights the fact that her nose is big in a rly unfortunate way.


For real now, I swear she has that chin scab.. pimple or whatever it is on her chin for like years now! Is it just never going away because she keeps picking at it and then putting on layers of foundation over the thing while it's open or what..?

No. 592640

File: 1540730950307.jpeg (205.63 KB, 750x1076, B577842F-E969-44B7-AF57-878351…)

Idk if it’s because my English is bad but what does he mean here? Is he trying to hint at him being poor or what? That little “anyways” is so cheap and masks his intention so bad. Who falls for this?

No. 592641

I think that most of us here who don’t speak English as a first language still have a better grasp on it than Gurgamel does. He’s an illiterate idiot.

No. 592642

yep, it's just weird shitty greg english where he, puts lots of, commas in, and then, anyway, changes the topic half way through

No. 592643

File: 1540734301716.png (1.6 MB, 2048x1536, PicsArt_10-28-09.40.32.png)

Its really creepy she, a 24 year old adult, refers herself as young boy. If it was a adult guy claiming to be a young girl EVERYONE would be creeped the fuck out.

Secondly, its said her fake gender is her entire identity

I gag at the thought of what nasty batman (or joker) and robin roleplay awaits. I gaurente shell be showing off her nasty chewed up neck soon

No. 592650

I laugh every time I see him wearing NASA.
"Hey fellow kids, I fucking love science too!"

No. 592651

Why has she specified 'boy robin' oops someone might think I'm cosplaying an adult male not a widdle smolboi! Also why is she constantly misgendering herself? Idk why 'her' is such an insult (because its cis basically) but gendering herself male is fine, whilst she still calls herself non binary. Protip laimey, 'prepubescent boy' isn't a gender.

No. 592653

Because a boy will pose in thotpose #261 with his tongue sticking out and put it all over insta.

For someone with an undergrad psych degree, she sure is confused how a teen boy’s mind actually fucking works

No. 592655


"i say boy robin for a reason lmao" god she is so insufferable

No. 592657

wonder if they even got their kids halloween costumes considering they never take them anywhere or let them have contact with people. its borderline abusive how isolated they make their children. the government should condemn Slimey's pussy and ban onision from breeding further.

No. 592658

I’ve been inundated with Onision memes on YouTube and this one is great.

No. 592667

You're wrong anon. The kids get to meet quite a few 14 to 19 year old girls.

No. 592673

can't wait till they're in their teens and gurg is still doing this, only to be cucked by his own son.

No. 592676

File: 1540747973848.png (758.3 KB, 1116x640, 61EF5E81-9964-4EF0-8279-97E605…)


No. 592678

He's probably jealous as hell, even though it was just like, two clips which were milliseconds long. First mentioned here >>585907

No. 592679

Uh-oh. There's gonna be trouble in the swamp trailer, now that Taylor Elaine is "more famous" and "popular" than Gregory himself.

No. 592680

File: 1540749163076.jpeg (316.2 KB, 750x886, 51CE1954-6435-41D3-BECC-04A9E0…)

Onion is still making videos about his mom, his most recent speaks video is about what true forgiveness is and how he won’t forgive his eebil parents. Crazy tammi is acutely aware of onion’s manipulation tactics. She is the master after all.

No. 592681

KEK. I always worry that his son will bring home a girl and Greg will try to hit on her but what if it’s actually the reverse that will happen..

No. 592684

>what if it’s actually the reverse that will happen..

Do you mean the girl would hit on Greg or his son would hit a girl brought in by Greg?

No. 592687

I think anon meant it's his son who will hit on a girl brought into the house for Onion, since he loves 19 year olds. When I first read that comment I thought maybe they meant Lainey would steal teen Ts girl, that whole household is screwed up!

No. 592689

shes literally ftm stephonknee except teen not toddler

No. 592691

That smug insufferable face, when is a YouTubed going to show no mercy and rip her a new one

No. 592693


So she's been lurking and decided to try to come up with a tattoo that has "meaning" because up until now her tattoos don't have any real relevance to her or her personality?

And she failed at it?

No. 592694

>Onionboy was on Comedy Central 10+ years ago
>Lainey on CNN in 2018

Grease is going to be in tantrum mode for weeks.

No. 592696

When is Momgate gonna happen, Tami needs to spill the fresh milk.

No. 592710

I mean, branding yoursellf with tattoos that represent the man who abused you and turned you into a literal doormat in the past seven years sure says something about your personality.

No. 592715

Tami’s milk would be 60% exaggeration and lies because she’s a psycho herself but the “betrayal” would drive Onion crazy so I’m here for it (pls don’t conspire for views lurking Onion family)

No. 592718

Does she forget that it’s mostly women who dress up as robin and For some it’s so they could match their boyfriend?

Oh Lainey, u can’t even boy right.

No. 592720

is that a real mask or did she use paint over her face

im seriously asking

No. 592721

"Hmmm, I need an excuse to post a selfie, because I'm one of those people that can't just post a selfie without an excuse, but if I just say I'm testing out a new camera, people will accuse me of wasting money on gear… so I need to explain that too… and then seem nonchalant about it…"

No. 592738

Yeah. I forgot about the fully paid set house. So he sold that one because it was too small and paid 500,000 for the swamp with even less space? gurgles logic

No. 592740

>Mario has always been a big staple in our relationship. We've always played a lot of video games together
Honestly that's so embarrassing, imagine having so little in common with your spouse that you think playing Mario kart together is a super meaningful and unique part of your relationship. Most young couples play casual games like Mario or the Sims together, it's not that special lol.

No. 592741

What was the context of this?? I hope it wasn't for trans rights lol Maybe the person thought she was mtf. At least pick an actual trans person.

No. 592743

No. 592748

File: 1540779356414.jpg (2.11 MB, 4160x2340, 20181028_191248.jpg)

Found Greg's side gig. He wishes he looked this young.

No. 592749

Sam mentioned that a big part of Lainey and Gregs conversations revolve around youtube analytics.
Hows that for romantic?

No. 592751

I'm gonna assume you tag your videos as "onision's GIRLfriend" for a reason too, foot face. You're a transtrender piece of shit

No. 592752

File: 1540779766720.png (14.42 KB, 567x178, cap85611.PNG)

It cheers him up?

We all know Shreg doesnt go out that often, and when he does its because hes being dragged to Target or Olive Garden by Plainey.
I guess you have to "read between the tweet."
When hes out in public he depressed because theres no way to ditch his horsefaced wife.
At least at home he can lock himself in the garage, or when hes forced to collab in her videos he can push her off him and walk away half way through.

No. 592758

It's the third child!

No. 592771

Greg loves meeting fans that's why he has a fucking bulletproof vest that he wears in public.

No. 592795

Tinfoil but what if he’s working at target?? How funny would that be after he dissed Billie for it. But that’s def the vibe I’m getting from this tweet— “have you around” and “come say hi” implies he is there often. I’m fully convinced.

