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File: 1492921266025.png (709.72 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4049.PNG)

No. 374296

-The Gregster makes a patreon account after lurking in Lolcow (shame on you anon for the idea!)

-Has threatened to kill himself if he doesn't get money from his fans, his fans obliged for the need of his "survival"

-Greg is NOT struggling, the onion family's doing just fine and are continually scamming their fans for jewtube gold (of course, the fans are too braidead to listen)

-Everyone else on YouTube and the internet has caught on to said scam.

Overall, the thread was mostly about his e-begging, here's to more!

Previous e-beg thread: >>>/pt/369446

No. 374298

File: 1492921381663.png (335.89 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4046.PNG)

And for the first post: Onion's "comback" against Richie, it's really sad

No. 374301

File: 1492921527259.png (677.23 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4048.PNG)

Oh and…
>look how sexy I am compared to Shane and social retard! I'm hawt af!

No. 374302

I would love to see those emails he sent billie.. she really should 'accidentally' release them

No. 374303

He genuinely believes he looks good like this. Holy shit.

No. 374308

>& Admitting Guilt
Yeah, Richie has openly said how he did the wrong thing in the past and sincerely regretted it and learned from it. Meanwhile Onion admits little, learns nothing, continues to threaten and abuse young women on a whim.

No. 374313

he seems insufferable and just trying to use billie vs onision drama. all of the stuff he mentions has been picked over a million times by now, he's way late to the party. billie can do so much better.

No. 374314

He looks like those half dressed people who are always yelling that you avoid eye contact with on the street. He thinks he looks good like this?!

No. 374319

File: 1492923248919.jpg (166.99 KB, 1500x1500, 1492923151267.jpg)


No. 374320

>billie can do so much better.

She doesn't have a track record of great taste in the dating department, sadly. Anyone with an active YouTube channel will do.

No. 374322

File: 1492923418187.png (691.96 KB, 625x625, mamapatreon.png)

No. 374326


He's giving me a shirtless ommpa loompa vibe
>inb4 greg is not orange

no but if ommpa loompa's were pink they would look like greg. He has the ommpa loompa face.

saged for no contribs

No. 374327

He's kind of annoying and I have trouble understanding him but I don't think He's that bad. Onion vs Billie is Probably still relevant to him because he knows Billie personally. She could do better but really, anything is better than Greg.

No. 374330

thats the point tho, if she had better taste in men she could way better than greg or drew

No. 374339

Its fucking hilarious how he thinks saying social repose likes to watch men have sex with his girlfriend while he himself just likes to have sex with two women at the same time somehow makes him better or less creepy. Like seriously the way he says it its like he saying "you are a serial killer while i help elderly people" i would say hes delusional but everyone already knows that (ppsstt also greg….tying girls up and forcing yourself on them isnt kinky or just sex, its assult bro)

No. 374346

File: 1492925170141.gif (18 KB, 261x498, wt hell.gif)

Can someone PLEASE stop this madness?!

No. 374347

Take it to the Billie thread.

No. 374350

Wait until May 1st. Then you'll see real numbers

No. 374351

The parents have to get their credit card statements for the month before realizing what their 12 year olds are doing with their money.

the emails explain why he has spurts of lameo lovebombs. She probably gets all sad when he is disappointed shes plainey and not billie. Hopefully she knows hes emailing billie and its not secret lmao.

No. 374352

Sometimes I'm not sure if he really doesn't understand why people hate him. I would think he knows how manipulative he's being but he comes across as so deluded, it's like he doesn't realize what he does is wrong. It's probably a lack of empathy but i think a lot of the time he truly believes what he's saying, which makes him more persuasive and seemingly genuine to unaware people.

No. 374359

lol dont worry anon. I pledged a sizable amount on an empty visa giftcard as suggested in the previous thread. I'm looking forward to him shitting himself at the end of the month.

No. 374364

Doesn't he read this thread..? Aren't you guys just giving yourselves away..?

No. 374374


What could he do to prevent it from happening though? People around here are anonymous, so he can't really do anything, can he? Unless I'm wrong (which could be, since I know little to nothing about Patreon). I'm genuinely interested: What measures would he take if he read this thread?

No. 374376

Doesn't matter. Even if he reads this it's still gonna anger him that he is going to get less than expected.

No. 374381

Does it matter? Do you think he has the capability to track the ip address of every poster that's said they put in a fake pledge, compare it to those of his patreon donors, and block them? Otherwise it's irrelevant.

No. 374382

Pimping out his saggy old man body for dem views

No. 374385

Thought you didn't watch haters videos huh greg

No. 374386

File: 1492931128194.png (443.45 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4050.PNG)


Did someone say "Oompa-Loompa vibes"?

No. 374388


Should have been OP pic, damn!

Good work anon!

No. 374390


No. 374398


Gerg showing a powerful thirst on that Hannah Minx clone.

No. 374400


He's a stoner kid who fell for Billie. He's on stoner time to the drama, he's not trying to use anything, he's fucking high lol

No. 374412


Just watched Richies reply to that Onision video, where he shows clips from Onision's "original music videos" (starts at 2m6s).

Those videos, oh boy. That is some Rebecca Black level stuff

No. 374423

lel his reaction to the video length

I hope Richie keeps trolling him. I think it upsets him more than anyone else responding.

No. 374424


His music is ew.

No. 374427

File: 1492937149372.jpg (97.76 KB, 1136x640, flab.jpg)

No. 374429

Onion should never make another "song" ever again. It's like watching an autistic child make an at-home musical and being proud of himself. Just… stop. Those videos were painful and I don't know how Richie or anyone else could sit through the full length versions.

No. 374433

File: 1492939418639.jpg (227.75 KB, 1281x713, photobombed.jpg)

No. 374434

Oh my god…I just caught up on my Onision bullshit and…wow. The (most recent) Shane Dawson video was one of the most bizarre, unsettling things I've ever fucking seen. Gerg, it doesn't matter if you're not medically obese, you still look like shit and, now that you're nearing middle age, you're bound to just get even shittier looking. Shane doesn't even look terrible with the weight and he can always lose it, he's done it before, it's not really a problem.

You, on the other hand, Greg, will always be gross and only get grosser with time. There is literally nothing you can do to change this. Even Botox failed you. You're fucked. Also, stop with the "Vegetarianism is a miracle diet" bullshit, simply taking meat out of your diet isn't fucking magic. The only time I was in great shape as a vegetarian was when I was biking miles every day and stopped eating so many morningstar chik'n nuggets. Fuckhead.

As for Richie: man, I'm really starting to love this guy. His music doesn't do anything for me (but I'm guessing women in their late 20's aren't his target audience), but, jeeeesus, dude really hit the nail on the head with "Shane Dawson, Onision and This Stupid Video" and I appreciate the lulz he provided by showing us the glorious, terrible failure that is Gerg's attempt at a music career.

Ughhh, Greg's fucking singing voice…that weird, airy, high pitched voice, it's like nails on a fucking chalkboard. You also get such insight into Gerg's self-perception: a tall, dark, brooding, mysterious stranger, like a mix of an anime hero and Heathcliffe. Oh god, it's so fucking depressing, he's so delusional. Oh, it's killing me. Ughh.

No. 374438

He has gone full creepy abusive uncle. All he's missing is a six pack of beer and a lit cig hanging from his mouth.

No. 374439

The world requires more of your banana shit onion. I cannot survive without that 2008 viral vid realness.

No. 374446

lmao that bitch is trying so hard to look like that "My chemical romance" front singer in 2004.

No. 374447

File: 1492947322831.jpg (248.15 KB, 1524x824, GreasyGamingTM.jpg)

He has added another reward tier, in this case to play a video game with him online!

I would give him some credit for listening to a fan and giving them an option they asked for, but then having to pay $75 per month for THE PRIVILEGE of playing one single game with him in that month removes really any hint of altruism to his putting the option in.

Plus, isn't he shite at gaming anyway? And I can picture him being difficult to have any fun with.

No. 374455

so in his newest uhohbro video, onion brings up shiloh by name and slates her to his viewers about her pregnancy.
currently reuploading his newest (unreleased) videos.

No. 374456

Sorry for dumbness but did he make a video on Shane Dawson's weight?????
I watch Shane and he makes it very clear that his weight is one thing he's always struggled with physically and mentally. He is so self conscious and anyone who points it out he obsessed over it etc….. Greg must know that, he thinks this is how to finally get his lovers attention. Hitting him where it hurts.

No. 374457

reupload - this is the video where he mentions shiloh. he mentions her around 3 minutes in.

No. 374458

another reupload - sorry i actually got confused and this is the one with shiloh at 3 minutes. the other video has onion running around with fake tits on at 3:30.

No. 374465

sage for nothing new but i contributed $150 with a VISA that has ~50¢ on it; it's weird how easy patreon makes it to do that. i'm thinking of upping my "donation" to like $900, is there any reason I shouldn't??

No. 374466

File: 1492952394888.jpg (32.02 KB, 600x536, 1251673866239.jpg)

His fans should be fucking ashamed of themselves, not only were they conned by him - it's the fact that he's STILL making the exact same content he always has been, he'll never make anything different.

They're basically enabling and supporting his bullying of others.

No. 374467

as long as you aren't intending on pledging to other users with that account, i don't see what they can do. in their FAQ it says that they'll keep retrying to take the payment until it goes through but nothing else.
in other news, it also says that it is almost impossible to ban a creator for not delivering content. so even if onion delivers pure shit to his patreon, or hardly posts, he can still collect $$$

No. 374476

God, he's so fucking creepy.

No. 374482

I was hoping Richie was going to do a song like Cyr did. Richie would blast Greg out of the water.

No. 374484

Fuck him at putting the blame on Shiloh for her career dying. HE'S the one that killed it, he's the one fired all of her managers and isolated from her her label and everyone that was pushing her to get out there. What a fucking asshole

No. 374487

gerg brings up the "its ok for the swimming pool" argument again, and I was wondering if it would be appropriate for lainey to send pictures of herself in her underwear to some guy on the internet and ask him for his "honest opinion". gerg shouldnt have a problem with that, right? cause obviously there is NOTHING inappropriate about that

No. 374490

Yeah, he made this entire video alternating between outright mocking Shane's current weight gain and addressing it in this very, very fake sympathetic tone. He invites Shane to stay with him to diet and exercise right after mocking his body and weight, the thing everybody knows Shane is incredibly insecure about due to his BDD. Plus, he does this super fucking bizarre…I cannot stress how fucking bizarre it is, my god…thing where he starts comparing his body to Shane's, as though it's a competition that only Onion is aware of? As though this proves he's better than Shane? He compares their heights, guesstimates Shane's current weight, checks his BMI, compares his own BMI, goes into Lainey's closet and tries on a baggy shirt to compare how he looks next to a picture of Shane in a baggy shirt, then (I'm completely serious) feels the need to start demonstrating how many push-ups he can do. Then, obviously, he feels compelled to get on his vegetarian soapbox and lecture the audience/Shane about how he's achieved his VEGETARIAN BODEH just by cutting that evil meat out of his diet.

It's literally the strangest fucking thing I've ever seen the guy do and this is Grease we're talking about. He seems deranged.

I'll link to Mikenactor's video that covers it to avoid linking to Grease's own channel. You need to see how bizarre it all is.

No. 374491


Oh my god. Oh god, it only just hit me that the bizarre "Time to compare my SLEEK, SVELTE FRAME to Shane's SCHLUBBY FAT ASS!" fuckery in that video was spurred on by that fan calling him fat in a tweet a week or two ago. Holy shit, you guys, a random person on twitter rustled his jimmies so hard that he felt the need to go after Shane's weight and strut around like a peacock, preening and bragging about his VEGETARIAN BODEH, all to prove that, no, random stranger, he is not fat (you still look like shit, Gerg, your body makes me dry heave).

Oh god, what a triggered fucking pussy! Hahaha!

No. 374492

It makes my skin crawl. Like he HAD to start off with a back handed bull shit. He had to sit there crossed arm, hard nosed, rolling his eyes, even though he MUST have seen the video before getting with her. He ruined her career. I stan for Shiloh so hard, and I'm sure she'll find her way back into the music industry. I am so happy for her right now though.

No. 374495

File: 1492960812621.png (1.28 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0608.PNG)

Nope no no no no. No. Fuck you plainey.

No. 374498


JFC Greg, give it up. YOU DO NOT HAVE A NICE BODY, and this kind of shit is ~literally~ horrifying. I do not even know what kind of delusional you have to be to think this looks awesome.

No. 374506

File: 1492963163232.jpg (9.49 KB, 227x218, sVfsBKu.jpg)

No. 374507


even if he does, all he can do is sperg out on twitter about it, and that shit is going to be funny as hell. so we can just sit back like, "STAY BROKE"

No. 374508


its 2017 why the fuck doesn't grease let her go. with Hannah Minx at least you know he does it for the views, since she was popular and people still miss her. but with shiloh he's just being petty and bitter for the hell of it. he's such garbage.

No. 374509


>"hey greg. billie? she smokes weed. and her ugly friend? pretty sure she's anorexic. kick them out. please, for the love of god, kick them out. if you don't i'll tweet sad lyrics about it".

No. 374510


Or better, "LOL BE BROKE"

No. 374512

TONS of girls in their late teens to early 20's have weird eating habits. Not that it's healthy or anything but some people just don't like to eat infront of people. And we already know Greg likes to exaggerate when it comes to allaya (however you spell her fucking name) so she was probably just saying she didn't want anything when they offered to be polite

No. 374518

Laineyb- ahem I mean Taylor Anderson surely likes to play victim while being the biggest snake there is.
And while she does it, this stupid bitch is still failing at life.

No. 374519


He also blames Skye for leaving her channel because she was lazy all the time but the truth is he sent his fans to attack her with his "I'm suicidal, please stop the alimony!!!" bs that forced her far away from the spotlight and her potential yt career.

It's a shame cuz she had good videos too.

No. 374526

File: 1492968210892.png (611.62 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4052.PNG)


Did someone say "sexy vegetarian body"?

No. 374527

File: 1492968245291.png (852.11 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4051.PNG)

No. 374528

Gurg is going to become a tranny when his test starts cratering in a few years.

No. 374531

Do it. He'll wonder why he didn't start Patreon sooner when he sees the donations pass his set goal, then rage and blame his fans when he only gets 2k or less.

No. 374534

Yeah, my immediate thought was how much I dislike eating in front of people I don't know well. I know plenty of people, dudes included, not just girls, who simply prefer to eat alone or, if they do eat in front of someone, they do so with someone they're comfortable with. It's an anxiety thing, it is not at all a surefire way to identify an eating disorder. For fucks sake, Grease.

Just imagining Lainey being all "YAY GURL TIME, LET'S BE GAY 2GETHER, LOL, BOIZ SUKK!!" to their faces and then slinking back to Grease to report her "girlfriend's" friend's eating habits…what a sketchy cunt.

If they'd said she'd binge and there were signs of purging, then…well, that'd be another thing entirely, but it's still not something you fucking share on your YT channel after the person pleaded, crying, for you to stop talking about them.

Also, Gerg sure loves to criticize women for having ED's, but loves to ignore the fact that women start dropping weight like fucking crazy the second they start staying with him. He wants to call Alayla out as some fucked up, broken girl who, I assume, he's blames Richie for creating when it's like, uhhh, did you forget the 16 year old who was browsing pro-ana websites and losing weight like crazy while under your "care"? Fucking hypocrite.

No. 374537

File: 1492969766133.png (14.38 KB, 588x132, lameo.png)

>is married to a narcissist who only loves himself
>retweets this shit tweet probably talking about billie


No. 374539

Lol lameo gets her panties ina bunch if anyone says one negative thing about her, but she talks shit about everyone and reports it to greg who she knows will air all their info, and then hides behind "welll IIIII didnt do it. Greg did. I'm not greg". She probably encourages him all the time so she can look innocent and get back at people she doesnt like. Like her call to onion making sure he hounds jaclyn about misgendering her LOL.

And I agree, if she "stuffs her face" when they are not around, how is that an ED? I used to also feel awkward around people i'm uncomfortable with and only eat when they are not around. Also who cares even if she does have an ED. She has a mental illness, god forbid! What a terrible human for having a mental illness!

No. 374543

>Just imagining Lainey being all "YAY GURL TIME, LET'S BE GAY 2GETHER, LOL, BOIZ SUKK!!" to their faces and then slinking back to Grease to report her "girlfriend's" friend's eating habits…what a sketchy cunt

Fucking this. No pity for her anymore. Just those poor kids.

No. 374547

I don't think Lainey was happy with allaya coming to their house. I feel like that was the reason Sarah was invited back (she said she wasn't supposed to visit till like November but Taylor wanted her there early) maybe Billie told allaya what was happening and she wouldn't let Billie go back without her so she could actually show her how fucked up taylor and Greg are and that's why Greg hates her.

No. 374548

There are little things about Taylor's personality that come out and I can't comprehend how much of a sick, twisted fuck she is. We all say Onion caused Sarah to feel bad about her weight but let's be real, probably Lameo.

No. 374553

Every damn time I see those suspenders all I can think of is that comedian that smashes watermelons.

No. 374554

She was so jealous and insecure of Allaya. Remember Gurg said they (Billie and Allaya) were starving themselves together? Probably just avoiding the processed shit you and your wife shovel in and maybe exercising a bit more than the monthly foam pit session you do when you can drag yourselves out of the sweaty imprint you made sitting lurking the internet.

No. 374559

Wait, what?

No. 374564

I felt like such a creep, but when I saw Allaya for the first time, I thought "OHHHH SHIT, she's sooo hot!" before remembering she's not even 20 and I'm 10 years older than her, making me almost as bad as Grease. Euuurghhhh.

But, yeah, Gerg going out of his way to refer to Allaya as Billie's "ugly friend" was probably a mix of Lainey's jealousy/insecurity being triggered (she was the third best looking girl in the house, how the fuck is she going to feel superior and keep that grease dick if she's #3?) and Gerg definitely fucking hating her because she was the voice of reason, whispering in Billie's ear "GURL, FUCKIN' RUN, GO!!". I feel like Allaya wasn't drinking the Grease Kool-Aid, would probably talk back (god forbid), question Grease rhetoric and try to keep Billie tethered to reality, y'know, like real friends do. So, suddenly, a girl who Greg would absolutely have ethusiastically stuck his microdick in became "the ugly bitch friend", which Lainey only happily encouraged because that gave her some sense of wicked glee and validation.

Remember Grease snippily relaying the story of how Allaya said she'd take Billie's side, even if she knew she'd done something wrong, and used it as DEFINITIVE PROOF that she was a toxic, lying bitch? That was him pissed that she wasn't blindly loyal to him instead and that Billie still had some kind of outside support. Both of those things are big no-no's in Grease's book, he can't have his followers having outside support systems and not always taking his side, they're just supposed to snitch on each other to him and agree with everything he says and does. Like Plainey. Basically, in the Grease household, Allaya HAD TO GO because she just wasn't cult member material and was fucking up their indoctrination of Billie.

But, yeah, sure, Gerg. Allaya's the "ugly friend".

No. 374567

gurgs new video is horrendous. Plainey get a job. Onion get a job. Just get a real job.

No. 374571

Which makes me think…did Plainey ever have a job? Doing something part-time while attending high school? Did that bitch ever work more than 0 hours in her life?

>inb4 plain or onion tweet how being a mom is the toughest job there is.

No. 374576

It's extremely unlikely that she ever had anything more than a part-time job or maybe at most a full time summer job a few times. She was so young when Greg found her.

No. 374577

Probably not. And if she did it was something very short lived and something a HS student wouldn't take seriously.

No. 374584


He really has very narrow shoulders…

No. 374587

fucking disgusting. although, making fun of someone's weight isn't new for Greg, so i'm not surprised. but still, what an asshole. i bet he binges & purges.

No. 374591

Gurg is over 30. He only has a few years until his testosterone levels will fall off a cliff, after which he'll be getting chubby (fat-fat and not skinnyfat like he's now) and he already seemingly has autogynophiliac tendencies. Dude is grade A tranny material.
He won't get a job as long as Google will deposit ad shekels into his account and his braindead fans will continue giving him money. Besides, what is he supposed to fill the gaping hole in his CV with?
>So Mr. Daniel what have you done the last ten years?
>Well, I had youtube channels full of edgy lolsorandum comedy and also I rated the bodies of jailbait while looking like a faggy cocksmoker
ayy lmao

No. 374601

Exactly she seems like the kind of person who doesn't take a lot of shit. She might not be exactly smart but she does seem very grounded in reality, which isnt hard to look like when compared to Greg and taylor. She was also the one who made all the really fucked up shit Greg was asking Billie to do public which is what made everyone take billies side and showed exactly how delusional Greg is so he probably blames her for that too

No. 374603

File: 1492977963218.png (835.28 KB, 1240x853, billiesock.png)


billie's new depop! i need it!

No. 374607

File: 1492978827376.png (118.2 KB, 1249x702, 2017-04-23.png)

because what we all really need is lectures from onion on eating disorders and even more flawed mental health advice!!!! /sarcasm

No. 374610

just watching onion's fraud video and he admits being a patreon of stepanka… who basically uploads porn of herself to her patreon.
nice one gurg.

No. 374620

Holy shit. That is a grown ass, engaged to be married woman who thinks Gerglez spouting off some misinformed nonsense he barely googled 10 min beforehand about BPD while making sure to throw in some shame tactics (because Borderlines aren't overwhelmed with shame as is) for the fact that many self-harm, have EDs, are promiscuous, have suicidal tendencies…all things Gerg has mocked and belittled many times in the past…this ADULT WOMAN, not a teenager, somehow thinks that's a good idea.

Lady, you need to go back to your psychiatrist, show him Gerg's channel and listen to what they say about him. There is a 0% chance any mental health professional would look at one of Grease's "Anorexic Girls: Would Onision Bang?" videos and say "Yeah, this man is qualified to speak on such issues, absolutely."

Fuckin' a…

No. 374621

File: 1492979393930.png (87.61 KB, 839x472, 2017-04-23 (1).png)

calling it now. billie and drew slating video incoming
"i didnt email her!!!! wheres the proof billie?!?!"

No. 374623

>narrow shoulders (>>374301)
>chicken breast
>no muscle definition in general (no biceps, triceps, lats, pecs, delts, anything)
Gurg, are you trawling the bathhouses as a particularly ugly twink in your spare time?

No. 374624

thats hilarious lmao, burn it billie

No. 374625

just had a thought. does anyone know which video of onions says that he makes no profit from his spreadshirt and lists the prices? because i was wondering if the price has gone up since he's now trying to make money from shirts, or whether he was just lying all along.

No. 374627

I was just watching one of Drew's response videos where he's shitting on Greg. Greg goes on a little tangent about how HORRIBLY UNFAIR it is for him to be accused of humiliating his exes when his ex is guilty of humiliating him, that everybody only hates/distrusts Lainey because she's considered guilty by association as his wife and that it's absurd for everybody to be taking this NAMELESS EX'S side just because they have an irrational grudge against Lainey and, UH, U GUISE, SHE'S A CRIMINAL,'MEMBER!!?? Then Drew just starts laughing and blurts out that Gerg's been shooting off a ton of emails to Billie, begging her to come back.

I'm guessing this is somewhat old news to everybody else, but my jaw dropped and I was salivating for that MYILK.

I pray to the almighty that Gerg goes on a "WHERE'S THE PROOF, BILLIE? YOU MADE LAINEY CRY! DON'T YOU CARE THAT YOUR LIES HAVE CONSEQUENCES!? RECEIPTS, I DEMAND THEM!! I AM THE BASTION OF TROOOOOTH!" and Billie's like "Here", produces a ton of revealing, embarassing emails and it's a total shitstorm. I'd even bet that it would be enough for Plainey to pack her bags, latch her kids onto her teats and march out the door.

No. 374628


lol, she's 100% lurking them patreon drama

No. 374630

Nah someone probably told her. Or if her new guy wasn't lying and Greg has been emailing her he probably told her he's not making enough to SURVIVE and having to SELL HIS CLOTHES and how bad his life is while trying to guilt her to come back so he won't fucking kill himself

No. 374632

Ahahaha. Thats hilarious. she actually sells her shit at reasonable prices unlike the highway robbery that is lameo's poshmark. Shes probably making fun of that shit.

lol and lameo is okay with gerg begging the girl he'd dump her over to come back? She's also been whining about missing billie. These two are nutcases. What a great marriage.

No. 374633

>I'd even bet that it would be enough for Plainey to pack her bags, latch her kids onto her teats and march out the door.

No way, she stays no matter what

No. 374637

File: 1492980879559.png (311.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4053.PNG)

>I'm not a fraud! Gimme moneyy or I'mma kill myself!!! Feel bad for my children and gimme money!!!

No. 374638

She probably blames billie for him emailing her lmao. There is no hope for lameo. She will stay with him through everything unless he dumps her, even if he abuses her kids or commits murder. I'm convinced she is insane.

