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File: 1549780804342.jpg (81.81 KB, 620x620, 1549162292047.jpg)

No. 638649

Thread Image Credit: >>636020
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/632218
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Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Kai/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last Time:

>Greg makes this tweet >>632416 and promptly deletes it after being called out.

>Greg makes videos that should have stayed in the ‘00s >>632434
>Greg continues to concern-troll Eugenia for clout. >>632537 >>633715 >>633235 >>633723 >>633914 >>636868 >>638137
>Greg claims serial killers don’t kill for fame/attention in response Dre’s (Jessie Paege’s not girlfriend) criticism of the Ted Bundy film. >>632798 She fires back at him. >>632800
>Greg is hopping on the train of making videos about known costhot Belle Delphine and nyannyancosplay >>633021 >>633991 follows nyannyancosplay on twitter >>63422 and whiteknights Belle. >>636410
>Lainey complains about feeling dysphoric the same day she gets her super short haircut. >>633884 and claims that ~love is not for her~ through vague emo lyrics. >>633886
>DMs between an anon and Madison are posted >>>/snow/773575
>Greg and Lainey’s yard continues to look appalling. >>634177 >>634178 >>634181
>Sarah deletes her private twitter, facebook, and Instagram (her facebook and Instagram are back up). >>634703
>Greg and Lainey’s patrons are dropping like flies >>636205 >>636235
>Greg “apologizes” to Shane >>634943 only to imply he’s a pedophile again. >>635896
>Greg makes another video stating that he never raped AJ >>635402 and forgets that AJ took back her apology for claiming she lied. >>635368
>Greg uses porn preferences from the UK and statistics of the correlation of age and the risk of down syndrome to justify his attraction to almost legal and barely legal girls. >>635862
>Tractorgate update! Greg and Lainey have until February 18th to submit a plan to restore their property. >>636233
>Greg starts posting inspirational quotes because his phone number and address had been “leaked.” >>636245 >>636361
>Greg gets butthurt that a “what age I am” website thinks he’s his age. >>637870
>Lainey and Greg are so in love and totally aren’t staying together out of spite. >>637979
>Greg is complaining about people flirting with him (so believable). >>638234
>Greg livestreams and claims he didn’t want to change Madison’s daughter because he didn’t want to look at her genitals. >>638616

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- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking (This includes HDR edits of Greg and Lainey’s faces >>590295), derailing, or infighting, you will be banned. Please revisit the rules (https://lolcow.farm/rules) if you have any confusion as to what nitpicking, infighting or derailing consists of.
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No. 638660

And somehow Madison still protects this guy. He’s straight up SEXUALIZING changing a BABY’S diaper (sexualizing YOUR baby, Madison, because we all know you lurk), and his shitty orbiters will still defend him. Fucking disgusting.

No. 638663

File: 1549784238060.png (125.18 KB, 436x443, fallingdeepdown.PNG)

Just a little side track, but I just seen his Patreon and he has fallen even further, he is about to fall under 500. I guess that is why he is raging on twitter lately.

No. 638665


Reposting for the lazy.
I agree with the anon speculating about him not changing his daughter’s diapers. Also the fact that he thinks changing a little girl’s diaper can be viewed as sexual is creepy and really doesn’t do anything but make him seem like he does indeed sexualize little girls. Madison is lucky he dropped her as a friend honestly, for her and her daughter’s sake.

No. 638669

He’s doing a reverse Josh whatshisface.

No. 638672

This is so disgusting and really alarming imo. His thought process is definitely not normal. He sexualizes every physical contact with female humans, even little kids and BABIES. What the hell.

No. 638673


Agreed. I honestly think he's unable to have a healthy friendship or even family relationship with a female because he's always thinking of them in a sexual manner.

No. 638686

Now there is real concern for his daughter. He must view her sexually when she's naked in the bath or running around without clothes on. As a mother of a 2 yr old girl, (a month older than his daughter) I can't tell you how fucked up he is to think that way. There is nothing sexual about parenting. He's a freak and this has really disturbed me.

No. 638688

He's probably an asshole to his own daughter. I imagine Lainey scorning him over being rude or sarcastic to Cloey and his retarded logic would come into effect.

