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File: 1511042369187.jpg (214.31 KB, 1078x837, threa pic.jpg)

No. 465692


-Laineybot meets fan Kitten Space.

-Onision makes another Shane Dawson video despite saying he would never agian.

-Lainey continues to beg teenagers for money on YouNow and will reward them by dyeing her hair live on stream.

-Onision breaks up with yet another friend Tomato ass licker, because of Repzion.

-Despite calling Lamey his world Onision live streams while arguing with Lame about gender identity and his sexuality.

-Lainey receives her binders from her fans and uploads a cringe video, this apparently makes her a boy and has now decided that she is in a gay relationship with Onision.

-Lame's mom is currently at the grease mansion.

-Onion has been narc raging on twitter and milk is sure to come.

Previous thread >> >>>/pt/461060

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- No nitpicking, not even saged.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates. Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.



No. 465694

Forgot to add Nitpicking, sperging, and live blogging will take place on TempCow.

No. 465695

Lol this is him telling himself that small dicks are just as great as big dicks.

His insecurities are so transparent.

No. 465697

Since Blaire usually talks about trans issues and feminism, isn't she directly in her lane grug?

He's just mad that he can't really have a massive impact on transness or feminism with his views because he's neither trans nor female, he's just the most privileged thing to walk on earth with a nuclear family that he hates, living that life gurg.

Like the classic narc he is, gurg does nothing but flop his flabby ass into everyones 'lanes'

No. 465698

I missed so much. So Lainly used to be really femmy, has no problems with makin babies, wears make up, but they think they are a boy because they put on a binder? No wonder Greg has side chicks, I would ignore Lain as well. Dating a trans trender sucks

No. 465702

File: 1511043256792.png (181.97 KB, 640x1136, BpG5Yz5.png)

Not that it matters, since this is old as fuck
but Cute With Chris is gay, I don't think he mentions it online, but I have his book and he mentioned it in there

Also if you want an extra lawl, he's from the same province as Shiloh iirc

No. 465703

File: 1511043317612.png (27.7 KB, 647x346, bw.png)

Says he respects gender identities but also says that your biological sex overrides that identity. LOL

I hope he loses a bunch of his tumblr-fans because of this.

No. 465705

He's the one who encouraged her to do it so he shouldn't complain.

No. 465706

I dont agree with a lot of things blaire says and i also find the edgy pro-trump anti-sjw for views youtubers obnoxious, but onion does know trans people have it worse than cis females right? And I mean real trans people, not his ugly wife who plays dress up once in awhile while packing on full blown feminine makeup every day.

and her binders had flowers and were pink/yellow. So masculine!

No. 465707


he spent 13 minutes sperging about clip from an old shane video where he talks about him for a second,
the nach rage must be at an all time high considering lames mother is visiting

No. 465709

lol he responds to shane dawsons 2 year old video where he was joking about a big brother youtube edition, where shane was just being funny in the video and onion of course, responds to it seriously.

He wants shane to notice him again. Tell your wife to stop copying shane's videos you both are psycho.

No. 465710

It's gross how obsessed Greg is with Shane. For someone who says they aren't gay that seems pretty fucking gay to me.

No. 465713

Lainey is just parroting her favorite youtubers in the queer/trans/gay scene. She is a Shane Dawson skinwalker.

No. 465714

Stick to Onion-stuff pls.

No. 465715

File: 1511044765731.jpg (30.02 KB, 600x909, d63.jpg)

>Do I wear a padded dick sock? No

No. 465717

Can you all not elaborate and take it to /ot/ or tempcow? You’re going to derail the thread very rapidly.

No. 465718

Is anyone else having trouble with the thread? Posts keep disappearing.

No. 465719

Grease has to be on the spectrum. There's no way someone can be this ignorant of social convention, satire, and sarcasm without being at least mildly autistic. Hearing the autist trying to puff his chest when Shane talks about trying to plot an alliance angle for Big Brother is hysterical and mind-boggling.

No. 465720

Ok I deleted my posts as I do not want to derail the thread. I will Just say that as much as I hate onion hes not wrong 100% of the time, just most of it.

No. 465721

Why does he think he gets to tell anyone whether their thoughts on rape or feminism are invalid? The lack of self awareness never ceases to amaze me.

I hate to defend Blaire because she says some stupid fucking shit a lot of the time, but it’s not invalidated by her lack of vagina, jfc.

No. 465722

I think (and hope) he plays dumb just because he wants an excuse to rant about shane and rehash all the shit he wants to say. He also pretended that the video was recent as if hes never seen it before by saying "hes shaven and has his haircut this cant be too long ago, right?". Its over 2 years old. As if hes never seen this before when he stalks shane every day.

No. 465723

He's calling Shane Dawson racist for doing black face but Greg has literally done the same thing in videos.

No. 465725

Not to mention most of Onion’s depictions of women in his skits have been really fucking derogatory.

No. 465727

funny thing is he criticized shane for his video where he apologizes for doing blackface, he just loves to change opinions to whatever fits his narrative

No. 465729

and hilarious because shane made a heartfelt apology about it, yet onion still has a video up where hes defending shane's black face right after his apology video by saying its "just comedy". And in that video he does black face.

So shane does black face in the past, owns up and apologizes.
Onion says apologizing is stupid and its comedy and does black face AFTER shane apologizes and has not done it since.

So you're going to act like you have the moral high ground here? Hahah.

No. 465731

I have noticed that autistic people have a hard time understanding trans people. Like Chris-chan, Gurg doesn't understand the nuances of body dysphoria or gender, so he just screams about trans people all day and rape and little girl boobs, thinking he's completely normal.

No. 465732

File: 1511045978775.png (28.64 KB, 275x146, 1503339840535.png)


He sperged about people being racist or saying the N-word, yet Lainey has promptly said it more then half the people he bitched about have.

No. 465734

I honestly think he has some kind of psychosis. He makes up shit in his head and then present it like it's the truth, like he did with Jaclyn and recently the spineless Tomato. Also to a certain extent with Blaire White since he doesn't seem to remember what happened during the debate.

No. 465736

Your comment is ironic because blaire does that exact same thing to others which is what he was saying though. I think the reason onion and blaire clash is because in many ways they are similar.

I also hate to defend onion but hes not wrong here. However he is a huge hypocrite.

No. 465741

File: 1511050422946.jpeg (41.94 KB, 600x600, 8F5C3149-F7FB-4C9E-A3E3-EB5847…)

No. 465750

File: 1511052263344.jpg (47.53 KB, 608x422, lmaooo.jpg)

No. 465751

Dont worry Plainey he will tweet you are an amazing person tomorrow.
Im amaze how they havent beat the crap out of each other at this point.

No. 465752

oh my god yes!

I know it's optimistic to hope for a divorce, but a man can dream.

No. 465753


greg is a biological cis homoflexible man in a gay relationship with a trans man, so he should shut the fuck up about feminism too, since it doesn't affect him.

stay in your faggy "lain", grease

No. 465755

How is this relationship still going? It so fucking draining that everything she likes or does he breaks down and judges. Imagine having a husband that only supports your exploitation of teenagers but everything else he will make fun of. Get a fucking backbone Plainey for the sake of your kids!

No. 465759

and now she's on younow acting like her normal boring self. wtf…

No. 465760

Its still going because they are both money-loving attention whores who value that over actual love and happiness, and they both think they deserve some 10/10 person who will devote their whole lives and attention to them and give up everything to be with them. And they both cant stand being alone, so they wont break up until they have someone lined up to replace the other.

Anyone who thinks lameo is any better or nicer of a person, and cares about her kids over her own self is deluding themselves. Shes a mini onion, don't forget. She lacks empathy as well. She only feels sorry for herself but no one else.

No. 465763

Somebody just asked her if she was in a gay relationship and she said no lol.

No. 465764

And just like that, I'm sucked back in. Shitting all over your 2nd wife's interests on a Saturday night with her mother there?? Makes me feel tingly all over. Ahh, cry, cry Lainey, your tears are delicious.

Oh silly Greg, you don't need a lightsaber to let the hate flow, there is no need for a Sith to learn a lightsaber form that does not channel one's aggression.

No. 465765

I will bet money if Onion tells her to drop the Agender shit she will do it.

No. 465766

Highest of keks!
I’m guessing that’s what she had to “apologize” for? I bet Onion rubbed that shit in so deep. He’s probably still pouting and doesn’t forgive her at all.

No. 465768



Use tempcow to livepost about Lainey's streams. Anything of "value" will be reposted here.

No. 465770

Plain is actually talking about getting orange hair on YouNow this shit is fucking creepy. Billie has orange hair.

No. 465772

File: 1511053845111.png (358.07 KB, 708x531, troyinvideo.png)

No. 465773

As if Gregma's taste in music is any better than Laimey's. I'm kekking up so hard at this. He has no room to talk; his taste is even more generic than hers, if that's even possible.

No. 465775

i doubt it at this point because shes hard stuck in her lie. But when she started her agender bull, if onion was against it, same with her bisexuality, she would be on the other side. She will quit the agender thing once its no longer trendy and she doesnt get praised for it.

What is even her thinking process there? Before when someone asked her if she would ever get orange hair, she said no and that she doesnt like the "warm colors". That was probably less than a week ago. And she said it many times before.

No. 465777

Someone mentioned that before she had like an orangy color and she said yeah but it was supposed to be blonde it just didn't take. Then someone said it looked nice, and she said if she would go orange it would be a cool toned orange, and she would have to do a lot of fading before she got it.

No. 465778

Lame just mentioned she's not friends with anybody anymore, strangely Sarah is back home for the holidays? I know this because of her Snapchat she was with her friend the Non Binary from the Joy stream. I wonder if her and Sarah had a falling out and she went back home or if Sarah left for the holidays and Lame thinks this means they are no longer "friends" cause shes such a controlling bitch, that requires her friends to move up there to be true friends.

No. 465779

She doesnt even understand how dye works in first place (she didnt want blue so she just put on top of the blue, purple with blue base, genious) and her "need" to be different every two weeks to please Grug wont let her do something has complicated like that.

No. 465780


i guess it's tacky she hasn't deleted those posts yet, but really, in 2012 all the gay, nigga and faggot slurs weren't that big of a deal

No. 465782

I'm pretty sure you are only considered lameo's friend if you live in her house, take care of her kids on the daily, devote every second to her when she needs it, listen to her whine and complain about her marriage, stick up for her to her husband when she cant and defend her online, never dare have sympathy for anyone that lame doesnt like, dont expect lameo to stick up for you if her husband attacks you (and you are no longer her friend once he decides he doesnt like you), and dont dare remind her that her marriage is a failure by having any concern about it.

The second you dare not talk to her for a few days or are more concerned about your own life than her, she thinks 'how dare you' and no longer considers you a friend. Why anyone would WANT to be friends with her is beyond me. Sarah even if she hasnt left yet, will leave in a few years. Shes not married to lameo. Shes not going to devote her life to her.

Lol at "cool toned orange". Is this the "its not blue its JADE" excuse all over again. She already said she "never" would dye her hair orange and is backtracking. Onion hasnt been liking her lately, so no wonder shes going back to Billie clone mode.

No. 465783

Laineys completely denying saying greg was in a gay relationship with her.

No. 465784

Lainey's claiming she never said Greg was in a gay relationship.
"I literally didn't."

She said they're in a queer relationship buuuuuuuuuuuuuut she didn't.

This is the whole laughing at Jaclyn again, except there's actually caps and streams this time.

No. 465785

The cap is even in the image on this thread


No. 465786

>Use tempcow to livepost about Lainey's streams. Anything of "value" will be reposted here.

No. 465794

It's what she deserves. She shits on his hobbies. It's an equally yoked pairing of people who shouldnt be married because they have nothing in common but craving attention and dating teen girls

No. 465801

File: 1511058074417.jpg (49.82 KB, 625x415, Laineycallsgregqueerandgay-yay…)

After Taylor decided for Greg what his orientation is, Onision proudly comes out as a former gay man who is now a queer to support his gay husband who has a strange penchant for biologically creating children with his magical gay eggs and male vagina.

No. 465804

File: 1511059261959.png (719.58 KB, 1065x550, relationshipgoals.PNG)

I envy their happiness.

No. 465805

Same here, anon. I often look at Onions and wish I were in such a happy stable gay relationship.

No. 465807

Maybe not, but it also doesn't carry any more weight than the opinion of any other misogynistic right wing male.

No. 465809

> onion does know trans people have it worse than cis females right?
Trans people have the option to not face hate for their trans identity by hiding it and conforming to gender roles (even if it makes them miserable). Women can't opt out of sexism against their biological gender, so I'd say they have it worse.

No. 465810

Lying about who you are or dealing with sexism?…Most trans people would take sexism anyday

No. 465813

Women also have the option of injecting themselves with testosterone to look male and thus escape sexism.

That does not mean that women would do it, because then they would experience body dysphoria like trans people do. Let's not make this thread the oppression olympics.

No. 465815

File: 1511060752191.png (1.45 MB, 1136x640, 7948FA6A-4E2F-4003-B147-424BA0…)

Ikr? There’s a shitload of chemistry here unlike his last marriage. Oh the envy!

No. 465822

No 1 curr skye can you stop posting about how you were "best wife" its obvious and cringe, your sister got busted so please stop before you out yourself

No. 465824

File: 1511063420782.jpeg (42.91 KB, 750x222, 5E075A80-289D-41D5-85F5-56B4B7…)

Lmao @blairs twitter. Can we hope for a debate round 2?

No. 465825

Not Skye and I'm not here to say she was the best at anything. I'm glad she's not with Onion cause he cheated on her. It's just funny how miserable he looks with the person he ended up having kids with, its his karma.

No. 465826

We get it, he’s miserable with Laimey. It’s obvious to anyone with eyes. He’s also her bitch now, actually promoting her channels at the end of the kissing video. You can tell he hates every moment of being subjected to such stupid video ideas but he goes along with it like the good little bottom bitch he’s become because Lamey truly is his daddy now.

No. 465827

How much you wanna bet Greg is gonna upload some new video of him smiling with Lainey? just to try and prove us wrong

No. 465829


uhh doesn't onion do literally the same shit? except onision is a lot older than lainey so he's obsessed with shitty 90s rock instead of shitty 00s rock? his lack of self awareness is astonishing. you only know like three different rock bands and that's it. dude, you're still out there making death note cosplays and shit. you're the one who should know better.

No. 465830

doesnt matter with his dead ass eyes and slapping her away

No. 465835

Not her, I just wanted to make Lainey seethe for the hell of it.

No. 465840

File: 1511065567623.jpeg (82.39 KB, 640x230, 3283238A-CADD-4E30-BD9D-E25CA0…)

Has anyone uploaded this yet?

Saged just in case

No. 465844

No. 465846

Grease said in a stream that sometimes he and Lainey just shout "You're fucking dumb!" back and forth when they're having a "playful" argument… Is it any wonder that his kids cry and scream so much, with their father doing the exact same thing?

Anyways, Lainey hopped off her steam real quick tonight due to pissyness. I bet they had a great shouting match after last night's gay debacle. Now she's trying to do damage control and freaking out that people are still latched onto it. Grease might be getting his belt ready.

No. 465882

No. 465884

god he's so fucking dumb. He's talking as if the video was made recently, but no it's something that is from 2015.

No. 465888

I think he’s trying to make “rebuttal” videos against anyone ~famous~ who wronged or criticized him, the autistic part is he’s reacting to old videos that nobody gives a fuck about anymore once they’ve been uploaded and watched.

I guess this is his ~revenge~ now farmers, everyone should start running ASAP before Gregma starts killing us with violent words and brootal honesty.

No. 465899

> "I don't even need fake drama. I don't need it. I have real drama, and my drama is fucking legit. It's great. It's great, it's raw, it's real, it's intense, because I have a lot of passion. Mkay."


No. 465901

What an idiot, he obviously lurks since the video of shane dawson talking about drama was posted here recently. Gosh he probably has this page on constant refresh, so self absorbed. He probably didn't notice shane was being sarcastic.

No. 465906

>Women also have the option of injecting themselves with testosterone to look male and thus escape sexism.
Really? You think women in Saudi Arabia could inject themselves with testosterone and magically be considered men and escape oppression? Fucking moron.

You obviously have no idea what women suffer through on a global scale.

No. 465908

is he embracing that everyone just watches him because of his real personal drama? DIVORCE LAMEY ONION. THATS WHAT THE PEOPLE WANNA SEE. No one wants to hear your thoughts on tragedies or about your feud with shane dawson and other people youve talked about a million times.

No. 465912

Please don't derail with discussions of privilege or who's best waifu.

No. 465916

File: 1511102683014.png (87.95 KB, 588x228, Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 9.35…)

After causing drama or starting shit with people for attention for years, he still can't land on a top 10 list. Does he still now realize how irrelevant he is ?

Well, maybe a top ten predator list he might achieve getting on…

No. 465926

He was actually on the list twice (onion vs pewdiepie, onion vs cyr, and onion vs repzion was an honorable mention) and this was him likely trying to boast about it. Hes proud of the drama he causes apparently, but he cant give us any decent drama lately.

We only want to see you versus your ugly wife drama because you both are equally hated. Provide the drama.

No. 465928

Watching Pewdiepie on the regs, I said, when da hell did they feud? Watched the video, how in the hell does 3 tweets in total constitute a feud? Pewdiepie is way too busy to pay much attention to onion boy, so I'm guessing Onision is just jealous of all the trips they take all over the world, and he's jealous of his cute hot girlfriend Martzia. You know, since she didn't get knocked up and all, and doesn't start stupid tumblrina drama, and embraced her femininity. Pewdiepie's girl still has her cute, firm, perky breasts since she didn't have 2 rugrats on the tit, and she doesn't have a torso covered with stretch marks, and her whispering eye is still tight because she didn't pass 2 children that have the head circumference of Onision.
Onion is very, very envious of Pewdiepie, from being on Conan to wining awards in different countries, to his awesome Kpop style and his oodles and oodles of bucks that he smartly saved and paid European taxes on. Even Felix is aware that vacations and time off is necessary for mental well being, and Onion is screaming that only losers take time off, that he needs to work everyday to churn our quality content. Must be why Onisions main channel only gets 8k views per video, and Pewdiepie gets 3 Million per video.

Aware this is not a Pewdiepie thread, just want to point out to Greasy (hi greg) how much more successful and centered youtubers are in relation to him. In youtube and in real life.

No. 465929

Sage for offtopic but does anyone else think that Greg makes his voice higher in videos using pitch or something? I'm really suprised at his weasly,nasally voice. He sometimes puts on a deep voice when he's trying to sound serious, but its so weasly.

No. 465930

The hard working mentality is part of the narcissism. The problem why it doesn't pay off is that he actually isn't hard working at all cause he doesn't put effort into his videos and rather faps to hentai and goes on twitter rants

No. 465942

File: 1511113624510.png (113.14 KB, 659x154, Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 4.45…)

He featured in a WatchMojo video like last year titled "Top 10 controversial YouTube channels" and was even partially in the thumbnail, it would have given him a major narc ego boost.
When it comes to top 10 lists WM garners top views.

No. 465944

File: 1511114003810.jpg (10.09 KB, 300x162, 300px-Ice-AgeRunar.jpg)

Sorry for OT but I just spotted Gurg in Ice age.

No. 465950


He's right next to Alex Jones. That is fucking hilarious. Two peas in a pod right there. How fitting.

No. 465951

When did onion say he wasn't friends with bisquette anymore? I didn't see anything about it even after lurking the last thread. Sorry for my stupidity, but can anyone recap? I'm trying to look through the last thread and tomato bisquette's twitter

No. 465952

Tomato posted a pic of him with MrRepzion and it caused Greg to get butt hurt and unfollow him

No. 465955

Make sure you aren't hiding saged posts. If you want to see the full thread

No. 465968

Yuck, she invited Gerg on her stream and he walks in and says "Yuck there's a bunch of flies in here why? Its cause theres a mess, this is embarasing you need to clean its gross. You don't need help to clean up your own mess. You don't need help young lady, I mean human. I'm not being an asshole you just need to be more hygenic." They are fighting on stream and she's saying there's flies everywhere not just in her room and told him fuck you go away.

No. 465969

File: 1511121457542.jpg (81.36 KB, 849x432, dirty ho.jpg)

Laim is still ranting an showing off her mess and that is is not that bad, and she can't clean it up herself because she is a "Smol human". She is saying she is panicking because of Gerg going in and is going to clean.

No. 465971

"He didn't say anything about my makeup. He came in here an made me feel like shit and like the worst human being, when I've asked him to helo me clean and he won't do it. I'm never inviting him on a stream again." Lmao anons this was gold, I hope someone grabbed it.

No. 465973

I think his voice is generally deep, watch his old livestream videos or earlier South Korea videos. Most of the time he doesn’t make his voice go higher in them.

No. 465975

Just look at every picture ever posted of their house, it's a pigpen. Even Plainey's sales photos had her laying clothes down on nasty rugs. She's got all day to at least take out some trash and sweep the floor but she can't be bothered to even do that.

No. 465976

"Now I'm just panicking and frustrated about cleaning up this room ugh. It's literally 4 boxes I'm so mad, I'm going to throw hands". Well then pick those 4 boxes up the fuck? Also how are you a smol human that you can't pick up 4 empty boxes!? Wow this is seriously pathetic.

No. 465977

i wonder gerg is purposely being a jerk since mama lame is there

No. 465978

Also Lame said the fly's aren't only in her room that they had some in their room to and Gerg said yeah cause you don't pick up after yourself and that's when she told him to fuck off. That's actually pretty disgusting, they have small children and fly's in the home? Fly's that they aren't trying to get rid off, I mean its logical to try to eliminate them or keep clean to reduce them. If Lame fed her child bottled milk, the bottle would probably be swarming with them.

No. 465980

Is she seriously using "being smol" as an excuse for not cleaning up after herself? What a useless cunt. Is there anything that she's actually competent at? Does she have any redeeming qualities whatsoever?

No. 465981

Extra kek for him calling her lady out of habit

No. 465982

I'm starting to understand why their kid already had cavities at 2 years of age.

No. 465985

Flies in fall/winter, wtf. It must be really really dirty in the mcmansion. I love how they fight on stream more and more often

No. 465986

Oh gosh she is such a little princess istg. The fact that she gets 'anxious' every time her husband lightly scolds her about doing something shows that she never had to lift a finger in her life. She was probably spoiled rotten and cleaned after all her childhood and teenage years. She should stop acting like a three year old and clean up after herself if she wants to be a mother.. or even just an adult.

No. 465987

>"he didn't say anything about my makeup, he just asked me to help keep the house clean. How dare he ask me to be an adult with children, and not treat me like a teen princess?!"

No. 465988

Gurg has been (shit)posting on twitter for hours. This has been going for days now, he must be so bored.

No. 465993

are these the boxes she's talking about? they are fucking small, even a child could carry them. lamey is the laziest person I've ever seen. the only thing she can do is go on tumblr and take 1000 selfies that all look the same

No. 465994

File: 1511124833914.png (123.43 KB, 1080x610, Screenshot_2017-11-20-07-54-23…)

…………? Does this mean the guy actually thinks he's still gonna be on youtube for another 20 years? That youtube itself will even still be a thing in 20 years…?

No. 465995

A long time ago he said he’s gonna be on YouTube till he’s 60

No. 465996

Hopefully he doesn't live long enough to be on youtube at 50…

No. 465998

Or Youtube dies before he hits 50.

No. 466001

why do you need help cleaning 4 boxes? And someone asking you to clean your shit makes you panic? Wtf. shes so spoiled. I bet shes those parents who will make her kids do everything for her when they are a little older. "clean the house, cook mommy food, babysit your little sister while mommy begs children for money online"

Did anyone clip that stream?

and how is that working out for you?

No. 466002

Just watched his most recent shane video. He says a few minutes in that shane stood him up by saying "let me know when your plane lands, we should hang out" and then not responding to him. so greg flew all the way to LA just because shane kind of implied he might want to see him? and then got mad when it fell through?

No. 466005

Onion boy was ranting about an incident that happened 5 years ago

No. 466007

He is STILL going on twitter! It's been four hours of constant tweeting. I feel so bad for his kids. Instead of taking care of them or playing with them he rather spends all day on twitter

No. 466011

man this is getting pathetic even for him.

