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File: 1403572163048.png (67.2 KB, 861x1222, 1.png)

No. 18

Here are the facts:

PT has a loli/infantile fetish and a molestation kink.

She's known to be extremely loose with nudes and the like as evidenced by PTNR's probing.

We know that PT has been involved with some random Anon from Britain (Britfag) for over a year now.

To what extent we didn't know, until PTNR confirmed that Britfag was in fact blackmailing PT over potentially volatile information, bad enough that PT is scared shitless enough to continue funnelling him a steady stream of nudes for fear of what he might release.

Two guys claiming (Franics & Britfags Friend) to know Britfag personally came to SR and divulged that information that Britfag was blackmailing her with was related to her molesting a child she was babysitting, photographing it and mailing to Britfag.

Both of them are confirmed to also be living in the UK and to know each other personally.

No. 20

File: 1403572215527.png (57.07 KB, 980x1058, 2.png)

No. 23

File: 1403572280341.png (66.37 KB, 980x995, 3.png)

No. 24

File: 1403572292989.png (58.37 KB, 954x933, 4.png)

No. 25

File: 1403572304653.png (51.8 KB, 954x933, 5.png)

No. 27

File: 1403572316115.png (41.54 KB, 954x839, 6.png)

No. 32

I was sceptical about what they had to say in the SR thread, but reading the convo…. fuck, I'm not so sure any more. I think I'm starting to believe them.
We've all seen how desperate PT is.

No. 34

they didnt say anything that is believeable, didnt provide proof, just claimed ridiculous shit

no kid would stay quiet about what happened. i cant imagine PT scaring a kid enough to get them to never talk about it. even if she pretended it was a game and told the kid to promise not to talk about it, the kid would mention SOMETHING

No. 40


>no kid would stay quiet about what happened

Speaking as somebody who was abused as a kid you're talking out of your ass. I didn't tell anybody for years, and neither did the 5 other kids that were abused in my town and it's the very reason it took so long to catch the fucker.

No. 43

exactly. which means the kid would bring it up. its not like PT is over there all the time constantly threatening them not to talk about what happened. a 3 year old has no concept of shame, unless they were subjected to actual pain, they'd have no idea something bad happened. can you imagine sarah actually threatening a kid in a such a way that they'd really think she'd get in trouble if she mentioned what happened? 3 year olds also can't make promises. if they were told to promise not to tell, they'd forget they promised like the next damn day, or even say "sarah made me promise not to tell!" about something

No. 44

The logs prove nothing. This was probably a huge troll and a waste of time.

No. 46

then why take the whole site down lol

No. 47

Why do they talk like bad impressions of Snape from Harry Potter?
>she did force the child to lick her intimately
it's like shitty victorian erotica

No. 50

how about you suck my dick? how old were you at the time? i assume this person was someone you saw frequently enough that they were able to maintain their threats over you.

a 3 year old who has only been babysitted by someone once is not going to be living in that same kind of fear, especially when they have no idea something bad happened to them. if PT made it seem like a game, they would mention the game they played eventually.

you honestly think PT threatened this little girl to never talk about something? told her she'd kill her parents or something?

besides, at 3, kids are always testing how far they can get away with breaking rules. being told they'll be punished doesn't mean shit to them unless they've been previously punished with pain.

No. 54

3 years old is really fucking young.

No. 55

Just out of curiosity, has PT ever mentioned anything about babysitting ever? Not this particular incident, just in general.

No. 57


people arguing there too, less "bawww, someone touched me" trauma blogging. I thought it could add the the coversation here too.

No. 58

which is why its such bullshit. 3 year olds dont understand the concept of "secrets" they'll run right up to someone and spill the beans "mummy made you a cake for the surprise party! its a secret!"

No. 59


She Tweeted about it about a year ago now and that's what's got me so spooked out about it.
I wouldn't believe it otherwise, but knowing she did actually mention babysitting I'm super on the fence.

No. 60

…. I get the feeling you've never been inappropriately handled as a 3 year old child.

No. 61

Because roseadmin is a huge pussy and gets freaked out when shit "gets real", even though nothing was proven.

No. 62

doesnt mean shit. if you've seen her mention it, then so did the trolls to use it for their trolling

No. 65

File: 1403574247418.png (27.54 KB, 587x94, Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 6.01…)

She posted this a while ago. I know it's kinda off-topic, but does this mean she's back on Twitter?

No. 67

and im saying unless PT has the ability to scare a 3 year old shitless into not talking about something, then they would mention something suspicious.

and if she WAS able to scare a child enough not to talk, then the trauma of that would have affected the girl's behavior.

No. 69

glad to know it was so easy? wut i thought she was the one who took it down. is she retarded

No. 70


That's not even PT's account any more.
After she deleted it an imposter snatched it and has been masquerading as her, and you're likely the imposter.

Fuck off.

No. 71

lmao okay

No. 72

Lol, I bet britfag was trolling staminarose and told pixy it was all his doing.

No. 73

Damn. Is this true?

A lot of this is operating on hearsay. Don't know who to believe anymore.

No. 76


Yeah, the person who has control of the username on Twitter isn't PT.

No. 78

It's probably "britfag's friend"

No. 80

She doesn't? I thought she was smart enough to save her twitter name? I swear I read a thread about it on /cow/ or /pt/

No. 84

Im so fucking confused. Nothing I know is real anymore.

No. 85

That definitely does not sound like PT. Troll detected. I don't even know what the fuck this is going on. I feel like there is a huge conspiracy going on here.

No. 86

Britfag and PT were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me

No. 88

Well, I heard PT went into a restaurant and ate everything in the restaurant and they had to close the restaurant

No. 89

I can confirm this because I am PT. I'm actually super normal outside of the antics I allow to go public online. Everything is staged. This whole thing was a social experiment. Good day.

No. 91

Phoning your mom so this board will be shut down.

No. 93

Yes, you are completely speaking out of line here.
I was molested as a kid and didn't tell anyone until I was adult.

No. 95

I was molested by the same person and also didn't tell anyone until right now.

No. 104

Bunch of bullshit for anyone to defend an accusation like this.
But not surprised by the types of people on these boards at all.

No. 105

I think the problem is right here. You can't project what happened to you onto some story with no proof. I can say that you two anons in this thread molested me when I was 3 and bragged about it and I was too scared to tell anyone until now. Do you really expect anyone to believe me without proof? No, of course not.

Unless they can provide proof like screencaps or recordings of convos, photos, or the little girl herself saying "PT touched my biscuit" there's nothing but two random people on the internet playing he-said-she-said.

No. 110

>PT touched my biscuit

No. 113


>Sarah touched my mochi


No. 114

you're speaking out of line by saying that its impossible for the kid to have said something just because YOU didnt say anything, despite the fact this situation is completely different than what you went supposedly went through.

No. 115

I was there when they got molested and they are telling the truth

No. 117

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

No. 118

Everything in this thread is shitposting and only an idiot would fall for such obvious trolololing. If you're a mod, moderate, otherwise shut up.

