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File: 1465848574192.png (1.04 MB, 995x638, 1465765675493.png)

No. 280274

New Onion thread.

Old one: >>262266

Current news:
>Onision now solely makes his living being edgy, given up on his "comedy".
>Lost his verified badge on twitter for being edgy.
>His wife is pregnant again and starting to show. The child might be his.
>People are trying to get documents about his time in the army.
>He claims the cuck-insults aren't getting to him (They are).

Current videos:
Who gives a shit, they are all the same.

No. 280278

I'm happy the OP pictures covers his face so I don't have to look at all the time.

No. 280279

Link to Kiwi-thread:
(Right now they're trying to bait Onion with the dox they got on his family)

You can still imaging some sweet oral, from the picture with the white mask :^)

No. 280284

Is Onision a good parent?

No. 280286

Most likely not. Has anyone ever seen his child?

No. 280288

File: 1465851025477.png (53.96 KB, 1005x375, wtf.PNG)

anyone catch this gem? is he saying what i think hes saying?

No. 280289


No. 280291

Requesting some puke from onions early days,

Onion renaissance

No. 280296

he accidentally filmed Troy sitting on Lainey's lap in the background of a video once and Lainey accidentally snapped a portrait someone drew of baby Troy in the background of her snapchat. I saw them on eoliveson tumblr

He's not going to acknowledge them unless people start bothering him or his family members. otherwise he's just attracting attention to all of his information

No. 280353

This shit is not going to last. He's going to go back to being the internet's biggest shithead in a few days. Grease is only doing this because he's received even more hate than he "wanted" and couldn't handle it. Lol

No. 280415

There's nothing to last. If you watch his "new me" video you can tell he's being painfully sarcastic which makes all of this worse since that would make his other tweets ( "apologising" for mentioning Christina's death and the shooting ) just another big joke.
Of course he is whatever he wishes to be and like said many times before, it's sad he chose to be such human garbage.

No. 280416

File: 1465875982009.jpg (20.87 KB, 652x95, 1.jpg)

I seriously wish I could punch him in the face.

No. 280439

Maybe his psycho-mom watched how he was behaving online and forced him to be nice.

No. 280460

It's obvious he is being sarcastic and playing it off as a joke - disgusting

No. 280476

File: 1465906701401.jpg (15.37 KB, 443x168, u9iu.JPG)

Oh Plainboi, maybe that prepubescent girl is scared of the creep skills you learned from Garg.

No. 280483

See? She never fucking shuts up about wanting to fuck her underage female fans.

No. 280496

He should just charge people money to punch him on the face. I'm sure enough would pay that he'd be be able to buy some furniture for his house or something.

No. 280510


Sometimes I wonder who will fuck up first and get arrested for statutory rape Lainey or Greg.

No. 280528

Holy shit guys look at greg's twitter

he's still doing this whole nice act lmao


He says its also cause people were going after lainey

No. 280529

People were only now going after Taylor? I find that hard to believe.

No. 280541

People should have been going after Plainey ages ago. She's just as disgusting as Grease, which isn't surprising since she met him by being an overly obsessive manic fan girl of his.

No. 280545


No. 280556

File: 1465931896355.png (622.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160614-211556.png)

No. 280558

File: 1465932418927.png (602.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160614-212444.png)


No. 280577

I think the queer community was doing just fine without this one kidding photo

No. 280583

this is so awkward

No. 280589

What's more awkward is the thought that onion took this photo, most likely


No. 280591


The house just seems so empty. No paintings, no photos, no decorations. Nothing that makes it seem lived in. It looks like they walked into a model home and started making out.

No. 280595

Walked into my living room today and Onision was on TV. I don't even know what it was for because as soon as I walked in and saw his face I left again in horror.

No. 280612

Every place Onion has lived has seemed soulless in my opinion. He is the interior decorator from hell. Even when he tried to 'spice' up a place, it would just be with posters of the most stereotypical gaming "art" you could think off. Like a picture of Mario..

No. 280646

What are you talking about, anon? How is being 30 and still having framed posters of Supernatural and anime anything but classy? It's almost as great as being a vegetarian with a leather couch.

No. 280721

PLEASE! "just for the cause, she knows Billy is following her.

Since she claims she is a boy, she could've just posted a photo of her kissing Onion then.

No. 280748

File: 1465968419665.png (67.74 KB, 1080x283, Screenshot_20160614-212349~2.p…)


No. 280749

Billie RTed it

No. 280750

Billie is coming back for some greasy dickings masked as "lesbian love".

All according to Onion's keikaku

No. 280845

Does this whole "nice guy Onision" remind anyone of Saddam Hussein in South Park or is it just me?

I'm willing to bet Onision's going to say he did this nice-guy routine as an experiment to see if people still hate him after being nice.

No. 280859

File: 1465995043864.png (27.37 KB, 582x264, Untitled.png)

Which is it, Gurg?

No. 280961

I can't decide if Taylor is being groomed by Gurg and this is her acting out what she's been taught or if she's still mentally 14 and going through her Tumblr phase and this is her acting out without realizing she can't do this shit anymore and that even if she feels 16, she's actually an adult with a child and she is actively preying on her underaged fanbase. Probably both. Fucking disgusting.

No. 280965

I've always found it more logical to go by what she actually posts rather than assume what goes on behind the scenes.

>>she's actually an adult with a child and she is actively preying on her underaged fanbase.

From what we can see and from what we have seen from her for the past year or so, it's definitely this.

No. 280998

Gurgs fucked up his face peel so bad that not even filters can hide his age

No. 281075

"Does Onision have a personality disorder?"

>says therapist didnt say he had mental illness

>implying he isnt a manipulative fuck who didnt just act normal


No. 281185

Were this anyone else, I would agree with that sentiment. But, knowing what kind of person Gergles is, it's safe to assume there's something rotten going on in that relationship. She let a few tidbits leak out when he first cheated on her (how she was pressured into getting a gf by Gregoyle, etc). Now she's getting comfortable with what's been going on, and is perpetuating it.

No. 281210

But the MBTI test doesn't diagnose personality disorders, it is meant to display personality characteristics. Any MBTI can have a personality disorder. He's an ESTJ and off topic but I'm glad I share no letters with Onion.

No. 281216

I'm out of the loop, the fuck is up with the masks?

No. 281218

it's his collection of school shooter masks.

No. 281357

What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall at their marriage counseling meeting..

No. 281402

Onion is sooo normal- that's why he has no friends, hops from one teenager to other, abuses his gfs, is hypocritical and lies constantly…

What a well-adjusted, normal guy.

No. 281463

This, the MB test is sometimes used by employers to assess which role you would fit into more at their workplace, otherwise - it's useless and unimportant in the real world.

It basically just tells you if you're more likely to be an impulsive/logical extrovert/introvert.

No. 281468


He hasn't ever stepped into a marriage counselling office with Lainey, he weaseled out of that by making her pregnant again with a "therapy baby".

No. 281710

File: 1466132481213.jpg (128.33 KB, 935x600, image.jpg)

>30 something year man cosplaying as 16

No. 281712

Is he still fighting with Andy's dad?

No. 281714

They're friends again jerking each other off on twitter

He is always so terrible with makeup.. I wish he would ask for some advice from his wife or at least watch a youtube tutorial.

Also what's up with that cloth on the wall in the background? Is he covering a window with that?

No. 281718

>How do you do fellow kids?

No. 281719

useful if you want to hang with the teens.

No. 281732

but asking for help

a) admits he fails at something
b) means accepting makeup takes more effort than he thinks it should

No. 282094

>>People are trying to get documents about his time in the army.

You just know the fucker shot up some Iraqi village or something.

No. 282137

Do therapists even diagnose people? I thought you needed a psychologist for that.

No. 282139

File: 1466202110853.jpg (26.8 KB, 588x134, onion.jpg)

Has he ever taken the piss out of gay people because he seems to target every group and is a hypocrite and i've lost count of all the shitty things hes said.

No. 282140

This is what I thought as well.

No. 282146

>lily allen retweets

Tell me it's not true

No. 282148

She spends a lot of time on Twitter, looking at her feed. Like, a LOT of time on Twitter.

No. 282240

One of his videos from his happy phase in 2012… shudder back when he tried to act young/quirky when he got with lainey.

No. 282243

Everytime Youtube does a major change, he freaks ooout, and claims YT is dying and nothing will bring it back. Meanwhile he still makes videos to bring in rthat $$$$

No. 282444

"Onision The Cuck"

No. 282445

"Am I Ugly Or Not?"

Onion judges reddit peeps

No. 282453

He's never going to his three-way, just more babies to fix his broken marriage.

No. 282489

Just by looking at the thumbnail he looks like he either got sunburnt, or he got tumblr to do his blush.

No. 282543

File: 1466298624547.png (288.38 KB, 584x452, Untitled.png)

I guess this is the only thing he can talk about without being edgy.

No. 282547

lol he tries to act like "being called a cuck is cool! I'm not bothered at all!"
But you can clearly tell how much it triggers him.

No. 282552


He's like trying to define himself as the "cuck" the Donald fans use to describe hillary/bernie supporters, rabid feminists, SJW's, etc. So it seems better in his head and to his fans.

He knows full well people call him a cuck, and began calling him a cuck because of letting Lainey have lesbian affairs. It must bother him if he's desperately trying to associate it with a different meaning. Though I guess both meanings of the insult apply to him, he is most definitely a huge cuck either way.

No. 282555

Didn't he already make a video about people calling him cucked?

No. 282672

He needs to make it absolutely sure that he DOES NOT CARE about being called a "cuck".

No. 282691

before azealia banks there was lily allen. the original foot-in-mouth girl, well known for being dumb on the internet.

No. 282828

File: 1466356223569.png (22.31 KB, 570x190, Untitled.png)

He couldn't even last a week.

No. 282856

"Why I Love Lucifer"

>daddy issues

so edgy gerg, also love the filters on the eyes


No. 282863

I don't get how an agnostic can be such a maltheist. He also said Mark Pellegrino wasn't attractive when he's better looking than Greg. Shouldn't he be off with his family celebrating Father's Day rather than making edgelord videos?

No. 282902

Babby's first questioning christianity. Pretty much every edgy thirteen year old has done the whole "But what if Satan was the good guy???" schtick.
Only difference here is Onision is a grown ass man.

No. 282904

Margo should really adopt Onision

No. 282977

So YouTube finally caught up with the modern era and has made it against their TOS to cyberbully people and strike up hate mobs against other people and their channels. How fast do you think this will terminate Onion's channel since that's all he does?

No. 283002

Well I'm going on a reporting spree :^)

No. 283046

therapists can diagnose you.
I saw a therapist who specialized in biofeedback and after a lot of sessions we had a "testing" session where she took out a huge book full of questions. After confirming which specific ones applied to me (thanks to multiple sessions) I went to the other side of the building where a doctor gave me the right meds for the diagnosis.

A therapist alone cannot give you meds, but therapists working with doctors can give you meds. like a jury and a judge, the therapist gives the diagnosis to the doctor and the doctor gives the meds they think will fit best. I'm on a college campus where the mental and physical wellness people work side by side. and only give meds to people they have a years worth of history with. Onion most likely does not see a therapist that works with doctors side by side and I will bet my whole damn bank account he hasn't seen the same therapist habitually for more than a year.

sorry for the rant, it just pisses me off when people self diagnose themselves, let alone doing nothing about it even after therapist confirmations.
Onions; see a real fucking therapist (without your wife there) CONSISTENTLY for more than a year and if they tell you that you have a specific mental disorder, TAKE YOUR FUCKIN MEDS MAN.

I like youtube drama as much as the next guy, but why the hell is it all coming from 35-40 year old males? Get a fuckin life, you have kids for fucks sake.

No. 283056

samefaggin but on a side note …. why the masks? Does that add to his edginess or something? Is it just getting too hard to hide his age?

I mean I'm glad I don't have to see his god awful face on here as much but it just looks so fuckin stupid.

No. 283138


He's gone through some other weirdo pseudo-edgy 'phases' in the past year or two.

He had his lame quirky phase where he dyed his hair and used 10000 filters and tried to act cutesy to get more fangirls, then his hardcore "mean" phase in 2014-2015 where he bullied everyone, his makeup phase where he wore tons of makeup and did different patterns on his face and now the mask phase is here. It's all just weird lame wannabe mysterious shit to make his fans ask questions. And mostly because he's getting older and trying to hide and be cool. But he fails.

No. 283139

lmfao i love u

No. 283146

All of his crazy phases started when he got with Lainey. She's gone through a lot of phases also. I think the first one was when she was acting like a toddler drinking from sippy cups bathing with whinny the pooh bath toys and Greg would carry her around everywhere. Then she tried to be an alt / emo girl, then she wanted to be that androgynous actress and now she's an agender space prince.

I think they both reinvent themselves to try to make themselves happy but they won't admit it's actually their relationship that's the problem. They both truly lost themselves in this mess of a marriage.

No. 283147

Being a full-time documented psycho is his job, I highly doubt he will ever attempt to better himself (until CPS is contacted and his spawn get taken away.)

No. 283217

File: 1466492748494.jpg (37.69 KB, 604x404, Wat8.jpg)

> acting like a toddler
> sippy cups
> whinny the pooh bath toys

No. 283257

Here's some of the pictures. She started doing these thing early in their marriage but went full blown child when she became pregnant. I remember people suspected they had a daddy little thing going on because she was so dedicated to acting like a child

No. 283258

File: 1466516855480.jpg (28.48 KB, 438x205, Capture.JPG)

Laineyboy is definitely into that

No. 283286

Link doesn't work

No. 283290

uuuggghhh no that bathtub photo

open it in a new window and remove the anony.link bit, it'll work fine

No. 283291


If anything, he's going to use that as more material for his failing channel. "Boo hoo, they took away my children whom I love oh so much watch me complain about it in a video."

No. 283314

What an obnoxious cunt.

No. 283317

What cause? The gay community hates fake lesbians most of all. uggggh. i hate this tumblrina bitch.

No. 283341

Thanks anon

No. 283375

File: 1466559197435.jpg (29.66 KB, 455x426, 78.JPG)

No. 283437

Who in the hell is Alex Jacob and how is he relevant to Twitter?

No. 283469

He's another fakeboi and Taylor flirts with him on twitter.

No. 283473

Holy shitballs, that's incredible.

No. 283534

This shits hilarious since she denied being bi AND agender for so long. Jesus, what an undeserving bitch.

"My husband exploits me for views! I'm so inspirational! I also groom and prey on young girls, so queer xD"

No. 283537

Lainey posted some pictures on Snapchat and she is definitely getting fat as fuck already

No. 283566

How much do you guys want to bet that this kid was conceived when they had make up sex? I'd be horrified if I found out I was the sperm that could who was immortalized in a tasteless semi nude Instagram selfie.

No. 283596

File: 1466682269667.png (478.86 KB, 900x1600, 898u.png)

boy lainey, you sure are a doormat

No. 283620

File: 1466688500929.jpeg (167.61 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)

Even if that was the case I'd rather be his second child considering people did that math and figured out this was posted the week Troy was created

No. 283623

Anyone who makes a big deal about seeing slight nipple through a woman's shirt is a fucking child. Onision needs to be backhanded.

No. 283644

What the fuck??

No. 283648

"Will Onision & Lainey Last?"

No. 283650

So lolcow,how long do you think their relationship is gonna last?

I say a few years more, Lainey will be too doormat to end it and then Greg will just dump her and replace her with a new teenage, same thing he did to Skye.

No. 283651

File: 1466698770344.jpeg (62.36 KB, 681x781, image.jpeg)

Uhh on second thought maybe I'll just skip this one..

No. 283652

Onionboy cries again while whiteknighting for gays

No. 283660

Why is his face so red?

No. 283691

So it's okay that he still makes fun of Amanda Todd's and Robin William's suicides because they were straight?

No. 283707

File: 1466709103272.jpg (204.83 KB, 721x618, IMG-20151211-WA0032-1-1.jpg)

No. 283708

One of Onision's STUPID fucking fans feed their dogs a vegetable only diet and it's made Distractify.


This is what Gerg teaches kids to do, through dangerous information and new-age bullshit.

No. 283788

File: 1466722149956.png (184.6 KB, 413x371, laineyb.png)

I feel like this picture just sums up Laineys role in this whole relationship/youtube "career"

No. 283811


No. 283814

File: 1466730579008.png (10.66 KB, 405x93, wtryeertwertr.png)

So, is she back with Billie?

No. 283822

21 going on 32

No. 283947

She might be talking about Grig

No. 283981

I Cured My Acne (ATTN: YouTubers)

No. 284123

So now that he admits to wearing makeup to cover his fucked up skin, is he going to explain why he shat all over people who wear make up few months ago?

No. 284242

if only there was a point to calling out cucksion

No. 284248

Boo fucking hoo. "Feel sorry for me because I have low self esteem but I'm going to make fun of people for superficial reasons!"

No. 284254

lol, will onion respond to this?

No. 284272


"I have nothing against Vegans. Sure they're the butt of everyone's jokes, but that's not really because of their lifestyle, just their superior, holier-than-thou attitude about how everyone else in the world is evil for eating fish and chicken."

Oh, so I can ignore the entire article. Cool.

No. 284278

File: 1466916501686.png (241.36 KB, 559x147, capture_003_25062016_214615.pn…)

No. 284280


someone please post all that greg posted

No. 284281

Just look at his twitter. He's trying his best to not be butthurt about being banned from vidcon by claiming he knocked up a lot of people at this years vidcon.

No. 284296

I'm glad vg pointed out that gurggles isn't vegan. Too bad richard is a psycho too.

No. 284317

File: 1466930600645.png (1.08 MB, 597x628, capture_001_26062016_014202.pn…)

No. 284318

File: 1466930634030.png (214.28 KB, 579x126, capture_002_26062016_014227.pn…)

No. 284328

File: 1466937403761.jpg (36.28 KB, 437x377, bii.JPG)

I am guessing Billie is back, it's just that they are hiding it.

She refollowed both Onion and Plainey and so did they.

No. 284330

File: 1466937546538.jpg (36.08 KB, 468x473, wew.JPG)

Typical Onision fan

No. 284331

File: 1466937752250.jpg (25.11 KB, 457x331, kl.JPG)

also this

No. 284337

when will onionsan realize kids' lives aren't more precious or smth

No. 284352

Yeah, sounds like she's back with Billie, she wouldn't be vague about it otherwise.

No. 284355

File: 1466952400560.png (13.6 KB, 520x170, gross.png)

It's gets more and more gross every time he talks about his impregnation fetish.

No. 284358

Yeah, Billie and Lainey are definitely back together. They refollowed each other, both tweeted the picture of them macking, the gf/lesbian references on everyone's twitter… What a fucking mess… Plus Billie was in an airport recently because she tweeted a picture of one of those airport Benefit make up vending machines.

No. 284384

So…could this be why gerg is acting extra crazy atm? I'm guessing lainey won't want him and billie around each other after last time.

No. 284401

And why does he think this shit will help anyone or think he's making a bold statement? Everyone who isn't a dumb Gurg fan knows he has shit self-esteem which is why he tears down others and wears a ton of makeup being a hypocritical douche

No. 284407

I guess this is what you do while your wife makes out with her girlfriend? Now he has a sledgehammer and a chainsaw for when he finally snaps.

No. 284420

All My Haircuts (+ New Hair Dew)

No. 284421

She's sure getting chunky quickly

No. 284430

Is it just me that finds Greg way more likable in these videos than Lainey? Weirds me out.

No. 284432

she seems so done with him

No. 284438


Well, I mean he's trying too hard to be funny by picking on her but her personality is that of a board so it makes him look like he at least has something. But i still hate them both.

No. 284440


Comment on this video "Her personality is so bland and shes so monotone. Not trying to be a dick but, I mean.."


No. 284468

Holy shit Leafy made a video about Onision finally


No. 284469

I almost pissed myself because of that picture at 6:50. Fucking terrifying. How can such a vile person be so narcissistic? My god.

No. 284474


Haha. I enjoyed this. Pretty good overall, only mistake is that Shiloh was technically his girlfriend not ex-wife, and he took a joke from Gerg seriously (But Onion has done the fake drama shit recently on purpose for that reason to confuse people so he can claim its a joke) And of course there was many other things he could have brought up, however the video would have been super long so I get it. Otherwise though, pretty decent video and I say that as someone who's not really a fan of Leafy. Plus I'm up for anyone tearing down the piece of shit that is Onision. Hope other big youtubers roast him too. Maybe iDubbz will.

No. 284475

I loved this, thank you for posting anon!

No. 284482

Oh shit. Leafy's army of kids will start a shitshow on Onion's channel. Hope it produces some great drama!