I don't even bother to watch his videos. It's just irritating at this point. He says the same bs every time and ignores the points people are actually making. Hes the kellyane conway of himself.

No. 374639

File: 1492981154857.png (319.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4054.PNG)


He's gonna try and shut 'em down (lol)

No. 374640

File: 1492981183304.png (310.76 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4055.PNG)

No. 374641

File: 1492981267625.png (299 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4057.PNG)

No. 374645


He's gone full throttle psycho. I wonder how much bullshit he has to tell himself every day just to feel normal.


I checked his shirts about 6 months ago, and the pricing was reasonable. Now he's charging $30 for a fucking tank top, so I think he's jacked up his prices a lot. Whether or not he actually made money off of them before idk.

No. 374646

This. I need more of this Billie drama. I need to see the emails. He knows he'll get a butt tonne of views from ex drama. Where the vid at onion boy.

No. 374649

I need to see them too. I've missed Billie milk, it was honestly the best.

No. 374650

File: 1492983557244.png (195.47 KB, 593x926, sarah.png)

I can't see sarah's twitter cause she privated, but i saw this on one of lane's friends twitters. Sarah still talking shit about billie with lameo probably. What a surprise.

No. 374651

File: 1492983780302.jpg (187.17 KB, 905x1200, C-ID1pYWsAMIPoc.jpg)

I can't believe so many people donated to his patreon ;_ ;

No. 374653

People seem to be cancelling their donations already though, his total was above 4k earlier today

No. 374655

And it will be a lot less next month if those $1k donations dont stay. That's $2k right there.

No. 374656

I think that will be the case for a lot of the higher donations. Most of his fans are pretty young so it's unlikely that they'll be able to keep up with monthly payments

No. 374657

A fair portion seem to be fake pledges from farmers too. I'm exited to see him chimp out about getting way less than he thought

No. 374659

File: 1492985138288.png (83.1 KB, 750x887, IMG_9935.PNG)

Spotted: Lainey wearing the kigurumi Billie got for her. I hope we have some Billainey milk coming.

No. 374660

File: 1492985226979.png (65.81 KB, 750x541, IMG_9936.PNG)

No. 374661

File: 1492985243609.png (258.46 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_oovumkGyQJ1qh8fyjo1_128…)

back when she first tweeted it

No. 374662

EW GOD, That bottom right pic is fucking HORRENDOUS. Who the fuck thinks this thing is even pretty, shes downright ugly at this point.

No. 374664

Maybe so, but at least her fucking tongue isn't out.

These pictures seriously make her look like she's in her thirties. Her makeup is way harsh or something.

No. 374665


Ew she looks so old in the last two photos, especially the very last one!

No wonder Greg don't want you no more, ugly bitch!

No. 374672

makes me so sad that they treat her like shit and she keeps sticking up for them

No. 374679

File: 1492987374544.png (91.33 KB, 400x266, faxbutton.png)

No. 374684


She's aging horribly at this point. Only way to save her looks at this point is to stop with the agender shit and grow out that haircut already.

No. 374685

I don't feel bad for Sarah. She's had an opportunity to cut this shit out and not insert herself in the middle of this petty bs after she went home to MI. She just wants to stay relevant.

No. 374687

I bet she plans on going back. She did say she wants to go to washington for college lmao. She plans to still be besties with lameo. Sarah the snake who follows billie and talks shit about her. Idk why billie still follows her at this point.

That one of her "smiling" looks scary as hell.

No. 374688


billie: young, attractive, has many friends, positive, in a normal relationship, overall just having fun with life.

sarah and lainey: ugly, shit talking billie 24/7, completely miserable and bitter at everything.

hmm, i wonder why!

No. 374692


pretty sure she's just being petty and that its related to this >>374650 like "i know that you dumped me months ago !! but i want my pants back!!!! look i still have your kigurumi!!! do you care about me yet??? look sarah i just posted this pic in my kigurumi she's going to be so mad!"

No. 374696

dob't forget

sarah and lainey and billie: all constantly insulted by onion

billie: smart enough to not put up with his shit anymore

sarah and lainey: dumb idiots who will still support him in hopes of $$$

they think she cares. Unlike lameo, shes had ex's before and got over them.

No. 374698


how can someone so ugly be so obsessed with herself? back when i had low self esteem, i refused to take pictures of myself; this bitch should be wearing a paper bag and avoiding all cameras too smh

No. 374699


Billie has pretty much taken the high road in all of this, to her credit. Unlike literally everyone else involved. Sarah can pound sand. Billie tried to get Greg to back the fuck off Sarah and Taylor and his constant belittling mokcery, and this is the thanks she gets.

Also Sarah willingly walking back into that vipers' den. WTF is wrong with her.

No. 374700


looks like the trend of shitty fanart isn't just for lainey… them profile pic yikes

No. 374704

It seems greg removed the option to get a follow on twitter. Wonder why.

No. 374720

His new ladyboy is going to be angry when she gets cut off.

No. 374723

She is absolutely the reason he's doing it all she does is tweet him

No. 374727

I finally got the chance to look at the patreon and… That much just to get a P.O Box address? To get gifts and letters? That should be in like the first tier its so stupid to charge that much just to have your fans send you shit. I don't see how they put up with it.

No. 374729

Pick an amount not stated here or he'll probably notice a user (you) donating $900 and report it or something.

No. 374732

File: 1492989700827.png (63.45 KB, 456x810, tumblr_oovy33MaCP1qh8fyjo1_540…)

quit lurking and do something with yourself Sarah.

No. 374742

File: 1492990621936.png (374.87 KB, 892x494, hmm.png)

I'm pretty sure there was another patron guy he added before or after "Ryan Clarken" when he first added them… has he removed him or am I mistaken?

It didn't take long for him to ditch that idea though, his anti-social ass can't handle it… he's probably gritting his teeth everytime he has to engage with "Ladyboy" when she Tweets him.

Unless she has -something else- to offer him, he won't be the slightest bit interested.

No. 374744

…Mostly do something about still interacting with those two degenerate chucklefucks. You should know by now, especially after Greg's so very nice commentary last week, that there is nothing good that will come of it. I honestly don;t understand people who keep sticking their hand in a fire after they've been burned.

What is it about people Greg is involved with continuing to put up with his bullshit. It's like they're fucking lifestyle masochists or something.

No. 374745

>What is it about people Greg is involved with continuing to put up with his bullshit.

$$$$$$$$. When his youtube career finally dies, he will have nobody except maybe lameo will still think hes her soulmate or something cause shes insane.

No. 374749


I want to give her a pass cuz she's young but ffs Sarah

No. 374756

I have so much regret for my post about patreon. Forgive me lolcow, youtube, and all you teeny boppers that are getting exploited.

What have I done ;___;

No. 374757

He would have ended up there eventually, don't worry about it

No. 374762


you forgot ugly! and completely void of personality! hi sarah

No. 374763


i want to see the meltdown when he unfollows tbh

No. 374764

File: 1492992490424.gif (604.05 KB, 200x150, L9oQv_s-200x150.gif)

but >>374757 is right, if he can use it to manipulate people he'll do it.

No. 374780

I kinda wanna do this just to be able to beat him in any game he chooses and then watch him sperg out and block me so he wont have to play games with me monthly and face the same level of embarrassment

No. 374789

I honestly think Lameo is the one who pushes anorexia in the household. She allegedly had eating disorders before knowing Gurg, trying to maintain her gymnast body, and she's incredibly insecure and wants to make people implicit in her shit. She's a shitty person to other females.

No. 374813

Wow Lady boy is seriously freaking me tf out. Just checked her Twitter and it is literally only tweets at grease face. This is literally obsessive. I can sense a lot of milk coming out of this in future.

No. 374816

idk, i can see him treading carefully about demanding proof, especially if Lainey didn't know about these emails. Richie already claimed that Gurg told Billie he'd give up everything for her at the airport after one of the break ups. With drew mocking greg saying "I wish I had Billie instead of Lainey" in that video, it really makes me think Greg does not want those emails leaked.

Billie pls leak them oh god.

No. 374820

not worth the money. We all know hes terrible at games and only plays against 16 yo girls who never play video games and thinks hes god.

I feel like theres a high chance lameo knows about the emails and gerg has tried talking into missing billie. But it will be even better if this was a secret. I doubt billie will leak the emails though. Thats probably what gerg wants so he can make fifty videos defending himself. He gets off on that shit.

No. 374824

yeah i can't see her leaking them unless he goes too far trying to make her talk to him (like when he released her personal shit before)

No. 374825

Well, didn't they just leak personal stuff about her best friend?

No. 374830

File: 1493001228993.jpg (414.17 KB, 1034x1349, Screenshot_20170423-223031.jpg)

Can someone please explain this? Lmao never before seen hit pictures of onision's women chracters? $250

No. 374831

It's a trap so that some of us will pay out of curiosity. He does lurk here, don't be fooled.

No. 374832

probably that hannah minx knockoff nudes

No. 374833

File: 1493001362228.png (130.17 KB, 414x107, 54574865.png)

No. 374834


why you still love billie?
why are you so greasy?
why are you both so fucking bitter?
why are you both still together if you clearly don't love each other?


No. 374835


I don't think I want to see half-naked pics of Gretchen dressed as a girl.l, we already have those pictures here. Ew.

No. 374838

File: 1493001872377.png (57.31 KB, 501x618, triggered.png)

People are asking about the billie emails KEK

No. 374839


What does Gretchen's asshole taste like since you're constantly licking it?

Do you like being chained to the basement?

When are you two getting a divorce? Cuz Taylor's boring and we don't like her, please make her go away asap.

Who's watching the kids?

Can we see Lainey's cock?

To Greg: why won't you leave your exes alone?

Why are you stealing from your fans? That's embarrassing, man!

Can u an hero (off yourself) please?

That is all.

No. 374840

pounds fists leak them billie, leak them billie

No. 374841

Tbh he wouldn't say this if he didn't actually email her because she can just pull it up. So I'm confused on this

No. 374842

I thought maybe he's banking on her not wanting the drama that would come along with leaking them OR he has more private stuff on her as leverage for her to not leak them

No. 374843

I thought she was "Lainey's girlfriend" though, kek.

No. 374845


>that blinking meme

Man, he really can't keep up with the times…

No. 374846

hey onion patron, please post the vid unlisted of him supposedly making love to andy biersack, i just wanna know what it is he posted about it on his twitter

No. 374847

I actually really like how it's inadvertently apt. "Emails? blinks away tears no"

No. 374848

He could be denying it in hopes billie will respond. He knows it doesnt matter if he lies because he will just make some excuse and go back to saying how hes the most honest youtuber, and his fans are dumb and will eat it up.

Also maybe lameo didnt know about the emails so he has to deny deny deny.

No. 374849

File: 1493002564380.png (192.8 KB, 475x587, weeew.png)

No. 374850

File: 1493002713620.png (363.4 KB, 505x705, defensivemuch.png)

No. 374851

>throws sarah's name into it.

Lmao. Also sarah is back to following onion boi! Back to being onion's snake reporter. She complains about being involved, but gets herself involved. What a winner.

1. lainey didnt know about the emails
2. drew made up the emails or misunderstood billie
3. billie made up the emails to drew.

Feel like its most likely #1.

No. 374852

God damn. Can he ever just ignore something.
Way to be a little drama whore, Sarah.

No. 374853

File: 1493003003189.png (242.7 KB, 587x312, onion.png)

When you can't get over your ex.
How is lainey so deluded she thinks onion gives a shit about her? Hahahaa.

No. 374854

Oh look, he's doing the "imaginary conversation" (with himself) bullshit again with someone that actually doesn't exist.

He's such a loser.

It could also be that these emails were sent back when she left for good and they're not recent.

No. 374863


damn he is panicking lmao and i love how he doesnt even refer to billie as lainey's ex but as his

i hope she leaks those emails if they exist, i want to see him crumble

No. 374865

File: 1493003494540.png (144.19 KB, 651x1010, billie.png)

Saw this on the comments of one of his tweets. It's someone who billie follows on twitter claiming billie told her about the emails too.

No. 374866


that's what i'm thinking. or back when she uploaded that video.

No. 374867

Billie and Drew know greg's manipulative nature,so they'd have to be really dumb to lie about this when they know greg will bring it up constantly and ask for proof. I'm betting its #1 too. I'd pay money to have Billie leak these emails.

No. 374869

She should start a patreon with the screenshots as a reward. She'd make five times what Onion is haha

No. 374871

I second this. Or sell any milk in general that she has on him.

No. 374872

He probably wants her to release the emails so he can drum up some views. He'll probably just try to twist whatever was said in the emails to fit his narrative tho drew has no reason to lie imo

No. 374875

I'll believe drew over onion boy any day. Drew doesn't have a history of bullshit. He will probably make up some crap like i sent the email but you see clearly afterwards i sent another email calling her a druggie loser so hes lying!

No. 374879

File: 1493004275216.jpg (910.36 KB, 2030x1014, fakeboi.jpg)

Figured I'd make a ladyboy cringe tweet compilation seeing as she's soon to be a cow.

No. 374883

I agree, I will def put my money on that!

No. 374886

Lol did she really try to befriend billie while sucking gergums and vaineys cocks? Sad bitch. No wonder her friends hate her.

No. 374887

>why are my friends ashamed of me

ummm I can tell you why. Look at your tweets lmao.

No. 374888

This girl needs a fucking hobby. I know St. Cloud is boring but holy fuck this is bordering on creepy.

No. 374891

yeah I have a feeling she might be the new addition to the onion/lame-o sex slave trinity.

No. 374897

File: 1493005131593.png (322.96 KB, 495x642, shutup.png)

he's still going

No. 374898

methinks the lady doth protest too much

No. 374899

I don't think she's cuck's type. He needs someone feminine, cute and lively to balance against the doormat

No. 374900

>"Ugh, if I couldn't get makeup on the cheap, I'd be so broke, people have thought I was homeless bc of acne, how rude!"
>"Being broke as shit is when you can't afford food or clothes, not when you can't afford makeup"

Bitch, you JUST said you were offended by people mistaking you as homeless based on your appearance and the second somebody points out your shitty priorities/how you actually have it pretty easy, you suddenly WERE homeless?

Sounds to me like she has a good old fashioned case of "Teen girl who wishes her life was much harder than it is because living comfortably is soooo boring and struggling makes you COOL."

>Idubbbz is smart enough to know NOT to fuck with you, dude, you're too normal for a content cop

HAHAHAHAHAHA, what fucking planet is she living on?? Oh, would Grease wreck Ian with his BROOTAL FAX and his impressive, debate skillzzz? I can't stand Idubbbz, but everybody with a working brain knows Ian could do a Content Cop on Greg that would be the final nail in the coffin in Greg's career. Leafy didn't nearly have as much hate and infamy going on, look at what happened to him.

As for "too normal for a CC", bitch, Grease IS the epitome of a Content Cop subject. Ian's just not stupid enough to bite Gerg's obvious as fuck bait and give him that attention he so desperately fucking craves. It might also be too big of a project considering the dirt on Grease is spread over yeeeears, it would take a fucking series dedicated to Gerg's fuckery to cover all of his insane, creepy fuckery.

Oh this girl (SORRY, SMOL AGENDER SPACE SPRINCE 2.0) is fucking delusional. She's fucked in the goddamn head.

No. 374902

File: 1493005422230.png (41.05 KB, 502x399, shutup.png)

No. 374904

File: 1493005503797.png (1.07 MB, 610x613, 354652100001.png)

No. 374905

File: 1493005584811.jpg (342.15 KB, 954x531, 15369.jpg)

I'd have to agree. I don't mean to offend anyone with skin problems, but fakeboi would be an extreme downgrade from Billie. Picture: both without makeup

No. 374906

true dat, also she seems to be another doormat as well or someone who is very "I'll do anything for you plzz notice mii" I think she does weed or something, I saw it earlier in one of the threads. Billie seemed to be too good for them I know she may be a bit cray herself but she seems like a better person than aylameo plus she is still young.

No. 374907

AHAHAHA I don't think she knew guys. OH SHIT.

No. 374908

File: 1493005675954.png (139.76 KB, 453x105, 54257451.png)

when the fuck have you EVER been the bigger person lainey

and billie's face broke out like crazy after staying with the greasomes, imagine how much worse fakeboi's acne would be if they had her.

No. 374910

She reminds me of kadee, it's not just her acne her whole face looks a bit weird

No. 374911

I've noticed this with chronic liars:
-The give way too much detail when lying (ex: "I didn't answer your call because I was walking, tripped into a ravine and ninjas appeared and I could only take down 12 of them, 2 of them knocked me unconconscious and I was taken back to the Shogun's castle and forced to be his concubine until I could escape, so, yeah, sorry." instead of "Sorry, I was busy, my bad")

-They don't deny and move on, they keep denying and denying and denying, even when nobody is even bringing it up anymore.

Like >>374898 said, methinks the lady doth protest too much. I seriously doubt Drew is responding to each of Gerg's "NO EMAILS! I THREW AWAY THAT DRUGGIE, CRIMINAL TRASHBAG OF A SLUT, U KEEP HER, BRO, EW, LOL, NO THANKS", like, Gerg is essentially talking to himself right now, vehemently denying the emails because his little proto-brain believes if he drops it, THAT'S when everybody will suddenly believe the emails are for real.

Which…they are. I'm 98% certain they are. Release them Billie, they want to be free! Free them! Free Billie (emails)!

No. 374912

I think it's probably about time now she deserves her own thread on /snow… these Tweets are golden.

No. 374914

File: 1493005956716.png (893.94 KB, 590x516, 35354102.png)

No. 374917

File: 1493006043351.png (263.86 KB, 490x541, shutup.png)

doth protest WAY too much at this point. I don't think lainey knew.

No. 374918

>>and billie's face broke out like crazy after staying with the greasomes

Oof, I remember that and I also remember her saying that her complexion turned to shit during the timeframe she was staying with them.

No. 374919

File: 1493006256765.jpg (124.26 KB, 504x375, hktcow7a.jpg)

i sure am gettin pretty thirsty….

No. 374920

Oh shut the fuck up, you snivelling little shit.

Just days ago you were saying he hurt your feelings and for months you were saying how you didn't want to be associated with their bullshit anymore, you exposed yourself.

No. 374922


>They found out about the rumors on twitter

confirmation Lainey didn't know, asked Sarah (hi sarah) and now Grug is on a sperg.

Billie may not be leaking the emails if they paint her in a bad light too (Greg confirming he loves her more, will leave her for Lainey etc.) Billie was willing to date Greg when he spilt up from Lainey for a hot minute. Richie already said that Greg told Billie at the airport that he'd leave Lainey for her. I'm sensing a pattern.

I hope she leak them tho.

No. 374923

Please Billie, if you ever read this… I know you like to be the bigger person (and truly, you have been and will continue to be even if you release the emails), but just think of the sweet sweet revenge that would come with delivering us this milk.

No. 374924

I think Billie and Drew just want to have their fun with him considering both he and his wife hurt her a great deal. I don't think she'll release the emails because she knows this kind of reaction she's getting right now will just goad him into making more videos about her…

I don't know though, I'd like to see them myself too but I'm not putting any bets on them being released.

I really hope Lainey didn't know about them though, top fucking keks.

No. 374926

I don't think Billie will leak them because she's both done with their shit - and she doesn't seem like that bad of a person. I know some people think Billie can do no wrong, but the fact that she said she was going to date Greg when he and Lameo split is shitty. I hope she's done with the entire Manson clan and is laughing her ass off at greg.

I want her to leak them, but I hope she waits until Greg's sperging has calmed down because that would be hilarious as fuckkkk.

No. 374930


True, Greg would come down on her a million times worse, but she might come out of it okay, depending on the level of crazy in the emails. This reminds me of the Adrienne voicemails way back when. Drew also implies in his video that Greg prefers Billie to Lainey, "probably sat there jacking one off thinking I wish I had Billie instead of Lainey" would not be surprised at all if he was going to leave Lainey for her. (Again)

No. 374934

Of course that's what the deal was, I don't think any of us need the printscreens to know Onion definitely wanted Billie over Lainey. It was always beyond obvious to everyone. Especially to Lainey. That's why she was in a rush to get her OUT

No. 374935


the boy is adding a new word to her title each time she comes up, lol. It went from criminal druggie to "druggie, liar, violent & unstable" KEK, when was she ever violent? oh you mean when she tied a slipknot and wrote "fuck off" in pumpkin seeds that you guys put there when you fucking smashed pumpkins with baseball bats and a weeaboo FF-sword?

I too think he's making such a big deal out of things because he's lying. as >>374911 said, he's way too specific and puts too much energy into this. Some rumors way worse than him emailing Billie, he's been able to let go relatively easy and not harp on and on about. He's trying to cover his ass.

No. 374937

He's basically been having a conversation with himself for the last four or five Tweets. At this point, I'm about 80% sure the emails are real, but… I'm not altogether sure that they're recent, I think they were most likely sent after the video she made of her throwing away the ring she got off him.

If they're recent… oh boy, what a scumbag considering he KNOWS she's been canoodling with Drew for the past few months and it would be behind Lainey's back too.

No. 374938

I think even if they weren't recent, they were definitely sent at a time that would cause problems for him considering he's denying them pretty hard

No. 374940

with lainey tweeting depressive shit at the same time…. imagine the tension in grease mansion right now as Lainey furiously texts him from the next room. he clearly hasn't "moved on" like he claims from the constant depressed tweets and references to anime. i really hope they are real. calling it now; he was going to leave Lainey for her.

No. 374942


Exactly, there has to be something with the timing. If not, he would let them leak and "debunk" them with his "incriminating evidence" of why they would be irrelevant because he keeps a backlog of his fucking life on YT and Twitter. If they exist, which i also think they do at this point, they have got to put him in a bad light and shit on Lainey.

No. 374945

Dude, it makes me roll my eyes so hard I'm afraid they'll pop out of my head whenever he cites the VIOLENT UNSTABLE PUMPKIN NOOSE incident.

She got sick of their shit, hit some trees with a stick, spelled out fuck you with smashed pumpkins and left a noose…it's immature as fuck, like, it's petulant and definitely something a teenager who doesn't have the best emotional intelligence would do, but it's ridiculous to spin it as a red flag, that she's a CLEARLY DANGEROUS HUMAN BEING or whatever. He's such a drama whore.

Blogpost, but it reminds me of this time I was arguing with a dude I was dating, called him a jerk, got frustrated and gave him a little shove. It didn't send him flying back or anything, dude's 6'3 and much bigger than me, but he gasped, acted horrified and was like "I can't BELIEVE you called ME a JERK and ASSAULTED ME! How COULD YOU. How could you SAY and DO THAT! ABUSE!", like…he just was grasping at anything he could use to make me out to be batshit and awful, while on any other given day he wouldn't given a single fuck about being called a "jerk" or being pushed.

It's so painfully obvious that Gerg's latched onto the PUMPKIN DEBACLE in a painfully transparent attempt to use the actions of a sulky teenager against her and paint himself as the victim of some kind of wild eyed madwoman.

Ughh, it drives me up the walls, it's so annoying.

No. 374946

You all remember when cuck posted about suddenly feeling very down after having been on a confidence high for days after Billie left for the last time, right? I bet that that's the night he suddenly regretted everything, emailed Billie and begged her for forgiveness.

No. 374951

If they're recent… it's gonna be beautiful.

He'd be exposed for trying to tempt Billie into cheating on Drew by leaving him, and exposed for cheating on Lainey for trying to get back with her.

I would be so thankful for a double-whammy like that if it ends up being the case.

No. 374952

I love whenever there is a small possibility that Billie will somehow acknowledge him he flips shit and obsessively tweets about her. But whenever him and Lainey fight and he has to make up with her he just does his 100th "Wow, I love my spouse. She's great. She gets me. Love her- I mean them so much" tweet

No. 374956

I bet Lainey is crying again… they probably fill their patio pool with her salty leavings on a frequent basis.

No. 374959

thats exactly when i think he emailed her or while he was love-bombing lainey to cover things up.

honestly it doesnt even matter how recent they are, it still shows he was desperate for her to come back. i love that this is coming up now while he's already going through a crisis, kick him while he's down billie.

that's what makes this even better

No. 374965

Nah, I bet Lainey's taken a break from her second evening crying session to do what she does best: sneer and scoff at people throwing proof in her face that her husband is a two faced fraud who'd dump her and the kids in a second if it meant he could get with some 18 year old tail.

Whenever people confront her with the truth, she adopts this smirking, condescending persona, as if she's the only one who's in the know and the internet is just filled with feebleminded plebs who cannot grasp the depth of her soul bond with Greg.

Meanwhile, on the inside, she's overcome with a building sense of dread, knowing the sands of time are running out for her and her cushy, grease funded lifestyle.

No. 374966

File: 1493010278468.png (37.84 KB, 490x326, disgonnabegood.png)

Little update here, Drews called him out on twitter.