No. 592796

File: 1540788018758.jpeg (62.22 KB, 640x217, BEE1ECB9-D54F-4B4E-98F0-5FAC0B…)

insert I’m only happy when it rains by Garbage here

No. 592797

Is she going to claim trans-age too? Someone needs to point out that she is an ADULT. Regardless of what gender she desperately wants to be, she can’t decide not to be grown. If you wanna claim your male Taylor, you gotta be a grown MAN. Not that you can choose any of it, but her logic is hilarious. I’d love to know how she thinks she can get away with the “boy” and not “man” part, wish someone would call her out on that specifically and not just the “girl” stuff.

No. 592798

No the loud rain just muffles the screams from the basement

No. 592799

Skye worked at Target too (as stated in the divorce docs)

No. 592801

File: 1540788261233.gif (4.83 MB, 474x260, a6abaf001b.gif)

No. 592802

I kekked

No. 592803

I wonder if Target in Washington has a portal to the Sicesca realm… hmmm

No. 592804

File: 1540788679427.png (1.34 MB, 1289x909, 2018-10-28_23-51-04.png)

Twitter pic's been changing quite a bit lately.
Gregma's been feeling ugly.

No. 592805

File: 1540788695052.png (31.64 KB, 584x321, chrome_2018-10-28_23-50-34.png)

No. 592806

What a fucking liar lol.

No. 592807

At least he’s almost honest

No. 592808

…on the last tweet down I mean

No. 592809

lmao he straight up looks like carrot top in the header.

i bet this is true, actually. people tell him things in confidance assuming he is intelligent enough to realize he shouldn't be telling the world about someone's rape/abuse/etc, but because they did not say in so many words "keep this private and never tell anyone" he does it and spergs out that no one ever said to keep it secret!!!!

No. 592811

I'm really digging this "psychopath takes a bath" picture

No. 592812

You sound young, come say hi!

No. 592819

Ffs Anus, there’s this thing most of us have called common decency wherein we know what to keep private without having to be told. But please, do continue screeching at people to BE HUMAN!!1!!!11!!!!! while broadcasting business that isn’t yours to broadcast as a form of revenge porn. My lord.

No. 592821

I really dgaf what Crazy Tammi has to say about Grug. She's the one who shaped who he is. She's just as much a lying piece of shit.

No. 592822

>Gregma's been feeling ugly

Finally realising that what the bunch of Regina Georges on crack say is actually true

No. 592838

The whole fucking family needs to go on Dr Phil and bring Lainey's Dad out last with Onion's Dad and then have a talk about being a man.

No. 592845

He probably read Maya's leaked messages calling him a monster with a Frankstein head lol

No. 592846

Only children and imbeciles need to be fucking told to keep other people's business out their mouths. Adults shouldn't have to preface every sentence with "this is private".

No. 592849

I think it’s eyeliner she painted her face with.

No. 592850

>Gregma's been feeling ugly.

It took him this long to realize that he looks like the embodiment of vomit?

I hope he did. The only thing Maya's messages was missing was a LOLBEMAD to send him over the edge.

No. 592883

I originally thought onion wasn’t actually attracted to her anymore since she’s started this little boy bullshit and that’s why he wants to bring in more girls, but now I’m starting to think he’s more attracted to her when she presents herself this way. Especially now with her black hair. She’s the perfect little emo boy and he did say something in the video of him reacting to her hair that she looks like a hot young boy (not exact, but he quickly corrected himself trying to convince us he’s not attracted to little boys).

No. 592886


I don’t know anon. He probably wouldn’t want people to know he was forced to get a regular job, much less a part time one that high schoolers are qualified for. If us, the Regina Georges on crack, found out, he’d be mortified, which to Anus means Twitter spergs and 12 videos.

No. 592907

Please no. I can already see Lainey walking in with an over sized suit and a swooped bang. Not to meantion at some point onion will be kicked off stage for yelling at doctor phil. " WHO GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO THREATEN MY FAMILY? YOU MADE LAINEY CRY. ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN?" They will refuse any help and or get kicked out before offered any kek

No. 592926

Well, let's be honest: Gregory Avaroe's just really bad at handling money. I bet if Taylor Elaine had known that before getting bound by marriage and children, she'd never have gone for him.

The background reminds me of Joy Sparkles BS a lot.

No. 592928

>The background reminds me of Joy Sparkles BS a lot.

Well they are two peas from the same pod.

No. 592933

File: 1540832147400.jpg (214.4 KB, 1080x682, Denial.jpg)

I tinfoiled this a while back because of how he defeminizes women (short hair, no makeup, no high heels) and his preference for women with small breasts. Also his weird Tom Cruise-esque reaction to Cyr wrestling with his friend

No. 592939

As a former Target employee, I just can't see Onion working there. He rages so easily at people, it'd take a simple coaching from an LOD or TL, or a bad guest experience for him to go off.

No. 592941

Samefagging here but being an ex team member as well, he wouldn’t last a week if even a day

No. 592950

what is this from

No. 592953

It's from an interview with someone who worked with Tom Cruise when he was young


No. 592966

File: 1540841382330.jpg (121.69 KB, 730x619, it cheers me up.jpg)

No. 592982

I vote that to be the next thread pic

No. 592983

I thought this was Joy

No. 592993

just no.

No. 593036

Can we please just, stop it, with these thread pics. If we use a normal photo its much more likely to expose him…(derailing)

No. 593043

not this fucking sperge again. stop.

No. 593046

surely this is a troll now, right?

No. 593047

dont take the bait

No. 593054

I mean, even if he did positions where he'd rarely interact with guests, like a backroom team member, he'd still be fucked because the logistics ETL is always on the backroom team members' asses whether it's doing autos, ship from store, or OPU's. Onion could not last a day in any retail position or anything that requires direct communication with someone.

No. 593057

>Onion could not last a day in any retail position or anything that requires direct communication with someone

Ive wondered what job he could do when YT eventually implodes.
I doubt he could even get an interview with any employer with his current resume.
I see him doing something like graveyard loader at some shipping company. You are usually alone or with a skeleton crew and just load trucks all night. Its hard to fuck that up

No. 593058

As long as he doesn't have a supervisor, maybe. I just can't see him working a real, "humbling" job, ya know? Like just working day in and day out like a regular person. I can picture him getting into an incident of his own fault and trying to sue some other party to reach a settlement or conning his followers like he does with his patreon. Or he tries doing some shady shit. Onion working like any other person? No go for me. I mean fuck he has no proper discipline or self-control. He's a total narcissist and always has to be right.

No. 593065

Maybe a cart pusher at Walmart or a similar store, kek

No. 593076


Oh yeah Greg, like you kept B's shit private?

No. 593080

>Its hard to fuck that up
This is only applicable to people who aren’t Ogreg. You can bet he’ll manage to fuck up the most unfuckupable of tasks. And blame someone/something else for it

No. 593084

my ex-roommate is diagnosed NPD, he got a job recently and got fired after ONE day. i guarantee greg would be the exact same, there's no way he'd be able to last at a job long enough to be able to collect his first paycheck. he'd be arguing with his superiors about what he thought they should be doing better.

