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File: 1602603371941.png (66.22 KB, 275x176, threadpicwinner.png)

No. 799829

Previous thread: >>792323
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash

Admin says: If you don't read the rules before posting, don't wonder why you're banned for a few days. Do the thread a favor and refrain from responding to blogposting and bait. Check the thread before posting to avoid reposting, it isn't hard. >>734887

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 from one viral video and he's been beating that horse's corpse ever since. His peak milk came from his grooming of successive underaged and borerline-underaged girls, as well as his grooming of the local landscape and too many crossover episodes with other lolcows to list here.

Wishing there were some whores in his house edition

Last time on Shrek:
> nothing
> not much at all
> Onion tweeted about abortion, so business as usual: >>792759 >>792765 >>792778 >>792802 >>792814 >>792830
> Onision has been arguing with some chick with an onlyfans, what's new: >>792832
> """James""" has been emailing bullshit at people again, this time Edwin, dodging a livestream with him because he's too broke to donate a Benjamin to charity >>792842 and then sets up a whole other No-Edwins-Allowed livestream for other people to donate money to charity while taking all the credit >>792915
> Bitched about about Repzion again >>792926 and had some more email heart-to-hearts with him >>793143, purely complaining about Daniel having a healthier income stream than him
> More highly scientific twitter polls: >>793056 >>793057 >>793058 >>793059 >>
> Good news everyone, Leafy is back and he's butt buddies with Onision now, what a high quality duo >>
> Onision says he has no plans for Christmas. Outcast from the family or sympathy seeking? You decide: >>796480
> More onlyfans releases. No fuck you, I'm not linking that AIDS.
> Greg, James, whatever his name is, said that his sister exposed herself to him, when he was 2 and she was maybe 5 tops. Big whoop. >>798700
> Really not a lot going on besides speculation and constant unnecessary twitter reposts
> Despite the deadline passing till waiting for the state environmental department to come home to roost because Onision hasn't put the fence up as part of his deal for destroying wetlands >>792388

Warning: do not click spoilers unless you're mentally prepared to see Greg's vegetarian body and face, probs from his onlyfans

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No. 799834

I just have to say this is the best OP in a while, you can really feel the sarcasm and resignation, and it really represents the current state of Onion watching

No. 799835


You're right, I don't even come to his threads often anymore, I just read the ops and shake my head. He seems to sink lower every time I think he's hit rock bottom.

No. 799845

Greg showed his asshole in full-view this time. No, I’m not displaying that because ew.

No. 799847

File: 1602616006565.jpg (348.68 KB, 1080x2184, 20201011_204010.jpg)

Tried to post this days ago but the other thread was maxed out. Tiktok is starting to wise up to old man Greg trying to prey on teenaged girls. Wonder how long before he gets riled up that multiple women have gone viral on there by warning others about him

No. 799852

His dick is starting to get an egg shape like Epstein's. That's what you get for pumping it to death.

No. 799854

File: 1602617833076.png (Spoiler Image, 6.08 MB, 1742x1880, 1602563107829.png)

Samefag. I wasn't gonna post a picture because it's disgusting, but this shit is too funny. "Egg dick" should become his new nickname

No. 799856


That's actually smart. They don't tag him or use his name so he can't search for these videos and feed his need for attention.

No. 799857

Gonna go kms now, thanks.

No. 799859

Thnx for the new thread. Do you guys think the wetlands thing is delayed because of covid?

No. 799863

It really is. I saw it on my FYP and was about to scroll past it before I saw it opened with "there's another pedophile on Tiktok" and imagine my surprise when it was Greg she was talking about.

No. 799874

The jerkoff vids are hard to watch because Grug has such a death grip on his ugly baby carrot that he's liable to deglove it one day.

No. 799877

Beautiful OP. Thanks!

No. 799878

File: 1602638236024.jpg (34.45 KB, 640x480, 1554969619319.jpg)

I've been looking for a last straw, what with the election and pandemic and everything, and now, I'm finally ready to end it all, thank you

No. 799882

I wonder. It really better not fizzle out to nothing. It was set up to be like getting Al Capone on tax evasion, but he survived that too. He's a cock-a-roach.

No. 799897


I just wonder if Greg has been actually trying to speak to teens on TikTok? Do the warnings come from anti-o's who know Greg or do they come from teens who he has tried to lure to his swamp?

No. 799899

File: 1602668218757.png (49.83 KB, 748x394, Capture.PNG)

From what I can tell it's a mixture of teens warning each other and actual TikTok 'famous' accounts warning people in general, but I don't think many of them knew about Greg before.

He's also making the rounds in the Twitch community.

No. 799900


If you look at it from the point of view of the county employees, it's in their interest for it to drag on and be work for them.

No. 799903

Well Greg just bought bots to get partner quick. And apparently its another one of these many, many things he just gets away with scott free.
Unbannable on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and just happily making money no matter what he does.
Meanwhile anyone else signs up on youtube, says fuck once and gets the banhammer.
I don't know how Greg does it.

No. 799907

He's dumb, but he's lucky!
Going back to his birth even, it's kinda true. Doctors said he shouldn't be birthed, however, his mom decided he should.

Greg doesn't have anything going for him, but he's always had a modicum of luck.

No. 799908


he's like a cockroach that's allowed to survive because he stays in the one room in the basement and the house owners are lazy

easy enough to thwart any attempt the roach makes to go anywhere other than that one room, so eh good enough

No. 799911

It proves that old saying that luck is with the dumb.

No. 799915

Greg embodies all of the scummy, undeserving people who are somehow always able to barely skate by.
Every time he has a setback, people think THIS has to be the fatal blow, but it never really is. I think he’s destined to very slowly burn out in an anticlimactic, unsatisfying way.

No. 799918

oh absolutely. Logan Paul, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, James Charles, Jaystation, I could give you a whole laundry list of people that for no apparent reason achieved fame and are completely undeserving since they never worked for it and have zero talent.
Today you can just be rich, open up an instagram and hire a fuckton of bots. Run those for a year and suddenly you are famous and getting interviewed by TMZ. Its ludicrous and I wish this trend would stop, but given the amount of stupid people in the world I don't think that that will ever happen.

No. 799928


is the one light actually Lillee Jean? for whom this totally fucking failed lmfao

No. 799933

The only consolation is that he inevitably ruins every good thing that comes his way. He's the type to win the lottery and somehow end up broke.
He's also aging out of the young demographic that made him relevant in the first place. Slowly becoming irrelevant would probably hurt him more than going out with a dramatic bang like some influencers

No. 799939

Well, in my country we have a saying that goes "an exception confirms the rule".
That's why I wish everyone would just ignore him. You can't make something like that happen though, people will always make videos about him, reply and such giving him his narcissistic supply.
I really wish all platforms would just ban his ass.

No. 799941

In the 'Is Onision a Dad?" video Greg confirms part of the reason he wanted to buy his old home back from his mother was so he could move in and live there. Also it sounds like he has no love left for Lainey whatsoever because he says what keeps them together is their mutual love of the children. Aside from that it's the same old hero complex stories where he calls himself 'Dr. James', childhood abuse stories, and being oh so much better than his family. He out right blames one of his relatives for their child's death because the had the baby on a feeding schedule. The cause was SIDS but he pretty much accused her of starving the child to death.

No. 799944

File: 1602709265919.png (274.59 KB, 585x491, 1 sad.png)

What a pathetic victory and the saddest part is that he's still beating this dead horse.

No. 799945

As Gurg continues his descent to the bottom, he tops himself yet again.

No. 799946

File: 1602709467178.jpg (322.06 KB, 809x1311, 2.jpg)

No. 799947

File: 1602709666005.jpg (378.7 KB, 1077x1535, 3.jpg)

No. 799948

Does he get financial gain from this? Or is it all just an ego boost? If hes getting money for all this r/t shit I'll be pissed.

No. 799949

>Greg confirms part of the reason he wanted to buy his old home back from his mother was so he could move in and live there.
He finally stopped lying saying it was just to record his shitty videos. We all knew it was much more than that

>Also it sounds like he has no love left for Lainey whatsoever because he says what keeps them together is their mutual love of the children.

