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File: 1570471895632.png (630.07 KB, 539x704, 1570431087731.png)

No. 715385

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/712064
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Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Greg/Onision/Jimmy/James/Whatever spergs about a variety of topics, including his Patreon being 18+, the age of consent in Japan, and his height. >>711795 >>711482 >>710896
>Jimmy continues (still) to rage about “cancel" and/or "outrage culture” (too many examples) >>715133 >>714858
>Lainey breaks her silence looking like hell, seemingly forced into more videos by Greg >>712596
>A police report about a wellness check on Lainey is leaked, suggesting Onision has real guns in his home >>713081
>A neighborhood watch group seems to be keeping an eye on Jimmy and Lainey >>712793 >>713092
>Onision tries to claim all his exes just want his baby carrot. >>714264 >>714161 In response, Skye continues to roast the Onion >>714329 >>714341
>Regina livestreams, confirming that Plainey really doesn't like women and is just a tool for Greg to reel in teen poon >>714977
>Greg tries to say anyone who calls him a pedophile is a pedophile >>715112
>McFly, a new potential trinity member, openly thirsts for Jimmy >>715286

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:
- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT. There's been a lot of bait in the past thread. Just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.

No. 715393

Thank you for new thread, anon!

And god, his obsessions with Skye and Alicia just never end, do they?

No. 715398

He's making a video on his depression

While shitting on skye's depression.

while also stating - that depression expresses differently in people

IQ of 142 and no logic anywhere to be found

No. 715400

I think that he is so focused on Skye and Alicia because they are the safest target. He needs a target to aim his rage at and he knows Sarah has a lot more she could say. He also knows she’s not scared to say it, if provoked.

No. 715401

Which is still fucking retarded because Sarah will probably go off regardless of who he targets. It’s a lose/lose situation for him. I however am here for what other dumb shit he spews from his maw.

No. 715402


I agree, and maybe think he's gotten used to shitting on Skye for so long with no repercussions that he thinks that's a good place to start - and also that her scathing return to the internet, receiving so much praise as she does it, has jingled his jammies a bit.

No. 715409

File: 1570474299179.png (172.83 KB, 1343x750, 1570415969444.png)

Lainey's rapist is not in jail either, so I guess that means he's innocent and Lainey was ever raped by him according to Gargoyle's logic

No. 715415

Other people not in jail: Greg’s dad, AJ’s dad (not that I necessarily believe his allegations about either, but Avenging Angel Onion has been remarkably ineffective by his own standards)

No. 715418

It pains me how fucking stupid his "defense" is, and then I get pissed remembering there are still impressionable teenage girls out there actually eating this shit up. But how does he think this is going to be convincing for anyone older than 18?? There are literally serial killers and child abductors that stay hidden and escape the law for fucking decades. Moreover, there are plenty of things in this world that are technically legal but are still vile and highly immoral. People whose sense of morality ONLY comes from the law truly scare me. Not that Grugly has any moral compass to begin with, but legality is the only fuckin thing he screeches about as if it is the end-all be-all. And he legitimately thinks these are good defenses.

No. 715420

File: 1570475270180.jpeg (312.61 KB, 1125x1677, 3B8C2F5E-8616-4BDF-B7DF-BCC3A1…)

Totally possible tinfoil but account made in October 2019 and saying shit like this? possible Gronk sock(tinfoil)

No. 715429

File: 1570475675061.jpeg (161.84 KB, 1125x2292, 11C1AA48-37DB-4075-B40F-EDF9D4…)

The one person this account is following for anyone interested

No. 715436

Makes me think of scat anon. It's probably just a troll.

No. 715437

File: 1570476902461.jpg (216.27 KB, 782x792, Screenshot_2019-10-07-17-33-04…)

Onision's "Humans" video transcript.


Begins with the ever present: I held a loaded gun to my oversized water head bc the ebil airforce made me cry etc (I'm paraphrasing here)

Literally 3 seconds in he's talking about two colleagues shagging a random girl they all knew who apparently had a tight vag and pancake titties (Nothing disturbing about this onion,it completely obvious you are in no way fixated on underdeveloped bodies, to the point of attributing your desires on to random men you worked with!) But no fear uhohonision would only ever have three ways for love u guize!!!

>I'm a cult leader, here's the kool aid, followed by edgy Bill Cosby rape joke.

Goes on to say
>I mean I get it if you say "oh he raped me, and somebody else says "oh he stared at and jacked off from a very very long way away"..
Jump cut to
>But if you have a few women saying exactly the same thing, like with the R Kelly shit, "I was 14 and he was sexual with me, then I see the trend here, like do you guys know each other, do you hang out together, are you friends or do you hate each other?.. Now that to me makes far more sense.
[Ugh more sense than what greg? Wtaf are you tryna say here?? Are you admitting that all of the girls who've come out against you and who were not friends were in fact being truthful and people should believe them?!? Because that's what you've just said there bud]
>I sleep with guys too.. guys don't ever call each other rapists they just rape them back.. insert edgy joke about rape in prison..
Cuts back to "I say terrible stuff, who do people even watch me.. oh it's because people can take a joke that's why"
>Diverts back to depression is bad. Muh lazy gud fur nothin' wife took all muh monies because I divorced her (nope onion she divorced you, you fucking dunce)
>But wait! Plot twist poor skye caught her depression off greg!! No matter what greggums did, she was still depressed (not even being cheated on with a minor could cure it!!11!!) And only YOU or REALLY HARD DRUGS can stop your depression!!

Skit about how stalking is creepy and if you think happy thoughts all the sadz go away!!!

Cut back to more fucking depression, be positive! Join my patreon!! Don't be a hater, join a happy FF or MGS fandom and then you can forget about everything you've ever done to victimise people!! Don't listen to negative nancys who are just tryna hold me accountable for my decade of abuse spanning numerous people!

Somebody rustled his Jimmies by calling him 'sweetheart/hun/babe' and greg just don't take that type of smack talk y'all. If u call him sweetpea then you're clearly a cuntwhorebitchslut (not paraphrasing here btw).

Cuts to
>Daily vlog, where he shills a site called cameo. Greg in the shower, greg in the bath, greg in his knickers.

Ahhnd back to depression again. Muh wife took muh moniez.. anybody else sensing a theme here?? Imagine being this butthurt about alimony! Skye is a fuckin' hero.

>goes on to say if you can find a partner without a mental disorder then that person is a keeper, you've hit the jackpot.

(He can't be serious can he?? Kainey is a melting pot of mental disorders).
>My depression is the most depressive depression that anybody has ever depressed and I don't have friends because I don't want them to suffer how depressed I am.

New Skit
>internet policeman comes to arrest him.
>greg's response is stalker haters are stupid morons, who listen to internet rumours and gossip specifically jacklyn glenn, who by the way has fake breasts and doesn't do as much on Patreon as he does!!! Then challenges "hater" to fight for logic!
>Hater realises he loves onion bc he spoke to him and now hater has clout!1!11!
The whole point of the "skit" was for greg to
>accuse his victims of "clout chasing" by using his name for the 15 seconds of fame they supposedly garner as uttering the moniker of such a huge youchoob celeb will apparently propel them to stardom and cure depression.
>Shoots all the haters in the head but only after one denounces jacklyn!
No. Really.

Then we return to depression (hopefully for the final time, but before we do, greg helpfully points out he loves his dogs and cries into their soft warm fur and would never treat them badly/turn them into cowering incontinent furbabies and also did you know that there somebody on youtube who fucks actual dogs!! See!! Greg only fucks minors and that's nowhere near as bad now is it?!??)
>Upshot: Don't be sad, Just be happy and join patreon where you can talk to old uncleOnision who will help you break free of the abusive shackles your abusive significant other is clearly abusively binding you with.
Bonus footage of onion in an ill fitting funeral suit being greeted back home by dobbs, I didn't abuse him see he's alive!!

Oh and did I mention all women those people I actually and extensively abused are lyingscumfuckbastardwhorecunts? Especially skye and her sister who has pancake nipples.

No. 715445

File: 1570477463627.jpg (75.44 KB, 739x653, dr phil.JPG)

If you photoshop any girlfriend greg has ever had, it will work hahahaha I wonder if there's any good footage to this interview aldlii can use

No. 715452

File: 1570478582780.jpeg (368.92 KB, 828x942, ADF426DF-6FF9-4282-ABBE-911F2E…)

I wonder if he’ll copyright claim Max.

No. 715454

Probably. It would give him content if Max complains about it. He can then make a video and put Max in the title. At this point Onion jumps at the opportunity to copyright claim, not because of the money the video is making, but because there's a chance people will make a video or a tweet talking about him and the more people talk about him, the more traffic he gets on his channel.

No. 715458

File: 1570479148431.png (1.1 MB, 989x556, fgbnnfn.PNG)

Dr Phil could be talking to any girl Grug every came in contact with and this would apply.


No. 715462

If the alimony was so unfair as he claims then why didn't he go to court to prove Skye didn't deserve it?

No. 715463

Because he's a coward like Skye and co. said he's a sad, pathetic little coward just like Lainey they talk crap but when they get the consequences they want to run with their tails between their legs.

No. 715464

Thank you for adding the thread # OP!

No. 715468

Sage because unrelated but apparently Trisha Paytas “came out” as ftm trans and her reasoning for it is just as strong as Lainey’s. Trisha is more of an attention grabber than a trender but honestly no wonder there’s gate keeping for something like being trans because legitimate trans people actually suffer.

No. 715475

File: 1570483067311.png (363.14 KB, 1126x637, 1570464789946.png)

Bringing this over since it was shared just before the thread locked.

So much for sleeping well, huh Jimmy?

No. 715480

How long should we get it till Lainey either goes to jail or snaps. Everyone is saying Greg is going to cause harm to his family but no one really thinks that Lainey can possibly do something drastic, just wondering out of curiosity.

No. 715481

I feel like Onion is going to either defend her or attack her because he can't help but lurk and comment on others business, while telling others never to comment on his.

No. 715482

Kainey is one of the most passive people on the face of the planet, so that is why people aren't worried about her. She has no spine whatsoever, much less enough energy to actually work herself up enough to hurt anyone (or save anyone). She's utterly pathetic, and not in a good or interesting way.

No. 715483

Lainey will only break and "do something drastic" if Greg leaves her. He's the only thing she cares about. I bet she would throw her kids in front of a moving train if it meant it would save Greg. She cares about nothing, not even herself. She's completely brainwashed to only care about him.

No. 715511

So Greg admitted fraud. It's illegal to marry just for military benefits. Greg you criminal scum!

No. 715520

The more he talks the more he keeps digging himself a bigger hole, what a fucking idiot

No. 715531

imagine believing Trisha's trolling

No. 715545

Thank you for the summary. You saved my eyes anon!

No. 715546

Since Gurggy Grease wont stop talking about Alicia's body even though she has made it very clear she finds it disturbing, disgusting, and creepy - it really only seems fair Skye or any of the others start talking about his yeasty little peen.
If he can discuss other people's body against their wishes, it really only seems fair he gets to know what that feels like. Hopefully theyll use trigger warnings tho, to avoid projectile vomiting among those of us with weaker stomachs

This is morbid and inappropriate but HomolKai seems like the type to eliminate babies if her master ever left her. She obviously doesnt give a shit about them.

this fucking bobblehead retard just admitted to defrauding the United States military lol. Someone should send his little confession to the local office to see if they're interested

No. 715555

File: 1570494683898.jpg (539.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191007-202730_Chr…)

Skye is fucking blessing

She really has presented herself as the anti-Jimmy since her return: smart, funny, mature, shit together, kind. It really is quite the juxtaposition next to the sad trainwreck her ex-husband has melted into. Her responses to him seriously seem like an adult talking to mentally challenged child.

No. 715559

she tweeted the other day that she's almost finished with her master's thesis. it's so nice to see that she managed to get out of greg's life and fulfill her potential

No. 715583

That apostrophe is pretty uncommon in English-speaking internet, 100% a shitty troll.

No. 715588

He'll just change his story if it can get him in trouble. Or say everyone misremembered or misinterpreted what he said.

No. 715594

I've seen this girl in a few of the anti-O threads on twitter.
Can he get into shit retroactively for this? That would be great.

No. 715599

>Greg's just super overwhelmed
Yes with trying to convince the world that he's not a pedophile when all of the evidence shows the contrary. He's not a good actor. What he is very practiced at is lying, and he sucks at that too.
Let's not forget that Sh was just coming out of a verbally abusive relationship when she and Grog met. If I remember correctly, Sh said Grub gave her "helpful" advice before she decided to break it off with said abuser and start dating Grub. Following in this pattern of course was Sarah, who was very vulnerable, in a dysfunctional situation before the Onion's swooped in. Onision follows the typical pattern of all serial predators.

No. 715600

Well Onion also blames Lainey for rapes because she never reported her rapist so how he is so cool with a "rapist shield" as he once described it.

I dont know exactly how divorce proceedings go but he wound probably need to try to defend all the allegations Skye brought forth, namely totalling their only car to go fuck a minor. And Onion can't face humiliation head on so he'd never show face in a court room.

No. 715601

Do they actually enforce this law? I feel like there'd be no military left if they did.

No. 715603

No, because it's hard to prove. Most aren't idiots that outright admit crimes they've committed on the internet though.

No. 715604

Adlii can make a gem from this.

No. 715609

Out of the rest of the girls Skye is the most savage. Makes me kind of wish she had more dirt on him because she'd piss him off so bad he'd pop a vessel.

No. 715611

Yeah I mean, he is lying for sure to try and hurt skye but to her the marriage was real and so was the love. He is a complete dumbass for saying this because of reported to the military by Skye or someone else, his finances can be fucked even harder than the IRS did.

No. 715619

I think there were two reasons he married her.
1. Military benefits
2. To get closer to Alicia
To be fair the second one might be the main one.

No. 715624

Lainey is a passive aggressive crying bitch carved by Grug. The most she'd do is just harm herself for uwu sympathy and attention. Who knows if she's going to jail but she's more likely than Grug at this point.

No. 715669

File: 1570502386513.jpg (137.86 KB, 1000x593, SmartSelect_20191007-213918_Sa…)

No. 715753


> And Onion can't face humiliation head on so he'd never show face in a court room.


Nor would he want someone to explain why they called him a pedophile to a judge. He might not like that people are calling him a pedo, but he probably REALLY doesn't like the prospect of explaining and rationalizing his actions to a judge and these explanations and rationalizations being part of a public record. He's kind of backed himself into a corner in that regard to the point that he almost has no recourse because to him the recourse would probably be worse than being called a pedo online. Regardless of if there were repercussions, it would be humiliating and knowing people in power have awareness of who you are and what you are doing would cause some anxiety especially when you are a caregiver to minor children.

Honestly, he should be glad that no one has been sophisticated enough to purposefully blackmail him. There was that case where an anti-o sent Onision a topless picture of an obviously underage girl to see how he would react, but they bungled it when they revealed too early (And ruined the chances of anyone else who might try to do that after.) instead of stringing him along. That could have gone a lot differently.

No. 715776

You saw her most recent Instagram post. She doesn’t look bothered at all. She’s only worried about distancing herself from the bad association by trying to change her account name. We haven’t seen any remorse from her at all. As far as we know she is totally fine with everything she and Greg did.

No. 715789


She's definitely fine with it. We can almost guarantee as far as she's concerned, Sarah is the one to blame for the short time she 'stole' Gregs affection and so trying to 'ruin their relationship', and then for 'turning on them'.

She's so self pitying and can never see her own wrongs. Same story as with Billie.

No. 715824

looks like onion went somewhere wearing an ill fitting suit as opposed to his usual 50 year old lesbian athleisure ensembles in his daily vlog. Tinfoil anons, what's your best guess? wedding, funeral, court for the wetlands, parent teacher meeting because trot bashed some kid's head in already???

No. 715849

It might be a phase. He went through a suit phase for a while. I think probably to feel more like a man and like his "job" isn't a fucking joke.

No. 715852

"Your honor, I didn't marry Skye for the military benefits. I married Skye so I could fuck her sister so I am not guilty."

No. 715888

It seems as if Greg is getting anxious about the legality of these allegations against him and is projecting by making these manic rant videos.

It'll be interesting seeing this dude go to prison, he's managed to turn himself into the Martin Shkreli of Youtube.

No. 715896

File: 1570513278061.jpg (155.7 KB, 563x954, wAI7ANYsd.jpg)

New name change soon. I guess p00dlexboy being connected to pedophilia all over social media isnt a good look.
Any takers that both Greg and Lainey will change their legal names sometime next year once they think "things have died down"

No. 715921


Jesus Christ, Plain looks so rough. Even from a glance she looks like a child predator. That won’t do her any favors.

No. 715925

File: 1570516642249.jpg (376.25 KB, 1080x1182, 20191008_082348.jpg)

i am in awe at the sheer cognitive dissonance with this one. How do the words "it doesn't matter who's right/the most technicly correct" come out so nonchalantly from Greg "Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings" Jackson's own mouth?

No. 715931

As if she's still putting up this facade of being "trans", I was predicting after all this crap when she was still MIA that she would go back to normal, but then again she is demented.. I'll just keep enjoying the shit show that is her life now.

No. 715935

From this photo the house looks very clean, even the mirror? A result of cps and police making regular visits I bet..
Also, lmao at Lame holding her theoretical peen like Eminem. Bish you really are lame.

No. 715937

does she really think posing like a fuckboy with her tongue out makes her look good in the midst of all allegations or is she that confident that she'll get away with it ? she is a mental case at this point ..i hope her family takes action

No. 715941

holy shit you're right. even the fish tank is topped off. has greg been kicked out to stew in his own filth in the garage because of this? is that why all his recent rants look like dimly lit hostage videos? i thought he was just trying to be edgy

No. 715942

Trisha's trolling doesn't make your wife's reality valid, Greg.

No. 715955

I'd suggest @pedosexboy and "CruelLieKrai"

It's clear this idiot has an IQ more in the 82 range, than 142.

OT (but comparable): A trans individual has been outed for grooming in the Team Fortress 2 gaming community in the last couple of days.
A genetic-male called "Nursey" who goes by she/her pronouns, who has had "sexually charged" discord conversations with underage players.
Mainly about thrusting "her" dick into them.
That person has been ostracized from the TF2 community and banned from their servers and competitions. Completely different to how YouTube, Twitter and Patreon are handling things. And it seems that "they never sent nudes or solicited nudes from anyone", unlike predator Krai.

How the hell does Patreon expect a mainly underage fanbase to "self-police" anyway?

In Lizardqueen's video, she stated that Jimmy would make inappropriate comments in discord, that she should have spoken out about, but was too scared. And she was one of the older members.(offtopic)

No. 715963

She looks half dead in this photo. Not that she looked terribly alive before but…The saddest thing about this image is knowing that this person is a mother.

No. 715966

>Not that Grugly has any moral compass to begin with
It's obvious to most people that Onision sees nothing wrong with his abusive, predatory behavior, he doesn't want to change, and he has no empathy to speak of. A person without a conscience is very dangerous indeed.

No. 715967

I think they might have a case to get her sectioned at this point. Obviously her equally mentally ill husband isn't doing her any favors.

No. 715968

>If you don't acknowledge my transtrending wife's transparent Larping, you're worse than me, a pedophile!

Sure Shreg.

No. 715972

hot take: gronk is/tries to be the ben shapiro of liberals (self proclaimed master of rigorous logic when actually his arguments are a study in mental gymnastic and based on extremely superficial knowledge of the subject; only taken seriously by edgelords)

No. 715975

he's racist ass hell, hes not liberal, i think both sides hate his pedo ass.

No. 715989

Is she going to dump PedoGuyKai too? Will Grug allow her this? Must have been his idea anyway.

No. 715992

Just posting this video here, not sure if it has been posted before.
The Right Opinion worked on this together with J Aubrey.

No. 715993

File: 1570534339049.png (Spoiler Image,573.04 KB, 597x591, JyJwiZU.png)

No. 715994

File: 1570534432725.gif (1.58 MB, 250x200, 1568051301796.gif)

>tfw she actually does look more manly than gregma

No. 716001

Tbf Gregma looks pretty feminine with his extra weight going on typically feminine places and his dick being the size of a clit. Dream trans couple uwu.

No. 716002

File: 1570537323417.jpg (295.34 KB, 1075x952, Screenshot_20191007-121806.jpg)

At this point, I don't see how it's possible that I still find myself raging at Grugly's blatant hypocrisy as we've all seen it so many times. But what pisses me off the most regarding this tweet and others like it is the fact that it's impossible to put him in his place and correct the skeevy narrative he's trying to create since his Twitter is private.

Like, we just have to see posts like this or misinformation and outright lies in his Patreon videos and we can post all day about it but we can't set the record straight right at the source, whether it be on his Twitter or YouTube where he's disabled comments. This is important because young, misinformed fans are seeing this bullshit only, without comments challenging him and pointing out the lies and hypocrisy.

This tweet is an outright L I E. We know he exclusively dates/creeps on teenagers and barely adult women. He married a teenager and was engaged to another, FFS. Since the divorce with Skye, he's dated ONE woman over the age of what, 20? And I think the only one who was over 20 was Maya, and maybe Luxy. That's still predatory as fuck considering he was in his fucking 30s.

Beyond that, he even made a video a while back saying that ALL men find 17/18 year old women to be the most attractive and that any man who says they wouldn't fuck a woman/girl that young if given the chance is a liar. Like, he said this on camera and uploaded it to YouTube for all to see. Knowing that, he still posts tweets like this because he knows there won't be anyone to call him out since his Twitter is an echo chamber. So his fans read it and consider it as the truth.

Does anyone else remember the video I'm talking about? I wanted to find it and make a clip of him saying that but I can't remember what the video is called or exactly how long ago it was uploaded. I believe it was within the last year or 2, though.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 716006

lmao that nasty ass dog collar that greg says he puts a leash on

No. 716008

>Since the divorce with Skye, he's dated ONE woman over the age of what, 20? And I think the only one who was over 20 was Maya, and maybe Luxy.

Samefagging to add AJ was in her mid-twenties iirc and jumped ship after two or three weeks when she found out that Greg was an unstable lunatic. He tried to date another woman in her twenties, Hannah Minx, who also jumped ship. She never met him IRL and ghosted him after he revealed what a creep he is. This is even more proof that he HAS to go for teens because absolutely nobody past that age wants to deal with his psychotic, immature and insecure personality.
Maya and Luxy even support this. They were both too old, read clever, to fall for Greg's shit.

Greg may sit there on his high horse thinking all too highly of himself, but it boils down to the fact that he only has a change with inexperienced teenagers from broken homes and abuse victims, and the few adults that flock around him do seem mentally unstable, codependent and outright needy. Lainey checks all of these three characteristics.

No. 716022

Maya was 19 when they “dated” so it’s only AJ who was over 20.

No. 716027

Well Greg, if I…
>rated copious amounts of pictures of my grandpa out of 10
>tried to be relatable to my grandpa's generation by making videos about common old people medicines/devices, despite having no relevance to my life whatsoever
>was so paranoid about being seen as a grandpa fucker that I refuse to be in the same room or be nice to any old person EVER
>said my grandpa was like my little sister and then slept with him

Then yeah it probably is fair to say.

You fucking idiot.

No. 716035

File: 1570541223683.png (839.85 KB, 852x476, 67991.PNG)

Is it just me or is weird they have no shades blinds or curtains. I mean its not that they have the shades up or curtains pulled aside, they literally have no window coverings.

No. 716037

they have the worst spending habits and never buy anything they should. greg's the biggest cheapskate if it has no value to him.

No. 716039

Like heating a house in the Pacific northwest in the fall/winter.

No. 716043

File: 1570542198429.jpg (53.23 KB, 838x456, backyard.JPG)

Onision used the green screen to make it look like he was in his backyard. It wasn't a stock image, you can tell because of the top of the volleyball net they have. Why not just go out there and film? Could it be that its currently a construction zone as workmen are erecting that fence he needs to have up by the end of October.

No. 716046

That or he doesn't want people to be able to document and laugh at his progress (or lack thereof). Or anything else going on in his yard (like the copious piles of literal trash).

No. 716053

No-one cares about some rando from TF2.

So, nothing ever happened with Sarah and we're back to nitpicking Lainey? Cool.

No. 716056

Kai is a woman named Taylor who likes to larp as a trans male for woke points and underage poon. Her gender is completely invalid Jimmy. Plus aren't you the one that said she couldn't be a boy because she cries so much? What a fucking ally for the trans community.

Talk is cheap: If you REALLY believe what your saying you should offer to wax Yaniv's ballsack since "muh opression" and all.

"Onision totally schooled us! He doesn't like fucking children at all because it's like fucking my grandpa LOL!"

I imagine this is what he thinks happens in his waterhead brain when he tweets that shit. Grug your sick fantasies about fucking grandpa's does not cancel out your sick fantasies about fucking minors. You can have a grandpa fetish and a teen fetish at the same time which you clearly do.

Guess you're going to have to stay away from the schools AND the nursing homes kek.

No. 716059

Didn't he make one edgy daddy dom Jimmy tweet about wanting to "show the person he's fucking to the world [ something, something ]"? Perhaps that's why. Who knows what their poor neighbours have seen already.

Honestly such a brilliant post.

No. 716061

He uses the other extreme (having sex with really old people) to balance out his desire to have sex with really young people.

He did the same thing before Sarah came out in his “we’re not grooming Sarah because that requires we have sex with her the second she turns 18” video too by saying it’s his business if they want to have sex with a 90 grandma or whatever. He thinks that if people have to admit that it’s okay and legal for there to be a big age gap one way it’s the same the other way and that’s not entirely true.

For the record it would probably also be a problem if someone his age was having sex with an 80/90 year old. Both really old people and really young people tend to be the most vulnerable but for different reasons.

No. 716079

God. Even that retarded "tongue out" thing she does looks even more phoned in than usual.

No. 716099

File: 1570549214700.jpg (19.27 KB, 808x122, 2019-10-08_11-13-33.jpg)

No one cares about your whining either. Sarah might drop more milk if Greg keeps sperging.

No. 716108

I hope she spills more milk about this creep

I'm also curious if sarah ever mentioned if she witnessed Onion abusing Lainey in any way? Did he ever hit or throw stuff at her in front of Sarah?

No. 716118

Isn't that essentially what you told Luxy and Maya, grandpa Greg?

No. 716129

I hope that I’d they’re not able to make any legal headway, Sarah will share more. Any details will help inform his mo and potentially make it harder for him to suck in a new girl. The problem is he seems to be really good at talking away any of his past history. I mean Maya knew about what he did to Billie and still went ahead.

No. 716151

From living with someone like that, it's to make the people in the house uncomfortable (you never truly have privacy) and in Greg's case probably also so he can spot the CPS/cops coming from a distance

No. 716154

The fact she is LARPing as a teenage boy, has a username ending in "boy," and that the other parents at school think she is his daughter all doesn't align with his claims of wanting to date women/anyone his own age

You can't claim to be interested in 35 year old women while never once picking up a woman over the age of 20

No. 716180

Whether or not Lainey's family is or will taking action is beyond anyone,from the social medias her sister is constantly traveling while living the life as a typical 21 year old and her parents are always traveling/going on road trips. Do the families not care anymore or what, idk about Greg's family I mean you would think at least one of sisters would try to help but idk do any of their families just not care anymore and are just letting the chips fall where they may.