No. 593107

Professional Craigslist Photographer (female models only)

No. 593117

File: 1540872950993.png (242.21 KB, 597x577, chrome_2018-10-29_23-14-17.png)

give us money to celebrate our shitty relationship kids- greg 2018

No. 593121

Even his taste (and over use) in fonts is terrible

No. 593125

File: 1540874919041.jpg (196.72 KB, 900x607, DojqW_NVAAAihdM.jpg)

Last month when it came to the highly coveted Patron 1-on-1 Discord chats he had 6 scheduled chats with Mike, Respit, Blasian, Lizardqueen, Respit (again, that needy little bitch) and Mary.
This month theres only 2 Patron 1-on-1 chats scheduled, and Ill bet you both are Respit.
I wonder if the shine has worn off those pillow-talk sessions he offers to his high paying patrons. Have his loyal fans started to lower their pledges and started that slow ghost on him?

No. 593126

Patreon…… btw patreon! Patreon!
Also, this shit reminds me of when I worked in a elementary and this was in a fucking classroom. Jesus christ, Greg.

No. 593128

File: 1540876137241.jpg (17.21 KB, 324x265, OnisionPatreon.JPG)

>DM Onision on Patreon to reserve this day
>Why dont you humans want to pay me $100 to talk to you anymore?

October had 18 days of some kind of interaction with his Patrons.
November has a grand total of 8. Are they dropping like flies?

And what the fuck does he mean by
>New post to Patreon however no patron gathering
Is it his way of saying hes just going to upload uncensored videos to Patreon but do fuckall with his paying fans.

I thought the same thing. Reminds me of a school lunch calendar. I was looking for PIZZA DAY! on Friday.

No. 593133

I'd love to see that trainwreck tho

No. 593135

i bet a lot of them were booty days

No. 593138

File: 1540878067586.webm (2.86 MB, 320x180, 11-36-50.webm)

I know everyone hates them now, but its still funny.

No. 593139

These skits they did on him were all golden. It baffles me that Jaclyn now chalks these up to Richie manipulating her into being in them, or whatever. That spinner says "sexy underage girls," Jaclyn. No excuses will help me understand how you could suddenly support the man.

No. 593141

File: 1540878736705.jpeg (353.3 KB, 750x680, E13F759B-BD4F-4EAF-B327-91E588…)

I’ll post the mirror later but lol

>calls herself a boy

>still wears makeup
>still carries herself femininely
>makes slipups like calling herself “boy robin” and says she’s “dressing up like a guy” when she dresses up as jughead

No. 593153

rip to the teslas

No. 593154

I’m legit surprised she’s still trying with this whole transboi fuckery, as half-assed as it is. She’s so lazy and non-committal in everything she does I thought she’d have moved on to some other tumblr flavour of the week yewneek identity bullshit.

No. 593161


She also said the onision videos were all her idea and that ritchie took credit for them.

No. 593162


It's ridiculous how her young kid viewers will defend her and ignore all the worthwhile points about her being trash to screech about how people need to respect that she's trans.

No. 593166

Sorry Lamp, but "turning myself into a guy" implies that you're a girl.
Peep your constant self-misgendering.

No. 593169

he's got to relate to the kids somehow, anon

No. 593174

Billie has cosplay and Lainey likes to poorly crossdress and have her neck bitten in bed whilst being called a faggot. Truly remarkable.

No. 593185

Either Taylor and Onion are being very DL on another trinity, or neither can trick any young girls into joining them anymore.
I just cannot even understand. Imagine making your family unit, the thing you are supposed to protect, a spectacle, just so you don't have to pull a 9-5er. JFC Greg, get a job and quit e begging from children to feed your family. Same for your wife.

No. 593197

EWWWW when he kisses her you can see his tongue and the way he grabs her butt

No. 593207

it's 2018. tumblr will defend anyone, shitty as they may be, as long as said person claims to be trans. it's seemingly frowned upon in tumblr and snowflake comms to criticize or call out a trans person for any wrongdoing, even if it's unrelated to their gender identity.

lamey knows this, of course, and will hold onto this bandwagon for dear life as long as tumblrinas keep treating the trans community like perfect little angels incapable of wrongdoing or harm.

No. 593236

File: 1540914895939.png (265.81 KB, 394x508, Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 16.5…)

tfw the collar of your ill-fitting sears suit from the "my first suit" line for kids sits too tightly on the bite marks from your moron husband

No. 593245

File: 1540917298339.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, graphic_design_is_my_passion.j…)

Whenever I see Gerg use any sort of picture editing tools it reminds me of pic related.


Half expecting her to soon come out as "trans age". At least I won't be surprised. She probably just still waits until it is more "accepted" lurking on tumblr, waiting for the right moment to do it. I mean she basically already refers to herself as teen boy, while being a 20+y/o mom.

No. 593254

At this rate he won't have any high paying patrons left by January. Maybe except that psychotic German. >>593141
You gotta give it to Lame, she's exceptionally great at being garbage at literally anything she does. Hair dyeing? Disaster. Food making skills? Can't judge for taste but from the "Day In My Life" videos you can tell her food looks half assed. Non-binary transmasculine uwu petite boy? She even herself admits to being FEMALE from her videos. Gay? How can you be gay (like women) and a transboy (man) at the same time? It boggles my mind.

No. 593272

His forehead and browbone look absolutely bizarre to me and I'd love to know who's doing those injections so that I can stay far away from them. His eyebrows get higher and higher all the time, really going for that true-to-life Joker look. The rest of it gets heavier and heavier with every new picture, what a mess.

No. 593294

File: 1540929560089.png (1.32 MB, 868x868, smugnessoverload.png)

The smugness is worse than ever.

No. 593296

File: 1540929732739.gif (2.16 MB, 480x270, ihateit.gif)

Anon you beat me to it, I was just coming here to post this weird little tongue thing she does.

No. 593298


Yet another thing she picked up from Billie. She didn't start with the tongue thing until after her husband attempted to leave her for Billie.

No. 593299

File: 1540930377936.png (287.37 KB, 472x502, Namnlös.png)

her chin friend made an appearance!

No. 593302

Lainey loves to appropriate stoner culture. Surprised she'll not get a fucking pot plant tattooed on her soon.

No. 593314

this is how mrs. taylor elaine anderson avaroe “blows” gregory avaroe considering she can’t get his microbulb past her front teeth to save her life.

No. 593317

If only he shaved his pubes, then maybe she'd have a fighting chance.

No. 593334


No, no, no anon. You the see the WOMEN have to shave and keep themselves clean the way Greg likes them, but he can do whatever he wants. His rules for others never apply to him, you see.

No. 593335

File: 1540934488783.jpeg (35.65 KB, 380x380, 994D0696-46F8-496F-9ADE-7DB948…)

The transformation is complete

No. 593337

Well that would be one way to expedite the divorce process

No. 593351

But a plank is not a woman…. really makes you think huh

No. 593365

Her imitation of jughead… sorry lame but he isnt a smug doormat. He was literally homeless at the start never has been a whiney entitled bitch.

No. 593366

File: 1540942031420.jpeg (53.68 KB, 640x321, 801E22D0-4E68-4057-96F1-1104A1…)

fixed it

now she’s a real uwu boi

No. 593368

She wants to look like a boy but looks more like a butch lesbian who drives a truck and smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day, specially with that hideous mullet she's been sporting lately

No. 593376

I've never physically cringed as I did seeing that gif. I legit want to someone to punch her in the face. The smugness and forced actions and holy fuck, this is a mother of 2 in her mid-20's.

