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File: 1469393053760.png (2.56 MB, 2560x1440, 1469238577832.png)

No. 291769

>>280274 Last thread.

>Onision continues to make shitty edgy videos.

>Billie is back, we are eagerly awaiting Cuddlegate 2.0
>Pregnant Lainey pretends to be emo and miserable for attention.

What awaits us next in the Cuck Chronicle saga?

No. 291772

I'm so glad that this is the cover picture that you chose

No. 291777

that cover picture needs to have a trigger warning. ew.

No. 291780

So is the other thread officially closed?

No. 291785

Where is that pic from anyway?

No. 291786

Yass my screenshot is loved - I feel honored that it is the thread picture

No. 291787

The end of this shit video.

No. 291789

I just noticed… but why does he have a quilt stapled to his wall? Bit bizarre.

No. 291790

I refuse to click on that. I could care less what Onion face has to say about one of my favorite bands.

No. 291791

its to keep the sun out to keep his emo paleness

No. 291792

File: 1469399191899.png (330.65 KB, 540x635, image.png)


To keep the passing people from seeing how he tortures his victims, that or he secretly wants to be institutionalized.


Also this. Coincidence? I think not!

No. 291798


judging by the rest of the room's decor, i think he's trying to emulate the looks of padded walls.

No. 291802

kek she once again told him to fuck off

im liking blair

No. 291803

Is this retard really still entertaining to people? I'm starting to think he's starting these threads himself.

No. 291804

My guess is an attempt at sound-proofing.

No. 291824

TBH I only check from time to time to see if he has divorced yet so the real milk can start flowing.

No. 291835

File: 1469409605973.png (173.83 KB, 1015x254, ffs.png)

Abandoning thread, all of it sounds like it was made by Grease and samefagging.

Recent vegan thread appeared, this douchebag is lurking hard.

No. 291836

Jesus christ literally no one can make a point blank unbiased video showing onision why is he incorrect with facts and screen caps of him being a hypocrite. Everyone has to stuff their video with snarky replies to his reply and call him a dumb cuck over and over so that their point gets lost in their attempt at humor, instead of justifying their points about him with multiple screen caps and video clips. Then they just say how they feel about him in an exasperated tone and expect people to instantly dislike onion.
I fucking hate cuckboy as much as the next person but ffs videos like this are such a waste of time… "he said this and that's dumb and here's my opinion" is never gonna change anyone's mind.

No. 291863

It's been almost two months and no one has come out with his military records yet…

No. 291878

Why do modern "scene" kids latch onto Onion so hard?

No. 291892

So, I've talked to another ex… Do you guys just want me to post the screenshots and y'all start censoring name or do you still want me to censor them myself?

No. 291894

Best to give it a go yourself so that no pictures will exist with their names on. Just to be careful really.

No. 291895


That was the reason I asked. Because of the last screw up, I'm not sure if anyone or I can trust myself with the blurring.

No. 291910

Fuck Blair. I don't care about her her 2002 budget make-up/fashion, her neckbeard belief system, or her shitty attitude. Anyone with a brain knows that onion's beliefs are askew, ESPECIALLY the ones regarding feminism, but he and his fanbase of insecure teenage girls, all too young and bland to form opinions for themselves, think everything he says is fact. The people responding to his videos are wasting their time and you're wasting yours by watching their shitty responses.

No. 291919


Greg go home, you're drunk…

No. 291947

In the past few days…

>Someone bumped the Hannah minx thread asking for information about her

>a Skye Tantaga thread was created asking for information about her. it was quickly deleted
>Someone posted about Onision in Men you're ashamed you'd fuck thread
>shitting up the onision threads


No. 291971

He also made a video about whether zodiac signs mean anything when people here were arguing about zodiac signs, and posted a photo with 'hygiene products' when we were talking about how dirty and greasy he is. There is no question that he lurks here.

No. 291972

File: 1469456618673.png (810.6 KB, 1116x792, cringe0060.png)

The cuck listens to the sound of attention

No. 291974

I love the dedication to calling him a cuck lmao

No. 291983


I can understand he wants to know Hannah Minx's whereabouts, narcissistic fantasies and thread shitting but why'd he want information on Skye???

No. 291984


Onion has been a Cuck a long time ago; particularly after the Shiloh sage ended. Everyone is just starting to realize it with Taylor.

No. 291991

I'm not 100% certain, but doesn't his alimony payments to her end sometime soon? If so, he probably wants to keep tabs on her, no matter how much she would want to distance herself or erase her existence from his life completely.

He probably still stalks every girl he had any sort of interaction with, he can't shut up about his exes and he still has a creepy obsession with Hannah, sooooo…

Skye isn't a lolcow, a regular newfag or oldfag wouldn't create a thread about her because of that simple fact. Grease can't contain his narcissistic personality online, or even remotely act like an average random anon here, he sticks out like a sore thumb.

It's becoming more and more obvious that he's lurking here as of recent because we're more than aware of how he projects himself to others, and it's also the fact that he doesn't understand how to use the fucking board and becomes increasingly aggressive towards anons who call him out on his creepy faggotry.

No. 291995

Holy shit, I thought that was the women from Orange is the New Black. I'm not even making a joke.

No. 291999


The alimony expires next year. Another thing that should be noted is he no longer shits down on her. Not even mentioning how it pisses him off. You could say he can afford it now but he could afford it then yet still attacked her. Something changed… It isn't like Greg to not badmouth her like he does with the others. Why was she "forgiven"?

No. 292001

Maybe it's possible that she also has a restraining order against him? He did cite back then that he also had to pay for her therapy for all the mental and emotional abuse he put her though, I know I'd make sure to protect myself after a spouse put me through all that.

With the way she also just upped and left the internet, it's just possible that he may not be allowed to harass her because he could be prosecuted for it.

No. 292003

It's really not that hard to censor a name and photo, and make sure you get the entire thing covered. I'm not sure how you fucked up so badly the first time, but unless you're a literal retard I think you can manage it on your own.

No. 292007


Yes, that's a plausible cause. But after her disappearance in 2012, he still wouldn't shut up about her until 2-3 years later. Hell, when she left; he called her lazy and unmotivated for abruptly leaving for awhile.

It wasn't until he made a collage of clips featuring her and Cyr when he almost completely stopped bitching about her.

Either he's still in contact with her, paying her hush money to keep away, something else.

As for the restraining order against him, didn't she file that back in 2011 yet still kept contact with him while the order was intact?

No. 292011

I've never understood what he thinks he's doing with his "YouTube career". Does he think he's playing the villain and trolling everyone by acting like a faggot in some sort of limp dicked, half assed homage to Andy Kaufman? Or does he legit believe all the shit he spews?

No. 292013

File: 1469476121536.png (637.11 KB, 1055x1872, image.png)

Is this better now? Warning: something about her testimony seems a bit…off. Either that or it's just my paranoia.

No. 292016

I bet they bonded over their shared love of random commas

No. 292017

File: 1469476343169.png (561.4 KB, 1055x1872, image.png)

No. 292019

Is this one Tanya?

No. 292020

File: 1469477061213.png (566.34 KB, 1055x1872, image.png)

No. 292021

File: 1469477221881.png (515.94 KB, 1055x1872, image.png)

No. 292023

It's in there now…

No. 292025

I've asked a somewhat final question: if she was or still in love with Onion, he never replied.

No. 292026

File: 1469478617915.jpg (29.06 KB, 228x242, Childs-play-chucky.jpg)

His resemblance to Chucky is uncanny. Greg wants to be your friend til the end. Hidey ho!

How old was he when he was pursuing this girl? She was still in high school.

No. 292027

File: 1469478976510.png (58.72 KB, 589x229, Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 21.3…)

He's talking about himself, right?

No. 292028


According to his journals they've met in 2001, dated and broke it off.

Her story and his don't really make sense when trying to put them together, it's really confusing…

No. 292030

I hope every response to these tweets is a link to one of his videos

No. 292055

someone reply with a link to the "i betrayed my wife" video

No. 292056

kek i hope more people keep doing that

No. 292058

yeah it seems like a lot of the people motivated enough to make videos are totally obsessed to the point that they can't keep it together. they always want to one up onion, it makes me feel like i'm watching a horrible bastard death note.

No. 292080

Onion's making passive aggressive posts on Twitter about people's hygiene. My guess is, Lamo doesn't bathe. Ew

No. 292081



Dutteh House pt. 2 is in progress!

No. 292177

showering just so you can have a fap session doesn't make you a clean person, Onion.

No. 292199

off topic but is there a lolcow thread for social repose ceiling fan?

No. 292201

What is it with all these Onision related people lately. Onion, is that you again?

No. 292214

and you would if there was a possibility of hm touching you?

yeah i agree-its almost like he killed her and is now impersonating her online?

No. 292258

Fucking learn how to use the boards catalog, FFS Grease.

No. 292261


idk, billie looks like a bit of a soap dodger herself

No. 292277


Why do I have the feeling she agreed to reply back after the other convo was leaked? It still feels odd… I doubt any woman of the Onion would praise him for his actions. She repeated almost everything he said about her.

She also called him smart and intelligent which we know he's far from it unless you count him calculating his plans and manipulating his way around them then yeah, sure.

Maybe she's just telling the truth and I'm just paranoid that there was no negativity against Onion.

No. 292289

>>292021 if onion is lurking here surely it's still possible for him to identify this person despite names being censored?

No. 292291


They did say they were cool with him contacting them again, so…

No. 292293

File: 1469552948236.png (559.17 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Taylor's officially being replaced.

No. 292295

so plainy's finally too old for him?

No. 292296


I…I guess

No. 292299

Is he going to make Billie start using her middle name because her first name isn't feminine enough?

No. 292300

No. 292301

In his old journal, Onion said Tanya broke up with him, and he visited her but her and her mom told him they want to watch a movie trying to make him leave.

>When Tanya broke up with me, I took it harder than I had any girl I had ever dated prior… I cried for days strait, I couldn’t breathe normally, I didn’t want to get out of bed… and for six months after, I wasn’t attracted, interested, even appreciative toward any other girl… I walking pit of despair.

>I even showed up at her house (fortunately entirely stable, and serious, not a mess like I normally was) and spoke with her about the possibilities of our future… her mother told us repeatedly that they were to watch a movie, hinting I leave. After the third time of her mother reminding us they were to watch a movie, I left.

On facebook she didn't mention how he was desperate and clingy or how she needed help from her mother to get rid of him, she was just like: "oh my friendship with this amazing intellectual man suffered a bit and then he was married to this girl Skye and I became a pothead"

It's fucking him guys, he posted those screenshots

No. 292302

Or at least, he didn't post those screenshots but wrote that shit posing as "Tanya"

No. 292311

I have posts that are previous to her testimony. Granted, they'll be uncensored bc I've deleted the paint app, I'm nowhere Nere wifi and my internet is slow. Do you still want me to post them anyway?

Also (playing devil's advocate here though I kinda think it's possible), why'd Onion impersonate Tanya? What's in it for him???

No. 292316

High School Cliques (Best & Worst)

No. 292318

Can you NOT directly link to his videos, he earns income through views… Use the fucking YT box in the reply forms to post them.

No. 292319

How is he even popular, his videos are pretendous shit?

No. 292321


Ewww does she use Onion's jizz for facial exfoliation??? Her face looks nasty!!!

No. 292324

He actually looks like he could be her Dad.

No. 292333

ew, his face again

No. 292335

File: 1469565728714.png (298.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160726-224002.png)

Relationship goals??? Wtf

No. 292337

>>292335 No fucking standards.

No. 292340

yeah you know relationship goals like caring about how your partners feeling. nothing that should come out of a relationship anyway

No. 292341

Yeah tweeting at your wife who is annoyed is certainly relationship goals, lol. If he actually cared he would go into his other room or house or whatever the fuck to talk to her. Naw, though. These idiots just want attention on social media 24/7.

No. 292350

Gotta love people in the comments defending him "B-But they have a polyamorous relationship! Please respect them! For you may be weird but it's real and legit!" kek. Did Onicuck personally say it? Did Lainey confirm that? They're just cucks. Even if the polyamory thing is real. Only cucks do that.

No. 292355

He's looking at the camera like he thinks he has something to be proud of, when there's nothing about this situation that isn't nauseating - even if it's just Billie's man-hands and double chin.

No. 292356

Even if it's polyamory it's not healthy.
Onion can't function in a healthy relationship

No. 292359


I'm at a loss here

No. 292363

Didn't HSANON as he was a loser in high school got his ass kicked for shoving his ideas down people's throats?

Also he went after girls outside of his "clique", even forced them to become goth.

Also, Onion was a mall-goth.

No. 292370

They're not "polyamorous" they're bored, aging swingers who enjoy inviting teenagers over to their place to fuck; nothing more and nothing less.

Polyamorous people care deeply about their relationships and it takes a huge amount of respect, understanding and effort to maintain a happy relationship that can last for years.

They've been monogomous for a huge portion of their lives, hence the seething jealousy that Lainey feels when Billie gets more attention from Gurgles than she does. You can't just "turn" polyamorous one day after 20/30 years of leading a monogamous life, it's something that starts early on… the three of them are just cucking each other and neither of them have researched anything about polyamory; otherwise they'd be informed that what they're practicing is just swinging. Their fans will pull anything out of their asses to defend their idols with the wrong terminologies even if don't even apply to them.

No. 292371

He was never a goth, he was more like one of those shady kids in class who thought school shooters were cool and dressed like he wanted to be in "the trenchcoat mafia".

HSanon confirmed he was just a loser with a big mouth and that the actual goth and metal kids there shunned him whenever he tried to get into their circles.

No. 292372

I'm just relieved that the 15 year old that they invited to their place this summer hasn't turned up yet, I'm betting they abandoned the idea because they have Billie over instead because she was first choice.

If Billie didn't get back with them, I seriously guarantee they would've had that kid around as a back-up option.

No. 292374


He wrote an essay about admiring the columbine school shooters as well, now I remember.

It's on the life of onion page. Unfortunately, it's down…

Question: do goths wear bandanas??? I know headbangers do there's videos of Onioncock wearing them…

No. 292377

File: 1469579620247.jpg (95.42 KB, 556x367, evolution-of-the-hipster.jpg)

I know most all subcultures wear them, trad goths aren't into that shit though.

When I see a mention of goths, I think along the lines of deathrockers, cybergoths and trad goths.

I reckon when he thinks "goth", he means mall-goths, late 90's alternative goths and Myspace scenesters that loved hot-topic.

He seems to also be confusing "emo" for "scenesters" - the emo subculture came before scenesters and they dressed in skinny jeans, penny loafers, polo shirts and tank tops… they were basically nerdy hipsters and listened to screamo, which is where the term "emo" came from, the internet masses fucked the original term up though and adopted it to describe anyone who was a mopey, edgy, alternative clothing wearing dipshit.

If you google image search "emo"… surprise surprise, it's all Myspace scenester faggots and thumbnails from Grease's videos.

No. 292379

He doesn't even know what a fucking "goth" is, let alone what an "emo" is.

Absolutely everything and anything that comes out of his mouth are his own uninformed opinions that have no basis, he gleams over facts and statistics but never researches or studies them; which is why he always contradicts himself whenever people call him out on his bullshit.

He is clickbait incarnate.

He was ostracized at high school because he was a shady fucker who couldn't keep his gob shut, the only person to accept him was Skye and even then, she was wary of him hanging around her at the bus stop.

HSanon even mentioned he pissed a metalhead off one time and the dude kicked his ass, nobody liked him at high school, he was a creepy loner and a disgruntled loser who repelled anyone he came into contact with.

No. 292383


Didn't he started stalking Skye after the Tanya incident because she had a "dark aura" that attracted him? (If by "dark aura", she looks a lot like Amy Lee then yeah, she sure is dark.)

Didn't HSanon also mentioned how Skye was kinda obsessed and started following him around everywhere he went then just disappeared afterwards?

No. 292386


HSanon did confirm this though…(notice the "goth/metalhead" look!)

No. 292388

Grease said the "dark aura" thing as well as saying she didn't want anything to do with him, until she didn't really have a choice because they always waited at the same bus stop together.

I'll have to have another read of HSanon's post at some point, there was loads of stuff in there that I barely remember such as Skye following him around.

For a trenchcoat mafia fanboy, he sure liked regular average girls at school… Skye didn't dress like a "goth" and neither did Tanya, neither does Lainey, Shiloh, Adrienne or Billie (Shiloh and Billie just look like scenester fags).

I think the only one who came somewhat close to looking like a goth was Hannah Minx, and we all know about his creepy obsession with her.

Can you please start linking his videos through lolcow and not directly from YT, otherwise you're putting money into his pockets whenever anyone clicks on it.

No. 292392


It's not directly from YouTube, I put it in the "YouTube" box below. It shouldn't show the YouTube link…?

No. 292393

Something's wrong then, there should be a [DL] link below the video if you did it right.

No. 292394


Also, it's not on his channel anymore…

No. 292396


There were complaints on the last thread about the missing [DL], maybe lolcow removed it.

No. 292397

No worries, it could just be a problem when videos are posted directly from his channel.

I'll see if I can alert the farmhands to it.

No. 292398

Alrighty then!

All I hear is "this" whenever I read Onion's journal entry about her and how she saved him, pun intended.

No. 292399

the 'DL' link is gone everywhere on the site

No. 292401

File: 1469586798408.png (22.01 KB, 771x249, eoliveson.png)

Hmm, looks like one of the mods from eoliveson follows the Grease threads here.

The only thing incorrect about their post is the "banhammer" thing, I don't think anyone here would have a problem with their followers if they didn't shit up the threads or make sympathetic (sycophantic) posts about how much they feel sorry for Grease, his wife and the teenager they're fucking.

Unfortunately, that kind of shit has been happening a lot recently though… so I guess it's best that the majority of their followers don't know about this place.

No. 292407

File: 1469587735559.png (Spoiler Image, 999.28 KB, 1056x575, filterspower.png)


No. 292414

File: 1469589526886.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 988x736, wonky.png)

He filters the shit out of his face so much, that his left eye always ends up halfway up his face more than the other one.

Lainey's perspective from her head turn is lined up proportionally to the rest of her face, his isn't. His real, unfiltered face shows his eyes are aligned proportionally, but the other two filtered ones are wonky as shit as well.

Not to mention he's been using the filters to slim his face right down and he's smoothed and lightened his complexion.

The greasening is real.

No. 292418


Ugh, I wish he gave up on the filters already! I'm sorry Onion; you're ugly, old, creepy, let it go!

No. 292428

Seeing him without any filters, it amazes me that lainey and billie let this thing touch them. Gross.

Though from the filter-free billie in the background there, she looks pretty horrible herself for only being what… 19?

No. 292431

It's not just his left eye crawling upside his face like it's ascending into Sicesca heaven, those oblong-shaped left irises in those filtered photos too, I can't stop laughing.

It's like, he's used the slimming filter to such an extreme that it's actually ended up skewing the upper left side of his face, does he really think that anyone believes that's what he actually looks like?

The OP photo seriously needs to be spammed everywhere so his retarded fanbase can see the real, true and "brutally honest" Gergles.

No. 292432

All those filters and I can still see his acne. Sad!

No. 292434

There is no point in doing that, his fanbase will defend him even if he shoots up a kindergarten

No. 292437

File: 1469596686802.jpg (43.67 KB, 639x550, CoUQVEoXYAAbMtr.jpg)


So I guess this answers the question as to why he's been wearing masks since the start of the year.

Even fucking Elmo back there knows the truth.

No. 292443


Without filters, his face looks flawless here though he was open about his acne problems in the past. Then again, he didn't completely fuck it up back then.

Also, it feels uncomfortable watching this video; like you were being molested or something…

>if she goes somewhere, I wanna be there too.

>if I shower, I want her to be in the shower with me.

Dear Billie-cumdumpster,
You're in for a rude awakening…

No. 292461

Oh my god he's legit fucking scary looking, How can any woman/girl even remotely find this hidious fuck attractive I'll never know.

No. 292469

lmao no he's just deflecting and as usual, like a closeted gaybasher only he's a true slimer frogskin.

No. 292470

he's doing some kota-tier editing with that jaw.

No. 292471

File: 1469611151790.gif (633.57 KB, 500x334, camerakitty.gif)

The jaw thing is to do with the distance between his face and the camera. It's crazy how something so simple can make you go from potato to Dorito.

No. 292475

Am I just getting old? Why is everyone calling it filters instead of editing? I thought filters are just the coloured shit like on Instagram that pale or smooth you out. Sage for non contribution

No. 292489


On lots of apps these days, filters will edit colours AND smooth your skin/make your eyes bigger/slim your jaw. They're usually Korean or Japanese. I have an app and it has filters called "cool" which give you a v line and make the colours washed out, and then "cute" which make your eyes bigger and give a pink tint and give your skin a bit of a glow. Mmmm, technology.

No. 292490


Ew! I thought his filtered pics were ugly enough but ew ew ew. Hideous. I don't know if his ugly personality makes it worse.

No. 292491


Bottom left looks like Zac Efron. He wishes.

No. 292492

Nah, going through Photoshop (and having to learn actual photo editing skills) is too much of a hassle for social media narcissists these days, like >>292489 says - they all use apps now with pre-programmed filter (editing) tools that are easily applied by using the touchscreen on your smartphone.

No skill or learning is required.

No. 292494

Gahhhh, I've just fucking noticed… why are his bathroom tiles SO DIRTY?! You can actually see some tiles to his right are close to their natural state, and the rest are grimey and greasy.

Jesus Christ!

No. 292495

I think that's just unfortunate tile choice. I have similar tiles in my kitchen, they looked grimy as fuck even when they were clean and brand new.

No. 292505

Welp, I had no clue! I can see it now, in a few years Felice Fawn will be able to say, "When I was your age, I had to go to school to learn how to turn my face into a dorito. You spoiled children and your apps, you'll never know the struggle of slaving over a picture of your own face in Photoshop for 6 hours."

Thanks for the explanations, anons.

No. 292508

Wow. I've never watched this video before. If you haven't seen it then skip to 9:00 and witness the most laughable pathetic thing you've ever seen.

No. 292514

The light washing out his face would have helped with the fake crying if he had emoted more. He ended up looking like a cat trying to cough up a hairball.

No. 292524

hahahahaha, toppest of keks..what a waste of space.

No. 292527

lol Elmo's face is just perfect. Poor, traumatized Elmo has seen some shit.

"You kids with your apps and filters! Get off my damn lawn!" Felice has fallen far.

No. 292531

Holy shit, the acting is so bad… like, "I'll never make it in the industry" bad. If it's meant to be genuine, he's fooling nobody but himself.

You can see him straining to force himself to cry and it's just not happening, nobody cries like that, nobody. I've seen toddlers pull off way more convincing shows than that, it's not even acting - that's an emotionally stunted grown man teetering along the line of both autism and a cluster B personality disorder.

No. 292534

There's so many parallels between David Koresh and Gargoyle, it's seriously uncanny.

No. 292535

That's the marbling, anon.

No. 292547

File: 1469644039134.jpg (28.65 KB, 490x399, wahh.jpg)

> I need to go do my job now.

Omg this is too much.

No. 292548

No. 292590

No. 292597

Lainey got sick of Gurgles making cow eyes at billie instead of her?

No. 292599

File: 1469661576498.jpeg (53.41 KB, 948x499, image.jpeg)

Idk why anon didn't just post the screenshot

No. 292608


I was lazy.

No. 292617

Bingle has the name of a Dwarf from Lord of the Rings.

