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File: 1502554260551.png (768.25 KB, 1178x1140, 1502437736935.png)

No. 422661

Last time on Kekking at the onions:
Onion invited a seemingly obsessive plainey fan to the grease mantion without telling grainey in advance, visibly pissed off the agender snowflake.

- gargoyle flew a 20 year old patron over to "stay" with them and "collab" only for him to get a crotchful of fangirl and clog the family toilet

- grease "flew over bexx to do some shitty collab vids, the first of which featured her alongside onion in her bikini and shaving cream. Head in crotch action was involved.

- first day at the mansion bexx (over)shared her adventures in the mcmansion by posting pics of how she clogged onion's toilet and was ~so embarrassed~

- plainey livestreamed and looked as furious as ever, even being unable to fidget spin because she was so triggered by bexx

- onion and his fan did some more shitty vids as well as younow streams where she gives him lovey-dovey eyes while being her dull fangirl-self

- veiney still makes shitty would-i-let-my-greasy-husband-fuck-you vids, weirdly enough seeing as she keeps saying she doesn't want (onion to have) more gfs/"""poly""" relationships

- onion blasted one of his retarded 16 yo fans who made a video on him about the drama resulting in onion and his hoard of fans turning on the 16 yo idiot

- that same 16 yo (ex?) fan seems to be working on #exposing onion's youtube shittery and made a vid on what appears to be grug's fake accounts

- the IRS haven't been mentioned as much lately but they're likely working on busting onion's nuts and we'll wait for the milk to arrive

speculations from previous thread:

some speculate that bexx and some of onion's newly appointed discord mods/admins are anti-os on an costly mission against grease
ofc the undercover idiots in question didnt think to keep their social media private and have as good as doxxed themselves.

- they are friends on facebook before meeting each other for the ~first time~ on onion's server

- they booted out real onion fans while anons are still there and continue to laugh at their obsession with lolcow in their channels

So let's see where this the chase for milk takes us in this new and shit-filled onion edition

Last thread:





No. 422666

This shit is getting wilder and wilder

No. 422667

File: 1502554929159.png (549.05 KB, 666x660, plain.PNG)

Aside from Plainboi's emo suicide threats about ~why didn't I get to hear Bex was coming~, business as usual, with unremarkable YouNow streams, dying her hair whatever color Billie has it, sperging about how skinny she is guiz, and taking lots of sad agender selfies.

In case it updates, link to Bex's Lain-focused love songs at https://soundcloud.com/rebecca-guertin-281113698

No. 422668

File: 1502554971290.png (247.92 KB, 444x788, Jamie.png)


No. 422672

File: 1502556290715.png (2.62 MB, 1638x1102, bargainbinbillie.png)

lol at those pictures. She's getting closer and closer to being billie and yet she's getting further and further from onion love

No. 422673

I still remember onion saying:

"My wife is just as pretty as Billie, if not more"

"just as pretty"

I'd hate to be "just as pretty" as the chick my husband cheated on me with.

No. 422675

why did she even bother writing lainey anything

No. 422678

i haven't been following onion closely enough to know the exact drama, but billie seems 10x prettier and at least more interesting than plainey. nothing like needing to take your image from everyone else, right laney??

No. 422685

File: 1502558385561.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1701, 20170812_111929.png)

The fuck is this?

No. 422687


Mirroring it now, hold on anons

No. 422688

File: 1502558836556.png (789.22 KB, 1252x680, gingercuck.png)

No. 422689

About the video on the last thread showing duplicated comments originating from UhOhBro but one being from some rando account:

While Gretchen is not above sockpuppeting and purchasing fake subscribers, he also has patrons moderate his comments from time to time as a perk. Is it possible they do that through access to the YouTube accounts? Or is this deffo Onion himself doing the sockpuppeting?

No. 422690

Predicting click bait

No. 422691

File: 1502559084768.jpg (53.11 KB, 233x513, fuck.jpg)


absolutely haram

No. 422692

File: 1502559145481.png (1.34 MB, 1550x830, Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 19.3…)


It's just a sketch about beck clogging the toilet and greg executing her for it. Classic greg-humor.

No. 422693

Yep, clickbait. Just a skit making fun of CringerFeck's poop crisis and Onion's reputation as a psycho. What were people saying about them not playing to us as an audience? They lurk here too much to ignore us.

Speaking of them lurking here:


Is this the new marketing strategy?

If so, I'm out. If we're the sole audience, then the final stage of Onion death is to ignore him away.

No. 422694

Good god in what world are poop jokes, random screaming, and unnecessary violence the epitome of comedy? Ten year olds have more nuance than this. Honestly, the most offensive thing he's ever said was how he's the "hardest working youtuber" when he's remarkably uncreative and lazy.

No. 422695


80% of his comedy is grunting, screaming and yelling at the camera. It's so pathetic. The other 20% of his comedy is shooting people. Sooo hardworking, guise!

No. 422698

Plaine upload a new video looking for her new hook up revenge or another victim for the dungeon.

No. 422700

I can't wait for Lainey to try to explain how this was totally alright. Probably just going to go with 'I don't control what Gerg does'

No. 422706

File: 1502561931640.png (218.7 KB, 844x333, Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 2.14…)

sooo.. Was this fake or do farmers think it's real ?

If real it lowkey reminds me of Mira .. and I wouldn't be even the slightest surprised as he's well known for faking emails from fans.

No. 422708

"Lainey logic"
im not comfortable with Billie and Greg being close on camera.
Greg having his face in Beck's crotch? ok.
Greg pretending to that he's going to kiss Beck? that's a comedy sketch.

No. 422710

I don't know what to believe anymore, anon. it really would not surprise me though.

No. 422713

File: 1502562463275.png (5.98 KB, 321x85, laineycomment12.PNG)

Either her anorexia talk has actually gotten to her "fans" or she's making sockpuppets to comment this shit on her videos. It's definitely not genuine concern because she looks perfectly fine.

No. 422714


She only felt threatened by Billie because Billie was actually pretty. Beck is ugly and gross, and therefor less likely to steal her man.

She knows he wont run off with PooBeck, but knew from the get go that he'd drop everything to be with Billie.. and almost did.

No. 422718

I'd guess sock puppet. She's not well known enough to be getting random comments. Is she trying to be eugenia now too lol

No. 422719


yeah, she's getting so close! she's just missing the good makeup skills. or the pretty face. or the personality. or the taste. or onision's love…

No. 422721

If it's their strategy then it's not a very good one since their youtube videos are not even allowed to be posted here, only the mirrors.

Probably so she can go cry to Onion about it since she's not getting any attention right now.

No. 422723

I'm on the "it's one of his moderator patrons being an idiot" train. Definitely not Onion himself, if he was that retarded he'd have slipped up like that well before this.

No. 422726

Why are you guys so into Billie? She's just some above average but still totally white trash girl with typical instagram style makeup.

No. 422730

so how many people actually paid to be in his discord?

No. 422731

I don't think anyone here is really into billie. It's just entertaining to see how obsessed the onion family is.
Also regardless of whether you like her or not she is prettier, has better makeup skills and more personality than lainey (which is why greg/lainey still obsess over her).

No. 422733

396 apparently. That's how many people are at or above the discord reward tier on his patreon.

No. 422735

I want in to see the shit that happens, but it's not worth my money

No. 422737


Onion rants about how he helps so many people while his wife is out here making him look like a fool because "how can you help others if you can even help your own spouse". I remember him preaching at Richie that he was a failed Bf because his gf wasn't happy enough with herself/body.

Good girl Plain, crap on all your husbands opinions and "facts". Keep letting the world know you're "sick", hate your body and miserable af. Keep playing victim, and letting the world know by Onion logic he's a fail husband.

No. 422738

You could always use an empty gift card/cancel your pledge before the end of the month

No. 422739

I don't think so. I think the initial fear of another girl in their house, with her man, made Lamey fearful of the longevity of their relationship. Now that this is happening again, and that Greasy most properly mindfucked with her after Billiegate, and actively initiated bringing girls into their homes (Luxy, etc) Lamey has given in.

I assume he told her shit like how this is normal, how she shouldn't limit herself, how this will generate more youtube views and money, etc. Lamey just wants to sustain their current relationship and she doesnt want to have to do hard thing - leaving again.

No. 422744

5'3" 105lbs is close to underweight, but a normal BMI, more so if you use the "new" better formula. And seeing as she seems to have no muscle mass, I bet she's completely in the average range in terms of body fat.

Any bets on how long until the "self harming" pity party will start?

No. 422745

File: 1502567051950.jpeg (384.82 KB, 1242x1842, 5CAD3CCA-6387-4A7E-B151-F40E2F…)

1st a kissing click bait video then this yesterday she retweeted this deleted and then kept the fav ?

No. 422747

>It's definitely not genuine concern because she looks perfectly fine.
idk, some places especially in the US have a really skewed perception of what a normal body weight is. Like Normal=anorexic, Overweight=skinny, obese=normal

Nah, Billie has/had an ED too, remember.

No. 422749

>Nah, Billie has/had an ED too, remember.


but of course

No. 422751

He requires people to be a Patron for at least one month now before you get to join the Discord I'm pretty sure….

No. 422766


I thought that party already started when she was talking about killing herself.


I wonder if Lainey will also start smoking weed for said anxiety just like Billie.

Billie transformation thus far :
>pretending to like anime
>blue hair
>Instahoe makeup
>ED / weight loss

am I missing anything ?

No. 422772

Trying to be skinnier is pretty much the only way Lainey can ever feel superior to Billie since Lainey will never have the creativity or personality. She doesn't realise she'll only upgrade from being desperate, plain, pathetic drip to a some how even more desperate, plain, pathetic drip.

No. 422776

Can we please stop the derail about Billie and ED? If stuff happens with Plainey that's good to know, but we already know she's been trying to turn into Billie as well as bragging about being "so skinny."

Personally I think if it's just that one youtube comment, it could have easily been one of her delusional fans. Need more evidence than that to believe she's sockpuppeting. Like at least info on the youtube account or something that points toward it.

No need for dry/fake milk when there is stuff actually going on… Onion household is definitely trying to throw us off the trail though.

No. 422778


She's probably messing with us.

No. 422779

File: 1502573725623.jpg (77.97 KB, 741x489, IMG_20170812_233447.jpg)

You guys think they shooped that thumbnail?

No. 422780


No. He actually did that in the video but he cut away before their mouths touch. Then you hear him making a bunch of kissing noises.

No. 422782

ayalla and billie tried to crash diet once =/= ED just because she felt fat

daily reminder that billie judged those little girls' bodies too and even complimented underweight ones

onion gives all these girls an pro-anorexic mindset, i can only hope sarah and billie snap out of it

No. 422783

I transcribed Poopbex's song


Hey Gregory and Lainey
I know you think I'm crazy
But please know I'm more than
how I've dealt with pain
Please think of our good times
Our texts and all of the signs
the similarities between us are staggering

Our music tastes
Our life fast paces
something swimming races (i don't get what the fuck is she saying)
Late night memes
Catfish conspiracies
Sending you pictures of puppies

Hey Lainey and Gregory
I know that you are worried
But I promise that I'll try my best
To earn your trust

So here is a friendship CV
To earn your respect fot me
A list of all my qualities
And (???? don't get it again)

I'm a cost efficient, truth insistent, persistent girl
Who wants to show that she won't
do anything that you wouldn't like
except destroy you at super smash bros, heheh

I take myself (?) as I'm meant to please
Honestly you make me weak in my knees
I'll treat you to a birthday cake, ice cream, breakfast burritos
and pizza with pineapple

Hey Gregory and Lainey
I know you think I'm crazy
But please know I'm more than
how I've dealt with pain (x2)

No. 422784


sage for tinfoil but kinda weird how she calls him Gregory and so did screenshot anon. I don't usually see anyone calling him by his full name

Then again, she probably just needed the extra syllables

No. 422785


This looks like something he'd make with his ex-wife, especially with the necrophelia part.

No. 422787


>Please think of our good times

>Our texts and all of the signs
>the similarities between us are staggering

kek, this song is so horrible.

No. 422788


I think it's because Lainey and Gregory rhyme.

No. 422789

pretty sure this is the song she wrote when lainey already knew she leaked texts

No. 422790

also wearing a lot of billies clothes and posting similar videos to billie

reminds me of the episode of spongebob when patrick kept copying spongebob

No. 422793

i don't know if any anons have said this, but does anyone think the song is a way for Beck to apologize to Lainey and gain her trust back? (like whatever suggestions Onion had for Billie to apologize to Lainey)

No. 422794

You know at this point I dont even think she purposely copies Billie but more like, she copies whoever is interesing. Lainey never had a personality on her own so she made up all these space prince agender bi polyamory stuff. She noticed not even that makes her interesting so she added a few things she noticed makes people like Billie interesting (for Greg or we) . Maybe unintentionally so. That's why she doesn't notice how obvious it is she is becoming a dollar store Billie at this point.

No. 422798

This thumbnail would have been enough to make me leave someone. I'm convinced Lainey is not gonna leave ever now

No. 422803

yes but the song is from a few days ago so we're late

If the mods are from repcord or kiwi then I'm ready to enjoy the ride.

No. 422807

This is some PoodleCorp. type of shit yo. It's actually more interesting than The Onions getting a new sex-slave.

No. 422818

The same reason I like AJ despite her flaws. Anyone who stands up to Onion and visibly rocks his foundation gets a pass from me.

No. 422820

>Lainey and Gregory rhyme

No. 422823


Well they both have the eee sound at the end.

No. 422824

Remember to stay on topic.

No. 422825

File: 1502582493466.png (1.3 MB, 1058x1187, 2017-08-13 01.59.22.png)

Wasn't the "Remember Love" tattoo the one he got for Sh?

No. 422830

Oh it's a girl, thought it was cyr LMAO

No. 422831

This is horrifyingly funny, needs a repost to the bad art thread

No. 422841

Her face looks like that fat whale from game grumps here

No. 422844

Maybe onion should make videos begging lain to get help because showing off her "skinny figure" will trigger her audience.

Maybe if she keeps at this rate, we need to start a campaign banning her from youtube until she gets help.


No. 422845


They really captured Lainey's horse face and Onions fucked up caveman brows and wrinkly forehead.

No. 422849

File: 1502585252277.png (2.1 MB, 2160x1833, lain.png)

Not sure if this has been mentioned but…

Why two accounts? Why two accounts of the SAME cringe fucking shitty photos? Why still even bothering with the they/them shite? Rubbish. So she spends more time out of her day having to manage a SECOND account? Well spent money for her patrons ay. GROW YOUR HAIR LAMEY, I'M SICK OF LOOKING AT YOUR FUCKING MULLET.

No. 422852


she's obsessed with her own ugly ass face.

No. 422853


i don't care for billie. but seeing her side by side with lainey, it becomes pretty fucking obvious which one is attractive. people are only bringing her up because lainey is copying her, no one actually cares.

No. 422855

Because Billie has two Instagrams. Needs to be the same haha

No. 422856

>im more than rhe way ive dealt with pain

It's about weed 100% onion happened to sperg about weed on twitter around the time before she put up that song. So she likely smoked for some reason physical or mental pain who knows and who cares besides onion the control freak

No. 422858

I agree anon, it's hard for me to have any sympathy for any girls who play into it because at this point they have to be either retarded or desperate or desperately retarded.

No. 422859

this is nitpicky af, but whos holding the painting? i see a long brown curly bit of hair so not plankys

No. 422861

It's probably that the person who made it also sent them a picture of it before posting

No. 422862

Yeah, probably poopie. This whole situation is just ridiculous.
Is he even gaining views from using her? If we are the target audience he can't be making much. Also, isn't feces and necrophilia (even fake) against some of youtubes new ~community guidelines~?

No. 422872

I think it's Beck or whatever her name is. In a video with her they opened fanmail together and if I remember correctly this fanart was part of it.

No. 422874

Why would she be in a fan art video, wtf? It's mail for Greg and probably Lainey, she has nothing to do with it. Does anyone care to reupload the video? I'd love to see what kind of stuff some poor people decide to send to them.

No. 422876

Onion is opening like a piece or two of fanmail every video I think

No. 422877

so as fast as it is literally coming in

No. 422879

The video was already mirrored before it was their first one together. Here it is again. At around the 0:50 second mark they start opening fanmail.

No. 422884

Thanks anon, appreciate it. I thought he'd make a dedicated video for it.

No. 422893

It's fucking sad because Billie is pretty but she's not this unachievable beauty - the way Lainey treats Billie is if she's this mythological flawless girl it's ridiculous, extremely weird, and embarrassing. I'm not insulting Billie in any way it's just insane at this point.

Bitch just embrace yourself and do what looks best on you and flatters your individual features. Their features are so different, why can't she just find some celebrity who looks similar to her and copy their shit? It would be so much less pathetic and would work out in her favor.

So fucking sick of this Billie shit. When she was first posted with that video of her bragging about being in a psych ward (while treating the staff like shit I might add) no one liked her. Greg even seems to have moved on, at least a little or for now with Bex.

No. 422896

billie is just copying unoriginal alt trends from instagram. she's not even original.

lainey already knows how crazy out of touch she is and probably just looks to billie for what is on trend. she may also just be repeating what billie does because she has more followers and ripping off billie because she's less known makes her feel better.

No. 422898

How do these two still have people who will send them money and be involved with them, particularly Greg?

No. 422909

Has Operation: Take Down Onion been aborted yet?

We haven't heard from MilkAnon 2.0 in awhile

No. 422911

I agree that she thinks he won't run off with poobeck but you have to keep in mind he down graded a lot, like downgrading from adrienne to someone ugly hoe and cheating on her, I think lainey knows there's a 99% chance onion is gonna cheat again and that the whole "laineys girlfriend" thing is just another prop so greg could mess around with another girl, but lainey knows greg won't drop everything and leave, We already know greg has shit self control and likes to cheat as well as wanting to fuck feminine women, then turning them unfeminine and ugly as part of as use and abuse fetish or whatever the fuck is wrong with him, while beck may not be pretty she is a lot more feminine than lainey, which is what greg wants, a feminine partner, and he even made a sketch where he kisses her, so I think this is just the beginning of cuddlegate 2.0

it's clear to me the polygamy wasn't for lainey to enjoy a girlfriend nor was it some hip new trend they wanted to try because if it was that, polygamy couples will often have affection with all their partners, not just one partner having two partners, I think greg convinced lainey that polygamy was hot to watch her kiss a girl or some shit as an excuse to bring another girl in the house and mess around with her behind laineys back

No. 422914

>Why can't she just find some celebrity who looks similar to her and copy their shit? It would be so much less pathetic and would work out in her favor.

B-but her ~spaceprince~ transtrending started from copying Ruby Rose… she fucked up even that

No. 422915

samefag but omg this is so bad it HAS to be subtle (?) trolling. Especially with the Remember love quote and onion's forehead. Dead

No. 422939

File: 1502602868870.png (153.23 KB, 858x865, Screenshot_2017-08-12-23-37-27…)

So looks like BexLax wasn't a top contributer like some axons where speculating. Lol I wonder if he's going to try to write her trip off.

No. 422941

Waiting for the moment when Beck says too much and Greg doesn't keep letting it slide.

Maybe he hasn't seen her blatant attention whoring yet. But I'm betting Lainey has.

No. 422948

this was mentioned before… he obviously flew her out for the pussy
she's donated over 200 dollars at most

No. 422963


Am I the only one getting "Skye" vibes from this Bex girl?

No. 422966

Yeah yeah and Shiloh too lurk moar

No. 422979

Yeah, I think Bex is honestly just a tool or pawn to Onion at this point, really. She's so desperate for his approval that she'll do pretty much anything, which makes up for her being a big downgrade. He needs this right now to build back up his ego, she's only temporary, I mean, aren't they all? Lainey is the only one to last this long, and that's only because she's had a couple of his kids and yet he still did try to get rid of her at times.

Honestly, I think she's even got a bit of Sarah in there too as far as looks. While she's kind of gross looking, Onion does seem to have a type.

No. 422982


So: Skye + Sarah = Beck?

No. 422985

Was onion ever trying to get on Sarah though

No. 422986

You should probably sage so the other anons don't attack you for being OT. But yeah, I would say she's like if Skye were to wear Sarah's skin, while pretending to be the oh-so-wacky Shiloh. Personality wise, she doesn't give me Sarah vibes, but facially she definitely reminds me of an uglier Sarah, plus the hair/glasses/chub/etc.

No. 422987

File: 1502615203861.jpg (58.09 KB, 810x303, IMG_20170813_110559.jpg)

onion please…..

No. 422988

Honestly, there were some questionable moments where things seemed off.

If Billy hadn't been in the picture, if Sarah wasn't actually in love with Lainey, there wasn't already heat on him for her living there and being very underage, and if she were 10-20lb.s lighter at the time. I don't doubt it.

I do think he's been lowering his standards a bit lately though, he seems extra desperate after Vix bailed on him. His ego was at an all time high when he had Billie around.

No. 422991


I doubt it, but Sarah did have questionable Tumblr posts about him a few threads back.


Thanks, tbh I was debating whether or not to sage my op; I'll remember that next time!

Also Skye, uglier than Sarah? Or am I just confusing it around?

No. 422994


I also wanted to point out that even Billie had some semblance to Skye when you think about it, especially when she had dark (blue) hair and bangs.

Onion's trying to build his very own Frankenwife (with also Shiloh's likenes) confirmed.

No. 422996

File: 1502616671268.jpeg (135.63 KB, 701x551, 1483052317706.jpeg)

Yup, she posted a lot of lyrics that were sus and "fuck the feeling I get when he tries to comfort me" all around the same time.

There was a lot of speculation on whether or not she developed a crush on Onion while she was there. Couple the tumblr posts with his weird obsession with girls who have EDs and you have the big reason why so many people thought they were both grooming her.

No. 422999

Even if Onion wasn't into her, I could see him grooming her because he gets off on mindfucking people. She was Lainey's only friend there, what better way to gain control than to make her get feelings for him too.

No. 423000


Guess Lainey didn't have one but two "home wreckers" to worry about. Kekk

No. 423003

>fragile plum boi
Jesus fucking christ, the cringe

No. 423019

Isn't bug bby one of the many usernames of Nicole Dollanganger's Tumblr?

No. 423020

So apparently Onion is threatening legal action on TallVideos, the 16 year old kid who he kicked off his patreon

No. 423022

When/where did he say that?

No. 423023

I hate getting my info from JoySparkleBS (I follow her thread too) but he contacted her and Mike and told them about it, its in Joy's latest video

No. 423033


It annoys me every time she says " I didn't want to get into this ", girls face is right up Onion's asshole sniffing out the shit before it even comes out.

Bet Onion wouldn't have dropped him so easily if he was a 16 yr old girl, though. Hope the kid produces some milk without Joy though.

No. 423038

File: 1502636509145.png (102.14 KB, 849x317, CcvqRzZ.png)

TL;DW because don't give Joy views pls
>TallVideos, a mod and contributor, made a video about how many young kids are in Onion's spaces
>Onision blocks him everywhere
>TallVideos makes another video
>Onion threatens to sue (pic related)

No. 423039

here's the video he's got his jimmies rustled over

No. 423047

is this even legal.. seriously. How do you threaten to sue someone like that

No. 423050

>clearly onision who is just buttmad

gets me every time he tries to do this

No. 423066

Lameo trying to look like Billie is like Sara Jessica Parker trying to look like Adriana Lima.
Their facial structures couldn't be more different.

Billie has soft features. Lameo's face is like a haggard witch's foot. Stop trying to be Billie, it's never going to happen.

No. 423071

File: 1502641631617.png (206.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1077.PNG)

How did this not get posted when the other ones did..

No. 423073

>a huge crush on lainey
Yet we only see her glued to Grease 24/7 and don't even see her and Plainey together. Weird.

No. 423074

>this new video you mad
onion, sounds like YOU mad

No. 423085

Someone ask her why don't her and Lainey stream together and instead she only streams with Greg?

