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File: 1453773488509.png (65.92 KB, 940x385, better.png)

No. 225726

>>213172 last thread.

Onions fans are realising what a piece of shit he is, cheating with a barely legal cumdumpster on the mother of his children.

No. 225727

File: 1453773540866.png (36.99 KB, 554x274, ayylmao.png)

my sides

No. 225730

File: 1453773626391.png (49.14 KB, 593x448, cum.png)

No. 225733

Why did Lainey let this whore in their home..

No. 225734

he should do it on video, would make his content more original

No. 225735

I hope this is a joke because otherwise Billie's tweets are bang out of order.

No. 225736

Most recent vid on onion's speaks channel is about cutting.

As expected.

No. 225737

File: 1453773783377.png (39.72 KB, 591x241, cumdumpster.png)

No. 225740

File: 1453773889030.webm (1.46 MB, 640x480, Milk.webm)

This shit has been too good to completely ignore. A total roller coaster since I was first PM'd about it this afternoon.

No. 225741

So this is why Cumdumpster decided to all of this, to make her boring little suburban white girl life more interesting ?

No. 225743

File: 1453773916280.jpg (7.87 KB, 300x168, new.jpg)

How much do you want to bet that everything with Billie and Lainey was completely forced by Onision?
Her reply earlier to someone asking about her kissing Billie was replied to with "Because he fucking wrote it into the script.."

Dude needs to be locked up.

No. 225744

It was. Check Lainey's likes.

No. 225745

File: 1453773978758.jpeg (194.01 KB, 600x399, image.jpeg)

Waiting for the fallout from the new drama. How ever will banana boy justify this one? Will he drag Lainey's name through the mud? Is his new relationship with Billie twu wuv? Has he finally found someone who can out-edge him?

No. 225746

seriously though, if this turns out to be a joke, i'll be surprised if they have any fans left

No. 225747

File: 1453774000584.png (39.23 KB, 591x241, better.png)

fixed it for ya

No. 225748

File: 1453774008318.png (285.75 KB, 902x334, forced.png)

No. 225749

haha love you

No. 225750

No. 225751

His twitter mentions is full of angry (ex) fans. This is great. They're not going easy on Billie either

No. 225752

Goddamnit Steve. I knew you couldn't withstand the smell of onion milk.

No. 225753

LOL I love you

No. 225754

How long you think until billie is knocked up?

No. 225755

She's likely pregnant now.

No. 225756

She probably already is, why else would he tell Lainey he cheated

No. 225759

File: 1453774333465.gif (1.83 MB, 270x279, a705a110-fe34-0132-4fc0-0ec273…)

No. 225760

File: 1453774350926.png (86.85 KB, 1294x584, ohyes.png)

the fans tho

No. 225761

File: 1453774408934.jpg (20.41 KB, 320x320, 12362420_1654803068136451_7801…)

No. 225763

I've retired from doing the videos completely, but I still read these threads occasionally. At this point, we can ALL agree, it's fucking entertaining. I'm much happier making metal album review videos than I am peeling Onions. Shit's great for a fuckin' laugh tho.

No. 225764

File: 1453774540328.jpg (187.56 KB, 1920x1080, upset.jpg)

No. 225765


I've never been a fan of Lamey, but why the fuck would you leave your wife and the mother of your child(ren?) for a cake-faced pig?

No. 225766

File: 1453774632730.gif (482.79 KB, 360x166, tumblr_mp0h6zYnhB1reojf1o1_400…)

No. 225767

Good to know that's a thing. I'll be sure to check it out.

No. 225768

File: 1453774687574.png (21.63 KB, 234x200, 4837-desperate.png)

Please make a video about this, someguy
He deserves some good ol' someguy roasting.

No. 225769

File: 1453774720450.png (64.64 KB, 879x525, lmaodatsalt.png)


No. 225770

Sorry for doubleposting, but SG could help Lainey build her case against Onion boy. She signed a prenup and is naive as fuck, I highly doubt she will take this to court and get some child support out of his cheating ass.

No. 225772

This is the first time I've sat down and watched one of his videos in like 2 years (I didn't want to give him the views) and this was easily the sickest thing I've ever seen in my life. It wasn't even remotely funny. It was just irredeemably awkward before the drama and now understanding the context is just nauseating. Onision scripted this. He made his wife talk about leaving him for the girl he would inevitably leave her for. What fucking psycho does that?

No. 225773

File: 1453774888183.jpg (32.89 KB, 480x360, rekt.jpg)

I'm really curious about how Onision is going to try to justify all of this.

If he'll recant all his old statements on cheaters?

What his excuse will be for why this was totally morally justifiable?

No. 225775

File: 1453774919927.gif (497.35 KB, 500x289, tumblr_nf1t27eCXB1rk1jcso1_500…)

No. 225776


Hahaha I love you stevie

No. 225777

>what fucking psycho does that?
Agreed. What a loon.

No. 225778

File: 1453775022785.gif (13.94 MB, 600x501, 5ZSyoSW7Of.gif)

No. 225779

File: 1453775265774.gif (442.62 KB, 320x240, scrubs-rapeface-o.gif)

I wanna know too

No. 225780


That video is so freaking similar to the one he did a year before. He's creepy.

The scene at 1.13 is the exact same as with Billie and Lainey.

No. 225781

Maybe Onion wishes he was a little lesbian emo girl and that is why he makes his girlfriends do these videos?

No. 225782

Probably, but since they had a kid together it won't be so easy. He will still have to pay child support and if he cheated he kind of fucked himself as well kek.

No. 225783

Going off of the fucking weird lesbian sex in "this is why I hate you" i think its just his kink

No. 225784

I really hope that when she's ready, Lainey comes out and talks about what Greg was forcing her to do vs. what she legitimately wanted and more of his abuse in general.

I think that it might really help finally drive home that Greg is actually a total monster, particularly because Lainey WAS one of those blind fangirls and loved and defended him for so long.. For her to speak openly about the fact that he is actually super depraved might finally start keeping some young girls away when Billie turns 19 and is out of his age range.

No. 225785

Depends on the state, sometimes they force it. Now, I personally don't always agree with Child Support because I've seen it used as scam by women as vindictive as Gurg who never use it for their children and instead have friends and family dump on them everything the kid needs instead, but in her particular case, I think she has a viable option to go forward and pursue. She has nothing. Just like Shiloh said in the "truth" video, he stripped away her ability to be self sufficient. She hasn't worked ever, and fuck anyone who says doing the videos was "work", it's not. It's not a real job, I trained to be an EMT once, THAT SHIT is a real fucking job.

This fuck only paid for ANYTHING (college, clothes, other material shit) for her because he wanted to keep her around and that is IT. Fuck, he knocked her up for the same god damn reason. Like the load that created their child, he thinks she's just "fire and forget". Sorry, assmuncher, you created life, you need to help take care of it. Honestly this is for the best because Troy would possibly EVER have grown up fully adjusted being raised by a stunted manbaby like Gurg. The best he could ever do knowing as little about life as he does is be a father from a far, basically a monthly paycheck and that's it.

He isn't in the situation I was in, he was taken advantage of and had to find out seven entire years after the fact, he knew full motherfucking well what he was doing the entire time. He even tried to talk AJ into getting pregnant by him THE FIRST TIME THEY MET. He has no idea how fucked he is. Whatever, that's what you get for taking life lessons from a mother who looks like Inmendham, Gurg.

If I recall, her step dad is a lawyer, so that works in her favor. What stopped Skye from being able to get proper justice was that her family was on a budget unfortunately. Even then he was flashing his money around and saying he'd get a better lawyer with their divorce and still got cucked…with alimony.

No. 225786

>>when Billie turns 19 and is out of his age range.

Sad because its true

No. 225787

>How ever will banana boy justify this one? Will he drag Lainey's name through the mud? Is his new relationship with Billie twu wuv? Has he finally found someone who can out-edge him?


No. 225788

>her stepdad is a lawyer
well fuck me this just got even better

No. 225791

File: 1453775842379.png (317.54 KB, 966x570, dkkdodwode.png)

His fans are really turning on him :D:D:D:D:D

No. 225792

File: 1453775886753.png (1.04 MB, 1423x781, billie.png)

The caption on this photo was "How old do I look?"

No. 225793

File: 1453775968390.png (60.55 KB, 640x542, used.png)

No. 225794

That's so gross.

No. 225796

Cumdumpster is replying to people on twitter saying she didn't sleep with Onion and she only cuddled and that they're incorrect in saying she went after their relationship. Someone is trying hard to defend their self but it's not working

No. 225797

I'm really curious how long he has known Billie. I know he "fell in love" with Lainey pretty fast, but man I think Billie is an all time record if he is already in love with her.

No. 225798

I think Gregs royally fucked with this one. Lainey has the biggest social media presence of anyone hes ever been with, AND shes started talking first. He cant spew out some fairy tale and have like 5x the audience of his partner steamrolling "WELL IT MUST BE TRUE BC GREG SAID IT", Lainey has thousands of "fans" now and they are fuckin pissed - even tons of Gregs fans are pissed. Kind of surprised tbh I was expecting to see more fans justifying Gregs actions

No. 225799

No. 225800

File: 1453776365245.png (121.57 KB, 831x813, plot twist.png)

Maybe she really just wanted to ruin his marriage?

No. 225801

File: 1453776367640.png (Spoiler Image, 395.43 KB, 390x554, cumdumpster.png)

No. 225802

"Love" doesn't mean to people like him what it does to people like us. For someone as sociopathic has he is love is a vestigial word for a feeling they don't have anymore. They know other people want love, and to be loved, so they imitate as best they can to keep them around for their narcissistic supply.

No. 225803

I've said in the past if they ever split up Lainey would spill the beans hardcore, it's finally happening. I hope she spills more on what an abusive PoS Onion is in general

No. 225804

She is seeing the shitstorm she caused and is trying to back out of it so fast LMAO

No. 225805

Cute backpeddling.

No. 225806

But that's circumcised, anon.

No. 225807

File: 1453776579355.gif (922.02 KB, 400x183, Happy-excited-gif.gif)

Gurgs gonna be forever alone, she wont find him cool now that everyone hates him

No. 225808

lmao. She was acting so cool and callous about it at the start but now she's seen the shitstorm she's doing some looney toons running to get back on the cliff she jumped off.

No. 225809

And she won't be getting that YouTube "fame" that she wants because she's so hated already. It's glorious.

No. 225810

To his sex is "love" his books confirm this

No. 225811

No. 225812


The steps she took to try to increase her fame actually set her back, this is classic.

No. 225813


This is why I don't buy for one second that they didn't sleep together, if he "loves" her, that means they've fucked.

No. 225814

No. 225815

Im expecting a classic post-breakup "spiritual" phase from greg - lots of life advice and good vibe vids on his speaks channel. "Omg guise sometimes, ppl r pressured in their daily lyf…things arent werkin out…so u gotta cheat, rite?? I get it now!!!!!"

No. 225816

Now her other lover has is stepping in saying all the people on twitter is wrong for attacking her

No. 225817

or like "I have never done anything so horrible in my life, never cheat you guys sob i am the worst piece of shit" and then their gonna feel bad for him because he is actually "sorry"

No. 225818

I can imagine that. I have a few theories about what he's going to do post shitstorm.

Part of me thinks he's going to make himself a martyr and talk super super openly about cheating on his wife and make it out like he feels soooooo bad and struggles with suicidal thoughts over his guilt. etc. etc. etc.

until eventually he starts throwing Billie into the videos as the One True Soulmate *TM who was there for him in his time of need and showed him so much pure love.

No. 225819

File: 1453777280257.png (82.33 KB, 670x508, hmm.png)

Or hes gonna go with the "She did it too u guys!!" Some of his fans are going with that already

No. 225820

Taking votes on him utterly abandoning his son and never mentioning him again.

No. 225821

Yeah; that's another possibility.

Can also see him using her "TAKING AWAY MY CHILD" as hate fodder.

No. 225822

Definitely this isn't even a question, he never gave a shit about his child to begin with.

No. 225823

I don't even follow Onision as a cow and this is delicious.

No. 225824

Why the fuck does everyone keep saying kids/children? It's all over billies, onions and lainey's pages, wtf did I miss? When could she have even been pregnant again?

No. 225825

You didnt miss anything, they either hid it or they still only have one kid

No. 225826

This is something I wonder about, too.

I really think they've only got the one son because it doesn't seem like there's any time she could have been pregnant again/had another child.

I think it's just some weird choice of language.

No. 225827

File: 1453777677629.png (564.88 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-25-22-04-50…)


There's too many for it to be a coincidence

No. 225828

File: 1453777694860.png (509.16 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-25-22-05-22…)

No. 225829

File: 1453777720644.png (865.78 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-25-22-04-03…)


No. 225830


someone calling themselves "high school anon" dropped a bunch of greg's old pictures and info, claiming he had another kid with skye

No. 225831

Is it possible that talked about it on the onion forums?

No. 225832

There is also speculation she's around 2 months pregnant.

No. 225833

I honestly think this is just a case of Greg and Lainey using intentionally ambiguous language in their videos and people being confused. There's just no way there was a time when she could have had a second child, she's posted consistently since giving birth to their first including posting photos most days/being in videos/ etc..
Just doesn't check out.

No. 225834


Maybe that had twins but never mentioned it? They were very weird about their child anyway.

(Or they got Onision's other child. Unlikely, but yeah.)

No. 225835

I've considered twins, too, but why would they talk so much about Troy but ignore the other child? That seems SUPER weird.

No. 225836


Maybe they flipped a coin as to what kid they made 'public'?. If there are twins, that is

No. 225837

I honestly think this is a publicity stunt like in a few days they will claim it was just a joke and everything will get deleted. I bet money on it being fake

No. 225838

File: 1453778189553.png (451.88 KB, 1419x787, bill.png)

No. 225839

I can see where you're coming from. All the drama has caused them both to get a ton of new followers on twitter.

No. 225840

I am SO afraid of that

No. 225841

It failed spectacularly for Gurg then.

No. 225842

second time?

oh cumdumpster, u card

No. 225843


It's a pretty big risk if it is a publicity stunt.

No. 225844

I hope that it isn't a publicity stunt but if it is.. I really hope that the reaction is eye opening for Lainey and she DOES leave.

No. 225845

I think its real, why else would she state that her and onion arnt dating?

No. 225846

No. 225847

No. 225848

No. 225849

her as in cumdumpster

No. 225851


Nah too much risk & they wouldn't take it that far. They've made a few jokes in the past but it was usually lighthearted and obvious. Lainey wouldn't be this cruel. It's real.

No. 225852


And she's ignoring every single question about what happened. She's really only doing it for views and followers, wow.

Anyway, I've already have enough of her, hopefully one of you guys can watch a little longer, although I don't think she'll talk about anything.

No. 225853


Doubt she'll talk about it lmao

so far nothing

No. 225854

I don't have space for the app and can't access pc, please take notes/caps if you have time to spare! Heck, even film it on your phone in case we get something useful.

No. 225855


shes really laughing about the comments about greg

wow what a cunt

No. 225856


I mean I don't know if that was she was laughing but I bet it is

No. 225857


She acts like 16. 18 isn't that old, but they're both like "lol, we have a secret and we won't let you know, but we'll tease you!". I don't know.

No. 225858

four seconds of this livestream has convinced me she is pretty awful.

She's not the ultimate bad guy here honestly, that's still Greg.. And I do feel badly for her because she is really young and probably doesn't realize the actual horror of domestic abuse and the position she's putting herself into and also probably lacks the perspective to understand that there were other peoples lives, a child's life involved in all of this.. Not that that's any excuse, but holy shit.

She is just soaking up all of this attention and her apathy towards everything that happened has REALLY put a horrible taste in my mouth. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt at first but good god.

Still, nobody deserves abuse so hopefully she just hops on the internet fame bandwagon and then hops right off before she gets too tied up with Greg.

No. 225859

File: 1453778687291.png (511.68 KB, 1228x608, cumdumpster.png)

So far its just them talking about boring shit, and she likes panic at the disco ofcourse

No. 225860

File: 1453778696429.png (495.29 KB, 1002x588, cumdumpster.png)

No. 225861

>destroy a marriage
>go on cam and whore out
>laugh about everything
What a classy little lady :^)

No. 225862

Really agree with everything you said
If she ever mentally matures she's going to look back on this with so much regret

No. 225863

File: 1453778836264.png (138.39 KB, 692x288, LMAO.png)

LMAO shes asking people what panic at the disco song she should sing(her friend) and i see this gem

No. 225864

God the singing is awful and their so awkward because they're trying to hardcore ignore those comments about Onion and Plainey.

No. 225865

File: 1453778864266.png (553.28 KB, 1216x651, cumdumpster.png)

the other blue-hair is singing

cumdumpster's just whoring for likes, don't think we're gonna get any details

No. 225866


No. 225867


My money is on him coming up with some piss-poor excuse like "b-but Lainey wasn't affectionate enough!!!"

Fucking manbaby.

No. 225871

File: 1453779436327.png (516.53 KB, 1112x554, feelbadformuh.png)

You can see shes about to break down

No. 225872

There was this one tweet he made earlier when this was all coming out and the wording of it was super suspect.. It was like "my wife CAN be so affectionate and loving…"

So I think you're right.

No. 225874

Anyone else think that Onision planned this (albeit poorly)? He's obviously been looking for a way out of the relationship for a while, and this way people will focus the blame on Billie instead of him.

No. 225875

Is that clearer on the stream? Because in this cap she just looks kind of frustrated.

No. 225876

She is because people won't leave her alone but like she did this on her own

No. 225877

I think that might be possibility….

No. 225878

File: 1453779637601.png (437.49 KB, 960x526, feelbadformuh2.png)

Well she tries to laugh and stuff but as soon as she focuses on the comments she looks really distressed

No. 225879

They are awkwardly ignoring every single thing about gurg but you can see the discomfort on their faces when they read the comments haha. Also her female friend is super fame hungry holy shit.

No. 225880

I could record some of it but it is really boring, they are just talking about stupid irrelevant shit.

No. 225882

Maybe you should in case she says anything, but honestly I don't think they will.
Think they're just using this for the views that they couldn't get on stickam when they had myspace pages at 11.
They're just living out scene queen fantasies that they couldn't have as preteens.

No. 225883

The three of them are just try-hards. I couldn't stand the female friend's voice.

No. 225884

18 years old or not, these are children. they act like children. the immaturity is so incredibly real. I'm mid 20's and the thought of even being friends with someone who acts like this makes me sick. How Onion and even Plainey have put up with her for long periods of time is really bizarre to me

No. 225885

File: 1453779941771.png (499.04 KB, 1004x521, cumdumpster1.png)

She's so upset when she's reading those comments

No. 225886

they’re ignoring everything and someone asked them to guest people and they went “noooo that wouldn’t end well.”

No. 225887

lmao she denied that she's crying

and then the other girl said "who's onion?" and silence

lol what cunts

No. 225888

Someone tell cumdumpster that her BF prolly killed himself because of her being human garbage

No. 225889

File: 1453780153358.jpg (98.77 KB, 610x543, ss (2016-01-25 at 10.47.26).jp…)

trying not to cry

No. 225890

I recorded about 4 mins and the only thing that happened was tryhard friend said "Who is Onionman?" Billie just kind of looked at her haha. I can upload it but it is utter shit, nothing happens except as I mentioned, you can see them reading the comments and skipping over them while acting fucking stupid.

The comments are basically the same thing over and over again, homewrecker, you suck, poor lainey, etc.

I can't watch anymore because their stupidity is making me rage.

No. 225891

She said stop asking me about Tyler and Shannon but is COMPLETELY ignoring all the Greg

No. 225892

I'd say upload it but that's mostly because I want to see if she looks tense or anything like that.

No. 225893


Wow, not so tough as she's acting, huh. I can't even feel remotely sorry, why do a live stream in the exact moment everyone is attacking you…

No. 225894

File: 1453780526923.png (402.78 KB, 1008x524, cummydummy.png)

Things got quiet for a minute and she was on the verge of crying again.

No. 225895

I just wanna see everyone turn on onion at this point. At this rate I feel like we can get Billie or one of her trashy friends to say it was his idea.

No. 225898

This shit is boring

If she says anything, make sure you record it and reply here and say what she said

No. 225899

How old is this Billie chick?

I haven't followed Onion drama for a while because he's disgusting inside and out, and just seeing his face makes me feel ill. But this is too juicy.

No. 225900

How many people are on there?

No. 225901

Haha okay I took another, about 6 minutes, with some pretty great faces she is making while reading. It's super awkward. I think it would make for some good gifs if anything, all the hate comments scrolling past and her trying to act edgy while dancing around and shit.

I have never shared a vid here, so 2 questions:

Can I post the directly here? (4 + 6 mins)

Is there a way to scramble the data so there is no connection back to me? I only make text posts so idk if posting a video recorded from my computer will reveal any info n such.

No. 225902

No. 225903

She's just 18, so barely legal, she acts and looks 16 tho

No. 225904


She's a 12 year old scene kid from 2006 in the body of an 18 year old

No. 225906

She addressed all the under aged comments and confirmed she's not under aged, but no word on Onion liking her because she looks younger.

No. 225907

The blue haired friend is starting to get pissed and mouthy I feel like she will be easiest to get dirt out of

No. 225908


metal >>>>>>> onion

also would you make a new video of his bullshit for the lulz? this shit is mad funny lmao

No. 225910

I think she looks older for some reason tbh fam. Uneven skin, horrible makeup, looks kind of worn out. I think that her edgi scene style is making her look more immature, but I don't think her face is youthful. Lainey was definitely more attractive.

No. 225911


Wait jk would you do a lifestream with Gina about it? Much more fun, the two of you together would be the best.

No. 225912

It's so boring but I keep hoping she'll break.

No. 225913

Laineys hotter, but this girl looks like a pimply pale 16-year old.

No. 225914

same kek

No. 225916

Basically guaranteed that as soon as she does the purple haired girl is gonna turn off the broadcast. Billie is hiding behind that girl so hard.

No. 225917

File: 1453781569330.png (53.38 KB, 1421x602, Gerg.png)

20 days ago.

I really wonder what Greg is doing right now.

No. 225918

billie is the one with purple hair

No. 225919

Sorry for double posting, but did I mix up the two girls? Which one is Billie again?

No. 225920

Ahh, I see. I was confused because the red-shirt girl was so emotional over the whole thing earlier.

No. 225922

the one with make up

No. 225923

Ayalla (the friend) is getting annoyed but keeping the edge. Said something like: "I know what's going on and Billie has nothing to be upset about, it's all stupid shit"

No. 225924

They'll break in time, every time one leaves to do something the other one starts responding to the hate and shit. Patience, people.

We got her to talk about it

No. 225925

If anyone wants to mess with red shirt. She keeps talking about onions. Now they're trying to get people to stop talking about Greg.

No. 225926

She's starting to talk. She just said her and greg are not together

No. 225927

File: 1453782371155.png (501.16 KB, 1072x571, FINALLY.png)

SHES TALKING, they are not dating, thats confirmed now

No. 225928

Now is a good time to start recording, she just said she was never in the bed with onision

No. 225929

this would be the best time to start recording, the messages about the situation are getting them rustled
(i don't have the means to do it but in case anyone else wants to, just a suggestion)

No. 225930

File: 1453782444345.jpeg (59.72 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

A little late to the game but I got a kick out of >>225702 in the last thread so I tried to use my art skillz to recreate cumdumpster's likeness

No. 225931


No. 225932

Somebody start recording. she's talking now.