No. 120

THAT IS PT'S REAL TWITTER. NO IMPOSTER HAS TAKEN IT! Sorry, that misinfo actually bugs me. That is PT's real account. As someone who has followed this drama for a while and knows her IRL from a while ago I remember when she reclaimed her twitter. She even made account posts about reclaiming her name so no one could troll with it, and mentioned it on skype. Confirmed for PT.

No. 123

>mentioned it on skype.
Caps or you're a lying shit.

No. 136

Anyone know what PTNR had to say about the new accusations?

I saw she lol'd at the britfags, but I wonder if she said anything else. I was away from my computer during the shut down.

No. 140

I don't have the caps but she said it wasn't true. Pixy was into kinky shit but not that.

No. 141


*stress sigh* I hope she finds us.

And for those of you defending that sorry excuse for a cumrag admin, WE WERE FUCKING RIGHT, EAT IT BITCHES. God the amount of ass-licking in the new thread before the thread got deleted was fucking pathetic.

No. 142

What I want to know is, did she ever mention babysitting EVER? Because I sure as hell don't and it sounds like something she would bitch about seeing how she doesn't like kids

No. 144

Gonna get the tinfoil hat.

Also I hope the whole PTNR leaks gets her to pop out from hiding.

No. 145

To be honest I don't remember her mentioning it either. She's too selfish to babysit and no one from her work likes her. They wouldn't ask her to babysit their child.

No. 146

She basically loled at the trolls and the three people believing them, then said that PT would never do anything that would hurt somebody.

If you think about it, the whole accusation makes no sense. It's completely inconsistent with the rest of PT's behavior. Allow me to unleash a little autism on this subject.

1) Her sexual behavior has been submissive exclusively. Going out of her way to be the dominant figure seems completely opposite of what she likes. She would have to be the one in control to molest a child, which she's not into at all.

2) She's into a fantasy of *her* being the little girl, not being with little girls. If anything, PT should be into wanting some daddy figure to molest her, not the other way around.

3) She's pretty straight. When she was younger (about 18), she RP'd as a bi alien or something but that seemed to be a phase, as she hasn't shown any signs of homosexual behavior at all. If she were to molest a child to fit in with any of her incestuous/infantile behavior, it would make more sense if it was a male victim.

It just doesn't make any sense.

No. 147

I don't remember. I'll check my caps, but I'm pretty sure I' never capped one about babysitting, and that seems like something somebody would cap, especially since that would have caused a lot of discussion. Of course, it would be all about how she would fuck it up.

No. 149

>That definitely does not sound like PT.
Doesn't it though? She has shown complete disregard for herself and others in several occasions. She masturbates in an abandoned playground and photographs it. For free, for her own amusement, being more than happy in doing so and seeing nothing wrong with it. She humiliates herself to any man who gives her the time of the day. Can you really tell how much further she'd take her fetishes?

I'm not saying I believe it without proof because it's a huge accusation, but I don't think it's that unlikely either.

No. 152

Guys PTNR is at unichan!!

No. 153

>ip auto banned

I knew I should have sorted this before. Can anyone screencap and post?

No. 155

Well. Fuck. At first I was totally dismissing this as obviously full of bullshit, because let's face it: that's usually anybody's first reaction to hearing about something as awful as child abuse.

But, having read it, and having talked to PT for almost 6 months and having what I'd consider to be a fairly good handle on how she words things and the things she does, I have to say I'm actually kind of on the fence about this now.

Some of the details are very… worrying, based on what I know from having talked to PT.

No. 156

PT definitely babysits or has babysat for a child around that age. She complained about it to me, when saying how much she hates working in general.

Also, the "you'd have to put a ring on my finger" is literally, verbatim, how PT phrased her response when I asked if she'd ever let anyone take pictures of them fucking her.

So. Uh. Yeah. I'm kinda skeezed out pretty bad right now.

No. 157

I can't believe you guys let them do this. I guess this is what we deserve.

No. 158

PT is submissive, yeah, but it's always in the context of pleasing her "master". If Britfag told her to do something, she'd view the doing of that thing as the submissive act, even if it involved her "technically" being the dominant one to someone else.

Her fantasies are whatever she thinks the guy she's into wants. With Britfag, it is depraved shit. With me - who went to pains to present myself as "normal" - it was surprisingly vanilla sex. PT's fantasies are whatever the guy she's into's fantasies are.

Finally, she wouldn't view this as a gay act. She'd view it as a heterosexual sex act with her "master". Besides, she changes who she is and what she wants on a whim. She'd shaved her pussy for her entire life, as far as I know, but it just took me to tell her that true Japaroo women don't shave for her to totally change herself and grow a bush that would put a 70's porn star to shame.

No. 159

TBH PT is mentally depraved enough, and lacks empathy to the point, where she doesn't even consider the fact that the kid would be scarred for life or that she is even hurting another person. She just thinks of what she or her "master" wants in a very Historionic or NPD fashion (I've said this before, but she behaves like a historionic or NPD type, her intense lack of empathy makes me thinks he's NPD). Because of this, it's whomever has taken control of her that's responsible. In this case, Brit-fag. If it ever went to court (assuming it's true and not a huge hoax) PT would likely be found insane (she is nuts enough that she can't even care for herself or her own hygiene) enough that she can't be held responsible for such a heinous act. However, brit-fag new exactly what he was doing and (if he lived here) would face a hefty sentence. Truly a sadists club, to ruin the life of a child and exploit a mentally deranged woman into participating in some fucking SVU shit.

No. 160

Yay, PTNR you're heeere!

No. 161

Im just glad PTNR found us again.

No. 162

I can't imagine anyone letting PT babysit

she can't even care for herself gdi

No. 163

Anymore deets, convo caps or nudes?

Thanks for coming back PTNR

No. 164

No, i say bullshit, at least until those guys come back in the skype chat with more convincing proof that is legal and info that was not known about pixy via search engine that can be some how proven.

No. 165



Interpol takes this shit very seriously. If PTNR can get screen-shots of PT bitching about babysitting, particularly who and when, then it'll go downhill fast. If I had to chose between PT or a child, I'm going with the child. If an investigation is launched guess what PT will do? She's gonna save face and blame Britfag. They'll take her computer away go through her emails, chats, skype, you name it and the fucking police are gonna be all over it like flies on shit. Oh, they found someone blackmailing her with CP she made? Oh, he doesn't live in the states? Time to call interpol.

I read in the news about a European man going to jail because he was black mailing a teenager with noods and she killed herself.

What britfag did is way, way worse. In his arrogance he opened a can of shit worms, he thinks he's safe because he lives halfway across the world? lol, no. Maybe if he was Russian or Slavic, but he's screwed if he actually is British (and he apparently is).

Nothing is truly erased from the internet, and same goes for your computer. His l33t hacking skills won't save him because frankly, I doubt he's better than what the government has.

