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No. 770670

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time in the Swamp Shack
>Greg releases a draw my life style video about he and Lainey's relationship with Sarah and somehow even makes them look worse. >>763166
>Greg puts out a video saying that the coronavirus isn't a big deal and only stupid people are concerned for their health. >>763858
>Greg starts an onlyfans account. >>764525 The content mainly consist of poorly done 3D models of Greg with a baby carrot >>765180, models of women being abused and acting out his fetishes, old content such as photo shoots >>765213, Julia Lovedoll >>768771 and past chapters of his 'erotica'. He seems pretty desperate because every day he's advertising a 'limited' amount of 50% off slots.
>Greg angrily tweets that he's not poly anymore and that all people under 18 should be banned from the internet. >>765055
>Greg tries to twist the narrative, stating that he has dated many 20 year olds by listing his ex's current ages. Of course he's too much of a pussy to state the age they where when they started dating. >>765085
>Greg takes some heat after it is found out a 12 year old signed up for his onlyfans. >>765337
>Possibly due to the lack of attention and diminishing views, Greg starts responding to people on twitter. He comes off as unhinged >>765357 but of course he was never upset, he was just trolling guys. >>765397
>Steven from news week interviews Onion's father >>765448 and Greg is NOT happy. >>765495 Here is some insight on how it's like to try to interview Greg. >>766001 Link to newsweek article. >>766410
>Greg demands attention from Chris Hansen, he sets a date in time for an interview without the slightest bit of consideration for Chris's schedule. >>765615 >>765972 Chris tries to set up a time and place >>766054 but of course Greg can't stand not being in control. >>766068 In the end there was no interview because Greg kept insisting on doing the interview live. >>766122 It's still pretty amusing how Greg acted all big and tough while demanding an interview >>766276 >>766277 but when Chris was at his front door Greg hid and called 911.
>Greg needs attention so he opens himself up for live debates. His main tactics are deflecting, ignoring, and blaming others. >>766442
>Greg goes on the Killstream for an interview. >>766766 Highlights are Greg gets fake emotional about Chloe falling out of the window and gives us an updates saying that she still has a limp. >>766766 Greg also gets told that he was molested by a teenage girl and Greg can't fathom how that's a bad thing. >>766735 Lainey is now taking medication for her anxiety and depression. >>767318
>The final proof of repair for the wetlands has been pushed back, possibly due to Covid 19. >>766916
>Greg puts out a blog basically admitting that he's looking for a third and the only reason he's not poly is because Lainey is giving him a hard time. >>767318 He goes on to say in an answer on tumblr that he feels like his life is missing something with out a third in their relationship. >>769544
>Greg gets 'diagnosed' with adjustment disorder by a therapist. >>769254
>Now that his views are tanking and he's desperate for subscribers on his onlyfans, Greg has started putting out 'meltdown' videos again. >>769600
>Greg promises a full frontal on his onlyfans. To no ones surprise he photoshops himself with a womanly face and a vag. >>769765

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No. 770681

Hey thanks for the new thread, the thread pic is brilliant btw.

No. 770700

File: 1587578350609.png (170.03 KB, 580x806, Namnlös.png)

Lol at Onion pretending not to know who luxymoo is. It's been a while since he tried his hardest to convince into a threeway

No. 770711

Perhaps he's playing dumb or he's tried to push a threeway with so many girls that he can't remember who he tried to stick his dick in. Ether way it not a good look.

No. 770712

Oh thank God for a new thread

No. 770717

You know when he's panicking when he starts desperately denying anything despite hoards of proof out there that anyone can access. Screaming into the void on twitter isn't going to stop the police report you overbaked beetroot.

No. 770719

Shit’s goin’ down

No. 770724

Lol and he lied about how old Billie was when she met him

No. 770731

He never ended up meeting her and she was of age, so it's not like she can really do much in the way of reporting him, but he's an idiot to act like he doesn't know who it even is. She's shown on live stream his emails/messages as well as screen shots of him being a creepy asshole. He's also addressed her in the past as well saying 'they lied to you'

No. 770737

I don’t think she can do much in terms of pushing charges obviously but I do think she can make a character statement or something along those lines.

I think Billie’s in the same boat. He didn’t do anything illegal with her (cheating on your wife repeatedly isn’t illegal after all) but her experience does help illustrate how he’s a threat to young girls and creates an unstable home environment for his kids.

No. 770743

He literally talks about Luxy in a whole video called 'we moved on, you should too' on his speaks channel.
He had an earlier video mentioning her too called 'People who were caught cheating' on uhohbro, but he deleted it.

No. 770744

I found it interesting how he said he got diagnosed by a therapist, but people in Washington are social distancing due to Corona and on Tumblr he said he hasn't left his house in a month. He must have used that shitty Better Help app that many people accused of being a scam or he took an internet quiz from some website he found

No. 770748

Or he looked at his old military documents

No. 770749

She can also give statements about inappropriate behavior she witnessed between Lainey and Sarah since they were both usually flown out at the same time

No. 770750

You can still have therapy sessions over video chat. I’m still doubtful he was actually diagnosed by a real person and not a “what disorder are you?” bullshit quiz, though.

No. 770756

Even if he was diagnosed, this is one of hose "how much can you even share with someone in an hour or two".
How would the psych know what kind of bullshit has been going on with Jimmy for the past decade. I seriously doubt he would tell it like it is either.
So I'm taking this diagnosis with several grains of salt.

No. 770763

i hate greg but i honestly don't think anything is going to happen to him, legally, sarah had a chance of going to lainey with possession of child pornography, but for some reason, she was too lazy to do anything with that laptop, so nothing will be done against either of them legally
he found loopholes in the system to technically not be breaking the law lol
krai on the other hand is dumber and wouldn't be surprised if she sent/received many pictures of her arbys number 1 to multiple teens

No. 770764

he always pretends not to know people to make himself seem "so uncaring of what people say about him online". even tho no one would be surprised if he lurks these threads constantly. he even re opened his tumblr asks because he can't deal with the lack of attention

No. 770767

No psych would diagnose someone in one session. In my experience, no less than 2, but usually 4. If he went to a therapist or psychologist they focus more on addressing negative thoughts and behaviors to improve your mental state. They can and will diagnose (usually if they feel the person would benefit from one or needs to be medicated), but again, it's not a one 50-120min session thing.

So yeah, he probably took am online test or a suggestion

No. 770775

Especially after those emails surfaced, the investigation became a big joke. Even LeafyIsHere is laughing his ass off on Twitter cause someone linked a video of his as "evidence"

No. 770783

File: 1587610413611.png (Spoiler Image,454.29 KB, 640x1136, C6B6EF84-61A5-47D8-BC0E-04EA4A…)

Not to nitpick but that’s not a c-scar. Making such silly claims devalues the legitimacy of this thread. I guarantee it’s LAMES vjay in the picture but that’s not a c-scar unless she had an amazing amazing doctor. Which I doubt.

100% he remembers luxymoo. He is teu By to act like he doesn’t to emphasize how she’s a nobody. She is a nobody just like Greg but she absolutely has evidence of his psychopathic manipulative behaviour. It’s just a way of ellegitimizing her and making her feel insignificant like he is to YouTube. Jeffrey Starr won’t acknowledge his existence so he’s trying to do the same thing to her. He’s butt her he isn’t relevant so is projecting on a poor barely legal girl ten years his age. He does this with Hansen acting like 60 is mega old when most adults you deal with are between the ages of 30-60 and he’s doing the same thing to her but in reverse

No. 770785

How can you guarantee it's hers? With the sea of free nudes online it didn't even cross my mind that it's hers.

Unless if you have personally seen it, then I'm sorry and I hope your soul recovers soon.

No. 770786

File: 1587611452076.jpeg (Spoiler Image,230.02 KB, 640x653, A27B3576-1469-4C5F-849B-AE2CFA…)

100% it’s hers with absolute certainly based on tweets like this…. he even admitted in his discord on Sunday how this tweet referenced an anmi where a guy a guy (a cartoon man mind you) fucked another anim cartoon in front of a window and it was super super hot because the man was humiliating her. He cailmed it had nothing to do with his daughter and was all about humility a woman well she was raped in full view of the public. It’s on one of discord’s from this weekend too lazy to pull up. So yes I’m betting a trillion dollars this is Lames Vjay because he admitted that humiliation and public sex turns him on

No. 770787

that is a huge tinfoil which has no foundation honestly. It's not impossible but I think it's extremely unlikely.
Also anon, are you drunk? Your posts are nearly illegible and not integrated.

No. 770788

File: 1587613802652.jpg (31.16 KB, 583x204, fdfffdfdss.JPG)

He talked about how he googled cock shots when he made that 3 penis shoop. Im sure he did the same when he needed to add a vagina to that photo. The joke among those ladies that first came out against Onision and Lainey is that she has an Arby's #1. I assumed it was because Sarah has seen it and shared that info with the rest of the girls. If the shoop'd vagina looked more like meat curtains Id believe your tinfoil that its Laineys.

No. 770789

The thread was full so I forgot about saving the video for the thread but it's on kiwi farms. He posted an old video he made with Lainey on twitter same day he released that photo. It was like one of his gay motivational videos and talked about stretch marks and showed Lainey's. That photo looks like her stomach with the stretch marks. A c section would be higher up where the womb is.

Onion is a freak that can't help but give hints and spoilers to his gay low brow content. Pretty sure he out his wife's vag in that pic. He's also before tried to muddy evidence by releasing his own in perculair ways. Wouldn't be surprised if he plays this off as Lainey's nude or some shit down the line.

Baffling he's keeping up with the onlyfans shit, even his own fanclub when the feds are looking into him for predatory behaviour.

No. 770790

File: 1587613993014.png (40.44 KB, 897x348, Instagram life.PNG)

Is Greg doing a quid pro quo for some prospective new "trinity" member? He doesnt want them giving their IG timeline as proof they aren't a troll, he wants something more substantial before he lets them in?

No. 770794


Didn't Lainey have both kids naturally? I vaguely remember reading something that suggested Greg demanded sex while her vagina was still recovering from childbirth and it caused a whole load of problems for her.

No. 770795

File: 1587621984486.jpeg (198.66 KB, 640x585, 57408D63-B29D-464A-B4D7-E532BA…)

2:26 mark anon. He talks about how a cartoon he watched turned him on because of public humiliation during sex. So there isn’t a doubt in my mind it’s Lame

Sorry English isn’t my first language

No. 770799


What a joke lmao. What are those people thinking? Really just hoping YouTube permanently bans him since this investigation has been one fumble after another

No. 770800

When it comes to Youtube banning people you have to take into consideration that accounts far worse than his are still up. YT just doesn't give a shit.
Him losing his Patreon was the best thing that happened through all of this.

No. 770801

Having YouTube ban or suspend his channels would be a win for him. He could play the ultimate victim. Its better watching his recent videos barely pull in 20K views after a week. Let his YT career die a slow death. Its more entertaining to watch that way.

No. 770803

I can imagine the nuclear narc rage that would ensue if his YT channel was being suspended or removed. I'm not a betting man but i'd bet cold hard cash that he'd sockpuppet the shit out of Youtube trying to barely scrape the numbers of subscribers he has. Probably even coordinating people through his discord to do his dirty work for him.

The humiliation fetish was pretty apparent with Gurg from the time Shiloh told her story on Chris Hanson's show with the whole headshaving thing. Every girl that disappoints him in any way needs to be shamed and made to be groveling to his feet for mercy. Pure sociopathy. This is just speculation but maybe in his past, Onion was rejected by someone and never went beyond the fact that he could be rejected. With fame coming in through the banana song, he got a rush out of that power and ended up at the point where we are now where 3 level of law enforcement are breathing down his neck. It's already bad news when the regular cops come knocking at your door but now, we reached a critical level of "Yeah naw Greg, Doubt you will be able to talk this one out." He should make use of the little time he has left a free man to look up "infamy" in the dictionary but I assume he is so fucking delirious and self-absorbed that he doesn't understand the difference between celebrity and infamy.

Speaking of infamy, this morning, Drama and Opinions reported that Gurg has rebirthed his forums again. That is probably the stupidest fucking idea he could have ever pulled at a time like this. He just handed a bunch of arguments and evidence against himself to law enforcement on a silver plater. He could have just outright said "This is a pattern of behaviour I can't help myself from doing" at this point. It's hard at times for me to make out if he's being this stupid by trolling or just he is legit fucking dumb.

No. 770804

I'm sorry but I gotta ask: how do these two pieces of trash survive? Taylor's Patreon makes her $100 after taxes, and Gregory's joke of an Onlyfan can't make much more than that. Their Youtube channels are either dead or demonitized. I get he lied about the level of financial trouble he was in and they sell some of their stuff sometimes but that can't cover it all… I hope they're contacting loans left and right then get even more fucked.

No. 770805

Ive read in earlier threads that some anons theorize that they are living off the money they made selling the second house, the one that Greg used for making skits that was basically vacant except for a couch.

No. 770806


I wonder how long that can that last to support a family of four, Greg's IRS and wetlands woes, and his supposed plans to take repzion and the correct chris hansen to court

No. 770807

File: 1587632394910.jpg (109.39 KB, 697x678, San Antonio.jpg)

It's a bit embarrassing reading through all the emails to the sheriff department and just seeing endless links to YouTube videos. This is exactly what people were told not to do.

The audio and video request from San Antonio is intriguing though, I wonder what that's about.

No. 770808

So he's acknowledging the case is real now?
Also kind of worrying tinfoil here, is there a possibility that in the last bit "you know false reports ruin a case right?" he could be trying to encourage his pig de la coins to make false reports to muddy the waters?

No. 770810

File: 1587634231515.png (387.08 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20200419-111629.png)


Screenshot from said video. Strongly strongly doubt its lame. The belly button doesn't look the same at all and not sure about the scars either. This is an older video so yeah she might look different now but I'd imagine another child wouldnt make your skin less saggy and stop it drooping above the belly button

No. 770811

Coincidentally, Skye and Greg got married in San Antonio

No. 770816

How funny wouldn’t be if all this is just cringe shit that was allowed to be released because they are actually about to hammer him down for money laundering or some shit like that. Like other anons have speculated, where do they get their money from? Also… honestly who “needs” or wants an audio of a parent calling ambulance for their injured child.. it’s just creepy. Greg is the cow but I feel a certain respect needs to be shown for Cloey, it’s her trauma after all and the world doesn’t need more details about it than we have already.

No. 770833

File: 1587646307887.jpg (203.01 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20200423-084644.jpg)

I'm really looking into FBI investigations and what it means to be perused at a federal level. Y'all, being investigated by the FBI is a big deal. Really. I found this figure from 2009/2010 showing how often federal investigations result in indictments. I recognize this information is a bit dated, but I did want to go ahead and provide it. From what I've read, FBI indictment and conviction rates have gone up in the last few years, so I assume the percentage of indictments would be higher in a more current chart. For what it's worth, during this timespan in 09/10 approximately 84% of federal investigations resulted in an indictment.

Another bit of information I found
>For 2012, the US Department of Justice reported a 93% conviction rate.

Hopefully I can put together a better representation of numbers later when I have more time. I at least wanted to put into context how truly fucked Greg is because I keep reading over and over that nothing is going to come from this. The numbers prove that to be very unlikely.

No. 770834

The stomach is Onion's, the region around the vagina isn't. Those marks aren't his. Unfortunately be pretty hard to get confirmation on who's vagina he's using as paid content on his site.

No. 770835


Thanks anon. I'll keep my expectations low but Greg facing serious legal consequences would be nice after he's been harping on and on about the law being on his side

No. 770836

Greg May never see any actual jail time, but the police are definitely not on his side. They’re watching his every move just waiting for him to fuck up. (Interview with that one guy on Hansen’s stream proved this)
He’s probably become a joke in their office. His neighbors hate him, the local law enforcement hate him. They’d probably love to get rid of him. I definitely wouldn’t call that “on his side”, bht we all know Greg is delusional

No. 770839

Yeah, it took then 4 years to delete Elliot Rodgers channel and he was a literal mass murderer

No. 770849

The report mentions just Dobs, so I guess they got rid of Blossom already like they did to Leelu and Caterpie. That didn't last long, they had her for less than a year.

No. 770852

Good it’s probably better that all the dogs make it out of that house…

He loves to humiliate his partners but why risk putting himself in potential legal trouble by posted what could be seen as revenge porn?

Only one of the involved girls could really confirm at this point tbh.

I hope the tinfoil around this dies down though because I hate seeing this picture again and again.

No. 770878

Has Lainey successfully managed to stay off the internet this whole time? She won’t do anything with any of her old accounts obviously because she would get an avalanche of hate but in the past when she went quiet she would always have a few secret accounts to post sad song lyrics and whatever else.

I can’t imagine her posting all her emo stuff or fake pining for a girlfriend to her Facebook where she has family and friends. Where’s her outlet now?

No. 770881

Probably her fake boi friend and various discord channels. Who knows, maybe the Queen of anxiety is actually focusing on her kids since Onision blamed her for Cloey falling out the window and she's a known local train wreck. I bet she's glad for lockdown so her kids don't have to go to school.

Onion does a lot of stuff that any sane person in his position wouldn't do. If he also has got his oaypigs to falsify fake reports that's perjury. He's a stupid twat. Literally he would be no where if it wasn't for a woman to mooch off.

I'm pretty sure his sister Johanna is the one who got him in the airforce as she's a pilot and seems actually competent and well liked. His mum had to fight his corner a lot in highschool. The Banana Song went viral when Skye was his editor and he had her to fine tune his ideas. Shiloh got him infamy. Billie brought him back attention from the masses again. He's the most pathetic cuck alive. Now he's making fake porn. As much as he wants to pretend he's desired he knows rightly his little cock is ugly and unimpressive. So he has to use an anonymous vagina to really gear up interest in his content. Or fake tits. Or a female sex doll. All he wants to do all day is hatefuck women, doesn't matter if they're related old or young. He knows he'd be nothing without a woman.

No. 770885

Good point. His channels were dying before Sarah came forward. Billy the Faggot said in Nicholas DeOrio's livestream chat last night that Grease was ready to quit YouTube and get a normal job before Hansen the charlatan started bringing him attention again. To think he would probably be gone right now if that circus never started

No. 770886


Wasn't greg talking about applying to work security at some point? Seeing how obsessed he is with control that would be a nightmare. But he doesn't bode well with authority

No. 770887

Sure as soon as Hansen moved on from Greg he started doing the boring freak outs again, posted the full frontal nude, unprivated the onision prime twitter so everyone he had blocked can engage with him again. I'm glad we're getting to witness his demise rather than him scurry off unhindered. It's satisfying knowing all his neighbours hate him and people take his photos in public to mock him.

If freakshows were still around Greg could get a nice gig at one of those. For us all to point and laugh. Wonder what type of CV he'd prepare for a real job. Another reality check awaiting him in the near future.

No. 770903

He checked IDs and guarded a chain link fence entrance in Korea, that was the whole of his security work in the AF. Any employer is going to look at his work history gap and wonder why he went from an early discharge from the Air Force to never having another employer for over a decade. I doubt he would get past the first interview for mall cop.

"I was a YouTube influencer for 10 years, you must of heard of Im a Banana?
"Im Onision.
"OH! You mean the guy Hansen tried to bust for diddling kids?"

No. 770936

File: 1587691458699.png (238.98 KB, 610x732, Capture4232020_657.PNG)

I dont understand why Greg is tweeting on his OnisionPrime acct then retweeting it on his main Onision acct. Why not just do all his sperging on his main? Is there some Twitter advantage to doing this? Is it a way of saying shit hes afraid may get his account banned so hes doing it on his side account then retweeting it to get it out more public?

No. 770937

God his profile picture is so cringey. That's some deviantart shit from 2012.

No. 770947

Cross promoting? Stupidity? It’s anyone’s guess.

My question is why is he back to tweeting to defend Lainey again.

Is he trying to provoke the deserved ire of the internet for Lainey so he can showboat and defend her? Doesn’t he realize no one thinks she’s the victim anymore?

No. 770949

File: 1587694129403.jpeg (126.6 KB, 1079x679, B1700A85-0E44-4B7D-A479-CED6D4…)

No. 770950

Im glad she feels strong enough to confront him but I hate that hes probably creaming his pants that he got one of his victims to interact with him again.

Lmao on the likes difference between his tweet and her reply though.

No. 770957

Exactly, bad idea to engage as it just gives him ammo, unless that is the purpose? Trying to trip him up into saying something he shouldn’t? He’s definitely saying this type of thing to get a reaction though so I’m mad she took the bait but yea, glad she’s not afraid to show she’s not intimidated by him & the difference in engagement definitely shows the popular opinion of most.

No. 770965

I hope this makes him narc rage

No. 770966

yep, iirc a couple threads back there was a screen cap of someone on Twitter saying precisely that regarding it being their own old creation that onion apparently outright stole to use suddenly or something.

No. 770972

I watched the end of Hansen’s Lifestream about him going to jail for human trafficking. I think there’s a good chance of him going to jail for that since Billie and Sarah Were not allowed to leave the house alone and they had to be the ones taking care of the kids as well as cleaning the house with the fake promise of being paid and even romantic relationships. Not to mention being signed into fake NDAs and had to be punished with branding with a tattoo. If all the emails sent to the police department are deemed credible even if it’s full of unnecessary information then you know it’s about to get real.

No. 770975

onion bringing up 'cheating' exes like hes so righteous to call out cheating - bitch wasn't your spouse talking romantically to regina who was also a minor when she was dating billie?? why tf does he always leave that out? where's the honestyyy

No. 770978

Nothing Hansen says is credible though

No. 770984

You're a newfag if you think Billie was never paid. Why do you think he emailed her about the taxes aside from an excuse to talk to her?

No. 770997

I'm with >>770887 on this one. It's been a shitshow and he did manage to profit off it to some degree, but I'm glad things blew up the way they did. He's hated by his community and has resorted to wearing disguises in public. His patreon was shut down too. He's miserable and what little money he did manage to get off the drama will only last him so long, especially with the IRS and wetland situation both knocking on his door.

It's funny really. How he changed his and Lainey's name to try to hide and then it all blew up in their faces. The internet isn't going to allow him a quiet exit from this into a normal life. This shit is going to haunt him and that's honestly pretty hilarious and well deserved.

No. 771000

I honestly think the money and the fame were the only reason he got Billie interested in him
She used to be kind of a Star-fucker and date "scene" YouTubers
lel, he had to bribe her with things like clout and money to keep her interested, and now he barely has either

No. 771006

Oniin bribing girls to fuck him like he did with Billie is why there were normal looking girls pining for him. He's an ugly fucker with a shite personality, of course he had to give Billie around 10 grand in make up, money and accessories to keep her enticed. How quickly did Maya nope the fuck out when she saw the Greaseman in person?

Wish Greg would be a little more honest about his life. He is attracted to barely legal teens and hates any type of person that could be deemed popular because he was a victim of bullying in highschool. He made various future boards with all his significant partners to manifest youth and fortune throughout his life because he's a vapid shallow unintelligent piece of shit. He has proposed to three different teenagers and he's only 35, he married two teenagers and divorced Skye for a new 17 year old. Then rebounded to Lainey after the pop star figured she could take his money and shag someone else. He hates his rebound wife and uses her to recruit other teenagers he might have more fun fucking. Except Onion doesn't get satisfaction from love only being vengeful and an edgy retard. It's a damn shame he has reproduced and I feel completely heartbroken for his kids. Wonder if Greg will be in jail before Cloey and Troy can ask him why he was such a piece of shit to mummy and what he actually does for a living.

No. 771009

Onision is his own worst enemy. If he wasn't such an autist and thought if he repeated ad nausem that he's honest people will like him and not think he's an insecure freak that preys on vunerbale girls. Instead it translated into him having to divulge every sordid aspect of his life to remain the selftitled Most Honest Youtuber.

People cheat on their partners and spouses all the time, his criminality comes from the fact he wants absolute control over his sexual partners and has concluded teenagers are the easiest to manipulate. If he could have just found peers his own age to shag behind his wife's back he could have went unnoticed. He's such a raging retard that in the pursuit of having terrible sex he's committed a number of offences, such as violating the Mann Act, enticement of minors, physical and psychological abuse, harrassment, collecting inappropriate images of minors, having various channels used to distribute nude photos of minors and fradulant management of finance.

He probably has so many fond memories of his childhood crushes because he didn't have to pay anyone for their time. He's probably too proud just to find a prostitute to fuck, or revolted at the thought she would be more experienced than him. Everytime he makes a freak out video he may as well just be screaming "I'M SO INSECURE! I'VE FAILED AT EVERYTHING! I'M NOT A SUCCESS IN ANY AREA I FOCUS ON!"

No. 771018

His freak out videos are definitely just a way to try to squeeze out any last drops of money and attention but now they’re not even working as well as the did in the past.

How will he get attention now? He can’t hog Lainey’s videos because she’s in hiding, he can’t get another exciting new girlfriend to pimp out for content…

Will he go back to his old plan of getting a “regular” job? I don’t know how that would scratch his itch for attention but with Lainey not churning out money from her stuff they have to be getting somewhat tight on finances. I think Lainey will probably try to get a normal job once the kids are both in school.

No. 771031

File: 1587757640785.jpg (272.46 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20200424-214622__01…)

His staged freakouts weren't getting the views anymore, so he's back on his bullshit

No. 771034

Why doesn't he care so much about his own wife's eating disorder? Regina confirmed Footface starves herself

No. 771035

>she needs him now more than ever
Isn’t she recovered/recovering now? In her recent pictures she looks much healthier. Is he implying she looks too fat now or something?

No. 771036


No, Eugenia just has the audacity to not recover as quickly as onion thinks she should. He wanted her to be more filled out by now so he can perv over her.

No. 771040

How did Shane ever help her? He just exploited her "recovery" but he never did anything to help her when she was dying. Grease is just looking for an excuse to mention Shane, his biggest obsession

No. 771044

If Greg wants attention he should shove Kai in front of a camera, that'd get him views. Probably not that much but considerably more than he's getting at the moment.

No. 771047

It also wouldn't surprise me if he was deliberately trying to trigger her into a relapse so he can profit off her again. Although I think it's more likely he's just wanting to perv over her and feel like her saviour when she does get to his ideal size. His books show he's got a saviour complex and gets off to 'saving' damaged girls. He really thinks Eugenia is his Abbigale from that garbage first book he did. He's a fucking moron and I know she never will because she doesn't like confrontation, but Eugenia needs to take some kind of action against him to get him to stop, because he's going to kill her

No. 771051

Agreed. Scraping the bottom of his old bag of tricks isn’t going to pull views back in anytime soon.

It’s obviously sad that he’s still trying to harass an ed sufferer for money and still trying to get Shane Dawson to interact with him but ultimately it’s not attention grabbing. How many times has he done this now? 1000?

His stuff is stale without bringing Lainey back in or a new girl to make new drama with.

No. 771052

she hasn't even done anything in what, a year now? he's not a hot topic right now and neither is eugenia, for that matter. onion used to be very good at getting himself negative attention but now he can't even do that right.

No. 771054

She's not in perfect body condition to "carry his seed" yet. You know, a woman's only value is carrying Jimmy's seed.