No. 374968

sage for double post but I'm just gonna point out that billie also liked this tweet

No. 374986

File: 1493011892092.png (327 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3045.PNG)

Sucks that the ugliest rats show up in her suggested follows
Sage for no contribution

No. 374987

I dont get it. Is she gonna blame billie for telling drew onion emailed her and he said it in a video. Is that also billie's fault somehow? Lmao.

Lol shes such a snake. Shes been tweeting about packing to go somewhere for a month. I hope its not back to the grease mcmansion and thats why shes all up their asses recently.

No. 374991


>billie was a 10

>billie please come back
>i'm so depressed
>i miss you so much
billie gets a bf
>i dumped u billie. get over it. ew

No. 374993


off topic but, does billie have brown eyes? does she just wear contacts all the time? not judging, i'm just noticing that lots of girls with beauty channels do that. it could also just be that she has hazel eyes and the lightning is shit, so i'm curious now!

No. 374994


damn, i thought she looked terrible in her profile pic but bitch proved me wrong. she can look so much worse…

No. 374995


>i don't give a fuck if he thinks i'm plain

she says as she keeps tweeting about it and texting his wife all day, all while starving herself and listening to emo music.

No. 375005

This dumb child needs to decide on if she wants to be left out of the drama or keep stirring the pot. You can't have it both ways, you idiot.

No. 375008

Yeah, her real eye colour is brown… it's Ayalla who has hazel eyes.

No. 375012


Literally nobody said anything about hazel eyes or asked about you Ayalla.

No. 375013


>>374993 mentioned hazel eyes, i would imagine that is what anon was referring to.

No. 375017

Umm, they bought up hazel eyes and I just pointed out that Ayalla is the one with the hazel eyes and Billie has the dark brown eyes. They asked and I thought they may of been confusing the two.

Calm your shit, you're "literally" triggered by me just mentioning her name for some odd reason…

Pretty much.

No. 375023

And to imagine, only moments earlier she was basking in that post-lovebombed glow and asking her fans for questions about their relationship.

I don't even think the initial rumor itself had ticked her off, I think it was Grease's overblown reaction to it all. It was dripping in guilt and his poor deflection attempts at labelling her all those colorful adjectives just dug the hole deeper for him when he should've just shrugged it off.

These two tweets don't even make the slightest bit of sense, he's saying he doesn't want her and to move on… but that's exactly what she has been doing, she clearly doesn't want Grease if she's happy with Drew.

And then after that, radio silence from both Grease and Doormat… I guess they're not trying to pretend to play "happy families" in la casa de la grasa tonight.

No. 375024

calm the fuck down you insane bitch.

lol this. it kind of seems like she's reassuring herself. she wants the attention of being involved, but doesn't want to be called out for it. i wonder if she cried about onion calling her plain

No. 375025

That slut is revolting! She has no top lip at all. And Billie was far, far too cute for Gurg. Jesus fuck.

No. 375031


I love this. I want to be Billie's friend.

Honestly, maybe Drew and Billie are stirring things up. But who gives a fuck? Greg is horrible, hideous, abusive, manipulative, sociopathic and obsessed with himself. He DESERVES to be mocked. It is absolutely 100% fair enough that Drew is giving him a hard time when he is unreasonable and emotionally cunning the way he is. Not to mention how much Greg has publicly dissed and talked shit about literally everyone in his life. If someone did that to my partner, I'd give them a hard time too.

No. 375035

idk i feel like they are both blaming billie together, because onion liked this tweet >>374904 of hers. Like they somehow both believe its all billie's fault or something that gerg is sending her emails lmao. I have 0 hope left for lameo having a brain of her own, so i doubt she will do anything about gerg pawning over billie. She is also pawning over her. They are insane. Gerg goes into total billie hate mode if lameo starts feeling threatened to try to prove hes over her hahaha.

Lol honestly drew said one thing in the whole video, and onion made about seven tweets about it. And drew has a right to be upset at someone who fucked over his current gf and is still bothering her and bringing her up in every video.

Also i love how he somehow is twisting it to "billie's current boyfriend is obviously upset she was dumped by us." LOL what? Why would he be upset? Hes with her now because she was "dumped". Why would he want her to be with those insane people instead of with him. He makes no sense.

No. 375037

As much as I hate to agree with Greaselord, what if Billie was actually lying about the e-mails? Like how when she told Social Repose about Onion's airport proposal about leaving Lainey and being together? These were things she told others in confidant, likely not expecting them to be aired out in public like they were.

Onion flat-out denied both things publicly on social media or in his videos, and she hasn't tweeted/spoken/ranted/produced receipts for/etc about any of those things since. Kinda like it was brushed under the rug because there was so much other shit going on to ignore it and that was it.

Sage for derailing

No. 375038

He knowingly pretends that ~it's because she was dumped~ so he can a) rub in the fact he dumped her and b) take the focus off why they all actually hate him. He probably can't even admit it to himself, so he has to use that as the reason in order to belittle the actual issues.

No. 375039

Maybe she felt like she couldn't prove anything (perhaps she was responding to Greg in a way that she doesn't want people to see?), so she had to be quiet. Sage for more derailment/blogging but that's happened to me before. You kind of feel like without hard evidence you'll be absolutely shunned. And Gurg lies and covers himself up even WITH hard evidence, so you can only imagine how much he'd twist things if there was no real proof at all, or if the proof contained her showing any weakness towards him.

No. 375040

Lainey and Gurp just want to have their cake and eat it too… it's perfectly fine for them to rag on Billie constantly and paint her as an evil bitch who trod all over poor smol spaceprinxe's heart, but see how quickly they turned their tails and ran after his attempt at damage control failed and her bleeding-heart emo bullshit failed to generate any real support.

I don't get it either, is Drew meant to be upset that she was "dumped" by Grease? If I happened to meet someone attractive and shared the same interests as I do because some fucking insane asshole dropped her because he couldn't control her, I'd be right pleased and satisfied with the situation… heck, they even spent a lot of time together in a beautiful city with barely any worries in the world except for those huge slimy dingleberries pining over every minute.

I don't know… I do believe they're intentionally fucking with him because; let's be honest, he's a huge lolcow. His over-dramatic, explosive reactions to the most simple of concepts is hilarious. I think the emails are real, I'm just not settled on when they were actually sent, I don't think they're recent.

No. 375041

How would we know if the airport proposal is a lie? It'd be her word vs onions. Lameo will always believe gerg over her. And onion changed his story about what happened after he dropped off billie depending on how he felt about her. When he was siding with billie, it was a different story vs when he was siding with lameo. Hes not credible at all.

She could be lying about emails, or gerg wants to call her a liar, so she will come out with the emails. He would love for her to react to him and talk to him regardless of how he goes about it.

No. 375042

I know, right!
>"Obviously they are very upset over her getting dumped. They need to accept the rejection & move on already. It's been months."

In what fucking universe does that even come close to making sense? He basically just kept reiterating this same point: "They're butthurt over me dumping that skank, lol, move on".

I can't tell if his brain is so fried in grease that he REALLY buys that as plausible or if he's just a complete idiot. Nobody's boyfriend would be furious that their girlfriend's ex wasn't still with them, like, "Please, Onision, please! Fuck my girlfriend! OH GOD, why won't you fuck my girlfriend!?" It's fucking ridiculous.

For him to even suggest that just Billie is pining away, crushed by the almighty Gerg tossing her skanky ass aside, is laughable as well considering the fact she's clearly moved on, very quickly at that, with Drew and seems to be happy. Fucking meanwhile, Lainey posts 20 vague song lyrics about longing, betrayal and heartache a day and Gerg wistfully remembers the times they watched anime together and won't stop bringing her up in videos (even if he avoids her name).

He's so bad at bullshitting.

No. 375043

That, and it can't exactly be proven what was said to her at the airport, he could've said he loves little girls for all we know and we wouldn't be the wiser. Unless she was actually recording the conversation, right there at that very moment… we'll never know - regardless of what Grease denies (he's a compulsive liar and has way more of a bad reputation for that then…. well, the majority of YT'ers online.) People just don't go around being on the ready to record everyday casual chitchat on the spot like that.

We've never really been provided with any evidence or proof from him that she's as much of a liar as he claims she is either.

No. 375047

patreon anon here. i'll continue to reupload onion's videos as and when they come up, but i'm on UK time.
anyways, here is the andy biersack video.
warning, if you don't want to see what it looks like when onion fucks somebody, look away now.

No. 375049

onion's other video.
again, just a warning for the andy biersack video…. onion is literally acting out fucking someone on camera. and not just for 5 seconds either, he's devoted half the video to it.
he also dresses up as a woman and pretends to give a blowjob to a banana.
truly horrific.

No. 375050

File: 1493022890955.jpg (71.61 KB, 500x375, 2dhgu3k.jpg)

jesus christ i feel like i need to bathe in bleach now. what exactly was the point of this other than acting out his own closeted fantasy?

No. 375051

So it's basically him lazing about his fucking mcmansion, oops… I mean second "studio" for the n'th time creeping on someone who didn't give their consent for their likeness or name to be mentioned in his "content" again.


I was nearly expecting him to shout out "JULLLLAAYYYY!!!" considering how fucking autistic he's being.

A big fat NOPE! He's judging bodies again for the n'th time as well.

That's it, I'm now 90% sure that the only audience he has now are people who mirror and share the exact same mindset as he does, very fucking similar to how DaddyofFive attracts only kids who don't know better and adults who are into abusing their children.

No. 375052

File: 1493023114982.png (147.97 KB, 1412x795, 2017-04-24.png)

you should see the comments on patreon. i can see why these idiots have subscribed to him, they literally think this is creative genius.
disturbing comments in image.

No. 375055

File: 1493023733232.gif (2.59 MB, 450x265, 1491407490349.gif)

Good fucking lord…

No. 375059

He has this cluster of fans who are into; and I mean REALLY INTO that niche of "humor" that he provides. It's sadistic, cruel and illogical, but they're absolutely fine with it because it mirrors their own fucked up views of society and because they're into it without question, he believes that this way of thinking is the correct way of thinking.

Even if he didn't have fans, he'd still believe it and think of himself as persecuted for saying and thinking things that "normal" people don't. What he doesn't know that everyone sane enough has been through those experiences themselves at some point in their lives and have grown out of it because it's detrimental to enjoying life for what it is.

He posts fake "profound" and ripped off "inspirational" quotes from sites in an attempt to draw in new fans who don't even know what he's all about.

Unfortunately, it works on those who are mentally challenged adults and teenagers; y'know… actual vulnerable people. I've spoken to a lot of his fans, especially the adults and I feel very sorry for them, I have some sympathy for some of them because he doesn't care about them in the slightest and only cares about exploiting them for his own gain.

Without them, he wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

No. 375060

>There is no hope for lameo. She will stay with him through everything unless he dumps her, even if he abuses her kids or commits murder. I'm convinced she is insane.

I agree. Her grasp on reality is incredibly tenuous, this on top of being a spineless wimp. The onion household consists of 2 actual children, and 2 adults that wish they were. Those kids have no hope…

No. 375066

File: 1493025184908.gif (187.92 KB, 393x207, WHYYYYYY.gif)


No. 375067

I'm going to sage this as it may be off topic.

I've been noticing that a few anons here and elsewhere have been armchair diagnosing that Lainey may be "Histrionic"? I'm asking because to be honest, I don't know what that is even though I've looked up the simple criteria checklist for it and those are never reliable unless there is solid evidence for it. I'm used to acknowledging and understanding every other Cluster B through personal and educational experiences, but not this one.

Can someone shed some light on this? Plz no bully, I'm genuinely interested but I don't want to derail the thread either.

No. 375068

That was the worst thing I've ever seen. I will never be aroused again. My pussy just dried up for good.

Also: He seems like a literal rapist.

No. 375069

i believe, in a nutshell, that HPD implies a constant need for attention and validation from those around you. i think the general idea is a clinginess and neediness towards peers and partners.
lainey is definitely one clingy, needy bitch. whether she is histrionic is something else entirely. it's more likely that she's just attention-seeking imo.

No. 375070

He did similar shit with Danisnotonfire by claiming and pretending he had "romantic feelings" for him and egging his own fans on to draw fanart of them both in… ummm, compromising positions.

Without his consent at all in any way whatsoever.

No. 375072

That's disgusting. Also, anyone else notices how he tends to choke/beat that Andydoll? Disturbing.

No. 375073

He literally brought out the zipties like it was nothing, like there was no like ~woah what about zipties?? ha ha ha~ just like it was normal for him. i'm gonna puke

No. 375074

Thanks anon, that's most likely where they got that idea from then. I think Grease has a genuine case of NPD with some comorbidity with other mental illnesses such as depression, but that (un)diagnoses is founded because it's been an ongoing problem for 10+ years for him.

I digress, I said I wouldn't derail and so I shan't… I won't go on anymore, I'll try to read up more about it, thanks for your help - I appreciate it.

No. 375075


Ew fucking what the fuck? If I was Dan I'd be extremely creeped out. He is so backward.

No. 375076

File: 1493026362315.jpg (76.95 KB, 800x800, Related.jpg)

Yeah, I don't trust this fucker at all. I think he knows exactly where he has plainey and where he tried to put Billie and other exes. he goes for people he can manipulate and plainey especially is an absolute doormat. I bet she sees things like pic related and just scrolls past them really fast. How can she not open her eyes? It must take a lot of mental gymnastics to lie to yourself THAT hard. I get that's she's a lost cause but what I don't get is… why? was she always? she seems more loyal to him recently, i remember her flip flopping a bit a while ago. she's deep in her delusion and shouldn't be keeping a child around him. selfish bitch.

No. 375077

Yep! All you have to do is go back some threads, the best way to search threads is with ctrl+f and whatever keyword you're looking for.

Dan knows about it, and he told him to fucking STOP! Grease's reaction was of course a long winded Twitter rant about how he was only "joking" and how Dan was getting more publicity through him.

After that, I guess Dan was contacted by other YT'ers to say "just ignore him" after that point.

I wonder how Andy Biersack will react to this video? Get on it anons, because unless Andy personally okayed that video, Grease is technically creeping/methodically raping him sexually without consent for monetary gain.

No. 375078

It's attention seeking behavior on steroids.
Wait, here's the Wikipedia take on it, it'll explain it better than I can:
>"HPD lies in the dramatic cluster of personality disorders.[3] People with HPD have a high need for attention, make loud and inappropriate appearances, exaggerate their behaviors and emotions, and crave stimulation.[3] They may exhibit sexually provocative behavior, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and can be easily influenced by others. Associated features include egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs."

I don't think that Lainey is Histrionic. I knew a girl with HPD and, like the description, she was always loud as fuck, making grand, dramatic sweeping gestures, speaking in an over the top way (kind of like an old fashioned actress, if you know what I mean), she'd interrupt any conversation that didn't center around her to bring the attention back to herself, if she noticed people weren't paying attention to her for a good while, she'd fake asthma attacks, abruptly start fake hysterically sobbing over something ("OHHHHHH MY COUSIN DIED!!!! I CAN'T GO ON!!!"), she once faked a seizure in class because she couldn't even stand that the class was paying attention to the teacher more than her. She'd create fake allergies and phobias whenever it suited her so everybody would have to drop what they were doing and cater to her needs.

If she knew you liked a boy, she'd start making really over the top, hypersexual moves on him that were, frankly, embarrassing to watch since the guys were so clearly not feeling it, like, She interrupted a friend's date from another table across the diner to try and demonstrate how she could tie a cherry stem with her tongue while making fuck me eyes at the dude.

All of her friends dropped her over time because her behavior was so unbearable and I was the only one who'd hang out with her, but she'd call my house repeatedly the second I got home from school and wouldn't stop until I answered and begged her to let me take a nap. She'd show up unannounced at my house and throw a fit if I said I wanted to stay in. She NEEDED to hang out every day, but then would make the entire hang about her and what she wanted and, surprise, I dumped her as a friend, too.

It's fucking crazy behavior, it's not subtle attention seeking, it's grandiose and dramatic as fuuuuuck. Again, I don't think Lainey has it. I think she's clingy, needy, dramatic, desperate for attention, but she's still not Histrionic.

Sage for blogposting

No. 375079

i know u were blogposting but sounds like that bitch needs her own thread, hahaha

No. 375080

Samefag. Forgot to mention that she had this obnoxious habit of making everything into a competition; if you were opening up about your depression, she'd one up you and insist she was hearing voices, if you broke your arm, she'd butt in to tell you she'd broken two legs once. I once opened up to her about my anorexia, was crying, and she just interrupted me to tell me she'd been anorexic too and was even skinnier (bitch was fat). She was condescending and felt the need to make it clear she was more knowledgeable on every subject (she wasn't) and that you were her silly, stupid little sidekick in the movie of her life.

She'd also do this thing where she'd hear you tell a really funny anecdote and then, two weeks later, she'd tell you YOUR OWN anecdote back to you as though it'd happened to her and no matter how much you called her out and confronted her about how she was stealing your own life experience and trying to sell it to you as her own, she'd only back down by saying "Well, I was still there, though" even though she never fucking was.

Blogposting again, but…hoo my god, that bitch was something else.

No. 375081

Thank you, so basically those anons have been armchair diagnosing her without any clear indication of her chronic habits and are just skimming the surface… that's all I needed to know. You've both been extremely helpful, let us not bother with this topic again for the sake of the thread.

If this is on his Patreon, I think Andy Biersack or his father should know about this video.

No. 375082

yes this is on his patreon, i believe he's uploading it sometime later on today to his main channel. i don't have twitter, but if anyone here does i do not mind if you use my reupload as proof when informing them. the youtube account is under a throwaway email/name/etc. so idgaf if it onion finds it.

No. 375083


yeah i knew you were gonna say she was a fattie. i'd love a "cows you know IRL" thread tbh - i saw one ages ago but not since. stories like this are amazing

No. 375084

so literally like this? kek

No. 375085

Just a slight sidenote if you're interested, there's a "personal lolcow" thread in either /g or /ot (I can't remember which unfortunately, but check the catalog) if you want to get that stuff out of your system and maybe some empathy and advice if need be… just a heads up.

Nae worries mate, I reckon the nighttime anons will like to have a go at it.

No. 375087

File: 1493028207748.gif (468.17 KB, 320x176, 02de1f9d-5f7b-48bc-84b0-5e2b7d…)

what the fuck

No. 375088




No. 375089

At the end of the video he compliments the girl's nose and it looks a lot like Billie's nose tbh

No. 375090

Haha, basically! Like that if you mixed in a not at all charming version of Sally Bowles from Cabaret. Also, I love WKUK.

I'll totally check it out. Sorry I went on a rant, once I started recounting that crazy girl's shit, it was like it just kept pouring out of me.

I can contact Andy's dad on Twitter and link him the video if y'all want. If I was Andy/his family and knew Onision was making money off of a video where he JUST frantically humps an effigy of me without having the decency to even ask first, I'd be, well, first off, grossed the fuck out and, secondly, pretty pissed. He's used his likeness without his permission in a way that's just fucking gross. For all of Gerg's talk about people's obsessive behavior, his Andy Biersack obsession has taken a creepy ass turn.

No. 375091

…What was the point of that?

Is this the Greaselord himself, annoyed we watched his TOP QUALITY PATREON CONTENT for free? Suck a bag of crunched assholes, Grease.

No. 375092

at least it would give them the chance to request the video not go up, rather than have to try and fight to get it taken down. although it's inevitable it will probably still go up anyway.

No. 375093

No sperg-chan. Anon was clearly being sarcastic pointing out how ridiculous it would be to pay for shit like this.

No. 375094

OMG I THOUGHT SO TOO i bet he was thinking that as well

No. 375095

>>I can contact Andy's dad on Twitter and link him the video if y'all want. If I was Andy/his family and knew Onision was making money off of a video where he JUST frantically humps an effigy of me without having the decency to even ask first.

I just think they should be informed of this shit, maybe they're okay with it? Who knows, at least then we know what we're dealing with - either fame whores or people who don't like being virtually raped.

We can know where to go from there.

No. 375096

Good call.

If anyone made an Onion doll and did something fucked up to it that he didn't like, he'd probably try and sue them.

No. 375098


OMG he is getting ROASTED in the replies. I wonder how that feels for him.

No. 375101

…How was anybody sperging out?

Mmkay. I'll contact him.

Oh, man, I know. I clicked the replies, expecting to see a bunch of Onion stans screeching "BILLIE'S SO OBSESSED, SHE RUINED A GOOD THING AND REGRETS IT, THAT DOPE SMOKING SLUT", but everybody's just questioning his grasp on reality, lack of logic and calling him out on treating Billie like shit. I'm lovin' it.

No. 375102

He's been roasted since '06, it's been getting stronger and stronger now because people don't want to put up with his shit anymore.

Unlike him, we want any generation to live a good life and not be influenced by this sad fucking excuse of a limp jump cut.

No. 375107

File: 1493030708313.jpg (105.4 KB, 700x747, intelligent observation.jpg)

Onion fans AMAZE me.

Just look at this specimen right here. Obviously lobotomized, yet still reads and writes! Fascinating.

No. 375110


sage bc i'm stupid but … what the fuck does this mean? i do not understand what this stupid fan is even referring to here with that positive vibes gif

No. 375113

Who knows? She comes from a world where hair is blue, sea is pink, and Onision is funny. No understanding can ever bridge the void between our two worlds…

No. 375115

Oh, I saw that Tia Fountain girl in the replies, she was one of two people actually siding with Onionboy (the dumb fucking cunt). I have no idea why she's put "her" in quotations if she's referring to Lainey+Gerg not being over Billie seeing as Billie isn't the one with pronouns that change according to her mood.

As for the hair comment, I'm guessing somebody mocked Gerg for choosing a gif with a girl who resembled Billie and alluded to how he's definitely the one who isn't over the relationship so Tia Cuntface felt the need to blurt out that LOTS OF PEOPLE HAVE BLUE HAIR, U GUIZE, IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING.

Well, yeah, it does. Gerg has a fucking blue-haired girl fetish. His alt girl fetish has been narrowed down now after Billie and he's consistently proven himself to be infatuated with chicks who look like her (see: the chick's nose in his recent uhohbro video), especially when it comes to her hair color.

Nobody dye your hair blue or else Gerg might appear, standing over your bed at night and then begin to viciously thrust his crotch in your face while whimpering "Suk mi…suk miii"

No. 375116


If I was Andy Biersack and saw that shit I would stay up at night in terror and disgust.

No. 375118

oh dear GOD no

No. 375124

I want someone to tell Onision that he can't sing. He thinks he's good and needs to know he is terrible.

No. 375130

Places where blue is acommon hair colour should be nuked from orbit.

No. 375131

nah, billie and her friend look really cute. gurg is gross and fetishises them, like a lot of men do with unnatural hair colours thinking they can find a manic pixie dream girl to possess

onisions house should be nuked from orbit

No. 375133

Show screencaps. You're on an imageboard.

No. 375134

look it up yourself lazy cunt

No. 375139

File: 1493039381763.jpg (37.48 KB, 632x344, sarah.jpg)

Ew, is Sarah heading back to the grease McMansion? Is this her reward for tipping off daddy Onion and the space prince?

No. 375143

I did, lazy cunt. You mentioned it.

No. 375144

Wouldn't doubt it at this point. Stirring the pot before heading off to hide behind them.

No. 375145

Agreed! I've wanted to dye my hair a pastel shade of blue, turquoise or purple (or a combo! Like a unicorn!) for ages now, but I've got super dark hair, not enough money to get it professionally bleached/dyed, have tried to bleach it myself and just ended up with an orange, brassy mess and don't wanna risk the damage since I'm growing it out. Sorry, blogposting.

Gerg really is the epitome of those dudes who dream of finding the Manic Pixie Dream Girl partner. Like HSAnon said, in highschool he wanted a slutty, "broken", dark, alternative girl who was also somehow simultaneously virginal, naive, quirky and "pure". He fetishizes the shit out of mentally ill girls because he's confused "unstable" with "interesting" while also loving how vulnerable they are (the better to manipulative and control you with, my dear).

He treats women (let's be honest: girls) as objects and lusts after concepts, not real people. I think that's why it's so easy for him to "fall in love" with someone over skype, long distance, in a matter of three days a la Adrienne. He doesn't understand that falling in love takes time because it requires getting to know somebody as a human being and developing a connection, he just fixates on his projected perception of whatever girl he sets his sights on, falls in love with that and is inevitably disappointed when the real person with their actual flaws and annoying habits cracks his perfect little fantasy, which results in him lashing out like a petulant little fuckboy.