No. 225933

she said "You hugged her husband when they didn't consent"
and the friend said "She consented to A LOT MORE THAN THAT"

and Billie shushed her, like actually went "SHH"

No. 225934


Also someone please tweet this to Lainey. I don't know why he edited this tweet and left all the other (positive) ones up. And so glad she's finally talking.

No. 225935

She says her and Lainey were dating. And they're discussing whether calling her "she" is transphobic.

No. 225936

Shitstirring. People are calling her transphobic now and derailing the actual milk.

No. 225937

"Lainey is acting on impulse"
"None of us are talking at all" (in reference to greg/lainey/herself)
"Lainey messaged billie first." "Billie did not initiate any of it"
"Me and lainey were dating"
"She hates me for the dumbest reason ever"
"billie didn't even do anything"
Red shit girl read a comment that said "You hugged her husband when she didn't consent" and then responded "She consented to a whole lot more than that"
Billie didn't want to use they/them to reference lainey because it was "too confusing"

The guy in the background is visibly uncomfortable

Sorry I don't know how to record so this is the best I can do for the farm

No. 225938

Stop telling that dumb slut about lolcow jfc

No. 225939

that other girl tweeted about lainey inviting billie to a threesome. i'd screenshot but idk how to on a mac.

No. 225940

"lainey messaged billie on twitter and asked if she was interested in girls"

Was that Greg or Lainey? loool

No. 225941

She said they would have been dating a month in like a week.

You can tell though she is trying to talk herself out of a hole though with this oh but lainey talked to me first. Yeah, but you fucked her husband.

No. 225942

She keeps saying we "won't get it" and will still be "on lainey's side" even if she tells her side, she is backpedaling so hard.

No. 225943

File: 1453782956451.png (25.11 KB, 576x111, cumdumpfriend.png)

This one?

No. 225944

She just said "Their kids" plural multiple times..

More than one kid?

No. 225945

File: 1453782962833.png (24.02 KB, 739x80, 3some.png)

No. 225946

File: 1453782995743.png (12.53 KB, 535x94, oogabooga.png)

I'm 100 % sure that Onision encouraged Lainey to become "le genderfluid femmeboy" so that he they could have threesomes with young girls. He's even more disgusting than I thought he was.

No. 225947

She just confirmed multiple kids.

No. 225948

She just confirmed there is more than one child.

No. 225949

I was under the impression that she was just knocked up again, but damn.

No. 225950

I've started recording right after I saw your post. I'll post a private link on YT after this.

No. 225951

Anon <3

No. 225952

>Red shit girl read a comment that said "You hugged her husband when she didn't consent" and then responded "She consented to a whole lot more than that"
>Billie tells her to shush


>"She consented to a whole lot more than that"

There you have it folks

No. 225953

I closed out cuz I had to be somewhere earlier.

Some hero PLEASE record it and upload to youtube

No. 225954

After all of this I am just totally convinced that Greg was trying to manipulate Lainey's sexuality to trick young girls into threesomes…


No. 225955

She said they were dating. Doesn't want to use they/them pronouns. Insisting on calling Lainey a she. Been dating Lainey a month and 3 days. Doesn't want to share her side of the story because "we wouldnt understand". Telling us we all have made poor choices. They keep talking about how Lainey sought her out and has all of her texts and stuff. They were okay with her having a girlfriend until they weren't. Refuses to show any of the supposed texts. Claiming that Lainey was immature for posting it all on Twitter and making people hate Billie.

No. 225956

sigh, im recording but i hope someone else does it too because it will long and shit quality + no video, you have been warned.

No. 225957

I wasn't 18 that long ago, but I don't remember being this retarded. Is this a generational thing or is Billie just an exceptional case of dumb fuckerdom?

No. 225958

"Everyone fucks up but we're bigger on the internet"

No. 225959

I left for the restroom for a bit and accidentally muted my macbook…I hope I got some audio recorded. I'll post what I got after they finish their session,

No. 225960

"The situation is ridiculous"
"No one was cheating on anyone"
How long were you dating lainey? "it would've been a month on the 28th"
"They're both good people in their own ways"
"I do thing Greg is a good person"
"I think people make poor choices sometimes"
"They were okay with it until they weren't" "That's pretty much what happened"
"Do you think lainey and greg will get back together?" "I fuckin hope so"
"They collectively have kids"
"The internet is her [laineys] escape"
She called lainey immature for running to twitter multiple times…but isn't that what Greg does? Literally every time?

"Did you hook up with Greg? No!"
"He abused multiple girls" "You don't know shit"

She keeps bringing up how "everyone fucks up" which is weird because she is also directly denying that nothing has happened.

No. 225961

File: 1453783754960.png (125.47 KB, 813x479, mmmhm.. sure jan.png)

tee hee

No. 225962

Someone fix it and give her a pig nose and dodgy septum

No. 225963


No. 225964

It's going to be on younow after it finishes. Pretty sure you can download it like a youtube video.

No. 225965

No. 225966

I did too anon. I will watch yours first and see if I have anything you don't. Mine is about 14 mins long. I got a good chunk about 5 minutes after >>225928 posted. Mine is shit quality though because I only had screen recorder. I typed some shit commentary too lol.

No. 225967

Oh my god someone make this into a banner.

No. 225968

I leave the onion thread for one day and I find out he's cheated on her with Billie?

I'm actually not suprised at all.

No. 225969

>i didnt do nuthin
>erryone makes mistakes u guise

bitch please

No. 225970

I'll stop recording then.. hm, can you download it then? i'm a total noob

No. 225971

"Everyone fks up! I didn't do anything!!1"

No. 225972

How can we make her speak? I'm fucking annoyed

No. 225973

No you can't download younow videos. I've tried in the past the only way to get a video from there is to record it

No. 225974

Can't you re-watch past streams though?

No. 225975

File: 1453784440838.png (123.36 KB, 761x500, his hair grease... turns me ON…)

lol i'm done i just wanted to post this one last thing

thanks for the art inspo homewrecker + grease

No. 225976

The shirt. I'm fucking dying

No. 225977

File: 1453784495359.png (26.22 KB, 737x144, opps.png)

No. 225979

Her friend just left or something

No. 225980

Even so, it would probably get deleted in time if anything had come from it.

There was a point where they spoke about it, when I made the post saying to record. Now it seems the milk has passed and they're just sitting there singing badly and responding to compliments.

No. 225981

Yes but you can't download them only record them

No. 225982

oh my fucking goood hes so infuriating go fucking die greg

No. 225983

I'm the one who recorded about 14 mins of her addressing it finally.

No. 225984


No. 225985

"They're going to stay together and get counseling."

Just said.

No. 225986

File: 1453784701009.jpg (8.04 KB, 216x209, 1416552475522.jpg)

They're going to try counseling. lmaoooo

No. 225987

give me sympathy for being a shithead… abloobloo

No. 225988

This just in "everything is fine, so chill"

No. 225989

They keep saying on stream that Lainey and Greg are going to get couple's therapy and get back together and I am so terrified that that may be true.

I was so happy for Lainey getting out of that situation……

I really, REALLY pray she stays away….

No. 225990

File: 1453784731484.png (100.93 KB, 766x508, WTFLAINEY.png)

No. 225991

File: 1453784753494.png (64.64 KB, 628x459, literally why.PNG)

No. 225992

Stream just finished

No. 225993

No. 225994


No. 225995

Stunt for attention. None of these people have any shame so we shouldn't be surprised.

No. 225996

ok im done shes a stupid bitch

No. 225997

I hope she just means she's getting counseling so she doesn't punch him in the face in front of the kid or something.

No. 225999

File: 1453784892002.png (49.28 KB, 602x352, why.PNG)

It seems like she's prepared to separate from him though.

No. 226001

Why do I feel she's going to end up dead

No. 226002

File: 1453784955048.jpg (8.53 KB, 250x300, contingency_plan.jpg)


No. 226003

No. 226004


oh my fucking god.


Maybe, though, maybe.. they find a therapist who is actually worth their salt and they can reveal to Lainey that Greg has been doing more than just being unfaithful, he's been fucking horrifically abusing her and groomed her from the start.

No. 226005

Here's what i think, Gurg and cumdumpster fucked, but Lainey doesnt know that, she just walked in on them holding eachother and could figure it was more than that, gurg probably manipulated her to think they just did that and thats the only reason shes giving him a chance, but if she knew he fucked her too maybe she would reconsider?

No. 226006

You know any therapist they see will probably either already be friends with gerg or be on his side because he's probably the one paying for it

No. 226007

I know; I'm just praying for some possible way for Lainey to actually get out of this.

Maybe they could look him up online though, and see his chronicled history of abuse.

No. 226008

What a fucking dumb cunt.


Jesus Christ, she almost grew some balls but then her retarded fans had to bitch at her and now she can't just grow a pair and leave? Come the fuck on. He's not gonna change. It'll only get worse. I was so happy and now i'm so FUCKING pissed.

FUCK YOU LAINEY. She deserves whatever she gets now. Fuck her.

No. 226009

File: 1453785603741.png (52.22 KB, 585x465, fsdfsdf.png)

No. 226010

God fucking dammit Taylor. Read what he did before to his ex-wife and girlfriends and get out.

No. 226011

File: 1453785678553.png (20.5 KB, 579x103, fsdfsdf1.png)

No. 226012

Lainey just can't get enough of playing the victim. She's hopeless.

No. 226013

File: 1453785836611.png (18.12 KB, 571x156, stupid_ho.png)

No. 226014

victim complex ROUND TWO: scene queen edition!

No. 226015

No. 226016

Best place to post the videos I took that will keep me as anon as possible, please?

No. 226017

File: 1453786110502.png (49.49 KB, 575x283, lol.png)

No. 226018

Her and Onion are perfect for eachother.

No. 226019


No. 226020

billie and her annoying ass friends start talking about the situation at around 1:17:45.

No. 226021

Can you imagine them trying to "out emo" one another? El oh fucking el.

No. 226022

There must be a way to download this yes?

No. 226023

File: 1453786307824.png (24.45 KB, 586x213, qwfwdvdfv.png)

No. 226024


I actually do feel bad for Lainey. It always seems like 2 steps forward, 3 back.

No. 226025

I recommend starting around 1hr07mins tbh.

No. 226026

And then when the public gives her good advice she… complete ignores it? Is she legitimately inbred or something?

No. 226027

I don't think so. I was about to upload mine with the comments in it. But well, there it is hahaha

No. 226028

>My husband's cheating on me
>Better tell my 13 year old followers

No. 226029

*>>226020 beat me to it. It'll be enough for now

No. 226030

Fuck all these people honestly. They're all so annoying and stupid and attention whores.

Lainey was warned way ahead of time about Gerg, she refused to listen.

Then she had a chance to leave multiple times…and finally she says she will and now she's saying 'oh they'll get counselling'

Fucking morons. I hate humanity. All so stupid. Yes, you have kids. Take them and leave, don't bring them around a fucking awful psycho. If she does go back to him, she is retarded and I feel no pity for her.

No. 226031

Best reaction to a fucked up situation like this.

No. 226032

Same here anon. I think I'm done with all of their bullshit too.

No. 226033

Well, if she were allowed to have more friends in real life, do you think she still would have blown up about it on Twitter?

I don't know but I've given up on her. She's a fucking idiot for wanting to stay with that gross Onion.

No. 226035

File: 1453787048462.png (300.03 KB, 583x762, fsdfsdf3.png)

No. 226036

oh shit she confirmed "siblings"

someone post the new tweets

No. 226037

File: 1453787228875.png (112.9 KB, 648x735, milky.png)

No. 226038

Her skin is so gross… I didn't know what everyone was talking about until now. Damn.

No. 226039

Oh god that Billie chick's voice is so fucking annoying, god that girl is so stuck up and annoying. Ugghhh

No. 226040

File: 1453787280511.png (21.77 KB, 576x130, fsdfsdf4.png)

No. 226041

>nothing but respectful

lol nothing but backpeddling is more like it

No. 226042

where the fuck is this mystery second kid???
like, they barely even talk about the one kid but now there's a second fucker running around?

No. 226043

mmmmm dramu

No. 226044

File: 1453787395722.png (50.09 KB, 611x362, fgjnvfvenrv.png)

This bitch is running for cover

No. 226045

i'm definitely on lainey's side in this triangle but onion is way way WAY more to blame than billie. billie is a dumb 18 year old kid. greg is a 30 year old ADULT and should fucking know better. he is the homewrecker, not billie.

i don't fucking like billie at all but greg is 100% to blame. he is trash.

No. 226046

They either had twins or Greg knocked someone else up.

No. 226047

File: 1453787521549.png (108.62 KB, 638x815, reeryghergdsd.png)

No. 226048

File: 1453787641651.gif (647.7 KB, 500x275, giphy.gif)

No. 226049

she's still tweeting/responding

someone plz keep posting thx

No. 226050

File: 1453787855677.png (51 KB, 618x412, kids.png)

kids, plural. What the fuck.

No. 226051

>Lainey blaming Billie and not Greg

She's never leaving him, is she?

No. 226052

File: 1453787890190.png (106.7 KB, 638x860, malk.png)

No. 226053

File: 1453788041288.png (54.31 KB, 589x321, 754654.png)

No. 226054

YouNow is saying the recent broadcast is no longer available. :/

No. 226055

can someone ask if she has twins or if one of them is from onion's previous marriage? IT'S KILLING ME TO KNOW

No. 226056

>a happily married couple

Onision fans have to be the most delusional people in the world.

No. 226057

honestly, i'm having a hard time believing their "kids" exist.

is there any proof?

No. 226058

Wow… So she really does have more than one kid by him.

No. 226059

FUCK, someone downloaded it right?

No. 226060


I knew she'd delete it. That's why I wanted one of you to record it. I would've but I got busy. ONE OF YOU I KNOW ONE OF YOU DID, PLEASE UPLOAD IT OR SEND IT HEREEEE

No. 226061

I have the important stuff recorded except for the stuff about why she won't say they/them. I already asked this but what is the best way for me to upload and retain the most anon as possible?

No. 226063

File: 1453788686264.png (83.35 KB, 590x491, adfbthn.png)

No. 226064

File: 1453788717438.png (38.78 KB, 588x275, nmyujmyu.png)

No. 226066

File: 1453789020407.png (95.17 KB, 637x775, gfd.png)

No. 226067

File: 1453789066460.jpeg (57.92 KB, 340x286, image.jpeg)

we dindu nuffin wrong!

No. 226068


upload it unlisted on a youtube account and link it, then ill save it

No. 226069

I have, I'll upload it ASAP tonight.

No. 226070


make sure to link! thanks yall

No. 226073

She's still tweeting

god some people on twitter are annoying

No. 226074

do they actually have two kids or is she just referring to the kid with they/them pronouns or whatever bs?

No. 226077

That's what I was wondering too, but the fact that she's said 'kids/children' referring to them, I kinda wanna assume there's more than one, but someone should ask to be sure. And anyway didn't cumdumpster pretty much confirm multiple children too?

Someone with a twitter just ask something along the lines of 'if it's not too private, what are the children's ages/ age ranges? I hope they're at ages where they won't be confused/ hurt/ generic concerned question relating to children's ages'.

I truly hope the child(ren) isn't distressed and all but it's like the only way to actually maybe get confirmation.

No. 226078

File: 1453790697261.png (Spoiler Image, 154.82 KB, 1129x609, lain.png)

dumping tweet collage

No. 226079


Thank you! Please keep it up!

No. 226080

I think there is only one child, Troy. It's pretty hard to physically hide pregnancy especially considering all the selfies she takes. Troy is only two years old, so there would be barely any age difference between them if there was a second child.
They could have adopted another baby but that seems really unlikely.
Taylor does keep saying he is the father of her "children" sooo she could be currently pregnant but very early into it.

No. 226081

File: 1453790931986.png (Spoiler Image, 72.04 KB, 601x767, lainey2.png)

you got it, fam

No. 226083

File: 1453791586173.png (96.13 KB, 584x287, fuck me.png)


No. 226084

No. 226085



No. 226086

goddamn. I hope she has enough sense to realise his manipulative streak and do what is best for her children (finally).

No. 226087

… Wow. If she is this stupid, she deserves everything she gets. All these idiots really do deserve each other.

No. 226088

wew lads

No. 226089

No. 226090

cheers for that anon

No. 226091

File: 1453791803999.png (553.96 KB, 1188x914, lainey4.png)

^ dropped pic, i'm a retard

No. 226092

File: 1453791858370.jpg (24.37 KB, 400x290, CTaKXtiWcAASLxV.jpg)

What the fuck man.
I understand her wanting to give everything a long thought for the sake of her kid(s) but give it some ACTUAL FUCKING THOUGHT. FOR AN ACTUAL PERIOD OF TIME.

No. 226093


>Couldn't go back to my own HOME because Billie was there

JFC Taylor, why didn't you kick the whore out? Instead you let her be in your own house with your husband.

No. 226094

For all we know, he might be losing his shit and threatening to kill himself or run away with the kids. So maybe Lainey is keeping him close while she gets everything sorted to gtfo like Katie Holmes did. Or at least, that's what I'd like to believe. Gurg lures in these unusually mentally immature women for more than one reason, and I'm sure that's playing a part in her decision-making now, too.

No. 226095

File: 1453792372688.png (25.43 KB, 601x278, lainey5.png)

right? boot the bitch out ffs

No. 226097

God I want to choke and wring this bitch's neck just from her her whiny, clearly shaken voice. I'm new to Greg drama, but it's really clear Lainey is the biggest victim in this and this girl has zero remorse. Poor girl seems to attract psychopaths. It's like laughing and doing a livestream after punching someone's dog.
>"I'm not immature about the situation"
Top fucking kek.
>"I think I'm a good person"
So why do you have to defend yourself?

No. 226102

Video is still processing, fam…

No. 226104

Wait, so where were the kid(s) during this? At the house with cumdumpster and onion???

No. 226107

Try again, anon. It works for me now.

No. 226108

It'd probably be more accurate to say she's attracted to psychopaths.

No. 226109

she said she had them with her i think? or she has them now at least

No. 226110


most accurate response picture omg.

No. 226111

where is she though? if not at home w/ onion

No. 226112

with a friend, it's above earlier in a pic but i'm too lazy to look

No. 226116

I find it weird people are trying to blame Billie OR Greg- imo they are BOTH at fault. They both participated knowing Greg's married, they're both fuckwits

No. 226118

File: 1453795693157.png (Spoiler Image, 80.49 KB, 590x859, lainey6.png)


No. 226119

>Has Greg ever shown that you can't trust him in the past or is this the first time?
>First time

Unbelievable. She's even dumber than Onion and Billie.

No. 226120

File: 1453796146069.png (15.56 KB, 462x159, ss (2016-01-26 at 03.15.22).pn…)


No. 226121

Billie's using the old "everyone makes poor choices and so have you in your life" trope. Making mistakes is not the same as cuddling with someone's husband. Not cuddling with someone else's partner is called using COMMON SENSE.

She also called Greg a good person which further shows how retarded she is.

No. 226123

File: 1453796609839.png (94.37 KB, 583x390, AboutOnion.png)

She does seem to she his part as well but mostly seem to think it's Billies fault.

No. 226124

File: 1453796635422.gif (973.86 KB, 500x377, midgetbitch.gif)


No. 226125

>he might be losing his shit and threatening to kill himself or run away with the kids.

I'm betting this is what is happening, guys.

Never underestimate Gerg Onion's psychotic victim complex tard tantrums.

No. 226126

File: 1453796769707.png (20.11 KB, 597x189, onion.png)

muh hate, muh self pity

No. 226127

Gross, he's practically reveling in his self flagellation.

No. 226129

he's already starting the pity party holy shit

No. 226130

It really sounds like they had sex or at least made out/did something physical.

Sure Lainey has ever right to be pissed they were cuddling in her bed, which is not okay esp after she said no, but with how weird gurg and billy (she hates it spelled with a 'y' instead of 'ie') are acting, plus how Lainey is devastated enough to "never trust again"… it really sounds like something more than cuddling.

No. 226131

honestly I'm still fucked up that she's 18 like jesus christ

No. 226132

File: 1453797444308.jpg (81.41 KB, 652x1024, 1428341681362.jpg)

I agree, but Lainey's reaction is nothing out of the ordinary.

No. 226133

File: 1453797515352.png (Spoiler Image, 89.5 KB, 605x864, uhohbro.png)

looks like she's blaming herself now

No. 226134

jesus christ now is not the time to be posting emo song lyrics

No. 226135

File: 1453798334739.jpg (20.51 KB, 750x244, 1428341255032.jpg)

These are from a few months ago. I've lost count of all the times she's posted shit like this and then acted like her marriage was perfectly fine.

No. 226146

all of these people are utterly pathetic. what a ridiculous existence.

No. 226147

File: 1453801205965.png (499.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-26-18-37-24…)

Holy fuck, why didn't you kick the bitch out.
You had to move with your children while she was allowed to stay in the house??
And Gurg of course didn't protest. Who cares abou children when you can keep the jailbait for one more night, right?

No. 226154

Why is that so surprising? This is Onision, the same guy that moved to NM so he could fuck Lainey before she even turned 18, and then married her and knocked her up as soon as he could. Why is anyone surprised he cheated on his young wife with an even younger girl?

No. 226155

He also did same shit with Shiloh while he was still married to Skye.

No. 226161

Onion just uploaded a video regarding the issue.

No. 226162

Posts like this make me really sad. Everyone accepts that Greg is either a sociopath or has NPD and groomed Lainey from the start, but blame her for not leaving? That's not how an abusive relationship with someone like this works. They take away any shred of agency you ever had and convince you it's what you want. Lainey is a puppet, and she wont regain the ability to function as a normal human for a long time after this ordeal, if she ever manages to escape, there's a good possibility she'll never be normal again.

I really hope people posting things like this aren't ever in a situation irl where something like this happens.

No. 226163

HE MAKES ME SO MAD!!! He's making it out like it wasn't so bad and that it's normal for all his fucked up actions.

No. 226164


He's such a fucking creep.

No. 226165

That shoddy blurring of Billies face.

Video has descriptions about sexy times between the three of them. Bit vom. Mentions how his mum massages his entire body minus his genitals.

No. 226166

So wait, Onision implies they only have one child?

No. 226167

>I helped my wife pack her bags
>Then I cuddled with her girlfriend
>Then I gave full body massage to her girlfriend
>I was also attracted to her girlfriend and told Lainey I love her girlfriend (but I meant innocent kind of love!! hur dur)
>I also tried to kiss her girlfriend when Lainey broke up with me (I was in a bad emotional state!!! hur dur)

No. 226169

What happened to his nose?
Did she punch him? Or did he take the chance to get a nose job?

No. 226171

Holy shit, I am gone from lolcow one fucking day… just one day.

What is even happening, the last thread exploded, bbs.

No. 226173

Probably insurance so that if shit keeps going down the toilet, he can hop on the "men get abused too!" hype that's going on right now and wail about how Lainey got ~physically violent~ with him when she found out about the cuddling.

No. 226175

I've literally been waiting since fucking 2009 for the world to collectively understand how disgusting Greg is.

the time has come. his fans are turning on him and neither his waifu nor his mistress don't want him, his reputation is at an all time low. I wanna see you break, onion boy.

