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File: 1533824780774.png (923.14 KB, 1514x996, 1532807435142.png)

No. 559579

Thread Image Credit: >>554982 (honorable mention >>556722 )
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/554136
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg/Anusion/Anus is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW)/Lame, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>Anus makes a video recreating the "Dat booty doe" comment he inappropriately made towards Sarah >>554231
>Anon posted audio from private patreon streams featuring Anus going off about the "Dat booty doe" controversy and a failed heartwarming moment featuring Onion's son >>554322
>Anus apologies for a tweet where he joked about being a pedophile, which by his own logic makes him a pedophile. Defends himself by saying only young girls can be victims of pedophilia >>554390
>Lame makes a video of her singing in her car where she looks hella busted >>555619
>Anus's spergs for the majority of the thread are focussed on parenting tips, i.e. >>555697
>Anus makes videos about Black people's hair for shock views showcasing his racism >>557866
>Anus announced his private twitter would be a perk for $50+ patrons, but it continues to have only 4 followers after 9 days (before >>556017 and after >>559044 )
>Lame starts making videos talking negatively about Onion >>556038 and >>559533
>Anus activated Tweet_Delete on his account to automatically delete over 2000 old tweets
>Grease McMansion still hasn't sold yet >>559377

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere if possible.
- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.



No. 559586


The media often browse social media for photos to use of criminals and felons… I pity the newsdesk editor who would have to trawl through LGH and GSW's photos from across the web, knowing that stuff like this exists

No. 559596

File: 1533831387011.jpeg (38.89 KB, 500x281, 80852C02-42D9-4173-8ACF-BE34A3…)

They’ll probably blur the face to not scare the general public

No. 559598

Why does she even lie and say masculine? It has come straight out of her mouth that little boy (she said 12 year old boy) and fuckboi are her aesthetic. There's nothing "masculine" about either. Little boys are smelly little annoying shitbags and fuckbois dress like guys who never want their penis touched ever again and usually are dumb as rocks with zero game. Maybe Lame is on to her identity when she's trying to be funny by calling herself a 12 year old boy or a fuckboi.

No. 559600

File: 1533833464980.png (52.06 KB, 579x504, sperg.png)

No. 559601

Has Greg ever actually been right about anyone? Like when I watched him as a kid over ten or so years ago he still always talked about being right about people but he never specified who he was right about. It's like he decided the time he started YouTube that he had a track record of being right about people because technically, if you've never said anything, you are not wrong. Funny enough though, around that time he said Cyr was a shit friend for not going through with a nazi video, then immediately getting him back as a friend and co-actor (so either he wasn't right then, or he was wrong to get Cyr back), Skye took her shit and left their place which he made it out to be as wrong (so he was wrong in his eyes about his wife of all people), and he took Shiloh back either once or twice. He even made a video talking about how wrong he was not to listen to all the people telling him it was a bad idea so he has admitted to being explicitly wrong about a person before
So he's been wrong about people but he's never said anything right about others. He never brought up pedo allegations on Shane until after someone made that shitty "exposed" video of Shane that no one still knows why it was made after she claimed Logan Paul's lawyer/agent told her to do it. He also apologized to Felix for making a smear campaign and accusing him of being a pedo. I mean, when it comes to calling out people as pedophiles, Greg has admitted to being wrong once and has had no successful guesses, being nothing but wrong isn't exactly having a good track record….
Side note, he isn't a costhot, who the fuck would give to his Patreon for nudes seriously? Unless they took "uncensored videos" as nude videos as opposed to videos with more parts cut out but exactly as graphic as the YouTube ones

No. 559602

It’s going to be weird in 6 yrs when she actually has a twelve year old boy in the hours.

No. 559603


He thinks he's a genius with powers because he called Social Repose a cheater and he ended up cheating, EVEN THOUGH everyone already knew that about him and nobody was surprised when it happened. And Greg wasn't shit for thinking Richie was a cheater AnD bEiNg RiGhT, he was shit for thinking it was up to him who his "friends" were allowed to associate with.

Other than that, he insists he's "right" about thinking Drew Monson is ugly because his sycophants agree and he thinks he's "right" to think Shane's an idiot to get mad at him for saying that about his friend.

And then, you know, all of the pedophilia BS that just screams "I'm projecting"

No. 559606

He thinks he's right when he cuts people off and they don't bother to pander to him essentially. He's a terrible judge of character otherwise why would have have such train wreck relationships? The only thing to have ever kept him relevant is how fucking retarded he is in his interpersonal relationships.

No. 559612

This absolutely did not happen kek. I could believe it happens to Plain though considering she advertises "exclusive photo shoots" & I'm betting onion boy is jealous that no one wants to see his dick.

No. 559614

Are we really questioning the intelligence or general, rational thinking of his fan base here?
We already know he attracts confused / mentally unstable girls / women and creeps like Sylar…
No criticism towards you anon, I just felt like leaving a reminder in regard to his fan base.

No. 559622

The final part of Shane’s latest series is out (and it’s wonderful) and covers some topics that onion has ripped into people for before. I’m thinking it’s gonna be a sperg for the ages this evening

No. 559625

You didn't lose thousands of dollars doing anything, shitlord. It wasn't your money in the first place.

No. 559626

JS just hit 8 or 9 million subscribers and Shane just hit 16 million. Greg’s losing subscribers every day.

No. 559627

>trot u look daddy af

No. 559628

No trot I told you momdaddy was wearing the snap backs today, now go help clot with her homework so me and your friends can go shred

No. 559630

I’ve been wondering about the homeschool/friends situation. I’m sure Greg’s in a catch 22; he wants to control his children’s upbringing and education, but he also desperately wants his teen son to bring his female friends over.

No. 559636

File: 1533847960366.png (108.42 KB, 750x893, IMG_7342.PNG)

Looks like Greg is mass deleting videos again.

No. 559642

not like they haven't been archived here Grease boi

No. 559645

File: 1533850539486.png (38.62 KB, 626x279, implying anyone cares.PNG)

No. 559652

Does anyone have the screenshot of Billie saying his dick is small? I remember I saw it here but I can't find it anymore, it's been several months

No. 559725

We have unequivocal proof from that pic of his horrifying Mac lipstick sized worm in tights.

No. 559738

They probably plan to have them enrolled in things like scouts, dance, gymnastics, sports etc. But can you imagine another child's parents meeting those two and still allowing their child to go over to their house to play? I'd be pretty surprised. Those kids are going to be so isolated because of their creepy-ass parents.

No. 559739

i hate this bitch so goddamn much(no one cares)

No. 559744

AJ also said his dick is like ‘half a hotdog wearing a turtle neck’ which compared to his sperging about circumcision and big dick envy I’m inclined to believe her depiction was 100% accurate.

No. 559748

the amount of concern we (and him and others) have for his flaccid penis is sorta weird to me. you'd think he wouldn't stuff cause he can just hide behind "grower not shower" etc. but he very very clearly does.

No. 559749

I feel like if their kids had friends over, they'd probably abruptly stop coming around because they'll see Onion either raging over something or being super creepy or their parents researched the Onions

No. 559751

I don’t want to start a whole thread of future speculation but I think Greg will be obsessed with impressing his son’s friends and Lainey will be obsessed with impressing her daughter’s friends. Probably at the expense of their children.
>Trot brings his first girl home
>”Hey Trot remember when you had testicular torsion?”

No. 559752

File: 1533871587759.jpg (148.64 KB, 839x279, patron vs followers.jpg)

So his super secret twitter has jumped up to 8 followers lol.

When you compare how many patrons he has, to how many of those patrons have accessed his private OnisionPrime account, there's a huge discrepancy.

I know many of his patrons are fake accounts hes made to bump his Patreon numbers up. But you would think that more of his die hard fans would be at level 4 on Onisions Patreon that gives you access.

I guess most of his fans are $1 level. How sad.

No. 559753

Anus will try to be the funny cool dad with trots friends until he says something inappropriate and has a neighbour hood of parents wanting to kick his ass which will happen because we know he can’t stop making grade school jokes about sex or other lewd bs

No. 559759

File: 1533873981822.png (54.72 KB, 635x615, Screenshot.png)

I wonder if he is going to make a habit of responding to people who tweet his super sekret Twitter with his verified account

No. 559761

delete this

No. 559762

File: 1533878997617.png (11.8 KB, 576x92, ureuiorueroi.PNG)

He just deleted this after a few minutes.

No. 559763

This might be a reach but I really hope this means Shane's suing his ass.

No. 559765

File: 1533880081075.png (65.78 KB, 772x526, suddenlycaresaboutkids.png)

No. 559766

>you can't be a father without having a child. i'm so smart. also don't yell at your children but make sure you constantly scream at your wife

No. 559767

>and be sure to yell at her in front of the children

No. 559776

Better watch PACER then to see if he gets served legal docs.

No. 559778

Does anybody else think that Grease’s “knowledge” and insight on curvy kinky hair comes from his experience with shiloh and her curvy hair? Like Grease equates shilohs Caucasian hair texture and curly wave pattern as being the same as that of black women? I mean they are two totally different types of hair but I’m thinking Grease characterizes them as being the same thing. Also his self projecting ideas of cleanliness and hygiene. Like he was totally the smelling kid in school and therefore thinks cleanliness is the worst insult. Tinfoil: but maybe he wishes so badly to use the n-word so bad and knows he can’t do thinking poor hygiene is a worst insult to shit on black people instead.

One thing is for certain he derives all his “knowledge” information and wisdom on kink from
His personal experience with shiloh’s white Caucasian hair texture

No. 559782

Knowing his kind of logic and ignorance, definitely yes. I also think his black girlfriends are totally made up, at most he "dated" a girl for a few days when he was like 12 and counts that as a relationship.
He can't have dated black "women" how he said cause he married Skye when he was around 20 and we know about every single woman he had after her. You wouldn't call a high school girl a woman (except you're LGH). Oh and his video about his dating history where half of the video he talked about girls he "dated" as a kid… just further proves he includes every single girl in his life even if it was just for a day. So yeah he didn't date black women and his experience with curly hair is about Shi's.
I'm also still not over the fact that he doesn't see how racist his "I've had black friends/dated black women so I can say this" bs is but that's a different topic.

No. 559784

Well said. I’m not PC and even I was shocked at his ignorance. I honestly thought it was all apart of some sarcastic joke for the first while, damn. I like to think he’s just trying to get attention off this obvious nonsense and come back with related/apology future content, otherwise he’s more delusional than I ever thought possible.

No. 559790

File: 1533904400698.jpg (43.37 KB, 245x135, Untitled-1.jpg)

I see Billie is playing with cosplay… Onion must be pissed so bad that his perfect anime waifu got away. Imagine if she did like a nice Harley Quinn cosplay. He would be sperging all day

No. 559792


'Sperging all day' in this context sounds like something I'm now going to have to rinse out of my mind by watching Disney films or some shit

No. 559793

sorry to ask but quick question what does gsw stand for(lurk moar.)

No. 559794

It's Gregs Straight Wife I believe.

No. 559797

Not the anon that asked but LOL I always thought it was greg's space wife hahaha it makes so much more sense now

No. 559799

Yeah I'd say he's pissed. That's why he takes out his frustrations on his frustrations by watching hentai with his underage patrons.

No. 559808

Greg's straight wife, to go with lgh/Lainey's gay husband

No. 559809

Just in case someone might be looking for old Onision tweets at that archive site. The urls are case sensitive and at some point, Twitter wasn't using SSL. So, here are the possible places to look. Please let us know if I've overlooked another.

http://archive.fo/http://twitter.com/Onision/ 0
http://archive.fo/http://twitter.com/onision/* 3
http://archive.fo/https://twitter.com/Onision/* 744
http://archive.fo/https://twitter.com/onision/* 213
http://archive.fo/http://www.twitter.com/Onision/* 1
http://archive.fo/http://www.twitter.com/onision/* 1
http://archive.fo/https://www.twitter.com/onision/* 1
http://archive.fo/https://www.twitter.com/Onision/* 1

/status/ was /statuses/ at some point.

And I think the counts are truncated.

No. 559811

come on dude, its literally in the summary of the threads

No. 559830

lmao i've thought it was gay space wife until now, i feel like a jackass

No. 559844

She fucking wishes she were gay. She's as boring as dishwater and straight as an arrow.

No. 559847

File: 1533926110091.jpg (67.57 KB, 755x682, 82873e38-b417-450b-89db-de4bd8…)

Patrons mom rips Onion boy a new one

No. 559849

File: 1533926212132.jpg (68.6 KB, 780x684, ae2a2156-35bd-4a12-b345-da4923…)

No. 559850


Fuck that really angers me damn.

No. 559852

Yet he ignored that part and started lying his ass off about experience he has. This man is delusion as hell. Off his rocker

No. 559853

File: 1533926634443.jpg (76.01 KB, 775x692, fb4f1c96-cf99-4eaa-83ee-042db9…)

No. 559854

He just can't help posting these little reminders for himself, it's just like those r9k PPP memes with the shallow encouragements.

"Remember Greg, you're not a father without your children! Don't use violence! :)" Cringe…

No. 559855

File: 1533926775773.jpg (68.38 KB, 870x598, 69c07a21-bdcc-47da-98da-7efc81…)

Sorry for the slight delay, had to wait a few minutes with the rest so I wasnt flooding then forum

No. 559856


This woman is based as fuck holy shit

No. 559857


Is this even real?!
I kek'ed so hard because that Patron is never going to renew the pledge.
He's so close to the abyss, yet his bigheadedness makes him tumble right into it.

Goodbye, Gregory Daniel Avaroe nee Jackson

No. 559859

Its hilarious reading a educated person make him look like a jackass. Your google degree doesnt work against real ones Greggy

No. 559861

>I'm very sorry you've chosen to be dirty

He is a literal child. Holy shit.
Also, comparing LGH to an anti-vaxxer was beautiful Whosane! A+

No. 559862

WOW this is my favorite thing I've read all week. You go, dermatologist mom.

No. 559863

This miserable joke of a human.
He can’t pretend to be a good person like his auto reply to beg for money. He has to insult and degrade and over what? Black women’s hair. What a joke. He’s going to end up penniless and alone, all because he has to stand by his extremely biased and wrong opinion over something that has zero effect on him personally whatsoever.

No. 559865

>inb4 OnionSpeaks video "Your Medical Degree Doesn't Mean Anything" in which he says bullshit google facts and shows off fake screenshots of throwaway accounts agreeing with his opinion

No. 559866

Holy shit what a beatdown. This person is great for this.

No. 559873

i love watching actual adults take down the onionman

No. 559876

sorry about the half thought, i love watching actual adults take down the onionman because it really sinks in on how immature he truly is and how he lacks the social ability to argue against a person who can resist a browbeating

No. 559880

holy fuckin shit dermamom is based

No. 559881

Extremely telling how he expresses no concern and doesn't even mention the young girl (likely his former Patron) who tried to cut her hair off as a result of his ridiculous videos - Even if he wanted to continue on "arguing" (lol) on behalf his anecdotal meaningless bullshit, he could have at least expressed concern/regret for the girl…An actual professional adult would have offered to write her a personal note or even a brief Skype chat or something.

What a fucking idiotic disgrace. It's amazing watching someone like this try to function publicly, and broadcast their mental illness and ignorance for the world to see. How many other people are like this out there but don't livestream their failure of lives?

No. 559884


Wow, his response and 99% of what comes out his tomato head mouth is rage inducing.

No. 559886

I wonder how many times LGH is going to call based dermamom a "dumb cunt" in his next video.

No. 559887

I like this woman, hope other parents double check who their kids are giving money to online so we can get more of these. Honestly any rational and self-respecting adult would react the same way. Much respect dermamom, you just saved your child from being a total dickhead and possible grease mansion basement sex slave, bravo.

No. 559889

I'm guessing the patreon mom is fake but funny how he will continue arguing his bullshit points even when everyone tells him hes wrong. He also has no concerns about potentially making a child want to cut off her hair and instead tries to make the mom seem like a bad parent for taking away internet as punishment. Clearly him and lame must not give their kids any form of punishments since onion boy acts like it is so EVIL to do so.

No. 559891

Not personal blogging. This is not my personal brag or personal share group, but rather relevant antidotal evidence that is applicable to why “taking away your daughter’s internet as punishment” is relevant. Obviously I don’t know the situation or the reason why it was taken away but…
In 2003 when I was 16 I sent polaroid images of my underwear to a stranger online. She paid for the internet so from 2003-2005 I was never allowed to use internet at home again. As a result I learnt that boys were not the end all be all to exitance. I learnt that having a boyfriend was so so not important as a teenager. As a result I earned a science degree, traveled the world, seen over 86 countries INCUDING fiji. Im not a virgin and have had long term serous relationships. Because I had the internet taken away from me after school to prevent me from sending nudes to dudes at home I focused my energy into school attended university got a degree seen the world all BECAUSE I didn’t focus my potential on men and wasn’t pregnant at the age of 19. FUCK YOU GREASE. HAD LAME’S PARENTS TREATED HER THE SAME WAY THAT BITCH COULD HAVE HAD A FULLFILLING REWARDING LIFE!! FUCK YOU! PUNISHMENT TOUGHT ME I COULD BE MORE THAN JUST A SIDE CHICK AND PIECE OF VAGINAL MEAT TO SOME MAN!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 559895

that clap back at his horrible parenting though. fake or not, whoever this is ripped him to shreds. can't wait for the video on how she's a dumb cunt

greg truly is fucking stupid. even as a white person i do not wash my hair every day. i skip a day between hair washes to keep my scalp healthy. maybe he should consider not washing 10 times a day and maybe his skin would be better, taylor too

No. 559897


>funny how he will continue arguing his bullshit points even when everyone tells him hes wrong.

Everytime he does, I want to shout at the screen "BATS AREN'T BUGS!"

No. 559901

It's refreshing to see an educated, and responsible parent

No. 559904

That read like a teenager yelling at his mom

No. 559926

I love educated black women

No. 559927

This. Every time there is an ex patron who leaks the exchanges it goes like this:

LGH: Hello fellow youth! I really hope I didnt do something to make you pull your pledge. Your money is important to me and I really want to know why you aren't feeding my family anymore

EP: expresses discontent

LGH: Well you're a fucking idiot and you probably are dirty, stinky, and fat. Im glad you aren't a patron anymore you fake fucking fraud. Get a fucking life loser.

Cue a speaks video where he is crying about how honest he is even to the point of losing money by cutting out "fake people". Kek. The NPD shit show never ends does it Gurgles?

No. 559928

He's going to be doing this until he only has five dollars worth of patron funds left.

No. 559933

Slightly off topic but if (probably) Sarah really is fucking both plainey and anus how disgusting. How the hell can she find them attractive?

No. 559934

>sorry you chose to be dirty


No. 559935

Years of grooming, anon. Years of grooming.

No. 559936

That and some hella low standards. She's kind of annoying so she probably doesn't have many friends

No. 559944

If anybody parent chooses to take away their CHILD’S Internet excess!! Yes chooses that’s that parents right! The parent not only was paying for Grease’s Patron but also their internet! That’s their right as a parent! Children are children period and until you start paying your own way in life you aren’t owed anything! Fuck you grease

No. 559949

Holy fucking shit he's trying to tell a fucking dermatologist that he has more years of research on her and is ignoring that 45 years ago we had fucking segregation in the USA. ALSO that if someone has 45 years of hair experience they likely are in their 60s and have their own prejudices by then as well as likely not updated ancient "facts" about hair. Even nowadays many aesthetic schools don't have good programs on non-straight white people hair. White people with curly hair have issues with getting good advice too
He can't just sit his ass down and accept he's wrong about most hair. Hell, given how greasy his own hair is I'm positive he doesn't have the hair type that should be washed daily himself and his own advice is killing his hair (we already know it's helping to kill Lainey's)

No. 559956

We all know LGH is talking about his aunt here though and greatly exaggerating their (assuming he’s talking about someone else too) combined experience and expertise.

No. 559957

combined experience if he takes the advice of a couple hundred "black women" into consideration it goes from "a couple of days of knowledge" into 45 years pretty quick

No. 559959

Yeah he's definitely talking about his aunt.

If this is the same 'aunt' that supposedly 'fixed' his piss yellow hair after Lainey tried to bleach it, then her 30 plus years in the industry and so called knowledge is totally void, because he still had patchy orangey yellow spots all throughout his hair even after being 'fixed'

Hear that Greg? Your aunt Kelly might have over 30 years experience, (which you are probably lying about anyway) but she's still a shit hairdresser. Let's see her cosmetology license if she's so legit, seeing as you are soooo honest.

No. 559962

File: 1533945141237.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 38FE7060-5168-47B1-A871-AB0DBA…)

tossing this in here from the momo thread, he messaged her this. the next instastory was her saying “so you say a bunch of mean things about me on twitter and make a bunch of mean videos but now you want me to give you money?”


No. 559968

It's actually so sad that a little girl thought she was dirty and tried to cut her hair off because of his videos. It makes me wonder how many of those girls developed body dysmorphia or eating disorders after being in his videos.
Imagine being a little kid or young teen that has never had a complex about how they look and you submit a photo to your fave youtuber expecting them to rate you highly because you think they'll say something nice or just purely being excited that you are going to be featured in a youtuber's video, and then your self esteem is just torn away like that.

Also he is going to raise awful kids. He always bitches that parents should pay more attention to their kids being online if they are sooo concerned with his content, but then when a parent actually does that or limits their internet time for disciplinary reasons, he acts like it's child abuse.

Good luck raising brats that will turn against you as soon as they are able to think for themselves.

He would totally turn against his own kids as adults if they had a disagreement. He'd cut them out of his life and think it's perfectly normal because he cut his own father off for being supposedly toxic. Same with his attittude towards Lainey and Billie's family.
It means nothing to him.

No. 559973

File: 1533946113673.webm (4.52 MB, 750x1334, when cows collide.webm)

This just further solidifies that he just copy and pastes this to all his ex-patrons LOL

No. 559974

Some don't realise how dangerous Grug is to children who watch him on the internet and how many parents are genuinely worried about his "influence", I mentioned on a past thread long ago that my dad asked me, worriedly if I'd ever shared pics on his forum, and I have never even been a fan of the dude.

This poor young girl is probably just one of many, luckily this mother is amazing, but hey Grug probably loves the fact that he's had a bad influence on someone's life because he needs to feel validated through anyone, including children, gosh darn.

No. 559978

Just imagine how he'll probably make his own daughter feel. Hell, maybe even his son. He's the type of parent that will make his kids turn out suicidal.

No. 559979

Did he post these caps himself on twitter? It's so funny that he thinks he looks smart enough to show it off to his followers. It's just embarrassing

Pretty sure the patron is just bullshitting to make Greg feel dumb but it's still hilarious nonetheless.

No. 559980

he probably sent a bulk email to all his former patrons. lmao he's getting desperate.

No. 559983

Not surprising, his patreon is under $3000 now and didn't recover from the usual dip on the first of the month. People are getting bored with him. He's not even fun to hatewatch anymore.

No. 559986

File: 1533947405319.jpg (86.59 KB, 533x787, herexplanati0n.JPG)


Idk if we should blow up her tumblr, but that seems to be the source of the milk atm.
The worst part about all of this, is the fact that the cause of all of it was because of a high functioning Autistic teen that the girl was friends with, genuinely believed everything LGH had to say… lol great minds think alike I guess

No. 559988

Wow so Grease is quite literally the CAUSE of bullying between kids because of his garbage spew of misinformation and incorrect hair “FAX”
He acts like he wants to help the whole world, when in reality these children’s minds would be much better off without his ignorant poisonous opinions that he totes as facts.
I can’t wait until he has nothing left— no audience, no microphone, no minds to corrupt and alter. He deserves whatever minimum wage side job he was able to snag.
And other anon is right, his kids are going to be brats. But what is hilarious is that teachers in school will not put up with it in the least— so at least they’ll get punishment somewhere.

No. 559990

>It's actually so sad that a little girl thought she was dirty and tried to cut her hair off because of his videos.

Yes. Now imagine all the ways his own little girl will be impacted by his words and actions and with how much more gravity.

She will want to cut more than just her hair.

But he will ridicule her self-harm, or she will find zounds of videos of him ridiculing it.

So she will cut someone else.

Hopefully him.

No. 559991

Let's see where she got her degree and if 30 years ago they even covered black hair. Or more importantly, if she's ever gone back and done any updated classes with new information we now know about proper hygiene and hair care. Plus how many black girls she's helped and how much Greg actually consulted with her prior to him cherry picking the specific Google searches he agreed with. Cause I bet you if he ever asked her anything it was afterwards to try and convince himself that he was right by asking very directed questions to only get the answers he wanted (if she knows anything to begin with)

A lot of girls on tumblr and twitter have come out and talked about how Greg ruined their self esteem while growing up. That they started cutting cause of him, felt worthless, dirty, fat, ugly, etc just cause they didn't fit his specific fetishes/type of girls he goes for which he claims are "objective faxx" about what is attractive or not

No. 559995

And her retarded mother will let her get bullied by her own father because she doesn't want to get on his bad side.

No. 559996

Troy already attacks Onision when he's angry, and the alleged pushing of his little sister off the couch or whatever when Sam was there.

No. 559997

I think that's the worst of it. Impressionable kids with various issues like self esteem or literal autism/Asperger's are at such a risk of having their lives ruined because of this fuck. Onision is a god damn moron but because he's a guy on the internet, young and impressionable teens still think that since people don't lie on the internet, he doesn't lie. He's less good at taking rationality on his speaks channel than he was but his audience is really young kids who will still fall for it. He's one of very few people I'd want to be taken down from YouTube due to content alone because he's god damn dangerous

No. 559999

peep those tags tho, kek

No. 560000

So true! A lot of black women go to hairdresssers and salons that specialise in black hair. Unless his aunty actually did or has proof, he needs to shut the fuck up. I bet she works as a shampoo jockey at the local shopping centre, we know how much he likes to exaggerate. Next he'll be saying she's worked in the finest salons in the world.

No. 560004

Or he'll say she's quarter black or used to do her ex boyfriend's hair and 'he was black so she totally knows what she's talking about guysss.'

No. 560005

File: 1533949614470.png (40.72 KB, 535x333, good going greg.PNG)

No. 560007

That's part of that bullshit "never tell your kids no" parenting. You can't even be stern to the kids of those fucking retard parents. That type of parenting just allows kids to do all the stupid shit kids do cause they don't understand consequences yet (especially if they are long-term). And of course if the onion excuse is "lead by example", well, we know what Greg, Lainey, and their underage girl of the day are like
Also you'd think with how attached Lainey is to clot that she'd be ok with teaching her son not to push around his younger todler sister. Good on Sam for being a better fucking parent than they are. Honestly she might not have handled it the best but at least she tried to prevent one kid from potentially accidentally killing the other (from the fall for example)

No. 560011

All he's been doing is deleting demonetized videos from his youtube an reuploading them to patreon. What's the point? With the way it's been going I expect his patreon to drop even more this coming month.

No. 560017


Blame it on the dog autist.

She's such a typical Onision fan:
Abysmal self-esteem.
Because of it, will lie and walk all over vulnerable people to come out on top instead of accepting and rectifying a mistake.
And above all, being stupid enough to think nobody will see through your bullshit.

And to all of you celebrating her mother:
Only an idiot engages in Internet "discussions" with an idiot bully.
And out of ALL the things she could have seen from Anuses videos that would have made any sane person react in opposition, she only flipped over him talking about HAIR. Hey. Hey. That's… well no wonder her child didn't turn out right, but turned to be an Onision patron.(infighting)

No. 560022

No shame to hair dresssing….. it’s a noble career and requires a lot of talent and dedication but it’s s diploma not an medical degree like dermatology. I know Grease thinks a medical doctor is the same as a PhD as witnessed in his sperg about Troy but he should know that dematolocy is a medical doctor and not at all the same as a hair dresser

No. 560024

The mother probably watched the video to know what her daughter was referencing when she told her mother that Onision's vids influenced that decision.

As a dermatologist, she probably watched the video in disgust and concern, as Onion spewed generalized bullshit statements as facts, and any sources presented 1) favored his side and 2) weren't fucking peer reviewed articles. He made no effort to even entertain the possibility that maybe some black women can wash their hair everyday without damage and some are better off not, but they can also still wash their bodies.

As a mother and dermatologist, she was probably mortified reading the comments from young fans and by the unnecessary negative effect that this idiot's bullshit has on them.

The mother had an opportunity to confront an asshole adult with a fanbase that largely consists of girls half his age and put him in his place. She took it. Good on her.

