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File: 1519104133304.jpg (91.09 KB, 1039x317, sam is out.jpg)

No. 488983

Onion quits Twitter except her really doesn't.

Lambo keeps caking her face and posting horrid beautybot videos, while constantly asking for 69k likes on YouNow.

Sam streams late at nights and interacts with farmers laughing and answering questions because Onion said she could if they were honest.

Onion doesn't take Lame out for Valentine's but does take her out to help him buy foundation.

Sam's streams disappear and she no longer streams which causes Farmers to speculate trouble brewing in the grease mansion.

Lame goes on YouNow acting smugger than usual while talking about her things going missing. She also post a video that shows her child sitting in a corner that had dog food spilled there in another frame.

Sam reveals she is no longer living with and does a 3 hour live stream where she is upset about the stealing accusations and reveals onion handed her a plane ticket randomly. She doesn't reveal much and heavily implies it was Laimey's fault that she had to leave. Sam also says they were over hearing her live streams and she could hear them talking about it. Onion also got upset and thought she could be a potential hater for retweeting Valentine cards making fun of onion.

Onion live streams and also implies Lame is insecure and could be the reason Sam had to leave, Says he and Sam are still friends.

Lame streams and gets triggered when people question her about Sam she ten asks Sam to call her if she wants to know why she had to leave.

It seems Sam and onion are still on speaking terms, story is still developing.

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- TempCow will be used for live blogging, sperging and nitpicking.
- Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.



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No. 488986


>Lainey asked sam to call her if she wants to know why she had to leave.

wait what? Did she really say that? So she's admitting that Sam was asked to leave suddenly because of something that went down?

No. 488987

Yes there's a clip on real stream where Laim with an attitude says "If she wants to know she can call me she has my number, were not hashing this out over YouNow."

No. 488990

File: 1519107295236.jpg (72.61 KB, 821x364, animation.jpg)

No. 488991


No. 488993

File: 1519109691466.jpg (30.6 KB, 709x218, discordfags1.JPG)

looks like gurg to me too, and like thats an arm of someone above him but what do i knooooow

also these discordfags are idiots.

>lainey doesnt want her private life online

>married to onision

pick literally one. we all know you fucked on a hotel desk the first night you met, but you wont even talk about some other woman who was publicly living in your house? O K A Y

No. 488994

Ill bet anything that its going to be sarcastic dig type animation about(of) Greg.
On her 3 hour stream one of her "subscribe alert" animations was the one she created of Greg doing his boob squeeze thing, and when it came up she sort of had a knee jerk reaction and yelled "FUCK YOU! Why do I still have that, I need to change it"
Its going to replace the boob squeeze subscribe alert.

No. 488995

File: 1519110407754.jpg (10.81 KB, 192x102, snaggle.JPG)

Sam (and aldlii) didnt embellish anything about Gregs facial features - but those teeth, Jesus!

No. 488996

Now we know why she considered Onion mansion yo be stable…

No. 488997

Her family sounds so fucked up, no wonder she thought the grease mansion was good and stable. I feel bad, I know family's like this, she said she was raised by narcissist this must be what the future will be like for onion's kids. I hope if this is true they get help, no one deserves homelessness.

No. 488998

I don't want to seem insensitive or anything, I've been one of those annoying sam stan anons, but something about this is rubbing me the wrong way. She has until April 1, her brother is 29 with a full time job but doesn't want to rent only wants to buy a house… If this is a dire situation, why be picky? She says they both have under $1k in the bank, together they'd have enough for a security deposit for an apartment, especially since they have over a month to save. Her gofundme goal is 5k, which is too much for an apartment and too little for a house.. I don't want to say she's lying but.. I wouldn't give her any of my money.

No. 488999

There are Onion and Lame stans in Sam's Twitch stream right now; they must lurk here.

No. 489000

i agree. the way she speaks about the situation is kind of strange too. she could easily look up how much houses are in az.

No. 489001

I don't think she's lying but some things don't make sense here. She says someone in the house lost their job because of her staying there, but doesn't explain why. Then she goes on to say she's scared her brother is going to lose his job. Huh?? Why would the brother lose his job

No. 489002


If credit is bad, renting a place can easily be 5k even for a modest place.

No. 489003

The way she speaks about it isn't natural and doesn't flow either. It's like a bad actor trying very hard to make people feel sorry for her, or others to feel guilty. It's wooden. Her softly softly speaking is very purposeful and seems convoluted. Dramatic.

I have no real reason to doubt her homelife is bad, or that something went down, maybe it is and maybe it did. But I think this video and the fundraiser is at least her milking it, even if she's not outright lying. Like she's not really that bugged about it at all or shes not really totally out of options.

No. 489004

I rent and this isn't true at all..

agreed. i don't think she's lying but she seems like shes exaggerating. she keeps saying she doesn't know what to do even though the obvious answer is to find an apartment. i think the situation she is in is definitely toxic and unsafe, but she has options.(derailing)

No. 489005

Yea this is weird. She went from saying she has no where to go and talking about going to a shelter to saying her and her brother want to buy a house?

No. 489006

I was feeling bad for her until she mentioned she had over a month to sort something out.
How much is a house there anyway? I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world for home ownership so I have a very skewed idea about what a house would cost.

No. 489008

for two people, and one with a full time job? lol okay

No. 489010


for the move in process, yes. I've been in places that are only $1k per month but we've had to pay close to 5k for the entire move

No. 489012

i believe her. she doesnt know much. i dont think she's scamming. if she is, she's a great actor. things have been getting progressively worse, you could see it from her streams and stream history.

No. 489013

part 1 of sam's stream feb 12th

No. 489015

part 2

No. 489016

>I don't want to say she's lying but..
I'll say it, she's lying. She's playing people and it's unpleasant. Her family are in real estate, she's misrepresenting everybody. She's suicude-baiting after ONE sleepless night?? Something is very very wrong with this picture, I suggest erring on the side of caution before "donating".(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 489017

she barely associates with her dad and stempmom though. it doesn't mean she knows much. and the stepmom is a supporter of dutuerte so you know she's legitimately fucked in the head.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 489020

File: 1519119485482.jpg (217.06 KB, 3088x807, JNslsP5.jpg)

sam was trolled tonight and harassed over her living situation and it turns out it can be traced back to grease
sorry for the blurry comment from the twitch stream

No. 489021

Im far from a Gregstan, but how did you connect the dots directly back to Greg. They guy is already in bed Im sure. I do think maybe a couple of trolls were his discordfags, but the majority were the basic Twitch trolls that think they are a gang and roam the streams looking for someone to fuck with.

No. 489022

gerg goes to sleep late

No. 489023

greg's well known to stay up late, especially when he's manic.

No. 489024

onion has a discord server and his discord mods are invested in his drama and of course would turn against sam

No. 489026

I dont deny there may have been a few of Greg or Laineys fans being trolls. But the trolls didnt seem to have any idea who Sam was in relation to Onion drama. They were just hooking into her asking for money on a twitch stream and berating her for it. It was stupid teen boys who hang out in twitch discords like its there super secret gang clubhouse and find new targets for abuse. Im sure you've seen it in temp, when Daddy and Grandma have organized what room to hang in while waiting for Lainey to start her stream.

No. 489028

File: 1519120464583.png (25.45 KB, 316x424, onionstans.png)

There were quite a few discordfags

No. 489029

its possible that one or two of greg's discordfags just said to his other fag friends that arent onionstans to do him a solid and troll this girl

No. 489030

>it's a SMA Discord, that you don't need to know about

The fuck is a sma discord?

No. 489031

If Im wrong, Ill admit it.
I dont know every single user that is in Gregs discord besides the most vocal and well known.
Are Cuckheads, ClaytonEpic, Cpm444 in the Onion Discord?
Those usernames seem to only prove my point that it was trolls that are based on Twitch and hang out in a "SMA Discord?" they discuss who should be the target for the nights fun then flood the targets stream and attack. Those user names had NO IDEA who Sam was in relation to Greg and Lainey. They just kept harping on her wanting free money. If they were Onions fans they would of brought up that shes a homewrecker or mistress or whatever.

No. 489032

I think you’re underestimating how easy it is to simply make a new twitch account. Look through the discord snow thread, none of them seem trustworthy or even half sane

No. 489033

But why not bring up Onion drama, that would be more of an open wound to Sam, more so than "you dont need money, you be scamming us you thot"
And they dont have to worry about giving themselves away as onions discordfags, since they are on throwaway twitch accounts as you say.
I still say it was a dumb boysclub on twitch, looking to troll whoever they could find, and tonight it was Sam. It just seems odd that all her other streams never got flooded by trolls like that before. It just was a roll of the dice tonight, the twitch troll gang found new meat or 30 minutes, then moved on.

No. 489035

Because bringing up Onision drama puts them as his followers. You’re explaining it already.

No. 489036

Ok, I get we wont be able to convince each other, so Ill respect your view and wont continue to try.
Im sure you havent spent much time on Twitch, but you'll see this type of behavior over and over by these little "gangs" Spend a little more time on there and you'll be surprised the knowledge you gain.
Good night & love yourself.

No. 489037

The only SMA that springs to mind would be Social Media Advertising, there are discords out there which help people's channel grow. Wouldn't be surprised if people troll through them for what ever reason.

No. 489038


not buying this. you have less than $1k and bills? so do most people, jesus

get your brother with a full time job to rent, jesus

and get a job(derailing)

No. 489039

Sam is in the discord (a mod too I believe) no one is going to blatantly talk about her there. She was online while she streamed and no one said anything about it.

No. 489040

Well if you know she was in there then you must have access to the discord and can say with certainty if she is or is not a mod.

No. 489042

She was "crew" and not modded. She's still there just not active.

No. 489043

None of this detracts from the fact that sam's father is in real estate, her brother lives with them yet neither child knows anything about rental/homebuying? Sam admitted on numerous occasions she doesn't want to work for anybody other than herself, doing the things only she wants to do. She's entitled and bratty yet bleeding hearts will fall for the shit she churns out. Please don't.

No. 489045

My bad then, thought I saw her under moderators but I must’ve remembered wrong.

No. 489046

Her family works as correctional officers, she's stated this in her Give Me Mercy stream. Where are you getting real estate from, anon?

She starts talking about it 27 minutes in

No. 489050


I just played devil’s advocate for Sam in the last thread when an anon said she was fucked up, but lol. How does anyone actually believe this…? She sounds fake as hell, like she’s reading a script and doesn’t know how to act. Why would you make an immediate jump to “buying a house” in a desperate situation instead of looking for a cheap apartment and, you know, some kind of actual JOB to hold you over until you somewhat have your shit together? What was she doing before the Onions took her in? If her situation was that dire, why was she not doing anything to prevent herself from being homeless other than shacking up with strangers from the internet who are known to be shitty people? It never once occurred to her that living with the Onions might not pan out too well and she may need a backup plan?

This is just weird/sus imo.(derailing)

No. 489051

Didn't Lainey's dad cheat on her mom with the nanny? Greg sure loves girls with scummy father figures.

No. 489054

I don't doubt she has a difficult family situation, but this whole thing reeks of bullshit imo. Hinting suicide with both yourself and your brother is just disgusting.

My guess is that she does have a pretty toxic family relationship but she's probably not in any danger of actually being homeless.(offtopic)

No. 489057

lol she talks just like greg. maybe her brother should rent, they could rent together

No. 489060

I’m pretty sure ‘SMA’ refers to “Suck my ass” for anyone who’s still speculating. Kek.

No. 489061

After doing some digging, I've discovered her home life whilst not enviable seems to have been relatively normal, her family have had their fair share of ups and downs but she's been loved and cared for by both maternal and paternal family and I don't believe she's in "imminent danger" and is in an "unsafe space".(dude stop)

No. 489063

Okay, the suicide ideation sounds like greg, the begging sounds like greg begging for money, even thevlost spoken tones sound like Greg.

That aside, why buy a house??? If you need to fucking leave, you toss everything in storage and find an apartment.

Twice myself ive had to leave, once because of domestic violence. Took me only 2 days to find a cheap place for the domestic violence once, but a police report and a messed up face really helps.

I digress
The secons time i has to leave took me longer but i found a shared place on Craigslist. Filled with druggies, wanted criminals, and a solo sex magic heavy metal warlock who slept on the couch and almost burnt down the house.

Desirable?? Absolutely not. But i needed a place stat for me and my kitties. I needed to work. So i found a solution.

Sam and her brother are sticking together. Thats great. Her bro is alright. But 5k they don't need

They do need to start calling aparment complexes and craigslist listings. Her bro could call the ymca, they rent rooms sometimes. I considered living in my storage unit for a while. Whatever you have to do to make it work.

But don't go to begging right away Sam.

You don't pull a hail Mary during half time.

No. 489065

In her fundraiser she wrote she haven't seen her dad and his wife in three years. I can't imagine what would have to happen for me to go this long without seeing my parent. So I bet they've parted ways on bad terms, after some huge fight. So, maybe that's harsh, but no wonder they don't want her living with them. They gave her time until April to find something, it's not like they kicked her out. I think that's fair, keeping in mind she was MIA for 3 years.
Personally, I wouldn't give her even one dollar, because she thinks she's too good for working but apparently begging for money is more okay.

No. 489066

>raised by a narc
>doesn't realise onion is a classic example of one

yeah ok

No. 489067

Does anyone have a link to her gofundme? Can’t find it (not donating don’t worry)

No. 489069

howd you find this out?

No. 489071

No. 489072

It's not difficult to find, I'm not linking sources as it breaks farm rules but the information is there if you're willing to look, everything is online.

No. 489077

Ok even if this is true, which I'm willing to believe bc why not, do you guys think Onision is secretly monitoring every development?? Is he in glee??

Think about it, the narc has so much control over her. From her streams it seems that she's trying to win them back, so he's prob dragging it out.

No. 489080

her mum sounds like mine, how i fixed our relationship is that i got a job and saved for a deposit on an apartment. we all out here struggling for a house; she's going to ebeg via notoriety thru onion(no1 curr)

No. 489083

File: 1519133979676.jpg (153.57 KB, 1000x1418, 150 is pretty steep to donate,…)

Its nice that some people feel for Sam situation.

But who the hell donated $150 ??

Who stays up late at night to catch Sams video plea and donates such a huge amount, but then chooses to stay anonymous??

Its sounds mean, but unless Sam is in fear for her life, Sam should figure her own life out.

Everybody else has to figure out their own life, and everybody fucks up sometime.

But bailing her out will only continue her learned helplessness.
She continually looks to others for help so that she can be an artist.

Honey, they call them starving artists for a reason.
Why you gonna beg like Lainey and Greg?

You better than that girl
Sort your fucking life out mate.
Stop looking for others to give you a hand, and count on yourself.

Because you should have learned by now that people who "help" you can take that help away at anytime.

Rely on yourself.(derailing)

No. 489085

>assuming she can get a job in a month with no transport in america, where there is shit public transport
>assuming she has no bills
>assuming she will have exactly enough for a first, last, security, and application fees by the exact day her nutjob stepmom says she has to leave

No. 489086


I know anons root for anyone that escapes Grease, but honestly nobody really knows this girl. I've never been a hater or supporter of her, because I just don't know if she's another Lainey who likes to play victim. For all we know she was a bitch to Lainey, and she is problematic at her home. What is she, 22 ? and doesn't seem to have really any job or in search of one. Instead she's begging for 5k.. which can't get you a house, but could get you some fancy new computer gear.( seeing as she loves video games) She liked the Onision household because Grease would let her free load and buy her tech. ( Mac laptop )

Hands down, her parents are probably just constantly on her ass about doing something with her life other than sitting on her ass playing video games and doodling. They probably get frustrated and throw empty threats of kicking her out ( My father did this to my sister when she refused to do anything with her life ). Even if she did get a house with her brother, then what ? the cost of owning a house is fucking expensive and even more costly then renting a cheap apartment. I'm sure her brother would probably get sick of her freeloading too if she still even then didn't get a job.(off topic)

No. 489089

Not sure, but real stream news put up a video and told everyone to help her out in the title of the video. ho hum. something doesn't sit right

No. 489090

Her full brother shouldn't really be brought up Tbf nor is he in jail.

No. 489093

Sam is not surrounded by "loons" be careful in choosing your words anon.

No. 489094

the full brother is being brought up bc he's the one shes trying to raise funds for…

No. 489095

her bro can put up for the deposit and he can float her for her to get a job? perhaps if she even put steps towards getting independent her stepmom would be more lenient to let her stay until she's got a move date.

was her plan to stay rent free at the onions and split money on his streams? he doesn't make money on twitch streams. does she mean the patron money for those perks? the patrons don't seem to like her, maybe that factored in?

anyway, ebegging is not cute

No. 489098

if sam wants to play victim, i had a narc mother and evil step mom too, it just made me focus as a teen on that sweet number 18, to be my own adult. it took me to 19 to move out. my mum during that time had controlled my life and would threaten me if i went for nights out, she even chased off a taxi a boy sent for me once lol. what i'm saying is, if this stepmum is such a nut sam would have had a game plan before now.

No. 489099

Ok, this is getting murky, if sam wants to raise money by deception then good for her, people want to donate then good for them, her paternal family is a difficult subject and not one I'm happy to discuss on an image board. I'm out for the samsaga but in for the grugwoes. This just feels wrong somehow and innocent people are being dragged into a grown woman's flame war.

No. 489100

don't want to be that anon, but… hi Sam(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 489101

She is not surrounded by loons, in her current residence.

No. 489105

Oh well, with that kind of evidence and documentaion of her being in a non-loon residence I TOTALLY believe you.

No. 489106

can ya'll stop

No. 489107


How do you even know if anything she is telling people is true though ?

How do you know she'll be homeless ?? Because she says so ?

How do you know her family is as bad as she claims ? Because she said so ?

What is the 5k suppose to get her, because its deff not a house…

Situations horrible, but she refuses to have anything less than a house ?

Is there any evidence that the stepmother is in jail ? or is this another "because Sam said so in a wooden voice".

Rather than job searching, she spends hours streaming and begging for money and creating a gofundme. The other half of her time she's doodling crappy art. If I was in a situation like that I would be accepting any out, even if its only been 2 days since she was back, I'd be hardcore job hunting.

I'm sorry, but she comes off as a lazy freeloader. Now hoping she can free load off her older brother if he gets a house. A 22yr old that sits on her ass playing video games and doodling. She sounds like Lainey.

No. 489112


5k would be almost enough to put a minimum downpayment on a 150k house. She said she's going to stay with her brother, but he doesn't want to pay for an apartment and would want to buy a house. A 150k house in AZ would be a modest, middle class house, so it's not unobtainable, but I doubt her brother could afford to have her freeloading in there.(derailing)

No. 489113

True, but she never said she was going to be freeloading. She said she was going to get a job.

She wasn't refusing to have anything less than a home. She said she'd rent an apartment or something.

No. 489114

Yeah, I don;t get the whole "I must have a house thing." Most 22 year olds don't make mortgage payments (not a value judgment, just saying at 22 most people are just getting started in life). She needs to dial back on her sense of entitlement and expectations a bit.

No. 489115

It wouldn't be her home, so…

No. 489116

Onision makes a Speaks video in a month and just like that "Shilohs back" vid from years ago where Shiloh walks in and starts shooting everyone, Sam walks in and sits down next to Grug, they smirk and in unison say "GOTCHA!"

No. 489117

Carpooling, cabs, her brother/friends, Uber, Lyft, said shit public transport because there are bills to pay, etc. What kind of shitty argument is this lmao
Sitting around drawing memes and playing video games is going to help those significantly how?
See above.

I would love to know why you people die on a hill for someone who felt shacking up with a greasy failing Youtuber (for no fucking pay, hello?) was the greatest opportunity she had. I don't doubt she's in a bad spot but some of you all fell real hard for this lonelygirl15 ass gofundme video.(derailing)

No. 489121

There is virtually NO public transport in many places in america.

No. 489122

File: 1519137302186.jpeg (128.72 KB, 750x539, 0E309CD8-3B7C-43BD-B591-AADC97…)

I assume this is an update to the original gofundme? I’m a little late to the party. Anyway, sounds like they’re fine with renting

No. 489124

This bitch is milking the FUCK out of this situation and y'all sam-stans/dumbasses are falling for it.

No. 489127

er, because the story of an serious altercation happening that lead to her and her brother being kicked out is backed up by legal proof? she said she wanted to help because she felt culpable.

No. 489129

How can you even make these assumptions?
Through FB?
You know that FB doesn't reflect real life, right?
You know that people play up how good they have it or even appear amicable for family and friends when things are shitty, right?
Typically, when there is something shitty or abusive going on, a victim isn't going to say something bad where their abuser might see it.

While I am skeptical, I also have been in a similar shitty situation. The difference is, I just pulled up my bootstraps and worked several jobs to make it work. I didn't like it and it wasn't fun, but it had to be done.

I also am skeptical that she'd go this route if it wasn't true. Imagine her step mom/dad finding out about this video. Seems like most parents wouldn't be cool with this being something for anyone on the internet to see.(derailing)

No. 489130

some sense in the thread of samstans

No. 489131

Holy shit, she's not much older than Onion.
That's bizarre AF.

No. 489132

She only just moved in with them like 2 days ago, so apparently had little contact before that.

I agree. I don't think she'd risk actually being kicked out by tarnishing their names with this. It seems to be a 'nothing left to lose' situation tbh.

No. 489133

so how come she can't live with her mum if she has to?

No. 489135

Do we know anything about the mom?
Guessing that it's a worse situation if Sam hadn't gone to her first.

No. 489136

i assume that's who she was living with those 3 years she was MIA from her dad's life.

No. 489137

She said her mom is a narcissist who wants her to be a model so controlled all of her diet and told her she needed to get liposuction.

No. 489138

I Stan this tinfoil.
Anons are sadly taking the word of a internet stranger and handing out sympathy and money hand over fist instead of actually looking into how their money is going to be spent, but for farmers sam would have a limited fan base as evidenced by her previous attempts for e-fame, she seems disingenuous at best. Sam isn't telling the truth, there is a degree of honesty to her "tale of woe" but much like gronk she's a do as I say not as I do type of person. It seems you can stamp your foot and be bequeathed thousands instead of being accountable.

No. 489140

Where was Sam before the Onion Mansion? Why can't she just go back to that?

No. 489141

ok, so sam should have had a plan earlier for moving out. good luck with the charity

No. 489142

the way some anons fork out money for greg's discord and sam makes me think they were already greg fans

No. 489143

I don't have a source so don't take it as a fact, but I remember seeing on temp that she said she's been in an abusive relationship. My guess is that she wanted out, couldn't really go back home, and was already chatting with Onion, the topic came out and he proposed the animating in exchange of living with them idea. He likes to think of himself as a savior to poor whamen, right, they did the same thing with Sarah. She agreed, JealousyGate happened, they kicked her out, so her only choice was to go back to fam, since she can't go back to her ex.

I just typed out this long ass tinfoil myself but I think maybe we should chill a bit with Sam's topic and shift back to Onions

No. 489145

Agree, unless the Onions get involved with Sam again (which they/he will) this should probably be dropped. I feel for Sam and her situation, and I hope she can get some stability. But she isn't going to get that from Onion and it seeeeems like she kinda knows that.

No. 489146

Being real AF, I'd rather Sam gets money than both of the Onions getting all them Patreon bucks, but I think I'm probably alone on this.

No. 489147

I'm in the same boat as you. It's too bad she isn't getting them instead. I don't know why people are so quick to condemn her. She seems genuinely abused and naive to me. If those two had any integrity, they'd help her out, at least for the sake of PR.

No. 489148

AZ-fag here. I happen to know that Buckeye has plenty of apartments that are subsidized and base your rent on your income. There's also a lot of shops and restaurants in the area she can easily try to find a job at. That city (I use the term loosely) isn't exactly large either so even if she didn't have a vehicle it wouldn't take too long to walk somewhere for work. Buckeye certainly isn't some place that a young 20-something wants to live, but there's a lot of opportunity there for her to get a job, move out, and save up enough money to move away to some place better.(derailing)

No. 489150

I was sorta supportive of Sam until I watched the Go Fundme video. Her acting skills suck. Even if every single word she said in the video is true, it’s the WAY she spoke and solemnly stared into the camera that came of as extremely disingenuous to me. Like okay, I get that you’re in a tough spot and you want people to help, but present this situation as it is and let the facts speak for themselves. No need to put on such an obvious act because it comes off like she doesn’t think the viewer is intelligent enough to realize the long pauses, pouty face and dramatic voice isn’t legit. (Let me reiterate I think she’s being straight about the facts of her situation but hamming it up big time and it felt yucky to me)(derailing)

No. 489151

She'd have a lot of support if she made a patreon I think. Its already been suggested to her a lot. She's talented enough to put up enough perks.

No. 489152

THIS. if she has the awareness to see that she was raised by a narcissist (which most people do not, actually), how does she not see onision’s tactics? unless she subconsciously does and was drawn to him because she finds comfort in familiarity but i’m not psychologist

No. 489153

A lot of people who were abused as children get abused in their relationships because they'be been conditioned to either not see or accept red flags.

No. 489154

I hope for the sake of those donating that she is being completely honest. Step mother might be a shit stain, but I feel like they're parts of the story missing. Sometimes a parent can be depressed and they may let things go sour ( vent at the kids ). You also can't expect a 10yr old step brother to jump into two adults argument or get involved. (kids typically don't ) I find it odd how she made it sound like he should have stood up for her, he's a kid. " My brother was on my side, while nobody else was ". A kid who hardly knows her is not going to start attacking or arguing with his own parents to let her stay.

If the relationship between her and her father were sour before entering, then it should have been obvious it was going to go south. Its also hard to say if she did or didn't instigate any arguments with her father for him to make an official date for her to be out by. However, they should aim for a cheap apartment. A house is going to be too expensive to upkeep monthly, especially if Sam can't find a job by the time the bills start rolling in. They're going to throw all their money into a house and have nothing left to pay for food, bills, furniture ect.


Correct me if wrong, I don't remember where it was she was staying, but I recall her saying she was living off of her savings before moving to Greg's. Maybe she was with a friend ?


Ironic how Greasy and Lame fought to keep Sarah because "she came from a broken home", and help her out. Guess Sarah didn't make Lame feel insecure enough.

No. 489155

You anons confuse the heck out of me.
Not even a few weeks back, everyone was so sure Sam was on the spectrum. She’s an odd duck.
I think the “acting” is coming from a place of genuinely being dead inside from dealing with a family that has basically disowned you. Been there.
She’s just a strange girl. I hope she gets her shit figured out. And even though Onion is in the wrong for dragging Sam into his fucked up marriage, I hope Plainey catches wind of it and feels like garbage for forcing that girl back into a shitty situation. Since they supposedly cared so much about Sarah going back to an abusive home or whatever.

No. 489157

>I hope Plainey catches wind of it and feels like garbage for forcing that girl back into a shitty situation.