All of them are fucked.

No. 167


are you even the real PTNR?

No. 169

Forgot to mention the teenager was American.

Also he can scream at the top of his lungs that he's not a pedophile he did it for CONTROL, but I'm glad to say that the authorities don't give a flying fuck what he shouts.

No. 170

That's if someone gathers any evidence to the claim though. However, an accusation with some anecdotal evidence may be enough to start an investigation on such a claim.

No. 171

the real PTNR is posting on the CWC forms

No. 172

the real PTNR is posting on the CWC forms

No. 174

Link? I don't know that website.

No. 175

No. 176

Hello all. A little update for you.


No. 177

Hello all. A little update for you.


No. 178

fucking knew it

everyone who believed this in the slightest is a huge retard

No. 179

All that bullshit, deletion and hysteria for absolutely nothing.

No. 180

I don't have a link to the other Vocaroo clip, but from memory, >>176/>>177 sounds like a different guy.

No. 181

No. 184


Don't even sound like the same guy.

No. 185

>>177 sounds like a guy trying really hard to sound like >>181

No. 187

Hopefully this is good enough


No. 188


I don't believe you for a number of reasons.
There are far too many unanswered questions.

You're tying to convince us that two random British guys randomly stumbled across the Pixyteri community by complete chance, a board that doesn't even show up in Google searches unless you're searching something very specific, like PT's name.

You've never been to 4chan so you couldn't have found out there, but also you're new enough the board that you didn't know how to link posts nor do you understand greentext.

You suddenly knew all about Britfag and the blackmail, all of PT's fetishes and also the fact that PT has babysat a toddler within the last year.

You know what I believe? I believe you. I do believe you know Britfag, and I believe that having seen that people are going as far as to consider reporting this incident to Interpol Britfag has realised what he's gotten himself into, and is now shitting himself chastising both of you for contacting us.
In an attempt to get out of the heat, now you're desperately trying to pretend it's all a joke in order to wave it away.

That's what I believe, and I'm very good with people. Good enough to read these patterns as clear as a sunlit day, which is why I'm firing off an email to one DT. Tanya Brown chief of Victoria Crimestoppers to have this investigated.

You dun' goofed boys.

No. 190

I see PTNR is linked to our board now, and I hope all this bickering among each other is over soon, I need my lulz, like stupid pictures and lulzy logs of conversations with PT. Not Did she or did she not molest a kid which is all speculation, seeing how BFF is probably an elaborate troll and we have no proof at all like the convo between Britfag and PT

No. 191

We have no proof her babysitting a child. Seeing how we are not sure that the PTNR who posted here is the real one. She also posted on the CWC forum and her opinion was completely different over there. So this one is probably fake.

No. 192


She is the real one, she posted a new, unseen cap of a PT chatlog to prove it.

No. 194

I don't see any screencap in this thread, so either I am blind or..

No. 196

I didn't like any of this shit at first, but this is honestly the best dramu to happen with PT yet.
First PTNR, then these Britfags whose bullshit story suddenly started looking less like bullshit when they "admitted" it was fake, Skypeanon getting on the case, SR shitstorm, etc.
It's like fucking Christmas.

No. 199

>That's what I believe, and I'm very good with people. Good enough to read these patterns as clear as a sunlit day

You sound like a sperg trying to pretend he's a private eye from a 1940's movie. You're trying way to hard to make this story real, creep. It's fake, and so was the PTNR from this thread.

No. 202

File: 1403617912491.png (104.8 KB, 766x637, PTNR on unichan.png)

If you're referring to >>158
There's no proof that it's the real PTNR. The one on unichan posted a never before seen cap, but posted no opinion on the subject past "What happened". PTNR on cwcki forums voices the opposite opinion, which coincided with her opinion on SR; which was this was all bullshit.

No. 203

File: 1403618169683.png (48.88 KB, 1270x468, PTNR on cwcwiki.png)

Notice that this was posted before >>155
She continues to post about how stupid the whole thing is until 1:50, also.

No. 205

Wait. Do you spergs actually believe this BFF bullshit? I thought this would be a cool chill board but instead it's a bunch of fucking morons believing that two british guys happened to stumble across this board and go oh yeah, that's the chick our buddy at the secret sadist club is always talking about!

You fucking idiots.

No. 206

Nobody believes it. No one.>>205
It's just one or two spergs trying to convince you that there's a bunch of people believing this. The fact that you think there's a bunch of people believing this BS is just as retarded.

No. 208

It's probably BFF and his friend samefagging at this point.

No. 209

Oh. My. God. I've been following this whole thing since PTNR first revealed herself and it's CRAZY that SR has been deleted. Did admin just freak out or something? Surely it's an obvious troll attempt.

I was really enjoying all the screencaps and stuff too. :( Hopefully SR will come back so I can peruse them at my leisure.

No. 210

Oh no, not Tanya Brown of the Victoria Crimestoppers! Anyone but the Victoria Crimestoppers!

No. 211

I'm sorry you feel like our life is so miserable that you make up a lie that could destroy a woman's life. Kindly go the fuck away.

No. 212

…quit playing games with my heart…

No. 213

Fuck off. No one cares.

No. 214


Wow, Britfag really did chew you out didn't he?

If I were you I'd tell him to try and destroy every bit of evidence he can, if he hasn't already.

No. 215

This person sounds exactly like they are TRYING to sound like an English person. I'm English myself and you don't get people who sound like that. Unless this guy happened to go to Eton and is buddies with Dave C I don't think he's even British.

No. 216

File: 1403628144094.jpg (53.17 KB, 1894x85, cap.jpg)

No. 217

This whole mess smacks of the K drama. I was giddy to see new content posted by PTNR but I don't believe that breach of PT's trust is drastic enough to warrant two perfectly-timed British trolls to take down the site.
All this is getting a little out of hand, especially involving cops and interpol. I agree with the SR admin in that everyone needs to step back and take a little break.

No. 219

No not well done. Everything's disappeared you fucking idiot. The epic explosion was all of PTNR's info and gossip and now it's all fucking gone.

No. 220

well wtf did they expect? how did they think cops WOULDNT be called at the implication of possible CP shit going on? how retarded can you be, seriously

people always lose their shit the moment children are supposedly involved, even trolls, ESPECIALLY female trolls, which are the majority of PTs audience

No. 221

File: 1403628680047.jpg (114.51 KB, 681x1024, DSCN1258-001_zps6d35cf29.jpg)

Let's get PTNR back.

No. 223

If its any consolation PTNR caps are in the n0chan link.

No. 226

File: 1403630620542.jpg (488.1 KB, 1887x975, PTNR cap 01.jpg)

I left my window open. Here are some caps.