No. 560025

Girl says in the last post that the patron was for her friend, and judging by the fact that she didn’t care for her mom going at him, I doubt she’s an LGH fan.

Will say, I’m surprised dermamom risked getting doxxed and losing her job, but maybe she’s that established

No. 560029

Even if she got doxxed, she would likely bring on board other professionals or at the very least professionals would be alerted to Onion's toxic stupidity and more than likely would want to correct him while informing parents about his negative influence, especially if they work with teens.

No. 560037

And it looks like the other girl with autism, could have almost lost her friend. Dermamom’s daughter seemed to even be understanding of why her friend was being shitty to her, saying her friend sees the world in “black/white” due to aspergers

More patience than grease and Lame combined kek

No. 560051

Can you imagine the constant back and forth between LGH and the teacher/principal at his childrens' school (provided they even attend one)? It'll be like the stories we've heard of Crazy Tami barging in and arguing with any and all school employees who dared discipline her perfect indigo child, except with 14,000 videos each for every incident.

No. 560052

"How dare you put my child in time-out! You're a horrible abuser and shouldn't be near kids."

No. 560065

Calling it… When their kids either start public or private school (or hire someone to tutor them because you know they won't) we'll all know why Greasy Greg's suddenly becoming an expert on school administration and teaching.

And, no, it's definitely not about his children because he would never want to put them in the spotlight or make money off of them. Nope. Bad parents try to profit off their children, who cannot consent to that. /s

No. 560066

Kek, can u imagine a round table discussion or video of just a bunch of professionals creating a PSA about the dangers of Onision, like a fucking Above The Influence campaign ?

No. 560073

The lady doth protest to much me thinks

No. 560088

File: 1533966836939.png (528.53 KB, 705x445, more dyed hair.PNG)


So I'm not the only one who thinks they've gotten way too close in the last videos been in together.

No. 560089

File: 1533967261193.png (38.13 KB, 614x281, orlygurg.PNG)

No. 560091

Am I the only who thinks maybe Lainey got an Invisalign and that’s why she has a lisp now?

No. 560092

Nah, she'd turn it into a video faster than you can say, "braces". She's so desperate for content. And she would love to brag and think they make her even more of a "12 yr old boy". She is just lisping because she's a tool and think it makes her sound cute.

No. 560093

She wastes no time! All the anons saying she would look better with brown/red hair must have given her inflated ego a boost and now she's done it. Can the newfags STOP complimenting Lainey in these threads.

No. 560096

No amount of hair color changes will get her husband to stop cheating on her and treating her poorly.

No. 560098

What the fuckkk, why does she go to a vape shop and insist on doing this vaping shit if she doesn't enjoy it. She hates it, can't do any tricks, and everyone knows including herself that the vaping subculture is a joke and filled with douchebags.

Also >>560093 just because anons said she used to look pretty with that hair colour and she's redying it to that, doesn't mean she'll look good nor does it mean we'll end up liking her. She's still a fucking bitch and her makeup has worsened from those days.

No. 560100

File: 1533978202001.jpg (15.47 KB, 236x354, 7db7020feb84c067040bd2a9a10d16…)

I dont know what the big deal is.
Now she just looks like Andy Dick when he had dark hair.

No. 560105

Got tired of being compared to Social Repulsive I see. But you still have the same long horsey face, Plainey

No. 560106

And she still talks with the social repose mannerisms. She must watch him or something because even Jacyln stopped talking like him when they broke up and moved away.

Also not sure if it was the exposed shoulder top being unflattering but Sarah has chunked out a bit. No wonder Lainey feels comfortable having her around. She thinks she isn't a threat and Gurg won't fuck her.
Dumbass. Shiloh was chubby, it's not the weight he cares about, it's her age. Sarah is a teen. That's his fetish.
Also, fuck Sarah's voice was SO annoying in that video, my god.

No. 560108

I was laughing at the part where their saying "the vape shop dude was hitting on us"

You just know that the cashier only said "have a great day guys" as they left and both of them are so socially inept they automatically thought "OMG HE WANTS TO FUCK US!"

No. 560109

File: 1533983493269.png (333.86 KB, 649x465, dorZDXd.png)

No. 560110

>I'm very sorry you've chosen to be dirty

What a little bitch boy. Holy shit, could he be any more passive-aggressive. This woman is wonderful.

No. 560111

I like how this stupid bitch doesn't even remember when she dyed her hair what when she said it was over 2 years since she had brown hair. Bitch you were pregnant during the second coming of Billie back then. Even Sarah knows better. Lol.

No. 560114

Lainey eyefucking herself at the end for like 5 minutes was so incredibly awkward. she's less infuriating to look at with the dark hair though.

No. 560116

File: 1533990208653.gif (3.06 MB, 500x300, 1530731933937.gif)

Well, is it because of us suggesting it or because of Sarah living with them aka skinwalking part 6476?

No. 560120

I've always thought she had a lisp, but it's gotten more pronounced lately. I think she's playing it up to sound more like a gay guy

No. 560147

in every lainey/sarah video i've watched recently, lainey is always struggling to set something up and sarah does it for her. how is an 18 yo more capable than a married mother of 2

i'm pretty sure lainey is faking being so dumb too because she was literally just emptying a plastic bottle like… there's nothing hard abt this. is this some kind of weird mating ritual

No. 560150

If Sarah left, I'm pretty sure Lainey would fall apart, because she'd have to actually do stuff, both for her YouTube channel and as a mother.

No. 560153

Of course that's just part of her smol bean persona. She does it with Grease too, like that one time she wasn't able to carry four empty boxes out of her streaming room. Nobody is this stupid/weak/incapable.

No. 560154

To be fair he had a skinny pact with Shiloh and only worked out back then to encourage her to

No. 560157

Sounded so much like Anus. After a while on his threads you can pick up his tone. Nobody else here would ever be that angry lol.

No. 560160

Shiloh, Lainey and Billie all had eating disorders while and/or shortly after they dated onision. That's kind of ironic for a guy who claims he helps people with body image issues, don't you guys think?

No. 560161

i'm not sure if he had skinny pacts with them or if that was just with skye, but it seems like a destructive way to adress body image imo. if i knew that my partner would leave me if i gained weight, it would stress me out a lot and it's not a healthy reason to stay fit. people don't only gain weight because they're slobs, it can be genetic, it can be due to a hormonal/health issue,etc.. its not surprising that the girls would develop disordered eating

No. 560166

Lainey is trapped in 2006 when teens thought it was cool to play uwu weak dumb girl.

Except she is weak and dumb, just not as much as she lets on. Pretty pathetic. Her feigned helplessness is going to become more and more real overtime though, she's pretty useless

No. 560187


She’s speaking with a lisp to mimic Billie, who has always had a slight one. Who wants to bet that either a) Anus saw her recent cosplay video and/or picture of her new boyfriend and starting talking about her or b) Doormat watched those sketch videos Anus made about how she ruined everything with Billie off camera

I’m gonna guess both and she immediately picked up on that little quirk that Anus probably loved.

No. 560188

You could tell lamey liked the DDLG stuff but greg was against it. She likes the idea of being a baby and having someone take care of her and do stuff for her. So she acts like shes incompetent. Like how before she couldn't film a video unless greg was there! Not because she couldn't actually, but she faked it so he would come help her and "take care" of her.

the skinny pact was with skye

No. 560200

Every video Lainey does when she has other people there puts me into an unhealthy state of rage. Like the last video, she complains she can’t squeeze the fucking tube so Sarah does it for her. She is so insufferable.

No. 560202

Has Onion been using lame's closet as another studio.

No. 560204

She calls him daddy, refers to herself as daddy’s girl, wears collars, onesies, hinted she likes being spanked/bdsm and has sippy cups, so she’s into it. Not the diapers side like shuwu but definitely still into it, which is what makes it funny he had done 100s of videos shitting on it with thumbnails saying “EW!” When she would probably like a lot of the stuff he’s roasting.

No. 560213

Also she's friends with that binkie princess chick

No. 560215

I know it’s petty but I hate how she walks, she trots like a horse

No. 560226

File: 1534019499181.webm (3.52 MB, 480x480, tips fedora.webm)

My favorite Onion video describe how he's been lately.

No. 560228

remember when everyone commented 'cuck' on his posts. good times

No. 560241

oof in his latest Vid Onion says he isn't on good terms with either of his siblings. Wonder if its because of the Dad accusations.

No. 560246

He said one is a snob and one "lied to his face." Wonder what that's about.

For someone who manipulates situations and omits info to appear virtuous on a near-constant basis (and yes, such deception counts as a lie, Greg), you'd think he'd understand that all humans lie sometimes. No one is clutching their pearls over his sibling telling a lie one time.

I mean Jesus, he's an uneducated, unattractive greasy manlet who relies on a footface to tell him he's like a "Greek God" to maintain his pathetic ego. How's THAT for a lie (minus the tiny penis and penchant for too-young partners, that's spot-on).

No. 560250

Wait, really? Not surprised tbh, his sister seemed decent enough, hope she cut the mongoloid outta her life for good. Mentioning new videos, peep his 360 video on his main channel, Anus looks hella rough.

No. 560254

I think she's skinwalking SimplyNailogical now, she has a lot of the same mannerisms in her speech except it's so forced, coming from Planet Lame. Dollars to donuts, she'll start calling Pariah her VAPE SLAVE or something equally grating, trying to replicate Christine's success.

No. 560266

File: 1534032185248.gif (705.68 KB, 186x226, gif.gif)

watched the 360 Video, my eyes need to be bleached. How is this deemed as content when all he does is run around screaming and yelling.

No. 560268

lmao he looks as big as Shane now.

No. 560269

File: 1534033076864.gif (1.78 MB, 288x290, gif (1).gif)


No. 560271

I literally thought this was Shane.

No. 560273

File: 1534034813031.jpg (297.08 KB, 1070x1302, gonzomuppet.jpg)

it's unfathomable to me that people can find him attractive. he looks like the love child of carrot top and gonzo

No. 560275

God for a second I thought this was his full height and had to take a double take. Kek

No. 560282

What's most shocking is that the video has so many positive comments. I know he deletes negative comments like crazy and manipulates the shit out of the comment section but I haven't seen this many complimenting his content in a while. People are being fooled by the 360 style when he is just austistically screaming like he always does.

So accurate

No. 560283

File: 1534036708406.jpg (178.29 KB, 1080x1080, siblings.jpg)


How many siblings does he have. I just recently heard rumors that he has a third sister named Shauna.
I thought he was cool with Joanna since hes dones a few videos with her. I think the last one was when he had just moved to the swamp trailer and she was throwing eggs at him. I know they did a couple before that where they went out for the day hanging out at the mall, rock climbing. And another video before that where they went to a gun range shooting Gregs tiny 22 pistol.

No. 560286

reminds me of the Foot more than Ogreg

No. 560287

They both used to be clearly into it. They talked about it in the first "boyfriend girlfriend tag" video they did, and a bunch more that I can't remember. And like you said, she used to wear collars and shit all the time. It's only been fairly recently that he's been trying to seem like he's soooo against it, almost definitely in response to him being so publicly criticized for his pedo ways. It's the most obvious deflecting/backtracking ever.

No. 560290

Yes they were mentioning/hinting at the Daddy kink plenty of times around a year ago. He only started shitting on Ddlg after he started his pedo slander campaign against Shane cause he is SO against predators and totally not one himself. I wonder though if they were actually into it or if they just pretended to be because it's so kinky and trendy.

No. 560291


yootoob fired me! my amazing content!

No. 560292

there are no words. there are no fucking words anymore. gerg's content has literally devolved into him flailing around like a sped.

No. 560293

I found two more videos on her channel:
around 3:55 Lame calls him Daddy and is getting carried around like a toddler

around 5:20 Lame sits on his lap and calls him Daddy.

Why didn't they delete these yet lmao. He probably forgot because he can't keep up with his own bs

No. 560294

He has two full sisters and at least one half sister who is his fathers kid.

No. 560299


No, his sisters with his mom are also half sisters. Greg's dad has said that he has four children, three are with his current wife.

No. 560305

Wait, when did he say this?

No. 560306

ok why on earth can't she just sit properly? In the beginning of the video you can see she's got her left leg curled up on the seat next to her… like far out, you are driving and still insist on sitting like a complete idiot

No. 560310

I went back to see this and as soon as she brings it up and curls her leg the car hits a pothole or something and shakes up, Jesus. She's so stupid.

No. 560322

Possible tinfoil/reach but I feel like she insists on sitting weird because there was a meme about how gays can't sit right. Might be a reach but I wouldn't put it past her to see a meme targeted at gay people and immediately feel the need to adopt it into what she thinks is a personality

No. 560345

File: 1534065519005.png (668.42 KB, 985x793, couldn't be assed.PNG)

No. 560348

She's been crouching like Smeagol for way before her ~*~ totez gay fuckboi ~*~ bullshit

No. 560349

the finished look looks like they gave a blowjob to a snowman

No. 560350

File: 1534071631144.gif (637.61 KB, 400x225, side-eye.gif)


gotta respect those pronouns huh?

I think you forgot where you are. This is the board where you're not suppose to slip up and show your stan status. Oopsies.(Derailing)

No. 560351

Not that anon, but it isn't always about pronouns. I'm terrible with pronouns, normally end up forgetting to use them with legit people, but when talking about another person I thought it's grammatically okay to use "they" & "their" in general. Some places it sounds clunky as it seems like it is referring to multiple people, but other times it sounds okay?

I don't quite understand why you'd assume someone is stanning her over something that is used all across board?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 560352

You can go through this thread and all past ones. Most anons use he for the males, and she for the females.
The only time Ive seen "they" for a singular person is when a onion fan slips up and reverts to what they've become trained to say or type when addressing Lame.

No. 560354


why has her lightening for her makeup gone to shit again? It looked slightly less grey and corpse looking for a second and has gone back to crap. Funny that when Anus films in her studio that the lightening is better. He probably takes them away to make her videos look crappier

No. 560360

File: 1534077646862.jpg (155.93 KB, 1084x618, screencap304.jpg)

Im a little late with this but…
in Foots blackhead suction tool video she says
>Today Im going to be trying this thing Greg got
I wonder if Ogreg got it for her so her and Sarah might use it for other purposes, and then he can ask/demand to watch while they use it for those other purposes. He always has creepy ulterior motives.
The blackhead remover and sex toy seem like they're almost interchangeable, just dont dial the suction all the way up to "fuck my face up" like Foot did.

No. 560365

She does look a lot better with brown hair. Her face isn't so washed out anymore

No. 560369

Two products she's getting rid of because she bought a new ones but there's still product left in the old ones (possibly more because I can't bear watching the entire video). But ofc, the Onions are "struggling". I wish had had that much money.

No. 560371

This is some Jurassic Park shit

No. 560372

She’s had a beauty channel for about one year and is still so, so sloppy when she does her makeup! What really annoys me is when she just gives up midway or when she fucks up.

>blends eyeshadow up to her fucking brow bone

>oh my halo crease is way way too big oh well, better make it fucking bigger!

Also she’s getting rid of makeup because she "keeps breaking the palette" lol ok, what a dumb reason to get rid of it when she claims she "loves it"

Her final look is per usual, terrible. And she runs her hands through her scabby hair 1000 times in this video lol. She really seems insecure and done with her makeup channel. Not surprising, seeing as it’s not doing good at all.

No. 560373

i don't get how she keeps fucking breaking shit. maybe gurg shakes lames makeup every night because he's mad it hasn't made her stop being a fakeboi.

No. 560374

File: 1534081872650.png (209.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7354.PNG)

I've been looking through the replies to his patron twitter and it looks like he's just taken all of his YouTube/Shane sperging to that account. I wonder if his fans are pissed that they're not actually getting anything interesting/exclusive, but probably not.

No. 560375

no, anon. no. please step away from your computer.

No. 560376

I think this is a reach

No. 560377

i doubt it. anyone willingly subbing for that probably doesn't care what it is.

No. 560379

When you start having weird sexual fantasies about cows it's time to stop posting.

No. 560380

haha, what the fuck is wrong with you Anon?

No. 560381

I have the blackhead remover. Your clit better be the size of a blackhead for it to work that way.

No. 560382

>i've never had sex before and these two things look the same to me!

also i'm dying because you saw the stupid blackhead remover and either thought it looked like the clit toy, OR you looked for a sex toy that looked like that, either way do something more productive with your time jfc.

that's a funny image.

No. 560384

>She really seems insecure and done with her makeup channel. Not surprising, seeing as it’s not doing good at all.

Well, what did she expect? She thinks people are gonna watch her shitty makeup skills just because it's her, the one and only Laineybot, wife of Onision?

Oh no no no…

At least with her main channel we get plenty of cringe, especially her vids with Onion. Watching her shitty makeup skills on the other hand gets old fast.

No. 560385

it feels more to me like she was trying to do that shit all fakebois do where they think being fakebois means they're boys and therefore being good at makeup makes them super gender defying drag queens. they all circle jerk with eachother and dumb 13 year olds like it cause of some virtue signaling progressive bs. she barely even used makeup before this transtrending bs.

No. 560386


I remember seeing a video of Greg carrying Lainey around before she had trot. That also brings to mind when he picked up Maya and carried her to another room so they could be alone. He seems to have a thing for infantilizing women.

No. 560387

you don't say!

No. 560390


no fucking joke i legit thought this was shane for a second

No. 560392


It was on his FB page.

No. 560420

She ruffles her hair constantly because she thinks that’s what boys do with their hair. She learned that from onion

No. 560421

Wrong. I talked to Geg’s dad. He has three children with Greg’s mother. Joanna visits him often(Cowtipping.)

No. 560423

Yep Greg has talked about his siblings and his dad many times. They're related

No. 560426

I bet he is on the outs with his sisters because he posted more of that shit about his father molesting people, and potentially dragging them into it, and they told him to knock that shit off and not involve them. His sperging about his father has led to a lot of speculation about them, and possibly idiots from the internet discussing them, which I imagine they probably don't like (because they are not insane narcissists).

No. 560449

Wonder when Greg's Black half brother will come out and clear this all up for us.

Greg's sisters are still in contact with his father. All Greg's accusations appear baseless, I'm sure accusing his dad of being a child molester very publicly has caused the falling out.

I feel bad for the cousins of Onision, if the accusations are true they've probably had to contend with the Dad and greasy onion kissing them.

No. 560457

He said his sister lied. I wonder what the lie was about? Maybe she didnt give the right answer to his grilling her about their dad?

No. 560460

She probably tried to set him straight and tell him it's his ma that's the molester and she made it all up. Onion the golden boy needs to be mad at his daddy for moving on with a normal family.

No. 560461

She did not subscribe to the truths of The Most Honest Blogger, so therefor she lied. Really it was just a matter of time before a family member other than his father got the treatment he doles out to everyone. I predict the only one who will be immune is Crazy Tami. He has no loyalty to anyone except the person who actually abused him.

No. 560462

This. One of them probably told him to stop leaking inappropriate shit about family matters and I bet he would screech like 'OMG YOU ARE JUST LETTING THE RAPIST WIN BY NOT SPEAKING OUT, IF PEOPLE KEEP QUIET OR DON'T GO TO THE POLICE, THIS IS HOW MOLESTERS GET AWAY WITH STUFF'
His argument probably went down that route. I feel sorry for his sisters tbh. Crazy mom, Dad's not in the picture, and then having a brother like Greg. Ew.
His life is that boring he has to leak someone's supposed assault on thr internet. What a loser.

No. 560464

Is he smoking in this video?

I can't tell it's super old but it looks like he's smoking a blunt


No. 560469

I'm currently sitting in Plaineys private Instagram stream, she looks HAGGERED with poor lighting. Also a total of 10 people are watching right now. She botched about her phone service, pretty much confirmed shes a "I wanna speak to your manager" type, and how her house infested with flies AGAIN.

No. 560475

I laughed at this comment so hard.

For real though, that black half brother shit is ridiculous. He exaggerates everything. Like his mom probably dated a black guy with a son from another marriage for a few months which he probably met like twice.

Also, how has his family not ditched his ass yet? He goes on about his sister's alleged molestation to the public, he tells the entire internet that his mom used to date a dude with his name and would scream his name as they fucked, what the hell is wrong with him? Like I know he goes on about being transparent, but he shares the worst details of everyone else's lives. That's not being truthful or transparent, that's being an oversharing creepy little fuck with no filter or personal boundaries.

God, if I was Lainey's parents I would have disowned her too for letting him talk crap about her own mother and father all over the internet. All she did to defend her mom was say 'dude stop' over twitter, but the videos where he hates on her father are still up.

No. 560481

Im surprised they dont have problems with mosquitoes, living near that swamp and all

No. 560485

And he slut shamed Lainey's little sister to the public. Really don't why anyone would choose to have this man in their lives. He uses everything and anything against them eventually. Like even fans.
I just don't get it. Lainey's a fucking idiot. If she divorced him, she could easily take him to court and win sole custody and child support by showing them his channel alone. Same goes for Billie and Shiloh, could they not sue for emotional damage? Like if they collected all videos where he mentions them by name? Or collected the loads of screenshots of his fans attacking them? Surely there could be grounds for suing? I could be wrong, but I've heard of people suing for damaging their reputation and image.

No. 560486

was it black half brother or foster brother? thought it was the latter. either way he's so full of shit.

so now not only has he burned bridges with all friends, but his family as well? fuck man what a miserable life

No. 560489

I think he might have said foster brother but I imagine it to be a situation that he's exaggerated. Like the previous example, or perhaps one of his sisters had an exchange student stay with them during highschool or something.
Honestly there are so many scenarios that he could have twisted. The reason I personally think he's lying, is because this is the first time he's brought it up and we all know if he truly had a black foster brother/half brother, he woukd have boasted about that shit non stop years ago. He's only bringing it up now because of the anger caused by the black hair videos and he needs to virtue signal.

>I'm not racist, I had a black foster brotherrrrrr!

No. 560492


>I'm not racist I dated 2 black girls and had a black foster brother

>I'm not a pedo, 10 year old girls touched me at daycare and i tried to run away

>I'm not dishonest i used to be a cop in the military

>I'm not condescending to gay or trans people, my wife is agender, plus i think lesbians are special and better than straight girls (It's hot too amiright?)

No. 560493

>half brother

did he say that? or is this just the new meme
I dont even care about the ethnicity of this half brother, Im questioning the whole half brother thing in general. Hes never mentioned it at all.

No. 560494

He said foster, anons just got confused.

No. 560495

He brought up having a black foster brother in one of the black hair videos towards the end as some sort of defence as to why he's not racist. That's what people are talking about.

No. 560496

>>560494 >>560495
oh well fuck that then

In Gregs mind that means
Foster brother = Joannas very dark skinned Hispanic boyfriend slept over for a weekend

"he was very dark skinned, like a black person, and my family had to house and feed him so we were like a foster family to him."

He embellishes shit SO FUCKING MUCH!

No. 560497

Tinfoil. All this talk about Greg's father and sisters has me wondering if his deletion spree was caused by his dad confronting him about the pedo allegations and his sister also decided to chime in more recently.

No. 560498

So true.
I bet those apparent 2 black girls he slept with was all embellished crap too. Like one was probably just really tan or he held hands with a mixed girl in 2nd grade once or some shit and it counts to him as 'dating a black girl'

No. 560500

I had similar thoughts. I feel like someone has told him to pipe the fuck down. I don't think it was his dad though, because he'd be leaking emails and texts to milk the situation rather than respect his wishes for privacy. My guess is his mom or sisters.

No. 560510

The way he embellishes shit reminds me of that storytime meme about youtubers exaggerating shit.

Shane makes a dumb joke in passing about kids.


No. 560519

The infuriating part about it to me is that she literally refuses to learn. She can't just watch one of the tens of thousands of basic makeup tutorial videos out there and figure it out, and she also can't take tips and tricks away from any of the other people she's hung out with who wear makeup that isn't horrendous, like Sarah, Maya, Selena, that last girl Onion had there for filming, Billie and Ayalla, her sister, FUCKING ANYONE. I'm all for creative freedom with makeup, but she's still at the stage where she doesn't even know which brushes are used for which part of the eyeshadow process. If I see her "blend" with a fucking shader brush one more time I'm going to collapse. It just boils down to her being so lazy and not even caring enough about makeup to want to learn. The whole channel is so redundant.

No. 560524

Maybe they told him to his face.
Maybe his mom threatened him with violence lol

No. 560527

>I'm learning!!!
>makes thousands of dollars for her "learning"

Good scam she has going, I guess..

No. 560533


The only reason his crazy-ass mom would tell Orge to cool it with accusing his dad is because she doesn't want to be exposed as a liar.

No. 560534

File: 1534127037096.jpg (96.16 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Its been almost a week since Greg used that Tweet_Delete program to erase a full years worth of tweets.
During this week Greg hasn't said a peep about Shane or the pedo allegations, he hasn't even subtweeted about him.
Even in his "Onision Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions" video Shane is brought up in the DuckDuckGo searches and he pretends like he doesn't even know who Shane is, doesn't even make a vague pedo joke like he used to.

Im almost positive that Shanes lawyers contacted Greg earlier this week and scared him straight. Hes only sperging out about Shane on his super secret OnisionPrime twitter now because he thinks only his most loyal fans are listening.
Is Greg naive enough to think that there aren't flies on the wall in his private twitter, screencapping and saving everything that's being said? You go from 4 followers to 8 in two days, thats not weird at all.
Greg needs to understand that if this goes to trial his OnisionPrime tweets and even the "deleted" Onision tweets (nothings truly deleted on the internet) will be subpoenaed by the court.

No. 560535

File: 1534127504884.png (20.4 KB, 580x157, 03246522947.PNG)

whispering and gossiping about Shane

No. 560537

I thought this may have happened. I think Shane's lawyers did contact him. If it was anyone else, he'd probably still keep going, but he knows Shane has the money to sue him 4 times over.

No. 560538

Yeah and any comments telling her to use a different brush or blend or to not use certain colours because they dont suit her skin tone get dismissed and she screeches HATERS rather than take constructive criticism. She even gets offended when people word it nicely. She'll never learn.

No. 560544

File: 1534128930138.jpg (78.38 KB, 996x381, onisionjeffreestar.JPG)

I wish greg would start talking shit on jeffree star now, you just know jeffree would fuck his shit up legally in a hot second. Im sure he watched the series shane did on jeffree and is seething at how popular and rich he is. And seeing that greg is a narcissist, you know hes never forgotten that jeffree made him look like a little bitch in front of shiloh and her friends in that recording studio when he was calling greg a faggot and asking him how many cocks hes taken up his AIDS ridden ass.

Having jeffree and shane pull a train on greg in the courts would be so delicious.

No. 560545

I've been silently waiting for this for forever, especially since Shane did a series on him, it'd be perfect for Anus to say shit like "lol who watches a racist and a pedophile anymore?" I just want him to do something that'll make Jeffree sue him or push Jeffree's to convince Shane to sue him.

No. 560546

Any time she does make-up, I can feel my own make-up start to itch in response to how gross she is. Her blending, the dirty brushes, dirty palettes, how bad her skin is, just everything! It makes me want to scratch at my face cause I'm so irritated watching her

No. 560549

It's crazy because when she did the "follow a makeup tutorial" challenge she actually did decent makeup and said she'd be doing it more often, but she clearly hasn't.

No. 560550

I don't know what you guys are talking about. I, for one, looking forward to her next tutorial where she uses olive green and burnt orange eyeshadow and bright pink blusher and lipstick.

No. 560552


Excuse you?? Mr. Lainey HATES blush. If he has color in his cheeks he won't get to play up his uwu so anemic so sick so weak act.

No. 560553


Oh. Maybe you're right. I think I was distracted by the I-Took-A-Vitamin-Today-Pee Yellow and Eggplant-Rotting-In-The-Summer-Sun Purple eyeshadow.

e/lain/ey: I ain't color blind!
Everyone else: Bitch, you might be.

No. 560556

This. Jeffree would fuck him up legally big time if he slandered him like he does Shane.

Alas,he probably won't pick on Jeffree. He steers away from anyone these days that is big with the gay crowd (with the exception of Shane)
He likes to get points from Lainey's little tumblr retards so as much as he would focus on the racist Jeffree stuff, he'd still get eaten alive by Jeffree and Shane's fans.

I'm itching for Jeffree or Shane to acknowledge him and either shade him or sue. Shading him would provide milk for ages as Greg wouldn't be able to let it go and would sperg for ages about it, and suing him…well that would just be hilarious to see him floundering and fucking him financially even more than the IRS already is.