No. 423089

says she has a huge crush on the plum boy, but yesterday i was on plum boy's YouNow and people were asking if she had a crush on Beck and she said no. so.. will toilet clogger come back? is her trip just a tax write off?

No. 423091

Makes sense when he can never let any of his exes go completely.

What bullshit! Why are they rarely even interacting then? You'd think Lainey would just be happy that she is there? Did they even interact that much before she even got there?

No. 423094

File: 1502645131551.jpg (499.35 KB, 1200x1200, laineytype.jpg)


BexLax is not Lainey's type whatsoever so I don't see them ever getting together of her own free will.

If you check Lainey's twitter likes you can see she has a clear type: Androgynous agender petite women all tumblr'd up.

CringerBeck has long frizzy plain brown hair and is on the chubby side and dresses like a kid in middle school. She's not edgy whatsoever. Lainey will not go for her even if she's desperate for a girl to kiss.

No. 423098

new video (mirrored)

No. 423099

File: 1502645532956.png (416.14 KB, 581x582, Screenshot 2017-08-13 at 1.31.…)

so many kek

No. 423103

What does he mean by Free Chanel? Is he going to charge people to subscribe to Onision? Or is he going to make it Patreon-Only? I dont get it. It seem like a DUmb move deleten 2 mill subs

No. 423106


One channel will be 'ad free' and he'll be as "Onision" as he wants to be. The other channel he's going to try and keep ad friendly.

No. 423107

Lol they all know now they have to suck up to lameo to get to gerg. The second she gets to the house, shes always with gerg, not lameo. Shes so full of shit and you can tell lameo is not at all into her.

is he that depressed about his subs dropping that he will delete them all to see it go positive for a second? lmao. I dont even understand wtf he is doing anymore with his decision-making.

No. 423108

lol, he is going to regret pushing that button immediately after doing it. Maybe that will be his death.

No. 423109

Well,the first two girls on top are pretty doughy looking.

No. 423110

I enjoy Lainey liked mxkahel's pic because Kahel got butthurt with Gurg awhile back for using her pic in his nonbinary vid

No. 423111

He has no business acumen at all.
Hes like those criminals who represent themselves in court and get convicted in 2 seconds. Idiot.

No. 423116


It's funny, because Lainey doesn't seem to like her at all. She gets annoyed when people mention her on YouNow and yesterday someone asked if she was planning on making a video with BexLax, and she scoffed and said she didn't plan on it. Also noteworthy, people asked if Lainey had a crush to which she gave a clear no.

Imagine being Bex, claiming to have a huge crush and then being straight up ignored and not mentioned anywhere by Lainey. It is gold.

No. 423121

That Bex chick looks like Skye and Shiloh mixed together. it's weird.

No. 423129

I wish gerg would cheat on lameo with the new girl, but shes not good-looking, so he might not. I just want to see the excuses lameo will make for gerg cheating when she has 100% made it clear shes not into this girl.

Am I the only one who thinks she looks nothing at all like them and that skye and shiloh were both better looking than this girl? The only thing that is similar to skye is long hair and she looks nothing at all like shiloh. She looks like a typical nerdy white chick.

No. 423139

File: 1502651696746.png (144.81 KB, 750x1033, IMG_1809.PNG)

No. 423140

he always threatens to sue when something makes him look bad
it's the adult equivalent of saying "oooOOOOooo I'm tellin"

No. 423142

File: 1502651791119.png (Spoiler Image, 181.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1810.PNG)

No. 423144

"I'm here for lain" then where's the videos and streams of them together poobeck?

No. 423145

>I just want to see the excuses lameo will make for gerg cheating when she has 100% made it clear shes not into this girl.

"We let her into our house. We paid for her tickets, paid for her meals, and she takes advantage of my husband like that! I am very hurt, my anxiety is very high. But my heart is still hurt by Bex and what she did. Having sex with my husband while I was in the other room, having to take care of my kids. Also I need to mention that Greg said that what she did wasn't alright, so I forgive Greg so please don't blame him and don't hate on him. Bex broke my anxious heart though."

No. 423148

You forgot "Never trusting girls again even tho im so gay??? They all break my heart and treat me like shit :( " or something like this.

No. 423149


this bitch in middle school or something? who out there posting tweets about crushes and shit? this girl is a weirdo. she posts her shit on the internet, publishes songs about strangers, publicly posts about "crushes". girl, keep it to yourself. keep it to your close irl friends at best. does she not have social skills or something so she resorts to this type of shit online? for real, why is she posting any of this?

she seems like the absolute attention whore. i'll best you, once onion drops this gross bitch she's going to be posting in lolcow and shit trying to milk it for more attention. its going to be plainclone all over again. and at least plainclone was a teen so i don't think she should be shamed for being so stupid… but this beck shit is too grown for this shit. she's fucking weird.

No. 423150

thats pretty much her shtick though is playing victim.

No. 423151

yeah, that's a total crock of shit.

When's she leaving? I REALLY hope she and Greg hook up.

No. 423152

In about a week, she said she was staying for ten days.

No. 423154

sweet, still lots of time for shit to go down.

No. 423155

I wonder if she'll end up staying longer tbh, lainey seems to passive to actually fight them on it if she tried to stick around

No. 423161


Lainey will tolerate up until Gregma's starts sticking his banana in the wrong hole again.

No. 423175

Does anyone have a mirror of Lainey's new video?

No. 423187

In plaineys new video about people she'd date, she's pretty much fawning over every single different type of girl.

No. 423189

File: 1502661123898.jpg (9.62 KB, 200x211, kek.jpg)


>believing that Lainey is genuine in her banal vapid fan service vids.

No. 423196

Onion and beck are on younow again

No. 423198

Jesus,On gurgles younow there is like an 11 year old girl, crying saying that she is being abused. and gurgles is guesting her.

No. 423199

and saying she was trigger warning raped and stuff

No. 423201

This is so messed up. A 32 year old man has no business telling 11 year old kids what they should or shouldn't do.

He needs to just avoid minors for real. And leave it to their parents.

No. 423203

Isn't that pretty much exploiting the poor girl???

No. 423204

Someone asked if Beck lives there now and she said no and Onison tried to make a joke out of it and said "if the dogs aren't here, then Beck isn't here for a long duration"
and Beck goes, "Actually if I were living here I would just have my own dog here."

HAHAHA keep dreaming Beck. Wonder what Lainey thought of that…

No. 423205


yeah and the kid was clearly not dressed. wtf dude.

No. 423206

Little girl asks Greg about abuse and Greg says "I was too busy worrying about physical abuse as a kid to worry about emotional abuse" he invalidates what's she's going through because he doesn't think she's been banged around enough and just tells her to go to a school counselor

"Ok good luck"
Girl hangs up and he jokes about her taking a knife to stab her family

No. 423208

What a sick fuck, I feel sorry for his children

No. 423211

Greg is an abuser himself. What else can you expect from him?

No. 423212

Beck is really insufferable.
The Blargh asked if she's okay being on their channel and she pipes up in third person with that annoying voice of hers, "No Beck is not okay being on the Blargh!"
As if she hasn't tried to get noticed in every other way possible.

Also I love that Lainey just sits back and watches all of these broadcasts and sends likes

No. 423214

tall being guested and calling out hard

No. 423215

WOAH Greg getting called out by Tall for using sock puppet accounts

And he is FAILING at being convincing that he didn't do it.

No. 423217

greg's responses are so stupid:

>it's not me, and the grammar's bad

>it's not a comment that matters
>uhh this is really stupid can we talk about something else?

No. 423220

Also mimicking the guys accent, yes we are talking about an adult man.

No. 423222

That fucking ratchet deer, though. She's so fucking dumb, she says she's going to sue TallFilms and that she's in the same country. When he said they weren't in the same country, she said "just drop him, greg".

Wew this is good.

No. 423223

File: 1502664524752.png (1.98 MB, 1174x881, Miltank_Milk_Drink.png)


Tall just straight up asked Grease why he brought Beck to him if he's broke

He's totally ignoring it and trying to change the subject

Go Tall! You're killing it boo keep slaying him

No. 423224

Looks like bambi took to binge eating to deal with their mother getting shot. Tragic.

No. 423227

>tfw crush on onision younow guester burning him out

Grease you're so old and confused… Stop embarrassing yourself and never go online again. You already have trolls in your Discord.

No. 423229

Tall is SO much more mature than Greg and is straight up knocking this out of the park.

If only Greg would take it seriously and just answer the questions instead of avoiding them.

The deer is the most annoying human I've ever seen.

No. 423234

File: 1502664929205.jpg (17.28 KB, 265x185, Capture.JPG)

What's with this fat deer bitch? Did Gerg guest her to defend him? lmao

No. 423237

Can Greg tell her she's fat? Why doesn't he impart his wisdom on the annoying losers around him?

No. 423238

Where is Onision when it comes to "helping" her by making 5 youtube videos talking about her fat sourface ass?

No. 423241

Yes, she pointed to herself when greg was talking about his mods.

No. 423244

File: 1502665789356.jpg (38.71 KB, 460x435, Capture.JPG)

No. 423246


whenever i check out his streams he always has on fat ugly bitches. its so weird. he has like 20 plus videos talking about how much he hates overweight people, yet they all flock towards the guy. do they just skip those videos? do they all have like issues or something? like fuck, that deer bitch has to be obese onion probably straight up hates her.

No. 423247

>Do they all have issues or something?

short answer: yes
long answer: yessssssssssssssssssss

No. 423248

File: 1502666191574.png (Spoiler Image, 124.22 KB, 750x916, IMG_1577.PNG)

Sorry for this derail nitpicking but Y I K E S this slag looks horrifying(offtopic)

No. 423250

yes we know, this has been mentioned a million times already, stop shitting up the thread

No. 423251


Is this the same bitch we accused of being an anti-o spy along with Toiletta and TallVideos?

I couldn't recognize her w/the damn deer filter on her face.

No. 423252

unfortunately that was not a filter, it was her actual face

No. 423254

He probably watched Hacksaw Ridge and thought, "Hey, that's me!"

No. 423255


Ew wtf?

No. 423256

File: 1502666820228.png (150.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-14-09-21-26…)

Lainey's tumblr is poppin lately, most of the posts are passive aggressively aimed at gurg, but she's acting up like she has a girl crush again.

No. 423257

File: 1502666850166.png (233.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-14-09-21-06…)

No. 423258

File: 1502666874245.png (163.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-14-09-20-54…)

No. 423259

should be pointed out that when asked on younow "Why does Lainey hate Beck?" that both Greg and Beck scoffed and said they hang out all the time and all play Mario together every night.

No. 423261


They also said "Lainey and Beck get along just fine"

What every girl with a creepy stalker crush wants, to be tolerated by their crush loll

No. 423267

One of gregs mods confirmed the comment was real…

No. 423268

And now Lainey is streaming, alone. Because they all get along so well lol.

No. 423269

Actually, his exact words were "They get along DECENTLY" lolol

No. 423270

She's already used the 'I'm not Greg' line

No. 423271

She said "DD/LG is great!" (yes she clarified that she doesn't do it, but this mother of an infant thinks sexualizing babies is "Great!")

Is it relevant now to call her a disgusting POS or will I get banned again? KEK.

No. 423273

Lainey is on Tindr.

Could you imagine getting into that fucked up Narc Nest drama unknowingly?

No. 423275

So she doesnt want a GF but is on Tinder? GOd I hope she is on the Women Looking or Males XD

No. 423277

File: 1502669576507.png (1.47 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1080.PNG)

The girl with the deer face paint is always being featured in his YouNow streams. She's like a mod on his discord or at least a very prominent member. Does she know he insulted her in one of his old rating videos??

No. 423278


She says she only has it set to Women.

No. 423279

…that is nikkitutorials, anon.

No. 423281


You have to be 18 to post here, anon.

No. 423282

Ugh. WHy wont she just leave the greaseball I mean the money is dried anyways, and people actually like her more than gurgles.. She can keep up with her youtube videos and everything. I guess she would rather sleep on different beds , have an emotional connection once a year and keep bringing him girls, than show some respect for herself. Is that was my I would have emptied our joined bank account, leave and take my kids to a vacation.

No. 423283

File: 1502669993525.jpg (33.2 KB, 300x470, stock-photo-young-pretty-brune…)

lol that's what i would say about someone i lowkey hate but haven't had an actual fight with yet.

what a rare treat on my day off to get milk i can barely keep up with. every time i refresh the page there's something new.

No. 423284

Fuck Lainey is so shameless when begging for donations on younow. How does anyone see her as genuine or likeable?

No. 423286


I love when she said she loves Eugenia, but hopes she goes away so she can be number one.

No. 423288

AHAHAHA amazing

No. 423292

Oops I seriously thought it was her!!! SORRY GUYS!!

No. 423295

File: 1502671680826.png (524.31 KB, 497x841, Untitled.png)

Lainey is so obsessed with being the #1 broadcaster in #girls on younow all while victimizing herself over being called a girl. I want to see her crash and burn just as badly as Greg tbh.

No. 423297

File: 1502671802566.png (69.75 KB, 500x354, 01-so-youre-only-a-cat-when-it…)

No. 423298

you know it auto updates right?

No. 423302


All the other girls around her have more personality from the looks of it, Lainey doesn't deserve second place. She's boring.

No. 423306

Watching her getting more ragged, sourfaced and desperate as the days go on is its own kind of treat tbh

No. 423309

Just fanned eugenia just to spite this bitch.

I wonder if Greg went after Eugenia because Lainey is jealous of her

No. 423323

I think greg went after Eugenia cause she turn him down, i think he was hoping to get her teenage ass in their threesome and being his "savior" from her anorexia (since he love to brag about Billie's ED and how he "help" her) but when it didnt work out and she didnt even notice him , he got mad.

No. 423324

When Grease tries to replace the real thing using ShitterBeck

No. 423326

File: 1502679182029.jpg (32.52 KB, 602x419, fat.jpg)

That becca girl on his younow is a mod on the discord server she also happens to have a second facebook account. Tall videos and beck are not on her recently added list so theyve been friends for over a month… Shes friends with him on facebook so why is she claiming to dislike him and threaten lawsuits? Youd think she wouldnt have people shes afraid of on her personal irl account

No. 423327

File: 1502679194489.jpg (33.35 KB, 681x419, fat2.jpg)

No. 423330

the irony is that he has pro-ana folks on his mod team
Holy shit, at this point everything is pointing to some troll-discord mod takeover conspiracy lmao

I know little to no normies with multiple facebooks? It's just weird and why would you even be friends with your own account. It's just how gingers twitter is new so what if her facebook is "new" too? fucking sus

No. 423331

you've posted this exact same shit before and were asked why this person is relevant. please stop posting her until there's something worth talking about.

No. 423332

I wouldn't doubt it,he's like those fuckboys who set traps "oooo you're beautiful I want to buy you flowers and save you from bad people" and then when the girl is like "sorry I'm not interested" he uses the whole "OH WELL YOU'RE UGLY" response

the same most likely happened with jaclyn as well, which would explain why he was so upset when she did the smart decision of not going to onionboy when she wanted to get breast implants so he could "save" her from the big bad richie and trap her in his temporary position as a milk maker for onion to fuck while pretending it's for lainey, but jaclyn is too smart for that shit, greg sees any girl that doesn't find him repulsive and is young or young looking as milkmaker lainey gf but secretly gregs victim and not there for lainey at all

doesn't jaclyn smoke weed as well? kek
sage for tinfoil

No. 423333

The person before wasnt… The idiots forgot to crop out that theyre friends. What the fuck is going on. They type like a retard too, namefag?

No. 423335

Please make a separate thread for these people if you want to keep discussing them.

No. 423336

you didn't check the trips tho

No. 423338

if we can talk about gingerbeck why can't we talk about other mods? Especially if they're in on some weird shit together

No. 423339


They're pretty relevant rn farmhand-sama. Kinda like the troll situation with Chris-Chan.

No. 423343

The downfall of this thread right now is everyone keeps screaming "NOT RELEVANT" and so all the milk keeps getting ignored.
People keep jumping each other over the littlest thing, if anons think something is not relevant or isn't important enough, just ignore it. Don't try to prevent other farmers from discussing them/a subject.

Also the blonde chick is on Greg's younow like every day now. So while she's annoying and I can't stand her, I'd say she's somewhat relevant to discuss.

No. 423344

I honestly think those that are jumping to scream irrelevance are the very people we're discussing.

No. 423345


Then it's very possible that Becca and TallVideos were just merely "acting" against each other on the stream.

Onion is very stupid.

No. 423346

This theory makes a lot of sense. Especially because she was so over the top hating on TallVideos and scoffing hard at everything he said. Not the kind of way I'd treat someone and then remain friends with them on facebook.

No. 423347

File: 1502681437720.jpg (175.05 KB, 1440x773, Screenshot_20170813-200523.jpg)

This becca girl is a mod on gregs younow and is very friendly with ginger so if they are involved in some sketchy scheme to troll Greg i'd say it's very relevant

All the weird Twitter and Facebook profiles and multiple accounts is screaming in gregs own words, DISHONESTY.

I wonder how many other infiltrators there are lol probbaly more than actual fans at this point

No. 423348

The ones screaming "not relevant" are probably pro-onion and want to suppress anything thats coming out.

The milk we get from Greg is usually because of some interaction he has with a second party, and if we discuss that second party it is relevant.
Greg doesnt just sit alone and set himself on fire, we need a catalysis usually.

No. 423349


Yeah it was a little too over the top on both sides, meanwhile Firecrotch just sat there blank faced and turning the other way or toward Gretchen.

It's time to abort y'all.

No. 423350

A big deterrent is the bickering amoungst each other versus coming together
Exactly, there always seems to be something bigger going on.

No. 423352

Sorry, we received many reports for comments discussing the moderator crew. If most users agree to keep it in this thread, that's fine.

No. 423353

This is ot a little and tinfoil hat aswell but did anyone hear someone on his stream call him Gregory? I was only there for a few min and could not make out who was saying it. Whoever said it sounded so much how that one anon sounded in my head.

No. 423354

Oh my god Lainey you can't have fucking colored hair and wash your hair everyday you fucking idiot.

No. 423356

File: 1502682068072.png (471.37 KB, 581x377, 9657334.PNG)

I noticed that Grugly tried the whole "Ill be calm and speak in a quiet relaxing manner" when he got into that arguement with Tallvideos.
I loved how quiet everyone got as they battled back and forth, his little discord minions were so vocal with their support for Onionboy.
And then that calm and soothing facade slowly burned away as Tallvideo started down the path of Grugly being a pedo and judging little girls bodies. Onion immediately ended Tallvideo as a guest and tried to move on.

No. 423357

i just think if we could discuss ayalla as part of oniondrama before we should be able to discuss discord mods as long as it has to do with onion/people involved in onion drama (like tallvideos). >>423326 is relevant due to her being involved in the stream today trashing someone she's apparently friends with.

i'm starting to think those mods are coming on here making reports of things they don't like.

No. 423358

Out of everyone to "debate" Onion, Tallvideo did the best in the few minutes he had than Blaire or Joy did with their hour or so. He stayed calm and asked reasonable questions, it just sucked that no one was there to hold Gretchen accountable. I'd be thrilled to see an actual debate between the two with a mod so that if Greg did try to go on tangents about "What makes you happy?" to avoid the real questions he would be called out on his bs.

When Tall mentioned the sock puppet account Greg floundered hard.
Greg said he didn't send him an email threatening to sue, but Greg also didn't deny that the "Onisionsmanager" email address was his. In fact when he asked Greg straight out if it was his, he said it was a business email…but didn't deny it was his email address.

No. 423360

Keeping it here is fine, it's all linked to Grease anyway. It's interesting if anything that this group of moderators is gaining power in Greg's discord server and kicking out actual fans. That's going to be some good milk!

No. 423362

he kept trying to push the idea that he doesnt care about his reputation online, people can say he sucks camel dicks, he doesnt care… then why does he get so angry when anyone (including his old military buddies) can search his name and stories about pedophilia pop up.

No. 423364

absolutely off topic but do you have a source for this manga? looks goofy as hell and i'd like to read it. reverse search just gives me meme pages

reaching but part of me thinks her "fans" don't actually like her, they just want to be like her. internet famous, wife of known youtuber, large teen fanbase, "cool and quirky", "complicated gender" yadda yadda

No. 423370


I'm worried about the outcome though.

After the mission - whatever is succeeded or failed, how will Onion react after finding out he's been recruiting haters disguised as fans and asslickers for the sole purpose of taking him down? Then again I'm too far away to face his incoming psychotic breakdown so idgaf.


Is it possible that Lainey has infiltrators as well? If so, kek

No. 423373

samefag and sage your post fam

No. 423375

Pretty sure that's Persona 5. Looks like Ryuji and Morgana. Sage for OT.

No. 423378

You're worried Greg is going to get his feelings hurt?
You're worried that hes going to sperg out on his loved ones?

Let him burn

No. 423386

File: 1502684098014.jpg (177.89 KB, 695x500, mini_milk_bottles.jpg)


thank you for relaying real milk in a mature and concise manner.

No. 423389


Yeah, you're right. His/their blood will not be on our hands.

No. 423393

nah she smokes weed
it would be even funnier if beck turned out to smoke weed as well tbh

No. 423395

She does, she refers to it in her Lamey apology song. "How I deal with pain" is the line alluding to smoking weed.

No. 423396

I still can't get over the fact that Beck said if she lived there she would just get her own dog (when Greg said she couldn't live there bc she'd miss her dogs)

As if
A) Lainey would ever let her move in without threatening to kill herself or pouting the whole time
B) Greg would allow another dog for him to terrorize
C) The Onions would want another mouth to feed (if it's an unattractive one)

No. 423397


Since this is being mentioned, I think another partial downfall of this thread is anons getting angry about or ignoring 'tinfoiling' which sort of falls along the 'irrelevant!' replies a lot of the time too.

I don't know if lolcow just has less users now, or just greg's thread kek, but a lot of the milk came from farmers discussing speculations and farmers doing most of the work to uncover milk. Now everyone gets pissed if you try to "prove the 'milk' wrong" because Plainey or Greg said this or that, as if we've ever fucking listened to them in the past.

I feel like anon's screenshots would've never been so easily accepted in the past, especially after Milkchan. Now everyone believes what Greg or Lainey has to say in relation to it and no one seems to see the real milk in all this weird, shady shit with Bex and onion's discord.

Sage for somewhat OT and rant, inb4 '"sage and irrelevant stfu".

No. 423398

Interesting, I kinda wanna see weedgate 2.0

even better if lainey started smoking it as well, greg and his THC fearing ass would have a heart attack

No. 423400

Yeah like Lainey is claming now that she knew Beck was coming, she just didn't know WHEN -hence the texts

I call bs on that. Lainey wouldn't have freaked out that bad if it was just the timing of the visit that was a shock to her. She also didn't even start claiming that was the case until wayyy later. She's a bad liar.

No. 423411

>or just greg's thread kek

It's not just Onion threads. Check out the Onion-adjacent Cyr/Dasha/Edwin/Mina clusterfuck for open fangirling, feuds and cowtipping. Luna's thread also had a source of milk dry up due to what looks like a vendetta.

No. 423417

Let's all hope it's just summerfagging and that it will pass soon.

No. 423420

Does anybody else doubt that Greg will go through with deleting all 2 mil tomorrow? I feel like we will wake up to some excuse of why he had to change his mind.

No. 423422

thank you anon that seems to be it!

i don't think anyone cares about lainey herself enough, i think her infiltrators are people looking for dirt mainly on onion through her, or people trying to end up in his basement by a pretext of being into her

No. 423423

IMO, the Joy threads attract a lot of weirdos to the board as a whole.

No. 423424

File: 1502688315182.jpg (30.74 KB, 750x474, 2938478932593.jpg)

lol at this comment on her insta

No. 423425


Of course he's not gonna do it. He said he would delete channels altogether and that's never happened. Hes just stirring the pot to see if anyone is listening - I mean imagine if he did and people re-subscribed. He'd be going from a 2mil account to a 50k account (at best) and then he would have NO credibility against other youtubers as he's insinuated previously that value of opinion is only equal to the amount of subs you got. He's a fucking liar and a shill.