No. 593381

Lainey will have her supporters here and there but frankly afaic she's a complete lost cause. She and Greg are perfect for one another. Can you imagine this absolute narcissist being your mum? Fun to watch from afar though, sort of like getting a crash course in the evolution of a transtrender.

A true cautionary tale.

No. 593391

>She wants to look like a boy but looks more like a butch lesbian who drives a truck and smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day, specially with that hideous mullet she's been sporting lately

Nah. Butch lesbians look waaaay more masculine than she does. They also manage sometimes to look hot in a way Foot can only dream. She's not trans, or butch, just infantile. Also, transtrenders like her are ruining it for butch lesbians & sissy gay boys who don't wanna transition but who refuse to conform to strict gender norms. Foot can't be content to be like this. Nope she has to built her entire identity about it. Even binary trans people aren't this obsessed with their gender once they've transitioned & their dysphoria isn't as bad. They just wanna live their lives in peace. Foot loves being a special snowflake too much.

No. 593397

This is the most confounding thing about translarpers. Being legit trans is fucking harrowing for a whole host of reasons, like bitch, is your life that fucking boring that you are actively seeking out oppression and marginalisation? Get a fucking hobby. Get a fucking life.

No. 593400

Can someone past mirror pls

No. 593402

The info is there. Look up the username on vimeo

No. 593414

I was just thinking the same thing. It really is a boredom thing for her I think. I know everyone goes on about her being a "tumblrina" and trying to get "tumblr points" but honestly she has barely been active on tumblr at all for almost two years (besides her post-Billie-breakup secret ghey cryz blog). She's not even exposed to that culture anymore, she just tries to idly appeal to those who are a part of it because she has no other audience. It just seems like something she's doing because she has nothing else going on. I imagine her life must be mindnumbingly boring and sad.

No. 593415

I think someone should send a packer to Taylor and ask her to experiment with if she likes it. It is something she has never mentioned trying. If people keep asking maybe she would.

No. 593423

I wish. She'll just keep saying she doesn't experience bottom dysphoria or want bottom surgery, even though that makes absolutely no sense to anyone but her. She's even said herself that she doesn't understand trans people who don't experience dysphoria. Welp Lainey, I certainly don't get why you claim being trans and having "dysphoria" even though you just wish you had smaller boobs and hips, but still like/want your vagina and all your female sex organs…but whatever!

No. 593424

but anon she is only chest dysphoric uwu

No. 593427

Plus the amount of transtrenders on Twitter makes me question whether if her only real source of bullshit is Twitter. It must be terrible (and suuuuper boring) to be a cis straight white woman (less so than a man but still) so she resorts to translarping non-binary uwu. We all also know how much she likes to buttplug how she's Mexican despite her being as white as possible and having a Mexican grandma. The age thing I suspect is also part of this. 24-year-olds are normally a bit too old to be tumblrinas.

No. 593438

File: 1540961804787.jpeg (462.42 KB, 1125x2436, 3E6A1FDB-3F3A-467F-BDA2-B42963…)

So I, a black woman, was a patron of Greg for like a month, maybe two. Just because I was bored and wanted to see the discord and stuff but nothing serious. I messaged him a few times and we had a conversation thread going…

I left long before the black woman hair video came out, but i still decided to message him about it. This was his response.

In addition, he literally makes no real connections with his patrons which I’m sure you all knew. I have FIVE separate threads on patreon from him….one with our initial convo and FOUR asking why I’m not a patron or something along those lines. Instead of just following up with a personal message on the thread we already had going a probably mass message was sent out

No. 593440

File: 1540961863258.jpeg (337.05 KB, 1125x967, 6520DF77-C84A-4B53-937D-45D42F…)

For reference from above

No. 593443

>paragraphs of concern and communicating like an adult
>I’ve dated multiple black women

No. 593449

Oh Grugly, just because two black women didn't call you a stinky troll to your face in high school and let you hold their hand, carry their books or sit by them at the lunch table, does not mean you dated them. The delusion.

No. 593451

Even if he dated 500 black women why does he think that negates actual criticism from black women lol

No. 593462


I think the issue with Lainey is not that she's necessarily a transtrender, but that she's confusing her Peter Pan syndrome and unwillingness to grow up with being trans. She hates her hips and breasts because they're secondary sex characteristics displayed by ADULT women, and Lainey wants to be a 12-year-old space price uwu softboi forever. It's also why she goes so far out of her way to emnphasize her anxiety, her helplessness, and her childlike qualities - she wants to be able to avoid adult responsibilities and be taken care of by an older, more powerful, domineering man for the rest of her life. If Greg left her, she'd hop straight onto some other dominating narcissist's dick. She is incapable of taking care of herself and, at least in her mind, will always feel the need to seek out a man to fill the protector role for her.

It's also why she thinks she's bisexual, imo - I think she confuses her obsession towards other smol, cute, soft uwu girls as romantic/sexual attraction. Which is also why she just wants to "date" them, hold hands, and - at most - kiss them; because she's not ACTUALLY bisexual, she's just very intensely preoccupied with obsessing over mimicking the behavior/style of the type of girl who inspires feelings of innocence in others. But she'll never be able to find a woman who's as aggressive and narcissistic as she likes in men. Really what she's looking for is a pretty, vacant muse to obsess over.

That's the impression I get, anyway.

I actually think it's a good thing that they're together, I don't WANT Lainey to leave Greg. Imagine how much they would fuck up other, normal people if they started dating someone other than each other.

No. 593463

Nail, head, &c. Her Peter Pan complex is painfully obvious. She’s a spoilt white girl who has been coddled her whole life. Even when Obesion is being a domineering narc he still indulges her wilful feebleness. And if it wasn’t him it would be some other control freak asshole. She sought this shit out.

No. 593470

lol, so does he just keep everyones names and harasses them? Jesus christ.

No. 593473

File: 1540975991476.png (345.21 KB, 422x657, 12.png)

you might want to borrow one of lamp's sports bras for those titties obesion

No. 593496

His response is from July was the black women hair spergs from then?

No. 593498

Never understood how people over college age still use Tumblr I thought it died back in 2012 or when yahoo took over.

Transtrending is just the new subculture for gay emo and scene kids. And the democrats went HAM on the identity shit during Hilary's campaign pushing even more susceptible deluded idiots into thinking being a freak was an empowering movement and politicised the fuck out of it.

The whole transtrender bullshit is now mainstream and they love labels so I'm sure Lainey just follows shit on twitter. Back in the day in these vapid subculture groups you went elite with music knowledge, now you've got to pretend to have an authoritative opinion on some bullshit pseudoscience. Real science accepts gender and sex anomalies and endeavours to ease suffering of actual afflicted people, Lainey's immature school of thought essentially follows if you think hard enough you can achieve any sex you want. Retards might as well click their heels together 3 times and mutter "there's infinite genders, there's infinite genders, there's infinite genders!"