No. 560557


>I can't tell it's super old but it looks like he's smoking a blunt

I think he's just playing a drug addict for one of those'Say No to Drugs' videos a lot of school media teachers made kids make in the late 90s/early 2000s.
That old video was super-infuriating to watch. He wouldn't just say the line the director/cameraperson wanted him to say.No, he had to keep messing it up because 1) the retard can't pronounce licorice 2) no one tells our Lord & Savior Greg Avocado nee Daniel what to do. EVER. Fucken Narcissist.
God,how can anyone BE so insufferable??

No. 560559

Im 100% sure Shane is suing him.

Do any anons regularly use PACER to look up any legal documents using their real life legal names?

No. 560560

Holy fuck. For as many years as I've been hate following Gurg, I've never known about him meeting J star. Does he sperg about this fact in any videos at all? That's fucking hilarious. I bet he was so fucking humiliated.

No. 560561

Sounds like the start of a palette Plaineythot would come up with.

No. 560562


Fuck I hope he does because the milk would be glorious. I could see Shreg being a total pussy and begging Shane to drop it or running away to Canada kek.

No. 560565

nuh uh. Canada don't want him.

No. 560575

Ok, so I was just looking through Gergs YouTube accounts and I can't find a single video about Shane, except on his reacts channel.

No. 560584

File: 1534147284512.png (191.28 KB, 1498x836, thisfuckingone.png)

No. 560592

I really wish that were the case but, if you type in Shane on his main channel and his speaks channel, tons of videos still show up. In fact, it really didn't dawn on me just how many videos Anus has made on the poor guy, absolutely fucking obsessed would be a grave understatement.
Yikes, that's karma for ya.

No. 560593

File: 1534149658051.jpg (121.78 KB, 740x813, IMG_5212.JPG)

Came across greases birth photo.

No. 560595


KEK 10/10 anon

Tami creeps me the fuck out. Her eyes scream crazy, just like little Greasy's

No. 560602

Narcissistic parents have a high chance of giving their kids CPTSD, BPD, or Narcissism. I can't believe these two even have children.

No. 560604

Just checked with my laptop and yes, there are still Shane videos, but as far as I scrolled none of them seemed to revolve around the "Shane is a pedo" topic.
Fingers crossed Shane really took legal action and Greg had to take those videos down

No. 560605

Our fucking valiant hero Shreg. Taking a huge hit to his income and his subscribers, truly a big sacrifice to accuse someone of being a pedophile without any evidence that would stand up in court.

No. 560606

File: 1534160344848.png (222.01 KB, 1168x585, 7342.png)

Something scared the fuck out of Greg on August the 8th. He deleted almost 2000 tweets, and it says over 5 million views were lost, Im not sure how many videos deleted that translates into, but that seems like a shit load of videos from just his Onision main channel are now gone.

An anon in the previous thread knew the perimeters of that Tweet_Delete program Greg used and said that it could delete up to 3500-4000 tweets. It makes you wonder why he stopped at 1900. I think he was informed he was being sued and needed to delete any tweets about him accusing Shane of being a pedo, but Greg didn't want to look like a pussy, like when he took down Shilohs videos after her manager threatened him with legal action. So he tried to save face by deleting 11 to 12 months worth of tweets, insuring that the offending "Shanes a pedo" tweets would be dumped, and he could still bullshit his fans and himself into thinking he wasn't force to delete those tweets, he just wanted to delete a year of tweets, he did it of his own accord.
I wonder how hes trying to fool himself into thinking he wasn't forced to remove enough videos from his main YT channel that 5 Million views were thrown in the toilet.

No. 560607

Not a lainey fan, but as a human being, really hope she’s started stashing cash away somewhere for her escape. Greg’s in major self destruct mode.

No. 560611

I wouldn't be surprised if Onion's mom made an offhanded comment about his father "robbing the cradle and running away with the babysitter" which then just stuck with Onion his entire life. Since he is actually diminished intellectually he probably assumed she was saying his father was a pedophile seriously. And if this is too tinfoily, with how fucked up Shreg's relationships and families are I also would not be surprised if his mom sat down with Onionboy like he was a good gal pal and shit talked his dad while drinking whine and painting each other's toenails. Most people embellish and exaggerate with their shit talking and his mom is already fucking insane so who knows what she could say about an ex when she is heated.

No. 560612

File: 1534163265153.png (123.35 KB, 1082x517, CAPTURE650.png)

The video deletions seem to have actually began on 8/7.
His UhOhBro Channel lost almost 16 million views that day, along with his Onision Archive channel losing a million and a half views on 4 specific days.
Anyone know what a good estimate for views to videos would be so we could figure out how many videos he mass deleted.

No. 560617

Not a chance, she's even helping Greg pay HIS IRS debt.

No. 560618

Speaking of Tami, I got bored and was lurking around and i found these tweets interesting. Guess we know where Gurg inherited his love for public shaming and brutal honesty.

I also lurked on his dad since he released his name a few weeks ago. Boy oh boy does he look just like him. And it's a shame hes a nut job because his father since like a wholesome middle class family man. Hes even a stock broker and could tell onion boy how to handle his money.

And his oldest sister seems to have three children of her own all close to Tot ans clots age. It's a shame he chooses to act like a asshole and starves his children from having any relationships with people outside of the swamp. They are going to be so damaged.

No. 560619

File: 1534168180285.png (1.46 MB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_08-13-09.41.12.png)

Ops forgot to attach photos

No. 560626

Deleted videos:
10 things I hate about shinigami
Banana milk love song
Animal education - learn the zoo animals
Living with a Sith Lord (219 k views, can’t tell who it was that acted in this one. Cyr maybe)
Zoo Song
My Stupid Annoying Friend
Stupid Cop
Doughnut song
The Song of Your Mind
R.I.P. Cyr
Skatepark Fail
Mustache Guys
Crack Song
My Little Secret
Sleepy Boy Vlogs
Truth or Dare (funny YouTube edition)
I’m So Rap (song)
Killing Co-workers (and getting fired)
Bloody Nose
My Beautiful Girlfriend
My Hot Emo Girlfriend
Top 20 reasons I’m the perfect boyfriend
Prank: Drive Thru
Hot Poker Night
YouTuber Bromance Cyr & Onision
Yellow Truck
Nuking Harry Potter
Boyfriend and Girlfriend Break It Up
Subscribe Song
Manslut Hotel
My Dumb Girlfriend
White B Gone (this one looks like it might have been pretty racist)
Intervention (jerk)
Onision’s Gay?!? (+Cyr says goodbye)
My Sick Song
Love Drama
My Happy Laguna Trip
Onision Attacked
The Rude Pianist
Who Wants To Marry an Emo

That’s it. Many of the videos were around 250k views. It seems all videos that had Cyr’s name in the title are gone, however, there are still videos with him in them on his channel and videos he has him tagged in.

He changed the name of “It’s Over” to “Her Lies” (music video)

What you might find interesting is that he hid the Trisha Paytas mukbang ASMR (maybe due to the strike it got him?) but it’s back there now.

If you’re curious about making any comparisons yourself.

No. 560629

I'm pretty sure these are from a troll account. Does it match up to the twitter linked on her patreon?

No. 560645

I’m sure he has deleted them only to upload them on another channel

No. 560646

File: 1534177255359.png (110.55 KB, 265x479, Screenshot(8).png)

vimeo probably

No. 560652

yeah cause deleting a whole year of tweets is less suspicious than deleting old offending ones no one will bother looking up lmao

it wouldve been longer for anyone to notice

No. 560653

besides, her rich parents could help her escape if she asked

No. 560654

a fair amount seem to be songs, are they on his new "cd release"?

No. 560656

Tinfoil but I get the vibe that Onion's whole family knows to at least some degree that something is totally mentally wrong with him, and they let him engage in this insane online behavior because they are free from having to deal with it anymore on a personal basis since they obviously never wanted to seek some kind of actual treatment for whatever the fuck his deal is.

It's near impossible to say he wasn't like how he is now as a child. I can't imagine what it must have been like in that house to have this gangling waterhead vegan Chris Chan trying to play conniving games on adults all day long to get the largest share of attention amongst his siblings. Maybe they convinced him to go into the military as well just to be rid of him since I already opened this pandora's box.

No. 560662

Is that actually Greg in a >$100 gimp suit?

No. 560665

File: 1534182797048.png (150.82 KB, 836x395, Screenshot(9).png)

reverse image search only brings up his patreon for that gif so I'm guessing yes

No. 560684

No wonder he lost so many views, many of these were during his peak popularity time and most seemed to be with Cyr, a few also had Shiloh if I remember correctly. I wonder why he deleted them? The Shiloh ones potentially cause of the lawyer but I doubt Cyr gives a shit and Greg's own fans likely haven't noticed that some of his ancient videos still had Cyr in them. Maybe one person called him out on it and he finally bit the bullet and deleted them, losing his precious lifetime views he seems to care so much about

No. 560699

I don't even think it's that deep. You see his recent $10+ perks include deleted videos. He's probably just deleting some to use them as bait for money.

No. 560707

can't screenshot but in anus new onisionspeaks video he pulls up to show his leg and this might be nitpicking but holy shit he has such pale and tiny legs? there's not a single muscle on that calf , it almost looks flabby. smol bean uwu lainey has stronger looking legs than anus lol. all that bragging about his body while judging others just looks worse and worse when you're an ageing lazy asshole

No. 560722

So he didn’t pull the ones with Billie yet? I don’t know how it doesn’t bother Lainey that he still has those up.

No. 560723

Are they videos where he trashes her? Probs why Lame doesn’t seem to mind.

No. 560731

He has those too but he still has all of the ones of them working together and Billie looking in love with him or him cuddling up with her. It’s weird. I know she “doesn’t control what he does” but still.

No. 560735

File: 1534197342634.png (1.44 MB, 752x749, 50shadesofgag.PNG)

You two must not remember this picture from right around when T was conceived. Fucking weird he's had that thing for so long. I can't imagine what unique kind of mold must be growing in its moist crevices.

No. 560741

i want to repress/forget this as soon as possible, holy shit

No. 560748

This is such a clusterfuck, kek. Complainey’s wearing a leash; if she’s the ~sub~ shouldn’t she be in the gimp suit? Gregma tries so hard to seem “dominant” and alpha, but he is truly such a beta bottom.

I hope Grug was wearing this while T was conceived.

No. 560752


No. 560772


oh god the edge is real. he got that around the time AHS: murder house was on and his "spirit animal" tate langdon wore a gimp outfit. i can just picture onion walking around the empty mcmansion in that outfit, his greasy pouch sticking out and ugh just grease all over. i need a shower.

No. 560778

File: 1534204338339.png (27.52 KB, 386x449, Capture.PNG)

he just started another delete spree, these are the tweet IDs.

No. 560780

He prob deleted the Shane and Sh videos for legal protection but will be covering it up as a removal.of "all videos with friends I've DOMPED" because he thinks it'll lessen the questions on his deletion sprees and speculation that he's being sued

No. 560781


do you know how to get the exact tweet count and not the rounded number shown on the profile page without using social blade?

No. 560782

I can get a line number count from the terminal that bot's running on when he's done

No. 560784


that would be awesome. thanks!

No. 560793

total tweets at this moment is 41,581, 1,209 are retweets. later this evening I'm going to export that to an excel database in case he purges more

No. 560795

File: 1534207494624.png (1.59 KB, 169x38, Screenshot(10).png)

forgot pic - this is the line count in the up-to-date database after his purge

No. 560799

File: 1534207883631.png (39.99 KB, 936x257, 964833.PNG)

Deleted tweets

Deleted videos

Deactivated phone

Someone or something has scared Shreg big time. Is he hoping that dumping his phone will derail any search warrants for his texts and phone contents?

No. 560800


could this finally be the collapsed narcissist phase for ol' greggy, where he disappears and hides in shame forever?

No. 560810

File: 1534209866318.png (1.57 MB, 2221x1506, all.png)

No. 560811

The only reason why Shreg would tweet this is because it's kind of provocative. If you know about Shreg's Sheisty Shenanigans already you're going to want to know what the fuck is going on now in the Swamp Trailer. It captures your attention, he wants people to question why its deactivated. Daddy Onion is ready for another drama boner where he then spergs all over Twitter which is his form of foreplay probably before hatefucking his wife who cosplays as a 12 year old fuckboi. Any sane person would use other platforms to reach out to anyone who he may have missed a call from. Anyone who would be calling him (like his accountant or other youtuber's lawyers) probably don't follow Onion boy on twitter.

No. 560812


I think he has a separate phone for the patrons and that may be why he posted it. I don't care enough to figure out which level can text him and which level the prime twitter account is but it may be because a lower level can text him.

No. 560813

That was the theory many had, if I remember correctly. The day they posted this lined up perfectly with how far along she said she was in her first pregnancy post or something like that. Blech.

To add to the clusterfuckery, she has pigtails and a Disney movie shirt on, had been out of high school for less than a year, and overall looks very very young. Makes it all the more weird.

No. 560814

if you or anyone else wants to use google cache to look up the deleted tweets here is a pastebin with the most recent lines for easy copy/paste. I'll have to fetch a full list when twitter and my bot finally catch up


No. 560816

His weird mood shifts have been causing him to do more and more desperate things. I hope he deletes one of his channels soon in a fit of rage.

No. 560817

File: 1534211712091.png (1.85 MB, 1655x1209, why am i paying for this.png)

I'm pretty sure he's just removing demonetized videos and reuploading them to patreon. He's too lazy to put out any new content for his patreon - that's probably why a Reaper's Creek was last updated over a month ago.

No. 560818

File: 1534211981321.png (264.08 KB, 563x1261, all2.png)

No. 560822

Unfortunately it's not that deep with his phone being deactivated. Lainey was talking about it on her private live stream on Instagram. They switched from att&t to Xfinity and couldnt get any service in their swamp. So she said they were trying to figure out what to do in terms on cell service

No. 560823

Lawsuit doesn't make sense. He's deleting a lot of stuff that seems to be connected to his questionable views. I think it's more that he saw what happened to James Gunn and had no excuse when those tweets he made about about a six year old boy surfaced.

No. 560828

Oh ok, cool
because Lainey would never lie.
I feel better now that I know the truth

No. 560834

She didnt bring up his phone being off directly anon. She was bitching about xfinitys terrible customer service didnt even talk about greg. You're giving her way to much credit, shes to dumb to build a story up for her husbands future tweet.

No. 560835

I wish that Greg and Cyr would reconcile, and start hanging out again, and during one of those visits Dasha gets a hold of Gregs phone and deletes all his YT channels.

No. 560837

Please god, make this happen

No. 560839

I'm not American, does this company generally only cover large cities or something? People shit talk AT&T, but I was under the impression they had the largest coverage. If the other company is smaller, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get service in swamp land.

No. 560840

Verizon and AT&T are the best, from my experience/knowledge. Smaller companies are terrible with service in rural areas. They will probably never find a cheaper, smaller company that gets signal in their swamp.

No. 560850

File: 1534218551608.png (39.3 KB, 561x322, all3.png)

Ade was fairly accessible back in the day. There's a chance this person was around back then and is still on her friends list.

But, who knows.

No. 560851

She said they tried to save money by bundling their phones with their cable provider so they switched their phones to Xfinity. Money must be getting tight

No. 560852

Speaking of poor monetary decisions, wasn't Greg going to turn in his "weak" truck or whatever the fuck he said when his dumb ass smashed the back window

No. 560856

Lol he probably complained to the glass repair guy and then got put in his place

No. 560895

I use to process insurance claims for glass repair. Half the time the excess to even submit the claim is more than the glass repair. Imagine selling a car for a max £75 excess. He's just a responsible consumer

No. 560896

File: 1534231341914.png (262.82 KB, 532x575, relationship.png)

No. 560899

I'll place my bets on a deluded "yes omg so in love" kind of bullshit answer

No. 560903


kek at greg of all people criticizing DC for "running out of ideas". you've literally been making the same kinds of videos since 2006 homie, but go off I guess.

No. 560904

File: 1534232591865.png (378.66 KB, 894x636, thoseteefdoe.png)

She's beauty, she's grace…

No. 560905

the foot she calls her face

No. 560910

Lol at this big black thing between her teeth.

No. 560913

Out of that whole 9 minutes, I only enjoyed 30 seconds of it.


No. 560915

sUcH aNxIeTy ranting in a car about how much you've been ringing getting your service switched, So sassy!

Did she forget that she's supposed to keep up with her poor me lies?

No. 560917

File: 1534235220824.png (140.24 KB, 714x360, 32109.PNG)

I didnt notice her front teeth looking like that so I re-watched the video and holy shit.
Has she always had such a prominent gap at the top of her two front teeth?
That really looks like some type of cavity. We all know she wasnt very careful with her kids teeth and they all rotted to the point of having to be pulled. I dont doubt shes lax on her own dental care.

No. 560918

Greg automatically changes the subject lol

Also notice how his vision of their future relationship is poly with no jealousy. He’s obsessed with it and that is 100% going to be why they split because Lainey doesn’t want one

No. 560921

Probably just food stuck.

No. 560923


Maybe, but it's there literally the entire video, and we know lainey eye-fucks the shit out of herself when she records. So it seems weird that she wouldn't have noticed it and tried to pick it out.

No. 560926

He has such unrealistic expectations of what a healthy poly relationship is, he literally just wants another girl in the mix so they “can have threesomes everyday” and Taylor knows that, which is obviously why she always avoids actually finding and luring a unicorn. On the bright side, LGH is trapped because if he leaves her because she won’t do poly it just makes him look like the shitty one lol

No. 560928

There was another screenshot an anon took of her front teeth (in the last thread?) where it definitely looked like a cavity. We all know Gurg is against doctors and Plainey goes with his opinions and is probably too lazy to even bother visiting the dentist anyways. Her teeth looked fucked before that black thing, transluscent enamel for example

No. 560930

The only realistic way for him to get a poly relationship is to leave Plainey and invite 2 or more of his ugly patreon whores. They are the only ones who still want him. Lame won't let another Billie situation happen, except she's more desperate than I thought.

No. 560931

File: 1534241309734.jpg (28.36 KB, 966x455, LaundrysChompers.JPG)


Yeah, found it. It looked like a cavity here.

Her teeth have been getting progressively more and more gray/yellow/transparent. She's been avoiding doctors for ages, wouldn't doubt that she hasn't need a dentist in a long ass time.

No. 560956


my bet is on vaping finally wearing away all her enamel

No. 560959

I feel like I'm watching a sickly child hang out with an old man.

No. 560968

Don't be daft anon. She's be vaping for like 2 weeks.
More likely to be bulimia, a poor diet and a serious lack of dental hygiene.

No. 560969


I'm assuming it was always there, but lack of proper dental hygiene is causing her gums to recede.

No. 560992

File: 1534263541797.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.12 KB, 435x209, tooth-decay.jpg)


That's actually tooth decay and thats disgusting Lainey. She can buy all the fancy electric toothbrushes she wants, but the girl cant floss.

No. 560995

Ew. Anus talks so much shit about people with "poor hygiene" but his own wife has rotten teeth

No. 560998

I can't believe they did a bonfire with how dry it's been. I'll grant that I'm in Portland and not Puyallup but there's been fire bans all over and there's wildfires everywhere right now. Good lord

No. 560999

File: 1534266497365.png (Spoiler Image,662.62 KB, 800x650, Screenshot (1836).png)

This is fucking vile. Shreg should be legally obligated to wear a paper bag over his head at all times.

No. 561002

Man, I just watched Roman Attwoods wedding video and then watched Taylors last boyfriend/girlfriend video and my mood dropped. Compared to an actual happy couple Gerg and Taylor have zero chemistry. Their relationship is so sad and dried up… everything in their lifes revolves around haters and any sort of drama.
Roman and Brittney are just so happy with each other and their kids and meanwhile Gerg talks about wanting to be poly again in the future and having threesomes all the time.
Being married is such a beautiful thing and Gerg and Taylor disrespect everything within it.

Would sage if I could, weddings make me sentimental.

No. 561006

sage this(minimodding)

No. 561010

Can't sage, but why is his skin so shit? He gets botox so why doesn't he get a peel too or ask his cosmetologist to fix that mess?

No. 561012


You know what would lower your anxiety, Lainey? If you were with someone who didn't gaslight you into thinking you were the problem and why your little excursion into polyamory failed WHEN HE'S THE ONE WHO FUCKING CHEATED ON YOU.

Do you think he's less manipulative than you allege David to be just because he doesn't make suicide threats or do you think he's just more subtle?

You really painted yourself into a corner, kid. Good luck to you.

No. 561015

Imagine the milk if his dad was suing him for slander… I mean he called the cops on Lainey's husband before.

If that's the case then maybe Jeffree Star has chimed in and offered monetary support?

Nuh, the only twitter account I could officially trace back to her is not the one where the screenshots are from. I also think it's a troll.

No. 561018

he showers literally 4-5 times a day

No. 561019


Jesus Christ, there’s a goldmind of blackheads imbedded in his oversized head. Fucking nasty, Anus.

No. 561022

I blame a lot of it on his diet. Processed fake- meat is their staple, they both eat way too much of it.

No. 561031

finally greg can get a collab that'll make him internet famous again.
With Doctor Pimple Popper! kek

No. 561039


Lol, so he can get help and then make up some slanderous story about how Dr.Pimple popper did something inappropriate to him ? Literally everyone him or his wife come into contact with they slander. I hope him and Lainey continue to get worse and never get help because they're so ungrateful about it.

No. 561122

I'm going to vomit.
His blackheads are so dark it looks like his shaved stubble goes all the way up his face

No. 561133

File: 1534282431224.jpeg (136.51 KB, 1280x720, 815E4047-A6AA-4E72-9AF7-C2A26A…)

I miss her videos

No. 561397

File: 1534287895504.png (27.79 KB, 545x271, temp.png)

No. 561429

will it be his dogs

No. 561446

Seeing these pictures of their shitty skin and rotting teeth is hilarious considering these are people who "rate" others on their appearances. Neither of them know anything about personal hygiene or nutrition, neither of them exercise or eat a good diet, but LGH is out here telling people they're fat and ugly on the daily and trying to find cute, young, fresh girls to bone.

You know, lots of kids put on weight around puberty, especially kids who are only fed processed foods and just sit around watching tv and playing games all day. What will Anus have to say to T or C if they end up chubby, acne-ridden, and greasy like their daddy?

No. 561495

Do they even have health care? I am doubtful.

No. 561497

File: 1534290292974.png (104.24 KB, 700x851, temp.png)

In Onion's defense, it looks like the real estate agents in Washington got their certs out of one of those garbage toy dispensers you see in supermarkets. I mean, wouldn't you get one if you had a quarter on you?

No. 561504

This is puzzling. Is he being forced to no longer tweet under his Onision by someone else, like lawyers, or a court order?

If thats the case then why would he still be sperging on his super secret twitter OnisionPrime?

The only explanation I can come up with is that if there was a court order, Onision thinks it only applies to the fully public twitter account and not a private account. When the courts tell him it applies to all his social media then he will feign ignorance like he did when he tried to write off his divorce on his taxes, then tried to write off his houses and cars on taxes again. He relies on ignorance of the law as an excuse and blames everyone else that they should of held his hand and explained everything to him like you would a child.

No. 561506

I feel like if all you eat is fake meat, you should probably just go back to eating real meat.

We all know they don't actually give a fuck. Lainey hates it, and Greg just likes virtue signaling.

No. 561508

If he is making an entirely new public Twitter, watch him get less than 500 followers. Every time he creates some sort of new account on any platform it gets significantly less and less followers. Most of the people that will follow his new twitter will probably not even be fans, but people that want to hate watch him.

No. 561509

… i-it's not stubble?

No. 561525

Is there a plus to following him? Other than getting immediate alerts when he tweets.

I have a couple of accounts I use to comment on his idiocy but Ive never followed him, I just dont want to bump his numbers up, even if its by 2. Its the same way I try not to watch his videos on his channels and wait for the reuploads by kind anons. Plus I laugh everytime he uses the "why would you click follow on someone you hate?" insult to his haters, because it doesnt apply to me.

No. 561537

I’ve been thinking, and maybe I missed it in the other threads, but I think (tinfoiling) that Grease started thinking of polyamory again after the Death Note girl was in the house. For the first time in his life Anus actually utilized forethought, though his brainpower ended up creating the flimsiest cover story ever, typical of him. Anyway, we know the real reason she was there and it was not to “collab”. But yeah like I said, maybe I missed it in the last thread - I saw the girl’s Tweets and obviously we will hear nothing from Shreg but did Foot maybe make a few passive aggressive comments? But yeah, makes me think it might have triggered him to mention poly again.

No. 561538

If the account goes private you still have access. That's all I can think of tbh.

No. 561551

>started thinking of polyamory again

He's always thinking of it. He considers poly as a kink or fetish, not a lifestyle.
Poly to Greg is just a way for him to watch two women fuck, and to have sex with someone other than his ugly Andy Dick wife.

No. 561563

great critique of onision's "music"

No. 561628

Yeah I should have said mention, not think, cause we know it’s always on his mind. But even after Sam left he was doubling down on “we’re not letting anyone into the relationship” bullshit. But now he brings it up again after that girl was in the house. All we have are her tweets after the incident but I am mighty curious as to how (we know why) that “trinity” failed.

Also more tinfoiling, Gurg is subconsciously doing this shit so Plain hates other women the way he hates other men.

No. 561670

I'm pretty sure a while back he made some vague ass tweet (and deleted it, of course) about not having health care so probably not.

No. 561677

I remember once on stream Plainey claimed they had Obamacare. Anons freaked out over it and the onions haven't mentioned their healthcare situation since

No. 561696

It's not even worth mentioning. He'll get pissy when his new account doesn't get any followers and go right back to his old one and pretend it never happened.

No. 561718

Yeah, I remember hearing about this happening.

No. 561764

File: 1534298744054.png (13.5 KB, 423x168, temp.png)

I snorted.

No. 561796


Just like him thinking all his fans would pay for his content on Youtube, then having to remove the paywall since no one was buying and he wasnt getting the asspats for his horrible skits like usual. And of course when its brought up, he doesnt really remember what happend back then, its all very hazy for the Onion.

No. 561798

Finish Reaper's Creak you fucking illiterate cuck.

No. 561799

I really, really hope this is true– Shane suing his ass and getting a gag order or something to stop Anus from continuing his slander campaign against him while they settle things legally. But that sounds too good to be true, maybe it's just Anus sperging again or trying to get people to buy into his special twitter, who knows.

No. 561818

The actual corrected sentence is "You're such a cockalorum oh my god I want to swallow your eyeballs whole and then shit them back into your hollow eye sockets."

No. 561830

Hey I’ve never posted here but I’ve been an avid lurker for a long time and I have a tinfoil. I believe Lainey is pregnant. I’m not the only one people on her twitter and her YouTube comments are also noticing a shift in her. In her vid about Greg and her future she has a baby bump. She’s also not binding and she’s not on YouNow often. She ALSO has been acting more “girly” (example: she’s been speaking with a high pitch voice on purpose) If anyone lurks further and finds more info or proof I’d love to hear about it!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 561834

People think she's pregnant every few weeks. I think she's just getting sick of the fakeboi thing.

No. 561835

I’m not tech savvy at all so I apologize if the post above was not the correct format

No. 561836

Also she posted a pregnancy related video. Js

No. 561841

What happened to him supposedly making Lainey press charges against the ex. You know, because according to Greg if the ex raped someone else she would be to blame

No. 561843

Funny thing is Greg wanted to spend the money fixing Billie’s teeth

No. 561845

Yeah just leave the Name/Subject field empty and you're fine.

No. 561846

More like she's competing with Sarah for the Onion King's attention.

No. 561847

David doesn’t have the money for a lawyer. He can barely keep a job and has no car

No. 561848

This smells like a selfpost but I honestly dgaf, was hilarious and so much more tolerable than all those other God awful commentary channels.
Is she gone or is she just working on a video? Either way, if she is working on something then I'm down to wait however long is needed, seeing as everything they make is gold, but if she is gone then i wish her all the best.

No. 561858

I recognize you from all the youtube comments you make. You need to relax

No. 561862

I agree I appreciate the perfect production of the videos so the wait is worth it, I just wish there were a way for them to subtleties advertise a non-Onision channel. They’re very talented and funny and I assume they are in school/done school for animation

No. 561867

Yeah I remember him going on about fixing Billie's teeth.

Hey Greg how about you fix your own wife's mouldy teeth, and maybe spend a few bucks on a dermatologist while you are at it.

No fresh young girl is going to wanna fuck a meth mouth dyke or a red pimply cactus skinned old man.