Like, Hannah Minx. He dated her for, what? A matter of two weeks, I think they might've hooked up once and the guy is still INFATUATED with her, constantly bringing her up in videos, asking about her whereabouts and current life, comparing other women to her and even going so far as to create a double of her for his sketches. He was friends with her, so he knew her to some extent, but the Hannah he was "in love with" was just a projection of his own fantasy based on a very superficial understanding of her as a person.
-Alt/Goth aesthetic
-Hot (dem titties)
-YouTube famous

Fuck what her actual dreams, aspirations, deeper interests, habits, hobbies, etc. were, he was obsessed with the IDEA of Hannah Minx and he's never let his infatuation with that idea go because you can do that with an idea, an idea never changes if you don't want it to. A person, like the real Hannah, can get tired of YouTube, grow up, get married, settle down and have a kid, but his fantasy version of her is still in it's 2010 form and will never change, thus, why would he ever move on? She's perfect forever.

God, he's disturbed.

No. 375147

offtopic response: i had blue/teal/purple hair for two years until recently, like a month ago. it's extremely hard to get rid of, and if you have to bleach your hair, you will have to have it very short or at least medium length. but it's a LOT of fun.

THAT is on the money. A lot of men seem to buy into that slut/virgin thing. Like they want a girl who is only a slut for them, but never touched by any other guy. Because they're so special, right?

LMAO men that project their stupid fantasies onto actual women are usually young teenagers. This is a fully grown man with a child, how fucking sad is that?

I think you can tell by his writing that his only true love is himself. He's never loved another woman because he can't let anyone take the spotlight, even in his own head. He sees girls as checklists, to compliment his own perceived infallibleness.

No. 375150

File: 1493040847000.png (18.77 KB, 570x128, welp_OK_then.png)

I contacted Andy's dad, linked the video and he replied (actually surprised he replied at all and so quickly); he's fine with the video. Can't tell if that makes him a total fucking weirdo or if he and his son have dealt with Gerg's creepy obsession with so long that they've learned to brush it off.

Kinda annoyed that he tagged Onionboy in the reply tweet, snitchin' me out.

No. 375151

File: 1493041214186.png (517.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-24-23-36-39…)

Ladyboi is sperging out on Twitter after people called out her wasting money on onision for a follow.

No. 375152

Erghh, yeah, I had short-medium hair (shaved at one point even) for years and have finally stopped myself from fucking with it to allow it to grow out to boob length. I'm goin' for that mermaid look and the pastel blues/purples/turquoise would look so awesome, but…sigh.

It's like those /r9k/ robots who bitch and whine about being "kissless virgins" and can't figure out why they can't get a girlfriend, but then demand their future girlfriend be a Korean/Japanese girl who's a 10/10, a virgin, yet sexually adventurous and then they shit on any woman who has DARED to fuck more than one man in their lifetime. THOSE SLUTS. The madonna/whore dichotomy does no one any fucking favors.

If Gerg had a fraternal twin sister who shared his every opinion and viewpoint while submitted to him completely, he'd happily commit incest and consider her the perfect partner. I'm sure of it.

Sage for blogpost and OT

No. 375153

File: 1493041557963.png (26.04 KB, 600x235, welp_OK_then2.png)

Samefag. This was my reply, just in case anybody was curious. I mean…it's his son's likeness being fucked in a video by an obsessive stalker, being sold to weirdo Onision fans…if he and Andy are chill with it, then so it goes.

No. 375155

Wait, wait, wait. I had to google the idiom "swings and roundabouts" since I was unfamiliar with it and the interbuttz tells me:
"The full expression is

What you lose on the swings, you make up for on the roundabouts.
Its origin is from the fairground. For whatever reason, the fairground owner may be losing money on the swings, but gaining it on the roundabouts. So the situation is balanced."

…Andy's dad feels like Gerg dressing up as a woman to imitate performing a blowjob on his "son" and then biting off his "son's" banana-dick makes up for the fact Gerg violently humped an Andy-dummy around his house for an entire video that he charged viewers to see, a video he is making money off of by using his son's likeness without even asking for permission.

Hoookay. I mean, it's his son and it's Andy's likeness. They're okay with it and I can't tell them not to be, but that's…quite an interesting way to approach the situation. Is it just me or is Andy's dad saying "Well, at least it wasn't just GAY shit"?

No. 375156

God she's dumb.

Did… did she just put her real name out on social media?!

Also, if that is her, clean your fucking fingernails. That's just gross.

No. 375157

>They're okay with it

His dad being okay with it doesn't mean Andy is ok with it. Not sure why his dad was contacted, rather than Andy himself.

I agree with you that his general tweet comes off as homophobic.

No. 375160

>"doesn't matter to you"
>lists various occupations anyway

What does that last picture prove exactly, anyway? What is this receipt?

Sage for blog but I've started considering dying my blue hair and taking my septum out since the billie/obsessed with blue haired girls epidemic. I feel unsafe. Personally victimised.

No. 375162

This^ Andy's dad seems to have a soft spot (or is it a hard-on?) for Greg. But that doesn't mean Andy is ok with that gross vid.

No. 375163

When he started singing kumbaya in that keemstar/idubbz video I cringed so hard

No. 375166

The funniest thing is he was feeling himself so hard singing that shit too, like he's so much better than the tone deaf dudes he was trying to make fun of, when he sounds like a particularly nasal duck with a headcold.

Also what was it with the random bursting out in two different religious songs? Isn't part of his whole edgelord image shitting on Christians about as hard as he shits on stoners and carnivores?

No. 375170

I think you guys are thinking too much from your own perspectives. Andy Biersack is a public figure, if he cared about every psychofan, he would have no life whatsoever. It's only reasonable to ignore shit like Onision's. By giving attention to him, he would encourage hundreds of others to seek his attention this way.
Better drop it. I feel fucking contaminated just adressing this brr

No. 375173

He definitely views himself as the misunderstood, brooding antihero character who's disliked only because he's so much better and smarter than all the sheeple around him.


You're too old for him grandma, give it up.

No. 375175


-dry heaves- I think I've seen him do similar positions with his exes on videos before…

No. 375178

i wonder whether he does this regularly with another dummy which has billies face on it.

No. 375179

File: 1493047259032.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, ohdeargod.jpg)

No. 375184

File: 1493049163304.png (31.47 KB, 578x102, Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.5…)

good point, plainey. are you guys really that greedy?

No. 375185

I hope his kids never see this.

No. 375187

File: 1493049921936.jpg (11.8 KB, 210x230, poster,210x230,f8f8f8-pad,210x…)


What is she gonna write in the description?
>Laineybot is making whiny tweets.

No. 375188

It's good that she admits it and all, but what does she even do that would warrant a Patreon? She's not even a "famous youtuber" her channel is just Greg doing shit he does on his channels with her in the video. She's a fucking stay at home mom and she fails at that job too.

No. 375189

Date Lainey/join harem/become nanny is, surely, all she can offer

No. 375190


Out of all the channels the Greaselord is in charge of, Lainey's is the only one that is most ad-friendly and should make some money. Idk why this girl thinks she should start a patreon, methinks it's Greg's idea.

I watched her younow stream the other day and she was extremely polite and thanked the people who donated bars to her, she usually haven't acknowledged it before.

No. 375191

File: 1493050208867.png (28.58 KB, 733x235, IMG_0642.PNG)

Oh nooooo

No. 375193

it begins
the only way something good could come out of lainey's patreon is if she uses the money from it to escape

No. 375194

File: 1493050567048.png (32.75 KB, 603x123, Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 12.1…)


why do all her followers have some variation of lainey as their name smh

No. 375195

>I hear you cook good food

top lel

No. 375196


lololol not even greg has said her cooking is especially good. he just said he had an idea at the dinner table one night, because.. you know… lainey cooks food sometimes and they can't afford olive garden all the time any more.

No. 375197

Someone asked her for look books and make up tutorials. I don't know about you, but I for one am very excited about this "unblended and plain" aesthetic I can soon achieve!

No. 375202

I mean I think Lainey is hot and I would fuck her 9/10 times, but I don't think she has anything to offer people when it comes to rewards on Patreon. Especially not the unblended, harsh eyeshadow. I saw someone wanted her to give therapy advice.

No. 375203

>Therapy advice

Someone ask her to give advice about being involved with a person with personality disorders such as narcissism

No. 375206

File: 1493052765542.png (783.6 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4058.PNG)


I bet it's something similar to this:

No. 375207

Of course its greg's idea. He wants her to create one off his referral link and make him even more money.

No. 375208

cool sales pitch Lainey

No. 375211

File: 1493053904646.png (179.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2170.PNG)

From drewsif's twitter

No. 375212

Nice to know he's okay with his son being over seuxualized for all to see for a few greasy, lice-ridden notes. What a champion.

No. 375214

Inb4 lewds

No. 375215

ANyone can get a credit card after 21, what is she trying to prove?

Laughing because she's paying interest by nearly 5% for supporting Grease on it.

No. 375216

please let there be more emails…
love how he was trying to pretend like it was lainey who wanted her back and how he wouldn't be involved any more. i thought lainey said in that shitty video of hers that she never wanted to see billie again.

No. 375217

Way to dox yourself, genius.

No. 375218

replace lainey's name with greg for the truth

No. 375219

No. 375221

smol spaceprinxe escort service
highest bidder can sit across from Plain at Olive Garden while she takes selfies with her tongue out and whines on twitter

Not just Plainey, that one is named after BOTH Onionwives. Just a coincidence, I'm sure…

No. 375222


So um, how long until he decides to take the Chris-chan route and drink his own jizz with orange soda?

No. 375223

can we just talk about the fact that in this email, he's admitting that the break ups were all his fault for basically trying to fuck billie? & that it clearly didn't have anything to do with the weed or the lying etc, it was all because he basically wanted her to be his girlfriend on the side. he doesn't even mention drug use in this email and he's STILL asking her to go back.
i think we all know the truth, lets be real. lainey didn't want onion to fuck billie, so she manipulated her into getting onion to kick her out. lainey knew onion wanted to have sex with billie, so why did she never tell him straight to his face not to and instead rely on billie?
the weed was just a cover up, imo.
sage for tinfoil-hatting.

No. 375224


I'm actually very curious considering it was Gerg who outright promoted and chose @edubirdie.

Why? Of all things to promote, is he choosing a service that will write your thesis for you for a price? Is Lainey's degree fake? Makes you wonder, eh.

No. 375226

Lol, cry more Grease… you manipulative cunt.

No. 375227

that is some high class tinfoil hatism.


I actually found this kind of anti climatic. I was hoping for something worse. In this case he just comes off as a white knighting cuck.

No. 375228

Hahaha. This was the time they screamed at her for showing up in the livestream with sarah? And gerg personally showed up to yell at her? LOL. Of course he saw it as omg my chance to get her back while on stream screaming at her lmao.

Drew is my new fav person if he continues leaking these

No. 375229

Aw damn, >>375221! Different anon but I see it now. That's pretty fucking creepy even if it's coincidental.

No. 375230

unless you can give me reasons why it isn't plausible? He chose to promote them for no reason and support them, why? I'm seriously curious, why out of all the online businesses to chose from but that… and for free?

No. 375231


Lainey told Onion she didn't want him fucking Billie. He put his foot down and told Lainey that–despite the fact that Billie was only supposed to be for Lainey to begin with–that since Lainey was fucking Billie, it was only fair that he got to fuck her, too. The "true Trinity".

Since honest communication didn't work and Lainey is too chickenshit and stupid to leave, she played Onion's game. And won. But not really, though because she's willing to allow herself and her kids to endure all that shit

No. 375232

File: 1493055850162.jpg (201.85 KB, 702x923, 1488207514377.jpg)

Again with the "Lainey is cryiiiinnng". It's pretty much a meme at this point.

No. 375233

It wasn't really a "true Trinity" though since Billie and Lainey never had sex (because Lainey isn't ~gay~). Grub just fucked them both.

No. 375235

Drew made it seem like Greg was emailing Billie recently, but if Greg us referring to the time Billie was popping into streams that was months ago somewhat soon after the breakup. Also the lack of date in the cap makes me annoyed for no good reason.

No. 375236

Anyone can get a debit card at like, 14. I had one for emergencies in my own name at 16. I don't know what this proves at all.

No. 375237

Maybe it is going to be a death of a thousand cuts, and Drew will release a letter at a time for awhile. That would be glorious, and I hope to see more.

No. 375238

File: 1493056179215.jpg (956.49 KB, 2393x813, 27258.jpg)

How long until….

No. 375239

there must be multiple emails. remember the voicemail debacle? onion isn't satisfied with harrassing someone with just one message… he has to leave dozens.

No. 375241

this is perfect

No. 375242


Even her name rhymes lol Good job, anon

No. 375244


It was a "True Trinity" in his mind and that's​ all that mattered to him.

No. 375245

All the tiem I cyr… I mean cry too.

No. 375246

this is why lainey wanted billie out. billie wasn't the problem, greg was - because he was the one who was desperate to fuck her. lamo can't stop greg from fucking other girls, unless said girls aren't around.
lamo has no use to him anymore if she won't let him fuck her girlfriends. not only that, but she's gotten butt ugly and saggy since being with him. i see onion divorce by the end of the year.

No. 375247

Blue is pretty common, basically a meme haircolour by now.

No. 375249

apparently the person who sent the PETA emails got greg's skype
(the video is pretty short but kinda funny)

No. 375250

I don't think it matters whether or not they had sex, it's the fact they were never were into each other to begin with.

This was all for Grease, noone else.

No. 375251

Drew's tweet before that said one of many emails. So there is definitely more.

Did he actually still think that troll was peta? LOL.

No. 375253

They're fucking with him and it's awesome… I knew it wasn't recent because they've been "lowkey" on the prowl since Billie left.

No. 375254

OH fuck yes. Drop em for us drew baby.

No. 375255

Nothing about that email supports the "I dumped her, get over the rejection you druggy criminal" narrative. And I love it.

MOAAAR plz Drew

No. 375257

A debit card isn't a credit card, I'm pretty sure what she was showing off was a credit card? School me if you like though, I'm not altogether sure what US debit cards look like.

No. 375259

That sounds like a far reach. It makes Billie lose a lot of credibility.

No. 375260

Well, I absolutely regret volunteering to tweet at Andy's dad about the Patreon video now. He tagged Grease in the reply tweet and now I have Grease in my fucking mentions, trying to mock me for not having a sense of humor because I didn't die of laughter watching him hump an dummy of Andy Biersack. It's…facepalm personified. The only reason why anybody couldn't possibly enjoy that video, in his mind, is that they're humorless assholes who can't take a quality joke.

Like, Greg, I know you read this: a brain damaged dog could tell it's meant as a joke, but what exactly is funny about you pretending to fuck a dummy for 5 minutes? Truly, tell me, what is funny about that? Your high school peer was right, your sense of humor is stunted as fuck. It's not that the rest of the world doesn't "get" your "brilliant" brand of humor, it's that you stopped developing at around 12 and are an infamously terrible comedian, as evidenced by your dying comedy channel and awful reputation.

I know you've surrounded yourself with people who will never question your preferred version of reality just to make you happy, but trust the rest of the internet: you're not fucking funny. Give up.

No. 375261

It's a debit visa. Meaning it's a debit card which allows you to shop online at most places.


Billie seems like she doesn't want any more drama, so I doubt it. Plus it really sounds like he wrote it.

Don't take it too personal. It was nice of you to ask him about it, Greg will most likely leave you alone unless you tweet any further about that topic. You can also use a throwaway account next time.

No. 375262

I luv u secret PeTA Anon.

You pretty much gave yourself away though by saying you were from "PETA" (shows how much he knows too) to begin with.

Anyone from that shitscape association are very strict about doing their abbreviations very carefully.

No. 375263

Just block him. That'll make him rage but he won't be able to bother you. You did what you thought was right though.

No. 375266

The difference between Lainey's "fanart" >>372002 >>372685 and Sarah's (her icon) >>374914
Compared to Billie's >>374986 (also her icon) is hilarious

No. 375267

what is he doing in his child's room?

No. 375269

File: 1493059745646.png (1.54 MB, 1894x741, billie.png)

More listings!

No. 375270

This is the ultimate trolling.

No. 375271

holy fuck lainey must be so salty now

No. 375272

I'm willing to bet that some onion fans will actually buy this stuff

No. 375274

File: 1493060164688.png (33.03 KB, 756x346, Screenshot_2017-04-24-20-45-59…)

Yup. It's clearly visible in his "comedy". Such a gem…

No. 375275

File: 1493060176592.jpg (34.1 KB, 452x325, delicious salty milk made of p…)

tweeted :^)

No. 375276


No. 375277

She blocked me, you should update if she replies

No. 375278


This is hilarious. I have to say, I kind of love Billie and Drew both now.

No. 375279

Wonder if Greg will threaten legal action over this kek

No. 375281

More importantly: why does his child live in a closet when they have 5 bedrooms?

No. 375282

extra rooms are needed for potential trinity child brides

No. 375284


Drew is about to cast, maybe milk

No. 375285

No. 375286

Just click the post you're trying to reply to.

No. 375290

Is it possible to watch this without the younow app?

No. 375291

Someone pls record for us working anons

No. 375295

Or at least keep the thread UODATED if he spills snything

No. 375296

Kiss your Fiji goodbye whilst you're with him, Doormat.

No. 375297

thats actually really smart, its true for the chronic liars i know

No. 375298

he's talking about the emails now. He said that there are lots of them. He released the one because Greg was implying he was lying.

No. 375299

Drew's just speaking about getting high. But he did mention something about making a video covering the Daddy o Five drama and he said he'd definitely have to talk about Greg.

He's now explaining the twitter rant - "it took an hour and a half to write six tweets, he must've been thinking hard about it"

Also Greg tried to speak to Billie about taxes, after sending her her taxes or something. So we definitely got under his skin with speaking about his taxes.

He thinks Lainey and Greg's relationship q+a is a dig at them. Also thinks Greg's views are shit and mentions he only gets views for drama shit. Drew can "do his weed shit and get more views than him."

He doesn't seem like he wants to speak about Greg much just now - he keeps changing the subject to speak about weed.

No. 375300

HAHAHAHAHA! So he's admitting to them? It's been shite so far, I hope they're good and greasy.

Oh Lainey, he's still been cheating on you constantly… gross.

No. 375302

i feel like he lowkey wants to talk about it, he reads comments about Greg out loud. Maybe watching farmers just have to send him some questions

No. 375303

File: 1493062692632.jpg (151.73 KB, 1000x847, cucqs0d653vx.jpg)

>Grease belittles and shames Billie about weed hoping he gets her under his control
>Billie instead gets in a happy relationship with Weedman McBong

ha ha
suck dick greg

No. 375304

He just said that he won't release more emails, bc of the shitstorm it would land billie.

No. 375305

His latest e-mail was sent on March the 20th. It was about taxes, she did her taxes then he kept e-mailing her about it.

No. 375306

I'm sure Greg didn't want to claim her as an employee even though he admitted that's why he paid her

No. 375309

i asked him if greg ever threatened billie. he answered the questions before and after mine and didn't acknowledge my question.

No. 375313

File: 1493063972698.png (117.25 KB, 750x1162, IMG_8480.PNG)

Checks out.

No. 375315

Still curious about the answer, is there some way we can settle this?

No. 375318

If her university ever saw that she was sponsored by edubirdie, would that raise some eyebrows?

No. 375319

Of course it would.

No. 375320

But would showing them be considered cowtipping

No. 375323

Forgot to answer. I just think it's unlikely that her degree is fake. It's a weird company to promote, but he's said that he thinks school is a waste of time. Lainey graduated with honors and they instagrammed a picture of her diploma. Not saying it's hard evidence, but I don't think they would go this far for something as trivial. Idk, I just think it's unlikely that it's a fake degree.

No. 375324

kek There's not a single person on the planet more predictable than this guy.

I wish he had killed himself 10 years ago. Would have saved many women pain and suffering. He's just gonna keep doing this. Groom a teen, fuck a teen, and then harass them until the end of time.

I can't see that going over very well. How did Greg even find out about edubirdie to ask for a sponsor? I fucking wonder! And at that, isn't it pretty commonplace for sponsors to give sponsees free product/services/trials? Sketch, sketch, sketch. Shame on them both.

No. 375330


>These people are frauds and you are suddenly okay with it?

that's not quite it, bitchfit-anon. her degree, or lack thereof is irrelevant. edubirdie is one small, shitty sponsor. i think there is some evidence of her being enrolled in college over at tumblr or something.

nobody said they're good people or that they're okay with what they're doing.

No. 375334

Not everybody with HPD presents in the manner that your ex-friend does. There are a number of different subtypes of HPD, and online behavior for people with cluster B personality disorders doesn't necessarily mirror their in-person behavior (though it's usually pretty easy to tell that they're fucked up from it, at the very least). The fact of the matter is that we can't know whether Taylor has HPD or not, but she most certainly has a pathological need for attention. Not sure why everyone keeps debating this when it's impossible to know and she's a massive attention whore regardless.

No. 375337

So he doesn't take it "that seriously"? Slippery slope imo, but to each their own.

No. 375340


Why? To me, it came off as a well-worded "we don't give a fuck what Greg does".

No. 375342

He signed custody of his kids over to Taylor so he could run away with Billie, and Taylor's the one that wanted her back? Yeah no. Onision is a lying pile of garbage.

No. 375343


I can picture him 10+ years from now, with his old fat, saggy VEGETARIAN BODEH just hanging out at the swimming pool all day staring and ogling at teenage girls. After his channel dies no teenage fantard wants to fuck him anymore, that's how he will get his fix. And it's okay because of his swimming pool argument.

No. 375345


Lol. We're talking about Plainey, here. You're giving her too much credit, anon. Remember, when Greg "exposed" Billie she still found some way to make herself the victim because she is ALWAYS the victim. It's not her fault someone would try to take away her beloved idol husband. Greg can do no wrong.

She was probably whining about wanting Billie back because she just needed something to whine about, regardless of how fucking ridiculous it is.

No. 375346

File: 1493068136148.jpg (46.68 KB, 605x720, 18136818_1434747489921988_6992…)

Papa Biersack is a fan apparently

No. 375348

The next trinity

No. 375351

pretty accurate, Lainey says in her video regarding the weed stuff "I finally had my out". She didn't want back with Billie because she knew they'd just canoodle behind her back.

No. 375352

I think anon had it right a few threads back. Lainey enjoyed the love bombing she got whenever Billie stepped out of line.

It was Lainey who told Gerg about the alleged eating disorders. Again, with the pics of Billie "cheating" at the music festival. And again with the weed. I'm sure I forgot more.

Lainey likes Billie around to catch shit and she can be Gergs doormat of the year. "Daddy's angel". Instead of "druggy criminal liar".

The one who will let him impregnate her over and over and follow the diets laid out for her. The one who will only visit family twice a year. The one who will let him control everything, even her sexuality and relationships.

With Billie gone and Sarah too, the microscope is zooming in on her flaws. Theres no distraction. Just a spotlight on their loveless marriage.

No. 375353

I agree with you anon. I think it's entirely within the realm of possibility. Lainey's only slightly more literate than Gerg, which isn't saying much. It wouldn't come as a surprise to find she paid someone else to do her homework for her.

No. 375355

>since Lainey was fucking Billie

she also admitted that her and Billie mainly only kissed, despite this Greg wanted to fuck his wifes girlfriend,. Honestly I think she just needed a friend and someone who wasn't emotionally stunted like her hubbie.

No. 375356

thanks for doing the needful, anon.

Her university and degree are too shitty for anyone to care; it's literally an online BA program from a no-name school. If she somehow manages to get into a grad school that isn't for-profit or a diploma mill, that'll be a different story.

No. 375358

File: 1493069239461.png (981.3 KB, 600x557, 353654101.png)

https://www.patreon.com/laineybot she actually made one


No. 375359

Thanks for the top keks, anon. I like Billie even more now.

No. 375361

4 people have already pledged to her, FFS. She isn't even offering anything yet. The people who follow her and Greg must literally be the most exceptional people on the face planet. I guess no one ever told Greg and Taylor that taking advantage of the mentally challenged is a special kind of low.

No. 375362

Disgusting. You filthy, shameless whores.

No. 375364

File: 1493069703626.gif (1.55 MB, 400x286, fugdis.gif)


No. 375365

File: 1493069728562.gif (36.19 KB, 846x533, 353654102.gif)

they added in some rewards

$10 for the fucking PO Box

No. 375366


I think he's super cute and he seems like a fun person, but tbh I find him kind of tiring with the whole "lol weed bro" thing. Like yeah, we get it, you smoke weed.

Sage for unrelated topic

No. 375367

Narcs attract narcs? That's the only thing I can think of when you're a fan of someone pretending to fuck your kid for money.

No. 375368

I'm not saying Plain has no responsibility or isn't an over dramatic doormat. It just seems obvious how full of shit Gerg is saying Plain's the one that wanted Billie back when he was going to ABANDON HIS FAMILY to be with her.

No. 375369

That's the father though. Wonder what Andy thinks.

No. 375370

I'll give her this, at least she prices better than Onion. Wonder how long til ladyboy is paying up the $5 to follow Onion through her since he's going to cut her off.