She won't. She is a self-absorbed, selfish shitstain, just like her husband. I believe she only cared about Sarah leaving because it left her on the hook for taking care of her own children and cleaning up her own house. She still calls Sarah up to come to Taylor's emotional rescue at the drop of a hat, which is pretty rich since Sarah is 17, and Taylor is 6 years older than she is.

No. 489160

You watched the video correct? It’s pretty fair to say she’s being very over dramatic and over the top for those sympathy points. She does her best puppy dog eyes and everything. But if you believed her oh so stoic acting then feel free to donate to her random family member.

No. 489161

I reckon Sam loves Onion so she's putting this video out there in a bid that he'll see it and respond and maybe she'll get to go back to the mansion.That won't happen though. The whole scamming people out of their money is just a bonus. She was probably like if I can't get in on their trinity/be with Greg then I should at least try and milk the situation while I can to get some quick money.
I know I'm tinfoiling but she gives me creepy fan vibes.

No. 489162


I don't buy into this whole poor-me act. She's 21, her brother is 29.. They don't need to rely on charity to get an apartment. If they were given a month to find a place, it's obviously not a dire situation. My guess is that she tried to move back in, and her dad told her she would have to get a job and pay rent seeing as how she's an adult, and she protested, wanting to focus on her art. Her brother might have stood up for her, and was told he could pay for her bills if he wanted to, but no one was going to free load anymore. It's not child abuse to ask your adult children to get their own apartment, sheesh.(derailing)

No. 489163

This tinfoil is the most likely

No. 489167

Please remember that posting family members is strictly forbidden.

Here's a reminder to our new users to read the rules and guidelines to posting, so you may integrate more smoothly:



No. 489169

If she wanted to get money than she could just work and do her drawings on her freetime. She's 21 and her brother is 29, they could just live together until they're financially stable.

No. 489171


Sam is live. She is refunding everybody from the gofundme and apparently is able to live at the house with her dad but her brother isn't now. She's going to work full-time so she can help him. So I guess that puts the Sam stuff to

No. 489173

File: 1519147925353.jpg (85.62 KB, 814x1004, PSX_20180220_170405.jpg)

Gurg's latest patreon offering is him denouncing DD/LG despite making far too many video's alluding to his "kinks" and apparently forgetting lame's inceccant tweeting of "Daddy" at both him and other people calling him daddy.

No. 489174

She’s going from one extreme to the next? I’m so confused, I’ve been trying to figure it out… either things over there for her really are unstable and flip flop like this, she was intentionally lying then felt guilty, or she can’t read situations very well and thought it was one way when it really wasn’t…….
I don’t doubt she comes from a shitty household, especially cause grease attracts people like that pretending to be their “saviour” but it’s tough to say to what extent is her parents actually abusing her, and what is her taking things in a more extreme way then ever intended (if that makes sense?)
I’ve always joked that she had autism and I know anons say she said herself she didn’t, but sometimes I still wonder lol…

No. 489175

Well, hopefully she sat down with her father like a grown-ass 22 year old woman, and had a discussion with him about her situation and saving money, etc, and that is why she has changed course.

No. 489177

Gerg came out with another vid about CPS closing out his case. I'm sure it'll get quite a bit of views.

His first vid about no longer being a dad (on the internet) received over 700k views, and another "final" vid on being a father received over 240k views. Both of those vids came out in December of 2017. These days, any vid getting over 50k views is decent for him.

He's clearly capable of getting more than 100k views per vid despite how much he blames the algorithm or YT in general. Even Lame's pregnancy and motherhood vids do very well for her. They may have a younger fan base, but many people are interested in vids about those topics. There could be a demographic, one that is closer to their ages, that they can create new content for. Unfortunately, they're stuck in the past and trying to pander to tweens and teens, and their views suggest that demographic is not interested in them.

So many OG YT creators failed because they didn't grow with their fans. Philly D. was cringy and immature and controversial af, but now he is respected mostly by adults/YT because he grew up and adapted his content.

I think Lame is more likely to understand that because she has been more open to her mothering experiences, and she presents it in a non-preachy way that is well-received. Onion needs to take a page from Lame's playbook and others on how to discuss these topics and whatnot. Unfortunately, he's a narc and his content his fine the way it is. /s

No. 489178

This all reeks of entitlement to me. She decided to rent based off the advice people gave her? Um, if you don't have money you don't get to buy a house. Just like the rest of us plebs.

And her plan before this all was what? To move into a a married man's house, when you know his wife doesn't like you, take over her stuff and then live for free for doing nothing other than playing video games?

yeah, naw I'm not giving any of my hard earned money to her. Get a job and some therapy like everyone else.

No. 489179

Maybe if she had been able to show him she’s good at e-begging for coin he would have taken her back. After all, if he replaced Laundry with Sam he’d be missing out on all that YouNow kid lunch money.

He’s going to keep publicly denouncing ageplay/ddlg at least in part because of the pedo accusations against him. A father of two young children and a history of grooming teenagers openly admitting to getting off on child molestation roleplay looks really fucking bad and even someone as thick as Grug can see that.

No. 489181

oh my god when did this turn into Sam's thread ?

No. 489182

I know right? I get discussing her to an extent because it's been the closest to some milk there's been in a while but now she's moved out and that couldn't really give a fuck what she does. Not much interesting about her.

No. 489183

Sam is no longer included in the Onion story because she moved out and refuses to spill milk. There's no point in talking about her or showing up to her streams.

No. 489184

In lainey’s new video you can hear cloey cooing when she’s promoting her vape pens and then she genuinely yells at greg at 8:45. You can see how she might yell at him off camera. He also says he feels like a victim of abuse when she does his makeup. I think he’s trying to frame her as shitty so he can get out…

No. 489185

It's only temporary. Just like with Vix, Maya, Macncheese, Gingerbeck, etc.

There's no real drama going on with the onions so farmers are discussing the next best thing I guess until milk starts flowing again.

No. 489187

To be fair, there is quite literally nothing else to talk about in terms of the onions besides old as fuck topics that people REEE about everytime they’re brought up. The sam shit JUST happened, so it’s not too far fetched for anons to be going to her streams to hope for a bit of milk etc…..

No. 489188

File: 1519153372586.png (3.14 MB, 1334x750, EB610B42-8F62-4280-949C-93C2A7…)

Screenshot from the video plainey just uploaded.

No. 489189

File: 1519153619449.png (1.49 MB, 1334x750, 74F589BB-E9D6-46D3-92E2-178998…)

Close up of the grey hairs.

No. 489191


Absolutely. Between framing her as kicking Sam out, to him taking a more docile/submissive role to her, he seems to be starting to make her seem like the abusive, controlling spouse in their marriage

No. 489192

File: 1519153859855.png (263.42 KB, 516x429, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 2.10.…)

Any farmers that doubted he was going full on gray before… I present to you Greg's eyebrows unfilled.

No. 489193

Is that not just foundation on his eyebrows?

No. 489194

Who puts foundation over their eyebrows? You usually go around them.

No. 489195

File: 1519153996050.png (63.19 KB, 243x256, Screenshot 2018-02-20 at 2.12.…)

Nah you can tell if you watch the live action video that the hairs are wiry and coarse, which is the texture of naturally gray hair.

No. 489196

Obviously I don't mean intentionally, a lot of people just slap foundation all over and hope for the best/ correct it later

No. 489197

File: 1519154159716.png (224.13 KB, 489x366, PlanetOfTheApes.png)


his vanity filter keeps popping off when he's zoomed in filling in his eyebrows, so you can see gurg's real skin texture up close and HD and it is not a nice sight

No. 489198

He had to wash off the eyebrows that Lainey did, very easy to wipe the rest of the foundation over the brows. Not defending just, it's reasonable

No. 489200

Guys if you watch the video he literally states that he is covering his gray hairs. He says along the lines of "As you can see I've got some gray hairs here" or whatever. FFS

No. 489201

Yeah probably but it's pretty obvious that he dyes his eyebrows anyway so

No. 489202

Seriously, really don't understand why farmers waste time typing out any kind of defense for him.

By the way Greasy Greg, looks like it's time for another trip to the plastic surgeon! Your forehead wrinkles are re-emerging :)

No. 489204

File: 1519155845813.png (452.3 KB, 750x1334, 74C63BF3-4C43-4A26-BF05-64029B…)

Why is she still commenting after Lame said she was making her uncomfortable and acting inappropriately

No. 489206


and he says aldii missed the mark on his eyebrows.

Grug, if your brow sagged any lower you'd be blind.

No. 489207

Plus tempcow is down, so there's no place to discuss this.

No. 489209

probably because Sam wants to be on good terms with Lame, so she can come back to the mansion

No. 489210

That's how she got to the Grease Mansion in the beginning. She's running back to Lainey even though she knows Lainey doesn't exactly like her.

No. 489211

I need to see this

No. 489213

Claim to be struggling yet can fork out $89 for Gergamel's makeup. And he still looks like a troll kek.

Prices and products for reference:
TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation: $39.00
Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomadr: $18
Too Faced's Hangover 3-in-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray: $32

No. 489217

I got kicked out for no reason, no.

No. 489218

there was someone leaking so i kicked ppl for inactivity lol

No. 489219

There was nothing for me to add to so I kept quite, my bad.

No. 489220

I keked when onion washed off the eyebrows lain did for him bc they were "too unnatural"

No. 489221


Does anyone here have the actual temp discord? The invite posted before temp went down was temporary.

No. 489222

tbf they really looked like caterpillars

No. 489223

yeah but that's a testament to lain's lack of skill

No. 489227

The people in temp discord tend to ban people for no reason. I reccomend the new one.

No. 489228

Why are people trying to spread the drama over multiple sites? Just post it here ffs.

No. 489230

No. 489231

because the mods suck and limit discussion to certain topics. On temp and discord discussion is open and you don't have to worry about being banned for any number of arbitrary reasons or posting relative info.

No. 489233

Go back to tumblr, Keith. No one here likes you.

No. 489234

That server is pathetic…jesus christ.

No. 489235

>because the mods suck
I disagree with you; the admins/mods here do a great job at helping anons not waste their time reading derailing posts.

No. 489236

Please take your complaints to /meta/ and stop derailing.

No. 489239

Here's the hooktube to Lainey's video.


No. 489242

She made it very clear she makes good money. Not struggling at all.

No. 489247

Did Sam already leave here?

“It’s time for Sam to go, Greg.”
“Oh, but we need someone to watch the kids first.”

Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what it looks like.

No. 489249

He's going off on Maya on his periscope stream. Showing messages that they sent back and forth. Apparently she was "into" him and is "annoying" lainey by trying to get back with her. Anyone else watching this stream?

No. 489250

Yeah, she left the day after Valentines' Day I believe? I could be wrong. If we go by the screenshot >>489204 posted that's the only assumption I can make.

No. 489251

Can you link?

No. 489252

No. 489254


No. 489255

I highly doubt she's into him and of course it's annoying Lainey if he claims Maya also wants him lol, so polllyyy.

No. 489256

There's also no way she wants to get back with them, she probably wants to hangout or be friends and they think it's flirting. Remember Lainey said Vix was flirting and the texts were so not like that.

No. 489257

Yeah cause I posted that like 14 minutes before you replied ya dingus.
Anyways, my phone died so if anyone else caught the stream or was able to cap his messages to Maya I would appreciate it!

No. 489258

File: 1519170794233.png (269.83 KB, 1080x600, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-20-17…)

No. 489260

I want to get an exfoliating face brush and scrub Lame and Gerg's faces. They both look so crusty under their makeup. So much that even with blur filter you can see their flaky dead skin.
I would be saging my petty ramble but you know..

No. 489261

Greg rage quit his stream because anon posted https://vimeo.com/256234465 that showed onion in DMs with HIAS and someone called the Brotherhood about 'commencing' his return to twitter when the hate dies down lol

No. 489262

Isn't there a 15 year old girl in the fucking cult? I thought it was just trolls playing around, wtf.

No. 489263

Wait, so this is legit, that explains why he just up and ended his stream. This just got all kinds of creepy, I suggest watching the last few minutes of his stream, he goes into mad Damage control.

No. 489264

Video of Greg leaking Maya's texts to him

No. 489266

I wonder how he's feeling since he promised to be off twitter

No. 489268

Thanks for posting this. Anyone have stills of the texts? It’s fuzzy for me.

Lol that none of the patrons are into it but he keeps going on…

No. 489270

File: 1519172826947.png (514.58 KB, 478x674, maya3.PNG)

No. 489271

File: 1519173088607.jpg (357.18 KB, 1548x876, Untitled-2 copy.jpg)

He brings up older messages with kiss and heart emojis to prove he wasn't rejected and is indeed a hot commodity amongst young alt girls still.

No. 489272

oh damn, so he was pulling a "poor me" after Maya confessed to him and backed out or something?

No. 489274

This doesn't mean while she was at your home she didn't feel uncomfortable and why does he keep saying when she was there was so bad. Is not getting suck mi really that fucking horrid for them? Also you made a video basically trying to imply that she was a bad person, she wanted to save face. She didn't want you no matter how much you try to say she did lol. I also doubt she wants to go back with Lainey since she has an actual job and school to go to.

No. 489275

his ego is so huge that he actually cannot comprehend someone not wanting him. reality is gonna hit him like a truck when he and Plain split and he can't find any even remotely attractive ~~alt~ girls to replace her. the looks he had are gone, he doesn't have money anymore, he has two kids, and his public persona is a joke - anything he had to offer young girls is gone.

No. 489276

Kissy face means she wants to fukkkk. Of course. Makes all the sense.

No. 489277

this topic may have slightly passed, but her video and campaign is bullshit. if you've been through some shit the last thing you feel comfortable doing is asking other people for handouts, legit abuse can unfortunately make you feel guilty as fuck for any basic help. she's asking for way too much for rent expenses, not some life saving treatment.

live somewhere cheap, have roommates, do anything you can to generate money, whatever. the begging thing after being put up by greg is suspect as fuck, and seems like she released her past traumas as a way to gain sympathy and not be called a home wrecker after lainey found a way to kick her out.

No. 489278

File: 1519174285502.png (1.17 MB, 873x750, mayacap4.PNG)

It's a little blurry so I'm going to try to transcribe it as best as I can.
Greg says something about Maya ignoring him (so rejection)
Maya: Hey, I'm sorry I didn't respond to any of your texts. By the time I was ready to respond to u said bye so I assumed u didn't want me to bother you guys anymore and i wanted to respect that. Thank you so much for everything you and Lainey have done for me. I'm really sorry I ended it so abruptly. That was unfair of me to do.
It meant so much to me that you were trying to calm my anxiety and were comforting me and being supportive to me through all of this. I just fell into a deep hole of depression because of what happened while I was staying at my [best friend's place]

No. 489279

lol it's sad that this is as far as he can raise his brows. you can tell from the forehead wrinkles. he's literally a caveman.

No. 489280

So this whole paragraph is not really about gargles or wanting him, she had been ignoring them previously and was being apologetic lol, she didn't want you onion.

No. 489281

so gurg is one of those people who will message you, wait two minutes and then dramatically be like "guess you never want to talk again then, bye." and then gets mad when you don't respond after they ended the conversation.


No. 489282

Isn't this considered innocent "banter" according to Lame lol.

No. 489283

Gurg has decided that now they'very decided on the third to be between 26-28. This was divulged after it was brought to his attention a 14yr old was on stream with him and has been for the last week, given the discussions that take place during live streams he's potentially in a world of trouble. I'd download now because they'll be heavily edited/deleted soon.

No. 489284

HAHAHAHAHA is no one else dying over this right now? I'm pretty high but

>My return will commence when the hate dies down

This needs to be a meme. This is what Plain has to deal with, her deadbeat middle-aged husband interacting with his ~*online cult*~ while the sun shines all day long outside!!!! I know she needs to get off the internet but no mother deserves this lol. I'm imagining a sappy anime ending where Sam and Plain live out the rest of their days together without Grease in his mansion.

Wish temp was up :(

No. 489285

File: 1519174937301.png (1.02 MB, 736x780, mayacap5.PNG)

>I just fell into a deep hole of depression because of what happened while I was staying at my (correction) parents' house, things with my best friend and because I was dealing with grief (can't really see what's being said) and I didn't want to say anything about it to you guys about it or ask for help because I didn't want to bring any negative vibes. I saw how hard Lainey was working to be happier and it made me so happy to see it.
It was kinda my only sense of happiness through everything I was going through and I was scared that if I asked for help I would cause worry and it would slow the process of Lainey's journey for/to happiness.

No. 489286

File: 1519175091953.png (616.99 KB, 672x646, peterparker.png)

Never forget.

No. 489287

And after all that she wrote to him all he did was say bye and send a link to his video about him feeling ugly. Lmao she would get a better response if she sent “Okay, I’ll suk u now” lmao

No. 489288

Lol none of these texts even remotely imply she is interested in Gurg.

She sounds like a very polite person who is obviously trying to avoid conflict by soothing Gregma’s fragile ego. She doesn’t sound like the type of person who would straight up tell him she doesn’t find him attractive, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

Her saying “my feelings were genuine” is likely just about Lame, is he trying to imply she had feelings for him?

No. 489290

Onion probably skimmed threw it and it didn't say anything about suck mi so he didn't care, why do these people with problems think it's okay to rely on them? So Lame is merable confirmed and it's all about Lame and onion not the 3rd can stfu and be a sentient sex doll.

No. 489291

They got a new girl and Greg doxxed himself on stream. At 3:01 he gives his phone number to a girl and tells him to text her when she gets to baggage claim!

No. 489292

Yeah Onion probably gave her the same speech he have luxy that if she doesn't want him then she doesn't want Lame either.

No. 489293

There's a lot more to the text but from what I'm gathering she only seemed to be interested in Lainey and the hate she was getting from others plus her own personal issues made her want to leave the relationship. Lainey telling Greg Maya was uncomfortable was probably just the tip of the iceburg.

No. 489294

Please, anons!
I wish I could myself. Greg is a disturbing individual.

No. 489296

I keep missing it I don't see it? But I had said previously he probably only let Sam go so easy because he already has another girl lined up.

No. 489297

File: 1519175922357.png (17.06 KB, 339x72, dms.PNG)

The date of that DM is from Jan 19th

No. 489298

Oh yeah that's the girl Lainey collabed with in the tattoo video

No. 489299

whats the number?

No. 489300

File: 1519176156343.jpeg (12.85 KB, 443x332, 2591815F-6037-48C5-BC52-26F3B0…)

No. 489301

Watch the video, we can't show it here, it's doxxing even though he did it to himself.

No. 489302

File: 1519176173219.jpeg (37.69 KB, 380x387, A71D0D9F-0D25-4592-81DA-1C44AD…)

No. 489303

shes just being smart and trying to stop him from coming after her in videos. she says she is aware of their last poly experience so she must also be aware of the slandering of billie's name and the leaking of private infos of hers

No. 489304

“Is that a jump cut?” Lmao nope. He just proved that he deletes messages

No. 489305

File: 1519176626311.png (95.91 KB, 741x200, wtf.png)

sounds creepy

No. 489306

Oh yeah duh I forgot, Grease is a stupid idiot baahahahahahaha

No. 489308

I think you have to delete this.

No. 489309

I feel I like Greg has been doing those crappy animations in his videos recently as a weak attempt to copy aldi. I've noticed he does this thing where he hates on something, and then embodies it. When he was bitter about Filthy Frank he made the 'onichan' channel. There was a period where he was trying to dress/style himself like Shane right after he was making the videos about Shane's body. Same when Leafy was popular and he tried to talk like him and copy his voice. I think in his head, he thinks that if he does this, he will get more popular as a result, but it's really transparent. The animation style screams aldi, but I could be wrong. Has anyone else noticed this?

No. 489310

Did anyone text him triggering messages yet

No. 489311

I did but it does up green and not blue like an iPhone(cowtipping)

No. 489312

honey, you're missing a number…

No. 489313

Hm what does this mean? I don't have an iphone

No. 489314

Messages that are blue mean the other person has an iphone too, if they are green it can be any phone. Gurg has an iphone.

No. 489316

dont fucking send messages thats literally against the rules/ it's cow tipping and will only show how much of a newfag you are…. sigh..

No. 489317

File: 1519178523218.png (12.92 KB, 240x228, detective-conan.png)

it literally doesn't even matter because that phone number is missing a number……

lol seriously guys let's calm our tits and wait for lainey to stream (if she will)

No. 489318


For one, he showed it himself. Public information.

And since when did cowtipping stop referring to tipping cows off about lolcow itself and start referring to any interaction with the cows ever?(infighting)

No. 489320

Because she's a crazy fan girl. She gives off major Narlee verse vibes. (The social repose superfan)

I honestly think the whole video was a way to get back to the grease mansion. Now she's going to keep commenting and messaging on Lainey and Greg's videos until they acknowledge her. Sam is going to be the next gingerbeck. Obsessive but ignored in streams and comments.

No. 489322

Shit I miss Narlee

No. 489323

its "complete"

No. 489324

File: 1519179738478.jpg (34.9 KB, 617x402, Sams Sad.jpg)

No. 489325

I wonder if she lurks here now that she's out of the mansion.

No. 489326

Based on that youtube comment, she seems to miss the mansion

No. 489330

Yawn, she went from crisis to self-determination pretty quickly.

If you're reading this, Sam, become a farmer and join the Discord or something. Get an internship and work whatever job you can to make ends meet, it's called surviving.

No. 489335

Someone once told Sam in her Twitch stream that a certain site was down; she said she'd probably read it later.

No. 489341

File: 1519186424889.png (11.71 KB, 302x96, narc vs narc.png)

No. 489342

File: 1519186537225.png (15.02 KB, 561x94, oh sure.png)

Lol of course she won't stream tonight she knows her chat will be flooded with the Sam Gofundme talk.

No. 489343

Money is on Onion as he had military training

No. 489344

I'll trust social repose to be smart enough to bring a dictionary and beat the crap out of Onision with it.

No. 489347

I missed this. Is it available anywhere?

No. 489350

Nah, that was too long ago.

Money on social repose because he carries 20-40 pounds worth of gothic vomit apparel on himself each day. Meanwhile, the only exercise grug gets is a daily 1 min worth of pumping action with a smoll bean

No. 489351

Yeah I think she ducks out a lot when she knows that drama is high. Not just Sam but Onion talking about Maya again. She probably can't handle hearing more about that.

No. 489354

Doesn’t Lainey always rant about how high drama is the day after she misses a stream? She just wants to slurp up double drama tomorrow.

No. 489355

Originally known as SubToOnision who changed their url to hiimasociopath decided to quit twitter.

There's only one tweet my them, I guess mutiny in the 'brotherhood' split everyone apart.


No. 489358

She and Onion seem to be trying different ways of dealing with the "drama".
One day, she says that the drama is "dying down".
The next she is clearly pressed about how often people are asking her about Maya or Sam or whatever new problem or issue arises.

Onion thought he could tackle the drama by facing it head on. But his ego is way too fragile for it and he's done too much crap to people over the years to really fully deal with the onslaught. Even when he appears "remorseful" it's not genuine. It's clear they both just want to be free of the criticism to make money off of young people but the internet will never leave them alone for all this stuff, past and present because they only care about protecting themselves. If they truly meant no harm, they'd stop introducing these young girls into their fucked up marriage and just worry about themselves.
They'd still get heat for being talentless Patreons, but they'd get a lot less.
It seems like their milk is less but I don't think the Onion cows will ever fully run dry.

No. 489362

File: 1519193381763.png (261.6 KB, 587x493, 1519175922357.png)

Old topic but just more proof that she has a fly problem.

A few days ago there was that gif and video of a fly coming out the back of her head from under her hat.
This YouNow clip shows she gets startled by a fly but tries to pretend it was "a piece of fuzz"
But if you watch her eyes and head movement, shes watching something thats moving, inanimate fuzz doesnt move around the room.

No. 489363

When the Maya video was posted on Patreon I decided to go ahead and contacted Maya via Instagram to see if she consented to the video or not, and that she probably had less than 24 hours before it hit YouTube. She had no clue about the video and panicked. Maya said she was still in contact with Lainey and was going to try and get Lainey to stop it, but also talk to him about it as well. Maya said she was even in contact with Lainey during Greg leaking the information about Lainey's ex, David, and seeked comfort from Maya as Lainey tried to stop Greg but couldn't. Maya said that Lainey and her may eventually try again, and that she was, in fact, interested in Greg and that he misunderstood her feelings. Maya demanded to see the video and ended up approving it because he didn't paint her in a bad light, but seemed confused by her intentions. She said once she dealt with some personal things that she wanted to come back and try again. I wish I kept the conversation but I didn't want Maya showing Onision and one of them leaking my Instagram name, and had to pretend to not be a "hater" to keep contact open in the event I wanted to talk to her again. But Maya and Lainey, at least up until the video was released on Youtube were still talking according to Maya. It is still possible she could come back, but since Greg is too paranoid I doubt it now. Maya said that she had feelings for him, but felt hinted to by Lainey that Lainey only wanted a V and not a trinity. So she tried to distance herself from Greg to stay with Lainey and it backfired.

No. 489364

These people. Are parents.

Who have never emotionally matured beyond middle school.

What the fuck.

Get jobs. Pay your fucking taxes. Find IRL local friends. Get lives.

No. 489368

Hiimasociopath leaked the onision video and got kicked i guess

No. 489369

File: 1519195625724.png (394.32 KB, 682x390, old ass.png)

This lady looked at her like get your old ass of off that cart lol.

No. 489370

Nice bait
We've been trolled before so I'm not going to buy any of this until there's proof. You mean to tell me you had milk you personally held on to and you didn't cap any of it, and you want to push a narrative that Maya wanted grease cock?
Give me a break. Onion publicly said may a made him feel insecure.

No. 489371

And then deleted it.
Yeah, sorry. I would have that saved a couple of places for safekeeping. If you’re even mentioning it here, you run the “risk” of one of them exposing you anyway.

No. 489373

File: 1519197072337.jpg (44.41 KB, 625x626, 8684654574652.jpg)

No. 489374

You could easily censor your info out. You're either full of shit or your gatekeeping milk there's no reason for anyone to believe you if there's no proof.
Your heresy goes straight into the trash since there's a video of onions sperg over being rejected lmao

No. 489376

File: 1519199216850.gif (22.45 KB, 1315x354, Onision Lainey Flow Chart.gif)

Isnt the famous quote that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
If you're lurking G&L, you can print the flow chart out and put a marker on which ever stage you're at this week.

No. 489378

I've been trying to log into grunks account since the number was leaked. what i found interesting is that both @Onision and @Hiimasociopath both have the last same numbers.

No. 489379

how does anyone not believe it's him though.

No. 489381

yeah, I feel like at this point it's been proven kind of without a doubt that it's an onion sockpuppet. he's so transparent kek.

No. 489382

>feel like
>kind of
>proven without a doubt

Pick one. And if there's proof, where the fuck is it? I'm so sick of all this tinfoiling about a lame-ass account. You're falling for some Discordfags' basic trolling attempt. Flirty DMs between this account and a Patron Greg and Lainey both openly dislike have been shown, there are lots of phone numbers on this planet, and imitating Greg isn't that hard. See Milk-chan. That aside, you need to learn how to post screenshots if you have to derail with your retarded tinfoiling about an account that's not even relevant to any of the drama. It's fucking embarrassing. Now have at me, Farmhand.