No. 561870

I couldn't stop laughing at this and I rarely watch commentary channels. I'm very suprised Shreg has not deleted his music because it's next level cringe.
I didn't realise in the son video he says respect your mother, she gave her body for you.

Basically admitting that he only sees women as babymaking machines and once they give birth, their bodies are useless. Okay.

No. 561888

I have a tinfoil that aldii was spoony and we'll never see anything from them again because permab& forever. Would sage this shitpost if I could.

No. 561889

You can see her breasts pretty clearly at certain points in this new video. I almost kind of feel bad for her for once. We already know she isn't trans, I feel like she just desperately wants a boob job but has been convinced by Greg that it's a horrible thing to do.

No. 561906

Maybe the pregnancy tinfoil has some merit? The only reason I think this is because maybe that’s why Lamp finally dyed her hair again. Bc you’re not supposed to dye it while pregnant. I know anons think she did it bc we pointed out how much better that color looked, but in the vid she seemed very hesitant and unhappy to dye it at all until it was actually done. Almost like she didn’t really want to dye it but had accepted the necessity of it.
Plus she does look a little fuller in the face and it would explain Grease gearing up for another plaything while she’s got her bump going on.
Who knows really, but it’s something to keep an eye on

No. 561913

This could be true, but I assumed she didn't want to go back because of Billie trauma.
When she said her hair hasn't been brown in two years even though it was just brown during Billie gate I assumed she has been dissociating from trauma so hard she lost track of time. Also dying her hair back may remind her physically of who she was when everything was happening. … Like changing her physical appearance was an attempt at winning back onion AND trying to run away from her original self which was too bland for onion.
Or I'm just giving foot face too much credit

No. 561943

Another pregnancy would be interesting but I'm certain this is just a big tinfoil. Only a few months ago Lame was discussing her birth control on YN, implant I think she said. Also she's still vaping as seen in the latest video. I had to quit all vaping when preg, no way would Gurg let her carry on.

No. 561950

greg just deleted his goodbye tweet

No. 561953

File: 1534324505216.png (511.15 KB, 818x476, more makeup vids.PNG)

No. 561955


Sarah, I know you're reading this. I don't know what you were thinking letting Footface use your make-up (I have a hunch that it wasn't a choice), but I advise you burn it now. All of it.

Was this Lainey's sneaky way of finally getting her hands on Blood Sugar, by tainting Sarah's with her foot disease?

No. 561956

Makes sense! He knows Lainey is a lost cause and he's not interested in her (anymore).

No. 561957


Is that an embedded video from YouTube?
Will it give her views?

No. 561959


Is it just me or is her 'cavity' gone? If so She really did leave a giant chunk of black food in her teeth for a whole day lmao

No. 561964

No, it's been downloaded off youtube then reuploaded to google drive. It won't give her any views. The easy way to tell if it's a direct youtube link is if there's a youtube watermark in the bottom right corner of the video.

No. 561965

Anus has just deleted his tweet about returning in a month. I guess not many people cared and he'll still be around. What a surprise

No. 561966

I bet he's bored as fuck talking to the same retarded patrons everyday. He's always trying to entice the haters to find where he's sperging he really is irrelevant without people hating on him.

No. 561977

I saw a twitter post on my feed about how "gays don't sit normally"—I feel like one reason Taylor sits like a child, aside from just trying to act like a smol child herself, is the whole twitter gay culture that gay people sit weird and the memes around it. But still, I sit weirdly at times out of comfort, but I would never sit like that in a public place… Every time she sits with her feet up like that in public I cringe. Did nobody teach her manners?

No. 561979

No. 561981

Maybe there actually was a time where she didn't sit like a retard, but I can only imagine Grugly encouraging her strange behavior in public. Remember when she was so ~anxious and smol~ that she couldn't order her food for herself and Grug had to order it for her?
I'm sure he's getting off on those things. He wants a doormat who can't do anything on her own and always needs him for everything, so he can feel like a special protector.
Lambo, who has less life and any sort of free will in her than a wet washcloth, was the perfect target.

No. 561985

her boobs do look bigger. maybe just because she wasn't restricting them

maybe he deleted those tweets because it seems like recently the replies to most of his tweets have been overwhelmingly negative.

No. 561994

Seriously, she has a chronic cold sore/ herpes on her lip, and open acne sore on her face. Don't reuse it after she's done with it, for god's sake. You are just asking for all sorts of nasty problems (aside from being with Greg and Taylor in the first place).

No. 561995


It's called a "black triangle". It can happen due to many things… Gum receding, bone loss which causes the gum line to recede… Smoking, doing drugs… I don't think she's doing drugs ROFL.

I have a black triangle because I had a dental implant for one of my front teeth, and one of the main ways if knowing is the dental implant is way whiter (because it has no enamel loss) than the neighboring teeth. But unless Plainy did a really good job of hiding it, I doubt she had a dental implant.

No. 562000


>i'm going to be doing my whole ass face

>ass face

No, Lame, it's FOOT FACE. Anyway, close enough.

No. 562021

I believe that they give a fuck about their hygiene and teeth, but I think she just had something stuck in her teeth.
If not, muh tooth rots/Dentists are the devil milk incoming

No. 562023

File: 1534347127606.png (1.16 MB, 1282x880, 2013golumlainey.png)

Doubt it. She vehemently denied being lesbian/bi or ever with a girl in April 2013 on Tumblr, and then in July that year she was sitting like Golum on the boat (while pregnant with Trot). I also doubt that meme was around 5 years ago, maybe a joke in the gay community but that is also the community Foot vehemently denied being apart of.

No. 562031

I remember Greg did like a speaks video where he found out you're not suppose to aggressively brush your teeth. He didn't agree. Also like how he thinks girls need to wash their hair everyday to be clean and he once attributed pubes to spreading STIs. He's a fucking moron.

No. 562032

I just want to laugh at how crouching on a boat looking over the side is not comparable to Lame sitting like a retard at dinner. She probably just thinks it's quirky.

No. 562033

File: 1534349402454.jpg (78.57 KB, 587x587, tumblr_mly6ev3i621s53ocpo3_640…)

Okay then is this better?

No. 562035

She just has no manners and wants to be speshul. To sit like that in public was such a 2008-emo thing; Lamps stuck-in time.

No. 562036

I thought that she might be too but I don’t think she would risk vaping if she was pregnant.

No. 562037


She's fucking disgusting, putting her feet on the chair with shoes on. Her chairs must be filthy and full of bacteria from the street and whatnot, no wonder she's always sick. Anus mentioned in a video he made Billie take her shoes off before she entered their house lol, but Plainey puts her dirty feet and shoes on chairs all the time which is much worse than simply walking on the floor

No. 562048

File: 1534351718743.png (1.62 MB, 1498x749, helplaineysitproperly2018.png)

No. 562049

The funniest people on the Internet seem to be perpetually stuck in their emo/scene/I'm alternative eras of 2007. Madness. At least lainey tried to keep up with the scene kids of today by making up a fake gender.

No. 562075

I think it’s all about making herself as smoll as possible at all times

No. 562084


I feel weird about this topic because I also sit like that… Not at the dinner table or in public though. It could honestly be a anxiety thing, like how some people cross their arms when feeling uncomfortable or defensive. She could emphasize it though and do it more often just because Onion expressed it as something that reminds him of his favourite anime.

All in all though, there are a million different things to criticize her about. This just seems kinda nit picky and repetitive like anons complaining of her shitty makeup skills or cold sores.

No. 562088

I sit like that too. I have pudendal neuralgia, and that's the ONLY way to sit sorta comfortably. I had a private tinfoil that Lainey sat like that for similar reasons, since pregnancy can cause PN. It looks like she's been sitting like that for longer than she's been a mother though, so I'm giving up on that idea. Plus, I can't see her being in that kind of pain for so long without constantly mentioning it/actually going to a doctor. I wonder if the rest of her family does this too, or if it's just her. Anyway, there could be some kind of valid reason she sits like a demented bird, so I too wish people would give it a rest.

No. 562098

File: 1534358079108.png (623.1 KB, 529x676, whatthefuckselenagetoffthefuck…)

Its the fact that she does it in public and at the table and while eating that I have an issue with it. There's a video of her getting her hair dyed and she's got her shoes in the salon chair. Sure I guess do whatever you want at home, but good luck when their kids go to school and they all start sitting like mommy and get in trouble for putting their feet and shoes in the chair.

If she had any kind of physical condition like you mentioned above she'd be milking the shit out of it for asspats, views, and $$$.

Also going through videos I found Selena sitting on an stove.

No. 562106

File: 1534359715420.png (5.08 MB, 3044x1146, tinfoil.png)

considering these shots from the recent video and the pregnancy photo video she uploaded last week i don't think its far fetched to think she could be pregnant.

No. 562107

so many things wrong with this
>I feel bad about using her foundation since it's really expensive
>applies the foundation directly to her face
>uses Sarah's beauty sponge
>omg now i really want it but it's so expensiveee
>omfg Sarah's paler than me. what a first!
>applies concealer directly using the applicator
>applies Sara's mascara and eyeliner directly
>applies Sara's lipstick directly

also, Lainey was clearly jealous of how great Sarah's make-up products are since they're all super good quality.

No. 562110

guess Sarah has to give all the make-up Lainey used to her since she infected them

No. 562116


This would actually explain why she dyed her hair back to her natural colour


No. 562123

File: 1534360583427.jpg (40.24 KB, 634x650, laugh.jpg)

i can see her being pregnant, lol. she looks a lil more round than usual and the bump doesn't sag much as it would if she was just getting fat (due to loose skin she had w the other 2) lets hope this one fixes their marriage

No. 562124

I'm feeling and agreeing with these pregnancy tinfoils tbh

more interesting than the nitpicking over the way plainey sits.

No. 562142

File: 1534361988262.png (202.8 KB, 435x428, Screenshot 2018-08-15 at 3.34.…)

Contributing to the pregnant tinfoils, her chest looks much bigger than usual.

No. 562145

she always seems to get pregnant right when LGH has another poosie around…

No. 562151

I guess that's why she brought Cera in.. to watch the other 2 while she pumps out another

No. 562154

She wouldn't vape if she were pregnant

No. 562156

I thought that you can vape when your pregnant because it doesn’t contain all the chemicals that cigarette does? Don’t get me wrong I don’t think vape is 100% clean but I don’t think it’s as bad as smoking a cigarette

No. 562159

What the hell she honestly is looking pregnant, it looks like she’s in the stages of early pregnancy (small bump)

No. 562161

A small google search seems to pull up stuff that says vaping is safer than cigarettes but still not great. But I would imagine it depends on the nicotine content of your vape. I had assumed lame would smoke 0mg which I wouldn't imagine as being very dangerous if you're pregnant?

That being said I don't THINK she's pregnant. There's no way she wouldn't have already made some kind of shitty, smug video talking about it because it would be more "proof" that Greg "loves" her.

No. 562162

File: 1534363016712.png (106.49 KB, 820x185, temp.png)

His 2 WEEK OLD video is in trending. Guess your little campaign failed, Onion.

No. 562163

She's not wearing a binder and if she is wearing a bra, it's very loose. I agree that the pregnancy tinfoil is a bit dumb because she said she had a birth control implant or something like that?

No. 562164

I think if she's willing to do something while breastfeeding (which she is right now) she would have no problem doing it while pregnant.

No. 562171

I hate taking my shoes off in someone else’s home, especially if I don’t know them well. Being barefoot feels demeaning. Maybe that’s why Greg does it, to make the female uncomfortable

No. 562182

May be blogging, but just to point out.. there are a million things to actually hate on Lainey about. For example, the whole bullshit gender thing. Clearly she sits that way for emo points now, but also sitting like that IS usually because of anxiety. Coming from a theapist.

No. 562188

The vape she uses claims to be nonnicotine if you remember. Wouldn't be surprised. Another bandaid baby

No. 562189

Why is a therapist on lolcow

No. 562198

She has an IUD

No. 562235

Bloody hell she really does look pregnant and is holding her tum like expecting mothers do. I really thought this was just a major tinfoil especially as she's still vaping but now I'm pretty convinced she is knocked up.

No. 562293

Another baby will fix our money woes!

No. 562354

Interesting timing with how she did that pregnancy video not long ago

No. 562364

I don't think she's done any try on hauls in a while. maybe she is trying to cover up? Also, she was drinking more often a few months ago and that has stopped as well. I think early pregnancy is very much a possibility.

No. 562369

She said in a video she has a IUD, if she really is pregnant then it was a planned intentional pregnancy since she would have to take the IUD out (it's impossible to take it out by yourself, it has to be done by doctor) and the chances of getting pregnant while using a IUD are very small

No. 562396

Where would they even fit another baby in the Swamp Trailer? They've showed what kind of space they're working with bedroom-wise, and with Sarah and three kids I think it'd be majorly cramped.
If the Space Prince has so much chest dysphoria that she was considering top surgery, why would she have another baby and prolong her breastfeeding by several more years?
If she had an IUD, then this pregnancy would almost definitely be intentional. Why would they choose now to have another one, with all of their money woes and declining popularity?
Even though vaping non-nicotine smoke might be "safe" while pregnant, with her fairly hardcore beliefs about child-rearing, I just can't see her doing it just in case.
But to be fair…she does look pretty pregnant in those pictures. Hmm.

No. 562445

Yeah, she's totally regnant again. No denying it now.

No. 562459

while iuds are one of the most effective types of birth control it is still possible to get pregnant with one, even though it's unlikely. if lainey sees a doctor as infrequently as we think, it is possible that the iud shifted out of place and is no longer providing the same level of protection and she doesn't/didn't know about it because she doesn't take care of herself or get checkups.

No. 562462

>(it's impossible to take it out by yourself, it has to be done by doctor)

This is not true at all, plenty of people do it by accident, especially if it becomes displaced and they then pull on the strings. They just tell you this so you don't try and remove it yourself, because you can't see what you're doing and risk injuring yourself.

I agree that it's probably intentional if she is gregnant though.

No. 562473


Why not?

No. 562476

Seems ironic that there’s a therapist here lol

No. 562486

File: 1534372308539.jpeg (39.08 KB, 345x323, FD1644F4-CA0C-4D75-BE5B-93696F…)

Totally not surprised he’s trying to piggyback on Shane’s video

No. 562488


Therapist aren't allowed to follow drama? That's kind of their job.

No. 562489

File: 1534372406821.png (1.2 MB, 1052x677, bump.PNG)

Definitely looks like a baby bump to me.

No. 562500

There isn’t anything wrong with it, chill out dude. Its just hypocritical that they’re spending their time talking shit on lolcow when they probably help people who have the same issues that cows do.

No. 562502

Spends the first 5 minutes questioning Jeffree's gender identity. I guess that's only offensive when Lainey's on the receiving end.
What a sad, pathetic twunt.

No. 562507

Kek therapists are used to help people. Not to talk about drama. It’s just odd seeing a therapist here, not saying we are all saints but I didn’t except a therapist here

No. 562527

welp that confirms it. also Gregs tweets about being a father make sense now. poor kid

No. 562532

Sarah confirmed for herpes now.

No. 562553

File: 1534373615088.png (602.93 KB, 644x487, who I am.PNG)

No. 562557

Calm down before you get banned for infighting, they weren’t being rude. I do think it’s a bit odd to see a therapist here.

I don’t get how Sarah doesn’t even flinch at the idea of herp face using her makeup, it’s fucking disgusting how she doesn’t care about her health and not having herps.

No. 562608

Looks like he moved part of his enormous “editing” setup into the basement/family room.

So selfish of him to not only claim the entire garage as his creative space in addition to now taking up more of the family’s already limited tiny livable square footage.

3 dogs, 2 children, and 3 adults all crammed together and grease has to take everything for himself. Taylor makes more $ than him now and she still has to use the coat closet for filming and her laptop for editing.

No. 562661

He actually comes across so so retarded more than usual here. He is the least funny person ever, his humour is actually that of a special kid nobody likes at high school.

No. 562698

I feel like hes personally trying to get Jeffree to come after him now. Maybe Shane sent him an actual ceast and desist letter (like one made by a real lawyer) prompting his deletion sperg and hes blaming Jeffree Stars recent involvement with Shane for him finally officially telling Greg to fuck off.
So he switches off the Shane topic except on his private twitter and decides to make Jeffree Star his new target. how dare he intervene between greg and his one true love shane

No. 562707

Thats a bad idea in my opinion if Jefferee is still the same cunt he used to be, he'd have no issue full on sueing and talking shit

No. 562711

So disgusting that he joked about Jeffree being molested at a child.

"Something happened to that boy/girl/person when they were young. Something dark, something devious.
Somebody lurked into Jeffree Star's bedroom at night and was like - does penetration motions while groaning "

I honestly feel like vomiting.

No. 562717

File: 1534377601345.webm (4.37 MB, 1280x720, fegit.webm)

God he is so boring! We have already heard how J* called him a fag a hundred fucking times already. I love how he whines like a bitch about that when he uses "faggot" as a hateful slur himself.

No. 562720

Posted today, I dont think shes pregnant because she wouldnt show her stomach. She wouldnt recorded from the neck down when pregnant with the other two plus shes mentioned having a IUD on multiple occasions.

No. 562724

File: 1534377766856.jpg (699.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180815-195632_Ins…)

But that my dysmorphia

No. 562733

File: 1534378058523.png (290.78 KB, 500x500, Screenshot (1859).png)

No. 562734

Ur icon is showinh

No. 562752

is that dandruff on his jacket……

No. 562756

yeah she's just skinnyfat and saggy. if she got pregnant again, after complaining so much that she is the sole caretaker of the children and greg doesn't even interact with her daughter, then she is truly fucking retarded and there's no saving her.

No. 562764

I find it exceptionally hilarious that he's only had like one IRL interaction with Jeffree yet he's sperging like he, JS, threw homophobic slurs at him for years similar to how he's been up in Shane's ass up until recently.

No. 562772

If she really is somehow pregnant, we'll eventually know in the next few months as her face will get bigger and she can't really hide that while running a ~beauty~ channel. I really doubt she is pregnant though. Hopefully she's just getting disgustingly fat like her greasy husband is with their fake meat based diet and zero exercise.

No. 562829

On his nose, Anon?

So many great points.

No. 562861

Therapists help people that want help. That’s what sets their patients apart from the cows.

No. 562870

I love this idea of him starting a new channel and only uploading his new videos to it.
He comes up with the stupidest solutions to fix his YouTube problems, like when he was deleting videos left and right at the beginning of Adpocalypse, changing tags all over the place, then making the Onichan channel as a fresh start (then abandoning it)

Any guesses as to what this new name will be? He said it starts with an E, but knowing Gregs spelling knowledge the word is probably "Aesthetic"

Ill enjoy watching how many subscribers he actually gets on this channel. Hopefully he doesn't buy subscribers and views and we can see him rage at how irrelevant he is now.

No. 562872

IRL psychologist here. Mental health professionals are still people too. I used to read Encyclopedia Dramatica well before I got my undergraduate degree much less my PhD. A type of profession does not dictate what an individual enjoys doing in their free time. I just happened to be drinking more heavily than most people when on Lolcow. a lot of my co-workers completely disengage when we are not at work because it would just increase the rate of burnout in our profession.

Undergrad psych degrees are a complete joke. However, it does show that a degree does not dictate what type of person people are since Lainey has her bachelor's in psychology as well. Speaking of which, it seems that she's probably just bloated. with her diet, she is eating a lot of processed foods and is probably retaining water like whoa from lots of sodium in the fake meats/Taco Bell The Onions are not known for their wise decision making, but I seriously doubt they would be dumb enough to have another child.

No. 562874


watch him use enigma like a chad poet

No. 562875

oh for fucks sake, he probably would
the only reason I ask is because if there are a few viable channel names we think he may use Im stealing them along with the twitter handle

No. 562889

Probably just another made up vowel heavy name like Sisesca and Onision right? Enigami because he’s an Enigma and likes anime

No. 562902

File: 1534386370181.gif (238.94 KB, 456x300, onision chooses a new name.gif)

We all know how hes going to choose his new channels name.

No. 562907

I bet it's going to have some sort of evo- prefix alluding to some sort of evolution.

No. 562908

Yeah, my bet's on Enigma too.

No. 562923

That's a really good guess. I was thinking words that start with an e or i sound but aren't spelled that way, because of how unsure Greg seemed when he was recalling the name.
We've all watched streams (that he cant edit) where hes writing things out on a dry erase board or USPS Priority envelope and they're spelled like a 2nd grader or worse.

No. 562926

>it's going to have some sort of evo- prefix

Its a real word I promise. And I really really want him to use it.

No. 562933

So someone registered Greg's old ziogi.com domain where his evopsyche forums were located. The new site now owned by someone else is "going to revolutionize" social media and coming real soon now since 2016.

Ref: https://web.archive.org/web/20041125111640/http://www.ziogi.com:80/

No. 562936

File: 1534388334307.png (10.15 KB, 376x190, barfing onions.png)

No. 562938

File: 1534388438582.png (220.08 KB, 650x650, evomotion-onion's new identity…)

I read that as Evomotion…

No. 562940

It's absolutely unbelievable to me that he still thinks the only reason his views are down is because youtube is out to get him, and if he can just sneak past their system he'll be successful again.

Yes, youtube stopped recommending his channels and monetizing his videos. His channel, for an entire year during all of the Billie drama, was just a breakdown of his terrifyingly fucked up personal relationships, crazy ranting, and endless slandering of innocent people in his life. This kind of disgusting content created to attack people being monetized is what caused a ton of youtube's advertisers to back out, causing youtube to stop promoting people like him, but it was also what caused the majority of people who watch him to realize what a demented individual he is. Airing all his weirdly personal dirty laundry freaked out and angered half of his audience, and bored the other half to tears.

He ran his subscribers off himself by being aggressive and slanderous, but also repetitive and uninteresting. He is his own problem. Everyone knows what kind of shit person he is now and nobody wants to watch his dull channels anymore, and it's his own fault for basically running his own expose campaign against himself. No amount of new channels, new Patreon perks, new twitter pages, etc. is going to make people interested again, because they all left him in the dust on purpose.

No. 562946

this dude is a fucking IDIOT. I hope someone sends this video to Jeffree, he would completely demolish him. But on the other hand I don't want him getting more attention because of it… oh god but the milk would be so worth it..

LAINEY if you're lurking, and in fact are pregnant, you're a fucking MORON. Having a 3rd kid with a dude that doesn't even want to be with you anymore (who keeps trying to add another woman to the relationship because he's bored of your lame ass), while both of you are having financial problems (and neither of you will make as much money as he used to make, like ever again) is an absolute mistake. White trash will stay being white trash, I guess.

No. 562954

I hope it is Evopsyche and someone steals the name on YT and Twitter and Greggypoo has to resort to being called Evopsyce1.

No. 562964

File: 1534390396976.png (54.76 KB, 995x539, temp.png)

(Hopefully the version I've linked is the same version I took the quotes from.)


No. 562971

Remember when he "quit Twitter".

The last time I mean, not the 1800 other times.

No. 562972

I'm not sure I can blame her. The honeymoon period was still active then.

No. 562984

It's not nitpicky when she literally says being a 12yo boy is her aesthetic.

But even they have better manners than this cunt.

No. 562986

Judging by >>562107 maybe that was her plan all along.

Bets on her getting knocked up the same night Onion took Sarah's virginity?

No. 562989

Americans are so weird. But yeah, you're probably right.

Not all of us are fresh out of high school.

Also forget the IUD I'm surprised the tiny onion dick even made it to her vag.

No. 562990

>but I seriously doubt they would be dumb enough to have another child.

Would Greg even let her abort if she was pregnant?

No. 562993

Probably not. Most likely he'd bring up how the doctor wanted to kick Onion out before he was ripe because of his freakishly large cranium.

No. 562998

?? do they usually sit like that in public places?

Wouldn't it heighten their anxiety as other customers and business owners look at them with disgust with how they are dirtying their seats?

No. 563005

My god, he was so dramatic back in the day. I wonder if Lainey has ever read the things like he wrote here for Tanya, or seen the dozens of videos of him sobbing about Shiloh, and wondered where that passion was for her. Like, as obsessive and strange as those emails are, he clearly really liked and respected Tanya, and was sad about her for at least seven months. When he cheated on Lainey multiple times, he agreed to split up and was laughing all the way to the bank. The most he can ever muster up to compliment her is "I like you because I know you'll always stick around to be my doormat and kiss my ass no matter what I do to you." Fuck.

No. 563006

"Lainey is awesome, m'kay?"

No. 563007


Also lmao at the way he describes himself in one of these emails:

>"I speak my mind, I’m not ugly, I could love an ocean till it’s warm, I am a writer, I am a poet, I have ambitions, I care for my family, I am honest, I am strong, I am a problem solver, I am going to be a good father one day, I refused to hurt anyone unless they first hurt me, I venture towards happiness, I treat all deserving living creatures with respect, and all my intentions are for the benefit of those I care for."

…there's a lot to unpack here, folks.

No. 563009

>"and all my intentions are for the benefit of those I care for."

This is the only part I find believable. And only because he is clearly warped enough to think he does the bullshit he does for "good".

No. 563014

File: 1534398396880.png (12.8 KB, 491x162, temp.png)

Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Dumbass.

No. 563024

i recall her tweeting a while ago something vague but along the lines of "you'll never love me like you loved her", this was way before the billie stuff so figured it was about shiloh as he was writing his shit book at the time with a character based on her. i think she knows but chooses to stick her foothead in the sand. it's also clear he loved billie more seeing as he stuck up for her so much during fights with lainey and would have chosen her over lainey in a heartbeat if it wasnt for the backlash, the weed (inability to control her) and the spousal and child support. he basically almost did after cuddlegate and again in the "my wife and i broke up" which i still cant believe she allows him to have up. He loved billie so much more he was willing to dump lainey if he couldnt have her.

No. 563032

didn't he use a song he wrote for sh in his love book to lame lmao

No. 563035

Wow Gerg… you're not creative and neither is your content.
We all know what will happen. You make a new channel, you don't even get 50K subs (you don't even have 1/40 of the fans you once had) and then you're back to your old channels. That's why you already have 7+

No. 563037

File: 1534402224563.jpg (135.61 KB, 1070x1852, Screenshot_20180816-084947_You…)

I found him!
He's probably going to change the channel name. Found him through Onichan and he's featuring Taylor

No. 563041

File: 1534402887445.jpg (312.43 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180816-090053_You…)

No. 563050

File: 1534404175475.png (21.49 KB, 575x288, temp.png)

… for your arsenal

No. 563054

She’s not pregnant yo, she’s just fat.

No. 563061

File: 1534406558910.png (21.96 KB, 542x226, temp.png)

for next time, i guess

No. 563069

The hypocrisy is real.

No. 563079

Literally every other tweet is him calling people cancer and wishing people would die?!

No. 563100

I thing Egomaniac would be more appropriate.

No. 563102

This pisses me off. Unless he's self deprecating, this is so fucking hypocritical. You just know it wouldn't be a joke aimed at himself though, because he's incapable of taking a joke about himself. He does nothing but release info about everyone including random girls he barely dated in grade school but if someone mentions him, he cries like a bitch.

No. 563103

File: 1534422227582.png (311.85 KB, 542x625, is laineybot pregnant.png)

Laineybot Answers The Webs Most Searched Questions (Mirror)

No. 563104

I sit like that as well when I'm at home and I have neither back problems nor any kind of anxiety.
I just sit a lot (at work and when being busy with hobbies), so I need to switch sitting positions.

I don't know. She does look preggers, but with the Onions you never know. It might just be some "drama" to stay relevant.

And there we have the real reason for him to marry Lainey - he wanted Shane all for himself. kek I'm waiting for the "Wait, NOW I know that boys can be abused, so J* must be a pedophile because he's gay!!!111oneone1eleven" video.

If he makes a new channel, I do hope he's stupid enough to buy views and subs and roll out another couple of Benjamins in order to worsen his financial situation.

No. 563107

Same here. It will give him more traffic temporarily but if someone sued successfully, he'd have nothing left.

No. 563108

He was pretty desperate for Billie's pussy and the weed was mostly Lainey's issue. He didn't like it either but had he not been with Lainey, and had Billie been a bit more resilient, she could have smoked. The reason I say this was because he was and IS super anti drugs, but for a short time, he said that he was willing to try pot brownies. That's how desperate he was…he was willing to try weed. It was only that he assessed the risk and realised that Lainey was the safe choice, that he started going on about the drugs being illegal ect. Like no doubt he would have carried on like a pork chop regardless, but Lainey definitely put the nail in the coffin.