No. 423426

File: 1502688805318.jpg (36.84 KB, 750x471, 687687687798.jpg)

No. 423428


Fuck, just look at Joy's thread for the top cowtippers and spergs on the farm. They have a dedicated twitter account to interact with Joy and all her associated cows. It's ridiculous. People don't seem to understand that milk is better when you keep your hands off the udders.

No. 423442

I think some people are thinking it's "the mod crew" and beck self-posting to be relevant, since that whole discord seems to be full of weird attention whores. But idk, i dont bother to pay for or sit in his discord to know the weird drama going on. And if anyone is going too far with trolling that they are paying money and becoming an admin and pretending to suck up to onion, i think they are taking the onion shit too far. I remember someone here months ago mentioning wanting to catfish onion before and even would go far as to meet with them in person to "troll" them.

lol this is true. Also during the debates, the joy thread was full of onion lovers defending his pedo child pics, it was weird.

No. 423443

bex is average cute, she's just a dumb nerd who can't take care of herself but she's not ugly don't be an ass.

greg is a desperate man, he will fuck bex. he fucking hates lainey.

No. 423452

This is very very nearly identical to her Twitter comment
You know it's shit bait when even lainey won't buy it lol

No. 423455

File: 1502698609699.png (465.84 KB, 602x411, garth_and_toiletclogger.png)

Someone else mentioned it, and I cant unsee it.
She is not average cute, or dumb nerd cute… shes ugly bro.

No. 423457

File: 1502699050497.png (57.97 KB, 831x478, Namnlös.png)

the ex-fan is very adamant that gerg has three kids, not two

No. 423460

File: 1502699756003.png (379.82 KB, 346x552, kindauglytbh.png)

Average cute? Nah.

I thought maybe she's just kind of ugly in video because she's constantly pulling faces and being a general spaz, but no, she's honestly just a homely looking girl. A kind of average homely, but hardly cute.

No. 423461

unless lainey had twins, they've only got two. it's been confirmed by people other than mcmansion fam.

No. 423462

Maybe a kid that doesn't live with them, like an ex that got pregnant?

No. 423463

There was talk in previous threads about Skye maybe having a child with him. Could just be tinfoil hatting though.

No. 423464

i'd say this is like THE definition of average give or take depending on the beholder. agree that she's definitely not cute in anything but an extremely subjective way.

No. 423465

I'd say she's attractive to onion, I mean look at Plainey - he thinks she's stunning

No. 423466


Billie did say they have two kids during cuddlegate 1.0 though, when the Onions started conceiving bandaid.


Oh man, hsanon sure fucked us hard with that one! Kek

No. 423467

she only looks gross here because no makeup/poor lighting etc. in any other photo she looks pretty enough. maybe not to lolcow standards, but shes cute enough. cuter than lainey, so there ya go.

No. 423468

Honestly don't think she's ugly nor cute. Average is pretty fitting. And if she would do something with her hair, like maybe shorter and styled and had decent make up and a better overall style she might even be pretty. Right now her whole appearance looks like the average girls awkward high school phase before you find you actual own style.

No. 423469

I believe billie over this rando lol. Why would onion tell him about his kids?

I dont think hes even that attracted to her. Hes probably just sick of being alone with lameo, and this is the only girl he could get right now. I swear the onion household hasn't been just the two of them in forever. There is always a third person there whether its billie, sarah, lameos sister, etc. They have such an awful relationship.

No. 423470

Actually there was talk that Onision had a kid with Skye because Billie said "collectively they have kids" and it seemed a strange way to word it. This Tall guy was an onision supporter for 5 years and was on his discord a lot. I would believe him unless he claimed the third kid was from Lainey as well.

No. 423472

wow, why's his vagina so sandy?

No. 423477


I believe this. The princess bed and bike aren't for Lainey.. come on. He must have partial custody of a daughter older than Troy that he had with… someone.

Sage for tinfoil

No. 423478


However, in the previous threads someone mentioned that during the divorce with Skye there was no mention of a child. Not even on papers. And if he had a child with Skye, she would definitely ask for child support.

I still don´t buy the child from another mother. But speculation sake,
If it were true, the child should be around 4 or 6 since they have a bike and a princess bed. That means Gerg had a child with someone else before or after He was with Lainey. And that the mother of this child is so well liked by Greg that he has never blasted her in one of her videos. That last part sounds nothing like him.

Still don't buy it without proof however.

Sage for tinfoil

No. 423479


Maybe he just abducts kids ? Preferably little girls ?

Or simply gets Lainey to babysit a family members kid ?

No. 423481


Didn't Shiloh claim to be pregnant when he broke up with her? iirc everyone passed it off as a lie but maybe it was true and he has partial custody

No. 423482


She miscarried and had to get a D&C in Canada, I think? She's made a point of saying she doesn't have children with Greg because he treated her like shit before she left and "shipped her back to canada" when she was scared and miscarrying.

No. 423484

He 100% only has two kids and lied on discord with his siblings kids.

Troy 1/14
Daughter 11/16

No. 423485

We know Gerg has no mercy for ANYONE!! Not even the wife/mother of his children in his own home.

No. 423486

So does he likely just have that weird princess bedroom with the LGBT flag in it and pink toddler bike for relatives kids?

No. 423488

It's just for sketches, a space for lainey to go to, and a place where guests slept BEFORE their daughter was born. Now that their daughter is here, guests don't sleep there anymore. Daughter naps in pack and play so she has a safe place but often cosleeps with lainey. In the future, the room will fully be their daughter's.

No. 423489

He has two little girls bed. One in a bare room with a pack and play in it and the other with the band posters and flag. The one with the flag I am certain is Taylor's fir their weird ddlg bs.

He does not have a third kid with another woman. Before having Troy he'd go on about he thought he was infertile, even in the voicemails to adrienne he talks about it. If anything they had twins the second time around, since multiple names were spotted in the background of videos but this is also a low possibility

No. 423490

No twins. Just one daughter. They just want people to think they have more than two kids.

No. 423492


Honestly, you just need to read the old threads or do some lurking to see they only have two kids. She tweeted about her son's due date in 2015, and wrote on Facebook about her daughter being due around the election. No mentions of multiples or any more kids than that.

No. 423493


Someone asked Lainey a few nights ago on younow if she has kids and she said she had two. If there is a third, I don't think its hers

No. 423494

Troy was born 1/14, figured just a typo on your part.

No. 423496


guests sleeping in toddler beds. Haha

No. 423497

Do you think Greg is actually smart enough to come up with the plan to tell each discord member a different lie, and see which one leaks the lie ? That way he knows who he can trust and not trust ?

In some sense it'd be kinda brilliant as he'd immediately know who's leaking info.

No. 423498


Yes I remember him gloating about being infertile and thinking it was SoOoOo AWESOME!!

No. 423499

I wish there was a way to pin the kid's birth dates so people stop trying to suggest there's more.

No. 423507

Gerg just changed the onision channel to a paid channel, deleting all of his subscribers.

No. 423511

Lol he is so triggered by hatewatchers, he is willing to forgo more YT bux just to have an echo chamber of asslickers.

His fragile ego must be at an all-time low. Its funny that he blames Blaire White for his career downfall. Imo its more of a combination of Billie's basement video making look like an abusive psycho, and his fans naturally out growing his shitty content. In Billiegate, he outed himself as an unlikeable piece of shit. Only mega fans could like him at this point. His causual watchers are leaving in droves

No. 423514

I have a feeling he didn't put much thought into it. He just did it about 10 mins or so ago.. so 8am his time. I have a feeling this is going to majorly backfire and that he will very quickly regret this decision, resulting in some sort of meltdown/going off the deep end.

No. 423518

Also all the articles about his weird body shaming videos. It was honestly a perfect storm of all the drama and the ad boycott/ restricted YT that hit him hard. And it's glorious

No. 423519

So everyone was automatically unsubbed when he changed to paid? Not sure how this works.

He's an idiot, wanting to charge for his shit-tier content is pretty outrageous.

No. 423522

He live streamed it on youtube. I watched and when he clicked the button to change his account to paid, a pop up came up saying are you sure? Blah blah blah, all 2+million blah blah will be permanently deleted. This cannot be undone. And he clicked to finalize it. For a few mins his livestream was still available to watch on the onision channel but he has since deleted it or changed it to a paid video. He chose to make his videos .49 each because you have to have the dollar amount end in .49 or .99. He was going to make it $1 when that popped up telling him he couldn't. He consulted the discord or livestream chat and the concensus was .49.

No. 423523

He has made a horrible decision, considering a decent part of his views are from hatewatchers and casual viewers (who obviously won't pay to watch his shitty content) with his "mega fans" being the rest. He's going to lose even more money now, it's amazing.
Waiting for the inevitable meltdown.

Also, is Lainey the main source of their income?

No. 423524

He's also making it much harder for potential new fans to view his content. Dude is screwed; this might be the beginning of the end for him.

How much does Taylor even make? It can't be anything significant.

No. 423525

Wow… so his patreons that are already 'paying' for his content will all have to pay extra to watch old videos?

No. 423526

File: 1502725180184.png (322.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1085.PNG)

It's starting!

No. 423527

File: 1502725205575.png (327.31 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1086.PNG)

No. 423528

File: 1502725279088.png (17.94 KB, 481x318, lolh.png)


No. 423529

fucking lol! His channel probably had about a year of life left but now he's irreversibly fucked it.

Quite fitting that his self-delusion was what killed his career. There's no way that his teen audience are going to pay for content.

No. 423530

Omg that's the best hahaha!!

No. 423531

File: 1502725416177.png (165.78 KB, 1213x274, lameo.PNG)


>How much does Taylor even make?

According to Socialblade, between 274 and 4.4 k per month. I'm pretty sure it's more than what Onion is making, which I consider pretty amusing, seeing as how big Gurg's ego is lol

No. 423532

File: 1502725505442.png (344.4 KB, 593x638, 2017-08-14 16_44_21-onision - …)

can this even happen? if so, shitstorm incoming

No. 423533

inb4 he completely takes over her channel and renames it to "Onision" hahaha

No. 423535


The fire surrounding Greg really fits this situation since we'll probably have a meltdown soon kek

No. 423536

What does he expect to happen? He's worryingly detached from reality right now. And that's only going to get worse now he's lost the only thing that brought him fame/success.

No. 423537

Meltdown is definitely on its way. His 'empire' has crumbled and his ego won't be able to handle it.

No. 423541

He probably foolishly thinks if Shane can offer paid content on YT, that he can also. He doesn't realize Shane made smart business decisions (decisions he has mocked in the past).

Onion didnt move to LA, he didnt get an agent or PR person, he didnt do side projects, he didnt branch out in all these years. He refused to evolve and now he's scrambling to evolve but his decisions involve very little critical thinking and it shows.

Hopefully we dont end up seeing him on the news for shooting up Youtube HQ.

No. 423542

I picture him more likely to be the type who locks his wife, children, and current trinity third/poly girlfriend in the house with him and setting it on fire in a murder-suicide literal meltdown.

No. 423543

lol even Garth has a chin compared to gingerminge

No. 423544

File: 1502726778551.gif (544 KB, 480x256, .gif)

don't insult my girl ginger minj like that, anon

No. 423545

File: 1502726949298.png (266.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1087.PNG)

Haha, in gergs livestream this morning it seemed like he thought he was setting a price per video. Like .49 a video. But here it says .49 per month. He definitely did not mean for that to happen!!

No. 423546

That's what I think as well. .49 cents a month is less than his lowest patreon reward. According to the comments it's .99 in other currencies so it could be a bit more or less depending on the country. It shows .99 CAD for me (.78 USD)

No. 423548

Apologies anon

No. 423549

Is this just for her YouTube channel though? Live streaming is where the money is at these days

No. 423550

This is a beautiful thing. What a fucking dumbass though seriously, He's actually gone and fucked himself.

No. 423552

File: 1502727723869.png (3.73 KB, 200x102, 2017-08-14 17_10_54-Onision - …)

It shows £0.99 for me in the UK.

This HAS to have been triggered by the IRS investigation, Greg is going under fast and desperate for money

No. 423554

File: 1502728029645.png (175.25 KB, 509x872, 2017-08-14 17_26_25-onision - …)

This must be why people are being auto-subbed

No. 423556

His dumbass probably thought, "Each video gets 30k views at least. If I charge 50 cents per video, I'll get $15k minimum per video!"

…assuming they all resub. Lol as others pointed out, subs get full yearly access, its not 50 cents per video. I suspect he'll have 10000 resub, at most. So he gets $5000 a year doing this. Lol so stupid. Hope when this fails, you know who to blame this time, onion.

No. 423557

*monthly access

No. 423559

mmmm i love the smell of stupid narcs getting screwed over in the morning

No. 423561

that was my assumption as well. he dun goofed

No. 423562

Best part is he did it himself

No. 423563



This retard should have listened to his old mod, which is that his audience is most def not adults or consenting age. In other words a large majority of them do not have credit cards or even money for that matter.

Most he might get is like 100 views … If even. I mean look at how many Patreons he gets, not many in comparison to how many subs he had.

No. 423564

THIS is why we shouldn't cow tip.
The fuckin' cows milk themselves, always. (and it's so much more juicier.)

sage for keks

No. 423570

he said pateron was his highest income, he's doing younow, and now this. atleast fans who didn't do pateron were allowed to see the videos censored on youtube but now they have nothing really.
i can't wait for the Twitter meltdown that's soon to come

No. 423571

File: 1502730182489.png (440.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9506.PNG)

No. 423572

File: 1502730325009.jpg (210.58 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170814_110502.jpg)

No. 423573

I'm curious why the social blade live count isn't updating if people are supposedly re-subscribing.

No. 423576

Could it be that social blade can't access the numbers because it's a paid channel now? When you click on his channel it doesn't show his subscriber count anymore either.

No. 423577

File: 1502731354151.jpg (7.41 KB, 211x201, pls.JPG)


It's quite hilarious watching this play out

You don't see a sub count anymore, you can only access it from the "About" section which sits stagnant
So I assume there's a level of privatisation from a pay-for channel at the moment

No. 423581

File: 1502731915985.jpg (486.15 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170814_112822.jpg)

His top comments on his latest stream/video.

No. 423582

Thanks for posting this, anon! I was also still subscribed and a message asking if I was sure I wanted to unsubscribe and that my credit card would no longer be charged! WHAT THE FUCK, GERG

No. 423584

watch him make a response video if he continues to get negative feedback

No. 423586


But how will anyone know? He'll probably charge you to hear his wisdom and reasoning behind charging.

(muh family is struggling)

No. 423587

Lurker here. Just ended my sub of 9 years, I'm not risking shit.

No. 423588

Next thread pic

No. 423590

File: 1502732726119.png (535.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9507.PNG)

oh onion boy

No. 423591

Plainbot uploaded a new video of her reading fan fic if anyone wants to mirror the vid

No. 423593

File: 1502732869534.png (1.15 MB, 1240x924, TallOnision.png)

Thoughts on this?

No. 423594

didn't he say in the Blaire debate he won't debate anyone unless they thought he was a pedophile and if the video does really well?

No. 423595

Self posting?

No. 423596

Dont care about a former patron's sour grapes. Dude seems like he's lashing out Fatal Attraction style.

No. 423597

idk man, I feel like this guy just wants to grasp for some relevancy now that he noticed people watch his Onision related videos. Another one of those who feed off Gurgs drama.

No. 423598

lol so the only free videos about onision on YT where he was 'made' is hate vids?

what's good

No. 423600

File: 1502733470065.jpeg (124.55 KB, 608x606, image.jpeg)


Tall… Girl, if this is you posting, just kill Grease completely.

No. 423602

I can't believe this idiot actually made this move, I feel bad for people who have their cards attached to their googleplay because of the automatic payment, how is that even a thing?
Let him burn.

No. 423606

Would he be able to now DMCA all those vidme reuploads? since they are now 'paid content' ?

No. 423610


Since Plain is looking like the sole breadwinner atm, I'd like to remind all farmers not to give her views.

How does younow monetize streams? Is revenue generated solely via buying tips for the broadcaster?

No. 423611

lol i for one support onion's bad decision-making. Keep going onion boy! If only patreon would ban him or patreon would die, then this would be even better.

Wait so if any of those 2mil subs have a credit card link, its gonna auto-charge them until they notice? that's bs.

No. 423613

I mean, that seems to be the case from some of the tweets above that people with their cards attached are being auto charged if it kept them subscribed.

No. 423614

Time for us all to report him on patreon

No. 423615

Yeah, and from what I've heard, bars = the most amount of revenue and likes are really just there to bump up the stream and make it trend.
(so if you wanna spam with messages etc then use likes, nothing else)

No. 423620

As Cyr said, he is obsessed with views and making money. Doesn't matter whatever happens to people around him, as long as he is getting views and money. He would sacrifice his children to the devil if promised 100k views (paid) per video.

I'm so glad this is happening to him. After all the shit he's done to people while powertripping, karma finally got to him. And it only goes downhill from here once IRS get their share.

No. 423621


Good to know. I enjoy watching her grow more and more haggard and rigid with every stream. I never even send likes, too lazy, hah. Those streams are rough on her–she's got a lot of hatewatchers at this point.

No. 423625


pretty sure Lainey generates revenue via likes as well. Last time an anon was trolling her with likes she said "oh yes keep them coming pay to hate me" and got really pseudo-excited. She always has a like goal.

Younow streamers, like twitch.tv and other platforms probably make their earnings based off of total views, time watched, fans, and likes. Younow pays them each month and that is in addition to direct viewer donations.

No. 423627


samefag but also when someone asked if she preferred likes or bars she said it didn't really matter. So they're basically the same thing. And when someone gives a lot of likes you can see their name go up as a top fan and it converts the likes into a bar amount at the top of the stream.

No. 423629


At this point just watching her streams without liking or tipping gives her no revenue, though, correct? What happens if she hits #1? I drop out when that happens just because I've got no idea whether that causes a bonus to the tips or likes.

I really don't want to be giving them any money right now.

No. 423630

She might have said that but I don't think they're worth the same though
Social repose was asked a little while ago which he preferred and he said he gets more money from bars than he does from the likes, applauses etc
Lainey seems more into the idea of being #1 trending than anything else
which is why eugenia is currently her enemy lol

No. 423632

File: 1502737121597.png (169.19 KB, 667x512, 227.png)

From the younow FAQ.

No. 423634


Ah okay, well we've at least established trolling her with likes/applause/etc. does give her money.

No. 423640

File: 1502738203173.png (12.69 KB, 582x127, 2017-08-14 20_16_05-(4) onisio…)

kek, this is so satisfying

No. 423643

who's the 3rd kids

ot but why tf is this person PMSing so badly about onion having 3 kids? also where is the proof of his 3rd kid

No. 423644

there is no third kid

No. 423645

File: 1502738985522.jpg (70.49 KB, 587x592, onionhmmm.jpg)

Apparently have to be on an actual computer to unsub, imagine some of these kids are at school can't unsub and by the time they get home their probably already charged.

No. 423648

If I bother to watch her stream, i open another tab with the people ahead of her so then they both get my view and it evens out.

No one should give her likes. if you need to comment, do it in the chat. Her chat doesnt go that fast. Even if she doesn't get money from likes, it bumps up her stream.

lol i remember a long time ago, onion shitting on shane dawson and other people for at all implying youtube was a job to them and that they did it for money, etc. And acted like he does youtube just because he loves it. Now its all money money money. The only people who will subscribe to his paid channel would be his patreons, but besides the ass-lickers, who is going to pay TWICE for the same content?

No. 423662

Every time there's posts about this guy I smell self post.

No. 423668

No, currently everyone that is still subscribes is in a free two week trial. After that they get charged.

I couldn't find any information on people still being subscribed after a channel changed to a paid one. According to YouTube everyone should have been unsubscribed.

Creators can hide or show their subscriber count but it's hidden by default. I don't think Onision will change that anytime soon.

No. 423672

I'd guess that maybe since there's a free trial, people won't be asked to commit to subscribing until the trial has ended. I'm not sure though.

No. 423673

So we just ignore the person who said their googleplay was charged when the card was connected?

No. 423678

File: 1502744030858.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1089.PNG)

Who fucking sits like that at a restaurant? How rude!!!

No. 423679

She looks absolutely miserable. Guess Daddy Onion is trying to lovebomb her by taking her out to dinner while Bex watches the kids.

No. 423680

Yum, the onions at the most romantic place in Washington, Olive Garden

No. 423683

This would be the straw breaking the camels back to me, killing off your income then proceeding to try and love bomb me with a shitty Olive Garden, i'd be counting every dollar I make she really is a doormat.

No. 423685

Not only that but using your funds to fly a patreon chick you hang out with and make videos with when said patreon didn't even pay for that perk, Unlike tomato. Kek she's furious, Wouldn't be surprised if lainey is in the way of grease and gingercunt being ~*poly*~ together as she kept reaffirming on younow since ginge got there that she didn't want ANY poly relationships and was not interested.

Its all so kekworthy.

No. 423688

She's trying to be like L from death note to get Grease's attention.

No. 423689

Scary if true. I hope these psychos don't let random fans hang around their kids unsupervised. So fucking irresponsible.

No. 423690

that 2 for 1 dinner special is about all they can afford after flying out a new plaything lol

No. 423692


Looks like she was curled up in a ball on that chair and he was like "hey can i get your attention for a photo? thanks"

No. 423693

Her face doesn't match her body, looks like a bad shoop.

No. 423695


Eh, it's Olive Garden. Half a step above Denny's and Apple bees.

And she looks like she knows it, KEK.

No. 423696


it's pretty obvious they most likely all went out together, people bring their young children to mediocre restaurants like The Olive Garden all the time. Calm yourselves.

No. 423697


Olive Garden is their favorite restaurant, too.

No. 423700

With the way people describe their children behavior I highly doubt they took them.
Sorry quit trying to defend doormat.

No. 423701

He'll probably name it "Lainey & Onision".

No. 423703

Hes too much of a pussy to commit suicide, and sure as hell doesnt have the spine for murder.

He will just downsize his life. He'll move into a 2 bedroom apartment, sell the Tesla and buy a used Toyota. Greg will just slowly blink out of the public eye and continue to torment his wife and children.

No. 423704

Onion trying twitch again for his 'amazing gameplay'

No. 423706

File: 1502747386079.jpg (27.74 KB, 702x190, Capture.JPG)

A lot of his international fans won't be even able to subscribe even if they want to pay.

No. 423707

Are they hoping to have one of their kids accidentally die?

Who ever shows up at their house is an automatic babysitter, no matter how long they've known them.

No. 423709

>looks like a bad shoop.

Thats essentially what Lameo is… a bad photoshop

No. 423712

they have the kids with them.

No. 423713

No. 423715

And you would know this…How?

No. 423716

Okay is it just me or is something weird going on? There seems to be more and more comments like this giving information with relative certainty and no explanation. Not complaining, but it'd be interesting to know what's going on.

No. 423718

What is this post even supposed to mean?

No. 423719

Imagine Beck being a farmer and is trolling them.

>the picture of the poop wasn't original

Sage for tinfoil

No. 423721


>If I bother to watch her stream, i open another tab with the people ahead of her so then they both get my view and it evens out.

this is genius anon, I'm going to start doing this. If other anons watch Lainey stream I encourage them to do this as well if they have good internet. Just pull up a few of the surrounding streams and mute them, use your free spins on them etc.

No. 423724

His channel is unavailable in Germany too.

No. 423725

File: 1502750276985.jpg (189.48 KB, 605x1313, IMG_0370.JPG)

He was trying to get dem pity points a few days back

No. 423727

File: 1502750728047.png (49.47 KB, 750x624, IMG_7426.PNG)

Greg is live on twitch with a whopping 28 viewers. Wonder how long until he rage quits.

