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File: 1507114134144.png (1.04 MB, 680x1024, 1507006758838.png)

No. 444507

Previous thread: >>>/pt/441397

>Plainey got a TOTALLY GAY!!! rainbow volcano tattoo, didn't credit the original artist until called out on it

>Repzion apologized to Onion for a few things, thus feeding the Gregma Narc-O-Meter

>A slave to FAXXX, Onion admitted he’s addicted to hentai. But he’s 3 days clean, so clearly he’s fine now guys!1!

>Onion continued flirting with "barely legal" fans. Unsurprisingly, this triggered his sulky-ass wife/agender space prince

>Onion is about to take another trip to LA despite a lack of confirmed collabs

Social Media Links


Don’t link directly to onion-clan videos, sage if not new milk, don't derail.

No. 444511

Which one of his underage fans lives in LA? I don't recall him ever travelling anywhere unless there have been an underage pussy to groom.

No. 444514

I don't think it's anyone specific yet but i think soon enough he will do a Shaycarl. Endless girls out there that are more then willing, free picks.

I'm surprised but not shocked that hair Jordan didn't want to work with him, that pink haired girl in the video collab is his ex wife.

L.A is definitely a bachelors playground and i think Onision likes to play single when he is out there, or wishes too at least.

No. 444515

File: 1507115555275.gif (3.7 MB, 365x455, rJqs4aa.gif)

Just realized who plain really reminds me of

No. 444517


She could only wish for full lips like his. Also, unlike Lainey, Marilyn Manson is successful, intelligent, talented and understands the irony in being edgy and unique snowflake.

No. 444519

Thanks op anon. Love the disclaimer above

That's hella scary. Both have that long ass face kek but I agree, she wishes she was as unique and talented

My two cents on the LA trips: either cheating or he has finally realised that going outside, having fun, traveling and discovering cities are enjoyable things that his narc ass couldn't admit. But now that he wants to escape his boring marriage he's trying so establish a group of people to hang out with

No. 444530

As a parent of two children I barely have time to check my Twitter, have no Facebook and am learning what some of this new social media is. Outside of obvious social neglect, how can they be on so many platforms?

No. 444535

>that OP pic

No. 444542


Daycare? Just because they say they don't do it doesn't mean that don't actually do it.

Also, I was just thinking about what they would do about education when they get older. Home school probably? Something, something about having privacy from their internet fans so the only way to "protect" them would be to home school them. And then could you imagine if Lainey or Greg home schooled? I shudder at the thought.

No. 444546


"they" FFS, Anon.

I will never get why people cater to her lies and distortions. It's not even a case of someone being polite to a person who is trying to pass and not succeeding, so you call them "her" or whatever to be polite. Taylor is no more trans or agender (which is not a real thing) or gay or bi than your average cock-loving cis woman.

No. 444549

prob greg's wet dream, who is more alt than manson

No. 444551

wonder if troy is at the daycare sarah works at, and has special needs

No. 444552

OT - someone in other thread said gerg couldn't like cakefacetay as she's a POC. greg is not picky when it comes to youthfulness

No. 444553

File: 1507123851190.png (115.83 KB, 677x461, a suspect.png)

twitter for cakefacetay

No. 444556

>>444553 has he interacted with her in anyway or are you just reaching?

No. 444557

he follows her, favs her, and she frequents his younow, i'm not sure if she's a patreon. she might have her own i haven't looked into her for a while, but i did remember she's in LA

No. 444559

also didn't realise she is trying to be an actress, bet greg loves that

No. 444560

Anon said "…they just wanna be parasites", so they're probably talking about both of them, not just Plainey.

No. 444564

File: 1507124607692.png (280.48 KB, 1020x550, hmmm.png)

the onions do love to gift septum piercings

No. 444568


that’s a fake septum so she’s probably trying to pull a lainey and look alternative when she’s not kek

No. 444570

File: 1507125204819.jpeg (162.62 KB, 750x1067, A3A5F848-8688-4180-B419-CED1A3…)

here’s the account i’m on if any of you wanna check this one too, she retweets gerg and has tweeted within the last few hours so it’s an active profile. the “crush” she talks about is @deejayrupp so idk how likely it is that she’s meeting onision

No. 444572

i just googled the username and clicked the first twitter, there both active and both her. weird.

No. 444573

what dates where onion in LA?

No. 444582

File: 1507128294752.png (635.62 KB, 600x442, onion and his prince.png)

onion's face is so cursed making this crashed my computer twice

No. 444586

File: 1507130083798.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 20000keks.png)

Gerg's face on Lamey's body makes him look like an old tranny

No. 444588

File: 1507130887814.jpg (187.26 KB, 1080x964, muh~honesty .jpg)

No Gregma, it's called not "having a filter and being an inconsiderate, narcissistic fuck-nugget". That, plus controversial attention seeking.

No. 444589

this reads like a fucking minion quote my alcoholic aunt would share on facebook

No. 444590


i doubt she’d say anything anyway, when i told her about mac making greg jealous during his stream (which was conveniently at the same time as hers so she couldn’t watch it) she said word for word “don’t wanna hear about it thanks”, that’s her approach to basically everything he does because she’s a world class pushover

No. 444591

File: 1507132322896.png (15.68 KB, 554x98, Capture.PNG)

Greg discovers that people like respect!!

No. 444592

File: 1507132583466.jpg (33.59 KB, 638x677, 22237087_1010692209073345_5493…)

Oh, here we go. There was a bit of lag (or maybe he just wanted to see if he could soak MooMoo's panties with some artificial sympathy for the victims) but Grease has got the ball rolling on his 3edgy5you bullshit.

No. 444597

File: 1507133416343.jpg (163.37 KB, 500x538, zh9LYWo.jpg)

No. 444599

File: 1507134566271.jpg (66.16 KB, 448x645, greg made me atheist.jpg)

onion boy is so uniquely deformed he's still 100% recognizable in minion form

No. 444600

anon you are the best

No. 444603


I think it's because of those awful, melty-looking eyes of his.

Minion-Onion looks like a testicle.

No. 444604


this needs to be the next thread picture


No. 444608


No. 444609

File: 1507135655890.png (335.62 KB, 508x360, gurg.png)

there must be a cursed picasso painting in an attic somewhere gradually getting younger and more beautiful as this blistered ape's eyes droop so far down his face he turns into human cubism

No. 444612

He looks like Mira's long lost twin here.

No. 444616

Major keks anon. Minision is disturbing, just like the real thing.

No. 444618

File: 1507136491875.png (2.49 MB, 4096x2048, IMG_0485.PNG)

Best couple ever

No. 444620


You guys are killing me!

No. 444621

I can't stop laughing, especially because of >>444609
This new thread is already ~blessed~

No. 444625

I like the cheating theory. His only successful collabs have been with people that he’s roped into fucking him.

No. 444627

You mean like a reversed Dorian Gray? Kek

No. 444628



lainey should be selling this on a shirt

No. 444633


Can the beautiful Anon that owns LaineyBot.com please immortalize these on the website.

These are awesome !

No. 444635


No. 444638

File: 1507138014029.png (874.05 KB, 2250x3000, IMG_0486.PNG)


She can use this for a shirt.

No. 444640

>those true-to-life sloppy tits of hers
my fucking sides are in orbit

No. 444641

He's on some Dorian Gray shit. All his inner evil and ugly narc tendencies manifests as red, flakey skin and eyebrows melting off the side of his unusually large head

No. 444643

>>444638 haha anon this is great

No. 444644

File: 1507138602360.jpeg (211.57 KB, 630x835, A09E69EA-37EC-4EE3-8DEE-479B3B…)

Marvel at the complete and utter lack of self-awareness. His thirst for Ian to propel his name by way of infamy to viral stardorm is so embarrassingly apparent too.

No. 444649


For a second I thought he literally shits himself and does nothing.

No. 444650

File: 1507138910648.png (45.55 KB, 215x196, Screenshot 2017-10-04 at 1.37.…)

No. 444651

tinfoil, i’m fully convinced that gregs eyes are sinking lower on his face in order to align with lainey’s deflated nipples. he’s the closest living relative of the cavemen so it’s only right that he evolves to fit his environment

No. 444652

Wouldn’t even put it past him. Dude feels the need to shower right after every shit which makes you wonder how much of a mess he must make to feel so compelled.

No. 444653

She wants to be Billie SO bad.

No. 444654

I find it near-impossible to believe that Onision watched the Content Cop and still held that opinion. Either he didn't watch it (likely), or he really wants to bait Ian.

>"I'm a banana!" was the last good piece of content I've uploaded to the internet. I'm a horrible human being; and I don't know which makes me more repulsive, my freaky fetishes or my reputation on this website.

>I'm an egomaniac and the only reason my channels have survived this long is because people want to watch the psychotic trainwreck that IS MY VEGETARIAN BRAIN!
>I'm a brain-dead ape, but I'm a CONFIDENT brain-dead ape! The reason I'm so confident is not that I make good points, I've just chosen to forget the hundreds of times where I've contradicted myself.
(Idubbbz on Onision, without making a video about him)

No. 444655


But plainey, don't forget to credit the artist this time:

>This is the design I used as the base for my merch. Thank you anon for making cool hate art

No. 444656

File: 1507139554925.png (737.84 KB, 928x478, billie.png)

>This might be my new look honestly. I feel like a whole new person. I'm ready to just peace and love man. Positive vibes.

Yeah shes purposefully copying billie at this point. At the end she did another "positive vibes" with the peace sign. And what do you know, shes "rethinking cutting her hair". Shes so creepy.

No. 444658


She says in this vid she’s trying to fade her blue hair and it’s not working.

No shit, bitch. Blue is the hardest color to get out. Why are she and onion such morons? She’ll deserve it if her hair falls out.

No. 444660

Why does Lainey dress like an overgrown child? Like, Jesus Christ, she has no sense of fashion/beauty/taste whatsoever

No. 444661

File: 1507140144899.jpg (312.56 KB, 978x978, skinwalking.jpg)

>"I don't know what I look like but it's not Lainey."

Bitch, you know exactly who you're trying to look like.

No. 444662

imagine if plainey finally got the blue out and billie dyed her hair blue again. she'd probably malfunction

No. 444663

she just needs to cut the bangs to have front bangs, curl the hair, and BOOM billie transformation is complete

No. 444667


A child? So that perhaps her pervy pedophile husband might come on to her for the first time in ages?

Time to re-live high school fashion and shit because that's when Greg fell for her and couldn't get enough of her supple under-aged bodeh.

No. 444669


this. if i didn’t find the idea of her bleaching her hair to death only for it to turn mint/green as hilarious as i do, i would tell her the miracle of colour correction. saved my hair’s life. sage for blogpost kinda

No. 444673

There is no doubt in my mind that Grease has never actually watched any of Ian's videos in full. If he has, he lacks the wherewithal to understand them. From what we've seen of Grease, he seems to completely miss the message with most things (Social Repose's "Dear Ex Girlfriend", Jaclyn Glenn's video on agender people, any given H3H3 video, etc). If the video doesn't feature any half-naked people, covered in shit, screaming vulgarities at bawling women, his brain usually shuts off and forms its own malformed take from the content he can cobble together.

No. 444674

File: 1507141625124.png (40.15 KB, 215x207, Screenshot 2017-10-04 at 2.23.…)

No. 444675

File: 1507141678217.png (313.09 KB, 750x1334, 5AD3AFD8-D82C-466F-9600-64729B…)

plainey finally gets to collab with someone other than her husband?

No. 444677

She's been trying so hard to get that Miles fag to collab with her kek.

No. 444678


Is that Miles kid legit like 15?

No. 444679

whatever rapport miles had with their community will fucking drain like no other once that collab is set.

No. 444680


I think he's 20 something, surprisingly.

No. 444682


Yeah, he probably shits himself after nutting one for Harley Quinn no0dz

No. 444683

imagine asking grease if plainey can fly out someone who’s not going to be part of the trinity and is not a bi/lesbian female.
probably will say no because of ~money~

No. 444684

is this an old one? his shit is so repetitive.

No. 444687

File: 1507142602344.jpg (189.9 KB, 1080x638, vom.jpg)

aaaand we're back to talking about tits. such a creepy fucking man.

No. 444688

I hate you I was about to post that (sarcasm jk ily)

No. 444689


boy, he's really busting out the greatest hits here, isn't he? you could rephrase each of these tweets and you'd essentially end up with what is his entire twitter presence.

No. 444692

Holy crap, he is so obsessed with Jaclyn's tits. He must be really pissed off that she chose Richie over him.

No. 444693

File: 1507143131678.png (662.02 KB, 1060x728, flat as a pancake.png)

we all know how gerg likes them

No. 444695


Wow, I had to check for myself because I was sure you had to be shitting me.
Apparently he's trans non-binary, female at birth, so he fits right up Lameo's alley.

No. 444696

File: 1507143342230.jpg (28.17 KB, 328x497, PictureofDorianGurg.jpg)

I tried my best with my shitty photoshop skills

No. 444698

this is perfect and i love you

No. 444699

File: 1507143521337.gif (3.98 MB, 414x232, 1507004920154.gif)

"Maybe if I show her how endowed I am in this video I clearly want her to watch, she'll forever ditch the hero and get with the zero."

No. 444701


he thinks his constant self deprecating shows people that he's "humble" or "human" or some shit when in reality they're just… weird. and contradictory because he obviously thinks highly of himself to the point that he believes he's a fact-machine and everything he says is the TRUTH and he deserves views and money for just existing and spitting out shitty opinions and content. also, any time someone calls him out on his shitty behavior, he goes into a complete narc rage

i agree, i don't he actually watched the video. but i also think he doesn't understand how to make a video about someone else without making it about himself

No. 444703

keks aside, a haircut that doesn't fall flat on her face makes lainey look so much better and fills out her face

No. 444704

File: 1507143973061.jpg (206.3 KB, 640x444, greatesthits.jpg)

Out just in time for Christmas too!

No. 444707

Yes onion we know

No. 444709

Oh, so you're just an idiot who posts her social media to a thread that Greg stalks?

No. 444710

Not onion, but shift work means I didn't get to keep up with threads and didn't know it was out there. I should have saged

No. 444711


she should keep this look tbh

No. 444712


weren't we not posting ex-related things here bc we know that Grease lurks here and he might see it? she doesn't want anything to do with him

No. 444713

Lmao as if greg wouldn't know this already. Calm your tits

No. 444714

Please no dropping of Shilohs social media accounts. She should be out for good.

No. 444715

You posted things we already know…. Lurk moar faggot

No. 444716

It definitely suits her. From her old usernames she has always been into the whole ~luxury~ aesthetic

No. 444717

and there's no use in posting it in case he doesn't

No. 444718


It's over 5 years since they broke up. She doesn't want to do anything with him. So don't out her social media to threads he stalks. We all know he can't let go of his exes. So don't enable his harassing and stalking.

No. 444719

Actually has anything suggested that he is aware of this? Him going out to LA when she's possibly going there makes me wonder

No. 444720

Well, he’s actually on testorone, so there’s that.

No. 444723

Saging for irrelevancy, but tay is just a higher paying patreon, that's why she gets more attention. Looking through her instagram, you can tell she's not the onions type. www.instagram.com/cakefacetayy/

No. 444725

You mean she's black, anon.

No. 444726

god she could have been so pretty

No. 444728

>he thinks his constant self deprecating shows people that he's "humble" or "human"

This. He never disses himself to the point where it would actually strike a nerve, it's always "LOL LOOK AT HOW GOOFY I AM" usually in relation to his "comedy". He could never be as frank with his skin disease as say, Shane Dawson is with his weight.

No. 444729

That plus her nose. She's just not that cute.

No. 444730

Noses obviously aren't an issue for Greg look at Lainey's and goblincheese's noses. It's fine to be straight and say it's because she's black. Doesn't make us racist, makes Onion racist

No. 444732


I think (or want to believe) she goes back and forth between LA and Canada, LA for music-related business

No. 444733

Why are we blessed with so many wonderful shoops this thread? It's wonderful. Hard to pick what the next OP image should be.

No. 444749

Maybe we should combine them somehow.

No. 444751

I wonder if Greg will try to fuck him. That's his dream come true right? A guy with a pussy? Not to sound transphobic, my brother just got his top surgery 4 months ago, but that's how Greg will see him. He tries to turn all of his girlfriends into dudes, taking away their makeup, shaving their heads, likes them flat chested. Lainey was probably happy and hoping this will finally be a collab she can do without Greg getting all thirsty over them like mercedes but nope. I bet he'll be just as thirsty

No. 444752

By the way, someone know something about the collab with Mercades? I havent seen any video with her

No. 444753


Kek the onion is so predictable.

No. 444754

She posted a video with onion on her channel

No. 444757

Just watched it, he sadly has more chemistry with literally any woman that isn't his wife.
He definitely must wanna bang Mercedes, he has no gain from doing collabs with her channel.

No. 444759

Doesn't she live in LA too? maybe he's visiting her to try to get with her.

No. 444765

onion is on twitch and reading chat, so if any anons want to troll him or watch him quit after 10 minutes cause nobody's watching

No. 444767

File: 1507151790713.jpg (73.17 KB, 315x479, awesomeoniongaming.jpg)

lmao he already scheduled his upcoming twitch streams, so he's really trying to jump on the gamer bandwagon

No. 444768

Is MacnFaggot there?

No. 444770

lol someone asked him if he had seen any good hentai today and he responded

haven't seen macnfaggot yet

No. 444771

Someone asking about when he collab with MacnCheese
He respond he would not cause she was busy, was following people who wants to share photos of his children and was part of a group that throw shit to him (Lolcow)

So this confirm he lurks in here or someone does it for him.

No. 444772

He's not going to get anywhere streaming for only a single hour. most streamers do at minimum 3-4 hours. One hour is fuckibg pathetic.

No. 444773

Becca just donated 1000 bits to him which is like 20 bucks.
What a sad cow, how much money can she pay him.

No. 444774

>people who wants to share photos of his children

I was wondering who he suspects

No. 444775

yeah and it takes a long time to get a decent following and he's not the typical twitch streamer. you now, engaging with the audience, appreciating people, being funny and likeable

No. 444777

He did get butthurt when in the last stream it was revel she follow SR,Billie, JG, etc.

No. 444778

I just remembered Shiloh is in LA …. Could he be going there to impose on her space? Seems like a very fucking gerg/tormenter-of-souls thing to do

No. 444779

lmao his twitch streams are so fucking boring.

No. 444782

Sage for petty

I watch twitch steamers daily, and I’m so pissed he’s trying to be one. Twitch is nothing like YouTube or younow. You have to be engaging, you have to be entertaining, you have to actually enjoy playing games and be good at them. Twitch is for GAMING.

Ps. Under his “setup” - Apple iMac
That’s enough right there to show he doesn’t give a shit about gaming.

No. 444784

they are but at least he responds to some comments

oh of course, I'm so stupid. however I bet he's not giving up on that possible trinity chance yet

No. 444789

that's why I'm not that afraid he's going to be successful there. maybe he stays a few month for the sub money

No. 444790

Drinking game.
Drink anytime she says the following:

I thought SHE preferred THEY pronouns, not HE. She referred to herself as a he several times in this video. Difficult to keep your agender pronoun shit straight when you’re all over the place.

No. 444794

File: 1507153242899.jpg (63.33 KB, 698x395, hfjkghjghjk.jpg)

his head looks huge here.

No. 444796

I love it. Your choice of photos is perfect!

No. 444797

this made me sad for his kids and also made me wanna organize my house

No. 444800

This made me lol

No. 444806


lmao, he has 30 viewers… What a massive internet personality he is!

No. 444808

File: 1507155204483.png (45.68 KB, 217x227, Screenshot 2017-10-04 at 6.12.…)

No. 444811

Who wants to bet Macncheese is gonna have to get some tattoo or write a song to apologize to gurgles now?
Also Lainey actually looks pretty in her pastel video. Not sure if it’s just the lighting but she’s starting to surpass Greg in looks and personality and I’m personally loving it. He won’t be able to handle if she gets a bigger following than him

No. 444815

how does he know for sure she is a farmer?

No. 444817

what is his gamer tag for Overwatch? I wanna see his stats

No. 444818

What did he say?

No. 444821

He didnt say anything about it until now besides Twitch fail exactly in that moment so the milk was interrupted, MacnFaggot said she "used" to see and follow them but that is BS

No. 444822

He said something about how MacnCheese is following someone on twitter that tried to release pics of their kids

No. 444823

nvm I found it… Of course he's a baston main

No. 444824

I can’t sit through this whole thing, but I’ll just say this. He’s really attempting to exploit trans folks for views, to appear as an ally. Half of his ranting sounds immature.

No. 444825

people should be respected if they want to identify as a pineapple. is he serious?

No. 444828


Lol he has zero wins

No. 444829

>Of course he's a bastion main
>total game time is 48 minutes
>played bastion for 11 minutes

No. 444830

We all know at this point that onion specialises is fetishising and taking advantage of minority/less privileged groups, like women and now trans people for about 1 day until he goes back to hating them again in favour of his white straight cis male power fantasy.

No. 444831

Don't try to pick fights, stay on topic.
Is he really serious? I swear each day he says something dumber and dumber

No. 444835

He doesn't, he probably heard that from lurking discordfags because it has been suspected here that she could be a farmer.

No. 444838

Shit anon you're right. She's been in LA recording and she's been very open about it on her social media. He better not be trying anything because she us doing so well.

No. 444840

Macndick definitely self posts here. She loves the attention.

No. 444841

Lames on YouNow.

No. 444843

Sparkleslut in full force. Becca will be next to send lame makeup and tell her what a handsome space prince she is

No. 444844

I'm watching. Gonna give my free roll to another top girl to keep laimey down.

No. 444846

Lame's YouNow 10/4/2017.

-Is done having crushes and no longer even wants a crush.
-We will see her boyfriend buys my clothes video is next week. Lets see what he picks out probably something that isn't her.
-Her next video will be a gender quiz video just like her onion, quiz's on the internet are legit.
-She showed Onion the homphobic youtube ads.
-Confirms that Onion was transphobic at some point but got informed and apologized.

No. 444848

That video will go one of 2 ways, we wait for Greg to dress her like Billie or for Greg to buy her the ugliest clothes possible.

No. 444850

Damn Lame just got triggered, said "No I would never ever dye my hair yellow! It's not going to happen!" Then said she doesn't wanna look like a lemon. She claims to not look at Billies shit but obviously does.

No. 444851

She claims to weight 104

No. 444852

someone asked if she was attracted to other cis men than Greg and after thinking for a moment she said "yes… Keither Sutherland" (also named 2 others I didn't catch) but no one she personally knows. the reaction showed that she must be very careful what she says about men

No. 444855

Bet any money thats what that guy is coming over to collab on. She'll have him do gregs job because greg doesnt want to do anything with her. Pribably pay for her own clothes like a sad sack

No. 444856

A patreon of hers just asked if she checked drama blogs and she answered rudely, ""I already answered this, I know you already know this". With such a bitchy attitude, why do these people continue supporting her.

No. 444858

File: 1507161280533.jpg (6.8 KB, 338x52, oninson.jpg)

Something tells me we will their kids soon.