None of them love those children, and what keeps them together is his fear of paying child support. At least he finally admitted he doesn't love Footface, it took him only 7 years to do that

>He out right blames one of his relatives for their child's death because the had the baby on a feeding schedule. The cause was SIDS but he pretty much accused her of starving the child to death.

Didn't his daughter almost die after falling from a second story window while he was in the basement ignoring and neglecting her?

No. 799950

File: 1602712463770.png (613.98 KB, 694x554, Laineydoormat.PNG)

Two parts of that video stood out to me.

He throws Lainey under the bus again. He basically says if it wasn't for him "MY kid" would have been killed because Lainey is a shitty parent and pushover. Notice how its "his/my" child, not "our" child.
>i'm so grateful i'm there because my spouse isn't the type of person to throw down like i am if i wasn't there my spouse might have gotten that needle punched in and potentially killing my kid if i wasn't there my spouse probably would have been walked all over by dr tully who works in the tacoma area and potentially let the explorative surgery happen

And then he makes fun of his kid for being in pain. Can you imagine be a little kid coming home after spending hours in pain at the ER and your dad calling you a drama queen and belittling you?
>now full disclosure my kid from that point on i looked at him and i'm like you're a little bit of a drama queen because you almost got someone doing surgery on you because you were screaming like a maniac over a rash i know rashes aren't great but come on man i'm like we were in the er for you man and and you're freaking out over this rash

He also mentions the doctors name and location more than once. I wonder if this dr. would appreciate Greg slandering him? His father tried to sue him for something similar.

No. 799951

yeah you turning off the retweet option on all those bought bots of yours while pretending to telling them to stop retweeting you sure is a victory, old man.
..what fans?

No. 799952


No. 799953

European yes, norwegian, no. Cool that you guys also have that expression though.
>Greg confirms part of the reason he wanted to buy his old home back from his mother was so he could move in and live there.
Thats telling. He loves the swamp trailer he has mentioned that a lot. I'm almost starting to believe Taylor and him are separated.

No. 799957

Well everyone knows Taylor is a massive doormat so he didn't say anything surprising lol. It's funny how he's throwing his wife under the bus over a hypothetical situation that never even happened. He's just looking for excuses to talk shit about her, huh?

No. 799976

File: 1602734447958.png (24.32 KB, 595x211, hmmm.PNG)

He's been tweeting nonsense all night. Im not talking about the "don't R/T me" shit. Just random manic babble. I don't feel the need to ss it. But here's examples-
>I won an emmy!!!
>Dog collars were made for bottoms
>Bitches are losers Don't be a bitch
>Jack off to me daddy

I did ss this last one. All this frenzied tweeting and then he says he's going away for a while. Did something happen at the swamp?

No. 799985

File: 1602741272573.gif (3.32 MB, 594x487, daddy bad.gif)

Now he's going after his dad for some reason. I really hope something major happened in the Onionsphere and this is his way of coping.

And just a reminder Greg. It would be a boxing match. I know you like to act like a badass telling the story of when you bloodied your fathers nose. But what you did when you were a teenager was lay on your back and kick at your dad like a little boy having a tantrum.

No. 799990

He's really grasping at straws at this point.. Desperate for some sort of drama to have an ounce of relevancy

No. 799991

This is embarrassing. What a virtue signalling douche as well.
Acting like he's some hero for challenging his father to a boxing match for 'ChArItY'
He knows his dad would never agree and I'm pretty sure his dad doesn't even have Twitter. All it does is make him look like a sperg. What a loser.

No. 799995

isn't his dad reaching his 70s by now?

No. 799997

I know its an unfair fight but come on now, I think Greg would last at least 13 seconds in that fight before crying and running out the ring.
Greg ain't THAT big of a wuss. After all, he's an airforce tool of death!!

No. 800007


No. 800013


It would be funnier if he challenged Lowtax to a boxing match, except people remember that cunt even less than they do greg.

No. 800015

Does anyone have a mirror of this? I don’t want to give views but it sounds interesting.

No. 800018

No. 800024

Seconding this.
I'm not up to date with his kiwi drama but the way Lowtax constantly begs for pity and snaps at his own fans in Gaming Garbage streams this year is fucking unbearable.
They're both deadbeat fathers who think their ancient short-lived internet clout means they still deserve asspats so it would be a fair match compared to his old ones tbh.

No. 800025

Its his own fault really. In the early 2000's SA was great but he let it go to shit.

No. 800035

File: 1602796937696.jpeg (442.49 KB, 1125x619, A886CCB7-CF30-4A9C-8361-6E3035…)

Kek, excuse the bad formatting of the auto generated subtitles, but the highlight was the rare spark of self awareness when he admitted people think he’s stupid in day-to-day life

No. 800038

B-but anon, some random online IQ test that is set up to give good results so people will feel more inclined to share it with others told him his IQ is high, that means those people who know him in real life are obviously wrong and probably just jealous of how amazingly smart Gregoyle is. He's basically the Einstein of our generation.

No. 800163

Wow. He pretty much called himself more competent than a doctor because Greg had an inkling his sons testical pain was just a rash.
Of course Greg would be an expert on ballsack rashes. He’s greasy and flaky with an incurable skin disease and excessively masturbating with a 5 finger death grip, paired with bad hygiene. Greg probably always has some sort of a dick rash at any given time.
So it’s not surprising he could identify one better than a doctor, even though he’s pretty much clinically retarded.

No. 800175

No Greg you have that wrong. We don't question your intelligence, we pretty much know you're a dumb piece of shit. Its a well established fact.
I don't believe that story for a second. What doctor in their right mind would choose to operate on a child, mistaking a simple rash?
That did not happen, and Greg is full of shit.
Its just one of the many claims Greg makes that never happened except inside his own big fat watermelon head.

No. 800176

File: 1602854991889.jpeg (129.31 KB, 1200x900, mengele-1556733155.jpeg)

I mean think about it right: A doctor choosing surgery over a simple rash. Doctors always look for the most simple and most non-intrusive solution, they don't immediately amputate fucking balls as a first resort. Specially not on a toddler.
Who is this supposed doctor hack-em-off supposed to be? Doctor Josef fucking Mengele?
Its just so implausible its laughable really and just one of the many cockamamie stories Greg likes to make up, acting all dramatic while telling them, having all these insane little details only a liar would make up.
But oh no you know here is Greg to save the day, knowing it better than a doctor. Its also easy to see his hate for doctors comes from his dishrag whore crazy mother Tami. Oh they know it better than any doctor. Herpes? Oh just put some asparagus oil on that and you'll feel right as rain. Cancer in the tit? Just built a wooden pyramid and put it over your breast and it will all go away trough the rays of the Goddess Isis.
A doctor wanting to amputate toddlers balls over a simple rash.
Sure Greg.
I'm sure that happens where you live, I mean, fucking Washington man, am i right?

No. 800178

File: 1602855682529.jpg (7.46 KB, 103x108, images.jpg)

why does greg still go to a doctor? dr. greg MD is in the house. with all these crazy doctors hacking off kids balls i wouldn't want to go anymore. he's such a specialist, save some money too. lord knows he works very hard for those dimes, shoving dildo's up his ass just to make ends meet.

No. 800242

This is the same guy who accuses a girl him and his wife groomed for years of "raping" them, so it's safe to assume the doctor story never happened or in the very least was extremely twisted and exaggerated to make the doctor look bad and Grease look like the hero

No. 800245

He mentioned he filed a complaint against the doctor but the hospital said he didn't do anything wrong, then watermelon head implied they lied to protect the doctor. That sounds like slander against the doctor and hospital, and there's proof on video. Gregoyle better be careful.

No. 800246

I don't believe that story for a second. I mean to make the mistake between a simple cream against a rash or literal testicle amputation is a tad extreme, don't you think?
What else would such a doctor amputate? Pain in your leg? Lets amputate. Pain in your arm? Lets get rid of it. Oh you suffer headaches? Lets amputate your head.

No. 800267

it's similar to the military story where they supposedly tried to force him to shoot a bunny

No. 800278

When Cloey fell instead of taking her to the hospital he should have mended her broken skull himself since he knows more than doctors lmao

No. 800347

He has so many complete bullshit stories its hard to even keep track of them.
yeah he coulda glued her little skull together, that fucking retard.