No. 716209

They may have tried the best they could and know that Lainey is a lost cause, sometimes, people just get fed the fuck up, or maybe they are just like, "you are a adult, you've made these choices"

Who knows.

No. 716212

Or maybe they are trying to save her and she's isolating herself from them.

No. 716215

I wouldn't doubt it if they just gave up on her - if I find out my child was a pedophile, I'd cut them off completely.

No. 716225

Oh shit I remember something, “Jimmy” was one of Skye’s characters during her stint with Onion. Though this may be coincidental and Jim Jones probably doesn’t remember kek, then again, he remembered “brocon”; hmmm…

No. 716237

She seems to be in ok standing with her family since she visits them a couple of times per year or when she's mad at Greg.
She wouldn't do that if they were on bad speaking terms.

Unless she goes somewhere else and just says she visits her parents.

No. 716244

Nah this is his attempt at "Motion Picture Quality". Cause you know, movies use green screen so if he does it too his stuff is just like the movies right?! Except that the light doesn't match. And his hair looks like a helmet with smooth lines… and a million other things.

He's also started uploading his garbage skits and vlogs in 4k. As if anyone needs 4k youtube videos since most people watch on their phones anyways.

He'll never improve because it's obvious he refuses to actually study the art of film making.

No. 716248

I wonder what the locals including some of the local parents feel about this, idk if there were playdates, birthday parties, or anything but Lainey and Greg just stripped any childhood the little ones had, if they get older would there be a tell all book. And as for Lainey's family it's understandable if they don't want to help Lainey she literally did this to herself but the little ones don't deserve this at all let alone asked to be born into this.

No. 716250

What do you all actually think Plainey's family can do? honest.

No. 716252

I think people just really want her parents to take the children and raise them to have normal lives.

No. 716256

Many people dont like window dressing. Supposed to be modern I guess but you know it was just Greg being cheap and lazy

No. 716258

Imagine your daughter coming home from school with an invitation to Onion and Kainey's son's birthday. Oof

No. 716259

Taylor and Lauren are both spoiled brats. I wouldn't say their parents are good at raising kids.

No. 716261

They're no parents of the year but they're probably better than the shit going on at Gurg and Lamey's. At least, that's what people hope.

No. 716264

As if Onion would let the kids have birthday parties. He's already said he doesn't see the value of friendship.

No. 716275

File: 1570563314946.jpg (76.39 KB, 1124x870, EGYT6F0WoAEL4L6.jpg)

onion is riding these clickbait titles so hard.
He really does think the drama is making him famous.

No. 716277

That man looks deranged

No. 716299

File: 1570565213855.png (1.09 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191008-150505.png)

He's just copying what his good friend tobuscus did, it's pretty sad

No. 716302

glad he's antagonizing people like skye because they have come after him before and they will give us more milk

No. 716310

How long should we give it till Greg aka James Jackson is forcing Taylor Elaine to doing full blown porn just to bring in some more money. At this point he's getting desperate.

No. 716311

>There was that case where an anti-o sent Onision a topless picture of an obviously underage girl to see how he would react, but they bungled it when they revealed too early (And ruined the chances of anyone else who might try to do that after.) instead of stringing him along. That could have gone a lot differently.

Wtf, that's good. Why do they have pictures of underage topless girls anyway. That's like the perfect material to muddy the whole issue. No one could use that evidence except for people here to lul at and gurg could use those talks as evidence that he is being set up/ tricked by evil peds. Stick to the actual evidence of stuff he did, that's what really makes him uncomfortable.

No. 716320

File: 1570567550919.jpeg (142.01 KB, 1080x1309, onion-poly.jpeg)

whatever you say duderoni

No. 716321

File: 1570567643666.jpeg (372.4 KB, 1125x1299, 1226BA03-E6D9-4733-8CF7-0BFAF9…)

There’s more shitty ones

No. 716322

File: 1570567730991.jpeg (375.19 KB, 1125x1098, 890B4D09-C405-4743-8196-7856FA…)

No. 716324

KEK at him admitting he doesn't last long during sex, you played yourself Jimbo.

No. 716325

wow, did he finally take off his ""feminist"" mask?

No. 716326

this man has a daughter btw

No. 716327


Women hate women? Perhaps the women in his life hate other women because he's turning them against each other and manipulating the situation, but dear Gergles, generally women don't randomly hate other women just as a default position lol

No. 716328

File: 1570567894464.png (228.38 KB, 610x314, UFtCj8E.png)

Take off the mask, Greg. Take it off!

No. 716329

no wonder lainey pretends to be male if this is how he talks about women kek

No. 716332


Ah, you managed to post caps before I could. yeah, just noticed he's on a particularly bad women-sperg atm, what the fuck happened there huh? this seems out of character even for our five-minute-shapeshifter Gourd Kirby

guess that's why he's with ManGuyKai.™ instead of LadyGirlLainey.forbidden

(sorry for DP, forgot to sage like a fuckhead)

No. 716333

Jeez, Jimmy. This is hilarious, keep it coming. Lmao, a feminist.

No. 716335

Could someone screenshot the tweet mentioning "Lisa"
Whats Teemo McFlys real name… this is making me wonder.

No. 716338

File: 1570568234457.jpeg (109.19 KB, 1080x1102, lisa.jpeg)

No. 716341

File: 1570568314780.jpeg (53.23 KB, 1079x788, misogyny party.jpeg)

samefag, but just for good measure. pay attention kai, you better never go back to lainey or you'll be out with the trash.

No. 716345

He’s talking about Lainey here when he’s talking about women hating other woman. Lainey’s the one who has been hateful and mistrustful towards all the woman he’s brought into the house.

He said the same thing when the Billie thing went down. He was wining about Lainey being a wet blanket when Billie was in his good graces but when she wouldn’t keep taking him back, Lainey was the one who was “right” all along because women are constantly trying to “steal” him away. As if. He was the one trying to wreck his own home to get Billie. No one was scheming to get him at all.

No wonder she’s so happy to be sticking by him. He’s in his “all other women and bitches but you” phase. It won’t last.

No. 716346

I don’t buy any of this shit for a second.
Just like his video titles, just like his BDSM sperg, he’s just trying to get people to talk about him.

No. 716347

He wants people talking about some "mysterious" girl who just tried to break up his happy marriage instead of him and Kais grooming.
I call bullshit, but if its true, this is going to be fun.

No. 716349

File: 1570568642772.gif (266.02 KB, 262x261, 1405200281787.gif)

Incel saga when?

No. 716352


agreed, or if kainey (as was a popular theory a while back) is indeed on the brink of leaving/doing something 'drastic' by their measures, this could be more idiotic attempts at patching shit up and bullshit reassurance that 'its u and me until death bby'

No. 716353

I'm gonna sound like an uptight moralfag but how is he allowed by Twitter to post this vile shit? This is borderline hate speech. For reference, some women have had Twitter bans for saying pretty mild shit like 'Men are awful' when talking about predators like Weinstein. How does he get away with shit like this? How?

No. 716354


His spergs are hilarious, but somehow I feel like he's just making stuff up to distract from what they've really done. It's unusual for him to use specific names in his tweets like that.

He just sounds mad that he only has ugly girls worshipping him and he can't sexually satisfy a woman.

No. 716362

He'll give either the first name or last name but never both so he's able to toe that legal line. When he accused Adr dad he gave the last name but not the first. Plus he'll throw "allegedly" all over the place to cover himself.

No. 716364

Maybe because his twitter is private so people can't mass report him like they did in that case.

No. 716377

The Waterheaded One is so angry and raging on his greasy keyboard, thrashing about creating an all out tsunami in his skull.

Homewrecker? Bitch, who?! Does he not forget it was HIM and his tiny peen who got "drunk" off two beers like the faggot he is and spent the night at Mcfly's air bnb?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 716380

This is a bit of a random question but was Greg present when Lainey gave birth to the kids or was he at home screeching in front of the camera while tweeting nonsense as usual.What did Lainey do when she had the cravings, needed emotional support, needed someone especially after the baby was born.

No. 716382

iirc Lamey had to drive herself to the hospital with Trot I think? And then cried when Clot was born because she didn't want her around Greg.

So I think it's safe to say no, he was not there for their births.

No. 716383

File: 1570571166077.jpeg (547.19 KB, 1125x1725, 12B5475A-7028-4797-B3B9-7FA57B…)

You can still report people regardless if you can’t see their tweets. Twitter is weird but they also know that people will go private to say dumb shit.

Here’s more dumb tweets.

No. 716384


I dunno all the answers to your questions, but iirc, when Lainey fell pregnant with their second she told Greg and he simply responsed 'Congratulations' without even looking at her - eyes were stuck to his computer screen. He didnt give a shit at all.

I think that came out in a text conversation between Lainey and someone, if someone might have caps of it.

No. 716385

But Greg, you've always hated women.

No. 716386

She was too busy letting Greg cheat on her to have cravings

No. 716387


Sarah was actually there at that time, I believe. So if she needed all that stuff, she had her human tissue available.

No. 716388

File: 1570571633545.jpeg (206.07 KB, 1125x924, 55CB4528-CC1F-4798-BE55-D70216…)


No. 716390

It was in her pregnancy story video. How the fuck she can say it and laugh it off as if that's normal is disturbing. Her husband literally couldn't care less about his daughter and (at the time) was too busy trying to fuck Billie.

No. 716392


wtf. I didn't know that it was actually in one of her vids, I couldnt remember where I heard it just that it came from somewhere definite and credible.

That is so so pathetic. He has really fucked up her view of what a healthy connection/relationship is.

No. 716393

She drove herself to the hospital while going into labor with Clot. I think Sarah went to see her.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 716394

She drove herself to the hospital while going into labor with Clot. I think Sarah went to see her.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 716399

Does this mean he finally gave up and is stuck with his manwife forever?
This is good news honestly. Those two deserve each other, and I hope they no longer go chasing for other girls only to end up hurting them.

Could also just be a facade so no one will suspect them as they keep finding victims though.

But I really do hope this is the end of them bringing in new girls into their lives. Sure they'll still be shitty people, but it's just going to be a contained, shitty corner of the internet until it rots off.

Without new influx of girls, they are just trolls who will eventually be forgotten.

lainey will be stuck with the abuser she chose to live with for the rest of her life, and greg will hate his every existence of it, while pretending online that they are both so happy together and "we sure showed YOU haters!".

No. 716400

My Pregnancy Story | Laineybot
>so I was like freaking out and told Greg Greg's response is congratulations you want a hug obviously you realize this is like your child too like we are not co-workers here

No. 716401


Sadly it doesn't mean this. They have both said 'we're not poly, we're not getting another girlfriend' before. After the Billie thing, I think?

I think before it was more a way of Greg trying to appease an immensely jealous Lainey. This time, I would imagine it's a bit of that, and also trying to throw people off the scent and hoping people think it means everything about Sarah is lies.

They will carry on, and unless they get chucked offline or go to prison, there will be similar drama in max a couple of years. Maybe a lot less. They WILL do this again, mark my words. Greg can't help himself at all, he's an actual fuck up, and Lainey can't help following Greg because she is too.

No. 716402

If this Lisa thing is real then I think it would be similar to the Sam situation. He tried to bring in this girl hoping Lainey would be into it, Lainey said fuck no so Greg starts acting like the girl is crazy and trying to fuck him behind Laineys back "dont hug me so long" "why are you trying to kiss me?"

No. 716407


I don't think so, this isn't the first time they claimed to not be looking for a third in their relationship. Especially Lainey has been very vocal about wanting to have a monogamous relationship, but now we learned that they were just waiting for Sarah to turn 18 at the very same time. They always do this to make it seem like every girl that gets involved in their sick trinity fantasy is a homewrecker and they never had the intention to include them anyway.

It's always the same. They invite a vulnerable girl, Greg cheats on Lainey, they blame the girl, kick her out and tell everyone that she tried to ruin their marriage and when the girl fights back, Greg goes on to say she's just bitter because they rejected her. And honestly, as long as not one of them goes to jail, I fear this will happen again.

No. 716430

That's so horrible. I know she's a terrible person, but fuck me, what husband intentionally lets his wife drive alone to the hospital? What if she had complications on the way there? It's not even like he had a job outside the house & got there ASAP. And he wonders why we call him a sociopath.
And you just KNOW he trotted out the line 'Pregnancy is not an illness, you know' when he didn't want to help her with shit.No Gerg, it isn't, but it IS a medical condition that can come with a litany of health issues, regardless of how healthy your diet/weight is. Morning sickness,preeclampsia,spinal pain,edema.You just KNOW he was the asshole who never stood for heavily pregnant women on public transport(oh that's right, much environmentalist/very vegan Gerg is too good to reduce his carbon footprint by taking the train & has to buy a fucking Tesla instead.)God, he's such an emotional vampire.

No. 716434

File: 1570575292127.jpg (478.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191008-155207_Fac…)

No. 716436

File: 1570575314469.jpg (492.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191008-155217_Fac…)

No. 716440


Ah now, in that bottom picture, you have to ask yourself…

Is he looking at his phone, or his penis? What is more likely here?

I mean, it's a toss up - he is outside a school here. The fucking nonce.

No. 716441

lol maybe he saw her taking pictures & thats what caused his twitter spergouts

No. 716442

It looks like him to be sure, but isn't his hair much longer atm?

No. 716443

Why is the driver's seat on the right???

No. 716446

I also agree that this isn’t the end. No matter what, Greg is not going to settle for just lainey for the rest of his life as much as she wants that.

I feel like the options are (1) this a phase until the heat dies down and they can start looking again

(2) him saying “they” will no longer be poly is a wording thing aka giving up on the trinity and Greg alone will be allowed girlfriends in private (after all with Sarah they at least dropped the charade and just had Greg date her)

(3) they find someone who is so vulnerable they know they can take advantage without any fear of being publicly exposed.

That or Greg cheats/they divorce after the youngest turns 18 and Greg finds a new teenager.

Lainey tried putting him on a leash when it came to having a girlfriend but she has never really had a say. He does what he wants and she takes it.

No. 716447

its mirrored

No. 716449

Pic taken from the rear view mirror?

No. 716450

he's twitter sperging of course

No. 716451

File: 1570575860080.jpg (46.31 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1570575821621.jpg)

Looks like him in his ugly v-neck shirt

No. 716452

Honestly I don’t encourage tipping hit I’m glad their community is informed. He’s a risk to any high school aged girls whether that be a neighborhood babysitter or classmates when the kids start getting to that age.

No. 716454

Oh, this is juicy! Can you imagine Jimmy thinking he's been spotted by a fan only to realise it's just a concerned ma' taking pics of your neighbourhood predator.

No. 716456

How long ago was it that he and Lainey made that relationship goals board and he said in the future he wanted to see them with a third???

No. 716460


If the locals are talking about it on FB anyway, I hope someone in those groups at least reassures the parents they don't have to be worried about their very young elementary kids (and only any older teens they may have). He wont go for the little ones, and it kinda sucks to think they might take their kids out of school or something if they panic a lot, thinking he targets kids of that age.

or maybe im just soft idk but you know how parents can really panic

No. 716463

Fuck these assholes for bringing kids into thier mess, I really hope they get taken to someone who can care and properly love them.

No. 716469

The last time they updated the board "Reconsidering Our Future Together" they took any mention of a third off the board while the cameara was off and made no mention of it. The most recent revised future board had no third girl on it.

No. 716471

Out of curiosity but what would happen if and I mean if the school really gets notified would their son be forced to leave the school? The kid can't go to private school cause do we all think Greg is going to spend that much on the kid's education, homeschool is out of the question cause that requires a lot of dedication and neither Lainey nor Greg have that for the children. I'm not sure they can transfer cause don't certain records follow. Honestly I think it's safe to say we all at this point feel bad for the kid, he's already an outcast, may not even have one friend, most likely is probably already getting bullied cause kids at that age do hear what their parents say, and most likely this will follow him the rest of his life. This has already became the towns gossip and I bet you the mom's at the PTA/soccer field/coffee shops most likely are talking. If Lainey does go out in public all eyes are going to be on her cause let me tell you mom's talk and they sure gossip and as mother's they probably want to tear Lainey apart limb from limb.

No. 716472

I am so glad his bullshit is circling back on him irl.

No. 716478


No, they wouldnt punish the kid like that in this case Im pretty sure. Im not quite sure what they would do, but I would imagine there are laws that would protect against chucking the poor kid out of school

No. 716479

I don’t think parent would pull their kids from a school but they still should be wary with their young kids. I don’t think he will try to sleep with a young kid but he’s shown a capacity to groom young kids.

His house is set up like a poor man’s neverland ranch to start and seems like it’s set up to entice young people. Even if he won’t offend with a 12 year old, they might want to be at their house to play the newest PlayStation/Xbox/whatever with uncle Greg who will be more than happy to foster a relationship with them until he can legally sleep with them.

No. 716481

If Karla Holmka can have her kids in a school and be involved in a school, I really don't think they'll have his kids removed, especially since he's not a registered sex offender or anything like that.

If anything MAYBE they'll make it so, someone else can pick up the kids? I don't know.

No. 716484

He could be attracted to prepubescent children for all we know. He did say that he is attracted to undeveloped bodies…

No. 716487

I imagine they would contact the police

No. 716499

Jimmy's overreaction to anything child-related and his obsession with hentai with child characters - it's very likely prepubescent children are his primary attraction. This is the tard who wouldnt change an infant's fucking diaper guys - he's definitely into actual kids.

He could be so defensive about keeping his sexuality contained to the pubescent/teen range because in his twisted mind he's an actual hero for doing so, making such a huge "sacrifice".

Shi mentioned he showed her hentai of an underage girl being raped like immediately didnt she?

Let's just hope he keeps it contained. It's really upsetting

No. 716500

Let's be real here. Unless he's hanging out at a middle/high school, there's not a real danger. As much as people love to go overboard with the tinfoil, Greg has never shown interest in anyone younger than teens.
But I certainly wouldnt want him around my teenaged daughters if I were a local parent.

No. 716509


Well shit dude, you could be attracted to preprubescent children for all we know, but that's no reason to panic parents around you is it?

There is no evidence that Greg diddles little kids. It doesn't make what he does any better, and they should worry about any older siblings around him from what the evidence shows he goes for, but theres still no reason yet to believe he targets younger than teens.

Honestly I think to spout BS like this that has no evidence just to make Greg sounds 'worse' for your own kicks dampens the serious of the actual issue of him grooming teens, that we have actual evidence of him doing, and also makes the speaking out about it sound like more BS.

If you start telling people that he fiddles tiny kids, it will get focused on, then all people have to do is see there is NO evidence for that and that it is literally BS you pulled out your arse, and conclude all this 'hate' towards Onision are just lies from internet retards

So please, just stop with that BS. Parents dont have to worry about their 7 year olds, jesus.

No. 716515

All the parents in Pierce County/Gig Harbor are probably going to lock their daughters especially the ones ranging from 12-19. Some of these parents most likely have teenage daughters and really don't want James Jackson as the sperm donor.

No. 716518

Once someone has the label of pedo people dont want their kids around them period, doesnt matter the age of their child. If you're accused of having sex a 16 year old girl and you're a 30 year old man, parents dont want you around their family. Parents dont want to chance it.

No. 716522

You can't lock 18-19 year olds or forbid them to do anything. Which is a shame because most are still pretty stupid at that age and it's no wonder Grugly goes for that. Peak fertility lmao.

No. 716532

This is borderline hate mail and is pretty creepy

Imagine Tweeting this hateful garbage out when you know the cops are watching you. Very confident or very dumb.

No. 716536

Come to think of it, Greg doesnt really shit where he eats. Have any of the girls him and Lainey lured in been from WA besides Jessica? I think he likes the idea of bringing them in from out of state so they're more reliant on the Onions for shelter and basic necessities and its easier to keep the girls out of contact with their parents/family. If the girl lived in Tacoma and things went sideways she just calls up mom and dad or gets an Uber and heads home.

No. 716542

I think McFly is a local, but she's too old and not up Lainey's alley. Grug would go for it imo.

No. 716549

If Greg's picking up the kid maybe Lainey is too afraid to be seen, she knows most of these moms want to beat her ass. The schoolyard would be freaking blood bath, meanwhile what would Greg do screech on the internet or what?

No. 716550

No iirc shes from Texas. Has flown in each time.

No. 716551

If CPS finally did come and take their kids Greg would probably be happy Lainey on the other hand maybe she will maybe she will not who knows.

No. 716554

I think she'd be overjoyed because then she could lure in teen girls easier while posing as this cheap drag king shit she pretends is what being trans is. Grugly and PedoGuyKai would share the sentiment easily.

No. 716565

I think if that happened Greg would likely divorce her the next time they flew someone in because he wouldn’t have any legal responsibilities to her anymore. He could start fresh. Lainey might feel safe as long as she never says no to him but narcs like him can flip it off like a switch.

Good point. Isolation is a key component to keeping people trapped.

No. 716591

It's bait, don't bother giving it any attention.

Also he doesn't think the cops are watching him. He's already said he thinks the girls haven't/won't call the police.

No. 716594

>Could be a facade so no one will suspect them
Of course it's a facade. Just like he's pretending he's only interested in 18+ age. He's been doing the same shit his entire life, he's the same person he's always been, he'll never change. Everything he tries to do to make it seem like he's changed or that he's somehow different is him trying to manipulate public perception.
>Lainey has been very vocal about wanting a monogamous relationship
Since when has Grub cared about what Lainey thinks?

No. 716595

Something worth asking Sarah about IMO. Probably some really revealing stuff from when she was pregnant. Don’t know if that counts as “involving the kids” tho.

No. 716599

>it's to make the people in the house uncomfortable (you never truly have privacy)
That's a very good point. We know how he likes to violate everyone else's privacy, especially for vindictive and predatory purposes.

No. 716602

File: 1570581338721.png (14.37 KB, 546x111, one pump chump.png)

No. 716604

That would be the most logical explanation. That and they constantly leave trash lying around in the yard/can't be bothered to keep it clean.

No. 716605

I read somewhere she gave birth to clot alone and Grease arrived at the hospital hours later after she gave birth

No. 716606

Waiting for another onion sperg about women being whores

No. 716608

That was posted in the last thread. They did a good job.
He controls all of her sm so I'm bettting it was his idea.

No. 716609

Lame has the habit to walk butt naked around the house, so I imagine their neighbors have seen her saggy tits and Arby's 1 many times. Muh dysphoria

No. 716610

>you should offer to wax Yaniv's ballsack
He's such a tRanS aLLy it's about time he put his money where is mouth is, or his hands in this case.

No. 716611

There will always be girls either so mentally stunted or so damaged that they will go for him regardless of what they hear, he knows this. It's why he's so confident he'll be able to continue his predation.

No. 716612

>He’s in his “all other women and bitches but you” phase. It won’t last.
He changes his stance on everything every other week, or when it's convenient to serve whatever purpose he has in mind.

No. 716613

I could've sworn that it's against twitter's TOS to have a privated, verified account?

No. 716616

I think they know by now that Lainey's a lost cause. She, like her husband, loves dysfunction and unhealthy relationships, is a perpetual victim, etc. My only issue is I was hoping they'd get custody of the kids, but the day's still young.
More like Grog is isolating her like he's always done and she doesn't have the backbone to contest it.

No. 716617

>She seems to be in ok standing with her family
This was all before she was outed as a pedophile/child groomer. Would be interesting to see how they take this news, if they don't already know.

No. 716618


They knew what Greg was from the start, her Dad especially was completely against everything. Greg and Lainey did get married in secret initially.

My guess is that they are perhaps very very sad for their daughter, see it as Greg completely corrupting her, perhaps see her as a victim still. Again only saying that based on her parents apparent reaction about Greg grooming and luring Lainey from the very start. Can't blame them for that if so, they are her parents and probably remember her as the normal little girl she once was because she met Greg

No. 716619

I would put nothing past him. If 10 year olds were legal, he'd go for them because he uses the State as a metric for ethics like the retard with no scruples that he is.

No. 716620

Hopefully this will serve as a catalyst for them getting custody of their grandkids.

No. 716627

I wonder how Lainey's dad now feels about all of this. Also, isn't Lainey's little sister like 13-14 years old, maybe that's why Lainey's dad keeps her away from Greg. Sad, Lainey's sister is living her life happy and healthy, her little sister is living life as a normal, happy teenager, and her step brother seems happy and successful. Then there's Lainey, makes you wonder Lainey could've had a pretty nice life wonder whether or not deep down she regrets it knowing she could have still had her privileged life and most likely could have gone to Fiji but alas she desperately chose Greg.

No. 716628

>I think if that happened Greg would likely divorce her because he wouldn’t have any legal responsibilities to her anymore
There's no doubt he'd ditch her under those circumstances. He was ready to bail with B and sign over his kid(s) years ago.

No. 716629

Sage for tinfoil, but perhaps he's sperging so hard because Lisa wasn't trying to get with Greg, but trying to get with Lainey…

No. 716630

That syphilitic reddish hue on the face, totally different shade from the pale chest/neck. Looks familiar.
>His house is set up like a poor man’s neverland ranch
I don't know about the new house but the McMansion definitely was.

No. 716632

Keep in mind, she's tried to run off with a few girls to escape Grug as much as he's done the same. Relationship goals, right?

No. 716634

He's not going to learn shit until he's underneath a jail, even then the only thing he cares about learning is how better to manipulate people and cover up his abusive, evil behavior.

Whenever Sarah lets loose he disappears or shuts up for a little while, but like a cockroach hiding from the light, he always reemerges when the coast is clear. If you can call privating all your sm reemerging, that is. kek

No. 716635

File: 1570585914168.jpg (226.68 KB, 747x663, Grease loves incest and loli r…)

>He did say that he is attracted to undeveloped bodies
>This is the tard who wouldnt change an infant's fucking diaper guys - he's definitely into actual kids.
>Shi mentioned he showed her hentai of an underage girl being raped
It was a 16 year old character from a video game, FFVII, the same game he tweeted about just yesterday.

No. 716637

Why is his face red?

No. 716638

because god hates pedophiles

No. 716639

Crap diet, numerous long hot showers per day, at-home facial peels to make himself look “younger”, maybe rosacea.

No. 716648

File: 1570587658772.jpeg (784.64 KB, 1128x2130, Onion plagerizing FF7.jpeg)

Pretending he has basic human empathy. More manipulation.

I think Skye's comment can be taken as a reference to Sicesca.

No. 716650

Looks like his hair's probably slicked back. Do we know for sure that he has a black Tesla??

No. 716652

Yeah but sometimes older siblings will go pick up younger siblings from school. I wouldn’t put it pass Lainey to try to be bffs with some child’s older sister. And some high schools do have volunteer programs where they go to the nearby elementary school to help out/read/do crafts.