No. 444859

She lashed out on someone for asking if she was still going to go on T. She responded with "I never said I was planning it! just said I was thinking of it. Stop asking me questions, you'll know if I decide to go on T" Oh no Lainey… You pretending to be trans… Almost is like your other transtrenders will have questions

No. 444860

Wow I think you can actually see him change his viewpoint BECAUSE of google in this.
>Lady says gender being personal preference is "anti-science"
>Onision Googles "gender" to dispute this
>the definition says modern gender isn't scientific
>"it's not anti-science it's… the opposite of science!"

No. 444861

She's so bitchy today must be cause she's getting no YouNow money.

No. 444862

Isn't she always like that kek. she doesn't even look pissed like the other day when gurg was all about macngrease

No. 444863

Lame just admitted to having internalized homophobia LOL!

No. 444864

Can you…. Maybe post more context? not all of us are watching foot be a cunt to people

No. 444865

How tall is she?

No. 444866

She said this because she says sometimes she feels sad about being gay because girls suck, so she imagines this is some kind of internalized homophobia.

No. 444867

I'm going to assume:
"It took me so long to embrace my gayness because society told me that gay people are gross"

No. 444868

becca just dropped a love potion. this pathetic bitch

No. 444869


So it's just like a month ago when she said she'd never ever dye her hair blue and now she has blue hair?

No. 444871

She's like 5'2" or 5'3".

No. 444877

It's jadeeeeee

No. 444879

File: 1507163655882.png (57.81 KB, 219x199, Screenshot 2017-10-04 at 8.32.…)

No. 444880

At 5'3", 104 lbs, Lainey's bmi is 18.4, which means she's .1 away from having the lowest bmi in the normal range.
If she were one pound heavier at 105, her bmi would be 18.6 and "normal."

No. 444882

yeah. only reason she looks more into 'normal' and flabbier than what people usually think of when imagining an 18 BMI is because she's a lazy unfit fuck with zero muscle tone/weight. most of her weight is fat and it fills her out more.

No. 444883

well, the doc did suggest an abortion because of it.

No. 444884

His mom should have taken that advice

No. 444887

File: 1507164681129.png (448.63 KB, 800x398, Screenshot_2017-10-04-17-47-47…)


>I'm attracted to trouble

No. 444888

This fucking cunt.

No. 444890

he'd love the idea of just being in town. if it rattles her enough to affect her work, his game is effective.

No. 444891


He must have a flat pancake ass from sitting on it for too long, it looks deflated from this angle kek

No. 444892

uncontrollable word vomit content warning
It’s interesting to me how so many of his videos sound like he is talking about himself at times, but he’s really just shitting on other people.

No. 444894

I Just found a younow moment where laimey talks about how she found out that she's anemic:


Why am I not surprised that she hasn't been to a doctor with it. God, you take iron pills for a few weeks and then you're okay but she rather does nothing so that she can have another thing why she's a fragile smol bean. Hope this isn't old and the part with doing nothing is my assumption but I doubt that she actually treats it properly

No. 444895

Can you imagine if Onion and Miranda Kanadajin Constable bred?? The eyes would be so fucked it'd be more Dali than Picasso

No. 444901

So in Grease's new video "Responding to an Onision Hater Live" he refers to Sarah as a "minor" because she is 17. Interesting that he has finally faced the truth, that he has fucked minors.

No. 444902

I know it's off topic, but have you ever though about why he hates high-heels? Like, I know that it's because he "CARES" about the subjects feet, but what if he just doesn't like women being higher than him? And it questions his masculinity? :D
Ignore or let me know if I'm being stupid lol(learn 2 sage)

No. 444904

I highly doubt him and Sara have ever done anything, I honestly don't think lainey would allow it and be friends with Sara if something happened because she couldn't even properly share him with billie without throwing fits and shade

No. 444907

Anon meant that he has fucked other girls (Lainey and I think Shiloh) while they were 17

No. 444908

I think he should have a baby onion potato with foreverkailyn

No. 444910

File: 1507168327586.jpg (8.64 KB, 368x158, 71782030.jpg)

Jokes aside he has to be actually autistic though, right? Because I never saw someone who doesn't understand the simplest of sarcasm and jokes like idubbbz has in his videos. (That aside everyone who watched 5 minutes of a idubbbz video knows that dude is taking the piss outta himself just as much as he does on others)
And not just that, but Grease is so high on definitions and everything that isn't 'literal' totally renders him into completely confusion and leads to a narc rage about "him being right and everyone else is wrong!". Like SR's art videos like the 'dear future girlfriend one', for greasy boy they are real because there is no way SR was writing a script and acting no "it is totally real and this guy is proud to be an abuser!!!!"

No. 444912

Yeah, we've already been over this a few times; he's insecure about his height, so he lies about it, wears lifts, and shames tall women.

Sage posts like that.

No. 444913

File: 1507168901865.png (78.44 KB, 750x451, IMG_4717.PNG)

> RT if you're naive enough to think basing your self esteem on the approval of hebephile is a smart idea

> To all my brainwashed, low IQ fans who provide narcissistic supply to me, thank you for providing the praise I was fishing for

No. 444914

Does he still care about/keep up with Shiloh?

No. 444916

He stalks all of his exes if he can, so yes probably.

No. 444917

I know i said the same thing a few threads ago but Social repose wasnt bragging but he definitely is and do the thing he said in Dear Future Girlfriend
That was the reason why Grug throw Richie under the bus.

No. 444924

honestly how many more of these pointless, offensive for the sake of relevancy videos are we going to have to endure. just show your fucking kids or fly an 18 year old out already

No. 444927

okay lets be real, both greg and social repose are losers. Yeah, Richie wasn't being serious with that dear future girlfriend video he made in response to Ayalla's Dear Future boyfriend one and it's fucking retarded that Greg thought he was, but it still wasn't a cool thing to do. He's basically mocking the girl. In a different video he even admitted that a lot of what Ayalla said in her video was accurate, so him making that video was just kind of stupid and edgelord bs and it was honestly a cop out to call it art. He just wanted to get back at her by acting like she was a joke.

No. 444928

File: 1507173619677.png (436.43 KB, 957x583, a smug onion.png)

>Lets google 'self harm tattoo'. What the heck is that? Oh I see, it's people trying to cover up the ugly. Hahaha! What? By the way patreons here's a bloody naked chick. That's why you're patreons, to see random hor… Yeah okay. Self harm much, Jesus.

>Here is a self harm tattoo, "Let me help" and it's a butterfly sewing up…. SO EMO!

>"I'll learn exactly how to put up a fight" It looks like you smeared poop, is that what a self harm scar looks like? Poop?

>Ah that's creative. See they cut themselves and then they tattooed around the cut like it's…. Hahaha. Too bad the actual tattoo artist was the worst.

>They got a fighter ribbon for slashing themselves up? I mean if a soldier who runs on the battlefield and shoots himself in the face is a 'fighter' then yeah, you're a fighter.

>Ohh!, this persons a warrior because you've seen the war. The war of emo!

>"Heaven can wait" What does that even mean? What are you talking about?

>We'll just put a bird cage over… what? It would make more sense if you had a bunch of cats climbing your arm because they would be slashing it as they go. That would actually give you a lot of cool points.

>Why do self harmers get a ribbon? Ribbons are for like people who died in war or people who get breast cancer. Not people who take a razor and go makes retard sound and face while pretending to cut himself. Come on.

>"Love yourself" See that's finally a tattoo that makes sense. Cause they got sick of slashing up their wrist so like you know what - I'm gonna take a needle and I'm gonna poke myself a thousand times to establish that I should love myself.

>"Stay strong" See this is getting close to home. I got the "Remember Love". Ro-ro-ro-me-b-b-b-er Love. We all have our struggles.

>"Fighter" laughs

>"You are art" What they hell is with your skin? It's like a snakes skin that's about to peal off. Is it because you slashed it so many times it wrinkles weird.

>Butterfly "Believe" Self harmers really like butterflies, have you noticed that?

>What the fuck is that arm? Serious question. What is that? Does that belong to a baby because it looks like… are you harming a baby?

>"Love Yourself" Can you imagine being the tattoo artist. Pretends to be tattoo artist while saying whoops a lot and hitting bumps God this is hard to tatt… god, hit another bump.

>Why the hell did you get a ribbon? Cancer patients get ribbons! Not you! You know what you get, accountability. That's what you get.

>Oh my god, yet another ribbon, Jesus. That's how we over come things - by making ourselfs the victim so we can't fix the problem. Now you open up to people and say 'Hey I made a mistake. I did this to myself." That's when you take responsibility and that's when you start growing.

>What even is that? How is that a thing? It's just a bunch of dots.

>Okay, this tattoo I dig. Very good on you. Two kitties, it's bomb as hell.

>"The past can leave scars but the future will plaster over (Onion reads over as 'yeak') What?

>"No Lies, just love" That's the tattoo that I… You know what I'm talking about. Yeah, you guys know. I don't even have to finish that sentence. You know what exactly I'm talking about. See, it's not a bad tattoo. It's a good tattoo. Haha. I'm insane. Really? I'm the psycho?

>Yeah, that tattoo is kinda dope except for the butterfly wings. Those look awful. I really like that font. It looks like something you'd see on a brick wall in the middle of the ghetto. Also the daddy's girl thing you cake monster. Winks then laughs I'm attracted to trouble.

No. 444929

i always think about this but i don't wanna said it bc it'd be rude to autistic people (and that's not a joke).

No. 444930

Sage your stupidity.

I'm no Richie but apparently Ayalla has no problem with that video because, if anything, it demonstrates self awareness that few fuckboys have. Yeah sure, he's still a dick, but get over the fucking art video.

It's also irrelevant - SR can be a massive cow and it's not relevant to the Onion thread.

No. 444931

Sage goes in the email field and this ain't the Richie thread.

No. 444932

I think he's insulted that we criticised his and Lainey's tattoos so he's taking it out on self-harmers.

Jesus fucking Christ, what a blight on the world he is.

No. 444933

wait he got a tattoo too?

No. 444935

im the one who bought the laineybot.com domain and ive been getting emails from GoDaddy saying that someone is trying to contact me through customer service and that I should place an email on my site. kek

No. 444939


>Butterfly "Believe" Self harmers really like butterflies, have you noticed that?

Greg loves butterflies too! From his novella, This Is Why I Hate You, we get this GEM:

>I skipped class so I wouldn't miss him walking to his next class. I specifically chose a section of my school where he had physically touched my girlfriend before. I said: "John, you ready to hurt?" I intentionally wore a trenchcoat and all black that day. Normally I didn't wear that coat but I wanted to make myself appear much larger than I was. This was a strategy I learned from butterflies.

No. 444941

you should make an email address, like imnotsellingyouthedomain or something kek

No. 444944

I don't think it's about height. I think the idea of a girl acting "unnaturally" to appear sexier to men is absolutely disgusting to him. Women should be pure angels until he approaches them.
never mind his entire poon-thirsty persona

No. 444945

lol yessss make one I want to see what onion boy emails you

No. 444948

File: 1507176155592.jpg (757.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171004_215147.jpg)

Taylor is legit mental.

>Billie posts pic set September 22

>uses sunflower emoji
>has shoulder length hair
>bangs swept to her left

A day ago
>Lainey posts picture
>wearing sunflower headband
>Wearing a shoulder length wig
>bangs cut the same length
>swiped left

Also, slight tinfoil
>Billie's hair is yellow
>makeup is orange
>sun emoji

Lainey's photo caption:
it’s cold in the shade, let’s move to the sun…


No. 444950


Yes but also Lainey has said her fav flower is a sunflower.

No. 444951

File: 1507176270804.jpg (7.49 KB, 300x243, Cat-with-hoodie.jpg)

>Complains about bird cage tattoo

>Suggests a bunch of cats slashing up their arm instead

>That'd actually give you a lot of cool points!

I swear, this man just physically can't go a day without being an asshole or else he'll shrivel up into the rotten onion he is.

No. 444953

But a week later after Billie did it first, anon…

It looks like she straight up used Billie's bangs as a reference to cut her wig. She's copied Billie's style so many times. She did "husband dyes my hair" like 2 weeks after Billie titled hers the same thing except boyfriend instead of husband. Its not a coincidence anymore.

No. 444955

I actually don't think that Lainey is trying to copy Billies day-by-day moves. It's more like she's just trying to be like her, which is basically any generic alt girl, because she knows Greg likes it. She's obviously just desperate for his attention/love

No. 444956

Right now he's collecting tweets of despo fans claiming he cured them of their cutting habits right now while also tweeting about how cutters should be put in padded cells.

That's how he justifies being an arsehole day in, day out - by having fans build up his messiah complex.

I'm beginning to hate his enabling fans as much as him.

No. 444957


He and his ex-wife used to own cats together, think about it.

No. 444958

File: 1507177556776.png (1.16 MB, 1440x1404, Screenshot_2017-10-04-23-23-42…)

kek. gotta publicly compliment her to keep the bux rolling in

No. 444960


Mr. Krabbs explains it all. Too much lard in your brain, Becca!

No. 444963

Is he poking fun at her? It seems like he may be making fun of the fact that she's paying him to like her.

No. 444964

Probably. You just know in his head he thinks shes a fat ugly cunt who he is tricking into giving him shitloads of money. Hes loving that an idiot is paying him tons of money just for him to lie to her face about her not being fat and giving her some compliments. It's feeding his narc brain. But he 100% thinks shes the biggest moron for doing it, and thinks hes some genius for being able to manipulate people into giving him money.

He can't even hold back posting that gif showing that he only gives a shit about her for the money because its so hard for him to not insult people. I wondered why she always was guested on his younow streams all the time, and realized she must be dropping a butt ton of money on him. Otherwise she would never be guested because he hates ugly fat man-looking chicks.

No. 444965

extreme reach lol

No. 444967

I really agree with all the anons that said Lainey looks wayyyy better with the softer lavender hair! It also looks way better that length. When she did the MLP palette on her "beauty" channel she used two soft colors and it actually didn't come out super terrible. Then she haphazardly took the lighter color off and added a way darker purple and it looked awful. She just needs to learn what fits her: lighter/softer/more subtle eyeshadow colors will look better since she sucks at blending, lighter and longer hair, and NOT super dark lipstick. She should learn what flatters her which is the soft/subtle style. I think we've pretty much established that her harsh features make the "emo" side of the alt look a terrible choice for her! Inb4 "don't give her suggestions to make her look better!!" Grease is sick of her, she could do whatever she pleases to her makeup/hair and because she's not an 18 year old fresh victim, it wouldn't help. So she may as well look nicer.

Also, side note, Billie looks terrible with the yellow hair. I actually like Billie and follow her insta, but that hair is very white trash looking and bad with her skin tone.

Becca must feel really special when the guy she pays a ton to tell her she isn't fat acknowledges her in a way that any normal human would be embarrassed by. That tweet is essentially: Hey Becca, you're cool! Now that I've helped your horrid self esteem will you keep throwing cash at me??

Greg, stop fooling yourself. Your "honesty" has a price tag.

No. 444968

ot but I thought the butterfly giving stitches was heartwarming and cute

No. 444984

File: 1507183499121.png (1.42 MB, 1200x775, greggywise.png)

this isn't real enough for you, lainey? i'm not real enough for you?

No. 444985


Wait, i cant tell if this is an original picture of pennywise or if this is gurgs face edited into a picture of pennywise. Guess I never noticed the uncanny similarities until just now.

No. 444987




No. 444988

it's greg's eyes, mouth and chin on pennywise's face. i understand the confusion between them though, one of them is a demonic narcissistic child predator and the other one is pennywise the clown

No. 444989

Don't feel bad Anon, I couldn't tell it was shopped either except for the background. kek

Either really good shoop or real ugly douche nugget

No. 444990

File: 1507185267345.png (811.9 KB, 1120x612, long lost twins.png)

it's bits of these two photos smooshed together, they look so similar i only had to rotate his face a lil bit and move his left eye like 20 pixels across for a perfect match

No. 444991

dont do pennywise like this it aint fair anon

No. 444992

Best comment in the thread so far anon!

No. 444995

Anyone that can sit through one of his gross videos long enough to transcribe this BS, you’re all saints. It’s nice to be able to read it and not hear his gross opinions. It’s almost tolerable.

No. 444996

it's probably one of the onions lmfaoo, what are the chances they called the number on the site. how perfect

>one of them is a demonic narcissistic child predator and the other one is pennywise the clown

i fucking choked anon ily

No. 444997

I honestly couldn’t even tell this wasn’t just Pennywise. His demented face fits the image that well.

No. 445014

Came to thread for underrated comment.
5/5 would chuckl again.

No. 445016

fucking gold, truly.
that book is filled Greg's own fantasies and delusions of grandeur. Also showcases how 'fucked up' he is; but he attempts to frame it as edgy and badass.

It's deeply embarrassing, and I highly recommend it. People have read it in full on youtube, and I really enjoyed it.

No. 445017

Is it bad that I'd rather see Gregma's tiny saggy nuts and flat pimply ass than his own children? I will feel profound sadness seeing those children being exploited by their own father (and doormat mother) as an ulterior motive for views and extra dough. :(

No. 445021

File: 1507192639421.png (134.36 KB, 350x290, 2010.png)

didn't gurg at some point say that they're going to show the kids when they're old enough to "consent" to be in a video?
we all know how gurg feels about "age of consent"

more like internalized sexism if anything.. or you know, just being an asshole

No. 445023

I can’t comprehend why Gerg thinks he can sit upon a pedestal and berate people who have tattoos over their self harm. I know that some people here have negative opinions about thise who have self harmed in the past and some people who get certain tattoos over them, but I think that it’s real fucking rich of Gerg to consider himself important enough to make a video criticizing and making some jokes that are incredibly poor taste about strangers who just have pictures of their tattoos online. None of them sent these pictures to him. He literally just looked up shit on the internet.

I find it interesting that he didn’t search “self harm cover up tattoos” and instead made sure to search the stuff that would be the easiest to make fun of. He’s truly an immature manchild who is incapable of empathy towards others.

No. 445041

File: 1507204600558.png (125.81 KB, 353x564, Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 6.02…)


sage for no milk

No. 445042

I haven't seen any self-proclaimed SJWs that are more sexist than laimey and gurg. they don't even fully understand basic gender or feminist topics

No. 445044

In Lainey's last video people are already calling out all her bs about being agender. It was about time.

No. 445046

Good. It really grinds my gears how she (and her ilk) appropriate the oppression of people who are actually suffering. Like, here's the bottom line for her: She's a married white woman with two children who lives in one of the whitest, upscale parts of the United States, and has a financial income that many people in the US will only be able to ever dream of. She is not gay, lesbian, bi, or trans or any other sexuality if she is doing nothing to actually exist as one of those things. She is not oppressed AT ALL, in any way. (Except by living with Greg, but that has nothing to do with her Oppression Olympics attention whoring for asspats.) I wish her coven of sycophants would wake the hell up.

No. 445047

(Uploading so you guys only have to deal with 10 seconds of his bullshit)

>"No Lies, just love" That's the tattoo that I… You know what I'm talking about. Yeah, you guys know. I don't even have to finish that sentence. You know what exactly I'm talking about. See, it's not a bad tattoo. It's a good tattoo. Haha. I'm insane. Really? I'm the psycho?

This was totally about the tattoo he wanted Billy to get. Somehow he thinks this proves that he wasn't totally crazy for demanding her to get it.

No. 445048

I am so glad someone is watching these videos and telling what it in them. The snippets of his psyche that are revealed are pretty much exactly like turning over a rock and seeing all the maggots squirming around underneath.

No. 445049

pissed me off so much he cant talk shit about people getting self harm tattoos but then forcing a girl to a tattoo about being a liar is totally okay in his mind. god i fucking hate gerg

No. 445051

File: 1507208902661.png (212.37 KB, 1082x794, Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 15.0…)

This is all old milk, but just for the sake of confirmation - Sarah is at the Mansion again.

Lainey did a carpool karaoke (holy shit that must have been awful), and it's featuring Sarah. It's on her $25+ Patreon perk so it was never released on her channels.

No. 445052

Now if only Grease would apply actual context to the shit he says instead of the sugar coated bullshit he pushes out to make himself look better.

No. 445053

Lainey if you’re reading this, you should buy Greg a VR headset for Christmas, then he can pretend you’re a harley quinn anime loli and might actually love you.

No. 445057

Aren't most of the people tattooing over the scars former cutters who are now moving on with their lives? This is like making fun of fat people at the gym. What is his fucking point? What is the point of his existence?!

No. 445062

This is hilarious. Can you tell from the usage stats if any searches have been coming in from Washington state?

No. 445069

File: 1507212437243.jpg (143.27 KB, 521x535, 2lREJX0.jpg)

I know he's catering to his own agenda (get more attention from a popular, controversial topic amongst 10-18 year olds aka fanbase) but how can you really believe someone suffered from legitimate suicidal behavior and was cured by you?

I know this is Greg we're talking about but how can you not see this is just horomonal, internet-dependent tweens over dramatizing?

No. 445070

Its an ugly tattoo too. Onision has poor taste

No. 445071


When will this fruit stop writing emails to himself …

No. 445072

File: 1507214204572.png (26.2 KB, 693x324, desperate.png)

onion cries about being alone in LA again despite the fact that he knew it before. I'm actually almost convinced he never had a person to collab with for this trip and just used it as an excuse to go to LA

No. 445074

…stop going to LA then? He keeps insulting LA and saying there is no one to collab with but still goes there. The purpose of going there was collabs, not to get away from your annoying wife and kids. Guess he forgot.

No. 445075


As someone who actually self harmed: Seems absolutely legit! You know, just watch an Onision Video and boom! all the self hatred and depression is gone and your life is immediately wonderful.

Greg, we know its you who wrote that.

No. 445076


I mean I know personally, I love it when people are condescending and asshole-y about my mental health and previous self harm. Don't you? All you need is Lord Greggles to set you right again, with his rambling analogies and patronizing advice.

This fucking guy.

No. 445077

He's such a garbage human. Not understanding a range of emotions and coping mechanisms. He thinks he's better than people because he didn't harm himself. I really doubt he's ever felt more than a shallow sadness for himself.

No. 445078


There's a decent amount of people that say Onion's ~honesty~ about self-harm and ~~healthy bodies~~ actually made their issues WORSE. But you'll never catch Onion show casing them, no, they're just liars and haters (tm).

No. 445079

As if no one has heard anyone say self-harm is stupid or gross. Does he think people watch his videos and go "Really??? it's dumb? Ohhh i thought it was smart. But now I learned its dumb so I will stop! Thanks onision!"

The most common response i see to mental illness is someone being ignorant and telling you to just stop doing it. Why does he think this is revolutionary? Why don't therapists just laugh at their patients and call them dumb and tell them their scars are ugly to solve their depression/self harming then. What an idiot. Anyone who is saying his insane bullying tactics helped cure their self-harming/depression clearly never had a problem with it in the first place.

No. 445080

all these years of therapy and medication were a waste. i just needed to hear a festering, narcissistic goblin with cancer of the superego tell me i'm dumb and now i'm cured! mental illness whom?

No. 445081

just throwing out that his wife lameo. has a degree. in psychology. and he makes videos like that. I'm absolutely sure that she had ghostwriters from that shady site he promoted to do all her term papers, or otherwise she would have had given him some input on mental illness so that he could educate his ass on the topic

No. 445082


Nonono anon, she "has no control over what he does, he's not like that in real life".

Either she knows and doesn't care, or doesn't know (making her degree a farce) AND doesn't care.

No. 445083


Or maybe she is scared of him and thats why she wont say anything.