No. 292627

Does he edit his hairline?!

No. 292635


He's gotta stay young for teh fangurlz! end sarcasm

No. 292637

File: 1469674478579.png (766.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Onion, please stop! We get it man, you don't wanna grow up, just let it go!

No. 292639

Another shower selfie but nothing's wet.

No. 292640

I never understood the shower selfies, are they to sexualize himself to his audience inspite of the fact he's married? So I take it his wife isn't good enough for him.

No. 292642

i had to stop eating my tasty snack after accidentally clicking the op picture i am so upset

No. 292643


What is this grapefruit chin angle shit, like the I Want to Speak to Your Manager Haircut lady accidentally turned on the front facing camera in the shower while trying to take a picture of an infection they were concerned with and instinctively made a Thizz Face??? TF Greg

No. 292645


It's the safest place he can jack off to his selfies without Lainey getting wise to his antics, so probably snaps a few new ones after he's done.

No. 292647


I see…

I've just realized that all of his partners have seen his naked body, I wonder how they feel about it.

No. 292649

looks like he had some type of fraxel laser done on his face

No. 292660

I haven't said, "What the fuck am I watching?" so much while watching a video in a long time. Gurgles pretending to cough up a hair ball…

No. 292718

They play connect the dots and make sand art out of his shedding skin, of course.

God. What actually is going on with his skin? An untreated allergy? Medication? Genetic skin disease that requires constant sloughing? He looks like a rescued mountain climber.

No. 292729

File: 1469722951959.jpg (87.79 KB, 526x526, 13729144_1722417394687558_5198…)

>>This is how most sane adults perceive Grease and Mundaney whenever they share details about their grody sex life all over the internet.

No. 292736

This just reminds me that their sex created soon-to-be two invisible children that they don't seem concerned with as they play out their childish, selfish games online.

No. 292743


I legit spat out my tea, either a rescued mountain climber or an underground troll that has been woken up by mining activities

No. 292785

It's a shame onion hates doctors because he needs a good one to get to the root of his condition. Onion if you're reading this, go see a skin doctor and don't be pretentious to them. Also /r/skincareaddiction.

I really think it's his diet and hygiene.

No. 292788


I find it funny how onion doesn't trust doctors nor science yet believes in ghosts, the supernatural and aliens. I think he's secretly a conspiracy theorist, except he doesn't believe in the illuminati stuff.

No. 292821

Old, crusty onion

No. 292855


Ew wtf?! Did Onion take his right hand in and out of his asshole?!?! 'Cause that "black ink" looks like dark, leaky diarrhea!

Side note: I wanna cover this song and give it a little Evanescence vibe. $20 says it will be better than his OG version!

No. 292865

Is that you Greg??? Trying to ask for skin advice again?1?!?!?!

No. 292871


Oh come on anon, not everyone is Grease! Yeah we know he constantly lurks here but we shouldn't let our paranoia of him get to us, we should focus on the host thread itself. Don't let Onion's presence bother you, you're only gonna let him win that way.

No. 292885

Isn't he atheist? How could he believe in ghosts, that doesn't make any sense.
Greg is embarrassing.

No. 292887


Remember; he's not an atheist, he's Sicescan. As for his beliefs on ghosts and aliens, look through his old vlogs on Archive and Speaks.

Also this: http://web.archive.org/web/20050103030406/http://ghosts.mrodd.com/

Have fun! :)

No. 292893

Ew, no thanks.

No. 292905

what a little L.Ron he is.

No. 292906


Serious question: does recording paranormal activity with a camera count as a supernatural power??? 'Cause…that's what he put on his website.

No. 292913

He looks like a middle aged lesbian in that pic, what the fuck is it with that scarf?

No. 292919

It's his mask that he ripped off at the end of the video.

No. 292922

As the descriptions of Gurg become more grotesque, he will soon assume the visage of Dune's Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Bless you guys.

No. 292926

Ah so this is why he's wearing more masks.
Makes sense

No. 292929


He should just wear a bag over his head the entire time. Sage for disgust.

No. 292943

What poor decision-making on his part.

No. 292949

O ya for sure, all the equipment they buy to detect and photograph paranormal energy just enhances their powers

No. 292956


Then I guess the dudes on the paranormal shows all have super powers. Lmfao

No. 292957

Here's the full profile:

Gregory J. Daniel
Contact Info: Click Here Please
Birth Date: 11/11/1985
Association Title: Public Representative
Additional: Webmaster, Cameraman, Video Recorder, Writer, Co-Creator, Driver, Course Guide, Spirit Counselor, Divant Protector
Occupation: Graphic Designer/Commercial Plumber
Interests: Web Design, Original Music, Meaningful Literature, The Core of Life
Religion: Sicesca
Music Interest: Dark/Deep/Unique Sounds/Rhythms
Message: I live for the answer, the cause, the true depth ~ I bow before only entities deserving such notice, and deny those who demand praise. I strive to please those I love, and I will fall upon destiny's path before I let a wicked hand grip those who matter most. I will have the world know what's true, and open my eyes for no lie.
Random Info: I Developed My Own Religion Which I Faithfully Follow
I Released 4+ Albums From My Band: One Mand Band
I Have Designed Over 30 Web Sites
I Am A Message Board Admin: evoPsyche
Relations: To Skye: Good Friend
To Alicia: Good Friend
Special Ability: Can see metaphysical elements unseen by others. (Orbs, Lights)
Has advanced senses for capturing ghosts on camera at the right moments.
Has advanced ability to counsel & interpret ghosts.
Site Link: Mr. Odd
Ghost Skin Team Member: Skye Altamirano
Full Name: Skye Altamirano
Association Title: Negative Entity Banisher
Additional: Video Recorder, Co-Creator, Course Guide, Spirit Counselor
Occupation: School/Student
Interests: Graphic Design, The Deeper Meaning, Anime
Religion: Unknown
Music Interest: Creepy/Dark & Vibrant Music
Random Info: I Am A Talented Graphic Designer
Relations: To Greg: Good Friend
To Alicia: Older Sister
Special Ability: Can banish unwelcome ghosts from surrounding area.
Has a heightened sense towards negative energies.
Site Link: Tantaga Designs
Ghost Skin Team Member: Gregory J. Daniel
Full Name: Alicia Altamirano
Association Title: Positive Entity Lure
Additional: Video Recorder, Co-Creator, Course Guide, Spirit Counselor
Occupation: School/Student
Interests: Magic, Past Lives, Music, Drawing, Anime, Skateboarding
Religion: Pagan
Music Interest: Creepy/Dark, Techno & General Modern Music
Random Info: I Am A Rave Reviewed Anime Artist
I Am A Message Board Admin: Saiyuki Forums
Relations: To Greg: Good Friend
To Skye: Younger Sister
Special Ability: Can see & hear metaphysical elements unnoticed by others. (foot steps/bangs - has seen animated blood on the walls in multiple scenarios)
Uses a soul protector/entity to defend personal body, and spirit.
Has enabled water element to practice magic.
Often works as a ghost interpreter.
Site Link: Saiyuki Saki

No. 292958

i. . . didn't know about this. wat

No. 292960

Popular YouTubers SUBSCRIBED To Onision

No. 292964

Is it me, or should writing like this be cause for involuntary euthanasia? I feel like we could weed out a lot of the shite that's in the gene pool this way.

No. 292974

He's constantly scraping the bottom of the barrel…

No. 292976


Some forum member also admitted this to his OFO site back in 2010, and it's still relevant to this day.


In onion's cringe compilation video (originally uploaded by Papa Smeep), the same dude who went by "Jason" stated the same thing. I should've taken screenshots. Curse my lazyness!

No. 292978


He's desperate for "YouTube love".

No. 292980

I wonder how many of those people had forgotten they subscribed to him and will now unsub?

Also he mentioned Hannah Minx, he can't let go.

No. 293014


It was copied and pasted from the website.

No. 293041

>Without the mask, where will you hide? Can't find yourself lost in your lies?

No. 293044


Oh my god ewwwwwwwww
This looks scripted as fuck

No. 293045


So does that mean he didn't really gave a fuck about Shiloh's departure?

No. 293063

>>Think about vegetarianism—a worthy diet, a legitimate cause. But think of the way he converted. He came on soooo strongly… and then claimed it was a tactic. But this is repeated behavior I’ve seen in him, he finds some kind of purpose in life and then dives in head first. It’s so disingenuous.

Yep, just like black lives matters and feminism, I don't understand why his fanbase can't see through his bullshit.

No. 293066

Samefagging but, I don't believe for a second that he's manic depressive and is unaware of the troubles his opinions and actions cause. I do however believe he's got an undiagnosed cluster B disorder though and he's fully aware of what he gains through manipulating people.

No. 293067

Not the anon you're responding to, but just because he's pretending to cry, doesnt mean he doesn't give a fuck about Shiloh, on the contrary… he's attempting to invoke pity so she'd feel sorry for him and come back.

Classic Grease manipulation tactics 101.

He did the same exact thing to Adrienne.

No. 293070

He definitely has some kind of cluster B personality disorder, but it's really difficult to say which one - he could even have a combination of all four of them, but he doesn't seem to exhibit any of the criteria that comes along with mental disorders that are actually debilitating to the sufferer (examples being Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression, OCD… ect ect) he's almost entirely functional.

But he refuses to get his head checked out, so trying to diagnose him through his actions on the internet is difficult.

Evidently, what we do know though is that he doesn't seem to be suffering from any kind of mental disorder other than a personality disorder and possibly some kind of underlying sexual disorder as well (a whole bunch of fetishes he can't seem to keep under control or wraps and talks about them almost constantly and obsessively).

tl;dr version: He gets his kicks out of manipulating people, it makes him feel powerful.

No. 293072


He's aware but how long would his tactics last on another person? How long will HE last as a "celebrity"? His own fans are turning against him day by day, newcomers are calling him out on a daily basis and he's been losing the "pretty boy" looks to the point where he's no longer recognizable - he looks like a shell of his former self.

Though I fear he's not going anywhere.

No. 293075


His inner-anger and turmoil are really taking their toll on himself. And if he can't keep himself from letting out his inner-demons, how will he continue to keep his fans on a tight leash? Well, maybe the crazy ones along with Billie and Lamo but the others?

Yes, he's aware of his manipulation of others and enjoys it, but does he know that that won't last forever? It's practically deteriorating as his youth/looks.

I guess we can only hope…

No. 293085

File: 1469874334388.png (88.81 KB, 500x378, 1440362478110.png)

>a grown man has written this

No. 293093

File: 1469879243620.jpg (65.45 KB, 637x639, 1440114188522.jpg)

No. 293094

File: 1469879418251.png (74.81 KB, 325x244, 1457521377374.png)

What the fuck

No. 293111

what the fuck is going on with his legs?

No. 293112

I think at one point (before he was rapidly losing subscribers) that he could actually afford to be his true self (degrading women, racist remarks and shitty opinions in general).

But he realised (a little too late) that he was losing a lot more subscribers by doing that and from the beginning of this year, he changed his opinions in an attempt to keep and satiate the last remaining subscribers and rope in some more new ones.

I mean, all this "positivity" and "Social Justice" bullshit is transparent as fuck, he has proven time and time again that he literally does not give a single fuck about anyone other than himself, luckily for us and everyone else - he'll eventually revert back to his natural persona because his only true conviction is to be himself.

To explain his talent in recruiting braindead teenagers, you just have to acknowledge the fact that his mother helped instill those skills into him… she was in the Seventh-day Adventist Church (think Waco siege) so that's enough said on that matter really, like-mother-like-son.

It's possible all this shit will go on until he hits his 40s, until 70% of his current subscribers disappear and he's no longer earning any income from the internet - he's not going anywhere.

I think that's why it's important to keep threads like this going, and for the many anti-onision blogs to screencap the shit out of anything relevant to his nature.

When I read that Einzige guy from his forums kept his mouth shut about him out of misguided pity, I actually muttered "sucker" under my breath. Keeping your mouth shut about Grease is probably the worst thing anyone could do, and because of his silence, he's basically helped in supporting the shitbag's online carreer since he made it big on YT.

No. 293124

EIGHT Gold/Silver Play Button Plaques (YouTuber: Onision)

No. 293125

Why I STILL Don't Recommend Meat (SUPER MEAT)

No. 293126

What is the exact reason of posting these videos without context? It suspiciously makes you sound like Onion, especially considering they're videos where he's sucking himself off.

Nobody cares about his bragging over some shitty mass-produced internet trophies or his vegetarian stance, we've heard it all before.

No. 293131


I couldn't help but get Tai Lopez vibes from this video. "Here in my garage, with my EIGHT GOLD AND SILVER youtube plaques, but you know what I like more than materialistic things? Child brides."

Also the amount of "you're dad should've pulled out" jokes he made seemed to be some extreme self reflecting on his part.

No. 293133

I had the same thoughts. Besides if there's no milk why share? If I wanted to cringe at his videos I'll just subscribe to his channels.

No. 293136

He's also been online posting on Twitter since just an hour ago, within the same timeframe that these videos were posted here… whenever I suspect he's lurking here, they usually correlate with the same time he's actually online and posting on Twitter.

Coincidental, maybe?

No. 293138

File: 1469901466585.png (77.29 KB, 643x571, correlation.png)

Dropped pic.

No. 293141

Hah, I wouldn't mind so much but those "trophies" are given out to every YouTube user who reaches over a million views and subscribers, EVERY user who reaches those milestones gets one in the post along with a printed out thank you note their support for using YouTube as a streaming video platform.

They're not trophies that celebrate individual merit, he hasn't recieved a fucking trophy for being a cunt or the most "knowledgeable" and "honest" YT vlogger of the whole site, they're just useless doorstops that are basically just YouTubes way of thanking their patrons for attracting more people to their website.

If he thinks that's some kind of huge life achievement, he clearly didn't win any trophies or certificates at school or work, which are way more valuable than this shit could ever be.

Sorry Grease, we're just not jealous of your YT "trophies".

No. 293145

Just in case Onion continues to lurk here.

No. 293174

Cucky is definetly lurking. There's no way it wasn't him that was bumping Hannah's thread wanting to get her contact info. He must be tired of being married to manly looking Plainey. The thing is no woman in her right mind is going to want to have a relationship with Gurgles.

No. 293175

Question time. Who do you think Onion would choose if he had the choice out of Hannah minx or Billie?

No. 293177

Hannah Minx. Dude is obsessed with her.

No. 293180

Is she not too old tho

No. 293181

He'd do it just to prove he isn't just into teen girls.

No. 293184


Too bad Hannah's married and none of us (who are close) know of her whereabouts for him to demand answers. Sorry Onion!

No. 293196

File: 1469933533547.png (623.83 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No improvement, looks like Ben Moody with a beard though.

No. 293197

He looks almost human on the left, like he could get away with just looking like the average american joe.

The right looks like he's had tons of plastic surgery, but that's just due to the insane amounts of filters he throws all over his photos.

Of course he tries to make everyone believe that it's been his change of diet that's caused the drastic change in his looks, but we all know what he really looks like without the aid of Instagram presets >>291769.

No. 293202

Judging from both pictures: he looks healthy on the left and you can still see the "humanity" in his eyes compared to the right one where he looks withered with the psychotic gleam on his eyes.

>average diet

Sure made look like you weren't dying.

No. 293204

File: 1469935844758.jpg (2.87 KB, 99x132, faculty625_small_4.jpg)

jeeeeesus LMFAO

No. 293205

The thing with his "vegetarian" diet is that he's still eating tons of processed shit, which is obviously contributing to his skin problems, he posted a photo one time of his groceries from Whole Foods and they were all ready-made meals and dairy-free condiments.

I've even seen Lainey post photos of food she's made and it looked like budget-college-student quality garbage. it was mostly all carbs with barely any fresh produce in it, I don't think they can cook for shit, either of them.

He was trying to impress Billie a couple of weeks back by trying out a raw vegan diet for a few days and complained about a lack of energy, which again makes me think that he really can't cook for shit… otherwise, he wouldn't have too much of a problem switching over to a vegan diet if his vegetarian diet was nutrient-enriched to begin with.

It's all well and good being vegetarian, but if you can't even be bothered to spend some extra time preparing wholesome meals, there's no fucking point in it, it's just going to wreck as much havoc with your body's immune system as much as eating nothing but burgers and fries would.

Of course the time he could spend preparing those meals would take too much effort, he'd rather be sat at his computer 24/7 bitching about god-knows-what on social networks and shoopin' his photos to make himself attractive to teenage girls.

No. 293211

I wasn't really bashing the vegan diet/lifestyle but I agree with you on the rest.

And yes, not only the "veg" diet should be concerning but how its prepared as well. Skye was probably a good cook since they both didn't look like shit while eating processed foods when they were together.

No. 293212

I see that his "positivity" farce has already ended in less than a month, we all predicted he would revert back to his natural state though.

He's also back to talking about baby dicks again.

No. 293221

He isn't just lurking. I would wager is full on posting here.
These void of context posts as well as the Hannah Minx thread bump all suggest to me he is just shilling his bullshit using such threads as a vehicle to do so.

No. 293225

Okay, that definitely makes a lot more sense than the outright accusations.

Hey Cucky McFucky; we're on to you, come out and play! You greasy old fuck.

No. 293226

Also, have you realized he's putting his videos just after the anon(s) posted old shit from his past? Dude REALLY doesn't want us to find out how crazy and deluded he was back in the day.

No. 293227

It was written by Greg, right? I thought it was and I meant think it's so pretentious that he should be shot. Did you think I meant the anon who posted it?

No. 293231

File: 1469952098413.png (51.24 KB, 205x158, Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 09.0…)

No. 293234

Yeah lol I'm sorry

No. 293237

He don't know how to spell…

No. 293240

He is a classic narcissist. Anything negative about him he must spin in a positive light so more than likely yes, that is exactly what he's doing. On top of it all he is just rubbing it in our faces by shameless promotion too. How humble.

His past is so riddled with insanity it almost outweighs his present in some regards. Unfortunately for him it seems to have defined his present entirely.

No. 293242

Then let's focus on the negative since he's trying to "clear his name" here and is trying to distract the future posts from looking into his past. He knows what he wrote back the would result in so much ridicule from any sane person and is trying to deter the attention.

Attention everyone: look into the ghosts and loo(life of onion)links above with a few upward scrolls. Also on either Google or the wayback archives; search for anything related to "Onision", "Sicesca", "one mand band@, the Mr. Odd sites and anything else which had his original last name (Daniel) on it. Since he liked plastering his name all over the fucking place. There's untapped milk that needs major distribution!

Oh and avoid future onion-video posts without context, it's him distracting you!
Thank you.

No. 293243

No worries. Sorry about my typo too.

Any reason you didn't spoiler that disgusting image?

"Withered" is a great way to describe him. That peach fuzz hid his weird lips, too.

No. 293245

Yeah his lips on the left look full and plump, while on the right they look more narrowed like an old lady's. Either way, Greg looks disgusting with a beard but that's just me.

No. 293248

haha yeah what is his point? that being a veggie has made him a hottie..

No. 293249

That is DEFINITELY what he's trying to promote. Good analysis anon! ^^

No. 293252

Why does he look like Karl Pilkington with hair on the left tho?

No. 293255

Bet he is growing his hair out for a man bun might suit him actually - but he'll have to sort his skin out as his pepperoni texture will be on full show.

No. 293256

I thought he looked like Ben Moody…

Well…he used to have really long hair back in 2010, it looked full of life too. If he grows his hair on that same length now…well, I would probably avoid looking at his face at all costs.

No. 293259

It's pointless because his self-promotion in here is falling flat on it's ass.

1. Noone cares about his "YT credentials" because of >>293141

2. Noone cares about his constant ramblings about vegetarianism because of >>293205

His whole existence is a plight for validation for his existence, and he's only able to get it from teenagers who have virtually zero life experiences and hang around on YT all day.

No. 293262


Whilst he's out there manipulating teenagers into following him with lies and baseless opinions, he doesn't realise that other adults (yep, even the ones who are not popular on YT, Grease.) can play a similar game and tell those same teenagers that he's a dangerous fraud with concrete proof of his behavoir.

A bit of blog post here, but I'm pretty proud of the fact that I've been able to direct a few dozen potential fans away from him and they in turn have been warning their own friends away from him when they find out the truth about him.

If any other anons here get the chance to do the same, you should definitely do so, even if they're just your immediate family and friends. Considering how viral the internet is these days, even reaching out to just a few of his casual fans will cause a chain-reaction, you just need a little patience and keep the reins back in attacking their intelligence, otherwise they won't be receptive and will just side with him out of stubborn denial.

No. 293263

How is it he lost weight but his nose looks bigger on the right haha, sub par angle?

No. 293264

I think it's due to him using the slimming filters on just both sides of his cheeks and nowhere else, but his nose is left unchanged because he's shit at editing photos.

No. 293266

One of these days he's gonna piss off someone who is even more manipulative and mentally unstable than he is (I'm talking about real sociopaths, not the fictional edgy "Patrick Bateman" kind he romanticises) and they'll ruin him.

No. 293279

What the fuck happened to his eyebrows? It's like he either shapeshifted into the Joker or got a lift

No. 293289

he encountered reptilians in the army and they converted him which literally explains everything

No. 293291

At least Patrick Bateman knew how to moisturize.

No. 293292


with an alcohol free moisturizer, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older

No. 293295

>The thing with his "vegetarian" diet is that he's still eating tons of processed shit
He's a cheese pizza vegetarian. If he went full on vegan he would need to cook most of his meals at home and do some research to make sure he was getting all his micro and macro nutrients. Veganism would require too much effort basically and he figured being vegetarian was good enough to self righteously judge people.

No. 293296

File: 1469988918723.jpg (37.22 KB, 425x177, american_psycho_posing_mirror2…)

Kek,touché anon!

No. 293320

File: 1470005362487.png (11.3 KB, 638x211, ughhh.png)

Wow, he seriously just can't stop talking to his underage fans about fucking underage girls, can he.

No. 293323

After Our Near-Divorce Experience (Onision & Laineybot)

No. 293326



No. 293332

Why can't these losers just divorce already?!?!?! This is pathetic!!!!

No. 293334

Does Lainey typically speak cause I feel like she just agrees with everything Greg says or tries to disagree but then gets talked over.

No. 293341

Those arms…

No. 293342

How surprising that after only two visits Greg convinces Lainey that marriage counseling is pointless.

No. 293343

is he trying to be danisnotonfire or something?

No. 293344

Did he somehow lose all fat in his lips? Why are they basically flat now?

No. 293345

"and now our marriage is better than ever" = my wife finally let me have my way with her gf

No. 293347

Pretty much! This video was even worse: >>268252

I'm more surprised they went at all. He probably did it just to pacify her and insulted the counselor afterwards to convince her it was useless.

No. 293348

You could get a better conversation out of a brick wall. When's he gonna chuck her?

No. 293350

so0o0o0o0o0 weird how he mentions polygamy when someone just joked about it here.

Since you're lurking Greg, if you're so in love with the mother of your children, why do you never mention your children? This woman created a human being with half of his DNA, you'd think while he's trying to be Dad McHusband he would mention his child like he's actually proud. Like he literally fucking never mentions his kid or any like anecdotes surrounding him. That's unheard of with parents, especially young ones. He must somehow never see his kid, does anyone know more about this?

I hope she elbows him in the face with them.