No. 716653

>That person has been ostracized from the TF2 community and banned from their servers and competitions. Completely different to how YouTube, Twitter and Patreon are handling things.

Good point. I don't know how big TF2 is but regardless, there's no excuse for YT, Twitter etc. dragging their asses here, refusing to do anything about an openly known predator abusing their platforms. It's pitiful and the longer they wait to take action, the better their asses are going to be handed to them by the public as this blows up more.

No. 716657

>the planet protecting itself /sniff/
That's just him getting off on the massive human casualities. We all know he has no regard for human life, he certainly doesn't possess the requried conscience. His misanthropy has always been obvious.

He's barely human anymore anyway.

No. 716667

That picture looks identical to him, I think it's safe to say its really him. Same town/school, posted by a parent from that local facebook group, and they said he has a tesla? Too many variables for it to not be him. We know he sold one tesla, but he had another.

No. 716671

He sold both a while back and bought a lower end basic bitch Tesla a few months ago. It was a big part of the thread back then. You can see it on the far left of this photo. >>716035

No. 716673

People are really getting lost in their own fantasy in the threads lately. They would only go after girls online because that’s the only way they have any leverage is being known online. Neither of them are the type to just befriend a random normie and bring them into their world. Not only would they never trust randoms around their home and kids to see what’s going on, they only approach girls who are already fans of them online. That gives them an easy in because likely the girls approach them first and they feel they can easily manipulate and vet girls that way as well. All their power and confidence to bring in girls is from their online “fame”.

No. 716677

yeah and soon they won't have that anymore, where will they go to get girls? they wont just stop.

No. 716684

lmfao like these illegitimate turd touchers are smart enough to know when/where to draw the line

No. 716687

I wonder how Lainey feels when she goes out in public and all the mom's are whispering about her and pulling their children closer. She must love the attention.

No. 716715

That is the most "on autopilot" fucking selfie I've ever seen.
Tinfoil: she's just wearing the airpod as a trendy accessory, it probably isn't even functional.

No. 716716

Apparently people have been trying to contact Gruck’s dad, Twitterfags have been advising not to

No. 716717

yo the theory that lainey became a literal man so onision would love her because hes such a misogynistic holds water for sure

i would care that this is off topic now but since everyone else is just nitpicking the foot anyway i dont fucking care lol

No. 716720


Is this Facebook group public? Can't find it, and would love to read the comments.

No. 716723

idiots keep arguing over whether plainey is a victim or not the real question is is she weak enough to crack

imagine how much milk she might have if she turned like sarah did..

No. 716724

Was looking for something else and happened upon this vid from 2017. The video being used as primary source material is loaded with Onions super believable acting. The more things change, the more they stay the fucking same.

No. 716732

File: 1570597860476.jpeg (416.72 KB, 1242x1395, 6DCBA419-49A5-4F30-B252-3E8958…)

No. 716735

Its like an alternative universe Blasian.

No. 716736

File: 1570599256286.jpeg (964.12 KB, 3464x3464, EDE5EBC5-BE6A-4CE7-A659-86240D…)


No. 716739

jesus fucking christ. all he's provided as "evidence" and "faxxx" against these allegations are his own words in twitter spergs.
Ffs gurg, provide some verifiable screenshots or emails or actual LEGAL documents like your accusers have provided. You haven't done that because you are absolutely aware that your conduct is disgusting, and cannot provide any proof otherwise. Dumbass.

No. 716742

Says the tax evader, stuffing his undies with all those pocketed dollars he got by defrauding the government to spend on Teslas and massage chairs that end up in the backyard

No. 716743

when he's a feminist uwu heart eyes

No. 716744

The chick who claimed she was suing him wasn't one of his survivors so she's irrelevant, but he'll keep vague posting about it and lump her in with the women who've actually come forward with receipts because he thinks it makes him look better. His brainlet manipulations only work on underdeveloped minds.

No. 716745


Yes that’s his car, you can see it in the corner on this picture >>716035

No. 716746

It's almost like pandering to the big brain MRA "all women are holes" crowd, attempting to get their attention and favor except all of his sm is either privated or otherwise heavily censored (comments, likes/dislikes disabled) and almost all of his followers are either anti-O's or teenage/mentally stunted girls. Everyday he just screeches into a void, it's pathological.

No. 716748

File: 1570602379299.jpeg (637.44 KB, 1242x1701, 5D7B5B7B-2DBD-46BA-893D-4EA77F…)

Thanks James, very cool!

No. 716749

Grugly, are you forgetting your entire "career" is on youtube? Shooting himself in the foot like always.

No. 716750

This dude literally views the world through a fucking 15 year old's eyes.
I love how he puts so much hope into the law until they eventually fuck him over.

I can't wait until Onision gets into some type of run in(we know he will) then he'll be like, "Fuck the police"

I feel someone making a video of all these victim-blaming tweets, would really work it's magic on this asshole.

However, Onison is so dead as a creator and internet personality that the only reason he doesn't get huge backlash is because no one gives to damn what he's fucking doing, people forgot about him.

No. 716751

Almost every video he makes is a veiled lament about his tiny penis and sexual inadequacy. >>716602
It's like the guys who overcompensate by buying a Ferrari but Grub can't afford that, so instead he reeees into a camera all day long. Just wow.

No. 716752

>Hopefully you learn not to trust strangers online
Yeah yeah. Take a seat waterbrain. >>716744

No. 716753

These tweets alone are so repulsive , theres no need to even know of any of this other shit going down. I can't imagine reading those tweets knowing that my daughter was in school with a "parent" like him being around.

No. 716754

File: 1570603818561.webm (12.08 MB, 640x360, Onion Airforce Fraud.webm)

(video via Aldii)
His only reason for marrying Skye was so he could use her to get a few extra shekels from the military. He's never loved anyone. Every relationship he's ever had was based solely on what he thought he could predatorily or parasitically use that person for. He's a user, abuser and pathological liar who only ever does something nice when it's convenient for him, it's called manipulation.

No. 716755

Uhohbro!! You aren't a cop or a lawyer.
You don't care about justice.
That 142 IQs tho aM SmArTs

No. 716758

File: 1570604412105.png (857.46 KB, 828x1792, C52E98C4-BDF6-4ACE-ACBD-A5A314…)

Saged for samefagging but why does Gerg sound like he’s reciting Tommy Wiseau’s The Room?

No. 716760

That's what I thought. Wiseu deserves better than to have someone like Jimmy The Kiddie Groomer for a fan.

No. 716762

File: 1570604746282.jpg (513.1 KB, 1077x1064, LOL b.jpg)

Reading these really takes me back to that b thread.
>I'm such a victim of the evil vaginas!
>I've pleasured them for 15mins with my micro-peen!
>Defend me fellow incels!
>I'll let you watch my autistic videos for FREE!

No. 716766

Lol Jimmy using "defrauded" for the first time after seeing it here. ffs gurgle you couldn't be more obvious.

No. 716773

i also just realised that even when he's trying to defend himself, instead of saying "I'm not into young girls" he says "I Wouldn't be that dumb".

No. 716775

I guess teh haturz do benefit him in some way - the 140 IQ, 2.6 HS GPA/college dropout, never-read-a-book-in-his-life-but-wrote-wattpad-tier-books wunderkind expands his vocabulary. We should be proud to educate such an exceptionally smart individual. Kek.

No. 716776

He's the only one defending himself because everybody knows he's guilty of being an abuser

No. 716779

>Maybe he can give you free Patreon content

This fool really thinks his garbage videos are worth money

No. 716787

If enough parents become involved, possibly petition, the school may see fit to ask gurg to reschool their child in the interest of the child not being ostracized
by the other children. Which they will be, soon as the kids are old enough to know whats happening it's game over for his son. Very sad future ahead for his kids.

>>716481 Can we go one thread without you mentioning Karla? Move on ffs, it's been like six threads in a row.

No. 716789

literally the first time I mentioned her

No. 716790


dw about it. a few retards on this thread assume all posts about something they don't like mentioned are all posted by the same person. in true greg fashion, they're shocked at the thought that multiple people may have views that differ to theirs. its more comfortable for them to think that its just one person, and everyone else agrees with them and all their wisdom

No. 716795

I feel like it's completely fair for locals to worry about their children. He's said straight weird things about kids in the past. Refusing to change the diaper of Madison's daughter as a result of having assigned sexuality to her, an infant, comes to mind. He rationalized it by saying he didn't want the internet to see him as a pedophile, as if it were a completely normal and valid reason to leave a baby he had agreed to watch in a shitty diaper. Who thinks this way!? I think this situation perfectly illustrates my overall point.

Whether she's a baby, a child, a teenager, or an adult, Greg is hyper-fixated on her sexuality. Sexuality he either grossly exaggerates or outright invents. It's disturbing beyond words.
We've seen this play-out for years. Think about how he talks about women/girls. Think about how he treats them in his skits. Think about how he treats actual women in his life. Girlfriends, wives, even his mom and sisters. His cousin, who he kissed in her sleep and later brushed it off as "teenage boy hormones." Girls, women…they are little more than what they can or can't do for his baby carrot. Whether he wants to admit it or not, it's what he's shown us for more than a decade.

Shiloh said he puts everything in a sexual context to the point of making her uncomfortable. She said she didn't even like watching movies with him for this reason. We've seen that behavior, too.

I feel like someone as perverse and predatory as Greg should absolutely be considered dangerous and I'm so glad he's facing real life consequences for all the harm he's done and for all the harm is very capable of doing.

No. 716796

File: 1570625242708.jpg (332.58 KB, 1280x720, Ihavenomouth.jpg)

No one believes you greg. You've been proven time and time again to be a lying narc with no credibility whatsoever.
Let's see how fast it will take him to do a 180.
>I never made those tweets!
>haturz just used those to make me look bad

No. 716799

>don't trust strangers on the internet

I guess that doesn't apply to the minors you lured in with your man wife right Jimmy?

No. 716803

lol what a feminist. it's okay greg, we all know your penis is so small that it can easily be mistaken for a clit, it's understandable to be confused about women

No. 716804

I know he’s been talking about how everyone who spoke out about him was just mad because he rejected them but how does he mentally contort what happened with luxymoo or maya? Both rejected him exclusively (not him and Lainey).

No. 716809

File: 1570629682539.gif (826.1 KB, 411x232, source.gif)


No. 716811


Every single one of the girls rejected him. All of those relationships ended with Greg begging for them back, and them saying 'fuck no'.

Greg uses 'break ups' to try and guilt/put fear into his partners, and so try and control them and make them do exactly what he says to avoid more break ups and anger from Greg. Every single one of those women wised up to it, and finally rejected Greg during one of his lovebombing/reconciliation phases. They're never real break ups on Gregs part, just a tactic - he expects them to come back to him every time and gets shocked when they don't.

He ignores the fact he begged (and I mean legit begged) for them back after 'breaking up' with them, when he tries to brush it all off as a bunch of rejected women. So its no surprise he's ignoring Maya and Luxy too

No. 716814

Well of course he's done with a poly relationship.. again.. because while they took the poly option off their gay ass "relationship board" (don't even get me started on that nonsense) they were both fucking Sarah. The problem now is the only real person wanting to join is McFly and she's far too old, fat, and mexican for Greg to want to fuck. His paranoia about another Vix is ruining his chances with another teen girl. The shit show is entertaining, he's so sexually frustrated right now and it's soooo obvious. Taylor isn't a fuckbunny, I doubt she even has a sex drive much less one high enough to deal with Greg's sex addiction issues.

If Sarah still lurks, is Greg as splotchy and red irl or is it just anons having fun with photoshop? Please tweet yes or no.

No. 716815

any updates on lainey from patreon?

No. 716816


How does she know whether to tweet yes or no when you didn't ask a yes or no question??

YES for red splotchy ogre greg

NO for greg actually normal coloured greg

No. 716817


How about the 10.000 videos where they talked about "Would Grack and Footface date you?" and all that shit. How in his right mind does he think he can deny all the shit now? The evidence is friggin' overwhelming.
And if those cops got off their fat lazy asses, took the donut out their mouth for just one second and hauled their asses in it would finally be over and done with.

No. 716819

this is one of the saddest things i've ever seen said about lainey. the fact that she knew greg was such an awful person and made her feel so…whatever during what is already an emotional, stressful time for any woman that she preferred to deliver cloey alone and in peace, with only sarah for company later is just tragic. it really is. and then she turns around and treats sarah like used tissue paper and all my feelings of pity for her go right out the window.

how she could do what she did to sarah, knowing everything she knew about her shithead husband? i'm sorry but it makes me hate her.

No. 716821

Honestly, this is magical. The best thing anyone could have hoped for is that normie mums turned their eye to him. He will never be left alone now and he will always be viewed critically by these women, no matter what age their daughters are. This will ruin his life (such as it is) in Washington, unless he moves again. Once a group of mothers thinks you're a pervert, you're a pervert forever. End of.

Does anyone have more screenshots from this group? Curious to see exactly what they know about him.

No. 716822


All the shit Lainey does she does to herself. There have literally been 8 million reasons for her to leave Greggy poo, she never has. And then she also does the shit to other people by sending pictures of her ham wallet to little girls.

No. 716826

I keep seeing a variant of this lately on LC and wanted to bring it up. There's a common theme running through a lot of the more fucked up cow threads here that we should be very careful how we talk about them. That we 'shouldn't say X because it might not be true.' That it just 'makes us look bad' and the cow will laugh 'because we'll believe anything.' Here we see that 'everyone will think that it's just lies from internet retards' - really? Doesn't look like it from where I sit. Looks like Greg's life is effectively over, to me. The only people he interacts with are paypigs. Who cares if the cow laughs? Who cares if we sometimes get shitty information? The cow can laugh at a bunch of anons on the internet all they want, the fact remains that in Greg's case, his life is on display because he put it there and because he wants to fuck and discard underage girls. Along with the expressed concern that he wants us all to know he isn't a pedophile.

Who cares if a deviant shut-in like Greg laughs at them? Literally no one.

Knowing what we do about Greg, that concern about pedo shit is a giant red flag. Apart from everything else, he's a malignant narc and those people aren't healthy to have around your kids anyhow. At any age. So it's great that these mothers have an eye on him. He wanted to be famous, now he really is. Sorta.

No. 716835

my fucking sides

No. 716836


It's not about 'the cow laughing'. Tbh it's not even about unecessarily worrying parents and them - again unecessarily - taking their kids out of the school or some shit.

It's mostly about how saying 'Greg targets young kids' is downright fucking stupid.

He doesn't. He likes his teen fans. Anyone who says him targetting younger kids is a genuine concern is being fucking stupid, and that level of stupid is annoying.

No. 716838

idk if parents are more chill these days but when i was a kid we had one family none of the moms liked just because the dad was a weird gun nut/prepper type.
I honestly think it would be normal for parents to be uncomfortable with him just based on the content he puts out on his own, nevermind the gossip. i mean, in almost all of his videos he's either hypersexual/excessively vulgar, shooting people in the head or screeching like a retard. i don't think i'd want that to sit next to me at a pta meeting.

No. 716843

Implying parents have seen this deadbeat dad more than a couple of times from afar

No. 716844


honestly, remembering my mom in the PTA they talk about EVERYTHING. 0 chance that the moms have gossiped about it and not at least google'd the guy. if they watch any one of his videos (plus if you search onision in youtube, his channel is like the 6th result. all these "onision is problematic" videos pop up first) they'd see the amount of violence, pure hatred of women, and general fucked up thinking in there and avoid him like the ogre he is.

No. 716846

It doesn't really matter because moms are gonna mom, though, which means being OTT about their kids. As for the rest of it, well, that's just like, your opinion, man. You seem pretty angry about this imo.

No. 716847


I am kinda angry about it when having to trawl though that BS on here, because it's stupid, and the actual concern is serious enough to be getting on with.

What actually happened, what there is actually evidence for, is gonna be clouded by all these ridiculous claims that Greg is preying on 5 year olds or some shit.

Further, I can't help picturing a bunch of stupid kids thinking they're so clever for trying to out Greg as a pedo who targets little kids, getting all hormonal and wound up and dramatic about it all keyboard-warrior, when in reality it sounds utterly retarded to anyone with half a brain cell.

Yet the retarded kids carry on tinfoiling about greg and pre-pubescents. For no real reason. I read that shit and it actually astounds me that someone could be so fucking dumb. And yeah, thats annoying, and people should stop being annoying and stupid.

No. 716848

Then take a break from the thread if it's getting to you that much. Twitter people and locals are going to continue doing what they're doing no matter how you cry about it.

No. 716850


I'm popping on and off as I please. I don't care about 'twitter and locals' or what they're doing, I'm talking in terms of this thread. I'm pointing out how annoying it is for people in this thread to be banging on about ridiculous shit, and generally be acting like retards, and why it is.

It absolutely baffles me that people are stuck on this 'greg likes 5 year olds!' thing. I mean, do they seriously not realise how fucking dumb it sounds?

Greg likes his teen fan girls. That's bad. Either one or both him and Lainey should be in jail. I have zero idea where this 'THINK OF THE CHILDREN' shit came from - tbh probably onion fans trying to muddy the waters with stuff that sounds obviously ridiculous, is my best guess. And you guys bit because, again, fucking stupid.

No. 716851


Jesus Christ, take a break from the internet/LC if shit gets your feathers this indignantly ruffled

If you have issues with what's allowed to say, take it up with management. If you want a ban on calling the onions pedos or talking about any other 'ridiculous shit', suggest that on /meta/ or keep it to yourself.

No. 716853

NTA, but the other anon has a point. There's a reason tinfoiling is often frowned upon and sometimes even banned.I know you guys coming from Twitter won't stop doing it tho, so whatever…

No. 716854

tbf tho there are a few concerning things about Greg's interaction with very small children.

Like the whole Madison's kid's diaper situation, and the lengths he went to defending himself not wanting to change the diaper because he isn't a pedo.

Or the fact that he refuses to talk to his own daughter, a situation eerily similar to how he felt he needed to treat Sarah like shit because she was underage.

Or his whole story about how he was working at a daycare and a bunch of little girls ripped his shirt off (or that he was working at a daycare in the first fucking place, what 18 year old fresh out of high school decides to do that instead of flipping burgers or something.

I would also add that it's really weird how he never refers to his children as "his", it;s always "a child was crying" or "lainey had a baby" or "sam had to go because a child's hand was slapped", but I don't know if that's detachment for pedo reasons or that he just doesn't want to be seen as a dad by his teenage fans.

No. 716866

I mean, I, with you but 18-year-olds DEFINITELY Work at Daycares, in Greg's case it's a little fishy but someone fresh out of school, would probably take whatever they can.

There's nothing fishy about an 18-year-old or even someone younger working at a daycare.

No. 716867

File: 1570641431796.png (1.85 MB, 828x1792, 9259F31A-3229-44E6-A910-4017C8…)

He really is cracking. Jesus Christ his narc rage is at an all time high.

No. 716868

File: 1570641471161.png (1.92 MB, 828x1792, EFE52200-9CF9-40C0-9347-5DA02E…)

No. 716869

File: 1570641496269.png (829.59 KB, 828x1792, 7ADD76A4-85D6-4E07-8FB8-503E12…)

No. 716870

He thinks it's okay to tell victims what they said happened, didn't because they didn't go to the police.

I'm done calling out his hypocrisy, he's really trolling at this point. He's a fucking idiot.

No. 716873

Why not show police reports then?? If all this happened and they were SO crazy, he could easily show police reports and even then it takes TWO.

it's possible for both parties to be abusive as hell.

No. 716874

I've read a total of 0 comments saying that Greg targets 5 year olds.

The overall point is that Greg dangerously over-sexuaizes women and girls of ALL ages (even babies) and has done so publicly. I think it's fair to assume that what he says or feels privately makes him dangerous enough for the community to be concerned.

Also, like Anon said upthread, there's no evidence that parents being worried for their community/anons tinfoiling has at all harmed the #DeplatformPredators movement whatsoever. We don't need anyone uninformed to believe any of what's come out about Greg based on the good-name and reputation of the movement alone. We have years worth of footage from Greg himself. We have tweets from him as well. The survivors have screenshots. There's so much proof. Nothing is going to lessen the destruction of Grugly's life, even if it doesn't implode all at once.

If the parents in his community are overly panicked or become that way, good. Greg deserves every negative consequence that may arise, even those which may seem a bit extreme. He's a literal monster and will do this again and again as he feels he has done nothing wrong.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 716880

He always omits the fact that after he "dumped" them, he always came crawling back like a pathetic puppy, begging to be taken back.

No. 716881

I feel like that video needs to be posted everywhere, because it's fucking proof in my eyes that he sexualizes anything to do with women, young or old.

He also hates them, this dude is a danger to females period point-blank.

His tweets can be used for that too.

No. 716882


Yep, there is evidence that he is the one always crawling back to the girls he dated after they left. Billie, the voicemails, emailing Skye and her sister for years because he can't let go.

But it's funny seeing him getting so frustrated. He's preaching to the choir, no one outside his paypig bubble believes him anyway and I don't think he will ever be able to clear his name. It's annoying that he never really faced real life consequences so far, but the fact that he will always be known as a creep/pedo/child groomer on the internet and there's nothing he can do about it is really satisfying to see.

No. 716883

This deranged rambling is not convincing anyone, sorry onion

No. 716884

File: 1570642907170.png (401.54 KB, 1132x540, clickbait.png)

No. 716885

If what he did with Sarah was totally okay why does he refuse to acknowledge that they dated and lump them into the category of “other exes?”

It’s almost like he’s scared to admit that he had sex with a freshly 18 year old that he knew since she was a child and tried to hide it because it’s bad or something. Hm wonder why.

If he has nothing to hide and is in the right, he should be comfortable telling people he and Sarah dated.

No. 716890

It was creepy as fuck when he said he hates little girls and finds them creepy and admitted he felt "uncorfortable" around them but blamed it on his father for some reason. He said many times he hates teenagers too, and we all know how much he loves fucking them

No. 716902

We are all focusing so much on Greg, let's not forget that Lainey was flirting with Sarah at age 14. There are kids in grade 8 that are 13-14. There are two predators for the parents to worry about, not just Greg.

No. 716910

"bc i don't want to fuck you"

but you did. you fucked all of them. skye, shiloh, ade, sarah, billie.

i guess being called a pedo really upsets him. it'd be a shame if people did it more.

No. 716913

Idk if i'm reading too hard on his shitty ass skits, but In the past couple of videos (since sarah came out) he's been killing his "characters" left and right. Could this be his way of saying "I can kill you if I want to" or is he just going to change his content again for the 16565th time?

No. 716915

And we’ve seen actual proof/emails/texts from Skye, Billie and Sarah asking for them to come back.
What proof has he shown?
That’s right. None.

No. 716919

Why wont it play?

No. 716920


Also, like, to a parent, it's not going to matter much if Onion wants to sleep with 5-year-olds vs 14-year-olds. There is no goddamn way in hell most parents would be okay with letting Onion near their elementary school child because "oh, he won't want to sleep with them until after they hit puberty, so it's fine for now." A predator is a predator, a minor-fucker is a minor-fucker, and as far as parents in his community are going to be concerned, it doesn't matter where on that scale he falls. Frankly, most people shouldn't get wrapped up on discussing the nuances of what age he prefers to prey upon, because no matter what, the answer is "minors."

Also, grooming is a thing. Even if Onion doesn't necessarily want to sleep with pre-pubescent kids, there's nothing to suggest that he wouldn't start grooming them young, so that when they are his preferred age, they'll sleep with him.


The violence in his skits is certainly…suspicious. But, as much as Greg wants everyone to believe he's a sociopath because it makes him feel all uwu death note or whatever, he's mostly just a dumb-as-fuck narcissist, so it's hard to say how much of it is a manifestation of violent thoughts/a power play vs. "look at me I'm so special and smart and uwu death note"

No. 716923


ahahaha. i feel like his next poly candidate just might be 21 instead of 18 to "prove a point"

No. 716926

Can you fucking show me where he overly sexualizes kids of ALL ages including fucking babies?? Greg is sexually attracted to teenagers, that’s the only fact we know through undeniable events and witnesses, and thus only thing to be presented as fact.
Or are you suggesting that we should TWIST and Exaggerate the truth because the end justify the means?? That strategy sounds like some we know, doesn’t it??
God I hate you sensationalist vendetta fucktards.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716927

He refused to change Madison's baby's diaper because it was too sexual, not to mention the toddlers ripping off his clothes story.

No. 716928

hewwo grog
He used to look at loli hentai and theres the stream of him looking at futa loli hentai and the character clearly looked like a 5 yearold
i think he just has the issues of sequalizing everything
like the multiple times he talks about WANTING TO FUCK AN AIRPLANE and imagining tits on it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716929

Samefagging, but I forgot to add the child porn in Reaper's Creek

No. 716930

The very fact that his reason for not wanting to change Madison's daughter was because he didn't want to look at her vagina is oversexualizing and gross. There are a billion reasons a normal person could have for not changing a diaper (like, being grossed out by poop, or not knowing how, or just not feeling like it) before even thinking about a baby's genitals.

No. 716932

At this rate the citizens of Pierce county/gig harbor might end up having a town meeting. And I don't blame the parents especially moms, some of these women want to probably attack on Lainey cause as a mother she's doing more harm to her kids and the majority of these other moms most likely want to kill her and the fact that some of them most likely have teenagers increases that panic. Lainey may or may not care that she's also now the town gossip she may love the attention.

No. 716933

Go beg someone to take you back some more (like you always do) and stop whining, greg :D(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716937

>town meeting
Yeah but what can they realistically do about dumb and dumber? They meet minors from the internet so it's not like putting the word out locally will help much

No. 716938

>Also, like, to a parent, it's not going to matter much if Onion wants to sleep with 5-year-olds vs 14-year-olds.

Exactly. Parents dropping their kids off might also have their 16 and 17 year old dropping off their younger siblings and would be terrified of their young teenagers being exposed to a mid 30s greasy predator with no real job. Not to mention the fact that Greg is an R. Kelly type that tries to shut off young women from their families.

I'm not one for calling Greg a child molester, but I have no doubt that he would be trying to lure girls in their tweens as long as they started puberty if it wasn't seen as clear cut illegal. He likes blurred lines to get away with liking high school girls.

It would have been a 21 year old he groomed. Someone that's old enough to drink wants to party and live out their 20s with friends and Greg is fucking boring with his vegan burgers and watching early 2000s anime. He needs them to be young enough to be impressed that he can offer them freedom. A 21 year old already has that.

No. 716944

If Greg aka James Jackson does not have his fence up within the next few weeks what will most likely happen, will be go to jail for a few days or just pay another hefty fee. And also idk he can get the girls in real life too and not just the internet but idk I see why people say parents shouldn't worry but how can they when you're a parent (except in Taylor Elaine Anderson/Jackson/Avaroe/Kai Jackson) you want to protect your kids even when they're older you'll always want to protect them. They don't want Greg to harm them whether they're teens or not it's just how parents are.