No. 771068

File: 1587776050174.jpg (621.09 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200424_204850.jpg)

Did some research. During this time-frame in 2010 (I used 2010 since more data is available) 84% of all federal investigations resulted in charges. For the entirety 2010, the federal conviction rate was 9 in 10. Of those convicted, 8 out of 10 received prison sentences. According to these cold, hard numbers, Greg is far more likely to be prosecuted and convicted than not. And is almost just as likely to receive a prison sentence. Keep in mind there are NO federal statue of limitations for the types of crimes he's likely to be charged with.


No. 771069

File: 1587776078592.jpg (344.15 KB, 991x1113, Screenshot_20200424-075230.jpg)


No. 771070

File: 1587776111387.jpg (284.5 KB, 1016x933, Screenshot_20200424-075319.jpg)


No. 771071

File: 1587776178674.jpg (228.22 KB, 733x600, Screenshot_20200424-083554.jpg)


Sorry for multi-posting. I tried arranging these screenshots in one big image but it wasn't readable. I have a few more for those interested.

No. 771073

File: 1587776528560.png (933.7 KB, 1196x978, 1587776124463.png)

Wonder what attorney is losing their credibility tomorrow?

No. 771074

Didn't he say he was gonna stop showing his ugly face cause he doesn't want to be "famous" anymore?

No. 771075

That's an old filtered photo of Grease, he must be starved of compliments lately.

No. 771082

Click bait, it’s just going to be another tarded skit.

No. 771083

I thought about this as well. I hope it's real, though, it'd be interesting to listen to.

No. 771084

I know, but if he wants to hide his face then why isn't he doing it altogether?

No. 771086

I'm gonna guess its either John Swan or some douche related to the Killstar podcast who claims to be the know it all of the law. If everyone finds out on who this guy is then he's gonna get flooded with evidence that his potential client is a lost cause who actually admits to the things he had done.

No. 771087

Him hiding his face cause he doesn't want to be "famous" anymore doesn't make any sense. People are still going to remember what his greasy caveman face looks like as he's been unfortunately showing it for over 10 years. They won't magically forget what he looks like just because he put a mask on. He's insecure about getting old and (even) uglier and is too much of a narcissist to admit it, so he made up that retarded excuse to why he stopped showing his face.

No. 771088

File: 1587784254061.png (200.27 KB, 1652x544, Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 11.0…)

lmao onision copyrighted my tweet about a video i made compiling all of the gross shit he did and caused my account to become locked. loser's getting desperate for attention(cowtipping)

No. 771093

Haha that's insane, how the fuck did he manage to copyright claim a tweet? He must be big mad no one gives a shit about viewing his content on his sites.

No. 771094

nah, if it's real and not a skit, he wouldn't consider posting it unless the lawyer tells him exactly what he wants to hear.
his comment on "private citizens" makes me think its going to be another sperg about trespassing

No. 771095

>its going to be another sperg about trespassing
Lol, I didn't consider this. You're right, there's a high possibility that this is just going to be 20 minutes of him asking the lawyer ( or "a lawyer" ) about Hansen trespassing.

No. 771102

File: 1587787781342.jpeg (316.47 KB, 1125x796, 54879D5F-0697-41A0-8FDE-0ADBAF…)

Wasn’t sure about posting this here or in the Shane thread but Jeffree Star will be interviewed by Chris Hansen. It will probably focus on Dahvie Vanity but they may touch open Greg(offtopic)

No. 771110


because if he does anything to get his prime account banned, his main account is left in tact since all he did was retweet another account

so effectively he is able to post on his main using the other account as like a buffer for when he inevitably fucks up

No. 771114

So he's disgusted by anyone trying to date him because all women are psychotic homewrecking BPD druggie freaks, but he's actively egging on his stans to take a "Would Onision Date You" quiz?

He is absolutely desperate for anyone besides Lame to fuck, now he's just dogwhistling for the person who is naive enough to still fall for that soulmates twin flames bullshit

No. 771127

So basically a degenerate will talk about another degenerate to a scammer.

No. 771129


Not even about Onion. This is more likely about that Blood on a dance floor singer.

No. 771153

File: 1587832434300.png (70.04 KB, 689x340, Capture _2020-04-25-13-31-40.p…)

If only he put that effort into child proofing the windows instead. Cloey's skull and brain would be intact and she wouldn't be walking with a limp now

No. 771156


I never heard about any wasps, did he kill them while he was killing the wetlands? Anyways where was that energy when he was having sex in front of 'a child'

No. 771160

His sock account in kwifarms keeps bringing it up to prove what a hero he is for killing wasps to protect children, but besides that I never saw anyone talking about it either

No. 771161

He made a sockpuppet on kiwi farms and in his numbered points of why everyone is wrong he brought up that he killed wasps as a saviour. Everyone called him out for pulling shite out of his ass so he used another sockpuppet to ask a question on tumblr that corroborated his story and that was last week and he's still going on about it.

No. 771172

Oh, and now he thinks he's extra smert, right? kek

No. 771175

Wow, this actually upset me. He's so consistently subhuman vermin that I got used to his hijinks, but that managed to make my disgust for him spike to a new level.

No. 771192

his only fans has leaked

am I allowed to post a link or is that against the rules here?

No. 771193

Anons posted the pictures in the last thread.

No. 771194

Please let it be Nick “Trustafarian” Rekieta. I would never ever stop laughing.

No. 771196


After looking up who that was, it really seems likely

No. 771205

Lol Nicky Rackets strikes again!

No. 771208

The Anti-O's are rabid morons but even despite that I refuse to believe they would sperge out about you killing a wasps nest.
I do agree they're a joke though, hell they've been a running gag here for as long as I can remember.

No. 771217

File: 1587860432174.jpeg (411.89 KB, 1598x1876, 024036BF-9566-4AB3-B99B-9354C0…)

From kiwi farms

No. 771218

File: 1587860483347.jpeg (522.5 KB, 2000x1882, 06A1BFDE-1B53-4468-97C8-8033C1…)

Wait, he has ginger pubes??

No. 771220

ew, no. he probably shaved and irritated the skin red so it just looks orangey but its not

No. 771224

Stop spouting this retarded sock tinfoil every time.

No. 771226

It's literally not been discussed that much on this thread… Don't take it so personal.

No. 771227

Wow he is in terrible shape. He's got sagging skin too, guess he saps all the moisture out of his skin with his scalding showers 6 times a day. Come to think of it that's probably why the skin is so fucked on his face it's probably all burst capillaries from the heat.

No. 771228

pasty. doughy. covered in moles? no thanks.

No. 771235

File: 1587864541815.png (35.96 KB, 585x550, onisionbigscam.PNG)

No. 771236

Lol at him flexing his flabby dad body as if he's a hot greek god. I can only laugh, that's truly pathetic. Btw nice pouch, his pouch and Foot's are matching.

No. 771243

File: 1587870095913.jpeg (190.47 KB, 1080x1920, 9D1F9D09-E719-4DBB-8DC8-BAC702…)

Missed another one!

No. 771246

I am begging you to spoiler these.

Why is he taking the more genuine approach or only fans now? Maybe because he can’t solicit lewds from his young fans he’s settling for giving them lewd photos of himself.

No. 771250

Same guy did some research into how onision has created a flow to traffic to get kids/teens to click through his YouTube channel to get to his tumblr where he promote his porn content and can hide from parents that their kids are getting access to the 18+ content because it’s billed to his YouTube. It’s actually a pretty good read. Here was one of his tweets that sums it up kinda:

Here’s the thing:

The funnel from UhOhBro to Greg’s 18+ Discord and OnlyFans has zero legitimate age vetting.

Do you know any other instance of a kids YT channel segueing into an 18+ chat community, forum & blog that promotes rough, humiliation and degradation BDSM?

No. 771251

I literally think he got offended when he started to get called out for being obviously jealous of girls being able to monopolise their own bodies on onlyfans that's he trying to make a point he too is sexy and desirable. Which evidently, not the case.

No. 771268

yeah his body is gross but look at the wall and door in the background. GAG

No. 771275

Its the left over grape juice that splashed out when he poured it over his head. He never cleaned it up. Give it a few weeks and the smell will be stomach

No. 771276

These are equally hilarious and disgusting.
Why at 35 does he have such a shrivelled old man claw

No. 771288

Goes to show that neither Gurg or footwife is the "man of the house" and maintaining the place. I can only imagine what the children have to live with.

No. 771317

Uh don't you mean Jaclyn Glenn Grup? Because she was the only one that actually did anything to get Eugenia help. Your senpai Shane just exploited the situation for views by hopping on EC with a camera crew as soon as she got out of rehab, asking all these questions about her recovery when nobody really knows if she recovered or not because it can take years to actually recover from an eating disorder. But she has a vagina so obviously she just needs another whiteknight to come a long and talk some sense into her right fuckhead?

Lmao they're both liars and cheaters. Narcs always accuse their victims of what they themselves are doing, is it any wonder that Grug has pretty much called everybody who didn't go a long with his programming liars and frauds? And that Lame accuses all these women of being fake and disloyal to her uwu? Please. Lame is a completely fake person, she has no identity outside of larping as a smol gay fakeboi and being Onion's ol' ball and chain, and when was she EVER loyal to any of these girls? She was always flirting with other tumblerinas whether she was with a girl or not and if Frankenface didn't have a shot at fucking them too then she just up and ghosted them.

Whenever he posts these abominations it's him eye fucking himself that grosses me out the most, you can't even see his eyes in these pics but you can still tell he is doing that stupid Zoolander eye squint while he purses his rapist mouth at his own reflection. Nightmare fuel.

No. 771320


This account just got deleted. Wonder if Grug worked out who it was.

No. 771323

His stumpy torso really gives away how short he is irl. Dude is built like a chimp. kek.

No. 771327

File: 1587919781088.jpg (Spoiler Image,493.08 KB, 1262x1874, Annotation 2020-04-26 085021.j…)

lol you're not wrong!

No. 771328

File: 1587919832710.jpg (Spoiler Image,343.48 KB, 1610x1870, Annotation 2020-04-26 085006.j…)

love how the quality suffers because he's edited the image a bunch, probably tried to slim it down. He's turning into Lainey, maybe he'll get an ED lol. He looks like a lifeless sack

No. 771332

File: 1587920454747.png (Spoiler Image,2.19 MB, 2182x966, nightmare fuel.png)

No. 771333

File: 1587920478365.jpeg (66.66 KB, 286x289, 1D34461E-21B9-430A-882D-76101A…)

Killing this tinfoil. That’s not Lainey’s stomach.

No. 771334

Onion's no stretch marks on his pubic area, unlike his wife.

Wonder if he's been uploading and editing his naked torso because people are speculating who's vagina he's monetising.

No. 771335

Just noticed the tail ends of Onion's 27 tat doesn't match up with the doctored photo, looks more like the orientation of Lainey's.

No. 771342

The tail ends of Gurgs 27 tattoo do match in the doctored photo. It's just mirrored. Lainey's is on the other hip.

No. 771345

Ew, what the fuck. Those legit look like autopsy photos

No. 771359

It’s still online. Had to change the name.

No. 771376


Laineys tattoo has the 2 pointing in towards her belly button and onion's has the two facing out to his hip. It's definitely not Laineys body in the pic.

No. 771386

At least Lame has an excuse to having a flappy pouch cause she carried two kids, but what excuse does Onion have? God his body is awful, I wouldn't be nitpicking it if he didn't flaunt it like he's super hot and sexy when in reality he looks like uncooked pizza dough

No. 771400

Why did they have to change their name? Also anyone have any idea whats going on with the whole discord leak thats gonna happen soon?

No. 771415


The moles line up with the ones on his stomach. The image is mirrored

No. 771416

Apparently this guy was observing his discord for 3 months and claims that he has video and audio evidence of whats been happening behind close doors. However it seems that greg decides to open his discord up to non-members in order to weasel his way out. The guy claims that he has sent something to the Law Enforcement. We're gonna have to wait till this week I guess. But let's be honest its stupid to open the discord to the public since 95% of the people wants him to be put in jail and is not gonna stroke his fragile ego.

No. 771434

And the account is gone. Looks like Greg is trying to shutting down the truth. I hope the guy makes a new account or send it to someone else.

No. 771463


Can confirm it's gone.

Assuming it's not a troll, if you have the evidence, instead of giving gurg a headstart, why not just release everything with little to no fanfare? I swear people are fucking retarded.

No. 771482

I am always skeptical of anyone who teases information instead of just putting it out there.
If this person had dirt already, they shouldve shared it right away. If they were waiting until they collected enough dirt, then they shouldnt have revealed themselves as a mole until they were ready to release info.

It just makes no sense to spend weeks teasing possible dirt. Release it or shut up.

No. 771488

Why does Gurg keep pushing back the premiere date of his alleged "interview with an attourney" video?

No. 771496

File: 1588007270395.jpg (Spoiler Image,426.91 KB, 1080x1514, 20200427_095500.jpg)

Glub added a new photo to the onlyfans post from the weekend

No. 771497

It's hilarious, he just goes out of his way not to show his baby carrot, doesn't he?

No. 771498

I wonder how Lainey feels about Greg putting his flabby old lady body out for everyone to fawn over.

No. 771499

File: 1588007887472.png (72.58 KB, 1154x757, 899df57dcb9a4ff6cb3a52a95617c9…)

One of Onion's paypigs is a hooker and he interviewed her aka asked her invasive sexual questions on his website


There was a question he asked about circumcised/uncircumcised men and she replied "most uncircumcised men don't know how to wash" and at the end he put this

No. 771507

Old milk, but I'll never get over the fact that he claimed a woman needs to shave her pubes so that he can get in deeper. topkek
If an eigth of an inch makes such a difference to him, then it's very telling.

No. 771512

Kek. I can hardly see gay dudes jerking off to this, let alone his real "target audience".

No. 771514

He looks so short and ladylike.

No. 771522

I think Sarah tweeting him added fuel to attention starved fire because now he’s try to antagonize her again on Twitter.

Why is he not content with her wanting to move on with her life and not out any more of his depravity?

No. 771526

Well, considering he gave all his partners UTIs we can safely assume he's one of those men who don't clean his foreskin very well

No. 771527

That’s because he’s a malignant narcissist who is a sociopath that gets a hard on with people’s misery. We don’t care if he goes after Chris since it’s obvious that Chris doesn’t give a rats ass about his temper tantrums but he should shut up about the girls since they are moving away from his toxicity and his so called “honesty” call outs are not working for anyone anymore now that he’s been in the public eye as a predator. If these girls are obsessed then they would be doing the exact same thing as he’s doing right now. And you can’t even report his tweets as it’s obvious that he’s breaking the rules but he’ll weasel his way out and Twitter ain’t gonna do shit about it as the tweets will be deleted after couple minutes. Honestly I wish there is a hacker who would get into his accounts and just delete it all together.

No. 771540

File: 1588024926275.jpeg (56.89 KB, 472x1024, EWo4If9X0AMXbCs.jpeg)

Which "victim" apologized to him?

No. 771541


IF it happened at all, I'm sure it was something more along the lines of "I'm done talking about you or with you. I'm sorry you can't see how much wrong you've commited", and Onion, having the IQ of a bagel, took that as an apology for coming out against him.

No. 771542


Has he ever faced one day is suspension? Blaire white got suspended for this drawing meanwhile I don't think onion has ever faced repercussions despites constantly going on campaigns to harass and smear people's reputations


I know he's full of shit but who amongst the victims had gofundmes? Sarah used venmo I think

No. 771543

File: 1588025541891.jpg (22.03 KB, 275x201, 1499279519414.jpg)


Forgot pic

No. 771544

He's probably talking about Jessica, the former patron of his with a giant forehead who got ghosted by Lame and apologized to him recently, but she was never a victim in the first place, she's not even relevant to anything so why brag about her apologizing?

No. 771545


This is likely considering he called Sarah sarcastically saying "well I'm sorry I raped you I guess lol" an apology

But it could also be Madison, who I think messaged him "I miss you I'm sorry" after she couldn't find acceptance among the other anti-O people

No. 771546

Shiloh had many GoFundMes, at least 3. Billie had one but that was years ago

No. 771547

Knowing his hubris, i'm calling bluff until he decides to leak (or falsify) it. It's probably not meant as an apology whatever he got, if he did get anything.

No. 771549

Can we talk about the suppose lawyer Greg’s talking to? It turns out to be Vincent’s sister. Golly gee how can we not think it was her?

No. 771550

Also she was the one who sued Chris for harassing her brother after he asked her to get her brother help.

No. 771553

Okay if anyone is interested in this attorney interview, don't even bother. All they're talking about is how bad cancel culture is, and how how going after innocent people is totally bad you guys. They don't talk about this case, actually they don't really talk about anything. Don't waste your time.

No. 771555

Gurg Jackson - Attorney at lulz will tell you why he's totally a victim you guys…

Coming from the same dude that served the wrong person in a frivolous case. That will go well.

No. 771558

Grease was talking shit about Vincent and making fun of him with his patreons on discord back in december when Vince started behaving like a clown, but now he's interviewing his sister. Not fake and hypocritical at all

No. 771563

Imagine being big fat fuck Vince and getting caught up in the Luke warm glow on the Onision limelight. He was so cringe in those Livestreams with the popcorn. And then his drunk shitposting he blamed on his uncle or whatever the fuck. Now he's got a fat retard of a sister to come and defend Onision because Chris Hansen fired him for being an immature nonce? Guess Vince is just like Onion and happy to throw the credibility of his family away for some weird Internet points. The cringe surrounding Onion is infinite

No. 771567

How is Vince and his queer family making videos any different from the "Kweenz" they hate so much publically discussing this? Is Vince just mad he can't flirt with the young girls anymore uwu. At least they were actually personally involved and not just some old man that knew more about computers than another old man lmao. So the only people on Onision's side are mentally ill fanboys (all <10 of them), Vince who Chris Hansen sacked and Vince's sister. Jeez wonder how much money Onion had to exchange to have a "non-partial legal professional" to do an interview with him? Was she not able to help him sue the correct Chris Hansen uwu

No. 771571

Greg dealing with Vince is the dumbest and most hypocritical thing he could ever do.
Aside from the fact that Vince was willing to swap sides so quickly after all the crap he talked about Greg in emails and online, Vincent also used his 15 minutes of Onision fame to shill his YouTube replacement website. Vince is everything Greg claims to hate: dishonest, greedy, drama whore, etc…

All this just really sheds more light on Greg's true colors. He will be buddys with anyone that is willing to side with him and help fuel the fire against the people he hates. So genuine. SO HONEST.

No. 771600

File: 1588042140085.jpg (30.12 KB, 400x400, vgvehVag_400x400.jpg)

I thought that was Vincents wife at first. One of those situations where husband and wife start morphing into each other after a few years. Now I understand why she looks like that. Those genes are not kind.

No. 771607


Chris just made a video over the whole lawyer fiasco and i'm surprised that he didn't mention that its Vincent's sister.

No. 771608

File: 1588043780006.png (116.92 KB, 286x314, 67022.PNG)

I dont like the guy but that laugh got me smiling.

No. 771609

Frannie is trying to boost her YouTube career by joining up with one of the biggest known predators on the platform?
That's like some new law firm using Harvey Weinstein in their commercials as a satisfied customer.

No. 771611

File: 1588045718863.png (151.62 KB, 500x663, that-yellow-paste-that-forms-u…)

His logic be like

No. 771621


My mom had that hairstyle in the 90’s

No. 771632

He probably doesn't clean his dick well, but I think they got uti's also because he made them have dry sex several times a day as well.

No. 771656

It was absolutely hysterical. Greg wants everybody that talks about him to have the book thrown at them for malicious slander and libel, except himself of course when he talks shit about people like Shane, Cyr, Billie, Repzion, Shiloh, Sarah, Eugenia, Jaclyn Glenn, and a whole list of other people. Since you know when he does it its being truthful and honest, but when other people do it its all lies.
Its just like the #METOO movement and Social Justice, its all good and well when it benefits him, but if this law would truly be to pass he would be in the streets hauling a shopping cart and living in the forest.

No. 771730

File: 1588111446013.jpeg (181.14 KB, 851x1842, AF5AD406-7A6E-44FE-9077-475F22…)

In today’s news, Greg still doesn’t know what the definition of grooming is.

No. 771741

Wow. I'm gonna have a chat with the recognized concept of Adult Grooming and insist it stops lying and immediately erases its fraudulent self from the human psyche.

No. 771750

Grooming doesn’t have to involve with sexual abuse as it can also lead to verbal abuse, labor, and helding hostage in a cultist environment.

No. 771796

File: 1588152211113.png (254.35 KB, 1226x1260, 1588133892503.png)

What the fuck is he even talking about?

No. 771798

Didn't he just mock girls who had OF's? Now he's switching tactics to try and get them to suddenly go "Maybe Greg has changed! We should totally talk to him again!" like he thinks anyone would do if they didn't have a brain.

No. 771799

Nah it’s only because he’s resorted to putting his own body out there for money. Now he can’t talk shit.

No. 771800

tbh, I think the only reason he has an onlyfans is only so he can lowkey insult, attack and stalk Billie & Ayallah.

It looks like he's defending them to those who are unaware of him, but you know they hate the fact that he knows they have an OnlyFans, probably sees everything they put out, and is even mentioning them. I think onlyfans has always been a tactic to get under people's skin; even when he was using the animation program, the way some of the characters looked who weren't him in his "animated porn photos" and the "scenes he was recreating".

No. 771807

that wouldn't surprise me at all. he seems to be the kinda guy that likes to feel he's in control that way. they're on there, and so now he's on there, and he knows that would make them feel uncomfortable. like they're being watched.
kinda stalkerish if you ask me.
and the fact that he believes he's part of the "porn industry" now cracks me the fuck up. his cgi sucks shit and he's too chicken shit to show his microscopic penis. he's not in the porn industry, same as he isn't a comedian, he a lolcow, a novelty, a cheap t-shirt at best.
what was your claim to fame again? oh thats right "i'm a banana" and a mention on josh.tv because they where plum out of any good content that week. and you've been milking that shit for 20 years now.
congratulations, greg, you sad wanker.

No. 771808

oh and to add to that, the only reason he's still somewhat relevant is because of the anti-o's that keep mentioning him. if it wasn't for that his claim to "fame" had died out many years ago. they are the ones keeping him in the picture and thinking they're clever undercover "agents" by signing up for his stupid shit and actually paying.
and so we've come full circle.

No. 771816

I think this was in reaction to Hansen laughing at him on twitter for his lawyer stunt because he mentions Greg posting half naked pictures.

Likening what he’s doing on his onlyfans to what victims of his are doing on theirs is his way to feel smart and superior by trying to highlight some hypocrisy that isn’t there.

He doesn’t understand that he isn’t being solely criticized for posting risqué photos online. It’s all the context behind it and includes all the depraved things he’s done.

It’s also a way for him to try to keep Billie in his life in whatever capacity he can after she rejected him so many times.
She started an OF with her boyfriend and he’s probably pissed that it could have been him collecting the revenue stream and his current partner won’t do it with him or get the same level of attention that Billie would.

No. 771818

This assfuck can't seem to get Billie or Ayalla names out of his mouth. Im sure Kai is loving the fact.

No. 771830

File: 1588182127200.jpg (81.49 KB, 720x479, 20200430_053746.jpg)

He uploaded another video on sarah, where he thankfully doesn't show himself but he talks about 'onision' in the third person as if he's not making this video lol, I guess it makes him feel more important or so he can say it wasn't him being a creep it was his character!!! Nothing new is in the video it's old lies mixed in with clips of sarah.

No. 771832

Is there anything she can do to stop this? You know he’s never going to stop slandering her. He still talks about each of his exes from basically decades ago.

She’s still a private citizen, shouldn’t she be protected?

No. 771834

For some reason this makes me super mad.
He spent the first 6 months of this entire saga yelling at Sarah and the others to move on, saying they are obsessed with him, just looking for attention/money/fame and now that Sarah tweeted she was trying to actually move on, it’s like he’s lost his mind and spun into an all new rage. Now he says Sarah moving on is proof she lied and he won’t stop talking about her.

It really just hits the point home that he wants that attention so badly that he is willing to continue talking about this, the story that turned so many against him, even when the one that started it all is no longer talking about it publicly.

you’d think he’d be relieved that the “slandering” has stopped and want to bury the whole thing under the rug. The fact that now he wont let it go tells me he knows it’s the only thing that will get him that attention. For all his whining about his victims clout chasing he has done literally nothing but that recently (his tweets at Jeffrey star)

Ugh I’m ready for him to just fade away. Since he won’t see jail time, he just needs to get no more attention and die in obscurity

No. 771835


>>Now he says Sarah moving on is proof she lied and he won’t stop talking about her.

Lol godforbid anyone either start or stop talking about Onion. This makes me so mad for Sarah, this guy is such a fucking loser he can't stop lying and trying to lure the poor girl into his narc mind games.

No. 771838

I don’t think it really has much to do with Sarah. In the sense that I don’t believe he’s actually passionate about what he’s saying. He knows he’s failed to get a ton of attention from his Only Fans, baiting Hansen, lawyer interview, and rants. He’s just trying to make money by luring people to engage with him. It’s why he has opened up his comments and likes on his videos again. It’s all about money and attention.

No. 771842


I got curious, so I went to look at Sarah's twitter. A few days ago, she posted about wanting to heal and not wanting to speak about/hear about Onision anymore. Looks like his response to her saying she wont give him any mind anymore is to try and force her to

No. 771843

is he really trying to use that clip of an old ass stream wiyh sarah telling lainey she didnt wipe the laptop as proof that sarah got the images FROM the laptop?
I am preeeeetty sure that stream took place long before Kai took those nude shots. She had blue hair in the stream, and her blue hair phase happened before the more recent short blonde hair.

Does anyone have the screenshot of the cropped version Kai posted on instagram? Comparing that date with the date of this younow stream would easily debunk this nonsense.

No. 771885


I can almost guarantee this was written by him

No. 771886

Mirror for anyone that wanted to watch with out giving him a view.

No. 771889


I’m sorry Grease, but these ladies are way past your prime now.

No. 771890


Also, I think it would genuinely so hard for anyone move on when nearly everyday you have people saying 'oh god he wrote this about you' or 'oh god he's saying this.' When literally thousands of people are talking about what he's said how hard must it be to be like 'yeah no im not gonna look i'm trying to move on' she's only like 19/20 ffs. Must be nightmarish I bet she's so anxious all the time.

No. 771915

File: 1588219403158.png (154.45 KB, 370x706, Greg the secret keeper.png)

Looks like there's discontent within the ranks of Onisions discord moderators.
I hope everyone who saw Greg post this now understands he will throw anyone under the bus and cannot keep anything told to him in confidence to himself.

No. 771916

File: 1588219484776.png (34.34 KB, 514x208, tamara.PNG)

I wasn't surprised it was Tamara the dog fucker with the vendetta.

No. 771923

File: 1588223324327.jpeg (278.92 KB, 1042x1374, 78616429-11F3-4E33-B434-B3B1B4…)


No time stamp though. Definitely needs the time stamp

No. 771931

I hope she sent that proof to the cops as well

No. 771934

File: 1588230308311.jpeg (71.7 KB, 422x750, 0FF4C075-7EF6-42A6-A405-98C339…)

Timestamps? No problemo!

No. 771935

File: 1588230365999.jpeg (222.47 KB, 1080x1816, E5902B4D-1187-4426-A7E5-350D13…)

These aren’t my screenshots btw

No. 771944


I get that it's playing the role of neckbeard devil's advocate but what the fuck are the cops supposed to do with this information?

