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File: 1523937429821.jpg (1.43 MB, 3988x3988, carboncopy.jpg)

No. 506263

Last thread > >>>/pt/417225

New thread for Mina, Dasha, Edwin and Cyr since old thread maxed out.

>Edwin and Mina still too lazy to work and beg fans for donations and support on instagram stories

>Dasha makes indirect posts about eating disorders and photoshopping pics, obviously aimed at Mina
>Mina takes the moral high-ground and milks the drama out of it with Edwin despite it being obvious she photoshops her limbs smaller
>Dasha and Mina once again start posting eerily similar 'looks' on instagram then make subtle jabs via instagram stories
>Mina says she thinks she is "thicc-skinny" and gets mad at fans on instagram who call out her warped photos
>Edwin says he and Mina are now dd/lg and post cringey incest memes


No. 506360

oh no

No. 506363

The way Dasha started shooping her face is so abysmal.
her eyes look super small and swollen, she shrinks her nose to the point where irl it would be impossible to breathe through it. I know she's open about editing but… it's just so ugly.
I wonder what was that new milk anon talked about some time ago in requests thread

No. 506365

I think Dasha just wants a bff twin. She posted on one of her insta stories a while back a pic of scarlett johanson and natalie portman wearing matching clothes and the caption was 'all i really want' plus she says to her new blonde friend 'my twin'

I don't blame her, I've wanted a similar thing. It's hard to explain

No. 506461

I kinda miss when Dash/Mina were friends… the made a cute double-act before the drama

No. 506504

She makes a lot of posts with her blonde LA girlfriends with captions like "twinning" or specifically "I love a good twin moment" so she's def into whatever that is.

No. 506507

I think Mina is super cute, but her ~uwu dumb widdle baby~ act gets on my nerves so much. Pretty sure she only acts this way to make Edwin look better, because he's such a fucking idiot, ugly as hell, dresses terribly, etc. etc. etc.

Here's the original DDLG video.

No. 506537

File: 1523997037192.png (31.87 KB, 851x220, What Kind Of Little Are You …)

And the comments

No. 506728

Why is everyone and their grandma jumping on this cringey as fuck open kink trend? No one gives a fuck you play gross incesty molestation sex games, perverts.

No. 506740

I gag at the fact Mina gets turned on by calling that 'daddy'.

No. 507078

File: 1524039866070.png (6.58 MB, 1800x1800, 67031928-C8D7-461E-8535-4C6A17…)

I don’t think this bitch understands that being vegan means you don’t wear animal products… Maybe she’s too dumb to realise that feathers and shells come from animals? (Also posing with dead stuffed animals like they’re accessories?)

No. 507088

God damn, Edwin has a head size that rivals Onision's. He looks like he's going to topple over if he leans.

I'm all for doing whatever kind of videos you want but you have fans that are telling you that they don't want to see that shit and rely on them for money.

No. 507122

That reply was so unnecessarily defensive and passive aggressive. That girl was obviously a fan giving advice/expressing her opinion and Edwin or Mina, whoever manages that account, had to mimick her words to mock her with the "hahah" and the emoji. I will never understand people that are assholes to their own fans, especially social media nobodies

No. 507168

I wonder who will last longer, Mina and eEd or Cyr and Dash.

I mean fake feathers are popular, fake shells are a thing and the taxidermy animals died of natural causes.
Also Dash does the same thing with the leather wristband watches. So they are both equally shit at being vegan princesses.

No. 507172

It really freaks me out how Dasha skinwalk everyone she knows after Mina, it was the bald girl and now is Philbb (I think it writes like that(? ) she even edits her photos like her.

No. 507174

File: 1524066803949.png (220.61 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-18-09-51-31…)

Edwin is really gross sometimes

No. 507217

Based on the type of feathers pictured they are not fake. If it moves and looks like a real feather, it is. Synthetic feathers are a novelty and look way different to real bleached and dyed ones. I checked out the shell crown shop she tagged and it has no mention of being vegan or cruelty. If they were selling synthetic seashells it'd be listed because they're harder to find and dont come in in the variety of shapes that most seashells do. If she were actually concerned she'd be aware of all of this. I didnt say she was any worse than Dasha. She's just a hypocrite too.

No. 507220

Oh my god… They're going down the armored skeptic and shoe path. When is Mina gonna start calling herself a footstool

No. 507230

She's friends with Taylor Allard and hangs out with her regularly. Aren't they poly anyway? Or at least in an open relationship?

No. 507253

They have been flip flooping between being in an open or close relationship (well they said they didn't need to see other people)

Also anybody else saw how he was at one moment sucking up Jaclyn Glenn's ass

No. 507403

Anyone know where that purple Cami they're wearing in the OP is from?

No. 507423

File: 1524095851753.jpeg (209.36 KB, 750x1334, 35CCCD7A-7F0B-4F1F-9959-187659…)

Honestly looks like Mina is walking in Dasha’s skin now

No. 507449

Mina always looks like she got her clothes from a costume store and Dasha looks like someone who gets dressed up to go to Starbucks just to go back home and do nothing

No. 507487

File: 1524106067019.png (579.33 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-18-20-43-27…)

Yeah lately her dress choices have been borderline retarded
Did she dress that bad before shit went down in LA or she is just doing that because of Edwin?

No. 507567

Dasha always has nice makeup but wtf is with them eyebrows lately looks caveman like

No. 507636

Wow they all look like the same person?? who cares

No. 507645

File: 1524119144861.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, B4E05893-DB3C-4E3F-B9A5-02DD1E…)

Not really milk, but I thought this was gross af when I saw it on Cyr’s snap

No. 507647

Her friend group in London all dress in costume. That’s why

No. 507691

Feel like he's on some hard drugs these days. It's sad.

No. 507724

And she had a short episode with this Pigss girl who went viral for her acne. They did a livestream together of doing the same makeup look and for some time Dasha started to shoop her lips like this girl's and pose the way she does. Then I guess she hopped on someone else

He looks famished

No. 507765

Where the fuck are they going dressed in costume all the time though

No. 507768

Around the 11 minuet mark they start vlogging with her friends. They’re art students. They dress like this as their every day look.

> It’s creepy seeing Edwin a grown ass man in a uni kitchen trying to hang out as well

No. 507769

>art school
>everyone looks baked and stupid
>where’s the art

No. 507771

It's gross Edwin and Mina are throwing their kink onto their youtube.. They really shouldn't be forcing their fans to watch that shit if they don't like it. They really should have kept that little secret in the closet.

No. 507892

File: 1524165994586.png (76.07 KB, 540x157, Screenshot_2018-04-19-13-21-20…)

I couldn't go through the cringy part of them hugging and crying in the park
Anyone know why exactly a man 29 y/o is a broken boy?

No. 508062

File: 1524177173596.png (617.28 KB, 929x593, jsbgjdsbgjodws.png)

No. 508176

File: 1524183124817.png (276.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-19-20-10-34…)

She posts the same thing on twitter, re tweets it and follows up with this. Yeah, okay Dasha.

No. 508418

Glad to see a new thread but what did dasha do to her fucking brows

No. 508479

File: 1524239844460.jpeg (297.62 KB, 750x928, CB986651-82C1-4966-BBEB-79FDC0…)

Fuuuck, I want to slap myself bc I had been keeping track of all their shenanigans after the threads died, but I recently deleted all the ss’s I had bc I thought the threads would never be revived. But yeah, her eyebrows are fucking horrendous and don’t suit her at all, I’m almost 100% sure she got them done bc she thought she’d look like khaleesi. I also had screen shots of her low key trying to act like her eyebrows were natural and also had another one of her trying to pass off her lips as real, lmfao. Sadly they’re gone, bleghhh.

No. 508483

Someone please Photoshop those as turds in a toilet. They look like brown logs pasted on her face.

No. 508489

File: 1524241036145.jpeg (437.29 KB, 1125x1623, DDA889F8-7B01-48D1-91C1-39B396…)

Oh I hate this bitch so much. She photoshops herself until she’s a different person and this photo always bothered me so much because it’s like she photoshopped herself smaller but she forgot her saggy boob that’s sticking into her arm. Kek.

No. 508490

File: 1524241073433.jpeg (69.75 KB, 441x290, DB9E8899-BC2E-4F69-9ADC-593731…)

No. 508504

File: 1524242480752.png (743.8 KB, 750x1125, F534770B-F96B-438C-9A10-138BD8…)

There ya go nonnie

No. 508506

File: 1524243118299.jpeg (143.39 KB, 719x649, 62778F0B-4FC7-4316-9CC2-EEE074…)

Wanted to see what dasha’s eyebrows would look like on Mina since she would always talk shit about her eyebrows. 10/10 not disappointed in the slightest, definitely recommend the Jaffar look

No. 508510

It used to drive me crazy when she would deny getting lip fillers. Like just fucking own it, everyone knows. Her eyebrows looked a lot better when she had them microbladed and they were more subtle.

No. 508516

Ilu ty anony I'm crying

No. 508524

they were sponsored by the same company she isnt copying her

No. 508530

File: 1524245895304.jpeg (320.33 KB, 675x1200, DbGByIHUMAAk1cz.jpeg)

what even is this outfit

No. 508535

She’s fat and stumpy

No. 508546

Maybe she's joining the Confetti Club.

No. 508586

She looks like a retarded 90’s dragon ball z character

No. 508657

is that a child's halloween costume? who wants to dress like their clothes all come from party city?

No. 508895

Going ddlg made sense. Edwin is just trying to stay afloat so of course they jumped on this which would be natural for them. I think he will push some of his weaker audience away. He needs to make sure he gets enough creeps to replace them.
I first saw edwin 4-5 years ago. He needed a job then and he needs one now. Mina could use a job too. Edwin been a vlogger longer than this. But like most hit 5 figured subs, says "I devote myself to this" and refuses to work.
He tried to seem edgy but he cant take critizism cause he needs the views for money, so his response sounds guarded.
Edwin is a view whore. Of course he kissed up to drama cow Jaclyn Glenn. Although he needs to be prepared to lose 75% of his audience if he "dated" her.
Mina is so english and crazy.although I think mina is an act.
Dasha I love her so european and crazy. Her crazy is real.
They looked like victorian cheap "painted ladies".

No. 508924

after all that copying bullshit why are they still waering the same shit,that dress,that ugly orange fur coat,who is fucking with who here
also eww at mina's armpit hair at bottom right picture

No. 508927

File: 1524338858415.jpeg (212.08 KB, 878x1200, DaYoSjsVAAAgjH4.jpeg)

cute picture but why is she sucking in her bottom lip like that looks so weird

No. 508986

File: 1524345624483.jpeg (46.17 KB, 750x621, 10CA1D9F-7FFC-4924-B6D9-1B4271…)

Yikes great perspective Mina

No. 508990

honestly Mina's look isn't really "original" either..A lot of these insta hoes dress a lot alike.. It's kinda sad to still see them all hooked up on 'who wore what outfit first'

No. 508992

I mean it’s kinda sad Mina is all up for getting to compared to a victim of domestic violence and legal persona copying… Cows will be cows tho

No. 509013

I think just now she is getting original for how bad she is dressing

At least Dasha don't look like a clown on daily basis
Also I deleted ss because I thought the thread wouldnt come back
But anyone saw Dasha's sockpuppet account on Twitter throwing shit to Mina about (again) their style?
(I think that time was about a jacket with white and black square pattern)

No. 509051

File: 1524355058314.png (666.25 KB, 750x1334, 2318DDE0-ABC9-4CEB-A319-20E9ED…)


No. 509364

There’s a guy named hentaiiguy or hentaiidude on twitter that references lolcow too but posts stuff in defense to dasha. But let me tell you from my observations and lurking through a lot of stuff. Mina is actually copying dasha now or in a way doing what dasha used to do. Edwin kinda lies saying that mina wore checkers and all this other stuff first whenever someone calls her out. He’s pretty dahm defensive even when someone points out something that’s true he tries to justify it or ignore it. But I just find the both of them hypocrital and they never acknowledge that. They remain blameless. Cause dasha was a bitch back then and I kinda thought that she was really fucking evil as fuck. But realizing now, both of them even mina are just annoying attention whores. I really grown to hate Edwin and mina a lot.

No. 509365

Edwin: talks shit on guy who makes a joke on kissing his sister who in reality is that guys gf just making a video to make people cringe and for views, calling that a gross incest fetish.
Also Edwin: has weird ddlg relationship Fetish where he’s daddy and mina purposely acts like a little girl. There’s just too much to say about that
Plus Mina had a big personality change, she’s acting more like a child that usual. I miss the way she used to act. I like how Edwin referenced dasha in his new Poppy controversy video even tho Dasha is the one being copied nowadays. I don’t really see dasha copying her she actually wears most of the stuff first and then I notice mina posts after her. But I guess I feel like mina does it to get under her skin. Mina will never admit that tho.

No. 509367

Sometimes Dasha copies Mina and sometimes is the other way around, maybe both keep trying to get under each other skin or something

Yes, about the personality change
Not only the way Mina dressed was affected but even her accent and way to be in general
I can't recall her using baby voice so often and writing like a retard.

By the way Edwin upload a new video, I dont know why they keep posting parts were they are crying lol

No. 509415

I’m really can’t take watching them anymore. I really cant even stand that whole group. They’re like a bunch of kids claiming irrelevant things. And I’m kinda mad Edwin felt like he resonated with mars Argo, uhm no. That girl went through something seriously different. The copy claims are so tired too. Mina just admit that you’re a hypocrite and it get off your high horse, dasha needs to stop clinging to that too. >>509364 hentaiiguy or whatever has some interesting tea though. He posted already on Minas shadey posts under Edwin’s YouTube comments and that’s what made dasha go off again. He probably tells her everything. But to be honest Edwin and mina start it again, they really shouldn’t be relating Mars situation to theirs it’s disrespectful and another excuse to throw unnecessary shade.

No. 509424

I liked how in their “why we got kicked out” video Edwin mentioned how weird it was that Dasha needed to be treated like a child according to Cyr… Yet Mina literally has him read her bed time stories and carries around a giant bear.

No. 509429

In their new video at about the 4 and a half minute mark mina is jumping around and her boob falls out uncensored, so I assume the video will be flagged or whatever and his next video will be "Mine's body CENSORED on YouTube- are we feminist?" Or some shit

No. 509475

File: 1524506544540.jpeg (153.08 KB, 750x1282, 1E26B6CE-66FC-426F-A9DC-B20C65…)

He not only defends dasha but some random vegan hoes too. But I would be annoyed if I had drama with someone and I would constantly have to hear new things. I would rather not hear it because it would aggravate me more and I’d probably do or same something stupid out of rage. Like hearing drama all the time is so annoying.

I remember the drama for this situation where mina I guess assumed that a tweet was about her, implying she has an eating disorder, even tho I think she does, she went on a long stupid rant but she said something really stupid like yeah I didn’t eat well but it wasn’t because I wanted to starve myself it was because dasha kept asking me how I got so thin. She wasn’t making sense at all.

If you call them out for something they’re clearly doing it’s only obvious that all of them would get defensive.

No. 509480

File: 1524506953354.jpeg (147.18 KB, 751x1120, 2BD11314-E724-473A-9BD3-01B481…)

I got this from his page too, lot of tea. I highly doubt that it’s dashas fake account like anon said I looked through his stuff. He’s probably some black fat dude with nothing to do all day, and he’s too embarrassed about his secret online account defending dasha. Plus he’s gross into porn and hentai, it irks me thinking about it. But I admit he’s got good info that we couldn’t get on lolcow since there wasn’t a new thread yet.

No. 509487

File: 1524508711618.jpeg (213.09 KB, 750x1088, 26C1026F-20C4-44D3-B024-DA197E…)

Remember that eye contact giveaway that mina did to get followers and exposure? Like people had to follow and recreate pics like her to get more entries in that giveaway. Minas super fan GracexFox won. Mina follows Her and she’s always on Minas defense similar to babydashtrash. It seems like favoritism and that’s unfair to me.

No. 509542

File: 1524518706687.png (28.4 KB, 475x354, thicc.png)

mina literally only hangs out with girls she deems uglier than her btw, she's one of those girls that lowkey thinks she's better than others. dasha's not perfect and she's been a massive cunt in the past but mina's the type of shady where she'll hide it all with uwu cutesie girl

her photoshopping is so fkn obvious as well, sometimes i don't notice dasha's unless there's a tile in the background out of place but with mina you can literally see the anatomy looking just wrong

No. 509612

File: 1524528246981.jpeg (193.41 KB, 750x694, BAFA78EA-48DC-44C2-B80F-B9D6E5…)

She definitely shops her face. I Noticed her face looks different from Edwin’s vlogs.

No. 509615

Insta hoes all over insta photoshop, that’s why Facetune is a big app. Like even that fatherless girl I seen the background bent too. But i don’t see anorexia correlating with photoshop when ones just really physical and damaging. But it still sets Ana standards. Really gross

No. 509616

What?! Mina hangs out with @antoniaczezowska @florenc.e, @beautyspock those three are definitely prettier than she is. Where was it confirmed that she does that?

No. 509618

File: 1524528989784.jpeg (271.8 KB, 746x1088, 4D75156C-1B6D-4308-946F-24F3FD…)

Obviously shade

No. 509619

Oh man the liquify drawing into her jawline and the liquified strays of hair are fucking obvious in this one.

No. 509621

antonia looks like a 43 yo jodie arias lookalike, so no, and beautyspock is freaky as shit looking. you can def tell mina thinks shes prettier than loads of girls, please

No. 509631

I can kinda see mina being overconfident In the way she says and does things, especially with thinking that dasha still copies her, but tbh all of them are annoying over confident and insecure af. Even Edwin’s hairy ass, like wow, but he’s not confident in the way he looks it’s more like he thinks he’s smarter and more of an intellectual than you cause the first thing he attacks with is grammer, and then people fight back like, it’s the internet, not a college paper. Idk about cyr these days he’s like a recluse but he doesn’t say or do much. That’s the only thing I appreciate is he’s mostly the only one that still doesn’t milk and ask for attention like the 3 of them.

No. 509638

I seen her shade cause one of her little minions that one annoying black lives matter sjw, was posting stuff and showing her. Like I’m sure mina and Edwin are still gonna say shit cause they still act dramatic, they’re like YouTube actors, but having a fan tell you that you’re being talked shit about all the time. That would just set me off. Their stans are just asking for more drama between them honestly. It’s entertaining but it’s getting old and the same old stuff being brought up. Like get a life all of you, fucking fix it, mina is acting like a stupid bimbo child, dasha needs to follow through with what she says and ignore them instead of feeding into it more that idiot, and Edwin is a 30 year old man, A 30 year old man, do I really need to say anymore?

No. 509655

File: 1524537276626.jpeg (126.61 KB, 750x885, C4457AEC-E1B7-44C1-B5F6-87CE4C…)

Something weird I had to point out but in Minas caption she used a non cruelty free brand of makeup, which I noticed off the bat. Ysl is still on the list of being tested on animals, but she used it? I don’t understand.

Also I remember Edwin pointed out in his video back then about dasha advertising for non vegan stuff.

The hypocrisy is real ._.

No. 509721

who cares? she probably bought it before going cruelty free, had it gifted, or just straight up didn’t know. i’ve fucked up and bought non cruelty free before and if it’s non returnable, oh well, try again next time. this isn’t milk and it isn’t really hypocrisy either.

No. 509729

it really is, seeing as how she constantly uses dead animals for props and wears them. sorry, vegans don't do that, especially ones that are trying to become famous. there's a reason why people discuss how ethical wearing fur/leather is that is even secondhand, when you're vegan because it normalizes fur, let alone a 'model' that's trying to become famous

No. 509745

wtf is up with those moles? Is that a new trend?????

No. 509784

Audrey Kitching use to draw over her freckles to make fake moles back in 2006. It's funny that every alt girl just reshuffles what Audrey does.

No. 509876

File: 1524602889194.jpeg (190.98 KB, 750x653, 5E29D720-5B08-4CB6-9EC5-4A3EC2…)

Uhhh encore going cruelty free this is a recent post bro. It kinda sounds like you’re finding a reason to excuse it. A lot of these post ain’t that milky but this post isn’t any different lol

But yeah I see the hypocrisy, I mean Edwin is kind of proving himself more untrustworthy than before. I stopped watching his vlogs too. He went on showed proof that dasha used non vegan products but Mina ends up doing it too a lot. Just a lot of stuff he tries to clear Minas name, and it end up she fucks it up for him because she just proves what people say.

You know Edwin is gonna defend her even if she was in the wrong, it’s like republicans defending trump and trump ends up doing what they said he wouldn’t do lmao. We know she isn’t an innocent flower guys cmon now, and we also know Edwin’s just gonna get to excuse everything, he even admitted himself.

Let’s not pretend the what the true intentions of these people are to be honest.

No. 509887

Onion of course brought up a past abuse video about the whole “cyr hit dasha” thing and he’s calling out Edwin this time for using the abuse allegations to his advantage and not actually caring that dasha was abused. He was saying that Edwin basically used it to his advantage to get back at cyr for calling him shitty, instead of actually caring that se was abused. And I see this, because if I seen someone even someone I hate being abused it still wouldn’t make me feel good at all. I’d be uncomfortable. He used it just to be a dick, but it’s kinda weird that Edwin does that and claims he’s for abuse victims like that girl who was Mélanie Martinez ex friend and also mars Argo.

No. 509921

As much as I hate onion, he has a point. Edwin didn’t care for Dasha, he just wanted to drag Cyr’s name through the mud

No. 509948

File: 1524609068715.jpeg (205.34 KB, 745x1005, DFC70132-236C-42B4-B2A6-0D05D0…)

Someone take our comments about her eyebrows to heart?

No. 509949

File: 1524609239837.jpeg (140.16 KB, 745x915, 77B8BE14-4425-4C25-BBBF-2B41FC…)


No. 510054

Of course you look like a different person, all your face is Photoshoped kek

Edwin loves to sit in his high horse when it comes to abuse but apparently he didn't say anything at the moment when it happen
Like he didn't say anything about Dasha threatening Mina before she even arrived

Much honest whenever is convenient

No. 510055

Mmmm yeah that’s actually the truth. I mean maybe dasha was hit, Cyr probably hit her too hard during sex time or they were fighting and he got angry. Maybe my guess, we wouldn’t really know. But I know that he’s all for abuse victims but I feel like it’s only for show. If dasha were to be an abuse victim he wouldn’t care tbh, he was all for cyr up until cyr made it clear that he hates him, and now Edwin wants revenge and he’ll use anything possible to get back. So yeah I can agree with what dasha said there

Is she hiding the fact that cyr hit her? Maybe. But does cyr seem like the violent type? Not really dasha seems like the one who would fuck cyr up to be honest with her temper. But the fact that Edwin speaks or defends abuse victims, this is kinda just petty and despicable to the time of “movement” he stands for. But we’ve all kinda known this from the last thread that Edwin can stoop pretty low to get what he wants. And I thought dasha was a nagging rat. But mina and Edwin tag team, they’re just as rotten.

No. 510057

I also like that thing where someone asked if he would make a response video and he was like “he’s just saying his opinion of me, content is content” but got so fragile when cyr said he was a shitty person. He’s such a tool. I mean onion basically called him an accomplice to abuse lol.

No. 510058

Why Mina and Edwin keep pretend like they didn't sleep together when they were together in L.A btw?
It so weird for me how they r so secretive about when they start fooling around (even to say they start dating in Arizona)
I still believe Edwin did sabotaged the three way relationship (it was gonna explode anyway) and they probably did more than kissing in the bathroom

Sorry for old milk just curious

No. 510059

He got butthurt because Cyr ignored him in L.A when they have the encounter lol
He behaves like Cyr's ex gf.

No. 510196

Tbh I think Edwin still reads here. All his latest videos have been on topics we discuss and using points we have made, plus he literally came here before to converse with posters and mentioned the board.

No. 510251

I mean… you can’t open the front selfie camera and look like this wtf bitch

No. 510330

I have no doubt Edwin reads here. He's such an insecure type. I can see the future when him and Mina break up it'll be due to him being jealous and insecure. I kinda got that vibe in the vlog where Mina is laughing and joking around with her friends.

No. 510343

Watch that vlog about Mina finding “friends” on Tinder it’s weird. Even Edwin reacted in a weird way because mina didn’t even put that she was in a relationship in her bio the thing she put was “I only like girls who like mushrooms” or something like that. She’s Bi I’m sure she cheats or hooks up with someone, looking at her history and actions, I don’t put that far from her.

Also the times where she did cheat on the poly relationship, hopped on Ian’s dick when her and cyr broke up, said her and cyr can be together if the poly thing didn’t work out. She seems like she would act out of boredom, loneliness, or if she isn’t getting enough attention. Just my take on it. It’s very common to cheat, even though they act like an open relationship, you can tell Edwin is getting more attached and irritated when that tinder thing happened.

Also Edwin has been doing vlogs on exploring his sexuality and kissing men. Idk I didn’t watch them all the way, just wanna see your take.

No. 510345

File: 1524684971262.jpeg (212.7 KB, 750x999, 7DDB3D78-78DF-4A60-B797-B9AC78…)

Thank god some of his viewers have brains and not that suck up shit.

No. 510435

she got them microbladed i think

No. 510735

That’s terrible. Imagine waking up with eyebrows that you don’t even like on your face.

No. 510737

In which channel is?
I stopped watching all their stupid channels almost after the milk got dry
Ever since Mina left to London, Edwin's videos have been more shittier than before lol now I understand why he hold on drama and Mina that hard kek.

It will be so pathetic when they breaker up because Edwin will change his channel to Edwin Costa again

I can see Mina breaking up with Edwin because he is way too poor to pay trips to England has often to keep Mina entertain

No. 510747

I think it's on their shared channel under 'trisha paytas hypnotised my gf'
Also I agree with you but also think Edwin will do an onision if they break up and post so many videos about Mina but only if she dumps him, or it ends badly. I could also see them ending it and trying to 'remain friends' but Edwin wouldn't be able to deal and would end up exposing her like he did with cyr and dasha.

No. 510749

I like it when people call him out on shit, because him likening the poppy mars thing to dasha and mina was dumb, but at the same time I believe Poppy really did mimic Mars.

No. 510756

Yeah you could tell he wasn't happy with the tinder thing. He tried to downplay it like he wasn't jealous when he said 'yeah tinder is for making friends too' but he did allude to the fact that Mina did not include that she was already in a relationship and that this girl would not be interested if she knew he had a boyfriend. To be honest, I wouldn't put it past them to have some weird arrangement where Mina is allowed to fuck girls because it 'doesn't count' while they are long distance, but that's me tinfoiling.

No. 510757

https://hooktube.com/watch?v=wFPxkmIL5h0 (here is the link to the video since Mina nor Edwin deserve money) but around 11:03 you can see Edwin get annoyed cause Mina's friends are being loud. (deleted cause accidentally said wrong time)

No. 511002

This was cringy af, Mina and her friends act like they’re in primary school. Also lol at how uncomfortable Edwin looks, this is what happens when you don’t date your age range.

No. 511079

Kek he is so fucking annoyed
Honestly what the fuck with their clothes?

No. 511108

I’ve wondered about this too. Maybe Edwin wanting to “kiss” a dude is because he can’t handle the drought owing to wigged up puss being in the UK and same-sex shenanigans won’t be considered cheating

No. 511110

Art students, anon. That’s what the fuck this nonsense is.

No. 511114

Sadly Mina is way to retarded to even study.

No. 511121

That’s what baffles me with these fools. None of them study or have jobs, how the hell do they support themselves? Their parents? Surely they’re not making that much from videos. A-are they?

No. 511145

She doesn’t study. The rest of them are in art school. That’s why they were hanging out in a hall rather than a normal flat

No. 511148

File: 1524803046898.jpeg (181.97 KB, 750x888, 61615D2B-B872-4803-B2BD-A66679…)

No. 511149

File: 1524803068236.jpeg (184.52 KB, 748x1102, BDDC48D5-6CB1-4210-A7A4-80C8A0…)

No. 511176

That black lives matter sjw has some interesting tea though, but it’s obvious she’s addressing the fact that Edwin brought up the “copy” thing again. Like just be straight up stop beating around the bush, what more can Edwin do, everybody knows that he’s a joke lol

Other thing you notice Edwin and mina are obsessed with that bimbo Trisha all of a sudden and I seen dasha interact with her a long time ago, they even follow each other, weird. But I kinda see Edwin obsessing over other youtubers that don’t even interact with him tbh.