No. 716947


they may not be able to do anything, but the added local pressure will make them more uncomfortable, methinks. walking around and wondering if the people around me know i'm a fucking deviant would probably suck.

though i wouldn't have gone that route myself, i am glad locals are being notified.

if i was a parent and i found out my kid was at a sleepover at their house and i didn't know they were fucking deviants i would be so mad at myself for putting my kids in that situation. then i might want to warn others so they don't put their kid in that situation and also find out about it after the fact and feel like the world's worst parent, too.

No. 716948

>"cheated on someone I love more than anyone"

No. 716951

File: 1570654937843.jpg (25.03 KB, 351x470, lulz.jpg)


Awwww Grug where did all those pos vibes go? Now your back to calling people cunts and morons to try and assert your tard dominance over us? You would think somebody with an IQ of 142 would be able to come up with a better solution kek.

You don't have any "scorned exes" , you have victims of your grooming, gaslighting, and autistic rage. It's funny how you have no family or friends that are willing to stand up for your character besides Foot and Billie the Fuckwit. Keep screaming into the void dumbass.

No. 716954

JIMMY you're a hypersexual mid 30's man with a foot wife 2 kids even if you speak in third person you will never be Light Yagami or L no matter how many dirty party city wigs you own
you weave around the law to gather in more young women who remind you of your first "Annabel Leigh" (skye's sister) like how Humbert Humbert targeted Lolita and ruined her life and managed to stay around the law by becoming her LEGAL GUARDIAN (LIKE YOU DID TO SARAH) with plans of fucking her (LIKE YOU DID TO SARAH)and taking her in as his wife when she became 18 (LIKE YOU SAID YOU WOULD DIDN'T KNOW THE FUTURE FOR WHAT WOULD HAPPEN WITH YOU AND SARAH IN YOUR STREAM)

thank god sarah got out before she became laineys sister wife and popped out her own scallions for the BIG HEAD OF ONION

No. 716955

what happened to DO NOT ENGAGE gwegowy pwegowy?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716956

your inability to sage and your need to sperg about how onion is mos def NOT A PEDO, FAAAAAAX! makes you sound very silly, whoever you are. maybe take a break from lolcow for a bit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716960

At the end of the day he has no one but himself to blame. This all came to light because he accused the wrong person of raping him/them.
Also, yeah - there's not much evidence that Jimmy did anything illegal this time - but there's plenty of evidence that Kainey did and he's just going to pussy out of addressing any of that.

No. 716971


maybe a dumb question or maybe it isn't but how come your post captures have highlighted spellcheck items?

No. 716978

File: 1570658721898.jpg (230.73 KB, 1242x1343, EGc_SfrX0AAQLjY.jpg)

greg posted them to twitter like that, screenshots from a writing app or something

No. 716992

If they miss the first deadline for the fence, another fine is 99.9% going to be the worst outcome. It takes time to bring people on criminal charges for contempt of court with things like not paying fines, taxes, etc. Jail relating to any of that is unlikely without a clear pattern of months if not years of defying court orders.

No. 717002


I'm seriously wondering how anyone still enjoys his content. All he did in this video is justifying his stepmom fetish, sexually assaulting his cousin (saying people on the internet don't know what it's like to go through puberty…wat) and fapping to pictures of Skye's sister.

Everything he does is directed towards his hAtErS and it's the same thing over and over again. By now, even watching Lainey vaping for the first time for the 50th time would be more interesting.

No. 717014

File: 1570660836784.png (4.31 MB, 2097x3264, lisa.png)

She's eight, Jim

No. 717021

File: 1570661174413.jpeg (133.55 KB, 912x844, 3323F0A5-407E-452F-B5AC-95B625…)

He deleted this one

No. 717033


his rage is delicious. seethe, gurg!

No. 717036

Given his very public obsession with "the room" (He even made tommy/johnny emoji's for his discord) this whole "lisa" thing feels like subtweets directed solely at klainey. But then again he's a stone cold fucking idiot so who knows at this point.

No. 717048

>i guess being called a pedo really upsets him. it'd be a shame if people did it more.

Look I hate the narcissistic, degenerate motherfucker as much as the next moralfag, but don't do this. He's a legalistic petty fuck who LOVES to remind everyone there's no evidence he's the dictionary definition of a pedo (attracted to prepubescent children). We DO have evidence he is an ephebophile (15-19) and possibly a hebephile (11-14) with a thirst for skinny, underdeveloped teenagers. I know most y'all use 'pedo' in its most general catch all sense- being attracted to minors-but Gurg is such a petty mofo,with his hard-on for dictionary definitions he's gonna use the subtle distinctions to scream into the void & avoid responsibility.The idiot doesn't grok that just because a post-pubescent teenager can be penetrated without risk of medical injury doesn't mean they're adults who are ready for sexual relationships with much older adults. At nearly 34 he is almost TWICE Sarah's age!!!(Boy I am REALLY sick of sickos like Greg using the 'I like tits so I can't be a pedo' line.) Call him what he is-a manchild ephebophile who likes adolescents & can't deal with any woman over 20 unless he can use them for something apart from spinning on his dick.(Money,child-minding, avoiding alimony,luring younger girls) He wants FAX!!! Give Creepy Samuel Johnson(look it up Gurg) the FAX. He's an abusive,controlling THIRTY THREE YEAR OLD creepy grooming ephebophile who takes advantage of girls under 20.
Sarah: 18
They all leave the relationships suffering the effects of extreme sexual verbal & emotional abuse & his controlling, isolating behaviours.
Call him an ephebophile. That's what he is.

No. 717050

I agree with this. As a prominent Anti-O who has had much first hand experience dealing with Greg I can confirm this is true. Call him what he is and what he can't deny. It's bad enough without people inventing things.

No. 717053

At least sage your wall of text jfc

No. 717057

It just frustrates me when y'all call him a pedo. He USES this against his critics to deflect/derail.
He's an ephebophile. Call him an ephebophile.

No. 717059

File: 1570664510662.jpg (1.06 MB, 2252x1210, gurg.jpg)

im crying because the drawing he has framed looks like a dead ringer for chad meme, and greg has his Chadsona in his books
beautiful stuff

No. 717061

Gines Made a dramatic reading of onion's sperg and it's hilarious

No. 717077

Oh, for fuck’s sake, nobody wants to have the pedophile/ephebophile nonsense discussion. Greg wants to fuck minors, Greg has fucked minors, Greg has broken the law to cross state lines to fuck minors, deal with it.

No. 717085

Then say that. Say he fucks teenage minors. Insinuating he also fucks babies and toddlers is as stupid as him accusing Shane of the same. It gives him ammo.

No. 717095

The only ammo that he has is for those guns that someone should probably take off him

Every Tweet, post and video he posts just makes him look worse at this point.

No. 717097

I know people were calling the cops on him over Sarah, but what's the statute of limitations on violating the MANN Act? Can he still get in trouble for smuggling a minor across state lines for sex?

No. 717098

>It gives him ammo.

So what? If he wants to keep screeching on and attempting to defend himself online or in videos, let him. That’s just more milk.
We aren’t in some autistic war or debate with him. It’s not our job to “warn the internet” about him. Anyone who is left supporting him is going to support him regardless.

No. 717100

Immediately made me think of anons who said he was salty Shane didn't wanna fuck him so he accused Shane of being a pedo

No. 717108


It's hysterical.

No. 717120

This is pretty great. It just goes to show how retarded his tantrums are.

No. 717123

Who cares lol its funny when he REEEs out about it. Plus he's gonna find some other dumb thing to bitch about even if everyone stopped crying pedophile because he's a delusional narc. He's going to claim he's innocent no matter what, nothing we say or do will change that. Trying to think of Onision as a person with a rational thought process is a mistake. Plus most people don't know what ephebophile means and just use pedophilia as a blanket term for teenagers as well.

No. 717135

So did him and Lainey ever address them drinking Kombucha and smoking ~herbal cigarettes~?

Also I didnt have the patience to sit through the whole video, does anyone have a list of the porn he describes?
>hentai were a mom and aunt fight over the son (he definitely lied about it being an adult)
>red riding hood beastiality rape hentai
I'm curious because he said Overwatch in the description.

No. 717143


the slow twisting of the picture of him really makes it.

No. 717154

File: 1570672228698.jpg (183.05 KB, 1080x759, Dr GergJohnson2.jpg)

>Oh, for fuck’s sake, nobody wants to have the pedophile/ephebophile nonsense discussion.

Greg does love hiding behind his definitions but fair enough. Would a shoop of Dr James 'Samuel Johnson' Jackson make amends?

No. 717156

Nobody’s said that he’s fucked a prepubescent child. They have cited his own statements that show he sexualizes prepubescent children, like Diapergate and his affection for loli hentai.

No. 717159

But imagine all of the teen sisters and potential victims that the young children may bring with them

No. 717170

File: 1570673529271.png (962.01 KB, 791x1200, lol.png)

No. 717172

Lol, wtf is that look on his face. Put a shirt on Jimmy.

I agree. + This is also about his wife. When's either one of them going to address she exchanged nudes with an actual minor?

No. 717173

His head is so disproportionately large. Hideous.

No. 717174

Jesus, why does Shreg's proportions look so off in this pic?

No. 717177

He's got an unfortunate pose to make himself look more "attractive" is my guess. Cranked his shoulder to his neck and tensed up that gunt to pretend he's not fat lmao.

No. 717179

File: 1570674155934.jpeg (95.67 KB, 543x853, 089A1E53-E979-446B-AD2B-E267CA…)

No. 717183

Is his arm paralyzed or something kek.

Can't forget the video of him saying that he was attracted to Alicia when she was 15.


No. 717186

File: 1570674848375.jpg (184.99 KB, 2160x1200, 7790754.jpg)

Just about fell out of my chair. That is amazing.

No. 717189

nice touch

No. 717194

>thinking of Onision as a person with a rational thought process is a mistake
I question the intelligence of anyone who still does that at this point. Some people mistake his never ending self serving, abusive behaviors as him displaying something resembling sanity and reason.

No. 717196

File: 1570675807763.jpg (126.8 KB, 1080x1464, lolbemad.jpg)

Look's like someone is mad that his """statement""" didn't go well with anyone

No. 717198

He's just projecting. He got rejected by pretty girls and left with an extra foot so now he's going all cap tantrum mode.

No. 717201

Like Jimmy moved on and stopped talking about Shane, people who rejected him & every ex he's ever had. He's so pressed still over H Minx that he had to make a whole character based on her. King of moving on right here.

No. 717203

>Why won't anyone believe my delusional bullshit?
Your survivors provided receipts and all you can do is uselessly flap your gums. No one cares what you have to say. People only watch you because like the slow autistic trainwreck you are, they can't look away until the train inevitably obliterates itself.

No. 717204

ALL he ever does is talk about his past!

No. 717206

>Grown 34 year old man taking emo school shooter selfies
This is actually him without all the filters and makeup. How did he ever get anyone to fuck him??? It's beyond baffling. I bet Shane still has nightmares about that kiss he never wanted.

No. 717207

looks like he got top surgery tbh

No. 717208

>he's so sexually frustrated right now and it's soooo obvious.
True but when is he not? He was having 3 hour daily masturbation sessions when he was married to Skye. Sh said he got on top of her up to 8 times a day. He's a fucking deranged, sex obsessed lunatic.

No. 717210

It's his neanderthal genes trying to fight extinction.

No. 717214

It was the longest ~20min video I've ever had the displeasure of watching. He doesn't go into details about the porn but mentions having an authority figure fetish, ie teachers, and also talks about some hentai between a mom, aunt and son. Also:
>Internet culture is a bunch of teens doing dumb shit and dads looking up "wolves fucking adult red riding hoods"
Nice projection there, Greg. Not everyone's as degenerate as you.

No. 717218

If you wanna fuck people who are underage, you're a pedophile. If you need to correct someone to say "ephebophile", you're also a fucking pedophile. Whether it's babies or 14 year olds, it's fucking disgusting and sick either way.

No. 717224

File: 1570679845022.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191009-235652.png)

No. 717228

File: 1570680242427.jpg (222.93 KB, 1080x720, whiney ass sore.jpg)

And he's a proven pathological liar digging his grave deeper everyday. Take out your tampon Grub, before you stain your undies.

No. 717230

>He wanted to be famous, now he really is.
He's not famous, he's infamous. This shit will follow him for the rest of his miserable pedo life too.

No. 717237

I'm dying here. Great job, anon. Too bad we're so far from a new thread. Pic is perfect for it.

No. 717238

Some anons got into a conniption over this several threads back. Gregory is a grown man of 2 children who has a long history of preying on and abusing underage/teenage girls, who gives a fuck if people call him a pedophile?
>he uses this against his critics to deflect
A moot point. He also likes to reeee about people not calling Lainey a man or using that stupid trans animu name of hers, no one cares. They're BOTH pedophiles, the end.

No. 717239

File: 1570681837073.jpg (31.06 KB, 519x231, queen Morges.jpg)

>it's fucking disgusting and sick either way.
Of course wanting to fuck minors of any age is gross. But Gerg doesn't get that a post-pubescent adolescent ISN'T an adult.The term ephebophile isn't being used to here to imply it's any better than wanting small kids.It's simply a way of saying,'No Gerg, that's equally gross and there's a name for that.'
Anyway, call him want you want.Pedo, epheb,IDC. We can all agree he's an abusive predatory dickhead without getting into semantics.
On a lighter note, Queen Morges is about to drop Part 2 on Onion Boy.(derailing about semantics)

No. 717240

KEK, only thing missing in this masterpiece is the clipart "do not engage" arm reminder

No. 717241

On the pedophile definiton topic, the fact he ignores all humans who are under the age of consent, including his own children, certainly suggests something. What do we call that? People - all people - are only of interest to him when they are a legally fuckable age? That's concerning in itself as it makes it very clear the only boundary is legality, not morality. Also that his only interest in any other human is if he can fuck them.

This has been said many times in the thread, but bears repeating.

He thinks he is a genius because he has followed the law (though lamey hasn't with those nudes, and bedding someone you are the legal guardian of is?? extremely dubious at best) but everything he says and does is absolutely transparent as to his real feelings and intentions. He's not fooling anyone, but thinks he is, even after this has spread all over the internet and he's been canceled many times over. That's pretty funny. My favorite part of this is that the local moms and dads are now aware of the Onion and keeping an eye out for him around town. Yet he thinks he's still fooling anyone.

No. 717243

File: 1570682969916.png (42.12 KB, 594x344, Screenshot_2019-10-10 AFishInT…)

No. 717244

File: 1570683016645.png (43.39 KB, 599x390, Screenshot_2019-10-10 AFishInT…)

Skye goes in on PredatorGuyKrai

No. 717246

>Yet he thinks he's still fooling anyone.
He's neck deep in his own delusions, along with Lainey. They're both living in a fantasy world where their predatory, harmfully psychotic behaviors have no consequences. There's only so long you can ignore reality before it hands you your ass on a silver platter.

No. 717253

File: 1570685822811.webm (1.65 MB, 1280x720, Psycho PWND.webm)


Let us remember that Andy Biersack is one of many who knows a psychopath when he sees one. Clock's ticking Grub.

No. 717261


Thread pic in the making

No. 717262

maybe try thinking of it this way. he's a narc that's consistently correcting people that he's "not technically a pedophile", but an ephebophile. why would you want to give a narc what he wants? he gets off on it, maybe as much as fucking minors. we shouldn't be validating his shitty attempt at a justification in calling him what he wants. in the eyes of laypeople that don't give a shit about the technical definitions of people who want to fuck minors, he's a pedophile. and we should refer to him as such because it gets his diaper in a twist.
makes me wonder if kainey specifically got that psych degree to be clued in on just how much she can psychologically fuck up all the minors she's been sexting.

No. 717263

Nah that would be giving PedoGuyKai too much credit.

Most likely she went into psych like most freshmen because it was fun, interesting and she was '''good at it.''' Not realizing that everyone thinks/feels that way when they first get into college/uni, or that you need at least a masters to get anywhere in the field lol. Essentially, being the basic bitch that she is.

No. 717264

seconded. i don't think lainey is that clever lol
she'll also prob never do anything with her useless bachelor in psych

No. 717271

File: 1570692888749.jpg (42.09 KB, 862x564, worthit.JPG)

Did anyone already mention that after not doing anything for a month, Lainey is now apparently begging for even more stuff on patreon?

Her patrons must feel so privileged, having access to this amazing exclusive content.

No. 717272


This, a thousand times. Who cares if Greg latches on to technicalities? What does it change? What does he win over us? He's never going to stop doing whatever he wants, because he's a narcissist (in this case, minor-fucking), and everyone else will continue to find him predatory for it. There's no winning with a narcissist, because he will continue to find "technicalities" no matter what anyone says.

Being called a pedophile bothers him, which is all the more reason to do it.


Yeah, she doesn't exactly seem like the kind of gal to think ahead. After all, unlike her husband, she didn't carefully plan out her minor-fucking and got caught doing a few things explicitly illegal. Not to mention, when she started university, she was only 18, which is a bit young to be considered a predator for dating people still in high school.

No. 717275

File: 1570693808619.jpeg (313.23 KB, 1660x776, EGeF3q9X0AApo22.jpeg)

all the abusive behaviour in the OfFiCiAl sTaTeMeNt

No. 717281

this lastest reefest from greg was amazing. he's cracked.

No. 717284

Took a good two month break from lurking since it felt like there would never be a true breaking point for Gurg and Pedokai, and came back to all of his exes coming together to burn Onionfam to the ground. I'm especially touched by Sarah fighting back. She's doing what Lainey should've done a long time ago.
Good job anons for making sure their name never resurfaces from the dirt and encouraging their victims to speak up. Seriously. Good job.

No. 717286

With PedoguyKai too scared to pick the kid up at school and go anywhere public, Onionfuck has been shown to pick the kid up and even take the unwanted bandaid kid to the hospital. I'm sure he's just loving having to actually parent and being so nice to his wife privately. The way he projects and spews passive aggressive bullshit I bet their home is full of harmony and healing. Kek.

No. 717292

That's really interesting, thanks anon

No. 717294

File: 1570709304509.jpg (479.11 KB, 1080x1268, 20191010_140554.jpg)

(1/2) any bets how long his absence from twitter will last?

No. 717295

File: 1570709449378.jpg (477.29 KB, 2289x1145, PicsArt_10-10-02.05.33.jpg)

(2/2) if he is this delusional and honeslty believes all this, then I think he needs serious and urgent psychiatric help

No. 717297


So basically he's pulling a goff granny Raven. "If you want drama about me you will have to pay for it to see it". See how well that worked out for her, Greg? You want to trade your split level trailor for an actual trailor?
Poor Greg, he's just going to disappear with a whimper.

No. 717298

I wonder if it was Netunesa's tweet making fun of his tiny Vienna sausage that made him "quit" Twitter lmao

No. 717299

What a shocker. Someone who's prone to a cult like behaviour is narrowing his audience down and making it more of a close circle type of a thing where they can't be "manipulated by outside influences". I'm so shocked, no one saw this coming.

No. 717300

I just watched this on the way to work yesterday and there was something I caught that I haven't seen being discussed.

I don't have a screenshot and I'm pretty sure the post has been deleted. But it was a comment on the post someone made to a local Facebook group in Gurp's community. A dude commented and said he was at the same base as Gurp in South Korea and that Gurp just sat at a desk and operated a security gate (kek, badass military special forces cop confirmed) and that everyone hated him and wanted him gone.

In this video, Gurp starts sperging to his retarded character about stalking him in South Korea and then shoots the guy. That seems like a legitimate threat since we know the Waterheaded One has guns in the Swamp Trailer and since that dude is local to Gurp.

I mean, I'd like to see him try to overpower this dude who actually stayed in the Airforce long enough to retire (I creeped his page to see if he was legit and he is.) But nevertheless, to me it seems super concerning that in every video he's just shooting his HaYtUrz. Does it make his man boobs and button feel powerful?

Since Gurp alluded to that guy's comment, it means Gurp saw the Facebook post. I'd bet my left tit that he messaged the admins with ye ol' CYSTTTT N DECEASE!!!!111 sLaNdEr legal threats and the group admins, being uninformed normies, obliged and deleted the post as they don't understand slander laws and aren't informed of Gurp's long history of baseless (and hilarious) legal threats.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717303

File: 1570711647532.png (60.18 KB, 743x620, 8745.png)

Does anyone know what video he's talking about here?

No. 717304

probably because its her birthday this month, the 16th i think. shes so pathetic.

he will keep posting to twitter, just like when he says 'goodbye.' in his emails, he'll still send another hundred.

No. 717305

He's fucking RETARDED. She rejected HIM. He begged her to come back and was so desperate for her to return that he sent her like $1,200 for a new passport and travel expenses. Being the boss bitch she is and knowing she would never go back, she pocketed the money! It's fucking hilarious.

In what way is it he who ended the relationship?! He may have tantrums and in a rage, sends these girls home/breaks up with them. But once he calms down, he ALWAYS begs for them back and will try every grimey trick in the book to try and win them over. "I need closure" "come back for just Lainey" "let's be friends" "let's collab" and even outright telling Skye he wants her back and putting it in a way that shows he was SO sure she'd prance right back.

He's so full of shit and it makes me rage that all his platforms are private or behind pay walls to ensure NOBODY can correct him at the source.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717306

Double posting to add that these emails from him go on and on for YEARS and in Skye and Alicia's case, close to a fucking decade.

Does anyone know if he gets shit on a lot on IG?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717308

damn what ISNT highlighted lmao

No. 717312

him going behind pay walls just makes it obvious that all of the criticism is getting to him. it's great. after years of his bullshit rationalizations and excuses he's seeing consequences for what he's done. his @s must be a never ending scroll of people calling him out on his predatory, abusive, pedo behavior. he finally crossed the line and bit off more than he can chew, and his ass is raw because of it. his only option is to lock down his social media which hasn't helped and make it so that he's in an echo chamber of people paying him. the best part is being locked down makes it harder for him to reach new potential victims. some will still get through but this narrows his access a lot.

no his ig is all girls who don't love themselves and have daddy issues constantly telling him how hot he looks in his filtered to hell and back selfies.

No. 717323

>One day the mob will spread lies about you too
Is that a threat, Gurg?

No. 717325

File: 1570716185037.jpeg (58.97 KB, 828x581, D3969AD2-A5A2-4FE9-9A0B-D5FFDC…)

New Instagram name, twitter is still poodleboy

No. 717326

Yeah, she looks exactly like that avatar. Also lol at the "Classified" part of that name.

No. 717327

Has Pedobot commented anything on the nude sending with minors?
(Ik lurk moar etc but jesus take the wheel the last month has been a shit show to keep up with)

No. 717328

>Everything most all of them say is literally for clout

Nice grammar Grug kek. You know I think the locals becoming aware of him and Foot being predators is what set him off. They have been able to hide behind their internet personas for the most part but now that eyes are on them in the real they are probably starting to lose their shit.

And I say good it's about fucking time. You assholes did this to yourselves, now you're going to be paranoid every time you set foot outside your swamp.

I'm glad your stank ass is leaving Twitter, we are deplatforming you nicely.

No. 717329

She hasn't said a damn thing, except to do a boring and half-assed video that showcases how awful and worn she looks. See also released a shitty tongue-out selfie that was phoned in, thereby showing all her fans how much she hats all of them.

No. 717331

I hope I don't need to say this on here but: DO NOT pledge to Greg's patreon just because he left twitter! I noticed he went up 3 patreons in the last 2 hours. That's exactly what he wants; we have infiltrators alredy and he's most definitely going to be back to his twitter meltdowns in a week.

No. 717332

exactly, he acts as though its for privacy or exclusive content but he knows the walls are closing in.
I love how obsessed he is all while denying hes not…despite having an intense obsession with details he shouldn't even be worried about.

No. 717333

File: 1570717728067.gif (70.04 KB, 362x145, not that long.gif)

Bets on how long?

No. 717335

File: 1570718044782.png (877.64 KB, 940x2038, 112BA70D-4DDC-4BEB-A803-50FAB6…)

“[You’re weak and] I’ve outgrown you”

Holy fuck, he’s a poor man’s Syndrome. Frankenhead and all.

No. 717336

File: 1570718045228.jpg (26.2 KB, 536x334, kaicyanide.jpg)

I could of helped her out.

No. 717337

Good, he's killing what is left of his online presence. What a win!
I don't know where else these underage fans would be coming from besides twitter. It seems that is where they come from.
Instagram sucks at bringing traffic to your posts, so I hope this is the end of him making money from the internet. Better start applying to Mcdonald's, Gerg.

No. 717340

Half (or more) of these "fans" are trolls hoping to get in his good graces and then fuck with him >>710465

No. 717343


well cyanide would be a good option for both her and greg.
anyone willing to sent them some capsules? i'm sure theres some hitler left in WW 2

No. 717344

File: 1570720933426.jpg (210.86 KB, 1492x572, TopGregory.jpg)

No. 717345

Onion was JUST saying the "another man's baby" shit here, lol.

No. 717348

ok, sry for being old and retarded but can someone explain to me what the weird tongue out pose she does all the time is? Billie used to do it too, and idk, i find it so weird and unattractive because most of the time when people stick their tongue they do just that stick their tongue out. Foot seems to do this shit where she lets her limp tong flop out of her mouth like a dead slug and it just makes her look like she's challenged and can't control her mouth parts. is this a "kids these days" thing that i'm missing or an inside joke or…?

No. 717349

if it's even legit, it's probably just twitterfags.
i wouldn't be surprised if said vid doesn't even exist, but even if it does, most will still believe sh at this point. after she came out, some people who didn't even believe her prior went, 'i actually believe the seizures were real now' based on what she went through.
and lol at him bumping up the $1100 he gave her to $8k+ in order to villanize her more. he even initially said it was $1700 around the time it happened, according to life of onion.

No. 717351

Lainey is not a kid. She is a 25yr old mother. It's time the bitch grew up.

No. 717352

Its just some weird instagram fuckboi thing. People who do it think they're attractive but its ugly as fuck

No. 717353


So he truly is a cuck.

If its true (and I highly doubt that, i mean when do women in his life ever have time to leave him alone for over 12 seconds?) then great going Shiloh or whoever.

No. 717354


Its a sign people make on pictures to signify that they tested positive for herpes.

No. 717357

It's the new duckface. Mostly teenager girls do it to look cute and quirky, but it's just retarded. Taylor been doing that face since she was, like, 15. She hardly knows any others because she's boring.

No. 717360

Can the awesome psych anon also decode the abuse/manipulation in Sergenstein's goodbye tantrum?

It would be great to have them as real-time current examples of his tactics that could be shared where his dumb fans could see them

No. 717364

heh, you're right, but the reason I asked it that way is because i'm legit a month younger than greg and to me a 25 year old is a straight up fetus. just goes to show that he has no business fucking with these little girls.

No. 717366

The video is real, I remember watching it. Onion linked to the ex's video, it was the ex walking around a city talking about his experience. I'll see if I can find it.

