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File: 1535445118549.png (246.87 KB, 1032x575, next week on VICE.png)

No. 568352

Thread Image Credit: >>566002
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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg/Anusion/Anus is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW)/Lame, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.
Last Time:
A patron’s mother replies to Greg’s copy paste message about renewing pledges. Spoiler: she makes him look even more like a racist idiot. >>559847
Sends same copypasta pledge message to another cow, Mariah Mallard.
Lainey makes a few more videos with Sarah >>566008
>>566944 as well as more clickbaity videos about her relationshit with her gay husband.
Greg makes it clear that he still desires a unicorn despite Lame’s discomfort with the idea. >>564843
Greg plans on leaving twitter, again, and doesn’t (as expected). >>561397
He does however start a new channel. >>563950
Greg makes videos about meeting Jeffree Star claiming he called him a faggot countless times >>562553 and therefore sexually harassed him. >>566028
Deleted all his videos on his failed Onichan channel due to “issues he couldn’t avoid.” >>567808
New Chapter of Reaper’s Creek >>567893

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- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere if possible.
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- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
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- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC95SUj5wAVYcgGpF2A4Hm9Q (New Channel)

No. 568353

File: 1535445515687.png (1.49 MB, 1485x994, iM a TeEN MAmh.PNG)

No. 568362

"I look weird today because I'm wearing makeup for once in my life" trying so hard to push this whole demiboy thing but like if you rarely rarely wear makeup then why do you get your fans to send you expensive makeup and why tf do you have BeautyBot? Who tf wants makeup advice from someone who literally only does it in videos and has no practice and no skill

No. 568364


Says she can't relate to people 5-10 years older than her

Best friend is 6 years younger than her


No. 568365

Ikr. Taking Make-up advice from Lamp is like taking sex advice from Grease.
>wearing make-up for once in my life
>for once in my life
>for once
Yeah… Taylor Elaine I-look-like-a-dragqueen-in-every-other-video-because-Im-too-dumb-for-the-simpliest-looks Avaroe really rarely wears Make-up…
What I also hate about her is how everything she gets she throws away after a couple of months.
She wants her teenage fans to buy her expensive stuff, only so she can use it once, complain about it and in another video she's like "yeah I'm getting rid of this because I keep dropping it and everything broke".

No. 568366

File: 1535451168596.png (173.73 KB, 347x463, hmmm.PNG)

Hasn't Sarah been at "college" ever since she's been at the grease trailer?

No. 568371

greg said anyone under like 23 is a dumb kid or something in relating to his old content being considered sketchy

lainey was not older than 23 when he said this (is she even now? idk)

No. 568372

Also her husband is older than her by a lot

jesus christ

No. 568388

Yep. She's a fully fledged bullshitter now she's 100% groomed and shagged.

On another note, I feel like if she wore coloured contacts it would help her look not so dead inside. Those black pupils scream soulless.

>>568364 So she can't relate to her much older husband. No shit.

No. 568390

So she can't relate with her twin flame husband uwu
I wish I could say this is peak cringe from her but I can see her going even cringier.

No. 568405


Swampy ass cunt. You had a mom friend your age until your fucking shitty ass husband got butthurt over some criticism.

No. 568407


The most baffling thing is that Madison didn't even criticize him, she just apologized to her DDLG community because while she enjoyed doing a video with him, she just didn't agree with the portrayal. She didn't say anything about him having to change anything, just that she didn't agree with his opinion.

And Lame tries to pretend he's a completely different person than he comes off as online lol

No. 568411

Lol of course she can’t she can only relate to 18 year old and younger people and that’s only because she was a teen mom! Not because her and her husband are pedophiles or anything

No. 568421

Is that a nosebleed or wtf is happening with her left nostril? Between her crusty panties, food stuck in between her teeth, buggers or blood coming out of her nose, makeup smudged on her clothes and probably countless other examples, this is probably one of the sloppiest and unaware of herself person I've ever seen.
Way to go, Herp Queen. Yaaas Sloppy Daddy.

No. 568434

File: 1535473500576.png (119.94 KB, 320x309, ss_11.png)

@ 2:15 >"People generally just don't want to introduce themselves to me or talk to me at all because they think I'm too young"

lol no Lainey, people reject you because you're a grown mother who idolizes young boys and obsesses over teen girls.

Other moms are creeped out by you because you're a weird in-between transtrender and you act like an immature spaz in public.

Nobody wants you and your family near theirs. Nothing to do with being a teen mom.

No. 568437

File: 1535474804632.png (351.24 KB, 671x610, subscribers_vs_views.PNG)

Each time he starts a new channel we get a good view of what his TRUE fanbase is at the time. Currently he has over 15,000 subscribers on his "New Channel" but if you look at the views for his videos they only get up to 4000 or 5000 views tops. Thats barely 1/3 of his subscribers. And all these people subbed to his channel in the last 12 days. Its not like these people subscribed to his channel 3 years ago and forgot about him and dont check up on his new stuff, they should be getting alerts to any new video because they're such new subscribers, you cant claim theres a glitch. Even if they weren't getting alerts to his new videos, its only been 12 days or less since they subscribed, it should be fresh in their mind and they should be checking up on his channel out of curiosity.

My theory- most of the 15,000 subscribers are fake. Greg bought them to get the ball rolling, the same way a street performer puts a few dollars in his own hat to get people to add more. And even the views are suspicious to me. If you look at some of his other channels that aren't as visible they get low views. Greg doesnt think anyones really watching the numbers on those channels so why buy more views for them to make him look good. He has one channel that when he uploads a new video it will only get 1500 views, and if hes lucky a whopping 2000. On this other channel thats almost dead, when he uploads a video to it, it only gets in the hundreds, 150 to 200, thats fucking sad.

Just like with the failed Onichan channel that he deserted last week, his "New Channel" will probably top out at 50,000 subs because thats all he can afford to buy, and the views for each video will only get around 5,000 and then slowly decline as time passes.

No. 568439

File: 1535475894404.jpg (82.02 KB, 819x473, drivethruprank.jpg)

It looks like Shi manager threatened to sue Greg again.

The video Drive Thru Prank was uploaded to his main Onision channel on August 17, eleven days ago. It stayed up for maybe a week then Greg took it down. Shi is never actually seen in the video (because shes holding the camera) but you hear her voice and its clearly her. Ill bet you anything that her manager contacted Greg and forced him to remove it from his channel, and being the passive aggressive little pussy Greg is, he uploaded it to his Patreon instead. Doesnt Greg realize that moving it from one platform to another doesnt mean he cant get sued? I love that he thinks he can skirt the law by spinning the facts or details. This is the same reason hes in deep shit with the IRS, and why every time hes tried to fight a traffic ticket hes lost. You dont get off scot-free if you feign ignorance of the law.
So whats the count now? How many people are actually suing him or threatening to sue him?

No. 568440


I think what is most sad is that this is supposedly Greg's "true form". This channel is supposed to let him being able to "let loose" and show his true creative talent.

….then look at those videos.

Fuck this guy is so out of touch and he's risking not only his livelihood but that of his wife and children (and mistress?).

Remember when Lainey said she was going to focus on Instagram and make less Youtube videos? Guess that wasn't paying the bills.

Who wants to bet Greg guilted her into continuing to make videos to help support their family, meanwhile, this is what greg is doing to support it… those horrible videos.

Plus, he probably is spending extra time away from Lainey and her family while he re-invents himself and works on this new channel all while screaming "IM WORKING. IM A WORKAHOLIC" as his kids teeth rot out and his wife's face slowly decays.

Sad shit.

No. 568443

File: 1535477283127.png (114.09 KB, 546x396, 96473.PNG)

I saw the same thing. Its not like a booger hanging out or crusty herps, this is blood coming out of her nose, thats really concerning.

I understand her not noticing it during the recording. You usually dont figure out your nose is bleeding until its dripping on your shirt or you feel it dribble to your lips or someone else points it out to you. But why didnt she catch it when she edited the video? Shes staring at herself on the monitor for an hour or two and she didnt see the blood? I know shes always squinting when reading, but are her eyes so bad that she doesnt catch something like this? The same way shes accidentally shown her childrens faces on video and had to go back and blur them out or take the video down, only after her fans pointed it out to her.

No. 568451

Calm down, she probably had a dry nose and the skin inside the nostril cracked.

No. 568452

They're definitely bought. It was going up by about 2000 every day. Greg didn't bother hiding how obvious it was.

No. 568456

I love the "calm down" stan

No. 568462

There's no way that's just dry skin, especially with the close up, that looks like blood.

No. 568467

Tinfoilers like you, speculating over this petty shit is what drags down these threads. It's just her skin in her nose that isn't coated in makeup.

No. 568470

File: 1535483293640.jpg (20.45 KB, 205x219, 9aa873925b89dfe8328aa9c0144c85…)

>It's just her skin in her nose that isn't coated in makeup.
really? take a hint from pedobot and squint a little harder thats not a missed spot of skin its blood

No. 568472

File: 1535483341830.png (490.71 KB, 751x473, 4A32-42D9-4173-8ACF8C28A9.png)

On the day the big LOGAN PAUL VS. KSI fight I saw this comment on one of his videos.
Im sure there's plenty of people other than Keemstar who could be on the card and would love to take a swipe at Shregs giant head.
If we could trick Shreg into thinking he came up with the idea, this boxing match could really happen.

No. 568475

Despite the fact he brags about his Military career Greg is a baby. There's absolutely no way he would fight anyone.

No. 568478


Unless you count kicking your feet at your dad in the car, which he does.

No. 568479

That pic, R.I.P my sides. Memestar would absolutely crush Anus and as much as I'd love to see that, Anon is right >>568475
He's a huge pussay and would never step into the ring.

No. 568480


“They think I’m too young.” Yeah, Foot, maybe back before pre-Billie days, but no one mistakes you for being a young, teen mom anymore. You look like both a 40 year old soccer mom and a sick old man with that receding hairline and bad enamel.

No. 568481

I could see him agreeing to fight Blaire White, or some other female youtuber because he assumes he could win over any female and he'd probably enjoy it.

No. 568482


He thinks he can choke her and call her a faggot like Plainey and she’ll just squeal Daddy over and over.

Sorry, Anus, most women (or just women who are smart enough to stay away from you) have more of a backbone than your nasty wife.

No. 568484


Nah, Anusion is afraid of any woman who’s taller than him.

No. 568486

Blood or not, She wouldn't find it worth reshooting the video or editing differently. She's lazy and she's looked worse in videos so whats the point.

No. 568487


I guess she made this video since her pregnancy and Mom related videos did relatively well, but she always manages to look so uneducated and self absorbed in everything she does.

No. 568489

Shes lazy as fuck and wont take the time to fix little snafus that pop up time to time.
Look at the time she didnt know the SD card wasnt fully seated in her camera. When she realized her mistake does she redo the video? Nope, its a big fuck you to her paying Patrons.
>there will be no beautybot video tomorrow I honestly don't even know how this could have happened.
Her whole youtube career is basically the same senario as when a husband wheedles his wife into anal. She doesnt really want to do it, but she wants to keep her hubby happy.

No. 568490


Laundry doesn’t want to put in any effort in literally anything she does (working, cleaning, being a good friend, being a basic, competent adult). She only does YouTube at anus’s insistence for money and to ge T endless compliments and asspats from her brain dead, cringy fans. She thinks she can get praise and recognizition for doing the bare mininmum. For years.

No. 568498

She dosen't really fit that "teen mom." Stigma she trying to fit. Like she trying to relate to someone who got knocked up by their highschool sweetheart Sophomore year.
When in actually she, got pregnant by her at the time wealthy husband, in a very financially setting.
At least that's the vibe I'm getting.

No. 568501

The funniest thing to me about it is that back when she got pregnant people referred to her as a teen mom and she got fucking triggered and pissed as fuck about it. She went on a huge rant about how she wasn't a teen mom basically just because she was 18/19 and not 16 when she got knocked up. I don't understand why she's trying to change the narrative now lol

No. 568502

Cause back then she was a stupid kid trying to play adult
Now she's a stupid women
Trying to play teen boy.

No. 568514

Lmao I wonder if she's lurking. She just changed the thumbnail for her new teen mom video. Hi Plainey.

No. 568515

I agree with this 100%. She didn't have to work, she went to online school and they where financially set. On top of that the majority of the time she's had friends who doubled as a nanny living with them.

>"Another pro for me and I know this is not the case for everybody. So it is not a reason to have a kid young but for me it made me much closer with my partner. It just made our bond so much stronger."

Perhaps I'm reading too much into it but it comes off as she was using her pregnancy to lock Greg into the relationship. I really get the feeling that Clot was not an unexpected blessing but a tool to keep Greg from running away with Billie.

No. 568519

I missed it, what was the original thumbnail?

No. 568521

I don't have any pictures but it was just her face at first, now it's her face and a picture of her baby bump next to it.

No. 568535

Hate to be that anon who kinda derails, but its very obviously a coldsore under the blur filter she uses. I used to get them in my nose all the time as a kid.

No. 568536

File: 1535496156254.png (607.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180828-184103.png)

Didn't she say, she hasn't had dark brown or normal hair in over two years or some shit

No. 568537

Memory is subjective when it comes to either of the Onions.
If it fits a narrative they are trying to push then its a correct memory and the absolute truth.

No. 568538

File: 1535497015145.png (42.06 KB, 569x377, tweety.PNG)

Had to share this reply to his recent NEW EMO CHARLIE VIDEO!!! tweet.

No. 568556

In a livestream she let it slip that her second pregnancy was intentional. I can't find that video anymore but I remember I watched it either on the blarg or rsn a few months ago. And it was obviously only intentional on her part, since anus response "congratulations, do you want a hug" indicated he didn't want to have that kid

No. 568581

File: 1535507787771.webm (6.71 MB, 640x360, Was it an accident.webm)

Yup, theres a reason that kid was/is called Band-Aid.

Tomato: was it an accident?
Lainey: ehhh

No. 568600

Yeah she desperately wants to be seen as someone who's had a tough life. When will she learn that she can get the sympathy she wants by dumping Greg and telling everyone all the awful shit he's said and done to her?

No. 568618

You really think she'd spill about Greg if they divorced?
Im sure that Greg has a HUGE dossier on her and at the first sign of her leaving him he would hint at what he'd release about her to the public. It would scare her quiet.

No. 568654


Shes said she would never spill any tea about Onion because she hates "haters" more than she could ever hate him, she'd never prove them right.

Hes already talked about her rape, her teacher, her jealousy, her family…hiw much nore can he really have on someone who's barely left his sight aince she was 17?

No. 568659

I see your point, and I do agree.
But if he doesnt have any new shit to sling then he will do what hes done to ex friends, embellish on things and make them seem so much worse and let his fans run with it.

No. 568661


lazy and dirty partner, two-faced transtrender, neglectful and bad parent, wasteful and money hunrgy adult pushing me to bankruptcy.

No. 568663

and Ill bet you anything he will somehow accuse her of physically abusing the kids. and I mean he'll take some incident out of context or spin it to make her sound like Joe Jackson

No. 568717

but her dad is a lawyer …

No. 568730

Their poor kids. That shit is depressing.

No. 568734

grease lessons daily, i guess

No. 568736

File: 1535525027200.png (299.07 KB, 747x493, hello darkness my old friend.P…)

No. 568739

These "the power of makeup" videos were trendy like 2 years ago. Foot is late

No. 568740

My god Lambo… the only difference is that her eyebrow looks even worse with Make-up and she wears not blended eyeshadow.
Her lipstick looks terrible as well.

No. 568742

He's an insurance fraud investigator, but he'd still be more than aware how to screw Greg over in the divorce. That's of course if her parents help in that, I know they would help her out with the children but they might let her deal with a divorce alone since she fucked off to get married alone

No. 568758

I don't think Foot's parent's will give up on her. I mean her fucking mom went to Disney with Foot and Shreg and the kids so that's fucking love. If my child married Shreg I would be probably putting a hot tub over the shallow grave I buried that nasty as ephebophile in.

As for Foot's father he fucking hates Shreg. He wants to fuck him over. Not to mention helping the grandkids also means making sure Foot comes out nicely from the divorce.

No. 568764


Aside from the bad parenting, she makes everything else blatantly obvious lol. Especially the lazy and dirty part.

Not to mention, for the first time, he's with someone who has a lot more fans than he does. It just wouldn't have the same effect.

No. 568771

File: 1535548507814.jpg (296.39 KB, 1920x960, _20180829_151100.JPG)

Latest replies to @onisionprime show that he's shown them an e-mail from someone like he used to on his main Twitter. lol so pathetic that he needs validation from a hand full of low self-esteem fangirls now that there's only haters left on his other profile. I wonder who wrote the e-mail and what it's about.

No. 568784

File: 1535554865242.jpg (Spoiler Image,201 KB, 958x1600, onisionfibber.jpg)

>Also her husband is older than her by a lot

An anon at Kiwifarms has found various documents related to his mortgage/VA loan where his birthdate is listed as 1982, not 1985 as he likes to say. If he IS 36, that's even skeevier.
Spoiler tag as it's a large image. Red arrow shows where his birth year is listed as 1982. Source: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/onision-gregory-james-daniel-jackson-avaroe.4851/page-297

No. 568785


This might be a typo/glitch, as it still shows his age as 33. His military documents list him as being born in 1985.

No. 568788

Meaning he was 29 years old when Foot was 17. Fucking gross.

No. 568790


Stop with the age derailing. Anus will lie about pretty much anything, but not his age. It’d be too easy to catch. Anus only lies about shit he thinks he can get away with. Websites can be wrong, I doubt a military document is.

36 or 32, he’s still disgusting crusty and going on 50. If he were gonna lie about his age, he’d say he’s still in his mid 20s. Sorry, Grease, those days are long, LONG gone.

No. 568834

>muh armcharing
>muh age derailing

I'm losing track of how many of his remaining fans are in this thread at this point. It is a real problem if this guy is closer to 40 than people thought. It also shows the degree of lying he is willing to go to.

No. 568852

And what website is that even from? How do we know it's reliable info? How did this one anon get this super secret info that apparently no one else has found in all this time? To me it just looks like one of those random things anyone could search up, like a Whitepages/Spokeo/Radaris type thing. No one's information is totally correct on those. I mean, it still lists Skye as his current spouse, and considering she's only a year younger than him (as reported several times by he himself), it lists her age incorrectly too. And I don't know what it's supposed to be reporting on in specific, but he changed his last name from Daniel at least six years ago, no?

It's pretty unfair to call people fans of his just for saying some vague screenshot from an unknown website doesn't really mean anything.

No. 568873

Apart from the beginning I liked this video. Lamo is so much more tolerable when she's talking about being a mom. When she shuts the fuck up about her gender and trying to be down with the kids with her stupid 'lit' phrases and talks normally she's less cringey. I don't know why she keeps with the demi bullshit fakeboi crap when she'd make a killing as a mom vlogger.

No. 568891

what's with the sudden decline in reading comprehention in this thread.

>>568790 anon gave good reason why it's bullshit: his military records are more likely to show his real DOB than some random ass website

No. 568954

Government documents including military docs are not immune to error. Humans fill it out. Legally my father was born a day before he actually was so shit like that happens. Shreg has a grandpa's body regardless and his relationship with 16-17 year olds has proven to be inappropriate for a man his age.

No. 568957

I'm not like, an expert on the topic or anything, but I'm pretty sure you need a government-issued ID to present to sign up for the Air Force, and in order to get that ID you need a birth certificate. I'm not willing to believe the hospital, the government, or the military fucked up Gerg's birth date somewhere along the line and he's just been running with it for many years. Nothing about this theory makes sense. Anyway, this whole topic is dumb and I wish he'd do something outlandish to get this board rolling again.

No. 568959

It's so fucked up that Foot intentionally brought another child into an unhappy/unstable marriage just to prevent her husband from leaving her. She's such a selfish cunt. Trot didn't stop him from almost running away with Billie, what made her think another child would make a difference?

No. 568961

If I were to give her any credit at all, I would say maybe she thought the amount of child support he'd have to pay for two very young children vs. just one would be too much for him to risk it? I don't know if I believe she'd put that much thought into his greedy ways though. She probably just thought their bond would be ~so much more strong uwu~ after bringing in another baby for him to love ever so much (read: feel inconvenienced by, perhaps derive joy from controlling at best).

No. 568962

I'm just saying that clerical errors happen. Humans aren't infallible and Shreg is dumb enough to not know how old he is or how to calculate his age. I don't think the poor fucks that's job it is to rope in young impressionable teens so they can become heroes and fight for our country really give a shit about small details either.

Two child support payments and alimony vs one child support payment and alimony. Greedy ass Shreg doesn't want to share his hard earned YouTube money with another lazy ass ex-wife.

No. 568966

she probably figured being heavily pregnant would give her more attention and they wouldnt go off to cuddle and watch anime constantly, in reality it probably made billie much more appealing to gregma

No. 568971

I never realized she puts her foundation on top of her eyebrows until this video. The eyebrow she filled in turned out lighter because it had foundation caked on it to begin with. A truly lost cause, that one.
"For a long time I felt like eyeliner was part of my identity." What a strong identity she's always had! Amazing.
She also says her lips are a rare feature she actually feels good about, which is ironic for…very clear reasons…

No. 568982

lmao I thought the same when she said that about her lips. She barely has any

No. 568983

Hey now, her constant herpes breakout gives her some more lip real estate to work with than she would have otherwise.

No. 569003

I personally don't like her mommy talk videos. In my opinion, she used her children as stepping stones to get what she wanted in life. With T - to get Greg to coddle her and pay more attention to her. With C - to keep Greg from running off with B. Even in her stories she talks about how hard the pregnancy was, how hard it is to be a mom going to school. It's all so hard for such a SMOL bean. It made me role my eyes especially when she was talking about going to school and being a parent; never once did she mention her cousin living with them and basically working as the nanny. I do think she loves her children but she has no limits to who or what she'll use to build up her victim status.

No. 569032

Her sister, anon. But I agree. She didn't struggle at all.

No. 569048


Her cousin, Selena lived with her right after Troy was born. She was their nanny for quite some time.

No. 569050

Didn't she spill some tea on Twitter when cuddle gate happened and she revealed anus basically forced her to date Billie? If he hurts her enough again like he did that time, I'm certain she will spill at least something

No. 569058

Selena is not related to the Onions. She was Foot's bestfriend.

No. 569072

File: 1535601765751.png (243.82 KB, 574x504, old post.png)


No. 569083

i like how she left the bloody scab side the un makeup side

No. 569084

>It shows his birthdate as October 1982 on this document, but since this screenshot was from a few years ago it obviously lists his age as 33, so he'd be turning 36 this October.

Come on anon, it lists Skye as his spouse.

No. 569091


uhm… both of those post sounds like something she could be saying these days. She's still very much a cringey af person????

No. 569093

She acts like it was soooo totally unhealthy to want to lose 10 lbs in 4 weeks, but it's not like she was underweight, it was a reasonable goal, and losing 1-2 lbs a week is considered healthy, so that's not THAT crazy; maybe try 5 weeks, but still. She's always dancing back and forth with what her "issues" were

No. 569104

File: 1535610790388.png (35.68 KB, 558x353, 86352.PNG)

Oh oh, legal issues?

No. 569114

Honestly this is prob the most watchable thing she’s put out in a while. Maybe she will do a sequel in five years about all the stuff she’s doing now.

No. 569117

We need access to this twitter for more milk, but no one is willing to take the bullet kek

No. 569127

the pool is too small anyway, we'd be caught instantly

No. 569129

Come on anon, it could just be a typo or wrong entry on that website?

I mean if we really want to believe that onion is lying about this age then we have to figure out a way to explain why none of his ex-school mates or military mates have never mentioned it? Plus his military documents clearly state that he was born in 1985, you telling me the US gov is also in on this conspiracy?

No. 569141

File: 1535638991259.jpeg (152.37 KB, 735x820, CF94F7A5-E8B9-41C5-AF9F-F344C4…)

What the fuck is Anus’s twitter banner? He’s trying to look like a “so quirky” teen while simultaneously capturing an unflattering photo of his wife. How does anyone look at this and think “omg how hot!”

No. 569148

He looks like a fucked up frog in his twitter picture. I noticed Onision prime is all emo and dark and Onision is light and "youthful".

He's not creative, he's just a pervert always trying to figure out the best way to appeal to young girls.

No. 569149

If I remember correctly there is a spy already.
I have the feeling they are collecting and screenshotting everything on the OnisionPrime twitter and will release it later on in a glorious dump.

No. 569165

When is Greg going to realize that the blond dye job was a shitty idea? He made himself look like the great grandpa of Austin Jones and Brock Turner.

No. 569170

What anon, it's him and his mom! So he appears younger and can draw in more teen poon! kek
(I know it's Lainey, ok…)

No. 569173

I have it on good authority to know greg graduated or at least spent some of his senior year of grad 12 attending Lake Highschool in 2003/2004

No. 569180

Hope so! Anons couldn't figure out a couple of his followers right?
Also, like people were doing before, can't they kind of scam patreon with an empty card for a perk for one month, see his twitter, screenshot it all?

No. 569184

File: 1535654779702.png (333.95 KB, 953x453, top kek.png)

No. 569186


My guess? Shiloh's attorney found out about the drive thru prank being posted on his Patreon

No. 569187

Laney's gay husbands nose job is awful.

No. 569193

How long until he goes on a rant about "druggie criminals" kek

No. 569196


Ordinarily, not long, but I think the potential impending lawsuit from either Shiloh or Shane has him rattled. Though Billie has yet to threaten to sue, if she knew how he’s ass deep in debt and hastily trying to cover his tracks, she might threaten him for mentioning her, too.

My guess is he’ll open his mouth, then quickly delete anything he said out of paranoia.

No. 569197


Or, plot twist, since he definelty lurks (and Sarah, and his discord/prime fags) he’ll say something along the lines of druggie addict criminals blah blah blah my last relationship and keep it up to defy us, oh the terrible haters, as proof that he’s not afraid.

