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File: 1479490128779.jpg (69.56 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nq5whyo9bL1qbnxbno1_500…)

No. 316861

>billie and ayalla visit
>ayalla is a good friend and convinces her to leave
>greg gets pissed about this and tells her if she doesn't let him brand her she can never come back
>billie isn't having it
>poopyface tomatonose and his trusty doormat doing everything they can to manipulate her in to coming back
>billie has not given in (yet)

I think that's about it.

Previous thread >>>/pt/314304

No. 316862

I had a dream that Billie was pregnant.

She wasn't taking anything to prevent pregnancy because she wasn't planing wasn't on having sex with Greg since she was originally meant to be there just for lainey.

This was why she kept trying to get in contact with them. They block of on social media and was ignoring her texts. She didn't exactly say she was pregnant with Gregs baby in the text messages because she was worried Greg would screenshot them and make a video on it calling her a liar. She wanted to say it during a phone call just to be on the safe side.

She didn't know about the pregnancy so tried reaching out to him publicly. Greg told her to leave then alone despite the fact he was tweeting her first. Billie had enough and decided just to make a video on it as a way to reach out to them since she felt like it was her only option.

So Billie film herself saying that she took a test and it came up positive. Billie put the pregnancy stick up to the camera and said she going to take a second. She didn't want to film herself peeing on a stick or holding a cup of her pee on camera so she bought a new state of the art test that uses a different method. It was basically like a device that you breath into and it tell you if your pregnant or not. She made sure the box had a plastic seal just in case poeple acuse her of tampering with it before filming.

She breathes into it and showed the camera. It came up positive and she then proceeded to say that she doesn't know what to to next. She mentions that she wants to keep the baby but she knows she can't afford to do that.

Greg films a public video saying how Billie is a gold digger who only wants child benefits and he doesn't want anything to do with the child. He then claims that Billie told him that she was on the pill. He also tries to blackmail her into getting abortion but at the same time trying to manipulate her into get back together because if she does keep it then she would need him. Greg thinks single mother equals bad mother.

No. 316863

Spelling and grammar doesn't work well with you anon

No. 316864

That would be an interesting telenovela.
Back to real life now, anon.

No. 316866

wow. groundbreaking

No. 316875

File: 1479495248851.jpeg (41.5 KB, 497x500, 8ee0ed9de3da0f00eab1688cc347ab…)

>poopyface tomatonose

I feel like a child for laughing at this

Also crank up those filters as much as you like Greg, it doesn't hide that you're becoming Carrot Top

No. 316876


I'm new and I'm foreign. Since when was lolcow only restricted to Europeans, Canadians and Americans?

No. 316877


Was it from her FellFromTheSkye fb page 'cause I couldn't find any comments, hate or otherwise calling her "mom" or references to that effect. Is it possible to give a clue where to look rather than give up the entire source?

No. 316878

Oh I thought you were just stupid. That's okay then, my apologies.

No. 316879

I'll link because I'm fairly certain it's not her real profile.

If you look far enough in both this profile and associated profiles, you will see they tagged Skye's real account and maybe her boyfriend/fiance. Skye deactivated hers. No surprise, this looks like stalker shit to me. I'm thinking that this is one very dedicated, maybe slightly insane troll. Maybe I think this is more weird than it really is, but you guys can go ahead and scroll on these profiles for 15 minutes and decide for yourselves.

No. 316880

I just noticed that they have on their profile "Former Altar Boy at Arlington Seventh-Day Adventist Church". Wasn't onion/his mom a seventh day adventist? I mean I post on lolcow so I'm not that much better, but this is creepy.

No. 316882

File: 1479496756741.png (171.75 KB, 786x1025, weird.PNG)

god this is creepy…

No. 316883


lol wtf is this. Looks like an obvious troll, but wow it goes back to 2014? Did onion make this? I don't know why anyone else would want to troll skye for that long

No. 316885

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks it's bizarre. What freaks me out the most is that they've posted consistently like you said, for years. All the posts and comments have the same fucked up grammar that makes it difficult to read, and all the photos they've posted are seemingly random. It's like uncanny valley. Almost normal, you can tell there's a purpose and intent, but it's just slightly off. That's why I think of schizophrenia or bots. Because their writing looks so similar, I'm wondering if these accounts are run by the same person.

Sage because I can't tell if this is off topic or not. This account is 100% linked to onision and skye in some way, though.

No. 316887


Yeah I'm pretty sure those accounts are all the same person, with the same weird way of talking which might be indicative of psychosis… so weird

No. 316888

he will never be as funny as carrot top or EVER concidered a comedian. he doesnt have the balls i could only imagine someone heckeling him and him doing nothing abut it uhg he annoys me to no end

No. 316890

You can add life events for any date/year at any time.

No. 316892

I didnt know MDMA could have those effects n someone.

No. 316893

op you forgot to add "onion confirms his micro dick status with dick size twitter poll"

No. 316894

just some random schizophrenic, does it really have that much to do with skye or onision?

No. 316895

File: 1479500444998.png (150.35 KB, 750x959, IMG_1021.PNG)

This is from her YT channel comments

No. 316897

It seems like an Onion troll quite honestly
But also, let's remember that you can change the date of posts on Facebook.

No. 316898


She's going out with a guy named Billy though.

No. 316899

Sounds like a troll account, if she had a son - I doubt he'd be calling his own mother a worthless whore, ect.

No. 316900

File: 1479501484210.jpeg (39.56 KB, 385x385, image.jpeg)

She looks like her???

No. 316901

File: 1479501684435.jpg (33.23 KB, 904x581, Capturee.JPG)

I see you're lurking.

No. 316902

Yeah that's a character from degrassi. y'all can't be serious.

No. 316903

>>y'all can't be serious.

This, stop derailing the thread with FB troll accounts… noone cares about some rando schizo onion fan, they're completely irrelevant to this thread.

No. 316904

you need to be signed in to fb to see the page

No. 316907

File: 1479503783796.png (186.43 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


There's more

No. 316908

Fucking stop. This has got nothing to do with onion and it's boring. Make a thread in snow or stay on topic.

No. 316910

Just stop, this has nothing to do with the thread whatsoever.

No. 316911

OP picture is gonna give me nightmares. he looks a bit like Kris Jenner, deformed plastic surgery victim and a super villain all at the same time.

No. 316914

Agreed. I tend to prefer it when OP image is Greg in his rawest form, because I'd hate for him to think anybody here actually believes he looks as good as OP image.

And sure, it looks like Kris Jenner had a kid with Carrot Top with 100 filters on top - but it's still better than what he looks like irl which is a flabby, 40 year old dead mountaineer.

No. 316915

Going back previous threads and reading recaps you really get a sense of how dysfunctional Onion's life is, if you weren't already completely aware of this.

No. 316917

Samefagging, but I'd just like to clarify that Grease's actions are way worse than his physical appearance, but I'm just trying to give him a taste of his own medicine.

>>when he rates a model tier girl as a 7

>>and he's literally a 4 at best

No. 316918

thats a man

No. 316920

File: 1479506017945.png (14.97 KB, 264x202, 10101010.png)

I'm still not over the Eugenia Cooney cooking show. Seriously, how can youtube let that shit stay up? I don't even like her that much, but isn't it obvious that shit is bullying?
The comment section is still pretty much divided and just from reading some comments you can tell lots of people have reported him. Sad that I don't think he's going to get it removed.

No. 316921

they*, youtube, not Grease. I am sure grease would never take down such a popular video heh.

No. 316922

File: 1479506092520.png (656.1 KB, 942x1251, 1478632243765.png)

No. 316923

I love how his profile picture is a still from that fucked up video of people dressed up as ninja turtles jerking off on a pizza.

No. 316924

Perfect anon. Very raw. Very Gerg.

No. 316925

File: 1479506669049.gif (770.54 KB, 245x243, gergnofilter.gif)

No. 316926

File: 1479507131477.png (513.64 KB, 638x883, bff.png)

Billie and Ayalla got matching tattoos, in the wake of Onion who tried to brand her first.

I can't. I hope he pops a vein seeing this.

No. 316927


Alright, who wants to make predictions about what he'll do next? I'll start.

1. Greg and Lainey will make a video on her channel doing some false happy couple challenge or something. to show off to Billie how he doesn't need her, and to lovebomb Lainey some more for his cycle of abuse.

2. Sarah will be the next greasesome target.

3. Greg projects about abuse to SocialRepose on Twitter some more to take the heat off the breakdown of his manipulative "polyamorous relationship"

No. 316928


ahahahaha ok im starting to tolerate and maybe even like billie

No. 316929

awww, I have to say that's pretty cute. better than stupid "Lillie".

No. 316930


Same here. When she isn't around Lainey and Greg she seems like a really cool person.

No. 316931

that's actually pretty awesome.
i mean, the tattoos are ugly as fuck, but he's gonna rage

No. 316932

Lainey and greg are def gonna make a video going guys we are perfectly fine in fact our marriage is better than ever. y'all are stupid for thinking our marriage is in trouble.

i dont think gerg is into sarah. i think he allows sarah to be a friend for lainey so lainey doesnt go insane living with him and sarah isnt a threat

No. 316933

That's so sweet of them! The photo made me smile. Billie is lucky to have a great friend like Ayalla. I'm really happy that she chose friendship over being a living sex toy for an abusive piece of shit and his doormat tumblrina of a wife.
I hope that onion has a meltdown. Serves him right!

No. 316935

they already had those tattoos, since august. i think they just touched them up

No. 316936

File: 1479507743599.gif (328.45 KB, 360x360, onionkrisgrinch.gif)

just because i was bored

No. 316937

definitely. maybe even just added the sparkles?

No. 316938

File: 1479508284151.png (729.09 KB, 843x604, ba.png)


Yup they already had it, and they also have matching clock tattoos on their legs. Funny how gerg sees tattoos as a sign of commitment, but he wanted billie to break off her friendship where she had tattoos symbolizing they were committed to be friends forever

No. 316940

File: 1479508873303.png (635.94 KB, 840x598, clock.png)


I guess onion never read this caption.

No. 316941

File: 1479509939911.png (455.36 KB, 566x703, mahpursun.png)

You can keep him so no one else has to deal with him.

No. 316942


Wow, Onion wants Lillie so bad because he wants this relationship between his wife and Billie. He wants them to be BFFS FOREVER while sucking his cock at the same time. His fans are literally fucking retarded if they don't think Onion is manipulative because he basically banned Billie from ever seeing her best friend again. I guess it's Friendship > wreckful threesome as of now.

No. 316943


Even if so, the fact that they retouched them and posted the photo seems like an underhanded bitch slap to Omission and that, is what I love the most about Billie right now.

No. 316944

I think he is noticing the bitch slaps billie is throwing and thats why him and lainey are both posting lovey dovey pics of each other, but literally no one cares.

At first when billie came into the picture, i felt bad for lainey, but not anymore and im liking billie a lot now.

No. 316946

Hahaha, and she posted the photo on her Twitter where she knows he lurks.

Good shade.

No. 316947

File: 1479510791375.png (604.51 KB, 930x598, puke.png)

I'm all of a sudden feeling a lot of love for lainey after the person i actually wanted to be with left me and after i spent weeks demonizing my wife and telling her i didnt want to be married to her. <3333 SO. MUCH. LOVE. DO PEOPLE BELIEVE ME YET?!

No. 316948

Hahahahah how pathetic.
He is so salty over Billie choosing her best friend over him.

And Plainboi the psychology major can't even notice Onion lovebombing her.

No. 316949

I'm starting to think lainey enjoys having billie come back because it ends with onion proving he is doing wrong by lainey and then after she leaves, she gets weeks of him love bombing her and being super nice instead of his usual asshole self.

No. 316950

Man, thats the best slap in the face to greg. I really don't think she's going to go back to him now.

I'm happy on one hand, because seeing someone escape greg's mcmansion is amazing news. However I'm also sad that this probably means all the good milk is dried up. Now we're going to be back with Onion talking about baby dicks and his VEGETARIAN BODY all day long.

2016 was a terrible year in some aspects, but oh my word did it bring the best milk.

No. 316951

Somehow it doesn't even look like they're kissing.

No. 316952

I am pretty sure that Gurg is gonna grow tired of Plain even faster than usual and then the milk will be flowing in again.

No. 316953

I was hoping for billie to stay in the picture a little longer so onion would leave lainey for her, and then billie would dump him shortly after.

But knowing lainey, she'd go back to him even if he broke up with her for billie. I'm waiting for lainey to prove me wrong that shes a complete doormat, but it seems to never happen.

No. 316954

Maybe Greg will try to dump Lainey now so he can get a new girl obstacle-free

No. 316955

if this has proved anything, its that Lainey will never leave him. Greg was literally fucking another woman in their house while she was 8+ months behind her back and didn't even seem to be pissed at Greg at all, just at Billie.

And if my tinfoil hat theory about the prenup stating if Greg divorces Lainey then he has to give her alimony, then he won't ever leave either. They're stuck together 5ever.

No. 316956

He will never dump lainey until there is a new girl lined up. He only dumps them after cheating on them by talking to other girls and finding his new prey.

I think onion is even surprised at how much of a doormat lainey is. Now he knows he can get away with literally anything so maybe he will just keep her and fuck other girls whenever he wants to. He will be like oops my dick slipped into them cause they opened up their legs in front of me! It's their fault lainey! and she will be angry at the girl and be like greg is the best husband ever and never abuses me <3333 -posts pic of them kissing-

No. 316958

yup. laineys stuck to him like glue and he's been trying to get her to leave but he underestimated her ability to be the biggest doormat on earth.
He doesn't love her at all, what he loves is having a spineless wife who'll stick around no matter how shitty he treats her. What a sad life to live.

No. 316959


The sad thing is i think she was only angry at billie and not onion this time around because she held billie up to higher moral standards. Like she knew her own husband was going to lie and cheat and her only hope was billie not cheating on her. She already gave up on onion being loyal to her after the first time. God knows why she stays with him.

I was so proud of her the first time around when she left him for awhile, but then she came crawling back, stopped couple counseling because she let him talk her out of it, and just went back into letting him step all over her and run things.

No. 316963

From the thumbnail I thought Omission was Lainey and vice versa

No. 316964


Even if Omission finds a new girl, he won't leave Lainey for her. Even if Lainey gains weight or shaves all her hair off, he won't leave Lainey either.

He won the jackpot when he got with Lainey, the bisexual, because now he has unlimited supply of teen pussies at his beck and call if he can keep up the poly thing and just let Lainey bring in more slutty teenagers to their place to fuck. Greg can have all the threesomes and orgies that he'll ever dream of, and if he leaves Lainey, he might never find another bisexual-poly woman who is as big as a doormat as Lainey is.

They're staying together for life. Not for any other girl. Not for alimony.

For the teen pussy supply. The end.

No. 316966

Tbh, I don't think Lainey is the best magnet for teenage girls, and she's certainly not going to get better. How many teenagers want to bang an aging, bitter mother of two?

No. 316967


Even if she looks terrible by our standards, dumb horny teenagers can overlook most of her flaws and go for it. This is why Onion likes teen girls so much: They're more forgiving and open minded due to the lack of life experiences.

No. 316969


He's keeping lainey cause she will put up with him long term with little fuss. She will forgive him whenever he cheats on her. She will tell him hes perfection and feed his ego. She won't aspire to have a career and will sit at home like a good puppy to please greg whenever he wants. She will raise his kids and he won't have to pay child support/alimony. And whenever anyone says he is an abusive psycho, he will just say ask my wife and good little lainey will say greg treats me so well we have literally no problems ever <3.

No. 316970

Same, it's not the cutest. My best friend won't get a tattoo with me. But at lead she's not branded for Greg.

I get why he thinks it's romantic because a lot of romances play that dark brooding type but he's neither. He's just creepy and unhinged. He's gonna freak when he sees this.

No. 316971


sorry onion but why are you warping your neanderthal features to look like zac efron? You're not fooling anyone.

No. 316972

He's wants a sweetheart from the ground up.

No. 316973

In a bid to change the colour of his red rashy skin tone, he has edited the colour of his face to be more yellow/orange toned. By doing so, he has turned Lainey's skin green.

Good job Gerk.

No. 316975

I thought it was two mannequins at first.

No. 316976

got me laughin

No. 316977

they look like sweet lesbian girlfriends to me. Onion is the ugliest girlfriend, obviously.

No. 316978

So do we think greg will ever find a boyfriend-free girl

No. 316979

This basically sounds like lainey and gerg: http://psychcentral.com/blog/archives/2013/09/08/the-dance-between-codependents-narcissists/

"Codependents confuse caretaking and sacrifice with loyalty and love. Although they are proud of their unwavering dedication to the person they love, they end up feeling unappreciated and used. Codependents yearn to be loved, but because of their choice of dance partner, find their dreams unrealized. With the heartbreak of unfulfilled dreams, codependents silently and bitterly swallow their unhappiness.

Codependents are essentially stuck in a pattern of giving and sacrificing, without the possibility of ever receiving the same from their partner. They pretend to enjoy the dance, but really harbor feelings of anger, bitterness, and sadness for not taking an active role in their dance experience. They are convinced that they will never find a dance partner who will love them for who they are, as opposed to what they can do for them. Their low self-esteem and pessimism manifests itself into a form of learned helplessness that ultimately keeps them on the dance floor with their narcissistic partner.

The narcissist dancer, like the codependent, is attracted to a partner who feels perfect to them: Someone who lets them lead the dance while making them feel powerful, competent and appreciated. In other words, the narcissist feels most comfortable with a dancing companion who matches up with their self-absorbed and boldly selfish dance style. Narcissist dancers are able to maintain the direction of the dance because they always find partners who lack self-worth, confidence and who have low self-esteem — codependents. With such a well-matched companion, they are able to control both the dancer and the dance."

Lainey already knows this though. She always mentions being codependent and she just accepts it.

No. 316987

File: 1479516794005.png (360.79 KB, 1220x774, sr.png)


No. 316989



No. 316990

What's happening in these caps?

No. 316991


Richie @'s Onision saying babe I knew you'd come through and Onision replies with a screenshot of him blocking Richie

No. 316992

Onion recently unblocked everyone he has ever blocked, so SR could tweet at him, then onion showed he blocked SR again

No. 316993


Greg is such an ass. Jesus.

No. 317004

You might even say he's found himself a cuck.

No. 317005

File: 1479521215054.png (1.27 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8143.PNG)

This girl and Lainey mutually obsess over each other and now she's kissing Greg's ass.

No. 317006

File: 1479521236575.png (1.15 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_8144.PNG)

No. 317007

File: 1479521388885.jpg (42.24 KB, 615x409, ££££-NO-REUSE-Bieber-look-alik…)

He looks like that guy who tried to get surgery to look like Justin Bieber.

No. 317008


No. 317009

File: 1479522084914.png (61.41 KB, 628x328, Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 9.18…)

She also posted this one day after Billie got bangs. I'd say she's really the next one. Same age as Billie, has a not too feminine sounding name (Haylee), Lainey's already a fan of her… Oh, and she has blue hair and is alternative of course.

No. 317010

LMAO the bitch has blue hair too, she could try to be less obvious with trying to be the new billie.

And lainey's dense as usual, thinking the girls she flirts with on twitter actually give a shit about her. They all want greg, lamey, and you're just what they have to step on to get to him

No. 317011

Good god, she sounds like such a whiny twat. Just how Onion likes em.

No. 317012

girl run

No. 317013

a-are we looking at their next victim?

didn't think it'd happen this fast ngl

No. 317014

nah apparently she's 21, too old for gerg

No. 317015

No. 317016

File: 1479522706706.jpg (400.57 KB, 869x1104, onionsnextvictim.jpg)

She seems really annoying, but out of all of Onion's victims, I have to admit she'd be the most attractive
Though that could just be the filters.

No. 317017

Yeah sorry, I'm getting old. I thought people born in 1995 would be 19, but they're obviously not. She's two years older than Billie.

No. 317018

File: 1479522845229.png (467.82 KB, 594x597, Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 9.32…)

Sorry, it's filters. Bonus: she has tattoos.

Sage for samefagging.

No. 317020


She kind of reminds me of an uglier Jessica Cauffiel? I think it's the nose.

No. 317021


*at that angle.

No. 317022

yikes, filters doing gods work.
But she's just another ass kissing fan i don't think onions gonna be bringing in anymore girls, the blue hair would be way too triggering for him too

No. 317023

was going to say she looks young enough to maybe not matter too much that she's 21, but she def looks her age here

No. 317024

he didn't have any issues making shiloh shave her head so i'm sure he would talk her into changing the color

No. 317025

to her roots, hair color and even her twitter bio, she's like a copy of Billie

No. 317027

File: 1479523850834.png (792.68 KB, 1308x854, Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 9.48…)

so in omission's new vid admits he's making videos on eugenia because they get him more views and attention…yet when she pointed this out way back he sent his army of brain dead fans after her

No. 317028

Eugenia Cooney Lied (+Her Actual Weight)

No. 317029


Greg can throw some glitter on her and pretend hes with billie again

No. 317030

and says he talks about eugenia because he is "an entertainer"…i literally hate him. So glad that an obviously struggling individual is strictly entertainment to him. So much rage

No. 317032

-makes videos insulting young teens bodies and making fun of them if they are chubby/fat-

-says eugenia cooney is encouraging anorexia by existing-


Also is that ask fm even really her? I looked at it and for questions about her height, she answered 5'7, 5'9, and 5'10. LOL wouldn't she know her own height?

No. 317033

File: 1479524697348.png (76.22 KB, 529x618, ecc.png)

No. 317036


I wonder if he knows Eugenia, Billie and Ayalla were talking shit about him in a live stream, and that his friends-turned 'enemies' have formed an alliance? I hope so!

No. 317038

Even after I clicked it I thought it was reversed lol

No. 317039

she's seriously 21?

because screencap in >>317009 sounds like a 12 year old.

maybe onion will make an exception for her since she's got all the benefits of being fucking childish without the risk of the feds getting involved.

No. 317040


Wow he basically admits hes bullying her for views and doesn't give one fuck that it could negatively affect her. If you think someone has a mental disorder, you don't keep attacking them for views just cause youre an entertainer. It's one thing to make fun of someone's content and another to consistently bully someone about their eating disorder. What if she killed herself because of all the harassment? Greg doesn't give one shit. and I absolutely HATE lainey for sticking by him and condoning this, not speaking out about it at all or telling him to stop. Youre going to teach your kids it's okay to bully others as long as it gets money in your pocket. They are the most disgusting couple on youtube and i hope karma comes back to bite them eventually.

No. 317042


No. 317043

Please report all videos he makes about eugenia. It is bullying and harassment at this point and if anything happens to her due to this bullying, youtube should be held responsible for never taking down or doing anything to onision about his content despite many people reporting it.

No. 317045

it was in the live stream talked about towards the end of the last thread anon.

No. 317046


Go to the previous thread. Duh!

No. 317047


I thought they said at the beginning of that livestream that they weren't going to talk about drama and that was the end of it?

No. 317048

Billie and Ayalla weren't talking shit. Billie was watching eugenia's stream and just said hope she is okay or something like that. Eugenia was talking about the onision situation and defending herself. Eugenia doesn't talk shit about people.

No. 317049


Yeah that's what I thought so was super confused about what the other anon was talking about

No. 317050


oh yeah bc blue hair and bangs is totally YOUR thing. have fun in the omission fuck dungeon.

also did lainey have all this weird 3way sex while pregnant?

No. 317052

lol, ew, probably. she has like no self awareness apparently. imagine how pained ghillie and dreg must've been. i keep getting the mental image of billie fucking taylor with her foot just so she could stay like 4 ft from her.

No. 317053


Onion troll thread has been made, you're welcome.


No. 317056

This is disgusting. It's his ELEVENTH video about her by my count. He's been harassing her for months and I can't understand why Youtube hasn't done anything about it.

No. 317057

File: 1479530993134.png (166.45 KB, 1264x666, Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 10.4…)

Why do Gerg and his braindead fans feel so fucking entitled to Eugenia's information? I understand she's a public figure, but I don't think she owes anyone (especially Omission) an explanation of her health problems "with proof".

What is wrong with him and his fans? Fuck.

No. 317058

For real. His fans need to think about how it'd feel to have a mental disorder you want to keep private and then have the whole internet bullying you about it and trying to force you to talk about it and calling you names. I'm sure they would love that and they'd instantly get better.

No. 317059

I tweeted at Eugenia asking her to report Onision's channel. When I went to go do it, it wouldn't let me because I am a third party. Maybe if enough people encourage her to report him, she will.

No. 317061

It's beyond me how lainey can sit there and support her husband literally bullying someone who has done nothing wrong. Like I've had low self esteem and would have let people shit all over me, but the second I saw them bullying someone else, i would not be able to just sit there and accept it. If my SO bullied someone like that, i'd dump him so fast.

What is that teaching her kids? Bullying is okay? If her daughter or son has an eating disorder, is she going to let onion talk to them like that and exploit them? If the answer is no then she should not sit and watch him do that to someone else.

Like I get it lainey. You are not your husband but youre still supporting his actions by supporting him.