No. 227

File: 1403630632122.jpg (279.98 KB, 1888x667, PTNR cap 02.jpg)

No. 228

File: 1403630681241.jpg (540.24 KB, 1897x1017, PTNR cap 03.jpg)

No. 229

File: 1403630712103.jpg (365.9 KB, 1881x898, PTNR cap 04.jpg)

No. 230

File: 1403630749699.jpg (395.01 KB, 1893x875, PTNR cap 05.jpg)

No. 231

File: 1403630879184.jpg (100.83 KB, 1887x198, PTNR cap 06.jpg)

No. 232

File: 1403630914099.jpg (36.54 KB, 1330x120, PTNR cap 07.jpg)

No. 233

File: 1403630946533.jpg (411.34 KB, 1894x665, PTNR cap 08.jpg)

No. 234

File: 1403630998213.jpg (325.19 KB, 1895x738, PTNR cap 09.jpg)

Alright, that's all I've got for now.

No. 235

File: 1403632499890.jpg (48.6 KB, 450x600, 1322972158550.jpg)

I love you. Here, have this ducky.

No. 236

Thanks lol. Dat ass.

No. 239

While I've got my tinfoil hat on, I have a theory.

The twats pretending to be Britfag's friends…Anyone remember from PT's Tinychats that one guy who was always there? Bishie-something? Maybe he was trying to "take down SR" to prove to her his rabu for the queen, and now is admitting the hoax because people are actually taking it seriously. If I recall, Bishie was always latched to PT's drooping tits during Tinychat, and then would talk shit when she left. Sure, we all did that, but he seemed pretty adamant about keeping her attention.

Okay, tinfoil gone now.

No. 243


Bishie was a mod at 789chan. I think he went by the name of Introman there. On one of the last TC's we had with PT he managed to piss her off mighty good and she left.
While this was going on Britfag was calling her and messaging her and emailing her and she was screaming stuff like "GUYS CAN YOU HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH A PHONE?!" And we were like NOOOOOO!

Anyway I spoke to Introman "Bishie" once on the SR chat when it was first active and PTF was hanging out there regularly. He didn't really come off as a ween troll. I think he's older (mid 20's?)

Shrug. That's all I know about Bishie.

No. 269

PTNR - The heat died down, come back with dramu

:3 preeease

No. 324

Not related to the recent drama, but I've been wondering why hasn't she been fired from her job despite stinking so bad and probably being terrible at it.

My current theory is that she was hired under her company's affirmative action policies, and probably can't get fired because they have some kind of mentally disabled workers quota to keep.

No. 326


In order to meet that quota they'd need documentation of PT's disability. I think they can't stand her, but at the same time feel sorry for her, so they just send her outside to air herself out on her stinkier days.

No. 327

Lmao that's probably the case. I had a co-worker that smelt really bad every day at my first job. I worked at an ice cream shop so… Yeah, the head boss/owner did something about it. He pulled him into the back office, told him to put his arms up, and put deodorant on him. I fucking died.

No. 329

You can't fire someone for smelling bad. We have a guy at work who STINKS and while some rude customers have made comments and complaints, nothing has happened.

No. 333

That's true but wouldn't some place like HD have a hygiene policy? I would think that if you smelled bad they would have to send you home to change or shower. Something.

No. 335

Are you sure they can't? Hygiene seems to fall under the dress code, and enough offenses could certainly get someone fired, I believe.

No. 338

Pretty sure you can be fired for smelling bad, unless it's related to a medical issue or something. Bad hygiene could be hazardous to other people if a person is working in food service or that kind of thing.

No. 339

Did PTNR peace out for good because of the trolls? D:

No. 342

File: 1403755613146.jpeg (15.62 KB, 300x400, cwcyteri.jpeg)

Behold! Christian Weston Guilbeaux!

No. 348

I think she's hanging out at Uni or cow or something.

How horrifying.

No. 361

That's some scary shit.

No. 446

She has complained about being outside at work because it's too cold, hot, sunny ect… And I bet they put her in the garden section outside because of the smell. She doesn't seem to even have enough sense to use sunscreen. She just complains that the sun is burning her delicate haffu maiden's skin.

She's probably so used to the smell of her own BO that she no longer notices it. Like people who work in the monkey house at the zoo or in a fish market.

No. 471


PTF said he went down on her because he's a generous lover (this was on his Q&A back on stamina). I feel like gagging what with her chronic yeast infections, UTI's, and stinky vagina (that she admitted to having)

When's the last time this girl has been to the gyno? Has she ever gotten tested for STDs? Hell, has she ever even been to a planned parenthood or a gyno in her life?

I don't doubt she has an STD lurking around. HPV doesn't really affect men as much, they're mostly just carriers and pass it on to women who then could possible develop warts, scarring of the uterus (which leads to sterility), or cancer.

someone correct me if I'm wrong, this is coming off the top of my head.

No. 472

I think if she has anything it's probably just chlamydia. It's incredibly common and easily cured, but I feel like she probably doesn't get checked out at all and probably has no idea. It can give thick smelly discharge, which might be her issue. It also doesn't always show symptoms so her partners may not have known and given it to her.

No. 476

I wonder if PTF is just a huge liar (likely) or he was just really really gross and didn't mind licking her cunt cheese. Or maybe PT wasn't so diseased back then.

No. 479

PT has always been nasty. There are accounts going back to high school about her BO that she tried to cover up with that cheap body spray Body Fantasy. She has always looked greasy.

Either PTF was lying about fucking her or he really did dive face first into that rank pussy and lied about it smelling fine.

Remember she had already fucked around 13 guys without a condom when he came around (and he also fucked her without a condom). So yeah…

If he is to be believed they are both reckless, they might as well share needles with friends and take their word about them being clean.

Both of them are so stupid and nasty.

No. 482

I honestly have doubts he's actually fucked PT at all. Probably just some guy that actually does know her/knew her but wanted to feel supa specshul~~

I feel like the "proof" he gave Rose Admin was a photo of him and PT or him at PT's address or something. Nothing that actually proves they were close or friends or anything, just that they've been around each other irl before.

No. 487

>Remember she had already fucked around 13 guys without a condom when he came around (and he also fucked her without a condom).
Is she at least on birth control? What really terrifies me is the idea of her procreating.

No. 496

No, she got a blood clot while taking BC and stopped using it.

No. 506

Not defending PT here, because she brings it on herself. And she probably does get all those things from fucking without protection and being gross. But just want to say that having a lot of yeast infections or UTI's is common in females, and has nothing to do with hygiene. Yeast infections sometimes even come with being overly clean on your vagina (Washing with soap for instance). I have a lot of yeast/UTI's when it is very hot weather and I forget to drink enough water and even antibiotics are a cause of yeast infections. Nothing you can do about it really.

However in the case of PT I do think it is her sluttiness and bad hygiene, because her vagina is also smelly and she complains about nasty discharge. She should really go and see a gyno about that.

No. 511

In all honesty, she probably washes up in the event of getting booty.

When she's not called into service? Nah, she just lets that shit go.