No. 293352

Lmao even though I'm not a self riotous, militant vegan , I want the psycho rawtil4 cult to call him out on milk, eggs, and his (probably) not vegan makeup. Fraudlee and him deserve each other, too bad she's too old for him.
Gurggle convinced lainy that is wasn't helping. And she's an idiot, so…

No. 293356

Someone should call CPS on their kid(s)…

No. 293375

No they shouldn't. When people were talking about calling the ASPCA on him because of the turtle, he cleaned out his disgusting garage and got his dog groomed. He stalks his "haters" or any place giving him negative attention. If someone actually wants to call CPS on him, they should do it randomly without anyone posting about it so that CPS can see his natural and filthy environment.

No. 293379


It seems our favorite Onion forgot to tell us about how much he (used to) loved sucking school-shooter cock.

No. 293382


Fuck, he has us right where he wants us! I guess we can't do much with him silently watching our every move.

Yet, how come he doesn't talk about us on Twitter or his videos? Even KF was trying to expose themselves along with the doxxing to no avail.

No. 293383

KF doxed his entire family. I think he has some idea about what the Streisand Effect is. Feel free to call CPS on him, just don't talk about it until something happens to him. I'm sure if his kid got taken away that his fakeboi cuck wife would be posting about it on twitter and depressing lyrics.

No. 293384

I won't do it right now, or even the next month. But if I do, I'm sure as hell gonna leave an anonymous tip about how fakeneybot is trying to lure young girls into their lair via Twitter as potential "partners".

No. 293386

CPS is an overreaching branch, anon. You could call them for far less than that, but good-luck on your future project.

No. 293392

Thank you. Again, I won't do this for awhile until everything and everyone's distracted with whatever major shitstorm occurs. The other anon is right, it's better to do it out of the blue than give an exact time so Onion has no time to prepare for the attack.

No. 293393

If possible, is there a way to get the mods to delete all the CPS-related posts? So that way I may have a slight chance on starting this project ahead without Onion's presence breathing down my neck. Again, thank you.

No. 293402

HAHAHAHA used to?????? He wrote his first self published fan fiction that he sells on amazon romanticizing a school getting shot up. He's a tacky weakling, of course he eats that right up.

No. 293403

what kind of mother never talks about their son?

No. 293406

I might be wrong on this, but I think I remember someone saying that Lainey has a friend who lives in another one of their houses, who acts as a nanny to the kid(s). It wouldn't surprise me if these two have a full-time nanny and hardly interact with their son at all.

No. 293408

Yeah it's Selena she still appears in some laineybot videos.

I think cps should only be called if there is evidence of abuse or neglect otherwise we're wasting their time and using up an opportunity that we might need in the future if evidence does come up that the child is being mistreated.

No. 293415

No. 293417

I'm sure he went so he could tell his fans that they didn't need because they're love is so strong and will win against everything~

No. 293419

Lips thin when you start to age, Anon.

No. 293422

onion lip fillers when

No. 293423

This was awful to watch. Such shit chemistry.

No. 293428

I'M SORRY (Twitter Drama & Onision's Apology)

No. 293429


No. 293431

File: 1470077535550.jpg (60.3 KB, 1280x719, 1.jpg)

Stop shilling your shit in here you annoying faggot. These were uploaded twenty minutes or so ago, you've been just biding your time thinking no one would notice.

Please crawl back to the Seventh Day Adventist cult, or child bride love nest you are currently posting from.

No. 293432

File: 1470077759338.jpg (7.89 KB, 245x185, sod off.jpg)

Just stop, everyone knows it's you and most people in this thread don't want to watch your ugly mug beyond what is relevant to the miserable trainwreck that is your life.

No. 293439

god i love this place

No. 293443

Because he wants all the credit for himself, it's easy for him to be "inspired" by us and use the thread's content for his own personal gain, his fanbase is none the wiser.

No. 293446

File: 1470088059533.png (246.08 KB, 639x471, nah.png)

Nah, it's because you're lurking around sites that are showing you up for who you really are and you're gleaning them for "inspiration"… along with your shitty "like or RT" posts and polls.

You're petty as fuck in doing so because it fucking shows how single-minded and uncreative you really are, how is your cheesy, candida-encrusted bellend doing by the way?

It's not gonna last for long shitbag, you're scraping along the bottom of barrels now and you're running out of time, you're old, brain-damaged and irrelevant - accept it, you'll get more respect for doing so.

No. 293447

File: 1470088246992.png (21.6 KB, 640x174, haha.png)

Yep, he's without a doubt lurking in this thread.

Hi Grease.

No. 293455

He Greg, why don't you come out of hiding? We know you're here! Tell us how your day went and how you REALLY feel about your deadbrain, fakeboi wife. Cuck.

No. 293457

greg why havent you used your youtube bucks to get some accutane? your face is disgusting

No. 293467

File: 1470100559887.jpg (55.57 KB, 640x501, CkTOQVmWYAEg5_B.jpg)

Fuck off Onion tits, we know it's you when you directly post videos to get views.

Fucking wash yourself instead please.

No. 293469

Lol "multiple perspectives" being what your pedophile father abused you into thinking, how your mom mutilated you into a narcissist, the weak loser you turned into because of it, and the resulting pathetic revenge complex perspective?

No. 293471

Onion, fuck off. Like everyone else said, we know it's your stinky greasy ass trying to get more views, but let me give you a word of advice: embeds don't count as views and your ads are fucking disabled here so you're not making a penny off of us, you retard.

No. 293473


lol this is so brutal but I love it

No. 293475

Onion posted a fb pic of Lamo. Guess he wants us to talk shit about her now.

No. 293476

So um, Greg; while you're at it here, would you mind explaining "this" to us?



Thanks, Cucky McFucky!

No. 293478

File: 1470105575486.png (207.32 KB, 400x400, get a load of that guy.png)

Fucking ouch, I had to remind myself what a dickhead Greg is, otherwise I'd think you guys went too far.

What a cop-out. Having a handle on multiple perspectives means that you continuously refine your opinions and develop some nuance, not wildly contradict yourself with black-and-white thinking according to whatever will give you the most attention. Find a better excuse, Greggers.

No. 293479


Fucking hilarious.

All those 'multiple personalities' and not one of them knows how to wash their damn face.

No. 293486

This thread is disappointingly boring. Why can't he ever do anything interesting? I legitimately don't understand how people still watch his videos when he's this fucking lame/predictable. Same for his featureless paper mache wife. Loving how obvious it is that she gets all of her views on life and shit from Twenty One Pilots tho. Never thought I'd say this, but all of those borderline emofags would be better off listening to the vague, pathetic whining of Linkin Park than that garbage. 21P has tricked millions into thinking that they're smart and cool because they're insecure, blotchy, born without lips and/or eyebrows, and they have devastating winged liner. Does Onion listen to them too or is he still jealous because one of them tweeted Plainey or w/e?

No. 293490

Classic Onion. Throwing his wife under the bus while claiming he loves her.

No. 293500

Sup, Onion.

No. 293509

This just proves my point. This is basically the whole thread.

No. 293511

The whole thread is basically Onion trying to shit on it out of vengeance and possibly jealousy. Come at us brah!

No. 293514

I would like to know if those videos without any captions really are posted by Onionboy.

Lolcow rule 8 says
>"Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/. Do not deceptively post about yourself in existing /pt/ or /snow/ threads as a way of attracting attention."

Videos without any caption or explanation suggest that it's him and if that's true it would be nice if Admin confirms this. Some other minor cows have been exposed because of self-promoting so why noy him?

But even if Admin does nothing I think we all can agree Greaseface is behind those poor attempts of clickbait. It's quite obvious as he just can't write anything bad about himself along the video but he still tries to get views. And he's so new to imageboards he doesn't even know how to use them or even realise that he won't get any revenue from anything posted on this site. (I guess if he soon tries direct links to YouTube and then we know it's 100% him.)

No. 293516

There's reason to believe he's been lurking and posting here since towards the end of the last thread, "coincidences" just don't happen more than a dozen times in a row… if you really don't like this thread, just ignore it and post elsewhere - but don't shit it up by contributing fuck all to the topic yourself.

I've honestly been drumming on for months in here about his hypocrisy and contradictory nature and he did not disappoint in finally addressing it! He's pretty much admitting he has zero perspective other than his own single-minded, black and white viewpoints, otherwise he'd be able to discuss and tackle topics from a multitude of angles, he never does.

The only thing that he's remotely consistent about; is the cycle of how his mind has always worked.

1. Forms an opinion based on something he has no knowledge about.
2. Claims it as fact.
3. Gets called out.
4. Begins his crusade to defend his opinion by calling everyone but himself a liar.
5. Backpedals when he starts to lose subscribers.
6. Hypocrisy and contradiction.
7. Wash, rinse, repeat.

No. 293518


>does not know how to use an image/message board

The funny thing is, he used to have a message board website along with the other shitty sites before YouTube. Do you think it's possible after 10+ years he might've forgotten how to use these types of sites?

No. 293519


I believe it was called MessageBoard or MessageHoard.com…

He has a lot of subdomains here.

No. 293520


Hi Greasel. Don't bother writing about yourself in third person. Your messages are bit too obvious for that.

No. 293521

What a ludicrous tweet even for Onion. Greg if anyone's perspectives are at war with one another right now it is YOURS. You were raised into a cult like phony sect of Christianity called Seventh Day Adventist until you were eleven years old only to have that psychologically abusive indoctrination swapped out for an even more benign system of beliefs your mother invented herself seemingly overnight. Couple this with a code of ethics towards women and a view of idealized social morals so postwar 1950's that not even Hugh Beaumont could hold a candle to it all while trying to maintain this image of an edgy quasi-goth know it all. One has no choice but to gain at least SOME idea of what sort of mental holocaust must be going on inside your head on a daily basis.

Your perspectives on any given subject are derived from ideals that aren't even centered in reality so really who are you to judge how anyone else thinks you hypocritical fuckwit? You advocate for anything that you do because you were told it was the right thing to do not because you actually believe in said causes or values. You are a vegan because you are still afraid of what will happen if you aren't one not because you truly buy into any of the anti meat eating propaganda you shill constantly. You hate women because you were horrendously abused by a woman, your mother…not because you totally were not the root cause of all of your relationship issues throughout your teenage and adult life. The woman convinced she was a psychic, that you had special powers and you were above everyone because she is an unmedicated paranoid schizophrenic who you bought into the delusions of…and yet WE are the ones with fucked perspectives. Absolutely amazing level of evasion right there.

Godspeed Grease. Hopefully the price of Thorazine will go down in the coming years because you will need as much as you can get with how you are currently going.

No. 293522

Nah, not Grease. Please don't accuse me of such thing as I'm only providing info that no one really looks deep into. Speaking of…

Onion's "rape prevention" website, there's a ton of wtf's and lulz on this.


No. 293523


Blegh! My writing did sound like Greg's! I promise I'm innocent, I'm in no way Onion or affiliated with said Onion! I am merely providing information on his e-whoring days before YouTube.

No. 293524

Out of curiosity, Steve; is that you?

No. 293527

>>You were raised into a cult like phony sect of Christianity called Seventh Day Adventist until you were eleven years old only to have that psychologically abusive indoctrination swapped out for an even more benign system of beliefs your mother invented herself seemingly overnight. Couple this with a code of ethics towards women and a view of idealized social morals so postwar 1950's that not even Hugh Beaumont could hold a candle to it all while trying to maintain this image of an edgy quasi-goth know it all.

A hundred times, this.

All of it is accurate, he himself knows it's accurate but he just sticks his fingers in his earholes and goes "Lalalalala, I'm not listening to this and I'm not going to fix my problems because you're all haters and I used to be popular on YouTube."

I honestly do believe he's self-aware enough to realise that he's a piece of shit, he does it all on purpose because he enjoys getting a rise out of people, even HSanon acknowledged this early on. It's his way of compensating from a lack of anyone giving him attention, he's a dullard, he's boring, he's less-than-average and he's fully aware of this, it's the reason why he only latches on to controversial topics - it's because he knows he has nothing else going on for himself otherwise.

His moral has basically always been - "We are whatever we wish to be." - it's not deep, it's not philosophical, it's a statement basically telling you that he doesn't have a fucking personality of his own.

He's been this way for 31 years, he is not gonna change any time now or in the future and thousands of these types of people exist around us on a daily basis, the only difference is that most of them don't have a soapbox to stand on, he's seriously no different than a fucking crazy street preacher trying to amass absolutely any idiot that will listen to him.

No. 293528

Here's onion's private fb page, y'all can finally give the Cuck his own medicine! Strange, why isn't he using his current last name rather than using his old one…?

Again, it's set in private and you may need to login to your account but you can still message/troll him!


No. 293532

Why would anyone care about sending him ~troll~ messages? Are we twelve?

No. 293539


It's grease's fans who troll people. Most of Anti-O's are smart and adult enough not to do so.

He's probably asking you to ~troll~ him so he could screenshot the messages and make a ~haturr~ video.

Also, I've noticed that if you stalk someone on FB their profiles eventually appear to the person's "People you might know"-list. So don't go to his profile or message him.

No. 293542


>don't shit it up by contributing fuck all to the topic yourself.

As if accusing everyone of being Greg contributes to the topic.. If anything, these posts are shitting up the thread. Why do we give a fuck if he's lurking? And why do we feel the need to call (who we suspect to be) him out? To shame him?? News flash, assholes: this "Swiper no swiping," thing doesn't work IRL. Assuming he does post here, Greg doesn't give a fuck abt how obvious he is; he'll probably keep at it no matter what. Just ignore the post if you think it's him…

inb4 "hey, Greg. [weak, predictable attempt at snarky remark]?"

No. 293572

Awhile back an anon noted he had a freak out of some type when it was announced that Andy Biersack was married. Hmm… a Juliet Simms thread has appeared today. One of the grievances about her is that she's 30. That's how old you are Onion.

No. 293574

File: 1470152678129.jpg (57.21 KB, 537x552, 150457_10200844311128206_65505…)

For a moment I was afraid that his son got Onion's shitty genetics, but turns out it's little Onion himself.

No. 293588

>>One of the grievances about her is that she's 30.

Of course it is, he doesn't like women - he only likes little girls.

Anyone over the age of 20 is too old for him.

No. 293589

Calling out his posts are productive in the sense that if we don't then he'll delude himself into thinking he's successfully fooling us all.

No. 293594

File: 1470159536144.jpg (9.48 KB, 260x194, images.jpg)

>that CWC-esque furrowed brow
…he really has the 'tism doesn't he?

No. 293604

File: 1470163149100.png (87.35 KB, 1334x750, image.png)

It wasn't him.

No. 293609

I know this is late but did anyone else notice he photoshopped this really badly? Can't he and his wife be in the room besides videos?

No. 293610


It must've been a banana…

No. 293611

Wow, I haven't watched him since the Shiloh drama where he exploited her supposed mental health problems for views. I'm surprised he is still popular on youtube.

No. 293615

No. 293619

File: 1470166975024.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Her grandparents

No. 293621

File: 1470167093816.png (218.8 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

How come granddad didn't mention Troy but mention his great grand daughter

No. 293622

Sometimes I forget Lainey has a body as we only see her from the shoulders up.

No. 293623

File: 1470167589492.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No baby bump…… Yet

No. 293624

Are these that recent? Lainey doesn't do those awful comma brows anymore.

No. 293625

She looks so genuinely happy here unlike Gergs vids.

No. 293626


It's from wrap tour

No. 293627

Her mother and father doesn't appear to have profiles

No. 293628


No. 293629

Spoke to soon
I think this maybe him

No. 293630

File: 1470168143124.png (646.59 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 293631

She's not friends with him but her grand father is

No. 293633

File: 1470168351576.png (596.62 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

If cindy is her mother then this could be her

No. 293635

File: 1470168614018.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Greg sister

No. 293636


Can we leave their family out? They don't really have anything to do with the drama or what's going on with Lainey, Greg or Billie. Especially if it's not interesting.

No. 293637

Yea like non of you ever been curious

No. 293638

File: 1470168898436.png (993.66 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No more yucky dreads

No. 293639


No, we have not. It is also against the rules.
"Don't post personal information of people who may be related to a certain person but aren't directly involved. For example, if you are posting the info of someone who you feel has done something wrong, do not post info about their uninvolved family and friends."

Also, learn to sage and stop spamming. Idiot.

No. 293640

I didn't know that rule my apologies. I will stop

No. 293641


What about the guy who posted them to begin with?

No. 293645


Shouldn't Onion's mommy have a lolcow thread herself? She does provide lulz-worthy content, or is she not "famous" enough?

No. 293650


It might be better suited for /snow/. I agree the insane bitch desrves a thread of her own. Maybe we can dump everything we have on her here before making one tho, because shit threads only clog lolcow.

No. 293653


Definitely! Also, don't forget the "massage" claim Onion made, it might be very vital!

No. 293655

Agree with /snow/ though his mom is completely psycho, she doesn't live on the internet like her son.

No. 293657

File: 1470171998559.png (205.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She's already afraid of losing billie

No. 293658

File: 1470172033743.png (176.18 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Sorry wrong one

No. 293660

She's comments on practically every single picture billie posts just to make sure everyone know they dating.

No. 293664

…she's pretty and has a nice skin, how is it possible?

No. 293667

She doesn't filter herself to look like a 13 year old edgelord.

No. 293695

File: 1470179800550.jpg (17.11 KB, 354x127, truth.jpg)

They both know it's true…

No. 293700

didn't he basically describe his sister as a slut in his first self-insert book?

No. 293701

Jesus tap dancing CHRIST the resemblance is uncanny. His sister got lucky she doesn't look like Mama Gurgles.

They're both so self-loathing, what a healthy relationship.

No. 293706

Yes he did, but he has two sisters.

No. 293710

Onion posted this shit today on his Archive channel. He may not have randomly put his videos here but he definitely lurks here. Not only that, this video could've been coincidentally uploaded just 3 days before his previous "anniversary".

No. 293715

What's up with his obvious litter girl fetish? I don't know enough of these men to understand this, but I'm 24 and the men I hang out with have jobs and goals in life, and look for partners with the same ambitions. I can't relate to him in any way, please someone help me out here.

No. 293716

This is the laziest fucking correction to the point where I have to respect it.

No. 293721

What's difficult to understand? There are sick, perverted, adult men out there in the world who only want to fuck teenagers… There are tons of celebrities out there who are pedophiles who use their status to lure in their victims. They're mentally deranged, and Grease is no exception.

No. 293723

File: 1470193063072.jpeg (196.51 KB, 802x924, image.jpeg)

Taylor really is pregnant…

No. 293724

File: 1470193107040.jpeg (186.99 KB, 804x926, image.jpeg)

Oh and her kid has cavities now.

No. 293726

>Still nurses a 2.5 year old
No wonder your kid has cavities.

No. 293729

File: 1470194080360.png (108.74 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 293730


He has 2 sisters

No. 293731


Your husband never loved you, Lamo. I'm sorry that you can't comprehend that.

No. 293743

Just remember that uninvolved family exposure should be kept to a minimum; unless they're involved in the drama, keep their names out of it, and their faces if possible.

No. 293749

Jesus fucking Christ, what are they feeding that toddler for him to have cavities at TWO YEARS OLD?! No child at that age should have cavities, especially with baby teeth… "Bad parents" doesn't even describe them any more.

No. 293753

Seriously. How in the world is a 2.5 year old have multiple cavities? Either they have fucked up dental genetics and/or they are feeding that kid way too much sugary garbage.

No. 293770

I think the baby is eating crap. They said they wouldn't make the baby a vegetarian but they're probably feeding it only that apple sauce baby food and breast milk. Neither of them can cook as evidence by the life sustaining taco bell.

Hey Greg, if you lurk here, fucking look at youtube. There are vegetarian/vegan cooking videos there and you should have some idea how to cook when you hit 30.

No. 293771


I used to date a guy with a breast milk fetish and he said it was very sweet. Judging by their bad skin and pale complexions, they have shitty diets, so maybe that's fucking up her milk? I don't know. She shouldn't be breastfeeding a two year old anyways. Also, I'm pretty sure vegetarians are more prone to tooth decay, so maybe they are raising the baby vegetarian.

fun fact: half a gallon of human breast milk can be sold for up to $120 (depending on the quality) !

No. 293775

it's gone from everywhere on the site.

No. 293776

Apparently he's got his fans to spam Urban Dictionary with a pre-written definition of "cuck" that he made himself for them to copypasta.

And he claims the word doesn't phase him, lolz.

They'll all just be removed when UD's mods catch wind of it, seeing as it's literally spam.

No. 293779


We should thumbs down their definitions.

No. 293780

What I would like to know is if their first kid's even Onion's at all! There must be an explanation for he's so distant with his child.

No. 293781

That's not gonna do shit, if you have an account on there just report the posts as spam.

No. 293782

FFS Onion can't you take a couple minutes away from twitter, jerking off in the shower and chasing teens to help your kid brush his teeth?

No. 293783

Taylor is friends with https://www.youtube.com/user/JonPazVideos this guy. He's a talented musician that Greg has never asked to collab with. I hope he's Troy's real father and Greg is shooting blanks like his drug store Maury Povich sperm count test showed.

No. 293789

It's not the milk. Many cultures nurse their kids till they're 3 or older.
I bet they give him a lot of sweet drinks in a baby bottle and dont help him brushing his teeth. Main reason for rotten teeth in this age.
Bitch should stop spending her time on the internet and learn how to be a good mother instead

No. 293791

Gork wouldn't be able to manipulate and control an ambitious, intelligent woman his own age. Any woman with life experience can tell what a loser he is, so he has to prey on impressionable stupid teenagers who think he's cool and edgy.

No. 293794


If only anon, if only. :(

No. 293811

It happens if kids with teeth get to have milk in bed… bottle or boob tbh… if they brush their teeth like they're supposed to, but then just take bottle to bed, their teeth still end up getting an acid/sugar bath overnight, and that's where the cavities come from.
I agree though that it shouldn't be happening in a child that young, but that is how it happens.

No. 293825

The cavities must be SUPER bad if they're even doing it, instead of just waiting for his baby teeth to fall out.


No. 293829

This happened to me when I was a tiny babbu, because my parents would give me a bottle (milk, juice, I don't remember) to drink in bed. I only got one cavity that was super minor and my parents stopped doing this as soon as they realized they were being dumb. Several cavities, though? Bad enough that they need to be filled under general anaesthesia? You'd think they would have realized sooner that they were doing something wrong.

No. 293830

I really fucking hope the dentist lays into her for causing decay in her baby's teeth and investigates the matter further.

If it's not happened because of some fucked up genetic disorder, then it's definately through pure neglect and social services need to get involved.

No baby should have to be dealing with tooth decay or gum disease just two years after birth (it's not even one cavity which would be questionably dodgy, but she says it's CAVITIES) but that's what they get for ignoring the poor little beast in favour of internet fame and fucking around with teenage girls.

I guess at least we finally have our answer as to why they never mention their child or act like he exists, eh?

No. 293831

File: 1470237067789.jpeg (1.37 MB, 2560x1440, sloth-desktop-wallpapers-25.jp…)

>I guess at least we finally have our answer as to why they never mention their child or act like he exists, eh?

I always figured he looks like Sloth from The Goonies and they were too embarrased. This new info about his teeth just strengthens my theory.

No. 293834

Two and a half years old and she's still breast feeding? What the fuck?! This is stupid as fuck and bad parenting to boot. It's like what >>293811 said. Jesus… This explains the mystery behind why they never mention their son–they fucking neglect him. Multiple cavities and not even 3 years old is unacceptable.