No. 375371

File: 1493070123201.jpg (29.27 KB, 286x160, 222 (2).jpg)


No. 375372


I'm aware. I'm just saying that there is a possibility that she is twisting the story/what she wants whenever it's convenient for the sake of whiny-points.

No. 375373

yeah, greg was going to leave lainey and give her the house and kid to shut her up and so he could live care free with billie. i don't believe for one second that he has any selfless motives in him. he's the kind of ex who would make shit up just to have an excuse to email you, so i'm with you on this one.

No. 375374

Anon patrons get charged on the first of the month. Just wait a week til half their pledges don't arrive and they take to twitter to whine. Even if they make money this month, their patrons will surely dwindle over time.

If the best revenge is living well, better revenge must be doing it as quickly as Billie has.

No. 375375

I wonder if he'll whine about it on twitter or keep quiet and hope that people believe he's really making that much

No. 375376

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 375377

File: 1493070441029.jpg (69.11 KB, 810x509, Magna Cum Illiteracy.jpg)

>Lainey's only slightly more literate than Gerg
>Her university and degree are too shitty for anyone to care; it's literally an online BA program from a no-name school.
You forget she graduated Magma cum laude anon. Surely that counts for something.

No. 375378

I can't imagine being so fooled by a guy that you think the girl who's coming over and fucking your husband is your girlfriend because she's nice to you.

No. 375379

File: 1493070553361.png (167.12 KB, 500x500, 500px-126Magmar.png)


This is everything.

sage for not contributing

No. 375380

>Buy Greg's pants to help me go see my boyfriend
>Gregs plain black shirt. Again, tryna see my boyfriend.

Making money off of him to get better dick? I love it.

No. 375381

at least her prices are more reasonable than greg's, but literally does nothing.

No. 375382

Fucking kek. Magmar.

No. 375384

She should set up a donation page somewhere because I would donate just to piss onion off

No. 375386

Or a patreon where you can pay a dollar for her to send a pic of her and Drew directly to the gruesome twosome

No. 375387

People still have to pay just to be her friend kek what the fuck. I know those stupid tumblr girls will do it, too.

No. 375388

I would get her £50 to get her mopey nonsense off the internet

No. 375390

I've not seen ANY youtuber with a PO Box charge their fans for it. Taylor's not even a fucking youtuber, her channel's just another channel Gerg uses for himself. Only morons would give these people money.

No. 375394

Billie, worked in a gas station and would follow people for retweeting her pics.

Lainey, lives in grease mansion. 5 dollah a follow.

No. 375395

GOD i always forget they have children when i see shit like this


No. 375396

You made me chuckle, i WISH you were a judge in their divorce proceedings lol

No. 375398

Lainey, please add a reward tier for unblocking people

No. 375400

Yet more proof of what a pathetic, lying sack of shit Onision is. Given how prepared he was to run off with Billie and completely betray his own family, i have no doubt his emails to her got more and more desperate as time went on. Taylor really is a lost cause for staying with someone that clearly doesn't want her anymore.

No. 375401

i hope his kids' friends never see it

No. 375402

billie has more reason to start a patreon anyway. she actually needs stuff, like a car for example. isn't she living with her family too?

No. 375404

I think she and Ayalla live with Billie's family. She's said that Ayalla is the one who drives her around when she needs to get somewhere. I also remember Gruck la Duck mentioning wanting to buy billie a car so she wouldn't have to depend on anyone (aka. isolating her)

No. 375406

File: 1493073756527.png (148.68 KB, 566x798, laineybot.png)

She is by far more liked than Onision. 13 patreons in one hour!

No. 375407

that's what peoples pity will do for you

No. 375409

i wish i could laugh about this but the fact that so many people are rushing to support this rich white vegan women's pediasure diet is getting to me.

No. 375417

Holy shit, anon, you are my hero. I have never seen a description of their relationship put so perfectly and be so deliciously brutal.

No. 375420

kek she's not even vegan she's pescatarian. onion's given her shit for it on twitter because she didn't ~try~ hard enough to go meat free.

No. 375425

Where is the option to pay for her to react to Onisions Billie emails

No. 375430

File: 1493076534707.png (67.71 KB, 589x270, Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 4.28…)

Oh thank goodness; Sarah is NOT with the Greases. She went to visit her sister.

No. 375446

one of those is mine, which is fake

if that helps

No. 375447

Of course she signed up under Onion's demands to get that referral bonus.

No. 375448

I bet the Billie emails are just like these voicemails, where he just makes up any desperate reason for contact and switches manipulation tactics several times.

No. 375459

or react to this video

No. 375462

File: 1493081028456.png (31.83 KB, 750x232, IMG_9974.PNG)

Stalking intensifies! This ladyboy must really be desperate for them to add her to their harem.

No. 375466

File: 1493081484005.png (64.05 KB, 750x528, IMG_9981.PNG)


The edge is real

No. 375467

I feel so much second-hand embarrassment for her. Someone should tell her that desperation and thirst are not attractive.

No. 375478


thanks anon. they do fit her, i honestly thought she was just lucky with genetics.

No. 375483


"i'm an artist, a musician, a genders study's author and i also work at taco bell. why yes thank you i'm doing just fine by myself"

No. 375487


>i don't have all that much to offer teee hee!

no you don't you untalented bitch. get a job. you have a degree. people out there with three jobs and no degree, and you trying to make money off your teenage twitter fanbase. smh. waste of human being. absolutely useless to society.

No. 375489


i could see onion trying this! thing is, lainey isn't hot and she ain't getting him views. billie was cute so he would try to use her as much as possible on his channel, lainey isn't.

No. 375495

lol in the day and age where anyone with an FB page is an established photographer, and you've done your sister's friend's bridal makeup badly once = artist

No. 375515


lainey could be out there making fucking pottery and shit and it would still be more useful than what she's currently doing. paying someone for sad tweets? we gonna start paying shitposters next? this shit kills me

No. 375521

a greasy video for ya'll

No. 375539

File: 1493093131448.png (59.73 KB, 582x476, shit.png)

Trouble in the mansion

No. 375540

Before Onion Lainey used to seem a lot more outgoing tbh. It wouldn't shock me if she's developed agoraphobia from being cooped up all the time for how many years now? Her social anxiety is probably way worse because of that and Greg being an aggressive, know-it-all, never wrong pos. Lainey is a whiny baby, but I'm sure her living situation with onion is only making it way worse.

No. 375541

I had a dream last night that Lainey was sick of living with Greg and wanted to leave him, but was scared to. I told her that she would have support on lolcow and she just had to do it and be strong. If only that would happen.

saged for ot nonsense.

No. 375542


I take it momma-onion came to visit?

>wah wahh I have anxiety disorder waaah I don't wanna talk to nobody wah waaaahhh!

Bitch stahp.

No. 375543


LISTEN, I ain't one to judge Lamo, I do believe you probably have social anxiety of some sort, but you chose to spend four years working on a degree for a field you will never get a job in?

How deluded must two people be, to think YouTube money would last forever? RIGHT because Gurg is going to film himself every day till the day he dies, judging preteen bodies and his fan base will totally remain the same right?

She may be anxious, but she is an actual moron with little to no foresight about ANYTHING. She let Billie back in the house more than once because she thought Billie was interested in her haha WOW.

And now this, if she's using her anxiety as being excuse as to why she won't get a food serving job or something involving leaving the house, then have fun with that downgrade bitch.


>has crippling social anxiety

>makes and publishes videos that go to a giant web of people

No. 375544

So she's too anxious to speak to family members but she's not anxious enough to openly flirt with teenagers all over twitter. Stfu plain

No. 375546

Guys, this article is funny as fuck:


No. 375547


maybe if you didn't spend 24/7 on twitter your social skills would be better :).

i have anxiety and i know people are going to jump to tell me "WELL ACTUALLY WHEN YOU HAVE ANXIETYYY YOU-" but i honestly doubt she's diagnosed or that she's doing anything to make it better so i don't give a shit about her.

bitch is just lazy, whiny, and expects everything to be handed over to her.

No. 375550

Lameo I made you tiers:

$1 - I allow you to follow me on Twitter

$5 - I will post emo lyrics on Twitter

$10 - I will subtweet someone. Not you, but someone.

$20 - I will reply you on Twitter / Instagram. I might be rude, but it's my anxiety. Deal with it.

$50 - I will unblock you if I have blocked you before

$100 - I will send a selfie to you to edit

$500 - I will tweet you nicely

$1000 - You may to try to become my girlfriend. NOTE: My husband must want to date you too. You cannot want to date him. I will be in a polyamorous relationship. But you have to be just with me. Being girlfriend doesn't include sex or kissing unless it happens in 3some with my husband. But you cannot have sex with my husband. Because then I get jealous.

No. 375553


otherwise perfect. 10/10.

No. 375554

File: 1493096101470.png (866.69 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (852).png)


No. 375556

File: 1493096380760.jpg (104.8 KB, 750x949, 1492441244140.jpg)


Someone posts a nice photo of Lainey on Instagram with a flattering caption.

Lainey starting conversation with the poster: "You don't know me. Leave me alone!!!"

If she was afraid of conflict and anxious how people react she wouldn't lash out like that. She just uses the anxiety to be rude with permission.

No. 375561

File: 1493096814245.png (2.06 MB, 1920x1080, wtf.png)

On his child's bed… Fuck.

No. 375563

It's attractive to onion. Isn't that how he met lainey lmao

No. 375564


Nah, he needs some Bosley

No. 375565

idk man lainey, i actually thought you were a nice person for awhile there too,just awkward and shy. Then those texts came out of you talking about billie, and those texts to lane which were stuck up bitch rude as fuck. And the way you treated luxy. Like the way she treated luxy and billie, people she wanted a relationship with, was allow them to be hurt over and over by gerg and she did not do one single thing and then acts smug when he insults and slanders them with a stuck up rude bitch smile, so no. Lainey you are a stuck up rude bitch.

Eh I also have a degree in that field and still struggle with social anxiety. Somehow people dont mistake me for being a stuck up rude bitch though. Probably cause i dont act like one and am nice to people even if im awkward. Maybe lameo should try that. When she first was with gerg she used to answer questions and was very nice to her "fans". Shes gotten worse and worse the longer she is with gerg and she cant even see how awful she acts.

No. 375566

And it doesn't have to be that way, Lainey! You can learn skills in therapy that can help you manage the worst of your symptoms! You could even do that in conjuncture with gasp medication! You could learn a lot about yourself and grow as a person! But no. Because your husband OBVIOUSLY knows better than ALL medical professionals, you choose to be miserable and live in denial.

No. 375580

>>hanging a dollar in front of his child bed
>>being this jewy
a m a z i n g

No. 375583

Let's not forget that Grease doesn't"believe" in doctors and medications

Pretty ironic kek

No. 375586

File: 1493101255513.png (430.93 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_5095.PNG)

No. 375588

Anyone notice that Onion has been "nicer" to Shane Dawson in his last few videos, and even has been replying nice things to his tweets? Clearly he wants him to want to collab or give him attention again

No. 375589


And he's following him again. I know Lainey is a fan but this is interesting… hmm he has been nicer

No. 375592

Way to be a rude bitch to your fans, Plainey. Especially that you're trying to get them to give you $$$ to sit on your ass, cry, and tweet 15 year old girls on twitter all day.

No. 375597


shane wouldn't piss on onision if he was on fire. if he thinks shane is going to collab with him and make him youtube famous again, he's crazy. shane already did that for him years ago and greg bit him in the ass. plus in the videos where trisha and shane mention onision you can tell that they see onision as a joke or something, like they are probably watching his career burn with popcorn and everything.

he's so fucking desperate!

No. 375598

Onion said lameo (prob onion on lameos account) talked to shane dawson (prob twitter dms) about the youtube ad thing. And he followed him right after that. And shane recently responded to lameo on twitter, so onion probably thinks he has a chance to be friends, but shane is probably just being nice to lainey cause he feels bad shes married to a psycho lmao.

idg why he even mentions ayalla. She was not involved with this trinity bullshit and all she was being was a good friend to billie. Hes so bitter that she "stole" billie from them by telling her he is psychotic and she needs to leave. If lameo has a friend like that, maybe her life wouldnt be the sad thing it is.

No. 375600


I seriously doubt Lainey has anxiety and is just diagnosing herself like every other speshul snowflake tumblr tard.

I have GAD my best friend has social anxiety, and the way she describes her "anxiety" is… not actually how anxiety works. Kind of like how she said "you don't need to have disphoria to be trans" and then flipped the switch and suddenly she has body disphoria.

What really made me think she doesn't have anxiety was a tweet she made that went along the lines of, "An employee at the store asked me if I needed anything AND IT LITERALLY MADE ME WANT TO DIE MY ANXIETY, THANKS A LOT."

I'm, yeah. Nooooot quite, Plain. Keep trying. Maybe do a bit of research on the disorders you're trying to emulate. And that is ridiculous to say knowing she has a fucking psychology degree.

No. 375623

That online program she attended seems like complete BS.

Congratulations on your "magma" cum laude, Taylor

No. 375625

File: 1493109704684.jpg (150.2 KB, 810x952, IMG_20170425_104114.jpg)


No. 375635

If it's gotten this bad then she should probably put her marriage on the back burner and seek a professional because she clearly is unable to function as a basic human being anymore

No. 375636

another video from patreon for you guys.
this one is significantly less milky unfortunately. you won't miss anything if you don't watch, apart from grease repeating his opinions on youtubers such as shane, social repose, ijustine, and idubbbz (which we have all heard before), singing a song about how great he is, and then doing this weird segment at the end where he talks about girls wanting him to fuck them… weird.

No. 375637

Sage for blog but diagnosed panic disorder/GAD here. Very frustrating to see someone leech off the cutsie tumblr version of anxiety while clearly not getting any help. If it is debilitating, and by these tweets and the fact that she can livestream and all the times she's started fights with someone over twitter it does not sound like it is debilitating at all, she should be getting help. her husband has health care. they can afford it.

No. 375639


No, people think you're stuck up because your problems are always so much worse than everyone else's. Not because of your imaginary anxiety disorder.

No. 375641

People think she's stuck up because she is stuck up.

No. 375642


Actually, they can't afford it. They're living off bare necessities right now, like the Tesla and Lainey's car.

No. 375651

>Lainey going to therapist.

Whatever her therapist advised her, she would immediately tell that to Greg so he can make videos dissing the said therapist.

No. 375652

I just love how Gurg hasn't tweeted shit since Drew released that email. Not even a video "defending" himself. I guess he's just hoping his braindead fans didn't see the email or that he can distract them with some more shitty content.

No. 375653

Sage for blogging but dependent upon where you live, help can be very hard to get even if money isn't an issue. I doubt it's the case here, but it's not always so simple for people.

No. 375654

i just noticed that onion changed his patreon tiers again. $1 pledges now give you access to his patreon-only forum. going to make an account and have a look for anything milky (although it's unlikely).

No. 375656

It took her like 3 hours to jump on that stalker train. Christ.

If that's really his kid's bed then this is just sad. None of this looks like a kid's room so either he hauled the bed out into another room just for the video or his kid is so much of an afterthought that they just put him to bed in their fucking living room or something. Look at the wall decorations, the keyboard pushed right up against the back of the bed, the weird L shape to the room..

Your toddler isn't interested in weird money art, an X Files poster, or something shoved right behind his head that might tip over and hurt him if he bumped into it. Poor kid.

No. 375657

I know it's not simple, but for people in a privileged position like this + clearly think they're suffering enough to tweet like some kind of relatable advocate, naaaah.

No. 375664

That's the living room in his 'set house'. His kid's room is shown in the PeTA-troll video. Looks like a hallway.

Greg has the cheapest taste in decor and clothes. It seems the more logos and designs, the better.

No. 375671

i can't find the email?

No. 375674

it's further up the thread.

No. 375685

Sucks that his kid is getting Onion's cast-offs but I'm relieved that he isn't living how the video makes it seem.

Onion is definitely the Nouveau riche type. Funneling all his money into showing off just how well off he is with shit that wouldn't impress actual rich people. Oh? You bought a Tesla? So has everyone else with a bit of money. You have multiple houses? Too bad they're all AirBnB tier.

His attempts at being rich and getting superiority from that just shows how little clue he has about wealth and wealth management.

No. 375692

He needs some tips from his dad.

Sage for irrelevance

No. 375695

one of the $1000 donors has removed their pledge, bringing it back down to 1 again. i didn't notice before, but someone has pledged $500 so that they can skype the onion. jesus.

No. 375701


Is it safe to say his mental state is severely deteriorated?

No. 375714

Don't worry Anon, it might be someone trolling, wait until May 1st to see real numbers

No. 375715

I always wondered if there was a way someone could sacrifice themselves by infiltrating the greasesome and post updates about living in the house, but they would be found out way too easily right?

No. 375718

A few have tried but made the mistake of blowing their cover here.

No. 375720


That's right, which is why we no longer talk about it here. We know the greasome twoosome lurks here and are overparanoid fucks.

No. 375721


Lurk* forgive me, it's almost 9:00 in the morning and my brain is retarded at this time.

No. 375726

File: 1493129141716.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4060.PNG)

I forgot to post this from a few days ago…

Not gonna lie, whatever the fuck this is; it looks edible.

No. 375729

It looks like some weird stir-fry of tofu, noodles, broccoli, and soybeans?
Stir-fry is pretty hard to mess up, but at least it looks more "appetizing" than the burnt pancakes lmao.

No. 375731

So she's basically working minimum wage and giving Grease $600 a year and is now probably giving Doormat $180 a year.

Whew… this is someone with no life whatsoever, literally paying a couple of scummy z-listers $780 a year to even acknowledge she exists when she's working her ass off for pennies at Taco Bell.

This is obviously part of a bigger plan for her, she desperately wants in that Mcmansion before he finds another teenager.

No. 375735

She's incredibly stuck up, to a insufferable degree.

You can see it in her posture and her expressions whenever she's on video or camera, the arrogance and condescending attitude has it's own air about her. I even remember when she was incredibly rude to a waitress in a restaurant simply for greeting her and doing their job… that's not anxiety, that's being a complete and utter stuck-up cunt because you think your husbands money entitles you to be treated like royalty.

From simply just looking at her, you'd know for a fact straight off the bat that she's untrustworthy and would have no qualms in stabbing you in the back, I'm surprised Billie was able to put up with her so long… this is not the kind of person you would want as a girlfriend, let alone want as a friend.

No. 375736

>I even remember when she was incredibly rude to a waitress in a restaurant simply for greeting her and doing their job…

When was that?

No. 375737

also I'm pretty sure after the fight where Billie "cheated on her", Onision said in a video that Billie screamed at her calling her a "stuck up bitch". Lainey really does seem insufferable.

No. 375738

By "made" he means opened up a pack of pre-made frozen stir-fry mix and heated it up on the stove before serving.

No. 375740

Those noodles look so overcooked…

No. 375741

Sometime late last year, they all went to a restaurant for a family meal. A waitress greeted her at the door and she lost her shit, made a post about how the waitress ruined her meal by asking how the food was… it was insanely overblown and made quite a lot of anons angry, it'll be in one of the previous threads.

She threw quite the over-dramatic shitfit over it, but somehow was able to convince her fans to kiss her ass and sympathise with her over it.

No. 375742

>…but don’t worry, fourteen year-old vaginas, it will be okay.

Dude. Fuck off. You're not edgy, you're fucking creepy. Stop objectifying women and especially underage girls, and talking to pre/teens about sex, and how you have sex. You have a daughter, you sick fuck.

No. 375743

That's one of those stir fry dinners that come in a bag. You just dump frozen contents into pan, add the frozen sauce, and cook til done. Not really cooking.

No. 375746

I mean, it looks edible in that it's not "cooking for bae" level nasty, but the broccoli was definitely frozen (=tasteless and spongy) and the noodles are overcooked to the point they're breaking into tiny pieces. Plus when your main protein is tofu you really need some stronger aromatics in there than just broccoli and edamame, sauce notwithstanding. So it looks edible but it probably tastes like a plate of mush and farts.

No. 375749

She's genuinely a spiteful person, she's exactly like her husband in that sense. She's had to live with him 24/7 for over five years and he's technically the only friend she knows considering she barely has any other friends and her family only see her occasionally.

The whole "nervous puppy, non-binary, poly bisexual, smol spaceprinxe" facade is a sham, a character she plays online for the benefit of her husband, she has no personality of her own because Grease has instilled his own personality into her and after adopting that for five years, it becomes harder to erase as time goes by.

She'll also be paying for therapy if she ever left him, because she'll find it difficult to adapt to life without all the luxuries and having to make the effort in socialising with normal people again.

No. 375754

That fucking guy in the background was a great meme in the old days of efagz. I always laugh when I see him.

No. 375755

You can always tell it's from the bag when it only contains beansprouts, broccoli and soybeans… even the non-vegetarian ones contain the exact same ingredients apart from the chicken.

A stir-fry made from scratch would have more variety, you only have to do an image search to see examples of that.

No. 375768

What a mega bitch, no wonder she doesnt want to leave Grease, she would have to deal with the real world which does not tolerate her bullshit

No. 375789

File: 1493135588571.jpg (24.72 KB, 403x296, delet this.jpg)

I feel so disgusted, angered and sad. Latent fucking rapist son of a bitch

No. 375803


I don't really care for Richie either, but he knows exactly how to troll Greg and it's beautiful. We benefit so greatly from the milk

No. 375809


Even Greasecock hates her. It's very sad when her own husband can't stand her.

No. 375815

File: 1493139222447.png (141.23 KB, 1242x983, IMG_5096.PNG)


i just get these vibes that lainey is secretly crazier than him.

No. 375824

jesus christ she is so dumb. nothing is ever his fault. he's the only person saying he'll die if his channels do. you know he's fine so what is the point of that tweet?
who cares about your anxiety, everyone fucking has it. you completed a bachelor's in the appropriate 4 yrs while your husband fucked a teenager and you had 2 kids. granted your online school is for plebs but i don't think your "anxiety" impairs your life, plus you don't even go outside. stop

No. 375827

I don't doubt that she has some form of anxiety, but I think it's more situational than anything else. I think if she got away from Grease her anxiousness would disappear. Too bad she depends on him for everything. Lainey can't even order food for herself at a restaurant, she gets Greg to do it every time.

No. 375830

i wasn't aware that patreon does this, but they just emailed me to say that onion is now a patron of lamo. unsurprising.

No. 375831

File: 1493141192601.png (97.87 KB, 944x531, 2017-04-25.png)

who are these damaged individuals that WANT to be humiliated by onion online???

No. 375833

Scamming for that $500 referral bonus.

No. 375841

>>I seriously have anxiety, but I'm doing nothing to address it by talking to a doctor because I love the attention it's bringing me and my husband will dump me if I bring psychiatry into the house, even though I have a degree in it.

Stfu Doormat, you're predictable and boring.

No. 375843

She may or may not have anxiety. Either way shes still an awful stuck up bitch, and it has nothing to do with anxiety.

Her anxiety and trouble starting convos really showed when she started the convo with lane to call her fake after the billie thing. LOL She acts like she avoids conflicts and has trouble talking to people, but does that? And she constantly is dming all these people on twitter she thinks are pretty. Okay lameo.

and they want to show up at the bottom of each other's patreons because it shows "supported by" so fans of each others will find the other patreon.

No. 375846

maybe he doesn't want to push them because he knows that's one of the more tamer emails? i find it funny that he's not acknowledging it at all too.

i don't doubt that she's paranoid and bitter, but that's not anxiety. she just needs a "reason" to feel that way and of course that reason can't be greg, because he's a god among men and she doesn't need RESCUING you guys omg!

No. 375848

This. For the social anxiety she claims to have… she sure is accepting of kissass comments and flirtations on her Twitter but she'll block anyone who doesn't agree with her. She's capable of holding conversations, being flattered by praise and grooming and luring back teenagers for her and Grease to diddle.

She's just a spoilt, stuck-up brat who keeps adopting all these "fashionable" Tumblr nuances to make herself sound more special than she actually is; she's a poster child for the snowflake brigade there, they're a dime a dozen… it's only because she's married to Grease that sets her slightly apart from them because of their wealth in comparison to the average Tumblrina.

No. 375853

>as a person with an anxiety disorder

Oh lameo did you go see a therapist and were diagnosed? No? Then how are you claiming you have a disorder? As someone who also had a bachelors in psych, it doesn't give you the ability to self diagnose. Actually self-diagnosing is terrible because if you just look at symptoms of a million disorders, it can feel like you have a bunch of shit. It's one thing to say you have anxiety, but to claim you have an anxiety DISORDER lol. Go see a therapist, get a formal diagnosis, then get treatment. There I'll even donate to your patreon if it goes to you seeking some fucking mental health treatment.

I also think shes talking more and more about anxiety because shes obsessed with that callmekarizma guy and he always talks about anxiety. And we all know lameo adopts her personality off other people.