>I have to be rude to her at least until she's 18 mkay? It's kind of like when you look up porn mkay and there's always these videos that say daddy daughter. I AM NOT like those sickos Lainey…I don't even change her nappy or give her a bath! When she asks me to help her change her clothes and grabs on my arm, I literally RUN away! I am literally the opposite of a pedo Kai…best if you watch Cloey. Y oh know what the internet is like.

No. 638690

He really is a total creep. I hope he ends up shitting in a diaper in a nursing home and the nurses be like "Nah, Im not gonna help you, I dont wanna see your junk, Im not a gerontophile!"

No. 638691

This really adds a whole new creepy scary element to the fact that he doesn’t talk to Cloey. Taylor should be really freaked out by that bc bet you anything he talked to Troy just fine at that age.

No. 638693

Omg I speculated he didn't change Madi's kid diaper because he'd sexualise it somehow and here we have him admitting it. That is fucking bizarre and shameful to admit too. "I can't change a baby girls diapers guiiiz, what if it becomes sexual?" the baby is going to hit on him guys. Like the toddlers in daycare that would try to engage in play with him. They were trying to rape him guys. Its not easy being an Onion little girls libidos go wild fot it

No. 638695

So with this he admitted he sees his 2-year old daughter in a sexual way.

Anyone still believes he isn't a pedophile?

No. 638696

Jesus fucking christ, Greg no normal adult thinks of kids and their diapers in this way at ALL! Changing a kid isn't just looking at their "junk" what the fuck??? What the absolute fuck!?? Who THINKS like this!?

No. 638697

It kinda makes me wonder that when he calls his dad a pedophile if what he really means is "my dad did things that I can't separate my own sexuality from". Like for example maybe his dad read a book to his sister with his sister sitting on her dad's lap, but Onion views sitting on laps as a sexual encounter or something to that effect.

No. 638701

>>638695 I knew he liked younger, but this is very shocking, and creepy. Now I am worried about his children.

>>638696 That is shocking alright, I cannot believe someone thinks this way and does not see a problem, this is not normal thinking.

>>638697 That does make sense, it is not beyond the realm of possibility, but I still think his mother put things in his head in his fathers case.

No. 638710

"i'm not a professional baby…guy…person"
he's a fucking parent, holy shit

No. 638712

Bootyslayer/Other Megan was in the chat and said nothing about him not wanting to change a little girl’s diaper. She’s a mother of two.

No. 638713


i couldn’t even imagine looking at my nephews (1 and 2yo) in this type of way let alone my actual babies. how the fuck can people still say he isn’t a pedo with the way he just described changing a nappy as some kind of lewd act. absolute fucking trash. madison/booty/kainey are all equally as vile for being parents themselves and thinking this is a normal way to talk about a child

No. 638716

File: 1549815773361.jpeg (402.21 KB, 976x632, 71876C6E-814F-44CD-A910-03AF54…)

Didn’t get all of the stream but I got the bits when he starts to ree at the h8urz after begging for trolls.


No. 638717

File: 1549815812608.png (1018.69 KB, 1275x651, dU6hjyy.png)

My question is why did he always take jobs that involved children even though he hates them so much. Didn't he work and child care and at a youth camp? On top of all that he volunteered to care for children during military dinners. It may just be that he relates to children more because he's never grown up but my god… I'm so scared that it could be something more.

No. 638719

So Lainey will pretend Grug doesn’t have any contact with Cloey because he is a bad parent and not because he is already sexualzing has a baby?
I always tought he didn’t have any contact with her because she was a Bandaid and resented her for that
But now I think he avoids every situation like that because he doesn’t know what he is capable of
That’s really fucking creepy and more if you consider Lainey might and probably will just swipe it under rug

No. 638720

I'm hoping something is done before these children come out years later with tales of their horrific upbringing. A family member needs to step in and document what they an, if possible.

No. 638731

Access Denied. Video isn't public.

No. 638732

Yeah same, it asked me for an email, wtf?

No. 638735

According to someone in his discord that was posted here by Greg in order to gain info on 'haterz'(This is an imageboard Keith)

No. 638736

Are you serious? That's mental.