No. 284490

Brilliant. Waiting for Gregs child tantrum over this…

No. 284496

This is exactly what he wants tho

No. 284511

File: 1467044585094.jpeg (47.34 KB, 743x467, image.jpeg)

He thought he would gain fans from Leafy's fanbase but he's been losing subscribers on all of his channels instead

No. 284515


He's most definitely losing it over losing subscribers/getting tons of dislikes but he's trying to remain "happy" cause hes in that bullshit phase on his twitter and play it off, its such shit. Just wait he'll lose it as the hate continues.

No. 284593

I don't think you guys could be serious here.
You don't seem like the kind of people who watch his EVERY SINGLE video and that's fine, because you don't like him.
But making statements and assumptions for something he said in a video without knowing if he actually added something to it in another is very stupid.
The guy is known for being extremely sarcastic, overall mean with an offensive sense of humor.
Not everyone can swallow that shit, and that is fine.
However it is kinda hard to deny half the things he is saying since he's the type of person who educates/spreads messages through facts. And saying you don't believe in facts is…please don't say that for fuck's sake.
It is definitely true how vegans and vegetarians are healthier.
Onision never stated that cats and dogs should be vegetarian as well, since those animals (along with wildlife) actually need meet. While humans DO NOT.
The amount of protein found in meat is funny next to the bacteria, and the same kind of protein can be found in other food as well.
I am actually not a vegetarian, I am not good with the money to afford healthy food, but I am aware of what I'm consuming.
Next to that, Onision is right about Leafy's content. Or at least in my opinion.
Debating here on who you like more is optional, really.

I just don't agree with all of you with half the things written here, 's all.

No. 284598

You are too old for Gurg stop sucking his grease up.

No. 284599

This is not Onision's fan page, fuck off.

No. 284600


This isn't about his "comedy", you fucking ignorant child. It's about his actions. He's done so many fucked up things.

No. 284601

Actually he has said in the past that a dog would live longer on a vegetarian diet. Onion is an idiot. His dogs stared getting sick and couldn't keep the food down anymore. That's when he back tracked.

People don't really have to assume anything about his life, because he puts it all out there. The only thing there is any speculation on is his military history –and, allegedly, someone is waiting on those.

Also no one gives a fuck about your diet or money situation. Stop sucking his dick.

No. 284603

why is her face starting to get that gross weird look too? WHY DO THEY BOTH HAVE SHIT SKIN

No. 284605


He gives out terrible and dangerous advice, see here >>283708 for details where his own fans believe and follow his "facts" you poor delusional child.

No. 284606

You're not making any logical or articulated points. You need to learn to differentiate fact from opinion and stop presenting one as the other. Until then keep your shitposting to facebook, buddy.

No. 284607

File: 1467076509518.png (381.68 KB, 460x960, ajMk7pd.png)

He's sooooo factual.

No. 284608

File: 1467076595026.png (659.14 KB, 931x600, tumblr_nvvjq019NO1r1kiq7o3_128…)

If the ripped grocery bag photo was any indication, they live off processed food.

No. 284625

She sleeps next to him, so his grease rubs on her face too

No. 284626

File: 1467083234028.jpg (49.85 KB, 640x400, konata-middle-fingers.jpg)

Kill yourself Gerg

No. 284631

HUh, Gerg thinks he's actually bisexual just because a woman fingered his asshole and he enjoyed it? That's dumb. It just means he enjoyed it, that's all. Anyway, eww.

No. 284640


If you keep watching, it's revealed the two Re: My wife videos were fake (They were on the Onision channel, which lately just has mostly fake drama unlike before to confuse others)

Or there's a chance that's legit but I doubt it.

No. 284673

Not gonna lie, I get exited every time Leafy talks about a cow, not matter what.

No. 284678

Well he's the type to sensationalise even the most mundane things just for the views, so I wouldn't be surprised that he lied about that. Besides he loves the attention of being ~controversial.

No. 284679

File: 1467120327932.gif (408.35 KB, 500x345, batman.gif)

>he's the type of person who educates/spreads messages through facts

What's everybody's favourite Gergoyle "fact"?

I'm not sure if mine is that foreskins prevent rape or that Europe isn't part of western civilisation.

No. 284683

Mine is when he thought vaginas were normally dry. My other favorite "fact" is when he would link the email Adrienne sent him and would say she apologized for lying about him but if you actually clicked on his link and read the email she never said that lol

I give them until 2018. There's no way they would last longer than that

No. 284684

>he thought vaginas were normally dry
lmfao I remember his disgust at a moist vagina. He probably never experienced it before because he makes most women shrivel up and become dry as a bone in his presence.

No. 284687

File: 1467122262911.gif (464.04 KB, 245x200, qAcz6is.gif)

>my Veganaise is destroyed

No. 284688

Why would he not just support the bag from the bottom? If you're putting glass jars in a paper bag, it's common sense to carry it like that.

I also love the idea that either the bag broke JUST before he set it on the kitchen counter or it broke elsewhere and he rearranged it in his kitchen like a really depressing still life.

No. 284690

File: 1467122969677.jpeg (120.45 KB, 731x931, image.jpeg)

Wait you guys are missing the best part

No. 284693

That poor Whole Foods guy. Just trying to help, had no idea what he was walking into.

Also reusable bags are fucking amazing. They're only inconvenient to dumbfucks that forget to grab them before they go shopping. They're also THE most environmentally friendly option there is, so wtf is he even spewing.

No. 284696

>tells them their bags are shit
>is offered a free and useful alternative
>wah wah wah inconvenient wah wah wah you sell meat wah wah wah

No. 284717


It gets even better. Freaks stick with freaks.

No. 284718

This video sucked what a waste of time. He says a lot of nothing

No. 284731

Onion responded to leafy guys:


No. 284732

Aww it's not a real response it's a dumb comedy video.. I'm disappointed.

No. 284733

Even if its "comedy" He still smacks himself in head like a fucking maniac. He's so fucking scary even if this is a "joke"

No. 284735

Vegan gains also recently made a video on Onision. This is something that also annoys me a lot - Onision constantly acts like he is such an activist for animal rights, compares eating meat to the holocaust and thinks he is above everyone else, yet he is not even vegan himself.

No. 284738

He constantly makes it look like he is though.

No. 284754

It's a tie between "pulling out is only 1% less effective than using condoms" and "with pubic hair trimming, you increase the depth of penetration." The former shows how dangerous Onion is to his teenage fans and the latter sounds like something straight out of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

No. 284760

Mine is that shaving pubic hair makes sex better because the penetration is deeper.
Gergless super "factual", yo.

No. 284761

Woops, posted the same thing, haha. Yeah, Gergless has a whole collection of 'facts' to share.

No. 284769

Mine is that you can't rape someone who has sex with more than 20 people.

No. 284770

This just makes me think that gerg had super long and thick pube hair that actually was preventing him from getting all the way in

No. 284775

File: 1467146355523.png (30.03 KB, 580x300, ew.png)

Greg's idea of feminism is just lesbian fetishism.

No. 284788

He must not know about lesbian bed death. IIRC he told women to be lesbians because they'd be beaten less even though lesbians had higher rates of domestic abuse. I think he doesn't want other guys having sex with females.

No. 284795

Same tbh. Even if somebody had a 70s bush it would be flattened down during sex and barely affect the depth of pentration. Grease must have the most disgusting matted pubes if he thinks they prevent penetration.

No. 284796

I just remembered him saying "men can't be bisexual" and now it's even harder to choose my favourite fact

No. 284798

He is so fucking gross.

No. 284800

I wonder how quickly he'd change his tune if Lainey just dropped him in favour of Billie.

No. 284816

Holy shit that fucking face is so red. Yeah rub your face all over that filthy carpet, man. He's so ugly. Barf.

No. 284829

Y does his house look like a ghetto community centre tho?

No. 284832

For some reason he just buys new McMansions, but never properly furnishes them.

No. 284839

File: 1467175320591.png (74.52 KB, 720x418, tumblr_o9g18lS74F1r1kiq7o1_128…)

No. 284842


i wonder what vka vlog did to lose over half of their subs in 16 hrs

No. 284846

I've heard a lot of youtubers lost subs in the last 24hrs youtube says they dont know why. So its probably just a glitch in the system

No. 284849

File: 1467186246104.jpg (71.98 KB, 502x527, CmE7CNeUgAQKaEE.jpg)

That screenshot was before the actual glitch

No. 284852


LOOOOL holy shit, I haven't laughed this much in a long time. As much as I hate Onision, his response video was fucking hilarious.

No. 285028

He barely skimmed the surface of onion. He didn't even cover some of the most controversial stuff

No. 285048


Can you post the url for this?

No. 285049



Drama alert is still upthere but onion is not losing anymore

No. 285050



Drama alert is still upthere but onion is not losing anymore

No. 285065

This raging autist explains what happened with the subs. I could only take about 3 minutes of it but I think the gist is that they purged inactive accounts. People have said that Greg buys subs so this makes sense. His uhohbro channel is still on the top 100 it's at 50 right now.

No. 285066

I meant the top 100 losses.

No. 285067

File: 1467228991289.png (39.09 KB, 585x404, dog diet.png)

Onion defending vegetarian dogs again.

No. 285073

Processed foods galore. No wonder they both have skin that looks like leather.

No. 285097

He made a serious response to leafy

No. 285099

Kinky Tweets @ Onision

AKA lemme stroke my ego for a few minutes by telling you gross tweets from young girls

No. 285104

File: 1467233929108.jpg (486.15 KB, 2636x1776, vjPp6BN.jpg)

He needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 285108


Feeding a dog fish and vegetables is perfectly fine, and eating fish is not something vegetarians do FYI.

No. 285109

What are the odds that Gerg would ever "come out" as genderspecial or just not straight?

No. 285116

>I-it was just an act guys. You know, a completely normal thing to do and upload for the world to see. Hehe, jokes on y-you..

No. 285133

File: 1467237350107.jpeg (33.77 KB, 349x642, image.jpeg)

No. 285158

I hate both Vegan Gains and Onision. Like I can't decide who I hate most…

No. 285159

File: 1467241360210.jpeg (129.16 KB, 750x947, image.jpeg)

Shiloh was talking about onision on Twitter. Sucks that she still has to deal with his fanbase

No. 285160

File: 1467241388801.jpeg (111.31 KB, 750x773, image.jpeg)

No. 285168

Good, I geniunely think of her as a victim of onions sick ways and I want to see her succeed again just to stick it to him.

No. 285182

This is so creepy and embarrassing. A thirty year old man making faces that most dudes stop making when they hit sixteen.

No. 285198

awww lil kitty baby qt cat kitty meow beautiful

No. 285210

I love it when YT does a purge, it pisses everyone off and you can tell who just cares about the number by their name and the actual content they're creating for people.

No. 285212

With the way he talks and his red mask, it kind of sees like he's trying to imitate Ryan Reynold's as Deadpool. Anyone else see that or am I just being autistic

No. 285214

She looks cute as fuck in that display picture tbh

No. 285270


Thought the same thing, anon.

No. 285302

he reminds me of vic mignogna

No. 285395

File: 1467308684427.jpeg (133.62 KB, 750x879, image.jpeg)

Look whose in the background. Here we go again

No. 285396

It's funny how he filters the shit out of selfies so that his acne-ridden craterface looks okay but he can't manage to filter away a couple of zits on Lainey.

No. 285397

here's hoping for cuddlegate 2.0

No. 285398

No. 285399


So fucking stupid.

No. 285400

Taylor is retarded if she lets Greg do anything with Billie. She's going to keep cucking him and their children will need therapy.

No. 285403

>Taylor is retarded

we already know she is

No. 285406

File: 1467312090759.png (396.49 KB, 854x427, gross.png)

Greg is lying so hard. He said in his I Betrayed my Wife video that he never had a threesome. Getting called a cuck so much is really bruising his ego.

No. 285407

No. 285408

I feel like it would just be the nice thing to do? Maybe I'm weird, but when I take pictures of my friends or my bf, I fix some pimples they have on their face before posting it. It's just what I'd like them to do for me?

Anyway, cuddlegate 2.0: are we ready?

No. 285417

lmaaaao what a fucking liar

No. 285426

File: 1467321228231.jpg (30.08 KB, 768x960, 13510927_10154355558094711_326…)

No. 285429


No. 285431

wow that's ballsy to wear black lipstick with white make up considering the color of his teeth

No. 285440

Yes! Finally, some potential milk.

This is the woman that Greg admitted he was attracted to, asked to kiss, claimed he loved her (if only for a brief period after Lainey hauled ass) and gave a naked massage to. Now she's back in their weird little menage a trois.

Gotta be some more milk on the way.

No. 285441

+ 1 Shiloh, nice!

No. 285442

Sorry. I forgot. Think i was shell-shocked.

No. 285446


Well, he quite clearly watched the whole video as he is a narcissist. Even if you weren't completely self centered, If someone made a video about you that garnered several million views you wouldn't want to watch at least most of it? Such BS.

Also love how he still ignored most of the salient points, including about the police report after the Shiloh Shenanigans.

I only wish Leafy had gotten some of the facts more accurate so Greg couldn't be such a smug cunt about it. The "I betrayed my wife videos" could still have been brought up, just not the joke ones on the "comedy" channel which were only made to make the original vid about Billie seem like it might also be a joke and that he actually wasn't chasing jailbait. Wish he'd got into some of the Adrienne shit too.

No. 285451

If something happens between Billie and onionson again I won't be able to muster up any pity for Lainey again. I really think this girl is less ~tragically manipulated~ and really just an idiot. She comes across as pretty dumb on social media and in videos, she's what, 21? And still acts like a 16 year old tumblrina. I just feel bad for her kids.

No. 285454

You can tell she's been smooshing her face against his whole pubic region and ass crack, the grease doesn't lie.

No. 285456

Why does he look like he's emerging half-formed from the bathroom tiles?

No. 285493

Didn't he claim, in his earlier videos, that he is against threesomes?
Something about sex being something that you share with your soulmate etc

No. 285515


You can literally catch him contradicting himself on nearly everything he's ever said.

No. 285537

ok seriously this is creeping me out, like his face is the void and it's drawing me into it's black greasy abyss

did he cut and paste his shooped face on the body of a 12-year old boy? it's so big, and like 10x darker than the rest of the super small pale body….

No. 285548

I can't with the shower pic knowing he jerks off in there.

No. 285551

This motherfucker.
he'a shooping himself to appeal to teenage girls, like this is beyond creepy.

No. 285560

Over his own vegetarian, doughy body

No. 285567

while crying

No. 285576

File: 1467362013933.png (16.43 KB, 526x144, ffs.png)

He has NEVER bought up the EU referendum EVER, he didn't warn anyone that it was "a bad idea" not even once. This is the first time he's ever mentioned it and it will be the last because he knows fuck all about the subject… what he's doing is basically the equivalent of clickbait.

He's such a slimy brown-noser for every cause out there, he will literally jump on anything that is even slightly controversial even when he's never bothered to research those subjects. It honestly makes me sick. He doesn't give a fuck about anything or anyone, he plays this all up for views and asspats, period.

He always pretends to know what the fuck he's talking about in less than 140 characters, if he was so dedicated to supporting and helping people, he would be writing essays on this shit and going out there to participate in rallies.

The truth is, he actually has no fucking clue what he's talking about, yet all his fans lap it up without questioning him whatsoever.

I mean for fucks sake, this guy has been sitting on his ass at the computer 24/7 for the past 10 years, he's gone beyond the realm of batshit insane armchair activist, he's a loser with absolutely no desire to improve himself intellectually or characteristically.

No. 285584

love this post, took the words right out of my mouth. onion is a pandering, lonely bitter old man and I hope he really suffers

No. 285586

I want someone to ask him to expand on this so we can watch him struggle. We all know the dumb fuck won't google. He couldn't even take five seconds to google "why is Europe considered western"

No. 285587

his hands and head look like they were grown in a different lab than his body was

No. 285588


Hey there, I'd like you to come back and chat to us… we're all kind-hearted here, honestly.

Can we talk about what "facts" he has given you or made you believe? It'd be cool if we could talk about them, I speak for myself and I would personally love to hear your views and why you feel this random man makes you feel the way you do.

No. 285590


Don't waste your breath, that was probably just SomeGuy being salty

No. 285591

Pretty sure he's banned.

No. 285606

He's already ban evaded once to white knight himself multiple times.

No. 285609

Roast Yourself Diss Track

No. 285620


Still can't help himself and talk about Shiloh. She's going to be haunted by him for the rest of her life.

No. 285623

File: 1467421708203.jpg (53.03 KB, 600x643, onision cooking.jpg)

>regret leaving the eu yet
Nope. Its only been a week and nothing has really changed except our gov has gone batshit not that i believe he would understand the first thing about politics given he doesnt seem to know basic shit like oh i dunno dogs need to eat MEAT. I'm with you anon.

No. 285640

I'm just wondering how are the other girls doing after the Oniom aftermath(particularly Skye and Adrienne).

Also, still waiting for those "secret military docs" they're gonna reveal!

No. 285642


Well there's "this" from 2007-08… Enjoy. :)

No. 285644

All his exes are haunted by him. He still talks about his high school exes

No. 285667


That is fucking terrifying.

No. 285687

We literally haven't even left yet. It would have taken him two seconds to look up procedure and realise we have to wait. What a fucking idiot.

No. 285691

If anyone wants to listen to Onion's books just savagely torn to shreds chapter by chapter, Gines has YT playlists for both. I'm on mobile and cant link for shit but:


No. 285701

The sad thing is that he thinks he's being sarcastic and 'roasting himself' when everything he said was the truth and he needs to understand that and fix himself.

No. 285707

I googled them recently out of curiosity so I'll fill you in.

I searched Skye a couple years ago and found her private Facebook. In her profile picture she had a really cute short haircut. I checked recently and the account was gone. She deleted it or she changed her name.

Adrienne is in a long term relationship with a rocker guy. They just had their third year anniversary. Her social media is still public. Gregs fans don't know enough about her to attack her social media.

No. 285708

He never will because he is yet another narcissist

No. 285709

File: 1467470447115.jpeg (87.33 KB, 540x460, image.jpeg)

It's official

No. 285712

Oh man, I can't wait until grease fucks her again.

Either Billie is incredibly naive or she's doing it for the lulz.

No. 285714

fuck yeah, preparing milk buckets

No. 285719

Plainey looks seriously content if not even happy here.
They should just run off together so Gergle can whine about his single-parent/dad life on the internet while raising another psychopath, that carries on his crazyness.

No. 285725

File: 1467475464946.png (1.78 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160702-120410.png)

Pretty sure that's Billie here

No. 285735

She really does look happy. Genuine smile in her eyes vs >>285395 any other pics with Gurg

No. 285738

Okay, seriously does omission have autism because he doesn't even seem like he needs to act damaged this all comes natural to him

No. 285739

Onision** fucking auto correct

No. 285740

She must be extra fun when she's preggers

No. 285742

No, probably just some personality disorder.

No. 285743

Onision made some good arguments like always. If a friend of yours had nine kids and three of them hated him with a passion once they moved out of his house, what would you think as an outsider? Personally I would think that it is not as black and white as my friend would have me believe, I would at least have to consider that privately he may have been an abusive asshole to his own creation.

No. 285753

Do you think they actually had their threesome? And do you think Onion got extra greasy from arousal because Lainey is knocked up this?

No. 285755

She left him for "cuddling" and "massaging" Billie. They may fuck in front of him but I doubt he'd be allowed to do anything but jerkoff in a corner.

No. 285758

Skye's fb account is still there, I'd friend her but she'll see I've "liked" her psycho cuck ex-husband's page. No need to traumatize her any further with that. Although, I'd really like to know if the other kid she has with him exists.

No. 285759

You can hide your likes, you know.

No. 285764

How? By privatizing my page or something? Sorry, autistic here…

No. 285769


You guys really think Billie went back for Lainey and not Greg? Lol.

No. 285770

No, your friends could still see it then.
Go to your profile, go to the "more" drop down menu, click likes, click the pencil icon, click privacy settings, and you can now edit who can see your liked movies, pages, celebrities, music, etc.
If you just liked his page you can set it to "only me" so she wouldn't be able to see you have.
If you're liking his statuses and shit (why?) I'm not sure you can hide that.

No. 285775

No. 285778

Ah, I see… I'ma try it out, thanks! Hopefully she'll respond! ^^

No. 285796

This, you are all naive if you think Billie is there because of Lainey. Maybe nothing will happen now because both Billie and Onion are cautious, but in the near future shit is goin down

No. 285798

i'm waiting for him to knock up billie next

No. 285799

That would be incredibly lulzy

No. 285802

I'm >>285712 and I didn't say any such thing.

No. 285806


"Either Billie is incredibly naive or she's doing it for the lulz."