No. 445084


Possible, but she barely says "I don't agree with it" and justifies everything he says and does. It's one thing to be afraid to say anything, it's another to outright justify it.

No. 445085

She doesn't care because it doesn't hurt or affect her. Other people getting hurt? Who cares! Lameo's friends/family getting hurt? Again, who cares! Lameo getting hurt? Omg guys how dare you! End of the world! Feel bad for her!

Can't wait for her attempts for sympathy after he eventually dumps her. Shes going to use her kids as sympathy points just like the billie situation. I really want the onion vs lameo drama to happen already because I hate both of them so it will just be fun to watch.

No. 445086

me too, the pathetic drama would be hilarious. on the other hand they definitely deserve each other and it would be great to know that onion's stuck with lameo for many more years

No. 445087

I'm pretty sure that's bright eyes lyrics so not only does he have shit-tier taste in tattoos he's also still on some teen angst bullshit

No. 445088

if he stopped going to LA he would have to stop trying to make Shiloh feel unsafe and he won't ever do that. There's no other logical reason for him to go there, whenever he cheats he just brings them to the grease mansion and does it right in front of Lainey. You'd think saving money would include plane tickets but again, not if it means not harassing Shiloh. He only started going there once people here started posting about her amazing progress. I fucking hate this guy and I'm legit so glad the IRS is fucking their shit up. And I'm glad when Greg cheated on Shiloh when Lainey was underage, the same is happening to her.

No. 445089

He truly thinks people getting outraged~ about what he says means it must be radically truthful. I'm willing to bet money he sustained a brain injury when he was in the 4th grade and just never matured beyond that point. Imagine having that big ass fucking basketball head of his and have it being filled only with bacteria and gas.

No. 445090

Yeah you don't even need to put an email because the lifeofonion site doesn't list one and they can't get that taken down either and it's contents are worse so

No. 445091

I think he has to go to LA. Isn't it part of his patreon rewards?

No. 445092

Holy fuck, the sheer amount of cringe that video must be. I'm kind of hoping a brave soul rips that shit for us and mirrors it.

No. 445093

File: 1507218032396.png (937.6 KB, 1000x732, i dont believe that mans ever …)

peeling the onion with dr gurg

No. 445094


It's a Patreon goal that he says pledge money is supposed to go towards. But if no one wants to collab, then I think it's time to change the goal.
No one is going to argue wasting money that could be spent on your 150k+ debt Onionboy

No. 445095

if anything, he makes my depression worse.

No. 445097

He never even reached the goal. Hes only 80% there. And when he reaches it it says fly to LA for collabs once a month. Didn't he already go twice last month? And this month just started and hes going. Hes clearly not fulfilling patreon shit. Hes doing it cause he wants to.

No. 445099

Calm your tits Anon, it have been posted information about Shiloh before and it wasnt until now he goes to L.A, Grug is a fuck up but there isnt any evidence he is at her widow stocking her
So stop with you cringe panic attacks over her.
He probably doesnt want to admit vacations are necesary and mostly cause he want vacations from space Prince and his spawns

No. 445101

Wait what, is he still in LA or did he seriously go there again? What an idiot. Go home Onion, nobody wants you down there.

No. 445102

Is it really that hard to believe anon?

Also sage your shit.

No. 445103


I think he went again

No. 445104

File: 1507219686215.png (136.44 KB, 600x900, learn to.png)

>at her widow stocking her

No. 445105

Those theories are almost has dumb has the paranormal shit.
If he would stock someone i hardly doubt is Shiloh, it is fucking cringe your crippling anxiety~ over her

Gonna sage until you get over ur shit.(learn 2 sage)

No. 445106

I'm not even the original anon you responded too you fucking moron, Learn to sage and fucking spell. Jesus christ why are you so upset at the mention that he might stalk* shiloh in LA? Perhaps theres a grain of truth in it and you're here trying to deflect. I'm just going to assume this is someone from the mcmansion or the discord faggots.

No. 445107


oh that could be another reason why he made the amount private, but i think the main reason is to hide the fact that he makes a ton of money with it so he can beg for more without people calling him out

No. 445109

She wasn't posted for a reason, you're using cringe wrong you dumb cunt. He's stalked* all of his exes very fucking openly, there's evidence he obviously stalks Billie, Skye, and Adrienne. So it's just magic he starts going to LA for literally *no reason*, wasting his time and money, at the exact same time he starts hearing Shiloh is doing well? Suck my dick.

Fucking seriously. It has to be someone related to them, the out of touch language only helps prove it.

No. 445113


I am actually working towards my hours to be a fully licensed psychologist. An undergrad in psychology won't teach you shit. It's all theories and any undergrad acting like their degree means anything other than a nice way to apply to grad school needs to stfu. A Master's plus a licencing exam is the bare minium to enter the field in order to practice.

No. 445121

Does anyone else think Onion pays his exes or makes them sign something to say they can't talk about him? Why do they stay quiet and not spill tea?

No. 445122


If I had an EX like Onion, I would be ashamed to ever talk about that time of my life again.

No. 445123

Not so much now but consider how big his fanbase was back in the day, Nobody could speak up really because his fans pretty much harassed the shit out of them. Shiloh tried to speak up, Billie did speak up because he didn't have as much power as he did back in the shiloh days.

No. 445125


I think they just want nothing to do with him ever again and/or are ashamed to be associated with a lunatic like onion.

No. 445127


Him making guests sign NDAs has been brought up before, but I think if he did that sort of thing someone would be bound to laugh about it and then leak the info (thinking about Jaclynn mainly).

If Billie or anyone was to make a video/do an interview, not only would she get harassment from his remaining fans, but people who hate Onision would probably mock her for ever going to him in the first place (neverthe less several returns)

It just feeds him attention too, not worth it

No. 445128

Not sure how this is relevant to Plainey, since she hasn't tried to pass off as an expert? Or were you just trying to brag?

No. 445130

Not stock anon, but yeah you guys do Sound kinda paranoid, theres a difference between "stalking" people on social media and following them in real life. Sure he might WANT to but no way he would actually do it.
And no im not someone from the mcmansion kek

No. 445131


Onion has bragged about her having a degree before, but it's more relevant in the sense that Onion gives "advice" to people with eating disorders and self-harm issues by belittling and shaming them. Someone like Plainey, who has a psych degree, should know how harmful and total BS his methods and claims are.

Instead, she supports what he does.

No. 445132

I agree, this is reaching in my opinion. Yes, he can't stop talking about his exes, stalk their social media and brag about having exes like a teenager but I think that's all. He's mental but in a different way. Also he's much more hoping for a teen pussy and Shiloh is not the alt girl type anymore

No. 445133

I think if he is willing to fly to LA and stalk her, he would have prob figured out how to do a simple Google search to find her Insta long before the link was posted here. No one shared any top secret info. No, I don't think it should be plastered everywhere, but mainly so his "fans" don't harass her. That way if they do want to be dicks they have to work for it a little bit.

No. 445136

yeah tbh until you practice or are at the masters level you really don't know shit. psych undergrad has NO field work requirements, she knows theories at best but not how to apply them to a real life situation

i think they were referring to how many people expect plainey to be able to psychoanalyze greg's shit. a SMART person even without a degree would be able to spot onion tactics from miles away. but lainey is not fucking smart. i don't get why people post here expecting that out of her.

No. 445138

He still mentions her from time to time in videos. I think it was just last year he went on a sperg fest about him pushing her into the frame of a doorway. He will always stay obsessed. Especially since she looks good as fuck now.

No. 445139

>Especially since she looks good as fuck now.

It's amazing how they all look pretty great before they get with him (because their cuteness is what attracts him to them), then he sucks the life out of them because he's such a shitty person and makes them miserable, then they perk right up again (like a phoenix from the ashes) once they escape. It's happened with literally every ex we know about.

Taylor, you can be cute again if you want!!

No. 445141

anon was just telling the other anon that she isn't an expert bc of so and so

The whole point of the anon before that was to say that she doesn't have to "know how harmful and BS his methods are". It's just an undergrad degree. Either way, it's not that surprising that she's not voicing out her own opinion against him

No. 445142

File: 1507225837259.png (48.46 KB, 218x205, Screenshot 2017-10-05 at 1.43.…)

No. 445144

File: 1507226315157.png (610.13 KB, 750x1334, 75967332-04EF-41E7-9B2B-CD6F0B…)

her eyebrows trigger me

No. 445145

File: 1507226434325.png (782.01 KB, 820x461, just no.png)

wow that's really bad. the way she applies eyeliner gives me physical pain. it gets longer and longer and you think "no, stop it"

the blush doesn't fit her skin tone at all but she doesn't get what colors to use

No. 445147

I love how she adds music over cause she's talking to Sarah in this vid

No. 445149

applying the highlighter all over her golbin nose too, jesus christ she should ACTUALLY get her makeup done at sephora to see how much of a fuckup she is

No. 445150

We get it… she sucks

No. 445152

File: 1507227071678.jpg (77.73 KB, 911x493, G9xgovl.jpg)

please stop complaining about her makeup skills each time. it bloats the thread and it's boring as fuck. We all know she's shit at literally everything she does.

Anyways, if anyone is interested here's a screenshot greaselord posted about someone attempting to get free stuff off of him.

No. 445153

File: 1507227136761.png (614.35 KB, 750x1334, 1C4A7460-6DB0-429A-8187-424306…)

how close plainey is to having a breakdown and shaving her head

No. 445154

He 100 % made tallvideos sign an NDA so I wouldn't put it past him

No. 445156


That is the most legit thing I have ever seen out of all legit things.

But really, hasn't this kid ever thought about, you know, just NOT having cancer? Cancer isn't healthy, so just stop. It's dumb.

No. 445157

you'll probably disagree, but i don't mind the (saged) critiques of her makeup since it means i dont have to watch the videos. she has a whole channel dedicated to makeup, should we just post the videos and then not talk about them?

No. 445158

File: 1507227630185.png (19.87 KB, 670x271, Screenshot 2017-10-05 at 2.17.…)

I get the feeling the makeup discussion may persist so please feel free to vote in this strawpoll and we'll settle it.

Sage and sorry for meta post.


No. 445159

I personally think her beautybot channel should be discussed in /snow. Her beautybot really doesn't serve a big role in the onision drama, ya feel?

No. 445160

yeah it kind of turns this place into GuruGossiper. Someone should make a thread about her on there.

No. 445161



No. 445162

File: 1507227991302.jpg (15.43 KB, 320x392, lameowing.jpg)

one more thing, how long will it take until she finally makes the lines cross

I think a thread in snow is a good idea since some anons like to discuss the make up

No. 445163

if we can talk about onisions dumb ass opinions on his speaks videos, then why can't we talk about lainey's dumbass make up skills? this makes no sense

No. 445164


why does mandy type like that tho

No. 445165

Because 20+ comments on how shitty her eyebrows are can get tiring to scroll through esp they don't sage. I personally think just a thread for her beautybot channel in /snow would be better. There isn't much milk on there about onision or any drama… it's just makeup.. At least onion's stupid opinions have milk that can be discussed.

No. 445166

wish she would just give her palettes to billie who would make better use of them

No. 445168

I agree that a Beautybot /snow/ thread would be a wonderful compromise. I'd have no problem uploading her Beautybot videos over there instead if a thread was made.

No. 445170


What kinda of shit parent would let their 12 year old child watch Onision videos…

That's probably how he got cancer in the first place.

No. 445173

the issue is not the rehosting of vids. rehosting is a good idea for those who are interested in her makeup failures. the issue is the bloating of the grease thread with this boring makeup crap.

i agree that a snow thread would be the best compromise.

No. 445174

File: 1507229164410.png (20.34 KB, 694x314, mTbYUvE.png)

No. 445176

I know I shouldn't have laughed at that, but damn anon

No. 445177

Sorry, I really can't into eyebrows, could you pinpoint for me what's wrong with them?

No. 445178

File: 1507229876103.jpg (18.62 KB, 792x105, cap.JPG)

No. 445179


if we do that, this threads will be dead (till a new tragedy happens and onion tweets edgy shit, of course.)

No. 445180


fucking rat sarah must have showed the onions a link. always lurking. i doubt they can do something about it though, keep ignorint that shit kek.

No. 445181


Doesn't have to be her though. Farmers were posting the url on her younow a couple of days ago, too.

No. 445182

No they can't, the site owner doesn't even have to give an email, as mentioned the lifeofonion site doesn't have contact and that site they couldn't get taken down either

No. 445186

File: 1507232088396.png (53.7 KB, 218x227, Screenshot 2017-10-05 at 3.33.…)

No. 445190

Jfc he's so over the top cringe.

No. 445191

File: 1507233306227.jpg (26.82 KB, 789x412, takeashoteverytimeoniontweetsa…)

I don't think he knows how to not talk about boobs

No. 445192

I cannot even imagine the hell that must be going on in Lainey's head.

No. 445193


Younow clip of lainey, the context was someone asked her what job she can get with her degree. She scoffs and says none unless she gets her master's which she might.

No. 445194

File: 1507233764001.png (60.91 KB, 221x218, Screenshot 2017-10-05 at 4.00.…)

No. 445195

it's 2017 and he didn't include ass? smh grow up

No. 445196

She could become a school counselor.

No. 445197

fuckin lol

is it possible skye moved to LA as well at some point?

No. 445198

Goddamnit is that second picture an anime girl?

No. 445200

I'll be honest, I peak in on Onion drama, but never watched one of his videos. This is the first time. So my question is - has he always been this unfunny and retarded? Is this the quality that can make you cash?

No. 445201


Yes and it doesn't make cash as well as it used to.

No. 445202

is he getting even more retarded? of course he had to include that joke about amanda todd not being beautiful. she died at the age of 15 but our edgelord just has no shame and respect

No. 445203

Kek, a youtuber called Brad Mondo has been pretty viral recently (151k subscribers in the past 31 days according to social blade) doing "HAIRDRESSER REACTS" videos to people dying or bleaching their hair. Onion is trying to copy this with absolutely 0 shame. The difference is Brad is actually a little constructive and not just a total dick with his reactions. And is a professional hair stylist.

Onion man is literally to shove squares through circular holes. Whatever fits for others MUST fit for him!!!

No. 445204

Who cares greg stop digging, stop stalking your ex's and if not Greg stop it why so focused when there's no way she wants anything to do with him

No. 445205

File: 1507234866519.png (429.66 KB, 566x618, amanda todd.png)

>Guys, "Please share Amanda Todds heart breaking story. Bullying doesn't just ruin lives, it takes them. Rest in Peace…." I can't say that next part because it isn't true. OH NO! Why did I start reading?! Now I'm screwed. King of honesty can not back down or lie.

Also half of the video wasn't even about bleached hair. Makes jokes about Airplane (1980) and Hulk Hogan. He is totally stuck in his teenage 'whoa, so edgy' mentality.

No. 445206

no wonder he doesn't gain any new fans. they don't get those references anymore

No. 445208


She's in film now so… -shrugs-

No. 445210

how is he not embarrassed of his content

muh tits
muh anime girls

No. 445214

is that the dude who reacted to tana moogoo's hair extensions?
cause that was p funny

No. 445215


No. 445216

lamo's skin tone looks worse than Luna Slaters.

No. 445221


She must be poppin' pills or stabbing herself with needles while Cucky or Sarah's watching the kids kek

No. 445223


If he hates women changing themselves in any way (weight change, make up, boob job) and wants them in their “natural form,” why does hair dying get a pass?

He loved Billie and she dieted, dyed her hair, loved makeup, had piercings, etc.

I know it comes down to a control thing but ???

No. 445224

Brad is an actual sweetheart and always complimenting the people he reacts to, Greg is just a fucking asshole. But now that you mention it, you're 100% right about him trying to ride on that success. Too bad Brad is a pro and knows what he's talking about. I want him to react to Lainey's hair videos.

No. 445226

He gets so fixated on whatever hes using to beat someone down that he loses all awareness of how insane it makes him look.

Imagining having a fight over insensitive remarks you made about someone's bewbs and then everyday for weeks you wake up thinking about how right you are about the boobs and about the latest way you're going to do that.

It must play on repeat inside his head constantly. "Small boobs good. Big boobs bad. Saggy boobs make me sad, healthy boobs don't sag. Boobs no matter, so why make boobs big. Everyone knows. Everyone agrees. Make poll to show that."

No. 445227


Lol putting this out before his wife goes blonde.

No. 445228

lbr, cucky doesn't watch his kids.
these kids only see sarah.

No. 445230

hair dying can be fixed/changed quickly, he only cares about changes that would affect him in the long-term as a partner. I think he's one of those people that really cares how people view HIS girlfriend, so he brushes Lainey aside as to not be embarrassed by her.

No. 445231

Loved? That's a stretch.

No. 445232

Billie was a new plaything pretty much, he slowly changes them overtime. He went after her and kept going back to her because she was "hot" and he actually likes his girls stick thin and would tell whoever he's with they needed to lose weight. He only cares if it disturbs his idea of sexy and how he wants his girls, the shaving heads and wall chaining are his extream ways of getting them to be submissive when they do something he doesn't like, he gets off on control and degrading when his ego is bruised..he then showers them with gifts after his outbursts because he knows throwing money at young girls they will take his crap

No. 445233

Loved in the only way a narc can, which we usually call "wanted ownership of"

No. 445235

I kinda laughed when he showed the two girls from Red Velvet.

No. 445248

I love Brad to bits also Anon, I meant the same as doubt I think I worded it wrong. He's currently small enough that his critiquing of plain wouldn't really benefit the onions, but he'd be much nicer than she deserves and also would end up giving her great advice.

No. 445253

And she was bleached blonde for a long time before she become an agender space prince.

No. 445254

Wow this one is very psychologically telling.
I don't follow the YouNow shit but doesn't Kelly Clarkson basically look like the girl he's been pretending is "thick"?
Also, he randomly inserted anime in near the end so he could intentionally mispronounce "waifu" and stop people (like me) from spamming his comments asking him who his hentai waifu is.

No. 445258

File: 1507242215453.png (155.36 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4718.PNG)

He's such a piece of shit. Yeah, tell self harmers to blame themselves, they seem to react well to self hatred.

Any parent who is ok with their teens following Onion is a piece of shit as well.

No. 445260

See! I didn't self harm! Haha! Was that easy!

No. 445264

Really, Gergle? I mean…that 'common sense' included him putting a gun to his head promising he's going to blow his brains out if he doesn't make it on YT which he's still quick to mention at every god damn opportunity…10 YEARS LATER.
He's such a poster boy for common sense, just look at his glowing internet and dating history.

No. 445266

Samefag but wasn't he bragging about putting a gun to his head when he was in the military…
Common sense, of course

No. 445275

Depression = Automatic self harm, alrighty

He genuinely thinks you can insult someone out of a depression, sorry gurg but no therapist calls you 'dumb' when you walk into their office and come out feeling just a bit better.

No. 445277

Likely just another narc tactic to get attention, self harm has a degree of attention seeking but only seeking help, onion obviously just wants that sweet sweet narc validation

No. 445280


That tweet still gets on my nerves cause his dumbass doesnt realise his diet alone is self harm
(Also onion you harm others instead of yourself bye)

No. 445281

File: 1507244530352.png (104.62 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3622.PNG)

Article from The Huffinton Post. "12 things not to say to a depressed person"

Pretty sure Greg tweets out all 12 often.

No. 445287

Anon, hilarious!

No. 445290


C'mon, don't do Kelly like that, Becca wishes she was great and talented.


>major depression

Greg, I thought you had chronic depression? Show FAXX!

No. 445294


"Blame yourself"

Can you IMAGINE a professional saying this to their client??? Omfg

No. 445296

Has he deleted this tweet?

No. 445297

looks like it

No. 445301

Um silly Greg, he needed to simply take responsibility for his major depression and just not be depressed. I don't understand why he got diagnosed, it's common sense, just don't be depressed. Symptoms of depression are dumb. Really really dumb. Just get out of bed and be happy.

No. 445302

Agreed. Also it's common sense to not get addicted to hentai. It's frankly very stupid and I will not say otherwise.

No. 445304

I like how he has 0 understanding of what happens in your brain when you self harm and why people do it (And no, not for attention, being that most people who cut themselves daily do it on parts of their bodies you will not see or cover up with long sleeves etc) He is such a stupid idiot who refuses to actually do research or learn about ANYTHING he just assumes he's right with no understanding of the topic.

No. 445305


>Oh my god, yet another ribbon, Jesus. That's how we over come things - by making ourselves the victim so we can't fix the problem.

Yes, we've been watching you do this for your entire YouTube career.

>Now you open up to people and say 'Hey I made a mistake. I did this to myself." That's when you take responsibility and that's when you start growing.

We're waiting, Greg.

No. 445307

narcs are excellent at projecting their own problems onto others

No. 445308

He's depressed to be in his own life, having to beat off multiple times a day to feel an ounce of pleasure says alot. There's over sexual people but to his extent and choosing hentai over lainey says alot..he has a wife that would gladly lay there for him yet chooses to seclude himself in his room and beat off while ignoring his wife..hes self harming his dick from his massive beat down sessions..just stop Greg right? You can just stop and you magically don't want to beat off anymore right?

No. 445310

>hes self harming his dick from his massive beat down sessions

top kek

No. 445316


He'd rather fuck his exes than Lainey.

Saged for tinfoil

No. 445321

File: 1507248679447.jpg (20 KB, 782x136, Capture.JPG)

No. 445323

Lames on YouNow I ususally watch for milk but I can't today so anyone willing to sacrifice?


No. 445324

File: 1507249194980.jpg (65.02 KB, 797x647, cap.JPG)

Is she still live? she tweeted this not long ago.

No. 445326

File: 1507249275678.jpg (40.48 KB, 825x422, cap2.JPG)

What a bitch she is to her "fans"

No. 445327

Onions going to slap his ho because she's not collecting volcano's like she should.

No. 445328

File: 1507249387889.jpg (68.72 KB, 838x713, cap3.JPG)

Looks like Greg probably forgot to pay his internet bill before he left foot kek

No. 445329


she should tweet at him instead of just namedropping him, since he ignores her calls and texts. is she really so afraid to interact with her own husband?

No. 445330

Does she not know how to reset the router? She really has to make Greg do all this stuff for her lmao

No. 445331

File: 1507249636636.jpg (21.62 KB, 865x140, footface.JPG)

She apparently is really dumb if she's still confused on how to reset it….

No. 445332

File: 1507249759401.png (79.22 KB, 942x500, Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 7.28…)

so her data isn't working, her computer isn't working, and her wifi isn't working?

No. 445333

Damn she's useless.

No. 445334

Gregs gonna be PISSED she aint bringing that volcano money in

No. 445335

It's sad for a mom of two to make this her daily goal. I'd have the same opinion if this was Foot or not.

No. 445336

>I'm literally about to cry

She's pathetic. Fucking hell, just stream another day you absolute tosser. Get a damn hobby. Find something more meaningful in your life than validation from preteen strangers and cartoon volcanos.

She's a mother of two children and she cries when the internet goes down? Yeah, bet those kids will be sooo well adjusted.

No. 445337

Imagine being so lame that you aspire to be on younow daily

No. 445338

> Going to cry over not streaming for 1 day
bitch go take care of your children or some shit like what the fuck? your internet shouldn't be your life

No. 445339

tried to have greg talk you through it but did he just ignore you and rage about it? called comcast twice but did you actually talk to someone like an adult or just give up while on hold? why does he have to be there to help you do the most basic shit

she's been crying about internet but meanwhile gurg is taking polls about boobs

No. 445340

File: 1507250251465.gif (1.35 MB, 418x280, firstworldproblems.gif)

>can't go live on younow
>is about to cry because of it

Best example of a privileged white girl right here.