No. 563114

Honestly I'm slightly surprised Lainey isn't cool with weed. She's such a follower I would think her highschool friends or at least Madison would make her curious. Look how easy it was for her to pick up a few drinks or vape.

I don't know if I want to see Anus on a pot brownie. He's already annoying, he might tweak out and never stop talking. God and the "profound philosophies" he'd conjure up? No thank you

No. 563116

File: 1534426965432.jpg (124.23 KB, 700x696, welp.jpg)

It must be heartbreaking for him that apparently only 26 out of his 876 patrons are interested in him. lmao
(Sorry for stealing your ss anon!)

No. 563118

File: 1534427014069.jpeg (226.19 KB, 1600x1000, surprised_cat_hd_widescreen_wa…)

20 bucks says this is a fake pregnancy scam ala shiloh. Gregory "Fucktard" Jackson likes to redo skits.

No. 563120

>and the weed was mostly Lainey's issue.

I will wager she didn't actually have an issue at all, but leveraged and used it to get rid of Billie. She basically manipulated Greg like a pro, and he is too stupid to realize it.

No. 563124


This may be Nitpick territory but isn't her grandma Mexican? How is she then 15% Mexican? Her attachment to the culture is hardly present in anything she shares with the world. Furthermore why are so many people deaf to the fact that many Mexicans and latinos in general are actually of European descent…

No. 563127

Plainey was only the safe choice because I think Onion knows he probably won't easily get away with dumping his wife and child (now children) for a teen again. Especially with the amount of details that came out about the Cuddlegate and then Billie 2.0 smashing pumpkins. If Onion could get rid of Foot without any details being found out about the truth he totally would have trapped Billie by now and she'd probably already have a little baby Onion already. Part of me Hope's that based on how Billie has handled the Onion situation that she would be smart enough to not stick with Onion.

He acts so manic sometimes maybe the right strain could really chill and mellow him out. He has a creative brain and a passion to create I guess so maybe if he spent less time fuming and sperging on twitter and more time consuming cannabis and creating content maybe he could actually put out something decent. It definitely wouldn't be everyone's bag of tea, but maybe the quality would rise at least a little bit one would hope.

Native Mexicans do not come from European descent. It's not like there was no one living in Mexico before we brought our white asses over. There were native indigenous tribes that europeans enslaved, controlled, or killed if they refused to be controlled. Then the Spanish bred into the native people. But yeah her grandmother is probably not 100% native but that's what happens when countries conquer and enslave people.

Here's a bad explanation as to why Plain doesn't have more Mexican in her

Father A: 100% White Mother A: 100% Mexican

Gives birth to boy, 50% White, 50% Mexican

Father B: 100% White Mother B: 100% White

Gives birth to girl, 100% White

Now if these two get together and make a baby that baby gets only half of her father's genes, and it isn't going to perfectly divvy up 25% white and Mexican each from the father. There's a chance that kid could only be 100% white, or only get 15% of the fathers Mexican genes and 35% white to be her 50% share of her father's genes.

No. 563128

He'd be terrible on pot. He would freak out because he doesn't feel in control instead of just letting go.

No. 563130

Of course she had to mention what a pale smol bean she is multiple times. Her face looks that pale because she wears a shit ton of full coverage foundation. When she's not wearing foundation her face (specially her nose) looks pink as fuck

No. 563142


She also played onion by saying Billie smells because she has dyed hair and doesnt shower enough. She also said Billie didn't wear deodorant. She knew he was autistic about that shit. She got rid of Billie but couldn't stop onion from giving Billie his microdick as soon as she left them alone! Better luck next time, Plain.

No. 563158

I still can't get over that little miss hyper sensitive stays with Greg after he cheated on her multiple times with Billie.

It's truly so funny that to this day he claims he's not a cheated and vile scum bag like who cheats on their pregnant wife?

Billie finessed that ugly cunt for thousands, and now has a large enough audience to get sponsors on her YouTube and additional income on top of working because she's not a social retard.

No. 563161

File: 1534439106670.png (191.24 KB, 1024x576, EAD4663D-75FE-458D-B3F5-EBAC4A…)

Lainey is the epitome of sunk cost syndrome. She is in it for the long haul.

No. 563200

How much of this is still confirmed padding from Lainey/Toby/his mom?

No. 563220

Foot's logic
Cheating on her, signing their son away and cheating on her again when she's heavily pregnant = okay
Smoking weed = TOO FAR!!!

No. 563230

What video is this from?

No. 563231

+ the darker hair ruined her corpse skin look she had going

No. 563252

>I could love an ocean till it’s warm

That's peeing in the ocean Greg.

No. 563253

that's exactly what he means, he's good at pissing in the wind

No. 563254

iirc Taylor $5, Toby $1K, crazy Tamy $?

No. 563287

Ah so he's only making >2k
From patrons

That still makes their household income around 4k a month with Lamp's and their video revenue

No. 563310

It’s probaby a little more than that anon remember just their mortgage on the swamp alone is around $2k a month

No. 563312

>If Onion could get rid of Foot without any details being found out

I was catching up on posts here and watching TV at the same time and there was video about Shanann Watts on Inside Edition. A Colorado man murdered his pregnant wife and their two small children. They had a small clip of Shannan from a few months ago gushing about her husband and how they had met on the internet.
The way this woman talked about her husband, how she goes overboard saying how great a man he is, how perfect a husband and father he is reminded me of how Lainey talks about Greg whenever someone questions their relationship.
Authorities say that the reason for the murders may have been mounting financial troubles, bankruptcy and we all know that Gregs YT career is done, he is continuing to downsize his lifestyle and the impending lawsuits are going to take their toll.

Lainey and her kids need to get out of that house now.

No. 563315

i know onion is a psycho, but i don't think he's murder-levels of psycho

No. 563318

Greg must hate that Lainey wont allow him to have temporary breaks from her and the relationship.

Lainey has said in a couple of videos that Greg and her will fight and he will attempt his "IM BREAKING UP WITH YOU!" she will let Greg stew alone in another room and cool down, but sometimes he will ramp up the argument and want some kind of temporary separation, and shes said that she nixes that talk right away and tells Greg that if he wants a divorce then they will do it legally and properly, "write up the papers, and we'll go to court" that usually calms Greg down and he stops all the separation/divorce talk.

When I first heard her talk about Greg threatening separation when they'd argue I can see this was him attempting to figure out a way to fuck teens and feel like he was in the right.
"we were SEPARATED you cunt! We were on a break we weren't together at the time so it was perfectly fine for me to fuck >insert teens name<"

No. 563326

Like he did with Shiloh, all that freedom, he got with Adrienne then and tried to get with Hannah Minx

No. 563334

If he considered IMing a girl (Hannah Minx) dating all the patron freaks must be flings.

No. 563338

That's what everyone says in the news reports after the fact
>Oh never expected it he was always so normal and great, such a loving family man

Think about it, if you could tell someone was just gonna snap and murder their family that easily, those people wouldn't end up with families in the first place.

Don't wanna start an armchair circlejerk but it's pretty obvious that greg has some kind of personality disorder, or at least aspects of one on top of being an asshole. We already know he's abusive to Lainey, he clearly fantasises about murdering a bunch of people, that's clear from his shitty books.

Also - He is obsessed with weapons and wearing bulletproof vests. The reason those are banned from most convention spaces etc is because the likelihood of someone wearing one purely for protection and not because they plan on shooting other people is extremely low.

He ticks every school shooter box. If I were American and went to his old school or one nearby him I would be shitting my pants.

No. 563339

Eh, he might an hero after if he does.

Greg is none of those things lol

No. 563342

I was about to say that. His "relationship" with Hannah consisted of 2 weeks of him jerking off in front of a computer monitor as he chatted with her.
He got too clingy, Hannah freaked and ghosted him.

No. 563343

File: 1534461644542.jpg (9.7 KB, 225x225, We_Were_On_A_Break.jpg)

Greg can only dream.

No. 563351

When you say none of those things do you mean the school shooter checklist or the post shoot up interview with the police? 'cause I reckon he probably comes across decently normal to his neighbours and immediate family, worst they might have to say is

>Yeah he ran around naked in the garden a lot and had some weird girls over but we always thought that was just for his and his husbands' youtube, y'know the kids these days and their viral trends

It's not like they're gonna interview us after the fact, it'll be the people living next to him and his teachers and shit. Plus, no one ever admits it if they thought something was wrong with the person anyway, unless the constantly reported that person and weren't listened to, it's basically admitting you knew it would happen and didn't do anything.

No. 563354

So I never understood the timeline of his relationships at that time. He was with Shiloh off and on then dated Adrienne got back with Shiloh and somewhere in there he dated Hannah and was also chatting up Lainey?

No. 563358

I think this was when he was in LA for a time with Cyr. Rather than take advantage of a metropolitan city he was online looking for girls for sukmi and he knew his chances of an IRL LA girl putting up with what he had to offer was 0

No. 563359

This bit
>Oh never expected it he was always so normal and great, such a loving family man

I guess most people don't know he's a freak, but he has a huge paper trail online.

No. 563361

File: 1534462550539.png (336.98 KB, 459x381, pussy onision bulletproof vest…)

>Greg is none of those things lol
Have you only been following the Onision drama for a week?

The checklist seems to fit Greg to a T.

abusive to Lainey - watch any video where the two have any kind of interaction. I can only imagine how he treats her when the camera isnt on.

fantasizes about murdering a bunch of people - you seriously need to read his books, it will give you insight into how his brain works and wanting to kill people that wrong him is a big fantasy of his.

obsessed with weapons - go through all his videos on every channel he has and make a check mark every time he is brandishing a gun(yes I know they are air-soft pistols, but they are being depicted as real), firing a gun, or gun violence is glorified.

wearing bulletproof vest - the picture attached says it all

No. 563363

File: 1534462705960.jpg (48.68 KB, 889x540, Onision Relationships.JPG)

I find this chart helpful.

No. 563368

He cares too much about himself to hurt himself or do something that would land him in jail. He was never really going to kill himself when he “put a gun to his head” a decade ago. He acts suicidal for to get his needs met.

If anything he will just continue to abuse Lainey more and more until she either leaves him finally or he can live with her supporting him financially and taking care of the kids while he has a teen girlfriend. It’s a lose-lose for her. She needs to read some reddit threads like /BPDlovedones to realize she isn’t alone and his abusive behavior patterns aren’t unique to him.

No. 563369

maybe he's hoping she'll kill herself. imagine the views.

i feel dead inside just making that comment, even as a joke.

No. 563370

I love this image because it perfectly shows how he goes after underage or teen girls.

When Ive tried to get his goat about the ages of the girls he dated he brings up Adrienne and Hannah immediately, but without actually naming them. Then he will play with the facts by bringing up his ex wife and how old she was when they divorced (but not how old she was when the started fucking) and he will say about Lainey "and my wife who is 23 years old"
but doesnt say how old she was when they fucked on a motel room desk.

I obviously would not fault him for his relationships when he was under 18. Im not going to try and say he was a monster for dating a girl who was 14 when he was 14 or 15.

I would love for him to answer this question without trying to spin the facts or play with timelines.

Greg, after you turned 18 how many people were underage or teenagers when you had sex with them for the first time.
Lainey- 17
Billie- 18

No. 563371


like she said in her video about the situation "her and greg were trying to find ways to fix it but i didnt want to, i had my out"

had my out = i can finally get rid of my husbands mistress without him getting pissed at me again

No. 563375

in his mind he didnt cheat and will never admit to it, because he told lainey after she got jealous again that he was finally going to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, i.e fuck billie, (because this will somehow cure her intense jealousy and anxiety nice one gurg) and because she didnt fully understand what that meant by "do whatever i want" it doesnt count as cheating when he fucked her. gregma logic. it just makes me laugh that the greasesomes obviously werent that great if he desperatly wanted to sleep with billie exclusively without lainey scowling at them. the cherry on the cake being that lainey and billie didnt even have a private sexual relationship themselves outside of the threesomes.

No. 563377

To be fair, Skye is about a year or so younger than him so it's kind of excusable but Shiloh's and Lame's cases are ohhhhh boiii.

No. 563381

Skye is the least sketchy out of them all, yeah. But it doesn't look good for his continued behaviour.

No. 563383

>lainey and billie didnt even have a private sexual relationship themselves outside of the threesomes.

Ive always thought this. And the number of threesomes they had could probably be counted on one hand. If Greg was having threesomes 30 to 40 times during Billies visits like hes said in a few of his videos, why was he so pressed to figure out a way to fuck Billie solo?
His "30 or 40 times" claim is bullshit. Im sure that the threesomes were awkward and clumsy, and ended abruptly every time because Lainey would get jealous or anxious.

tldr: Laineybot has never touched a vagina.

No. 563384


He married Skye literally just a few months after she turned 18. He wasted no time. And she was born in 1987 he was born in 1985.

No. 563388

Also he would moan her younger sister's name during sex.

Wonder if his obsession with Billie is because she was the biggest age gap for him.

No. 563405

That's so fucking gross? For one that's totally him being an asshole when you can control that, and also wasn't she like 15?

No. 563406

File: 1534467469630.png (175.51 KB, 1914x821, temp.png)

No. 563408


2 million dead subscribers and only 26 active users willing to still support him till the end

No. 563427

Assuming their income is $1899 and $1500 for their patreons, we know Greg makes $666 or less from adsense and being generous with an occasional sponsorship on Laineys end, her yt income being about $1,000…shit ain't looking good. After self employment tax alone that's about a $20,086 yearly take home. Which is often less than the take home salary of a decent waitress even if her tips are taxed.

Add to that their house payments at around $4,500 a month that leaves them at -$33,914 a year. Add in average cost of utilities and living expenses for a family of 5 (including Sarah) and that's about -$45,919 a year. Add in the amount he owes IRS over their usual 72 month timeline and they're currently hemorrhaging -$35,669 a year.

Their own downfall of their own doing is delightful.

No. 563430

Sry samefag I meant -$48,169 yearly

No. 563454

$4000 a month would be a very expensive house payment considering the cost of the house. They probably pay $2000 a month or less unless they for some reason decided on a 10 year mortgage.

No. 563456


I think it's also Greg's way of trying to control the situation. One of the most common tactics used by manipulative & emotionally abusive individuals is the ‘manipulation breakup’. This is simply when a person repeatedly breaks up with their partner, not because they truly want to end their relationship, but rather to gain power & control over their partner & the relationship in general. There are a variety of issues & events that can cause an MB (far too many to list here), but it can range from their partner doing something they don’t like/approve of to the emotionally abusive person being confronted on their abusive/manipulative behavour (by their partner &/or their partner’s family/friends).

Instead of taking the time to discuss or even arguing about the issue in an attempt to resolve it, the person will just break up with them, knowing that their partner doesn’t want to break up. They will then refuse to speak with them about the issue (& the relationship in general), essentially shunning or ignoring their attempts. This can include ignoring phone calls, text messages, VMs etc.., If the couple live together, they will simply refuse to speak with their partner (aka the silent treatment). Their intention is to make it seem like the relationship is over, so that the person will practically beg & plead with their partner & be willing to agree to anything in order to get back together. This puts the abusive partner in a position of power & control, as they get to decide when/if they get back together & under what conditions. They will then tell their partner that if they want to get back together, they must agree to certain conditions. These conditions can be anything from limiting how much time or contact they have with family/friends to allowing the abusive partner to go through their phone, tablets, emails etc., whenever they want. This is where the control comes into play.

These manipulation breakups typically occur several times throughout the relationship. With each new breakup, the abusive partner has to escalate the intensity & length of the shunning/ignoring, in order to make it appear as though ‘this time’ it’s REALLY over. This puts their partner in a perpetual state of anxiety, (walking on eggshells), trying not to do anything to upset their partner out of fear they’ll break up with them ‘for good’.

The most ironic thing about the people who repeatedly use these manipulation breakups is that they will deny they are abusive or manipulative. They will insist that these breakups are actually a sign of how loving, tolerant & forgiving they are, explaing that despite all the bad things their partner does to them, they always forgive them & take them back.

No. 563484

>why was he so pressed to figure out a way to fuck Billie solo

because shes younger, more attractive, more feminine, better body, and a better personality than his wife. Plain herself confirmed that all her and billie did was make out when it was just them lmao.

if he had succeeded in being able to sleep with billie solo whenever he wanted as much as he wanted (which was always his endgame) im quite sure they would have just gotten closer and closer and he maybe would have even divcorced lainey for being "too negative to billie", thats if she hadnt decided that the weed was the final straw, her get out clause

during the "threesomes" onion said he would mostly make out with one of them while fucking the other so its a stretch to really call them that anyway

No. 563513

summerfag? they haven't sold their old mcmansion yet…

No. 563557

He gaslit the shit out of her through that entire thing. In her latest video where she answers google questions, she says she doesn't have a girlfriend because she's "not good at relationships." She has also said multiple times how unlovable she is and how hard it is to be with her. All of that is coming from what her husband tells her, because that's the only person she's had a real relationship with as an adult. WE all know that the only real problem is him, but she blames herself for everything he does. He's constantly trying to convince her that the reason it didn't work out with Billie, the reason he wants to keep being poly and isn't satisfied, etc. is because she's so incredibly jealous and difficult, everything is her fault, and she's just not good enough. He's basically said as much on camera dozens of times, so I can't imagine what he says to her in private.

I think deep down she knows it's all on him, but that's not a reality she can accept because she wouldn't know what to do about it – she sure as hell isn't going to leave him – so it's almost easier to just blame herself. That makes it even more pathetic and depressing.

No. 563596

Yeah, i mean he pretty much tells her to end her friendships over silly arguments like he does with everyone who he gets in contact. Not only he fucked her life in a social level but also in Youtube, after SR collab she only collab again with way smaller Youtubers (and only females)

She start her transtender fase to have human contact besides Onion, Ball and Chain without the repercutions she face after SR. When she is away from him she can be almost normal, sadly i can see her being a old hateful wife whom is constatly mad about her husband cheating on her but is so used to it that doesnt what to do something about it.

No. 563669

They still make a $2600+ payment on their other house too. When a house is for sale it still belongs to the owner unless it's been foreclosed on

No. 563776

Her chin zit is everlasting

No. 563799

It is possible they sold it to a third party that now has full ownership and that company is selling it. It isn’t unheard of it to sell to large firms who than either flip the house or sell it for a small profit. Even a small profit when a firm owns dozens of homes is still making millions. My tinfoil is they did sell the house to a company who now owns it and is selling it

No. 563873

That’s not even adding in their rampant frivilous spending, they were just at Panera Bread in one video, and I also remember the one where after he previously whined about his finances and then in a subsequent video with Plain “showing how great their relationship is” and they had $50+ dollars worth of movie theater food. He insists on shopping on Target when he should be shopping at Walmart, and I’m sure he still visits Whole Foods for high end frozen. It’s beautiful to see their cancerous spending habits finally mestastisize.
Also, I don’t on Anus ever doing anything violent. He’s too afraid of the law and he doesn’t hit Taylor because he knows the second someone would notice a bruise on her it would prove everything teh haturz have been saying about him.

No. 563930

File: 1534491268249.png (384.92 KB, 649x829, lurker.PNG)

I guess tissue is still lurking for her.

No. 563933

Such a dysphoric bean, Look at how much she suffers! Poor dear.

Put your udders away you cow.

No. 563934

I wonder if tissue is the one who took this photo

No. 563940

Poor tissue’s eyes…is what I would’ve said if I sympathized with the snaek, which I don’t.

No. 563941

Can someone please explain to me why she sticks her tongue out in soooo many goddamn pics?She can't possibly think that's a good look, can she?

No. 563945

Urgh, anon, that would mean they shower together, since she's standing INSIDE the shower in this shot…I guess I wouldn't be shocked by that though, coming from the Onions.

No. 563947

i think its a teenager/thot thing, but i honestly dont know…

No. 563949

Exactly this.

Its a practically middle aged woman (maybe not exactly middle aged in years but she looks fucking harsh for mid 20's) married with 2 children trying to pretend shes an 18 year old Instagram model.

No. 563950

File: 1534499395627.jpg (52.37 KB, 543x410, Evomition.JPG)

So his first video for his new channel is up.

I have no idea what hes thinking. Hes barely at 57 subscribers, and a little over 100 in views.

Is this similar to when he shaved his head? Is he trying to wipe the slate clean and start new?


No. 563952

>so if anyone says I said something I'm like that was a character.

Does he think this is a way not to get sued? Sure Greg, Im sure this will hold up in court.

No. 563953

lmao at him trying to scrub the fuck out of his identity. it won't last because it never does. his vile personality can't be contained for any length of time. it's hilarious to watch him try though.

No. 563957

Why does he never learn anything? Combined with plainey's they must have around 10 channels already. His onichan attempt was already a fail and back then he had slightly more views than now. So many of his last remaining viewers abandoned him because he messes around too much with the channels and therefore you have no idea where he uploads new videos (if I were a fan of him I'd be so annoyed by all the reuploads btw, it screams laziness and you don't want to watch videos you've already seen years ago). So what's the best thing to do when you already have a chaotic situation? Of course, make another channel!

No. 563959

Scrubs a year's worth of shit on his twitter, a brand new channel, it's not me it's just a "character"! What the hell has gotten Anus so fucking scared?

No. 563960

File: 1534501967326.png (79.89 KB, 251x371, 302911.PNG)

>if I were a fan of him I'd be so annoyed by all the reuploads

He just posted a 7 year old video he made with Shi. You dont see her face but you can hear her voice. I hope her manager finds out hes uploading videos of her again and gives Greg a case of the "scared trembling hands" while on the phone just like last time.

No. 563963

Okay, I'm a 20 year old man who is a fan of Onision (I know I should probably grow up but I have watched him since 2006 so I have nostalgia glasses on). There seems to be a ton of controversy surrounding his name that I have ignored for the last 12 years.

I've either thought it wasn't a big deal or not worth not watching him, but obviously his views are down the shitter and I can't ignore his issues any longer, I almost feel bad for watching his videos like I am committing a crime or something.

I've seen the things he said about Grimmie, but honestly there are tons of edgy "comedians" out there so that didn't really effect me. I don't give a shit about his relationship drama because i'm not a 12 year old girl I can separate art from reality, but it seems like that's not even the tip of the iceberg with this man.

So I ask of someone to please make a TL:DR post (with proof) of the worst things he has done, because I don't see anything truly that bad. I just see a narcissist who's pretty funny and is worth following.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563964


I think Shane sued him and he tries to get rid of the evidence.

No. 563965

I also have to ask (Not rudely because I understand the appeal of a lolcow) why do you guys care so much? I see some people nitpicking at how they sit in their own home. I'm gonna be honest this makes you creepier/weirder then Onision/Lainey will ever be.

No. 563966


I kind of agree. I find it quite childlish to try to find anything of their outer looks/way of sitting to shit on.

Their behaviour and character have enough to discuss so I don't see reason in this "They are behaving bad, I need to point out how their way of looking, speaking and sitting is bad too!"

But maybe some people need to make them 100% horrible in order to actually dislike them.

No. 563967

File: 1534503307785.jpg (4.11 KB, 225x225, meh.jpg)

No. 563969

File: 1534503366830.jpg (79.06 KB, 723x505, Next Week on The Peoples Court…)

I think we all know what scared our li'l Onion.

No. 563970

Inb4 you get banned for asking to be spoonfed or mentioning you’re a dude

He’s a greasy predator and an absolute unfunny moron. It’s all right here in the threads. You can read the thread descriptions, they give summaries.

No. 563972

Actually, no I am not baiting, I am serious. Somebody having a conflicting opinion isn't bait.

No. 563973

You should consider that we nitpick smaller things because Ogre is the one who judges other people's looks while he and his wife have horribly aged, major skin problems, poor hygiene, become fat etc. They deserve to be made fun of in every single way because of the hypocrisy. Also the weird sitting position is part of Lame's edgy emo teen/smol bean persona. You need the details for a complete picture. That's why small things are discussed. Also what's up with all the newfags here. Jesus

No. 563974

Humor is subjective my friend, what is funny to you may not be funny to anyone else. As for predator, it seems he dated a 17 year old girl in his early 20's? I mean it's a little weird but I wouldn't say that is predatory. I was asking to be spoonfed because everything I've read seems pretty tame. Definitely not worth spending hours talking about online.

No. 563976

Yeah this is pretty sad, I assume everyone here is 10 years old then me (I'm only 20 so maybe i'm just a naive idiot) which only makes it 10 times worse. Some people are claiming to be a therapist as well, while I doubt the validity of that it wouldn't be too crazy to believe. I'm sure if 90% of the users on this thread had their lives posted online they'd be made fun of similarly or maybe even worse.

No. 563979

Can you stop clogging up the thread with your ignorant bullshit. If you're too lazy to look up the horrible shit he has done and rather believe his lies then go to his patreon lmao

No. 563980

I hope you get banned for samefagging, announcing your gender and being an Onion-Stan before I have to leave to work.
Seeing those bold red letters under your posts would feel so satisfying and start my work day off perfectly.

No. 563981

So what you are telling me is you don't like what Onision said, so instead of moving on with your life you are going to stoop to his level by making fun of him and his wife, 2 people that look completely normal. I understand getting angry about his Grimmie comments, those are bad, but people say idiotic shit all the time, it's part of being human.

As for Lainey's "Smol bean" fetish or whatever the hell, who cares?

No. 563982

Oh no what will I ever do, maybe i'd go enjoy my life and meet people instead of obsessing over some idiot online that makes videos of himself in a banana costume.

No. 563983

I don't believe anything he has said, because I don't care. I'm just baffled that you people just sit around and talk shit about some dude just making videos in his basement.

No. 563984

I didn't samefag I'm just not the only person who doesn't have a boner for this random guys antics. If me getting banned from a shitty website where you make fun of retarded people makes your day before you go to Mcdonalds or wherever, you are pretty pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 563985

There's a video where Onion's character shoots Foot in the head for cheating on him, so yeah I agree with you on that.

No. 563986

lmao why are you so hurt, steve? you don't care but you're over here nagging us like we care about how you feel.

No. 563987

I can understand the point you are trying to get across. The almost childlike bullying of 2 irrelevant old people online is somewhat depressing to look at. I do think Onision deserves some pretty harsh consequences for making up rumors about Shane Dawson that was super fucked up of him. But his consequences will come without a shit ton of unneeded commentary on his life. What will his kids think when they grow up and look up their father or when their school peers look up their dad. You guys are worse then Onision and that is with me knowing all Onision has done.

No. 563988

You're clogging up the board with your feelings, can't you go make a blog post and white knight onision there?

No. 563990


I mean I absolutely hate Onision. But I have no hatred or care torwards his wife/family. I think the harassment/stalking of them is super fucked up. Seriously imagine how bullied his children will be in school.

No. 563991

lmao if you "know all Onision has done" then surely you know he airs his dirty laundry all over the fucking internet and whether or not anons comment on it makes no difference, if anyone is fucking up his kids futures it's HIM.

No. 563993

No it's you guys supporting his obviously mentally ill antics. The guy has some pretty intense narcissistic qualities paired with a horrible eccentric personality. You are rationalizing being a bully at this point. That's not even SJW of me to say that's just called adult rationale.

No. 563995

That his children are gonna be bullied is 100% his fault. If he even sends them to a public school. No one is harrassing them, except you count comments unser Lame's videos. That's basically it. Everything else is made up by him.

No. 563996

He has a few pretty fuckin good points. But I think he's not really understanding how deep the rabbit hole goes.

No. 563998


No. 563999

Oh yeah that totally makes sense, have you thought about the fact that his kids are obviously not school aged yet? It probably won't be now and it won't be probably for 11-12 years from now until they are in high school, that's when shit will hit the fan.

No. 564000


A rational adult holds themselves accountable for their own actions. Greg is responsible for himself, no one here is forcing him to do anything. And nobody believes you "hate" him when all you can say is that he's "eccentric" and "narcissistic" as if he doesn't love being labeled that way because it makes him feel like a super speshul lord of edge

No. 564001

It is pretty sad seeing how seriously some people take the "issue" instead of going about their daily lives. And yes people really are nitpicking on their appearance and it is stooping to Onisions level it's about as clever as a child saying somebody is fat. The point about his kids getting bullied isn't a great point because that is Gregs fault. The point about if people had their lives aired online it'd not be so pretty was true as well I have tons of shit I wouldn't want shared online.