No. 489383

>imitating a number that wasn't leaked before this afternoon PST
>baseless tin foiling

pick one, sperge-tastic anon

No. 489384

My sentence implies the phone number, if true because there's still no screenshot of the allegedly matching last numbers, could well be a coincidence. Or, you know, someone making shit up to fit their tinfoil. Proof or gtfo, it's in the rules.

No. 489386

Stfu, you are so annoying.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 489388

sjwfag >>489384(read the rules & usage info)

No. 489389

also can't post "proof" because of grunks number. do it yourself using forgot password lul

No. 489392

Subtoonision was never using Hiimasociopath, they were using HiLmasociopath. OT but relative based off gregs stream.

Capital I and lowercase L distinguished the accounts.

No. 489394

Take discussion of Hiimasociopath to the snow thread unless you have proof without a doubt it's greg. Quit the infighting, report and move on.

No. 489399

When her husband does it to a girl it's platonic banter, when a girl does it to her husband the girl desperately wants his dick.

I loved that too, anon. He's like some Z movie villain.
>do not despair my minions, one day I will return to thee

New tinfoil: Lainey too is a human shaped sack of flesh piloted by bugs

No. 489401

them grey eyebrows though(nitpicking)

No. 489403

Is nobody else reeeeeally creeped out by this?

No. 489404


Says the video is private, is there a password to put in?

No. 489405

They've privated the video, no idea about a password :< I don't know if its a confirmed fake or not. Essentially it was a DM on twitter of HiLmasociopath, 'the Brotherhood' and Greg talking about someone called 'Benma', and what should be done with them. And Greg saying "my return (to twitter) will commence when the hate dies down".

He claims its fake.

No. 489406


Lol, of course he claims it's fake, can't let everyone know his whole "honesty" spiel is a lie.

And if it's fake, then why bother rage quitting? Should be pretty easy to prove it's fake otherwise.

No. 489408

i was anon posted this link, it wasn't private last night. video showing that onision got added to a groupchat by HIAS, between HIAS and a user called the Brotherhood.

Greg states as onision he will commence his return. There's also someone they're monitoring but can't remember the name they used.

Greg said on stream last night, oh looked like a jumpcut! they should click the icon to see if it goes to my page.. Then as he states this the video does show the anon filming click the onision icon in the DM and it goes to his verified twitter page and seconds later he rage quits.

i don't know who the anons are that think HIAS is a farmer, but it's not.

No. 489410

But there are two "HIAS". One who was the original, and the other with a lookalike name with a lowercase L instead of I.

It's the one with the spoofed name doing all this. And it's easy to fake what they did without doing too much coding. All they need to do is right click in chrome and inspect element and interject the HTML - changing "name joined" to "onision", edit the url, edit the icon etc. The only way it'd be legit is if they refreshed the page, or loaded it right in front of the camera. They didn't.

It's still possible to fake it even with refreshing but it takes much more coding and would require addons such as tampermonkey.

As to why Greg raged, probably because his "true way of showing something is real/faked" can easily be falsified. There could be other reasons like how HIAS was a mod at a point and he's being pinned as causing all this? There's a lot of reasons. I am really curious though.

No. 489411


I don't feel like that would warrant a rage quit though. If it never happened he could have just brought up his Twitter and showed his DMs to show that convo isn't in there… but he couldn't at the time because the convo was still in his DMs.

Granted, NOT being there wouldn't haven't been absolute proof since yeah, he could have deleted it before then. But he didn't delete it and he couldn't show that because it was probably still in there.

No. 489412

Goody Farmer, will you be un-privatizing this vimeo link so others may watch it, including myself? Or provide a password?

Watching Greg on stream doing a rage quit is always entertaining due to the fact that its so spontaneous.

No. 489414

Whatever happened to that tomato guy? Is he still a patron?(lurk moar)

No. 489416

Yeah he was showing Maya's texts, so why wouldn't he show that the group chat was fake and debunk it when he was already showing private stuff on his phone? Makes no sense. I don't think he'd have time to delete it because it came up mid-stream.

No. 489418


Tomato committed the sin of meeting and giving a hug to the forbidden Mr. Repzion, who "tried to destroy Onion's family by sending a letter to Taylors parents".

Because of Tomato meeting Repzion, Onion denounced his friendship with Tomato and dropped his Patreon support.

No. 489419

I don't know if he is a patron or not, but Greg disowned TomatoDickette because Dickette hung out with Repzion, and Greg's "friends" (even "friends" that pay him to be "friends") can't like people Greg doesn't like.

No. 489420


Correction, I'm not 100% sure if Tomato was dropped as a Patron, but I think he was because conforming to Onion's opinions are more important than money.

And while Tomato is dumb, there's no way he's dumb enough to keep paying Onion if he's not allowed to interact with Onion.

No. 489421

This whole thing is another example of Greg's cutting off his nose to spite his face. Dickette might have paid Greg to meet up and so forth, but I think he genuinely did like Greg and consider him to be a friend. He resolutely defended Greg back and forth when he absolutely didn't have to. So yeah, Dickette is pretty dumb, but he was a better person by far than Greg (not that the bar there is particularly high).

No. 489425

Damn, seems like the amount of newfags keeps increasing.

Tomato probs hasn't been a patron for a LONG time because he sprung for that Super Special $1000 video collab perk. Now he just calls the whole thing a "good experience" and distances himself form Onion lol.

And all of this after Onion used Tomato as an example of muh loyalty 2 frendz!!!!! So much for that.

No. 489432

The only reason Tomato "distanced" himself is because Onion dropped him and denounced him as a friend. He was up Onions ass until that point.

No. 489434

File: 1519235599506.jpg (21.34 KB, 595x145, realstream.JPG)

Another broadcast soon with Sonida

No. 489436

File: 1519236282722.jpg (11.62 KB, 612x24, temp.JPG)

Samefagging but in response to OP's
>TempCow will be used for live blogging, sperging and nitpicking.

Tempcow has been disabled since yesterday
There's nowhere to go to livepost anymore, especially with the Sonida broadcast happening
Last thing we need are banhammers because there's nowhere else to post live with this sort of thing

No. 489437


So it's all going to be liveposted here?

No. 489438

don't livepost, just post anything that's relevant. critical thinking anons, u can do it!

No. 489439

how exactly have you decided it was the fake HIAS. i swear is this that patron mod fag booty? she get's so butthurt about HIAS since she tried to claim it. on stream if the twitter is mentioned she demands he replies to her twitter DMs etc.

i doubt anyone would fake this group chat anyway, too many variables and no conclusive evidence of who HIAS is apart from the fact that Onion is in a groupchat.

i reckon it's legit.

tinfoil: i feel like a select few know the user of HIAS and i figure it's a twitter account used to just counter onision bad press etc. and the fact there was a group message about monitoring other users etc etc, i half expect one to be Sylar since he's the only 30+ male i know of on discord and him and onion probably think they're fucking top dogs or some gay shit.

lol imagine if brotherhood is daddy donald. i swear if HIAS is not a sockpuppet for Greg, it's run for Greg either way.(derailing)

No. 489440

Before tempcow, anons would make a thread specifically for liveposting. Just do that again?

No. 489441

I think OP was copied and pasted it temp was running when they posted it.
Maybe if someone can record the stream it can be posted here after. Anything of relevance/milky you can post here - but provide context!! I wonder if maybe there could be an OT topic made if people are really desperate to live post this one? We can see what mods and others think I guess

No. 489442

anon gets 6 hr ban for adding to discussion and


need their hands held to watch a stream. ok.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 489443

you bitching about anons bein concerned about where they can post is more annoying than anything theyve said so far…. Just saying.

No. 489446

File: 1519238688558.jpeg (817.56 KB, 1125x1927, 434AC68E-4AA5-4EFD-883D-33CB83…)

Hiimasociopath is not greg’s sockpuppet. It’s a farmer getting other farmers mad to push Onion hate. He’s literally acknowledged this forum multiple times. Also he is buddy buddy with the feminists against Onision(derailing)

No. 489447

Look up @Hiimasociopath Lolcow there are replies to him knowing about us LOL most tweets referring to this site are deleted.

No. 489448

Man I haven't seen a thread this tense since the third sekrit child derailment.

Question for farmers obsessed with the sock puppet accounts: why can't you just keep it in the snow thread?

No. 489449

none of these posts prove that HIAS is a farmer and knowing about LC doesn't prove that lol. Onion and Lamey lurk too. This site is public too

No. 489450

greg literally rage quit on stream over it, is it not yet relevant? sure lets talk about tempcow more

No. 489451


He's becoming more of a manchild by the day

No. 489452

What's funny is she DOES lurk and self-post here.(derailing)

No. 489453



> why can't you just keep it in the snow thread?

it causes more infighting and derailment than it is worth in entertainment.

No. 489454

To be fair, Laina is a troll who flipflops between supporting Onision and opposing him. Laina simply enjoys having arguments with people on twitter for the lols.(offtopic)

No. 489455


No one wants "someone to hold their hand" to watch the stream, they just want to discuss it. No need to chimp out.

No. 489457

Would it be possible to have an OT thread for streaming discussions that could be locked otherwise or deleted? Not trying to derail, just wondering about a solution

No. 489458

No idea why you tagged >>489440 since I wasn't going to watch the stream. I was giving a suggestion, chill.

No. 489460

File: 1519241317346.png (83.96 KB, 703x160, Untitled.png)

No. 489461

This? We used to do this and it seemed like a pretty good solution at the time. Maybe we could have the stream live/disco threads have a time limit too, say a two hour period after the steam ends and then we can’t create any more? I miss being able to talk about streams in real time and there’s a somethng fun in all of them.

It’s like having a little carton of milk with your lunch at school when you were a kid.

I think it cuts down on frustration/bitchiness, too, tbh.

No. 489472

Greg has mentioned “the El Oh El cow” in videos before, right? I’m pretty sure both onions and their discordfags are well aware of this website. Sarah even posted here and she lived in their house.

No. 489474

He was openly talking about it on his twitch stream last night and one of the discorders admitted to checking to see if anyone was talking about them. It may be from the clip that was deleted

No. 489477

Gotta keep tabs on us shadow fans

No. 489478

In all likelihood, we're probably bigger than his actual fanbase.

No. 489479

>>489478 everyone watches Onision to watch him fail. literally we are majority of views.

No. 489487

File: 1519251207530.jpg (119.85 KB, 1206x589, WIN_20180221_155639 (2).JPG)

Another outing for the happy married couple.

No. 489489


His wife writes him a book/letter calling herself his little girl lol, sure onion.

No. 489490

Someone is trying too hard and it's suspicious.
sry anon u replied to me a second before i deleted my post, because i forget to add smthg. but there we go

Lamey loves using snapchat filters that make her face cute and round cause in reality her face is the exact opposite

No. 489495

File: 1519253264998.png (438.06 KB, 1366x670, sam.PNG)

Sam showed up to Gronk's stream

No. 489496

Not surprised she still liking all of Lamey's stuff.

No. 489499

Even with the cutesy filter he looks so over it

No. 489501

Are they out for another romantic Olive Garden date?

No. 489508

Greg is officially talking mega crap about Sam right now on twitch. Saying she was a freeloader and a buddy of haters. Never cleaned up after herself.


No. 489509

Meanwhile Sam is talking to RealStreamNews on https://www.younow.com/RealStreamNewsOFFICIAL but it's very vague so far.

No. 489510

…And so it begins.

I wonder what's next– I bet she smelled bad too!

No. 489512

It'd be good if anons could record, some of us cant or dont want to tune into Greg's dying channels.

No. 489513

File: 1519258505118.png (67.53 KB, 302x417, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 4.13…)

There's a lot of weening in his comment section, and Greg sneered at the "ell oh ell" people

Hey Grug, as hilarious as it is that you can't pronounce "lolcow", how do you seriously not know how to say 'lol'?

No. 489514

greg is so dumb he leaked shit no one even knew, according to him sam "hugged him from behind and said 'i miss you'"

No. 489515

Sorry I just tuned in and watching from phone or else I would. I'll try to refrain from liveblogging too badly.

So far Greg is sperging out about Sam giving an interview for drama channels, completely turning on her. Lainey was upset at one point because Sam hugged Greg from behind and said "I miss you". Sam did lots of stuff to make them both uncomfortable. Once Greg realized Lainey was in no way interested in Sam, Greg felt anything Sam did towards him was very inappropriate because they could never have a relationship.

Greg is terrified of exposing more of the story because of potential Sam backlash.

No. 489516

Lainey hates that Greg does not feel any guilt for massaging Billie. One of Lainey's friends told her "Well if Greg was gonna' leave you it would have been for the last girl(Billie)"

No. 489517

File: 1519258847816.png (80.63 KB, 154x282, Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 4.18…)

His caveman brow, dude.

Currently claiming he wasn't even aroused when he "platonically" massaged Billy, and AGAIN compares it to when he was massaged nude by his mother. "I knew what I was doing and it wasn't sexual"…. he HAD SEX WITH HER. You were clearly sexually attracted to her, whether you had a boner at that moment or not. And we only have your word for it.

No. 489518

Apparently Lainey got uncomfortable when Sam hugged Onion from behind and said she missed him.

Lainey was not interested in Sam whatsoever so Onion felt he couldn't do stuff like that with Sam and it made things awkward. Onion thought since there was no poly potential messing with sam was cheating, how about you control yourself and set boundaries?

He still saying that the topless body massage he gave Billie was platonic because he was not aroused. Also saying he massaged her breast lol, so how is this not sexual.

No. 489519

I find all of this pretty hilarious. Sam is getting the same treatment from Greg he has dished out to literaaly everyone who has ever had the misfortune to cross his path, including his awful wife.

If je is terrified of something she is going to say, it is because he said or did something to be terrified about. This might be some pretty creamy milk, if shee stops being so coy.

He's in the process of throwing you under the bus, Sam. Clock's ticking!

No. 489521

Man I really wish I would have tuned in just a minute earlier. Greg was really laying into Sam and going on about her in a negative way but I didn't really pay attention because I figured other farmers were watching/documenting.

He has officially written Sam off.

No. 489522

Is anyone recording his twitch stream? I didn't see him go online in time

No. 489523

Maya got very upset about Greg showing her private messages on stream yesterday and she texted Lainey about it and Lainey told her to fuck off.

No. 489524

Maya texted Lainey about Onion leaking her texts on stream yesterday and Onion said Lainey basically told her to go fuck herself. Oh how is Lainey a victim again, and such a smol victim?

No. 489525

I feel no pity for anyone who goes to Casa de la Grasa anymore. We have seen all this play out exactly this way so many times now. It is readily apparent just how shiity Greg and Taylor are, and I guess these stupid people who go there all think they're the one who will be different from all the ones who went before.

No. 489526

wasn't much worth watching

No. 489527

Did Sam stream with RealStreamNews?
I looked and didn't see anything. Was there a saved stream?

No. 489528

Nevermind, it's on YN.

No. 489529

still live


No. 489530

Sam just said she did not huge Onion from behind and that it is not true. Farmers who do you believe?

No. 489531


She did however say she hugged him from the side and that she said she'd miss him when they started streaming in separate rooms.

No. 489532

I believe Sam. We already know Greg is into revisionist history.

No. 489533

She said at most she hugged him from the side so I think Greg is just using hyperbole. Over dramatizing as usual to get people on his side. The truth is somewhere in the middle always.

No. 489534

Look at her life, she said she had never been treated better. He's spinning things just as he always does with this "inappropriate" bs

No. 489535

Friends do side hugs, side hugs are very innocent, and if she told him miss you when they were streaming in separate rooms there is context to it, he is so slimey.

No. 489536

Is he not aware that we know she was talking to them in some part for YEARS? Who hasn't told a friend that they miss them?

No. 489537

Why does Sam still defend onion? its infuriating. i know shes got milk and she wont give it away

No. 489538

Yeah Lame said Onion telling Vix "I want to kidnap you." was so innocent, so how is telling a friend miss you, inappropriate.

No. 489539

soo hugs from behind are super intimate and naughty but naked massages and cuddling is a-okay according to gronk

No. 489540

Do we have a cap or recording?

No. 489541

Yes he said because he was not aroused by the massage. So apparently Sam's hug must have gave him a half chub.

No. 489542

I find it weird he's suggesting the naked body massage with Billie was okay because ~~hur hur I didn't get a boner~~ does that mean he got a boner when Sam hugged him from behind?

No. 489543

The only Onion learned from Billie is to not give the girls and income of their own after he moves them.

No. 489544

Let’s not forget he told Lainey that cuddling on the couch with billie was ok because “I cuddle with all my friends”

No. 489545

This is his weakest attempt to make someone look bad. "She hugged me, it was inappropriate"

No. 489546

Looks like someone needs to make a compilation video of all his excuses why the physical acts with Billie were totally normal and not sexual in any way juxtaposed with his recent comments about sams evil temptress hug

No. 489547

But nude body massages are ok since that was initiated by him. That's the key difference-what/when Onion wants.

No. 489548

All this sounds like Onion wanted to be poly with Sam, Lainey would not allow it, and when he heard Sam could be a hater he stopped trying, the fight with Lainey wasn't worth it.

No. 489549


He fucking hugged Maya and tried to what, lift her up or something and she said she didn't like it and he FREAKED out because "friends hug" and all that jazz. He's doing a good job at exposing more shit on himself than Sam, tbh.

No. 489550

That's kind of what he alluded to on his twitch stream

No. 489551

this guy is terrible at interviewing tho wow.
he's kind of just pulling shit out his ass with no real research or anything to back himself up. He's going on about how greg mentioned them being poly and when she asked if he said that he just said "oh idk it'd be crazy if he did" ??? I'm … so confused whats happening here kek

No. 489552

he wasn't there for greg's stream because he was already live with Sam. I think he's doing a pretty good job at asking what all want to know and being casual enough to actually get honest candid answers. I've only seen this one stream though.

No. 489553

Can someone make it a point to ask RSN if he's reuploading this later?

No. 489554

This is so contrary to everything Sam has said from day one. She denied everything about a poly relationship and even stated she wasn't into poly. Lainey got pretty triggered by people asking if Sam was in the trinity from her younows though

No. 489555

yeah i really don't like sam in this stream. she just said she didn't want to bother to learn how to work the dishwasher…. if you're living somewhere long term thats something you should know???
i think she really is a freeloader, but greg is also an old perv

No. 489556

His hypocrisy needs to be blown up over this because he said his personal life wouldn't be discussed anymore.

No. 489557

Sam confirmed dirty Lainey house tour was reality

No. 489558

Even if he doesn't this stream will still be viewable. When you guest with someone the whole thing gets saved by younow automatically.

No. 489559

So Sam is sticking by the defence that she never had any romantic interest in Onision, and does not find him attractive. She had no idea Greg and Lainey could be screening her for their trinity.

What say you, farmers? Believe it?

No. 489560

Lainey just got on younow! I'm shocked I thought she would avoid it tonight with this going on right now.

No. 489561

File: 1519262865090.jpg (38.25 KB, 405x423, stream.jpg)

She's live and is going to guest Sarah.

No. 489562

She always guests Sarah when drama is intense, they both ignore the milk and talk about dumb teenage shit. RIP

No. 489563

She should guest Sam instead, she's there too.

No. 489564

Lainey's chat should know that Lainey told Maya to fuck off because her greasy husband leaked her texts.

No. 489565

I don't believe in for a second, but good that she said that. Lets hope it triggers him further

No. 489566

I don't believe her either. It is pretty apparrent to everyone why Greg needs inexperienced young women to help him with his camera work. Combined with him not even telling Taylor he was importing Sam… yeah, I don't buy it.

No. 489567

File: 1519264010598.png (54 KB, 659x812, Gronk.png)

Billie….bad…stink …bad

No. 489568

Lainey's getting good at dealing with trolls. Her smug face and laughter triggers me greatly.

No. 489569

honest to god do they have any "fans" that aren't us or people trying to fuck greg for some reason?

No. 489570

for the comment about lainey telling maya to go fuck herself go from the 85 minute mark onwards. should be around there. https://twitter.com/Onision/status/966449501840928768

No. 489571

incredible anon.

it's so true. he has to convince himself that the objects of his desire are actually ugly and evil and repulsive in order to not try and get in their pants. a concept like "she's hot but i'm in a committed relationship and it would cause problems to pursue her, so better not" is far too much for poor grog to handle

No. 489572

carry her, i think. so like princess carry?

No. 489573

No. 489574

Why is the chat saying Onion kissed Sam? Did she actually say this or is this just another rumor?

No. 489575

i think its just a rumor

No. 489576

i miss tempcow :'((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 489577


LOL, how is a rumour of someone rejecting you when you make a whole video about feeling ugly because you were rejected. His patreons were telling him Maya had the right to be pissed and he said he had to clear up rumours.

No. 489578

No. 489582

No. 489584

Funny how he doesn't mention the true problem with Maya was how she rejected him and never made him feel more undesirable in his life as stated in his video

No. 489585

File: 1519268043537.jpg (46.35 KB, 531x529, jessie.jpg)

The girl Jessie that Lame is lusting over is hanging out with Jaclyn kek, eat it Lameo.

No. 489588

I thought Lain was indifferent to Jaclyn or does Greg's hate boner for her over rule any opinion Lainey has about a person?

No. 489590

She laughed onstream when she found out that JG broke up with SR, and then lied and denied when she was called on it.

No. 489591

Doubt it a few streams back she said she would not be petty towards Onion and go on a public hate campaign when Jaclyn and SR are beefing right now. Lame hates most girls that have been near her husband.

No. 489594

i hope she warns that jessie about the onions

u in danger blue hair girl

No. 489595

Danger in deed there has to date been no person except Madison's dumb ass that has come out of that house and not been bashed or exposed some how.

No. 489596

Sorry but it’s definitely a matter of time. It truly is. The opportunity isn’t presented itself but I feel pretty confident it will.

No. 489598

She’s actually so disgusting, she gets more and more smug all the time, I cannot wait for the dime to drop on Taylor. She has become just as awful as Greg. She’s such a piece of garbage, two fucking kids, wew, imagine that thing being your mother?

No. 489599

I love how he’s rewritten history so that he billie and Lainey were poly when cheated on Lainey the first time. Bille was still JUST for lainey at that point.

No. 489600

Billy the fridge also magically escaped so far…

No. 489601

Yes he says he never cheated because he rewrote history but he made a whole fucking 4 part video about betraying his wife where he admits to cheating, FAXXXX. How is giving someone a nude massage with oil and rubbing their breast not sexual.

No. 489602

I can’t believe Greg is being so gross about Sam. Yet I can. Because he is disgusting. She didn’t even say anything about him!

I think they fucked, though.

She was talking to him for years. He treats everyone like shit. He is so nasty omg it kills me.

No. 489603

sams live on twitch(read the rules & usage info)

No. 489604

What makes you think they had sex?

No. 489605

are are awesome, dude, and this is awesome

No. 489606

Didn't he also say Lame couldn't call Billie dirty because she doesn't pick up her boxes in the fly stream? These hypocrites love to say that about others meanwhile he messes up his kitchen with sugar water and Lame gets smacked in the face by flies every stream. Oh today on his stream he says the are only there because they leave fruit out, kek.

No. 489608

is he still friends w/ billythefridge?

No. 489609

nice try greg, those clearly arent fruit flies falling out of lames hat

No. 489610

Onion just emailed Sam to apologize, but she is saying he doesn't mean it and that she was really hurt by his stream.

No. 489612

Did you think the stream was informative? Could you summarize, please?

No. 489613

Here's a video of Grease's shit talking today

No. 489614


I don’t know shit, it’s just a gut feeling. I think that all the other stuff he usually does with a potential was in place for Sam, with respect to the timeline of everything. Initial grooming by being ‘friends’ down to ‘the plane landed, let’s go pick up the new sister wife!’ I would be more surprised if they hadn’t fucked, or done something. I can’t see Greg actually allowing anyone to get out that door without some form of suk mi. The fact that he’s lashing out at her first makes me think he’s scaring her off of saying something. Sam was talking fairly openly in her streams to anons, that changed pretty quickly.

No. 489615

Thanks for posting this anon I missed the earlier streams. Can't believe this little witch would have the audacity to tell maya to go fuck herself over being upset at greg posting their private convos. Especially since maya made it clear that she didn't want to be wrapped up in any drama.

No. 489616

tyvm anon, appreciated

No. 489617

He is so controlling. This is gross. His discord is mostly disagreeing with him. Who’s the girl agreeing with Greg?

No. 489618

if they have an accent its probably fatbecca

No. 489619

She doesn’t sound like she has an accent? Whoever she is she kisses a lot of ass. And he is sperging so hard. He cannot drop it because they disagree with him.

No. 489620

Oh. Wow. This is milky and he is frothing. Thanks anon.

No. 489621

Tell us what he eats for breakfast, Sam. I can’t believe he’s going to do this for a half an hour.

No. 489622

eh, i know billy and unfortunately he still hangs out with gergles. he even posts snaps with gerg pretty often. a few weeks ago he posted a snap of greg running around in the mall(?) screaming " NOTICE ME I'M INTERNET FAMOUS"

No. 489623

He was literally just copying his mom with Billie’s full body massage. Lainey shouldn’t have gotten upset because he knew what he was doing and it wasn’t anything sexual.

Touching breasts sexually is sexual, locating muscle that is under the breast tissue and massaging those and doing that in a full body massage is not sexual.

He also states again that he would have bailed for Billie. Boy howdy. He is steamed.

I wish I could transcribe this but I’m too stoned. There’s some decent milk in here. He is tripping.

No. 489624

"Lainey knows that if I was gonna bail it would have been in the last relationship, not anything else"

I don't have timestamps but that's just over 1/2 - 2/3 through.

No. 489625

Kek Sam just confirmed she's never met people that are more obsessed with their foot size, they are both lying about their shoe size lol.(liveblogging)

No. 489626

There was no “true perfect trinity” either.

Take note, future girlfriends. Lainey and Greg will absolutely shit on you and your feelings mean nothing to either of them. Because they have become so good at manipulating each other, you’re really just a cog in the bigger piece, expected to have an expiration date on your stay, to perform like a monkey for two people that don’t actually won’t the same thing, it’s incredibly likely Lainey will take the shit on you first and if she doesn’t, she will definitely never have your side on anything and you’ll eventually be the fall person for all of the problems in their relationship. They’ll expose any detail about you that they can when things fall apart, with no shame or guilt about it, but expect the wrath of having your name drug through the mud by both for a seemingly ceaseless amount of time until they either move on to the next victim or have had enough in their terms.

I don’t know if this has been said, but busybody Sarah made a stupid comment about Sam leaving, something a long the lines of “they wouldn’t just kick her out”. I don’t know where Sarah thought she had the authority to speak about Sam’s situation but Greg gave her 48 hours max. She made the comment that they gave Sarah a month to figure things out.