I think you're giving her too much credit. But point taken.

No. 285810

File: 1467515279414.jpg (75.79 KB, 540x460, onionsan.jpg)

oh fuck it's onionboy in the background

No. 285814

File: 1467517553197.gif (438.82 KB, 320x180, stream.gif)

Taylor is no longer sad, and left out. Now she's with Billie and Greg is creeping while they try to figure out how to oust Taylor.

No. 285818


No. 285820

After all that's said and done with ALL of his past and current partners, even after "introducing" Shiloh all the way to Billiegate 2.0. Onion will never forget his "special girl"(or at least, forgot to delete his video complementing her).

No. 285822

He made this video when he tried to get Skye back after Shiloh and Adrienne. She was smart enough to not go back to him.

No. 285825

The video was posted on September of 2010, he left her in mid-late December of the same year. It's like he had a premonition that "the end" was coming - like a final "goodbye, my love".

No. 285830

He seems lucid and almost… normal here.
I'd feel bad for him if he weren't such an asshole.

No. 285839

I applaud anyone who can stomach an Onision video, like, I legit can't stand to watch this slimer, not even for the keks.

No. 285870

>Have a wonderful night
He even seems like a kind, "normal" person
What the hell happened to him?

No. 285876


I guess what happened was that he realised he can't control other people as well as he would want to.

No. 285877


I don't know if I'm pointing the obvious but he's not talking about Lamo in that caption. Billie isn't accidentally visible in there.

No. 285878

Stuff like this kind of makes me feel sad for Lainey. No wonder she brought Billie in to give her some attention. I kind of hope the Greg/Billie thing is over and Lainey and Billie end up together because >>285810 is the happiest Lainey has looked

No. 285892

I will never understand why people continue to fall back into the trap of sympathy for Lainey whenever she shows any sign of a personality other than morose.

She's just as bad as Gurg if not worse as she enables his behavior by being his doormat, not to mention they both share the same predatory and manipulative qualities when it comes to picking up their teenage fans.

Fuck Lainey and fuck Gurg, I hope their marriage bombs with this pathetic stunt and keep the milk flowing with the ruin they cause to anyone close in their lives.

No. 285897


This. At this point, especially after cuddlegate, Lainey is not only actively choosing to be in this situation but is actually setting up her own traps.

No. 285900

She pretty much goaded Billie into getting back with her through emotionally manipulative Tweets. Simultaneously berating and appeasing until she got her back, she's just as much of a scumfuck as Onion is, it's pretty obvious where she's learned those tricks from.

She's a conniving bitch.

No. 285917

Skye took his humanity and what was left of his sanity with her. She kept him from going full-on psycho and reminded him of what it's like to feel love for others inspite of the obvious narcissism and sociopathy shown even back then. Dude might've been a completely different person to what his is not if they stayed married for a little longer.

Also this - a quote from her old Twitter page:

>Go back to the kind and caring person I once knew!…/…Don't get pulled into the black abyss of misery!

No. 285918

Hahahaha, literal cuck!

No. 285920

This. I think Shiloh is one of the only gfs he has had that he really loved. Easy to see why when you compare her to Lainey. Think Lainey knows it too, didn't she post on her Twitter/Tumblr a while back something like "You'll never love me like her"?

No. 285921

sorry *Skye haha, but Shiloh too.

No. 285922

Has anyone seen the new video? at around 2:00 billie comes in the room to ask for the vibrator to use on Lainey.

No. 285925

These recent events sound so forced and unnatural, like a farce of intentional drama.

I remember a while ago on Billie's Twitter, she was always complaining about her gas station attendant job and how she couldn't wait to jack it in. She's been trying her hardest to ride the E-celeb train for a while and although her brief drama with the Onion family got her some subscribers, she wasn't really hitting more than 200 retweets at a time "post-breakup".

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this is another attempt to get out of her job and state. I know Onion won't pay her way unless she works for him "editing his videos" (re: fuck and suck his greasy dick) so I think she's making another attempt to make money from subscribers by pulling this stunt again.

No. 285926

The thing that bugs me the most and that I can't get over is that these guys have a KID and they're still getting involved in legit teenage drama (even just the parts we know are not fake) and they never seem to talk about their kid at all?

No. 285927

Their poor children. The things they will see when they googles their parents..

As soon as he left her his mental state went downhill fast and he hasn't recovered since. I think another reason for this was that his youtube following was growing fast and it really got to his head.

No. 285931

And then later he says he'll be "there in a minute." To be cucked, I hope.

No. 285932

I'm waiting for him to flip-flop and make a video on why he's now embraced being a cuckold, and how beautiful it is to flaunt your sexual fetishes online for all your 12 year old fans to see.

Of course, expect to see their "relationship goals!" comments when he does.

No. 285935

File: 1467570013252.jpeg (153.22 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)

Compared to the pics with Lamo, this is actually pretty genuine… My question is; aren't you supposed to feel more love for your second wife rather than your first wife?

I know it's different for other people when it comes to this but in Onion's case, it's strange.

No. 285936


I don't think he married Lainey out of love, I think after the whole Shiloh thing he just wanted someone who was obedient.

No. 285937

He just wanted a trophy wife but then she turned into an agender, fakeboi, life factory.

No. 285938


That's her shoulder

No. 285939


Why does her shoulder have a nose and a mouth?

No. 285940


That's her hair and tatto lol. Picture is blurry

No. 285941

No, look closely, it's Onion.

No. 285942


Haha, good point. Pretty creepy still.

No. 285943

I thought Shiloh stated on her blog a while back that the only reason Onion asked her out was because she had media attention which he wanted more of. Same with that one other daughter of a famous rockstar who he went WAY too in depth with the blowjob thing. KISS was it?
Either way, I think this is why it gives this impression. But then again, maybe they did just hit it off a bit more than with Lamo. Either way I'm just waiting until the train crashes

No. 285944


True, I'm pretty sure she is just fully gay as well but is stuck. Especially now she is pregnant. She'll be staying for the $$$ and because she won't know how to look after herself at all.


True, she brings a kid into all this stupid drama. In fact the last and only time in a while I have seen her talk about her kid was to get back at billie (for the whole 'bruising a marriage' comment. Lainey called Billie disgusting for breaking up a family with a kid.)

No. 285947


I do think they were kindred spirits in a way at that point, just that Shiloh had the excuse of being young and stupid so she eventually grew out of it.

No. 285949

I'm not sure if she's changed her opinion since then, but her story used to be that she met him whilst asking for his advice on how to deal with an abusive ex (ironically) and she dumped him and started dating Gurg shortly afterwards whilst he was still married to Skye.

No. 285953

I'm actually glad they don't. Better they don't bring Troy up in videos than be like Kailyn and use him as a prop.

No. 285955

I mean fair enough not using him in videos, that's actually a very responsible choice (especially for those two) but they don't even seem to mention their kid at all even omitting his name? Seems weird to me

No. 285956

Ministry, AJ's dad is Al Jourgensen.

No. 285958

I have a feeling that once Gurg loses most of his fanbase due to aging and isn't making any money from his content anymore, they'll both purge their social media accounts by the time Troy is allowed to use the internet.

His digital footprints will still be around due to the expose sites and wayback machine, but Gurg has a habit of spinning the truth and denying his shitty past, so he wouldn't be against lying to convince his son it's just the haters spreading rumors about them.

No. 285961

i wil lalways and forever blame greg for most if not everything that happened during cuddlegate and even now, because fuck that pissbucket

No. 285965


What about Billie? It's not like it's cuddlerapegate

No. 285968

I'm still on the fence with Billie. She's def trying to use them for some e-fame, but she's also a barely legal child that probably has no idea the kind of maturity polyamorous relationship demands.

No. 285970

Can we stop talking about bullie as if she was a inccent 12 year old kid? She 19 and old enough to know better. It's not like she hasn't done this before. Her age isn't a excuse anymore.

No. 285972

The three of them have no idea how polyamoury works, Lainey is just another bored-as-shit housewife who is only allowed another woman as a sidepiece because her husband has forbidden her to fuck another guy, and she's forbidden him to fuck another woman.

He's a cuckold, he's only allowed to watch them instead of actually participating in a threesome.

No. 285974

This, same goes for Taylor… one minute she says Onion forced her into getting with Billie, the next minute she's pining over this girl to come back to her.

People can't keep claiming she's innocent in all of this, they're all as bad as each other because they think there's nothing outside of life other than internet views and subscribers.

No. 285977




Lainey was more than down to have a near underage girl round to fuck. Greg was down with it because he is also always down to have another near underage girl around to fuck.

No. 285978

Yep, and when she was still pining for Billie, she was still actively trying to get her fans to find "a perfect dream girl" for her.

No. 285979

I want Taylor and Billie to mooch all his youtube cash away. He can keep them barefoot and pregnant while he loses more subs.

No. 285983

idk, after what happened with shiloh i find it hard to put blame on the girls in greg's life that fall into his path. shiloh did some seriously fucked up shit when she was with greg, but as soon as she got away from him for good she started to act like a normal person, had normal relationships, and has come out and said how abusive relationship with greg was.

i believe that greg forced lainey into a relationship with billie at the start, and i think she had insecurities about it: cuddlegate. why would anyone be surprised that he would manipulate into being with billie AGAIN?

compared to the shit shiloh pulled, lainey wanting to be with billie again is nothing

No. 285985

also i'm like 95% sure billie has been there for awhile and they have had a threesome. which is why greg said so in his reply to leafy video. i think the only reason they're talking about it now is because people noticed her in the background in pictures.

No. 285986


Have you looked at Laineys twitter at all? There is no way Greg was 'forcing' Lainey to go back to Billie.

No. 285987

i didn't say forced, i said manipulate. billie is the same bitch greg said he loved moments after taylor left after cuddlegate, you know he wanted that blue pube vag again, and he was going to get it in some way.

and i'm also sure, as someone else has said, lainey is probably so desperate to feel some type of actual love she'll take it from the same bitch that let her husband give her a butt massage

No. 285988

Interesting, Andy's dad ranted about Greg a few weeks ago

it happens at about 52 minutes in:


No. 285989

Forced/manipulate, either way Lainey was just as desperate for the blue pube vag

No. 285990

she was desperate for love/ affection which i'm sure greg used for his benefit to get his weird agender threesome

No. 285992


Speaking of fame; Onion tried to submit this to NatGeo's Life in a Day project to get on the big screen. Safe to say it didn't work 'cause the video doesn't fit in with what they had in mind(showing happiness and outdoor activity with pretty colors).

Also, I never understood the piggy back ride in the middle of his depressing workday. Was that supposed mean an implication for sex or something?

No. 285993


oh but now they cleared it up eyeroll

No. 285994

I agree with this. Skye was also the only one that was his age, and at the start it seemed like a somewhat normal relationship. They were together before he ever got big on Youtube. But I think his ego got way too big, and whatever is wrong with him started rearing its ugly head, and she gtfo'd which fucked him up even more.

No. 285996

I don't think they've actually had a threesome, don't forget how torn up Gerg is over being labeled a cuck - he's been trying his hardest to prove he isn't.

Also, judging from Lainey's reaction the last time they came close to that happening - I really doubt she'll change her relationship conditions just to suit Gerg.

The body language says it all, if Gerg was allowed to participate, he wouldn't be sitting outside of photos of the girls, he'd set up his tripod as usual and include himself with open and loving body language.

He's still cucking for now, it may be subject to change… but he's currently lying about a threesome.

No. 286005

I hate all parties involved here but it would be so gratifying to watch lainey and billie ditch gerg and run off together

No. 286009


Yeah…If there wasn't a kid involved…

No. 286014

File: 1467587577847.png (647.25 KB, 953x538, cuckington.png)

and so it begins

No. 286015

File: 1467590245927.gif (1.32 MB, 500x246, acidbetty.gif)

No. 286017


So does this mean its all fake? Like what? Im confused and by the end?

No. 286018


he dated a popular youtuber for two weeks?

No. 286019

Apparently. Many thinks it's Hannah Minx because of the way he obsessed over her.

No. 286021

He's trying to save face as usual.
Who honestly knows what's the truth, but if he's vehemently denying it over a long period of time it's probably true - just going by his track record.

No. 286023

Did we ever find out if the high school anon was legit? He said that one of the problems in their relationship was that Onision wanted to fuck her sister.

No. 286024

No but Adrienne said something like this in her letter. It's censored but its obvious who she was taking about. "G would scream […]’s sisters name when they had sex – he apparently told her that he used to fantasize about sleeping with […]'s sister when they were married, and accidentally would call out […]'s sister’s name when he would sleep with Shiloh."

No. 286027


Ew. Though it's nice to know Alicia never liked him either platonically nor romantically. It seems her and Skye were/are pretty close to let Onioncock fuck their relationship up due to his fantasies.

No. 286028


Is there anything else in the letter that's censored about Skye? Any clue of what really went down back when she was still "Mrs. Onion"?

No. 286033

I found Onion's yahoo answers account today, really says a lot about him when it comes to answering and questioning…

No. 286035

Sorry I haven't followed this drama for a while, why are Lainey and Billy together now? Didn't onion cheat with Billy?

No. 286036

Lainey is either:
1) Very stupid
2) Very naive
3) Wants someone who isn't gargle
4) Trying to sabotage the relationship (as she knows something will happen again) so she can get out

No. 286037

File: 1467604524466.jpg (30.68 KB, 251x240, 1308720002001.jpg)

> List a few things that you think should/shouldn't be illegal
> 6. Age Restrictions?

No. 286039

>My almost two year old throws fits. I mean scream throw himself down kick hit uncontrollably I have two older?
>If you copy their behavior, they'll see how silly they are acting, and may find amusement… My mom used to do it to me, and I just thought she looked dumb, so I stopped, and then she always said "Well that's how you look." I learned pretty fast.

Yeah, that worked out great.

No. 286040

File: 1467607217451.jpg (17.02 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

I saw the exact same thing.

No. 286041

It's honestly incredible, even 8 years ago he was obsessed with religion, SxE, mortality, veganism and creepy sexual subjects.

He's not changed a single bit, I think he genuinely has either a learning disability or he's on the autism spectrum.

It can't be normal to have zero mental or emotional development for that long.

No. 286042

No. 286051


easter egg: gurgs old accounts/maybe private accs are vighkel

top kek: http://www.prestoexperts.com/expert/vighkel/

No. 286053

How are you finding these, anon? These are treasures!

No. 286054


Different anon: I found his old newsgrounds page, enjoy. :)


No. 286055

Honestly it's just a publicity thing. He makes money by views so obviously he's going to repeat the biggest stunt in a few years. All those people that spam them and that spite-watch his videos to follow "the truth" all pay his rent.

Lainey is obviously in on it, and just doesn't care I'm sure or is legit just into being dominated to the point where Gerg makes all the decisions which includes manipulating her to "chose" Billy. Even if Gert never fucks Billy (hypothetically bc Billy is a hoe) the experience of your wife with another, more interesting girl is hot. He's a fucking perv that's all about high school idiots, Lainey is getting older but she's his "forever".

I'm stoked for how much bigger he will stage the blowout though. Has to reach Shiloh levels.

No. 286056

I'll take screenshots of both the previous links as well in case he fucking deletes everything out of embarrassment.

No. 286057

Just use adblock or ublock origin. He won't get the youtube money. I watch his videos because I like his progression into a total cuck and watching him slowly losing his mind.

No. 286058

if this whole profile isn't proof of narcissism I don't know what is.
He also has such a neckbeard writing style.

No. 286059

>I also specialize in tribal music

what the fuck

No. 286061

The way he said he allowed Lainey to "explore her bisexuality" by letting her bring another woman into their relationship is a fucking hoot.

She doesn't even realise that if you're bisexual, you just are. You can never have any sexual experience with someone of the same sex and STILL be bisexual, you can never have been romantically involved with someone of the same sex and STILL be bisexual… you don't need any experience other than the fact that you're sexually attracted to both sexes to be bisexual.

It's all a farce, he just wants another teenager to stick his dick into whilst justifying that this is the only way that Lainey can prove she's bisexual… they are both mental as fuck.

No. 286062

the thing is… wouldn't he be about 22 when he asked all these autistic things?
These seem like the kinds of questions a 13yr old would ask.

No. 286063

he's so much more attracted to billie than he is to lainey. I think he was the one trying to get lainey to get her back the most behind the scenes.
Manipulated it in a way that made lainey feel like it was her idea. (though I still think Taylor's a dipshit).

No. 286064

Only thing Greg even did right but also what the fuck Adrienne she had to have much better connects than banana boy.

No. 286066

I'd say a little less manipulated but moreso privey to it all. I don't believe for a second they've been to marriage counseling, no councillor would suggest this shit as couples therapy.

Lainey is his #1 fan and always has been, people obsessed with their idols to unfathomable degrees will do anything to please them, that's why as a couple they are so dangerous to anyone else who gets wrapped up in them.

It's like he's almost fulfilled his dream of starting a cult, sometimes I wonder if it's the reason they don't furnish their house… he's had plenty of experience growing up with a mother who was part of a cult.

It also kind of explains his repetitive mindset, and how he can't elaborate or articulate on anything other than saying he's always right and honest about the same shit he's been obsessively preaching since 10 years ago (see the recent links posted by anons above).

I wanna seriously see him go down in flames.

No. 286067

No. 286068

File: 1467622944580.gif (929.79 KB, 320x240, mjl.gif)

Don't make fun of his degrees and qualifications, you jealous shit!

No. 286069

I will always wonder about horrible stuff he did to Skye that was mentioned and redacted in Adrienne's letter.

No. 286073

I did the same years ago, best not to think about it.

No. 286074

Was Onion a vegetarian (or did he claim to be) ~8 years ago while serving in Korea? In his Yahoo Answers page he answers a question:

"I'm in Korea right now… they give you a thousand little side dishes that I never really touch, then they give me a plate of chopped up, shredded meat that's seasoned.

It's relatively good. :)"

Shredded meat, huh.

No. 286075

There's been rumors that he eats at Taco Bell and other fast food joints since then… but unfortunately no concrete sources.

To be fair on vegetarians who are actually sane or half-sane, sometimes quitting meat can come at any point of a lifetime.

No. 286076

He always claims differently. Sometimes he says he started being vegetarian when he was 12, then when he was in high school, then when he was Korea etc.

I can't believe his fangirls, who religiously watch his shit, dont't notice how often he lies. Super braindead.

No. 286078

So wait, he claimed to have loved Billie back when cuddle gate happened and even went as far as basically signing away custody within a fucking day of being dumped so he could just date Billie before pussying out…

And then when one of his Re: I betrayed my wife videos went up on his joke channel about dumping his wife again, Billie thought it was real and texted him about wanting to date him…

And Lainey STILL brought Billie back into the relationship?! She's a fucking moron. Seriously. Best case scenario is Onion dumping Lainey and signing away custody for real this time so she's forced to be an actual person and parent her fucking children and get a life. At least those poor kids would have a shot without Greg in the picture and maybe she'd remarry a guy who wasn't NPD as fuck.

No. 286079

They're kids, and the ones who are over 12+ are just as misguided and ridiculous as he is.

No. 286080

To answer your questions.
Yep, yep… and another yep.

Pretty much yep to all of everything you've asked about at this point, I don't even give a fuck about their kids, there's nothing we can do about it.

This >>285958 will most likely happen by the time they're old enough to be allowed near a computer.

No. 286086

you can eat vegan at taco bell pretty easily
not that he would give a shit

No. 286087

No. 286088

all his content is is him arguing with imaginary people in order to massage his ego

No. 286111

Ewwww the comparison between his hair throughout the day. How much grease does your scalp have to produce for that to happen?

No. 286112

I'm a Cuck,
I'm a Cuck,
I'm a Cuck,
Look at me move!!!!
Yeah, yeah!
I'm a Cuck,
I'm a Cuck,
I'm a Cuck,
Look at me move!!!!
Uh oh, cucking time,
Uh oh, cucking time,
Uh oh, cucking time,
Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck Cuck and so on…

No. 286114

Greg and Lainey remind me a lot of some polyamorous people I lived with briefly. The husband was very charismatic but verbally/emotionally abusive, the wife was just batshit crazy, and their girlfriends and boyfriends were always 10+ years younger than them (mostly 18-22) and usually homeless/drug addicted.

I wonder if Greg will slowly start a miniature cult like those folks had, or some creepy sister wives type shit. I can imagine him at 40 with a sex commune in one of his mini mansions, like 6 kids running around in squalor. That's gonna be the ultimate downfall when he loses his fan base, I'm calling it now. Lainey will go along with it because she's a moron with no individuality.

No. 286115

I can see this happening. If Billie moves in that already makes three young women living under his roof.

No. 286119


Three? Who's the second?