Also he tweeted that mina is such a “little” that she just wants to spend money on toys and he never wants to play with her. I’m actually kinda grossed out even his followers are kinda weirded out. It’s just so strange.

I really thought mina was gonna elevate and progress more after the whole kick out thing, leave Edwin and contine modeling works with a new London style, but it’s progressively gotten worse, she dresses really bad, dasha even dresses better than her, I’m still surprised they keep thinking dasha is copying her still. It’s been the other way around now. But he still sees her with rose colored glasses. And the more revealed about her. The more I’m like eh she really was annoying, tacky and pretty boring overall, not to mention she puts on a whole act. I guess that’s what happens

As for Edwin I didn’t like him from the get go, I was hoping mina would leave him but she stayed.

No. 511178

I remember that black sjw talking about “cultural appropriation” with hair and all and that’s what made dasha apologize for some dreads pic she took back then because she was ignorant or something. But honestly it’s not that serious. That guy seems pretty vulgar and him and her seem to talk often I’m sure they dm each other to be honest.

No. 511187

that guy is way to invested in defending her its honestly pathetic

No. 511193

is it me or is dasha looking more like dakota these days with weird alien head photoshoping

No. 511204

Tacky, the best word to describe Mina right know

I think Mina was probably pretty mediocre before L.A gate
She is clinging on modeling but apparently she just not qualified
She should accepted it and study a real career
Also how is she paying her apartment?
I don't think a half time job would give enough to pay an apartment like that (even tho she has a roommate but it seems she already have two, so it's pretty unstable)

Still keking about Mina having to go to Arizona because Poorwin a 30 y/o man didnt have a job to go to England or live by himself.

No. 511205

All these cows are pathetic tbh. I’m really seeing their YouTube careers spiral down a black whole with the little girl fetish, and serial killer acts, not to mention Minas new YouTube outing as a weird ass bad acting poppy. My god these people are lame. No worries wonder they’re so desperate.

lying and manipulating their fans is another thing I don’t wanna get started on. We discussed some of it on the last thread, but wow I’m just can’t believe any of them have fans with their talentless, drama alert wannabe, and baseless acts they’re all so terrible that I’m sick. They’re old news that needs to die out but they try to hard to be relevant.

No. 511206

I’m highly HIGHLY sure mina used to do what dasha used to do, she’s really in defense of prostitution and gets upset whenever someone mentions it including when Edwin said something about it, she was so quick to defend it. So I’m not doubting for one minute that’s how she gets her extra income. The only thing she might be sneakier about it than dasha, since she was sneaky enough to hide those accounts and more. Sneaky people always have more hidden up their sleeve and she would seem like the type definitely.

No. 511217

That guy doesn’t seem like one of dashas fake accounts tho, just another creepy stan like babydash trash that seems to be obsessed with her, I feel like it’s commen though that people want to worship in secret or hate in secret (like us) cause we don’t want to be recognized as fans ot haters because people will think it’s weird, like baby dash trash later revealed using her own best friend to catfish people. That guy does have some threads tho, and some tea I guess. But he’s still a creepy fanboy.

Known about him, he dms dasha talking shit about people and telling her what’s new and more drama I guess, he’s a black sjw, calls things like hair style “appropriation”, also defends and tries to talk to other annoying hoes on twitter. He also acts really ghetto. But I mean if he wants to waste his life sucking up to her go ahead.

No. 511220

He also talks shit on white people a lot. Typical

No. 511246

she definitely has sugar daddies, i think a lot of instagram hoes do - you dont need to get a real job then

No. 511328

File: 1524849118783.png (529.98 KB, 635x804, lmaooo.png)

No. 511459

File: 1524869551582.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 13133D92-6CA5-4E0A-A74F-1F158D…)

No. 511460

File: 1524869567510.png (375.01 KB, 750x1334, 76DEAC0C-AD77-4485-A736-948C37…)

No. 511510

>never holds a grudge
>never stops bringing up old drama and reaching to find new drama etc etc

sure mina, when will her and edwin move on from their lives?

No. 511543

Tbh she holds onto the drama the same ways mina and Edwin hold onto the drama. Out of spite or being wronged, I’m sure I would still be upset over someone who lied about me, I’ll won’t forgive them though if if they did to me what mina and Edwin did. Still petty that Edwin had to insert his old drama again into someone else’s abuse case and be like “mina is mars and dashas is poppy”. Like who does that? It’s nothing to feel proud of that sucks, don’t invalidate mars situation and relate it to your own. And this abuse case got the most views on his channel especially with the low views he’s been getting. But I don’t think he really cares about these people, he doesn’t care about abuse victims. He only cares about what’s relevant. These cows are assholes.

On another note he did a Korean pop review video. Everyone like dasha and simplykenna are obsessed with it. It’s honesly kind of annoying but Edwin seems to be the type to try to be into the trends.

No. 511544

If only his fashion sense would follow suit (no pun intended) re: trying out new trends. Alas it’s stuck in 2005.

No. 511694

Yeah, except Dasha was acting crazy during the room mate fall out saga and admitted to going into Minas phone to delete her social media.. did she think everyone forgot what a fucking psycho she is? All of them are such trash and none of them are going to let it go.

No. 511758

Yep. She said she deleted it because of the fake accounts and all that, she made herself look obvious tho, she acts out of anger and doesn’t think about consequences, that’s her problem. Even though you hated someone, there are other ways to go about it, not be doing shit behind people’s backs, be forward if you wanted Mina to leave, be forward if you have a problem with Edwin. It’s like they don’t know how to communicate properly that’s why this mess is all over the place and Edwin made it worse with his attention seeking vlogs and keeping that hidden footage for later. Like it seems all too well planned

Edwin’s this other type of psycho that is pretty manipulative, especially with the crying and guilt tactic and his actions and actual intentions are hidden by this persona he hides behind. Back then I felt bad for the guy but realized that he was just as terrible. He is so defensive too even when people confront him, he automatically tries it and tries to make you look stupid or say that you’re wrong, but dude really used abuse and other people’s drama for views. Like dahm and you said dasha is the one obsessed with drama.

Mina is another thing, she really does hide behind this cutie Little persona with an innocent childlike vibe telling everyone to “feel guilty for me, so naturally Edwin feels the need to defend her, that he even went as far to go on here to do it. She really could have just admitted to the accounts and that they were hypocritical about that style thing, cause honeslty that’s what set her off the most, but I see Mina as pretty manipulative, I really don’t believe a lot of stuff she says. I really had hopes for her to leave Edwin and pursue something bigger, but now they’re in this weird fetish attention seeking thing, and I’m really disappointed at what these people are

And cyr, I really don’t have much to say. The guy doesn’t even like confrontation and avoids it. It probably takes a lot of energy for him that he just brushed a lot off and he probably just hold it in. That type of personality living with those three people, that would be a nightmare for me.

No. 511852

File: 1524939140893.png (202.07 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-28-11-54-24…)

I was watching a video of Mars vs Poppy and I stumbled with this comment
I feel he is so into the Mars Argo shit because he does view it has Mina and Dasha
Which is pretty pathetic.

I still cant figure out how Edwin was in his 26? And didn't even know he had to be on the papers of the apartment, I expect something that stupid from a teenage but not from a grown up man.

No. 511918

Edwin isn’t 26 he is 30

No. 511929

Honesty what mina and Edwin did is just poke at the bear, wake it up, and now won’t stop with the petty shadey tweets. You’re kinda feeding them that attention they want. They’re probably dying to make another drama video grasping at straws. All of them are so toxic, the way the thing, their personalities, their weird actions and trying to brush it off. Edwin needs to be hit by a car or at least reality I can’t stand him anymore. 30 year old man clinging onto girly drama like those to competitive insta hoes. Like no one wants to copy any of you, maybe dasha has some nice clothes mina is just overall tacky but both are so dahm childish

This is why my only relationship goals are Marzia and Felix, they have a healthy relationship, they do a lot together, they don’t focus on drama regardless when pewds said the n word. When I look at that whole group of dramatic assholes. Recording every move, dramatic or intimate things, feeding into drama, How can you be happy? I’m sorry but that’s not a way to live.

No. 511938

If he does another drama video about dasha I’m probably not even gonna watch it. The concept is so tired, the drama is tired. Go ahead and throw your petty shade tho, but you’re really just clinging and it’s just making you look bad.

Edwin’s only chance to get higher views is doing more videos like that mars and poppy one. It got a lot of views compared to what he’s been doing. Like drama alert in a way but a whole discussion. If he continues to cling onto that dasha childish “she copied mina” drama, that just makes him look like a fucking idiot. You’re girlfriend copies dasha as well get over it. Stop lying for your girlfriend for other things too cause that’s really making you look worse. If your girlfriend doesn’t wanna admit or do things on her own, that’s on her. You act like if you’re merged into one person. No individuality or separation. Your significant other isn’t always perfect or right. Sometimes they even did wrong to others, but it isn’t your responsibility to hide her dirty deeds and cover up her mistakes. Edwin really can’t realize that and it’s annoying.

No. 512100

File: 1524973633098.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-29-04-46-03…)

mina gets awful close with randoms in her stories

No. 512112

File: 1524975689012.jpeg (156.49 KB, 1334x750, 37B69588-9CD9-41BF-84EA-8171CF…)

Dresses like that Florence girl and the rest of them, they always wear costume like tacky stuff. Sometimes I think London is another world by so awkward they dress.

She did a video with that Taylor girl, this was my face the whole time

No. 512186

As a London art student - I can say that this is the norm with most of them.

No. 512190

wtf is that outfit it looks like she got all of that from a halloween store

No. 512192

taylor allard is one of Cyrs ex gfs. dasha said that when Cyr was seeing Mina back in the day Mina wanted to hop into a relationship with him before they met but he said no cause he was seeing Taylor allard. idk what all this mess is about

No. 512203

File: 1524988457939.jpeg (173.61 KB, 750x1284, 29D63C1F-4889-4D6D-86EC-EB64AE…)

Bad shop ? Her jaw in other pics look diff

No. 512204

Wait where you get this info from, was cyr cheating on Taylor with mina

No. 512205

Dude looks gay tbh

No. 512208

Caps? Because I never heard that before

No. 512209

I don't know if this was posted yet, if someone already did sorry!

No. 512289

i know most of you hate edwin but out of four of them i find him most genuine and least annoying
cyr is just a spineless cuck who thinks he is a gods gift to earth
dasha is manipulative,insecure and overall just evil
mina acts like she is brain dead and edwin is just cringy but he seems to be getting the most hate here

No. 512301

What's the problem with Edwin getting most of the hate?
Honestly Dasha had it worst in the rest of the threads
It's Edwin turn lol besides he is getting hate for how cringe he is.
He is forcing his old ass into a 20 y/o girl's life, who still have the chance to make something out of it.

No. 512304

I think it's a side effect of Edwin being the most active online in terms of content that can be commented on. Dasha spergs out on twitter regularly but that's nothing new, Mina is cringy but doesn't really do anything by herself and Cyr is just boring and actively tries to avoid drama. Because we know Edwin lurks here and tries to instigate things, he's going to get more attention.

No. 512309

File: 1525027148367.jpg (105.73 KB, 1082x814, 2018-04-29_14-31-38.jpg)

Adding onto your reply anon, Edwin is too old to be so cringy. He tries too hard to act like a 20 year old man and is always sticking his big head where it doesn't belong. Can't forget him whiteknighting Mina 24/7, a woman who lives in la la land. Edwin needs to act his age and maybe get a girlfriend that shows some sign of intelligence cause his current one is brain dead. And maybe wear heavier shoes cause his big head is going to topple him over one of these days.

Cyr avoids drama so there's not much to say about him besides the usual he looks dead inside and Dasha's still… Dasha.

Edwin lurked here and talked shit about the others while ignoring he and Mina's own cringe. It went downhill for him after that.

No. 512316

Dasha mentioned it on a live stream before. idk if it’s true ofc. she just said that Mina would ask him to stop talking to Taylor so they could date. no cheating involved

No. 512317

I disagree. I find Mina worse than Dasha by now. Dasha might be crazy but she isn’t trying to hide it. after all Mina only started talking to Cyr and Dasha for clout and to get with Ian. I find that much more psychotic. she acts like a child and doesn’t admit to anything.

No. 512318

wait hold on a sec. didn’t Edwin hook up with Mina when she was 20? is that that legal?

No. 512330

Uhhh of course it’s legal, but Edwin still isn’t grown mentally to move forward with his life. The guilt tripping others for attention is old. The later I see his actions the more I’m like, this guy isn’t what I expected. The only way I knew of this drama was because I knew of anythingforviews and then I seen he commented on Edwin’s things, then I got interested, I felt bad for Edwin, later revealed his character isn’t what it seems. Mina would have really made something of herself without Edwin. I think mina made the LA thing seem worse than what it was. She made it seem like she was Coaxed into doing things without free will. The girl didn’t have a knife to her throat. In reality she just wanted to be with Edwin cause apparently she was still in the three way relationship but she only wanted to be with cyr and not dasha while she left with edwin. That didn’t work out. But she could have gotten some modeling jobs in LA, London seems Too cut throat since everyone is mostly tall, skinny, and tries to be fashion icons there. Edwin just seems like he’s not in a place to have a stable relationship, while not really working and neither does Mina. I just compare them to people who do actively make it and stay out of drama like marzia and Felix. And they’re younger than ed I think.

No. 512331

Someone should talk to that hentaiiguy. I feel like since dasha is close to him, he’s always talking to her and he says he dms her a lot, he could have some info. They could be like one of dashas fan accounts like that deatta girl and just see what he knows.

No. 512339

Anyone that far in Dasha's ass isnt mentally stable

Tecnically she was coerced to do things she didnt feel comfortable doing because other way they could kick her out in any moment however she didnt care any of it before she arrived without money or backup plan.
At least Mina and Edwin have that in common, they are so retarded when it comes to think about the aftermath of their stupid choices.
Ex. Edwin changing his main channel to Edwin and Mina, and having to change it again to Edwin Costa after that blow up

No. 512353

File: 1525032899616.png (188.29 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-29-14-13-08…)

It seems not having balls is from family

No. 512389

Your boner for Marzia and Felix is not relevant to this thread. If you’re going to insist on writing long, drawn out posts containing the word “I” a thousand times, try not to make your post style so obvious.

>I seen

No. 512442

Man post nazi is at it again

No. 512446

Acting like you can’t think for yourself when your a 18/19 year old girl, we all know we have to take responsibility for. It’s only bad if it was forced or pushed. But she was more than willing. She should have just pursued her modeling career instead of seeking validation. It sucks seeing something that could have been sink down all around.

No. 512453

I seen shade

No. 512456

It certainly relates to him. For ex: when he uses dead memes, tries to keep up the the trends or phrases. There’s nothing wrong with his style, being into rock, kind of stuck in the 90’s era, that’s all fine, and really cool actually. But now he’s just trying to hard changing his persona, lying for his gf, making his gfs life his life (Edwin and mina channel etc) and his gfs problems his problems. Let mina handle that, her mistakes arnt yours and if she did something, it ultamitly reflects on him since he white knighted her so hard.

It’s obvious Minas been living under a rock when it comes to things (like never microwaving popcorn before lol) but she still at a childlike minset where she’s stubborn and definitely will play her cards to get what she wants. I don’t see her admitting to things she’s done because of the fact that she’s keeping her Internet personality untainted and she doesn’t want her family + friends to look at her differently.

No. 512481

remember when dasha said that Mina didn’t even know how to make a cup of tea or do her own laundry? and Dasha would mail agencies in her stead? it was hard for me to believe that until I realized how incapable Mina really is. (popcorn etc)

No. 512498

I'm pretty sure Mina just play retarded and knows how to microwave popcorn and more, she just likes to pretend she doesn't because she probs think is "cute" and wants people to do things for her cause "she is too stupid to do it".

If she knows how to edit her photos to look more skinny she sure has hell knows how to make a cup of tea.

Wonder if there will be a next buttycall in London, Edwin is running out of footage with Mina, and he knows very well nobody likes his videos with just him.

No. 512504

I wonder how long it’ll take until they break up. Mina already seems uninterested in Edwin. and I don’t really blame her Edwin is lame as hell. I can’t wait until they break up and Edwin makes video after video whining like a 15 year old after his first break up. I wonder if Edwin will spill the beans once it’s over but I personally doubt it. i think even if they have the nastiest break up he’s too proud to admit Mina is an imbecile, a prostitute and made those accounts

No. 512536

Fuck seriously, I don’t know why that (painfully obvious) underage anon wasn’t banned a long time ago.

No. 512540

The worst thing is that I think that same Anon has post in different threads ( this, Onion and Palermo at least) about PDP and Marzia proposal kek.

Idk, Mina has post several times that Edwin doesn't answer her
I can see Edwin breaking with her because he can't get his dick wet
But he won't say the nasty details, he is way to proud to give Dasha and Cyr the benefit

No. 512550

how is mina worse than dasha did you all just forgot she tried to make cyr suicidal??

No. 512555

If you are going in that direction
That's why everyone is a cow here.
One week Dasha is the worst and the other Mina and so on.
Stop being so butthurt.

No. 512564

lol do you believe anything edwin says? i doubt Cyr was ever suicidal

No. 512571

Are you guys going to continue infighting again like the last thread between anal post nazi anon and long paragraph anon. I don’t know why it’s a big deal, it’s derailing and not contributing to this thread. If you guys want to analyze each post, be my guest, but you’re still not adding anything new other than nit picking.

Just cut paragraphs short that’s it. Also stop whining or getting upset if one cow is getting more attacked then the other. Oh well they’re all cows on here that equally got ripped head to toe, from dasha and cyr then to Edwin and mina. It really doesn’t matter as long as we can discuss about them.

No. 512576

Half agree, half disagree.

Dasha, Edwin, and Mina are equally on the range of shitty to me. They manipulate people, made it seem like something else happened, convinced audience they were being attacked yada yada
In Minas case she framed and never fessed up to her lies when there was proof, made it seem like she was incapable of doing things and thinking things for herself (which she can) but do I find her worse then dasha?? I’d have to think about it but for now they’re all at the same level for me

As for cyr, eh I can’t really say, he’s pretty private I can appreciate that. Dasha should really follow that example since she’s always annoyingly spewing things. I feel like he was painted worse then what it really was (the abuse claims for example) Don’t know what else to make of him.

But one thing I did read was Edwin did that abuse claim on purpose the day before cyrs birthday, and he did something else when Cyrs friend passed away. Like he posted stuff like he wished his friend was alive all while Edwin’s slander was going on. Going to look more into that though to be sure.

No. 512583

Did you guys ever review that video where someone sent Mina a mysterious note addressed to her and another one to dasha. It’s definitely creepy, but they said someone casted a curse on them, just forward it some and you’ll see.

No. 512585

Forward to 9:31

No. 512596

i kinda do because he showed messages between him and cyr its all there
he probably twisted it to make it sound worse than it is but the messages speak for itself

No. 512601

i never understood why dasha wanted to copy mina so badly in the first place,she is 10x hotter than her

No. 512605

Am I the only one who gets the feeling that the real reason Dasha always wants to “twin” with other girls is because she just wants to jack the other girls style without making it so obvious, kek

No. 512617

Doesn't Mina copy her too, though? Like some weird back and forth shit?

No. 512618

I honestly don't think either of them are copying each other at the moment because it would be too obvious. In the past, definitely though. When Mina was doing her weird overdrawn lips I think she was doing that to imitate Dasha, while Dasha was copying entire outfits. I don't really understand what the purpose of copying someone else's style is. I thought it was a shady thing but when Dasha started skin walking her friend phiphibb it didn't seem malicious.

No. 512621

Where’s the proof that Mina has been copying Dasha… besides that ugly picture of her wearing the same purple tank?

If you’ve lurked threads and read them all in order, you’d realize that everyone watched as Dasha transformed into Mina more and more each day. Proof was being posted for all of this as it happened. Where’s the proof that Mina’s been copying Dasha just as much? You can’t just repeat the same thing over and over in different paragraphs and think that it’s going to automatically become fact. Where’s the fucking milk?

I agree with this so much, Dasha’s style pre-Cyr/Mina/Edwin days suited her so much better, I don’t understand why she insists on looking like clown (Mina)

No. 512626

Im gonna make a time line of Dasha's skinwalk styles
I found it really interesting how she take the style and some personality traits from the person she currently hanging out
I don't think that Philip girl care Dasha is/was copying her, probably is way too narcissist and see it has compliment

I'm pretty sure the purple tank was a sponsorship, other instahoes are promoting the brand

No. 512664

File: 1525109941957.jpeg (201.05 KB, 731x981, 03BFBDB3-A60C-4429-937D-B8F4B5…)

It makes me laugh how as soon as this thread popped up, Dasha and her minions are suddenly going off about how Mina’s “copying” her now. It’s so obvious they still read here and want SO BADLY for all of us to start trashing Mina the way we trashed Dasha. Sorry, but I need actual receipts before I start seeing Mina as Putins skinwalker.

>inb4 reEeeEee stAhP WhItEkNiGhTiNg mInA

I think Mina’s whole persona is try hard, boring and attention seeking. She’s also a coward with no backbone and I do believe that she purposely blamed the fake accounts on Dasha, but I think it’s reasonable after all the shit Dasha and her Minions gave her for months. Other than that I haven’t seen her do anything Malicious. The way she dresses is stupid and unflattering, but it’s not exactly against the law to dress like a retard, nor is it hurting anyone.

Edwin on the other hand is such a fucking cow imo. He’s low key an instigator and such a drama queen, it makes me cringe so much that he still acts like a teenager who can’t let go of drama. We get it Edwin, Dasha was mean to you. Boo fucking hoo, you’re a grown man stop being such a little bitch. Also, get a real fucking job and stop mooching off of your 6 viewers.

No. 512684


It's pretty irritating that Dasha is always preaching about how girls have to support one another and yet she has this clique who she gossips with behind the scenes constantly. It's so transparent. Her minions are at least upfront about it whereas she's still desperate to seem like she's past all this when really she just thrives on drama like the rest of these cows.

No. 512688

there actuall is proof Dasha provided with pictures. type in Twitter “itsbabydash victimizing” and there’s a whole thread where dasha shows how mina also copies her. with dates. she posted that way back when mina started whining again about how dasha is so creepy

No. 512689

File: 1525113439605.jpeg (385.18 KB, 1242x1688, F445AEEE-8D45-46AA-A53C-EAD3F5…)

it looks like this

No. 512690

File: 1525113531442.jpeg (609.02 KB, 2048x2048, 75A382CF-B68A-439A-AC97-E52129…)

No. 512691

File: 1525113543339.jpeg (655.29 KB, 2048x2048, 188D3356-EA4B-4068-B053-894C98…)

No. 512692

File: 1525113604647.jpeg (712.23 KB, 2048x2048, DA75F153-0379-40C9-9C7E-901E0A…)

when both of them did that cringy eye contact thing

No. 512693

File: 1525113727430.jpeg (523.33 KB, 2048x2048, 5C4B3C5A-B797-4338-83E6-42E643…)

No. 512694

File: 1525113768201.jpeg (383.24 KB, 1242x1388, 910D285A-488C-4DF3-9911-85CF9A…)

have you see this

No. 512696

File: 1525113960081.jpeg (745.51 KB, 2048x2048, BB278D4A-43E7-42EC-A182-943BB9…)

there’s actually a lot of proof Mina copies Dasha as much you just have to look harder
and Dasha also wore this ugly coat before her. i am not saying Dasha is super original. just showing you that Mina is just as stupid

No. 512704

Yep. They're both guilty of doing the same thing.

No. 512705

That hentaiiguy has some proof too, of the same thing, but I guess Edwin did a live video to claim she copied Mina when there was clearly proof on that guy’s page. He may be cringey and annoying but he actually has a lot, he’s just up Julia’s asshole a lot

No. 512721

Thanks nonnie, I actually see what you mean now! These should have been posted at the beginning of the thread, there’s so much milk in this imo.

First of all, I think both sides are being extremely manipulative towards their viewers/followers. It’s like they’re both doing sly shit to get under each others skin. Trying their hardest to set each other off so that they can have a reason to full out start fighting again. The thing is neither side wants to take a jab first, because when and if another shitstorm happens they BOTH want to play the victim card. Neither of them wants to be portrayed as the villain. I think Dasha learned the hard way last time that being so antagonizing will only make her look like the bad guy.

Maybe I’m tinfoiling, but Dasha’s post seems super manipulative to me. I feel like the minute her minion showed her those side by side comparisons of Mina ‘copying’ her, she saw it as her opportunity to turn the tables on Mina/Edwin, clear her name, and play the victim. The way that post on Twitter is written just comes off as so disingenuous to me. She makes it seem like Mina’s this creepy stalker who has been copying her for ages and she’s oH sO TiReD oF It, aNd MiNa wOn’T lEaVe HeR aLoNe. Please, Mina and Dasha both stalk each others shit and are both equally obsessed with each other. Neither of them will or wants to let it go.

At first glance these look like a reach tbh, but I can see similarities. I don’t think Mina is copying her because she wants to look/be like Dasha. I actually think these posts are calculated. It seems to me like they’re purposely trying piss Dasha off. Specially this one
>What do you love about yours? I love my ass
If I remember right Dasha bitched once upon of time about how Mina thinks she has an ass and about Mina photoshopping to make it look bigger. I honestly feel like Edwin and Mina are purposely coming up with these posts to taunt the shit out of Dasha. That’s just how it comes off to me.

TLDR; Mina and Edwin are lowkey doing shady shit to make Dasha go off on a rampage. They’re trying to set the scene so that Dasha will be casted as the villain again and they’ll be able cash off on the drama from the views.
Dasha on the other hand is still butthurt that she lost the last battle and wants to clear her name, but doesn’t want to be the first to bite bc she doesn’t want to be dragged again. Kek

Idk maybe I’m tripping, what do you guys think?

No. 512726

I honestly don't think that the ones you tagged could be reaches. They're far too similar and close together in dates to be.

But I do agree with you that it seems like Mina and Edwin are trying to set Dasha off so they can scream victim. They have almost no content and are more in love with drama than they portray. Hell, you could tell as much when Edwin was here gossiping. The tables turned on them too quickly for them to get their satisfaction from it so they're trying to milk it and cause Dasha to go off. That's how I see it. Thankfully Dasha hasn't. I think that's the only positive quality that she's shown in the past couple of months.

The shorter version: Mina's being petty and Edwin's egging it on cause they want to trigger Dasha into a rage cause they literally have nothing better to do.

No. 512728

I saw that “hentaiiguy” saying he posted them and some of them are reaching but he’s doing that on purpose because Edwin reached so hard in the videos he put out like “I won’t let negativity bring me down” quote dasha posted and mina had something similar in her bio, so Edwin took it as the opportunity to use it as a “copy” example

They’re basically just saying Edwin and mina are hypocrites, which they indeed are and I guess they don’t wanna admit it. But tbh that’s not gonna be affective. They deflect anything that has a negitive reflection on them. Also just very tired of Julia still using the copy thing as a defensive towards Mina when she could have retweeted or used the evidence of the fake accounts since there is some, but these girls are so obsessed with being above each other and who copied who. Being superficial and competitive like that is so aggravating. Screw insta models they all seem the same

No. 512730

She tweets and retweets a lot of petty stuff so I don’t think so, I mean, She’s stopped spewing as much as before, but I really think the whole copy thing ed made in Mars Argos videos and his live streams set her off again which she’s a dumbass for giving in. Edwin should really give up the victim narrative though, he should still with making videos like the mars Argo one just without the petty remarks, cause he has no right saying he relates to her at all and then focusing the attention to himself. He seems to be good at getting involved in drama.

No. 512733

Edwin and cyr really halted their process of growing when they got with insta models who were too immature for them. Edwin changed for the worse, too much validation and attention seeking, Cyr isn’t the cyr from back then, which I enjoyed his videos with onion not gonna lie, you got to see a more comical side of him, now he’s just reclusive. Girls their age with a wiser mindset would have done them good, despite them being it too Immature themselves.

No. 512734

Mina isn’t an IG model since half of her following is from apps. i can look and see If I find evidence but I used to go through Minas following and it was always really sketchy user names. not to forget Mina didn’t get a following for having such a “good style” she got it from Cyr and Dasha. lol Edwin is still stuck at 21.1k lmao he didn’t grow at all and neither did Cyr

No. 512736

File: 1525123584348.jpeg (99.33 KB, 1242x613, 060D2121-4AFD-4813-816D-C55912…)

what kind of vegan doesn’t do actual research on a big brand like that no matter how you got it. lame excuse

No. 512738

Mina doesn’t post as much on insta as she used to. think she might got a job that’s not fucking old guys for money?