No. 569198


Hey, Grease, if you’re reading, keep on sperging about Billie, it’s a surefire way to prove again and again that you loved her more than you ever did your ugly wife, or your kids for that matter. It’s also a surefire way to keep driving the nail in to Lainey to never get a third party involved ever again. You clearly cannot he happy in a marriage with her unless there’s someone else involved.

No. 569203

So Greasy Anus-ion has officially challenged Shane Dawson to a boxing match (ie. logan paul vs ksi) an hour ago.

new low.

No. 569207

Where? Only bitching about the logan trend on his twitter.

No. 569209


OnisionSpeaks channel. Revived it once again because he knew no one would see it on his shitty new channel.

No. 569210

Jessus fucking christ. Shane is making kickass documentaries, having a fun life vlogging with his friends, while this has-been keeps doing the same shit and keeps on reaching new lows.

No. 569211

Hahaha, no shit. Well here's solid proof he lurks, just look @ this >>568472 his fragile ego must have so hurt from everyone saying he wouldn't fight anyone because he's such a pussy(wish he is by the by)so he's he's proving all the haturs wrong by challenging Shane….Shane isn't going to acknowledge this has-been.

No. 569212

He's not famous anymore, or even infamous. Fame is fleeting, and he's not done anything to warrant any attention or views as of late, and his channels have stagnated.

Just toss the ole wife and kids out of the picture, and Onision can have his former levels of glory (and money), but them being around is quite the joysuck. The allure of having a star be single is preferable, for being "available" to the fans is a huge driving force in cultivating a fanbase. By being married and having kids, he's turning off scores of potential new fans. Kids don't wanna fantasize about a creepy married dude whose wife's nouth always looks like a cooked peperroni pizza.

If only Greg had smartly chosen to divorce when Lainey left him, he could have ran the dicorce train hard in videos, and garnered much sympathy from his female fanbase.

Too bad Lainey and the kids are bringing him down.

No. 569213

Yes, please, that would be amazing. It's a win-win for Shane no matter what the outcome of that match is. If Shane wins, that means Greg got the crap beat out of him like he deserves. If Shane loses, Greg will be mercilessly attacked by Shane's stans. His whole history would bring in new loads of people to hate him and throw his history in his face, which would make him sperg out.

The only downside is that Greg would gain more views on his videos for a little while, unless those same people just turn on adblock.

No. 569215

"I had a boxing match with Seth Logan Paul :(" New vid– so fast to jump on the trend.. wheres the video about the kids that died tho?

No. 569221

>Too bad Lainey and the kids are bringing him down.
You forgot the main person. Himself.

No. 569223

Can Greasy just find a hole for his greasy self to melt himself into something useful like a candle in? Shane would do best to ignore him. Or, I hate to even think about it. But if he agreed to do a series on Lainey when she breaks it off for him. Well…Call it part 5 would be “meet the kids onions ashamed of” and her come out as a mummy blogger.

No. 569228

File: 1535665950657.png (563.17 KB, 461x603, Untitled.png)

Shreg's transition into a 50 year old pregnant woman is coming along nicely.

No. 569234

Shane would tower over Onion boy I reckon he'd beat him hands down. I doubt he will but it would be funny as fuck to see wimpy Onion fight

No. 569235

All shane would have to do is sit on on him and he would break like a twigglet

No. 569236

This, Shane is a big 'ol teddy bear and Anus is just a out of shape manlet.

No. 569251

I would to see Shane kick his "military" trained ass.
Cause unlike him I'm pretty sure Shane workout

No. 569260

I don't think that will work. I'm pretty sure it was a huge issue so now Patreon processes any pledges right away.

No. 569263

Grease has a pot belly, he's not a twig.

No. 569266

File: 1535674819160.jpg (19.58 KB, 430x320, 6f4f09d7b6ec2bbf-c.jpg)

Gregs body is an example of the phrase "skinny fat"

No. 569286

I almost feel like Shane did threaten to sure Greasy which is why he moved his channel/deleted a bunch. And this is him trying to get some sort of reaction out of him? Or maybe he wants Shane to be the one to bring up the lawsuit first so he can try to use it against Shane? Somethings up.

Or it could just be run-of-the-mill desperation and obsession. I mean, it is Greg.

No. 569288

She's proud of living with Shreg for 3 months befote getting married?

No. 569306

He legit has b-cup tits…

No. 569313

Lmao his entire body looks like it's made out of pure flab and have zero muscle definition. It's hilarious he thinks his shape is good enough to challenge someone to a fight, let alone win it. Anus demostrates once again he's a delusional narcissist

No. 569322

File: 1535684041478.png (250.84 KB, 665x510, 43333553.PNG)

Am I the only one who is surprised that he didnt do the KSI parody in blackface?

No. 569359

Things would really come full circle for her, considering she found Shreg through her original obsession Shane, kek.
I hate to say it but it's an intriguing idea. Luckily for the world, I think Shane knows better than to touch either of those dumpster fires with a thirty nine and a half foot pole.

No. 569360

At this point shes shown that shes as much of garbage human being as he is. They both deserve each other. Its best that they stay married. If they divorced and got back into the dating pool, Id feel sorry for the two people they would get with and fuck up.

No. 569369

Well, there you go. Unless he was held back for 2-3 years (which actually is plausible now that I think about it lol) then him being born in 1985 lines up. Sao can we stop the tinfoil that this aging piece of cheese is 3 years older?

No. 569399

File: 1535710047604.jpg (223.64 KB, 1077x1509, _20180831_120304.JPG)

He's been sperging all night on his redpotato666 sockpuppet account arguing with haters. There's no way this isn't him. Why would anyone else bother defending every detail.
It's way too much to screenshot but you can find them under tweets & replies.
If he wasn't such a garbage human I'd feel so sorry for him that he's so obsessed with his haters and has no one left who defends him.

No. 569408

"I've never had any problems" really Shreg? Your hair looks like you bathed in olive oil and your red skin screams agony. Please actually learn about basic hygiene and how scalding hot water and soap multiple times a day is the absolute worse thing you can do for your hair and skin.

You're disgusting no matter how many showers you take.

No. 569414

File: 1535716943773.png (96.22 KB, 543x1104, poll.png)

It looks like he's going to start upload to speaks again.

No. 569419

Why is he talking like it's been years since he's done those kinds of videos?

No. 569423


They call him Grease for a reason

No. 569430


Why is he … typing like this this … trying to sound … deep?

No. 569432

They deserve each other. I did have some hope for Lainey because she's been heavily molded into what her husband (kind of) wants her to be. Then again, I'm glad she's tying him down and puts her foot down when it comes to threesomes. That way he won't be able to billiefy another girl. Thanks Lainey.

Where's the option that it's a bad choice?! That's not a poll, that's just a way to coerce his patrons to agree with him. I mean… wtf? How can 39 people be fooled by this?

No. 569434

His polls are always so manipulative it's hilarious to think patrons don't pick up on how obvious his coersion is. Holy hell he's not subtle

Yes, Greg, please do speaks. Incriminate yourself with your spergs and trigger a lawsuit.

No. 569437

Yeah, you can easily tell that he doesn't care what they truly think by there being no decline/no option, only yes men ones.

No. 569449

Lol what a moron. He already had uploaded a new video to GreaseSpeaks why make another Speaks channel? We already know his promises to not upload new content to his OG channels is bullshit, does he really think anyone's buying this?

No. 569455

His Character bullshit is so annoying.
Sure people will be so interested in your old ass speaks videos from 2010 when you still had long hair cause people totally haven't seen that. Even his newer fans could just go back on his channels and look for old content they don't know yet (what every YouTube user does and what I did when I used to watch him) but he thinks he's so clever by deleting them and reuploading cause that makes them rare and exclusive lmao. It just screams lazy. There where times when he at least used to produce one video a day for any of his channels, even then everyone said quality > quantity but at least he pushed out new content even if it was half-assed. Now he just completely lost his "passion" and only does the bare minimum, trying to cover it up with reuploads.

No. 569456

It's really funny to me that his only defense for why the sock-puppets aren't him is that he doesn't have the time in his day to sit around scree-ing at people using one, but all we ever hear from Foot is that he sits on his phone ignoring her all day. What else would he be doing? Certainly not texting any friends, reading anything thought-provoking, researching things for videos, or watching skill-developing content (though I'm sure some of this time is spent hate-stalking people like Shane, Jaclyn, Billie etc.) You seem to have plenty of time in your day according to your own wife, you idiot.

No. 569459

yup, also, if they aren't him, why does he never acknowledge them? I mean they are putting a lot of effort into defending him, if they were real fans he would at some point mention them. He mentions all his long-term patrons at some point, be it in tweets/replies, in streams etc. If he'd think they were trolls he would try to fight them or at least jokingly talk about them.
His die-hard fans also interact with each other in discord or on Twitter but the sockpuppets don't do that, they only react to (alleged) hate comments. The only conclusion is that it's him because he needs a place to vent.
I guess hanging on twitter fighting with haters under a false name and tweeting pseudo deep shit is better than spending time with Lameo and the kids.
There were some trolls who imitated the original hiimasociopath, but this new account is 100 % the same person. When he replies to people he doesn't even try to hide the fact that it's Greg, the respones are exactly like he's talking about himself only in third person.

No. 569461

It's a pity.
He sits there, on Mount Stupid, and yells his badly researched and uneducated opinion out into the world, hoping for approval, fame and money. And the few people who truly admire him fail to realize that the fairytale castle, he keeps picturing himself in, is indeed a cheap, makeshift cardboard box that barely holds together thanks to duct tape.
But at least he has a herp-ridden horse.

No. 569462

I could be thinking too much into this, but I think most people who felt endeared to him in any way became so because of those very vulnerable, weird, emo speaks videos circa 2010-2011. Shiloh, Adrienne, and Lainey all fell for him and his emotionally open, brooding, troubled persona during that time, because of the whole "I'm the only one who understands/appreciates him, I want to save him" mentality those videos gave them. Maybe he finally realizes he's not appealing to that audience of naive girls who buy into that crap by wearing diapers, screaming to bad techno music, and yelling about people he hates from 12 years ago (or whatever the shit he does nowadays), and he's trying to get that specific appeal back. Whether it be for viewership only purposes, or seedy trinity purposes – I'm kinda leaning towards the latter myself.

No. 569484

His definition of character is so repulsive repugnant. This is a grown ass man in his 30s acting like a teenage edge lord. He’s not the poetic genius he thinks he is.

No. 569487

"It's complicated" Doesn't even have the vocabulary to articulate his beliefs. How is he so fucking terrible?

He can't handle any negative answers or any negative answers that don't insult the person with the negative opinion.

No. 569500

I can't even anymore… Even with Grease's flabby B cups, this here milk is drying up.

It's like every week his Next Great Idea is yet another Patreon post with self-validating poll about some minor change to his channel/tiers. That's the best he can do after stewing all day in his "home office," not looking after his 2 children?

No. 569501

File: 1535752005244.png (59.5 KB, 714x505, Screenshot(41).png)

1 new channel wasn't enough I guess

No. 569504

So…many…ellipses…cause i'm trailing off…my sentences…to sound deep….

No. 569506

26th times a charm, these channels will surely be successful.

No. 569507

>back to being me, only with the name "Character"

Cool, I hope Sh's lawyers get this post. You deluded faggot.

No. 569514

File: 1535756213626.jpg (200.21 KB, 1060x459, Gregs Channels.jpg)

So now he has a grand total of 10 channels. Most of which get no new uploads, or barely get any views.
Making new channels over and over again and expecting different results.
Isn't that the definition of insanity?

No. 569516

How sad.

Youtubers might have 2 channels.

Greg is just afraid of failure, and has an overinflated sense of self.

Delusions of Grandeur

To Greg, in his head, these subscriber numbers are all added up. As in, 2mill plus two mill plus 1.5 mill etc. equals some big number.

Truth? Greg has only 39 people who care enough to click a button. >>569414

And you know that half of that are Shreggys fake fan patreons.

No. 569517

File: 1535757604386.png (28.89 KB, 301x212, 8677.PNG)

Greg has only 39 people who care enough to click a button

and barely 10 fans willing to be part of Gregs level 4 on Patreon

No. 569521

File: 1535760727094.png (208.66 KB, 999x458, 2012 facebook.png)

She was so in love with him and moved in with Greg on August 1st.

How long did it take for it to go to shit? Looks like 5 weeks.

Dont most new relationships have longer "honeymoon phases"? I guess it happened so soon because they were in the same house and she got to see how Greg was 24/7.

No. 569524

He will never use a photo taken after 2009, huh?

No. 569550

File: 1535770144232.jpg (20.66 KB, 288x288, photo.jpg)

This photo for his Encore channel cracks me up.
Not only is it years old, but the filter he used is bonkers.

No. 569554

The honeymoon phase was when they fucked on the hotel desk.

No. 569556

File: 1535771672839.png (277.55 KB, 537x418, Same Old Shit.PNG)

He must of been chopping at the bit to make this video. Was this the reason he wanted to start this new Speaks channel.

Basically its 6 minutes of him telling his 12 year old fans
>all men are rapists (except me)
>the penis is a sword just waiting to rape and kill you

This really reminds me of the televangelist preaching from his lofty pulpit, railing against the evils of homosexuality and pedophilia, but years later its revealed that he was sucking off twinks in gaybar bathrooms and was diddling his own kids.

No. 569561

Mirror for anyone interested.

A Message For All Women - https://hooktube.com/watch?v=Bz_lL-0Vxdw&feature=youtu.be

No. 569570

This is so funny. Imagine being a fan of someone you have to follow ten different channels and at least one twitter that upload wildly to even vaguely keep up with. He's so exhausting.

No. 569578

lol no Shreg. Most men are not rapists. You live inside your bubble that you crafted yourself. Shreg crafted a community of misfits where broken people can come to feel like they belong. They listen to Papa Shreg's soothing voice tell them they are beautiful and worthy when all the people in their life have said just the opposite. And then he inspires them to stand up themselves and shouts "fluck the haters" (I actually cringed from typing that, I need an adult.), but he makes sure that they know that Onion is the only true person that feels this way in their life. He also has a knack of picking out partners from his fanbase with history of sexual, dating, or domestic abuse and/or violence. Your tiny isolated world, Shreg, is not a representation of the real world. Just because you surround yourself with vulnerable teens does not mean that all men but you rape. You surround yourself with vulnerable teens, so you that can manipulate and profit off of, which makes you, Shreg, a creep.

Then he has all this misguided hatred towards his father, that he also directs towards every other male of the human race. You can see it in the way he talks about Foot's father who had done nothing out of line, but help his daughter out of her collapsing marriage when her husband was found to be fucking then teen help they flew in. There were definitely animosities before, but this really triggered it. The way he talks about other men makes him come off as a complete incel with their other men = chads me = intellect logic.

"If you haven't been raped you're lucky, but just wait in the future the crazy penis maniac men will come after you vagina wielder, not me though, I'm an intellect." -ShregSpeaks 2018 basically.

No. 569579

File: 1535781738588.png (565.32 KB, 905x482, zmbdkjsbzjf.PNG)

No. 569580

0:21 "I want to warn you guys, about men. A lot of them are rapists, a lot of them are molesters, a lot of them sexually fantasize about 𝐁𝐀𝐁𝐈𝐄𝐒, 𝐓𝐎𝐃𝐃𝐋𝐄𝐑𝐒, etc." What the absolute fuck Anus? Most men DO NOT think like this, only mentally ill ones such as yourself. Also, the only reason he even made this is because of the recent Louis ck controversy. Desperate for views as always.

No. 569581

Trot will have a hard time growing with Grease, he gets so defensive with anyone with a dick. If he ever collabs with a male, he has to have some record of sexual abuse or a misconduction or just be a "beta" male.
Either Trot will grow up castrate by Greg or he will become aggressive towards him to see who is the "man" of the house.

No. 569582

Foot, please. With those bright ass lights, purchase and use a lip scrub and a lip tint. You look like a late stage aids patient in a Justin Bieber wig.

No. 569583

>feminists are stupid and overreacting to think that any men are a danger to them, but also women are too stupid to understand how much we really do want to hurt them. we don't hate you silly women! you should just be very VERY afraid of us!

No. 569584

She needs to stop acting like Sarah being there wasn't one of the main reasons she quit. She can't leave her alone with Onion and she hated how much compliments sarah got.

No. 569585

Lmao is all like "be careful men will try to violate you" when he forced himself on A and "it's horrible when people know you've been violated, they judge you" when he blasted B's confidence of rape (molestation?) to the world.

Hypocrite of the century.

No. 569587

>or he will become aggressive towards him to see who is the "man" of the house

Hes barely 5 years old and already hits/punches Greg when angry. Once hes a teen and is able to take Greg on physically I can see Lainey calling the police on a weekly basis because Trots punching Greg in his fat head, and Gregs laying on the ground kicking at Trot like a little girl.

No. 569591

Maybe the Onion kids will help pay for their psychiatrist's new summer house.

No. 569608

Hey anon, hooktube no longer works that way anymore. They changed the script or something, but using hooktube will still give Greg his clicks and views. That's why other anon uploads to a google drive. Fyi

No. 569609

File: 1535799103916.jpg (373.84 KB, 980x1649, She aint this popular.jpg)

>>She needs to stop acting like Sarah being there wasn't one of the main reasons she quit.

Curiously enough, if you check laineybot's socialblade subscriber numbers, it appears that her gay hubbo still buys subscribers for her. Too many subs every day, i know you ain't getting 500 subs in a day, your TOO BORING for the numbers you pulling in, hon.

Since Lainey refuses to stream while Sarah is there (watching greg like a hawk), Greg still, he STILL has to feel that he's making money off her somehow.

Makes sense that he would at least pump up her numbers. Because nobody is tuning in to THAT mess.

No. 569611

The anon reuploaded his video on their channel lol.

No. 569615

Lainey just doesn't want to accept that she was a rebound. She was just there at that time when Greg needed someone - but she never was his picture perfect alt girl.

No. 569616


Nah, I'm pretty sure he was trying to throw a subtle dig at Shane in there.

No. 569621

I think those posts were just early relationship tensions, and I think Foot was less of a rebound and more revenge and to show he was SO ABOVE A and Sh lmao.

Hell, I imagine the marriage was still relatively decent even through the first pregnancy. Why was it doomed from the beginning, though? Because she had a <3 year shelf life. She aged out of what he was attracted to and then coupled with the agender bullshit made her completely unattractive to Grease. “We put up with Billie cause she was really attractive!” I mean no Anus, she’s a pretty girl but not the kind of hot that a man ruins his life for. She was 18 and that’s what you liked more than anything you creepy, creepy fuck.

TL;DR his marriage was at least decent till Foot turned 20.

No. 569626

Their marriage was never good. Neither of them are mature enough for relationships, even after 6 years.

No. 569627

All of this.
He does have an incel attitude to other men

No. 569628

I reupload to my channel but use hooktube because Greg isn't smart enough to get back to my original reupload on youtube.

No. 569629

I know right?
All I could think of was the curb your enthusiasm music.
He's seriously projecting in this video.

No. 569639

Their marriage is shit but they’re actually made for one another. They’re both such terrible people who enable the shit out of each other. No one else can stand being around them separately or together. if they were apart, they’d just end up back together because no one else would tolerate their shit

No. 569640

>>569616 i have similar thoughts. the entire video feels like one giant middle finger pointed at Shane. he can still accuse Shane of pedophilia without actually saying his name.

No. 569664


“afab” wow so woke, excluding trans women. eyeroll. lame, where’s your trans activism when grum does shit like that constantly?

No. 569665

I thought the same thing.
He says something like "basically if you have a vagina you're in danger" but transwomen are at the same risk to be attacked, beaten and raped as AFAB women. I would even say they are more at risk. Since rape is more about control and anger, not just sexual release, there are men who hate transwomen and what better a way to degrade them then to beat and rape them. Or the instances where a man flirts with a trans woman, finds out shes TS and feels tricked or his heterosexuality is in question so he beats her, or rapes her.

No. 569666

i love when transactivists shoot themselves in the foot like this. women (AFAB) is just saying female.

No. 569667

in what context? in what countries? male transwomen prostitutes certainly face a lot of violence but your average modern transwoman in a first world country isn't at anything close to the risk of violence as women in general.

No. 569668

I wonder if deep down in Gregs heart hes of the mindset that all male to female transsexuals are just creepy dudes who want to sneak into womens bathrooms and changing rooms and jerk off to them. And thats why he truly feels that afab women are the only ones truly in danger.

No. 569669

lmao no. this is only ever the case in a few situations usually if the mtf doesn't disclose the fact that they're trans when trying to engage in sexual relations with a man.

women are subject to violence more often and for the simple reason of being a woman.

mtfs generally provoke violence on themselves or are targets of toxic masculinity, which has nothing to do with them being "a woman".

No. 569670

that would certainly be one thing he thought correctly.

No. 569672

>this is only ever the case in a few situations usually if the mtf doesn't disclose the fact that they're trans when trying to engage in sexual relations with a man
Not so, I've been privy to plenty of stories of a man flirting with a transwoman (no sex) and when he realizes shes trans over conversation, or she tells him, the guy gets pissed and feels tricked or that he must be gay because he was attracted to "a man in a dress" and it either a verbal assault or sometimes physical violence.

No. 569676

i said usually, and again, that's toxic masculinity, not the same thing that affects women.

No. 569677

no one said anything about the sheer number, it's the percentage. the percentage is not higher for trans people of any kind.

No. 569684

are you retarded? women are never targeted for violence simply because they're women? most violence against women is because they're women, not because they happen to be convenient, you lackwit sjw nutjob.

No. 569687

Why is the thread full of troons and libfems?

Fucking shreg finally has a fairly sound opinion and the thread is crawling with sjws trying to protect their poor widdle twannies!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 569690

I haven't heard about any drama on greg's discord lately. No caps recently either. Is there just nothing going on or did everyone who posted caps here eventually get banned?

No. 569691

Stop derailing about abuse towards women. Take that conversation to /ot/.

No. 569693

no a mtf is attacked and raped because men can't deal with other men not being "manly" and they don't want people without vaginas to trick them into sex because that's gay.

it has nothing to do with mtfs looking like or seeming like women, and everything to do with men being insecure shits about their masculinity.

No. 569694

No one cares.

No. 569697

Obviously the fucking idiots arguing over it care.

This shit isn't the point anyway, the point is that Onion is pushing that crazy sensationalist "1 in 4 women will be raped this afternoon" tier fear mongering garbage

No. 569699

The only thing that they should fear is that he has nicer tits than his wife.

No. 569700

He's going to need to invest in a bra soon! Seriously though, maybe he's going through some kind of metamorphosis so that he's not technically in a gay relationship.

No. 569703

Greggy becoming a mtf, Lainey becoming a teen boy.. It feels like a crossover episode.

No. 569707

damn some of you guys are hella dramatic. the reason him making the point to include (afab) in the title is relevant is because he and his special snowflake wife try to appear to be trans supporting, nothing more or less. maybe consider not getting so heated about gag so often if it’s going to affect your ability to think straight

afab means assigned female at birth, meaning him including that in his title is excluding trans women in his spurging about how men are soOoOo violent and awful

No. 569714

Lame makes no sense. She doesn't want to stream on YT (where she would get the most viewers and could block people who were trolling, since she needs a safe space) because she doesnt make to clog her channel.. just delete the streams afterwards. So she just limits herself even more behind a private paywall.

No. 569715

File: 1535833934797.png (1.4 MB, 1167x889, surejan.png)

much demiboy, so masc-presenting

No. 569717

“muh dysphasia, i’ve ALWAYS hated my boobies and hips and wearing dresses”

your instagram feed before the trans trending started says otherwise

No. 569720

File: 1535835744387.jpeg (84.31 KB, 595x532, 2ADDD760-F931-4234-A475-1AC4D1…)

she should transition into a goblin instead.

No. 569726

Holy shit. Nightmare fuel

No. 569730

Yeah, Greg is just an incel who somehow trapped women along the way. I'm sure he fits in one of those other dumbass mens groups. Or I guess just call him a male feminist, since all who shout about being one end up being creeps.

No. 569747

"If I see a hate comment it just ruins my entire day."
Hey Plainey, maybe YouTube isn't fucking for you if just being able to see one hate comment makes you cry all day.

No. 569759

All I can look at the entire video are her fucked up enamel that looks like invisible braces, dry lips and the bruises on her neck. How is she such a mess and what does Anus do to her. Her whole appearance has become so bad that it's irritating. Trot is at an age where he starts asking what strange marks are on her body, how can she walk around like that?

Also kek at her statement about Twitch
>I'd feel weird just sitting there and talking
Yes, you're too lazy to do Twitch. I get the feeling moving streams to patreon is another attempt to gain more patrons and that it was Anus' idea.

On YouTube would be even more trolls than on younow. I wouldn't stream there either if I was her.

No. 569772

File: 1535846535170.webm (873.42 KB, 320x180, hes character now.webm)

In the swan song vid for his Onision Speaks channel where he tells everyone to go subscribe to his NEW & IMPROVED Speaks channel, he finally tells the truth as to why hes abandoning his old channels and making new ones, and why hes now calling himself "Character"

No. 569773

He’s such a ugly bastard

No. 569776

If anyone needs to bind their breasts in that household, it's Grugly. I vomit at the thought of him getting even flabbier and almost equaling Lame's tit size.

No. 569777

File: 1535847579109.png (634.74 KB, 756x464, dsfsdg.PNG)

No. 569780

god, he really is stupid, isn't he?

No. 569781

File: 1535848207436.png (628.56 KB, 983x551, 4234510.PNG)

LOL! He used a photo from when Taylor was skinwalking Billie, not any recent photos where shes attempting to look like an ugly teen boy whos battling colon cancer.

Well I guess we know which version of Laineybot Greg thinks is attractive. You better get your ass to Sallys Beauty and buy some more blue hair dye TayTay.

No. 569782

Why he sound like he gotta get drunk af to be kind to Lameybutt, tho

No. 569784

She actually looks semi-attractive in the middle photo with the blonde bob, it's a shame

No. 569794

Why does he try so hard (with words only) to convince us hes the most honest YouTuber around, and that his marriage is great and his love for Laineybot is never ending?
But anytime we see video of them together hes insulting her, laughing at her, ducking and weaving any kind of kiss or hug from her, and eventually trying to get up and leave the video as soon as possible.