No. 317064

They almost have the same haircut lol

No. 317065

Why did he all of a sudden style his hair like that when he never does? Did he too decide he needed a change to feel in control and have bangs? lmao

No. 317066

That got me thinking, would Plain even stand up for her kids if Onion was bullying them or pressuring them about anything? Would she actually have the balls to protect them if he was abusive?

No. 317068

No. 317069

File: 1479535200025.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.88 KB, 500x370, zgCFKx8.jpg)

Motherfucker looks like a Klingon hybrid.

No. 317070


Yeah I'm worried that she will be one of those moms who puts her relationship and the fact she is in love before her kids =/. She will justify his actions to them. It's sad because their relationship is going to model what relationships are supposed to be like to her kids and it can affect them for the rest of their lives and have them grow up to be in toxic relationships as well. Her son or daughter could grow up to be an abuser or be abused. It's very important for parents to model healthy relationships and behaviors to their kids while they are young, and they are obviously not doing that =/

No. 317071

tbh he's right about her showing off her body purposefully in videos where there's no reason for her to be standing up for attention but who gives a fuck? why shouldn't she be allowed to do that? her lying about it is the only annoying thing, but he's just so fucking repetitive about it at this point. he can't actually think she's just gonna start eating because of these videos and that he's gonna be her savior
greg pls

No. 317072

File: 1479536984752.png (272.44 KB, 669x567, lol.png)

Hahaha, one of plaineos old tweets, how could nobody see this coming

No. 317073

He gives absolutely 0 fucks if she gets better or if she dies or if he leads her to her death by all the bullying. He just wants views and $$$

And even in her earliest videos, she is always standing. It could be just what makes her most comfortable or feel better about herself. If she has an eating disorder, she is probably conscious about how she looks on camera and maybe she thinks she looks best when the camera is panned farther away. Either way, its stupid to think shes starving herself for views. It's a serious mental illness not a business plan. It can't be fixed in a few weeks or months. Anorexia is usually a lifelong illness and someone can relapse many times. He's only making her feel worse and that could lead her to getting worse instead of better.

No. 317074


Has everyone forgoteen that Lamo was wannarexic as fuck? I remember somewhere (I can't find) that she talked about restricting calories and having an eating disorder, although personally I don't believe her.

Now… Onion is bullying someone for an apparent eating disorder?

No. 317075

you people must be underage if you're grossed out by the fact that pregnant women have sex, or even threesomes. women have a much higher sex drive during pregnancy, it's an evolutionary thing

No. 317076

he may not be a great dad but he is for sure a good friend for his kid. The same intelligence level

No. 317080


I think so…but older now…?

No. 317082

Saw before deletion. She looks so much better now after a few years of being away from Cucknision. She deserved the freedom.

No. 317083

You were told to stop self posting here, there's a thread for you to go to town about yourself here

No. 317084

File: 1479544996003.jpg (116.47 KB, 500x370, 55063273.jpg)

Oh Jesus, I take it back, what the fuck is this motherfucker doing. Does this retard not realize they're making it easier for Grunk to do his usual thing of stalking the fuck out of his ex?

No. 317093

It's definitely a self-poster we unfortunately have on our hands here, just start reporting any posts in relation to it in this thread and that thread.

I swear to god, if we're not always having to deal with newfags and lainey-sympathizers, it's attention-seekers, Greasefuckers and derailers.

No. 317100

Poor Eugenia, Grease's army of teen fans is too brain dead to realize he's a fucking selfish pos even when he admits he's doing it for views. And it's not even her real ask.fm

I can't stand him. Seriously, I come here everyday hoping to see his fall from grace so he can crawl back to the hell where he came from, that would be a dream. He's abusive scum and one of the biggest hypocrites I've ever seen.

No. 317105

Yeah, bullying is ok according to greag, he has an old video on that. He says that victims are dramatic and need to fight back, lol. But of course he's a huge hypocrite so you're going to find his tweets about leafy that contradict what he said in the video.

His new haircut (or hairstyle, idk, I can't look at him for more than 2 sec without feeling like throwing up) makes him look like a 30 year old Bieber wannabe/butch lesbian with awful skin.

Sage cuz samefag

No. 317108

I hope he's foaming at the mouth after seeing these, even if they're just touched up.

No. 317110

Why? How do you look at the videos Greg made himself and think "yeah, fuck that bitch, poor Greg is the victim here"?

No. 317111

I especially love the "sprinkles" around the hearts, that gave me the biggest shit-eating grin.

No. 317114


SHIT i didnt think of that, that would be so awesome if she actually did that on purpose.

they just kinda looked like little, expected shitty stars around a shitty heart to me

No. 317115

>If you're sad about being bullied just do what he wants, we're entitled to know everything about your personal life!
What is this garbage?

No. 317119


Isn't SR friends with Eugenia? Maybe he could convince her to report his channel. Seriously, I just want Eugenia to flip out and get that cancerous channel removed. I already had little faith in YouTube's policies but now that I see Greg is still posting shit after all this time I gotta say this little faith disappeared completely.

No. 317122

File: 1479552508851.jpg (169.58 KB, 1024x768, lolz.jpg)

Haha, I agree… they most likely are stars or little sparkles, I also like to imagine the hearts (especially the purple one) are references to ecstasy.

Drugs and sprinkles would make him rage so hard.

No. 317144

File: 1479563011056.jpg (436.42 KB, 1098x1600, 2e8968c2e6bb529ebb9bff122ffffd…)

Eugenias body looks like goddess bunny who had polio….

No. 317145

I legit though it was billie for a moment, she's still below average attractive. Excatly Gregs type

side note: Does Greg have a thing for names that end in an "e" sound? 'Billie', then he asked Taylor to refer to herself as 'Lainey", Haylee might be the new squeeze

No. 317146

probably because it sounds more cutesy and immature and that pitches a tiny tent in his pants

No. 317147

I think he likes them having unique names. Skye, Shiloh, Lainey, Billie. Taylor was too boring/normal so he renamed her.

No. 317148

sage for offtopic (slightly) and tinfoilhattery

Anyone else waiting for Greg to say something super hypocritical about SR and Jaclyn Glenn getting married in Las Vegas?

People in the comments are still confused about whether it's real or not, considering he just bowed out of the Greg/Ayalla/Billie/Lainey drama by saying that he was never making his relationships public, but Greg's pretty fucking stupid.

THEORY: what if this is a parody, a video of Richie and Jaclyn mocking how Greg speed-married Lainey just after she turned 18?

No. 317150


1. they are filming a music video
2. they aren't even dating

No. 317151

In the end you see that it is a commitment ceremony. If you look those up, they hold zero legal binding. (often something gay couples could do if gay marriage isnt legal where they live) They probably did it as a spontaneous thing in las vegas since it has no legal binding and to make a troll video.

No. 317152

I figured it was fake because the rumors of Jaclyn and Richie were never confirmed but at the same time, I want to watch Greg freak out of his archnemesis marry the girl he had a vegetarian boner for.

He'll probably still make a video about it because it's GREG.

I don't like Jaclyn and I don't really pay attention to SR unless it pertains to Greg. I saw the tweets from last night and went to his twitter and there it was.
He never posted about him filming a music video with Jaclyn (I only skimmed through but I never saw anything like that?) and the comments never say anything about filming either; just general confusion.

No. 317154

A thought I just had, I think we over estimated Billie as being some conniving bitch as she's been the only one NOT to leak any personal info about greg/lainey. Even after all the videos about her and shit they've been saying, trying to brand her etc - still nothing. I really do think she was just some dumb kid who got involved with two weird people, I did dumb shit at 18/19 too.

She's handling this so well, but I still want a tell-all video about her experience in the onion mansion cause milk lol.

No. 317155

The hilarious thing is jaclyn and richie look better/less cheap in a fake wedding than lainey and greg did at their REAL wedding. And this also looks like a far happier occasion. lmao.

No. 317156


AH I meant to put >>317150 oops

No. 317158

Billie got the shit end of the stick. She got paid absolutely nothing by greg ($1800/mo) and quit her job at Target to work for him. That would be a couple hundred more than she could make working full time at Target.

He says her job at Target prevented her from "actually hanging out with us" so we know she quit. And she never even made videos on her channel to profit off of. And you know how much onion and therefore lainey profited off vidoes with her and all the following drama.

So basically she got 1800/mo for the few months she was with them and now goes back after having lost her job that she seemed to enjoy when she talked about it in her video saying she got a job there, so she has to get a new one. She makes 0 profit off the videos onision is making about her and with her, and she never made videos for her channel with onision or lainey to make money off of.

If she was trying to be a leech, she did a horrible job of it. Onision got more money from her than she got from him.

No. 317159

i know people hate when questions like this are asked, but what video did she talk about liking Target in? I looked at her channel a bit and couldnt find it.

No. 317162

HDU drag her into this! Onionsan's the most dishonourable petaq in the Alpha Quadrant!

No. 317165

i was one of those posters, and no, not underage. pregnancy sex isn't particularly gross. threesomes alone are awkward. pregnancy threesomes are generally going to be fucking awkward and gross, ESPECIALLY when your husband clearly doesn't like you and is sick of you, and your 19 yo fake "girlfriend" doesn't want you and only puts up with you and your pregnant ass because she's pining for your comedogenic 30 yo husband.

sorry, no greg-thirsty 19 year old girl who wants to take taylor's place wants to fuck a 22 year old pregnant woman alongside her pregnator. it's fucking uncomfortable.

pregnancy itself is awkward and not hot. sorry if you love being pregnant or take offense to the reality of the abject unsexiness that is pregnancy, but it's bizarre and i can only imagine how unsexy it'd be to be 19 and shoved between greasy, pedo-greg and his self-obsessed fakeboi wife who's about to pop out her newest trapbaby.

No. 317166


What really escapes me is that Onion and Lamp are perfectly content in the abuse and bullying of Eugenia Cooney and other such YouTubers/regular people who have mental disorders, and yet they will raise hell if someone negatively comments on the fact that non-binary genders do not exist.

Pick one. You're either against bullying or for it.

No. 317167


Onision is always going to be a hypocritical bully and Lainey doesn't condone it, seeing how she does believe in social justice (but only when it benefits herself), but she won't say anything, not anymore.
I think the only time Lainey ever stood up to Greg was when she and her followers (and his own, on a surprising note) got on his ass about how he was talking shit about police brutality and BLM, but since the Cuddlegates and God knows what else that happened offline, she just doesn't speak against him.

The fact that they consider themselves feminists and the fact that Greg thinks that bullying and bodyshaming a girl for being naturally skinny is just so wrong LOL

also >>317057 this annoys the shit out of me. Eugenia doesn't have to prove shit to people who bully the hell out of her and make it impossible for to upload videos peacefully, let alone anyone really.

Fuck Youtube for doing nothing about it, to be honest.

No. 317168


Do you think laineys jealous of Eugenia because shes actually anorexic/clearly legitimately mentally ill?

No. 317170


I think she's more jealous of Eugenia's ultra skinny bod than her mental disorders.

No. 317171


I think she just genuinely doesn't care, for whatever reason, that her husband is bullying someone.
There are times when yeah, she is her own person and Greg is his, but there are also times when what he does reflects on her and vice versa and she really doesn't seem to get that.

No. 317172


I think she does care a little bit, but is just too afraid to object to her husband's bullying. I wouldn't be surprised if Greg already did some minor physical abuse towards Lainey, like a slap or a shove.

No. 317173

lol she's probably just glad he's not bullying her .someone else is taking the heat off

No. 317174

Onion is onion, and he's gonna do what he wants. He probably snaps off like a psycho about any little thing- she's not going to challenge what he does. He'll tell her to shut up or something. "I'm making us money Lainey, isn't that what you want?"

No. 317175

>He'll tell her to shut up

He said that when Lainey talked about her (male) celebrity crush, 3:00-3:04. He's super insecure, jesus.

No. 317176


I'm scared Cyr is going to be right about her kids, in that case. They're going or already are witnessing Greg's bullshit firsthand and God forbid, Troy grows up to be like Greg.

He doesn't like it when Lainey likes guys that he himself doesn't like. It's that moment and that one gif of Greg jerking Lainey's hand away from her face that makes my blood boil, tbh.

No. 317177


Honestly, Grek is sexist as fuck. He's insecure of other men because he knows they can, theoretically, get Lainey pregnant and make her happier than he ever can. Women can't knock her up, so he's okay with Lainey being ~hella gay af~ with other women.

No. 317178

good god shes annoying

No. 317179


>Women can't knock her up, so he's okay with Lainey being ~hella gay af~ with other women.

Not that Lainey will be dating another woman any time soon
not after the girl who was supposed to be her girlfriend suddenly became her and Greg's girlfriend.
And he didn't even talk to her about it, he just blathered on about balance and put his foot down.

No. 317180

seriously guys PLEASE post the vid.me links instead. don't give this asshole views it's just pasting the link to vid.me.

No. 317182

No. 317186



No … But Plainy, Kaka was a scene girl and is just as much as a intolerable cunt as you are.
>Valerie Lukyanova
No, heh. Val's got the same narc self importance as Greg.

No. 317187

Remember when Val tried to start a cult, too? She was telling people she was an inter dimensional space bigender alien?

No. 317188

I completely agree. I have been pregnant and I did not feel sexy at all during the third trimester. And I was bi-curious in my teens, but at no time did I ever think a pregnant woman was hot.

I'm not saying pregnant woman are repulsive and can't be sexy to their significant others, but I think it just gives further evidence this "triad" was just for Gerg's own sexual satisfaction.

No. 317189

Greg looks nothing like Jared Padalecki.

No. 317190

Hormones can make some pregnant women crazy horny, tho.

No. 317191

BillieBob is technically in the most dangerous stage of an abusive relationship- right after she's left. I'm not particularly fond of her but I am hoping she can stay clear of that hellhouse.

No. 317192

I think the tattoo with Ayella will (hopefully) prevent that - Greg's price of "forgiveness" for this act will be incredibly high.

No. 317193

okay but a combination of the two is skeevy as fuck.

Taylor probably just sat in a corner and watched them. Maybe if she was good she'd get to suck the billie juice off the greasecock.

No. 317195


i didn't say it was gross. i was actually thinking all of this drama and stress is super unhealthy for her and her baby. and it just seems like an odd time for all this shit to happen. like she isn't just pregnant she is almost due. which makes it more obvious this was all just for greg and none of it had to do with lainey being bi/having a poly relationship

No. 317196

I'm with you? Plus it's clearly obvious she's actually stressed by all of it. Onion treated us with some lovely pics of her looking like real shit. I don't think she would have let him if she had the force to do much besides gestating an almost complete human baby.

No. 317197

This is my worry as well, it's still early days yet and he's going to continue to hound her in ways that have been tried, tested and have worked for him in the past with his exes. His tactics are apparent and obvious to us because they've been a constant pattern since his first divorce.

Billie is probably teetering on a knifes edge right now, he's more than likely drilled into her head (like he did in the early days to Lainey an Shiloh) that everything on the internet about him that doesn't come out of his mouth is a goddamn lie… and Billie being in love with him, most likely believed it and would still want to at some extent.

Don't be surprised in the upcoming weeks if he starts backtracking on his ultimatums to her, that he says he's sorry and that he was overreacting because he was emotional and scared he would lose her (he's did the same thing in his voicemails to Adrienne) and there's still a possibility she will go back to give him "one last chance", and if she does; she's never going to be out of his clutches.

She'll end up as Lainey 2.0, completely subservient, devoid of her own personality and totally passive, compliant, enabling and supportive of him.

And if that happens, I won't be around to watch the inevitable disaster that will result from it this time around. I've seen too many women that he's fucked up for life through his actions, I don't think I can do it again - it's too depressing and upsetting.

No. 317200


yes that is an EXCELLENT point, has anyone brought it up to Lainey/Greg? Didn't Greg also call Leafy a bully in his rant video? The hypocrisy is absolutely astounding

No. 317201

Onionhead posted ANOTHER video of Eugenia: https://vid.me/Df9W

No. 317203

Jesus fuck, nothing like a 30-year old man trying to bully a 22-year-old into submission. He must be so confused because it works with Lainey.

No. 317204

File: 1479582380198.png (54.34 KB, 500x318, tictacs.png)


#throwback to when i would only eat tic tacs and my husband calls me healthy <3

No. 317206

>Are you anorexic?
>well in a way

To me, that just means that Eugenia probably does have trouble eating, but it isn't because she outright has anorexia or an eating disorder, but because something is preventing her from eating correctly. It could be her supposed autism, or a past trauma, etc. That poor girl.

No. 317208

If you want to believe Eugenia, she said she doesn't have doesn't have an ask.fm so whoever wrote that is a troll.

No. 317209

That ask.fm profile was fake so it doesn't matter.

No. 317212

She said she doesn't have an ask.fm account, and I'm more inclined to believe her than Greg.

I think she looks really sick and definitely not "naturally skinny", but it's not like Greg or any of the people harassing her give a shit about her or any of the girls who use her has thinspo, so it doesn't really matter.

No. 317213


Oh snap, my bad! Well, now Grek looks like a bigger asshole than usual, kek.

No. 317215

I don't think he ever has, he only picks out responses/replies to his tweets that have poor grammar and spelling errors so he can distract the attention away from his contradictions and make fun of them.

Unless Eugenia reports him herself, there's really nothing anyone can do about it, sadly.

No. 317216


This video plays out like an extended version of the Trunchbull's 'I'm smart and you're not' speech from Matilda

(And as far as I can tell, being in a relationship with Grog is like being put in the chokey so the comparison fits)

No. 317217

>>317200 here, sorry >>317215 I meant to reply to >>317166. He thinks it's totally okay to bully people aside from when he feels attacked by other people like Jaclyn and Leafy

No. 317218

Why is Lainey's face always a different shade than her neck?

No. 317219


She's using the wrong foundation shade, and she doesn't know how to use makeup. She should spend less time flirting with teenagers and more time learning how to put on the correct cosmetics.

No. 317221

Because she doesn't bother to find out the correct foundation shade for her skin tone. Grease just borrows hers, which is why it's even more obvious when he's wearing makeup.

No. 317222

You'd assume since she spends all day inside and has virtually no friends that she might use some of that free time on learning how to do her makeup properly, but apparently not.

No. 317224

Too busy crying to emo bands and finding the ~*perfect lyric*~ after Grease continuously tries fucking her raw and dry more than half a dozen times a day.

No. 317225


I'm laughing because it's not even that hard to get the correct shade. All she has to do is take her ass to the nearest Sephora, Ulta, or another department store that sells makeup, and they can help her find the perfect match for her.

No. 317226

That shit in particular gets on my nerves so bad. If your job is to sit on your ass and whine on twitter, you could at least come up with your own poetry. 140 characters. It's not that difficult.

No. 317227

Even more affordable places like The Body Shop have decent in-store makeup artists/sales reps who would happily give her a free makeover and a list of the products they used on her for her own future reference.

It's a really fun experience being all pampered and cared for whilst learning about what works best for you, I did it in my high school years quite often.

I don't understand what's stopping her from doing these things, especially when it comes to taking part in some genuine self-care and self-love, she's not exactly living in poverty.

In fact, I've noticed that Grease only treats her to a spa day when he feels like lovebombing her more than usual, if I made as much money as he does… I'd be treating my girlfriend/boyfriend to the finest pamperings on a regular basis, not when I want something out of them like their silence or compliance.

Ughhh, he's so fucking creepy.

No. 317228

They live in the middle of nowhere and I doubt Onion hands her out money to let her slather on make-up when he shits on her for putting it on, though.

No. 317229

In her most recent make up video she does have some Sephora brands, but they could have been bought online so who knows.

No. 317230


There has to be a mall nearby them, though?


Lainey has none of that. It's gone the second she agreed to marry Greasimon.

No. 317231


Lainey doesn't have the personality to come up with something original and creative, or do anything interesting at all.

No. 317233

See, I'm curious about that… how far away they live from the city and such, if someone can find the address again (it was posted in the last thread I think) we can see on Google maps how far they are from actual retail and business areas.

If they can be bothered driving their teenage concubines back and forth to the airport in their expensive Tesla, they sure as hell can manage to mingle with the masses on a regular basis.

Which reminds me, does he still wear his bulletproof vest every time he goes out in public?

No. 317234


Why are all those fat-positive Youtubers celebrated for being so brave and Eugenia gets so much hate? I genuinely don't get it.

When people point out that Onision is a liar or a sociopath he gets so defensive, but he can point his finger to everyone about everything? Damn, he's such a hypocrite. It's unbearable.

No. 317235

>Why are all those fat-positive Youtubers celebrated for being so brave and Eugenia gets so much hate? I genuinely don't get it.

Because the extreme left has successfully convinced everyone that thin privilege is a real thing and should be dismantled.

No. 317236

People here and everyone else in the world bully fat people, Greg and his followers as well as I'm sure lots of other people (considering how many cringe comps shes on) bully Eugenia for her size. I dont think it's about being extreme left or whatever, people who are overweight and people who are underweight will get bullied no matter what. Its more just that people are assholes regardless of how big or small you are.

No. 317238

I think because being slightly overweight or blown out fat is becoming normative. It's not to say that they don't have weight related health issues. Still, an anorexic girl like that looks like she's about to pass on, and it's in the same vein like those '600 pound life' people are told they have months left to live unless they lose weight immediately. Both are shock images and they scare people because they're on different extremes.

I get where people are coming from, but I still don't think it's right to police people about their bodies no matter what shitty things they do to them. I'm more than happy to do shit, but I won't ever be like "No we must ban you for being you." Like, more people die everyday from making poor choices like driving distracted and shit yet there's no campaign against people who seem permanently glued to their phones by these faggots, so.

No. 317239

This, I find the idea of people thinking fat people never get bullied for it laughable

No. 317240

Because fat people feel they've not been represented enough in mainstream media for fashion and beauty, so they feel they have something to prove against something that has usually been the status-quo.

It's both the same side of the coin in reality though, both are unhealthy lifestyles; whether it's too thin or too fat… for some reason though, it's a competition between them all to be the most special and most unique lardass or bonelord.

Narcissists come in all shapes and sizes though, and many of them are all driven by the same desire to be better than everyone else… and if you don't agree with them or support them unconditionally, you're the toxic one.

No. 317241

>naturally skinny
No, that's not a real thing. No one is naturally skinny. She just eats less than her average intake for her height/weight. If she were to eat normally or a bit more than that, she would gain weight.

This girl obviously has mental issues and needs help. Greg isn't helping at all and he needs to be shut down.

No. 317242

She did a blind makeup challenge and went to a concert once. I don't follow her channel
But that's what I've seen in these threads.
She could start a mommy vlog but she'd get so much hate.

She can't be a fan girl because Greg is super jealous and insecure and I don't think she can really have her own hobbies apart from his ideas.

No. 317243

I like you anon, good post… I tried to tack on my own thoughts here >>317240 but you covered a good deal that I missed out on.

Also, when I say "narcissists come in all shapes and sizes" - you all know exactly whom I'm including with that too.

No. 317244

To be honest anon, I think a lot of anons here would probably change their tune if she left him and sorted her life out for the benefit of herself and her own children.

I daresay, some would even support her and begin to like her.

Her supporters right now could argue the fact that it's not her fault or how it's hard to leave an abusive relationship, but unless even the tiniest of steps are taken - especially considering a lot of people outside of blogs like eoliveson (that mod there is fucking mental and I'm not surprised Lamo shuns her help) and elsewhere have tried reaching out to her only to be faced with pure maliciousness on her part in return, as well as enabling and supporting her husbands disgusting fetishes and fantasies…

I can't speak on behalf of all anons here, but I simply just don't care about her at all.

No. 317245

It's this video anon.

No. 317246

i miss old onion

No. 317247

I agree tbh. I think if Lainey legit left greg and took care of her kids and became independent, people would probably be happy to see that. In the same way a lot of farmers supported Venus after getting away from Margo. Or hell, just like when Billie ran away most of us want her to stay away and be a normal young adult.

No. 317248

I want to find Lainey.
I'm not going to white knight her like these shitty ass fans that obviously are naive to the fact that she's in a abusive relationship.
I want to be her friend. I would send her a letter everyday.
Sorry to make this super personal but this is bullshit. Lainey is a fucking person, not a love doll. She has children and I can only imagine how shit their lives are going to be when puberty hits.

No. 317249

My God, this is depressing. She was so happy, and then she shit it all away in hopes to live in the McMansion.

And in all honesty, Target would have been a great job for her. They're very open to alt styles, dyed hair, piercings, tats, etc etc. And they pay well compared to other large chain retail stores.

Dang girl. Maybe she'll try and get her job back.

No. 317251


The most infuriating thing is onion knew that ask fm was totally fake. If he read it as far down as he did looking for "facts." He would have saw that same person answered that their height was 5'7, 5'10, and 5'9 all only a few questions apart. Eugenia would know her own height. 5'7 vs 5'10 or 5'9 is VASTLY different. And the person sounds nothing like her.