No. 286120

Selena. She's Lainey's childhood friend Lainey and Greg somehow convinced her to leave her life in New Mexico to be their live in nanny.

No. 286123

On another note, it astounds me how much more open and charismatic Lainey is when she's in a video without Greg

No. 286124

I… had no fucking idea she was actually living with them? Like, they never talk about her and she doesn't show up in any photos… wtf

No. 286125


Why do they need a live in nanny if they're at home doing virtually nothing all the time?

No. 286126

because they want nothing to do with their kids apparently

No. 286127


She lives in Greg's old house(the one he bought with Skye).

No. 286129

>I wonder if Greg will slowly start a miniature cult
He already tried once, so why not?

No. 286139


Has anyone else seen these live videos before?

Trigger warming: music in both, and the Joker video(much worse).

No. 286140


Forgot to add: PC/MAC(?) watchable only!!!

No. 286147


Lainey & Onision

No. 286148

So many young girls involved with this piece of shit, please run.

No. 286188

File: 1467675988825.gif (1.67 MB, 260x146, 1456113610546.gif)

I should watch more streams, Seems to me that onision has a harder time hiding his abusive ways. Not that I care for taylor the stupid bitch, Ah well the things you do for money and fame I guess~

No. 286192

Imagine if he got into Twitch

No. 286193

Wrong vid, pls dont watch

No. 286197

Wow. It's crazy watching this video knowing everything that happened since then.

I remember that stream. It was so hard to watch. He was horrible to her and her fans.

No. 286204

Grag manson

No. 286224


Skye(in a lusty voice):
>You didn't say it like The Joker…

Onion(seconds later):
>Speaks in Joker's voice.

…wtf?! O.o

Also, in the other stream he kept bitching about his back hurting and couldn't keep his cock in his pants! I just got that vibe they fucked afterwards once the stream was done. Ew.

No. 286226


Does anyone have a video of this stream?

No. 286229

it's onions harem he's slowly building.
Lainey, selena and now billie is back.
The holy trinity is complete.

No. 286245

File: 1467705921233.jpg (28.91 KB, 375x305, ok.jpg)

No. 286250

yeah she actually doesn't suck here? damn

greg is a soulsucker. he sucks out peoples' souls.

No. 286251

Wow notice how much editing is around Lainey's answer about her sexuality (2:07 ish), and then howGreg just interrupts to save it, prob pissed she's ruining his stunt.

He's such a lame ass how is she not in a constant state of embarassment

No. 286253

Supposedly Lainey started to reblog emo posts on her tumblr again.

It's already happening

No. 286268

Boohoo, I guess Billie is back to giving all her attention to greaselord again instead of Plainey

No. 286271

File: 1467738493798.jpg (153.24 KB, 935x597, klk.JPG)

Yeah, riding his "ATV"

well done, lainey.

No. 286280

So is Onion still into the whole ghosts and witchcraft thing? I remember going to his old ass sites where he'd explain he had demons coming in and out of him as well as talking to them and communicating with the dead as well as having magical powers or some shit.

No. 286281

How dare she drink her coffee on an atv! Doesn't she know that coffee is for pathetic junkies?

No. 286290


There's something about this picture seems very forced and…uncomfortable….

No. 286308

File: 1467752580501.jpeg (273.84 KB, 560x560, image.jpeg)

It's her face

No. 286326

I like how his IG shifted from being solely his gross selfies to photos of Lainey and Billie. Guess he had to take some of his wife too while he shows off the teenager.

No. 286327

All of the captions on his pictures of Lainey feel so forced

No. 286341

File: 1467767255985.png (452.87 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160705-200434.png)

Here come the tweets from lainey

No. 286342

File: 1467767304761.png (493.2 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160705-200445.png)

The comments tho!

No. 286345

It may probably be in relation to the fact that Billie is going back to VA tomorrow.

No. 286347

I'm wondering when Gurg will end up moving her in to live with them in exchange for sex, video editing and appearances.

I wonder if he will also force her to give up coffee and ganja as a condition for joining his cult.

No. 286356

Or maybe Greg is fucking Billy because she is leaving tomorrow while Lainey sits in the corner

No. 286357

lainey tweeted some emo shit, asserted nothing happened and that she's fine, and to ignore her. people are telling her to shut up basically.

No. 286359

if she's pregnant like everyone thinks probably hormones starting to get to her

No. 286384


He will also force her to dress like a dude, chop off her hair and call Alicia's name out during sexy time.

No. 286392

File: 1467775865937.jpg (113.71 KB, 967x613, lk.jpg)

So while Billy is visiting and Onion posting Billy pictures on his instagram, Lainey suddenly spams twitter with "I'm not enough, I wanna die" tweets and then asks people to ignore her.

lol, good job lainey. keep trusting onion and being a good fangirl.

No. 286394

She aged out, no amount of pity babies is going to fix her marriage. Gender swapping isn't going to help her. She needs fucking legal advise but I'm sure she'll just get knocked up again.

No. 286396

she's really a fucking idiot actually.

No. 286398

Nah she posts stupid shit like that all the time.

Agreed. No pity for Plainey.

No. 286399

Apologies if this has been brought up before but does Troy actually exist? I wouldn't put it past either of them to fake the whole pregnancy/kid thing for a 'storyline'

No. 286467

There's a video where Lainey was holding him off to the side.

I don't doubt he exists, which is why I honestly feel sorry for the poor thing. He's the real victim in all of this.

No. 286538

You realize Admin can IP ban, right?

No. 286540

Are you Totemokawaii? Lol

No. 286577


oooh girl, them brows too far apart.

No. 286630

You should go see a Gynecologist for those pussy boils. And then go see a Psychiatrist cause you need to be prescribed stronger meds.

No. 286651

I wonder what the deal with all that was? lol

No. 286653

File: 1467791052308.gif (1.25 MB, 540x304, dobergerson_1453871238_Head No…)


Some loon is salty Taylor R's thread got banned so they're trying to ban all other threads.

No. 286676

why does she look like she aged five years bitch you're white trash slow the fuck down and reprioritize

No. 286763

It's the power of greasemonger, he prematurely ages and ruins all he fucks.

No. 286773

lmao these are lyrics to a chiodos song

No. 286779

She tweets emo lyrics when she's depressed so when people ask her what's wrong she could say "they're just lyrics guys". She's been doing this for years.

No. 286780

Who else can't help being excited for cuddlegate 2.0? This feels like the calm before the storm. Maybe something will actually happen this time.

No. 286781

He's now following billie on IG guys

No. 286783

Hey Lamo, I've got some lyrics for ya!

Fallen angels at my feet,
Whispered voices at my ear.
Death before my eyes,
Lying next to me I fear.
She beckons me, shall I give in?
Upon my end, shall I begin?
Forsaking all I've fallen for,
I rise to meet the end…

Bye bitch.

No. 286789

"An Open letter to Onision"

No. 286796

File: 1467837473826.gif (471.71 KB, 259x197, chris-pratt-1432654573.gif)


No. 286801

lol @ this old video of some dude owning onion

No. 286821

this guy looks glam metal as fuck

No. 286850


It's bad but I'm so excited

No. 286858

I'd rather the glam metal over edgy onion any day

No. 286882

hey man, i'm not hating on it. i dig his style

No. 286884

He looks like Robert Plant before he got fat.

No. 286922

Now that Billy is gone, Onion suddenly stops spamming instagram with pictures of his wife (+ Billy) and goes back to posting only his selfies.

Hmmm…My guess is everytime Plainboy doubted Onion and Billy, he would post picture of her on his insta and claim: "See?? I posted this picture with the caption how much I love you, I wouldn't do that if I didn't love you."

No. 286935

File: 1467863037486.jpg (46.08 KB, 492x675, kek.JPG)

lol @ the comments

No. 287111


just permaban this retard already

No. 287120


are u the spam bandit or just an edgy rando? either way this site needs to get its shit together before it all goes to shit

No. 287137


kill yourself

No. 287141

what's ur ISP

No. 287183

File: 1467872765278.png (54.84 KB, 576x444, Onion.png)

No. 287192

cucky mcfucky

No. 287196

Wow, he's at it again already… this was the EXACT same shit he pulled the last time Lainey and Billie got together.

The constant ingenuine "love-bombing" towards Lainey, then the whole "nothing is more beautiful than their lesbian love" bullshit just before cuddlegate happened. He attempts to be careful with how he words this shit ("SHE has an amazing girlfriend") but it ends up being creepily transparent because he follows it straight up with "I'M lucky be a part of this relationship" in the same fucking paragraph.

It's definitely going to happen again, he's seriously not learnt his lesson since last time. You can tell from this that he's wayyyy more excited about it all than she is and that's seriously cringeworthy.

There's no way that Lainey can't see through his shit, either she's purposely ignorant of it all because she's more interested in fulfilling his fantasies than her own or… no fuck it, there doesn't even seem to be any other logical reason for why she's accepting the fact that he's more interested in Billie than he is in her.

The doormat has given in to the cuckold once again.

No. 287197

He has had so many threesomes with amazing individuals though! He's a cuck and doesn't give a shit because he's happy if he gets his dick sucked. Taylor isn't going to realize that this is him pushing her out for good so he can be with a new silver-haired teenager.

No. 287198

File: 1467878224214.png (8.89 KB, 523x75, cuckmeister2000.png)

It's called having a raging boner for your wife's "girlfriend" you obvious, unsubtle greasemonkey.

No. 287247

It's your mind telling you it would rather be dead.

No. 287261


Does this piece of shit think he's being sly by vague tweeting about being in love with Billie? He probably wants to appear like he's "fighting against his heart because it's not right" so his tween fans think he's suffering and sympathize with him and validate his tru feelings so he avoids getting blamed for cheating on his wife yet again, like the narcissistic sociopath he is? Fucking hell.

No. 287262

Fuck him, and fuck Lainey. They're both broken individuals. I was so done with her when she disappointed all of us by moving back in with him after he cheated on her with Billie the first time.

No. 287270

I don't even give a shit that lamey stays with this slimeball, what makes me so fucking mad is the fact that she basically gives her kid to her friend to raise while she flies teenage girls to WA to fuck and pretends that she's a boy. Not only that, but makes a kid to pawn off on her friend AND THEN MAKES ANOTHER ONE TO NEGLECT

No. 287271


Those spawns are better off being raised by other people anon. I dont think Greg is above fucking girls while his infant son is in the same room.

No. 287273

Sooo, is Plainey pregnant or what?

No. 287274

Gurgles mom made a facebook post about them expecting another kid, but as far as I know that's all anyones said about it. It's looking like yes she is.

No. 287276

If you want to look at her yt, they've been avoiding showing her stomach like she's in a bad sitcom.

No. 287279

Exactly, this kind of shit reads like someone who is "in love", and most anons have had enough experience to call that shit when we see it and he's just playing dumb by pretending he's not acknowledging it… if this was a 15 year old trying to figure out their feelings for the first time, this would be cute; but he's 31 years old and he desperately wants to screw his wife's teenage girlfriend.

No. 287282

I was re-reading Adrienne's letter last night and literally EVERYTHING she said about him is true. At one point in time, I used to think she was over-exaggerating because I couldn't believe there are guys like him out there, but every quirk and behavior she described about him is absolutely genuine, even to this day; he hasn't changed.


Everything from his personality, mentality, even down to his fucking creepy pregnancy fetishes is spot on.

Why did Shiloh, Lainey and Billie ignore this shit? Do they seriously find it endearing, or that they can "change him" somehow? He has ALWAYS been this way, his opinions and behavoir have never changed - he's just gotten better at telling naive teenagers what they want to hear so he can fuck them.

No. 287283


I still want to know what he did to Skye that had to be removed from the letter. No matter how bad it is. Maybe we'll get a sense of clarity of what kind of person he truly is.

No. 287285

Me too, anon. And there was an uncensored version.

No. 287292


There was an uncut version? What happened to it??? O.o

No. 287295

I'm pretty sure that faggot Someguy has the unedited version, I remember him saying he was one of the recipients of it as he befriended her during the whole drama.

No. 287296


Fuck, man! There's gotta be an uncensored version somewhere! 'Cause I doubt him or Onision Drama are gonna let us know what happened… ??

No. 287297


Even if anyone lurking here has seen it if it has been posted before could they let us know?

No. 287299

File: 1467920664128.png (26.19 KB, 585x235, laineybot.png)

seems like things aren't going too well between her and billie…

No. 287300

Good. More drama for us.

No. 287301

At least he paid for her college before he dumps her for Billie.

No. 287302

He paid for college? What is she studying?

No. 287303

psychology, believe it or not

No. 287305

File: 1467921940375.gif (499.12 KB, 500x375, 3QKvDXT.gif)

Bahahahah! We all called it lamey, Did billygoat end up cucking you for onion?

Poor baboo :^)

No. 287306

Cuddlegate 2.0. Come on plainey, chimp out some more so we can get the sweet details.

No. 287307

oh the irony..

No. 287308

File: 1467923247227.png (45.99 KB, 579x804, 24a35e6869[1].png)

All is not well in the marriage from hell.

No. 287309

File: 1467923309290.png (13.67 KB, 582x225, lLL5agk.png)

No. 287310

Interesting…I noticed the poll he put up too. Funny I was just re-reading the Adrienne Email and he did the same thing when he was arguing with her. Hope there's some good milk comes from this.

No. 287311

File: 1467923519628.png (9.34 KB, 583x110, 8NrHUBl.png)

He literally just tweeted this too.

What poll? I missed it and I think its gone?

No. 287312

File: 1467923602077.png (19.98 KB, 586x217, onisionpoll.png)

No. 287313


Okay guys what are your guesses as to what went down?

No. 287314

Since he said something about being misled, I assume Lainey told him she doesn't want to get cucked anymore and he's taking being denied his threesome a little hard?

No. 287315

Billy dumped Lainey and Onion

No. 287316


I personally am thinking that Lainey had planned to actually just be with billie, came out as fully gay (finally) got rejected, Greg found out and is heartbroken.

No. 287318


It's only fair, right? Skye's been out of the picture for a long time now, Adrienne has moved on from the Onion Apocalypse and Someguy is…just Someguy…

No. 287319

If it is about Billie, I have no idea what she's been "lying" about, it seems as though this has all happened as soon as she left for Warped Tour… but she made it clear that she was attending it before she was summoned back to their cult-den - so it can't be that.

Maybe she's smoking pot and drinking coffee whilst there and they don't approve of it? I know he's really fucking gung-ho about shit like that… I honestly don't know.

Somethings gone down the exact day she left though, then grease started with the whole "I LUV MAH WIFE, HER LESBO RELATIONSHIP WITH HER GIRLFRIEND (THAT I'M LUCKY TO BE PART OF!) IS SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!" started last night on his Twitter, followed very fucking shortly by the not-so-subtle and obvious "I can't sleep… can't get Billie off my mind" reference and now, we see all these Tweets by both him and Lainey whining about how sad they are.

No. 287320

Would've been quite stupid of me to walk away when I learned that Santa and the Easter Bunny weren't real.
A kid's gotta eat you know.

No. 287321

File: 1467924882504.png (69.04 KB, 586x738, Onion Cuckboy.png)




I'm gonna guess lainey lied about wanting to be with him and things will end bad

No. 287323

That's already been posted, fag.

No. 287324


but i posted it in one big post bro

No. 287325

nobody cares "bro."

No. 287326

File: 1467925526621.gif (1.1 MB, 260x146, deliciousmilk.gif)

No. 287328

My guess is that Lainey caved in and let Greg have his cuddles, but he went too far by telling Billie he loved her. Basically, same thing as last time except Greg feels more justified.

No. 287329

File: 1467926181622.jpeg (88 KB, 640x665, image.jpeg)

Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like it's not all flowery with Billie either? What the hell went down?

No. 287332


My first thoughts were that this is unrelated and she is just tired from Warped

No. 287333

Sounds like they wanna throw Billie under a bus but are being emo instead because Greg is all about being positive now.

No. 287334

File: 1467926415039.jpg (39.47 KB, 736x414, handel.jpg)

I also think it's probably unrelated. Seems like she actually lives a life outside the onion cult.

No. 287335

which is probably what has them both so upset amirite?

No. 287337

I'm starting to feel it's unrelated to Billie, she's not around to engage with them as she's at the Warped Tour, and last night Grease was pretty much singing both their praises (Billie and Lainey).

For all that to change in 12 hours of Billie being on the road with her friend and then sleeping after the rest of it, the timeline doesn't seem to match up.

It might be about a family friend or Troy's nanny, who knows? It just doesn't feel like it adds up to being about Billie right now.

No. 287338

Okay I'll take my statement back.
Anyway, how long do you guys think onionboy can pull his oh so positive lifestyle until everything goes back to normal?

No. 287340

Greg stopped following Billie on twitter.

No. 287341


oooo, juicy…

No. 287343

File: 1467927670721.png (343.2 KB, 1323x335, uhhh.png)

No he hasn't, and I've refreshed his follow list about a dozen times in the past hour.

No. 287344

I think its this. Lainey probably said they could all be together sexually, but she chickened out and Onion never got that barely legal threesome he always wanted.

No. 287345

File: 1467928632835.png (407.54 KB, 1307x369, yup.png)

Lainey is still also following Billie.

I wish people would provide proof through screenshots before taking everything that anons post on eoliveson as gospel.

Seriously, that's the point of this imageboard and we should be taking advantage of that, not because some random tumblrina on that blog said so.

No. 287348

oh god.
Is he going to use this poll as some sort of retarded 'proof' for a video?

No. 287352


hope so, might offer more insight into if anything is going on

No. 287355

"See, Plainey? People from the internet say you should stay, they are numerous and therefore know more than you. Now, suk mi pls"

No. 287356

Agreed, considering they're both still following her and being really vague on who they're talking about. They may actually be doing it on purpose to attract more views, it's not like Billie is around to defend herself either way so it would be a good opportunity to create meaningless drama for that exact purpose.

Similar to how he created the STD drama about Adrienne whilst she was away, he's not above doing this shit.

No. 287361

I hope he hurries up and makes a shitty video letting us know what's going downnnn

No. 287362

He unfollowed her off IG tho

No. 287363

I really think it's either:

1. They both gave her some ultimatum about giving up her vices and they've found out she hasn't whilst she's at Warped Tour and thus feel betrayed and lied to.

2. It's hyperbolic drama to gain more views whilst she isn't around to defend herself.

3. It's not about Billie.

4. It's this >>287344

No. 287364

You don't happen to have a screenshot do you? I have no idea how to check follows on IG.

No. 287365

File: 1467931563295.jpeg (61.82 KB, 750x444, image.jpeg)

No. 287366

File: 1467931604673.jpeg (27.95 KB, 750x563, image.jpeg)

No. 287367

Interesting, did this just happen today as well?

No. 287368

>>287367 I posted a day a go when I noticed he followed her so must of

No. 287371

File: 1467932987811.jpg (241.32 KB, 1218x878, excite.jpg)


No. 287374

File: 1467934686884.png (43.03 KB, 1153x209, Capture.PNG)


No. 287375

I vote that she snogged a couple fellas at warped

No. 287380

They could just be stirring up fake drama for attention again.

No. 287388

Probably. He's still posting emo tweets

No. 287391

Considering the three of them are only posting wallowy emo bullshit, I have to agree with you… at the moment, it seems like they're aware that posting vague shit like that gets their followers to play guessing games and gives them more attention.

No. 287400

I don't think she cheated, Onision has always had a huge complex about getting cheated on (hue), he would have said something specifically about it instead of referring to "lying and misleading"

No. 287502

File: 1467947109410.png (405.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160707-220327.png)

No. 287531

Hmm maybe Billie is the one who broke it off then? Maybe she doesn't want to be in their weird onion cult.

No. 287532

Haha what the fuck is this Chris-Chan crash into slumber shit

No. 287535

I vote it's fake and made to get attention

No. 287548

File: 1467951131510.png (44.88 KB, 588x392, 1.png)

No. 287549

everyone who doesn't think this is a fucking idiot that's literally all he does and he's been doing it for years and all anyone does here when they fucking post about him is validate him

No. 287553

>Not gonna talk about it but I'm gonna tweet for attention instead

this bitch

No. 287568

Why do anons on both oeliveson and DSSCTM's blogs keep claiming shit without proof to back them up? I've been seeing this shit on both blogs for the past week, now someone on there is claiming that Billie is in a relationship with her friend Ayalla and that's the reason Lamey is sad.


No. 287717

Yep. Like pewdiepie - he was low key pissed. lol

No. 287718

I noticed he's not the most careful of thinkers. He doesn't always think things through, he's just extremely opinionated/has a big mouth.