No. 800507

lol he made a weird video reply to jaclyn glenn's tweet about getting married

No. 800510

Kek smug cunt can't resist turning all the attention to himself

No. 800532

he's been trying to get the attention of other youtubers for days now. i bet he feels he really lucked out Margdal did some videos about his asshole behavior about Robbie Blaire

No. 800556

I love how he tells others to "move on" and then does shit like this. Keep proving everyone what a massive hypocrite you are, Gregoyle.

No. 800567

now he’s banging the SAVE EUGENIA COONEY drum again

yer a banana, Greg

No. 800571

Greg is the absolute champion at never letting anything go. He talks about shit that happened 40 years ago back when he was like 5. Hell he even did that recently accusing his 2 year old sister of raping him when she was like 3 years old.

No. 800577

And he just showed he still stalks Jaclyn's Twitter after all this time, he's doing a great job at showing what a creep he is by stalking and harassing women who want nothing to do with him anymore. I swear this retard has zero self awareness.

No. 800578

He posted a video on Twitter telling people to "stop being transphobic". That's ironic coming from a guy who tells Taylor she can't be a real man because she cries too much. Peep that transphobia (and sexism)(do you know where you are)

No. 800592

he does it on purpose, specially now. he's at his most irrelevant right now he's probably EVER been in his ENTIRE "career".
He knows they are disgusted at him trying to reach out at them or commenting on them, so he does it. kinda like poking them with a little prick. pun totally intended.
hoping he'll get a reaction.
its quite pathetic really. i hope people will continue to ignore him, because its awesome.

No. 800617

File: 1603077154176.jpeg (142.93 KB, 1080x1241, EkfwXRIVcAEepkQ.jpeg)

Footface is still there, he posted this the day of her birthday.

No. 800619

Tinfoil, but that sad ass walmart bought pie he posted barely proves she's there. He might as well have bought it to make it seem like she is, I don't buy it personally tho

No. 800620

I need something else there for scale. What a cheap pathetic attempt for your loved ones birthday. I would be single if I dropped that in front of my partner.

No. 800629

File: 1603083711014.jpg (549.48 KB, 1564x1564, Love.jpg)

Foot is worth $6.

No. 800636

Foot is worth 6 bucks but he donated to Eugenia and Billie got 10 grand

No. 800766

File: 1603099979858.jpg (45.74 KB, 597x631, taylor_charmed_life.jpg)

Christ, that cake is the perfect representation of their life.

No. 800774

I bet that's all she got too. Not even a proper birthday cake, just some shitty generic pumpkin pie with two candles shoved into it. She probably had to clean up after they ate it too while Greg wandered back off to the Fap Cave.

I don't feel bad for Lainey though. This is who she threw her pride away for and probably still thinks she's 'won' by staying with him despite the fact that he'd throw her under the court bus as a pedophile to save himself.

No. 800792

File: 1603115340438.jpg (65.38 KB, 1280x720, muh_abuse.jpg)

considering how little of a shit he cares about her or their broken little skull-crotch droppings she's lucky she even got that.
she should treasure it, cradle that pie in her arms, while she cries in the other room while greg RRRRRREEEEEEEEEE's on the internet in his comfy basement while shoving dildo's up his ass to make an honest buck. and then she should realize how lucky she is to have greg, how much she wanted him, how she would always reply to each and every one of her tweets.
he's her soulmate, you know?

No. 800793

priorities. any other piece of pussy is way more important than the mother of his children, whats-her-face/gender.

No. 800795

I still don't know how they're paying the bills. That pie and candles probably are worth an entire day's work on OnlyFans.

No. 800800

a very considerate gift, its a HUMBLE PIE.
it lets Lainey know where she stands.
now fucking eat it, you dumb bitch! (that last one is a direct quote of Greg)

No. 800804

File: 1603118473051.jpg (120.54 KB, 595x842, cucklord_supreme.jpg)

That cake is also Lainey and the kids dinner for tonight.

Meanwhile Greg himself is going out to eat. They better eat all of it too before Greg gets back or there will be hell to pay.

No. 800840


Lainey would've got a better birthday (and life in general) if she did go to fucking jail.

No. 800845

hey if Rose West can find a beautiful girlfriend like Myra Hindley then so can Lainey.

No. 800909

anon, myra hindley literally helped murder children

No. 800916


And he’s surprised by this? He looks like a god damn Neanderthal that fell down a mountain and hit every single boulder on the way down. Then he opens his mouth and there’s not denying that he’s got too much air between the ears.


He’s truly a special breed of stupid that he doesn’t realize he had to pay a barely legal alt girl just to hang out with him. Kainey threw herself at him and latched on for life, but the much more attractive girl needed thousands to fuck him (and cry about it afterwards).

No. 800918

No, you're wrong. Myra actually also killed kids herself, as did Rose West.

No. 800922

Rose West was also a murderer, anon was being facetious

No. 800934

More over, Myra Hindley and Rose West had a lesbian relationship in prison. Blew my socks off when I heard about it.

No. 800951

Wow. We're talking about pie. Wow.

It really goes to show Greg isn't even half as interesting without someone else around him. It isn't just Skye or Shiloh or even Footface. Greg is just that flat and boring on his own.

No. 800960

I don't even think money is a matter here, it's a matter of effort lmao. A pumpkin pie with candles in it is a big "fuck you", not a cute "I love you".

Even if you're low on money, a nice Cupcake from a bakery will run you the same, is for that one person and is more special (better tasting and prettier too), than a pumpkin pie lol.

That's how much effort he's willing to put into celebrating his "loved one's day of birth" and into making her feel loved.

No. 800983

File: 1603170066682.jpeg (85.61 KB, 856x550, 39EACDF1-B776-4CAA-A803-EB3D60…)

Greg’s autistic dupers delight grin when he reveals on stream that “mcfly knows he works out”
Looks up to left which is an obvious sign of lying.
“Because… she saw me do push-ups as of recent”.

Wow. His standards got low.

No. 800984

File: 1603170131136.jpeg (98.05 KB, 951x599, 8BF067A0-CED7-41A9-BFA1-15E0AB…)

No. 801012


>Looks up to left which is an obvious sign of lying.

Youtube folk knowledge, like how a coin dropped from a height will go straight through someone's skull…

No. 801013

File: 1603195933811.jpg (173.04 KB, 1310x866, topgregory.jpg)

top greg

he's actually defending the now infamous pumpkin Kai-pie on kiwifarms.

No. 801016

Kek though it is silly how things have slowed down to the point of talking about pumpkin pie (Greg giving little to no effort for Kai is not news and it only confirms that doormat is still there) I love the greg logic in making arguments with half assed and selective copy and paste research

No. 801017

Yeah, arguing that its healthy. Hey Greg a carrot is healthy too and she can also stick it up her pussy. And yet most girls still prefer a diamond ring, know what i'm saying?
Go figure, right?

No. 801018

>Pumpkins are actually rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, so it is incredibly healthy. What's more, its low calorie content makes it a weight-loss-friendly food.

Whether it's Greg or a (really dumb) fan, I don't know if I should laugh or cringe about the lack of knowldge regarding the comparison of a pumpkin and a pumpkin pie. Who doesn't know that store bought pies are loaded with sugar, the crust is usually calorie-rich but has no nutrients because it's made from basic flour, and if he's very lucky, it's also loaded with preservatives?

I don't have anything against store bought pies, they're convinient if you don't have the time to bake or if you just want to get something cheap quickly, but getting all defensive about a pumpkin pie really makes me lol.

No. 801019

"Yes Troy I know you wanted to go out trick or treating for Halloween but I got you a fruit bowl instead. Because its healthy and good for you, now go play."

No. 801020

"It's all the leftovers from what mommy-daddy didn't like and spat out earlier, now be a good role model for mommy-daddy and finish your fruit bowl."

No. 801021

top tier sock puppeteering work there, greg. instead of the joker you went for batman and now no one will ever suspect it was you.
"you either become the hero or live long enough to become the villain!" ©™ Gregory Jackson 2020
Yeah "Now eat it your little shit or you're next to get flying lessons from the second story window"

No. 801027

>>801012 Or how people who use ellipsis aren’t retarded.