No. 445341

girl holy shit, just take this time to be with your kids its not even that serious

No. 445345

Yeah I googled Skye and she lives in California. I think it's a good time to quote onion "divorcing her was the biggest mistake of my life"

He was in contact with Skye while he was with Shiloh and AJ, especially during the break ups with them he would talk to Skye saying she was the only one who could calm him down and make him laugh.

I smell divorce for lainey soon.

No. 445347

File: 1507250739310.png (Spoiler Image, 46.8 KB, 400x234, 400px-GetSkyeBack081811.png)


Saged for old milk

No. 445348

any recent pics of her?

No. 445349

Holy shit, Why is she having a fucking breakdown over something so stupid? Does grease give her a set goal everyday?

No. 445350

File: 1507251118084.jpg (156.74 KB, 898x648, 8472d4f5bb91224dbd3bff5ad6663c…)

Why would he divorce her? Who else is going to lure in teenagers for him to fuck in her bed?

No. 445352

File: 1507251145827.jpg (80.84 KB, 340x255, 1475548852802.jpg)

No. 445354

Lames on YouNow go lurk, let's see if she's still bitching.

No. 445356

Umm Why? No Greg there are none, get lost.

No. 445357

She just said herself that Greg calling people ugly is not based on facts

No. 445359

Shiloh has talked about him before, I believe around the time Lainey and him first got married she made a tumblr post exposing a lot of what happened and pretty much said she never wanted to talk about it again and wanted to move. Which is fair enough and makes sense tbh. The best revenge they can all get is to move on and be successful while he burns.

No. 445361

Someone DM'ed lainey and called her ugly. It made her sad.

But when Greg calls people ugly, that's ok because it's just ~*his opinion*~

No. 445362

She just slipped calling her own haircolor 'blue' . Oh, Lainey i thought it was "jade!!"

No. 445363

Lainey just said she wants to bleach her hair again. Guess we know why Greg came out with a new video about bleaching hair KEK

No. 445365

kek she also responded to someone on younow who called her ugly by saying "idc what you think it doesn't bother me at all!"

No. 445366

Macncheese trying and failing to get Lainey's attention. Keep trying, it's so entertaining..

No. 445367

she doesn't want to change her name because it'd hurt her mom's feelings.

No. 445369


just gonna put this out there, billie has a video where she uses the deck of scarlet pallet too. it’s a paid subscription website where they send you a random pallet every month. kek she’s probably hoping to get the same one billie has, sage for tinfoil

No. 445370

She wants to do a Q and A but knows she'll get loads of mean comments (as in, people calling her out) as suggestions

No. 445371

She doesn't wanna do a skin care routine because she doesn't have any?? She is gonna get wrinkles prematurely if she really doesnt take care of her skin..

No. 445372

I want milk, but I don't want to sit through her boring stream anymore :(

viewer: what's this song?
Lainey: It's what I listen to when I love a girl.

Shocker. rolls eyes into back of skull
Wonder who it is now.

No. 445373

I go banned from YouNow (for no reason?) I haven’t even been on in a few days, and I thought about making another account but to be honest, I wasn’t missing anything. I think the Onions might have got me banned but I was a Laineystan so who knows.

No. 445374

onion showed up

No. 445375

not greg just curious, pissy anon

No. 445376

No there aren't any

No. 445377

>I need to stop saying shook, is that dead yet?


No. 445378

This is the first time I am watching her stream and she ignores all somewhat interesting questions and instead only answers stuff like "what did you eat today" "do you like bagels?". Holy fuck I thought farmers exaggerated when they said her streams are narcotic but I never felt as bored in my life.

No. 445379

File: 1507253558048.gif (1.95 MB, 653x432, onionwise the dancing clown.gi…)

No. 445380

LOVE. Couldn't be more accurate, kek.

No. 445381

lainey said the grease can’t be ash for halloween because “that spot is already taken” aww little sarah is matching costumes with grease and footface

No. 445382

She just said she can't afford better makeup brushes and will probably get them when she gets birthday money aka money from my Patreons, scummy.

No. 445384

She's trying to clean before Onion gets home and it takes her a day to clean one area of the house, bitch you're a housewife. Her grandmother is visiting and she's excited for her to clean her house.

No. 445386

She says she can't clean because she's parenting or working. Cleaning is part of being a mother lame brain.

No. 445387

I hope her grandmother will help her, honestly. Not with cleaning, but with her life.
I feel like no one could be in greasemansion and not see how unhealthy things are.
Unless she's just an enabler.

No. 445388

She's wants to put her grandmother in her videos, but she's afraid that people will be mean to her or about her.

No. 445389

Looks like she's broadcasting early so that she can be number one in girls. She doesn't have any competition in this time frame.

She's talking about how she cried because when people stroked her ego and were nice to her and for a minute I thought I was listening to Greg.
She said that she is so happy that she "helped people come out" and "helped them with their anxiety".
And gemineye said she's an inspiring human being and sat there and gave her thousands of likes/bars, ending up being the number one fan.

No. 445390

File: 1507254490467.png (165.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0770.PNG)


Damn, she was the only ex to keep the narc monster at bay.

>No no! Lainey is best wife, Skye's a lazy gold-digging bitch who only loved my money!!!


Kek my fave pic

Sarah wishes she was part of the Onion harem

No. 445391

File: 1507255052248.png (281.2 KB, 491x580, thisiswhatitslikelivingwithgre…)

She stores her wedding dress in a box with a bunch of costumes.

No. 445392

File: 1507255179788.png (275.23 KB, 482x568, bagogarbage.png)

You all missed a riveting stream.

No. 445393

File: 1507255309371.png (238.4 KB, 500x281, gutterboy.png)

i'm rly pleased my excuse for photoshopping gerg's face onto a murder clown was so well received

No. 445394

If lainey didn't pop out kids and having his kids doesn't exclude her being a good digger, lainey would be exactly what he tried to lable skye. He complained that skye didn't do anything yet skye cooked and cleaned his house and helped film/ edit his videos. Now lainey? All she does is complain can't cook, can't clean, doesn't want a job like skye had and quit because he wanted skye to. Lainey also just spends his money like nothing and he has to deal with her fake space Prince stuff. Lainey also sought him out knowing his status while skye got with him before and helped him build his channels all for him to call her a good digger because when they divorced she wanted to take a few things? Which the court tells to divide property? He made her quit a job to spend time with him all those years yet complains about alimony when without her he would have had nothing

No. 445395

We'll know when he's done with her as he'll trash that dress in a video , better hide that dress!

No. 445396


She said Onion cut that wig 3 weeks ago an it was still laying on the floor. It takes 5 seconds to grab that wig and just toss it in the trash!

No. 445397

gold not good.

No. 445400

I can't stand Lameo just as much as the next anon, but has no one considered what it must be like to clean up after Greg? In one video he showed himself sitting at his computer desk in the house COVERED in shaving cream and red fake blood. It was literally dripping everywhere and I was cringing. He didn't seem to care at all, because he knew he wouldn't be cleaning it. It's probably still sticky there right now.

I wonder if somewhere along the way she just decided it wasn't even worth trying. Grease makes SUCH a mess every day. However that's assuming she ever even tried in the first place which I doubt she did. Their house has the vibe that almost all the surfaces would be sticky, and we already know they don't clean up any pet hair. Add children to the mix and it's just a war zone in there, germ-a-pa-looza

No. 445402


Isn't karma beautiful anon? Now he's stuck with Taylor who is everything Skye wasn't, the only thing they ever had in common was loyalty.


I hope her grandmother opens her (Lame's) eyes and see what hell she's raising her kids in, or at least take them away from The Onions

No. 445404

At first, I thought this was something she actually did.

No. 445405

i would love for her grandmother to talk some sense into her, see if gerg is willing to talk shit about an elderly woman the same way he did with lainey’s sister after she tried getting her to leave. plus i think lainey actually will stand up for herself if he tries it kek

No. 445407

Seriously fuck plank if she half asses her cleaning to the point where her own fucking grandmother has to do it herself.

sage for grandma rage

No. 445408

File: 1507256560174.png (1013.1 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0771.PNG)


From his old house, no wonder Skye wanted to remodel! Ew!

No. 445410

I see where your coming from anon but personally I find it ridiculous that Lainey can somewhat (I use that term loosely) put her foot down when it comes to Greasemongers retarded trinities but she can't even be bothered to put her foot down when it comes to him cleaning up his own shit.

I'm genuinely surprised she hasn't tried being a weird Frankenstein of Skye and Billie.

No. 445412

>pregnancy happens a lot lower, learn female anatomy

……Everything he says is low-quality bait anymore.

>says he's doing oral wrong based on a meme


His video ideas are just googling random shit now.

>makes a comment about "where's my white male privilege??"

Lol, I wonder if he will go alt right with his videos someday. Like, after he pisses off enough of the LGBTQ community with his appropriating bullshit in the guise of being a progressive ally.

No. 445415

Vids of him Googling shit is nothing new. That's what he did when his vids started getting millions of views each a couple years back. He's just going back to former trends.

No. 445416


He won't be accepted there, they dont want him and SJWs don't want him. He's trash to everybody

No. 445418


underrated post

No. 445419

Good post, and it's great that people are finally seeing Taylor for what she is. She was young when she married, but she's a lazy, manipulative, attention-whoring starfucker who managed to get lucky by virtue of the fact that one of her '''''''stars''''''''''''''''''''' is a narc who'll attach himself to whoever feeds him the most praise when he's single. She's a useless waste of breath who only manages to be better than Greg because Greg's strain of mental illness is more overtly predatory and as such much more dangerous given that he has a public platform.

No. 445420

Good job outing yourself. Sarah lurks here and Onion's other paid friends who will report back to them. Her streams are recorded by viewers. She'll refer back to them. Idiot.

No. 445422

Wow are you stupid? Why did you mention that here?

No. 445423


you might want to delete this while you can, there’s always people lurking here on behalf of them.

No. 445424


Its a risk that you take, but posting is here is no good I'm almost sure someone has already taken screencaps.

No. 445425

maybe anon hasn't actually messaged plainey at all and they're just trying to make her frantically search for a mole

No. 445426

Lainey is already paranoid about everything so I don't think it matters that much

No. 445427

this. remember when luxy said lainey wanted the passwords to her fucking accounts as a way to "prove" she can trust her

No. 445428

>I'm genuinely surprised she hasn't tried being a weird Frankenstein of Skye and Billie.
There's a picture of her doing that while wearing a blue (or was it black?) and silver wig with dark lipstick. Not only did she try to appear wide-eyed and youthful like Billie, she was also wearing Skye's smile so it pretty much looked like a direct combo of the two of them.

>inb4 show pics, this is an imageboard!!!

I've tried looking for it, I really have! I'll look for it again.

No. 445429


didn’t billie also say her and greg wanted her phone password? that and greg saying lainey reads all his messages/messages with girls. she was already paranoid by the sounds of it, still not the best idea to post about it here though

No. 445433

It's probably troy, but ok.

No. 445460

Sorry, should've said ALL of his videos, lately. It's so clear when he has no idea what to make a video about.


I can only imagine the hysteria saying something like this causes in the Onion house.

No. 445465

It would actually be kinda cute if they made Cloey be Togepi.

Also in the leaked pic of Troy and Cloey, Lainey had Cloey wearing a bow. You'd think that space prince would be against that. I'm thankful that she doesn't let her transtrending bleed over into the way she dresses Cloey.

No. 445491

Someone please post caps of what the deleted anon said.

No. 445504

reminds me of when old white people get sun burns while wearing retarded sunglasses

No. 445515

File: 1507276910116.jpg (27.56 KB, 522x296, uiiu.JPG)

What is he blabbing about?

No. 445518

one of three things he always blabbers on about "BEHING HHONESST" about

>calling teens or preteens hot or ugly or just bullying in general

>the billie thing when he claimed that some teenage girl telling her cult leader in a contract she wont smoke weed then smokes weed a few weeks later is some how deserving of getting a liar tattoo, having her head shaved and be chained in a basement and blackmailing her and guilting her into doing it
or finally
>some other YT drama when he got his ass exposed and now he just wants to yell "THEY'RE ALL LIARS!!!! I'M A FAXX MAN BELIEVE ME"

No. 445534

Greg looks like an Dick Tracy villain

No. 445535

I just want twitter and YouTube to collectively shut his twitter and YouTube accounts down so I don't have to deal with his self assuring nonsense

No. 445536

Holy shit, didn't Moomoo get an instagram comment from a sick kid's mum asking for Adidas just a couple of months ago? Can't be arsed to go through the threads to find the screenshot but that's hilarious. Sage for no real contribution.

No. 445550

>I don't admit the shit I lied about and gaslight everyone around me, that means I am the most honest Youtuber kids

That's not how it works, gregma

No. 445558

File: 1507291353122.png (235.32 KB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_2017-10-06-22-49-43…)

He has under 200 likes on his tweets rarely gets over 300. Last I checked he had 371k followere on twitter, now it's dropped to 369k (even with the suspected insta-buy-followers incident).

Yet, he still blames youtube.

Has started twitch and been streaming on/off for a few weeks. Tweets about how happy he is to have 13 subscribers.

Yet still, he blames youtube.

His business is dead. Everything he put all his "hard-earned" cash into, dwindling right before his eyes.

Oh, Greglala, what be that in the distance? The dreaded, perpetually unforseen IRS. What yonder thine nose hath forthwith come hither. Art thou afraid?

You fucking should be. You too Lameboat, keep pulling in those dollars on yawnnow while you can. Neither of you have the wit nor personality to pull through such a fungal infection as you've allowed yourselves to get into.


No. 445559


He gets away with calling himself "honest" (to an extent) by being grossly ignorant and misinformed. He's a slave to hard definitions. By definition, to be a lie, you have to KNOW it's false.

But if you never educate yourself on anything, then you can't KNOW it's false, it's just misinformation! ~~totally different~~

No. 445561

guys, it's right there on google. FAAAXX!

No. 445564

File: 1507292964432.jpg (253.92 KB, 1000x896, thisfucker.jpg)

found this gem of a quote from an older video

No. 445565

Can't wait when old man Gregma starts trashing his own kids on Youtube videos and Plainey is like "Well that's his opinion not mine."

No. 445568

he didn't do anything wrong, youtube fired him and turbotax didn't have a pop up when he wanted to deduct his whole house at once. He's been working hard every single day for years!!!

No. 445592

lol, I think he'd be trying to tempt some underage girl into his basement.

'Hey Cutie Patootie, Want to see my awesome basement? There is a pool table, king sized bed, massage chair, imac, ipad pro, nintendo 3ds XLs and PS vitas, PS3, PS4, WiiU, XBox1, a state of the art entertainment hub, snacks, and much-much more! My basement is awesome! You can be awesome too if you just come down here.'

No. 445622


No. 445628

Lainey just uploaded an “Am I a Boy or Girl” quiz video to her channel.

No. 445630

Brilliant, another quiz that the onion household will take as fact.

No. 445632


Because those aren't easy to manipulate into the outcome that you want.

No. 445634

File: 1507312108961.png (53.48 KB, 215x212, Screenshot 2017-10-06 at 1.46.…)

No. 445636

She's so clearly buttmad at everyone not taking her space prince transtrender bullshit seriously lmao. She clearly didn't direct this to her audience since most of them eat up her gender bullshit. But y'know the Grease household never looks at Lolcow and ignores haters

No. 445640

Whenever I take those quizzes I get cis male despite being a cis female. They're flawed.

No. 445642

>says she wants to abolish gender roles entirely
>gets cis-male, jokes she's going to go watch football

ya ok

No. 445645

damn she seems so fucking salty lmao

No. 445647

Actually no online quizzes are always right a second PROVEN countless times by Onision. Obviously you are in DENIAL if you believe otherwise or LYING to yourself. You are a cis male GET OVER IT. Why can't these haters be more HONEST?

No. 445658

Here's what I wish I could ask Lainey straight to her face:

WHAT makes you a boy? Seriously. Do you think you're a boy because you like typically "boy" clothes? How come a girl can't just like those clothes?

Do you think you're a boy because you like "boy" hobbies? How come you can't just be a girl who likes those hobbies? A girl can like monster trucks, and tree climbing and button ups.

Do you think you're a boy because you like makeup and hair colors and keeping up with current trends? As a girl it's okay to like those things too.

A girl can like whatever, and a boy can like whatever. So Lainey you make no sense.

I'll ask one more time. WHAT makes YOU a boy? Your interests?? Because since YOU SAID you wanted to abolish gender roles, that means girls can like whatever they want to and do whatever they want to AND guys can like whatever they want to and do whatever they want to.

So Lainey, it seems hypocritical to me. You are someone who says "TAKE AWAY THE GENDER ROLES AND STEREOTYPES!!" but then you say "I like BOY STUFF, THEREFORE I MUST BE A BOY"

How about the truth??? You are a FEMALE who enjoys MALE interests and clothing, and NOTHING is wrong with that. If you REALLY wanted to break stereotypes and gender roles, you would PROUDLY be your true self, a girl who is into ANYTHING SHE WANTS TO BE.

sage for rant

No. 445661

She doesn't have any male interests lol.

She literally got her hair cut shorter than usual and decided she was agender and liked boys clothes.

No. 445663

Exactly anon. It was hard typing that because Lainey is the GIRLIEST girl out there. She loves most things typical girls love, she just hates being typical.

No. 445665

Its why the transtrender argument eventually crumbles, by forcing people into being non binary just because they don't like what society says they are supposed to like, you reinforce gender stereotypes, it's the same with some messed up schools saying "Girl likes football? Darn must be non binary" they reinforce the gender binary and are regressive.

Sage for totally off topic so sorry, please read this Lain you sick woman.

No. 445718

Yes great points!!

No. 445721

I honestly can't wait until Lainey drops the transtrender crap. I can see her excuse now.
"Well guys, after a lot of self reflecting it turns out that I'm NOT agender. I was so desperate to be who you all wanted me to be I got my own thoughts and feelings confused with what you guys think I am and what I feel. I just wanted to be the Laineybot you all wanted me to be. But I need to be the real me and I think that's a girl. I'm still hella gay thoooooo, so like, girls hit me up, blesss"
I can bet money she will blame her fans and find a way to wiggle it so she doesn't look like an actual transtrender just a smol confused bean.

No. 445722

Tinfoiling a little bit but maybe she doesn’t think she’s agender but using it as a way to separate her “real self” from her online persona. It might take the sting out of any criticism she might get.

No. 445726

I hope Blaire White comes after her ass for this anyway, fucking transtrender.

No. 445727

File: 1507323006970.png (60.51 KB, 209x192, Screenshot 2017-10-06 at 4.47.…)

No. 445728

she will never admit shes wrong just like she will never admit she was wrong in marrying onion boy. Shes just keeping her label but dropping basically everything she was doing to "prove" she was agender. She never dresses in boy clothes anymore…ever, she wants to grow out her hair and dye it "girly colors", dresses in girly outfits, somehow her "dysphoria" disappeared and she did a swimsuit hall wearing girly swimsuits, and wears makeup all the time. But then she screams omgah i am agender. Like what is making you agender besides you stating it? No one in the world would look at you and see anything but "girl". Once it no longer becomes trendy or she has to suffer any actual hardships do to it, you will just see her quietly drop it and pretend it never happened and then go omgah guys i can change my mind about what gender i want!

No. 445729

does he think about other things other than underdeveloped titties?

there are a million different topics he could be discussing on his channel but he only sticks to: 1.titties 2.self harm 3.Youtube killing his channels 4. Jaclyn Glen's titties

No. 445730

bitch is getting wrinkles because of her awful fucking diet already. it's been said a million times but i worry about those kids.

No. 445734

>She doesn't have any male interests lol.

To be fair she’s doesn’t have any female interests either. She has no interests. She’s like an empty shell of a person. No wonder she’s ~neither~ gender.

No. 445736


I also worry about the kids' environment, on her last stream she was cleaning up 3 week old trash and cut up wigs etc. Someone asked what she would do if the kids came in during a livestream and she said she'd turn it off, which means the kids can get into the room..with disgusting 3 week old trash.

No. 445739

>lolcow made me agender

No. 445741

>Having your parents consistently lock themselves in a room and talk to "no one"(from the child's perspective) for an hour.
I'm predicting many imaginary friends in their future, and I'm sure Lainey will ask what gender that friend is.

No. 445745

Underrated post

No. 445752

"32 year-old man assures teen viewers that their small breasts turn him on"

No. 445755

"32 year-old man assures teen viewers that their small breasts turn him on"

No. 445761

the only example she gave of questioning her gender was “oh i wanted to be a fireMAN and my mom said i’m a firefighter and i said no i’m a fireMAN”

No. 445781

File: 1507327400879.png (510.06 KB, 419x538, kingcuck.png)

Guys I think I figured out how he's making money in LA

No. 445796

He always manages to sound drunk when he’s trying to sound enlightened. Lol

Dude is like 32 and he’s still stuck on tits. So fucking sad.

No. 445798

He's just a dude trying to push his way into women's lives by acting like he actually knows anything about breasts. Next he's gonna start talking about periods all while talking like a 37 year old dad who has no idea how they work…. oh god that's what he actually is.

Makes me feel bad for his kids everyday.

No. 445810

File: 1507329500745.gif (1013.96 KB, 500x343, disgusting.gif)


> So, I, like, totally have this pet peeve about people shaming individuals with flat chests. And the reason I have this problem with this people is because I think flat chests can be absolutely beautiful. Like, for instance, if I were getting jiggy with myself I would still very much like grabbing my flat boobage. Look: I’m a guy who’s a healthy weight and I still get half a hand full.

>But today I wanna show my appreciation for flat-chest women because there are too many people in this world that think that their small breasts are not good enough. And small breasts literally don’t factor in whatsoever when it comes to people that I’m attracted to.

picture of Kate Hudson
>Like this woman. Absolutely gorgeous. Her breast size does not matter. As you can see here, she’s totally flat-chested and that’s completely OK. Especially considering she has such a gorgeous face.

picture of Kiera Knightly
>Do you think she’s absolutely gorgeous? If so, you and I agree. Now let me ask you this: does it matter that her breasts are smaller? No? Not at all? OK. Like, seriously. She’s absolutely stunning and knows that she doesn’t need to stuff a couple of bags in her chest to feel like she’s a valuable human being.

picture of Claire Danes
>Ever since the movie Romeo + Juliet, I’ve had a semi-crush on this woman. And the fact that she’s pretty flat-chested doesn’t even matter. Like, seriously. Let me show you something. The question is would you rather be with this woman—
>Oh. I was trying to make a point and Google won’t let me search for “ugly big boobs.” Why? Whatever, Google. I’ll just go to Bing.

*picture of woman with large breasts, no face
>Ok, so, here you go. A woman with a societally acceptable size chest.