No. 564002

I don't need to call him more because I'm not 12, what do you want me to call him? a faggot poopyhead?. It's obvious Greg has some sort of American Psycho fantasy going on that causes him to act the way he does, people calling him a psycho for his constant screaming/violent antics in his videos is dumb. People can make whatever art they want without being a "psycho" (whatever that even means anymore). He has narcissism that is for sure, maybe a tad bit of APD and maybe a little autism? I don't see anything else other then that.

No. 564003

File: 1534506449039.jpg (66.23 KB, 1068x601, sdas.jpg)

I mean cmon, can you not see the resemblance?

No. 564005

I didn't say it would, that is what you are projecting on to me lol. What is there even further to talk about? What Greg ate last night? The last girl who's face he came on? I'm sorry that more people are going to continue to use this as a venting site where they project their anger out on 2 random attention whores online all day.

No. 564006


The only reason we know about any of this is because of what GREG AND LAINEY THEMSELVES put out on the internet.


This is so weird and sad. How long until he caves and goes back to his old channels because his narcissism demands he posts on an account with sooooo many (cough bot) followers?

And oh God I hope the rumors are true about >>563969

No. 564007

I wish all of you dudes a great life and I hope you find happiness outside of this cringeworthy witch hunt. I'm going to go enjoy my family and play Conker: Live and Reloaded!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 564008

I don't even give him two weeks

No. 564009

I find it unbearable too. Why can't she ever just take a normal photo without her fingers on her face or her tongue out like a thirsty dog.

>>563965 Shut up and lurk moar.

>>564003 Kek. I actually fucking can.

No. 564010

Lmao I knew she would block that anon, her profile picture was visible in the screenshot. Thanks for confirming you lurk, foot

No. 564011

Why is she posting nude photo's to her underage fans in the first place, bloody pervert.
"Look fan kids, if I take a photo almost to my nipples, my milk bags are so flat it looks like I have a boy chest!" Me! 12 ear old Aesthetic AF!"

No. 564012

I like how their lives revolve around social media so much she's in the shower with her phone

No. 564013

>if I "accidently" get my phone water logged then Daddy will have to buy me a new phone

No. 564014

File: 1534508970453.jpg (155.13 KB, 375x500, shitty patrick bateman attempt…)

You know Ogreg would love it if he looked or acted like Patrick Bateman, but he doesnt.

Hes just a shitty Walmart version.

Ogreg is the glum middle aged man who dresses up in a makeshift American Psycho costume for Halloween, and has to explain who hes dressed up as to every teen girl he tries to hit on. Then he eventually gets asked to leave the party because hes creeping all the girls out.

No. 564018

Bateman actually takes care of his skin. I mean it's an entire chapter of the book. I think Bateman, the narcissist that he is, would kill himself if he had Greg's disgusting skin.

No. 564022


Idk if you're still here, but here's a quick, comprehensive list. It's a few years old at this point though, so it doesn't cover the shit once Billie came into the picture.

I don't really have time to post reasons with "proof" beyond that, it would take me days to go through that amount of a shitshow. But really anon, if you watch him, listen to him and read what he says he digs his own grave. If you can think he's "not that bad" after anything he says, there's no hope for you. He's hurt far more people than he's helped, he is painfully (and willfully) ignorant and treats his opinions as fact. He's a pathological liar, cheats on his wife and blames everyone else but himself for it, slanders people left and right, preys on unstable teen girls… seriously bro. Take off your nostalgia glasses.

No. 564058

anothr point to add on the future murderer checklist. paul bernardo was also obssessed with karla homolka's little sister.

No. 564059

Onision fans are literal retards thinking that to use an image board you have to take hours out of your day. This app loads quicker than twitter and its funnier and smarter to make fun of out and out retards online than draw attention to yourself on social media.

Onion is a wanker, I've been following him since I was 16 in 2007. He has advocated for a lot of fucked up things, done a lot of fucked up things abused a lot of girls. He's a hilarious figure because he's ignorant of how bad he comes across.

It takes no effort to laugh at this retard, but it's funny seeing him put himself in an early grave by remaining ignorant and obnoxious.

No. 564062


>Why is she posting nude photo's to her underage fans in the first place

Don't forget she's shown her entire fucking titt in her stupid wellness video.

No. 564065

>sadly i can see her being a old hateful wife whom is constatly mad about her husband cheating on her but is so used to it that doesnt what to do something about it.

Blogpost but this sounds a lot like my grandma. She got married to my grandpa in her early 20's after he date raped her and got her pregnant and they stayed married for 50 or 60 years until he died. During their marriage he was an awful person to her, hit and yelled at her, hit and yelled at their kids, and cheated on her. At one point she put the kids in the car, drove to her parents' house, and announced her intention to leave him but her parents told her to go back home since it just wasn't "proper" to get a divorce in the 60's. Now my grandma is 80, my grandpa is dead, they never got a divorce, my dad doesn't speak to my grandma because he's so traumatized from his awful childhood, and my grandma basically sits at home alone all day waiting to die.

No. 564070

This is a late response but I always wondered this myself—why Shiloh or Billie wouldn’t have taken the literal piles of evidence of Greg actually attempting to harm their reputations and tried to do something legal about it. Maybe it was as simple as the fact that they had no money at the time? I do recall that the last time Billie left, when Greg was being really grotesque towards her there were some anons in the thread telling Billie to write him a short statement that she wanted nothing to do with him and to stop discussing her publicly, or something like that. I wonder if that kind of statement means anything legally, were they lawfags trying to give advice or what? iirc they were fairly insistent on the language used but I’m too lazy to go back and look.

I suppose Shiloh having her lawyer tell Greg to watch his ass was similar? I loved how exasperated that poor dude sounded, he knew he was talking to a fucking sped, lol.

No. 564074

is that video where he's talking to shiloh's lawyer still around somewhere?

No. 564082

GOD anon, they're man tits now, she's a kawaii smol shota boi now.

No. 564094

Jeezus if his old channel was him making content to please other people I cringe to think what this new channel is gonna be now that he's "doing whatever he wants".

But he's still screeching into the camera like an autist so I'm guessing he doesn't plan to mature.

No. 564095

Her caption and photo make zero sense like I can't even with this brain damaged stupid fucking bitch. I feel like my IQ is dropping just looking at that photo. Lel.

No. 564096

No clue. I watched it at the time but haven’t seen it since. To be fair, I haven’t gone looking for it either. There might be a link—when did that happen? Maybe look through the summaries thread and see if it’s mentioned anywhere?

No. 564124

Uh because they were 17/18/19 and didn’t know what to do

No. 564137


couldn't find the vid but >>501629 is a transcription

No. 564139

As much as I disapprove of many many many of Lainey's actions, I do like about her that she put a leash on Greg in regard to threesomes… for now.

No. 564145


I think he had to delete it since not only did it show he's an unhinged manchild who can't handle talking to other adults, his recording of the lawyer was illegal as he did not have the lawyers consent.

No. 564154

I don't understand. He's already failing with the content he's pooping out, yet he makes a new channel with the exact same content: yelling, bad and unfunny comedy and patting himself on the shoulder constantly.
Never change, Onion.

No. 564171

Well, to create art, you have to have basic understanding of art. Greg is uneducated in so many artistic fields: He has basic knowledge of using a camera but doesn't know anything about making films. Turning on a camera, reciting lines in costumes and adding filters in post doesn't automatically make a good video, you know.
He's a really, really poor writer: In unedited videos you see that he isn't able to write down easy words without making mistakes, his book lacks finesse and … proper grammar and syntax.
Well, when it comes to humor, I give him the benefit of the doubt: Everyone likes different comedy styles, what bothers me the most is that there's so little meaning to what he creates. He deals with so many niche topics which are old and forgotten or just unappealing to me; I'm just don't the the comedy in stumbling around and screaming.
As for stand-up comedy he might have a chance in front of a group of hardcore fans who adore every word he says. But if there were people to voice concern or criticism, he'd start pouting like a little child.

All in all, he's just so unprofessional with what he does and it shows for every artistic area he touches.
The only thing he's decent at is creating drama. That is, until everybody started shunning him since he leaked private information on people for his own financial and apparently emotional well being.

I hope that shines a little light on why people dislike his videos. I won't go into any personal, "drama" related details because I'd like to get some things done later on. If I'd state all the terrible things he's done, I'd be still typing tomorrow.

No. 564184

File: 1534536471453.png (78.74 KB, 640x1136, 2398FF09-5605-45B9-AD6D-BFB29B…)

this seems to be another abandoned channel of his, i havent seen it mentioned in the list of his other channels

No. 564185

For the past year he's been espousing shit like "I'm not holding back, I'm going to make the videos that I want" or "keep watching for better content than I've ever posted before" and it's all the same lazy Death Note bullshit. Elsagate videos have better production quality.

I want to place bets on how long it takes for him to make a video featuring fake gunshot splatter, him screaming directly into the camera, weird shots of his decrepit house, and his Beloved Cast of Onision Wearing Cheap Wigs™.

No. 564194

File: 1534539082940.gif (493.63 KB, 490x263, l6Z.gif)

Yeah, Ogreg can only dream of being that aesthetic.

No. 564196

showed nudes to sarah too

No. 564203


Check the onision archive for a quick run-down & stop clogging the thread or keep your nostalgia goggles on & keep being a faggot

No. 564268

He was in his late 20’s and divorced. That is creepy as fuck!

No. 564270

This reminds me of the first video Shiloh was in. She did similar ~so randumb~ screaming. I wonder if he's trying to emulate that era of his videos because he was popular then. Sorry Greg, it's not going to work.

No. 564278

The only logic I could come up with to justify this stupidity is that he -honestly- believes it's Youtube's algorithm.

If he creates a new channel from scratch, (in LGH land) it won't be under the same censorship as his Onision channel group. The fact that they had 1 email using his name as an example is PROOF of this because he's so HONEST. So on this new channel, he can start again with the same stupid ass humor.

Only wait, people aren't subscribing because his content is garbage tier. But just you wait - if he decides to bitch about it we'll hear about how no one can FIND his new channel and how hard it is to start on youtube blah blah blah, it only matters because its him now.

No. 564290

Did she actually show her nudes? I thought it was just the pic of with her cleavage showing.

No. 564335

Anyone want to take bets on how many subscribers he’ll get by September?
He did this same stunt with OnisionReacts and managed 98,000 before fucking it up with Shane and for some reason I’m expecting he’ll get more on this new channel

No. 564355

Really appreciated this, anon. I think you did a great job unpacking the myriad of reasons Anus's videos are so terrible and why, even without his terrible personality, his channels would still fail.

Even his "comedy" which you give him some leeway for is objectively terrible when you really look at it. He goes for cheap shocks, leans on tired edginess and when that doesn't work he shrieks, because louder evidently is funnier. There's nothing unique or creative about his comedy, a good half of it is straight-up Jim Carey impressions.

In short, there is a wide chasm between the creative skills he thinks he has versus what he actually presents. Unlike most successful entertainers, he doesn't actually put work into his art, he just sharts out the same tired garbage he has for a decade and gets upset when people don't applaud.

No. 564368

I like this answer, thank you for finally saying something to me that isn't stupid.

Thank you, that was what I was looking for, now I have a lesser opinion of the man. And yes I'm still here, I like how the mods think an IP ban does anything lmao.

No. 564370

So, I looked into it a bit after being a fan since 2006, I will say I do not like some of his behaviors. The teen girl thing doesn't bother me much because 17 just seems like an adult to me. I was dating 24 year old women at 17, so that's not so bad. The cheating, manipulation, blatant narcissism, starting life ending rumors about someone with literally no proof (When they themselves have done worse) and the attention whoring (I had a very similar personality to Onision at 16/17, I can see right through him, his insecurities, his personality, why he dresses/looks the way he does. I've always known this but didn't think much of it). So yes, it seems like he is a narcissistic dirtbag who lives life like he's in a video game. It's okay to live that life single, but with kids? That's another thing entirely.

And yes while his wife is forever mentally 18, I don't see much reason to talk about them, it doesn't seem they are the issue.

No. 564379

The problem is that she ISN'T 18. She's an adult mother of two and her only job is to protect those kids. But she's too fucking selfish chasing after attention and ways to please her man to protext them from witnessing their shitlord of a sperm donor. Naw dawg. Fuck that selfish cunt. She needs to take care of her kids and forget being a gay space prince.

No. 564394

You don't have to be a boring human being just because you have children, she still protects those children, I haven't seen a single picture of them. The only thing I think she is REALLY doing wrong is embarrassing the shit out of her kids when they go to school haha

No. 564397

Also mods, you are seriously shit at banning people, I'm not going to go away because of an IP ban. Besides, I don't really like Onision anymore so there's no point lol.

No. 564416

there is tons of public evidence of lainey flirting with a minor that she has been grooming since she was 14 and now lives with them, also has sent them inappropriate pictures when they were still underage for her to "edit for her". she uses her fake gender identity as a means for attention and money which invalidates people with actual gender issues. she used a teenage girl as a sex toy during her marriage to her husband and constantly shamed and attacked her on the internet during this period. she had this third person in their relationship around their kids and the minor that was also living with them while they fought constantly. she regularly flies out other young women for her and her husband who she then strings along and fucks around for months. she lies, constantly. she consistently defends every retarded thing her mongoloid husband does. you can hear greg yelling/berating the children in the background of her videos. she breastfeeds her children to such a late age that they develop cavities at THREE years old. she is an awful mother and just as bad as her husband.

No. 564424

Alright people, do you see what this is? It's a valid point. Thank you, retards have been spouting autistic bullshit at me for hours instead of trying to help me understand. That does sound like a narcissist who thinks she's still a junior in high school. Can you link the video of Greg berating his kids though? That is kind of hard to believe considering Greg seems like a decent parent who cares about his kids.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 564460

Why the hell is anyone bothering to cater to this guy? Stop spoon feeding him old milk. Who gives a rats ass if he's convinced or not

No. 564493

Is she really protecting them if the older one hurts the younger one and isn't told not to? Because according to Sam, that's exactly what happens in that house.

No. 564503

Go read the archive thread, shit lord.

No. 564517

Implying Sam is a trustworthy source

No. 564523

Most of the things she's mentioned have been true kek

No. 564569

Far more trustworthy than grease or plain.

No. 564578

>Stop spoon feeding him old milk. Who gives a rats ass if he's convinced or not
This exactly.

I hope Im not called out as mini-modding but Ive just been reporting this one guys post each and every time. He'll eventually go away.

No. 564592

File: 1534564804691.png (420.21 KB, 1134x1062, 1532480830351.png)

When that screen cap came out about "dat booty doe" and that Sarah had talked to Greg about wanting to be poly, and also included with Billie (so technically a foursome I guess) I was skeptical.
Sarah and Lainey vehemently denied that Greg commented on Sarahs ass, then Greg goes and makes a fucking video playing the whole thing out trying to justify it and make it look innocent, basically throwing Sarah and his wife under the bus, calling them liars. He even gave it away that it was Sam that he had told that story to and shes the one who let the cat out of the bag.

Now we know that the booty comment was real and happened. I have to believe that Sarah also wanted to have sex with Greg, Lainey, and Billie.

No. 564621

You know what's always annoyed me? The fact that anons are going to bring up how "oh Greg was always acting grossed out and annoyed by Sarah, there's no way he'd ever want her in the trinity" like cmon that's classic Greg over compensating to hide the fact he attracted to underage girls. Sarah wasn't of legal banging age yet back then, of course Greg was gonna go out of his way to publicly make it look like he had zero interest in her. He had to not only convince the public but himself not to try and bang the teenager practically begging to join in his trinity because surprisingly his obsession with the law outweighs his perverseness. I 100% believe Sarah asked is and Greg turned her down and went on to overexaggerate how much he disliked her in videos and to Plainey to cover his ass so he wouldn't break any "laws"
Funnily enough I think that explains why Lainey is so comfortable and never really worried (until recently) about Sarah being around Greg, in her eyes she was the perfect nonthreatening dishcloth of a friend to blow her nose into wihout having to worry abo gregs spunk already being in it. From he rperespective he turned down a decently attractive young pussy during the worst time of her life where he could have easily had it and there was nothing she could do to stop it. But now that she's of legal age Lainey is finally starting to panic and realize it WAS only because of Sarah's age Greg turned her down, not because he wasn't interested or to respect his wife. Sarah will be the next Billy and Lainey foolishly put all the pieces in place for it to happen and kept her around long enough to make it unavoidable now

No. 564643


Kinda makes me wonder why she was so upset about "dat booty doe" if she was willing to be part of their weird polyanus relationship. I'm sure Lame has filled her brain with the horrors of her and Shregs sex life, and she witnessed all the shit with Billie and what POS he was during the whole thing. Maybe it went beyond a comment….ew. God Sarah love yourself girl! Stop idolizing the doormat and run far away from her casa de mildew before all your youth is sucked out of you!!!

No. 564681

My guess is that Sarah doesn't actually want Greg's gross, shriveled, old man raisin anywhere near her, but at some point convinced herself that she loves Groomingbot enough to put up with his puss-spewing clit.

No. 564694

You beat me to it.
Sarah is a lesbian right? I mean she may have some self given Tumblresque title that makes her feel special and unique, but basically Sarah likes females.
Im sure she wants to have a sexual relationship with Lainey, but knows it has to include Greg, so she'll endure the bitter for a little bit of sweet.

No. 564720

She was lesbian but now she claims she's bi, she said it in a stream semi-recently. Interesting that she suddenly has an interest in men once she arrived to the swamp.

No. 564751

File: 1534573388224.png (213.25 KB, 1108x452, buying subs..PNG)

He went up from 200 subs to 2000.
Methinks he's been buying subs.

No. 564752

Theres a weird dynamic in that household. Everyone is always looking for ways to back-stab someone or figure out a way to make it a 2 vs. 1 situation. There are so many examples.

Greg joined up with Billie to shit on Lainey for most of their poly relationship because Lainey was "so negative to Billie", then flipped when he realize it wasnt going to work out and joined Lainey in a campaign against Billie.

Maya comes to Lainey with her feelings of being creeped out by Greg because of the way he touched her, Lainey immediately runs to Greg to rat Maya out, so now its Greg&Lainey vs. Maya and shes sent home and erased from Laineys social media & YT.

Sarah probably thought that coming to Lainey with the disclosure that Greg said something inappropriate to her and it creeped her out would bring on a Sarah&Lainey vs. Greg coalition, but of course Lainey ran to Greg and rats Sarah out, and Greg gets so angry he sends Sarah home and she has to start groveling and sending gifts to Lainey to get back in their good graces. I could go on and on with the examples with the people who are brought into the Onion home.

I know this is a dumb analogy, but it reminds me of the TV show Big Brother or Survivor. Everyone has secret alliances with everyone else. Theres conspiracies, collusion and alliances are made and broken in the span of days or weeks. People whispering secrets to confidants who immediate run off and tell those secrets to everyone else.

No. 564766

File: 1534574007491.png (161.24 KB, 471x460, is he really going to pull the…)

So hes shutting down OnisionSpeaks, UhOhBro and his main Onision channel, no more new uploads on those channels.

Greg says-
>so there is no more Greg, that way I can express opinions and so forth that aren't even necessarily mine and people could be mad at the characters but they can't be mad at me because I don't even know who I am
it's like me saying you know who's gonna win a horse race when I have no idea

Hasnt he tried this before? He wants to shit on people but have the out that it wasnt really him it just a character he made up that said that horrible thing.
I love his terrible analogy about the horse race, what the fuck does that even mean?

No. 564776

Does he really think he’s fooling anyone? Does he think he can’t be hated or even sued for talking trash as a “character”?

Why would anyone want to make opinion videos about opinions they don’t have? For what purpose?

No. 564778

Seriously. I don't get why anyone would encourage that obnoxious shit by replying at all. Just ignore him and he'll get bored eventually. It's just shitting up the thread.

That's what I've been thinking too. I've never thought she seemed particularly interested in him romantically. I would totally believe if she felt she had to have his stamp of approval though. He's so judgmental of people's looks and whatnot, and she's been around that since she was 14, so I'm sure he's fucked with her self-esteem in some way. Even if she doesn't lust for his pig in a blanket, she probably still wants him to at least deem her attractive. Honestly, maybe he's subtly fucked with her head and manipulated her feelings enough by now to where she has believed she was into him at some point. Seems like something he'd be capable of.

…Jesus, these are really confusing feelings for a young teenager to even be navigating. Trying to imagine myself at her age going through all these Onion Family trials is unnerving.

No. 564791

>Kinda makes me wonder why she was so upset about "dat booty doe" if she was willing to be part of their weird polyanus relationship.

Because she was probably told to shut the fuck up by both Onions or lose her chance.

No. 564799

Delete the channels, you coward.

jk don't, we need them for archival purposes.

No. 564801

It's a Turbo Tax loop hole all over again.

No. 564802

File: 1534575455897.png (64.97 KB, 547x203, 56744.PNG)

I can understand her being upset when it was brought up in Discord, and yes she was probably told to shut up about it or get punished and these people in Discord bringing it back up was going to fuck things up for her.

I think the anon was asking why she was so upset with the comment initially when it was first made. Sarah was so upset that she had to go to Lainey about it.
If Sarah wanted to be poly with Lainey and Greg, then a comment about her body from Greg would be a good thing, some kind of flirting right?

No. 564803

>>564397 You're a serious pain in the dick. Who gives a fuck what you think, do you're own research and only post if you have relevant information to offer.


I think because it made her feel fat, not sexualized. He had probably made other comments about her being bigger than Lainey and it triggered her.

>>564766 I'd love to know who's suing him. If his defence is "It wasn't me, Greg is just a character I play", I'm fucking tickled.

No. 564808

Okay pal, so let's say that "Onision" was just a character you were playing on those channels. Right, you're just the best character actor ever, fine. If that's the case, then all the shitty edgelord shit about atheism, veganism, feminism, body-shaming, etc. you've said over the years can't be held against you, Gregory Avaroe, the real person!

…So are Lainey, Shiloh, Skye, AJ, Billie, Ayalla, Cyr, Shane, Social Repose, Jaclyn Glenn, Maddie, Maya, Luxy, etc. etc. etc. ALL paid actors who were in on this whole amazing act too? Because I seem to be under the impression that the main reasons people think you're a despicable person and don't want to watch your bullshit channels anymore are the REAL LIFE things you've REALLY DONE to REAL PEOPLE you've REALLY MET in REAL LIFE, Greg. We have enough outside sources to confirm all the actual, terrible things that you – not a character of yours, not an online persona, but you – have done to people. You're not convincing anyone that you're ~secretly a good person~ when there a a myriad of people out there with first-hand accounts of your insanity and assholery spanning back to literally like, 2005.

Not to mention you yourself have dedicated a huge portion of your time online over the years to vividly detail things about your real life to further back up all of this info, so you can't exactly go back on all that now. Seriously, you've already long since dug your own hole, so just go crawl in it quietly and die already.

No. 564822

Ikr, he's always done content he wanted to do and started screeching because he didn't reach anyone with it.
Lmao imagine him "prank calling" anyone.
He's really lost it now, hasn't he.

No. 564823

File: 1534577470220.webm (1.26 MB, 248x180, When Have I Looked Uglier_.web…)

>I think because it made her feel fat, not sexualized. He had probably made other comments about her being bigger than Lainey and it triggered her.

Thank you anon. That makes so much sense to me now. I couldnt wrap my head around why she would get her feelings hurt with a comment about her butt. I always felt it was a compliment, but knowing Greg and watching how he treats his wife
Lainey: I have never looked more ugly in my entire life
Greg: giggles I disagree
then Im sure he said it to Sarah in a way that made her feel ugly.

No. 564824

I think this is his worst attempt at gas-lighting Ive seen in a while.
What I dont understand is hes saying all this
>its not the real me "Greg" from now on, its my characters saying all this fucked up shit on my videos, you cant sue me "Greg"

Is he going to do the same disassociation with his Twitter? Because if Im not wrong, most of the controversy that he stirs up is because of his tweets.
It usually goes like this
Offensive tweet by Onision > everyone gets pissed at him > he doubles down with more offensive tweets > more people get pissed > he finally makes a video about it.

No. 564830

Oh 100%. He doesn't even have 2000 Patreons does he? And this was too fast of a growth for something he's barely advertising, if at all. Well, engagement will be a sure factor in judging his real subscribers

No. 564831

Basically, unless you're okay with onion putting Onion's clit sized dick in you and have his massive balls slam against you you can't trust Swamp Prince or Shreg. They basically just want a cute alt girl as a sex slave. You can't have any feelings or opinions you just get fucked by the greasy bunch.

No. 564832

Well we don’t post them here but yes, she’s posted them online “accidentally” a bunch of times.

No. 564837

Something has really scared gregma. He's doing his own version of narcissistic prayer

I didn't do it
And if I did do it, it was a character.

No. 564839

Just for you Anon, PATRON ONLY VERSION I Can't Believe This (Mirror)

No. 564842

Looks like Greg's sockpuppet twitter Hiimasociopath has been suspended. I wonder what he's been bleeting about this time.

No. 564843

File: 1534588436708.png (319.88 KB, 541x610, codependent.png)

No. 564846

Yes you are.

No. 564847

Nobody cares about your stupid quizzes, Lame. I'm not watching this. They both think they are so clever by putting the rumors or accusations against their relationship in their titles but the content is so empty and people know it's just a meaningless quiz. They never do anything where they are actually trying to reflect on their situation

No. 564848

TLDR, Throughout the quiz she answers the questions somewhat honestly then goes on to convince herself because these signs are less intense now that they no longer apply. I'm sorry but something is totally wrong in your relationship if you still freakout and believe it's a real possibility that your husband is just going to pickup and leave you.

No. 564852

It doesn't work that way Grug. So much for "muh honesty" and not being afraid to speak out against people you don't like eh? What a fucking pussy. I have a strong suspicion the asshat who was hard up for a Grugly history lesson was fishing for shit to scrub away.

No. 564855

File: 1534590670683.gif (1.55 MB, 345x200, -11.gif)

>the asshat who was hard up for a Grugly history lesson was fishing for shit to scrub away.

oh shit, you're probably right

No. 564856

>you still freakout and believe it's a real possibility that your husband is just going to pickup and leave you.

Shes said in more than one video that to this day, if she doesnt know where Greg is in the house, she immediately thinks hes grabbed his bugout bag and abandoned her and the kids and starts frantically searching the house for him.
Now maybe its not that bad since they've moved into the smaller Swamp Trailer because Greg has less rooms to hide in. But to have that kind of anxiety and fear about the person who is suppose to love you the most, its truly fucked up.

No. 564858

File: 1534591251683.gif (723.94 KB, 472x264, tumblr_mjen5fIEV21rkg7rao1_500…)

Lawyer: "Mr. Avaroe, did you have sexual relationships with this minor?"
Shreg: "No sir, you see, I was dressed up as Chibi, which is a character for my youtube channel. You may recognize me from Tosh.0, he featured my viral sensation "I'm a Banana" song."

No. 564860

Everything about her video screamed Greg is codependent

No. 564861

File: 1534592035663.jpg (62.02 KB, 781x169, It wasn't meeee.jpg)

LGH Doubling down on his "it wasn't meeeee it was a character guvnor, I dindu nuffink" iirc he did a stream with drunken peasants admitting all of his characters were heavily influenced by his own persona (ad verbatim) 80% him 30% character. He truly is a fucking sped lol.

>>564842 hiimasociopath is now Duke of Hell @RedPotato_666_ still unconvinced it was onion as most of his patrons seem identical in their fanaticism/stupidity.

No. 564864

>Im responsible for me and no one else, well besides the people Im guardians of.

Why is she so weird about her children? Is that how she introduces her kids?
"Hi Im Lainey and these two little ones are the people Im guardians of"

No. 564865

I don't get it either.
Everyone knows they have two kids. She even made videos talking about her pregnancies.
I don't understand why they still keep up this "we may or may not have one or multiple kids" shit up.
The same goes for her "who says I have a vagina? Whatever I have down there is non of your business" bullshit.

No. 564866

File: 1534594204219.gif (3.03 MB, 480x448, tenor-1.gif)

So let me get this straight. Does Anus not know he can still get sued if he harasses a person even as a character? Goddamn I want this to go to court.

No. 564868

He's made prank call videos in the past, i think on his speaks channel, in around 2013? They were god awful. I was a fan back in those days and even then i thought they were awful.

No. 564869

I was wrong, it was on his main channel in 2012. A quick "onision prank call" search clarified, sorry for double posting

No. 564872

Holy shit, has Onion gone insane? Like… this just screams beginning of insanity to me. Holy shit.