No. 801034

File: 1603204974979.png (5.33 KB, 262x193, you sure showed them.png)

No. 801035

File: 1603205135991.jpg (48.97 KB, 515x341, prize.jpg)

Congradulations, champ!

No. 801051

File: 1603210192615.jpg (126.19 KB, 1340x758, ew.JPG)

this is how he chooses to display his stream. His greasy face huge front and center. game tiny off to the side. He's a twitch thot confirmed.

No. 801054

Obviously can’t confirm if it’s him or not but it’s funny that this post does accurately reflect their dynamic.
> Onision decided pie was a better choice and kai agreed.

Greg will make decisions and lainey will go along with it but Greg presents it as her choice or her idea.

We’ve seen it with her being gay/needing to have a girlfriend/sharing the girlfriend with greg. As if she’s choosing it because she wants to because she’s so ~gay~ and ~poly~ not because she’s driven by a fear of greg leaving her if she says no.

Obviously it isn’t a big deal when it comes to pie vs cake for a birthday but it can quickly become problematic when it comes to something like with what happened with Sarah.

I’m sure saying no to him directly does come with consequences but there’s no way they outweigh the consequences of continuing to go along at this point. It’s only going to get worse from here on out and he’s not going to reward her for her loyalty. She’s just as much at risk of getting left as any point before. He doesn’t make rational decisions around stuff like that.

No. 801057

also in the 10 minutes i watched his stream he:
- Complained that people get mad when 20 somethings date teenagers
- Called Lucidia hot like 5 times (she really has fallen hard)
- Said he and Kai fight on her birthday every year

No. 801059

File: 1603211704970.jpg (30.6 KB, 306x434, raid.JPG)

he raided some random girl and she was sooooo awkward when she saw who it was, she refused to say his name out loud. And the girl's mods were not happy. it was pretty hilarious

No. 801061

wait what? Lucidia is a fan of gargamels now? i haven't been following the onions thread here lately, but I feel like I missed something, or misinterpreted your bullet point.

No. 801062

File: 1603211923188.jpg (22.29 KB, 330x232, lucidia.JPG)

Yes she is now a super fan of his.

No. 801066


Using his retarded logic he could have bought her a chocolate cake since cocoa is rich in antioxidants, helps with blood pressure, improves symptoms of depression, etc. Because you know, if a cake has ONE healthy ingredient it becomes instantly healthy and all the unhealthy ingredients in it don't count

No. 801071

>Obviously can’t confirm if it’s him or not
Sorry for bringing dog fucker up and I hope this doesn't make her show up and clog the thread with self posts, but she did confirm Grease has a sock puppet account in kiwifarms. That's about the only useful information she revealed.

No. 801080

well… that's pathetic and disappointing.

No. 801092

Sorry Gregoyle, but doing 10 half assed push ups once in a while won't get rid of your swollen dad gut and won't make your small feminine shoulders and arms look any strong.

No. 801103

File: 1603218981107.jpg (56.18 KB, 720x480, L5yzxs1.jpg)

This actually made me laugh, one of the few times he genuinely has made me laugh. The thought of doing this to a partner lol..

>"If you took the time to research, you'd see most people want pie instead of cakes on their birthday"

Orly? What research Greg? They must be pooling A LOT of money into peer-reviewed research studies to discover why all of the sudden people nationwide want pies instead of cakes! What a phenomenon! Orrrr you just didn't give a fuck/forgot Kai's birthday and bought that shit last second lmao.

And I love how he's using the review rating system on food (which is a very subjective thing, especially since these are prepared in different batches), as proof that the pie is good; it comes from a fucking pseudo bakery within a dpt/grocery store. No, the pie looks like shit, you're a cheap bastard, and a cupcake would have been a nicer, more thoughtful gesture than what you provided lol.

You couldn't get Kai a pumpkin cupcake?

No. 801123

I recently decided to view an episode of Have a seat with Grift Scamsen, and he had this Scottish rapper on or something who knew Greg from BEFORE the "I'm a banana"-thing and he told that Greg pretty much is the uncrowned king of sock puppets. He has MANY, so probably most claims of people having ran in to them are true.

No. 801138

Did he say why they fight on her birthday?

I wondered why he signed up for Twitch. Probably was hoping to get the attention of any attractive female streamers like this.

No. 801148

Greg can't vegetables without them being frozen or steeped in sugar and corn syrup first

No. 801149

>"I wondered why he signed up for Twitch. Probably was hoping to get the attention of any attractive female streamers like this."

Around the same exact time he signed up on Twitch, was when Leafy was on Twitch and he started sucking Leafy's cock really hard, Leafy even interview Onion on Twitch where he low-key made fun of him and called him a pedo straight to his face.

Ever since that interview, Onion's been on Leafy's dick. My thinking here is, he was hoping to take some of Leafy's audience away and become successful on Twitch, as he's been talking about how Cyr is successful on Twitch (and how much he hates that).

So he's basically copying Cyr in attempt to get money and hoping to get big on a different platform, Twitch, while also attempting to leach off of Leafy and his already established fan-base.

No. 801151

>>801013 This is far from the first time he's done this on there. Earlier this year he was shitting up his thread under the name Mr. Purple Carrot (account has since been deleted after he finished defending his baby carrot).

It's so easy to tell when its Gurg. He legit cannot resist defending himself over anything. Even fuckin' Walmart bakery pie lmao.

No. 801191

Maybe he thinks the glasses will help him give good brain.

No. 801193

He went from copying Shane Dawson to copying Cyr, lmao. This bitch can't be original and is always copying others more successful than him in hopes of becoming like them, how pathetic.

No. 801198

File: 1603238504855.png (152.9 KB, 718x246, popular.PNG)

This right here makes me laugh. A party of 20, holy fuck that's sad. Right now Cyr is playing Amnesia: Rebirth and he has over 1,500 viewers. If Greg wants to compete with his old BFF then he's going to need to up his game.

No. 801202

It’s typical narc behaviour particularly on holidays/birthdays they cause drama or fights so that the attention is focused on them.

No. 801218

File: 1603243539416.jpg (97.76 KB, 480x599, AT-cm_797270482-preview.jpg)

I assumed he was just imitating Cyr with those fake non-prescription glasses. Everything about his Twitch streams is mimicking his ex-bestfriend. He doesn't bring it up much now but during his first streams he would mention what he had seen Cyr do the day before. People commented on him copying Cyr so he had to double down and parody it with his next stream titled "Copying Cyr Because He Did A Funny Thing And I Wanna Crash Cars" in some weird attempt to make the cribbing claims invalid like with the baby carrot thing. He tried to laugh (through the tears) with everyone by making a bunch of 3D porn of him with a tiny orange cock. He spends 4 hours a day streaming, does he spend the rest of the day watching Cry to get ideas? I hope he gets a crazy Russian girlfriend next.

No. 801220

File: 1603244100805.png (721.73 KB, 954x518, DONT.PNG)

First his fake meltdowns about the retweet ratio he was getting slammed with. Now these stream names. Did he just learn about reverse psychology?

No. 801232

File: 1603247140505.png (34.88 KB, 1606x134, Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 11.2…)

He also said this (pic attached). Nice way of talking about your "twin flame", onionboy. Guess she didn't think a 5 dollar walmart pie was a good birthday cake lel

No. 801238

the desperate flailing for attention on twitter is so hilariously pathetic and transparent.

daily developments are so banal (fucking pie??) but zooming out just a bit you realize greg's life is finally circling the drain of his own making at a rapidly increasing pace.

sit back continue ignoring and watch this ignored child lash out harder and harder to an audience that cares less and less for his tired antics, til he finally has a full-on narc collapse and offs himself inside 5 years. couldn't happen to a more deserving guy and the world will be a better place for it

No. 801243


Because it’s a day about someone other than him.

No. 801246

He’s perpetually circling the drain but never goes down. His depravity hit a new high when he reaped his years of grooming sarah but even that hasn’t sunk him yet. I thought it would finally be the thing that brought him down but even Lainey has gotten out without any real consequences.