No. 466013

File: 1511128440049.png (392.64 KB, 396x546, demeyebrows.png)

yeah onion, you look so much better than all the mugshots you showed kek

No. 466014

isnt lamey's mom there? Does he just not ever talk to her family when they are there?

Lol at his tweets. Hes talking like he would be some martyr version of hitler. I will just experiment on humans, mutilate them and have them be slaves…only if they are CRIMINALS THO.

Imagine you are visiting your daughter and her husband, and he doesnt hang out with you and just sits in his room tweeting shit like this about how he's a dictator. Take the grandkids and RUN.

No. 466015

Yeah he's talking about criminals again as if he wasn't one himself with his tax fraud

No. 466018

Did anyone record this?

No. 466024

He can be on YouTube as long as he wants. This fool could be a hobo and he'd still use wifi to upload shit off a phone on the street.

No. 466027

Does anyone else feel like Greg is purposely acting out like this so Lainey will leave him?

No. 466029

Sometimes it feels like it. He seemed so pissed already when he came into her stream and what he did was kind of purposely humiliating. On the other hand the lovebombing doesn't fit into that or is it so that he looks like a better husband?

No. 466032

didn’t one of Grease’s ex use to not help around the house? now he has the smolbean Foot who can’t even lift four boxes and has flies around the whole house

No. 466034

Seems like he's trying to come off as the better person.

No. 466039


That was Skye, which he lied about to get people on his side and now he’s facing an actual lazy bitch.

God works in mysterious ways…

No. 466049

I imagine Lainey has stayed the same age since she married Greg due to him coddling and babying her ever since. I’m surprised she’s a mother since she doesn’t have a sense of responsibilities. I’m not a mother, but I thought you would put your ego behind once you become a parent since it’s not about you anymore.
Jesus fucking christ Lainey, imagine what your life could have been if you didn’t meet Greg.

No. 466050

Having a kid and being a mom are two different things anon

No. 466051

In his old house, he had a rodent problem that spanned 2 relationships, his ex wife and afterwards his girlfriend.

In his new house he has an insect infestation of flies.

In both houses and through 3 different live-in relationships and continual pest problems, the only common denominator is Greg himself.

By that logic, Gurg is the cause of the pest problem every time.
Boom roasted

No. 466052

She doesn't have to be a mother, they can fly in someone else to do so.

>In his old house, he had a rodent problem that spanned 2 relationships, his ex wife and afterwards his girlfriend.

Why doesn't this surprise me.

No. 466053


wow this is the first time he genuinely made me laugh

No. 466054

She doesn't act like someone who has the responsibity of being a parent. Just take her relationship with gurg, they fight over twitter about sexual orientation and labels. You would think that things like that are not that important once you have kids.

No. 466056

He's following tomato again.

No. 466059


Mato probably upped his donation.

No. 466060

I can't believe this guy calls other peoples lives 'pathetic' when the indication that he accepts someone is based on whether he follows them or not, so sad, go outside gurg, bar your backyard

No. 466061

If it’s really not that bad, why does she need help cleaning it up? You can’t have both, Lainey.

No. 466062

No. 466065

Are you sure? I just looked through everyone he follows and Tomato isn't there.

No. 466067

File: 1511138115758.jpg (690.08 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-11-19-19-33-45…)

I can't get over the forehead bump and the shade difference between his face and neck

No. 466075

Yes,his natural voice is deep but a lot of the time it sounds edited

No. 466082

Are you talking about his high-pitched voice or his deep voice?

No. 466085

Im talking about his high pitch. I started noticing it more around his leafy vids. Maybe high pitched is the wrong word, but something is bugging me about it. It sounds like a southpark character or something in a lot of videos. It's like he's edited his voice to sound more teenage or something. I dunno, maybe I'm just imagining it.

No. 466094

it's really fucking weird to see flies indoors right, especially in washington? i'm on the east coast and i never see them, only outdoors…

No. 466097

In a new build house, in the winter? Yes.

In old houses with super old plumbing, you can get little fruit flies that live in drains, they're really hard to get rid of entirely but they only hatch in the spring, and you can pour them a glass of wine and they'll mostly drown themselves, problem solved (you also dump cleaners down the drains to keep them as clear as possible.)

In a new build house, with new plumbing, when it's cold out? They've got something rotting somewhere, be it feces (animal or child), or food scraps. We know they live in filth, though, so it's really not surprising.

No. 466098

Yeah but he’s been doing that before Leafy, I’d say since 2012-13 with UhohBro. I didn’t think that was Onion himself when I first watched that channel as a fan, thought it was some other dude because of the voice.

No. 466105

That's so depressing and hilarious that Lameo bought her own shitty redbubble shirt. It looks horrendous, like one of those cheap iron-on shirt decals.

No. 466109

poverty anon here

i lived in an older house and we had too many damn caged pets, so we got flies - but only in the area where there was the animals. judge me whatever, but i was a kid with no control over my environment.

i dont understand how you could have a big house and get flies to be an issue unless you're super gross. or i guess have a centralized area of pets like my family did
im guessing sarah/whoever is the only one who actually cleans any.

if you have fruit flies theyre actually easy to get rid of, just pour chemicals down the pipes and use like apple cidar and dish soup to catch the ones flying around (google it if you have them and they dont go away, a lot of people dont know which is why i went into detail)

No. 466110

I know someone who had those "flies" and they definitely aren't house flies like most people would picture. You won't get a random swarm of house flies like that ever. Grease is definitely talking about the little "fruit flies" or knats. And that's SICK because the knats will only come if, like you said, there is rotting food around. So I'm more than willing to bet they leave leftover plates, cups and various snacks out and lying around.
Because there is NO WAY those flies just "happen" to be in there for no reason, Taylor. They are there because you can't be bothered to clean. And since we know Greg won't clean, one of you has to give in and do it. It will probably just be Taylor's mom though.

SPEAKING OF, don't people normally clean up when they know they're going to have family/company over? Or maybe Taylor just views her mom as her maid still.

Oh, and Greg's hair reminds me of a guy in high school who had that long greasy hair look and always wore a trenchcoat.

No. 466111

Don't worry anon, no one is going to judge you. We just appreciate the insight.
Maybe it's because they keep they don't pick up after their pets, but it's probably from moldy food.

No. 466112

i guess you could also get flies if you lived somewhere hot and left the door open. i always had screens, and assume gregs house does too

if its fruit flies/whatever they def have dirty pipes/dirty dishes/garbage in their home. which is still weird, since the home is new. im guessing its left out food/dishes (like greg leaving food cans open in that one pic) + garbage not being taken out (child + animal feces, etc)

No. 466113

I always thought he was mimicking his unrequited love, Shane Dawson. He’s so fucking obsessed with him.

No. 466115

Dont they have those big trash cans (to the outdoors) instead of the mediums or the small in every room? Usually people get rid of their trash because the can is full, so if any of them throw fruit or something like it, in that kind of trash can and descompose, and how they are that will stay in at least two weeks before they take it outside.

No. 466117

So I read in the temp board that no one captured the stream showing her mess, but is that true? or is there some way we can access it? :( what a shame

No. 466118

There are shots of junk food wrappers and one of Onion’s dirty plates in his older Speaks videos. In one of said videos, he mentioned to having an ant infestation in the old house.

I bet they have cockroaches too.

Watch any comedy video from late 2009, nigga tries so hard to sound as “adorable” as Shane.

No. 466122

sorry in advance for blogpost. saged out of pure shame. this post isn't related to drama, as much as it is to archiving it.

I have several dormant colocated servers I pay for in the rare occurance I have to quickly nullroute and/or reroute network traffic in the event of a hardware failure or massive DDoS attack against a few websites I administrate that can't be mitigated by Cloudflare. so I have a lot of older hardware that, while being paid for has gone widely unused. I decided to put some of it to use today.

after a bunch of fucking around, I've managed to archive everything greg has posted to youtube as of todays date across (I think) all of his channels, correct me if I've missed some. I am attempting to hunt down originals based on titles listed from the wayback machine's archive of his channels as well. I will be adding a web player for ease of use in time. for now this will stand as an archive of everything he posts, updated every day at 0600 GMT and again at 1800GMT. a few of the channels have >2000 videos so they take a little longer for updating, but everything should be accounted for, totaling roughly ~210GB worth of video (compressed in mp4 format). where available, timestamps have been preserved based on when they were uploaded and every video filename includes the video ID string at the end of the filename that reflects the youtube video ID they were fetched from.


as well as plain's channels


I am going to spend some time over the coming weeks to put all of these onto a vid.me account, but this will remain up as a reference in the case of DMCA takedowns, threats or etc. the machines running this website are running a reverse proxy with nginx to make sure stability/speed are accounted for, hosted by a datacenter that manually reviews (and often discards) DMCA takedowns. server logs are piped to null, so there is no record of traffic kept although I am considering adding a "report" function just to see if someone uses it.

also actively working on automatically recording live younow streams with some help from tempcow, but there are still some flaws and encoding issues I am ironing out, but those can be viewed after the stream finishes at:


I am hoping to be able to fetch a 1:1 duplicate including chat, but this is trial and error for now. for the next couple days please do not rely on it, as while it may work, the encoding might either be off, not work or not even contain video at all. I am testing with other streamers, but it seems it should work. the above is also set up for SR and JG streams. not sure if anons want their youtube vids mirrored, but that is an option if enough people are interested.

if a patron sees this and wouldn't mind offering up their account once a week or something, I could archive all of that content as well.

I have created a pastebin with the links if you guys want to add it to future threads for reference points as it will take some time with a bi-weekly upload limit imposed on vid.me for all of it to be rehosted.


open to ideas, opinions or suggestions on other things to archive, change or whatever. open to ideas in regards to other cows as well. if it's something that's technologically possible, I will do my best to make it happen. further, I noticed admin looking to rehome lolcow, I own a halfrack of empty machines at QuadraNet (main DC rack is in LA, but I have a few machines in FL as well) I would be happy to contribute.

No. 466123

impressive, feel no shame, we are all losers here lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 466125

File: 1511145985927.gif (107.7 KB, 300x170, shock.gif)

I BET his video game consoles all have roaches inside omgomgogmsdlkhrfhd

nice work anon

eat shit greg. the internet never forgets and all that. i hope some day this helps get you incarcerated.

No. 466126

File: 1511146186273.png (364.46 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3734.PNG)

For someone who talks shit about how other youtubers are racist, weird that he still has his defending black face video up.

No. 466127

File: 1511146521389.png (415.27 KB, 491x459, herp.png)

Lainey is looking busted as hell in her new beauty bot video, like damn you couldn't take like 5 seconds to put some concealer?

No. 466131

Am really excited for all of this! <3 god, I feel like such a loser ~stalking~ this man too lol

It looks like actual feces smeared on his face rather than black paint.

No. 466133

File: 1511146818451.png (1.77 MB, 1136x640, 95250117-C629-41F5-A2CE-9C4E7A…)

Posting for relevance.

No. 466134

File: 1511147010916.png (1.9 MB, 1136x640, C540F11A-B7FD-48D0-A93A-C9FD90…)

How professional kek

No. 466135

File: 1511147093604.png (1.17 MB, 1136x640, 54B93577-D60B-4524-B0B4-B98F6E…)

At least put the plate in the sink dammit!

No. 466138

Ladies and gentleman, this right here is quality proof that little miss space prince is NOT suffering from anxiety at all.
This is something you only do if you have extreme confidence and smugness that only Taylor could provide. She's definitely a girl who would give the quote that lots of SJW girls spout- "if you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" yadda yadda..

It's seriously sad that even Grease man himself would not have appeared on camera like that, yet she immortalizes her lack of hygiene and skincare routine for the world to see with no shame.

Inb4 "she can't help it! it's genetic, not about washing your face!" I'm sure for some people, yeah, but do you REALLY want to try and tell me you believe Lainey washes off her makeup/cleanses her skin/moisturizes? NO.

No. 466142

Pretty sure the room got flies because Sarah's gone. The fact Lame thought it was normal to ask for help moving 4 boxes proves it too. That clip shows a lot: that Sarah was Lainey's personal maid, Gurgle has to put up with her acting like a baby that needs help being alive, and she's so unused to picking up after herself that she won't notice filth. The rest of us plebeians are pretty much programmed to want to clear out dirty food from a room.

Funny she's such a trend rider that wants to be seen as a marginalized unique misfit with no friends. She's actually still THAT cheerleader…who only talks to the popular kids, and if you're not popular or doing anything for her, she ignores you even when you're talking. She has such a shallow existence, has no hobbies, she lives for selfies and being popular, and is too good for chores. The way she snickered at Jaclyn reminded me of some mean girls shit. The way dismisses annoying people, being all snarky and looking apathetically at her phone silently on cam…she's still that cheerleader.

No. 466146


his arm what the fuuuuuuuck

No. 466151

Sounds like a quote from Shane from the infamous emails. Greg in the past has complained about Shane not going skits anymore and that he just follows YouTube trends. Like, of course Shane does, he doesn't want end up broke and irrelevant like onion. I bet Gerg is still ass blasted about the 2 year old video

No. 466160

Ew that looks like cancer! Or those fat lumps old dogs get kek. Please Grease, I know you and Lainey don't go to the doctor's because it's "expensive" but I hope you will consider your own children's health needs……

No. 466164


Oh come on you guys, his arm is ripped from his ~vegetarian diet~ and sex-orcise!

Don’t be jelly!

No. 466178

Shane's apparently gonna go back to doing skits on the regular soon so I can only imagine Onions rage and shitfest when he starts them and they're infinitely more popular than his. I expect to see at least 2 speaks videos about Shane one being about not staying true to oneself since his new slits won't be like sha-nay-nay or with blackface

No. 466188

Lame just posted on Snapchat "alright I'm ready to have a girl crush again". Sarah is back home so she really means "I need a friend here, a human tissue", also Onion seems very unhappy and she knows she needs to bring someone in, somehow make them the villain so there relationship can be rekindled when they belittle the 3rd person.

No. 466191

Legit could not figure out what body parts these were, it looked like a heel. It looks like the deformed Ricky monster arm from Freaks! Keep your station clean man, trash everywhere. Double keks for remembering his giant bottle of Lubriderm on his computer desk back then.

No. 466192

File: 1511160100784.png (33.4 KB, 722x289, 242324.png)

Gurg is going on some tirade about hentai and anal sex. I guess he's not really quitting his "addiction" anytime soon.

No. 466193

I can just picture him locked in his bathroom using the newest water safe IPhone to watch hentai while taking one of his hour long showers to avoid his marriage problems and his mother in law

No. 466194


But Onion, you are with a dude now. Last I heard, you were in a gay relationship ;)

No. 466195

Am thinking that the mother has left after the weekend visit, so he had a visit to his "editing" room, and he didn't find his preferred spank material fast enough.

No. 466197

I wonder if lainey only takes it in the pooper now(learn 2 sage)

No. 466198

Gregma’s just mad cuz Shane won’t stick his massive hairy cock inside his (Onion’s) pimpled deflated ass.

No. 466199

Greg translation: "Lainey, I will leave you if you consider SRS"

No. 466206

>I do not like this. It is unsightly.
I don't know why, but him saying that is really funny to me.(learn 2 sage)

No. 466207

How can he call himself a 'sexually experienced' man when he has never done anal? A.k.a one of the most basic starter kinks….

Anyway, he's being exposed for believing she is a female and nothing more, I hope lame continues to bring this up

No. 466215

she won't. she's a doormat and he will gaslight her into believing it's her fault for putting him in such a terrible situation

No. 466223

File: 1511168307738.png (200.57 KB, 750x1284, IMG_5520.PNG)

When I check his following he's there. Mobile delayed or something? Sorry for the misinformation.

No. 466226

relationship with lainey is over
now taylor is my husband

No. 466235

The indoor fly infestation is an excellent addition to the whole student digs/dorm asethtic of the whole McMansion.

I’m not even against posters used as decoration, but you can make it look less like you are 19 by framing them with a $20 poster frame from Ikea.

I am always shocked by how awful their taste in decorating is.

No. 466246

Actually for MOST people it's NOT about having bad hygiene.
Also, you can do everything right and still break out from just having makeup on your face for a period of time.

No. 466247

who the fuck says thar "anal" is a must to be able to call yourself "sexually experienced"? gtfo with your filthiness.

I dont see him following assliquette either. I DOUBT he'll re-follow him after everything he said. Why would he, anyways.


Oh god imagine if everybody started asking him about his gay relationship, he would probably end up fighting with Lamey again because of it

No. 466251

The hero we've always needed. Bless you, farmer.

This I could believe. Sarah cooked, obviously watched the kids (as anyone who comes into their house is stuck doing) and likely functioned as a maid too because both Grease and Plainey are total pigs that are too busy subtly hating each other online to their followers to actually clean.

>if I wanted a butt, I would be with a dude
Cue Lainey spergout in 3, 2, 1….
Also how ironic is it that he's judging HENTAI of all things? Like it's some legit art form that should be respected and how he's such high class watching it but heaven forbid it show you inside a 2D woman's body and suddenly Onion's clutching his pearls.

No. 466254

I would consider that being the cause if she washed her face or took off her makeup properly. She does neither, so that at the VERY LEAST adds to her breakouts.

Her skin is always cracking and dry so she definitely doesn't moisturize properly. This is the same woman who didn't take care of her son's teeth so I doubt she knows the importance of keeping clear pores.

But I do understand there are times it can't be helped, I just don't think Lainey's a good example of that.

No. 466255

We love you anon. I'd never have the knowledge or anything to do something like that. Now we're not going to miss milk anymore like yesterday.
I think I'll make summary videos of the younow streams from time to time (since lamebot streams everyday I won't be able to do them for every stream, but as often as I can) so that anons who can't endure watching the whole thing can laugh about some bits of it.

why does he have to mention so often that he's not into anal? I've never heard a person talk about not being into a certain type of having sex this much. It's so suspicious, either he really wants anal sex but is ashamed of it or it's a dig at lainey because he added "I would be with a dude". Also I don't get why he thinks anal = gay.

No. 466257

Right? Also, gay people give blowjobs… does that mean he shouldn't be doing ANYTHING that gay people do or is it just "fully gay things" or rather the things he finds gay? I don't understand.

No. 466258

she literally said she doesn't have a skin care routine because she doesn't need one (!) and Iirc that she doesn't use moisturizer

No. 466260

You win lolcow, Farmer-sama.

No. 466261

Bad skin is one or more of: diet, skin hygiene, environmental cleanliness, or genetics (hormones/age). Considering we all know her diet and environment are disgusting, her hygiene would only be adding fuel to a raging fire lmao.

No. 466274

The fly infestation is disgusting but it's possible it's not from their filth. There's a chance that they have flies because an animal died inside the walls and they are escaping through the vents. I've seen it happen to people who like to use rat poison for their pests.

No. 466322

File: 1511201486557.png (176.55 KB, 719x859, 20171120_120924.png)

He had a low GPA in high school and was failing one of the only college courses he took. He's really narc raging and his mother in law is there laughable.

No. 466323

Internet IQ tests don't really mean shit either, of course, he'll dismiss formal education cause he failed at it though.

No. 466324

the funny thing is that him thinking he has a high IQ because of some online test in itself actually shows that he's not a very smart man…

No. 466325

I've seen children with more sense than to think an online IQ test is any indication of intelligence or hierarchy

No. 466327

File: 1511203070186.png (22.86 KB, 581x239, tweeter.png)

damn onion is finding it tough not being able to behave like his normal self with the mother in law round

he tweets as if he's on a comedown after a binge on yellows. dude needs medical marijuana

No. 466328

To be fair you need a high IQ to understand Onision

No. 466330

Translation: If your woman doesn't want to be called derogatory names without her consent, dump her!

No. 466332

if the girl yo fucking has respect, leave, if the girl yo fucking has no respect, marry her and use her for all she's worth.


No. 466339

Except I remember watching that video and there were some sequences he didn’t get or didn’t know. They got high IQ answers because the online tests always inflate it, Onion.

Never mind that if you learnt the way to solve the puzzles (which usually change each time someone takes the test) just from watching one video, your iq is probably not bad because iq measures capacity to learn and pick up patterns. He doesn’t even know what he’s bragging about.

Get him some milk.

Even if he did have high iq (which he clearly doesn’t) it’s not really a point of bragging because it’s obviously nothing to do with his education, he hasn’t made much use of it, and he’s still a completely shitty person. I’d rather watch a nice person with Down’s syndrome make probably the same caliber of comedy skit than a genius who is such a cunt.

No. 466343

In one of my classes we took a real IQ test and they are much longer than the ones online. The real ones only have pattern and sequence questions. It makes it so if you don't have an education you can still test your IQ. Online tests' scores are inflated and don't usually weight questions. His IQ is probably average or less.

No. 466344

File: 1511207670803.jpeg (41.94 KB, 750x671, 4656739D-8389-46E6-85E1-73E8EA…)

No. 466352

>I’d rather watch a nice person with Down’s syndrome make probably the same caliber of comedy skit than a genius who is such a cunt.

Yes absolutely, except onion boy isn't a genius, or he'd belong to MENSA. Also, onions quality hit the shit wall years ago, but that's pretty self explanatory lol.
Here is the link to Zack Anner, a youtuber with cerebral palsy who makes funny great videos. He's got such humor and a chipper attitude it's lovely to laugh along with his jokes. He is motivational and has a positive thinking attitude.
Maybe not be your cup of tea, but his Workout Wednesday videos are vastly superior to anything Onision has ever made.

No. 466363

No. 466364

Thank you, anon! That was brilliant! It really put a smile on my face. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that there are good people with a following online when you've been spending time wading through vats of cow produce.

Sage for happy ot

No. 466365

Ooh! I hope he sees that and milks it for views. Dig that hole even deeper.

No. 466369

Greg just uploaded a video on the onision channel complaining about how he only got 2 gifts for his birthday HAHA

No. 466371


Well, if he actually had friends…

Also, Lainey has proof of otherwise. Does he only count all the shit she got him as "one" since she's only one person?

No. 466374

File: 1511213756872.jpg (40.9 KB, 560x375, ahahahahahahaha.jpg)

No. 466376

No. 466377

Holy fucking entitled asshole batman.

No. 466378

It's fantastic how all the comments are dragging him through the mud for either his tax problems or that he's a pedophile that fuck kids.

They reference him asking for IRS help on reddit, and had a feeling of supreme self satisfaction that the IRS will be newly auditing him for several years to come. If he had only paid the alimony without trying to claim the divorce as a business expense, he would have flown under the radar for much longer. 90k paid out to Skye over 5 years is not too bad when compared to 300k owed plus interest now needing to be paid over the next 30 years, and he had a narc episode about him, and it will haunt his family and children for years to come. Like he's really going to hang on to that house for 30 years yeah whatever, can't even heat it correctly or put the "fun" game room on the 3rd floor where it's warm. Instead it's in a basement where it's the coldest. Yeah, that makes so much sense with no personal space heaters in the basement. Logic? Pah, he must have had the cord wrapped around his neck in the womb.

No. 466381

What. A. Cunt.
He really needs to get it into his narc head that the number of subs he has is meaningless. Sure, Foot has a smaller number of subs but she sure seems to have more ACTIVE subs. She manages to have actual fans (really at this point I swear it's just because in juxtaposition to him she seems """nice""") whereas Onion has a load of dead accounts and hate watchers following him with very few actual "bananas" still kicking about.

The man is such a fucking moron, I can hardly handle it. Between shit like this, his lack of understanding about how language works in real life versus the dictionary, the fact that the words 'most of' and 'almost' are completely replaced by 'most' in his vocabulary and pretty much everything else about the man, I do not understand how people can even slightly believe he is intelligent.
I apologise for sperging. My spergy self has difficulty with people like Onion.

No. 466384

File: 1511214969658.png (1.23 MB, 1196x708, oniochin.png)

Onision is starting to look like Spencer Rice.

No. 466385

Its getting even more popular, Its #3 for me. Lmao I hope he spergs the fuck out, All of reddit is laughing at him

No. 466386

I feel like he purposefully only opened two gifts for "comedic" purposes and to garner a bit of sympathy from fans and encourage them to send more.