No. 287719


>this guy has been sitting on his ass at the computer 24/7 for the past 10 years, he's gone beyond the realm of batshit insane armchair activist, he's a loser

A loser who makes six figures while making fun of other losers who make even more money than he does for doing even LESS. LOLOL.

No. 287721

>She's just as bad as Gurg if not worse as she enables his behavior by being his doormat,


No. 287722

This is unsettlingly narcissistic. Even the most famous Instagrammers follow a smattering of people. Also further proof no one likes this fuck if he doesn't have friends to be mutuals with.

No. 287728

That's just sad af. I'm putting my popcorn away. Done speculating.

No. 287731

Still a basement dweller.He just buys toys to play with such as his car or a new mcmansion (which he doesn't even furnish properly) but hardly ever leaves the house and never leaves the city.

What is the point of making six figures when you don't even leave your own house?

No. 287742

Shiloh made a song about Onion before she even knew who Onion is

No. 287745

Damn, sadden me everytime how he ruined her. At least, it's not like Plainey had any sort of talent or life of her own before Onion snatched her up.

No. 287802

It's really sad about the dislikes and comments on Shiloh's music videos. Full of Gurggle's retarded fangirls, literally talking about she cheated on their "beautiful boyfriend".

No. 287854

File: 1467986197517.jpg (32.26 KB, 488x463, 5678.JPG)

yeah, it's disgusting

No. 287877

Pathetic, ignorant fucks.

Of course, we can't pretend that Shiloh didn't stick with Greg for wayyyy longer than she should have …

No. 287879


Shiloh and … apparently..? her new girlfriend.

No. 287880

'PRIDE with the wifey!'


Poor Shiloh. She had to go gay just to escape the Onion stench

No. 287885


She looks genuinely happy there, good for her.

No. 287902

File: 1467994112066.png (2.99 MB, 1876x1206, Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 17.0…)

Shiloh isn't gay, pic related

No. 287905

File: 1467994422600.jpg (7.53 KB, 220x200, raf,220x200,075,f,101010-01c5c…)

I thought that was Moonman for a split second. Holy shit.

No. 287909

File: 1467995619380.png (32.75 KB, 520x378, ONYONSAN.png)


No. 287923


Okay, whoever's releasing Onion's military records better hurry the fuck up!

In an interview they did with Someguy, some of the records "stated" the reason for why he took his clothes off in front of his commanding officer was because he was gay for him, he was trying to get out. (It should be noted that the military had a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy - if you're a homo, you're out for good.)

No. 287930

I feel sorry for him tbh, he needs to have a change in his life and sort himself out. He is obviously not right mentally. He doesn't help himself.

No. 287936


Dudes. He stole that out of Catch-22. Yossarian stripped to protest their commander giving them more missions to fly. I don't believe he did this irl for a second.

No. 287937


If you're saying he needs to check himself into a mental asylum, then I agree. 'Cause that's the only way he CAN get help.

No. 287945


Yeah but it is her supposed 'girlfriend' talking about a boyfriend. Which proves what anon was saying that Shiloh is not gay with this girl (unless the whole polyamory thing is becoming a trend now)

No. 287946

God, Shiloh had a real career before Gurgles got his filthy hands on her. So sad.

No. 287952

Seriously, I want to see her pick herself up and shine on. She has so much potential.

No. 287954


Yeah but it's her own damn fault. She knew Onion was married back then yet still continued to Persuade him. Why the fuck didn't she left him alone? Honestly, if it weren't for Shiloh; Onion would still be married to Skye(and keep if existing kid), Taylor, Selena and Billie would have nothing to do with his life and Shiloh herself would be an international pop star by now, she was getting there anyway.

But with chaos, there's no order…

No. 287955

File: 1468007141445.jpg (10.24 KB, 527x409, 12814078_562622640578631_57679…)

No. 287956


(assuming this isn't bait)
I get your point but the thing is would we REALLY want Skye to be stuck with Gurg? Seems an awful punishment for her. Also, you're right Shiloh was a totally idiot and at times as much of a douche as Gurg but she has more then paid the price for it imo and moved forward which is more than he has. As always, Onion was the puppet master in all the chaos.

No. 287962


She didn't wanna let him go either way(the docs stated she was FORCED to sign the papers). She was cool being married to him for a long time until that "fateful day".

As for the kid, it might've not been so lucky…

Onion: screams and spews self-righteous bs on camera.
Kid(to Skye): momma, why is daddy screaming and talking to himself? It's weird!
Skye: shhh he's making a video, honey. Let's go play with Roxy and Caboo!
Kid: giggles daddy's weird!
Onion: hey can, can you you just go away please? Thanks.looks annoyed
Kid: why's daddy so mean? :(

Another would-be incident:

Kid: daddy I want a burger!
Onion: what?! No! Do you know where burgers come from? They come from cows! Do you wanna eat cows?!
Kid: looks stunned/horrified
Onion: didn't think so…
Skye: really Greg? Really…?
Onion: what? He/she had to know somehow!
Skye: okay… walks away

No. 287963


Woah there buddy, that's a whole shit ton of speculation there.

No. 287964


Lol, anything's possible with Onion

No. 287967

Whose to say he wouldn't have left Skye for another fan if Shiloh didn't come along? From what he describes their marriage was more of an awkward friendship. If you read his old online journals you can see he even broke up with her right before going to the military to try to win back his first love Tanya. When that failed he quickly proposed to Skye and they married three months later. He basically married her to make his ex jealous, just like how he married Lainey quickly to make Shiloh jealous. By 2010 Skye's depression (or what she says was PTSD from his emotional abuse) got so severe she couldn't work anymore with him on videos and she just laid on the couch all day. Any teen fan that tried hard enough could have easily took Shiloh's place.

No. 287970

Are you sure he married her to make Tanya jealous and not because the military pays more cash to married people?

No. 287971

Nobody forced onion to get with a 17 year old unstable random fangirl. He dug his own grave, she was the shovel.

No. 287972

That's a good point. Whatever his reasons were for rushing into marrying Skye, I don't think love was one of them. He wouldn't have been so quick to throw her aside for a dramatic leaving for boot camp chance back with his ex.

No. 287973


Apparently from what HSanon said: Skye broke up with onion before marrying him because he cheated on her or something. Not only that, they've been together since high school(about two years before the "wedding").

Despite the mental abuse; he treated her pretty well(by his standards) compared to the others and has stated in said journals and (deleted)videos he wanted her wherever he went while he was in the Air Force.

No. 287974


Shiloh confessed to him that she loved him but it's still onion's fault.

No. 287976

File: 1468015630556.png (43.35 KB, 500x293, image.png)


Also there's this; we have yet to hear his remorse over Shiloh or even AJ:

No. 287977

HS Anon if he was real he seemed to be an outsider looking in from afar on this whole thing. Greg was the one that sent Skye the break up email. He forwarded it to Tanya then tried to win her back in another email. All throughout his relationship with Skye people that became close to them would try to warn her or even try to break them up because he treated her so poorly. It got to the point where Greg decided he and Skye didn't need friends anymore. This is all recorded in his journals. Some anons here really like to romanticize his relationship with Skye but it seemed like a miserable isolating relationship when you start looking into it.

No. 287978

Eh… From what I've read in his old websites on the wayback; he and Skye were still going out. They broke up in June of 2005; two months before the marriage.

No. 287981

I didn't see that break up. This is what I'm referring to. Esa and Tanna is Tanya and Alta is Skye. They aren't the full emails.

Esa: The Fight This Night
Submitted by Gregory on Tue, 03/29/2005 - 12:03am. Esa Chronicles
I have written two emails… neither good enough to get what message I wanted to send to you under these circumstances, so I will settle with my emotions to talk for me.
You and I, we have a massive factor that unites us, while all the small elements seperate us.
I don't want those little areas to divide who we are, who we can be…
I understand now why you and I could never be lovers ~ not until we come to a common understanding ~
Esa, you are one of the few people I believe in, in this country ~ say I am wrong as many times as you like, defy the country I will soon fight for, none of it matters ~ it does not really matter… as long as you agree with me on this…
» Gregory's blog | read more

Alta: Goobye
Submitted by Gregory on Tue, 03/29/2005 - 12:02am. Alta, Sabi & Ali
What do you think of this Tanna […]?
You're the only one I am asking for a perspective from… I believe in your opinion over all others in this world…
I anticipate what your brilliant mind will come up with, as I am always.
Alta… people separate, this is an often occurrence throughout the human race ~ most often it is due to differences…
I'm not sure if I will favor visiting you when I get back, anymore, you have insulted me by all you have said in suggesting this issue in discussion is a fault generated only by me, as if you are entirely innocent to my suspicions and disturbances in response to how you act.
» Gregory's blog | read more

No. 287983

When was this posted?

No. 287986

Shush Somegut.

No. 287987

The conundrum.

No. 287988

Leave her alone man, she's old news.

No. 287989

Stop feeling sorry for him, do you want to hatefuck him?

No. 287990

So yeah, I think all of it is fake drama too. He's back to talking about Black lives matter and starving children.

No. 287991

Also, he posted:
My wife has given me more happiness than any person I've ever known. I am incredibly lucky to have her <3
This is nauseating. I can't wait for him to eventually burn down.

No. 287992

File: 1468024143117.jpg (105.21 KB, 667x590, grimple.jpg)

No. 287993

File: 1468024294797.jpg (114.27 KB, 579x709, gerfle.jpg)

No. 287994

File: 1468024423437.jpg (48.54 KB, 630x584, whileattheplankcamp.jpg)

No. 287995

They're so self centered instead of consoling each other they are trying to out emo each other.

No. 287996


Just like other people like romanticize Greg and Shiloh's relationship when it's confirmed she was treated more poorly than all of them. At least Skye and Lainey got to keep their hair among "other things". Most of the time, the tumbrinas are at fault cough OnisionDrama cough for this.

No. 287998

so it looks like they went through with another threesome then…


No. 287999

m-my story has come to real!

No. 288000

Yeah, I always felt as though Shilohs success as a singer made onion extremely jealous. I always figured breaking her and ruining her was exactly what he had planned, She was a stupid kid and yet to this day she's still facing a shit ton of hatred. I wish she would get back in the music game and stick it too his greasy ass.

No. 288001

In the end; nobody knows which girl he loved the most, and neither does he.

I wonder how bad Lainey has it behind the camera? We know he treats her like shit online but…how severe is it?

No. 288006

Honestly her songs were really good, I could have seen her playing the Warped Tour or something. It's quite depressing really.

No. 288007


bragging online about having 3 sums with a barely legal girl. This man is a father don't forget loooool

No. 288008

So the person that betrayed them was Cyr. Geez that bitch in the podcast was sucking his dick.

No. 288009

I'm guessing Plainboi allowed Gurg to participate in threesomes but while they were doing it Gurg probably ignored her and completely focused on Billy lol

No. 288012

I think he's lying tbh

No. 288027

New Onion podcast where he tries to paint himself in good light again.


Featuring new Onision lies such as:
>It was actually Adrienne who wanted to marry him in a month, but he said "What's the rush."

>He thought Lainey was 21 (even though you could clearly see on all her social media she was a teenager in highschool)

>Shiloh was pregnant with someone else's kid while she was dating Onion (again wrong, she got pregnant after they broke up)

That Molly person actually bought it all up

No. 288029


I'm surprised he didn't talk shit about his ex-wife… No:
>She stole $3,000 worth of things from my house including the contract!
>She was persuing me for $150,000 but I could only afford $90,000!
>I was gonna let her stay for a year at MY house 'cause I'm a good guy!!!
I'm still paying alimony and she continues to steal from me!

None of that… Did Gretchen have a change of heart for her or something? Why can't Shiloh and AJ's name be left alone? It's been years since they've all been in the picture…

Something just doesn't seem "right"…

No. 288038

I guess because those two did more bad to his image

Adrienne and her letter where she reveals how he actually acts and also he got banned from VidCon because in one of his videos he claimed you can't rape a woman if she had a lot of sexual partners (referring to Adrienne)

While with Shiloh, he filmed her having seizure and memory loss, everyone still calls him out on it.

Obviously, in both cases, it's Greg's fault for what he did and not theirs. But his narcissistic mind twists it so of course, those two women are the devil.

No. 288050

Yeah but he used to include her as part of the "three devils" for being a "lying greedy bitch" who never really loved him and always referred to her as a succubus for "stealing his money" on a monthly basis(alimony).

I guess karma bit him in the ass for that since he realized he's married to a gold-digging child bride.

…or they're talking again without any of our or the fans' knowledge.

I'm not saying it's a bad thing either, he definitely did something right for once but ever since those throwback videos he uploaded with her and Cyr back in 2014, then the HSANON thing last year; he stopped…

Something is fishy.

No. 288065

Should've pulled the fucking trigger.

No. 288068

Now now, if he'd pulled the trigger you wouldn't have all this reading material would you? lol

No. 288072

What are you even on about, we've all established Gurg is a massive sociopath that destroys everything in his way. It'd be better if he was dead a long time ago.

No. 288075

I see a lot of drama has been established. There's also a lot of subjective comments on his personal character. Most people it seems, are just happy to have something to read. lol

No. 288087

If it wasn't Skye, Shiloh, Adrienne, Taylor and Billie, it would be someone else because he's a fucking lunatic, that's the only thing mysterious about this… it's his fucking destiny to ruin every woman or child he gets with.

No. 288166


painful to listen to and that girls voice is so annoying

No. 288168

That vocal fry.
Does she not know it destroys your vocal chords and just makes you sound like an uneducated idiot?

No. 288171

File: 1468109728706.jpg (168.61 KB, 600x739, 1463910623711 (1).jpg)

He was in the Air Force.

No. 288175


>he's a fucking lunatic

>it's his fucking destiny to ruin every woman or child he gets with.

He's ruined children? That's news to me. TBH it doesn't look like the girls he hung out with were much different or "better" than him. Everyone has their share of responsibility.

No. 288178


What type of responsibility? Specifically AJ and Skye?

No. 288187

Are you seriously trying to play devil's advocate to Gurg?? Gtfo of here.

No. 288193


piss off

No. 288194


lol actually having objectivity isn't playing devils advocate.

No. 288196

Yes, he's "ruined children" Shiloh and Lainey were 17 with barely a fraction of the experience that adults have. He was a grown man when he got with both of them, Shiloh is still to this day picking up the pieces where she missed out on a good deal of her teenage years that Gurg stole from her and replaced with psychosis.

It sure isn't "objectivity" when you're claiming that two 17 year olds weren't much different or better than him, if they were adults around his age at the time, there would be no argument that they were just as responsible.

If you want to support and play devils advocate for him, go and follow him and be his fan, this isn't the place for sucking his cock.

No. 288203


Ok, even if they were both a year off from being legal adults [17 is a grey area anyway, in England it's 16] this doesn't invalidate the fact they chose to be with him in the first place. Unless they're totally mentally retarded, then imo they're cognizant enough at that age to make their own choices, however bad. Yes they were young, but this doesn't totally take away personal responsiblity on their part.

No. 288204

And Shiloh from what I know had her own set of issues before she met the guy that "ruined" her.

What I'd like to know is, since these bordering on legal adult girls were so young and helpless, why didn't their parents intervene? Where were their legal guardians in all of this, did they give their consent? No one knows.

No. 288205

He purposely took them to states where the AoC was under 18, they live in America not England so that point is completely null, your opinion doesn't dismiss that fact.

No. 288206

They DID intervene, it's been explained several times in the past four threads, lurk more.

No. 288207

Did he kidnap them? From what I understand they went willingly. A year before the legal age is grey area af.

No. 288208

I haven't read those threads and don't know where they are.

No. 288209


Either way, Shiloh was a home wrecker. She knew he was married yet still tried for him. She is just at fault as he is, regardless of age.

No. 288210

Wait was he already married when he got with Shiloh? LOL what a dumbass.

No. 288212


go back to pull where u belong then

No. 288213

That's what I'm saying, they're BOTH equally responsible for their equally stupid choices.

No. 288214

There's a "catalog" page on every sub-board here, you'll find the past threads through that.

Adrienne had correspondence with Shiloh's mother through a series of emails that can be found on the lifeofonion.com wiki.

Her mother was sick and tired with Gerg manipulating and abusing her daughter that she got in touch with Adrienne, basically it came to a final straw and when Shiloh managed to lie to Gurg that she had sepsis through miscarrage, she returned to Canada. As soon as her mother got hold of her, she had to physically take her passport away from her.

Taylors parents and her sister hate Gerg, especially her father - he intervened plenty of times until Gerg convinced Taylor that her parents were abusive and were trying to seperate them, she's now estranged from her family and as far as I know, they no longer talk.

No. 288215

He was married to Skye when he started talking to Shiloh, hence why the divorce happened.

No. 288216

She's not estranged from her family. Her mother was there a few weeks ago. She also goes to visit them back home, without Greg.

No. 288217

Shiloh claims that she met him through talking to him about an abusive boyfriend, and it went from there.

Greg then decided to take a road trip to meet her behind Skye's back, he ended up totalling their car when he struck a deer and that's how Skye apparently found out what was going on.

No. 288218

Thanks! I'm gonna check that out.

No. 288219

They don't talk anymore? Damn. In a recent vid on Taylors channel Greg said HIS parents didn't like HER.

No. 288220

That's gotta be really awkward, especially knowing they really dislike him but I guess they're just keeping it together for their grandson.

No. 288221

It's just Gergs mother who is around and she's batshit crazy as well, I think Taylor gets along with her though.

I remember when Gerg went full out on her sister and alluded her to a slut and all kinds of horrible things on his Facebook, I'm pretty sure her family wants nothing to do with him.

No. 288222

I'm willing to bet she sleeps around when visiting NM. Everyone knows Onion's not one to please women. Maybe that's also why she's pregnant.

No. 288223


Really? I thought Taylor didn't like the old hag…? Hmm…

No. 288224

Earlier this year or just before last Christmas, Onion posted a load of chat conversations he had with Lainey's dad… something about her dad threatening to sue him for libel because of the accusations of abuse and general badmouthing of him to his followers and Lainey, I'm sure he made a video about it as well.

But yeah, Lainey's family really don't like him. Then of course was the time that Lainey was was talking about mother's day on her Twitter and recalled some good memories with her mom, then Onision jumped right in there and replied that her mother was abusive and Lainey should be celebrating her own motherhood… that didn't go down well either.

No. 288225

I'm honestly not sure how Taylor feels about her, but from what I see on his mother's FB, she usually talks fondly of her when she does.

No. 288226

File: 1468134205156.png (47 KB, 1327x686, 54fb1c85fa887c403015fc37268130…)

>Onision acting like a BLM activist on twitter


No. 288227

Ha! Never mind #blacklivesmatter, what happened to his #alllivesmatter? You can clearly see there's no equality going on there, what a fraud.

No. 288228

It kinda makes me wonder if Onion uses clickbait sites like Buzzfeed as his means of research and resources when it comes to current trends and softcore political knowledge…

He's been bandwagon jumping more than usual so far this year, maybe he started to cotton on that talking about baby dicks and meat eaters all the time was making his fans unsubscribe.

No. 288229

Greg made this video and his followers apparently got a GG favored tranny banned from twitter.

No. 288230

looks like every other vid includes something about circumcision or vegetarianism.

No. 288233

god. i hate onision, but i also hate this bitch. my s/o dated them a while back and they're a shit person and so fucking annoying.
so weird seeing them pop up on this thread…
>sage for small rant and no contribution

No. 288234

Give us dirt.

No. 288236

I'm only 3mins in and this is hard to watch. He's taking her jokes too seriously… how does he not see her saying he has a negative 6 IQ is a joke, literally everyone knows you can't go below zero that's the joke..

No. 288237

>Onion posted a load of chat conversations he had with Lainey's dad… something about her dad threatening to sue him for libel because of the accusations of abuse and general badmouthing of him to his followers and Lainey, I'm sure he made a video about it as well.

Jeez, they've been married 4 years and her dad threatened to sue him as recently as LAST YEAR? Her parents must be praying everyday that they divorce..

No. 288239

Every other pic I see of Lainey she looks bored/unhappy. I'd be surprised if they last another year.

No. 288240


That might happen unless the "haters" back off for a bit. Remember; they're keeping up appearances so they won't let said haters win. If all of us stop focusing on their dying marriage, we might get a happy ending(divorce).

Oh and don't feel sorry for Lamo, she feeds off your sympathy. Cut the bitch off her oxygen!

No. 288264

This, Lainey is more concerned about her public appearance than being in a marriage and having a kid with an abusive narcissist.

As long as she gets attention on Twitter, everything is fine.