No. 638737

do they really think we're dumb enough to give them our email addresses? We aren't Gurg. We have common sense.

No. 638738

Someone is working overtime looking like a creep. Can't change little girls diapers because he might get turned on and now trying to mine data on people who disagree with his behavior.

No. 638739

Or not, I’m the person who posted the drive link. I’ll check and see what’s wrong with it.
Don’t make dumb claims like that without a screenshot.

No. 638740

Not to derail, but these videos keep popping up in my recommended. Looks like the DONTSTANDSOCLOSETOME Tumblr account has made a few videos disproving onions "facts" over the years. This may have already been brought to everyones attention and if it has sorry for bringing it up again.

I just wonder how gurgle would react if he ever saw these.

No. 638742

No. 638745

Hi Keith(Bye Keith)

No. 638747

Not Keith. I honestly didn't even know that was his name. Just a newfag lmao

No. 638749

File: 1549823776839.png (23.35 KB, 830x174, be mad greg.png)

Greg's description from his latest video "I'm Going to Jail."
Looks like he's still big mad about people finding out the truth.

No. 638750

so much for DO NOT ENGAGE

No. 638752

And Shane Dawson would've in jail if anything you said about him was true, retard. You just admitted yourself you're a "liar/fraud"

No. 638753

Every illegal act has been followed by swift justice and a long prison sentence. obviously.

No. 638755

Only a pedophile would turn changing a baby's diaper into something sexual. The worst part is that he doesn't even realize how fucked up his thought process is

No. 638757

Greg claims he didn't destroy the wetland because the swamp is still there. So by that logic you could throw bricks through someone's windows, strip all their copper wiring, smear shit all over their walls, toss garbage all over, but that's not destroying their house because its still standing. That's basically his argument.

Could be why he acts like DDLG is so abhorrent

No. 638759

File: 1549826152553.jpeg (226.53 KB, 1125x1049, F3EE4E52-4B40-4215-8A40-C4EA8F…)

No. 638760

File: 1549826165878.jpeg (379.66 KB, 1125x1503, A0FFDA02-32D6-4851-B26F-B12D8F…)

No. 638761

File: 1549826216805.jpeg (308.28 KB, 1125x994, 6242D975-B3AF-4729-AF2A-1DB875…)

My favorite one
Keep telling yourself that Greg.

No. 638762

Onision haters managed to get Greg to brand himself then go back on the principle of that branding in a weeks time.

That's the most extreme case of self ownage and double self ownage at that i have seen on the internet ever and I doubt it can ever be topped.

But I thought that about him tanking his own channel so fucking hard so I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us.

No. 638765

Damn, where's Fancy Bear when you need to make an Onion lose its mental layers.

No. 638767

I'm pretty sure what he was saying was he didn't want to change the kid's diaper so that M couldn't turn it around on him and call him a pedo, not that he didn't want to change it because he sexualizes the kid.

I think y'all want to hear him admit he's a pedo so bad that you are intentionally mishearing.

No. 638769

We all know Grug is a narc but I watched this video on reactive abuse and this describes his tactics to a fucking T. I would tweet this at Kailor if I gave a shit but we all know it wouldn't matter anyway, kek.

He is a fucking moron and made himself look a 100x worse for his reasoning on not changing her diaper. Like she left HER baby in YOUR care dumb ass, if you were afraid she was going to accuse you of molesting her kid WHY WOULD YOU BABYSIT HER IN THE FIRST PLACE?? Your mind is so paranoid and twisted that you let a baby sit in its own shit for hours because you can't seperate changing a diaper from Pornhub.

No. 638772

“I’m a grown man, I don’t want to change your little girl.”

“Hey pervert look at my kid’s Junk!”

He even mentioned he didn’t want to look at her daughter’s genitalia, anon. Madison didn’t even claim he was a creep until she met Shiloh, which happened months, maybe even years, after the diaper incident. Rewatch the clip again.

No. 638773

Fuck off, that's not what he meant at all. He didn't imply that was the reason at all. He straight up says, "I think it's inappropriate to change other people's kid." then laughs and makes a joke about not wanting to cause it's not his kid and he's not a "professional baby guy person" despite having two kids.