It's a little unbelievable to me, going by how crazy his tiny fanbase is, that he only got two. I mean, people are PAYING him on his Patreon just to have access to his PO box…

No. 466388

Don’t bring spencer rice into this, that man has enough of a tortured soul as it is. Take it back anon

No. 466389

No keep going I really enjoyed your sperging

Kek! The only problem is that he never, I mean never(!) seems to get when he's making a fool of himself with his stupidity. Basically half of the replies on twitter are making fun of him (would be more if he didn't block all the haters), I think he's come to the point where he ignores everything negative towards him. Otherwise I don't understand how you can be so convinced that you're right all the time and better than everyone else

That seems fishy indeed

No. 466390

No. 466391

I'm completely convinced now that he's finally lost it

>please pity me my wife is more popular than me

He still thinks that people owe him shit

No. 466392

Don't do Spencer like that

No. 466393

what an entitled little faggot.

He implies, once again, that he'll kill himself if he doesn't get more [insert whatever] from he teen and preteen audience, while also behaving like a child over not getting as many bday presents as someone else.

No. 466394

Samefag I know he disguises it as comedy but we know he's a narc and hates the fact that his channels are dying and nobody cares about him and that his boring wife is doing better nowadays. It's not far away from reality

No. 466395

>that he'll kill himself

if only.

No. 466396

Tbh i really don't get why lame gets so many gifts compared to him when he has more patrons. Is it lame's smol bean pity party or what

No. 466397

it's creepy how he keeps glancing to the side, i bet he's making plainey watch so she'll feel bad.

also, love how he throws his gifts behind him like a toddler. where's crazy tami when you need her?? grease needs a little massage.

No. 466398

If you are being sincere, I thank you, although that was all the Onion spergy nitpicking I have in me today. The "most" business in particular with him just reeeally gets to me. Especially when he is giving some smug, superior speech (with that sideways smile and pause after each sentence he does) and uses 'most' wrongly. Argh! Okay, there's a wee bit extra ranting. Getting it out makes a li'l sperg a bit happier.
Mind back in the day when he would go on about how he didn't need his fans and that they were to 'stop watching' and he would 'see what happened' and that he'd be fine? I think that was him anyway. I wonder how he would feel about those statements now given that viewership has actually tanked, finally. Because people have stopped watching and he isn't fine. He'd probably blame it on YouTube having changed, as that is his go-to (although that doesn't really explain why people aren't still manually going to his channel and watching, y'know, rather than getting his shite via 'recommended'.)

No. 466399

lmao personally i enjoyed this content. i like that he was daydreaming about a bean burrito, then left the house and then killed himself. just a day in the life of

No. 466400

So okay, it's painfully obvious he made this video for us haters here on lolcow. We spent the past couple of days repeatedly stating that we would pay attention more if he had more content of Greg hating footface, and bam, first video of the week is a video of him implying he'd rather die than sit through Lainey's sorry video content.

Greggles, your voice was too dam high at the beginning to come off as anything but pretension, and it was way too long with the cooking and eating, you should have been doing other things like the chores Lainey should be doing, that would have had much more of a snarky impact.

If you want to cater to out hate mongering, you need to make it more real and less middle school acting. Also, the contrast was all sort of strange on the hollows of your cheeks, was that post editing, or your makeup was the wrong shade today.

If your gonna cater to us, do it right, and give us the virulent hate we want to see. Give us more despising and indifferent treatment of the old bootface. Think out attention is worth it, don't you?

No. 466401

bless him and none of us had to donate

No. 466403

>binge on yellows

what are yellows?

wow, at least lainey has the decency to act nice about getting socks. she seems to appreciate it so much more than onion getting the same thing

No. 466405


It triggers me that he doesn't know how to cut a pepper.

Also, throwing a really nice gift on the ground? I wonder why you didn't get more.

Honestly this just proves his bulk fanbase is too young to buy shit.

No. 466406

>also, love how he throws his gifts behind him like a toddler.
so much appreciation. I bet that book was expensive. Even for comedy purposes this is just shitting on the gift

I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates his false use of "most". It drives me crazy.

but why did lame get all that expensive shit? her fanbase can't be older than his right? I thought it's mostly underage tumblr teens

No. 466408

A fellow anon wants to ask for you to pick up your trash and clean your fucking toilets. Oh and you have dark spots underneath your ass (noticed that in the autistic diaper video), you might wanna go see a doctor to get that shit checked out.

He likes to rape the world “regardless” too.

No. 466409

those bean burritos can't taste good. he eats them all the time but I just can't imagine that they actually have a decent taste. It's can beans in a burrito. Does he add anything special? It didn't seem so and that lonely pepper doesn't change much about it. I wouldn't even "cook" something like that if I was broke as hell.

No. 466411

Did Skye or Shiloh ever cooked for him? Surely he didn’t waste his stomach eating that shit ever since he went ~vegetarian~

No. 466413

File: 1511220160390.png (20.61 KB, 863x176, wtff.PNG)

I just saw this on the Onision sub.
Is this true?

No. 466415

I remember a screenshot of a profile, but it was never confirmed if it was actually her or someone shit stirring. It's sad if she did ever do that, things are on the up for her now though so if anons do find anything on it I think it'd be best we don't post it as it's not fair on her imo as she's no longer part of this drama.

No. 466416

…But more straight men have anal sex with women vs gay men with another man. Is he high or something?

Also, lol. I bet Lainey is fuming secretly somewhere

No. 466419

It is true, I can't remember the name of it but I was looking through it. She had nudes up as well. It was really sad, definitely no one post it because I'm sure she just wants to forget about it. itll give ammunition to the Onion as well if he doesn't already know.

No. 466421

yellows are diazepams + highly addictive. sometimes i think he smokes weed i smoke a lot of weed so it might be the paranoia side effect that i think he's on to us but he's thick as hell

No. 466422

it's true, can confirm >>466419 as well.

No. 466423

funny how foots videos usually are a boring shitfest, but compared to gregs they are almost watchable

No. 466424

I agree, this one was actually pretty funny. His humor is finally evolving a bit

No. 466426

>inb4 delet this

No. 466428

>she definitely dresses like she could be or has been a prostitute

is that you Greg?

No. 466433

Lol wtf, high heels and "revealing clothes" doesn't mean someone is an escort. There's nothing wrong with either thing.

No. 466434

Shiloh did escort, and she had a tumblr and mygirlfund. It was right around the time she was still friends with that Veronika chick that sperged after Shiloh lost a bunch of weight.

No. 466436

File: 1511222542745.png (136.46 KB, 384x379, yourIQistoolowforlolcow.png)

pls go back to tumblr and all of you keep you shitposting, infighting and derailing in the tempcow thread. thanks.

No. 466448


No. 466457

This post smells of grease or discord shithead.

I loved shilohs new EP btw, Her new songs are fucking amazing.

Stay mad grease

No. 466458

Another anon who was around back then confirming that yes, this was true. There were also her nudz floating around right at that time.

No. 466460

no 1curr

No. 466462

why is there not a single day without someone mentioning shiloh? like >>466436 said, stop this shit

No. 466465

Who TF cares? Shes lookin cute af, better than Plainy ever did.
>high heels and revealing clothing = prostitute.
Go back to highschool Anon.

No. 466466

wow shiloh looks amazing

No. 466469

I think confirming this >>466413 was more to show that she did leave that relationship emotionally damaged and that Gerg has been a terrible influence. 'Tormentor of souls', indeed.


Why this was posted I have no idea, though. It's not Sh's thread and I do believe discussing her still is pointless. It's best if we just ignore it from now on.

No. 466477

this shouldn't be here, I hope the mods ban you for posting this. Not trying to defend Shiloh but tracks are fire AF the girl can really sing. anyways leave her alone she is not with onion anymore so she's irrelevant to this thread if you are inclined to hate on her just make a thread on her on snow other than that fuck off to oblivion buddy.

No. 466478

I think whoever posted Shiloh's links was HOPING she would get hate from discord minions and that it was a crappy thing to do. Also unnecessary because anons have already said the two important things regarding her: she looks fantastic, sounds fantastic/is on the up and up.

HOWEVER she was extremelyyyyy apphrensive about putting out her new music (even on soundcloud, not even on YouTube yet) so if anon posting her links sends more hate from discord idiots who wouldn't have had the brains to google her otherwise, I'm going to be pissed.

She seems like she's testing the waters about wanting to be in the public eye again (she was in it before Grease ever screwed her over and she has a right to be pursuing her dreams without this drama following her everywhere)
So if this spooks her I will be furious.

No. 466480



No. 466484

Agree 100%

Saged for Shiloh fangirling/whiteknighting but she's looking amazing and her songs are great. I hope the discord fags leave her alone and don't spook her, if you end up reading this (probably won't) Shiloh onion fans are nothing and his career is dying, don't let this stop your come back.

No. 466485

Not to mention that she doesn’t even care (anymore) about this current drama nor does she care about seeing or following Gregma’s Lolcow threads.

No. 466487

must be Skye and Alicia kek

No. 466494

File: 1511229147442.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.6 KB, 300x168, KVSspencer.jpg)

Spencer Rice is a shit eating fuckhead and still 100x more respectable than Gregma.

No. 466495

Do people really think the only possible way greg/his discord minions could find her Instagram is through this thread?

If they want to harass her on public accounts they will, we can’t stop them nor can we instigate it by bringing her up as a topic here. People think we have a lot more influence here than we do. One day he’s in a fury about Jaclyn’s boobs, next he’s bringing up Eugenia Cooney yet again despite them having done nothing out of the ordinary or even relevant to what he’s ranting about. Fact of the matter is there’s very little logic to what will set greg off on an obsessive destructive path.

No. 466508


anon that is a chocolate bar

No. 466509

Because she was with Onion? We talk about Skye, we can talk about Shiloh so gtfo.

POOR GIRL ! she HAD to become a prostitute right ? Theres no way she could have worked at mcdonalds, wendys, or taco bell, no. /s


I dont see why people would actively harass her nowadays, esp since its been so long since she was with onionboy.

No. 466510

The skye best wife talk is as cancerous as posting shilohs social media, they are all irrelevant

No. 466514

I want to apologize for posting this screenshot/question, I didn't mean to start shit; I just thought it was really sad if it was true.

No. 466515

File: 1511231375673.jpeg (1.6 MB, 2880x3840, CF04FDC4-B446-44BA-B084-BDEBD0…)

This was milky as fuck. Even though it was meant to be “funny” it was a pretty clear reflection of how fucking jealous and bitter he is towards Lainey!
I can’t wait to watch those pledges fall on Patreon.
licks lips to get every last drop of milk

No. 466518

kenny posted this

No. 466519

I'd love to see aldi or someone edit this video to replace him being jealous of her gifts to being jealous that shes the only one who can pull fresh pussy for him anymore. Could use footage from her "would i date you" videos or tweets directed at her.

He probably hates that she has all these teens telling her they are in love with her, especially knowing full well Lainey doesnt want to and won't fuck them and he would in a heartbeat. Life isnt fair for poor onion.

No. 466522

File: 1511232507275.png (546.03 KB, 1206x1018, Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 9.43…)

Onion did it. He's #6 on my r/all with 29.5k upvotes.

No. 466523

Or even videos and pics of everyone else doing miles better than him. All of his exes, all of the YouTubers he constantly shits on, etc.
Aldi, if you have the time to bless us with these requests, that’s all I will wish for for Christmas this year.

No. 466524

He’s finally back on top! Suck it, haters! I’m popular again!

No. 466529

I'm a dumbass, but is he acting like a cunt on purpose? I cant tell anymore.

No. 466537

Is the making a burrito thing supposed to be an inside joke or just an attempt at “comedy”

No. 466539

File: 1511234430184.png (374.09 KB, 1150x1386, Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.2…)

things gettin heated in onions replies

No. 466545

File: 1511235649160.png (109.98 KB, 532x1272, kek.png)

his twitter sperging is glorious

No. 466546

File: 1511235840831.png (218.21 KB, 558x1506, beautiful.png)

and this

No. 466549

he was obviously making this as a joke and another way to promote lameo's patreon and his own, and tell people to send him stuff too. I bet there is truth in there that he does feel angry at lameo having people watch her more than him and send her more shit than him, because he thinks her content is crap and his is godly.

Him screaming as she talked about the transgender stuff was a nice touch tho gerg. I also want to slam my face in a wall everytime she talks about her special snowflake gender.

No. 466556

How long until the inevitable character assassination? I’m ready for milk.

No. 466559

Plainey is on younow.

No. 466568

I'm trying to listen in for anything interesting but god. Snoozefest. Talking about ornaments and Christmas. Those poor kids having to wake up to see what santa brought only to find a greasy "skin diseased" monster holding their goodies hostage

No. 466569

File: 1511245448251.png (33.08 KB, 523x589, jwOvj0K.png)

if skye didn't become a hooker after wasting 5 years of her life with him, then shiloh didn't have to either after the maybe a year overall that she spent around him.

beautiful numbers
even tana recovered after her racism disaster. he really has no hope. is he the most rapidly declining youtuber?
and you know it's not a bug because his twitter followers are also running away

No. 466571

the only slightly interesting thing that happened was footface got triggered about the whole "we are in a gay relationship" thing. she claimed she wasn't saying she and greg were in a gay relationship, but meant that if you were trans and blah blah blah. i stopped listening to her.

No. 466572

lol that last tweet is pretty fucking on point

No. 466584

Wow she is straight up lying again. She clearly said "youre in a gay relationship" and we have proof of it. It wasn't meant differently, she was on an all time high with her trans shit after wearing a binder for one time. Guess what lame, if you'd be happy from your heart you would show it. A person with real chest/gender dysphoria would probably cry in such a moment or at least not act all stupid and self-absorbed with yasss/lit/meeee your new boyfriend. ugh.

Onion is all about being honest while he and Lame are the most dishonest scumbags on the internet

No. 466592

File: 1511258518589.jpeg (349.07 KB, 640x865, 17EDFF96-3DA3-4D7C-9B68-89C152…)

Grugly as a child. Has any patreon-anon gotten any milk from his kid-pics yet? Plz share for keks!

No. 466606

File: 1511269570066.png (1.38 MB, 1432x864, Untitled.png)


Is she fucking serious? I took that screencap myself, bitch.

saged for rage

No. 466614


Did anyone catch this moment on video ? So Plainey can't claim it was edited.

No. 466615

Isn't the whole stream uploaded to onision reacts or something and I think upload anon made a mirror of it. We definitely have proof of it, I remember I downloaded the video just in case

No. 466618

Ehhh, the FMA book runs about $20 USD retail and, since he got it from Amazon, it was probably have that. Doesn't excuse him from being a giant pissbaby about not getting many gifts since he doesn't have friends lmao

No. 466621

When I clicked on the link from his twitter I was led to a $ 12 patreon tier iirc, so none of us has access. But I found a video in onision thread #3 with lots of little onion pics. I can link to it later but I'm on my phone rn. It was fucking hilarious and he was fake crying in the end!

No. 466658

Yes people did and they even challenged her and said that she lied because there was no other context to the Gay relationship comment. She said "you people are reaching, if you have a question ask greg, I never said we were in a gay relationship, because I don't think we are in a gay relationship." She then started talking about how people keep coming back after being blocked.

No. 466668

So Lame's mom flew in to see her and what does Plainey do? Uses her as a full time baby sitter, at the end of the visit when mom is almost going home I understand if you go on a date but not when she's just getting there. Yesterday she said she was out with Gurg all day, which is surprising since he's been narc tweeting all day. Today she's having her friend Jess now going as Ryan and they are going to do some kind of drinking Q&A for a video. Like damn Plain spend time with your mom instead of using her as a maid and baby sitter, shit person.

No. 466670

In the newest Laineybot video, greg buys a bunch of mini bottles of alcohol. Is that’s for a video? I thought they didn’t drink.

No. 466671

Gurg is "straight-edge" according to his instagram.

No. 466672

They are doing it for a taste testing video. "Straight edge couple taste alcohol for the first time".

No. 466673


They're not even a straight edge couple though. Lainey has said before that she drinks occasionally

No. 466677

Yup, they are doing some kind of drinking Q&A with Lainey's "almost ex" Jess the girl Onion said Lainey had no chemistry with, Jess now goes as Ryan and she is Non Binary lol. She said she got her inspiration from the Shane, Ryland and Juicystar video, "inspiration".

No. 466678

No. 466682


that's horrible for her mum, probably excited to see her grandkids, but blogpost i have a brother that causes the family nothing but grief but my mum is obsessed (rightly so) of his 1 yr old son, she goes above and beyond just to keep the relationship with the grandchild. maybe same for laimey's ma because i have no other clue why someone would bother for laimey's ungrateful ass


honestly, i wouldn't be surprised if they both start drinking more or open up about drinking. like i'm starting to wonder if grease has ever smoked the ganj, his ma does. there was a vid of him smoking these other herbs or vapes. they probably just can't admit to changing their views since they don't allow others to grow

No. 466689

File: 1511287956224.png (238.92 KB, 719x342, 20171121_121034.png)

Oh yeah he's definitely aged better than other 32 year old, lol!

No. 466690

File: 1511288003648.png (287.89 KB, 719x383, 20171121_120947.png)

What a happy gay married couple, such goals.

No. 466697

Pieces of shit, using straws and plastic cups, bits of plastic end up in the ocean and affect animals ecosystems. I won't start on the sugar, but saw a video about straws in turtles noses, and now, straws make me sick. https://youtu.be/4wH878t78bw

She's such a bad liar and hypocrite, she legit said 2 weeks ago that she will discuss things with Greg in private if she disagrees with him or needs to discuss something. DISGUSTING

No. 466698

lame is so annoying with her "ME" all the time. and there is no way greg is attracted to her the way she looks right now. I lol'd a bit when onion didn't want to give her a long, romantic kiss in the end

No. 466702

The difference with him when he's with lainey compared to Shiloh/Skye/Billie, he really does hate her and is trying to pass it off as jokey teasing lol.

No. 466717

File: 1511291152187.png (102.19 KB, 266x440, Screenshot.png)

>tfw you will never get to go away to onion summer camp
why even live?

No. 466720

File: 1511291425418.png (110.18 KB, 586x193, mem.PNG)

So this is the video I was talking about earlier ("Onision's Memories") >>466621. It's at least as cringey as his music videos and you should watch it if you either want to look at photos of young onion or laugh about him being ~deep~ and fake crying. He's trying sooo hard at the end, too bad he's a sociopath who isn't capable of real crying.


No. 466729

File: 1511293056676.png (346.95 KB, 645x523, jaclyn.PNG)

No. 466732

File: 1511293706460.png (186.02 KB, 645x1022, IQ.png)

Continuing the IQ test twitter rant

No. 466736


"If online IQ tests are not valid, why do I see smart people doing well on them?"

If you're half as smart as you claim Onion, you should be able to figure that out.

We all know the only reason you put so much faith in them Onion is because it's the only thing you have that you think validates that pea-brain you like to claim is "intelligent". Your school grades, way of speaking, writing, idiotic "logic"…yeah, none of that reflects you intelligence at all.

No. 466737

File: 1511294314746.png (45.93 KB, 719x185, 20171121_135735.png)

Is he going to require the people that pay and support him to take IQ test? Wow these people are fucking pathetic. They are like an actual cult.

No. 466738

he's totally the guy who would call a test invalid if he'd gotten a dissatisfying result from it.

he's so desperate because he has had no education except high school and therefore no degree or anything to brag about

No. 466741


And if I recall, he didn't do all that well in high school. Not horrible mind you, but nothing to write home about either.

No. 466743

File: 1511294733904.jpg (82.02 KB, 407x464, sid ass licker.jpg)

This ass licker, Kitten Space trying to say Jaclyn isn't cute when she looks like Sid from Ice age. I can't with Onisions flakes.

No. 466745

his narcissism probably prevented him from working in school. being sooo intelligent you don't need to learn stuff.

No. 466746

File: 1511294905826.jpg (34.82 KB, 600x290, such genius.jpg)

No. 466747

not an americafag but I think that's pretty average or bad right?

No. 466748

File: 1511295037143.jpg (221.66 KB, 1249x617, such genius.jpg)

Look like he added a few points to his GPA for twitter.

No. 466749

Yes its average, to bad he acts like a genius.

No. 466750


It's a low B, or about 83%. About average, maybe slightly better.

No. 466753

>the only thing I ever really worried about academically, was my diploma, that of which I received a little earlier than my class
does anyone know what he's talking about here?

No. 466754

ok thanks. If he had had good grades they would be totally important to him and he'd use that against others but he can only bully others for being high school drop outs (like billie). who the fuck does he think he is, he hasn't achieved much education-wise

No. 466757

File: 1511296055516.png (598.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171121-142444.png)

I wonder if Onion will call Blaire a man since he's been narc raging about gender.

No. 466758

not really writing in this thread or following onion, i just have to give props to the OP picture. lainursula is the most perfect thing.

No. 466759

4.0 = A
3.0 = B
2.0 = C
1.0 = D
So he had a C+ average, he got his diploma early because he got put in a program for loser kids at risk of not graduating so they sent him to community college to change his "environment" (give him easy shit so he passes and they don't have to deal with him another year)

No. 466761

kek that's hilarious

No. 466764

lol 1,200 dollars just to come to his greasy mansion? there's so many better things to do with the money.

2.7 is actually pretty bad.
4.0 = straight As which is around ~95-100 percent
3.0 = B, which is averaging at 85 percent
People who get below 3.0 are in the C range. Nothing to brag about AT ALL. Especially since this is high school we're talking about.

No. 466768

Ehh if you're referring to running-start, it's not a program for losers. it's just for people who want to get college credit early on. i knew people who did that so they won't have to pay to take the basic courses at university. Of course greg did not actually do anything with his credit afterwards though so it was just a waste of time for him.

No. 466771


Waste of time?! YEAH RIGHT, he probably got brag that he was in a COLLEGE course. Which is only for the smartest of smarts.

No. 466773

I bet he sets a strict date for that gathering to happen and when you cannot come due to other obligations you're screwed and have wasted your money (if we ignore the fact that money on onion is always wasted). I really can't imagine that he would be so nice to invite people he doesn't actually want to see (except they are fresh hot teens) more than one time.

No. 466779

okay anon maybe cool it, you sound like gerg sperging about plastic cups and straws. i mean to begin with it's just not super feasible to never use them if you ever get a drink at a restaurant or fast food place but also nitpicking shit like this just makes every other actually bad thing they do that we point out seem like we're just sperging over nothing like this.

No. 466783

File: 1511298992814.jpeg (76.59 KB, 640x213, AD8DE6D9-FCDD-47A0-9E86-E27749…)

Has admitted to drinking alcohol as a teenager.

No. 466784

His caveman features make him look goffick? Well, that’s new kek

No. 466788

I wonder why he was so into being an edgy emo when he was a goth (well at least, in a school shooter kind of way) in high school. he was actually too old to become emo at that point but I guess he did that because it was popular back when his channel started? on the other hand, why did he stick to it? cause his fanbase is emo? goth became much more popular in the last few years but he never really milked it.

No. 466789

He's stuck on emo precisely because it was popular when he first started his channel and became popular. His entire schtick is him refusing to move with the times because what was popular in 2009 should obviously still stand him in good stead in 2017!

No. 466795

OT but does anyone know what kind of music onion listens to? I've literally only ever heard him talk about Marilyn Manson and he hates everything in those "listening to your favorite songs" videos.

No. 466796

He likes KPOP and Marilyn Manson. I think Linkin Park too since he was sad when Chester died

No. 466797

in know he likes nine inch nails (which I hate him for because I love them), nirvana. I think he's pretty generic and doesn't know a lot of bands (like less popular rock bands)

No. 466799

He likes Metallica, Tool, Slipknot, Korn and Rob Zombie as well.

In one of his older Speaks videos, he kinda milked James Hetfield’s mom dying of cancer for his anti-Christian propaganda.

No. 466801

No. 466804

i don't truly believe he even likes music. the bands he says he likes do not match with the fucking awful music he creates.

he is a massive poser like his gay husband

No. 466812

He seems like he doesn't even really know his 'favorite' bands that well. So uh, I am assuming he doesn't really listen to music much at all. This may be why his own sucks so much. Also explains a lot. People who don't like music tend to be the worst type of people.