No. 593503

I think her chest dysmorphia is from Shreg constantly saying he doesn't like big boobs (cos he is into that small teen girl body). As well as her wanting to stay younger, because she knows her husband likes them young. And her thinking she is bi is because Shregery has a fetish of seeing her with another girl and kept telling her she's bi until she choose to believe him.

It all comes back to her manipulative husband. She wants to be everything he wants her to be. That's it.

No. 593506

Once a month it seems. Let’s see if we get one this month

No. 593508

I agree with you on that.
But I also think that the way her breasts look now because of the extended breastfeeding is a big reason.
They probably look like two flattened footballs when not contained in a bra or mashed up in a binder.

No. 593509

The binder will make her cow tits even worse. Though she probably only wears it in videos to show us all how smol uwu of a owo boi she is.

No. 593513

The resemblance is uncanny

No. 593563


They literally look like sunny side up eggs hanging by a nail on the wall. Her nipples are the size of dollar coin. Unfortunately we have seen them in her shitty spa video she deleted as well as pictures where you can see them.

She bitches and moans how she hates how her boobs are so big, yet deliberately chooses to breastfeed for five years straight. She’ll keep going until Clot decides to stop like Trot did. Since Clot’s only two, she’s got a couple more years to go most likely.

It’s ludicrous. Most people stop well before a damn year.

No. 593584

File: 1541005587153.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 115.67 KB, 585x935, 0D36385B-D3A1-43B3-AABA-77F85E…)

Her nipples look like erect hot dogs from having babies chew on them for so many years.(spoiler your shit)

No. 593589

You know nipples vary in size and shape right?

No. 593590

ahhh, those sweet old man estrogen titties.

No. 593598

Obviously, but like anon said before she could’ve prevented that by not titty feeding the seedlings for 4+ years. If she truly had the crippling ~gender dysphoria~ she claims she has, she likely would’ve never given birth and never breastfed to begin with.

No. 593602

Or as other transmen who have given birth have expressed she would have expressed it as being a difficult thing. And yet she doesn't see how giving birth and breast feeding isn't a gendered thing.

No. 593670

I wanna agree with the whole "transtrending is the new emo/scene" trend but most people who were emo back in the golden years are way into their 20s now. I can't see anyone past the age of 18 being a transtrending non-binary Tumblr loser unless they're mentally challenged or had their youth stolen like Lame.
While not every anon would agree but I agree wholeheartedly. Lame deserves Grugly and Grugly deserves Lame. From a neutral standpoint a divorce would mean that both of them would move on and maybe find someone who would be actually compatible but that means risking more people getting involved in their herpes orgies. (If they're stupid enough to not have googled the swamp couple, that's another story.) I find satisfaction in them staying together because we all know they are miserable. Grugly doesn't deserve fresh puss and Lame doesn't deserve someone famous to leech off of.

No. 593680

File: 1541024763877.png (27.32 KB, 597x345, kingofmentalhealth.png)

Greg giving out very healthy mental advice.

No. 593681

File: 1541025451099.png (31.14 KB, 603x293, gross.png)

>shames other people for being "dirty"
>get UTI twice in one year

No. 593689

Not meaning the literal emos of 2006 are now transtrenders but the new 'fad'

No. 593690

wow it's really hard for guys to get uti's… like they have to mega-not wash their junk for it to happen. even regular showers stop that.

No. 593703

I hope he gets called out for this, it’s disgusting. If he does you can bet the sperg trying to convince everyone he is not a putrid degenerate will be hilarious.

No. 593705

>doesn’t know how to spell supplement
>much medical expertise

No. 593709

yep, the male urinary tract is substantially longer than the female one so it's weird as fuck for men to ever get urinary tract infections once, let alone regularly??

No. 593715

is he sounding?

No. 593719

Uncircumcised men are more likely to get UTIs, so this just confirms that he can't be bothered to actually pull back the skin and clean his greasy uncut cheesestick properly every once in a while. And he complains about women having smelly vaginas. shudder I'm getting sick just thinking about it ughh.

No. 593720

eh that's only like 5% more likely. it's probably that he washes his dick head with soap that's gonna give him UTI city.

No. 593762

i hate that he implies taking cranberry supplements will magically make you never have to see a doctor for UTI's again

No. 593774

that good ole narc shit, thinking u know more than doctors!

No. 593780

It’s halloween and he’s talking about UTIs on Twitter. Okay then…

No. 593822

File: 1541041530229.png (298.52 KB, 521x563, Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 10.4…)


No. 593825

That whole cranberry thing has been proven wrong. It's only a prevention not a cure. I hope the infection travels to his kidneys and bladder. Then he can chew supplements all he likes and still be in pain.
Hey Shreg, you need antibiotics but by all means, ignore those no good doctors and chew your cranberry tablets. I'm sure it will end well.
Oh and be sure to sit at your computer all day and drink like fuck all water…I'm totally sure that helps too.

No. 593828


I thought a writer with 140 IQ points would knows how to spell "supplements" kek

No. 593837

Lol IMAGINE. Him jerking his baby carrot to hentai w a toothpick handy…. I want to die now…

No. 593841

File: 1541044578212.webm (548.88 KB, 1280x720, cruz.webm)

He is truly one of the most intelligent humans of this century

No. 593843


Right? I don’t mean to tinfoil but do you think the Anuses took the kids trick or treating or did anything vaguely spooky besides sit on their pudgy asses and curse loudly from across the room at each other?

No. 593848

File: 1541045438270.webm (4.27 MB, 568x440, the vulvus.webm)

his grasp on how the female body works is baffling

No. 593856

this 30yo man who has TWO biological children doesn't know how the female body works.

No. 593858

What do you expect from him, taking his kids from house to house?
Uh duh… he only has evil hippie neighbors, why would he want those people giving his kids candy?

No. 593862

File: 1541048171234.png (241.33 KB, 972x579, screengrab10312018.png)

The houses around his area are way to spread out to walk door to door. Plus hes still pissed that all his neighbors ratted him out about destroying his backyard and burning trash illegally. He'd accuse them of poisoning his kids, when in reality it was Footfaces cooking.

No. 593867

If he has UTIs all the time (and has for multiple years, considering Shi said she had them constantly while with him), imagine what Lainey has been dealing with down there for the past six years. UTIs, probably constant yeast infections from Grease making her clean out her vag with fruity smelling soap four times a day for his pleasure, stitches from childbirth that didn't heal right for years…fucking hell, her milk sacks are the least of her worries.

No. 593875

Not to distract from the hilarity of Gurgamel’s inability to spell basic words or understand human anatomy, but it’s fucking November, fam! BRING ON TRACTORGATE.

No. 593877

When I first heard about his preference for dry sex (sorry y’all, I know that’s a terrifying visual) my reflex reaction was “Draino, say hello to a lifetime of urinary tract and yeast infections”. As much as I despise the bitch I wouldn’t wish that shit, combined with the post-partum stitch fuckery and fuck knows what else, upon anyone.

No. 593881

File: 1541054419778.png (128.98 KB, 644x462, Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 11.4…)

Four more days and we should be enjoying a Twitter spergout.