Claire Danes
>Now, would you rather be with this woman who is relatively flat-chested?

back to picture of woman with large breasts, very unattractive face
>Or would you rather be with this woman? Who is—c’mon. Let’s admit: not an attractive person, right? Like, me personally. I’m a face guy. If you have an amazing face, the rest doesn’t matter so much.

picture of Sienna Miller
>Yet another gorgeous human being. I’m typically not a violent person, but if I were to see you walking up to her, insulting her chest size, I would feel compelled to put you a sleeper hold until you fall unconscious.
(Says the 30 year-old man that he would go up to underage girls in public and give them his opinion about their bodies/weight/looks if they asked him for him. Alright.)
>She is absolutely stunning.

picture of Julia Stiles
>I wouldn’t even consider this woman’s breasts to be small. I don’t know why she showed up.

picture of slim model in bikini top
>Here’s a woman with small breasts and she looks fantastic. Maybe a little skinny. I would suggest eating more food.

two pictures of Kate Hudson. 1 on beach in bikini top, 2 on red carpet
>The accusation here is that this woman got breasts implants, but if you notice angle and the shadowing as well as the likelihood that she had a bra that pushes her boobs together, very likely a lie perpetuated by the click worthiness of the title.

picture of unattractive trashy looking woman with large breasts… who happens to have the same triangle eyebrows Lainey used to have
>Here’s a classic example of someone who apparently got a boob job, but it doesn’t really fix anything, does it? She’s very bad with makeup and presenting herself in general. Sometimes appearance is all about personality; who you are on the inside radiates through…

picture of Kiera Knightly
>…but I just wanna say something I really like about this woman, is that she doesn’t try to fake having breasts like a lot of people do.

picture of Candice Swanepoel
> You notice how this woman’s wearing kind of loose-fitting clothing? For some people, that’s used to aid in hiding the fact that you don’t have very large breasts.

picture of Robin Wright
>Yet another woman doing the same. Wearing loosing fitting tops because you’re insecure of your just don’t want people commenting on your chest size.
Or because they want to wear what they like? Such feminist.

>But that is the society that we live in. And that is why I’m making a video like this.

Definitely not because Jaclyn Glenn is continues to disobey me

>Unfortunately everyone is not just like me when it comes to the topic of boobs. If everyone was like me, no one would feel so insecure that they have to stuff bags under their flesh for the sake of feeling better about themselves. I mean, could you be more superficial?

BE MORE LIKE GREG, EVERYONE. It’s that simple. Truth and happiness awaits you!

>What a lot of you guys don’t realize is that when you get breasts implants, a lot of times they need to be replaced over time. So, you’re talking about multiple surgeries throughout your life. And what you’re also talking about is the chance that you’re gonna disable a functioning part of your body. As you know, breasts are designed to feed babies. So, when you get pregnant, many women with breast implants cannot feed their own babies from their breasts, which is catastrophic towards a mother bonding with her child.

How much do anons wanna bet that, while in the throws of a narc rage, Grease is going to claim that JG’s hypothetical future children she might have maybe some day will ABSOLUTELY HATEEEE her because she can’t breast feed?

>What I’m saying is people shaming individuals with flat chests is so illogical and horrifying to me because what you’re doing is encouraging people to dump thousands of their dollars into openly, by example, telling other people that if you have a flat chest, it’s unacceptable, and you should feel ashamed of your body. And that’s just how I feel. In fact, I don’t recall a single time when I’ve ever shamed someone who having a perfectly healthy body. I mean, why would you tell someone that their body’s unacceptable when their body is perfectly fine the way it is?

> I’ve commented on many people’s appearances, but as far as the actual health of your body, small breasts are a good thing.

screenshot of a post from this article
[Two previous studies suggest a correlation between breast size and cancer risk, the authors note. In one, published in the International Journal of Cancer, Harvard researchers found that lean women with a bra cup size of D or larger had nearly twice the risk of cancer as lean women with a bra cup size of A or smaller]

The part he let out because he’s both a liar and doesn’t like to read: [In the meantime, well-endowed women need not panic; Eriksson says the 23andMe study shows only an association, not causation.]

>And by the way, if you have small breasts you’re likely to live. Period. Like, the bigger your boobs are, the bigger your chance of breast cancer is. (Condescending shrug) You know? And that just falls in line with how insanely dumb society can be. And on top of that, allegedly, women with breasts implants have a 38% higher chance of breast cancer.

screenshot of Google search
[Do breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer?
Women who have cosmetic surgery to increase the size of their breasts may be at greater risk of dying from breast cancer, scientists day. A review of studies published over the 20 years found women with breast implants had a 38% greater risk of death from the disease than women without.]

Found this on another page: [First of all, the new study does not suggest that breast augmentation causes breast cancer, nor does it show that implants make cancer worse. Instead, the findings have raised concerns among researchers that breast implants can make it more difficult to detect lumps and irregularities during mammograms.]

Anyway, back to the idiot:

>So, just chalk it up to the classic: Onision is right. A lot of other people are wrong. And stop hating your perfectly beacuseitufl body. And appropriately, it’s time for a squeeze. (Insanely creepy boob squeeze hands and his dead eyes)

… Fucking kill me.

No. 445811

File: 1507329642727.png (371.68 KB, 884x613, poetry.png)

>Makes me feel bad for his kids everyday.

I didn't want to edit this too much, it's perfect as-is.

No. 445813

>she doesn't try to fake having breasts

onion you fake having whole lives

No. 445817

Just reading this made me say "ew" like 2000 times and 1000 of them was just his face in the gif.

No. 445822

God, I hate that fake sad/worried face he makes when he shrugs. It's almost as pathetic as his fake crying face.

No. 445831

File: 1507330536833.jpg (105.69 KB, 1257x546, gross.jpg)

No. 445832

I went on a r/raisedbynarcissists binge and it takes 2-3 stories to start thinking of Onion because he fits the bill so much, I hope his kids can get out as soon as they can.

No. 445838

each time i see that picture i wonder how did he ever think of showing himself looking like this ugh

>Women who have cosmetic surgery to increase the size of their breasts may be at greater risk of dying from breast cancer,

at this point i think i'm starting to get breast cancer from gurk's videos alone. wonder what will it take for him to finally get over jaclyn.

No. 445839

i am dead, anon, you have killed me

No. 445844

onision-"I've never said anything bad about a perfectly healthy body"
onision- "Tall women are gross & masculine"

No. 445845

I'm fucking cackling

No. 445846

Whenever he gets insecure about dudes he goes in on their perfectly healthy bodies (and handsome, non skin rash faces) what is he on about.

How can anyone outside of his bubble stand this dude.

No. 445851

My God, he's so narcissistic he thinks that when he shows a image of a woman's body, everyone has the same perception as him, like his idea of what's attractive is self-evident and universal.

No. 445856

…doesnt lainey have big boobs…?

No. 445859

So narcissistic that he can't even adequately hide the smirk because he's decided he's won

No. 445862

lol yup. He can't help but remind Lainey that he hates everything about her.

No. 445867

Lame had a dream that Onion cheated on her, kek.

No. 445868

Lainey on YouNow: "I had a dream Greg cheated on me, and he said 'I did this cause you were pissing me off. Bye!'"

And Lainey saying that she wants to date cute girls but it's not worth it??? Girl make up your mind.

No. 445869

Lames annoyed that girls DM her but already have a bf, yet shes fucking married, what a selfish bitch.

No. 445870

File: 1507335677732.jpg (26.98 KB, 398x189, Onionhead.jpg)

Name my band

No. 445871

Lame is saying she's actually a cis gender male according to the quiz and she's dead serious about it, poor kids.

No. 445872

la rosacea

No. 445874

not defending her, but she's clearly being sarcastic and snarky about it.

No. 445876

Joking or not her 12 year old fans eat up anything she says.

No. 445879

Someone should tell Gurgle that he is dating a dude and that makes him gay. Just so that he will yell at Lame behind the scenes to stop making up gender identities and 'mess up his reputation' with it.

No. 445914

its because she thinks girls are inherently weak and inferior, she's just a misogynist ignorant cunt. nothing new here. tbh boys can have her, her bullshit behavior, piss poor work ethic, failures at mothering, and complete absence of self respect is more indicative of the absent father type, not the average woman who is pressured to excel at literally everything a man cannot while receiving no credit for it.

she's just not cut out for it, next.

No. 445920

I like u

No. 445924

ooooooh shit
yr my ride or die

No. 445926

blaire white is idiotic and just as much of a snowflake as plainey, i hope she stays in her lane

No. 445932

logic sans fax

No. 445934

Low hanging fruit. Onion has wanted Blaire's attention before anyway. This would give him fuel

No. 445962

kek at how he assumes Candice is insecure bc of one "loose fitting" outfit

No. 445982

File: 1507345261452.png (25.96 KB, 308x180, emodad.PNG)

So i decided to try out the fullscreen app today (to watch JG's show) and this was recommended to me.
Didn't know Grease had his own show on there too.

sage for obvious stupid joke

No. 446031

File: 1507351162268.png (139.59 KB, 1250x604, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 12.3…)

…says the guy who is in LA doing collabs with randos while Lainey babysits the kids. Also, he made two tweets about how much he loves and misses Lainey, so anons correctly predicted he'd do that again….or he's bribing her with compliments so he can keep not being at home.

No. 446034

I'm so pissed that I find the gif really cute, how can he look so drastically different between that and his other horribly greasy appearances. His body is so weird too that he isn't even hate-fuckable.

No. 446035


He's been slowly mentoning the kids more and more. Probably gearing up to put them in videos

No. 446036

this pic of him is s00 gross.
where'd it come from?

No. 446037

same. i hate myself for thinking he looks cute here.

homeboy could really benefit from a brow lift. good thing he would NEVER get cosmetic surgery and DIE, that would be dishonest.

No. 446038

he’s lovebombing her so she won’t suspect he’s having an affair in LA but it just makes it more obvious that he probably is. lainey, however, is retarded and falls for that shit every fucking time.

No. 446040

maybe he's in LA to see a plastic surgeon kek

jk I think the affair is more plausible given his track record

No. 446055

File: 1507354856324.png (1.19 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0772.PNG)


Hey, it could be worse! Young Onion was…less ugly to look at

No. 446056

I hope we also get to see the sekrit child too!

No. 446057

I can see that cheap motherfucker going to Mexico and getting a botched surgery down there then making a video called "Why I DON'T TRUST Doctors!!!"
>insert shitty stock image/emojis
>insert blinding filters so strong even Stevie Wonder can see it
>cue sad onion and strange seal noises that're supposed to resemble crying
>also laineyissad.jpeg

No. 446060


Yeah while fucking a señorita on the side lmao

No. 446067

File: 1507358030744.jpg (54.88 KB, 604x452, side.jpg)

Aren't these the same bitches that lick Lames tits?

No. 446069

File: 1507358763846.png (98.62 KB, 1080x372, Screenshot_2017-10-07-17-44-09…)

Kek at this fellow aussie commenting on onion finally getting new shoes (calm your tits anons, not me - at least he didn't delete this one. Love the pic tho, our old prime minister eating an onion. Fitting.)

Wait her username is actually macncheese? And we're calling her that? I vote vapiddickcheese

He looks like he just tried meth for the first time.

No. 446079

Dat lovebombing pre much confirms hes up to no good in LA

No. 446082

File: 1507362025629.png (211.92 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171007-023727.png)

He really has to post that he has to sell shit to afford these shoes? Why own a big ass mansion when you "can't" afford shoes, he's pathetic.

No. 446084

They have no idea how to be financially responsible they really have nothing to show for all his successful years on YouTube, a huge mansion with shitty furniture doesn't say much.

No. 446091

Maybe not, maybe she's just guilt tripping him while he's away. She seems like that. "Oh Daddy, I have to look after the kids and clean and stream, woe is me" and he's just like "I'M FREEEEEEEEEEE (but thanks childbride uhh I mean wife uhh I mean… space bean?" Love bombs so she stops whining)

>>446084 sage pls (goes in email)

No. 446095

He's just saying that to save his arse - shouldn't be buying shit if he's worried about IRS etc. Shoes ain't exactly a business expense he can write off

No. 446099


Either way, I hope those designer shoes ache his ugly caveman feet

No. 446101

File: 1507364503064.png (449.8 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_2017-10-07-19-21-56…)

Thought he didn't care about individual deaths when there's "so much unreported death in the world"

No. 446118

but he says this while he's in LA for no reason, since he said he has no one to collab with and is gonna spend most of his time in a hotel bed.

he couldnt buy his shoes closer to home?

No. 446120

File: 1507369490678.jpg (45.06 KB, 681x435, ADIDAS-EQT-SUPPORT-ADV-1-681x4…)

"Was about time he upgraded from his old man shoes" I think to myself as I google to see what he bought. tbf I'm pretty oblivious to what's cool these days but those are some ugly ass shoes man

No. 446125

This along with the tweets about buying shoes makes me think he's setting up an alibi and making lame feel like she has nothing to worry about because he's definitely having an affair

No. 446143

Tinfoil but maybe Greg's gone to LA to film a video for Shane's new series where he reconnects with random people from his life. Not sure if Shane would even want to do that but it would explain why he and Lainey are talking on twitter.

No. 446146


No. 446147

File: 1507376958032.png (512.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-07-07-48-52…)

No. 446148

File: 1507376983207.png (308.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-07-07-49-11…)

No. 446149


kek greg goes out of town and lainey instantly tries to be friends with his enemmy? kek someone hasn't been answerin lainey's texts

No. 446150

iirc Shane's never had a problem with Lainey. However I think/hope he's smart enough to never give Greg another chance due to how insane he is and how he's never fucking let go. If Shane even gave Greg the pleasure of replying to one of his tweets - he'd talk about it for years to come. So I doubt he'd meet with him in person? Especially because Greg would plaster about how Shane "forgave" him all over YouTube and Twitter

No. 446154

I hope so too. I would be worried about Shane introducing all his young fans to Greg, who could probably pull off looking sane for one video to try and leech subs and more young girls to prey on.

No. 446159

inb4 Gregma is like:
>Oh by the way guys, Me and my family are very good friends with Shane Dawson, and we communicated in Twitter quite recently

No. 446163

File: 1507379464988.jpg (145.05 KB, 810x549, IMG_20171007_143043.jpg)

them empty sociopathic eyes and fake smile

No. 446164

true, isn't shane friends with freelee the banana girl too even though she bashed him? just imagine how low onion is to have even shane hate him

No. 446167

He still styles his hair like he isn't in his 30s..

No. 446172

same but remember, that's not how he really looks like. it's all angles, lighting, make up etc and that he didn't have the eyes of a sociopath for a moment.

yes they are, but at least that jupiter girl seems to be a friend of mac of what I've seen. so that's not real evidence that she means onion.


No. 446174

they are never going to be able to afford that huge ass house in the future the way they pour their money down the drain. Nobody knows how much he really earned over the years but I guess its way more than a million, imagine being so careless all the time that you don't have savings - and that as a parent. his online career will be dead within the next two years (yes, it's already dead, but he's still earning enough to have a convenient life). still he doesn't look for a plan b (like working on a different career) because his narcissism lets him believe that he's going to be on top again. They are going to end up selling the house and living in a small apartment, where onion will forever make videos and tweet about how the world owes him everything.

No. 446175

that doesn't count when people die that HE likes, for instance the linkin park singer

No. 446187


lol his whole thing about christina grimmie was probably jealousy because he can't stand the idea of any other youtuber getting more attention than him (pewdiepie, idubbbz, etc)

No. 446188

I honestly wonder if they even fuck anymore at this point. if they do he probably makes her face the other way the whole time or just takes his repulsion out on her with "bdsm"

No. 446194

He's hanging out with Overtflow? Isn't that one of Mariah's azn fuckbuddies? I feel like all of this is some Twilight Zone shit where Greg wants to fuck Mariah's fupa

No. 446200

Greg is hanging out with everyone that's been inside Mariah so he can be the ultimate skin walker. In his mind, he's been inside her too, since he's collabed with her fuckbud.

No. 446201

Look at him going to the mall, but when Laimeybot takes his children out to the mall play place he won't even bother.

No. 446202

I think you're right, lame is a crybaby all the time and I bet behind the scenes she's often a bitch to him and grumpy because she doesn't get attention and he doesn't clean or takes care of the kids that much.

yeah the bdsm part sounds believable.

No. 446205


Yeesh! It's like everything he accused Skye of doing (and never done) has taken the form of Lainey.

Karma - this is your fate Greg, accept it!

No. 446222

File: 1507394640568.png (40.73 KB, 719x242, 20171007_114233.png)

Little shoes for a little man.

No. 446223


No. 446224

what little shoes? what is the context? lmao

No. 446227

File: 1507395211274.jpg (35.83 KB, 251x251, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…)

Bahaha lainey now confirming his manlet status and his tiny widdle feet. I'm laffin

No. 446231

File: 1507395940396.png (632.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171007-120450.png)

No. 446232

If he didn't have a massive head he'd be 5"6 or 5"7.

No. 446233

He's so small I could kick him in his dented forehead easily.

No. 446237

jesus christ I know it gets said a lot but his head is MASSIVE. The rule of proportions I learned in figure drawing was that the head should be 1/9 of the total height and onion's head is 1/5 of his height.

No. 446240

what fucking athlete??? we know you do everything in your gross jeans and lifty shoes onion

No. 446241

File: 1507396466499.png (610.79 KB, 779x588, thatfacehemakeswhenhefapstohen…)


No. 446242

That's the reason he looks like he'd be shorter in pics. His bodily proportions are so off with his large head. I don't doubt he's around 5'10"-5'11", but his head definitely makes him some mindfuck illusion bobblehead.

No. 446243

File: 1507396594564.png (118.9 KB, 719x550, 20171007_121010.png)

No. 446244

Onion really, really could benefit from someone taking him clothes shopping on that note. His attire is usually black pants and dark shirts that are all poorly-fitted.

No. 446245

This has to be OP's image for next thread.

No. 446247

File: 1507397255479.png (97.44 KB, 750x493, IMG_2528.PNG)

No. 446252

File: 1507398150693.jpeg (18.5 KB, 269x187, 7E8C3DDC-8199-4415-B90C-CC225E…)

I heard this on the radio…. the same characteristics also apply to cheaters

No. 446255

OT but if Lainey were to just go on younow and say "I would love to eat (specific person's) pussy." I would not question her being bi anymore.

No. 446256

File: 1507398942577.png (300.61 KB, 719x392, 20171007_125444.png)

Lames aging horribly.

No. 446259

I doubt she even did that since she brags about being submissive and pretty much just taking it.

No. 446260

You don't think she sucks dick?

No. 446261

If Plain is bi she's probably a pillow princess. I can't see her being interested in giving oral sex especially to a woman.

No. 446262

Suck dick yes because that is what she likes she's made out with 40 boys and 1 girl. She's answered questions multiple times about sex with females and always says she wouldn't know. Onion also mentioned it in videos that when they were intimate it was Billie and him basically focusing on her. If she did eat billies box I would be suprised.

No. 446263

surprised no one mentioned this sooner it's so classic
bitch must have anxious attachment to justify this emotional abuse oh my god sort your shit

No. 446265

Definitely not. Or at least Greg hates when she does. His oral sex videos all come off as announcements to Lainey that he is dissatisfied.
Also lol no way Lainey would have the mental capability to go down on a girl.

No. 446268

File: 1507401166243.jpg (11.03 KB, 141x125, 1507379464988.jpg)

wow he's so young and boyish and not gross at all

No. 446270

He's got wrinkles on his double chin and floppy ear lobes.

No. 446271

oh for fucks sake, she's smiling, smiling wrinkles up your face believe it or not, facially, she looks like a normal woman in her early 20s

all I can think of when I see lainey is to think about what she would have looked like if she never met greg

No. 446273


Is he going to eventually listen to everything we say?

>got roasted for his old man high heels

>bought expensive shoes

No. 446275

File: 1507402379337.jpg (81.79 KB, 400x269, 9516949.jpg)

his proportions are so wonky it looks like someone fucked around in photoshop

No. 446276


if it wasnt for his haggard face I'd assuke this was some emo kid at the mall in 2009

also why does it look like he got 2 left feet though?

No. 446277

now anon, don't think he doesn't have his priorities straight

>expensive ass shoes with obvious heel

No. 446280

The issue with Shane is he's known for collabing with "controversial" youtubers, and he's currently doing that firsts series so I wouldn't be surprised if he did a "first GAY KISS!" featuring Gargoyle.

God, those ~kinky~ greasomes must've been so boring. I wonder if Lainey let Billie eat her out or if Billie was just supposed to stand there and kiss Lainey whenever Onion wanted to see it.

No. 446284

File: 1507403119975.png (708.15 KB, 1970x778, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 20.0…)

Not the exact shoe but the same line - 1.75" heel. Holy heck.

No. 446286

Billie and Lainey only kissed. That was confirmed. I'm just saying she would have those sexual desires even if she hasn't done it. If she would express it people would take her seriously.

No. 446287

What happened to him being so ~brootly~ poor? what a flake. He rags on people for having iphones (and not being able to purchase his pateron) yet he buys expensive ass shoes? When will the irs smack him with his bill already

No. 446289

File: 1507403360219.jpg (79.13 KB, 675x1200, DLfv0n-UQAApuJ8.jpg)

Samefag but is he wearing ugly old man tracksuit bottoms out?

No. 446290

If he does I'll be so disgusted in Shane cause not only has Greg talked shit about Shane for years (even bashing him for weight) he called his friend ugly so no reason other than "honesty"

No. 446294

he gives 100 dollars to lainey everytime he abuses her too

No. 446296

No wonder why Lainey can buy expensive makeup

No. 446299

he just went to LA to go to a mall and buy lame adoodoos?

i love how he left the store wearing them too

No. 446302

File: 1507403958918.jpg (45.66 KB, 342x342, 1506356715908.jpg)

>going to apply some honesty to your height

No. 446307

Wtf is onions skull? Would love to see an xray. He must look weird af in real life

No. 446311

File: 1507404556438.jpg (155.14 KB, 645x530, char_mackey1.jpg)

Reminds me of…

No. 446312

He does say M'kay a lot…

No. 446322

Greg had naked massages with his mom…

Wasn't Mr. Mackey molested by Woodsy the Owl?

No. 446323

Samefag but Mr mackey also had that episode where he teaches drugs are bad (just like onion always does) but unlike onion ends up being high.

No. 446327


If Shane even stooped to filming with him, maybe he would have Drew confront Onion in person. You can't call someone ugly when you look busted yourself lol. Though Drew seems like he has too much anxiety to deal with that kind of shit.

No. 446336

File: 1507407734146.png (611.01 KB, 602x741, 20171007_120923.png)

He has the nerve to call others ugly, woof.

No. 446337

Really does remind me of penny wise here.

No. 446339

It's just the hair & eyebrows, she'd look her age if she looked more natural and bought new glasses. her face is normal

kinda OT but if greg ever does drugs i can see him as that guy who takes a hit from a bong, has a panic attack, and then goes to beat up his dealer for giving him "laced weed"

No. 446342

File: 1507408066893.jpg (80.98 KB, 600x400, 22636250_1501368327.3393.jpg)

so this is the neanderthal ayalla ugly? lmao

No. 446345

>cucked by shoes
Stay classy King Cuck

No. 446362

Didn't see anyone mention this but Lame stated on YouNow that she is now comfortable policing her pronouns and being herself while being Agender. Herself meaning not so masculine, she said when she first came out she felt like she had to present more masculine but has now knows that makeup is gender neutral and the way she presents doesn't change her Agender status.

This bitch was literally talking about going on T and chopping her tits off a week ago, fake trans. Someone needs to expose her.

No. 446363

He looks tiny.

He probably hates tall women so much because they can step on him.