No. 423732

streaming with ginge and fatcunt lol

No. 423733

This kind of attitude makes me sick. The majority of people are working jobs that aren't their "dream jobs" and are able to live with it just fine. Still mentioning suicide is so dumb - shouldn't you have different 'main reasons' now? It's been 10 years. Just be honest, the most honest Youtuber you, Gergles and say: I like it when money comes easy. Give me easy money. Thanks for supporting my life style by donating, I really don't want to get another job!

No. 423739

that fat bitch is like their ogre guardian
fuck i wish i could draw

No. 423742

for those worried about their cards being exposed I think it was the 30 day trial thing but yeah its best to just unsubscribe because I was subscribed but I didn't had any credit cards on it I never put any credit card on my google services i usually use gift cards, but being the paranoid parrot I am, I checked my card activity and there was nothing, but yeah you all should unsubscribe just in case shit hits the fan. what a shit move onion man is doing, really this hits a new low. I bet Amanda Bynes looks like a sane civil person next to gurgles here.

No. 423746

He got to a high of 33… which dropped to 30. Guess that wasn't enough for his ego and he abruptly ended the stream.

No. 423747

Never capped it on time but yeaaah he looked salty lol

No. 423748

So he only streamed for 30 minutes? What's the point?

No. 423749

It won't let me unsub bc I'm signed in as the "manager" of my youtube apparently and not the owner? What?

And it's hilarious that he can't understand streaming takes time. I am a streamer and 30 people for a beginner is GOOD. He just has no patience and is purely looking for instant gratification. He truly does not know how to build a following or an audience. He lucked out on Youtube, like lightning striking, and it will never happen again due to his lack of skill and his "so random" humor being way out of date for there to ever be another viral vid from him. :)

No. 423750

Not only that but his behaviour has given him a reputation that NOBODY in the media is going to want to be associated. Had he not, he might have still been able to get a gig SOMEWHERE.

No. 423751

Why is anyone here subscribed to him? I swear this thread sounds more like fans of his than haters by the day.

No. 423757

Prior fans can see a person for how they really are and change their opinions, anon

No. 423759

Fucking seriously. We get it, Gerg. 10 years ago your wife wasn't enough to save you from suicidal intentions and your life sucked in the military.

Now your wife and 2 children aren't enough to get over yourself and ego and get a job outside of the spotlight, even part-time.

You put your eggs in one basket and squandered alleged opportunities to diversify yourself in other projects. Don't blame YT because they don't cater to you. Companies, industries, change over time as do their "employees". Don't blame YT because your fans outgrew you and you subscriber count doesn't reflect active followers. Or you burnt bridges with people who are going and went somewhere. The problem is your shtick, the drama, the "teh so random" humor, your late-2000s-early-2010-inspired characters are old. You've proven by way of your patterns that have been documented and observed by your followers and haters that you will not change or grow as a person or creator. Point blank.

No. 423760

File: 1502753753042.png (42.34 KB, 897x478, Screenshot 2017-08-14 at 7.34.…)

kek even his twitch followers are in the negative.

no matter where onision goes, those negative red numbers will follow.

No. 423761

There's a way to get your profile to change from manager to owner try to google it there were some people I had to give a link to when I saw this from another twitter user.

No. 423763

Good lord, he's such an idiot. If he wants to branch off to different things its going to take work, he can't expect it to be hamfisted to him. Twitch users =/= YT users, they're almost completely separate. I've seen a lot of LPers try to branch off to Twitch and only get a couple hundred streamers a night and thats also with their 1mil subs who are already interested in that sort of thing. Teenage girls don't want to watch him stream on Twitch, and they certainly don't want to donate to him.

reminds me of the Ostrengas whenever they try a new venture and then get pissy when it doesn't instantly propel them to stardom, completely forgetting that they still need to work for it.

No. 423765

File: 1502754308446.jpg (24.87 KB, 816x153, 222.JPG)

here he goes on the butthurt train

No. 423769

File: 1502754474877.png (17.54 KB, 576x101, Screenshot 2017-08-14 at 7.47.…)

what a truly delusional human being if he can't see his own hypocrisy here.

No. 423770

File: 1502754497132.png (142.05 KB, 646x602, download (4).png)

if these alleged trolls are paying him to troll him they are goddamn losers

god go spend money on low to high purchases

No. 423771

Is this some kind of weird manipulation tactic? cause I have a feeling it's not going to work. There are plenty of other creators people can watch for free, Greg. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

No. 423772

exactly nobody wants to work for him and even those that dont really know him because of he is and the bad reputation he has had. most of the people he has worked with end up getting fucked in some way or another. its best to avoid him all together I mean even youtube doesn't want him, he likes to start trouble and talk shit. I mean if many people stop talking to you wouldn't you think you're actually the problem but in gargamel's world he is right everyone else is wrong.

No. 423773

File: 1502754740049.png (25.08 KB, 596x260, 2017-08-15 00_51_08-Onision on…)

His -previous- subs are CHILDREN without a penny to their name, who are too young to even own cards. This is never going to work.

No. 423774

Its the same shit he pulled when he went to patreon. He tries to guilt and manipulate his tween fans to give him money, its disgusting

No. 423775

File: 1502754804070.png (116 KB, 750x758, IMG_1589.PNG)

He wishes he had more fans or dedicated haturz,whatever these people are, around him lmao.
The end is coming guys!

No. 423776

hehehehe, now that he's gone private and deleted all of his subscribers, the chance of future tweens finding his garbage has gone way down.

No. 423777

File: 1502754940941.png (32.93 KB, 606x330, 2017-08-15 00_54_50-Onision on…)

his fans are so brainwashed it's actually worrying

No. 423778

Lol keep shitting on your fans onion boi. All he knows to do is manipulate people, and its turning everyone off. I mostly see his fans are saying they CANT pay for it, probably because they are underage and need their parents money. Or they just dont want to? And they can go see all their other fav youtubers for free.

I really hope these are actual onion ass-lickers and not trolls paying in an attempt to "troll" him because that is more sad than being an onion ass-licker. If you pay to troll, then hes just getting money and you are basically an onion ass-licker anyway.

No. 423779

File: 1502755178838.png (164.07 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1675.PNG)

No. 423780

The numbers are coming in and Greg is not happy, so he's sperging on twitter. This is hilarious.

No. 423781

Is all hilariously comming to an end. And the greedy bastard did it himslef.

No. 423782


>"Most of my fans are 18-25"

No. 423783

His narc rage is finally boiling over to the point he isn't even kissing his fans asses anymore? funny.

No. 423785

His ego is being filled by becks and the discord. He's gotten cocky in a room full of yes men.

No. 423786

No. 423787


why not show the screecaps?

No. 423788

it ain't the end until Taylor goes down too. She's making enough to kind-of support them both.

wouldn't be surprised if he bangs becks for the ego boost following this, tho.

No. 423789


why not show the screecaps?

No. 423791

it ain't the end until Taylor goes down too. She's making enough to kind-of support them both.

wouldn't be surprised if he bangs becks for the ego boost following this, tho.

No. 423798

File: 1502815998726.png (369.02 KB, 586x588, Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 9.52…)

Onion since the outage

No. 423799

Can any helpful farmer mirror his recent onisionspeaks video "I am worthless to you" where he guilt trips his fans because they don't want to pay for his channel, Admits he owes about 300,000 to the IRS and could end up filing for bankruptcy.

No. 423800

File: 1502816378775.png (295.64 KB, 584x447, Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 9.58…)

"Ive been reading through comments on my onision channel video, and I am actually really offended" -> said wearing Bieber hair in 2017 while bullying teens to steal from their parents to fund his bankruptcy.


No. 423803

kek thank you anon!

No. 423805

File: 1502816481429.png (367.13 KB, 611x467, Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.0…)

Owes $300,000 in back taxes. And probably fees, but he's too dumb to reckon on that.

No. 423806

File: 1502816593047.jpg (214.75 KB, 1504x770, Untitled.jpg)

i drew this yesterday while being drunk and watching onion stream with his asslickers

i apologize for shitty ms paint art

No. 423807

Didn't he just make that selling his set and car?

No. 423808

"I'm know as one of the most honest YTers for a reason. If I say something is necessary, it's because I believe in that moment that's it's necessary" -> doesn't make it true, though, Greg. And it doesn't make anyone obligated to give this to you.

No. 423809

File: 1502816662052.jpg (436.61 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170815_110345.jpg)

I hope more Youtubers kick him while he's down lol.

No. 423810

"3 to 300k" possibly of debt.

Possibly $3000?


gtfo onion

No. 423811

I appreciate this anon

No. 423812


>"Most all" is an idiotic way to put it and doesn't make sense, stop using the word "most" in front of everything.

>Shaving cream and screeching don't cost much
>flying out random chicks does tho

No. 423813

File: 1502816754777.jpg (469.96 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170815_110518.jpg)

Tana Mongeau retweeted too

No. 423816

There's almost NO ONE supporting or defending him on his spergouts. Even his most loyal fans are realizing how much of a manipulative shit he is and are ditching him. Looks like it's the end, Gurg lel

Does anyone else fear he might do something barbaric and horrible, considering his lack of morals?

No. 423818

>when even Tana Mongoose retweets
Gergles, you're done, son.

No. 423819

He's truly fucked himself, The only people that support him are the ones constantly sucking his dick on his discord. When his top contributors can't pay, Boy are they in for a surprise indeed.

No. 423821

>Does anyone else fear he might do something barbaric and horrible, considering his lack of morals?

Nah, he is gonna continue whining, then make an apology video and act like a good boy for a day or two

No. 423823

He tries so hard to make himself look like this bright-eyed young man with a kind soul but he was a raging asshole back in 2009 as well. All of the big creators with cringe-worthy content that started around the time he did either quit YT for other things or have learned how to adapt, he hasn't. Maybe it's not someone else's fault, Greg.

No. 423824


Can't wait to see him all alone, hah. A king is nothing without his peasants.


Hope that is the case. He strikes me as the kind of guy who would either "want to go out with a bang" or completely lose his shit and have the best meltdown of 2017.

No. 423826

Not even subtle, just straight up guilt tripping and emotional blackmail.
>If you really loved me, you'd shove money up my ass!

No. 423827


it's beautiful, anon.

No. 423828

this is great. im happy porky was included. this accurately describes her

No. 423829

Its like…he has a general idea of how fucked he is, but even that isn't motivating him to buck up and stop whining and actually do some hard work. He's throwing a tantrum because he clicked a button saying "paid subscriptions" and the clouds didn't part and and thousands of dollars didn't fall into his lap?

This moron thinking renting stores and buying more equipment and flying in more randoms is going to help? Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, Colleem Ballinger and others do extremely low cost videos but are millipnaires because of their charisma and likeability. He doesn't get that acting like a dick is what caused alllll of this. He wants to throw money at a problem, a problem which is: he needs money. He should be kissing major ass but he thinks he's above all that.

No. 423830

Exactly anon, this is why TV is dying. You don't need a high budget to get people to watch you, just a likeable personality

No. 423834

File: 1502818310214.png (15.18 KB, 579x81, Screenshot 2017-08-15 at 1.30.…)

Searching the term unsubscribe on Onision's twitter is so schadenfreude right now I'm living.


No. 423838

So is there any way he could get his original channel with 2 million subs back? Or is he dun goofed? Cause I can't get enough of this milk. I hope he truly regrets his decision.

No. 423840


There is absolutely no way, the youtube site itself was very clear about that as he was doing it. He still has another 1 or 2 channels with a million or two subs though so I'm sure he's not completely devastated.

No. 423843

The next thread pic should be all his old tweets telling his fans to unsubscribe and/or fuck off juxtaposed with recent tweets beggining for support and/or money, with a cap of his failing Youtube stats as a transparenct background or something.

No. 423844

>200k invested in producing I'm a banana
>100k invested in bdsm gear for the basement

ah yes, "business"

No. 423845

Ill see what I can do, Anon.

No. 423846

This is delicious. He's like a dramatic teenager in a relationship saying "don't even try to call me ever again" and now freaking out telling everyone "if you really loved me you would have tried to call!".

I was away for a month and catching up on his threads culminating in this has been so satisfying.

No. 423847

>Select your character!
This is amazing

No. 423848


why would anyone pay for the lowbar content onision provides. he makes home movies and doesn't even make his home or himself presentable. only idiots or disgusting smelly teens will pay to see that shit. he lives like a trampy bastard

what exactly is the investment he puts into his channels? his videos consist of a greenscreen showing google or him running around his ugly house

shane's videos are free and his house is fucking goals SHOOKETH

No. 423849

You bring up a good point. Some people like to watch The Kardashians or GiGi Gorgeous because they envy their wealth and watching them lets you live vicariously through them. Greg and Lainey's house could be so beautiful and yet looks tacky as fuck. Money cant buy taste I guess.

No. 423851

Holy mother of keks, the milk so fresh and everflowing. Can they even afford a return ticket for Bexypoo?

No. 423852

exactly! (i luv kuwtk lol) lifestyle vloggers are so popular and travel vloggers, some people use the internet to see possibilities, onision is just a dickhead. there is nothing to envy or aspire to be about him.
he made millions as has what to show for it? his barely furnished properties he ends up making look like drug dens. he may as well have spent his money on drugs, he'd at least have some cracker memories from his 'glory days' instead of all this bitterness and being outed as a freak

No. 423853

File: 1502819983214.jpg (83.68 KB, 1197x671, you tool.JPG)


As someone who uses the dictionary as his personal bible, you'd think he'd know how to spell basic english words.

No. 423856


he fucks up his spelling/grammar so often it's clear that he's trying so hard to come across as intelligent and eloquent but the uneducated loser he truly is always slips out.

No. 423857

I've always wondered why their house is so shitty and basic, even when they were rolling in cash it still looked like shit.

Greg is 32 this year, you'd think he'd have developed some sense of aesthetic but nope, he still has the tastes of an edgy seventeen year old who wears flame beanies and listens to Limp Bizkit. So unbelievably basic and tacky.

And Lameo's aesthetic couldn't be more generically tumblr if she tried. Ugh.

No. 423859

also shane makes cute videos and cameos with his pets, when onision does it's highly suspected to be abusive

he's just not made for the screen, maybe he can have an angry one man podcast, but he probably doesn't want fans unless they want to fuck him

No. 423862

File: 1502820475572.png (120.97 KB, 640x986, IMG_1676.PNG)

not sure when he changed it but his new reason for wanting $5000/month on patreon is not for "survival" but for him to take a teip to LA once a month

No. 423866

What's most hilarious is that they have at least two kids and several pets to care for now as well as themselves.

Even if they suddenly got smart and started saving what little income they have things are only going to get more expensive as the kids get older and more laborious.

All of this hopefully on top of the IRS buttfucking them into the red.

No. 423868

Who would even want to collaborate with him? Maybe someone would meet him for the lulz but he's just laughing stock at this point.

No. 423869


I was trolling his chat the other day during that TallVideos "doxxing" drama that now that his address is leaked he should move to California for youtube collaborations.

looks like the trolling may have worked. please waste what little you have left on pipe dreams and making more people hate you, greg.

No. 423870

Lol I loved when he said he didn't want to talk much about his IRS troubles because it would end up on hate blogs. What happened to MUH HONESTY and NOTHING IS PRIVATE?

All the beautiful decor they could have bought but instead their walls are covered in hot topic wall
scrolls and the surfaces covered in anime figures. Not even nice ones, but shit tier ones. Could have had beautiful paintings or centerpieces. I guess I shouldnt be surprised since he hadnt said anything about setting up college funds for his kids.

No. 423871

>and the surfaces covered in anime figures. Not even nice ones, but shit tier ones.

Kek. Even for a weeb he's so painfully basic.

No. 423872

His biggest mistake to date - besides not paying his taxes, and being too stupid to understand write offs - was to sell his smaller 4 bedroom house, instead of the larger property. A 4 bedroom, 3k-ish sq. ft. house that was FULLY PAID OFF is more than comfortable for a family of 4. No, this moron kept the multi building, multi acre property that he still owes money on and can't even afford to properly heat, because his narc brain won't let himself downgrade when he's in financial crisis.

Why sell the one tesla, why not sell both and get cheaper leased cars? Why no sell the big house? Why not rent both fully paid off smaller houses and the apartment over the garage, if you NEED to keep the big house? Crap financial decision after crap financial decision, all based on the fantasy that his audience numbers will grow again, and that he can keep living exactly as he does now, for life.

No. 423873

File: 1502820905089.jpg (30.26 KB, 500x374, Spongebob_Get_a_Job.jpg)

stop bitching about youtube not funding your shitty videos and start putting in some applications at your local mcdonald's

No. 423876

That would require him confronting the fact that he has no actual skills that could land him more than a low tier position though, and that's just ~humiliating~

No. 423877

>you could have a credit card
Sage for stupid question, but are all bank cards referred to as credit cards as a colloquialisim in the US? Or are Onion's fans so young that they don't know the difference? Young onion fans buying on credit seems like a bad idea. I'm assuming none of his fans are doing it to boost their credit score.

No. 423878


just young kids being dumb. Our bank cards are called debit cards.

No. 423879

I have been waiting about 7+ years for this guy to just drop off this planet, and I can't believe its finally happening. I always thought someone would just expose his asshole ways to the general public and he'd just get a lot of heat and crawl into a hole. I never expected it to go down so… fabulously. The dude did it all to himself, each and every punch is from his very own fist. Fucked up his taxes, alienated his fans, threatened to lock up girlfriends in his basement, deleted his own fucking channels. Its better than I ever thought possible.

No. 423881

>feel sorry for me I have to pay money that I should have paid in the first place wah wah wah

He's just a fucking idiot that thinks he deserves a mcmansion and millions of paying fans. He'd rather LOOK like he has money instead of actually having money.

No. 423885

This Tallvideos kid said some things about grease making out with a 13 year old at an airport. Anything on this?

No. 423887

Nah, we have debit cards that use money direct from our bank account.

I think onision is digging his heels in because he's an anti social NEET who lucked out in finding an easy way to make money without leaving the comfort of his home. I'm sure he can't stand the idea of getting a job like a "janitor" where he might have to manual labor and interact with people.

Motherfucker is so paranoid he wears a bullet proof vest in public. He is obviously fucking terrified of the outside world, he doesn't even enjoy the idea of a romantic vacation or trip to disneyland with his family. In one of Laineys bf/gf tag videos, the question came up: where is your dream location to travel to? (Something like that) and Lainey knew his cringe worthy answer was "his house". He's pathetic.

Its the real reason why he had a breakdown in Korea I think. I think he has agoraphobia or something and refuses to put his big boy pants on and deal with it.

No. 423888


If they gave a single fuck about their kids, they would have already made these applications tbh. Maybe working in McDonalds isn't the highest honour, but it's a pretty stable job and they need the money. I'd have more respect for him as a worker than a youtuber. Their family should come before their pride.

If Onion is so desperate for money that he is relying on money from his preteen fans, then he's a fucking idiot for not looking for another way out. A part-time minimum wage job would be better than nothing.

No. 423891

File: 1502821929254.png (82.3 KB, 619x494, download (6).png)

found this in onision's liked tweets.
he's always so quick to mock and hate on his young fans. such a loser

No. 423894

File: 1502821964511.png (19.99 KB, 581x126, taxes.png)

Gurg should listen to his past self & be honored to pay his taxes.

No. 423895

where did he say this?

No. 423897

i wonder if he has 'private meetups' offline. there has has to be stupid fangirls in his own state or town even

No. 423898

>Wears a bulletproof vest
>won't go on vacation

I think the most pathetic part is that he thinks he'd be recognised. The general public doesn't give enough of a fuck about him to care. I can guarantee that he could go to one of the places Lainey has mentioned on her stream - Fiji, London, Paris - and nobody would know who he was.

No. 423900

Greg is assuming he knows more than he does about tax debt relief, which is expected given his belief he knows so much more than everyone else regardless of the topic.

Filing bankruptcy to eliminate tax debt is almost impossible. But in order to even have a chance you have to meet some very specific criteria:

–The tax debt must be income tax and only income tax. You cannot discharge fraud penalties, which Greg most assuredly will have. So right there the full amount he owes will not qualify.

–The debt has to be three years old, meaning he cannot include tax years 2015 and 2016. If he wants to include the whole of the debt he will have to wait until 2019 to file because you can only file for bankruptcy every seven years. He'll also have to wait 240 days to file after he receives the official bill but by then the IRS will have seized any assets they can legally to pay the debt (which is why I think Greg got rid of the set house and second car - even though they can the IRS seldom takes family homes and primary cars but second homes and cars are open game).

–YOU CANNOT HAVE COMMITTED FRAUD OR WILLFUL TAX EVASION. All caps because this is important. Greg's tax shenanigans were so obvious that after touring his home to verify all the deductions he made that they decided to audit him for more years than initially planned. There is some slim chance Greg could escape without the label of tax evasion or filing false returns but that seems so unlikely.

Greg often seems to elude justice for the shitty things he does so never say never but it's extremely unlikely he can discharge any of his tax debt through bankruptcy. He may think he can but he won't be able to do it. Even if he meets the criteria bankruptcy trustees don't often dismiss huge chunks of federal income tax debt like it's a maxed-out VISA card.

I wonder what Greg did with all the money he made from selling the set house and the Tesla. I really hope he's fucking stupid enough to try to hide it from the IRS. That would be beautiful to watch unfold.

No. 423902

You are so fucking thirsty.

We do not care about this dude.

No. 423903

File: 1502822328570.jpg (31.38 KB, 1030x80, 01dc7006fe3689ba1087f424c3309a…)

went to check his Onision channel and it looks like he didn't update his 'about' in forever

also the way he spergs about himself and his ""amazing comedy"" in third person is absolutely pathetic

No. 423905

I'm not going to watch 1 hour of streaming

No. 423906

>>Filing bankruptcy to eliminate tax debt is almost impossible.

Oh god I hadn't even thought he'd be stupid enough to try this - I think he was saying he'd have to file after paying the debt.

Yeah, Greg: you cannot use bankruptcy to avoid paying income taxes. That is also illegal, and other morons have tried and failed to run this "clever scheme". Fucking kek.

No. 423907

He's not agoraphobic, that's giving him too much credit. Deep down he knows he's a hideous, weak, uneducated, awkward, hateable douche and he doesn't have to face that fact if he's always at home being validated by preteens and paying his wife and mods to censor the haturz. In real social interactions we've seen he's a weak little man who will hide behind whatever he can, too afraid to look anyone in the eye because it's so easy to threaten his ego.

No. 423909

Knowing that "pubes prevent penetration, public shaming cures EDs, europe isn't western, monkeys disprove evolution, circumcision causes rape" gargoyle man thought he was smart enough to do his own taxes is laughable. I'm surprised Lainey didn't realise how fucking dumb he is and get her dad to help out with the tax and legal stuff.

No. 423910

I thought finding genuine collab partners (ie. people who already have some kinda fanbase on their own) would be super hard for him now since he's known among yters for his shitty behavior like a black sheep. didn't he get blacklisted from some official YT event a while back?

No. 423911

ahh yes. insulting your main fanbase…that's gonna help your dusty bank account! he's such a dumbazz smh

No. 423912

File: 1502822911995.png (28.98 KB, 623x219, onision.png)

No. 423913

File: 1502822934059.png (32.94 KB, 614x244, kek.png)

No. 423916

File: 1502823075814.png (31.17 KB, 628x254, onision.png)


it goes on and on lol, the regret.

No. 423917

he knows he is not hollywood hot lol

No. 423918

File: 1502823094625.png (32.88 KB, 627x249, lel.png)

No. 423921

"waaah pay for my videos i totally care more about you guys than i do fame, also donate to my patreon"

No. 423922

yet he still references tosh showing a clip of his yt video…

also what beer commercial?? doubtful

No. 423923





No. 423924

I don't know why his little brain can't come up with the word "substances".

No. 423925

he didn't get that far in the dictionary yet

No. 423926

Imagine Gregma on intoxicants…yikes.