Would it be a crime in whatever states either of them were in? Perhaps. Would it be something they could get a conviction of anything over? I can't really see it.

No. 771963

Those aren't timestamps of the actual message though.

No. 771965

Greg is trying to bait Ayalla into a love debate now. She’s probably the only one who could hold her own but I still think she shouldn’t do it.

Also lol by email he was trying to get Billie on the debate too. Let her go dude.

No. 771979

Yeah these don’t count. Just because the photo was taken on a certain date doesn’t mean they were sent to Sarah on the same date. They will just say Kai sent them after Sarah was 18.

No. 771984

Him and his dipshit fans can detract all he wants, we're not all mentally ill and can remember when all these screenshots happened and the great thing about photos is they can document a lot. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Lainey is such a cam whore you can tell when a photo was taken due to all her other social media. Even with her and Gurg deleting and locking accounts it doesn't disprove screenshots. And Sarah has apparently turned the laptop over and she has the real message logs etc. As much as his fans and people that are too personally invested cry out for evidence as long as its with the officials it doesn't matter if we never see it. There's an open investigation for Christ sake.

No. 771990

No one is arguing when the photos were taken. But it is more damning evidence if we know for certain they were sent when Sarah was 17.

I thought for sure Greg would immediately claim the screenshots are faked, but instead he said they were “out of context” which seems to be his excuse for every text message he can’t explain, and just demanding Ayalla debate him.

But maybe he will finally stop claiming Sarah stole the photos from the laptop she received like 3 months before that photo was even taken. But no, if he’s too dumb to realize the photos were taken after Sarah got the laptop then he’s too dumb for this.

No. 772021

This is an iPhone so all she would have to do is slide the photo to the right to see the exact date and time it was sent to her/she received it. While holding it in that position, she can take a screenshot by pressing the home and volume rocker.

No. 772026

yeah it would be easy to prove which makes me wonder why she wouldn't have included that. or taken a video rather than a screenshot. She knows people are going to doubt it. If she were going to put it out there why wouldn't she want to make it irrefutable?

No. 772035


When Onion and others were arguing that her outtakes video was staged, it took her months to show the actual timestamps that revealed the videos were taken the same day. I agree, yes she could simply post the timestamps to repel any doubts, maybe she chose not to for same reason it took her so long to prove the outtakes video wasnt stage, whatever that was.

No. 772044

Sarah is always withholding evidence even when she has no reason to. No wonder more and more people are starting to question her and the other victims

No. 772050


Y'all ever consider that maybe the police/a legal representative told her not to show all her cards to the internet/Onision? Could also explain why she's stopped talking so openly about it.

No. 772052

Right? Not to mention she's not going to go out of her way to ensure some nitpicky asshole on an anonymous forum is convinced her claims are 100% legally sound.

No. 772056

Doubtful. If this were the case she wouldn’t have shared it at all. Sharing cloudy evidence just muddies everything

No. 772058

She obviously shared it because she was tired of seeing Greg slander her and wanted to shut him up. What better way than to provide clear evidence that he can’t possibly deny? It’s got nothing to do with us, she knows how Greg thinks and she should know by now that if she leaves any room for deniability , Greg will take that and run with it and slander her even more.

No. 772062

She already showed the photos, what difference would it make if she showed the timestamps too? All she's doing is dragging things on and giving Grease and his fans fuel to accuse her of lying because she's hiding the timestamps

No. 772065

lmao do you really think a screencap shared on Twitter is going to be enough to shut him up? He refuses to address or just flat out ignores any damning evidence he can't argue against but that hasn't stopped this asshole yet. Give Sarah some credit, she's not that stupid or naive. Not to mention she didn't even post them this time, Ayalla did, and her motivation for doing so doesn't matter. He's already dragging both of them through the mud at every opportunity.

The point I really want to drive home to you is that just because the court of public opinion isn't convinced does not mean that Sarah is lying, it does not mean that Lainey didn't send nudes to a minor, it doesn't mean there aren't legal ramifications here.

No. 772068

File: 1588284316658.png (60.53 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2020-04-30-19-04-08…)

He was threatened lmao. Throwing Foot under the bus much? I hope she sees this

No. 772071

No one here has said she was lying. I don’t think she is lying at all, but that doesn’t mean I can’t think she should have included more information in those screen shots.
I think it’s safe to assume the police do not have these, since she just found them. But who knows.
Personally I just like to see Greg sweat and struggle to explain away evidence when it stares him in the face. If she provides a video of these texts with screenshots we know he will be shitting himself even if he tries to pretend he’s not

No. 772073

He just deleted his video about Sarah lmao

No. 772075

Not that surprised. Aside from Sarah’s recent screenshots, someone in twitter had already debunked his “she stole the images from the laptop” story. He effectively looks like an idiot

No. 772082

It could be. It's really weird how he hasn't forced her to go on cam and cry about how she's not a groomer in an attempt to gain sympathy points.
Even Jimmy's aware people dislike her now as much as we dislike him.

No. 772095

File: 1588289687712.jpeg (1004.05 KB, 2048x1536, EW4BbeDUYAAKKu7.jpeg)

Why does he have a mirror above the bed where he sleeps with his son??? (his ex patron Jessica said he sleeps downstairs with Troy and Footface upstairs with Cloey). He admitted in a video he puts a mirror above the bed because he likes to watch himself while having sex.

No. 772103

This family is so disjointed from reality they probably think having a mirror by the bed is totally normal thing even if it’s not sex related

No. 772109

> weird how he hasn't forced her to go on cam and cry about how she's not a groomer in an attempt to gain sympathy points

Yeah he knows he could get a lot of views (money and attention) by forcing Lainey to get back in front of the camera in any capacity.

I don’t know why he’s stuck with the Lainey’s the good guy in all of this though bc it isn’t valuable to him anymore. He used to say it to deflect criticism (if you say mean things about me it hurts my spouse’s feelings and she didn’t do anything wrong) and keep girls hooked and in a relationship (he’s abusive and horrible but Lainey’s a victim and I want to help save her so I’ll stay) but now everyone knows how complicit and involved she’s been in everything.

How long could he last just doing videos without Lainey or a new shiner girlfriend to save himself from his same stale content?

No. 772115

File: 1588293587743.png (69.82 KB, 699x170, 5488911.PNG)

I don't know if this means anything but he moved that video to his OnisionReacts channel 2 hours ago. I wonder if it got flagged on OnisionSpeaks and he feared getting a stike. He made this upload way more disgustingly descriptive.

No. 772124

That’s a dumb title change but good it’s more proof that he’s sticking to his insane claim that he was raped and extorted. It will be harder to back peddle in the future.

No. 772130

For someone who claims to be 5'10, that is an awfully small bed.

No. 772147

Those are Spider-Man sheets. Clearly not his bed but a child’s if Amanada is to be believed. But I honestly don’t know anymore. He’s 36 would he seriously have a twin mattress with superhero sheets? Doubtful.

No. 772149

He said on Twitter that is HIS bed though

No. 772153

I distinctly remember Jessica saying this on a YouNow live stream
>his ex patron Jessica said he sleeps downstairs with Troy and Footface upstairs with Cloey
Jessica was giving up all kinds of info including very personal stuff about the kids. That is until Sarah and Regina showed up and told her to shut up.
Im sure this is still the case. Lainey sleeps with C upstairs, Greg sleeps with T downstairs and he allows the kid to have spiderman sheets as a comfort or concession. So technically it is HIS(Gregs) bed because he sleeps there, but really its his kids and Greg just co-sleeps in it so T doesn't do something in the middle of the night.

Interesting side-note- I hear that Jessica is back to licking Laineys asshole and trying to get into a relationship with the doormat. That DM Greg shared a couple of weeks ago of her apologizing was her actually trying to get back in their good graces and not her "trolling James." They live near one another so its easy access. Is Jessica the new and improved human tissue? Now with more forehead!

No. 772167

This is also the man who decorated his whole mcmansion with shitty superhero posters and anime wall scrolls, anon. C'mon.

No. 772168

why does he have imprinting on his chest like he was wearing a girdle

No. 772170

File: 1588313939507.jpg (35.54 KB, 341x428, girdle.jpg)

I didn't look close enough the first time but you're right. It could be a girdle or maybe his paranoia has gone out of control since those kids egged & vandalized his house and now he's wearing that bulletproof vest at home 24/7 and only takes it off for 5 minutes to suck in his gut and take pics for his OnlyFans.
I tweaked the contrast to make the marks more visible.

No. 772174

And I thought Sora was crazy for tying his vest from behind to hide his fat…

No. 772176


I know he gets away with dragging people's names through the mud all the time but he's using Sarah's name And face and doubling down on the felony and sexual extortion accusations, can't he get in the least bit of trouble for this? Lord knows he probably doesn't even believe what hes saying, but needs the attention desperately

No. 772193

I think it's wrinkle lines from a shirt.

No. 772208

another predictable bait for attention. so much for "do not engage" and moving on with his life.

the only reasonable thing for sarah or any of the other girls to do is ignore him. starving him of the attention he so desperately wants is the only way to hurt him. any other reaction, positive of negative, feeds into his ego.

No. 772277

This losers house got egged? How did I miss that. That’s hilarious

No. 772326

Greg and Lainey thought it was just people wandering around their property but it turns out they egged the side of their house. Most men I know get territorial and would of ran outside to confront the trespassers. Of course Greg the pussy hides and calls the cops again.

No. 772329

Not all heroes wear capes

No. 772351

Speaking of heroes. This guy talks to a discord member who is under 18!

Skip to 31:00 for the call.(shilling)

No. 772354

>He's dragging them both through the mud
Honestly, the girls should just block him and tell everyone who keeps fucking updating them about his little temper tantrums to relax themselves. He's a parasite who thrives on their attention, and the best thing to do is just ignore him and let him keep screaming to the void that is his twitter.

He's probably at a point where he's done with Lainey and the kids, the only time he would show an ounce of care is when the internet calls him out on being a shitty human, ala cuddlegate, when anons would troll his younow, and the recent shit with cloey. I don't even think he interacts with Lainey unless it's for succ me time or when he needs something from her. In his little pea brain, he even managed to transform Sarah from being Lainey's girlfriend to HIS girlfriend. I think bringing in Lainey would, in his mind, take away from the fact that all eyes are on him. After all Sarah was secretly in love with HIM, Lainey was just the thing to get her foot in the door. Sarah was HIS evil ex who slighted him, along with every other girl who wanted Lainey but didn't know he was part of the package. I think the only way Lainey would get involved, is when he's truly hit rock bottom.

No. 772365

Regina said they barely like each other, and that Grease ignores Footface most of the day and he's very mean to her when they do interact

No. 772374

File: 1588401442595.gif (769.46 KB, 400x300, si9eeWf.gif)

No. 772396


Pretty sure Sarah and Billie also confirmed that he's straight up nasty to Kai behind closed doors. But it's kind of no surprise seeing the way he treats them on camera has always been suspect (for example "it definitely wasn't love at first sight")

No. 772416

File: 1588430769882.jpg (98.96 KB, 870x435, Maynard Nicotra.jpg)

Onision tweeted out DM's Vincent Nicotra had with Hansen and Regina. When did Vince and Greg join forces to fuck Hansen up the ass?

No. 772425

File: 1588433035223.jpg (135.61 KB, 1152x2048, EW-8eXpWkAE3r7f.jpg)


Grabbed from Twitter. Is Sarah having an agent supposed to be suspicious or something

No. 772426

Wow so he fucked up an investigation into grooming and abuse, and because nobody is giving attention he's now supporting the abuser themselves. Was this worthless shit stain on Gregs side the whole time? Tinfoil but maybe that's why he didn't hand the laptop over.

No. 772427

Not gonna lie that does look weird. What does she need an agent for? She's not a celebrity

No. 772428

Could be the agent in charge of the investigation. It's not weird at all.

No. 772429

“Agent” also means “any person acting on behalf of another.”

No. 772452

This. I never assumed he meant an actors agent, but an investigative agent.
But of course Grugly will spin it as she’s some secret actor doing this for fame. Even though she has no public social media other than her twitter. Riiight.

No. 772472


That message was Nov 7th and Sarah's livestream with Hansen was a week prior to that on Oct 30th. I think it was late November that Hansen announced that the FBI were involved, so I wonder if it's some kind of legal agent or victim's advocate that was assigned to Sarah.

Regardless, the screenshot suggests Chris Hansen didn't get in the way of any donations getting to the victims and that he was conscious about keeping it above board.

No. 772475

It’s almost like an agent acting on Sarah’s behalf and taking agency over the situation come from the same rootword or something. I agree with anon

No. 772477

On Chris' april 8th stream he spoke to Amanda Smith, who is the "victims advocate" of an Onision victim. It's heavily implied to be Sarah though she is never mentioned by name. Might be her?

No. 772478

It's incredibly when someone's hideous inside is matched by their outside. Both Greg and Vic have this in common. I hope they team up together more often.

No. 772484

Imagine teaming up with the guy who would have happily taken you down as a child grooming sexual predator if he wasn't fired by Chris Hansen and then thinking that suddenly makes you more credible and not just look like a freak who will take any support he can get even from someone who previously called him all those things he's sperging at anti os for.

Greg think it makes him look like the anti hero who turned even the ring leader of this whole shit show to his side once he was shown the "truth and honesty!!" Of the situation but in reality Vince just looks like slimeball trying to get back at Hansen by jumping on Greg's single seated bandwagon trying to make a barely legal girl look like she's lying about being groomed by these two vile humans when there's video evidence of it from the past 4 years basically.

What a dynamic duo of absolute fucking baffoonery. At least Onision has consistently been the worst for 10 years, whats no neck Vics excuse for partnering up with a dude he was calling a danger to young girls a couple of months ago? How does he sleep at night knowing he's slandering an 18 year old girl who was mentally abused by these freaks and who he interacted with positively up until someone who wasn't even Sarah hurt his big boy feelings.

No. 772524

>We can't get in the middle of that.
Vince gave Onision this DM to make Sarah or Chris look bad? To me I give props to Hansen for making sure it doesn't look shady by being a middle man for any donations the public wanted to give to the victims. Instead he did the right thing and said for them to contact her proxy. And if Greg is trying to make it look suspect that she has an agent. Im sure he's thinking of the only definition his tiny mind can come up with and believes William Morris Endeavor brought her in as a client. Or I really hope his sphincter puckered up when he thought that "agent" meant the FBI agent assigned to her with this case.

No. 772527

Even worse what if this faggot sanitized to cover Grug's ass, then sent it back.

No. 772529

I don't think Vince started sucking Gregs dick until everyone called him out for his dumb behavior and Chris fired him. The whole "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." thing.
I would hope the FBI Computer Forensics Lab has agents that are a little bit more knowledgeable than some middle aged wop skiddie.

No. 772540

Considering this is the FBI, even if this asshole managed to scrub the laptop of any damning evidence, wouldn't forensics be able to recover any data lost or am I just being optomistic?

No. 772542

And why would that agent be taking care of donations? And why didn't that agent tell her to give the laptop directly to the FBI instead of giving it to Hansen and Vincent, who fucked it all up?

No. 772543

Im 100% sure they didn't mean FBI Agent. Like this anon said >>772429 it was just some private citizen working on her behalf. It could be a family member for all we know.
I do like the idea that when Greg saw "agent" he probably shat his pants and his balls went up into his belly thinking Agent Mulder is hot on his case.

No. 772608


It's probably just a responsible adult that sarah can confide in, idk why people forget that sarah just recently became an adult. She needs guidance and she needs someone that's not just a "yas queen" friend to help her heal and figure out what is the best course of action. When it comes to money and a public "scandal" or whatever to call it because after all onision is a public figure it's extremely good and mature of sarah to get an agent. It's not healthy critical thinking it's literally trying to make sarah look suspicious. Not to tinfoil but sometimes i swear to god it feels like onision discord dick suckers are here and subtly trying to switch opinions on sarah.

No. 772610

At the very least, they would be able to tell it was scrubbed/tampered with, knowing vince and his iq, which would be a felony on his behalf.

No. 772619

It's pretty obvious when they come to post. Always to defend in some form the shite Onion pulls out of his ass to make him look anyway innocent. Give it up Onion stans. You're going to bat for a man that isn't funny, isn't handsome, isn't intelligent, has nothing od value to say and has spent the better part of a decade making a career out of shit talking the young ladies he can't force into group sex. No wonder so many other retarded boys hang about in his discord servers, they're all picking up the pieces Onion doesn't want. Sure look at the state of the onion flakes thread, the fans all end up online dating each other and posting revenge nudes.

Like it's mental half this thread is people trying to be as objective as possible for man that wants to coerce and fuck teenagers and make them live with him and wipe the shit off his toilet and feed his fucking kids that might end up dead from neglect. Treating his entire existence as a case by case point to prove he's a criminal. Its unnecessary. Call a spade a spade. He's a man in his mid 30s that has never worked a real job outside of being a runt in the military. He's too retarded even for customer service. He's an ugly pathetic short speciman who has always been narcasstic as fuck. He was perving on his teenage sister in law for years and still has her suicidal girl photos saved. He even has shown them to other girls. The first pretty famous girl to give him attention was a 16 year old pop star from Canada and he was so enamoured he printed out divorce papers from Google and presented them to his wife who was then able to enact an actual divorce, with terms not drawn up by retarded Greg. Much like his fake NDAs with all the girls he tries to fuck; he thinks if he can make something official looking enough for teenagers he can enact his own laws and morality on to others. Let's not forget as a teen himself he created a fucking religion. Even though it never took off (he's a fucking retard lol) he still had those thoughts that he was some type of prophet with understanding of the meaning of life. How fucking deluded can you get? That's James Faggot Jackson for you. The most deluded man on the planet, apart from possibly his fucking fans. Especially the older ones. Especially the older ones that have kids themselves. It's a club of failures. Every win those cunts think they achieve is a red flag to others. Call a spade a spade. Onision is a horrible person with no redeeming qualities. He doesn't like anyone. He has no love for his kids. Do his fans really think he gives a fuck about them? Sad

No. 772631

I think it's normal to ask questions about Sarah, at the end of the day I think she's been pretty consistent. Onion and his dumb stans will argue that she's a liar because she publicly lied to defend the onions before when Greg coerced her into making the video and also probably because of the laptop situation. She defended the onion at a time when she was still heavily under their influence and in particular attached to Kai. She might have made a mistake in sending her laptop to Vince but Chris Hansen's fumbles are not get her fault. It's ok to ask questions but I would definitely be inclined to take Sarah's word over greg and Kai who both have been known for years to lie and twist narratives in their favor

No. 772632

File: 1588515643382.png (235.1 KB, 608x363, EXDq0dYUcAA_U57 (1).png)

Looks like Tamara the dog fucker just got tricked into posting her ID in discord to prove her age. I know she redacted some of it but she could of left out her middle name, day and month and just left the birth year. I really hope no one posts it to 4chan or some other nefarious website looking to see if they can gather her full doxx with the little info provided.

No. 772633

Ummm why did she do this? Is she trying to prove she’s a sad 30-something fan of Greg’s instead of a 16 year old fan of Greg’s? As if that isn’t just as awful for different reasons?

No. 772634

From what the moles were saying she was drunk or maybe she had an allergic reaction to the canine semen and it messed with her head and she wasn't thinking right.

No. 772635


There's probably a scramble to get everyone age verified in the Discord because there was that one mole who made the Twitter calling out Greg for selling access to his discord thru the uhohbro channel without properly vetting who was underage. That might have him scared because it could put him on the wrong side of YouTube rules, not that Susie the Enabler would do anything about it

No. 772637

File: 1588517632403.png (229 KB, 459x635, EXDmPClU4AAj_v1.png)

>There's probably a scramble to get everyone age verified
You're absolutely right.
We've all heard from the victims how he likes to ask about any trauma they've experienced in life and then uses it against them when the relationship inevitably goes bad. Can you imagine what Greg will do with a folder full of his discord members scanned ID's?

No. 772646

Well, let's see how fast Vince jumps the ship when he doesn't get what he wants and sides with someone else. Greg and Vince both have a history of taking advantage of people and then turning against and dropping them like a hot potato when they get butt hurt.
They're also both dumb and too much into themselves.

I positive this "friendship" isn't gonna last.


That's actually pretty forntunate for Greg, now he can get rid of all the people he doesn't like or suspect of being moles without being the "bad guy" since he "only wants to make sure he follows the rules".
And then there will still be at least one "savvy-candy" clone, or whatever her name was, who's underage but """acidentally""" didn't get deleted. Oops.

No. 772657

Yeah cause anyone who dares to question the queens must be an onision fan. It's not like Sarah fucked in the same bed a toddler was sleeping, lied about her borderline diagnosis (in a livestream a few years ago she said she was diagnosed by not only one, but by TWO psychologists, but then she backtracked when the onion started using it against her. Video below before anyone starts screaming for proof) lied about Ayalla wanting to have sex with her, attention whored on Twitter, posted memes about things that should be taken seriously meaning it was all a big joke to her, etc. Before she became a "victim" everyone here hated her, but suddenly when she got dumped and decided to run a smear campaign, she became a saint

No. 772659

>when she got dumped

Sarah was kicked out of the McMansion once and kept her mouth shut the entire time. If she was really a spiteful bitter clout chaser and wanted to ruin Greg or Lainey she could have come out as a minor and revealed all the dirty secrets the Onions hide behind closed doors.

Also was she ever officially Greg's girlfriend kek? I know he likes to sperg out and claim that anyone who's ever been broken up with is in the wrong because they're the ones who got broken up with but then that just adds another teen to the list of teen girls Greg has dated/fucked. You'd think he'd want to stay away from implying he was dating a freshly 18 year old in his mid thirties if he wanted people to stop calling him a predator.

But no apparently Ayalla making an alleged "sexual" remark to someone 3 years her junior is way worse than Greg fucking a girl almost two decades younger than him is fine even if she was 17 the same week he had sex with her because as long as her ID says 18 its not outright illegal for Greg to fist his dick at her. Morality is a concept lost on everyone who orbits the waterhead.

No. 772661

>Sarah was kicked out of the McMansion once and kept her mouth shut the entire time. If she was really a spiteful bitter clout chaser and wanted to ruin Greg or Lainey she could have come out as a minor and revealed all the dirty secrets the Onions hide behind closed doors.

She wasn't dumped, they sent her home because of the rumors and she was still friends with Footface behind the scenes. She had no reason to want to run a smear campaign back then

No. 772664

Best not respond to discord fags. They just shit up the thread saying the same old crap onion does no matter what evidence you bring to the table.

No. 772671

Look if you're going to try and be smart then at least get your facts right first. Sarah has always said that she was diagnosed with BPD, but it was a misdiagnosis because of her age.

No. 772673

You're REALLY coming across like some butthurt faggot. Sarah is sympathetic, Greg is a disgusting puss boil has-been loser. Get over it. Kek

No. 772684

also to add the whole ayalla wanting to have sex with her was a topic forced by greg and lainey who made jokes about it first, making her go along with it. those sick fucks in their 20's and 30's joked about 2 teenagers hooking up and then proceeded to sleep with her when she was still a teenager but legal to fuck. all these discord fags can fuck off and at least know their shit before coming here

No. 772686

Which is why when they responded they responded to the one thing and not the mountains of other incriminating shit kek

Greg does the same thing where when someone is debating/arguing with him he'll pick the one thing that can't fully be proven or hearsay to respond to and declare he's won by having a flimsy answer for it while ignoring the other valid things everyone brings up.

I just fundamentally don't understand how people are so willing to delude themselves into believe Greg's innocent when he'll turn right back around and ban you from his discord or make fun of your voice because you have the nerve to pay him. He doesn't even do the "cult" thing well. Just think of how many orbiters he might still have if god forbid he was actually nice to the people that pay him. He shoots himself in the foot everytime and his fans just sit there and say "oh how cool of you to massively sperg out like that greg!!"

No. 772690

Two different psychologists "misdiagnosed" her then? Damn, she must be unlucky as hell lmao

"Sarah is sympathetic" is that why everyone here was calling her a brat and making fun of her looks before she decided to become a victim?

No. 772700

You're committed to this, aren't you? It's really simple. Greg is a puss boil has been and he needs to shut the fuck up and enjoy the miserable bed he made with Kri.. only maybe from now on try not to fuck on that bed when the kiddos are present. Kthanxbi.

No. 772708

Farmers didn't take kindly to the fact she was stocking lolcow, white knighting the Onions, then reporting back to them, but I'm under the impression she was doing what she could to earn the love of her 'celebrity' crush. To her these people where stars and were helping her out of an awful situation but due to her age and lack of experience she was unable to see that she was being abused and used but just in a different way. Unless you are a child you would understand that as you get older you become more aware of the world. I have the feeling that even before she moved to the Onions her family did not provide her with a good example of a healthy relationship. That being said Greg made sure that Lainey would never be able to grow as a person by cutting her off from anyone who dare disagree with him.

No. 772714


She was also normalized to their behavior because she was so young and was living with them because she was trying to get out of a bad situation.

No. 772727

Holy shit she's from Quebec? This explains a lot.

No. 772728

File: 1588550947289.jpg (16.65 KB, 926x82, Annotation 2020-05-03 170914.j…)

Tamara is no longer a mod

No. 772729

No. 772732

File: 1588551644113.jpg (24.23 KB, 1548x110, Annotation 2020-05-03 172056.j…)

new mods for the server

No. 772734

Wow Greg. What a great way to lose your #1 supporter after all she done to cover your ass. Especially since she posted her ID. Hopefully it’ll be a wake up call for some people unless some reports the discord channel.

No. 772736

look, even if sarah lied about having bpd or lied about NOT having bpd, the facts are still there - she was invited to live with a MARRIED COUPLE when she was underaged and she cuddled with Lainey when she was underaged and shortly after turning 18 years old, they had sex with her. Those are the fact and they’ve always been the facts. I don’t care if Sarah lied about that (and let’s be real, all teens hanging on tumblr have claimed “muh bpd” at one point) because I still believe Sarah when she talks about the other pervy shit Greg and Lainey did. Why? Because there’s proof. No matter which way you frame it, it looks horrible on Greg’s part that he had sex with the girl who was living in their home when she was like 16.

No. 772742

Damn. I knew this day would come. Is this going to be a full break like Dev, Poopbeck, FatBecca? Or will Dog Fucker come crawling back tring to get back into his good graces like Bootyslayer, Jessica-fivehead, Madison.
Being an Onision fan was Tamaras whole personality, literally her life. She would say that if shes not asleep shes in from of her computer doing shit (for free) on Onisions discord and websites. This is going to break her. I never knew I would say this, but I feel bad for her now.

No. 772745

File: 1588554225547.png (181.86 KB, 777x308, raw.png)

No. 772747

File: 1588554699507.jpg (41.64 KB, 585x269, Capture.JPG)

here's another idiot claiming they've hacked Greg and have incriminating information.
I've lost count of how many people have claimed shit like this and nothing ever comes of it, so I no longer believe any of them.
They always come from nowhere, post a lot, and then disappear without revealing anything.

No. 772755

same guy got into an argument with tamara because he claimed he lived in gregs neighborhood
the only praise ill give him is he somehow got the chat history from the members only discord server dating back to 2019 and linked it on twitter and the other farms and he seems to be the catalyst for the removal of tamara

No. 772758

Maybe it’s a way to get under his skin so he’ll go crazy on his own and do things that’s his own willing just like what he did to Tamra.