Her son?

lol who cares, she is no longer a mother but a boy space prince now

No. 288269

File: 1468144747231.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-07-10-18-56-16…)

Talking about Plainey, she updated her Instagram profile with a business mail

hahaha oh wow

No. 288271


No. 288272

Someone needs to hack that damn email account ASAP!!! Lord knows what's in there, probably nothing business-y though…

No. 288281

lol all self-important narcissism. Her husband makes fun of horse faces when he's been married to one all this time.

No. 288305

File: 1468171257537.png (267.42 KB, 1080x1215, Screenshot_20160710-191431~2.p…)

No. 288306

File: 1468171302937.png (137.14 KB, 1080x633, Screenshot_20160710-191501~2.p…)

Look how paranoid

No. 288308

File: 1468171418379.png (148.45 KB, 1080x811, Screenshot_20160710-191612~2.p…)


No. 288310

do they not live in the same house?

No. 288311

It's questionable, at one point they did have three houses.

No. 288316

That's scary.

No. 288320

File: 1468174754197.png (43.8 KB, 582x192, Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 19.1…)

is he for real?

No. 288321

This is what happens when you and your fucking spouse's primary means of communication is fucking Twitter.

No. 288345


Interesting, I never considered that they live apart but wouldn't surprise me

No. 288358

File: 1468186835192.png (40.91 KB, 586x430, Untitled.png)

He still can't decide whether he was abused by his father or not.

No. 288359

He probably was, also probably why he thinks females are 'superior' because of what he may or may not have been subjected to growing up. Sad really.

No. 288361


Yeah it is kind of sad, I mean not to negate from the awful things he has done to people but I think to be fair to him I've always sensed it's due to him being completely screwed up rather than fully malicious

No. 288364

If Onion truly believed that females were superior, he wouldn't treat them like shit and cheat on them whenever possible.

No. 288365


Might speak volumes of his self worth rather than his view on females? I genuinely do think he values female more and possibly feels the need to 'grind them down' to his level so they'll stay with him.

No. 288367

It's like he doesn't know her at all… her pregnancy's just making her more emo than usual.

No. 288368


Shiloh and Adrienne stated he hates women.

No. 288369


Oh right, did they say HE said that or are they just guessing because of the way he treated them? I'm really not trying to defend him don't get me wrong I just think it's interesting trying to understand the mindset of these people.

No. 288371

I agree with this. People with hideously low self esteem tend to tear everyone around them down to make themselves feel better, especially towards people they're jealous of/make them feel "small".
So the two ideas do mesh - he probably does view women as better than himself/men in general but that feeling also triggers his low self worth so he feels the need to get them down to "his" level lest they leave him/realize they can find someone better.

He mistreats them because they make him feel like a piece of shit on a bottom of a hobo's shoe would be my guess, and he is scared they'll leave him (See Adrienne's letter where when he broke up with her and she said "ok sure" he threw a huge fit and begged her to come back/said she didn't love him/etc).
I have absolutely no doubt that onion has bottom of the barrel bargain bin self esteem made in china, and he tears others down because of it, ESPECIALLY those close to him.

No. 288372

Imagine if he made a Speaks video about the Margo drama - milk galore would ensue. Imagine her begging V for monies so she can sue Gerg and then having a Instagram melt down because V won't and is letting her get bullied ahh fun times.

No. 288373


Should some of us go suggest it on the onion board/via twitter or something?

No. 288374

I've done so - will make for good viewing if he does.

No. 288376

I doubt he'd do it. His own crazy mom probably convinced him that mothers are never at fault.

No. 288377

Yeah but his Mother isn't the embodiment of Lucifer - she's just a bit nutty.

No. 288378

I agree. He also never does any research for his videos so he's much more likely to just make fun of Venus' appearance, slap on a WEIRD YOUTUBER FAILS title, and call it a day.

No. 288379

File: 1468193613373.jpg (35.12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Apparently Onision and his cucked fans got Blaire White banned from twitter and fb, but I can't find any tweets about him from him directly.

No. 288380

Speaking of Onion-cock's hatred of his own gender…

Title should be renamed: "How to be (an) Onion". =_=

No. 288387

File: 1468197763683.png (14.38 KB, 588x112, fuirtgrhigeueghr.png)

No. 288388

What a piece of shit.

No. 288393

He only says he values women so highly as a manipulation tactic.

"I can't women, can't you see how AMAZING they are?!"

No. 288394


>Remember this you stupid kids; Laineybot is nothing without me!!!

No. 288395

How much of a tool Lainey is to continue allowing Gurg to tweet shit like this?

Oh wait, she let him shit all over her sister and call her a slut on Twitter.

Her father got called abusive by Garg too! Mom also.

No. 288397

File: 1468203807298.jpg (78.64 KB, 810x476, IMG_20160711_110820.jpg)


No. 288399

Technically he's right tho. It looks like gerg edits her vids and is responsible for most of the content on her channel. She actually does very little and gets views b/c of who she's associated with. Same as many other youtubers.

No. 288402


Yeah but ratting on your wife like that publicly is pretty demeaning but totally gurg.

No. 288405

It doesn't matter since it's so obvious he does almost all the work on her vids/channel. Easy way for easy $$.

No. 288406


I suppose as well he is planning ahead for the, lets face it, imminent divorce so he can claim all or at least half the money and ownership over the laineybot channel. Learned his lesson from when Skye with the Onision channel.

No. 288408

He also made Lainey sign a pre-nup.

No. 288410

and I'm sure every video has to be up to his own personal standards. can't have her doing something wrong and people questioning it.

No. 288411

So THAT'S why she stays. Whatever's stipulated in the prenup is guaranteed to keep her around, at least until she's met the basic requirements.

No. 288412


Where did you read/see that?

No. 288413

Yeah, he never signed one with Skye, but he made sure he did with Lainey.

If she gets her degree though (he paid for that as well) she can still fuck him off, take the kid, move back to her parents and pick up where her life left off.

She won't do that though, whether it's to do with the pre-nup… he did basically tell her to up and leave with his kid over catching him cheating with Billie, which might of got her some alimony but nope… she stayed.

No. 288414

> he did basically tell her to up and leave with his kid over catching him cheating with Billie

SMH. Only girl children obsessed with their idols put up with that kinda shit. Maybe when she grows up and pulls her head out of her ass she'll see things differently. IF she grows up.

No. 288416

I thought it pretty obvious if you've ever seen the content on her channel. Nothing original either.

No. 288418

Haha, oh god…. on his Twitter right now, his fetishising of women is shining through and people are realising it in the replies.

I mean, we've all known for ages that his idea of feminism is "worshipping women" (spoiler: he's proven time and time again in the past that he knows shit about feminism and the way he actually treats women is scary and disgusting.) is horseshit, but his followers are now starting to see the light.

You all gotta go see it, it's a hoot, I'd take screencaps but there's a LOT of replies.

No. 288420

No. 288421

File: 1468211052982.png (66.03 KB, 523x364, whoa.png)

His favorite demographic of all, amirite?

No. 288422

sorry, I had meant to reply to >>288408

How do you know he made her sign a prenup? Not that I disbelieve it, just after all the eoliveson stuff with no proof I just like to make sure

No. 288423

He said it himself a long time ago and I don't keep screencaps from back then, it was discussed on lolcow though, you might want to search the previous threads.

ctrl+f "prenup" in them, I think this is the fifth thread we have running on here so far.

Here's a post from his own site in the meantime.


No. 288424

File: 1468211921846.jpg (40.69 KB, 486x220, 1438724866594.jpg)

Here you go, but this is the last time I'm helping out with finding old stuff for new anons when they can easily do this themselves.

No. 288425

what a fucking insecure loser. i love that this gets to him so much.

honestly sounds like plainey's getting cucked but whatever.

No. 288426

i dont think lainey is capable of looking anything but dead or full of remorse and i cant help but laugh at onisions stupid fucking tags claling her happy or stunning when she looks as full of life as an cemetary during no viistor hours

No. 288428

Also, this is additionally an example of what he thinks of her parents.

No. 288429

He's losing a lot of his original edgy audience with his new ideology. Too bad appealing to tumblr won't get him anywhere when he has half a dozen callout blogs.

No. 288431

"she's a real human being who marries for love"

Yeah, a married person who actively and openly seeks ASS is irrefutable proof of that lol.

No. 288436

Can't she still get money for child support?

No. 288437

His instagram selfies are so goddamn disgusting


No. 288438

"stop informing my child-bride about how marriage agreements work!"

No. 288453

File: 1468216718966.png (477.09 KB, 870x599, THIS IS MY VEGETARIAN BODY.png)

Damn, he took that down fast. Maybe he realized the caption doesn't fit his new social justice persona.

Speaking of selfies, he's looking really pudgy lately.

No. 288456


He's been getting fatter for awhile now…

Dem man-titties doe!!!!!

So I guess the skinny-pact is null and void then?

No. 288459

He looks transgendered in the middle of transitioning

No. 288465

All that processed "vegan" food from whole foods and Taco Bell are taking their toll

No. 288466

File: 1468224476871.gif (3.09 MB, 400x200, VaAvSEj.gif)

No. 288467


No. 288468

There was another vid where he polled his audience on fb i think, and most of them were in the 18-24 bracket. Still WAY too many teenagers, and he has the gall to ridicule other youtubers for their young audience. GTFO gerg.

No. 288470

Definitely a b cup. He just wants to be a woman so badly. Guarantee he wishes he was born one…

No. 288473

76% of Onision fans are underage

No. 288476

>Clicks "Completely Agree" for "You feel superior to other people"
>not a narcissist

No. 288481

>Your face is cute and then u look down and everything is destroyed

No. 288483

>"I have no room to complain"
>always fucking complaining
Does he not realise that we've all seen the stupid videos he makes when somebody insults him? He used to screenshot shit to comment on it just because he's too much of a pussy to respond to the person

No. 288484

Yeah, he never realised that you still have to eat healthy even if you're vegan. I think he just assumed he could eat what he liked as long as it was veggie and he'd be skinny as fuck.

No. 288486

File: 1468241542623.jpeg (109.33 KB, 1200x1156, image.jpeg)

Was it this one?

No. 288493

Yikes, spoiler that shit anon. I can't handle that much horror.

No. 288497

Motherfucker needs to see a dermatologist! I can't get over how painful his skin looks.

No. 288501

Why does his skin look like that? Does he exfoliate with glass?

No. 288502

He has the ugliest lips and I can't tell whether it's just because they look wrong on his sandpapered face or because they just look wrong in general.

No. 288504

Just imagine you having sex with Gurg and he's making that face tho

No. 288506


I honestly wonder what it's like having sex with Onion… How bad would it be…?

No. 288514

I wish all the MRA, Redpill, /pol/, PUA, Meninist, virgins, neckbeards, menchildren… whatever the fuck they are or where they came from would piss off and stop commenting on his Twitter.

They're embarrassingly counter-productive and all they're doing is making Gergles look better than he actually is, they should be attacking the fact he's using "feminism" as a form of fetishism, just like his pregnancy and cuckolding fetish.

He knows nothing about feminism, the same way he knows fuck all about any other political movement he's been blindly yammering on about, the only thing these idiots are doing is giving him more bullshit to feed his underage fans.

No. 288518

>Lainey is so lucky to kiss this beautiful man every night


No. 288525

damn, the guy has bigger tits than i do.

No. 288529

I love how the only main character in "Stones to Abbigale" who isn't completely unlikable is the love interest with no personality traits outside of being raped or beaten every other week.

No. 288535

This shit is so mother fucking creepy. Real question, why do grown men do this shit? I know he's crazy, but what the fuck is this face and why the fuck is it posted on the internet??

Knew an old dude in his very late 30s that did similar shit and I'm overloaded with creep vibes. He was a major coke/meth user though and it ruined his face and aged him so much. Ironically he had a legit obsession with looking young and underaged girls. He had a really abusive childhood - maybe that's the correlation but what happiness does it bring to keep the delusion alive that you're not a grown man? If you were powerless in an abusive situation as a kid, wouldn't you want to desperately become a stable adult to maintain power in your life?

Fucking Lainey, the more her frontal lobe finally develops (considering her age) the more she's going to deeply regret this shit. She knows it too and is probably staying in something she fucking hates for her children and because she's afraid of the internet backlash.

No. 288539

>but what the fuck is this face
It's the duckface.
Maybe he's trying to be ironic.

No. 288540

Promise you most actual vegans don't look like this - unhealthy idiots become vegan all the time and make the same awful choices, just from a more limited amount of options. A dumb ass is a dumb ass.

How the fuck does he have all this time and money and not get a personal trainer. Instead of overcompensating online why not make actual progress.

No. 288541

>sitting down with reading glasses on during a live show
>"we almost just died of excitement"

No. 288545


>implying Lainey actually thinks about her children and does anything in their best interest

No. 288547


kek, this.

No. 288548

I wonder… Has anyone ever went to the deep web and found anything Onion-related? I'm pretty sure the guy knows how to use it and seems like the type to hide anything shady. Especially from the fans and haters.

No. 288558

Doubt it. I mean, he (probably lol) wouldn't be stupid enough to attach his name to anything there.

No. 288559

I said before I had low standards and wouldn't really mind fucking gurg but I take it back after seeing this doughboy body. It looks like he has a hormone problem.

No. 288580


Come to think of it, he always DID have a weight problem by looking at his early videos from the 2007-2011 era - it usually fluctuated and there really was no middle ground (he could be pudgy one day, then skinny or muscular the next). Though it wasn't so severe as it is now, and there was a time where he stayed the same (2012-2014). Maybe it has to more than just the food, stress and age comes to mind. Oh and he had the pull-up bar installed in his first house if anyone remembers.

As for the deep web; it's possible, he knows most everyone (who's normal) don't really go there and highly doubt his fans go there anyway. If he can attach his name to the Sicesca website and others on the wayback archives, then there's definitely a strong possibility he attached his name somewhere "down there".

No. 288583

Ahahahahhaha, implying he's smart enough to skim deeper than anything in life.

No. 288587


Well he's smart enough to dumb when shit hits the fan or out of convenience so…yeah.

No. 288589


Then he's smart enough to not leave anything attached to his name. Most people are. I don't know what anyone is expecting to find there.

No. 288591

Banana vegan porn

No. 288592


ft. Amazing Atheist?

No. 288595


Sex tapes of him and his exes as well as human sacrifices in the name of Sicesca, footage partaking in ghosts and witchcraft… Maybe?

No. 288596

Satan worship?

No. 288598


No. 288599

shoe0nhead owned onion boy

No. 288605

>>288599 I hate Onion, but this unoriginal cunt can get fucked too.

No. 288606


Bargain bin version of Boxxy

No. 288623

File: 1468293341597.png (45.07 KB, 628x313, Untitled.png)

Onion's fans are still defending his unfunny "RIP Robin Williams" tweets. Is there anything he could do to lose their support?

No. 288630

File: 1468301601628.jpg (66.77 KB, 500x661, 1352532884001.jpg)

No, she didn't. And I say this as someone who usually likes shoe0nhead's commentary.

Nobody who gives this idiot attention of any form is "owning" him, because that's exactly what he wants from you. Onion boy is literally so histrionic and mentally ill that any form of attention, positive or not, serves as validation to him. Attention is what sustains his existence, and without it, he would either give up and get actual help, or finally rid his faggot self of this earth via suicide.

I honestly hate when threads are made about Onision, because this guy isn't just saying dumb, cringey shit to get attention and make some "deeper" point. He has a personality disorder (probably more than one). He's fucking delusional and severely mentally ill. Not only this, but he's fucking THIRTY YEARS OLD AND HAS A CHILD.

Doing anything other than ignoring him is entirely the wrong fucking thing to do, imo. It's not worth the entertainment anymore. It's just giving him more excuses not to grow the fuck up and get help.

No. 288637


This so much. He literally doesn't care what kind of attention he gets as long as he gets attention. The worst possible thing to happen to him would be no attention at all. But his fans and antifans will never let that happen.

No. 288638


B-but some of us like to watch him crash and burn as well as record any evidence he might delete later. Why should we feel sorry and leave him alone when he hasn't done the same with his victims? Especially when they begged him to stop talking shit about them years and years later? In the end, there's no middle ground. If you can no longer tolerate Onision and his faggotry, you have the right to leave it all behind.

No. 288640


Yiu didn't quite understand what anon said. You can talk and follow Onision as much as you want but he will NEVER try to hide from your attention. Unlike his victims he enjoys the attention, even if it was bad. The attention is like food for him. He rather eat bad food than starve without it. And he's well fed because of people that like him, because of people who don't like him and because of people like you who think he would feel bad reading these threads and hate blogs.

It's not about us not wanting to read these threads, it's good entertainment. But you have to realise that as long as people give him some kind of attention he will not stop.

No. 288644

10 mins in just got annoying af. Didn't watch after that.

No. 288645

>B-but some of us like to watch him crash and burn

Lmao, bruh…that will LITERALLY NOT FUCKING HAPPEN so long as he's getting attention in some form. He just keeps making dumb videos calling out popular youtubers and they just take the bait like it's completely serious and they need to protect their reputation. It's fucking ridiculous and makes them seem incredibly blind and ignorant to how insane he actually is. This is his game, and they are falling for it like absolute retards. It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with him. It is ALWAYS about getting attention for himself.

I'm genuinely curious to know if anyone he's called out via Twitter or in a video has just ignored him, and what became of that? I would have such an astronomical amount of respect for that person, jfc…

No. 288646

I got aids reading both your comments.

No. 288647


as much as i dont like shane dawson, i'd say he's a saint for ignoring Gerg for this long. gerg has made several videos and countless tweets about him that borders on obsession. SD ignores it and probably laughs about it among his friends

No. 288648

>If you were powerless in an abusive situation as a kid, wouldn't you want to desperately become a stable adult to maintain power in your life?

Some people become mentally/emotionally stunted as kids. Looks like that's what happened to him.

No. 288649

Oh wow, has he always been ignoring him? I would think that's difficult, considering he apparently initially modeled his channel off of Dawson's style. I avoid Shane Dawson like the plague, so I had no idea, kek.

No. 288650

>It is ALWAYS about getting attention for himself.

Isn't the same true for a lot of youtubers tho? The vast majority thrive on attention whore tactics since views = money.

No. 288654

File: 1468315057299.png (289.08 KB, 800x600, stahp.png)

Yes, that's somewhat true in a lot of cases, but the fact that he's been thriving off mostly negative attention for almost ten years now is just fucking astonishing, and I think we're at a point where it really just is time to stop giving him any at all. Again, this is a 30 YEAR OLD MAN WITH A CHILD.

Shoe0nhead, for instance, outright calls him histrionic and then goes on to rant about him for 10+ fucking minutes. Like, does she really not understand the irony in this and how counter-productive it is to her point? And I'm just using her as one example, because way too many people have fallen for onion's bullshit. Even if they're simultaneously aware of the game, it's a really lazy and pathetic level to stoop to just to make a bit of extra cash, imo.

He tends to only call out popular youtubers, too, so it's not like they can't easily make up any potential money lost, and they won't be sacrificing their dignity responding to onion cuck.

No. 288657

I feel I can no longer do this shit, as much as I've really enjoyed talking to other anons about the adventures of this fuckhead since the threads here started, I just can't stomach it anymore.

Seriously, everything about him triggers the fuck out of me, I can't stand his face, I have to adblock every photo on his social media accounts just so I can bring myself to see what's happening. It also becomes a chore for others when I have to ask for dialogue from his videos because I can't bring myself to tolerate his sloping-apelike brow and his nasty liver-lips, I just feel that he's becoming more and more insufferable by the day.

He and Lainey have been doing this dumb shit for years, I don't see their situation changing any time soon and I'm sick of giving them the attention they so desperately crave.

I honestly don't want to come across his posts about his sex life and threesomes ever again, at this point I'm causing myself to be nauseated by his disgusting opinions and lifestyle simply by trying to keep up with their bullshit drama.

Maybe I'll see how things are in another year or two, until then… it was really fun talking to you guys.

No. 288659

File: 1468319323202.jpg (41.2 KB, 392x768, 1357708951001.jpg)

You're doing god's work, anon. Godspeed to you.

No. 288690

My brother's skin has looked like this since he was a kid, so maybe he can't help it. They also both have body acne. Ech, don't want to think about it anymore.

No. 288705

File: 1468341346423.png (54.64 KB, 628x484, honestly why.png)


No. 288709

>>okay daddy
I couldn't contain my snort laugh at that. What a fucking spaz.

No. 288714

No. 288715


Plainey picks up yet another tumblr trend.
This time it's disgusting.

No. 288718

No. 288719

No. 288723

File: 1468344685711.png (101.72 KB, 1186x678, kek.png)


No. 288726



No. 288727


No. 288729

No. 288731

File: 1468346243445.gif (197.27 KB, 400x225, 0001f15p.gif)

No. 288742

People (probably onision himself) have been spamming his videos on 4chan.