No. 375855


She secretly (subconsciously) wants Greg dead.

No. 375856

she wants it both ways. Shes friends with the very "tumblr" SJW crowd, but is married to that thing of a husband which is the opposite of everything they stand for. When she got with him she hadn't developed that personality and latched onto those people and was still an edgelord saying the n word. She adapts her personality to whoever shes obsessed with.

For gerg, insults are just comedy and people need to get over it, and lets make fifty videos making fun of abuse, divorce, LGBT, etc! And I'm totally fine guys, you guys take everything seriously.

For her twitter SJW agender LGBT friends, guys words are hurtful. You need to be sensitive towards people. You don't know how hard it is to live with all these LGBT TRANS issues and disorders! You guys are so hurtful and offensive!

No. 375866

it's funny because if she actually used tumblr for something other than pretending to be sad about billie, she'd see all the cool 15 year olds making fun of them both.

(sorry just wanted to reword my original post a bit)

she doesn't believe in any of the things she wants to advocate for. the biggest example i can think of is when she allowed greg to make that video calling cyr a faggot. where was bi-poly-agender-hero lainey when that happened? where were they when lain was getting harassed for supporting them? where were they when luxy got tricked into revealing private info?

you don't have to answer because we all know. she wasn't supporting them or sympathizing at all, she was sicking her anti-sjw cultist husband on them for her sake

No. 375867

And she still somehow managed to make the noodles dry as fuck.

No. 375884

"I don't care if you are upset about me not texting back because this is about me and me only"
I keep repeating myself but jesus fucking christ she is such an unsufferable waste of organic material. smh

No. 375889

Help is especially hard to get if you're too lazy to move out of your comfort zone and just interact with the outside world through social media.
It's not like she lives in a lonely shed and doesn't have a car.

No. 375905

So Grease made a new video just lamenting how he's lost faith in YouTube, how they're discriminating against him for his views and how they…have some kind of Christian agenda because they persecute people who promote atheism like him and TheAmazingAtheist? I guess? He implies that at least. Sorry, Gerg, the atheists-being-held-down-by-evil-Christians narrative is pathetic and idiotic. It's basically the same bawwwfest he's been vomiting for a month now.
>"Waahh, what have I possibly done to deserve not showing up in the recommendeds?? Why does YouTube think I'm not ad-friendly? It must be the cursing, it must be my cool, xHARDCOREx opinions and ANTI-CORPORATE viewpoints because I'm such a fucking REBEL, wahhh, it's NOT FAIR!!"

He goes on a tangent about how much he hates Idubbbz, but then is contrite and apologizes for making an anti-Idubbbz video, almost certainly because 90% of his audience also loves Idubbbz and they threw a shitfit, so he doesn't want to risk losing his dwindling fan base any further. Takes advantage of his "Sorry I shit on Idubbbz" apology to make an underhanded jab at Richie. Looks like a salty bitch.

It's entertaining as fuck to see such a change in tone from just a year ago when he'd react to complaints from his audience by sneering at them and telling them to unsubscribe, that he doesn't give a fuck about them, that he doesn't need them, that his success does not depend on their loyalty whatsoever. Now he's put on this good-boy hat and is on his best behavior when addressing his audience, practically screaming "PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!!" between the clenched teeth of his forced, fake smile.

It's hilarious.

No. 375918

underrated post

No. 375925

Today Lainey posted on her patreon that a new video will be going up soon. She then said that it will be the first video she has ever edited by herself.

But I thought her video about Billie was completely edited by her according to Onion

No. 375928

File: 1493152396026.png (143.18 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1569.PNG)

Confirmed onimom is mad taylor won't talk to her

No. 375929

Thank you

No. 375931

It's really so obvious that greg is running his wife's patreon. The posts are how he talks and not even her.

No. 375935

A little late, but she could be sending in pictures and using the name of someone she hates.

No. 375938

File: 1493152926142.png (184.11 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1570.PNG)

Sage bc it's not really onion related but lane is spitting some truth on twitter and it's glorious

No. 375939

for christs sake reupload and dont direct link to youtube. do u want to get banned?

No. 375940

god she is so fucking boring and pathetic, 90% of her content is riding on the fact that she is married to super important famous youtuber greg. does she not have any fucking hobbies or interests or fucking anything except her love life and bad emo music that reminds her of her love life?

also ugh that kissing bit was fucking foul. they just drag their tongues around all over each other faces like greasy ass slugs. who the fuck does that and is proud of themselves for it?

No. 375941


>Hi i'm Lainey and you guys pay me on Patreon to make videos so here is one of me and my husband where he does 90% of the talking!

No. 375942

File: 1493153532011.jpg (39.12 KB, 748x398, 20170425_134846.jpg)


So,the kid who had the @lasvegas_skate account on IG (the one referenced in this post) deleted. Wonder if it was due to Blameybot's rabid fans?

No. 375943

jesus fuck even their kissing is smug urgh that's the worst thing ive seen

No. 375944

Oh, wow. Whaddya know. Gerg does 90% of the talking and Lainey is human cardboard.

By the way, Lainey, the answer to "What do you find most attractive about Greg" is: his money, his YT fame, the attention being with him grants you and
the sense of superiority being with him gives you.

Also, how the fuck do you not understand the question? Are you that unattracted to Gerg that the question just shuts your mind down?
It's easy, look: I like my boyfriend's face, his beard, his tummy, his chest hair, his dick, his bizarre sense of humor/way of thinking, his patience, his generosity, his imagination, his intelligence, his work ethic and so on and so forth. It's not fucking hard, any normal fucking couple who actually has chemistry and is truly attracted to one another can easily list the shit they find hot about each other, ya dumb bitch.

I know y'all were trying to blast everybody in the face with "WE'RE SO IN LOVE!!" and spite Billie+Drew, plus all of us who fucking hate your asses, but you utterly failed.

Sage for bit of blogpost

No. 375951

Does anyone else notice that she can't seem of look him in the eye for long periods of time? She loo,s at his mouth or face in general, but kind of… flicks her eyes up to look him in the eye for a second, and then looks away. And her face shape? Like a slant, with her chin sticking out the farthest and her forehead being the "narrowest" part of her face when in profile. I wonder if she just juts her jaw out like that, or if it is just how she looks for real? Like leaning the top of her head away from him?

No. 375952

If that's actually the case, that Plainey and/or her asshole stans bullied this kid off of Instagram for being a fucking fan of hers and complimenting her relationship, then she's somehow a bigger asshole than I previously thought possible. Who attacks somebody who compliments them? Snobby, paranoid pieces of shit. How dare you talk about the Smol Space Prince, you PLEB!

No. 375953

That kiss reminds me of that show on TLC where couples never kissed until they got married.

No. 375954

nah she has pretty prominent underbite.

No. 375955

>Nobody dye your hair blue or else Gerg might appear, standing over your bed at night and then begin to viciously thrust his crotch in your face while whimpering "Suk mi…suk miii"

That is some urban legend nightmare fuel right there if you just add a stipulation that you have to be a young girl between the ages of 16-21. Please don't let that spread.

No. 375957

>Are you that unattracted to Gerg that the question just shuts your mind down?

It's true though. The only reason they're still together is out of spite. It's really jarring to me that they don't realize they only like each other when everything around them is going downhill. I only see "I luv my wife ^_^" posts when Greg is being attacked more than usual

No. 375959

Seriously. STOP posting direct links. They profit from views.

Laineybot - Couple Q&A (Onision & Laineybot) + ALIEN ABDUCTION STORY
April 25, 2017

No. 375960

>>375959 = Mirror

No. 375961



No. 375962


i legit thought people were respoting the same tweets. but apperantly bitch just haven't stopped complaining about anxiety. shut up, no one cares.

No. 375963


she needs to work on that makeup game but i like that she doesn't have that ugly lainey haircut anymore.

but yeah, "i'm so shy, i text teenage kids all day and manipulate them boo hoo i'll tell sarah about this."

No. 375965


If you have a narc in your life it's not a bad idea to be on the ready to record their shit, if only so you don't feel awful when they start guilting you for being alive and not being perfect.

Seriously it's saved me many times when I felt awful about what I had done and needed to go back, and hear just how stupid the argument was, or what my supposed crimes were.

There's some good apps out there for it.

sage for bp

No. 375966

File: 1493155702551.png (45.13 KB, 750x235, IMG_9991.PNG)

Re: laineys anxiety tweet

Erin tweets about Greg and lainey all the time. It's gold.

No. 375969

File: 1493155800608.png (39.03 KB, 749x282, IMG_9992.PNG)

No. 375970

File: 1493155812313.png (780.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1571.PNG)

Aka plz pay attention to me so I get more views

No. 375971

>your fans like that I like you

I doubt it.

No. 375972


This is possibly the hardest he's ever been trolled and I love it. She is bitchslapping him left and right.

No. 375977

File: 1493156988099.png (33.59 KB, 373x418, Screenshot 2017-04-25 at 2.48.…)


Gief ten pitybux, get my PO box and send me presents!

No. 375978

File: 1493157012591.png (75.21 KB, 496x586, ballislife.png)

i thought stones to abbigale was the worst piece of shit i'd ever read but onion really outdid himself with this is why i hate you

onion please send me money so i can purchase new brain cells to replace the ones your drivel robbed me of

No. 375982

and he's married to someone who was a cheerleader in highschool now l m a o

No. 375984


Now she's a space prinx with anxiety! This bitch does not have anxiety disorders. Ugh.

No. 375989


Please let this not be their kid's room. This is like the most depressing thing I've seen all day. I was at a Xmas party at a porn star's house once and it looked like this. All beige, felt like a hotel.

How shitty and neglectful. I wonder if he even knows the things Troy likes, or what he likes to play.

fucking blogpost

No. 375991


He should have bought some motherfucking furniture when he had the money, that house is empty as fuck; clearly the taste he does have is utter shit. He decorates his home in Hot Topic, nasty.

You are thirty, Greg.

Take down the fucking anime posters and the X-Files shit and save it for your fucking man cave/rape dungeon.

He needs to stop pretending that he's fucking twenty-four. God, he's disgusting.

No. 375993


This has to be fake. No sane woman could be that thirsty for Gerg.

No. 375994


They're trying to show off their powerfully intense sexuality for future trinity members.

No. 375995

He will go for any conspiracy theory to avoid the reality of the real reason: his content is shit.

>the only problems in our relationship are due to everyone else
>lameo: WELL

Really you know sh was about to blame billie and not gerg. They really think they are perfect and everyone else is awful causing all their problems. Hahahaha.

No. 376003

who tf is erin

No. 376005

Different anon but I think it's the other girl Joy interviewed about Plainey and Grub. She spelt her name Erynn in the video

No. 376009

I got the impression they thought they were showing off to Billie how much they dont need her or something lol

No. 376011

This reeks of self-post

No. 376016


Erin is the girl Lainey led on around the same time as Luxymoo. She apparently felt victimised and betrayed because lainey would talk to her and confess her sad xemox feelings and flirt with her, only to cast her aside or something. She watches grugs videos and then furiously tweets about them behind a locked account.

No. 376017

also when they were "talking" lainey wanted erin's tumblr password and to go through her phone

No. 376019


dude no one is going to collab with you. shane doesn't like you. dan doesn't like you. none of the big youtubers like you. you are weird and at this day and age people know better. he's so fucking stupid.

No. 376020


What does Onion have in common with Macaulay Culkin? They're both one hit wonders who no one cares about anymore.

No. 376021

I thought she was involved with Plainey shortly before Billie first appeared? That's what it sounded like in the interview.

No. 376023

Since Old Man Onion finally learned to tweet gifs, we're getting the most random low res selection.

No. 376031

lainey's on younow http://younow.com/laineybot

No. 376032

Old Man Gregory just discovered memes, as well. He's in love with the blinking guy meme. Like, Lainey even references it in their Relationship Q&A.

I'm sure he adores it because it adds some spice to those fake conversations he posts on twitter all the time where he DESTROYZZZZZ some imaginary dummy with his logic, fax and brootal honesty.

He's really just plain obsessed with being that "ACT-shually…" guy, it's a reoccurring theme in his sketches. It absolutely never happens in real life for him, he's a fucking idiot, the only way he can shut someone down with his "brilliant" mind is in his fantasies or while ranting at a camera without anybody able to argue back.

The dude just admitted in the Q&A that he's only read three books in his life and they were all required reading in fucking high school. He was PROUD, too! He's proud that he was forced to read and hasn't read a book since HS…yet expects people to think he's a fantastic author and read his own shit writing. Good god.

No. 376033

Polyamory anon here. I have been in a polyamorous closed marriage triad exactly like the Grease household for over 10 years (I guess you could say I'm the Billie because I am not the one legally married to my male S.O.). We have kids that we all parent together. Lamp's misappropriation of the term polyamorous enrages me. She isn't fucking polyamorous. True polyamory takes intense introspection, honesty, compersion (a polyamory term I doubt she even knows the definition of), maturity, trust, and most of all love and compassion for your partners. LAMP AND GREASELORD DO NOT POSSESS OR EMBODY ANY OF THESE THINGS. They play-pretend at an equal multi-partnership when in reality it isn't anything more to them than lust; they don't want another partner to love and cherish, they want a live-in fuckbuddy/nanny. Polyamory takes hard work and dedication. Fuck Plainy and Gurgles for making a mockery of my marriage. Fuck them for setting the polyamorous movement back a decade with their shamelessness. And fuck them for helping to advance the myth that only freaky weirdos choose a poly lifestyle (if you met us you would be bored at how normal we are as a family). Plainy you and Gurg nauseate me, but Plainy most of all with her snowflakey PC they/them horseshit. Plainy and Gurg's and Billie's "Holy Trinity" my skinny ass. Grrrrŕ.(blog)

No. 376034

I'm just watching a little bit. Sarah was there but her internet was too bad.

Lainey said she's not dating anyone younger than 20 again, but she said "but it's not like I'm dating again".

A comment was: "I thought you were married to your best friend?" "Mh… No, not really".

She's complaining about being called a pedophile for dating a 19 year old.

No. 376036

gross. you're fucking up those kids btw

No. 376037

No one called her a pedophile for dating a 19 yo. She got called a pedophile for sexual jokes and moving in a 16 yo who she started talking to when she was 14.

No. 376038

Samefag but she just said that she doesn't want to talk about drama because it would give her an anxiety attack.

And then she said that she edited her first video by herself today and confirmed that Greg did it before. Alright, that's all I can take from her today.

No. 376039

did anyone else catch "laineybot you are awesome! i'm sorry greg loved billie more than you that sucks :( <3" omfg her face

No. 376040


i don't know how can people watch this lainey, even if its for milk. you guys are such good farmers. god bless you all.

No. 376041

Maybe I heard her wrong but I'm pretty sure she said she would date again, and the question was "I thought you were dating your best friend" and she said no but admitted to implying it with the videos with mercedes.

She's talking A LOT about her ANXIETY, might have a panic attack u guys

No. 376042

Haha, I wrote ONE thing in the chat about how I doubt she has anxiety and it was only visible for a split second, but she ignored the countless positive questions/statements in the chat, immediately zoned in on it and is still talking about UH YES SHE DOES HAVE ANXIETY FOR YOUR INFORMATION. Oh, she finally moved on, but…jesus. Triggered much, Plainey?

No. 376043


*she's a fucking groomer

No. 376045

Yeah I saw it and thought it had to be a farmer, loved it. She was like "I see a comment.. I don't want to talk about drama, bla bla anxiety, bla bla panic attack"

No. 376046

"even if I never date anyone again id still be polyamorous"

No. 376047


you guys are the best lol. i might join just to fuck with her too.

No. 376048

LOL girl doesnt even know what the labels she gives herself means.

No. 376049

Jesus, this ladyboy Dani D tipped her 5000 bars. NOTICE ME SENPAI

No. 376050

Someone asked about gergs email to billie and she lost her composure and said she got distracted by a dumb comment. People are bringing up polyamory and billie and it's really affecting her. Says she's getting worked up

No. 376051

Umm, how the fuck would you know? Judgemental much? I am your neighbor and coworker.

No. 376052


oh my god the kissing is horrifically awful

No. 376053

Sarah off in the guest tab, refreshing lolcow as Plainey whines.

No. 376054


Yup, I sent that! Considering how much Greg attacked Billie over it you'd think she wouldn't be so "triggered" over a simple question.

No. 376055

Says sara is her "investigator", bet she's here lurking right now

No. 376057

She's been texting Sarah this entire time and just said "Sorry, Sarah is, like, my investigator."

Investigating what? Lolcow? Billie? Ya staking us out, Sarah?

No. 376058


playing the newest 21 pilot song as her stomach aches because she hasn't eaten in two days. gotta get pretty for grease tho!

No. 376060


sarah posted here once. i doubt she ever stopped lurking. she reads through this shit all the time. she knows we post caps of her twitter and tumblr and loves every minute of it. gross.

No. 376061

Jesus fucking christ, she won't stop talking about anxiety. She's saying she can't tell the difference between being cold and being anxious.

Lainey, when you're anxious, you fucking know. It's physically painful. You're cold because your husband won't pay the goddamned heating bills.

No. 376062

ladyboy asked about "dem snapchat ads, for patreon?" desperate for them patreon follows, kek

No. 376063

somebody ask her to recommend kid stuff

No. 376064

she has me blocked but I keep wanting to ask her to recommend breastfeeding pumps

No. 376066

i just want to know what she needs to address

No. 376067

Translation: Sarah's a plain, tattle-tailing idiot that will amount to as much as Plainey has in life. Absolutely nothing but an ugly vessel of whine and tears.

No. 376068

omg whoever asked thank you lol please god let her do mommy stuff it would end up like daddyoffive

No. 376070

The announcement was that grease sent the email bc lainey was sad and crying all the time and wanted her back

No. 376071

Hey Sarah,

You're ugly af and Taylor does not want to have sex with you.

No. 376072

greg apparently has never lied to her, says the people who claim to have more recent emails are welcome to send them to her, she wants proof before she believes it. quickly logged off

No. 376073


Says Gerg only asked Billie back ("Months ago, you guize") for her benefit. I pointed out Drew says there are many more emails, she's more triggered, saying she has no idea why Drew cares, why people keep bringing it up, that she doesn't bring up Billie (fuck, yeah, you do…you subtweet her all the fucking time and post emo lyrics on tumblr, alluding to her and the "heartbreak" she caused, you liar), that this is oh-so-unfair, that Greg has never lied to her (HAHAHAHA) and is…basically just freaking out. Triggered. As. Fuck.

It's delicious.

No. 376074

Hilarious. Sounds like Greg is doing damage control

No. 376075


don't forget this too! Sarah, they are going to forget you and replace you with a cuter 17 year old girl in no time.

No. 376076

>Sarah reads this
>Panic sets in
>Immediately dyes her hair blue and goes all Single White Female
>"Now they'll love me forever…"

No. 376077

lol i said "you don't care? that he loves her more? keep burying your head in the sand" because i got sick of her fucking denial bullshit, and she was deliciously triggered. think that may have been what made her leave though. she also called out to people to email any proof of these further emails. we're waiting drew…

No. 376078

That's the hilarious bit.
Sarah sitting there mashing F5 as Lainey scouts YouNow for cuter younger attention.

No. 376079

Sarah is quickly becoming slimey as hell, all she does is play the role of Lainey's fangirl and "investigator" aka. lurking on lolcow to stay relevant in their lives. You got that, Sarah? They don't care about you, greg will never stick his dick in you, Lainey will never let you munch on her rug. I wouldn't be surprised if they would never let you come visit them again. keeekkk

No. 376080

i knew it would be a farmer that said this

No. 376082

I just want a compilation of Lainey admitting she never loved Billie.

No. 376083

She was always an asshole. She's always had an attitude and has always been this sad little agent of Plainey and Gurgz, slinking around, eagerly doing their bidding in the hopes that one day…one day…the pedo-pair will let her fingerbang Lainey and allow her the honor of sleeping at the foot of their bed.

It's fucking pathetic, like, 16 year old's aren't known for having the best dreams and aspirations, but for fucks sake, Sarah, can you at least be like a normal 16 and aspire to become a model or something? Not the lapdog who's frantically sniffing at Lainey's crotch?

No. 376084

Onion's raging about Billie on Lainey's Younow.


No. 376085

Are y'all seeing Gerg sperging out on YouNow right now I'm laughing so hard omfg

No. 376087

He called Drew a downgrade I'm dying he's such a fucking narc

No. 376088

He's having a full blown narcissistic rage. This is beautiful.

No. 376089



No. 376090


No. 376091


No. 376093


No. 376094

jfc, I hope someone's getting a good recording of this, I've almost pissed myself laughing.

No. 376095

ahahaha oh my god he's fucking crazy and deluded. he's shouting in that shitty childish voice he does when he's mocking someone and he's shouting and shouting

>"I only have the truth and anger"

>"fuck you you piece of shit"
>"this is all fake drama!!!!!"

No. 376096

I hope to god someone is recording this

No. 376097

he's so mad they made lainey cry, god I'm so happy I'm awake for this. He's sperging out HARD. denies being a narc, denies sending mails later than feb. tries changing the subject but still mad. LOL BE MAD

No. 376098

Someone make a remix of this

No. 376099

what's Plain's email address?

No. 376100

please tell me someone is recording this spergfest

No. 376101

>scumbag pieces of shit
>but pay me money to survive!!

No. 376102

greg we are talking about you and your ex not national fucking security lol

No. 376103

The self-importance omg this is so good he's still SCREAMING as I type this

No. 376104


This is the ONLY time someone even remotely famous has acknowledged me and I TRIGGERED HIM i'm so fucking happy

No. 376105


No. 376106

omg why is he yelling at his followers to give him the emails when its drew and billie that would have them???

No. 376108

I'm terrified at the fact there are children in his house.

No. 376109

Why are they acting like february is such a long time ago?

No. 376110

He's actually screaming this is amazing, Anyone recording this??

No. 376111

now he's pulling up his email THIS IS SO GOOD

No. 376112

File: 1493175244819.png (287.54 KB, 467x470, klskld.png)

biggest version i got

No. 376113

please god let this be recorded hes having a breakdown

No. 376114

>Billie's ugly fucking TOOL of a boyfriend
>who is ugly, I hear

No. 376115

he had a complete breakdown on camera it was fantastic many tears of joy were shed

No. 376116

when he shouted FAX i lost my mind

No. 376117

i think her younow got banned

No. 376118

he called billie a bitch
called the fans cunts
please please say someone recorded this

No. 376119


No. 376120


He lost his fucking mind!

No. 376121

lol hes so mad she has a new boyfriend calling him ugly but at least he isn't 11 years older than her with two kids

No. 376122


No. 376123

his voice was quivering this is the best

No. 376124

File: 1493175381377.gif (1.1 MB, 440x300, unnamed.gif)

he's so fucking mad this is glorious omg he's sperging so much over Billie's new dude

OMG he called Billie a nasty second hand used girlfriend

No. 376125

nah nvm it just had a shit fit

No. 376126

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I arrived too late

No. 376127

That….. was one hell of a milkshake.. Jesus, what the fuckkkk.


No. 376128

I def heard it break, my husband was like, is he going to kill himself live?

No. 376129

File: 1493175478707.png (10.39 KB, 284x79, Untitled.png)


No. 376130

PLEASE, please, somebody tell me this was recorded? That will go down in Onision history.

Haha, wait, I gotta check his twitter, he's definitely gonna continue ranting there.

No. 376131


Every time onision wants to insult someone he calls them ugly. because he's the ugliest man in the ENTIRE world and i get triggered just by looking at his unexfoliated crusty face. Drew is perfectly fine looking FFS.

No. 376132


Dude you missed out. That was some A-grade narc rage, the dude even screamed and said he was bout to throw down. I hope someone got the full video…

No. 376133

he ended the broadcast but one of the videos up is him still blaming her for "splitting up an entire family"

also another one is him claiming she blamed them for her leaving her job at target and she should owe him cause he paid her twice as much

No. 376134

Drew is definitely an upgrade in comparison to Grease, but then again… many guys are.

No. 376135

He denied denied denied until someone did the leg work for him and posted a link!!!!

No. 376136

i caught the last 2 minutes, did anyone record that shit? jfc

No. 376137

You know when he finally snaps he's gonna livestream the whole thing

No. 376138

Also goes on to talk about they only took her back because she's pretty

No. 376139

guarantee someones getting beat in that house tonight

No. 376140

That was SO fucking disgusting and sexist? I can't believe he thinks people who have dated before are sloppy and second hand?

Greg, you've had other girlfriends. Is Lainey with a sloppy dirty chewed-up piece of gum when she's with you?

He really cannot control his emotions lmao. What's the bet he's looking up the criteria for NPD right now.