No. 772759

What the fuck has this world come to? I checked and the Twitterfags are actually trying to get this hashtag trending. I will lose my fucking mind if we find out Sarah and Regina have cozied up with Tamara and now they're all hanging out in their secret clubhouse.

I assumed the same thing. Hes just throwing out shit to see what sticks and strikes a nerve with Greg and causes him to blow up and give too much info during one of his rants.

No. 772769

File: 1588565062387.jpg (51 KB, 1391x244, AltDentifier.jpg)

Gregs paranoia about moles and leaks has him putting a bot in so he can catch alts and grab everyone's IP. So not only is he collecting his fans scanned IDs >>772637
but now hes got access to their IPs. Im sure a man like Greg would never do anything vindictive with that information if he had a falling out with these fans.

No. 772772

File: 1588566204935.png (59.61 KB, 841x500, reginatamara.PNG)

Countdown to Regina bringing Tamara on Chris Hansen to tell her victim story. Do you think Tam-tams has any real milk or is it going to be like Dev Cildra and that Chris-Chan lookalike Lizard Queen crying about how Greg was mean to them and not giving any behind the scenes details exposing Greg.

No. 772774

File: 1588567289030.png (166.77 KB, 597x564, YQEXJQAkJYXA.PNG)

No. 772775

File: 1588567398177.jpg (208.84 KB, 1236x976, EXJWkWWXQAA-S2z2.jpg)

No. 772783

File: 1588570613651.jpeg (312.43 KB, 1125x1515, 16036DE5-97D6-426B-944E-8346C3…)

Obvious attention whore is obvious.
Not gonna take anything he says seriously.

No. 772785

Agreed. But this is fun. I can only imagine the tantrum Greg is having right now because he thought he got one up on Chris by aligning with Vincent and Hansen ends up with Tamara. The one fan/mod/admin that has been there since the beginning. Tamara seems like the kind of person that has an external hard drive devoted to screenshots and receipts. Greg is fucked.

No. 772786

File: 1588573242603.png (340.69 KB, 1178x932, discordreplies.png)


Discord is looking into the IP tracker Onision put in his discord to catch the Anti-O's. How would Onision be able to fulfill all the perks his fans pay for if he gets banned from Discord?

No. 772787

Another bitch who got dumped and will become a victim now. Same old same old.

"Tell us your story so Hansen the charlatan can make money exploiting it!"

No. 772788

As much as the stuff that could be fake but look what it brought us. Finally convincing his number one defender to leave his ass after his own actions speak for himself and for him to get distracted from his prey and finally give them a moment of peace.

No. 772789

Butthurt faggot.
You've lost it all, Greg. Even your last resort discord cash grab. Keep failing, it's the only thing you have succeeded at. Kek(hi cow)

No. 772790

Kek. You're still here? Shouldn't you be sperging about the anti-o thread instead of here?(hi cow)

No. 772795

His Discord is pretty much the last place he has left to control. His Youtube is dead, his OnlyFans is dead, his website is dead, his Patron is dead, and if they cut off his discord that's the last of his little narc kingdom.

No. 772796

Look, anon. We all remember the younow streams where she and lainey would go and laugh at all the farmers who were genuinely concerned for her, her (understandably) being pissy when they ended up telling her to skedadle, and there are plenty of anons who have expressed their frustration at her bullshit, laziness, and over reliance on others during the whole 'laptop incident'. That still doesn't change the fact that she was, and still is, a young, vulnerable, and naive girl who was groomed by the onions and had to experience the horror that is "sexy time" with the ogre himself. Oh, and also had to be the human tissue to the absolute fuckup that is Lainey, ALL BEFORE SHE WAS 18.

No. 772802

It was a self diagnosis because she probably read something on tumblr, it's how lainey self diagnosed herself with anxiety and gender dysphoria too. Lucky for Sarah making up having disorders to bond with Ayalla doesn't actually mean she ever had it. It also isn't relevant to onion being onion per usual.
He always does this. Even fatbecca and poopbeck couldn't stand him forever. Let's just hope she actually has milk to share.

No. 772804

If you look through the texts between Sarah and lainey that's something Sarah made up entirely on her own. Ayalla said it isn't true and she's more trustworthy. I'm not siding with the onions but be objective about the truth here. Sarah is the one who told lainey Ayalla tried to fuck her and then onion ran with it.

No. 772805

Yeah but it was first suggested by Lainey and Greg who suggested 'double dates' with Sarah and Ayallah.
They used it as a way to make Billie more secure as well.
The vibe I get is that they were trying to be inclusive of Ayallah to make sure Billie doesn't leave. They offered Ayallah to move in with Billie into the mc mansion.
Ayallah probably laughed and agreed offhanded to the double dates but the idea of Sarah and Ayallah was planted by the onions.
The plan would also ensure Sarah was also still in the picture too because they needed back up pussy, a tissue for Lainey and someone to.cleam and watch their spawn.

No. 772806

File: 1588594718326.png (96.42 KB, 599x709, AK.PNG)

Ive always thought it was something that was twisted by Onision and he kept pushing that narrative and Sarah joined in to keep Greg and Lainey happy. In that text when Sarah says something like "and shes the one who wanted to sleep with me" If it was the first time Lainey had heard of that she would of replied back with surprise and shock and wanting Sarah to explain. Lainey didnt do that. It was more like Sarah was just regurgitating the story that Greg had put in Sarah and Laineys head. Im sure Greg brought up his version of that story again and again and again. Look at his videos, he tells his version of stories over and over in some misguided idea that if he says it enough times it will be true.

No. 772813

Yeah I’m kinda getting tired of people assuming just because Sarah has said some questionable things in the past that she’s some kind of fake victim. That’s the story Greg wants to spin, but its ridiculous.
To me it’s pretty obvious that was a young teen, she was trying to do and say anything to stay Lainey’s BFF. I mean what girl hasn’t had a conversation with their bestie about some topic and enthusiastically agreed with whatever their friend is upset about? (Yeah, she’s a total bitch and you are so right!)
It’s a normal thing to do. And I’m sure most of us have done something similar, it’s just none of us have had a bestie that had as many fucked up problems as Lainey.

I’m not saying Sarah should never be held accountable for the things she has said, she clearly threw Ayalla under the bus just to get on lainey’s good side, but she’s out of the haze now and coming clean. And that’s more than Lainey or Greg have ever done.
She’s also growing up and maturing a lot. She said that stuff about Ayalla at 16. I’m sure none of us have EVER made up a far fetched story when we were teens, right? Come on, be reasonable.

Lainey and Greg are grown ass adults, Sarah was 16 for the majority of her time living with them. I feel concessions can be made in her case.

No. 772830

This is so obviously fake I can't even begin. Did greggy boy make it himself?

No. 772835

It wouldn’t be the first time he created false rumors to distract from real things to create confusion.

It’s a way to make the opposition seem crazy and like they will believe anything while also lumping in the true rumor into the “false claims” pile.

No. 772890

File: 1588644982097.jpg (108.94 KB, 908x671, 158864019049722.jpg)

Did his house get egged again? Onision shared SS from his security cameras to his fans.

No. 772891

File: 1588645184865.jpg (168.13 KB, 931x631, 15886402771224.jpg)

They hit the Tesla and the camera it looks like.

No. 772900

Not all heroes wear capes

No. 772910

No, that's Ayalla's response after Sarah pointed the finger at her. You don't need to try to make the truth better because it doesn't affect onion's actions.
>Yeah I’m kinda getting tired of people assuming just because Sarah has said some questionable things in the past that she’s some kind of fake victim.
That's not what I was saying at all but the text messages are clear and Sarah did lie about Ayalla. That is a fact, maybe she did it to get points with Lainey, maybe she was being a sperg. Who knows? It's obviously a conversation Ayalla and Sarah privately had or pretend didn't happen. By the way, Sarah wasn't 16 when she lied about that.

No. 772911

File: 1588655015862.jpg (Spoiler Image,506.34 KB, 1077x1436, 20200504_082653.jpg)

How long until he posts his actual baby carrot?

No. 772912

>Sarah pointed the finger at her.
And the reason Sarah pointed that finger was because Onision put the idea in her head by repeatedly bringing up the altered narrative he came up with in his own mind. You dont have to "make the truth better" when its plain as day.

>It's obviously a conversation Ayalla and Sarah privately had or pretend didn't happen.

No its not a private conversation that was had between Ayalla and Sarah. Read the tweets supplied before posting uniformed opinions. Kai brought up the idea with Ayalla and Sarah so they could double date. Im sure Kai retold the whole conversation to Greg because she has to tattle. Greg filed away that conversation in his head for later use as blackmail like he always does and twisted it and brought it up to Kai and Sarah once Ayalla started coming for him. I'll agree with you on one point. Did Sarah lie? Yes, she lied to keep herself from being ostracized from the only people she THOUGHT cared about her while being a minor. The rest of your posts are wrong and ill-informed.

No. 772913

Those are some nice child-bearing hips you got there, Greggy-poo!

No. 772914

File: 1588657138459.jpg (31.25 KB, 381x340, James Hill.jpg)

Its not only small but flat. I guess that's what you get from sitting on an office chair 16 hours a day "editing" videos and creeping the internet for Laineys replacement.

>How long until he posts his actual baby carrot?

I've never known a man try so hard to hide his penis. The' man has an OnlyFans for gods sake, full nudes are a given. Maybe most of the men Im around are exhibitionists but the guys I've known will show their junk at the drop of a hat. He knows his cock is small and weird looking and balls are misshapen. He'll never show what he has down there because hes afraid of the comments.

No. 772916

Lol, it's so flat and saggy.
I hope he never posts his baby carrot. It's something that'd only be hilarious and disgusting for an hour, but then you'd have that grotesque image burned into your mind for the rest of your life.

No. 772917

There’s a red spot hiding by his left asscheek, does he suffer from hemorrhages and ulcers now?

No. 772920

File: 1588660890991.png (Spoiler Image,912.87 KB, 1119x1320, 9A5CB796-9EF5-493B-9FA9-203460…)


No. 772923

For the love of sisca, please spoiler this shit

No. 772924

File: 1588665332581.jpeg (Spoiler Image,16.91 KB, 250x246, 69D6C5A4-B14B-4005-895A-E7D2E3…)

No. 772925

File: 1588665386175.jpeg (Spoiler Image,15.18 KB, 250x221, D7CE0648-BF64-48D1-98D5-175379…)

So close yet so far (to see his dick)

No. 772926

Please repost & spoiler. These are disgusting.

No. 772929

I know this has been said before, but beyond being disgusting, these really do look morgue pictures from a crime show or something at a quick glance. There's something disturbing about them lol.

But what does he do that isn't disturbing?

No. 772930


God, with every new photo I am still shocked at how bumpy and weird his skin is. He looks like a fucking toad.

No. 772931

Aside from looking like he's made of misformed lumpy clay, why is he showering in the dark?The only light is from the camera flash.

No. 772932

Hiding from the terrorist eggers.

No. 772933


It’s weird to see Greg slowly easing his way into sex work. With his odd, cold, unsexy morgue photos.

No. 772936

These look like photos some creeper would send on snapchat

No. 772939

So, is he going the sex worker route? Lmao I can't say men cannot be sucessful at it.. but.. women want to look at attractive men with nice bodies, not at some basement dwelling putz with nasty skin and moobs.

No. 772942

I'm trying to anticipate when he goes full nude and shows the half a hot dog in a turtle neck. What was the time frame Momo went from "tasteful nudes" to full on showing her butthole?

No. 772945

File: 1588681565608.png (740.84 KB, 738x368, CagePhoenix8MM.PNG)

These look like something Nic and Joaquin would be watching in their search for real snuff.

No. 772951

>I hope he never posts his baby carrot. It's something that'd only be hilarious and disgusting for an hour, but then you'd have that grotesque image burned into your mind for the rest of your life.

I couldn't agree more, anon. Let's hope he never works up the courage to show his junk.

That is - by far - the most unesthetic picture I've ever seen. That looks like a corpse with a bloated stomach.

Taking photos is apparently another thing that Greg fails at spectacularly. I'm always in awe about how untalented he is. I mean, come on, he's in his 30s, there must be something he's somewhat decent at, but everything Greg touches seems to turn into shit.

Edit: Couldn't come up with the right word cuz my brain died a lil from looking at that photo.

No. 772955


I would say he has a talent for producing the same shitty skits and 'music' for 10+ years without making a modicum of improvement. Also has a knack for manipulating young vulnerable girls and a manchild here and there, and attracting some truly dimwitted stans and haters alike

No. 772962

I think another reason he's taken these in the dark apart from his wannabe edgy aesthetic, is because he's a lazy cunt who never cleans his shower. There's probably soap scum and mould all over the tiles and grout. Taking photos like this ensures he can hide it.

No. 772963

I love how he purposely takes these disgusting images in the most potato quality possible to try and hide all of his lumps, bumps, inflammation and perhaps to give him more room to hide evidence of photoshopping here and there. I don't know if he's wet with water or has purposely oiled himself up (gag) but with the lighting and angles it honestly looks like grease. Which makes sense.

He really shouldn't even bother with OnlyFans since he'll never post full nudes. He literally can't. Anon was right a couple of comments ago when they pointed out that men tend to not be at all shy to show their dicks. For him to have a goddamned OnlyFans account and still not show his dick (despite getting within millimeters of it) only males it glaringly obvious to anyone that he's hiding it.

No. 772964

Most men who do sex work get the majority of views/income from other men. I don’t think Gruggles’s look would appeal to very many men.

No. 772965

True. Women just want shirtless pics of that guy who played Thor and Ryan Gosling. Guess that was years ago, but I'm not to up date with my celebrities.

No. 772967

His looks don't appeal to anyone that isn't a mentally stunted teen.

No. 772974

File: 1588691251353.png (276.47 KB, 540x548, 1456540446339.png)

Was reading old threads and I found this
fight between Krai and one of her old friends from a couple years back on Instagram

I found it interesting, and reminded me of Selena.
I wonder if her and Selena are still in contact, and what she has to say about all the shit that has been going down

No. 772979

'the people that surround me are my husband, kids and Selena'

Fuck thats so sad to read, even back then she only had 4 people in her life? Now all she really has are the kids if Selena is still in contact, which I really doubt. Also her last comment where she includes her gay husband in 'people who don't treat me like garbage', massive yikes considering its confirmed he verbally abused her.

No. 773000

Well yeah, anon. People that show concern are treating her like garbage. People that kids her ass and buy her gifts are the ones that treat her right.. duh.

It's why she's all alone crying while her husband jerks off to hentai and stalks teen girls.

No. 773011


>>Don't act like you know me when we never talk anymore & we havent seen each other since I was 18

Good thing Greg saw to it that she hasn't mentally or emotionally developed since then

No. 773025

File: 1588704522859.webm (2.19 MB, onision voice call.webm)

After Greg demodded the dog fucker she thought she could wiggle her way back in by saying that she could be a spy and infiltrate the Anti-Os. Greg didn't give a fuck and still wouldn't give her back her mod status.

No. 773027

File: 1588704856243.png (36.74 KB, 1047x240, 5-5-2020.png)

And shes crawled back into his discord, still not a mod. Tamara have some self respect. Exactly how many times does a woman who's beaten leave and come back before she leaves for good?

No. 773031

File: 1588705626601.webm (969.99 KB, onision voice call-2.webm)

Greg continuing the shit talking about Tamara.

No. 773037


Haha wow, what a clique. They talk like a gang of bitchy 11 year old schoolgirls who have just ganged up on and dumped the least popular one in the group.

No. 773039

Onion didn't plant the idea in her head, he ran with it after she told lainey that Ayalla made a pass at her. Is it really unfathomable that Sarah would be a shithead sometimes? There are literally text messages where Sarah explicitly says Ayalla tried to have sex with her. Stop being so dense, it literally changes nothing about what happened anyways.

No. 773044

You've been told the truth and how it actually happened more than once now. I'm assuming you're a contrary-troll. I'm not wasting my time anymore. Spend your time out in the corner re-reading Ayallas tweets.

No. 773046

File: 1588707617577.jpeg (Spoiler Image,17.76 KB, 247x250, 9F9FC983-CA39-46A7-B7B7-1A3C45…)

Moar onion bod pics

No. 773047

File: 1588707653313.jpeg (Spoiler Image,16.55 KB, 250x250, 2780215E-C9F1-4827-B966-7C885E…)

No. 773048

File: 1588707674830.jpeg (Spoiler Image,18.4 KB, 244x250, EB0D3AE8-5B1B-4B18-AC75-73370F…)

No. 773049

File: 1588707710982.jpeg (Spoiler Image,13.27 KB, 250x248, F8B7FEC7-0256-44C5-B867-90D6A1…)

2nd ass shot

No. 773050

No. 773051

File: 1588708402986.jpg (72.9 KB, 459x746, 1582501965735.jpg)

You sweet summer child.

No. 773057

File: 1588709854902.webm (1.73 MB, onision voice call-3.webm)

How can Tamara resist coming back when Greg pours on the sugar like this
>you dumb Canadian piece of shit come back to the server
>I want her to come back because I miss someone crying all the time.
At least Greg didn't call her a dog fucker (this time.)

No. 773068

I hate that I saw this but who’s the intended audience for this?

What teen girl is dreaming about ass pics esp in this creepy lighting? Is he simply desperate for attention?

No. 773069

I seriously just threw up in my mouth

No. 773073

I think everything hes doing recently is for spite and to piss everyone off. In the members only recording Greg is giggling about making a video defending and fangirling about Dahvie Vanity. He says at this point he hates everyone he doesn't care. McFly talks him out of it.

No. 773075

There’s gotta be something wrong with this McFly chick that she knows his ideas are stupid but she still wants to live up his ass.

No. 773091

Honest to god, Mcfly looks sorta retarded.

No. 773096

File: 1588721043819.jpg (159.02 KB, 1079x799, myffneglwac21.jpg)

>neanderthal brow
>jeff the killer eyes
>manlet body
>baby carrot weewee
>hank hill ass
wewee gurg really won the genetic lottery

No. 773097

And the doctor did tell his mother to abort him…

No. 773101


What would possibly inspire someone to post pics of this shit online? Jesus Christ

No. 773102

He clearly shoved something in there it’s not even in the right place? Does onion even have a dick?

No. 773105

Kiwi Farms has filled the word “carrot” with the carrot emoji

Guess I’m never eating real carrots again

No. 773109

File: 1588723202227.jpg (757.49 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200505_195958.jpg)

>dent in forehead
>fatroll above nose
>comically short arms and legs
>weird lumps on body
>inflamed skin everywhere
>this profile

No. 773110

I have a better idea of where a dick lies than he does and I don't even have one.

No. 773138

File: 1588731283678.jpg (Spoiler Image,192.02 KB, 1440x1613, EXNKoyBX0AImsno.jpg)

OT but saw this ad and immediately thought of gurg
He's probably using something similar

No. 773139


That's a good point. If Lainey is a totally real boi now, she's gonna need a packer. Is Onion borrowing his wife's packer?

No. 773170

These pictures are genuinely nauseating to me. I have never seen erotic pictures of a man that have actually truly nauseated me. This is a first, what the fuck greg? You’re old as fuck and past your prime stop posting nudes.

No. 773171

This idiot is now putting all “leaks” behind a patreon paywall.
What’s absolute tool. This is why people think all of Greg’s haters are crazy clout chasers.

No. 773187

File: 1588753215057.jpg (19.99 KB, 285x327, 1523221231498.jpg)

I can't stop laughing. I know Gregma doesn't like to wash his rotten little carrot but, he should at least wash whatever he used to create this frankendick.

No. 773193

Greg photoshopped his ass and I sitll feel like I've seen a nude of a minor. The man needs put down. He is a disturbance to the peace.

No. 773208

Plot twist, it's laineys dick and butt

No. 773211

Lainey most certainly doesn't have these lying around because she's 100% not actually trans. And since she's not online anymore, there's no need for her to pretend.

I bet Gurp ordered all of these "devices" himself after getting so many comments referencing his baby carrot ever since he began posting his disgusting ludes. I bet that's why there was a delay in between his gross flabby stomach images and the recent obvious stuffing job ones. He had to wait for it to be delivered, lol.

No. 773278

>implying lainey would be a boi if she was actually trans
That's gotta be ruff. No pun intended.

No. 773294

>This idiot is now putting all “leaks” behind a patreon paywall.
Wait, how? I thought Patreon permanently banned him.

No. 773307

Pretty sure they're talking about that Slug guy leaking the server contents and not Greg

Edit, forgot to sage like a dumbass

No. 773315

File: 1588805656787.jpeg (345.69 KB, 1125x1462, 0026ED8A-7BE2-4FE0-84CF-4D45C0…)

I hate getting all this as third hand information but I sure as hell hope this means this whole thing is going somewhere finally

No. 773318


Like why did it even take this long to even get third hand information that solidifies the proof they have against the Onions. Maybe she is just tired of dealing with scrutiny and wants her privacy but still

No. 773327

https://youtu.be/rz9hwhSG7A0 the slug guy made another vc recording and a interview with one of his mods(imageboard)

No. 773334

I refuse to click on anything that guy produces

No. 773355

File: 1588816335950.jpeg (Spoiler Image,120.56 KB, 1080x1608, 7C311554-6EA1-45A2-AB63-B87BCB…)

I feel sorry for the poor kiwi fella who sacrificed his shekels for our daily keks


No. 773357

File: 1588816375520.jpeg (Spoiler Image,113.89 KB, 1080x1550, 7617C247-2BAE-495A-B8AD-6DA222…)

~Greek God~ uwu

No. 773358

File: 1588816482204.jpeg (Spoiler Image,127.59 KB, 1080x1579, 47BDC784-17E1-40F4-A450-7226D5…)

One moar booty pic

No. 773359

File: 1588816542117.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.19 KB, 1080x1598, 71964A83-AC00-498A-A5B5-40C1FA…)

This is as close as we’ll probably get to seeing Greg’s bare cock


No. 773363

He looks pregnant or like he hasn't taken a shit in a week.
The buffalo bill energy in these photos is next level.

I don't think even a gay guy would like these. Not even an old creeper. He's too old,saggy,bloated and covered in moles to fit the twink mould and too out of shape and scrawny to fit the rugged bear/dad bod aesthetic that gay guys go for.

There's literally no audience that would want this, except for people mocking him.

No. 773365

I know people have said he's doing this as a way to mock Ayallah and Billie, but does anyone else think it's like a way to try and 'connect' with her? I could totally see him messaging Billie being like 'omg we are the same' or spouting some psudeo fake feminism praise in his emails. Also if Billie is making material with her current partner, it's probably his way of competing, like 'look what you are missing'.
Lol if he ever tries to ask her to collab on onlyfans.

No. 773369


He's definitely flailing around like this in part to try to get Billie to talk to him. It's like the cringy prying interview he did with the female sex worker that he bragged about being, like, totally cool and okay with. He's so confident in his capacity to manipulate her back into his orbit for whatever reason, he must still think Ayalla is the only thing in the way of him getting that sweet young narcissistic supply. He's probably also constantly reliving the few times she stooped low enough to fuck him since he's quarantined with his kids and Krai now

No. 773370

File: 1588819959833.gif (997.06 KB, 500x252, kHVTkFm.gif)

>Lol if he ever tries to ask her to collab on onlyfans.

No. 773373

The first pics made it look like he had some muscle definition, but there is none, it's just fat. Yuck.

No. 773375

22 likes in one hour? How many people are actually on his only fans? Cause he might actually be making some money, especially if a bunch of trolls subscribe just to make fun of him.

No. 773377

About half and half, bet Tamara’s still paying for those sweet lewds.

All I know is after this, I never want to see another man’s body again. Ewww

No. 773388

I have to wonder if Lainey is still still with him at this point. I know she never left when he was cheating blah blah, but I feel like him showing his ass online and posting nudes like this has to be grossing her out. What's the point in being Onision's wife if he is now reduced to posting nudes online for attention? That's so embarrassing. And desperate. Like all those girls from his discord now give him advice about how to pose nude. It's got to sting. I have to wonder if she's left him.

No. 773389

What are they doing for money right now??? Where are they getting enough money to pay a mortgage, groceries, gas, etc???

No. 773391

OMG so hilarious to think that these are the pics of the dude who seriously rated pics of teenage girls. Nice pepperoni nips Dreg!

No. 773392

>"Y'all are responsible for my confidence boost"

I guess he really is tired of the old doormat

No. 773400

this thread has made me realize i need to increase the dosage on my antidepressants

No. 773405

File: 1588835457340.png (433.72 KB, 1806x670, cap572020.png)

Onision was promoting his new bff's video on the "Detractors of Onision" and just a few hours later Nicholas was tweeting about seeing the proof Sarah has that Lainey sent nudes to her when she was underage and that it seems legit and hes convinced for now. Can we expect a rant video about Nic tomorrow? Or will Greg go radio silent hoping no one hears about what Nic found out.

No. 773408


Kek, towards the end of the video Nick includes that there are legit criticisms against Greg and lists several videos against Onision, but I doubt Greg watched that far. Of course he will ignore the valid criticism and proof and instead double down on delegitimizing anti-o's and Chris hansen

No. 773409

I can see Greg DMing Nicholas and asking him if he has screen caps or captured video of the proof Sarah showed Nic. And when Greg realizes the proof that was shown to Nicholas and Edwin totally destroys his fabricated story of "Sarah stole the nudes from Kias laptop" Greg will throw Lainey under the bus again. Maybe he'll make a video insinuating he doesn't always know what his wife does in private and he cannot be libel for his spouses activity online.
>If she did send those nudes I cant stop her. Shes a human being with free will.

No. 773410


I hope this happens, or something to push Kai out of hiding and into spilling whatever dirt they have on Greg. If Kai is not totally lobotomized at this point they will have some receipts ready to pull out for when Greg tries to throw them under the bus

No. 773411

God Anon I hope so. Divorce would be a great outcome, I think, if it hasn't already happened.

She's a boring fuck, but I can't help but wonder: where in the world is footface? I need my footface update.

No. 773415

The closest confirmation we've gotten that shes not sleeping in the swamp or split to New Mexico is in the first leaked discord video 5/4/2020 that slug guy uploaded. You can hear her talking to him in the background. Its hard to make out what shes saying but the end of the conversation is her saying "okay but Im letting you know about it." Im sorry I cant provide a timestamp. I cant remember where in the video it happens at this moment but even his fans heard lainey because one asks in a high pitched jokey voice "who waaaaas thaaaat?"

No. 773420

It would be great, but won't happen until she has a safety net. And by that I mean she has another person to leach off of so she can continue to not have a job.
In the meantime she can enjoy watching her husband try to gather more internet drama via posting his nasty small cock and saggy ass on only fans.

No. 773423

File: 1588850110513.webm (7.47 MB, 320x180, Sarah or Joanna.webm)

While listening to that leaked members only discord chat I heard something interesting. How can you trust the memory of a man who mistakes his sister for the teen girl he fucked? And this didn't happen all that long ago. It was at the swamp house around the time he owned that blue dodge pick up. It makes me wonder if his wild recollections isn't him purposefully lying but just his brain fucking up. I mean hes told many a story of how hes fallen and hit his head as a child, maybe it fucked up his hippocampus. I wonder if his faulty memory works the other way around too.
>Do you guys remember when I went junk to rear with my sister?