No. 466814

Ok there is no way this cheapskate is getting quality botox injections (which he is for sure getting hence all the masks at strategic times). I just ran across this article that really points out exactly why he has that fucking insane drooping cavebrow that just gets worse and worse
"But wrinkles aren't necessarily the tell-tale signs of aging. What you're really looking to do is prevent sagging. Commit this to memory! It'll help you get the "right" Botox. Lisa explains: "If you are 'over-weakening' muscles that hold your face up, then sagging can become worse over time. However, this is not true for muscles that pull down. By weakening muscles that pull down, your face can stay up longer. So, if you are receiving treatment solely for forehead wrinkles, you may inadvertently cause other muscles to compensate. This could cause or increase the rate of brow sagging." So think long and hard (with an unfurrowed brow) about what you want less of—a few forehead wrinkles or drooping face muscles."

No. 466816

I really don't understand the whole botox rumors. He doesn't even look youthful for his age at all and has obvious lines and forehead wrinkles and all that stuff when he is not in overexposed videos or photos. I never seen his face change for the better either after any rumored botox injection. So why do so many people assume he gets anything done? If he really was willing to spend money on his face and botox wouldn't he get that tent in his forehead filled then? And maybe get a brow lift since his deep brows are what mostly make him look older?
Personally I think he is too much of a narc to even notice he is aging, since he likes to believe he is forever youthful and oh so handsome.

No. 466819

Lol I'm watching his Blaire video and he's using his puppet twitter account as a "fan's reaction"

No. 466820

>"Blaire White dropped a chicken in the middle of hungry wolves"
nice, blaming the victim

No. 466821

I didn't realize the onion reacts channel was a thing, added it to archiving. sorry anons.

No. 466823

Your face doesn't always look good with botox anon. Take a look at carrot top, or even some of the older females in holly wood that have overdone the botox. The reason a lot of people think he has botox, is because the way the ends of his brows go up like a villian. It always seems to look like that fpr months and then the brows drop back down to his forehead. Also, using botox on that dent in his head would do nothing. He needs a filler for the dent, not botox. I think it's quite reasonable to think he got botox.

No. 466825

Lainey now live on YouNow. Someone asked Lainey if Greg was okay because he seemed angry. She said something along the lines of that Greg was all right but that he did remove her from his bio "so that's weird."

Someone asked why Lainey doesn't talk to Greg, and she got snippy and said, "Because there's nothing to talk about. Everything has been normal. There have been NO red flags."


She also followed up with telling her watchers that she's horrible to date. Just bad.

No. 466826

File: 1511310989390.jpg (28.76 KB, 628x291, Screenshot_35.jpg)

Congrats Greg, you said the opposite of what you meant to say.

No. 466827

o shit, when did he remove her?

No. 466828

He wears a Nirvana shirt that he shares w/ lamey boot but i doubt they know listen to it.

No. 466829

same fag but I meant I doubt they even listen to Nirvana prob just grab a bunch of popular band shirts at hot topic to look edgy

No. 466830

does grease know his kids pictures were leaked? I know they are in one of his videos, lain showed her phone screen and it was a pic of her kids (on accident) and a picture of the family in public was leaked. I don't want to be cruel to the kids, I just want to see him flip his shit

No. 466831

There was also the picture of billie and ayalla with troy in the background. Not sure about the family photo you're talking about, post it at least.

No. 466832

It was after the whole gay relationship-fiasco.

No. 466833

File: 1511311423824.jpg (346.25 KB, 1047x944, Screenshot_20171122-104108.jpg)

Current bio, I think the one with plainey in it is in a previous thread.

No. 466834

all it said about her was "dream dadddy to @laineybot"

No. 466835


the family pic was on kiwi farm from what I remember. It's pretty old and only has troy. here's the one Lainey leaked.

No. 466838


LOL WOW, what a fucking moron.

No. 466841

File: 1511313694722.jpeg (166.53 KB, 1294x635, 411FAB51-032B-4970-9FE0-E1D0C9…)

Looks like follow Lainey probing him about it during her stream he’s changed it again

No. 466842

She was making him explain himself on stream


No. 466846

lmao peep that high IQ

No. 466847

Lame is the poster child for bare minimum bottom of the barrel bitch. When they went to eat bagels, he got her juice after she asked him and she called him "sweet" despite the fact that he was dragging her the entire time and shitting on her interests. Totes relationship goals tho!!

No. 466849

>NO red flags
Is she blind? Theres been red flags before she even started dating onion.

When you have to force your husband to include you in their profile then act like its so cute that he wrote that after you forced it.

No. 466850

File: 1511314764206.jpg (102.18 KB, 768x364, 05onfire1_xp-master768-v2.jpg)

I guess him shitting on her music taste throughout their entire date and calling her nose a rock formation and a mountain dont indicative he's irritated by her at all. Or the fact that they admitted he calls her trash while having sex. And calling her stupid on Twitter. Nope. Everything's fine.

Pic related. The dog is Lainey and the house on fire is her marriage.

No. 466854

When your gay husband removes you from his twitter bio shortly after a public disagreement, that’s when you know he really cares #justlaineythings

No. 466856

Not to mention how irritated he was when they kept having to re-do the #blessed kiss at the end. Peep those husband goals tho!!!!

No. 466859

File: 1511315228275.jpg (38.19 KB, 1080x573, rr9oy62gvmpz.jpg)


Sharing because this is new to me, and perhaps to others..

Ugh. Makes me sick.. those poor fucking kids.

No. 466860

When you wear a Billie wig while your husband jackhammers you from behind while calling you trash after he just gets done tweeting about basementgate on your anniversary


No. 466861

File: 1511315813941.png (485.42 KB, 577x774, liee.png)

No. 466864

She uploads a pic where it seems like the kiss is romantic, when in reality she had to ask hours beforehand and he didn't want to lol.

No. 466866

Why tf does she leave this embarrassing shit in her video? Seriously do they want everyone to see how broken their marriage is? Like do they get a kick out of it or something?

No. 466868

Samefag but I just noticed. Laimey's 'sponsors' at the end of the videos, her patrons only flash up for like half a second on the bottom of the screen. Really? Would it hurt to add like 5 extra seconds to proper display them? I know it's petty but it's one of these small things I just don't understand, like why offer a perk like 'I'll credit you in videos' if you then don't even do it right. IDK how much these ppl pay but I would feel pissed if I was one of them.

No. 466872

yeah clearly no red flags. that's what everyone's loving husband does!

she said this was one of their best dates they've had in a long time. And you know what, i believe it because the standards that have to be met must be incredibly low. Do they never go anywhere together or something? This would be like a normal day with my SO minus the rotting onion insults. Not a special "date".

No. 466873

File: 1511317404117.png (20.16 KB, 259x309, Screenshot(3).png)

No. 466881

File: 1511321369791.jpeg (345.07 KB, 700x495, 1511028051990.jpeg)

One of you lovely Anons should tweet this picture at him while he's sperging about SR and sex being trash w/o love.

We know how Gregma's loves rape pictures of himself.

No. 466915

well if she leaves that shit in her video imagine all thr stuff she doesn’t put in…. i mean if thats the best and most romantic she get can out of him thats pretty sad and makes m wonder what the other footage looks like

No. 466922

When / where was a picture of them in public leaked?! I can’t help but want to see this

No. 466931

lol i like how he both said the opposite of what he wants to say, as well as being wrong even if he did phrase it correctly because it really isn't similar at all. no one is asked to pay premiums to watch shittier youtubers like him.

No. 466957

I second this, I want to see it too.

No. 466964

Nice flower headband there Lamo, not pushing gender norms at all…
I'll send this to here on twitter and see if it triggers her.

No. 466975

When I take online IQ tests I usually get between 120 - 130 but I know there's no way I'd be that high, the average IQ among whites is 100, Onion would be 110 and best, someone with a high IQ wouldn't repy solely on a webstie to do their taxes with, online IQ tests are NOT valid because they aren't conducted by an organisation like Mensa who are qualified to host IQ tests, these online sites tend to have different questions and differing lengths and almost ALWAYS exaggerate the scores, as Stephen Hawking said "people who boast about their IQ are losers", also anyone who thinks IQ tests are anything more than just determining ones ability to recognise patterns is not very smart let alone someone who thinks online IQ tests made by randoms in any way valididate ones overall intelligence

No. 466981

any reason why you can't tweet your own art at him?

No. 466984

>someone with a high IQ wouldn't repy solely on a webstie to do their taxes with
Just because someone's booksmart doesn't mean they have common sense.

No. 466986

anyone interested in his ..books. those are now archived as well:


No. 466988


Any other than Mensa IQ test is unreliable. Also, the Mensa sample test that's on their website is unreliable too, it's even said there by Mensa. It's only there to give you a sample of what's the test about and how it's like to do it so you can prepare mentally.

No. 466991

Did Onion ever take an aptitude test in high school? Like an ACT or the SAT?

I imagine he got a low grade on his high school aptitude test, which is why he boasts so much about phony IQ tests online. Then again, I’m sure he’d say that the ACT is not reliable because he only scored 16.

No. 466993

He did and he said he was put in remedial classes and complained they were bullshit. I'll look for the blog post.

No. 466996

Why do you keep bringing up Mensa? Mensa are a society of losers with nothing to boast about but some meaningless number that really isn't difficult to achieve. Unemployment rates are higher in than the general population. They're cows. And plenty of organisations administer 'rigorous' IQ tests in a variety of formats, the buck neither originates nor stops with bloody Mensa.

No. 466997

I’m surprised he wasn’t put in special-ed classes throughout his entire schooling.

No. 467006


This sounds like something Onion would write when he got a poor result from Mensa test lol.

No. 467007

IQ isn’t booksmart either. At least it’s not meant to be and rigorous IQ tests try to measure for that. It’s supposed to be both your capacity to learn and how quickly/easily you can do so. Decent tests use pattern recognition so it’s not influenced by culture or education. Tests with maths or language questions are less reliable.

The pointless thing about IQ is that for all we know, Onion actually has high IQ. People who are too arrogant to correctly learn from their mistakes and never work hard at anything and don’t read or study or spend time thinking about shit can be as bewilderingly stupid as onion even with high IQ.

No. 467009

>the year of our lord 2017
>still taking Mensa seriously


kek'd at this. good catch anon.

So what what his excuse?

No. 467011

Margo Palermo is in Mensa

No. 467014

They've never left WA state since they've been married. Didn't he take Billie on an Alaskan Air vacation?

No. 467018

He took his first wife to Vegas and somewhere in Virginia. Poor Lamo, she didn’t even go to Digitour like he promised! Oh well, goalz! <3

No. 467049

File: 1511345990375.png (642.36 KB, 588x593, 84675.PNG)

She says on her YouNow 7th or 8th broadcast moment
Lainey: Im thinking of doing one of those videos where Greg gets to hijack my Tinder
So she means shes going to let Greg to get on her Tinder app and pick girls he thinks she should date…

No. 467053

No. 467072

they act like they're still in high school. that's so pathetic.

This is a moment where lame is very suspicious about gurg removing her from the bio:

Here she is angry at him kek:

No. 467076

why does the bitch always sway when she's nervous lmao

No. 467079

File: 1511354226934.png (1.2 MB, 1083x608, sociopath.png)

lol at this message from a former patron

I wonder why so many go so into detail why they are no longer patrons. One said they need the money for a house. Are they forced to leave a message and name reasons?

the video:

No. 467082

Why does he have to read and make fun of the people who pay him? I feel like it violates privacy…
Hes the one who is in real debt, so one of the people wants to save 12 dollars a month and gerg makes fun of them….

No. 467085

Now they are targeting girls on tinder who might not know how abusive and terrible they both are? Jeezes. Bet she doesnt even mention shes married with two kids on there.

No. 467092


When you withdraw a pledge, you do have an option to say why you are withdrawing it.
I think multiple people have said that when you withdraw your pledge from him, he'll send you a message and ask why if you don't leave a message on your own.

No. 467097


It'd be fucking hilarious if he actually started balding. Wonder how he'd defend himself from that.

No. 467098


Probably blocked.

No. 467100

Swaying or rocking is a small sign of Autism or Schizophrenia.

No. 467102

File: 1511361366787.jpg (93.31 KB, 688x732, lainss.jpg)

just leaving a pic of lainey's skin smoothing filter dropping in the ipsy bag vid

i know this shit is par for the course with youtube beauty "gurus", but it's ridiculous to gush about a foundation and then not even have the balls to show it on your actual skin without editing.

No. 467104

her pores are massive, she really should get a skin care routine, it is something i am actually thankful my narc mother passed on to me at 8 yrs old lol

No. 467105

Size of pores is genetic, it doesn't have to do much with skin care. You also can't make your pores smaller by caring for them, just clearer an maybe less visible.

No. 467107

oh right, sorry I forgot about that. man, he's really guilt tripping people. I think these videos also have the purpose to make people be scared of withdrawing because they could end up in the video and be insulted or made fun of.

8 years that's insane. well I'm glad it works

No. 467112

hands down i've the best skin in my family, my aunts etc always talk about my skin. i feel like vicky shingles sometimes with my natural radiant porcelain hah.

either way, laimey has admitted to not even moisturising and she needs too, her skin looks thirsty as fuck.

No. 467114

Bitch needs to drink water too, her lips are always dry af

No. 467117


Her foundation looks patchy … Like she forgot to do the upper lip area,nose and parts of her forehead. The rest of it just looks really caky, and really doesn't cover well. You can literally see all her imperfections thru that coverup.

Btw, didn't someone mention she was going to dye her hair orange ?


Especially around her lips. I just finished 6 months of acutane and my skin/lips look much softer and hydrated then hers.

No. 467120

…Thereby proving exactly that former patron's point.

Greg is so fucking stupid he doesn't even see that.

No. 467122


I have always thought that how she uses her lipstick seems strange. Like she doesn't fill her full bottom lip. Or she just has a weird lip? I have thin lips, so I get it… but her matte lipstick just draws attention to how thin they are I think.

Saged because I'm not sure how it really adds to the discussion.

No. 467123

File: 1511365807385.gif (411.27 KB, 200x150, e0xA1_s-200x150.gif)

so we've replaced makeup sperging with skincare sperging? could you anons just shut the fuck up with your incessant blog posting and take it to tempcow? there is an entire thread dedicated to this kind of posting.nobody wants to come see if there's any milk after school/work only to find 120 posts of your garbage chatting.

No. 467135

Nice brag, your mom is not the only narc, huh

No. 467143

File: 1511370500054.png (3.18 MB, 1136x640, 7BCEA852-4F83-467E-AAF9-428AA3…)

Growing bald spot going on

No. 467144


So is Xiaxue. She frequently shows the letter when people say shes an idiot.

No. 467145

also he needs to re-dye his hair he looks awful

No. 467147

I can't wait for the day he starts going grey, pretty sure PsychoTammi already has but she dyes it stupid colours, Greg's hair is definitely thinning, he won't be able to keep up this Bieber hairstyle for much longer and all these teen girls won't find him so sexy anymore (vomit).

No. 467148

File: 1511371276669.jpg (92.03 KB, 640x360, wireygrayonionhairs.jpg)

He has been going grey for a long time, check the eyebrows.

That is why he dyes his hair black and fills in his eyebrows.

No. 467149

File: 1511371640989.png (467.28 KB, 569x489, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.26…)

jfc that thing is hideous! for someone who cares so much about their appearance he could at least pluck them, the mere sight of them is triggering the fuck out of me! his nose reminds me of a strawberry.

No. 467150

There’s a gray area right next to his bald spot

No. 467151


He follows Xiaxue, kek.

No. 467162

wow she's rally cakey

to me it looks like it could be the effect of his roots being lighter than his dyed hair which makes the hair look thinner. i do hope it's a bald spot though because that would be hilarious

No. 467163

Can someone please send this to Gergles, for our fucking sakes?

No. 467169

Just do it yourself anon.

No. 467174

Since our wonderful archive-anon made all younow streams available I looked at the stream where the fly incident happened and cut it out for you guys. It was so cringey to watch the whole thing:


Sage for old milk

No. 467176


She's just like a child.

>I asked you to help me but you never did!

In her mind, I'm sure "help me clean" means "do it for me." Welcome to adult life, little girl.

No. 467181

I definitely think that's the case. Especially her caterwauling about her dad giving her anxiety because he demanded so much. Bitch where? She has been mediocre all her life. He probably just wanted her to stop acting so spoiled and lazy.

No. 467192


"How am I supposed to take down all these boxes myself?!"

It's called multiple trips. You have legs. Your size is irrelevant.

No. 467198

Thanks so much for uploading the whole thing!

Are they talking about Billie being messy when Greg says she’s being hypocritical about messes and the person’s name started with “B.”

No. 467200

File: 1511380191168.jpeg (326.17 KB, 750x740, 2393E6DB-C226-4778-AEA8-99011E…)


I meant to add this but look how excited he is to bring her up.

No. 467204


remember guys, no red flags whatsoever!! /s

No. 467206

just FUCKING boxxesss I don’t have big enough hands nyeehh

No. 467208

File: 1511381575624.png (118.08 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_2017-11-23-07-13-07…)

So much edge. Yawn.

No. 467210

File: 1511381674170.png (109.08 KB, 1080x542, Screenshot_2017-11-23-07-02-53…)

Shame any lifestyle you don't understand, that's the way SpedGreg. Such IQ.

No. 467211

I mean his wife and mother of his children has a tinder

No. 467213

File: 1511382591038.png (164.87 KB, 1221x815, Lord of the flies.png)

No. 467214

>Why is he so annoying?
>Why do I have to invite him to anything?
Because you love Grugly and want to prove the haturz wrong? Kek

No. 467215

Is she five years old? She doesn't have enough hands to bring boxes down? Take two trips, put them in a large bag. LOL. Can't problem solve that? She always needs gerg to do everything for her. I noticed it before. Whenever she has a slight problem, she has to ask gerg for help. Can't google it herself or figure it out herself.

I like how this is what she considers gerg being an asshole, and not every actual terrible thing he does. Shes spoiled as all hell and selfish. The way she talks is soo spoiled and like a middle schooler in that clip, holy shit. "I'm PANICKING because I have to CLEAN UP". Wow lameo, your life is SO HARD. How hard must it be to have to clean some boxes? Omg!!

I noticed that too, he implied lameo criticizes billie for cleanliness. He said "it starts with a B". Lol, everyone thinks gerg is the one who only talks shit. Lameo was always the one talking shit about Billie and everyone gerg also criticizes. Gerg is just the one who says it online. Didn't gerg say billie smelled before? Now its pretty obvious he was rehashing what lameo said to him. She was obviously insulting billie to him the whole time he was with her because she hated her.

No. 467216

File: 1511382977638.jpg (190.39 KB, 1548x908, Becausehesdead.jpg)

When he's on the same level of edge as Taylor Swift you know he's lost all originality

No. 467217

I wonder if he reads this thread and sees how people here said we want drama and hes boring now, and now hes going back to being edgy. No gerg, the only drama i want is REAL drama where you divorce foot. Everything else is boring. No shane videos, no 'omg no one cares about every death when tragedy happens' tweets, no im honest about people's bodies and fatness videos, no cutters are selfish and horrible tweets/videos, and for the love of god no more eugenia/jaclyn videos, etc. That's boring as all hell.

lol he argued with fat becca about if shes a slut.

Isn't he just the sweetest and loving husband ever? Except when he tells me to CLEAN and have to MOVE off my ass for one second. Then omg horrible so mean! He insults and harasses other people? That's nothing! He told me to CLEAN!! The horror!

No. 467222

Kek I love this

No. 467224

>"i'm going to call you lord of the flies from now on"
I can't believe greg made me genuinely laugh

No. 467226

I can't believe she's unironically wearing a shirt with her face on it

No. 467229

Taylor said it’s totally different, are they both talking about Billie supposedly having smelly armpits still? like why are you still thinking about your ex’s armpits 10 months since the breakup?

No. 467231

I just wanted to write the same thing and I totally missed that joke. Kek onion. I love when you make fun of lameo

Onion was actually in the right in this situation, she is a lazy bitch and can carry out the little boxes by herself. Just go a few times, is it really that hard? Her kids will adapt this behavior - "no Mom, I'm too small, I can't do that!". Even tho I doubt the boxes were the reason for fruit flies, but nevermind she's still a spoiled bitch.

I don't think it's about armpits, Billie was probably a bit messy too

No. 467233

Video on his latest tweets and just him being him I guess, she just says what we're all thinking so nothing new but I like people who are aggravated by gregma

No. 467244

Lame's online and apparently going to dye her hair. We can livepost on tempcow

No. 467245

Stop giving these rando attention whores what they want; almost every person who's tried to drum up publicity by ripping on Greg has been a piece of shit themselves.

No. 467250

File: 1511388720856.png (231.81 KB, 471x462, yuc.png)

she's dyeing her hair live, and needs help but won't call Greg in because she hasn't picked up the boxes and she thinks he'll comment on it.

No. 467251

File: 1511388852140.png (445.8 KB, 694x407, navy.PNG)

it's navy or midnight blue. I don't know where to post this shit, here or tempcow but it's kinda relevant cause it's another billie color

No. 467255

File: 1511389123788.png (15.1 KB, 648x133, blue.PNG)


No. 467259

File: 1511389472266.png (506.88 KB, 839x441, ayee.png)

No. 467265

is she incompetent? How hard is it to pick up boxes that she hasn't done it yet? No wonder she always wants a "friend" to live with her to do her chores for her. Shes going to make her kids do everything for her when they grow up, i guarantee it.

No. 467266

lmao her mom is taking the boxes out for her

No. 467267

Or toss them down the fucking stairs. Your husband is throwing TVs off balconies and your daughter’s toys down the stairs.
Also, this clip kills me for those kids. Can you imagine? A mother that won’t lift a finger for anything that’s “too hard”?

No. 467268

File: 1511390279984.jpg (120.44 KB, 594x533, 1510834628348.jpg)


Fliesgate part 2? I'm living for this. Go in her room, Greg, please

No. 467269

samefag but this means she refused to do this herself up to this day. it's been at least 3 days but she's still too much of a princess

No. 467271

No. 467272

she hasn't come out as nonbinary to her mom. must be very important to her then kek

No. 467273

can't believe this lazy sack of shit is a mother. disgraceful.

No. 467274

woooow so lazy plainey

No. 467277

Someone should tweet greg and tell him what she said, lol.
It seems to be learned helplessness. She's been spoiled her whole life and hasn't learned basic life skills or work ethic but rationalizes it to herself by pretending that she's too frail or w/e

No. 467289

Laim hung out with that girl Jess yesterday and Jess has a girlfriend, they did a drunk ex girlfriend tag. Apparently this made Jess's gf uncomfortable and she got angry. She will do this but got all emo on Twitter when Billie would hang out with Gerg.

No. 467293

I made a new tempthread cause the other one has reached its post limit


No. 467295

File: 1511393059644.png (1.77 MB, 1136x640, 80C55EA1-B0F5-41AA-8B58-4FAF54…)

I’m not trying to compare anyone but damn! The resemblance is uncanny here (at least with the bangs).

No. 467299

????? Lmao no

No. 467300

lol the jess girl did the video without telling her own gf? Isnt this the same girl who dumped her fiance for lameo? No wonder her gf would be pissed. How disrespectful of lameo.

Its funny because shes trying so hard to copy shane's videos. But when shane does stuff like this he makes sure everyones comfortable about it and its always sweet in the end.

No. 467305

I am CREASED this is hilarious

No. 467312

She is completely infantilized. Almost 100%.
It means her life is controlled by others to a point where she is no longer a competent, functioning adult.
If I had a younow or twitter or Facebook or any social media I'd send this to her. Maybe one day she'll read here and take the test. Maybe one day Brad Pitt will give me a nice smooch and a puppy too.
Lainey won't be able to function as a competent adult unless she removes herself from both Onion and her parents, and Sarah or any live in nannies.

No. 467314

Ol’Footface has soooo many stretch marks on her stomach, can you imagine wtf her breasts look like? Gross.(Nitpick)

No. 467315

For that you need to actually want to change something and I doubt that she wants to be an adult and responsible

No. 467323

That's the last thing to pick on her anon, she's had two kids, that shit happens. But if you wanna talk about her gross skin, please. It's so triggering, just fucking wash your face Taylor, why is that so fucking hard? sage for no contribution

No. 467324

yeah but whatever nitpicking should take place in tempcow

I don't see the resemblance either

No. 467326

I'm at work and can't watch the videos but wow does he ever look so smug….lmao. Also something is going on. Judging by the transcript posts he's definitely getting tired of taking care of not only his 2 children, but her as well. He's nearly a single parent, and the fact Sarah is there helping too? How is stuff still not getting done. Incredible

No. 467328

Sarah is back in Michigan, and Plain said on stream that right now she currently has 0 friends lol.