No. 489628

Its around 22:55 lol, was listening to this while reading the comments and just happened to find it.

No. 489629

Does he really have zero self awareness? Onion asking what gives sam the right to be an open window into their personal lives, but he's literally done that at every chance he's been given. I thought he said the only reason people have a problem with others leaking their personal lives is bc they're ashamed and have something to hide.

No. 489630

File: 1519276832410.jpg (49.13 KB, 859x578, gurg.JPG)

Honest Kids: "It's where I get my honesty from".
You've been running short for the past few years then
That creepy, old man face though

No. 489633

It's so obvious that Lainey fed him half truths so he would consider her their "enemy"… Even his fans are disagreeing with him and I'm only 4min in lmao He's so jealous she's got an interview and he's doing nothing but playing games with teenagers, I'm dying over here

No. 489634

so wait, is he streaming with sam or what> or are these two different records of streams

sorry, i cant watch streams on my internet so i never know what is from where

No. 489635

What's funny is that Sam initially went into the interview defending Onion and was blind sided by him talking shit. Onion played himself.

No. 489636

Can anyone give a brief summary of Sam’s stream or is she still talking? Any interesting points so far?

No. 489639

File: 1519278181621.png (301.28 KB, 938x474, onion21 stream.png)

I don't have video timestamps, I was watching Greg's stream live earlier for like, 20 minutes.

6:24 EST: he says all of his emails go through Lainey, so "Lainey probably thought you were an idiot first" (I don't know what comment he was replying to)

6:30 EST: [pic related] commenter: Lainey could have had friends and learned so much in college
Greg: >Lainey did go to college. they studied ___ (not Psych, idk what he said) Wait no! Psychology! I mixed up Becca"

Greg also mixed up Switzerland and Sweden and didn't care that he was wrong, because one discordfag told him he was right (Sweds are known for chocolate, not Switzerland yep yep yep)

No. 489640

Todays stream for late anons. Video is still processing but it should be ready in a few.

No. 489643


i'm pretty impressed how many people defended Sam. Lainey is probably glowing that ~she won

No. 489648

>Sam says she likes Lainey
>doesn't know what Lainey meant when she said Sam was being inappropriate
>says her and Onision were just friends
>Sam was the one who wanted to get out asap
>relationship was strictly business. didn't get paid for her work, because letting her live there was considered payment
>says that what initiated her leaving was when Onion made her move to a different room for streaming
>she apparently cleaned up after them, but was still called a leech

No. 489649

Onion: omg don't even be my friend if u don't want all your flaws and personal shit spread everywhere bc i am HONESTTTT


No. 489651

Before she found out that Onion was talking shit, Sam spoke highly of Onion and Lame. She said how grateful she was for the opportunity. She defended Onion, speaking about how professional he was and how she liked Lame.

Recap: Post Sam's departure…

Onion spoke about how Lame was uncomfortable on some patron discord stream thing.

People asked Lame about it on her YN.

And fucking Lame told people in her YN streams to ask Sam about the situation.

Does Onion not know that his wife told her audience, consisting of "haters" as well aa fans, to ask Sam about what happened if they want to know more? Of course they will, and should Sam not defend herself for shit you brought up?

Onion fucking "leaked" and exposed all of the information about this situation, from Lame being uncomfortable to the alleged "inappropriate" hug. He knows his streams are recorded. The info will be leaked.

Holy shit. Do his patron fags not see how he dug his own grave and manipulated the situation? How he reframes and rewrites past situations to fit his current agenda and shift blame?

No. 489653

I don't think they talk to each other anymore, minimally if at all. They probably don't even sleep together anymore

No. 489654


Sam commented: Please time stamp the part where he says he pays for my bills, because that's not a thing

Keks and the part where he started to feel weird hugging me because he realized I would never be part of their poly relationship.

No. 489655

File: 1519290093012.jpg (60.53 KB, 772x495, samcomments.jpg)

Just in case it gets deleted.

No. 489656

File: 1519290560094.png (247.05 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_2018-02-22-02-37-46…)

Here's some faxx. He claims he wasn't aroused but that's exactly what he told Lame. (From "I betrayed my spouse" part 1 at 3:40ish)
On another note, is that tape from a rhinoplasty?

No. 489657

File: 1519291551445.png (161.21 KB, 374x318, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 4.22…)

Isn't she considered "over weight/obese" according to Greg's definition since her stomach sags/folds….

No. 489658

File: 1519291594919.png (272.67 KB, 360x631, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 4.23…)

"It's a look"

No. 489659

File: 1519291631130.png (275.12 KB, 365x476, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 4.21…)

I think she is a troll LOL(nitpicking)

No. 489660

That shirt would look great on Sam since she actually, you know, games. Someone trying to compensate much?

No. 489661

>how is sam helping haters?
greg spergs about her being interviewed by real stream news. greg admits sam hasn't said anything mean about him but that she's said mean things about lainey
his fan asks "how is is mean for her to say lainey was uncomfortable if that's how she said she felt"
2:04 onion: here's the thing, here's the thing. Anything remotely saying something negative, like someone being uncomfortable with you there, is not helping lainey!

No. 489665

>Sam was the one who wanted to get out asap
>says that what initiated her leaving was when Onion made her move to a different room for streaming

oh-kay? Not that long ago she said they handed her the plane ticket and it was a shock, really sudden and unexpected. Why is she lying now

No. 489666

she said she had offered to leave because they were uncomfy and she said she would but the next day they handed her a ticket

No. 489667

File: 1519299160386.jpg (111.44 KB, 809x618, IMG_20180222_123243.jpg)

>2:04 onion: here's the thing, here's the thing. Anything remotely saying something negative, like someone being uncomfortable with you there, is not helping lainey!

um explain this, grek

No. 489669

someone should save these vids before he decides to delete them so people can't hurl his own faxxx back at him.

Also who fucking types like that lmao. "I am feeling Aroused and I just needs Cuddle"

No. 489670

Supposedly Lainey is still making her ten things about Greg video. She mentioned it in her stream today.

No. 489671

This is from onisions weird mask wearing and nose plaster wearing era but I don't think he ever actually publicly said anything about why he was covering his face and nose except maybe his ~*~*~iNcUrAbLe SkIn DiSeAsE~*~*~?

No. 489673

The Blargh has some of the latest gurg stream up, it's not the complete video but it's something.

No. 489674

she looks pregnant again.. thin with her tummy sticking out(nitpicking)

No. 489676


It's just a baby pooch. Happens to a lot of women after having multiple kids.

I dislike the bitch as much as anyone else but there are better reasons to pick on her asides from that (her crusty lips, her smug attitude, her delusion, her transtrenderness, her retarded vocabulary, her joke of a college degree.. I mean just her entire life in general, really.

No. 489679

>he says all of his emails go through Lainey

I know we already knew this, but of course Grease can't break up with onisionsmanager@gmail.com quite yet! She has to help him with his ~return to fame~ first! He depends on her like a piece of shit baby to do EVERYTHING, but with pride. I agree with anons that Plain can get the upper hand sooo easily in this situation.

No. 489680

>Plain can get the upper hand sooo easily in this situation.

Maybe she already has Greg under her smol thumb, and that is one of the reasons why she has been smug-facing it up the last couple of days. Bonus points for her in that Greg doesn't seem to realize it.

No. 489681

I think >>489657 wasn't saying she was actually in any way fat, just that by her own husband's definition she is

No. 489686

File: 1519314215744.jpg (26.85 KB, 470x476, untitled.jpg)

I want this to be the case so much. Onion has trained her to behave like a smol bean copy of him since he first made her his child bride, right down to the manipulation, self-centeredness and smugness. Her degree might be a joke but she is obviously smarter than 2.54 GPA Grunk in "most every" way.

I hate her as much as anyone, but goddamn wouldn't it be satisfying if the end of the Onion saga was her turning the tables and being the one who controls his life and financial security? Can't wait to see the liar tramp stamp he'll have to get for messaging a girl he didn't have permission to.

No. 489689

In the interview last night with RealStreamNews, mask guy asked Sam about the Onisions IRS issues, timestamp at 20:00 The Blargh video of the interview.


Sam claims no knowledge of any IRS related matter.

At timestamp 20:23 she does mention that Onision and Laimey are currently looking for another house. This is intresting.

No. 489690

File: 1519318037194.jpg (490.96 KB, 1803x1020, Onions looking for a new house…)

Forgot the screenshot of the timestamp.

No. 489695

>>489689 onion confirmed the downsizing issue in his twitch stream, they'd viewed a property yesterday, they're actively looking for a smaller place.

No. 489696

Sam talking on stream after watching onions stream. It’s not much, but I think if onion keeps going on like this she’s gonna start talking. You’d think he’d be careful.

No. 489697

That's the part I don't understand.
Sam would constantly say she's grateful and never has she ever said anything remotely harmful about Greg or Lainey, so why is Greg so afraid and trying to devalue Sam's words? (No really, the things she revealed are things everyone already knows.)

No. 489698


Maybe all of her words have been about how Grug is kind to HER, and everything positive she says is in regard to how he treats just her. And aside from being cold and ignoring her, has Lame really interacted with Sam much?

How he treats Lainey and his kids, well, that could be another story.

No. 489700

Sam's been there for over a month so she should have a decent amount of milk. What seems to have been holding her back is her respect for Greg, which appears to be disappearing the more Greg refuses to give the same amount of respect for Sam.
If he keeps that up and doesn't apologize to Sam or vice versa, then I wouldn't blame Sam for spilling all the milk she has.

No. 489702

File: 1519323649964.png (89.03 KB, 720x569, Capture _2018-02-22-11-19-29-1…)

Comment from sam on the blargh video

No. 489703

File: 1519323675372.png (80.92 KB, 720x642, Capture _2018-02-22-11-19-45-1…)

And a reply

No. 489704

hmm, I guess IRS is forcing them to move into a smaller place. I can't imagine that it was Onion or Lame's idea.

No. 489706

"My Ex Best Friend Who I, Onision, Dumped Is Telling Lies About Me"-video incoming

No. 489707

So a few small things on this.
One, Greg stated himself he brought her in as a camera person and then openly admits that in reality he didn’t even need one lmao.
Two, it seems that the second he realised this wasn’t going to be a poly situation because of Lainey he kicks her out. Shows true intentions huh.
Three, he goes on about how her hugging him is different from the Billie situation because 1) he was “poly” with Billie and 2) it was purely platonic and he wasn’t aroused. Well no, Greg. At that time you weren’t poly with Billie. Billie was there for Lainey, and you text Lainey that you were aroused when you wanted to cuddle with her so fuck off with that shit.
Four, he says he showed Maya’s text because “someone” started a rumour that he was rejected by her and all that shit. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t HE make a video stating JUST THAT? It wasn’t a fucking rumour, he made a video saying she didn’t want to be with him Jesus Christ. He’s so fucking stupid.

No. 489708

File: 1519324526081.jpg (21.69 KB, 358x412, wknq.jpg)

She changed her twitter name/bio again. Sounds like she's more butt hurt then she originally let on.

No. 489709


Take any nice house in Puyallup and picture it covered in clothes, trash and flies. They're filthy, disgusting people.

No. 489710


He did make a video stating exactly that, did he delete it already? Did he actually forget that those were his own words only a month ago? and why is he still hung up on her, aren't they done with her?

No. 489711

She wasn't mad until she saw his twitch stream where he was dragging her. She talks about it in her twitch stream another farmer linked above

No. 489712

i love it, she's using greg and lain's public passive aggressive card against them.
greg is obsessed with trying to come out of every situation immaculate, and i have a feeling sam is going to make it really hard for him this time. i have my chocolate powder ready

No. 489713

She's really dumb and naive if she thought that he wouldn't do something like that after so many videos of him doing exactly that to other people.

Why is it that everyone who goes there seem to go in thinking that Gerg would never do such a thing to them? He's does it to every single person that goes there.

No. 489714

What a dunce
"Victim of circumstance"
She's getting on my nerves just like the onions. Get a fucking job

No. 489715

Wow she just full changed her tune as soon as she heard onion talking shit. Furious! She's a crazy fan and this is definitely going to cause some milk.

No. 489716

>you started with the hugs
>told me I didn't even need to ask for them

Lol we all kinda thought Sam was thirsty when Grease said she hugged him from behind, clearly just another desperate lie to make him seem innocent to Plainey.

Also love how all predators use the "friendly hug" tactic. Women can distinctly sense creepy lingering touches, you're not a genius.

No. 489717

I really hope she spills all the milk when she loses her heart shaped glasses, starts seeing what a dick he is and gets angry at him.

No. 489718

Honestly I understand if Onions were uncomfortable with Sam.
If I was them and knew someone in the house was talking about even the most mundane things like cereal it would make me question what else they were talking about and if everything I do would end up on the internet.
That being said I think a 2 day notice was unfair.

No. 489720

Thing is that Onion prides himself with exposing personal information about people who had any involvement with him. Like he did with Billie.

He also tells people to constantly "expose" him because he doesn't have anything to hide. So he should be fine with Sam talking about her stay there, otherwise according to himself he got something to hide.

No. 489721


Now now Anon, we all know those standards are only for Onion to apply to others, and not to be applied to himself.

No. 489722

Well, he did say Sam could tell everyone anything as long as it was honest since he has nothing to hide(well, she can't talk about his kids, and probably some other stuff too)

No. 489723

That is true however he exposes people after they left the mansion. I think if Sam were to talk about the cereal when she was gone I dont think it would have been a problem tbh.

No. 489724

I understand Lainey being jealous and upset honestly, and I don’t think sam is innocent but I also believe at the end of the day sam owes her nothing in the sense of, well if she did something with Greg then why would she care? But I also know that a lot of it was most likely instigated by Greg. Like come on, if you’re in a house with someone who’s manipulative and seems to be good at making girls feel special and they start giving you hints, you’re probably going to go for it in that environment. You can tell by the way he says he finally realised that they’d never have a relationship because Lainey wasn’t at all interested. Meaning if she was he was totally down for it.

No. 489725

Well he is a hypocrite lol but I think part of his anger was to be on the side of lainey

No. 489726

Not defending Onion, but he has a point when he asks why she's collaborating with a known hater. How did she think Onion would act if she went on there. For someone who desperately wants to be in their poly bullshit, she's doing all the wrong things.

No. 489727

He wants a harem so bad…

No. 489728

He said she could talk about anything so long as she’s honest. She doesn’t have her own YouTube channel to make a video or anything, shit why is he so mad she did an interview or whatever. She didn’t say anything bad, and he can’t police her. She can say whatever she wants without his permission, he isn’t her damn dad. I mean about the cereal thing, someone asked what they ALL had for breakfast and she answered. Grow up Greg, she told everyone you eat a type of cereal, not what your kids did that day.

No. 489729

File: 1519327768619.png (3.4 MB, 2736x1660, sonidasam.png)

dunno y but got banned last post i made,

No. 489730

A YouTube channel who literally just posts screens from streams is hardly a known hater? They aren’t even solely posting about Greg or Lainey, it’s more that they stream near everyday that there’s a lot to post imo people had questions and she was given an opportunity to answer them.

No. 489731

She said from her first solo stream on twitch which is still saved on her twitch profile that she wasn't interested in poly relationships and wasn't there to do anything but work. Also I think people are forgetting that this is Onision. If he had anything on her, if she'd done anything truly bad, he would have put her on blast already. Cereal is as bad as it gets.

No. 489732

Greg is such a creepy beta with his 'hugging' omg

No. 489733

I love how initially Sam was seen as somehow off, and possibly autistic. That was an actual topic of disco here and now everyone forgot that? She should have known? Okay lol sure. Pick one, you can’t have both. Either she’s an autistic weirdo and she has no idea because she doesn’t pick up on shit due to you know, autism, or she’s a wily sneaky Onion thief who should have known better omg!11

I don’t give a fuck, I just want the milk. Right now both her and Greg are spilling. More, I say, come on Sam, those NDA’s are shit anyhow.

No. 489734

>PIAS Copyright
Well dang, I can't view this in my country.
Can anyone give a quick recap on what was said/happened?

No. 489735

I know. I wouldn't call the channel a hater channel either, I just meant more from Greg's point of view. Like if she's so desperate to go back there, why not lay low and wait for Greg to call her back or fight with Lainey.

No. 489736

>the notion that onion has anything but haters for the most part.

half his discord pay to hate his guts and hoard cocks

my fucking sides

No. 489737

Ok in this stream, Greg says and agrees with the other people that if something is sent to you, it's your property now and you have every right to share it. So thats why he can show the texts from Maya etc

so why the FUCK does he scream about his own privacy and texts being leaked?

No. 489738

I think she's a bit of both to be honest. Autistic and weird but a super fan to the point where you'd think she'd realise Greg would react this way. He had a problem with her streaming at his place, let alone when she left.

No. 489740


In his stream he said that there were other things that Sam could have said about him other than cereal. The discord asked, rightfully, ‘like what’ and he backed off it and went back to talking about his queen Billie.

I’m not giving a time stamp because I think people are too lazy about drinking their own milk, just watch the fucking thing and then you can enter into the discussion like the rest of us fags. Scroll up.

No. 489741

I don't understand what you're disagreeing with here. Sure, she COULD have said things but she didn't.

No. 489742

Even his defence on that was that nothing he showed made maya out to be bad
Um how about even being slightly associated with you is bad? He then goes on to say that when maya expressed her being upset with them being shown to Lainey that Lainey told her to get fucked. Which of course Lainey says otherwise.
So Lainey states that she said they shouldn’t talk anymore, yet it’s GREG leaking stuff that’s the issue. Why can’t maya talk to Lainey anymore? Is Greg gonna go on Laineys shit and leak their conversations too? My god. And he goes on about how she consented to being in a video and then made her take it down which was apparently a big problem and a waste of time. Of course it never occurs to him that she was initially okay with it until she saw the hate and attention she was getting and didn’t want to be associated with that. Even being associated with them for that short of a time period puts her on the radar for sites like this. And god knows I’d never want to be mentioned on this site ever.

No. 489743

>>489742 don't think its necessarily this site and outside criticism that's the worst thing for ppl involved with them, it's more the character assassination they dole out if you don't do exactly what they want at all times.

No. 489746

"I like you more than Greg at this point" - I really hope this is a sign that a tsunami of luscious milk is about to engulf the farm!

No. 489747


They had a smaller house that was pretty cute and completely paid off from what we could tell. Anons were already saying that they should just move into the smaller one and sell the larger one with the mortgage.

I also can't image them moving because they have so much shit and are so lazy.

No. 489748

I think mommy is holding that one for Gergles in case Lainey does divorce him. She’ll vamoose and he has a nice little house that wasn’t taken by the IRS.

No. 489749

Maybe LadyBits wants to move away from Crazy Tam (they live close, right?), and that's why Mr. Brow is lovebombing his mother recently, with her being in his vids etc, because he hasn't broken the news to her yet.

No. 489751

File: 1519331561780.png (1.35 MB, 789x1466, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-22-14…)

Kek Madison spent the night at the grease mansion and I'm guessing they grilled her about her criminal record because she posted this.

No. 489753

Don't know why Madison is suggesting that it's wrong to try to uphold Grug and Lame to the standards they claim to have.

No. 489754


Implying anyone here cares about Madison. kek
She's so full of herself. No1curr about her by herself, they're just interested because she's in proximity to Drama Llama Lainey and Gurgory.

No. 489757

File: 1519332934758.jpeg (53.63 KB, 640x361, 881449DC-8E46-44A1-999D-0C1E56…)

I have never laughed at anything this caveman has done, but watching him try and open this juice box had me on the FLOOR

No. 489759

File: 1519333385426.png (152.24 KB, 357x602, Untitled.png)

I don't think anyone should pity Sam at all.

She used Onion's infamy to her benefit and is making big money. She knew what she was doing and still does.

No. 489760

>>489759 she played grod himself lmfao

No. 489761

In Onion's latest stream, at around 83:10 - 83:15 a guy asks Gurg what's the phone he's using and you can see him trying to avoid admitting it's an iphone X

No. 489762

Yes, people use connections to benefit their careers all the time, it's called networking. People choosing to donate to Sam on her stream doesn't make her home life any less sad. I get not stanning Sam, but Greg invited HER into his life/home.

No. 489763

She's 21+ years old. She can get a job.

No. 489764

Haha I saw that. Hope more people catch on

No. 489765

I agree. But she still has a right to stream and accept donation from there as well.

No. 489766

>it's uhhhhhh it's an iPhone… anyway hey! let's talk about this other thing…

the guy also seemed super skeptical about his ability to auto delete texts after 30 days. i don't know enough about tech to confirm or deny, but it sure is convenient that he started doing that right after he set the precedent for showing messages as receipts - since he did it to Maya, he has no excuse not to do it for anything else he's been accused of lying about, so now his excuse is the 30 day limit.

No. 489770

"TaniaUncensored," I think he's just hosting her; he hosted her the other day, too.

No. 489771

I have an iPhone & I just checked & apparently it is an option to have texts auto deleted after 30 days. Of course we all know that that doesn’t mean he has it set that way

No. 489772

So apparently he's hosting some random foreign woman on his Twitch. Is she a patron or something?

No. 489775

even if he really does (which i suspect he doesn't, because we all know how important it is for Gurg to have private info on people to share when they "betray" him), it's just so he can use it as an excuse to not have evidence for his claims.

No. 489776

He's preparing for a livestream and is going to share SCREENSHOTS that can easily be FAKED( or partially telling the truth)?

No. 489778

possibly it's in preparation for a specific event, but more likely he has realised that since he shared Maya's texts, he can't say he "doesn't want to disrespect privacy" in the future, so he'll need receipts for everything. he knows he can't provide them, so he's given himself an out for when the next drama inevitably pops up.

No. 489779

Wtf happened to Grease not talking about personal shit? When it's Lainey's anxiety or relationships, he has absolutely no respect but his life is so sekrit!!!

No. 489780

He might be keeping quiet for the sake of finding someone stupid enough to debate him.
(Thinking that everyone has the same short-term memory he has).

I'll respect him if his next debate is about sex toys with a heavy emphasis on prostate massagers.

No. 489781

I also thought that he was giving up on talking about his personal life. The prostate massager think hit him hard, people wouldn't stop talking about his prostate and how healthy it was, people even tried to rate the health of his prostate from 1 to 10…It was so bad…

No. 489782

Also, why enable that function? What does he gain from covering tracks?

No. 489783

File: 1519338880246.jpg (16.18 KB, 480x480, 28659240.jpg)

at this point in the saga, so many failed girlfriends have entered and left the grease mansion…

pic related is a google result for macncheesefairy lol she's looking pleased af with whoever this is. isn't it funny how all of these battered girls are now doing much better without washed up onion grandpa?(derailing)

No. 489784

I think the true root of why this is even an issue is because Greg and Lainey are extremely buttblasted over the world knowing their cereal obsession (and making fun of them for it).
They are so socially clueless about a lot of things. Greg or Lainey are always saying they “don’t understand” why we mock certain things they do. Lainey doesn’t understand why we make fun of her about Fiji. Greg doesn’t understand why his oven metaphor is hysterical. It’s incredibly obvious to people outside of Onion mansion (although, likely their Patreons aren’t smart enough to understand either) but they’re so self absorbed, they truly think they make smart decisions in life and that their superior to almost everyone else.
I mean, why else would two people, practically devoid of any real talents have Patreon anyway. I felt like it was cruel and unusual punishment every time I opened Lainey’s Younow (yesterday was seriously an all time low) because she’s boring, self-absorbed, shallow and smug about it all. But still can’t figure out why we laugh about the unreachable dream of Fiji.

No. 489785

I still think she might be a little on the spectrum and maybe that’s what she wasn’t totally picking up on the Onion’s apparent disgust towards her until it was too late.

Then again, good ol’ mixed signals Greg was probably ready to make 10,000 “my girlfriend “ videos with her until Lainey actually evolved to a spine infused doormat for a split second.

No. 489793

oh wow, TaniaUncensored is old skool. I think they go back quite a way (like back to 2011).

No. 489809

Wait is he talking about THE tania? His old girlfriend from school?? He said on stream yesterday that they'd potentially found their third and she was between 26-28. Haven't seen the stream so I'm not certain.

No. 489814

File: 1519346037797.png (116.81 KB, 681x508, Screenshot_20180222-180408.png)

Sam had been actively speaking with him facetime/calls/txt etc since at least October 2017 in particular her discussion with him about joining up. I'm on mobile so can't link the time stamps but I can link a tweet that sam replied to front onion regarding joining the military. If onion had no interest in her then why pursue her?? Clearly he had to give out his number to her and voluntarily, it's not a common practice for him and fangirls.

No. 489822

File: 1519347548302.jpg (72.24 KB, 545x515, sam.jpg)

I wonder what this means lol, Sam is a bit strange.

No. 489823

Too retarded to realize she already made these facts public so they aren't going to just disappear.

No. 489824

File: 1519347648846.jpg (127.14 KB, 545x444, sam.jpg)

No. 489827

File: 1519348681757.png (1014.17 KB, 1070x680, 1512082850999.png)

Never forget.

But for real, I think Lainey probably told him that Sam's leaking all of their personal info and the best they could find was "she tells the haters we eat Cheerios!"

No. 489828

>I spoke negatively about the things he said about me in his stream and the emails he sent me saying I was a waste of time and money.

I hope Sam leaks those emails, sounds juicy. Also "waste of time and money"? You didn't even pay her Greg! You stupid fucking neanderthal.

No. 489829

That is a fucking lot of cereal, for sure (and some pretty junky kinds too… looks like Froot Loops in one of them). I find that kind of hilarious. I bet they eat cereal at all meals because it is ~vegetarian~

No. 489832

She can, but if people are supporting her this way, then she prob won’t. U mad, hon? Who cares about her ebegging or lack thereof, stop bitching the milk away.

No. 489833

>>489822 damn she thicc

No. 489834

File: 1519350436642.gif (3.05 MB, 600x338, ezgif.com-optimize.gif)

There's gotta be some kind of allegorical allusion to Lainey and Greg's lives to the movie "The Truman Show".

- Truman (Lainey) dreams of going to Fiji
- Lives in a closed in world, where everyone pretends everything is okay and assures her that her life is idyllic.
- Cristoff (Greg) insist the show must go on at all costs, robbing Truman of the ability to follow dreams that aren't in his pre-planned, scripted universe.
- All of Truman's friends are actors, and yesmen, and they are expected not to break script (talk badly about Greg, say something that might convince her that her situation is toxic)
- Meryl (Billie) pretends to love him and tolerates him for ulterior motives. When push comes to shove, Meryl insults him.
- When Truman goes to work, he hears a break in transmission over the radio, talking about his movements. It causes him to be more paranoid about his situation. (Patreons running to Lainey, telling her about lolcow, people trolling her streams)
- Best friend Marlon (Sarah) continues to feed his delusions, sometimes compromising their personal convictions, and struggling to do so.