No. 446364

It's cause he's very smart anon

No. 446366

So basically, nothing changes? But "muh dysphoria", alright Lainey. I know even some trans people are afraid to go on hormones because it's a major change in your body, but if you're comfortable already then how are you anything but cis?

No. 446369

So she never wanted to present more masculine, she felt like she had to for people to believe her. Isn't that considered dishonest?

No. 446382

So she admitted to lying about all the shit she says to "prove" her agender status? She never wanted to present masculine, wear binders, or have any dysphoria. And she is saying she thinks acting like a normal girl like she always was is agender too? Okay then, every fucking human is agender then and none of y'all are special. ffs. There is literally nothing that separates her from a woman aside from the fact she screams shes agender. Bitch is just misogynistic and thinks shes better than girls. No wonder she sees them as objects and accessories to add to her super specialness and then whines that girls suck because they dare have a life outside of paying attention to her.

No. 446385

Onion is probably only going to LA and complaining about no collabs in the hopes that Shane will ask him to for this series.

No. 446386

This is probably very unimportant and irrelevant, but has anyone questioned who Onision is following on instagram? Most of the people he follows seems to be random, except for stepanka, lainey, and his food account. The only reason why I'm mentioning this is because one of the people he follows followed me randomly, and her photos look like she could be 12 years old. She deleted the photo of her face she posted (she only has 1 photo now and she originally had 2), but I thought maybe I'd mention it considering he only follows 9 people and he doesn't even follow mato, macncheese, or toby. The 2 photos she did have before were all posted within the past 2 days. Could it be a throwaway account?

No. 446394

it's a patreon perk for $100+ patreons so probably a patreon

lol i think hes going there in hopes he can get collabs just by being there. Also to get away from lameo and he seems to get offers to hang out more than collab. i really doubt shane would make a video with him after ignoring him for this long. I feel like shane knows onion is actually a bad person and not just a fun controversial person like some others so he likely wouldnt give him attention.

No. 446395

i think a gram follow might be a patreon perk?

No. 446399

onion is streaming right now on a platform called pscp, never heard of that. how much more is he planning to jump between platforms? no wonder there's no real following growing with that inconsistency. there's 15 people watching kek

No. 446403

No. 446405

File: 1507415023850.gif (264.3 KB, 278x694, bobble.gif)

No. 446406

omg those sweats and that hair. The shoes are by far the least bad things about him right now ew

No. 446407

holy shit this is so scary

No. 446408

I literally called this happening earlier today in the thread. She was gonna claim she never really wanted to do all that just felt like she needed to. Think I might play the lotto today.

No. 446410

now that you say it, ew, look at the hair in the back! he needs a haircut so badly

No. 446411

pscp is periscope

No. 446417

Absolutely amazing

No. 446422

I love how his disgusting red face is used in most of the shoops of this thread

No. 446429

lame's on younow

No. 446435

lainey just said she's planning on bleaching her hair again but she wants to wait 2 weeks so she doesn't "kill her hair". when is she going to learn?

No. 446441

Would Taylor qualify as a 'rat king' at Kiwi Farms? Null and his sycophants are insufferable, but Greg and Taylor deserve a little extra exposure from them.
Transtrenders get really pissed off when you mention this contradiction.

No. 446445

>>Would Taylor qualify as a 'rat king' at Kiwi Farms?

No, the Rat King means anyone connected to a specific group of crazed trannies, not just a transtrender in general. Taylor hasn't made contact with anyone in that group afaik.

No. 446446

lol just typing that as you posted. greg is only beauty parlor status and the thread isnt even that active compared to other topics. plainey is not that special.

No. 446454


waiting won’t do anything unless she’s deep conditioning/drowning her hair in coconut oil which she’s way too stupid to do. i can’t wait for her to fry it and sit there whining about it for weeks on younow

No. 446460

At this point her hair is so fried that waiting won't do shit, it's like waiting for a corpse to come back to life, ain't gonna happen.

No. 446476

Someone should convince her to perm her hair like Margaret did.

No. 446477

During the younow she said she's going to make a video turning greg into her and herself into greg. it's going to be a shitshow

No. 446481

I can picture already their trashy wigs and the bad make up.

No. 446485

The idea of Lainey trying to do winged eyeliner on greg's droopy-ass eyes is making me laugh

No. 446522

Gregma's back home

No. 446524

kek you'd think someone who's fucked around with their hair as much as lainey would know a little something about that. imagine thinking that your hair will be undamaged if you bleach it regularily as long as you wait 2 WEEKS

No. 446528

File: 1507431057131.png (664.7 KB, 1336x1190, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 9.49…)

he's talking about turbotax again

No. 446530

File: 1507431137029.jpg (179.41 KB, 814x519, incels.jpg)

I saw these comments about the Las Vegas mass shooting by some psychotic incels, and it's SO SIMILAR to Grease talking about Manchester/tragedy that it's disturbing af.

No. 446535


C'mon everyone. Onion boy wished he was as cool as Mr. Mackey.

No. 446621

So he for real just went there to… go to the mall and get some shoes?

No. 446623


I…guess? And to possibly look for his exes in Cali

No. 446624

he did mention going to the youtube creator space.. he posted pics of the food they served him and what not so who knows.

No. 446633

File: 1507453101278.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0773.PNG)

Censored nipples and 2000's hair

The caption confirms his uncomfortableness with his own body - particularly his nipples. (Could not screened the caption, picture's too big)

No. 446634

Poor Gurg, what happened to his VEGETARIAN BODEH that he used to brag about?

No. 446636


Had to delete it due to a spelling error

No. 446639


Ewww that gross little patch of chest hair. Gag.
Also why does his bath water look like he used a hex bomb? It's filthy looking. This pic looks like something a highschool dude would send a girl. Creepy fuck.

No. 446675

It's fascinating that he still doesn't admit that he didn't have the knowledge to do his tax declaration on his own. Oh there's a cheap online service? Haha! Dumb people who spend money on a tax consultant.
No, he continues and even makes a stupid shoop because he's so convinced he's right. He's making a fool of himself and doesn't even see it.

I first thought he meant the nipple censoring as an edgy gender equality statement but that's actually bullshit since he doesn't censor them on his other pics.

Not do defend the filthlord but in this case I think it's the filter

No. 446676

i should have learned a long time ago not to scroll thru lolcow while eating

No. 446685

No. 446686


Onion probably made some comment about how if she looked like a man he would have to go find some new jailbait because he's just not attracted to men kek

No. 446691

File: 1507472132649.jpg (24.72 KB, 600x402, acd.jpg)

Thanks for including links to their Patreons because now I'm gonna go donate to both.

☮️ Peace out. ☮️(no one cares)

No. 446693


>being this much of a cuck

that's sad

No. 446694

You are free to spend your money any way you feel like, but for fucks sake use sage.

No. 446697


anon please, you're making halloween a little too spooky for me.

No. 446699

Hi Sarah

No. 446701


imagine being this much of a loser

No. 446704

This is pure genius.

No. 446706


Sorry to sperg but were you doing fashion drawing? The average body is 7.5x the length of their head but fashion drawing lengthens the figure to about 9 times the head's height.

Either way he looks like a fucking lollipop though.

No. 446707


Sorry to sperg but were you doing fashion drawing? The average body is 7.5x the length of their head but fashion drawing lengthens the figure to about 9 times the head's height.

Either way he looks like a fucking lollipop though.

No. 446715

As if they’re some sort of charity.

No. 446726

File: 1507480266214.png (141.78 KB, 814x342, yOHzY8T.png)

Isn't it a little odd that the only person gurgy follows on twitch is tobuscus?

>being this bad with the internet that you have to go to lolcow to get people's patreon links

lol "anon" pls, no1curr about your lunch money

No. 446729

wow their patreons must be soo hard to find thank god we had it on here for you

No. 446730


Yup. Imagine thinking the worthiest cause you could donate to is a wealthy, white Youtuber in a first world country. It's not even trolling, just pitiful

No. 446732


It was probably something fashion-related, since the beauty canon at Ancient Greece was 7/8 and that's actually quite uncommon.

No. 446736

Of course he connects with someone who's sexually assaulted and treated women horribly. It makes him feel like the "accusations" against him aren't a big deal. The truth is they're both too focused on themselves to recognize anything they did wrong. I swear when he and Lainey eventually break up and he doesn't have a reason to victimize himself with her non-binary stuff, he'll probably be a MRA in his older years. He fits right in already.

No. 446743

New Laineybot video up for a boyfriend/girlfriend tag. She’s loves these tags no matter how much she “hates” being called a girl.

No. 446752

and streams in girls for younow

No. 446753

Anyone care to upload this vid? it looks like he has a big hickey on his neck but idk cause I don't want to watch Lainey directly on her channel.

No. 446757

It is a big hickey, they're kissing in the video and all it's like he just fucked her then started filming lol, plus they're opening a German snack box

No. 446769

Wow, Gurg must have gotten some poontang in LA

sideshow bob shudder

No. 446773

Even reading that made me feel gross. I also wonder what he had to make up for, we all know he doesn't just touch Lainey for no reason lmao.

No. 446775

Probably told Lame it was just a bad episode of rosecea and she probably bought it like the sad agender fleeky gay prince she is.

No. 446776

They so read here it's stupid. Not to long ago anon posted about their chemistry and body language and how everytime they kiss or anything he looks disturbed. And now they make a video to prove everyone wrong and they are sooo in love.

No. 446779

File: 1507491774494.png (1.84 MB, 1552x868, caveman grunts.png)

No. 446780

Imagine seeing a 30 year old man dressed like a late 2000s teen in the mall lol

No. 446782

with a hickey

No. 446783

ewww that video is so disgusting. I hate when people kiss and its much worse when the onions do it.

his ugly grown out haircut makes his head look even bigger

He's showing his ignorant and immature mindset again with his stupid nazi imitation cause that's the only thing he knows about germany.

No. 446785

Hickies are so gross..you can suck on someone without leaving those hideous marks, they just scream trashy after your in your teens but even then it's trashy. If you're going to leave a mark why don't you try below the neck so you know, you don't look like trailor trash.

No. 446787

I don't remember ever seeing him being so nice to Plain. Something big must have happened to get to this level of love bombing.

No. 446789


They both state they only have 1 friend, lol. It's pathetic.

And how do you know when someone's a vegan?
They tell you every fucking 3 minutes in a shitty unboxing vid.

No. 446796


>G: Hey guys, I'm Greg and this is my twink.

Lainy fails at trying to open box
>G: Let me do it.
>L: No, you said I got to open it.
>G: I have a penis.
>L: So?

>G: I can't read these ingredients so I'm just gonna assume it's vegan. Can't read it - that's my excuse.

Lainy shows gummy Smurf candy
>G: Yeah, I can't eat those. They probably have gelatin. Technically you're not suppose to eat it either.
>L: But I'm gonna.
>G: Because you're the worst vegetarian ever.

What dog annoys you the most:
>G: Leelu
>L: Caterpie
Lainy says she dislikes her new puppy the most because it's ruined her wood floor due to not house breaking it

How many friends do we think that we currently have, that we have met in person:
>G: 10, This LA trip got me a lot of friends.
>L: I have one. (Sarah I'm guessing)

At the end the Onion tries hard to not pull away from Lainy when she kisses him. When he starts to move into her kisses she pulls away

No. 446799

File: 1507494209849.jpg (83.69 KB, 348x505, 249.jpg)

>and this is my twink

No. 446807

>What dog annoys you the most:

Why the fucc did they get pets if they're so annoyed by them

No. 446810

because they like new puppies cause they're cute but hate them once they remember there's work involved. you'd think they'd have it figured out by now but there's obviously a giant learning curve that they're still struggling to get over

No. 446812

if they keep this shit up they'll be worse than charms

No. 446815

They can't stand their puppy… yet have children? animals are easier to care for compared to children. I can only imagine how annoyed Taylor and Greg are with their kids if they can barely stand their dogs.

No. 446816

>someone with all the time in the world can't housebreak a fucking puppy OR clean up after it
This creature has children. I cannot believe she can rationalize having a fake ass nanny rather than a weekly maid for all that grime. Less likely to be a teen, I guess.

Can't expect much from someone whose only joy in life seems to be hoarding more anxiety aids.

No. 446824

So I'm a german anon and familiar with the products and I also did a quick research. The MAOAM candy that gred tried was not even vegetarian KEK cause there's gelatine in it. He could have seen that cause the german word is almost the same (just without the "e" at the end). Yet he calls lainey a bad vegetarian. Also the FRITT candy they both tried is not vegetarian. He could have eaten the Smurf gummies cause they seem to be vegan but those are the ones he didn't want.

He is such a lazy ass that he takes ignorance as an excuse for everything (like not paying taxes). It's the same with his fucking food instagram account where he always puts a "vegan, right?" in the description because he doesn't care enough to look into the ingredients.

sage for nitpicky vegetarian talk

No. 446825

sorry it's actually the same word ("Gelatine" in german and "gelatin(e)" in english), I confused that

No. 446829

They seem more like siblings who hate each other than a married couple w kids.

No. 446833

Yeah. It's also not hard to look up the words 'milk' and 'egg' up. Like… three words. Or to download one of these apps with a scanner that tell you whether products are vegan.

He also said "this is definitely not vegan" to the Oreo chocolate although Oreos are vegan? This is the year where I finally realize that Greg does not just act stupid but really is stupid.

I'll upload the video in a bit by the way.

No. 446836

File: 1507498121749.png (230.45 KB, 444x388, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 5.25…)


G: "Hasta la vista, baby! Is that German?"
L: "No… maybe."
G: "Hasta la vista?"
L: "It doesn't sound German…"
G: (tries a German accent)
L: "Sounds like… Spanish?"

Didn't she say that parts of her family are Spanish…? Did neither of them have another language in high school?

No. 446838

I'm still not sure if he actually thought that was german or if he tried to be funny because it's an arnold schwarzenegger quote, either way it's pathetic lol

No. 446844

I could have sworn she said in younow that she took Spanish in high school and or college? I grew up in the same state as her and mostly everyone here knows some sort of Spanish here… The fact she didn't even know that is beyond me

No. 446845

Okay but what kind of person with a western high school level education doesn't know Hasta la vista is Spanish?

No. 446847

yeah you don't even need fucking spanish lessons to know where that quote is from and that it's spanish. do they live under a rock or something?

No. 446848

Legit everyone in New Mexico speaks broken spanish or at least knows some sort of spanish kek she's so retarded it hurts. Their kids will be dumb as fuck especially if Lainey plans on home schooling

No. 446857

File: 1507499509985.png (191.34 KB, 954x744, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 4.49…)


i think she's at least a quarter mexican

No. 446862

From today's video when they were answering the favorite hair color question.

Onion-"Well if our natural hair colros were blue then it would be blue". Could he be making all those bleach videos because he doesn't want lame to change her hair color and wants her to stay blue?

No. 446863

She's said her father is Mexican and white.

No. 446865

Why did they call it boyfriend/girlfriend tag??

No. 446866

Because the tag was popular on youtube so them having it in their title will get them "views" they probably think

No. 446870

Do neither of them ever watch Terminator 2?! like wtf. This makes me unreasonable angry at that ignorance.

No. 446879

Honestly wanted to gag seeing the hickey on Gregs neck and their conversation about hickeys. Like this is a 32 year old man, why is he even talking about hickeys in a video that is geared towards lainey's young audience.
Also, anyone else think that he purposely brought up the weight thing to trigger lainey. Like we've alllll heard her say she's like 105 now and he says 111 when guessing her weight. Even if he is being nice to her he's low-key trying to bring down her self-esteem at the same time.

No. 446880

File: 1507502487127.png (24.26 KB, 225x234, Screenshot 2017-10-08 at 6.35.…)

No. 446885

I can't tell if Onision is genuinely slow or just doesn't care. Before I would have thought he just didn't care but after watching him in Freelees videos and some of the things he was saying I think he is seriously challenged. Refusing to eat some things because they didn't seem vegan but then eating a straight up milk chocolate bar and saying this looks vegan? Same with the cookies. Veganism is a really easy concept yet he struggles with it, so weird.

…and wtf is wrong with his hair. I thought he cared about hygiene? He looks like a 40 year old homeless man

No. 446892

This shit is so fucking stupid, who even believes is signs defining a personality?
Also, Greg just constantly shitting on Trump and Shane,unironically debunking the fact that Michelle Obama is not a man lmao, proving his point using a fictional chatracter from game of thrones.

Mucus. It was the same experiance as having mucus.

No. 446893


Maybe Onion has a disease where his brain is deteriorating or something…I don't think I even believe in this concept lol

No. 446895

It's funny how he can remember how many people she kissed but not her weight.

No. 446903

lmao, right?
I bet he shamed her for the amount of people she kissed when they first got together. It's probably why he always brings it up, to remind her. There's no way a narc is happy with their wife having kissed tons of others guys before them. It's so juvenile. I'm in my 20's and it's hysterical to and so creepy to even imagine my boyfriend asking me how many people i've kissed, but then I remember he dated her when she was 17.

No. 446904

File: 1507506081663.jpg (63.81 KB, 600x600, saa.jpg)

It somewhat saddens me that she'll most likely die at a young age b/c of her shitty diet, being a shut in, lack of decent exercise, and greaselord's fear of dem oogity boogity doctahs

No. 446905

he said how he never really gives hickeys, only to taylor basically…. tinfoil but if him having an affair in LA is real than i'd think he'd say something like that to compensate something…

No. 446906

He's too cheap to pay for a haircut. THeyve said before he cuts his own hair and apparently Lainey's now. Guessing he's been so busy flying to LA for secret teen pussy or to stalk Shiloh to get around to cutting his hair.
Could also be he's getting more liver spots on his head or his hairline is receding so he's keeping it long to hide them.

No. 446916

I actually was thinking that myself. I think how he was being so nice to her was also to over-compensate because he's cheating on her

No. 446917

Plainey's on younow talking about how she's going to change her bio to "I'm on that skeleton shit" because someone told her she looked like a corpse

Fucking try harder to seem ~edgy~ and ~ana~ why don't you

No. 446920

File: 1507509266389.jpg (46.75 KB, 484x423, dirty flag.jpg)

She's using her dirty bi flag as a blanket.

No. 446921

Nah.. Anrnie is Austrian and Greg is a moron. FACTS!

No. 446925

I honestly love the fact that a patreon who knows they are vegetarian sent them not vegetarian snacks kek

No. 446933

Shhh, you'll wake astrology anon and she'll tell us how Lainey and Greg are doomed because of incompatible ruling planets or whatevs

No. 446936

which one of his exes/persons who rejected him is a gemini

No. 446938

>I'm a Scorpio and apparently so is TobyGames. I guess that makes a little sense. Shows clip of Toby denying allegations and then shows a clip of people cheering We're both passionate. Only I'm a super strait edge. So I'm not so cool, kind of lame.

Makes fun of famous Gemini's (especially Trump) and sucks Toby's dick. Boring attempt to be current and self deprecating while stroking his own ego.

No. 446939

Who knows… Billie is a taurus, she has it in her Instagram bio. Maybe he'll do a series on star signs instead of nitpicking his exes signs specifically.

No. 446943


Billie, Shiloh and Skye are all Taurusses, Adrienne is an Aries and Lainey is a Libra.

That is all

No. 446944

But Lainey you're not skinny yet

You look like a ziplock bag filled with Greek yogurt

No. 446945


Lainey, you have one friend because you're overly clingy, self-centered and have an unbearable victim-complex.

No. 446950


I don't really believe in astrology but that's freaky as hell. The three only women that onision has ever loved…are all tauruses? What the fuck? How?

No. 446951


You're a mother, why are you encouraging ana shit? Lainey is a disgrace

No. 446960

lamey is creepy and wants her friends to live with her and witness her fucked up marriage problems first hand. Weren't both selena and sarah there during parts of the billie drama? Imagine your friend is married with a kid, pregnant with a new kid after an almost divorce after the husband cheated, and is constantly bringing in the same 18 year old into the marriage. And your friend keeps going hot and cold between shes a homewrecker life ruiner to omg i miss her so much i loved her. And they want the 18 year old to tattoo themselves, dye their hair, and get locked in the basement. No wonder selena slowly faded out of her life.

She watched lameo turn into an insufferable person whose whole personality is about being agender and gay. Must be boring as hell when your friend has no interests aside from talking about their marriage problems and wanting girlfriend. Once you get out of high school, start having a real life, getting into a real relationship, studying for your career, the youtube drama your friend wants to drag you into probably isn't appealing. I see sarah following this trend once she grows older. Hopefully she loses her selfish bitch tendencies by meeting non-narcissists.

No. 446961

She no longer considers Selena a friend because she moved away and she said they don't talk often. But yesterday on YouNow Lame said Selena called her for the first time and they spoke for an hour. She thinks if you aren't constantly giving her attention or move in with her you aren't a real friend.

No. 446962

She no longer considers Selena a friend because she moved away and she said they don't talk often. But yesterday on YouNow Lame said Selena called her for the first time and they spoke for an hour. She thinks if you aren't constantly giving her attention or move in with her you aren't a real friend.

No. 446963


and whats worse is that (from what we know thanks to the people who have flirted with lainey and then posted here) she's an asshole to the girls she speaks to. she ignores them 24/7 but the moment someone like plaineyclone posts any type of criticism towards onision she goes into full emo mode about how she can't trust nobody. what a pain in the ass.

its even true of billie, how according to onision himself lainey would ignore her the entire time she would visit. but as soon as she was gone, lainey would post on snapchat about how she felt suicidal because she missed her soooo much. she's fake as fuck.

No. 446970

It pisses me off how lazy that is. Not even cause he didn't read the package and try to figure out if its vegan, but also because I feel like everyone already knows haribo and other gummy candy is never vegetarian/vegan unless stated on the package. Maybe he and Lame don't even understand what gelatine is made of. And I have to assume both of them always happily consumed it in all their "vegetarian/vegan" lifestyle, because of how ignorant they are.

No. 446971

I agree with the majority of anons:

Lainey is not as skinny as she thinks she is, and desperately wants to be coddled and make people worry (Sorry Lainey, you're no where NEAR Eugenia status)

Greg is tottttallly cheating on her. If he hasn't committed the act itself yet, he's laying the groundwork for sure. Any anon that is skeptical, just remember how he easily he cheated on Skye, and he loved her way more than Lamp.

I really wonder who the person he's cheating with/plans to cheat with is! Or I wonder if he even knows yet. But I feel like that love bombing in the gf/bf video wouldn't have happened if he hadn't done something wrong.

You know Lainey had to be smug af when she gave him that hickey too. It's like she thinks everyone will think it's cute, but even her fans are going to think it's disgusting and TRASHY unless they are like 10. I wonder is she ever realizes, "Hey, other youtubers that I look up to and respect will see this and think I'm a gross little socially inept weirdo!…hmm maybe I shouldn't give Greg a massive hickey like I'm marking my territory like an insecure lovesick puppy desperately wanting my master's approval!!!"

No. 446972

Since we're on the topic of zodiacs..

Did you know onion boy's chinese zodiac is a goddamn cow? And lamey is a dog cause shes a good girl for sniffing out barely legal teens for her master to abuse.

No. 446973


I don't either man but I do know this part of the Taurus-Scorpio connection is somewhat true. At least in Onion's perspective:

>Taurus and Scorpio are both signs of deepest physical pleasure, each in their own way. This has to be the focus of their relationship, for they can’t seem to understand platonic and imaginative relationships when they get together. There is no such thing as a platonic experience of romance, when the whole point of romance is to get physical. It is very possible that they will build their sexual life to the point where no other partner could ever satisfy their needs.