Rewatch the clip in the last thread since you seem to be "mishearing".

No. 638774

It's really fucking weird to defend yourself not changing some kids diaper by claiming you don't want to be called a pedo.

No. 638780


Hmm sounds like someone…. is engaging his haters

No. 638782

With the amount of projecting he does, I imagine he had a sex dream where lolcow pegged him and he kinda liked it lol

No. 638785

Him and Madison were still friends back then so that doesn't make any sense unless he could see the future

No. 638786

File: 1549832130465.png (57.28 KB, 670x586, Capture _2019-02-10-18-50-00.p…)

This was the best reply to his retarded posts lmao

No. 638789

so he wants to fuck Shane Dawson real bad.

No. 638798

File: 1549836331826.png (72.28 KB, 854x163, clickbait game is weak.png)

No. 638799


No. 638801

I can only think of three valid reasons someone could have for not wanting to change a baby's diaper. "Lazy asshole" is not a valid reason.
1. Don't know how to do it
2. Don't know the parents of the baby
3. Thinks that baby genitals are sexual and would not be able to resist the temptation to molest them.
I sure hope Greg knows how to change a diaper, considering he has two kids. He knows Madison, so it wouldn't be weird to change her daughter. Jesus fucking hell

No. 638803

Wait I thought Greg learned what a strawman is? Guess not.
>”I couldn’t have groomed a 14 year old. That’s literally not me, I hate 14 year olds!”

No. 638804

File: 1549838482038.jpg (38.74 KB, 434x467, 89027458902347598423.jpg)

@ 1:45 Yet again bringing up having sex with dogs when it has no relevance at all.
His face when he thinks about it is very unnerving. Who knows if Greg is a legit pedophile but it's almost undeniable how obsessed with bestiality he is.

No. 638805

Right, because Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein and so on are all in jail.

No. 638808

The weirdest part is, I don’t think anyone would suspect him to be into bestiality and pedophilia and incest if he didn’t talk about it all the god damn time. He’s so obsessed with condemning this stuff but also making endless jokes about it and calling his haters dogfuckers. Like…. why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut?

No. 638809

File: 1549839048075.png (122.3 KB, 620x618, here we go.png)

>Eugenia is making the steps towards recovery.
>Makes it about himself and how he and his fans harassed her.

No. 638810

I.e. "I harassed Eugenia to finally admit she has an ED. GG Greg pats his own shoulder"

No. 638812


I'm betting that he'll completely ignore her request for privacy and completely spreg out about how his haterz were wrong and he saved Eugenia by bothering her to no end.

No. 638814

-her triggering people

What was Onion's stance on his content triggering people again?

No. 638815

No matter what happened to Eugenia, Greg would be virtue sperging that he's right. If she died, it would be everyone's fault for not harassing her enough.

It's so gross how he cares more about him "saving" her than her actually getting help. Typical narcissist.

No. 638817

To be honest, I just want to ignore Gurg and be happy for Eugenia in that she (might) be getting proper help. But gods, he's so difficult to not want to slap over this.

No. 638820

Here's to hoping that he gets his ass kicked the next time someone sees him at a store. Or that he chops off his angry baby carrot the next time he puts a saw near it.

No. 638821

Well he did admit to liking Harley Quinn bestiality porn. We wouldn't even know that if he hadn't talked about it. Not to open another can of worms but by his own logic that makes it weird that he's so mean to his dog.

Nice distraction attempt by Onion but we'll still talk about how he's a creepy pedo.

No. 638822

this is so embarrassing how does he still livestream. how delusional does he have to be to still think he ‘owns up’ to his shit

No. 638824

File: 1549842417958.png (461.03 KB, 1125x1260, image0.png)

No. 638825

Devoting a YouNow stream to haters
Multiple tumblr posts about haters
Uploads video skit about haters

Whenever he spergs like this I rack my brain trying to figure out what caused it.
What was the catalyst?
He keeps talking about someone he "broke up with" that went off and made a hate blog, is this all just delayed hate on Madison? Or is there someone else, another friend that he pissed off that has been leaking information about him and he's pissed.