No. 317253

File: 1479592138376.png (15.01 KB, 525x249, poll.png)

Feel free to voice your opinion on his new poll :)

No. 317254

Exactly, but I wouldn't hold your breath too long about Billie at the minute though, she's probably still really hurting from this whole fucked-up experience and is still vulnerable without Ayalla's intervention, and to be realistic… no one can be there for her all the time, even the bestest of friends 24/7 no matter how hard they try.

Like another anon said earlier, this is probably the most dangerous time for her and we can only hope she's strong enough to get through this on her own, but Onion's unnatural levels of persistence might get the better of her yet.

Yes, it's hurtful and I totally understand; but sometimes there's only so much you can do and then realize it's all in vain. You can try and contact her if you want but you're only going to be blocked unless you support everything she does and believes in 110%… is that really worth your own sanity?

She doesn't even have to get her old jobs back, if she wants a life of travelling the states through "YT fame" she can still do that; she just needs to recognize through these past experiences to fucking run at the first signs of control, abuse and manipulation - I'm sure there are plenty of up and coming YT'ers out there that would enjoy hanging out with her and vice versa without having any other expectations of each other except being friends.

If she happens to fall in love with anyone along the way at a natural pace, good for her… she deserves that at least, everyone does.

No. 317255

File: 1479592498302.png (101.23 KB, 359x162, sweatybateman.png)

The. Narcissism. So. Real.

No. 317256

Dammit, you have to have a Twitter account to vote on polls. Boo.

No. 317257

File: 1479592875336.png (81.54 KB, 527x818, sameshit.png)

Lainey talking about the only shit she ever talks about: being agender and pretending to be camera shy.

Also she confirms she is graduating next month.

No. 317260


what does she need 1.8k for when she lives in the gurg house,fully accomodated, and doesn't have to pay any bills except maybe her phone? we all know that she probs blew all the money on weed and makeup or other frivolous things so i'm not quite sure i'm seeing this "short end of the stick" thing

No. 317261

Is that you gerg? She was never going to live there permanently. She mentioned she wants to eventually move out and live with Ayalla. Living there permanently was probably what gerg wanted. Billie was already living at home with probably her parents paying the bills so that makes no difference. Theres a big difference from someone wanting to keep you in their sex mansion to be a sex toy when they wanted and having money so you can be independent. That's what he wanted. For her to be financially dependent on him.

No. 317262


come on. being naturally thin is a real thing. not like eugenia, but yes it does happen.

No. 317263


same anon, my bf eats like 3k calories a day and looks like an auschwitz victim

No. 317264

You haven't heard his trite before in his videos where he feels that everyone needs to pay him back for alllllll he's done for them?

Fair enough if it was for electricity, water and gas bills, food, upkeep, rent and utility.

But I'm sure Lainey doesn't have to pay for that shit, and maybe I'm damn sure he threatens her with it everytime she "steps out of line".

And as >>317261 says; he can charge more on at a whim if she refused to pay him… in other ways.

Basically, the money he pays her would go straight back into his account, we all saw that during his birthday - every "friend" who "bought" him a gift was out of his OWN pocket.

Financial control is a real thing, anon.

No. 317265


fuck me i forgot to sage soz guys

No. 317266

last bit though

No. 317267


that lipstick is not her colour, wew

No. 317269


No. 317272

Let's all just be clear on the fact that Lainey was never interested in Billie as a romantic partner in the same way she was interested in Greg as a romantic partner. She wanted a close female FRIEND because Greg isolates her so thoroughly and probably didn't find the idea of engaging with this person sexually too objectionable.

But the communities that she takes part in online don't leave any room for that. If you are "attracted" to another woman and want to spend time in her company. you are GAY (according to these communities) and if you think otherwise then it's your internalized homophobia talking. Online tumblr and tumblr-adjacent communities have literally eliminated the idea of a "friend" or an "acquaintance" and left in its place terms like "queerplatonic."

It's just like her gender. Obviously she isn't agender, she isn't trans, and she isn't anything but a cisgender woman. But tumblr etc. doesn't leave room for "I'm a woman but I want to have short hair and wear pants." Unless you are "FEMME" (and experiencing "femmephobia"), you are "gender non-conforming" and fall under the trans umbrella.

Remember, she doesn't interact with anyone in the real world. She doesn't work and she goes to school online. It's only her followers, people who she follows on Twitter and Tumblr, and Greg. Can you imagine what that life is like? NEVER speaking to anyone in person besides the cashier at the grocery store? Greg is not even a peer of hers – he is the controlling abusive person who has dictated the circumstances of her entire adult life. So she doesn't have a SINGLE peer in the real world to talk to, except those women who she can rope into entering the hellzone that is their house with her (like Sarah.)

Lainey is not "obsessed" with Billie. Lainey is not "in love" with Billie. She is probably mourning the absence of her one female friend, yes. She wanted a friend, she saw an opportunity to have one, and she was motivated to go further with the relationship through the influence of her abusive, narcissistic husband.

Look at it this way: Lainey certainly does not desire Greg sexually any more. I am almost certain that she sees sex with him as an unenjoyable but necessary chore she must perform to assure/be personally reassured of his attention and attachment to her. Think about how that view of sex – that she's held her entire adult life – has to inform her views of her other relationships. She wants to be friends with Billie, for whatever reason. She wants Billie's attention, friendship, and attachment. Naturally, she may interpret this herself as a "sexual" attraction – because what does sex mean to her? A way to ensure and protect her attachment to another person.

No. 317274

i agree but i think she does like greg and want to fuck him. she's still a deluded fan girl, but she knows the relationship is dysfunctional and that he doesn't like her. she's totally into him, still. even as he's aging into curdled milk that even emaciated rats refuse to touch, she still loves being his wife and fucking him bc she knows his legion of 13 yo chubsters want to bone him. she's totally grateful to still taste his scummy, aged little sausage link because she knows she's super disposable.

No. 317275

In his new video about eugenia he brings up lainey talking to him about eugenia. Lainey you still going to say this has nothing to do with you?

Reminder: report all videos greg makes about eugenia for bullying. He needs to be flagged down for this.

No. 317277

Way funnier and more interesting that Grumkin.

No. 317279


She really needs to stop with the fake intersectional feminism bs, when it's clearly she only pulls it out for her benefit (just like her husband WINKWINK)

it's only making the rest of us look bad. ugh…

No. 317280


People said that because it didn't involve them directly and it's only between Greg, his fanbase, and Eugenia Cooney, Youtube can do jack shit.

Youtube won't step in unless Eugenia herself says "hey, this dude is bullying me and sending his fanbase to harass my channel" and she's way too sweet to make a fuss.

Greg will probably continue to bully her until he finds a new punching bag.

No. 317281

Billie's hardly even entered into the relationship at this point. She's at a 'dangerous stage' of another kind in that she has a choice to make and could still make the wrong one. But what you're referring to is totally different and you're exaggerating like fuck in this instance while diminishing what women really go through with partners who stalk, assault and even kill them. FFS.

No. 317282

I think people should tweet eugenia or her close YT friends telling her she should report him and support her in doing that. I think she feels she can't because people will be mad at her and she doesn't want to hurt others. But she should be allowed to stand up for herself.

No. 317283

>5'7 vs 5'10 or 5'9 is VASTLY different
Yeah, 5'10 is like your typical model's height. Even if Eugenia didn't know the exact measurement, she'd know how tall she was in comparison to others and wouldn't flip between them.

lmao. Is this because he was getting rated earlier in this thread? Stop lurking, gargoyle.

No. 317284


I agree with this wholeheartedly. She wants this to stop but he's been bullying her for months now and it doesn't look like he'll stop.

If someone starts a movement, I'll definitely back that up to be honest. That girl needs the support.

No. 317285

>the fake intersectional feminism bs
She's so transparent about it too, she never even tries to make it look like she cares about anybody but herself. She stands by grease while he talks shit about everybody and then cries on twitter when somebody judges her agender stuff. Funny how she didn't tell grease to stfu when he said transgender people were lying to themselves or that men couldn't be bisexual. She needs to stop with her twitter rants because it just makes it more obvious that she's selfish.

No. 317286

>he brings up lainey talking to him about eugenia

In what way? Was she defending her or bitching about her? I'd judge the hell out of lainey if she added onto the bullshit

No. 317287

I think greg only stopped saying trans-phobic stuff because it would have looked hypocritical since he was dating someone who came out as agender. I don't believe for a second he even thinks lainey is actually agender or changed his views on trans people. He just milks his own wife's identity struggles for views.

No. 317288

I literally had no idea who she was until gargles started pulling this shit but now I'd defenitely support her over him. I hope people wake up to his crap and take her side.

No. 317289

I know a lot of women who have gone through (codependent-narcissistic) experiences like this with older men who they've met online and I'm sure most other anons do too. It begins when they are 17/18 and it can go on for a year or for years. These girls typically have never had really close in-person friends before, for whatever reason. And either by the circumstances of the relationship (like Greg actively physically isolating the family) or by the fact of the codependence itself these relationships become these women's entire social lives. Why wouldn't they? If it was the first time you had ever experienced this kind of closeness with another person, wouldn't you fight against all odds to defend that? You don't have any reason to believe that other kinds of relationships (like friendships with other girls your age) could ever be this fulfilling because you have never experienced them.

It's all too common for that reason (and for others) for these relationships to only end when the man (or other person) breaks them off, or abandons them, or does whatever. And it's more common than not for these men (or whoever) to do so in a way that is as dramatic and damaging to the young girl and her life as the rest of the relationship was. We've seen this over and over again with the way Greg treated the end(s) of his relationship(s) with Shiloh, with Billie, and also with Adrienne, although Adrienne does NOT fall into this category of women.

Neither, I think, does Billie. Billie has a social life before and outside of Greg – we have already seen how her closest friend Ayalla has influenced and actively intervened in this situation for the better. She also has already had "learning" experiences with men older than her who have acted towards her or her friends in questionable ways like SocialRepose. And she has a social media/Youtube following that does not revolve exclusively around her relationship to/activities with Greg. These qualities separate her from Lainey and they are the qualities that make me think (and hope) that she will not return to that hellhole.

I am concerned what will happen to Lainey after Greg inevitably breaks off the relationship with her. No matter how codependent she is, their relationship will NOT last the 18 years they need to raise two children. I think we can all agree on that. When Greg leaves her, she will be a mother of two with no career prospects – but also NO idea of how to function socially. Most girls I have known in relationships like these get out of them at age 19 or 20 and maybe have to take a year off school or live at home for a while but are still able to recoup the crucial social development that happens in one's late teens/early 20s. Lainey can't do that with two kids. She does not have the professional or social foundation or the emotional maturity to handle, for example, getting her graduate degree or medical degree while taking care of two kids. She can't ever go back to any semblance of a normal life after this – EVER.

I think if lolcow and the anti-onision community could do anything positive for Lainey, it would be something like what they did for Venus: Provide encouragement that she can exist on her own and that she doesn't need to go back to the abusive relationship, watch and engage with her videos so she has Youtube income to feed and care for her kids, support a Patreon or maybe even a GoFundMe to help her with transitioning into a new life (relocation and therapy expenses.) But obviously this all requires that she gets out of there first, or at least gets to the point of nearly breaking like she was when those fake tweets were made.

Ironically, I think a bunch of her followers and other Youtubers banding together to ask her to seek help and to protect herself (much like Greg is pretending to do for Eugenia) would help her more than anything. She NEEDS external input.

No. 317290

Doesn't he still call her she? While she bitches about people not respecting her pronouns or whatever.

No. 317291

This is what he says about lainey. I feel like he is doing this on purpose, dragging his wife into his opinions but whatever she can't deny she isn't a part of it now.

"Now I talked to my wife about you and she was the one who told me what you said about me on twitter in the first place. But my wife introduced a very important point. If you were not suffering from anorexia and you actually did have a legitimate medical condition to avoid to continue to get a ridiculously high amount of dislikes and low amount of likes you would simply provide us documentation that proves you're not anorexic."

"That conversation I had with my wife earlier reminded me all eugenia has to do is go to the doctor, have the doctor write a note and settle this once and for all"

Like wtf. Since when are you all entitled to eugenia's personal life? You guys keep your kids private and say people are not entitled to knowing about them. This is the same damn thing. Gross people.

No. 317292

I forgot to put I was replying to >>317286

No. 317293

Leave Eugenia alone for fucks sake.

No. 317294

vid me link of his new video about eugenia he posted an hour or so ago: https://vid.me/rHdr

No. 317296


I agree with you and >>317287 so hard.

Greg went on for so long, making post after post about "if your 'gender' doesn't match what's in ur pants ur a LIAR!!!"
and suddenly it stops with Lainey?
I'm 300% sure he doesn't give a fuck and is probably still incredibly transphobic.


Lainey said that she's okay with Greg using her birth pronouns. While it's true that some nonbinary people are okay about certain people using their birth prounous, it's beyond clear that Lainey is just exploiting it all for her benefit.

No. 317297

Eugenia should just respond I GOTTA BONE TO PICK WITH YOU just once. Onion can't take a joke at all and I'd love to see him freak the fuck out over it.

No. 317300


Where's Onionmans doctor's note proving he's not a narcissistic abusive lunatic??!?

No. 317301

He will make another seventy videos if he ever tweets him and stands up for herself. She needs to report this to youtube. He is harassing her. Wtf is he spending his time googling her social media accounts and reading back to find anything that can prove she has an eating disorder.

His fanbase is even more stupid. They think they need to prove to eugenia that she has an eating disorder?? Like if she has one, she KNOWS it. And if she knows it and is denying it, then she obviously DOESNT WANT THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWING. People think its so fucking easy to admit to the world. It's like people coming out as lgbt on the internet. They do it at their own pace or time (or they dont have to do it at all), and they might deny being lgbt before. Does that make them filthy liars and terrible people? Holy shit.

An eating disorder can be a LIFELONG disease. You don't get better in a week or month, you can relapse several or many times. Shes not getting better from greg making videos bullying her to admit her problems to the world. I'm legitimately so grossed out by how dumb people are. These people could be bullying this girl into killing herself instead of "helping" her like they think they are.

No. 317302

I pretty much think Lainey is similar to Greg in a lot of ways and not at all as much of a big victim as some people would like to see her as.

No. 317303

*She tweets (not he )

No. 317304

>Let's all just be clear on the fact that Lainey was never interested in Billie as a romantic partner in the same way she was interested in Greg as a romantic partner. She wanted a close female FRIEND because Greg isolates her so thoroughly

How do you know?

No. 317305

this person sounds so much like DSSCTM I just ignored their wall of text tbh.

No. 317306


I had a friend in a relationship with a narcissist. he got close with her family so when he acted controlling she had nobody to go to because they thought he was so great and she thought she must be the crazy one. she was the same age too, 17-18. she's 24 now and is still upset/confused by it. imagine having kids with someone like that.

but anyway, all of this is assuming lainey even wants help. which she clearly doesn't. she has a family who is well aware of onion's bullshit and would take her in. you're asking people to go out on a limb for someone who doesn't give a shit or want it. he will break up with her when she gets older/less attractive and has no use for her. right now he does. by that time she could be like 35-40. and the older the kids get the more he can use them to turn them against her too. she's so fucked but she would rather be with him than be alone.

No. 317307

>you would simply provide us documentation that proves you're not anorexic

I'm not anorexic and have never been and even I probably couldn't provide documentation proving that. Doctors don't really hand out "you're okay! :)" stickers or "you're perfectly 100% healthy" notes.

Regardless of whether or not Eugenia has an eating disorder, she's pretty obviously underweight, so I doubt a doctor would be willing to hand over a note that says she's absolutely fine, just to cover their own ass if something goes wrong with her health-wise. The most they would probably do is provide her with info about her weight and whether or not is healthy, but that's not always indicative of an eating disorder. Some people are underweight for other reasons.

No. 317308

Eugenia: "I don't see why someone's appearance matters so much."
Omission: botox, eye lift, makeup, photoshop DOES NOT COMPUTE

Oh PS, Onision is self-declared YouTube's Anorexia police.

I really really wish Youtube's self-declared content cop would do a piece on him.

No. 317309

Is Eugenia from the US and do you have to pay for appointments there? Because this is even more ridiculous if he expects her to fork out to prove something to him.

No. 317310

But lainey seemed to have close friendships like selena and she had another best friend at the time when they got together that ended because of something gerg related. Selena seems like a really close friend. I cant imagine any friend I know who would move in with my psycho husband and i and take care of my kids. She also named selena as god parent of her son or whatever. Her fans would definitely support her and im sure many many youtubers would speak out in support of her. Almost all of youtube hates greg.

Even if it takes lainey seven more years to get out of this mess, she can get out and be okay. Would it be a shame because she lost that much time? Yeah, but it's better to get out as soon as you possibly can and cut your losses so you don't lose any more time. No one is doomed. She is going to have a completed bachelors degree, she has a fanbase and popularity on the internet and youtube, she has support from friends and families. She will be fine. The only shitty thing is that she might not just be able to leave greg completely due to her kids. And i'd be afraid that could lead her to going back to him. It's much better to just end things and go cold turkey. That was the problem the first time around when she wanted to get a divorce after he cheated…but then kind of stuck around…and got couple counseling…and consistently saw him and then ended right back where she started.

No. 317311


I rolled my eyes so hard at him saying he "cares". No, Gergles, you don't care. He posts about shit that's either popular or controversial and it's always been like that. He nearly demands of EC to be honest, so why not put his big boy pants on and just flat out say "hey no, I don't care, I'm just riding this topic out for views". See how many likes that will get him.

No. 317312

>She needs to report this to youtube. He is harassing her. Wtf is he spending his time googling her social media accounts and reading back to find anything that can prove she has an eating disorder.

That's straight up stalking. He's a 31 year old who's cyberstalking a girl who's the same age as his wife.

>tfw Eugenia Cooney may be the key to getting Greg's channels banned from Youtube

No. 317313

and a second time anon

No. 317314

I like how in yesterdays video he admitted to using her for views. Then when she called him out on it, he gets mad. lmao????

And his only proof of helping her is the 2-3 dms he sent her. Wow gerg. Such help. You clearly have helped her more than all of her close friends and family because you sent 2-3 dms to her.

No. 317318


Yeah she's from New York

No. 317319

I think encouraging her to report it or tweeting at close YT friends of eugenia maybe could convince her to report it. If I was her, no matter how nice I was trying to be, i'd report him. She tried ignoring him and moving on, but he is not stopping. He keeps making the videos and there does not seem to be an end in sight. It's one thing if he made 1-2 videos then stopped. This has been going on for MONTHS. Like this poor girl has been stressing about this for months now. If she has a mental illness, this probably has been affecting her even more for MONTHS. And he is relentless. Like let her breathe and move on. She can't even ignore it, because they all come to her channel and bash her, and it became something so big it hit the news. Like she wants to ignore it and move on, but no one will let her.

Jeezes people like leafy make like 1-2 videos about someone and move the fuck on. They don't keep sending their fanbase to attack someone.

No. 317320


wasn't there another video clip of this livestream where ayalla starts to go off about cuddlegate and billie quietly shushes her before she could go further?

sage because i just remembered it

No. 317322

I remember their was a comment on >>317269 video linking to a tweet to Lainey having Ayalla say in the same livestream, "she did a hell lot more."

I can't find it now and now I'm kicking myself.

No. 317323


Oh my god. Eugenia, on your next YouNow, I'm going to publicly ask you to report Onionhead because until you do, he's going to keep harassing you!

No. 317324

No. 317325

stop fucking derailing

No. 317326

File: 1479604142516.jpg (392.24 KB, 985x498, screenshot.jpg)

EO's anons really do hang on to every word Stevie says.

Even with zero proof and no way to confirm, everything Stevie says is irrefutable fact!!11!1!

No. 317329

File: 1479605292286.png (232.56 KB, 1429x1014, 20161120_122924.png)

I went to go rate him a 0 in his attractiveness poll and found this, ew.

No. 317331


…ain't no self-respecting woman tweeting this fool about her tits

it must be lonely, not having any friends.

No. 317332

I meant she's at danger at going back to them, and Greg is at his most unstable when he feels he's lost control. Chill. Greg is clearly abusive and that's the abuse cycle.

No. 317333

Eh, is anyone actually jealous of/want Eugenia's body? Like to my eyes it goes way over the line of "good" skinny to just scary looking/offputting

No. 317337

Fuck.No. in fact I think she's as animated as she is because she would look dead in her videos otherwise.

No. 317338

Maybe Eugenia isn't reporting the videos because of the new subscribers she's gotten? If the videos were reported, would they be taken down or just de-monetized? He'd probably pass it off as satire.

No. 317362

Did he specifically pick a picture of Billie just to reinforce things and fuck with Billie in case she watches it (which she probably would, considering her face is the thumbnail)? Fucked up.

No. 317365

I don't know if you watched the vid anon but he even at one point ASKS her if she'd date Billie (she gives an eyeroll and tells him he's stupid, he asks her a couple more times) and then TELLS her "hold on I'm trying to find girls that look like Billie" before pulling up like 3/4 pictures of scene girls with blue hair. Ones even super young and he says "well if you were in high school would you????" weirdo.

No. 317367

File: 1479612994444.png (59.54 KB, 750x567, IMG_8874.PNG)

oh man totally Greg you sure showed all those dudes with huge dicks what was up. they're all standing around like "wtf" and you're still getting half hearted handies from teens in your collection of hot topic pajama pants. living it up for sure.

Also whenever someone tries to defend his grossness to his fans with the whole "UM WE TOOK A POLL, THE MAJORITY IS 18-25" I want to die. As if adult onision fans exist and are some sort of beacon of light in this world. Nah just ur babies lying about their age.

No. 317373

he's just showing how everyone no matter what their size is awesome and worthy of love!!! really though I don't get how he doesn't understand that he's just ugh. he has nothing going for him, truly.

No. 317374

as if we needed any more confirmation about how much he feels the need to compensate for his microdick

No. 317380

File: 1479616107179.png (39.06 KB, 521x327, whowouldhavethunk.PNG)

annnnnnnnd Billie is back to liking
Plain's stupid twitter lyrics

No. 317381

His polls remind me of this second cousin I had who used to annoy the shit out of everyone at family gatherings, bully the younger kids, scream and throw tantrums but got super insecure and kept asking everyone to raise their hands if they liked him.

He was seven.

No. 317382

File: 1479616479573.png (63.36 KB, 1208x242, Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 10.3…)


She also retweeted this.

No. Do not forgive abuse. Fuck.

No. 317384

are you fucking kidding me, you know i had hope for her but now i wouldnt be surprised if she was back at their house next month

No. 317386

File: 1479617067548.jpg (7.86 KB, 400x343, 4b6.jpg)

goddammit billie don't go back to the greasy micro dick!

No. 317387

File: 1479617155255.jpg (8.35 KB, 300x300, recycled-milk-jug-crafts-1 (1)…)

i'm calling it rn billie moves back in by next month. hold on to your milk jugs friends

No. 317388

File: 1479617489416.png (66.35 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5116.PNG)

Now taking requests.

No. 317389

real account??

No. 317391

File: 1479617600818.png (850.91 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5117.PNG)

No. 317392

ask her if it's okay that you have a crying fetish

No. 317393



No. 317394

File: 1479617658397.png (75.22 KB, 1376x376, Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 10.3…)

This is bullshit. Abusers are that. Abusers. There's nothing "private" about it and as much as they try to hide whatever goes on, kids usually just know there's something wrong. Greg is abusive. He's not going to flip a switch for kids he was ready to sign away the second the opportunity popped up.

Besides that, they were very clearly exposed to Ayalla and Billie and that tells me they don't try very hard to keep their children out of their drama. EO can fuck right off.

No. 317395

godspeed, anon

No. 317397

I'm pretty sure Billie and/or Ayalla lurk here rip

No. 317398

out of curiosity, are you male or female? i know onision (kind of) outed ayalla liking girls, but I feel like if she was looking for girls on her tinder prof (or whatever app that is) it'd be more solid proof

No. 317399

File: 1479620258244.png (82.14 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

-0.1 out of 10.

No. 317400

Ugh. I hope this is just her wanting to make peace with lainey and nothing to do with gerg. If billie goes back to that trinity bull shit i completely give up on everyone in this whole drama circle and all of them deserve when karma blows up in their face.

No. 317401

Re: Eugenia and Anorexia:

Anorexia and anorexia nervosa are two different things. Anorexia is caused by many different disorders; cancer patients will suffer from no appetite - it's just referred to as anorexia. I know ADD medications list side effects as "anorexia" (the 70s cure for fatties, kek). She clearly has SOME issue with appetite, because her appearance reflects her inability to intake sufficient calories, but it doesn't have to be an eating disorder.

Tl;dr Anorexia /=/ eating disorders every time. She could have it as a side effect from something. Forced anorexia also kept the hamplanet population at bay.

No. 317406

just stop

No. 317407

Ayalla's sexual preferences are not the subject of this thread, you creepy old man.

No. 317413

Inspite of this video being six years old, it's very relevant to this day.

Saged for off-topic.

No. 317416

Yet even her husband continuously refers to her with she/her pronouns and calls her "my wife", she presents in a feminine way, and generally only pulls the agender card when it's convenient.