No. 226177

File: 1453817764047.png (567.66 KB, 1344x766, ONYONSAN.png)

The screen shot he put at the end of the video.
Looks to me like Billie was still trying to smooch that sweet onion butt.
I feel sorry for her, it's obvious that Onision has been manipulating everyone in this situation, and he's absolutely the 'villain' here, but at the same time I definitely believe that she just wanted to be close to Onision for that sweet, sweet e-fame.

"Oh, you can talk to me any time, Onion! I promise I'm strong enough to be there for you! I want to come back to visit you for sure :) love me pls"

I'm glad he decided to stop talking to her, but I bet that if Lainey continues to leave him he'll get Billie back into the equation with some lame excuse for why it's twu wuv again.

No. 226179


>It's up then it's down. ?

Yes, Lainey. That's how abuse works.

God, it really sucks that she's probably not going to leave him, but that's not her fault. She's brainwashed.

Greg will inevitably leave her for someone else, anyway. Another naive teenage girl who will have to put up with his abuse for a few years.

I wouldn't usually wish death on a person, but I think the world would be better off if Greg just decided to kill himself. His life is just a continuous cycle of picking a victim, wearing her confidence down, playing games with her head, leaving her, and moving onto the next.

No. 226182

He makes me fucking gag!!
.. Also the part where her friend shushes her is at 1:51

No. 226183

short version:
>onion is asked not to cuddle with cumdumpster
>does it anyway
>lainey flips out and ditches his ass
>non-stop twitter drama
>gerg guilt trips plainey into """counseling"""
>cumdumpster does a cringey scene girl livestream because she dindu nuffin
and here we are now. New child bride when?

No. 226185

Jesus Christ this video makes my skin crawl. Brb peeling it all off.

No. 226187

This is the greatest thing on lolcow this year.

Everyone here KNEW that this "polyamorous" shit that Lainey was waxing was fake as fuck. Onion was too busy fapping watching her and the other chick uncomfortably making out with each other, Onion starts hanging out with Billie in videos, teeheegigglesnorting between them both - it was so fucking obvious that this was going to happen. Onion figures "Oh, if my wife is claiming to be Poly then she shouldn't have a problem with me fucking her pretend-girlfriend, especially so since everyone keeps calling me a fucking cuckold and I'm frustrated and angry that it's hurting my fragile masculinity."

Scene girl is nothing but a starfucker, I doubt she even has any genuine interest in Onion - their affair isn't going to last for long at all because starfucker is smarter than Onion and will bleed him dry whilst Lainey files for divorce through adultery.

This is the most beautiful thing to ever happen, I would shed a tear if I wasn't so hyped about this.

No. 226188

ok, wait, so Billie is still in the house alone with Onion? Eeewwww, how much you want to bet they had greasy emo pity sex after all this exploded? Another question: where the fuck did she do her livestream from? Was it from Onion's dungeon?

No. 226189

What happened here is common with people who jump into "poly" relationships without actually trying to figure it all out. It is always that the couple goes for a bisexual girl who they both want, but when things happens it causes drama. Typically it is that the 2 girls can do stuff and it doesnt matter because guy gets off on it, but then the guy wants it to be 'even' and get the same stuff from a girl, which leads to jealousy and cheating.

No. 226190

Lainey needs to GET THE FUCK AWAY. Fuck marriage councilling, that only works if your S.O. isn't an abusive psychopath. I bet if she stays in contact with him and goes along with the ~councilling~ Greasy Greg is going to string her back in or Lainey's going to beg for him back tbh. Lainey's weak and Grig knows this, I have no doubt will he use it to try and take advantage of her even more if she stays in contact with him on """friendly""" terms.

Probably Billie's house or her friends' house.

Kinda OTT but poly relationships pretty much never work out unless it was poly from the beginning. There's always some sort of jealousy and cheating drama that happens and the relationship crumbles.

No. 226191

I actually don't think Lainey will stay with him. You see, she keeps on mentioning that they're not together, that she wants the therapy, if not for their relationship than at least for co-parenting.

She kept mentioning how Onision told Billie he loved her, someone asked Lainey how she could fix that and she doesn't know. Her trust is definetly gone.

I think she's keeping this all up to protect her kids and keep Greg off her case with slander. And this is utter wishful thinking, but I hope that she keeps up this 'maybe we can fix it' facade while she gathers proof for the divorce.

Then again, she put up with his shit for so long now

No. 226194

why does he talk so fast in his videos jfc

No. 226196


Oh man, I know, I know… I'm bi and poly myself, have been for several years (the poly part at least).

Both of them were completely monogamous to begin with, they're both piss-poor at relationships as well… Lainey being inexperienced and Onion being a, well, you know his experience with relationships.

They both stuck their hands into the fire because they're both stupid trend followers who don't actually care about the implications behind their actions.

No. 226197

he says at the beginning of the vid that there is no romantic potential for them anymore? So he pulls in Lainey with counselling, then does the breaking up himself? Disgusting.

No. 226199

he is a psychopath

No. 226200

THIS. fuck i wanted to hear what this dickhead had to say but i'm not going through 9 minutes of that shit.

No. 226201


No. 226204


Watch it. I didn't want too either but jesus. At least he takes responsibility (even mentions that he manipulated her). Ew he even talks about almost having a threesome. And how Lainey backing out was her backing out of a promise to him. It's incredible.

No. 226205

Pffft… a real friend would stick a slick finger or two up there.

No. 226206

he starts crying at 7:43 and repeats 'I'm not a victim'

No. 226207

Like? No one thinks you the victim kek

No. 226208


No. 226210

So onion said 'son' in that msg… I think lainey is pregnant again and that's why she keeps saying kids

No. 226211

Does anyone know whether or not a pre-nup matters if you can prove your spouse was having an affair?

No. 226212

I know someone who is like Billie. The same irritating, self righteous and immature type of person and style, it's uncanny. Seeing her getting so much backlash is satisfying.
She is too inexperienced and coddled to see that her actions have consequences (especially if that shit ends up on the internet) though. I hope this situation helps her grow up somehow.

I'm very happy that people finally see what a scumbag Onion is. We waited so long for this and finally it's happening.

No. 226217

Summary for those who dont want to sit through it.

>No romantic future for Greg and Taylor it seems

>When billie came over the first time, Taylor felt that Billie was focusing more on Greg than her.
> Billie said that she just felt more comfortable talking to Greg (lol ok) not that she was trying to get with him.
> Taylor asks Billie out with a letter at the end of Dec.

>When Billie showed him in Jan, taylor from the getgo was very iffy about it, feeling that Billie didnt care about her and all that shit.

>Had teh sex as a 3some (at least until 3rd base), but Taylor felt off and didnt want to continue.
>Greg talks about his interest in fucking Taylor while she is with another woman.
> Greg and Billie go hang out after this, Greg actually tells Taylor that he needs affection and is aroused and wants to cuddle with someone.
> Greg tries to justify his cuddling actions and this is what he does with friends, continues with that he massaged Billie including butt and breasts.
>Justification of saying he loves Billie is that he says that to a lot of people, but does acknowledge the meaning when it is someone you want to be with is different than a 'friend'.
> When they broke up, he asks Billie if he can kiss her. Billie said no.

>Greg gave custody away, is giving her money for the kids.

No. 226218

What the fuck is on his nose?

No. 226219

File: 1453823444115.png (81.27 KB, 590x392, NoSurprise.png)

No. 226220

Lainey is a cuck… a huge fucking cuck.

She says it's "her house" but leaves with her children instead of kicking Billy out.


No. 226221

Gosh reminds me of my ex pushing me to havING another girl living with us. Shit was so bad he kicked me out twice over this!

May guys like that rot in hell

No. 226222

Wait… WHAT?!

So this is all a fucking con? Basically everything that was said and done is forgiven and the three of them are back to swapping spit.

I hate them, I truly hate them, I do not hate any cow on this board as much as I hate them.

They will do ANYTHING for views, absolutely anything.

No. 226223

No, these are texts by Billie, not by Lain.

No. 226224

I had a prenup being prepared with an ex and it would only be invalid in case of one of the partners having an affair if is stated in the prenup and if which one of the partners is responsible or both. It's like any law document, it has to have everything, every single detail written to avoid loopholes and stuff. We worked so many times until we got all the details until my ex trashed on me thinking that my mind would change about having a second girl living with us. I ran away from his abuse and now I'm married to a person that only wants me. I hope that Taylor will find happiness, I hate scum like Onion!

Sick stuff and sorry for samefagging

No. 226225

She's right there and ready to embrace your dick, i wonder if he even sent that last message or just edited it a little and fucked her anyway.

No. 226227

I am actually sure he will get back to Billie once Lain decides break up for good. He is desperate like that.

No. 226228

It would be wonderful if Billy had decent friends who have been privvy to all of this and advise her to stay the fuck away from Onion… and in turn, spurns him and he's left with noone.

>>but groupie tho.

No. 226231

bless you, sweet Anon. I watched that shit show and still missed some things. After a couple of minutes all I could hear was blood gushing from my ears.

No. 226233

File: 1453825807846.png (66.07 KB, 530x576, Screenshot_1.png)

God, girl, FUCKING RUN!

No. 226234

File: 1453825971226.png (44.99 KB, 587x406, bullshit.png)

No. 226235

Oh Lainey, you're a fucking card.

You can't backpedal about this shit, you were literally GROOMING teenage girls over Twitter for potential girlfriends.

You found one, you bragged and repeatedly sent her romantic messages during your one month relationship. You keep on claiming you were uncomfortable the whole time, when the truth is… you were uncomfortable because your husband and girlfriend wanted to fuck each other more than they wanted to fuck you.

You got jealous and now you're stomping your feet about it because they got to have all the fun without you, you couldn't even bring yourself to kick her out of your own home when you caught them together.

You're as much to blame as them, you wont be getting any sympathy or defense from me.

You're a fucking idiot and you WILL get back with Greg, cos that's what idiots do.

No. 226241

To be fair, Greg manipulated her into all of this. Greg deliberately told her to get a girlfriend in the hopes of getting his dream threesome. Like, this whole thing was orchestrated because he wanted two pussies at once. He fucked up his marriage and his kid's future over a scene teenage girl.

No. 226243

File: 1453826359265.png (358.11 KB, 1082x1486, Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 16.3…)

No. 226245

At this point, I'm just eating popcorn and watching how dumb this bitch is. She could have left anytime. It's not like her parents abandoned her or anything.

No. 226246

pretty much this!

No. 226247

I think it's more that she allows herself to be manipulated by him… even Billie shunned him after he tried to shove his tongue down her throat after Lainey left.

If an 18 year old girl can tell him no, then Lainey really doesn't have any excuse. She has more than enough evidence to divorce him, he even said he'll give up custody… there's absolutely nothing stopping her from leaving for good, he doesn't want to fuck her anymore (such as his habits for jailbait) he's admitted that in his video…

If she stays with him, she's a fucking idiot.

No. 226248

It always amazes me to see people who are lacking this much grip on the concept of how abusive relationships work, and why the victim doesn't leave at whatever point seems logical to an outsider.

Anyone ever heard that boiling a frog metaphor?

No. 226250

I am seriously baffled, why isnt she leaving then? explain how abused peoples brains work

No. 226251

You can't really compare one girl who has been around Onion twice and a young 20-something who has been groomed by greg since she was SEVENTEEN. Lainey is in a fucked up, abusive relationship and she does need to leave. But its never that easy, especially now that has a kid(s) in the mix.

No. 226252

The abuser manipulates them, isolates them, makes them feel as if leaving them would be the end of the world, even if it is logically the best choice for the abuser. Greg's video is an entire manipulation to make him feel remorseful while also still putting the blame on her. I promise you Lainey's mind space is totally fucked up, and I really hope she can find stability from her family to pull her out of it.

No. 226253

He was so willing to give up custody too lmao yeah it'll be hard to groom your next child bride with your son there to witness it all. How long do you think it'll be before he threatens suicide over paying child support?

This too. It takes so much inner strength to free yourself from an abuser. There is so much mental manipulation involved where you legitimately think this is the best you are going to receive in life, that no one else will love you, that you deserve to be treated this way, etc. I mean I won't speak for ever abuse victim, but abuse takes so much away from your soul you feel completely empty inside.

No. 226254

"even if it is logically the best choice for the victim"

not abuser, derp

No. 226255

File: 1453827165015.png (62.75 KB, 529x583, 465467.png)

No. 226256

can someone be nice enough to fill me in on this new drama? don't really feel like reading through everything how did this all start and what's going on

No. 226257

Also I promise if Lainey sticks to her guns, legit moves out, legit divorces him, Onision and Billie will be together. PROMISSSSESSSSSS

No. 226258

File: 1453827314358.png (15.62 KB, 496x166, ONYONSAN.png)

I wish her fans would quit trying to salvage their ~goalz~ relationship. It's really not helping her, ugh.
There's so many of them like "You need to make it work! Greg is sorry for what he did, you can tell in his videos, you have to forgive him!"

I hope that someone out there is telling her how stupid all those fans are, and to not listen to them.

No. 226259

No. 226261


Ughhh, I don't even want to think about it because you're absolutely right.

>>He was so willing to give up custody too lmao yeah it'll be hard to groom your next child bride with your son there to witness it all. How long do you think it'll be before he threatens suicide over paying child support?

No. 226262

Wait wait wait so the whole 'I'm a boy!' shit was Onions Idea so he could fuck someone else?

No. 226263

Yeah - It seems as he is trying to get rid of her.
She said on her FB that he was pretty quick to end it and also initially told her he would date Billie now.

No. 226265

But… but… he's done this in every fucking relationship he's had so far!

>>Married to Skye, cheats on her with Shiloh.

>>Engaged to Shiloh, fucks Adrienne.
>>Adrienne doesn't want him, he gets back with Shiloh.
>>Shiloh doesn't want him, he tries to get back with Skye.
>>Skye doesn't want him, he gets with Taylor.
>>Taylor dumps him, he tries to get with Billie.
>>Billie doesn't want him, he's trying to get back with Taylor.

Just, oh my god.

No. 226266

>Lain comes out as bi, Greg sees this as a golden opportunity for a threeway with another girl
>Encourages her to seek out a gf, Lain expresses she doesn't want two partners but searches anyways
>They eventually find Billie, barely scene girl who looks a lot like Shiloh
>Billie visits in December, gets close to Greg instead of Lain
>Lain calls Billie out, tears ensue
>Greg, not losing hope for his threesome fantasy, convinces Lain to give Billie a second chance and she visits again in January
>All three get intimate up to 3rd base, Lain gets uncomfortable again and leaves
>Greg texts asking for permission to "cuddle" with Billie since he is still aroused
>Lain obviously says no but Greg does it anyways
>Greg gives Billie a full body massage?? They "cuddle" all night while Lain is out of the house
>Greg tells Billie he loves her
>Greg confesses to cheating, Lain leaves him
>Greg asks out Billie immediately afterwards and begs for a kiss, Billie turns him down
>Greg is now trying to repair his marriage because Billie rejected him
>Lain is now away from Greg with Selena and their child

No. 226267

File: 1453827733374.png (13.85 KB, 413x146, ugh.png)


No. 226268

All the signs are pointing to yes.

No. 226271

File: 1453828194381.png (101.33 KB, 1168x656, hewfwefjwe.png)

No. 226272

See kids, this is why you don't go throwing terms around like Polyamourous for yourself when you have literally no experience and have had nothing a bad relationship record… or you don't have the capacity to act like an adult.

No. 226274

File: 1453828653687.png (519.43 KB, 837x619, billi.PNG)


"So guys, im extremely sorry for what's going on. I just want you all to know im sorry and i messed up, i know i did, i was ignorant to think it was okay to cuddle with greg. i made myself think it was okay because we were all collectively doing things. I betrayed laineys trust and it sucks, yes i was dating lainey and its a difficult thing to explain. No i was not dating lainey to get to greg. That is a very wrong statement, i did care alot about lainey and im not some sick person who thinks its okay to ruin a marriage and that was never my intention. just in the back of my mind i made my self believe it was okay and it was infact not okay at all.
I made a mistake and i want it fixed so badly. Im so happy lainey ang greg are going to go through counseling and im so happy they are working things out. They are 2 amazing people and they are great together. Obviously im no longer in contact with them and that is a good thing. They need to save their marriage. I understand what i did and i know it's wrong and im never getting involved in a marriage again. Please don't lash out at me, don't tell me all of these disgusting things you feel the need to say. I know you are trying to defend lainey but understand that but bullying is never okay and what you say to people does have an impact on them.. Just leave things alone, everything will get better in time.
As for my followers who know me and have been here for awhile im so sorry guys i feel like i let you down, i love you guys so much, you're always there to support me and you show me that you care, thats all I could ever ask for and I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart. I am so so sorry."

No. 226275

File: 1453828886267.png (29.73 KB, 283x341, billi2.PNG)

No. 226277


All I got was "I'm obviously more important than the safety and comfort of a mother and her children. Duh." what a cunt

No. 226278

Can you fucktards stop saying Lainey "groomed" Billie or she's aa much to blame and shit? She was groomed herself. Her whole life for the past few years has been dictated and controlled by Onision. Clearly you have never experienced or seen an abusive relationship because this is it, TO A T. She was groomed since she was under 18 to become his wife and do whatever he wanted, and now she has to think about the wellbeing of her kids despite having no idea how to function as an adult on her own.

No. 226280

One of them is telling lies, from this it sounds like Lainey let her stay because Billie had nowhere else to go until her flight was due.

Yet Lainey makes it sound like she was made to go.

No. 226281

You're assuming that everyone here likes Lainey.

No. 226282


Just because she's been abused doesn't mean she can't do shady shit, too. She's a victim, no doubt, but this is not as uncommon as you think.

No. 226283

This so much, and it's extremely common for victims to become abusers themselves.

This is Lolcow, not Lainey's fan club.

No. 226287

I dont care whos the abused one, fact is that little slut cheated on Lainey with gurg and gurg is a dick, cumdumpster isnt innocent, but shes just 18 and gurg probably charmed her, so hes ultimately the bad guy, Lainey however hasnt done shit? whathas she done thats wrong here? Provided too much milk, you guys dont like milk?

No. 226288

what has

No. 226291

If it wasn't Billie, it would've been someone else - they were both pretty intent on having a threesome, Lainey admits herself that she was all up for it until Greg and Billie were all over each other instead of her.

Lainey is as much as a huge dick as Gerg, simply by fucking association.

No. 226292

True, Billie isn't innocent and she's a starfucker. That's clear as day, she was into it and wanted to pursue this fucked up situation for the e-fame. It's still really fucked up for an adult married couple to go after jailbait for their bored sex games. Lainey is a puppet, Onion is the puppet master and Cumdumpster is the ho blowing the puppet master while getting ready to cut his dick off.

No. 226293

So what? It doesnt excuse her, it was her doing it not "someone" else. Only thing Lainey has admitted is she was up for having a girlfriend, she was never down with him being with her.

No. 226294

You seem to be under the impression that we support Billie as well… you're a strange anon.

Do you not understand that there are people here that are not all up Lainey's ass?

No. 226295

She actually just tweeted that he pushed her to get girlfriend when she came out. She apparently was not even sure she wanted one.

When she first met Billie it did not really click while Onion and Billie had a blast and she did not want to see her again but Onion talked her into giving Billie a another try. That's a least what her Twitter says.
Now she know why.

No. 226297

File: 1453830862434.png (6.4 KB, 816x65, onionn.PNG)

Just checked socialblade and Onion is starting to lose subs on his speaks channel.

No. 226299

File: 1453831000868.png (68.04 KB, 633x515, onionnn.PNG)

No. 226300

Sorry, it's just that i have a friend who went trough something similar and she reminds me so much of Lainey, and also the fact that this happens often in relationships.. Atleast abusive ones where the man is alot older.

No. 226301

File: 1453831053648.png (46.93 KB, 612x433, onionnn2.PNG)

No. 226302

What did you think you fucking meathead?
How would you feel if she sensually massaged another guys dick?

No. 226303

"It's okay, you're completely right to leave me, I'll just be over here.. alone.. forever. Drowning in my own tears. Never feeling loved ever again. :( Yep. You're free to leave, I won't stop you… even though it kills me inside…"
^ He might as well have said that. Honestly, what a transparent cunt.

No. 226304

"for good" in onion does that translate to 1-2 weeks?

No. 226305

That's what he says while going through every single break up, it's like his "I'm bored with you. hurry up and go away so I can fuck another kid" speech. They're all such trash.

No. 226306

Taylor has always been an accessory to Greg, the same way most of all his girlfriends have been an accessory to his actions.

I think the only genuine sweet girlfriend he had was Skye. Shiloh and Taylor are fucking nutcases.

Manipulated and abused? No doubt about that, but that does NOT excuse them for their own shitty behavoir.

No. 226307

File: 1453831295688.png (46.3 KB, 607x387, onionnn3.PNG)

No. 226308

absolute fucking nutter

No. 226309

Like its fine to dislike her, but what did she do that was shitty? Yeah shes whiny and annoying on twitter and speciul genderfluid, but to my knowledge she hasnt done anything?

No. 226310

File: 1453831378252.gif (182.86 KB, 214x200, bullshit.gif)

No. 226311

HAHAHAHAHAHAH more like, i'll never put another girlfriend up on youtube, no way in hell hes not gonna find some new jailbait soon enough

No. 226312

Sure, that's shy he groomed into bringing a kid to fuck
How are we betting he'll be fucking some young ass within the week ?

No. 226313

Oh my god, what a fucking cunt.

And the fact that he's still guilt tripping her… ughhhh

Make sure you guys mirror his video btw, I'm sure most of you have

What a crazy few days huhhh lmaooo its like the good ol onion drama days. haha feels like 2011 again, even with him crying again in a video

No. 226314

File: 1453831552825.png (48.71 KB, 602x353, onionnn4.PNG)

No. 226315

File: 1453831563109.png (70.05 KB, 1014x572, laineyohnoyoudidnt.png)

Is he manipulating her again or is she that dense?

No. 226317

It's okay, a lot of us have been in abusive relationships so I know where you're coming from.

Lainey has had hundreds of people literally telling her how to get out of the relationship and how to get help, she is not interested in the slightest, whether or not that's down to the fact she can't help herself or if she divorces him she will lose the 600,000 mansion they currently own… I honestly don't know.

No. 226319

Betrayal by cuddling - He makes it sounds so ridiculous on purpose while it's the entire "Get a girlfriend so I can have a threesome" she just (hopefully) spotted.

No. 226320

"why are you making such a fuss? I just cuddle, it's obvious you're wrong for to being ok with it"

No. 226322

Excatly Lainey, even your "man" thinks its dumb if you stay with him, get the hell out and find a nice guy that will turely love you

No. 226324

"I can't cuddle anyone while I even gave you the freedom to get a girlfriend you did not want to have?"

No. 226325

File: 1453831940526.gif (994.8 KB, 245x174, tumblr_meuzodC59j1rlvphuo1_250…)

And massage them naked, but lets just leave that part out right? convenient

No. 226326


Noone is buying this fucking "cuddling" bullshit, NO ONE.

No. 226327


No. 226329

It's true that a lot of people don't like her, but I don't think anyone wishes abuse on anyone.