There's probably more, but I watched this yesterday and I started thinking there had to be a link somehow, lol

No. 489836

I’m so sick of girls singing during streams. It’s the least interesting most cringe inducing thing you can do.

No. 489837

Not sure how milky this actually is, but Sam said she made an exact replica of Onion's house in the Sims 4. She said she's going to show us, but she's going to delete their Sims first.
She said she's heard about our troll version.

No. 489839

This proves him wrong because she said she got permission to show the sims house since it's their actual house floorplan. She obviously doesn't know their house has been posted here countless times.

No. 489840

Worth mentioning, she did leave the essential oils out for her kid to play with, and it wasn't dog food all over the floor, it was a bunch of shredded up pieces of cork.
Some people asked if her child swallowed pieces and she said no.
Confirmed shit parent because it takes HALF A FUCKING SECOND for a child to shove something in their mouth and swallow it (especially a 15 month old child. It literally only takes the time it takes Lainey struggling with putting a 12 month old shirt on her head.

That video was a stupid idea, and it shows how flippantly neglectful she is, in my opinion.

No. 489841

How the fuck do they go through so many phones?
Lainey said she changed phone cases because she has the iPhone 7 plus now, and that the gudetama case was for her iPhone 7. I swear she has a new phone every six months.

Lainey also claims she stands by every product she advertises, so make sure we hold her to that.

No. 489842

lmao spot on anon.

No. 489843

File: 1519353878621.jpg (16.21 KB, 324x324, serveimage.jpg)

Poor kids and poor dogs. It's bad enough to have the flies everywhere but now there's choking hazards and oils.

No. 489844

Boring stream no milk, some stuff that was mentioned.

Gets triggered because people think she is 24, but no guys she's 23.

Says she had a quarter life crisis when she turned 20 and that turning 20 freaked her out. Yeah Lame its probably because your husband drools when he sees teenagers.

Shes making an alter ego Tindr "Landon" Paul.

They have a planned vacation.

Says cloey was not playing with kibble was playing with, Dried pieces of cork. Says her child didn't swallow any because she knows how to be a parent.

You can hear kids screaming in the background.

No. 489845

coming up with new ways to catfish little girls, i see

No. 489847


Featuring Lainey's favorite oil, lavender:

>Highly toxic essential oils include camphor, clove, lavender, eucalyptus, thyme, tea tree, and wintergreen oils, the researchers noted. >Many essential oils can cause symptoms such as agitation, hallucinations and seizures. >Symptoms may also include chemical burns, breathing problems, liver failure and brain swelling, among others.

>While there are hundreds of essential oils, "tea tree oil is commonly cited, and most of those cases are accidental ingestions by children," Loden said.

>To keep kids and pets safe, Loden recommends storing essential oils properly – locked and out of reach. Follow instructions regarding their use, and seek help by calling Poison Control (1-800-222-1222 in the United States) in an emergency, he advised.


PSA: Don't call CPS over this. Hard to prove anything they do or don't do, and it's not enough to get the kids taken away. Based on everything we've read and seen though, we know that she's not being cautious enough.

No. 489848

Lmao I’m the one who suggested her ‘Landon’ personas’ last name be Paul. I knew she would go for it. What a strange thing to do…

No. 489851


A vacation? Lamo is actually getting a vacation after waiting 6 years? Wow, Onion really is becoming the doormat of the relationship.

Did she say where? Is she actually getting Fiji?

No. 489852

No. 489853

There's absolutely no way Greg is flying to Fiji.

No. 489854


a vacation from WHAT exactly? from cunting about the filthy flyblown mcmansion in toddler's clothes and pyjamas? from sitting on their arses in front of ring lights, troweling on makeup? from creeping on pubescent girls?
harsh. those poor overworked predators

No. 489855

No she didn't say where I'm assuming they are probably going to the same resort by the river that they took billie to lol.

No. 489856

GREG IS SO PATHETIC. So in the part where he shows text from him and Maya, saying "oh look kissy faces"
She sends a kissy face.
His reply is "Lol.. ______ thought that was for me. and it was actually for lainey emoji"
Not sure what the word was, or the emoji.
She replies with
"awwww" (i think)
"u get kisses too :)) kiss emoji"
to which he replies
"kiss emoji thank you heart"
Dont be begging too much Greg, jesus. She probably just felt awkward and bad about it.
Also, her saying her feelings were genuine and she just didnt want to hurt Lainey isnt saying she wanted you. She wanted Lainey. She was under the impression Lainey actually wanted a "V" relationship. This is from his OWN video, which he made about her rejecting him?
Am I missing something here or is he really that stupid and entitled?

No. 489858

~~struggling to surviveeee ~~~

No. 489859

File: 1519362191052.png (1.15 MB, 1067x697, fiji.png)

I have some more comparisons:
- A few people over the years try to infiltrate their "bubble" and destroy the illusion they created for themselves (Vix, other randoms, people on her streams almost everyday lol)
- Everything is "for sale" in their life (because you pay to be a Patreon)
- Sylvia (Maya), who was only supposed to be an extra, enters the fray. When it is apparent that she won't stick to Cristoff's (Greg's) script, she is removed from the situation, despite Truman (Lainey) possibly having true feelings for her. (I know, it's a stretch, lol)
- Viewers know all the mundane details of their lives because they're constantly broadcast.

No. 489860

Transcript of the 12 minutes RealStream posted of Sams stream talking about Greg.

I don't know, I don't know what to make of it to be honest. He thought, like, my interview was to expose him, like, he thought realstream was a hater. Realstreamnews is not a hater.
He- He took like a bunch of stuff that people commented in his stream like, like law. Like seriously, like, everybody was saying things that 'I would say like directly'
(unsure if thats correct)
For whatever reason he thought I said in the stream that he kissed me, and he was like "oh thats disgusting" And I'm like no, thats clearly a lie because I did not say that. But he felt the need to say that it was disgusting.
He sent me a few messages, just mainly being upset about the fact that I was doing any kind of interview. He was so upset over nothing. He compared me saying we had cheerios for breakfast to something horrible. Cause he has nothing against me, thats when he started making the pettiest of arguments.
It was a rumour brought up on Laineys stream? Why would you take hearsay as like, as law? People can say whatever they want. It never came out of my mouth. I never once ever said Greg and Kiss in the same sentence. He acted like me even saying anything about Lainey was hating. Like just mentioning them was hating. Thats not how it works.
He's so scared, like he said it. He said he was scared. He's scared of what I could've said. What is there to be scared of? Like he even said he didn't want to say something because he acted like, um, I would say something and everyone would just believe me. He didn't want to say anything because he felt like I would say something. Like what?
And if he was so concerned that having me around was like having a walking camera to like tell the world, like I've never said anything horribly personal other than we had cheerios for fucking breakfast one day. And Lainey made me avocados, like shit. Nothing like, he compared it to saying how he wipes his ass. Nothing like that, c'mon. You've got to be kidding me. I'm insulted.
I'm pissed. I'm pissed. Mentioning somebody and talking about them doesn't mean you're hating. Even his discord people were saying I never say anything bad about either of them. But hes like "Oh y'know Sam never said anything bad about me but she said bad things about Lainey"
I'm like no. But he said the bad thing I said about Lainey was that Lainey felt anxious around me. But he himself admitted it in his own words thats how things were. But its bad because I said it. I complimented his cooking, I never said anything negative, I never say anything about their kids. Like nothing but good things, yeah I even complimented Laineys cooking, like the fuck do you want from me.
They'll (or he'll? I'll?) never be fucking happy. And you'd be surprised what he has the balls to tell me. I don't even wanna– I don't even wanna say it like, I feel physically sick, the way he actually feels about me. They want me to stay off the internet? Good fucking luck.
He doesn't– like, shit. I don't even know what to say. I don't think he ever saw me as a friend. After what he said on stream today, I just watched his stream before I came on. I watched the entire thing. He said– he said a few things that I'm like what the fuck. But just by me repeating it its like I'm a hater, for repeating it. I've never said anything like that they haven't said first. I was always super careful. But not careful enough, apparently I can't speak about what I want to speak about. He's upset that like I didn't clean up? In where in the job description was there that said clean the house. What, me? I'm suppose to clean after your whole family? I mean I would've if he asked me to, but he never once asked me. He told me that I never did anything unless he asked me to do it, he never asked me to clean. Not once. Not a single time.
You never cleaned up after yourself? What didn't I clean up after myself? And was I suppose to stand infront of the– the uh, thing and wash every single individual thing I used? Like they– they threw everything in the dishwasher. Thats how things gets cleaned. They don't slave infront of a sink washing dishes, like what am I suppose to do put my– my little thing that I used like wash it right away and just put it away? What did I ever not clean? How about– how about my fucking shower the day I get there I'm like hey the things backed up, it takes them til the day before I leave to unclog it. The damn thing was still backed up, I was– I had my feet in a pool of whoever was using the showers filth everytime I took a shower. Talk about cleaning up. And not once did I ever tell anybody about that, not once did I ever complain about that. But you're going to complain that I never cleaned up after myself. You couldn't– you couldn't clean up the place before–
I don't– I don't get it man. I don't get it. I really don't get it. Its like they want a conflict. When I got there, there was like a face mask, like sitting in the shower drain. Like a huge clumpy old mess. Theres nothing I could've done, to make anybody happy. Nobody cleaned the bathroom I used, or was I suppose to clean up after the person who used it before me? Little do I know I was– everytime I took a shower my feet were bathing in the filth of Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose. Like whoever use the shower, it was fucking nasty man. Don't fucking bitch at me that I never cleaned up.


No. 489861


"When I got there, there was like a face mask, like sitting in the shower drain. Like a huge clumpy old mess. Theres nothing I could've done, to make anybody happy. Nobody cleaned the bathroom I used, or was I suppose to clean up after the person who used it before me? Little do I know I was– everytime I took a shower my feet were bathing in the filth of Jaclyn Glenn and Social Repose. Like whoever use the shower, it was fucking nasty man. Don't fucking bitch at me that I never cleaned up."

Thank you! I watched it but still appreciate it! Lainey is absolutely disgusting, her lazy ass would be the type to not clean up the face mask… Well it's probably both Gurg and lainey since he also uses face masks.

Seriously what is the point of cleaning when you are still gonna make a mess even though you have a cleaning lady that comes every week. I surprised CPS didn't think anything was wrong with these two neglectful parents.

No. 489863

File: 1519364438443.jpg (2.03 MB, 3988x3988, BeFunky Collage.jpg)

I think when Greg was saying Billies armpits smelled he was actually talking about Lainey. This chick looks nasty and smelly.(nitpicking)

No. 489864

greg is so fucking obviously. he's the only one that types like this.

No. 489865

Damn. And even this is mild compared to what sam could probably spill and it’s STILL super shitty. God… they are so entitled and miserable and they grow closer together the more bridges they burn. I think they get off on bringing new victims in and slowly tearing them down. They’re so controlling and paranoid Jesus Christ

No. 489866

File: 1519366633862.jpeg (215.81 KB, 750x791, A7B9FEC7-FF43-46BE-9BA8-BE5170…)

OT I know it will never happen but could you imagine how badly he’d drag Lamey?

No. 489867

plausible deniability in the future if he ever sends risky texts

if someone asks for him to prove texts "I can't because I have them auto deleted after 30 days DUHH"

also lainey won't be able to snoop his texts anymore which I'm sure she does

No. 489868

File: 1519367328127.png (453.32 KB, 750x1334, A4EC9213-100B-49CF-8388-8A83D8…)

Didn’t see this on the thread so here’s some milk. It proves how hypocritical they are…

From “The Blargh’s” video tonight…

No. 489869

Maybe the details of that convo were what Gerg was afraid of Sam revealing, hence the sperging when she was interviewed with RS.

No. 489871

I find it so funny lainey said she never told anyone to f off when she did it on stream

Somewhere in this stream she says "I NEVER told anyone to f off before"

No. 489872

Update it's at 16:15 ish

No. 489873


LOL was just about to comment this. She acted like such a victim how she could never say F off to Maya and has never said that to anyone before. This bitch is so fake and can't keep track of her lies.

No. 489874

Is the rumour true that Taylor is an alcoholic/drinks a lot? I thought both onion and taylor were the straightedge couple…

No. 489875

i dont think its confirmed but she drank and drove after getting her piercing or tattoo or whatever last time.

No. 489877

She had a few sips of some frou frou drink. It seems like she only drinks on the rare occasion that she goes out with Madison to a restaurant. Let’s not make it out to be more than it actually is.

No. 489880

>I worry he settled for me. Not because of anything that he's done, but just because that's my own brain.
>I'm worried that he's not happy in the relationship.

Gaslighted to the point of no return?

No. 489881

It's real obvious because he keeps using the word negative which he used to describe Plainey in the situation with Billie in that stick figure video. The kind of people that follow them would probably change it up or say something like "talk shit" instead of "speak negatively." Onion probably thinks he sounds superior but it makes him stand out because he's like how do you do fellow kids?

I don't feel bad for her at all. She's a cunt. They deserve eachother. They're the same gross kind of scummy people. Cut from the same cloth.

No. 489882

I think when Sam mentioned Greg was being annoyed with her, he was actually just frustrated with the situation. He made it obvious that he wanted to have a non-platonic relationship with her so it was sexually frustrating to always have her around.

When Complainey made it clear there was no chance for a trinity he had no problem getting rid of Sam. Why would he let someone stay he wouldn't able to have a relationship with.

No. 489883

My question is does she ACTUALLY think this is a healthy relationship?

No. 489884

Agreed. He was so transparent from the start.

No. 489887

>I like beauty channel drama
Oh, honey.
The saddest part of this video is that lainey is right about everything. She basically admits greg breaks up with her when they have arguments. plains solution?
>serve me papers and forever be in IRS debt while paying me child support
I also don't get how she can say "people like drama" when she's married to greg.

No. 489889

She loves drama. She’d have no material without it. She incites people with clickbait all the time. Or the whole “I don’t want to talk about it…maybe I will…ok here’s what happened” shtick on younow.

No. 489891


She's admitted she kinda likes being part of other people's drama on her stream, but said she wants to focus on more positive things in the future. I think she enjoys being the "innocent" one.

No. 489892

It's so weird that you mentioned this anon because the few times I heard Lainey mention Fiji I remember thinking 'does she think she's truman or something?' and wondered if she was trying to reference the movie. I doubt Lainey has good taste in movies though. The similarities are uncanny though. Maya was like the love interest, and once Greg found out she wouldn't fit his agenda and could possibly help Lainey escape/stand up to him, he turfed her out. Basically he removes anyone who doesn't praise his narc needs. It sucks though at the same time because I love that movie and I hate these dropkicks hahahaha

No. 489894

File: 1519386477549.png (1.28 MB, 1704x960, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 12.4…)

this shitty song popped up on my recommends and i spotted a gregspelling

No. 489898


… and these fucking imbeciles want to homeschool their kids? kek!

No. 489902

They have a mom with a smol bean Internet degree and no job experience and a dad that relies on google to function. There’s no way Lame and Grug would ever qualify for homeschooling. And we already know if they miraculously did qualify, it would be Lame teaching them alone while Grug beat off to Hentai in their dungeon. They can’t even keep their house clean, there’s no way they are homeschooling them. I would love to see what form of education they are going to try with their kids because the oldest is what, 4? That’s preschool age. That’s required. If they don’t put him in preschool and they try to throw him in kindergarten, he’s going to be held back.

No. 489903

File: 1519393094220.png (420.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-02-23-15-32-09…)

Sam left a comment on a video titled "ONISION MUST BE STOPPED". You know, casually complementing a "hater" kek.

No. 489907

Sam is definitely trolling at this point. I respect that.

It’s been a lot easier getting milk out of her than any other girls that stayed in the grease mansion. Especially now that Gurgle talked shit about her. She hasn’t flat out said that Lame treated her like shit while she was there, but I think we can guess she did. Sam was too quick to believe Lame accused her of stealing. Which means that she probably shit talked her and accused her of other things as well and Honesty Greg played messenger.

It’s not even speculation that Greg wants to see Lainey miserable anymore. Sam admitted that they were alone with Momma Tami when she was complimenting her and when they returned to the grease mansion he was quick to tell Lainey about it. That’s not “keeping no secrets.” That’s wanting to make someone feel bad. Especially since it’s well known that Tami doesn’t like Lame.

No. 489908

She was always trolling. She admitted her mom followed the onion/lame drama during her real cough news interview that she said wasn't an interview despite calling it an interview herself. She's a flake at best at this point, scrabbling for her 5 mins of efame. She's contradicted herself more than gurg does, samstans are ignoring the faxxxx purely to criticise the onions more. This is a shitshow and I like it. It's going to end badly for sam's career if she doesn't up her game and start realising that the Internet never forgets. Twenty people fawning over you on a little known twitch channel won't get her very far in life. You're remembered for the bad choices you make never the good, case in point, the Onions.

No. 489910

>never the good, case in point, the Onions.

Don;t disagree with what you said, but both of their lives are a series of bad decisions and no good ones at all, as far as I can tell. In particular Taylor, who shacked up with a YouTuber 10 years older than her, and cheating her father out of tuition/board money for college; unplanned pregnancy; taking online college classes for her "degree"; arguably grooming a 14 year old and sending them semi-clothed photos of herself; allowing her wandering-eyed husband with a prior history of abusive behavior to convince here that she was gender-special and bi, even though she specifically stared not too much earlier that she was straight; allowing her wandering-eyed husband with a prior history of abusive behavior that they should try polyamory, even though neither of them had the slightest idea of the emotional and mental ramifications; allowing said husband to import a girl for "her;" allowing said husband to unilaterally declare how their marital relationship was going to change; publicly shitting on the girl when the "relationship" inevitably fell apart; "accidentally" getting pregnant again; allowing said husband to continue to import young girls for "her;" putting up with continued emotionally and mentally abusive behavior; refusing to take proper care of her children; refusing to stand up for people who genuinely care for her; refusing to place proper responsibility for the problems in her marriage (e.g., it is never her's or Greg's fault that they have a terrible marriage– always someone else's).

I mean, that's a lot of "mistakes" to make in 6 short years.

No. 489911

using the onions is a poor way to get any fame. she’s going to disappear like the others. she’ll be lucky if she keeps the amount of followers she has now. once the milk is gone, no one will watch her. no one is following her for her humor, they only want the milk and anyone who thinks they stan her don’t, they just like that she’s turning against the onions. every girl invited to the grease mansion has tried to use them or the drama to climb on social media and has failed as soon as they’ve been drained.

No. 489912

>she’ll be lucky if she keeps the amount of followers she has now

Maybe. Sam is pretty charismatic and interesting. If she could come up with some edge, I could see her catching on. But not if her "schtick" is simply having been associated with Greg and Taylor. It's the same problem TamatoDickette faced (and paid $1K for): that particular association is actually a liability overall.

No. 489914

>e.g., it is never her's or Greg's fault that they have a terrible marriage– always someone else's

And that’s why they continue to bring in more girls for their little trinity. It gives them an excuse to blame their problems on that instead of facing the truth; they are both shit human beings and they are miserable with each other.
As long as Lame is young and semi-attractive, Gurg will continue to use her as a way to lure in younger girls. When she gets older and comes off as more of a creep to every girl they meet, he’ll be even more miserable because they won’t be able to get anymore distractions.

No. 489916

Has anybody ever asked her in she knows what unicorn hunting is? Because there's nothing #goals about finding a rando teen (lol at Greg trying to pretend he's not into 18 yr olds in his new rating vid) to use, abuse and discard.

Speaking of Greg trying to make Lainey feel bad like telling her about Tami liking Sam, her moments also revealed Greg looked through her negative comments and told her someone said she had a "pouch," she doesn't read her comments for a reason, there's literally no reason to tell her this except to hint at something and try and make her feel bad/change without having to take responsibility.\

And ofc the next day someone says this and she defends him. They're both garbage

No. 489917


In a recent stream she stated she planned her pregnancies… was that another lie?

No. 489918

The onions' life is a series of catclysmically bad choices, I'm sure if I looked hard enough there would be a few good choice examples out there (I mean children are a good choice under normal circumstances but…) but only the negative spring to mind tbh.
>>489912 sam may be a lot of things but charismatic and interesting are not two qualities I see in her, I see pettiness and jealousy with more than a hit of melodramatic brattyness (see every twitch stream she's done alone) she's pandering to an audience that will not remember her name, she made the only choice of youtuber available to her despite her thirst for others. She's spending her time frantically searching "onion haters" and leaving comments on every upload she comes across. She's feeding a fire that she started. It will burn out but not before it burns her.

No. 489919


It is. She stated once that she took a pregnancy test "just for fun" and was surprised that it came up positive. You wouldn't be surprised if you were actively trying for a baby.

No. 489920

File: 1519403232525.png (238.8 KB, 580x302, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.2…)

Lol, I can't believe the shit Taylor lets her husband get away with. She blamed the comment about her "pouch" on the person who apparently commented not her husband. Gurg has made plenty of videos where he calls woman that are smaller than Taylor fat. It's so obvious he isn't attracted to the pouch his children came out of.

No. 489921

File: 1519403314697.png (267.77 KB, 572x313, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 11.2…)

No. 489922

She’s just such a smug, nasty bitch. Her transformation into Gerglefemme is complete. She learned how to be a piece of shit from another piece of shit, and she is just grotesque at this point. Her fans have inflated her ego to such an unhealthy degree.

She really thinks she is better than everyone else. Sorry because I say this constantly, but I cannot believe this self centered twat has two kids. The mind boggles.

No. 489923

>she’ll be lucky if she keeps the amount of followers she has now

You are probably right, and it is too bad. I do see something there you don't (not intending to be snarky here– everyone likes what they like) but I agree that whatever spark or whatever she does have she is squandering it in being petty towards Greg. Not that I blame her, as he has been quite the shit to her for no good reason, but still, she should move on and just build her own thing and do it. She can be interesting and entertaining on her own.

No. 489925

Imagine having THAT judge your looks.

No. 489926

b-but anon that's clearly zac efron!

No. 489927

File: 1519405994337.jpg (289.19 KB, 1027x1640, Greg losing subs ha.jpg)

It's so great to see that Greg's subscribers are really choosing to stand behind him and his videos.

Look at that support! Look at all of Greg's fans!!

No. 489928


I know he is such a lucky guy! His shadow fans really are the best!

No. 489930

File: 1519406902817.png (676.72 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-02-22-16-16-49…)

To be fair both of these bodies look a lot larger than lame's, whilst neither is obese they're clearly also not anachans. Lame's waist is the width of her shoulders, there is nothing wrong with her body shape but promoting herself as ~underweight/so smol~ is not very honest.. she's an average woman with an average [calorie restricted whilst nursing] shape.

No. 489931

Of course he looked through her comments because he knows she gets hate and he probably gets off on it. Why else would he take the time to see what people say about her? And then to repeat it, "hey huhu did u see where someone said u had a pouch? huhu FAT!" He didn't say it like that, but he probably wanted to.
Maybe it's because most people don't enjoy making their spouse feel like shit, but usually you wouldn't tell your spouse shitty things people say, especially not your own parent. He has no respect for her and he definitely loves the subtle jabs at her.

No. 489934

well to be fair the first pic i thought was lainey for a second. they almost have the same body type. either way they could all weigh the same, they are just shaped different. if he's calling them fat then that says a lot about how he feels about lainey.

No. 489935

I remember seeing a comment on one of her ~riveting~ videos that was like "You know, it's really not fair that Lainey wasn't honest to Onision about her gender identity before marrying him. He likes feminine women and Lainey knew that and tricked him into marrying him." and I was like…. Greg?

No. 489937

I read that in his voice, kek. that sounds too much like how Greg talks. I wouldn't doubt that it's him. that's definitely a problem in the grease mansion. he threw a fit when Adrienne had a septim ring. there's no way he isn't silently sulking about his wife wearing boxers. how sexy would it be to slide them drawers down them chicken legs.

No. 489938

Another instance of onions blatant hypocrisy after twittersperg'18… still openly using it as a form of social media but also liking tweets by Toby turners gf (cutegirlvoice) who happens to be tomato dickette's wife's (bianca antiserra?) best friend. He's struggling to keep his lies straight more than ever.

No. 489939

File: 1519408986521.png (316.24 KB, 719x777, Screenshot_20180223-174227.png)

Dropped pic

No. 489946

kind of disappointing if she was just a troll trying to use them for e-fame since it died so quickly. Troll or not, she should have been smarter about leaking drama/appearing like a hater if she wanted to stay there longer. Doing that interview was also not smart if she actually wanted to get back to grease mansion. I mean for her personally, its probably best that the greg thing is over, but for milk's sake, it's bad since i'm now truly convinced greg can't find a new person to bring in that actually wants to be with him. Lameo and greg are gonna be stuck together forever trying to cling onto any fame they can, and its just boring to watch at this point.

Honestly that sounds like more of the lie. I wouldnt be surprised if teen lameo planned to have troy in hopes to keep him forever by tying him down with a kid. She's proven she is insane at this point.

No. 489947

File: 1519412441831.png (267.07 KB, 582x292, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.57…)


Lol, "a lot larger". Uhm, maybe in the second pic the girls stomach is bigger but other than that they (both pictures) look like they are in the same weight range (of course there are factors like height).

I guess it doesn't matter cause according to Greg's definition Taylor is in the overweight category. Oh, wait he has an underweight category also!

No. 489949

how does greg even have subscribers anymore. the only time i've seen him compliment a girls body is when she's potentially 14 years old. she probably said she was in her 20s and that was what horrified greg. i've noticed he likes his girls pale, with some baby fat.

No. 489950

Her body is perfect? I think he just gets off at humiliating women. Or women that are too conventionally attractive threaten him…. or both.

No. 489952

>how does greg even have subscribers anymore.
I think he's either buying subscribers or activly creating youtube accounts and subbing to himself.
We can see it in his views/likes. He doesn't even have 100K Fans anymore, his subscribers have to be dead or fake accounts, every real person is unsubscribing from him.

But he's somehow still there with his ~*~MiLliOnS oF sUbS~*~

No. 489953

File: 1519413750546.jpg (67.87 KB, 555x720, 28383441_197767240956625_11834…)

I don't know who this is, but they're just how the onions like them. Thought Lainey's retweet of this was worth a screenshot.

No. 489954

>if anyone is fine with an extra roommate
>I need a good friend to live with

No. 489955

It is laineys turn to bring one in after all. These fucking people

No. 489956

Yeah, that girl's body is perfect. You'll notice in his rating videos if the girl is conventionally attractive enough to seem like she would see herself as pretty, he puts her down. He has a boner for insecurity bc those types are easier to control

No. 489957

>>489953 To be honest I think this is just her virtue signalling. "Look how good I am helping the LGBT youth!"

No. 489958

>But he's somehow still there with his ~*~MiLliOnS oF sUbS

i thought when he made his channel a paid channel a while ago that he automatically lost all 2 million subscribers. he made a big deal about it, so how did he get them back when changed it back

No. 489959

imagine how fatbecca flips out, if anyone from England gets flown in the mansion, that is not her(derailing)

No. 489960

>"Look how good I am helping the LGBT youth!"

so good that they both scream at actual transgender people and call them transphobic for not agreeing that Lainey is trans.