No. 564874

File: 1534596489200.webm (471.47 KB, 234x180, Changed Man.webm)

If you're going to make these kinds of statements you have to do something about your voice.
I tried to help Taylor out with some soundboard manipulation, but only made her sound like a dyke who smokes too much.

No. 564877

Onion representing himself in court would be so glorious

No. 564878

The whole calling her kids "people she is guardian of" is made all the more creepy when you remember that she always said she was the guardian of Sarah. Now if she actually was legally or not doesn't matter in this case, it's still creepy that she'd use the same words to describe her kids as she did Sarah

No. 564887

Don't worry, anon. Whatever he's going to spin it into, it will fail.
If he continues with the same old rut, he'll be the YT outcast forever because nobody wants a toxic person who spews lies and twists private details in their lives.
If he creates a channel clearly stating that everything is a pre-designed show, people won't find it interesting in the long run because it isn't "real drama" but just something that was a major thing being broadcast on TV years ago. New people might find his content interesting in the beginning but will finally get bored with it … and him.

He's done either way because he's made stupid decisions and he's not willing to improve or learn.

No. 564898

File: 1534607102628.png (554.74 KB, 1279x677, temp.png)

hearing a certain idea hurts doesn't make that idea any more true

No. 564904

I feel like he's gonna try to use this character bullshit to spew more racist bullshit, accuse innocent people of being pedophiles, etc without suffering the consequences "don't be mad at me, be mad at the characters duuuuh"

No. 564905

KEK it's like he has a compulsive need to throw money at stupid shit to try to improve his life.

wow grease, all it takes is a couple of posts ridiculing your new channel for the fake subs to come and save the day.

No. 564910

I kek'd hard. Can't believe she still sticks to that "man" bullshit. She is what shows up in a dictionary under the word "cringe"

No. 564913

Which will probably be his next defence after this piss poor, "It wasn't me it was a character" one falls through. He has a history of claiming insanity to get his way. Who wants to bet he mentions putting a gun to his head to the judge.

No. 564925

Jfc, he is so stupid. If 'I was just playing a character' didn't work for Alex Jones and his bullshit, why would it for onion boy? I wish he would give up Youtube already. It's clearly not working out for him.

No. 564927

Bravo, anon.

No. 564931

I wonder what would it take for him to ACTUALLY quit YouTube for good.

No. 564937

I guess we can apply this logic to anything right guys? It's like the get out of jail free card irl:

"I didnt cheat on you honey - it was a character!"
"I didn't REALLY commit tax fraud - it was a character!"
"I didn't call out people for being pedos to deflect my own gross behavior - IT WAS A CHARACTUUUUURRR!!!"

No. 564943

I've never seen anyone setting a better example for their children. /s

I wonder how he'll react when his kids confront him with his own tactics.
"I didn't cheat at school, dad - it was a character!"
"I didn't get the girl pregnant, dad - it was a character!"

No. 564958

The Onions have a contingent buyer for the McMansion.

No. 564973

"I didn't sign trot away just a few hours after we separated to start a new life with a 18 year old piece of ass, it was a character I swear"

No. 564990

File: 1534621144868.jpeg (219.67 KB, 640x563, CBAC5805-2A23-4B09-A313-E8BFC8…)

Obviously it’s about the Grease Monster.

Don’t fuck with him, Greg.

No. 564991

Basically, a group of people wants to throw money into it? Weird. I wonder why. It's an ugly shithole.

No. 564993

Hopefully to tear it down or renovate it.

No. 564997

His death.

No. 565000

No it's not you tinfoil head, it's about some other beauty ytber called Laura Lynn or Laura something..if you actually read the comments they are all talking about it and watching her sub number drop.

No. 565001

Lmao no, the greasy monster wishes it was about him. It's probably about Laura Lee or Manny MUA, they were involved in big drama with Jeffree and lost a lot of subscribers because of it

No. 565002

>Bets on her getting knocked up the same night Onion took Sarah's virginity?

wait what

No. 565005


I don’t personally think he’s funny, but humor is subjective and I don’t really feel comfortable saying that he objectively isn’t funny. I do have one thing to say about his sense of humor, though.

I really hate it when he compares his skirts to Family Guy. I mean, really. They are nothing alike whatsoever. Greg often resorts to comparing his jokes to Family Guy and similar cartoons when he receives criticism for his content, because they both seek to be edgy, satirical, and “offensive”; but what he doesn’t understand about Family Guy is that they aren’t just taking cracks at people - the reason it’s so funny is because they’re satirizing the people who hold those ridiculous and offensive beliefs, NOT the people who are being made fun of. (Family Guy is also very meta and self-aware, which Greg is not; but that’s a different point.)

For example: take the episode of Family Guy where Quagmire’s dad comes out as transgender. In one scene, Peter and Lois repeatedly refer to him as being “gay” (a common misunderstanding where people believe that trans women are simply gay men), while Quagmire repeatedly corrects them that, no, he’s not gay; he’s a woman. The humor in that scene is not that Quagmire’s dad is really just a gay man - the aim of that scene is to satirize the bigotry and ignorance of the people who think like Peter and Lois do. Even when Family Guy does engage in making fun of stereotypes, they are typically harmless, meta, self-referential, and are often interwoven with criticisms of society at large - they don’t insult and break people down like Greg does. This is something that he often fails to understand about satire, because he isn’t fucking funny and doesn’t understand humor: it is meant to hold shortcomings, vices, and abuses up to ridicule by poking fun at and shaming people, governments, social norms, corporations, or society in general into improvement using humor as a tool by which to accomplish this. Simply making fun of racial, sexual, or gender-related stereotypes does not qualify as satire, because those stereotypes themselves are the status quo societal norms that satire seeks to ridicule and abolish. If satire is defined as the use of wit, sarcasm, parody, and humor for the purpose of social commentary and criticism, then how can the joke you just told be labeled as “satire” when it perfectly parallels society’s norms and expectations in every way? In many ways, Greg’s jokes are almost the polar opposite of satire–hell, his comedy in and of itself is worthy of being satirized.

As Molly Ivins said twenty-five years ago, “When satire is aimed at the powerless, it is not only cruel—it’s vulgar.”

No. 565006

File: 1534624650881.jpeg (37.71 KB, 332x333, FA1CFA12-11E5-4AB8-A339-071A30…)

No. 565023

You deadass copied this word for word from a previous thread but alright anon

No. 565042

No I didn't, this is from my OWN blog. So unless someone else copied it from my blog and posted it another thread to begin with, then that just isn't possible.

No. 565044

please keep your shitposting to your blog.

No. 565075

Oof. You sound like an onion stan

No. 565088


We've been over this, Taylor. Yes. Yes you are.

No. 565111

This attempt to detach from all of the shit he's done and said is so hilariously pathetic. He thinks he's clever, but he just looks insane.

If it's only a character, why don't you ever see him arguing things in a way that doesn't directly serve him? Why does he only screech about shit he believes? If he wants to be some impartial debater, he should challenge himself to argue the -con position in a debate where he really sides with -pro.

But as we all know, Greg isn't actually skilled at proving himself in arguments, he's skilled at berating others until they buckle and make him feel that what he's saying is right, because muh honesty.

Also how long before he hops back on the mental health video train to try to get sympathy… it's about that time in his cycle

No. 565118

>Do I lurk the lowcow thread?

No. 565255

i don't know how u got that number of 20k…. multiplying those (monthly??) incomes by 12 u get like 60k so unless they have two thirds of their income taken away by tax there's no way that they only take home 20k

No. 565302


This is about Laura Lee, but that would be funny.

No. 565326

I know "technically" they aren't new videos, but I was hoping that he would abandon those 3 channels and allow them to wither and die.

No. 565382


>I said I wouldn't upload new videos anymore, not that I wouldn't upload at all. So I didn't lie and I'm still the most honest youtuber

I can already hear this sentence when he gets confronted about why he's uploading old videos.

No. 565386

File: 1534670128154.jpg (48.08 KB, 600x518, 19789999[1].jpg)

>100% on topic and insightful post

Did seeing so many words in one place make you angry?

No. 565390

100% on point, anon.
Lainey's husband just doesn't understand that creating art and comedy needs skill and self-reflection. He's too stubborn and sensitive to step out of his echo chamber and rather wallows in ass pats from people equally uneducated or people afraid of being cut out of his life than educate himself in areas he always claims he loves.

No. 565399

File: 1534678430485.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.4 KB, 236x376, wSZFeQg.jpg)


The relationship she has with her gay husband is a classic example of narcissistic and codependant. It is one of the most toxic relationships because they feed into each others very damaging cycles of behavior. I still can't believe she went to college for psychology…the bitch has to take online quizzes to figure this shit out.

No. 565400

I don't get the vibe that he thinks she's looked uglier, more like the vibe of stfu I'm sick of talking about this. I get the vibe Lainey would be one of those insecure gfs that bitch about their insecurities and weight nonstop, so he probably hears it constantly. Not whiteknighting Greg, just an observation.

I'd say her insecurities got worse after Billie.

No. 565402

This is so true, I've always thought a similar thing. It seems there's no such thing as a proper relationship or friendship. Greg and Lainey are so drama filled and highschoolish.

No. 565407

since when has lainey been drinking? She mentions drinking every now and then as something anuson doesn't like. Last I remember they were making vids about straight edge couple drinking for the first time… why did she start doing it on her own?

No. 565409


She was actually drinking a bit before they came out with that "straight edge couple drinks for the first time" video. She would mostly have a drink when she went out and got food with Madison. She'd only have 1 drink, like a margarita from Applebess or something, but you don't get to call yourself straightedge if you drink at ALL.

No. 565411

I'm also pretty sure you can't call yourself straight edge if you smoke even nicotine free cigarettes but they both do that. It's like when Greg tried being vegan and didn't bother checking if his food was actually vegan or not, he doesn't actually care enough to go all the way in anything but still thinks he can get the prestige from the label regardless (like in the Army)

No. 565424

They’re going to wither and die anyway and he’s not really earning much so what’s the point.. damn He really doesn’t want to get a job but that time is coming.

No. 565432

They are so far away from being straight edge that it's actually laughable they use that label. He knows nothing about straight edge, its background in hardcore punk and the meaning behind it cause he's just looking for fancy labels he can google in 1 minute. People from the scene would laugh about him. He already doesn't qualify due to his questionable sexual morals. He's always on the hunt for young vulnerable teenage girls to sexually exploit and have threesomes with. I also highly doubt that he doesn't do drugs because he wants to have a clear mind all the time, I think the reason is to feel superior and maybe because he would freak out and murder people on drugs and alcohol (he's the type, let's be honest). It's all about control with him. It's the same with veganism, he is way too lazy to educate himself and really try to live the lifestyle, he only doest the bare minimun to look like he has good intentions. He probably wishes openly being a vegetarian had the same impact as 10 years ago cause it takes way less effort lmao.

No. 565534

The comments under his new video on
the new channel (THIS IS NOT A MOTIVATIONAL VIDEO) are really suspicious. So many of them are alike, they are all calling him Character and saying mostly robotic stuff like "I really enjoyed this, Character", "this was amazing, Character", "this made me laugh, Character". Either they are all bought and there was a way to instruct the accounts what to comment or his cult is already deeper than we thought. If that's the remaining die-hard fans then it's obviously just a few hundred 12 year old yes-men. Another thing is he doesn't get as many responses on Twitter, so why are there several hundred people giving positive feedback on a channel that's so hard to find? It doesn't add up. Maybe I'm getting paranoid but the comment section weirds me out. It looks so manipulated.

No. 565536

Exactly. Made me cringe when he would call himself straight edge, everything straight edge stands for is against all the shit he does/is. I don’t understand why he and footface are so hellbent on having labels (being vegan/vegetarian, being “smol”)

No. 565538

can we please stop the "greg does drugs and he could totally murder people" tinfoil, he's far too stupid to ever commit a crime like murder

No. 565539

I also agree anon, whenever I read the comment section on his videos they seem so… fake? Some of them don’t even talk about what the video is about, just making anus’s ego bigger

No. 565542

Maybe that's why he made the new separate channel, as a "safer" way of testing more involved/extreme youtube botting without risking his already established channels.

No. 565603

Totally. It's not that Greg is this big monster, he might like to think he is but that's his ego talking. The real reason he doesn't do drugs and alcohol is because he doesn't want to lose control and show people what a ridiculous, angry, bitter and pathetic little man he is. It's why he barely socialises outside of the house. He has his power in his little ogre trailer so anything outside of that is the dangerzone. He couldn't kill anyone, he can barely hold a conversation he isn't in control of.

No. 565608

I'm sure Shreg has seen that SWOOP chick. I don't remember what her original channel was, but her channel was hit with an algorithmic anomaly that basically killed her channel. She started a new channel from scratch. I bet Shreg probably believes the same shit is wrong with his channels.

No. 565644

How long until he abandons this new channel too? He abandoned onichan after just a month lol

No. 565649

Thoughts if Dat-Booty-Doe:

I think Sarah told Lainey what Greg said in an attempt to be transparent to Lainey, after seeing how fucked up Billie made Lainey sneaking around with Greg. But instead of getting a pat on the head for being a good girl, it started a fight between Lainey and Greg that got Sarah sent home. Maybe Sarah wasnt seen as a threat before the comment? And Lainey finally realized Greg will attempt to fuck any teenager in his house. Probably why it upset her so badly when it got brought up on Discord, cause Sarah probably worked for months apologizing and convincing lainey to let her come back.

No. 565650

Yeah he doesn't want to expand his mind whatsoever. Not that you need drugs and alcohol to do that, but one of the most irritating things about his personality are these weird tightly controlled beliefs/morals he holds onto. It comes out in every debate, his Twitter and Speaks videos. He has no desire to learn about different perspectives or get out of his comfort zone for personal growth. It's like he turned 18 and was like "Yep I've got all the answers! Why do I need book learnin' or social skills when I can create my own masturbatory gospel of faggotry?"

No. 565654

when was the last time sarah was even seen

No. 565665

Wouldn't be surprised if she's been kicked out again after the whole 'dat booty tho' situation. They probably see her as too much of a liability because this is the second time.

No. 565666

Surely within another week she can take off the "Greg can like my booty doe" sign and emerge into the daylight.

No. 565669

In the video where foot infects all of Sarah's makeup with the herpes virus she says that she's still around, who knows when that was filmed though.

No. 565673


She just posted a snapchat of Greg playing a melodica earlier

No. 565704

File: 1534727853667.png (136.27 KB, 993x435, Untitled-2.png)

New beautybot video, and just by searching YT with her title, you'll find what video she ripped off.

No. 565706

What a fuck up, she uses the affordable, Bad Habit palette "Royals" as a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills "Soft Glam" palette. The Bad Habit "Royals" palette is a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills "Modern Renaissance" palette. If she did her research, she'd know that and that the true Bad Habit dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills "Soft Glam" palette is the Bad Habit "Arabesque" palette. Yes some colors are common among all Anastasia Beverly Hills products but she's honestly half-assing things.

No. 565737

During the brown hair dye video

No. 565752

File: 1534735638594.jpg (64.57 KB, 620x465, HenryLeeLucas_OttisToole.jpg)

>he's far too stupid to ever commit a crime like murder

LOL! You have to stop basing your theories and ideas on television and movies. Not all murders are Dexter or Hannibal Lecter.

Heres some real life truths. Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole murdered half a dozen people that can be confirmed, the actual numbers are probably higher. Both men could be considered legally retarded with the IQ tests that were given to them in prison.
It doesn't take an intelligent man to pull a trigger or slash a knife.

No. 565790

File: 1534740210868.png (327.06 KB, 599x522, jodifool.png)

Exactly what I thought. Some are like Jodi Arias who coincidentally pulled "he's a pedophile" after her fool proof plan of blaming ninjas didn't work.
You only have to be smart to get away with the murder.

No. 565791

Gurg still posting I'm a banana videos in 2018.. He truly must be stupid. This is exactly why his channels are all dead. People don't want to see the same dumb characters you were doing 10 years ago switch it up weirdo!

No. 565793

She’s probably been chained up in the swamp crawl space for talking about ‘that booty doe’ in discord

No. 565802

Part of why he does it is because he doesn't understand what made that video popular and thinks that trends never change (who on the internet is shocked to a a guy dancing in a silly costume now?), part that he doesn't realise that most subscribers from that time still subbed have deactivated accounts by now. A final small thing is I think he believes that everyone actually still knows who he is and what that video is. Most kids on YouTube now just don't, even if they know who he is

No. 565811

Won't be long before her college term starts. Be very interesting to see if she actually goes.

No. 565813

File: 1534747242535.png (137.65 KB, 1414x665, most all your writing sucks.pn…)

We most all feel that you have the writing and critical thinking skills of a 6th grader, Anus.

Jesus does he not realize how stupid he sounds?

No. 565825

There was a video he made a year or two ago where he was VERY angrily talking about how basically it's bullshit that girls don't just believe their significant others' compliments and get over their insecurities immediately upon hearing them. I think he was even saying things like "what's the point of giving the compliment if they don't believe it?" and shit like that.

That video really stuck with me for a couple of reasons. It was very clear that he made that video about Lainey and her self-esteem problems, and it was so strange to see someone react with that much vitriol to something negative their partner was going through rather than be supportive or sympathetic. I can't even fathom thinking that way about someone you're married to and have children with. Being frustrated or exhausted by it sometimes is understandable, but getting genuinely pissed off about it to the point of making a ranting video is SO cold and uncaring. Also, he literally didn't understand why he needed to act supportive if it didn't automatically fix everything. That showed that he doesn't truly have any empathy about her problems, he just tells her nice things in the hopes that she'll shut up about it, and/or be instantly cured. It's like he truly believes just saying "you're beautiful" to a girl should fix all of her problems with her self image on the spot, just like how he genuinely thinks he's cured people's eating disorders, cutting etc. by just saying a few simple words to them. Instead of viewing it as a real problem she should get help for by way of medication or therapy, he thinks her self image is something he should just be in control of himself as her partner.

But most of all it's ironic how annoyed he is by Lainey's self-esteem issues when the main factor in all of them is him, and their relationship in general. He berates her all of the time, cheats on her, constantly tries to bring in other girls, and shows her no empathy or emotional support at all, but complains that she doesn't think more highly of herself (or rather, he complains that in his opinion she talks to much about thinking poorly of herself). Lainey is married to an emotionally retarded sociopath. She'll never be happy, and thus he'll never be happy either.

No. 565828


What a dumb ass. He uses "most everyone" a lot in his ignorant ramblings and it's annoying as fuck. I can't believe anybody would pay to read the stuff he sharts out. If any of his patrons managed to get through Creepers Reak they should get top tier perks on principal.

No. 565830

As if she had the knowledge to compare eyeshadows. She likes to pull the "I'm not a beauty guru, I'm just having fun" card to be immune to criticism yet posts typical beauty guru type videos that make no sense if you're a total dummy. If you don't know much about make up as she claims, why bother comparing products? So she must think she's skilled enough.

Exactly. None of the fans from the time the banana video came out are still around. Just look at the comment section and Twitter, they are way too young. Which means he can't win posting videos that refer to that video cause people who have outgrown his content don't care to click on it for nostalgic reasons and his current viewership is likely more interested in stupid uhohbro and speaks type videos and not the lol so random humor from that time.

No. 565834

File: 1534755801306.jpg (234.98 KB, 757x723, Greg-Character.jpg)

So now Greg is suppose to be called "Character"?

Let me preface this by saying I am in no way comparing the greatness of Prince to the incompetence of Onision.

This whole "call me Character" bullshit reminds me of when Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol also known as the "Love Symbol"

Greg, if you'd like to use the symbol I designed, feel free to. I think it embodies all that you represent.

No. 565840

Honestly, making new channel and rebranding sounds like a good decision in his situation - his 'honest rants' and very old random comedy skits are not working and a lot of youtubers from 'his times' evolved and changed to stay afloat, thats important if you are entertainer or artist.
His beloved Shane did that and it worked.
But in his case its impossible - he should drop comedy, when anons are talking about subjective comedy I have image of him rolling in trash in a wig screaming 'aaaarrrgh im lainey!' - this proves he is terrible at comedy - when you should tell your audience who your character is, and need to scream, stop.
He also belives that yt is screwing him, not his lack of improvement. He has only one dimension, really. Evem haters are leaving him be, he will be one of those dead channels slowly dying.
And if you think about it - he had a perfect combo - his channel with comedy/rants and his wife with make-up and 'acceptance' talks. But when you have no soul, no passion - nothing will work.
can we stop with this murder stuff? he don't leave his house, is fragile and afraid of everything. If he had a potential victim the best defence will be laughing at his red face and he will cry and run away. he is not even good at manipulation and that is his main thrill.

No. 565841

I hate to be the voice of reason here but maybe we should give him a chance. He's disabled his main channels… which is what we've always wanted. We've won. If he wants a fresh start maybe we should let him have it. Nobody can change their history but anyone can change their destiny.

No. 565842

he hasn't given any of his exes the luxury of having a fresh start, he still drags their names through the mud at any chance he gets to this day. idk what he's done to deserve one himself tbh

No. 565845

There is zero reason to believe Grease will ever change, grow, or adapt from the putrid fuck he has been and continues to be. He hasn’t done anything to deserve a chance, and this new channel of his will last as long as his paid channel subscription idea did.

No. 565846

>He's disabled his main channels

His main channels, that being Onision, OnisionSpeaks and UhOhBro are not deleted, disabled or shut down. Hes just dusting off his old videos from 5 to 8 years ago and re-uploading them to those 3 channels.
I guess he thinks that the videos are so old that his current tween fans have never seen them and will just as good as new content.
He basically just turned on automatic shuffle mode and walked away to hopefully bring in a few AdSense nickels.

No. 565847

gee greg, never thought of it that way

No. 565848

Oh please. He has done this pity party before with that stupid Onichan channel.

>Create a new channel

>Only reupload old shit videos on his other channels
>Come crawling back when his pathetic attempt at staying relevant fails

Also, he is a racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, slanderer, bully, predator and pedo. He doesn't deserve a "fresh start".

No. 565849

Ogreg cant help himself. I give it a few weeks and he will be talking about someone from his past that he thinks wronged him and how this person should be condemned for all eternity for what they did in the past.
When that inevitably happens Id like for you to come back to this thread and remind us how you wanted us to "give him a second chance, he wants a fresh start we should let him have it"

No. 565854

>which is what we've always wanted
No, no it's not. We want to laugh at him, shutting his channels down is completely counter to that. Sick of moralfags and newfags thinking this site is for anything other than entertainment at other people's expense. We're not leddit, we're not here to lead moral crusades at people. We're here for schadenfreude.

>We've won. If he wants a fresh start maybe we should let him have it.

Us winning would be him doing an equivalent of Chrischan getting arrested or burning his house down. Like cuddlegate 2.0, and Lainey taking him to the cleaners in the divorce or something. The worse he gets, the more entertaining it is. How is it entertaining if he gets better?

The only reason to ever feel bad is for his poor kids, and it would stop being funny or entertaining if his actions hurt them.

No. 565856

Just want to float it out there that Greg's latest get out of jail free card, aka "I'm not real, i am a character, I do not exist" is suspiciously similar to Jim Carreys identity crisis, down to the characters thing and nonexistent self thing. Further note that Greg is copying Carrey is that Greg has repeatedly stated in the past that he is heavily inspired by Jim Carrey and idolises him

No. 565865

It literally doesn't make sense. Fucking moron. I'm conflicted saying these things about a special needs person though…

>>565846 Youtube specifically does not allow monetary gain on re-uploads so he's doing it for no reason really.

>Also, he is a racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, slanderer, bully, predator and pedo. He doesn't deserve a "fresh start".

Nice work anon, this should be his blurb on wiki.

No. 565868

He will never change nor grow, All he's doing is trying to hide from lawsuits. Too bad everything is archived.

He's done this before over and over again. Don't be disappointed when he does the same bullshit yet again.

No. 565869

File: 1534772302809.png (279.4 KB, 423x478, onision565.PNG)

>Youtube specifically does not allow monetary gain on re-uploads so he's doing it for no reason really.

Are we sure about that? Im not really all that savvy about how YouTube works when it comes to reuploading your own old videos, but I turned off my adblocker and checked on those three channels. Two of his most recent uploads (one on Onision Speaks and the other onUhohbro) had ads.

A farmer who has a monetized channel or knows the inner workings of Adsense could give us the low down it would be appreciated. I cant see him doing anything unless its doing something for him, monetary or otherwise.

No. 565873

demonitized videos can still have ads on them.

No. 565874

I actually saw this post in another thread, I'm sure of it.

No. 565886

I'm certain youtube will not monetise duplicates. However, if he changes even one small thing it can be monetised. Hope you never see this greg you fucktard.

No. 565888

Great work, anon, I love it!

On second thought, his tiny olive needs to be peenier. kek

No. 565904

File: 1534784045839.png (44.84 KB, 406x526, characterSB.PNG)

Anyone else find this suspicious?
Just a little over 2K subs each day.
It reminds me of something I read in one of Dashas threads. Dasha had told someone the way she increased her followers was by using a program or bot system that required you to log on each day and it would give you a set amount of followers for that day. Im sure Greg has bought into a scam for buying subs on YT and it uses the same play book as the one Dasha mentioned for IG.

No. 565912

>voice of reason
>give him a chance

fuck off back to patreon mate, he has over a decade of behaviour to make up for

No. 565913

It's not the first time he's done this, it won't be the last. 50 is probably the real number.

No. 565917

So as kind of recently uncovered in Kota's thread, do you think he will just be making money off of fake views too?

No. 565922

Hasnt he done this in real life? Like with his real legal last name? He was born Gregory James, then changed his last name to Daniel, and now hes Avaroe. This reminds me of a person who fucks up their life so badly they move to another city/state to start over. Then they fuck up all over again and move again.

I think Greg realized how much baggage the Onision name has. His name is literally used as an insult now. Just Google "like the onision of" and people use it to slam someone whos acting like a douchebag or has no talent. And lets not mention that most of the results you get when you google "Onison" have something to do with pedophile… that cant look good.

No. 565923

No, James is his middle name, he was born Gregory James Daniel, Daniel being his father's last name.

No. 565924


Greg the only way you're going to get a "fresh start" is to cut your losses and get off YouTube. If you were capable of salvaging your channels you wouldnt have to keep creating new ones. Also take some fucking responsibility for once in your life. Stop blaming everybody else for your failures and bad choices. If you were capable of doing that you probably wouldn't be an lolcow in the first place.

No. 565930

Omg in LGH new speaks video is he Implying that Jeffree sexually assaulted him? Wtf? Becarefull gregma jeffree will actually sue you for every last penny.

No. 565940

File: 1534789415327.png (130.66 KB, 451x278, Onision real name.PNG)

You're right I fucked that up.
it was
Gregory James Daniel/ Jackson / Avaroe

No. 565971

I think he's trying to equate Jeffree calling him a fag to sexual assault. Nonetheless Jeffree's gonna go after his ass lol.

No. 565974

If he goes past 30k we know he's big time bullshitting because that's his average views on a really good day. That's how many people can be bothered with him at most. 2k a day is ridiculous, he WISHES.

>>565971 I hope Jeffree annihilates him for joking about Jeffree's childhood sexual abuse.

No. 565976

Gurg's uploaded a "one last thing before I go" video on speaks. Can some brave anon watch and briefly transcribe? If I watch him my eyes will bleed.

No. 565981

Basicly saying since jefree star called hima fag it was sexual harrasment and now Jefree is a predator.

No. 565982

Didn't he call Cyr a faggot like 30 times in a video though? Guess he's a predator too according to his retarded logic

No. 565983

McMansion has been relisted.

No. 565984

Resident Jeffree stan here - J* would make a mistake ever driving traffic onions way. Best bet would be to subtly shade him on a snap and let the Internet do the rest. I’d love Shane to bring karma to groggle’s door but, it’s almost as sweet if it comes from Jeffree!

No. 565985

I disagree, suing Smegma would be better cause he's money hungry.

No. 565986

He said all the inappropriate things he says to others are jokes, yet he called Shane a pedo because of… jokes. The hypocrisy of this braindead neanderthal

No. 565988

I think Jeffree knows better than to even mention the Greaselord, because that is exactly what LGH wants - attention. If Shane isn't publicly talking about him, he's trying to provoke JS.

No. 565989

Yeah but, what money will you get from gronk? At the end of the day it’ll damage Shane’s rep more to sue onion unless he has a full series exposing the bullying by gronk. If Jeffree can with no effort end Laura Lee via his fans imagine what onion would suffer…

No. 565990

It's not about the money that he would get, it's about taking a huge blow and he would since he's still paying back the IRS. It would make Grease finally get his own nervous breakdown.