No. 569797

I wonder if he fucked up and had to go for lovebombing again. The whole video seems so forced. Also he's using a greenish/blueish filter like in the emo boy days and at the same time he tries to say he doesn't want that time back. Like as if not everything he's been doing the past months or even years was to cling to the more successful times.

No. 569803

Hoboy lovebomb video.
The fuck did he do with Sara?
He looks so miserable as he says he's so tremendously happy.
Maybe if he says it enough times hell believe it.

No. 569809

Do you think he is going to keep the "Character" name from now on? I can understand the reasoning if hes trying to distance himself from the "Onision persona" and all the drama and pedophilia accusations that come with it.
When you Google "Onision" the results are pretty damning. Im wondering if hes going to continue to use "Character" because its so ubiquitous and any searches will bring up Webster definitions and random articles that have the word "character" in them.

No. 569811

Unlikely. He goes back on everything he says and does in a matter of weeks.

No. 569812

File: 1535851953790.png (159.7 KB, 436x354, metoo.PNG)

hmmm, look what video title got changed in the last couple of hours.
Wonder what caused that?

No. 569813

You guys remember when he continuously sperged out about telling people to unsub from him if they didn't like him, even made a whole music video about it? And then people did unsubscribe. And now he's trying anything he can think of (except changing his content) desperate to try and revitalize his dying channels and get people to come back. lol good times, good times. It really is a thing of beauty.

No. 569824

File: 1535853785328.jpg (138.1 KB, 678x628, _new_channel_.jpg)

He says in his Are You Coming video that the real reason for him dumping all his old channels is
>the reason that I'm leaving this channel, one of the biggest reasons is because I don't want to have millions of subscribers that aren't even around anymore I want to have real subscribers

Real subscribers who dont watch your videos? You have over 16,000 subscribers on your new Character channel and your videos dont even get half of that 16K. Why are these "real subscribers" subbing then never watching your vids? Could it be that they arent real? If they were real fans Id expect them to watch your videos twice, and each new vid you put out would be getting 30K plus views.

No. 569832

He spent half the video talking about himself and pretty much admitted the only reason he spends time with Lainey and the kids is because his channels are dying.

No. 569889

ROFL I know. He sounded so miserable too. The defeat of how he's only spending time with her because he's not excited about videos anymore. As if the amount of time spent with a partner is dependant on how miserable he is with work.

3/4s of those views are probably hate watchers.

No. 569890

Do 7k views even get any money?

No. 569892

Is there ANY video where he talks about his channel where he doesn't mention the banana song? holy fuck dude, move on. it was terrible and cringey now and it is still terrible and crinegy, it's just that your audience realise it now.

No. 569913

>all videos under 5 minutes


No. 569914

if theres some specific time point can webm anon snip it

i cant stand watching this retard outside those anymore

No. 569917

Yea triangle eyebrows are like sooo attractive. Anon, get your eyesight checked.

>>569777 I refuse to watch his videos these last few months, but I gave this one a go because I thought he might slag off Lame. Nope, he talked about himself 90% in a soft, saint-like tone, then love bombed Lame. He's still unbearable.

>>569812 Probably because it looks like he's saying he's been raped too which will get views.

>>569890 You can monetize your videos after 10/12k subs but 7k views a video will be small pennies.

>>569892 I never even witnessed it when it was infamous and according the Greg went viral. So I never saw any hype at all, just an aging idiot always mentioning it like it rocked the world. When i finally watched it I was surprised it even got ten views. Sometimes I despair at the internet kek.

No. 569926

File: 1535873545709.webm (2.01 MB, 640x360, so much happier.webm)

You can go to the reupload kind anon made for us and just skip to 00:47 >>569777 thats when he talks about spending more time with his family because his career is dead, and then just click out when his voice starts to grate on your nerves.

I do love this part of him talking about spending more time with his wife.
His own body betrays him and he cant control his facial reaction. He says "Im so much happier" but its like a pained expression with a question mark inflection in his voice.
Its like when someone is saying yes, but shaking their head no, its a dead give away they arent telling the truth.

No. 569940

His banana video got big because Grug, for once in his life, kept up with the latest, at the time, trends and he wasn't then known as a greasy perverted try-hard cockroach as he is now. He really fucked up with his thirst for cheap drama and 5 seconds of attention.
>inb4 he makes another video how Jeffree Star molested/raped him

No. 569941

She's not only lazy but she's also boring. Same goes for Greg. They are both not made for live streaming and would be a nightmare to watch on twitch. Greg might do okay with a gaming channel but he'd soon get irritated with the chat.

No. 569950

Honestly, Shreg actually could use his shit fucking personality for entertainment purposes. If he became known for like freaking out when people poke at him he could actually get a following of people who are entertained just by annoying the shit out of him and then watching him sperg the fuck out.

No. 569951

Who gives a fuck? Wow you're spending every other day with your family, is that why you and Lainey look and act so fucking miserable? I'm sure your space prince loves putting up with another toddler who whines and cries when things don't go his way. And whats this bullshit about not living in the past? That's all you do! You talk about the same boring ass stories you did 8 years ago, rehash the same dumb ass skits with the same dumb ass characters. You bring up banana song like it's this work of art that will always be understood and respected when nobody even knows what you're talking about anymore.

No. 569952

Nope, remember he's "character" now. Everything he says doesn't necessarily have to be his real opinion. lol

No. 569953

The whole Character thing is so stupid from a marketing perspective. Who identifies with someone with that name? He is so out of touch to think that kids want to follow some hollow af character cause that implies he's not a real person -> not relatable. It also contradicts his whole most honest Youtuber shit and is really damaging cause all people who still like him do that because they think he's honest. So what should they think now. He's always going for the worst possible steps.

No. 569976


He sounds drunk. Please tell me he doesn't ACTUALLY believe that defense would work?

No. 569981

So glad I'm not the only one though thought that, he does sound drunk or in some other way inebriated with being so sluggish and slurring. Can personality disorder flair ups, tiredness or acting be the cause? or is it a case of it being something more? Because to me something's more off than normal. Didn't peg him as being one who'd actually drink or use drugs?

No. 569988

File: 1535905605737.png (775.39 KB, 1305x779, Untitled.png)

New video by Shreg. He talks about how totally not racist he is because he voted for Obama and a bunch of other bullshit. He ends the video with the statement:
"All races have the opportunity to be attractive except for indigenous people."

Trying to prove you are not racist by being racist… GG Shreg. So all indigenous people are ugly according to him.

No. 569990

I would pay to see him try to defend himself in court with this whole charter bs.

No. 569995

Pretty sure he's intentionally trying to sound drunk so that the statement should not be taken serious

No. 570002

Megan Fox is a Native American. Wtf is wrong with that complete moron? Wow.

No. 570009

Is Greggles still butthurt that he didn't inherit some Native American DNA? (As seen in the 23andme video he did with Lame.) LOL the salt

No. 570018

why does he equate beauty with value? really makes ya think

No. 570019

I could see him getting views if he became like WingsOfRedemption or DarksydePhil. They were/are gamers who were once popular for good game play but eventually just became parodies of themselves and the only people watching them are haters and trolls.

No. 570020

File: 1535913206521.jpeg (234.75 KB, 750x727, FCA3CC88-F81D-4444-B765-48F95F…)

His fake support for Black people is so annoying. He’s made so many videos shit talking black hair and often makes anti-black comments torwards the only active black patron of his in livestreams. I don’t understand how people don’t see him for the racist POS he is.

No. 570021

I forget the actual quote but the jist of it was that the only reason they kept bring Billie back was because she was beautiful, if she had been plain (like Taylor) he would of said fuck that bitch.

No. 570030

He actually said that. During cuddlegate he said if Billie looked like Ayalla they would not have kept up with her.

No. 570043

He said, "We only out up with her because she is really good looking".

He also said about Ayalla that she had disgusting big bags under her eyes and that when Ayalla would talk about men doing her from behind, he felt physically sick because she's so gross.

He's an absolute shit stain on humanity and I wish a piano would drop on his cartoon sized head.

No. 570044

I wish I could save that black patron, but it looks like she don't wanna be saved. How old is that girl anyway? is there hope?

No. 570059

Yet he white knighted for Ayalla during his SR spergs. He made Ayalla so upset she had to make a video crying with a cease and desist because of his vendetta for her best friend. Yeah Grugly you sure showed everybody how progressive and caring towards women you are, SR and every other white emo douchebag sure could learn a thing or two from your treatment of the opposite sex.

No. 570060

File: 1535917742827.png (38.04 KB, 599x262, blm2.png)

Also he doesn't give a shit about blm.

No. 570062

Because he's a shallow narcissistic piece of shit, he sees women (or people in general for that matter) as objects and not real human beings. What I don't understand is the majority of girls he dated are average at best, I wonder what he considers "attractive"

No. 570066

Girls he can brainwash and manipulate until he gets bored of them. When he gets bored he stirs up drama to keep his interest in the relationship. That's why his brief fling with A was a complete shit show because she knew he was a psycho who had to be in complete control and would get upset over the dumbest shit just so he felt like he had some power over her. He has done this with every relationship, but unfortunately all the other girls were in their teens and fell for his bullshit hard and fast. It doesnt matter who he is with: he could have a gorgeous woman with a heart of gold, all the patience in the world and who shares all his backwards world views and he would still get bored and pick them a part for no reason. You're a misogynistic, racist, narcissistic, abusive, fugly ephebophile tiny man and nothing but a shrink or a bullet is going to solve that. Oh but you will always be fugly no matter what because "muh honesty!"

No. 570100

ugh he's the most manipulative person i've ever seen. like he's carefully calculating and monitoring the tone and intention and emotion of every word that comes out of his mouth. I've met people like that before but never to this extent. He's so obviously full of shit. it breaks my heart that so many people buy it. thank god it's not like he gets 100k views a video anymore but jesus christ. his actions never match his words and his words contradict his own words! like wake up people come back to reality

No. 570106

Blasian's an adult who enables him to say fucked up shit; laughs along with what he says about black people and makes him think it's okay ("See, it's ok, Blasian agrees!" Hm, maybe because anyone who disagrees gets shit on?). She's a moron like the rest of his loser stans.

No. 570133

Kek how can even try to criticize Ayallas looks when his wife looks like a meth head lesbian and he’s slowly morphing into a blobfish?

No. 570136

This girl tried onion's hair care tips for black women lol

No. 570155

File: 1535937678567.jpeg (Spoiler Image,107.23 KB, 1334x750, A6CCC7AD-4A13-48D8-8E0E-473BD4…)

Plaineythot uploaded a “Husband Picks My Makeup” video.

Open wide:

No. 570191

gurg already proved hes retarded at both twitch and gaming tho

No. 570224


god he was not interested in this at all was he lol

he picked everything as quickly as he could basically all at random. what was the point, she may as well have picked it herself with a blind fold.

No. 570242

Looks like a regular make application for Lambo

No. 570245

Yikes, I feel pretty bad for Plainey at the start, Anus wanted nothing to do with her or the vid.

No. 570249

lol, yeah the look on his face was like a little kid being forced to do some chore and moms watching him the whole time to make sure he does it right.

No. 570293

Her lck of makeup skills is just pathetic. She's gotten her makeup done how many times?? And yet somehow she can't improve in the slightest.

No. 570314

File: 1535955298414.png (5.91 MB, 2752x2292, muhdysphoria.png)

I don't get what her argument against these pictures would be. "I've always hated wearing dresses and felt uncomfortable in them! That's why, as a free adult woman, I chose to purchase, wear, take pictures in, and instagram model several different dresses!" (Watch her delete these now.)

The bottom one is especially good, because Onion used it in a video about "the perfect female body" or something like that. It was uploaded in 2017, but THAT was the picture he chose to show of her. He constantly chooses images of her where she has on feminine clothes and makeup and has longer hair to compliment and use for his videos and whatever else. It's so sad in such a funny way.

No. 570325

File: 1535957580508.png (498.53 KB, 1035x633, wokest white people EVER.png)

No. 570336

Tries to put eyeshadow in crease with huge blending brush whilst screeching "I don't know what I did wrong!"
It's for blending, not product placement you fucking idiot. Use a small precise brush first, THEN a blending brush. Sorry for makeup rant anons, I never usually do, but I can't with her anymore.

No. 570345

I feel you.
It always triggers the fuck out of me when she says "I put this in my crease" bitch has NO idea what the crease is.
All she does is smear her fucking eyeshadow all over her lid, to her fucking eyebrow.
Same when she says "this is a good transition shade" she picks up specific words but has zero clue what she's doing.

No. 570348

Greg is never going to win with reuploading old content.

YouTube automatically rejects it for monetisation the second it recognises it

I have a tiny channel with 2.6k subs and it got demonetised in February when the 4000 hour watch limit came in, but I managed to pass that and was waiting to get remonetised again since July.

I hadn’t been monetised yet so I emailed support asking why, and they said because I had reupload two of my earliest videos last month again, therefore basically spamming my own channel with the same video twice, they rejected my monetisation application this month, and I had to wait again for next month.

If someone as big as Onision is making new channels and uploading old content, they definitely have their eye on him, and if the rumours of them wanting rid of him are true, they will definitely use the fact that he’s uploading repeat content from his old channels to NEVER monetise the new channels and try to drive him off YouTube again that way.

I don’t know why he thinks uploading old content works when it’s in the terms and conditions stating that reuploads will never be monetised.

No. 570349

Me again, I realise he’s making a new channel for the reuploads, but to get monetised now Youtube has manual reviews, and someone will be looking out for Onision, whether he thinks he’s being clever dressed up as Character or not.

That channel is not going to get monetised.

Oh and to get monetised you need 1k subs, and 4000 hours watched time on your channels then YouTube manually checks your channel to see if it meets with advertised and community guidelines, so they have people check each channel now.

They will see him.

No. 570351

File: 1535976334720.jpg (129.97 KB, 611x459, 6556213626.jpg)

Thanks for the insight into the monetisation of a channel. I had questions about that last week and was hoping someone that had done it or at least tried it would give their take.

>I realize he’s making a new channel for the reuploads

I think the 2 new channels he made are for all his new content.
I borrowed a graphic from earlier in the thread to show what I understand as to what hes doing with all 10 of his channels. Hes only making new content for the channels circled in red. Hes reuploading old videos to the channels cirled in blue, and the channels with a black slash are dead, he doesnt upload to them at all or the occasional "gaming" video he uploads gets 100 views. The OnisionSpeaks channel is iffy, its status seems still up in the air because his new Character-Vlogs is suppose to take the place of his Speaks channel.

It does make me happy that the reuploads hes dumping onto Uhohbro and Onision wont get any money if they're manually reviewed.

No. 570354

Ohhhh, I see. Then he’s uploading the repeat content to his existing channels that got monetised years ago and would not be eligible for the manual check I’m talking about for channel monetisation.

The individual videos might still get flagged as repeat content uploads automatically by the system if he has them on the same channel as earlier uploads privated or unlisted, but no, not every video that is a repeat will get a manual reviewed.

I just meant for a new channel to be monetised it gets a physical set of eyes on it now to check for community guidelines, and one of those is repeat uploads.

No. 570355

>they definitely have their eye on him, and if the rumours of them wanting rid of him are true
Any lawfags here? I'm just wondering why YT won't just go all in and ban him. No one will ask/want him to come back… would they really fear Anus lawyering up? If it ever came to that, they've got a good case of him having a past and present (the black hair series) of posting hateful and problematic content for justification for the ban. Or just tie it up in the court, which I would like to see because you know Shreg will use his expert financial skills to shell however much money can for his lawyer until he's too broke to even shop at Target and make the minimum payments on the Swamp Trailer.
It amazes me he is still on the site.

No. 570356

Ive thought the same thing. Im sure anyone could find dozens of videos that could get him kicked off YT for rule violations.
As an example- Keemstar original channel was banned (I dont remember why, probably something racist or just general hate speech) and by the rules of YT, when you're banned, you're not allowed to make another channel. The way he got around that and now has DramaAlert is he says hes just an employee of DA, hes just paid to be the "anchor" which is bullshit and just his way to skirt around the rules.
Id love to see YT ban Greg, then have him take on YT in the courts and lose any nest egg hes been hiding from Lainey. We all know he has cash hidden away for when he eventually dumps the Foot and his kids and runs off with some desperate teen puss.

No. 570357

File: 1535979586458.jpeg (127.08 KB, 740x970, CF2A8B76-4C6E-42AF-BCF7-ECF613…)

Poor dog.

No. 570358

Right? Based on what >>570354, it seems Onion Boy will be subject to a lot of manual reviews. It makes me think the moderators are going to start getting fed up with Anus wasting their time and move to outright ban him. YT has no reasonable recourse to keep him on and of course Greg has none in order to stay.
It's okay Youtube, we forgive you for giving a greasy, pedophilic moron the biggest platform there is on top of mountains of cash. But it's time to take out the trash.
Also, I thought Greg won't ever divorce Foot because her dad will take him to town in that regard, and there's plenty evidence Greg himself has created that showcases cheating and emotional abuse.
He's fucked and the future desperation will be interesting.

No. 570360

Doesn't surprise me in the least.

Y'all think that the Onions would take any time to actually like, properly train that dog?

Greg just can't take any time away from avoiding his family to train that thing.

Foot is too busy with the two spawns, the other 2 dogs, her slave, and for an hour a day, her manchild.

Bet it was Greg's decision. He's the one that makes his children act like invisible mutes, so they don't bother daddy's hentai fapping, er, video work.

So I'm sure when there was a poor bored Caterpie puppy barking and chewing around, Greg ordered the shock collars for the dogs.

Because they are lazy asses who can't bother to train their dogs, unlike the rest of humans in the world with their dogs.

Bet that the Onions dogs don't know how to do any tricks. Bet they don't even know how to play fetch, gimmie paw, speak, or even simple sit stand and stay commands.

The closest Greg will ever get to "training" his dog, is to roleplay as a slobbering mounting dog while making The Foot dress up to the nines as Harley Quinn.

Greg is into bestiality, after all.

No. 570361

Gurg's has admitted on multiple occasions that he dangles the dogs over the balcony when they pee on the floor or do something naughty.
And we know they piss on themselves when Gurg is near too, I'm not surprised the dogs are also subjected to electrocution. I hope they have to answer for this.

No. 570363

The fuck is that mark on the side of her face?

No. 570365

Unblended contour.

No. 570371

LOL In Lame's "Husband Picks my makeup video", see the fly make an appearance at 3:02. Guess they are as tardy with the cleaning in this house as they were in the last.

No. 570372

God those are such cute dogs, i feel so bad for them.

I know this has been asked before but what the fuck is with lame just putting her mascara on like that?

No. 570378

File: 1535985479143.jpg (69 KB, 600x412, DeeSnider2-600x412.jpg)

There are times when watching her do make up videos (especially as a blonde) that I swear she conjured up the ghost of Dee Snider

No. 570379

Greg is waaaay past the point of help here. Everyone has caught on to his shit and wants nothing to do with him, he should've quit YT after billiegate. No one wants to work with a child groomer who screeches about honesty but turns around to lie to not only the internet but his own spouse.

Also wasn't there a time where he had to dm people to talk to Lainey bc she was too 'smol and shy'?

No. 570386


She looks like Pee-Wee Hermans retarded child.


This has come up a few times n here, hasn't it been determined multiple times that those are electric fence collars?

No. 570387

I haven't checked the threads in a while, did gergles finally bang Sarah?

No. 570388

He looks so done with her, it's actually terrible. But it's her own fault to put up with that. She is probably telling herself he doesn't put an effort into choosing her make up because he wants to be funny but the truth is he just doesn't care. Sad.

No. 570391

I haven’t watched a video from either one of them in a while and it’s crazy how gurg has gone from caring (even if it was just for views) just enough to at least be “zany” or obnoxious (funny to him) to completely indifferent and even annoyed. To see a relationship where two people don’t even really like each other anymore is pretty sad.

No. 570398

File: 1535992484924.jpg (418.8 KB, 1078x1682, Screenshot_20180903-183214_Twi…)

Is he retarded? I'm 100% sure YouTube would NEVER show you "child porn" by simply typing in "youtube" in your search bar, except you've previously searched for it on the website.
I guess he got that too as quick as he deleted that tweet.

No. 570400

Electric fence? Greg's house has no fences around it you can see the dogs running the perimeter of his house whenever he ventures to the swamp to do an outside video.

Of course he's pro shock collars he can't contain his rage when the dogs bark in the background of him making a shite vlog. He killed his turtle. Gave away Nibbles when Shiloh dumped him, didn't want Adrienne to bring her pets. Gave his Guinea pigs away to Madison to get a new sexy puppy he can't be fucked to look after. He's good at putting food where he wants to dogs to lick though

No. 570401

File: 1535993097042.jpg (277.24 KB, 1397x1125, invisible-fence-collar.jpg)

I know the Onions suck and don't deserve those poor dogs, but we've already had this discussion and I'm pretty sure they're wearing invisible fence collars. The Onions just live in the woods, it makes sense for them giving their dogs those collars so they don't get lost.

No. 570402

Have we found the other reason Greg is outraged by Shane Dawson. Shane has exposed users who were posting CP and the types of tags they were using. He was encouraging people to report content like that. Also to go back to the'joke' Shane made calling a child sexy. He was critiquing the fact that children are targeted by the same shit young girls get bombarded with in regards to your sexuality determines your value. But of course a nonce like Greh can't interpret Shane's nuance. Greg is probably one of those losers that looks up softcore porn on YouTube as well as extra sketch shit.

No. 570403

When have you saw a fence around his property there's aerial shots and his own footage to show there isn't even a fence to correlate to those collars.

No. 570404

Anon, it's not a physical fence. The collars go off at either a set distance from the house, or there are sensors at the corners of the property to mark the electronic boundaries.

No. 570405

File: 1535994037840.png (1.49 MB, 1048x1072, 20180903_115557.png)

No. 570407

File: 1535994112717.png (478.26 KB, 1080x1052, 20180903_115628.png)

No. 570408

His tiny boner probably got him all heated and upset

No. 570410

No. 570411

Artist captured her potato face, but what is this

No. 570413

Is that Onion on the left?

No. 570414


~thinso prince~

No. 570418

This makes no sense. So you typed in "YouTube.com" and when you reached the main page you saw images of naked children? That doesn't mean it's pornography. There are documentaries made in other countries where children are running around naked or nearly naked, and yeah it would be weird if that was the main image for the video, but that doesn't make it porn Grug. Porn is made specifically to elicit sexual arousal by doing explicit acts for the viewer (you of all people should know). If it WAS child porn then why wouldn't you contact the proper authorities? Accusing somebody of posting child porn without evidence is a crime in and of itself, which is probably why you deleted this tweet because YT has already had enough of your shit and could easily shut your ass down.

No. 570424

… that's pretty much exactly what the electronic fence relates to those collars is. Theres different name brands but yea, in essence, the collars all make an invisible fence where the dog gets a light buzz if they pass certain boundaries, and the animal learns not to cross that boundary.

Ending this weird convo now, this is an extremely basic concept.

No. 570425

So a dog will get shocked if they run too far and that will correlate to the dog to run back the other way? Bullshit anon

And either way, the collar on the dog in the photo with Lainey has a shock collar on. Look at the button. It doesn't even match what you've posted. Google shock collar and it looks the same as any of the brands

No. 570426

He's sperging on twitter and got about 3 fans to agree with him, hes imploring people to go incognito and to not let YouTube know your search history for this grand experiment. He's digging himself a bigger hole. He clearly looks up questionable content.

No. 570427

File: 1535996804484.jpg (461.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180903-184622.jpg)

No. 570429

File: 1535996856389.jpg (473.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180903-184707.jpg)

No. 570431

File: 1535996920058.jpg (466.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180903-184800.jpg)

No. 570432

File: 1535996960482.jpg (552.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180903-184906.jpg)

No. 570433

File: 1535996993440.jpg (556.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180903-184939.jpg)

No. 570435

File: 1535997029802.jpg (500.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180903-185012.jpg)

No. 570442

He's taking about a "tears of the Amazon" documentary. I can't take a screenshot of it because I got different front page results on my YouTube page and my incognito mode doesn't allow taking screenshots.

No. 570444

File: 1535998636969.png (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1665x888, onion boi.png)


so 'YoU cANT telL SOmeOneS AGe juST bY LooKINg at ThEM' doesn't count for other peoples videos huh greg? these look about the same age as some of the girls youve rated onion boy.

No. 570446

>faps to loli hentai and does smash or pass videos with underage girls in them
>this documentary is child porn! why won't anybody listen to me?!

ok Shreg

No. 570447

Just because you get aroused by naked children, Gurgles, doesn’t mean filming indigenous people in their day to day lives equates to porn. Holy shit just when I thought he couldn’t get stupider.

No. 570449

How is filming an indigenous culture for a documentary at all similar to child porn? These girls are not nude for some cunt like Greg to get off they live in a fucking rain forest

No. 570451

Because he's a pedo redirecting attention from himself. You know how the people who are the most outspoken against "degeneracy" usually have the most fucked up degenerate sex lives themselves? That's what's happening here. That's why he's so obsessed with accusing everyone else of bring a pedo over the most innocuous stuff. He thinks he's throwing people off the trail but he's really just making it more obvious that he's an actual pedophile.

No. 570452



Ok everyone, Shreggley Adams saw a chance to tweet out the phrases "naked children", "child porn", and "underaged naked body"…….

… and he took it!!!!

How many times can he say child porn? Look how happy he is to type that.

Makes you wonder how often he uses those terms himself to find his choice of pornography.

He has about 10 computers at home, perhaps he has dirty computers not connected to the net with the CP, and the clean computers for his video business, and what he is really angry at is the threat of getting caught by the FBI in Seattle for using a clean computer by throwing up a thumbnail that freaked him out for a while, because it threatened to out him?

Snigger at only 3 people listening to his ranting and ravings. He's so desperate for his whining to be acknowledged or go viral.