No. 717369

billie does weird ahegao-tier faces. i think it's just an e-girl think that lainey tries to replicate to be "cute and alt uwu"

No. 717386

I think it should work now.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717387

I clicked it and it’s not public yet. Can you fix it?

No. 717388

No. 717389

I'll start working on it. Glad that people are finding it helpful.

No. 717390

No. 717391


It works. You might have to edit out the address in the clip, though.

No. 717392

It works for me. Not milky though

No. 717393

Is it just Gerp's address or is the caller's address included?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717394

Yeah I hope someone types a transcript soon cause there is some personal info.

No. 717395

can someone pls mirror it? it's been limited

No. 717396

I'm listening, not really milky but whoever is making the call reads some of Gregs bdsm tweets to the operator.

the callers number is read out but the only address is Gregs

No. 717398

It was just a fan who made the call. However they did have lainey’s number so I guess she is a top tier Patreon or ex patreon?

No. 717399

I deleted it for now since the caller's info is included. I know y'all said it isn't milky but I can share it privately with someone who cares to edit that stuff out and repost it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717400

I think it is pretty funny that the caller is dancing around Greg and Taylor's depravity (e.g. that Greg isn't typically so vile in his Twitter postings) while asking for the wellness check.

No. 717408

File: 1570731382176.jpg (483.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191010_141556.jpg)


In this video, Grugly mentions he recently saw a picture of himself with a double chin and is showing that he doesn't ACTUALLY have a double chin. In this pose, he's 100% shoving his tongue to the roof of his mouth. He claims the double chin photo was in some fan art? Methinks he's referring to this screen shot that was taken from a recent Patreon video where he's clearly relaxed, facialy, in his natural state.

So he's been 100% lurking here

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717415

I mean, I think it’s clear by now Shi has her own issues, but that doesn’t negate the crazy shit Onion did to her. He may be of the opinion that nothing he did to her counts cause she also did crazy shit, but only his sycophant fangirls should actually buy that garbage.

Since greggles loves his cliche quotes, how bout this one:
“Two wrongs don’t make a right”

No. 717416

File: 1570732131757.png (1.24 MB, 2800x1148, Untitled.png)

Someone asked for it, so here you guys go.

No. 717418

damn anon nice work, please do this for all the future statements, makes it really easy for me to share to other people the bs that is greg.

No. 717429


It was stupid as hell when Billie did it, too, but at least she was/is cute and was actually a teenager, Lainey is going to be 25 this month and got knocked up and married at 18. She and Grease are the epitome of trailer trash, minus the alcohol (except when they let Sarah drink, lol)

No. 717434

But none of these things you claim she did were illegal, Grub, so you should be ok with that. If she was so bad, she'd be in jail right now

No. 717447

Sage because ot but just getting caught up in the thread. Bootyslayer popping in to lizard queens younow seemed odd, considering it was speculated that she still supports greg. If they really had a falling out I wonder if she will come forward with any milk, she must have a TON

No. 717454

>If I want to grow up

Imagine being 34 and saying this.

No. 717460

How about "minor-fucker" or "minor-abuser"?

No. 717462

Let's go a step further and say human trafficker. After all, he smuggled Shiloh to a foreign country to have sex with her.

No. 717464


its like his manboobs and middle aged gut all over again.
narcs gonna narc

No. 717469

Narcs don't age well and he already looks like a sack of moldy potatoes at the ripe old age of 34. And why can't this overgrown toddler run a fucking comb through his hair? He tells black women they have to wash their hair everyday when his hair looks like he just got done mopping the floor with it.

No. 717473

It originates from the adult sex industry. It's the "waiting for a guy to blow his load in my mouth face". It's meant to be sexy and seductive, instead, it's repulsive.
I imagine a slimeball like Greg enjoys it though.

No. 717476

No it isn't it's just another dumb thing to do in selfies like doing a peace sign or duck face. It doesn't have a meaning.

No. 717480

It's an e-retard thing where they think they're cute looking like that. Grugly occasionally hops on that trend lol.

No. 717482

File: 1570744856509.png (2.22 MB, 1125x2001, D05F95CF-F299-45FB-9366-82E846…)

>> Greg talking about Sarah admitting to using cocaine

Sooooooo everyone is just supposed to believe a simple tweet with no actual concrete evidence when it fits his agenda.
But all the stories, screenshots, etc provided by his victims is OBVIOUSLY made up because of course, they just want to Fuck him. Makes total sense.

Ffs only absolute regards would buy this shut

No. 717484

He also let her try alcohol when she was underage which is illegal for him to do. If he wants to be black and white with everything that’s at least one thing he’s also guilty of in the eyes of the law at least.

No. 717490

he acts like a fucking SWAT team is gonna bust down sarahs door because she has tried cocaine.

No. 717491

Thank you you're the best anon

Damn if only we'd been doing this to all the transcripts for years!

No. 717495

Keep talking, Mann Act violator.

No. 717496

We should make a video explaining to white men how to do white men hair

In his retarded hair videos his main criteria for good hair was if he, himself, wanted to run his fingers through it (lol). He must not understand to people above the age of 14, and to those under 14 with any standards, his disgusting rat nest of simultaneously dry/puffy and greasy hair is repulsive and looks like it would be disgusting to touch or smell. He is seriously delusional

It is so strange how now he's addressing the Sarah situation peripherally, but has yet to mention any of the creepy weirdness of him being like a "foster parent" (said in his own video) and then fucking her. How can he address some of it, but not the glaring giant center? It's so weird. I mean we have multiple videos of him denying it and acting indignant, and the one he made her do herself. Hes honestly too stupid to comprehend

No. 717505

Besides talking trash on AJ, has he ever made videos addressing STDs or anything negative that can result from sex? Or is he just flaunting the micro hot dog and sadly getting to use it on teenagers.

No. 717521

So he refused to pay for her medical treatment when she lost their baby, but gave her money to manipulate her into coming back to him (it was way less than 8k dollars like he claims, but still). He is a piece of shit

No. 717528

File: 1570749992808.gif (1.18 MB, 480x270, 055A7560-2617-4F96-8ED0-66D783…)

I don’t think he will mention sleeping with Sarah directly until enough time has passed that he is certain she isn’t pressing charges.

He’s still saying he’s done nothing wrong, so we know how he feels about the situation. But if he really thought it was t suspect/creepy to sleep with your “foster Daugher, little sister” months after she turned 18 he would mention it directly. He knew enough to attempt to keep it a secret from the internet and their real life friends so despite it being “legal” and him feeling like he’s “done nothing wrong”, he still knows the entire thing makes him look bad

No. 717533

He made her sign a bogus NDA and tried to keep her a secret, why would he do that if he didn't think he was doing something wrong?

No. 717537

He definitely knows he did something wrong at least morally if not legally, which is why he kept Sarah a secret and won't admit to it.

No. 717540

Foreign country?
What are you talking about? He didnt smuggle her anywhere.

No. 717541

She's Canadian, he took her to America.

That's a foreign country to her.

No. 717546

She was 17 and 16 is legal in Canada. It is also legal in Washington and in Pennsylvania where she was sent to a camp to lose weight by her company. He didnt smuggle her anywhere. I hate the man too but keep to the facts.

No. 717548

Ah, I was mistaken then. I always heard that he took her to Pennsylvania specifically to have sex with her, my bad.

No. 717552

He'll be back when he sees his shekel pile shriveling up even more, which won't be long.

No. 717553

>to me it seems super concerning that in every video he's just shooting his HaYtUrz
He makes veiled threats at people on the internet, including the women speaking out about his abuse. I imagine the latter especially is grounds for the authorities to get involved.

No. 717555

>lol at him bumping up the $1100 he gave her to $8k+ in order to villanize her more. he even initially said it was $1700 around the time it happened, according to life of onion.
A confirmed pathological liar who can't keep his lies straight. Imagine my shock.

No. 717557

File: 1570752766425.jpg (78.84 KB, 1070x661, when man wife dated onion.jpg)

He lives in a fantasy land where he's not a serial abuser/predator/pedophile, just a normal joe "providing for his family." Too bad for him there's so much evidence proving 99% of what he speaks is lies. And now he's so terrified of the truth has to shut down his twitter.

No. 717558


Tbf age of consent laws are way more complicated than get thrown around by people here and by Greg. It could be argued, under Canadian law, that Shi and Greg's relationship was predatory and therefore violated the laws that allow 16 and 17 year olds to consent. In PA, Greg could be charged with Corruption of Minors. In Washington, however, it was likely fine. He's still a pedo, though.


more than likely, he's just scared of the consequences. I'm curious to see whether or not Sarah's pressing charges, but knowing it's eating at him makes the wait worth it.

No. 717559

She's been a victim (of sorts) all her life, who went on to become a predator. I suspect she had predatory leanings before getting her psych degree and before meeting Grub. So I don't think your tinfoil is too far off, anon.
I left for awhile too because it was just the same shit over and over, and I never saw a resolution. Even though Pedosion is still going around in circles as usual, I see an actual resolution happening that involves real world consequences for him.

No. 717561

Since Jimmy stopped developing mentally sometime around 2007 I honestly believe that his stupid little skits where he kills his haters is like when little kids set people on the fire in the Sims because they dislike them (which Jimbo ALSO does…). He's too retarded to cope with criticism or his feelings in a normal adult manner, so the only way he knows how to vent is being childishly violent. He's way too much of a coward to actually kill anyone. I know he thinks he's Patrick Bateman but he's just a stunted orc-manchild who can't even figure out how to use Turbotax, let alone murder someone and get away with it.

No. 717563

>I know he thinks he's Patrick Bateman but he's just a stunted orc-manchild who can't even figure out how to use Turbotax
Fair enough, but no one would be surprised if he did kill someone, just like no one would be surprised if he cruised elementary schools looking for bait. His reputation is a dumpster fire that's going to follow him for the rest of his life.

No. 717566

File: 1570754244743.jpg (168.63 KB, 797x630, Survivor.jpg)

It's her word against his, but who's going to believe a confirmed serial abuser and predator? Several women have come forward (mostly with receipts) outing him for the abusive, predatory, psychopathic scum that he is.
>it makes me rage that all his platforms are private or behind pay walls to ensure NOBODY can correct him at the source.
Even if you were to show him the irrefutable evidence proving him a liar, it wouldn't matter because at this point he's suffocating on his own delusions. He'll keep denying and going around in circles until he's in the grave, like a sane person.

No. 717568

He's incapable of seeing anything from anyone else's perspective. Like that autistic Andy Biersack vid he made where he "raped" Andy's effigy, then Andy's natural response to it >>717253

Grub didn't consider for a second that maybe it was a bad idea. They were never friends, just business associates. Even if he only meant it as a joke (instead of showcasing his gross mental pathology) it's not something a rational, sapient person would ever share with an acquaintance. It reminds me of what Billie said about him showing her the pics of Alicia he still had on his phone within days of meeting her.

No. 717571

>we are deplatforming you nicely.
Someone has to since the downie (oh noes muh hates peach) running Twitter won't do his fucking job. Same goes for Youtube and Patreon.

They're just hypocrites who selectively enforce purposely vaguely worded rules that only benefit people with tons of money or connections.

No. 717572

File: 1570755691600.png (33.6 KB, 588x276, 10-10--2019.PNG)

So that "leaving Twitter" lasted about 14 hours.

No. 717573

I was literally just checking his twitter wtf when did this happen??? ahahah LESS THAN A DAY GREG, way to tell on yourself that you have a really sad internet addiction. as a "man" and father why dont you do something fucking productive like pay your debts and care for your children lmao.

No. 717575


I think you can set your instagram up to automatically post to twitter, and he forgot to turn that off because he's an idiot

No. 717577

File: 1570756489646.png (73.35 KB, 496x702, fb.PNG)

Hes gone from crying on Twitter to sperging on FB. 3 long ass multi-paragraph rants in just one hour. And the comments are being heavily censored.

No. 717579

No wonder he can't smell the garbage all around his house, he's too busy smelling his own shit.

No. 717580

"sexism' how dare he even use the fucking word, or racism, what the fuck?

No. 717581

>Adults are allowed to volunteer themselves to be told if they're fat or not
Made me laugh out loud. He's completely oblivious to how bizarre he sounds like.

No. 717582

lmao he's losing it. he locked down his twitter only to take his rants to a meticulously monitored fb that is the equivalent of him talking to himself. he could just not post this shit online and save himself so much trouble but sure, stay in that chamber you little bitch.

No. 717583

Tubby's losing it and it's glorious.

No. 717584

There's nowhere else he can get his narc supply except online.

No. 717585

He signed away his rights in January 2016. Lainey was not pregnant then. He was dating Shiloh Feb 2011.They started online dating Feb 2012 although they had been talking since sept/ oct 2011 according to the ex David. Again get the facts right.

No. 717586

>when people dehumanize you, they feel they can justify doing whatever they want to you.
Like how he wanted Billie to shave her head, get a "liar" tramp stamp tattoo and chain her to his basement? Or when he stopped in the middle of intercourse with Sh and made her shave her head? But that wasn't dehumanizing in his little pea brain, that was "kinky".

He's constantly accusing other people of shit he's guilty of. So pathetic.

No. 717587

Lainey was pregnant with Clot when Greg fucked Billie.
>He was dating Shiloh Feb 2011.
While online "dating" with Lainey. That's in Lainey's own words. Just like Greg was "emotionally cheating" (his words) with Shiloh when he was married to Skye.

No. 717595

The only time anything he says is believable is when it lines up with what the ladies have said. Gump has the let the truth slip more than once, same with Lainey.

No. 717599

File: 1570759588221.png (143.97 KB, 688x809, Capture _2019-10-10-23-04-15.p…)

Found this in the comments of one of his posts on Facebook, apparently the moms posted warnings about him in the school page. That's awesome if true

No. 717603

For the first time all the awful shit he's done is finally having an impact on his real life, not just his internet reputation. I'm living for it.

No. 717608

"FIGHT FOR LOVE GUYS, YOU'RE NOT FIGHTING FOR LOVE" You're not fighting reeeeeeeee

No. 717609

Says the onion that has repeatedly told his fans to go harass others that have "wronged" him, like Blaire and Skye, youtube comments

No. 717616

Yep, he knows. This is just the genius narrative he's decided to push, because in his mind it shifts the blame from him to Kainey.
"Look, I hate teenagers and would never want to even look at them. Look at all the videos I did about despising childrens genitalia - WHY would I say I hate teens and then, like, groom one? Gross! I was super mean to Sarah before she was all 18 and fuckable. My spouse however.."

In his mind it's the perfect plan; Kainey bad, Onionboi good. Onion didn't groom because he was a bully and his videos are 100% proof of his innocense.

No. 717618

File: 1570762714113.jpg (741.6 KB, 1048x1832, PedoGuyKai (Lainey).jpg)

Aaaand you openly support your spouse who publicly admitted to grooming a child, a federal crime. Good one. But keep on gimping into the void. You're fucked, your "career" is fucked, you're just delaying the inevitable.

No. 717620

Imagine making a video series about how much you hate murders and murderers and how the whole concept disgust you. Then once the police catches you after you've killed 10 people and a dog you spew:
"But WHY would I make videos about how much I hate murderers and then go murder people? That doesn't make sense! Use your logic officer! I must be innocent, right?"

No. 717622

you just know he's gonna whine about how his kids are suffering because of this

No. 717625

I'd like to see him narc rage his way out of this one. Can't wait till Gig Harbor mom's find out what his wife's been up to >>717618

No. 717630

Doesn't matter because no one cares. He can try to scramble up on his high horse for his 10 fans all he wants, 90% of the internet hates him and now 100% of people he interacts IRL with do too.

No. 717631

He'll type out a two page rant about liars, cancel culture and how they are going to destroy his family then hand out copies to all the moms in their car while they wait in the school drop off line.

No. 717632

File: 1570764586440.png (51.95 KB, 439x536, unknown.png)

No. 717635

File: 1570764871225.jpg (105.05 KB, 768x1200, PEDOSION1.jpg)

Lest we forget this little gem.

B-but she told me she was 18 isn't a defense.

This was only 5 months ago and now he wants to sit there pretending he's suddenly not interested in anyone under 18. Hope his alts like PedoCharlie are being followed too.

No. 717638

>keep on gimping into the void.

No. 717641

I was thinking today about how greg always spergs about kicking out his ex's and blah blah blah, exposing them, calling them liars and immature… when hes double the age of a lot of them. Like, whydoes he never address this? He can say legal this and that, but why does he never acknowledge he keeps getting with people who are over half a life less in maturity than him?

I have always thought of age gaps like this: what can a 30 something year old married father of 2, home owning, bill paying man, have in common with an 18 year old girl? The answer is pretty much nothing, right?

No. 717642

But officer I wanted to kill 10% of her army, not have sex with her. That’s the literal definition of the word YOU’RE the one who is making it sexual when I clearly didn’t mean it that way, maybe you’re the one who is perverted and projecting it into me!!!

I’m surprised he hasn’t used them yet but I’m sure he will use them to try to quiet the criticism soon enough. The funny thing is it would likely backfire because people would probably become more concerned that he’s subjecting his kids to everything and want to protect them from him.

I would have bet money that if Lainey had only sent topless pictures to minors that he would have even used the “my husband is trans so those aren’t nudes” defense. Thank goodness there’s no defense against a bottomless picture whether you’re male ore female.

No. 717644

No well-adjusted adult in their 30’s has anything in common with an 18 year old but that isn’t Greg. He vacillates between relating to them with his childish humor and exploiting them.

I think he is attracted physically to teen bodies but I think emotionally immaturity is the most attractive feature to him because it means they will gobble up all his bullshit and be too naive to realize he’s coercing/controlling them. He needs someone who thinks the sun shines out his ass and he’s the handsomest funniest bestest guy in the whole world and adult women aren’t as easily fooled.

I think proof of that is Adrianne. She was older but he was into her physically it was only when she wouldn’t cater to his childish and manipulative ways he bailed and went back to the cradle.

No. 717645


Apparently the poor child's anus

No. 717659

File: 1570769410851.png (52.08 KB, 439x557, nou.png)

No. 717660


Gaslighting 101

No. 717661

Such a great point, he has had far more life experience than pretty much all of the girls he's dated, especially Lainey, Sarah and Billie yet he has the gall to attack Sarah and Billir for the shit that's happened, imagine a teenager, who's brain isn't even fully developed yet, being indecisive and emotionally immature! But to be fair, these girls probably have 20 years on him in that department.. but it still stands that he's a fucktard who can't comprehend that he's pushing middle and isn't 25 anymore.

No. 717663

File: 1570769756870.jpg (1.12 MB, 1186x1992, Rambling Pedophile on FB.jpg)

Another rambling gaslighting, self-congratulatory spiel from FB. Laughed at the little dig at Repzion at the end.
>I did a good thing for my worst enemy
>I could've taken him down but I didn't (see how good I am?)
>Now he's supporting the women who've come out with receipts proving what a creepy, predatory psychopath I am
>What a horrible person he is, to take victims seriously and not dismiss them and call them names like I do
>But I don't hate him or anything, I don't hate anyone
>I just make videos with obvious veiled and overt violent threats at all those people I can't be bothered to hate

Waterbrain 9000 IQ strikes again.

No. 717667

Such a huge contrast between the half assed, phoned it in photo >>715896 and the knowingly grooming a child believing you'll never see consequences photo >>717618

No. 717668

He knows it's wrong that's why he never addresses this point directly. All he does is default to "18 is legal, legal = never wrong". It's his only defense because he's a simpleton, to put it nicely.

No. 717669

>My type is people with issues. Not sure why
Are you really not sure why, Jimmy? It's because narcs and fucked up abusers tend to draw these people in. They're vulnerable and very young, which doesn't help either.

>I did a good deed for this guy, doesn't mean it changes who he is

That doesn't change who YOU are, Jimmy. Just because you do someone a favour - and let's be real here - it wasn't even a favour. It's what the majority of people would do - only sadistic fucks would exploit a pic of someone's dead grandpa. He showed some very basic human decency, but that doesn't magically absolve him from people pointing out that he's still a terrible human being.
It's almost baffling he doesn't understand this. Almost because Jimmy's truly dumb, so it's hard to expect better.

No. 717673

Can someone please take his commas away.

The amount of blatant gaslighting he has been doing lately is unreal. It's nothing new, but he used to at least use a thin veneer of, "Use the FAXX I've given you, and think about it again." Now, he's just flat out calling anyone that disagrees with him a fucking idiot. That's not very uwu delicate emo boy of you, Jimbo.

No. 717675

mm i must have missed the forum post where shane dawson and jaclyn glenn asked to be shamed for their looks then

No. 717677

The only real truth to this is–he may be technically right. There may be little physical proof that anyone but Kainey actually intentionally groomed and interacted inappropriately/sent nudes to an underage girl. With the exception of Sh but that's ancient news. I'm waiting for him to go full narc and throw his wifey under the bus to save his own ass and twist it into an "it was all him–I attract disgusting people!!!" narrative.

No. 717679

Apparently he never watches the news. The old trope of the anti-gay politician that is caught with boy hookers is as old a time.
His defense is laughable and actually hurts his cause more than helps it.

No. 717681

You must have been living under an unsaged rock, anon. There are videos of him manipulating underage Sarah to make her easier to groom. He even admitted that he did it to make her not like him only to have sex with her during her first visit after she turned 18. He also tried to kiss Alicia when she was 15 and also admitted to there being a near kiss. He has also rated the bodies of children.

He may not have been the one who said "I'm grooming you nicely", but he does a lot of shit with underage girls that can land him in hot water. Now locals in the area know that he's a pedo and want to keep their kids away from him at school. As Jaclyn said, someone who tips the line that much for years must have tripped up somewhere.

No. 717682

He JUST went on a rant about his meat eaters are evil like a day ago.
Zero self awareness.

No. 717683

The fact that people were so congratulatory over him NOT sending the photo is actually a pretty huge insult. He’s such a garbage human being that literally no one expected him to do the decent thing. So when he did, everyone was so taken aback that they applauded him for going against everything we’ve seen him do in the past. That is NOT something to be proud of.

No. 717684

FFS Jimmy, you’ve been caught lying so many times and yet you’re still pulling this “I’m so honest!” Crap?
I mean just recently you were outed for saying you never emailed Billie asking for her to come back for Lainey and BAM - Billie provides the email of you doing that very thing. Blatant lies. And shit if you’d lie about that so easily on a live stream to all your fans and haters I’m pretty sure you’d lie about anything.
Give up the Honesty charade, no one buys it anymore

No. 717687

File: 1570776206097.png (120.06 KB, 496x598, 1E31B2C0-5C22-453D-8F8A-CFFBD8…)

I know we’re not supposed to pressure Sarah to go to the cops or whatever, but damn if she really has evidence to take this fucker down, I sure as hell hope she is doing it.

No. 717688

File: 1570776237666.png (126.38 KB, 493x596, C6C93193-CD3D-44ED-A496-0B0DF0…)

No. 717689

File: 1570776372991.png (59.87 KB, 492x309, EE49239F-5D74-48C7-BDE3-00C43E…)

No. 717690

File: 1570776615330.jpeg (309.38 KB, 996x2047, 48267776-2D57-47F4-B7F4-C9FE2F…)

Sooo… is he saying he took video footage of Sarah without her knowledge?

Also, pretty sure no judge is gonna give a fuck about drug use that may or may not have happened in a completely unrelated case. Unless she has a history and has been charged with such things it would be completely irrelevant.

Alllllllso… who are these witnesses? These “people in his life” that Have evidence against Sarah? He doesn’t have any friends and those he might have like Billy the fridge said they don’t know Sarah at all.

No. 717691

File: 1570776822465.jpeg (273.25 KB, 687x2048, 7B6A2560-F51D-46C9-9BE6-B20C5E…)

He’s really on a roll.
Now he’s claiming all the texts we’ve seen from Sarah are fake.

Sarah - please if you read this, take a video of those texts and shut this idiot up

No. 717692

i guess he doesn't know you can have a psychotic episode due to depression.

good job, waterbrain.

No. 717693

I love how he just moved his rants from Twitter to Facebook and even there I barely see any comments supporting him.

Now that he started insulting people with BPD (and not knowing the difference between BPD and bipolar disorder once again), I see comments of fans saying they want to pull their pledge on patreon. He's so mad he doesn't realize many of his fans follow him because he pretends to be supportive of people with mental disorders.

No. 717694

Lmao taken out of context. Hi Greg, could you let us know what the obviously appropriate context was when you told Sarah it was so great SEEING HER SATISFY KAI and MAKING OUT WITH HER AS YOU FUCKED KAI. I'm sure there's a perfectly nice (nonsexual of course!) explanation.

No. 717697

He seems to be going more in depth with the details of everything. I dont know if he thinks that Facebook is a safe space and "those lying girls" arent going to see his posts. Or because hes not constrained by 280 characters and is now able to write out these long shaggy dog stories and he gets comfortable at paragraph number 8 and starts letting things slip out.

No. 717698

Is he forgetting that his wife lied to him pretty much the moment they began to talk by telling him she was older than she really was? How can the FAX machine be with a LIAR?

No. 717699

When is he going to get it through his thick skull that his constant sperging about "muh illegal drug use" doesn't…actually do anything to discount his detractors? Most normal, level headed people realize humans are multifaceted and trying an illegal drug doesn't make you untrustworthy or evil. He's really just showcasing his own black and white retarded thinking.

No. 717700

Oh bet your life he brings that shit up as a rebuttal when shes rehashing all the shit that happened with him and B.

No. 717701


Pretty sure he brought this up years later to make her feel bad for being a liar. I think it was in one of their twitter fights. I also noticed he says stuff like "lying and not being apologetic about it", so I'm sure Lainey did a few extra suk mi for him to forgive her.

No. 717702

The sad part is he does have a point. In previous threads, I criticized Sarah for making this a public spectacle and not doing things properly. I was showered with a bunch of anons sperging because of the criticism. But now seeing this unfold, as much as I believe Sarah, I also think she fucked her case up because of the way she behaved online. Yeah, she gave us milk. I was thoroughly entertained, but she done fucked up and he 100% has a point on his criticism of her. If she goes to court and admits to doing drugs and prescription pills (stupid shit she said on Twitter) along with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder, there's no way in fucking hell Onion and Foot are getting any punishment. Sarah fucked up and that's a fact. At least the milk was good, but like I said before, it would have been better quality milk if she just behaved differently and handled it legally, instead of acting the way she did on Twitter.

No. 717703


One of the hallmarks of BPD is acting insane when they get rejected. BPDs have mad issues with abandonment and rejection. On this alone, you can convince a jury Sarah is not credible. Sucks to point out, but someone has to. As much as I despise him, he's right about it. He is using her BPD because he knows exactly what it is and exactly what he is doing and it doesn't look good for her at all.

No. 717704

Yeah no anon. Being on pills, having a personality disorder, and trying drugs doesn't mean she can't prove she was groomed. Unrelated entirely to the case and she could easily spin an angle with a good lawyer to the point of, "I knew he would use it against me, so I admitted it myself. He still groomed me from a young age."