No. 638830

File: 1549843621589.png (23.21 KB, 427x351, DDOS.PNG)

oh oh
cant his forum only handle 65 concurrent connections?

No. 638831

not sure how they scale, but the link to their pricing is https://invisioncommunity.com/buy

No. 638833

File: 1549843960289.jpeg (121.39 KB, 640x790, C37EA4F0-3BB3-4FDD-BD34-1BC9F5…)

No. 638835

When in reality, this actually proves that she completely ignored him and didn't get help until she was ready + the people she actually cared about were alarmed enough to suggest she see a doctor as well.

So, he was correct that she needed help. But nothing he did or said is the reason she's getting help today. So if anything it's actually pretty embarrassing that he spent so long trying to insert himself in the situation only for her to act on her own/with the help of others instead.

No. 638837

Yeah because that retarded booty bitch sucks his dick daily. She is absolutely OBSESSED with him. She is beyond pathetic. Honestly he could admit to sexually abusing his daughter and she would be like "it's okay guys that's totally normal he's the most honest YouTuber that's why he's so amazing. He admitted it because he's so honest that's why I love him guyz".
Such a dumb bitch.
His patron sluts are beyond pathetic.

No. 638838

File: 1549844417748.png (746.9 KB, 1280x857, Screenshot_18.png)


Extra, Extra, read all about it! A 33 father of two who is afraid of changing his ex-friend's daughter's diaper for the fear of being viewed as a pedo believes he played a hand in getting Eugenia help for her eating disorder!

No. 638839

File: 1549844532897.png (22.63 KB, 487x345, tiers.png)

I just read into it a little more and it looks like they do him the solid of bumping him up to the next tier to keep him online. inb4 a repeat of the GoDaddy twitter sperg and "My Forum Stole My Money" vid

No. 638844

And he's still irrelevant after all that nonsense that he spewed.

No. 638846

File: 1549844906310.png (80.01 KB, 1620x642, 0452838.png)

45 dollars was all he was willing to splurge for his fans. And now he has Corronafly pay for the next month >>638526 >>638528
And the only reason she ponied up the cash was because she had to make nice after pissing Greg off by fawning over PewDiePie and dared to ask Onisions fans to subscribe to another man >>638531

No. 638850

Him "choking up" at the end. Someone give him an award. Truly the best performance.

No. 638851

I wish I could remember which video/videos Ive seen him show how he can tear up at the drop of a hat. He was trying to show what a great actor he is and got all weepy within a minute.
Every time he makes one of these heartfelt teary eyed videos to his fans Id like to link to his "fake crying" video.
Anyone remember this vid?

No. 638853

She asked people to respect her privacy, instead of doing that the idiot makes like 20 tweets and a video doing exactly the opposite of what she asked and he thinks he's "helping"

No. 638863

File: 1549847286545.jpeg (156.66 KB, 750x1334, 5C683B80-0AAB-4A58-849D-810F1E…)

Sorry it’s OT anons but I had to share this guy cosplaying as princess peach that I thought looked like plain lol(non-contribution)

No. 638869

>if this, then that this proves I was right
Gurg is a fucking scientist. Totally valid results he's producing here. He should bully other skellytons into getting help since his method definitely works and is without flaw.

He's absolutely retarded. We figured that out but good thing he keeps reassuring us by being this much of a stupid ass.

No. 638871

I really hope she comes back looking great and makes a video telling the world that onision made her ED worse and that she was trying to get help all along but everyone constantly talking about her made her spiral.

No. 638872

Eugenia Cooney's health is not your fucking business you cretinous mongoloid. I can't wait to watch this onion rot.

No. 638874

Sure greg, unless she might have gone for help earlier if the stress of the harrassment wasn't weighing down on her, or she might have been working with a doctor the whole time and not felt it was everyone else's fucking business. Or maybe it was due to the people in her life that she actually cares about talking to her.

Or maybe she did it because of the harrassment, and only because of that, in which case I feel really pessimistic about her chances of recovery, because that's not how this shit works, you fucking moron.