Crazy people screaming and muttering on the corner of the sidewalk don't attract huge crowds Shreg.

No. 570453

The one thing Im wondering is WHY hes getting so upset about this. He knows down deep this isnt CP but hes trying to spin the story like he did with Shane.
Do you think YouTube did something to him recently? Like demonitized everything or just something that really pissed him off so hes lashing out?

He says in one of those spergy posts
>Site needs to be shut down. Please report the video & report this to @cnn @foxnews @msnbc
Seriously what would he do if YT got shut down? Hes lose his income along with Laineys check from her channels. They are not going to be able to live off their Patreons.

No. 570455

No confirmation as yet but chances of him not banging willing, barely legal pussy are slim to none. They can't actually admit it because then they would legit be child groomers.

>>570401 It's still a shock collar you derp. Jesse (BFVSGF) pranked Jeanna with one once and it shocked her so bad she fell to her knees. And that wasn't around her throat like it is a dogs.

No. 570458

File: 1536001817741.png (10.59 KB, 597x174, p.PNG)

Since Onion lives and dies by his Google definitions, do you think he thinks these girls are naked for the purpose of stimulating sexual excitement? Living just to make his micropenis perk up?

No. 570460

if his first thought upon seeing that thumbnail was "this is child porn" he clearly has some issues. I have had textbooks with pictures like that in them. They're not meant to be sexual, that's just how people in certain indigenous groups choose to dress. He's so transparent.

No. 570462

Yeah I think anons are fighting over

~dog collar shocks dog when a remote button is pushed to "train" the animal
~dog collar shocks dog when dog passes an invisible fence line, forcing dog to retreat back to its home/safety.

Its still shocking the dog in either cases. If you look closely at the photo of this post >>570401 Theres two metal prongs. Thats to conduct the electric shock.

No. 570465

My exact thoughts. A nude body isnt automatically "pornography"

All parents have photos of videos of their childs first bath or something similar and very innocent, so Im sure Greg and Lainey have those types of photos stored away in a closet of Clot and Trot. Should we contact the FBI and tell them that the Avaroes have CP of their children hidden in a closet?

No. 570478


…it's their natural way of dress. Does Onion think this documentary filmmaker went out to a tribe and forced them all to strip for his cameras?

Like does he not understand this is what these women look like every day from the day they're born in terms of traditional wear?

No. 570479

File: 1536005228675.jpg (64.13 KB, 613x616, Capture.JPG)

So Youtube actually responded to him and he ignored them in order to sperg out more?

No. 570488

Of course not. Ever since YT killed his channels he's been on a bender to attack their best creators and the platform itself. Attacking YT's highest-paid creators was just the nasty tip of the iceberg. He's so desperate to bring some sick controversy to Youtube in any way possible, whether it accuses some of the poster boys of YT like Pewdiepie or Shane of being pedos or just outright say YT supports pedophilia. It's like when Logan Paul was under fire for he Japan vlog, people pointed the finger at YT as well as Logan. He probably figured that by claiming YT is allowing nude children to be seen that the channel and YT would take a hit.

Instead of focusing on making better content and having something valuable to contribute to the world other than his rants about why the world need to 'respect his authortah', he chooses to attack people with garbage accusations.

No. 570491

The people on the thumbnail aren't even naked. They just show their boobs…
Youtube probably thought the worst and responded. I'm sure nothing will happen because it's just a fucking documentary…

No. 570493

Because for some reason Onion thinks kids running around playing and gathering food for their families without shirts on is CP?

No. 570496

He is retweeting people who are agreeing with him. Most of them obvious teenagers who are not old enough to think for themselves.

No. 570506

Well, how DARE THESE WILD BEASTS run around naked when the holy eye of white men lays upon them! HOW DARE THEY IGNORE the universal way of dressing which glorious and omniscient western society has invented for the pure and the innocent! Avert your eyes! From now on all children shall be bathed fully dressed!

Good god, he's so uneducated, it's really embarrassing. No wonder nobody wants to be friends with him.

No. 570507

File: 1536011122792.png (90.58 KB, 607x790, retweet replies.PNG)

best part of those retweets is if you look at the replies to them everyones telling them they're fuck wits for comparing a docu about amazonian tribes to cp.
I'll bet you in a few hours most of those retweets will be missing because they will have been deleted by the OPs because of the hate and realizing how stupid they sound siding with Onion.

No. 570508


I'm glad he didn't watch the stream or he would have flipped his shit, there were several little children running around naked.

What is disgusting is that this deeply sick man can find any of this arousing enough to call it pornography. What the actual fuck, GREASE? These are little children living their lives and having fun in a free and nurturing environment, they are doing way better than your children will ever do.

No. 570512

File: 1536011628779.png (245.78 KB, 577x436, irony.PNG)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RglLcy50LWNEpEVEQu344m1oLpS9hC02 (Why Cheaters Cheat Mirror)

In regards to his CP sperg, I've seen the thumbnail. There's nothing inherently sexual about it. Greg is just a fucking creep and only sees women (and little girls) as sexual objects.

No. 570513

I had to pause it because I was laughing too hard to continue listening to him.
Thank you for explaining how sex works Shreg.
>going in and out of this woman, or letting a man go in and out of them, or going down on them etc

No. 570514

Dollars to doughnuts he'll delete his own tweets when he realizes how stupid he is.
I honestly wonder why people keep defending him, that's absolutely beyond me. I mean these are the situations where his stupidity literally screams at you through the screen.

I'd also bet benjamins that he'll blame it all on Character (or Leelu). Lainey's husband, of course, was smart enough to know it was a documentary.

No. 570516

just when you think Smurg can't get any more sexist or racist, he pulls this shit. How is he so stunningly unaware of how fucked that line of thinking is? And he just broadcasts it like everyone else will agree, lol

No Gergasmell, normal people aren't "horrified" by natural nudity and the female body. What a fucking twat

No. 570517

>I can reassure you I've never had sex behind someone's back

Isn't this literally what he did with B though?
Also I'd love to see this intercut with his whiteboard B and lame story where he makes lame out to be the bad person and him and B the victims.

No. 570520

But Anon, he told lame he was going to do what he wanted so it totally doesn't count as cheating

No. 570522

He's buttmad at YouTube

No. 570530

File: 1536014649958.webm (2.64 MB, 640x360, what do cheaters say.webm)

This came to mind almost immediately.

No. 570535

delete your channels then, you fucking coward.

then delete urself

No. 570537

B cheated on Lainey, Gurg did nothin wrong my dudes

No. 570538


god damn really gregma "they gotta be thinking they are cheating while they go in and out of this woman" says the man that literally slept with another woman against his pregnant wifes wishes but thats ok cus "i told her i was gonna" in an incredibly vague and maipulative way

"how are they able to betray someone?" says the man who made the "I BETRAYED MY WIFE" video for cheating (basically cheating, even if it wasnt sex he was crushing on B hard and did as close as he could possibly get to actual sex acts that he thought he could get away with)

he thoroughly cheated on plain both emotionally and physically how can someone be so blind to their own bullshit

No. 570551

File: 1536019903064.jpg (285.43 KB, 1919x1050, not porn you moron..JPG)


Here's a screenshot. How he could interpret this as porn is fucking beyond me. His mind must be in a very perverted, dirty place to think an educational livestream about another culture is meant to get dicks hard. What a pervert.

No. 570555

File: 1536020902805.png (560.03 KB, 949x547, Screenshot_20180903-192633~2.p…)

Social repose transformation is complete.

No. 570557

Actually amazing he doesn't realize how literally sick this makes him look.

This actually makes very worried about his daughter (even more than everything else)

No. 570559

Thanks for the idea Anon. There was A LOT of shit to sift through and it just solidifies that they used Billie for sex (and possibly to save their marriage.)

No. 570562

Loved it. If Gregs life was a movie Im sure the CYE theme song would play anytime he enters the scene.
And if he was a wrestler in the WWE, this would be his intro music.

No. 570563


Bro, the electric/invisible
dog fences are buried underground, you can't see them.

Yes, that's exactly what they do. The sensors are set at boundaries around the perimeter. When the dog gets too close, it beeps. If the dog goes over the line, they get shocked. You are supposed to train your dog where the lines are, are show them they have to go back in to stop the shock. They're not a new concept. And not all invisible fence collars look exactly the same, there's different brands.

No. 570564

File: 1536022263319.png (62.54 KB, 259x199, plsstop.PNG)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=19oYO7cOLrlI13KlaP2sgETTUJ9tDKk21 (The Elephant in the Room Mirror)
tl;dw: it's a non-apology apology video.

No. 570567

File: 1536022943741.png (316.58 KB, 678x617, 630.png)

I thought he was making a new "Speaks" channel and calling it his "Character Vlogs" Why is he still uploading his dum dum musings on this old channel? He even made a video saying he was done with his Onision Speaks channel and moving on.

I think I know the answer. If you go over to his new Character Vlogs channel hes only getting 2K views per video, so hes still uploading on Speaks to get some traction because hardly anyone is watching his new Vlogs.

No. 570575

Some retarded highlights:
>compares himself to Loki, even calls himself "Loki" in third person
>does some extremely retarded analogy about Nazism. I have no idea what he wants to say with this
>"Rosanne would be a slave owner"
>white people who tan tries to look black
>Says it was just jokes when he said black braided hair smells like dead rats

This is one of the top 10 moronic videos he has ever done.

No. 570586

so this is his "sorry blacks" video? re: hair drama?

No. 570597

A+ job anon! I had almost forgotten about that video. The ones those two made on the topic were fucking golden. Too bad one of them turned out to be a weird sociopath (shocking no one) and the other basically took back everything she said in those videos because Grugly didn't want to be her friend.

No. 570598

>SJW buzzwords are an apology right?

No. 570601

My question is why he was even scrolling through youtube in an anonymous window anyway. Out of all the many theories flashing through my mind, my favorite is that he was trying to see if youtube would show him any of his own videos as "recommended." Hahahahahahaha FUCK he's pathetic.

No. 570602

That's exactly what I had been imagining - perfect!

No. 570613


Wait, are you talking about Billie and Joy Sparkle BS? Or are you talking about farmers?


No. 570618

I always wonder if people really believe his narrative of "naked body massage," or if we just say that as a joke. It seems obvious to me that he touched her boobs, butt, and various other parts in an OVERTLY sexual way, they both were clear about wanting each other, and maybe they even fooled around as much as possible without kissing or any type of "sex" (by definition of course) involved. Like we KNOW he dry-humped her, right? His version of events is so fucking dumb and unbelievable, and perfectly worded to seem excusable in his version of logic. The lady doth protest too much imo, and Billie herself never spilled the tea on the subject.

No. 570624

Social Repose made some really funny and well thought out videos dissing Onion back in the day, but he turned out to be a weird sociopath who used and abused women too, so his word is kinda null on the topic, unfortunately.

And Jaclyn Glenn…ugh. I actually thought she was intelligent. Then after Onion made some dumbass "apology" video toward her that was clearly fake, passive-aggressive, and made for attention, she responded saying she believed his apology to be genuine, accepted it, never actually disliked him but was just roped into fighting him several times, and would rather be friends. It was such a shame.

No. 570637

OH, fuck. I totally missed that reference, my bad. Thank you. Yeah, JG is kind of a paradoxically naive idiot for being as intelligent as she is.

No. 570638

It's so obvious that he is building all of this pedophile and CP sperging up for "evidence" so that once there is finally some solid, solid proof to accuse him of being one, he can screech

This is actually horrifying.

No. 570644

So somebody uploaded this to YouTube which is cool. This is an interview SomeGuy did a few years ago with someone that went to high school with Greg. It's hilarious because he really hasn't changed at all since high school.

No. 570657

It pretended to be that for a hot minute, but swerved real quick into self-justification. "I'm not saying I'm not right" "I did speak to people who've worked in hair for 40 years" "ive seen black youtubers who wash their hair daily" a few random comments about living in a first world country, water is plentiful here, etc. - but you know, I was ruder than necessary. Christ.

No. 570662

File: 1536029350408.jpg (117.21 KB, 1600x1200, forks.jpg)

Grown adult man in his 30s referring to himself as Loki a Goddamn superhero! Youre far too old to be acting like an edge lord! Growup

No. 570713

you know the body massage thing is extra meme because his mommy gave him one right?

or do you mean "people" as in not from here?

No. 570716

Dude, I have an invisible fence for my dogs. Only the one who tries to get out wears the collar. She doesn't leave our yard, so she doesn't get hit by by a car or worse.

Also, I had the collar shock me, and yeah, it hurt a little, but not much. Gurgamel is a dick tho and hurts his dogs in worse ways than a shock collar

No. 570718

Samefag, but wanted to mention that dogs aren't supposed to wear these collars for too long.
Mine wears hers for 4 or 5 hours tops, and comes inside to chill collar free.

No. 570729

You know that collar went on and isnt coming off until it wears out and falls off. They're probably too lazy to even check the batteries and the thing wont be working months from now, but they wont know until the day one of the puppers almost drowns in the swamp.

No. 570733

File: 1536038113987.png (428.88 KB, 387x371, 90235644.PNG)

Gregs going to be one of those parents who uses a leash with his kids.

No. 570734

I'm I missing something? Whats wrong with leaching your kids when out in public in busy crowds. Have you never walked with a child under 6 at the zoo over the long weekend? Kids ALL KIDS are bastards. Keeps them, you and strangers safe

No. 570744

>I'm I missing something?
You missed A LOT if this is the first time you hear that there's controversy with putting human kids on a leash

No. 570746

The dog is wearing the fucking collar inside… at that point, you're just forcing discomfort on them

No. 570749

Usually nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to Grug's retardation but what the actual fuck? Documentaries with nudity is the equivalent to child porn? I know you're an uneducated, autistic man child but news flash: There are places in the world where girls can be naked and not be sexualized. And pro tip: if you don't want to look at it all you have to do is remove it from your fucking suggestions. YouTube get your shit together and ban this asshole once and for all.

No. 570753

Bravo Anon. Bravo.

Lets not derail over this.

No. 570763

Another thought on him browsing YouTube logged out and seeing those sorts of things…. maybe he’s been searching similar words to see if his videos or videos about him come up because he’s been accused of similar issues with his pics and forums?

I think the whole browsing YouTube logged out thing is a bigger tell, we are passing over it too easily. He’s maybe seeing if his new channel comes up with certain search words, but what the hell else is he up to?

No. 570765

He only thinks this "child porn" is disgusting because they don't live in a first world country and can't scald their skin in the shower 5 times a day.

No. 570766

I thought it was weird too.
How often do you go to the main page of Youtube? I usually just check up on who Im subbed to or do a search and check the results. I think your right he was checking on if his channels are being promoted or coming up in search results.

No. 570768

he must see it when he stalks one of his 50 fucking channels for haters to make videos about. i'm sure he has a few different logins.

No. 570775

He's checking on virality too. What youtube suggests when it has no data on your viewing history is a conglomeration of what's most popular across the board. Basically, he's just trying to base his content on what he thinks is likely to get the most views, 1000 degree hot knife style.

No. 570778

‘Talked to someone with 40 years hair experience’ means his aunt who is no doubt just as dumbfucky as him considering she is related to his mom and considering the crap piss coloured bleach job she did on Lainey she is no expert

No. 570783

No. 570785

If that youtube doc is CP, nobody alert Onion to the Brooke Shields movie Pretty Baby.

No. 570790


Can we please stop with the samefagging over the dog collars? Whether they are shock collars or fence collars, we already know that Anus is a terrible dog owner and it’s quite alarming and tragic, but sadly nothing new.

No. 570791

Isn't his family also pretty fucking racist?

No. 570792

Sure he had black foster brothers!

They don't like him though like pretty much every other family member of his. Yet he keeps pushing his brain dead fans to flag a documentary for not being family friendly. Bitch, you repel families, your in laws and your own father hate you, and when your ma isn't beating you you're being inappropriately felt up in the guise of a body massage

No. 570796


Its always the people preaching the loudest who are the biggest sinners. I mean, look at the catholic church or the angry gay hating man who secretly gets his cock sucked at the local glory hole.

No. 570800

Samefag means someone who keeps posting but pretends to be a different person, newfag.

No. 570806

From what he said in other videos, we admitted they weren't foster brothers. it was a neighborhood kid who stayed over sometimes because his mother was in a DV situation. also the child wasn't actually black

No. 570807


No. 570809

My best guess is that he goes for unique views and watch time.
Maybe he tries to increase both so that his videos become more relevant to the algorithm.

No. 570817

This video is fantastic!!!!

Also, lainey will never leave him, because she's too scared to do what she really wants to do.

Because only a scared dependent mouse would waste her youth with the greasy pedo and his peeniest peen.

Also, lemme point out, for every time Onion skanks around behind Laineys back, there's a new 15 year old girl from Tacoma telling all her girlfriends how small this Youtubers dink is, and they all laugh at Onions tiny dick.

No. 570821

Lol Can you imagine crazy Tammy being approved as a foster parent? By the sounds of things she was never around and with various men coming and going. I don’t believe he had a foster brother for one second, we would have had to be subjected to his stories about it over the years.

No. 570822


God forbid he see all the other documentaries about various cultures that don't wear much in the way of clothing (African, South American, Pacific Islanders, etc.).

He'll either shit his pants or fap himself raw.

No. 570831

She looks more like Greg than it does social.

No. 570840

>wears a Nirvana shirt for "goth" transformation
>misses a bunch of spots when spraying her hair black
>makeup is horrendous even though she has a beauty channel
>screeches emo music lyrics
>vampire boi
This bitch is a mother of two and has a degree, folks.

20 bucks says this was her sad poser attempt at getting Grugly to fuck her in a position other than doggy.

No. 570850

lainey will never leave him because she already did what she really wants to do (slime onto a youtuber) and no-one else would want her.

No. 570876

File: 1536095567967.png (874.57 KB, 1320x791, gg onion boy.PNG)

He changed the title of his video lol
605 likes to 1.4k dislikes.

No. 570878

Exactly, and if somehow there were foster kids I bet Tammy did it more for cash than compassion.

No. 570883

File: 1536096777177.png (89.64 KB, 928x202, dig that hole greg.PNG)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1adZLRQBbbqRTxlZqirOxfqbOcInZOBUS (I'm Completely Amazed (Hair Types & Self-Loathing)Mirror) Backtracking his non-apology.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VAaMAnxKXjxXAxwEFm4BcadtqhMjVE9v (Why I'll Never be Famous Again Mirror)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vl-U2sPDALwFwTFLXrdiLb59hQ-DsR7j (MY GOTH TRANSFORMATION Mirror)

No. 570884


" insecure people react"? Guess his ego could not take the backslash

No. 570889

File: 1536097945791.png (749.57 KB, 766x658, 967453.PNG)

Check out all his new videos. They all are 2 or 3, sometimes 5 minutes long. Hes wearing the same shirt, and hair is styled exactly the same.

He made a bunch of super short videos on 1 day and has been doling them out every other day or every few days. How fucking lazy. He worked one day last week, for a couple of hours making a bunch of 3 minute videos, and what did he do the rest of the week? Or should I say what did he tell Taylor he was doing?

No. 570895

I love how Gurk is killing his own channels and Laimeys channels by buying subs and he doesn't even realize it. He blames YouTube for blacklisting him but his own sub-buying actions blacklist him.

If you have organic subs, you get organic views > YouTube algorithm sees many subs, many views, many comments. This content is relevant and worth promoting.

Bought subs don't affect views/engagement, thus many subs but no views indicates YouTube algorithm that the channels content is too boring and non-relevant even for people who have subscribed to the channel. Therefore it's no use to promote it to anyone else, not even to the subscribers.

So Greg tried to manipulate YouTube algorithm and succeeded but not in the way he thought it would happen.

No. 570897

File: 1536099329752.png (53.48 KB, 594x601, another greg sperg.PNG)

No. 570899

File: 1536099434491.png (37.64 KB, 593x549, cringe.PNG)

No. 570901

Shreg is known to autistically wear the same shit on repeat until he finds his new favorite shirt. He probably thinks that since he's showering 5 times a day he can just wear the same thing for a week.

No. 570904

True, but if you look at how his hair is styled, same cowlicks and hair flip ups. It would be hard to style his hair the same exact way day after day.
I just though it was funny that he once said he worked every day 8 to 5, and now that Youtubes shitting on him he said its changed to working every other day and spending more time with his family.
He only worked one day last week and has been uploading these short videos them every other day to seem like hes working hard all week.

No. 570930

He has short hair though. It's not hard for those styles to look the same.

No. 570934

File: 1536103383640.jpg (31.35 KB, 370x239, don-draper-shrug.jpg)

okay friend
cant convince everyone

No. 570936

I think hes spending one or two days making videos for his 2 new channels, then fucking around online the rest of the week with his hardcore ugly-girl gang on discord, or gaming, or those creepy 1~on~1 Skype calls he does with one special fan a week. I think Laineybot would be pissed if she found out. She needs to do unannounced walk-ins to his garage hideaway.

No. 570939

File: 1536104088502.jpg (375.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180904-213048.jpg)

Pretty sure Onion is out of the garage and commandeered the downstairs den. Wonder if Lainey can't live stream because her closet is downstairs and pretty sure Onion's taken that too.

Kids have to share a bedroom because they've a teen girl living with them. I wonder if Greg will brag to his kids about the time he made millions on YouTube and all they had to show for it was broken toys their daddy kept taking to make shit videos wirh.

No. 570947

McMansion is pending again.

No. 570949

File: 1536105207810.png (356.17 KB, 669x479, beheaded Belle.PNG)

>broken toys their daddy kept taking to make shit videos with.

I thought about that watching his latest video where hes playing with little girls dolls (he seems to do that A LOT! fucking creepy)

Little Clot looking for her missing Emma Watson Belle doll, and finds Belles severed head hanging from the garage ceiling and mangled body in the trash.
Great childhood memories.

No. 570950

Lame probably quit Younow because she lost the streaming closet

No. 570952

Why does onion love destroying hos kids toys? First he burned the plushies, now this… It hurts me so much to see toys destroyed, they could make a child happy! It's even worse with onion since he's not even destroying his toys, but of his own children… That's disgusting and tells a lot how he feels about his family, especially when you rememberthe shorts where he was pretending to kil the baby. Terrifying. Also can't believe that he's okay with destroying toys which were pretty expensive… but okay, sure, he's on the edge of starvation. He doesn't respect people, animals or things. What a piece of shit.

No. 570954

Ummmm, because he didnt want kids in the first place. He had a pregnancy fetish that we have learnt about from past girlfriends but lacked mature insight and foresight to truly understand what pregnancy and raising a child actually meant. Lame's mother should have spent a few weeks teaching Lame how to swallow. Maybe lame can teach her kids how to swallow and end the line of useless genetics. Grease never wanted kids and lames stuck in a situation because she lacked foresight. end the madness her. Learn to swallow boys and girls

No. 570956

File: 1536106764672.gif (2.78 MB, 330x252, what.gif)

>boys learn to swallow so you don't get pregnant


No. 570966

i thought he locked the door in the mcmansion so he prob does the same here lmao

No. 570972

She probably did it to please anus. He's obsessed with goth chicks and is always bringing up that goth girlfriend he had like 20 years ago lol

No. 570973

File: 1536109174461.jpg (43.35 KB, 372x457, 1477279805061.jpg)

>Onion dicking Plainey in the vagina
>She should've swallowed to avoid pregnancy!! Learn to swallow boys and girls!

I didn't think it was possible for someone to know less than Onion about sex.

No. 571020

File: 1536127558497.jpg (28.12 KB, 449x230, lel gg fuckface.JPG)

Changed the title again.

No. 571021

File: 1536127617592.jpg (54.56 KB, 610x461, virtue signaling.JPG)

No. 571022

oh, blow it out yr ass, onion man.
i sometimes wonder if he's genuinely oblivious to his hypocritical, bloviating word vomit.

how can someone be like this and think 'yeah. this is fine. i'm amazing.'

No. 571027

I just wanna punch him when he posts shit like that.

In his video about Taylor he even said he's "working" one day and doing nothing the other day.
His videos don't require effort so
I wouldn't put it past him that he's just recording 10 videos after another and doing nothing the following days.

If she wants him to find her somewhat attractive she should stop pretending to be a non binary, agender, gay space boy in a homo marriage

Go to bed, old man. Your autism is showing again.

No. 571054

so gurgles just admited to have a “comision based second job” but wont say what it is. So he had to bite his pride and get a job. Oh how i wish to be one of those flies in his house.

No. 571055

Commission based ones usually don't pay well. And with his personality, he isn't going to make any money.

No. 571056

Wonder if he's learnt not to throw things at people when they offer constructive criticism.

No. 571057

Fuck you would of thought Tumblr Prince Lainey would have filled him in on representation a couple of years ago. He really is an ignorant small man.

No. 571062


Silly anon, Lainey doesn't care about representation; she cares about herself and her meatball of a husband.

No. 571065

I hate to give him views, but I really want to see what the comments say to that hair video.

He low-key mad.

No. 571067

Why does he not understand that people were mad about the hair thing because he acted as if his word was the end all be all to the conversation. (when he's clearly un-educated about it)
"I know more about your own hair" "I have to help you people because you don't know how to take care of it"
He's a 30year old white guy trying to tell black people hes smarter and knows more than them. And now he's gotten backlash it's "why you guys so serious? It's just hair!"
I saw a couple of black women who made responses and it cracks me up that they've gotten 60k-100k views & onion boi struggles to crack 10k anymore lol

No. 571068

File: 1536166272786.jpeg (191.93 KB, 750x623, 1C3B8C52-2E66-4B3C-A7EC-7F6AB7…)

Adblock is your friend. Views won’t do shit on onisionspeaks videos tbh.

He’s really trying to not look racist right now. A little too late Gregory James “I just don’t like African-Americans” Avaroe/Jackson.

No. 571069

Oh shut the fuck up Greg, it's too late to save your pimply ass.

No. 571070

Black people already know you are shit and fake, nice try

No. 571073

Lol I think i saw a video with over 200k views. Onion really has done a wonderful job of cementing the Onision brand as ignorant shite. He is most upset that he can't garner any of the views from these haters whilst not realising you don't need to watch an Onision video to know it's full of shit. Honestly I don't know anyone else who has such a solid brand.