This could lead to a possessive relationship with no way out, although they probably wouldn’t want to get out even if they could. The entire experience can be too dark for the Taurus partner, especially if their practical sense is challenged by Scorpio’s character. In case they are both independent and ready to blend with someone else, they could be the perfect connection between sexual and emotional, the one that we all wish for.


No. 446979

prophecy foretold >>446973

No. 446981

relax anons, unless these astrology fags derail the thread with pointless bullshit about gregma having planets moving backwards thus explaining why he's a raging narc and pedophile, I see t as harmless

>Lainey had to be smug af when she gave him that hickey too
No doubt she's probably crossing her fingers hoping someone asks her about it on stream just so she can brag about her 'OH SO KINKY~' sex life or poor Selena had to listen to her whining about how Greg is constantly a dick to her about her performance in bed but oh don't worry that's just sexy humiliation and their totes kinky and in wuv guys~

No. 446987


Speaking of planets, ghosts told Grease and Skye that they were reincarnations of people who lived in multiple planets or some shit - all from his websites!

Alright, I'm done with Onion's hocus-pocus nonsense for the day lol.

No. 446992

>no such thing as a platonic experience of romance
>they can't seem to understand platonic and imaginative relationships
>The entire experience can be too dark for the Taurus partner, especially if their practical sense is challenged by Scorpio’s character.

i'm not normally one for astrology either but looking back on his relationship with billie this is scarily on point.

>her performance in bed

judging by how wooden she acts all the time, i'm surprised she's got a sex drive at all tbh

No. 446993


Yeah and Shiloh too, that's why she lasted a year in the relationship and took only a few months to finally break her to the point of constant suicidal thoughts during that time.

>I'm gonna kill myself and it'll be all your fault! You've destroyed me!!!

No. 446994


To be fair, he said all of his exes just laid there while he did most of the work/whatever he wanted to them and were great cock-suckers. Then again, they probably weren't feeling it/in the mood/stopped giving a shit altogether.

No. 446996

File: 1507536056770.png (111.19 KB, 750x869, IMG_4727.PNG)

Oh my fucking God, stop it with the astrology. The chances of having 3 girlfriends of the same starsign in a row is 1 in 144, not that miraculous. Horoscopes are written so that they sound relevant to anyone. And its really hard to share a hateboner with people who are nearly as dumb as the cow himself.

Here, here are some tweets. He's watching loli porn and sucking up to momokun; mercury must be in retrograde.

No. 446998

Follow up question - does Mariah live in LA?

No. 447002

HAH! That is hilarious! Onion was born to be a literal lolcow I love it.

He is definitely cheating idk if it could even be considered tinfoil at this point because his behavior towards her is cyclical and everything has a reason.

Idk who he's cheating/talking to but I'm sure he feels like he has a lead so his inner guilt is just drowning her in stuff.

No. 447005

Nah, she lives in Vegas, but goes there a lot for 'shoots'.

I also support her as the new trinity member because it would be super milky.

No. 447007


It's not guilt he's feeling. It's his attempt to distract Lamo from suspecting anything.

No. 447012

Can we not talk about astrology? No one wants to read it. Go make a thread in /ot/ if you have to.

No. 447022

I think even moo has higher standards than onion, but fuck if it wouldn’t be hysterical if they hooked up. lamey would stop crying about how thin she is and start packing on pounds to keep up with her husband’s new fat fetish.

No. 447026


I think Lamo is too submissive and easy to control for him. Our onion boy is gettig bored! Moo is a good challenge for him, how to get her to lose weight for him. I bet that's what he's fantasizing, control her so much she is willing to ditch her online persona as plus-size person, lose weight for him and cosplay his favourite hentai characters in private.

No. 447028

agree. it's just another form of armchairing.

No. 447032

File: 1507551302910.jpg (39.76 KB, 800x449, dd739913b4089fc4012e8cd9956dc1…)

if homeboy's coming through with these, yeah, it's quiet for him

No. 447037

Loli porn is a fair guess but isn't "watching anime" his uncrackable social media code for thinking about a special someone who isn't his space prince? He and Billie both used this one a lot not so long ago.

No. 447038

what was the code that billie and onion used?

No. 447039

God what if she does know but she's so completely cucked that she already knows not to embarrass Gurg by knowing anything he doesn't so she's pretending to be down on his level?

No. 447040

>watching anime
That was literally the code.

This older post references it. You saw it pop up in both of their posts around the time.
Go even further back in Onionthreads and you'll see tweetcaps etc.

No. 447041

File: 1507555131331.jpg (22.13 KB, 726x301, subtle.jpg)

No. 447042

File: 1507555401176.png (361.98 KB, 600x450, 11.png)

I can take a guess who he wants to cheat on Lainey with.

Has hentai problem,

Suddenly wants to go to conventions,

Sudden interest with business on the West Coast

Momokun is slutty who needs comforting

No. 447045

Momo makes a lot of money on Patreon. He aspires to make what she does. His interest is pretty simple to decode.

No. 447046

That's the exact thing that came to my mind when I heared she makes like 10,000 on patreon. He tried to get information on how to deal with the youtube adpocalipse from jaclyn and others. Now he sucks up to moomoo cause he hopes she gives him advice on how to increase his patreon income

No. 447048


BTW Twitchcon is coming up so if Onision suddenly heads there we know really why he is there.

No. 447049

>watching anime… very happy

Lol hes cheating

No. 447053

Onion cheating with Momo would be a milky dream come true and the ultimate cow collision.

No. 447057

File: 1507558635921.png (22.63 KB, 640x177, 1481679358273.png)


No. 447063

Before anyone has a reading comprehension meltdown, I don't think anyone is suggesting he's cheating with Billie this time. She doesn't seem to be in LA and that ship has sailed.

No. 447066

Sorry but that is an absolute reach, there's no way Billie would ever go back to him.

(Just kidding >>447063 just wanted to keep you on your toes)

No. 447076

Do you guys really think he is attracted to moo moo? Since he was all about flat chest, suddenly he is into fatty boobs?

No. 447077

>and were great cock-suckers
Oh please tell me there's a video where he says this, it sounds like quintessential gross Onision

No. 447079

Isn't Billie still dating Drew?

No. 447081

to throw off Lainey

No. 447083

>To throw off lainey

Fucking exactly, But he's such a fucking idiot (and so is she for believing him) its very fucking obvious to everyone else lmao

No. 447085

I hope its Tomatoes gf he's fucking, or another fans gf. Seeing that all his patreons are catfishes or lard asses.

Or better yet, one of Complainey's fake crushes.

No. 447091

File: 1507565467129.jpg (325.85 KB, 2076x1020, 56r565765638.jpg)

Eh, dude has mentioned on occasion his attraction to certain body types. Nubile is definitely one of them, but let's not forget how Shiloh was somewhat portly around the time he met up with her. He's very much easily tricked into going for girls with bodies he'd usually hate otherwise so long as they know how to manipulate the camera. He doesn't see the stomach rolls, he just sees those Mega Milk tits IRL and starts fawning.

No. 447092

god i hope so

No. 447107

If Onion is cheating on plank with moomoo; she'll be his mangnum opus.
Guaranteed he's lurked her thread and seen her when she used to be fit and hot, he'll try to make her an anachan maybe even convince her to get breast reduction surgery if he's desperate/hypocritical enough for that thin loli fantasy. Along with getting her to quit drinking and be totally vegan. No doubt bc of their attention whore personalities those two would constantly fight and fuck afterwards shivers
All while moo and plamo are passive bitches to each other on twitter about who "wuvs Gregory moore U w U"
If she guested on his videos, it'd be the biggest fight for camera time and a proving ground over who's funnier than who

Sage for cow tinfoil

No. 447108

Kind of want to go on her YouNow and say "Glad I got to meet your hubby and Momukun at the mall this weekend." Just to see if she gets triggered.

No. 447114

you totally should, and delete this post because they lurk here lol

No. 447117

didn't it occur to anyone that the "I prefer small boobs" sperg rant was not only to make fun of Jacklyn but also so people wouldn't suspect he wants (probably already is) banging moomoo?
I mean he still jacks off to Hannah Minx, it's obvious he's into big boobs
also moomoo would give him visibility and he probably thinks he will be able to control her to lose weight

No. 447121

File: 1507574250656.png (43.2 KB, 217x206, Screenshot 2017-10-09 at 2.36.…)

No. 447123

i want to believe

No. 447127

This, He's doing that whole small boobs rhetoric to get lainey (and presumably us) off his trail, He's always had a huge thing for big boobs and I'm guessing he probably was attracted to jacklyn even more which probably pissed him off. Either he's lusting for moomoo or his prized money cow becca

No. 447129

I'm bored and watching Ricegum's response to the content cop.
6 million views and within the first minute or so he uses a clip of Onision…
…Unfortunately for Greg it was when he was wearing a ski mask to hide his oatmeal face.

No. 447134


I still think it’s related to Billie.

No. 447135

There's no fucking way Mariah would fuck him. He's poor and couldn't make anything cosplay-worthy for her. She wouldn't get anything out of it

No. 447142

I completely forgot about his unhealthy obsession with Hannah Minx and her milk jugs, maybe he is just trying to throw us off.

It's possible he likes both young girls and tit beasts, probably for different reasons. Maybe he likes tit beasts because they remind him of girls he couldn't get when he was younger and he wants to hate fuck and degrade them or something? And the young girls because he's a gross old dude obsessed with youth and probably gets off on how easy they are to manipulate

No. 447145


yeah and during their fist interactions, Mariah seemed kinda creeped out by him

No. 447146

It's obvious Gerg lurks here so he probably has read/ knows about Mariah's thread. I wonder if he's being nice to her so he can just shit on her later with hate videos.

No. 447156

File: 1507581136967.png (11.95 KB, 582x83, Screenshot 2017-10-09 at 4.32.…)

No. 447160

>I miss watching anime!!

No. 447161

File: 1507581507784.jpg (27.03 KB, 480x398, jail.jpg)


Good. Do a fucking flip, Greg.

No. 447164

Well that was a turn, Think lainey/sarah read the threads and now they're having a bust up?

No. 447165

so happens to be on the day that billie is really active on twitter and posting again, missing anime grease, i bet he watches her videos and tweets to give lainey ideas

No. 447167

Oh shit thats true I saw her tweeting on my dash. You might be right anon

No. 447168

i think they had a fight, otherwise he would have to explain lame why he's sad (if it was about another girl).

I hope at least one of them streams today

No. 447169

I didn't think of it before but I bet him and Billie watched hentai together making the watching anime even more gross, I don't see lainey watching it and she said she doesn't like anime and now says she does maybe because he's thrusting after Mariah,she cosplays and his choice of porn is hentai..look out lainey

No. 447178

not necessarily. she could be fooled by his subscriber count and try to capitalize on that. and onion would buy her cosplay shit and then write it off his taxes as business expenses lel. maybe just wishful thinking though because i really want that milk to flow

No. 447183

It would be so hilarious if it was Mariah. Lainey is trying so hard to starve herself to make Greg love her more and then imagine if he went for someone 100 pounds heavier than her. But I don't think it's her, she's too old and has more power than greg atm in terms of money and followers. Not his type. We should be looking out for a 17-18 year old fangirl that lives in California.

No. 447187

I think it would be totally easy for him. He has all that film equipment and cameras.

No. 447195


It begins.

No. 447201

oh my god, thank you detective anon

No. 447208

God I feel bad but I rechecked and he still has those cosplay pics liked. I feel like a dumb ass sorry guys. Deleted my past posts bc I didn't want to spread false information.

No. 447209

Reasons why onion is probably sad:

- Missing whoever he is cheating on lameo with/flirting with. Or something went south with them.
- Gearing up for another IRS guilt his fans for money video. Pity me mode activated.
- Lameo found out something and is upset with him or he did something exceptionally bad recently. He has to fake sad and like he cares so he goes on twitter to tweet about it.
- He is in pity mode because lameo is rejecting the idea of a new girl lately. Got to post on twitter about how hes sad/ignore her in real life to guilt her/shame her into agreeing to get a gf for him

Those are the usual reasons.

No. 447212

We all make mistakes, Thanks for clearing it up anon before speculation got out of hand. Still its interesting that onion goes from being super happy about watching anime to very very sad in a matter of hours.

No. 447216

It will be Sarah snitching everything written here to Lainey, good little sidekick she is

No. 447220

Mariah is wouldn't ever fuck with Onision because she actually likes going out and having fun while he's all about sitting alone in his McMansion while being up his own ass with how straight edge he is.

No. 447225

File: 1507585546232.jpeg (100.9 KB, 640x762, CF199CAF-1BA6-426A-A455-597252…)

I present to you all, a married father of two discussing Columbus Day. If they wind up homeschooling their children, they’re as good as drooling bedwetters.

No. 447226

that may be the case, but i could totally see them hooking up at a hotel during a convention.

No. 447230

oh my god imagine onion teachin his kids history… trying to talk about topics like columbus and then calling him a jerk and making the whole lesson about himself.

he would also teach them that they only need google to win every argument in the world.

No. 447231

I think he would be interested in Mariah because she does have an early Shiloh thing going on imo

No. 447232

Oh no, Troy and Claire are going to be idiots!

No. 447233

Shiloh looks way better but yeah you're totally right and I see it as well.

No. 447248

Christ. On second thought, maybe it’s for the best they homeschool their kids. Could you imagine how normal kids would take to being treated by Grease’s kids the way Grease treats everyone else? They’d both get the everliving shit kicked out of them every day.

No. 447265

Narc raised kids usually have less self esteem so their kids would probably just be pitied by others.

To homeschool children don't you need to have actual like quality control? This guy wouldn't teach history at all, except his youtube history.

No. 447280

You’ve never heard of “unschooling”.
I could totally see that being something the Onions might try.
Sage for speculation/irrelevancy.

No. 447281

Lol the only 'literature' they'd study would be onions own books.

No. 447294

Poor Troy he wont bring his girlfriend home cause his dad will try to hit on her and chain her in the basement

No. 447295

Looked up unschooling.
Could be really good with someone who is qualified and willing to work to make it great and worthwhile for the kids.
So basically onions kids are doomed, his version of unschooling would be to literally not teach them anything.

No. 447322

I'm rooting for them to do a Venus and escape the onion basement once they're old enough.

No. 447324

Even better, They become farmers and spill all the juicy deetz

No. 447333

Milk has been slow af recently. Another sure sign that something is going on behind the scenes.

No. 447339

I would be so amazed if Moo Moo became the next trilogy member, especially because its been basically confirmed that she lurks Lolcow. She knows how much of a crazy bitch Onion is. And we know Onion lurks too, so he knows how much of a crazy bitch Mariah is too. Imagine how batshit their relationship would be while they have constant access to hate threads about eachother. Beautiful. It's like some kind of awful Nazi experiment.

No. 447341

tinfoil but, what if all the assumptions about greg cheating on lainey is starting to get to her and now her and greg are in a mexican standoff about whether or not he did the deed.
This whole Mariah joining the trinity speculation probably only worsened her own insecurities and now she's probably watching him like a hawk while he passive aggressively mentions how much he "loves" their marriage

No. 447342

File: 1507591691571.png (67.57 KB, 360x248, wat.png)

No. 447343

Does he consider being shut away in his room tweeting about how SAD he is time spent doing "work"?

He seems to have spent the past few hours shut in his room, watching anime, moping about and tweeting about it. Meanwhile we can assume Lainey is the one caring for the kids, however lazily she may do so. Even Doormat must resent him.

No. 447376

Please do not dismiss possible new partners based on race. Only reason to say that is that Gurg dated a few ladies of color in high school. So keep cakeface in the running.

No. 447379

Lameo is on younow

No. 447382

She's talking about hate comments on her videos

No. 447384

And has been dismissing fans unless they give her stuff lol she's just complained for 99% of the stream so far (hardly surprising though)

No. 447385

Sounds sexy. What's she been saying? My laptop won't run younow

No. 447387

She's just complaining about people making fun of her makeup skills

No. 447388

a fan said they sent a package for her to open and she said really bitchy “i don’t have it with me” like how does this woman have fans, she doesn’t appreciate them

No. 447389

ffs someone just gave her a love potion..
Also she's upset and listening to her "angry" music

No. 447390

>I don't like shots
>I never get the flu shot


No. 447391

Onion is sad… foot face is angry… what did he do

No. 447392

Right. The person paid for her PO box address, paid to ship a package from Germany and that's how lainey talks to them… nice

No. 447393

man there's def been some drama in the onion house. hope some probing questions can uncover it. very unusual for it not to be plastered all over social media. gotta be to do with LA

No. 447394

Has anyone asked if she thinks Greg would ever cheat?

No. 447395

File: 1507595426821.png (51.58 KB, 719x434, 20171009_192919.png)

Troll her, she'll get triggered. I can't if not I would.

No. 447396

Laineys pouting and frowning reading the comments, Nothing extremely trolly is happening so she's mad as fuck

No. 447398

Someone ask her if her 5 years are almost up.

No. 447399

Play stupid and ask if Greg is home from LA yet

No. 447400

I asked her once if she thought Greg was going to La to cheat on her and she said "Maybe!! I dont know"

No. 447401

She's definitely getting desperate. She's now not just claiming to be into anime but cosplay too.

No. 447403

Shes making another coming out video? And a gender reveal for herself?

Jesus shes running out of ways to milk her snowflake status

No. 447405

Probably to do with feeling """pressured""' to dress masc when all along the space prince wanted to be fem

No. 447406

she cosplayed as misty earlier, i bet she tried to cheer onion up by cosplaying as a ~sexy misty~ and he was still disatisfied

No. 447408

Need to say this. He is vastly misinformed about these Hollywood starlets. Kate Hudson, yes had natural small breasts in Almost Famous, top less scene. However, in 2010, she got breast enhancement surgery. Rumored to be because of A Rod, he likes thin athletic women with big breasts. Kate also has has 2 nose jobs, one in adolescents and another after how to lose a guy in 10 days. Also about Kate, she famously is a man eater. Rumored cheated on her first husband, drove Owen Wilson to attempt suicide, and the lead singer of Muse wrote Dead Inside about her, very telling. Also rumored to have a secret side affair with Chris Martin while they were both married. But according to our very own manlet, it's okay because she's flat chested with a gorgeous face. No personality or character or integrity needed when it comes to onion.

No. 447411

"Do you know greg is following momokun?"
>"Yes. why the fuck would I care."

She's being a general condescending cunt to everyone today, why are fans trying to comfort her spiteful ass?

No. 447415

Kiera Knightly, nothing evil, but she has at least 1 nose job, and upper lip implant. She also is rumored to be anorexic, stemming from when she and Natalie Portman were gunning for a role, and they needed to lose weight to be considered. But she's stunning because it's partly false. Claire Danes, oh home girl I liked you so much, until you went after a married man, Billy Crudup. Yes, she got him, he left Mary Louise Parker when she was 7 months pregnant to be with Claire. Yes, they broke up too, because Claire cheated on Billy lol. Claire Danes has had 2 nose jobs as well. Possible face fillers. So someone with no integrity of relationship boundaries, that's who groggy likes.

No. 447416

Surprised she knows about momokun, must be because she feels threatened by her. Why else would someone who hates anime and is convinced Greg only goes after young skinny girls be looking up and in general knowing momo. Explains the cosplaying all of a sudden too. She's gonna become momokuns skinwalker next,

No. 447417

She looked panic'd the couple times momo was brought up, It triggers her

No. 447418

theres too ways she'll go about this.
Even more crazy Ana crap along with dressing more and more like an actual child to try and look smol and lolli for Greg when she displays his he takes fantasies
She'll desperately try and fatten herself up
Godddd this is gonna be great

No. 447419

Cosplays his hentai fantasies* damn autocorrect
Bet his misty didn't turn him on because she has saggy boobs and it's not really an outfit you can wear a bra in. Need a lot of under boob and hers are too saggy ahahahahaha

No. 447420

So there is this fan, asking her to help her with some lesbian shit and Lainey completly ignored her to talk about the skin of Kiwi, you are a good adquisition for the LGBT community Plainey keep going lol

No. 447422

I just asked lainey if shes ever been cheated on

>yep. all the time

No. 447424


I'm surprised she noticed, and now Greg just happened to show up in the stream so everything seems copacetic

No. 447425

Last post guys. Sienna Miller. Big cheaty home wrecker. Affair with Balthazar Getty, his poor wife and 4 kids. She also had affair with Daniel Craig, thereby cheating on Jude Law. But she got hers when Jude Law had an affair with their LIVE in NANNY. Splashed all over the papers, she stayed, but eventually broke up. She uses Botox and Multiple fave fillers. Julia Stiles, sure she is very natural. But… she knowingly entered into an affair with Michael C Hall when she guest stared on Dexter. Did Julia care that Michael's real wife played character Debra, his sister on the show? No. Also, Michael Campus Hall had been diagnosed with cancer and his wife stayed loyal and help him out tremendously with his recovery. So how does he repay his wife? By doing Julia Stiles. Robin Wright, we'll, she endured Sean Penns mental, emotional, psychological, (and not confirmed physical) abuse. Please google Sean Penn screams at ex boyfriend and look at the pictures. Robin had that red angry face yelling at her for years. Reminds me of Onions screaming at Lainey behind the scenes and her scratching away her tears so he doesn't yell at her for having womanly hysterical emotions.
TL;DR gred only sees the outside of people Yada Yada

No. 447427


>"Greg did you know you're cheating on me with Momokun?"

As if they're talking about it right now.

No. 447428

Greg just left her younow and she said now she wants to cry because he came in. Greg must have fucked up hard just to be upset by his presence lmao

No. 447429

Greg didn't even say no to it and laughed.

No. 447430

i've asked multiple times if they're fighting and i know she read it and ignored it.

No. 447431

I love how Greg never reassures her he's loyal

No. 447432

I asked "why did you say you felt like crying?"
>umm because I did..

Why is she such a bitch loolll

No. 447434

A little summary: Greg came in to give Lainey sunglasses, she tell him people are saying he is cheating her with Momokun and that's is why he is traveling so much to LA, he response " hmmmm, she doesnt even live there" then Lainey continue saying every week is someone different(sidechick).

She thanks Grug really biting and he left the room. Afterward Lainey says she feel like crying.

No. 447435

Lainey: "You'd think cutting your hair would make you feel better but I've done it before and it doesn't help."

Holy shit she is retarded. Also very interesting she's brought up about wanting to shave her head because she feels like shit.

No. 447437

She ragequit younow cause everyone kept talking about momokun

No. 447438

She seemed really nervous, she didnt even say that he didnt cheat on her, just that she wanted screenshots

No. 447439

what did she say? kek

No. 447441

Someone told her that they saw Greg and Momo at the mall and she told people to email her receipts

No. 447442

wasnt he just "watching anime…..really happy" not that long ago? what could've possibly happened to change this mood?

No. 447444

Greases reaction was weird, He HAS done something because he was almost mocking lainey and just laughing. When he's lied about he usually would go apeshit since he's so "BRUTALLY HONEST" so his nonchalant attitude really stuck out.