No. 226330

Anyway, we called it. He is tossing her aside because she is to old. Time for him to groom a new 17 yo and suck her youh to survive.

No. 226331

'cept his dumbass bananas

No. 226332

I laughed out loud at this, because I immediately pictured him as a "psychic vampire" and it was just too good.

No. 226333

I'm actually quite terrified that this all may be a hoax, or they will play it off as one.

No. 226334

Gina wrote a transcript on Greg's video because he was talking so damn fast.


No. 226335

The marriage was doomed from the start, he needs some kind of safety warning like; does not play well with other children.


No. 226337

File: 1453832617743.jpg (63.89 KB, 686x960, Bella&Edward-555478_4296219670…)

He's RP Twilight in real life, except he's not a permanent pretty boy teenager and can't keep his bitches forever 17. He got the ancient creep going after young girls and the love triangle part down!

No. 226338

You are a blessing, thanks anon! I refuse to watch his videos and contribute to his views, so this is great.

No. 226340


No. 226344

File: 1453833650558.png (92.69 KB, 323x164, onion.png)

No. 226345

Would anyone, ANYONE actually buy the idea that two aroused people who are sexually attracted to each other, and naked and alone on a bed after a botched threesome would "cuddling" or "massaging"? I imagine that the 'cuddling' and 'massaging' thing is trickle truth in action.

No. 226346

Ughhh, Lainey is skeevy as fuck, regardless of this being Gergs idea to begin with.

>>"She even got to the point where she was crying…and eventually drove this young woman to the airport."

Hey Lainey, if you were so upset with her by the first visit and so not game for all this to continue, why did you continue to tweet romantic shit to her as if nothing ever happened? Why were you so accepting of gifts from her? Why lead her on like that when you weren't actually attracted to her and didn't want a relationship?

Stupid cow.

No. 226348

What married man would have stayed alone whith someone your patner is uncomfortable to the point of living?
You put the girl in a hotel room, you go with the mother od your child, or that the very least, you maket it an uncomfortable evening where you stay locked alone in your room, waiting to bring her to the airport the next day.
You don't act like an horny 17 abd five a full bidy "massage".

No. 226349

He "cuddled" and "massaged" Billie's guts. Lainey just doesn't want to accept the super fucking obvious.

No. 226350


>Cuddled and watched TV with another girl all night

>After giving her a full body massage
>After having admitted to being attracted to her
>And telling her he loved her

>The whole thing seemed so innocent to me

Hahahahaha oh my god, Greg.

It's sad. He knows the difference between right and wrong, but he just does whatever the fuck he wants regardless of how much it'll hurt other people and then desperately backpedals once he gets caught.

No. 226351

"I didn't want it to happen, this older pedo made me do it." said the pedo in training.

No. 226352

God, his fans are so annoying and retarded.

No. 226354

Can someone pls post pics of what all his exes look like I'm curious

No. 226356

If you go here and click the relationships link, you'll get to read about them as well.


No. 226357

Hahahahaha, this is too lulzy to be real.

No. 226358

This pretty much confirms that the whole relationship between Billie and Lainey was forced by Greg.

>>As time past, I continued to show interest in Lainey pursuing this young woman as a girlfriend…and gave Lainey's potential girlfriend money to buy Lainey gifts for Christmas…and likewise, Lainey bought Christmas gifts for her.

No. 226359

File: 1453834572864.png (1.59 MB, 2008x618, exes.png)


Here's the big public 3 that were shown.

No. 226361

wait, who's the girl?

No. 226362


Billie Dawn Dingle

No. 226363

"Everything about this was so innocent and pure! I just was just alone with a girl I nearly had a threesome with! Totally platonic buddies!"

No. 226364

File: 1453834884683.png (2.71 MB, 2988x512, skyeshilohadriennelainey.png)

Those that i know of, but he has had others before, and probably some flings

No. 226366


No. 226367

File: 1453835035128.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x400, childbride.jpg)

This is her, her name is Billie as said above, it was Laineys "Girlfriend"

No. 226368

>full body massage
Can we just call it groping please?

No. 226369

>>I mean, I felt like it was a dream come true being married to someone who was bisexual…because I personally have always felt that women are superior to men.

I can't believe this guy is 30 years old, this is teenage wet-dream bullshit, Bisexual doesn't mean that someone wants to be in a relationship with two people, (unless they're poly) this is true high-school mentality right here.

No. 226370

Sensual Groping

No. 226371

fuck I meant from this shop >>226344 or is that also billie? If so she looks wildly different

No. 226372

Well, he never grew up mentally, something is obviously wrong with him

No. 226373

onion has the mind of a horny 12 year old let's face it

No. 226374

Haha no its what i imagine his next victim to look like

No. 226375



No. 226377

oh! ok, thanks for clearing that up for me, Anon

No. 226378

Remember his entire music video he made about how much he'll always be there for his son?
And now he gives him up at the drop of a hat because he has a new gf.
That's honestly sad. Poor kid.

No. 226379

Yeah, its the kid i feel bad for…

No. 226380

ok seriously though what's up with everyone saying "kids"? idk but I've only heard of the one kid until yesterday, now magically there's more?

No. 226381

That kid is going to be so screwed up. He's too young to understand things now, but growing up with these two as parents and having all this drama saved online forever.

No. 226382

File: 1453835569573.jpg (45.37 KB, 380x286, 1358465096615.jpg)

Her yellow grimey looking teeth.

No. 226383

So basically tldr;

Gurg wanted a threesome or at the very least to sleep around with other women and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Kind of makes sense why he set up Lainey to have a poly lifestyle so hard, so later down the line when he attempted to do the same (his original desire) it would be easier or he would look a little less shitty when he slept around.


No. 226384

I have no idea, my theory is either bad wording, they call the dogs kids too some people do that, adopted?, Kid from another relationship, or they had more without our knowledge

No. 226385

One thing that makes me skeptical about this whole thing is… why the fuck are they not talking to each other directly? Why is he making a comment like this public when it should be privately to her? Just… uh?? I'm starting to think there might be other intentions too, especially if she gets back together with him. They probably paid Billy off who didn't mind the hate so they could all get more hits and therefore $$$.

No. 226386

Either they call their dogs kids or she's currently knocked up.

No. 226388

They always do that, their just big children. I also dont think their at the same place, Laineys with a friend if im correct, but i think its real, he is losing subs and fans.

No. 226389

I definitely wouldn't put it past them to do all this for a bullshit publicity stunt

No. 226390

I fucking hate braindead fans like this more than fucking Gurg himself.

No. 226391

Same, it's almost like a fucking cult

No. 226393

But he is losing subs and fans tho?

No. 226394

Hello thinly laced insult kek.

No. 226395


billy bob cumdumpster

No. 226396

Also Billie seemed really authentic during the stream, like really about to break down

No. 226397

File: 1453836095075.jpg (40.32 KB, 612x683, a0e7e3671edd618eaf7acd227af2f6…)

Yup, besides his son Troy, they have Dobs and Leelu. I'm sure Lainey have them now, hence "kids"

No. 226398

yeah, the ones with at least half a brain have finally realized he's a complete asshole

No. 226399

He's not the brightest person out there and it wouldn't be the first time he did something awful for teh views

No. 226400

Yes and no. If they get "back together" and explain how they moved past this, it can gain them even more followers because old followers who unsubscribed + new followers who are TOTES INSPIRED THAT THEIR RELATIONSHIP OVERCAME ALL ODDS INCLUDING CHEAT- I MEAN CUDDLING who think if there is hope for gurg and lainey there is hope for whatever is going on with their relationship… or something.

No. 226401

>old followers who unsubscribed (As in, who then subscribe again, I meant.)

No. 226404

Doesnt explain cumdumpsters reaction tho, she was almost crying and saying she dindu nuthin

No. 226405

Wouldnt it make them more views if she acted more extreme?

No. 226406

oh shit you right

No. 226408

they are getting back together, 100%! it's so obvious… he was smart to be all honest and apologetic. I don't know how she can forgive him wanting to date billie after they broke up initially…

No. 226410

How about consensual groping? kek

No. 226413

Oh man, Onision's hypocrisies from his past videos makes me laugh

No. 226414

File: 1453836855670.jpg (326.4 KB, 711x682, coincidence.jpg)

I posted this on earlier thread but I guess this is still relevant.

No. 226415

File: 1453836915989.jpg (9.5 KB, 184x184, 11119438_1656548641245975_6037…)

13 seconds in and im already laughing

No. 226416

top fucking kek

No. 226418

Remember when Onion trashed Lainey's mother, father and sister on social media so everyone could see?

And she didn't do shit.

He also trashed her, trying to guilt her because she liked some band memeber that blocked him, until it backfired on him.

She did nothing.

And who knows what else happened behind closed doors.

And yet, Lainey is claiming everything was fine in their marriage until Billie happened.

Trust me, she is not getting out of this crap. She is gonna sweep this under a rug in less than a week.

No. 226419

Mmmmmmmmmkay so, let's pretend this whole thing isn't a fake stunt for a moment. (Although I really think it is.)

He posts PROOF that he wants to keep Billy in his life after he and Lamey broke up. (And possibly have Billy live with him, according to the "come back" part?)

Through these messages it is obvious he is implying they both want to maintain some kind of connection because he is warning Billy about all is internet h8terz and she says she can handle it. He is doing this while editing the video about what happened, meaning they already broke up and he is agreeing for Billy to "come back."

So… that definitely sounds like he initiated wanting a relationship with Billy ASAP. Then, assuming his last response isn't shooped, he changed his mind.

Why are Lamey and their stupid fans overlooking this? It is proof he tried to be in a relationship with Billy right after he and Lamey broke up. Am I taking crazy pills??

No. 226420

A younger non-fat version

No. 226421

File: 1453837255263.gif (963.82 KB, 400x293, lol.gif)

This shit is gold. Also, holy fuck I always forget how childishly he speaks. He sounds 15

No. 226422

Nope, your 100% right

No. 226423

File: 1453837323653.gif (954.29 KB, 285x235, mr_chang_senor_chang_laugh_spi…)

No. 226425

No. 226426

So monotone…
Ironic tho haha

No. 226428

File: 1453837663186.jpg (10.92 KB, 251x229, 11214139_10204623168762346_614…)

how disgusting

No. 226429

Watching this shit gave me so much second hand embarrassment. The long greasy hair, sunglasses and unnatural walk at the end reminded me of Tommy Wiseau

No. 226430

he looks extra creepy in this video

No. 226431

He already has over 16.5k thumbs up on his "I Betrayed My Wife" video, plus a ton of positive comments. Howww????? What is wrong with his fans?

This reminds me of Trump - his fans are even scarier than he is.

No. 226432

File: 1453837790050.gif (494.89 KB, 500x244, tumblr_mz85vcUtvm1s7kz5lo1_500…)

No. 226433

File: 1453837857506.jpg (76.47 KB, 639x369, awildjudgmentalmiddleageasianm…)

my favs

No. 226434

Relevant. All Onions fans and Girlfriends

No. 226435

File: 1453837959757.jpg (40.6 KB, 500x533, sceptical_baby_meme.jpg)

lmao that asian guy

No. 226437

File: 1453838233749.jpg (50.48 KB, 600x400, image.jpg)

No. 226438

File: 1453838288058.png (97.26 KB, 324x500, tumblr_n4g460ZpCD1qaotjto2_500…)

Sexual Onion is sexual

No. 226439

I wish he would gtfo seattle.

No. 226440

Wew that is really disturbing.

What I don't understand about Greg is if he just wants to cycle through 5-6/10 insecure teen girls, emotionally abuse them and dump them, why is he impregnatinng them and proposing to them almost immediately making him on the hook financially (which he hates). He is insane.

No. 226442

Lol, it even says "Be like Onion".
It fits good.

No. 226443


Well, he has a fetish for getting girls pregnant, at least. It was in one of his crappy books. Same with his threesome fetish that he tried to manipulate Lainey into partaking in.

No. 226445

Hes in washington?

No. 226448

Right?? Ugh I hope I never see him walking around… hopefully he just stays in his house most of the time making videos.

No. 226450

Because he his thought process is really weird, he thinks in a very animalistic way if that makes sense, he sees it as "spreading his seed" like a true alpha, but hes anything but that kek

No. 226451

It's rather satisfying in finally catching him red handed with more milking drama after he's been trying to prove himself a saint all this time.

Heck there's even some fans turning on him now. This is popcorn eating material.

No. 226454

It's annoying though how he is all "I AM AT FAULT I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY" "I HURT HER WITH ~*~*~*CUDDLING*~*~*~" ""I DON'T DESERVE TO LOVE AGAIN" tho but won't get help for himself and his psycho ways. Sigh.

No. 226456

He will never acknowledge it, he doesnt see it as a flaw because his thought process is skewed

No. 226457

I personally think that him messaging this girls tits and naked ass was much more extreme than the cuddling.

No. 226459


Yep… "Friends do this"

I've never massaged or fell asleep with a friend, shut up Onion. You're such a manipulator.

No. 226460

Again… let's not call it "massaging" and call it consensual groping.

No. 226461

Honestly I don't even cuddle with my friends in the context he means, I hug my friends of course but I'm assuming since Lain said they "Fell asleep holding eachother" he and billy spooned which, even when sharing a bed with a friend I didn't spoon them? That'd be awkward as fuck?

No. 226462

File: 1453840072025.jpg (58.75 KB, 500x281, mommy dearest.jpg)

Are we not going to talk about how he said his mother gives him full body massages? Does this confirm her as a sexually abusive prostitute?

No. 226463

The hugging part maybe when you were in elementary school and both were to shy to admit they liked eachother, and i think that is why his fans "relate" because they are in elementary school

No. 226465

I feel like this whole few years is so that he can get another Shiloh. Get married, have a kid. Emotionally cheat on wife, separates from wife, has sex with new meat. "See gaiz, not cheating".

I think this whole thing was preemptive in the first place. He was probably doing shit with Billie, and used Lainey's bi-curiosity to get what he wanted. New girlfriend, and some girl on girl action.

No. 226468


Yeah like once I laid down and my friend was on the other side of my bed to rest for a bit and there was space between my friend and I gave her a brief hug and we rested but I would never spoon or cuddle and fall asleep wtf, dude is full of it

No. 226470



Onision is obviously fucked because of his gross parents. One gave him full body massages and his dad molested him and others

No. 226471

File: 1453840507269.png (2.79 MB, 1148x1480, mummuhnu.png)

No. 226472



No. 226481

Anon-san, his video explaining how he cheated has 20k likes, only 1k dislikes, and mostly comments whiteknighting him

The only way this ends is if he dies or goes to prison, but even then, he'll just be replaced by someone new and equally putrid

No. 226482

I stg his fans never cease to amaze me with their stupidity. how can ANYONE have any respect for him?

No. 226489

I've cuddled with friends before because I'm an affectionate fuck, but the way they make it sound is like they had their bodies wrapped around each other while sleeping which is weird as hell for ~totally just friends~. A hug or putting your head on a friend's shoulder etc. is fine but spooning is… odd

No. 226491

His dad molested him!?

No. 226492

no wonder he's insane, with the shit this lady did to him.


No. 226493

In a past video he was very ambiguous about it, but knowing him there's a possibility that was on purpose.

No. 226495

Exposing Onision tumblr:


What if when Lainey thought she lost control over the relationship she used the one platform she knew she could use to gain control.
Both are all about control…. She had control the whole time.

The theory is she posted online fearing Billie would show him how much of a gold digging controlling nut she was.

Why do I say this?
Look at it from this perspective. What if posting this she can victimize herself through only giving small bits of the conversation out. Not telling the whole story and deny the parts by blaming Greg because all these blogs do. Utilize the hate we have. Most of his ex’s ran to us for help. She is calling it fake? She shit all over his ex’s too when they said that he is a cheater. Now he is painted as one. After a few times she mentioned their relationship was open and that here and there spouted love for Billie.

Day after this he posts a video explaining everything and most of it he blames himself. (Pay attention after this.) She gets him to sign a contract like Skye and make him ok with the an arranged agreement for his punishment. Using the kid and humiliation to push further. He posts things such as unfollow me and follow Lainey after he comes out as a major cheater and starts to receive hate. She did one thing that most of us didn’t see coming. She took control.

They become Lainey’s fans and therefor she becomes the bread winner of the house hold. She controls the finances. She has the final say after making a big stink trying to use his past and a younger girl against him with his “normal” patterns. Here is the thing. If you knew in the past he had a thing for younger girls why would you pick a polly partner that is one. She insists that she never dated Billie or wanted to kiss her but Billie and Onision say other wise. (Onision maybe a liar but he is now stuck in a rock and a hard place again this time not looking well without his wife.) His wife is everything to these teens because they feel they can connect and she dotes on them.

He won’t be allowed to lose everything because she needs the money and won’t loose the life style. She puts counseling up there as a manipulation tactic and never truly planned for divorce. She wanted to ridicule him publicly because girls were still lining up for him. Some fans wanted her to be cheater. The thing is she used the whole I’m not comfortable but doing differently off camera and showing no proof to her word. This has been hit or miss rumors from people who have visited about their relationship. She saw the shift in what he was doing and each and every time found a new way to solidify her position within this whole situation.
First is was getting married right away behind her parents and ex’s back. Second have a kid despite not wanting one that early. Third come out as Bi to push him to be considered bi-phobic if he didn’t allow it. Get a partner but stipulations where he can only date men and she only date women. Hide the possibly 3 some till she felt like she was loosing him. Blast him online to embarrass him and her. That he would be required to need her in order to continue on.

Think about it real hard. She used his own tactics against him. This is fucking brilliant and well played. I think he actually dated someone exactly like him.

No. 226497

Which video, do you have a link?

No. 226498

Double post but:
https://youtu.be/LFmSQNU4E1o (does not specify himself)
https://youtu.be/0xMhmFHUfW8 (does not specify what happened)
IMO I think it was his sisters and/or their friends. Not him.

No. 226500

This reads like a shitty fanfic.

No. 226502

Yeah, just sounds like someone's trying too hard to play Sherlock to me. It ain't that deep.

No. 226503

She's thinking waqy too hard into this lmao, i think he cheated, got caught, lainey went to rant on twitter because she has no friends, onion didnt expect that so to keep his fans he had to apologize, the end.

No. 226504

I forgot where, but he claims that he has no memories before the age of 10. Which is weird because he made a video about all his elementary school girlfriends.

No. 226506

Nice theory but whoever wrote that doesn't account for 1, very important factor: they're both fucking idiots too stupid to think any more than 1 step ahead

No. 226507

Wow, this is so fucking dumb that it made me feel bad for the person writing it. This makes Lainey sound like a Bond villain.

No. 226508

Wow maybe he really did get molested….

No. 226510

Am i the only one that thinks its weird that he never seemed to get over hishighschool girlfriend? Is he like, trying to relive the fantasy of being with her through dating teens?

No. 226511

his highschool*

No. 226512

Considering how he wants to be an eternal 18 year old, I'd say yes.

No. 226514

File: 1453844905821.jpg (85.61 KB, 529x491, cumdumpster.jpg)

No. 226515

This was already posted itt.

No. 226516

this has been posted already

No. 226517

Sorry, just saw it.

No. 226519

No. 226526

Thats so fucking creepy..

No. 226527

File: 1453845543890.gif (1005.07 KB, 500x493, tilbo.gif)

this entire thread made my week

No. 226534

remember adrienne?

No. 226535

So okay am i getting this right.
First he gave her a naked massage(with oil?) and then they showered together and cuddled naked? (I bet they did more, but this is what has been confirmed, right)

No. 226536

It's obvious now that he just made Lainey fullfil his weird lesbian fantasies. I can't help but wonder if she was ever really gay at all. Like maybe he just brainwashed her into thinking she was into girls so he could fap while imagining her with his future cumdumpsters.

No. 226537

inb4 he decides to become M2F because he has really been a lesbian inside all this time gaiz

No. 226538

Becomes a trans woman to get more pussy…
Chris Chan 2.0?

No. 226543

Ha no really I can see it now. A lot of his tweets have been pretty SJW lately before the whole relationship blow up. It might be the perfect excuse to get nutter SJWs to excuse is psychosis because he was M2F and a lesbo all along and had so many probremsssss.

No. 226544

Please happen LMAO

No. 226547

well, he already owns fake boobs

No. 226548

oh good god, please no. But I can totally see him jumping on the ~genderfluid polyamorous trans whatthefuckever~ trend. He'd fit in quite well with some of the worst SJ types.

No. 226550

Nah I doubt it. They'd have too much fun shitting on his life for his older videos.

No. 226554

I want answersssss!!

No. 226555

File: 1453848458221.png (100.53 KB, 668x619, goddammit.png)


No. 226556

Haha true but think about it.

Option 1: He rides things out as they are right now and just gets labelled as a greedy guy who wanted a threesome (which he admitted to wanting super badly in his vid) and groomed his gf to get it like the psycho he is.

Or 2: He is actually a woman inside and being present during lesbian sex made him feel more like himself. Then everyone will go awwww you poor thing no wonder you were so repressed let us embrace you with our SJW arms you did no wrong.

Haha I'm mostly fucking around but considering gurg has no shame, I would not be surprised if we went with option 2 at some point to save his reputation or as a new way to make $$$ after he loses enough popularity.

No. 226557

Thought this may happen eventually. Our milk, is the milk drying up??

No. 226558

God bless this delicious milk.

No. 226559

File: 1453848815743.jpg (168.26 KB, 600x600, 15700001806.jpg)

I think so anon…

No. 226560

A "break" is like a day for people who need social media yo function.

Or hell, maybe she's actually getting away and flying back to be with family.

No. 226562

He'd probably just have to yell 'I AM BEING ABUSED AND HARASSED!1!!' Most of them still defend Sarah Nyberg despite the weird, creepy pedo shit she/he did bc HARASSMENT

sorry, slightly OT

No. 226578

re: onion's vid
"However, after Lainey had repeatedly indicated that our relationship was over…

[Title that states "this happened quite a few hours after we broke up" appears]

I asked Lainey's now-ex-girlfriend to kiss me.
Her ex-girlfriend noticed that I was emotionally vulnerable…and normal people would know that that would be a terrible time to kiss.
The response of Lainey's ex-girlfriend…was the response that should have been obvious to me.
It wasn't the right time.
I was obviously emotionally vulnerable."

It's obvious that he doesn't want Lainey back.

No. 226579

True, he just wants to save face

No. 226582

I feel like even if they had a breakthrough during counselling (unlikely) and got back together, he still wouldn't be happy. This is a case of two people wanting entirely different things. If he wants other women bad enough - and it seems like he does - he'll always find a way to get it.

No. 226583

It's a shame how obvious it is that onion just wants Lainey and the kid gone already, but Lainey is over here with some "I can't be sure" bullshit.

No. 226585

He'll never be happy, he has some serious issues he needs fixed if he wants to be happy, but we all know he would never go see a shrink.

No. 226590

Regarding the texts between Onion and Billie at the end of his video… does that mean he was asking Billie to visit again sometime soon? She sounded like she was up for it and both claimed to not care about being hated about it all and can handle it.

I'm just confused by it, were/are they ready to start a relationship? Onion says elsewhere that he's stopped talking to Billie completely and no longer has contact with her.

No. 226592

I think that like Lainey said they were getting together. He was asking her to come back to his house after she left. Then changed his mind later on probably when he finished editing.