No. 512742

They could have tho by creating together but they wanted to choose immature girls over a friendship. But they’re immature guys after all only going backwards

No. 512745

Are you confusing her with Julia? It's easy to do, but Julia is the one who had an escorting ad on the internet.

No. 512750

Nah I thinks anon just took a jab at Julia but It’s highly likely Mina does something like prostitution or being an escort. She praises sex workers and gets defensive over them. She has to make an income somehow and I know an ig model job isn’t enough to sustain a living.

No. 512757

nope Dasha also said Mina did it with her

No. 512758

I think both Cyr and Edwin went for girls younger than them because they are incapable of maintain a relationship with someone of their age
Someone of their age would realized Cyr doesn't have a real job or aspirations and like to feel bad about himself and use his depression to just being useless in general.
Meanwhile Edwin is ten times worst than Cyr, he is way to lazy to get a real job, probably only studied Psychology because he didn't even know what else to do and doesn't even search a job about his career, unconfrontional, insecure af, way to immature to put his feet down and doesn't count with the train of thought of a 30 y/o man

No. 512759

how else did Mina support herself while she was in LA? It’s very likely that she did it with Dasha

No. 512760

am I the only one here who genuinely thinks that Edwin is worse than Cyr???

No. 512768

File: 1525127219372.jpeg (93.42 KB, 866x866, B8E94AF1-A6B3-49C8-BEE9-E4B1A6…)

At the top is a tweet Mina liked, but didn’t retweet
At the bottom is Dasha sperging out about it… or maybe she’s just doing her usual sperg of the day, who knows. Either way, it’s so painfully obvious that these girls are jealous of each other and that’s what fuels them. I seriously don’t buy Mina’s “I don’t curr about Dasha, I dun look at her stuff!!1” act. They had months to get over their drama, even with that short period of peace after the threads died and being half way across the world from each other, they still manage to keep up with this petty girl drama. Me thinks both parties love conflict and they won’t move on until they find someone else to fight/compete with.

Anyway, I find it all so entertaining and don’t want them to stop anytime soon. Sry not sry

No. 512769

I think one of us should actually start calling Edwin out on his bullshit it’ll be milk and drama which would be fun. and since he’s going to defend himself by accusing dasha of something we might stir up shit

No. 512772

Yeah Edwin’s the type to blast shit out of proportion. He really went all out when cyr called him shitty but when onion calls him an accomplice to abuse he didn’t bat an eye, I feel like his ego is only so fragile when it comes to cyr and dasha. Tho what onion called him was way worse, Plus I think onion is just the same old same old to talk about maybe that’s why he ignored him too. The petty shade won’t stop anytime soon that’s for sure

No. 512777

What ever happened to that anon who said they had a video of the fake apology’s and some other proof. Remember they said they had stuff when the whole drama started and they would message dasha and had all that info on their old account. Im sure there is more than one person that has stuff on dasha, Edwin and mina since they all talked shit on the down low to their fans I know Edwin Too cause I messaged him and he tried to convince me that the accounts weren’t Minas even though I tried to show him proof and he was already getting irritated and didn’t wanna talk to me anymore lmao. There’s missing pieces to this story that have never made sense to me. Hopefully it comes to light soon since they’re on their way back to another fight

No. 512778

what did Edwin say when Onision accused him of being an accomplice of abuse

No. 512779

Dasha once posted a screencapture of the fake apology

No. 512781

why don’t we ask hentaiguy? I’m pretty sure he has a lot of proof

No. 512782

Well I’m pretty sure we all know that those accounts are Minas but what was the proof that they are hers again?

No. 512788

Locations that are in London the same places she lives in, her and Niam talking to those accounts, those accounts posting on Niams photos before knowing dasha etc. just check the last threads, also check that psycho weeabo guys account that always defends dasha

No. 512793

I'm convinced that Hentaiguy is Dashas sock puppet. If you scroll through their twitter, it's plain to see they're only really active when it comes to drama. Tinfoil maybe but I can see her using an alt just to get some of her aggression out lmao.

No. 512794

File: 1525129520503.jpeg (420.17 KB, 1242x1622, E641F966-838F-489E-BEC2-28B2A3…)

just posted a new pic in the dress Dasha wore before her

No. 512795


She looks like a handicapped preschooler. It’s 2018 and what is this?

No. 512797

also didn’t Dasha do this heart thing first?

No. 512799


Veganfag here. It takes literally seconds to find out what products are and aren’t vegan friendly. This bitch gives zero fucks about the ethical treatment of animals, her ~ uwu vegan 3edgy5me art ho aesthetic ~ is just virtue signalling.

No. 512801

No I’ve scrolled through his stuff, hes just another obsessed fan like baby dash trash. He’s a black sjw always preaching about his culture tho. I feel like if you analyze enough and go through his whole page you would see that he’s a creepy lonely guy he didn’t even worship her before he was always posting hentai and porn stuff. I think he made it as his second account where he hides all the weird and gross things he’s interested in. It’s actually more common than you think

No. 512802

JFC the way Julia shoops her face into orbit makes me want to gouge out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon and then eat them.

No. 512804

File: 1525131881634.jpeg (208.25 KB, 750x1056, AB0006AD-468B-43E5-85A7-6F6DBA…)

This is so odd to me, they were being playful but Edwin really want fucking her lol. It’s so weird they can joke around like that but…

No. 512805

File: 1525132052446.png (860.27 KB, 750x1334, 346285AB-CE86-47B0-B9FC-BAAA0C…)

Mina used to shop too much back then. But it seems like her cheekbones were really high, possibly fillers? Her lips too were huge. I’m not sure if it’s because of shopping or because she did get fillers back then. Cause if you look at her now her cheekbones are more flat and lips thinner. I just look at Edwin’s vlogs and see her face look much fuller. Buts that’s just me maybe?

No. 512807

File: 1525132180913.png (589.78 KB, 750x1334, 51966680-E312-470A-9704-47D2E9…)

Another ex on lips. Edwin talked crap on fillers. Maybe she’s not getting them anymore because of him? Even tho she shouldn’t be controlled by Edwin anyway

No. 512808

File: 1525132661529.jpeg (515.2 KB, 2048x2048, A70A2A12-4A14-4F52-A188-54AE56…)

Mina def got fillers. look at her old pics

No. 512809

lol she defini got something done

No. 512813

does anyone know Minas real name?

No. 512816

File: 1525134041811.jpeg (226.47 KB, 750x1048, 543ECDC1-A596-4059-9B4F-9B2437…)

I really can’t even imagine dasha being so concerned with Poc so I really can’t see her saying this. What really made me believe it wasn’t a sock puppet account was because he was talking about Christianity and how Trump supporters are Christian but don’t follow the word of god. It just made me believe he really was just a opinionated black guy. Dashas atheist right? I really can’t even imagine her being concerned with religion either.

No. 512817

yes I saw a pic of her passport a while ago. Jasmine Ticembel or something foreign

No. 512818

wtf she looks ugly as fuck

No. 512820

He also calls out appropriation, he’s the type of guy who makes twitter miserable like “mY CuLTuRe” “aProPrIAtIoN” And gets offended if people use braids or the N word. I would still see what he has though A lot of stuff he has fills in the gap when there wasn’t a thread.

No. 512821

I was going to say that all the women in my family have the same physique and bone structure as Mina (we’re of similar ethnicity to her and features like high cheekbones and full lips are very common) but then I saw her “before” pics, so I guess her look isn’t entirely attributed to genetic predisposition,

No. 512822

those arent fillers thats called sucking in your cheeks jfc

No. 512823

File: 1525135072049.jpeg (72.74 KB, 546x748, 3019AB83-E3F0-4128-BE5B-1619EA…)

Lol, do you have any clue what lip fillers look like? Mina’s lips are small as ever, if they ever appear larger in photos it’s because she overlines and sometimes photoshops. Look at videos for reference instead of pics, js.

No. 512824

Hentaiguy get the fuck out of here, im tired of see you insert yourself every three post.


There is a vlog on Edwin's channel of them being drunk. Edwin was joking about touching Mina and saying he wanted to keep her for himself while Mina was drunkenly hugging Cyr saying she doesn't want Edwin, she wanted a Cyr and everytime Edwin was trying to reach Mina, Cyr slapped Edwin's hand and later Mina join in.

I can't remember which vlog, I think it was the one who probably Dasha reported and was blocked and later release.

It was really weird and I think the whole deal between Mina and Edwin start has a joke until Cyr and Dasha saw how Edwin keep crossing the boundaries and wasn't funny anymore.

No. 512825

you mean this

No. 512826

File: 1525135731887.jpeg (115.18 KB, 750x689, 46AECB31-2F35-492E-8B75-EEDED4…)

Lmfao, no lie when I was lurking hentai guys Twitter, I came across this post and it reminded me so much of Paragraph Anon. The only person I see spell damn “dahm”

I wouldn’t be surprised if Dasha still has minions on here lowkey defending her

No. 512828

Its weird I haven’t seen him tweet any proof pictures from our thread or trying to prove himself. But some of those screenshots are mine don’t blow a fuse kek.

If he is in here I still found some pics. And tbh she does look like she had fillers, her and dasha did things the same they probably had fillers the with each other since they were twinsies all the time. It’s why Minas face looks diff in pics/vids compared to Edwin’s videos & pics
Still trying to decipher the letter in this vid it’s so strange.

No. 512829

I say dahm or dammit so nothing out of ordinary. Paragraph anon is just a stupid kid, and he was here last threads before that guy came in the picture. This guy talks “ghetto”

No. 512831

lmao I bet Edwin wrote that letter himself to add drama

No. 512833

File: 1525136688399.jpeg (209.46 KB, 750x1276, 6F2D9850-9936-48C5-AAF6-C31392…)

Eh not really the word dahm is overused. You’re just grasping at this point. I feel like it’s a given if he uses it, since he does speak in that type of dialect

No. 512835

No mina was genuinely freaked out by it, and they called dasha “he who must not be named” when her letter was mentioned. Maybe some Wiccan girl sent it since there’s a lot of witches nowadays.

By the way I’m sick of seeing dasha and mina wear that ugly purple dress burn it already.

No. 512836

Oh and he is black (not to be racist cause I’m not) but I just hear a lot of black people use it in that type of dialect and sentencing.

I would just say to look at his screenshots to avoid all the annoying tweets kissing ass and being a sjw. The pictures just lead you to a thread and you’ll see more on there. I don’t wanna bother discussing about him anymore because it’s getting annoying at this point. Just forward his screenshots on here, he’s just another baby dash trash.

No. 512837

what do you guys think is going to happen once Edwin breaks up with Mina? do you guys think they’ll ever break up?

No. 512839

where does the name Ticembal come from

No. 512842

I think she'll be the one to break up with him first after seeing >>512824 and >>512804

No. 512845

File: 1525138465141.jpeg (483.77 KB, 2048x1381, B2C29761-BA48-460E-812A-561B86…)

But hentai guy isn’t exactly new and has been watching all this drama unfold since last year. He even tweeted that he found lolcow when Edwin referenced us in the video, which coincides with when we got the influx of noobz. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hentai guy has dropped a comment or two on here trying to take the heat off Dasha’s back, which is what Paragraph Anon usually does.

How many painfully obvious anons on this thread overuse “dahm” tho? but I’ll leave it at that after I drop this next SS, not trying to start a fight

No. 512847

File: 1525138548540.jpeg (112.88 KB, 750x615, 91D159B9-D9FB-4668-AC8C-896B9F…)

Btw, once again, THANKS EDWIN. Dumb fuck.

No. 512850

Still the use of dahm is nit picking, unless you can track the IP back to Arizona from which he is from. That’s how you’ll find out. But paragraph anon sounds more like those 15 year olds that own fan accounts. But I looked and some paragraphs critique dasha. So maybe some long paragraphs arnt his or hers. But it’s nothing to keep obsessing about. To me he’s just another creepy obsessive fan. Like Charlie who came on here openly and Charlie was even fawnie from pull or that chubby girl that defends Edwin on here.

No. 512855

I don’t understand why Mina still keeps old vids and pics of her and dasha on her IG. even her and Cyr? for what purpose? if I were Edwin i’d be pissed

No. 512865

Honestly nothing, maybe a two or three depressive status from Edwin (mostly depressive lyrics songs from 2005 lol)
Change the chanel name and just say something like distance got the best of them and they decide to break up. He knows how to hide his own shit.

No. 512869

if Dasha is smart she’ll wait until they have officially broken up and then bombard Mina with evidence

No. 512870


North Africa. Algeria, more specifically. I don’t know if she’s mixed or full. I’m non-Arab Egyptian and I have very light skin so she might be full Algerian.

No. 512932

Wait wasn't Fawnie proven to be Dasha because she posted pictures of Mina that weren't on any social media?

No. 512937

Charlie admitted that they did it and fucked with Pull. Charlie would frequent on here too. But idk whatever happened to them.

No. 512959

people keep calling Mina out on her dress and she deletes the comments they make about Dasha wearing it before she did

No. 512977

So did they get the pictures from Dasha or what? It sounds like they just took the fall for her tbh.

No. 513029

Her dad is Algerian and her mom is British

No. 513069

No Charlie did a whole rant I guess saying she was sorry and most of those pictures were actually already posted on Minas twitter they’re old, but mina already shopped them herself she just made it look worse. But it’s in the past threads, just look cause you ask a lot of questions which could be answered by reading all the threads. Minas name and everything is there.

No. 513082

You really should look at past threads cause there’s a lot of tin-foiling going on. It’s the repetition where we have to keep answering question anons every answer, when they could just look for themselves. We told other anons before to read past threads, this one isn’t any different.

No. 513096

I wasn't the one who asked about Mina's name, I was in the past threads but never saw anything about Charlie claiming they were Fawnie. I'll have to refresh myself because all I recall was everyone agreeing that Dasha was Fawnie at the time.

No. 513104

It’s even on pull, we discussed that Charlie was fawnie past threads, but most of the pictures mina was claiming that were not on her social media were actually on her social media, when you go all the way back on her twitter. That’s mostly it. But we don’t know what happened to Charlie he disappeared

No. 513171

did anyone watch Minas live stream? the way she acts is so cringy and then she’s dressed like Marie Antoinette. she also mentioned that she can’t come back to America

No. 513184

File: 1525208216067.jpeg (152.18 KB, 750x712, A956A428-0AF3-4A94-86EF-85A8CD…)

It didnt have any milk but she seemed to adapted her style like her friend Florence and those other Drama/art school students. I guess that’s her style now though. Like this picture for example, all her friends dress in costume style, I don’t know what the occasion was but I think they were all at the same party because Florence dressed up as Snow White. Is Mina a student too? Or maybe she might be interested in being one, but she wants to go back to Arizona but I think she should settle and at least focus on getting something for herself even a good job at least. She shouldn’t drop everything for a man cause that’s just being reliant on someone and that’s gonna affect her future.

No. 513187

File: 1525208821003.jpeg (277.17 KB, 747x927, AA220167-3C02-49A1-89B9-5922A4…)

They like to dress in vintage style dresses just like that beautyspock girl, but I think that girl dresses classier between the two. I think this is a style in London? Im not sure because I haven’t been there. It’s actually somewhat cute if you know how to style it. Like dasha adapted her style from her friends, I guess mina did as well. It happens when you get a new clique.

No. 513196

goes to show again that Mina just copies anyone she surrounds herself with. she loosk awfully dirty, sweaty and gross in that picture. she says she has an art school deree but her former gay best friend (@gayjpeg) called her out on dropping out of school and not having education

No. 513200

That guy unfollowed mina and then cropped a pic where they were together. I didn’t know the reason why other then what Edwin said that she ignored his texts or something two threads before. Did you get that info from dashas curious cat or something or from where? But her art school degree is actually from her hs I don’t think she ever went to college. I think what they call college over there in london is actually High school no? But it’s an untouched photo, most photograph retouch it to remove some flaws but it just shows that whoever is behind the camera didn’t do what they were supposed to.

No. 513208


Eh, Mina shoops to hell and back 24/7 so seeing how she is naturally is refreshing even though she does indeed look gross looking in that photo.

No. 513221

File: 1525213445089.png (12.54 MB, 1242x2208, BB5E0106-494D-40BA-BB0F-67901B…)

her teeth are so yellow wtf

No. 513225

Think she just came from partying so I think that’s why she looks sweaty and her lip stick smeared. The photographer did her dirty by posting that when someone can obviously tell it doesn’t look so nice as well as messy. They could have retouched it a little if he’s gonna put out his work like that cause mina didn’t even like the photo I’m sure she wasn’t pleased with it either

No. 513231

maybe her lipstick is smeared from kissing the guys she matched on tinder

No. 513252

Nothing stopped Mina from making sure she looked decent before getting her photo taken.

No. 513254

That tweet she posted relates to the Edwin now, the irony, I also called out dasha for being illegal back then but she stated she wasn’t illegal and provided stuff to say she wasn’t but it bit Edwin in the ass when Mina got deported instead. Ed prides himself on being factual but instead gets proven wrong a lot or karma gets him. Like drama feeds these people as much as they say they like to stay away from it. I like watching this drama unfold so I’m not complaining, just waiting on more splerging

No. 513285

File: 1525220504548.png (176.86 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-01-18-21-03…)

For once I agree with Dasha

No. 513289

Do you think mina regresses as a child because she didn’t have a dad or maybe she likes cute things and someone to be reliant on

No. 513292

More likely due to the fact she likes attention and the dd/lg act will get her attention.

No. 513329

Idk I never looked into those ddlg things on Edwin’s and Minas channel. I think I will tonight but I just thought the thread wasn’t gonna be revived so I didn’t bother forcing myself to look at their stuff.

No. 513340

Dont give him views, its not even worth

No. 513462

I just watched Minas love stream and I seriously hate her. she talks like a retard child. “uwu I look so littol with my bangs i wish papi Edwin was here” I’m gonna throw up

No. 513513


I legit don’t understand why she does this ~ uwu I’m so smol and dumb ~ shit. I really don’t think she’s as stupid as she pretends to be. And she’s naturally pretty (imo, inb4 anyone starts accusing me of white knighting her) but dressing like a fucking pre-school aged clown is not doing her any favours. That monstrosity of a pink corset over the red fishnets and black skirt with thigh high split and that abomination of a jacket made from the pelts of 50 thrift shop teddy bears high key made me want to submerge my head in bleach.

No. 513528

>>513184 I don't think she looks ugly, dirty or sweaty. I think everyone has photos taken of themselves that are not as flattering as others. I am kind of confused as to why people are attacking Mina for her personal style and looks. She doesn't seem to shoop all that much to me and I don't see why her style is relevant? I just want to hear about drama and not this nit picky bullshit.

No. 513537

She does usually shop her nose from that bump she had in it and the sides of her face. I think her face is mostly shopped compared to her body. But it’s more unnoticed. Since we usually Nit pick dashas pictures it moved onto mina I guess, there’s not much going on right now other than that discussion of ddlg. Only seen that Mina acted more like a child on that video while answering those ddlg questions. That’s all I can add for now until I watch more of his stuff

No. 513628

she shoops her fucking legs and arms smaller, are you blind

No. 513630

Anyone think is true Mina was/is anorexic?

No. 513671

yes I do believe that. she always gets oddly defensive about it.

No. 513673


No. 513682

shes just super thin

No. 513686

anyone notice how mina did a Valfre inspired look? considering Dasha shot for them many times

No. 513691

I don't know about that. Her pelvis area looks pretty weird in both of these in an unnatural way.

No. 513693

i honestly prefer Dashas body over Minas body

No. 513724

I prefer a normal body that has no Signs of Ana, like I really don’t care for either of Minas or dashas bodies, it really doesn’t matter to me cause every body is different the only thing I care about is how they got that body (starvation, bulimia, anaroxia etc) cause all I see is comments that “I wanna starve myself to get your body” I seen a few girls comments similar to that, but I know dasha asked an Ana account to remove her photos on there, I think mina should also tell her fans to be comfortable in their own skin, but we are not for sure that she’s actually Ana. There’s a couple tagged pictures where she looks thinner like in the black dress for fashion week she wore, but then the ones she posted she looks curvier, she might have shopped it but I’m gonna look back on some.

No. 513725

The videos she post her stomach doesn’t look that sunken in, and she doesn’t have that curve shape, the walls kinda look weird by her stomach area. But I’m sure mina still shops. Even tho she really shouldn’t

No. 513727

When did she do a valfre look? I never seen her do one

No. 513739

I remember seeing her story on that whole anorexia thing, she got upset over a tweet dasha posted and put up the link to Edwin’s videos about dasha again, because dasha said “I see you’re not doing well but don’t lie to your followers when I’ve even seen you starve yourself” something like that. Dasha later said it wasn’t about mina and that she couldn’t care less about Minas health and pointing out “I see your not doing well”

Then mina was going on a rant but it was odd because it seemed as if she was stumbling to find an excuse, like her words didn’t make sense, as if she was caught but she tried to find reasons why she’s not. I wish someone saved the video on it so you can see what I mean. She went onto say, “yeah I didn’t eat but it wasn’t because I was starving myself, it was because Dasha kept asking how I got so skinny” and so on. That part made it clear.

I notice she doesn’t like to discuss mental health stuff, issues, of insecurities, compared to dasha who always likes to point out her insecurities or something and depression a lot. Maybe she doesn’t reveal them cause she thinks of it as a weakness? I seen her being like that.

No. 513766

People will always say that, no matter what she does.
I don't think she is anorexic. She doesn't look anorexic to me. Anorexics look something like Eugenia Cooney. I personally think that Mina is slightly underweight. She doesn't look much smaller than I am and I'm in the healthy weight range on the lower end.
I don't get why anyone cares about the 'fake accounts' that Mina was meant to have and I never saw any proof of it anywhere. That whole Dasha filming Mina's phone thing could be VERY easily staged. Honestly, all she had to do was install the app on Mina's phone and log into her own account. Also, some of the accounts on it were proven to be real people right? Either way, who gives a single fuck. Dasha deleted her instagram account at least twice. Dasha is a full on psych case. If Mina did use an app to re-build her account post that psycho deleting it, I don't blame her!

No. 513779

I asked Dasha on curiouscat forever ago about this and she said that Mina would only eat very little and usually only had one meal a day

No. 513787

you sound like a huge white knight lmao

mina has been proven time and time again to be just as slimey as dasha.

No. 513788

anorexia doesn't depend on the size you are, it's a mental illness.

did you also forget that those accounts all had locations in london (where mina is from and not dasha) which gave a huge giveaway it was more likely her.

mina's shopping used to be worse, it's very subtle now but you can still tell she's obsessed with making herself skinnier in photos. in her instagram stories she actually called herself thicc which was hilarious

No. 513793

File: 1525303353510.png (374.71 KB, 474x596, nfnesgnfse.png)

like if you can't see this waist is edited smaller (because this is not how a skinny person's waist looks compared to the rest of the body) then you are delusional. i've seen mina out in covent garden and shes not this skinny irl

No. 513794

She has really big areolas for a slim, small breasted gal.

No. 513796

you sound like one of her fans. It seems to me you haven’t read any past threats. It’s been proven that Mina s behind those accounts you don’t have to white knight her. Come back when you read all the past threads that provide proof. and yes, Mina is in fact anorexic and anorexic people do look like her.

No. 513824

>>513788 Anorexia is most always related to people who are below their healthy weight range.
I don't personally look at her instagram or twitter or whatever else. From what I did see back in the day of videos however, she is that thin in real life.

No. 513826

Yes, she is that thin IRL
If she wasn't anorexic I don't know why she got that defensive
She couldnt even explain herself why she didn't eat that much on L.A
Just keep rambling about Dasha asking her how she was that skinny(?
If I understood, she said she didn't eat on L.A because Dasha didn't let her eat well(?
Idk, maybe the retard didn't even know what to say in the first place

No. 513833

kek this is so fucking shooped

No. 513834

putting her shitty eating behavior on Dasha is a pretty cheap trick. as far as I know Dasha was always very concerned about

No. 513835

File: 1525309023925.png (721.82 KB, 767x508, freddie mercury.png)

were these posted here? idk why everyone shits on dasha when she admits she shoops, and she focuses more on just doing a Steve Madden 2000s inspired bratz doll head instead of shooping her face and body to oblivion

No. 513836

File: 1525309045421.jpg (147.7 KB, 738x482, elbow.JPG)

No. 513838

File: 1525309115710.png (1019.01 KB, 815x611, uhh.png)

on another note, what is this weird mouth thing with the fake cheek hollows? is this contour? what is this? is this just ugly facial structure? it doesn't look good. dasha is a bag of shit, but this girl's shooping is legit some of the most severe and painfully oblivious that i've ever seen

No. 513839

File: 1525309372919.jpg (46.95 KB, 409x500, IMG_4644.thumb.JPG.587b6488504…)

she's not anorexic she just wants to look anorexic. she was glorifying anorexia when she was still a normal weight here. she WANTS to be anorexic. this was posted long enough ago to where if she was legit anorexic, she would be at this weight already.

No. 513842

I thought that it was proven that Dasha or one of her fans ridiculously altered photos of Mina and posted them early on in the drama to make Mina look bad.

No. 513845

I could have sworn that most of these pics were proven to have been posted by Dasha early on. I don't know, maybe I am remembering incorrectly.
I don't know, doesn't look shooped to me. Looks strange, but I think that's just her facial structure and she seems to almost be sucking in her checks a little, but her face shape still looks the same to me.

No. 513853

There was proof posted on this thread, the thread before that and the thread before that. Mina and her friend have interacted with the twitter counterparts of those accounts a long with those accounts commenting on Niamhs stuff Instagram before dasha was even in the picture. The locations were also based in London, and the part where Edwin said mina is not “good” at Editing. But she does edit, she even made memes and edits of herself. Some of those accounts were not real people and just fan accounts like they said, the accounts never kept with the same story either. It was later revealed also that Mina added extra years of being vegan when he twitter revealed it herself when someone when back on her tweets. There’s more stuff on mina cause her and Edwin proved to be hypocritical, not that dasha herself wasn’t hypocritical too, Dasha did address SOME behavior but some she did not. Whereas Edwin and mina even said in their vlogs that they have nothing to be sorry about and they did nothing wrong which is unrealistic.

They seem like they don’t want to soil their reputation and be proven as liars over their big audience, family, and friends. Edwin has said on here that he doesn’t care if the accounts were Minas but that wouldn’t be fair since he does pride himself on being honest and truthful when in fact he really isn’t when it comes to Mina. People have confronted them but it’s often ignored or Edwin tries to justify it because he’s always seen defending and commenting in her place. But if you come on here making claims that there’s is no proof, clearly you didn’t read the past threads and I advise that that do before you post again.

I apologize if this was long, I don’t want to be accused of being paragraph anon, I just hate people who go on here who clearly don’t read anything.

No. 513860

Yep, those are Fawni's photos
So idk what is trying to prove that Anon.

No. 513861

I have seen everything that you have talked about. I read the old posts are they were happening. But I don't see how the location is proof in any sense of the word. Haven't you guys heard of a VPN? You can set it to say you are in Africa when you are in fact in LA. Also, Dasha could have been fan girling Cyr and following Mina because of her Cyr connection before she started dating him. Would it really surprise anyone? She is certifiable.

No. 513864

idk if you know Minas former friend Lettie (missvulgar on Instagram) she openly talks about how Mina stalked Dasha and about how her and Mina met at a johnny depp film premier. she even has photos up from that event and so does Minas friend Niamh. Mina used to be a Johnny Depp fanatic and I think we all know who gets compres to Johnny Depp a lot. also those fan accounts always compared Mina and Cyr to Johnny And winona Ryder…back in 2015

No. 513865

those fan accounts posted from Wimbleton. Mina said before that she’s from there. Dasha has her address and also confirmed that that is where Mina is from. so how on earth did dasha know where Mina loved back in the day. you are the one who doesn’t make sense. just get comfortable with the fact that Mina makes her own fan acounts cause no one likes her

No. 513867

File: 1525312171958.jpeg (122.45 KB, 750x1334, 56ACDAC3-791A-470F-B5BD-2C8FDA…)

She did use to shop a lot before, that picture though just seems like she just made her nose a little smaller with airbrush and that’s it. This picture I found is still posted on Minas twitter. Like the anons said, she looks like she got cheeks and lip fillers, and the rest is shopped. During that time while mina was shopped like this I found unedited pics of dasha on her ask and she looked like she was never into shopping like how she is now which her shopping is too ridiculous, her unedited pics look way more appealing, she also admitted she went through anorexia herself so she hated the fact that mina said she wanted to be skinny like her because she’s already been though that phase. There was also a statement mina made saying that dasha is the one who started shopping first and made her get into shopping but mina has a lot of pictures before dasha that disprove that.