No. 571075

Onion's pretending he's 30 on twitter. He'll be 34 next month

No. 571076

File: 1536169159339.jpg (358.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180905-183830.jpg)

No. 571080

sure, but he doesnt actually listen to her lol

No. 571081

ad block + immediate pause

or disable whatever makes youtube videos run. i used to do that. i guess thatd be flash?

No. 571083

File: 1536171406691.png (128.92 KB, 1080x980, investment genius Gurg.png)

So he still has enough money to invest it somewhere it seems. Also conveniently blames the company just like he did with turbo tax

No. 571088

I wouldn't be surprised if his accountant is going to get him to invest in crypto or some shit.

No. 571089

You're already like that now. Except 10 year olds know their own age, have better manners, etc…

No. 571094

File: 1536171788907.png (129.87 KB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20180905-131421.png)

He's so fucking cringy… Imagine making up fake arguments in your head but also going the extra cringy mile to post them to Twitter as if they actually happened.

Looks like he's kicking up another sperg rage on Twitter right now.

No. 571095

File: 1536172271223.png (54.6 KB, 534x884, it's 2008 and what is this.PNG)

No. 571096

The exact same logic could be used against him by people with black or curly hair.
He is indeed sperging right now.

No. 571100

I can’t believe he said “everybody” and not the cringy pseudo-intellectual “most anybody” which has become synonymous with Grease

No. 571101

Silly silly anons. Paid commission means he is editing Lame’s videos and getting “paid” by her. Durb! Look at her new editing style and everything. Super obvious

No. 571103

>People call me an assortment of things.
>One of them is God.
>One of them is Satan.
Nobody calls you either of them. He's so obsessed with being a Light Yagami type of guy.

No. 571106

File: 1536173753587.png (69.6 KB, 537x810, african american with curly ha…)

>African American female with curly hair.
Sounds about white.

No. 571111

Just because somebody has an “opinions” or a point of view doesn’t mean it’s useful or should be shared. Just because you have insight or opinions on a topic doesn’t mean you should share it. The world owes you jack shit onion boy! He’s old enough to know better! FML

No. 571113

At 4:52 he compares his pubes to black hair. Just when I thought he couldn't get more racist, he does this shit.

New fucking low.

No. 571114

crap like this really pisses me off…. the U.S is what, 65% white? if you turn the TV on in Japan you see nothing but Asian soaps/drama shows, anime and movies, you never see a single black, white or hispanic person unless they're airing an American or European movie on a certain channel… same in India, Bollywood is a $500b industry and again, all the actors are South Asian or as Greg would call them "Brown", fuck even Nigeria has a pretty big movie/TV industry that features 99% black actors… my point here is that no fucking shit Hollywood and TV in the U.S is oh so WHITE, because the country is majority white… I will admit it is still rather disproportionate and a little bit more diversity wouldn't hurt but people that say stupid shit like this are who think shows like GoT and Salem are racist for featuring almost exclusively white people even though they are literally set in places and times and based on cultures that were/are WHITE.
But these kinds of FACTS and LOGIC don't process in Greg's brain because they don't fit his retarded warped view on social justice.

No. 571119

lmao 30 seconds in and he already blames the fact that people's reaction videos to his hair videos get more views than his on "iT's ThE aLgoRiThM"… no Greg, it's not the algorithm, it's YOU, no one wants to watch your shit but people do wanna watch others tear you apart for saying stupid, racist, ignorant and bigoted BS.

No. 571120

The ignorance. Does he ever think about the fact that his hair is short and thin and dries within minutes? Of course then daily washing it is not as damaging as when you're having thick, long, curly black hair.

No. 571121

Confirmed: Onion gets jealous when family and guests pet the dogs and demand them to pet him…

This 33 year old is so fucking embarrassing. Touch my hair!! Touch my hair!!

No. 571122

4:25 - "But you insist that you just can't hold up to how great my hair is" "you're just using the wrong products" he says with his skin that looks like that of someone who placed their face onto a stove hot plate, à la Deadpool. I am positive the majority of his skin issues come from obsessively showering with scorching hot water and using ridiculous amounts of products "Your hair is inferior to mine!" I'd rather have inferior hair and smooth skin than have "great hair" and disgusting skin.

No. 571123

He's a greasy cunt that's why he needs to wash his hair everyday. State of his fucking skin, how come he has fucked up skin compared to all most everyone, does he not know how to wash properly??

No. 571124

File: 1536176096798.png (601.01 KB, 1361x854, stop.PNG)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1liRv9b5iAFGueebZw-ttSCIy3xuUWJnR (What I Use To Wash My Hair (Every Day) Mirror) WEW LAD. He sounds so unhinged in this. He also compares curly hair to his pubes.

No. 571125

Lol look at that background, He's completely taken over laineys filming space.

No. 571127

Your hair looks like a slip n' slide because it's so greasy, Greasma. If your hair is so great then how come your hairline is looking for the nearest exit? Hairline moving out, liver spots moving in.

No one compliments your gay ass cause you don't go outside, you're afraid of someone rightfully beating the hell out of you. Now reel that beetred face back in and stop trying to get a rise out of people who are clearly better than you.

No. 571131

god forbid that GoT with its dragons and rock people betray its inspiration by being a bit diverse. shut the fuck up about how little you care about diversity in media and stop derailing.

of course hes desperate for people to touch his hair; nobody but languid will ever touch his greasy bod

No. 571132

does he seriously not comprehend that different people have different hair with different needs or is he milking this "controversy" for all it's worth? somehow i can't believe he's THAT stupid

No. 571133

He's milking it because it gives him attention while big youtubers continue to ignore him.

No. 571135

Ya and she’s nolonger doing younow. I’m positive this is the reason

No. 571136

He keeps talking about having different hair needs and requirements means “ inferiority”. White people require more sunscreen than black people but that doesn’t make white skin inferior it just means different needs. Different doesn’t mean inferior.

No. 571139

File: 1536179279625.jpeg (582.17 KB, 750x1061, 9C1DA6F0-4359-4E51-8D85-8E7E20…)

He’s just massively butthurt that none of the traffic is coming to his (10+) channels.

No. 571141

File: 1536179765958.webm (5.96 MB, 1280x720, pubes.webm)

Shreg comparing comparing black hair to his pubes.

No. 571144

File: 1536180159288.png (66.58 KB, 775x529, two stupid narcs.png)

Oh here we go again.

Also he tagged the wrong elon lol

No. 571146

but elon said it with absolutely no proof, just out of hatred, like you gorgles

No. 571147

File: 1536180393719.png (44.43 KB, 781x333, wowursokewl.png)

No. 571152

>Don't just believe things people say about me without proof!!!! I'm not a pedo I swear!!

Also Onion:
>On the say so of one person and no other evidence whatsoever I believe this guy is a pedo! You pedo lovers!!!

No. 571154

God he’s so stupid. He simply cannot grasp that curly hair is going to break and fall off more the more manipulation it goes through. It’s not that black hair is weaker you moron. Curly hair loops around itself and tangles much more easily, so even if you detangle as gently as you can, if you’re using your hands in your hair and washing and styling it every single day, it is more likely to snag and there is going to be more fall out than Grug’s slimy shit. Like some people spend literal hours doing and styling their hair, he can’t in any way compare his routine of preening in the camera and brushing his hair forward to look like an emo boy to the actual care and attention many people actually give their hair.

Literally no one said anything about implying that black hair is “inferior,” this is such blatant virtue signaling.

No. 571156

"washing my curly african american hair" it's so goddamn obvious a white onision fan wrote this or gurgle himself, I'm cackling

No. 571160

I was scrolling through Facebook and Laura Clery posted a video about bananas and I couldn't help but think Anus wishes he can go back to that time. It's only been up for an hour and it has 483k views, 5.8k shares, 2.6k comments and 6.3k likes/positive reactions.

Link for Laura's video if you're curious: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1917967661602306&id=899090640252978

No. 571162

lol someone actually stole one of Greg's awful sketches. this will make him rage

No. 571167

File: 1536185926416.png (53.46 KB, 788x428, oktheremrhumble.png)


No. 571168

What? That doesn't even make sense

No. 571190

Hope he's slagging a patron

No. 571199

Is he going to start wearing a little bow tie and requesting that we call him by his new name, Gregory X

No. 571204

File: 1536190663654.jpg (14.23 KB, 326x251, hek.jpg)

>… like, who is ANYTHING anymore?

No. 571205

Very astute observation Greg. You're right, your pubes aren't like the hair on your head. Do you want an award for this ground breaking scientific theory? Next he's gonna tell us that water is wet.

Because we all should be listening to Shreg about money advice and how we should and shouldn't spend it.

No. 571206

Tons of SJW shills think like this. Americans have hella tunnel vision.

I refuse to watch, but I hope he gets ripped to shreds.

No. 571209

>tipping pennies

Confirmed Greg has never tipped in his life.

No. 571216

He made another video about black hair. You'd think he'd know when to shut up.

No. 571220

File: 1536192120251.png (68.77 KB, 232x224, oh my god stop.PNG)

No. 571224

It's so fucking weird how he appealed to the awkward emo weird kids. Tries to come off as some super open minded inclusive dude. In reality, he and Trump are sounding more and more alike. Is he trying to make his new audience those crazy conservatives that will grasp at straws to try to make people of color look bad?

No. 571230

When he's done with black people hair, he'll probably go nuts on Native American or Asian hair.

No. 571231

I might be looking a little too hard into this, but a top post on on Reddit today was about a person who was tipped $20k at their job, and someone linked a breakdown about how a billionare's income reflecting an average income changes perspective.
a $1000 ticket/tip becomes $1 to that billionaire.

It was 12 hours ago so he probably just saw that and sucked it for material


him and Lainey are so fucking boring.

No. 571241

File: 1536193558472.png (16.64 KB, 398x236, oh no.PNG)

his tags on his Black Hair video

No. 571243

One of these things is not like the other..

No. 571251

That's probably some of the quickest turn around he has on anything "relevant" tbh

No. 571252

File: 1536194593521.png (47.05 KB, 623x385, please keep digging the hole.P…)

No. 571270

>Shane and onision
Wow, the sad obsessed manlet just can't leave him alone.
Hey, on Anus's Patreon he has a video called "One Of My First Collabs Ever: Laci Green" can any Patreon Anons fill me in on what it's about? Thanks in advance.

No. 571283

File: 1536197201742.png (994.77 KB, 1500x844, Screenshot (2008).png)

No. 571284

File: 1536197251095.png (741.29 KB, 935x599, tip from an onion.png)

Gurg has always been super cheap. This was back in 2012 when he was rolling in youtube bucks. The only reason he would tip a member of the waitstaff is if they where female, looked 18 or younger, and he wanted to offer them a position as his new 'camera person'.

No. 571288

Looks like he deleted this, guess there were too many replies pointing out he was retarded.

No. 571294

I see he's back on his "I don't want fame and money I just want to be happy" spiel. I wonder how long it'll take him to start crying about youtube demonetizing his videos and his views being down

No. 571296

Lol, if he starts talking shit about her, he's not gonna get the results he wants. As usual

No. 571297

File: 1536198149375.png (60.48 KB, 587x593, 756547.PNG)

He's posting basic opinions to get people to like him again lol.
Abusive and racist men can't be feminists.
Trans allies can't tell a trans woman that if they're in a relationship with a man then it's a gay relationship.

No. 571298

It looks like fire ants went to town on his face.

No. 571300

File: 1536198638954.png (42.59 KB, 618x432, lel.PNG)

Translation: Stop calling me racist for the racist shit I say in my videos!

No. 571303

How would you know you don't like a video if you don't watch it..

No. 571304

I think part of that translation should be:
Stop Disliking my videos

I was looking at the Like to Dislike ratio on all those "I know better that Blacks on how to keep their hair clean" videos and its hilarious.

No. 571310

What a dumbass. His hair is always so greasy because he washes it too much, and now he suddenly thinks everyone human on planet Earth has the same shit greasiness as him.
I'd have to go a week before my hair looks as greasy as his in a day

No. 571311

File: 1536199892176.png (714.87 KB, 552x622, ook.PNG)

People compliment my hair! It's not greasy!

No. 571312

god he's got a grinch like face. literally looks like he's planning to steal christmas.
pretend sage

No. 571314


someone get this muppet some dry shampoo in between those daily lava showers.

No. 571318

In the "end of patreon" video he says that everyone he's looked up has lost patrons & money. I guess he forgot that what caused all these youtuber crybabies to beg for money on Patreon was adpocalypse, & how long ago was that? Seriously asking, I'm stoned and can't remember .
Of course people aren't donating as much or have dropped their donations, do youtubers expect to be payed the rest of their lives personally by fans?
Ha! Good luck with that Shreg
"I get recognized a lot.. I need money, I need so much more money to be recognized as much as I do" - Greg Avaroe 2018 aka banana guy

No. 571319

Forget stealing Christmas, that’s whenever a teen girl is in his crosshairs.

No. 571320

>unknown stranger says obvious shit black people disagree with
>hehe I'm black and I say slavery was nothing!
blackface online is fucking real

And I love it, we all know not to give him views to let him die, so we support black women instead.

No. 571322

He's so desperate for views LMAO

No. 571325

File: 1536202354181.png (40.46 KB, 244x492, moderatornigga.png)

This is B𝖊cc𝖆Copsicl𝖊 (っ◔◡◔)っ#6572 an Onision Discord moderator. A man was nearly kicked out of the chat because he was discussing drugs and alcohol, this made Becca sperg the fuck out because she wants to please Greg's cock as Onion Anus doesn't like drugs. This is stupid because in context it was being used to help people vent about their addictions and issues. I should remind you that you have to pay at least 5 bucks to even be in the chat and pay usually around 20 bucks a month to have any kind of personal connection with Greg. What a load of shit. It's such a high school mentality and I'm scared I'll get banned from the chat just for speaking my mind.

The most hypocritical part of the whole thing is that her reasoning for banning drugs and alcohol is because there are underage kids in the chat, however she has no problem talking about her vagina and the casual sex she had today. She is genuinely one of the worst people i've talked to online.

Oh and she also made a rule where you aren't allowed to question the moderators whatsoever or you will get punished, I'm at a loss for words and I don't know what the fuck to do or say.

Oh I'm not an Onision fan I just spy on the chat because it's like watching a horror movie but with mentally ill 30 year olds and impressionable 15 year olds instead of serial killers.

No. 571326


To add to it, she likes to act like a medical professional and acts like a general know it all bitch. It's really obvious shes involved with Greg somehow whether it's that she pays an extraordinary amount of money or she's showing him her tits or something I have no clue. She's like the head bitch in charge of the place and it's godawful that she has influence anywhere.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 571327

Aw yes, the moderators of the Onision discord. They ban people for everything, they don't take criticism either. They practically stroke Greg and his ego for hours every day.

No. 571328

File: 1536203179265.png (30.65 KB, 581x429, virtue signaling part 2.PNG)

Does he even know why Kaepernick was kneeling?

No. 571329

discordfag stuff isn't anything new and belongs over in the patreon snowflake thread on /snow/, since you sound new to all this shit. this isn't really relevant here at all.

No. 571330

>Oh and she also made a rule where you aren't allowed to question the moderators whatsoever or you will get punished, I'm at a loss for words and I don't know what the fuck to do or say.
Stop paying money to a greasy fuckwit for the pleasure of being abused by equally unattractive fuckwits? Don't come here to bitch and moan about how you're treated by such people expecting sympathy or praise? It's not exactly rocket science. Though you'd have to lacking braincells to consider paying gerg in the first place, so maybe your stupidity is terminal. If you're gonna admit to paying onion money you should at least have something good to show for it.

>Oh I'm not an Onision fan I just spy on the chat because it's like watching a horror movie but with mentally ill 30 year olds and impressionable 15 year olds instead of serial killers.

If you're just a lurker then why do you care how the chat is moderated? It's clear you actually want to be able to participate in the chat or you wouldn't be so butthurt about it. Your post seems to indicate that you think we don't know who Becca is.

>It's such a high school mentality and I'm scared I'll get banned from the chat just for speaking my mind.

Yes. Someone who lurks for lulz would totally care about this; how a chat they just watch, and don't participate in is run. They would totally care about their getting their money's worth. Yes. I totally believe you're not a fan.

tl;dr get out retarded onionstan newfag reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 571332

File: 1536204016861.gif (2.15 MB, 350x330, 67f6449c.gif)

Remember when he said aldlii was being "dishonest" with her drawing of him and his fucked up brow?
I think her caricature was very kind, the drawing makes him look less creepy and even gave him full lips.

btw-I hope aldliis silence for the past 6 months means a new video is brewing.

No. 571343

The idiot thinks his greasy disgusting hair is "amazing", so of course he'd think there's nothing wrong with those monstrosities he calls eyebrows. He has zero self awarness

No. 571346

im glad i checked the replies because his fucking brow and aldiii was the first thing i thought of seeing that fucking pic

No. 571347

On his old Krapple thread from forever ago someone said they were working a club in WA and he pulled up with Lainey and some other girl. With how clubs work, only letting certain people in at the time, supposedly they let Lainey and her friend go first while Onion was held back to wait. He began to sperg, ask if they knew who he was, pulled out his phone to record while raving about how much money he made. Could be all fake, but certainly consistent with Greg’s behavior. Also he tweeted once with his retarded logic about how he’s a celebrity based on the textbook definition, so maybe that incident triggered it. Anyway, I’m sure he ruined Lainey’s night and she got a nice microdick hatefuck for her troubles.

But yeah, he’s one of those shit stains who’s an asshole to workers and wait staff. Try keeping up your fake nice “Character” bullshit when the literal receipts are all over the net. What goes around comes around, you goblin-looking weak-willed degenerate motherfucker.

No. 571349

I really think he's cracking. First the insult-laden videos, then the non-apology filled with qualifiers and deflections, then he tries to gaslight his detractors by telling us how pathetic and in need of therapy (projection much?) we must be to react so strongly to his videos, and now here's the I WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG, DEAL WITH IT.

It's a familiar cycle of his when he has someone in his sights, but the nervousness and aggression is heightened, imo. Maybe because he can't get a payoff? It's a bit unsettling.

No. 571361

we all know horse face becca, dont worry

No. 571365

Patreon has glitched the last two months, albeit this month seemed to effect a smaller group.

No. 571366

No. 571391

Hahahahaha!!!! I do miss her videos. How the fuck do you get eyebrows that are almost hitting the ceiling when you were born with a cro-magnon forehead? I have always called bullshit on him not having any procedures done to his face, he is too vain and desperate to cling to his youth not to get work done but it just makes his grinch face look even grinchier kek.

No. 571395

File: 1536215366095.jpg (26.54 KB, 625x415, 3fPzPhV.jpg)

With his whole character shtick he could larp as a black person a la Rachel Dolezal. It would be the cunty cherry on top of this stupid fucking hair debate.

No. 571398

WHAT is going on with his arm crease? Why is the fat all sliding down and covering his upper arm like a skinblanket. Nightmares.

>>571310 I wash mine once a week and it NEVER gets greasy, I'm a white biss with thick hair. I'd have to style my hair with butter to get my hair to Gregs level of daily grease.

No. 571404

Man, was greg always so unattractive? horrible skin plague looking skin, flabby golem-esque physique, Neanderthal browbone, and jocelyn wildenstein lips.

How did a hideous swamp monster like him ever manage to be considered as some hot guy on YT? Inconceivable.

I guess beauty filters, heavy lighting and potato resolutions were really his saviour back then.

No. 571405

His hair is constantly so greasy BECAUSE he washes it everyday, but that dumbass doesn't understand that. His hair desperately tries to produce as much oil as possible in very little time because it's used to being washed every day. And hair NEEDS it's own natural oils. Fighting it with daily washes only makes the oils come out faster, heavier, more often! And that's why he always looks like he took a shower in olive oil. But he is ALWAYS right and knows what he is doing.

No. 571416

HD cameras were a mistake.

But yeah, basically the reasons you said. Plus he still had youth on his side.
Now he's sucked out all of Taylor's life force and he can't find a new virgins blood to bathe his thumb dick in.

No. 571417

File: 1536224460754.png (479.3 KB, 1280x1682, edgelord.png)

No. 571418

Too much botox, dear anon.
Look at Jeffree Star's eyebrows. They look like the slash symbol ( / ) and are even worse than Gruggs.

No. 571423

File: 1536226999928.png (412.44 KB, 840x606, I know better than you.PNG)

I totally see this happening.

No. 571427

Is he using that conditioner on his face or something? God he's such a pizza face. It's hilarious that he criticises others hair and skin when he looks like that
No wonder his hair and skin look so shit I bet he slaters himself top to bottom with it in his twice a day showers lmao

No. 571428

It’s so weird that a man who is so staunchly anti-circumcision wants you to wash your hair at least one time a day. Removing the foreskin causes less buildup and decreases the risk of HIV, which would mean that guys without foreskins are cleaner by Onion standards. Go ahead and cut your foreskin off, Anus. You’re dirty if you don’t!

No. 571436

Third or so video about HAIR WASHING. Wow. Who the fuck would choose to watch that out of all the things they could possibly watch on the Internet? Nobody.

He's driving a stake through the heart of his already deceased channels with riveting content like that.

No. 571437

Hes doing the equivalent of leaving the room during an argument having the last say. Then returning minutes later to "say one more thing" then leaving, only to return again to "say one last thing"
I think hes just really pissed off that this whole drama that he thought was going to bring traffic to his new channels, isnt. The "people of color" are just using the most outrageous parts of his videos in their response videos and they're getting huge views, and theres no reason to go to "Onision/Characters" channels because you already got to see the crazy bits of his video. Im curious if hes tried to make them take down their videos because of this.

No. 571439

Lol. Make the hair orange and he's officially Carrottop.

No. 571442


According to the "10 Things I Hate About Onision" video Plainey made, Grug does exactly that in real life.

No. 571445

File: 1536243418770.jpg (36.51 KB, 600x468, l3toBN0.jpg)

No. 571448

Jeffree doesn't have eyebrows though

No. 571454

The look of eyebrows are the matter of opinion and while Jeffree's brows (who like >>571448 pointed out, doesn't actually have any hair on his brows) aren't necessarily drawn on the way I would like mine done I would still much rather have Jeffree who is actually good at makeup do my brows than Shreg and Foot.

The thing with the way Jeffree does his brows is that he intends to make his brows look fake. He's all about looking like a mannequin or a Barbie doll and he's said that himself, he wants to look fake and plastic. Shreg has caveman brow that he pumps full of botulism while trying to convince everyone else that he's god's gift to pre-teen girls. Foot's natural brow shape is actually pretty nice she just sucks at makeup. Not to mention the Onion clan's collection of makeup and brushes (both Swamp Prince and Shreg) probably harbor the 80% of the worlds herpes virus. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the Onions or their teenage victims become patient zero for super herps.

No. 571456

a few things

1. says people may cheat because they may get sadistic pleasure out of hurting the other person. deffo not the first thing people assume, unless, of course, you're projecting. did you punish lainey for not being as cooperative in your endeavors with billie? selfishness and unhappiness in their current situation, i think, would be the first go-to explanations for cheating

2. the cleanliness thing, showering multiple times a day is kind of a poetic consequence of being a controlling narc. "gotta control it all… on-i-sion"

3. "i got famous of a viral video and collabs." no, you can thank the amazing atheist for your success when he made a rebuttal to your murder eaters video back when the pond was much, much smaller. the banana song came later. you can keep trying to rewrite your history, those who remember who will continue to correct you.

4. the hair thing is barely about the hair at all. it's just one of the many ways racist whites would justify their discrimination towards blacks. even now, you can catch headlines of "kid sent home from school for having 'ethnic' hair" it's called context you fucking ignorant imbecile.

No. 571461

100% on the punishment. He took Lainey aside and said that there would be no more jealousy and that they would have a "true trinity". He was mad that Lainey was cucking him, even though Lainey and Billie never did shit exclusively except cuddle and kiss a few times, Lainey's words.

Tinfoil, but I think the cleanliness thing probably came from the fact that he smelled as a kid. I even think I remember someone in a past thread mentioning that he smelled. Doesn't he refuse to use deodorant and/or antiperspirant aswell? Of course you are going to stink and need multiple showers if you refuse to use that shit.

No. 571495

File: 1536252280296.png (871.37 KB, 893x967, dandruff.png)

Food stain on his face and a ton of dandruff on his shirt.

If you get this "clean" from washing your hair every day, then I'm good being dirty thanks.

No. 571507

File: 1536253673008.jpg (41.53 KB, 590x395, WpWwclu.jpg)

I knew from the start that Grug created Taylor's lezboy identity for two main reasons:

1. He could put the idea of having a gf in Taylor's head so she could "explore" when it was really so he could have a side thot with his defense being "you wanted this! I was just being a supportive husband!". Taylor confirmed this on Twitter during cuddle gate. Grug was never the cuck, it was always his straight wife.

2. So they could reap the revenue from all the Tumblr fags. Grug has always shouted from the rooftops how much he has supported the LGBT community but its purely self serving. He wants their support so he can look progressive and rake in the attention and adsense he is so desperate for.

No. 571513

File: 1536254629334.jpg (40.19 KB, 325x283, 7okkQfH.jpg)

Starting to wonder if he is drinking because good lord he is looking rough and bloated. It looks like he rolled out of bed from a 3 day long bender. Fuck the multiple hot showers you need the heavy duty shit Grugly.

No. 571525

File: 1536256351439.jpg (85.15 KB, 1200x675, CvPISh2UMAMCxsR.jpg)

I know but when he doesnt wear make-up you can see where his eyebrows would be cause he's just shaving them.

No. 571533

After still sperging today about how he's so right about curly hair care. He's about to stream reacting to lana summers video about him

No. 571536

"My 20 dollar water bill."
So what you take cold showers you just hand pump?

No. 571539


Tinfoil. If it's true that he smelled, either LGH didn't shower out of some kind of rebellion or worse Crazy Tami wouldn't let him. Not letting your kids bathe is a common abuse tactic.