No. 773425


Ew, he shaved his arm pits and pubes

No. 773430

oh wow it looks like a penis, only smaller!

No. 773433

File: 1588857500637.jpg (197.14 KB, 1054x920, Screenshot_20200507-151150__01…)

Apparently Chris meant Shiloh not Sarah in that text about an agent

No. 773435

Well that makes more sense. I remember the video of her agent vexing Greg because he wouldn't react to Greg cussing him out over the phone and just hung up and wouldnt answer when Greg called back. Wheres Shilohs agent now that Gregs been upload a bunch of video of her. Didnt the agent say he'd take Onision to court if he did it again?

No. 773437

Footface has been embarrassed for years by Greg but has been able to keep up the shroud of mystery "we're not really like this, it's a joke" yet now her husband has been reduced to posting nudes. He's went from having a platform on YouTube and making "comedy" sketches along with all his self righteous OnisionSpeaks videos, to posting thirst traps for teenage girls. Her family now has access to nudes of her husband. Her sister who he's shamed online for dating men with big dicks can now see what he's not packing and his ass. It's not even like Greg is hot. Like a grown man in his mid 30s doing nudes on only fans now? At least with the likes of Billie etc they're just putting up photos in lingerie, know how to pose at least and not trying to be known as a personality like Greg is. Greg not only wants to now shove his small cock down the Internets throat but he also wants you to think he's super smart, funny, interesting, charming and virtuous. He has to talk so much shit constantly because of how underwhelming everything he does is. And his kids lol, his kids now have to deal with their Dad being Onision and now Onision is selling nudes like its a fucking shambles. If I was Lainey I'd die from embarrassment.

No. 773438

If I was Lainey, I would have been embarrassed long long ago even before the nudes. She's threatened to leave if he talked about her but went back to talking about her anyway and she stayed. The second he was bashing her sister and mother online, as well as that stupid public hissy fit he threw when her fave musician liked her tweet should have been the warning signs of embarrassment to fucking leave. Him posting nudes at the moment is a definite stoop of grace, but to be honest if I was Lainey, I'd prefer him humiliating himself and posting his nudes, than being spoken about every other video, detailing weird and intimate parts of my life.

No. 773457

Why doesn’t Greg get a penis pump to make his dick big? I mean, that’s what Jeffrey Epstein did

No. 773463

Maybe the microcarrot is the “after”?

No. 773476

Nah I think it's fair to remember Lainey is a dumb bitch that threw her life away for "romantic love" (marrying her third favourite YouTuber) and now the love of her life is pandering and stooping to whoring his body online for shekels. Hearsay can always be dismissed as hearsay if her family ever asked shit about Grease but you can't explain away his literal intent of taking nude photographs for his young audience. Lainey is not open minded, she's not some new age hippy Liberal bitch, this has to be the breaking point. All the years he has spent berating women for being even the slightest bit promiscuous but he's deluded himself into thinking he's a sex worker now.

No. 773479


If they didn't decide to take a page out of Onion and start grooming underaged girls I would feel bad for Kai, out of all the partners they got screwed the worst. After all that scoffing they probably (rightfully) feel embarrassed to admit that their family and everyone else warning them abut greg were right

No. 773485

hey, legit i clarified about the patreon thing. the fuckup is on me. https://youtu.be/0wcX7iOmFOo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773516


It's hilarious how he looks scrawny and fat at the same time in these pictures.


>Like a grown man in his mid 30s doing nudes on only fans now? At least with the likes of Billie etc they're just putting up photos in lingerie, know how to pose at least and not trying to be known as a personality like Greg is.

Pretty sure Greg thinks he's still 17 and the hottest dude to grace the face of earth. I swear he's suffered from brain damage somewhere along the line.

No. 773533

File: 1588892302833.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.27 KB, 1080x1209, 10A33BC8-EA2D-4604-AB6C-1C3150…)

And more…

No. 773534

File: 1588892326542.jpeg (Spoiler Image,92.1 KB, 1080x1115, 6F4E44DE-37BD-457D-A40A-444A94…)

No. 773535

File: 1588892358176.jpeg (Spoiler Image,71.58 KB, 1080x845, C105CB65-39B7-4F3B-8E40-C4AFC2…)

No. 773537

File: 1588892407195.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.35 KB, 1080x1440, 644F461A-E604-438E-BFD1-195F4E…)

No. 773538

File: 1588892510494.jpeg (184.11 KB, 807x2419, FD3B9C84-C39B-4D61-8615-DC8ED0…)

Comments from his deluded fangirls

No. 773541

Gotta say, if I had to predict what I’d be seeing on this thread today a few months ago… it would not have been pimply ass and onion foot.

No. 773545


How many times did lainey have to sit at this mans feet in a dark disgusting shower with onision. im actually throwing up.

No. 773549

2009 Jimmy who wanted to save the world with "muh superior morality" is now reduced to showing his disgusting pimply ass online for a few extra bucks.
At least he's giving his children future therapy content.

No. 773554

File: 1588899980568.jpeg (884.44 KB, 1893x1125, DAA1C1C5-3CD8-4E9A-8272-F2BA7F…)

Old Greg is looking at current Greg with shame and disgust, mostly the latter.

No. 773555

File: 1588900881069.png (437.27 KB, 600x571, IBS.PNG)

I dont think Lainey has any involvement in his OnlyFans. Could he be setting up his camera on a tripod and taking these shots, not using his phone. The same camera he was using last year where he played with the exposure and washed it out so that you couldnt see his horrible skin and acne.

No. 773557

In some of these shots his skin looks straight glandular. Its like he's an amphibian who can't leave the shower unless he's got a healthy coat of grease on.

No. 773561

Maybe reptilians are real after all

No. 773577

File: 1588908548628.jpg (63.92 KB, 400x518, beefcake.jpg)

Artfag here. Forget his shitty physique- it's the absolute artistic bankruptcy of these pics that astounds me. These are some of the most poorly composed lewds I've ever seen. Golden mean? Lighting? Nice background? Nope. Too much trouble for lazy pimple ass Greg. Not even some body makeup, fake tan or bronzer to make his skin look nice. He has all that lovely nature in a relatively isolated part of WA, & he chooses instead to take potato pics in his grubby dark bathroom. I guess Greg ain't no Ansel Adams "Waiting for the light." JFC, Greg, google some old Beefcake shots from Playgirl, gay publications or men's fitness mags for ideas. Your stupid nudie pix are beyond amateur hour shit. Yet another skill Greg completely blows at.(no1curr about your artistic analysis of gregs lumpy body)

No. 773578

I also find it funny that he doesn't show his face in these pictures. We all know it is him. He has distinctive characteristics, like his tattoos. His reputation is already shit, so why not include his face?

No. 773581

Hes keeping his promise of not showing his face anymore. Depends on the day which reason he gives for it. Sometimes its "You dont deserve to see my face." other times its "I dont want to be famous."

No. 773583

Ohh, yeah, right, forgot about that whole "no face" thing because I don't bother watching his videos at all anymore even if they are mirrored. But still, it makes for bad nudes, on top of the weird darkness and lack of poses, and not belonging in a niche.

No. 773586

He looks like Mr Burns here lol! Like an old man. Omg. The cringe

No. 773587

File: 1588911108054.png (69.48 KB, 250x187, IMG_20200508_051136.png)

A depiction of his onlyfans

No. 773597

File: 1588919035063.jpg (74.86 KB, 500x330, bluuuaaaargh.jpg)

No. 773600

Some of these seem to be gay men rather than teen girls. I wonder how he feels about that.

No. 773610

His toenails are disgusting. I once heard that if you are born with domed or rounded nails like that means you usually have some sort of defect or health problem.

No. 773614

File: 1588931012883.jpg (Spoiler Image,254.18 KB, 884x497, 1526124166162.jpg)

With as many times as he's showed his bare ass he has to be closeted and is trying to appeal to men. Lest we forget?

No. 773618

File: 1588931921763.png (Spoiler Image,252.38 KB, 411x407, Cap3.56.PNG)

I noticed that too. Since no YouTuber will collab with Onision he should get together with Caleb and do a photo set.

No. 773621

When will he have the guts to show us his asshole?

No. 773626

When he gets a diamond buttplug like Momokun.

No. 773627


sorry anon i meant lainey did whatever this man wanted sexually for years and both mentioned they frequently showered together + gregs affliction towards bdsm.

lainey definitely grovelled in that shower by his feet more than a few times in her life and now we see what see saw. that poor woman.

No. 773634

File: 1588942103091.jpg (545.01 KB, 1050x1552, Screenshot_20200508-083501.jpg)

I saw this at the other farms about one of the leaked discord calls from the last few days. So fucking disgusting.

How does someone's mind go to sex that frequently?

No. 773636

Greg's a no personality loser who's only focus in life is making easy money and making his small dick ejaculate. He's thrown away his reputation, morals and family life for YouTube drama and committed crimes such as fraud to protect his means so he can continue his weird lifestyle. In the pursuit of getting new sexual partners to suck him off he's harassed, enticed and degraded various young ladies (one as young as 14 he got his wife to groom, which led her to moving on with Onision and Kai at 16. She was there to look after the children while Onision implemented and established ground rules for his wife and other teenage girlfriend, all the while perpetuating conversations of sex acts with his hareem of teenage concubines and engaging in public sex acts. Which of course helped in familiarising and normalising Greg's overtly sexual energy around Sarah who a few short years later would brag about doing his previous Foster daughter (him and his wife's words) up the ass in the shower) he's attracted the attention of the fbi and made local news being accused of being a predator. He needs to stop being such an ignorant twat and engage with the rest of society before he further endangers his family and others and ultimately destroys his life.

No. 773638

Don’t forget Skye and Shiloh, they bathed with him too.

No. 773644

File: 1588944304524.jpg (252.59 KB, 1080x1669, 20200508_092406.jpg)

I guess Krainey's in on it after all, unless these are old pics. Peep the flex of the wedding ring.

No. 773646

He's got the sex appeal of a used tampon, unrelated to how physically ugly/deformed he is. At his core, he is truly repugnant. The worst of the worst, a predator through and through. Shiloh and Skye have both stated how many hours a day he spends watching porn and masturbaiting. They've also described the horrific type of porn he watches. And how often he demands of them to engage in sexual activity with him. And we see how frequently he tries to initiate sexual conversation with the young women in his discord. He can't even change the diaper of an infant in his care because of the fact that he can't help but to sexualize her.

Imagine if he wasn't so engrained with the internet, with being a youtuber, with the connections he's made online and the platform he's got. Like, what if he was a regular dude but with the same dangerously obsessive hyper-sexuality/predatory nature. I feel like he'd be the monster prowling parks at night. Truthfully.

No. 773647

Looks like krai is wearing makeup in this pic so no doubt it’s from the notorious beautybot era - not recent.

Kek at greg using old intimate photos of him and krai to promote his sleazy sex work

No. 773649

I remember them doing a video a long time ago where they cover themselves in fake tattoos, I would think this image is from the same day. So old.

No. 773650

File: 1588944977707.png (478.68 KB, 644x661, 6252017.PNG)

Old photo June 25 2017. Lainey will never show her pedo face on YouTube again.

No. 773651

So he's just trying to trick us into believing Krainey is OK with it.

No. 773653

File: 1588945192707.jpg (64.56 KB, 750x949, wjfq65tmj5d41.jpg)

Found this when I reversed search the tattoo pic and kek. Kai has always been unpleasant and they are both so incredibly defensive

No. 773656

File: 1588945517252.jpg (53.34 KB, 793x218, chomokai banner2.jpg)

He's trying to appease those people who are constantly asking about her. He knows those fans of Laineys may buy into his OnlyFans or other paysite if they think they might get a glimpse of the cho-mo herself.

No. 773661

Imagine having to use a photo from 2017 because your current body looks flabby and moley.
AND he wasn't even in peak shape in the 2017 picture either.

No. 773662

I think if he hadn't gotten into YouTube, he'd be the equivalent of a 'nice guy' or like you said, straight out park rapist.

No. 773665

Agreed. Imagine how he'd be without the outlet of youtube giving him access to potential young victims, or those in his general orbit online who enable him to be such a hyper-sexual creep.

I'd love to hear y'alls opinions on how that hyper-sexual predatory nature he has would play out in the real world had he never made it big on YouTube.

No. 773669

File: 1588951915159.png (55.59 KB, 943x263, onlyfans poll.PNG)

I was watching Alizee most recent video about Onision's OnlyFans. A viewer sent her their email and password so she could have full access and review it. She shared a screenshot of a poll Greg made asking what his fans wanted in the future. Could this be a clue to the real membership numbers? I always felt those "50% OFF! GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT!!!" sales every day were just used car salesman tactics. At his peak (Aug 2017) he had 1300 Patrons. The last 12 months before his Patreon was suspended he would average 400-500 Patrons. And now Onision has just a little over 200 OnlyFan members at 5 bucks a pop? Hes stretching his carrot and showing his pimpled ass for 1K a month. That's depressing.

No. 773670

Wonder if Onion will consider selling the nudes of his wife to his onlyfans lmao. He's already digging into his archives, he may as well release Laineybot nudes to muddy the waters.

No. 773671


Did she forget she met her disgusting husband through declaring herself his soulmate out of the blue on twitter?

Oh wait her baby fell out of a window, so yes she probably did.

No. 773674

She won’t be flexing dat ring once her ass lands in the slammer. He’s going to throw you under the bus, Taylor and we will all laugh.

leave me alone, I’m hopeful!

No. 773689

Everything isn’t about Billie but I bet he’s mad that her boyfriend started a couple’s onlyfans with her. He can’t exploit lainey or even get her on camera anymore.

I agree though. She had more people that liked her over him and maybe he’s trying to tap into that a little bit.

No. 773691

Lmao most of those are men and trannies (and bots). Really enjoying that "I'm gay now" despite being a homophobe.

No. 773732

chill transphobe(>>tumblr)

No. 773736

do you know what website you're on lmao

No. 773762

File: 1588980283817.jpeg (74.91 KB, 1080x758, 0738DB49-B21F-4306-9C4F-501641…)

Please god don’t let this mean he plans to show the whole thing.

No. 773764

Oh no! As if it isn't bad enough to already know that it looks like "half a hotdog in a turtleneck", and this ridiculous photo of him in those blue spandex leggings. AND the Rrptar crotch shot.

Nobody wants to see his tic tac…
I really hope he's just all talk, no action like always.

Let me quote this anon

No. 773766

He’s gonna Jeffrey Epstein his dick first lol

No. 773775

He’s going to either edit his babbycarrot to make it bigger, fall through and not deliver, or post a photo of someone else’s cock who doesn’t pack a pathetic AAA battery

No. 773788

I just checked "coolguykai" Patreon numbers and its at 67. It took a steep drop May 1st. I dont understand these people paying her month after month for nothing. There was even a new Patron a couple days ago. Who buys into a Patreon when the creator hasnt updated it for over half a year.

No. 773790

lol he's stalling until his penis sleeve arrives

No. 773816

she's still making at least $300 if most of those are paying $5

No. 773881

Must have borrowed Footface's big boi packer

No. 773895

Her stats are visible, she's only making $157 a month rn. Not sure if that's before or after the cut the site takes for itself. Between that and Jimmy's OF, they are bringing in what, $1,200 a month or something? He can't be making much off YT again now that Hansen dropped him and his spergout vids aren't drawing in views anymore.

No. 773898

It is really apparent he has been trying to get Billie back for ages. He has never been so manic about losing someone and it is really apparent in how often/every video he brings her up.

The fact that Krai hasn't left him when he is still so emotionally wrapped up with her and now posting nudes is hilarious. It's back to the same old cheating that caused problems in the first place. Guess he doesn't care that she's crying about this one.

No. 773899

anyone ever see this cringey vlog with onisions sister?

No. 773911

For some reason him acting somewhat normal is so much worse to watch than the freakout vids. God imagine how uncomfortable it would be to hang out with him.

No. 773916

God she’s the spitting image of Tami, has he said much about his sister? I feel like he’s shaded her in past videos

No. 773917

Honestly, this is the first time I've seen him act normal and good-natured, and I've known about him for about a decade. If anything, it highlights how insane and off he acts the rest of the time. I almost wish he spent more time with his sister, because maybe it would bring him back down to earth, to get in touch with himself. This makes it seem like he's lost himself. Maybe he just needs some really intensive therapy.

No. 773921

His sister is normal. She actually thrived in the Air Force and became a pilot. Greg the beta must feel so inferior around her.

No. 773924

His sister was also married 2 or 3 times, doubt it

No. 773932

That’s pretty normal for military

No. 773938

Dear god his ankles are so thin… I've also been wondering, does he just put his phone on auto or is Lainey the on taking pictures of this troll's deformed body?

No. 773939

File: 1589092105971.png (278.04 KB, 1014x569, Nicholas DeOrio Discord Member…)

I've been curious what the membership numbers are for his paid private discord server. Nicholas DeOrio was doing a livestream and he gave some information. He admitted that he paid Greg 100 dollars to be in the 1-on-1 Video Chatter tier so he could interview him for his earlier videos and now is at the $5 membership. One of the leaked discord chats Blasian seems concerned that DeOrio is still at the $100 tier and has access to Staff Chat. I wonder whats in that staff area that has Blasian so shook. Nicholas gives the run down of every paying member in the private discord server. I thought Greg was making more money off that.
>There aren't 100 people in the server. I don't know how much money you think Onision is making but I'm gonna read off the number I don't want to leak their discord server and all the girls and guys names that are in that server because that's what you do but um if you go to the Onisionfans this is your $5 tier he has 18 members if you go to the movie nighters here he has 6 more members one voice chatter one video chatter and there are three mods now.

No. 773947

File: 1589096849033.webm (4.2 MB, 480x480, Onisions Mods Are Stupid.webm)

I thought Tamara the dog fucker was the only naive admin but here's Onision talking about how ALL his mods fell for that FuriousSlugs hacker bullshit. If some dumbass can convince them hes Kevin Mitnick with a few tweets I wonder how many internet romeo scams Tamara and Blasian have fallen for over the years.

No. 773948

Sorry I'm late but that looks like a jetted tub behind them, don't think they have that in the swamp shack, definitely in the mcmansion tho

No. 773953

God you're right. That poor, poor woman. Having Greg for a brother and Tami for a mother. I don't know if she's also mentally fucked but life sure did fuck her.
You can't choose family though. Oh and sweet Moses in a basket imagine having LAINEY for a sister in law.
Those people are fucked..

No. 773957

So he’s making what, $300/ month? Amazing, definitely capable of supporting a family of four.

No. 773961

Nah. Sorry anon but she's still superior to Greg and his smol space prince

No. 773967

A pile of rat shit shit is superior to greg, tbf.

No. 773968

File: 1589124813468.png (311.53 KB, 929x1594, botsbotsbots.png)

looks like his onlyfans is full of poorly disguised bots

No. 774015

That makes it all the more hilarious. He's just desperate for attention at this point, jumping up and down going "LOOK, LOOK!" like an unpopular toddler trying to get attention from his peers.
I absolutely agree that he's using a fake cock, and wouldn't be surprised at all if he will try and pass off Lainey's most realistic strap-on with poor lighting to go "SEE, ITS NOT MICROSCOPIC."
Of course his real tiny cock would be very easy to hide. Hell, he could hide it behind one of his pubes.
And this is two peoples dad.. I truly pity their kids.

No. 774018

No. 774019


It looks..off. as if it isn't attached to his body. Perhaps a hollow strap on?

No. 774034


Figures he would jump through hoops to avoid revealing his baby carrot, at the very least he could have shopped his butt acne out. He is such a piss poor content creator kek

No. 774038

There's nothing about this that any girl would be into. The only possibility is that he has gay fans wanting these and giving him the asspats for more or something. What a wild turn of events.

No. 774040

File: 1589151819557.jpg (4.58 KB, 248x203, index.jpg)

>mfw looking at his ratty undies and ass acne

these are some of the most amateur pics ever. not to mention he's a flabby dad and has sad clipart tattoo all over his pasty, saggy body.

least he figured out taking pictures in the dark made him look like a found footage corpse or something from a morgue. on the flip side, in the slightly better lighting we can see him in all his grugly glory. maybe the pics were in the dark before cuz before caveman Gronk didn't know how to turn on a light switch. Unga bunga me scrunga - what is electricity bunga? unga, me hold fake penis ook.

obvious fake dick is obvious. much prefer fake dick in undies over seeing his actual, foreskin laden vienna sausage.

very sad day. 4 people pay for this content. 4 people too many. the quarantine horny must be hitting his footlickers and the 10 cumulative brain cells they got rattling around in their mentolly ill noggins xoxo

why does he keep doing the "could you be craving my mcnuggies pose?" to showcase his office chair flattened ass? spinning around on it in your freezing cold garage isn't a great glute work out, jimmy boy.

wonder how long he spends taking pics. lainey just on the other side of the door, crying, listening to camera click after camera click for 4 hours as Grug sifts through the camera roll and tries (and fails) to find the least vomit inducing pics….. sad…. F, see me after class….

No. 774047

File: 1589155164176.jpg (141.64 KB, 1920x928, gregspackagetoadmirehispackage…)

Looks like Greg used this package to admire his package.

No. 774051

He is so clearly wearing a packer or something. His "dick" doesn't even come from his body, but out of his leg somewhere on the 7th image.

No. 774054


I just dont understand…

No. 774055

my tinfoil is that he borrowed lainey's fake dick

No. 774067

Thanks anon. Nightmare fuel though

No. 774074

It doesn't even look attached to him. Piss poor job at a fake dick but 10/10 cringe

No. 774077

The head looks… abnormally large??

No. 774078

Right? Man's clearly holding a dildo or some shit in there and still managed to make himself look deformed.

These photos smell like yeast and smegma

No. 774084


It’s soley because of how attractive she is/was. For one, though she was 18-19, she looked 16 at most with her childish behavior, high and lispyvoice, small breasts, and lack of education. We know how much he likes em young. Second, next to Lainey, she’s Aphrodite and his foot wife is a cross between social repose and an actual dead bird. Third, he’s only interesting in the hunt.

Skye ignored him largely throughout high school, even when he continuously pestered her. He got bored of her after he “won” her and couldn’t get her little sister. Shiloh, the train wreck that she still is, went back and forth so much and was clearly mentally unhinged, and easy to take advantage of. Lainey was throwing herself at him constantly, but when her parents forbade it, suddenly the sneaking around and facing off against the other “alpha man” in her life — her father, made him feel big. Notice how quickly he grew bored of her after their marriage and first child. And Billie? She’s pretty dumb, but she had enough self respect to leave and do decently without him. She’s never once mentioned him until the Hansen debacle and has never responded to any of his hundreds of desperate emails. She hasn’t uttered a word to him in over three years and it’s killing his fragile ego.

Sage for non-contribution.

No. 774099

No expert but that is clearly a fake dick. This is just sad.

No. 774103

You guys really shouldn't tinfoil about a fake dick. It's obviously real and any more claims of it being fake will just stroke his ego.
It looks like he has an unfortunate case of his dick being fatter at the end and thin near the base. He's uncircumcised right? The head looks weirdly puffy

No. 774104

Yeah lol people are so obsessed with having Greg be abnormally inadequate about everything. It's probably his dick. It doesn't even look big so I'm not sure why everyone's tinfoiling about this lol.

No. 774105

wtf why wouldn't he edit out the ass pimples?

No. 774117

It's not even that it looks that big. It's average. It looks fake though because of the weird position he's holding it in.

No. 774120

File: 1589198432629.jpg (Spoiler Image,618.94 KB, 1147x1497, needledick_mccucklord.jpg)

You are kinda talking as we don't KNOW for a FACT (FAX!) how ill equipped Greg is with his tiny dick.
Sadly, much to everyones regret, we HAVE seen it before.

No. 774125

It also took him how long to start whipping out implied dick pics? About as long as it takes to order a cheap strap on from China. If his dick is real, why didn't he post these forever ago when all the baby carrot accusations started?

No. 774127

These anons know what's up. As much as I hate this dry season of milk, let's not kid ourselves into thinking Gregory "height that matches the penis" Jackson has a normal sized wee-wee. Anons have even screenshotted videos where he hilariously overcompensates by overstuffing his barbie doll ken crotch.

No. 774134

File: 1589204740816.jpg (Spoiler Image,631.47 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200511_093155.jpg)

Anon, stahp. This is the type of device Greg is using. It's a prosthetic penis extender. You put it over your existing baby carrot for added length/girth. It's abundantly clear from those disgusting images, especially by the way he holds it, that it isn't real. You would have thought that he would have ordered something more realisticly sized. The fucking girth on that thing is scary, and abundantly obvious it was designed as sex toys usually are —exaggerated. But it's Greg, a low IQ waterheaded narcassit, who has to have the biggest of the big pretend dick.

Keep in mind that we've had several of Gurp's exes separately state that his dick is small. Remember in AJ's email, she described it as "half a hotdog in a sweater" or something similar. She sent that email believing only the reader would ever see it, so she obviously wasn't making it up just to publicly embarrass Greg.

We also have Greg sperging a few months ago in a leaked discord call that big dicks are actually bad, undesirable, and that women hate them. When one of the pigs told him that isn't true, he got extremely butthurt. Remember the podcast he did with Lainey right before she disappeared? They were talking about how people were saying he had a small dick and Lainey said something like "why does it matter?" which indicates that it's small but who cares. Lol.

If he had a big dick he was proud of, he would have shown it. There would be none of the stomach pictures showing right above his baby carrot, no pictures through the underwear, etc without actual dick pics.

I know it seems dumb to be sperging this much about the Waterhead's junk, but it's fucking hilarious that he's so terrorized about having a baby carrot that he's literally shoving prosthetics in his pants and pretending it's real.

I think he has an extender much like the one on the top right.

No. 774136

File: 1589205161903.jpg (Spoiler Image,358.65 KB, 977x1486, Screenshot_20200511-094959.jpg)


Look how he's holding it here. You can tell the part of his hand around his pinky finger is holding his actual dick. There's no tension in his hand, it isn't gripping anything. His baby carrot is just loosely sitting in it because it's so much smaller than the prosthetic he's strangling with the other portion of his hand.

Also, look at how much skinnier it gets towards the "base, " it's going damn near in another direction entirely.

Fake. Fake. Fake. Fake.

Now, to get this weird ass shit off my phone.(samefagging/nitpicking)

No. 774143

File: 1589207059428.jpeg (48.18 KB, 550x434, 8AE45801-0665-499E-845A-FDE92F…)

Based upon the outline of the odd shape seen in these photos, I think Greg’s penis is actually a mushroom

No. 774165

I don't get why it even matters. If he has a baby carrot or if he's packing the biggest dick in the world he's still the same shitty person. It's irrelevant at the end of the day.
I do agree that the pics looks extremely weird and unsettling, though ( but so does his every pic ).

No. 774166

File: 1589213318016.jpg (324.17 KB, 2289x1526, PicsArt_05-11-04.27.32.jpg)


No. 774167

needling a malignant narcissist about his obvious insecurities is inherently funny.
that its greg, a sex addict who stuffs lainey's packers and socks down his skinny jeans until it looks like he has a pus filled tumor for a groin, just makes it funnier
did you really need that explained to you?

No. 774174

I almost threw up in my mouth. Thanks Grug.