No. 513


You're right about that, though, I've never met anyone that had chronic yeast infections and UTI's, it seems very rare (not saying that you don't have chronic problems in the summer anon)

However, I don't know if any of you remember, maybe this was on frans board (wtf was the name of that board again?), but she still had her twitter activated and she asked if she could speak to someone about a personal feminine problem. That problem turned out to be that she had an itchy vagina and anus. She said the itching was driving her crazy and that over the counter drugs (monestat) weren't working.

She went to the doctor and he prescribed her anti-fungal cream and some other stuff. I can't for the life of me remember, but I do remember her walking out of there not knowing what her diagnosis was.
Now I know in Texas, doctors are very lax and you can go to your general practitioner and he'll prescribe you all this shit and not send you to a specialist (like a gyno). (I got xanax and klonopin without having to see a psychiatrist)
I think if she went to a gyno they would have taken swab samples and checked under a microscope and WAAALLAAAA! You have x and y. It kinda leads me to believe that she doesn't visit the gyno all that often or at all. I know she'd bitch about it on her twitter because it's not the most pleasant experience.

No. 515

The fact that doctors are so lax concerns me. Especially in PT's case, because besides the high risk on having an STD, the risks that come with chronic yeast aren't pretty either. You can get patches inside the vagina that gets irritated, because of all the treatments and that shit hurts. So she better see a gyno that tells her how to prevent getting yeast. Even though they are indeed not very pleasant experiences. I still cringe when I think about the speculum they use or when they use this thick rod for echo's inside the vagina..

No. 520

IIRC she used the anti-fungal for a few days, then stopped once her itching/symptoms disappeared. A few anons tried to explain she needed to keep using it for the duration of the prescription, since some STDs can go dormant, but PT threw a fit.
Sure enough the itching was back a week later. She used this as "proof" that it wasn't a fungal/yeast issue and threw out the cream.

IMO a lot of PT's gyno problems are more because she's too embarrassed to answer a doctor's questions honestly.
"How often do you have sex?"
"A-ano…once a month?"

No. 521

File: 1403991389686.jpg (95.31 KB, 768x1024, Dscn0670_zpsf1e2077d.jpg)

Re: PT's fear about her hair looking too light, why doesn't she just dye it darker brown?
Not black because, obviously, her parents would probably make her dye it back, but a subtle darker brown?
It definitely looks like she's got some natural blonde highlights in these photos (as well as a few split ends, sheesh.)

No. 523

Guys I think I figured it out. She keeps getting yeast infections and UTI's from not washing her fucking dildos. They're full of germs and yeast. That's why doctors recommend you wash your undies in hot water and blast them with heat from the drier after you get rid of the yeast infection.

Wash your toys girls.

No. 524

Samefagging here, they probably have mold or fungus growing on them. Oh sweet jesus I'm taking a fucking shower now.

No. 528

File: 1403993351129.jpg (Spoiler Image,43 KB, 450x327, deformedsextoys-450x327.jpg)

Depending on the quality of her toys, she may not be able to clean them with anything but a silicon-specific cleaner.
I'm more worried about her leaving them in hot cars. A lot of toys will leach/melt in certain temperatures. Germs/fungus aside, imagine if half-melted, toxic, dusty plastic is being jammed in her on a daily basis.

No. 529


PT really doesn't strike me as someone who buys high end toys. If anything she might spend fifteen to twenty dollars max.

Dat kawaii shit isn't going to buy itself.

No. 530

In that case, her toys have maybe 1/4 the life of higher end ones.
Those things are not only going to break down faster, they also are often more porous (gotta hold in ALL dem nasty bacteria)

No. 531


That red dildo she has? It's old as fuck. It made its appearance a few years back when her first n00ds were released.

Goddamn Pixyteri, why are you so dense?

No. 532

Holy fuck, how many sex toys does she have because they are so many already just counting those that have appeared in photos.

No. 533

File: 1404000513643.jpg (48.07 KB, 684x592, PT's twin.jpg)

I think I found PT's cartoon twin

No. 542

Not to mention jelly toys are fucking TOXIC. I doubt she's buying body safe silicon. That red toy looks like a walking infection waiting to happen. My roomate works at a sex shop and no one everrr wants to listen to her advice when she recommends the high end toys because they think she's just trying to make a sale.

When it comes to something you cram in your hoo-ha, why wouldn't you get the best you can???

No. 569

I wonder if anyone has ever shopped with her for sex toys. I'm betting she buys a lot online, probably from discount sites, where much of the product is damaged already.
She should at least throw out her years-old stuff if nothing else. Maybe someone should gift her a decent one with some toy cleaner?

No. 584

I don't have a screen cap or anything, but I remember we saw her amazon wishlist and it had a bunch of cheap $20 toys. So we know for a fact that she buys cheap toys.

No. 589

She must've buy those on ebay for under 20 bucks. It's no wonder she's getting uti. My first rabbit vibrator was like 15 bucks from Weluv brand and then few weeks later I got a one way ticket to painville. Even if I cleaned it afterwards with soap and water I still had UTI twice. Not only that but it broke few months later. So lesson learned!

No. 595


PTNR said she NEVER washes her dildos because her vagina is pure.
Like, she doesn't understand that germs and bacteria are going to be attracted to her yeast and vaginal fluids. Give it enough time and those unwashed toys will start to attract fungus.
I don't think she keeps them in her car for long, or maybe she does because her mom goes through her room (which I find a little weird).

stress sigh PTNR, why have you forsaken us? Are you lost? Do you not love us anymore? Did you get trolls remorse?

Come back to us :\

PLOT TWIST PTNR was rosechan the whole time.

No. 638


No. 639

File: 1404092480359.png (84.07 KB, 247x325, i think i know what i mean tha…)

No, there are several toys that require a specific cleaner (silicon-specific or water based cleaner) to properly maintain toys. Using lube to clean toys is almost as bad as not cleaning them at all.

No. 645

File: 1404113135106.jpg (13.39 KB, 320x240, pixyteri.jpg)

Okay so I made a PT on my Tomodachi Life game. I hope you guys like the few things I have so far.

No. 646

File: 1404113163289.jpg (7.49 KB, 400x240, pixyteri2.jpg)

She promptly went to the beach as soon as she came to the island.

No. 647

File: 1404113179105.jpg (15.12 KB, 320x240, pixyteri4.jpg)

Then she said this to me and I lost my shit.

No. 648

Lmao this is paranormal

No. 649

Oh my gosh it looks just like her haha. Just needs to be 100lbs heavier. This needs to be a series.

No. 675

Incredible. Even the hair is perfect.

No. 688

I dunno guys. I'm down about losing PTNR. I feel like there's no way to get her over here and Pixy is completely outside of our reach. I wonder if there's a way to get more of our sisters over here? Maybe I'll risk getting banned at 4chan and posts some links?

No. 690

File: 1404160341947.jpg (49.11 KB, 1024x768, fat.jpg)

Socks don't fit?