No. 571545

Narcissistic blame shifting ladies and gentlemen.

No. 571550

That stream was insane, He called lana a liar and a fraud for not showing his full videos. He got mad at her for her views and super fucking salty. I hope more clips come out because that was wild.

No. 571559


Lol he's mad because she didn't show everything, still he's flagging everyone who uses anything from his videos.

No. 571560

Lmao he's literally insane
I bet he's gonna start obsessing over this girl just like he obsesses over Shane, damn I feel sorry for her

No. 571562

Those white spots are dandruff?? Eww!!!

Oh yuck he still has chest zits, i thought he showered every day.

Zits on his face too?????? Fucking hell man, do you not know proper hygiene??

He's looking real fat and old now.

He looks like Meat Löaf.

And why that droopy eye, the botox leak into his eyelid or something?

No. 571563

Did he disable the like/dislike view on his speaks videos? They're not showing up on my phone

No. 571566

File: 1536266294402.png (623.56 KB, 500x500, 1324182733369.png)

LOL yes. Jfc he's so butthurt. This is why you don't fuck with Black women or their spaces. They'll fuck you up.

No. 571581

Yeah, people have said he smelled in high school, but who knows. I also remember people saying he claimed he didn't sweat lol.

But my lore on him is pretty limited to recent things since I'm more invested in other peoples drama.

I'm still tinfoiling that he doesn't wipe his ass, so he showers after he shits.

No. 571598

…whattt??? His tweets are so confusing. I think you're right that he doesn't understand why colin kaepernick kneeled.

No. 571599

Ive heard that hes all about baby wipes after a shit. He makes his whole family follow that procedure. Even people visiting the onion household have to use the baby wipes method.
Thats the whole reason the PoopBeck clogged the toilet. She took a dump, then started wiping with the baby wipes like there was no tomorrow, not understanding that baby wipes dont break down in water as easy as TP does and when she flushed it all came back out and onto the bathroom floor.

No. 571600

Wow that Lana girl is gorgeous. Onion can't stand being humiliated by women, let alone an attractive one. No wonder he's so butthurt over her video, that must've been a massive blow to his ego

No. 571602

Tinfoil lite: Smegory secretly faps to the Lana girl.

No. 571604

i like how he disliked it lulz

No. 571605

lmao this is exactly what it is. he is so absolutely vexxed that a woman who he could only ever dream of giving him the time of day is ripping apart his paper thin self-esteem.
what a sad, sad man swaddled in a blanket of delusions.

No. 571606

>what a sad, sad man swaddled in a blanket of delusions.
I love that imagery. If I had the time Id make a memey shoop of it.

No. 571607

File: 1536274597785.png (157.56 KB, 591x664, chrome_2018-09-06_17-52-39.png)

No. 571608

samefag, but the livestream mirror may still be processing since it's a larger file.

No. 571609

He talks about being clean but his house looks like it hasn't been cleaned since he was born 80 years ago. They can't even do laundry ffs

No. 571610

File: 1536275424086.png (28.32 KB, 588x318, chrome_2018-09-06_18-09-33.png)

Pay me to hide the comments of the people who are calling me racist! Also, I'm giving up on my new channels.

No. 571614

That didn't last long kek. I can't wait to see his OG channels get the same view count as his new Character channels currently do. It's almost like he's purposely sabotaging his own flaming pile of dog shit career.

No. 571615

Doing the lords work anon thank you

No. 571619

File: 1536276882527.png (44.23 KB, 625x346, chrome_2018-09-06_18-32-53.png)

>Me being racist isn't as important as these people dying! I'm totally not virtue signaling!

No. 571627

File: 1536277423842.png (43.97 KB, 627x469, chrome_2018-09-06_18-42-18.png)

No. 571629

Hearing him try to explain cowashing is a little more funny than cringey. Just a little. lol does he think he can « win » this? The black women youtubers will either ignore him or roast the fuck out of him. Something only one person has really done to his face. What was her name? She had red hair and a Scottish accent.

No. 571630

Neither shrug. You're a bad dirty bitter old fart.

No. 571632

Lucidia? She's irish btw anon.
I would love to see Black women tear him a new asshole live.

No. 571635

I love this. Hes finally showing what hes truly asking every time he makes one of those stupid polls.
You strip it all down, and every time he posts a poll hes asking
Mommy? Do you love me? Am I a good boy?

One thing I wonder about his polls. Doesnt he understand its like a performer asking the people at his/her show… "HEY GUYS, DO YOU LIKE ME!?" of course its going to be positive, you're asking your fans.

No. 571638

File: 1536278324270.png (301.06 KB, 1137x280, chrome_2018-09-06_18-53-11.png)

forgot a video:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LfQtvZOCRz8ozSuOmmWvqy_nvAaqvfGi (Dear Curly Haired People: Checkmate)

No. 571641

File: 1536278800181.png (49.18 KB, 620x454, chrome_2018-09-06_19-06-09.png)

No. 571643

File: 1536279795301.png (708.11 KB, 756x453, chrome_2018-09-06_19-09-20.png)

No. 571644

First off, you're fucking amazing and you're doing amazing work. Thank you. and yeah I'm not even 5 mins into Onion's racist stream and my oh my, is he triggered. Plus, being called "onion" really pisses him off.

No. 571646

I feel like hes putting up the (years old) Eugenia Cooney video after all the hate from the hair videos to sooth his broken soul. Maybe the views will go back up, maybe the likes will finally outnumber the dislikes, and maybe everyone will forget the spanking he got if we discuss this girls eating problems.

No. 571648

Talk about manipulative, saying "play the whole video", when he knows damn well thats against YT policy. He wanted an excuse to put a strike against her channel, what a little greaseball rat

No. 571652

You hit the nail on the head, He was furious he couldn't do a takedown. Absolute rat indeed. Sucks to be you, Onion.

No. 571653

File: 1536281033151.png (30.16 KB, 620x260, chrome_2018-09-06_19-42-16.png)

No. 571655

Says the man who has thrown his wives under the bus many many times.

No. 571663

Yes, we know. We witnessed you trying to trade in your wife and kids for a teenager

No. 571665

Is it me or he hid the like and dislike number?

No. 571666

The like to dislike number on his cowash video* sorry I forgot to add that part.

No. 571667

Wouldn't be surprised if he did, When that stream ended there were way more dislikes than likes.

No. 571669

Maybe if Foot used more cocoa butter her stomach wouldn't look like that (that was sarcasm ok, onion said in a video women who have stretch marks after pregnancy should have used more cocoa butter)

No. 571674

Is he looking for people to scroll through all the hate comments so he doesnt have to? Does that shit really trigger him so bad he cant deal with it anymore?

No. 571675

It makes me laugh that he didn't finish her video because "he had better things to do". But he's got time to waste scouring through the comment section of his videos looking for people agreeing with him, then print out said comments & cut them out to make a stupid minute video on his twitter lmao
"Let this white man teach you a little bit about your own hair." That's the kind of racist ass attitude that people had a problem with in the beginning.

No. 571680

>print out said comments & cut them out to

What popular YouTuber did this 6 months ago?
Because we know Greg cant come up with an original idea himself, and hes always 6-8 months behind on YT trends.

No. 571684

he's mad the hair girl called him onion

No. 571688

Onision Reacts to Lana Summers Transcript (Warning: text heavy, best for reading with a nice bowl of popcorn or a tub of ice cream)


No. 571692

Sooooo many hair care videos. This hit a nerve with Onion.

Shreg will harp on a subject if he feels hes absolutely right and the world disagrees with him.

If someone does the same thing to him and keeps showing him proof hes wrong he will snap back "OKAY! we get it, sheesh!"

Example: Shreg, Da Foot, Tomato Bisquette and his wife at Olive Garden debating if the pasta is vegan. Hes lucky that Tomato didnt punch him.

No. 571695

Stating the obvious, but he is legitimately mentally handicapped. The doubling down on his racism aside, the fucking analogies he uses to make a point about “common sense” are fucking retarded. How the fuck is it “common sense” to compare a car to hair product? On what planet is that logical? Fucking moron. I love how he talks about “research” and “education” when the dumb cunt probably barely graduated from high school, and we all know how he feels about academia. Fuck me.

No. 571696

Good work, anon. That stream is excruciating. His stupidity is rapidly becoming less amusing than it is disturbing.

No. 571698

Hey, has anyone been able to confirm if Sarah is from Benton Harbor, MI? If so I may have milk indicating that Shreg isn't the only one who groomed her

No. 571699

I believe she lived/lives somewhere around there. I can't 100% confirm though.

No. 571711

I honestly don't think he even feels THAT strongly about it, it's just the first thing that's gotten other youtubers talking about him in ages and he's soaking up the attention. As much as I love seeing all these women destroying him, I wish they'd just leave him be and let his views dwindle into nothing

No. 571713

I actually think this is one of the best case scenarios. The views on his channels havent skyrocketed because of this. Mostly because the best parts are on the other Youtubers reaction videos, no need to watch the original Speaks video. And even though his views arent going up, the dislikes are incredible, so bad that he had to disable the like/dislikes.

No. 571718

>You are literally fired for being anything >other than what people love

You mean the company wants to promote people that the viewers and advertisers like and enjoy? You don't SAY?! Why the hell would they keep people viewers don't like? If you work in customer service and the customers don't like you, you get fired.

Greg, how stupid are you?

No. 571720

IG LIVE HIGHTLIGHTS: Had a "tough week."
Sarah is gone and is going back for her birthday.
She talked about Bille, and actually said her name, for a bit (wah billie hurt muh feelings) and how he's SO hard to date her. Talks about being insecure and jealous so polyamory is tricky.
Complained about not being able to come out to her parents. Her grandmother knows though.

No. 571722

Onion's reaction to Lana's video makes him look like a whiny, bitter has been who can't stand anyone else getting attention. He's just so butthurt that he isn't popular on YouTube anymore.

No. 571724

File: 1536290833068.png (75.4 KB, 733x530, Screenshot_2018-09-06-21-22-18…)

Looks like plainey's changing her name again. She's also back to wearing that clunky ass ring that turns her finger green lol

No. 571726

My favorite part of the whole thing is that he doesn't seem to realize she is being sarcastic/comedic throughout the entire thing.

He literally makes a comment about how he can say "dishonest" thing because he has his reasoning that he's just a character, but he loses his shit whenever he considers her to be lying, even though her entire video is completely not serious in any way.

I laughed out loud every time he sperged about her "misleading her audience". IT'S A JOKE, ONION. And you call yourself a comedian.

No. 571727

that's just sad

No. 571729

I thought Sarahs birthday was last month?

I am glad that Sarah is back home, without her tissue Im sure Foot will be venting on social media and we get to watch.

No. 571730

Like when she jokingly said her hair looked ratchet, he accused her of HATING her hair and of insulting everyone who has similar hair to her. The idiot can't detect jokes/sarcasm for shit

No. 571731

Lainey's birthday lol

No. 571741

File: 1536294714253.png (119.12 KB, 652x552, no duh.PNG)

Like EVERYONE in her family hasn't known for years.

No. 571742

Does she even know what diastasis recti is? She said her pouch doesn't go away, well no shit. It doesn't go away because it's not caused by fat, it's caused by the abdominal muscles separating during pregnancy. She can starve herself as much as she wants, the pouch is gonna continue looking that way

No. 571743

The more he fucks with them them more they spin him around. I love it and it makes gregh go insane since he never dealt with this before.

No. 571744

Guess sarah is actually going to college in michigan then. Probably the only smart decision shes made since shes met lame.

>She talked about Bille, and actually said her name, for a bit (wah billie hurt muh feelings)

Lamey is literally onion boy. She will probably be talking about billie ten years from now too. She also tends to talk about high school a lot and acts like shes a teen boy. Her and greg are the same person.

No. 571749

File: 1536299762066.png (348.08 KB, 795x785, Capture.PNG)

Do the Anons know what this Twitter Rant is about? At first i thought maybe B but he mentions he "spoke to Billie" about this person. He also mentions they are an entertainer. Any clues?

No. 571752

It's just another one of those emails he says he gets from fans but he's most likely writing himself anon.

No. 571755

oh its about himself?!? Okay thats straight up pathetic! Sorry and thank you i didnt realize it or connect the dots. Im not sure who should feel dumber, me or Grease!

No. 571770

sarahs out of the house. how much you wanna bet that suddenly, languished is going to feel inspired again! motivated and ready to make her grand return to younow

No. 571771

Grease is using her streaming room as his studio Bro, aint going to happen. Inspired? Bitch hasnt been inspired to do SHIT her entire life! Grease dirty plebs the both of them

No. 571772

She's streaming on her private insta every week. The streams are super boring though, all she talks about is how sad she's been, how she's afraid to get a gf because she doesn't want to get hurt, her shitty music tastes, etc.

No. 571773

>when the gay husband kicks the straight wife out of the closet

No. 571777

>I'm still tinfoiling that he doesn't wipe his ass, so he showers after he shits.

This is 10% accurate.
I remember him saying once that he expects his partners to shower after they pooped or peed, so they are clean enough for him.


uh Gerg, please also mention that you care about every single person that dies every second.
It still matters and is important, even if you didnt see it in your trendy news!

He did love Billie and indeed wanted to trade in everything for her. Guess he's honest for once.

No. 571778

I can only imagine how hard Onion is pushing for a new trinity member. In the most recent date vlog he states his future vision for them is to be poly and have threesomes all the time. I did get the sense he was partially joking as to not make Lainey too upset but still it's very sad when she ask for a serious answer, poly is the first thing that comes to Greg's mind. On top of that, I can only imagine how awful it must feel being emotionally manipulated into searching for your replacement.

No. 571780

File: 1536309782828.jpg (541.25 KB, 1058x700, grinchlookingass.jpg)

Just so everyone has a clue why Onision has so many new channels and makes low quality videos in mass is because

21k view per video x 30 days = $5k on ad sense
(i used to make shitty beats on youtube)

this is why he is milking the wash your hair thing for so far & reuploading old content

No. 571785

Oh look, another excuse for her to show off her "so smol" body.
She says she went from an A cup to a DD during first pregnancy. What a lot of shite she has big knockers since puberty hit. How can she lie so?
Why does she keep looking completely away from the camera whilst talking, trying to be so edge.
>>571780 Jeezuz, that's insane money!

No. 571788

its so weird how much she is talking about how pregnancy changed her n so many ways. Psychologically, mentally and emotionally well pregnant and after giving birth to trot. Well shit…she also was 18 at the point. Maybe a lot of these changes were because she went from being a literal teenager to a mature 23 year old adult minus the mature part. She probably changed psychologically mostly because she went from 18 to 23. She was a teen mom. I wanna say alot of the chnages were from the development into womanhood, but bitch hasnt developed into an adult woman at all

No. 571789

So, as long as he's able to make new channels and upload content that'll cause outrage and make people hate watch him or reupload content, he can make tons of money off of AdSense? Damn, I see a future where there's like 50 onion channels.

No. 571790

Grease Twitter From 1am Friday
I shower twice a day.
I got a shower pillow.
There is a heaven.

Dude most adults in there fricken 30s dont have the luxury of two two hour showers a day! We dont have time to nappy nap in the shower or let the tub fill up. We shower daily do what we need to do to get ready, then leave the flippen house to our jobs and lives. Two two hour showers doesnt make you cleaner than us Grease, it just means you dont have a life. You arent a functioning adult man, you are barley doing the bare minimum. The rest of the world have jobs to do, choirs to run, housekeeping to maintain, childern to care for, a SOCIAL LIFE all within the same 24hr day. Youre just a loser Greg with no concept of what its like to be a normal functioning useful contributing member of society. Any shower over 15minutes in a day is a luxury for most people with shit to do, yet we all stay clean (cleaner than you)

No. 571793

WHO writes e-mails to a YouTuber as a fan? I'd never think of that way of communication if I ever wanted to contact one. Especially so many as he claims to get. No way.

No. 571794

I already see him making a video "how most everyone can find the time to shower twice a day" to debunk that argument

No. 571795


A lot of people can find time to bathe for 45 minutes. Grug doesn't do anything that warrants bathing twice a day. His "job is sitting on his ass, staring at a screen whether he's ranting or editing. Grug doesn't work outdoors. What the fuck does he do that breaks a sweat?

No. 571796

Sex is hard when you're flabby and out of shape.

No. 571799

Fapping to all that that hentai, and all that mental gynastics, i guess it gets him too hot and bothered. And most parents (working or otherwise) don't have time to waste bathing for 45 mins a day.

No. 571800

Jfc anon this image is nightmare fuel and requires spoilage

No. 571803


Dear god, I hope he’s not subjecting his kids to two daily scaulding hot showers

No. 571808

To make it even funnier it’s probably not dandruff but dry flaky scalp from over washing

No. 571809

File: 1536324797908.png (919.59 KB, 540x962, vlc_2018-09-07_06-53-05.png)

Sorry in advance for the laggy recording.

Lainey IG live(09/06/18): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xGRrcbHXgca7uRfJcs0qfSm_GfJt1twU/view

11:00 - "I've been very emotional this week"
18:20-20:10 Starts talking about how she wants to come out to her family (lol).
A few seconds afterwards-"Boys are awful and terrifying, especially as a parent."

Plans on changing her name and pronouns but can't do it unless she comes out. Her reeing about her parents and her "gender" goes on for a while lol.

25:22 Talks about her and greg checking out girls together
27:10 Wants to make sure of everything before she changes anything like her name, pronouns etc. Polyamory talk starts around here too.
30:44 ~I can't date people I'm friends with~

I'm pretty sure there's more "interesting" shit in there.

No. 571812

I have showered twice a day almost every day since a child and there's nothing wrong with it tbh. I usually have a short one in the morning to wake up and a longer one later after work to clean well. I also moisturise after every shower. If you have extremely long hot showers and wash your hair every day it's probably not good though and I also imagine Greg doesn't use any type of moisturizer on his body or face after his showers and that would for sure dry him out and make him oilier and flakey.

Any more than 2 showers is excessive though.

No. 571814

I wonder how much of his recent black hair videos are based on bullshit Blasian told him? We all know how lazy and uncreative he is, I don't think it's too tinfoily to think he's trying to extract video ideas from his Patrons.

No. 571818

Lol she's only saying she can't date someone she's friends with because all her 'friends' aka patrons are fucking ugly. Same with Greg. I'm sure he could fly over 4 girls from his patron circlejerk with the instructions to give him and Lainey rim jobs and paint themselves green and live in the basement and they would literally have 10 uggos volunteering to do it. Too bad both of them have already seeded on and scared away the 'attractive' ones (i use that term loosely) so they only have mentally ill fuglies to choose from. Can you imagine Greg complaining if some patron that looked like a cute emo little Billie sent him or Lainey nudes? No? Because he wouldn't. But if Amber sends them, he shames her publicly. Lainey is a picky bitch. So is Shreg. For fucks sake, pick a girl closer to your own ages and not a goddamn fan you fucking creeps.

No. 571827

Likewise. Different strokes, &c. Regardless, we all know Anusion’s “showers” are actually him jacking it to pictures of Billie with the water running to drown out the sound of his bawling over the one that got away, leaving him shackled to the result of a science experiment that crossbred Andy Dick with a foot.

No. 571830

Bless you anon
>Says 'boys' awful and awful parents
>Wants to be a 12 year old BOY
Okay. Wtf, does she mean men? Cause boys usually aren't parents. Is the word "men" too adult sounding for the ever youthful space prince? Also peep the usual sexism. This bitch always consolidates the gender stereotypes she is SO against. Yeah sure. She doesn't even understand the concepts she is trying to preach, just like her gay ass husband.

No. 571832

Not to mention that this whiny cunt has a son who will probably grow up hearing her say how "awful" the male gender is if he isn't hearing that already.

Their kids are going to grow up so fucked up because of them.

No. 571834

This is much appreciated anon.

No. 571835

And all just because she doesn't see that Gurg is awful and not men in general. He is the one who doesn't help with the kids and the house and grocery shopping but that's because he is an awful person and not because of his gender. Get some common sense Lame, we're not living in the 50's where that's normal.

No. 571836

She really needs to stop talking about “coming out”, everyone knows that she’s not gay or bi. Including her parents. As if they don’t see the nonsense she posts online. They know that it’s not sincere, if it was they’d have given her the whole “we know you like girls” talk because I refuse to believe they could be that ignorant as to what is going on in the life of their child who airs her literal and figurative dirty laundry on the fucking internet in return for shekels from autistic teenagers in lieu of seeking gainful employment.

No. 571840

You're 34 Gurg, take a walk.

> Is the word "men" too adult sounding for the ever youthful space prince?

No. 571843

There's this guy in BH's vape community who likes underage girls and gets them shit in exchange for sukmi. I think Sarah may have been physically groomed by this creep before she was 18. I knew this dude and he loves the "tHe sTaTe aGe oF CoNsEnT Is 16!!!!!" excuse

No. 571846

point to Kabul on a map, Grug, I bet you can't

No. 571847

Well clearly her parents weren't that involved or they would have known about Shreg before it was too late. Not trying to white knight but considering that it's perfectly reasonable that her parents couldn't tell.

No. 571851

This could be milky. Any screenshots??

No. 571854

I regret reading this. Hes so ignorant. It annoyed me how he thinks because it has 100 good reviews it's good… As if there's are only 100 curly/afro textured people on the planet… As if companies don't buy reviews… As if sometimes reviews arent exaggerated. It's annoying as fuck also how when someone else is being sarcastic he suddenly doesn't get a joke. I visited his hair video yesterday and his cult following genuinely defended his bullshit. Some slow bitch even went as far to say her jokes were ad hominem. This is ridiculous. And his oblivious ass just digs his whole deeper by continuing to argue. I only wish he was a troll.

No. 571856

And reviews aren't fact. It may do wonders for one person and fuck someone else's shit up. Reviews aren't proof of anything. Since Shreg gets a boner for facts you'd think he'd know this.

No. 571859

It's ironic AS FUCK too when he says vegans only care about the label and not the quality of the product when his family eats 98% processed vegetarian meals so that they aren't "murderers"

No. 571906


But anon, she didn't use the exact. same. product.that Grug, no wait! The Gawd of All That is True, Honest and FACT of Black Hair told her to use. We all know that's way more important than keeping with being a vegetarian/vegan. Until it's not. But right now, the important thing is this LIAR, this FRAUD didn't listen to him.

No. 571951

100 reviews ain't shit in the natural hair community. Hell, even on amazon that's nothing.

No. 571964

Sadly no but dude is a total nonce who is basically using Shreg and Duhvie's handbook on how to look non threatening to kids. I may post a thread in /snow once I have time to get screencaps of some of his other shit

No. 571965

100 reviews or not! A lot of people or at least the majority of the planet receive reviews and feedback on products on the advice of friends and family! Most people go to their friends first for recommendations. Of course people crosscheck reviews online ad well but for most well adjusted humans, friends and family can be a leading source of information. But Grease would know absolutely nothing about friends

No. 571966

File: 1536349818150.jpeg (139.32 KB, 750x778, C421A072-F0CF-4311-9385-92F3E8…)

Today on Greg Talks About Things he has no Clue on: The Prison Industrial Complex!

No. 571967

File: 1536349869880.jpeg (235.37 KB, 750x954, 1EE1DCD8-67A8-44E4-8318-9017E2…)

No. 571970

Yet he called Billie a criminal and countless other things because she smoked weed, lol

No. 571972

Onion just has a bad case of "Everyone is wrong, I'm right." so whatever is the popular opinion he automatically takes the opposite stance and will defend it to the death.

No. 571979

>so they are clean enough for him

christ, i wanna throw up

so poor tho, huh

No. 571980

Same background as Greg's shitty videos. Closet confirmed.

I don't understand the can't date friends… like… cause you don't have any friends? Cause you won't date Sarah? Cause you just want a person for your husband to mount?

No. 571981

Trot is already fucked up if punching Greg due to rage and pushing Clot off the couch are true.

No. 571983

Didn't he call the cops too?

No. 571985

He threatened to call the cops on her entire family.

No. 571989

sounds like this guy on tinder my friend met who said he would dump a woman who had any kind of body odor or smell from her body whatsover.

No. 571995

Watching greg's horrible "you got a friend in me" parody, something that I find really gross is how often Greg chooses to not wear pants in videos. Like there's absolutely no reason for him to just be wearing his tight boxer briefs with his tiny dick flopping around. But he does it so fucking often, I can't be the only one who thinks that he gets some kind of pleasure parading his genitals around to his viewers (some who he knows are clearly underaged). The "costume" often has nothing to do with the subject matter either, so I'd love for him to explain why he thinks its necessary.

No. 571996

File: 1536358487592.jpeg (73.15 KB, 750x399, D1EA9167-8045-4D7B-A75E-A86D90…)

Anti-Black racism didn’t end with the civil war and slavery is still a thing lol

No. 571997

In other countries, yeah.

I don't know why he's even saying this. This is dumb. He's assumes to know every black person's head but he doesn't want people assuming that all white people are racist? He's the definition of retarded.

No. 572000

>and slavery is still a thing lol
Well ofc but, not in America. I honestly agree with him on this
>The majority of whites in America are a friend to all skin colors.
It's just a shame that it's sandwiched between some cringey shit and coming from him.

No. 572007

File: 1536359872873.jpeg (198.04 KB, 586x577, 3D9EFB43-8ED8-428D-99D0-8B3BF9…)

He’s essentially saying Black people should be grateful that White people saved them. He also forgets that Black people are still considered second class citizens to this day. He’s trying to seem less racist by still being racist.

No. 572010

So are asian and hispanic people, anon.

I don't think he's trying to not sound racist, cause it seems like he's deliberately saying offhand racist things. It stirs up drama and gets people mad which makes people look at his obnoxiously red pizza face.

No. 572013

Please do!

No. 572015

>So are asian and hispanic people, anon.
That’s not the point though. He’s talking about Black people specifcally.