No. 593884

Fuck, I didn't even think about that. My first partner was like Gerg – very rough and didn't care if I was aroused – so I had micro-tears, bleeding, infections, and a fucked up cervix for basically the duration of that relationship. I'm sure that's what Lainey has been going through to whatever extent too, probably since her relationship with David the rapist. No wonder she wanted to just cuddle and kiss with Billie. Her bits needed a damn break. RIP, Lainey's bits. Never will they feel a pleasant sensation.(blogging)

No. 593889

File: 1541055998755.png (1.23 MB, 734x949, messy bitch.png)

Who the fuck takes selfies with bowls of food on the ground?

No. 593901

Anyone else wonder if Taylor is waiting this marriage out?
Shes counting the days until the 10 year mark because so many states give out perks if the divorce if filed after that.
Im not sure what the specifics or divorce laws are for Washington state but in many states if you divorce after 10 years of marriage the court retains the right to order that alimony be paid to the lesser-earning spouse for as long as she needs it.
A 10 year marriage is also considered to be a long-term marriage by the Social Security Administration. If you were married for 10 years of longer you'll be eligible to collect derivative Social Security benefits based on your ex-spouse’s earnings record when you reach retirement age. Those derivative benefits are equal to one-half the amount your former spouse is eligible to collect, based on his earnings over his entire career. So Taylor would be able to keep dipping into Gregs wallet even when shes old and gray.

No. 593902

I say no. She is not that calculating. I doubt she even looked up divorce reasons to even stumble upon that. I believe more so that she is in denial or continues the relationship so she doesn't have to listen to people telling her "i told you so".

No. 593904

twf Shregery is so stupid that he makes Lamey look smart next to him. wow.

istg ever since this bitch dyed her hair black her smugness level went up through the roof. You can tell she feels like a "cute emo boi" now. Similar to how emo kids felt in like 2004 when their parents allowed them for the first time to dye their hair black. IDK where her smugness comes from, since the black hair literally makes her look like social reposes retarded sister but—

No. 593905

This is so gross. Food in the bedroom is gross. These two degenerates are so filthy. They don’t even make and effort to hide it. No doubt Thot would claim that a squalid bedroom is part of her ~true teen transboi uwu~ identity if anyone brought it up.

No. 593906

For real, no matter what she does as part of this translarping mess she ends up looking like Richie’s handicapped brother. All she needs is a war bonnet. She is already appropriating lgbt culture so she may as well double down on the fuckery.

No. 593915

I suspect it's from some sort of adult toy, as we all know how he likes his "alone time."

I've read there's been an influx of cases of UTIs, bacterial infections, and thrush etc from a number of sex toys on the market, if they're not cleaned and dried correctly, they can cause a ton of issues down there.

IE- Anusion penetrating his dollfie fleshlight for 45 minutes straight, for the third time that day, without cleaning it PROPERLY, inside out with special toy cleaner and then proper drying with a CLEAN towel or air dry. (He wouldn't have the patience for air drying. Seems like he must fap multiple times per day.

Anyway, Now he has cranberry pills so he can spunk all over it like that My little Pony figurine that was Yellow and mouldy from multiple loads of multiple years and no cleaning.

No. 593926

She wasn't even your doctor you retarded faggot, she was in another state. No shit you don't see her.

No. 593928

He only cares about holes he sticks his dick in.

No. 593933

File: 1541068969250.jpg (378.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181101-104303.jpg)

Halloween is over ugly but yeah this is pretty scary

No. 593935

You say that, but her father was trying to help Lainey get out of the prenup with Shreg during cuddlegate. Her father is a lawyer and may not be versed in divorce shit he probably still knows how to read leagalese.

No. 593953

This was sooooo fucking cringy!!

No. 593965

Can't wait to see what's going to happen with that whole thing.

Doormat does of course.

No. 593966

Get your popcorns ready. Gurgle thought he could skirt around the 'Order to Correct' by just slapping down some sod without any prep so by now it's all withered and dead and just made a bigger mess. No way he can restore what he did in time for inspection PLUS he kept destroying after he got this notice so they're going to notice that and slap him with extra violations.

No. 593967

Just noticed they'd give him 90 days in jail. There's absolutely no fucking way Greg would willingly let himself be taken to jail for even 5 days, much less 90. They're going to have to break down the door and haul him out to get him to comply and then charge him with resisting arrest and probably attacking an officer as he flails around.

No. 593968


Not to mention she pretty much revealed to the world that he never goes down on her, so she probably gets little no pleasure out of sex, besides the pleasure of pleasing Anus. Pretty humiliating considering he wanted Billie to sit on his face, but he won’t preform oral on his own life. Doubly humiliating considering during his great FAAAAAX spergout he kept calling Billie smelly and Laundry “my really nice smelling spouse.”

He begged Billie to sit on his face so he could please her but always had Laundry blowing him while he kissed B. He wanted to look at something pretty while closing his eyes to avoid gazing down at his horse faced wife.

But omg twin flames guizze uwu

No. 594006

God forbid his awful hippie neighbors give the kids apples or nuts … and they might ACTUALLY LIKE it so they ask for healthy food at home. Taylor Elaine would die having to be close to an actual fruit whilst preparing it!

No. 594010

File: 1541089623807.jpg (163.97 KB, 1506x216, tractorgate.jpg)

Here's an update on tractorgate, anons!

No. 594012

>social security benefits

No. 594015

Yesss. I love tractorgate! Thanks anon!

No. 594017

gregs uwu everyone is out to get me tweets will be amazing when this shit goes down. combined with the mommy/daddy sperging, im hoping it gets good.

No. 594029


Not that anon, but exactly! She talks about giving birth, breastfeeding, and being a mother fondly. She's never once said anything about it was difficult for her ~dysphoria~. But now that it's been said here, we'll get a video on it.

No. 594031

Haha I bet his neighbour is more than happy to attend a hearing to validate his evidence. Wonder how many of them have googled him by now

No. 594035



God, I'd pay a pretty penny to see that shit.

No. 594037

Kek. I can buy concert tickets to a hipster band I love with "meet and greet" privileges for $75 bucks. Or I can throw in an extra $25 to chat with an untalented, uneducated, irrational, whiny dullard.

No. 594038

I imagine it's going be like that scene in Fargo when the cops are arresting Jerry Lundegaard (but probably 10 times worse). Oh god it's gonna be beautiful, I wish I was there to see it

No. 594055

Thank you neighbor! I hope they kept up the videos and pictures to show Onion working past the stop date and then ruining it further by putting down sod.

>appeal hearing

Does this mean Greg has to show up to defend himself before they sentence him?

No. 594057

File: 1541096042875.jpg (2 MB, 3048x2016, proof1.jpg)

Credit to KF but here's the neighbor's evidence that Greg sperged about, claiming the neighbor came on his property to get.

So much for claiming it was just a small tractor for getting rid of weeds.

No. 594064

>spent at least $1000 to feel like a big man in a tractor instead of having a nice work day with loppers and a shovel.

No. 594068

File: 1541098566997.png (56.06 KB, 1494x677, oh gurg.png)

Greg (slightly tinfoiling here) appears to have reported his neighbor for clearing the cattails in the water and one (1) or more cedar tree(s). Greg consistently is proving how much of a fucking child he is lol

I hope the government fucks him over on his bonfires and cardboard burning too.