No. 467330

Oh damn sorry my bad. I don't follow them religiously, but heard she was back a few weeks ago. What happened to that?

No. 467331

I'm soo waiting for cheating or/and divorce drama

No. 467332

Chances are Sarah went back home for the holidays, or just back to her home state and Plain felt this was betrayal, since she's such a needy bitch. All tinfoil, but Sarah has not been to any of her or Gregma's streams in like 2 weeks.

No. 467335

that's indeed suspicious

No. 467337

crossposting between here and tempcow, todays recording of plain's stream is live


No. 467338

I hope that kid woke up to what's going on, like I get she's a freaking idiot but she's still a child, it's still not too late for her to run.

No. 467340

Does onion even have someone to cheat with? It's clear he dislikes his discord fags and his relationship with lain isn't going well.

No. 467341

This picture made me laugh so hard, PLEASE PLEASE make it the top picture for the next thread…

No. 467344

no of course not, his youtube career is dead and he's aging. it's the reason why he's so frustrated

No. 467350

File: 1511399216133.png (20.95 KB, 644x204, disorder.PNG)

wait… did he actually admit that he has a narcissistic personality disorder? I don't know if he's serious or not anymore, most of his tweets sound so insane anyways. also the first part is 100% what lame does

No. 467354

Probably being sarcastic since he probably hears it daily…although it is true.
…the day he becomes completely self aware…and actually believes it..if ever.

No. 467355

I feel like she will do a selena. Still be on good terms, but slowly fade out of her life. No matter how much you want to prove da haters wrong, its probably exhausting being lameo's friend when all she does is talk about herself and her drama and act like a little baby about it. She always has sarah stick up for her, report drama to her, etc. Especially living with her must be boring as fuck and she probably made sarah do everything for her and always go with her everywhere. Like eventually shes going to want to live her own life that involves people that are not onion and lameo. Onion and lameo seem to be content just sitting in their dirty house with each other and only befriending people who live with them. How incredibly boring.

Sarah is a lil shit right now but shes a teen. She shouldnt let lameo and onion rob her of her late teens/early twenties like he did to lameo. Shes going to look back and realize how shitty they were and that they really didn't care about her.

No. 467358

Yeah I always found it a little sad that Sarah had to be Taylors backbone because she lacks one…a child needing an even younger child to stick up for her…sigh

No. 467364

I have made a thread for anyone interested in contributing thoughts, opinions, new cows or etc on tempcow so we no longer discuss it in main threads in attempt to stop self derailing


No. 467371

narcs like to think they're a special breed. if labelling themselves with the disorder suits their needs on the day, they'll do it.

No. 467378

I would out of fear of retaliation, honestly.

No. 467379


I took the quiz as if I were Lainey and it got me 33, which is the score between a soldier and a prisoner. Just to give you all some perspective. I don't know her entire private life, so it might be even higher, which is very upsetting.

No. 467384

>applies make up with fingers
>too lazy to take two trips of boxes or disassemble them
>gregs gross red face and condescending tone

I agree just a shipping box is irrelevant to fruit flies. I almost feel sorry for her.

No. 467385

File: 1511405936299.gif (7.35 MB, 720x404, im strong.gif)

>he is strong, he is angry

No. 467389


>i'm SO MAD right now i haff to CLEEN MEEEHHH so ANGERY I HAVE TO CLEEEEN ugh i so ANXIOUS and SMOL

imagine if that was your mother. sorry, father. sorry, non-gendered parental unit.

ah fuck. what a bunch of useless cunts

No. 467397

FUCK YES let the milk start flowing Onionboi! attack everyone !!11!!1

This is it my brethren, this will be the last nail in his coffin.

No. 467403

It's going to be Thanksgiving tomorrow or whatever. (in America)

No. 467405

>eat like a dumbass
>literally starved himself on his "vegan diet"

No. 467407

do they even give sarah money

No. 467428


Anyone else notice that sometimes she makes that neanderthal squinty face that Greg makes. I feel like this screen cap shows that well.

No. 467429

I have a feeling lains mom is there to cook a "real Thanksgiving dinner" because lain complained so much about how she can't cook everything cause she's so smol and gergs a vegetarian. And something about anxiety.

No. 467430

First time posting in an Onision thread though I’ve been familiar with him for years. He just seems to get worse as time goes on. I must say though, I’m not even sure what to classify him as anymore? He comes off as an extreme SJW sometimes, but then also makes a multitude of sexist etc. comments. I’m just confused. What would you guys describe him as? Besides a problematic moron, lol.

No. 467452


Have you seen American Psycho? Like Patrick, Onision is just a shell. He's simply not there. He doesn't have any real opinions, they constantly flip-flop to suit hia own arguments. He just wants to get attention, that's all that matters. I've known about him since 2008 but the thing is he's always been awful, though I stopped giving a shit about him the past year and rarely come here and I'm glad. The only way to stop him is stop giving a shit about him. He's a cancer. But I know it's like a car crash and hard to look away. Luckily he's fading away and his channel is nearly dead.

No. 467453

File: 1511423127471.png (287.27 KB, 500x635, lolokay.png)

new vid about Eugenia. he kinda admits in the bio to using 'word play' to get around talking about her after saying he'd never talk about her again. he then googles the definition of liar and implies he isn't one since he's talking about her fans and not her.

less than one minute into the video and he's taken a picture of her and shane dawson together, zoomed in on her legs and laughed at how thin they are.

No. 467454

Hes not a SJW but jumped on that shit to seem likeable to his fans in the beginning. Later on when he embraced his "im a villain" shit he seemed more outwardly anti-SJW (hes even ragged on SJW recently despite his wife lmao) but lameo is being a transtrender so hes stuck in the middle and playing both sides and its not working because both sides hate him now.

Hes always been clearly sexist, transphobe, homophobe, etc. Also his "I hate men. women are so much better" shtick makes people think hes a feminist and misandrist. But hes clearly misogynistic. Hates women who sleep around, wear heels, wear makeup and controls all the women around him, etc. He just says that shit to appeal to his fanbase of girls and probably because he thinks hes better than every guy out there and girls should only fall over for him because hes the perfect guy.

omg how did i know he was going to recycle all his old topics of "drama". Gerg we told you we dont care about this shit or want it. Divorce lameo or nothing.

No. 467456

>im so like loki u guys lol

No. 467459

Onision is a fucking edgelord who has kept his title for way too long and only gets worse with time. He's like liver left out in the sun. Starts off bad, gets worse with every passing day.

No. 467474

I both agree and disagree. I don't think he's a shell or he doesn't have opinions of beliefs. I think he has very strong opinions; he's a sexist, racist, homo(and trans)phobic, narcissistic piece of shit who actually believes he's always right. He just adjusts his social media in order to appeal to whatever demographic he decides he needs to. Sometimes he wants to be SJW, so he acts like that. Sometimes he wants to be an ally to black people etc. so he blocks his friends, publicly getting into fights to show he is being A Good Citizen. Idk if I'm being clear but it's not like he doesn't have any opinions himself, but it's just that he dons differents personas in order to appeal but always, always his real personality peeks through.

However I agree that ignoring him is the key to his end. He's fading anyway. Soon, after he loses our interest too, he'll just be shouting into the void.

Sage for opinion.

No. 467485

kek. she always looks so angry when she squints (I mean even more compared to her general expression which is also angry). where did she leave her granny glasses?

No. 467492

> He just says that shit to appeal to his fanbase of girls and probably because he thinks hes better than every guy out there and girls should only fall over for him because hes the perfect guy.
that's the best explanation for his feminazi bullshit, haven't thought this way yet

Him and Lame are both sexist and Lame adapted his "guys suck" mentality even though that's really stupid when you are trying to attract SJWs. She tries to sell it as jokes but they are still toxic sexist jokes that you usually here from old and/or stupid people. She probably hasn't been called out yet cause her fans blindly follow her cause they are too young to think for themselves

No. 467497

At this point, people are just paying for the irrelevant and tired old opinions of an old man who just can't let shit go. Like he thinks tweens are excited to see him rehash Eugenia's body for the millionth time?

Grease is literally that old uncle who no one wants to get caught in a convo with. "Remember those fans?? wink"

No. 467505

File: 1511443075820.png (953.7 KB, 1048x1080, hmmm.png)

I probably need to lurk more, but is onision copying shane with his 'shanaynay' character?
Is it meant to be that character?

No. 467506

No. 467507


tinfoil but anyone else think he's still bitter about the breakup?

>eat like a dumbass: Eating disorder

Didn't billie told greg she had an eating disorder? and was working it? but then Greg made it public for everyone?

>Choose to do drugs in the first place: Addiction disorder

Billie smoked pot because she's a normal 19 year old girl. greg made it public and berated her. People who smoke weed aren't all drug addicts, Greg. We've been telling you for at least a year.

>i'll just call every bad thing i do a "disorder" to avoid responsability

this is because people went to her side and not him. because even though he explained what billie did, people still didn't like lainey or him. she is a victim, cause you and lainey are shitty human beigns.

still mad? also found it odd that he brought her up on the stream >>467174 completely for no reason, even though lainey clearly didn't want to hear about Billie anymore. I think thats the main thing that made her rage so much.

No. 467510

File: 1511446239969.jpg (61.08 KB, 393x476, Screenshot_20171123-100631.jpg)

Totally got away with that one huh

No. 467511

>tinfoil but anyone else think he's still bitter about the breakup?

That's not even tinfoil. He still talks about/ refers to her (to drag her, because if she isn't under his thumb anymore, she's sure under his skin) and Taylor copies her, so.

Let us just take a moment to smile and reflect that if he hadn't been a superlative, dickish asshole, he could be cheerfully banging Billie in a kid-and-Taylor-free house.

No. 467515

Do you anons know "Lady Adalyn"s Videos on Narcicissts? I feel like in this Video here you can learn a lot about onion. If what she is saying is true, then we are all acting exactly like onion wants us to react. Narcs want to get "caught". They do what they do on purpose and want everyone to know. They are actually proud of themself.
She explains in her Video how you can get a narc to actually admit how fucked up he is. But I am not sure how we can use this on our favourite narc.
Any Ideas on how to use this against him?(Cringe)

No. 467517

Well, since this board is a source attention, let's post here first maybe?

Throwing in, here's a quick explanation of narcissism using Disney's beauty and the beast.

Happy turkey day anons!
(Ps. No one likes onision and he smells)

No. 467518

please stop, this is embarrassing.

No. 467522

What's embarrassing is that Greg thinks he can speak on military tactics or strategy when he's never even participated in them or learned about it from the chairforce. He never even finished his Sere training or fulfilled his orders to South korea.

No. 467526


Really the only real way to use anything "against" onion is to not give him any attention. Narc or not, he loves the attention, he valkdates himself and his opinions through his fanbase and internet. Even if you call him out in hate blogs or in lolcow, he enjoys it because he can then play out the ultimate edgelord villain role.

The only way people would ever really grind his gears is if everyone stopped paying attention to him. But that never happens.

No. 467528

Thats what Im talking about. I think everything we do, is exactly what he wants. Thats why he always make this stupid tweets, he WANTS to be provocative, he wants everybody to be upset.

No. 467533

He's like a little boy who hides frogs on people's shoe and snickers in the corner waiting for their reaction. Except he's 32.

No. 467535

Go away Josh

No. 467536

Lady Adalyn is one of many YouTube channels that practically mythologise narcissists while appearing somewhat narcissist themselves. Stop self-promoting. It’s obvious and you’ve been told before.

We’re here to document onion’s antics and be entertained, not worry about what he does and doesn’t want us to do.

No. 467538

Oh cool that means my english is so good, you actually think im an american? Well, I take this as a compliment.
stop assuming self posting. THATS whats actually dumb.

No. 467539


Thanks for taking the time to answer me! I didn’t realize he was that toxic. I used to be a fan years ago, thinking he’s an amazing guy with great viewpoints. Now that I’m older, it’s hard to believe how naive his fan base is. Thanks again :)

No. 467542

nobody like u go away please

No. 467551

There is already a thread on /ot/ for Onion psychology sperging. Dig that up and go there

No. 467561

File: 1511462446960.png (99.25 KB, 719x768, 20171123_123901.png)

No. 467562

File: 1511462515015.png (236.3 KB, 719x741, 20171123_123849.png)

Lamey fucking said on her own stream she got the idea from Shane. Wtf is Onion going on about, Beck didnt imply she stole anything. I bet you Lamey bitched about it to Onion just so he could defend her.

No. 467563

If Beck keeps doing rude things to Lamey why does she continue to accept money from her on stream and Patreon. Plainey is fake as shit, she could of told Beck herself but instead makes onion take it up when she knows he will adress it publically.

No. 467564

No. 467565

people are buying his shit and pity her for all the ~stress~ she goes through. I'm in rage mode right now, she steals everything from shane

No. 467566

Does he use 'literally' unnecessarily to make himself sound like he's 'in the know' or something?

No. 467567

>I bet you Lamey bitched about it to Onion just so he could defend her.

Spot on. I was in the stream when she said she got the idea from shane as well, Lainey being the evermore compulsive liar that she is.

Though fuck beck too, This is what you get even when you support these cunts, They will find any excuse or reason to throw it back in your face. Stupid bitch.

No. 467568

it's his favorite word

No. 467569

She says in th video she was inspired by Shane. Gurgles must not even watch her videos.

No. 467571


LMAO head over to the snowflakes thread, big fat becca has outed herself as posting in the thread.
EDIT: idk how to link the other posts from snow

awk such a shame onion always kicks beck down when it was big fat becca that exposed her plungerbeck shit

do you think onion caught wind his discordfags are self posting AGAIN in the snowflakes thread and they've orchestrated that it's all poopbeck's fault? she's always the scapegoat lmao

No. 467572

>I'm tired of seeing @laineybot stressed out because of rude things you do.
I think the only reason he says that is because he is annoyed by her crying not because he cares kek

No. 467577

>stressed out because of rude things you do
Fuck off Lainey, this only shows how sheltered she is. She obviously never faced real issues in her life (aside from her husband cucking her), this is the only explanation for her "panicking" and "stressing" for the silliest things ever.

No. 467581

I doubt she's actually stressed. She probably just wanted onion to comfort her and give her attention because they've been fighting

No. 467584

lol remember when he accused filthy frank of copying his """style of comedy""" as if the whole acting like an edgy retard schtick is original at all

No. 467587

yeah he's not that creative. he also had a character chibi who was a "parody" (aka copy) of fred, a once relevant youtuber.

No. 467589

So Jess basically confirms Laim is a mean, selfish and pushes people that actually like her away. I'm glad Jess actually said Laim was mean, she's not a good person people are so fooled by this smol anxious bean shit.

No. 467590

holy shit haha, does anyone have screencaps of this? what a fucking dunce

No. 467591

File: 1511469737718.png (317.14 KB, 552x309, fakebois.png)

why am I not surprised that they look the same

No. 467593

i thought tumblr was only relevant back in 2009 when i was leaving highschool

they look like the teens these days that pretend to know wtf myspace was.

the internet has made the younger generations little clones of all the shit stereotypes that got made fun of, yet it went over all their heads and now emo is cool?

and so is being a gender bender lol. what ever happened to it being cool to have a fun personality and good sense of humour

No. 467594

they both look prone for an egging

No. 467595

Can you give me approximate timestamp when she says that pretty pls?

I tried watching the video, but after 30 seconds of them acting how "cis women are s0o0o00o lame!!" , I couldn't continue.

No. 467596

she said it in a dejected pussy way. it was a very manly moment.

No. 467598


I didn't realise that being a fakeboi required a uniform.

No. 467599

plain is on younow

No. 467600

laineybot is live and very pissed that people are talking about greg's drama and her video got demonetized. we are discussing it on tempcow but post relevant stuff here

No. 467609


If Beck has any backbone left, she needs to leave this mess and go find other people to look up to. Like her parents, or her teachers, or other responsible adults.

No. 467611

File: 1511476150334.png (272.49 KB, 478x431, efde0a81a8218016ccc31eeae6692b…)

So there wasn't a lot of milk, only this:
- a lot of trolls in chat
- lame was pissed as hell about people bringing up drama and trolling
- lied about shoe size and gurg's height again (she had to think about it a while, yeah I always need to think about what my shoe size or my SO's height was again too /s)
- kept ignoring Becca, even ignored floating paid messages she definitely read
- didn't ignore poopbeck's messages
- only responed to Becca towards the end when she was desperate for attention and writing in caps
- had a dream about gurg dying in a car accident that she was still upset about, told him about it and he had a dream about her leaving him kek (wishful thinking much?)
- they are visiting gurg's family for thanksgiving

No. 467612

File: 1511476389560.jpeg (78.16 KB, 750x292, ACC6DE95-2BA7-49E5-8DDA-4817B1…)

Did I die and go to autismo heaven? Are people really like this? What is even real anymore

No. 467613

oh so it's not allowed to confront people who have anxiety with reality? thank god I can live in a dream world now bless up

No. 467615

>they are visiting gurg's family for thanksgiving

No. 467616

Lol she said she copied Shane's idea in her own video. Onion is just sperging on twitter cause he's obsessed with Shane. People really going to throw this anxiety excuse at everything? I have anxiety and would never expect to be babied this much.

No. 467617

No. 467618

being babied would also make your anxiety worse in the end but what do these people know. I hate this whiteknighting and being positive about everything bullshit that's been going on for a while.

No. 467621

File: 1511478177861.png (127.4 KB, 224x254, Captura.PNG)

The fuck is going on with her lips

No. 467622

*married to a man even though im gay for girls

No. 467623

Has anyone called Greg a cuck for watching so much porn/hentai? I feel like it would trigger the shit out of him.

No. 467624

im never gonna get over how ugly/amateur/pathetic that image he uses is

No. 467625

Onion is posting about shane again. I don't think onion is ashamed of his need for hentai because of his rebranding ( trying to be a light yagami knock off gag)

No. 467626

File: 1511479866811.png (475.19 KB, 719x1032, 20171123_173040.png)

No. 467627


Is he wearing a ladies blouse

No. 467628

onion looks like the fag and like he's wearing a wig. guess he's taking his new gay marriage well.

No. 467630

He can't even spend time with his family without shit talking on twitter.

No. 467631

wow the delusion. Shane is hella attractive and onion is just an old emo dad with caveman features and a sociopathic expression on his face. I'm not sure but is he mentioning shane way more often compared to the past? He's always been obsessed but was it this much? He's so mental it's scary. So desperate for a reaction.

No. 467633

So Gerg is projecting his hatred for his father onto Shane now? That description reveals a lot. Also, does he forget thats he's the one suspected of being a pedo and has a track record for dating girls that aren't legal adults yet?

No. 467634

File: 1511481522485.png (747.24 KB, 1245x498, Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.56…)

No. 467638

does he not know that the only people who think good of him are like 12 - 16?

No. 467639

He's so mad that
1. Shane is in a healthy and stable relationship
2. Shane has friends who he frequently talks to and creates new and exciting projects with
3. Shane actually realised that doing the same thing for all his youtube career won't get him no where
4. That Shane's last video was about how his underswear went for nearly $100,000 on ebay when Grugs wouldn't go for $1

I wonder how he looks when he tweets, he probably has that weird serious face on that he uses when he thinks he's making a point that no one could ever refute, such a sad man.

No. 467640

File: 1511482477974.jpeg (34.54 KB, 546x472, C22FF4CC-0871-4FA4-9675-055EC1…)

No. 467641

Spot on anon, maybe when he gets super heated he gets red and angry cries, that's a fun thought

No. 467642

At least Shane looks like a sexy manly-man, you look like an ugly cuck-faggot.

Suck dick Gregma!

No. 467650

Worst part? If Shane got that money (he couldn't due to ebay's used clothing policy) then he was talking about giving it all to charity, Grug must be seething at the life he maybe could have had if he wasn't such a delusional prick.

No. 467651

i finally half watched this video because it was too boring to be 15 mins long, but she said she wasnt talking to anyone else while pursuing jess? LOL. They made that video together in august and theres tweets from lameo to billie flirting with her going "can you date me" in august, not even a few days after their video and when jess visited.

And her excuse for the relationship not working out was she was pushing her away because she was scared and "TOO PANICKED"? But then she hopped right into pursuing billie and started dating her? Lol what a liar.

She wasn't too panicked to say she will marry gerg before even meeting him, having sex with him on their first day meeting in person, having him move near her and living with him behind her parents back, getting married behind her parents back, and moving to washington and uprooting her life to be with him. But omg, kissing a girl? TOO PANICKED!! Like everything she did with onion would be more panicking for someone with anxiety LOL.

No. 467655

he knows and he's fine with it since that's who he wants to fugg

No. 467656

I'm so sick of people likening Patrick Bateman to Greg. Patrick Bateman was extremely likeable and is decribed as the boy next door type in the book. I guess his arrogance in the movie kind of seems onion-like, but even then, Patrick Bateman was extremely well spoken and calculated. Greg sounds like a 12 year old smug edgelord when he tries to come off smart, and usually knows absolutely nothing about the subject he's slamming. I agree slightly more with people saying he is like Dennis from sunny.
Sage for sperging out but American Psycho fan is one of my fave movies/books and it annoys me that people say he's like Bateman, especially when it's apparent that Greg ENJOYS people likening him to Bateman.

No. 467658

I don't think gregma and his husband are getting divorced until there's a new young teen in their relationship. If we want more milk one of us needs to join their holy trinity ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 467659

Same goes for Joker. Quit ruining it Greg, you make a terrible joker. He is shit at dressing up as him and even worse at trying to emulate him in his tweets and videos. LOL DURRR I'M HATING ON PEOPLE WHO TWEETED ABOUT A TRAGEDY, I'M SO LYKE JOKER AMIRIGHT?

No. 467660

Here, re-writing that for Gerg:

"Also, for the love of all that is good, change your video content & quality, you have a pea sized brain, so read more books instead of failing at writing them. Respect your children and at least attempt to be a 5 % decent person - they're going to be so embarrassed and cringed out when they Google you and your 'husband'."

No. 467661

File: 1511486339017.jpeg (333.07 KB, 750x1185, 0FE5E78E-2EC5-4F17-A971-8950AC…)

tfw lainey leads you on while talking with another girl but assures you it’s “platonic” lol

No. 467662

Greg’s military service and the way he uses it as some kind of weird authority on anything always makes me laugh. He talks about being in a South Korea and “realizing that the people there were ‘just like him’ which caused him to become a conscientious objector”. But he talks about it like he stood post at the DMZ himself. It’s laughable. He was never in a “war”. I think he read a story about a true story (like Hacksaw Ridge) and wanted to be that guy because he likes the idea and attention of being someone to be admired. The truth of the matter is, he signed up fully knowing what he might have to do. No one joins the military thinking they won’t have to participate in the actual job and even children know what that is. He likes attention, and is constantly on a mission to find the best ways to get it.

No. 467663

Liar indeed. She told her stream once that it didn't work out because they didn't have chemistry.

That's probably code for: Greg didn't find her attractive enough for his plan to force Lainey into a 3way.

But Lainey would rather lie to save face every time.

No. 467664

It'd be such a shame if someone tweeted this to Jess. Really, a big shame.(cowtipping)

No. 467665

File: 1511486958109.png (116.79 KB, 1920x1080, lameo.png)

yeah can we not compare him to characters in movies that he wants to be. Hes just an old man yelling at cloud.

was this posted before? lameo is such a fuckboy. even during her relationship with billie, you see her tweeting "date me" at other girls and flirting with them on twitter all while supposedly dating billie. And this was even at the BEGINNING of the relationship before cuddlegate. But she acts like she was so in love and heartbroken by billie.

No. 467684

This made me kek when I read that in his voice

I completely agree he's more a 12 year old edge boy than anything like Patrick Bateman or Joker. I do think that he looks like an ugly rosacea caveman version of Patrick Bateman in the film tho

No. 467687


That pic of him in the grey v-neck where he's got that shit-eating grin has always been fucking hilarious to me - he sincerely looks like a sad, desperate, washed up, ageing failed actor.