No. 423927

File: 1502823670664.png (117.71 KB, 1032x636, 20170815_125847.png)


Its funny how he clings so much to the tenets of his dads religion. He claims to be atheist but he acts just like the Christian fundamentalists he loves to hate. Seems like he broke away just because he hates his dad and wanted to be a sexual deviant.

No. 423929

100% this.
He just can't deal with the fact that everybody outside of his house will know what a weedy little idiot he is. It's easy to lie to himself and pretend he's wise, witty, cultured and educated when he's home alone with his groomed wife and young children. Mature adults would immediately shut him down.

It's probably a good job he never took Lainey on a fucking holiday. He'd embarrass himself in America too but at least he knows the language and the culture.

No. 423933

Hahahaha, number of TV shows and movies asked to work with him. Some anon pinch me, this is too much.

No. 423934

jesus h christ could she try any harder to wear billie's skin? I know we always joke about it but fuck

No. 423935

can you please point out when he says it?

No. 423936

you know who onion sounds like? that Austin Jones dude who would shame his fans if they didn't make twerk videos for him. "you're not my biggest fan. you don't really care about me. prove you're my fan"

No. 423937

So can we not see how many subs the onision channel has anymore? I'm dying to know.

No. 423938

File: 1502825154598.png (87.96 KB, 640x561, IMG_1678.PNG)

onions response to a patron joking about losing their "black card" because they are supporting a "white privileged male". he definitely wishes he wasn't privileged for those sweet sweet sympathy dollars

No. 423939

If he were to leave, he'd lose all control over everything in his life. He wouldn't be able to control his narrative and how he wants the world to see him, and likewise if him and Lainey went to LA she'd probably realize there is more to their shitty life

No. 423940

He's a fucking idiot. You'd think now people would understand there are different types of "privilege"

No. 423942

>Onision pretending to be ~woke af~, yet somehow not knowing what white privilege is
truly shocking.

No. 423943

File: 1502825529699.jpg (4.9 KB, 270x186, download.jpg)


omg you're right anon. I wonder if he would narc rage-rant if someone pointed this out to him.

No. 423950

Turned down a beer commercial?
Yeah fucking right.

He legit thinks he's the holy and pure and morally superior Kirk Cameron, playing the goofy and loveable Mike Seaver in his own reality tv based version of the the sitcom Growing Pains.

The delusion is real.

No. 423956

File: 1502826437583.jpg (14.09 KB, 420x350, K4qfrXW.jpg)


he was smug and refused to adapt. it's all finally coming to a head and he has no backup plan.

>when keeping it real goes wrong.

No. 423957

Inb4 this cunt says that HE decided to end his channel, it was not dying at all, you see, he deleted his 2 million subs so it's not his fans who dumped him, HE dumped them first!! Hah!

No. 423959

I like how he started ranting about how not everyone's dream is to be a janitor or work a normal job. What janitor's lifelong dream was to be a janitor? They are doing the job for money. Onion fucking lucked out that he can do fuckall and make more money than people who have to actually work, and hes still whining and complaining and ruining it all. How can anyone be a fan of this crybaby?

And he keeps going back to "you guys just take things from me, and give me nothing!!!!" Hes so entitled. His videos dont give shit to anyone, and people get to choose to watch it. The fact that those people take time to watch his crap content should be good enough for him, since it keeps his channel alive. People on youtube make content in hopes people will like it and watch. There is no obligation to watch anyone's shit. People only watch if they are actually entertained. If that is not the job you want, then go work a real job where when you put in the hours, you are required to be paid.

He always acts like he cares about social issues, but hes no better than the politicians he pretends to hate who are greedy for money and always wanting tax cuts for the rich.

No. 423963

Most banks won't hand you a credit card if you're as young as some of his fans are, usually a parent has to co-sign.

No. 423964

"I refuse to take offers that require me to do minimal work for others that will pay me money, but YOU guys are the awful ones for not donating me your money because i need it to survive!!! If you have anything nice at all, then you have enough money to give me and I deserve it more than you! How dare you expect me to have to do anything I don't want to do for even one second???!!!"

No. 423965

Newest Onichan video is up. Would be super easy to report minute 1:38 for sexual content as simulating oral sex.

He already has one strike on that brand new channel for sexual stuff, how does he not learn??

No. 423969

So Greg turned down legitimate work because he's too moral to shill for beer but has no problem shaming kids in junior high for not paying him to make content. Makes perfect sense.

No. 423971

Yeah and he said something like, "not everyone wants to do the jobs their parents are telling them to do!" Or something along those lines.

At 32, he fails to realize, parents recommend jobs like CEO and doctor etc because they offer things like job security, benefits, stable income, retirement, etc. Things that he's going to wish he had once the IRS anally rapes him and he runs his LUCRATIVE UNSTABLE Youtube "career" into the ground.

No. 423980

Omg didn't he just get a ton of money from selling his shitty overpriced stuff? Not to mention Lainey's "merch" and Depop.

This is so entertaining because he's trying everything in his narc handbook to get people to donate, but his only audience is… Children with no money of their own.

No. 423984

File: 1502832557976.png (167.29 KB, 455x810, tumblr_inline_ouqskiAzes1r2md7…)

Here are some 10 day old tweets between Beck and Onion.
She quickly changes her opinions to fit his.

Sometimes I wonder with what kind of mental illness do his fans suffer from to be so willingly brainwashed by a 32 year old toddler.

No. 423985

>"Not everyone wants to be a janitor"
is what he said.

If someone sucked at being a janitor as much as Onision sucks at… whatever it is that he's trying to be, then they'd be out of a job too.

He also mentions writers, in with janitor, which is stupid because lots of writers start off with day jobs. Franz Kafke was an insurance clerk. If it was good enough for someone as brilliant as that, then it should be more than enough for a no-talent hack like Gazorpazorp.

No. 423986

File: 1502833470771.jpg (460.6 KB, 2048x2048, 09D1F515-D811-4F75-B098-28DDBA…)

legit thought the top photo was lainey and sarah for a minute. why does he have a taste for plain girls? lmao

No. 423987

File: 1502833496626.jpg (175.07 KB, 818x503, pathetic.jpg)

No. 423990

I don't know why he's crying about normal jobs. He wouldn't even be in this position if he had just made good financial decisions. He could likely have been a youtuber forever if he was more sensible with his choices. If he'd filed his taxes correctly OR if he'd starting a savings account OR if he'd lived in a modest house OR if he'd stopped spending his money on teen girls, he might have a hefty sum right now. He was raking it in at his peak and looking after his money would have set him up.

No. 423991

They're plain because they're like a blank canvas for him to project on to.

No. 423992

He's working under the assumption that anybody would actually WANT him as a janitor. He works from home and still can't clean his own house, who would trust him to clean something else? The useless piece of crap doesn't even qualify for the jobs he talks shit about.

He needs them bland because he can't stand the spotlight not being on him or one second.

No. 423997

He still doesn't need a normal job. Him and lameo collectively make like 6k+ a month from patreon for doing nothing. That's 70k a year plus any money they make off youtube and younow. Yet hes still whining about people needing to give him more more more! Because he can't downgrade his lifestyle at all and can't make any sacrifices.

He just flew out another girl, yet hes whining about money? I hope all his fans would abandon this man child.

No. 424001

He's streaming with Beck and the blonde chick trying to respond to all the 14 year olds saying they can't sub to him LOL

No. 424002

"the Onision channel is the dirty effed up channel and Onichan channel is family friendly"

GOOD. Children can't afford to be corrupted by him now haha

No. 424003

Said OnisionSpeaks the leftover 1/2 channels with over a million subs is "royally fucked" lol.

He said his Onichan channel is his salvation.

Also is expecting other big youtubers to follow suit and make their channels pay-to-watch.


No. 424005

School teacher is a solid middle class profession. So he's a white, straight(ish) male from a middle class background . . . sounds pretty privileged tbh

No. 424006

>>Also is expecting other big youtubers to follow suit and make their channels pay-to-watch.

lol why would they ever do that? It stunts new audience growth completely, and they make plenty of money from ads, sponsorships, cohosting, other entertainment opportunities, and cons. He's the one with shitty outdated content that's anathema to advertisers, why would they fuck themselves?

No. 424011

>Also is expecting other big youtubers to follow suit and make their channels pay-to-watch.

lmao, they don't fuck with the IRS
unlike gerg

No. 424013

So he's basically tanking the income streams that could pay off his tax debt over time.

No. 424015

Lol. The youtubers who actually have a fanbase that would pay to watch are doing well enough that they dont need to make their channel pay-to-watch and risk shrinking/angering their audience and new viewers. They also can do things on the side that people pay for that is actual content and not their regular videos.

No. 424017

File: 1502836865821.png (352.94 KB, 499x376, the onions.png)

The end is nigh in the onion household.

It's to beautiful to see him crashing and burning , enjoy my Photoshop of whats going on in the onion palace as we speak.

No. 424031

the expressions you picked for each of them are fucking perfect

No. 424032

File: 1502839014152.png (174.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0371.PNG)

I wanted to post these earlier before the Lolcow malfunction.

Grease knew he wasn't going to be on YouTube (and the military during that time) forever and was actually interested in "the big screen"/TV.

Fucker shouldn't have turned those deals down, if they were legit I mean.

No. 424033

File: 1502839180535.jpg (17.49 KB, 245x165, aaa.jpg)


No. 424034

File: 1502839277390.png (156.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0372.PNG)

>I act like this irl too
>I'm just acting on my videos, I'm not really like this irl lol

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

No. 424035

File: 1502839518813.jpg (45.55 KB, 265x275, IMG_4502.JPG)

I'm so happy

No. 424036

This would cause onion to flip if it was the next thread picture. He hates his kids being brought up lmao.

No. 424037


yeah i'm voting it as next thread pic. such talented and perceptive anons we have.

No. 424041

File: 1502840795446.png (74.91 KB, 561x256, Screenshot 2017-08-15 at 7.44.…)

How can he be upset that Youtube wants to appease it's advertisers?

How can you want to be paid for sitting around making videos all day and at the very same time demonize the advertisers that make that possible?

What a gay retard.

No. 424042

Of course the advertisers come first Great g, they are the ones footing the bill.

No. 424044

onion, this has nothing to do with net neutrality bud.

No. 424048


Grandpa Greg is truly out of the loop.

He's no longer the "angsty teen ranting at the camera" of the past, he is now the "old man yelling at preteens for their lunch money."

No. 424049

Same idea as Bacha Bazi boys in Afghanistan. Use the most vulnerable, susceptible. Not the best looking.

No. 424057

File: 1502844036729.jpg (31.01 KB, 600x400, youre-fired-hakjwq.jpg)

so is this the streamer/youtuber/patreoner version of the "I'm not fired I quit" meme people use to protect their ego when fired?

guess that's what happens when you depend on teenage girls minimum wage paycheck to pay for your ddlg shit, makeup, stuff to look like billie and bills

do most onion fans even have jobs? a better question is do they even have credit cards?

No. 424058

File: 1502844139990.png (358.16 KB, 490x647, Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 5.41…)

How does this retard not understand that he works for a corporation and they make the fucking rules based on what crates profit?

No. 424059

*creates profit

No. 424066

File: 1502844988585.png (140.85 KB, 417x335, Screenshot 2017-08-15 at 8.55.…)

fuuuck she can fit her whole chin in the palm of her hand.

No. 424070

honestly, he shouldn't complain about low views and lack of revenue if he refuses to cater even the slightest to fans (and no greg you don't need to rate little girls in their underwear in order to cater to fans) and he can't even do the slightest of what the corporation says

it's like if a business needed to lay off people to cut corners, then the shit employees who laid around all day eating chips and bitching to their manager complained about getting fired, has greg ever even held a job with a business before?

No. 424071

How does her hair color always only last a week?These hair colors are supposed to wear around a month before you have to redye them.

No. 424072


She washes it every day. She's been getting a lot of comments on her fading colors and she says she doesn't care if washing your hair every day is bad because hygiene. kek

No. 424073

This has been said before but onion forces her to shshowewith him every time he does. He likes very hot ahowers. Youre supposed to use cold water on dyed hair Heat fades it. She probably shampoos every day too.

No. 424074

Lainey implied very heavily on stream about 15 minutes ago that she has rejected beck romantically because she now has zero tolerance of illegal drug use in any form.

No. 424075

Could onion not be fucking himself over intentionally?

He gave his mom one of his houses. So he will have a home to live in after the IRS is finished with his aduit. The money owed will be huge. Is his plan to let the IRS take his current home, cars, and possessions, then file for bankruptcy?
Does mama have an account in her name with a big chunk of his money in it, hidden?

Why else would be be doing this? I can't see him agreeing to actually pay off what he will owe.

No. 424076

This is an excuse. She has no interest in playing second best to Poop Girl

No. 424077


I appreciate the theory, but I don't think he's smart enough to plan this. He literally tried to write off his divorce as a business expense. The dude is thick.

No. 424078

I believe it tbh, she was the one super pissed about Billie smoking weed no matter where she did it at. While Greg didn't care as long as she smoked it in states where it was legal.

No. 424079


you're giving him too much credit, dude can't even spell common words correctly.

he's good at manipulating people, not finances and equity.

No. 424080

Those ion semi's are hardcore. They are SO hard to remove and fade. The aqua was a nightmare for me, even bleach wouldn't strip all the color out, I still had patches of blue after months of fading and two rounds of bleach. What does she wash her hair with? Dishwasher detergent?

No. 424082

Greg, you fucking idiot. No corporation is "limiting" your "creativity/expression." YouTube isn't forcing you to quit making your garbage videos, they're just refusing to pay for garbage.

Get a job.

No. 424083

File: 1502846150698.png (49.69 KB, 800x450, cloud.png)

No. 424085

What? That's not true. He went on a million rants about Billie's weed use and demanded she cut off her family because they were "illegal drug users." Guilt tripped her into valuing "illegal drug users" over him.

The illegal drug the were using was pot, they weren't meth heads.

No. 424086


Yeah, Lainey wasn't that pissed. You got the roles reversed. She said she disliked it because it was illegal for her to smoke weed, but that if she had asked her or let her know, it would have been fine.

Greg started the witch hunt against her for doing ILLEGAL DRUGS EW JUNKIE and probably influenced his fans to call the cops on their house. Ayalla and Billie got raided.

No. 424087

Yeah the hating illegal drug users is onion's thing. Lameo used it as a get out of jail free card with Billie and now since it worked before, she's trying it again.

No. 424089

Yeah, I believe Laineys sudden dislike of it is more tactical than it is sincere. But if not, she seriously needs to grow up it's just weed and not everyone is living a secluded narc bubble.

No. 424090

Is he seriously that fucking thick? he legitimately see's himself as an employee of YouTube and acts as if they should be obliged to pay him regardless of how many advertisments are running on his videos.. the "YouTube fired me" statment he made previously prooves that.. (they can't fire you moron when you don't work for THEM).
These "corporations" are the ones putting the goddamn money in his pockets based on how many people watch their adds running on his videos, abd why would they want to advertise their company with his name attatched after all the shit he has pulled? He absolutely refuses to take any responsibility for his downfall, blaming this "adpocalypse" bullshit.
He is so delusional that as soon as YT stated they were aware that some channels were being affected by the sub glitch he took that as conformation HIS channel was one of those affected even though it is well entirely plausable people were just sick of his shit.
Ugh, Greg, please just go under already, you've fucked yourself over here, no one else is to blame.

No. 424093


I work at Sally's so I'm supposed to have a bias for ion products, however; their semi's suck. I never recommend them BECAUSE they aren't very pigmented. That and she used it incorrectly. The blues are the only ones that actually take well.

No. 424096

lmao that's just a petty excuse to be able to reject her without looking shallow… Beck is clearly not Lainey's type, she's no where near tumblr enough for her plus her creepy stalking songs she wrote, clogging up the toilet and letting the world know like that's normal to do so and leaking their private texts why would anyone want to be with such a disgusting freak? for once I actually side with Lainey in this situation… I can see this backfiring and Greg start to weasle his way in to dating her though.. "Lainey had the chance to have a girlfriend with someone who genuinely liked her but decided to be negative instead so I as a noble Cuck stood in for my spacewife and dated Beck on her behalf".

No. 424098

There was at one point where Billie claimed Greg was okay with her smoking as long as it was in WA, and that it was Lainey who didn't want her to do it at all.

Greg did the whole witch hunt thing because thats what he does for all his exes, even if what he stated in private is the opposite of what he's sperging out about.

No. 424099


this is so embarrassing holy shit

No. 424107

I think Billie got a pass from him because she was his dream girl. He really didn't make such a big deal until he needed to try to use it against her.

No. 424108

File: 1502849839891.jpg (445 KB, 1530x1600, schadenfreude.jpg)

>more schadenfreude for us all

Laineybot's youtube channel is also consistently losing it's subs over time.

No. 424110

No anon, don't you realise it's just a YouTube glitch? No one would ever unsubscribe from the Greaseprince family on their own accord… Greg works too hard for that! (most likely actual thoughts Greg and Lainey have to justify their rapidly declining subs count).

No. 424111

The complete irony of Greg going on a rampage about his youtube "job" firing him, demoting him blah blah blah after he tried to shit on shane forever ago for having the nerve to call youtube a job. It's supposed to be your passion onion not your job!!!

No. 424126

i am sorry but this metaphor slayed me, patreon-chute lmao

No. 424128

gross anon, no.

No. 424135

I watched that painfully obnoxious former onion fan's stream.

> He said the name “Katie Duncan” would make Greg "quiver". idk the spelling. Then later said a clue about her was, "No, no, no. Please, stop."

> Said Greg kissed a 14 year-old fan on a plane when he was 29 and there’s apparently video evidence. Said the 14 year-old isn't Katie Duncan.
> Derrick Anderson (spelling?) is a “hater” that Greg doxxed and then went to his house?

Idk if anything he says is true or milky, because he's clearly exaggerates for attention, but the way Greg responded to him on YouNow is super suspect. He's under his greasy skin. Any anons have any idea about this stuff?

No. 424140

If people are reluctant to just spill the entire story, its likely fake and likely for attention. This habit of hinting at shit is the same thing anti o blogs like to do and NOTHING ever comes of it. Wish the kid who keeps trying to promote his shitty "expose" videos would fuck off.

No. 424141

dang i had the random idea to google the lolcow forums for onion since i had no clue how the situation was since the whole billie thing exploded and 2 hours later through the rabbit hole and.. bwahahahaha onion is dying. well, the onion has always been rotting. it just accidentally sped up its own decomposition.

i do feel so sorry for him because even if he may be narcissistic and obnoxious, he's still a sad little boy deep down. a disgusting, greasy-but-flaky sad little boy. BUT aside the pity for him - so glad that his 'content' will be spread no longer. ugh. don't even have to explain why i hate it 'cause everyone here shares my sentiment.

No. 424149

File: 1502855930533.jpg (4.69 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1683.JPG)

No. 424151


>says there's video evidence

Where is it then?

No. 424153


wait so now he wants 7500 vs the 5000 from earlier to do LESS?
At 5k a month he was going to fly to LA to collab (but with who??) now he wants 2500 more to… "wear ghetto costumes that smell funny"? what a fucking lame piece of shit

No. 424158

No anon I think to keep flying Clogger over or continue flying girls over for their Greasey Trinity audition.

No. 424161

It was a stretch that he even thought he could do anything in LA to begin with. Hes burned too many bridges and insulted too many in the YT industry. No one is gonna collab with his ass, even if he offered to pay them good money. Its not worth it to them, only to him.

No. 424163

File: 1502857198160.png (35.24 KB, 518x396, goals.png)

He want's 15k a month, it goes by goal tiers

No. 424164

I'm starting to believe the whole becks/tallfilms/deer chick conspiracy. Especially if they've really been kicking out real fans. First we had the leaked screenshots, plus the random mysterious posts on this thread that seem to KNOW things, and the probably-self posting of tallfilms videos.
Plus, shitting up his house would be the first thing I'd do if I went there to troll them. Onion also deleted all his subs when poopbeck went there….possibly more coaxing from becks/other discord mods?
I predict we'll get a post from one of them in about a week, detailing their deep cover investigation or something.
Sage for wild speculation but I want to believe.
I don't care how it happens, I'm enjoying watching him crash and burn.

No. 424168


D-do you (guys) think this is gonna end up worse than what the trolls did to Chris? I've read what happened to CWC back then and how afterwards he became more insane and almost Onion-like in terms of behavior. Unlike Chris-Chan though, I probably won't feel too bad about Grease; at least Skye, Shiloh, Adrienne and Billie will get some justice.

No. 424180

>Onision on their journey

Is he seriously turning genderqueer?

No. 424185

File: 1502861044174.jpg (1.52 MB, 2880x1800, 13468.jpg)

Nah, Onion just likes to refer to himself in third person because,"HURR DUHR COMEDY [ECKS DEE] LMFAO! ! !"

The journey shit is probably some psuedo deep intellectual bullshit about how his "comedy" relates to his own growth of a person or some other stupid shit

No. 424187

did you just take a picture of your monitor with your cell phone?

remember when grugly would have to point his cam at the monitor while playing games?

No. 424188

Moron also appears to think that the whole of Youtube is reading his psycho e-mails. Imagine faces of people that have to respond to this shit.

No. 424191

In Gregs mind all the top executives of youtube assemble in a giant conference room… they lower the lights and project his email onto a wall. They read through it carefully and then turn the lights back up to have a 3 hour discussion about it.

No. 424192

how do you like your iPhone 5s?

No. 424196

Was tall vids screenshot-anon? Obnoxious underage kid, reluctant to post whole milk, uses "gregory" unironically. People thought Beck, but I think tallvids fits the bill better.

He genuinely cannot communicate with adults clearly. He uses so much fake deep-ness in his ramblings that it genuinely hurts. Everything he writes seems like something you'd find on /r/im14andthisisdeep

No. 424198

File: 1502864927115.png (16.41 KB, 257x424, lameo.png)

Lameo's goal description is like a parody of herself.
>it will look super awesome and beautiful and gay!

And dont they have fifty recording videos in the house? And patreons get a haul video where you spend their money to buy a ton of shit? lol.

No. 424202

Now that you mention it, im one hundred percent certain it was tallvids. Bet you anything becks or lainey shared those screens with either him or another discord fag and hes been posting the info.

The immature ragey comments ive seen on his youtube match perfectly to the bad grammar in his lolcow posts.

No. 424204

Also it's prob no coincidence that as soon as the caps get released, he gets kicked from the discord and patreon? The trail of the caps probably lead to him

No. 424207

Billie just changed her hair to entirely blonde. I'd bet anything I own Lainey goes blonde soon. Even though she said she's "keeping the purple for a while." She will go blonde next. Mark my words.

It should be noted that when Billie had silver hair, Lainey kept saying silver is next. So technically Lainey should go silver. But I think she'll just skip one Billie-step in the transition and go straight for blonde. Then when people say she copies Billie she will claim to be naturally blonde like she has in the past, but that girl is not a natural blonde.

No. 424208


I still think all of them are working together and probably made TallBritishKid take the fall. Not only that, the way Jacob was exaggerating with his "info" is probably a ruse to throw us off their trail.

My question is to these "spies", what good will it do?

No. 424209

They're probably doing it for the fun of it tbh, I mean why do we all browse lolcow? To laugh at cows.

No. 424210

Oh and wasn't there another infiltrator/spy who went by Mike?

Kek how many of these people are there?

No. 424211

Idk lainey actually talked about wanting to go blonde for a while before she eventually got it into her head that she was going for all these alt colours kek

No. 424212


Yeah but none (or at least most) of us didn't give money to these losers or willingly became their puppet for teh lulz.

In the meantime, I'm just gonna watch and laff.

No. 424214


> punished

> creators cannot create whatever they want, only create what corporations approve of

If he really believes this, he's even stupider than I thought.

If he's trying his manipulation tactics on a worker drone at a company that has not control over what other companies spend advertising money on, then he's even stupider than that.