No. 489961

>yeah I even complimented Laineys cooking, like the fuck do you want from me.

lol I don't know if she's intentionally shitting on plains cooking or what but that's genuinely funny

No. 489962

gay small beans xD #Loveislove #(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 489963


it's actually tragic that she even still gives them her money and kisses their asses when grug made a video bitching about her honesty

No. 489964

She just needs better fitted panties.

Really his ratings mean little because he straight up only sees lain for sex. Turn her around and it doesn’t matter if she has a big stomach or not.

No. 489965

She's a hero to the LGBT community. She said it's bigoted to not wanna bone a trans person since they don't have "what you want." I guess gay men are bigoted for not wanting vagina too, Lame-o

No. 489966

Sam said Lame made her avocado toast. I don't even think this can be considered cooking.

No. 489967

she just mad no one wants to date her manly lookin ass

No. 489968

aside from gullible teenagers Lul(samefagging)

No. 489969

>lol I don't know if she's intentionally shitting on plains cooking or what but that's genuinely funny

she said in that same stream that lainey made her avocado toast. what a cook! i didn't even know lainey actually cooked because she's always saying she's waiting on dinner when she's streaming

No. 489970

and we know her kids are living on cereal, titty milk and crap they leave laying on the floor(nitpicking)

No. 489972

File: 1519414703073.png (1.01 MB, 1334x750, 1B6F97D1-EA8A-4E80-854E-FEE326…)

In Greg’s new video about having BPD he obviously give watered down answers to appear “normal” and not like he really is (see picture) but did anyone else think he was trying to imply Lainey might be the one with BPD in the first quiz?

No. 489973

You don't get it, anon. It's bigoted in SOME cases. She said you can't lump all trans together. Think of the poor transtrenders girls. You wouln't date them just because they call themselves "trans"? They have the right genitalia!

No. 489974

lol please tell me that he clicked "No, my anger rises gradually and I don't hold onto it for long. I prefer to let things go" at question 6

No. 489975

he definitely was when he said "truth be told i'm not the one who has the anxiety attacks"

No. 489976

When a Patron sent Lainey a quote about BPD, Lainey said "That sounds more like me than Greg."

And yeah Greg did make a point to allude to Lainey being the one with issues

No. 489977

Not to get all Biblical, but maybe both of them should stop looking at the mote in each others' eye, and start worrying about the huge fucking logs in their own.

No. 489980

File: 1519416767920.png (129.43 KB, 930x335, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-23-14…)

Lame is going to get triggered and put on more of little clots clothes.

No. 489983

>>Lame is going to get triggered and put on more of little clots clothes.


No. 489984

Is this onion getting ready to use his kids to divert attention from a possible drama bomb from sam?
>Sam: Greg did this terrible thing!!!

>Onion: Look internet! Over here!! This is my son I swore to never mention again..

It's a win for him either way, even the worst of his "shadow fans" wouldn't openly criticise his children and he keeps the internets interest for a little while longer.

No. 489985

His children won't be criticised but his parenting will be fair game.

No. 489986

Greg fucking hates his kids. Shows how much he cares for Lame.

No. 489987

It's a shame that onion will be so fucking irrelevant by the time his spawn are able to spill milk.

No. 489988

i don't think he hates his kids but he definitely neglects them. he's on the internet from the time he wakes up until like 3 am every day. he's only away from his computer or camera for 1 hour every day and that's when lainey is streaming. and when lainey is making videos it's usually after she streams which is pretty late and if they are decent parents their kids would be asleep by then. so he basically spends an hour with them every day. and even during that time he was tweeting like crazy before he vowed to never write a tweet again.

No. 489989

File: 1519422918496.png (404.46 KB, 873x553, 1.png)

this was so rage inducing.
someone asked if agender is considered a gender if it means no gender.

lamey responds with
>it's considered a gender identity. like essentially i don't identify as male or female but it is still like my gender identity is agender.

gender identity is "a person's perception of having a particular gender."
agender is "an identification for people who do not identify with or conform to any gender."

maybe i'm just stupid when it comes to this but that makes no sense

No. 489991

There's two ends of masculine and feminine. She identifies with elements of BOTH, as she herself says. It'd be more accurate for her to say she identifies with BOTH masculinity and femininity, rather than neither, because… that's.. the truth?

She calls herself gendered terms all the time- prince, boy, he, fuckboi, mom… This BS about being "allowed" and "valid" for putting on and taking off "agender" like a hat is so stupid. If she's not a trans then she's just an androgynous female, get over it lame-o

She's starting to adopt Greg's mental gymnast way of thinking. "Lainey didn't kick out Sam because we both did." "I didn't leave Lainey. I left both of them."

No. 489992

It's made up bullshit that makes no sense, no need to try and wrap your mind nonsense.

It's a revival of the hyper-PC culture that surfaced in the early to mid 90s, and then culture boomerangs back around. It's just the way it goes.

If you're an old like me, you remember when the disabled were supposed to be called "differently abled" instead of handicapped, or "handi-capable". And you couldn't say black, it had to be "African-American". Anyway, things change and people get over shit and life moves on. This whole gender speshul movement is having it's day, and will pass.

Lainey is a follower, and needs something to hang her identity on. Once Greg boots her out, she'll join 50 mom groups about wine and homeschooling (or whatever), and that'll be her new thing.

No. 489994

File: 1519424051442.jpg (125.08 KB, 1076x688, Screenshot_20180224-081425.jpg)

Newfags please adapt to image board culture so I don't have to screenshot shit for you. It really is basic.(derailing)

No. 490002

File: 1519427476676.jpg (85.65 KB, 749x764, DWwOTX5VAAAaXEE.jpg)

Tinfoil: I saw this picture on twitter earlier and I started thinking about how Lainey was when we first saw her. When they first got together she was an admitted straight girl and said on her tumblr that she was not bi. And we know that Grug is the one who continuously told her she was bi and convinced her she needed a woman's love. I think that Grug orchestrated all of this to get girls into the grease mansion. First he convinced her she was bi, then being non-binary became a big thing on the internet and suddenly she was non-binary. I think Grug has manipulated her and is now forcing her to keep up this image of being a smol bean space prince as a way to relate to her young audience and get their money. And as a way to get young girls for himself. Because we know Lame isn't affectionate with them. Lainey being agender is definitely a lie because she said she wasn't bi before she started her channel, but now on streams she talks about how she had a crush on a girl and knew she was bi when she was a teenager. This definitely started out as a facade for the internet because we saw that Lame called herself Grug's "little girl" and her kids call her mom. But if you lie to yourself for too long you'll actually believe it.

I know we talked about this already but I think Greg is the mastermind behind Lainey's image. Everything she does is either for or because of him. Like she also said she would never start a channel, but then she did to "help" Greg.

No. 490003

i see this tinfoil because his relationship with Lainey started out like his relationship with Adrienne. Lainey was just younger and easily manipulated. he did the same thing with her, he quickly said he loved her, asked her to move in and marry him. Adrienne got out but Lainey fell for it. so they seemed happy the first year and then he got bored as you would if you quickly marry someone you just met and that's when the Lainey being bi stuff started. he got bored of her and felt stuck because he was and then he saw an opportunity to use her to get more girls without the stress of another divorce.

No. 490004

That's no tinfoil, it's canon, anon.

No. 490005


This isn't tinfoil at all. It's pretty clear that if she had never met Greg at a formative age, she wouldn't be the transtrending, unempathetic pseudo-narc shitstain she is now.

No. 490006

Gruggle is streaming on Twitch and he's bullshitting about "everyone on YouTube" being a narcissism and he's arguing with a patron again. I hope someone's recording this but right now I can't.

No. 490007

i can watch it but i can't record it. some trolls said sam rejected him and he's now implying that he rejected her.

>if they only knew. if they only knew. the person involved isn't talking about it so i'm not going to talk about it.

ok grug

No. 490008

No. 490009

Before Lainey was Greg she was on a teen site where she posted that she was bisexual and was looking for "petite girls." It was like a a teen forum site. EO or Dontstandsoclosetome may have the screenshot somewhere, I'm guessing.

No. 490011

She was referring to her MySpace pages, Google taylor MySpace and the link to her old account comes up.

No. 490013

I agree that Greg is the one that convinced her that they need another girl in their relationship, but I don’t think he anticipated the whole smol bean space prince persona. I think he just tolerates it because she’s his ticket to the young girls.

No. 490014

Ahh here we go, it was teenspot. Here is the "Life of Onion" article on it.


No. 490015

The trolls in his twitch stream were spamming him with Sam didn't love you, maya didn't love you, happy they escaped etc etc, gregs response was a smirking giggle followed up with "if only they knew (about trolls) if only they knew… he then said he and sam had been in communication i.e exchanged emails/txt etc etc however he made it sound as though it was the opposite of the troll bait, that sam has admitted feelings for HIM in those emails.. whilst he had no feelings for sam.

No. 490016

>where’s the tinfoil

No I agree with you. It took almost the whole marriage to get her on board with the idea but he finally managed.

No. 490020

okay I couldn’t record and I already started this so for those that don’t want to watch the stream here you go. this is him talking about sam a bit.
It started because someone said sam rejected him.
sorry if this isn't very milky and it's pretty long.

>20:42 – “uh to the person who commented about rejection, if you only knew. that’s so silly. yeah if you only knew."

>21:04 - stupid laugh “that was great, that was a great laugh, that evil laugh I just did.” more stupid laughing “I read the comments and I’m just laughing cause I’m like if they only knew.”
>21:18 - someone asked what they said “they’re just talking about stuff that I’m not talking about because of people involved. the people involved aren’t talking about it so I’m not talking about it.”
>22:33 – “again to that commenter, if you only knew."
someone asked if he hates sam.
>44:36 – “to alien, I probably should but I don’t. he asked if I hate someone. And the only reason I say that is because you don’t know the full story. I think that they’re fine, I just think that they’re misguided.”
discordfags and fatbecca talking
>44:55 – “I do wanna communicate I do feel kind of bad because I’ve told you guys uh part of the story with that, that girl was here. but there’s more to the story that’s kind of crucial.”
>45:13 – “it was stuff that she did that I don’t think is nice for me to tell everybody, so I’m not gonna.”
discordfags and “aw I’m sorry”
>45:21 – “yeah but I mean if you knew, you would more than support Lainey is what I’m saying.”
someone in discord says they think they know what he’s talking about
>45:30 – “well and you would also, you would also understand my position and feeling uncomfortable and all that.”
Becca says she knows what he’s talking about because of how he says “if only you knew”
>45:45 – “well yeah it’s just so funny that they would say that cause it really is just if only you knew, cause it’s not all –“ idk what he said, discordfags talked over him.
>46:12 – “but no like uh I did exchange emails today and I made it clear that their position was, I mean I made it clear that I was full aware of what was going on. So, I think we’re at a position of a mutual shut up.”
People comment about him not being honest and Becca starts arguing with them.
>46:31 – “well the, the agreement was that person uh, cause I told them that the reason I, I would bring stuff up is because they were actively running their mouth and I needed to respond to it. So I said you know if you’re not running your mouth then I don’t have to – cause I intended to not even say a word but then they were livestreaming about it etc.”
>46:55 – “I don’t wanna reveal like all the stuff unless I have to. So I’m not at the point where I have to reveal what happened so I’m not going to. Unless I have to.”

that was pretty much it.

No. 490022

Yeah, the reason he pushed Lainey so hard to be bi is because he has a huge lesbian fetish. In one of his (awful) books his self insert mc is in a three way relationship with a bi girl and a lesbian, and he's blabbed on several times on how two girls kissing is the ~most beautiful sight in the world~

I doubt he ever wanted the whole agender bullshit to happen, but he's willing to play along with it since Lainey brings in the monie$$$$$$

No. 490023

This is just like when he pretended Maya wanted him but the texts he showed confirmed she really didn't. The kids emoji were supposed to be for Lainey, she only called him attractive after he made the video. Maya didn't want to date him. I'm sure he's also trying to make it seem like Sam wanted him. On stream Sam said she could show emails and texts but that he hasn't releases anything so she won't because of privacy.

No. 490024

I hope that if Sam releases emails, they don't reveal that she admitted to feelings towards him without him also admitting to having feelings for her.

I highly doubt that he'd say or imply that he has or had feelings for Sam, though. He knows the chances of emails, texts, etc being made public. If anything, they would probably reveal that he tried to manipulate Sam into saying she had feelings to heal his bruised ego, feel wanted by getting her to work for his forgiveness and friendship, and because he wants to know he wields that power over her to be compliant.
We already know he guilts and shames people (mainly women) into telling him things he wants to hear that build his self-esteem. If their email exchanges are like that, it's nothing we already don't know about Onion as a person.

If Sam reveals anything about those emails, it will give Onion permission to reveal everything within them. Hopefully whatever is in them is actual milk if she publicizes them, but I doubt there's something that he can't excuse away like the messages between him and Vix or Luxy or etc.

No. 490025

If I were Sam, I'd be kind of scared to reveal too much dirt on Grunk and his house of Grease because of what dirt he has on me and what he will sperg in his shit tier videos. If Onion wanted, he could make at least 10 videos about "My Ex Best Friend Was A Homewrecker" but he somehow holds back. Wonder why.

No. 490027

Who's the smart girl in the stream who keeps triggering Onion by correcting him when he talks about narcissism and co-dependency?

No. 490032

dont out someone fam what

No. 490033

i also found it strange that Grug hasn't made a video about her but instead they've been going back and forth in their streams. he keeps implying Sam did something but i get the feeling he did as well. i mean sam has said a lot on her streams and he still remains quiet which isn't greg-like behavior. maybe sam will spill a little more and then he'll share whatever it is we don't know. like he said, he's scared of her and there's gotta be a reason for it. either he really does have something he's not sharing or this is all for his bruised ego because people said she rejected him.

does anyone know what lainey and sam talked about on the phone as to why she had to leave? sam said in a stream that someone else talked about it, but i haven't heard it.

No. 490036

Honestly if he had anything on her he would have said it by now. He doesn't have anything so he just says dumb shit pretending he does.

Besides that she's out if the house which means her life will be way better. AJ is happy with a new guy and a great job, Shiloh lost a shitload of weight, has a new guy who has muscles Greg can only dream of and is getting back into music, Billies getting sponsored by makeup companies and has Drew, Skye is a nurse. Lainey and Greg are like the guy in good luck Chuck, once people leave their lives just get way better lol

No. 490037

Wait, what?? Skye is a nurse?? Huh! The last I heard a she was in the movie industry following her dreams, it a moot point, clearly wherever she is she's free of the gurgplague and moreover happy with her new life and all the opportunities/experiences that come with it. Of everybody skye hurt the worst and for the longest. Lame is approaching the end game fast, she either gets a new girl in before the year is up or its over, entitled onion wants a fresh mind to fuck up, you can't rebreak what's already broken.

No. 490038

sam is streaming with a little more milk

No. 490040

Sam is proving herself time and time again to be nothing but in it for the attention and yall anon-chans are pumping her up but she's not actually saying anything. Lol.

No. 490041

She has the right to defend herself after Greg alluded to having some hypothetical dirt on her when he doesn't.

No. 490042

She's not defending herself against anything since Gerg hasn't said anything about her? There's no Eugenia Cooney style attack vids. No tweets. No vagueness. At this point the only milk that seems to come from her is contradictory lies. I don't think there's milk here.

No. 490045

>No vagueness.

he was being pretty vague earlier when he was implying that sam said and did something inappropriate and that there was stuff he wasn't telling us about what happened.

No. 490046

He has for the last 3 streams at least on his twitch, see the videos from here: https://www.twitch.tv/onisiongames
But he links periscope videos on his twitter as well.

No. 490047

File: 1519441770388.jpg (550.45 KB, 960x960, d96447f5-5c3a-46a9-9ed4-69bf8f…)

Yeah, a narcissistic 35 year old man child cackling and saying "if only they knew" like that is such milk. Might as well feed into Sam's conflicting stories, because of it.

No. 490048

He's validating her claims because anyone that's followed him for more than a year or so knows it's not typical for him to play coy with drama or information on someone. Don't even need a historical reference, look at Maya guys

No. 490049

All I'm saying here is that Sam is basically doing her best to drag this out for attention. You guys have speculated hard about her and WhoAmI for the last couple of threads. I think she sees that you guys get wet over her and uses it to drag this out further and Gerg is riding on with it. If anything, the text and emails probably are them collaborating.

No. 490050

No they aren't.

No. 490051


No. 490052

Really activates the ole almonds

No. 490053

If you want to keep on the Sam witchhunt why not just make a snow thread for her because otherwise it's just the same tinfoiling his supporters and patreons have said as proven by his streams

No. 490054

You guys severely overestimate gerg when it comes to this. If he had anything he would be ALL OVER IT. He's attacked EVERYONE he's had issues with. Even his own wife. He has nothing and he knows it. He's bluffing like a narc does.

No. 490055

I don't mind her getting attention. She's fun in streams and actually interacts with the people watching her, poking fun at the whole situation and spills a few drops here and there. If nothing else the support she gets annoys grease and I'm all for that.

No. 490058

File: 1519445269700.png (1.05 MB, 1277x732, IMG_1744.PNG)

Lol I like her(don't use emojis)

No. 490059

Both her pregnancies were accidents. Greg wasn't pleased with the 2nd one >>489917(namefagging)

No. 490060

I'm dead

No. 490062

I'm a newfag and posted the armpit comparison photo of Billie and complainey and got banned for life. Are we supposed to be really nice to Lainey even though Gurg can talk shit about billie's "smelly" armpits.
The mods here seem to censor and control any discussion so annoying.(another ban evasion)

No. 490063

Read the rules. Nitpicking is against the rules. Armpit talk is nitpicking.

No. 490064


Just sage your shit, you can bring up armpit talk if you sage or put deraling in the field. Hell, this thread is becoming more about Sam than anything, which I think is derailing. Someone make a snow thread for her.

No. 490065

I don't think it's derailing. if you read the beginning of the thread, it's kind of about all 3 of them. sam is really only mentioned when it's relevant to the onions.

No. 490067

You can't sage anymore on pt.

No. 490068

Drew and Billie seperated

No. 490069

Did they have a fight because of this post lol, Lamey is late for her live stream.

No. 490070

Just drop it already. You can't tell how armpits smell based on how they look, you absolute mong. Dark or hairy armpits aren't necessarily any less clean than clean shaven and pale ones. (But please don't think for a second I'm WKing Plainey though.)

No. 490071

He barely attacked Vix and he's being really soft on Sam.

I really hope she just lets it all out.

No. 490072

something’s going on in the grease mansion tonight because Lainey usually doesn’t stream this late and if she isn’t streaming she’ll tweet it

No. 490074

Nobody is making you watch her streams. She's doing her own thing now and she's left the mansion and fyi this is an onion thread so keep your eye on what actually matters.

No. 490078

i liked sam, but unless she releases milk shes dead 2 me

No. 490079

So no younow stream and no tweet saying it wasn’t on. If she doesn’t post a video to her patreon or something saying no video well know something reeeally went down. Idk when she post there but according to her schedule there should be one today?
Also slightly OT but I don’t know much about patreon but from the looks of things she only releases her videos one day early? Do people actually like her enough to want to see her videos ONE day early? Like I’d get it maybe if it was a week or something but one day seems like just save your money and wait a day..

No. 490080

It's not even a day early its like 10 hours early

No. 490081

File: 1519459615240.png (274.64 KB, 529x287, IMG_1751.PNG)

Gurg: Now we're observing the ancient Laineybot"


Taylor: Ancient…..?

Give it up Taylor doesn't matter how much you deny it you are too old for onion boy. He likes his girls under 18/underdeveloped or a Billie.

No. 490082

Anyone else feel her idea to make a tinder for her “alter ego” is just an excuse to make a tinder posing in ways she thinks is hot to try and reel in some girls in lmao
They’ll be in the area, Lainey. Meaning you can’t just kick them out and think they’ll be gone.

No. 490083


Definitely, what's gonna happen. I'm sure gregs in on it too. Will be a lot more convenient and cheaper for them as they don't have to pay for plane tickets back and forth anymore either. Pick a girl, see what their home life is like and reel them in. They are both disgusting predators.

No. 490084

I guess people have the rights to have friendships no matter what the age is but I still find it creepy that Lainey's bestie is Sarah a 17 year old. She complains to Sarah about Greg, her life and even calls Sarah to cry to.

It's so weird that she is a 24 year old mother of two and her confindent is someone still in high school.

No. 490085

It’s not just the fact a 24 year olds best friend is 17 but that they’ve been talking since she was FOURTEEN. That’s the worst part. It’s gross. No 14 year old should be best friends with a 21 year old? Especially not one married to Greg.

No. 490087

The fake name is so people can't google her/"him" to find out what a gross existence "Lainey" is dragging the third party in to

Easily one of the most transparent schemes of theirs… It's still gross tho.

No. 490089

Speaking of gross, behold ! Her latest vid

No. 490090

File: 1519463160818.jpg (68.79 KB, 823x679, Capture.JPG)

sry forgot the pic

No. 490091

He is your HUSBAND, not your boyfriend bitch. Is this a new trend to call your spouse your boyfriend?

No. 490092

Probably to be more relatable to their main audience, teenagers, who do not have husbands or wives. Stupid nonetheless

No. 490093

muh body dysmorphia!1!

No. 490094


why is she shirtless?? such dysphoria guys!!

No. 490095

>I have body dysphoria!
>Also let me make a video completely without a shirt on where you can see most of my tits
I don't get why she always feels the need to get undressed in front of the camera if she claims to be unhappy with her chest or/and hips. She contradicts herself as much as her husband does .. Who still believes all her bullshit? Gosh her fans are gullible.

No. 490096

File: 1519465878967.png (446.6 KB, 568x491, IMG_1754.PNG)


She seems to have more "dysphoria" regarding her feet than anything else. Like seriously lying about her shoe size and how smol her feet are. Even Sam mentioned she's never met someone so obsessed with the size of their feet (when asked about Lainey's size). She seems quite proud of her chests even though Greg admitted he preferred underdeveloped girls.

No. 490097


She says she is a size 4 women's -.-

No. 490098


this still boggles my mind too, like it's such a weird thing to lie about? why is she so rabidly against just being average? she's probably like a size 8 and that's perfectly normal what's so wrong about that lol

No. 490100

File: 1519468353253.png (660.56 KB, 552x577, small.PNG)

it all seems to have started bc billie actually has smol feet. gerg probably told her how precious her tiny feet are and it set taylor off and made her obsessively start to insist that she doesnt have a normal shoe size. she gets so irrationally angry about it

No. 490102

>my boyfriends

yeah okay

im pretty sure last time they did a BOYFRIEND GIRLFRIEND TAG the defense was iTs jUsT a TaG!!111!

No. 490104

Wow, it must’ve been agonizing with so much dysphoria over her tits for her to basically show her tits like that. But this is ultra serious important career and she’s definitely not a transtrender.

No. 490105

she loathes being normal, and she is in almost every single way imaginable (and almost everything she isnt normal in, shes a fucking freak).

i dunno dudes, who doesnt have a 14 year old bestie they complain to about their marital problems

>im grooming you nicely

No. 490106

File: 1519477600062.png (1.02 MB, 995x562, cheerios.png)


Her updated version is even better

No. 490107


I’m pretty sure someone asked her this in a stream a while ago and she said it was because boyfriend/girlfriend videos get more views than husband/wife videos. So yeah, it’s to relate to her young audience and get more views.

No. 490108

Was this posted last night or this morning?

It’s a bit weird that she would post a video but not live stream or at least tweet about it like she normally does. Unless Greg uploaded it to her patreon. I definitely think something happened last night.

No. 490109

It was posted roughly five hours ago. After sams stream it’s no wonder she didn’t go on. Couldn’t handle anyone asking about her leaving face masks in the shower drain

No. 490110


Nah, she claims she's a size 4 in KIDS. And when someone told her a kids size 4 is the same as a woman's size 6, she flipped her shit and would NOT believe it. Saying "There's no way, that's not possible, how would that even work".

She likes saying she wears kids shoes to seem extra smol, and acknowledging that's a fairly normal size for an adult woman triggers the shit out of her.

No. 490111

>wears chest binders and mens underwear
>video thumbnail is binderless and showing half her tits

Wow, ok then Lainey. We believe you're a smol space prince now.

No. 490112

File: 1519484888111.png (594.05 KB, 800x649, blocked up drain vs blocked up…)

Tfw you're calling out other people for being "dirty".. The hypocrisy is strong with this one.
Note she's changed her bio yet AGAIN an allusion to grug's teenypeen or a nod to the fact she's gonna drop some faxxxx?

No. 490113

She's a 4/12 in kids which actually is more like a 7 in adult. She was so triggered in that stream and denied it and in her poshmark was selling size 7 shoes Lol!

I'm sure they fought last night, she usually let's people know via Twitter when she doesn't she knows she's going to worry her teen fans, just victimizing herself.

No. 490114

File: 1519486957631.jpg (297.51 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20180225-024157.jpg)

Getting a little insecure with your age now Gruggie?

No. 490115

She doesn’t actually want to bring in girls, it’s a huge threat to her relationship. She only says she wants a girlfriend to keep Greg interested in her but she has to walk the line of acting like she wants one without actually getting one.

No. 490117

It just shows how bored of his relationship with Lame he is, with Shiloh and Adrienne their bisexuality was a threat to him even saying bi people are whores. But he is so God damn desperate to bring a new girl in he's now embraced Lames "bisexuality".

No. 490122

grease at it again with those desperate mental gymnastics…

>uses example of 2 older adults, the younger being near his own age

>tries to look young and ~grossed out~

sweetie, you know we're all talking about grown men YOUR age preying on teens

No. 490126

The thumbnail makes it look like he's grossed out that anyone could be attracted to a 31 year old woman.

No. 490127

File: 1519493100493.png (99.44 KB, 1110x495, IMG_1755.PNG)


If her feet are really that smol, gerg must have some abnormally small feet for a "5'11" man. Lol he would have to wear boys/youth shoes since men's shoes wouldn't carry his size:

I'm sure if someone said you have abnormally small feet and can't wear men's shoes he would get triggered and expose Taylor's shoe size. Faxxx.

No. 490128

That’s because with Adrienne and Shiloh, they were out as bisexual before they met him. He had no control over them at all. Especially Adrienne. With Lainey, he was the one that coerced her to come out as bi and he controls it. So he’s fine with it.

No. 490129

One of them is lying because in that video she has her foot down a bit so her toes don’t reach his. At first he called it out but then said it was fine. Because she wants to look like her feet are smaller than his and he wants to look bigger.

No. 490130


either way her foot is not as smol as she tries to make it out to be. this whole foot obsession just points back to that letter that read she was his “little girl.” we already know she’s pretty short, so i don’t get the obsession with wanting to convince people she’s small.