No. 565992

File: 1534795432555.png (304.8 KB, 459x373, shit eating grin.PNG)

He couldn't even last two fucking days after his promise to not upload new videos to his old main three channels. And that shit eating grin he has at the end of the video makes me want to punch him in the teeth.


No. 565993

Are you serious?! What a pleb! How obvious is he, going after Jeffree after Shane did amazing work with him. Greg is the male Dasha.
Greg calls his wife faggot all the time?!

>>565984 The traffic sent Greg's was would be carnage and destroy Greg, especially after Jeffree has revealed his inner secrets, the internet is protective of him atm. I say Jeffree should rip Greg a new one publicly, Greg will never bounce back. Look at what's happened to Laura Lee in just one week.

No. 565994

File: 1534795745260.jpg (13.75 KB, 200x264, Lazy_9891d6_2532690.jpg)

No. 565995


And he'd finally run out of money to buy subscribers. It's lose-lose for Grinch if Jeffree or Shane come forward about how they've been harrassed by him. His channels might gain popularity for a week or so following the chaos, but most of YouTube already knows that King Cringe turns everything he touches into shit, and he'd go back to being a nobody. All the attention he'd get would reflect poorly on him. If Jeffree or Shane ignore him completely or decide to deal with matters privately, Greg knows he's too irrelevant to tangle with them. Their stans would likely take over on their behalf and destroy what's left of Greg's YouTube infamy.

I hope Gurg keeps running his mouth. One day, he's going to piss off the wrong person, and I hope that ends up being Jeffree or his fanbase.

No. 566000

If Jeffree speaks up about onion boy harassing him it would hurt him more than help him. Like another anon said, look at what happened to Laura. I don't think LGH would get any positive attention from Jeffree ripping him a new one. That being said, any traffic to his channel/videos could never make up for the damage that would be done. He may get a few views, and drama channels would pick up on it and give him traffic, but all negative. I don't think Jeffree would sue him though. The drama would be enough to ruin him. Personally I would be living for the drama that ensues with Jeffree being like "this stupid bitch won't shut the fuck up about me and Shane" — finally some fun, interesting milk that we deserve

No. 566002

File: 1534799521273.png (246.87 KB, 1032x575, next week on VICE.png)

So that's undeniable proof that Sarah is still in the Swamp Trailer.
I thought when the new student college orientation started she would have went back home.

Enjoy your new life of servitude Sarah. Being the cook and maid for the Onions, the babysitter and nanny for Trot and Clot. A punching bag for Greg, and tissue for Lainey, plus the occasional fucktoy for the both of them when they get the itch.

No. 566009

God bless you anon

No. 566010

In 2013 anusspeaks has the vid "jeffree star is rude?" and talks about how they met, jeff only really spoke about sexual things, but isnt negative about it, and at the end he even gives jeffree a "ball cup" (opposed to a boob squeeze)

In a 2015 anusspeaks vid called "jeffree star & game of thrones (why do people not like them?) - at 2:40 onision says "he says a lot of controversial things, get over yourself"

And jeff has a tweet from 2011 saying "good meeting u the other night!!" to onionboy.

So this is 7 year old drama that hes bringing up again. Jeff even said in a shane vid that he used to project and say shit to others and be nasty as not only a persona but to protect himself by taking away tbe power of those words (? It was something like that)

I mean back then onion was saying shit all the time and jeff was prob just like "oniion = dark/bad humor" and played the part.

Im tired just thinking about him bringing up this dusty ass drama.

No. 566011

I wonder if Greg re-made and uploaded the Banana remix so that when started shit with Jeffree Star, Jeffree might actually remember who he was from back in the day.

No. 566012


Haha. Brutal. I wish I could buy you a cuppa for that one.

Evonision. Starts with an E. Evo denoting evolution. That's gonna be the new channel name.

No. 566013


Imagine missing your Frosh week and orientation for a new chapter in your life to hang out with a middle aged family and their children. And of all middle-aged family the Onions.

No. 566028

File: 1534803857937.png (926.3 KB, 1118x686, shut up onion boy.PNG)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1e6_vEQkksXa-Sj6SdmYwtBgTjIu-ez8N/view (One Last Thing Mirror)

After making a joke about Jeffee being molested, you think people are gonna believe that he sexually harassed you? I hope J* sues.

No. 566033

Which means Sarah will miss out on making friends and fitting in. Perfect, just as Lainey was hoping.

No. 566041

File: 1534805358552.webm (4.56 MB, 480x360, trashy.webm)

Said molestation joke.

No. 566042


Didn't watch the video, but he's making accusations that J* harassed him ?

No. 566043

Yeah,for calling him a faggot "seventeen times".

No. 566045

Holy fuck that is a hornet's nest he doesn't want to poke.

No. 566046

File: 1534806174894.png (2.63 MB, 1242x2208, 14DDFEB9-DB81-4002-A835-EA832E…)

a drama channel made a video about this situation and usually i don’t see drama channel even mention onion boy only like one or two

No. 566057

People should rather ignore him. He's so desperate that even negative attention is good for him. It's his narcissism. He needs to feel relevant by involving himself in the whole beauty guru drama even if it ends his career finally. In his eyes it's such a chance to get his name out now that everybody is talking about Jeffree. I can already imagine him being on Twitter all night watching how many people mention him. The desperation is on a hardcore mentally ill level. No sane person would risk being sued by multimillionaires this way, also with the whole harrassment of Shane which is obvious stalking and slander for everyone except him. It's like he doesn't even realize that a lawsuit could actually happen.
I hope Jeffree doesn't mention his name publicly and just sues his ass so that he's financially ruined.

No. 566059

This only makes Greg look bad because he's mocking sexual assault/rape victims as well here.

No. 566060

christ is skin gets worse everyday. He and Momo must follow the same routine.

No. 566062

Men don’t get sexually assaulted silly anon! Greg claimed it’s unheard of so it must be true.

No. 566064

Okay, People have been saying to ignore him for years, And yet he has escalated his abuse and slander regardless.
Youtubers ignoring him has done nothing but let him fester on these platforms and still gives him a means of having some sort of reach.

If they really put a big spotlight on him and his behavior he would have been deplatformed long ago.

He doesn't deserve a second chance, Nor does he deserve to go out quietly.

He 100% deserves to be put in his place and humiliated for the abusive predatory slanderous rotten cunt that he is.

He deserves the same damn treatment he's given to so many others but on a massive scale.

Fuck ignoring him, Its only enabled him.

No. 566079

are we not sure Jeffree wasn't singing the Faggot song from MSI?

No. 566083

>>I hope Jeffree doesn't mention his name publicly and just sues his ass so that he's financially ruined.

I 100% agree with this. I actually feel a a bit sorry for Gurg, more so than Lamey, and no, it's not because I support him. I just think he really is trapped inside his personality disorder.

Lame is just a garden variety fuckwit who tried to compensate for her utter lack of charisma by attaching herself to a Youtube personality. She knows what he is an she is capable of thinking clearly, but is too lazy, passive and selfish to think about better ways to move forward for herself and her children. And when he crashes her family will be there to catch her. For the sake of the kids, that's great, but I have no pity for the bitch.

Gurg tho…I don't see a way out for him. His whole personality is a Cluster B program that's gonna run regardless. The way he switched his sights from Cyr, to Pewdiepie, to Shane, to Jeffree…it's all so obvious what he's doing, and it's really quite sad that he can't see how it looks. It's almost like he's daring someone to lower the boom on him, and J*'s the guy to do that. Unlike Shane, he's not gonna worry that he has any responsibility to Gurg's fam …and he doesn't, so…let's go. This cockroach has scurried around long enough.

No. 566093

Absolute brilliance.

No. 566094

I really can't disagree with the anons saying Jeffree might sue. He brags about suing people all the time. For him it's a very easy and commonplace thing. I could see him and/or his team, at the very least, flagging/reporting Onion's videos in some way. Onion must not have heard how Jeffree has nearly shut down at least a couple of drama channels by getting them strikes for portraying him in a bad light. Then again, maybe he's hoping that'll happen so he can make a few "Jeffree Star Tried To Falsely Shut Down My Channel" videos and get traffic from that. I just hope this little endeavor bites him in the ass somehow.

No. 566106

He’s definitely poking the bear. He’s a fool.

No. 566108

I'm wondering if Onion left out some stuff out or maybe it was Jeffree trying to appear tough. Remember in his video with Shane, Jeffree said he liked to close people out, and appear to have a tougher soon by being outrageous and saying super controversial things and lash out at people. If someone insulted him during that time he'd lash out and say the most horrible things back. Wonder if Onion did something that caused Jeffree to go off on him.

No. 566109

every other channel is covering the laura lee shit so maybe greg tried it at a wrong time

No. 566112

Oh, why didn't he report it? Shouldn't you always report sexual predators so they don't ever do it again? Must not have happened or he doesn't care about future victims by his own logic.

No. 566113

Wow. Absolutely cannot wait till Jeffrey finds out about this. If it was anyone else, Jeffree would probably either apologise or ignore the allegations but Greg is not only someone that everyone hates, but also he's harrassed Jefree's friends like Shane AND made jokes about Jeffree being molested as a child. Jeffree is savage and I hope he takes action.

Also, as someone else mentioned on his earlier video, why does he keep calling Jeffree a man/woman thing in a mocking tone, but cries when someone says she when referring to his wife…it's so hypocritical.

No. 566115

Jeffree has stated before that he hates when people say things like 'you must be gay because you didn't have a father figure growing up' so I can imagine he won't like being joked about in a sexual manner.

Like Greg was basically saying that Jeffree is Jeffree because he was molested as a child. I mean yes, some people turn out hypersexual from those experiences, but I don't think that's Jeffree's case.

Also, he's so stupid for fabricating this now. If he wasn't 'easily intimidated' like he claims, he'd realise it was a fucking joke and not care, he's probably a fucking closet case and that's why he can't let go of a gay guy making some stupid sexual joke.

No. 566117

By his own logic, he admits to sexually harassing Sarah (though it’s still sexual harassment without Greg Logic™️) because he said “Dat booty doe” off camera where no one else could tell if he was joking or not.

No. 566118

Doesn't Lainey use Jstar products? I can't imagine gurg would let her keep her 'rapist' makeup around. Also, she's probably going to be very irritated with people bringing this up at her since she's a 'boooty guru'

No. 566119

Oh yeah she does, Her fav liquid lip for a long time was "Daddy"

No. 566120

Yup and all those comments in streams about Andy biersack must be harassment too by his logic. I know he said comedy videos don't count, but he's mentioned in serious videos about wanting to have sex with Andy.

No. 566121

>say things like 'you must be gay because you didn't have a father figure growing up'

lol so what about Greg himself then

No. 566122

I would laugh if Jeffree did some research on Onion's past, sued him, and then sent Billie his entire makeup collection just to rub it in. Like he did with that fan that got mocked by Manny.

No. 566123

That would piss Foot off NO end. I bet she'd stop using Jeffree star products altogether from the salt.

No. 566130

I think he actually did something smart for once with the “comment your subscriber number”, it probably is giving him a lot of traffic

No. 566131

File: 1534822915549.png (305.88 KB, 574x600, my husbands next gf.png)


No. 566133

I'm confused. In Onion's old video 'is Jeffree star rude' he goes on to say they had a long conversation about sexuality, he says that Jeffree is extremely attractive without makeup and (although it sounds jokingly) refers to him as an alpha male.

He doesn't sound like he was uncomfortable in any way and tbh I think he's projecting because he's gay himself. That's probably why he hates Shane and refers to himself as hetero in every video. He's jealous that Shane is off being gay and sucking dick and that's all he's ever wanted himself. Instead he's stuck in a swamp with 2 kids he doesn't want and a fakeboi transtrender and no money.

No. 566134

"Wheres MY fucking make up collection!!"

If this was a guy doing this he'd be rightfully called out for the vulturous creep that "he" is.

No. 566135

who will my husband cuck me with next

No. 566137

What a creepy cunt. Why not just make a replying to my fans video?
Why does she always insist on dating videos? Like I get that people ask you everyday, but seriously does that mean you need to feature them in your video? It's creepy and unnecessary and honestly the most transparent grooming tactic. Go on a fucking dating website after divorcing your husband, stop choosing from your fanbase, it's creepy and unnecessary.

No. 566138


Right? Creepy as fuck.
I feel bad if any of these people are legitimate, imagine hoping that someone as boring and unattractive as Lainey would validate you. And when she says to the one girl that she "needs a kiss"…. ew. no. spare yourself the herpes, girl!

Also who is this "Jake" guy she claims she almost dated? Wonder how Gruggly would feel about a guy sending GSW shirtless snaps?

No. 566143

>>566131 is it just me or is Lamey starting to look like Greg? Could be the hair color and the smug grin that I want to smack of her face, but the similarities look uncanny to me.

No. 566144

Glad I'm not the only one that notice this. Lainey has took on the looks of the goblin.

No. 566145

Everything she says sounds so disingenuous and as a result, it sounds condescending.

Greg, stop taking your anger out on her poor neck. Her neck didn't do anything to you.

No. 566146

Some of them seem like young attractive women. It's extremely sad they would lower themselves just to be featured in a foot video. Also, I noticed she threw a couple of black women in there. Gotta do damage control for your racist husband I see. Good luck trying to get any of those black girls interested in your trinity…Greg basically destroyed any fantasy he had of finding a black fucktoy by making it apparent that he thinks they are dirty and don't wash their hair as often as he likes.

No. 566149

No. He 100% deserves to for his career to die a sloooooow death from irrelevance.

His fame died long ago. He is now living for infamy.

A real celebrity suing him may hurt his wallet, but it'll skyrocket his ego.

Shane is smart for not taking the bait. Idubbbz is smart for never making a content cop about him despite all the requests. Jefree will be smart too, he won't react.

No. 566150

>People ask me to do this

The classic onion cop out.

No. 566151

Ignoring him doesn't do shit though. Like the other anon said, he finds any little detail he can to drag people, sometimes people he has only had one interaction with.
I don't think it would make his ego sky rocket. He HATES being told he is doing wrong. And if proven in a court of law, he would be classified as a criminal. He's black and white as fuck about everything; eg- 'I didn't get reported on twitter therefore the things I'm saying are fine/true'
If he was actually sued, it means the law disagrees with him and for good old military cop honest greg, this would actually be a giant blow to his ego.

No. 566152

Look I like Jeffree but I can definitely see him suing him. He likes reacting.

No. 566153

File: 1534826511325.png (474.16 KB, 660x548, dem teef doe.PNG)

Didnt Troy end up with cavities in all his teeth and had to have most of them pulled?

She needs to learn dental hygiene and start brushing all her teeth, not just the 2 front ones. As you follow the row of teeth back they get yellow and disgusting.

No. 566154

Doesn't do shit?!

He's desperate right now! He's got like 20 real fans and spends his $ on fake subs, he's flailing left and right at every big Youtuber trying to evoke ANY reaction, he's at his umpteenth attempt at starting a new channel, and his biggest audience is the people who laugh at him on a fringe imageboard.

THIS is his undoing. It's been happening for a while, it's slow, but it's glorious, as he gets ever more desperate and unhinged.

He's hoping for a lawsuit as in his mind that would give him legitimacy. In reality, it will only hurt his children's future.

No. 566156

This. He always makes snaps and tweets shading people when they come for him or if he's caught up in drama with ex friends. If he found out someone thought he made them uncomfortable sexually, he wouldn't let that shot go.
Accusing someone of being a predator or rape or anything like sexual harassment in this day and age is serious. It ruins people's careers. And Greg doesn't have the following that Jeffree does, but certainly enough to cause slander.

No. 566158

Like yeah if Jeffree sues him or shades him it WILL give him traffic, but only temporarily. He doesn't think of the long term repercussions, just what will get him views on the next video. This whole Jeffree thing would most likely be close to the end of him if he succeeded in suing.

No. 566162

He's already done.

If LC & KF didn't talk about him right now, only a dozen of his patrons would, nobody else pays attention.

He had someone start rumours about Taylor being pregnant again. He's even afraid of losing US.

Let that sink in.

No. 566163

There's no way that he's hoping for a lawsuit cause he can't afford one. Hell, he's already pissy because the IRS is taking money from him and was mad that he had to pay alimony. He always gets upset when someone else is taking money from him by law. If Jeffree sues him, he's going to go into full blown narc rage mixed with a breakdown and it's going to be beautiful.

On top of that, it might give other youtubers courage to go after him legally. He'd be completely done for and it would be his own fault.

This. Grease doesn't think long-term so he doesn't think about how this is really going to hurt him.

No. 566168

Yeah he's already done in terms of relevance, but if he got sued, he'd be in even more debt and he'd be forced to do more than youtube videos. I get what you mean, he's done, but I want to see him either lose ALL his money or get wiped off youtube.

No. 566170

Uhhh what with all these random comments like

>maybe we should leave him be…he's already lost…we won

>nothing would come of him being sued, it'll just inflate his ego and give him more views


>we need to stop giving him attention

If you truly feel that way, then why even be here discussing his behaviour at all? Like not trying to argue, but isn't that technically giving him attention too? Like being on here?

Along with him creating a new channel, I'm honestly starting to tinfoil that there are greg minions here trying to plant ideas or some shit.

No. 566175

Let's just delete and close all his threads guys, then he'll totally disappear!


No. 566176

There's always dumbass fangirls around for one or both of the onions.

No. 566181

Threads are always being infiltrated with onion fans hoping to prove themselves to grugly.

Well I for one hope Jeffree attacks him full force. Ignoring him doesn't work, he needs his pants pulled down and arse publicly spanked. He'd get traffic for 2 weeks tops, but all haters going in on him and Lainey. Greg would sperg out, marital discord would ensue.
It would be beautiful.
Jeffree is untouchable right now.

No. 566196

Personally I think that it would be better if he got the ego boost, it'll make it even more devastating to him when suddenly no one cares and he has no money. And he'd lose some of his super fans too cause they stand Jeffree even more than him
Also, to those feeling bad for him for his potential disorder, don't. I know people with ASPD and NPD, they have issues with empathy and emotions, but if they're good people then they try and work through that. There are issues yes, but it's not done out of malice. Greg has only ever done things for himself and hurting those around him. At one point he claimed he thought he had BPD, yet despite that he never sought help. I doubt he would have even if Adrienne had decided to take him back again. Is their disorder really sad? Yeah, it's lonely and isolating and the flip flop emotions are terrifying to them and horrible to live through, but Greg does all this to his victims as well. And for all we know, he doesn't even have it. Remember that despite the name, personality disorders don't entirely dictate who a person is, it can explain some behaviours, but it doesn't excuse it. And again, people can chose to get help and still try to be good friends

No. 566197

I doubt Jeffree gives a flying fuck about Grease. It's not like they were friends - they met ONE time and we only have Grug's side of the story about their interaction. The only reason he brought it up again is because of Shane and he is really the one who should be taking his ass to court. It would be poetic justice to see the one who helped boost this asshole's career ultimately be the one to end it. This bitter fuck has harassed Shane for years because his insane ego couldn't grasp why he didnt want to work with him anymore.

No. 566199

Yeah but the difference is that Laura Leech actually has a fanbase that turned on her. Grugly's fanbase is dead accounts from 2008 and his ten Patreon fags, who overlook everything he's done in the past and just laugh with him about it.

No. 566207

File: 1534843224159.png (925.15 KB, 1737x979, vegetarian.png)

when's the baby due, onion?

No. 566209

I think he just gave up, hes so chubby now. Love that he cropped the photo just above his mushroom. Did he run out of his special stuffing socks that day?
One thing Id like to bring up that Ive noticed in the past few months is that he always seem to have broken skin, scratches, and something similar to road rash on his body when he does light yard work. Its like pushing threw a bush, or tiny tree limbs causes his skin to rip all to fuck. I wonder if along with his incurable facial skin disease, he has a mild case of "Butterfly Skin Disease" Epidermolysis Bullosa, where your skin tears with the lightest bit of friction.

No. 566212

Doubt it, Shreg would be milking the shit out of his disability.

No. 566213

I doubt he has it too (it's likely his skin is just crazy dry), but he never goes to a doctor so he is restricted to only things he knows (which isn't much). There are so many things he has milked that he doesn't have, and lots of things he could milk that he's never been diagnosed with or knows he has

No. 566215

File: 1534853394951.png (757.15 KB, 1234x698, BDSMteeheeOWO.PNG)

What the absolute fuck is on her neck? I know in the past she claimed things on her neck were hickeys but that is much, much more than a hickey.

No. 566216

If it weren't for the deluded notion reeking off of this post that you were destined for greater things than a ten-year sperg out on YouTube to only fade into total obscurity, I would've just assumed this was a troll. Life doesn't just roll out random never ending bullshit like the scandals you have found yourself in; you willing put yourself there, naively thinking you were ever going to use your manipulations to work the situations in your favor. Unless you seek to change THAT problem you will never change as a person and be stuck in the same cyclical loop of problems you have been in for what seems like the majority of your life since even childhood.

You used people as objects to gratify yourself esteem, sexual appetite, and to grow your audience for years. Denying them even the most basic of autonomy apart from this plastic bullshit farce of relationships in the past, and the now sham of a marriage you put forth in your videos. You willing tore these people apart because you willing thought you could never be the problem and you want to sit there and blame YouTube? No. It's been you the entire time. It's pathetic to see a man in his thirties still act like a petulant teenager blaming the entire world for the problems he causes for himself.

No. 566218

File: 1534854423971.jpg (35.11 KB, 229x275, 1453998689792.jpg)

Eww anon, this desperatly needs a spoiler!
How can he look like this and think he's in the position to judge other people's looks?

No. 566219

Probably having extra kinky sex now that Sarah is legal

No. 566220

File: 1534855653753.jpg (16.84 KB, 338x440, wtf.JPG)

holy shit that's… next-level. what could those little circles be? has lainey been getting the chain treatment while greg and sarah play house?

No. 566222

Pretty sure this is just another hickey anon, if it were a bruise from a chain there'd be more than one link and it's be all the way around her neck. It's so disgusting that he does that to er, it's legit life threatening, albeit extremely rare but why take the chance? He clearly only does it to show ownership over her. They have fucking kids ffs, how are they both such teenagers?

No. 566223

They have really rough sex, whatever. The disgusting thing is this shameless cumbucket doesn't hide these marks from her fans who are all young and impressionable. Not to mention her children see these marks. Deplorable.
She's specifically angled herself so the camera has a clear view too. Vomit.

No. 566225


It looks like a bite more than a hickey to me, at least the circled part looks like a row of his crocodile teeth.

No. 566228

File: 1534861686756.jpg (Spoiler Image,402.43 KB, 740x747, low hanging.jpg)


Who WOULDN'T want to be the girlfriend of such an attractive, married woman with two children?

No. 566229

This is extremely harsh but I laughed at this.

No. 566230


… Her compliments to other girls are super duper hetero? Like I just don’t FEEL any passion or attraction coming from Lainey when it came to those pictures. I never ever met a bisexual or gay person calling people they like “ahmahgad so aesthetic! uwu” it’s actually more sexual or romantic in nature.

You don’t want s girlfriend, Lainey.. you just want a gal pal.

No. 566231

He turns more into Red Skull day by day.

No. 566232

What if it isn't even Shreg. What if Trot just fucking chomped on his mom's neck.

No. 566233

Once on her Younow some of the regulars set up a little trap for Lainey.
During a discussion about girls she would date and an early video she had made about that, someone asked her what is something she finds sexually attractive about a woman, physically, her favorite thing about a womans body. She literally sat there dumbfounded for a full 30 seconds and then went off on some rambling attempt at an answer that never really told us what she found physically attractive about women.

Now think about it. If I was to ask you what you find physically attractive about the gender/sex you are sexually attracted to, wouldnt you blurt it out within seconds, maybe it would take 5 seconds because you have so many choices in your head for your favorite body part and you need to figure out which is the top one. But would you sit there scrambling, trying to make up something so you dont look like a fraud.

Now if we were of asked what she finds physically attractive about men (Greg) Im sure she would have a long list. People know what turns them on about the human body, and be it the same sex or the opposite sex, you realize what it is from a young age once you start to enter puberty.

No. 566236

Her teeth are almost brown, ew. Not even my aunt who's been smoking for 30 years has teeth that color

No. 566254

The teeth nitpicking is lame. Her teeth are fine, not amazing but also far from being bad. The slightly darker colour is just because the teeth are receding into her mouth (away from the light). And even then they're hardly brown. There's plenty of legit things to criticise why invent things?

No. 566256

Her bad teeth isn't inventing anything but I agree, it's a nitpick compared to the other shit that she actually does.

No. 566258

I actually winced from my seat looking at this

No. 566261

I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually the case. And this tinfoil doesn't give me PTSD from evoking images of kinky ogre sex in my head.

No. 566263

It's definitely a hickey. You can't get a mark like that without suction, even if there are teeth marks in there as well. If it were a bite mark you'd just see a ring of teeth with no or very little bruising in the middle.

No. 566269

>tfw it was Greg who got pregnant not Lame

wat a twist

No. 566271

maybe sarahs too kinked up to appear on camera.

No. 566273

He's held onto beliefs from when he was religious in childhood, for example his vegetarianism because meat is dirty to eat. it isn't the snimals he cares about or he would cut out gelatin and cosmetics/soap/etc that are not cruelty free. I wouldn't be surprised if he repressed his gayness out of guilt and shame because that is what his religion taught him as a child.

No. 566276

Oh damn, I'm watching a reaction video from a black female youtuber I'm subscribed to who has 625k subscribers, and at the end she says "A lot of you guys wanted me to watch some person named Onionsons [sic], some youtuber who is talking about how black girls don't wash their hair and basically insinuating that black girls smell bad." She goes on to say that she doesn't want to react to it, because whoever made that video is clearly just trying to get other people to react and give them publicity. Didn't expect to hear Grugly's name (albeit pronounced incredibly incorrectly) out in the wild like that. Even though it can be cool to see people with a following drag him, I'm glad she realizes he's just crying for attention with those videos. It's so pointless to take that bait when there are a thousand other things to drag the man for, imo.

No. 566279

File: 1534877986647.jpg (20.53 KB, 480x403, rmWDo69.jpg)

I think he is in his 2nd trimester.

No. 566280

She says some girl should "husband me up" in this video, as opposed to "wife me up." Um. Does that mean LGH has to call her his husband now too?

This made me laugh my ass off for some reason. Since she's ~so fragile and anemic uwu~ she probably bruises pretty easily, so I guess it's not even beyond the realm of possibility. Then again, I wonder if her gay husband doesn't just stay buried in her neck while they do the do because he doesn't want to look at her face.


"Sorry guys, Sarah can't be on cam right now because she's chained in the basement with green hair, no eyebrows, and an 'I'm A Snitch' tattoo on her fucking forehead for inadvertently telling the world about dat booty doe."

No. 566281

Naptural, we discussed this last week.

No. 566282

Sarah is probably covered in hickeys. 100% with this tinfoil

No. 566283

underrated post

No. 566285

File: 1534878637318.jpg (44.21 KB, 700x466, xoVliPJ.jpg)

Found your answer

No. 566286

Someone else actually. I'm just glad these people aren't giving him the time of day. When I saw that Brittney Gray girl made a reaction I cringed. I just wish people outside of his sphere would ignore him unless they're going to call him out on, I dunno, his being an abusive pedophile or something.

No. 566287

File: 1534878894416.jpg (7.9 KB, 224x225, images (1).jpg)

pic related is basically greg then, huh

No. 566292

I can't wait to see Sarah with herpes identical to Lame's.

No. 566295

I have the strong suspicion she will love it because it makes her resemble Lainey more.
Don't question it - swamp trailer logic.

No. 566299

Ok, one thing I don't get with the pronouns is why does it always have to be something/something? I mean she/her or whatever else? Wouldn't it just be sufficient to say she? They? Does anyone go by she/him? And if so, why not just say she/he? I don't fucking get this thanks.

No. 566301

Can someone do a gif version of this for full hilarity/depravity?

No. 566302


Yup. I'm going with the tinfoil that Sarah is broken out from sharing her makeup with Lainey. Probably has a bad case of the mouth herpes right now. They read lolcow, so they know how hard we're gonna go on them if she shows her face.

No. 566305

File: 1534884580105.gif (1.41 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Poor Greg.

He used to get away with this shit in his early 20s cause he semi-attractive.

He's trying the same shit at 30+ and wondering why it's not working. Hard truth: you're old and ugly as fuck now Greg. Not appealing at all to us youth.