No. 293835


I was suspecting for the longest time that he may have Down's Syndrome, especially since Grease threw a shitfit one time about not wanting to pay for tests on Lainey whilst she was still pregnant with him.

But the only thing that threw me off that suspicion was the fact that Grease has enjoyed taking the piss out of people with Down Syndrome since then, he wouldn't be that fucking evil to do so if his own child had Downs would he?

Rhetorical, I know… but ughhh.

No. 293838

Anon, you can't say they neglect him while also bitching she still breast feeds. Breat feeding while the child is older is usually a sign of over coddling and attachment to the child. Lainey and Greg are just fucking idiots that know 0 about nutrition and probably don't teach their child good habits.

A 2 1/2 being riddled with cavities to the point he needs to be put under is not okay. I feel bad for the future baby.

Also if Lainey is around 6 months pregnant, that pretty much is 100% proof that Greg knocked her up to keep her right after cuddlegate, which happened late January and early February.

No. 293840

Hand's up if y'all suspect that Grease also has a lactation fetish to add to his growing list of perversions.

Lainey's also admitted in those posts that she no longer has the milk to sustain Troy, (therefore she shouldn't even still be nursing him, her body is telling her that it's been over for a while) but because she's pregnant again - she's forcing herself to express what little comes out for him.

It's all like a fucking Lynchian nightmare unravelling before our eyes, she will literally do anything that Grease tells her to do, she has no mind of her own.

I don't think any of us will have to push CPS to get involved at any point now, it now seems that they're very likely heading for an investigation caused by their own stupidity themselves.

No. 293842

File: 1470238470966.jpg (24.51 KB, 300x300, 1469455022013.jpg)

wow this poor child…
I believe this is why the friend helps them, she sees that this kid isn't going to be okay on its own.

…and they want another? why?
I hope he doesn't get a daughter, would be too creepy.

No. 293844

Ten-to-one, there's gonna be a new video in the works where Grease goes on a rant and blames the nanny they hired (Selena) for causing their son's mouth to be a cesspool of decay.

It's like, fuck no Grease… your wife has fucking admitted to nursing him at night, your wife is there with the child before bedtime when he should have brushed his teeth instead of getting a drying-up titty shoved into his bacteria-riddled maw.

And I hope in turn, Selena sues his ass for even suggesting she's to blame for it when there's evidence out there that it's all his and his wife's fault.

No. 293845

Nah, Greg will just ignore it. Has he ever said anything about parenting? I could see he maybe putting the blame on Selena, but I think he'd rather pretend that Troy doesn't exist to his follower

No. 293846

He only mentions parenting when it suits his opinions; RE: Breastfeeding, babydicks and anti-discipline.

No. 293847

yep, because he has no fucking clue.

No. 293848

File: 1470240344358.png (50.24 KB, 637x258, zitjuice.png)

This is what he's been doing for the last 20 minutes, the state of his mirror is just as fucking greasy as his face.

No. 293849

He made one song where he tells his son to better be grateful to his mother because she almost died while giving birth

No. 293850

File: 1470241713992.gif (1019.87 KB, 500x281, Britney-Spears-Cringe-Face.gif)

No. 293851

I love you anon

No. 293852


I've already apologised and stop so move on anon

No. 293853


Gross. If you still Breast feeding after 18 months than you're a bad mother.

This is 2016 culture isn't an excuse anymore

No. 293854

This is a mod's reply. Don't bitch.
You really shouldn't be using image boards, should you.

Also, learn how to sage (pro-tip: put "sage" in the email field. You're welcome).

No. 293855

I thought they kept Selena in another house. Does she come over during the day to watch Troy while Gaggle and Lainey ignore dick around online all day?

How fucking new are you.

No. 293857

25 weeks ago would be in early February so right after the cuddlegate mess. This kid is a band-aid baby :/ Isn't she graduating college soon too? I think he wanted another kid to keep her tied down for awhile longer.
I don't know why she wouldn't try to ween him when she got pregnant. He's 2, it would be good to give herself a break for the pregnancy and that way he won't be flipping out constantly because the newborn gets more titty than he does. I don't know if gross Greg has a lactation fetish but he definitely has strong opinions about stuff he doesn't have to actually do like extended breast feeding.

No. 293861


Move on

No. 293862


How new are you? She's use to live with them now she's in a different state

No. 293863

File: 1470248113922.jpg (16.85 KB, 164x193, my-little-pony-daddys-girl-slo…)

If they have a daughter he would probably dress it in stuff like pic related

Nobody cares about your ex but least read up before you try to contribute theories; fyi breastfeeding a toddler is a bit weird but it's not bad for the kid unless there are other factors like >>293844

No. 293866


I see he traded his iPhone for an Android. Also, nice profile pic, I hope Greg sees it!

No. 293877

Butthurt Onion is butthurt. Though he claims this entire video is a "joke".

No. 293881

File: 1470255703294.png (10.54 KB, 211x246, whatthefug.png)

>general anesthesia

Wow, for a dentist to put a kid under general anesthesia just to fill cavities on their baby teeth, it must be really, REALLY bad. General anesthesia is relatively quite dangerous and requires an anesthesiologist, which ramps up the costs big time. For cavities to even be worked on in baby teeth they have to be bad. But general anesthesia? Either the kid has some sort of disease that makes it prone to teeth rot or the parents are incredibly neglectful. Or both. Poor thing never stood a chance. :(

No. 293882


Omg this is gold. I guess this is the most real Greasemonkey we've seen in years

No. 293886

>>Lolololol, My wife nearly died giving birth to my first child, so I've made her pregnant again without a moments thought about her wellbeing or for the unborn sprogs.

It's really hard to decipher what is a lie and what is the truth with him anymore, I wouldn't be surprised he just said that to garner pity and sympathy… one thing for certain is that he threw a massive shitfit when the doctors told him that he should pay to run her through some tests to make sure she wouldn't have a difficult birth.

He sure fucking loves you, Taylor.

No. 293888

File: 1470256763150.png (20.23 KB, 517x886, wtf.png)

He's either got something on the back of his head or he jizzed on his mirror.

No. 293900

He needs to quit bitching about his bills, he's 30 years old and has 2 houses, a fancy car and can afford plane tickets to get pussy. He's acting like some kind of victim because his views are down so the system MUST be rigged. Nope, it can't have anything to do with an awful, unlikable personality or edgy jokes that aren't even funny. He doesn't realize he lucked out to have that popularity he had in the first place. It's his mistake that he thought he could coast on that for the rest of his life and continue getting constant praise. Sure he'll claim this is some kind of joke but all this butthurt over more popular youtubers is authentic. We picked up on his saltiness a long time ago.

By the way he got famous for wearing and banana costume and dancing around like an idiot. Here's a video of him from his second Tosh appearance. Sorry for the shit quality this was the best I could find lol.

No. 293902


I think he's got something on his head.

>armpit hair

Wait, wasn't he against body hair??? They look black and dirty along with the lard-filled arms! Ew

No. 293907

He's against body hair on women, remember he said that he gets better penetration when they're shaved. Probably because he's compensating for having a baby dick.

No. 293908

Read up? This is just a discussion about some C-list YouTube faggot. I'm not going to go out of my way to fact check everything for this shit.

No. 293910


So what you're saying is; he doesn't like his women to have body hair yet he's allowed to? Guess we have to add that to his long list of hypocricies.

>baby dick

Is his cock really that tiny? Who confirmed this? Curious.

No. 293911


Then why are you here if you don't want to learn anything about Onision? There are other lolcows too ya know.

No. 293913

No, he's obsessed with talking about babies dicks.

No. 293914


That's true but I heard one of his exes confirmed that he had a tiny cock.

No. 293917

Way to miss the point.

No. 293940

I never said I didn't. I just said that I'm not going to read up on breast milk culture to have a stronger theory for why his alleged bebe has gingivitis.

No. 293943

There's something wrong with the kid. My mom breast fed 2 of my siblings until 6 years old (she has mental problems) and we were all fed exclusively white trash food and never brushed our teeth until we were about 8 and none of us have ever had any cavities.

No. 293946


There's something wrong with Lamo!

No. 293947

I agree. I also know families that breastfed to 3-4 years, and their kids' teeth did not rot out.
Regular family genetics have a lot to do with how suceptible we are to tooth decay, but there are also genetic diseases and disorders that increase the rate or impede normal tooth growth.

No. 293949

File: 1470281889074.gif (786.47 KB, 500x386, fingers.gif)

It would really make sense that the kid has some sort of genetic disorder, imo. Both Greg and Taylor have a pathological need for attention and a martyr/victim complex, and having a kid is the hands-down easiest way to both get victim attention ('being a SAHM is so haaaaaaarrrrrddddd! you don't understaaaaaannnndddd!') and find a plethora of ways to judge and pontificate towards others about their life choices. Taylor is a nasty ass boob nazi, but it's very surprising and out-of-character that they haven't used their kid to talk about anything but that or baby dicks. They're willing to talk about every other intimate aspect of their lives but draw the line at something that every run-of-the-mill attention whore exploits for attention? Yeah, not buying the idea that they're trying to keep their kid out of the spotlight to protect him. They're both way too self-focused for that. Either Grog is trying to hide him so he doesn't shatter his 'forever youthful' image or the kid has some sort of defect and they're embarrassed. Or both. Hopefully it's a defect because a toddler having so much tooth decay that they have to get it fixed under general anesthesia is really fucked up and abnormal.

No. 293953


How long do you think we'll wait for further investigations by "outside sources" on Gorilla and Potato?

No. 293954


After the dentist appointment?

No. 293957

Probably a long time since they keep Troy under wraps so hard. Unless Taylor's friend decides she doesn't want their easy money flowing in for some reason and decides to tell all, I can't imagine how somebody would be able to figure out what's going on with their child.

Actually, maybe Billie has an idea, and that's all gonna blow up sooner or later, so maybe she'll tell all. But if Troy has a defect and since Grog and Taylor want to act like teens with her, then they hide Troy from her too.

Maybe if someone searches through that 'moms group' Taylor posted to then they can dig up some dirt.

No. 293958

I sort of have a feeling they ship Troy away to Selena when Billie comes to visit. Can't have a baby sucking on your titty when you're having awesome three-ways. Allegedly.

No. 293960

Nice blog post, but your personal experience doesn't account for the majority of children who have been through the same experiences and ended up with rotten teeth, consider yourself lucky.

Otherwise, it would mean all dentists are liars.

No. 293964

Probably. Oh god, they're doing all this childish poly shit while she's pregnant, how fucking trashy is that

No. 293996

File: 1470294659664.png (175.63 KB, 442x309, Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 9.12…)

tfw I'm even more uncomfortable with other SDAs now that I know Gurgles was a part of the community.

No. 294003


Ya wanna know what else is disturbing? In a couple of videos, he admitted to practically being molested at age 11 by a 15 year old at a church camp. He was very proud of it too, claiming he almost got to "third base".

No. 294008

He brags about losing his virginity when he was 14 all the time. It's not a fucking race and doesn't change the fact that his dad probably diddled him as a kid.

No. 294015

duude there is no excuse for breastfeeding a 2.5 year old, that's just wrong. not only are they old enough to eat solid food on their own, they can hold cutlery too if they aren't retarded. put away your tittay for fucks sake

No. 294019

There are actually a bunch of excuses to do it, although usually alongside solid food etc. Put away this topic for fucks sake.
Breastfeeding is not the problem here, it's all of the terrible parenting skills that are doing the damage like whether or not the kid is getting other food or its' teeth brushed.

No. 294022


That and he's claimed before that he doesn't remember anything before age 11 yet remembered having a crush on his former 2nd grade teacher. Could it be he's trying to repress certain memories? Especially from the public?

No. 294029


My issue isn't with the breastfeeding, nobody should really give a fuck about how long she intends to try and keep that up, it's totally irrelevant and seriously distracts away from the real issue at hand.

It's the fact that they've allowed the baby to get to this point unchecked to warrant GA and fillings at such a young age.

He's either not getting the nutrients he needs, or eating too much sugar or he's got some kind of genetic disorder.

The above are only assumptions, we don't have the facts - but one thing is for certain is that they've neglected his oral health long enough for his mouth to get this bad.

If they were actually brushing his teeth, they would've found signs of cavities before they got to the point of this kind of severity.

Teething for babies is a bad enough stage of development for them to endure, but to endure cavities on top of that?! Madness.

That baby must have been in ridiculous amounts of pain whilst they've taken priority over their near 24/7 internet presence.

No. 294031

their job is making videos at home, why the fuck do they need a nanny? disgusting.

No. 294037

I've also noticed that Grease projects a lot when he's actually doing something wrong or feels guilty about something… like he can't ever allow his ego to take a hit, so he attempts to justify it by making statements that makes him feel like he's doing something right, even if they're illogical and wrong.

Didn't he say one time that he'd never ignore a screaming baby that was left alone to cry in a cot?

Considering his child has been suffering from painful tooth decay for this long, I have no doubt in my mind that the most he's ever done for his son is pick him up and bounce him around to try and stop the screaming, instead of; oh you know, fucking finding out the reason why his child is so uncomfortable before taking him to a GP to be certain that he's okay.

Not to mention, he despises all medical and health care professionals… so putting this all together actually creates a clear picture in ones mind as to what has actually been going on.

He's neglected his baby son's health in favor of his own shitty pride, and fuck Lainey for waiting this long to intervene and actually do something about it.

No. 294040

Because whoring on social media is their #1 life priority.

Their kid? Who cares lol. Give it to a 24/7 hour nanny, never mentioned him again againd and say it's because of ~haters~.

Oh and make another one just to force you stay in marriage.

No. 294044

Lainey did talk about the kid. Bragging about being an attachment parent and breastfeeding was all she did before she decided to change her gender. Now all she talks about online is "my gender is valid" and "makeup has be gender" crap.

No. 294075

That's some attachment she has to her child, eh? She didn't even take action on her baby's rotten mouth until the last minute.

She's just as much of a bullshitter about "progressive lifestyle choices" as Gurg is, they pretend to be advocates of that shit because they think it makes them look better than everyone else.

No. 294077

Lainey pretends to please Greg, or she just listens to all the bullshit Greg says and belives it 100%. There's a reason greg targets young girls, its because of those two reasons. He knows they'll do anything to just make him happy, and he can convince them of anything.

No. 294083

I imagine any time Troy starts screaming, he would just tell Lainey to pop a titty in or otherwise blame her for his discomfort.

No. 294085

That sounds like something Gurg would actually do, anon.

No. 294087

File: 1470324492100.jpg (58.6 KB, 737x894, FB_IMG_1470324447438.jpg)

Plaineyboy posted this on her Facebook before so there is your answer when she will stop breastfeeding

No. 294088


Don't tell me she's going to change its diapers till then too.

No. 294089


Parents like this are the fucking worse. They cling to breastfeeding and "attachment parenting" because they're zero-effort parenting choices that give people the ability to feel sanctimonious and judge others. No amount of time letting your kid hang off your titty is going to make you a good parent or your kid a good kid. It's missing the forest for the trees because it's easier to pretend that a tree makes you a good parent than it is to actually put the work in.

No. 294090

Sounds like she's been reading the anti-onision blogs where the posts about Troy's manky-mouth were first submitted, and it's hit a nerve.

How is this image of any relevance to her anyway? She's only just finished her degree and she's pregnant again, she'll probably just hang it on her wall and won't even bother looking for a job for another three years just like DSSCTM mentioned. She's always going to be clinging onto Grease's arm, she isn't going anywhere, she has no goals other than to fuck around and use him as her wage packet.

How is a growing child going to want pumped milk mailed to them, when the whole point of breastfeeding is that the act itself comforts them? These people are fucking clueless.

No. 294098

What time was that posted on her FB, anon?

No. 294101

Some time ago, not sure as I jut scrolled down her profile and didnt really check the post dates

No. 294102

File: 1470327788498.jpg (203.26 KB, 810x1106, IMG_20160805_011150.jpg)

There is also this

No. 294103


So she's using the kid to "lose weight"? Wow, what a cunt.

No. 294108

Ah okay, you kinda made it sound like it was posted today, so this part of my post is moot.

>>Sounds like she's been reading the anti-onision blogs where the posts about Troy's manky-mouth were first submitted, and it's hit a nerve.

But yeah, she's always been anal-retentive about breastfeeding, it's not really news… which is the reason why we shouldn't let it overshadow the fact that she's actually neglected her son's oral health.

It sounds more like she's implying that she can eat as much as she wants because of breastfeeding, rather than losing weight through it.

No. 294109

Like seriously, we should move on from the boob talk 'cause it's really getting us nowhere and it's derailing the Onion thread.

No. 294111

File: 1470330526888.png (18.09 KB, 645x192, ffs.png)

Jesus Fucking Christ, Grease… can't you just leave the internet alone whilst your son is most likely still in recovery today after his mouth surgery?

Spend all your time with him, he's more than likely really fucking confused and sore as hell and needs all the love he can possibly get. You are such a fucking ridiculously bad parent… I was actually hoping you had the decency to stay offline and tend to your fucking families needs today, but no… you have other priorities and you just don't give a fuck about anyone but yourself.

No. 294112

How will Laney's parents react when she gets the kick and shows up with two babies on each tit and no job?

As much as Laney sucks you gotta wonder if her family still wants to save her from the nightmare that is her marriage. She's lucky she's got an (apparently) nice family and friends she still talks to. I have no doubts Onion would leave her on the literal street with all his kids as soon as he manages to snag another 17 year old.

No. 294120

Her sister suggested that she get a job which she laughed about and said no. Said sister was the one she threw under a bus when Greg outed her as a slut but she has been happily working at 5 guys making burgers and fries.

No. 294133

sage for OT but it's totally fine for parents to lose weight more quickly from breastfeeding. it's one of the benefits. there are enough reasons to criticize Taylor without nitpicking regular things.

her parents will probably be overjoyed since they seem to still be keeping in contact with her. if they're still talking to her then they're probably prepared to take her in as soon as she's given the boot and making it known that their arms are open, since that's what family is supposed to do for abuse victims. shame she'll never leave on her own since she's fucked up in her own right.

No. 294137


He's never gonna let the cuck thing go is he? We should add that to the list of "what makes onion butthurt".

No. 294146

Wtf is wrong with this guy, has he lost it?

No. 294150

Is he doing his Hitler getup again?

No. 294152

Learn to sage you moron.

No. 294155

sage goes in all fields

No. 294165


why is he doing that weird voice?

No. 294171


Ew wtf is wrong with him?! And why's he trying to sound like Jonathan Davis? The Zoella part is creeping me out!

No. 294208

don't tell me what to do

No. 294220

File: 1470391279751.png (265.6 KB, 1024x768, owtheedge.png)

it blows my mind that this is a guy in his thirties

No. 294231

>starting off with Pewds

Fucking shocker.

No. 294266

Sounds like he is trying to sound like Cyr in that video - why?

No. 294271

File: 1470420470397.png (431.55 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Onion's trying to be a big boy now, or…something else.

No. 294273

He looks like he goes to an all boys school. Can't hide that big ass zit on his nose.

No. 294276

His hair looks greasy though, even when slicked back.

No. 294305

Ugh he's so unfortunate looking. The face of a potato. Ever look at someone and can tell straight away they're unhealthy and most likely mentally fucked even though they're trying? That's Onion.

No. 294314


That pic just screams "douche" to me.

No. 294332

He just looks evil. And gay.

No. 294333


His inner psychopath is REALLY starting to show…again.

No. 294335


Lmao. So much foundation to hide his gross rashy/angry skin. He looks like he's made of wax he's shovelled so much on. Like some kind of zombie waiter working for the Addams family.

No. 294348

Why is his head so goddamn big?

No. 294349


Because he was almost born "retarded" and almost tore his psycho mom's vagina. This is all coming from him.

No. 294366

File: 1470465745069.jpeg (42.04 KB, 600x596, image.jpeg)


I seriously get deja vu vibes…

No. 294383

His head looks like a doll's head before they've painted on the features

No. 294415

I was thinking more of a potato with a face carved into it.

No. 294416

Bit snide on potatoes

No. 294417

He also admitted in the "betrayal" video that his mom would give him fully nude massages with oil…

I do not think it has ever occurred to him that he was molested all through out his childhood even by his mother of all people so he has just lived his entire life thinking that everyone else was going through the same things.

No. 294418

The spud is a noble vegetable, how dare you

No. 294439


Maybe that might also explain his hate and need to control the women in his life, because he was controlled and taken advantage of by a woman throughout almost his entire life - he felt emasculated.

I too think he was sexually abused, of course he won't admit it because family. This was even suggested in the EO blog during the Onion/Someguy debate.

No. 294463

so is he actually a cuck?

No. 294471


I don't know if he gives a shit about his sisters. It's not all about family, it's only about his psycho mom. He threw his dad under a bus and claims to his viewers that his died is a child molester.


He declared himself to be the king of cucks and had his fans flood urban dictionary.


No. 294477

Depends what definition you're going by.

Is he a cuckold? Yes, but now claims to be involved in threesones.

Is he a "cuck"? No, because he isn't a feminist or activist, he uses buzzwords for views.

No. 294478

File: 1470522899770.png (707.54 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

New Onion selfie…dedicated to his daddy.

No. 294479

Could he not be bothered to come up with a different outfit?

No. 294481

Considering he never goes out, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the same suit he wore to his wedding.

No. 294486

who else thinks she might be molesting her kid

No. 294487


Whoa, anon…that's a pretty strong accusation. Then again…the kid should've been off the boob by now. Hmm…

No. 294488

its not just about her boob its about how crazy she is about him and yet they still act like bratty teens, just something isnt right about their relationship

No. 294489


Nothing's ever right with Lamo, but it wouldn't be surprising if these accusations of child molestation are legit. It seems history is bound to repeat itself with the onion family…

No. 294491

Wow, like… that definitely goes too far. There's no signs whatsoever that could confirm that.

Also, there's plenty of people still breastfeeding their children that age. Has anyone of you recently been to a kindergarten? Most of them aren't even potty trained. It's been a new "trend" to do that and to continue breastfeeding for a few years now. Not that that's what you should be doing, but you know, she's not the only one. Especially not in Seattle.

No. 294493

no one said that its 100% true we're just guessing for now, there boobgate, just her obsessing over him sucking her titty but doesnt act like she cares about him in general and just having an attitude a molester mom such as onisions mom would have

No. 294499

and the fact she pretty much said shed let her son suck her titty even if he was 15 if he wanted to

No. 294514


Though this may not count as child molestation, there is something creepy going on.

She reminds me of that old lady from Grace with the boob thing.

Read the plot, you'll see what I mean: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grace_(2009_film)

No. 294526

true, and its even more creepy knowing greg never shuts up about his fertility fetish so she's use to breastfeeding being a sexual thing

No. 294538


Someone really needs to get on their case about this… Who knows how long the kids will last with these two pedos, next time we're gonna hear about how they're malnourished!

No. 294543

true especially about how much greg brags about how "exercise is torture" and then tells average sized women to "eat a thing of nutella" and shit

No. 294546


who else thinks we should start a case on it and get the police to investigate it where they live


No. 294554

anon pls. the reach of the century.

No. 294555

No, that's retarded.

No. 294556

For breastfeeding her kid?
The "until he goes to college" thing was clearly a joke aimed at people questioning her own business, like the over the top joke responses from people who are bothered for breastfeeding in public.

There's lots wrong with Lainey but I don't think this is one of them.

Also in response to the teeth thing, does anyone think it might be a vitamin deficiency? I've heard tales of vegetarian households having teeth issues because of improperly balanced diets related to a vegetarian diet, and we all know gurg and plainey wouldn't bother actually looking into how to take care of their nutrition.