Do I believe dasha was framed to be worse than what she is? Yea, but does dasha still need to control her temper and admit she was also mean about things handling things in a terrible way and being passive aggressive. I’m quite Sure the reason why she didn’t like Edwin since it’s posted on this thread before, but all of them took the stupidest route possible creating more confrontation. For some reason though I still feel like all the truth willl come out and they’ll talk again but it’ll probably be years from now.

No. 513868

I would love to hear what @gayjpeg has to say about Mina since he hates her now. he shoudl make a video on her. has someone tried getting info out of him before? Dasha said that Edwin reached out to Leon (gayjpeg) and made him delete all the pics he had with Mina on his insta

No. 513869

Yeah, If you look back on her twitter like all the way back, I’ve seen it too but the only thing I noticed is that she was a fan girl, I didn’t pay attention to what she was doing or who she was following. It’s if you type the dates into the twitter handle bar. You can look it up on google if your confused but I don’t know how else to do it.

No. 513870

But Dasha also has enjoyed being likened to Winona and Johnny Depp. I don't understand why because Cyr looks NOTHING like Johnny Depp!
I also wouldn't trust anything that moron Lettie says. She is psychotic too. I remember her from back when all the drama unfolded and she seems super unbalanced. She seems like she has a personality disorder.
You don't think that you can find out where someone is from easily? People often post their location on their instagram. I know I do. It would be very easy to just create an account from that location.

No. 513872

her first post on twitter is just a pic of Johnny Depp

No. 513873

Think it was Charlie I think people have said this before she went on a big rant apology and she’s nowhere to be found now

No. 513875

I seen Dasha stans

No. 513876

so whenever i point out something that makes sense Imma be called a Dasha stan?

No. 513877

Wouldn't that seem like a really obvious comparison for someone to make when trying to suck up to Mina then?
The tides have really changed. Last time I checked this forum, Dasha was ousted for a video calling Mina a 'British Cunt' and admitting to lying. She didn't purposefully release that, so she never admitted to anything. I don't know why everyone on here now white knights Dasha. She is a massive cunt in my opinion and Mina doesn't even come close to her cuntery. Mina is just ditzy and probably will calm down with age on all the bullshit. But at her age, I wore ugly clothes and acted like an idiot often too.

No. 513881

yes we’ve been over this millions of times.
Dasha is a cunt but Mina and Edwin still talk about her. therefor they are more interesting atm

No. 513882

You are clearly delusional. Niamh and mina even talked to those accounts and there’s more than enough evidence to prove it. I don’t even feel like explaining myself to a cuck, but I’m just gonna leave it at that. If you really like Edwin and mina, good for you, but you’re on the wrong page to be defensive on, as much as you can stan then your faves are just as guilty as dasha and cyr with their behavior and actions. It’s the way it is, and I feel like some of us have really good analytical skills on here so we know all of them are guilty of something, not just one person, even Cyrs guilty and he’s the quietest one out of the group.

No. 513883

To me, Mina is barely a cow, whereas Dasha is so much more interesting and milky. It is getting boring when everyone just says she shoops photos and dates Edwin. I just can't seem to give a single fuck. Like what is she doing that is milky at all? Acting like a kid? So what? Can we please just focus on real shade and drama and not on Mina's dumb as fuck clothing choices, and choice of boyfriend.

No. 513885

another Mina fan

No. 513892

Oh my god the infighting is real on here, we talked on dashas alien shopping, some of her ridiculous clothing choices, and stupid rants, Cyr looking like a depressive starving youtuber who looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks, Edwin’s hypocrisy, defensive status, manipulating his fans, crybaby cringey stuff, but the minute we get to mina doing the same thing we’ve been doing to all the other cows, it has to stop? No you forget what site where on, Edwin, dasha, and cyr have been talked up and down a shit ton I might add, but mina was always seen as the innocent one on other threads which me included thought she was really innocent and the less dramatic one. But then it’s later revealed that she wasn’t, more stuff came out about her, need I say more? I don’t wanna go back and forth with an anon with plays favorites Because it’s really transparent

No. 513893

You really do post a lot in this thread tho. 8 times in the past hour when there's nothing to talk about but
>is she skinny or nah

No. 513898

yes I do post a lot and it’s usually not bullshit like “who is guiltier” or white knighting anyone

No. 513904

Really can’t stand discussions where favoritism is involved, all 4 are cows on here obviously we’re gonna talk about mina too. We’ve kind of been through this last threads where one person mentions mina and someone gets upset. But if we mention Edwin, Dasha, or cyr everyone’s ok with it. Mina has proven herself to be a cow, she lied also just like the other 3. Don’t fill up the thread with arguing anymore because it’s stupid

No. 513912

Stop infighting, mina is apart of this thread whether you like it or not where not going to stop to accommodate you and how you feel about her. We’re not playing favorites. We talk about her as much as we do about Edwin, cyr and dasha. Calm yourselves or get off this thread. You’re filling it with your bullshit back and forth fighting

No. 513914

where did you see the fan accounts posting from wimbleton?

No. 513920

Look at thread before, vanessaxvildred is one of the people posting from the same locations as mina. It just really takes some lookinf through most anons who are confused or the entitled opinion anon up there should really be looking through all of the threads since it’s already annoying to keep filling anons in.

No. 513942

how do you know they were posting from there though? don't say you're basing this off of a "tagged location" …

No. 513972

I remember zooming outon the location post. and it was in wimbleton

No. 513974

File: 1525324118036.jpeg (186.26 KB, 750x1082, 4C688777-ED4A-4740-BA46-D7A3FD…)

I honestly don’t know why it has to be repeated many times for you. I’ll dissect it just so you can see it clear as day because those locations are not just random locations, Esmeralda was tagged in London not just randomly. Let’s be honest here, if they were dashas why would she blast herself so hard to reveal them to be true or private the accounts and go as far as to delete them. That’s not realistic, and you know she’s a freakin nut. This is pic for ex was posted in January, while dasha was with Tristan, if you add up everything including the dates. All the accounts started in January and early February. All at the same time frame. The accounts stories on how they found mina or cyr didn’t make sense, there was a pic taken of cyr with the whole cancer crew (idubbz, Joji, views and more) she was obsessed with youtubers, and a fan girl that would follow stars around. And again, she and her friend interacted with those accounts early on and before dasha was in the picture too. As much as this information can be repeated explained it dissected, there’s always gonna be a cuck who doesn’t believe it. If you really want to look at the facts then look up this information yourself. Stop coming on here questioning everything that’s already been proven.

No. 513978

File: 1525325303689.jpeg (190.43 KB, 744x934, 18DF826F-9FC1-4247-A064-2E5269…)

Took this from that one account

No. 513979

File: 1525325345481.jpeg (124.1 KB, 750x1254, 8289E8F3-194A-4544-883E-BC8114…)

No. 513980

File: 1525325468509.jpeg (584.99 KB, 2048x2048, D4356D36-79CE-49D1-8C6D-429FAE…)

Posting again on the thread the other one was blurry but this is from the last thread.

No. 513984

She committed stuff she isn’t proud off and that’s why she’s trying to ignore it and hide it so hard because people will look at her differently. Don’t think that Mina stan would put two and two together

No. 513990

This is the problem when you have a thread about cows who hate each other. You inevitably get stans. We already know Edwin was self posting and that Dashas sock puppet/minion Hentaiguy posts in here. It's unfortunate that there's not enough going on to justify having separate threads though if we did it would probably be a contest between the stans to try and post the most against the cow they hate.

No. 514016

anyone tried talking to Leon? He could possibly have some milk

No. 514022

yea let's cowtip to feed your obsession

No. 514037

who cares? people on here reached out to both Dasha and Mina before so why not ask someone for details who tf cares

No. 514042


Leon isn’t a cow so that wouid not equate with cow tipping

No. 514049

i want to belive that those accounts are minas but its just too convinient for dasha to find her phone unlocked and open on that app,dont phones go to sleep really fast?and its proven that they both have the same phone case so idk just sound fishy

No. 514065

The accounts were definitely Mina's but they were not nearly as sinister as Dasha made them out to be. If they were posting hate at her, there would be a thousand screen caps of it. They seem to be mostly cringy self posting accounts where she praises her own beauty.

No. 514079

Dasha has white iPhones, they may have the same bunny case but this was said before, the iPhone with the accounts were black, someone pointed it out to Edwin on his YouTube video and then took that theory out, seeing dasha doesn’t have black iPhones just white. But mina was drunk so dasha just took her chance to look through her stuff. The accounts did say stuff but not as much as what dasha is saying, like the whole things where dasha and cyr got together “this is who he’s dating now” “Minas gonna get mad” “Minas tweets make sense now” “cyr is a fuckboy sorry mina” stuff like that but only when dasha and cyr got together, that’s when mina would post shadey tweets and threw her little fits, but not for the rest of the time like dasha will have you believe.

No. 514080

I'm not the same anon as post >>514049 so to the angry Dasha stan, don't go blasting me about looking up past posts.
Anyway, I thought I remembered that Dasha had two phones? Maybe she had one black and one white? I just remember Mina saying somewhere that Dasha would be sneaky with her second phone.

No. 514094

yeah and i mean if she found it before deleting her instagram im sure she would have said something earlier since she was set to destroy her,and not when all drama unfolded and when all eyes were on her, just seems like damage control something to shift the blame on somebody else

No. 514099

so cringy that they are both retweeting comments kissing their asses,specially dasha like how far up your own ass can you be

No. 514101

its so funny to me that dasha is suddenly so disgusted by ddlg just because those two released a video of them being into that,she didnt give two shits about it before,
not that i dont find it gross but still how transperent can you be

No. 514105

Dasha stan are you kidding. I’m just telling you to read the past thread because it says it all in there. I keep seeing the same questions and theories pop up when we clarified the facts many times. I keep seeing the same Mina white knight go on here questioning everything that has to do with Mina, just because we say facts and the accounts are hers doesn’t mean we stan that crazy bitch dasha. Frankly every cow on here manipulated their fans and lied to them. Just as the other anon said, we’ve analyzed and talked up and down on all the cows but the moment we get to mina Someone will start white knighting her like Edwin did two threads before.

Just to let you know how I know you’re new on here is that we really did speak about the iPhone colors and so on, you could have read it on here threads before. Other anons and I have said to read the past threads because all the information is there. It seems like you’re just going off Edwin’s video where even he left out a lot of major parts that relate it to Mina, and before you say that we’re dasha stans, we’re just going off facts, we’ve know about dashas crazy behavior and passive aggressive tweets. We are aware. Stop getting your feelings hurt because we talk about your favorite on here.

No. 514109

Nowhere did I say that she was anorexic or any of the stuff that you mentioned, learn how to read. It looks like she shooped and she's known for shooping so it's not unlikely that she did it in those photos.

Her waist is two different sizes in these hahaha.

No. 514110

I know, and the white knighting anons are infuriating. I hate posting towards those anons because I don’t want to start infighting, but it’s obvious they really don’t read the threads. We have discussed it before but they want to argue every thing that’s already been proven.

It’s painfully obvious that Edwin goes on here or even mina since the account all of a sudden had activity when we mentioned it on here, even Edwins fans from his video, or Charlie and baby dash trash used to go on here too, so dasha stans will also defend where they see fit. You can’t deny that all of them are manipulative, liars, and hypocrites. Your fave isn’t as clean as they claim to be.

No. 514112

It is not just one person asking questions. I have asked one or two, another couple of people have asked others.
If you want honesty, out of Mina and Dasha, yes Mina would be my favorite because Dasha is a full on bitch. I don't really give two fucks about any of them. I don't watch their videos anymore because they are mostly drama free and I did read all the past forum posts here. I read it a long time ago though, back when it happened and I guess I just don't give enough fucks to commit this shit to memory. I do remember that she had two phones though. I may have seen that on Edwin's drama video or read it here, I can't remember, so sue me.

No. 514113

can we all just agree that they are all cows and hate on them equally lol

No. 514114

>>514109 These were not her posts. They were photos altered by fawnie.

No. 514117

sorry if this was said but my memory is shit wasnt fawnie proven to be dasha or?

No. 514118

they are all cows but only one of them is truly dispicable and evil cough cough

No. 514119

I know.

Exactly! This thread is for all four of the cunts, they're all going to sit on the hot seat. Cyr is probably the only one that's hard to squeeze milk out of because he stays quiet about things. While the other three can't keep their mouths shut and are very cringy.

No. 514120

can someone please remove header bottom right picture of mina her hairy armpits are ruining my lunch

No. 514121

dasha really looks like lord farquadd with her new hairstyle\color

No. 514122

I think Fawnie ended up being proven to be a follower of Dasha

No. 514123

In the top left photo in the header, I swear it looks like Dasha has uneven lips. Probably because of having them injected. The right side of her top lip looks larger than the left.

No. 514124

File: 1525374796690.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 284FFB1C-FFA7-425A-87D1-F21AF0…)

Original on Minas twitter. She deleted some pictures like the black and white one. I would have screenshotted it Too to show the difference. Mina still shopped herself. But not like the above picture.

No. 514125

Mina wishes her waist was that small. Nice arms, though.

No. 514126

It was Charlie.

No. 514129

she cant get any smaller than she is are you for real

No. 514131

File: 1525376212301.jpeg (118.81 KB, 900x1200, C38HpI5UkAA_f-a.jpeg)

she looks 40 without makeup

No. 514132

dasha is seriously like a shapeshifter she has 15 different faces

No. 514134

File: 1525376832291.jpeg (435.9 KB, 2048x2048, 92A5C6E7-144F-404E-9E53-FE953C…)

Mina is also not the fairest of beauties

No. 514142

File: 1525377802570.png (353.05 KB, 521x441, dasha.png)

Remember how she looked in the periscope. She looks ill without makeup. Kind of looks like a ghoul if you ask me.

No. 514144

File: 1525377912684.jpeg (460.52 KB, 1242x2208, C433E07A-08E8-48B9-B6BE-75CC51…)

but not on her snapchat

No. 514146

sorry anon i only see minor shooping here and some well done angling

No. 514148

File: 1525378294825.png (2.5 MB, 1242x2208, 1525377042787.png)

Why did you delete and repost this?

No. 514157

eh to me they are both pretty,mina is cuter in videos and irl but looks awful in pictures(horrible style and cringy faces are a big factor)and dasha is really photogenic and looks 10\10 in pictures but dissapointing when you see her without all editing

No. 514166

lol? I met Mina and Edwin at their fan meet up in London and Mona looked crusty as hell. not thag skinny, horrible make up, bad skin, and a wig that was tangled like theres no tomorrow

No. 514168

File: 1525379869285.jpeg (112.15 KB, 750x1334, 00DE2F78-F158-49A6-A01A-6DB3BA…)


Both mina and dasha need to humble themselves, they both don’t even know how to do eyebrows and they both airbrush their smile lines and make their nose smaller. Girls will be girls I guess

No. 514173

File: 1525380255474.jpeg (147.14 KB, 745x1048, 703FAD5D-E02C-45B2-BC8A-362188…)

Dasha in videos like this one looks ok, but in pics she shops her nose more petite and lips bigger and I’m thinking what the fuck are you doing you want a non existent nose when your nose is already small? And then big inflated lips when they’re already big. I prefer her non shopped face cause her shopped face looks like an alien when she looks just fine without all that editing. And these brows look better in this vid compared to her Chewbacca brows cause they have a softer look to fit her pale complexion. She makes them too dark normally and it looks terrible on her. She already doesn’t have acne and all that idk what’s the need for all that airbrush.

No. 514177

Dasha needs to do lighter colored brows to fit her because she makes them black and too dark and thick, they don’t fit her face at all. Like are you trying to have brows like lily Collins or cara delivine cause their brows fit their face she needs to stick with that lighter color like in that video or how she had them before. She already has a small face, her brows and lips take up most of it

No. 514180

And I’m not even gonna start on mina, these insta models are so basic, her face is so plain even in Edwin’s videos she looks so different too. Overall idk how these girls are influencers. Two of the most bitter passive aggressive competitive girls I seen.

No. 514181

kek please use spellcheck, your phone comes with it I promise.

Agreed, I don't like Mina's shooping but she looks way better in motion than Dasha. No wonder Dasha hates her.

No. 514192

Idk what any of you guys are talking about mina and dasha both look terrible in motion. Cringey videos of dasha trying to look cute and mina looks disgusting in Edwin’s vlogs. They both definitely look different in video to be honest.

No. 514194

You must be 18 or older to post

No. 514195

File: 1525381824540.jpeg (162.59 KB, 750x941, B2319644-C560-4870-ABCD-8A0E02…)

Is that the unshopped version of this photo? How did you get that one? Mina definitely had cheek fillers and I know she tends to shop her nose really small since she has a slight bump on her nose too. She probably stopped getting fillers when Edwin came in the picture since he talks crap on them and is so against them.

No. 514198

22 dumbass, I replied because both look unappealing while everyone’s forgetting how bad they look in vlogs and videos they’re in. Stop getting your feelings hurt. Infighting bitch

No. 514200

It's a meme you newfag, implying you're posting immaturely and sound dumb as fuck. Your samefagging throughout this thread is obvious thanks to your awful as fuck typing.

No. 514204

I’m not the same as the person saying they’re met Edwin and mina, but you’re anal and I’m not new I’ve been here since three threads before. You’re the one getting your feelings hurt, my typing isn’t even confusing it’s fine, I post little comments here and there and your just getting upset over little bullshit. Btw if you intended it to be a meme, you should have put a meme in your reply and assumed someone would think it was. You’re retarded. All I said is that they both look terrible now fuck off

No. 514206

File: 1525382832994.jpeg (154.22 KB, 750x1083, FE29CFF0-F7F3-43FB-B7F3-44B642…)

Did anybody see this video? They said the immagration officer is a fan of theirs now, but I thought mina could come back to the US now but they said Edwin’s gonna go back to London in a couple months.

No. 514225

Off-topic here but how in the world did you sage with no sage on pt?

No. 514243

File: 1525388351026.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1080, 2HTuXKU.png)

You seem upset, friend.

No. 514348

in Minas latest love stream she said she still can’t come to the US. i am pretty sure they made up that story

No. 514353


kek, this made me snort-laugh.

Slightly OT but I re(hate)watched Julia and Mike’s ancient “reading dirty fan fiction” video and boy is Putin fugly as hell. She’s as bad IRL as she is when shooped into orbit and back. She’s so fucking punchable.

No. 514365

That’s how I felt when I watched “I like you video” Edwin and mina made lol.
Minas face looks so different in Edwin’s videos. Her cheeks have more chub to it. I know she shops her face but still

Does dasha even wear this makeup out?? What’s with these dumb as fuck makeup trends and cheap face tattoos it looks stupid, at least do decent normal makeup. Even that blue eyeliner she wore today.

No. 514371

I seen tangled wig at the fan meet and greet that I (a fan) went to

No. 514379

what did they say? and the tsa officer? i don’t wanna watch that crap

No. 514388

Ah man, so many people with actual good qualifications and years of work on their backs cannot go to the US to work there but this useless cunt Dasha is there taking pics for her IG? bullshit

No. 514393

I personally think it’s much worse that a TSA officer watches “sexy edwin” and apologizes and maybe even helps mina get into the states to also do the same thing as dasha. just to take pics. at least dasha went to uni

No. 514394

Holy fuck, you guys are going full fledge Putin dick riders. Go fangirl about her on Twitter, this isn’t the place for you.

No. 514398

who the fuck cares if she went to the uni? To get a US work visa you need to be full skilled at whatever it is youre working at/for. Wtf is Dasha expert on besides sucking dick and badly photoshopping herself??

No. 514401

File: 1525423940042.jpeg (139.66 KB, 750x750, 8BFEBB2D-E610-465E-A800-1AF0F9…)

Lmfao, speaking of photoshop, I found this gem today. Wasn’t she just bitching on ig stories a couple days ago about how she only shops for aesthetic and to look cute/doll like? I didn’t know that shopping one butt cheek was ~doll like~

No. 514403


Holy shit. I don’t know what’s worse; the ass or the cornrows.

No. 514406

It’s either Putin dick riders or Mina white knights. This thread looks stupid as fuck now

No. 514408

You know it is possible to think they're decent/attractive people and still enjoy there antics. Don't have to be hate-filled my dude

No. 514410

File: 1525426022327.jpeg (163.55 KB, 750x1334, 2DE24C52-0EEA-4E79-BACD-41C4C3…)

Hahahahahaha, Julia just deleted her fb. Posting this so she doesn’t try saying someone else shopped it. (;

No. 514411

File: 1525426062853.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 7E0D0A6B-D5D5-4C36-AF5D-C47E18…)

Proof her fb was up.

No. 514440

I'm pretty sure that he just said that they are all a little vegan now and that they are fans of Edwin and Mina's channel. They never said that they would help her in any way. I'm pretty sure that would cross some ethical boundary.
>>514398 Exactly. I can't get a working visa in the USA with a bachelor of nursing science. Why the fuck is some bimbo who just instagrams allowed a working visa? I don't see how she could be, unless she is illegal or got a green card in the green card lottery, is currently studying or got residency through studying in the USA.

No. 514441

Isn't this kind of proof that she reads the posts here? Why else would she delete her FB the MOMENT that a photo from it was posted here? I thought some of the people commenting here sounded like her.

No. 514459

yeah this basiclly confirmes that she lurks here and probably posts,that would explain why there are so many people suckong her dick here

No. 514460

Or that hentaiiguy guy tells her everything we say lol

No. 514461

I fully believe all cows except cyr post on here. Pretty much a fact now

No. 514462

Thought her last name was stradler but Vincent isn’t tied to her Fb

No. 514472

Anyone notice that Dasha keeps promoing girls with those stupid inverted blush hearts Mina seems to be so into?

No. 514474

File: 1525446873755.jpeg (109.86 KB, 768x1024, DcS86tCWkAEUiCG.jpeg)

for the first time in a loooong time i love her outfit

No. 514475

Kinda weird how all the cows spend their time on here. Like Edwin revealing himself and posting on here, probably still posts. Minas accounts suddenly go being active and going private along with tons of her twitter pics from back then are gone. Now you can’t find dashas Facebook anywhere it linked to cyr. That’s why we have a battle between Putin riders and Mina white knights.

They’re both stupid bimbos that probably got their money for being escorts since they defend sex workers so much. All they do is take pics trying to compete with each other. I’m not gonna kiss ass to any of these girls. Both are manipulative and attention seekers and the worst kind, they hide behind a facade of “oh I’m cute” or “spread kindness” but you know that’s fake

No. 514476

Who cares, I only seen one. Girls nowadays try stupid ass makeup looks that don’t even look good and they don’t even wear them out.

No. 514483

File: 1525448029725.jpeg (209.43 KB, 750x926, A69A5216-B077-4E3D-98F6-BF84EF…)

That is certainly way better then this. I actually really hate when she mismatches outfits it makes a good outfit look tacky. Like this one white glove in this pic. But that one actually looks nice even with the grey turtle neck.

No. 514494

this one's funny to me because if you look at mina's instagram with her in this outfit she's shopped herself to have hips and a tiny waist, whereas in this she's straight down stick thin skinny with no curves

exactly this

No. 514497

Yes, her fashion sense is terrible. I wish she would get some fashion advice. But then again, I dressed in bell bottom jeans and put like 20 braids in my hair and the rest in a pony tail when I was her age. I looked ridiculous too. Isn't it almost a right of passage for people to have years of terrible clothing and makeup? I didn't wear foundation or concealer for years either.

No. 514498

The one on her ig isn’t shopped, it’s just the way she’s posing and the angle that makes her look curvier

No. 514501

I thought the same thing. You can't even see her hips or waist in the photo>>514483

No. 514506

File: 1525454623666.png (606.88 KB, 474x592, ok.png)

ok mina stan

No. 514507

These Dasha dick riders don’t even know how to tell when a pic is photoshopped, topkek

No. 514508

get out of here with that cringe, i hate dasha just as much, it's just hilarious how mina lovers can't see how someone's thigh grows that much. definitely angles tho

No. 514509

Show me where it’s shopped nonnie, put arrows and everything

No. 514513

Can we stop with the white knighting, nit picking and infighting bullshit? This thread is being cluttered with garbage.

No. 514516

Dasha stan pls go.

>I seen

not this shit again

No. 514518

anyone also notice that Dasha did the heart make up before Mina did it?

No. 514523

File: 1525458280595.jpeg (200.57 KB, 1294x851, 89AE80CA-B92D-44C2-8269-0BCE57…)

Anyone notice how Dasha only started referring herself as Fox and Bambi after Mina had been doing it for years? No? Just me?

No. 514525

File: 1525458598928.jpeg (124.55 KB, 588x588, 0D710139-906C-46D3-8F5E-961B0D…)

I’m not a stan. I posted the comment above the one you’re addressing idiot. Stop nit picking because I put seen once. The heart makeup isn’t milk, there’s been plenty of bs on this thread already. If I’m defending mina I’m a white knight, If I’m ignoring something about Julia I’m her stan.

I’m getting the feeling people going back and forth with the stan accusations are in fact the stans.

This is how I see this thread right now

No. 514526

I said inverted heart blush “Anon”. It’s a clearly different process that Dasha stans have obviously taken from Mina and it’s just weird she’s choosing the pictures of them doing that exact look for promos.

No. 514528

yeah probably just you. on Dashas fb you see her wearing sweaters with foxes on it (I can find the pic it’s from 2014 I believe) and her old dogs are called Fox and Kiwi lmao. Dasha was just as obsessed with foxes

No. 514529

I think that comment of “why was Foxes in your room” is referring to a singer called foxes. he probably thinks they look alike which they don’t. but Foxes does have black curls

No. 514530

Please, I screen shot all her public pictures because I knew she was going to delete her fb after I posted her photoshop fail on here…. aaand guess what? No foxes.

Unless you have her added as a friend and can somehow see pictures I wasn’t able to view? Hmmm (;

No. 514531

Anyone Notice who gives a fuck? Just a suggestion
This is what I mean you mindless accusation anons are just samefagging and accusing other people who talk about your fave like they’re stans.

Dasha and Mina are both insecure, insane, manipulative, and put up a facade to hide the fact that they want to be better then each other but truth is, there’s tons of girls who are better, drama free, and are fashionably supiorior. Reality will hit them, you’ll get too old to be a model, a Instagram personality, you’ll have to do something real for yourselves instead of relying on your relationship.

No. 514533

File: 1525459763678.jpeg (202.07 KB, 748x1297, 4D7EFBB2-3D4B-4FAD-B77F-B62DCE…)

You’re insane. I looked at the girl. It’s the first picture that shows up. She follows both Mina and dasha. I’m just thinking of how stupid this is to pay attention to. I saw that makeup look before mina it dasha. Even beautyspock has done it first. It wasn’t invented by mina it wasn’t invented by dasha. My god people

No. 514535

she has the picture on her twitter as well you retard it’s her when she was 15

No. 514536

File: 1525460113844.jpeg (197.81 KB, 1698x1131, 2D874D87-A701-4167-A50B-0960D0…)

And before someone nit picks my spelling mistakes and typing. I’m rushing, you anons need to start looking for real milk, not who did hearts first. They’re hearts for fucks sake. If Mina and dasha are so hung up on that, that’s because they’re still childish as fuck. Sorry that you stan idolize these brain dead broads, can’t relate

No. 514539

Post the proof, dipshit.

No. 514544

Go on her ask too, but I can’t translate her German, she was going through anorexia at that time

No. 514546

This is lolcow, back your shit up with proof or gtfo

No. 514550

That's how these threads always go. Anons fling shit at each other more than Dasha and Mina do.

They're both brainless bimbos who want a visa for taking pictures that aren't even pretty. They think what they do is modeling but it's just playing dress up for their phone.

No. 514552

File: 1525462977076.jpeg (253.87 KB, 750x1187, C41DB844-B5ED-43CE-B6E9-AF4BDE…)

Here you go aggressive ass.