I mean, i know he IS one, but that particular photo just illustrates it so perfectly. I always get a soul-cringe when I see it.

You're just so embarrassingly sad, gurg. "When I get back up top again!"…. Yeah, right. Don't hold your breath. It's never going to happen.

The only fame you have to look forward to from here is media coverage of your arrest, or your suicide. I look forward to either.

No. 467688


because he doesn't give a fuck about footface or any of them. he just thinks he's entitled to teenagers' lunch money.

No. 467691


>i'm tired of seeing fuckface stressed out

so are we, dickhead. so the fuck are we. but what can be done about it? she fucking loves pretending to be stressed and anxious because it's the only time you ever stand up for her. ya pair of assholes

No. 467695

did he even leave america

No. 467704

>Has anyone called Greg a cuck
um, yes they have.

No. 467706

probably code for "I'm not actually a lesbian"

No. 467708

He lived in South Korea for a while and even managed to drag his ex wife Skye along, matter of fact is he admittedly only married her for the company there as at the time they were "best friends" and he didn't want to go to South Korea alone so the only way to bring someone with you was to marry them so he proposed and they officiated at city hall and off they went.. real love story indead, but still a better love story than marrying an obsessed underage fan behind her parents back.

No. 467709

Apparently there is a Youtube purge going on right now (Idubbbz, Keemstar, + Repzion have all been hit so far) if it's real and not just a glitch I hope Gerg is next.

No. 467710

I wondered what you meant so I went to MrRepzion's channel and
>This account has been terminated for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.
Cmon Greg please one of your channels be next.

No. 467712

Keemstar is still there.

No. 467713

Conan O’Brien’s channel has been suspended as well which has me banking on this being a weird ass glitch or something. would be worth the freakout even if he goes down temporarily

No. 467714

No he's not there all having a meltdown on Twitter right now. Can you imagine the breakdown Gerg would have? It would be amazing.

No. 467715

File: 1511495279468.png (23.62 KB, 1101x491, 22.PNG)

No. 467718


Just curious, is it a concentrated purge? I mean, are they only targeting drama channels?

No. 467719



No. 467726

Keem posted a video on his twitter crediting Lizard Squad with terminating the channels. And there I thought they were faking: https://twitter.com/LizardIslands

Grug's not important enough to hack: that's my takeaway from this.

No. 467732

Eh, you’re about half-right. He married Skye two years prior being stationed in Korea and originally he wanted to go to Iraq. He also referred to her as his “girlfriend” before the marriage happened (they’ve been together since ‘03)

No. 467738

File: 1511501596175.jpeg (445.9 KB, 640x893, DB65D723-C637-4DDB-99FA-AF4D8B…)

Welp, kids are doomed since Grease and Lame can’t cook.

No. 467739

as a thumbnail on here it almnost looks like gregs face screaming in agony

No. 467740

File: 1511501802170.jpeg (489.63 KB, 640x912, 445EFAB6-D04A-4D7F-8696-99480A…)

Our “dad comments” are getting to him

No. 467741

File: 1511501918994.jpeg (310.45 KB, 640x712, 584DAF41-51A1-47F4-965A-BFF77D…)

FUCK! Ew how he managed to get any pussy in 2004 is a fucking mystery (to me)!

No. 467742

19 year old gurgles, wow what a prince charming he is

No. 467743

WHY does he have a dent in his forehead tho??

No. 467744

Lamo would've been 8 y/o and Billie was like 5.

No. 467745

Putting it into perspective like that really shows how creepy it is.

No. 467746

Grugly said that after viewing the ultrasounds, the doctors told Gregs mother that he may be retarded because of the size of his head. If his head was that big they may have needed to use forceps to get that melon out of her vagina, and that may have damaged the skull.

No. 467748

Grugly would be so into them back then…
Im sure they were SUPER under developed

No. 467749

Actually… -sighs-

Billie would’ve been 7
Sarah would be 4 (or 3)
Shiloh would be 11
Taylor would be 10 (or 9)

All the other patreon-fags would also be Billie and Sarah’s age (except for Curtis, he’d be 16).

No. 467750

Ohhhhh… okay
cuz that makes it better.

No. 467751

Well the doctors weren’t wrong…

No. 467753

No. 467754

On the bright side, Skye was 17, Adrienne was 19, and Hannah was 15-16!

No. 467756

File: 1511503675100.png (348.8 KB, 476x473, Capture2.PNG)

I was waiting for a time to use my rare plaineys

No. 467757

File: 1511504001072.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.91 KB, 1215x810, 1920257192.jpg)

do we get to call her vagina mouth now?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 467763

care to go sperg at tempcow instead?

No. 467765

Shame she didn't abort, but I assume he's the only kid so I guess I don't blame her.

No. 467775

Gregma has 2 well-rounded sisters before, Crazy Tami and Mr. Daniel would’ve been fine without him.

No. 467782

File: 1511514199400.png (1.19 MB, 1334x750, 0A814FEF-41E4-409F-8F09-538184…)

Her jaw practically unhinges when she laughs. Wtf is this

No. 467792

Huh? When was this? Were they going to Crazy Tami’s place for vegan turkey yesterday?

No. 467799

Why won't she just paint her actual lip shape.
I don't understand people that insist on trying to fake their lip shape with over/under drawing them. It looks like an 8-year-old did her makeup.

No. 467804

It's still unbelievable that he's been to Asia. He behaves like someone who's been in the same small town his whole life and never left the country. I remember in one of his LA vlogs there was a scene where he HAD to mentioned the ASIAN people behind tomato. Like as if that's something special to see people of a different race. Even tomato was embarrassed.
It's the same with him always mentioning if someone's black in his body or face judging vids. Often he had nothing else to say other than they're black.

That's from her latest video

No. 467828

The amount of nitpicking and makeup sperging is getting over the top again. You have a tempcow thread to spam all you want, please don't fill the main thread up with overly repetitive comments about appearance.

No. 467838

File: 1511540032793.jpg (35.45 KB, 500x273, tumblr_inline_ozhis2fxPk1uys2l…)


i think shane is just growing older gracefully. he doesn't need to fit into what teenagers find attractive anymore. he's happy in his relationship. shane doesn't need to look trendy and hot to stay relevant. he has a loyal viewer base. like, i remember when he cut off the emo hair, he was scared that his viewers would be mad. but they weren't. now he knows better. he doesn't care.

onion is the opposite of that. he's almost in his 40s and he's still trying to look like a teenager. because all of his viewers are teenage emo girls. so if he was like shane and started wearing regular clothing and shit, he would lose all relevancy. greg NEEDS to look like emo dirtbag, its the only reason why people like billie and lainey were ever attracted to him. shane has a good personality and he's funny to watch, so he doesn't need to rely on that shit

so yeah, you don't look like him onion. cause you're the one obsessed with looking like a 15 year old boy. shane is not, shane is getting older and doesn't care about getting teenage pussy. he cares about making relevant content for his subscribers. you two are very very very different.

No. 467871

Shane is a great example of what onions career would've amounted to had he put in effort and hidden his shitty personality

No. 467876

shane actually makes good videos. I was not a fan of old shane, but i watch his newer stuff because its some of the more entertaining content on youtube now. Theres too many "pretty faces" on youtube that that criteria doesnt cut it nowadays. You actually have to make videos people want to click on and watch.

Onion is not funny at all, still trying to make the same content he did eighty years ago and clearly doesnt know what people want. Now hes so unliked by everyone that no one even bothers unless something huge like the billie incident happens. Does anyone even know what hes been posting lately? Its so uninteresting and repetitive that his shit rarely gets posted here even. Him having like twenty channels doesnt help either. Who is going to keep up with that many channels?

No. 467879

Shane's content is great rn imo, I think after his movie tanking so hard he saw this teen humour shtick isn't working for him anymore and decided to be more real. Onision can't take a fall like that and turn it into something positive, he just blames youtube.

No. 467881

> Its so uninteresting and repetitive that his shit rarely gets posted here even
ikr, I only watch videos where something exceptionally funny/cringey/milky happens that's discussed here, some others I skip through but can hardly watch any video completely. I stopped watching his great comedy skits a long time ago, it's always the same. uhohbro is dead to me because I can't distinguish anymore what's old and what's new. he fucked everything up lol

once he stopped with the food vids and started with the things he does now, I started loving his content, especially the vids with his friends. they are all so funny and have a great chemistry. onion is always on his own or with his boring wife, the only thing I enjoy about that are the digs at each other

No. 467905

>I’m gay
>Everyone is going to yell at me for saying that. Okay let me clarify that I’m BISEXUAL.
>Now that I got that out of the way I’m going to continue to call myself gay for the remainder of the video because it’s shorter.
> “What is ‘I’m BI’?”
Plainey talks herself into so many corners, it’s hard to keep up.
I also thought it was amusing they met in an intactivist group. Jess isn’t even a mom, which Lame mentions she thought she would be. Usually those groups are packed with extremely liberal minded moms.

No. 467910

The only thing I ever cared about on Onion’s main channel were his old comedy videos with his exes (which kinda got me into the fandom even if they weren’t there anymore) but since he’s deleted most of them, I stopped giving a fuck about said channel - it’s fucking worthless now.

No. 467913

fuck, im a newfag and somehow i missed this fact. sorry.

No. 467917


I seriously watched the video where he went and made a burrito before going for a walk and getting killed and genuinely chuckled. If he was less straight edge, he could have made it funnier by not including the burrito thing. We want lamey-bashing drama! I will actively watch without adblocker for that milk!

No. 467934

>three letters vs two
>both one syllable

I can't handle her stupidity. She just wants to use gay because "everyone" hates bisexuals. And in her case it might as well be another box on a bingo card of lies.

No. 467936

I read "another box on a bingo card of flies" kek so accurate

No. 467939

Omg it’s not botox that’s given him villain eyebrows, it’s a facelift. A desperately needed one too.

No. 467967

File: 1511566654873.png (731.42 KB, 840x4875, discord.png)

Gurg's highest paying patron is leaving and even the devoted Funions are slagging the Onion off.

No. 467969

>they're mean to me so I'm gonna give them more money/stuff


No. 467972

I'm convinced this is becoming a cult. Wtf is wrong with Beck that just sounds fucking insane, Lame and Gurgles need to be called out for this. Then again Beck is doing this to herself if you feel you have to pay people for friendship what the fuck. Lame will never like Beck and will only tolerate her for money.

No. 467974

Wow these people are super pathetic lmao

No. 467977

File: 1511568137576.gif (977.84 KB, 400x286, 1AB9785D-4B71-40EF-AE2D-D61824…)


No. 467979

Dude.. is this real? How is Beck being this naive? I can see like a 13 year old being like this but she is, how old? At least 18? Wow.. paying more money to people who treat you like shit so that maybe they will stop treating you like shit, that actually hurts my head. Please Beck, take a little bit of pride that may be left somewhere in you and pull your pledge and instead use your money for something that's actually worth it. Like for christ sake, donate it for any good cause if you are that desperate to give away money.

No. 467980

She’s 20 and in college , she’s also using her student loans for Onion’s money scheme. Make of that if you will.

No. 467982

She deserves it then lmao. Imagine being so pathetic you have to pay to be someone's friend. Someone who tears you a new asshole if his space prince gets triggered.

No. 467983

Beck needs a fucking psychiatrist and psychologist ASAP if she's having breakdowns over this and still believes that Greg and Taylor are "amazing people". Like, what the fuck? How fucked up do you have to be to get so involved in some youtube trashs' lives and keep sending them shit while they continuously berate and ignore you?

I swear to G-d, his adult fans need court-appointed guardianship

No. 467984

how fucked is that thinking
>im tired of going through emotional distress because of them
>it's worth going thought emotional distress for them

literally what the fuck. girl needs fucking help, im legit concerned

No. 467985

>make another song for them
I kek'd on that one

but it's really sad that she has these issues. she seemed pretty normal in the collab with onion, don't know if she has no friends irl or what's wrong with you that you do this to yourself.

BUT I love how onion pisses all of his patrons off one after the other

No. 468001

Shes just being fucking dramatic and a total attention whore. It is pretty obvious.

:waiting for dat thanksgiving drama between lamey and onion's crazy ass mom:

No. 468002

Wow, that's sad.

What's even sadder is that Gerg obviously does not talk to Lainey enough to know she SAID ON HER STREAM THAT SHE GOT THE IDEA FROM SHANE'S VIDEO, not the other vids from other creators.

I hope if any Discord people confront Gerg on this, they tell him that it DOESN'T MATTER if Shane's video idea was not original; Lainey was inspired pretty heavily by Shane's video to the fucking point where the thumbnail is nearly identical, in the same location (the car), etc., and Lainey ADMITTED her inspiration on stream and in the vid.

Gerg was triggered that his significant other was accused of stealing ideas from Shane. And then he made it about him in subsequent Tweets because, as always, it's about how everything affects and reflects his ego and Shane hurt his feels. He does not need more yes men. He needs more accountability.

No. 468003

In a way I do pity Lainey, because I do not think that they would be as terrible of a person if they had never met Greg. They were too young when they got together and they know that the only way to support themself and the kids "comfortably" is to stay with him now… It must have been hard falling for your idol and being manipulated and torn down by them over the years.

No. 468006

anon, please lmao

No. 468007

stop whiteknighting her. taylor looks for an easy way out and she has it. just remember when that young kid foremanboss was handing out money and for days it was all about him because she could benefit. like that one stream when she was about to log off and he popped in and she blurted out how she would just conveniently stay for a few minutes more.

shes a thirsty slag just the same. doesnt want to leave high school years and just wants to have fun besides having kids and bills to pay

No. 468008

>was accused of stealing ideas from Shane
TBH she didn't even accuse Laimey. She only said 'I hope you gave credit" which did not the slightest bit sound mean spirited or anything. But the 'smol bean' got triggered that fast because that's what she does. It all has to be a whole hug-fest in her little safe space and everything slightly 'negative' is setting her off and gives her a reason to cry to Gurgle who then gets triggered with her and has to go on a rampage. Those people don't live in the real world, therefor something so insignificant like that happening on the internet can ruin both their days.

No. 468009

she would have her familys support with her children, she could get a fucking real job like every other single mom out there.
her family still makes efforts for her, reaches out to her, has not cut her off despite all she did to them since being with greg.
yet - when given the most prime opportunity to leave him, and after having her father point out the loopholes in their prenup or whatever - she ran back to him and told him all about the loopholes.

she is no longer a child, she makes conscious decisions herself. greg is practically doing everything he can to get her to leave him, but she CHOOSES to stay.

No. 468015

Lame's on younow

No. 468019

The only “milky” statement was that she plans on giving Gregma a South Park t-shirt from Zumies, pants from Supernatural and some other shit I forgot about. Keep in mind these are surprise presents but fuck it he reads here kek.

No. 468026

kek so Greggles is watching South Park? Even though they make fun of people like him and Laimey. They both lack so much self-awareness it's amazing.

No. 468031

Another thing was when she was asked if she could imagine being with her "ex" (from the video) she said she doesn't think giving a second chance would be good. Like at all. Then I asked about giving greg several chances and all she had to say was "yeah that's a totally different thing" yadayada. The bullshit that comes out of her mouth. She has double standards for everything when it comes to greg

No. 468032

Wow, I am not surprised that the Siseca cult is made up of a bunch of dumb fucks. Don't any of these morons have IRL friends that they can devote their time/money/undying passionate love to? Or at least can't they pick different Youtubers to idolize who aren't walking, talking sacks of feces?

No. 468038


yeah, he loves it. back when onion was known for his shock value/edgy/gross "comedy" sketches. back then he would make gross ass jokes and shield it behind "ITS COMEDY! IF SOUTH PARK DOES IT SO CAN I! ITS MY COMEDY!". thing is, south park is made with a team of witty writers. those onion comedy sketches were made by a crazy edgy dude. so not the same thing at all onion.

No. 468048

File: 1511585632466.jpeg (26.35 KB, 599x400, cometodaddy.jpeg)

No. 468060

File: 1511587039704.jpeg (179.21 KB, 750x661, B4BC5A37-B93E-4CB9-82BE-9FF220…)

H-o-l-y shit Billie looks good. While our prince smolbean has been chasing Billie’s blue hair and leaning more into her agender identity, Billie has moved on to warm colors and looks super feminine. No wonder Greg is always so full of glee whenever he brings her up.

Is the temp thread for for Onision and Lainey full or is there a new link?

Sage, obviously.

No. 468062

There’s a new tempthread and I suggest you might want to delete this now, she’s kinda ot.

No. 468067

So Lame mentioned her date with Jess again and said Jess's girlfriend was very angry when they were hanging out. When it was time to drop Jess off apparently Jess's girlfriend had been waiting in the car for her and Lame got down to go introduce herself. She said Jess's girlfriend was very angry and wouldn't open the car doors or acknowledge Lame so they didn't talk. During the live stream she said she was texting Jess to let her know peopel were shipping them together. Like oh her girlfriend is already upset and your going to message her that?

No. 468070

lol i wouldnt be surprised if shes purposefully trying to piss her gf off now because she dared be angry at the space prince and not acknowledge her in the car. Jess seems like a shit gf too. She dumped her fiance for lame before. Her gf should just dump her.

No. 468078

Today they went black Friday shopping, Lamey bought the kids and Gerg some christmas presents, then she said Gerg only bought 2 things, a shirt for him and a shirt for someone else. Lol he won't pay for his kids toys, is the adense that bad?

No. 468079

naw, she'll just say "I didn't have energy to put on concealer bcuz muh depression and im so smol and a frail lil prince bean :("

No. 468096

File: 1511597331638.jpeg (136.19 KB, 625x1002, B8AA12CF-C2CD-4447-918A-A96001…)

well, would you look at what i found on plainey’s wishlist?

No. 468115

God I hope someone buys it just so it can trigger Onion. I give it not even a day before he snatches it from her and uses it in one of his psycho videos and ruins it.
Like how it's a small too, much dysmorhpia

No. 468122

>Lol he won't pay for his kids toys, is the adense that bad?

Nah, he just doesn't think of those things because he's not involved with raising the children, they could get sick and die, and he would only be upset that he would have to spend money on the funeral.

He's never taken care of any aspect of child care. He's never bonded with the kids. He doesn't love his own children. So why spend money on things he hates?

All he cares about is that his children don't make any noise, and that they don't bother him.

No. 468123

File: 1511606540922.png (1.34 MB, 1258x946, gerglyfartface.png)

lol greg you look like a 30 year old trying to look like a 15 year old so you can fuck teens. how is that any better?

also i think he needs to be reminded of his real face (pic related) more often. the filters are giving him an ego boost.

No. 468125

It's funny because Greg got triggered HARD and made multiple videos when Social Repose started making those "5 things I hate about…" videos, claiming he stole the idea from him as he had veen making his 10 things I hate about series for years prior and even blatantly implying he created the genre yet in actuality his first 10 things vid was posted in 2012 yet a YouTube search shows people had been making 10 things I hate about videos since at least 2009.

No. 468131

He will fantasize that Foot face is Shane.

No. 468165

And he had the audacity to call Shane old, smelly and creepy?! Lol good joke Grugly, no really! Nice turkey chin btw, gobble gobble!

No. 468168

Sage for pettiness but I just realized that Grugly's and Plainey's ship name, "Grainey" really sounds like "Grano" which means pimple or zit in spanish

No. 468169

Sounds like Granny tbh

No. 468173

I would feel utterly pathetic if I treated my fans as cashcows. Even more if said fans were so young and still financially dependent on their parents. Onion and Plain have absolutely no dignity at all.

She. She. She.
Anyway, I would feel inclined to think like you but we don't know if she was that good of a person before Greg. She seems to be really spoiled, her parents are apparently loaded and her mom never taught her how to clean her own shit. She has zero sense of responsibility, is self entitled, never grateful, and that can't come from Greg alone.

No. 468186

Damn she looks awesome, That colour and the long hair suits her so much.

Also inb4 a grease random sperg out or laineys sad again, Every single time billie puts up any new pics, They react even when it hasn't been posted on LC. lmao bet foot is regretting her short ass midnight blue fried head now.

No. 468196

File: 1511634186485.jpg (135.81 KB, 720x718, IMG_20171125_192354.JPG)

Lol this is so good. Onion got triggered cause someone apparently said billie was a boy's name (haven't seen the tweet yet he is replying to). He is SO afraid to look gay it's hilarious. Oh and of course he took the chance to mentioned billie

No. 468197

*mention damn autocorrect

No. 468198

>Onision haters are bottom of the barrel
Nope, that’s actually you.

He’s telling us to sterilize ourselves yet he was originally supposed to be aborted and shouldn’t have reproduced in the first place? Okay then kek

No. 468199

I fucking knew he'd find a way to mention billie today, I knew it lmao!

No. 468201

Lane has a video up Straight Edge couple try alcohol for first time.
But Gurgle said he tried it when he was a teenager, right? So is the most honest man on the internet lying? Or is it okay cause it’s Plainy’s video title?

No. 468202

Jfc, these people talk like battered wives
>I should just not say anything bad next time https://lolcow.farm/pt/src/1511566654873.png:(
>I'll make it up to them :(
>Greg is just stressed! :((

Makes sense that his fans are fucked up.

No. 468203

File: 1511635851030.png (786.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20171125-134942.png)

God someone please put them out of my misery

No. 468204

Yeah I noticed this as well, They literally speak like abuse victims talking about their abuser. Its fucking disturbing how they all enable grease and plainey and enable abuse to their own "friends"

Its become a cult.

No. 468205

I'm watching it right now. Its painful, all they screech about is how they dont drink and how gross alcohol is.

Like if you drink alcohol youre a pos. I cant.

No. 468206


It has been how long since the Billie saga at this point? Why won't he cease bringing up her name? Idk how I would deal with it if I were her. She has clearly moved on and looks super happy in her pictures, her creative endeavors are obviously going better than Lame's, and Onision still, in my opinion, views her as the one that got away. I think it's good though that she's choosing to ignore him mentionting her publicly. Really taking the high road compared to Onion who won't stop bringing her up and Footface who won't stop trying to look like her.

No. 468207

I don't hate straight edge people but they make it look like the most boring thing on the planet.

No. 468208

No. 468212

Aren't straight edgers supposed to be vegan as well? Lainey isn't even a vegetarian.

No. 468213

I think at least vegetarian. also I highly doubt having two women at the same time would be okay. he probably just likes the term because it has "edge" in it

No. 468215

Greg allegedly called the police on a suicidal patron


No. 468216

lame's on younow

It's so embarrassing how he has to say that it tastes like nailpolish all the time. like what does he expect? this makes me almost convinced he really didn't drink often even in his younger years

No. 468217

File: 1511638317681.jpg (80.84 KB, 817x472, Screenshot_49.jpg)

Beck coming through with the extra bucks

No. 468218

I think very soon they will both finally break with her and then she'll have to faith the truth having spend so much money from her fucking students loan on them. onion has already been pissed the whole month telling her "where she stands"

No. 468221

Lol so that’s further proof that Lainey isnt really gay. Onision says in the video that one of the drinks tastes like pussy and she asks if it’s that sour. Sounds like she hasn’t done much more than kiss girls and has only slept with girls by proxy when she was in the same room as her husband having sex with a girl.

Also, did anyone catch the reference to date rape with alcohol at the end of the video? It seemed specific enough to be about B.

No. 468228

It blows my mind how often Lame talks about her wishlist these days. greedy bitch. "oh I have to put this foundation shade on my wishlist. IT'S 20". she sits there on her ass everyday getting bars, makes money with half assed videos (with stolen ideas), gets patreon money for doing nothing more than the same shit she does on youtube plus her oh so great photo sets where she always has the same smug expression on her face and thinks she deserves gifts for that on top. sorry for the long ass sentence.

No. 468233

The only thing as annoying as lainey policing her pronouns is anons policing them.

He looks way older than 30 there.

I don’t know how they both go without drinking. If I were married to either of them I’d be sauced 24/7.

Does Lainey count as straight edge? She couldn’t drink up to this point on account of being either underage, pregnant, or both.

No. 468238

Must suck to know your unedited appearance adds 10 fucking years to your actual age.

No. 468239

Yeah shes greedy as hell. Its one thing for fans to send you presents that they pick themselves. She straight up wants people to buy her things that she doesnt want to pay for herself despite having the money for it and probably making more than the teens shes begging from.