No. 717705

It'd be too hard. She already has a problem with credibility because of BPD. And read >>717703
She would need one hell of a lawyer to win this. At the end of the day the diagnosis gives her motive. And her motive makes it hard to prove what he did beyond a reasonable doubt.

No. 717707

Even if a criminal case is never brought up against Onision, Im pleased that having it be such a public spectacle he'll never be able to make YouTube his mains source of income. Yes it will take time. Hes not going to be kicked off YT or homeless next month, but the slow decent will be so fun to watch.
No jail for Onision - I can live with it
The slow decline and eventual death of his life long dream - Im all about it, and loving it.

No. 717708

BPD or not, you can't ignore nudes sent by the dude's wife when she was a minor. That's not normal. That can't be spun as a vendetta. That's child sex abuse.

No. 717710

And Sarah said Kais laptop was going to be given to someone with more knowledge about those kinds of thing. Thats a digital smoking gun.

No. 717712

Not sure it would be admissible in court granted there was no warrant for it. Even if they find something, I don't think it will be admissible. The absence of a warrant actually makes it illegal and I don't believe any warrants were issued.

No. 717713

Funny that he's trying to push the narrative that Sarah is just a crazy druggie when that didn't stop them fucking her or making her look after their kids. He says he didn't want to fuck her but he did, he literally asked her to be his girlfriend and also fucked her behind lamekai's back. Also the fact that she was so "unstable" (if we are to take that without a grain of salt) kind of adds to how fucked up it was that they groomed and fucked her anyway considering she was clearly damaged, and considering they knew that she was abused and had an unsafe home environment. Does that not make it all the more twisted that they took her in knowing this, used her and chucked her away when they decided her trauma was too annoying for them to deal with? And if he claims she has memory problems etc then it's even more fucked up that they had sex with her. This shit just screams exploitation even from his retarded defence

No. 717714

why does sarah require a warrant to look at the contents of her own laptop?

make it make sense, wk.

No. 717715

But there is proof that Lainey sent her nudes when she was a minor, that they lived with her since she was a minor and that they had sex (and talked about taking her virginity) with her shortly after she became legal. She could even argue that her disorder made her more vulnerable, Greg and Lainey knew of her diagnosis for years and still decided to involve her in their trinity fantasy.

No. 717716

A warrant is needed if the police go snooping and find something illegal. A private citizen can snoop all they want and go to the police with what is found. Probable cause then gives the authorities the ability to ask for a warrant and start gathering information. Like the girlfriend of Mark Salling the guy from Glee. She was snooping in his laptop and found CP, she told the cops and they started the investigation and thats when the warrants started being pulled.

No. 717718

it's sarah's laptop now anyway. everything left behind on it belongs to her and she can look at it all she wants.

No. 717720

True. Its like finding something illegal left by the previous owner in a house you've just bought. Previous owner cant cry "you needed a warrant" when the cops are called.

No. 717721

Doubt she has bpd. She claimed to have it since 16 and it was probably a self dx off of webmd. I mean considering Sarah has friends identifying as trans binarys like lainey it isnt far fetched.

She probbaly doesn't have bpd at all and Greg is just using that to deflect as usual like he did with all the other girls.

No. 717722

Yeah its also fairly rare to get a BPD diagnosis as a teenager because of their already unstable and constantly developing and shifting nature. I have my doubts about her "BPD" too. Sounds like a self-dx that Grug is running with.

No. 717723

I have experience in this area as I've dealt with this very recently. The police would pull all conversations between those involved, get multiple witness statements, go through their computers, phones, external hard drives, etc. I'm honestly surprised the state hasn't opened an investigation already, because in a lot of places if an allegation has been made, they have no choice but to investigate. I can say from experience, once the investigation does start, all parties involved are encouraged to remain quiet about it. Whether Sarah has BPD or not wouldn't matter if they launched an actual investigation into the matter and found something.

No. 717727


>I'm honestly surprised the state hasn't opened an investigation already

It's because Sarah hasn't made any allegations. She's gone to 'check her options', but that means zero (as you likely well know). Sarah thinks 'losing her shit' on twitter is enough to teach them both a lesson. She hasn't gone to the police, and most likely wont.

I mean, fingers crossed she proves me wrong, even if she has nothing on Greg then she certainly does on Plainey (which Plainey knows, its the reason she's in a much worse state than Greg right now). Sadly though, I don't think Sarah is bothered about taking this further.

No. 717728

File: 1570784709721.png (122.69 KB, 640x1136, 9401678F-81B7-420D-8704-49ADC5…)

The latest BPD sperging. Complete with a plea for wildlife donation at the end. (1/2)

No. 717729

File: 1570784762679.png (115.94 KB, 640x1136, 28C22215-E379-41B9-A4CD-77B328…)


No. 717730

Kek I thought getting medicated for a mental disorder counts as drug abuse to count Gurgs

No. 717731


Could he be talking about Lainey here too though? With her anxiety, body dysmorphia, etc? She's not medicated in any sense for any of those things.

I have a feeling this is not only a dig at Sarah, but at Lainey too (as well as anyone else he wants to include) - perhaps mostly Lainey, perhaps they've argued.

And if it's not a dig at Lainey, then someone needs to point out to him that his wife/husband/rag fits into that little box he put there too.

No. 717733

File: 1570785317349.png (106.39 KB, 640x1136, B69BA0C1-AF95-4CEF-B09B-D864B5…)

His mind! I can’t! Friend zoned until you’re 18

No. 717734

File: 1570786246455.jpg (57.97 KB, 799x450, peEuXOZyuFOAhYf-800x450-noPad.…)




if mr repzion was my worst enemy in life, my biggest worry, i'd be sooooo happy.

BTW Greg, your doing? https://www.change.org/p/youtube-remove-mrrepzion-from-youtube

I bet it is.

No. 717735

From "I'm not interested in you" to "I want to see you and Lainey make out while I fuck you".
Sure does get rid of those allegations.

No. 717736

I was talking about the photos being exchanged, but yes, I don't think she's going to take it further than this which is unfortunate

No. 717740

Damn Repz is looking like Lainey

No. 717743

File: 1570789311926.jpg (Spoiler Image,49.49 KB, 720x960, 72085628_10157679770524711_777…)

Did he piss himself? Is he trolling us rn?

No. 717744

I guess thats why he hates him so much

No. 717745

god, he's fucking repulsive

No. 717748

File: 1570790845146.png (Spoiler Image,643.05 KB, 519x766, wattt.png)

kek the fucking caption

No. 717749

File: 1570791340534.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.69 KB, 508x630, cunt.jpg)


No. 717752

File: 1570792609581.jpg (2.54 MB, 3116x1534, Onision "Julia".jpg)

>Don't be friends with people who are unmedicated

Funny how he tries (and fails) to discredit a young girl who is and has been getting help for her psychological issues, like any responsible adult would. Him on the other hand? Oh he doesn't have any mental issues, just depression.

Is this something a mentally healthy, psychologically balanced, not at all psychopathic adult man would make? A video where he pretends his sex doll is a real woman, whom he proceeds to drug, torture, and murder? But it's just a joke, according to him. He thinks it's hilarious.

Tell us more about how mature and sane you are, Onision? Really.

Your reputation has been forever ruined, by you. Now please do tell us more about accepting reality.

No. 717753

Fuck's sake this repugnant moron has been photoing himself in this same damn pair of drawers for the last 10 years. Buy new underwear you fucking goblin.

No. 717755

>you're like my sister
-tried kissing her when she was 15 while being married to her sister
-to this day jacks off to her nudes
-to this day wants to be with her
-likes incest porn

He also said Sarah was like a little sister to him.


Though you don't see the point in having friends Jimmy?

No. 717756

The comments under his Facebook spergs are coming faster than he can delete them. Thankfully, he seems to be getting far more mockery than praise.

No. 717757

God his torso is covered in zits

No. 717759

Why is everyone on twitter trying to get him off Facebook? No one young is on Facebook and it’s a dying platform. I get trying to get him off patreon or twitter but…he’s revealing a lot of stuff and the more he talks the better.

No. 717760

>No one young is on Facebook
That is literally wrong. It may be a 'dying platform' but it still has millions of users many of whom are as young as 13-18 or younger if they lie about their age which is still very common.

No. 717761

Kek this has strong thread image potential.
If he does have anything in common with typical 18-year-olds, it's the maturity level.

No. 717765

File: 1570798123929.png (47.29 KB, 751x320, notactuallybpd.PNG)

She does not have BPD. So, Greg has nothing against her.

No. 717766

>Also the fact that she was so "unstable" (if we are to take that without a grain of salt) kind of adds to how fucked up it was that they groomed and fucked her anyway considering she was clearly damaged, and considering they knew that she was abused and had an unsafe home environment.

This. His defense is so weak and it makes them look way worse than Sara. He acts like they didn't open the door for her to be in their lives and this big bad criminal teenager just barged in and fucked things up for them.

You knew Sara came from a troubled background. That's how Taylor was able to swoop in and play the hero by inviting her to stay at your home instead. Targets of abuse often do come from abusive backgrounds themselves and usually suffer some form of personality or mood disorder from trauma. Combine that with her young age and it was pretty much a piece of cake for you to manipulate the fuck out of her.

YOU WERE THE ADULTS IN THE SITUATION. And despite having children of your own to raise you decided to focus your attention on this girl so you could mold her into being another one of your victims. You both knew what you were doing and you have no fucking excuses, end of story.

No. 717767

heh it was world mental health day yesterday and here greg is sperging about people with bpd

SUCH a good person

No. 717768

File: 1570798471521.jpg (108.38 KB, 1064x324, 20191011_145446.jpg)

No. 717769

File: 1570798578189.jpg (97.01 KB, 1080x451, Screenshot_20191011-145629_Twi…)

No. 717770

Oh Gregory you dumb bastard.

Every time Sarah shuts up he manages to rile her up again kek dumbfuck

No. 717773


Honestly she needs to do what AJ did and write a big big letter with ALL the info she wants to share, and then just go live her life.

That way everything she wants to say is out, can be referred back to all in one place, and she need never bother again even if Greg spergs

No. 717774

This is what I've been saying. Minors cannot legally, professionally, or formally be diagnosed with any psychiatric disorder, not by any doctor worth their salt anyways. I worked on a psych unit for adolescents and know this to be a fact, they usually give each patient a presumed condition such as bipolar I or II or ODD, etc. But none of it is a 'diagnoais' just a "condition"

But you cant tell greg anything without him running away with it, even if it turned out to be false in the first place. But HE can "diagnose himself" then take it back, no problem. Whatever happened to your BPD that we all heard in the voicemails, grease?

No. 717775

He's so fucking dumb he can't even string a coherent sentence together kek. I love how facebook has no character limit so he just fucking goes ham on his spergouts there, it's hilarious. Does he think a wall of text is going to fool people into thinking he has more than 2 braincells?

No. 717778

He really is determined to cheat on Lainey as much as possible, huh? He can’t legally sleep with her at that point so so has to sneak around and emotionally betray her with a child. Gross.

I would bet Lainey wasn’t in the room when he invited Sam to sit on his lap too.

No. 717779

he shouldn't have any sort of platform for obvious reasons anon

No. 717780

File: 1570800765540.jpg (157.42 KB, 1080x587, Screenshot_20191011-153243_Twi…)

No. 717783

File: 1570801112914.jpg (15.31 KB, 300x168, h.jpg)

No. 717789

No. 717792

The court has already ruled against you once, James. They will do it again. Your “evidence” or reasoning has never worked.

No. 717794

File: 1570805180993.jpg (311.62 KB, 641x1178, Screenshot_2019-10-11-15-38-23…)

So it was Regina "the unstable witness" that onion was going off on? He's scared and it's amazing

Sarah bringing all the truth home yet again. Can't wait for the fb sperg about this one!! Fake texts gurg? Lol.

No. 717795

Sorry what? You absolutely can be diagnosed with psychiatric disorders as a child. If they ascribe an Axis I condition to you, it’s a diagnosis. Usually Axis II for personality disorders are left ‘Deferred’ for minors. In exceptionally fucked up cases, minors do get formal write in as they were observed to exhibit criteria for majority of their short lives.
Unless you’re talking hypertechnical semantics as psych symptoms are most often hearsay and self reported and are not evident on a lab’s test so a psychologist can only strongly believe you have such and such.

No. 717797

Had a go at transcribing if anyone can't/doesn't want to watch.

>I typically would never make a video, especially looking like this.

>To Onision:
>I was a drug addict, use it against me.
>I suffer from mental illness, use it against me.
>I was homeless and I had to sell my prescription medication to survive, to eat, to function like a human being, use it against me, bitch.
>That doesn't excuse the fact that you groomed an underage girl. Your husband, Kai Jackson, manipulated me, talked to me sexually underage, swapped nude photos with me underage.
>Try to disprove that. Bitch.

No. 717798

just makes him look worse that every partner he/lainey tries to lure in has a mental illness, just shows he preys on the vulnerable

No. 717799

anon is just a moron. she even said she thinks minors can't be "diagnosed" just that they "have the condition" which like you said, you get diagnosed with the condition.

No. 717800

Just so you know, some of your attitudes toward bpd and the mentally ill in general make already vulnerable people more vulnerable to be victims in the future.
Because, you know, cRaZy so no one will believe them if, for example, I groom them as an underage girl, fuck them when they turn 18 and just smear their character when they speak out. (Which is obviously exactly what James Jackson of Gig Harbor Washington is going for here.) I mean, it makes sense that he wants a society with an entire group of people being "easy pickins" (because that is the outcome) but do you? It's sad that character is even a part of anything when the evidence should speak for itself what ever it finds or doesn't find. It matters as much as what a rape victim was wearing which is to say, it doesn't.

No. 717801

greg, your googled NDAs don't mean shit. they are less binding legally than the google camera release forms. you have zero evidence that is binding in a court of law. but go off.

No. 717802

So he's graciously proven all those "totally real haters-turn-fans" are bs. Thanks Redneck Jimbo.

No. 717803

A lot of people formally diagnosed with borderline personality have actually gotten the correct diagnosis of complex-ptsd.

They are very similar symptom wise, just like ADHD and Bipolar are, though they completely different disorders.

No. 717804

Big oof.

>As a general rule, monitoring someone without their knowledge or consent is illegal when they are in an area that provides a reasonable expectation of privacy.

>Any time you’re recording or observing a person without their consent when they aren’t in view of the public, you’re asking for a possible lawsuit.

First two hits. You better hope you didn't film anyone in your home without their express permission, bro. A good attorney can demolish your shitty cya precautions in a heartbeat. You also know this pig has 'security' cams in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Love how cows reveal so much about themselves. Live by the sperg, die by the sperg, I guess.

No. 717806

Even if she did have BPD, like how does that even equal him having something against her? It's seriously ridiculous.

No. 717809


>Tell us more about how mature and sane you are, Onision? Really.

I won't comment on whether Greg is sane or not, since I'm no psychologist, even though I would say he's a psychopath narcissist and a sadist.
However on the maturity thing, Greg is easily the most immature "man" I have ever seen in my entire life, all near 50 years of it.
I have yet to meet the 33 (?) year old who is more immature than Greg. Not just how he acts, but also by his action. He takes even less responsibility for his actions than people like Chris-chan.
I'd say between the two of them, Chris-chan would be the more mature, more responsible and more talented one. Even DESPITE the toys and lego's.

No. 717810


Oh and might I add to that that I've seen teenagers and people in their early 20s that are way more mature and have more life experience and class than Greg can ever have.
Just responsible young adults that even people older than them can learn from.

No. 717811

File: 1570808044721.jpg (106.16 KB, 1193x633, Peitition.jpg)

Hilariously, this petition had 19 signatures.There are a good half dozen 'Get Onision off Youtube' petitions with hundreds of supporters. My favourite? This one called 'Demonetize Onision's harm' with nearly 2500 signers. We all know who the real shitstain on Youtube is.

No. 717814

File: 1570808483405.jpg (17.42 KB, 142x414, 220d0edf7e56630e3d5fa0096aaf12…)


It probably was Greg and since we all know Greg is the uncrowned KING of sock puppets probably a good portion of those "19 signatures" was he himself.

He always loves to compare himself to Light from Death Note, but Light would never do something like that since it is admitting complete and utter defeat. Its basically admitting you hate Repzions guts and everything he says is 100% truth and fax.

Was that really your clever plan, Greg? Try and get Repzion off of youtube with a petition? What would even be the reason? I'm not a big fan of Repzion myself besides his anti-O videos but to actually see Repzion as your "arch nemesis" makes you incredibly pathetic.

Like Repzion dude? your arch nemesis? its a JOKE.
And you're the punchline, Greg.

No. 717819

Omg fucking lol
He's rolling his shoulders forward to make it look like he has a masculine frame - Gerggy, honey, it doesnt lol. It just makes it obvious how fucking awkward and weird hes posing

That's his little carrot at full mast probably, poor little guy. Or ofc his old standby of shooping/stuffing.

This picture made me realize he actually does have a irl job opportunity - any haunted house attraction would hire him to be a lifesize Chucky doll in a heartbeat. No make up required, just dye his hair mop red and throw suspenders on him. Terrifying.

No. 717821

The laptop is hers, doesn't matter if it's 2nd hand from Lainey

No. 717822

Any anons that can see the fb comments pls screenshoot any fun ones to share (apparently you need an account to see comments)

No. 717824

You cannot be diagnosed with BPD as a child/teenager for sure because a lot of the symtoms can be attributed to hormonal changes during puberty and a lot of teens engage in reckless behaviour during that time.

I think a lot of people try and self diagnose with it because it gives them some sort of explanation for being fucked up, a type of "oh it's not my fault, I have BPD uwuu".

Anyway, if Sara doesn't have a diagnose and says she doesn't have it, Greg has absolutely nothing on her. Apart from maybe being able to say "I googled BPD and most all symtoms fit so FAXXXX it must be it because I am a genius that barely speaks the one language I was born into and saw the word once on lolcow"

No. 717825

At this point he should just full-on dye his hair red and keep it that way. And never bother grooming it. The look would suit him.

No. 717828

Listening to what Regina, Sarah, Sky, Shiloh etc. have to say and the way they are standing up for themselves, it’s clear to me that that Greg and Lainey never counted on their victims growing up and maturing.

It’s almost as if, just because they are stunted in their teens for life, that they thought all vulnerable people stay vulnerable forever and never get stronger or grow.

No. 717834

File: 1570813170366.png (69.16 KB, 444x527, lolbemad.png)

No. 717836


Yes, depression does have dishonest/delusional parts.

They're mostly turned inward. You could be Mother Theresa but your depression is telling you that you're worthless and doing no good for anyone.

God he is such an uneducated fuckhead.

No. 717837


I'm pretty sure at this point that his aversion to admitting what he did to Sarah is to keep himself from cracking, as opposed to saving face with his fanbase. He has to label her the drug user, the rapist, the person with BPD, the delusional one, etc. because if he breaks his head-canon that she was just the victim, he might actually go off the deep(er) end.

No. 717840

She's probably scarred from the first time she laid in bed to watch a movie with them kek.

No. 717843

Lol he can call someone delusional all he wants but can someone with a mental illness manifest texts and images on his and Lainey’s devices?

Who else is he talking about with BPD that hurt him? Ayalla for stealing Billie away from him?

No. 717845

File: 1570816702889.png (2.16 MB, 1125x2001, 0F1B84CA-5818-45A2-9CC5-2FFB4D…)

The comments have been fun

No. 717848

We are here before the Court in the matter of child grooming and being in the care of a child with intentions to have sexual interactions with the child later.

Further through the process:
Prosecution: Mr. Jackson - was Sarah in your care as a child and did you eventually have sexual intercourse with her upon turning 18.
Judge: Please answer the question Mr. Jackson.
Jimmy - I will not answer a dishonest question! Most everything she says is because she's mentally ill and you need context to answer that question.
Judge - The Court find Mr. Jackson in contempt of Court.

There's a reason why Jim runs from Court proceedings. You are guided by the Defense and Prosecution to avoid run around "logic" and can't avoid answering questions that are clear cut. Also seems like Jim is having serious anxiety about having to go to Court.

No. 717849

The fact he keeps going on about how if he was guilty he'd be in jail makes me think he got served.

No. 717850

If Onion’s dad was guilty he’d be in jail.

If AJ’s dad was guilty he’d be in jail.

If Shane Dawson was guilty he’d be in jail.

Get the picture, Greg?

No. 717851


Yep, this. None of the stuff he is saying about Sarah would matter at all if he were having to answer in court. It doesn't even matter now in regards to what hes done.

What he does is a shitty low IQ manipulation tactic that only works on either vulernable people, young inexperienced people, or people who he has already lured in. Discredit the other person and try to steer the conversation.

It doesnt work on ANYONE else, and its laughable to think it would ever mean anything in a courtroom

No. 717852

I hope so but I don’t think so. The legal system can move slowly so he might be thinking he’s gotten off Scott free because nothing’s happened yet.

Unless there’s evidence we haven’t seen, Lainey’s he only one at legal risk right now.

No. 717856


I reckon Lainey is the only one who can drop Greg in the shit tbh. I would bet she has stuff on him.

I think he would have dropped her like a hot potato upon finding out she exchanged the nudes with minors otherwise - it would be easier for him to disassociate himself and avoid that risk. He's sticking with her because he knows she can get him in trouble.

I also have a horrible feeling that Sarah is not inclined to get Lainey into trouble because she feels more sorry for her than she lets on to, on twitter. Sarah talks big but at the end of the day, she cared for Lainey and saw how Greg treated her.

Things wouldnt move this slow if Sarah had actually gone legal about Lainey… that said, we're not actually hearing from Lainey much are we? Gregs picking up the kids, which I doubt he'd lightly volunteer to do. And she's a STATE when we do see/hear her. Maybe there is something happening.

No. 717857

There is a lot more that he can be in trouble for than the child grooming.

No. 717858


Such as?

No. 717867

The comments on his Facebook posts are gold. If he thought he'd get less hate on FB than Twitter he sorely miscalculated.

No. 717869

File: 1570822106894.png (13.74 KB, 498x142, Screenshot (80).png)

he was asking for fb mods because he cant keep up with deleting the negative comments lmao.

No. 717873

File: 1570822710841.png (791.31 KB, 1000x1192, 2019-10-11 21_31_39-_pt_ - Oni…)

No. 717874

Even though Lainey is disgusting as well, I am constantly hoping for the day she leaves him and drops the Little Boy of bombs about this cretin.

No. 717879

You'd think if he really was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2007, he'd understand that any mental illness warps your perception of things, even 12 years later.

99.9% sure his Air Force uwu depression was fake.

No. 717881

Greg has access to Taylor's accounts.

And for all those saying "HE'S DEFINITELY GOING TO COURT," "the legal process is slow," "he's going to get away with it," and, "the law takes these cases seriously" are all equally right unfortunately. Not to lawfag, but I've worked for a prosecutor's office and it depends on a variety of things such as workload, politics, the evidence and pure "luck" on these kind of cases. In some cases, I've seen repeat offenders get away with clear accusations of child abuse with penetration because of failure to prosecute with over burdened case loads. Fact is, that Greg has a good CHANCE of this going to trial, not that it will. Either way, he's going to at least get some kind of inquiry as long as Sarah goes to the police and the laptop is something law enforcement will like to have in their hands.

And kek at Greg saying the police take his side. Greg living in suburbia probably deals with cops who don't find a lot of antagonism, plus you're taught in police academies to be overly friendly and helpful to potential suspects. You get a lot of cooperation this way, at least initially.

What I think is far more important is the call outs done by Jackyln Glenn and Repzion to deplatform Greg. The "harassment" is merely communication from public opinion and should rightly be in place if law enforcement finds itself in a standstill for whatever reason. It's up to these monetary services to realize that Greg is more of a loss so you don't have more victimization of barely legal girls. I can't tell you how happy I am about Greg's fb spergs and his constant quitting of Twitter. The less avenues, the more a difference is made. Sarah, Skye, Billie and other girls don't realize what a service they've done for their community and social media in general.

No. 717885

In kaineys new podcast she posted on her patreon, greg brings up his "baby carrot". He has definitely been lurking, no surprise there. Idk how to mirror a video though otherwise I'd post it.

No. 717886

Bless you screenshot anons from those of us without social media

No. 717887

Does he admit how small it is?

No. 717889


He said something along the lines of, "if I whipped my dick out right now, it would sound like this" and flops his forearm on the table.
Of course, the doormat laughed.
Lainey also said "that's fucking gross" when grames brought up his dick size being compared to a baby carrot. & in response to the comparison, she said "why does it fucking matter?" So she didnt deny it lol

No. 717890

What’s really crazy is that Greg would think Sarah is so mentally ill and debilitated that she can’t even perceive reality and he still found it okay for him to stick his weiner in her. What a sick fuck.

No. 717891

No. 717892


Sarah is scrolling through her texts on video as a response to Gurp calling the texts fake, kek

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717893

File: 1570827170729.jpg (272.92 KB, 978x1145, Screenshot_20191011-165226.jpg)

As per usual, HE IS REJECTED. So much honest, Gurp.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717894


Someone has to mirror it. It should be floating around Twitter soon.

No. 717897

He's painfully bad at changing his "voice" in text
Especially the last section, sounds exactly like onion

No. 717899

I hope this podcast somehow finds its way onto youtube

No. 717902

Why does Jimbo keep running his mouth when EVERY TIME Sarah claps back with solid proof and scares him back into his greasehole. Did he think scurrying off to FB would stop her from responding? He really is convinced he has some sort of power over her when she's proved multiple times she will come for his ass anytime he toes the line. Old dogs really can't learn new tricks I guess.

No. 717905

File: 1570828771762.png (195.99 KB, 601x734, ew.png)

No. 717906

She's a fucking trooper for backing up every claim with proof!

Also, lol.

No. 717907


Lainey is crying

No. 717909

So is he admitting he possibly might have cameras in his home?

Is that his “witness” because depending on where cameras are he might have her recorded in less than appropriate nature and any of the ladies he brought over.

We know he watches the videos like a hawk when the whole Billie thing went down when they went to escape. So unless he has one of those that alerts him that’s weird.

No. 717912

That would be super fucking illegal. While generally you can have surveillance cameras in your own home, guests are supposed to have a "reasonable expectation of privacy," aka you can't record them in the bedroom or the bathroom. On top of that threatening to leak footage of the girls in compromising/sexual situations is 100% revenge porn. He does not have a legal leg to stand on if that's the route he wants to go down.

No. 717913

inb4 giant sperging about sarah and trying to prove why he has security cameras INSIDE his house.

No. 717914

Lmfao @ the post you linked to

No. 717915

Washington is a 2 party consent state, meaning any recordings he has of their conversations without their consent are illegal. He can boast about having his house "surveilled" all he wants, he can't use that footage for anything.

That said, I sincerely doubt he has any proof of anything he's sperging about anyway. "I was there and I record the entire inside of my house for totally not creepy reasons" isn't evidence of anything.

No. 717916

Tbh just waiting for the day Greg decides that dick shaming is his next crusade and openly admits he has a micro penis

No. 717917

>most everyone I have had sex with (all women in their 20s and 30s because I am NOT attracted to 18 year olds) was pleasured by it!!!