No. 774175


The needling makes more sense if it’s on twitter or tumblr where he would actually read about it though.

but I agree the fact that he takes himself so seriously that he has to play dress up to try to appear like this big dick chad are funny.

No. 774177

Stop being a pussy and show us your disgusting cock already, Greg. Don’t care how big it is, it’s still gross and mangled considering the body it’s attached to.

No. 774181

Just putting it out there; smallest ball sack I’ve laid eyes upon

No. 774186

He does read here though. Then he makes videos about it saying "someone me what was said"

No. 774189

File: 1589219750658.jpeg (18.39 KB, 413x395, 735A6B08-D31E-44FC-B62C-ED9F0A…)

> his foot wife is a cross between social repose and an actual dead bird.

No. 774195

It's really quite fitting that given Grugs history and obsession with humiliating others, the only kind of porn he'd ever even be able to do is tiny dick humiliation smut.

No. 774237

Exactly. If it was real, he wouldn't need to hold it in place with his hand for every photo.

No. 774246

Until he gives us a real photo, where it's actually exposed, without his stupid hand gripping it, don't believe anything anons.

So far the clearest we've seen are the baby carrot examples, and I don't believe the "grower not a show-er" phenomenon can actually make it that massive of a size difference.

No. 774257

File: 1589235835956.jpg (23.32 KB, 540x152, KjsUMAV.jpg)

>Until he gives us a real photo

Im not going to be convinced unless its video. Hes already shown he can photoshop whatever he wants when he did the shoop'd vagina and 3 penises. If he only releases photos Ill be skeptical and assume he probably did some editing to it. I saw a screenshot from his Onlyfans where he acknowledges that hes getting requests for fully exposed cock but he wants to go at his own pace and everyone should be happy to allow him to go slow. He's using this like hes done with his videos. He did one freak out video, got great views and ran it into the ground till people got bored and started ignoring him and the views tanked again. He's going to tease this for months hoping more people will subscribe to his OF.

No. 774261

Those little baby balls kek

No. 774280

File: 1589243510125.png (Spoiler Image,2.28 MB, 1248x1130, disgusting.png)

Greg's new post.

No. 774283

File: 1589244133507.webm (Spoiler Image,6.25 MB, 512x288, fuck no.webm)

No. 774284

And the accompanying blog that claims that peer pressure is the reason people don't like him.

Does everyone actually hate Onision? A look into peer pressure and mob mentality.
Does everyone actually hate Onision?
A look into peer pressure and mob mentality.
Before going into the actual question of whether or not everyone actually hates James Jackson/Onision, let us define peer pressure and the psychology behind mob mentality.
The dictionary definition of peer pressure is as follows: “Influence from members of one’s peer group.”(Lexico Dictionaries). Just by the definition alone without interpretation or analysis it seems like a very simple concept to understand, right? Understanding a concept having to do with a somewhat simple social phenomenon seems easy enough and one would assume that it’s easy to identify in their own friend groups or in other friend groups. Well that is not the case. In most cases peer pressure affects children, teens and sometimes young adults and can sometimes lead to bullying.
Now, bullying seems like a problem only children and teens deal with, right? Well adults can get bullied too, whether it be in the workplace, over the internet, by their family or friends bullying and bullying and it can happen to anyone anytime. No one is immune to bullying. Getting back to the topic at hand, peer pressure can very much lead to bullying. Peer pressure can happen unintentionally. An example of this is when people that are accused of doing something wrong are made public large groups of people expect everyone to dislike this person. “The influence can have negative effects if a peer group’s bullying behavior encourages others to laugh at someone.”(“Do Friends Ever Bully Friends?”) even if they do not feel the same way about this person. This is clearly shown in many online communities when on the topic of Onision.
Many people see those who support him as less than them because in their eyes Onision is not a good person and should not be supported. Regardless of what anyone has done in the past people have a right to have their own opinions and thoughts about people that are not so great. And by heavily criticizing those who have a different point of view, you are actively peer pressuring someone into bullying another person. Even if it isn’t the intention it still has the same outcome as someone who intends to pressure someone into bullying or disliking someone else because they themselves don’t like that person. Now, due to the scale of this peer pressuring it looks to fall into the category of mob mentality.
Mob mentality is a behavior of a large group that is influenced by around a handful of people. (Polito, Kristen, et al.) Now, I’m not a behavioral psychologist so the definition of mob mentality might not be one hundred percent perfect but that isn’t the point. The point here is that mob mentality is what’s driving this huge movement of hatred towards James. Seeing as people who support James are being bombarded with hate comments and threats it makes sense why so many people hate him.
Now I’m not saying that everyone who hates some is a victim of mob mentality or peer pressure because there are very different reasons why people hate him. But usually people start to hate him because their friends strongly dislike him or because they just want to jump on the bandwagon. Because of these reasons it is hard to calculate the number of people that genuinely dislike him as a person based off of personality traits or behaviors like his attitude. Disliking him for things that cannot be proven without a doubt is something some people do but seeing the amount of people that dislike him for that reason is direct evidence of peer pressure as well as mob mentality. As for the question does everyone actually hate Onision, it’s hard to say because many people have been influenced to dislike him.

No. 774285

It looks like fucking Jello. That cannot be real anatomy

No. 774292


If you told me this is where we'd be three years ago…

No. 774294

It moves like a water balloon

No. 774297

Wonder how many people in his family and Lainey's family know he's selling videos of him grabbing his cock in his undies? Didn't expect it to end like this.

No. 774300


Well, he's finally hit another new low. Cheers to him for selling out so quick in times of desperation. He can't even attempt at getting a normal job.

Kai must be crying so badly now knowing his husband is selling lewd photos of himself on the internet.

No. 774301

How's Kai going to handle the parents at Troy's school knowing about her husband selling lewds online? He has lost it during lockdown. His poor kids

No. 774302

Nightmare fuel

No. 774304

I don't really know what to say. I'd never think we would reach this point. This is both weird and extremely pathetic.
Milk of 2020: Jimmy and his cock. This really is the Lamest year ever.

No. 774311

Are…. are penises supposed to lay upward towards the belly button like that? That’s seems weird and uncomfortable, but what do I know, I don’t have a penis. No man I’ve ever seen positions it like that in their boxers though

No. 774312

I think it's because it's erect anon. I know, hard to tell the difference.

Is 2020 the year every cow becomes desperate enough to turn to sex work? First Venus now Onision… who's next I wonder.

No. 774316

He's obviously using a penis extender and its still small. Just thick. He's essentially given himself a chode.

No. 774317

And on fucking Spiderman bedsheets! Gross.

No. 774324

Not saying to look closer, for the love of god dont look closer- but sometimes in the video, it looked like he had two dicks- and one would move where he didn't want it to in moments where he would go to grab it again really quickly. Yikes.

No. 774330

Can one see how much he makes from onlyfans? There has to be quite a few people hate-subbed waiting to see his sick hence why he's taking it slow

No. 774361

No one even speaks like that. His syntax is so bizarre

No. 774378

File: 1589295145403.jpeg (Spoiler Image,16.65 KB, 250x211, 3DD76A08-8E29-437B-98FC-2DB725…)

holy shit look at how hard he’s sucking in that gut

No. 774381

Greg is just so pathetic. And I'm not even saying that to be edgy, he just is. Can you imagine having a boyfriend or husband like this trying to prove to the big bad internet that his cock "isn't tiny"? Using the dildo's from your nightstand to strangle in his underwear?
Or even worse imagine your FATHER doing this with your mothers dildo's. My God I feel so incredibly sorry for these kids.
Who gives a shit about what the internet thinks, seriously?
Greg obviously does. That "Do not engage"-tattoo of fail sure is coming in handy!

No. 774389

>imagine your FATHER doing this with your mothers dildo's.

And on your bed while your (probably) left alone in another room.

If you're going to mess around with your wife dildos don't do it where you kid sleeps, yikes

No. 774407

File: 1589302973900.jpg (71 KB, 540x654, Screenshot_20200512-.jpg)

I feel like this is a Chris Chan type of situation. People are faking positivity and admiration and then getting Greg to do things for money. You can't tell me that there's not a large percentage of people who have subscribed to his OnlyFans just to fuck with him and see what they can get him to do.
This is his most recent poll. I don't know how he's going to jerk off and not expose the sock/extender he's been using in his recent videos. Maybe he'll use a Fleshlight and never fully pull out of the silicone masturbator.

The poll is still early so all of his subscribers haven't voted yet. But if you look at this earlier post→ >>773669 the poll was finished and at the end he only had 204 subscribers voting. Watching the votes on his polls is a good gauge of his subscriber count. His OnlyFans account was made just a few weeks ago so its not like his decade old YT channels where most of those 2 million subs are people who forgot they subbed or are abandoned accounts. Also because its so new the subscribers are keeping up with what's going on checking what new photos/videos are being uploaded and voting in his polls are anonymous so they don't have to worry that Greg or the other subs know what they are choosing. Having an anonymous poll encourages interaction.
tldr: Best guess-Onisions OnlyFans has a little over 200 subscribers. $5.00 a sub would be 1K month. OnlyFans takes 20% fee for payment processing & hosting so Greg would take home 800 dollars a month before taxes. Im not sure what WA taxes he'd have to pay on $800.

No. 774408

How long until he starts flying girls in for his onlyfans "business" and writes it off as a "business expense" on his taxes? And how long before he convinces his wife husband that he needs to fly girls in so that he can "collaborate" with them on his only fans so that he can provide for his family? Gross

No. 774410


Not to WK and as gross as it is… for the love of god, have some of you never seen a (possibly not fully erect) dick irl?
There’s no ‘smaller second dick’ and he’s not stroking a dildo either. If anything it’s what >>774316 but even that I doubt tbh.
It looks averagely sized, but that’s likely due to the underwear and because of how zoomed in it is. Both things make a dick look bigger.
And it’s not rock-hard because he’s old and is probably happy he even got an erection like that to begin with. That plus those worn out boxer briefs are also why it looks so ‘floppy’.

No. 774411

I never thought of that. Bringing in "models" for him to do video/photo shoots with for his OF as an excuse to fuck freshly 18 year old girls. He'll berate Lainey because his fans have requested sex videos and Lainey will not be on camera so he needs to fuck someone. Greg can talk her into this Im sure. Lainey will be more receptive of this work around for Greg to cheat since the "models" will only be around the house for a few hours and not living there there for months like the previous "home wreckers."

No. 774412

Lainey won’t even show her face online what makes him list content with him getting head/having sex as about half of the options?

If she’s tolerated everything else this might be actually possible. She said she would leave him if he cheated on her again but if she condones any and all of his behavior he can’t cheat on her (and force her to make good and leave).

I can imagine him accusing her of hating sex workers or slut shaming him if she did say no.

No. 774413

I assumed "Oral Sex on you" meant Greg would be doing a POV of him performing cunnilingus or even funnier… fellatio. But if its a video that suppose to simulate the viewer is sucking Gregs cock he only has to put the camera between his legs and move it up and down a few times while doing dirty talk. As wooden as Lainey is in all the YT skits shes been in I would love to see how horrible she is during sex.

>accusing her of hating sex workers or slut shaming him if she did say no.
this for sure.

No. 774429

So this, but with less heart.

No. 774430

and less face. Haven't you always wanted to get head from a man wearing a ski mask?

No. 774444

Venus, Onion and Moo.

No. 774445

looks like an outlined micropeen with obvious stuffing underneath it lol

No. 774446

File: 1589312932813.png (Spoiler Image,561.38 KB, 899x361, Screen Shot 2020-05-12 at 3.43…)

Idk the second dick looks significantly smaller to me. I think greg's peen in the red underwear is socks or an extender and the one in the purple is his real one. The red one looks larger than average and is very girthy but the purple looks around average/a little smaller. I think he switched to not using the dildo/packer because he knew he'd eventually have to show a vid and it would be really difficult to pass off a dildo as Jimmy's real penis when he can't edit.

No. 774450

That's what I thought. The dick in the red underwear looks way different than the one in the purple briefs. Also very telling that he pulled down and showed more in the purple briefs video.

No. 774469

The purple underwear shot is definitely a smaller dick. Looks like a real erect but smallish 4" or so dick with a lot of padding around the ballsack area to make the whole thing look bigger

No. 774470

File: 1589320742103.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.41 KB, 640x480, hated-gg-allin-and-thb6jsq.jpg)

Gurg needs to stop trying to fool everyone about his micropeen and just go fully GG Allin in his next Onlyfans post.

No. 774472

I really agree. Some of these tinfoils are as disturbing as his pics.
I'm aware there's absolutely no fresh milk to discuss and there probably won't be until he gets another third, but I hope this thread doesn't turn into hyper analysing every underwear pic this scrote posts.

No. 774482

spoiler that shit ffs
(as little as there is to see… but still)

No. 774495

File: 1589329428024.jpeg (Spoiler Image,28.54 KB, 400x265, B376D217-AFF9-4608-81E6-817ACE…)

James Hetfield from Metallica has a tiny dick too lol

See Gregma, nothing to be ashamed of!

No. 774496

File: 1589329533883.jpeg (516.14 KB, 750x740, CD5E3E65-D42A-4AF3-878F-898058…)

Have you retards ever seen a dick or recived dickpics before? Its obviously just agles and posing he is fx holding his whole (smol) ballsack in the red pic and holding it right up to the camera, making it look bigger IG thots do it all the time with their asses.
Its small in size but nothing shocking, just a smallish dick with very tiny balls.

No. 774497

If this becomes Tiny Dicks Anonymous support group and every other post is examples of celebs who have small penises I'm out of here.

No. 774498

But anon, Greg thinks of himself a ~celebrity~! If we show support, he might slowly let loose and show “the goods”

Then we can laugh at him

No. 774499

As long as there are retards dumb enough to pay for this shit he's going to keep dragging it out.
That's expected.


No. 774500

If only he was as dumb as Chris Chan and got over with it

Sadly, it really is a waste of time and precious milk

No. 774508

Do you have eyes? That is clearly not just angles.

No. 774517

Right? One minute it was Billie and Cuddlegate. Now, it's Chris Hansen, Greg making homemade porn and anons seriously analyzing his dick and balls.

No. 774521

File: 1589334711416.jpeg (226.69 KB, 1172x703, 29593C09-F0B2-4566-B33D-5C0083…)

It clearly is, the purple one is more accurate but hes pushing his torso closer to the camera than his body in both pics and in the red one hes holding his balls as if they were part of his dick length and pushing his dick towards the camera
Like this but with his dick https://www.menshealth.com/trending-news/a19543264/bodybuilding-outangle-gym-bros-craig-golias/

No. 774525

Okay he is obviously stuffing or wearing an extender in the red pics. Jfc. There is no crease where the head would be, even though the fabric is clearly strained. His dick is also oddly flat and shaped like an upside down squash. I’m gonna go bleach my eyes now.

No. 774529

He is not, hes just angeling and holding his whole ballsack while gripping his dick to make it look longer

No. 774539

Holy shit aren't we giving Grug exactly what he wants by sperging about his dick size and closely scrutinizing pictures of it?

No. 774545

If Greg would drop all the filters, photoshoop, and posturing, his nudes would look almost identical to Chris-chan's. Same flabby body type and I think Chris does has a good inch on him.

No. 774564

Plus: idk if he‘s circumcised or not (never cared about the carrot dick discourse before it got ridiculous), but if he isn’t there might be no visible head because of his foreskin not being pulled back. He also doesn’t have a significantly visible head-outlining in the purple video either, imo.
On top of that he seems to be squeezing it quite tightly at the base in the red one, which can also significantly help with the size (similar like a cock ring).

No. 774566

The down part is that ya'll are now talking about Greg's baby carrot, which is exactly what he wants.
Its how the Anti-O's are keeping him relevant, I bet Greg actually loves the Anti-O's, hell they make up half of his paying members.

No. 774577

hes anti circumcision thats all I know

No. 774590

Tbh I don't care what his peepee looks like. There's nothing exciting about his dick reveal. It could be the smallest dick on earth and it doesn't change anything. The only takeout from this onlyfans situation is that he is a sex-addicted degenerate starved for attention, but we have already known that. He's been so painfully boring lately now that Chris Hansen has moved on from him.

No. 774623

Gregory von der poo showing his microscopic penis and pimply ass are the last acts of a desperate man. Trying to cling on to whatever "fame" he has left, whatever that may mean in his case. I think its wonderful, now if only the Anti-O's could stop spergin' about him we can all just let him fade in to obscurity.
Stop watching him, stop talking about him, stop mentioning him, stop checking his social media.
Its all it takes for him to finally fuck off, then again I suspect the Anti-O's don't really want him gone since then their equally pathetic empty lives have even less meaning.

No. 774627

This. Unless he starts doing hardcore shit we can all laugh at, he's just being the creep he normally is. Even if he does end up showing everything and humiliating himself even more than he normally does, that shit will be funny for 2 minutes until everyone gets bored of it.

I feel really bad for his kids. I've always thought about the possibility they'll stumble on his retarded videos and history one day, but imagine coming across your father's onlyfans. It just confirms everyone's talk of him being a degenerate and there's no way he could talk himself out of it as a father. I have no doubts they will estrange themselves from him as soon as they are legally able to.

No. 774628

>that shit will be funny for 2 minutes until everyone gets bored of it.
NTA, but that's exactly it. I'm expecting him to start doing more outrageous shit because there are people dumb enough to pay for it.
If half of them are anti o's that's sad as fuck. You hate the moron so much you're helping him pay his bills. And for what, really?
It's not like we're getting some supr sikrit patreon convo recordings here, it's pics of his pimply ass ffs.

No. 774630


It concerns me to think about how many anti-o's are helping him financially in the end. In regards to onlyfans adding to the list of things his kids have to be embarrassed about, I know it's a long time from now but I am pretty interested to see how that all plays out. Expecting a lot of family drama years from now when his kids are old enough to form an opinion and google their parents' long detailed sordid histories

No. 774631

He'd have to go pretty far for it to even be worth paying for. Not to sound like bluespike but it would have to be like sticking Lego pieces up his butthole on camera or something. Even then it's just sad. I agree with the sentiments about the anti o's. Like there was a while where people were reviewing his book to make videos and it was fine because majority of them made it a point to get the book 2nd hand or read it online for free, but some of these retards are buying his onlyfans shit which is just giving him profit.

No. 774643

This. He's going to pull a Momokun. I wish idiots wouldn't pay for it. There's no way they genuinely are attracted to him when there are tons of other people on the site. They are doing nothing but stroking his ego, it's fucked up. We were so close to him finally believing he's a fucking ugly cunt that nobody wants and now people are blowing smoke up his ass again so he'll probably be back to attempting to groom girls in no time.

No. 774648

And that is exactly the problem. Anti-O's keep watching him like a hawk, subbing and following his dumb ass and thus keeping him relevant.
And worst of all: Signing up to his shit and paying, so they can UwU leak his shit thinking they're being a super spy and helping.
You aren't helping, if you truly want Greg to suffer and die, unsubscribe, stop giving him money, unfollow, don't comment on his retarded stupid shit and move the fuck on with your life. Don't make fucking videos about him either, even if you do get two shekels for peddling Raid Shadow Legends. (Like Rep$ion)
Trust me if he does anything interesting you'll hear about it. With a bit of luck maybe he'll go insane and be on the news or bestgore dot com..
Then again, I'm posting this to deaf ears here. No one will unsubscribe and stop, specially not the Anti-O's. They wouldn't get the message if it was chiseled on their anus in braille.

If you truly want him gone though: Find another hobby, another lolcow to follow, and forget about Greg. If everybody were to do that, he'd be done within a year. They never will though.

No. 774675

I just want to know about Lainey's reaction to her husband. Greg is boring, ugly and old. What ever happened to Hansen interviewing someone's family member?

No. 774676

There's one frequent user on kf that posts the of content. That's one user and most of the leaks from only fans that are posted to lolcow are from kiwi farms from that one user. The issue isn't places like the farms it's the demented twitter users (usually young) that can't stop beating a dead horse. Seems a bit weird to come on to lolcow and tell users to find another lolcow to laugh at. How's about no

No. 774678

Thats why there's a clear distinction between farmers and "anti-os".

We've seen it countless times with Joysparkle and Mikenactor. They use Onision as a tool to get views to boost their own ego. It doesn't matter even if this shit he does his 100% transparent, because they're so fixated on this idea that they themselves can put Greg behind bars or take down his YouTube channel when that hasn't happened in the decade that Onision has been Onision. They're bad faith actors who don't really care that Greg is awful, they care because they can feel morally superior sperging to their audience and sometimes one or two get lucky and have a comment section full of "yas queens".

Then inevitabley they conflate people wanting to see Greg roasted no matter how shit the content is with people loving them and their content. Its gross and its the same cycle over and over. Onisions channel would have probably been dead by now if it wasn't for the massive amounts of people shining a spotlight on it for (like that anon said) a few YouTube sponsor sheckles.

No. 774679

Just the farms isn't a place to preach that message. We all obviously have a good time laughing at him. JoySparkkes gets shit talked too for her cow behaviour but I'd rather have other YouTubers with decent platforms shit talking Onision rather than him be allowed to operate without all the haters. He's reaped what he's sowed. Twitter users have found the farms and the bewfags are annoying but I'm sure Greg hates them more.

No. 774680

Those Anti-O's and big Youtubers may not post here, but they sure as shit read here.
Not that they'll listen though. They just keep following Greg, keep reporting it whenever he as much as farts on camera and making a 10 hour commentary video about it with tons of advertisers and "brought to you by".
And so that cycle goes round and round, and even if they do rake in some shekels for doing it, the one profiting in the end are Greg and Lainey.
Its the most clear case of leading by example I ever seen. You want Greg gone, lead by example and ignore him till he dies.
Again, no one will though. Specially not fat greedy fucks like Mikenactor and such.
Shekels > morals.
To that extend they are no better than Greg. They really aren't. Specially those huge youtubers like rep$ion, blaire white, keem, etc in fact, all influencers are trash. But hey in other news the sky is blue and candy rots your teeth.

No. 774706

File: 1589412987270.jpeg (Spoiler Image,29.15 KB, 1125x596, 8696F2E2-346C-4B81-AA66-73247B…)

No one with a big dick in the entire world would ever post something as hilariously cropped, zoomed, angled, and manipulated as whatever the fuck this is.

Greg's dick is tiny. It's funny because he's buying and posing with extenders. It's funny because he's a rampant, low IQ narcassit who has for more than a decade criticized the bodies of others.

He's spent years and years misrepresenting his own looks with angles, filters, photoshop, and lighting. Then the court photos came out and we all got to be reminded of the bizarrely proportioned, genetic monstrosity with a massive head. Of course he'd attempt to manipulated, misrepresent, and hide his disgusting baby carrot, too.

Imagine getting so much pressure to show your actual dick since everyone knows you're lying so you post this because your dick is that small.

No. 774708

Tiny head tiny penis

No. 774719

File: 1589417417546.jpg (Spoiler Image,155.52 KB, 924x443, Screenshot_20200513-203745.jpg)

4.5 incher

No. 774725


I literally said out "ew" multiple times as I unveiled that picture. Repulsive.. My stomach churned just by that head.. Imagine if it was the entire penis?

Lord, Im not ready to throw up

No. 774734

i knew what was under that spoiler and now i'm angry at myself for looking at it anyway. fucking ew

No. 774738

god, it really does look like half a hot dog in a turtleneck.

No. 774739

It's not there anymore, what am I missing?

No. 774742

This, what was it?

No. 774744

File: 1589424068816.png (Spoiler Image,2.09 MB, 2308x1262, Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.4…)

No. 774745

File: 1589424090072.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 1920x1090, Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 10.4…)

part 2

No. 774760


No. 774766

We were warned about the abyss, it stared right back

No. 774772

I wish I didn't see that
It looks like a thumb

No. 774773

thumbs down for thumbelina

No. 774781

Gurg is supposedly uncut, right? Is that really his dick? Are you supposed to be able to see the head?

No. 774782

thought the same thing. i think his index finger is pushing down the foreskin through his boxers. either that or hes using someone elses nudes with an equally small and gross dick

No. 774783

Oh god we knew it was coming.

I love how ungodly zoomed in and weirdly angled this is. Its like it was taken via a microscope and I need to adjust it's focus.

No. 774785

So for the past few weeks farmers have done nothing but analyzing gregs crotch shots? I guess that's a good sign relevance wise. If his baby carrot is the only thing people talk about it's not much.

I can imagine him doing his retarded giggle tho. "Now the haters are all downloading and sharing my dick pics they must want to have sex with me so bad lol!"

No. 774786

He'll get pissy over it eventually though.
It's like with anything. He tries to act unbothered like haters are fans eg- like he was with strange Aeons, and then he ends up raging about it.

So with all these leaked nudes, he'll act like he's flattered for a while, but eventually snap and rage that he's missing out on money and people are stealing from him.

No. 774791

His dick is literally on anons' minds. I imagine he'd get some kind of joy out of that, but like >>774786 said, it wouldn't be long before he'd get mad.

No. 774792


It just occurred to me he's only ever acknowledged strange aeons, he put a lot of work into making fun of her but I don't think he's ever mentioned kappa Kaiju or crimson rogue who both criticized his books and got tons of views for it. Mayhaps it has something to do with the fact that they're male

No. 774794

It has everything to do with Strange Aeons being a girl. Specifically, a girl who is his type physically.

No. 774802

Exactly. Some time before she critiqued his book,she made a video on how she went undercover and posted her selfies to one of Greg's rAtE yOu threads on his forums. Not only did he rate her, he also featured her in a video. I wanna say he told her she was an 8 or 9 out of 10.

Which is why it's funny that he was so hard on her looks in the response video he made after she critiqued his shit books, since we all know he already said she was gorgeous and almost 10/10. That's Greg for you though. As a superficial narcassit who is insecure about his monstrous appearance and is really bothered when people point out he's ugly, he naturally assumes everyone is the same and figures calling someone ugly is how to hurt them the most.

No. 774803

I'm pretty sure he gave her an 8 which is generous because he normally berates girls who use Snapchat filters and in her pic I recall she used the butterfly filter. He definitely wanted her.

No. 774806

wonder if his giggle sounds like mine when i realise how spot on Adrienne was labelling his penis >>774738 "half a hot dog in a turtleneck". what can I say, as a reader, I find joy in great foreshadowing. Adieu! Adieu!

No. 774815

Most uncut guys foreskin doesn't completely cover the penis when it's erect.

No. 774847


I think it's also the fact that she's gay. Greg fetishizes lesbians and iirc he has a fantasy of "turning lesbians straight".

Strange Aeons is practically his dream girl. Lmao. Poor woman.

No. 774852

Oh for sure, but I was talking about before he knew she was gay.
he didn't know she was a lesbian when she put that picture up on his forum to judge.
He definitely got obsessed when he found out she was though.
Then pretended she was an ugly bitch when she bruised his ego kek

No. 774877

I’m half convinced that’s his thumb, and that’s why he had to crop and weirdly angle the pic. He’ll post the full pic later like, “psyche! Tee hee! Ani-O’s are so gullible!”.
But I don’t know. I’m just here to survey the train wreck that is Gurgles.

No. 774882

File: 1589485811137.jpeg (195.04 KB, 1242x2208, E7106851-57FA-4B48-9DE9-467931…)

He’s trolling.