No. 801248

It looks like Cyr is his new obsession. Poor guy.

No. 801250

Pretty sure that was real though, that is if he actually was part of SERE training - it's a required part of training. What always makes me lol about that retards story is he acts like he didn't know he'd have to kill things in the military, which tbf he is genuinely stupid enough not to understand.
Not enough evidence she's there imo. And who tf eats a pumpkin pie on their bday? Looks like he bought it just to create more rumors.

No. 801252

I caught a stream snipe of this months ago. That Scottish faggot never met Greg and barely knew who he was. He literally sat there for an hour reminiscing about MySpace.

No. 801253

>Ungrateful scumbags like…Kai deserve to be thrown against a wall
RIP uwu twimflame. Guess this means he won't be disingenuously lovebombing his wife anymore until he gets really desperate to make himself look like a semi-decent human being again. Not that it ever worked in the first place but still.

No. 801254

Damn Cyr still looks good for however old he is now lol. Meanwhile the tard trying to copy him >>801051, >>800983 looks sicklier than usual. JJ really did get the shallow end of the gene pool.

No. 801262

What's the evidence she isn't there?

No. 801276

So this pretty much confirms that Greg abuses Lainey.
>greg's life is finally circling the drain of his own making at a rapidly increasing pace.
His 15 minutes are up. You know it, I know it and he knows it.
I think thats probably the only thing that could make him semi-relevant again for a few months, if he were to leave Lainey for McFly or some shit.
Cyr training.
apologies for such a lame joke, but its been on my mind for a while now.
When it comes down to Grift Scamsen and Greggy Poo its really a competition of who's more desperate for money and views.
I don't have the answer, do you?

No. 801309

there's plenty of consequences, just not the final storybook ending some people crave. I'm not holding my breath for those especially since the desire for that seems to rest on the assumption that greg would have to finally admit the monumental failure that is his life, when that time comes.

this is a misunderstanding of npd, he has never admitted fault or remorse even this far 99% into his 100% life collapse, the next 1% will go no differently. his conscious ego can't allow him to introspect, regret, or learn, because he never developed the ability to view a person (incl himself) as any nuanced mix of strengths and flaws. can't fix a flaw you're pathologically incapable of acknowledging, which is how we got to this point in the first place.

the moment his brain finally reckons with who he actually is and what he's actually done instead of the sad facade he frantically devotes his waking hours to maintaining will be the moment he kills himself. even then he will leave some cowardly greg-ish note attempting to paint it as an uwu delicate soul ground down by an uncaring and inferior society who couldn't recognize his brilliance. delusional, childish ego preservation to the bitter end.

so i'm not waiting or pining for the ending, it will end with a pitiable narc whimper. i'm enjoying the ride

No. 801313


Reason #432,201 why he shouldn't be allowed guns is the off chance he ever gains any self-awareness.

No. 801323

That sounds kind of specific… I wonder if he already did that to her. He sure did it to Shiloh.

No. 801328

File: 1603308387305.jpg (81.11 KB, 1866x333, cleverruse.JPG)

not-greg posts another galaxy brain bamboozle on the other farms.

this cements for me personally that lainey is still married, but separated and living elsewhere. greg is very careful with his choice of words and you know he would've called out that they still live together if he could do it fax-ually.

not surprising, just nice for the waterbrain to once again confirm through expectedly unintentional self-own.

which leaves the question of what the house is being used for now. my money is on: sad attempt at subletting for income, avoiding altogether to save on utilities, or the darkest possibility I consider realistic which is that lainey has moved out but left the kids behind and greg lives in the garage while hiring horrendously inadequate childcare to tend the house with the children inside.

No. 801330

ps for anyone on the fence for whether these are a troll vs greg, the fact that most of the posts happen within seconds to minutes of an onision tweet and that the sock account closely monitors related threads (eugenia cooney etc) which get reflected in subsequent onision video sharts cements it for me.

No. 801333

We have nothing proving she's there other than her twinflame child groomer purposely vague posting about it. I don't see that as being enough to go on.

No. 801337

It's weird how not-onision knew Footface loves pumpkin pie. She never mentioned loving pumpkin pie in any of her videos, so only someone who knows her personality would know that

No. 801338

This is one of the worst arguments I've ever heard anon. He can literally say anything about Lainey, it doesn't make it true. Talking shit is a lifelong hobby for him.
It could be him but I'd wager it's an orbiter. His last remaining handful of stans are so low IQ I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between him or them in a blind post. Also remember he has super desperate ass kissers like Heezy around who monitor shit for him constantly.

No. 801339

>the moment his brain finally reckons with who he actually is and what he's actually done
I honestly don't see that ever happening, unless somehow LE gets involved in his life, and by involved I mean an arrest.

No. 801342

>Complained that people get mad when 20 somethings date teenagers
Funny he always fails to mention how he called her "just a friend"/"foster daughter" until the moment she turned 18. He literally fucked his self proclaimed foster daughter the second she was legal.

He won't be "taking Leafy's audience" because Leafy's audience doesn't like pedos. For most of that stream the chat were calling Onision a pedo. Even they knew he's a child groomer. It's just Leafy that was in the dark.

No. 801344

LE is already involved (as in he knows their eyes are on him), but that won't affect his narc brain because a) he doesn't get Nsupply from LE validating him, and b) being in disfavour with LE is too easy to integrate in his delusional narrative of being L/the joker/etc, the guy who is "just too smart and too much of a threat to be accepted by sheeple". any attention from LE up to a point is supply for greg, which is a plus.

recalling the past episodes which really shook him, you can see they all defeated one of those two options.

option a exemplified by rejection by billie, madison, sam, etc - obv these were grooming targets he thought he 'loved' so he really had to scramble to reshape his inner narrative when they rejected him.

option b exemplified by the few interviewers who were informed and focused enough to deflate the front he puts up and expose the true gregory daniel beneath the blustering and blame-shifting - a broken, spineless individual who needs to feel externally validated at all times. and it was done in a way that greg felt was public and undeniable. in those situations he retreats into his meek, feminine voice and his body language screams that he's trying to curl into a ball and disappear, or placate his interlocutor with empty fawning compliments. see the drunken peasants podcast, the blaire white interview, and his total refusal to confront chris hansen when it wasn't on a platform he could control or shout over.

LE will become a problem for him if/when he is arrested and imprisoned, that part I agree with. prison will be the ultimate cutoff from supply for him, and he's too much of a charisma-less physical coward to gain any sort of respect in the clink. He'd off himself faster than epstein didn't.

No. 801345

>this cements for me personally that lainey is still married, but separated and living elsewhere
I'm convinced she's been gone for months. I don't see her leaving the kids there, not because she actually gives a fuck about the poor things but because whichever family member she's definitely living with now would have the sense to never relinquish them to a sped who leaves jizz, vomit and whatever else lying on the floor, waiting for the dog to clean it up.

Greg's family's disowned him and Lainey's family's always hated him. They're both living proof that the downy gene can skip generations. Hopefully it skipped their kids.

No. 801353

Just because she's hiding like a rat from the public due to being ashamed of having been exposed as a predator doesn't mean she isn't there.

No. 801355

Counterpoint: Greg very carefully dances around outright saying "she lives here" when he tries to own the haters. It's only "we are not divorced", "we are still married". Never "we are still in love", "we still live together", "we still do things together".

Given how deeply he's scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything to crow about, you know he'd be playing that card if he had it

No. 801358

File: 1603317898461.jpg (98.25 KB, 1527x507, rich.JPG)

the self-own continues. greg confirmed for:
>>buys his spouse a $6 pie for their birthday
>>defends this on KF with yet another transparent sock
>>can't keep his lies and half-truths together on whether he bought or baked this (hint: he did whichever option was cheapest and lowest effort)

No. 801369

It's like when he bought her a shitty silicone ring instead of a real hypoallergenic one. He had plenty of money to throw at Billie to fuck her, but not to buy his wife a real ring that didn't make her finger green.

No. 801376

Sure, there's just not enough evidence to prove that she's there definitively.