No. 692


PTNR knows about these places because she posted on cwcki forums and unichan after SR went down and people linked her repeatedly here.
I have a feeling that maybe she's waiting for SR to come back up to post the rest of the stuff. Why she would go back to SR after admins meltdown is beyond me.

No. 702

Like the other anon said, we found her on other lulcow sites after the meltdown but for some reason after people tried to tell her the new site she didn't respond

No. 706

I'm wondering if this is just a "look what I bought" photo. Or maybe showing that the sock was damaged? Especially if it arrived that way and she needed proof as a return.

I feel like ptnr is either waiting for SR (who knows why) or is holding onto content for her own reasons.

No. 707

Her fingers look disgusting and the bitch should shave. (Even though we know she won't)

No. 710

I have a feeling PTNR might be laying low for a while.

No. 711


lmao PT there's no way those socks are going to button up over dem hairy cankles. BAM!

No. 716

I could always post caps from the golden age if you guys want. We used to be kinda friends way back when,but I never posted caps or anything.

No. 717


Give it to us. Raw.

No. 721

please we need some thing from our queen

No. 729

wait… she shaves her cunt raw but not her legs?

No. 730

Probably just lazy.

No. 756


I find it so unsettling that she outright refuses to buy razors just because it would cut into her kawaii desu gear/food rations. That's just sad. How can she not see this is stupid?

Like, I've been really broke before, but I always made sure that my cats and I had food (to cook that is) and grooming essentials. I wasn't able to buy vidya or clothes (that wasn't for work), but you know what? I trudged through it even though it sucked balls.

This woman has the survival skills of a five year old. She would not make it out in the real world.

I feel bad for her parents because she's already bitching about how she's going to have to take care of them when they're old. After everything they've done for her, such a shame. She'll probably throw her parents under a bus for a few boxes a pocky.

No. 765

Please do anon! We are missing our queen. Everything has been so slow.

>>717 Just the way PT likes it.

No. 767

File: 1404253590166.jpg (139.55 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

For some reason FB on my phone won't le me look at archived convos, only the most recent one. But here's something until I get home. This was from when she had stomach problems all the time.

No. 768

File: 1404253622843.jpg (158.74 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 769

File: 1404254019017.jpg (102.93 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 771

Haha Sometimes I like PT's mom. Can you imagine looking out the window only to see your 27 year old whale of a daughter sticking her ass out in front of a camera with a sensual duckface frozen on her face?

No. 779

Thanks anon.

PT is such a child

No. 780

So where you pretending to be a guy or trying to be a normal human?

No. 787

Normal human, since we had actually been friends (kinda) before. She nixed me out of her life like I was nothing though, even though she ran to me all the time, had me listen to her shit, practice Japanese and help her with apps and stuff. So I don't feel too bad about sharing. I used to really feel for her until she got spiteful. She'd cheat with other girls boyfriends and then baaaawww about how all men are pigs and wai doesn't chris, James random guy x pay attention to me, love me, make me wifu, buy me stuff. I remember she got pissy once and made some nasty post about evil red heads who get to have boyfriends that take them to Disney (my boyfriend took me to Disney at the time and I had red hair, was posting my fun on twitter).

No. 788


Why did she cut you out? Also when was the last time you spoke to her?

Thanks for entertaining us :)

No. 789

>she'd cheat with other girls boyfriends
I can hardly imagine that.

No. 790

Meh, it might have only been the one, but I remember when she tweeted about doing another guy who had a GF that "wasn't good enough"

No. 791

Of course it's pics or it didn't happen, I can see if I have caps of that but I don't think so.

No. 792


Meh, no worries. It's something of a fact that PT sleeps with other girls bf's to make herself feel better.

No. 793

File: 1404278703403.png (16.16 KB, 328x78, odsara.png)

No. 794

File: 1404278861589.png (46.94 KB, 423x328, saddad.png)

No. 795

File: 1404280359982.png (19.67 KB, 381x112, wheredoistart.png)

Here is some stuff that humanizes her a lot. She was really close to moving out at this point. I think loosing the job at 911 and not being able to hack it there was where she decided to give up. I was trying to give her some advice on how to move out, she was oddly receptive at the time, and I was really hoping that she'd take it or maybe the wheels would turn and she'd start figuring her life out.

No. 796

File: 1404281013563.png (13.08 KB, 412x70, boop.png)

Apparently she was pretty close to taking that risk and living on her own. With that job she even had her parents support.

No. 797

File: 1404281237969.png (41.48 KB, 430x295, maido.png)

Going back through these it seems more sad than funny. Here's proof that she went with James and became stalker level obsessed because she thought she had her childhood back. She's also convinced (in a deluded way) that her parents are the ones who are making it so she can't live on her own, since she thinks they want to keep her as a maid that lives only for them.

No. 798

How did she lose her 911 job?

No. 799

I think she did something like hide or have a breakdown and couldn't handle the pressure so she would cry?

No. 800

If I remember correctly she froze during a mock 911 call

No. 801

But she also started taking breaks even when they said no. When you're there you're strapped to that desk, but she would still get up for snacks and bathroom breaks. That was one of the bigger reasons why she got fired.

No. 807

''im beautiful and always will be" holy shit llololol

No. 818

>parents "would rather have me to take care of them and do errands for them"
They probably keep her close to keep her from going full retard. I doubt she's doing much to help them around the house.
>with James […] I felt like some of my childhood was back again
Remember we were speculating that she was attracted to young men because they make her feel younger, too? Did we ever get that confirmed by her directly? Because if not, boom.
>and maybe the truth would come out and things would come together
James lived in glorious Nippon as a kid, right? PT's life is just like a shoujo manga. What if this foreign Japanese-born oujisama could take his waifu back to his adopted homeland, only to find out that she's really a princess of pure Nihongo heritiji? They lived happily ever after and her royal himesame banged all the men in the land, the end.

No. 821


Who is she talking about? Kris? James? Her dad? It's so vague.

No. 822

She said on TC that she got fired because she wanted more breaks than they gave her and she was outraged and affronted when they didn't let her go whenever she wanted and they DISRESPECTED her.

The "freezing in the middle of a 911 call" was the excuse her mom gave so people wouldn't know her daughter is fucking worthless.

No. 826


I was really starting to sympathize with her, then I read this comment. Sounds like PT alright, she gave up a good paying job because of breaks. Can you imagine all the kawaii shit she could have bought if she kept it?

Instead she opted for Home Depo where everyone hates her, she gets paid shit, gets shit hours, and she hates her shit job, but hey, she gets all the bathroom breaks and snacks now!

No. 830

It's fairly normal to freeze during 911 training. It's why YOU GET TRAINING. That shit is terrifying and even in many 911 calls, the operator has trouble guiding the person in all instances other than some general scripted stuff. I knew she didn't get fired because of freezing because I've known people who fuck up loads, even on the job, and really don't get in trouble unless it was negligent.

God, pathetic. 911 operator is a respectable position with decent pay, job security and benefits. PT let it go to fill her pie hole with mochi?