No. 490131


I think she was bi-curious when she was younger but wasn't able to "experiment" with girls since gerg took her in as his child bride.

I don't think she is bi, as she was so uncomfortable every time she got intimate with Billie. She just wants a cool, alternative/emo bestie she can listen music with and do some makeup. She can't handle it if her predator gerg actually becomes interested in her gf, or especially if the gf becomes interested in gerg.

She is so wishy washy, telling gerg she wants a three way poly relationship where she can be intimate with the girl alone but behind his back she tells the girl she isn't comfortable with the two of them being intimate together. She then pretends to be the victim "I didnt understand what he meant when he said he is gonna do whatever he wants in this poly relationship". Sure Taylor… I'm sure she is the one that manipulates every situation that it ends badly so gerg will see that every girl other than Taylor is a bitch/cunt/betrayer…

No. 490132

His foot is not quite an inch bigger than hers.
So if she wore a women’s 6, he would wear a men’s 8-8.5. Although on the smaller end it’s not a freakish size. And since his feet look proportional to his height, I’m guessing he’s like 5’7 to 5’9.

No. 490133


LOL. Are those vegan pigs in a blanket?

No. 490135

any adult with a size 6 foot has figured out they can get cuter, cheaper shoes in kids size 4 (especially smol beans who don't dress their age). Proves she's a liar.

No. 490136

What's the obsession with the Onions feet and heights? Yes Plainey is a liar and Grug a Manlet.
We don't need to talk about it every thread. I know the milk is dry but seriously we talk about this every single time.

No. 490137

File: 1519495194449.jpg (133.54 KB, 800x600, height2.jpg)

okay so I decided to do a comparison. Lainey claims that she's 5'3 and Greg claims that he is 5'11 (I know, we've heard it so much.)
So check this out.(I didn't have time to make it cute so forgive me.)

In the cage video Greg's insecurity gets the best of him so he asks Lainey to stand next to him to prove he's not a manlet. If you see, he's trying really hard to stand up straight, tilting his head back and Lainey's head goes to his chin. Then in the second photo, Paul Simon is 5'3 and his head goes to Josh Hutcherson's chin and well Hutcherson is 5'6.

So it looks like Greggle is actually 5'6 and thought he could use his wife who's a bit smaller than him to prove otherwise. 5'6 isn't a bad height, idk why he's trying so hard.

No. 490138

Actually, if Lainey is really a 6-6.5 it would put him at EU 40ish or US women size 9s.

This is my size and I regularly buy size 7 mens sneakers. I'm not too sure but I think this might be the size where most men's shoes start from. I tried asking for a 6.5 men's a few times and I've actually always been told they don't carry that size.

No. 490139

File: 1519495700264.png (3.16 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180225-020739.png)

5'6 is pretty short tbh but this one is a bit more generous

No. 490140


okay looking at both of these there is no way he's 5'11 if she's 5'3. she would be at his shoulder at best, not his face. idk what's worse, the fact that he's so insecure he has to lie or the fact that she listens to him lie and sits there with a smug smile. he's probably convinced her he's that tall. no way i'm 5'7 and anyone at 5'3 is about the same height as lainey is to grug.

No. 490141

I think she's confirmed in a stream that he IS 5'8. It was in an old temp thread so can't pull it out now.

I'm pretty sure he was lying hard about being 6 feet before but now he's mellowed out about that agenda and only talks about how he's taller than Lainey. He knows the heigh diff is too miniscule to continue on with the lie.p

No. 490142

Speaking of Lainey, Greg was lovebombing her during his twitch stream last night, I'm sure we all know why. People were commenting about Sam being right and Lainey being a doormat. He says, after alluding to these mysterious Sam e-mails,
25:50 "(People call Lainey Plaine).. Laineys like the least plain person I know at this point. Maybe when I first met Lainey they were pretty uh normal, but.. I dunno. (Discord fag says Lainey's an amazing person) Greg: You know what Lainey is, is Lainey uh sometimes very savage."

OHhoho savage you say? Smol bean not so innocent after all?

Then he responds to someone calling Lainey a codependent doormat, and he gets in a heated argument about the definition of codependent (26:20), yells about hating "college" people correcting him, demands a google def, pulls it up and is proven wrong and Becca forces him to apologize. He proves that he actually hates his beloved "fax," RIP Fax Machine

No. 490143

>Greg was lovebombing her during his twitch stream last night

he's been desperately lovebombing her since the sam drama started. probably has to do with whatever he's not saying. if only we knew tsk tsk

No. 490144


He has a fetish of "turning gay girls straight" just for him. Lainey's his biggest fan and she knows this. So she screams that she's gay and only pan for him to feed his narcissistic ass.

It's the same thing with her pretending to have an eating disorder. Gurg believes that he can cure EDs so Lainey pretends to have one for his atttention.

No. 490146

File: 1519499355870.png (909.27 KB, 1069x916, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-24-13…)

Already copying that Jessie girl she wants her around to steal all the ideas from her lol.

No. 490147

File: 1519499412993.png (710.55 KB, 1366x768, Untitled-1.png)

Why do they have hot sauce in their bathroom? Are they the sort of parents who punish using hot sauce?

No. 490148

Their entire house is both a kitchen and a garbage can

No. 490149

File: 1519499582986.jpg (32.95 KB, 505x344, 1434517544459.jpg)

Jesus Christ her feet are big for her height. Like…. 5'2 and size 7, how does she even pretend to have small feet with a straight face?
That's small if you're like 5'6+
I'm taking this from the comparison point that I am 5'9 and size 8 and my feet are totally in proportion with my height. She must look like she's about to go ski in the snow with feet like that.

No wonder she looks like big foots over bleached lost cousin.

No. 490151

okay, Greg's perks on patreon aren't that bad, but Lainey's perks are horrible. She doesn't even try to make it worth other people's money. I mean the first perk is to see her videos early, yet she posts them in the middle of the night when almost no one is awake and by time people do wake up she posts them on youtube. Yet she got mad at a patreon because they called her out on this. She doesn't care about her patreons or her subscribers, if she did she would come out with something better than another girlfriend/boyfriend tag, etc.

No. 490152

What stroke me off as kek-worthy was that Taylor is technically college educated and he kind of indirectly jabbed at her

No. 490153

Her dog bathing video is the only one I legitimately liked. She should just stick to a dog channel.

No. 490154

this is something he does regularly. but at the same time, she's not very educated. when you take classes online, you really only take classes for whatever degree you're seeking. when you take classes in an actual school, it's required to take classes for things such as religion, language, history and typical human studies. so all she's working with is a high school education and a 2 year education surrounding psychology. which doesn't do much if onion feels he is able to argue with her and prove her wrong with google.

No. 490155

File: 1519500859699.png (1.09 MB, 1248x667, reeeeeee.PNG)

They have a fucking polyamory flag in their bathroom.

No. 490156

anniversary is KNOCKING onion probably feels he needs to

No. 490157


Soooooooo dYSpHorIc. We can seem them sagging udders, Lamey.

No. 490158

She has such an issue with shoe size, honestly I feel like she's deflecting for Greg. She wants to be a small baby and he doesn't want his tiny feet to imply his prepubescent micro-penis. She's just an average sized, average bodied woman. Being sise 7 at her height is normal. I'm her height at size 11. I don't get it.

No. 490159

What kind of white trash you gotta be to decorate your house with polyamory flag

No. 490160

cucked white trash

No. 490161

When you have to pretend to have polyamory pride so that it hurts less when your husband cheats on you.

No. 490162

i feel like gerggie uses it as like a way to hold punishment over her like a mum scolding a shite kid

"Wait til your next gf comes"

No. 490163

True, without context her feet aren't huge, but only when you aren't aware of her obsession with small feet. Lainey is the definition of average. I wonder does Greg like feet that make his penis look bigger?

She is so average that although she has had for years an endless budget of time and money for makeup– she's still mediocre with doing makeup.

No. 490164

File: 1519504357192.png (243.03 KB, 1076x673, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-24-14…)

He's so fucking annoying and I keep getting these despite not being subscribed to him.

No. 490165

omg i stan so hard that he is 5'6. it must be why he has such an aversion to high heels, it would make even smol girls taller than him in most cases, is this why he has never been out to a bar? he's so tiny and pathetic

No. 490166

File: 1519504603371.png (148.22 KB, 1079x649, SmartSelectImage_2018-02-24-14…)

He's trying to convince himself, just like he tries to pretend he loves his wife.

No. 490168

I think since he's not all that bright and all narcs are super insecure, he's taken the "shoe size = dick size" thing everyone heard in middle school to heart. He has the same sized feet as his wife, maybe even smaller, and that must sting.

No. 490169


>I wonder does Greg like feet that make his penis look bigger?

I think it is what other Anons have said: Billie is genuinely tiny and has cute tiny feet. Taylor didn't start all this foot shit until after Billie came on the scene.

It is pathetic how hung up on her both Greg and Taylor still are.

No. 490170

gross as fuck
It seems like they'll divorce in a year or too. Taylor on younow admitted coming to terms with things if gregs leaves.

No. 490172

inb4 gregma threads become as depressing and awkward as crazy marge's, until his eventual suicide

No. 490173

There's something odd going down at Mcmansion, first grug's vehement denial of ageplay dd/lg, then his apparent "disgust" of spousal age gaps of even a year more than theirs, followed by "I love my children-best parent" proclamations and now his Onision is muh USER name, my name is greg, I'm an actor shtick.. All mixed together with house hunting in order to "downsize" and overly erratic uploading schedules from both Grug and lame.

No. 490174

>leaves twitter
>makes youtube his new twitter

anon, you're so right. Can we drop the topic of their feet/height already? It's the same stuff posted over and over, in every thread, main or temp. uh

No. 490175

Lainey used to be so diligent about streaming every day, maybe her discord hate made her salty?

He's trying to make himself not seem like a pedo again, but for what reason? Lainey did mention that her parents watch her videos and stuff, so maybe they've seen some of his recent spergs? Or maybe we was talking to a teen on his forum, and got spooked?

No. 490177

>Or maybe we was talking to a teen on his forum, and got spooked?

well there was that incident when he had a teenager in his discord chat and he was saying some pretty disgusting stuff and talking to her about it.

No. 490178

only been watching them for a few but i defo got the pedo vibes, specially after he shared his twitter msgs, like what photos and files? what groups? just seemed uber creepy.>>489305

No. 490179

iirc there is a 14y/o patron who been privvy to some pretty disturbing conversations during his streams although one underaged paying fan shouldn't really unnerve him to the point he seemingly is. >>490178
*The twitter messages have been pretty much debunked I think, it was trolls imitating his patrons and they managed to fool Grug into thinking they were actual patrons until one of them went too far and exposed themselves.
*Not intended to derail only to clarify.

No. 490180

I think Lame-o totally wasted her education but for the record, she has a B.S. in Psychology, which is more rigorous than an associates or even a B.A. in psychology.

No. 490181

yeah anons lainey has stated numerous times she had classes on campus and some online, it's not unusual.
and i have no idea what this anon is on about, i go to british uni for STEM and your classes are all relevant to the degree, you're kind of there to be specialised in that field lol

No. 490182

okay? that's where you're from. in america universities have university core where students are required to take certain classes that are not associated with their major. even if lainey took a class on campus, it wouldn't matter because she was only taking classes for psychology. and she doesn't even use her degree.

No. 490183

I feel you anon but I'm American, most but not all colleges have a core curriculum, I think hers did too. A major generally has around 48 credit hours, and if you get a 4 year degree that'd generally include electives. In fact a B.S. requires bio and chem, and usually another social science like a sociology class… Again, I think she wasted her education, but she most likely took more than psych classes.

No. 490184

I have to agree with this anon. In some European (not particularly British) universities it's also mandatory to take irrelevant bullshit classes like Philosophy, Entrepreneurship, some sort of P.E., some social sciences classes even if you're a Comp Sci major for example. That's the case with Bachelor degrees. Bachelor's degrees are rarely if ever meant for specializing in a particular area or researching something. Especially in psychology, her degree without any real job experience is worthless. She needs a Master's.

No. 490185

she one of THOSE people

No. 490187

usually only private colleges don't have core curriculum and i'm pretty sure she only studied for 2 years. and i definitely don't think she was able to afford a private college because greg paid for her education and i highly doubt he would pay that much. online courses are a lot cheaper than studying on campus. also if you are only studying for 2 years and getting a quick degree, you don't really have time to take classes that don't particularly pertain to your major. it's like going to community college.

No. 490189

Didn't she take some classes before moving in with Gruggle after high school and maybe got some credits covered?

No. 490191

i'm pretty sure she didn't start taking classes until after she moved in with greg because her dad refused to pay for them since she was with greg, so greg offered to pay for them.

No. 490192

When she was first with Greg it was a private school (I'm assuming bc it was a religiously affiliated one) but she graduated from Washington State with a B.S. in Psychology. She transferred credits from her first school to the second. A B.S. is a "4 year degree," though some people take less or more time to graduate.

No. 490193

if he owes $140,000 just for the year of 2014 he's probably in a shit ton of debt. because he's been getting away with whatever he's been doing when he files taxes for years. so it's added up. he better start making mukbangs or prank videos because he's going to lose a lot more than his tesla. i remember him mentioning Trumps tax reduction and saying he hoped it would mean him too, but i don't think it works like that. when you get audited, that's serious.

No. 490194

File: 1519512215193.jpg (45.9 KB, 483x221, Screenshot_20180225-065934.jpg)

Genuine question, I'm not makeup savvy at all but with fiLling in eyebrows aren't you supposed to make it look like it's natural or is it "aesthetic" or whatever to be able to see the stencil lines and fill the brow blotchy and uneven?
How dOes she look at herself in the mirror and think that looks good, or am I just clueless about makeup!?

No. 490195

definitely not. she's supposed to even that out. but we're talking about a girl who has lipstick on her teeth in every stream and video. so yeah, i think that if her and greg both were to turn off their ring lights, there'd be a lot to see.

No. 490196

140,000 just for 2014? That was before he even bought the grease mansion and his 2nd tesla, wow he's probably looking at about a million that he owes to the IRS.

No. 490198

What a waste of Cholula.

Her brows are the worst. She's trying to do Instabrows like Billie but she's piss poor at it. She actually asked Billie to come teach her how to do brows as part of her flirting. Little did Billie know that meant let me wear you as a skin suit.

No. 490199

Greg said he estimates based off the 2014 number that it'll end up to be about 450k, but if his math abilities are anything like his writing skills…

No. 490203

This news was probably why lame didn't stream yesterday. They must be scared.

No. 490204

that's what i was thinking. and she still hasn't addressed it. maybe i'm thinking too much of it, but she usually streams everyday and if she doesn't stream she announces it. all she did today was post a video. other than that she hasn't tweeted anything at all today.

No. 490206

If he owes $140,000 in 2014 how much would that mean he made that year? At least $500,000?

No. 490208

Surely it’s because he’s trying to make it seem like YUCK I would never ever be attracted to Sam retroactively trying to cover his tracks?

Unless I have sams age wrong, from what I remember she’s a years or two younger than Lainey?

No. 490209

Some anons last night were speculating something big happened because she didn't tweet anything. I think this is the big thing that happened.

No. 490210

Yeah she's 21 onion is 32, and he said his max age gap would be 12 years. She falls just barely in that category.

No. 490211

File: 1519515313475.jpeg (510.33 KB, 2880x3840, 1F94DDA2-CF27-42E6-A6FE-1DB720…)

Since Greg made the “age gap” video, and tried to make things creepy with his virtue signaling.
At 18, Taylor was 9, and Billie 6.

I know he wants people to watch his videos and that’s why he’s trying so hard to be controversial, but it’s so annoying how he tries so hard to be so morally superior to everyone, all the time.

No. 490212

Do we know approximately how much they make per month? I remember reading someone guessing $10,000. Is owing $500,000 going to hurt them that bad or is there a possibility that they could bounce back into their affluent lifestyle?

No. 490213

Now I'm really grossed out by Greg.

No. 490214

He probably is assuming his posts are being seen by subscribers YT feeds only and not haturz.. little does he realise that more than half of the comments on his posts are by people asking why they are seeing his shit when they don't even know who he is nor are subbed to him, even some asking why his videos are being recommended to him when they've never even seen one before… which is proof YT doesn't have an agenda against him, he just isn't relevant to youth anymore.

No. 490215

Lame tweeted twice today. She posted video to patrons I believe and one to beautyboy. So she has had some presence, I think they're waiting for sam to stream before they do.

No. 490216

ahaha she seriously gives me Single White Female X Buffalo Bill vibes.

No. 490217

did he make an exclusive video or something about his irs fail? why's it gone?

anyways, the irs takes forever auditing, and they've just rolled up their sleeves if this is the first news he has received. still, wouldn't that make plainey want to stream more, so she can be a good workhorse for grease? start answering those chat questions about binders, gurl!

No. 490218

File: 1519518298172.png (124.21 KB, 829x322, Screenshot_2018-02-24-15-38-08…)

He posted a patron exclusive video apparently. Some anon posted this and then shortly deleted it.

No. 490219

That’s what was said. She hasn’t actually tweeted. All she did was post videos. And she hasn’t mentioned her not streaming last night or if she’ll even stream tonight.

No. 490221

She's live now.

No. 490224

actually Grease should show proof of this massive debt, it's funny how he releases morsels of "personal info" to benefit himself.

wouldn't it be convenient if he kept adding onto that debt to keep patrons hanging on?? provide receipts

No. 490225

File: 1519522784145.png (35.04 KB, 908x129, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 01.3…)

Sam commented a second time in that thread.

No. 490227

Cmon Sam, if the cunt thinks telling us what cereal he eats for breakfast is exposing him then teach him a lesson in what REAL character assassination is!

No. 490228

It's just that he finally sold the Tesla and got himself a Truck. If you'd like I can upload and post.

No. 490229

interesting things i caught from her stream:

>greg didn't get home until 10:00 last night

wow, amazing if true but ??

>[about dinner with grease] we haven't talked about it

it's 5:30 pm there and neither of them cares about having a meal? do the babies just get cereal for themselves? they're gonna love not having family dinners ever

- breastfeeding is the reason why she can't go to a concert lol

No. 490230

Lainey on stream:

"There's absolutely nothing wrong with the [trying on kids clothes] video. I'm not taking it down"

she completely ignores the fact that her house was a fucking mess in it/clot's arm is clearly visible and blames people being mad because it "pro-ana"

No. 490231


Link to reupload.

Patron Only Update

No. 490235


Her body is completely fine and looks healthy for someone of her height and stature. Especially for someone who had two kids and doesn't work out. But I don't think people didn't like her video cause is was "pro-Ana". Honestly, pro-Ana people would find her body to be too big for their liking since she doesn't have the thigh gap that they are obsessed with and her chest is big.

The pro-Ana community are people with a mental illness who fawn over bodies with thigh gaps. They even complain some models aren't thin enough and think they are fat (they think a lot of vs models are fat). They love euginia cooney's body.

It's weird she thinks she is so small and underweight. I wonder if the camera makes her look bigger but she still doesn't have a thigh gap and her own husband thinks she is overweight and talks shit about her pouch.

No. 490236

>her own husband thinks she is overweight and talks shit about her pouch.

Oh yeah, what a catch he is, ladies. Never a good word to say about anyone, not even his ~totally awesome~ wife.

No. 490238

So she thinks people are mad at her video because showing her body is thinspo/pro-ana? She is clueless if she thinks anyone would use her fat pouch as thinspo. She is not as smol and delicate as she likes to pretend.

No. 490239

What is she serious, she looks perfectly healthy in that video she doesn't even look close to underweight.

No. 490240


the fucking fact he is like "the irs is wrong - they just dont understand youtubers"

oh i cannot wait for him to get fucked

No. 490241


She constantly says how she is so underweight that it is unhealthy. She says she needs to go to the doctor asap because she needs to gain weight. She says she is fluctuating between 103-106 lb and wants to be 110 lb.

In a video Gerg guessed her weight to be 114 lb but she said she was 103 lb, so underweight and unhealthy and is the reason why she already whines about going to the doctor. Lol Gerg didn't seem to believe that. She really doesn't look underweight but says she needs to gain more weight.

No. 490244

>She constantly says how she is so underweight that it is unhealthy. She says she needs to go to the doctor asap because she needs to gain weight.

It pisses me off so much that she always claims she is so underweight and such a 'smol bean'. She just wants to add being underweight to all her other fake titles she gave herself over the years to seem less boring cause god knows she has no personality.

As someone who seriously cannot gain weight because of a condition I have and as someone who is struggling to keep a somewhat healthy weight up I hate people who make up being unhealthy underweight for attention. I'm sorry, I know this is half blog post and I wish I could sage but it is what it is, and it's infuriating.

No. 490245

She's attention-starved, it's been confirmed that she and Greg don't spend much time together and her best friend is a teen that lives far away. She gets an influx of concern and pity when she's "sick" or otherwise not well, so what better drug is there for Lame-the-perpetual-victim than our concern for her smol bean self?

No. 490248

Lames gonna go full Munchausen one of these days

No. 490249

It's because on the anti-O tumblr circuit there was a post about how they were deliberately posing in the same way pro-ana people pose to enhance how skinny they look.

No. 490250

He IS getting fucked. 140k JUST for 2014? Hes still waiting for 3 more years of taxes he fucked up. Hes going to be broke af soon and yet is spending money on flying all his hussies to him.

Reminds me of the movie/book Matilda; poor girl fixing up her own food while her parents were doing white trash things. Just like the onion household.

No. 490252


Maybe their breakfast, lunch and dinner is breast milk. Or Troy the four year old is responsible for making cereal for himself and his sister.

No. 490253

Well, to be fair she wasn't the one that said that. It was people in her stream basically saying she was promoting anorexia with that and she disagreed. Other than that, she does consider herself to be a smol bean and keeps saying she is trying to gain weight. I get that but she's not as small as she's thinking. She's an okay weight. I mean she should know, her husband harassed Eugenia Cooney for months.

No. 490255

She stated she can’t leave and travel anywhere to go see concerts or anything because money and then someone said if onision can go so can she, she then says she’s breastfeeding so she can’t and that they (doesn’t specify who) won’t latch to a bottle or use frozen milk so she can’t do anything.

No. 490256

>Hes going to be broke af soon and yet is spending money on flying all his hussies to him

I definitely think greggle is dumb enough to continue spending money and pushing off his financial problems until he gets the statement that says he's in deep shit. what I don't get is how long it's taken the irs to get it to him. if he's being audited, I feel like they would be working quicker on that. i also want to know how he's planning on paying that off. also, if he's found to have been cheating on his taxes, he could potentially go to prison.

No. 490257

>they (doesn’t specify who) won’t latch to a bottle or use frozen milk so she can’t do anything

it's probably the youngest one because i remember in her breastfeeding video, she said the oldest used frozen milk and she pumped because he couldn't latch onto her.

No. 490258

does the youngest not eat any solid food yet

No. 490259

He does. There are caps of one particular video where they are having dinner at home and he's eating those microwaved kids meals

No. 490260

i'm pretty sure they both do, but she still breasts feeds both of them. the oldest is like 4 or 5 and she's still breastfeeding him and basically said she's going to for a few more years

No. 490261

Cloey is at least one and should be leaving sippy cups soon, holy shit her teeth with also rot.

No. 490264

>holy shit her teeth with also rot.

it's true that breastfeeding could potentially cause cavities if the parents aren't taking care of the kids' teeth and honestly, i didn't see one kids toothbrush in their bathrooms. i only saw one of theirs

No. 490265

Children at age 1 should also be mostly on solid foods and get their nutrition from that, sounds like cloey is on only breast milk. I'm surprised no vegan channels have picked up on their shit diet and made videos about them.

No. 490266

This is kind of random but Shane was on H3 podcast and at one point he was asked about Bobby Burns his "hater" and how come he did work with him. And Shane talked about Bobby's critic video about him and said something along the line "well he didn't call me fat else i would have blocked him" and I couldn't help but think that was a stab at Onision. I might be reaching though.

No. 490267

i know. some have critiqued onions diet, and some people did ask about his son's and he's tried to say that they attempted to feed their son meat and he didn't like it. so idk how the poor kid is getting any protein since they've convinced themselves he won't eat it.

also, i just went back through the house tour video to doublecheck and yeah, there's no kids toothbrush. there was a total of one toothbrush in lainey's bathroom. i also didn't see a kid's toilet, did they even potty train their son? they should be starting to potty train the youngest now. i hope they're not both still running around in diapers.

No. 490268

>I couldn't help but think that was a stab at Onision.

it probably is because shane knows onion is his biggest hater and obsessed with him. and at that point i think shane had only watched a couple of hate videos and not many people focus on his weight other than onion

No. 490269

>no vegan channels have picked up on their shit diet

not only that but i actually laugh when grug brags about being vegetarian and having a "nice body" because he's putting on some weight now, but they also eat like shit. their pantry was full of junk food and giant tubs of peanut butter.

No. 490270

I have one cousin that is a dentist and one cousin that is training to be a pediatrician rn.

I asked them about Troy's teeth before and they both said that the sugar content in breast milk isn't likely to even cause cavities at all in children so young.

They speculate that if Troy really had such major cavities at like 2(?) Then it's gotta be a combo of not practicing dental hygiene and poor choices of his solid food intake

No. 490271


It's probably because of all the chocolate covered "granola" bars they eat. The idiots probably think they are healthy cause they are from Quakers, so the kids can snack on them all they want. Also the honest juice, so the kids will turn out as honest as their father and daddy.

No. 490272

yeah, that was already said. milk won't cause it by itself, but just like anything you consume, if you don't brush your teeth you're likely to get cavities and they clearly don't brush their kids' teeth. lainey is probably the type of parent to tell their kid to go brush their own teeth and obviously no kid is really going to brush their teeth if you aren't checking on them.

No. 490273

File: 1519541356372.jpeg (346.4 KB, 1239x1846, 7A0FF755-E1F2-48BF-B59D-ED5DB2…)

if Lainey is anything like her husband, she probably thinks this girl is calling out to her. she was quick to retweet this

No. 490274

She’s so thirsty for this girl. It’s funny, but pathetic at the same time. For being non-binary she sure doesn’t seem interested in befriending or dating anyone that isn’t a young, femme, white, long haired (typically exotic colored) girl. Representative my ass.

No. 490275

i think she mistakes her wanting to actually be these girls for crushes. she always gets a “crush” on a girl and then slowly starts to become her until another one comes along.

No. 490276

Lame really is thirsty as well as delusional if she thinks she stands a chance. This Jessie Page girl is honestly so out of her league. If she thinks she can get her to come to the mansion she should forget it rn. Jessie doesn't need the exposure or attention from the internet by being in their house like other girls who considered joining the trinity before (and probably did so for their 30 seconds of fame), because she seems to be actually successful and hang out with other big youtubers who are as well actually successful.

No. 490277

Welp temp is dead
Lainey is usually as paranoid as Greg is about people they like associating with haters

No. 490279

Wait, temp is not dead forever right?