No. 376141

"gave you money for a job you didn't even do"
"dumb bitch pothead spent all her money on makeup"
"looser lair fucking scumbag"

No. 376142

he completely went apeshit when someone asked if he was a narc, his face kept getting redder and redder. also for fuck's sake do a patreon for a fucking exfoliate scrub for that nasty motherfucker.

No. 376143


holy shit in watching these captured moments, you're right. What a burning dumpster fire. He's a piece of shit

No. 376144

wish billie would take one for the team and pretend she wants them back because you KNOW greg would do it in a second

No. 376146

tbh that says a whole lot more about him than her

also pls some based anon come through with a recording i missed the whole thing fuck

No. 376148

not surprising considering how he talked about AJ after she ended things

hopefully not that poor dog

No. 376149


If this were true and if they didn't absolutely KNOW Billie was too good for them, they wouldn't be subtweeting about her and talking about her in videos all the fucking time lol.

No. 376150

so did lainey just slink away when greg came on and is now literally shaking and crying in the basement?

No. 376151

I'm legitimately in fucking tears over this shit holy fuck!! He ended the broadcast with something like "Enjoy your sloppy second-hand girlfriend who WE dumped"

I hope this sperg out and attack on Drew is enough to ~inspire~ Billie to leak those emails. He'll probably send her another 50 tonight.

No. 376152

"jump to a new pothead boyfriend who's going to pay for her now"
greg do you have any idea how actual relationships work?

No. 376153

So it's over, but a bunch of people recorded and shared his meltdown. He's screetching about the links to the emails, which Drew says he's got.

Made fun of Billie for having an actual job at Target. Unlike his useless wife, who has never had a job in her life. Oh no, better call her a dumb bitch for having a job, which she left to be with you - then dis her for quitting said job, then make fun of her for having ("dumb bitch" "dumb fucking moron") a retail job.

He's in full gaslighting, narc breakdown.


No. 376154

I missed it by a minute. Fuck! Did anyone record it?

No. 376155

File: 1493175839028.gif (1.28 MB, 330x312, gRIvIGp.gif)

No. 376156


No. 376157

Holy shit that would be so funny if she baited him to leave lainey to be with her to dump him again and go public with it. Unfortunately she isn't trashy like they are

No. 376158


A thirty year old FATHER should not be taking a teenager back into his marriage because he thinks she's pretty. That's ridiculous. You are an absolute moron.

No. 376159

goddamnit anon now im imagining that poor dog cringing and im so sad because you know hes running around shrieking

No. 376162

Yeah, I actually feel pretty uneasy about this whole thing. He's sperging out left and right, and while Lainey is a shit person, nobody deserves being beat by this asshole of a cuck. He's a teenage girl in a "man's" body.

No. 376163

he also implied he doesn't know what drew looks like (I NEVER WATCH HATER VIDEO GUISEEEEEE) like yeah right onion you've probably been jerking it to the pictures of them. gunna write down everything i can remember because i doubt anyone recorded it in time.

>Greg screaming autistically

>Flipping the bird, saying we made Lainey cry from harrasing her
>many tard comments from fans and many lulzy comments which triggered him more
>called the people talking about emails cunts, demanded proof
>lots of swearing, screaming, fully denying anymore emails
>implied drew will photoshop or fake emails
>acted completey psychotic
>acknowledged the first leaked email
>insulted drew a bunch, called him pot head, ugly
>demanded he see's evidence of emails
>screamed FAX
>"BYE BITCH!" when talking about billie
>flipped the bird again then left

that's all i can recall

No. 376164

hahah oh god that would be amazing.
too bad billie is actually a nice person.

No. 376165

Also claims he hasn't talked about her in moths but ignores all the pot and lair rants he's gone in in the last few weeks and all taylors emo subtweets

No. 376166

No. 376168


Exactly. He has such a fucked up view of relationships if he sees them as financial transactions. He's always bringing up how he paid for shit for Billie, how he bought this and that and did all this shit for people like it gave him power over them.

Abusers always do this crap.

No. 376169

I looovvvedd how he kept screaming "BYE! SEE? BYE! BYE! I SAID 'BYE'!!" as though that is 100% proof he never emailed her ever again! Hahaha, what a fucking autist.

No. 376170

Can someone give a link to the two broadcasts? I only see moments of the live streams.

No. 376171

What's interesting, is for 'SCIENTIFIC STUDY' I randomly picked a date, like April 11th (lulz) and said I saw an email. Figured Lainey if she really believed Greg would ignore it.

Clearly she didn't and this is even more telling at how fragile their relationship is- one person in chat randomly mentions an email IN THE CLEAR PRESENT (unlike ancient February), and in comes Greg panicking and dick erect with rage.

This means he's def sent other shit and he's freaking out because there are more recent emails and Lainey clearly doesn't trust the disgusting fucker.

No. 376172



No. 376173

same the second i leave shit goes down.

im fucking wheezing watching the meltdown clips though https://www.younow.com/laineybot

this is glorious, if anyone recorded the whole thing please come through

No. 376174

Don't forget his angry stream of nonstop insults to Billie (dumb bitch, stupid bitch, moron bitch, dumb fucking moron, etc). Also described the look she had on her face when he used to scream at her - a blank - as also stupid, because that's the face you make when you're trying not to upset the raging narc further and not cry. Says this is PROOF and FAX of her horribleness, because she should have cowered, sobbed and begged forgiveness when showed her "crimes" (he accused her of almost breaking up a family… when he was the one who had a family, and was trying to leave them. But it's all Billie's fault, according to Grug. No one believes you, Greg. You showed your real face tonight.)

Gives you a little taste of what it's like to be around him once he's pissed.

No. 376175

Fantastic farming, god bless you

No. 376176

I know! I kept typing "You GAVE her that money, she doesn't OWE you anything, you GAVE IT TO HER" and he just kept screeching and sperging out. He really thinks all relationships are based on financial give and take. The expectation in his mind is that if you accept any sum from him, he fucking owns you. He acknowledged it once, after the Cyr break up, that he now knew this was wrong to do and was a skewed way to view relationships/friendships and then we see how much he truly changed in that regard: not one fucking bit. What a fucking narc.

No. 376177

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just witnessed the beginning of the end of our Lord and savior, the Cuck King. Someone should download the clips from younow and make a compilation.

he did this with Cyr, too. He kept harping on and on and on about how he sacrifice so many moneys on meals and planetickets, only to be left behind by Cyr, like the money was instrumental in their friendship.

the broadcasts have to be filmed or saved, Lainey doesn't save hers because she knows people are going to look through them to find shit. Onision doesn't even have a YouNow because he's so much better than the people who livestream.

No. 376179

This comment made me spit out my water

Today is truly momentous. Today is the day Onion man peeled off a few layers and unleashed the eye-watering stink of his putrid narcissism for all the world to see.

Anyone notice how he kept banging his hands together? Men do that when they want to hit something. He even got salty about people calling him out on that being aggressive and was like "I'm about to make that ASS clap" wtf

No. 376180

Lainey and Greg were both attacking Billie like she was the cause of the email leak, which in part she was for sending them to drew. But she's also not in control of her boyfriends actions…Just like when Gregma leaked personal information about Billie and Lainey stood by and didnt say shit.

No. 376181

Plz link any uploads of this glory
I wasnt home

No. 376182

I've actually done it a few time and each time they fucking fall for it. I wasn't going to say shit but my god it was so easy I didn't even have to fake anything I just pulled shit out of my ass.

No. 376183

its all on her profile. But I recorded some of them just in case she removes them from her profile.

No. 376184

Clips recorded by aghast fans are on her younow https://www.younow.com/laineybot

No. 376185

Starts with him calling someone a 13 year old piece of shit emo for calling him a narcissist, complete with making up voices for the other person.

No. 376186

File: 1493176630568.png (71 KB, 601x835, tumblr_njqzzjT6WC1spw7d5o1_128…)

Honestly y'all, just make shit up. Fuck, I do it all the time and he completely looses his goddamn /mind/. As long as it as some trail back to the truth or is a pretty much 'confirmed' belief, just fucking say it. He essentially reacts exactly like it's the fucking truth, panicking, sperging, etc.

It's wonderful, he dances so perfectly.

No. 376187

Oh, Anon, I could kiss you…you are brilliant. You've just set off a chain reaction of deelishus milk!

I can only imagine the fucking aftermath of that livestream, he did not calm down after logging off, he's definitely still raging.

I kept asking him "Dude, aren't your kids trying to sleep right now? You're screaming and your kids are in bed? Great dad", but he was too distracted, screaming about how Billie was a dumb fucking bitch. While I have little faith in their parenting and doubt the kids go to bed at a reasonable time anyway, they're DEFINITELY not getting any sleep tonight while Gerg rages.

Great priorities, you guys, sobbing and raging over internet dramu instead of making sure a toddler and newborn get some sleep.

No. 376190

I honestly believe the children do not reside with Taylor and Greg. There's no way, especially not with his address as public knowledge, and how he presents himself to the public.

No. 376191

pleaseeee upload to youtube, anyone else who recorded, upload to youtube it must be shared. someone should record his moments captures on younow as well

No. 376193

I'm 23, too. It's delicious. I was a 13 year old emo once though.

I bet you 10000 dollars he's looking up criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder right now.

I'm going to screencap the moment he says "narcissistic personality disorder" in that voice and fucking frame it and put it on my wall.

No. 376194

i'm not sure that's any better considering mama onion would probably have them if they didn't

No. 376195

he's so mad lmao

No. 376196

"You have to be a pretty sad person to get dumped & then spread lies about them wanting you back. Thanks for harassing my spouse on YouNow."

No. 376197

Managed to see the video again and wrote it out.
Email 2.

"Ok (1) That thing about me taking you back 1,000 times being tortured by you and still going back? That still stands but as I said before, this is about lainey and they need to be happy too.

(2) On the live stream, blocking you? I was the messenger Lainey was crying, so I had you blocked to stop her from crying & Lainey wanted Sarah to answer the questions being asked, so I told her to answer the question people were asking

(3) My suggestion that you get back with Lainey and only Lainey, not me, is no longer an option as Sarah just talked Lainey out of being willing to get back with you. Just keeping the record straight

You know we had awesome times, you know who I really am & you know how much we did to help/take care of you.

Anger is easy, but remember the good times, because those were really good.

Thanks for all the good Billie. Bye"

No. 376198

… says the person who got dumped (Greg), and then spreads lies (Greg.)

Narcs always think they're so brilliant by accusing the other person of their own actions, and totally oblivious to how ridiculous and obvious it is to everyone but them.

Greg: you are not smart. People are laughing at you. And you deserve to be laughed at.

No. 376199

Wait, what the fuck? What a psycho! I'm watching the moments people captured and what is he even trying to say? He keeps saying WHAT EMAILS WHAT EMAILS and then proceeds to prove Drew right? Like what the fuck LMAO. And as he is scrolling through his sent emails, there's one point where he scrolls through a couple and there are still more that he doesn't even get to!

No. 376201

Bigflannelshirt captured the moment greg called me a cunt I will never forget this

Billie wasn't harassing her wtf?

I bet he takes this out on Billie in some way, though :/

No. 376202

File: 1493177319271.png (1.2 MB, 593x703, 353654106.png)

No. 376204

her face is worth a thousand words thank you for this

No. 376205

time for some suk mi to take the pain of your husbands infidelity away

No. 376206

Two of the least convincing smiles I have ever seen in my entire life

No. 376208

File: 1493177552739.png (531.01 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4075.PNG)

Ewww he DOES look like an Oompa-Loompa!

No. 376211

>Takes picture
>Immediately shoves Lainey into the doorframe
>Posts picture to Twitter
>A year later, after their divorce, it comes out he shoved her into a doorframe
>"You guys, she was attacking me and she's a big girl, she's heavier tha–oh, wrong ex. Uhhh, well, they're agender, so it's not like I attacked a woman?"
>Crickets chirping, audience is long gone
>Whispers "Suk mi" sadly to himself as he sits alone in a dark, unheated mcmansion
>End scene

No. 376212

god bless you for that. that completely set him off and i fucking died

No. 376213

I love you


No. 376215

>Whispers "Suk mi" sadly to himself as he sits alone in a dark, unheated mcmansion

top kek, fantastic

No. 376216

sadly, it doesn't seem any of us did. best anyone can do is capture the moments others recorded on younow, mouths agape at his narc rage

No. 376217

Also: congrats to us, farmers: in the middle of this, we passed our millionth post!

No. 376218

someone needs to record those clips though and put them on youtube incase they get removed

No. 376220

Sarah's broadcasting if anyone's interested.


Plainey's watching, it might get lulzy. Sarah's talking about Greg.

No. 376221

File: 1493178217442.jpg (47.56 KB, 635x354, findher.jpg)

No. 376223

tonight is insane oh my god. theyre all loosing it, what the fuck is sarah smoking? greg is going to see this shit and find her and kill her

No. 376225

He's probably who's watching her on Lainey's account. She's not speaking favorably about the Onion, this is great.

No. 376226

ah yes, give your teen a 'special role' to play. can't give up years of grooming work, hey Lainey?

No. 376227

I think it's a glitch. We were still below 400,000 posts and then suddenly we are up to
Kind of weird.

No. 376228

What's Sarah saying?

No. 376229

I don't know why Sarah is saying she wants to be removed from this narrative when she's been pushing herself back into the drama these last few weeks. We didn't give any shits about her when she finally left the Grease Manse, the only reason people were talking about her now is because she's putting herself back out there

No. 376230

Notice how he's not tweeted demanding proof of more emails despite raging on the stream to see the proof, unlike the other day.

Guilty as sin.

Also he said something like "he'll probably fake them so badly" which I think is what he'll claim should more emails surface. Like weedman mcbong would even know how/bother to do that. Even if no milky emails do get leaked, this was still very satisfying and milky. Could someone with a twitter please tweet some of the broadcast moments to drew, the denial of emails clips/insults to billie. Seems it'd be the way to get more.

No. 376231

File: 1493178427765.jpg (171.25 KB, 509x287, IMG_8915.JPG)

It might be a glitch, there's too many posts happening at once since Greg lost it!

No. 376232

She's talking about living with Grease. She regrets being in his videos and she's learned a lot of stuff.

People in the chat are blaming her for being the person who asked Lainey to address the emails, "causing Plainey's panic attacks!!1" etc.

No. 376233

"I learned a lot. I learned I have a lot of growing up to do, to work on about myself" - of the Grease Mansion experience

She's backtracking now; I assume Greg is watching.

No. 376234

said there's no issues between her and Billie, she's not involving herself in that drama. said when Onion went into her stream that one time she looked freaked out because she was sick and had been asleep. said she wasn't involved with Onion or Lainey, has not kissed them or had sex with either one.

No. 376235

hopefully a drama channel got it on youtube… but i don't want to waittt
is she a fan, though? like, if she is it's unlikely she's going to release it unless he wants it… which obvi he's not going to because he always rages then regrets it. not because he said things that were "untrue" but because he doesn't want to come across as losing control.

No. 376236

also regrets being in any of Onion's videos and regrets telling her friends she was going to Washington

No. 376237

Well no fucking shit. She's 16. Go to school you brat.

No. 376238

Lainey's watching, she got cagy, people asked if that's why she got cagy… but Grease and Lainey are texting her. She keeps texting her phone.

No. 376239

Sarah dindoonuttin, so now we know I guess.

No. 376240

she's claiming onion doesn't sperg out on the regular, that he's a very calm person at home

No. 376241

No. 376242

says greg never acted like he did on that stream, at home. suuuuure sarah.

No. 376243

Ugh they're probably texting her what to say for damage control.

No. 376244

she just got a text, is about to cry, says she just wants this to be more positive

No. 376245

omg elopsu u savage <3

No. 376246

apologizing to Lane; says she would still be her friend; had no idea what was happening when Greg freaked on Lane.

No. 376247


>16 year old influences a grown mother and wife's decisions

Never change Plainey.

No. 376248

Sarah, you're not their PR. You're 16. They're "adults". They're NOT your responsibility. They made choices on how to poorly handle trolling and callouts of their lies. They fail to take personal responsibility or any accountability. They're poor excuses for adults, and you'd be better off moving on.

No. 376249

More positive after that chimp out? Good luck, Sarah. Should have kept out of these pedos' lives.

No. 376250

Then backtracked and blamed everything on Lane and her betrayals. Nice "apology"

No. 376252

File: 1493179272687.png (240.14 KB, 630x384, 105764_60_news_hub_multi_630x0…)

These fucking people donating. Damn.

No. 376254

>>(2) On the live stream, blocking you? I was the messenger Lainey was crying, so I had you blocked to stop her from crying & Lainey wanted Sarah to answer the questions being asked, so I told her to answer the question people were asking.

Was this another email he sent her, because that doesn't sound like the one Drew released.

If I remember correctly, this is referring to when he screamed at Sarah to block Billie from their YouNow broadcast - which was definitely months after their breakup, which means Billie and Drew are not lying… he did keep emailing her wayyyy after breaking up with her at the very beginning of November 2016.

No. 376256

where is the email drew released? Did I miss it or something?

No. 376257

the entirety of that post was the typed out "second" email onion was discussing and briefly showed on stream

No. 376258

"Greg is a calm person"

No. 376259

during Onion's sperg he was scrolling through the other email he sent to prove that's how you show emails are ~real. they transcribed from a screencap of the email he showed.

No. 376260

so calm

No. 376261


No. 376262

No. 376263

bless for doing this so quick, anon

No. 376264

Then yes, that's now more than one email post-breakup… he was hounding her to get her back and even trying the same tricks by guilt-tripping her to get back with Lainey.

He's been caught out on his ~brutal honesty~, Drew and Billie haven't been lying about this and considering that's the second email now he's let slip himself without their intervention, I won't be surprised if there are a bunch more of them too.

No. 376265


No. 376266

Yes, it was posted in here yesterday or the day before… scroll up and you'll find it.

No. 376267

You're beautiful

Let's not forget
Greg is a calm person

No. 376268

"Ok (1) That thing about me taking you back 1000 times, being tortured by you and still going back? That sill stands, but as I said before, this is about Lainey, and they need to be happy too.

"(2) on the live stream, blocking you? I was the messenger. Lainey was crying, so I had you blocked to stop her from crying & Lainey wanted Sarah to answer the questions being asked, so I told her to answer the question people were asking.

(3) My suggestion that you get back with Lainey and only Lainey, not me, I am no longer an option as Sarah just talked Lainey out of being willing to get back with you. Just keeping the record straight.

You know we had awesome times, you know who I really am & you know how much we did to help/take care of you.

Anger is easy, but remember the good times, because those were really good.

Thanks for all the good Billie. Bye."

Sent Feb 9, presumably prior to the email Drew leaked.

No. 376269

>for her to act like a decent human being after she potentially split up an entire family

>i asked lainey's then ex girlfriend to kiss me

>i signed a document giving lainey full custody of our child


No. 376270


Hey Gurg. Your narcissism and insanity is showing. Better hide that shit out before your audience sees it… oh wait…

No. 376271

So even though Drew has only released the one email, Grease in full narc rage has let slip that he's sent more than one now… proving Drew right without Drew even having to lift another finger.

What a fucking idiot, lol.

No. 376272

Omg this posted so late. Sorry farmers.

Saged for failing to contribute

No. 376273


been some milk droplets here and there.

No. 376274

holy shit lmao

No. 376275


Sure, but multiple have and the fact that you can't seem to keep a stable relationship with anyone speaks for itself

If if feels like everyone else is the problem, it's probably you dude

No. 376276

I wonder how late he is going to be up tonight making videos after he beats someone half to death

No. 376278

Also Billie left Grease for the last and final time very early in November 2016… so he was STILL emailing her repeatedly nearly FOUR whole months after that from what we've seen released so far.

Compulsive liars never stop lying it seems, even when caught out.

No. 376279

Sarah denies lurking here. You can stop lying now!

No. 376280


We know you lurk here , little girl!

No. 376281

>"It's just a game of numbers, there's no real depth and it's so simple. The mere lack in intelligence or creativity is why so many generic and useless minds gravitate towards it.
>"Tired of getting confused by the complex reality of human existence? Here monkey, watch [YouTube], then you won't have to think anymore, and while you're at it, drink a beer, that'll dumb down your potential to do anything worthwhile with your time."

No. 376283

Holy shit, I haven't kept up at all, but this is glorious.

No. 376284

tbf i dont think she lurks much. Anyone who spends a decent amount of time here would realise that we aren't just 'trolls' or 'haterz' and that Greg and Lainey are bad people. Their antics have been irrefutably exposed so many times

No. 376285

This is hilarious, too bad he's only funny during a narc rage maybe his channel wouldn't be dying.

No. 376288

At the same time, a lot of people will not hear anything critical of their idols.
Sarah fits into this category.

No. 376289

>inb4 the haterz fell rite into muh trap meme
you know he's gonna try to spin it because he played like he was joking "from the beginning"

No. 376290

Seriously, Sarah gets so butthurt and plays shit off when I'm serious so of course I'm going to be a dick because it's like talking to a child- which it is.

My god I used to cheer for her but I wish she'd shut the fuck up and get blocked from the internet.

No. 376292

Nah I don't think so either
I'm sure she's lurked, but probably not much since she left mc mansion

Also it bothers me that she doesn't seem to acknowledge that Greg's actions are not that of a responsible, rational, and "calm" 31 year old adult man with two children, a wife, an ex wife, and ex girlfriends he continues to harass and slander publicly

No. 376294

Hopefully not one of the children.

No. 376295

File: 1493181390913.png (464.16 KB, 592x267, 353654108.png)

No. 376298

to quote
>>"YOU DONT KNOW WHATS REAL, YOU DONT KNOW WHATS FAKE barely fake drops rage hey guys this is onision with another video for you how are you today" SEE?"

No. 376300

File: 1493181507527.png (64.84 KB, 1044x360, 20170426_003506.png)

Is she really this blind? Hes talking to her behind ur back in february months after the whole shitstorm in november. Wht more evidence do you need that he lied to you?

No. 376301

File: 1493181549421.png (37.34 KB, 556x612, IMG_3109.PNG)


No. 376302

Seeing as your husband apparently already has two of them on his phone, maybe you should scan through that instead of baiting your "ex girlfriend" to email you.

No. 376304

As if Onion would ever allow that. He probably has unrestricted access to her phone though.

No. 376306

File: 1493181701828.jpg (39.99 KB, 500x550, 1nwjqw.jpg)

No. 376307

That, and you could clearly see later emails from Greg when he showed his phone, despite his best efforts.

Ask your husband for them, Taylor, not Billie and Drew. He was clearly lying about not contacting her since last year. Greg himself showed one live on camera. He's got more.

No. 376308

The desperation is too strong.Kind of like a drowning person trying to grasp onto the water. I think he knew that writing Billie would most likely end with her coming back OR calling him out. Although if he didn't write it he sure as fuck is running like hell with the opportunity for attention. It's like he's been baiting so many people that won't bite…then a fish straight jumps in his lap.

No. 376309

the thing that gets me is obviously Onion won't let her just look at his phone. he's probably going at her about how asking to see proves she doesn't trust him.

No. 376310

"i'm anxious I hate confrontation!!"

No. 376313

File: 1493181817409.png (116.38 KB, 344x338, Screen Shot 2016-12-13 at 11.4…)

Please god let Sarah leave Grag and Lainey's greasy weeping clutches and be my imouto-chan

No. 376314

I wonder how plank tries to rationalize that.

No. 376315

As dull as Sarah's stream was, she's an idiot for passing up on that starbucks, basement, moe moe kyun lyfe. What a chump.

No. 376316

He even showed an email that he sent which was different from the one Drew leaked. lol be sad, Taylor.

No. 376317

why you would want a petulant potato as an imouto is beyond me.

No. 376318

because i'm trying to start a fucking moe farm you pleb and its never cute right off the bat. have you seen early kyoani?

No. 376319

Dude, I love you.

No. 376321

It's fine I'm actually 2 and my mom doesn't actually work at Starbucks, she cries in the basement while daddy masturbates in the shower. It would only hurt both of us.

No. 376322

"He's just looking out for me, he wants to be able to respond when someone attacks me, or screen my messages for cruel exes trying to hurt me"

And Greg won't show her his phone.

sage your autism

No. 376323

>>smol clam.

No. 376325

SERIOUSLY, with how he weeps about fax and reading people's shit you'd think he'd fucking let Lainey actually look like any normal spouse, instead of her crying and him dissolving into hysterics on the internet.

No. 376328

That was such a disaster. Plainey admits the email exists, Gerg has a fucking sperg-seizure denying it's existence, then after shrieking "SHOW ME!!!" repeatedly until the words blended into one long screech, he ends up revealing AN EXTRA EMAIL.

They're fucking messes. If I was a caseworker for CPS, I'd be like "Damn, if they keep their shit together this badly, then they've probably forgotten to feed at least one kid for a week…"

No. 376329


Yeah remeber how Cyr said he would let skye cry/beg because he would not let her use his phone

No. 376330

That part where he totally spazzes out and starts making faces and weird noises is absolutely the most hilarious moment. Total loss of sanity and self-control.