No. 317417

No. 317418

I think you're massively over-simplifying and making a lot of assumptions.

No. 317420

Bullshit. Children are more aware than people give them credit. Also, who did they "hear" that from?

No. 317422


EO always claims to have multiple inside sources and people mysteriously sending them info while refusing to produce evidence 'for their safety'. I call bullshit on 99% of it.

No. 317423



No. 317424

lmao exactly
He is trying so hard to prove his 12yr old fanbase thinks he is attractive.

Sorry Onion, the big girls here have decided- You are ugly as hell and botox won't save you.

No. 317427

EO is a very unfortunate catharsis. At the same it's a decent hub for information about Grease and his insanity to newcomers, it serves mostly to protect him in the end. They seed and then later pull back on just enough of the drama to perpetuate it forever by doing things like swapping sides of being for and then against Plank, as well as doing their best impression of Switzerland when things become too crazy and Grease for once may blow a microchip more than usual. I know for a fact they've almost never had any inside sources and since that time, it's become absolute bullshit whenever that's claimed.

They refuse to accept that this dude IS actually a very dangerous individual at this point instead of just a run of the mill lolcow and that's why you get posts from them like the one shown in >>317394. One day, after he's offed both his children and his wife live in a Ustream event and is just answer questions from his fans as the cops are well on their way to Casa Del Grease they may change their tune and stop gaslighting a literal maniac but until then who knows.

Agreed. It's ridiculous to assume that one persons experiences in childhood, which as an adult they are probably barely even recalling correctly anymore, are representative of all children. Kids intake a lot of their environment. I think having to deal with an armada of strange women in and out of their lives will be a sure fire way to give them the same mommy issues he has. In addition, he's let a lot slip into backgrounds of his videos in the past. His children's rooms have the amenities of kids around the ages of 10-11. Not toddlers or infants. His son's room had twin size racecar bed in one video along with anime posters all over the walls, not a crib or anything for a fucking baby. Greg had no intention of raising these kids until they were old enough to where he felt he didn't need to be a large part of their life anyway. What a fucking cunt. YouTube before children. No wonder he was so willing to sign them away if ever divorced.

No. 317428



also if she truly has issued with drugs maybe that's why onision got so crazy when billie told him she was smoking weed.

i truly, want to believe. it's so trashy it feels real.

No. 317430


flirt with her! bring the milk!

No. 317432

Anon fucked up, tbh. The obvious thing to do is to flirt with her, and bring in details only after things have been established/milked instead of coming here to brag and get us excited before it escalates. If what >>317397 said is true, it's all over.

No. 317436

They may not. So far, only Gurg is confirmed for lurking.

But still, stop spoiling your own plans to do shit, ffs.

No. 317441

Fuck off DSSCTM, your posting style and obsession with those girls sexual life is so glaringly obvious.

I'd be joining you if she goes back, no amount of hatred I have for Grease is worth watching that kind of trainwreck, I draw the line at watching women willingly throwing themselves into his arms - especially when they had the biggest opportunity to get away from him and just throw that away.

No. 317442


Greg lurks here?

well then
if he's smart, he'll stop bullying Eugenia, considering she holds the power to get his main source of income taken away. And then what will he do? Do brand deals on Instagram? or…wait…maybe get an actual job in the real world?

No. 317444

HAHAHAHA Greg getting a real job…..that's fucking hilarious

No. 317445

File: 1479649435169.jpg (61.45 KB, 634x525, IMG_20161120_134858.jpg)

Doormating continues

No. 317451

>>doormatting intensifies

This bitch would probably get off on him shooting her in the face.

No. 317452


Anon, this was already posted: >>317380
and Billie liked it.
I swear, if that girl goes back to the Gruesome Twosome…

On another note, can Lainey please stay away from Dashboard Confessional?

No. 317453

>Casa Del Grease

No. 317463

No. 317464

the annon who posted the due date screenshots on the last thread eo is nothing but a joke. I messaged them about the screenshots when I first got them and had no idea what to do with them since I was just confused as fuck. They ignored me twice and didn't even post the screenshots when I finally did submit them. They supposedly had some proof that Clair was their daughter and she was already born hence why I think they ignored my posts.

They have also ignored a few other things I submitted so I quit following them

No. 317465

It seems more like they live in a small city rather than "bumb fuck nowhere" like some other anons have said. It looks like they do have a mall close too so definitely not a bad place to live. Even less of a reason for them to be absolute recluses.

No. 317466

I am seriously just waiting for Billieblob to come back. Just wait.

No. 317467

Yer a love, anon… thank you.

Lol… they're less than 2 miles away from the nearest mall.


Surprise surprise, it does have a Sephora… it's also the location of Olive Garden.

Seems she has more time to shove breadsticks into her miserable maw, than treat herself to a makeover and learn better skills in applying it.

No. 317468

Lol maybe that's why they both always have new shit I don't think I've ever seen either of them wear the same outfit twice

No. 317469


So basically their shit is censored. They will post bullshit asks but will ignore you if you question their claims. They expect you to blindly believe them

No. 317470

Well since they never leave their tiny town (except to visit family like once a year), I guess all they do is:
1. Sit at home, be on internet
2. Go to the nearest mall to waste their disposable income out of boredom

I mean they could spend more time with their kids, but their nanny takes care of that most of the time

No. 317471

I see Gurgles wear the same shit a lot of the time though, the OP pic for example - he wears that NASA shirt on a regular basis.

That and he seems to be stuck in mall alt-goth fashion mode from the early 2000's.Like, you know for a fact he's got a short-sleeved black shirt emblazoned with flames somewhere in his closet.

Lainey's fashion sense is centered around the snap-back wearing Justin Bieber era, and flannel shirted lesbian fashion.

No. 317472

Pretty much.
Nothing I submitted other than the due date screenshots where anything too significant. Though I did get a little butt hurt when they posted a link to the screenshots that someone else submitted instead of the actual screenshots I had sent them days before.

No. 317473


My extremely big breasts are unimpressed, Omission. Maybe stop baiting your teen fans into sending you pics of their tits and maybe we'll stop calling you a pedo.

No. 317475

I've been saying for ages that Stevie and DSSCTM have more in common with Grease than they actually realise.

No. 317477

But she never really wears the same cloths. One of the ways it was really easy to tell she was wearing her old maternity cloths. You never really see the same cloths twice unless it's a days old selfie she posted.

No. 317478

Both of those blogs are really selective in what they decide to publish, they have to be either supportive of their opinions, random opinions from anons about Greaseynuts or complimentary appraisal about the way they run their blogs… those are all they'll post.

At one time I wrote to DSSCTM telling him that I hope his 22 year old daughter never finds out that he collects photos of two 18 year old girls and obsesses over their sex lives on the internet.

He didn't publish it of course.

No. 317492

Pretty much this. Even if EO has actual info they are "safe and happy" it doesn't mean they aren't getting a totally dysfunctional understanding of relationships and attachment.

I knew a guy that was raised in a rich dysfunctional household essentially by nannies even though his mom could afford to be at home. He and his siblings had no idea how to communicate in healthy ways with their family and other people.

Nannies don't give a fuck about kids. They bathe, clothe, feed, and play with them, but they are 100% not invested in actually raising them most of the time. I've rarely heard about a childcare taker that was a more positive force in a child's life than just taking over the burden of general childcare.

No. 317498

Nannies/sitters are definitely not a substitute for the parents but hell, given the state Onion and Lainey are in constantly, even the most disinterested caretaker is a better positive influence in their life. Hell, I stopped taking care of kids years ago but I'd step in and be a nanny to their kids in a heartbeat just out of pity.

No. 317499

Puyallup is a nice town in Washington, I've driven through it many times. It's only about 15 minutes from Tacoma which is a relatively good sized city and maybe 30 - 40 minutes from Seattle. There are plenty of shopping areas nearby. It's also in a beautiful part of the state and there are tons of things to do within a 30 minute drive like go hiking in the most beautiful (imo) trails in America (there's a couple different national forests nearby), go out to Puget Sound, go to swimming holes/river rafting, go skiing/snowboarding at Crystal Mtn or Summit, etc. It's actually probably a really great place to raise kids … assuming you aren't two complete narcissistic sociopaths. Polite sage

No. 317500

File: 1479672145880.jpg (216.45 KB, 840x560, sol-duc-falls-olympic-national…)

Also the Olympic National Rainforest is within 90 min. of them and is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world (just my opinion.) They actually live in an amazing place which is not at all isolated, but might seem that way to people who aren't very "outdoorsy" or interested in being active. Pic related is what 90% of the west side of the Pacific Northwest actually looks like, not just the Olympic Peninsula, like Lainey and Greg could be filming videos in this if they got in their car and drove 30 minutes west. I wonder if they've ever even been to the Sound

No. 317503

lol I fucking bet he didn't.

Well, yeah … that's the major problem with psychological abuse, especially the very special combination here of Narcissistic and Codependent parental abuse: it's basically impossible to spot, and/or prove. The child being abused can't exactly phone a helpline and say, "I'm being emotionally manipulated and treated in a way that will damage me as a human being forever and leave me completely unable to ever be a functional independent autonomous adult or maintain any kind of healthy relationship with other people."

And who would objectively spot that? No one's going to notice an abused kid if it's not something as obvious as lots of broken bones in a very short space of time. Even then, it's not that simple.

tl;dr - pretty much any kid belonging to fuckups like Grease and the agender space prince has no chance in life.

No. 317507

UM if I lived 90 minutes from this place I would be here constantly. Why are they such trashy faggots.

No. 317508

>And who would objectively spot that? No one's going to notice an abused kid if it's not something as obvious as lots of broken bones in a very short space of time.

Exactly. And to make things worse, what people usually DO spot are symptoms of c-ptsd in the child, like difficultly paying attention, anxiety, and self-soothing behaviours. But since there's no clear abuse, they end up on a psychiatric treadmill being treated for several concurrent illnesses they don't even have, while their primary problem (narcissistic abuse and resulting ptsd) goes unchecked. It's a fucking appalling cycle, since having a sick or fucked up child just gives a narcissistic parent more ammunition to manipulate their child and/or partner.

No. 317521


>They ignored me twice and didn't even post the screenshots when I finally did submit them.

>They supposedly had some proof that Clair was their daughter and she was already born

They posted a submission with the screencaps about Claire yesterday from that anon in one of the caps here >>317326.

EO, specifically Stevie herself, even admitted they don't have any sources and get their information from the internet.

I know sometimes, if different people post the same thing, they'll choose one and delete the rest but that's just fucking screwy as hell.

No. 317528

Has anyone else noticed how Greg and Lainey's address is passed around millions of times, but no one dares go near it?

In contrast to how Markiplier has had to move (at most) seven times because his address would constantly be posted and fans would visit or stalk his place.

I will never condone to people doing that shit but…kinda of speaks levels, doesn't it?

No. 317532

File: 1479681541870.png (23.95 KB, 534x200, lbt.png)

Trying to find a new gf lainey?

No. 317533

I bet 99% of them are underage

No. 317537

I've honestly thought about it, given with how close I am. But yeaaaaa.

No. 317538


Or Greg broke into her account?

No. 317539

>implying he doesn't have the passwords for all of her accounts already

No. 317540


I'm gonna send her a picture of my ass

No. 317541

They prob sit together and scroll through the selfies together and they pick out the ones they like. I bet thats how they picked out billie.

No. 317542

someone send her photos of Billie

No. 317545

Maybe he forgot to log out of hers and is tweeting for himself on the wrong account. What's the diff anyway? They're converging into the same agender Leafy-wannabe sociopath pedophile.

No. 317546

someone send her photos of Billie

No. 317547


quit spamming man why don't you do it

No. 317549

I'm pretty sure that this is the place that Gurgs took a photo of Lainey and Billie together, remember the outdoorsy one where they look really awkward side-hugging each other?

Those were probably the first photos in over 4 years that I've seen them actually outside of their own garden/yard… I bet BIllie had to literally beg them to show her the local wildlife or she'd die of boredom.

No. 317550

Click this link to not give him a view: https://vid.me/95rd

No. 317551

Next time you drive through, take a good carton of eggs with you, eh?

No. 317552

God he's so obsessed with her

No. 317553

sorry about the spam, sometimes my browser does that when my connection is bad.

No. 317554


LOL, didn't he already claim he wasn't making anymore Eugenia videos?

Easy money, I guess.

No. 317556

lol @ greg saying she looks skinnier than 59 pounds. at 5'9 she'd literally be dead you retard. maybe shes lower than 84 now but 84 is still way more plausible than under 60, jesus.

her bmi is around 12-13 and shes probably dipping into the 70's now. greg can't even fucking google this shit?

No. 317557

ofc, if shes really 5'9 and is going into the 70'as her bmi is dropping to the 11's. she really is gonna die soon at this rate, its fucking sad. shes gonna die with a disgusting greasecock mocking her.

No. 317558

Fucking hell. Hiking is a great hobby for introverts. So is reading or drawing. Even going out to bars or dinner with friends can be really fun even as an introvert. But they don't do anything but bitch on the internet. No wonder they're always fucking miserable.

Like I'm bipolar and I manage to get up and do something most days. (Sorry for blog-ish post at the end).
I have a blue wig. I just need to smother my face with highlighter and I'll send her selfies. I'm probably too old for them though.

No. 317560

i aint even watching this one. i assume he says the same shit. Hopefully its actually the last video about her.

No. 317561

I'm sure she does have something going on and has gotten thinner but how dumb for him to do have comparisons between now and her earlier teens. People's faces thin out with ageing, which I'm sure he's an expert in, so lots of people had puffy baby cheeks during puberty, then looked more gaunt in their 20s.

Let's do some body comparisons between different pupal stages of Gerg's life cycle. Actually I just ate, so maybe not.

No. 317563

Same, not even the vid.me link. It's too frustrating.

No. 317564

The only relevant part of it:

Greg would like this to be the last video on her, and he'll stop bullying her if she makes a youtube video showing her personal medical information, which the world (especially Greg) is entitled to.

No. 317565

So its not actually his last video? So greg why are you lying to us about not having another kid. We need you to show the birth certificate and photos of your second kid that you are keeping from the world because you are lying to your fanbase by not showing them. You filthy liar. Oh some things in your life you want to keep private and thats why you are not? YEAH NO SHIT.

No. 317566

So he's basically black mailing her at this point for her personal info? And YouTube does nothing as per usual. Social media sites really need to start stepping the fuck up when it comes to this shit.

No. 317567

Oh god, fuck off Grease, you prick. he clearly gets tons of views when he mentions poor Eugenia, that's why I don't think this will be the last. Seriously, I've come to hate him so much I can't even hear the sound of his horrible nasal voice. He needs to disappear from the Internet.
Thanks for watching this shit for us, anon

No. 317569

augh i hate her way of speaking

No. 317571

i also submitted your screenshots (sorry, i did say they weren't mine) and they ignored it. not a reliable source.

No. 317572

so he'll stop the bullying when she submits to his bullying.

No. 317573


Pretty much.

No. 317574

Yes. Of course, he worded it in such a way as to sound like it's tough love. What a piece of human trash.

Eventually what's going to happen, Eugenia is going to die. At least I think that's what Greg's hoping for in a way. Then he can say that he TRIED TO SAVE HER. Despite the fact that controlling, blackmailing, and making demands of an eating disordered person is only going to make their disorder worse.

His Wife is about to graduate with a degree in psychology, ffs. This is abnormal psych 101. Good thing most of his fans are in their teens and probably don't know that, unless they're eating disordered themselves.

No. 317577

>Then he can say that he TRIED TO SAVE HER.

I agree, actually. Gergles has always had this overwhelming desire to come out on top - what on top is in his mind, of course ( to someone with at least 1/3 rational functioning mind it's still painfully bizarre ). This is someone who has "When I die, people will laugh, and in that I will have succeeded as a comedian." as his Twitter head post, rather than simply accepting if people were to laugh it would be because the world got a little less shitty.

I don't think he actively wishes she died, but if that indeed does happen he's going to use it to his advantage for sure.

No. 317578

File: 1479691097198.png (82.72 KB, 747x655, IMG_0229.PNG)

Well since they never posted it I will here. There is no way for me to prove it's the same Taylor Anderson but since we have mutual friends I can look at some of the posts she's liked or commented on.

Facebook has made casual creeping so easy. Lol

Looks like she liked this right before she got pregnant with Clair

No. 317580


Wow, this is…disgusting. Does she think popping out a bunch of kids is going to fix her marriage or something?

No. 317583

He even said hes exploiting her for profit in his video and his fans still are like greg is helping!!111

Also wtf is with the comments made about her talking on younow like hes analyzing her behavior. LOL

"She is grinning because like many anorexic people, she loves people acknowledging how thin she has become, she thinks this is a game, of course, anorexic people are mentally ill"

???????? Yeah clearly that is the only explanation. Greg tell me more about your thoughts as someone who is not a professional and has never had an eating disorder.

No. 317586

Wait where did he say this? I watched it and he didn't say this at all. He said he is officially resigning from the topic. Hopefully that is true.

No. 317587

File: 1479694602779.png (61.78 KB, 594x266, Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 9.14…)

I'd say she'll be back. I don't understand how or why, but since Billie started liking Lainey's tweets again…


No. 317588

File: 1479694641253.png (95.71 KB, 638x525, Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 9.15…)

No. 317589

File: 1479695004786.png (58.96 KB, 629x306, Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 9.18…)

Actually, a third one. Sorry. But I can't believe that Sarah is still with them, she's been there for 21 days now.

No. 317590

heh, sarah must be living every brainless 15 year olds dream… living with her favourite greasy youtuber and his agender wife and two kids. must be getting really popular now in HS (which she is prob not attending anymore)

No. 317591

didn't someone from her school claim she dropped out? can't believe she pissed her education away for this shit

No. 317592

Many women do anon. Sage for blog: my siblings were born for this very reason.

No. 317593


… Does Greg want to fuck her violently or something?

No. 317594

>he'll stop bullying her if she makes a youtube video showing her personal medical information, which the world (especially Greg) is entitled to.

that makes my blood boil. no one is entitled to her fucking personal records, whether or not she does suffer from anorexia.

>And YouTube does nothing as per usual. Social media sites really need to start stepping the fuck up when it comes to this shit.

All this honestly makes me want to do something, ANYTHING, to show Eugenia support because we can talk about how shitty he is and how we sympathize and report his videos but, as people and Youtube themselves have stated before, she herself is the only way Greg can be stopped and possibly removed from Youtube.

Otherwise, he'll continue.

No. 317595


It's probably because Greg's just hired her to be their new nanny while Selena is in uni.

No. 317598

Why is she being like this now? She was so obvious about how uncomfortable she was with Billie and Onion and even (apparently) accused her to her face of wanting Onion more than her and now she wants her back? She even seemed happier and smug once she was gone. With Plainey being the worst doormat and having the worst kind of obsession with her husband, why would she put her marriage back on the line again? WHY. I don't understand it.

No. 317599

I may be reading too much into his narc-speak, but here's what I hear him say.

>"The point of me making these videos is not to hurt Eugenia Cooney. But I want this to be my final video on Eugenia Cooney, despite the fact that a huge amount of you have shown significant interest in the last two videos I made about her.”

(I know a lot of people are pissed at me for bullying this woman, but I’m not doing it to hurt her. I’m doing it because it’s profitable for me.)

>”Regardless, I know I could make plenty of other Eugenia videos, and get millions upon millions of collective views on them, but I am officially resigning from the topic. If anyone can help Eugenia at this point it’s probably her mom, and I’m simply not willing to reach out and contact her because to me that doesn’t feel appropriate. I also don’t feel like it’s appropriate to call the cops on her, despite the fact that if someone did call the cops on her, they would no doubt take her into custody, as her behavior is obviously suicidal, considering anorexia can take 25 years off your life, and I’ve personally seen police haul away people because they’re a danger to themselves before, only to not let them return until that person was no longer a risk to themselves. I could DEFINITELY do EITHER of those things which would probably help her. But I am not Eugenia’s personal friend so I will not personally contact people in her personal life. I have done as much as I feel is appropriate as someone who is her former online acquaintance by addressing this issue online exclusively. We now know that Eugenia Cooney is a danger to herself. We also know that her condition is only getting worse. So for the sake of her life and the lives of the countless young girls who are actively emulating her behavior I truly do hope things work out for the best.

(I could keep making money off this lady, but I’m resigning from this topic. Her mom should help her, but reaching out to her isn’t my business because it doesn’t benefit me in any way. I also won’t call the cops on her personally, since in reality I know they can’t section a legal adult without some proof that they’re intentionally endangering themselves or others. I COULD do either of those things but I only know her a little bit, which is a little bit more than you. It is the right thing to do, stalk her mom and call the police, but since I won’t do it and it WILL help her maybe my 300,000 young, impressionable fans will take that hint.)

So basically
>I want this to be my final video (not “It will be my final”)
>But it makes me a lot of money.
>Here are some crazy stalker-type suggestions for how to “help” (i.e. bully) her.
>I won’t do it (lol) but implication that his fans could.

It’s also worth pointing out that he implied he was done with Eugenia already, in his October 28th “Banning Eugenia Cooney from YouTube” video. He said he unsubscribed and would not follow her anymore since he “refused to watch her kill herself.” So much for that. I anticipate another Eugenia video a month from now, at most.

No. 317602

Holy shit, same anon from above. My interpretation of that "last" video still stands as my interpretation, but my previous comment was confusing/splicing that one with the previous Eugenia Cooney: Guilty video. I totally understand your confusion now. Sorry about that, I've been on a lot of meds.

No. 317606

I mean she gets back with Onision every time and hes 100 times worse than Billie, so i'm not surprised she keeps pining after Billie after getting mad at her.

I'm starting to think Lainey likes drama. Like she doesn't want a smooth sailing relationship. Some people like dramatic relationships because it feels more intense and passionate. Instead of it being generally okay all the time, they want those really high passionate times that come after something dramatic happens and you get back together. Like Onisions love-bombing. She is doing the same thing with billie. Really dramatic break up, then wants to reconcile because of her longing and love. Shes like wayyy over-dramatic and thinks relationships should be as dramatic as a romance movie. In reality, healthy relationships are pretty "boring". There is no dramatic fights all the time and crying over love every week. You are just generally pretty happy in the relationships and only fight on occasion.

No. 317607

Also to add on, I get the being overdramatic thing because I was a very emotional person with low self esteem and i'd always gravitate to abusive friendships/relationships. And everything was always super intense. When I finally started having healthy relationships, i realized what that actually looked like and how much better they are. I'd never go back to the dramatic bs from before. And it took me a long time to get there (probably not until lainey's age she is now). If she left Onision and got into an actual healthy loving relationship, I doubt she'd ever want to go back. Her ex she left for onision was a pos too, so i doubt she ever had a decent relationship. But the odds aren't looking good that she will get out anytime soon. I stopped really caring what happens, but still hope she ends up leaving or onision leaves her so she can move the fuck on.

I guess she definitely did drop out if she's been there for weeks. Also didn't she tweet something about her dad telling her to leave? I wonder if that's why shes staying with them. But like she is not 18. Why are her parents letting her live with internet strangers? If not her dad, then her mom. wtf.

No. 317608

File: 1479704645854.png (1.81 MB, 1654x1064, Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 11.0…)

Was curious about what kind of creep would make that kind of status and was not disappointed with his facebook profile. No surprise Plain's liking his posts if she's as brainwashed by Onion as it looks like kek

No. 317610


She follows a few anti-circumcision pages. Don't really get why people are so obsessed about what other people do with their kids.

She also follows an attachment parenting page which, lol. How can you be an attachment parent but make a nanny watch your kids?

No. 317618

There was a claim floating around that her kid troy is really bratty and there was also the post she made indicating he has a lot of cavities. It would make sense if she thought attachment parenting is catering to her kids whims and being "nice" all the time to make up for onion's total disinterest.

Of course, attachment parenting is not actually "make nanny do the dirty work and then spoil my kid so I'm the good parent." but it seems to be a favorite interpretation for neglectful types of parents.

No. 317619

>Why are her parents letting her live with internet strangers? If not her dad, then her mom. wtf.

Don't underestimate how shitty some parents are.

No. 317620

>has the audacity to talk about what's not 'appropriate'.

No. 317624

Ugh I definitely know there are shitty parents. But usually you would go to a relatives house or something. And even moreso, why did onion and lainey encourage her by letting her move in with them? Like I get helping out a friend, but they should be encouraging her to stay in school and to work out her family problems. Not take her in so lainey has a buddy to talk about her marriage problems with.

Okay looking through her tweets this seems like it was planned for awhile. In May she tweeted "what jobs hire 15 year olds" then "I'm planning on moving out soon so I just need a job with good hours". In July, she tweets "my birthday needs to get here". In September "can't wait to get away from your toxic personality". I think she planned to drop out when she turned 16 and move out, and then lainey offered her a place.

No. 317625


>why did onion and lainey encourage her by letting her move in with them?