I'm also curious about PT's relationship with her mother and father. We all know it's impossible to deal with her and it's probably 90% PT's fault, but I can't help but sympathize a tiny bit. When I lived with my parents, we developed an unhealthy co-dependent relationship. It's easy to form and you'll find that parents, even when wanting you to leave will do things to keep you dependent. I really had to rip apart those bonds and let go of a lot of entitlement before I moved out. I also got tons of guilt trips and threats that I wouldn't be able to survive on my own. It's not hard living on your own, you just think it is when you're indulgent. If PT's parents provided her with zero benefits I bet she'd have an easier time moving out.

No. 831

May I also add that you are a true light in the time of great darkness. Thank you for your contribution in this trying time!!


No. 833

I'd assume her dad. Is Kris even in her life anymore? James blocked her from everything after she started getting too nutty.

Yeah, I sort of get it too. My parents are overprotective as hell and any time I mentioned moving out they'd start warning me about how difficult everything is, how sheltered I am and how I'd have such a hard time without them. I've been on my own for almost half a year now and haven't encountered anything I couldn't handle. My parents don't really believe it and keep offering me a place to stay when I can't take it anymore.
Now of course PT's parents are different because they've been trying to get her out of there for years, but like you said there's probably some co-dependence going on. Her mom's bipolar disorder would complicate things, too. Still it's probably PT's belief that she shouldn't have to take responsibility for anything, needs to spend all her money on kawaii crap and candy and deserves to be swept up by a dream husbando before she moves in with anyone (that's how it happens in Japan don't you know!) that makes the whole thing impossible. I also wouldn't wish PT as a roommate on anyone.

No. 836

I seem to remember that during her stint at the 911 job, PT was being over-dramatic and whining about how she was so hungry she couldn’t take it because they wouldn’t let her take hourly breaks to eat. Knowing her, it’s totally believable she got fired for that and not something like freezing up during training.


jfc, can you imagine PT living with a roommate? It would be an amazing disaster. Makes me wish she would sign up for Big Brother or something so we could watch it all go down.

No. 841

Guys.. So I was going through some old cgl threads and look at what I found:


"Sarah @pixyteri Hmmm I want to learn about The United Kingdom and England since someone I care about online is from there..!!"

"I'm guessing that's the guy who sent her the doujin a while back. I wonder if she'll start thinking she's British now."

It's all at the bottom of the page.

So she loved britfag at some point. Then he got some really nasty dirt on her and betrayed her.


No. 847

File: 1404369967108.jpg (78.37 KB, 640x427, matt.jpg)

Still can't believe she shacked up with a black guy.

No. 852

I agree with you guys. My parents (my mom especially) had a really hard time with me moving out. And even now I am not completely independent, because they keep begging me to come visit in the weekends. It doesn't help that my place doesn't have room for a washing machine, so I actually have to go to do my laundry. Still I am at least making an effort to break free, and gently let my parents know that I am not a kid anymore but a grown woman.

With PT I can totally see it being co-dependent. She doesn't have to clean the house, gets money for groceries, doesn't pay rent. Which probably makes it hard for her to leave, because ''I have all off this now, why leave for maybe a much shittier life''

No. 868


Her parents don't let her touch their food anymore, she has to buy her own food with her own money. She's really not allowed in the kitchen because she makes a mess and doesn't clean up after herself, then her mom loses her shit and screams at her and PT cries. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she sneaks food out in the middle of the night while her parents are asleep.
She doesn't pay rent though, so good for her. I don't think she can move out at this point because she barely gets any hours at work and wouldn't be able to afford rent, food (she can't even cook), electric, and basic necessities like personal hygiene products (not like she uses them anyway) and cleaning products.

No. 869

Yeah, it's just not a viable solution for her unless she got a better job and learned how to budget cash properly. But she's already whined about how she doesn't want to use her degree to get a better job. I think things like nursing school were suggested before too and she was totally against it. But to be fair, with her hygiene I don't think PT would last long. You can't look after patients when you have no sense of personal hygiene. Someone will complain and that would be it.

And PT could save up to move out if she had a plan. But nothing gets through to her. Not job advice, not budget advice, not advice on how to look more professional. She's like a perpetual teenager. And that's the way she wants it. Because that's how old she wants to be.

I used to have hope for her. But I am now 100% convinced she will never grow up.

No. 875

Same. I used to have hope for her too but during a certain Tinychat convo I have up. Everyone was trying to help her by coming up with a plan that would help her move out but she made up excuses that really… Made me give up. Her excuse? "If I moved out, then I would have to pay rent and I don't wanna do that." She doesn't want to better her own life…

No. 878

Off topic, but I will never understand how that bitch didn't notice her shirt was as see-through as it is.

No. 896

Yeah especially in the Miyu era I had hope. Miyu made her look so cute, helped her lose weight. I thought she finally found someone who could help her better her life. But it seems like she rather stays a fat dependent bitch.

No. 953

Is that PT? Where's her famous witch chin?

No. 965

Are you retarded or blind or both of course this is not PT.

fucking newfags

No. 1011

File: 1404590587742.jpg (16.31 KB, 320x240, pixyteri5.jpg)

God this mii of her is way too real for me to handle sometimes.

No. 1015

Her mouth omg. Is there a poopin' pose option on that?

No. 1218

No. 1219

>>>She's also totally fine with gay people, due to having a gay brother

Wasn't there a time she lost a contest in a gaybar and then said she was gonna take the lgbt sticker off her car?
(replying here cause i can't be bothered to make a cwcki account)

No. 1221

Yes, she said she didn't want to support them anymore since they didn't vote for her and didn't find her sexy enough or something. But that wouldn't happen because I think she was at a gay bar. I can't into PT logics.

No. 1267

PTNR has been posting some on there and they just pasted a chat log where PT was talking about getting off to incest, but when asked if she thought about it IRL she said no bc her brother's gay and she hates her parents but-
>Maybe my biological dad but I dunno
She'd fuck her "true asian" dad

No. 1268

File: 1404795989635.jpg (88.64 KB, 681x1024, DSCN0115-001_zpsb59a5628.jpg)

Milky Little Maid: Stuff like this is so kinky
Milky Little Maid: I am kinky as hell and I love it
Milky Little Maid: The thought of a mom/son or dad/daughter makes me wet
me: The incest aspect of it?
me: Or what?
Milky Little Maid: Yeah.
me: Do you ever think of anything like this in real life?
Milky Little Maid: No
Milky Little Maid: Not with my family
Milky Little Maid: One of my brothers is gay
Milky Little Maid: And I hate my parents
Milky Little Maid: Maybe my biological dad but I dunno

No. 1269

File: 1404797485603.jpg (70.66 KB, 732x1024, 139841077314.jpg)

Milky Little Maid: http://www.xvideos.com/video829858/japanese_gameshow_part_1
Milky Little Maid: These stupid ads are pissing me off
Milky Little Maid: I'm way hotter than thest girls
Milky Little Maid: In case you decide to watch it
me: I'm sure you are.
Milky Little Maid: That's why I don't watch mouch porn
Milky Little Maid: Gomen ne
Milky Little Maid: I just get jealous
Milky Little Maid: I want attention and love too
Milky Little Maid: But I found this and it is so hot
Milky Little Maid: After you were showed me Japanese porno
Milky Little Maid: It's a series
Milky Little Maid: I've just about masterbated my pussy raw to them
Milky Little Maid: (cat) [I think this was a :3 face that got turned into an emoticon by skype]

No. 1271

>Milky Little Maid: I've just about masterbated my pussy raw to them

that's not even remotely sex to say

No. 1273

That made me barf in my mouth. Anytime PT mentions her cat I think of how disgusting that yeasty cheese filled trap probably is and I am instantly nauseated.