I’m not up for being dealing with peoples attitudes for mentioning she went through anorexia and look at her ask. Everyone’s on edge, it’s not like the last thread and the thread before that. You guys need to chill tf out

No. 514554

This was during the time Mina got offended over a tweet that Dasha posted. It went along the lines of “I see your not doing well but you can’t lie to your fans because I’ve witnessed you starving yourself” and then mina put on her insta story that dasha wanted to her body and mina sounded unsure of herself and trying to come up with an excuse to sound convincing that she wasn’t starving herself, even though her excuses made no sense and she wasn’t piecing her sentences properly. Then dasha went on a rant saying that she doesn’t glamorize anorexia because she has had that body before and Minas stupid to say that and assume her tweet was about her.

I kinda wish the threads were revived back then just so things could be easier and have a proper timeline then this crap

No. 514556

File: 1525463596734.jpeg (45.59 KB, 339x533, 28A0BF0B-2B2D-4428-BB33-A9010C…)

These were posted on that hentaiiguys twitter. Dasha didn’t even interact with his tweets, he was trying to sound uplifting but I’m sure she ignored it for the reason she didn’t like these pictures. They’re from her ask

No. 514558

File: 1525463686236.jpeg (39.04 KB, 339x480, 68E293C8-01B4-44C2-8E95-60454F…)

Her eyebrows look better in this picture then how she does them now

No. 514563

man dasha is really goregeous too bad she has a rotten personality

No. 514564

she is but she really fucked herself over with her new hairstyle

No. 514566

File: 1525464378485.jpeg (301.99 KB, 1200x1200, DcXrM55UQAUeP9o.jpeg)

she looks menatlly derenged

No. 514567

File: 1525464725148.jpeg (109.71 KB, 750x917, 36DF41C0-BBD9-4E8E-9A4F-A63FAF…)

>>514558 this ones from a video. She looked better blonde. Black hair doesn’t suit her. Simple makeup unshopped face. She makes herself so alien like. Right here you can see her proportions are normal and natural. She needs to start sticking with one look she knows would suit her. Also, her brows here look nice compared to the ugly bushy black brows she does they irk me. She needs to stop.

No. 514568

File: 1525464807062.jpeg (57.2 KB, 750x334, 23EE902F-848B-4269-959B-DCFBF0…)

Lmfaooo, who the fuck is talking about her anorexia, I said post RECEIPTS that she was obsessed with foxes. Still waiting.

No. 514569

File: 1525464935494.jpeg (69.78 KB, 744x670, 9146797C-19F6-46FA-AAAD-6FB6E4…)

Found it again on that guy’s twit

No. 514570

Bro chill, I posted anorexia cause you replied to me about the ask and anorexia thing. Reply to that anon instead then, no need to get upset about stupid crap
Refer to this >>514243

No. 514573

Dasha is a special kind of beautiful, shame she's also a special kind of narcissistic.

No. 514574

dasha if you are reading this fix your brows,go back to blonde and stop shooping your face to oblivion you look thousand times better that way

No. 514576

i feel like the only reason why dasha didnt start youtube still is because she knows she will get a shit ton of hate cuz people there know who she is but she was promising her channel for ages and i am just waiting patiently for her to start one i feel the comments there will be milky

No. 514577

I remember dasha talking about wanting to film lookbooks. then Mina did it. I think the reason she won’t upload is because people will assume she copied Mina again

No. 514578

That’s most ig hoes nowadays. And Kardashian’s. People hype her up that she looks like Kylie with her stupid new haircut. She looked better back then with blonde. She’s like a fucking succubus, pretty buy manipulative and a demonic personality lmao. Pretty accurate description

No. 514579

Thoughts? Has a weird poppy vibe and weird acting

No. 514581

what even is the point of that video lol

No. 514582

she’s trying so hard to be like Marina Joyce and Poppy but then talks shit about Poppy. she’s just obsessed with being “weird and artsy”

No. 514583

that corset looks so cheap

No. 514587

mina also started wearing corsets right after dasha started wearing them amd saying how much she loves them
why are they so invested in each others lives

No. 514588

I don’t understand why Mina is so obvious about now copying Dasha?

No. 514589

maybe she is doing it because she wants people to belive dasha is still copying her?but thinks people are too stupid to check the dates?
idk its a reach

No. 514590

These girls are so obsessed with copy claims but when they copy their friends clothes and makeup looks it’s nothing, with each other they want to battle it out or get under each other’s skin. I’ve seen the same looks everywhere. And that purple dress they keep obsessing over isn’t even cute.

No. 514591

File: 1525467347620.jpeg (59.96 KB, 298x318, C3872606-0B53-4026-BA18-D208A8…)

No. 514592

They’re girls, competitive girls at that. Edwin going on about dasha copying again. It’s obvious the copying stuff is still thought about but it’s such a stupid as fuck thing. Like you guys have more to worry about then just copying each other. How about real careers. One day the whole ig model thing will change. There’s gonna be new ones, they’ll get old, they don’t focus on real life stuff. It’s all about who can do better.

No. 514593

where did Edwin say Dasha is copying again?

No. 514595

File: 1525467861130.jpeg (324.55 KB, 1242x1766, 460173FE-4609-43CD-B84E-6A9D95…)

Edwin defended Mina about copying under this pic

No. 514596

Also on the mars Argo video saying mina can relate to her

No. 514598

File: 1525468384407.png (1.75 MB, 750x1334, A09EA1DE-BFE0-4862-84C7-71D5DC…)

Think cause she started hanging out with these girls they always have terrible clothing choices. Dasha did west corsets first but I think mina picked up style choices from her new friends. Just like her and Julia were friends they always had the same style.

No. 514599

File: 1525468819458.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 1C79FF57-FDAB-4D1F-B259-99717D…)

She dresses normal when she’s with her other friends

No. 514602

File: 1525469760995.jpeg (184.6 KB, 1019x642, A54D1F10-5034-4FB9-B6DF-B7B50B…)

No. 514604

File: 1525470498203.png (578.63 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-04-12-16-56…)

I hate how she keep doing that with her mouth
Just eat the fucking strawberry

No. 514609

That corset was a fan gift, so I think it is a HUGE reach to say that by wearing it, she is copying Putin.

No. 514610

it’s not. she linked her Amazon wish list in her bio and a fan bought it for her.

No. 514636

These girls both reach on who copies who. They’re girls in their 20s still stuck on this whole “she copied me thing” that sort of thing happens in grade school or middle. They need to give it a break, girls are something else.

No. 514641


Yikes, what’s with her gross giant nipples always poking through her tops? So disgusting.

No. 514646

Surely the person who gifted it was trolling. It’s so tacky and hideous.

No. 514648

Edwin really needs to hop off and let mina speak for herself. You’re not one person. You can’t keep getting defensive over her even if she is wrong. I actually really enjoy watching his vlogs even the ones in Arizona, not so much the new videos he posts. The mars Argo made me disappointed in him since he thought the mars case related to him and mina and all the attention turned on “mars is mina and poppy is dasha”. I even commented on the video that the situation really shouldn’t be compared because no one was really focusing on mars, only how it mars is mina.
He didn’t reply to me but another person did to attack me.
I miss his old vlogs and videos

No. 514650

And for the record I actually really liked Edwin before him joining up with Mina, his content hasn’t been the same. At first his vlogs where really nice with her but it just got weird later on.

No. 514651

His 30 year old skeletor ass is desperate to remain relevant, that’s why he is clutching at straws with the whole “THAT’S COPYING!!1!11!!!” shit.

No. 514656

Well I think the views thing is true. I still follow Edwin and sub to both his channels. But he clings to the copy thing and lied for mina because he feels he’s her protector, and he said even if she was wrong it wouldn’t matter to him, not more so because “copying” is all he has, but more because he loves mina so he’ll do whatever it takes and they both hate dasha so that’s another factor. But it doesn’t mean it’s still wrong. I’ll still watch his stuff but I hope that he’ll change his content

No. 514715

this entire thread is literally PULL. why the fuck is it in /pt/? there’s not a single drop of milk here. literally just two insta thots and a bunch of anons arguing over who copied who.

No. 514744

Fucking right??? Someone tried to argue with me on the stupid hearts mina wore on her cheeks and dasha posted a girl with the same makeup, just because I said who gives a fuck and they called me a fucking stan. There’s really no milk on here. Everyone on here is a white knight on both fucking sides, it’s annoying af

No. 514777


The only time there’s anything worth posting is when Julia goes one of her sperg rampages on Twitter. As for the other two, those udders dried up yonks ago. Hopefully something will trigger Putin into some autistic screeching to revive this broke ass thread.

No. 514782

I doubt it. Yasmina Ticemfuck tried triggering her a lot and so did oldwin. no response. seems she has gotten smarter

No. 514788

You don’t have to take everything said about Dasha as a personal insult, anon. Tsk tsk

No. 514789

she hasn’t gone on a rant in ages and they’re so few and far between. this thread needs to be moved to /snow/ instead of masquerading as something containing actual milk. there honestly hasn’t been real milk since last year. the same shit has been rehashed again and again and fucking over again until the thread devlolved into “she’s copying!” “no, she’s copying!” “look, i found some year old twitter post from so and so where they’re a total cunt!” seriously yawn. kill this thread or move it pls, farmhands.

No. 514803

Not the anon but I think they were just given their analysis since she’s only posted passive aggressive tweets but not splerging. I don’t see anon taking it as a person attack lmao

I actually hope dasha will splerge or Edwin at least post a video to set her off, like that whole thing with onion.

This infighting has been too much, You cant really post anything without someone accusing you of defending dasha or Whiteknighting mina. Let’s go back to the old ways and only post what’s milky and not some anons going reeeeeee to each other

No. 514816

Whats a “splerge” I’ve seen you use it multiple times, but it’s not even a word. Do you mean sperg? Lmao

No. 514830

so what if there is no milk cant we just make fun of them anyway

No. 514855

it’s pretty fucking annoying watching this thread get bumped to the top of the /pt/ catalog multiple times a day without a single drop of milk, every time. like myself and many other anons have said, this thread is a mess, so no, please don’t take that as a free pass to continue shitposting and nitpicking all day because there’s no milk. there hasn’t been milk for ages and there will never be again at the magnitude it once was.

No. 515046

File: 1525556197891.jpeg (247.22 KB, 750x1157, E1365D85-F2BB-4F57-8825-94FEAE…)

I know the milk is dried and all but I was just looking through their socials. Found pictures mina posted on the comewithmina of defaced posters of McDonald’s about meat is murder type stuff, she got 100 comments on that one. I really find Edwin quite annoying since he always seems to speak on her behalf and try to make others feel stupid or their opinions invalid and his fans adding to it. Gluten allergies and all those factors exist, vegans don’t really understand that, and how people really can’t handle that diet alone.

I know it not much but it’s something compared to Redundant Copy claims posted here

No. 515048

File: 1525556219976.jpeg (184.21 KB, 747x1133, 92C5515D-51A9-474D-BADB-F9D37B…)

No. 515054

The vegans commenting are too intense and judgmental. I can’t stand that.

No. 515074

he literally acts like her lawyer. he always whiteknights her and speaks for her I hate him

No. 515094

Gotta admit, as soon as Edwin’s channel turned into a mina love fest I kinda got turned off from it. He really likes to talk with a big vocabulary and try to seem like he’s mature but his actions aren’t mature. I enjoyed content a lot with him and cyr. He was more goofy and natural. I know most people watch him now because of mina but I really didn’t like that whole mix channel change. He’s too oversensitive and protective. Your girlfriend is her own person mate, not your child.

No. 515103

>your girlfriend is her own person mate, not your child.
Bruh, that’s exactly why he defends her so much tho, because of their weird ass ddlg shit. Now I’m even more repulsed than I was before, yuck.

No. 515147


Quite frankly that wasn't just milk, it was drama and I have not seen the likes of it ANYWHERE on these boards for a long time.

No. 515211

File: 1525582308997.png (349.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-06-00-50-19…)

Bitch you're literally the queen of subtweeting and you must be stupid on top of being psycho if you honestly think that no one sees through your bullshit. The thing that pisses me off about her is that she pretends to be confident but she's so insecure now that she refuses to be upfront and just resorts to passive aggressive tweets about thinking ddlg is weird (which it is) and people copying her.

No. 515223

I saw that too, she’s pretty passive aggressive she can’t be upfront and say “they mentioned me in their recent video, mina commented on the hate towards me and posts stuff towards me too, so yeah I am gonna tweet about them” I’ve seen plenty of subtweets about dasha like “Leo’s ruin lives” or something, she acts like the brave straight forward type but can’t admit when she’s throwing shade at them. Tsk tsk someone else had to say that for her.

No. 515224

Yeah it's a really stupid game they're all playing. "Oh no, I don't care about you at all, I am referring to someone else." Or Edwin and Mina will just talk trash still and hope they don't get called out on it.

No. 515228

The copy claims in Ed’s video and mina agreeing really triggered her again thats probably why she’s on that “copy” rampage and we had anons pointing fingers on here. Both parties are passive aggressive and won’t make it seem like they’re talking shit when confronted. What’s funny is Edwin and dasha hate each other but get defensive the same way. The immaturity of all of them is laughable and sad. Edwin threw digs at Julia, mina compared herself to an ACTUAL victim kek, Dasha can’t even grow the Balls to admit she’s talking shit back. They’re all sinking ships

No. 515229

File: 1525586650006.png (264.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-06-02-01-38…)

Sorry, not buying it. She claims she NEVER talks about them despite the fact she likes Hentaiguy's sperging tweets about Mina and Edwin. It's okay to admit you're still salty, Dasha. You were more entertaining when you weren't such a pussy about getting backlash.

No. 515232

File: 1525586895812.png (445.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-06-02-07-06…)

Looks like Julia's awake and lurking considering she just liked these.

If you really care so little why don't you just get your minions to stop reporting to you considering you allegedly don't lurk here? They would listen to you.

No. 515235

She tweeted before that subtweet. Someone sent her a ddlg video of that girl Binkie princess on YouTube. Don’t know why she deleted those. Probably got the idea to tweet about Edwin and Minas fetish after.

No. 515236

She seems really scared of being upfront. Maybe she was afraid Binkie Princess would see it and come for her lmao

No. 515238

She needs to be upfront. Yeah mina and Edwin talked shit about you subtweet you and mention you a lot, Idk why you’re hiding it, you practically have an excuse to talk shit back but you still act like a little bitch about it, my eyes roll whenever she denies it.

No. 515239

File: 1525588031230.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 166.63 KB, 958x1278, 183F8E30-D8B3-42AD-8DFE-5DAA82…)

Lol my god, it probably gives dasha nightmares, she’s probably scared of her throwing her dirty diaper at her so she had to delete all the evidence.

No. 515240

File: 1525588184801.png (5.57 MB, 1242x2208, 963E0F06-3124-4B62-AB16-B67CBC…)

no one is snapping at that ugly outfit. proves mina can’t ever be herself. now she copies her new friends

No. 515241

She really looks like she is trying to be a weird homeless version of simplykenna

No. 515242

She wore that out? Looks like one of those gunne sax dresses but I sort of agree, Beauty Spock and that other girl have been influencing her fashion choices but it looks so odd and like your walking around in a costume all day. It would probably look better if she hemmed it and got it fixed to look modern. But I don’t know why they’re stuck on those copy claims. Sure Minas a hypocrite but it’s really annoying, these girls don’t give it up and continue to be petty. Edwin shouldn’t be egging on girl drama either. Your girlfriend isn’t an elite and original. They all need a reality check, as a wise person once said “sit down be humble”

No. 515244

And to add on, dasha should really stop playing stupid when it comes to saying stuff back to them. She can practically say that they made a video on her so she has an excuse but she’s really annoying me with her “it’s not just about them”. Stop being a coward

No. 515246

No one would watch his videos if it weren't for Mina or drama. I have a theory that he's actually repulsed by how stupid she is but forces himself to put up with it lest he sink into further irrelevancy.

No. 515249

She desperately wants to come across as not caring but she spergs out at the slightest criticism.. she needs to just own her crazy. She would be much more interesting.

No. 515250

I actually stopped watching his videos because of mina, I was subbed to him for awhile, then his channel became all about her, it was alright at first but his old content to me was better. I can’t enjoy him the way I used to, more like he doesn’t act like an individual anymore, he acts like he fills in the part of Minas brain that’s missing. He was really cool to me it sucks he changed a lot :/

No. 515252

No I don’t think he’s repulsed he likes the idea of being her daddy or caretaker. It’s why he’s so protective and defensive over her and speaks on her behalf. He actually encourages her behavior though it’s still unusual. Like the type of girls who played dumb and uneducated to be cute in school, irks me. Certain men need someone who’s unitelligent to feel dominant over, at least that’s what I’ve read.

No. 515263

File: 1525594280685.jpeg (42.49 KB, 250x354, 0EFD7A71-3CB3-458A-8BE3-4B12A5…)

I really wonder if mina and Edwin talk like this lowkey. She already kinda types and talks this way and forces a small voice. I know he probably like the dominance factor of it. He’ll be in control and gets to be the caretaker. A girl Edwin’s age will probably be the dominant mature one since he’s lacking in that department. He needs compensation, but ddlg is another story. To creepy for me

No. 515282

I miss the old uncensored sperg queen Putin. Why’d she have to go soft on us? Own your cuntishness, Julia. We all know it’s your number one talent.

No. 515284

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? Holy shit. Please tell me this is fake.

No. 515295

I don't know, I actually like that dress. I don't like the shit in her hair or the bag, but I do think the dress is nice.

No. 515296

Binkie princess is a abdl youtuber, you can find a thread on her in the catalog here in snow

I completely agree with the anons who say that a woman Edwins age would be the dominant and mature one so this shit makes him feel dominant and secure.

No. 515297

File: 1525609485989.jpeg (92.73 KB, 960x959, 4A159F37-CFFF-401C-8FDC-E076CE…)

I can’t for the fuck of me understand why she loves dressing like a retard. Mina, hun, listen. You look much better with this type of style, it suits you better and you’d probably get more modeling offers, just a suggestion.

No. 515408

she looked so much healthier back then

No. 515524

I had no idea MrRepzion posted on here that’s crazy. The comment below even said lolcow. >>515211
I think it was this post I was seeing the arguments under the comments. I didn’t know he was all for Edwin or knew him

No. 515553

She blocked him for a comment he made and he got upset. That was fast. He definitely lurked and posts here but he tweeted about her.

No. 515604

File: 1525670868009.jpeg (134.53 KB, 750x897, 1AF5081F-4F6E-484F-AD70-687C7F…)


No. 515609

File: 1525671120335.jpeg (189.75 KB, 747x1013, B2626CC3-82EC-413E-B9DE-A6EEA2…)

He has a point tho, she never said anything about DDLG until Edwin and Mina started talking about it. Imo, I find it gross too, but own up to your subtweeting bullshit or don’t subtweet at all if you’re going to be such a coward when you get called out.

No. 515616

This was posted >>515211
By mrrepzion himself since it’s the same exact words lol. Funny he lurks here on all of them in particular, that’s the thing with drama cows. But dasha probably watched that binkie girls stuff and used it as an excuse to subtweet to mina and Edwin. She could have been bold about it considering they said stuff about her, I don’t know why she’s acting like a puss

No. 515626

It wasn't repzion that posted that, it was me who is decidedly not him lol. But I suspect he lurks here seeing as how he used my exact wording.

No. 515720

So Dasha charges $20 for instagram shoutouts. Must be making some good money considering how many she's posting.

No. 515728

Yeah someone exposed him under the comments that he’s on lolcow, so he must lurk on her big time. He’s a drama cow hating another drama cow, ironic

No. 515755


has anyone seen this yet? thoughts?

No. 515805

Hmm I don’t know, I’m skeptical considering the account was barely made and there was already a submission towards it. I would say it’s most likely not real, we know dasha was with old men back then and had an account with them, but it’s too fishy to be factual. How would someone already know about that account so quickly and submit a submission like that? Reminds me of that anon who submitted that fake conversation. We have to be witty on that since this thread is contaminated with anons white knighting and submitting stupid things.

The only drama I’m seeing right now is the one with Repzion. I wonder what’s gonna go on with that. They’re having a mini fued right now back and forth with dashas minions

No. 515819

you don’t have to promote your own shit here.
also. anyone can make an accusation like that or photoshop a pic. i can say that I saw Dasha fucking a kid or cheating or kissing Edwin. without proof it’s just gossip

No. 515832

I know I screenshotted and sent Edwin that false conversation pic that was posted on here awhile back and he posted it on his twitter for the person to come forward but it actually ended up fake because they photoshopped dashas second account instead of her main one. I still wonder about that. Some people shouldn’t be posting on here just because you saw us in Edwin’s videos or saw dasha post about it. It’s not for people to flood are thread with idiotic things like that whole mina copies dasha copies thing and anons getting upset and siding with different cows. It’s really stupid

We already knew dasha was into getting money from old men back then, but Im gonna agree that this account seems too recent to already have an admission like that. Who would even find it unless they promote it somewhere. I have a tumblr and it’s actually hard to look up things without because of the restrictions they have now.

The whole thing with Repzion is so cringey, why is he arguing with dashas minions, drama cows arguing with other drama cows is not gonna go down well lol

No. 515837

exactly!!! tumblrs are super hard to find so obviously the person who posted it here made it.

No. 515846

I don't know, considering the fact that Dasha used to sell her pussy to sleazy old men, it's not that far fetched to believe this happened.

No. 515850

Tinfoil: This is someone who knows Dasha and has been part of the drama but wants to out her. I noticed her support has waned quite a bit. I'm betting this is someone blowing the whistle on Dasha and I hope there'll be more.

No. 515852


Wonder what’s the reason, All of us here can’t stand dasha though there’s the occasional white knight minion and so on. It’s weird seeing stuff like this because you can’t really tell if it’s real. I looked up the itsbabydash hashtag and there’s only a couple photos of her, but they tagged lolcow so I guess they were trying to get our attention but I don’t think tumblr is a good source to do that. Just seems odd to me, not that she doesn’t do that kinda work since her and mina are into defending sex workers. But a question so quick on an account that was barely made, You would take awhile to find not in that one day. If someone wanted to look up stuff on dasha, you would look on here, her twitter, or Instagram. That tumblr thing seems too tricky to say for sure.

No. 515854

So you’re saying mina? And how do you know?

No. 515855

still gossip. we don’t know that. anyone can say that they know her

No. 515856

so obvious that you made the account lmao

No. 515857

This is a gossip site. Get over it. You sound real mad, just report posts if you don't like them.

No. 515858

Does it even fucking matter? It's obviously a selfpost, but that doesn't change the content. It sounds believable to me.

No. 515859

no this is LOLCOW. we post proof here and not just random accusations. you can either proof that it’s real or you get the fuck outta here

No. 515860

I am not defending dasha. if the same was said about Mina I would demand proof. anyone can come up with a story. how does it even matter? we already know both of them have sugardaddies

No. 515861

Speculation has always been part of lolcow, you're a fucking newfag if you think otherwise. Most the shit on here can't be proven. Screenshots can be doctored. It's entertainment, not fact.

No. 515862

So you want proof but at the same time it doesn't matter because we already know Dasha hooked. Make up your mind

No. 515863

Chill tf out anon. Why are you so hurt about one speculative post? Some anons here enjoy the gossiping rumor mill. If you don't like it, report and move on.

Anyways we already know Dasha was a SB so I think it's not hard to believe.

No. 515864

I’m on tumblr a lot and went to look her up. I counted and there’s just roughly 20 posts in the hashtag section itsbabydash. It’s a stretch that someone would have known of it so soon and they sent themselves their own submission? Anon said that it is someone that knows her but an anon submitted it so maybe you can come out and say because this is really confusing.

No. 515866

How do you know it is someone was it you who posted it? I’m really not understanding this situation at all, you can just come out and say who it is

No. 515868

It looks like that tumblr was made just to send in that submission. It's not a stretch.

No. 515870


I didn't claim to know anything, it was just a tinfoil theory. Ignore me

No. 515872

If that tumblr was made by someone who knows her and they’re aware of lolcow, he/she should just come out and say what they gotta say as the person they are, then their accusations will have merit. I personally welcome anyone who has beans to spill, knowing how Dasha is, she’s probably made a fuckload of enemies.

Also, when the fuck are moderators going to ban paragraph anon? I can positively assure that it will cut down on the infighting.

No. 515874

They already did bann them.

No. 515875

There’s a bunch of paragraph anons on here going against mina and the other going against dasha, while the ones in between are just posting baseless thoughts.

No. 515876


No. 515877

Okay but going off that logic then the anons saying they've seen Mina in person and she looks terrible should be brushed off because they have no proof. You can't cherry pick what is and isn't truth like that.

No. 515879

but that is true because she looks just as shitty in the videos. no one claimed to know something about her without proof

No. 515882

See >>514166
>not that skinny
>crusty as hell
She doesn't look great in videos but that anon makes her sound like a homeless lady. There's a difference between saying "she looks just as bad in person as she does in videos" and "she looks disgusting and crusty and terrible makeup." I don't like either of them but goddamn at least provide some pics or something.

No. 515885

That post >>514166 sounds suspicious anyway because I can literally picture Putin behind the screen, fuming so hard at someone calling Mina 'cute' that she can't even hit the keys right.



No. 515888

That tumblr looks really sketchy and the user who owns that account posted it on here since it used the hashtag lolcow, I don’t think I would really believe it, but if it were true, the segment where it says “she even brought her friend” maybe her and mina dabled in that but both don’t wanna admit it. If one outs the other Then the other with out them too type of thing.

No. 515890

That anon sounds like one of her tween fans. I seen one misspell Minas and Edwin’s name a lot, they’re too young to be posting on twitter or in these threads.

No. 515891

Seriously, I don’t know why they aren’t being banned when it’s so obvious they’re underage. I’d like to go back to being able to talk shit, without having to worry about fans replying to my posts all butthurt.

No. 516328

File: 1525828172761.jpg (225.92 KB, 573x763, dasha.jpg)

this really activated my almonds

No. 516335

>>516328 yep, she is a massive hypocrite.

No. 516337

Why does she look so flat-headed in those selfies?
She's really out here looking like a pinhead. Microcephaly is no joke.

No. 516338


No. 516383

I think the sexual fetish she means is the diaper baby one and the ddlg one. The social media hoes love to use the word daddy or any girl for that matter. Its more so grasping but I guess I can see what you mean. If she was making a baby voice on purpose or acting like a 5 year old then I would agree. That hair cut is not doing her any favors though, looks real bad man. Is it new?

No. 516412

Do you guys see dasha at Trisha’s party but Edwin was thirsting for Trisha to invite him. Wonder if he’s pissed.

No. 516456

I used to notice she had something of a pinhead before but it's been less obvious lately. Maybe she was just photoshopping badly in the past.

But yeah, I find it silly that she is so adamant against ddlg when she used to tweet about disturbing kinks too. Like saying Cyr wanted to choke her with barbed wire or some shit. Don't get me wrong, I think ddlg is disgusting but don't be the kinkshaming queen when you're into weird shit yourself.

No. 516475

Lmfao, I knew I distinctly remembered her being a fucking hypocrite about this. Stupid flatheaded ho

No. 516506

File: 1525863219426.jpeg (21.31 KB, 495x297, 82E97B83-3B30-4ED6-8A03-59F55F…)


She looks fucking hideous in these shots. I thought the point of her extreme shoop was for the ~ aesthetic ~ but clearly the look she’s going for is circus freak.

No. 516588

Don’t wanna play devils advocate but calling someone daddy isn’t really ddlg, it’s more like a dominance thing, plus it’s commenly used. If dasha were to act like a toddler, being babied, and into all that kid shit, I would say yeah she was a hypocrite. But it’s just a word that passed around every where and for girls weird aesthetics. Don’t know why dasha would shame it since that babydarkokitten acts like a ddlg and some other girls she follows are into that.

No. 516594

File: 1525885356496.jpeg (56.13 KB, 410x568, 0AB49512-8F81-4F2F-8E69-A4A768…)

> >516328 Dasha went as far as to copy Minas bad haircut from back then tsk tsk. (For white knighting anons it’s only a joke)

No. 516598

Why does her eyebrow remind me of Harry Potter’s scar

No. 516606

File: 1525886055895.jpeg (110.37 KB, 684x582, 6A7F50EA-95C7-48AE-A0D9-37D213…)

Curious thing, I was looking through the fbs, It said that cyr is from Hawaii and he went to a high school there, not sure if that’s true or if he’s trolling people.

Also a lot of bad pictures of Mina on niamhs Fb, but I found Minas and it says her and Leon are still friends on there, I thought they weren’t friends anymore? He still has some pics of her up.