And as for Lainey being paranoid, she thinks she wants this Jessie girl now, but if Grease got his paws on this girl he’d kick Lainey to the curb soooo fast. I think Lamp just wants ppl to THINK she’s crushing on Jessie so it seems like she’s trying to get a gf to Greg and her patrons so she won’t have to ACTUALLY try.

No. 490280

temp is dead forever now, apparently, which is really sad. temp was pretty useful in bringing the community together without getting too cliquey, the way discord does.

and as far as lame goes, she doesnt want jessie at all. she just keeps this up so she can seem special. she could not be more straight. there is no part of her that has any desire for women. amazing how greg came around from "bisexuals are disgusting" to flaunting his aged out child bride as being bisexual now that the marriage is somehow staler than their prized 6 year cereal collection

No. 490281

I don’t see the appeal of this Jessie chick. I tried watching one of her YouTube vids, but was turned off by her annoying/goofy chuckling and overall lisa frank style. Just not my cup of tea. I agree that she won’t touch the onions with a ten foot pole. Association with them would actually detract from her success.

No. 490282

Yeah personally I don't see her appeal either but that's because she makes content thats geared towards young teenage girls I am guessing and has this whole "i am so relatable" thing going for teen girls.

BTW talking about I find it a bit suspicious Lame started to talk about Jessie now that she is 18 (and thus legal) makes me feel like she had an eye on her before that and just never talked about her because she was underage. Which obviously is really creepy.

No. 490283

I'd be more suspicious of Jessie just turned 18, looks like she's almost 19

No. 490284

What? She looks 18 to me. I mean she looks sickly to me, but that might just be her natural state.

No. 490285

That would be creepy. I don’t know if that’s the actual case though since I think she started lusting after Jessie after seeing her in a crankthatfrank video. Or so she claimed on younow.

No. 490286

I meant it would be more suspicious of lainey to be mentioning Jessie if Jessie just turned 18, but she is almost 19 so it's not that bad. sorry for the confusion

No. 490287

Watch Lainey's Patreon house tour you can see an entire children's bathroom with a real kids sized toilet.. Little fucker has his own ensuite.

No. 490288

Ah, gotcha, thanks for clarifying. It’s still amusing though since didn’t Lainey just say she didn’t want to date anyone under 20?

No. 490289

Are all non-binary kids cows? It just seems like non-binary is just some weird trendy thing right now. This girl looks pretty “binary” to me. Maybe I’m older and more crotchety than I previously thought.

No. 490290

Sorry but just curious how you know this? I didn’t see an announcement but I haven’t done a lot of looking yet either.

No. 490292

here, anon. >>>/meta/5305
very disappointing

No. 490293

File: 1519553505409.png (4.96 KB, 354x108, Lainey Eyebrows.png)

That's because she draws her eyebrows all wrong.

You're supposed to draw your eyebrow sup and to the side. Lainey draws them as blocky lines horizontally.
It's a marvel how she pretends to be a beautyguru when she can not even draw eyebrows properly.(nitpicking)

No. 490294

Yup the mods basically killed pt and now they've done the same for temp. Poor job fellas

No. 490295

I’m scared to even type anything about it bc ppl get banned in here so so often and I don’t want to get banned for derailing but I really liked temp a lot and if they’re going to do away with it where will we live blog streams, nitpick, etc? Temp had so much more traffic bc ppl mods weren’t in there with the ban hammer. I can see this thread staying mega dry if they don’t stop policing it so hard. Is there no way we can get temp back? This sucks.

No. 490296

She also doesn't brush the product through properly with a spooly like you are supposed to do to soften the strokes and avoid having these sparse spots she always does. Everyone who knows a bit about makeup knows that little trick but not 'beautybot" who makes makeup tutorials for a living. Because why know shit about the thing you do as a 'job'?

No. 490297

If you have complaints take it to /meta/ and don't derail other threads. It's not hard to follow the rules.

No. 490298

but anon, she's not a professional!1!

No. 490302

Ok, so with the removal of temp does anyone have a summary of what has went on since Sam left the Greasemansion?

No. 490303

If you don't want to get banned just simply follow the rules, it really isn't too hard. Also do not post on Onision&Lameo's thread complaining about temp, pt or the mods; you can always take you complains to /meta/ but please y'all stop doing it on here.

No. 490304

That girl is not nonbinary I guess, just trying to support them and that's why Lainey likes her. But yeah nonbinary is not a real thing, it's just teens and young adults that don't understand that you don't have to perfectly fit into stereotypes.(derailing)

No. 490305

I'm torn on no binary, not to derail. It can be real but also implies that masculinity/femininity is a set of clothes or appearance markers which isn't true. I do know Lainey is definitely just not feeling attractive conventionally and instead trying to make sure she's "unconventional" so she has an excuse. It's really sad. If she just worked out more and had the patience to grow out her hair I'm sure she would "feel like a woman" again and feel conventionally attractive enough to claim the title.(derailing)

No. 490309

Unspoken rules as far as I'm aware, I may be hugely wrong but hope this helps.

No excessive caps of s/he's ugly/fat/skinny/old/young/shit at make-up etc (if there's more than 4 you'd like to reference use imgur/similar)
No mentioning of family members who haven't been specifically mentioned in depth by the cows in question (sam is not a cow at this point).
No point arguing over who's opinion is the correct one, it's easier just to move on, unless an anon has missed an important point.
No posting of one or two word comments/no emoji's

No. 490310

File: 1519574293185.jpg (139.32 KB, 465x606, Screenshot_20180226-023343.jpg)

RSN interviewed Lainey's ex Patron Maxxie and she mentioned lolcow… So expect an influx of newfags guys. She blamed her depression for sending her $200 per month and $80 in bars per stream.

No. 490311


Was this in reference to the screenshot where Lame is telling her "FYI, your monthly Patreon payment hasn't processed yet"?

No. 490312

I honestly don't feel bad for her at all, she had to have known it was a bad idea to give Lamey 200 dollars a month. She can try and blame that on Lainey but that's all on her.

No. 490313

Yes, it is, she says she was humiliated by it and that she doesn't want Lainey to 'take advantage' of anyone else which is fair enough but I agree with >>490312 in that it's no ones fault but hers, I'm glad she took our advice and realised Lainey is a money hungry grub.

No. 490314

File: 1519575222720.jpg (184.69 KB, 834x539, Screenshot_20180226-031436.jpg)

No. 490315

Just confirmed with Maxxie, she gave her $80 per stream, wow Laimey no wonder you stream every fucken day my god… struggling to survive

No. 490316

Spending so much money just to get humiliated later on. I don't feel sympathy for that girl because she's not the sharpest tool in the shed at all but that's still shitty for Taylor to do. Hope Lameo's top paying donations drop like flies in her house.

No. 490317

She says she spent so much because she really liked the attention she got from her, these kids need to realise that this "attention" clearly comes with a price tag.

No. 490318


Wasn't Maxxie the super mentally ill girl whoms aunt tried to get her committed? Isn't she the one who made up weird gang rape stories and talked about being molested as a child?

If I remember correct that is, Maxxie is the barely legal schizo who refuses to take her medication and Lainey was encouraging it? Considering Lainey's "Degree", it's so scummy to accept money from a person you know is an unmedicated loose cannon. Obviously Maxxie did it all for attention, but it's a tale as long as time - Onion's find a mentally unwell young girl who they exploit physically and mentally until she has nothing left.

No. 490319

You anons beat me to it, lol.
Here is the video from RealStreamNews, just released 2 hours ago

See how MaxieBoxie thanks lolcow for allowing her to open her eyes? Yay.

No. 490320

File: 1519576260174.jpg (285.63 KB, 934x1060, Screenshot_20180225-112712.jpg)

Screencap didn't load

No. 490321

Lainey was vaping her pens on YN last night (there's a video of her stream on REALstream News https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOKXpAb0nAA) and I just wonder, if she says she's feeling energized after vaping before a stream, is she literally a corpse without it?

No. 490322

Yea I mentioned that before and I also pulled her up on it, asked her to try and avoid mentioning the site in the future as we prefer to stay on the DL but it's a bit late for that now I guess.

No. 490323

Luring girls from the most problematic backgrounds, as always. As strange as it is I kinda understand why they would find comfort in the dumbest of yootoobers, but that still doesn't entirely excuse the lack of common sense imo tbh

No. 490324

Ahh I very vaguely recall one of her stans being like that, not sure if it's the same person, this girl seems very young by her pic.. She deleted her twitter so I can't lurk that.. I could just ask her but that may scare her off lol.

No. 490325

Heey what the fuck, I made that thumbnail for lolcow?
Well, that stream confirmed for lurkers? Not sure how to feel about people stealing super seecrut lolcow OC

No. 490327

Why is maxxie being discussed here? Isn't there a thread specifically for the discordfags?

No. 490328

I fucking knew it, as soon as I saw the thumbnail I was like HEY you fuckers stole that from LC!.
I don't mind RSN right now but if they keep this up they're gonna get on my nerves.

No. 490329

Probably because it's relevant to greg & lainey

No. 490330

Because the current situation pertains direclty to Lainey, it also may not be the same person. Username on twitter was MaxieBoxie (deactivated).

No. 490331

There were threads in snow for onion's discordfags but I'm not sure it involved Lameo stans

No. 490332

yeah i call bullshit on that. clot is what? at least a year old? at that age, breast milk is an addition to solid foods. babies that age can skip a breastfeeding and its not a problem. newborns need to breastfeed every few hours but its just not true for babies that old. she's almost a toddler ffs.

No. 490333

I did watch the house tour and I didn’t see any kids toilets or a kids bathroom. just bathrooms with a bunch of toys in them and crap. all the toilets were full sized and if he was actually using those there would be a stool placed in front of it because he can’t reach it on his own.

No. 490335

maxxie is all over here, she's still on lame's patron community pages too and realstreamnews falls for it yet again.

No. 490341

File: 1519579765947.jpg (433.07 KB, 1912x1079, Screenshot_20180226-043004.jpg)

Well unless they have midgets living with them I'm fairly sure this is a kids toilet.

No. 490342

Right at the end of the H3 podcast Shane definitely throws some shade in Onion boys direction.

They're talking about creeps on youtube and Shane, being a decent dude, refrains from giving names… but says something like 'he's not even relevant anymore, but back in the day everyone knew who to avoid'.

To which Ethan says; 'Ohhhh I know who you're talking about'.

That's gotta be a Onion reference right? If it was anyone else I think they'd name and shame but everyone knows that Greg thrives on attention… Ethan called him out once on twitter for being an attention whore so is definitely aware of him.

No. 490343

Hmm I'm still not sure it's the same chick… I can post her display picture if anyone can remember what the crazy Maxxie looked like and we can compare.. this one looks to be about 14.

No. 490344

can you post the timestamp?

No. 490345

No. 490346

that’s a regular toilet? what house has a toilet in the bathroom meant for only kids. that’s still not small enough for a child, especially not one potty training.

No. 490348

The toilet in the bathroom connected to onion’s studio was the same size as that one. That’s not a kid’s toilet it’s just a short toilet.

No. 490349

maybe trot has to crouch down on his potty in the cold ass toy room like an animal. or maybe hes not potty trained yet in which case yikes

No. 490350

im sorry for samefagging but it would explain why he cant go to daycare

No. 490351

No, it's not, no regular toilet is that small… this was discussed a few threads ago, in the same bathroom you can see in the shower baby nail clippers, baby scissors and kids shampoo.. >what house has a toilet in the bathroom meant only for kids.
Their house was custom designed by the first owners who built it.. Maybe they wanted a bathroom specifically for their young children? Its literally the bathroom off of Troys room… I can't see an adult choosing to use such a short toilet.

No. 490352

I mean thats gotta be Onion

No. 490353

that is a regularly sized toilet.

No. 490354

File: 1519581389748.jpg (124.5 KB, 642x1023, Screenshot_20180226-045513.jpg)

Looks bigger to me.. regardless of wether Troy is toilet trained or not I don't think it has anything to do with him not going to daycare/kinder, I think that is entirely to do with Lainey making her children too co dependant on her.. He probably can't go longer than an hour without sucking her titty milk. Don't forget they sleep together too.

No. 490355

If that's a regular sized toilet then where I live we must all have abnormally high toilets, it's still short enough for a 4/5 year old to use without a stool.

No. 490356

File: 1519581496111.jpeg (44.9 KB, 750x348, 1511920903108.jpeg)

Maxie/Emily was discussed more in depth here >>>/snow/432327
Pic was her insta before she locked it, should this be kept in snow? I'm not sure if this is pertinent to this specific thread despite it being brought up today by rsn, I don't really want another ban but also want to answer!

No. 490357

File: 1519581914393.jpg (56.1 KB, 1075x202, Screenshot_20180226-050236.jpg)

Her current pic.. welp you guys are true detectives! I beleive it to be the same girl now, so what's the go, according to that thread she is a compulsive liar, is she milking this being taken advantage of" for attebtion? I wouldn't worry about a ban right now as it still pertains to Lainey as she is actively trying to "expose" her as we speak as well as sucking up to everyone on that video supporting her… Once we find out for sure what's going on then the discussion can move to the snow thread but for the moment I want to know if it'll reach Lainey, RSN claimed they tried to talk to her but she ignored them.

No. 490358

onion is 32, and he said his max age gap would be 12 years.
Wow Greg seems to be the only person who doesn’t understand “half your age plus seven”

No. 490359


Maxie came to temp and the temp discord guns a blazin' wanting to eXpOsE Lainey a month ago or so. Nobody really cared because she's a cow herself, and she was acting really childish and wanted to constantly brigade Lainey's younow streams to "make that bitch cry". She was banned pretty fast for trying to kick up drama and a-logging.

All these things she's "talking publicly about" now are things she's already been saying. Difference is that RSN bothers to listen to her and give her a platform.

IIRC what happened with her and Lainey was a pretty big deal when it happened because Lainey kept saying Maxies bank failed them since her card was overdrawn? But it was also what, 6 months ago and she kept pledging to her patreon even after it happened, too.

No. 490360

This is why we stay away from onions, children. Their hardcore fans are psychotic liabilities. Ana and Maxie were planning a road trip to "visit" lainey" a couple of weeks ago, if I was lainey I'd be worried right now. Welp. RealStreamNews are fucking laughable at this point.

No. 490361

samefag: but if Lainey doesn't say anything about it I guess we will leave it, Maxie doesn't deserve the attention and RSN are desperate for views, wondering if they lurked here to steal the thumbnail >>490325 made, if so expect RSN to stalk here to get all the latest drama for their videos (already explains why they seem to know shit quicker than the Blargh), Hi RSN! Make your own content/thumbnails next time, thanks.

No. 490362

I agree anon, insightful post.

It's clear RSN is a lurker and that they post their own content. They are already very well versed in all the Onion history as seen in the Sam stream. way too many people try to use lolcow to self promote and further their own agendas.

No. 490363

File: 1519583197442.png (68.64 KB, 720x655, Screenshot_20180225-173741.png)

Nah she only pledged august 17 as a level 5, she was out by November iirc. She's just full of shit.

The lvl 15 was a typo, she clarified in her comment she actually was a level 5.

No. 490364

I was in stream when this happened. It was probably October, and she publicly called her out for her bank and everyone in the comments was calling her out too and telling her to get a new bank. I think lainey mentioned it two or three times in that stream. This was back when I didnt have a problem with her.

No. 490365

File: 1519583360718.jpg (84.12 KB, 446x376, Screenshot_20180226-052849.jpg)

What the fuck… She takes the term "Stan" to another level, if that's the case then this whole RSN interview, acting like she's some major victim that Lainey virtually took advantage of when she has full controller over her OWN money, claiming it was because she was "depressed" and liked the attention so much yet now all of a sudden months after the bankgate happened it's only now bad enough to mention to the rest of the world? She's gonna keep trying to milk it, I'm pissed though I'm thinking of calling Ms Emily out right now.
As for Lainey, I'm sure her discordfags have already caught wind and alerted her so I guess we can maybe hope for some milk from her responding to it. Till then I won't talk about her here again.

No. 490366

Yes she did say Lainey's other fans were harrasing her about it for a while too.

No. 490367

File: 1519583586970.png (62.44 KB, 718x606, Screenshot_20180225-173757.png)

Btw level 5 is only $15 per month (cutuebot),not the hundreds maxie pretended. If I was lainey I'd be pissed at rsn and emily right now too.

No. 490368

Why does this smell like an rsn self-post? Joy sparklesbatshit used to do the same thing, apologies if it's not but I can't see an anon proclaiming yayy lolcow were thanked.. coz the farmers shat all over mentalmaxie's lies both the and now.

No. 490369

File: 1519584147039.png (38.76 KB, 332x357, Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 18.3…)

Newfag here, but who is Stepanka and why is Grugles advertising her stuff on his patreon?

She has a gofundme for a burlesque show.

No. 490370

Good catch Anon, notice how they refered to Maxxie as MaxieBoxie before anyone else did? It wasn't shown in my caps nor in the videos caps therefore the person that linked it had to of known it was MaxieBoxie in the video.. Definitely reeks of RSN lol.

No. 490371

Are one of his perks a promotion of social media of choice? That could be it.

No. 490372


Some chick who had cancer that he's been friends with for at least 1 year +. She also had a gofundme for her cancer stuff. Similar to the whole Madison situation. She just keeps in touch with Onion so he'll shill her e=begging to his social media followers.

No. 490373

File: 1519584756817.jpg (297.19 KB, 1058x1258, 20180226_055200.jpg)

but she was vUlNeRaBle.
Considering the attention it's getting I can definitely see Lainey speaking out, Emily is holding on to the $200 claim + $80 PER stream (how would she even afford that kind of money?) $15 seems far more believable.

No. 490374

If I remember correctly it also happened during a stream. Lainey wanted one of the new items and her and her followers were egging on Maxxie for it. Maxxie said her card was declined or something and Lainey said that live.

No. 490376

Lainey's patreon only goes up to level 11 which I believe is $200 but that includes an irl hangout once a month along with her personal phone number & unrestricted access to a point, if maxie had ever been privvy to any of this she'd have been all over the Internet leaking shit, apparently thanks to lainey she was able to come out as "bi-romantic" to her mom in september/november, she may have been greg's patron too iirc.

@RSN at least use lolcow the way it's supposed to be used there's more than one page y'know. You're embarrassing even me and I watch gurg and co for shits n giggles.

No. 490377

her patreon used to be much more expensive, like 15 dollars for discord but now laineys lowered the price to 5 dollars and she might have done it for others perks too.

No. 490378


She gets so triggered when people ask if she's gonna use her degree or get a Master's. She even said on a stream that she knows her degree is useless but can't go to school now. I don't buy that she even wants to go back to school. She'd rather make shitty YouTube videos that only attract 10k-30k views and trick gullible tumblrinas into paying her for barely working. If she put her children in school, she could take classes during the day, or take classes at night. But we all know Grugly won't stand for that. Hell, I'm surprised he stands for Plainey even having a degree and being more "successful" than him when it comes to education. The only time he ever bragged about her having a college degree was when he was comparing her to Billie, who has a GED or something. He wouldn't let Plain go back to school, he can barely stand that she makes more money than him now. Plus, if she gets a master's, maybe she'll be somewhat more educated, wise up, and leave his cucked ass.

No. 490380

Easy. Just register a credit card and you can go buy yourself a Cartier watch if you like. Doesn't mean you should but you can if you lack logical judgement.

No. 490381

Take discussion of patreons to the snow thread.

No. 490387

This Jesse Paege girl was in Jaclyn Glenn's last video on her vlog channel just the other day. So, Laineys chances aren't looking so hot. Lol

No. 490390

"I just have one highlight" "I need lots of things" wtf weren't they struggling? Also in an earlier video on Beautybot, they show tons of different highlighters. Such a beggar for gifts

No. 490391

She definitely has the alchemist palette because she used that a month ago in this video:


No. 490393

The first minute seems very appropriate to Grug.
They even use an onion analogy (Grug would be proud, it makes more sense than the oven who makes videos about how hot it is)

No. 490394

File: 1519592980703.png (114.5 KB, 816x529, Screenshot from 2018-02-25 13-…)

She spends so much money on shit she doesn't even need.

No. 490395

Speaking of spending, does anyone have the clip from her younow yesterday talking about how getting a haircut is a basic human self care. People were calling her out for going to a salon to get her hair cut instead of doing it herself if she was so broke

No. 490396

Are we going tp discuss the milk Sam is spilling on stream that The Blergh posted or is that banned?

No. 490397

No, I think since tempcow died people don't report on things that happened as much. Also, there's less inclination to announce streams, tidbits, etc. because of the scarlet letter (B&).

This must be making Grease and Plain so happy :(

No. 490398

What did she say? I'm sure it's fine to discuss if it's relevant to Greg and Taylor rather than simply being about Sam.

No. 490399

>i don't say anything about the kids

>i even compliment lainey's cooking

>he said he lost money from having me there


>i really liked him


>he gets upset when i say i had a bowl of cheerios for lunch

yeah because it shows how negligent that house is

>he'll take what people are saying as "oh it's true"

confirmed for being a fool who takes chat trolls seriously

gregory avaroe/jackson is a fucking B A B Y
honestly this man just needs to go back to crazy tami for soothing massages the rest of his life
she needs to protect other women from him

No. 490402

0:20 "he lost interest in hugging me because he realized I would never be in a poly relationship with them"

0:40 "but not once did he ever come to me and say 'hey can you stop doing that'"

No. 490403

>he gets mad when I hug him but when someone else doesn't want to hug him that's a bad thing?
This must be about maya

No. 490405

And them she turns around and buys all this absolute shit. If one Patron can figure it out, hopefully more will follow. I don’t see how more of them can’t connect the dots. I thought that Dani chick would’ve (the one that visited when she got the tattoo) because that video was a huge red flag. Lainey wouldn’t go to Starbucks (unless someone else pays), Dani was buying her stuff in the video and then she gets a OMGHUGEBOX from another Patron in her P.O. box and has the gall to seem disappointed that there wasn’t much in there. Then she makes some comment to Dani about how it’s “so worth it” to hang out with her, which was in reference to Lainey passing her cold on to her.

They really prey on a certain type of people. Low self esteem, desperate, and socially inept it seems. And none of them really seem to realize that Lainey and Greg are desperately spending it all as fast as they can before the IRS really comes down on them. I’m pretty sure Onion wouldn’t have even talked to someone like Sylar or FatBecca before he lost it all. I guess at the very least, Onion seems to consistently fulfill his Patreon duties and doesn’t beg, at least not in the way that it’s obvious, like Lainey does.

No. 490406

Pretty relevant when it discuss the manipulative tendencies of Lainey and her Patrons. She sees them as an open ATM she can hit up whenever she wants.

No. 490410


There were a few more videos. One where she says that when she showered there was water clogged in the tub because it was broken so she was stepping on the filth of other people.

She also said that she was interested in lainey but not in Greg and that he told her that he was mad because she wasn't honest on her stream with her feelings from him.

Maybe someone can link them. I think they're 3 in total.

No. 490414


Sam mentioned that Gerg talked shit about her feet in his stream and that she is not surprised because he has commented about her feet in her face before. Also called her foot face in his stream.

This is why Taylor is so insecure and obsessive over her feet. Her husband doesn't like her feet he wants billies precious feet…

No. 490415


Wait.. Gregma called Lainey foot face ?

Does he lowkey come here to find new insults to call Lainey other than just calling her cunt or bitch. I've only heard of people here referring to her as "footface".

No. 490417


I'm sorry I worded that wrong. He was talking shit about sams feet on his stream and called Sam a foot face. If he can make comments about sams feet a person he lived with for a month just imagine the shit he says about Lainey's feet. It just all makes sense about her insecurity with her feet.

No. 490418

He seriously called Sam and NOT Lameo a footface? Are his brows going down so much that they're covering up his eyes?

No. 490419


She is such a lying, begger. She also owns the Fenty Beauty highlighter that she has used multiple of times. I'm sure knowing what a hoarder she is she owns more.

No. 490420


Plus all the shit in her house that she can't find because it's such a mess. Didn't she find primer and a bunch of other makeup stuff when she cleaned the toy room?

No. 490421


8:44 >He got upset because he believed what he was told on stream instead of asking me..

09:14 >I heard he commented about my feet, I couldn't find it anywhere in the stream.. How fucking petty is that..
Sooo you castigate him for believing hearsay yet less than a minute later convict him for you doing EXACTLY same thing… ok.
They're all mental.

No. 490422

Grease tried to explain away the flies by saying they're attracted to fruit that's left out. He then tried to use an example, saying he drank a smoothie and flies were gathering because of the leftover stuff in the cup…

Does he seriously think those are fruit flies? Multiple fat ass flies don't just appear because of a rotten banana or fruit drink omg. That sounds terrifying to find later in the kitchen.

No. 490423

She said she believes it because he actually did make fun of her feet irl.

No. 490424

lmao, those aren't fruit flies. Though I wouldn't be surprised if the kitchen has a colony of them too.

No. 490425

Lmao that doesn’t explain how they got in the house in the first place. Nice try, Gronk.

No. 490426

Something is rotting. You would think that they would try and find the source of where they are festering and remove it/them. They didn't just magically appear.

No. 490427

They're gnats, not fruit flies good try though Gag. I've seen them in really unsanitary houses that either hoard animals or leave out any kind of food.


No. 490428

File: 1519606925242.png (616.72 KB, 611x702, fa5fa4ef35184cf3293df6d0c9b72e…)

>tfw you are so angry about "da haturz" you use the insults they fling at your wife on people you have small disagreements with.

No. 490429


Holy, that is genuinely scary. The heck is this from?

No. 490430

File: 1519607897640.png (1.22 MB, 1311x760, insane.png)

Some quality OC from temp.
Someone put Onion through an HD filter.
I would love to see some more of them, but I wasn't the anon that made it. There were a few more I think but not sure if we will ever see them.

No. 490431

this was about an incident around december where greg made his patreon LizardQueen feel like garbage over her dead father. The lengths his whiteknights go to defend him is sad.
Start- greg being a dick becca says it was “difficult to watch” “I’ve never seen him that angry” She wasn’t arguing “you don’t know how this feels”
3:00 greg has been talking about irs stuffs due to stress Sylar mentions greg is not a teamplayer in csgo
4:30 harley mentions greg has been “off” Sylar calls greg a useless cunt lol
5:00 becca defends greg Harley says she likes greg
5:30 harley calls greg out Becca victimblames Sylar thinks context would have helped wtf
7:00 becca somehow believes context would have helped The logic is austounding…
11:30 harley says greg is such a hypocrite, becca agrees
11:55 becca says greg always admits when he’s wrong
12:55 becca logic defending greg

No. 490432

File: 1519608650897.png (119.74 KB, 305x312, 1510291375978.png)

>sorry your dad died but at least he wasn't a child molester

No. 490434

File: 1519609946142.png (6.72 MB, 3994x1994, IMG_1756.PNG)


"I'm 32*"

LOL. Makeup, filters and and a 15-year old boys hair cut sure does wonders for Gerg.