Just by googling it I come up with a lot of articles about high rates of tooth decay in vegetarians and vegans (I'm guessing by the people who do no research on nutrition etc before starting).

No. 294557


Taylor, is that you or are you anon one of her many sympathizers?

We agreed we shall no longer sympathize with her and/or defend her actions due to too much attention whoring.

No. 294558


Yes, we must. There needs to be an end for this, once in for all.

No. 294559

I don't sympathize with her, I criticized her for not researching nutrition or the drawbacks of being vegetarian and/or neglecting her kid enough that it has a ton of cavities.

But calling CPS over breastfeeding a kid is retarded.

No. 294560

still, something seems fishy about a "joke" that implies she would let her adult son suck her tit.

and still, there needs to be an eye on this household because something is wrong

yee plus onion always preaches unhealthy lifestyles just without meat

No. 294561

its not breast feeding its breast feeding then being obsessed over her kid sucking her tit and implying she would let her college age son do it while her "husband" has a fertility fetish not to mention the past of child molestation in onions family

No. 294562

normal people - breastfeeding is natural and should be allowed in public sure

No. 294563


Look, we're not worried about the breast-feeding, but aside from the molestation accusations; something is wrong with that family. Do you honestly believe the won't show the kid due to "haturz"?

There's also the fact about the state of their house - it's dirty! You've seen Onion's videos, are you gonna deny that too?

We've been patiently waiting for about two years, I think it's time to take action.

No. 294564

I've honestly seen this before (alongside breastfeeding in public, breast over bottle, etc type posts) and it's always by women who have no other personality pretty much and it's the only thing they can feel "superior" about.

So yeah honestly, I'm not surprised. Maybe that's why I'm not so up in arms about it because I've seen this type of posting behavior before and it's just bored, boring bitches with nothing else interesting to talk about and no hobbies or friends.

Sorry anon, I thought they were suggesting it JUST because of the breastfeeding thing. But yes, I seriously doubt the kid is in a good environment. But IMO there should be some damn good evidence to send in so they don't just brush it off.

No. 294565


It's alright. :) Though maybe to get a clear view of what's going on; you should probably start reading some of the earlier posts - starting with the cavities issue. You'll understand why some of us want an investigation right away.

No. 294567

Yeah, I've read the whole thread (and past ones) but in bits and pieces and my memory is bad. I'll try to reread over the whole context before replying next time to make sure I actually know what the person is talking about (in a general sense).

No. 294576

There is no reason for an investigation. We have zero evidence they are mistreating the child. Relax.

No. 294583

so careless pedo parents who encourage unhealthy food and discourage exercise dont need any regulation?

No. 294591

we have no idea if they are. We know nothing about their parenting.
they are not pedopholes, neither of them have shown any sign of being attracted to prepubescent children. Yes they both have had relationships with LEGAL teenagers, but that's it.
>Unhealthy food
we don't know what they feed the kid and unless he is starving or morbidly obese cps won't care. Many American families eat a lot of processed crap and fast food.
>Discourage exercise
what are you even talking about? Even if that was true that's no legal reason to take a kid away from his parents

No. 294595


A child getting cavities at a very young age to the point of getting anesthesia is not considered negligence?

Since birth, child was rarely mentioned unless for sheer convenience benefitting them is not some kind of abuse?

Are you sure you're not Lamo???

No. 294599

>Child rarely mentioned
This is not a very good arguing point. The ones mentioned earlier (dirty house, rotten teeth, etc) are actually valid, but NOT publicizing their kid (probably just means they never spend time with it and hand him off to the nanny) isn't really abuse. Are you insane?

No. 294601

No, if the cavities were a sign of neglect either the dentist or the oral surgeon would have reported them. It's rare for children that young to get cavities unless it's due to a genetic factor.

How would not talking bout about a child online be a sign of abuse or neglect? Besides if you go on the laineybot tumblr archives you will see Lainey talked about the kid all the time there.

No. 294602



Their kid shouldn't get cavities at this age nor should be put inside general anesthesia. They spend their time on the Internet when they should be with their son and tend to his needs.


It's been known that Onion and Lamo are constantly hitting on younger, underaged girls and Onion himself has cheated on both wives with much younger women.

No. 294603

are you serious? its super obvious

No. 294605

Their house isn't even that dirty. Sure they could vacuume and scrub their toilets more often but besides that all the rooms in their house are very empty. No signs of hoarding, trash, rotting food, pests.. You know the things cps will look for when you guys waste their time and report them.

No. 294606


You've mentioned archive, why isn't she talking about him now? Why is she pretending that her kid doesn't exist anymore? It's been proven by his (now deleted) videos that they've never wanted one. They have another one coming, but was never conceived out of love.

No. 294609


You have GOT to be fucking kidding me…

Onion (or Lamo), it's you isn't it? Or a banana? Come out of hiding losers, we're on to you!

No. 294611

Because she is a ditz with no personality. She borrows identities from stereotypes and trends and her current genderqueer identity doesn't look too good when she's talking about her kid. Also she finally gained a following of genderwhatever teenagers that look up to her as a relatable rolemodel and talking about parenting is not relatable to most teenagers.

No. 294613

All you people talking about calling CPS over fucking breastfeeding need to chill. Yeah, it's cringy as fuck that Plainey is still shoving her titties in Troy's rotten mouth, but to leap to molestation accusations is way out of left field. The cops aren't going to do shit just because some people on an image board think breastfeeding is weird.

No. 294614

Well then give me proof of their terrible dirty house and don't give me those pictures from 2012 of that dirty garage when they lived in that blue house.

No. 294615


Dude, it's one of them. Almost no one in lolcow defends their actions, it HAS to be…

No. 294616


Watch his current videos, there are pictures about it on the OnisionDrama and EO blogs on tumblr.

Again, come out of hiding bananas!

No. 294617


Again, breastfeeding has nothing to do with it! Something sketchy is REALLY going on here…

No. 294618

Nope not good enough anon. You got nothing.

Cut the shit. Shot the vendetta. Stop trying to start a personal army. Look at all the evidence we have. Legally we have nothing. Nothing wrong with breastfeeding a 2.5 year old. If the cavities showed neglect they would have been reported. Their house is not that dirty and they are not legally considered sexual predators. Stop.

No. 294620

They don't talk about the kid because of the haters. They said they would only let him in videos when he could consent to it, ie when he's not a fucking toddler. Greg did make that cringey song for his son so they have acknowledged him they just talk about him on the internet. It's retarded but it's not hard to understand, but call CPS on them if you want, I have no sympathy for either of them.

No. 294624

theyre like careless fucking teens in a shit apartment, they even act like it, although i see where anon who made the CSA accusation is coming from, neither of them are stable enough to raise a kid

No. 294632


And neither of them are stable enough to take care of themselves as adults - mentally speaking.

No. 294634

Not the same anon, but you don't have to be a fan to disagree that what's been shown is enough to get their kid taken away. You have to be really, REALLY shitty parents (as in physically or sexually abusive) to get a kid taken away because it is a last resort for really bad cases.
I think they are both probably terrible parents (distant and borderline neglectful is more likely than abusive), but it simply won't be enough for anything other than a raised eyebrow.
CPS isn't really for "bad" parents in the general sense, it's for parents that present a risk for their children, and - while there's some questionable things here - it's not to that point yet.

This "you either agree full on or you're onion/his wife/a fan" shit needs to stop.

No. 294638


Which is why no action has been taken. Some of us aren't sure, just like the child SA accusations - unsure if they're legit but someone *does need to keep an eye on them.

No. 294639

Keeping an eye on them is reasonable, I agree. I have a feeling though that a lot of people want to report them just because they don't like them, instead of for genuine reasons (I could be wrong here though).
But to repeat: I do not think they're good, or even decent parents. But bad enough to call CPS? I don't know.
Bad enough to call a family member…? That would be more reasonable I think, but who to call/contact would be the question.

No. 294644

Not a fan just tired of conspiracy theories and people talking about calling cps and more people moralfagging about not calling cps.

No. 294646


Understandable, though there is really no point of arguing about CPS anymore. Though people have been worried for Troy for some time now since the time of his birth. That and you can clearly see the state of their home(s), no sane parent would raise a child in a shithole.

No. 294648

Wow they are really shitty parents to let a 2.5 year old get cavities so bad he needs to be put under… What the actual fuck

No. 294651

as much as i hate defending them, having kids that young get put under for cavities isn't uncommon. they're squirmy and it's just easier.

No. 294652

2.5 yr olds getting cavities shows that theyre neglectful

No. 294655

maybe, maybe not. if they're sharing toothbrushes with the kid, giving him bottled water, or not flossing his teeth properly, it can happen. like i said, i hate defending them, but some of you guys are going way out there with this WE SHOULD CALL CPS/SO NEGLECTFUL!!! stuff based on him having some cavities

No. 294656

yep because a rich ass guy would make his kid share toothbrushes and bottled water or not flossing only causes cavities what 0.000000002% of the time?but dont act like nothing strange is happening to this child

No. 294660

A two year old having cavities is fucking absurd anon, that is neglectful. CPS worthy probably not, but it is neglectful and unacceptable for parents that make YouTube videos for a living. They have time and the money to give their child the best.
Dicking an 18 year old has priority.

No. 294665

I really don't understand why the folks on this board constantly have this savior complex.

1. If you don't know anyone who breastfeeds their toddler, you are probably too going to comment on it.

2. If the cavities (which I agree are disgraceful) are enough to qualify as child abuse, their denist/doctor would be legally bound to report them.

You getting upset and self righteous and calling CPS does nothing, that kid is probably better off than many for basic needs and you can't really report people for being emotionally shitty, so please show some chill.

No. 294668


It's more than just the fucking cavities! The kid is obviously neglected because mommy and daddy are too busy looking for underage pussy to fuck rather than looking out for their son. Quit being so fucking retarded!

No. 294669

They already got CPS called on them, nothing happened.
Move on, Onion and Plainboi are digging their own grave anyways.

No. 294672


No. 294677

I think Onion mentions it here.
It's supposed to be a video about Lainey but one minute in he starts trashing her father.

No. 294679


He mentions they've called CPS before the kid was born, not after. It was retarded on thei part to do so.

>My kids…?

What kids? At the time, didn't they have only one?…unless he counts the other kid.

No. 294682

>has a history of treating girls he dates like shit
>mom molested him
>constantly brags about losing vcard at 13
>drove shiloh and others into insanity
>gets shiloh preggo because of his weird fetish and treated her like shit
>shitty dirty house
>just a greasey mess in general
>fanbase of underage girls and is known to pry off of underage girls
Oh its just a fucking wonder in the world why "mr grumps" didnt want you to marry his underage or 18 yr old daughter greg

No. 294712

idk but cavities can spread so they probably got them fixed to save the other baby teeth. He shouldn't be losing them any time soon.

No. 294713

Oops, I deleted my comment because I scrolled up and realized there had already been some health speculations. Thanks for your reply though!

No. 294731

Found an old, hidden away video on "his" anti-pedophelia stance. I'm getting mixed messages about it…

No. 294737

>has a history of treating girls he dates like shit
Not illegal, not a sign of child abuses or neglect, cps doesn't care
>mom molested him
That is very unlikely. Considering she didn't become a masseuse until he was in high school. She hops from job to job pretty often and I've seen the archive of the short lived website he created for her massage business. He says she only have him one body massage and avoided his genitals, someone in high school is going to know the difference between good touch and bad touch. Enough with the insane accusations. Besides even if he was molested that doesn't mean the child will be molested
>constantly brags about losing vcard at 13
Not as uncommon as you think, Wasnt illegal, even if it was its not a sign of child abuses or neglect, cps doesn't care
>drove shiloh and others into insanity
Not illegal, not a sign of child abuses or neglect, cps doesn't care
>gets shiloh preggo because of his weird fetish and treated her like shit
Not illegal, not a sign of child abuses or neglect, cps doesn't care
>shitty dirty house
Still waiting for that proof
>just a greasey mess in general
Not illegal, not a sign of child abuses or neglect, cps doesn't care
Not illegal, not a sign of child abuses or neglect, cps doesn't care
>fanbase of underage girls and is known to pry off of underage girls
None of his relationships were illegal, not a sign of child abuses or neglect, cps doesn't care

No. 294740

Shut the fuck up greg.

No. 294741

Holy shit I cant wait until the summer is over. This thread has turned to complete shit.
>Tinfoil hat conspiracy theories
>anyone that disagrees with them is Greg
>shit posting about Greg's potato face, literally adding zero to the discussion

Also the house they live in now was rented by them less than a year ago. There is no way it's going to be "child abuse" levels of bad yet.

No. 294742


Long term poster and contributor to all Grease threads here.

I agree with all these anons, don't get CPS involved over minor shit that doesn't count as abuse, no one here has proof that they're abusing their children - it's all just assumptions fuelled by their bad parenting (yes, they're fucking bad parents - but currently not abusive) so calling CPS over this shit is just going to give them reason not to come out in the future when they might actually start becoming abusive.

Lainey plays cry-wolf a lot, that's why it's earned her nothing from disrespect and avoidance from anons and we no longer give her the time of day when she's whining about shit that Grease has done… but if we lower ourselves to that level and get CPS involved just because we have a fucking "feeling" that their kids are endangered, CPS are going to ignore any future involvement with them because of that shit.

So please stop with the nonsense and let the milk flow naturally and unhindered on it's own, if shit is going to go down - then it's going to happen without our interference like it always does.

No. 294743

Holy shit, talk about samefag. It looks like there's one, maybe two, people actually claiming abuse, and they're just trying to disrail.

No. 294761

No. 294764

Underage sex isn't legal, Greg.

No. 294765

Not samefag but ok.

No. 294767

Saw this on EO, guess there never was any need to get involved after all.

>I was in that parenting group with Lainey. It sounds as if her kid rules the house. She makes people go back outside the door if she lets someone in and he wanted to open the door? He still breast feeds 2-3 times a night, down from 10. He tells them he doesn't want a haircut so they don't. He sleeps when he wants, no bed time routine and she co sleeps with him. Where do they do threesomes if she co sleeps with him? He drinks vanilla milk at night so that is probably where the cavities come from.

No. 294770

i'm convinced at this point it's either gerg himself or his idiot fans trying to stir up new drama for him

No. 294775

This is an interesting thought. Greg and Lainey would try to stir fake drama together years ago. I remember one time Lainey got her friend to plant fake rumors about her (Like she put cum in her hair to make it grow) when word began to spread they laughed about it on Twitter. Lainey's teenage fans had to tell her she was acting immature and she apologized. That was the last time I remember her trying to start fake drama and rumors but Greg has been starting fake drama all year. I could see Greg waiting for someone to call cps so he can whine about the haturz and brag about how he is a great parent because his child didn't get taken away, like when animal control investigated them.

Tinfoil hat aside its most likely someone who really hates Greg and Lainey. It's fun to accuse everyone of being Greg and Lainey (I'm guilty of it too) but maybe we should cut it out when this thread is maxed out and we start a new one. this one is already a mess of paranoia and shit posting. There is a slim to none chance he even cares about this site. He didn't even flinch when Kiwi Farms doxed him and he never interacted with any of the anti pages that have been around for years. What's another gossip site to him?

No. 294780


Part of me believes he never came at all.

No. 294782

As much of a faggot that I think Someguy is, part of me still believes the part he said that AJ told him that Greg watched him religiously and watched hate sites like a hawk. I don't know if I'm sold on HS anon.

No. 294789


It wasn't just AJ who told SG about onion's obsession with him, Skye and Shiloh also stated this as well(to him) and the part where he still believes in Sicesca.

Some of his older Speaks videos also confirm some of the things HSAnon said about him such as his fashion sense, creepy loner status and class troubles(there's a Speaks video where he mocks teachers for having mental breakdowns, calling them 'immature' including his own).

Not saying HSAnon is legit or not, though it is kind of odd to just dump this shit, do the interview then leave.

Though on onion's old sites, he did reference a "Michael Wilson"…

No. 294801

how stupid can you be greg all you doing is ignoring the whole point and say its not illegal when what we are saying is that something fucked up is going on

No. 294802

why the fuck would taylor defend her breast feeding, then go on to say she isn't giving her kids the vitamins they need

No. 294805

not only do they sound like greg but they also use same defense mechanisms, screaming "not illegal" but missing the point

No. 294806

Their old house was pretty nasty looking tbh. The new one looks cleaner because its new and they have like nothing in it.

Of course I don't think a somewhat unkempt home = CHILD NEGELECT. People be reaching for the stars in this thread rn.

No. 294807

You're missing the point. The point isn't defending Greg and Lainey as parents the point is that anons are acting like we have evidence of abuse or neglect when really they are using irrelevant information and are using small things to reach to crazy conclusions especially with all the sexual abuse accusations that have been thrown around the last day or so. Yeah Greg is a shitty person yeah they probably are terrible parents but making accusations with little to no evidence is a good way to get people to stop listening to REAL criticisms people have against them and to ignore the evidence of real abuse Greg puts his girlfriends though. Greg's only defense is "my haters are all liars" and the crazy anons here are making him look right.

The "evidence" pointed out on this thread about child abuse or neglect up against the law and cps standards, we have nothing.

No. 294808

Holy shit that kid sounds like a spoiled fucking brat! Breast feeding 2-3 times a night as a toddler is ridiculous. No wonder they don't shoe him in their videos, there is no way they can control him on screen and he'd probably flip shit.

No. 294809

I also believe Onion is pretty obsessed about the haters. He just doesn't say much about it unless he has a name/ face to use. What else is he going to do besides ~editing and recording his videos~ all day?

No. 294810

File: 1470606070974.png (79.86 KB, 609x656, twit.png)

I don't care about their crotch fruit. A lot of people are disrespecting him on twitter and he's going on rambling about politics, gun control, and bashing comcast.

No. 294813

Oh god this is awful

No. 294815

Good, 'bout time people outside the anti-o community started calling him out on his bullshit.

I don't wanna watch, I'm scared. Can you please give me a a summary of what's going on?

No. 294819

So I'm assuming Onision worse this suit for this video, because why not? And took like a dozen of selfies to uplpoad through out the week to get his teenage fans all moist.

No. 294820



No. 294822

The only thing good about the video is the fucking adorable dog.

No. 294823

Kiki's gonna sue them for Slander because Lainey doesn't think she's hot.

No. 294825

>grosses thing she's ever seen in her life is a man with spaghetti in his beard
Yet she's seen Greg naked.

No. 294852


I wonder what his women felt when they had to see him naked, especially while showering together.

No. 294854


How great - another bisexual woman only interested in girls if they fit her narrow definition of "type". How liberating.

No. 294855

File: 1470628212216.jpg (16.32 KB, 600x600, EjJopdb.jpg)

No. 294859


Yet Lamo's a plain Jane, she has no room to talk.

No. 294877

Why did I watch this.

It's terrible.

No. 294878

File: 1470648018343.png (639.08 KB, 598x602, Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 09.1…)

No. 294883

File: 1470651709435.png (722.91 KB, 796x455, youwishonion.png)

Pretty much this video is Onion showing Lamo a bunch of random unflattering pictures of people who are youtube famous, stroking his ego when she says no, seeming disappointed when she isn't interested in girls like Hannah Minx, acting petty and namecalling most of the guys Lamo says she finds attractive, etc…

Oh and this happened. Yeah, keep dreaming Cucky. We all know what you really look like.

No. 294888


You don't get cavities due to good nutrition. This kid has cavities because Lmao and Gross eat junk food and according to someone above, feed them sugary drinks at night. We've already established that.

No. 294889

kek, i love how he overly shooped his face

No. 294890

>Your dad is Onision
>You mom is Onision's fangirl and a tumblr queer boi
>Your grandma is Onision's mom

That kid is gonna use hard drugs to cope when he grows up

No. 294892

Troy confirmed for giving himself cavities so he can be put under and get away from his batshit family

No. 294898

Thank you, reasonable and wise anon.

They're neglectful as fuck, we all know that - but so far, they're not abusive. Crying wolf is not gonna help anyone, if anything - it will cause his fans to think we're bullshitting about everything. We're here to state facts and evidence, not bullshit assumptions and guessing games about them.

It's fodder, it was the exact same way anons acted in the thread about Bonelord Ashley and that's why it got bumped down to /snow, unless we have undeniable proof about something, please don't shit up the thread with your "thoughts and feelings" about what he may or may not be doing… I seriously don't want to see this or any future Grease threads going the same way.

No. 294900

He "served" for less than a couple of years at maximum and purposely found a way to get discharged by STRIPPING NAKED BECAUSE HE DIDN'T WANT TO KILL A RABBIT.

You don't deserve a "thank you" or a purple fucking heart for that, shitscum.

Stop trying to con people into thinking you were actually heroic or redeemable.

No. 294901

I've not watched it, but from the thumbnail alone how can you not tell that Billie is a fucking CHILD?! And why the fuck did he use that photo of her when these's plenty of photos of her without "makeup" that he's so staunchly against?!

He seriously makes me feel sick.

No. 294902

There is so much blur in his photo that it literally looks like he's pasted his face onto someone else's profile.

No. 294903

No thank u, I'm doing fine not meeting Grease's mother.

No. 294907

Why is she so embarrassed to say "yes" to dating her supposed gf? Most normal people's response would be "o hell yea I'd hit that, 10/10" or something, she's just like "ugh god ur so stupid noooo." I don't understand why she acts like such a fucking autist on her own channel and can't even do a video on her own without Greg prompting her the entire way. She doesn't come off as cute or shy, just painfully retarded.

No. 294917

do not want

>fully nude massages with oil
oh you mean cuddling

No. 294920

With the way they're spoiling their child, that kid is gonna have a rude awakening when he starts school - it's only going to go two ways, he's either going to be a nasty bully or he's going to be bullied constantly.

There's no inbetween for kids whose parents have no control over them.

I wonder if Grease will pull him out at some point and make him homeschooled instead.

No. 294921

They already said he was going to be home schooled, or groomed to be the next leader of Sicesca.

No. 294923

File: 1470684542555.png (201.2 KB, 1080x1920, image.png)

Took you long enough. This is probably a joke to all the "haturz" but we all know it's the truth.

No. 294924

File: 1470684782084.png (246.93 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Onion's realization…?

No. 294926

File: 1470684997641.png (787.16 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


Here's moar Onion…

No. 294928

He is so unfortunate looking, he really isn't aging well at all.

No. 294930

I'd fuck it.

No. 294931


Honestly, so would I…

No. 294933

It's not that uncommon, though generally you'd switch to a bottle and pump by the time their teeth are out.

Not the reason for cavities

No. 294934

File: 1470688805782.jpg (27.41 KB, 217x346, 51xfQNPAv6L__SY344_BO1,204,203…)

No. 294938

File: 1470689269631.png (45.5 KB, 450x180, Portfolio-Banner-Randy.png)

I've been trying to look into the police report following the altercation involving Onion and his old man, but I'm coming up dry. I'll link any information I've found in the process anyway because I'm a piece of shit and I thought you guys might be interested. If I’m wrong about any of this, feel free to correct me. Anyone who knows something else I'm missing, remember – sharing is caring!