It's not healthy to have a chorus of sanctimonious idiots constantly chiming in with a verdict on how she looks. How can she ever recover in that kind of environment?

No. 638876

Greg has a dumb way of wording things. He's saying he's not going to change Madison's kid's diaper because she's accused him of being a perv. So he won't take the risk of her making something up if he doesn't give her the chance.
Sounds like a lot of retcon and backpedaling, but not the "sexualizing a baby" talk that people have been screaming about.

No. 638877

> He's saying he's not going to change Madison's kid's diaper because she's accused him of being a perv.
This happened before Madison and Greg's fall-out though, so that logic doesn't work. He straight up said he didn't want to look at her daughter's junk.

No. 638878

Jesus fuck, he'll be REEE'ing about this for at least a month. He might as well rename himself as Eugenia's Savior on Twitter.

He thought it sounded better in his head but he could have easily just said "hey I just don't like changing diapers" instead of whining like a child and people couldn't have spinned it too much. But he's a dumbass and there's no hope for him.

No. 638889

PewDiePie talked about Eugenia in one of his videos recently and that's why a lot of people (including some big YouTubers) started leaving comments on her videos asking her to get help and one of her friends made an emotional video about her telling her to get help as well, so if anything it was PewDiePie who helped Eugenia, not the greasy onion. Suck it pedonision

No. 638890

For real. I sure as hell wouldn’t change a kids diaper even if I knew the parents, there’s no need to justify it beyond “it’s gross and not my responsibility”. The Gurg doth protest too much. Re: renaming his Twitter, don’t give him ideas, we might jest but the prestige tier delusional narc in him legit believes he is her saviour.

No. 638892

Even if that were the case, I'd Maddie had called him a pedo the sane response would be to call her out for sexualizing changing a diaper, and she'd look retarded pt him. But I guess you need to not be functionally retarded and a pedo to get that. He was also put in charge of them for hours, so "not his responsibility" doesnt work either - you cant change a diaper dont be a babysitter.

Fucking pathetic and gross all around

No. 638913

>Toontact Me:
I don't know if this is a mistype or some new teenager app that Greg is trying to get hip with

No. 638914

He's losing his damn mind! LOL!

No. 638915

File: 1549858871992.png (13.91 KB, 588x170, toldya.png)

>"the Major M.O. … Major operation operation"
>He thinks M.O. means "Major Operation"
>5-minute "I told you so!" video
He's such a talented actor! I could barely notice him deciding to cry!

No. 638919


He thinks he's jesus christ or something!

No. 638946

He is the epitome of 'I told you so'

What is he even going on about?

No. 638947

File: 1549867593020.png (553.48 KB, 795x492, pay attention to meeeeeeee.PNG)

Anyone watch his gaming stream? It only last about 40 minutes this time. I think he was getting pissed that people were talking over him or having their own conversations that didnt involve him. There was one guy who seemed to take over the mic having a long conversation with our friend Potato-Nose about car batteries and how cold it is where he lives. Greg was randomly screeching to try and interrupt and even whistling to try and bring the focus back to him. I think Greg finally got fed up and ended the stream early because he was being ignored.

No. 638950

ew, i can see why these women pay him to get his attention.
was this a patron-only stream? is there any clips or a link?

No. 638951

File: 1549868522719.jpeg (170.54 KB, 1200x800, 1D7F57FF-938D-4838-962E-F4CA3F…)

He looks like a mix between jocelyn wildstein and the grinch who stole xmas, if the grinch was addicted to heroin.

No. 638953

He looks special needs. Well, he practically is.

And of course he needs attention. He tried creating a cult of personality. Somehow, in this retarded culture he managed to get an audience, but like all train wrecks, it gets cleaned up and people start to despair over what caused it. I'll never understand how he had a fan base.

It's kind of sad. With someone obsessed with appearance, he attracts the most unfortunate looking women. Are they delusional or that masochistic knowing how he looks down on them?

No. 638955

He looks like he's about to start playing a banjo.

I'm not surprised that he was throwing a tantrum over people not paying attention to him. He expect for them all to ignore each other and give him their full undivided attention. It's a fucking multiplayer game, Pedonision. They're going to chat with each other.