No. 516618

She's still referring to herself as his daughter by calling him dad, constantly calls herself smol and uses other baby talk. Tell me how that isn't incestuous and DDLG themed. She's only opening her mouth now that Edwin talks about it.

No. 516627

File: 1525891162275.jpeg (216.97 KB, 743x723, BAD4A6A5-1C1C-4BF8-99A2-FC632A…)

She calls herself daughter, Do you have screenshots? But that smol, daddy, stuff I usually see people use, like the girls she follows use that. But I don’t think that’s ddlg, because ddlg is more like caretaking if you actually imagine a daddy with a little girl, and I’m trying to compare the two relationships. If that’s the case then every online girl is ddlg just by using the word smol or daddy.

Edwin does assign the caretaker role, they were discussing how he reads mina to sleep and how mina likes to play with toys, and she wants to do coloring book activities, and mina gives herself child talk, with a forced baby voice and has a bit of child play and character to her. Edwin likes to think of himself as her protector and that’s why he mostly speaks for her.

Babydarkokitten, violet, and those other insta girls dasha follows have that type of aesthetic and use the same words, but they seem more like sugar baby prostitutes then actual ddlg, and dasha was one of those prostitutes back then.

No. 516635

and? on her Instagram post she said there is a difference between calling someone daddy and acting like a baby.

No. 516640

I don't see why she is shaming the ddlg kink when she also does a lot of that crap. I don't think it is all that common to call your boyfriend dad/daddy. I have never ever called any bf that ever. My husband and I have never used ddlg terms on each other either, because we are not ddlg. If Dasha was truly not ddlg, why does she use those terms?

No. 516641

Stop spamming irrelevant shit and white knighting Dasha, you’re the reason the threads have gone to shit. Also, try making it a little less obvious what a fucking noob you are, it was already said on the older threads that Cyr is from Hawaii.

No. 516643

it’s not white knighting it’s true and she even said that her self. You guys just have no idea about the difference between dominance stuff and ddlg

No. 516644

Dasha "even said it was true" therefore it must be true? Are you kidding me? She is a lying whore. Why would anyone be dumb enough to believe that crap. I don't know anyone who isn't into the ddlg kink that calls their significant other 'Daddy' or 'Dad'.

No. 516645

You’re like 12, you’re in no place to even be talking about sexual stuff. Now gtfo, I’m tired of seeing you spam the threads with shit that has already been covered.

No. 516649

go through her comments on her second account where she posted about ddlg and people where explaining how its not the same

No. 516651

File: 1525896528204.jpeg (143.79 KB, 1242x648, D89DDA5C-3E10-4743-A248-EC9ADF…)

it’s two different things to give someone a pet name and to act like an incapable little child

No. 516652

File: 1525896555855.jpeg (334.15 KB, 1242x1353, 3C78D849-E053-4B6E-845A-1ABDFB…)

No. 516653

File: 1525896603148.jpeg (148.34 KB, 1242x679, 5AEC3855-1B8B-4876-BAAE-AC14FB…)

and Dasha never acted like a toddler or treated Vincent like Mina treats Edwin

No. 516655

File: 1525896750946.jpeg (129.41 KB, 1242x619, 810055B9-FB1D-4A38-B65D-8914C6…)

wow surprise. seems like the majority - which isn’t you guys - actually gets that pet names and ddlg are two different things. has nothing to do with liking Dasha

No. 516657

Guise, apparently we’re taking whatever Dasha and her stans say as fact now, because this underage anon says so. Ok? Ok.

No. 516659


You put all this effort into gathering irrelevant opinions and that still doesn't change the fact that Dasha is a hypocritical bitch. GG.

No. 516660

so whenever someone speaks reason they are Dasha stans? KEK ur so opinionated. you speak out of hate and not reason

No. 516661

File: 1525897095414.jpeg (527.41 KB, 1242x1621, 43DE74F7-E5ED-453E-985B-A76AB8…)

No. 516665

>you speak out of hate not reason
Yet you go out of your way to dig up irrelevant shit about Mina and post it like you had the biggest find in history, nothing you have posted is the least bit milky.

Stop spamming the threads with your stupid wannabe detective work. When there’s milk on Mina, we’ll post it, like we ALWAYS have, without your biased Putin loving bullshit involved.

No. 516667

File: 1525897754509.png (18.89 KB, 431x110, cyr.png)

Dasha isn't the authority on fetish, she doesn't decide what's little girl-themed and what isn't.

Calling your boyfriend Dad while referring to yourself as Baby (which she does repeatedly, in BabyDash and Baby Fox / Fox Baby) absolutely is DDLG because she is a) framing it as a father-daughter relationship and b) infantilizing herself.

That's how words work. Dasha can't make up new definitions just because it suits her.

No. 516670

>but but muh queen Dasha sed so0o0o

No. 516671

everyone knows Cyr is joking about the daddy thing

No. 516674

Do we though? Please explain how everyone knows they're kidding when everything they do points towards it being genuine.

No. 516676

Looks like you're the only one who cared, underage whiteknight.

No. 516680

By this logic, Mina and Edwin are not truly DDLG either.
>>516661 what's the url? It doesn't mean anything when you simply post someone's opinion like it was fact.

No. 516681

Hahahaha do we now? I think only little mindless Dasha twat fans 'know' that. It is just a biased Dasha stan opinion that you are probably sprouting because you are too young and dumb to have an original thought.

No. 516694

File: 1525901659007.png (28.83 KB, 580x124, dasha.png)

Stop lurking and do something productive, Dasha

Like defending your domestic abuser alcoholic bf

No. 516695

how is this lurking. you clearly want to feel more important than you are. just because she retweets things like that doesn’t mean it’s directed towards lolcow

No. 516698

She's retweeting shit about haters and victims at the same time people are calling out her DDLG shit in here. The thread has been mostly dead except for when she's online on Twitter. Coincidence? I think not

No. 516701

>just because she retweets things like that doesn’t mean it’s directed towards lolcow

And you know this how exactly? Dasha is the queen of subtweeting. Why is this one tweet any different from the others?

No. 516708

File: 1525902831114.png (427.59 KB, 574x564, trish.png)

I love how she always puts her hands on her jaw for every video to assist her shoop. Count the videos without hands, I dare you

No. 516711

Literally, all you’re doing is making anything shady that Mina might be doing even more irrelevant with your constant nitpicking. You’re doing the exact same thing Dasha did. If Dasha hadn’t gone fucking psycho those screen shots of Mina’s fake accounts would of had merit. No one gives a shit now, because Dasha’s harassment doesn’t compare to the stupid things Mina said on those fake accounts.

Your constant posting of un-milky things about Mina is just starting to seem like a personal vendetta and your constant defending of Dasha makes it obvious you’re a fan of hers.

>inb4 der awl cows i can tlk about Mona 2!!!!!11

No fucking shit, Mina will show her true colors eventually, cows usually do. Now stop clogging up the thread with your stupid nitpicking.

No. 516715

she always retweets about haters

No. 516718

dashas harassment lmao. mina only befriended them again to be relevant. faked an apology to get back with Cyr and cheated on both Cyr and dasha with Edwin. thats just as psycho

No. 516719

I know plenty of girls who do that hand pose including Yasmina.

No. 516722

now that Dasha actually started hanging out with Trisha, Edwin and Mina need to step up their copy game again and make another video on how much Mina loves Trisha

No. 516725

No better way to announce your irrelevancy than thinking Trisha Paytas is someone to brag over. Kelly Eden and Dre were at the same party, Dasha sure was in high profile company that night!

No. 516726

>Mina only befriended them again to be relevant
Actually, Dasha befriended Mina and flew her over just to fuck with her, as was said by multiple people who were friends with Cyr at the time.
>cheated on Cyr and Dasha with Edwin
So? Cyr cheated on Mina with Dasha. Lmfao

No. 516727

File: 1525904246260.png (92.52 KB, 500x368, 527C2A53-053A-4B20-9792-35048F…)

Actually I posted that ddlg screenshot, I haven’t been saying anything more other then that post so you’re assuming anon is me. But I was just playing devils advocate since my girlfriend uses those terms commenly, not because I’m stanning dasha some of you are quickly defensive about that. I was only here for the last two threads not the ones before, I skimmed through the begging ones. Not info that I’m gonna memorize you’re taking this way too seriously. I dislike dasha regardless but you get so upset for someone disagreeing with you, that’s pretty infant thinking, most of you are just nit picking in this thread, even with the copy nit picks. You guys need to chill out(blogging, sperging, whiteknighting)

No. 516731

>cheated on Cyr and Dasha

What Cuddlegate nonsense is this… Cyr and Dasha were clearly using her as a hip polyamory accessory. Cyr cheated on her with Dasha but then they invite her to join the relationship where it's clear that the guy has already decided that he likes Dasha more or else he wouldn't have cheated.

Mina found solace in another guy and got out of that fuckery, good for her.

No. 516736

lol Mina cheated on Cyr before he allegedly cheated on her. her sugardaddies flew her out and she was seeing them while she was with Cyr. he even said that

No. 516737

>he even said that

Post a source then

No. 516743

My god your white knighting fit mina and Edwin while others white knight dasha and cyr. Get off this thread

No. 516744

That’s all fine and dandy, just post the proof and stop expecting us to take your word as fact. There’s proof Cyr apologized to Mina and Dasha was the one who encouraged him to do so. I’m going off what I’ve seen, not just what I think or assume.

No. 516745

“Good for her” your painfully obvious white knighting hard on you have for mina is obvious and your obvious aggression torwards anyone who speaks about them is annoying
>>516736 How do you know this information? Julia’s curious cat? Im aware dasha and mina probably have done stuff for money with their suspicios incomes, but I haven’t heard of this anywhere, give links or screenshots before presenting stuff like that
>>516676 I posted this not the person you banned or were talking to, stop claiming everyone as a white knight just because we talk about your precious cow. I found it funny Edward was begging Trisha to invite him to her birthday while dasha ended up being there. I wasn’t aware she was even friends with Trisha. Get a grip anon, this thread is turning ridiculous.

No. 516749

when was edwin begging her to invite him

No. 516751


Trisha is obviously Julia’s DUFF. I bet she feels real good about herself posing next to a Greenpeace incident.

No. 516752

File: 1525907299611.jpeg (155.1 KB, 750x991, 0A897FD1-6381-4532-ADD1-C2FB1E…)

He actually tweets her often trying to get her attention. He also had mentioned Trisha in a video where Mina is singing one of her songs. Apparently they’re big fans now

No. 516755

that’s embarrassing. must be hard for edwin to see dasha go lolol. does trisha follow him?

No. 516758

Edwin is all around so cringe. Dudes almost in his 30s and begging to be invited to a Trisha Paytas party, just yuck

No. 516772

Do you even know Trisha’s status anon lol

No. 516775

You mean an ugly, overdramatic cow who keeps getting procedures to change her looks while wondering why people don't take her seriously? Sounds like Dasha's in good company

No. 516804


You mean a disgusting, obese, retarded attention whore? I think everyone knows that.

No. 516805

Kek "status"
She is everybodies joke, nobody wanted to know about her until she became a fenomeno for beign so fucking petty and ugly.
Maybe if Edwin really tries he can get there one day.

No. 516810

Lol no it’s because anon said she’s dashas duff, Trisha is too above dasha or Edwin in the status department, where there more lowely fans trying to get a piece of that

No. 516815

As much as it pains me to admit it, Putin is nowhere near as hideous as that corpulent cunt. Even when she shoops herself into outer space and back. Just because she is more well-known than Putin, she’s still the DUFF. Semi-tinfoil, but Julia is insecure enough to hang around someone fatter and uglier than she is to make herself look/feel better.

No. 516842

and you know that how? you seriously portray her as if shes a human being without any emotions and you’re lying to yourself if you think she couldn’t be a nice person. truth is, the stuff she didn’t wasn’t even that fucked up and a lot of people do stupid things but it doesn’tmake them a bad person. she could genuinely like Trish and obviously Trish likes her

No. 516851

They were tin foiling Anon, they didn’t really say that was true, someone said the same thing about mina only being friends less attractive than her too. It’s just theorizing, though dasha always hypes up and hangs out with girls that look prettier in that sense. Its not a big deal since they’re not saying it’s fact.

No. 516855

I hate all parties- Dasha, cyr, edwin, mina…but I honestly gotta say at least Dasha is kind of getting around in L.A. She gets more actual modelling jobs than Mina and has met Trisha Paytas and Tommy Wiseau. She goes to events and networks. Edwin and Mina might have a better lovelife than Dasha and Cyr, but I think Mina needs to leave Edwin. He seems possessive and not to mention he is distracting her from getting modelling jobs and actually doing something with her life. I can see how the vlogs amd stuff would be fun, but honestly if they break up, Mina is going to realise how much time she wasted just hanging about with Edwin and not achieving anything. Not to mention IF they break up Edwin will post like a zillion videos about her Onision style and it will harm her future prospects. Although all these ddlg vlogs will probably do that anyway.

No. 516860

>tommy wisaeu
Lmfao0o0o0o, do you even know who that is? This shit literally made me laugh out loud, the fact you think Dasha is connected bc she went to a meet and greet.

No. 516864

Yes I do know who that is. Why so salty anon? I know it was just a meet and greet but my point is that she's out and about. Even if it is just a meet and greet, it still looks good on her instagram to be pictured with these people as it draws more attention, and that is ultimately what these girls need as their instagram presence is important. Tommy is back in trend since the disaster artist came out and that's what I'm saying, they need to stay up to date and in trend. I think Dasha is narcissistic and horrible, but what I'm saying is that Mina needs to network more and go to more events, more jobs, ect instead of hanging with Edwin, an irrelevant vlogger who is 30. Not sure what the hostility is about.

No. 516869

I think anon just thinks it's funny that you consider Tommy Wiseau and Trish some kind of superstars. It made me chuckle too lol. But yeah at least Dasha is making an attempt to meet Z-list celebrities and network. It doesn't seem like Mina or Ed are doing anything to help their careers

No. 516870

Exactly. Even if Mina wants to keep on the whole vlogging thing, she needs to make more look books or fashion videos, or vlogs on her on. She could get a bigger fan base. I understand the whole Edwin/Mina thing gets them sheckles on patreon from teens that ship them, but in the long run it isn't a good plan. If anything Edwin could edit and help Mina with her vlogs and stuff but he's so vain and insecure he has to be in them ALL the time.
She needs to post more artistic selfies on instagram and branch out. Edwin is holding her back big time. It's very obvious too that he edits her videos, she should be taking tips, because if and when they break up, she'll be left with nothing because she was too lazy to take notes on editing.

No. 516871

Haha I don't think they are A list superstars or anything but they do hold relevancy to the age group that Dasha and Mina are targeting.

Young kids and teens are OBSESSED with youtubers (especially beauty channels/vloggers) namely Trisha Paytas, Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star ect so to that agegroup they are considered not so Z list.

Tommy Wiseau is retarded and his movies are bad, but he's cool in an underground ironic way especially at the moment because as mentioned before the disaster artist.

It's like meeting a person who is famous for being a meme. They aren't A list in anyway, but being pictured next to them especially when you have a big following on youtube or instagram is going to give you some internet points to the kiddos.

Sorry if I seemed like a Trisha/Dasha/Tommy stan haha

No. 516878

Anyone else kind of hope Dasha and Trisha get super close and do some kind of collab, I think it would be super milky hehe

No. 516883

She was also with that girl Liz-something, at Trisha’s party, lots of people were there, and that Liz girl did the met gala event. Really really hate to admit it, but dasha probably does the most for modeling compared to mina. If I were mina I would hate to see dasha being promoted on my feed with valfre and lime crime and all that. Whenever I get a limecrime package it always comes with a picture ad and almost always has Julia’s face, I throw that away so quick lmao. Sucks cause I usually order from there and I’m like “fuck this annoying bitch stop sending this to me”

I agree on Mina being held back she actually has a lot of potential, she’s very young and still naive on this whole relationship business. Not to mention I don’t think she’s been in many relationships at all. They did a video recently and someone compliments them on how they are still in love and most couples get out of the honey moon stage and they’ve been together for almost a year. The reality of it, honey moon stage can last up to a year or two depending and they haven’t actually seen each other for long. The shit part of the relationship hasn’t hit them yet, where things get serious, they just seem so naive about it.

I definitely don’t see mina with Edwin, I see her with a picturesque handsome London guy who will fit her, the YouTube gig may be fun but what are you trying to do for yourself?

No. 516887

They’re in the honey moon stage still because they haven’t seen or been with each other in person, distance communication is so much different. Not to semi blog but I’ve been in a Relationship for 8 years, honey moon stages are not only in the beginning of the relationship, it comes in waves, but once you get the really serious shit, the big fights, where you two can’t work with each other or compromise, or even when your emotional, or something big happens. There no where near that level for anyone to congratulate it praise them, they need the grown up stuff to happen to them first.

No. 516894

Simmer down, anon. This is lolcow.

No. 516916

Lol no. Dasha is not trying to look thinner by hanging out with Trisha. I doubt they are good enough friends to even call Trish a duff. She went to her party and got photos. They probably had one of those photo booth things and Trish probably took photos with a load of guests. Julia is a star fucker/social climber but just because she's photographed once with Trisha doesn't mean she's suddenly besties and so insecure that she hangs out with fat people.
What is with all the weird mina and dasha stans fighting about pointless shit in here?

No. 516937

I just checked that hentaiguy twitter and now i want to shoot myself in the face from all the cringe,she is so far up putins ass and is always demanding proof for her faults,like bitch did you watch the fucking video??its all there are you blind??and the way she calls dasha D like they are some close friends..please get help since i know you lurk here hii
Also I say she because im convinced its some fat lonely lady

No. 516938

You aren't wrong, Trisha Paytas IS goddamn awful and ugly and attention whore, but her fan base on youtube is huge and there's a reason why other youtubers and online personalities want to collaborate with her. Just because she's awful, doesn't make her not popular. Same goes with retards like Danielle Bregoli and Tana Mongoloid. No respect for them whatsoever but they have a HUGE amount of followers.

TLDR- You can hate them, but can't deny that they do hold some sort of relevancy online.

Also,Inb4 'OMG They are Z listers.' Yes they are. Absolutely. But what anon said about youtubers being considered A-listers to dumbasses and tweens is correct.

No. 516940

I just wonder what Dasha intends to gain from networking with these people. Is she going to be finally starting a youtube channel and trying to get collabs? I think if she put work into it, she would definitely be able to get some meager success especially if she's friends with Trish. But she also seems really lazy.. I don't know. I wish these girls would do something, they just fall back on their boyfriends to do the work and the milk dries up pretty fast when they're just lounging around on social media subtweeting each other all day.

No. 516941

I agree with this. If they ever get to the point where they live together long term, I feel like Mina will either find someone better, feel suffocated by Edwin or get bored. She seems very young and still quite free spirited.

The fact that she goes on tinder to 'find friends' speaks volumes.
She has instagram and snap chat and there's other apps she could get like bumble or some other ones where they specify to make friends only.
I feel like she is looking for girls on there and is pretending that it's all innocent to Edwin. Her bio was 'looking for a girl who likes mushrooms'
Why not say 'looking for girls to make friends?'
Or at least make it clear that she's taken?
I'm sensing some shady Lainey-tier tinder shit here.
I have no doubt Dasha was awful and pushed the whole poly thing with Cyr into Mina's head, but I also think that Mina was like 'cool' and kind of went along with it.

Had Edwin not been there, and Dasha hadn't been super insecure, she probably would have been down with it.
But Dasha was too intense and Edwin is an opportunist, and Mina is the type to just run where the fun takes her so it didn't work. Plus Edwin told her straight away about Dasha deleting her instagram, so that instantly would have cut her ties. Not defending what Dasha did, it was shit, just saying that had Mina not found out, she might have stayed longer at casa de cyr.

No. 516944

Yeah. I feel like both of them are lazy and rely on boyfriends and their looks. They need hobbies that don't completely revolve around their looks/lovelife because the modelling industry has a shelf life and once modelling dries up, what are they going to do?

Dasha and Mina should both start learning from their partners how to edit and make videos because even if they age/gain weight or whatever, they could make vegan videos or rants or storytimes.
Even lookbooks if they arent good with the talking and want to elaborate on the modelling/shallow thing. Or they could go to acting classes and try and get gigs. The world is basically their oyster, they are both young, thin and cute but BOTH especially Julia (as I've noticed her behaviour) spend their time taking selfies and tweeting pointless shit. They are vain and vapid and need more skills.
I can see Dasha especially not dealing with aging in the future and not being known or loved for her looks as she seems very insecure.

No. 516948

Plus she already looks 5 years older than she is

No. 516984

Both of them do tbh.
With makeup they both look super cute. Without Dasha looks pale,washed out and weird and Mina looks drawn, tired and sick.
I think they both have great figures because I like the ultra thin model look personally, but their faces look sickly without makeup as a result. I feel like unless your body type/genetics allow, it's extremely hard to be ultra anorexic thin and keep a soft healthy looking face that doesn't look tired and older.

No. 516986

I looked at his account he’s arguing with some other brain dead white knight account, white knight against white knight. But I’m counting the hours, the Blameitonputin account posted 3 hours just like you did and it’s obvious that account gos on lolcow and no body seemed to care about it except you.

I cringe at the fact that you white knights make accounts for the fucking people you stan and then lead people to us, I really don’t care about that hentaiiguy he’s already far up dashas ass, you white knights are too invested in that whole skin walking copy shit, they BOTH copy each other! Who gives a fuck
Agreed, Trisha is followed by big makeup companies like Jeffrey star, she has a lot to her name as a cringey bimbo youtuber.

No. 516991

Now we know where those annoying white knights come from. Dasha may have copied Mina back then but Mina copies dasha now or tries to get under her skin. But they both wear different clothing at the same time their style has changed since they’ve been away from each other. I don’t know why those white knight anons are so hung up on that copy situation. It also irks me that white knight is up Minas ass and comes on here to defend her, then hentaiiguy does the same thing with Julia. They’re the ones that make lolcow annoying and cluttered with their copy allegation white knight bull crap.

No. 516997

File: 1525976862610.jpeg (256.15 KB, 750x1042, 450DD58C-16F9-4C6C-819B-7926F2…)

Seriously, these anons stay going to these cows twitters and blasting lolcow, which only brings in more of their fucking stans.

No. 517001

File: 1525977685412.jpeg (263.79 KB, 748x1294, 75299192-9455-4319-AB41-B4578C…)

My god these anons are so brain dead it hurts to read their kindergarten insults to each other. Minas white knight used this showing how immature they are to even go on these threads. Funny they’re arguing with each other but are the same type of kiss ass who doesn’t realize both cows are alike copy each other and done wrong. Neither of them are praisable. They’re both attention seekers, one with a disgusting fetish and childish persona and one with her crazy need for validation. Both are going down a black hole.

No. 517004

Their was another tweet but can’t find it now think they deleted it, it said calm down house nigger with some African child. While hentaii guy sent some porn to him I guess to tick him off? Their intelligence is so laughable, and using race as an insult too, I don’t care if they use nigger but still the fact they think it’s a great comeback. I can’t believe they go on here to defend their precious cows with their stupidity filling up this thread.

No. 517013

Exaaactly. Like the thotpiece one I posted went from being against Dasha and in the same thread ended up a fangirl, because hentaii guy somehow “convinced” her, lmao.

It’s so cringy how these anons bend backwards to defend Dasha and Mina, hop off these threads if you can’t realize that they’re both cows which makes them fair game for criticism.

No. 517023

Which Thot piece post was that?

No. 517029

This post
Would post the screen shots, but I don’t think it’s relevent. Just making the point that a lot of these anons accusing each other of being fans, are ACTUAL fans of these cows and regularly support them on Twitter/IG, but then come on lolcow and try to act like they’re not biased whiteknights.

No. 517059

This post just expels stupidity and immaturity. This person probably hops on any hate towards Julia like it makes their day. Both those accounts are too lost within the depths of dashas and Minas asshole they can’t be saved. What’s worse is that they are really still hooked on the copying thing. We’ve discussed it on this thread so much. I hate to admit but dasha doesn’t skinwalk mina, or not anymore, they both have different styles and they’re also being contacted by the same promoters, dasha likes to think mina copies her now, which might be partially true but dashas TOO entitled about it, all the girls copy everyone around them so dasha needs to get off her high horse. It’s annoying hearing about the copy stuff, it’s been dragged out for too long, and it only gives those white knights a reason to be bothersome on here on flood the threads with their back and forth crap.

No. 517124

File: 1526002400346.jpeg (127.71 KB, 750x796, BFE9EC14-7ACE-4556-8B73-CBFFE8…)

Edwin posted a new video and installed the comments section

No. 517126

File: 1526002680528.jpeg (163.89 KB, 750x1240, 677A1BCF-849D-4B23-AC30-F38250…)

Mina changed her tone now. It’s weird, her and Edwin were pretty vocal on the last video saying dasha copied her but now they’re avoiding it, maybe because someone caught them and dasha is shade at them again since they stirred the drama back up

No. 517127

File: 1526002696410.jpeg (176.5 KB, 750x1262, 512BD343-9BED-4FF4-8BA3-6FD4E8…)

No. 517138

I don’t know why Edwin’s snarky little attitude annoys me so. He just has this whole vibe where his opinions and intellect is far superior then yours, especially with how he replied to someone in his video with a really “you’re stupid” response. His new channel basis has changed since he probably noticed acting like Philip de Franco gets you views but he’s still copying another channel.

No. 517157

I've actually ran into dasha irl around ghost bears cafe near where I live (dtla area). Anyways I have to try so hard to pretend I don't know about what a crazy bitch she is. She looks different in person compared to her shooped photos like crazy different. You can tell that minas most prominent shoop includes a thinner nose but dasha looks like straight up a completely different person.
Tbh I'm just real tired of seeing some online bully like dasha attacking another insta thot like mina. I think dasha needs to accept that she lives on a slab of smog infested concrete with no real life skills. "I'm a model in LA HURR DURR DURR" well so is everyone sweaty

No. 517179

Mmm not exactly anon, if you’ve been following this thread Edwin and mina stirred it again with the recollection of the whole copy drama and I believe the abuse allegations drew the lion out of her mental cage so to speak >>517127
I wonder how Edwin’s new video will sit with her. I’m sure she’s going to leak some milk somehow, but Mina trying to avoid the comments now is different from before, maybe she’s avoiding another subtweet rampage from dasha? Anywho Edwin keeps mentioning suing cyr, and he’s going to be making a video on it, now that’s going to be really milky.

No. 517246

Lmfao, exactly. She constantly complains about how everyone villainizes her, but fails to realize that she brings it upon herself by being such a bitch. Constantly putting someone else down about their appearance/status while simultaneously putting yourself on a pedestal, when the other party isn’t insulting you in that same manner isn’t going to prove your point or win you any fans. It just points to the fact you have a low ass self esteem and feel threatened by the person you’re constantly belittling.

I honestly can’t believe there’s people who watch her sperg about copying on Twitter every single day and still nod their heads in agreement like some brainless zombies who can’t think for themselves. It’s repetitive as fuck, no one who’s mentally healthy would look at that and support that type of behavior. Just look at all her minions, they’re all stupid tweens.

No. 517274

File: 1526047359312.jpeg (199.32 KB, 997x1200, Dc3ZRooUQAAvKak.jpeg)

What the actual fuck

No. 517276

An interesting look, but she has shooped her head so small and her body looks massive.

No. 517279

I actually think the makeup is beautiful. Maybe I have weird taste. It's so shopped though that it looks nothing like her. Also I don't understand why these girls insist on having their nips out, it's so trashy.

No. 517280

I like it also, as for the nips I don't really see a problem but each too their own.

No. 517285

Because attention

No. 517286

I love that the pearls follow her jawline rather than gravity. But I'm sure it's not the liquify, nope.

No. 517287

Sorry but there's no creativity there. She slapped on the same tired makeup as usual and added some cheap lace and pearls she had lying around the house. The shoop just puts the cherry on top. Note how her eyes are two different sizes, the size of the pearls changes at random (check out the oval one by her chin or the one right under the tip of her nose), the blouse is cheap and flimsy and there's red and yellow stains on the white lace above her chest…

It was a MetGala inspired look but this look is neither gala themed nor does it have any semblance of catholicism which was the theme.

No. 517292

Same as the other anons, I kind of like this because it reminds me of a classical painting in a mermaid kind of way, but I agree that the shooping is fucking bad because it makes her look like a pin head with a giant body.