Randall "Randy" Gray Daniel. He's a former pastor though from what I now know he's currently spending his time at the Kettering Adventist Church in Kettering, Ohio. I don't know what position he's holding, but I've found through some church bulletin shit that he's a local church elder, teacher, and host for church services and get this – he volunteers to offer Christian course services to inmates through the Kairos Prison Ministry in the Lebanon Correctional Institute. At one point, he was the vice president of the Bellbrook (Ohio) Sugarcreek Optimist Club. He worked for Habitat for Humanity too, plus he’s a financial planner and the chair of his church board.
He has a full time job at Saxon Financial Services as a financial adviser. He graduated in Wright State University with a Master’s degree in Public Administration Southern University of Seventh day Adventists, and he also has a Bachelor’s degree with Theology/Theological Studies.

He met and married his current wife, Debbie, in Ohio in 1988, just a year after his divorce and subsequent escape from Tami Jayne Jackson. Debbie must be the “fucking bitch” that sparked the fight and arrest of our Greggers.

Randy seems like a real upstanding citizen. No wonder he ditched Tami and her hellions.

Pic related – it’s what Greg’s going to look like in twenty years.
Financial service adviser portfolio:
Kettering church facebook:

No. 294939

That baby legitimately doesn't look like onion's

No. 294944

Nice digging, anon! Greg's dad actually looks sane. He must get the crazy eyes from mommy dearest.

No. 294947


Holy shit, Greg DOES look like his daddy! Those narrow, droopy almond eyes(that aren't green), uber long bushy eyebrows and strong widow's peak. The resemblance is uncanny!

He'll look like that in 20 years but worn out, haggard and creepy.

I've seen Debbie's profile, she seems like a nice lady, maybe Onion was just jealous of her and hated her for "taking mommy's place".

No. 294949


Samefagging: someone should do a pic comparison!

No. 294957

However painful this was to watch, I can kind of get the appeal of his old videos. Teenagers love all that quirky crap and think weird = funny. But where is the appeal with his current vids? It's just him rambling or ranting on about nothing and laughing at his own jokes.

No. 294960

> if she still wants it
because she shared it from someone else, dumbass, they don't have a daughter

No. 294962

That we know of.

No. 294966

File: 1470696293373.png (252.66 KB, 566x439, ,09899.png)

No. 294968

And suddenly his sex appeal just flew out the window into a pile of dogshit.

Anyone on here know the name of Gerg's sisters? I know one is Joanna (currently Joanna Shaw as she married), but I don't have a clue about the other one. He doesn't mention them often. If someone could link a facebook account, that'd be great too.

No. 294969

I have been following Onisions shenanigans since around sepsis-gate, and I had no idea he got arrested? Can someone please elaborate, I need to know more.

No. 294970

Is he trying to be Morrissey?

No. 294971

That or Robbie Williams lmao

No. 294972

It was a juvenile offense. He was fifteen and staying with his father for a period of about six months. He wrote on an earlier incarnation of one of his websites that he felt as though his father was treating him like he was a criminal during this time, so it's safe to say he was acting like a defensive cunt. It doesn't seem like he ever respected his step-mother either, whether it be by his RL comments or her incarnation in his book. He kept hounding his father to let him see his girlfriend at the time which he was repeatedly refused, which boiled down to calling his step-mother a fucking bitch. That was a big no-no to his old man, who then attempted to strangle Gergles. Greg responded by repeatedly kicking his father in the chest. Cops arrived and saw who was more grievously injured, which led to Greg’s arrest. He stayed the night in jail until his mother could take him out.

There are videos on his Speaks channel + mentions scattered on his old sites, if you can find them. Apologies for any inaccuracies – I’ve just pieced together what I’ve found online.

Now that I think about it, since he was underage the information's probably classified. Goddammit.

No. 294973

File: 1470699348112.png (223.26 KB, 1366x1211, public records randy.png)

Found some public records regarding Randall Daniel. Can anyone on here that speaks legal jargon tell me what exactly these cases are about?

No. 294975


The first case: I believe he owed money?

Second case: same?

Third case: onion's mom tried to sue or appeal against Randy…?

That's what I can understand. Did you click on the summaries? Maybe they'll give a better clue.

No. 295002

Yo this is pretty dark, even for Onion.

No. 295004

Lmao, I can't.
I hope that wasn't Troy's toy.

No. 295008

id say its a 70% chance lainey is molesting their son

No. 295009


Care to elaborate?

No. 295013

Not this bullshit again, either post concrete evidence or gtfo.

No. 295014

She's never struck me as the type to be sexually interested in anyone who can't offer her something. Greg gave her fulfillment; Billie let her keep Greg. What can a two year old offer her?

No. 295015

Those were the summaries. The dockets gave a little more info, but I still don't have a clue what exactly's going on here. For those interested, search Montgomery OH public records under the name Randall Jackson and have at it.

Randy looks clean. I can't find any rape allegations, but I haven't searched through all Washington county public records yet, just Pierce and King. Anyone know where else he's lived?

No. 295016

File: 1470713773847.png (124.08 KB, 1296x826, tamijjack_publicrec.png)

Here's what I could find on Tami. Also, Debbie and Randy's FBs. They seem pretty normal. I'm not sure if Debbie's maiden name is Michals or Beck. It also says that Randy's a father of four, which begs the question – where the fuck is his forth kid?


No. 295017

**Randall Daniel, not Jackson. Whoops.

No. 295020


It seems she owed a lot of people money, including her ex-husband(s), and unpaid house expenses. That's pretty much of what I could understand, I haven't gotten far in my paralegal training yet.

I believe the fourth kid is Michelle(on Randy's side)…? Months ago, Onion was bitching about her praying for her dead kid just because he hates God. Oh, besides Joanna; his other sister's name is Christina or "Chrissy".

No. 295021


Have you tried Kent county, Seattle, Lakewood and Auburn(all in Washington State)?

No. 295022

File: 1470716761330.jpg (20.36 KB, 512x288, images (4).jpg)

I think Onion got majority of his looks from his mom

No. 295023


Greg satisfies her? Lol, bullshit.

No. 295024


To be fair, both parents have about the same facial features. But Onion did inherent her eyelashes and eye color as well as her strong features. Yet he looks most like Papa-Onion.


Can you use a non-photoshopped Onion pic please? It'd be easier to tell.

No. 295027

I don't think it's about being satisfied. Maybe fulfillment was the wrong word. Remember, when she first got into Greg, she was a major Onision fangirl. Has anyone you've ever idolized responded to you, let alone singled you out and proposed to you online? It was some kind of a celebrity-esque gratification that got her hooked and probably the fact that she's stranded in a totally different goddamn state with no family that kept her with him. If she actually went through with the separation following Cuddlegate, she'd be fucked. Diddling her kid doesn't offer her shit, but Billie was the perfect addition because she fulfilled onion boy's lifelong lesbianic fantasies.

No. 295031

File: 1470720182300.jpg (37.82 KB, 604x453, 26494_101437976559092_1460119_…)

Sounds like Tami, from what I've gathered. SG827 did some research into her before. I need to start tracking it down. I think he mentioned something about her being batshit and feeling "auras" or some crap. Reminds me of Gergle's Sicesca ramblings, which really seems to validate the indigo child theory.

Is Michelle Debbie's? Anyone have links to anything Christina or Joanna related? More specifically Facebooks, as most people seem to love sharing their lives with the world there nowadays.

Those are all in either Pierce or King county. I read somewhere that he spent a while in Oregon. What time period was that?

Pic somewhat related. It's Joanna during a senior ROTC joint military ball that she and Randy organized. Seems like not all relations with their old man are rocky after all.

No. 295032

Wait, they actually said he'd be homeschooled? Holy shit, this kid is fucked. He's going to be the most emotionally stunted potential serial killer on the block.

No. 295033


Michelle is Deborah's. Onion's sisters get along fine with their stepmom and their dad(seen on fb).

I'm not sure when he was in Oregon, I've never checked. Probably after the divorce.

Search for "Jo Tracker Shaw" and "Christina Jackson" on Facebook. If easiest, got to Lamo's (Taylor Anderson) profile, his relatives are there.

No. 295034



I'm Still wondering why Onion and Lamo go by their OG last names on Facebook when they could just go by the Avaroe/Avarde name since they're married.

No. 295035

File: 1470723781167.png (847.78 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Looks like someone betrayed Onion's loyalty.

From the comments, SR and Ayalla are back together. Guess no more wiminz for Onioncock.

No. 295038

that disgusting retarded gimp social repose

hows lainey connected to this lot

No. 295039


Onion made a gay emo video with him and he was featured in some of his uhohbro and speaks videos.

Onion was also trying to befriend Ayalla for his personal agenda.

No. 295040

Everytime Billy leaves, Lainey starts posting how she is the best gf, how she misses her, how she needs her, emo tweets etc. Does this strategy seem familiar?
I feel like both Greg and Lainey are jealous of her having life.

But I think Billy knows better than to confine herself in the Onion cave for more than a week. She is fucking around with them for some fame and then she resumes her daily life.

No. 295042

I think from all accounts of his previous girlfriends, when it comes to relationships he's very intense. He gives them a lot of concentrated attention, along side telling them that he loves them and wants to marry them in the first few days/weeks of talking. She's fulfilled in a sense that she has someone that she feels gives her complete attention.

A long side that, the financial fulfillment. She lives in a huge house, and doesn't have to do shit. I think she's pretty satisfied in that aspect, and that's enough for her to stay.

No. 295043

File: 1470728759880.jpg (40.8 KB, 471x640, xc.JPG)

I feel like Ayalla doesn't like her best friend's girlfriend heh

No. 295044


Lol good ol' Billie-bob. You're better off with your old crew than with those losers.

No. 295046


Until Greg boots her out the door…

No. 295047


I really hope Ayalla influences Billie to stay away from Lainey.

No. 295052

>It's not literal :)

Plainey's whole love life can be summed as "not literal" :)

No. 295054

She was on a teenage dating site as a bi-sexual who liked pale girls. She's now dating a pale girl who likes her husband more. She's gonna get knocked up whenever Greg tosses her aside. which is when his purple haired and blue haired waifus seem grossed out that they have to suck 30 year old greasy cock.

No. 295055

Billie looks like a pig

No. 295056


Nobody (in their right mind) wants to suck Onion's cock.


Oink oink

No. 295062

File: 1470733983864.png (124.03 KB, 233x354, bill.png)

Billy looks okay from the front, but her profile is pretty awful. She has the jawline of a fat girl, a caveman browline, and a pig nose.

No. 295063

maybe his parents were just related.

No. 295070

File: 1470740472403.jpg (6.06 KB, 300x168, moz.jpg)

kek, if he starts quoting oscar wilde then we'll know.

No. 295078


Did he shoop his face to look thinner?!

No. 295080

…that's an old photo of him, probably back when he first went solo or was still in The Smiths.

1988 was a long time ago, are you 12?

No. 295081

He's more than likely extremely jealous that SR gets to hang out with more attractive women than he ever does.

I don't like SR, but at least he hangs around with and fucks people his own age.

No. 295086


Sorry, I was half asleep when I wrote that comment and thought it was Onion.

No. 295101


is it just me or does she looks waaaaay too young for her? like i know lainey isn't any better but this one in particular straight up looks like a high school student that listens to the 1975 and shit. does he not realize how creepy he looks with her? it looks like the pic of a teenage daughter and his dad or something smh maybe its just me

No. 295102


now this is just getting sad and pathetic

No. 295104


They're 12 years apart.

No. 295105


I'm sorry, I thought you were talking about Onion. But yeah, Lainey does look older than Billie-bob. I've just turned 25 yet I look younger than Lamo.

No. 295107

File: 1470774634986.png (719.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

How classy.

No. 295108

Someone on here once mentioned how Lainey was emotionally stunted at seventeen – the age Onion got her. She didn't really have a chance to grow up since she was totally ripped from her current world and isolated from the one around her. It makes sense that she'd seek out someone young and naive rather than someone her own age.

No. 295109

It's better than the ones he posts that make him look like a sixteen year old.

No. 295110

>>295101. Youre being dramatic, Billie looks her age and theres like 3 years or something between them

No. 295111

He looks like he's about to audition for a shitty detective drama.

No. 295112

No. 295113

Do you folk agree with his personality type? Also, if there's anyone else interested in this kind of thing, feel free to weigh in typing his ex's or family (coughcoughTamicough). I think the MBTI system's a pretty fascinating subject, and I'd love to hear some input.

No. 295114


sorry, i haven't catched up on onision shenanigans in a while now. i thought she was younger.


yeah i was thinking this as well, he's such a pig

No. 295140

This is a late response to what anons have said in past threads(I don't follow onion threads regularly enough to respond on time), why would Lainy abandon her family completely if they were so loving and caring? Im sure that they are like that on the surface but there is more going on underneath that. Maybe they are actually really controlling and sheltered her too much? Or maybe they spoiled her too much and let her do whatever she wanted? I just don't understand why she's making these awful decisions if she's had so much support and love from her family. I can understand her being with Onion for a little while but not as long as she has now with a good home life.
Also Im not saying her parents are abusive or anything just that they messed up with some aspect of parenting

No. 295145

they must have messed up a touch for her to be vulnerable to onion and having so little sense of her own identity. but alienation is really powerful too, and you only have to be a little bit vulnerable for someone to work that on you and get isolated further.

please don't read this as being sympathetic to lainey.

No. 295146


Well, she once stated she was the "black sheep" of the family and her parents were more focused with her younger sisters than herself. She's always had a problem with not getting enough attention and I guess they've pushed her too far away to the point of where she is now. I'm not defending her in any way but I do know what it's like to be in that position since I've been there myself and am trying to cope.

No. 295150

She hasn't "abandoned" her family, she still visits them (and they visit her) on and off throughout the year. Her family just don't get along with Grease and try to avoid him whenever possible - especially her father and sister.

She's making awful decisions because a genuinely mentally ill adult man helped in making all her decisions for her when she was a teenager and has socially isolated her from the world since then. Now she's growing to be as emotionally manipulative and fucked up as he is, more and more as the years go by.

No. 295157


There's been enough substantial evidence that her parents actually do care about her, it's not the responsibility of other anons to search through every past thread to find those posts every time someone can't be bothered to do it themselves.

This keeps on happening in each thread and it's ridiculous the amount of times that the threads get derailed because of it as it attracts newfags who want to find reasons to relate to the greasemonkey and his wife with their own experiences and assumptions.

Go to the board's catalog page, ctrl + f "onision", find the threads, open them, ctrl + f "parents" and you'll find this exact same topic repeated over a dozen times in each and every thread about him.

If you want a quick summary of their relationship with sources, go to www.lifeofonion.com and look up pages on his current/past relationships and you'll find additional information on there about their relationships to their families as well.

Seriously, it isn't that difficult.

No. 295160

Woah, could this actually mean that it's possible that Gurg always says terrible shit about his dad, just because he has personal beef with him because his dad wouldn't put up with his shit?

That's fucking low, even for Gurgoyle… I mean, I know for a fact he's done the same thing to Lainey's dad in the past (re: the "draw my life" video and texts), also going so far to attempt to pit Lainey against her own mother and sister online as well (re: Mother's Day tweets and calling her sister a whore on FB).

This guy just fucking HATES anyone that he can't control and has no control over.

No. 295161


And that's why nobody likes him.

No. 295162

Throwback when Onion used to damn the female gender for attracting perverts because they didn't wore shorts underneath their skirts.

A true feminist.

No. 295165


He's always been sexist, homophobic and racist and his views have always leaned more towards conservative than liberal.

This is why I get annoyed when people take his words for gospel and always attack him for the wrong reasons… like, they actually believe in what he says but it's all a big fat lie. He knows that if he pretends to believe in the things that stops him from losing more subscribers; it works to his advantage in getting more views.

But he can't hide his true persona, he's a bad actor and it always comes around to bite him in the ass whenever people become wise to his hypocrisy and contradictory nature.

He's self-aware to the point that he knows that people generally hate his attitude, he's dealt with that all his life, but he's not the victim of that hate, he thrives off it because it's his only lifeline, he'd rather get negative attention than no attention at all.

A very mentally disturbed individual who has been given a soapbox on the internet, and I'm still waiting for the day when somebody is more than willing enough to kick it out from under his feet.

No. 295166


Wait, what? Onion's conservative??? Hard to believe but yeah, I agree. He needs to get his ass kicked.

No. 295167

File: 1470808124406.png (130.55 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Oh look, a Someguy comment… Also, why do I have a feeling that this was more directed at his then-wife(given the date it was originally posted)?

No. 295175

Onion confirms daycare job but with his own version of what happened. (According to HSanon, he got fired for treating the kids like shit.)

No. 295185

Not like hardcore conservative or far-right, his views would have to be on par with those of Ronald Reagan or G.W Bush if he was… but he's definitely more conservative than his target audience.

He's well aware that the majority of his audience is made up of 12-16 year old girls, so it doesn't matter what magical political bullshit he spews at them, they can't vote anyway and don't know shit about politics themselves. They just know their creepy ephebophiliac preacher is "liberal" because HE SAYS SO, he's "liberal" because he champions animal rights, intact baby penises, breastfeeding, teenage lesbianism and black lives matter (which are not actually related to liberalism whatsoever) but he says he's a liberal so that's makes him so.

He's only smart enough to manipulate kiddies because he's mentally on the same level, but adults however… he has a really fucking hard time dealing with those.

No. 295187

He's not a conservative, he's an authoritarian. He wants everyone to worship what he believes as right and wants everyone who feels differently to feel stupid. This isn't exclusive to either side of the political spectrum. He wants his harem of waifus and wants all other women to be lesbians with a stray twink or two because he's never going to get Shane Dawson or Andy Biersack's dick.

No. 295188

Can you give us a quickie synopsis on his reasons for being fired, I can't bear to look at his face when it's animated.

I really think at this point HSanon is legit. Honestly, if it was anyone else who interviewed him - we would've taken his word for it without suspicion, it's just that someguy tends to instill doubt in anyone because of his creepy obsession with Grease.

No. 295189

I can dig that he's leans towards authoritarian as well, he's definitely no liberal though. I just wish his more vocal attackers on social media would stop referring to him as such because they're wasting their breath on something he's not, when they could be attacking him for the actual shit he does with evidence to back it up.

No. 295190

File: 1470815940198.png (27.84 KB, 730x244, dearlord.png)

>>I like listening to quite a few songs about women in love with each other…

There are literally hundreds of adult lesbian singers, bands and songwriters out there and he chooses t.A.T.u to be the one to talk about.

I SWEAR he walks right into this shit without even thinking, his fetishism must be so deeply ingrained into him that he really thinks it's normal to express it like this on a constant basis.

No. 295191

Oh please, I worked at a daycare when I was in high school and the worse thing I ever had to do was suggest that one 4th grader start using deodorant.

No. 295196

They weren't even together were they, it was just PR, they're married with kids now, being homopobic in russia

No. 295197


Um his face is not shooped here - he used to have clear skin with a little acne here and there. Surprising, I know. But please look!

From what HSAnon said: he got "shitcanned" for being incompetent with taking care of kids. Sometimes he would yell and scream at them along with throwing insults at them - most of them were toddlers btw. When he got his ass kicked out of the job before leaving, he said along the lines of "fuck these stupid kids anyway!"

In Onion's version: he was afraid of being irresponsible and careless with the kids he was caring for and could no longer handle the pressure of such responsibility so he quit, not even the $7.25 paycheck was worth it.

No. 295203

Nah, I seriously can't anon, his movements, speech and facial expressions trigger the fuck out of me, (I know I'm not the only anon here that feels this way) but thank you for taking the time to type out the dialogue, I appreciate it loads.

>>In Onion's version: he was afraid of being irresponsible and careless with the kids he was caring for and could no longer handle the pressure of such responsibility so he quit, not even the $7.25 paycheck was worth it.

I don't understand why he has to lie about everything… past, present and future. He would be making shit tons of cash right now if he kept his mouth shut about his personal exploits and just focused exclusively on making entertaining content.

Heck, there are people out there who even make a good packet out of just recording makeup videos and never feel obligated to ever discuss their personal business.

Why has it always been a necessity for him to discuss his psychotic mindset with the world? He should be talking about this shit with a therapist, people that can actually help him out and aid him with coming to terms with his upbringing, not teenage girls.

It's not like he even makes factual or educated thoughts and opinions, like topics related to social and political world issues… he says a few words about some stupid fucking clickbaity trending topic about why he either hates it or loves it and then bounces on to the next whilst simultaneously interjecting something about his sex life or how someone or other has done him wrong.

With the current rising popularity of streaming videos becoming more and more lucrative than recordings as of recent, my only hope is that he's gonna suffer from it - because he sure as heck can't go without editing videos to hide his obvious social inadequacies and his fans will finally notice what a fucking turd he is.

No. 295205


I guess he always wanted attention, or at least someone to talk/vent to. He always shared his personal life on the web, even before YouTube.

No. 295206

That too, which is why it correlates with his personal teenage lesbian fantasies… otherwise, he'd be singing the praises of artists like K.D Lang, Tracy Chapman, Bitch and Animal… shit, the list goes on, and they're liberal as fuck as well.

He doesn't like independant women, he's only interested in girls who will act out his fantasies for him.

No. 295207

After watching this video multiple times, I've came with the possible conclusions: Onion's secretly talking about his impregnation fetish or, if what HSAnon revealed to be true; he's pissed that he accidentally knocked up his then-wife when originally he wanted to fuck her just because he can.

Note: this is an old video, which means Onion is au natural here.

No. 295208

I'll go even-stevens with you and not watch it, but I'll just listen to the audio whilst I do other shiz.

He sounds fucking bored with his own sex life to be honest, the drawl and the disinterest is really apparent in his tone.

How long ago was this one, like who was he with at the time?

No. 295214

The thing is though, if he doesn't want to listen to a mental health professional, he has his wife, his mother and friends (does he actually have any friends left these days?!) to discuss his thoughts and troubles with. But he refuses to and instead just wants a sounding board/soapbox to stand on and shout his thoughts out into the ether for anyone to listen to.

No matter what your opinion is, it could be the worst fucking craziest thought ever, there will always be someone on the internet who will agree, support and enable you, it's basically one huge, giant hugbox.

You will never get the answers you want out of life through a massive, random social environment and network.

The internet has only ever been good for one thing, and that's helping to research topics for additional knowledge and further education… he's not using it for that, and neither are his fans.

You can tell they aren't doing so, because if they were, they would type in "Onision" into Google search and find a fucking treasure trove of evidence leading to how mentally deranged he really is.

No. 295220

He hates Björk, that's enough for anyone.

No. 295221

I bet it's because of her looks.
He shits on every girl that doesn't fit his beauty ideal. I remember when he made a video about fit girls being ugly because they have muscles. I guess that sort of thing intimidates him since he is a skinny fat

No. 295222

File: 1470830286641.jpg (29.81 KB, 444x391, jkj.JPG)


No. 295224

Why is this relevant?

No. 295229

Im not asking for you to dig and find screencaps anon, a simple explaination like >>295146 is all I needed to know. Im not saying her parents didnt care and I get that they're a normal family. I'm just trying to understand why Lainy is such a self destructive idiot because Ive never had the experience with myself or others making such bad relationship decisions at her age. I guess I shouldnt have said there's more going on underneath the surface since that makes it sound like Lainy was being abused or something. Lainy is just a naturally stupid person though so even her parents couldn't fix that.

I started following Onion threads during during the cuddlegate debacle, so no, I don't feel going through all the threads before that, its enough keeping up with the current ones and learning about his other relationship drama.

No. 295232

If you want a third and fourth version of events

His summery: http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=A_Life%27s_Story#Occupation:_Kids

Email where he throws his boss under the bus:

Resignation email:

TL;DR: He "accidentally" found his boss' time sheet and saw she was putting extra time on it so he reported her and demanded action be taken. Nothing happened so he quit for moral reasons.