> I really wish there was a site that competed with YouTube

Well, Gretchen, can you make such a site yourself? Do you have the capital to set up and maintain all that? Do you have the technical knowledge to do that or the money and connections to get other people to do it for you? Do you have the business savvy and reputation to get funding for this to make it sustainable to run such a site?

This is why Youtube doesn't owe you condition-free money. You have to provide value for them too, or you're just dead weight. That they host your worthless videos for free is an act of charity.


I thought that too but the only reason to do this is to keep the IRS from getting money from him, while not keeping any actual money for himself. He would have to be so petty and vindictive that he's willing to destroy everything in his life just to stick it to the tax man. Is that too stupid for Onion? Only time will tell.

No. 424215

If they really do have some super creamy milk maybe it was worth it, we shall have to wait and see

No. 424216

Witnesses to the final meltdown?

I dunno, I think this is the most unsafe time to be too close to this guy. If the tinfoiling is true, these people are idiots.

No. 424217

If Greg "gave" his mom a house in order to keep it off the IRS radar, he's fucking himself in every hole. The IRS isn't full of people as dumb as Onision - they will rightfully see that Greg was attempting to hide assets from them and will wreck his shit. They don't care that he gave the house to his mama - they care that he got rid of extremely valuable assets right before or during an audit. Even if Greg had sparkling clean intent and only wanted to make sure his mom had a nice house, the IRS absolutely would classify that as an attempt to hide assets.

I don't think this is the case, however. Greg gave that house to his mom before the shit really hit the fan. Unless he understood he was not going to be able to talk his way out of the IRS audit and just didn't admit it, which seems unlikely, the better alternative is that he thought he was going to be just fine with the IRS and wanted to pass upkeep of the house to his mom without paying the capital gains tax he would have accrued selling a house that was not his primary residence. Greg's an arrogant prick - no way he really thought he would be held liable for cheating on his taxes. So I don't think he was being clever with a long term end run around the IRS in mind.

Greg needs to get a tax lawyer yesterday but I bet he's too cheap to do it. If he is really attempting to offload high value property by giving it away or selling it and hiding the money, he may find himself in prison.

No. 424218


Said trolling, I think they're trying to stir him up. Given his mental instability, how bad will he crack? Because if this anti-o conspiracy is true, I have a feeling it'll be worse than his NPD spergout; featuring those tards getting caught in the crossfire.

It will be glorious.

No. 424221

what happened friday and sunday to make so many people unsub

No. 424222

She uploaded a video on both these days, I assume people are just looking at their sub box thinking 'why am I still subbed to this bitch?'

No. 424224

>>424207 see

I feel like billie is also dying her hair more than usual because she caught onto lainey copying her

conspiracy theory - what if billie is just buying wigs in the same length, haircut but a different color, just to see if lainey will keep frying her hair til she is bald just to copy billie

No. 424235

>I don't think this is the case, however. Greg gave that house to his mom before the shit really hit the fan.

This is exactly what most shady people with money do- get real estate and put it on their parents' names or so.

No. 424239


The question remains, how dumb is onion?

He might not have known about the audit at the time he gave his mom the house, but was Billie around then? Was he thinking of leaving lamp? Was he intentionally trying to trick the IRS by moving things around in an attempt to avoid taxes, and the moving of large assets is what triggered the audit? Why did he give his mom the house? His greed won't allow him to give anything to anyone, including his mother, without giving to himself first and foremost.

I think he's REAL dumb. The dumbest.

No. 424240

File: 1502875387374.jpg (448.6 KB, 1930x1457, New Canvas.jpg)

i didnt know what i was doing. but i did it

No. 424242


I bet if Skye was still around, he'd probably didn't have to face the inevitable financial hell he put himself through…and kept his dying career from… dying.

No. 424256

This is by far the best yet imo
Great work anon I'll switch this as my screen saver

No. 424258

wouldn't be surprised if people jump ship on her incase she tries to charge their cards now

No. 424259

No. 424260

I wonder what onions mom think of billie and all the underage girls he flies in for "friendship" reasons and the fact he forces polygamy on lainey

No. 424263

No. 424264

Onision does not think anything through. That whole Billiegate he was winging it, he can't keep a backstory consistent. he has trouble even remembering his lies to his spouse on a day to day basis.

i remember when the irs thing dropped, i saw that house tour video i couldn't believe my eyes. he again just got some information, does not reflect and reacted. he released a house tour for a govt agency on a free video platform site.
who tf did he think the video was going to be watched by? the irs? did he email them the video. did he feel proud and want to show us his efforts? he is a complete moron

if lainey was anyway smart she would have left him now, and started her own legal proceedings against him, my god we all know he fucks with people's heads and has done enough things on video to show manipulation, disregard for his spouse and kids, desire for infidelity etc etc.
lainey is pathetic. look at that fucking screengrab of greg on top of another young girl pretending to kiss her. if that was my husband i'd be fucking fuming. especially when my husband is onision who already publically humiliated me during Billiegate, forcing polygamy, making me doubt my sexuality, gender, identity and ultimately worth. disregarded the family they made in 'love' for a young girl that they have sinced denounced as a liar and awful person. lainey leave him.
what fucking person would stay with someone like that. you both signed up for a monogamous marriage, i assumed you both made vows then signed a legal document.

onision has complete disregard for the law and any other person that is not himself. he even disregards his children. he is a vegeterian for some reason, but does not show compassion in his everyday life for others or creatures great and small.

he's a piece of shit. honestly it is a fucking sin that he struck gold in youtube money. money does not grow on trees. he held so much disposable income, i doubt he donated to veterans, animals or less fortunate. he is a drain!!!!!!

No. 424265

well the onion's family seems to hate lainey, so i assume they hate all these young messes that throw themselves at their fucked up son.

iirc the family liked skye. she was onion's age. knew him in highschool liked him for who he was.
these little teen girls like him for being on youtube. they all have several crushes on youtube stars. have fan accounts. follow blindly.

greg never had such negativity follow him around since he left skye. i'm sure that meant his family have had to deal with more backlash due to it. they all probably miss skye and hate any bitch that comes around to stir up more drama

like who has ever heard of a bride banning their brother's spouse from going to a wedding? wouldn't the bride have also liked to have her niece and nephew featured, a cute flower girl and ring bearer.

he needs to get offline

No. 424266

File: 1502885651215.jpeg (30.32 KB, 817x443, image.jpeg)

From Tall's Twitter. This clearly reads like Lainey's writing as his manager since there's minimal sperging. Have they asked haturzz to stop communicating with other groups before? Team Grease seems very nervous.

I'm inclined to believe some of Tall's milk. From his tweets, he seems like a decent guy and refused to give out Grease's personal info that people were sending. Still, receipts are needed.

No. 424267

AHAHA trying to elicit sympathy from this kid he did the dirty to, I'm glad he's not falling for it

No. 424268

I agree. He seems sincere and if people are worried he is an attention whore, well what 16 year old kid wouldn't be somewhat icky in that sense. I do think he could be useful for sure, but he needs to tread carefully. He was so sure Grease had 3 kids, but that turned out to (most likely) be false since we know Lainey only has two. So if Tall knows more about Greg he's gonna have to have proof bc no one is about to blindly believe him. It IS Greg (or Lainey) emailing him though bc Greg wouldn't deny that was his address on stream. Greg must know Tall knows more than he's comfortable with kek

No. 424270

In that stream Gerg was even saying "nobody gets emails from that address!!" Just repeating it over and over when tallvids was asking "is that not your email". Not very HONEST of Gerg, the most honest YouTuber..

No. 424277


what if cloey has a twin??
we've never seen his kids so, it's possible in theory.

saged for tin.

No. 424278

no twin

No. 424280

Does anyone know what's up with Richie and Jaclyn saying on stream that they're 100% sure that the set house was a rental?

No. 424282


no context of how tf you're so sure of this, anon??
i hate these vague answers.

No. 424283

there is zero evidence other than onion planting it in the background. We have Lainey admitting when her daughter was due when she was pregnant, and Lainey saying upfront she has two kids.

No. 424284

File: 1502890001304.png (67.93 KB, 750x500, IMG_6245.PNG)

Is leelu their dogs name? Poor thing

No. 424286


Leelu is their mini dachs.

No. 424287

Wow, so basically they neglect their dogs and Beck was kind enough to bathe one for them? cause that's what it sounds like

No. 424288

>celeb dogs

No. 424289

greg is top compassionate animal lover vegetarian extraordinaire!!

No. 424290

hahahaha this!

onision wasn't even lainey's top crush

No. 424291

File: 1502891161467.jpg (35.68 KB, 600x450, a33f1d91318028413290a652ce78dd…)

I guess she lowkey achieved her fakeboi goal, as she sort of looks like those scene boys. Pic related.

>it will look super awesome and beautiful and gay!
said women living in het marriage and breastfeeding two crotchfruits born from said relationship.
Don't go all b-but bi erasure! on me, it's lamo we are talking about.
Someone get lamo memo that even if someone is legit into same sex, their sexual preference is not a personality trait.

No. 424293

Leeloo is such a cute little one, if she stinks it's because her owners are the greasy ones that don't bathe her.
Any time I think of her I remember the Onion proudly saying that the dog is scared of him because he shoves her face in her own piss and I get angry. Give the dog to someone who's mentally stable, responsible and capable of loving, please.

No. 424297

OT but i thought thats what youre meant to do with dogs (or puppies) when they pee in the house? i dont have much experience with dogs but i was told this before

No. 424298

how would an animal that can't understand your speech understand you shoving its head into a piss stain as a deterrent not to do so
remove the dog from the room and remove the mess, that would click more. remove the dog/cat from the situation if it's wrong behaviour

No. 424299

It's not true, it's traumatizing for the dog. It has been discussed before though. If you want more information you can check the old threads.

No. 424304

No. All the dog knows is that it peed and it got his little head shoved in it. How is it supposed to work out that the location of the pee was the issue? It'll probably just pee in a corner where you can't see because it thinks peeing is the problem. Plus if they're young it'll just be frightening and make them pee more.

Most dogs that are treated well will stop peeing in the house with minimal training. Just take them outside regularly and praise them for going. If they look like they're gonna pee inside, move them outside. Clean up any pee inside so they don't keep smelling it because the scent of it encourages them to keep using that spot.

sage for dog talk

No. 424306

if his kids spit up does he rub their face in it?

No. 424313


They are talking about that big mansion he used to film in a long time ago that only had a couch in it. The video where Billie and Lainey kiss walking past Greg. That is the house Jaclyn filmed in with him too. People seem to keep confusing THAT house with the one he bought outright and sold recently.

No. 424315


And no that is not the McMansion they live in now.

No. 424321

Soo… He had the money to just buy that house in the last two years or so? Yeah, he is so struggling to survive.

No. 424322


No. 424329

This doesn't sound like Lainey or greg tbh

No. 424332

I feel like it was onision trying to be another persona but he did say I, me, my family


No. 424333

I am more inclined to think the cap is fake. Unless this kid has SERIOUS DIRT on him, Greg would never apologize like that, or even beg. Its not his nature. And I doubt he lets Lainey use is important manager email

No. 424334

Well two years ago he was making at least a million dollars a year from YT. It wouldn't be hard for him to rent out a huge house and then just say fk it, lets buy a house outright.

No. 424336

He even say "I and my family," not "My family and I"

Gerg literally puts himself first in every single aspect of his life.

No. 424338


But Greg, aren't you acting like a capitalistic corporate pig by putting money over > people ?
Corporations and Greg have more in common then he thinks, they both evade taxes as much as they can and exploit consumers for as much money as they can get.

No. 424345

Anon really???
>harrassers of I and my family…
>I'm sorry for as I said all that I have done to you…
I know gurg is intellectually impaired and can't spell for shit, but even he grasps the basics of punctuation. Not buying it at all.

No. 424347

punctuation? he(or lainey) isn't even using pronouns in their correct form.

No. 424352

Could it be Greg trying to discredit the kid?
I forget the exact quote… something like "The Devil sprinkles a little of the truth into his lies"
Greg emails the kid from an email everyone knows is his, but then uses fucked up grammar like someone trying to speak English using Google Translate. Then he can say "Ive never emailed you" and people will find the whole thing suspect and find anything the kid has said now or in the future as dubious.

No. 424356

File: 1502900154040.png (82.3 KB, 640x532, IMG_1684.PNG)

No. 424370

I thought the same thing.
When he was in his bathroom looking in the mirror I kept waiting for Shane to scream - "THIS IS MY VEGETARIAN BOOOODDDYYYYYY!"

I saw no shade - Shane is that you looking for another million views?

No. 424371

Shane trying veganism for a day, around the 2:00 mark he says:

"I definitely have a fat roll, so hopefully by tomorrow it will be gone. That's how veganism works, right?"

I can't fucking wait for Onision to lose his shit over it. Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 424384

Ot but who was the last Scottish forum mod onision fucked over? Is there a correlation between the two? I cannot be arsed to go through all the threads but he also self posted a lot of useless misinformation in the quest for "fame".

No. 424385

He doesn't give a f about the manager ema account, it's just to make him look more official.

This Tall kid was an Onision fan for 5 years, and engaged a lot with him. Then he learned some things, probably from these threads, that totally turned him off. Why fake a boring cap?

Since Tall has already posted as "anon," I think he should just spill the milk here. He knows Grease is a manipulative pedo, there's no reason to forgive him or withhold milk.

No. 424387

>This Tall kid was an Onision fan for 5 years, and engaged a lot with him. Then he learned some things

Come on, lets be real the only true reason hes exposing Onision is because Greg spanked his butt. If Greg had not blocked him and made fun of him in front of the other patreons he would still have his nose deep set in Gregs butthole

No. 424393

So tall was like 11/12 and onision/gregory was comfortable interacting regularly with an actual child for over half a decade?? What the fuck??? This is a whole new level of nope.

No. 424394


I feel like the kid is withholding anything he ~might~ know because he's hoping that onion will take him back as a "friend". He even seems sad talking about getting booted so I don't think he's trustworthy.

Hes pulling the same shit onion has pulled on shiloh, billie, etc. Its bizarre. Quite frankly, the kid seems a little off and his "dirt" sounds farfetched.

No. 424395

Plank new video up where she turns herself into a sim man ofc -eye roll- but does Lainey know how she actually looks? She seems in a delusional state on how she actually looks, relating to what was said on her create a character on the dream daddy video

No. 424401

File: 1502908097338.png (14.36 KB, 492x123, googleads.png)

Onion paying Google to advertise his patreon.

No. 424407

Too bad the only people who would bother googling "Onision" are 13 year olds with no money.

No. 424408

File: 1502909961945.jpg (42.91 KB, 896x420, Capture.JPG)

He disabled ratings from his emotional blackmail gib money video

No. 424410

File: 1502910373288.jpg (44.5 KB, 657x473, plainboy.JPG)

"okay, I'm not that thin"

correct, you are not. Laineys complete lack of understandment of ts4 is triggering. You can change your space prince female body, you tool.

No. 424412

With the IRS thing, and the prenup that grag made laney sign does that mean during a divorce the marital debt of gregs IRS money will be only gregs debt? Because laney has no legal right to his money she shouldnt have any legal right to his debt right?

When he starts to have all his finances die and ends up in major debt and possible criminal punishment can laney just flee with her bars and other pocket money?

Greg went thought such an effort of saying it's HIS money but i bet if they divorce he'll complain about how his wife left him with ALL THIS DEBT BY HIMSELF!!! THAT IT WAS TOTALLY /THEIR/ DEBT.

No. 424415

File: 1502911327065.jpeg (50.93 KB, 640x380, image.jpeg)

Ok so I don't want to spend too much time on little 16-year-old Tall, but wouldn't it be bonkers if Grease actually went this far? I feel a little bad for Tall if he's actually going through this bullshit from his once-idol.

The milk… Please let it flow…

No. 424417

Plainey said on younow that they keep their finances separate, when discussing taking the dog to the vet and how SHE had to pay for it

No. 424418

This looks like Matthew Lush. Is that really how you see yourself, Lainey?

No. 424423


I just find it hilarious that he paid for that advertisement instead of using the money for something actually important. Great money management Greg, I'm sure it will all work out.

No. 424424

Anyone thinks Plainey is lowkey narc too? Or at least obsessed with herself?

>every video is about her

>what I do
>what I cook
>I make myself in sims
>who I would date
>Her social media is only pictures of herself
>Most of her tweets are about herself
>Her Younow streams, she only talks about herself

The only topic, other than herself, she talks about is lgbt tumblr gender rights - and then again that is also tied to her "personality"

No. 424426

File: 1502912882340.png (629.13 KB, 700x483, co_ja_kurwa_czytam3.png)


No. 424428

She's literally nothing more than trends she's picked up from tumblr, with a shitty college degree that goes unused. WTF do you expect to her make videos about?

No. 424430

You'd think after being stuck in Onion Mansion so long, she would pick up a book or at least read stuff on the internet and develop interests.

Instead it's
>yaaas me such a sad boi yas shooketh mmmhmmm daddy girl tell me how pretty i am ooooh soooo bisexuall twin flamezzz so special

whole day every day

No. 424431

File: 1502913638856.png (81.99 KB, 254x221, lain.png)


Lainey is just as much of a smug, arrogant, self entitled narcissist as Onision.

We are only just starting to realize it now that she has her own fans, income, and psuedo-fame.

Being less dependent on Onion has given her the confidence to show some personality and come out of her self-satisfied shell.

No. 424432

You'd think she's leave his greasy ass after cuddlegate too.

No. 424433

Honestly, I do wonder how long Lainey plans to hold out for? She's making enough to escape and live on her own until her own temporary e-fame burns out. It would be enough to get her on her feet though, and probably live a decent life, meet someone nice, and she'd have the full support of her family behind her. I don't like Lainey, but it would be kind of nice to see her leave and become her own person instead of this dull, depressed, doormat we've seen her evolve into.

I get the feeling that she stays because she's got some wicked stockholm syndrome esqe thing going on. She was so young, inexperienced, and desperate when they got married. She's been with him for how many years now? And they have two children together. I think she's obviously very unhappy, but she's too afraid to leave. Again, not saying I like her, she's garbage, but again, it would be so nice to see her go on without him and become a decent human being.

She's super desperate for validation due to her relationship with her narc husband. I think maybe it's even why she's become so okay with her place in being his doormat, because at least after some shit goes down, she'll finally get lovebombed and will feel validated again. Her identity is a creation, mostly mirroring what he husband finds attractive, along with a weird helping of tumblr trends.

No. 424439

>pick up a book or at least read stuff on the internet and develop interests.

there's no real reason for xir to do anything since xee gets enough attention online for just being onion's wife and an overall emo tumblr genderfuck

that said i do find it weird she isn't at least a little interested in psychology given her degree. even vic shingles tries to play smaht and she can't tell her ass from her elbow

siemka danonko

No. 424440

How can they possibly keep their finances separate when they have multiple children… I wonder who pays for their shit.

No. 424441

>it would be kind of nice to see her leave and become her own person
You're putting wayyyyy too much faith in Taylor's ability to form an identity. She already does have the freedom to become at least somewhat of her own person and decided to define herself with shallow teenage tumblr trends. There's no substance to her beyond a desperate need for attention and simple, reactive emotions. Reminds me of Luna, but even Luna seems to be kind of somewhat reflective from time to time and has some sort of creative skill.

I honestly doubt Taylor could even pass a Turing Test. It's a bit creepy how bland she is.

No. 424445

File: 1502915047381.png (174.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1100.PNG)

This shit again

No. 424446


He's just sensitive to that shit because he's the biggest bully around. Having to face the fact that bullying can fuck people up would mean that he is doing something wrong, and no way would he admit that.

No. 424448

dis fucking bitch

I hope Greg dies soon after failing to see a doctor for a treatable condition.

No. 424449

Maybe his tumor thing will hunt him back.

No. 424450

If any anons are versed in law at least DM him so we can know if it's onion or not

No. 424452

It costs like £4.95 (if you pay monthly, less if you buy a year or more) for a name @ your own domain email (and cheaper for each additional name) you're not telling my he's really that cheap he could have "hello@onision.com" "management@onision.com" and whatever else and has chosen to use gmail and make himself look cheap as fuck. Top keks.

He's missed every boat he could hop on to look like a professional

No. 424453

So, does anybody know the address of the house they sold? Was that house the same house as the "rental" mansion? I'm curious how quickly they flipped it, etc

The "I gave my mom a house!" vid was posted April 11, 2017. Weird timing, the due date to file taxes last year was April 18th. Does anyone have a mirror of it?

Washington state has a tricky tax laws
when it comes to gifting property, lots of loopholes. Seems fairly straightforward, but the more I read the more confused I got and when you start getting into assets in the couple millions? Only the crusty faced Greg Avaroe would tackle those numbers and codes without a very good tax attorney.

No. 424455

Lainey would make top views having a "I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom" blog and channel. Not a stan just that's a kinda niche that's not been done to death

No. 424456

Isn't it a thing where the victims of abuse end up taking on traits of their abusers? Or have I watched too much Criminal Minds.

No. 424457

Guess he realized how much of a dumbass he was and deleted it.

No. 424458

No. 424459


She is such a fucking moron, you can now be transgender in sims 4, being "female" with male body and attributes lol fucking dumb, they get trolled on twitch with little views

No. 424463

stockholm syndrome? nah, she idolized him before she met him. she's a perfect codependent personality, if she hadn't fallen for Grug, she would have chosen some other insane narcissistic asswipe.

No. 424464

File: 1502917053552.png (44.03 KB, 574x507, twitterpc.png)

Odd it shows up on mobile but missing on pc

No. 424465

you just described stockholm syndrome

No. 424467


As the original detective anon I dug pretty deep and very thoroughly and no homes were sold or are selling in his area within the last three months even remotely resemble his "Filming Studio" that he made the video with Lainey and Billie kissing in.

No. 424470

This is really far fetched but considering he self inserts himself as Light from Death Note, every time he does the "aren't all humans equal in death" shit it sounds like he watched the anime Monster once and got a hard on for Johan like he does with Light and wants to believe hes that deep manipulative marty stu type. It's hilarious how typical he is when he probably thinks he's "so complex" lol.

No. 424473

No, this is stalkhome syndrome

feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.

This is a codependent personality


No. 424474

Because you didn't click the tab "tweets & replies" anon. You are on the "Tweets" only tab on his page

No. 424475


I agree I don't think Lainey has Stockholm syndrome.

People with Stockholm syndrome are victims that have been forcibly molded over time to love their captor.

Lainey knew exactly what she was signing up for. She knew all about Greg's reputation online and went after him incessantly anyway.

No. 424477

Whats with his doctor hate? Does he want no doctors in the world? Then people will really die. Hes such an idiot. I worry they never take their kids to doctors.

No. 424482

All he does is rant on videos and twitter. Why doesn't he go out and enjoy the world? Dumbass.

No. 424483

File: 1502918331807.png (40 KB, 625x358, IMG_2918.PNG)

I voted silver just to see it all break off.

No. 424486

>fragile plum prince
>silver space fox

She's too cringy even for Tumblr standards now. Can't wait for her hair to fall out.

No. 424488

File: 1502918558768.jpg (277.28 KB, 943x1200, coloration.jpg)


kek I did the same, I'm excited for the "Dying my hair SILVER" video very soon. She's already tired of the purple and has fallen into the ~colorful hair~ trap many sjw tumblrinas fall for.

No. 424489

File: 1502918647905.jpg (138.91 KB, 901x1200, DHToE3MWAAEkSUP.jpg)

right after Billie posts a picture with platinum blonde hair. nice.

No. 424490

How can they possibly keep their finances separate when they have multiple children… I wonder who pays for their shit.

No. 424492

This is why we can't have a fucking open and productive conversation about mental illness/suicide.

He literally just made a video screaming suicide jokes. I truly wish he was dead or at least permanently logged the fuck off.