No. 226593


He asked her to visit and then he changed his mind, presumably when Lainey decided not to leave him.

I'm guessing he's either going to continue seeing her on the down low or he'll get back in contact with her as soon as things get shaky with Lainey again.
He's a pathetic manchild who can't go 10 minutes without getting into a disastrous relationship.

No. 226594

He glosses over it in "I Betrayed My Wife", but he tells Billie he loves her and asks to kiss her after he and Lainey break up. Based on the texts, it's not a long shot to say that he wanted to begin a relationship with Billie. Something must have happened because the last text he sent shows that he changed his mind. Lain says it was an "epiphany" but I'm guessing Billie rejected him/Lain wanted to work things out.

No. 226596

I posted >>226419 and I agree, that it sounds like he had intended on immediately getting with billy but then something changed. It was probably Lamey saying she would go to counseling with him. There is no way Billy would turn down being with gurg.

No. 226597


Thanks anons, that makes it easier for me to understand and makes sense now.

No. 226602

Oh yeah, for deffo. He would offer the same shit for Billie as he did with Shiloh, Adrienne and Taylor… the whole "Drop your life right now and live with me, I'll pay you to edit my videos, you don't need any belongings or family ties - I will care for you, we'll get married, I'm madly in love with you" shtick.

It's worked for him those three times in the past, so he'll continue to use it to entrap his little fucktoys.

No. 226612

Someguy, please make a video. Gina you too. Please and thank you

No. 226615

I duno I think it's neither Lamey's nor CrustyBillie's fault though… I think this is all on Onion.

I love that this stream is tagged alternative for some reason when like every teenage girl on tumblr and at the mall looks like these two rn because edgy shit is really trendy now. it's just all so mainstream that ppl still doing this and claiming to be beautiful and unique just make me lol.

>this girl looks like a pimply pale 16-year old.
So just Onion's type then?

No. 226616

File: 1453858030826.png (37.58 KB, 597x164, Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 6.47…)


I think that Billie just didn't play along, to be honest. Both Greg and Billie said that she didn't want to kiss him. Also -I know that this has been posted before but was kind of lost because so much was happening - I think this tweet is really important.

He went back and edited a 20 day old tweet while leaving every positive thing up. Why? And he basically made Lainey leave (he helped her pack etc.), so he shouldn't be the one being hurt/ acting like this.

No. 226618

Oh wow, do you remember what it used to say?

No. 226620

I don't think this has been edited, it was during a time where he was joking about someone saying they had broken up. In other words, it's not a serious tweet, it was a joke.

No. 226622

I think her leaving is the part that people get muddled up.

She wasn't made to leave per se… she wasn't happy with him texting her about wanting to "cuddle" with Billie downstairs, she was really pissed with him and began packing to stay at her friends, he helped her to pack and she left on her own accord.

For some reason, it didn't occur to either of them to put Billie up in a hotel for the night until her flight the next morning, instead of staying at the house and fumbling around with Gerg.

Ohoh, I don't think Billie rejected Gerg either, according to both of them - he tried to kiss her and she said "bad timing", if the texts are anything to go by; they were both ready to get into a relationship until Onion had his "epiphany" and called things off.

No. 226626


Shit, I think you're right. The user that originally uploaded this screenshot said it's been edited and I didn't think twice about it. The "Lainey Divorced Onision" video was uploaded on the same day.

Sorry, but thanks for noticing/ clarifying.

No. 226627

So a bit random but I was looking around his channel and holy cow he has a lot of videos about cheating and how it is the worst thing in the world and cheaters never deserve a second chance and blablabla hahaaaaaa.

No. 226629

He's the very definition of contradiction, most of these preachy fuckers are.

No. 226630

It's just projection.

No. 226639

File: 1453861238939.jpg (204.88 KB, 804x1325, IMG_20160127_111713.jpg)

>Look guise! This internet celebrity supports me! But please tweet positive messages to laineybot, not me!!!

Holy fuck, Gurg- an absolute manchild.

No. 226641

Keem's an asshole
Onision is an asshole.
Pretty sure there's a saying for this.

No. 226652


Onision is the BIGGEST hypocrite in the world.

Tattoos, dating smokers/people with piercings, making fun of emos yet he is one, saying he hates meat eaters then he doesnt, when it comes to sex/rape etc etc etc

Biggest hypocrite ever

No. 226653


and the whole one minute he loves fat people then he doesnt

No. 226658


Fucking Keemstar. Of course that shit bag would side with onion.

No. 226663

manipulative abusers of women flock together I guess.
tbh I do kind of feel sorry for Billie in all of this. While I do agree she is to blame for seemingly doing all this just for fun and for fame, she is young (yes, 18 IS mentally still young) and thought this would be an ~adventure~. Also it begs the question; where are her parents during all this? Do they support her flying across the country to be with a married woman, her baby, and her husband who is 10 years her senior? This girl is legit neglected by her parents, she is probably desperate to feel accepted and supported within a structure of love, and unfortunately she was offered this clusterfuck that's unfolding now. But to her, at the time, maybe it seemed ok, or fun, or interesting, and because her brain is still developing she may not have fully realized the emotional fallout of the situation or online repercussions until it had already happened.

Again not saying she's blameless, but god damn it Onion is such a piece of shit for dragging a straight up CHILD into a love triangle with him and his wife. Like what the fuck, she's a mom and he's 30, neither of them should be fucking around with teens.

No. 226688

File: 1453868863028.png (544.04 KB, 923x588, fuck me with a rake.png)


No. 226689

File: 1453868902586.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 2208x1242, image.png)

I hate this faggot so much, jfc

he's definitely not done with his barely legal bottle of Windex: they're either keeping it quiet for now because Lainey has too much ammo, or waiting for her to fuck off with the kid

No. 226690


I was just about to post it.

It's over, Onion won.

No. 226692


No. 226700

File: 1453869699515.gif (1.55 MB, 400x286, fugdis.gif)


I knew it! I knew that Taylor was too weak and complacent to do the hard thing. You know what? At this point, if she's okay with being cheated on oh wait '''''''''''cuddled''''''''' on with an 18yo scene whore in order to preserve her lazy, meaningless lifestyle and continue on with her 9-5 social media shitposting career, then she deserves all the pain and heartbreak that she'll get moving forward. She knows he's a piece of shit. She knows that she's aged out of Grog's favor and has resigned to being the safe option until Grog finds another barely legal piece of ass to ditch her for. She's just too unmotivated and too addicted to the attention she gets from being a the wife of an 'internet celebrity' and being ~mom~ to all of his prepubescent fans. I had some sympathy for her, but at this point the fact that she's '''''raising'''''' her kid(s) '''''''with''''''' a self-important, cheating pedophile instead of getting them the fuck out before they end up with serious emotional issues is just horrible on so many levels. She's putting her comfort and internet "fame" well above what's best for her kids.

Oh well. Grog is clearly tired of her and needs a younger piece of ass. Soon Taylor will be kicked to the curb whether she likes it or not.

No. 226702

Jesus Christ, they better not be back together or she is the biggest fucking dumb cunt in the world, she had a lot of support from her fans to leave him too, if she hasnt FUCK HER, fucking idiot. There was so many things before this too. FUCK YOU. SHOULDVE LEFT FOR YOUR DAMN KID TOO.


No. 226705

couldn't this just be him posting old pictures of their wedding rings?

No. 226708

File: 1453870580519.gif (499.57 KB, 500x200, tumblr_mj1vdiBN5B1rmam31o1_500…)

THIS STUPID BITCH!! Does she not give a shit about Troy, like AT ALL!!!?

No. 226709

File: 1453870787554.png (Spoiler Image, 518.89 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

yeah, it's probably an old picture, but the way he worded it just sounds like they're trying to work it out?

"To be given permission", "I don't deserve this but thank you", etc. Idk though

No. 226710

File: 1453871070392.png (Spoiler Image, 571.35 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

more tweets from Lainey's account, her friends are apparently managing it for right now

No. 226711


Idk, I tried image searching the picture/laineys part and nothing came up, unless it was in a video, if someone wants to do more searching.

UGh, either way hopefully this isnt a good thing im so MAD

No. 226712

Does anybody else find it funny that Taylor is such a boob nazi despite being an objectively shitty parent? It's a stupid hill to die on anyway given that the differences between breastfed and formula-fed children disappear by preschool, but it seems like she clung to the most low effort 'good parenting' practice in order to make herself feel like a good mother when a stable home environment and healthy parental relationship are NECESSARY for the healthy development of children. Breast milk isn't some magical elixir that transforms infants into healthy adults. That is what a stable, happy home environment does. One that doesn't include a narcissistic maniac and a professional twitter shitposter. Being a boob nazi in Taylor's situation is like getting concerned about watering the houseplants when the house is burning down. It's asinine. Fuck her for exposing her kid to this bullshit.

No. 226722


You they did a legit study proving that men learn abuse behavior from their dads, and repeat how they were taught/shown how to disrespect women. It's deeply ingrained.

Like Onion's fucking psycho mom was probably cheated on by his dad, and I know he left them. Onion now finds "crazy"/damaged girls to torment and leave because he hasn't confronted his childhood and probably never will.

also personally backed because once i learned when dudes had abusive dads, unsurprisingly they pulled the same shit unless they actually deliberately confronted it.

No. 226731


She's extremely co dependent now after literal years of domestic abuse - of course when she tries to stand on her own for the first time ever she's going to feel that fucked up separation depression over it.

she's too unaware to know the pain/emptiness is straight up the hole greg clawed into her heart to control her. and he's being sooooooo calculated and guilting the fuck out of her so the abuse cycle can repeat.

I'm pissed too, but she's so emotionally and socially stunted she doesn't fucking get it. on top of probably truly believing staying with her kids dad is the best option.

No. 226732


i don't remember this on orange is the new black

No. 226733

Oh my god his stupid knife or banana thing was just on tosh.o. Obviously a repeat but what weird timing

No. 226741


I agree with what you're saying, but at the same time I don't. Greg's obviously the abuser here and being ridiculously manipulative, but when there's an innocent child in the mix, there's no excuse for staying in that environment once you have a moment of clarity. Taylor even acknowledged that everyone who warned her about Grog at first was right, and she's not isolated to the degree that many abuse victims are. She could have easily swallowed her pride and gone back to her parents' house. Hell, she even acknowledged that she had to make the choice between 'what is easy' and 'what is best'. She made the conscious decision to choose the easiest option and return to Grog, despite the consequences it will have on her child. If this were some horrific domestic violence issue where she were cut off from the world, her decision would be much more excusable, but she is demonstrably self-aware enough to know that she is choosing the option that is easiest for herself, and people have been telling her from the get-go that Grog is abusive and spamming her with resources for victims of abuse. She has farrrrrrr more support and information than the average abuse victim does and yet chooses to remain in her situation. I agree that it's because she's emotionally and socially stunted and codependent; I imagine that she has some mental health issues that prevent her from leaving. That said, she had the perfect opportunity to leave but didn't. I'm pretty sure that it's because she doesn't want to give up her lazy lifestyle given the 'better vs easy' tweet, which is inexcusable.

>on top of probably truly believing staying with her kids dad is the best option.

Hmmm, do you think she might get her shit together if people show her research about the outcomes of children with a narcissistic or abusive parent, or an unstable parental relationship? If she truly cares about Troy, it might work.

No. 226742

Can someone just bait Onision into e-cheating on Lainey by pretending to be one of his young and delusional cult members

No. 226743


To be fair we have no confirmation they're back but some will assume cause of the instagram post, however there is the chance she just said to him over message that he can wear his ring if he wants and they'll still get counselling… at least I hope there's a chance she's still gone and will leave… but well see. :/

No. 226744


And yes, that might help. dO whatever you can.

No. 226745

I'm pretty certain that the situation is grim… :(

I don't really have a social media presence; if I link articles about how a poor parental relationship, unstable household, or narcissistic parent can affect child development here can somebody send them to her?

No. 226760

File: 1453883768833.png (601.5 KB, 611x883, kek.png)


No. 226761

also remember how much shit this fucking hypocrite has said about cheaters? i even remember him saying cheaters should off themselves…

but oh because hes a hypocrite hell deny it

fuck him

No. 226762

What happened to the Canadian Mafia?

No. 226763

how does lainey support herself if shes not totally dependent on onionson

No. 226766


I wish someone would hold this greasy fucker down and pluck out his ass hairs individually. Then move on to his shriveled dangly balls.

No. 226767

does he have a patch on his nose?

No. 226768

He claims she makes it off t-shirt sales and videos, but that wouldn't be enough for anyone to live on.

Lainey is stupid as fuck, he was willing to give her custody and pay her monthly for support… but this is all a stunt, she'll no way give up their $600K mansion and constant supply of new clothing and stuff.

She's always been deeply materialistic, she's probably also worried she'll fade into obscurity if they divorce and her fans will wane with their attention.

I don't think this is about Troy in the slightest, for one; he's too young to register anything that's going on so she can stop with the excuses, and they were not thrown out in favour of Billie either, she left on her own accord.

They could've called a taxi and set Billie up for the night in a hotel if Lainey was so uncomfortable in her presence, they're loaded with cash so there was no excuse.

I guess this is why I'm 70% on edge about this all eventually being used as a publicity stunt.

No. 226769

she allows herself to willingly be a victim, knowingly fully well of what transpired before her to other girls then has the audacity to act surprised when it happens to her. i don't see what's to like. it's gross.

No. 226770

This, and the way she acted in regards to finding a teenage girlfriend was skeezy as fuck, she may be a victim of Onision's abuse, but that doesn't give her the right to make others his victims by proxy.

Heck, this whole situation was shady as fuck with Billie to begin with, picking up teenage girls over the internet with your e-fame; because a guy looking for a teenage, bisexual lass who can be coaxed into a threesome seems more suspect to the potential victim.

I'd say that goes beyond her superficial whiny disposition.

No. 226778

File: 1453891097765.png (109.86 KB, 521x512, sauce.png)

Just gonna leave this here for reference.

No. 226781

not only that fam but
"I destroyed my marriage with a woman I was supposed to love."
supposed to
sounds forced as fuck

No. 226798

>if I link domestic abuse information can someone tweet it to Lainey
Can someone help with this?
I also don't even know how to use Twitter but I'd really like to send her some simple stats, can anyone help?
If anything it might be good for her followers to maybe see them.

This whole thing reminds me of when rhianna, idol to teen girls all over the world, went on to gaslight her own abuse story. Lainey isn't just a mom, shes "mom" to thousands of impressionable teens. Lying to then them that this relationship is ok is not a good thing, even if she's a victim this has the potential to effect the ideals of more kids than the average domestic abuse case.

Send this cap to her too

No. 226817

What an attention whore

No. 226818

To be fair, this is probably onion's influence on her mind. Lainey is beyond fucked-up mentally and it's all his fault honestly.

No. 226823

That's what confirmed to me he's a real sociopath. He throws around the word "love" and can make it disappear on a whim without remorse or heartache. Like what an anon said before, he's just emulating emotions he sees elsewhere.
The way he worded this sentence is just so wrong on so many levels.

No. 226824

Is he really trying to talk to Kojima like that? Kojima doesn't give a fuck about Greg's crazy agenda.

No. 226825

File: 1453913447956.jpg (18.68 KB, 480x398, 11032646_1586162124971668_5438…)

No. 226826

holy shit she's hilarious.

No. 226827

Who the fuck is that? She's a child and naive as fuck, top onion bait.

No. 226828

i could just be looking into this too much, but the colors on those texts looks off? with imessage, they're only that shade of blue when they're at the top, that last message should be darker unless he just edited it in.

No. 226829

It seemed to me that she was being sarcastic

No. 226830

I hope this will become a common response.

Shut up scum you cheated on your wife, your opinion is worthless. (Then link him to one of his videos about how all cheaters are scum. Extra lulz if it's the one where he says if she ever cheats he will commit seppukus.)

No. 226831

If *he ever cheats

No. 226832

Why does this shitstain always default to blaming meat eaters. He's not even a vegan! When he killed his turtle he said only vegans were morally superior to him and only they can judge. He doesn't realize that when you stick your life on social media, everyone will judge. If he were smart, he'd just stfu.

No. 226834

>"I can't wait for him to get wrinkly and old so I can date him"
>"his thoughts are stupid… but does personality really matter?"
I think she mayvbe just a troll suffering Poe's Law

No. 226836

File: 1453917674845.jpg (90.61 KB, 1280x721, kek.jpg)


No. 226837

File: 1453917851553.png (56.47 KB, 598x432, o1.PNG)

the backpedaling is real

No. 226838

File: 1453917962471.png (66.81 KB, 577x550, o2.PNG)

>rubs a naked teenager's ass and tits
>"B-But it wasn't sex! so I did nothing wrong!"

No. 226839

Why are all of his tweets so histrionic?
>what can I tweet to imply the feeling of human regret?

No. 226840

Was she really naked? I haven't seen Lainey or Onision confirm tis

No. 226841

He gave her a full body massage with lotion and even said he rubbed on her chest and butt. He was "avoiding the genitals" though lmao. It's pretty safe to assume she was nude.

No. 226843

He is so pathetic

No. 226844

File: 1453918449953.jpg (169.82 KB, 1143x843, shiloh.jpg)

Old blog post Shiloh wrote post-breakup.

No. 226845

Someone should tweet at him "cuddling /=/ groping"

No. 226846

It reminds me of the Adrienne saga. As soon as he feels that his partner "isn't fighting for love" (i.e. not meeting his exact expectations) he loses all interest in the relationship.

He definitely has some kind of cluster B personality disorder.

No. 226847

I do find it odd that a lot of people in his comments for the vid, and his twitter seem to ignore that fact that he also gave a full body rub to said girl. Im pretty sure a normal massage anywhere else for a lady would exclude their tits/ass? Tell me if Im wrong. Ive never actually went to a massage place to get a body massage before…

No. 226850

There's absolutely NO WAY he just "cuddled" with her whilst naked after massaging her tits and ass with oil, he even bluntly told Lainey he was hard as fuck for Billie in response to her saying no to him in asking to cuddle her…

He is not the type of guy to ignore his sexual predatory tendencies for an "innocent cuddle", he told Billie he "loved her" during all of the above, I wouldn't be fucking surprised if he was all like "SUCK ME!" repeatedly at her just like he did with Adrienne.

Not at any point did he stop with the "cuddling" on the couch with her, not at any point of that did he say "This isn't right without my wife being here". Instead they progressed from the couch into the bedroom, slicked her up, pretended to be a masseuse with a stonking hard-on, had a shower than cuddled up naked in bed together afterwards.

He rutted with her throughout the night, this isn't a guy who thinks with his brain before his dick.

No. 226852

I've been to a spa a few times, and they've never touched my body below the armpits - that being said, I only had a face and upper body massage, I don't know how far they go regarding the lower body.

No. 226854

It's really horrible how he's been purposely leaking out bits of information for Lainey to discover.

Like, at first he was all "It was just a cuddle whilst watching movies!"

Then it was, "Welp, I massaged her chest and butt with oil, but that's normal!"

Then it was "We fell asleep on our bed in each others arms."

Then, "I told Billie I love her."

Also a little later, "Oh, and I tried to kiss her."

Then, "I wanted a relationship with her as soon as you dumped me."

It seems to all continue to trickle out, like he's purposely trying to hurt Lainey with these little half-truths so she purposely lets it go around and around in her head as she tries to figure it all out.

He's one of the cruellest people I've ever seen, I honestly believe he's a fucking sadist.

No. 226855

Mom is a massage therapist - you take off your bra but they don't work on your boobs, it's just so it's easy to work on your back without the strap getting in the way. They ask if you want them to work on your glutes (no matter client/therapist gender), but even if you say yes, it's purely nonsexual. In porno, ass massage is usually some weird sensual light rubbing and slapping combo, but in real life it's just like working on an extension of your legs.

That said, that still only goes for professional massages like you'd get in a spa. Shit you can actually get a receipt for from your insurance company. A full body rub between friends in a casual environment really is pushing the boundary.

No. 226857

Yeah, and that being said… Gurg using his mom as a reference means shit, the lady is just as psycho as he is and has also been a member of a cult.

He could say she's some kind of psychic healer and stuck crystal dildos up Billie's snatch, and he'd still think and say he was innocent in all of it.

No. 226859

File: 1453922777432.gif (70.92 KB, 119x115, gross.gif)

i appreciate your concise brief, but god damn if i didn't want to retch reading it.

No. 226860

>I wouldn't be fucking surprised if he was all like "SUCK ME!" repeatedly at her just like he did with Adrienne.

Lmao, I completely forgot about him doing that. Top sperglord

No. 226861

>Give me more hate, I am entitled to more. Curse my name, spit in my face

wow is me

No. 226862

Ew fuck, I have to hold back vomit every time it's brought up. The thought of him saying suck me in a sexual context is pig fucking disgusting. It literally makes me shudder IRL. Vile.

No. 226863

>He rutted with her throughout the night,

This is even more gross than the "SUCK ME" lmao

No. 226864

Why is he victimizing himself so fucking much? He's 30 years old, cheating on his wife with a barely legal lunatic. And apparently he could just drop his wife and his kid(s?) in a heartbeat, if only Billie would just suck him. He's 30, he knows fully well what he was doing. How can he even stomach victimizing himself and how can his fans be so incredibly stupid to think he's the victim in all of this?

No. 226865


No. 226866

File: 1453923743078.png (232.85 KB, 731x581, gross.png)

Please, please, someone tell me that I'm not the only one that doesn't feel that the retweet he made above his newest Tweet doesn't feel coincidental.

Of all the Tweets his fans make, he decided to retweet that one above a post where he says he's happy and hopeful about the current situation??

No. 226868

''Cheating boyfriends make for some of the worst case scenarios when it comes to dating. Onision plays a character cheating on his girlfriend with other girls. He makes up excuse after excuse but his girlfriend (Laineybot) is too smart to believe him. Good for her.''
I hope she will be smart enough in real life too, to not believe all this love and woe is me bullshit.

No. 226869


Aww, I'm sorry anons - I do have a way with words when I feel disgusted by someone, it reflects, yanno?

No. 226872

*ADDRESS: 848 N. Rainbow Blvd., #4265 Las Vegas, Nevada 89107, United States
*Phone/fax: 253-777-4437, 253-235-4253
*Email: gregory@onision.com

No. 226874

Who is this?

No. 226875

"whatever you need to do to feel superior and justified."
I don't have to do anything to BE let alone FEEL superior to you you piece of shit - not even before you pulled your latest abusive stunt. And you're not getting hate because people "need" to feel superior and justified, it's because you are a Grade A CUNT.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the typical Narcissist double-edged "sorry-not-sorry 'apology'."

No. 226878

I pasted the address that anon posted into google, google says it's Greg's info. It's all the way from 2012 though, I doubt he still lives there.

No. 226881

File: 1453926241555.png (43.79 KB, 729x295, hahaaaa.png)

Whoa… I totally missed this at first, but he's actually gaslighting her already.

From his video:
>>I also revealed to her that I gave her a massage.
Lainey didn't seem to care so much about the massage…especially considering her girlfriend and I gave her a full-body massage…within 48 hours prior at that time.

Lainey's response in the image posted.

No. 226883

I think he's had three houses in total so far, he's currently living in a mansion in Washington.

I don't think he uses the second house as a studio anymore since the lease was up… so it's primarily his house in Washington now.