Because it's Onion and Lainey. Onion probably couldn't give less of a shit about Sarah and is allowing her to stay to appease Lainey so he can invite over some more teen poon for himself.
Lainey, on the other hand, was also eagerly awaiting her 18th birthday so she could get away from her parents and was staying in an apartment with Greg until she finished high school. I don't think she sees anything inherently wrong with Sarah staying with them because she essentially did the same exact thing or she just doesn't give a shit because she's selfish and now has a new BFF to vent about her shitty marriage to.

No. 317626

>It's okay mom, I got a job! I'm a nanny now.

No. 317627

>Why are her parents letting her live with internet strangers? If not her dad, then her mom

I read a thread or two ago that her mom is a fan of onision. Not sure if it's true but I'm inclined to believe it since she's been there so long.

It's sad. I keep thinking about when I was 16 and if I had befriended them and lived with them at that age. 16 year olds are stupid and they make stupid decisions. That's just how the undeveloped brain is. That's what parents/guardians are for… It's unfortunate that her parents aren't even decent enough to keep her from moving in with adult strangers across the country. At least she's gay so onion can't put his greasy hands on her.

No. 317629

Has anyone else noticed that Billie is following plainey on Instagram again?

No. 317632


Damn, can't see because she blocked me for saying her hair looks like she tied it to the back of her car and drove through the forest.

If that's true, she deserves whatever happens to her if she goes back to them.

No. 317634

If Billie goes back then I'm not following this thing anymore. It's too depressing seeing that any shithead with money will get dumb girls throwing themselves at him. It's just too much.

No. 317637

I sure am. nothing more entertaining than human stupidity, and as much as we use the "shes only 19!" thing to sneer at aeneas, she can make her own decisions, terrible or not.

I've said it before i'll say it again, polyamory doesn't fuckin work for most people.
If you can't have one healthy relationship, why have two.

No. 317639

I'm pretty sure billay is gonna go back and then Onion will make a video saying how emotional he was when he told her to leave because he and Lainey love her sooo much <3 and that he should've used his head more, because you know, rational onion. Seriously, lots of you anons are/were praising blob and were thrilled that she was out of the house, but you forget who billay really is. go read her thread. she lacks good judgment and seems to acts fucking impulsively. I dare say, shes probably dumb as a brick (one of the reasons why is because she knows greases past and chose to be with him anyway), but hopefully I'm wrong. Give it a month and then we will know if there's any chance of the ~trinity~ being a thing again.

About Sarah: yeah she's gay…at the moment. Teens often don't know for sure who they really are yet so who knows. Sarah might magically turn bi just before turning 18 (that of course if she manages to become more attractive to gargoyle). Maybe deep down she secretly wants Greg too because hey, who really wants to be with no personality plain? We all know billay didn't and obviously had other plans when she became plains gf.

No. 317641


anon, these have been posted before. Scroll up.

No. 317643

I'll be chugging milk round the clock

No. 317644

Oh boy, I will definitely keep following the thread. I know the day is still far but I know for sure I'm going to witness piece of shit Greg's fall from YouTube grace. Meanwhile why not enjoy all the milk he and his wife provide huh?

And no one should care about Billay, she's an e-fame thirsty, blue haired joke until proven otherwise (which will not be) and had every fucking chance to drop gargoyle and wife before the latest breakup. Her age makes no difference anymore, she was well aware of who those two really were and chose to stay with them. Hopefully she's not going back but she seems enough of an imbecile go take a flight to onionmansion again

No. 317646

I'll be unfollowing this shit for the same reasons as you, anon… but I won't be leaving lolcow altogether.

I'll just go back to posting sporadically in other cows threads like I did when I first found this place… I just won't be participating in following his bullshit anymore - last time I went on hiatus in keeping tabs on him; I managed to completely forget about him for three years just shortly after he married Lamey.

It was the first thread here made about him that dragged me back into watching the trainwreck, I can go another 3-4 years without hearing about him - he'd probably be doing the same old shit after that amount of time has passed again anyway.

(saged for future plans talk)

No. 317648

I wonder if Billay gonna fuck over Ayalla for extra serving of oniondick

No. 317650

ultimately she will have to if she plans to stay involved. either in cuddlegate 3.0 or 4.0 I reckon.

No. 317657

Sarah is a pathetic piece of shit then. Living the dream, huh? Get to sit around the Mcmansion in pajamas all day and watch bratty kids all day which probably will end up thinking you're their mom because their actual mom gives 0 fucks about them.

Good lord, even if you're home-life is broken at least finish high school??? Its the easiest thing you will ever do in life if you don't have any sort of learnin disability or anything.

No. 317662

how is a teenager with no training even qualified to be a good nanny.

No. 317663

"Don't really get why people are so obsessed about what other people do with their kids."

You only say that because you don't think male circumcision is abuse, but it is. You wouldn't say that people should mind their own business when it comes to someone starving their child, or beating them up, or murdering them. Or to parents mutilating their girls.

I'm so sick of people being pro-genital-mutilation in these threads just because onion is against it. It's entirely non-therapeutic, harmful cosmetic surgery performed on a non-consenting individual, and it's rightly seen as barbaric in many parts of the world, with grown men suing their doctors for making them have permanently reduced sexual function. That's why people are "obsessed" about it: because mutilating kids is despicable. Everyone should have the right to bodily integrity, not just females.

No. 317665

Lol no. She's 22. That's too old for Gerg.

Ugh who is this old wanker and why does he think he's got any business knowing what my ovaries are up to? If he's not a gynecologist, the he's got none. Ew. What a creep.
So Onion is an old creep who is fans of other old creeps. Makes sense.

The future's bright with this one, innit? From one "toxic" place (maybe. her parents could've been legit toxic or she could've just been a spoilt brat. who even knows) to another that's definitely for realsies toxic.

>At least she's gay so onion can't put his greasy hands on her.
She's gay now. But she's 16 and Onion manages to be very convincing about ppls' sexual orientations.

No. 317666

I would be actually concerned if i knew that onion and lame were taking care of their kids all by themselves. Selena seems like a decent person. She´s not in their videos, or in the pictures. She´s not interested in the fame, like billy-bug

No. 317667

I'm talking about sarah- if she is indeed assisting them with nannying in any context.

No. 317668

Ugh. I'm holding onto the fact she is only following/interacting with lainey, so maybe she wants to resolve things with her and not onion boy. It'd actually be pretty funny if she goes back but hates onion and actually cucked him. But I doubt billie could ever come back unless she bowed to the ~h0lY tRiNitY~.

I doubt billie would drop ayalla. If she does end up coming back, it'd be cause onion dropped his insane ultimatums. Lainey never agreed to any of those ultimatums either so it was only greg's demands.

No. 317669

Hi, Greg! How nice of you to join us!

Actually it's not mutilation, FGM is mutilation. SJW types caught onto the "circumcision is mutilation!" bandwagon because they realised that there was some kind of hypocrisy there if they didn't and that the MRAs would have something to complain about.

But in reality there's a huge difference between cutting off a little bit of skin to keep your genitals clean and cutting off entire labia which has no benefits, causes complications in pregnancy, makes it difficult to pee, is prone to infection…

Considering you're unfamiliar with the way the website works, I'll give you a tip. Why don't you start a thread on circumcision, Greg? :) I'm sure lots of lovely ladies here would love to partake in your shitty polls.

No. 317676

Not the same anon, but they're right to some extent about men suing doctors, the fact it's usually a completely unnecessary procedure 99© of the time, etc etc etc.

Honestly removing your child's foreskin is NOT that common in most places around the world. Idk how that became so popular in the US. It shouldn't be. Just teach your children how to wash himself correctly, goddamn. Can't you fucking do that?

Still, let's be honest… Who fucking cares about that here?

Sage because no one wants to talk about dicks and onion in the same thread

No. 317677

You could also keep your dick clean by simply pulling back the foreskin in the shower but considering Grease thinks his penis is supposed to be self-luricating, maybe he would've been better off with circumcision after all.

No. 317679


You mean Onion and foreskins (ew), I think we're still allowed to mock Onion for his tiny cock.

No. 317680

I don't agree with male circumcision, but I don't categorize it on the same level of abuse like shaking babies, hitting a child, or denying children food. It's not like that at all and people will laugh at you if you say it is. It is an important issue, but it's just frankly not the same thing. It's more like how women force their female babies to get their ears pierced.

No. 317681

It's popular because doctors could charge more for an unneeded surgery and claim it was more hygenic.
There's nothing wrong with being against it but I think we can agree that bitching at people on twitter and calling famous youtubers monsters is not the way to express that belief.

No. 317684

Yeah, Onion looks like an r9k tard trying to blame his constipated sex drive and pencil dick on circumcision. Bitching on social media does nothing for it.

No. 317688

No. 317689


Greg! How sweet of you to join us~

No. 317692

Somehow I doubt she's had any emergency training, like CPR. Can she even drive? I would think being able to get to the ER by yourself would be a requirement to be a nanny. But then I would never invite a minor to live with me.

No. 317694

America fuck yeah, mutilating babies is the only Way!

No. 317696

Okay, back to original topic.

Oh and he's wearing masks again. Back for more Botox eh Greasecock?

No. 317697


He must've gotten more botox/cosmetic surgery.
He's learned that wearing striped shirts, stealing Lainey's makeup, and wearing his hair like deefizzy and cyr won't make him younger.

No. 317698

fuck off Greg
and stop derailing the thread while you're at it

No. 317699


How many times does it have to be said to not link the youtube video and give him views?

No. 317700

So apparently Eugenia did a livestream where she said that she won't report him because she thinks he is being an asshole, but he isn't slandering her and "there's no reason to take his channel away or go to the police" for what he and his stupid fans have been doing to her. She is either way too nice about this or seriously has no problem with him making videos about her "cooking".

Also, the chatroom was filled with people telling her that she's too skinny, she's going to die, blah blah blah…sing something new because this song's getting wicked old.

I'm currently trying to find a video.

No. 317702


I'm sorry, I don't have a vid.me(?) account, I was hoping someone would take this video and put it there.

No. 317703

I do believe that eugenia is a sweet person, but I don't think that is the real reason why she won't get that shit taken down. I think she just doesn't want to start a war with his fans. We all know they are stupid an braindead and would definitely go after her even harder because Greg would tell them to.

No. 317705

Okay I just want to point out I said this >>317541
and this is basically what this video is. lmao

No. 317706

god, someone please watch this and tell us what they say. it doesnt need to be super detailed, but pls. I cant listen to his voice for more than 5 sec without feeling like my head is going to explode.

No. 317707

They look through pics and lainey says yes/no if she wants to date them while greg insults everyone.

He also makes sure to tell us this is not them looking for a new gf.

At the end greg says "want to play the see if your lipstick can transfer to my face game" so they can makeout on camera. Then lainey says a little lipstick transferred and greg says "im nonbinary now"

Thats about it.

No. 317708

Well that would be normal for a normal nanny that would watch the kids while the parents are out doing stuff. But we all know they all just stay in the mansion all day. So if something did happen Sarah could just text lainey who is sitting next to her so that Lainey could call an über to pick them all up and go to the ER

No. 317709


>I think I have a thing for blue haired girls cause they get me everytime

Fucking hell

No. 317710

thank you, anon. so nothing new, just greg and lainey being greg and lainey and trying to groom more girls. glad i didnt need to watch them kiss. BARF.

No. 317712

I feel like it's not so much she's the main caretaker but helps Lainey out.
Hey Sarah I fed him will you change his diaper?
More like taking over gregs job as a dad than actually being an actual full time nanny. Especially since Lainey isn't in/about to finish school so it's not like she's in classes all day.

No. 317713

File: 1479755177095.png (29.91 KB, 750x192, IMG_0232.PNG)

How the fuck is she in debt she's 19 with no job what place would give her a loan or a credit card??

No. 317715

she probably means broke

No. 317716

File: 1479755652168.png (457.08 KB, 506x580, greasyhair.png)

I don't know why I do this to myself,, I watched it for a few seconds, not enough to see him talk shit about his fans. What is going on with his hair? Turning 31 did really affect his self esteem, he is trying so hard to look younger he went for the old bieber/2005 emo hair. No Greg, stop. I didn't think I could lose more respect for him because I didn't have any anymore in the fist place, but yeah I guess it is possible. gross.

also, the comment section is ridiculous. it always is. a bunch of fans kissing their asses and being dicks to anyone who says anything bad about them.

No. 317718


Funny how every "mature looking" women on that video gets an automated no. Careful, idiots, your pedophilia is showing.

No. 317719

you dont need an account to post videos on vid.me. You just copy and past the link to vid.me

No. 317720



They're at serial killer-level omg…

No. 317721

yeah that kind of made me feel uneasy. Just saying "that if we do end up with one of these girls, we want everyone to shut up", MEANS that they are probably shopping for girls.

No. 317722


I'll do the other one in a sec

No. 317723


it bothers me how much deeper lainey's voice is compared to this cringey fake voice onion is putting on

No. 317724

Alternate interpretation: could be a jab at Onion. He's tweeted how he hates coffee drinkers and how everyone he's had relationships with owe him something.

No. 317726

Am I the only who thinks Greg looks gay? Yeah, I know he isn't otherwise he wouldn't invest so much time and effort in girls. I remember when I watched him for the first time years ago and thought he seemed gay. I know he made shiloh and plain look more masculine over time, but I don't think that means anything. It's just the way he acts, talks, etc.

No. 317727

That just embeds the video on vid me. you're all still giving him views.

No. 317728

File: 1479758366308.png (477.01 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1041.PNG)

See the YouTube logo?

No. 317729


His description reminds me of his writing from his old sites. Never change Onion…

No. 317730

File: 1479758833708.jpg (27.53 KB, 400x500, IMG_4706.JPG)

i like how she say no to anyone her age or older but attractive but says yeah to the obvious underage ones who are less than average

No. 317731

I also like how he says if WE end up with one of these people. I guess they stopped pretending that this is all about being lainey's gf and that greg just wants a threesome mistress.

No. 317732

I love how they act like 25 is so ancient.

No. 317736

Ew they're not even trying to hide their attraction to young girls anymore. I feel like both of them are stuck in their teen years and still think they're 17/18.

No. 317737

LOL I was thinking that too. Like Lainey is 22 and Onion is 31. 25 would be an actual reasonable age to date someone instead of 18-19. Did lainey forget she is no longer 16?

No. 317738

File: 1479761140557.jpg (12.44 KB, 385x285, karla.jpg)

Well, I just had a thought. Considering Lainey is almost finished with a psychology bachelor's degree… she has had much and more information regarding psychopaths/narcissists just like her husband. I think at this point she has accepted that he is how he is, and that is unfixable- i wouldn't be surprised if she pursued psychology in an attempt to understand why gerg was the way he was to her- or if he encouraged it. Why would he encourage that? psychology is extremely useful to know when you want to be an emotional predator.. i have no doubt greg wanted his partner in crime/slave lainey to be well informed so they can better attract, groom, use, and discard.
i wonder if they'll keep this up until they're both well into their 30s/40s? it would be so excusable then.
Also, Greg strikes me as the type of psychopath that has intense rage and self hatred, and hatred for all others (especially women), and so I wouldn't be surprised if he travels out of state or into town to pick up prostitutes and murder them. He screams Serial Killer.
(he just wishes he looked as good as Christian Bale)

No. 317739


She's so fucking gross and transparent. You know what? Somebody oughta photoshop her and put Pedobear's head over her face. She earned it.

No. 317740


Lainey is going to have a breakdown once she hits 25 herself. I'd hate to think this, but she'll probably kill herself before she lets herself turn 30. Sad.

No. 317741


Surprisingly, Lainey was pretty mature during this and was pretty respectful, save for the "25 is too old" reaction her and Greg had (ya good job at hiding the pedo vibes u two).

Greg, however, was a piece of shit and contributed nothing other than incredibly obvious jealousy and petty insults that were "justified" by "hey you submitted your own pictures you signed up for this!!!" I had to cover up my screen everytime he popped up because I honestly can't stand seeing his face anymore.

No. 317742


That or Greg will kill her.

No. 317743


I think because she got married at 18, she could be mentally stunted or something but I don't think she'll take it that badly, like her 31 year old husband has.

No. 317746

nah, Gargoyle and Plaiey are not going to get a divorce anytime soon. Lainey has learned to accept everything Greg suggests; she doesn't seem to oppose anything anymore and is even looking for a new girlfriend. Not hers, but theirs. Her behavior changed dramatically since the full body massage. She is not even complaining anymore. She's saying yes to everything now, so why would greg dump her? He can fuck another girl in their house, draw her as a monster in his videos and treat her like shit on twitter and she will stay. Also she is younger than him and has her a tiny fanbase of her own, which will probably grow as long as they stay together, which means more money from her channel.


Greg and Lainey 4eva

No. 317749

That obnoxious fucking giggle he has makes me want to vomit.
Also, that Bieber look is doing him no favors whatsoever, how embarrassing.

No. 317753

christ i doubt greg encouraged lainey to pursue psychology so she'd be a better predator. reaching there a bit pal

No. 317755

File: 1479766342824.gif (969.89 KB, 500x281, dontwantyou.gif)

Lainey be tweeting: What made you do this to me? Did you want me to set you free?

Pic related, just replace "he" with "she", honey.

No. 317756

>Sarah could just text lainey who is sitting next to her so that Lainey could call an über to pick them all up and go to the ER
I know this is a joke but it's probably the literal plan.

No. 317758

nah she'll tweet some more emo lyrics

No. 317759

Oh my god greg, just get yourself and all your childbrides on sisterviwes already. We'll watch.

No. 317770


This is just a tinfoil hat theory but… What if Greg is getting psychology tips & tricks from Lainey to grow his teen girl fuck cult?

No. 317772


What do y'all think?

Also, his dad is not a child molester for crying out loud!!! And (supposedly) his mommy gave him full body massages!!! Gawd!

No. 317773

you are right, that is complete tinfoilhattery.

No. 317774

TL;DR that tumblr post.

No. 317775


It makes a lot of sense, to be honest. Greg needs to get help for his own childhood rape and molestation out of his system before he continues to destroy everyone around him.

No. 317776

File: 1479771062767.jpg (57.58 KB, 640x640, toooldwouldntbang.jpg)

Is it just me, or am I the only one who remembered that the minute Lainey hit 20 and left her teen years behind, they started having "marital problems"?

No. 317778

His father wasn't a child molester tho?
If gregs mom is anything like him, she seems like the sort to lie to drag someones reputation through the mud.

No. 317782

She almost looks happy here. I haven't been following this drama much at all, and plains vacant stare irritates me almost as much as gurg, so i haven't felt much sympathy for her, but damn. How the hell he's getting laid at all is beyond me, and grooming and stupid teens aside, he has a major case of the uglies and his creep vibe is through the roof. I don't fucking get it. It's dark but i kinda hope he slips up and tries to groom someone too young and gets arrested for it.

No. 317791

All he has is being an edge lord, pandering to the pissy teenage demographic.
Notice how his teen brides have issues with their intermediate family? He's their potential escape. He creates a safe haven because he's a eternal teenager himself.
"Come here to neverland, I have all the new gaming consoles and we can wear our pj's all day long. Quit high school, I'll teach you. etc. etc"

No. 317794


Yeah but for how long though? He's not gonna leave anytime soon.

No. 317795

those brows are such a mess.

No. 317796

Greg is exactly the type of person to do this. whether he let his intentions be known or not, I have no doubt he's the type to encourage lainey to pursue an interest that will further groom her/make her a skilled accomplice/attain knowledge he can use

No. 317797

I mean seeing how disgusted greg was saying that girl looked 25, 20 is basically close to retirement age for him.

Imagine how different she would be if she had went to college like a normal person and had all those experiences and actually grew up. Didn't she used to do gymnastics and in the early days with greg, still do tumbling stuff on a trampoline? That never happens anymore.

It kind of sucks cause even if she leaves greg, she is stuck with him forever basically because of her kids unless they want nothing to do with him or greg wants nothing to do with them.

I wonder is greg gonna keep shaming/talking bad about lainey like he did his other gfs because that would be awful for his kids. Right now he probably thinks they are too young to care, but troy is getting old enough to really understand when daddy is being mean to mommy. And kids pick up things, so this is all affecting them now even though they want to pretend it's not. (and EO can shove it about their assumptions the kids are not noticing things. I spent two internships during my masters working with kids and parents in schools as a social worker.).

Divorce is really traumatic for kids and how parents handle it is so important, and I have zero faith in lainey and greg handling it right. You do not shit talk your ex-spouse after a divorce to your kids or to the internet where they will see it.

No. 317802

i just cant wait until he is 40. just imagine the milk when he goes to prison. i cannrot get over how fucked in the head this guy is.

No. 317808

every year he slowly deteriorates. like plastic over a steady flame

No. 317811

lol @ him singing about other thirsty dudes only liking thirsty girls "until she gets old and you're no longer attracted to her!" projection much, gerg?

No. 317812

Don't worry, by the time he reaches 35 he will look +40. Emo hair can't do much for him anymore. We don't have enough Botox on the planet to save his face.

No. 317818


the part of his fanbase with developed brains is already sick of his shit, so it's only a matter of time.

No. 317819

File: 1479782620434.png (425.67 KB, 1007x1023, laineybotkek.png)

Got this idea from the starter pack thread.

No. 317820

Greasecock, stahp! You're gonna end up behind bars soon if you keep this up!

"Girls With Big Boobs"

No. 317823


LOL nice


No. 317824

"underage girls send me pics of boobs for me to rate and give boring commentary"

No. 317825

the fact this video exists and shes obsessed with breast feeding her child doesn't make her look good at all

No. 317826

What exactly is the point of embedding the video on vid.me? It's the exact same as embedding it on here.

No. 317827

It's not an embed; it reuploads it.

No. 317828

Except that it uses youtube's video player. It even has the annotations. And if you right click and copy the video url it's a link to youtube…

No. 317831


Then there's no need to promote the site and just keep embedding it here like usual. Hey, at least he doesn't get ad revenue/money from us!

No. 317835

It uploads, does not embed. Embeds are quick, like links. vid.me (and probably other services) is a reupload. But you can click back to the video on YT if it's hosted there, yes.

IIRC embeds will increase the views on YT, but uploads will not. You could always save the video file host it to a different service.

No. 317838

not trying to brag but I made the onion starter pack in /b/. unfortunately i only realized i had left out the vegetarian body once i had posted the picture.

yours is perfect, anon.

No. 317846


Yours was hilarious and mine was inspired by yours. I missed a thing or two in mine too but overall I think they're both great.

No. 317857

it's cuz his hairline is thinning.

No. 317895

File: 1479803052947.gif (739.8 KB, 468x264, giphy (4).gif)

micro dick and losing his hair

shit no wonder he's been losing it more than usual

No. 317898

I'm hoping Billie is doing this just to be on "pally terms" (keeping the peace) with Doormat so that she and Grease stop harassing her and in turn - their fans stop spamming Billie's social media accounts. If I was in that same situation; I'd do the same thing if I was still intent on becoming an online idol… just so I could keep old fans and attract new fans of my own without someone else's braindead fans calling me a whore and a homewrecker every two minutes of the day.

Billie is an attention whore, she's not going to set all of her social media accounts to private, she wants an online following as much as Ayalla does. I doubt there would be any point blocking Doormat and Grease either as she seems to be like the sort of person who actually cares too much what people have to say about them - whether it's positive or negative, not only that though… blocking them wouldn't stop their fans from harassing her either.

That's what I'm hoping for anyway, if she goes back - she's a fucking idiot and deserves everything that's coming to her… and it will come to her because Grease ruins everything he touches.

He's like King Midas, except everything doesn't turn to gold with him, it turns to grease… the kind of stinky black shit that clings to the bottom of an oven.

Someone should send him some caustic soda for his next birthday.

Ahh, I see he's back to wearing masks… gotta hide those chemical peel burns and botox swellings before he starts using Doormat to lure in little teenage girls for him to diddle again.

No. 317899

I know a lot of morons are getting on this trend but I find it laughable that he is wearing a NASA shirt because he's just a fucking moron, the fucking idiot wouldn't even touch Cosmos let alone endorse STEM and NASA with the anti science batshit he slings on his vlogs. //Sage for stupid rant

No. 317901

I dont understand this either. why eben buy this shirt it belongs to NASA

No. 317902

Let's just pray that he starts taking an interest in Elon Musk and takes up the offer to go on that suicide mission to Mars with him.

No. 317903

Oh man, I wanna have a go at making a "starter pack" for both of them, where is yours on /b? I'd love to see it.

No. 317904

He's staunchly against evolution anon, he's a dumbshit who denies or straight out attacks science-based views, tell me how anyone like that would have an interest NASA? You see where my criticism lies.

No. 317909

Is it just me or is onion losing his hair? His emo sweep looks more donald trump now when in the he had a thick head of hair, pls let onion be bald by 2017.

No. 317910

You overestimate what kind of information a bachelor's degree in psychology from an ONLINE STATE university provides someone with. It's literally not anything more than what you could read in a couple Wikipedia articles; the only difference was that Lainey had to take some tests on how well she remembered those Wikipedia articles.