No. 774887

Please spoiler anon

No. 774901

I honestly feel so bad for the children NOT because of their dad now doing sex work but the way he is behaving in general. When you are accused of something serious such as being a predator who preys on underage girls then it might be best to not solicit porn or acting like a creep on discord where some of the fans are confirmed to be underage. I'm just hoping that kids will not know who this clown is even though he is a nobody at this point although he will not go away.

No. 774910

That is a screen grab from a video, you can see it on KF. It's clearly not his thumb, check the video (at your own risk) to see what I mean.

But I am absolutely losing it that you think his actual dick is so small that you think he's trolling with his thumb, my fucking sides.

No. 774923

idk if anyone's pointed it out- but he's recording/taking these pictures on his kids bed. the picture of him on his knees on the spiderman sheets, if you look on the left, is the window i think that his daughter fell out of.

No. 774933

I’m just hoping he’s not doing it with the kids in the room. It’s not beyond him since him and krai have sex in front of their sleeping children.

No. 774943


Trot was awake with his iPad, since Anus and Thot are the think of parents to gladly let technology raise their children — though this of course pales in comparison to actual child grooming

No. 774950

Has Onisions abandoned his YouTube career since he did a hard left turn becoming a low-rent amateur porn star?
Onision flagship channel last new video was April 10 Pokémon Hunter Gone Wrong
OnisionSpeaks last new video uploaded was April 27 Onision Interview With Attorney
UhOhBro last new video was April 17 Take Me Away
Hes been reuploading really old videos to these three channels and his lesser known ones.

I think this is great. I wanted him off YouTube and this is pretty close. Hes not making new content for his YT channels and devoting all his time to taking peekaboo photos & videos for bots, gay men, and lonely desperate women.

No. 774997


I think it's his. It's gross because he has a single kids bed with Spiderman sheets on it (which never appear to get changed) and then a big sex mirror above it.


No. 775038

I'm p sure all of his gross content is filmed/taken in his room/office/greasy hentai dungeon lair aka the basement. Clot took a tumble out of her bedroom upstairs.

No. 775087

File: 1589570836798.jpg (205.15 KB, 1027x1741, EYEmC5TVcAASZ7Z.jpg)

I guess he has abandoned youtube…. for now.
I'm sure he will be back when his narc supply runs dry from his boring nudes.
But his new Onlyfans venture is far less work and requires absolutely no skills or talent (I mean, he is taking cell phone pics in the dark with no professional lighting) so he can even more lazy and half assed

No. 775088

>I am no longer a Youtuber
Cool, hope he deletes all of his channels then.
Claiming to not be a YTer while having several channels seems really hypocritical, Jimmy.

No. 775090


Haha, love it. This is coming from him straight after all his new fake breakdown attempts didn't bring in the views they used to, so YouTube is blatantly not lucrative anymore. The one time popular YouTuber who used to have millions of views now has to sell his body to get by. Say what you will about Chris Hansen, but I think that's a big win.

No. 775092

Lol, couldn't make it as an actor, can't make it as a YouTuber, now he does porn in his son's bedroom. Gee when I grow up I want to be like Onision

No. 775096

You forgot to add he also couldn't make it as a musician or a writer. Lol, he truly is a pathetic creature.

No. 775097


Couldnt make it as a gate guard in the air force either

No. 775098

lmao is that actually what he did in the airforce?

No. 775106


The guy likes to call himself a military cop when all he did was desk duty, guard the gate of the base, and check id's

No. 775145


He also failed basic training. Military veteran, my ass.

No. 775147

Tbh I’m surprised Lainey hasn’t deleted all of her videos or at least the ones with sarah in them. They’re prob still a rev stream but at what cost?

No. 775148

I think it's his thumb too. I doubt his dick is that "healthy" looking, it's probably all red and full of purulent scabs

No. 775156

Reminds me of the photos Jodi Arias took of Travis Alexander before she killed him. Creepy as hell

No. 775159

In his new video "bye" he announces that he's no longer a Youtuber and is going to focus on his OF.
He also said that he likes being an "adult entertainer" a lot more than he ever liked being a YTer.
Short video, doesn't show his face. It's just text with I'm a banana screeching in the background.

We have thus entered a dark era where his content really is going to be just underwear/dick pics.

No. 775163

I really don't think she's in charge of her channel.
I believe she would have deleted everything after everything came out about Sarah the instant it happened because she is a giant coward.
Greg would have wanted her to keep it up for revenue/views.

No. 775166

File: 1589609469135.png (238.98 KB, 476x306, Onision Porn Superstar.PNG)

Hes embraced his new career. Hes not some insignificant star, hes a SUPER star. Perfect storyline would be he goes all in with OF for 3 months and then does something stupid and gets it suspended.

No. 775174

>his new "job" doesn't have options to rant and he doesn't show his face
Oh I bet he loves it. His inner narc is totes thriving.

No. 775180

Of course Old Man Greg is enjoying the new option of doing "porn" considering he's been getting off to exposing people for years through his videos. It's the biggest narc boost for him. Before he had to make an entire skit to find an excuse to flash his tiny package/ass or hump something.

Now all the females he wants to spam with this stuff (without getting into more trouble) are paying for the privilege of seeing it.

No. 775182

Sex truly is the only thing on Greg's mind, 24/7

He probably even thinks about it more than Chris-chan.

No. 775200

Honestly, with the amount of times Greg has randomly taken his clothes off in a video and looked for note rally any excuse to get naked and show off his body, no one should be surprised this is the inevitable outcome. Now his “career” can be 100% focused on sex, which is all he thinks about anyways.
He’s going to find it more difficult to get new fans though. Onlyfans is really competitive and all he’s got right now is the benefit of his YouTube fans willing to pay for anything (though I wonder if his prominent paypigs like Blasian are paying for OF on top of uhohbro) and non-fans signing up just to see the train wreck.
The novelty isn’t going to last. He’s not going to be able to live off Onlyfans income because he’ll never make it “big” with the type of content he is doing

No. 775207

People with retardation or low intelligence have been proven to have extremely high sex drives.
Look at autistic dudes and people with downs for example.
This is Greg.

No. 775243


Don’t forget a significant portion of what he does earn through OF will be taxed through self employment as well. Not that he has a great track record with taxes…

No. 775244

He probably has not even considered that or done any research into how to file it.

No. 775248

lolno. autistic people are often asexual actually.

No. 775256

Not Chris-Chan.

No. 775264

He said he hired an accountant after the last IRS mess. But knowing how retarded and cheap he is, he probably fired the accountant already and is back to using TurboTax or some other similar software. And if something goes wrong AGAIN, he will just blame the software AGAIN

No. 775320

I hate Onion as much as the next anon, but let's not lie or spread misinformation? I have a good friend who is actually in the Air-Force as well as is Military Police (they're stationed at Offutt Airbase, this is their 3rd year). I've been there for almost every stage of their military development (they've advanced a lot).

I don't understand why you're acting like MP duty is anything more than desk and guard duty, as this is what MP usually do.. US Military (or at least Airmen) who are MP, usually have to do that as an extra - that isn't their main area of work/task - it isn't my friend's (he has Top Secret Clearance, which isn't as hard to get as some people would think, I was one of his references and I'm just a civilian in Uni lol). I'm sure Onion had some other task, like mechanic or something besides doing MP. MP aren't like regular cops lol, it mostly is gate duty, just in uniform and with your weapon (checking cars in and checking ID), desk duty (checking ID to let people, usually soldiers in), and night shifts (guard duty, sometimes other random work). There's usually a shift captain who creates the weekly schedule (which is why you don't act like an asshole), anyone who's been a military cop has performed all of these tasks in rotation.

Also, Onion did pass Basic Training, he did well according to the papers he showed which other military members confirmed on YT to both be real & stating he initially did well. It was SERE training he did not pass (and he had to have been doing well physically to qualify & get recommended for SERE).

Finally, since we've been staring at & discussing Onion's diq for the last week or two, can we start a new area of discussion? I just saw this video and actually thought it was good, I was surprised as I honestly dislike this YTer - she's right though, these were red-flags.

You know how the camera adds 10 pounds? It's like viewing reality through Onion's eyes subtracts 10 years off of whatever he's looking at.

No. 775322

>I don't understand why you're acting like MP duty is anything more than desk and guard duty, as this is what MP usually do

The problem people have with this is when discussing his military career Greg says "I was a cop" and doesn't give details. His fans assume he did what their city cops do which is enforce laws, catch criminals and arrest people. Greg is purposefully vague to make his MP duty seem more than it was. Hes even gone as far as to say that if his YT career goes belly up he can just apply to his local PD and get in easy because he was "a military cop."

No. 775323

No. 775324

>The problem people have with this is when discussing his military career Greg says "I was a cop" and doesn't give details.

>Hes even gone as far as to say that if his YT career goes belly up he can just apply to his local PD and get in easy because he was "a military cop."

I understand that, that makes sense completely. If you think about it objectively though, what criminals are running around on Military bases lol? That's a rare happening (a terrorist act is more likely), and if it does happen, the criminals don't get treated by MP like they do by normal police either lol. You're more likely to be shot first and have questions asked later if those sirens are going off lol.

Idk if it's been revealed what Onion did or not during his "Military Career", but I have a feeling it was something like a mechanic (which there is nothing wrong with imho, that's a hard & demanding position in the military, especially the Air-Force), but like you were mentioning, doesn't sound as cool so doesn't mention what his main assignment was.

No. 775325

lmaoo, the gifs are the best part of this thread!

No. 775326

>Idk if it's been revealed what Onion did or not during his "Military Career", but I have a feeling it was something like a mechanic

I can't point you to receipts but I remember reading journal entries from him back during his South Korea deployment. He laments that he spends most of his time standing outside a chain link fence guarding airplanes. If he was a mechanic you would think he could of used that trade knowledge in his civilian life.

No. 775329

File: 1589674551619.jpg (Spoiler Image,111.42 KB, 693x877, 20200516-084028.jpg)

Took one for the team and went to the other farms.
Porn superstar…Yeah.

No. 775331

I would of rather Greg fucked up and did something against OnlyFans TOS and got banned. If this is true then he will just follow the thot crowd and make an account with whatever new platform the sex workers agree to be the new place to sell nudes.

No. 775333

File: 1589674744327.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.06 KB, 731x871, 2000516-084028.jpg)

No. 775334

It's sad how there's no muscle definition going on.

Also, Ken doll crotch confirmed.

No. 775336

File: 1589674825366.jpg (38.56 KB, 553x563, nude-ken-doll-2006-zac-posen-b…)

This is all I see.

No. 775337

This reminds me of the evidence photos LEO takes of a rapists body to document any scratches or marks the victim made during the struggle.

No. 775339

Onision said that he keeps getting requests from his "fans" to show his asshole. Im 100% sure those are trolls fucking with him and seeing how far they can get him to go. I know you can tip for requests. Do you think he's enough of a whore he'll sit on a dildo for big cash? I can see him thinking a tip request is more private and those photos wont be seen by the his other subscribers.

No. 775341

Must kill him that he has to photoshop his vegetarian body. He's so short and ugly. Wouldn't be shocked if he actually takes up weed smoking and starts doing queer videos taking hits and dancing in his underwear like Stoner girls from tumblr circa 2013. Is Greg going to be a 40 year old doing ass shots for teenagers pocket money lol

No. 775343

So is doormat his photographer?

No. 775348

Everyone has said something to this effect lol. Literally none of the photos have any "artist quality" as far as porn photos go, nothing that would "turn one on", some of them look like morgue photos. There's something eerie about all of them, and you can tell he isn't doing it on purpose, he's trying his best to be "sexy".

No. 775380

Autistics are less hetero than neurotypicals, but idk where tf you got that they're often asexual. What does your opinion have to do with Greg's stunted sex logged brain?

No. 775415

whenever I see those boxers, I just think about that FAXXX meme

No. 775429

These are sooo creepy. He must be copying poses that his waifus did in his hentai.

My tinfoil is that Grease is a deeply closeted lesbian troon. He seems so feminine to me when he’s in his raw sperg mode. He’s obsessed with sex yet has no idea of sensuality.

No. 775462

At least he will turn on people who are into necrophilia, kek

No. 775466

File: 1589745511813.jpg (61.02 KB, 1125x299, EYPG-qsWsAAnHxH.jpg)

love how he goes out of his way to take a shot at ole dog fucker

No. 775481

File: 1589755197054.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.09 KB, 550x300, ew.jpg)

More of pornstar's top tier quality content.

No. 775483

File: 1589755733083.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.12 KB, 738x870, 07300811000529.jpg)

I'll never understand how there are people paying for this.

No. 775485

this legit looks like someone did a malicious photoshop on him to give him ridiculous proportions. He's like a pudgy inverted triangle. I'm baffled how he could look at this and be like "yeah, this is sexy, post that!"

No. 775486

It looks like his skin hasn't seen sun in years and not in the emo/goth boy way he wants kek.

He has the body of an unfit middle aged man. You can see every single mole, blemish and hair on his pasty white back. Greg needs to learn how to funetune his corpse skin.

No. 775487

why is he wearing his underwear in the bath lmfao does he think this is sexy

No. 775490


pleasee someone make a video with older clips of him shaming sex workers interspersed with his hawt noods

No. 775495

It's like…I dunno, aren't men supposed to be generally shaped like an inverted triangle? It looks weird and kinda deformed here.

No. 775496

Is he being blackmailed or is someone requesting this embarrassing shit? Honestly. No wonder he is quitting YouTube. He really has no legs to stand on when he goes off insulting anyone or even calling people druggie scumbags. Homeboy sells nudes online. Like what type of fans is that going to attract him. Are there still boys in his discord?

No. 775500

if someone were going to request something embarrassing or blackmail him, they would probably request something more extreme. all of what he's posted so far feels like he's working up the courage to post dick and balls but isnt there yet

No. 775506

File: 1589763576683.jpg (132.95 KB, 673x1280, cornetto.jpg)

No. 775508

How soon until he starts complaining about his OnlyFans subscribers like he does his YT fans? I can see some of them eventually complaining that hes not showing his dick or asshole or he reneges and changes the terms on his ransom of tips/likes to show it all. Even if he does show all they're going to get tired of the same "standing nude front- standing nude back" photo sets. Any criticism or critique and he loses his shit.

No. 775513


No. 775519

File: 1589775057534.jpeg (Spoiler Image,152.65 KB, 1400x1050, 0F7C3BBA-BFCD-487A-A942-A3366E…)

I still can’t believe people are paying Jimbo for these morgue photos. Also is he doing pic related on purpose? Most of these photos read like he’s trolling by doing as shitty a job as humanly possible but I think that would be giving Gargamel too much credit

No. 775534

It's amazing the lengths this man will go not to get a real job. It's kinda understandable though, with his credentials and reputation the best job he can get is flipping burgers at McDonald's, and that's being generous

No. 775537

File: 1589785344494.png (64.83 KB, 792x990, 67583002.PNG)

>his credentials

Im not sure if hes updated this since this still has his old name.

No. 775539

File: 1589786300200.png (46.24 KB, 711x333, onisionuhohbro.PNG)

I knew he had a parachute and a way to save face when he has to come back to YT if(when) his OnlyFans career tanks in a few months.
>Im leaving YouTube, but not really.

If he needs to rant Im sure he'll use UhOhBro or his main channel to upload videos talking shit about who ever he thinks wronged him that week. But instead of him talking to the camera he'll just make a skit to tell the story.

No. 775541

Talks about onlyfans.

>where I am most wanted

Lol…okay. Keep telling yourself that.

No. 775551

Like so many narcissistic influencers Greg doesn't realize we never wanted him on youtube either. But here we are, thanks to Shane Dawson plugging him in more ways than one back in the day.

No. 775552

Although on second thought comparing Greg to an influencer is a huge stretch. The only thing Greg influences is Lainey.

No. 775557

Holy fuck but has anyone ever anywhere nodded their head to Greg's pure unmelodotic noise? He's such a fucking loser. He's self owned himself more than he'll ever realise. He really has lost it during quarantine. When his career as an unsexy dead corpse ends how is he going to go back and pander to teenie hoppers? Not sure how many kids are going to ask their parents for money to donate to a failed 'porn star'. God! I want to know what the Pierce County Moms think about Troy Jackson's Dad being the world's shittest nudey model

No. 775558

Sage for old and unrelated but this was one of my first instances of knowing what Onision was and even from the start when he would collab with other YouTubers, he was the butt of the joke. The ugliest in the room always. This was him in his 'prime' and he looks like an ugly troll. Seriously. All he had going for him in the emo days was his queer hair and gaslighting twats on his Onisionspeaks videos. Cringe.

No. 775559

I reckon he’s pressing a button on a remote selfie thing. Looks hilarious nonetheless.

No. 775563

File: 1589811121647.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1518x1125, CC46FDDD-AAD1-4B2D-BD74-E22F89…)

Man, he was even skinwalking Kurt Cobain back in the day lol

After those disgusting porno pics came out, I can’t look at him anymore w/o getting Nam flashbacks.

No. 775564

Greg's peak adolescence time was unfortunately not during the 60s flannel pot smoking acid tabbing revival of the 90s. He chimed in during the numetal straight edge part. Aka the gay part.

No. 775565

Uh, he literally tweeted “stop asking me about YouTube, I’m no longer a Youtuber”

He’s backtracking already?

No. 775574

He's got an associates degree in English language and literature?? Didn't he claim not to have read a novel since high school?

No. 775596

There's no way anyone with common sense could mistake that for a real penis. That's why he wears underwear in every shot.

If someone would have told me about a year ago that this the Grugly we'd be seeing today, I wouldn't have believed it. The laziest "pornstar" to date.

No. 775603

File: 1589825031000.png (673.8 KB, 1078x907, body of a basment dweller.png)

I guess he wants us to believe that Kai is still there and supports him in his 'porn star' endeavors.

No. 775604

File: 1589825153749.png (Spoiler Image,843.37 KB, 1078x907, vegetarian nuggies.png)

No. 775609

You know, he’s been wearing those SAXX boxers in his videos forever, and he always makes sure they’re seen. So I looked up the brand, and they’re designed for guys with big packages. Since this predates his OF, it’s just more confirmation that he’s trying to draw attention away from his baby carrot. You’re not fooling anyone, Grease.

No. 775612

No. 775625

Oops it looks like we caught another Onion lie

No. 775631

Not that this is saying much, but he looks incredibly bad there with his weird ass karen haircut with the "7 year old boy wearing his older brother's hand me down clothes" aesthetic.

No. 775635

What's even sadder is that he says Kai "bought" them for him, as if she has finances of her own that he doesn't 100% control.

No. 775648

He looks pregnant lol

No. 775649

“Pair Of Thieves” brand—so perfect for them

No. 775657

if greg ever got an education beyond highschool he would never shut the fuck about it. i call cap

No. 775690

File: 1589858135668.png (333.78 KB, 838x470, 4388.PNG)

Im going to say it. I predict a melding of his Im A Banana and new porn career.

No. 775695

It makes it more hilarious that Saxx is the brand Jared Padalecki, the fuckin 6’4 super muscly actor, wears and all the fan girls (around the age grump is shooting for) know it. Who does this hobbit think he’s fooling

No. 775708

File: 1589872703766.jpeg (75.75 KB, 828x1443, 16F48454-38BD-419E-944B-5BDB70…)


Sorry anon, wanted to be more accurate.

No. 775709

File: 1589876819955.png (199.51 KB, 446x634, 06984b31ae8f740ca348a599b43bfd…)

She looks like Ed Grimley's long lost twin/bastard child. All she needs is some yellow flannel to complete the look.

No. 775710

Holy fucking macaroni, I stopped looking into onision threads in january, and now I absolutely didn't expect to see this. This is hilarious. The fact that he was shaming young girls for their appearance for years, combined with how he himself is absolutely repulsive and the most unsexy man I've ever seen - I'm laughing my fucking ass off. What a loser.

No. 775725

File: 1589889962276.jpg (16.12 KB, 287x400, Clint-howard.jpg)

Lainey reminds me of a less attractive and less desirable version of Clint Howard

No. 775806

I would take flipping burgers for a living over humiliating myself and my family by selling degenerate content but that's pretty much what he has done his whole "career" anyway. I'm sure he would much rather pursue OnlyFans because he can be an even lazier piece of shit now instead of trying to come up with YT content he can just post pimply ass shots and videos of him strangling Lainey's dildo in his big boy briefs kek.

He is sucking in his gut so hard lmao he probably still sees Ian Somerhalder when he looks at these photos vs his true tragic doughy blob form.

Welcome back to nightmare fuel city anon, make sure to keep some holy water eyedrops handy.

No. 775816

Arms back to elongate torso and help obscure dad bod, we know you're doughy qreq.

No. 775817

File: 1589915464635.png (Spoiler Image,2.4 MB, 1396x1872, penguin.png)

Who knows what he's thinking, this angle makes his already fucked up anatomy look even more off.

Just a heads up, leaks are at the other farms. Be ready with the eye bleach before clicking any spoilers.

No. 775822

File: 1589916225553.jpg (Spoiler Image,225.81 KB, 1058x773, lolomfg.jpg)

I imagine this is how he was laying down right before the Suk mi incident with AJ happened.

No. 775825

I actually audibly gasped. Holy fucking shit.

How much lower do you think can we go boys?

No. 775828

This picture is giving me Slenderman vibes. Who thinks this is sexy again?

No. 775830

Giving me toys story Andy's coming type vibes

No. 775832

Shoutout to Lolcow Mods for adding the spoiler image option

I looked at this knowing it was going to be disgusting but nothing prepared me for this

No. 775833

Wtf is going on

No. 775835


that… that one is for boys. sorry, ladies, i guess he has a new target.

No. 775837

this looks like a still from a snuff film.
he looks dirty. i'm retching

No. 775841

I’m literally losing my mind. Who is this for??

He’s going to repel any potential teen girls with this and not even guys would be into this not that guys are his target audience but….

No. 775844

The toes. He looks like an amphibian

No. 775849

why does he insist on looking dead when hes posting these gross nudes

No. 775851

That's how he feels inside, now that all of his dreams have died: He isn't rich, young or hot and doesn't have a manic pixie dreamgirl around, but instead he got stuck with Lainey and two children.

No. 775854

Troy will be so bullied in school over this shit. Poor kid

No. 775855

did he have to sell all his nice camera/lighting equipment or is he just that inept at knowing how to take a nice photo? I mean, I know his videos have never looked professional, but this is a new level of garbage.

No. 775857

God, I feel violated.
These photos are giving out a strong sub vibe, surprised that macho Greggels would resort to this.
Now excuse me while i go pour bleach into my eyes.

No. 775862

I'm betting that it's only because he only looks a female models or women in porn and copies they was they pose and look cause it's too gay if he looks at a man for inspiration for his poses kek

No. 775866

if this is all a ploy to get his haters to leave him alone, uhhhhhh it’s fucking working? i don’t want to keep tabs on him anymore, i wanna keep down the good i’ve eaten today

No. 775873

spiderman sheets? is he taking these in his kids room

No. 775875

what a dirty ass kek

No. 775878

This looks like a body found at a crime scene

No. 775880


All his photos look like they were taken by a cop, maybe it's his fetish to be the caught criminal, or victim.

No. 775881


people, i forgot about onion for a few months. can somebody kindly explain why the f is he posting those ugly pics?(spoonfeeding request)

No. 775884

None of us that have been here through the past few months want to spoonfeed you, if we had to suffer so do yo

No. 775889

It's not technically his kids room but him and Troy sleep in that bed together according to Jessica fivehead

No. 775894

He should've at least scrubbed his filthy ass for what looks like a crime scene photo of a make hooker that OD'd on drugs. He's nauseating with zero sex appeal

No. 775900


There’s a few new police call logs (above link posted by good citizen records On twitter). One from Sarah’s cousin concerned she was going to hurt herself (from 2017) one is a wellness check on lainey after she tweeted emo shit online (from 2016).
The poor police have had to deal with all sorts of shit regarding pedonision over the years.

No. 775907

I wish I could turn back time to a point where this image hadnt entered my mind. I physically feel ill

No. 775908

Is that a pimple or a hemorrhoid between his ass cheeks!? Get some fiber jimmy.

No. 775910

Did he shave his entire body? He looks so hairless for a guy.

No. 775915

I'm sorry what?
Does he not share a room with krai, why is he sleeping with his kid?

No. 775934

Why did I click, what’s with the bumpy ass? wash your ass!

No. 775935

imagine kai taking that pic and telling gorg it looks good lmao

No. 775941

His feet look so dry and crusty and I can smell this photo.

No. 775943

Didn't he make up a whole "fake" scenario a long time about about lainey not wanting to finger his ass or something?? It wouldnt shock me if he actually makes her finger and lick his ass or something. He loves degrading women and that's as disgusting as it gets so I'm almost certain she's had to endure him sitting on her face at least a handful of times by now. Not like he would ever take no as an answer

No. 775947

Every photo looks like it's a dead body from a crime scene in a TV show lmao.

No. 775965

File: 1589977651752.jpg (392.99 KB, 1280x2158, x.jpg)

greg fulfilling his dream of looking like a deathnote character, just not the one he was looking for

No. 775975

File: 1589980757002.gif (438.46 KB, 294x342, DC9CDFE9-58A4-4103-B72E-4DEC4F…)


Pls kill me gags

No. 775977

File: 1589980916322.jpg (1.02 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200520_090806.jpg)

Reminder that this is the horrendous face attached to the comically proportioned body we keep seeing in these crime scene photos.

There isn't anyone online with less sex appeal than this horrendous waterheaded ogre. This vomit inducing smegma stain has compared himself to Ian Somerhalder, Jim Morrison, Zac Efron, plus more that I'm not remembering right now. Imagine having the nerve. What I am glad about is that I suspect Greg has finally been spoonfeed the reality of his shockingly bad looks when all those court photos came out. He's spent years hiding his monstrous appearance that he even began convincing himself. But those court photos don't lie, and what they revealed was someone who probably has some super rare genetic disorder because there is no other explanation for his BIZARRE proportions. So now he's been so terrorized that he's no longer showing his face.

Keep in mind that he spent YEARS criticizing the looks of others. To get these images for this collage, I Googled "Onision Ugly" and saw several screen grabs from vidoes he's done about how ugly famous people X, Y, and Z are. All while sitting in his greasy chair, trying to keep still on his Hank Hill ass to keep the gallons of water in his head from sloshing around so he can hear whatever shit video he's editing.

No. 775996

No. 775998

he sure poses real feminine for someone who fronts like such a tough guy

No. 776000

the only thing he has in common with zac efron is his height

No. 776001


The one where he's on his knees made me lol, but they are all so stiff, unnatural and somehow come with smell-o-vision. His feet are particularly vile

No. 776007

He's so moley and pimply.
He also seems to be getting razor rash really badly above his dick.
I can't see gay guys jerking off to any of this. They usually prefer muscular bodies or even if slim/chubby they usually have nice skin.

The ones of his feet make me queasy. I wonder if he stole that idea from Repzion.

No. 776014

These are definitely for men. I wonder if he’s posing this way to get attention from Shane kek

No. 776016

He looks dead. This is like a crime scene photo. He's seriously not got a single speck of a clue on what is and is not sexually appealing. Or even visually appealing. It makes sense though, since he is so completely unattractive and repulsive in every single way possible. He looks like a corpse, a rotting corpse. You can almost smell his foulness just by looking at the picture. It makes me want to wretch and procure a gallon of bleach to scrub my brain of any memory of that image.