No. 572017

File: 1536362193636.jpeg (150.37 KB, 742x849, 8DD940DD-DA0D-4120-9508-678532…)

No. 572018

File: 1536362208774.jpeg (165.81 KB, 750x519, 0BF538F0-A383-46DA-A655-7B1293…)

No. 572029

…is Onion smoking weed now and trying to justify it?

No. 572030


what is his FIXATION with the legalities of any given situation?

Billie smokes weed in a state where it isn't legal: YOURE SCUM LET ME CHAIN YOU UP IN MY BASEMENT AND SHAVE YOUR HEAD

teens smoke weed elsewhere legally: this is fine and saying otherwise is outrage culture

AND lets not forget his habit of crossing state lines just to fuck 17yr olds. Like…who the fuck lives like this

No. 572040

He made several tweets talking shit about weed smokers in general, not just the ones who smoke illegally, why is he pretending he doesn't have anything against weed as long as it's consumed legally? He's only defending it now because he sucks up to that Elon guy for some reason, it's not the first tweet he makes kissing his ass

No. 572042

File: 1536366492560.png (173.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7421.PNG)

This is what onions YouTube comments would look like if they recommended his shitty videos to people like he wants them to

No. 572072

File: 1536372941003.jpeg (131.39 KB, 750x564, 6A2948AD-55A0-4612-9365-EAEF13…)

No. 572078

File: 1536373374206.png (169.48 KB, 1075x1243, Screenshot_20180907-232144~2.p…)

No. 572084

File: 1536374087813.png (84.54 KB, 746x724, kek.png)

I caught him misgendering complainey as well lol

Y'know the old saying, If they say it easily they say it often kek.

No. 572085

File: 1536374274755.png (1.06 MB, 766x917, kek.png)

No. 572086

File: 1536374330068.png (36.25 KB, 736x294, kek.png)

No. 572087

RCW 47.40.080
Is probably what he's guilty of

No. 572089

Did the goverment notice that by themselves or their neighboors already hate them and call them out?

No. 572091

File: 1536374889659.png (246.53 KB, 756x836, kek.png)

No. 572093

File: 1536374905022.png (300.57 KB, 776x864, Part1.png)

No. 572094

File: 1536374919462.png (359.76 KB, 1410x527, part2.png)

No. 572095

File: 1536375168079.png (50.34 KB, 743x428, kek.png)

No. 572096

File: 1536375227643.webm (4.85 MB, 1280x720, gregsdream.webm)

Why is he complaining? His life long dream is to join the Aryan Brotherhood.

No. 572097


Isn't it just asking him to stop, and if he does not /then/ he will get fined?

No. 572099

Don’t drop the soap, criminal scum.
God this is hilarious. Imagine getting sent to jail over removing blackberries because you couldn’t be assed to hire someone to clear the bushes for you.

No. 572100

This idiot can't even figure out how priority mail packages work?

No. 572101

Watch him become an expert on "blackberry bush removal" and make 15 videos lecturing people on it to prove he's right, kek

No. 572102

File: 1536375916800.jpg (113.81 KB, 901x889, maga smug.jpg)

>when you can't even live in the swamp right and your neighbors hate you

this timeline aint so bad

No. 572103

File: 1536376022009.png (15.18 KB, 587x140, 2018-09-07_22-06-10.png)

So, Lainey's dad told you it was illegal? Sure Jan.

No. 572105

Yeah but that documentation he showed earlier looked official to me. Any lawyer anons here? Can we get some opinions?

No. 572111

Isn't he part of some sort of homeowners association or something? I remember someone vaguely mentioning that. That would pretty much wave all his rights to do what he wanted to his property.

No. 572116

We all know that Capone was finally put in prison for tax evasion. I thought that was going to be the eventual downfall of Shreg, not all the creepy shit he did with underage girls.

And it turns out a couple of blackberry bushes are what puts him in jail. Hilarious.

No. 572120

So, when Gurgles breaks THE LAW it's ok? Because suddenly the underlying logic underneath laws now matter more than the fact ITS A ILLEGAL

Kek get fucked you fucking criminal loser

No. 572121

Pretty sure trespassing doesn't apply with right of way. Given Oregon's strict rules with water, probably doesn't apply in this case.

No. 572124

File: 1536377736919.png (654.24 KB, 845x532, tractor place.PNG)

>or their neighbors already hate them and call them out?

In Foots video- Does My Relationship Have A Future? They're going on a date, but first have to stop off at "the tractor place"
He rented a tractor, and tore all kinds of shit up behind his house which is considered land owned by the state of Washington just because he thinks its all weeds.
His neighbors probably heard all the noise and ruckus because of the tractor and contacted the proper authorities that he was destroying native flora.

No. 572126

File: 1536377875461.jpg (7.79 KB, 189x292, lmao.jpg)

>that filename

No. 572128

>obsessed with laws
>breaks law/can't follow simple guidelines

Imagine being this retarded.

No. 572129

The paperwork he showed seems to be a government notice, not a civil Home Owners Association thing.
That swamp behind his house that they call a "retention pond" is actually owned by Washington state. He cant do anything to that land without repercussions.

No. 572130

The original property listing mentioned the neighborhood had an HOA, which means that the rules and procedures where laid out for him before he moved in. He has no one to blame but himself but what else is new?

No. 572131

File: 1536378674408.png (15.65 KB, 641x138, chrome_2018-09-07_22-50-00.png)

Thanks for confirming that his neighbors hate him too, Megan.

No. 572132

Sorry megan but he still broke the law you slag

No. 572133

File: 1536378804952.jpg (291.84 KB, 600x450, CompactUtilityTractors.jpg)

>I was just picking weeds!


>using machinery to plow through "some weeds and bushes"

Since when is he some plant lord who knows whats what anyways

>can barely afford to live
>rents machinery to dig up property/land you don't own

No. 572134


Currently trying to acquire a JD with a focus on regional planning, so here are some of my theories.

A.) Gurgle is most likely part of a homeowners association, or even a larger loosely gated community that has strict aesthetic guidelines that are agreed upon/signed for when purchasing property. That would give them allowance to survey the land for inspection, in order to uphold those standards.
However they can only do that, IF they give a 24 hour early warning that they were going to survey the land…knowing LGH he probably ignored the email/call.

B.) They just so happen to live on an ecologically fragile area, where the preservation of certain species is vital to the integrity of the land, and cannot be tampered with. It's most likely a state law or mandate, that is applied to all private and public property. Tampering could involve unknowingly planting invasive species (a lot of people do this on accident with gardens) or lumbering/threatening the vegetation (Which is what the notice said he did…).

Now this is not necessarily because blackberry bushes are themselves endangered (or natural), but because they might serve an important role to the other plants in the area.

Also fun fact, prison time is usually ONLY mentioned if this has happened multiple times (previous offenses), or is so egregious the first time that the damage is irreversible. He could be exaggerating, and actually asked how to get out of the fines and when they simply said "jail time" he ran with it.

No. 572135

File: 1536378819722.png (77.25 KB, 615x303, Capture_76.PNG)

He got a Notice of what he did wrong.
Along with it was an Order to Correct.

The "correcting" part is where the thousands of dollars comes in. The state isnt going to allow Greg to say "okay Ill go down to home depot and buy some new bushes and plant then this weekend" t
They're going to fine him and make him pay for their state crews to fix the damage he did by tearing up the bushes and causing future land erosion.

No. 572137

I studied wildlife biology / natural resources, wonder wtf he was doing? The machinery is bad enough, but especially near that body of water? hope he wasn't fucking stupid enough to tear shit out close to the water for a view of the pond. not sure about america, but you are not allowed to operate any sort of machinery within a certain distance of a body of water, nor are you allowed to remove foliage. I've had to go in with spacing saws to do spot clearing to survey near water cuz we can't use machines, and that was just certain things with special permits. oh grugly

No. 572138

File: 1536379114029.png (1 MB, 850x493, gg dumbass.PNG)

Did someone say multiple times?
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a5dA42AK5yPwcM3UEwt1yytsUHNevGoU (patron only i cleaned up a mess)

No. 572140

File: 1536379290452.png (100.53 KB, 649x426, 1519363197024.png)

The question is, might this help fuck him over a bit more?

No. 572141

I say theory B is the correct one. He tore up a native bush and his neighbors ratted him out.

Ive been going over his tweets and the paper work he shared. Where in it does it say they will jail Lainey too? I feel like this is just a way to make more people take his side because when he says "I might go to jail" people shrug their shoulders and say "meh". But if he says "they'll jail Lainey too and what will our poor children do" everyone gets tears in their eyes and starts a GoFundMe page.

No. 572142

File: 1536379433839.png (2.4 MB, 1436x796, 1523610134805.png)

Here's the original swamp thread: >>>/pt/504321

I'm too stupid/non American to backtrace it, since mods removed links. But might answer our HOA questions etc

No. 572143

oh god, biologyfag again. he does not know how to handle that fucking saw, i am cringing. i had to pause it when he cut all the way through that downed tree. never ever fucking do that unless you're trying to lose toes or hit the ground and get kick back and cut off your goddamn face. you should be doing a log like that with a cut from both above and below. also the sunglasses would not protect you worth shit. you need wrap around or bits will fly up into your eyes. nice way to get blinded.

sorry for sperg, just really burns my ass he thinks he's his manly working dude and he's doing it dangerously wrong. thankfully that's a tiny ass saw but good lord dude. the chain came off cuz you're a dumb fuck that doesn't know how to handle the equipment.

god i cannot with how he's cutting the fucking standing tree. this is awful.

No. 572144

If his neighbors hate him already, that means his a shitty person in real life as much as he is online, yet he constantly claims he's totally different person and Onision is just a character. Character my ass

No. 572145

In what world is a full grown Paper Birch tree a WEED?
That's documented footage of him cutting down a native tree, a tree which just so happens to be important for restoring wildfire affected zones.

Washington state has had about 1000 wildfires this year.

No. 572146


This is amazing, farmers totally called it back a few months ago before he even moved in. Greg gets on everyone’s bad side and pisses everyone off no matter where he goes kek

No. 572147

File: 1536379918867.jpg (47.26 KB, 423x357, maxresdefault.jpg)

I love this.
You just know that hes screaming at Lainey about this because theres no one else to yell at.
And he so worked up and steaming that he cant do what he wants on land he paid for.

No. 572148


No. 572149

what the fuck does any of that have to do with biology

No. 572150

File: 1536380159146.png (60.93 KB, 753x439, kek.png)

No. 572151

is he really trying to play the veteran card right now? he didn't even do anything during his time in the military.

No. 572152

File: 1536380427194.png (57.34 KB, 616x532, chrome_2018-09-07_23-19-41.png)


No. 572153

He always tries to minimize the dumb shit he does by leaving important details out, like when he called his car a "fragile machine" because a cardboard box broke a window, he didn't mention there was a fucking bunk bed inside box. He's a misleading piece of shit

No. 572154

File: 1536380525861.gif (4.13 MB, 400x240, DC3FD174-2089-4A01-8968-CAD80E…)

Someone please post this to /r/justbootthings

No. 572155

US veteran, ex cop, the titles he uses changes depending on the story hes trying to spin.

In reality he stood in front of a chainlink fence for 8 hours guarding a large parcel of dirt.

No. 572156

It's not even like he was positioned in an area of conflict, let alone actually serving the military or participating in war efforts.

He's not a veteran.

>Under federal law, a veteran is any person who served honorably on active duty in the armed forces of the United States

>armed forces
>Served 90 days on active duty during wartime, Served 181 days on active duty during peacetime, Completed six years of service in the National Guard or Reserves
>six years for national guard/reserves

No. 572158

File: 1536380915479.png (31.22 KB, 576x295, chrome_2018-09-07_23-28-30.png)

No. 572159

File: 1536381019430.png (44.41 KB, 607x510, chrome_2018-09-07_23-30-11.png)

No. 572160

File: 1536381200364.png (97.89 KB, 725x174, apprentice.png)

Lets not forget that he wasn't even a full fledged security guard. He was only an apprentice. He's a fucking disgrace.

No. 572161

File: 1536381254422.jpg (16.66 KB, 297x178, HOA.JPG)

Just thought Id put this out there.
I found this on seattlehome.com for his address.
In the descriptions it does mention a HOA. And only 50 dollars? That seems so low, I live in a subdivision of 200 homes with a HOA and have to pay 150 a year.

No. 572162

File: 1536381423016.png (28.48 KB, 661x350, Screenshot_2018-09-08 Characte…)

His neighbor reported him lmao

No. 572165

Don't be an annoying neighbor that breaks the law and maybe you won't have any issues, Greg.

No. 572167

Good. You both could do with a little jail time. Suffer well, Greasy Onion.

When karma hits builds up and hits him for being such an asshole, it hits him right where it'll hurt. It's beautiful to watch.

No. 572171

File: 1536381899656.png (554.21 KB, 774x946, hissyfit.png)

He's about to start retweeting people that agree with him.

Sorry grease but the law doesn't give a fuck who agrees with you. Suck it cunt.

No. 572173

Okay, so we all know that many, many, MANY videos will be made about this.
But can we start a pool on what the title of the first ranting video will be? And how early he will upload it tomorrow.

No. 572175

Where's Billie when you need a, "LOL BE MAD"

No. 572177

File: 1536382341204.png (20.85 KB, 551x276, trulia.PNG)

I dunno why I just didn't Google the address.

I'm surprised the septic hasn't been an issue yet.

Anywho, from multiple sources.

>Annual Taxes $3,252

>Last remodel year: 1980

>Built in 1975

>Waterfront features: Lot on or near lake

Which we know, but just confirming all use the word lake.

>Utility est. $131 /mo.

>Internet speed 250 Mbps

>Style Code: 14 - Split Entry

>HOA Fee: $4/mo

Also his city or whatevers website runs on .html and I'm dying.

No. 572180

He stopped tweeting almost 20 minutes ago, he’s filming as we speak. I’m sure he is full of rage and adrenaline. Should be a good one.

No. 572181


No. 572182

File: 1536382649882.png (59.47 KB, 776x552, hissyfit.png)

Oh my lord

No. 572186

How insignificant could these "weeds" have possibly been if their absence was noticeable enough during a random inspection?

Wasn't he discharged from the military because he cried seeing a caterpillar cross the road? How did those notices not make it clear he risked damaging both the local ecosystem and infrastructure? It's not unlikely the roots of those "weeds" maintain the soil necessary to support residential pipework. I don't want to imagine if he caused a sewage leak, those poor orcas have been through enough.

No. 572188

He's still avoiding to address the tree, what a cunt

No. 572191

Sorry to post again but "invasive" is not a synonym for "undesirable." Invasive plants are non-native and disrupt the balance of existing ecosystems.

No. 572194

What a drama queen, you don't go to PRISON for 90 days lmao & you only get jail time if you don't pay them. Trust me Shreg the gov wants your money more than you sitting in jail for probably not even 90 days because county jails are always over-crowded & it's a non-violent misdemeanor
Maybe I'm stupid but 4,000 sq/ft sounds like more than just pulling up a couple of weeds and bushes.

No. 572195

Problem is he owes the government so much money already heheheh

No. 572197

For what we have seen he probably just got rid of a huge portion of the plants and try be little what he did so the laws sound stupid.

Why did he moved to a place like that if he hated nature that much?

No. 572200

If he actually does live on some conservatory/preserve area, ie the swamp, the land could be considered state property and it wouldn’t be unheard of if they did send him to prison. But if we’re honest, he’ll end up paying up because he’s spineless and already milking his cult for sympathy. If he can afford to rent a tractor he can afford to pay this fine, unfortunately. This feels more like a grab for a paycheck to cover his next round of botox.

No. 572204

Yeah way earlier he was asking his followers how much they have in their accounts.

No. 572205

actually no that's not how it works in "most every" place on earth you spiv, especially not when your definition of "weeds" extended to whole fucking trees. it doesn't matter how horrible you think the plant is, it's still a part of the ecosystem.

plants are designed to survive lmao imagine feeling this wronged by some thorns.
>i don't mind my person freedom to smoke weed being violated but REMOVING weeds? fuck off

No. 572207


greg, that's why "every place on earth" is dealing with deforestation, man-made flooding, soil degradation, and desertification…

lol him mentioning bugs just confirms that there might be an important species in the area. Again, wildfires in the state causes a whole lot of issues beyond the obvious burning (spore patterns, bug migration, seed spread), so it makes sense that the state is cracking down on the ecological welfare.

No. 572209

I agree that it sounds like he just has to stop. I know it says Notice and Order to correct but from the wording, it he only has to stop clearing the area. Their is no directions to actually have the homeowner correct what has been done or to pay the county for what has been done. The threat of fines and jail time only comes into play if the homeowner fails to stop any further clearing.

No. 572211

I think only Patrons/us know about the tree(s).

No. 572212

He's deleted every mention of the plant removal now, wow.

No. 572213


Yep, Billie was "Druggie scum" to him, but it's obvious he's a huge misogynist.

No. 572215


It's incredibly ironic to me how quickly he suddenly understands the difference between legality and morality when he's the one on the receiving end of ~unethical legal practices~.

If it's illegal, then it's automatically wrong no matter what, riiiiight Greg?

No. 572216

Samefag. He is looking for extra sympathy points by saying that Lainey was threatened with jail time. Technically because she is listed on the mortgage and therefore a co-owner of the property, she is responsible too. Although I'm sure he realizes that it is unlikely that they would go after her. He always has to be so dramatic.

No. 572217

File: 1536385353713.png (43.22 KB, 614x432, chrome_2018-09-08_00-38-00.png)

No. 572218

Its the same thing that happened with the Shane email.
Shane told him to stop contacting him or he would have to sue him, but he doesnt want to do that because it would effect his wife and children, and Greg spun it to

No. 572223

When doing major work on their home most people would check with their township or county to see if they needed a permit before they got started. Especially on a lake like that. Washington is such an environmentally conscious state, I can't believe that he wouldn't question what the environmental laws for his property are. He really needs a Homeownership For Dummies book.

No. 572227

If I was Lainey, I would do everything I could to untangle myself from Greg, financially. He keeps bringing her into his mistakes. At the very least, I would make sure all decisions were run by me first. Everything from taxes to everyday bills. Greg can't be trusted to make responsible and common sense decisions. More importantly, he fails to acknowledge what he doesn't know and therefore assumes things. That in turn, is constantly getting himself into legal and financial trouble. She needs to protect herself and the kids.

No. 572229

File: 1536387301107.png (204.55 KB, 1000x622, The BIg Ole Onision-Character …)

If you've been baffled (as I am on the daily) at what kind of lost soul would be a fan of Onision, then keep an eye on this page. I actually wasnt surprised at all.
And of course the first one to upload something was Crazy Amber.


p.s. that Jessica chick could give BootySlayer Megan a run for her money for the title of Potato Nose.

No. 572233


His CONSTANT need for ego stroking just seriously fucking kills me.

No. 572240

File: 1536389777868.png (536.99 KB, 500x583, grow-amazing-crystals-in-minut…)

>common sense decisions
>he fails to acknowledge what he doesn't know and therefore assumes things

If you've watched any of his live streams (where he cannot edit things out) its scary how ignorant he is when it comes to common everyday knowledge that Id expect a 30+ year old person to know.
Ive watch his lives streams and hear him say at least 3 or 4 times "whats that" or "whats that mean" and then Becca laughs at him and tries to explain and it gets turned into a lets talk shit on Becca because she corrected me.

Greg, if you're reading this, you should do a cool video where you make crystals for all your Wiccan fans.

No. 572242

I hardly dare think what happens to those three dogs too.

>>571995 I think you're on to something here, it does seem like a sick fetish he forces on his viewers. He is shoving her "sexuality" down people's throat (please excuse the mental image that brings) to remain the "sex icon" he thinks he was circa banana video.

>>572029 Don't be daft.

In the header photo for his twitter a while back, apologies, I'm on my phone and can't find it easily, he is stood topless, looking into the swamp water surrounded by plants and vegetation he had chopped down to make a large clearing. That coupled wit the almost constant fires he has and now digging with a tractor probably pissed the neighbours right off.

No. 572245

Kek. "Tiny tractor" he is a marvel at manipulation.

No. 572246

It's going to be the next Ruby Ridge.

No. 572247

File: 1536391043045.png (778.89 KB, 1011x396, chrome_2018-09-08_02-16-24.png)

this one?

No. 572248

Yes, thank you anon.
So this must have been his first weeding adventure, then what we see in his "getting stuff done" video, now he had a tractor there digging up everything in sight.
You can see how much he's completely changed the environment. How could he think this was ok and wouldn't have repercussions.

No. 572250

Please! Is there any way of sending this video to the county to fully demonstrate the destruction done to the wetland ecosystem. Or is just against the rules? Can we somehow show Grease cutting down trees and flattening the area to the authorities? You know not as an act of vengeance but rather for you know the environment and stuff kek(cowtipping)

No. 572252

it's against the rules to plan it here or talk about having done it. what you do is your business.

No. 572253

I honestly think, once the maintenance men get there to fix the "removal of blackberry bushes" they will see the complete damage actually been done with at least five tree cut down, and he will either face prison time again or have to pay even more. He's fucked.

No. 572258

Poor baby Greg is so scared of nettles that he couldn't pull them by hand with the help of some gloves, he needed a fucking tractor just to pull a few weeds.
What's his damage with plants that have thorns anyway, isn't there a portion of Reaper's Creek where he spergs about nettles?

No. 572260

I was thinking maybe for the safety of his children he would want to get rid of the plants, but they shouldn't be going out there unattended or even near the water anyway. So that is irrelevant. I am thinking it must be so he can film out there and run around naked like an imbecile as usual. But those devil plants get huge, they are massive. Blackberry patches can get pretty big, too. Wouldn't need to go on the property to see him hauling everything away, or noticed that the woods are significantly less dense, suddenly.

No. 572261

Or, you know, just hearing an autist screaming and using a chain saw might tip you off

No. 572265

I stan Shreg's neighbours. I normally hate snitches but good on them for dobbing on onion.
Why did he want to remove the bushes anyway? What was he even going to do in the blank space? Leave the plants alone man.

No. 572266

The way he revved the chainsaw while looking at the camera lips in frame trying to look cool. Cringe city.

Also how does he manage to look scrawny and faggotty in this video but simultaneously doughy and chub.
The way he stood near the stump was extremely homosexual, I can't believe he included that footage.

No. 572267

That's one nice portion of karma for Onion.
I just hope that the part that makes him think he's always right and knows better than everybody else doesn't allow him to pay the thousand dollar (cause that would mean he was wrong) and he actually gets his 90 days off prison.

No. 572268

I would genuinely laugh if both of them ever went to jail, especially Lame since she would be stuck in a women's prison and her stupid transtrending could not convince otherwise.

No. 572269

Exactly! I don't understand why so many people agree with him on this cause this is coming from a guy who tells black people they are disgusting and dirty. He can't be like this and then like this the other day.

No. 572271

Lol, maybe she finds her next girlfriend there.

No. 572281

UK Lawyer here, not that versed in property law/ easements. Rights of Access can be given to neighbours and it disputes about what piece of land belongs to whom are frequent. I don't have much knowledge about American law, but the way LGH tweeted about ' Lawyer just Confirmed' sounds off. Land law can be complex and not something you can just chat on casual basis and that Lawyer confirm you are in right without checking LR etc. That said I have never heard of anyone getting into trouble for blackberries. Trees, Yes, but for BB? Hopefully some US legal fag can shed more light.

No. 572282

His video shows a tree trunk >>572138 and the header pic shows he's been laying waste >>572247. He keeps saying blackberries but he's deflecting.

No. 572283

So basically he fucking bulldozed the place right next to a lake and then cut down trees as well. Ya dumb fuck.

No. 572291

I really hope this is the end, like Al Capone finally getting popped for tax evasion. But it would not surprise me if Grease slithers his way out of this one.

No. 572292

so he cut all those trees down just to take a pic of himself looking at a swamp?

No. 572295

My thoughts too. What was his point by clearing it all anyway?

No. 572296

File: 1536412628234.jpg (323.01 KB, 1275x717, Screenshot_2018-09-08 Ghost Ca…)

Probably so he could record his high quality videos there.
"No erosion is possible" my ass.

No. 572297

He's such a dickhole. It's obviously not his property if he's recieving letters from the council, and it states that he broke the law, but he's trying to twist the whole thing like he has the right because they were 'weeds' I hate it when people just don't admit they are wrong.

No. 572300

24 is not too young to be a mother. Maybe the other mothers dont want to hang out with her as she dresses like a 12 yr old boy

No. 572301

Potato nose misgendered the fuck out of smol space prince lol

No. 572302

Devil's club is greater than you Greg.

No. 572304

The destruction was completely pointless. I can't believe this idiot wasted so much of his time using probably expensive machines to clear everything and make it look like shit. That's time and money wasted. He could have maybe cleaned the inside of his house, like that should be his first priority, not cutting down trees on property that is illegal to tamper with.

No. 572306

Anons seriously? He obviously wanted a view of the lake and a clearing to have bonfires and for the children to play. Honestly, use your brains, you sound as dumb as Greg.

No. 572307

She’s just trying to get cool points from her teen fans for “not being like other moms” when in reality she’s like half the stay at home moms I know: happily unemployed, smug and out of shape.

No. 572308

lol the ego of him, All his other neighbours share that space too, What a selfish cunt. I hope he gets jail.

No. 572310

Clearing a path so his very young children have access to the swamp. Yup, sounds safe

No. 572311

Sorry but he IS considered a veteran as he received all his benefits. He bought his house with a VA loan

No. 572313

Yuck he wears crocs and such ugly daggy dad clothes.
Also bloodhound gang and aqua in his video show how dated he is.

Also kek at him mention he didn't have a father to show him how to change the lines on a whipper snipper so he had to look it up himself. Um shreg, most people look shit up on google to learn that kind of shit themselves. You don't need a dad, it's as simple as reading the instructions and watching a video tutorial online.
He so threw that dad crap in there for sympathy.

No. 572315

File: 1536414423452.gif (453.51 KB, 238x238, bitch shut the fuck up.gif)

No. 572316

… people actually thought this guy was some sort of evil genius back in the day.

Do you still believe the hopeless ignorance is still a …. character? lol

No. 572317

No Trot and Clot are totally cool, he has them wear shock collars too. No worries.