No. 468242

almost a year i guess, and he still talks about girls from high school so is it that surprising

he keeps dwelling on the past cause he aint got no life or a damn future

source: im a neet piece of shit who remembers boring irrelevant shit from ages ago due to having nothing going on in my life

No. 468243

It’s so weird too how she makes goals to reach a certain number of views and has to announce if she’s top on girls in younow. Can she make it any more obvious she cares about money more than anything else

No. 468246

the same with her totally subtle mentioning how she's interested what the balloon does on younow (which costs around $130 if I calculated it correctly).

No. 468260

>We are both legally old enough to be drinking :P

as if fucking anyone was thinking otherwise

No. 468262

File: 1511655584319.png (458.36 KB, 516x438, makingastickymessofthecarpet.P…)

At the 2:50 mark Footface shakes out the previous liquor from the shot glass onto the bedroom carpet.
I dont know why that triggers me, but it does.
I wonder if she does that with any left over on her plate or cup
"oh its okay, the dogs will clean it up.

No. 468266


Ohhh! So that's where the flies come from. Got it.

No. 468267

Also in a bedroom. Why not do this video on the kitchen counter? They live like pigs

No. 468268

Why couldn’t she do that shit in the sink? Fucking slob

No. 468270

im triggered too

taylor ur disgusting

No. 468272

From what I saw, she got up and washed the shot glass and was flicking out the water. Could be mistaken though.

No. 468279

Am I the only one who finds their bedroom depressing and sad and not a place you want to sleep in? (I know, their whole house looks like that but at least your bedroom should be a little nice?) Though I guess it's where onion sleeps since they don't sleep together. then again, I don't think lame would decorate it any more cozy or warm either

No. 468292

Grug still running his tax scams. See! This bedroom is a deduction!

No. 468295

he shouldve made vid in the kitchen with the fridge open, therefore all the food is deductible

No. 468298


I hope he doesn't try to write off the booze.

No. 468300

She's really fucked too, student loans are the like almost impossible to get forgiven so she will have to pay every cent back. I don't think they would cancel her loan debt because it's public knowledge she used it to get youtubers to pay attention to her.

No. 468304

God of course he's not over her yet. He's probably still waiting for drew and her to break up

No. 468305

They've both admitted multiple times that Lainey occasionally drinks so she's a big fucking liar like usual. Greg let's her get away with some minor drinking apparently

No. 468306

I'm wondering when lainey will suddenly be against "cool tone colors" and start on warmer tones, Edging her way to billies current color. Much like she did with the blue that she swore she'd never go for.

Funny how through her skinwalker ways shes vehemently against going green (The "jade" never counted considering it was pretty much blue) I wonder whyyyy~?

No. 468308

They both admit in the video that they've both drank before, so they're both liars. But MUH HONESTY! MUH FAX!!!1!

No. 468313

This was (about 4 months) before admitting he had ~fun drinking~ as a teen. This is a reupload btw.

No. 468319

I legitimately think beck is getting off on this martyr-sub-bitch act.

No. 468376

What was the reason they're not sleeping in the same room? I know she casually mentions in on younow so it's not a big secret?

No. 468379

cause they're not in love lol

nah, i think she blames it on the children.

No. 468380

I think she cosleeps and night nurses the kids.

No. 468381

File: 1511700648634.jpeg (140.14 KB, 750x929, 82B10D21-F2EE-4A7E-97FF-468961…)

He really can't keep Shane out his mouth, videos, or photos, can he?

No. 468383

wow can he not see how much of a bully he became?

without shane he wouldn't be anywhere near where he's at. so ungrateful.

No. 468384

What a cunt. Didn't shane at one point weigh over 300? Why obsess over his weight? When you've been that big there is a limit to how small you can get. Loose skin and all.

No. 468387

>>468381 I thought he was trying to look like Ethan from H3H3

No. 468389

Wouldn't surprise me. Ethan is a successful youtuber so onion probably hates him too

No. 468394


When you try to shade Shane, but you end up looking more like billy the fridge.

No. 468399

is he 12? I assume this is for a video and if that's the case that could mean he's trying to get back with using the eugenia method but on shane. aggressive videos every few days to get attention. but the problem is everyone hates him now and shane is way too popular and doesn't have an eating disorder. it's just too suspicious how often he has been mentioning him the last few weeks. he's up to something.

No. 468404


ew, wait.

He made a Eugenia video of him wearing a black wig and emo clothing and puking in the toilet, so this is going to be a shane video of him devouring arse loads of food ?

I hope Shane continues to ignore him and doesn't even acknowledge the video. ( But I also hope Shane's fans report it and give Onion a strike )

No. 468406

File: 1511709079637.jpg (43.48 KB, 640x496, 8c3.jpg)

>30+ years old man trying to bully an overweight man
>while having giant Death Note posters hanged in his bathroom

No. 468407

File: 1511709485024.png (696.93 KB, 937x605, SR.PNG)

Social Repose vid incoming

No. 468412

A while back Shane made a video reacting to hate vids, maybe Onion wants to get into the part 2 of that video.

No. 468422

File: 1511711794827.png (18.38 KB, 643x140, stoners.PNG)

onion never fails to make me laugh. guess it's a dig at billie's bf. then be consequent tell your wife that she needs to stop her gay identity shit too.

No. 468423

File: 1511712194099.png (44.08 KB, 426x263, Screen Shot 2017-11-26 at 10.5…)

Sooo, posting about Sr actually makes his follower count drop x5 ? ( >>468407 ) On IG.

-2k and dropping

No. 468433

File: 1511713553726.png (1.73 MB, 584x2281, sad.png)

Noticed something in the alcohol vid. Onion forgot the obligatory kiss at the end and you can see that lame looks really disappointed for a moment. there are very significant cuts inbetween, I think she cut out where she complained (complainey lol). the second cut was after he only had kissed her around the mouth. she always looks like a needly toddler when she's demanding affection, no wonder he tries to avoid it.

No. 468434


No. 468437

Well when she lives 24/7 with three needy toddlers it tends to rub off.

No. 468446

The way he holds her makes it seem like he's about to wrap his hands around her neck and start squeezing. Body language is one hell of a thing.

No. 468459

there's so many kids in the comments defending him "it's a joke guys", "I bet shane would laugh too", "why are you here if you can't take a joke" and the best one was complaining about bringing negativity in. oh boy the irony

No. 468461

i'm sure shane only has to look around his home and have fun with his friends to feel 1000000x better than onion

No. 468463

i bet onion would love the weed, prob make him reevaluate his shitty skits

No. 468464

does onion have autism?

No. 468468

just watched them try alcohol. it actually seems like they had fun (new experiences, who woulda thought!?) and got a bit of a buzz on.

i can respect people that don't want to drink/smoke, but honestly, drink is not unhealthy if done moderately. it would be good for them to destress and have fun. idk. i actually noticed chemistry

No. 468469


wtf are we watching the same video? the "sips" were just them putting it to their lips, they may have together actually consumed a teaspoon. exactly how i knew the video was going to be.

No. 468471

If you only have chemistry while drunk then it's not a good relationship tbh

No. 468472

File: 1511721743977.png (349.08 KB, 719x540, 20171126_124119.png)

Calls it a haul, except she didn't buy shit and got it sent to her from a fan.

No. 468473

Wow she's so low. She talked about it on younow I remember. Said her fans sent her so much stuff vom lush that she's going to make a video

No. 468474

Yeah I think we all respect people who don't drink but onion shits on everyone who smokes weed/drinks etc and degrades them and that's why he's an asshole. On top he doesn't even know what he's talking about.

No. 468485

I actually, for once, almost enjoyed the video. I’d watch Lainey and Grug do a whole “drunk kitchen” or whatever series. Hell it made the stick up their asses seem a little less obvious. Go on Grug, I’ll give you views with Adsense to do one of your “judgement videos” with Lainey after a few too many ameretos..

No. 468486

No. 468490

File: 1511726784349.png (1.2 MB, 1164x764, chapped.png)


Her chapped lips always trigger the fuck out of me.

No. 468491

File: 1511727053684.png (1.31 MB, 777x835, Stoppickingatyourfeet.png)

She went straight in digging for secret lush treasures in her footnose.

Jesus christ lainey you're disgusting, Picking your nose around new products and not even cutting it out of the video?

No. 468492

Does this bitch drink any of the overabundance of fiji water in that house?

No. 468493

99% of people are going to prefer someone who tweets about how high they are rather than someone who tweets about how much better they are because they did an online IQ test made by a 13 year old

No. 468494


She also said in the video that she never moisturizes. Like jesus fucking christ, take care of yourself. Imagine her poor kids? Do they even get properly bathed?

Slightly OT, but does anyone remember when Gregma was going on about girls who leave their dirty maxi pads lying around? That was definitely about her. Barf.

No. 468502

From the first chapter of his book, "this is why I hate you" (just replace 'chris' with 'Leechbot' and 'he' with 'she' :

'I’ve noticed for some time Chris has an adorable little neck. I imagine if I wrapped my hands around
his throat using only half my strength I could very easily snap his neck. I wonder if he’d still find value in his efforts to cause disruptions wherever he went. Or as I slowly broke the bones in his body
would he feel remorse? Would little Chris finally see what a waste of oxygen he is and finally do
something meaningful with his meaninglessness? No. He’s an idiot, and will one day die, an idiot.'

No. 468521

File: 1511730048978.png (80.05 KB, 912x684, discord.png)

mea culpa, anon

The new thread for his Discord cult has a comprehensive summary of recent events:

Anyway, more Patrons are jumping ship because Greg's videos just aren't relatable and will not even pay the $1 fee to stay in the Discord.

No. 468524

I've mirrored all the content on https://newfag.science to another machine for extra backup. you can use that address or https://cowpatty.org

love you anons, time4beer

No. 468526

Is it me or is she trying to look like Chloe from Life is Strange?

No. 468527

Massive drama incoming. New video about how he met Laneso, but the first ten mins are him telling us his ex was on drugs. He’s clearly not happy she’s starting to do well for herself.

No. 468529

Anon behind newfag.science - I speak for the group when I say we all owe you a beer. Anyone else log on daily expecting the divorce to have started? Because same…

No. 468533

He disabled comments in that video


No. 468534

File: 1511731927803.jpeg (6.58 KB, 228x221, pls.jpeg)

yes! I keep coming here just waiting for real milk… aaany day now….

which is why it's extra frustrating when fellow anons go on their derailing tirades with makeup/skincare/best waifu/astrology/psychology blog posting.

i just wanna read the thread for drama and now i gotta skim through 250 posts about chapped lips.

No. 468536

He just said Laineys dad told him to,
“Come back in ten years when she’s 25”. He also said Lainey lied about her birthdate at the start….. was she fifteen?!?!!

No. 468537

can see a fly at the 4.45 mark and a few more times throughout the video. nice seeing plainey is still living in filth.

No. 468539

File: 1511732364984.png (55.23 KB, 219x221, Screenshot 2017-11-26 at 4.36.…)

Have a few free hours, if anyone needs a specific video re-uploaded please feel free to ask.


No. 468547

Maybe because he was straight up lying in this vid - saying they were in poly relationship when the cuddlegate happened.
Most honest my ass.

No. 468548

Unironically, Shiloh said the same thing on IG. About Gertrude and his fans trying to take her down again.

That’s because nobody will use logic or criticism against him. The fucking coward.

No. 468549

Makes a video about Laimeybot first 10 minutes are about Shiloh. Lol Plainey you will always be what he settled for not what he wanted.

No. 468550

No. 468551

of course it was a gift, she would never spend money on things like skincare or haircare being as filthy as she is. Makeup is only part of it plainey, you have to take care of your skin as well. but she's not good at either of those

No. 468552

I fucking knew he'd go after shiloh god damn it, She's building her life again and he's using this vid as a damn excuse just to bring her up all over again. Fuck him.

No. 468553

Can we get a screenshot? I can't find her saying anything about grease on IG

No. 468554

She said on her IG story yesterday that some people were brigading her, wanting to see her fail and kick up drama. no doubt, she was talking about Onons moronic followers.

No. 468555

I wonder if he told people to do it in his private discord.

Makes me rage, She deserves to live and move on without this bullshit.

No. 468558

He says lainey was his friend in the beginning. He’s such a liar. Wasn’t their first interaction her saying she wanted to marry him. Use your own fax and definitions Greg

No. 468559

>I'm a former cop myself

literally wat?

No. 468560

Last thread someone posted Shiloh’s recent activities online and claimed she dresses slutty - an old 2000’s stereotype. Theories suggest the patreon-discordfags or a salty pair of siblings.

No. 468564

saged for OT but another anti o has gone mental and tried to extort thejosh

No. 468565

right? he just keeps exaggerating to make himself seem more accomplished and superior. what a boring loser.

>when we went through some hard times where I cuddled with someone else… I said I wouldn't do anything that friends wouldn't do … so it's my way of manipulating my way into getting permission to cuddle and I also had my mom give me a full body massage
>neither thing was sexual

huh. conveniently leaves out that he fucked billie behind lamp's back and almost left her & the kids for billie.

No. 468566

isn't that the cunt who goes around twitter to namedrop Billie?

No. 468567

Here's a video I made about Lainey!
>talks exclusively about self and past relationships for 30 minutes

No. 468568

File: 1511737409380.png (65.91 KB, 568x252, Capture.PNG)

keking externally

No. 468569

No. 468570

Yeah @AyexKaitlin is her twitter though she's privatized it.

No. 468572

can we ban all Josh self posts? his English is terrible.

No. 468573

he does it on the subreddit too. I made a special flag for his posts

No. 468577

File: 1511738352882.jpg (85.55 KB, 1279x720, laineybot_fly.JPG)


Around 1:56-1:58 the flies come out!

No. 468581

File: 1511738919524.png (1.32 MB, 1039x662, Screenshot.png)

No. 468584

Didn't onion also make a video shortly before divorcing Skye about how he wouldn't divorce her? He also says he can't find a good reason to permanently dump plain lol, like he wants to but he can't.

No. 468586

posted this on tempcow earlier


scroll through to about 11:06, make sure you turn down your audio tho

No. 468594

Isn't it funny that Greg was so assblasted by Biile? She rejected YOU, Greg. She didn't give a fuck about your ass, she didn't care about your palatial McMansion, she wished up and got the fuck out.

Frankly I love watching this vid. You can literally hear the uneducated retard in his voice slipping out the angrier he gets.

What a laughable faggot.

No. 468596

lol billie look at that bullet you fucking dodged and rejoice, girl

No. 468601

I dont want to defend this dipshit but it wasnt her who rejected him. lets call a spade a spade. He decided to break it off completely with her. He told her she needed to do shit, at the beginning she didnt want to but once she agreed he was like nah not anymore,cya later etc etc. So no, she didnt reject him. For all we know they would still be together fucking while Lamey is blessing us with makeup videos on the other room

No. 468602

greg and lainey have been actively perusing my wares on newfag.science and cowpatty.org. admin can prob vet me as not someone who calls other people out for being random minicows but knowing the onions are hammering my archive sites this wreaks of selfpost.

if it's not I'm sorry.

No. 468606

Pretty sure her rejecting him is in reference to when he left Lamo and the kids to go and live with Billie which even Plainey admitted is what happened but Billie chickened out on being a home wrecker and sent his ass packing back to his wife and kids. THEN the whole "do all these things and we will take you back" basement scandal happened. He was ballsy enough to think after her rejecting being solely with him she might consider coming back to the trinity

No. 468608

Keep telling yourself that, Greg/Lamey.

No. 468609

How did she 'chicken out'? Seriously gtfo with this revisionist history, please.

No. 468612


You are so fabulous, archivist anon. Thanks again for all your hard work, in the name of farmers around the world. Plus, you're keeping tabs on the cows I can't tear myself away from. This site is like Christmas a month early.

I'm sure if Plain were here, she'd give you a solid bless up.

No. 468614

lel are the onions in south east asia atm? because i sure am. thats funny tho, that they are checking your stuff and you know lol you should call them out on twitter or something

No. 468616

By chicken out I mean it finally set in what was happening, that she was about to get into a relationship with a dude who abandoned his family. She realized "holy shit, is this even worth it?"
I don't think Billie had any serious reservations against Lainey, sure she fucked her husband but from what we know it seems like Lainey and Greg were both manipulating her in the situation, she'd tell Billie one thing and Greg another. I think at first it was all fun and games she was a teen who was being lovebombed by this "famous" YouTube couple, getting tons of money and makeup along with so many promises but then when shit hit the fan and Greg pulled what he did (leaving Lainey and agreeing to sign away his kids) it all got to real to fast for Billie and suddenly it wasn't just a game anymore and she smartened up and got the fuck outta there.

No. 468619

dude fuck off, just because I don't defend your idol billie and state the truth doesn't mean I'm one of those dumbasses.

Nah, she knew exactly what she was getting into to begin with. She obvs faked being intersting on Lame to jump on Gurg's 2 inch dick and was in for the long haul (even after the tattoo and basement ordeal). I can keep on going with this but its old milk that has been talked about a billion times

No. 468621

Yeah….she was totally up for being with him after the basement/tattoo shit which is why she made a video telling him to leave her alone and got new boyfriend /s

Go away discordfag.

No. 468627

>your idol billie
I'll bite this bait. I didn't know who she was until like ..a month ago. but if I was going to lay false idol it would be to her. she is far more successful in what she does than plainey and by extension onion. she isn't plain. she isn't boring. she's a normal young woman living her life. but I'll fuck off just for you. can I get a vocaroo of FAXXXXX before I do though?

No. 468628

File: 1511746981696.jpg (34.64 KB, 500x500, da7.jpg)

I'm pretty sure Onion contacted a lawyer shortly after cuddlegate happened, learned that he would lose his house, car and a shit ton of money if he signed his kids away, so he told Plainey he had an "epiphany" and decided to not divorce her. Hence why he's so salty whenever someone talks about Billie.

No. 468629


The Billie hatethread is in snow. You should go there to bitch, because most of us here have some amount of empathy for an extremely naive girl that Greg tried to make into a fucking Oompa Loompa.

You're also samefagging all over the place and I expect you'll continue, but just know that you sound extremely pressed. Would you like a Valium?

No. 468631

Lainey still breastfeeds both her kids lmao gross. One of almost 5 years old.

No. 468632

lol this one anon pops out to hate on billie whenever shes brought up. literally sounds like the same person every time. its a discord fag or gerg.

billie DID reject him because she stopped playing his game. He would still be pursuing her now if she continued being okay with him. It only truly ended when she hated him and told him to fuck off and leave her alone.

nah, billie just told him no and he got scared that he'd end up with no one so he ran back to footface.

No. 468633

he says they were in a poly relationship when cuddlegate happened, wasn’t billie JUST lainey’s gf in the beginning? then it turned into a 3 way relationship, the Foot even said this in her My Side of the Story video. what a liar Grease is

No. 468634

Greg has a history of this.
Hes said himself he cant be alone, he has to be in some kind of relationship to feel relevant.
He broke up with Shiloh… immediately tried to form this fully developed relationship with Adrienne within weeks… Adrienne runs for the hills because she realizes Greg is insane… Greg immediately runs back to Shiloh.

No. 468656

I'm assuming that was his job in the military?

No. 468671

No. 468673

File: 1511751296237.jpg (236.89 KB, 1920x1080, thumb-1920-608215.jpg)

He was basically this guy…
but on a military base

No. 468675

And in another country.

No. 468681

I asked about pumping and she shit a fucking brick.

No. 468687

File: 1511753603966.jpg (76.44 KB, 720x616, IMG_20171127_043050.JPG)

Not the only place she puts her finger in ON CAMERA. What are manners? I saw her do gross things at least 4-5 times this week.

Thank you four that, this made me kek. Lord of the flies

So I noticed she talks about the kids more and more often which forces her to talk about biological stuff about her female body. Isn't that contraproductive with continuing to go the agender/fakeboi route?

No. 468689

she has been seven-days-a-week streaming for months, she didn't tonight. she gave up that revenue for soemthing. she didn't do it for her mom on thanksgiving.

No. 468691

I wanna see a rich person donate a fuck load to money to lainey for her "top surgery" just to see if she actually does it, frauds, or gets a breast lift instead

No. 468693

Thats a point, Its weird she wasn't on today, Could be that jaclyn was streaming for 2 hours and I noticed when JG is streaming lainey usually avoids streaming at the same time. Because she can't compete with JG lol but heres hoping for milky fight esp because ol' greasy is obsessing about billie yet again.

No. 468694

Wait I thought she did? I got a notification and she tweeted that she went live

No. 468695

What are you talking about? She did stream today..

No. 468698

Asked some airforce veterans and current officers about gurglys position in the military. They said that when you join, what they (recruiters) don't tell you is that you should have a list of jobs that you want to do after basic. You also take the Asvab? and if your too "dumb", you get a "dumb" job (their words)

They said that if you dont have a list of jobs you would want, they will assign you all the crap positions others dont really want to do. Like what greg got. For security forces, I think the score is at least a 30, which is not at all hard to get. But if you get a pretty decent to high score, they will send you to better positions. But onision must have bombed the test.

Also, if he really didn't want to kill a rabbit, they said he could have probably gotten a waiver signed, and that taking off all his clothes in front of his commanding officer to prove a point was worthless.

Also, if he had an honorable discharge, he would have had his GI bill to go to school. But since he had an "other than honorable conditions" discharge, he's not eligible for the gi bill. Always wondered why he just didn't go to school for anything, it's free schooling, but now I know, because he didn't have an honorable discharge. Even Jenna Marbles and Jaclyn glenn have masters degrees, geez Gurg, your lagging behind.

No. 468701

I feel bad for lameos dad. Onion said he met with him after he probably found out his daughter was hiding this relationship with an old child predator known for his abusiveness and said he had "tears in his eyes" while saying "if you hurt lainey I will kill you". And onion calls him crazy for saying that. Lol. Wow her dad cared about her and didn't want her to get hurt. While lameo is a complete bitch who just shits on him and let's onion shit on him. Lol at onion trying to call her dad controlling. He was being a reasonable parent. Her and her sister are spoiled as all hell. No wonder they became garbage and don't appreciate what they have. Lameo deserves onion 100%. She doesn't deserve to hurt an actual nice person with her nastiness.

lol that whole video is onion lying and trying to say everyone is terrible but him. Lied about the whole billie thing. He even throws lameo under the bus without saying she lied and shit. Only he is perfect. But lameo probably would watch this and think it's onion being sweet because he said a few nice things about her. The only thing he is actually saying is "I can't believe lameo is so stupid that she puts up with the crap I do when I don't even like her. And I get free passes to break up with her, cheat on her, and do whatever the fuck I want for life! Sweet!"

No. 468708

Tried slogging through that crap, had to give up when he started talking about the lenient age of consent.
Its all lies. All lies!! Ugh.

In this video he talks about trying to find anyone to date in between Shi breakups, and Taylor caught his eye with tweets.

Don't both Onion and Lainey say that he breaks up with her all the time and she doesn't allow it to stick(kek)? So if humans are creatures of habit and they don't change, then when he fights and dumps Lainey, right away he's trying to find another girl to date, right? (Lainey probably shits herself everything he dumps her, knowing he's looking for underage tail).

What else, what else? Oh, hey Taylor, see how he's talking about his ex's to everyone? That's gonna be you one day, he's going to spew hatred about you and detail everything you did wrong and how crazy you were. When you date someone, see how they speak about their ex's, because then you'll know exactly how they'll speak about you.

Even if you think that Greg would never speak that way about you, the mother of his children, just you wait and see Taylor. You will be shocked. We will all say we told you so, and you will be incredulous that he found another 17 year old to move into your marital home and diddle on your bed specifically. He will give her another made up name, just like you, and he will make video after video of how much he loves his new teen bait and that it's true love and he's never felt this way before. He will publicly say that your relationship with him was verbaly and emotionaly abusive on your part, and that you were lazy and unmotivated in life, and depressive to the point of not taking care of the children's hygiene.

On that day, we will all laugh.

No. 468712

No. 468713


Welp! That explains why he can’t - won’t ever get a job outside of Youtube and Patreon. His only options are low-tier end jobs like he had before he even started Youtube and that won’t afford his ~lavish lifestyle~. Gregma doesn’t wanna go back to having a crappy job yet when the Patreon well dries up and the stans don’t want to put up with his shit anymore… well, what’s plan b?