In his resignation email he wrote he is leaving because he has a plumbing job lined up.

No. 295240


2010, Skye.

No. 295241

File: 1470840020578.png (Spoiler Image, 946.77 KB, 945x772, Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.03…)

Does he ever pose with Billie or does he just take creepshot selfies with her in the background? I tried scrolling through his IG but I couldn't make it any further than this without feeling greasy and some kind of… second hand perversion? I'm not sure how to describe it but I think I need a priest.

No. 295242


Really? 'Cause to me, he sounds angry af because he didn't get any or something.

Either, way, I hope he didn't go for rape tactics…

No. 295243

Holy shit anon can we stop jumping to extremes?

No. 295248


IKR, this whole thread has turned into GOMI JR

No. 295249


So he quit because he got more hours AND tried getting his boss into trouble for it?! Fuck, I would've been more than happy to take those hours and do the job myself. What a lazy fuck! No wonder he e-whored himself to the masses before YouTube, he wanted easy cash flow. Fuck this loser!

No. 295250


It's been noted he has violent sex with his women. Oh and he did rape AJ.

No. 295253

How much do you want to bet they both sleep in faces full of makeup on a regular basis

No. 295254


Ew! Probably every day of the week. Hell, Lamo takes baths with her makeup on! Their skin will age horribly.

No. 295255


Wait, why does he hate Björk? They're kinda in the same genre, only his music is shit. I really thought he'd be into her for that.

No. 295256


I think he was just tired, hence Onion's Job History video where he sounds really tired or stoned.

No. 295257

Bjork is a musical genius and has many talents, he has no talents. What a twat.

No. 295277

Onion damns the porn industry while jacking off on camera.

No. 295287

He's unfollowed Billie on IG again, he was following her like a day ago. They must be having constant fall outs - so childish.

No. 295311


Or maybe both Richie and Ayalla knocked some sense into her, hence why they're all back together.

Keith, or DSSCTM was kinda harrasing Ayalla via Twitter about how she's gonna sell herself to Onion just like Billie-bob did along with somewhat of a warning to keep herself and Billie away from said Onion before she blocked him.

No. 295331

File: 1470884063694.png (806.05 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

You don't deserve to wear that shirt, wear an Aqua one since you like them so much!

No. 295332

He is probably trying to manipulate her to ditch her friends and move in to the onion cave permanently. Maybe he told her that she isn't "fighting for love".

No. 295338

i hate to derail the thread but i can't get over the fact that onion has looked like a mass shooter his whole life.

No. 295340

Is the undercut new? Guess he's really trying to stay relevant to the teenage crowd and realised the swooping emo hair died out a decade ago.

No. 295372

He looks like vic micnogna

No. 295385


Funny thing you should say that, he had a thing for mass shooters - especially the Columbine guys.


Yeah, it's new. He looks like a creepy douchebag. I know he's one but still…

No. 295390

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: his weird, "this is how a human smiles" face reminds me of Paul Bernardo.

Bernardo also looked quite pink in his old pics, which also reminds me of our dear onion.

No. 295391

File: 1470913699562.jpg (90.36 KB, 183x250, Paul-Bernardo.jpg)

Pic related

No. 295392

Onion probably wishes he was Paul Bernardo

No. 295393

They have a lot of weird similarities
>speedy relationships with insecure, younger women
>questionable fashion phases (nevar 4get when Bernardo bleached his hair and tried to become a rapper)
>desire to fuck other women in a relationship/have wife particiate
>preoccupation with gf's sister
>pink complexion
>robotic smile

No. 295398

He's probably just wearing it to be "ironic" - there's no fucking way he'd support a band whose members had a long history of drug abuse.

No. 295400

They both definitely have the "dead eyes" look going down for both of them, I think it's a prominent feature of Grease's as well as the sloping brow, liver lips and terrible complexion.

No. 295410

It's a good thing that Taylor's sister hates him.

Doesn't Andy Biersack smoke pot?

No. 295413

I wouldn't know, I don't know anything about him or his band.

No. 295420


He likes Rob Zombie, Smashing Pumpkins, NIN, etc… Aren't most of those guys druggies too?


I hate to admit it but he kinda looks like Kurt Cobain with that hair.

No. 295421

Of course he likes NIN kek

No. 295423

I doubt he gives a shit about people doing drugs unless it comes to putting them down or if they're a girl he wants to put his grease stick in.

No. 295424

I think Trent Reznor used to be then he cleaned up and got fat and old. I don't know about Rob apart from pot. Billy Corgan though supposedly has an ego so huge its legendary so not shocked he is a fan.

No. 295427

File: 1470937935403.jpg (30.6 KB, 612x380, Trent-Reznor.jpg)

Trent Reznor replaced his heroin addiction with a workout addiction.

No. 295429


Which is why I never bought his anti-drug stance. He doesn't give a shit about what people do or don't in their lives, it's all for views.

No. 295430


For a second I thought it was James Hetfield from Metallica until I saw the dark hair.


He probably fucked (most of) his women to Closer.

No. 295431

>Laineys Makeup line
top kek

No. 295432

It is well known that he was obsessed with his ex wife's sister.

No. 295434


It's also well-known that she hated him. He even stated in an email to a friend that he made broke her down a lot because she "disrespected him".

>And lastly, my ex-girlfriends' sister of which I began to love like family ~ she told me she wished I would die, she wished I did not exist… I smiled, and said she was horrible for saying those things, I said she was ugly on the inside, that she did not deserve to look at me…

I made her cry many times due to what she had said to me… in a way this makes me a monster… in a way, this makes me a god.

Here's the link: http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=GJD_Emails#E-Mail:_Hello_Margaret

No. 295436

>So anyway… Mom has really been hassling me about Skye… she keeps saying “Are you having sex with her?” and “You need to pay rent if you’re having sex.” WTF???? It does not make any sense… but the truth is, I am, and I am using protection… there is a guard standing by when we do it, so everything is cool… especially cause he does not charge much to make sure no ninja’s come in when we are doing the nasty… mua ha ha… rrg…

wtf am i reading

No. 295438

Does anyone know what happened with the military records over at Kiwi?

That's not about Skye's sister. Note "ex girlfriend"

No. 295444


Yeah, I never understood that part. Like, why do you need a guard to watch over y'all while in the throws of sexy time??? It's not like you're in prison or at an airport! O.o

I have a feeling that Onion was the first man to deflower her.


The "ex-girlfriend" was Skye, they were separated from March/April to June/July of 2005.

In a couple of emails to "sabi" (Sabrina Altamirano - their mom), he "apologized" multiple times for his behavior towards Alicia.

Just dig a little deeper. :)

As far as the military thing goes; it's been like, three months and that dude stopped showing up to KF awhile ago, though DSSCTM is working to get those records and it does take awhile to get them. Once he gets them, he's planning to make a video along with PDF files to download for a limited time.

No. 295451

Pretty sure the guard was there to warn them in case someone came snooping around so they wouldn't be caught.

Do you know what the process is to get those particular records?

No. 295475


Yeah, I know but where were they that they needed to pay a guard just so they could fuck without being caught?

They said that it takes about a month or two to get a response and another month to get through. DSSTM applied in June and he just got a response about a week or two ago, it's in his tumblr page.

No. 295477


what the fuck i reading, do you guys not know a shit joke when you read one? this thread is infested with retards.

No. 295478


What are you talking about?

No. 295485

After Onision Drama has invaded this thread, the discussion has become visibly stupider.

Guard thing Greg mentions is a joke you tard.

No. 295487


I guess OD just can't get away from the drama, they also think they know wtf they're talking about just because they're the first neutral/anti-o page. I had a feeling they were here, should just stick to tumblr.

Part of me was thinking it was a joke as well. Guard = condom, ninjas = unwanted pregnancies. Calm your tits and quit it with the insults.

No. 295493

File: 1470975294181.png (519.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

You can see his middle-age gut underneath that black shirt and suspenders.

Also, that pic does NOT classify as sexy.

No. 295494

File: 1470975728805.png (702.5 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


For some strange reason, she looks like Skye here…?

No. 295496

Lainey legit looks mid-thirties. Hard to believe she's 21.

No. 295500


I know dude, it's really sad. But her facial expression just bothers me(an uneasy feeling), it's like she took Skye's face and plastered it to her own. It's fuckin' weird, man.

No. 295511

Living with Onion really has aged her, my god… It really is hard to believe she's not mid 30s.

No. 295512

File: 1470985646784.png (531.39 KB, 820x880, 29.png)

No. 295522

File: 1470997796711.jpg (82.71 KB, 500x714, onioning.jpg)

Skye looked much better than ~plain boi~ ever did

No. 295525

Thank fuck you wrote that, I thought I was going insane.

Not really? He hasn't been with a single girl who isn't pretty much the definition of Plain Jane. Even Billie is barely passable with a shit load of makeup on.

No. 295541

File: 1471012554216.png (401.83 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


This chick

No. 295543

File: 1471012772971.png (141.03 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 295544

He always been kind of soft. He went through a phase of only working his arms out and then tensing the fuck up for photos, but it looks like he stopped with the arms too. Maybe he's just unlucky and looks like that no matter what because I assume he was fairly fit when he was in the military.

No. 295546

He looks genuinely happy here, rare to see him smile normally.

No. 295548


You're kidding, right? Skye had something the other girls lacked, looks were one of them(she had a special kind of beauty that didn't require a shitload of makeup unlike the others), charm and "uniqueness". How else did Onion fell for her, apparently he saw those qualities too which is why he kept her around longer than the others. But I agree that the others are plain janes (except AJ).


That face, that's the one(or other expressions she made) I'm talking about! And she definitely looks better than Lamo, and isn't a complete bore.


If you watch his old South Korea videos - especially the haircut tutorials, dude was fit af. From looking at his videos, he had a pull-up bar installed in his old house. He also used to use his military training for stunts in said videos.

I guess gradually over time he just got lazy and decided that photoshop along with damning others for their dietary choices was the easiest thing to do.

No. 295549


Yeah, usually when he smiles or laughs it's disingenuous and condescending…

Also, more "happy Onion":

No. 295550

Yeah he normally only does Crocodile smiles these days.

No. 295581


Blegh! Creepy ass Onion.

No. 295610

File: 1471040210736.png (628.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

A (very) little known fact is that Onion suffers from camel toe.

No. 295629

Lol no way he's 6'0 tall. He looks like a fucking midget in this photo.

No. 295643

Those boots look like they have a decent heel.

No. 295645


I think they're cowboy boots.

No. 295653

the hair adds a ft and a half

No. 295656

Greg is a manlet that wears hightops and Beiber dos to make himself feel better about himself.

No. 295659


I think those pants are a little too tight for him…

No. 295666

his all is a little too anything for him

No. 295670

I see the OP image everyday and everyday I spit my milk out

No. 295698

Kim Jong Il also wore lifts in his shoes and had that weird puffy haircut because he was insecure abut his height.
That's who Onion wants to be like I guess.

No. 295700

his body sucks so much and the clothing fit like shit.

he needs to work out to even look decent in clothing, how embarrassing.
Even chubby guys I know look 100x next to this thing.

No. 295701


He is pretty tall though…and fat.


How much do you think he weighs, I'd say in the early 200's (pounds-wise).

No. 295702


Lol, he needs to be a size XXL.

No. 295704

Same. He looks like a cross between a grandpa reliving his youth by driving around in a sporty car while his scarf flutters in the wind and a raw pork chop.

No. 295710

File: 1471104134643.gif (906.17 KB, 500x350, Compare-this-with-troll-face-a…)

its not like hes even fatfat(dont think hes 200 yet) ,but his body is void of any physical activity. He looks like he spends 98% of his day laying on the sofa and eating junk.

god why is he so gross and greasy

No. 295712


He is pretty fat, don't be fooled by the filters he uses to make himself look thin.

All he does is sit on his ass and play with either his phone or the computer, eats "vegan" junk food while trying to find his wife's replacement.

No. 295713

His head is huge wtf.

No. 295714

I agree he looks like a normal weight (numerically) for a guy but his body fat percentage is way too high; he's totally out of shape with no muscle.

No. 295716

File: 1471106968295.jpg (134.66 KB, 936x1247, CoralOmbre1.jpg)

yeah and his shoulders are tiny, hes soft and squishy like some middle aged house wife.

pic of a guy with normal regular body in his 30s differs so much. its like hes eating 3000kcal of bread and tofu a day.

No. 295718


That's all he eats, really. Just tofu in different packages/brands.

That 30 year old pic is hot though!

No. 295722

If you move where i live, this is like the standard-i do live in a affluent urban area. Staying healthy is just modern culture for productive people with decent jobs. Its actually rare i see a truly overweight person when i'm running errands in my neighborhood.

out the neighborhood…. more fatties ..

Where onion lives is considered one of the most healthy places in the US. It just shows how far removed from society he really is. He has no healthy friendships with people. He calls many people "fake,ect" and instead befriends barely legal teens and edge lords who are some of the most self-absorbed types imaginable.

I can't wrap my head around this guy-hes truly stunted in development like his wife.

No. 295729


You must either live in Austin or in some part of California, or ia rich white neighborhood.

Onion's been doing the veg thing since '08, but he didn't look like shit and was less greasy.

No. 295730

No but close! although it is not a white neighborhood at all. i am fortunate to live in a diverse area.

Cuz he was younger, youth is special in that regard.

No. 295743


I think it also had to do with how they've prepared meals and who he was with at the time. Otherwise, he'd look like shit a long time ago. He has old videos on the archive and speaks channels where he promotes nuts and protein bars.

Also, his negative vibes have taken their toll on his body.

No. 295745

I like how he actually brags about having a plumbing job lined up.

Also I wonder what mistake he refers to in the resignation email.

No. 295750

lmfao im sick this made me feel better its so real

No. 295754


Probably for going berserk on the staff and kids on that same day.

No. 295765

Is he leaning forward slightly to seem taller? His head is huge in comparison to his feet, there's something screwy going on with the perspective in that pic.
Yeah, he's the definition of skinnyfat.

No. 295808

File: 1471192710721.png (677.74 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

He looks scarier than usual…

No. 295810

He looks like a tryhard manlet

No. 295811

He just looks retarded. Why bother wearing suits if you can't figure out how to iron?

No. 295812

Mte. He looks like he dug that suit out of the bottom of the laundry pile.

No. 295813

I just love that he put on a suit to take a BATHROOM MIRROR SELFIE. Cause we know he's not leaving the house in that… if leaving the house at all.

No. 295814

And he didn't even have the brains to crop the toilet and febreze out. His job is literally being on camera, can't he take better photos?

No. 295816

ew fit is shit.
Onion cant find clothing that fits his nasty soft body

No. 295819


It's the eyes though…

No. 295824

Why is he suddenly wearing suits all the time. Is it because Blainey suddenly has a Daddy kink?

No. 295826


Oh no…!

No. 295829

What's with the old man hand? It looks all wrinkly and discoloured

No. 295830

That is one of the frumpiest looking suit jackets I've ever seen. The fit is awful and wtf kind of material is that? Did he get this from a thrift store?

No. 295855

To be fair I think it is outside unless they have a bathroom sign on their door which would be kinda weird

No. 295859

I don't get it, is this supposed to be a joke or…?

No. 295863

Nothing on the Onision channel is serious. He's mimicking people who milk the death of loved ones for views.

No. 295865

Does that mean that Greg wore >>295808 to a funeral? God, I hope not.

No. 295866

I think that sign is just on their door.
No restaurant/shop bathroom would look like that.

No. 295871

that crumpled, cheap, out of date suit jacket.

No. 295872

Ok Grig I know your lurking so you hate the suffering and torchure of animals?? Febreeze tests on animals you little maggot more proof that your views are only pandering bullshit

No. 295873

File: 1471218574996.jpeg (236.85 KB, 750x1074, image.jpeg)

He's definitely lurking this thread

No. 295874

So let me get this straight has onion fucked Billie like put his dingaling in her vazoo not just played around with her titties

No. 295875


Your comment sounds suspiciously like something a banana would say… >_>

No. 295876



No. 295877


He looks so…evil than usual here. How long will his inner-serial killer mode come out?

No. 295879

File: 1471219996424.jpg (64.68 KB, 640x640, 13767526_469894943181222_28881…)

No. 295881

wtf is up with her eyebrow?

No. 295885

She probably did them herself instead of making Selena do them

No. 295886

That's Shiloh's old dumbass hat. Second best until the end.

No. 295891


Onion never loved Shiloh, he just developed a fur-hat fetish because of her.

No. 295894

she is like 6 months pregnant, soo

No. 295895

Anyone else feel like Plains is emo all the time BC her teenage girlfriend won't move in with her after just a few months? Kinda sad how she's picked up on Onion's manipulation tactics..

No. 295897


She sure ain't losing calories from the boob-milk draining.

No. 295900


Kinda sad that she won't leave. Onion wants her out too(I think).

No. 295901

Lol like a young girl is gonna commit herself to a 30 year man and wife with 2 kids. It's sad

No. 295907

I bet both Onion and Plank get jealous over Billy having social life and salty because she won't confine herself in their dungeon for more than two weeks.

Those emo tweets are there to make her feel guilty.

No. 295908

Wouldn't surprise me. She probably thinks it normal, not only because she did it with greg but all of the ex-gfs (except Adrienne) moved in with greg super quick too.

No. 295911

About My Husband's Mental Health

No. 295912

you can tell hes using the hand behind his back to tighten the suit and the fit is still shit lmao throw it away onion boy

No. 295914


What's the plot about? Seeing them together triggers me, I'm sorry.

Thank you in advance for sharing. :)

No. 295915


Also, dude looks a bit uncomfortable while next to her. I didn't really see that with the others…? Much.

No. 295916

This image makes them look like siblings, or related. Same long nose, creepy small eyes, weird thin lips. Eww.

No. 295919

LOL. No doubt her body's ageing like her face -plopping out kids on the regular will do that.

No. 295920

Greg has the fakeboi give him an online mental health test because everyone calls him a psycho. Admits to having suicidal thoughts at least twice a week, fakeboi gets weepy when she thinks about her meal ticket dying. Greg assures everyone he's free of mental disorders because an online test said so, ends with a dumb passive aggressive joke about how if you disagree with him he'll kill you or something.

No. 295924

I had a nightmare about it once.
>dream I'm dating a guy
>handsome, fit, kind and intelligent
>somehow my brain decides this guy is onion because dream logic
>distinctly remember dream-me thinking "haha lolcow is so wrong about him, those suckers"
>suddenly realize he's actually wearing one of those Asian skincare sheet masks
>I peel it off and underneath is >>291769

No. 295925

>wearing a face mask with that shitty suit

Yeah no he didn't wear this out.

No. 295939

At least I'm not the only one having terrifying Onion dreams.

No. 295946

Just posting videos again huh? I thought we'd been over this.

I also had a terrifying Onion dream where I thought he was nice and misunderstood and managed to get sucked into the onion cult (but in the dream it was an island). But then I realised that he was attaching wood to seagulls backs with their wings stretched out so they couldn't fly, so me and Lainey decided to escape. It was wild

No. 295949

I once had a scary onion dream too. He reminds me a lot of this asshole I used to know and in my dream they were blended together into one person. When I fled from them the sun was shining, a cat appeared that let me pet it and I felt a deep sense of peacefulness.

No. 295956

File: 1471269064646.png (1.25 MB, 1025x748, 1416019886268.png)

My sides

Seriously though. Let's use a less terrifying pic for the next thread…

No. 295960

Maybe we should start a support group or something.

No. 295966

File: 1471277994864.jpg (53.96 KB, 636x356, Lfoo.jpg)

No. 295972

A thread in /b/ about nightmares induced by browsing lolcow would be awesome.

No. 295976


I too had an Onion nightmare. Well, multiple; idr the rest but this one's more prominent.

If I remember correctly, I think I was watching random vids (including Onion's) late at night. Then, I've stumbled upon an unseen video from 2009 on his archive channel; I vaguely recall said video to be titleless which was strange but my curiosity got the best of me so I clicked on it.

In the video, there was only an image with a Christmas song playing in the background. Idr what the image looked like but I remember being in awe with it and seeing a lot of light colors of greens, yellows and pinks. As for the Christmas song; it was sung by mostly kids and teenagers. Later during the video, I realized there are sexual/subliminal messages in that song and the tone has darkened by the end of it.

After the song ended, it was replaced with a whispered conversation shared between Onion and his then-wife. During that, the image was replaced with a black and white video showcasing a dark lit bedroom with very little light coming in.

While with almost complete darkness, I was still able to see Onion and then-wife Skye lying together but with Onion slightly on top of her(I think they were spooning). While both speaking in hushed tones; Skye asks what the song's about, Onion replies along the lines: "It's about how I'm doing you", her last reply was "Ew, Greg!" that came with a giggle after then the video went black.

No. 295988

His skin is so shitty that I thought the flaking mask was his actual face at first glance.

No. 295989

I love that they have the same colour necks and then gargoyle's face just goes completely off the rails. Since he has no problems with wearing makeup himself, I'm surprised he doesn't hide it with Lainey's foundation.

No. 296005

I think he may have a type of lupus..
skin is way to fucked to be acne

No. 296009


He's a dead man(if this is true and it hasn't taken care of it properly)…

No. 296013

Look how that mask clings to his spots lol

No. 296017

File: 1471317823112.png (106.28 KB, 637x813, ,303.png)

so onision's mentions are being flooded by angry k-pop fans and he's supreme salty right now

No. 296019

File: 1471317870710.png (82.22 KB, 557x787, ,03.png)

No. 296025


What is wrong with him(today)?! Who pissed on his vegan cerial?

No. 296032

He doesn't really care about animal rights, just views and being condescending.

No. 296033

He just wants the attention. He has a wife and kid but he wants the attention of strangers so he latches onto kpop.

No. 296036

File: 1471325837072.png (391.81 KB, 963x637, ,2992.png)

what is it with the shower pictures. at least he has the water actually on this time

No. 296037

Grease, we already know about your Asian fetish. Is this supposed to shock and disgust people? Topkek

No. 296039


Ugh! This pic totally reminds me of the ones he took back in 2005-08.

No joke:


Coincidentally, his ex-wife too had an Asian fetish. She always had but it was more prominent post-Onion.

No. 296040

File: 1471328024861.jpg (11.83 KB, 400x400, fedora.jpg)

Those pictures are hilarious, m'lady.

No. 296042

File: 1471328218873.jpg (237.45 KB, 1100x1380, 1355739283325.jpg)

As usual, onion tries to act all ~smug~ and thinks he's totes trolling but is secretly salty as fuck. Stay golden gerg.

No. 296043

File: 1471328803200.jpeg (153.66 KB, 600x799, image.jpeg)

Anytime. :)

Also, Onion really needs to take care of that camel toe!

No. 296045

Onision is a greasy cuck and I would not want to fuck him.

No. 296046

File: 1471329715249.jpg (17.92 KB, 600x449, 001.jpg)

Best reaction image when he spergs out.

No. 296047

File: 1471330319703.jpeg (49.36 KB, 600x764, image.jpeg)


Ewww! Close your mouth grease monkey!

I'd hate to see see these eyes directly every day.

No. 296049


Let alone, shower with him. Ewww!

No. 296050

File: 1471330707516.jpeg (49.66 KB, 600x757, image.jpeg)

With the recent pics he's been taking, maaaybe this one will come back in style. Just maybe.