No. 317913

File: 1479810101849.jpg (191.57 KB, 800x670, greasefoodpyramidvegetarian.jp…)

Greaseball's guide to getting a "vegetarian bodyyyyy!!" food pyramid.

>>Not recommended for actual vegetarians or vegans.

No. 317916

Why do people over estimate him so much? He's not some master manipulator, he's not subtle or charismatic or anything close to being what everyone makes out he is. He's terrible at manipulation, the only reason it works is because he manipulates teenage girls. Jesus christ in what world is "IF YOU DON'T CALL ME BACK YOU DON'T LOVE ME" after day 3 of speaking to someone him being a master manipulator?

He's not smart, he's barely literate. He's not got the forward planning to think "OH, if Taylor gets this degree she will be able to help me groom kids! RESULT!" He's just letting her do it because it'll shut her up, she's an edgelord too and thinks she understands people.

Can we stop making out he's amazing at what he does? He's just a tubby old man grasping at the straw-like hair of barely legal teens.

No. 317918

I still can't get over the fact that Plain was heavily pregnant during the "triad" reboot. Billie is 19, what kind of 19 year old wants to involve themselves sexually with a pregnant mother?? Picturing that whole scenario - 30 year old saggy midlife crisis, 22 year old swollen breeder, naked, surrounding you - so disturbing to me.

No. 317919

Hahahaha, you're experiencing the same frustration now that a lot of older anons do, a lot of anons went through the same thing since thread #1.

Bless you, anon… Welcome to the oldfag ranks.

It's usually newfags from EOliveson and other anti-o Tumblr blogs that tend to exhibit this perception of him being some kind of psychological anomaly and "mastermind", he's as thick as pigshit.

Narcissistic sociopaths are some of the easiest people with mental disorders to identify because they're so superficial, glib and obvious with their thoughts and feelings. I'll be a bit more relaxed and say, yes… they're hard to identify if you lack social experiences and are used to living in a safety bubble where you're more than likely to ever even meet them.

Taylor did that online course to shut her parents up, they were so fucking upset with her quitting school just to court him behind their backs. This was her way of shutting them up… she couldn't continue a career in a medical field unless she put a shit ton of effort into it.

In closing; Don't give Greasecock more credit than he's actually never deserved in the first place - 20 years ago at the age he is now, this same guy would've been hanging around High School fences trying to pick up the most pliable and vulnerable girls he could shout out to.

No. 317921

'The health benefits of male circumcision have been well documented, including substantially lower risks of HIV and other viral and some bacterial sexually transmitted infections.
'It also lowers rates of penile cancer and possibly prostate cancer - and women whose partners are circumcised have lower rates of cervical cancer and infections such as HPV and chlamydia.

good job gurgles! right again

No. 317922

between 10 to 20 years ago*

I'm gonna sage this for a personal experience, but there were older guys hanging around at my high school for the same reasons… they would try to "woo" 11 to 17 year olds with this air of "confidence" and "charisma" and they were well into their 20's and 30's…

They especially target those with barely any friends, they actually watch from afar… and they especially will target you if you're alone sometimes.

No. 317924

And actually, it's more common in Africa, the Middle East, Pacifica than it is in the USA…not just a weird American thing.

No. 317931


It's common in those places due to religious reasons, mostly so totally different reason. So yeah, it is a weird American thing

No. 317932

the kind of 19 yo who wants what they perceive as money and fame.

No. 317937

File: 1479826238187.png (67.33 KB, 605x720, IMG_2807.PNG)

They fucking did though.

No. 317942

Finally some people are waking up to the fact they only want barely legal eighteen year olds.
And yeah, they did say it. Not literally like Plainey said, but they did imply it (or at least gargoyle did)

No. 317943

Yeah we all know that plainey just agrees for the sake of agreeing.
But personally, I think she's a little pedo herself.

No. 317960

A little pedo? She has a 16 year old girl in her house. That's a big bit pedo.

No. 317967

File: 1479841715336.png (151.42 KB, 629x745, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 2.07…)

No. 317972

So damn defensive. I hope someone asks if Sarah is going to school since she's been in their house because I doubt she is.

No. 317974

I literally hate Greg's idea that if you're post pubescent, omg I'm not a pedo. She has tits! They might be 15 year old tits, but they're tits!!
He claims there's no difference between 16 and 18, but literally consent. Consent is the difference. And that the younger you are, the less experience you have, the more vulnerable you are, the easier you are to manipulate. That's why he goes after children because they're the easiest to control.
Skye got older and he couldn't control her anymore, goes after the 16 year old Canadian singer Shiloh. He loses control, she goes crazy. He tries to date a 26 year old, realises how he can't manipulate her, goes back Shiloh. Gets with 17 year old Lainey.
He's disgusting. He gets older but his prey stay the same.

No. 317975

File: 1479842375300.png (264.08 KB, 570x570, lmoe.png)

Anyone watch this show and can comment on that?

No. 317977

I'd say no, cuz Tandy is a good person at heart even if he was horrible in season 1&2. Greg isnota good person at all

No. 317978

it's because he's technically correct and you know how he loves to be right about controversial things

No. 317980

Will Forte is actually attractive and hilarious, how dare that beak-lipped Bieber impersonator compare him to a human-sized hemorrhoid

No. 317982

I think he's more like Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh tbh, personally-wise.

No. 317985

Nah, Tandy is actually likeable and relatable. You should watch it anon, it's a good show.
I still like the Dennis comparison tbh.

No. 317987

File: 1479845383848.png (50.75 KB, 498x591, IMG_2810.PNG)

No. 317991

Now someone do this for onision.

No. 317993

File: 1479846691652.png (101 KB, 640x967, IMG_2811.PNG)

So why was the age mentioned at all? As soon as the age was mentioned they both gagged and wanted to move on.
They aren't fooling anyone.

No. 317998

Greet grossly
Engage greasily
Ruin gratuitously
Grumble graphically

No. 318000

File: 1479848838573.jpg (29.63 KB, 512x362, 1479195668541.jpg)

No. 318002

O - Orchestrate bg check ensuring age gap
N - "Nice guy" over internet
I - Intercourse them IRL
S - Separate them from their loved ones
I - Indoctrinate through gaslighting
O - Obedience through dependence
N - Next, bored of this one

No. 318003

File: 1479849339295.png (199.01 KB, 541x296, shiloh before after.png)

(replace one of the I's with impregnation if desired)

No. 318004

BLESS you anon. This is gold.

No. 318006


Soooooo defensive lmao
It enrages her that even her fans are catching up to her little pedo fantasies.

No. 318007


Best shit I've seen in weeks, lol.

No. 318011


Kinda OT but it really annoys me that Onision implied Shiloh was going to frame him for murder in the video of the second pic when it was pretty obvious she meant if she killed herself it was his fault. I can't believe people are stupid enough to follow that narrative when it doesn't even make sense.

No. 318014

No. 318022

File: 1479855130043.jpg (247.74 KB, 807x1259, IMG_20161122_235103.jpg)


No. 318024

Do they really not see how uprooting a young girl from her home and moving her to a different state is creepy as fuck? Especially considering Taylor and Greg are both 21+?

No. 318025

Um, so you're clever enough to know they're weirdos (although kinda creepy for checking up on the area they live in) but you still want to be plainey? Idgi "Lane" lmao ok

No. 318026

Right? Her parents must have given up on her a long time ago.

No. 318027

she's trying to be sarcastic, a lot of her replies to Lainey are that way.

No. 318028

she's trying to be sarcastic, a lot of her replies to Lainey are that way.

No. 318031


Nanny* dammit

No. 318033


what the fuck is wrong with you? You know you aren't supposed to go fucking with the cows and yet you still post this, and it's not even milk.

No. 318035

Sage for OT but Billie's latest video was just in my sidebar on youtube and I noticed it's just under 400,000 views. Good for her, I bet Greg is seething with jealousy.

No. 318036

Don't we already have a thread for the Laine bitch? Or I guess you can put her with the Skye/Onion troll idk…

No. 318037


Because I have a Twitter anyway? I'm not going to not tweet people because I also use lolcow. And everyone was wondering if she's the nanny or what she does over there so, yes, it's useful info.

No. 318039


how about not tweeting the cows and posting it to this thread, especially when it's thought that onion lurks here

No. 318040

exactly, please just fuck off and let this drama play how it is supposed to. we know they will all crash and burn in the end without our input anyway.

No. 318041


Why does it matter? Lmao. Let's just not post anything because Onion lurks!

No. 318042

Eh, not really a preferred method you've used but still those are some interesting things to say right there from Sarah at least. So she's being charter schooled online in the House of Onion, while MommyCantKeepAHusband is okay with it? Jesus, no wonder the kid came from a broken home. I can't even imagine what sort of parent is so unattached to their daughter they'd be alright with this. Honestly where the hell do they find these people? You just don't meet people that degenerate everyday…

Also since she admitted she's not the nanny she has basically confirmed she is a replacement for Billie.

No. 318043

everyone get ready for another "people are HARASSING my friends and family" video

No. 318046

Yup. Those videos are never interesting and they distract from his slimy antics.

No. 318047


You're as dramatic as Onion.

No. 318048


I agree it does bring the information that Sarah is there for no reason. Why be there if she isn't the nanny? Keeping Lainey happy?

Also I feel like she shot herself in the foot by doing an online school vs. regular high school. I could be wrong, it could be accepted by colleges and she could keep going on with her life but seriously doubt it

No. 318049

I don't know why this is still even a debate.

sarah's there to keep plainey company and to assure her that she's perfect and has never done anything wrong in her life, ever. she's selena's replacement.

No. 318050


Online school never looks as good as normal school. And it especially depends what kind of online she's doing… When I was in high school there were online classes and they were never grades, just P/F which is useless when it comes to college.

And it brings the question of why she's there all day and can't go to a real school if she's not watching the kids. What do they need her around for? It's just weird.

No. 318051

File: 1479858235453.png (31.83 KB, 379x248, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 23.4…)

Well, here we go

No. 318052

blue wins, Lainey bangs her within the month

No. 318053

I have doubts that Sarah is doing online school, even if she is enrolled. She's 16 with no adult supervision (grease and plain don't count). I think the chances that she gives a shit/has responsibility are pretty low. Especially considering her own mother let her move in with these psychos.

No. 318055

it's legit like they're grooming her. welp, whatever, it's just a famous middle age youtuber, with his wife, trying to get a teenager to live with them. Nothing to see here, obviously.

No. 318056

File: 1479859560188.png (102.28 KB, 640x850, IMG_2812.PNG)

No. 318057

This is kind of disappointing. I think she's pretty cute, her natural hair suits her. Pastel hair is only going to make her look younger.

Wait a second…

No. 318058

Slightly OT but anyone remember when Omission tried to bait vegan Youtuber Kalel Kitten into talking to him a few times? I mean, she's 27/28, that's like, cryptkeeper status in his views, right?

No. 318060

could create some drama if she did though and we all know that's what he lives for

No. 318061


She has responded to him a couple of times, and Onion made a lot of noise when she announced that she was going to get her plastic surgery done to get a smaller nose.

No. 318063

exactly, trying (and failing) at drama. it's all he lives for.

No. 318065

Old-ish video back when Selena was still around.

Setting your foundation with more foundation?
Now we know where Greg gets his make up tips from. That's a one way ticket to cake face town.

No. 318067

That eyeliner application though, what the fuck?

No. 318068

> Is on Lainey video binge
> Watches Date day video
> They buy a guinea pig
> No mention of said guinea pig since. or photos of it. Safe to say it's now dead.

No. 318069

Gurg probably set it free in some nearby forest.

No. 318070

i was gonna say that uggos probably ate it but then i remember he's vegan or vegetarian or w/e so maybe he just sold it back to a pet shop.

No. 318071

The fact that he gets his wife to help him bait in teens is disgusting.
I watched a show about killer women, and one of them worked with their husband to rape little girls. It eventually escalated to them murdering.
Now I'm not saying that would happen, Greg is waaay too much of a narcissist. But it does remind me of their predatory ways.

No. 318072

As someone who has looked after and owned 4 guinea pigs. They are not clean animals. They are shit machines, though most people don't know that. So they probably bought it thinking it was a cute little fluffy thing, then realized it's high maintenance cleaning to fuckers. As we can see by his fish tank, they don't't clean that out, so the guinea pig if it's still alive is probably living in inches of its own shit.

No. 318073

She said she was getting another one since fans told her guinea pigs don't like being alone. They probably don't want to show their pets much since the ASPCA visit.

No. 318077


Are you not supposed to put powder over liquid? (I genuinely don't know…I only use powder)
Also how does she not know that her foundation is too orange for her skin?

No. 318078

You use a translucient setting powder over your foundation. Powder foundation is too thick to put over liquid, it'll give better coverage of course but the result is often super cakey. The powder foundation could also be oxidizing as well and turning her orange.

No. 318084

File: 1479865040005.png (309.17 KB, 582x364, Lainey.png)

More like ease your pedo husband's boner

No. 318087

File: 1479865291235.png (209.25 KB, 524x400, Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 7.17…)

No. 318088

Oookay why is she living with them and going to online school? Shes a minor so her parents had to allow her to do that. That's fucking sad. What garbageo parents.

And what pile of garbage would encourage her to do that (gergo and lamo). Are they going to take in any 16 yr old who wants to drop out so lainey can have a friend? Isn't that what puppies are for not random teenage children. Go make friends in your area lainey and stop moving in teenagers. Go join an activity or club ffs. If you have a nanny you dont have to sit at home 24/7. Why have a nanny if you dont leave the house? What an absolute trash "friend" lainey is to allow her "friend" to ruin her life just so she can have a buddy. She is as garbage as onion.

Also how the fuck is onion not getting any consequences or backlash for basically posting child porn? Underage girls in their bras? Is no one reporting this? Wtf YT.

No. 318089

this video is so gross. I couldn't imagine submitting my picture to someone I admire enough to use their personal forums just to have them mock me in front of their audience.

"crinkle forehead"
congrats she's like 20 years old and going to be insecure about her forehead wrinkles forever.

No. 318090

greg's got to be paying her somehow, she probably cleans the house or watches their kids. her parents are something also tho if that were me id have been reported missing

No. 318091

No. 318095

He probably gives her a bogus job. Like "manage my social media" and to be in his videos. He can pay her basically nothing cause she lives with them and any money seems a lot to a 16 yr old who never lived on their own or worked.

No. 318096

if her parents in fact did approve this, I wonder if they're making money

of course she could be lying about online school

sage for wild speculation about parents

No. 318099

Her parents had to approve of her living with them. She is not allowed to run away and do what she wants without parental consent because she is a minor.

Also apparently her mom was a big fan of lainey or some shit. Also she got her sister to name her daughter Lainey after Lainey. They are all sorts of fucked up

No. 318100

who wants to bet that they live in a trailer

No. 318113


this is probably a joke but the only kind of people who are that accepting and lenient of whatever their kid does or whoever they talk to is usually white trash.

No. 318124

What grown up woman convinces her sister to name her baby after a third class YouTube celebrity known for being spineless and boring? Sounds like a joke, honestly.

No. 318129

Onion posted a video on his main channel showing off his kid's toys…

No. 318136

wtf was that? there was no point to that video, no aim at all. he's so desperate for content.

No. 318139

its that luxymoo girl who is 21

I mean all he posts is drama and underage girls. Eugenia was basically his muse cause he got so many views making five thousand videos about her.

No. 318140

It might be shit but his fans are still gonna watch it and comment on what a wonderful dad he is for not showing his kids on the internet. etc you know onion is #goals

No. 318141


Late reply but it's really obvious the reason plainclone is being a bitch to Sarah is cause she is seething with jealousy and wishes she lives at onionhouse. Toppest fucking kek

No. 318143

It kind of made me sad tbh? like he has all of these cute/funny voices for the toys and without the shitty edge lord jokes thrown in you could almost picture him being a good dad hanging out and playing with Troy.

No. 318145

I fucking told you all she's a pathalogical liar… another recent example was her all up her husband's ass saying that branding Billie was a "suggestion" and not an "ultimatum".

Please do not pity this piece of shit, she's his doormat and will do anything he asks of her.

No. 318147

y'know guys, its overdramatic to assume greb doesn't play with his kids. Im sure he does play/talk to them on a daily basis if hes just stuck in the house all day, nanny or no nanny. Doesn't mean hes a good father though.

No. 318149

Lies, lies, lies.

She flirts with underage fangirls and between that, posting vague emo lyrics and trying to claim she's not CIS, she does it on a constant basis.

She's even currently got Sarah living with her now, because her parents are as fucking brain damaged as these two fuckers are.

Pitying this piece of shit does nothing but enable their actions, her and her greasy shitstain of a husband… I'm literally begging anons to please stop it, she's his #1 fan/stan… she always has been and always will be and she will do anything he says - there is no helping her.

No. 318150

File: 1479874835421.png (432.02 KB, 522x734, sarah.png)

I wish I was kidding. You can see in her tweets her mentioning her niece "Lainey". And these tweets before she was born. She already knew lainey at this point and was obsessed with her. Idk if her sister just liked the name so she agreed to the suggestion, but still fucking weird to convince your sister to name her kid Lainey and for them to actually do it.

No. 318151

holy shit she looks really young.
hoooo boy.

No. 318152

I'm more questioning of the image he posted in relation to himself, fucking narcissist.

No you dont "still got it" Greasemonger, when you're so obsessed with how you look to teenagers and you're constantly shooting botox into your caveman brow, you don't fucking "still got it".

Disgusting little trite man.

No. 318153


That confirms it then, she's being groomed by Grease and Doormat.

No. 318155


I think Lainey is a fairly cute/unique name…but the context behind it in this situation is just weird as fuck.

No. 318156

Leave the Twitter trolls alone, they're still doing god's work.

I like the Twitter trolls, they're more useful than the anti-O blogs by miles.

No. 318157

I'm laughing because it's so fucking true.

No. 318158

She really is obsessed with Lainey. After Lainey talked about circumsion, she started tweeting all about anti-circumsion and wrote an essay about it for school. After Lainey decided she was genderqueer she tweets that she might be "gynesexual" and would date a trans boy/girl. Her life revolves around Lainey. How sad. I bet she actually wants to be Lainey's gf, but its one-sided cause shes a minor.

No. 318159

Crying now because this is also fucking true.

No. 318162

spoiler this please anon

No. 318164

File: 1479876890070.jpg (Spoiler Image,719.52 KB, 1024x768, 1357457881_c128fe61c8_b.jpg)

Because you asked nicely.

No. 318165

>>holy shit she looks really young.

…and pregnant, this was probably already in Grease's fap folder.

No. 318167

Samefag here, but don't think about that too hard, I seriously feel sick… bbl.

No. 318168

It's seriously so depressing, when I read through the threads sometimes, I literally have to bite down on my fist to hold the tears back.

I don't understand why they keep getting away with this shit, especially when another YT'er got prosecuted recently for doing near enough the same thing.

It's the reason I'm going to stop following these threads if Billie goes back, I should of stopped following once Sarah was over there, but I had no idea it was this fucking bad… they're grooming her, it was never a "joke" and her parents are A-OK with it.

No. 318173

File: 1479879737457.png (542.02 KB, 1149x607, cunt.png)

Whoever submitted this to Stevie, fuck off.

We haven't said shit about Sarah's reason for being there other than being Lainey's underage "friend".

Grease mentioned Selena over the Halloween staycation and mentioned receiving a birthday gift from her, we don't know whether or not she's still there and we haven't discussed the matter any further because there's nothing else to go by… it's entirely possible that Sarah has now taken over the role of "nanny" and Selena is no longer there.

If you're going to mention us, get your fucking facts together first.

FFS, Stevie and Keith hate us all as it is because we point them out on their own hypocrisy and questionable mental states, you're just providing them with more reasons to invalidate us as a credible source when you do this shit.

No. 318174


I posted (and deleted) a screen earlier of Sarah confirming she's not the nanny.

No. 318175


Adding: but people should really shut the fuck up about lolcow. It brings in newfags who play 50 questions about shit that was already answered.

No. 318176

Can you post it again please?

No. 318178

File: 1479880435049.jpg (302.56 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_8217.JPG)

No. 318180

I saw the original earlier, jw why you blacked those parts out? you didn't say anything crazy or weird. not fighting, jw

No. 318181


Because it was a little unnecessary to say to a 16 (or is she 17 idk) year old, lol. I can re-post the original but I don't want Onion or Lainey to get dramatic about it later.
"See? These haturz harass minors! We just compliment their boobs!"

No. 318184

Oh boy, it sounds like eoliveson and DSSCTM have found their own thread in /snow.

Especially considering there's been two related posts in conjunction between lolcow and there within a few hours.

No. 318186

true true, and it seemed all ~heat of the moment type stuff anyway. the most important info is still there so it doesn't matter.

I just wish we knew the real situation going on there.

No. 318188


Best guess is that her parents are trash and they thought it would be okay for her to live there because her mom apparently loves Lainey and are hoping maybe she'll get some money. There's a chance that they're paying for her school, too.

From Onion and Lainey's end… Lainey has no other friends and Onion needs someone to fill the void Billie left, even though Sarah looks like a goddamn potato.

Who knows, though. Safe to say she's doing nothing productive there.

No. 318189

Huh, okay… I guess that's where Stevie's blog anon got that idea from then.

Still, can newfags stop crossposting there… the only thing that DSSCTM and Eoliveson need to know about lolcow is that they have their own thread here.

No. 318194

say literally more you stupid bitch.

No. 318198

what? no, stop. why do you keep trying to force this? it's cringey and inaccurate.

No. 318205

If anyone wants some decent anti-o blogs to read, I suggest chaseagainstonision and onisiondrama on Tumblr…

Chaseagainstonision can be a bit SJW at times, but if you can handle it and skim past that sort of content, it's got some decent shit on it that is valid and objective.

Onisiondrama is another good source, although their opinions are subjective they still deliver some alright content… and as they don't post like a spastic on amphetamines; it's really easy to find screenshots of current relevance on there.

DSSCTM and Eoliveson are the worst anti-o blogs out there, their content is 100% subjective when they actually have something to say and they're wrong the majority of the time.

DSSCTM is a 60 year old man with a daughter the same age as Lainey… did I also mention he obsesses over the sex lives of two teenage girls and collects photos of them? He also lies to big himself up, he was the same poster on Kiwifarms that claimed they could get access to Gurgle's military records.

As for Eoliveson, they're obsessed with Lainey to the extent of writing posts to her that would make someone like David Berkowitz jealous.

Neither of them are credible sources either, so it would be really cool if anons here don't quote our content to them.

No. 318209


i hate seeing those older pics, she was actually cute and her music wasn't terrible. now she's a furry with mental issues. onision ruined her career.

No. 318210

Too lazy to look back a thread, but I recall Sarah saying her dad kicked her out for proclaiming that she didn't believe in God. Dumbass couldn't wait until she had her own place before telling her dad.
Source for DSSCTM being exposethebad?

No. 318211

File: 1479885966047.jpg (95.3 KB, 1020x850, hand.jpg)

They both had the same avatar of the burning hand, DSSCTM changed it when he read about some extremist group using it as a symbol.

No. 318213


I will never understand why a girl with an up and coming career left it all behind to live with onion boy. She was on the road to becoming really big and she decided dating a youtuber was a better idea? Like even if you're young, that seems like a clear choice.

It's really depressing because this whole time onion boy should have got whats been coming to him for a long time, but he just keeps getting away with doing anything because everyone ignores him and doesnt make him face any consequences.

No. 318215

File: 1479886982727.png (15.16 KB, 142x146, etb.png)

No they didn't. I'm a farm lurker and this is their avatar. It's what their avatar was when they posted dishonorable discharged lies. Posting stuff on fire doesn't = same person. Onion is a piece of shit but there are too many newfags, conspiritards in this thread.

No. 318216

File: 1479887101046.png (55.45 KB, 637x249, oops.png)

I had to skip back a lot on his Twitter, but he deffo had the burning hand avatar for a while.

Exposethebad on Kiwifarms has one very similar, I also might of accidently exposed him by looking this stuff up… if it's the same anti-o guy on Twitter I'm thinking of, I might just know his wife as well.

If it is the same guy, then I feel bad for his wife as she seems like a really lovely person.

Yes, because flaming avatar + talking about releasing the exact same info is not at all a coincidence.

No. 318219

Hmm, I wonder how many people on the internet have:

1. A flaming avatar.
2. Talk about obtaining and releasing someone's military records.
3. Have a deep seated hatred and obsession with Onision.

It can't be many.

No. 318221

Learn to sage, newfag. DSSCTM used the flaming hand for years. Show me where exposethebad used a flaming hand on kiwi or fuck off with your conspiracy.

No. 318227

File: 1479888540861.jpg (5.7 KB, 300x168, mc.jpg)

Yes, I am DSSCTM despite not being a 60 yo old man. I posted exposethebads avatar and I'm saying you dumbass tumblrtards should post evidence other than "avatars on fire."

No. 318229

Stop derailing the fucking thread, if you want to discuss DSSCTM he has his own fucking thread in /snow, get antagonist in there if you want to defend him, not in here.