Imagine being THAT ugly.

No. 776018

Why is he trying so hard to push the foot fetish angle? Crusty fat little toes

No. 776019

File: 1589992823528.jpg (148.43 KB, 577x914, maya.jpg)

No. 776020


Hasn't Maya been pretty much uninvolved in this whole mess since she bounced the first time? What is he on about

No. 776021

That's what I was thinking the other day!!! All his queer tweets about dominating people sexually and now we have his nudes and they're all so fucking effeminate and queer looking. Nothing masculine. Nothing hot. Nothing dominating. He looks queer as fuck. Especially that image showing where to shove a dick up his anus. I can't get over it. I think Lainey left. This shit is too degenerate. Could she really handle having everyone at her kids school knowing this shite? Unless he puts her in front of a camera I'm now firmly in the camp Lainey has left with the kids. I know she's a doormat but this is too much. She's never been allowed to act this feminine or seductive.

No. 776022

I hope Maya comes back just to reassert Greg looks like the monster of Frankenstein and that she is glad she never had to see his naked body in the flesh. His surprise kiss was bad enough. In fact due to it being Greg I would feel raped.

No. 776023

I wondered the same thing. Not even foot person at all but I cannot see how his feet are attractive in any way. I mean none of his body is, but he has extremely disgusting dry looking soles, really wrinkly and crusty, and his toenails are clubbed.
Absolutely repulsive.

No. 776024

I have no idea why he's bringing it up. Maya sure dodged a bullet, though.
Frankenstein monster's head and the body of a corpse, totally appealing.

No. 776025

Pretty sure his large toenail has either dirt or some kind of fungus around it in that photo.
He could have scrubbed his feet or moisturized them or SOMETHING before he took the photo.

No. 776026

Probably because his bait to Billie, Ayallah and Sarah isn't working and no-one is talking about him. He probably wants to make his ex's/whoever he was interested in aware of his onlyfans to 'show them what their missing' but in actuality Maya would be relieved as fuck she didn't see that scrawny pimply moley body naked.

No. 776028

>to 'show them what their missing'
I snorted. You're right - I know he's delusional enough to think that, but >>775822
Like, lmao, who finds this shit attractive? Apart from degenerates, degenerates with a necro fetish and apparently some near 70 year old grandpa lusting after him ( ss posted on the other farm ).

No. 776037

That same body was on top of them

Imagine Onionbreath on top…

No. 776042

He always dredges up old “drama” when his attention is fading.

He also can’t disprove all the shitty things he did with sarah so he’s probably trying to reassure himself and feel right again by pulling ~receipts~ on a girl who wants nothing to do with the public eye (so won’t confront him on it).

No. 776043

Maya never said she wanted to be with Greg and when she talks about being with 'them' I understood it as a family dynamic, not necessarily sexual. Greg was basically waving Lainey around like fucking bait and he made it clear that the relationship would only be between Lainey and Maya but of course that changed when she got there and Greg tried to insert himself into the relationship. Maya was way to sweet and non-confrontational, so much so that she wasn't able to say 'no, this isn't what I agreed to'. Even after she went home she wanted to maintain a relationship with Lainey. Of course Lainey would never talk to anyone that is against Greg so the necessary thing to do was to smooth things over with Greg. But of course the lesson is and has always been, never apologize to Greg.

No. 776046

he never lasts long before he tries to stir up drama for attention. All the anti-Os on twitter are busy talking about Dahvie Vanity and no one cared about his weird nudes after the first couple were leaked. His motives are very transparent and I think now is the opportune time to ignore him and let him fade into obscurity now that he's not doing anything interesting.

This situation is also another example on how he has no idea how to behave like a normal human with normal human feelings. People, especially women, send messages like this to disengage with as little drama as possible, regardless of how they actually feel about the person. Maya made it clear what she thought about Greg in her texts that were leaked, but like most people, she's not about to call him gross to his face. It's far better to be polite and humble to get out of an uncomfortable situation as cleanly as possible. But Greg doesnt understand nuance, so it must mean all the things she said about him later were "LIES!!!" and this awkward overly polite apology is the real truth.

No. 776048

these are terrifying. the amount of therapy his kids are going to need. These truly do look like corpse pictures. It's like he's disappeared himself before the FBI can get him and his immotalising himself online. I cannot stress enough how horrible those photos are and it makes me hate Grease more.

No. 776056

Lainey's gotta be screamin rn.

Imagine the regret she has for ever sending him that soulmate message on Twitter..

No. 776059

File: 1590007294072.png (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 1058x773, 1589916225553-2.png)

No. 776063

He has the feet of a middle aged dad that wears leather sandals everywhere and probably uses a toe knife

No. 776067

spoiler that shit

No. 776075

File: 1590012886487.jpg (Spoiler Image,545.27 KB, 1660x2074, PicsArt_05-21-12.13.18.jpg)

Uploading these 1/2

No. 776076

File: 1590012954540.jpg (Spoiler Image,748.39 KB, 2184x1687, PicsArt_05-21-12.07.12.jpg)

No. 776077

nice grouping, you got the worst pictures all in one collage

No. 776078

Just rolling around on the carpet with his taint and balls out, it's worse when you know they can't keep the house clean on a good day. Also he should've exfoliated his crusty feet first to make them look somewhat presentable for any foot fetishists lurking.

No. 776080


Where does he get the confidence to post such vile pictures

No. 776081

bottom left pick looks like it was taken in one of his kid's rooms. Single bed with spider man sheets

No. 776082

File: 1590014191797.gif (5.73 MB, 620x380, tortilla back.gif)

The amount of acne, pimples and moles on his chest, ass and back is amazing. Can we have a connect the dots contest?

No. 776083

File: 1590014309078.jpg (346.66 KB, 1242x1489, 786daa60-7818-418d-924a-d7f78f…)

Nope, that's his big boy bed in his man cave

No. 776084

It’s his room, he even made a snarky tweet about it. Yeah, he’s that much of a man child.

No. 776089

Anon, I went this whole time without having to see his disgusting body, why?

No. 776100

Sure, he'll fuck his wife in front of the kids, what's the harm in watching Daddy do a nudey shoot? Fuck, maybe he's grooming his kids?

No. 776101

Has he been in discord voice chat since these photos have been leaked? I just want to know how he talks to his regulars since this. Does he ask them for feedback on what to post for his onlyfans? Are his fangirls lusting after this, they can hardly stomach him talking about doing anal with Sarah I wonder how they feel about Onion exposing himself to everyone? What's so special about that?

No. 776106

Shieeeeet his feet look like Shrek painted them to hide their actual green color. Who the fuck would find that attractive (even foot-fetish people)? His feet should not look like that at his age, he seriously does not take care of his body.

If you're paying to see these photos, fuq, do I feel bad for you. What a waste of money.

No. 776108

Lol this really highlights what a failure Taylor's life became. I doubt this is what she imagined when she married a YouTuber

No. 776126

good god. I can smell that through the screen

No. 776148


Well Anon, Jimmy was her third choice after all. I bet she wishes every day she cyber stalked Shane Dawson endlessly instead.

No. 776195

Who THE FUCK takes ludes with their fucking hands straight up in the air like that? And then in the other two front shots from that collage is him raising his shoulders as high as possible to make them appear more broad and to elongate his achondroplasia proportioned arms/make his stomach appear more trim. And then the bottom left image, trying his greasy hand at an insta-thot pose to add volume to his Hank Hill ass. Greg has proven himself to be the least sexually attractive person on YouTube. From his looks, to his attitude, to the way he describes sex, to the way he behaves. And now he shows the world these repulsive pictures which are objectively as appealing as a clogged toilet.

I've seen it speculated whether or not Lainey is at all involved in helping him with these pictures. I'm gonna say NO. There's no fucking way that even SHE would knowingly allow and take part in facilitating a photo-shoot where her husband lays naked and curled up on the floor like a murder victim. Surely she'd be too embarrassed to sign off on that. Or perhaps she'll use all of this OF nonsense to help her in any divorce preceedings in the future. She used to be SO SMUG when she'd go on how many women want hEr mAn and how S H E gets to be the one who has him. I bet she ain't thinking that anymore.

No. 776197

Trying to appeal to gay men with foot fetishes. I’m willing to bet James is fishing for a sugar daddy to help out with paying bills and buying him the latest gadgets and tech toys he can no longer afford.

No. 776204

Oh she's aware of it all. Thing is, she doesn't care. Not because she trusts him, or is cool with it. She only wants her life comfortable. It's why she ran from the internet to ensure it. She's off the net spending his thot and his copyright strike dollars. She can not deal with anything stressful so she's hiding and has fully accepted Greg's narrative of "they all used you, you are innocent". Because that helps her feel better.

Now what HER family thinks… that would be interesting, doubt they can say anything about it though. Or fuckboy Greg will threaten to take away the few times they get to see the shallots.

No. 776206

What? Didn’t she ran from the internet and real life after everyone found out what a creep she is?

You’d have to be super delusional to live in a sad existence and go on about your life while afraid and watching your own back. How can one be happy living like that while people wanting to burn them at the stake and their own husband throwing them under the bus when the time comes?

No. 776207

>Jimmy was her third choice

Shane - ????? - Onision
Who did footface stalk after Shane before she settled for Greg?

No. 776209

The dude from Taking Back Sunday

No. 776211

No. 776212


The 2nd and 4th one….well now I know what the view would be like whilst pegging Onion

No. 776213

WTF! Why is he squatting and pulling his balls and little cock up to hide them? If this is a request from one of his subs they are attempting to get him to slowly slide into some scat fetish stuff.

No. 776214

Do you mean it for real or as a joke cause she was obsessed with TBS? If she really lusted after Adam Lazzara's dick then wow… he's another POS cheater. She has a great taste in men lmfao

No. 776215

File: 1590086984178.png (103.54 KB, 555x181, 1665884.PNG)

has he cut his hair super short again?

No. 776216

That's cute!, you think she thinks beyond instant gratification. What in her behavior ever made you think she cares about ANYTHING beyond her own comfort and needs? She's a selfish human and a shit mother. And somehow still basic and boring as fuck. At least Gregs tard raging is an amusing trainwreck/freakshow. She just hid like a bitch.

No. 776217

Yes, she mentioned him several times in her old Twitter account before she became Laineybot

I was speaking about her delusional point of view. Aside from hiding like the cowardly bitch she is, she is very deluded into living like all the accusations and witch hunts are gonna go away if she lays low

No. 776218

2 & 4, holy shit. It just keeps getting worse and worse.
I wouldn't be surprised if this really ends with him shoving a Lego up his ass for a few $.

No. 776221

is dude trying to take a mad shit on the screen or smthn?

No. 776225

> the shallots

No. 776226

He looks like he could be Perez Hilton’s cousin

No. 776227

How many more photos of his bloated gut is he gonna post before everyone gets bored and stops paying him, even the prople who just to leak his photos and make fun of him?

No. 776228

File: 1590093091114.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.02 KB, 250x186, 1309335-5b5eec9afb78300436dbc8…)

Sorry to expose your eyes to this but all of his recent posts are so… Feminine. He looks like he shaved his body and poses in the most sub/effeminate and degrading poses.
Didn't he try to make everyone believe how much of a bdsm daddy dom he is? Posting all the time about making girls cum just from choking them and sick shit like that.
I just don't understand why poses like he's a weak sub twink begging for dick, it's creepy as fuck. And I doubt that's attractive to the teen girls I thought he was trying to pull in. These kinda poses are not attractive to women at all.

No. 776230

at this point I have to assume he's doing it mostly to troll us and to make fun of Billie and Ayalla or young women in general for doing soft-core porn. the poses ARE very feminine/typical thot type poses. it's intentional. he's just having a laugh while also making a little money off of the anti-o's stupid enough to pay him for it. does he still look stupid and embarrassing doing it? sure, but that's been his whole career, I doubt he cares that much, especially since he knows he's taking money out of his hater's pockets.

No. 776232

Looks like he’s trying to take a shit in these. I agree that these are just him trolling. Not even Gurg would think that these look good

Spoiler this shit

No. 776234

What’s up with his spine, he has a tumor?

No. 776235

Apparently it's a lipoma, a fat tumor which is benign, but he got that diagnosed through the internet so who knows

No. 776236

Looks like an underdone rotisserie chicken.

No. 776238

He’s making content for gay men. Women don’t really buy porn so the only way he stands to make a legitimate profit is to appeal to men. Gay 4 pay is a tale as old as time.

No. 776239

It's definitely for gay men.
Which is funny considering this is the same person who apparently had a freakout because he saw Cyr and Stefan wrestling and "it looked gay so eeww".
Now he's a few steps from spreading his ass cheeks for gay men. Oh how the tables turn.

No. 776240

File: 1590098532744.png (Spoiler Image,209.82 KB, 349x642, onion twink.png)

if hes really doing this to troll people then hes even more retarded than i thought

No. 776242

So I guess he and lainey are sleeping separately now

No. 776243


They haven’t slept in the same bed together since pre-Billie. That’s 2015….

No. 776245

Exactly. Let's not forget Onion had various iterations of the future board even going back to Skye and all he's ever wanted was looks, fame and money. Now he's a cheap whore online. Trying to angle the male model angle yet too ugly to show his face. His body is well past his peak so now we get to witness a mid 30s year old man pose "sensually" in front of the bed with spiderman sheets he sleeps in with his son. Very interesting how cheap it is to buy someone's dignity.

No. 776250

He really needs to have that lump looked at. It well may be a lipoma, but it's an easy enough procedure to test it isn't cancerous. Your local GP can give you a shot & painlessly extract a tiny bit of tissue from it & send it off to the lab.Cancer of the spine is no joke. Doesn't he suffer from back pain? He's an idiot not to get that checked out.

No. 776255

I've been thinking that very thought with all these butt shots he's been putting out. It also seems evident that he's very insecure over his baby carrot since he's withholding that while practically showing his anus.

No. 776258

File: 1590107906214.png (140.89 KB, 693x521, 5421134578.png)

Skye said he was afraid his gay cousin would rape him solely because he was gay and he felt uncomfortable around him. He was always extremely homophobic, it's hilarious that now he has to sell photos of his fat ass to gay men in order to gain some money

No. 776268

I was rewatching some old content with sarah and in the interview with Blair’s White she says that Greg wanted her to sign an NDA the morning after they were all intimate together the first time.

Is that right? Otherwise it totally blows up Greg’s dumb defense that she blackmailed them into it.

Obviously unrelated to these OF pictures but it’s not something I remember being brought up and I need a break from thinking about those horrifying pictures tbh.

No. 776270

File: 1590118963434.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.72 KB, 1080x712, DDBA9708-6B46-4B84-8073-52A6DE…)

Shreg’s tits are getting pretty big despite is claims or getting “in shape” for his mourge photos

No. 776271

Ya a lump of fatty tissue he had self diagnosed. Just like the incurable skin disease. Not dignosed by a doctor but rather himself in all his wisdom

No. 776272

He's not getting in shape. His body looks wildly different in every set because he doesn't know how to pose himself well enough to hide his gut and love handles. You don't lose your chub overnight then gain it back the next day. But he's shared enough photos of his doughy shape that we know what he really looks like

No. 776273

Honestly I can't remember, Greg can never keep his fucking stories straight (much like his OnlyFans kek).

Look it's Grogger! Now if only we could try to get him to hop into traffic buck ass naked.

Seriously though wtf is he on? How can Lainey even look at him anymore and not be totally repulsed and humiliated? Her soul must be dead at this point. The Father of her children is an autistic porn sick manchild freak who would rather spread his asshole for OnlyFans than get a real fucking job. Honestly they need to get his degenerate ass off of there, after all the fucked up shit he has done the last thing this shithead should be able to do is pursue a career in porn.

No. 776274

I get the feeling that Greg and Lainey are now pretty much just roomates that interact with each other as little as possible.

No. 776275

It has been confirmed by Regina that they barely interact and that Grease is very rude and mean to Footface the little times they talk to each other

No. 776276

It was confirmed before that, they've been sleeping in separate bedrooms for years via her livestreams. Why are all the summerfags popping up to reiterate shit we've known?

No. 776283

He never gets in shape. Last time he got told he had a beer belly he just cut down his intake to 'just vegetables' which I don't really believe, I just think he sat at his computer and ate slightly less. And occasionally he'll do those weak pull ups with bad form on camera.
That's the extent of his workouts/dieting. That's why he has an old man body. There's no muscle there, it's all skinny fat. His age and the fact he doesn't eat any protein probably adds to this.

It's so funny that when he goes into 'fitness mode' it's only his arms he works on. Like I've only ever seen him do curls with weights or pull ups/pushups. And it's ALWAYS for the camera, you know Jimmy wouldn't bother with that shit outside being filmed being 'macho'.

No. 776284

What is this pose. It's like he's trying to tense for stomach muscles but it just makes him look like he's slouching.
He's going to run out of money soon, even pervert/fans would get bored of these same pictures where he just photographs the top of his weiner with underwear on.

No. 776305

Think people just reiterate the fact Onion and Kai have the world's worst marriage. Their entire relationship has been plagued with issues and its just astounding to normal people their lifestyle.

I think it's disgusting their attitude towards the well being of their kids. How they behave online with their fans and their constant glorification of sex and kinks such as bdsm and ddlg. Even more harrowing to learn they both sleep with a child each and now Onion is doing pornographic shoots in what looks like a child's bedroom.

Is this the final straw for Lainey? Is she locked into staying at this property until Onion has finalised all his outgoing criminality regarding the surrounding property? Is Onion holding something over her so she has to see this shit out with him? Are his photos also to hurt and humiliate his wife? Or has Onion simply ran out of narc supply from being unable to bring a new girl in that he's frustrated he has to channel his lust in other ways?

Randy was keen only a little while ago to do an interview. I wish someone could gather the thoughts from family members about Onion's new career.

How can Lainey even go home now? Everyone has heard about the grooming rumours, now Onion poses with a fake dick online and bends over for gay boys. She's probably suicidal from embarrassment.

No. 776311

i don't think anyone is retarded enough to thirst after grugly anymore. he's always been ugly, but he's past his prime despite trying harder than ever.

lainey is the only partner he will ever have again, and he hates her. i honestly don't even know is she really hates him which is the most pathetic part, and even if she did, she will never, ever leave. love seeing these two actively rotting in hell on earth.

No. 776314

His ankles are so fucking tiny and pale, what a gross disproportionate manlet.

No. 776315

he used to be able to trick people into thinking he is kinda handsome by cranking up the saturation like crazy and choosing a good angle to film himself at, but now that he is showing off his midget-shaped body everyone can clearly see hes ugly as fuck. i honestly cant imagine anyone with any standards at all still finds him genuinely attractive

No. 776320

Tbh, he'll always have fangirls. Though, the fangirls now are going to be girls that are victim-chasers/clout-chasers, and he's on high alert. He wants a new qt alt-girl, but if he ever had a contender, he'd put them through a series of autistic tests to prove their not a "HATUUURRRR" or a spy that's totally just with him to get on Chris Hansen later (which tbh I could see happening LOL, anyone remember Vix?), too many people trying to catfish him and he's paranoid.
He wants a Shiloh/Netunesa personality with the looks of Billie, and he'll never get it. The only girls he attracts are weirdos that fuck dogs and want to be famous

No. 776327

He also seems to attract fat single mums or ugly mentally ill women with facial piercings. There's always at least one in his comments.

No. 776328

>He wants a Shiloh/Netunesa personality with the looks of Billie, and he'll never get it

But he wants that personality with the doormat-ness of Lainey.
That's why he always goes on about how she's such an amazing hooman.
He wants to fool himself that she's the only thing he wants when deep down he knows she's boring and plain as fuck.
Her putting up with his cheating is the only thing he likes abput her.
I bet if he could go back in time he'd ignore Lainey altogether. She was just a rebound.
He did say he would have gone for Alicia instead in that one video.

No. 776329


Agree. He might idealize a certain type of girl, but even if he got with a Billie clone I don't think he would be able to remain faithful (despite demanding loyalty and submission from his partners). He emotionally cheated on Sky with Shiloh, was emailing Netunessa for years even while he was just beginning his relationship with Kai. And then proceeded to actually cheat on Kai with Billie and later on with Sarah. Not to mention he tried to weasel into Kai's relationship with Maya. He treats Kai like shit and does not love her but enjoys her doormat qualities and her ability to attract other young women. He's a gross combination of being sex-obsessed and consistently treating women like shit

No. 776336

Anon pls

Lainey allows that shit and takes sides with him instead of the women he manipulates so she kind of deserves it. Only really felt sorry for her before the Billie saga.
You are right though, he definitely idealises the perfect manic pixie dream girl but in reality, it doesn't matter even if she does everything he wants/doesn't complain, she is nothing but a hole to him and eventually wants something different.

No. 776337

He'd never remain faithful. You can tell by the types of excuses he comes up with.
"My mother gave me nude massages so it was okay." Billie was the cheater, not him.
"Lainey said no junk to junk/mouth, so we had anal several times, it's not really sex."
It seems like he very much enjoys these types of situations where he's not suppose to do something so he finds a "clever" ( clever in his eyes, his logic is retarded to everyone with a half functioning brain ) loophole.
It either turned into a fetish for him or it's just a narc thing. Regardless of what it is he's not a person who's capable of remaining faithful in any sense.

No. 776338

File: 1590164619695.jpg (50.22 KB, 800x800, cuban-treefrog-osteopilus-sept…)

why is he posing in these awkward ways??

here he looks like a gay frog

in the middle on here he looks like he's going to shit on the camera

who's his target demographic? some kind of autistic gay dudes with strange fetishes? tf?

No. 776345

So many examples of him doing shit like this and Lainey was dumb enough to believe him instead of seeing that the common denominator was him and not bitches trying to steal him.
Another example was the sam thing.
Yeah he didn't fuck her, but he pushed every boundary he could and blamed it all on her.

No. 776348

>who's the target demographic?

That's what I want to know! His overfiltered overexposed photos where he used to make himself look like an emo twilight character back in the day might have worked on teenage girls, but this is not appealing at all to a teen these days. Women in general would find this shit repulsive and like it's been stated before, gay men generally have a higher standard for porn actors or models. Like I'm sure irl, there'd be a creepy older guy down for it, but these photos of him are fucking pimply, untoned and gross. No backdrops or photoshop, no effort, no appeal. And EVEN then, he's not even doing full nudes, so why would even the perviest perves waste their money on this? I'd imagine they'd at least want an asshole picture.

No. 776349

Seeing him all weird and feminine like this truly highlights why he can only target younger and or smaller women. No wonder he got so shitty about Jacqueline's height.
Same reason incels,neckbeards and kiddy diddler's like loli's, virgins, short women and teens. He has such an inferiority complex, it's pathetic.

No. 776353

I can imagine some nerdy 60-something closeted choir director being into Gerg’s nudes for a bit, but can he make a living on that?

No. 776354

He would have to find like one or two infatuated creepy dudes like that to support him but even then I'd imagine someone creepy and old with money to spend is gonna spend it on real twinks, not mid 30's, scrawny twinks wannabes with saggy moobs and a gut. Plus they'd want more pics than shit like this.

It makes me wonder if he's selling actual nudes in private to people.

No. 776381

Imagine how their children will be traumatized when they grow up and find these pictures,or other kids in school find them,poor babys

No. 776385

Although finding out about your dad's shit-tier onlyfans is really embarrassing in itself, their kids were already going to have a lot to deal with when they get older and start finding out about the host of other cringy shit and endless sperging their dad did for online attention and the grooming allegations facing both of their parents. Aside from that, they are dealing with growing up in a toxic atmosphere established by their parents' hellish and loveless relationship, as we know Greg doesn't do shit to help around the house, avoids Kai and is very often an asshole to her, time will tell how that will affect their kids as they get older. Onion literally putting zero thought into the legacy he is leaving for his kids

No. 776386

>but can he make a living on that?
Not a long term living. But that's always been his problem. He doesn't think about the future and the consequences his actions bring.
After Sh & AJ he said he's going to be alone for a long time. What did he do? Mary Lainey asap even though he admitted he wasn't even really into her. It was all about "now".
Because marriage + kids = success in his narc mind, he fathered 2 kids that he never really wanted either. Another example where it was all about "now", not the future.
In the same light he's spreading his ass for men now without thinking that not only is it not some long term financial solution, but that it's also something he's going to probably really regret at some point.
Much like he regrets being married to Lainey considering he drops his pants at every opportunity.

No. 776402

The only reason he attracted Billie in the first place was because he was rich and somewhat famous back then, he still had the McMansion and the two expensive Teslas. Now that he has none of those things anymore he will never be able to attract Billie back or someone similar to her

No. 776405

honestly, the most realistic good scenario that could happen for those kids would be if lainey divorced onion, changed her and the kids last name back to her maiden name or to a completely unrelated name, started going by taylor again and moved halfway across the country, dropping off the internet forever. at least that way there wouldnt be thousands of search results about grooming popping up when looking up "lainey averoe/jackson".
ideal scenario would ofc be if the kids got taken away, but knowing cps that will never happen.

No. 776413

Agreed. Also if she dropped the fakeboi tranny shit and grew out her hair. Everyone in public is still going to recognise her social repose looking head name change or not, so she needs to change the appearance too.

No. 776423

Is Taylor's family that bad these days? Not sure how old her grandmother is but she seems to be a decent enough person to raise them. At least Taylor's parents would be able to afford therapy for them but that might just be a pipe dream.

No. 776425

In one of his 3 hour long livestreams debating the haturz he said one of his kids goes to therapy. He didn't specify which kid or the reason why they need therapy though

No. 776429

Whoah I don't remember this.
Really surprised though. He seems like the type to think he knows what's best for his kids.
I'm guessing it's Troy.

No. 776431


Tinfoil buy maybe speech therapy for C?

No. 776435


After a brain injury she'd probably need speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Plenty of preschool age kids need those anyways because kids develop at different rates. Speech therapy is likely because of the milk that she's speech delayed, but there's also milk about the son having anger issues

No. 776438

would lainey ever give up her kids to them though?

No. 776450

The other farms might have spotted Greg's baby carrot in one of the newest pictures. Can't copy / post it right now, but there's not much to see anyway, it seems our specualtions have been true.

No. 776461

No. 776469

He couldn't be fucked to vacuum? Very sexy to lay in crumbs and dirt 10/10.

No. 776470


How does he manage to simultaneously look like a prepubescent little boy and a flabby old man at the same time? His skin straight up looks like a freshly plucked chicken.

No. 776471

Worse, at least some of those are in his bathroom. So he’s probably laying in shit and used TP tatters

No. 776478

Somehow, someway, we need to stop looking and posting his nudes. It's disgusting and we keep talking about the same shit over and over again.

It feels like I'm getting trolled every time I come here now.

No. 776479

I agree anon, there's literally nothing left to say about them.

His decision to hide away on Onlyfans is good for us because that means we don't have to see any more of his shitty content anymore.

I haven't clicked on any of the nudes since the first couple and I don't plan to even when he shows his teeny weeny.

Just let this idiot bury himself into obscurity for good.

No. 776481

Wont happen unless he stops posting them until he posts his full unobstructed cock and everyone spergs out for a bit for it to then die down. It’s all that’s really going on with him now, and watching him sink further down into degrading himself and posing like a twinkfaggot IS milk, albeit sour, disgusting milk.