No. 801395

I honestly think Kai is gone. Yes, she is a doormat, but every single human has their breaking point - every one. While she's trying to raise children, her husband is shoving dildos up his ass and taking photos of it in an attempt to get money, while jerking off on the carpet.

There's just no way. His own blood disowned him; there's no way Kai can take this and not break. Her husband is supposed to make her feel comfortable and safe. He is the cause of all of her stress, and this year is stressful enough as it is. I just don't believe it's humanly possible for Kai to still be with him, and how he angry he gets when people question it, or the effort her puts into her (such as for her birthday), he comes out of the woodworks and makes sure everyone knows him and Kai are still together and Kai loves pie and Kai is doing this. He's Kai's handler. It's insane to think someone could go through everything Kai has been through and not snap.

No. 801399


Lainey is the ultimate doormat and has been for day one. She also is extraordinarily lazy and would and does stick around because she prefers her husband making chump change from buttfucking himself to actually getting a job. She’s 26 and has never had one, prospects are not looking good for her future, useless bachelor’s in psych included.

No. 801400


That's exactly my belief if nothing comes of the allegations. I wonder if Kai ponders on the possibility of this happening too. My fear is that he would try to take all the evidence against him along with him aka Kai.

A police report disclosed that as recently as 2019 they had a lethal gun in their house. It wouldn't surprise me if Greg offing her someday is apart of Kai's chronic anxiety too.

Counterpoint to your counterpoint: I believe this is his way of proving the haters wrong about his marriage like he's always done over the years while still "respecting" Kai's demands of not being spoken about online. He finds nonsensical loopholes around her demands. He's done it in cuddlegate w/ Billie, his affair with Sarah while Kai was in NM. Having Sam stay at the house. All those instances she forbade so it's no different now. He's gonna try to find a loophole through what she wants always and she'll never do anything about it, always. His cryptic wording doesn't necessarily mean she's gone.

I think his postings on the other farms solidifes the misery that is their new life being stuck with only each other.

No. 801413

I have reason to believe this is Greg posing as an Anti-O.

I assumed you were gonna stay on point with reasons why Kai's gone in the first half but you were so contradictory and inconsistent in the other:

"While she's trying to raise children, her husband is shoving dildos up his ass and taking photos of it in an attempt to get money, while jerking off on the carpet."
This (self) disparaging is very robotic and disingenuous. Of all the shit you can diss him about you pick his onlyfans? The least immoral thing he's done/doing? You can't even larp as an Anti-O properly.

"every single human has their breaking point - every one."
Nitpicking but "human" is a term Greg uses to describe people consistently. I find it odd that "person" or "individual" didn't roll off your typing tongue better.

"There's just no way. His own blood disowned him; there's no way Kai can take this and not break."
Why the emphasis on Kai caring about Greg's family? Why would Greg's family disowning Greg be Kai's breaking point? I assume you're talking about Greg because you use she pronouns for Kai and she's not disowned by her family. That reason sounds very nonsensical and ignores the real reasons she'd break ie psychological, verbal and physical abuse at the hands of Greg. Sounds like reasoning that'd pander to Greg's self inserts and omissions of abuse.

"Her husband is supposed to make her feel comfortable and safe. He is the cause of all of her stress, and this year is stressful enough as it is."
Still downplaying what he does to Kai as "stressful" and "not making her feel comfortable and safe". There's no way in hell his narc ego would let him admit the abuse he puts Kai through. Never in her defense. Even on anon. Greg doesn't stress her out. He destroyed her in every way possible.

"I just don't believe it's humanly possible for Kai to still be with him, and how he angry he gets when people question it, or the effort her puts into her (such as for her birthday)"
Again with the "angry". Very much downplaying his actions. Kai can very well still be in the house. Greg getting angry when people question his marriage is not a clear indicator she's left him at all. It's not a reason she would leave either. He's always been trying to prove the "haters" wrong about his marriage since day one. He never expressed anger about the effort he put into her birthday on his public social medias so I'm assuming you saw his NotGreg™ kiwifarm posts where he does just that. I find it odd you're not mentioning that outright.

"he comes out of the woodworks and makes sure everyone knows him and Kai are still together and Kai loves pie and Kai is doing this."
Again, Kai loving pie was only mentioned by NotGreg™ on the other farms. I asumme by now you agree its him. If you saw his posts there then you saw him calling Kai an ungrateful scumbag who deserves to be thrown to a wall then bodyslamed. Why would you imply she definitely gone if they most likely had an argument about her being ungrateful about her birthday pie just days ago? You seem to be omitting other information surrounding the NotGreg™ kiwi posts.

"He's Kai's handler."
Could be an observation or another telling self insert but that would be a reason why she's not gone. Aren't you trying to convince us she's gone?

"It's insane to think someone could go through everything Kai has been through and not snap."
And this is your conclusion without giving much basis to it?

You seem to be pushing the idea that she's definitely gone siting nonsensical, vauge and bare minimum reasons. Seems like you got the same stellar consistency as Greg.

Also noticed you never once say "Greg" but you use Kai's name throughout. The kiwis NotGreg™ was obviously Pro-O but his posts never used James or Greg. Neither do you.

"Her husband"
"His own blood"
"Him and Kai"
"He's Kai's handler"

No one calls him "James" here. Using James would be a dead give away but not saying Greg while using Kai's name throughout looks suspicious too. You didn't use Greg once.


Is it because you wanna fool us but your narc ego won't let you "deadname" yourself? When you're exposed and dragged for shitting on Kai in one forum you resort saying she's left in another?

For everybody else I do believe Greg would try to peddle the speculations of Kai being gone because it'd be a great win to him if Kai ever shows her face again.
"SEE GUYS! You speculated so much shit about Kai being gone when all I did was respect her privacy! Y'all were saying shit like Kai finally left me! But look! We're still married! She's still here! Proved you haters wrong again!1!11!"

No. 801415

bro you sound autistic

No. 801417

Not the same anon but I agree with them. Anyone that calls Lainey 'kAi' unironically is suss.

No. 801423

"Kai" and "Lainey" are Taylor's slave names.

No. 801427

He didnt fuck her right after her 18th birthday, he had the decency to wait until she was 18 and a half like a normal person /s. Only pointing that out because he has screeched about people falsely accusing him of fucking her right after she turned 18, still doesn't matter when he confirmed fucking someone he adamantly referred to as his sister and foster daughter

No. 801437

>Hopefully it skipped their kids.
Sadly both Trot and Clot aren't developmentally normal children. Trot has anger issues that were encouraged by Greg that's turned into physical violence and for years he was fed solely on breastmilk and cereals until his baby teeth rotted and he required a procedure. Even now his body health is probably fucked up due to poor diet. There's also the fact that he's had no experience with other children up until they were forced to enroll him in school so you can imagine how well that must've gone.

Clot is the more tragic of the two. She was nonverbal for the longest time (might still be) and Greg refused to even speak to her because she "couldn't talk, so what's the point?" and then she sustained a fall and a serious head injury that's probably fucked her over even more. If she wasn't already in the special-ed class then she will be now.

No. 801447

Not to tinfoil or anything, but is it possible Lainey is preggo again? I mean why not just make a smug video with her in it like he usually does when people are claiming she left. I'm on board with the majority that she probably is still there, but it's not like Greg to hide her unless she's preggo. Pretty sure when she was preg with Clot she was hidden away. Do the states give baby bonus checks? they could aim for another child for more income. I know households that squirt out babies to collect checks.

No. 801453

/s is redditspeak to indicate sarcasm you autist mong

fuck off

No. 801454

Thanks for the clarification. Autistic posted deleted for autism.

No. 801458

Wow, what a considerate uwu twin flame lover. A 5 bucks pie. /sarcasm

Can't he show consideration to his supposed wife by idk, making one from scratch for her? Or is that too much effort to do? He can't barely take care of his kiddos cause he can't be bothered to while fucking the nannies.

That pie picture doesn't certify me at all doormat wife is still there. He could have just baked a pie and put 1$ candles on it just so to take a picture to post online as some sort of emotional jab at lainey if she is indeed gone but that is all tinfoiling. Not even showing up on a picture for your birthday when the focus is supposed to be on you is weird as fuck.