No. 638957

Except you have to do it so the kid won't get sick. If you're babysitting a toddler, you basically signed up for stuff like this.

No. 638960

The thing with Eugenia is no matter what happens to Eugenia he would be "right" he either bullies her into submission and she gets help and he's the hero (like he thinks now) or if she died it would be I knew she was sick and would die.

And what if she doesn't actually have an ED. Jeffree Star was not as extremely skinny as Eugenia, but he had physical issues with swallowing food.

>I didn't mean to start crying at the end

Fuck I want him to go to prison and become someone's bitch.

No he very clearly said he doesn't want to look at Madison's daughters "junk" that's fucking weird.

HE WAS THE ONLY ONE IN THE HOUSE WITH THE CHILD. He left Madison's daughter in a dirty diaper for hours while he was supposed to watch her. That's neglect and he defends the neglect by saying he's not a pedo. How are people defending Onion for neglecting a child and defending it and using it as proof that he isn't a pedo. What the fuck is wrong with you guys.

No. 638966

Is this unedited? He looks like fucking Gollum! My sides.

Didn't Madison say Sam was there too? I know Onion's competence is questionable at best but there were two people with at least partially functioning brains there. Madison said she and Lame were ten minutes away so Onion could've called her to come deal with her kid if he wasn't going to do it. There's no excuse for him leaving a kid sit in shit for hours. His weird justification went above and beyond at being creepy.

No. 638968

Madison wasn't friends with Sam. Sam was a guest of Onions so why would Madison put the care of her daughter on Sam?

No. 638971

>Not to open another can of worms but by his own logic that makes it weird that he's so mean to his dog.

So that's it. He is mean to his dogs so they won't think he wants to fuck them, not before they are 18 at least.


He actually truly believes it was his doing that caused Eugenia to get help, isn't he? Even though, ironically, Eugenia started to seek help now weeks after he stopped harassing her. That only shows all he did, didn't do shit, if anything, the opposite of making her get help.

>Eugenia: "I'm working with my doctor on getting better. Please respect my privacy"

No. 638972

In dog years I think they're all 18.

No. 638973

Then maybe he has to drive them into a state first where bestiality is legal.

No. 638974

File: 1549873078144.png (183.69 KB, 500x282, MNMxzY0OTgj.png)

>drive them into a state first where bestiality is legal

No. 638980

All I meant is there was another adult in the house who could've saw to it that if Onion wasn't going to change her, Lame and Madison were contacted to come back and do it.

Those poor dogs.

No. 638982

The dog is more attractive than his ugly wife so I wouldn't blame him if he really wanted to fuck the dog

No. 638983

>Jeffree Star was not as extremely skinny as Eugenia, but he had physical issues with swallowing food.

I never knew about his food issues. He has no problem swallowing dick. That's probably how he keeps his figure.

No. 638984

>The dog is more attractive than his ugly wife so I wouldn't blame him if he really wanted to fuck the dog

Anon, don't go to far. You're making yourself sound like a dog-fucker!

No. 638985

I kind of agree with you. Sam didn't seem to do right by anyone while she was there, because she was too interested in Gregenstein and seemed to stay quiet just to please the neanderthal. She could have put on her big girl pants and changed the baby's diaper. It would have been better than the little girl sitting in her own feces until she developed a rash.

No. 638986

Double-post, but it's also odd that he would use "it's not my kid" as an excuse when he's always on the hunt for babysitters cause he doesn't want to watch his own kids. Teen girls have to change his kids' smelly diapers, but he's too much of a lazy, inconsiderate skid-mark to change a diaper.

No. 638989

You can tell he's visualizing it.
Good thing Wikipedia has a handy map for that. WA isn't too hot about people screwing animals since Mr. Hands.

No. 638991

I don't think it's new that she's working with a doctor. It might just be that she's revealing it publically to address the concerns. He's making out like she's doing it BECAUSE of him harrassing her and the hate his fans send her etc OOPS I mean him desperately trying to help her
She might be at a point where she's saying it to make him and others get off her case is what I'm saying.