No. 226884

That's from IMDb? If it was that was the address across the street from someguy's old apartment Greg paid IMDb pro to put it up

No. 226885

I have the urge to report him to CPS (Child Protective Services). Is anyone planning to do so?

No. 226886

Oh anon, you sweet summer child.
Greg, I don't need to do ANYTHING to "feel" superior when I know damn well I AM superior. At least I don't lack the courage to stand behind my convictions. I love the amount of backpedaling he's doing over the suicide thing. We all know he loves himself too much to commit suicide. And no therapist is REQUIRED to answer your call. They could be filled up with patients. Stay mad.
It's not his real address. He made his address over by Someguy's old apartment in Nevada to spook him. He lives in Washington iirc.

No. 226888

lol I was thinking 600k is hella cheap for a "mansion", turns out was just summerfag. In Canada, a larger house can go upwards for 2 million.

No. 226889

No. That's a horrible idea. don't cry wolf or they won't believe us if we report him for something real

No. 226891

pretty sure he still lives in washington. He certainly doesn't live in nevada

No. 226892

Around here a garbage home in the city can cost around 200k. A mansion at 600k? I doubt it. It's probably one of those shitty little "mini-mansions" people have been putting up frequently in recent years. Ya know, those weirdly spacious boxy houses that TRICK middle class people into thinking they have a mansion.

No. 226894

He lives in Washington. Seattle I believe, unfortunately. I hope I never run into him. It's a fairly small city.

No. 226895

I'm wondering if he's now only mentioning the "cuddling" and none of the other details for damage control.

I know that when he kicked Shiloh out of his house, he was on the phone to his lawyer soon after.

It's very suspect how he's playing the innocence card, all his fans are now saying that Lainey is overreacting.

No. 226896


Ok, Never mind then.

No. 226903


I don't think he goes out much. You're probably more likely to run into Lainey, although I do have the feeling that they prefer to order things online.

That's exactly what's happening. Did you see the tweet where he says "I think it's pretty harmless too, but not in this context"? He wants to acts superior by acknowledging what he's done so his fans can tell him that he didn't do anything and that it's just Lainey. And he's succeeding.

No. 226905

He probably told cumdumpster to only call it "cuddling" too. I still believe that they had sex.

He did mention he was using his computer to text, I don't know what they look like on a mac. But it's so easy to fake an imessage conversation, I don't know why these people are all being like "I HAVE THE TEXTS TO PROVE IT" It doesn't prove anything.

No. 226908

Could also be the reason he's talking exceptionally fast in his video as well, taking the focus away from the details and just focusing on the "betrayal for cuddling".

I'm really glad that Gina transcribed it for us, because the devil is definitely in the details.

No. 226911

Why the fuck is he all happy-go-lucky in his recent instagram pictures? Why is he even posting selfies on instagram at a time like this? Lainey is making a huge mistake.

No. 226914

File: 1453929900922.jpg (384.19 KB, 2112x1632, Cycle.jpg)

He's getting her back to the honeymoon phase in the cycle of abuse.

No. 226915

It's really suspicious, there's still no word from Lainey yet and if she has forgiven him without our knowledge… she certainly has not been back home since the incident.

So far, it sounds like she's stuck to what she's said and he's doing damage control with his fans by saying he's "hopeful and happy" and that he deserves hate for just "cuddling" - his fans are now standing by him and saying Lainey is overreacting (re: Gaslighting) so until Lainey decides to say something on the matter, we're all left guessing.

I'm holding onto some hope that Greg is just in denial for legality reasons and projecting martyrism like he did with Skye, Shiloh and Adrienne after the relationships ended with them, and preparing himself for the oncoming shitstorm.

One can only hope though.

No. 226918


I looked at Onion's latest instagram post where he's smiling and some fans said on Lainey's snapchat (Laineyybot) she posted a snapchat with him in it.

For fucks sake, what a fucking dumb cunt. She's gonna regret this

No. 226921

Wow I just made a snapchat just to check and he is in it (They took some dumb goofy pictures and she shows her wedding ring)

Fucking Christ

No. 226923

NOOOOOOOOOOOO fuck. Lainey you absolute retard.

No. 226925

Bleh, I don't understand her, I really don't.

One minute she's agreeing with those who tell her to leave him, the next she's staying with him.

It's a constant cycle… I can't even count the number of times Shiloh broke up with him before she finally left, it must of been half a dozen times at least.

He's gonna cheat on her again, there's no doubt about it, he's already gotten away with it once now already so he'll just find another way of doing it. Lainey has proven she's dumb as fuck so he'll probably even coerce her into finding a "new girlfriend" as he'll probably spin it as Billie "clearly wasn't the one fighting for love" - the marriage is a sham, it's passionless and dead.

No. 226926


I messaged her saying wtf why are you with greg in your story and no response

No. 226927

The only people who are gonna be able to help her is her family, but she never allows them to intervene, which after four years of marriage; they've still not been able to do shit, even with a baby on board.

Gerg continuously poisons her mind with reminders that she no longer needs them in her life.

It wasn't until Shiloh's mother had to forcibly take away her passport to stop her from going back to Gerg that she stopped chasing after him, she never listened to anyone else either when he was clearly abusing her.

No. 226928

I'm genuinely sad now. I feel like she'll never get out, and while the Onion milk is delicious… I worry about that girl so much.

No. 226929

Someone should tweet her sister about this. Anyone remember what her username is?

No. 226930

File: 1453933285888.gif (1.73 MB, 325x252, 1453909326316.gif)

I can't believe we ever thought she'd be strong enough to leave that abusive shit

No. 226931

>strong enough

Anon, come on. It's not a matter of strength and you're just fuelling Greg's gaslighting by calling her weak.

No. 226934

Ehh, it's just gonna be milked as some "love conquers all, against all odds!" bullshit by them both for more publicity.

Fans will gush all over them again as being their "relationship goals!" and how "that slut couldn't tear these two strong lovers apart" ect, ect.

Now we can expect to go back to the usual schedule of Gerg spamming his Twitter account with his "undying love" for "his beautiful wife Lainey" who he "doesn't deserve" (^_^) and Lainey going back to her breastfeeding and circumcision obsessions with some emo lyrics chucked in there for good measure.

Same ol' same 'ol.

No. 226935


Humanity was a mistake.

No. 226936

File: 1453934567771.gif (477.69 KB, 500x232, plsno.gif)

Can I just say, I'm not really surprised to see Lainey going back to Gurg? Disappointed, yes. Surprised? Not really.

Let's look at it this way: Onion is a manipulative psychopath who has been grooming Lainey to be his child-bride since she was 17. Some of you may say she was old enough to realize what she was getting into. However, I think that it's Onion who should be old enough to know not to get in relationships with people 10+ years his junior, not to alienate them from their family, not to manipulate them into becoming a person they never really wanted to be, and not to emotionally and physically cheat on the mother of his child with an 18 year old girl.

But you can tell, even in his tweets, Onion is trying to play himself off as the victim. He's trying to make this off as not a big deal, like it was "just cuddling" but "boo hoo I'm so terrible Lainey I don't deserve you leave my house with my kid so I can go fuck this barely legal teen a bloo bloo."

So I imagine that Gerg has just been manipulating Lainey with suicide threats, making it seem like she was upset over nothing, and has made millions of empty promises that 'everything will be better if you just give me a chance!"

I don't hate Lainey for getting back with him, even though I despise her decision and wish she would move back in with her parents and get a real job. I don't hate Billie for being immature and cheating with Onion, even though she should have never entangled herself with them. But I fuckin hate Onion and I hope that he takes a shotgun to the fucking face before he destroys anyone else. He's the one who is really at fault here. He's the master manipulating psychopath in this whole situation.

No. 226940

I think after all this, I just feel a tad mentally exhausted by it all. Now I understand how a lot of his ex-fans felt regarding the whole drama between him, Skye, Shiloh and Adrienne… it's like a real life soap (horror) story unfolding in front of your eyes and you can't do shit to help.

I think I'm just gonna go the whole apathetic route after this, I can't bring myself to give a fuck anymore.

I just hope one day his sun-deprived, ugly ass leaves the house for groceries and gets hit by a truck.

No. 226943

I agree with you. A lot of women stick it out with cheating husbands, women older than lainey, with more life experience and their own jobs to fall back on.

But, just because she says she'll stay with him now doesn't mean she won't change her mind later. She has a lot to process, even if it was "just cuddling". She also has the pressure of a shit load of 12 year olds and their psychopath senpai pressuring her into staying. I wouldn't be suprised if he threatened to commit suicide in the same breath he used to say "b-but think of our child(ren)!"

No. 226945

#ephebophileonision should really become a thing… because he is such an ephebophile it's ridiculous.

No. 226951

IDK about Washington but here in Georgia yyou can get a literal mansion for that muc, if not damn close

Their house is really nice though I struggle to understand how gurg gets enough YouTube shekels to afford that shit

No. 226952

If she had left now, it would've been far easier on the baby to adjust to only seeing his dad on the weekends or the holidays. Even if she leaves Gerg before Troy is out of his toddler years, she'll still be able to salvage a life for them both with relatively little stress.

If she sticks with Gerg any longer than that, the kid is going to spend most of his childhood listening to mommy and daddy act like children in front of him and as kids grow into their personalities more as they get older, you can be sure as hell that Greg will change his tone about freely giving up custody and it will end up being a nasty divorce where the boy is fully aware of what is going on and he's stuck in the middle of it all.

They're not thinking about their son at all, they're only thinking about the pageviews.

No. 226961

Every time I've gotten a massage, they did the very top of my legs just below the butt but not my actual butt. They avoided my breasts completely.

He said he based it on the massages his mother gave him but the dude doesn't have tits so what made him think massaging her boobs was okay?

No. 226964

He's such a gaslighting piece of shit cunt oh my god.
Like, it started with him admitting to cuddling and giving a naked massage and falling asleep in each other's arms, and now it's "baaaaah it was a cuddle and I'm so repentant oh woe is me I'm unworthy"

No. 226967

It's what he does all the time. It starts off minimal and then snowballs.

I feel sorry for Lainey because there isn't enough distance between him and her for her to reflect on the relationship. It's so easy to see all the flaws in a relationship when you're well out of it but he never lets her get far enough away.

No. 226968

There is such a thing as a Chinese breast massage but it's carried out by old Chinese ladies who don't care about your titties any way, and I highly doubt onisions mom would be studied in that at all. I've had my butt massaged but it's like the sides of your butt and they massage your glute muscles, not the actual flesh of your butt.

No. 226970

What makes me feel sad is that even Lainey did left him, he would lure in another fangirl and impregnate her.

I hate how he has power over so much of his preteen and teen fans.

No. 226973

I know plenty of people have told her things are shit but has anyone tried to show lamey one of these diagrams? Surely she can't look at this and think 'nope, nothing like my wonderful relationship!'

No. 226978

File: 1453941788433.png (157.85 KB, 500x656, Soulmate.png)

Lamey started out as Onion-obsessed dumb fangirl while the whole Shiloh and Adrienne drama was going on.
And his pickup line to her was basically
>Boost my ego even more then.

No wonder she is so easily in denial.

No. 226982

while I don't believe Greg's "massaging Billie wasn't sexual, my mom did it to me" bullshit, his mom talks about her work in… whatever the fuck this shit is

bonus: online dating info, obsession with vampires and her book "Ravenah Resurrected"

No. 226985

File: 1453944646550.png (656.2 KB, 585x382, capture_003_27012016_172947.pn…)

No. 226987

File: 1453945031288.png (921.83 KB, 668x470, capture_004_27012016_173109.pn…)

>"I'm not associated with them anymore"
>retweets Onion

No. 226988


its so obvious he knows lainey wont leave him

No. 226989

File: 1453945327570.jpeg (116.33 KB, 571x862, image.jpeg)

Is… Is this real life?

No. 226991

File: 1453945532860.jpg (175.19 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


These two shitbags are literally mocking Lainey.
Does she even realize that?

No. 226993

File: 1453946423414.png (1.03 MB, 588x609, capture_006_27012016_175257.pn…)


and he's still going with this shit

No. 226994

Someone's insecure about their microdick.

No. 226995

I was only 60% convinced at first but I'm now 80% convinced this has all been a hoax for pageviews and the three of them made the whole thing up for shits and giggles.

He's not wearing his ring in his recent instagram post, so I don't know… I'm not 100% sure about all this yet.

No. 226998

He's always been bothered by guys who use "lotion" (I'm assuming he means lube?) to jerk off, this is the third time now he's bought it up. But I know plenty of guys who use it who are not circumcised, a lubed up dick just feels more pleasurable to them.

No. 226999

File: 1453947082494.png (34.37 KB, 596x141, Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 9.08…)

He's starting this shit again. He really doesn't regret a thing and he doesn't feel bad at all. I'm not sure if they're back together, but whatever he's doing, I think it's working in his favour.

Lainey disliked the whole topic and stated that they don't agree with him and tried to explain how racism works. He wouldn't talk about a sensitive topic while still fighting for Lainey, right?

No. 227000

He'd grope and fuck the rhinos back from extinction?

No. 227001

why do some guys care so fucking much about other guys' dicks? he wants only the finest uncut dicks! he's dick obsessed, and i love me some dick. i don't understand.

No. 227003

Onion, if you don't jerk it without any lubrication then you either need to clean yo' stinky, cheesy dick or try lube before mocking it… using your own vegetarian, natural smegma as lube is just wrong, clean under that foreskin.

No. 227004


didn't she say she had no tumblr during that livestream? awful lotta lovey-dovey shit

No. 227005

What the fuck kind of manic twitter rampage is he going on?

No. 227006

Good find! How did you come across it?

No. 227007

File: 1453947560240.jpg (108.31 KB, 720x997, _20160127_201700.JPG)

No. 227008

File: 1453947608144.png (722.08 KB, 617x613, grease.png)

No ring.

But seeing as he's gone on some weird, manic spamfest on Twitter - he could just all be fucking with them.

No. 227009

Wait, didn't Lainey have the dogs with her or did I imagine that?

No. 227010

I was googling "billie dawn webb", she uses 'webb' and 'ingle'. gofundme from November, too: https://www.gofundme.com/billiedawningle

No. 227011

I dated an uncut guy who told me about it before we had sex because a Jewish girl was completely disgusted by it and it fucked with his self esteem.

No. 227012

It's because everyone knows dick cheese is gross and people who are too old to get circumcised have to find a way to justify themselves.

No. 227013

They met up again at some point yesterday or earlier today, there were snapchats between them both.

So she's either gone back with him to the house or he's just visited and picked the dogs up whilst he was there.

No. 227014

Lamey is a boob nazi because Onion is a boob nazi. Onion was boob fed and he turned out better than all of us. Oh wait.

Not the same anon, but a McMansion then. Onion probably lives in a McMansion.

Maybe yeah, but did he not move to Nevada briefly to fuck Shiloh or Skye or Lamey or whoever while she was underage or something? I remember some story of him moving out of state to fuck an underage girlfriend.

Yeah I'm not surprised at all either tbh. My heart hurts for this poor stupid girl, but it takes a lot more than she, someone who has been groomed into this since a teenager, has got.

Uh yes she can because that motherfucker has totally brainwashed her. Same as how she could say everything was going "just fine" until 2 nights ago even though there has been a lot of bullshit coming from Onion over the years.

Ugh this is just dumb. I've used spit or lube or w/e to give my uncircumcised bf a handy before. It still feels better with lube apparently. nbd.
Why is he so obsessed with other dude's wieners anyway?
Makes me think his is probably tiny. Or bent like chrischan's.

So much for cutting ties with Onion. Lol.

No. 227015

Nah fam, I've had a lot of tasty uncircumcised dicks in my time, there's only been a couple of occasions where I've refused to suck a dick cos they're dirty as fuck.

I betting Onion has a dirty dick though with the way he goes on about them.

No. 227016

>gets caught being a cunt again
>hehe my sense of humor is so interesting guise

I hope Onion and Billy hook up again. They deserve each other. Then maybe Taylor will finally realize to get the fuck away and take her son with her.

No. 227017

So much this, if she does it now she'll be saving her son a childhood of neglect and she'll be saving herself as well.

No. 227021

File: 1453948780847.gif (998.66 KB, 500x545, giphy.gif)

The mental image of the first post plus the picture from the second, with that pedo-smile and the smell that's gotta follow him everywhere… kill me

No. 227022

If Lainey is in on all this and she's allowing them to disrespect her in public, then there's no fucking hope for her and she's clearly into humiliation and masochism.

If she's not and she's unaware of this, then she needs to see it for herself so she can do herself and her son a massive favour and fucking leave him.

No. 227023

You can get circumcised at any age, there usually has to be a medical reason though

No. 227024

File: 1453949295416.jpg (50.56 KB, 500x500, 909.jpg)

Supposedly, she is taking a break from social media.

But given that she is on them 24/7, I don't think she doesn't lurk and check twitter from time to time.

Unless, Onion suggested to take away her phone to "help her take a break from internet so she can decide what is best for her, no pressure :-)" and she actually complied.

I wouldn't put it past both of them.

No. 227025

Exactly. This is just a repeat of the Skye/Shiloh shit, Lainey needs to get the fuck out now before the kid is subjected to more

No. 227027

massaging her with his chest zits (:

No. 227028

I find it sad yet amusing that every girlfriend or wife he's dumped in favour of a new girl, have all turned on each other rather than question Onion's motives.

They don't think "Oh shit, this dude has a long, bad history of relationships - maybe there's something wrong with him and not the girls he dated" but nope, they'd rather pretend to be nicey-nice with each other until they use each other to get back with him then stab each other in the backs.

I think that's another reason why he enjoys dating underage girls instead of women, because Adrienne wanted no part of that when Shiloh backstabbed her.

No. 227029

Ughhh, is this a new photo??

No. 227032

Yeah, I wish all of his exes (at least starting from Skye and including Taylor, if she only would break up with him) kind of grouped together and ran campaign against him. I know they moved on with their lives but maybe it could help preventing him getting more barely legal victims and it would ruin jis career.
I just want Onion to burn in hell.

No. 227033

File: 1453950049965.png (10.54 KB, 211x246, whatthefug.png)


eyebleach urgently requesteed

No. 227034

You'd have to highlight which ones apply to her or she'd disregard it as "oh but he doesn't hit me!"

No. 227035

No, it's an older one. I picked it because it kind of portrays their relationship. Creepy aging zitman and his insecure awkward victim.

No. 227037

meant to reply to

No. 227039

I think they eventually did (Adrienne and Shiloh at least) after they finished with him for good. They both wrote separate accounts of their time with him, but there's not really much they can do outside of that.

His newer girlfriends (victims) have refused to even take their accounts into consideration, both Taylor and Billie… even his fans think their accounts are bullshit.

"Greg would never treat me like those neurotic whores! Ugguuuu! I'm just so special to him! :3c"

No. 227040

Shiloh is on Holidays at the moment and she'd probably not want to re-live it anyway. You gotta remember that they're victims of abuse. Most of his fans are men and fangirls who'd dismiss them as crazy ex's anyway

No. 227041

Thank fuck for that, I nearly died twice on the inside.

No. 227043

Yeah, Adrienne wrote the one lengthy post about their time together and posted his insane phone-call audios but that was enough for her, she pretty much disappeared for good after sharing some emails between herself and Shiloh's mother to warn her about Greg.

Shiloh wrote about their relationship more than half a dozen times on her own blogs and other blogs that requested that information from her. She definitely doesn't want to continue talking about him anymore as she's said she's done explaining the same shit, and that it's an extremely disturbing piece of history for her to keep looking back on.

No. 227045

File: 1453951338490.jpg (57.29 KB, 640x1136, 12631049_10201211351122479_457…)

No. 227046


yeah unpopular opinion: billy bob whoreton is actually so dumb and socially/emotionally stunted i don't believe for a second she's as conniving as people think.

she was stoked she could be with Lainey but got excited of being with the "famous" onion when his plan worked out and he was showing her interest. Onion is old, experienced, and very very calculated. Billie is a fucking idiot who was being taken advantage of. Even if she did make a move on Onion it's 100% his responsibility to say no.

She's a top tier dweeb but hating her is what Onion wants. He needs that division and ability to blame her after she was smart enough to reject him.

No. 227047

>I don't hate Billie for being immature and cheating with Onion, even though she should have never entangled herself with them.

That's what I think too. I mean, I think Billie is stupid as shit so I don't like her, but she hasn't had much "stake" in Lainey and Gurg's relationship, like she doesn't owe anything to anyone. On top of course being a young 18 yr old hungry for fame…sure she's smart enough to know better but at that age it's really not surprising, and while I find her obnoxious as a whole, I can't hold it against her. Whereas Gurg, obviously by getting in a relationship, promised Lainey to be faithful, so he's really the one to blame. And obvi he's much older, and as we can see, a manipulator…so yeah. Fuck him.

No. 227051

I don't even know what to say, lol. Is he just making jokes to distract?

Not necessarily unpopular. I don't think the thought everything through and think that Greg might have promised her something that she couldn't resist (let's say fame or money, for example).

Also, I felt so good when everything went down and now I'm just upset that all his fangirls are on his side again, hating Lainey and that they might end up together again. Ugh.

No. 227053


this is so fucking gross bc he has to believe the opposite to project so much; like homophobes beating up gay kids when they have to repress it.

No. 227054

Not to give him too much credit there, but he's only experienced with manipulating young girls.

He has little to no experience of women, relationships or sex in general, he puts them all on a pedestal until he feels like pushing them off… he's a firm believer of the manic pixie dream-girl trope and stereotypes them as such.

We're all either bitches or providers of his sexual fantasies, nothing more and nothing less.

No. 227056

She still hasn't technically rejected him, she said no to the kissing because she felt it was "all too soon" after Lainey said she was dumping him.

The texts at the end of his video show that Billie was still interested in him and he was trying to initiate a relationship with her until Lainey said he told her he had some sort of "epiphany" and put things on hold with Billie.

With her now retweeting his posts, it's clear she's not sticking to her "Ugh, I'm never getting involved with a married couple again" claims.

No. 227057

File: 1453952204502.png (45.02 KB, 540x399, Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.3…)

Can anyone confirm that? Also, is there a possibility for someone to take a picture of their phone using another camera or their webcam? I don't have Snapchat and I don't really want to sign up for it.

No. 227060

Noone else in this thread has mentioned it except for the three photos posted on an earlier snapchat of their wedding rings and faces.

The only photos I know of Onion draped in a blanket and showing off his zitty chest are the ones posted in the last thread? And they were posted sometime last week… sooooo, I don't know.

No. 227061

All of his fans are obsessed enough with him to screenshot everything, there has to be a daily onision snaps tumblr.

No. 227064

File: 1453952927774.jpg (14.36 KB, 275x213, 1453035393900.jpg)

Is it possible they're talking about these ones?

No. 227065


But they're not recent, are they? I thought they were talking about Lainey's snapstory from today. But thanks for looking for them!

No. 227066

File: 1453953336871.png (Spoiler Image, 209.01 KB, 320x480, tumblr_o1mt9c7g201ubls6fo1_400…)

I think they're talking about this one, it was taken today.