No. 424496

So did I kek

No. 424498

I have a feeling they have seperate finances because Onision probably has a business corporation open (which anyone can do) where he claims Lainey as an employee so he and her can claim tax benefits on it.

When she claims she has seperate finances i think it means not having a joint bank account and this is easier for them to also claim employment/employee benefits from tax returns etc

I see right through these people, so easy to understand why he has IRS issues.

No. 424499

Has he been smart (read: forward thinking) in the thought that none of his videos are monetised, however due to having international fans unable to pay for the content he may gain more patrons?

I wonder if even Lainey has an idea of how fucked his finances are? I assume by not sharing their finances it means he has total control and access over Lainey's spending & money, but she has absolutely 0 idea what his accounts look like.

No. 424500

File: 1502920379196.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9510.PNG)

looks like Billie isn't wearing that septum piercing Onion bought for her, wonder if she'll keep it or throw it away like space prince's ring

No. 424501

A decent tax lawyer wouldn't last long with Onion. He/she would have to tell Gurgle he's wrong on how tax works and lots of things he doesn't want to hear.
Greg would fire the lawyer and represent himself because something something lawyers are evil like doctors.

Even gmail has business packages where he could get @onision.com emails.

> I don't know why Youtube refuses to support them
Isn't the Germany thing due to German law or whatever? And not youtube's decision?

No. 424503

she looks much better without it. how long till lainey decides she's over it now?

No. 424513

File: 1502921100570.png (517.37 KB, 580x569, billie.png)

Shes also with drew again now. Wonder if gergles will be bringing her up again and how much he hates stoners. Also isnt gingerbeck supose to be leaving today/yesterday? is she gone from the house?

who even cares if she wears a septum ring that was bought as a present? The ring with lainey was probably more of a commitment thing. A septum ring is just jewelry.

No. 424514

File: 1502921129225.png (195.46 KB, 1016x310, eoKGtMG.png)

He uploaded another video an hour ago (pic related)

I didn't watch it yet, but I did reupload it, should be ready soon


No. 424516

2 minutes in and he's comparing people not supporting him lying on his taxes to someone getting jumped and having no one visit them in hospital.. ok

No. 424518

>Some people call it greed, I call it survival

Yeah, your narc ego must survive, right?

No. 424519

He's seems to think that if someone can afford an internet connection or a mobile phone they've got no excuse to not give him money lol what an idiot

No. 424521

File: 1502921918293.jpg (69.37 KB, 1147x606, Capture.JPG)

He says that IRS is fine with marking everything a business expense?? And that he should only pay more attention to keeping track of business lunches??

Who is he trying to deceive?

No. 424523

'Just because you can't be subscriber of this channel doesn't mean you don't care'

Well, he's changed his tune

No. 424524

Didn't he say that he owes 300k in back taxes tho?

No. 424526


What's with this thing where he makes his video b/w with glitchy effect while trying to sound serious and sad.

So tragical~ So serious~

No. 424527

File: 1502922897703.jpg (39.12 KB, 672x317, sole breadwinner.JPG)

Mirrors of Plain's two latest videos:

Making Myself in Sims4 - https://vid.me/hheEA

Reading Laineybot Fanfiction - https://vid.me/llucD

They should both be done processing soon.

No. 424528

Turned off likes/dislikes on that video too. Because he's "honest" >>424514

No. 424529


thank you anon, quick with the upload and it it very appreciated!

No. 424530

you got it. She's going in order

No. 424531

I love how every screenshot shows off his wonky eyes.

Also peep that terrible grasp of English/circling around the truth.

>ONLY thing I could have done better

>actually lists 3 things
>actually they didn't say anything yet about the 48928 other shady things I've done

Don't worry Grease, the IRS has its hands full with a case like yours and they're not done yet!

No. 424534


I'm Sorry It Has Come To This (A Quick Overview):

- The strangest music choice has been made, it sounds like it's taken from the opening credits of an NCIS/Bones type show. No-one has been murdered Gerg (except you killed your channel lelelelelel)
- "Some call it greed, I call it survival"
- Saying he is having money troubles coming up. "Some people say it's my fault, and that I shouldn't be helped… here's the thing with that. If somebody encounters something that is their fault, like they… walk into a bad part of the neighborhood that everybody knows is violent and they get jumped… are you saying I won't show up to the hospital?" – Holy shit, you are fucking insane GergMan.
- Music turns sympathetic when he talks about his finances.
- "People are saying it's manipulation when I said my debt could be anywhere between $3000-$300,000… that's just blatantly honest because I don't know how much it will be. That's why I have to monetise my channel". –
Yes Gerg. You HAVE to do this to pay your debt. It's not like you have Patreon or anything…
- Tries to guilt trip audience, saying that them not paying him less than 50c is confusing to him if they are sitting there on their iPhones, because they cost so much more. He doesn't fucking get that we are the consumer and if we don't wanna buy something, he's just gon have to deal. He's like a bum begging for money on the streets… except oh wait, he has a home and a Tesla and expensive electronics and a ride on mower and Lainey buys expensive makeup and…
- This fucking music guys. I wanna punch my ears.
- "The ultimate message in this video… is a lot of you are still subscribed, even though I deleted all the subscribers… so if you're confused, I am too… Blames Youtube … if you don't think I'm worth 49c that's fine… you're just not as big as a fan as other people, and that's not manipulation as much as just blatant truth." – FML, greasy scumbag. Look up the definition of manipulation you fucking 1998 Microsoft Screeching Fax Machine.
- "I'm just trying to be honest with you guys, as usual"
- Saying he understands that people are frustrated but saying that he is insane isn't fair as other people charge for books/music. Thinks other channels might switch to paid content – Gerg, that's Patreon bitch.
- Saying, again, that he's doing this for survival.

No. 424536

>"Some people say it's my fault, and that I shouldn't be helped… here's the thing with that. If somebody encounters something that is their fault, like they… walk into a bad part of the neighborhood that everybody knows is violent and they get jumped… are you saying I won't show up to the hospital?

What the fuck is he trying to say?

No. 424537


Around the 4:45 mark does anyone else get "televangelist" tv preacher vibes from this video?

>"And again folks, here are those free channels on the screen again, if you are a true fan with all of your heart donate now and save a Narc…"

as eerie ass music plays softly in the background.

No. 424539

File: 1502925620122.jpg (14.59 KB, 473x110, Capture.JPG)

Comment with most likes on that video, kek

No. 424542

File: 1502925762431.png (1.68 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0375.PNG)


Kek that music was used in an old video from 7 years ago.

No. 424543

That even though he has dug himself into a hole, people should be there to help him instead of saying "well, it's your fault".

No. 424544

Him and his analogies!!! He's got one for everything and they're always so terrible

No. 424547

Someone should make a compilation video of all of gergs dumbass analogies!! Having each one start off where he starts saying "it's like if…."

No. 424548


He says he has no idea why he still has all of his subscribers. Hopefully it's just the free trial and after 14 days the number will drop drastically.

No. 424573

How dare you have to prioritize things you commonly NEED in modern times. Try going to school without any access to internet. It sucks. Sorry Greg but you are a piece of shit.

No. 424601


Dear god, my left eye twitches every time he says :
>but heres the thing …

How is having to live by more modest means ( lesser money ) the same as almost being beaten to death and robbed ?

No. 424612

Especially when it is so clearly all his fault, and he isn't a victim, unlike someone who is beaten and mugged or whatever. Duping the IRS, mishandling his money, failing to save, refusing to downgrade his lifestyle in the slightest to live within his actual means. Why should anyone give up any amount of their own money to bail him out when these are 100% his own mistakes? Whiny, entitled little baby.

No. 424614

He's trying to label criticism as victim blaming.

This is a real insight into his complete lack of personal responsibility. He thinks getting pinged for tax fraud is the moral equivalent of getting mugged in a bad neighbourhood. He thinks this is bad luck at the hands of evildoers instead of a just consequence of his own actions.

Really it's more like failing your due diligence on tax reporting and then having to pay what you owe for living in a civilisation with roads to drive your Tesla on and police to call on your girlfriend when she has a nervous breakdown.

Also the comment section for that video on YouTube seems to be moderated.

No. 424622

Yeah his English is shit, unless he's being deliberately misleading. He calls paying off his tax debt "the financial endeavours I'm about to encounter".

No. 424631

What's next, is he also gonna blame his ex-wife on his tax problems too? State that she made him waste his money though all of these years and if it weren't for her asking for alimony, he would've been fine on his taxes?

It's funny how his recent money issues happen on the same month as his final alimony payment.

No. 424639

That's the thing, if someone pays for their own internet they already pay to see his shitty content. YouTube also pay some to host his shitty demonetised content and maintain their servers and reply to his dumbcunt emails.

He'd be less of a burden to society bludging off welfare funded by the taxes he shirks.

No. 424657


Better yet, Shane's hanging out with "love interest" Kalel making vegan pizza.

Another blow. Kekk

No. 424668

File: 1502940542923.png (61.73 KB, 580x520, 3woVc0W.png)

Still awaiting the mental breakdown

No. 424670

He also made a similar "Do NOT Call These Scary Phone Numbers" video, four days after Onion made his with Poopbeck. Onion's has about 71k views and Shane's has over 3 million.

No. 424684


Shane's getting his low-key vengeance. Ha!

Kicking the fucker when he's down.

No. 424685

I'm going to guess in two weeks (after the free trial is up)

No. 424707


God, these videos Shane, Drew, and Garrett do together are so cute even though their doing something scary. Imagine Greg, Plunger Beck, and Plainey trying to do this video. Shane is so much better then him.

No. 424709

Fucking vomit, please never call Greg daddy ever again Lainey you're fucking gross.

No. 424710

Shes giving money to her husband that goes back to her and people think this is cute? LOL. They are married. Would anyone of these tween fans be impressed that their mom gave their dad $5.49 for a year?

No. 424713

File: 1502950412892.png (86.04 KB, 640x747, IMG_1687.PNG)

Onion quite possibly alluding to him being suicidal in this tweet. "Saved me on so many levels" is vague, but what "levels" could he possibly be "saved" on?

No. 424714

It's really a trifecta.
>Alimony payments finally end
>YouTube demonitizes him
>IRS comes knocking

Really couldn't happen to a nicer person.

No. 424715


Karma does exist! Grease fucked with the wrong person.

No. 424716

Lainey NEEDS to smoke weed. She is so tightly woven for someone who stays at home and lives off others money.

No. 424717

And he wondered why people thought it was inappropriate to let debate revenue go to wife instead of a charity.

No. 424718

File: 1502955034438.jpg (68.36 KB, 1063x799, that gay shit.jpg)

why does she dye it different color every week? she will cycle thru all of the colors in two months lmao what's she gonna do when she runs out, start getting tattoos?

thats some fast mirroring, thank you

No. 424719

Huh. So I guess he does see the Laineybot channel as his after all

No. 424720

"My daddy" ..Looks like Lainey can't make her daddy issues any clearer. It MIGHT have been cute if she was referring to him as Daddy because of their children, but that's some DD/LG type crap. I wonder how her actual father would feel? That would make me feel nauseous if I were her actual Dad.

I also hate how Lainey had a GOOD DAD and a GOOD MOM growing up but tries to make them out to be abusive monsters to Greg to get those pity points and sympathy. Funnily enough, Greg has no sympathy for anyone 'cause he thinks his abusive childhood tops any problems anyone else might have.

Lainey makes me cringe harder than anyone can.

No. 424721

That's the first thing I thought. i grew up with a mom who worked at a glass factory. So, basically he grew up upper middle class, got rich and fucked it all up.

No. 424728

Both Greg and Lainey have been outspoken regarding the fact they have seperate bank accounts, Greg even flipped out when his first wife asked for money to decorate their house, everything he earns goes in his own account, Lainey uses her own money (supposedly).

No. 424730


Wait, what? Are you serious?? Guess we shouldn't be surprised.

Can you provide us the whole story on that?

No. 424731

how does it matter if they have separate bank accounts? The "$5.49" from her account going to him benefits her regardless. That's how marriage is. Your finances end up tied to each other no matter how many bank accounts you have. They are living in the same house, raising the same kids, taking care of the same pets, eating the same food, using the same shit, etc. Her bank account is probably her earned youtube money in case she wants anything extra that she doesn't have to ask onion for like makeup, etc. Their separate accounts still benefit each other. Doesn't matter.

No. 424732


Tinfoil hat, but what if Skye reported Onion's fucked up taxes? She surely knows what he writes off and what he doesn't, it's not like he learns new tricks. Ever. So surely he's been writing off as much as he can since the beginning? That'd be such sweet, sweet karma. I know the IRS investigation was probably sparked by a whole list of things but still. An anon can dream.

No. 424735


Heh, it's possible. Some sort of revenge tactic coming from her. I'm willing to wager on that theory being her report was not based on "doing the right thing" either.

If it's true that he may have started committing fraud ever since his channel got monetized, or even when he got back from Korea; she kept quiet about it for him cuz u know; ~love~.

Saged for this anon's tinfoil

No. 424737

Anything is possible but highly doubtful. The amount of money that Grease owes in back taxes is astronomical.
I know fairly wealthy people that give quite a bit to charities, and they get audited almost every year. But if you have your receipts it's really not that big of a deal.
Greg didn't pay taxes on his tesla, video game consoles, lunches he had with random people, airplane tickets, you name it. He made himself such an easy target for an IRS investigation.

No. 424739

If Greg and Bexx livestream agaim, I'm kind of tempted to beg them to kiss and look at their reactions and if they'd actually do it. I know they want to but how long they can hold themselves.

No. 424741

How Grease really feels about his women entering the workforce. Lainey never stood a chance! (Or at least cared to):


>Skye and I are also working on our education… we need to progress further, but I am pleased with what we have accomplished thus far. Another issue has come up with Skye obtaining a job… I have recently deeply considered the possibility of her obtaining a job, and again, it seems so… inappropriate. The reasoning behind this is that she simply would not seem me nearly as much as she does now… and this is unacceptable. If she is going to have a job, she must still be able to see me at least 80% of my time off work, and with me currently working a midnight schedule, we would be lucky to see eachother 50% of my off time… I do not like this percentage… though it would be a part time job, it would also be a day time job, and in result, it would alter her sleep schedule, taking many more hours away on top of the working hours.

No. 424742

do this lol

No. 424743

Wasn't she supposed to be gone by now? Is she still there?

No. 424744

Yeah he even had a part somewhere where he mentioned that he wanted Skye to shower with him all the time too. (Hence how we know the reason for Lainey's washed out hair color)

I wonder if this is how Greg gets so sick of his partners so quickly. And I also think this is why he wants to fly in new girls all the time. To have that person like Billie or Beck to stick to his side 24/7, laugh at all his jokes, and be the forever enamored girl he has at the beginning of all his relationships before reality sets in.

Also I don't think Beck will be back. I don't think Lainey will allow it, however she has to get it done.

No. 424745

Why would she know of (or care about) his tax fuckery from recent years? Greg did this all on his own through blatantly pushing the limits.

No. 424746


Bexx is back home now, according to her Instagram

No. 424751

File: 1502964489385.jpg (11.7 KB, 462x80, Capture.JPG)

Did she leave yesterday?
Because Onion tweeted this

No. 424752

While Lainey tweeted ~ i love my daddy onion ~ the same day too

No. 424753

Yeah she got home about 14 hours ago (that's when she posted about it on instagram)

No. 424761

So uh, how long till we get our troll-milk?

No. 424763

I know it's not likely at all, hence the "an anon can dream," but damn do I wish Skye could be the beginning and end of his youtube career.

But after thinking about it I am pretty convinced he's probably always tried to write things off as business expenses. Or atleast been questionable when filling out his taxes.

Big Ogerg buying them likes again.

No. 424767

File: 1502968964682.png (2.83 MB, 2428x1922, MostOfMyFansAre18Plus.png)

Soaking in all the sweet, sweet milk

No. 424768


>I wish Skye could be the beginning and end of his youtube career.

In a way anon, she is. Skye helped him to get where he once was and now during his final payments, he's crashing - hard.

There'd be no need for her to rat him out to the IRS.

No. 424770


A Youtuber needs to take this and scroll through each one

No. 424772

>been watching Onision since I was 8
This is why parents should monitor their kids internet usage. I'd be pissed off if I found out my kid watched some guy roll around half naked in shaving cream for hours a day.

No. 424776


Damn, some of these kids are as young as 10 and one of them's lying to their grandmama. How sad.

No. 424779

All he has to do is wait 3-5 years and bam, they'll all have their first jobs and contribute to his Patreon.

Seriously though, losing access to Greg is the best thing that could happen to some of these kids.

No. 424780


But the question is, will Greg be around YouTube for much longer to earn their sweet sweet cash?

No. 424781

That's the joke. I imagine Gerg is angry at all these kids for not going out and getting jobs asap, a paper route, anything. Recycle some cans, dammit!

No. 424783


Sorry, I'm a bit autistic with certain types of jokes lol.

Couldn't he just revert the channel back to free though? He still has 2 weeks left

No. 424784

Even if it was possible I feel Greg's pride would stop him from doing it

No. 424786


I see, this will definitely be his own downfall.

I still enjoy watching his old ass content at times, at least he put an effort back then.

No. 424788

As someone who's been on the internet as long as he has, he should know that most "18 year olds" in that statistic are just 13-year olds who want to watch age-restricted content.

Also, the thought of 11 year olds watching onision without knowing any better is gross.

No. 424789

If anyone is interested, here is ImAllexx (156K subs) talking about the recent paywall milk

No. 424791

Lol even in financial crisis, still making dumbass decisions
Instead of just giving him $5.50 in cash, she does a symbolic gesture because his subs are low and his ego is floundering. But then she'll have to pay taxes doing this. Minimal ones, but still. Kek

No. 424792


Autism in denial.

No. 424798


Okay but this is like the third or fourth or fifth time he's tweeted at 17-18 year old Madison Beer and she keeps ignoring him every time. When will he get it through his head that he's too ugly for her?

No. 424809

File: 1502984476559.jpg (579.31 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170817_093801.jpg)

What we're witnessing is a glorious form of comeuppance

No. 424811

jfc he's such a fucking asshole you just can't get used to it. You're an ""entertainer"", Gargamel, you're nothing without fans who watch your content.

No. 424814

File: 1502985120395.jpg (10.19 KB, 180x279, Attempted_restoration_of_Ecce_…)

sage for late reply, but this is fucking brilliant. Onion has a masterpiece on his hands

No. 424815

File: 1502985173447.png (35.87 KB, 500x209, c97c9098-e752-41d9-a53b-308c76…)

Idiot fans, I don't need you! Leave!
>Also Onision
My channels are failing? It must be a glitch, or apocalypse, or Blaire White, or…

No. 424842

File: 1502992321441.png (323.25 KB, 1797x721, 1502987252928.png)

sage for OT but Vix confirmed as farmer

No. 424844

She probably joined our side after his obsessive stalking, rather than being a long con plant

No. 424845

File: 1502992549918.png (98.5 KB, 628x515, Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 10.5…)

"I'm a performing monkey who lives to serve, Patrons!"

His last few followers are such morons

No. 424848

CC and lolcow aren't explicitly related though are they?

No. 424852


She used a throw-away twitter with very few impersonal followers, had no other social media connected to her handle, streamed on twitch one time to prove she was real, and posted very few pictures of herself.

All of these things seem very forward thinking to me, as though she knew she would need to protect her identity.

She may not be a farmer but she's obviously not a completely devoted fangirl like many of his patreons/subs.

No. 424857

File: 1502994447604.png (59.4 KB, 628x528, vix7.png)

she is

No. 424860

File: 1502994656248.gif (483.1 KB, 141x140, kek.gif)


thanks for the caps anon, appreciate it.

No. 424861

so vix was a troll too??? maybe she got nervous and used the bf excuse to get out of their when greg was starting to fall for her.

damn greg, is anyone on your patreon a true and loyal fan lmao

No. 424864

It makes all of the "I miss my friend" spam even better. He was pining for an l-o-lcow farmer.

No. 424866

It's interesting to hear another Youtuber's perspective on his downfall, focusing on the YT business aspect and relationship with fans. He made good points and was funny.

Also lol at the most liked comment
>Onision, the type of nigga to sell his car for gas money. smh

No. 424868

No. 424886

vix isn't an admin there, just uses that board to vent about farmers prob like the rest of them kek

No. 424888

Social Repose on why turning Onision into a paid channel is wrong:

>1. No more clickbaiting

Nobody outside will be drawn to click, which will hinder growth
>2. Can't start drama with other Youtubers
Nobody will pay to hatewatch, 70-80% of his views used to be from drama
>3. Videos won't be recommended
Again, lost the ability to grow the channel
>4. Nobody will want to collab with him
Too much of a limited audience for anyone to want to collab with him for exposure

Basically, he's severely limited his audience and ability for it to grow.

No. 424890

But tbh you all forget this is just the Onision channel. And Onision made most drama on the speaks channel anyway. Not gonna say what he did is okay, but just what I am thinking when everyone talks about how he will not be able to do this and that.

No. 424893

I love being right.

No. 424895

File: 1503002900331.png (138.58 KB, 324x342, oldman.png)

His newest 'Speaks video is completely dull and boring. No milk, don't bother with it until some kind anon mirrors it.

On another note, Greg is finally getting old enough to where all of his


>blazingly bright studio lights
>over exposure
>video filters
>and angles

no longer conceal his true aging self.

No. 424896

wew is he getting grey hair at his temple? he really is becoming an old fuck.

No. 424897

File: 1503003581650.png (261.61 KB, 491x551, dirtyoldman.png)


he has a significant amount of grey hair on his head and in his eyebrows, and his temples and brows are thinning.

So he dyes his hair and fills in his eyebrows.

No. 424905

he has aged like MILK

he abuses lighting and lameos foundation

No. 424907

is that a sunburn in shape of ugly 90s dad glasses? kek

No. 424909

File: 1503005223621.png (241.62 KB, 345x548, IMG_0376.PNG)


Nigga looks 50

No. 424913

He looks like he does hard drugs.

No. 424916


>middle aged lesbian P.E. teacher

No. 424918

File: 1503006160849.jpg (147.13 KB, 640x682, IMG_0377.JPG)

His aging process from the last thread.

Kinda accurate, kinda meh

No. 424919

Looking like a well aged, meth addict.
I'm sure the kids all love that ice cream he sells on the weekend

No. 424920

#4 doesn't matter because no one wants to collab with him anyway. kek.

I think onion hopes to gain fans from his other channels where he can clickbait who will want access to his paid channel. Probably why he always keeps eighty channels open at once.

It's so ridiculous how he makes it out like 49 cents isnt a big deal and that everyone should be able to give him that much. If his 2 mil subs all gave him 49 cents, thats 980k A MONTH. Even if only 100k gave that much, thats 49k A MONTH. Thats a shit load of money and why does he think hes entitled to that?

"You own an iphone so you should be able to afford that much to give meeee". You own a fucking mansion, tesla, phone, multiple computers, etc. Why are YOU acting poor then?

No. 424926

File: 1503007288211.jpg (97.74 KB, 750x1334, image-1.jpg)

She just got home, and is already bitching about Lainey lol. I wonder what Lainey would feel about being misgendeted lmfao

No. 424927

File: 1503007409954.jpg (108.37 KB, 750x1334, image-3.jpg)

Part two

No. 424932

What is this on?

No. 424933

No shit she doesn't like beck, Bitch came to her house and broke the toilet and stole her husbands attention lol I hope lainey sees this and spergs out.

No. 424937


No. 424942

Why would grease associate with someone who dislikes his wife?
Where's his "loyalty"?

No. 424943

File: 1503008369877.jpg (75.18 KB, 495x700, type_oh_by_mattdixon.jpg)

Can someone explain to me how this guy gets 5000$ every month on Patreon but still acts like it isn't enough and demands more money via Youtube?

No. 424944

Beck prob has plenty of milk to share, and I'm hoping that when Lainey rejects her ever visiting again and then when Onion subsequently drops her, that she'll head on over here with what she knows.