No. 717919

>most everyone who has ever hurt me has had BPD
So every single ex had BPD?? Greg, not even your stupidest of supporters will believe that.

No. 717923

Curious now to see if her next podcast she has a new chair lol

No. 717926

I wonder which sock he uses to keep tabs on them. He definitely blocked Sarah on Twitter, and should have quit the platform anyways like he said lol.

No. 717928

File: 1570833547447.jpg (205.56 KB, 1078x2010, Screenshot_20191011-173731_Duc…)

Tried to look up greg and laineys patreon but neither come up and the link on laineybot just sends you to this, Is it down for anyone else or did patreon actually take their pages down?

No. 717929

lol thanks screenshot anons this shit is so funny.
He'd never openly admit to having a mirco penis, it would shatter his fragile ego.

No. 717932

No way would she ask for that, anon. I'm sure "that's how people end up with two black eyes."

No. 717933

you forgot the 'r' in patreon lol

No. 717935

Greg's is still there, he's probably shadowbanned for adult content (all adult patrons are) so you need a direct link.

No. 717938

I was wondering why Sarah had the name covered up before. OK, that makes sense.

No. 717940

I hope Lainey sees it and weeps. LOL BE MAD. It would be pretty funny if Grugly starts sperging over this. This is madness.

No. 717941

Tinfoil, but in Shane’s new series it talks about the whole cat fucking scandal from a few months ago and they bleep out the name of the influencer who he thinks would start the rumor against him. Anyone else think he was talking and Grugly? It wouldn’t shock me, considering grug’s whole documentary against Shane

No. 717946

File: 1570837231945.png (364.34 KB, 641x361, emoboi.PNG)

Not sure if anyone has linked it yet.


@4:50 "I had a DREAM that you died"
@6:30 baby carrot talk

This all but proves to me that he lurks and his ego is bruised on the daily.

No. 717948

Shane showed a screenshot of Greg’s video body shaming him and he has shown iNabber and Joy in previous videos so I would honestly be more surprised if he wasn’t talking about Greg

No. 717950

"Surveillance on my whole house"

I remember a while ago after the Maya incident I believe, people were speculating he had cameras all over his house to spy on his victims like a creep, now he just admitted he does. He probably filmed them without consent too and that's a CRIME. Thanks for admitting you're a criminal, James Jackson from Gig Harbor WA

No. 717952

Surprise she's sick again the podcast and his hair is glued around his face in 2019.

No. 717953

It's so great seeing him be so offended over his small dick.

It's also funny that it seems like they're only in the same bed when they plan on having a threesome.

No. 717955

Where the fuck did she imply she'd laugh at his house burning to the ground? He must've taken something the girls said in a figurative manner and turned it into something litteral. That retard has shown many times he's incapable of understanding figurative language

No. 717957

She’s so not like ~other~ girls or like her sister who he publicly shamed online about missing her ex who had a larger dick. Honestly size doesn’t matter but he would still be a bad lay if his dick really was as long as his forearm because he’s as selfish and self-centered in bed as in normal life.

LMAO. I’m so curious to see how he’s justifying it to Lainey or maybe she’s finally resigned herself to the truth that he’s going to cheat on her and she might as well be happy about it.

No. 717960

Of course he starts off joking about the whole thing under the guise of her hair colour. Also did he show the cropped image of the nude she sent to Sarah? He’s clearly mocking her in front of her face.

I think the carrot thing made it to twitter so he might have seen it there.

No. 717961

I think she might have started to take hormones. Her voice is sounding different.

No. 717965

geez she looks like a fucking corpse

No. 717966

Doubt it. There are no tits in the picture so it could just be depression or a cold.

No. 717967

At least having a nice dick would make being jackhammered raw a little more bearable, but nah it's just his baby carrot mashing around somewhere in the vicinity of your vag while he gnaws on your neck like the 17 year old he wishes he was.

No. 717968


Yeah she has a cold lol

No. 717969

She's either sick or its from crying so much lmao

No. 717970

I had actually clicked the link on the laineybot patreon that redirects to the coolguykai one so it's pretty funny that patreon has messed up her link and could be keeping her from getting new patrons ha ha

No. 717972

I wonder if Greg shaves so much because he has gray hairs.

No. 717974

I laughed, but that's still horrific, anon.

No. 717975

>You need meds, you need therapy
Says the psychopathic adult man who refuses both of these things
That's right. It's the equivalent of someone taking advantage of the mentally handicapped, which we can be sure has crossed his predator mind more than once.

No. 717977

>He's sticking with her because he knows she can get him in trouble.
It's the same reason she doesn't leave him. They both have enormous
dirt on each other, I can only imagine. Lainey is genuinely terrified to leave because of what Grog would say about her. She's better off cutting her losses but everyone knows she's too weak to even protect her own children, let alone herself.

No. 717980

This is the SECOND time he's tried to use BPD to discredit Sarah. It didn't work the first time so ol' waterbrain thought the second time would be different.
She comes out with evidence and because he has none to refute what she's released, it's all he can do to try and malign her with half-truths and bullshit. Typical predator scumbag.

No. 717981

This is gonna sound petty but why does PedoGuyKai look into the camera during their podcast SO much? Stop it, narcissist.

No. 717983

I disagree. He's been slipping for the last couple years, it was only a matter of time before he cracked. He's doing damage control now because he's desperate not to appear (appear being the operative word) like he's run afoul of the law in any way, or that he's as dangerously deranged as the evidence makes clear.
Bury him, Regina.

No. 717986

Who'd volunteer to moderate a pedophiles Facebook page?

No. 717987

Of course. Almost every single girl he's been with, including Lainey has a history of abuse, or they were victimized in some way before meeting Gronk.

No. 717989

Why is it saying "this video cannot be played"?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 717992

Google Drive videos have a max amount of plays

No. 717993

File: 1570844290967.png (131.33 KB, 1242x1424, emotional blackmail.png)

His "muh depression" diagnosis is about as real as the suicidal threats he made when Skye wouldn't let him off the hook for alimony. He only later admitted he faked being suicidal to manipulate her.

No. 717994

There's a limit to how many people can view/download it.
There should be a better alternative than drive. I appreciate patreon anon ripping and uploading, but we should have them hosted somewhere else.

No. 717996

>He really is convinced he has some sort of power over her
That's his psychosis and delusion. He's either denied or ignored every single thing the ladies have said about him, most of which they backed up with receipts. Everyday he's pissing in the wind believing he's making some sort of progress, which he is but it's not the kind of progress he has in mind.

No. 717999

So she was diagnosed but never formally? 18 would make sense. Sarah did mention seeking therapy, but that's for what Grunt and Kunt did.

No. 718002

>Live by the sperg, die by the sperg
(Leviticus 10:9)
I kind of assumed he was bluffing but if he wasn't, I look forward to his compounded legal troubles.

No. 718004

He knows it wouldn't work in a courtroom. He's hoping to discredit Sarah before it reaches that point, like he has any credibility left after being outed as a serial predator. I'm laffin.

No. 718007

Is there a medical term for someone incapable of learning from their mistakes or is it just because he has a double digit IQ? Even a dog can learn from being punished repeatedly but ol Grundle just keeps trying the same tactics despite getting chewed out every time.

No. 718009

>That's how Taylor was able to swoop in and play the hero
She swooped in like a vulture. Grunt likes to sit there virtue signalling out of his ass, acting like he did Sarah a favor and that she took advantage of his "kindness". That's how fucked in the head he is.

"Morons on the internet" (to quote Grub) were sounding the alarms about this years ago when Sarah first moved in with them, that this looked like two adults taking advantage of a vulnerable young girl. The Onion's let loose with sanctimonious outrage about how sick people were for thinking anything depraved was happening, and now we have undeniable proof both Lamey and her husband were preying on Sarah all along, and not just Sarah but other young girls as well. They've both been caught lying and contradicting themselves 10x over.

No. 718010

I'm between this >>717749
and this >>717179

No. 718027

And if anything I'd point my finger at Onion being partly to blame for any of his ex's BPD diagnoses, if there are any.

No. 718030

What's hilarious is that in either his latest Patreon video or the one before that, he's going on about how he sent those emails to Skye only NOW he's saying it was because he did want to kill himself since she was LiTeRaLlY forcing him into slavery by accepting alimony payments the court ordered. He also added that lots of girls' boyfriends threaten to kill themselves?

It's SO frustrating how he'll blatantly lie through his creepy ogre teeth on Patreon since nobody can call him out on his bullshit.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 718032

Violation of the Mann act two times, giving a minor alcohol, he's doxxed people before, and even if they can't direct pedophile proof, something tells me those servers he so desperately tried to wipe in 2016 would have a gold mine of terrible shit going with them

No. 718036

>>718027 I don't have receipts and I may be misremembering, but wasn't there talk a few years ago about how Foot diagnosed Sarah with BPD and she must be right since she has an online bachelors in psych.

No. 718037

He can be sued for accusing Adrienne's dad and Shane of being pedophiles with no evidence at all of them being attracted to children. He's the only one guilty of that with proof. Some were also thinking of suing him over the copyright strikes (excluding Madame Bullshit). These are just what I remember from the top of my head.

No. 718038


I don't agree exactly with what you said, but I agree in spirit. People who have never been in that situation (being with a manipulative, gaslighting prick who is always right) wouldn't understand the effect it has on people. That, BY DESIGN, throws you off balance and makes you unstable. And further, really, really stupid people don't understand that things don't happen in a fucking vacuum.

No. 718039

Probably imitating the office, weren't they obsessed with it mot long ago

No. 718046


No. 718047

dont forget Blasian and TeemoMcFly

No. 718051

Nah I doubt it. Foot thought bpd was bipolar disorder.

No. 718055

I don’t think people would “get” bpd either but people who have been with people with personality disorders often report getting “fleas” aka experiencing side effects of being with someone like that. Personality disorder or not given how he is, it’s totally reasonable that some of the girls act a little irrationally when they’re with him and a little while after.

No. 718056

>>717946 >>717989
It's mirrored here as well.

No. 718065

>Is there a medical term for someone incapable of learning from their mistakes or is it just because he has a double digit IQ?

It's called malignant narcissism. It makes you convince yourself you have magical powers that can alter the fabric of reality: like no matter how much of an abusive turd you are it is always the other person's fault.

And no matter how little they have actually contributed to society they will still convince themselves that they are the greatest gift on the planet.

Kind of like how Gerg convinces himself he saved thousands of tweens lives by telling them what his 3 incher thinks about their bodies.

No. 718066

People actually pay for this pointless shit. I'd be astounded but then I remembered his fans have about 2 collective brain cells between them.

No. 718070

It's tragic that someone like James Jackson (Onision) of Gig Harbor WA has guardianship over two small children. CPS has failed those kids.

No. 718071

The most astounding thing is that Greg has such a repellent personality that it makes his foot of a wife seem normal in comparison. Idk if having 2 brain cells is excuse enough to pay for this shit.

No. 718077

He is literally stunted

No. 718080

Don't give her any credit. At most she's either sick or she really was crying the last month non-stop while Gronk was yelling at her.

No. 718081

she literally says she is sick in the video. How can anons speculate when it's right there in front of them?

No. 718083

and both bpd and c-ptsd are caused by trauma (well, i think the exact cause of bpd is debated, but it is believed that trauma heavily contributes to it). so, if sarah did actually have either, it could be argued that greg and kainey contributed to the development of the disorder by grooming her.(armchair)

No. 718084

It would make sense. It would explain the sharpening jawline, and acne.

No. 718085


She has a cold. The sharpening jawline and acne is likely because she's malnourished. Not eating properly due to the stress perhaps, or feigning 'anorexia' to Greg again.

She's fake trans, she's not going to start taking hormones guys.

No. 718086

Especially without a teenage girl for Greg.

No. 718087


how does he not realize that there's no way a statement like that makes him look good? even IF you assume he's telling the truth (which he never does) then it just looks really bad that he somehow "randomly" ends up associating with mentally unstable young women so consistently. he's basically admitting that he preys on that particular subgroup of young women. how is he that dumb?

No. 718091

If she was on testosterone she would have found a way to mention it 50 times by now even with her currently hiding from the internet. If everyone doesn't know about it and consequently feeds her with validation and compliments about how brave and stunning she is, it doesn't count.

Besides, at the end of the day, Greg does not want to fuck a man so all her transition is ever going to be is clothes and hair.

No. 718093

If this shit actually goes to court, and he tries to make allegations that she's mentally unstable 1) it will still be largely irrelevant because "kid's crazy" is not a defense against grooming or the evidence on that laptop, and 2) since the situation is murky, if anyone involved has a decent lawyer, Sara will probably have to do a psych eval…not gonna armchair on the results of that here, other than to say "victim of abuse with PTSD" seems a lot more likely to be the professional opinion on her experience than "psycho BPD ex defaming honest yootoober"

No. 718099

shitpost but this email always makes me think of that michael scott scene

No. 718100

He said something about people being obsessed with his micro-peen. To no one's surprise, waterbrain doesn't understand the difference between obsession and abject ridicule. He doesn't get that they're laughing AT him, not with him.

No. 718101

>we have piles of evidence waiting

What evidence do you bring to court to prove you didn't fuck a minor? It's kind of hard to prove the absence of something. Generally you're found innocent in cases like this because of a lack of evidence against you, not an abundance of evidence in your favour.

This moron is probably gonna roll up to court with screenshots of his own tweets.

And considering how much he milked A's e-mail to him to show she lied, I have no doubt that he'd have already spread any "evidence" he did have.

No. 718102

>wife was trying to pursue a degree and career in mental health
>husband puts this bullshit online where any potential employers can see

They deserve to live on the breadline.

No. 718103

I can only go by personal experience. Abusers and predators, the ones that fly under the radar, present a very dishonest face to the world, a superficial veneer of decency, intelligence, or even friendliness that tends to put people off their guard. Often there's an extreme split in the personality like John Wayne Gayce and Ted Bundy, who were pillars of their community; both actively involved in politics, charity, etc. That's not to imply everyone who's doing good in society is suspect, rather, unlike predators, genuinely good people don't live these double lives.

People like Onision love to virtue signal: I'm vegan/vegetarian, I recycle (he did actually make a point to mention that lol), I support gay rights, etc., but his "goodness" is superficial - he's not good on the inside. If he were, he wouldn't treat people the way he does, he wouldn't have a long sordid history of abuse/predation, and then pretend he's a decent human being while making it very clear he has no remorse for anything he's done. He's no better than a Gayce or a Bundy in that respect.

No. 718105

Narc brain makes Onion crave all attention, negative and positive, and because he's such a narc he believes when people hate him it's because they want to fuck him or want to be him. There couldn't possibly be anything wrong with the Onion, king of FAXXXXXX.

No. 718106


Oh, he knows. He's just hoping that he can gaslight us about it to get us to stop. 'Oh, you're not ridiculing my penis, you're OBSESSED with my penis!'. He's hoping that we start questioning ourselves because of his words, and stop doing it just so we don't appear 'obsessed'.

It's textbook gaslighting. He wants you to question your own feelings and how you appear to others, to make you feel insecure and so do what he wants you to do.

He's crap at it and so to us it just sounds stupid, but even being crap, it does work on young, vulnerable people (or people who are in a position of receiving constant emotional abuse).

He just doesn't realise that it sounds utterly stupid and nonsensical to anyone else, especially a whole group of people who know that everyone involved is ridiculing him and are not obsessed.. Most of his spergs are the result of his manipulation not working on the masses ('haters') and him getting frustrated about that.

He can't control the situation with his emotional abuse/manipulation like he can in arguments at home with those confused teen girls, but he tries. Bless him, he tries. The utter dumbass.

No. 718107

File: 1570882484123.png (46.28 KB, 496x501, Screenshot (82).png)

looks like the roasting he was getting on Facebook has got to him kek.

No. 718108


"Everyone who has tried to say I'm wrong has only proven me right… my proof of that? Because I say it is so!"

How can ANYONE take this moron seriously?

No. 718109

Grugly is trying SO hard to have that entertaining back and fourth banter most podcast hosts have with each other but my GOD is his attempt terrible. I don't think there's anyone on social media with sense of humor worse than Gurp's. There's never any wit or cleverness. He's not even funny in a slapstick sorta goofy way. He's just throwing incoherent HAR HAR ICECREAM BUTT, retarded questions at Lainey for literally the entirety of this 9 minute video and interrupting her every time she attempts to answer/react. And he REALLY expects us to believe Skye's intellegence and humor had no hand in helping his channel be initially noticed? She deserved far more than 90k.

This is seriously unwatchable. I only stuck around for the baby carrot comment and as another Anon pointed out, Lainey definitely does NOT deny his baby carrot status.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 718110

lmao i almost understand why plainey always has a monotone voice and deadpan look on her face i'd be dead inside too having to deal with his 2nd grade "humor"

No. 718111

>"People who use meds have contacted me and said yeah dude, I'm right… which you know, doctors agree with me etc ~ so that helps. Get help, like, in a positive way"
Except all the evidence points in the opposite direction, Greg. Nobody has contacted you, they are leaving your patreon. Medication does not help in this case, but you keep screaming into the void as your world falls apart.

No. 718112

His Facebook is getting less engagement than most high schoolers’ social media kek. I give it a week before he moved back to Twitter bc he misses the attention

No. 718113

He is getting shredded in EVERY post he makes on FB. Plus all he can do is delete comments. We all know he has better things to do than delete FB comments such as fake patreon pledges, sock accounts, doing stupid 2009 skits etc.

No. 718116

random, but I wonder why he doesn't thirst over Jesse Paege anymore? he doesn't follow her on Twitter anymore
I guess she got too old

No. 718117

kekking at
>Onision is asking for donations

So he's back to blatant e-begging then.
edit: I just peeped the ad for World Food Program. Is that why he's asking for donations?

Ok, so he makes his patrons deal with the "mean and hurtful" comments. People who literally pay him to work for him. People who have proven many times to be mentally unstable. And he makes them look at criticizm and "hate" that's not directed at them but at Greg.
He has no ground to stand on and complain about treating people like slaves. Big wow.

No. 718120

I personally love that their podcasts are now a Lainey patreon exclusive even though her true fans have expressed that they fucking hate JJ

No. 718121

It has been proven over and over again that these 2 only have each other left.Despite her fans saying they hate Greg in her videos. She does not care for her brain-dead fans unless they are sending her gifts. Nobody with a clear mind would colab with these 2 parasites.

No. 718122

Eh, maybe he migrated to fb because he knows the people living in Gig Harbor have a presence there. He might be waiting for legit hateful comments and death threats in order to show the residents that he's innocent but it's just the internet jumping at him, as always.

I hope people keep calm over there and focus on criticizing him for grooming minors and him being his hypocritical self.

No. 718123

Oh yes, she's modding for sure. This sterile, imbecilic rancid old cunt is so far up gerg's ass that she revels in being the Den Mother of Morons on his discord.

No. 718133


Thats just the thing most of us never need to pretend "we're the good guys", theres no need to since we don't fuck people over on the daily.
There's tons of people that give to charity and never once mention that to anyone, they just do it out of the goodness of their heart and knowing they are helping people in itself is their reward.

No. 718134

File: 1570888741544.jpg (110.84 KB, 1012x438, Screenshot_20191012-095803.jpg)

KEK, his latest video has only gotten 8k views in 17 hours.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 718136

File: 1570889223163.jpg (235.45 KB, 1077x936, Screenshot_20191011-124429_Chr…)

If you feel that way Greg then there's something seriously wrong with you. Friendship isn't conditional, you either are someones friend or you aren't.
What you do, thats called using people.
And you're supposed to be the good guy? I'd tell you what you keep telling people with BPD and thats to find some serious psychiatric help.
I say psychiatric, not psychology, since you're gonna need some meds.

No. 718137

File: 1570889482312.jpg (170.25 KB, 1075x625, Screenshot_20191011-125423_Chr…)

Greg really needs to learn the difference between fact and opinion, he seems to have a lot of difficulties differentiating between the two.
Might I recommend he try this game:

No. 718138

How are you 33, married, and friendless? Sad is what.

No. 718139

It’s just his “HooOmUnz” patreon video reuploaded, spouting his usual cult-like waffle

No. 718146

That’s right, Jimbo. The other kids hate you because they’re jealous.

No. 718149

Is she talking about her and lainey moving in together here or her and Gregma? Also is there any more info on Greg cheating on lainey with Sarah/what led to this? Thanks anons(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 718151

File: 1570892983671.jpeg (113.61 KB, 750x646, 8B8C5DF2-98C3-4F7F-8A2A-355E33…)

Forgot pic

No. 718153


This argument is circular and literally just does not make any sense. "Society rejects me because it's stupid, and the fact that they reject me is proof that they're stupid"?

No. 718158

Her and Krainey.

Deeper into insanity we go!

No. 718159

because narcs really always do this. they can't shut up about themselves and over time reveal all kinds of shit that they didn't want anyone to know. plus, he's stupid.

No. 718163


Honestly waiting for someone to slip a link to his voicemail where he self-identifies as having BPD in the comments.

No. 718168

This honestly looks like something I would have written in 10th grade.

No. 718169

Educating strangers, I'm dead. Educating on being a primitive Greg? Cause boy, you're excelling at that.

No. 718170

File: 1570896173876.gif (3.96 MB, 497x273, EF6237B6-88AD-438E-A4B7-D2907A…)

>I rejected YOU society, I DUMPED your mentally unstable ass REEEEEE please move on

If someone edits onions face to pic related I’d be forever grateful

No. 718171

Kinda tinfoil but also maybe not considering a lot of the comments are also guessing at it, but here Jeffree asks Shane who might've started the rumors about him earlier this year, and they bleeped out/mosaic'd an "influencer" which could've been Onion. Wonder if he's going to react to that in any way. 29:45 if my timestamp doesn't work.

Also if true, kek at calling him an influencer.

No. 718173

not sure if anyone noticed this but i decided to make a short edit

No. 718174

I buy this theory, and it’ll tear onion boy up knowing he’s been mentioned but bleeped on a video that gets more views than his whole channel(s) has over the last 3 years

No. 718177

Wasn't the entire context of that clip about who might have / would have coordinated an attack like this on both of them at once? I don't think that Shane would honestly believe that Onision could coordinate his way out of a fucking paper bag. I don't believe he's that concerned with him.

No. 718182

Well he didn’t fuck a minor so I this case I assume the evidence he thinks he has is about grooming a minor. He will likely show messages that show she “wanted it”, or maybe even messages showing her “crazy” behavior.
But those will be pretty weak for evidence against a young girl. He’s a grown ass man and should’ve known better.

No. 718183

>I just saw the new Joker movie

No. 718186

If his goal on Facebook is to make the local moms look him up and see his rants in order to “prove his innocence” , then he is in for a shock.
Cause These posts make him look insane.

No. 718187

Watching Kai's reactions to greg in the last video pretty much proves that she's peaking. She is completely tired of his shit. They finally appear together for the first time in a month, and he tries to get a rise out of her by asking controversial questions? The more uncomfortable she gets, the harder he laughs.
Her strategy to get away from the drama is to borderline disappear, while she has to watch Greg "trolling" and adding fuel to the fire daily. I have no doubt a divorce is coming. The longer Kai is offline, the more she will realize that she's stayed with Greg all of these years largely to 'prove the haters wrong' about her marriage being a sham. When it continues to just be her, greg, and the kiddos, I bet her newfound gender identity will become a lot less interesting to maintain too.

No. 718189

File: 1570902664818.jpg (80.06 KB, 750x649, literallyme.jpg)


Greg is the very embodiment of this meme.
He thinks he's both L and Light of Death Note, he thinks he's the Joker, he thinks he's Jim Carey, he thinks he's.. well everyone who's half edgy and talented.

Spoiler: He's not. He's a middle aged edgelord cuck with no talent what so ever, in any field, and a two digit IQ.

No. 718190

File: 1570902976013.jpg (219 KB, 750x649, 1570902664818.jpg)

fixed it

No. 718191


Also a deeply childish behavior pattern I might add, its what kids do, like little ass kids. Go outside and play Harry Potter or Optimus Prime outside in the playground after they saw the movie.
Then again those little kiddies forget about it after a day, Greg however still obsesses over Death Note and Heath Ledger's jokers 10 years after.

No. 718194

Really? I got the opposite impression.

She does seem tired and flat but is still clinging to loving him just as strongly. Her nightmare is about losing Greg. She genuinely laughs at his stupid dick joke. If anything this videos shows she’s unrepentant about the part she played with Sarah and really did only care about Greg. She looks worn down but that’s probably just because she has to do all the housework and childcare now that she doesn’t have sarah or another girl around to play mommy.

No. 718197

I'll believe it when I see it, anon. Taylor seems to have been completely over it for ages, but hasn't made a single move to leave. I will believe she has remorse for her role in the child grooming when she reports herself and Greg.

No. 718202


Anyone still theorizing Lainey will do anything is wrong. Lainey is a wet towel. She won't do anything, ever, but wear make-up and baggy sweaters saying she "looks daddy as fuck." Whatever the hell that means.
She's about as useful as a cock flavored lollipop.

No. 718210

Grugly's ARCH NEMESIS made another video.

Top Greg

No. 718221

i can’t view this or download can someone reupload?

No. 718223

Most of those paltry views are anti-O's and LE.

No. 718224

She knows her fans can't stand him. All she can do is kowtow to him like the doormat she is. She doesn't care about her fans anymore than JJ does.
Yeah I sensed his attempt at mitigating damage there. Big LOL.

No. 718227

>My discord friends are in their 20s and 30s
>I'm going out of my way to let everyone know this because those people calling me a pedophile are obviously lying
>It's not like I don't have a history of preying on minors and I'm only going to repeat this same pattern of predation the first chance I get

No. 718228

Pls lurk more. This >>718056 was a tagged response to that vid.

No. 718229

>Muh haturz are all high schoolers REEEEEEEEE
Guys, I think he wants to fuck us all.

No. 718230

The mentally stunted mongs who pay him for his content do, apparently.
It's only a matter of time before they all start turning on each other like they always do.

No. 718231

File: 1570923093317.png (1023.12 KB, 1310x2494, Patreon perks OCT 2019.png)

>People literally pay him to work for him.
Not just that, they pay for access to his Amazon wish list, his PO box, why his very company is a solemn privilege that requires substantial fees.

My personal favorite is the $1000 meet up at the bottom. He has approximately zero fans who make that kind of money. He's probably hoping anti-O's will be dumb enough to pay out of their ass for his bullshit. All he's proving is that he has even less respect for his fanbase than we do.

No. 718233

Could someone mirror the videos he posted on his encore channel today?

No. 718234

I'm glad Rep went over that because I can't be arsed to wade through the long winded spergs of that mental pygmy. Like the truly insane, he just repeats himself over and over.

No. 718236

File: 1570924156061.jpg (22.95 KB, 782x180, Kai mental torture.jpg)

I noticed that too. His expression changed the second she said that lol. Absolute manbaby. The entire video reminded me of something Sarah said, that what he does to Kainey on a daily basis amounts to mental torture. A sane person with self respect would've left him by now. No wonder Kainey became a child groomer.