No. 227067

File: 1453953366041.jpg (31.93 KB, 426x316, im_mad.jpg)



Seeing Grog's repulsive doughy body triggers me tbh

No. 227068


Nuhuh, they're not recent… they were posted here:


11 days ago, but it's the only ones that fit the description. The Onisiondrama blog reposted that from the eoliveson blog, so I don't know how long ago that was originally posted on there.

No. 227070


Oh god, I see it now! I didn't notice at first cos the main distraction is the warping.

No. 227071

No. 227072

Throwing holy water over everything posted here in the last 30 minutes now.

Ew ew ew, I even know of people who purposely fight because the make-up sex afterwards feels fantastic in comparison to regular sex.

You fucking fool, Lainey.

No. 227073

Billie shows us how to get our hair nice and crispy. I'm surprised there aren't more bananas calling her a slut.

No. 227074

Probably 'cause they're too busy focusing on gaslighting Lainey.

No. 227076

File: 1453953990175.gif (1.38 MB, 320x180, well shit.gif)

No. 227078

>that gofuckme


No. 227079

>Onion suggested to take away her phone to "help her take a break from internet so she can decide what is best for her, no pressure :-)"
>so *he can decide

Fixed it for you.

Also Lainey looks so uncomfortable in that photo, jfc.

No. 227082

Looks like Billy Bob has deleted the retweets and is now up streaming again.

No. 227083

I'm not up for giving her views, but if you guys wanna do it.


No. 227084

File: 1453955520756.jpg (147.51 KB, 799x1152, IMG_20160128_132827.jpg)

It looks to me like she is feeling smug because she had make-up sex with Onion and that will somehow show Billy Bob that she is his true love.

Her fangirl mentality never left her. She will stay forever in Gurg's greasy grip.

No. 227086

File: 1453955928874.png (Spoiler Image, 514.56 KB, 1049x649, billiebobwhoreton.png)

her nose makes me think of a pig

No. 227087

File: 1453955960062.gif (927.5 KB, 432x324, tumblr_m7fpbynf2i1ro8ysbo1_500…)

I'm so sad this calmed down and all the milk dried up, but it sure was a wild ride for a day or so. In it's peak I felt like we were bonding over milk.

No. 227088

She'll stay with him "forever", or at least until a)The money and fame dries up or b)he makes a plan (that actually works) to trade her in for a fresher model. I feel bad for her having such a shitty existence, but she won't be with him the rest of her life, thank fuck

No. 227089

It'll still continue until victim #4 comes back and starts tweeting again, then it'll just go back to the usual shit… circumcision, breastfeeding, pronouns, bisexuality, open relationships, true luv, cucking, emo lyrics and vegetarianism.

No. 227090

Grog already wants a younger model; he definitely would have ditched Taylor if that blue haired slag didn't reject him. He's going to hang onto Taylor until he finds some new fresh meat because he's terrified of being single.

No. 227091

Farmers, make sure you send Lainey the tweets that Onion made and Billies reblogging of them when she gets back.

No. 227092

Here is one interesting excerpt from Adrienne's (Onion's ex-gf) letter.
Obviously, G is Greg.

>A day later, or perhaps it was even that same night, I went to my friends house and paid for his fiance, who is a licensed massage therapist to fix my neck, shoulders and back, because I have chronic pain issues (which G knows about).

>He was fine with this, he was fine with me not Skyping him (in fact he had laid off since he knew I was going out there in a few days, and let me do whatever I wanted without bitching about it). It was when I went home and made a facebook status update on my friends only, private account – referring to my massage as a “sensual” one in an obviously joking manner that he got upset. He saw my status, and called me, just short of screaming. He started telling me that I have disrespected, and publicly humiliated him, because I was writing inappropriate things on my personal facebook. He told me that because I am bisexual, that by nature I am inclined to be promiscuous and that I shouldn’t let anyone but him touch me. That because I am bisexual, I cannot be trusted – that I have been inappropriate with a member of one of the sexes I am attracted to.
>(One of the, uh, two sexes that actually exist).

No. 227093

Arghh Lainey is actually quite pretty, I wish she was normal. No genderqueer bull, no gurg, no tumblrshit, no nothing. It's a shame

No. 227094

So he wisked her away so she would shut and is now showering her with gifts, I' m guessing.
Welp. This was fun whild it lasted.

No. 227095

Yeh, that was back when he couldn't understand ANYTHING outside of a heterosexual, monogomous relationship.

He still doesn't, he just thinks now that two girls getting it on in front of him tickles his dickiedoo and would make a no-strings attached change from his otherwise boring marriage and world.

He's still incredibly homophobic, he just hides it a little better than he used to.

No. 227096

This is so scary and reminds me of my own abusive relationship (that, happily, I've left. But the damage it caused me still remains.)

Please get out while you can, Lainey.

No. 227100

That's why I said a plan that works. Billie's an asshole, but I kinda can't hate her because she fucked up his exit strategy and now he's back at square one. The downside is like you said, he's going to latch on to lainey for dear life until the next girl falls into his trap and stays there.

No. 227101

Remember when Onion left his ex-gf all those voicemails?

I bet he did the similar thing to Lainey after she left

No. 227103

What it's all basically come down to is that NEITHER of them have any sexual experience outside of what they were used to.

Gerg wanted a threesome, thinks bisexuality somehow coincides with that, pushed Lainey into a relationship she didn't want to be in, BxL didn't bond as emotionally or as physically as he planned, Billie wanted Greg's cheesy dick, Lainey got jealous, Greg fucked Billie cos his smegdick couldn't handle the pressure (he should've just had a wank with some lube, he would've felt better), he confessed to Lainey, Lainey broke up with Billie and Greg, Greg tried to get with Billie, GREG'S EPITHANY! Greg visits Lainey, both have makeup sex…

Story to be continued…

No. 227108

I wonder if Billie saw Greg's pimply penis and was scared of contracting an STI.

No. 227109

Lainey was the only one of their threesome who was polyamorous, Greg was not, Billy was not.

Maybe he took it for granted that he was allowed to touch Billy, but it doesn't work that way.

And that's why his fans are fucking retarded when they say he had as much as a right as her to fuck billy.

Lainey + Billie = relationship.
Greg + Lainey = relationship.
Greg + Billie = no.

Lainey = Polyamorous.
Billy = Monogamous.
Greg = Monogamous.

Lainey would have to agree to Billy and Greg dating for them to be in a polyamorous triad, she did not… therefore, they both cheated on Lainey with each other.

With more communication, less fetishising and genuine mutual love for each other, they could've made it work as a triad… they just wanted to use a fancy word that would somehow prove to everyone that they were mature adults and it backfired.


No. 227110

That's not even workable nor is it rational. No wonder this toxic arrangement has hit the skids.

No. 227112

It would've worked if Lainey allowed Billy and Onion to date each other, but I remember her putting her foot down before she even started looking for other girls that Onion was NOT allowed to be sexually intimate with other women.

She was fine with him fucking guys, just not girls.

Onion is heterosexual… so no, it was never going to work, a polyamorous relationship was never possible for him at all and it never will be.

So he either has to "turn" bisexual himself, or learn to keep his hands off Lainey's future girlfriends.

But I think this whole experience has left them both a bit rustled, so hopefully… she won't be coerced by him anytime soon into finding a new girlfriend.

No. 227113

I love how quickly he went from crying on twitter to all of a sudden back to being blunt and honest and happy/joking

What a fucking cunt. I can't believe lainey came back. What a dumbass, seriously. I know it's an abusive cycle but COME THE FUCK ON. She's not retarded, far from it but SERIOUSLY everyone fucking told her to leave and she almost did…and then she caves? Fuck everyone. This shit makes my blood boil. What's it going to take? Him to go on a rampage? Seriously…

No. 227114

>What a fucking cuck.
Fixed. Cunt is too good for him.

No. 227115

the problem with that tho is that he'd never settle with just allowing Lainey to date other chicks but not him. He'd definitely get jealous and start shit

No. 227116

Uhuh, that's why it's never going to work any time now or in the future.

He's either gonna have to accept that he's a monogamous cuck, or start getting experimental with guys, which he won't ever do.

He wants his sexual fantasies to come true, he wants a threesome with Lainey and another girl who he can join in with.

No. 227118


oh wow, so she's wearing her ring and fucking him now she has absolutely no pride.

he clearly chose billy and even packed her shit up so they could """cuddle""" after a full body oil massage. You were his back up, a fat aging abusive pedophile with explosive acne who rejected you.

Troy will without a doubt learn to treat women like shit just like his peace of shit father. One day when Troy is older he can also make his girlfriend shave her head. I wonder if Greg will even try to steal Troy's girlfriends.

Maybe over a decade down the road when Lainey catches him getting a little too close to one of Troy's extremely underage girl friends will Lainey know.

No. 227119

oh jesus I don't even wanna think about that

I'm not putting him passed it though

No. 227120


But Lainey herself said she wasn't actually interested in pursuing a relationship with another person and it's Greg who encouraged her.
So I don't think she was actually polyamorous.

No. 227121

They're gonna end up giving each other ultimatums after this, and it's not going to work.

She's either going to have to stop being polyamorous, or Onion is going to have to stop trying to fuck her future girlfriends.

Now which one do you think with compromise out of the two?

If she wants to stay poly, she's going to have to make arrangements where she and only she makes the visits to see any potential girlfriend and never invites her back to their house, otherwise Onion is going to be creeping and heavy breathing down the back of their necks.

Or Onion is going to have to learn to allow her to be in a another relationship without him, it's just not gonna happen with him.

I think they're gonna give up pretending to be poly shit and settle, until Onion finds another jailbait girl to fuck on his own.

No. 227122

Greg has BPD? the more you know huh

No. 227123

He doesn't.

Someone on his forums suggested to him that he might have it and he rolled with it.

Internet diagnosis and all.

No. 227124

File: 1453961411748.jpg (65.46 KB, 346x605, kek.JPG)

Well at least his facebook page is still being cuck spammed.

No. 227125


she has midwestern white girl face - slightly piggish. she won't age well.

No. 227126

Sorry anon, I posted below you just a minute after you posted but I the post I made agrees with you.

No. 227127

their whole relationship is so fucked honestly. I mean, she's not gonna be able to be poly bc Gurg is gonna try an fuck whoever Lamey's with, and she won't let him be poly himself, or revel in his fantasies of threesomes and all that shit. There's just no way it's gonna work.

No. 227128

Pretty much, that's why I think this is gonna wear the relationship down even more.

They both can't have their cake and eat it regarding the whole poly business, so Onion is just gonna end up fucking someone else anyway, it's his mantra.

No. 227133

File: 1453962064754.jpg (38.08 KB, 465x377, klk.JPG)

She isn't poly anyways. It was Greg's plan to get himself some new teenage poon.

Now Lainey probably won't settle for a new GF. But I know for sure Greg wants someone new, Lainey became too old for him. The question is how is he gonna do it while painting Lainey in bad light.

No. 227136

Even though I think Lainey's a complete idiot, I feel bad for her. She's in a really shitty situation. Onion just fuckin' sucks

No. 227139

he displays all the symptoms I strongly believe he has it

No. 227140

The only thing that makes me uneasy about this, especially with her dropping the poly shit - is that she says there that's she's open to be in an open relationship with Onion.

Open relationship = no strings attached, swinging, fucking and cucking around, not related to polyamory, no girlfriends or boyfriends, just fucking, one night stands, ect.

If that's the case, he will get what he wants eventually whilst keeping Lainey around just as the mother of his child.

There's the possibility he will try to convince her into this idea again, but will say something like - "We didn't do it right last time, I shouldn't of pushed you to get with Billy, this time we can just have no emotional attachment to anyone."

Then it just depends whether or not she's stupid/brave enough to accept that and go ahead with it.

No. 227142


how does she not fucking get that she is there as bait and his child bearer

greg is a misogynist and has hated women since his crazy ass mom, he will expend all his energy trying to convince you otherwise because he needs you to believe otherwise to keep hiding.

lainey has zero self esteem, i don't even think she's a gold digger i think she just truly believes her life will never get better because she hasn't even been in a stable adult relationship ever.

No. 227143

You can't internet diagnose like that, anon. Personally, I don't believe he has BPD at all.

But then again, I'm not a trained professional who has worked with him in psychotherapy, so I can't say anything for sure. And neither can you.

No. 227145

He's not been professionally diagnosed with anything, he thinks all doctors are quacks are "big pharmas" are mind controlling the masses.

After the fiasco with Adrienne and the letter she wrote about him went viral, some of his (ex)fans on his forums began to try and diagnose him, a few of them figured he's either got BPD or he's a sociopath.

He could have a number of mental illnesses with the way he acts, but until he gets himself checked out by a professional, it's all speculation and theories.

No. 227146

If he ever does go to a psychiatrist, I feel bad for the psychiatrist having to deal with him. Even just thinking about trying to understand Greg's psyche makes me feel icky.

No. 227149

I don't even believe that he's going to go through with this "marriage counselling" bullshit considering how much he's against therapy.

I knew it when he started making excuses that he tried phoning half a dozen of them and "getting no answers".

He'll just continually beg and plead with Lainey to drop as as they're "strong enough" to get through this on their own.

If a therapist sees what he's like and his psychotic sense of reasoning about anything, then they're going to tell Lainey what she doesn't want to hear.

And he won't like that, not one bit.

No. 227151

>I knew it when he started making excuses that he tried phoning half a dozen of them and "getting no answers".

I noticed that tweet. He's so full of shit.

Lainey is probably gonna give up and stay with him. This whole situation makes me sick.

No. 227153

File: 1453964792870.jpg (153.67 KB, 800x823, IMG_20160128_160451.jpg)

Why is he suddenly spamming shitty jokes on his twitter?

Trying to hide the drama that occured?

No. 227154

Repzion made a video about the betrayal video lol

No. 227155

No idea anon, maybe Lainey has told him to shut the fuck up about their personal life at the moment and he's at a loss of what to say because of it? I've not seen him make any references towards her so far except to make fun of her earlier on, now it's just a lot of unfunny banter spam.

No. 227156

Rep is just as big as lolcow and bag of crazy as Greg though. So it's like two toddlers fighting again.

No. 227157


Yep, they're also more similar than Repzion will admit and Repzion said he'd never make another video about him again then admitted he did it for the money. He also hated on Trisha Paytas and then ended up in a video with her for money.

No. 227158

It's so weird that I used to fancy Rep years ago, now I just think he's a massive tool.

No. 227159


that meninist hoodie jfc.

No. 227160


According to him it's "satire"

No. 227162

I think he's wearing it to troll Gerg as Gerg thinks he's a hyooooge feminist, when he's anything but.

No. 227163

It seems that most people like him (ie. abusive, dysfunctional lunatics), don't dare to get psychiatric help. Obviously because therapists and psychiatrists will be able to see through the bullshit, unlike the fans.

No. 227165

This is definitely true for Onision. He is somewhat aware he is a fuckup. That's why, nowadays, he is only interested in dating his teenage fangirls. Because every mature woman would see through his bullshit in no time.

No. 227166

Just finished watching Rep's video.

He barely touches down on the details at all, what actually went down between them both, the reactions and the outcome.

Maybe because in comparison, we're all too concise here and fucking analyse Onion to the point of obsessive hatred, haha.

But I just think it was a lame video in general, like he's trying to understand what's going on but just ends up skimming the surface.

A shame really, I wish one of the people who run the Tumblr blogs would do a video about him, they're more knowledgeable at least.

No. 227168


His videos have sucked lately and he's been putting in minimal effort while talking about controversial topics as well recently as he admitted for money. A shame but he was never that good IMO anyway.

But yeah, Someguy and others need to talk about it.

Also the whole status of their relationship still hasn't been shared with anyone besides the snapchat which is weird to me… Like what?

No. 227173

Onision is the kind of guy you couldn't pay me to fuck.

Rep, I'd probably fuck then leave a few quarters on his bedside table.

I'd probably pay them both top dollar to go ass to ass with each other, I'd get a sadistic giggle or two out of that.

No. 227174

I'm not too knowledgable about Onion's peers in the past, but what's the history between Someguy and him?

No. 227175

You know you can clean a dick without it being circumcised, right? If somebody's got a dirty dick, it's their poor hygiene they have to justify and not their foreskin.

No. 227176

I used to like Rep too, but then he kept threatening to kill himself if he didn't get laid. He looks like a total douche in the video but at least his stutter has gotten better.

I stopped watching him in 2014 when he became the Amazing Atheist jr. Maybe he'll leak a sex tape where he sticks a banana up his ass and talks about the time that Greg caught him lying about wanting to debate him.

No. 227177

If a guy bathes every day and takes care of his dick, it is a lovely thing to behold, uncut or cut.

Anyone with a good hygiene and self-care routine is a godsend.

Onion looks like he hardly ever bathes though, poor diet, lack of sunlight, too much residue from greasepaint and slimy hair products.

No thank you, I'll pass… (smelly dicked fucker)

No. 227178

I'd pay to see that sex tape

No. 227179

He seems like the type that would jack off with some random lube and then never wash it off. His dick is probably covered in vegetable oil or something.

No. 227180

>kept threatening to kill himself if he didn't get laid
lmao I bet that made him a really attractive prospect

No. 227181

Oh man, don't mention vegetable oil… a random skelly might pop in here and consider using his dick for purging.

No. 227182

No. 227184

Rep is cute in a pathetic kind of way, but Onion is fucking repulsive.

I still don't understand why even some anons here find him attractive.

No. 227186

I don't know, I find them both a bit repulsive. I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder though. I think anyone who keeps people in relationships by threatening suicide should really just kill themselves.

Went to school with a kid that loved talking about his foreskin. He swore that just pulling the skin back, spitting on it, and wiping it off daily was all it needed. Given Greg's disposition and the fact that you can regrow foreskin, I feel his circumcision rants are just too push down the fact that he is a cheater and a cuck.

No. 227191

I didn't know that much, I don't really follow him, I just went by appearance and patheticness of him through his videos.

I'm reading his ED page now.

No. 227192

Basically, he went to Africa and that made him think that he could threaten suicide if he turned 25 and was still a virgin.

No. 227193

…I just saw a photo of his very strong wanking arm and I am now I am repulsed.

Thanks anon.

No. 227194

Here's a really cringe video he made after he got back from Africa. Before he admitted he dressed up as Deadpool and fake wanked behind a street preacher. I'm probably saying he's a hypocrite, but fuck. I think he traded his Greg boner for an Anita Sarkeesian boner.

No. 227195

In less than 30 minutes, you've convinced me that he's actually cringeworthy and a lolcow himself.

Fucking hell, most of these YT vloggers are almost on the same level as Onion, it's like some weird predisposition they have in airing their nasty or insane thoughts for all the world to see.

Back on topic though, I'll probably give it until weekend that Lainey reappears online, I can't see her even lasting out that long without her hugbox.

No. 227197

>I just feel a tad mentally exhausted by it all
This so much. I'm just tired now. This is wrong, but I feel hopeless, what can I do about it? I don't know these people, and they're so used to crazy fans that making a 'truth blog' would be ignored.
I definitely shouldn't blame Lainey but I feel so frustrated by it all, I'm going to just read Taytay threads instead now and look at the pretty clothes.

No. 227199

File: 1453980916894.png (56.86 KB, 840x498, Sigh.png)

His fans are hilarious

No. 227200

I don't get it how can someone be that brainwashed. I feel everytime someone tells them their precious Onion is not so perfect, they grab their head and start screaming "NO!! IT CANT BE!!!!"

It's like that fag who screamed leave Britney alone.

No. 227202

As a vegan (in his eyes superior), I have never judged meat eaters or used my veganism as an argument
>"Yeah but you eat meat and I don't so I'm morally superior and it doesn't matter if I fucked up!"
No Grog, you being a vegetarian means nothing to me, if you were a vegan it would mean nothing to me, you cheated on your wife and did a LOT of other fucked up things. Tbh I think that him being a vegetarian is like a 'shit I fucked up, but at least I'm morally superior, I get of jail free' card.

No. 227203

File: 1453983300124.jpg (91.19 KB, 500x500, 1431521293979.jpg)

Gotta give gerg some credit, he's pretty good at manipulating his little underage fans

No. 227205

The reason for intactivism is to prevent both male and female babies/children from being put through it, but all he does is attack grown people that can't change what happened to themselves, and like it's their fault. He never cared for nonviolent education, which works much better. He just pisses on people to stroke his ego.

I sent her that TEAR one with modifications, but I expect either no reply or "you don't know my life :)"-type answer.

No. 227208

The only reason he's vegetarian is so that he can say he's better than meat eaters. He doesn't actually care about animals obviously, killing his turtle and all. And if HE thinks that veganism is superior or more moral, why isn't he one? It's not like he's poor. Now I think of it, he does this more often. Says not cheating is superior and all cheaters should eat shit, cheats himself. Says all bisexuals are sluts, forces his wife to be one. Practicing what you speak is very difficult for onion apparently.

No. 227209

Honestly, people like onion (forcing his beliefs down peoples throats, if you aren't a vege/vegan you're a murderer) are the reason I don't bring up my veganism unless it's needed, if I'm staying at someones house and they need to cook for me for example. I'm not sure if he realizes this, but forcing beliefs down peoples throats actually makes them more inclined to believe the opposite, weird right?
> he's only a vegetarian so he can say he's better than meat eaters so it's not like that even matters kek

No. 227210

Yeah hearing views that are the opposite of your own, can already make you feel attacked. Making it worse by literally calling someone a murderer, doesn't help.
It's like he's socially retarded, not autistic level, but literally as if he has brain damage.
Like I'm sick and tired of having to explain to people that not every vegan or vegetarian thinks that all meat eaters should die. It's because of people like him that it's the most common question I get.

No. 227213

I also find it funny that he always brings up being a vegetarian whenever he can, to sound morally superior of course, it's as if he's always telling himself that he's better than everyone else. He also refuses to acknowledge that there are in fact unhealthy vegetarians and vegans. Like he says that ALL meat eaters are unhealthy and ALL non meat eaters are healthy, his ignorance on that alone makes meat eaters see how delusional he is about the whole subject and turn away from it. Personally, I'm not one for trying to convert anyone to my vegan lifestyle, I think it's up to the individual to decide for themselves, but IF I was, I wouldn't call the people I'm trying to convert murderers and say that they're inherently unhealthy, as I said before, that just turns people away from you.
Stupid onion.

No. 227216

Because he's a narcissist and/or a sociopath. That's what they do when they're blamed.

Plus, he knows it'll work, because time and time again, fans have flocked to him to say, "No, no, it's not your fault." Not to mention, all these girls that he's abused are probably so wrapped around his finger that they feel bad and run back to him, thanks to his victim bullshit and guilt tripping.

Most of his fans are underage girls. They believe him and coddle him because they're naive and because they think he's hot. The same thing has happened with other douchey celebrities, like Justin Bieber, for example.

No. 227222

If it makes you feel any better, I'm past my mid-30s, extremely sociable and I've never met a vegan like people over the internet describe.

Every vegan and vegetarian I've met (I've met a lot) has been nothing but respectful to me, I think cos it's the internet, it's easier to pull the straw man routine because of anonymity and attention.

That's why you get these emotionally stunted children making stories up on Tumblr and shit that never even happened to them, it's bullshit to make themselves more special than they really are.

Onion is no exception to this, if he can take a topic that is barely controversial and make it controversial - he will do it for those sweet, sweet views.

No. 227224

Who does this idiot think they're kidding?

Crying over Troy?