No. 594069

The best part is that Ecology had a report ready the same day the violation was reported; they couldn't have written it that quickly, ergo, it must have already been on file with the County. Which means the neighbors likely followed all the rules and had an environmental study done before they made changes.

No. 594072

We've got a few more days to see what happens with Tractorgate.

No. 594073

I didn't want to post the pictures earlier on since if they lurk they might know which neighbor went to the officials…

No. 594074

If the neighbour plans on going to a hearing it's hardly going to be a secret.

No. 594075

In point of fact this is actually a lot less serious than what Grug is in trouble with. He's having multiple agencies come down on his ass. These people are just having a biologist come out and probably at the behest of their HOA to make sure everything was cleared correctly. The difference is this seems all administrative and just going through proper channels, where Grug the big boy went full Simple Jack with a bulldozer for no good god damn reason and is in actual judicial trouble.

No. 594077

Very true, plus we don't know if Greg knows about it anyway, but I really hoped for it to be a surprise that he can't prepare for.
It's ok, though, even if they lurk, they're in for a pounding.

No. 594079

File: 1541099978863.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, vegetarian body.png)

New Laineybot video where Onion tries on Lainey's favorite outfits. Seems to be another "proving Lainey is a smol bean" video, with a side of "see? Onion isn't THAT fat." He does manage to get most of the stuff on, including her skinny jeans and button-ups. When he takes off his shirt he says "This is what it looks like when you don't starve yourself." He also claims that the reason he looks fat sometimes is because he usually wears baggy clothes to be more comfortable, and that makes anyone look a little bigger than they are. Lainey seems to kind of roll her eyes at this and he gets annoyed at her.
Lots of shots of him straight up just in boxers and nothing else. Lainey nonchalantly zooms into his junk at one point. He does a little dance where he shakes his ass in boxers only.
Lainey tells him to pretend to be her while in full get-up, so he takes out his phone and pretend-ignores her, which is funny because it's always her gag about him too. These two definitely spend all day staring at screens and not interacting.
Funny enough, when they do videos like this where Lainey is putting on outfits, Onion is sexualizing her the entire time and saying how hot she looks, but she does nothing of the sort in this video. She doesn't compliment his looks once and seems very uninterested in his naked form.
The end of the video is them having a really awkward interaction that reads like a fight, where they talk about killing themselves and avoiding each other in the afterlife, he calls her stupid, she pulls him in for a kiss and he says it feels forced and licks her face instead, etc. He drags Leelu. He then asks the teen audience to rate him from 1-10.

No. 594080

Lainey is right to roll her eyes, if a thin person wears baggy clothes they swamp them, Onion's belly protrudes even in baggy clothes the fat cunt.

No. 594082

File: 1541100409663.png (262.97 KB, 563x453, oniongay.png)

is the video this screenshot is from?

Seems like onion was pissed off at Lainey and she had to text him compliments even though they live in the same small house. Like why would you need to text someone you live with a compliment instead of going over to them? Like maybe if they did fight and she's testing the waters, but these twats seem to text each other pretty fucking consistently even though they spend majority of their daily lives in the same fucking house.

Blows my mind people think their relationship is #goals. After nearly 6 years of marriage she still can't confidently walk into the same room as her husband and have a fucking conversation. They have kids. Mental

No. 594083

Greg can access the evidence himself like any of us can, it's public knowledge, And the dude is planning to testify against Greg, I don't think he's hiding. The neighbor works for the local government, he's not afraid of Greg. Greg should be afraid of his neighbor.

No. 594085

File: 1541101189213.png (574.42 KB, 751x510, kingcuckofstuffing.png)

Onion stuffs so bad in this video, even though they make a joke about it. When he puts on the black leggings he has to take the sock out because of the tightness of the black leggings it will expose the stuffing. And then for the next outfit, he's back to stuffing with more crotch shots. Bigger than before!

I tried to screengrab how smooth and flat it was during the black leggings but I'm not quick enough and they're trying not to focus on the area. Then for the Dancegavindance outfit it's just back like wham!

Like it's not consistent stuffing lol. And also this video is heavily focused on his dick?

No. 594086


More like “I used to guard a single gate in the air force and failed basic training. I also stripped in front of my supervision because he wasn’t BEING HUMAN.”

No. 594087


It was 100% Anus’s idea to make the video all about his dick. Clearly all 12 of his underage patrons want to hop on it and get a yeast infection, too.

No. 594088

File: 1541101903172.png (1.04 MB, 756x910, trollkinglamey.png)

3 looks, 3 different penis sizes.

No. 594089

based on the outline i can conclude that this man pisses on his balls

No. 594090

File: 1541102163752.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.96 KB, 720x352, IMG_2018-11-01_16-49-56~2.JPG)

Expectation vs reality

No. 594092

File: 1541103076644.png (1.68 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2018-11-01-15h10m57s50…)

if I have to suffer so do all of you.
tiny dick confirmed tho
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ymnsDCrCTL9JaJI66_OwB1UjrVzlI7sl (HUSBAND TRIES ON MY FAVORITE OUTFITS Mirror)

No. 594093

omg that first one is ridiculous.
but I guess its believable to a bunch of 14 year olds that have never seen a real dick bulge before

No. 594095

Ikr? In her "dressing up as a man" video she seriously calls him to ask if he can come to their bedroom.

No. 594096

>if I have to suffer so do all of you.
tiny dick confirmed tho

Tinfoil: you remember all those years Gurg claimed he was sterile? My guess is this is why.Probably assumed his tiny, tiny dick was shooting blanks. Luckily (or unluckily for Lainey) it only takes one good swimmer to hit the jackpot. BTW doesn't overheating lower sperm count? All that packing probably killed off a few million swimmers. God he really does suffer from Little Dick Syndrome.

No. 594098

File: 1541104646875.png (Spoiler Image, 1002.54 KB, 1052x724, they call me tiny.png)

wew Greg, let's stuff a little more realistically next time.

No. 594103


That's not even disgusting to me, it's just really, really sad.
He's making a fool of himself, especially since Gregory Daniel Avaroe / Jackson basically leaked dick pics himself when he was rolling around in the bed in a skirt and wig, forcing his junk onto his viewers.

No. 594110

I wonder if he blows a hot hair dryer on his junk to help them hang out more improving his stuff game. Hopefully that'll kill his sperm count to prevent another crotch monster.

No. 594111

File: 1541106662803.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.47 KB, 1200x737, EDA06186-8013-4FFD-B7A2-AE9BF9…)

At least he’s decided that one pair of socks is more “”reasonable”” than five

No. 594115

File: 1541107454333.png (98.35 KB, 604x444, Screenshot_1.png)

As much as I'd love to talk about how small Greg's pecker is, he recently uploaded a video (movie length) about someguy's video.

I'm also curious as to what he'll do when Pierce County fines him thousands of dollars and/or throw him (and Lainey) in jail.

No. 594117

Who cares what you want to talk about, but wasn't someguy debunked here as well? Greg's going to love to manipulate that all hate is false and made up, this has been out for fucking ages.