No. 718237

File: 1570924626260.jpg (158.31 KB, 947x1200, D6afBNBW0AAvz8M.jpg)

But remember Grug was going after Shane calling him a pedo and sperging about how mean Jeffree was and calling him a pedo too, around the same time. Grug may not have been doing it covertly like a mastermind but he was definitely actively fuelling the lies about Shane and Jeffree.

No. 718249

LOL when was that? That's quite a yarn he's spinning. How many times does he need to be outed as a pathological liar before he realizes no one takes anything he says seriously? e.g. "I'm going to kill myself" >>717993

No. 718250

He's been making covert and overt mentions of it since it came out. He really has a "poor misunderstood lil' me" persecution complex. It fits right in with all his other delusions.

No. 718255

>likes to pretend he's a decent human being
Not only that, he makes fun of and insults the women coming forward, and mocks their stories of abuse and suffering in his videos, like an adult would.
All good points. He's still a waterbrian but a manipulative, gaslighting one who wastes copious amounts of time and energy trying to appear like something he's not.

No. 718256

TBH I do believe something like that may have happened with Jeffree (Jeffree's gross as hell) but I agree with you, that Onision may have been trying to push the Pedo issue. He's very hypocritically.

Also by Onions rules, If Jeffree did that why didn't he go to the police for sexual harassment? Since he didn't go to the police it means he's a clout chaser trying to get attention because he was rejected by the mean gurls of youtube.

It didn't happen, according to his rules.

No. 718257

"Binky's Facts And Opinions" kek.

He's going to keep slipping and revealing who he really is, he can't help it. Gig Harbor mom's are in for an eye full on FB.

No. 718260

When he asked Lainey why she married him >>717946 I immediately thought of that tweet from Sarah. (Sham) marriage goals.

No. 718261

Is there a mirror of that podcast ? the link given earlier doesnt work

No. 718270

>My being rejected by society means I'm no longer like them
Well he is right. The majority of society isn't like him, a pedophile/child groomer/serial abuser/predator. Got us there Gerp.

No. 718278

Sage, as it's OT, but I was thinking about the video hosting issue with Google drive. Could the patreon anon create a throwaway YouTube/Gmail account, upload videos as "Unlisted" onto YouTube and post the link here? Only people who have the link would be able to see the video, and, as a bonus, if it gets copystriked by Gorg it would only mean that Gurg lurks here and just has to read about his baby carrot and all of his failed attempts at damage control

No. 718279

File: 1570928821766.jpg (100.39 KB, 849x692, EGuAbBmWsAIDWy6.jpg)

found this art on twitter and it gave me a giggle.

No. 718283

This depiction is highly inaccurate. His face doesn't look diseased enough.

No. 718286

Someone able, PLEASE paste an ugly Grug face on this! It's otherwise perfect.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 718287

make it fatter and more like an old dyke

No. 718288

I've tried this but the videos still got copystriked. Right now I'm experimenting with bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/XFsUHR2JPxy0/

No. 718289

head's too small

No. 718293

So this confirms that he lurks and has to read about his babycarrot and how no one listens to his 'logic'… Also, he's aware that the majority of his followers are just lurkers.

No. 718302

File: 1570934614254.jpg (378.04 KB, 849x692, pedonision1.jpg)


don't worry i fixed it

No. 718303

perfect, his face was too normal in the original art

No. 718307

getting my thread pic vote in early on this one

No. 718308


Perfect, 10/10 anon. Love to see PredatorGuyKrai, too.

No. 718309

File: 1570935997249.jpg (1.37 MB, 818x2615, Trash Onions.jpg)

The reason they're both constantly covered in acne is because they perpetually live in their own filth. Surprised they're not sick more often. (I think the black dog is Leeloo?)

No. 718310

>So this confirms that he lurks
We've known that for awhile.

Mikenactor (youtuber) said that Grub pays a third party company to DMCA videos for him. Whoever it is, they keep near constant vigilance on YT.

No. 718311

Black dog is caterpie the really cute one they got rid of

No. 718313

This was after his Shane "documentary" around the time of the James Charles fuckery.

Everyone Grug doesn't like is a sex offender/pedo apparently - Shane, Jeffree, Repzion, his dad, e.t.c.

No. 718315

Agreed but it also confirms that Grug is a big pussy and just stayed silent and took it if it's even true. I'm sure he made some offensive jokes and Grug took it personally and exaggerated, knowing Jeffree couldn't possibly remember what he did or didnt say to this psycho.

No. 718317

Noticed that too and the way Shane's mouth move does look like he is saying something similar to Onision but we all know if Onision was the one who started the cat rumors he would never shut the fuck up about it and go on some holy crusade for the next 2 decades. So all in all probably just a coincidence imo.

No. 718321

No offense anon, but acne is a genetic or and or a hormonal condition. Even if they are dirty, there’s people that have never washed their face ever, and they’re fine.
Lainey has a deepening voice, acne, and her body seems to be changing. I would bet she’s on T.

No. 718322

he strips the oils from his skin with constant showering so most likely has a sebum problem, also plays with his hair/fringe (bangs) a lot and transfers the bacteria from his hands to face. I also doubt he washes his pillowcases. also the fucking GREASEPAINT he uses as foundation on the daily.
since he lurks: greg, you're making it worse lmao. maybe he likes it because it makes him relate to teenagers.

saged for most retarded sperg of all time but it's so SIMPLE

No. 718323

Say what you want about JS but if he actually did say this to him that's fucking hilarious. However given ogreasion's pathological lying I doubt he's ever even met Jefree.

No. 718327

Sage for off topic, but I was in a 9 year abusive relationship with the emotional tactics extremely similar to onision with lainey, and it honestly took me a whole month away from my husband with my family to even begin to comprehend the yeah he had been treating me was completely fucked.

Not excusing lainey in anyway, but when your cut off from your friends and family, your "normal meter" is so thrown off, I was agreeing to shit I now see is so fucked up.(No1curr)

No. 718328

File: 1570940619362.jpg (485.91 KB, 1440x1159, Screenshot_20191013-051814_You…)

Sage because not sure if brought up before, but in Jaackmates podcast iNabber says that Shane Dawson reached out to him because of his Onision video. So Shane picked him to be in his doc to mess with Greg. Love how Shane manages to make these little jabs at Onion without giving him views.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 718329

Acne is also caused by bad hygiene, which the Jackson's have demonstrated in spades. I don't know where the T tinfoil's coming from, Lainey said she had a cold (which can also be caused by poor hygiene).

No. 718330

One of my favorite Onision hypocrisies is that he was upset with AJ because of a "sensual" massage with a friend, and yet used that same excuse to morally justify giving Billie a massage.

No. 718331

For the nth time she's not on T. She has a cold, which is why her voice sounds slightly different and she's always had bad, acne prone skin. She's been crying for literally a month straight while her retard husband yells at her and no doubt stressed to the max and neglecting hygiene. That's why she breaking out and looks like shit overall. Enough of this stupid tinfoil. Seriously, if she was taking hormones then Grease would be all over that trying to deflect from criticism and saying that poor Kainey is crying because he's going through a lot of changes etc etc.

Gregma's terrible skin is a different story; he showers like 5 times a day so his skin is dry as fuck (remember that one video he made of him peeling off dead flakes in the bathtub?) so it overproduces oil to compensate, he constantly touches his face and hair which spreads it everywhere, and like someone else said he also wears a ton of foundation which he never washes off properly.

No. 718332

You have to actually put sage in the email field for it to do anything.
I'd forgotten how absolutely filthy their home is. That's enough for a parent to not want their child to go over. It looks like they never take out the trash, just throw it outside.

No. 718334

Taking T requires a prescription which in turn requires a gender therapist to diagnose her and Anus will never let that happen.

No. 718335

>What I think is far more important is the call outs done by Jackyln Glenn and Repzion to deplatform Greg.

It's good Repzion, Jacyln, and some other medium sized channels are involved. The hour long video Rep made keeps gaining views. I'd still like to see larger youtuber's cover this, not just for the exposure but for the fact that they tend to hold more weight in the community. It's up to the community to do something collectively. Idubbbz said he didn't want to give Onision any views, which is fair enough, but now that several of his survivors have stepped forward they deserve the attention and the voice Onision once tried to deny them. Channels like H3H3 should be covering this.

The kids channel Greg collabed with that took down their video last month said that they weren't aware of Greg's predation until people started leaving comments on the video. People like Keemstar would also help spread awareness.

Hopefully the larger channels with over a million subs/views will step up and start taking action because the parasites that own and run that platform have shown they're not interested in removing, let alone investigating the fact that there's a predator abusing their platform. Only if you whistle 10secs of a copyrighted song will those bloodsuckers make a move. Good job GoogleTube.

No. 718338

Lame won't even see a doctor for her supposedly crippling anxiety, let alone to start the process of gender counseling to get on hormone therapy.

No. 718343

How the fuck did CPS think it was ok for the kids to live like that? Gargoyle and Footface are absolute disgusting pigs

No. 718345

I remember hearing when I was growing up that CPS could legally get involved if a kid had 3-4 days of unexcused (without a doctors note) absences from school. I don't know what the "rules" are today but if they're anything like what they were back then, CPS as an agency is mostly trash. The system is broken, it's useless.

No. 718346

She's not, and she'll never get on T because she's not fucking trans. She always had acne, she always had a big manly chin (we compare her to Social Repose for a reason) and her voice sounds a little deeper because she has a cold

No. 718347

they live like stereotypical poor white trash. this is so bad, those fucking kids and those dogs, jesus.

No. 718349

File: 1570946782001.png (91.07 KB, 686x441, THE CLOWN WHO SHALL NOT BE NAM…)

The pics with the little kid are from that collab vid that got deleted.

What's kinda weird to me is I'm assuming they saw the place before they started filming? After scouting the location and seeing all that trash, why would they agree to collab? Unless it wasn't there during the initial walkthrough?

No. 718351

File: 1570947170395.jpg (558.5 KB, 1273x359, Onion's 2019 house yard.jpg)

For perspective, this is what the yard looks like without all garbage in it.

No. 718354

Wow, it actually looks great when it's well-groomed, but I guess they've been too busy grooming teens instead.

No. 718355

File: 1570949298072.jpg (107.65 KB, 810x1200, sperg about internet.jpg)

He's made a few statements along the same lines as this one, so I just wanted to point out that the "impotent internet" got his collab vid >>718349 removed.

Logan Paul will get what he deserves, Onision, just like you.

Daddy of 5 was deplatformed by the "powerless" people who spoke out against him. You're not special, bud.

No. 718361


Whenever I see these tweets, I always get a “catch me if you can” kind of thing.

I’m in the UK and our laws are super strict on all the things onision is doing, so am I right in assuming the US police won’t do shit about this at this point?

No. 718362


Hate to break it to ya, but our laws arn't any more 'strict'. Onision hasn't broken any UK law either.

No. 718363

File: 1570956402619.gif (230.53 KB, 480x374, giphy.gif)

Got blocked from his Facebook, my comments were removed too so either this gif or this classic song another anon posted a long time ago (still applies) did it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0atv9v2nNww(Cowtipping )

No. 718366


Coercive controlling behaviour is legally recognised as a form of domestic abuse in the UK since a few years ago, which he absolutely could be found guilty of based on the stuff the exes have come out with. It's obviously not guaranteed that the courts/police will recognise it but one of the sad things watching this from the UK is that his 'ah but I haven't broken the LAW' bullshit wouldn't fly here

No. 718375

File: 1570968924388.gif (3.65 MB, 497x273, onion reeeeeeee.gif)

No. 718377

Oh god could you imagine if JS gets Billie on as one of the people to test out their new palette?

It would completely mess with Greg but also she’s attractive and relatable enough that it might help them. JS is always on the lookout for unknown beauty people so I would t be surprised if they brought in a group of unknowns to try it out.

No. 718380

I really hope that happens one day, the sperg that would follow would be glorious.

No. 718382

Imagine having this as a neighbor

No. 718386

File: 1570972859522.png (681.11 KB, 934x565, WAAAAHHH.png)

I could get past the trash since Onion is the last house on a dead end street. Dont have to pass it and see all that shit. What Id hate is hearing him screaming and crying outside in his yard at all hours of the night making his "hilarious skits" Plus from what his neighbors say he has flood lights all over the his place pointed directly at them.

No. 718387

Old Greg video in which he sperges out about his small dick size, trying to convince the ladies how small = good. When you watch this video you can make the conclusion that Gregs weewee is smaller than 5 inches.
Which ironically is much smaller than Chris-chans who, and I quote, has "dang near 7 inches".
Another area Chris-chan is better in than Greg.(do not link to gregs youtube)

No. 718388

File: 1570972909757.jpg (17.88 KB, 755x141, farms.jpg)

One more thing, Greg and Lainey definitely read here. This has been confirmed now by Sarah, who they used to put on "farms-duty"

No. 718389

What I don't understand is why the parent, after seeing this literal filthy dump with their own eyes, let the kid do his thing for a YouTube video. I'd be afraid the kid would hurt himself or cut himself on something there just lying around, and I'd have to take them for a tetanus shot. It's all pretty disgusting, all the way down.

No. 718390

It works for me if you dont play it on Google drive, I just open it in chrome instead

No. 718395

What is with these retarded anons pushing the idea that she's transitioning lmao reeks of newfag. She's fake. Grug wouldn't allow her to get on T as that would mean touching her hairy body. She needs a diagnosis to get on testosterone and last time she she had to go to a doctor, she pretended she was still breastfeeding and couldn't get her wisdom teeth out. That and Grug would sperg his pea brains out.

No. 718397

Never doubted this for a second. He cares about himself and people's opinions of him more than his own family.

He hates everyone but himself. He's not capable of love.

No. 718398

They got rid of Leelu too. Now they just have Dobbs and Blossom, that absolutely huge new dog.

No. 718399

such an animal lover.

No. 718401

Agreed. The only world in which I could see him pushing her to go on t is one where he has a new teen lined up and really wants to permanently disfigure Lainey before he leaves but I honestly don’t think he cares enough. I don’t think he loves or respects her but he doesn’t seem to actively hate her because she’s been a loyal doormat through and through. That’s all hypothetical tho and ultimately you’re right that top surgery and t are not going to happen because 1) he is straight and doesn’t want to sleep with a transitioning woman 2) she’s not really trans and this is prob more of an identity crisis brought on by years of living with greg/emotional abuse

No. 718407


I feel so bad for Leelu, she was their dog for around 6 years and Kainey gets rid of her like she's nothing.
I hope she has found a loving new home.

No. 718408

There are plenty of informed consent clinics Lainey could sign a waiver at in order to get a T prescription essentially no questions asked. That's pretty basic knowledge in the trans community, so I assume she's just unwilling/unable to see a doctor because of Grognard.

No. 718409

I still don't understand what was so annoying about her they had to give her away? All Lainey would do is call her annoying in videos but never gave any real reasons why.

No. 718410

As long as she's in a loving home she's in a better place. I'm pretty sure she was the dog who was so afraid of JJ that she would sometimes just piss herself in fear

No. 718411

I agree anon.That broke my heart. Animals are supposed to be part of your forever family.Most people I know have photos of all their pets since childhood in photo albums along with their human fam.They become a part of the family narrative you tell your kids and grandkids.How could they throw her away like that? She wasn't aggressive or dangerous. Behavioural training & simply taking the dog for walks and making sure she wasn't bored will do wonders for a dog's temperament. Wasn't Leelu elderly? Older dogs can be hard to find new homes for.Shows he sees animals as disposable things, not living creatures you love as family.

No. 718412

In one of his videos Greg said that whenever Greg got too close to Leelu she started to pee all over the floor. I remember that clear as day because I found it really heartbreaking.

I've suspected that she was terrified of Greg and that's why she did it, but it might also have been a health condition.
I'm not sure whether she just started peeing upon seeing Greg or if it the same with Lainey as well.

No. 718413

Leelu is chubby and has very short legs, so she requires special care. Dobbs is the good dog because Grug and Kainey got him when they had just moved in together and that reminds both of them how "uwu happy" they were. They'd never get rid of him. They only got Caterpie because I assume one of the kids wanted a puppy and something about looking more decent human beings. Point is they only "love" Dobbs so it's good that the other two found better homes. I'd be willing to bet they'll get rid of the new dog in a year or two, sooner if he becomes annoying.

No. 718414

His poor kids.Reading abuse forums, it seems to be quite a common hallmark of narcs to have a revolving door of pets. Many on those boards described coming home to find the narc parent got rid of the family pet(which like Gerg's pets were often neglected or obese or abused) for flimsy reasons & then replaced with another which they then got rid of for similar bullshit reasons.They especially got a kick out of doing it if the kid was emotionally attached to the pet. Remember how casually Greg got rid of the guinea pigs even though it made T cry? Promising to get a new dog was to supposed to make it all better.He doesn't get that when you lose a pet, you miss THAT pet. They were unique little beings. You can't just replace them like shoes.Oh I forgot.In Gerg's narc brain you apparently can.(Armchairing )

No. 718415

yeah spontaneously getting rid of a beloved pet is not good for a child's emotional or social development. it fucks me up to see the kids and pets living in all that garbage, let alone that these people somehow managed to have TWO CHILDREN who survived infancy. i doubt either parent has a clue what they're doing. really hope someone comes in and rescues those kids soon (and preferably the pets, too).

No. 718418

I assumed it was the barking. They couldnt control those two dogs from barking at everything and everyone and the neighbors were complaining and the shock collars were doing nothing to stop it.

No. 718420

Unfortunately,from my experience, unless the pets or kids are being physically or sexually abused, or the parents are involved in dangerous illegal activities, it's VERY hard to get children or pets removed from a home if they're fed & have basic necessities.Emotional abuse & neglect is hard to prove, & the system is overloaded with kids who are in immediate danger. The only chance those kids have is if Greg & Kai go down for CP or grooming & Kainey's parents sue for custody.Gerg has even made this hard, as it sounds like the kids rarely even see their grandparents, & I bet Greg has made sure the idea of going to live with grandma & grandpa would be scary to them. So of course they're gonna lie & say daddy is the best daddy ever cos they're terrified it could be worse than it is now.

No. 718421

Fucking abusers of vulnerable dependant beings will fucking get what they're due.
The power dynamics inevitably changes. Kids grow up. Parents grow old.

No. 718430

I wonder if Sarah will still have sympathy for Lainey as time passes. Lainey has been mentally damaged by Greg, but can she ever really redeem herself?

No. 718432

Really? I don't remember anything about that. If so, wow, he's such a scumbag

No. 718433

Jeez I'm sure he would yell at and shove his dogs. Probably just pushes them away if they get too close.

No. 718434

Barking for help, of course

No. 718443

Leelu is adorable. I'm sure she found a new loving home, where her new owners don't overfeed her, don't care for her and abuse her so much that she pees.
I'd like to know who her new owners are. They probably could name a lot of reasons why they think Leelu was abused.

No. 718444

All of this talk about how they treat their animals makes me wish both of them would get the most painful form of some chronic, incurable disease that worsens gradually over a very, very long length of time.

I just can't take defensivless, pure beings like animals and young kids being harmed and neglected.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 718453

I'm hoping one day they fuck with the wrong dog and it mauls Onion Boy, honestly.

No. 718462

yeah we’re having a sad time on lc right now. if you ever had a pet you loved or have one right now how could you not cry thinking of how bad leelu had it with them and knowing his kids and their other pets are getting the same treatment? it echoes back to him saying the girls were terrible druggy criminals when he allowed them around his kids which no one believes but is questionable parenting the same as how he treats their pets. don’t forget he has a body count of pets he killed through neglect and poor care. he wants to sperg about his baby dick but the real facts are he’s a shitty neglectful person who shouldn’t care for any living thing ever. those poor kids and pets. fuck lainey too.

No. 718464

He claimed he bulldozed the wetland for their kids safety because the bushes were hurting them, but look how much trash he has all over his backyard which can potentially be dangerous for children. He doesn't give a shit about his kids, he only uses them as a shield

No. 718466

i know, dude. i knew families growing up (my own included) where the children either lived in squalor or experience significant emotional/mental/physical abuse but for some reason or another CPS didn't do anything. you can keep your kid home from school for a long time without the school taking any action, trust me. if he wanted he could fake homeschool his kids without having to teach them anything and he'd be able to get away with it.
i doubt grog's daughter is enrolled in pre k where she has any hope of being socialized. our only hope is that CPS gets called enough times to warrant further investigation into the family, or that the rumors get him into some serious trouble with the school and they decide to look into it. i am honestly rooting for the facebook page moms over here because hell hath no fury like PTA mom on facebook. those rumors are spreading fast.

No. 718472


On Caterpie: Greg got rid of the kids gerbils because he couldnt be bothered to care for them. The kids were upset when the gerbils were going, and so Greg promised them a puppy instead to shut them up - that was Caterpie.

Yep, they cba to care for gerbils, so instead opted for a puppy. Greg and Lainey logic.

No. 718473

File: 1570998284136.png (317.7 KB, 641x405, Capture _2019-10-13-17-20-08.p…)

Anyone noticed he purposely put a super unflattering image of Lame on his Twitter header? Maybe they have been fighting and he's being passive aggressive to her. I remember after Billie left him he changed the thumbnails of some videos she was in to unflattering images of her…

No. 718476


It's probably just only frame where he looked good and doesn't have anything to do with Lamey

No. 718477

yeah but he looks weird too

No. 718481


Agreed, people are far from powerless. The more people talk, the more likely that companies will cotton on to the fact that their advertisements (and subsequently, their brands) are being associated with someone accused of multiple instances of abuse. Guilty or not, this will not go down well. As soon as YouTube actually starts to lose revenue from his escapades then their hand will be forced. I suspect they're currently only keeping him around because they're not losing money from doing so and therefore have no reason to care.

No. 718485

Leelu might be a little on the older side but as a purebred dachshund (and a very cute one at that) I promise she's not languishing in a shelter. Purebred dogs always get picked up very quickly.

The only shot he could find where he's not looking at his footwife in utter contempt, maybe.

No. 718493

abusers love photos where their target looks bad. makes them look better. it's totally on purpose, even if done subconciously(Armchairing)

No. 718503

That header and icon with his WinDswept EmO hair (all taken indoors, of course) and unflattering photo of your wife

No problems here

No. 718505

I would t be surprised if he was doing this to be passive aggressive to her. He could also be using it to make her feel like she’s crazy or he’s the only one who loves her with a “you look good in this photo even if you think you’re ugly you’re crazy. I always think you look handsome even when you don’t think you do or the internet doesn’t think you do.”

No. 718514

Slightly off-topic, but here's an interesting perspective on Onision's fans

No. 718515

Creepshow is a cow

No. 718518


The tl;dr of this video for the people who don't want to watch, a lot of the fans aren't attracted to him, are only there for the comedy, don't like the drama but remain fans because anti-os are too preachy.

No. 718521

She has a thread? Also completely disagree I think his fans are all idiots.

No. 718522


and the sample size is small so it represents only the people in it, not necessarily the community at large.

also, it's funny because she was preachy in the video and i found it over the top and annoying.

No. 718529

"They are only the for the comedy" his comedy sucks ass, I seriously question the mental capability of anyone who finds him funny in the slightest

No. 718531

Just to correct you a little: they were guinea pigs. Also Madison took them in, so at least we know they went somewhere they'd be taken care of. I so hope Leelu and Caterpie found loving homes, they're both the cutest pups…

No. 718542

File: 1571012830426.jpeg (32.99 KB, 750x236, 1568580181809~2.jpeg)

They gave Leeloo to a friend, she wasn't put in a shelter. But Caterpie was in fact put in a shelter according to Sarah

No. 718543

The daughter is going to school, apparently a mom on FB got pictures of him dropping her off. Or stated that her daughter goes to school with her. I remember it being mentioned.

No. 718546

She does bare minimum videos that only gained exposure because of greg.
I doubt she's that serious about it since she seems busy with irl shit.
There is only so much that justifies endorsing a known pedo.

No. 718547

We've known this for years. Sarah sperged out on here once too.

No. 718551

Yeah I’m not sure I believe the majority of his fans are older fans (as in, fans for a long time), and are only there for comedy and not drama/his appearance. All the comments I see on Instagram and twitter seem to prove otherwise. Insta is just full of tweens calling him “daddy” and complimenting his looks, and twitter is full of people saying they are fans because his vlog style videos “helped them”.

So regardless, her sample size was small and likely only older fans that are prepared to rationally defend themselves would bother to respond to her request for interviews. So of course they would deny the stereotypes.

No. 718563

File: 1571014177802.jpeg (477.93 KB, 816x874, middle aged emo.jpeg)

Not being attracted to him, I can believe. Anti-os being too preachy I can also believe, but comedy? What comedy? This tard literally thinks smearing period blood on his face is comedy.

No. 718568

samefag. The top and bottom pics are 2-3 years apart.

No. 718575

General timeframe for this? I wanna look for it in the threads but don’t wanna get banned for asking to be spoonfed lol

No. 718587

The mom said he was behind her at her daughters school pickup, asking if he had a young child. Troy is in school, he’s five. Cloey is only two lmao, she turns three later this year.

No. 718588

It does looks like a bladder leak tbh. Probably a UTI from the whole living in his own filth situation. I see incontinence in his near future.

No. 718592

Since we know for a fact he gives no shits about his kids or pets, one has to wonder what his real reason was for dozing the wetlands.

No. 718596

Doesn't having flood lights constantly pointed at your neighbors house violate some sort ordinance? How is that even legal??

No. 718600

File: 1571017639149.png (1.43 MB, 810x1200, Oscar-can.png)

They live in their own trash like Oscar the Grouch. The only difference is Oscar is actually likable.

No. 718601

>Grub pays a third party company to DMCA videos for him.
>they keep near constant vigilance on YT.
He or someone he's hiring is keeping the same vigilance on twitter because people are reporting being blocked without even interacting with any of his tweets.

No. 718602

Isn't the poorly hygienic environment proof enough for them to be quite in trouble with CPS? There's not only quite a few testimonials but video/photo evidence as well.

No. 718604

I think Philip Defranco would be a better choice than "DramaAlert" Keemstar, although he did also cover DO5. Whatever will help spread awareness. A lot of larger channels covered the DO5 situation, which has me wondering why they're not doing the same with Onion (as of yet).

No. 718605

Bless you sweet sweet anon

It's really not surprising as that's how they see people too - completely disposable. Neither of the Jackassons understand what it's like to have a real connection or care about another person. They threw away and tormented all the various young girls they groomed and "loved." This is also the manchild who publicly says friendship if pointless - seriously, wtf. He and Honolkai are incapable of understanding/appreciating one of the best things in life (friendship) and they never will. They are damaged fucking trash

No. 718606

>i am honestly rooting for the facebook page moms
It'll be great when they find this >>717618 and Greb's torture/murder vid >>717752

That's gonna go over real well.

No. 718609

>she’s not really trans