No. 288757

File: 1468354509645.gif (1.76 MB, 400x206, 1402914945541.gif)

No. 288770


He's been all over 4chan and reddit threads lately, probably cause of his cringe videos, craziness, edginess and his feminism videos getting attention from /pol/tards

No. 288772

kek he got banned from being posted in /r/cringe like two years ago because it's just too easy.

No. 288773


Onision is the king of cringe afterall

No. 288774

File: 1468367923886.jpg (28.19 KB, 363x272, mozRr0H.jpg)


No. 288778


where was this?

No. 288804

I've listened to that Molly bitch's podcast. Almost everything he's saying there is bullshit! Passionate relationship with Shiloh? Yeah, right! You were "passionate" about humiliating and making her your bitch! He basically confirmed to have a thing for little girls and that Molly chick was swallowing his bullshit and gay ass advice like fresh semen.

No. 288808

Who the hell is she anyway and why did she interview him?

No. 288812

Meh, probably some nobody. All she did was suck his cock out of sheer desperation because Shane Dawson ignored her or something. Onion himself was awkward af when talking to her (like it's his first time ever socializing) so that's kinda laughable.

From what I've learned from her sob-story; she's a 32-year old woman with guy issues and interviews other loser who are on the same boat as her.

No. 288815


Twitter reply to lainey

No. 288816

File: 1468396250597.jpg (237.57 KB, 810x978, IMG_20160713_164809.jpg)

Onision is super disgusting but I am so sick of her face too, especially when she spams Twitter with her selfies like she is hot shit.

No. 288817


Ew. And people call Skye plain and boring to look at? -_-

Oh, what's this? You've finally decided to change your decaying ring for a new one? Congrats Lamo! That's like…the 9,001 time in the last four years! Greg must really love you.


No. 288825

Okay she's plainey but she's still pretty attractive

No. 288837

Does anyone think Laney will get an abortion at some point?

No. 288838

I disagree. IMHO she isn't ugly, not at all, but nothing about her is remarkable enough to be considered "attractive". She's just extremely ordinary, bland, blah. The perfect nondescript partner for a raging alpha like Gerg.

No. 288857

I haven't been on the Onision thread in a while. I'm so glad to see people are finally over Lainey's shit too and aren't talking about what a poor little kitten she is.

When it's so obvious this bitch is feeding off all this shit because she needs the attention just as bad as Onion.

No. 288872

That's why I believe she won't leave him in the near future.
She is going to leave him only when his fanbase shrinks completely.

No. 288875

It's surprising she hasn't gone for any kind of remotely exciting or experimental look like most efamous nonbinaries (Mahou Prince etc). Lainey doesn't have to hold down a job and is supposed to interest her fans, but even Snoozy tries harder to look interesting.

Try to learn how to fit on our board, please

No. 288877

Didn't her whole ~i'm a trans boi now~ act start when she fucked up her hairstyle?

No. 288884

wew hell week when?

No. 288885


Onion would never let that happen and she's too much of a pussy to stand up to him ever

No. 288895

Experimental fashion choices don't always flatter a growing baby belly. They're trying to hide it for as long as they can so it's nothing but baggy teeshirts for Plainey.

No. 288932

Onion's bashing the military again and bitching how his experience was utter shit as well as basically calling the commanding officers sociopaths because they'd not attend to his needs in a 9-minute video.

And his military records aren't still released. I think Onion's challenging them to go through with it.

No. 288952

That's because he probably just has a general discharge. You have to really fuck up to get a dishonorable discharge. A dishonorable discharge pretty much makes you a felon. It was shown earlier that Greg used his VA benefits to get a house loan so he wasn't given a dishonorable discharge.

No. 288954

My Bad USAF Experiences (US Air Force)

No. 288955

Where did the DL button go? I don't like giving him views.

No. 288956


this is going to Creepypasta real soon.

Spoiler Alert! Part of it's bullshit, just don't tell the bananas that.

No. 288957

>we were humiliated and dehumanized to the point that we cried!
Mental conditioning is a part of the training though. You are supposed to be desensitized and feel mechanical.
>they made us load packs with gravel and walk 4 miles and then walk through a swamp!
Honestly what's so unusual about that?
>venomous snake in the swamp!
Isn't the point of the training to emphasize how he'll be in life-or-death situations like that? Tough shit dude.
>skinned rabbits!
So he has a problem skinning a rabbit while operating for the air force who literally kill people in worse ways? Huh…I mean at least at 6:50 he admits his hypocrisy. If he didn't want to represent violence and cruelty then he shouldn't have joined the military at all.
>wehhhh I had to ask permission to get married and I had to switch bases wehhhhh
So does everyone else. What a shit.

But I bet those taxpayer paid bennies speak to Onion more than "cult status" does! Fucking douche. Please tell me he was dishonorably discharged…

No. 288958

Why does it look like he's wearing makeup that's too dark for his face…

No. 288959

He is. His skin is garbage.

No. 288965

Apparently the documents state he stripped naked in front of his CO and had gay feelings for him as a way to get out.

No. 289025

What a child. Typical Air Force whining.

No. 289028

I like the idea. Is so fun! If I could make some suggestions…
I think you should be less specific about things like someguy finding the website. The first half sounds too much like an anti blog trying to get the facts out there. Also I would get rid of the stuff that makes it obvious it's about onision and just say it's a well known YouTuber. I know kids love creepy pastas and trying to figure out who it's about might make it intriguing to them. I would also shorten the email to a friend to just a few important quotes or a summery and say you heard it from an old friend of his then later add the whole email as an edit and say something like "she found the email on her old account and sent it to me". Finally, I would rewrite it from the point of view of a fan that looked too far on the deep web and stumbled on this information or a friend of a fan that was in the cult. Walk us through how this character found all this information and horrors. Following the narrarators journey from start to finish would be easier to get through than an information dump with horror elements thrown in at the end.

I do love all the Easter eggs you threw in there like the boring in bed reference. Keep it up!

No. 289029


I think by the time his shit is dried up (which I doubt will happen anytime soon since there will always be teenage girls to watch his videos and feel smart because "he totes speakz his mind") she won't have anyone on her side either. She lets him attack her family, she drops them for him, etc. Unless her family is super loving or in on this shit too. Because, I honestly wonder how much is fake af to get attention.

I have no doubt in my mind that he is abusive af, but I think she is too. Emotionally, at least. Not only to him but to everyone in her life.

I think they'll both eventually fade into obscurity together and won't have anywhere else to go. They both need attention to survive.

No. 289032

So, does he not get the significance of wearing backpacks full of gravel and walking in swamps?
It's to simulate what people may actually go through.
He said himself he was supposed to be training others who would be more likely than not in dangerous situations.
Gravel instead of real gear because they're still just trainees - if they fall into the swamp they've got a bunch of wet rocks instead of potentially ruined, expensive, gear.
Yeah, gear is heavy.
So? It's the military, not a daycare.

And… he wasn't being careful and wasn't watching for snakes and got warned (probably yelled at for not being careful). The point of training isn't to be safe, it's to be PREPARED.
And yeah in the field there are probably not going to be many people having your back EXCEPT for your fellow military guys! That's what they're training you for onion.

And usually, if they'd known about the heart condition some guy he heard of had, he wouldn't have even gotten in.
The chest pains onion boy was having was probably just cramps from being out of shape.

I agree there's plenty to be talked about in the military (sexual assaults going on with men and women both in air force, navy, marines, etc) and SOME abuse… but he's exaggerating as usual.
Nothing he said really sounds all that big of a deal. Just more whining.

No. 289036


Thanks for the review, I really appreciate it! Yeah, I might have to do most of the story over again as I felt it was kinda rushed. I like your concept of the fan finding out what kind of man Onion really is and having their innocence taken away because of it. I'll keep the horrors intact and may have to work around the letter along with the creatures.

Also, I'm gonna start on writing another story based on Onion, Skye and Alicia's ghost hunting experience and their "superpowers". Though that may take longer to to write due to college life.

If you can't win 'em over with "anti-o propaganda", try stories based on Onion's psychopathy and narcissistic delusions. They'll be more curious about who he really is!

No. 289106

> -giggles-
Kill yourself.

No. 289109

File: 1468475157919.jpg (32.89 KB, 482x427, 1445832835809.jpg)

No. 289126

I see he hasn't changed from his cult creation days whatsoever. You can't teach an old dog new tricks I suppose.

No. 289160


Right? The stuff he complained about should be filed under "everything a normal person would reasonably expect training to include." Of course he had to do hard training, did he think they were just gonna hand him gear and say, "go for it fam"? The guy is soft as fuck and he looks out of shape, he would have 100% needed to train to get up to some sort of standard.

And the rabbit skinning shit is crazy too. I'd be wimpy when it came to killing and skinning a rabbit, and that's exactly why I WOULDN'T join the military where it would be actual human beings dying.

He's so fucking stupid. Anybody with common sense could have told him shit like this would happen. It's not like he got blindsided by something crazy and abusive.

Also, if >>288965 is true, HE made the situation worse for everybody else. In what world is taking your clothes off to announce your feelings okay? In plenty of places, that could get you on some kind of list or in court. Though what did I really expect from Gargles "you can't rape your girlfriend" Grease?

No. 289165

This, he joins military and SERE, which stands for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape, expecting it to be some kind of cushy job?

And then he whines on the internet about it? This manchild…

No. 289188

Vegan Gains roasted oniison again. Kind of boring tbh.

No. 289189

It's really not fun unless he threatens to kill someone.

No. 289190

I hate this ill informed, cringy, videos people are making about him. Just makes th eother person look bad while i end up agreeing with Gerg which makes me want to jump off a cliff

No. 289191

sociopath vs sociopath

No. 289201

Another Onion cringe compilation - but with research! 97% of the video is correct, at least he didn't call Shiloh Onion's "ex-wife".

No. 289225


I hate them both. Veganstains only looks slightly more reasonable because he talks in a softer tone and lays it out slower. He's his own brand of special crazy though.
>"even if you raise your own chickens for eggs it's still unethical because you originally got the chickens from SOMEWHERE unethical!"
Crazy bastard. He has no farm friends, stupid city boy.

No. 289249

Someone give this man a medal.

No. 289251

>Nothing he said really sounds all that big of a deal. Just more whining.

Excellent points. He's complaining about shit that's totally irrelevant when there are ACTUAL problems going on.

No. 289256

I've heard a little bit about that. Fucking creepy.

No. 289258

Who seriously says shit like this that's not already incarcerated or in a straitjacket? A father of two…jesus christ someone call CPS.

No. 289260

Yeah, his shit talking is so gross it does take an iron stomach to handle. Happy trails, dear anon.

No. 289261

No. 289262

Why would you post fanfic here? SAGE

No. 289264

>Sad little rich white girl syndrome

I've seen some girls like that with youtube channels… "Boo hoo random people saying mean things about me on the internet really affects my life/content - brb gonna take a vacay on my boyfriends yacht." kek

No. 289269

Does anyone find it strange that most of the girls [that he's been with online] have birthdays in April except for Lamo? Billie-bob, Shiloh, AJ and Skye? Kinda odd…though it could just be coincidental. Hmm…

No. 289274

You do have a valid point anon. I mean the guy makes at least six figures a year just from attention whoring. That's tragically obscene on its own… this world man.

No. 289284

Ugh. My sisters' obsessed with this asshole.

No. 289298

My condolences…

No. 289412

I wonder if Onion has any no0dz lying around the web… Come on! Who wouldn't wanna see? :p

No. 289413

Show her less cancerous but just as edgy youtubers like filthyfrank or edubz.

No. 289414

H-how old are you?

No. 289415

Are they all Arians? Greg is a Scorpio (worst zodiac sign, 99% of them are evil, manipulative, liars), which isn't very compatible with Aries (a stubborn, powerful sign) so I don't know why he'd prey on them, but I also don't know anyone's full chart.

Lamo is a Libra, which may have something to do with why she was O.K. with getting married and having a kid so young. It's not very compatible with Scorpio either, but I bet Pisces is one of her dominants. Pisces is fairly compatible with Scorpio; they're both water signs.

No. 289418

Please stop talking, you're spouting retarded crap.

No. 289419

Mmmhmm. So, what's your sign?

No. 289421

You deleted your other post just because you used "your" instead of "you're" like an asshole, so I'm going to bet you're a feminine sign, probably an earth sign. Virgo or Capricorn? Are you a butthurt Scorpio? ♡

No. 289425

Being vegan doesn't make vegangains crazy. Threatening to kill people for not being vegan makes him crazy. Sage for ot

No. 289427

Why are you doing this?

No. 289428

this guy is such pathetic sack of shit

definition of useless

No. 289432

>Who wouldn't wanna see?
I'd give you a list but nobody has the time to write out every sane person's name.

No. 289433

And not all vegans believe in stupid logic like
>you can't have something because it might have been originally sourced from somewhere that may have been unethical even though it's irrelevant to how anyone currently lives
I probably won't see a diabetic vegan or vegetarian decline their life-saving insulin despite that shit being originally developed and tested at the expense of countless animals.

No. 289450


Skye, Shiloh, Billie (and AJ?) are of the Taurus sign. Does that help?

No. 289451


Onion's completely naked body can't be too bad…? I doubt it's worse than Amazing Atheist's.

No. 289455

jesus fucking christ
get banned

are retarded onion fangirls invading this thread or is it onion himself?

No. 289456

Come on! Who wouldn't wanna see? :p

Me. If given the opportunity, I genuinely would not look at Gerg's naked body. Those "cutesy" semi-nudes that show up here from time to time make me queasy enough. Pasty, pimply, doughy…, ugh.

No. 289460

This thread isn't for discussing astrology or nudes - fucking retards. Go back to whatever cesspool you came from.

No. 289461

>jesus fucking christ
get banned

It's either him or "fangirls". Nudes, astrology, fan fiction;get fucking banned.

No. 289464

Well, Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs. Better compatibility than Libra and Scorpio, but not the best.

Taurians don't tend to tolerate bullshit for too long, which might explain why they all left Greg and Lainey still hasn't. Shiloh probably had a lot of Gemini in her chart, maybe some Sagittarius and/or Leo too. His relationship with Skye seemed to be the best he had, so maybe she had some Cancer or Capricorn in hers. Both act like they could've been born on the Aries-Taurus cusp.

I don't know as much about AJ or the Billie Goat's Gruff, so I can't make proper judgement.

Lainy has the personality of a wet paper towel and lets Greg walk all over her, which is what makes me think that Pisces is one of her dominants. It's not an awful sign, but some are easily manipulated and have a habbit of staying with people that abuse them.

Greg is narcissistic like a Gemini or a Leo, but he doesn't seem to be funny, clever, or talented enough to be the former and not charming enough to be the latter. He seems to have a lot of Cancer and Aries in him.

I didn't plan on posting anything else about it after this, but since you two decided to be assholes, I might. Probably not, though; I have a headache.

No. 289471


Explains why Skye was the the least abused out of the other two (abuse is still abuse). That and why he has to 'clarify' "we were just friends when we were married!"

No. 289474

I would hesitate to call any relationship he has had the best. They were all abused by him just to different degrees and lengths of time.
I think the astrology stuff is neat. I don't know any of the womens birthdates but if you do you can check this link and see what signs all their planets are in. Not as good as a birthchart but still interesting.

No. 289476


It's true that neither of his relationships were 'perfect' but his first marriage was pretty much stable which is what I agree with. I may just have to check the website. I'll see what I find out!

No. 289477

>judges anyone or any situation by zodiac signs
Go back to Tumblr, please.

No. 289480


Why is everyone getting so butthurt over star signs and potential naked pics??? It all has to do with Onion. After all, this IS the Onision thread right? There's a lot to decode about Onion besides the front drama, why not take insight? Maybe there are alternative explanations to why his relationships don't work besides his personality.

No. 289481

Because zodiac signs don't mean shit and you aren't even saging your boring blog posts

No. 289482

>Maybe there are alternative explanations to why his relationships don't work besides his personality.

No. 289484


Last time I've checked, this wasn't an anti-o thread. Someone only pointed out that most of Onion's women (including miss dindu muffin Billie) were born in April hence the zodiac investigation. Besides, there's not too much Onion drama going on right now, might as well keep the thread alive.

No. 289485


You forget, Onion's a very complex person - a chameleon. He can be very unpredictable at times… He admits to playing a character, but the question is; which side of him is real, and the other a character?

No. 289487

you sound like him, anon

No. 289488

I think underneath the chameleon haze lies a manipulative destructive narcissist with little intellectual curiosity.

No. 289492


If I were Greg I'd probably kill myself. I'm just quoting the loser's own words(forgive me, I've watched too many videos and read anti-o blogs).


I agree, but there has to be a reason for why he's been like this. One can't just "born this way"(unless you're Ted Bundy). Something fucked him up really bad before adulthood or even adolescence, though I'm pretty sure this was already discussed along with the possibility of the Jackson family having to do with it(no, not MJ's fam).

No. 289503


Because the zodiac shit is cringey.

No. 289508

This thread has gone to utter shite, who the fuck are all these newfags and anons who are supporting him by either playing devil's advocate or giving him much more credit than he'll ever deserve?

Here's the reason why you won't be welcome here and I can see already that you're starting to piss off farmers. All six of the Onision threads on this imageboard have always been made up of a huge majority of anons who do not like Onision. This sub-board is the heart of lowcow, if you want to discuss topics about why you feel Greg is some master of his craft, this is NOT the place to do it, this sub-board is for the milking of cows and to rip the piss out of them… every lolcow posted on the PT subforum deserve no mercy or forgiveness, that's why they're posted on here, that is the main function of this sub-board.

Don't use this thread as someplace to explore how fucking "mystical" or "deep" you think he is.

If you want to be all "subjective" "objective" or whatever other kind of fucking excuse you like to tell us when you actually want to suck his dick, just leave.

There's plenty of sites devoted to discussing him in that sort of light, this one isn't one of them.

No. 289510

Please just go, you're just digging yourself deeper and showing us what kind of newfag you are.

No. 289511

>>Last time I've checked, this wasn't an anti-o thread

Are you fucking lost, anon? You're on lolcow.

Please just leave.

No. 289517

>Last time I've checked, this wasn't an anti-o thread.
>this wasn't an anti-o thread.

what the fuck?

where do you come from? onision forums?

No. 289531

> why not take insight?
Because there's no insight to be had in that dumb fucking bullshit - it's insight into autism. GTFO

No. 289532

Had they actually read the thread before posting they would've known most of this already. These astrology/fan fiction fags are either illiterate autists or cult followers.

No. 289542

This is what happens when PULL gets nuked. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 289544


No. 289548


ugh i feel like if she had a different lip shape she would be more attractive. why do all white fakebois have the worst lips

No. 289551

Their kids are going to have the worst fucking lips.

No. 289556

No. 289577

File: 1468709678991.png (596.25 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Please put your makeup back on…

No. 289578

He defo takes unflattering pictures of her to make himself look better kek

No. 289579

Yeah she threw her family under the bus for her husband after he bad mouthed the shit out of them. Such a beautiful person…

No. 289580

So he worships whiny, emo attention whores, or just anyone that reminds him of himself? They deserve each other.

No. 289581

Yup. Nobody really takes close ups like that on a regular camera when they want somebody to look their best.

No. 289582

In her defence, she's not hideous, despite his attempts to make her look that way while pretending otherwise.

No. 289584

I've had this exact same thought looking at them. It's bad enough those kids have them for parents and they're going to get a weird lip shape too?
It's very passive aggressive isn't it? Imagine the tantrum he'd throw if she put up a no makeup unfiltered pic of his crater face!

No. 289587

Apparently Onion was looking into suing Leafy?

No. 289590


In other words; he's being sarcastic about her appearance and is trying to humiliate her as usual while his dumbass fans gobble up every "compliment" he throws at her without question. Such a wonderful husband!

No. 289591


It's the Shiloh thing all over again…

No. 289593

I wonder if he consulted a lawyer and told him he keeps getting called a cuck and wants to sue someone.

No. 289594

Is he really so stupid that he can't see that leafy really didn't know any better and thought Shiloh was his wife and the comedy videos were real etc.? To an outsider, his shitshow must be confusing at first.

No. 289595

He lights, poses, edits and filters himself so much but doesn't do the bare minimum to make Lainey look good (like putting some distance between her and the camera - THE most basic thing somebody can do while taking a photo).

She still looks better than him though and I think that's why he tries it. He wants to be the better looking of the two.

No. 289596

I blame Grease tbh. It probably wouldn't be so confusing if he stopped proposing to and attempting to impregnate every girl who looks in his direction.

No. 289597


Then it's kinda the same thing with Shiloh being bald, he was calling her beautiful and shit when it was the opposite. It's like he likes to degrade his women out of sheer jealousy and dominance over them. I'm surprised Skye didn't look as ratchet as they did while with him.