No. 468714

It was quite a marathon of bullshit. I was laughing at the part where he tries so hard to convince us (himself?) that he prefers people 25+ and that Lainey was some outlying exception. And that he was angry that she lied about her being underage. Yeah fucking right, Gurg.

No. 468715

It made me sad that Onion doesn't understand that Lame's dad was only teary eyed and "threatening" because he loves her a lot and didn't want to see his child in pain. You'd think that now that he is a father to a girl he'd understand what it feels to want to keep her safe, but nah Onion is a narcissist, he can't love them as much as he loves himself. The bet he could do is write a song calling his daughter a bitch and saying he'd feed her cereal and play video games with her. Lamey is also at fault for allowing him to continue talking about her father.

No. 468740

What is that song anyway? I saw it referenced in the last thread. Was this made before he had a daughter?

No. 468772

Onision using his newest video "The REAL Truth About Laineybot & Onision's Marriage (Storytime)" to shit on/talk about Shiloh again…

Can't he just grow up, this is starting to get really annoying.


No. 468802

Lame's dad does seem like an asshole, going for the baby sitter 13 years his junior and then divorcing her as well.

like if onion was not who he is, the man would not be able to bitch about the age difference etc. but unfortunately his daughter has managed to pick the biggest loser on youtube so he is justified in being upset but i can see why lainey allows greg to scapegoat her dad.

No. 468803

It's so messed up that Grease still doesn't get Lainey's dad was being a GOOD FATHER by trying to protect her from an Internet SLEAZE BAG with bad intentions. And Grease, you proved him right about you being a scum bag when you cheated on Lainey with Billie. Also, if Gerg would have had good intentions he would have acted like a real man and either a) introduced himself to Taylor's dad or b) if he was too scared to do that he could've stayed away until she turned 18 and then introduced himself. But his sneakiness showed Taylors dad his real lack of character. I bet Mr. Anderson feels so vindicated now that Grease has shown Taylor who he really is.
Oh and what planet is Greg living on where he thinks a parent OWES it to their kid to pay for college? That is a privledge! You are in no way required to gift your offspring thousands in tuition fees! Especially when she lied about her relationship and shacked up with a man 9 years older. I think Greg made this video for 3 possible reasons: he wanted an excuse to bring up Shiloh, he did something wrong and needed to love bomb to make up for it, he needs to convince HIMSELF he still loves Lainey, or he desperately misses the "game" of having an enemy try to come between Lainey so he can fight away the big bad dad who tries to come between him as his Romeo and Juliet fairy tale.
That's 4 reasons but oh well.
Long story short, he misses the chase. And with Lainey there's no level of intrigue at all. He got a spoiled, lazy, ugly, aging harpy as he settled and they both know it.

No. 468804

Yeah, it is pretty amazing that he is so devoid of empathy that he finds it mockable that a father would be devastated by his daughter's fundamental betrayal of his trust, and worried to death that a spoiled and pampered 17-year-old just might have not made the best life decision to run off with some asshole 10 years older than she– who she met on the internet. What a terrible, horrible person that father is.

And now we can all clearly see just how wrong her dad was, because Taylor sure is thriving and so very,very happy with her wonderful, talented Prince Charming who treats her just like the princess she truly is.

No. 468805

Ironically Gerg was about to leave his family for someone that is about 13 years younger than him, Billie. Honestly we don't even know if what Gerg is saying is true, he's telling the story of someone that he met once and I don't trust anything that comes out of his mouth. Sure it was a shit thing to do but that still doesn't change that he wants the best for his daughter. Onion is in no way better, he cheated on Lame with her own girlfriend.

No. 468806

Also Onion loved to talk about these texts between him and Billie where she supposedly is trying to get her to be with him. We've seen the ones where she offers to be with him when he announced that he was single in the "I betrayed my wife re." Where are the texts where she's trying to keep him single, and saying he shouldn't be with Lame? I call bullshit on them he loves dropping private conversarions and has yet to drop them. He's most likely lying or twisting her words to make her look worse or to make himaelf feel wanted.

No. 468811

I went to read the comments on his video and hes turned them off. What a weak cunt

No. 468822


Probably because Shiloh is about to drop new music and he needs to remind everyone how awful she was for the thousandth time. God forbid she move on and do well for herself.

No. 468824

I think he found out through the previous thread as it’s been about 2-3 weeks since she started releasing her tracks and some salty asshole decided to release her current info and claimed the old school stereotype of her dressing like a hooker for wearing revealing clothes and heels. Something along the lines of “continuing with her old ways”.

No. 468825

Samefag but Grease shitting down on her is (possibly) gonna delay her from releasing her musical content for awhile.

Jealousy is one hell of a bitch.

No. 468828

File: 1511797371613.png (21.32 KB, 643x195, trans.PNG)

If I didn't knew it better I'd say he is a troll. what a fucking idiot, he has zero empathy for anyone. sure wait for technology when you're suffering.

No. 468830

File: 1511797470668.jpg (305.29 KB, 1440x833, Screenshot_20171127-102203.jpg)

Okay, so, on onisions twitter, he's hating on breasts implants again. Here's 2 screens shots. Would like to point something out. Why does he care so much, and vehemently decries what ladies do to their small tiny breasts?

Think about it, mammary gland size is societies measure of womanhood. Girls with tiny boobs can feel inferior when they see big bouncy boobs, and they can feel as if they are not womanly enough for others.
BUT women and girls CAN permanently change that with breast implants if they choose to, making their breasts, societies measure of femininity, much bigger, so that they can feel better about themselves. I'm going somewhere with this.

Since Greg is talking smack about our fave Canadian, let's continue. According to that deleted Q&A, iirc Greg has a small tiny penis. It is 3 1/2 inches erect, and very slim, small girth, and Greg hates condoms because they slide right off. That's the biggest reason why he likes them young and virgins, so they can't compare his tiny smol penis to bigger or even average sized penises. Also, as male genitals go, penis size is societies measure of masculinity, bigger is better, and smaller is laughable.

But the main reason why Onision HATES breast implants, is because that allows the woman to change society's measure of womanly worth, however, there is no real penis implants or penis surgery available to change society's measure of masculinity.

Look at these tweets about celebrating small breasts, and replace breasts to penises. Bam.
Greg is jelly that he can't to that to his tiny Vienna sausage. Greg hates that women can make their genitals bigger, and he cannot. So then he displaces his hatred of his small tiny dick onto women who changed their boobs.

No. 468831


I can kind of buy into this. He'd fit right into that South Park episode about anger issues correlating with a small penis.

No. 468835

Hahaha! Fuck that was a good read. It makes sense to me that he has tiny dick rage. What a fucking idiot. Laineys plum boi clit is probably bigger.

No. 468836

He can't stand the idea of women having agency over their own bodies. Pathetic control freak Grug.

No. 468838

so many things can be explained with his tiny dick. I wanna add that one anon mentioned that he doesn't like it when girls are wet, this can only be due to his small dick cause otherwise it would hurt. he probably doesn't feel anything from normal sex.

No. 468839

This is why he hates wet vaginas, the wetter a woman becomes the wider the vagina gets for easier penetration. When your dry you feel tight. Getting wet would mean they wouldn't feel his mighty grease 3 incher.

No. 468841

File: 1511798705086.png (338.95 KB, 1021x574, cocktailsaus.png)

I couldn't help myself. Not sure if I should add the spoiler

No. 468843

What is dysmorphia?

No. 468844

oh wow, is greg mirroring lainey's dad saying give it ten years or so

No. 468846

It's obvious from this tweet >>465673 that he equates small boobs with small penises, and that he has a small penis.

You can change every instance of women with anall boobs" in this tweets with "men with small penises", and it reads as him airing out his insecurities and trying to convince himself and everyone else that having a micropenis is not bad… until the technology advances enough, then he'll totally have penis enlargement surgery.

No. 468849

This is the nastiest thing about him. Because you know who else can have a dry vagina? Victims of rape and molested children. He is so fucking foul, I've always felt like his sexual preferences fall uncomfortably close to flat out rape paraphilia.

Also, he's going to give himself a broken dick if he's always jamming it in there without lube or natural girl action. Not to mention he's probably flaying the skin off the head and making it even less sensitive, poor cutdick Gruck.

Source: Mom is a RN, and she's seen this enough times in her career to mention it. One of the dudes was a rapist, the others just couldn't wait to stick it in. Enjoy your destroyed cock, dent boy!

No. 468850


i've always suspected he fetishes young girls and turning gay girls straight because of their inexperience with penis. he comes across as an extremely insecure guy and is always trying to boast of his sex drive and bravdo
- yet in the several girlfriend/boyfriend sex tags he does with his gay husband he turns his nose up at a lot of 'vanilla' acts and fantasies. He's over compensating.

iirc it was adrienne that confirmed his small peen, other girls have alluded to it. of course he is going to be furious at women who are able to correct what they deem a flaw.

the technology is not available for him and we all know he is not shy about cosmetic (speculation of nose surgery) procedures such as botox/chemical peels.

keep on raging gurgles, it's literally what you're known for

No. 468851

we should bring this up in lame's stream

No. 468853

Lamey has been emo snapchatting since last night. She posted a picture and it looks like she's been crying captioned "I feel awful I don't wanna film today". She isn't sick so Gurgley and her are probably fighting since last night.

No. 468854

oh this is great, thank you snapchat anon. I love that we have anons to report from every social media they have. looking forward for her next stream where she's probably gonna be "I had a shitty day. DON'T want to talk about it"

No. 468855

Yeah. Someone should point it out. I always used to think that touching the poop was unacceptable but in this case I prefer reminding Plain of Greg's hypocrisy as much as possible.

No. 468862

File: 1511801211233.jpg (486.76 KB, 1632x1224, IMG_1095.JPG)

No. 468866

File: 1511802502921.jpg (468.14 KB, 1200x1317, BOrFWrF.jpg)

He's having a 12 hour meltdown about breast implants, probably rooted in the fact he has a tiny cuckcock that can't be improved.

No. 468867

Ha ha ha, the small dick post here must have been read by him, because he's spazing all over again on twitter.
Would like to point out how ignorant he says b and c cups are average, and he likes A-F

Well Greg, that's the cup size sure, but the bust size changes the cup size, did you know that??? Like 32, 36, 40, 42, etc???

A 38 A can be a 32 D. A 30 f can be a 38 B.

A 38C can be a 32D or a 36B. You've got to be more specific on what band size you prefer when you spout out what cup sizes you like, because you are a huge ignorant asshole.

So lemme help you… your 3 incher is the cup size, and the slim girth of your dick is the band size of a bra. Now, how small is your dick… i mean, what boob/band size do you like???

No. 468869

>believable pare of fake boobs
>believable pare

He has a small dick and he's stupid as a brick. Jesus christ, and here was me under the impression he solely used Apple products with built in auto correct.

Sometimes I wish he was as smart as anon's on here make him out to be. "OH! But he's tweeting this with ulterior motives! He's really smart and manipulative!" But the man barely has a grasp on how to effectively communicate with other human beings, never mind having some long term plan drawn out in order to dominate the world and every person in it. He'd be a lot more interesting and probably not doing nearly as shit if he had an only slightly below average IQ, but the way he presents himself and acts just proves he's the missing link between human and ape. Stupid, ugly & a small peen.

No. 468870

File: 1511803383812.png (1.1 MB, 1130x628, why.png)

Am I the only one who thinks its weird that they dont share one glass/bottle?
I mean as a couple… testing some mini drinks… why get a glass, when you just try some drops…

No. 468872


What the hell kind of bras do you buy where a 38A can be a 32D? Those are not even slightly interchangeable. Yeah, you can get the bra on, but it's not going to fit right at all and you'll have zero support.

No. 468873

He is jjealous he's no where near as important as her + he just stays in his house all day so he has no life/new material

i don't even watch Greg, but YT who make it their job generally become boring as fuck. That + he's L I T E R A L L Y obsessed with his past "glory".

No. 468874

Good lord look at all that projection.
"I'm a manlet with a dicklet! I hate that I can't change it and yet WOMEN can change their breasts!" So much for anyone loving their body. God what a hypocrite.

Also why in the middle of that rant did he talk about cheating all of a sudden? With the added fact that lainey is all "waah I'm sads" from the snapchat, Perhaps they had a fight about cheating again?

Though maybe her "wahh" and his absolute rage is due to jaclyn saying she wouldn't date either of them and would rather become a nun last night in her stream.

No. 468875

>Oh and what planet is Greg living on where he thinks a parent OWES it to their kid to pay for college?

why didnt mommy pay for gurggys college then

No. 468876

The cup size is the same. Same tiddy volume different chest circumference.

No. 468877

it's definitely not the same, the cup size results of the difference between your bust measurements and your underbust measurements but let's stop derailing

he is insane

No. 468884

Thats literally what I wrote though? That the volume of the breast depends on the band. So two different cup sizes can technically be the same size, just a lot more dumbed down?

No. 468887

maybe lame saw his video and was not pleased about the fact that it was more about his exes than about her and they had a fight over that? tinfoil

No. 468888

Is he referencing towards GingerBeck with that dating tweet? Damn, girl needs to just give it up if that's how they talk about her.

No. 468889

I agree about the society bit - but I mean, that much is obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. I'm really enjoying this sperg-out, please post more Gerg.
So many times it's incredibly hard to believe he's 32, a father of 2 and posting this shit. Fucking hilarious and sad at the same time.

No. 468890


That's not what you wrote, and that's not how it works. The cup volume is based on breast size, it's an independent measurement. The length of the band will not give the cups more volume. A 38A will in no way fit a 32D. You might be able to fudge a 38C and 36D, but you can't have a multi-cup disparity like that. I've personally tried, it doesn't work like that.

No. 468891

File: 1511806597646.jpg (641.29 KB, 1427x978, Screenshot_20171127-130833.jpg)

Holy jebus, he just tweeted bout penis enlargement in between breast implants. Projection much Greg?

Tiny manlet with his tiny half a hot dog in a turtleneck.
Tiny small penis only 3 inches erect.
Tiny small feeties with a micropenis
Tiny very very small penis.

It's too small, get over your dick issues and girls breasts size, you sound like a pedophile creep, or worse, an old anti abortion Republican congressman telling women what to do with their bodies.

Where does all the rage come from?? Oh yeah…. your tiny small dick Greg.

No. 468892

It's even better when you think of the video that jaclyn and SR made about his drama wheel, they really nailed it with that one

No. 468893

>Where does all the rage come from??
also failing youtube career, ugly wife, discord fags leaving, no fresh teen puss, all friends gone, (…) the list is long

No. 468897

lol this is all him trying to be edgy again, but all he does is re-hash the same shit. yawn. He decided to be mean onion after being semi-pseudo-nice onion for a minute wasn't working. Divorce lameo for views. No one cares about your thoughts on boobs.

No. 468903

It's amazing how he manages to both try to drag down Shiloh and paint Lainey as this over-emotional, intense person that was just pining after him.

>I just tell you guys EVERYTHING, I'm so honest guise!

>Those disgustingly fake mannerisms


No. 468920

Fuuuck, imagine having a small peen + ass and face acne + drooping eyebrows. I think I’d be just as bitter at life as onion~

No. 468938

File: 1511814801156.jpg (397.65 KB, 878x548, wheelofonion.jpg)

cant wait to see what the next sperg out is going to be about, spin the wheel grease boy !!

No. 468940

I'd love to take a bong rip right infront of m and blow the smoke in his face

his children will begin frequenting r/raisedbynarcissists by age 12

No. 468947

File: 1511817383326.jpeg (117.58 KB, 640x232, 7A6973B8-5DC6-4F83-9633-397FFE…)

This has already been uploaded, right? He takes a narc test which he can’t even read to save his fucking life (“psycho-pathy”, cannot pronounce “Machiavellian”) and passive aggressively bitched at us for never taking his side when it comes to former friends and ex-partners. He also tried to display his crocodile tears as real emotion too.

He still scored 3 narc points tho.

No. 468948

Yeah that too honestly I agree with this tinfoil anon

No. 468951

No. 468952

Can't bare even watching him or his small penis issues lmao

what a fucking idiot and he's become so fucking dull and boring.
Hear that grease? You're fucking boring at this point

No. 468960

Thx anon!

No. 468961

and the funnier part is, NOBODY is giving him attention or is suffering with him(except the Foot). Jaclyn is busy sulking because of her breakup, Blaire is ignoring him, Social Exposed is on the verge of a mental breakdown, Shane is happy, Billie is happy living her life and not even on social media as much, and Sarah looks happy with her other friends.

No. 468962

Sarah actually unfollowed him on twitter after his recent meltdown.

No. 468966

>by a test

fuck off onion

No. 468974

Whoa, I'm actually shocked by this. I thought she was full Stockholm syndrome with that nest of idiots.

No. 468976

What is with the new shitty editing style and emojis? It looks like he's not only trying to appeal to teens but preteens now too. Eugh.

No. 468978

Next thread image pls

No. 468980

File: 1511819556848.jpg (104.61 KB, 1254x670, Capture.JPG)

The whole emoji thing feels like when your older family members try to appeal to you so they start spamming you with emojis

No. 468981

haha holy shit you're right, God damn could he be any more of a boring old man with dick envy

No. 468985

Good for her. Although I would love to know what has caused her disenchantment. I seriously though she'd have Lainey+Sarah 4EVA scribbled across her ~Trapper Keeper~ forever.

No. 468988

Looks like he purchased a whole bag of preedited content frames with what was left of his money in a desperate attempt to make his stupid shit watchable.

And why does his hair look like it's leaking grease?

No. 468993

File: 1511820641721.png (12.97 KB, 584x112, omg.png)

No. 468995

Thanks for uploading!

I don’t know how CONSISTENTLY gives answers to all these test that can be so easily refuted by stuff that he choses to make public. Like he says he doesn’t manipulate to get what he wants but he’s admitted repeatedly that he manipulated Lainey get what he wanted (cuddling/groping) from Billie and even separate of that he’s admitted to being manipulative over Twitter. Several times!!

Does he just forget?? It doesn’t make sense.

No. 468996

Awww he so sad about his teeny tiny dick that can't pleasure any woman.

No. 468998

File: 1511820908164.png (1.66 MB, 1278x717, Screenshot(1).png)

it comes out in his favour because he stacks the result

No. 469000

No. 469007

Lame is on YouNow stressing about having to take photo's for her patreon and that she has only taken selfies because she doesn't feel comfortable letting gurgles take pictures of her. Aw no wonder she says she has no friends because her Teenage babysitter/photographer/tissue went back home, got a job and is hanging out with friends and family(According to her SnapChat). You let your husband see you naked but can't let him picture you? Must be because he was making fun of girls who do photo shoots last week.

No. 469008


Sounds like a perfectly healthy relationship.

No. 469014

"I wouldn't date another 18 year old, because I am a parent, we are in an adult relationship. I don't think they'd understand."

"I didn't walk down the isle with my dad, I walked down the isle with Greg, because I was afraid to do it any other way."

She talked about how its hard to get along with gergs family because they are all extroverted so they think she's just being a snob when she's quiet around them but shes an "introvert".
Someone said In laws are over rated and she said true. Oh but she's not a snob.

No. 469015

File: 1511822906663.png (752 KB, 1254x670, fun fact.png)

No. 469016

Oh, but how lol-worthy and terrible her father was for talking to Greg with tears in his eyes about hurting darling little Taylor. She makes me sick.

No. 469018

No. 469020

These are exploitable as fuck, and I'm super incompetent with any editing program kek.

No. 469021

File: 1511823916873.png (906.09 KB, 1278x717, Image2.png)

It's more the fact he takes online quizzes even semi seriously (muh iq test).

No. 469031

Huh, wasn’t Skye an introvert but the onion family loved her anyway? Gee I wonder why that happens, Taylor?

No. 469032

He truly thinks that breasts are in anyway comparable to his teeny peeny, the projection is real, classic narc being super insecure while acting overly confident

No. 469034

B-boobs arent genitals.. You know that right?

No. 469038

File: 1511825500436.jpeg (600.06 KB, 3200x1710, DAE6E996-BB1F-4D73-A16E-6FD1AC…)

Are we turning this into a meme? Because I want in.

No. 469044

No. 469053

File: 1511827119484.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 6D0AC7F2-6054-4A99-9D63-17D522…)

This is from yesterday’s stream, but Lainey’s new ring turns her finger green too. Lmao.

No. 469055

That text combined with his facial expression…Bless you, anon.

No. 469056

The video about Plain and Gurg's marriage from his perspective was so tragic.
Ten minutes talking about Shiloh, then another ten complaining about how their relationship started and her family, the adpocalypse, and bragging about paying for shit.
He barely talks about good qualities, good memories, reasons they work well together. It's just all complaining.

Him saying "Lainey isn't really the type of person where I can say "this is why I'm leaving you" because it turns out to be nothing", just confirms what we've all been saying - he's with Lainey because he can't find a reason to leave her.
The only thing he compliments her at any length is that she makes money.

If I was Lainey this video would upset me so much. But then, if I was Lainey, I would have left when Greg left for Billie the first time kek.

No. 469057

Its funny how the ring he bought billie and shiloh didn't turn their hands green.

Also lainey said on stream tonight she can't wait to be blonde again, Yeesh.

No. 469058

>Also lainey said on stream tonight she can't wait to be blonde again, Yeesh.

Gotta be blonde before you can be orange!

No. 469062

>he's with Lainey because he can't find a reason to leave her
Oh I'm sure he already found 500 reasons for leaving her in his mind, just none that would publicly look good for now. He could make it look like a 'mutual break-up' - but that can't be milked for views.
It's not his style in general, he has to make the other person the villain. I dislike Foot as much as the next girl, but she still has too many fans ( why I have no idea ) to be the villain and him the saint.

No. 469064

She said that was hair dye.

No. 469065

Excuse the spreg but this stupid misinformation is triggering me.

Fuck me, talking like you're some authority on bra sizing just cause you tried it once. Sister sizes are well established so please just Google it or walk into any halfway decent lingerie store to ask about it.

Look it's even logical that a wider bra band would result in bigger cups. They're not independent measurements, cup size is relative to band size. Just think about it logically for a sec, if you were to affix the same size cups across a range of differing band sizes then you would need to upsize the cup sizes in bigger bands to ensure that it looks even and not just two cups attached by steing.

No. 469067

lololol bitch do you wear hair dye as a fucking wedding ring?

i guess you might as well, since youre married to onion

No. 469068

>>Oh I'm sure he already found 500 reasons for leaving her in his mind, just none that would publicly look good for now. He could make it look like a 'mutual break-up' - but that can't be milked for views.

I'm pretty sure he's already laying the framework - that he's not gay, and if she's agender or a boy, he's not attracted to that. He'll make a big deal about how much he respects her identity, but move on because he's super duper xtreme straight dude, but he wishes her well in her journey to find true love with a woman.

Now, with this approach, it would be hard to shit talk her and retain his audience, and he can't help shit talking his exes. But I think this is going to be his best "face saving" option, unless he can find another young teen to run away with him. Then he'll just leave and say fuck it, Lainey didn't support me, she didn't love me in a TRUE TRINITY and I'm POLY and KINKY and she can't shame me.

No. 469069

Well, at least he put more emotion into this Onionwife. (Reupload)

No. 469071

I think he could definitely spin it in a way he could constantly bring her up. He's the better person and the victim in that situation because despite his being straight he publicly and 'happily' supported his wife transitioning and then tried to continue to love her once she was a man but sadly he just couldn't bring himself to be attracted to a man. Oh poor Greg just wants to be in a happy lasting relationship but his wife waited until after she bore him children to be truly honest with him about who she is as a person. insert rant about how honesty is the most important aspect of life and how this never would have happened and their kids wouldnt had to have suffered a broken home if only Taylor had been honest about her true desire to become a man.

No. 469072

This post is too real and going to be copied into DivorceDraft.doc

No. 469073

>despite his being straight he publicly and 'happily' supported his wife transitioning and then tried to continue to love her once she was a man but sadly he just couldn't bring himself to be attracted to a man.

Gerg please bless us with a comedic gem like this, I would hysterically laugh over it for weeks.
+ I'm assuming Foot would take the children and move back to her parents. There they would be surrounded by normal people and have a chance to not grow up emotionally completely fucked up.