No. 318230


Are we really certain that Shiloh would have had a great career if not for Greg? She was several different kinds of batshit and none of them were states of mind that happen quickly as a result of stress or unhappiness living with Greg caused her. That whole temporary amnesia psychodrama makes me think she wouldn't have lasted long in the industry. She would have been hard to work with and she was clearly willing to stage mental illness theater if it helped her in some way.

Greg played with her mind good and proper but someone as bizarre and erratic as Shiloh was eventually going to have trouble. With or without Greg, had she become the next Avril Lavigne, it wouldn't have lasted long. Shiloh would have been late to shows or cancelling them often. She would have found dealing with fans tiresome. She also could not control her weight and it's sad she would need to but she's no Adele. She wasn't talented enough for fans to be able to ignore her craziness.

No. 318231

I apologize, anon. I wasn't trying to derail shit but getting told that people were using the same avatar when it wasn't true is gaslighting by tumblr standards and assholes from tumblr have been shitting up this thread.
That said, not white-knighting anyone, but is Stevie Gore and Stevie Wolfe? Are they the same person or are there many Stevies in onion hate?

No. 318233

They are two totally different people. Stevie Gore is a girl that runs the Exposing Onision tumblr, the other as far as I know has up and abandoned this topic for a while now.

No. 318234

Does it really matter how her career or ambitions would of ended up without Gerg? The fact that he got to her before she even had any chances at that is what is tantamount.

It'd be like saying "all these girls were going nowhere so it doesn't matter if Greasey got to them or not" which is a bit harsh, I don't think anyone deserves the onion treatment.

Lainey is showing no intentions of ever leaving him, sucks to be her though… but at this point, I don't really care about what happens to her, she's under no pressure to enable his bullshit, she does it willingly of her own accord.

No. 318235

Is Stevie Wolfe, someguy827? He was banned ages ago, around the time HSanon posted because he was shitting up the thread.

He has his own thread in /snow as well.

No. 318236


its a shame those threads are dead. i really want to submit DSSCTM's bullshit claim that eugenia has terminal cachexia there.

sage fot OT.

No. 318238

>>eugenia has terminal cachexia there

Lol… whaaaaat? (I posted in that thread earlier so it's recently been bumped if that helps)

(saging because this thread has gone OT since 2 hours ago)

If Billie is attempting damage control by being pally with Lainey, and he claims that his recent Eugenia video is his last one… what the fuck is he gonna make a video about next?

More judgemental bullshit about teenage girls bodies?

He has zero content, none at all… I'm going to predict that he'll go back to whining about Shane Dawson and Danisnotonfire, maybe he'll add in some leafyishere for good measure.

No. 318240

Not sage! Can Stevies Gore/Wolfe with DSSCTM do a Christmas program? It's been years since we got a live stream debate but I feel like these three could crucify them. Sage for liking edge lords and Greg needs more botox.

No. 318242

Even better if it's a botox party between them all.

No. 318244

I mean it wasnt certain, but she had just started her career and was really young, and had some fame. If she had continued making music, there was a chance she could have become really famous. So it sucks that she threw it all away to chase after a sociopath which ended up going nowhere, and blowing her chance when she was just starting to peak in her career.

And I don't think being batshit crazy would matter. Have you seen the entertainment industry? How many stars have mental problems and are still successful lol. At least she would have been in her own country with her friends and her agency who could recognize her problems and get her to seek help instead of being with onion boy who just created more mental problems and wouldn't lift a finger to get anyone mental health treatment. She would have people managing her if she was an artist. I doubt her "craziness" would have showed as much as it did with onion.

As >>318234 said we cant really know, but it sucks that she never really got to see it through, because she did have a chance. Even if she didn't become a huge star, she would have been making music, connections, and could probably find a career somewhere in the industry.

No. 318246

This, not only that but she was also starting to make it around the time Ke$ha and Lady Gaga were coming into the spotlight, there was a huge possibility that she could've gotten as big as they did if she had stuck with it all and made the right connections in the industry… but thinking about it now, which would've been worse - Dr. Luke or Onion?

No. 318261

File: 1479904131424.png (41.17 KB, 620x425, mysterysolved.png)

just for fun

No. 318264

I finally bothered to watch the kids toy haul, and ugh… just imagining that it's possible gurg actually talks to his child in that way. With the condescending forced views planted within it. He's the male, real version of Mallory Archer.

No. 318268

File: 1479908255464.png (233.01 KB, 931x530, 2016-11-23.png)

looks like they've been keeping up with this thread (anon referred to sarah as looking like a potato).
notice how sarahs twitter is now 'pudgy potato'

No. 318269

What was the point of posting this, exactly?

No. 318272

Kek trying to act like she's not referring to an anon in a forum that she refreshes constantly

Sarah is somehow even more boring-looking than Plain. Although Plain is the ugliest of them all, a hundred layers of cakey foundation won't save that Squidward-looking bitch.

No. 318283

Sarah's twitter name was pudgy potato before anon called her a potato.

No. 318293

>congrats she's like 20 years old and going to be insecure about her forehead wrinkles forever.

This is what escapes me to this day; how in the fuck do they still have fans if all they do is insult the fuck out of all of them? Onision and Lainey literally hates all of their fans except for the ones who are willing to be sexual with them. Gross.

No. 318296

Their self esteem is terrible and almost non existent (just like plain's, the ultimate fan girl) so they're okay with being mocked as long as Greg notices them.
Don't worry too much though, his fans are growing up and the new kids are going to think he's a creep because he's starting to show signs of being wayyyy older than them.

No. 318298


We can only pray this becomes reality, anon. He's been doing this non-stop for years and nothing has been "said and done". Sorry for the pessimism, though I really want this to come true.

No. 318307

it really does make me happy when all the comment section has to say is how good looking he is. shallow teenage girls can't like him forever.

No. 318322

Imagine when Onion turns 40..

No. 318325


Oh dear. Ew.

No. 318326

File: 1479926716066.png (365.65 KB, 579x530, 23323.png)

there you go, you are welcome.

No. 318327

File: 1479926944492.jpg (49.05 KB, 600x800, emodad.jpg)

No. 318329

File: 1479926960285.png (377.43 KB, 586x536, 23323.png)

oh and here is lainey, just for fun. i had to choose her gender and unfortunately genderfluid agender genderqueer was not avaliable so i chose female.
sage for sagefag

No. 318330

fuck god, that is him

No. 318331

he won't let her get to that point, that's waaaaaaaay beyond expiration date. Which is around 19 for him.

No. 318334


I think as long as she still acts like a 15 year old he'll put up with her physical age. He likes young girls because of how easy they are to manipulate, the one time he went for someone his own age (AJ) he freaked out because she was strong willed and wasn't obsessed with him. Plain is a perpetual teenager despite her actual age because she still worships the ground he walks on and deals with anything emotional (eg. Billie) by posting song lyrics and crying selfies. If I didn't know how old she was I'd guess at least 17 simply because of how she conducts herself.

No. 318337

File: 1479929679119.jpg (27.67 KB, 361x361, aged_wb20161123013304206844.jp…)

You used a pic where he put on make up, shooped himself + filters

Here is a candid one

No. 318339


Run away kiddies, before Uncle Onion gits ya!

No. 318340

fuck he looks like Louie Anderson and Michael Shannon's bastard love child

No. 318344

I'm not so sure he's even aware that he's manipulative, just that "oh these girls are like me and they like me, too! Never put up much of an argument!"

He's perpetually 16, so he chooses those who act/are around that age. I think he'll be okay with Lainey getting older as long as she's still emotionally stunted like him and is a door mat/he can fuck other girls. I know a guy like him and he's always dumped them before they reach 19, turns out they just couldn't relate anymore since he's such a giant man child — I don't think Greg has the life experience to KNOW that he's being manipulative but idk, I don't like to think he's that smart with this shit.

No. 318345

This. I doubt he's some sort of conniving mastermind, he's operating on a subconscious level.

No. 318349

onion, we know you lurk so please start a new stupid poll now to save your dying self esteem after seeing these pictures.

No. 318351

Sorry for newfagging, but where is the video where they gagged at the idea of dating a 25 year old? I can't find it.

No. 318352

Yes, he thinks he's great, but it's not because he thinks he's a manipulative genius: Narcissists always think they're the victim and everyone else is an unreasonable cunt. They're also massively hypocritical and totally blind to their own faults, yet call other people rotten for having those same faults (see Gerg calling others manipulative, selfish, etc) as if they're disgusted at the idea that anyone like that exists. They have no sense of irony whatsoever.

No. 318354

It's on lainey's channel, the one where the thumbnail is her and a girl with blue hair, called "girls I would date" or something. Not sure if someone posted a vid.me for that one

No. 318359


I hate to burst your bubble but…25 seconds into this video he flat out admits he knows what he's doing. And this is one of the earliest videos ever on his Speaks channel.

No. 318361

File: 1479935491878.png (119.41 KB, 630x604, Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 4.10…)

(it'll happen, we know it will)

No. 318362

File: 1479935595238.png (114.54 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lmfao okay! Confidence y'all, she lacks confidence hence the over 9,000 selfies. Good one EO anon!

No. 318363

none of these fucking idiots understand how long life is, and how these shitty decisions are going to permanently fuck up their lives.

This older guy is interrupting their obviously fragile growth process to use them like toys, mentally and physically, and they probably came from abusive homes where that behavior feels like love. Codependency isn't love, but fuckwit Lainey with her enabling childish Taking Back Thursday shtick has already known that. Now she doesn't have a chance to grow out of it without uprooting her children's lives, but it's a more mature decision than staying with a misogynist pedophile.

No. 318366

Onion should be pleased.

No. 318367


I like how in the following year he denies having false-flagged people's videos (DMCA Abuse). lol

No. 318368


oh jeez it is so apparent she hates her life

No. 318371

she has her own thread. >>>/snow/186605

No. 318376

I think Lainey is a cute name, but yeah, it's weird.
Also her sister looks like a teenager, which is mildly concerning.

No. 318379


I called her a fat potato on Twitter, lol.

No. 318386

File: 1479938910644.png (90.17 KB, 1184x349, 0.PNG)

lmao uhhh. sage for way off topic but i saw a post about a tweet mashup site and decided to try it out on our favorite couple. was not disappointed.

No. 318387

Kek, that's perfect

No. 318388

wow, that's too good.

No. 318389

File: 1479939307070.png (269.67 KB, 1984x666, Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 4.13…)

No. 318390

File: 1479939466212.png (358.38 KB, 2474x960, Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 4.16…)

This is hilarious.

No. 318392

File: 1479939588484.png (81.51 KB, 882x291, 00.PNG)

i'm having too much fun with this

No. 318399

File: 1479941808227.png (18.25 KB, 527x204, onionwat.png)

LOL I just realized the context of this tweet. She had tweeted she didn't really like the Fantastic Beasts movie, and a fan tweeted that they had really liked it but seeing her (chrissy) post that she didnt like it ruined it for her. So she was telling them that they can have their own opinions on things. Then somehow this is Onions reply to that.


No. 318401


He just likes to be a pretentious shithead. Anyway, is he really one to be calling other people "mentally 15 forever"?

No. 318404

No. 318405

what was the point of this reply? to be a cunt?
the truth

No. 318406

someone asked her why she is living at greg's and she said she wanted to skip that question. she is just doing her ugly makeup and being boring on camera. i'm not watching her anymore because except for living at greg and lainey's house she is not relevant at all and i dont want her thinking she has any fans and getting an ego boost. logging off, bye sarah.

No. 318407


she's really homely looking… and boring as hell, just like lainey.

No. 318410

She's letting people broadcast side-by-side with her for 5 min at a time, might be fun to troll her?

No. 318411

I think lainey is even worse. have you ever seen lainey do anything live? she'd never go on younow. too bad no one really cares about Sarah. enjoy your second class e-fame while you can.

No. 318412

She just said she's "homo-flexible," confirmed she's gonna be fucking Gerg by Christmas

No. 318414

LOL I go here and the first person I see in the chat is Lizzie the pLaineyclone

No. 318415


Noticed that too, kek. She really wants to push her way into Lainey's life.

No. 318418

so much asskissing. i wonder how much shit accumulates on her lips before she gets uncomfortable

atleast on the lowkey
not sure his fanbase would be okay with a 31 year old fucking a 16 year old
(note the "not sure", considering how they were okay with him fucking Billie and getting with 17 year old Lainey)

No. 318419

Confirmed: Sarah is just as boring as Lainey
no wonder they're "besties"

No. 318420

That is hilarious. Does people actually say they're homo-flexible or is did she just shit that one out of her tumblr ass?
Yeah, i guess it pretty much confirms she is living with them because she wants gargoyle.
no one ever comes over for poor plainey ):

No. 318425

She said that her mom bought her the plane ticket for her birthday the first time she visited in August. Transcribing as she talks: "My mom knows them, has talked to Lainey on FaceTime, knows who Gerg is…" "She knows everything and understands that it's completely innocent" "I didn't run away. My mom knows exactly where I am at all times"

No. 318427

Lol "Greg is a very odd character but hes….nice". She seemed hesitant to say hes nice.

No. 318428

Sarah explained that when she was 11 or 12, she found Greg's channel and then she saw Lainey and liked her too, so she started obsessively tweeting Lainey and then they started DMing each other but then Lainey found out Sarah were 14 and started avoiding her but Sarah kept obsessively tweeting her and then Lainey started messaging her on Kik but when she deleted her Kik, she gave Sarah her number. Sarah bought her own tickets (read: her mom bought it for her birthday) to Washington.

Someone tried to ask her why she lived with them, but she didn't answer that but she did say that she never ran away and her mom is cool with her living there.

No. 318431

Someone asked what she was studying in school, and she replied Algebra 2, life, and "thinking strategies"

Yeah, if shes doing online school, shes doing it wrong.

No. 318432


I have a sneaky feeling she has been told to say all of this because of everybody going on about how creepy it is that she's 16 and staying there with them.

No. 318435


Ask about the Billie situation

No. 318436


I tried, she ignored it, lol. There's some stuff she won't answer and some she will.

No. 318437

She's not sure if she wants to actually dye her hair blue bc of what people are gonna think

No. 318438

Sarah said she's scared to dye her hair blue because she doesn't want people to talk about her motives for doing it, kek.

No. 318439

the more we encourage her the better

No. 318440

How many of the people in that stream are from here I wonder..

No. 318441

ask her what she thinks of the kids

No. 318443

she won't answer questions relating to lainey and greg

No. 318444

Ask(?) her to do something more unique and to be a trendsetter. This girl is going to regret pastel colors. And it's very "in style" and getting boring and I don't think it will look good on her. She should try something darker like a deep green or maybe even purple.

Sage for OT because I made horrible hair mistakes when I was 13-15 and this is giving me horrible flashbacks.

No. 318446

the luls of her dying her hair blue are too much. In any case, pastel blue is a nice color.

No. 318447

He would just tell them that it's fine because the age of consent there is 16. That's probably like 99% of the reason he lives in Washington…

No. 318449


Yeah, she answered a few but they were shallow ones. She won't talk about the kids, her living situation, etc.

No. 318452

Has she been there since September? She said people mass reported Greg and Lainey in September but nothing happened.

No. 318453

I think she went home after that September visit. She said she wasnt going to come back until december but lainey told her to come for halloween.

No. 318456

she wants to go into the medical field doing online school…

No. 318457

God, the Lainey wannabe is really annoying in the stream.

No. 318458


Now hey, she knows what she's doing, her and her family used to play operation every christmas until she ran away.

No. 318460

She was home alone with Omission while My Wife was at the chiropractor. What a terrifying thought

No. 318462

how sad and miserable can you be to want to be lainey?

No. 318463

the more I watch the sadder I feel lol. she seems pretty nice yet look where she is.

No. 318466

File: 1479947689098.png (72.36 KB, 568x599, ml.png)

??? Why are they bothered by an obvious joke tweet, holy shit. Onion gets anal over everything.

No. 318467


"Don't talk to me or my wife ever again"

No. 318468

And if lainey is the upset one, why cant she speak for herself. I remember her being a fan of matthewlush and always tweeting at him about how cute he seemed with some other youtuber and shipping them. But somehow she is offended by this? lmao I think onion is the upset one.

No. 318469

"she texted me"
haha, it's just so funny how it seems like they barely ever talk face to face. they're always glued to their phones and computers.

No. 318471


from two people who are always saying "it's just a joke!!!", suddenly they can't take jokes

it's as if they're gigantic hypocrites who can dish but can't take it

No. 318476

File: 1479949237821.png (34.46 KB, 581x113, Onision.png)

Oh shut up…..

No. 318477


BAHAHAHA but didn't he say he didn't change mentally AT ALL since 18? HAHAHAHAHHAHA ok sure

No. 318479


Saids the women who always Tweets emo lyrics.

No. 318480

It's onion, up to 18 is fine. He is okay with people changing mentally up the age of 18 and then stop there for the rest of your life or until he determines you've gotten too old and ugly for his pedophile taste.

Yeah totally. Declaring you love someone like a day after meeting them is totally love. And he has sex with someone the first time he meets them in person. lmao so ~love~

No. 318487


Wait, so does that mean you WHERE in love with your ladyfriend(ex-wife)? 'Cause you know, sex = love in Onion world and all.

No. 318493


Ugh, so many jump cuts!

No. 318519

he might as well @billie

No. 318523

Hahaha, if that was an underage teen saying the same thing, he would've been allllll over it.

He's extremely threatened by other males, this is always going to be his reaction to them talking to Lainey, joke or not.

No. 318538

He's not even hitting on her. He's gay. Why are they so bothered?

No. 318543

because that means he might be hitting on Onion and that upsets his fragile masculinity

No. 318556

File: 1479976444315.jpg (83.55 KB, 665x515, fang.jpg)

Happy Thanksgiving. Today, I'm thankful that my mom doesn't publish crappy vampire romance novels.

No. 318559

>the one big eye on each character
serving schizoaffective realness

No. 318572

Doesn't onion understand that you really never stop maturing and your brain isn't even done developing until you're in your early-mid twenties? Surely this is commonly understood.

No. 318574

You're trying to apply actual logic to the way Onion thinks.

No. 318575

My mistake. I think it's just mentally exhausting to stoop your thinking to the level of a cow…

No. 318578

Just wondering but does she even have fans for this book?

No. 318586

File: 1479993454388.png (165.85 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0264.PNG)

Lol it got better

No. 318589

Ugh. "The Trinity" was in my dream last night. Lainey and Billie were trying to escape Onion and came to my town. I realized it was a weird ass dream halfway through and tried to dream about something else. Just ended up turning Onion into an actual Onion.
Sage for off topic and weird ass dream.

No. 318590

Matt Lush is weird but I like him a little bit more for this

No. 318599

Its funny how they will flip a shit if anyone slights them, but don't be such a baby if they slight anyone else.

No. 318603

Nice job filling in the email field, Erin

No. 318621

Reminds me of Bill Sykes and Nancy: "Of course I loves ya, I fucks ya, don't I?"

No. 318623


Bet you if he was a 17-18 yr old female with blue hair both him and his wife wouldn't be so bothered by it. They'd probably be inviting him over for some onions and cheese before branding.

No. 318626

How the fuck can she be offended by a harmless little joke like that yet be ok with what he's doing to Eugenia??? Instead of going on that whole spiel about how sex is sacred he should've told lainey to suck it up..I hate them so much

No. 318628

Unsurprisingly the only fans of it are personal friends of hers.

No. 318631


Obv not his wife that was offended, it was him

No. 318633

File: 1480011179981.png (119.95 KB, 1235x986, IMG_8241.PNG)

Lol what? Is this really coming from the girl who is trying to be the next girlfriend of Lainey-Is-A-Cunt when people try to be nice to her and Onion? Who she joined in with harassing Eugenia? The retardation and hypocrisy of them and everyone associated with them is insane.

No. 318634


Ooh, not to mention she was taking jabs at Billie over her blue hair!

No. 318646

File: 1480014374855.jpg (23.22 KB, 500x310, 29647614.jpg)

its always so funny how lainey and her twitter "friends" are all about social justice and are so quick to jump down peoples throats for minor things, but when greg pulls the same shit they stay quiet

No. 318649

So do y'all think Onion's getting more work done? 'Cause he's hiding behind masks again and not showing his face on main channel videos…



No. 318650

Lol she was the one who tweeted at Onision with pics of what "naturally skinny actually looks like" that he used in his eightieth video bullying eugenia, so i guess she approves of bullying. Biggest pet peeve my ass

No. 318660

>Onion fangirl
>Against bullying

No. 318661

File: 1480018217161.png (8.5 KB, 205x246, download.png)

>plainclone's face when Luxymoo gets invited to the Onion mansion as Billie's replacement yet still no invitation for her

No. 318662

File: 1480018291319.jpg (69.11 KB, 810x509, IMG_20161124_211107.jpg)


No. 318666

No. 318670

Is that a joke?

No. 318672


well, that just gave it away, now didn't it?


Lainey and her followers are selfish, hypocritical, fake ass feminists who make the rest of us look bad. It's so frustrating.

No. 318673

Why does he even call her "my wife" in direct response to her? Not to mention Matthew Lush is the one of the gayest men to walk this earth, why would it bother her?

No. 318674

Maybe I'm just tired but this made me laugh so fucking hard.

No. 318675


Haylee is so annoying.
But everyone knows that you have to like Greg and eat up his bullshit if you want to date Lainey, so…

No. 318677

Onion rages on thanksgiving, also "Onion is a man child" confirmed.


No. 318679

File: 1480020902513.png (70.19 KB, 582x203, onionsc.PNG)

People are calling him out for this one.

No. 318681

Am I the only one that just wants Onion to like…die? I hate him so much, I'm just waiting. Hoping.

No. 318682

File: 1480021826282.jpg (184.88 KB, 1242x1220, IMG_8247.JPG)


No. 318687

I hate him but he can't die. He needs to grow older and older so we can witness his hilarious fall from grace and watch his fans leave him because he's an old creep. I hope Greg lives many many years. <3

No. 318689

>I'm not a prisoner of number

Typical pedo speak

No. 318690

I'd rather watch him lose everything he cares about. Death would be too good for him.

No. 318694

you aren't alone.

I want him to lose everything first though.

~#His friendsミ★
His fanbase ← getting tired of his shit
His money
His wife/kids

No. 318695


that was supposed to be a strikethrough sorry for the fail lol

No. 318697

Matthew Lush, Matthew Lush…
Oh shit! Wasn't he Gay God(Tm) on myspace? He's a washed up old fag now, eh?

No. 318698

I hope he gets anal cancer, spends all his money on treatment, fails to cure it anyway and dies.

No. 318699


Nah. He's a Youtuber now. He's still got a fanbase.

No. 318701

Nah, not anal cancer. It needs to be something on his face, I want to watch that.

No. 318704

You are right, anon. He gets sympathy and forgiveness for everything he does even when he's obviously lying and/or contradicting himself. it's so mind blowing

No. 318705

Fucks underage point-> everyone finds out-> reported to police-> gets put into jail

It's perfect
-huge humiliation
-cant access internet or social media anymore
-becomes a cum dispenser for bubba & co

No. 318706

not point

No. 318713

Imagine you sat there watching To Catch A Predator… and onion comes on the tv lol

No. 318714

Fucking NAMBLA members use that logic. Disgusting.

No. 318717

File: 1480026386708.jpg (218.63 KB, 1280x720, Hot-Lava-10-1280x720.jpg)

Accurate picture of Plank's college.

No. 318718

Unfortunately I think the best we can hope for is to watch gargoyle become the irrelevant has been that he truly is. Also I don't think he's a pedo. Yeah, he likes them barely legal but that is still a different thing. I think someone here said that the age of consent is 16 in Washington (?) so the dream of seeing him behind bars is dead.
Maybe if Eugenia killed herself then we'd watch people actually do something and he could be taken to jail for bullying her and indirectly causing her death.

No. 318721

File: 1480027409671.png (612.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-24-17-41-43…)

Greg is just being an asshole left and right. GG

No. 318725

File: 1480027809471.png (496.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-24-17-42-01…)

No. 318727

He's seriously having a twitter meltdown right now

No. 318729

File: 1480028521613.jpg (173.26 KB, 1536x1024, More milk pls greg.jpg)

No. 318735


well, maybe he and Lainey stopped fucking teenaged fans…

No. 318740

I've read "shmegma" at first glance. I'm dying.

No. 318741

just read this is why you hate me or whatever it's called and it ended with the lesbian saying 'he was the only man i ever loved', is this why he likes Lamo being 'amost gay' so much? like he wants to e the only man she loves. sage as not on current topic.

No. 318759



I just noticed this lol sorry

No. 318761


Lol, poor little Onion.

You know Greg, it's never too late to pull the trigger. Or, check yourself into a psychiatric hospital.

No. 318764

God hes such a mess, its a beauty to behold

No. 318767

File: 1480038495319.jpg (115.14 KB, 1536x687, PicsArt_11-24-07.47.14.jpg)

Oops, my hand slipped

Sage for zero self control

No. 318769

The holiday season can be hard for people with no friends.