No. 594118

File: 1541107985264.gif (972.74 KB, 350x188, giphy.gif)

>90 days in jail
Oh shit. Gif related.

No. 594119

The ratio of tiny wiener to bloated balls never fails to make me cackle. Grugly, everyone knows you have a shrimp dick, no amount of stuffing is going to change that.

No. 594122

This video made me sad and uncomfortable. Why would Lainey think anyone would want to watch this? Her fans hate Greg, there's not even a half-assed attempt to be humorous, and this has to be the 800th video she's made about trying someone else's clothes on.

What really bothered me though was how hard she tried to make their relationship look like they're a spontaneous, fun couple perpetually in the honeymoon phase. It's so exaggerated and clearly "for the camera" that it proves how inauthentic her videos are. Is she trying to convince us that her husband isn't a dumpy Youtube has-been renowned for his shit storm relationships? Or is she trying to convince us they're an ideal, hip couple worthy of envy? Watching this video is like watching footage of when my aunt and uncle started acting grotesquely affectionate and flirty because they were desperate to save their marriage after she found out he was having an affair.

I don't feel sorry for her but I do feel embarrassed for her.

No. 594137

I used to think Lame was always in it for the cool points and thought she was something special for nailing a "celebrity", but she isn't blind. She must know by now that the majority of the internet thinks her husband is a washed up chode. So unless she is riding off the high of having one-up on a handful of 14 year olds that still like Gurg, she has some other motivation going on.

Personally, I feel it's the most boring reason. That she has been hammered down by an emotionally abuse asshole and she thinks it's easier to stay than leave. (which is a common issue in these types of relationships) so she's just riding it out. As for why she keeps putting Gurg in her videos? I think it's for the very reason she told us at the beginning. She is uncomfortable infront of the camera and having him as the main star of the show takes the pressure off her to be entertaining.
I don't believe for a second she never reads the comments, so she has to know people hate seeing him in their video. But I don't think she actually cares what they want. She's doing this youtube thing cause she has nothing else going on, and she keeps gurg involved so she isn't solely responsible for the content.

No. 594138

Literal pale pudgy mini-Franenstein monster omg lol
He's so fucking ugly!
His pathetic stuffing attempts just look so weird next to the complete lack of effort he puts into the rest of himself, and yet is willing to show off? lol just why dude? A monster made of corpse flesh is actually more fuckable than this greasy mess. At least the monster had masculine proportions and a giant body to match his giant head

No. 594139

File: 1541110268133.gif (297.37 KB, 320x240, 324B1012-EF3B-4DB1-8E46-D291AD…)

No. 594140

>pale pudgy mini-Franenstein monster
haha and this is the man that judges others peoples bodies! Thats pretty fucking funny!

No. 594143

I know what the hell are they thinking?! That looks so frickin dumb. See, if either them had any inspiration or talent they could have turned this into a comedy video where after each cut the stuffing gets more and more ridiculous, until it's larger than his body or something and neither of them mention it.

Instead we have a mid-30s and mid-20s couple/parents having the dad try on the wife's basic bitch boring clothes. Is that supposed to entertain anyone? (besides the 10 or so literal retards and underage speds who fixate on them).

What are they even going for at this point? How uninspired can 2 fuckups possibly be

No. 594145

the sock stuffing is so pathetic. couldn't lainey teach him how to pack properly? since she wants us all to believe she's FTM?

No. 594146

this MUST be tweeted at him omg (and on Lainey's where they post this snoozefest link)

No. 594147

literally kekked that looks like a goddamn bowling ball.
Ffs Gergenstein, ffs

No. 594158

inb4 I sound like the anon who's constantly complaining about the shooped photos of Greg as thread pictures, can we please stop commenting on how fucking tiny Greg's dick is. It's getting really nitpicky and honestly, we ALL already know he has a micropeen. There's more interesting things to talk about other than his gross ass vienna sausage.

Every time there's something interesting or milky going on it constantly gets derailed by dumbass anons who feel the need to nitpick.

No. 594165

Sorry but Greg is intentionally stuffing his crotch to showcase to majority young audience. How is that not noteworthy?

Also you've added fuck all to the discussion, this is not a live discussion you can reply to past posts at any time.

No. 594168

I don't care either way at this point, but I will say I wonder if Greg stuffs his yamsack because he knows it's a win/win. Fans will think it's real, lolcow produces 100 posts about his tiny dick.

my question is why does he want people to think he has giant engorged balls?

No. 594173

Yeah it must be a total win that a place the chronicles the bizarre shit that he does has a couple dozen posts laughing at his poor package packaging. Must take the edge off for when he and his fans lurk.

No. 594180

I meant it in a way that he can giggle to Taylor and Patreons like "can you see how much they obsess over my package? HA HA."

No. 594181

Yeah we're the ones obsessed with his dick that we made Taylor film him in his underwear with socks stuffed down them jiggling around to be uploaded on to her channel to her audience.

No. 594196

No one cares how Grugenstein takes literally anything posted here or on kiwi, or anywhere else. His opinions and thoughts are meaningless garbage, no one cares what he effeminately screeches about to his gaggle of mentally ill fats and teens.
As long as he broadcasts his trite 2edgy garbage and pathetic life we're going to laugh at it. If he chalks this up as a "win" and revels in having "shadowfans" good for him tbh, people like that need wins where they can find them

No. 594218

File: 1541117240382.gif (198.76 KB, 500x312, T0VI9.gif)

>tfw we will never be a fly on the wall for that trainwreck

No. 594221

Thot is such a fucking basic bitch it’s like she’s a walking meme. And Grot is white trailer trash, so it’s a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on how you look at it). There is literally nothing interesting about her and she knows it, which is why she keeps up with the translarping. She’s ugly, stupid, smug, boring, sheltered, spoilt and selfish. She has never worked a day in her life, she has a degree from a cereal box that is worth fuck all and clearly didn’t teach her anything, she doesn’t have any hobbies beyond being a cunt to people on the internet, she has no personality and she’s not a nice person. How the fuck does she have any fans?

No. 594222

>Seems to be another "proving Lainey is a smol bean" video, with a side of "see? Onion isn't THAT fat."

Greg fits her clothes but she's so small uwu and he's supposed to be sooooo tall, not to mention his fat head. Like, I'm surprised he can get tshirts on with that thing.

Also ew @ boxers
Desperate for some unicorn or new Patreon subs I guess…

No. 594226

Exactly. He probably thinks having a thread on him in general is a win. Who cares what he thinks. He's clearly insecure about his microdick cause he stuffs his shorts.

No. 594227

No. 594228

how many tshirts do you think they both own
i mean, look at this shelf suffer now that they both dont have their own walk ins (kek)

and im p sure those plastic bins ive seen in photos around the house are filled with more clothes
like damn

No. 594231

As much as I'm hoping for 90 days so that maybe he'll learn a damn lesson, there's a part of me that thinks he'll just get a slap on the wrist like he always has.

No. 594232

I'm convinced this is the only way she can get him to spend time with her, honestly.

No. 594235

That side profile of the beer gut in the mirror is the best thing about this screenshot.

To be honest, I think Plainey going to jail would snap her ass out of that transtrender phase real quick.