Beck you hear that? We would welcome you with open arms if you just share a little milk!

You learned for yourself what kind of awful human Lainey is. We just simply knew before you. (Actually I'm assuming you knew too but hoped Lainey would be different with you. But alas…)

Share the milk Beck!

No. 424945

The Josh talks about Onion. It's not amazing, but hearing him insult Onionboy, with his accent and dgaf attitude is pretty fun.

No. 424948

I have a feeling he would have made her sign an NDA, similar to how TallVideos was allegedly made to sign an NDA

No. 424950

I think it's very peculiar how Beck says "And I didn't want to hate her"

Seems to me that gives more credit to the truth which is Beck was there for Greg and was hoping to have a somewhat decent relationship with Lainey so that she could maneuver that… "I didn't want to hate her" seems like something you would say about the person standing in the way of your REAL crush.

If she'd gone there for Lainey wouldn't she have said "and I really liked Lainey"? or something more central to Lainey being the key player in her mind.

No. 424956

doesn't he rent multiple places + bills
along with spending money on greasy ~vegetarian~ food, buying lainey high end makeup she doesn't even know how to use, buying hair dye, and other shit to ddlg roleplay with

along with that flying in fans to "collab and hang out with" unless he's just money hungry

No. 424959

he looks like bobbi no-nose in the top middle one

lel trying to make the discord people feel sorry for her. did she really expect lainey to be happy she was out there?

No. 424960

Greg is streaming right now; claims to have hit the $5k Patreon level and so he's planning to go to LA for a pre-planned collaboration.

No word on whether it'll be hosted on his paid channel, or the collaborator. He said the collaborator "has like, 10 million subs or whatever." Lol sure Greg.

No. 424962

He can only pull ~100 viewers, it's pretty sad.

No. 424970

i cant figure out why that fridge guy still collaborates. he doesnt seem too unhinged

No. 424972

probably gets more views from onion or some kind of money deal. but he strikes me as oblivious, so maybe he actually likes gurg too

No. 424974

Right? This bitch Beck said that she was there cause she had a crush on Lainey but then talks shit about "not hating her" when she goes back home lol

Girl wanted to take her overcooked tomato of a husband, of course Lainey's gonna be pissed.

With that said, all parties are retarded and should know how the other will react by now.

No. 424976

File: 1503011339478.png (573.32 KB, 720x406, Silicon.Valley.S01E01.BluRay.x…)

Sorry for the shit quality, but is the blob sitting in the chair to the left Billy? I was rewatching Silicone Valley the other day and he caught my eye

No. 424980

Why is the annoying blonde girl always streaming with him? Does she pay him money for him to show her face or something??

Makes no sense.

No. 424983


I feel like she probably went thinking that they'd get along (doubt she went for "her", but maybe thought they could be friends or some stupid shit like that) and then Lainey behaved in a passive aggressive and rude manner to her which shattered her fantasy of her persona.

No. 424985

the fat dragqueen looking woman? She's a patron and probably enjoys the attention too much to give up ~the spotlight~ for any of his other attentionwhoring asslickers kek

No. 424986

File: 1503011858909.png (18.77 KB, 828x102, 3kifd.png)

In the comments of Social repose's vid

No. 424987

I swear if he's trying to hint that he's going to do a colab with Shane… Abd if he actually does one!! I hope Shane toasts him in his podcast

No. 424991

File: 1503012625927.gif (322.54 KB, 320x240, IMG_0378.GIF)


What is it with these people claiming Grease has 3 kids? Where's the proof? 'Cause if you don't have it, stfu!

No. 424992


That MyTube person definitely lurks here, I see him/her commenting on cows' videos all the time.

No. 424993

Just check the credits?

No. 424996


Maybe it's another fat dude, anon!


No MyTube, we will not notice you.

No. 424997


oh my god. then why do you keeep fucking them????

No. 424999

That's what I mean, she should know how Plainey reacts to other girls thirsting for Gregma by now. Beck set herself up for that.

No. 425002

plainey is on younow talking about wanting to have "bi pride hair"

No. 425003

File: 1503014686540.png (1.22 MB, 1260x1278, Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 5.04…)

he looks like steve bannon

No. 425005

maybe they mean lainey too kek

No. 425006

i bet greg gets really jealous of how much attention laney gets on younow

No. 425007

Lainey is introducing all her spinners on Younow, kekkkk

No. 425016

i do not understand how a grown man thinks he can purchase a tesla and then get out of paying taxes on it.

what. a. dumbass.

No. 425018

Can anyone with time on their hands ELI5 what has happened with onisions taxes, and is he in trouble? I live in the UK and we have 'pay as you earn', and I've never earned extra income besides my job, so this is going right over my head. Im gathering from google that he received a tax return and completed it inaccurately (in what way?) and now he is being investigated?

No. 425020

i am not kidding when i say that, in this photo, he looks EXACTLY– i do mean EXACTLY– like my female middle school gym teacher. it is uncanny. sage for no contribution but that big ass head, weak neck, weird eyelashes, and haircut are really not doing him any favors.

No. 425023

So basically, when you file taxes you can also file deductions, which are sums of money you can take off the tax you owe at the end of each year. One type of deduction you can claim is a business expense. So, say you have a home business, and you spent $10 on pens that you only use for the sake of that business, you can mark that as a deduction to reduce your total tax owed by $10. Home business deductions are really particular in how the IRS likes them to be filed. Any amount of personal use of the area/items can disqualify those things from being deductible.

What gregma has done, is mark a shitton of things as business expenses. Computers he uses for both editing and personal use, spare tesla batteries, furniture that appears in the background of one video, in some cases, the furnishings of an entire room if it's seen in videos enough. He also seems to have claimed the flights and meals of the teens he flies out as deductions as well.

Since all these deductions aren't legal, he's going to have to pay back every dollar of inaccurate deduction he's claimed, as it's technically income tax he owes. On top of that, there'll be extra fees that act as a fine for doing it in the first place.

No. 425025


Thanks for taking the time to explain anon… and holy shit, this might be rich coming from someone who didn't understand the process to begin with, but he's fucking stupid claiming that stuff as business expenses. Lol what did he think would happen. He deserves every bit of the fallout from this

No. 425031

If a minor signs any type of contract it is not applicable because Minors are in not legally bound to any contractual agreements, only their guardians can.

That kid can spill any info he wants because in the court of law the NDA does not stand.

No. 425032

hes a narcissist. of course he thought he could get away with it. he is bullet proof. he can bully kids into paying into his schemes.
>you arent real fans
>you dont care about me
>how can you say 0.49 is too much when you have an iphone

but all these problems are his own. why should anyone else pay for his own mistakes. well, because he is so far up his own ass.

No. 425036

File: 1503022203358.png (421.25 KB, 1070x316, vdvd.png)

I thought it was only 49 cents, did he change it recently?

No. 425038

can someone please tell Tall this?

No. 425039

0.49 for me

No. 425040

He has already been told

No. 425043

-Makes 5k a month
he makes more than any artist I know make on patreon, how is he financially broke?

No. 425044

It's all relative, for the past number of years he's been used to making MUCH more money on youtube but the well has run dry. To us, that seems like a lot of money but to him, he may as well be claiming benefits

No. 425046

On top of that he already claimed he could be $300,000 in debt. Though he down plays it now saying he only got a warning from the IRS, i believe he is very much in debt.

No one gets a slap on the wrist from the IRS for business tax fraud. He wouldn't be doing all this greedy shit if he wasn't in debt for back taxes.

Give it another year before he files for Chapter 10 bankruptcy.

No. 425047

Richie understands YouTube pretty well. One of onion's big fuck ups is failing to build that collab into a friendship given the pertinent advice he could have gained.

Even that stupid costume SR wears, which I hate, was a smart idea as he did it to distinguish himself from so many musicians on YouTube and spark curiosity. Meanwhile onion copies people and doesn't understand why it doesn't work for him, because he doesn't understand novelty as clickbait.

No. 425049

what'll actually happen if he fails to pay?
being 300k in dept, I wonder how will he pay that much compared to how much he's earning now.

No. 425055

The IRS will garnish his wages.

No. 425057


He will have to file for bankruptcy.

No. 425058

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if that were true? Lately Shane has been doing a lot of collabs with YouTubers (Kalel, Alisha Marie, Jeffree Star, Nikkie Tutorials, Tana Mongeau…and I'm not even counting all the people he's had on his podcast because I don't watch it) which he hasn't done in quite a while. I suspect it's because he's gained some more confidence back and I'm really happy for him.

Maybe he won't have him on his main channel because it's controvertial to be associated with Onion but I'd love if he had him on his podcast because it would show Onion up not being in an environment where he could control the conversation. Also Shane has been doing a lot of videos lately where he interviews weird people like furries, ABDL lifestylers, female maskers and he did a collab with Freelee earlier this year (and another challenge video for her this week) so he's gotten into the habit of collaborating and featuring people on his channel who he doesn't particularly agree with. Here's to hoping Shane will make a video about "ephebophilia" and feature greg.

I just want to see Shane drag him. Sage for tinfoil.

No. 425061

close anon but in the example you gave it wouldn't reduce total tax paid by $10, you would just not pay tax on that $10. so much smaller amount depending on the tax rate. to owe $300k is a huuge amount deducted

No. 425066

I missed the younows that she's referring to. What shit did Lainey say about her?

No. 425072

It's 49 cents USD, in different currencies it seems to be all over the place and may be just whatever youtube sets as the default for that country.

No. 425077

File: 1503028360500.png (221.78 KB, 708x624, IMG_0379.PNG)

Grease is looking more and more like (a hobo version of) his old man.

One of the many crosses to bare

No. 425078

File: 1503028770237.jpg (30.53 KB, 275x275, IMG_1802.JPG)

Holy shit, I'd never seen Gregma's dad before, but this was on the home page without context, and I knew instantly that this was him. The resemblance is uncanny, and super unfortunate.

He looks just like his mom too, though.

No. 425080


Oh damn! I now see where he gets his Neanderthal features from + unfortunate genes in all. Crazy Tami's a fucking gorilla! Kek

No. 425109

1) that she knows for a fact she wasn't hacked so obviously beck had leaked the texts
(which also lead to speculation that beck was the one posting on here)
2) she said she doesn't want to do any videos with beck
3) would never date her because of the fact she lied about weed

No. 425110

File: 1503038005633.jpg (75.87 KB, 590x830, Noel-Fielding-bake-off-present…)

She always reminds me a little of Noel Fielding

No. 425121


No. 425127

This is boring, please don't self post unless you have actual milk.

No. 425128

It's not a self post, and it's a confirmation that Greg made a little kid sign an NDA, I'd say that's pretty milky

No. 425130

MILK when?

No. 425131

I agree, it's milky that Greg thinks he can have minors sign legally binding paperwork that doesn't apply to them since, ya know, minors can't consent to that.

Greg is going to get in huge trouble one day for inappropriate behavior with minors. Sexual or not, this dude doesn't understand boundaries and if I was a parent my kid would be kept far away from Grease.

No. 425132

Anon, if he doesn't pay that doesn't mean he will have to file for bankruptcy. I'm not sure what you even mean by this - do you think the IRS will force him into bankruptcy court if he chooses not to pay any amount they levy after his audit is complete?

If Greg decides to skip out on repaying the IRS, they will confiscate property he owns to repay the debt. Generally they don't go after the family home or car but they can and will put a lien against those properties so if Greg sells them the IRS gets their money before he sees a single cent. If seizing his property doesn't pay it all off and he still refuses to pay he can then go to prison.

If Greg decides to declare bankruptcy there very little chance the bankruptcy trustee will include federal income tax debt. There is a very strict method to determine if income tax debt can be included in a bankruptcy and Greg does not meet those standards.

So he can't rely on bankruptcy to get rid of the federal tax debt and if he refuses to pay he will lose everything and possibly go to prison.

No. 425133

File: 1503049587348.jpg (43.75 KB, 850x550, Importance-of-eye-protection.j…)

he could be using a form of light therapy for his skin >>424897

sunglasses or goggles people use for tanning beds and red light therapy, laser therapy etc, to protect their eyes

sage for speculation

No. 425144

is this why lainey was sarah's legal guardian or some shit, so they could claim sarah as a business expense???

No. 425148

his dad looks happy to be away from his freaky ma

No. 425154

KEK poor Tall is shitting bricks but this is Grease we're talking about. Is he actually able to navigate suing a foreign national..?

Grease papa looks like a normal guy, he must regret having a psychotic and publicly embarrassing son like that.

No. 425156

it's rosacea, the redness of rosacea is not uniform across the face but appears in a specific pattern and not around the eyes.

No. 425164


I don't really know legal shit all that much..
Does the prenup also mean if they divorce they don't split the debt too ? So maybe he's love bombing Lainey and being nice so she helps him pay off the debts.

( feel free to correct me.. idk this shit )


My father nailed my mother with half his debts when they divorced. If the prenup Grease has doesn't include debt, then I surprised he doesn't nail her with half of it, and milk Youtube with the divorce drama after. Besides, the Billy drama raked in a good amount of views.

No. 425165


From the way he talks about his taxes, it's clear that he's a) delusional (no shit) and b) that the majority of his fanbase are so young that they have probably never paid taxes themselves, and have no idea how any of it works. It's so clear that everything that is happening to him is entirely HIS fault, because he failed to do his taxes properly. Yeah, it's work and it sucks, but it's the price you pay for being self-employed and, in his case, being able to make a shit ton of money and claiming a lot of it back. Even if he had done it properly and legally, he'd be able to deduct a lot - everything related to computers and filming equipment, travel, meals etc.

Like, he makes it sound like the IRS asking for receipts and documentation of his business meals is outrageous, when in fact, keeping this info on file should be standard practice?! (I'm not expert on US tax law, but I assume this is also standard in the US?) If you're self-employed and want to claim a meal as a business meal, no big deal. You just need to document who was present and what the purpose of the meeting was. Takes about two seconds to keep the receipt and make a note. Yeah, if you don't get audited, nobody cares… but if you're making that sort of money, plus claiming the sort of deductions he does, you'd think that he would at least TRY to back it up with his beloved ~fax~. Then again, this is the guy who seems to believe that just because he's a "professional Youtuber", his entire existence should be tax-deductable…

No. 425171

>Yeah, it's work and it sucks, but it's the price you pay for being self-employed

he could ALWAYS just pay 200 or whatever dollars and have an accountant do it for him LOL stingy ass idiot bitch

No. 425198

He could get jail time for IRS issues. After a certain amount they can slap charges. Playing stupid won't save you in court because he had options to get professional help after he got audited. It's not like in college the state likes to screw you out of a tax break when you do turbo tax. He is thousands of dollars in this. If not $100,000 or more. IRS can audit up to 10 years worth back while average person can only go back 5 for back taxes for filing returns.

Thing is he has a blemish for claiming the divorce and unless he was claiming some of the same things back then. He is screwed. He was buying large amounts of soft wear and cameras constantly for tax breaks.

Remember when he bought a program and he bitched about it not working and emailed the hell out of them wanting a free key. How much you want to bet he tried to get a second key for multiple computers to claim. Then when he didn't get what he wanted tried to return it and slander the company. If I remember correctly it was video software.

No. 425215

File: 1503072632989.png (212.3 KB, 385x439, ugh.png)

Don't bother watching the video unless you wanna be really angry. He’s just an uneducated narc who thinks he's a progressive, but has nooooooooooo idea about politics or history whatsoever.

>Obama wouldn’t say the specific words “radical islamic terrorism”, so people saying Trump wouldn’t denounce white supremacy is the same thing.

has he started watching fox news, or…
>White nationalists are just republicans trying to defend their gun rights and pro life views. Give them a break!
>There aren’t that many of them, so people are needlessly talking about Charlottesville because sensational = attention
>Says the president probably isn’t a neo-nazi
Yeah, no shit. Not the point.
>"When was the last time in America you heard about a neo-nazi driving their car through a bunch of people? You know? It's not even that common."
what about other forms of murder by nazi terrorists…? is he really this dense?
>Says people aren't presenting enough of a centrist position
>"Takes a lot of growing to realize how wrong you are in front of everyone."

No. 425219

>"When was the last time in America you heard about a neo-nazi driving their car through a bunch of people? You know? It's not even that common."

74% of domestic terrorism is committed by right wing extremists. Why is he so fucking stupid?

No. 425220

>Hey guys, Trump probably isn't a neo nazi. emotional music playing in the background

>WOW GREG you are sooo smart you should be our president woow please invite me to your marriage

No. 425221

Is this mirrored somewhere?

No. 425224


The funny thing is, them neo-nazis would probably think he needs to be stuffed in a gas chamber, or ram his ass with their car since they might see him as an "inferior being".

No. 425225

Tbh he probably thinks that if trump can get elected as president then so can he

No. 425226

https://vid.me/ffCGt (Be very afraid upload)

No. 425227

This guy (not same vid as above) contacted Grease's forum user's parents and interviewed one of them in this video. They watched his videos and they banned her from either his channel or the internet and they're obviously pissed.

No. 425228

Thank you, kind anon!

No. 425230

File: 1503075942812.jpg (67.7 KB, 719x719, 20759776_323753734741011_97566…)

He said that he signed up for the forum and asked 100 random users, only 15 were between 16 and 21.

The mother of one of Grease's underage fan:
>My husband and I were shocked. Honestly, I cried. We have banned her from using the computer.
>…watching videos of this man. He talks about young girls bodies, and rates their bodies. I feel that that is just not right.
>She’s brainwashed, I guess.
>[We blame] ourselves first, because this is our fault. …As parents, you know. And we also blame this man for being a mind-control freak.
>I’m definitely worried about him. I’m worried because we were checking his Instagram account and there’s this picture of himself with this other girl. He has cat ears, whiskers and a nose. Why would a 30 year-old man try to look so childish? And then his videos. It’s just so disturbing and scary. I don’t want my daughter to watch that.

No. 425232

File: 1503076193887.png (323.27 KB, 353x433, rageonion.png)

>"I see a lot of redundancy, repetitiveness in other words"

>"all these evil people that are not even that common per se"

He sounds so embarrassingly uneducated when he speaks.

No. 425233


The Dunning-Kruger effect is super strong with Greasegog. He thinks he is right 100% of the time and so much smarter than other people, despite the fact that he admits to never reading a fucking book in his adult life. He is willfully uneducated, because he thinks he doesn't need to learn anything new.

No. 425234

awww. onion boy's trying to learn new words. maybe he's writing another best seller!!!

No. 425235

File: 1503076860189.png (252.62 KB, 1127x126, rush.png)

Pic related from his video describes Gregma perfectly.

No. 425236

File: 1503076976815.png (575.48 KB, 1903x753, splc.PNG)

>"not even all that common per se"


No. 425238


The only thing I agree with is that people do indeed need to take a more centrist position. It's always this extreme or that extreme.
Sage 4 no1 curr

No. 425245


Laineybot just uploaded a new video called "Is Onision cheating on me?" in which they take an ONLINE QUIZ to find out if he behaves like a cheater. I have no words.

No. 425246

File: 1503078772930.jpg (13.69 KB, 320x240, C2foYJ_WgAUyn_0.jpg)

>despite the fact that he admits to never reading a fucking book in his adult life.

that reminds me

No. 425248

File: 1503079038906.png (94.96 KB, 651x163, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new Lainey vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 425250

Even with Snapchat's youthful filters that smooth the fuck out of your face, Grease still looks old and disgusting.

She's not actually using the quiz seriously. Plainey is just so devoid of content that she'll look up any dumb quiz and make a video of her taking it. Like the other anon said, she really can't talk about anything other than hersel…

No. 425252

File: 1503079760572.png (93.39 KB, 657x157, Untitled.png)

Reuploaded new UhOhBro vid, should be good to go in a sec.


No. 425255

>L: "He gets a second number." You have done this.
>G: Like… a year ago? Dun dun dunnnn. Triggered.

Why did he have a second phone number last year? Was it a secret from Plainey?

No. 425272

em wtf is the girl on the left a child?

No. 425276

Looks like Margo and Venoos

No. 425277

File: 1503084528305.png (125.16 KB, 463x92, 75460000001.png)

lel she's not even trying to hide her transformation into discount billie.

No. 425285

File: 1503085867510.png (9.37 KB, 577x85, a.png)


she's literally incapable of being creative and coming up with ideas herself.

"Do my job for me and pay me for it, too!"

No. 425287


lol I want someone to say "Billie, oh wait you do that everyday"

No. 425289

>want to do a cosplay video TODAY

How the fuck you gonna cosplay someone people just tell you to cosplay in one day? Putting a wig on isn't cosplay. Who wants to watch that halfassed shit?

No. 425293

She said before she doesnt like anime then why tf does she want to cosplay?

No. 425304

I miss aldlii's vids. Her anime talk reminds me of this.

No. 425305

Right!? She is so half assed with EVERYTHING. So is Gerg though. They are like super last minute, cram everything into an hour. Afterthought, half assed people.

No. 425313

Lainey is a shithead too, but I really hope one day she wakes up and just spills aaaaall the milk

No. 425327

File: 1503092703982.png (116.86 KB, 304x278, howdareugerke.png)

His bitterness and jealousy makes him really unlikable. I actually agreed with him to some extent in the beginning, but then he turns it into HEY GUYS LOOK AT PHIL DEFRANCO, HE ONLY TALKS ABOUT IT FOR VIEWS, WHEREAS I'M SUPERIOR BECAUSE I TALK ABOUT NOT TALKING ABOUT IT….FOR VIEWS. Moron.

No. 425336


lainey back in the day: i don't like anime
billie: i love anime!
onision: i love billie!
lainey: …
lainey: so im a cosplayer now guys i love the weeb.
lainey: tell me what to cosplay tho cuz i still dont watch it

No. 425341

oh shit, his bangs are back up, time for the psycho section of the narc cycle again. also, damn, is he REALLY still salty about doctors because one suggested his mother abort his retarded waterhead ass? because that was the correct advice…

No. 425343

File: 1503095830660.png (75.61 KB, 621x424, Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 3.34…)

Oooh, the rare moment of narcissistic introspection. Give it 5 minutes until this is everyone else's fault because he's so great, but I love it when they get like this. Their ego is stripped down to the point they juuuuust might see how they fucked up… then BAM! The narcissistic turning of the mind happens, to protect their undeveloped, toddler aged ego.

No. 425344

File: 1503096220942.png (134.95 KB, 781x627, Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 3.38…)

Even his OnisionSpeaks subs are tanking. He's still making plenty of cash on that channel, though.

Any of Greg's little fan club here spying, who've been crying because their parents won't let them send money to an older man on the internet, realize that Greg pulls in around $5 to $6,000 per month on his Speaks channel alone, PLUS what he makes on his other channels, Lainey's channels, their streams, and their Patreons. He's making less than his customary $20,000 per month - "only" around $12,000 per month currently. THIS is what he's complaining about.

No. 425352

I believe despite making an incredible amount more than the average person, Greg is having money issues because he's retarded.
>buys a house with 483629 empty rooms
>buys TWO teslas for people who don't even leave the house
>has no savings
>now his income has been halved, instead of downgrading into an affordable lifestyle, he's still going to live like this until he's bankrupt, because dat pride doe.

No. 425359

Don't forget the IRS.

The entitlement he feels towards money is astounding though.

No. 425360

lainey said her and onision dont record together because he's with the kids while she streams. im surprised tbh

No. 425362

Cosplay encompasses more than just anime, maybe Greg could get Lainey to cosplay has Quiet from MGS so no one has to listen to her whine.

No. 425370

File: 1503106145216.jpg (69.43 KB, 750x594, IMG_0687.JPG)

Someone asked plain about travel and she pined for Fiji a little more. Kek

It's weird watching her talk like an ordinary mother bitching about having play doh rubbed in the carpet, then switching to anxiety stricken space prince talking about her fidget spinners names and calling herself a "very smol being"

No. 425371

I'm late and won't sperg (beyond this) but has Greg not heard of the Oklahoma Bombing or what.

No. 425380

He only hears