No. 289601

Well, he wasn't as ugly when he was with her. Now he's old and gross.

No. 289604


Skye probably had a lot to do with Onion's appearance after he decided to let his hair grow out. Back then, he was kinda hot. Now, it just feels like looking at a stranger with anger and weight issues.

No. 289613

File: 1468725660032.png (629.62 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Do you think this is photoshopped?

No. 289616

I think so too. In spite of his shitty opinions, his annoying, cringey, edgelord sense of humor, and his terrible personality, he was still hot. But right after Skye, he got ugly. His caveman brow bone got worse over time and his skin, hair, and body goes without saying. Now I fail to understand how/why anyone would want to fuck him.

What the fuck is wrong with his arms? Are they even real? Did he just straight steal them from a female mannequin???


No. 289617

Is that a zit or a third nipple?

No. 289625

File: 1468728045473.jpg (13.27 KB, 341x431, images (47).jpg)

>he was hot when he was young

The fuck is up with you bitches

No. 289627

Kek,this. Gurgamel has never been even cute.

No. 289628

This was before he started raising his eyebrows all the time to look less like a brooding psycho with his caveman brow.

No. 289635

File: 1468729851758.jpg (46.8 KB, 600x911, full.jpg)

Are you two in denial or are you just that insecure?

No. 289641

Do you fantasize about running your nails down Onion's back, the zits bursting under your fingertips in a cacophony resembling popping bubble wrap?

Hey, Gurg looks like he actually has lips in that photo. What happened?

No. 289645

Probably just throws concealer over his lips when he does his make-up.

No. 289648

File: 1468731970608.jpeg (15.7 KB, 120x90, image.jpeg)

He sure can sure pull off the psycho business dude look…

No. 289650

>Do you fantasize about running your nails down Onion's back, the zits bursting under your fingertips in a cacophony resembling popping bubble wrap?

Fucking hell anon… you almost made me feel sorry for Lainey. Bastard.

No. 289652


Hot if youre into weird looking, caveman psycho cunts

No. 289656

File: 1468733257003.jpg (24.53 KB, 400x400, full (4).jpg)

I'm the one who said >>289616 fyi. I don't find him attractive anymore. But like that other anon said, Skye probably had a lot to do with his appearance.

I mean, he was about 6'3", broad-shouldered, had decent bone structure, big blue eyes, and his skin was fine at the time. Girugamesh used to be pretty hot, but mostly in that Zero Hour Columbine reenactment kind of way. Not my cup of tea, but I could fuck with it.

No. 289657


I'm sorry man, the guy used to be hot during the Skye era. Shiloh and beyond; blah.

No. 289659

>onion is 6'3"
I always pictured him being slightly below average height. Now I'd have to say I'd definitely fuck him tbh.

No. 289662


I would too if his eyebrows didn't piss me off, wasn't married at the time and didn't give me a creepy feeling.

No. 289666

File: 1468734595043.jpg (107.81 KB, 406x750, tumblr_np0zq73iPV1rgyhcpo1_500…)

>About 6'3"

Bullshit, Lainey confirmed her height as 5'2 and he is not that much taller than her. If he was 6'3" he would be towering over her.

No. 289667

File: 1468734949374.jpg (7.85 KB, 512x288, images (48).jpg)

Also who the fuck is this bitch who keeps talking how handsome he was?
He looked a bit better in his youth but still not attractive at all. Also where the fuck did you pull 6'3"? Your Onision fanfiction?

No. 289668


he's 5'10 lmao and his eyes are hazel

No. 289669

cringe at some emo fangirls getting ITT

also rice gum responded to Onision making a new video on him if you werent aware

No. 289670

Oops, I got his height confused with Vegan Gains. Grudge is 5'11". Vegan Gains is 6'3".

Uh, no they aren't. They just look like they are in the pic I used.

No. 289671


Lame blitch is confirmed to be 5 ft 4. As for Onion; y'all are using his psycho military looks for your case. We're talking about when he grew out his hair.

P.s: Onion's old bob haircut looks really nice!

No. 289672

Even if she was 5'4, if he was 6'3, he would still tower over her.

Just get the fuck out with your onion praising please.

No. 289673

Hilarious. Who are these people?
Fans of no standards. >>289641

You anons may as well be wetting your panties over the Elephant Man, and HE was a much better person than onion.

No. 289674

File: 1468736472610.jpg (99.78 KB, 774x631, IMG_20160717_152020.jpg)

Are you perhaps Alice-Scarletblood from kiwifarms?

No. 289678

He isn't that bad looking. You either can't be objective because you keep thinking about his personality or post in the virgin thread in /g because your standards are way too high.

No. 289679

Alright, asshole. So, I'm assuming you, your significant other (if you have one), and everyone you've ever hooked up with are infinitely hotter than him, yeah? I mean, he's a terrible person and I hate his guts, but why do you think he got a following in the first place?

No, I don't even go on that site; the format pisses me off, as do the people.

No. 289680

Wow. This thread went from discussing everything onion-related to an all-out witch hunt. Are you guys proud of yourselves? Damning those who're reminiscing about Onion's old looks which came along with the skinny-pact he had with Skye.

No. 289682


He has said they're hazel, they are if you look at lots of pics that aren't filtered. Get over it.

No. 289683


No most people think he's ugly. You're just looking at a few pictures he tried to look okay in back when he wasn't an old zit covered man, but still looked like a gross serial killer with huge eyebrows and an indented forehead. Fuck him, he's gross. I've seen many comments call him ugly too, even on older videos when he was natural, or new ones.

No. 289684

This isn't a fucking love thread you dumb fuck. Nobody likes Onion boy here hes cancer and any fan of his is too. You're either in denial or autistic

No. 289687


Would it make you feel any better if there's a negative comment about Onion? 'Cause here's one: he looks ugly af with a pedo-stach.

No. 289689

File: 1468741483377.png (420.64 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Fun with Onion?

No. 289691

a reminder that it's hellweek anon.

No. 289694


I'm guessing most of the anons here are on their period for the last couple of days…

No. 289696

he looks like the only exercise hes ever done is crunches in his bedroom hence the scrawny arms and lack of definition anywhere other than his "v-lines"

hes not gonna look good naked just by eating healthy vegan food, that only works for female mesomorphs

No. 289698

File: 1468747082956.jpg (22.29 KB, 470x152, aha.JPG)

onionsan please

we all know you religiously read what your "haters" say every single day

No. 289699

>He isn't that bad looking.
>You can't be objective, your standards are way too high.

No. 289700

>he's a terrible person and I hate his guts, but why do you think he got a following in the first place?

He's a drama whore who wears a lot of make up. It's not complicated.

No. 289701

Tbh he'd be ok looking if he didn't look (and act) so goddamn deranged most of the time

No. 289703

No anon, the lighting and make up make him "ok looking"

No. 289705

Ricegum was an immature douche but he didn't mean any harm, and he apologized. Onion's just doing his usual drama whoring for views.

No. 289707

I never thought I'd see some commenter(s?) leaving snail trails all over lolcow for this deranged bag of zits.

No. 289720

No. 289723

There is always his ex (but not really) fangirls who stumble upon anti onision discussion and try to defend him.

There was even some dumb bitch few posts earlier claiming that this is not anti-o thread.

No. 289747

File: 1468770039247.jpeg (105.69 KB, 640x767, image.jpeg)

I guess it still lurks.

No. 289748

If he's taking video ideas from us, I demand a skincare one.

No. 289749

His forehead looks like it declared war on his eyes, but okay.

No. 289751

Which hair dye did he use? I want to color to be like that.

Though on him, both his hairstyle and hair dye look like trying to be teenager again creep, which he is.

No. 289752

*My hair color.

No. 289757


Of course he's fucking lurking, I seriously wouldn't be surprised if all these grease-fellating posts are made by him.

If they're not him - they're his fucking autistic "ex-fans" who are relaying this shit back to him.

This is Lolcow, if you can't handle the fact that 90% of anons in these threads hate his fucking guts, then gtfo… you're right, this isn't an "anti-onision" blog, they're wayyyyy more tamer and forgiving then we are here.

Stop shitting up the thread with your fangirling over him, for fucks sake.

No. 289782


I wouldn't mind fucking Onion…I might have to drink a bottle of Jack or whiskey to get through it though.

No. 289828

>He seems to have a lot of Cancer and Aries in him.

I suppose you're right on at least one of these points

No. 289839

None of him is real. He's nobody on his own without an audience. Isn't that a symptom of bpd?

No. 289845

You may need some coke as well to get the deed done.

No. 289847


True dat!

No. 289856

>literal man child

No. 289857


Ew his face! And it doesn't look like he brushes his teeth! barf

No. 289865


I wouldn't mind fucking Onion…

You little masochist you!!

I'd actually LOVE a Lolcow anon to take one for the team and bang him, then report back on the experience. I bet hearing the gory details would be a hoot and a holler (after I stopped vomiting, that is.)

No. 289868


Bring in the strong booze and weed-laced brownies and I'll rock his world!

…and moar booze to forget my undying shame afterwards.(not adding to the discussion. hellweek.)

No. 289870

Please don't forget the scalding hot shower and antibacterial soap afterwards, he's greasy.(not adding to the discussion. hellweek.)

No. 289871

What position can you do it in with the least amount of zits popping?(not adding to the discussion. hellweek.)

No. 289881

> a bottle of jack or whiskey
> jack or whiskey
If you don't know that jack is whiskey, you can't finish a bottle, unless it's a shooter

No. 289884

lol. He's probably lurking to see if there's anything he can take to court. Silly autist

No. 289887

idk who's the bigger idiot; him for going behind her back with some teenage drug addict that SHE was originally interested in, or her for dumping him then taking him back "for their family". Her college education's clearly improved her reasoning and judgement.

No. 289888

According to Gork's own posts he feels like a winner; cheating on his wife with her teenage girlfriend and then getting the both of them back into his bed for ~beautiful threesomes~. I don't know if Lainey actually thinks it's a good thing that she managed to whine Billie back into their life, but if she does she's a dumbshit.

No. 289890

File: 1468836453630.png (41.88 KB, 535x340, pc.png)


No. 289891


To be fair, smoking weed and drinking (which he can't stand, even if it's coffee) is probably tearing his mind apart, and I love it.

He's not had a threesome in the participating sense, it's so fucking obvious.

1. He evades talking about sticking his greasy dick into Billie.
2. Lainey refuses to share her with him, no matter how much Billie hurt her the first time, she wants the clitrubs of Billie all to herself.
3. Greg continues to watch under Lainey's orders and only lets him join in if he's pleasing her.

Mad cuck, yo.

No. 289893

Nonsense, it's a nonsense post… you gotta get the best ones.

No. 289894

Sounds like someone was excited to see Plainy in person and wanted a photo, but Girugamesh ended up hogging the attention because he hates that people are more interested in his doormat wife than him.

No. 289897

They who worship tiny dicked beasts and all. :<

No. 289898

File: 1468837422322.png (34.61 KB, 1073x834, Rick_and_morty_icon.png)

He's not an awesome god, stop referring to him that way.

No. 289899

>taking back sunday by timberwolves
fucking kek.
Also says a whole fucking lot if this dumb fuck thinks his wife's twitter posts are going to hint at her filing for divorce before she even discusses anything with him or hinting at it IN PERSON.

No. 289902

Be good.

No. 289913

He has so much class going onto social media telling thousands of people about being cucked by his vapid wife who was probably pregnant at the time, and now is having a teenage identity crisis. Class acts all around.

No. 289935

She's not pregnant, her sister in law is though.

No. 289938


But didn't the crazy old hag-I mean, momma onion confirmed she was? 'Cause I hope not!

No. 289941

Lainey's definitely pregnant again. Gaining weight, not showing her stomach on camera, etc. It's probably the real reason Gerg's been so happy lately, he's got his fetish back.

No. 289943


He may have his fetish back but that doesn't mean he's happy about having a second child - especially not with her, but I guess we'll see in the next 5-7 months.

No. 289944

No. 289946


No. 289947

Is Greg going to make videos about Ricegum until he sucks his dick or what?

No. 289963

he's just trying to pull views from RG's fanbase. That's the only only reason he makes videos on anyone.

No. 289964


Isn't that Shiloh's doggie hat?!

No. 289971

I forgot onion admitted not long ago that plainey likes to watch some reality show about teenage moms, so her teenage identity crisis makes total sense now, that's her mental level.

No. 289974

onion's mom wrote on her facebook a couple months back about being a grandmother again so yes she is pregnant.

No. 290254

I think anon was implying that grease's sister is pregnant. which could be, but we've got all the belly-hiding-weight-gaining-etc stuff with plainey, sooo it's just not 100% confirmed

No. 290262

whenver he goes off about how great women are, i imagine him a la chris… "boobies… vagina…" waves hands about in a vague hourglass shape "mmmmmgorgeous"

No. 290266

If Lamey is 5'4", those shoes in that wedding photo make her at most 5'6" cos they only look like 2 inch heels. Onionsan is still a manlet. Sorry.

No. 290278

lambo crying again on Twitter about how she is "not enough"

her emo faggotry sometimes annoys me more than Onion's faggotry

No. 290280

I feel sorry for anyone who's lost their virginity to Onion's "massive cock", I really do…

No. 290282

Parody video where Billy imitates Adrienne

No. 290284

Also at the end parodying Leafy, where "Leafy" takes the video seriously, implying that Adrienne's voicemails were a joke or something.

No. 290285


I can't believe she did that!

No. 290286


I wonder if their next parody's gonna be "I'm gonna make a rainbow" or "my girlfriend's threatening to kill herself!"

No. 290287

officially hate billie

No. 290289

What's with that extra nose highlight?

No. 290290


She looks like she's got jizzed on to me…there's white stuff on her face…?

No. 290291

a poor attempt at strobing maybe?

No. 290292

what will onion-san say, isn't that too much makeup?

No. 290293

File: 1468947279964.png (355.7 KB, 572x380, 1419317195491.png)

No. 290294

crusty billie

No. 290301


Not funny in the slightest, he tries way too hard, god he's so cringe.

No. 290305

File: 1468949393908.gif (4.53 MB, 569x320, RuCh3i.gif)

it amazes me that she is this desperate to be efamous

also she looks terrible. the hair, the makeup, the weird abomination of a bindi on her forehead… girl love yo self

No. 290310

does she dye her hair like every week?

No. 290313

No. 290314

>Haha I don't care about Leafy, he is just giving me attention
>Like he totally fell for my joke videos
>No guys, I am totally not butthurt, I'll just keep mentioning Leafy in every other video I make
>You are blocked Leafy but I am totally calm and amused
>I'm going to sue Leafy for libel, totally not mad guys really trust me

ladies and gentlemen, the city of onion

No. 290329


Lmfao I hope Onion saw it since he likes to stalk everyone who doesn't suck his cock.

No. 290358

Pretty sure Billie and Taylor cuck Greg for makeup money.

No. 290361

What if I told you guys I've talked to one of Onion's highschool girlfriends…and have proof?

No. 290362

Then post it instead of bragging about it.

No. 290363

proof or fuck off

No. 290366


My problem is idk how to block names and profile pics via iPhone. Would anyone know?

No. 290367


I don't have an iphone but maybe upload them on to a PC and use Paint?

No. 290368

You can always download a beauty app and use that, like meitupic or pitu

No. 290375

I'll see what I can do tomorrow, since I have class and will be near a computer.

No. 290376


eugh BORING why not just tell us what was said now then post proof tomorrow?

No. 290380


Alright, remember that exes video he made back in December/January and he talked about one of them being a "gypsy"? Well, I've talked to her via Facebook back in May.

Here's the sypnosis: http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Tashina

Almost everything Greg says isn't true!

Here's a preview of the convo:

Me: In his videos; he claimed you guys did it behind a church and you were always giving him this creepy stare while "riding" him. Is any of this true - from your own perspective?

Gypsy Lady: Behind a church? Um, no. We had sex all of twice I think, both times at his condo and both times he refused to even take his clothes off (which was really weird, he wouldn't even take his shirt off) and always insisted that the room was really dark. I always assumed he had some deep-seeded insecurities or something. I certainly don't recall giving him any creepy stare - unless I was staring at him while wondering what his problem was? He was a really weird guy, even then.

Also, she knows about the article above.

No. 290385

If that's true, I don't get what was the point of him lying? To sound edgy?

No. 290388


I believe he's doing it to play the victim, not only to an audience but to himself as well.

I'll screenshot everything tomorrow, at least try to…

No. 290391

Yeah according to HS anon, he cheated on his girlfriends in high school and would act like it's not his fault when he got caught. Later in his youtube videos, he claims he is the one who got cheated on by so many woman, poor Gorg.

But what's with the "we did it behind a church guys" when it didn't actually happen. To sound cool?

No. 290392

Jesus Christ, how in the hell can she do this to herself?

No. 290393

File: 1469004918960.jpg (28.04 KB, 448x274, 00.JPG)




No. 290396

File: 1469010146061.jpg (36.04 KB, 454x454, bil.JPG)

crusty billie and her best friend have some kind of a glitter sticker fetish

No. 290404

>husband cheats on your with your own girlfriend
>kick them both out and cry about it
>take husband back
>take girlfriend back
>they do it again
You'd think even her retarded teenage fans would realize what a goddamn idiot she is by this point.

No. 290407

File: 1469017105005.png (15.45 KB, 574x99, all men are JERKS.png)

Greg still can't talk about rape without blaming women.

No. 290413


Who are these braindead bitches?

No. 290426


Yeah, I think so too. He talked about it back in 2010 I believe (from reading his older speaks comments) but I think he deleted those videos for some reason.

To this day I don't get why he "had" to keep his clothes on…isn't that normal?

No. 290430

Even the small fraction of anti-onisions who used to care about her don't even fucking care anymore, she's played the whole "the boy who cried wolf" bullshit far too many times now for far too long.

People's pity and sympathy eventually tends to dry out when they see a pattern that can't be broken. They get used to seeing the same old lies and the attention whoring, the excuses that she's "only using song lyrics, guys!" and the fact that they're told that 80% of what she says is "acting" over the internet and not real…

So yeah, at this point.. noone actually fucking gives a shit anymore Lainey, as long as you're with him - you're doing all this to yourself, either show some cognition and leave or live with the fact that you married someone just like yourself, grow the fuck up and get your ass offline and take care of your children.


You mean you haven't found the obvious reason yet? You know why everyone calls him Grease instead of Greg, right? It's not just because of his personality… the shitbag has had chronic face and body acne all his life.

No. 290431

Gurg is jealous that women are able to have friendships with males other than him, how about the fact that it's actually more likely for someone to be raped by him than anyone else?

If he's gonna spout "facts" he has to accept that he's also included in that demographic.

No. 290432


He said he tried to take care of his acne…at one point, but one of his acne meds caused him to have an LSD-like trip than he stopped.

Also, he's uncircumcised, right? If he's "greasy and acne-ridden, shouldn't he shower daily? 'Cause he don't look it!

No. 290433


This. One of the most cunty things she did is that, after onion cheated her, she got tons of support but later (when they made up) she mocked all those people who supported her.

Her supporting Onision's narrative ("it was all a joke, you guys are fools"), claiming it's just emo songs lyrics , and letting Gurg diss her whole family just proves she is a backstabbing, lying, attention seeking, doormat cunt.

No. 290434

This is random but I have a feeling one of the Onision Drama admins (if there's more than one) lurk here. You could tell by their way of typing and and how they spread information before we knew what was going on. I could be wrong though.

No. 290435

Nothing surprising about that. Someone probably linked them here and Onision threads on the farm are way more active than anti-onision tumblr communities.

No. 290436

Dear lord, he really is surrounding himself with children… who the fuck still does that shit at 19? Who the fuck still does what he does at 31?!

Haha, I don't think anyone wants to think about his cheesy bellend. He's one of those guys that add to the stigma that other uncut guys are dirty, sadly.

It's prolly because we namedrop their blogs a lot or they just flock to anything remotely anti-onision on the internet. As long as they don't come in here shitting up the thread with how sorry they feel for him or Lainey, or how "hot he used to be" - I don't really have a problem with it.

No. 290437


Yeah? OD rarely uses their tumblr nowadays and are always behind schedule, even for "good drama" so that may explain a lot.

No. 290444

File: 1469031504671.png (235.1 KB, 724x440, gutless.png)

This right here.

You know Grease, instead of bragging (and confirming everyone's suspicions as to why you always namedrop/stir shit up with e-celebs) about how much money you've made from Leafy, why don't you use that money to sue him like you keep saying you will, you spineless cunt.

This guy has zero conviction of whatever "honest and true" statements he preaches to his internet child-army.