Also, side note, onion really likes to associate to the dark knight batman, down to even in his sock accounts. I'd bet he probably monologues to himself in real life about how a tragic hero he is unironically.

No. 801464


Highly unlike. She disappeared exactly when she was exposed for sending and soliciting nudes to and from minors. If I had to tinfoil about her dissappearance. I'd say it's part of her plan to save herself and double cross Greg in the long run. Defending herself or appearing online is the one thing she's not doing despite the likelihood of Greg demanding it. The doormat quite literally groomed minors and solicited child porn for him but won't stand bravely at his side now that she exposed as just as sick as Greg. That's very telling.

I'm lead to believe they've openly discussed Kai taking the blame for everything legally since she's the one who got them caught but if Greg's protégé is anything like himself, well. Kai's throwing him under the bus for sure. Greg doesn't have the skill to truly brainwash anyone as we've seen through his plethora of rougue ex's. Her loyalty is an act. What I think Greg fails to realize is Kai has always been amoral and fucked up in her own way. Even as a teen. That's coupled with only knowing abusive relationships at age 13 through 26 (dont forget her high school bf David). She's desensitized. Being abused is normal. So I don't think Kai going through with the stuff Greg "forced her" to do is a clear indication of undying loyalty. She was okay with doing fucked up things because fucked up people do fucked up things. And she's fucked up. Her loyalty to Greg is only cemented under the notion it comes with benefits (no need to work, needless extravagant spending, twin flame fame, nice materialistic things, proving her family wrong about their eloping, living her fakeboi fantasy, never having to "grow up" despite having kids and indulging in the sick interests they share without consequence).

If she's arrested and all that's gone. When the reality of knowing nothing but a jail cell for years sets in. You best believe were gonna hear how this poor manson girl went through years of psychological indoctrination by her manson king. What's even funnier is the real life Charles Manson got the longest jail time out of all the Manson members even though he physically committed no crimes. As will Greg.

No. 801467

Gurg was Unpartnered on twitch and streamed himself finding out about it and it is hilarious

I hope it’s okay to link directly to him since he makes no money on it

No. 801468

Same for Greg, if he ever gets in a jail cell for a long time, once reality sets in about how he cannot be on the internet anymore and never being able to stir drama or whore himself for attention, his mind will break and we probably won't be able to see the absolute temper tantrum he will throw next to Big Bubba.

No. 801476

he's whining that he didn't "do anything wrong" but he clearly doesn't realize that it's simply that no one wants to be associated with him.
If he had broken TOS they'd have banned him completely. All they did was remove their endorsement of him. They have every right to do that.

No. 801478

it's because he was streaming on youtube too which is a big no when you're partnered lul

No. 801483

>unpartenered on Twitch
About time. He didn't even meet the basic qualifications and bigger streamers than him were on Twitter wanting to know why Twitch allowed it.

No. 801487


lmfao same fag, you're retarded. seriously. tell me more how I'm onion.

No. 801488

In Onisions most recent livestream he said that Crai went on antidepressants because of Sarah and was suicidal after the whole thing. lmao

No. 801490

Greg bragged in the stream that he has shares in amazon, and then went on to say “well only fractions”.
And then mentioned the app that invests money into tons of different fractions of shares for you.

This absolute retard was gloating about day trading and stocks like all the way back early this year, saying he’s making a living from it and this and that, and all he was doing was auto investing in fractions of shares he didn’t even choose himself? I’m fucking crying.

My god he is retarded. I can’t believe I almost took him seriously earlier in the year when he talked about day trading. Did he try and day trade with fractions of shares? Dear fucking lord. He truly is a water brain cave man. I’m letting this be a remainder to always take what he says with a grain of salt, I mean, I already knew that from when he calls himself a writer and musician and director and actor and comedian and whatever else, when we have all seen his material. How can someone have their hands in all these different pots yet never actually be good at any of them? How embarrassing.

No. 801496

It's apparently because he was tricked into following a troll* MAP account on Twitter und someone sent Twitch screenshots of it.
It's being discussed on the sister farms.

No. 801498

I don't buy that. Twitch isn't that quick to act on anything. Other partners with large followings have been posting about him for weeks and mass reporting. It's more likely they finally got tired of it.

No. 801499

I honestly hope it's not because of the troll since he might be given another chance then. It would definitely be better to see him get unpartnered for him going after Eugenia, reeeing at people on twitter, belittling people in his so called "debates" and trying to fish for barely legal teens. And for streaming on Youtube, of course.

No. 801500

Despite that, I still partially lean towards her being preggo. Maybe I'm just losing faith in the legal system ever doing anything. Greg seems cocky and confident again which makes me think Lainey probably is too. At the beginning for sure, they both seemed incredibly nervous and quiet but now he's back to being his usual. I don't think for a minute she'd ever throw him under the bus or be against him. Greg fucked 2 girls behind Lainey's back and yet she defended him and trashed the two girls. Even if she got arrested I doubt she'd drag him with. She's a doormat till the end. With their financial problems and his impregnation fetish, it'd surprise me more for him not to.

No. 801515

I was thinking about this the other day. I wouldn't put it past her to get pregnant with another bandaid. She got pregnant with Cloey right after Grease cheated on her with Billie the first time, then Grease cheated on her AGAIN and this time it was even worse because it was with her own "best friend". Footface seems to think adding children to her failed marriage is going to save it.

No. 801516

What happened to "Kai is so happy" and "the internet isn't real"? Also is he sure she didn't become suicidal due to feeling guilty for being a neglectful mother and letting her 2 year old daughter almost die from falling off a second story window?

No. 801521

File: 1603410797444.png (323.55 KB, 800x450, 03AD6158-95C5-4289-8D4D-8A238C…)

Stole this from the other farms

No. 801523

Nope. But I'm sure that's what they tell CPS.

No. 801528

Boohoo, who cares if a predator was suicidal after being exposed by her victim, maybe she should have thought about that before being a groomer and sending pictures of her rancid pussy and saggy tits to minors. It wasn't Sarah's fault she was suicidal, it was her own fault for being a creep.

No. 801531

File: 1603412118560.png (1.16 MB, 1792x828, A18F3AE1-4092-4D1F-BA78-66E334…)

Further proof that he buys bots for his Twitch. This is from his livestream about being unpartnered from Twitch where he shows us his creator profile. A pitiful seven views on his video before he could sic the bots onto it to boost that view.

No. 801550

File: 1603414151477.png (349.31 KB, 595x486, Onisionenstein.PNG)

Now that Twitch is out the door is he just going to be REEEEing at random people he had past beef with with these little Twitter vids? He's looking more and more like Frankenstein. That forehead and drooping eye holy shit.

No. 801555

File: 1603414891608.webm (9.75 MB, 320x180, y9wrze7ZVw2XMds4.webm)

I wonder if he will make 2 dozen fake meltdown videos to make up for the money that "Twitch stole"
Watch the video closely. This is what an angry Greg looks like. Not screaming and pouring Kombucha over his head. He's clenching his fists off camera, trying to sound calm but you can see the volcano top about to blow. He says the ban or unpartnering was all because of him following some fake pedo/MAP twitter. I really doubt this. What was the real reason Twitch dumped him? If it was because of this MAP twitter troll then Twitch was just itching to get rid of him and found an easy out.

No. 801567

I don't think that's the reason either, Twitch's was doing a great job at ignoring his vile behaviour like Twitter and YouTube do so why would they care if he followed a pedophile. As someone else said it was probably because he was streaming on Youtube at the same time and that's against Twitch's rules.

No. 801574

His dreams of becoming Cyr on Twitch are gone lmao. I wonder what other super infallible plan he has for the future.

No. 801576

File: 1603420849161.png (269.81 KB, 453x358, viewercount.PNG)

His last video on Twitch has been up for over 12 hours. Usually it takes 4 hours for him to swarm his bots and hype the view count up to 2 or 4K. I think he's abandoned Twitch since being unpartnered and hes not even bothering to make his view count look good anymore. We are now getting a realistic idea of what his Twitch streams views are (under 300.) You'd think the views would be higher since its a big deal with who ever keeps up with Onision drama and people would want to see what all the crying is about.