No. 1274

holy shit that reminds me, didn't she have an actual cat? called it suki or something. is that poor kitty still alive?

No. 1275

Oh yeah Suki. Wow I wonder how that kitty is doing seeing how she can't even take care of herself. I thought Suki was cute though. Little grey ball of fluff.

No. 1312

I assume Suki kind of has the run of the house. Parents likely do most of the cleaning up. Isn't Suki's litterbox in PT's bathroom, though?

No. 1313

>Isn't Suki's litterbox in PT's bathroom, though?
Unless it got moved somewhere else, yes.

No. 1314

OD on what? mochi and rice balls?

No. 1315

I assume it would be her anti-anxiety/anti-depression meds

No. 1316

I don't think it is possible to overdose with meds anymore, you puke them out before that.

No. 1317


That is not right at all.

No. 1318

Eh, don't know much about it but it was in newspapers ages ago.

No. 1320

It's nearly impossible to kill yourself on anti-anxiety/depression meds, seeing as the actual meds can cause suicidal thoughts, never mind the actual illnesses.

Having said that, this is coming from the same person who "scratches" her wrist as some kind of self-harm threat.

No. 1346

You can die from other effects of the medicine.
Source: my mom tried to OD on antidepressants in the winter; she was fine but the EMTs still took her to the ER to make sure it didn't damage her heart/blood pressure.

No. 1347

I'm sure this is old news but this is hilarious.


No. 1348

You can definitely die, what I'm saying is that most people who try to OD on antidepressants don't manage. I'm sorry about your mum, though. That's horrible.

No. 1351

I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't find this guy all that funny.

No. 1357

No, it's not just you. I'm convinced he's just doing those PT videos as a way to attention whore.

No. 1395

oh god. That face he pulls as the mermaid.
I lost my shit.

No. 1408

I'm pretty sure he does it for views/attention but my god he is a dead ringer for PT when he's doing the duck lips as a mermaid. I seriously thought it was video as her for a second!

No. 1415


This guy possesses such a feminine shape I would not be surprised if he had Klinefelter's.

That being said, I enjoy his videos and find hi dedication to the cause admirable.

No. 1453

Has anyone ever tried to set up a fund to send PT to Japan? It would be so fun to watch her document her experience…

No. 1454

If I remember correctly, people have tried to give her tickets and have talked about paying for her trip there by setting up a fund for her, but she refused to accept all offers because she didn't want to go by herself and would only go if she had a lover to accompany her.

No. 1455

File: 1404939953289.png (26.19 KB, 997x228, 1320513026123.png)

Yes. She has.

No. 1456

File: 1404939967625.png (60.74 KB, 696x550, 1320523862565.png)

No. 1458

Should we start have a donate button put in the PT board for it? Or would it be a huge waste of time?

No. 1459

File: 1404940092721.png (64.62 KB, 1320x476, 1320523940739.png)

No. 1466

Huge waste. She'd probably use it for other shit. Even if she wanted to go, she is not in a good position to go to another country.

Besides, she has more important things to worry about. Like getting rid of her crotch rot.

No. 1482


Total waste. She would never use that money to go to Japan. The only way I think you could ever get her to make the trip at this point would be if a flawless, accepting, loving, handsome husbando accompanied her and paid for everything during her stay. PT will never go to Japan by herself.

No. 1519

Good points, haha. Just a thought!

No. 1542

No shit he does it for attention.

No. 1593

No, I can't stand him either. Just not funny.

No. 1634

So how difficult IS it to get ahold of Pixyteri's skype?
Back in the golden ages, she had me added on facebook and even followed my twitter of her own accord (and she RTed the randomest shit from me too). I talked to her once or twice on Twitter, I have "her measurements" (what she claims at least), same height, etc, so I'm not really threatening to her. Plus I'm a homo so I wouldn't steal her precious husbandos.

For real how do I get in. I don't even want to troll her or anything I just wanna talk to her.

No. 1698

At the moment it's unlikely she'll talk to anyone new.
Her guard is up, britdick is probably still stringing her along, and someone she trusted enough to spill all this info to leaked it.
We'll be lucky if she even still talks to her old Skype friends. Give her a month or so, then approach with something innocuous like "hey check out this new manga!" or "did you see this cute news story about kittens?"
Don't approach her as Sarah. If she asks if she knows you, say you messaged the wrong person but hope she enjoyed the image/link anyway.

No. 5395

File: 1407319194260.jpg (39.11 KB, 600x600, 10407392_313510572133735_22655…)

It's funny if she could keep her cray cray in control and I didn't find out she was a fucking whore I might have wanted to date her if she played it cool. But these pictures, holy shit man.

No. 5487

Who the hell are you?

No. 74836

File: 1428084291775.png (340.51 KB, 419x700, yeah right.png)

>>No. 216
wait, did he mean that taking child molestation allegations seriously is "too weeny"? god, even if i don't believe it, its still safe for someone to get the cops just in case. i really hope he doesn't come back because he was such an autist

No. 156224

What if Pixyteri and CWC mated? Oh, dear God, do NOT show me what it would look like.

No. 156231

britfag said on the cow board on 8chan that it was a joke and he was boasting about how funny it was
this was a while ago, but if i knew there were idiots that still took this seriously i would have screenshotted it.
Britfag pretty much thought it would be funny to accuse pixy of molesting children. Because that's hilarious to him, for some reason. Which is funny because he has called US weens for taking a child abuse allegation seriously.
No really, fuck that guy. He is probably the most pathetic "troll" next to bluespike, but the thing is bluespike was like 14, this faggot is about pixy's age

No. 156232


No. 156250

This screenshot is shooped. You can tell the text of the fake comments is different from Sarah's signature which is real

No. 156324

File: 1439278487980.jpg (69.31 KB, 529x373, 87986675.jpg)

Jfc, lolcow turned into a playground for a bunch of retarded newfags who apparently have been banned on Google. These "news" and screenshots are as old as a mammoth's poo. I'm so sick of you fucking newfags, pls go kill yourselves.

No. 156334

it's a mockery of her infamous "work out lines" explanation of her stomach

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