Also I don't really mind the nip thing. For artistic photos or social media it's fine, but obviously no bra under a sheer top in public is risky and bound to get the wrong type of attention and is probably not okay in a area where children are present.
I mean, I don't like how female breasts are sexualised, but wear that top in public and creepy men will leer and jealous/conservative types will get disgusted, mad and possibly confrontational.
Remember when Mina got verbally attacked by that random woman in the park? She was only wearing short shorts and the woman called her a whore.
I personally have very small boobs and don't wear a bra often under a tshirt, but in certain places I will either wear a bra or wear my hair down to cover the nips. Not because I am ashamed or because breasts are slutty or trashy,but because people are creepy, mean and just downright rude.

Time and a place in my opinion and each to their own.

No. 517293

>it reminds me of a classical painting in a mermaid kind of way

Yeah, but it was supposed to be a high fashion look with religious themes and I see none of that. She's just bandwagoning with no effort.

No. 517295

Not stanning Dasha but what is considered creative differs from person to person. I think it's creative compared to her usual shit and I think it kinda does fit the theme of catholicism as it seems as the pearls look like rosary beads.

You could even go as far to say that the lace cap thing is a halo and the lace on her chest represents wings. (Kinda reaching but it's an interpretation)

I agree with you on the needless shoop, fucking retarded and unnecessary, not to mention unflattering, but overall I do think it's creative.

No. 517298

Maybe we have different ideas of creativity and that's okay but I'm a photographer and I can tell you that this is a concept that's pretty much on par with all the other really basic and tired looks wannabe-artsy internet models come up with when they're excited for their first ~concept shoot~ ever.

She made no efforts to really style the look, everything was pulled straight from a drawer, and the makeup itself is basic as well. She really just slapped some lace and a necklace on her head. It's not that deep.

No. 517299

Okay agree to disagree then. I understand as a photographer you may have come across this look often and perhaps it is not as original as I perceived as I do not know much about what models wear in shoots, but in fine arts, we were encouraged to analyze paintings and photos to find other meanings and I guess I just noticed a couple of things that do fit the religious theme overall.
Is her outfit as amazing and does it contain prominent symbology as some of the other outfits at the gala? No. Not by any means.
But I can still see some catholicism in her outfit and to me it's like a modern take on the classical religious paintings often seen in churches. Kind of like a madonna. But hey, I'm not a photographer and am not versed in the fashion world, so each to their own.

No. 517300

Edwin gives me a greasy vine all around. I get what you mean.

Cyr gives me a pretencious vibe, Dasha seems downright evil and Mina seems like a ditzy dumbass.

No. 517347

File: 1526061649312.jpeg (142.6 KB, 750x1087, C2346310-5436-4A0D-AEA5-F2E824…)

She said she wanted to recreate Emilia Clark’s Met Gala look, but she ended up doing this. I guess it’s fine, think if she went for something red and sheet instead on that color and Rosary crosses hanging. Beauty Spock stuck with the theme on the other hand but the look is pretty commen too. Some people from the met had their look inspired by actual paintings, which they should do next time they attempt a catholic inspired look since the pearly may symbolize it, but the colors are not working at all.

No. 517351

>>517246 Dashas a passive aggressive bitch who subtweets and won’t admit it, but I think mina and Edwin act extactly the same, they’ve been more under the radar about it too, his recent video still references her and I have a feeling she’ll still be subtweeting after but don’t give mina and Edwin too much credit, they’re just as lowely and hypocritical as her.
Edwin stirred up the drama more and now they seem to avoid any questions regarding dasha. I find that weird since the engaged in it last video. Maybe they don’t want to deal with dashas stupid cunt mouth since her temper is unmanageable. She subtweeted a shit storm after Edwin mentioned her in that video. I wonder if she’s watched the new one since Edwin talked about the abuse again.

No. 517410

But see, this has a clear visual message, the iconography jumps out at you immediately. The pose, stylized tears, headpiece and veil all reference the theme, while I would be hard pressed to find a religious theme in Dasha's selfie if I didn't know.
Not to mention this look has hair styling and is tied together by the well-applied makeup – rather than Dasha's method of just blending everything until it looks like she's been wearing her lipstick for a week straight >>517274, plus some blush and eyeshadow. Slap on a wig, rosary and some lace, wow, revolutionary. More effort went into editing the photo than the entire outfit. There's nothing imaginative about it, I could've gotten behind it if she didn't have that ugly as sin blouse that looks like she got it out of a three dollar bin. Even topless would've worked much better for this look.

I would sage this if I could but alas.

No. 517413

This looks so beautiful, I literally can’t take my eyes off this photo

…meanwhile, Dasha’s looks like any of her other boring selfies. She could’ve just recycled an old photo, shopped a fuckload of pearls and called it a day.

No. 517432

The only thing that bothers me is the eyebows, It looks Too chalky. Dasha could have made it Met gala if she changed the color theme, to more reds, blacks, or gold. The purple really threw me off. It wasn’t bad, just didn’t go together, she should have thought about it more and still attempted at it instead of throwing it out and settling for it. The only thing I can congratulate her on is at least she did better then the Jenner’s lmao

No. 517482


Jfc Julia, if you insist on shooping every fucking one of your photos for the “aesthetic” at least learn how to fucking use it properly. This level of half-assedness hurts my feelings.

No. 517882

File: 1526177855145.jpeg (252.62 KB, 750x1071, B94364A3-9F1F-4A02-85C3-8C4E2F…)

No. 517887

the boots. wtf

No. 517897

>when you can't find anything to nitpick

No. 517900

File: 1526181329950.jpeg (873.64 KB, 1242x1437, E52C1449-0C4A-4BC8-981D-D3DE25…)

um yes. she dresses horribly and if you zoom in you can tell she shooped

No. 517901

>>517900 those would be things to speculate over, but you nitpicked her boots of all things.

No. 517902

yes and we nitpick on all the cows. fact is her boots are ugly and can share my opinion on that

No. 517903

You missed the part where nitpicking is against the rules

No. 517904

I don't know, I feel kind of bad for Julia. Imagine it's you growing up in a tiny European country that hasn't brought forward anything culturally significant since classical music and Hitler, dreaming of running away to Los Angeles and making it big, every shoot with every small-time GWC is one step closer to making it in the USA…

Then you get to LA and have to whore yourself out 'for hair and nails' as written in her sugarbaby profile and fuck a random Youtuber who was already in a relationship because being a homebreaker makes you feel like an instabaddie. A few years later, instead of mingling with models and artists and furthering your career, you're still not a model, just a selfie-famous girl who got a following through shooping and jumping on aesthetic bandwagons and occasionally gets the odd job, but only with similarly trashy companies with a messy work ethic and scandal after scandal. The most noteworthy photographer you ever had a chance with ended up calling you out publicly. And now you're stuck a continent away from home, with a shitty dead-end social media 'career' and more wigs than friends.

That'd make me a sad, bitter, hateful, shallow person completely obsessed with her image and aesthetics too. :'(

No. 517905

>matching two-piece
>horribly dressed

>you can tell she shooped

>in a thread featuring Dashcula

No. 517906

Oops I completely forgot about all her other claims to fame:

>screeching at Onision online

>insane catfights over selfies

Man, it's sad, all people know her for are wildly photoshopped selfies and her online drama. And that's what she moved across the world for…

No. 517907



No. 517910

But anon? Didn't you see the boots? Those god damn boots. The worst boots anyone has ever witnessed. kek.

No. 517918

Can you imagine how many people she's fucked because she was sure this one would be her big break? This is why I believe the story about her sucking off an older dude for cash, we already know she's a prostitute and social climber.

No. 517919

File: 1526183849055.jpeg (337.93 KB, 2078x2078, 21B59CAB-B279-4B3B-A683-2D549F…)

OP here, I think the boots would of looked cute if they matched with an outfit, like say she went for a 60s gogo look, but like always she had to mismatch everything. Sigh, sometimes I wish I could grab Mina and style her, she has so much potential imo
I can’t tell where this is shooped
Lmfaooo, agree 100% with everything you said
>muh limecrime campaign
Dasha is so pathetic. I think those of us who are adults and grew out of the insecure highschool phase, can tell what an insecure petty little bitch Dasha is. No one who’s happy with themselves feels the need to put others down in this manner, doesn’t matter how much someone has “wronged” you. I’ve yet to see Mina and Edwin talk poorly about her when it comes to her looks or modeling. Pootin is so fucking transparent and the fact that she’s threatened by Mina is so obvious. Like, ok Julia, you’re the one with the “campaigns” but you’re still a miserable bitch.

No. 517920

File: 1526184003370.png (22.21 KB, 112x112, 399972553524903938.png)

Dasha on suicide watch

No. 517921

File: 1526184167073.png (130.35 KB, 432x666, dasha.png)

She's SO insecure, all you have to do is scroll down her Twitter feed. She retweets every compliment she gets in order to force herself to believe that's what she actually looks like and people aren't just praising her facetuning.

No. 517922

you don’t knownif shes a prostitute. i could make an online profile on a sugardaddy site and use someone elses pictures

No. 517923

File: 1526184551925.jpg (140.01 KB, 1350x900, lime-crime-plushies-soft-focus…)

>Muh Lime Crime

lol not even Lime Crime cared enough about her to give her lips some believable retouching.

No. 517925

Are you new? It's been confirmed, anon. I suggest you read previous threads before posting again.

No. 517926

Nobody knew of her before she went to LA, it's a wild reach that someone would care enough to make a sugar baby profile for her that didn't ever resurface until recently.

No. 517927

These cheap press-ons are giving me a cuticle infection

No. 517931

loool I know the site she was on and it’s for paid dates and not for prostitution. lots of IG girls are on there. the website is strict about prostitution being illegal. just because shes on there doesn’t mean she suckes someone off for cash. you don’t have proof for that either

No. 517932

>being naive enough to believe the men don't ask for sex anyway once they meet and make private ~arrangements~ for extra cash

you must be 18 or older to post here.

No. 517933

>paid dates
>not prostitution

pick one

No. 517934

I remember her being in one of Edwin's vlogs bragging about her blowjob skills and putting emphasis on the JOB somehow but at that time I thought she was memeing

No. 517935

Wasn’t there screen shots of her threatening to fuck other guys when she was fighting with Cyr? Lmao

No. 517937

Yeah I remember one of them specifically mentioning Dasha leaving Cyr for a rich old dude kek this anon is on some other shit if they really think Dasha isn't selling her pussy

No. 517938

File: 1526186158351.png (399.43 KB, 609x424, 1.png)

Did Dasha get a boob job? I can't remember if both Dasha and Mina were flat or whether it was just Mina. But this is going against her "luvvv natural beauty" BS.

No. 517940

Fucking tween noobies that idolize her, they don’t even bother reading the threads before coming on here to white knight

No. 517941

She's pushing them up with her hands to make them appear bigger it seems (maybe a lil photoshop added as well)

No. 517942

File: 1526186523232.jpg (91.37 KB, 1080x746, 23421213_156753338400056_35806…)

No. 517947

It's funny because there's a sewing supplies store right on her block so she really has no excuse to wear basic shit all the time

No. 517964

she was memeing

No. 517965

so we’re sluthshaming now? that’s nit picking. the way she dresses or not dresses isn’t any of your concern

No. 517967

Slut shaming, two different words anon. Also, that wasn’t slut shaming, stop reaching.

No. 517971

>Slut shaming

Do you know where you are? We don't talk shit about sex workers, we talk shit about Dasha because she's a trashy social climber who thinks she's a class-act.

No. 517989

Tiny europian country.. you are either retarded or american

No. 517991

>"tiny European country that hasn't brought forward anything culturally significant since classical music and Hitler"

Please tell me you're kidding.
Germany isn't fucking LA but it's not some hillbilly country where no one has internet and everyone lives under a rock either.
Ever heard of Berlin? Hell, even Cologne has a pretty active art and music scene. She could have gotten small modeling jobs left and right and move to LA after she already established some kind of fame.
I mean, Toni Garrn did it too somehow.
(She's no Toni Garrn but you get the point)
Sorry for sperging out but I just can't with anons like that

No. 517994

She's from Austria. It's tiny and irrelevant. Also I'm German and I was memeing but go off, spergladies

No. 517995

What is it about austrians and insecure little dictators and their feeling superior for consuming plant-based diets and failed "artwork" they give out into the world?

No. 517997

Damn, maybe we should all start reblogging Dasha's alien selfies to avoid WW3

No. 518000

So is mini modding but that doesn’t seem to be stopping you. Just chill. If you don’t think something is milk then don’t shit up the thread complaining about it not being milk. It’s equally if not more annoying.(derailing)

No. 518008

Oh come on, if Dasha and Edwin can battle it out in here, then what's a little shitposting? Not to mention you did the exact same rather than just reporting me. (Make sure to report this one tho)(derailing)

No. 518024

File: 1526222614773.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-13-15-44-14…)

no one was dressed like a clown or paying attention to mina when ot wih her friends so she felt sad uwu

No. 518075

The fucking nit picking of mina and dasha in this thread is so baseless wtf. Not to mention most shit brought up is so old. As much as I do like picking at both girls, it’s mostly what the thread is. It’s not even pt, it’s PULL. Dasha was on that old man site, we went over that plenty, and I have a reason to believe the ones talking about dasha and Minas photos again are the same white knights that created that braindead mina twitter account, that fake tumblr, and the dasha dick rider. You guys were arguing over hearts on their checks before and it was the most dumb as fuck thing, this thread needs to get back on track without all this stan against stan shit, it’s all that’s on here.

No. 518079

Thank you! Exactly, I’m just seeing the old crap being being brought up from threads ago. I was accused of being a white knight one time just because I was done talking about repetitive crap. The ones that are constantly accusing are actually the white knights. I can also tell because their typing is obvious and they’re same fagging agreeing with themselves.

No. 518081

I feel you on these brain dead anons, most ignorant them are stans throwing out their half-witted opinions and try to throw it out there like it’s fact. They should already kick out the same fag stans, they’re infecting this thread way too much.

No. 518084

She’s always kinda has bigger boobs, I would say a C cup and mina would be an A cup, she made them appear larger by pushing them together and squeezing on them. She’s no Pamela Anderson but I remembered them to always be average boob size.

No. 518089

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these anons who put on the “I’m not biased and hate both cows” act, have actually been whiteknighting and infighting this whole time, lmfao.

No. 518310

File: 1526283940393.png (138.83 KB, 1048x424, curdling milk.png)

Trying to stir the pot… Looks like her thread wasn't getting enough attention.

No. 518331

File: 1526295720877.png (523.84 KB, 627x807, Untitled2.png)

She is such a lurker

No. 518338

Dasha is so much uglier when you see her in motion,her alien shaped head only works for pictures

No. 518376

Their typing, samefagging, and agreeing with themselves makes me not want to engage with them and give them the time of day, they fill this thread with some nit picky ass stuff where threads ago we talked shit to some anon who tried to make fun of Minas, edwins, and Cyrs bad teeth and we shut him down. Those same anons don’t follows the rules they make themselves obvious. I don’t even understand why we’re in Pt

No. 518379

Lmfaooo, this anons post triggered the fuck out of her >>517904

No one gives a fuck about the fake accounts Dasha, the only people stupid enough to care are your underage dick riding fans.
>REEEEE da faKe AcCoUnTs sEnT ME H8tE
Hurr durr, that’s what happens when you fuck someone who’s already in a relationship.

No. 518389

I mean.. this all applies to her too. She's not very bright, is she?

No. 518445

You ok anon? You sound like that Mina twitter account. There was an anon in here that was real defensive over Minas accounts so I’m thinking it’s you. You and Hentaiiguy need to get off these threads, both of you have obvious typing and same use of wording. It’s too cringe to keep reading your sperging samefag nit pick posting while both of are infighting each other over irrelevant shit.

No. 518450

Rolling my eyes at her hypocrisy. She acts like Edwin and mina are the only hypocrites but all of these cows besides cyr can’t keep their mouths shut about each other, Edwin and mina still reference and talk about her on their YouTube while dasha subtweets and acts like it isn’t about them. How stupid do they think people are. When confronted, all 3 cows act stupid, no wonder their fan base is all brainwashed and retarded.

>>518445 Thought the same thing, the phrases are too familiar, just like that other anon who thought sperging was splerging. They make it too noticeable by their distinct posts on here. I didn’t wanna entertain them by infighting on here. I’d rather let the white knights fight with each other and get banned in their own.

No. 518460

File: 1526335964803.png (256.54 KB, 577x347, mina.png)

Good on Mina for not letting Putin's nitpicking make her feel bad about these pics. She's got a nice bod and face, Dashcula is seething because she's way too insecure to ever post a full-body pic without shooping the fuck out of herself while Mina is a lot more open and comfortable with her flaws.


Yes, but not nearly on the same scale and in these pics there's too many straight lines for her to have shooped her body. She's not that good at photo retouch to pull of shooping a background like this believably. https://twitter.com/minaxbell/status/996149385116487680

No. 518473

Cyr even said he broke up with Mina before he hd sex with Dasha. he saw her but they weren’t flirting

No. 518498

Yeah anon is proving themselves as an autistic sperging white knight so I don’t bother to give them any response. I know how die hard these white knights are. Defensive any time to respond to them, even though you can obviously tell who is who. They just annoy me at this point.

No. 518664

Then why did Dasha force him to apologize to Mina on Facetime for cheating on her, as stated by Dasha herself?

No. 518681

I am thinking the same thing. I think it is kind of obvious that Dasha was either fucking cyr already or they were going down that route. Is it really only considered cheating to people at the point in which she bangs him?

No. 518705

>he saw her but they weren't flirting

"seeing each other" means casual dating. If he was 'seeing' her, that means they were involved.

No. 518706

How many times are you going to derail this thread by replying the same thing to different anons?

No. 518834

Thaaanks, I’m tired of seeing these nitpicking anons accuse her of photoshopping pics when they don’t even know how to tell if something is shooped or not.

No. 518858

Derailing is what the white knights have been doing to this thread. Not the anon your replying to but it’s consistent. Some have noticed and even responded to the same familiar anons. Then trigger them to sperge even more. It’s bothersome already

No. 518864

File: 1526418370229.jpeg (517.66 KB, 3600x1500, 3D9E553A-BBF0-400D-985B-E4A97B…)

I don’t see why you guys are bashing and generalizing a whole place Just because dasha is from it. It’s actually really beautiful.
I get that you’re doing it for the meme but you did it pretty badly.
Dasha is definitely an LA hoe though, she acts like one and dresses like one. But she has the same type of thing mina does right? I wonder how long she can be here before she has to go back.

No. 518867

Does those 20 dollar shout outs even work for those girls, dashas friend circle does it like piggs and Cleo, and all these other insta girls. I feel like that’s a rip off, you’ll get like 1 or 2 followers cause some of them don’t even seem that interesting to follow. It should be at least 15 not 20 bucks.

No. 518888

Are you stupid? I’ve seen that anon accuse like 3 other people of the same thing, and nothing they say is ever relevant the topic they replied to. Calling everyone you disagree with “hentaii guy” is DERAILING and causes infighting, but hey, that’s the goal right? You guys are big mad because the thread isn’t going in Dasha’s favor so you have to resort to claiming everyone is samefagging, kek.

No. 518900

she said she made him apologize because he hurt her feelings. although it wasn’t cheating she felt bad for Mina

No. 518908

My god you’re an idiot, your assumptions are as dim witted at your posts. Who gives a fuck if the thread isn’t going to Julia’s favor. The anon said the white knights post were obvious, which they are. Hentaii guy writes a distinct way and so does Minas white knight who posts on here their own tumblr and complaining about hentaiiguy. Hentaii guy gets defensive and tries to defend dashas name. The white knights have been claiming other people as white knights even when someone posted about Trisha and Edwin and the dumbass hearts. The nit picking of Minas pics and Austria are irrelevant as fuck.

No. 518927

File: 1526425146941.jpeg (279.7 KB, 750x1222, C16413CF-A81E-4CFE-8CD8-42ABD8…)

Anyway let’s get back to the main thing, I don’t wanna fight with idiotic cow lovers. Edwins been doing pretty good on his main YouTube channel with his whole Philip de Franco drama alert act. He’s also been looking up more drama because he said it in one of his tweets, so maybe more upcoming videos? Despite him still mentioning cyr and dasha in his videos and in his live streams, he’s been doing well on ignoring his own drama stuff, though I don’t think dasha is over him still mentioning her and Mina agreeing with people. The only thing notable dasha has been doing lately is she done another shoot with valfre but that’s practically it.

No. 518932

Unless you can compare IP’s and confirm that hentaii guy is undisputedly posting here, accusing everyone of being him or “Mina’s whiteknight” is derailing, what part of that does your tiny little shriveled up brain not understand?
>who gives a fuck if the thread isn’t going in Julia’s favor
Obviously you guys do, since no one has squat to say whenever I talk shit about Mina, but the second I say anything about your majesty Pootin…. well that’s a different story.

Also, how many times do you need to be banned before you quit your infighting bullshit, huh paragraph anon? Someone get this dumb fucks mom and tell her that her child’s “splerging” on the internet instead of doing homework.

No. 518935

Dasha actually said in one of her live videos that she wish she had really small boobs which is insane because I’ve never heard of anyone wanting small boobs non existent like Minas. She’s always showing off her boobs too, so I have no idea why she said she wants really small ones. She’s such a weirdo.

No. 518943

It seems like you’re the only one hurt friend, you're even more idiotic then I thought. I’ve been accused of being Minas white knight, but if you wanna go on with your sperging, not “splerging” be my guest. Keep up the good work with your spot on analysis skills. Paragraph anon has been banned btw, more then one anon has pointed out who hentaiiguy and the mina white knight is by the way they write. This is what I mean by anons getting defensive whenever replying to a hurt white knight. Go cry about it on Pull
>>518867 She shouts out the same insta thots everyday, and then rips off her followers charging them 20 probably raising money for more lip injections. Lips injections only last 2-3 months and her lips have deflated a bit.

No. 518945

>I’ve been accused of being Mina’s white knight
>keep up the good work with your spot on analysis skills
Kek, the irony. You’ve been accused of being Mina’s whiteknight, but you’re somehow 100% accurate when you accuse other anons. L M F A O, I guess we’re all Mina’s whiteknight’s since there’s been multiple anons who’ve been called out by the same autistic idiot sandwich.

Let’s do a little a little experiment. Anons, raise your hand if you’ve been accused of being hentaii guy or mina’s white knight by the same anal anon.

No. 518948

Shut up, fucking kids dude. Everyone has been accused of white knighting even me for posting that screenshot of Edwin begging Trisha to be at her party. Go fight on your fake twitter accounts and stop bringing your vendettas and stupid claims on here. Read each other’s responses again, realize you both are dumb asses. Hentaiiguy and that Mina white knight go on here, it’s obvious and annoying. Both of you post on here like you have Down syndrome. Stop infighting now and leave the thread alone unless you have something good to post.

No. 518952

Samefag, but we all can tell who is who by their specific posts and writing. The white knights will get banned on their own. You can stop claiming people are defending the cows. Both of you keep claiming each other as the same thing but don’t see the point. If you continue you’ll definitely get banned. So stop your childish arguments. We’re not doing experiments, we’re not playing along with your dumb arguments, ok? Ok..

No. 518959

File: 1526430260770.jpeg (326.79 KB, 750x1037, 9590B08B-79BA-46DF-B894-84B819…)

Minas style is looking more like her friend Beauty Spock’s now. But she reminds me of simply Kenna too. Her hair looks much healthier from when she bleached it badly back then.

No. 518962

>step 1: sperg out and call every anon you disagree with a whiteknight
>step 2: derail
>step 3: sit back and watch the infighting you caused
>step 4: insert yourself again acting like you’re above it

No. 518968

You can also stop thinking everyone that replies to you is that anon you are fighting with. I told you both to stop fighting. You’re a troll and I really dont want to waste my time. That’s it. I know which one you are by your posts and your incessant need to fight with others. I hope you both get banned, get rid of the cancer on these threads please.

No. 518971

Both mina and dasha take inspiration from beautyspock. She’s more unique and elegant though, they’re not on the same level as her, she comes with no drama, & she has a lovely natural look to her, both mina and dasha can’t touch. No wonder they both copy girls around them.

No. 518975

Get over yourself -_- you just have to have the last word but your the same one that doesn’t shut up and gets defensive all the time. All he’s saying is to leave it alone! Geez.
>>518959 if you look through her profile, that girl did a kali uchis look, and a Met gala one first, then dasha did it, and Mina probably copies her aesthetic and style since Minas style changed quite a bit ever since she started hanging out with her. Beauty Spock also promotes the same corsets dasha promotes, and now wigs (beautyspock does the blonde wig better IMO)

No. 518977

>stop assuming everyone’s that anon you’re fighting with
Pretty sure I was referring to YOU, seeing as I replied to YOU.
>your incessant need to fight
Pot call kettle black

I have an idea, why don’t YOU stop derailing the thread with your repetitive bullshit. We’ve already heard you repeat the same autistic line a million times, only difference is the anon you decide to accuse that day. We get it, you know who everyone is by the way they type and everyone has fake accounts, except for you. Kek.

Hope your dumbass gets banned soon, so that I don’t have to read the same shit every 5 posts anymore.

No. 518984

I was looking through some stuff, didn’t dasha do a rant in defense of Timothy heller? the girl who did that fake rape allegation to Melanie Martinez? Edwin mina and timother turned out to be besties all of a sudden, and Dasha and her don’t follow each other anymore. I wonder if Edwin got her on his side. I say fake because I notice Edwin supports this youtuber who could read body language, and she said Timothy was lying. Edwin praised her after that video, that really never made sense to me.

No. 518987

Go cry a river anon, please. Continue your sperging like a lunatic, the other anon never replied back to me. I agree with anon, you want the last word so badly then go ahead. By then I really hope by then you’ll get banned. You’re assuming I’m the anon you’re fighting with, sounds like a personal problem. You must be 18 or older to post on here, you seem too sensitive and immature for lolcow not to mention your sentences make no sense lol. I suggest you try another thread on snow. Goodbye.
>>518984 Do you have any screenshots to back that up?

No. 518991

File: 1526434439830.jpeg (68.03 KB, 926x618, 929A2990-C063-4534-858C-6BFD08…)

Lmao How I imagine anon rn. Don’t worry if he keeps this up his keyboard warrior ass will get banned in no time. Lulz

No. 518995

File: 1526435030925.jpeg (186.32 KB, 750x1013, 5D674061-0213-4346-9E21-794282…)

This is after the whole anorexia post. I remember looking at this and Mina posted on her story a screen shot of a conversation she had with someone which I believe was Timothy because of the way the response was saying she’s going to block dasha. I went to snoop and seen they weren’t following each other anymore and Timothy was all buddy buddy with Edwin and mina after. Just me tinfoiling though

No. 519004

I haven’t seen Mina hanging out with just beautyspock tho I’m pretty sure she’s friends with that group because of Florence Rose and honestly their style is closer at this point.

No. 519008

File: 1526436761422.jpeg (111.65 KB, 749x878, E633DDE5-657F-4595-BAC4-1AA70B…)

Still trying to find his replies to her, but he praised this video and the social repose video she made, but he still mentioned in one of his videos that he believes Timothy maybe because they’re besties now.

No. 519010

They hung out a lot actually. They were even pictured together as past and present since they were wearing the same colors. She’s at their parties, and In their stories. Beauty Spock has a really unique type of Audrey Hepburn style, mina wears those old vintage dresses now because of her and Florence I’m guessing.

No. 519019

I don’t understand how edwins really against people taking others identities, he went all the way for mars Argo and the whole copying of aesthetics, but Timothy has taken Melanie’s aesthetic from head to toe, a real skinwalker but I guess it’s ok if Timothy does it because they’re besties now. I watched that video before IMO I didn’t believe Timothy either. I wonder how edwin will feel on the situation if him and Timothy weren’t friends. I actually laugh at dasha because after she defended Timothy she ends up getting blocked and ends up being friends with her worst enemies lmao

No. 519160

Mina just posted her story wearing the same blonde "vintage" wig dasha said she was obesessing over lol

No. 519173

File: 1526483720654.jpeg (54.32 KB, 1280x720, 361C4A07-9256-4043-9533-33130C…)


No. 519220

It’s like these promoters want them to have beef since they keep reaching out to mainly them. Either that or mina does it to get under dashas skin lol.

No. 519240

This is an imageboard, post screenshots

No. 519242

File: 1526496229563.jpg (262.84 KB, 1200x1200, DdVqbpkU8AE12iA.jpg)

This is a hilarious shoop, I wonder if she even realizes that she keeps making her face extremely lopsided by editing her jawline this way.