No. 801583

I don’t understand how anyone can listen to him go on and on like he has been and not see what a huge narc he is. It’s always everyone else’s fault and how much of a victim he is. His ass kissers certainly were doing double time in that live stream with Heezy at one point saying that if she had a billion dollars she would give it to Shreg. Unbelievable how dumb these people are believing his bs.

No. 801591

He's definitely reading the farms because of course he comes out with a "someone told me" right after the theory was posted here and on Kiwi.
Of course he would LOVE to run with this as the reason he got banned because it makes him the victim and allows him to REEE at the haturz.
But as I said before, twitch does not act that fast about anything. That fake twitter account nonsense happened late yesterday/today. There is no way this is the reason.

No. 801592

File: 1603426080589.webm (2.22 MB, 480x480, Heezy the British Cow.webm)

That was Heezy? I thought that old lady voice was Cat. I remember people saying that FatBecca sounded like she had a loaf of bread shoved down her throat when she spoke. WHeezy sounds like she has a small biscuit (or Gregs cock) lodged in her esophagus. I dont know why I imagined Heezy having a younger more feminine voice instead of some old British cow. Can you imagine being so much of simp that you'd throw your two kids into the gutter and give your grocery money to Onision? Also he said Twitch didnt pay him for 2 months. He never got a nickel from any of those 4 hour streams. He did all that shit for free lol. His fans pressed for how much he lost and he said one thousand. Four hours a day, 6 days a week for 2 months and all he would of gotten is $1000.

No. 801594

I call bullshit. Twitch doesnt just forget to send you your money. If twitch didn't pay him for 2 months then that means he didnt meet the minimum requirements for a payout which is definitely not anywhere close to $1000.

No. 801601

Does this dumb cow have a young daughter? She could send her to Grease since he would like that even more than money.

No. 801606


If leafys screenshots taught us anything. It's that Twitch will email you notifying a termination. I'm assuming whether it be a suspension, semi-ban, perma-ban or unpartnership and likewise, what would have been the cause.

I'm sure he would have no problem releasing emails like he's done in the past. Heck he begrudgingly released Patreon emails even, so why no Twitch emails? Answer:He's lying.

Whichever way you swing it.

Like if he didn't recieve an email detailing the reason, then he just doesn't have the FAXX™ about why he's unpartnered. He just listened to someone else's FALSE narrative because its the one where he lost livelihood through "a malicious set up" and was "wronged".

I believe he lost partnership for streaming on YouTube. Plain and simple. That's strictly prohibited doing Twitch and there's proof he was double streaming. He wasn't banned so he must not have done something immoral or unethical based on Twitch's basic streaming standards.

I'm sure Greg knew this, probably even got a warning or two for double streaming, but still went a head and did what he wanted like he always does because streaming on two platforms is not "breaking the law" according to his ironic law stricken logic. Although he's a criminal.

Wetlands for example. They were cited in his "housing contract" as protected by the government, not to be altered or touched. Even his neighbors warned him against doing it yet he still committed the crime of destroying protected government property. That's why he changed his name 20 days after documents were released on the fines he was convicted of.

To parallel similar occurrences. He still insists he "accidentally" doxxed Billie causing him to lose his Patreon. He did that to himself yet still thinks he was banned unfairly. As if releasing PRIVATE cropped text messages between you and an ex you abused was okay in the first place.

That Anti-O lie is to mask taking blame for another loss he caused. I'm sure he didn't even reach out to Twitch for a "fair trial" after learning the true reason behind the unpartnering because he knows whatever he's done is his own fault.

No. 801607

File: 1603437750774.png (734.79 KB, 1049x670, Sorry Rape Stream News.PNG)

He's apologizing to Rape Stream News. I thought he was always right? He warned us about Social Repose, Hansen and Shane "But we didn't listen!" I couldn't figure out why he'd be swallowing his pride about this but its obvious he wants to push the narrative that women always lie so that means Sarah and the other girls must have lied too. The last few sentences of the video he talks about his Twitch ban and you can hear the bitterness in his voice. I bet this Twitch thing will be rehashed in every stream and video he does for the next couple of months.

No. 801609

Twitch partner here, minimum layout is 100 and twitch issues payment 15 days after it checks at the end of the month if you met the minimum threshold. Twitch is always on time for payment.

Tbh since hes retarded he probably didn't set up his payout method correctly.

No. 801613

he was just starting to get a minor following on twitch, maybe losing this will finally break him and he'll an hero

No. 801614

File: 1603442851383.jpg (134.54 KB, 720x932, IMG_20201023_043642.jpg)

He outright hinted that HE KNEW why he was unpartnered at the very beginning of his cry baby livestream.

At 1:30 he says, "I just wanted to livestream here (YouTube) because apparently… I um… Can't livestream anywhere else. I mean not- not for any monetary gain…"

When you're a Twitch partner, you can't get any monetary gain if you livestream elsewhere. If you do. You get unpartnered. Your "monetary contract" with them is cancelled.

Greg was streaming on two platforms.

So he's basically saying, "I just wanted to livestream here (YouTube) because apparently… I um… Can't livestream on Twitch. I mean not- not for any monetary gain…"

Funny how you talk about his law logic when it comes to doing what he wants. His video description literally says "I didn't violate any policies, I was never taken to court, I broke no laws, I was never arrested…"

Conclusion: You guessed it! He's a fucking liar. He did violate Twitch policies. He livestream on two platforms regardless of the rules. Got the boot for it. And is now blaming everything on others because he's malicious and can't admit to causing his own problems.

Mystery solved.

No. 801623

Oh right, thank you, forgot about that for a sec.
Anyway Greg made a video "apologizing" to real stream news for calling him a rapist. Then continues to call RSN gross, ugly and disgusting. After that he does what Greg always does, which is try to use this to his own benefit like "see this guy was sorta innocent (even though RSN wasn't, no is still no and stockholm syndrome) and so was johnny depp and so i must be too, right?"
Greg is again as transparent as a glass of water.

No. 801650

File: 1603468670210.png (197.5 KB, 652x343, Screenshot_2020-10-23 stockhol…)

>>801623 Stockholm syndrome??? are you fucking serious?? Amber is in LA he is in Rhode Island. Stockholm syndrome is people held captive..You are literally retarded. Who is this HC? She is not a captive and Amber admitted it was all a lie. She even asked him if he would promise not to press charges. Its over she lied.

No. 801676

Am I retarded? No, why you ask? This is also why I noticed that RSN has been stalking Amber ever since the rape. Just the fact that he managed to make her feel so unsafe that she figures might as well give him what he wants (again, metaphorically speaking) doesn't do jack shit to convince anyone.
And Greg, well clearly he made that video to serve himself, same as he always does. Might as well ask you that same question back: Are you retarded that you did not notice the motives behind Greg's little apology video to RSN there?
You must be if you didn't.
You must be if you are out here defending a rapist junkie that stole 4500 dollars from a cancer victim, as well as more money from other former fans.
You must be if you defend a sleazeball like that.
I'm glad we cleared this up.

No. 801677

Jesus. I hope all the people still paying for his OF feel proud of themselves, especially his negative IQ orbiters kek.

No. 801678

>because he was streaming on Youtube at the same time and that's against Twitch's rules
That would make the most sense. I mean it wouldn't surprise me if he were actually following a MAP account (birds of a feather) but Twitch wouldn't unpartner someone over that.

No. 801679

No not the most honest youtuber using deception to artificially inflate his view count. Say it ain't so.

No. 801680

Even his sycophants warned him that he wasn't supposed to stream on YouTube, but he did it anyway. But sure it was the "anti-o" fault he got unpartnered, cause nothing ever is Grease's fault.

No. 801686

Ew he posted a really old video with him and Lainey’s childhood friend from like 2016 on twitter where they’re in an old skit about being pregnant. I’m sure that was somewhat embarrassing to film at the time but could you imagine being her and having him post that after he’s been repeatedly outed as a creep?

It’s so weird how he recycled old clips forever. I’m kind of surprised he hasn’t shamelessly tried to reuse clips of Billie and Ayalla or anyone who used to bring him a lot of views.

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