Billie trolled him so fucking good and hard. LOL BE MAD, and he's indeed going bonkers mad, as witnessed here. And she keeps pushing his buttons, and he can't help himself from keeping getting played.

No. 376331

And Billie complained post-breakup that she was seriously creeped out by his demands to have access to her social media accounts and passwords… another anon earlier today also mentioned that some chick that Lainey flirted with a while back complained of the exact same thing too.

No. 376332

There is def a resemblance, although ommpa's are cuter compared to gregs ugly pedo face.

Am happy to offer up my video account so this asshole doesnt get money for views if farmers would like, i know a few of you already have mirrors but would like to do my bit for the cause.

No. 376333

File: 1493182433975.png (423.98 KB, 656x508, 1493177552739.png)

fuck i dropped pic kek

No. 376334

Dude that was the funniest thing. Sarah's stream was overrun with lolcow I'm amazed she did it for that long. Some of the questions and her reactions were gold. Whereas Lainey cried and bailed straight away, says a lot really.

No. 376335

This needs to be a banner kek

No. 376337

I was literally laughing out loud at some of the shit in chat.

She never answered whether or not Lainey's given her a badge. You need a badge as a super, speshul Plainey investigator. Otherwise you're just a fucking fraud.

No. 376338

Watching the videos again and greg says "i hear her bf is fucking ugly" aww greggy-weggy, why would you care? According to you shes used up, you totally arnt butthurt she left you and you dont want her back right? kek.

No. 376340

How slimy can you get though? There he was the whole time screaming at her that he dumped her and was never taking back a "druggy loser" and behind the scenes for four whole months after "dumping" her he was sending her multiple emails asking for her to come back.

No. 376341

File: 1493183101156.png (211.26 KB, 423x170, 353654109.png)

go the fuck to bed lainey no one's sending you shit. your greasy ass husband should just show you the fucking emails on his phone since he obviously still has them.

No. 376342

"I heard…", "…so I hear".

If somebody really did tell you and you didn't check in on him yourself (you did), who would have told you he was ugly, Gerg? Lainey? Because, yeah, Lainey's tooootally gonna tell you anything other than "He's fucking gross", it's not like she's terrified you'll lose your shit on her with that temper of yours, like when she was happy a member of that band liked her tweet. You've totally proven yourself to be a calm, level headed person who can deal with his ex dating someone better looking. For suuuure.

No. 376343

Her "apology" to Lane was pure Greg / Taylor. I'm apologizing to you… for being so mean to me.

Watching her tweak over being called out on it was gold. She doesn't understand that yes, Lane can talk about whatever she wants in her experiences - even if they involve Sarah (who was a tangental part of that at best.) Lane described her experiences with Taylor and Greg, but Sarah sees this all as a personal betrayal to her. She cannot see that Lane has a valid reason to both be upset, and speak out - and that none of it has anything to do with Sarah, and Lane owes her no apology.

No. 376346

Kek he's so jealous. Drew is obviously more attractive than onion even if you think he's dirty weedman mcbong. He can't come to grips with being such a thoroughly ugly person. Ugly in every crevice, pothole, and needle mark.

No. 376347

Billie is not going to email you, Doormat… you can tell your greasy husband to stop asking you to make tweets on his behalf now; he has them on his phone.

No. 376348

yikes she's actually replying, i think she's desperate. Don't you trust Greg, lainey?

No. 376350

Omg I cant believe i missed all this drama. I hope there is full video of his freakout.

lol hes actually so mad about npd. does he think because his wife has a bullshit psych degree and denies he has npd, he doesnt. I have a psych degree onion and a masters and actually did clinical internships unlike your wife and i think you have npd. Go see a therapist :).

this just feels like gerg on lameos account trying to bait billie into talking to them.

No. 376351

Why give plank so much credit, anon? She's obsessive and in denial just like he is.

No. 376352

File: 1493183503061.png (153.83 KB, 583x552, Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.0…)

This may have gotten lost in the drama tsunami. Greg once again proves he's anything but honest about his promises - and as always, proof he has no team ('onisionsmanager')

No. 376353

Lainey I told you check Greg's emails its much easier that way and then you have your own hardcopy!

No. 376354

>Implying Taylor is allowed to touch Gerg's phone

No. 376355


^This. Drew is 100% not my type, but let's compare, shall we?

Clear skin
Sweet accent
Normal-sized browline
Dark brows and eyes
Overall attractive face
Slim and reasonably toned looking
"Pretty" features, eyes/lips etc
Styled hair (I hate it personally, but it's clearly a lot of girls' "bag", Billie is no exception)
I guess big nose?

Crusty, pockmarked acne-marred skin
Browline so low it looks like it will swallow his eyes
Rapist eyes
Thin, chapped looking lips
Big round cheeks
Flabby, doughy looking body
Angry screaming narc voice
Oily looking hair
Just generally ugly as shit

Lol be mad, Gurg.

No. 376356

gaslighting his lowkey views

no sane person would include appearance in defense of themselves without having "seent" it from the horses face

No. 376357

I'm fairly certain Greg currently is regretting not using a secure messaging app right about now. He's gonna be torn between wanting to delete the emails so he can prove to Taylor they don't exist; and worried he'll need them when Billie releases them so he can whip up a story as to how he's right and didn't lie.

No. 376359

File: 1493183783088.png (71.91 KB, 1634x344, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.10…)

anon you really got to her lmfao. if she actually trusted him she wouldn't care but she knows damn well the chance of him emailing billie is high

No. 376361

Sounds like one of those email addresses from which you get "VIAGRA+CIALIS 60% off save NOW click here" spam

No. 376362

Why is she using a fake last name

No. 376363

It's Greg's old last name.

No. 376364

Oh my god please… please Lainey. Those emails exist!

Just check Greg's phone ;)

No. 376365

It's probably the "super exclusive personal email addy" she's offering her fans on her Patreon, unless she's created a new one (which knowing stuck-up Lainey she has done) just to speak with the peasants.

She's used that addy as her personal one for years though.

No. 376367

File: 1493184021521.png (156.77 KB, 580x629, before.png)

the beating is incoming

No. 376368

No thats his moms maiden name. His last name was Daniel

No. 376369

Yeah what. That is weird. Jackson was gerg's original last name. That was never her last name unless they all changed it back.

I didn't watch the stream, but didnt someone say drew said the last emails were march 20 about billie's taxes. Why doesnt gerg just show her the email if it was just about taxes.. lol.

True. They kind of have blended into the same person.

No. 376370

So what if it was back in February, that's still FOUR months after you broke up with her.

You were DENYING they even existed in the first place, therefore you're a liar.

No. 376371

I hope someone reminds him of both of those things.

No. 376372

lainey I saw the emails when greg was sperging in the basement just borrow his phone for like five minutes arent you two in super love?

No. 376373

File: 1493184400316.png (61.62 KB, 612x451, before.png)

milk still incoming

No. 376375


No. 376376

File: 1493184558056.png (64.44 KB, 631x527, onion.png)

Saw someone mention this. If true, they are fucking obsessive over billie holy shit.

why are they acting like billie and drew were in their livestream bringing it up and ready to provide screenshots on demand. they could be sleeping LOL.

No. 376377

I think he is more jealous of Drew's youth than looks (though that too).

He's so desperate to look younger, I bet it's a finger in the eye that Billie has a sweet YOUNG new bf. It reminds him of his aging, adding to the resentment. It must eat him out that he cannot even compete with his youth.

No. 376378

File: 1493184672219.jpg (53.02 KB, 618x317, lies.jpg)

The march 20 april 11 emails has become such a fixation for them, any well balanced adult would just say "nah didn't happen" and move on if they thought someone made up something like that, instead the greases wont let it go and demand PROOF or an admittance of defeat when their demands are not met. #fax #winning

No. 376379

The FAX machine lost it.

No. 376380

Billie give us this just let it go. Greg is jizzing over the April emails

No. 376381

anons I never thought it would get this much traction but- thank you we are blessed.

No. 376382


I'm fucking crying. I'm going to make this my wallpaper.

I told my boyfriend about it and he watched the clips of Onision and recoiled in horror. He said "He basically proved your point, screaming about how he isn't a narcissist. Also he thought you were thirteen but also called you a cunt…"


No. 376383

File: 1493184821666.png (483.04 KB, 843x442, 1483543746807.png)

No. 376385

You all so mad and evil. Poor onion boy wants only a fax. Can no one of you send him some fax? I am sure he want to check if his fax machine is working.

No. 376386

This needs to be the next thred pic

No. 376387

roses are red
grass is green
i'm so fucking honest
i'm a fax machine

No. 376388

I would just like to point out, since the incident his patreon has gone up 11 patreons but gone down in value about 470$

No. 376389

i love you anon!
because he is old, defunct and mostly irrelevant

No. 376390

i think it already has been

sounds like he lost a couple bigger patrons and gained small ones kek

No. 376392

nice trips

it was at 5,023; I recall almost physically retching before realizing most (if not all) will pull out or be cancelled due to fraud or etc reasons by the end of the month

No. 376395

File: 1493185435540.jpeg (25.65 KB, 425x282, 1493185371467.jpeg)

bad quality sorry but our beloved fax machine

No. 376396

File: 1493185457272.png (123.85 KB, 626x683, Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.4…)

People try to explain to Greg that Billie probably doesn't stay awake into the small hours each night, tracking every word greg and Taylor say

No. 376399

Exactly. Also I think this is proof why his usual response videos are not done live and are edited. This whole "calm composed" demeanor he has in those videos is clearly an act because this live video shows he really is a special snowflake and goes batshit crazy at being called out on his lies. The mask has slipped gregory, i've never seen anyone so buttmad kek.

Its clear that greg is obsessed with appearence and knows this is how he gets to his underage insecure audience and as most hypocrites are he cant stand the idea of other guys being more attractive then him (which isnt a stretch) in one of his videos where he was talking about leafy vs idubbz he shows how extensive his filters are but turning them off for a moment and i swear, bitch could star in the next attack of the giant killer tomatoes (i know most farmers know this as they have the screenshots).

I would not be surprised to learn that onisions face was in ridleys scott "the martian" playing the part of the surface of mars. He knows his one feature that got him views is well past its best by date and why hes jealous of younger, more attractive men. karma is a bitch.

Indeed, the denial is strong with him. I like to think those "girls" who keep stroking his ego are in fact guys who are just laughing at him.

No. 376400

I just laughed out so loud my cat woke up, I love u anons. It's morning where I am right now but the milk just keeps flowing, I'm living for this

No. 376403

File: 1493185911584.jpg (47.48 KB, 770x431, a34dm21.JPG)

Another video, compiling all of the YouNow stream with Gurg hooting and hollering about FAX.


No. 376404

Let us GTFO like onion boy from Billies live. Never.

No. 376405

She's honestly pathetic. She'll go after anyone except her scummy husband. Honestly, the fact that she's sat there tweeting about wanting the e-mails as though she actually has the balls to do anything about it is fucking sad. She'll put up with anything. You could send her a video of him fucking someone else and all she'd do is bitch on twitter and turn on the other girl like a rabid dog.

We all know the only reason her and Grease are still together is because Billie said no. She should be nicer to Billie because Billie is the reason her family is still together. Gargoyle didn't say no, Plainey, you stupid fuck. He wanted her more than he wanted you and he was gonna ditch you AND your kid. Had Billie being willing, Lainey would have been back at home with a pending divorce.

No. 376407

How long till we get bed intruder 2: onision boogaloo edition?

He's climbin in your windows
He's snatchin your girlfriend up
Tryna steal em so y'all need to
Hide your kids, hide your GF
And hide your nose ring because hes moaning he paid for that too

No. 376408

>get shown one mail. show another one themselves

No. 376412

offtopic sage post for a new themesong for the mcmansion tonight


No. 376414


She looks so utterly broken and defeated. I hope she walks away before she goes full-fledged Shiloh​. Shiloh may ok now, but man, that was baaaaad.

No. 376417

Same. Shows how self-obsessed onion boy is thinking that pic is a good one to show, she looks like shes being held hostage but trying to force a smile.


No. 376422

Fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing
I wanna get into it, man, you know
Like a, like a fax machine, man,
Movin', doin' it, you know
Can I count it off? (Go ahead)
Get up, (get on up)
Get up, (get on up)
Stay on the scene, (get on up), like a fax machine, (get on up)

No. 376423


i have no idea what is this or what you're going with this, but thanks for this.

No. 376425





No. 376426


His original surname is Daniel, he goes by Jackson so he can be difficult to find (online) and because Touchy Tami.

No. 376428



>please don't hurt me Greg, I'll do whatever you want!

No. 376431

No. 376432


damn anon never delete this, if this motherfucker takes this video down i'm going to cry. its so good

No. 376433


lainey called her an "investigator" and everything that we discuss in this thread ends up in onion's ears. c'mon.

No. 376434

it's the perfect "I'm A-OK but you're going to be meat in a freezer soon"-esque music. idk.

No. 376436

apparently today is (was depending on timezones) Shiloh's birthday and she's having fun, living life, and posting pictures and videos about it. Sage for speculation, but I wonder if that was a factor in Greg's rage today.

No. 376437

No. 376441


Doubt it.

No. 376443

I did, but this thread has been top for the past few hours. calm down ffs.

No. 376448

File: 1493189564059.png (300.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170426-024846.png)

Bananas are starting to openly revile speshul space lamp, what a glorious day

No. 376449

Being a narc is a tough life. I feel sorry for his kids already.

No. 376451

File: 1493189906888.png (163.33 KB, 407x631, skeeze.png)

Ol' Greasy is already trying to backpedal on his bullshit.

No. 376453

ahhh it's wonderful that he can't escape the trail of evidence, just wait until drama YTers get a hold of his narc meltdown and those clips get dispersed…

here's a tinfoil hat for you: this was part of his plan to paint himself as the victim when he boots lainey

No. 376454

File: 1493190290072.png (330.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170426-030402.png)

Did he delete this?

No. 376455

Odd, is that even possible? It still showing up on mine.

No. 376456

I think so too, but honestly I hate Lainey so much I look forward to her ass hitting pavement regardless.

I think he did because I don't see it either…

No. 376457

File: 1493190598562.png (129.94 KB, 437x499, hmm.png)

Something weird is going on then, the Tweet hasn't been deleted.

No. 376461

Lainey being the shit human she is is a win/win. Either she gets what she wants and gets to keep gerg forever while his fame eventually dies and hes just an angry ugly old man, and she continues being the horrible person she is in a loveless depressing marriage, and no other poor girl has to get married to that crazy psycho. Or onion eventually dumps her and her little smug self will get a reality check. The kid situation is unfortunate though. Hopefully they despise their parents instead of become them.

No. 376465

Now he's back to the old "BUT MUH WIFE IS CRYING! SHE DESERVES RESPECT!" and the fake profound self-reassurance quotes about how he's the most honest person to exist… he never breaks that pattern once he's been caught lying as a last resort to deflect.

No. 376467

File: 1493192804621.jpg (89.08 KB, 393x981, emails.jpg)

Here's what I got, it's 2 emails from February 9th. But that's just what he chose to show.

No. 376468

I don't think he even gave a second thought about how he is making Taylor look with this.
He's just so used to deflecting everything on her automatically by now.
Whenever he uses Taylor as a scapegoat or sympathy bait, he has just his current goal in mind, the need to convince people of this or that thing, and doesn't even take into account how it will impact her image.

No. 376470

I hate how he brings up the "awesome times" they had together as if that negates every awful thing he's done to her. Like exposing her most personal secret to the world. Or continuously dragging her name through the mud after he promised to stop.

No. 376472

Nice work, anon. He's such a lying shitbag; "I never emailed her! They're just rumors! They're lying!" Ughhh… he honestly makes me feel sick.

No. 376474


"she almost broke up a family"

no greg, YOU made those choices

No. 376475

and it doesn't look like she replied to the first email either. that 'bye billie' at the top of the second email, isn't that from the one drew showed?

No. 376476

I don't think he's stupid enough to release any more emails now and I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if he's already deleted any additional ones in his "sent" folder before Lainey could ask to see his phone…

I think his intention of exposing himself with those two in the first place was to try and convince Lainey that he has nothing to hide; but the damage was already done when he denied they ever existed in the first place.

He's already backpedaling and trying to twist it all around by saying he only denied he's been emailing her recently, but he flat out said himself that no emails were sent post-breakup three days ago… liars can't seem to get their stories straight or plausible. The only way he's going to recover from this blow is if he stops talking about Billie from this day forth, otherwise he's just going to continue bringing it all to the attention of his already dying fanbase.

No. 376477

you realize lamey was never "poly" before she met him, right?

she was not even bi.
she nuked her old twitter, but archives exist for a reason.

No. 376478

I thought she was interested in girls on some dating site she was on around when she started talking to Greg?

No. 376479

I don't remember any of that, but I do remember she had "bisexual" listed as her orientation on her old Myspace profile; when it was brought up… she denied ever saying she was.

No. 376480

speaking as a /male/ I'm not certain I would classify that. there was things I saw archived on 4ch and 8ch regarding her being vehemently interested in only guys. you don't change your tone that quickly and publicly on your own. coming from 4chan, I'm not sure how to namefag on here so I will tag posts relating to this by tagging the post and including a c or x depending on confirmed or denied.

depending on how long this threat lasts. first posts tonight for me. I'm the guy who paid for 4 lb of orange chicken and 4 lb of orange beef to be delivered to his house in March.(male here)

No. 376481

>I'm the guy who paid for 4 lb of orange chicken and 4 lb of orange beef to be delivered to his house in March.
Who and what the fuck?

No. 376483

>>there was things I saw archived on 4ch and 8ch regarding her being vehemently interested in only guys. you don't change your tone that quickly and publicly on your own

tumblr is a hell of a drug, and because she has no friends, or social outlets that aren't Greg, she dove into that whole gender speshul cult with both feet. She's a followers, and for a certain kind of personality, that groupthink is very convincing.

If she ever gets out of there (i.e. when Greg finally traps a fresh teen and dumps her) I think she'll snap out of that part of her current personality.

No. 376484

>>I'm the guy who paid for 4 lb of orange chicken and 4 lb of orange beef to be delivered to his house in March.

Wow "epic troll"… maybe do something useful if you want to ween. Someone else tonight triggered this entire lollercoaster with a single question on a younow broadcast. If you want to trigger milk, there are better ways of going about it. Read through some of the past threads to see what works. Just sending Greg takeout meat won't do it, I'm afraid.

No. 376485

me? I believe in wholesome trolling. so I paid for the troll deliveries that were accepted, they dont charge unless they were. someone enjoyed a lot of meat that night.

tumblr isnt a drug. speaking as a straight, no holds-barred male, tumblr is cancer. Greg knows it, he goes on specifically to pump his narcissism. no offence, but if you're unironically using tumblr over 21, you have a problem.

No. 376486

I was looking for a confirmation of address, that I made sure was paid for. not sure where your saltiness came from but thank you for your input.

No. 376488

>>tumblr isnt a drug
>>tumblr is cancer.
Maybe lurk and listen more, and do less "as a male"-ing. You're an anon like the rest of us. It might help you see that we were agreeing, no need to go on with further explanation.

No. 376490

>lurk moar
>lolcow.farm enthusiast

No. 376492

>>if you're unironically using tumblr over 21, you have a problem.

>>so little going on in his real life, he takes the time/money/effort to send 8lbs of meat from a chinese shop to Onions house

now that's even more sad :(

No. 376493

having 43$ expendable income does not equate to not having something to do. consider it a "donation"

No. 376494

She was more like an emo queen from a myspace scene
She said don't mind, but what do you mean I am the one
Who will be on the floor in the basement
I said she is the one who will have trampstamp on back

She told me her name was Billie Dawn, and she touched my prawn
Then Laineys head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one
Who will get a massage from Onion

People always told her be careful of what you do
That I'll go around breaking young girls' minds
And haters always gave told her to be careful who you love
And be careful of who you date, because Lainey become me

Billie Dawn is not my lover
She's just a girl who I claim she is the one
But Lainey wont be gone
I say she is the one, but Lainey wont be gone

No. 376495

He seems livid about being caught more than anything. I have reason to believe that Lainey didn't know about the February emails since Gurg is freaking out, who knows, maybe Billie does have more than they all let on.

And even if lameo did know, I think she's just as toxic as he is in the relationship for trying to emotionally manipulate him into dragging her back. (and subsequently denying that she was implying that to begin with)

They're both playing head games with each other. Where are their kids…..smh

No. 376496

File: 1493195915487.png (72.68 KB, 625x338, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.33…)

It kept going on - he's the one who can't let it go, and he cannot see it

No. 376499

Yeah, I mentioned earlier that it sounds like the reason behind exposing himself was to prove to Doormat that he has nothing to hide; and by extension - chose only the emails where it showed him trying to get Billie back for HER benefit and not his own.

"I did it for you Lainey! See! I wasn't cheating!"

Once Drew released the first email, it was out there that they did indeed exist after the breakup whereas he was having a meltdown by screaming that they were liars and never existed to begin with.

I think it was intended as damage control, but he seems to have forgotten the Tweets he made three days ago claiming that no such correspondence ever happened.

No. 376500

>When will my ex be gone and leave my life

When you stop emailing, crying and begging for her to come back ya thirsty banana bitch


No. 376503

Stop projecting holy shit. "Lainey said Sarah said blahblah" why doesn't he just own up it. Get off twitter you old fuck and stop bullying kids and take care of your own for once.

No. 376504

File: 1493196460901.png (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170426-013017.png)


do this instead anon.

No. 376505


Well if you didn't send them emails in the first place she could be well over Billie…

No. 376506

He's a goddamn fool, he is gonna get quite a whipping from Billie if she ever decides to discuss what he's like in person.

He almost said 'faggot' tonight too, whitch implies he's quite partial to using that word as an insult. And even if he isn't somehow a homophobe, I'm surprised.

He's so similar to Patrick Bateman in the sense that they both think everything is a joke, and that they can participate with younger people and trends to seem 'cool' or 'in-the-know', yet in reality they're judging your every interest every step of the way.

No. 376507

Glitter bomb him, find the biggest one and just do it lol

No. 376508

I think its funny hes quite happy to use other insults which are gendered etc but suddenly stop for that-like he doesnt see the irony. Also its more proof hes a lot easily triggered then he likes to let on.


No. 376509

You don't namefag here, threads aren't saged and nobody cares what you have to say "as a male", just say what you want to say ffs.
Also not sure how you paying for something getting delivered to their house counts as "wholesome trolling", but whatever floats your boat I guess.

No. 376510

He can't handle discussing himself in real time without a script and dozens of awkward jumpcuts.

All the YouNow videos he's been in so far have painted him in a really negative light and have shown the extent of his sociopathy, he's an insufferable, abusive, immature narc who flips his shit at anyone who questions his integrity.

No. 376511

they don't accept deliveries to his address without payment. I was presuming he would make a PETA video about it, had not known about this /plebbit/ at that point otherwise I would have solicited other offers.

No. 376513

He's actually a really calm person anon

No. 376514

I'm realizing this is a female-driven area, so I'm gonna go ahead and take my milking elsewhere. take care ladies~(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 376515

File: 1493198057272.png (80.23 KB, 640x797, IMG_6270.PNG)

No. 376516

Lol, he's good at keeping up this suspense shit - I'll give him that.

No. 376517

File: 1493198486653.png (417.95 KB, 598x238, 353654116.png)

lel i hope he keeps trolling, this is fantastic.

No. 376519

What a tease.

I guess since it's Billie's decision, he won't leak them unless she says it's ok.
But I believe him, there probably are way more recent ones.

No. 376520

should've saged this unnecessary bs and posted benis pics as a goodbye gift before you left, fag

No. 376521

God. Onion is really losing is damn mind, he's not even able to hold together the kinda sane image he used to try to keep.
Now, he pretends fucking puppets and totally losing his shit live.
wew, what a ride.

No. 376522

Holy crap, I've only just now seen the video… that's a full blown narc meltdown, how fucking embarrassing.

He's even displaying signs of neurological tics with throwing his head around, constant eye shifting, chronically repeating the same slurs, screaming about FAAAAAXXX and clapping his hands… phew!

But no, I digress… he's as calm as a tranquil ocean on a clear, bright day.

No. 376523

I lowkey think he was trying to control himself from using any words that would directly slut shame Billie (even though he did alegedly call her a second hand girl)

His repetitive slurs and the fact that he stopped himself from calling someone a faggot gives me the idea that he is used to saying much worse things about people off camera.

What is he going to do when it comes out that he's been stalking Billie this entire time? He seems so confident there is nothing, he probably even deleted previous sent emails to make it seem like Drew's proof would be fake.

He really is going to kill his career with this stream.

No. 376524

Hahahah I'm dying over here, he is such a parody of himself