No. 447445

she kepy saying "show me the proof, email me the proof or youre just wasting my fucking time" all the while continueing to talk about it, read the comments out loud and get angry over it. shes so transparent lol

No. 447446

Yeah, very defensive and nervous throughout the whole stream. Once onion came on younow and the comments about moo came up you can tell she got increasingly irritated and if she stayed on she would have 100% cried on stream.
Something is definitely up and she knows Greg has fucked up.

No. 447449

It was me. I really just wanted to see the reaction.
Something has to be going on and it has to be involving moomoo because once I said it she read it out loud and her demeanor kind of shifted from anger to defensiveness, demanding receipts.

No. 447451

L: Did you know that you're cheating on me with momokun?
G: Momokun?
L: Apparently
G: Hmm


No. 447453

He probably got turned on watching anime and jerked off

No. 447454

My oh my. Grease uses onisioncheats to argue/debate a point with his significant other, and he wants the backing of his sycophantic audience to show the results that the majority agrees with him. The second reason he uses onisioncheats is to target a girl. He'll start making topics and issues directly relating to the unfortunate target. From the looks of this video, his new chosen spank material is a Gemini. Can we get confirmation from the other board when Momokun's birthday is exactly?? Feel like this could be milky.

No. 447455

Usually he goes full on narc rage if anyone dares to lie about him.

Seriously his reaction is very very telling

No. 447456

fuck, his lack of response even has me want to cry kekkkkk
the boy fucked up. even if hes not cheating with momokun, hes cheating with someone.

No. 447457

Damn it I missed most of the stream. Welp hopefully tomorrow's stream is just as milky/milkier lmao.

No. 447459

From a quick google search, I've found that Momokun's birthday is September 19th, so she's a Virgo.

No. 447462

Yup the way lainey asks him about it, she poses like "Ugh here we go again" but its clear shes looking for affirmation and validation. And he didn't even give her that, Just some shitty sunglasses lol

No. 447464

I'm the Anon that sits and watches her boring ass YawnNows waiting for milk. But I have the flu and I missed this milk, well fuck.I will watch tomorrow maybe even troll.


No. 447469

>bi pride look
>glam look
>spooky look
no change

No. 447477

god the onions are so fucking stupid and cringey. imagine you had a husband and you just livestream your stupid arguments for everyone to make fun of. i can't believe lainey had kids with this narc, they deserve each other but fuck them for reproducing

No. 447478

Ah ok, thank you anon. Think he is still targeting a Gemini, but am glad to hear this. Other anons must be correct that burgl wants Momo's fans then, not her. But then who? Who is the Gemini he's trying to monkey branch??? Hey Taylor Elaine, I think you've learned your lesson enough, don't you think? Forget the sunk cost fallacy, that's a terrible reason to stay. I don't think well of you, but heartbreak exudes from your pores. It's sheer madness to continue, it never stays "better", does it? Taylor Elaine, leave him for a joyful family that you have waiting for you with open arms. Do the best thing for your children. Troy will remember what you did and didn't do for him. Do you really want him to be exactly the same as his father through and through? Start divorce proceedings with your dad's help. Don't leave the house with the kids yet it looks bad. Get a restraining order against Shrek. Sage for all the seemingly pro Taylor Elaine talk. Just care about the welfare the innocent babies stuck in the middle of Onions antics. Ps. Her name is Taylor Elaine

No. 447481

File: 1507600548205.png (282.42 KB, 639x358, 3zND7U55OT.png)

They had to be joking that they both thought "Hasta la vista" was German just because a guy from Austria said it in a movie, right?

I love that basic knowledge that most people who finished high school understand, seems to baffle the Onions and they have to consult their all knowing Google.

What would they do if they were born before the internet?

No. 447485

Onion would be more likely to latch onto Momokun because 1) he likes bigger women or bigger breasts, as much as he tries to convince himself/us otherwise. His history says differently. The "thin pledge" with Skye was just a form of control. Onion probably likes a woman who can dominate him. 2) Momokun is his hentai in the flesh. Her popularity is just a bonus.

No. 447487

Onion complains about system being rigged. Repeats himself about how he started losing popularity only after adpocalypse. States that he's only going to be releasing videos that are able to be monetized. Promotes his patreon for his non-monetizable content. (Mentions how he can show boobs or whatever he wants to his mainly underage audience on patreon.) Also states that he will be uploading to Facebook hoping for better payout there. Ending words are about how right he is. Basically if you watched one of these bullshit "Youtube is firing me" videos you've heard it all before.

No. 447488

She lives in Las Vegas. Everyone peel off a layer of tinfoil. He's new to patreon and Momo is the equivalent of sucking up to a youtuber with higher subs.

No. 447492

That and he gets to mentally torture Lainey (not denying the cheating, just being all nonchalant)

No. 447496

Anon even his reaction to lainey telling him about it all was just weird, This is the dude who went on younow in a massive narc rage when he felt people were lying about him or making lainey cry. Something went down, maybe not with momo but who knows

No. 447497

File: 1507601539046.jpg (62.09 KB, 808x473, cap.JPG)

Anyone care to reupload this possible train wreck?

No. 447502



Implying it's ever not lol

No. 447505

Yes, that is odd but it could be the people playing on her paranoia - which they do constantly. I'm prepared to be proved wrong but at this point it makes no sense. Vix and Billie being what he hungers for in a girl. The cities not matching up.

No. 447506

File: 1507602252441.jpg (29.66 KB, 860x153, onion1.JPG)


Processing, give it a few minutes.

No. 447507

thank you kind soul <3

No. 447509

Oh it's telling how he's acting, when he started talking to Shiloh he got the same way around skye

No. 447513

Holy shit you're right he really did, Nonchalant, Distant, Occassional love-bombing, More fights, Constantly saying he's sad all the time. Actually thinking about it, Concerning his tweets from earlier today about how sad he is, He pulled that exact same shit just before he divorced skye so that his fanbase would sympathize with him immediately.

No. 447518

File: 1507603398999.png (61.17 KB, 213x208, Screenshot 2017-10-09 at 10.42…)

Sorry, vid.me was glitching out. This link is working fine now.


No. 447520

No. 447522

Okay, these anons convinced me. I don't think Onion would spend money on multiple trips to LA if there wasn't a girl involved. Did he even collab with anyone the last time he went? (Sorry, I don't watch his videos, I know that's understandable)

No. 447530

File: 1507604024770.png (1.21 MB, 1560x948, Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 10.5…)

It's been a while since I sat through an Onion video. Key notes:

- Went to YT space, there's 5 seconds where he's trying to grab someone who's giving this technical talk; it's so bizarre
- there's a solid minute where he just says the word "Tesla" increasingly autistically. It's so bizarre
- Onion turns on warm water (pic related) and wonders why the water looks a different color (hot tap water is typically this way)
- …he shopped his face onto a WWE announcement clip??? "I'm a loser" -Onion 2k17
- there are so many lolz teh randum unrelated clips? Like he cut to Always Sunny of Charlie vomiting for literally no reason.

He titled the vlog "Why I Quit LA", and provides no reasoning nor shows a few minutes of Onion-professing-his-"""divine-wisdom""". It's just strewn together random clips of his feet walking, with his awful screeching, and references to shows/movies.

No. 447532

So he's no longer going to LA.

Let's stop tinfoiling because the utters are dry. Onion has been going to LA at last chance and very desperate efforts to see if anyone is equally desperate enough to collab with him. There's no affair. Nobody wants that. He's mostly alone when he goes to LA. He gleefully talks about anyone collabs or dinners he has with anyone, male or female, because he's that toxic in the YT community and is that lonely.

Of course he'll act unaffected by rumors of an affair. Any time anyone mentions that with his patrons, he doesn't understand. He's used to rumors. Unless a YTer makes a video talking about it, he's not going to narc rage and milk it for views, which he probably won't anymore because it'll get demonitized. There's no profit in his outbursts to call out anyone or play into drama.

No. 447533

His random cuts might be due to Shane's boyfriend Ryland doing lots of that in his videos. It's getting kinda common in other videos as well though. We know he stalks Shane and his friends so it's not a far stretch to assume he stalks Shane's boyfriend as well. Can only imagine how bitter he is that it isn't him sucking Shane's dick and getting pampered. If only Shane had wanted his vegetarian body Onion would be raking in tons of dough and be YouTube famous.
Shane's definitely like a sugar daddy as seen in Rylands boyfriend buys my clothes video. He spends over 700$ in one store on an outfit for Ryland probably spends at least 1000$. Lainey probably crys at how unlucky she was to end up with Onion who won't even do a boyfriend buys my clothes from Walmart video but'll blow thousands on Billie for makeup and tickets for other girls.

No. 447534

did u watch the video tho, anon above says he doesnt even state anywhere why he
"quit" LA … doesnt confirm or dubunk anything

No. 447535

Some of you anons are tinfoling hard. I'm more than willing to believe Onion is seeing a hunnie in LA, but I don't see how anyone thinks it's Moo. I'm sure he is trying to find a way to use her to boost is own popularity (I'm sure she is doing the same) but I have a hard time believing they are boning.

No. 447536

With his logic people like idubbbz, h3h3 even pewdiepie they keep getting demonetized too, yet their views never decline, quite the opposite.
So no matter what he says it's bs, and it's time for him to realize his channels are dying because people are tired of his narc rants, shitty content and unfunny 2007 comedy.

Also we have seen this same video of him complaining about youtube now about how many times? 15? At least?

No. 447538

ot but why did hugh dancy ever get with claire danes? i'm not salty but i don't get it, why go for such an obvious homewrecker/cheater?

damn anon, hollywood is such a cesspool lmao

No. 447546

Lol Hollywood certainly lives in excess of everything. Regarding Hugh, didn't want to say before, but it has been suggested that he is secretly more gay than not. Hollywood has a history of fake relationships created to further achieve success. 2 stars are better than one. Claire Danes lost a lot of good will from fans over the affair. Hugh Dancy needed a heterosexual partner for his image because his star was rising. Lemme point out that Claire and Bilky broke up in 2006, and then her and Dancy began dating in the same year. But they almost divorced around 2013 or 2014 I think. She had a relationship outside of the marriage (he didn't care because he did as well) but her and Hugh started to disagree about how to raise their son. But they revised their partnership contracts, and are doing well again. Everything is for show, nothing is what it seems, the need to control the public image is extreme, to the point of pathological obsession. Sound like anyone familiar?? Lol
sage again for ot Hollywood talk. Gossip and secrets are my bread and butter

No. 447547

It looks like a cup of jizz kek

No. 447548

wow anon, where do you even get all that info? i’d be super down to discuss more about actual celebrity dirt on a specific thread for that(if there isn’t one already) and you’d be an excellent contributor.
sage for ot/derailing

No. 447549

Fucking stop. This sounds like gossip magazine fake news and even if it's true, it's irrelevant and clogging up the thread.

Between this and the astrology shit, I swear some of you are a YouTube channel away from being cows yourselves.

You sound like Joy, calm down.

No. 447551

Wtf happened to this thread. Can we stop with the astrology/celebrity talk? None of it is relevant.

No. 447562

Starting at 2:55, he puts a clip of lameo stuttering the word blog and captions it wut? making fun of her.
In his video My awesome girlfriend at the :39-:57 mark Shiloh says eggsexual by accident and Greg keeps questioning why she said the word wrong. He keeps replaying the clip over and over while she says no I didn't.
Patterns of behavior, no matter how insignificant, don't change.

No. 447565

seconding this i want gossip anon to spill more. didn't find an ot thread i'll try and make one in a min

he gets hung up over the pettiest things it's true, but i wonder if he's starting to bait lainey into initiating a divorce. it kinda seems like his cycles of indifference/love bombing are speeding up and he's being even colder to her than usual, just like with skye

No. 447579

Yeah, regardless of whether or not Onion is cheating, SOMETHING happened.

You don't go from hickeys, extreme love bombing and the most chemistry they've shown in a while to WHATEVER the heck was up with them tonight.

My theory is he was buttering her up big time to drop some bad news on her. He screwed up SOMEHOW and she's not happy with him/is suspicious right now and I'd love to know why since she was sooo smug and pleased just a few days ago.

No. 447581

fucking underrated

No. 447584

I'm just waiting on Lainey's Shiloh-esque breakdown on younow where she just spills everything all while greg just watches like a sociopath in the other room thinking to himself "Man…this takes me back!" or internally melts down over the fact that Lainey "betrayed" him

No. 447585


This one's right up there with the anon who said she looked like a haunted shovel. Keep up the good work.

No. 447587

do narcissists even feel guilt? feel like he would get off on just destroying her like he does everyone else. at this point what would even be the best way for lainey to go about this?

No. 447588

Lame won't give up on him. She did say on YouNow she won't forgive him again and would divorce him if he betrayed her again. I seriously doubt it, she's still his fan girl, I also feel she tries her best to keep him isolated from others by allowing him to be a fucking psycho dick to everyone.

No. 447590

He really think that just because he's had controversies over 10 years that his last controversy wouldn't affect his channel? It did a lot of people finally woke up and stopped watching. His views started plummeting after the Billie thing and he kept bleesing subscribers since then. Not to mention his harassment of Eugenia Cooney, his disregard for tragedy and all his other bs.

No. 447593

Could the hickie be another indication of some problems in their marriage? They've been married for 5 years and now he has a hickie? Did he do something Lame didn't like and she felt like she had to mark her territory? He's a 32 year old, father of 2 with a hickie on his neck its embarrassing.

No. 447595

so is the hickey from lainey or the person he went to LA to chea- I mean "collab" with

he goes to LA, comes back with a hickey

No. 447598

Yeah I totally believe this to be what happened too.

No. 447599

No there's no way it was from someone in LA. It was from Lainey. If he came back with that on his neck Lainey would be in a mental institution right now having a full blown mental breakdown.

No. 447601

dude onion said himself
"I am not racist I just don't like african americans"
He's been the most racist POS ever, only ever dated white girls, then magically he claimed to have dated all these black, mixed or hispanic women only recently, most likely to get brownie points or get the "I'm not racist" card even though he spews out every single detail of every white woman he's ever been with yet magically has somehow dated all the women of color? nope, I don't buy it for a second

No. 447602

well true, unless he came up with some BS excuse and said it was for a skit or a joke or something

then again didn't some anons have theories they only pretend to be together for views?

No. 447606

Maybe he told her he went paintballing with the boys (PotatoRegrette and Fridge guy).

You know the doormat would accept such a lame excuse.

Or maybe he doesn't even want her to. He seems to be really pushing the marriage to breaking point.

No. 447610

They get annoyed at the energy they have to expend to manage the fallout, hence why they try to turn it round on others, and prep with lovebombing.

If Lainey got too upset he'd probably start bringing up what he thinks he's done for her, and all the bad things she's done. A bit like the whiteboard diagram vids.

No. 447614

I kinda feel bad for lameo, this was most likely her first for a lot of things, not to mention the two kids, especially at a young age, now she's just be another wife onision fucked up in the head and threw out for the next young fresh thing, the more you think about it the more fucked up it gets

No. 447615


Everything a narc feels as a "guilt" is more a fear of losing something valuable for them rather than actual guilt of hurting feelings.

A narc is never actually sorry for things they've done. They're sorry that they got caught. The "guilt" they portray is actually the fear of losing the narsiccistic source.

I have a good bunch of narc traits and that's at least how I work around people.

No. 447616

I mean on younow tonight she was repeatedly putting herself down and saying she wanted to shave her whole head.

No. 447619

>I tried becoming the best Billie for you, and yet it was futile. I want to shave everything off REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 447641

>I kinda feel bad for lameo
i wish this phrase was a bannable offense.

No. 447643


Shall the reporting process begin?

No. 447644

oh ffs, how? for feeling even slightly bad for a girl in an abusive relationship? Am I not allowed to feel bad for people?

No. 447645

I wonder if shaving her head is so she can wear her Billie wigs full time and not get called put because "guys I'm bald~~~"
Would make it easier to become billies skinwalker

No. 447647

we like to speculate, but this is most likely what happened

No. 447648


Considering how smug she acts about her relationship and how she degrades anyone who tries to help her, there's nothing to be sorry for.

No. 447649

it sounds like a case of stockholm syndrome
she sounds mentally ill and brainwashed, another reason why i feel bad for her, it's sadly common behavior for women in abusive relationships especially when the woman was young when they got in the relationship

No. 447650

You can feel bad all you want but announcing it here isn't going to change the tone of how people talk about lameo

She made her bed, FULLY aware of the consequences and now she must lie in it. We're talking about someone who was around during Shiloh era, who has seen the videos and is aware of the arm chair posts on Tumblr confirming his abusive ways.

She became an opportunist who wanted a chance with money and fame despite knowing how bad it could get. She also had two of his children mind you.

I mean if you want the cherry on top, lameo is abusive herself. She was in agreement w gargamel to give Billie a punishment for proof of her loyalty to them, also she threw her under the bus many times and a lot of anons speculated that lames orchestrated Billie being kicked out of the mansion as well. She's an emotional abusier and god knows what she's like with her own children.

No. 447653

You must not have been following long to still have pity for a mother who puts her kids through this crap, has had plenty of escape opportunities, complains about people worrying about her welfare, and grooms underage girls herself.

No. 447654

"I feel bad for lainey"
"you can feel bad all you want"
then why try to ban me? I feel bad for her because she was young, stupid, and her favorite youtuber was coming onto her, she was brainwashed and blinded under his delusion, I saw it coming when she was going to be just another shiloh, adrienne, and skye, etc etc but this case is different, despite being in a delusion and having stockholm syndrome, if onision one day decides to ditch her like he did with all his other wives, she has two kids, lost her husband, the guy she most likely lost all her firsts too, I feel for her, I don't agree with what she's doing but she isn't who she is anymore, if it helps you feel better, I'm feeling more for taylor than lainey, the girl who she was before onion contaminated her

>She became an opportunist who wanted a chance with money and fame despite knowing how bad it could get. She also had two of his children mind you.

she was naive and retarded, and now she gave up her young adult years and has to take care of some abusive cheating mans children, again, I feel bad for her, no I'm not saying what she did is ok and it was smart blah blah blah, I just simply feel bad for her

> lameo is abusive herself. She was in agreement w gargamel to give Billie a punishment for proof of her loyalty to them, also she threw her under the bus many times and a lot of anons speculated that lames orchestrated Billie being kicked out of the mansion as well. She's an emotional abusier and god knows what she's like with her own children.

that's again, not uncommon for people in these relationships, an example would be sex trafficking, the women involved will often have to abuse and help the pimps abuse the girls who are introduced to the ring as well as enforcing the punishment of the pimps. it's not that these women are sick and fucked up in their head, rather than just taking commands and attempting to impress their "leader"
another example would be in daddy o five, the other children see abuse happening to cody, the leaders convince them it's not abuse, and then the other kids start abusing the lower ones themselves, you have to have a wider understanding of these situations
onion, convinced lainey as well as his dumbass fans that it somehow wasn't abuse and billie deserves it and everything else, which is disgusting, they need help to be pulled out of the brainwashing rather than to just be shamed

> lames orchestrated Billie being kicked out of the mansion as well

eh, I mean, it's not exactly abuse to kick someone out but it wouldn't be a mystery why an emotionally unstable and distressed woman wants to kick out the girl the cult leader convinced them all in a 3 way with just so he can fuck some teenager
but thankfully, billie is happy now and with a guy who shouldn't even be compared to someone as disgusting as onion

No. 447655


Nothing in that sounds like Stockholm syndrome lol. Lamo wasn't kidnapped by Greg or forced into the relationship. She forced herself in the relationship. She forced herself despite knowing she was the second best from Shiloh. She forced herself even though people sent her proof about Gregs behaviour pattern and history of abuse and cheating. He even basically cheated her with Shiloh when he tried to get her back.

She went to the relationship fully knowing what's it like. Greg holds her on second place and has admitted to it. She acknowledges this. When you dig yourself a hole in a pile of shit even though people tell you multiple times it's shit you're digging, nobody should feel sorry when you're neck deep.

No. 447656

"because she wanted to be in the relationship at the beginning she doesn't have stockholm syndrome"
do you not know how abusive relationships work?
honeymoon phase starts off first, it seems appealing and she wants to be in it and whatever
anyway, with the shiloh situation, keep in mind greg is a master manipulator who manipulated his audience into thinking shiloh was crazy and he most likely convinced her the proof of abuse and cheating is fake

>When you dig yourself a hole in a pile of shit even though people tell you multiple times it's shit you're digging, nobody should feel sorry when you're neck deep.

look, she was young, dumb, fell for some youtuber she was obsessed with, I bet if you were her age when he came onto her and a youtuber, band member, actor or whatever the fuck you're into that you had a crush on came onto you and started manipulating you, you would have gone for it, I think she deserves a second chance wants she chooses to be mentally healthy again, however, she does, by definition, have stockholm syndrome

her dumb choices left her with two kids and mentally unstable, I'm not gonna throw her to the dirt just for being dumb, naive and not listening to people, she deserves to get better and I hope she does

No. 447657

Did you miss those creepy texts and sexual photos she sent to a 14 year old?

No. 447658

which ones?

No. 447659

File: 1507626910227.png (209.65 KB, 585x362, 67867.png)

Lainey sent this to Sarah when she was 14 (the fact that she still felt the need to censor it online after removing the censor bar says it all tbh)

No. 447660

proof she sent it to sarah?

No. 447661

Of course they have no idea about that - this idiot has obviously just rocked up recently and decided to post massive long defences of Lainey as if the rest of us don't know what's up.

Look at the thread title. Lainey was included in it because we've discussed through before and over time Lainey demonstrated that she is not worthy of pity and is a cow herself.

Fine if you don't have time to wade through all the past threads but have the sense to not lecture anons who've kept up with this longer before even wondering how we got to this point.

No. 447662

FFS do we have to repost all the old milk for you to catch up?! Go away.

No. 447663

dude… I actually made the boob nazi thread including lainey…I'm not defending her, I'm defending what I think, which is that I feel a bit bad for her and think she deserves a second chance is all

No. 447664


Momokun is always in LA with events, photography shoots and business contracts. What an idiot Lainey is.

Not everyone sits stationary in one room no the computer. Las Vegas is 4hrs away from LA and 22 hours from where Onision lives.

Onision definately hopes for an encounter with her in LA.

No. 447665

my bad, didn't see where it said sarahs @
if she sent it censored whats the big deal?

No. 447666

If you want old info you should read the old threads. It took me a minute to find that tweet. Try googling some quotes from Lainey like 'I'm grooming you nicely' (said to sarah over two years ago)

No. 447667

Iirc she sent the uncensored one to Sarah so Sarah could edit it for her (put the censor bar for her on the photo cause Lame can't do anything herself). I also remember weird ass messages of Lainey to Sarah,where they were obviously flirting before they became "best friends" but I ain't gonna search for them just cause you are too lazy to look this shit up yourself.

But my point is she definitely has a weird predatory way about her when it comes to girls younger than her. She also behaves like a fuckboy and as if she is entitled to a 'cute girlfriend' who has to put up with all her shit like that she is married and all. She also stood by her husband in the Billie situation. So no, Laimey is no victim. She's just as f'd up as Grease.

No. 447668


Oh wow Las Vegas, it's not like Onision hasn't spent money flying girls out as "business expenses" or anything.

No. 447669

File: 1507628871601.jpg (273.75 KB, 600x600, LAvlog.jpg)

Anyone else thinks he was having the trips to LA for the sole purpose of fapping to sick cartoon porn without Plainey walking in on him?

No. 447670

I have a feeling that Onision was caught fapping to Momokun an