No. 296052

File: 1471332061447.jpeg (40.73 KB, 600x543, image.jpeg)

Ugh! He looks so old next to her and they're barely the same age - barely into their 20's! She looks like she wants to come inside and he's just standing there… Keep your hands off her, Greg!

No. 296053

File: 1471332595202.jpg (12.65 KB, 272x275, 1462791525986.jpg)

>the comments are nothing but copypasta

No. 296058

Turns out /fa/ does not approve.

No. 296059

File: 1471344024916.png (1.59 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-08-16-05-38-48…)

He looks a lot like morrissey here, too.

No. 296061

Don't you talk shit about Morrissey
Actually, do, he's a twat

No. 296062

That he is, but I'm not talking shit about either of them; it was just an observation. Skin, personality, and the unflattering pic in the OP aside, Greg is far from the ugliest guy I've ever seen. Don't know why everyone's acting like he's some hideous creature. Guess it's because he isn't doing anything interesting, just the regular cringey bs, so all you guys can do is make fun of his appearance. Oh well, atleast the older threads were decent.

inb4 hi greg

No. 296067

Fuck that, onion is fucking hideous. Just don't.

No. 296070

He doesn't have to be the MOST hideous thing to ever exist on earth for people to find him hideous.

No. 296071

i truly pity you and the men you've had around you if you don't think onion is one ugly piece of shit. personality aside and all.. his lips and bone structure are gross and unappealing

No. 296077


If it makes you feel any better, I thought he was hot by looking at his videos from six years ago. He wasn't so hideous then and he wasn't entirely an asshole like he is now.

Post-divorce, he grew and grew more negatively to where he is now. They say hate takes a toll on the body, we can see that now with Onion. Now all we can do is watch as he desperately tries to win back his teen audience with pathetic attempts such as the bath selfies.

No. 296078


honestly, I think his personality is what makes him so damn vile looking. His personality and his shit skin.

No. 296087


That too. Like I said, hate takes a huge toll on your body.

No. 296095

Are those false eyelashes? They look so spiky and even.
I am amazed how his skin looks horrible even when he is using all those filters.

No. 296096

>“Onision is a YouTuber born with overies instead of testicles. This makes him curl his eyelashes and put on light makeup, and has male GOTIS=like syndrome.”
My eyelashes naturally look the way they do, as does my skin, so thank you for the compliment.

That's from when he refuted everything written in his ED article. http://web.archive.org/web/20130425173143/http://onision.com/onision-encyclopedia-dramatica/
They might be natural but he does lie about everything.

No. 296101


Lmfao his "rebuttal" is very, very sad to read. What a loser!

No. 296103

I love how quickly he drops the "hard facts only" pretense in favor of bitching about Skye.

No. 296111


You're wrong. His creepy twisted lizard lips and Neanderthal low forehead shelf are a disgusting combination. The spots and red flaking skin are another thing. Oh and the yellow spikes for teeth. Honestly I can find most men attractive, but he's impossible to like aesthetically and anyone who says otherwise… you have got to be trolling.

No. 296113


Either Onion or a banana is posting that bs.

No. 296116


Well like the ED page said; it's his fault for leaving her. Oh, he claims she wanted to get back with him but it's actually the other way around. Yeah Greg, we totes believe you. Cucklord.

No. 296118

Thank you! Jesus I see one of these "onion is hot" comments every now and then and that's the only explanation.

All you have to do is take one glance at him and you instantly get the impression that his back is covered in pustules and his dick smells.

No. 296133

File: 1471403562671.png (150.25 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Still waiting for those records, Keith.>>291769

No. 296135

File: 1471406694843.png (92.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


No. 296139

onision is

1-clearily has connections to some type of a secret society as a result of his mom possibly illuminati-ish

2-is a trained super soldier

3-probably is a negative entity

No. 296140

I love it when people start cracking jokes about his military service because he always breaks. I love that his "anything is up for grabs" comedy or "brutal honesty" only applies when it's not directly related to him. He's such a tool.

No. 296141


Do you think he was apart of the MK-ULTRA Project during his military days as well?

There's also the subject of "witchcraft" with him and his ex-wife and mother being involved with it, it's all in his blogs and some of his old videos.

No. 296142


Butthurt Onion is my favorite Onion.

No. 296145

Shut the fuck up with your stupid conspiracies
You're in other threads shitting them up too

No. 296147

So, today I've done done some major saging on teh books and I think I may found HSAnon's fb account…

https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011844813188&fref=pymk&ref=content_filter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 296149

Didn't he not complete training though? The whole striping naked and sperging out happened during training… he's not even a vet. He never actually served beyond doing only SOME of the training.

No. 296150


He pussied out on SERE Training (or so he says), became a cop, still was a cop in SK and that's pretty much it.

He never mentioned any Marines Corps nor SWAT training in his old blogs and videos. Therefore, I call it all bullshit.

He stripped down in South Korea during his training as a way to get out, so yeah.

No. 296151

File: 1471414778068.png (Spoiler Image, 887.61 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Moar saging:

Apparently, Greg's been replaced…

Here's the dude's fb account: https://m.facebook.com/billynorwine?ref=content_filter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 296159

I hope he is a good husband/boyfriend to her.

No. 296163


Meh, he's kinda ugly btw, he also looks like The Amazing Atheist!

But I hope so too, anon…

No. 296164


She looks uncomfortable tbh, but that's just me.

No. 296165

Is this the guy with an adopted asian sister that Greg lusted after?

No. 296166

Sorry for samefagging, just want to clarify
>Greg had a crush on Jennifer when he was 15. Jennifer is Michael's sister. They attended Greg's father's church. Greg says she was hyper and loved to run. Greg says he had his eyes on Jennifer for a while. He loved her high energy and he thought she was fun. He also notes that he liked that she was inexperienced with boys because he likes "teaching people about everything".

>Greg confessed his feelings for her in a letter, but she called him and told him she did not think of him the same way. Greg continued to see her for a while whenever he would visit his father.


No. 296169


I don't think so, they're in California.

I'd hate to sound catty (about her) and all but she hasn't aged well either, but she doesn't look worse than Onion.

No. 296170


Michael lived in Washington. It's plausible that me moved after high school, he even implied that he no longer lives in that state.

No. 296174

The other guy on Kiwifarms hasn't produced any documents yet either, and he applied for them a couple of weeks or so before DSSCTM did.

No. 296175


The tumblr guy called ETB out several times before applying for Onion's records himself. Last month, he had a reply from the records office but that's about it.

No. 296176

File: 1471424837013.png (77.13 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Anyone knows wtf she's talking about??? It's her last tweet since December…

No. 296177

They're lyrics to a song by The Weeknd.

Why are you so interested in Skye's sister?

No. 296179

Well honestly, after enduring 6 years with Onion, nobody would age well.

No. 296186

This was already stated upthread, but here it is again : do not post the details of people that are in no way involved in this drama. Especially don't post the details of someone you just "think" may be a certain person.

This thread has been getting hugely off topic at times, and has had a lot of issues with spam as well. PLEASE try to keep this on topic from now on. If there is any spam let us know, etc.


No. 296187

I thought him and Shane Dawson where the same person for 3 years

No. 296189

I feel like you don't watch Jeremy Kyle.

I know what you mean, I always assumed that's why Onion's so salty that they aren't butt buddies.

No. 296194

He reminds me of one of my former friends
>has some military training but exaggerates it
>only goes out with damaged girls, and gets serious with them quickly
>obsession with control
>pretends like he's looking after everyone
>"i'm such a family man!"
>a lot of tough guy bullshit
>him and his current fiancee aired a lot of relationship drama all over facebook earlier this year to try and prove themselves right on the thing… all I could think at the time was "m8 don't do this… this is what onision does"
>goffick af
>lot of random access humour
>isolates the girls he gets with from their family and friends
>tries to isolate his friends from their other friends/people they're going out with too by talking a lot of shit
>considers minor douchebaggery or forgetfulness to be a major betrayal by those close to him

Minor douchebaggery on my part (not texting him right away last time I was in the area visiting my boyfriend) is why we're no longer friends, since he took that as an unforgiveable trespass and blocked me on everything. That's ok though. I'd been seeing a lot of red flags with this guy already and wanted an easy way out. I just worry about what he's saying about me, and about the girl he's with tbh.(blog post)

No. 296199


Even if they were involved with the lolcow at one point in their life or are you talking about their partner?

No. 296200

Samefagging: since Skye at one point was married to Onion?

No. 296201


That's the thing. Post-Onion, she looked fine, sane again, but looking like her age. It's like I'm seeing a completely different person in their mid 30's.

It's like they had a shitload of youth when they were married…

No. 296202


Maybe she had a reason to post them, like Lamo usually does when it involves Onion (or Billie).

No. 296210

File: 1471457595720.png (495.99 KB, 1055x1872, image.png)

I got an update, her last message I believe.

No. 296215

>live laugh love

kek of course

No. 296216


Lmao she's a true hippie.

No. 296230

File: 1471474442578.png (208.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

That son of a bitch! Then again, Comcast are a bunch of cunts so it's kind of a given…

No. 296231

everyone should know by now that's the only way to get what you want from Comcast, you're not special Gerg

No. 296248

File: 1471492642408.png (440.84 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

#onisionisoverparty #denial

No. 296258

I have a (serious) question: we all know that Onion religiously stalks his detractors and any sites "badmouthing" him but does that apply to personal lives as well?

No. 296278

I don't think there's any proof of it, but it wouldn't surprise me if he does. It's pretty classic abuser behavior.

No. 296281


I'd hate to sound paranoid but I think he knows I exist. Do we know if he reads the fb comments? I used to troll on a lot of his posts…

No. 296299

What the hell is going on with his hairline in this picture?

No. 296301

He just has a widow's peak and a shaved head.

No. 296303

At least Jesus Baeza still has badass hair

No. 296307

No. 296308

Onion at one point, did have long, "badass" hair.

No. 296309

File: 1471542391023.png (736.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-08-18-18-40-50…)

Lainey seems to be taking advice from Onion boy with these gross pre-shower selfies.

No. 296310

"Lainey doesn't have saggy tits" my ass, she reminds me of the SpongeBob grandma tits

No. 296313


Ewww dem sagging titties tho! Is this supposed to get other girls and Onion's attention?!?! Dirty hoe.

Though I wonder, why do most of Onion's women (excluding AJ) have saggy tits?

No. 296321

She's a breastfeeding mother - did anyone expect anything other than saggy knockers?

No. 296323

When you got boobs like that you gotta use an arm to push em up and together for photos
This is literally one of the worst ways she could have photographed her boobs lmao

No. 296324


Breastfeeding mothers usually have their boobs perky. Go away SJW.

No. 296331

This is fuckin' sad, pathetic and…recycled.

No. 296333

See? Also, young Onion.

No. 296346

What the actual fuck.
He doesn't need face paint to get a red face anymore lmao.

No. 296347


Now that I think about it, his thighs look like they have cellulites.

No. 296360


Yeah maybe in the first few months but not while you're nursing a 3 year old

No. 296380

File: 1471634626102.png (1.51 MB, 859x612, capture_001_19082016_122319.pn…)

No. 296381

They have matching tattoos…wow.

No. 296382


Is that with Lamo or Ayalla?

No. 296384


it's billie and ayalla

No. 296386


Oh thank god!

Sorry Taylor, you were never Billie's number one girl. Bye bitch!

(I know they're not gay for each other but I'm pretty sure you get the platonic context.)

No. 296389

Is plainey posting emo shit yet? she seems so jealous of billie's life outside of her.

No. 296391

Wow these tattoos are bad
They're either really faded and losing color or the "tattoo artist" couldn't even fill in a heart

No. 296402

So true, they're both her meal ticket to more followers/net fame. She milked cuddlegate for all the attention it was worth and its beyond obvious she's sticking around through all the awkwardness in hopes of cuddlegate.2

No. 296408

Is this a remake of the movie wild things?

No. 296410


Why Cuddlegate 2 though? I know it's for drama but… Do you think she's trying to fuck their marriage on purpose?

(On one of the tumblr blogs - or here, idr. Someone brought up she used to have a somewhat anti-o blog but deleted it for the e-fame.)

No. 296411

Onion "feels" the music…

No. 296415

File: 1471664964381.png (2.53 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

At first I laughed but then I just got scared. I can't get over how much he looks like a serial killer. I mean could his eyes sink any lower into his skull?

No. 296417

This better not cause onion dream number three.

Fucking terrifying.

No. 296418

kek he used this video filter to make it look like the red face is intentional

No. 296419

and this is so stupid. his headphones came off, so he's not supposed to hear the music anymore. his acting is so bad.

No. 296420

Moar Onion music, featuring Onion on the toilet.

No. 296429

what even is this crap? at least his opposition had some legitimate musical talent. can grease even play an actual instrument?

No. 296433


The…keyboard…? Nah.

No. 296434

Onion's own song.

Warning: not for the faint of heart…or mind.

No. 296436

Is there a reason we aren't talking about his shitty new transgender video?

No. 296437

Link it? Also I read that he was salty about that Blaire tranny that owned him.

No. 296439

No. 296444

Personally, I think it's all set up for views but maybe onion and plainey (Taylor more so) are going off plan and catching feelings. I don't think billie is purposely fucking up their marriage, rather turning a blind eye to her role in their already faltering marriage.

No. 296447


"Catching feelings" like, for eachother? Ew.

No. 296476

No I think they're both lusting after billie.

No. 296478


Again, ew. Btw how long are we gonna wait for their marriage to (completely) collapse? About one or two years, give or take?

No. 296485


Um…I don't think that's "acting" yo

No. 296488

File: 1471729401683.png (779.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This is recent, right?

No. 296489

This takes the award for the fakest looking kiss going.

No. 296491

If he's not a cuck, where are the photos of him and Billie kissing?

No. 296493

Am I the only one who finds it creepy how Gurg is always lusting over his wife making out with another girl? I think when he always talks about having threesomes it's really just the girls fucking and him jacking off to it from a dark corner tbh

No. 296494

Someone send this to Fox News quick!

No. 296496

He's trying to revert to the old Speaks format. Also, this video is (probably) bullshit.

No. 296513

Gross, no. He actually did whip it out in the first one, but I ran away. He was super cringey and it was awful.

No. 296542

Yeah if he's having all these threesomes and shit then why doesn't he and billie get cute photos together? I thinks it's all fake and staged

No. 296549

I thought Lainey had issues with he and Billie doing things together?

No. 296556

What the actual fuck

No. 296558

I 100% believe they haven't. There would be pics at this point for the haters. I don't think he's gotten further than massaging billay's tits.

No. 296616

He posted a tweet saying he's had "multiple" 3somes with them lol

I don't even believe billie and lainey are together, I think their just friends attention seeking and onion is milking for more views. It all just looks too try hard

No. 296656

Hate them both so much

No. 296657


What? What happened? (Description pls?)

No. 296669

Has this already been posted before? Idr…

No. 296708

Weird, because of the whole "cuddlegate" thing. I do think Lainey and Billie are together by the way Billie's real friends have reacted to Lainey in the past. I do think Billie is in it for the attention, while Lainey is just lonely and looking for someone to connect with since her husband and her don't see eye to eye on a lot of things and he's a sociopath. I feel like the threesomes thing was just him trying to prove he isn't a cuck, but I really doubt Lainey would allow a threesome if she has such an issue with him cuddling or massaging Billie. It definitely doesn't all add up.

No. 296712


I think Billie and Lainey are together as well, but Billie doesn't feel half as "deeply in love" with Lainey than Lainey is with her - but in saying that, Lainey hasn't really shown any deeper emotions towards Billie other than pure infatuation.

I've never believed for a second that he's had a threesome with them other than the participation being nothing more than him being allowed to touch Lainey as it's happening or him sat in a corner jerking his greasestick whilst watching.

I say this because there's absolutely no proof but his own word that he's fucked them both at the same time (Lainey and Billie haven't commented on the matter) and usually 85% of what comes out of his fucking yap is a lie, we all know that… additionally; he's never been engaged in any touchy-feely photos with Billie whatsoever.

He actually resorted to pleading with his fans and directed them to spam a definition of "cuck" on a fucking online slang dictionary that he wrote himself, that's how much being called a cuckold really bothers him… remember, he thinks of himself as an "alpha male", he thinks he could even probably get away with being a "sensitive beta male" but he's an "omega male" at most, and that is one of the hardest things for any guy to accept.

No. 296713

Sorry for samefagging, but I forgot to add that he's also never referred to Billie as his lover, partner or fuckbuddy in any sense of the word… he always refers to her as Lainey's girlfriend.

If Lainey had given him permission to touch or fuck around with Billie, he'd be on more intimate terms with her through photos and words, but there's obvious boundaries that have been set in place otherwise, you bet the three of them would be singing it from the rooftops if it was a mutually consensual relationship.

Lainey and Billie haven't corrected him on saying that he's had a threesome with them because he's been very carefully vague about what actually goes on, and the three of them know it gets people talking which means more views… they're all basically lying by omission, why correct him or comment on it if it's -sorta- accurate?

He's very hurt about being called a cuckold and he wants to prove so desperately that he isn't one, it's Lainey and Billie's way of patting him on the head and giving him a lollypop or throwing him a bone.

No. 296714

even if they set some boundaries, what the fuck does it mean? one person can cheat but the other can't. it's ridiculous but billie must very much enjoy being pursued by these two.

No. 296715

It's not cheating if Grease is okay with it, he's getting something out of it as well which is being allowed to participate in fondling/fucking his wife whilst Billie's involved at the same time, it's one of his many creepy fetishes… he may not be allowed to kiss or penetrate Billie, but he sure as heck is gonna try getting as close as possible to it without resorting to a nasty divorce.

Something happened in their relationship at some point, like he had been suggesting it for a while and she felt obligated into seeking out a teenager to satiate his chronic fetish for them.

Obvious coercion was used, such as telling Lainey that she should be "exploring her bisexuality" and I believe Lainey is fucking dumb enough to believe something like that, I can also imagine that Grease became more and more obsessed with the idea to the point of guilt-tripping her or becoming passive-aggressive with her, so she caved but gave him a few ultimatums in exchange for the whole ordeal.

Since then, like I mentioned earlier - currently, he seems satisfied with how things are, as long as he gets to participate in some way, even if it's cuckolding - to him, it's better than nothing at all.

Last time she didn't let him participate, look what happened… he let her leave the house without chasing after her and immediately cheated on her with Billie.

Lainey is terrified of leaving him, he's all she's basically ever known since she was 17, so of course she's gonna constantly aim to please him, no matter what it takes and they've found another teenage fan to rope into their fucking mess of a marriage.

They're all as bad as each other, a toxic relationship all round.

No. 296734

File: 1471878592162.png (99.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Onion's "reason" to why he doesn't exercise.

No. 296736

Pretty much this. Onion can say he had a threesome if he wants, but it doesn't mean he had any sexual contact with billay. The fact that there are no pics of them together except for like one creepshot is pretty damning.

No. 296738

>this is what onions actually believe
Well that does explain why he looks so doughy.

No. 296739

Just because you don't eat meat doesn't mean you're healthy, onion.

No. 296741


It's also another excuse to sit on his ass all day bitching and having "3somes". How do you like playing with Greg's lard-filled body and belly rolls girls?

No. 296742

FFS, I also know plenty of vegetarians who are overweight or flabby like he is because they only binge on pre-cooked meals, fast food and processed meals, which again; is all he ever eats.

It's seriously no fucking different than a diet that involves animal products if you can't make the fucking effort to prepare meals from fresh produce… what's the point in even becoming vegetarian if you have absolutely no drive to care for yourself as much as you supposedly care for animals?

It defeats the whole purpose, if you can respect animals - you can respect yourself too and cut out processed ready-made shit and go for a fucking stroll (at least) twice a day for a couple of hours.

Pure laziness, and this guy is supposedly loaded with cash from YT revenue and can't even be bothered to buy some exercise gear or a cookbook, AND their house is empty.

What a fucking jew.

No. 296746

File: 1471886858990.jpg (77.95 KB, 512x512, harold-trombley-512x512.jpg)

Fucker looks like trombley
Strangely fitting

No. 296747

It's the reason why I get so mad at blogs by anti-o's… for example, DSSCTM is adamant in their opinion that Grease actually fully participates in threesomes with them both.

It's like, dude… you seem to be very fucking selective in believing which lies Grease spews from his liver-lipped gob all of a sudden, just because it's a "scandalous" topic doesn't detract from the point he's trying to save face because he's cuckolding and ashamed of it.

Especially considering the lack of evidence that he's actually intimate with Billie, as pointed out here >>296712 >>296713 >>296715 sometimes I feel these anti-o blogs do nothing but play into greasemonkey's games the majority of the time and actually end up supporting him by focusing on the bullshit rather than the facts.

No. 296748


Get your cuck hands off her Greg!

No. 296751


What about eoliveson? At least they're somewhat sane…

I agree with DSSTM, I also hated how he harassed the hell out of Ayalla about how she's gonna give Onioncock's "special favors" just because Billie-bob's doing so and is currently accusing Selena of doing the same way when she's not even involved.

tl:dr: They sure like to point fingers but can't take a look in the mirror or what's in front of them.

No. 296752

Eoliveson's blog has always been 80% comprised of posts given to them by other people through "asks" *submits" and "reblogs" and they barely interject with their subjective opinions at times, so they can't really be faulted too much for their content as the majority of it isn't personally theirs.

DSSCTM on the other hand, is extremely subjective when it comes to their opinions on Grease - and a lot of the time they're not seeing the forest for the trees… Grease seriously isn't as deep as complex as they (unbeknownst to themselves) keep making him out to be and his harassment of Lainey and Billie's friends are just as creepy as Grease's out-of-field mentions of them.

It's especially hard to take him seriously when he does that shit, as well as selectively picking and choosing which one of Grease's many lies are actually the truth (hint: he only seems to believe Grease's statements and gets all up in arms about them when they're especially gross or controversial; regardless of facts or evidence that says otherwise).

No. 296753


Believing in some of Onion's lies is strikingly odd… you think being in the anti-o game for so long would have given you the knowledge to know Onion's deception vs. the reality of it.

There's also the subject of onisiondrama… since they've been spotted here.

No. 296754

With the way DSSCTM talks about it (to an obsessive point at times), it's very obvious he's disgusted by it; impotent rage if you will. He wants to believe that Grease is fucking both Lainey and Billie because it fuels his hatred for him, but he's missing the core points of being a good reporter/investigator which is to always remain objective and not allow your emotions to get the better of you… which is why I can no longer take him seriously these days.

As for Onisiondrama, I'm not too knowledgeable about them - all I know is that they're usually always busy with their own lives and can't keep up with recent events regarding Greaseball, the news updates can mostly be weeks or months apart from when they actually happen.

No. 296756


So he's pretty much another Steve/Someguy827 - whom… well, we already know about him.

Onisiondrama is known to lurk here when they're not on Tumblr, you can tell by their way of writing and how they're "knowledgeable" about the Onion subject. The little know-it-all.

No. 296757

Someguy is an a-log. DSSCTM is just an old guy whose hobby is rambling about Greg.

No. 296758

He's definitely going to end up going the same way as Someguy827 if he doesn't start keeping himself in check… and honestly, that will be another loss as we don't really have many intelligent exposé writers about Gurgles as it is, I usually stick to finding the few good ones in these threads or on Twitter, a lot of them can't be arsed maintaining a blog about him though, he's too much work and the milk can sometimes flood several times in a single day on his "good days"… ain't noone got time for that.

No. 296765