No. 318770

File: 1480039409646.png (13.41 KB, 527x153, anger.png)

Why would anyone coddle anger? What? Some people express sadness through anger yeah and uh well if you're angry and yell/hurt someone else, then no you wont be coddled for obvious reasons. Yelling/hurting someone else =/= crying/being down.

No. 318771

Also wtf is with men/women. What about your agender wife? Which one is she lmao.

Both men and women can express anger OR sadness. And if a women was angry and yelling/hurting others she would probably not be "coddled" either whatever that means. Is he mad lainey gets sympathy from her emo tweets while he gets people thinking hes psycho from his anger rants?

No. 318772

File: 1480040002485.png (80.3 KB, 624x409, Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 9.10…)

…but you have Richie and Jaclyn blocked though?

Hypocritical loser, go cake on some more pancake powder and spare us the idiocy.

No. 318773

lololol, this is the type of shit Lainey hates. how are they married?

No. 318775

How sexist of you, Greg!

Boy, I'm loving this. I wish he'd have a meltdown every single day. it's easier to see his hypocrisy, hopefully some people will notice that.

No. 318776


Tbh I think he's emotionally tired and drained. We've (the haters) really exhausted him (yay).

No. 318777


So much for being a feminazi.

No. 318778

ugly fattie detected loll(shitpost derailing)

No. 318783

Newfag here though I've been lurking for a while, does Onions mom have a thread because I feel there's plenty of milk on her. (Sage for OT)

No. 318784

somewhere in snow there is i think?? may be wrong

No. 318786

Thanks a bunch anon!

No. 318788

>age ain't nuthin but a number
~R Kelly

No. 318792

Hey, I got an idea! Why don't we get Onion and Sheena together! Epic milk for everyone!!

Saged for Onion x Sheena and off topic.

No. 318793

onion would think he's dating a crypt keeper, he needs the teens

No. 318794

Kek underrated post.

No. 318795

lol grow up loll

No. 318796

Can we hook up Onion and Sheena and get Margo to adopt them?

No. 318797

so this is how they're spending the holiday, gosh such a happy family, they're goalslsl!1<3

No. 318799

uh what about ur photoshop face

No. 318801

I have no doubt that he's been lashing out at Lainey since Billie left.

No. 318802

These recent tweets honestly sound like he's having a meltdown at Thanksgiving at home, he probably threw the tofurky at Lamey's face because Sarah refuses to eat it because that child is scared of putting on any weight and Billie isn't around to suck his tiny cock.

TBH, I wouldn't want to sit around the table with a greasy pedo with a red cosmetically overworked baboon face smacking his lips at me as he eats.

No. 318804


I'd be very frightened sitting across Greasecock staring at me relentlessly while eating…

Saged bc Halloween is over.

No. 318812

Because of the gender stuff probably. She identifies as both as a bisexual male and female. Gotta keep up appearances.

No. 318815

Nah, he's always referred to her as "my wife" rather than giving her any individuality of her own.

Because she's married to the GREAT gurgles, dontchaknow? It's just his narcissism shining through per usual.

No. 318819

I think I'm spending to much time on this site, billy and lainey are starting to look attractive to me.

unrelated note, either of them have n00dz

No. 318820

>>unrelated note, either of them have n00dz

No, that's one of the things they're careful about not to throw around.

And I'll throw in a "ewwwww" for good measure.

No. 318821


trust me, no one is more disappointed with myself than me. maybe it's just because it's slim pickings finding gay girls

No. 318823

I think lainey looks decently attractive from some angles/with the right makeup.

I think billie is way more attractive. Shes very pretty and I admit I like her hair and her style.

Onision doesn't match up to either, he deserves someone as greasy and disgusting as he is.

No. 318825

File: 1480053451085.jpeg (8.04 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)


Something about Lainey's face has always reminded me of the villagers from Minecraft even though I haven't played in a long time.

Makes me want to play again. kek

No. 318829


Wasn't there a snapchat naked pic of Lamo with (implied) sagging titties a few threads back? And a couple more on the first thread?

No. 318831

File: 1480055637274.png (338.53 KB, 1402x1374, Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 12.3…)

Why are she and her fans so obnoxious about everything?

No. 318832

File: 1480055716343.png (279.15 KB, 1422x1112, Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 12.3…)

No. 318834

No, it was censored… there's no uncensored version of it as she gave it to Sarah and she edited the original.

No. 318835

Yet, Grease only retweets and replies to people with a poor grasp of grammar and spelling to invalidate them and make them look like idiots.

The hypocrisy is so strong in all of them.


She does, but you can't fap to it… it's like middle-aged mom-of-three porn.

No. 318836

Ew nobody wants to see Shiloh's fat rolls in teh no0dz! Unless…you want to. (Go to the second Onion thread, they're under the "spoiler" tag 'cause…you know, it's Shiloh.)

No. 318837

Only if you class seeing the top of her chest/in a sports bra and boxer shorts/showing bits of skin except titties, ass and vajay as nude.

There's no nudes of her online, or of Billie… the only way we'd get those is if someone revenge-porn'ed her or hacked their phones.

No. 318838


My previous post was meant for you, though I tagged you!

No. 318839


No, there are! They're like, 3 or 4 threads back. There was a snap where her shoulders were bare, a face filter and implied saggy grandma tits. It was during the second pregnancy.

No. 318841

find it and post it then. i'm curious.

No. 318842

I've never seen it either, I'm not sure what "implied" tits means, but I know I haven't seen her titties fully exposed.

But I'm curious too, I may of missed it at some point as I blocked all image previews/thumbnails since that disgusting CP bot was making it's rounds on here a couple of months ago.

No. 318844

Living in an echo chamber will do that to you.

No. 318848

This sounds like something straight out of /r/theredpill or /r/incel

No. 318851

File: 1480059802865.jpg (175 KB, 810x924, IMG_20161125_084209.jpg)

We can't do anything as a family, we need a 31 year old acne manchild to save us

No. 318854


Why is Eugenia responsible for children whose parents don't give enough of a shit to place parental controls on their electronics?

Couldn't this be applied to Grease, too?
"Help! My 13 year old sister wants to date a 32 year old man and run away from home just like Laineybot."

No. 318855

If you're easily influenced by unhealthy shit you see on the internet, then you shouldn't be seeking it out.

It's like blaming your violent outbursts on video games.

But then, I forget that's exactly why Gurgles has fans in the first place… easily influenced and naive as fuck.

No. 318858

I believe that it autocorrected, but its still funnier than shit that she fucked it up, posted the tweet, and then is just going to keep it there. How embarrassing.

No. 318860

> Eugenia made me starve myself too
Holy fuck, she didn't make you do anything. If these braindead pre-teens are so influenced by 1 fucking girl's presence on the internet, they've got some serious issues that can't be solved by Eugenia just getting help herself.
EDs aren't a chain reaction where if one person has it, other people catching/ one person overcomes it, other people will overcome it too.

Also, I can't roll my eyes harder at "I haven't ate for hours!! 1 !"
Please, do these asskissing wannarexics think skipping dinner for a night or 2 means you have a fucking eating disorder?
Sorry for the rant, but Onion's make me so angry, I just want to shake some sense into them.

No. 318861

I don't know why he's so hellbent on "fixing" Eugenia (yes I do, it's all for the views and nothing more; he couldn't give a toss whether or not she recovered) considering both Lainey and Sarah are obsessed with being thin themselves.

No. 318864

Apparently everyone has a little sister that developed an eating disorder because of eugenia. yeah right. I wouldn't be surprised if gerg didn't just email himself that because he cant go 2 seconds without mentioning eugenia.

Anorexia isn't caused by looking at one skinny girl. Do these people see pictures of starving people in africa and want to ban them off youtube too because it ~triggered~ their eating disorder. Lmao wtf. Are we going to ban every skinny person from the entertainment industry too? Go ask people with confirmed eating disorders what they think caused their eating disorder. I doubt any of them will say eugenia.

No. 318868

File: 1480068050530.jpg (149.42 KB, 810x801, IMG_20161125_105949.jpg)

>I havent eaten for HOURS

If those are her legs in her Twitter profile pic…well…

No. 318871

>I haven't ate for hours

Okay, but isn't this normal? Sometimes classes take a few hours, jobs take a few hours, blah blah. Does anybody eat every hour on the hour? People who don't snack go hours between meals. For a guy who prides himself on his vEGETARIAN BODEH, he's always agreeing with bullshit about diets.

Also, does that e-mail say 1 minute ago? So he got a tweet and then COINCIDENTALLY he immediately got an e-mail from a stranger that backed it up?

No. 318893

Yeah I think that was the one I posted, she was obviously completely naked but her nipples weren't visible so it doesn't really count as a nude.

No. 318894

File: 1480083149929.jpg (59.41 KB, 550x812, IMG_20161125_101004.jpg)

From plainey. this mashup site is so accurate.

No. 318895

maybe not eating for a few days would be good, look as those fat thighs. I'm no ana-chan but she shouldn't be saying shit about her weight lol

No. 318896

Lamey's college deans list being more like Chrischan's high school honour roll confirmed.

No. 318898

File: 1480084105788.jpg (123.19 KB, 675x1200, CyFMLhoUUAAH-ya.jpg)

>soccer mom with dead eyes and doughy acne man behind her

omg couple goalzz!!!!!

No. 318900

JFC, that face is nightmare inducing. How anyone can find that fuckable is beyond me.

No. 318903

File: 1480088214957.png (18.51 KB, 201x157, Dumpling.PNG)

Sweet jesus how horrifying

No. 318904

File: 1480089490415.jpg (77.39 KB, 720x540, CyAPpd3UAAAWuY7.jpg)

As much as I dislike Plank, I feel a bit sad when I see her pre-Onion pics

No. 318905

Me too, it's really heartbreaking to see how drained and lifeless she's become. But lucky me, seeing how she's been not only a doormat but a Greg 2.0 looking for new girls lately is enough to make me snap out of it in 2 sec.

No. 318918

Damn, woman. At least fasten up your cardigan after you've fed the kids before immediately reaching for the camera.

No. 318919

Look at Gerg trying so hard to hide his eyebrow droop from botox. Yet somehow managed to make himself look even WORSE

No. 318921


Ew old people!

I think the Botox fill made Onion's face worse now.

No. 318928

Can confirm he's had fillers in his (guess what) nasolabial folds and tear troughs. Can tell from the puffiness. He's desperately trying to look young (did our comments hit a nerve, gerg?). Sadly the problem isn't that you look old Greg, it's the fact you're ugly as sin. Unless you get some bone surgeries to fix your overhanging Neanderthal brow and veneers so your teeth don't look like little spikes too small for your mouth, you're always going to be gross.

No. 318931


but you are starting to look old too

No. 318934


Ugh, those Botox fillers aren't even helping him at all. If anything, they're making him look worse!

I hate to say this, I really do, but he looked way better before the fillers. More…human.

No. 318935


Yeah I totally agree, he looks like a halloween mask in the latest picture

No. 318938

I don't like to keep banging on about his appearance because that's the least of his problems. But lol he's gonna end up looking like one of those rubbery old Hollywood men that have had too much surgery and end up with cat eyes, plump weird lips and massive shiny cheeks

No. 318940

Why does most everyone think he has had botox without any eveidence? The guy spends all day making shitty videos, he wouldn't even have time. The cuck is clearly just wearing makeup to cover his acne.

No. 318942


That may be true but apparently that's (currently) the only thing that's hurting him. Us commenting on his bad looks and pedo status.

No. 318943


>most everyone

Hi Greg! So nice of you to join us, loser.

No. 318944

File: 1480109957307.jpg (34.3 KB, 809x205, IMG_20161125_223606.jpg)

>most everyone

o i am laffin

hi Gurg
you look old
but that's not the biggest problem
you look ugly as fuck too

should've gotten cheap plastic surgery while you were in south korea

No. 318945

File: 1480110130323.jpg (71.81 KB, 795x508, IMG_20161125_224117.jpg)

No. 318947

my god gurg, do you ever spell check yourself?

No. 318948

Lol, Grug! Why do you always choose the most illogical, left field excuses as to why something you've invited HAS to be true. You think people beleive you spend 24 hours a day slaving away at making internet videos as your sole job, and thus don't have the 10 minutes a dermatologist needs to inject your forehead? Like, when you already go to a dermatologist anyway for your heinous, unending acne?

And anyone who's had botox can tell immediately that he's had it - his eyebrow arch is shifted because he's had to partial forehead job that allows some movement in the brows while smoothing the center (which is how you get the bizarre "evil" eyebrow look). Can't speak to the fillers, but it's pretty clears he's been getting injectables for at least a couples years.

No. 318950

File: 1480111333415.png (1.02 MB, 889x814, delusions of grandeur.png)

without even taking his older photos into consideration…if the op isn't proof of botox i don't know what is. makeup can't make his eyebrows and forehead do what it's doing.

No. 318954

I've been waiting to talk to you. You're a disgusting excuse for a human being and the fact that you brought innocent lives into this world to deal with your bullshit makes me sick. Witnessing your nasty teen and impregnation fetishes is going to fuck those kids so up. Your treatment of women while also expecting brownie points for being a self-proclaimed "feminist" is abhorrent.

I sincerely hope all your "haters" comments really get to you and that you don't sleep well at night knowing what a subhuman piece of shit you are.

Go to hell.

No. 318957

File: 1480114191733.png (893.65 KB, 932x598, UglyWomen.png)

What nightmares are made out of

No. 318958

File: 1480114193278.jpg (35.33 KB, 500x516, 33f753454e235d4968e24e19e816f2…)

I've been wondering why gurg went for Plain in the first place. I mean, it's clear that he likes the Shiloh types (quirky and with alt style). It's not like she was the only one stalking him on tweeter. Was it because she was the most desperate and easy too groom? She was always a very bland girl, lacking personality, hobbies or opinions. The only thing that she had going for her was being a blonde cheerleader. I could see Greg thinking that he has finally succeeded in life by picking up the kind of a girl who wouldn't even look in his direction back when he was in high school.

No. 318959

She agreed to marry him, get tattoos to "prove her love," quit school and move with him. Basically uproot her whole life and ditch her family. I'm sure there was a bunch of girls who were like i wanna marry you greg but didnt actually wanna commit to marrying him after barely knowing him and ditching their whole life. She was basically the biggest idiot of them all that would throw everything away to be his sex doll and pop out his babies, which is what greg wanted.

No. 318960

Needs a spoiler, I'm scared.

No. 318965

He likes the shiloh/billie types, but he cant keep them long term because they end up standing up for themselves and wanting to leave because they realize they don't want to sit in his ugly house all day every day and on his small peen for the rest of their life.

Lainey sticks around because shes a doormat, has no goals, and just wanted to be a youtuber's wife and lets him do whatever he wants. She watched him cheat on her and watches him make video/tweets that obviously goes against her own beliefs, and she still happily takes a picture next to him saying "my person <3 "so happy to have you <3". Literally he found a living sex robot that won't oppose him. Too bad when she gets older and uglier, he will replace her with a new model and her loyal commitment and throwing away her morals will all be for nothing. I'm really curious when their kids grow older what they are going to think of their doormat mother and horrible father. I feel like they are either going to completely resent them or be just like them.

No. 318966


Sarah looks like Skye tbh, only pudgier and her voice sounds similar.

No. 318967

Also he met skye and married her before he became popular on youtube. I doubt he had many options of people who didn't think he was psycho before then. I'm surprised someone as pretty as skye even went for him when he was a nobody loser.

No. 318968

HILARIOUS how the most hypocrite YouTuber ever says you shouldn't wear makeup but wears makeup AND get botox

No. 318969

Hilarious how a guy who systematically abused his ex-girlfriend and ex-wife and refused to let them wear makeup is now wearing makeup

No. 318970

Remember how he called himself a K-Pop fan?
Now that he's getting fillers, I think it's safe to say the k-pop obsession has been possibly taken to a new level.

No. 318971

Yeah because Gerg is the only human to ever say 'most everyone'. You guys are paranoid as fuck…

No. 318973

regardless of if it was him or not, everything said toward gerg is true.

No. 318976


No. 318977

Alright Greg.

PS. You look like a dying caveman

No. 318978

File: 1480118271530.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, caveman spongebob.jpg)

No. 318980

Lol. "nuh uh" is your retarded argument against mountains of evidence? You sure showed us, retard.

No. 318981


oh my god that lipstick job though. napoleon perdis is crying.

No. 318986

How many times can a man crossdress and still call it comedy?

No. 318990


Eat a dick Greasecock!

No. 318991

Back to /rk9 u go.

You're new to how these shitlords who want to stay relevant in the public eye, ain'tcha.

No. 318993

Not only that but how many times more is he going to use that in his videos? He has no content left. That's why he milked Eugenia to the last drop. Can't wait to see what he's going to do next

No. 318994


No. 318997

It's probably a stray /incel from Ribbit that's been attracted to here from their thread from /snow.

They hate it when one of their kind gets shat on.

Report 'em, that's all it takes.

No. 319005

No. 319007

I'd like to imagine that the "brit" in this video was inspired by OG spergchan Vickie Shingles. It's a startling resemblance.

Also, his gun skits are starting to freak me out. I know he thinks of himself as a gun control loving liberal, but he seems to fantasize about killing people he dislikes a lot. Of course, it's just "comedy."

No. 319012


Why does he hate Brits so much? Doesn't he realize if it weren't for them settling here, there'd be no America? Go back to school Greasecock.

No. 319014


Just watch the end, it gets creepy.

No. 319016

File: 1480128212237.png (114.88 KB, 1242x911, IMG_8324.PNG)


No. 319029

>If you are wrote
>non-buisiness matters

No. 319046

You do realize Botox and fillers take like an hour tops to do right? You literally just have to walk in, no appointments needed.

No. 319051


Naw, I was saying why she would act bitchy about Matthew Lush's tweet, not the my wife comment.

No. 319055

File: 1480139643996.png (113.45 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Still salty about the alimony I see, you brought this on yourself Onion.

No. 319060

lol I considered trolling lainey/greg by pretending to be a fan and trying to be the next billie (not for realz) as I have that trashy alt look, but I'm from the UK so don't think they'd bite as greg hates brits apparently :(

No. 319061

just don't tell them you'e from the uk… i was tempted to do it with some old photos of trash me but i think i was a bit too fat for them

No. 319071

Maybe they'd bite if you people would quit announcing your fucking plans on a thread that they lurk.

No. 319072


Lol well I'm not going to do it hense the "I considered" not "I plan too" learn to read.

No. 319074


No. 319076

Stop bitching about people posting their *~master plans.
Out of all the fans that kiss their asses how, do you think, do they pick out the fake ones?

They fucking don't, and the paranoia clearly doesn't stop them from having teenage girlfriends.

No. 319083


damn, that video is from way back when i used to like onision.

No. 319084

You have terrible taste. I was pretty young when onision become popular and even I realized he was shit, from the beginning. I couldn't even take him seriously, I didn't believe he could take himself seriously, but apparently he actually thinks hes funny/a decent person. It goes against nature.

No. 319085


I feel you. I used to like those videos. But since the divorce he has gone down the shit storm drain..

The drama just doesn't seem to stop and I keep feeling so embarrassed.

No. 319086

File: 1480154007754.jpg (144.42 KB, 810x892, IMG_20161126_105251.jpg)

She isn't stopping

No. 319087


I can't believe I used to have a crush on him! I'm still recovering but…there are those relapses.

No. 319090

love yourself anon

No. 319091

Lol at"love fact". Who made up that fact? Tumblr? Jeezes lainey, love isn't a fucking emo song and if your "love" feels like one all the time, then stop dating garbage.

No. 319098

File: 1480161940619.png (334.29 KB, 604x420, Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 11.0…)



No. 319099


>>318732 called it holy shit

No. 319101

surely, dense though she is, plainey will realize how creepy and awkward this is

No. 319102

how old is she? honestly, she's so ugly. uglier than plainey, even. it's so embarrassing.

No. 319103

File: 1480164322963.jpg (125.82 KB, 800x704, IMG_20161126_132422.jpg)


(Take this with a grain of salt since it isn't confirmed and anon might be lying to stir drama)

No. 319104

what is wrong with you man. that's not even funny. he is objectively hideous, get a grip on yourself

No. 319105

You actually fucking lurk here. Pathetic.

No. 319106

here we see a superior sperg in its natural habitat

No. 319107

Because, have you even fucking seen his brow?

His whole fucking face now in comparison of what it used to be like just 10 years ago?

The fact that he keeps covering his face up with masks and making shitty whiteboard videos every three months?

Botox isn't a huge fucking surgical procedure, there are women out there that even throw "botox parties" at their homes for all their friends.

You're as thick as pigshit.

No. 319108

It looks green but whatever.

I do know she sounded miserable on her Tumblr as of recent, but it could've been in relation to how she feels about her weight. If her mom loves her so much (like she keeps repeatedly saying) then she'd fly her home asap if any shit was going down, yes?

No. 319109

plainclone has her own thread in /snow, can we please stop acting like she's relevant to anything, we know she lurks here as well so don't encourage her

No. 319110

I was convinced this was bait but the more I read over it, the more I want to believe it's actually Giggles…admins, indulge my curiosity? where did this post come from?

No. 319112

No anon. This is anonymous.
From what I've seen people don't actually fucking do what they say they're going to do, hence blocking any chance for someone else to do it privately.

Do what you want and post when something actually fucking happens.
Get your ass pats some other way.

No. 319113

What the fuck made you so insecure about yourself that at 31 you need chemical peels, botox, and underage women to feel superior to? What happened in your youth for real? Did you really actually fuck your mom and shit?

No. 319114

regardless of her having her own thread, I don't mind when things are posted about her here when she does stuff like dying her hair blue/green trying to become onion bait. Just like Billie has her own thread, we still talk about her here when it relates to onion drama.

No. 319115

Plainclone isnt related to the drama, shes a nobody

No. 319117


In the example anon was talking about, she is.

No. 319120

Plain clone thirsts for attention, even the negative one from here. So I don't think we should discuss her until she becomes relevant.
She will become relevant if she enters the Onion house.
Good luck plain clone. Your chances are small and that other girl, luxymoo, is probably next.

No. 319142

File: 1480186214076.jpg (20.74 KB, 250x250, 795313564792891279.jpg)

Ugh he is so fucking ugly. It's not even just the acne, it's his neanderthal browline and squinty eyes. He looks like a homo faggot and wears too much makeup/filler, and the malnourished twink body does him no favors.

No. 319143

Here I'll add more purely based on his physical appearance (this triggers Onion the most and we know he reads this thread):

Doughy face, Neanderthal brow with creepy Chucky eyes underneath, nonexistent lips, ugly noaw, pudgy body with pimples and acne that has a sickly pale color, nonstop greasy hair, looks like a middle-aged man going through an age crisis even though he is 30, Botox doesn't help him, makeup and filters hardly do, micropenis

No. 319144

lmao, literally looks like they are closely related to onion

No. 319146

Honestly, I feel like he would look alright if he went to a dermatoligist about his skin problems and just let himself age gracefully without botox and filters. Don't get me wrong, he's never gonna be "omg daddy onion so hawt <3" but man he's only shooting himself in the foot trying to make himself look younger.

No. 319147

File: 1480188101212.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.75 KB, 1280x719, future onion.jpg)

He needs to continue his journey into facial fillers and botox. Chances are high that he will one day piss off the person with the needle by being a know-it-all. Imagine the possibilities.

No. 319149

This lady was on botched. Maybe gurg can be on that show someday, dream big.

No. 319151


Yeah I get this too his edgy ~randumb xD~ humour appealed to me back when I was a teen haha, was never like his current fan base though as I didn't bother watching his speaks videos…thank god.

No. 319158

>From what I've seen people don't actually fucking do what they say they're going to do

As far as you know because they look like any other fan, you fucking retard.

Do you think they're going to pick one out a day after someone's plans are posted and spill all the secrets to some teenager they don't know? Not how it works. Especially when Greg's still licking his wounds over Billie.

No. 319160


For one, people voted on the color. I don't know why you guys choose her of all the other cringey fans to make fun of. This is starting to grasp at straws… and it's not even blue.

>inb4 someone says i'm her

No, I'm not.

No. 319162


her ugly mug triggers me guys.

No. 319163

It was Sarah who had people vote on the color

No. 319164

File: 1480194562683.jpg (70.37 KB, 675x1200, CyJyx_3WEAAk1u1.jpg)

No. 319166

out of all the cringy fans I think she's the most cringe inducing.

she tried to come off that, "she just can't help but look like lain!"when it's more than obvious the girl is trying to look like her on purpose.

Next on the list is her name is Lane.

It seems like Lainey herself barely pays attention to her.

Personally my favorite was when she outed herself that she lurks here when the whole "I feel unsafe" fake tweet surfaced.

She's just overall sad and transparent.

No. 319168

Agreed that she's one of the creepier ones. Many of their fans are creepy and weird but none give off the would-murder-Lainey-to-wear-her-skin vibes quite like she does. I personally don't mind if she gets posted from time to time, as long as it doesn't derail too much.
Has the other Billie wannabe dyed her hair yet?

No. 319169

Does anybody know what state/town they live in? I love to find people on fetlife.