He gave up custody of Troy in a single split second, in writing, not even something verbally which could be taken back if he made a mistake.

He cannot take care of Troy at the same time as his YT career, and every other fucking side project he has going on regarding his books and music.

He cannot take care of Troy if he wants to use the spare time from his work, chasing underage girls, Troy and his wife's recent divorce would be a cockblock to the majority of potential victims, they would not want to look after HIS baby all day whilst they worked.

That's why he gave up custody of Troy, it had nothing to do with Lainey's rights as a mother, the child more of a ball and chain to him than Lainey is.

He's the opposite of compassionate, PERIOD

His motives have never been anything but selfish and self-serving.

His fans need to get that through their thick-fucking-skulls.

No. 227229

The way he needs constant attention, has a MASSIVE victim complex, is psychotic more often than not, manipulates everyone around him, needs constant validation, lack of empathy, lying, cannot function if he's not in a relationship but at the same time ruins all of his relationships

He needs to get checked for bpd.

No. 227232

I hope he doesn't get checked.. I already hate that Jeffrey Dahmer had BPD. We get bad representation, Not Greg too…

No. 227233


Same honestly but it would explain a lot, I don't wanna share a disorder with onion but he already brought it up in one of his convos
He's weird in that he mentions mental illness things in his books about himself "I COULD BE a psychopath.." etc over and over but then when it comes to being checked and diagnosed he won't do it.

No. 227238

His mom used to be in a cult and is now one of those "new age healer" type of wackos.

Her influence over him contributed to his psychosis and thoughts on the medical field in general.

I'm not excusing him at all, but a good percentage of his fucked-up views are because of her.

No. 227241

I just added her on snapchat with the intention of sending her something about emotional abuse, but then I looked at the story and having it here on my own phone I just don't feel I can do anything.
Honestly, receiving something like that will just make her hurt inside, she's not going to leave him based on a message from a randomer.
I feel so hollow.

No. 227243

Its nice how in most threads we just laugh at people, but many people here actually really care. It's cool of you guys to actually try to help her, even if you can't really.

No. 227244

File: 1453998689792.jpg (64.48 KB, 280x336, tumblr_inline_nritkqYoD31qgk4m…)

Every single time I see an unedited version of Greg.

No. 227245

I wish someone could get her to talk about what he does to her behind closed doors so someone could figure out how to help based on that shit, I'm sure theres far worse abuse that isn't blasted on twitter

No. 227246

Well, regardless of most of us either liking Lainey or not… noone should wish abuse on anyone, and those who do (I've never seen anyone here think this way) are really no better than Onion.

I think the Onion hatred is universal here.

No. 227249

I spammed the fuck out of his youtube comments with logic, but the idiot teens that follow him are so far up his ass surgery won't remove them at this point.

No. 227253


He has grow his hair because he has such a harsh, deep-set facial structure. Without it, he seriously looks no different to mugshots you see of rapists, serial killers or school shooters, that's why in most of his instagram photos, his hair is covering his brow.

He uses filters to soften his features even more to get that "pretty boy" high-school sweetheart look that lures in his underage fans, once you see him outside these elements… you wouldn't even dare sit next to him on a bus seat, even if it was the last one.

No. 227254

I was so into this drama I actually subjected my husband to a full breakdown of this bullshit. I could tell when I started explaining he was looking at me like why do you care, so I just yelled MILK MILK MILK THE MILK… Also, he did not get that either. Trying to explain this situation to anyone who hasn't followed it is impossible.

TOO MUCH DRAMA to break down. Maybe that's why the fans are like IT WAS JUST A CUDDLE!?

No. 227256

I know it's frustrating, but it's so pointless.

Until these children walk a mile in a victim of abuse's shoes and experience it for themselves, they're going to be ignorant of it all.

It's safe in their little bubble, they're just going to get schooled by life when the harsh realities finally do catch up to them.

And only then, will they start to reconsider their thoughts about Onion.

No. 227258

I have BPD and im listening to that voicemail video and I see it clear as day.

His manipulation technique is on point.

No. 227259

Haha, every time my partner sees my browser window open on this website, he just tuts, rolls his eyes and says; "Oh, you're on the hatebox again?" then goes back to playing Counter Strike.

It's hard to explain Onion to anyone unless they get sucked in by the drama themselves, and considering he has such a long fucking history of his shenanigans, I can't bring myself to waste more time on him by explaining him to them more than I have to bear of him myself.

No. 227261

Oh fuck, I just had an idea if anyone wishes to implement it in the future, I'm FAR too shy to make videos so those who are confident in front of a camera would be perfect for this.

A YT video series called "The Life and Times of Onion" where there's an actor playing Onion (they won't get it taken down by YT by Gerg cos it's parody/satire) and have other actors playing the roles of his ex-girlfriends (Again, under different but similar names).

Each episode focuses on each relationship, acting out exactly how it all went down with each one.

You could even have "Based on a true story" in the opening credits of each episode.

Oh my gosh, can you imagine his reaction?? And he wouldn't be able to do shit about it! He wouldn't be able to get them removed, this is my Christmas wish for this year… not only will his fans click on who it's about, but they'll be sucked in by it and eventually realise that this guy is a major shitlord.

Oh the milk would be glorious.

No. 227262

File: 1454000722529.jpg (61.57 KB, 540x407, tumblr_nuhcmh1nk61qlz1v3o1_540…)

Seeing Laineys Dead Eyes.

No. 227264

I like this but it seems dangerous. Onion's fans seem honestly pretty mentally unstable. Now imagine you make a video like that, and these crazy shits try to doxx you, it could seriously go bad. Honestly I wouldn't want to mess with teenyboppers.

Best make an animated video

No. 227265

I feel like his mum is even more mental and interesting than he is. The woman's got some serious backstory

No. 227268

No. 227269

I remember when one of his (ex)fans went to some social event or con where Onion was present and a few of his fans jumped her because she wasn't all up his ass.

She made a video about the assault, but Onion mocked her and told her that he didn't believe her.

No. 227274

File: 1454003577514.png (Spoiler Image, 177.11 KB, 385x379, image.png)

Here's some more unedited pictured of him. I did not think there's a need to spoiler it because this was before his acne got out of control

No. 227275

And my thumb ending up hitting the spoiler button. Oh well it's for the better

No. 227276

Your subconscious was just trying to save us all anon. Jesus he's just terrifying.

No. 227281

God, he's got such a psychopath face and stare. Bottom right is like the face right before he kills you. Jesus what a fuckin creep. What all these women saw in him I'll never understand

No. 227287

lainey's so fucking dumb oh my gooood

No. 227290

Because he appeals to the edgy and rebellious phase that they're going through as teenagers.

They feel no one understands them better than Onision does, they're the same kinds of teenagers that latch onto the Columbine shooters on Tumblr… they feel ostracised by their peers at school, blame everyone else but themselves but to them Onion has all the answers.

I just wish he'd fucking die for their sins already.

No. 227291

He's such a fag, he thinks its kewl to be a psycho and he subtly gives hints so we think hes a "psycho" because it gives edge points, onion your a beta fag

No. 227292


No. 227295


He jacks to Patrick Bateman

No. 227296

Do you reckon he admires himself in a mirror whilst fucking his underage girlfriends?

No. 227297


Without a doubt. He's basically the same guy. Beta weirdo loser who obsesses over his body and is a complete psycho narcissist master manipulator that nobody likes.

No. 227299

It's weird though. For school shooters there's at least an actual fetish for crime (hybristophilia or something) their fans can have, and what they do is actually "edgy". Onion just makes shitty videos with a haircut like '08 Bieber, if anything, he's the sort of thing these edgy people should be laughing at

No. 227300

I'd agree if it wasn't for his books really.

No. 227301

Just looked up that he had a book, Stones to Abbeydale or something. But says it's just a fictional memoir with an idealized MC. Does he talk about shooting people up in it lol?

No. 227304

He has two, "Stones to Abbigale" and "This is why I hate you"

The first one involves a school shooting, this is his intro to it:

"This book is made up of events that occurred in my own life mixed with fiction from the made up life of James. James is essentially a better version of myself. His home, his school & his life all resemble my own at his age. The people James analyzes and is surrounded by are not so unlike those I’ve known as well. I have experienced much of the loss James has however his happier moments are more often than not also mine. I want to share my story without it being purely non-fiction. I simply felt this approach would make for a far better book. At points I cried while writing this, at others I laughed. Stones To Abbigale is not just a book I wrote, it is a piece of who I am."


"This is why I hate you" Intro:

"Within these pages wait violent fights, disease, death, controversy, sexuality, tragedy and crime.

This journal documents a hateful young man's path to darkness. Many events that occur are based on real events. You will find many moments from the authors own life sewn into the life of Arthur Gale.

You can only go so far before all hope of return is lost; this book reaches that point, and goes even farther.

James represented the light, Arthur is the dark. There is no hero. There is only Arthur."

So yeah, that's why I said if it wasn't for his books, I'd agree with you that he doesn't really appeal to edgelord teenagers.

No. 227308

Now I'm certain he lured Taylor back by threatening to kill himself.

No. 227309

I thought I'd post this in case some of you want(?!) to read someones reviews on his books.


No. 227314

Lmao! You're great

No. 227321

I actually think he posts his videos on here, with vague descriptions to get us to watch so he can rack up more views. Just be careful, let's not support this fucking idiot.

No. 227322

i think its the australian OINTB, wentworth

No. 227324

What is next? Will he cheat on Lainey with a rhino? He said he'd give it a full body massage. Will he give it the full treatment he gave cumdumpster?

No. 227325

No idea, but they really must have shit self-worth to fall for someone who is obviously an abusive psychopath. Hard to feel bad for them really.

No. 227326

I cannot believe garbage like this gets published while my wife struggles to get her first book in the public eye. I hate Onion's shitty fanbase of tryhards and edgelords.

No. 227327


Yeah. If I would have more time, I would download and reupload them somewhere else. :(

What I usually do is to copy the video URL from his page without clicking on it and downloading it from a video downloading site. And then just delete it after watching.

No. 227329

He will give that rhino a happy ending if that's what it takes! He's vegan and morally superior to us carnist bloodmouth bastards!

No. 227331


Sage because double posting, but it's not published. You can self-publish everything on Amazon. He would never get a real publisher or book deal and he knows that, although I think he said that he just wants to keep it as cheap as possible for his fans. Yeah, right.

No. 227337

Ive spammed the shit out of his youtube video with: Can someone please call Greg out everywhere about the fact that he is only talking about “CUDDLING” Billie Dawn Webb when it was actually
1. A naked, full body massage with lotion including ass and breasts.
2. Asking to kiss her after Lainey left the house upset with their child
3. Was going to BE IN A RELATIONSHIP with Billie HOURS after Lainey left the house and was going to break up with him INSTEAD of fighting for his marriage and his FAMILY.

4. ALSO; Lainey publically came out and said SHE NEVER WANTED A GIRLFRIEND IN THE FIRST PLACE. GREG IS THE ONE WHO PUSHED IT ON HER, over and over until she gave in. Greg was the one encouraging this so he could have a threesome. Greg was the one who wrote that KISS into the scene they did in the video. Greg, Greg, GREG. Everyone here saying Lainey is wrong for having a girlfriend has obviously never been in a manipulative relationship with a sociopath which is what Greg is. && to top that off, Im not convinced that Lainey is even bi-sexual. I think this is something Greg pushed on her. She was only 17 when he got with her after leaving Shiloh again (after Adrienne, and after his ex wife skye and their child that they have together)…………. She has been molded since he met her.
I mean… I love how he keeps talking about cuddling as if it was that innocent, and that isn’t even innocent considering the creep factor that it was some rando 18 year old they’ve only known for a couple months.. that his wife told him on multiple occasions that she wasn’t comfortable with him being with her romantically, and that she didn’t even want her to come back the second time but HE FORCED IT!!!!
DUDE IS DISGUSTING……..and SO trying to downplay so he doesn’t lose more “Fans” and subscribers… GROSSSSSS.

and he keeps blocking me. But I'm really bored at work. So fuck him.

No. 227338

its from jennifer's body

No. 227340

LMAO he's not even vegan anon, he's vegetarian
If you're gonna preach about being morally superior at least go all the way jfc

No. 227351

well going vegan would be inconvenient for him, but I guess he figures going vegetarian is good enough to let him talk about how great and wonderful he is

No. 227366

oh thanks. I didn't know that.

No. 227369

Where are Lainey's parents?? there's no way in hell I'd let my 17 year old daughter move out the state like that. they should have spoken to her. i dunno, seems like parenting fail. i mean, most rebellious teens don't pull this stunt to live with a serial killer.

No. 227375

Taylor's parents thought she was living at a dorm in college. They didn't know she was shacking up with a creeper. Once she turned 18, they couldn't do jack shit.

No. 227376

Disregard the video, I forgot to clear the field.

No. 227379

Maybe I'm just really baked, but "hatebox" is definitely the funniest fucking thing I've heard all day.

No. 227383

Sucks. I feel bad for her parents.

No. 227386

They began talking over Skype and began dating a week after he and Shiloh were over. Greg rented a home, so that he could be near Taylor. He moved back to Washington because they decided they should not see each other for 4 to 5 months until Taylor starts college. When she started, they rented an apartment and she planned to finish her semester, then move back to Washington in December. The ex-friend claims at the time of writing her blog post, Taylor's parents did not know she was married to Greg and living with him. They believed she was living in her college dorm. They also did not know she was planning on moving back to Washington with him and that she planned to travel around the world with Greg on Digitour while taking online classes. They also did not know that Taylor and Greg legally changed their last names.

Greg and Taylor decided to take time apart because Taylor's dad did not agree with their relationship. Taylor complains that he says it's illegal, but she says Greg is speaking to his lawyer to make sure it is legal. She says she couldn't go back to Greg's place (most likely the house he rented) because her parents would not let her

tl; dr

Her parents had no idea what was going on as they both lied to them, it wasn't until they dropped their marriage in their laps that it was too late to have any say in the matter.

No. 227392

Jesus Christ, I feel terrible for her family honestly.

No. 227393

When Taylor's sister began to intervene shortly afterwards when they all found out, Gerg began to tear into her over his FB account, calling her a whore, airing her personal details to all his fans.

Taylor did fuck all about it.

No. 227395

File: 1454024401733.jpg (80.1 KB, 1024x578, Dennis'_sexy_drawings.jpg)

It would probably go down like pic related.
Didn't he claim to have bpd in the adrienne voicemails?

No. 227400


He doesn't have it, as addressed here.


No. 227401

Sorry, just scrolled up and saw that.
But if he thought pretended to have a mental illness would get him laid he definitely has some form of retardation.

No. 227402

This article is pretty concise regarding his relationship with Taylor for those who are not up to scratch on the details.


No. 227404

Lainey's updated her Twitter, it looks like she's still with friends?

No. 227410

More than likely he does have it.

No. 227411

Holyshit, that's awful. I sometimes fight with my younger sister but if anyone did that to her, they'd be fucking reported to the police. Lainey sounds like a piece of shit. getting harder to really sympathize with her.

No. 227419

I raise you one, I ended up talking about this thread at my abusive relationship counselling appt today.
It started off as an offhand comment about how I felt weird because of I'd come across a case where I recognised how clear it was to everyone apart from those involved just how bad the manipulation was, but the counsellor got confused and worried and made me explain. I hadn't intended to give a rundown and felt a bit crazy using my session trying to explain why I keep up with this drama, people really don't get it. Ot sorry.

Is there a way to reach her family or is there just no point in even trying? If they couldn't pull her out at the start I doubt they can now.

No. 227421

I honestly believe that Lainey does not have her own thoughts and opinions about anything, every social issue so far that she's posted about has been pushed onto her by Onion:

The bisexuality,
The open relationship,
Breastfeeding advocacy,
Anti-circumcision advocacy,
Vegetarian advocacy.

He controls nearly every aspect of her life, I remember when he tried to ban Adrienne from smoking and drinking or having any friends, and he did the same with Shiloh.

I once went out with a guy who tried to control every aspect of my life, I put up with it for six months before I dumped him as I felt my whole persona was being erased and replaced by his.

I shudder to realise that these girls -allowed- him to do it, because they truly believed that what he says is only the best for them.

No. 227422


Onion pretty much controls her life, I posted about it earlier today here: >>226927

I hope therapy is going well for you, anon.

No. 227425


He told Adrienne he thinks he has BPD, yet he's never actually went to see a psychiatrist about it, he just used it as an excuse for his manipulation.

BPD or not, if you're your illness out on other people and not getting help for it, you don't deserve any sympathy.

There's no way he doesn't have some kind of personality disorder, though. My money's on NPD or being one of the less capable sociopaths, but I won't play Dr. Google here.

No. 227427


>if you're your illness

Oops. "if you're taking your illness", even.

No. 227428

How fucking weird that for the thumbnail the girl on the left is from that scene in that movie about the "little girl" that gets adopted but then they find out she's actually a grown ass woman who is a psycho and has a hormone disorder that makes her look like a child and when the adopted father rejects her sexual advances she goes nuts and starts killing people. Just ironic because she's basically what he WANTS to be. A permanently youthful person who is also smart enough to be a killer and sneak under the radar. I'm probably reading too much into it.

No. 227429

Jokes on him if he IS doing it. Ever since lolcow included the option to download youtube videos, I've been saving his garbage on my phone and watching it that way.

No. 227430

Oh man, so that's what the little [DL] box is for? I never knew that! I've had to rely on anons' descriptions instead, thanks anon!

No. 227434

Am I the only one who can't understand a fucking word he's saying? He talks and edits way too fast that it all ends up sounding like a run-on sentence.

I'm not watching it again, I'd have to pause before every edit so I can process what the fuck he's even talking about.

No. 227439


NPD and BPD it REALLY seems like, my husband has NPD and I have BPD and while we both manage ourselves considerably well.. Onion is like he and I at our worst and then fused together.. it's honestly horrific

No. 227440

Why in the FUCK would anyone be okay with some asshole verbally abusing their own sister like this??? If Taylor didn't do shit about it, it's hard for me to feel sorry about her being alienated from her family.

No. 227445

It's actually going really well thank you, which is frustrating here because it highlights how badly lainey really just needs a similar safe place to speak to someone outside of the gregosphere. If she would just even go see her parents, surely that would be a start?

She just updated her snap story to a photo of her looking bored with emoji tears coming out of her eyes, it says "accurate".
She still seems to be wearing her ring.

No. 227446

i think i remember that, he said that his sister in law mocking her boyfriend's "penis-size" (sic) was HORRIFIC and CRUEL and basically told the whole world she did ecstasy once, which she told lainey in confidence. basically catty bullshit.

No. 227450

Her sister contacted him telling him to remove the statuses about her, he wouldn't and he continued to post more. He really went into obscene detail about her sex life just because she told Lainey to get away from him and leave him.

It wasn't until the sixth status he made about her that Lainey finally told him to stop, it was really sad to see.

No. 227451

God… that really should have been the biggest red flag for her. "If someone's going to go apeshit on my own sister for no reason other than her being concerned, what would they do to me if things got bad?" would have been my immediate train of thought. I know not all 17 year olds have the same thought process but good god… that would've sent me running.

No. 227452

He also disrespects and insults Lainey's mother and father on a regular basis for all their fans to see.

I just wanted to mention something about his books, he adamantly claims that the main character in both his books are based off him and his experiences, so basically Gary-Stus… if you ever want to see an insight to how he really views the world and those who co-exist with him in it, I highly recommend reading one of the review sites.

When I read them, I was truly horrified.

No. 227454

File: 1454033851724.png (756.41 KB, 811x589, lainer.PNG)

It's probably best for her to just stay on instagram, twitter is full of his white-knighting fans

No. 227459

Also when her father tried to stop it, Onision shat all over him too. Actually she shat all over him again in a recent video called "Draw my Wife".

And when Lainey tweeted something nice about her mother for Mother's Day, Gurg also protested. He started tweeting on his public twitter how Lainey's mom is not a good mom because of reasons and she should not be thankful to her.

I really hope Onion ends up in prison one day.

No. 227461

*he shat all over him, not she

No. 227462

Does anyone on here know about the Facebook exploit?

If you report photos (especially profile photos) for things like violence or sexual content - no matter how innocent they are, Facebook will temporarily ban the account for 14 days until an actual moderator checks it out.

Just putting this out there, if you wanna cause him some inconvenience.

No. 227464

I remember that shitstorm on twitter. But lainey is a dumb bitch to stand by a man who will publicly shame her entire family.

No. 227465

IIRC Lainey's sister was only 16 when Onion insulted her and his fans tried to dox her

No. 227467

File: 1454035185794.png (31.81 KB, 653x383, lolllllll.png)


He's turning on his concerned fans!!

No. 227468

wow, edgy

this will just bring him cool points from his teenage fans.

No. 227469

File: 1454035472110.png (86.32 KB, 683x567, dfhsdfhsdjf.png)


No. 227471

File: 1454035625427.jpg (433.11 KB, 966x814, tumblr_nbm5brpL4R1s0umkzo1_128…)

No. 227473

It's sad to see through his Tweet replies that some of his fans are now blaming Lainey for everything that happened with Billie.

No. 227474

I wish somebody would just shit in his mouth.

No. 227475

>Rayna Pollard: gahhhh can people get the message?

Typical stan.

Greg could literally burn their houses down and they would still support him

No. 227476


"I would of" and this walking nutsack thought he should write a book? Two, even? Can't believe his wife put up with this. If someone trashed my sister like this there would be blood.

No. 227478

Seriously, he would actually get a little sweeter if someone did.

No. 227483


I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest.
His books seem to set off NPD alarm bells for me.

In STA, his Mary Sue's best friend dies and his best friend's mother gives a long-ass speech about what a great friend Greg's Mary Sue was to him.
The speech seriously went on for about half of the funeral scene.

I know you could blame his shitty writing for that, too, but fuck. That shit ain't right.

No. 227493

File: 1454043064978.jpg (84.34 KB, 1080x1080, 1453752212278.jpg)

i usually don't care about "cultural appropriation"
but this chick is a huge SJW tumblrette who whines that people screencapping her stream "without her consent" yet she wears a fucking native head-dress to look edgy
like damn, if you are going to use SJW excuses you might as well follow their rules

No. 227494


I'm a vegan and also never bring it up unless it comes up.

On the most serious tip, vegetarians are top notch useless fence walkers. Like the idea of being a proud vegetarian is fucking embarrassing, like you're proudly half assing something.

It's even worse that Onion is psychotic about it- how has no vegan group told him to sit the fuck down?

No. 227496

Not defending her here, but I think that headdress belongs to Social Repose or whatever the fuck his name is.

No. 227499

File: 1454044786804.png (165.77 KB, 523x635, grosssss.png)

Onion's pregnancy fetish #1

No. 227500

File: 1454044809339.png (24.33 KB, 511x227, fetish1.png)

Onion's pregnancy fetish #2

No. 227501

File: 1454044833178.png (24.03 KB, 510x240, fetish2.png)

Onion's pregnancy fetish #3

No. 227503

No. 227504


No. 227505

If chick from >>225943 is the same chick in the stream, frankly I think she is just mentally challenged.

She presented herself as an absolute doofus during the stream and if she thinks it was cuddling when Greg himself admitted to touching Billy's boobs and ass… Well, she could only be mentally challenged to make a comment like that.

No. 227506

didn't Shiloh have blue hair too?