No. 572319

More than one person here thinks the end result is fucking hideous, I completely understand why anons are asking why on earth he would do it. And like >>572310 said, making the lake more accessible to his kids is a stupid dangerous idea.

No. 572322

That's pretty selfish though, he should at least checked with his neighbours/the council if it was okay. Also clearing land and cutting down trees just so YOU can light fires and YOUR kids can play is extremely selfish. Teach your kids to be careful around sharp plants and stuff in nature instead of just wrecking everything. Plus it was so much land! His kids don't need THAT much area geez.

No. 572323

File: 1536415340763.png (124.67 KB, 652x410, HN.png)

Props to you Hippy Neighbor, if I knew your name Id make a small shrine to you.

No. 572326

Lol he is so hurt that Hippy neighbour reported him even after meeting him and saying hi! How two faced of her anon! Kek

No. 572328

>he should at least checked with his neighbours/the council if it was okay

I was going to say hes a follower of that old adage
"don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness afterwards"

But Greg is never wrong, so what does he have to be forgiven for right? And he sure as hell isnt going to say sorry to anyone.

So hes more a follower of
"don't ask for permission, just whine about the consequences"

No. 572329

He can’t receive all of the benefits from being a veteran. He was given a general discharge under honorable conditions. You can’t really do shit or have benefits unless you are honorably discharged, which he was not.

No. 572330

File: 1536416117184.jpeg (751.38 KB, 1125x2169, BC1CC37E-F591-486D-8812-ACA795…)

Just leaving this here so people can stop talking out of their asses spreading misinformation about Onion using VA loan or Plainey using his GiBill. Gurgly was not honorably discharged! he does not get to reap the benefits of his military service.

No. 572333

Anon who posted the mirror here, I forgot to mention this was originally posted in the beginning of July on Vimeo.

No. 572335

Ive only been following the Onision drama for a few years. I cant remember him every having a fight with neighbors in the past, or him making a bunch of videos about problems with a neighbor.

I hope this turns into a crazy pissing contest with this hippy lady.
You dont shit where you eat Greg. You piss off a neighbor, especially one thats lived there longer than you, and you will dread living there. A Twitter or Youtube beef on the internet is nothing compared to an IRL Hatfield–McCoy feud.

No. 572338

File: 1536417579147.png (605.48 KB, 410x593, hippy neighbor lady.PNG)


This is what I imagine the hippy neighbor lady looking like.
Now we know why Onion had such a raging boner for African American hair all last week.

No. 572340

It's weird how much he hates on hippies considering his own mother is a new age loon with dreadlocks and Billie I would say comes off with mild hippy tendencies. Like technically she'd probably be classified as an alternative or a millenial scene kid, but she kind of has that free spirit festival chick type vibe.

But yeah, must found it weird that he hates on smelly dumb hippies when two of the most prominent women in his life are hippies themselves.

No. 572341

I bet it's a normal middle class house wife who defended the "weeds" therefore is a hippy in Greg's eyes.

No. 572343


Even if you live in a HOA neighborhood that isn't insane, you still have to consult with them before doing anything to your property. Ofc, Gurgles didn't think that would apply to him. I wonder if he read the part where the HOA can put a lien on his house if he doesn't pay dues and follow the rules.

No. 572345

Yeah probably. He always exaggerates things to character assassinate.
Not having sex with him means you are boring. Constructive critism? You're a hater.
Its' always an exaggerated description of the person.

No. 572346

This! Look at places like Florida that has constant landslides and erosion because they removed so much plant/foliage and now the foundations there are weak. Grug is an idiot. I hope we hear more bitching from him.

Go, Hippy neighbor!

No. 572347

File: 1536420128157.png (128.53 KB, 779x586, Sickmindgreg.png)

Here we go again, Grease thinks documentaries containing children from another culture that do not hold puritanical western ideals about nudity to be inherently sexual.

Greg you exposed your own sick mind for the predator you are.
You're the only one viewing those children in that manner.

Quick someone call the national geographic and tell them to shut everything down.

No. 572348

Same. I want him to make spergy videos on the situation to see how he warps this.

No. 572351

God the way he goes on about this kind of shit and is constantly calling out people for being inappropriate to kids SO often makes me think he's trying to hide something. I feel like it's the equivalent of a guy walking into a room, wildly flailing and screaming at the top of his lungs I AM NOT A PEDOPHILEEEE over and over again.

No. 572359

She could have all the perfect chances to prove how gaaaayyyy she is. Lol

No. 572360

Of course he's a pedophile. He likes teenage girls, drove/flew to states where it was legal to fuck them since they were considered underaged minors where he lived, and he's said repeatedly he likes them underdeveloped and hates big breasts and flips out if women get implants if they're flat chested.

Him seeing bare chested teens is sexual to him and him trying to call out Youtube and everything related to the documentary as pedophilia is just him going "It's sexual material! It's pedophile viewing material! I'm not the pedophile for seeing it as sexual but it totally is to actual pedophiles!"

It's the same way with pointing the finger at other youtubers and accusing them of being pedophiles for the slightest thing. The more he yells and points the finger, the more he thinks no one will notice what he's doing.

No. 572361

Going off this, this is exactly what happened with Jimmy Savile. He acted crazy, claimed he hated kids but at the same time raised a bunch for children's charities and hospitals as an excuse to be around children.

Greggles says he hates children and all this exaggerated mess while at the same time trying to champion for the kiddies against sexual predators while running channels targeted towards minors with how often he draws in the young teens.

What do these both have in common? Jimmy Savile turned out to be a pedophile taking advantage of kids and teens under the guise of fame and Onion has lured in teens for the same reason.

No. 572379


It's probably what's driving the whole agender/fuckboi nonsense for Taylor. Notice how this started not to long after she had Trot? Onion likes making babies, but he hates how it made Taylor more of a woman. Hence, the defeminizing and infantilizing.

No. 572386

But that was taken before Aug 31, wasn't it?

No. 572387

He would of Taylor would let him, and we all know it.

Maybe he's hoping one of them (including dogs) will fall in to the swamp.

No. 572390

The best part about this is that anyone who knows his address immediately knows hers. You live at a D E A D E N D Gurg.

Interesting. That means he's def done it multiple times.

McMansion had a lot of land to go screeching on.

The town boasts about it's community spirit. I bet the whole swamp circle hates Greg.

No. 572396

>devils club, nettles, and blackberry bushes
1. What the fuck Greg those are great plants, what are you planning a concrete boat ramp?
2. He would have been fine if he just pruned his bushes like a normal person, right? Clearing blackberry bramble with loppers is fun work, you don’t need to pull it up with a tractor

No. 572398

File: 1536429888467.png (61.79 KB, 237x250, 28E184A8-15E0-428C-B7B7-0D5678…)

Also there’s these signs that are posted literally all over the country.

No. 572403

It might have been fine if he had just pruned them - the letter he got specifically mentioned erosion, and it's the roots of perennial plants that help prevent erosion.

No. 572405

File: 1536431647523.jpeg (657.04 KB, 1600x1063, 889C7CF6-F3C8-4A20-A71A-1BB5DB…)

Sorry for sperging but this is really getting to me. When I moved to Washington as a kid, one of my first memories is being taken on a school trip to look at native plant life; and Devil’s Club was the coolest plant I’d ever seen.
I guess there’s a theory that Greg got stung by nettles as a kid and as per usual can’t mature from that experience. But shit man, let your kids have a cool yard.
Has there EVER been evidence that he went on a hike with his family? Obviously he’s “not a dad”, but he could easily film a Speaks video while on a hike, and I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to resist putting a hiking picture on his Instagram.
It’s just kind of baffling, three dogs and two children and they live fifteen minutes from multiple parks, and like an hour from one of the best national parks in the country.

No. 572411

I thinkit's safe to assume that he fully tard-raged at the poor govt worker on the phone like he did with Shilohs manager. hes such a fucking moron and it's so satisfying to see him squirm and owe even more money.

No. 572414

Just imagine what he's going to do to his neighbor as well. Well, what he'll tell Plainey to go do because he can't handle confrontation in person.

Could you imagine him trying to sue the neighbor for the fine money though and claim it's for trespassing or something?

No. 572417

Well he doesn’t even need to pay a fine, he did the clearing for a video. It’s tax deductible.

No. 572424

Taylor also stopped doing her "little" kink at least in public. And Greg had to demonize the DD/lg community for 20 videos

No. 572425

File: 1536436127453.png (671.28 KB, 1080x927, Gamer Gurl - I mean boi.png)

Oh no Lameo is starting to do gaming now it seems. She will probably be as passionate about it as about makeup.

No. 572426

File: 1536437014319.png (92.78 KB, 727x794, tit.png)

No. 572428


He and Lainey and the kids went to a hotel when the IRS-people checked out their house, Lainey went on a hike while playing pokemon go while our greaselord rented a conference room at the hotel to work. Iirc he recorded a few videos there while Lainey took her son to see Thomas the train.

No. 572429


Should br named Laineybot takes a 12 min stroll in Fortnite. Boring as hell, and you can tell she hates it. Also seems like Greg might have edited this one.

Note that she chose a female character. Much dysphoria.

No. 572430

lol I think actually she would drop the trans trending shit so fast if they were ever going to send her to a male prison/jail.

No. 572433

No that whole story about the IRS being there during the hotel filming was a lie. They were only there to see Thomas the train. The IRS story was greases bullshit

No. 572438

he brags about how much he spent to build himself a gaming computer, yet pulls off microstutter screen tearing at a cottage cheese smooth 14fps on a game you could run on a thermostat?

No. 572439

Well at least she could see what a real man looks like.

If Taylor went to prison I'm sure that either
a) Gerg would give the dogs/kids to a family member and search for a new teen bride or
b) he tries being a single parent and at least one of the dogs/kids gets lots or dies.
Probably a)

No. 572440

File: 1536444705963.png (14.04 KB, 832x123, Screenshot(5).png)

stopped the video to check out the comments and this is about half way down

No. 572442

Does reporting actually do anything?

Also fuck him for always painting her as an innocent angel.

No. 572443

File: 1536445249793.png (8.69 KB, 495x89, Screenshot.png)

the comments that are up-voted beyond 2 or 3 share the same sentiment. I'm not sure how youtube moderation works on a user-moderated level, but I'd wager YouTube isn't gonna sift through anyones trash tbh

No. 572444

File: 1536445577526.png (6.61 KB, 319x96, Screenshot.png)

samefagging but this is probably the best reply out of all of the comments on the one LGH left

No. 572445

File: 1536445709132.png (7.79 KB, 368x101, Screenshot.png)

last samefag this one's buried a little deeper. wager he's done something?

No. 572446

She wasn't such an amazing beautiful human being when she ruined your threesomes with Billie and you made that video calling her jealous and insecure, kek

No. 572447

How does this helpless fragile flower persona line up with her totally not a girl masculine persona? If I were Lainey, I’d be pissed at my husband always making me out to be this weak person that can’t handle the real world. How is that something to look up to? Who WANTS to be seen as weak?

No. 572448

Why does she look like Chris Ingham here?

No. 572450

Is he serious? Who needs a tractor to tackle these plants? Blackberry picking is a children's hobby around my area, a blackberry bush won't kill you. Devil's club can be cut back by good shears and nettles are defeated by boots and thick gloves. What did he need a tractor for?

>no erosion is possible
Of course it is? Pulling up roots always disturbs and loosens the soil. Doing it so close to a body of water using heavy machinery will obviously impact the ground in some way.

Plus, they say erosion AND drainage. Everybody knows certain plants and trees help with drainage - to the point where trees can be utilised as a solution to flooding in certain areas. Removing plant life near water IS going to affect the drainage if you remove a large quantity.

He's so fucking dumb. Saying it's untrue doesn't make it untrue, Grugly.

No. 572452

if she deserves the best y she stuck with u tho

Fuck off, Greg.

No. 572453

As if Grease needed yet another reason to suck as a human being… He seriously checks all the boxes


>Fake SJW
>Deadbeat dad

>Nature destroyer

No. 572455

Lana uploaded another video related to her "Onision Hair Challenge" video. She mentions at the beginning how some of her black subscribers would get messages from their white friends linking onion's video and saying smugly, "you should do this!" It's disgusting and troubling how people are blindly following grease

No. 572460

Because he's a "big strong strong man" who needs to show off his "strong strong man tractor" to anyone he finds, if he used a spade he'd feel insecure since it's his perfect size.

also cause he has a small dick, pure over compensation

No. 572461


To be honest, if those black people have friends that agrees with what onision is saying, I dont think they were that good of a friend to begin with

No. 572462

A clear red flag is someone being an Onision fan, if I met someone and they were a fan of his recent and current work, it'd be a good bye from me, his fans are either also narcs, insecure teenage girls, or douchebags who hang off his every word and agree with everything he says because they're easy manipulated.

Either way they're always shitty people.

No. 572468

Oh no, do you guys think he's going to react to this video too?

No. 572469

File: 1536455323289.jpg (21.55 KB, 643x166, closed.JPG)

I guess his "Big Ole Fan Collab" didnt go so well, or not as big of an event as he expected. Greg has closed down submissions only 2 days later.

>asks fans to upload a video explaining how Onision has impacted their life
>13 "fans" reply

His big fuck up with this was asking for video replies. Sockpuppet accounts, fake fans, and bought subscribers cant make a video. He should of stayed with his tried-and-true fake emails that he sends himself, or his YouTube sockpuppet accounts making long winded comments about how Onision saved their life.

No. 572470

tbh their friends could also just be joking.

No. 572471

File: 1536455863324.jpg (82.05 KB, 874x365, 265758775.jpg)

Oh heavens no. Greg said that his "Final Video (Co-Wash)" response video was his last video dealing with this whole Black People & Curly Hair drama.

He doesn't go back on his word. Look at the promise he made to Eugenia. He said if she personally asked him to stop making videos about her he would stop… and he never made another video every again.

No. 572474

Her first vid on him netted 772k views,
i wonder just how much this new vid will get. It must be driving him fucking insane, when was the last time he got that many views?

No. 572480

File: 1536457754676.png (448.23 KB, 900x409, mostpopularviews.png)

>>572474 Five years ago.

No. 572485

>bitches about meat eaters being bad for the planet, resulting in greenhouse gases and clearing of the land.

>uses a tractor to clear 400 square metres of land and cuts down trees that don't even belong to him.

No. 572489

He's probably love bombing and gooing on about suicide so he can get Lainey to foot the bill of his land clearing fine.

No. 572499

>foot the bill

Heh. I see what you did there

No. 572510

Do you think he blames these dumbass decisions on Lainey? I think she's been very smart all this time, never telling him he shouldn't do something and playing up the "I don't control him!!" thing. Seems like she'd be very well-protected against any actual shit he could get himself in…

No. 572518

File: 1536460139161.png (895.16 KB, 1108x643, black curly hair.png)

>Her first vid netted 772k views. It must be driving him fucking insane.

This is similar to the Joy Sparkles situation. He was pissed that Joy was getting views and making money "off his name."
Thats the whole reason he happened to see that Amazon tribe documentary on the front page of YouTube. He was trying to see what comes up when you search for his name, and if any of his videos get recommended. And he saw that Lana was pulling in views & likes that he could only hope for now that his career is failing.
Another thing thats killing him is that Lana isnt having a back and forth YT feud with him. She reacted to his one original video, used all the cringey clips of him and that was the end of it. Shes even sort of laughing at him. Her react videos about his horrible advice shes smiling and very lighthearted, compared to his videos where hes trying to control his boiling over anger as he mutters "she just called me onion!" Hes made over 13 videos (and some streams) all about this black hair thing, and the majority of the videos is him either throwing low key shade Lanas way, or outright talking shit about her, poking her in the eye hoping she will lash out and attack him, and she hasnt taken the bait, and that kills him.

No. 572524

A lot of times we don't know how racist our white friends are until they do something that shows their true colors.

I lost a lot of white friends after Trump was elected and I found out they voted for him so yea.

No. 572525

lol Lana is betting on it, so she doesn't care b/c her subs will support her and avoid watching onion anyway.

No. 572534

File: 1536463669662.png (80.89 KB, 985x549, gg gurg.png)

He can afford the fine, the question is, will he actually pay for it?

No. 572540

How the fuck did you get that?

No. 572544

Im I wrong in saying that looks like an online Land and House tax form?
It looks like he pays 3736.06 a year (1,868.03 every 6 months) in property taxes.

That isnt the fine for tearing up the bushes and trees.

No. 572556

You are right. The fine should be around $1k to $10,000. MB.

No. 572559

File: 1536465540552.png (35.55 KB, 1086x221, violations.png)

Samefag but I also found this.

No. 572560

>mfw this retard dug wrong with the literal backhoe and caused a flooding of retention pond filth water into the neighbors homes

Holy kek. Those poor people that have to live near this sped.

No. 572562

I was thinking the same thing, along with it ramping up to monsoon season and because he fucked up parts of the retention pond his own home is going to get flooded.
>Why did turbo tax not tell me that Id flood my own home if I used that tractor!

No. 572568

Omg I didn't even mean to do that, but I'm absolutely losing my shit now thanks anon hahaha

No. 572570

what in the world?

How did you do this?

No. 572592

He didn't have a dad to tell him either, anon!

No. 572594

I'm assuming you just go to wherever you pay property tax to the state and just put your info in, probably only requires a name maybe an address.

No. 572601

File: 1536472110629.png (606.94 KB, 1487x2048, Screenshot_20180908-224715.png)

Here we go.

No. 572602

File: 1536472304972.png (1.06 MB, 2048x1899, Screenshot_20180908-225033.png)

No. 572604

Unless they are using "he" as a general pronoun then dumdum Greg was wrong about which neighbor reported him. Wasnt based hippy neighbor lady, looks like it was some old dude who didnt even go over to see it with his own eyes because of his inability to walk there.

No. 572605

I hope he uploads this video like the IRS house tour vidoe that he thought would stop the audit.

No. 572606

File: 1536472484530.png (372.94 KB, 2048x1037, Screenshot_20180908-225324.png)

No. 572607

File: 1536472562680.png (694.29 KB, 2048x1380, Screenshot_20180908-225501.png)

No. 572611

File: 1536474822356.png (822.18 KB, 1076x762, chrome_2018-09-09_01-33-21.png)

No. 572612

I just checked and the likes/dislikes are still disabled on his speaks channel. What a fucking pussy

No. 572616

Let me guess it's going to be about how evil the government is to veterans for fining an american hero for basically ruining government property.

No. 572617

did he take this in front of the fucking shower

No. 572618

No. 572619

I cannot believe he is stooping to this! If he uses his fake "Honorable discharge" to defend his nature destroying actions he will be crucified! He must actually brain damaged to do this. Holy shit.

No. 572620

File: 1536476608759.png (621.12 KB, 1055x674, chrome_2018-09-09_02-02-13.png)

he's gotta get his validation from teenage girls somehow so here's an edgy nosebleed picture

No. 572621

I hope that was caused by a punch.

Sorry Greasy, but this isn't going to get you out of trouble with the government.

No. 572623

this is hilarious. working for the department of fish & wildlife means you're a hippie to LGH. wonder what he calls child psychologists

No. 572628

Yikes, that skin barfs

No. 572629

Pedos, presumably.

>kids are gross why would anyone want to go anywhere near them unless they have ulterior motives? Which I don’t of course, but Shaaaane reeeeeeeeeee

No. 572642

I swear that has to be the ugliest top lip I've seen in my life, the shape is so weird. I always thought his entire mouth is hideous, specially when he smiles and you can see his creepy alligator teeth

No. 572650

His hands look so rough and weathered. Too much hand washing.

Hey Greg, not to help you or anything, but there's 2 things that surgery and cosmetics cannot hide.

People's true age shows in the hands and neck.

Can't get surgery on them. Makeup doesn't work.

Your hands make you look, well, old!

Soon the collagen will leave your neck too. Ever see those old ladies with the sunken in shriveled
turkey necks?? Onion boy, that will be you!!

Onion does not do any manual labor. There is no reasons for him to have rough manly hands.

If i had to garner a guess, it would be that he's fapping at an alarming rate, and washing his hands afterwards.

He touches a dog or dog item, washes his hands.

Accidentally brushes by his sticky, dirty child, washes his hands.

HD Cammeras are not your friend Greg.
Your skin is awful. Young girls are repulsed by that.

No. 572651

His name looks like Greg Anderson? isn't that Laimo's maiden name?

No. 572652

it's Avaroe.

No. 572653

File: 1536488746635.jpeg (541.79 KB, 750x1191, 793B3915-7C6D-440A-957E-554E17…)

No. 572654

File: 1536488826377.jpeg (197.18 KB, 750x1014, 8428D4AA-9CB5-49D8-8193-7DCCD4…)

No. 572657

>right here just give me a few months until I’m legal

I really fucking hope that girl is trolling. Something tells me she isn’t, however. Get fucked, Taylor. You’re a shriveled, saggy, flabby old sack of ugly, you predatory cunt.

No. 572659

File: 1536490899727.png (202.97 KB, 525x515, cap7501.png)

Did he lose interest in bumping his subscriber numbers for his newest channel?
When he launched his Character Vlogs channel it got the usual 2K jump on the first day. Which Im sure is bought subs, because it seemed like it was going to followed the same pattern like his new Character channel did 3 weeks earlier. Each day he would get a little over 2000 subs, he even pumped a few extra dollars into the scam and got it up to 4000 on one day. But his Character Vlogs got one big boost of 2K and has been slowly dwindling ever since. 2000>700>300>100
Wouldn't the same 18.000 fans that have subscribed to his Character channel, also sub to this one? Smells fishy to me.
All I can figure out is hes run out of money to buy subscribers, and this whole Black/Curly hair thing with Lana Summers fucked him over and hes been stressing about that and his old OnisionSpeaks channel and all the dislikes and hate hes gotten over that disaster.

No. 572661

The fact he has any subscribers is fucking confounding.

No. 572665

I still dont understand how teen girls and middle aged woman find him attractive. But then I remember that even ugly psychos like Richard Ramirez and Charles Manson have mentally deficient fangirls.

No. 572666

he hates anything with more prick than he's got, HA

No. 572667


Someone pointed out here how buying subs is basically killing your channel due YouTube video promoting algorithm that relies on the subs/views ratio.

I think Gurk lurks because after that the suspicious sub bumps stopped.

No. 572668

I think I read that it has to do with engagement more than anything, likes/dislikes, comments, and maybe view time?

I bet Shreg is going to end up blaming his realtor or some shit on this, "They said my property was on the lake so that's my property".

No. 572670

File: 1536495740136.jpeg (493.45 KB, 750x1137, C2D3FC62-6976-4412-AB80-CDCD44…)

Is Greg self-posting on /b/ again?

No. 572671

lol people still use 4chan?

No. 572673

No, which is why that's definitely Greg.

No. 572674


Well either way, bought subscribers don't do anything. So if YouTube sees you're sitting on 2M subscribers but only 10k of them actually engage to your content, YT algorithm thinks your content isn't worth promoting.

No. 572675

File: 1536496372491.png (1.56 MB, 962x703, bigboionion.png)

The thought of this inept retard on a tractor is just too much.

No. 572676

Its a little early but this has my vote as next thread image.
Bravo anon.

No. 572678

I never knew that. Do you think he wanted to start new channels, and have a lower sub count (around 10k to 15K) so that when his videos only get 5K views it will look better on this algorithm? And maybe he'll get promoted?

No. 572687

> Not to mention the Onion clan's collection of makeup and brushes (both Swamp Prince and Shreg) probably harbor the 80% of the worlds herpes virus. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the Onions or their teenage victims become patient zero for super herps.

That cracked me up so much! Thank you, anon.
Would sage if I could.

No. 572690

File: 1536501689215.jpg (29.65 KB, 458x458, smaller-than-10-ton-bobcat-35-…)

>bobcat tractor

This fucking moron. I bet he pushed a good chunk of his crap into the lake to get it out of the way as well.

No. 572692

File: 1536502636101.jpeg (466.13 KB, 1936x1936, F204CA94-33B8-4EF8-AED4-D51950…)

wanted to share something special with you anons, kek

No. 572693

>vegetation pushed into a pile

wow he couldn't even haul it away with the tractor? didn't he use his kids as an excuse for this? now they get a whole pile of nettles to play in!

No. 572694

File: 1536502757229.jpg (25.63 KB, 499x499, 670.jpg)


Nice touch anon.

No. 572695


Make him fatter for 11/10

No. 572698

Lmao he can't even get his jeans to "hang off his hips" in that cringy A&F style without undoing the button. He can barely shove his stubby fingers into the pockets.

No. 572700

his face says "smug" but his body says "going to the same plastic surgeon as Momokun was a mistake"

No. 572705

Lmao, this is exactly how I pictured the scene in my mind

No. 572706

File: 1536505949524.jpeg (212.22 KB, 750x846, 133210D3-9335-4089-BD55-265414…)

For those curious, he’s talking about JSBS.

No. 572707

His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

Then again he's poking the crazed huge bear, Joys been going off the deep end lately so I'm sure she will clamber all over this.

No. 572709

It's not karma that gets him in trouble. It's his own stupidity that's been biting him in the butt for some time now.

No. 572710

Is Shreggy refering to himself in the 3rd person again talking about Shane??

Because Onion sure made hundreds of videos about Shane

No. 572711

did we go back in time without noticing? wtf is this?
tbf though that bitch is crazy but he has no room to talk about this type of behavior

No. 572712

As far as I'm aware she hasn't even mentioned him since returning. Anyway, she can't make any video's in response because she's unable to use her channel atm due to strikes, crazy bitch will be sweating, desperate to respond.

No. 572713

I wouldn't know Greg, ask Eugenia

No. 572716

File: 1536508706529.jpeg (686.21 KB, 2048x2048, CD148D1F-5445-4245-8DA8-B164A9…)

What a truly disgusting creature, poor plainey. She had 2 kids, what’s your excuse onion?

No. 572718

I just tried searching shane's name on onisionspeaks to see how many videos he's made about him but since he tags every video with his name it's impossible to tell kek