Fun trivia from someone who's worked as a retoucher: The kind of grain you see here isn't noise from a bad camera or image compression, it's Dasha adding a grain filter to her photo to hide the fact she eradicated all texture in her skin. She has to compensate for all the megablur by adding noise back.

No. 519245

File: 1526496567023.jpg (687.49 KB, 1200x1200, minusgrain.jpg)

This is more or less what it looked like before she added the grain. Note how there's no grain anywhere on or around her face, but the background (aka where she didn't shoop) has a normal amount of it.

I know we already know how much she shoops, I just thought it'd be fun to point out some really embarrassing rookie mistakes.

No. 519248

Why does she always photoshop her jaw/chin area? She always hides that area with her hand too, I don’t see why she’s so insecure about that specific feature.

No. 519249

Actually promoters don’t play a hand in what you choose, you are the one to decide what you want. From wigs to clothing, that’s how it works. Mina just coincidently pics the same things dasha does, I’m assuming to get her heated. Kind of like “haha I told everyone you copied me but if I do it to you nobody will say a thing” Definitely a way to really get in someone’s skin after Ed’s copy video.

No. 519251

If she’s really that insecure she should just get kybella or botox to reduce jaw squareness. But overall when she takes videos her face looks proportional, but when she shops it looks too much and awkward.

No. 519254

File: 1526497459794.png (211.84 KB, 389x549, dasha.png)

Her jaw looks fine in videos, she's just fucking obsessed. She tries so hard in the entire video to stick to angles that flatter her jawline, constantly sticking out her head, resting it on Cyr's shoulder or holding her hands up to it.

(It's https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=-daB6oOLmDY )

No. 519256

How fucking odd, lol. Imo, she looks better when she doesn’t shoop it, but hey it’s for the ~aesthetic~ kek

No. 519261

yes they do choose their own products

No. 519267

File: 1526498470907.jpeg (31.34 KB, 371x407, 9ADEE5BA-5620-4BCA-899D-09C1CB…)

I wanted to do a side by side comparison, between dasha and mina in Yt videos and their pics on insta but that’s too much work. Dasha and mina definitely shop their jawline and noses, I zoom in on both their pics and the jaws are shopped pretty badly on some pics. When both of the have full and nice cheeks that make the face look more human. Yes we like to argue that mina doesn’t shop but mina still said she does it not as much as before tho. Her nose, face, and airbrush are the obvious ones you can point out in her pics, and dashas are mostly her face shape, lips, and nose too, but also her body. Most of these insta baddies you see on ig like kristy lani shop to extremes. It all looks so unnatural and ugly to me, I like their natural faces better here.

No. 519268

File: 1526498620998.gif (65.31 KB, 263x310, dasha.gif)

Calm down whiteknight, you don't have to counter every criticism of Dasha with 'BUT MINA THOUGH!!!!'

No. 519269

Both their haircuts need to go though, but they look really normal instead of trying to put up a face all the time. They look better here.

No. 519273

not this again….I’m not countering it, you should read what I said again before you come at me. I feel bad for the anons that had to argue with you. I don’t even have the energy for this so go be a keyboard warrior on another thread.

No. 519276

We already know they shoop like crazy, making side by side comparisons isn't necessary. You're probably the sperg hentaiiguy who keeps derailing this thread and yelling at everyone for infighting when you post 20 times a day to compare Dasha and Mina.(derailing)

No. 519278

okay but Mina also looks different and Dasha does look more like her pics in her livestream. anyone can pick an unflattering pic at an unflattering angle

No. 519279

Are you really gonna start this again anon? I’m trying to read where they’re defending dasha, it’s like a 5 year old pointing fingers at anything they could find. Get off your high horse, no ones defending anyone right now. Jesus Christ you’re annoying. Why haven’t they banned you yet(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 519280

Your constant need to selfpost references to your Twitter account and sperging in this thread needs to stop, Hentaiiguy. 200+ posts rehashing the same things over and over are more than enough.

No. 519284

this just proves to me that she looks the same? maybe her jaw is edited but her nose looks the same, her lips, her eyes -her brows have changed which changed someones face shape but also the pic you took it from a video in which she laying DOWN. ? i believe it’s the two girlfriends video Edwin posted. not to whiteknight anyone but I have a major double chin when I am laying down

No. 519285

I'm really sorry to tell you this, Anon, but I think you're going blind.

No. 519287

You’re insane, you guys keep derailing the thread with you’re claims of white knighting. You’re tinfoiling doesn’t prove anything. Nowhere in my post did I defend dasha. It’s like the anons have a hard on for mina. All I said is that they look different in YT videos then in their insta pics, and other insta models do the same. Stop accusing already(Ban evasion)

No. 519292

that’s what I am saying. i has zero to do with defending anyone. everyone looks different in videos than in pictures

No. 519293

File: 1526499770004.jpg (211.75 KB, 1666x1666, DQHFCO5UEAAtYCD.jpg)


It's funny to see that the ones screeching the most about keeping the thread whiteknight-free are the most obsessive spergs.

No. 519294

Sure everyone looks different between motion and edited selfies, but Dasha just takes it to a whole new level of ET Phone Home realness.

No. 519298

she actually doesn’t because she posts videos on her Insta in which she looks the same. also in her live streams so I don’t see your point

No. 519300

Even Dasha herself says she photoshops, so even if you were blind enough to really believe this, you need to at least listen to your Kween.

>unflattering pic at an unflattering angle

That was her being seductive on a bed, like you said, and I made sure to pick a moment where she doesn't talk or move because I hate when people use cherrypicked unflattering screenshots to prove a point. She looks fine in the video. I could've picked a lot of screenshots from the Fanfiction video >>519254 where she laughs like a horse, but I took the only one where she's not doing something with her jaw. Even while talking she looks fine. It's just a different face shape and if you are too blind to see that, then there's no help for you.

No. 519301

my god anon your gif really triggered Putin lmao

No. 519302

I love you, anon

No. 519304

File: 1526501644838.png (558.18 KB, 501x660, 1486244019250.png)

>she looks the same in her videos and livestreams

you need glasses

No. 519307

File: 1526502348761.jpeg (98.52 KB, 750x1334, B83CEF82-594C-4594-A62A-13AD01…)

I thought nit picking was bannable, I guess not then. Looks like dasha is wearing contacts here and he face definitely looks decent without all that alien shop. She doesn’t even have a big nose or unattractive features. Her insecurity is abnormal.(still ban evading)

No. 519309

This looks like someone pasted Dasha's face on another person's body.

No. 519310

Evade your ban one more time and your post history will be outed.

No. 519312

This is a fucking faceswap you blind idiot, since when did Dasha have a monroe piercing scar?

No. 519316

Genuinely curious, but at which point does talking shit become nitpicking?

As someone who visits the threads of multiple cows, in each and every single one I go to there’s insults being thrown around about their appearance. Jw, because I enjoy talking shit and believe they’re fair game considering they’re lolcow. I do try to not nitpick tho, but where is the line drawn?

No. 519320

The line varies from thread to thread; it really depends on how active it is. For example, if you look at the Onision threads, there's legitimately terrible drama, yet some Anons like to spam screenshots of their daily livestreams just to talk about weird facial expressions or skin issues. If that happens every single day and overshadows the drama documentation, it'll be banned.

If it's the occasional comment about someone's looks and doesn't take up the entire thread, that's okay. In some threads, we need to be more strict so the entire conversation doesn't revolve around someone's looks. Another example is Mariah Mallad.

No. 519322

File: 1526502980438.png (152.38 KB, 402x607, cheating.png)

No. 519323

It's kind of like that here too, Farmhand. The thread is 50% about their looks and 40% fighting. 10% is legit drama.

It would be nice to know where the line is drawn for this thread.

No. 519324

We just banned the biggest sperg in this thread, and as you can see, it's a dedicated one who doesn't believe in bans.

However, please trust us that there's a reason for why the thread is the way it is and there will be a big change to the discussion of Dasha/Cyr/Edwin/Mina-related drama in 1-2 days.

No. 519351

and? Dasha explained that too. shes not as evil as yu paint her. She felt bad for Mina so she made him apologize and admit to cheating although it wasn’t true

No. 519352

This is a message to Edwin though, so why would he tell Edwin privately that he cheated on Mina when he actually didn't?

No. 519354

It was a private convo tho why would he tell Edwin he told Dasha he cheated on Mina if it wasn't true?

No. 519355

Where did she explain it and where did she say that Cyr was not cheating? There's screenshots saying he did, but there's nothing to support your claim. Go ahead and post receipts if you got them.

No. 519357

File: 1526509858480.png (70.78 KB, 720x521, 1489113501017.png)

Cyr is a known cheater and everyone's story is that he did cheat on Mina to be with Dasha. Cyr didn't even try to deny that. So I'm really curious as to where you're getting all that 'Dasha just felt bad for Mina and made him lie' from.

Besides, remember how Dasha claimed she found Cyr on Instagram, slid into his DMs because she thought he was hot, and then there's this bit about her wanting to be with him since the day she first saw him and that ominous slash creepy-in-hindsight bit about planning it out.

No. 519358

who else didhe cheat on then? do we have any girls saying he did or are you gonna come at me with “Edwin and onision” claimed that.

No. 519361

Holy shit, READ THE PAST THREADS NEWFAG. How many times do we have to repeat things that we already went over?

Brb slitting my wrists because I can’t with these stupid whiteknighting anons

No. 519363

File: 1526510408537.png (34.58 KB, 492x143, cyr.png)

Here's him being accused of cheating by an ex, then he allegedly cheated on Taylor Allard, definitely cheated on Mina. If a lot of girls accuse the same guy of cheating, there's usually something to it.

No. 519364

File: 1526510430989.png (33.87 KB, 605x96, taylor.png)

And here's a tweet by Taylor claiming all her exes cheated on her

No. 519366

um ok wait. so we are just gonna pretend cyr is the only cheater? mina kissed edwin while they were dating, cyr and dasha friends said they saw them at the coffee shop making out while dasha and cyr were still dating mina and after that mina slept and probably fucked edwin

No. 519368

cyr said he was never dating taylor. he went on one date with her on which he bought her food because she said she was broke. one date is hardly dating someone

No. 519369

Stop deflecting, we were talking about Dasha. It's really annoying that every criticism of Dasha gets turned into BUT MINA THOUGH???!!!

Hope I won't get banned for this but this has to be either a dedicated whiteknight or Putin herself, I doubt Cyr cares enough to post here.

No. 519371

This isn't a competition about who's the bigger cow. You can admit that Cyr cheated without it being a 'win' for Mina. Just stop.

No. 519373

You'll notice that other anons post screenshots to support their claims and yet you're only spouting baseless speculation without proof.

No. 519375

there is no tweetz. he may have cheated on Mina although it’s a reach but you can’t prove anything else

No. 519376

ask him!

No. 519377

Farmhand already said that it was a dedicated whiteknight here.

Mina is a cow too though.

This really, it's not a competition. They're all sleazy as fuck.

No. 519378

it was on a live stream and he mentioned it for a minute and then moved on? none of yu saw that?

No. 519379

This isn't how this site works you sperg. If you post, you have to support your claims.

No. 519384

in Edwins v log mina admits to always wanting Edwin. so basically she cheated on Cyr by kissing Edwin and sleeping in his bed as much as Cyr cheated on her

No. 519388

Mina was in a poly relationship by the time she met Edwin.
Mina was monogamous with Cyr when he decided to fuck Putin.

No. 519389


No. 519391

That anon was asked to support their claims ffs the infighting is getting ridiculous.

No. 519394

so you guys just don’ttake a poly relationship seriously? do you take gay people seriously? they were dating her and thats how it is. Mina cheated get over it

No. 519398

So Cyr obviously knew about them sleeping in the same bed because they were all living together and he had no problem with it or he would've broken it up before all the drama went down. Everyone knows that being a couple's unicorn is the worst poly position to be in, and let's not forget she was in a poly relationship with the man who cheated on her and the girl he cheated with while depending on them for a place to stay in a foreign country. What a toxic fucking situation. No wonder she went for Edwin, the only guy around who wasn't totally fucking crazy and taking advantage of her feelings.

Plus they're all making out at the drop of a hat with anyone, just look at their photos. In this context I doubt the kiss meant a lot to Cyr. He did, however, put his dick up Dasha's pussy when he was in a monogamous relationship with Mina.

No. 519403

>my ex-girlfriend
yep, he totally wasn't dating her.

No. 519406

and Mina cheated on Cyr with sugardaddies while they were in a monogamous relationship.

No. 519407

[Citation needed]

No. 519408

File: 1526511855396.jpg (28.64 KB, 400x398, KVnDwh0.jpg)

No. 519409

Please tell me in which way polyamory and homosexuality are comparable and why it's relevant to the thread

No. 519417

Let me get this straight:

>Cyr is in a relationship with Mina

>Cyr fucks Dasha while Mina is back in the UK
>Cyr gets together with Dasha, apologizes to Mina
>Cyr has a threesome with Dasha and Lindsay
>Lindsay later calls Dasha a bully
>Cyr and Dasha need new threesome material
>invite Mina back into the relationship, ships her back into a country where she has no visa or home
>Mina still likes Cyr and tries to go with it
>Dasha is being a manipulative cunt, pushes them to be intimate (the story where she sent Cyr into the bathroom to read to Mina while she was in the tub)
>Dasha gets them drunk, causes drama, Cyr repeatedly complains to Edwin via text (screenshots were published) about Dasha being controlling, throwing tantrums, having to be treated like a child, being entitled
>Mina and Edwin grow closer and find solace in each other in this crazy situation and get together

But sure, let's pretend what Mina did was on the same level as Dasha's and Cyr's fuckery. This is Cuddlegate by another name and Mina is the one that got away.

No. 519418

Mina's nowhere near Dasha's level of crazy but let's not pretend like she didn't have a say in any of that. She did some fuckery during all of that too and ended up being pretty nutty. The girl acts like she's a baby living in fairyland.

No. 519420

Didn't Dasha do the same things with Simon? I remember the time she spent a whole day in Simon's bed with nothing on but his shirt, constantly flirted with him, cuddled, called him her bf… enough for a lot of people to think she was dating him seriously, so much she had to backpedal and announce she was looking for a girlfriend for him.

No. 519422

I agree, Mina was dumb to even consider it, but at least she fucked off when she realized what a terrible dynamic it was.

No. 519423

I think I remember that. She was acting pretty fucking weird around that time too and flaunting her body around him up until he got a girlfriend.

No. 519426

File: 1526513235645.jpg (87.74 KB, 939x768, E9WsOZk.jpg)

I think the reason Dasha is very aggressive is due to the fact her parents were addicts and maybe it fucked her up to be pyscho no shade

At least her fillers and shoops hide what her face really looked like before

No. 519432

Dasha was constantly hitting on Simon yes, but I don’t think he took the bait. He always seemed super uninterested and a lot of us actually thought he was lowkey gay (not bc he didn’t want Dasha, but bc it’s apparent that he wants Cyr’s D)

No. 519433

lol they weren’t flirting they are friends. you guys reach too much

No. 519434

how do you know Dasha pushed anyone to be intimate? Cyr even said Mina told him in the elevatoe she wants to just date and have sex with him

No. 519435

all of you give Mina way too much credit. shesjust as manipulative. SHE FAKED AN APOLOGY in order to get back with Cyr or Ian. she wasn’t forced to stay or have sex.

No. 519436

nah, she was all over him enough people legit wondered if her and cyr had broken up and were keeping it quiet. you don't do that with ~just a friend.

No. 519438

Can you not read? I mentioned the time he was reading to Mina in the tub because Dasha told him to and how both Cyr and Mina admitted that it was awkward. I wasn't talking strictly about sexual intimacy, but maybe you can't comprehend that there's different kinds, my bad.

No. 519439

Does anyone remember the drama with Lyndsay? I was just reading up old threads where it was documented that first Lyndsay and Dasha had a twin thing going, took at least 1 nude together, Cyr implied on his NSFW blog that he had a threesome with them, and a short while later, Lyndsay removed everything about Dasha from her account, followed Mina and commented something about Dasha being a bully. I wish I could find the caps.

Old drama for reference: >>>/pt/425199

No. 519446

You guys act like Cyr and Idubbbz are best buds, and Mina’s association with Cyr was somehow going to get her in contact with Ian. Kek

No. 519453

File: 1526515592813.jpeg (692.74 KB, 2078x2078, C5F193B8-E8DC-461C-BFE3-3C86E7…)

While everyone and their mom was fighting in the thread, Dasha was retweeting obvious shade about the Annabelle wigs haha

No. 519454

post receipts then sweaty

No. 519459

File: 1526515848253.webm (3.1 MB, 640x360, dasha.webm)

I noticed this was only on YouTube so far and she could copyright claim it any day I guess, so here's a permanent rehost lest we forget. Would sage if I could.

No. 519466

It's not necessarily Mina but a lot of online social climbers seemed to feel that way. Joji was the typical endgame though for most of them, not Ian.

No. 519468

File: 1526516204701.jpg (37.74 KB, 413x395, 1505111782929.jpg)

>edwin is lying I never told him I would ruin his life
meanwhile to fans…

No. 519472

dasha prolly bitter she licked minas asshole n she cant take it back lmao

No. 519482

Yeah I know, it’s just the way that anon worded their reply, haha. Cyr was never close to the filthy crew, even though it seemed that way because he was always in maxmoefoes mentions trying to kiss his way up the YouTube latter.

No. 519497

Maybe Cyr came in Mina instead of Dasha during one of their threesomes and that is why we have this entire mess on our hands now

No. 519519

File: 1526518670828.webm (556.34 KB, 640x360, JuliaStadler.webm)

I will say that this thread has taken some things too far.

For example, I think it's really telling of the nature of this website when farmers on here call Dasha 'Putin' just because she has an aggressive demeanor and vaguely slavic looks. Vladimir Putin is a truly horrible person who has committed an incredible amount of heinous crimes and is renown worldwide for his utter cruelty. It's not fair to draw a comparison to Dasha with zero basis for it.

Dasha is open enough about her shortcomings, we should at least take her at face value when she's honest about herself, her worldviews, and her actual inspiration.

No. 519522

File: 1526518810561.gif (464.04 KB, 245x200, 1467122262911.gif)

holy shit dasha why would you even do this

No. 519523

>I'm not editing that in.
>Yes you are!!

LMAO she has no excuse for this.

No. 519551

File: 1526520767407.gif (4.69 MB, 360x262, D0E0372C-BD20-444F-81C9-25B02C…)

n’ KEK’d

No. 519553

If she had done this in Germany or Austria, she could have been arrested.

No. 519571




No. 519573


She can still get arrested for a hate crime in America, no?

No. 519574

dasha said she never fucked mina

No. 519576

its clearly a joke. idubbbz has done worse

No. 519578

"dasha said"
dasha has the least amount of credibility out of everyone combined tbh see >>519459
dasha's been obsessed with mina for over a year like some ex that can't over the one that got away

No. 519581

Believing Dasha is like believing Onion: you don't do it without proof to support it.

No. 519582

File: 1526522450364.jpeg (531.67 KB, 1242x1527, 07C7AEFF-40E9-488C-B38D-6CA3B0…)


No. 519584

File: 1526522507643.jpg (10.15 KB, 156x460, yoursign.jpg)

I would like to award this to the amazing anon in here who keeps tirelessly moving the goalposts every single time Dasha is accused of something with or without proof. We get it, Anon, you don't have to wring your hands and lament that maybe Dasha has done an oopsie but there's children in Africa who are starving right now.

No. 519585

One of her better looks tbh.

No. 519586

it'd be better without the shitty white eyelashes but other not a terribly done look.

No. 519588

I don’t hate this look. it’s not that good but also not that bad. better than her usual stuff.

No. 519591

she looks so much better than when she and dasha were doing weird poses for cyr's greasy sex cult, she also has a prettier face I think and her eyebrows don't look like a badly drawn in unibrow kek

No. 519593

File: 1526522803316.jpeg (98.88 KB, 750x634, 0D692D7A-4E93-4E4F-8726-57348D…)

Could this be the look she filmed today?


I actually really like this, she doesn’t look greasy for once

Lmfao, that anon needs a whole trophy case

No. 519595

lol. no one wants a tutorial of her shitty looks. she can’t do mae up for shit

No. 519596

No. 519597

File: 1526522920026.jpg (497.11 KB, 406x391, xfLvF68.jpg)

Maybe I'm crazy but I noticed mina stopped trying to do korean style instagram brows and her eyebrows are much fuller now. At the same time dasha has also done some atrocious microblading or something. Coincidence?

No. 519598

this is clearlya joke especially when you know the context of the video

No. 519599

File: 1526523115162.jpg (318.04 KB, 375x348, EqaxinI.jpg)

I'd rather see mina do a tutorial over this.
she's austrian so no obviously it shouldn't be a joke considering she's a racist white bitch who thinks it's okay to joke about genocide babydash more like babytrash

No. 519600

no actually while Dasha was getting her brows microbladed Mina was still doing short eyebrows and filled them in strangely. Mina has been the copycat lately

No. 519601

lol shes not racist. you are reaching. pewdiepie would be racist as well and Ian and Tana. what dasha did was mild. if you are celebrating thanksgiving you are actually worse than dasha because you celebrate another ‘holocaust’the genocide of native americans

No. 519602

Nah, look at her ig. She stopped doing her eyebrows like that way before Dasha got hers microbladed

No. 519603

File: 1526523346708.jpg (33.86 KB, 639x673, pathetic.jpg)

We're not discussing other people, we're discussing Dasha and her disgusting Hitler salute.

No. 519604

File: 1526523377889.jpeg (62.62 KB, 640x640, 9BA4FE1B-538B-48EB-AADB-5714C7…)

No. 519605

and? her and Cyr danced to a hitlermusic video on his stream. as a joke. get over it. it happened a long time ago and doesn’t mean shes a nazi OR racist. you guys are looking for whatever you need to paint her as the devil whileshes living her life

No. 519606

>be dasha
>have FAS
>dream of becoming a model
>illegally stay in LA to become a model
>sucks wrinkly cock in La as sugarbaby
>meets depressed alchie cyr
>leeches off cyr and allows him to cuck her with her best friend(s)
>have no real job
>make a living off cheap chinese online clothing stores
>sperg over "british cunt"
>mexican boi takes "cunts" side
>decide to ruin mexicans life
>meme about hitler which is illegal where she comes from
>shills for limecrime (undeniably racist)
You're clearly denying the amount of white privledge trasha has anon lmao

No. 519607

She grew up in Austria. She KNOWS this is something that is considered Volksverhetzung, which lands you a hefty fine and social work if not jail. She knows what she's doing is considered a felony where she grew up. As a German living near the Austrian border, there is an absolutely visceral reaction against that kind of thing. It's like imagining to, idk, point at a 4-year old girl and joke about how fucking horny she makes you and how you wanna slam that puss. It makes you involuntarily cringe, unless you're an edgelord or right-wing. Even in America it's a stretch to call it mild. Mild is calling black people 'colored'. Doing a full-on Hitler salute means she knows what she's doing.

She was probably doing it to be edgy more than to make a racist statement, but it still shows that she's comfortable displaying a violently racist gesture on camera, even insisting for it to not be cut out.

No. 519609

File: 1526523626523.jpg (21.21 KB, 600x600, x.jpg)

I honestly can't tell who's more pathetic at this point: Dasha, or the obsessed stan shitting up the thread with their poor attempts at whiteknighting her atrocious behavior.

Mods pls.

No. 519610

it's like the equivalent of supporting the confederate flag unironically in the U.S in this day and age how shameless of her

No. 519612

This might be tinfoil as fuck, but I feel like she’s purposely sending her minions to turn the thread in her favor.

No. 519613

she probably had fun making gas chamber jokes with doe

No. 519614

it's not tinfoil anon. If you look in the previous threads there are plenty of caps where her minions would make shoops and accounts to nitpick mina and dasha would comment and participate. It's also suspected she was the vendetta anon on PULL against mina so I would not be surprised.

No. 519617

I'm hearing a lot that mina is copying now but where the caps at?

No. 519624

This feels more organized than the other times tho. For example, look at the points OP made for starting a new thread. All valid points, but mostly against Mina and hardly any mention of Dasha when she’s been just a bad of an offender. Look at the jpg and the title they saved it under.

Literally the whole thread was Dasha’s whiteknights disguising themselves as unbiased farmers while simultaneously sperging out every single time anything negative about her was posted. Idk, I feel like this was planned. Dasha does like gathering all her minions in private chats to circle jerk.

No. 519631


It's already on Twitter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 519632

At the time of the thread, it didn't seem like Dasha was doing much and the cringe was mostly from Mina and Edwin. Now it's from everyone except for Cyr.

Not all people who went for Mina are Dasha whiteknights. There are four names in the title, not just one. They're all cows.

No. 519633

Why is no one talking about how Edwin took Cyr to court and won? Cyr won't pay him what he owes so he's apparently taking it further.


No. 519643

You’re missing the point I was trying to make. I know that everyone who went for Mina isn’t a Dasha whiteknight. I’m talking about the anons who would counteract anything said about Dasha with “bUT MINA”

Either way, just wanted to see if anyone else thought this was calculated.

What!!! Now this is milk!

No. 519646

It probably is calculated but we won't know until the staff announces their big plan.

No. 519650

Kek, imagine Edwin and Cyr on People’s Court?! I’m so mad it didn’t happen, it would’ve been so fucking hilarious.

I also can’t believe how petty and prideful Cyr is. Not in any way a fan of Edwin’s, but he’s in the right here.

No. 519682

and? edwin a mexican tells her she shoudl get deported claims shes illegal with no proof which looks bad on his mexican side

No. 519683

Cyr didn’t even gocto court

No. 519684

She did try to claim California was a sanctuary state on Twitter, when her visaless residency came to light.
If you remember that you'll remember how quickly she deleted the tweet when she found out otherwise.

No. 519690

she said even IF. we have no prove she is illegaly here and she is under contract with brands who pay her

No. 519691

she probably realized people would twist her words. in other news: NO ONE KNOWS IF SHE ACTUALLY IS ILLEGAL OR NOT

No. 519695

Aw, did your jimmies get rustled again?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 519698

Let's not forget she claimed to be on a "student visa" - never anything about a brand sponsoring her visa LOL - highly doubt limecrime would do that. And is she still working on that thesis? There is no visa that lets you stay in the country for as long as she has without returning to the home country.

No. 519700

If she’s not illegal, why does her family always come to the States to visit her? Why doesn’t she go to her home country to visit them? Hm? Hmmmmmmmm?

No. 519701

File: 1526532482925.gif (1.61 MB, 480x270, b3Fqxa5.gif)

You know this how?

No. 519725

that doesn’t prove anything? she said before she doesn’t like Germany as much but she also said she will probably visit them for Christmas. this is so hypocritical whenever I say something against Mina y’all be like where the proof at. so agajn: no proof for her being illegal

No. 519727

mina also works as a prostitute and made money like that while she was with Dasha. that’s what Dasha said. it’s liky since she didn’t have any other income. so now everyone is like who can rely on Dashas word? so here I am. saying that Edwin is like dasha. he is just SAYING she is illegal. we have no proof for that just like Mina selljng her body. just because her grandmother comes to visit doesn’t mean she’s illegal

No. 519729

>mina also works as a prostitute and made money like that while she was with Dasha.

Proof? How would you even know this, anon.

No. 519731

kek, you're sperging about wanting proof and still spouting shit with no proof. Dasha was the prostitute. Where's your proof Mina was doing it too?

No. 519732

We saw a profile screenshot for Dasha, where's one for Mina?

No. 519733

edwin is mexican but he's also an american citizen and meanwhile dasha is an illegal cheap cocksucking whore living in DTLA like all the other cheap instathots paid in limecrime

now get your racist ass outta here

No. 519739

Someone make this into a meme already pls

No. 519778

Mina bought a similar wig qiuck better retweet every picture where i am wearing it so people know i had it first!!
Lmao can she be any more pathetic

No. 519780

Maybe in america cuz you are fed propaganda all the time,for the rest of the world and where i live putin is admirable leader who cares for its people,and even tho he is not our president we respect him more then our own for many reasons,so i think you got it backwards its an insult for putin to be comapred to trasha(k)

No. 519782


I don't understand why they get so worked up by fucking wigs, like I could buy one right now and start "copying" both of them.
Would that make me Dasha's sworn enemy and Mina's weird idol too?