Also if he's saying thank you to all that helped her (and he thinks it's the videos and pestering them that helped) then he's thanking pewdiepie because he made the most recent and popular video about it that set this all off really. And repzion even surpassed Greg in view count. Better thank them Greg. heh


What about the fact he's had so many jobs in caring for kids? Working in a daycare, summer camp, caring for other military members kids, the two other than summer camp probably involved very small kids so did he subject them to the same level of neglect?
And even if some of you don't find his creepy comments creepy from that video,
Madi was in the other room, he could easily have got her to come sort it out if he didn't want to "see the baby's junk" but instead he left the baby in shit for hours. There's no other way you can paint this other than what it is.

No. 639000

>There's no other way you can paint this other than what it is.
Well, there kind of is, as we have seen already. I don't think anyone is arguing it's not creepy, because it obviously fucking is. But there is an argument about how much should be read into it. Some anons are going full pearl-clutching because think of the children! while others are pointing out that it doesn't necessarily mean he's into kids, just that he's a very fucked up and maladjusted creep.
Either way, yeah he neglected the kid, same as he does his own.

No. 639001

I find it highly suspicious that there are several responses saying, “oh no, Greg meant he didn’t want to change her bc Madison called him a creep” but that hadn’t happened yet so that’s bull. It reeks of Greg self posting or Greg stans defending him. There’s no excuse for his pedophile response of not wanting to look at the kids private parts. Why sexualize a BABY? It’s sick and he should’ve been responsible enough to tell Madison her kid needed a change.

Also why is no one concerned Madison mentioned blood in her kids diaper? I would have brought her to a doctor immediately to make sure the pedo didn’t abuse my kid.

No. 639002

Some even going as far as blaming sam instead of our pedo man, very transparent if you ask me.

No. 639004

Can we drop the diaper talk?
He said he didn't change the baby because he didn't want to look at its genetalia. He admitted to sexualizing changing a diaper by saying that.
It is what it is. It's him sexualizing naked babies and rather let them get rashes and cry than solving the problem but being confronted with their junks.
To me it sounds pretty much like a pedophile who's afraid of contact with babies/kids because he's afraid of what he's capable of.

He once said "boys don't get raped". Meaning he's not interested in them and therefore can spend time with Trot.
He said he has to be mean to every girl until they're 18 because they'll fall in love with him if he isn't.
He's mean to Clot and ignores her and he couldn't change Madi's girl because of her genetalia.
Seems like he only has a problem with female babies.
In his stories about kids who want to take his shirt off, the kids always were girls, he's never said something about a little boy "sexually harassing" him.
Pretty sure he's interested in every girl, no matter her age, much more than he'd like to admit.

No. 639007

Haha Sam was there during the dirty diaper incident? Lainey was probably loving the fact they were left with the kids to babysit so they couldn't fuck most likely. Onion's revenge was letting Madi's baby get diaper rash. Then when he addresses it he does the usual Onion faux pas, "I didn't want to see the baby's junk cause I'm Onion, constantly accused of being a pedo and doing the most to perpetuate the rumours."

He's just such an immature thick retard. He some how thinks he is at all relevant in EC going to another specialist. She most likely has the dumb cunt muted for an easier life. He wouldn't give a fuck if her name didn't come with views, I'm sure there's an abundance of mentally ill girls in his patron and forums willing to starve themselves for him but what new audience would that bring?

He's just a pathetic desperate old fart, married to a doormat that will never make him accountable for anything, he doesn't even have to be involved in raising his children except making sure they don't die when Taylor goes to the store alone. And even then they most likely will come out with some type of infection, rash, low self worth etc.

No. 639008

Who gives a fuck who she did right by? Maybe Onion should know more about these girls before inviting them over to his family's home with two young children without even running it by Lainey. Onion can't even keep all the girls he flies in straight since there's one event he blames on Sam when it was actually Maya. He blamed Sam for holing up in her room all day crying when it was actually Maya and I believe a grandparent was sick or had died and that's why she did that

No. 639011

>Can we drop the diaper talk?

I find it so odd that so many are desperate to blame madi and sam for gregs obvious neglect and sexualizing a baby. I find it odd considering greg has always shouted to the hilltops that he has worked in childcare numerous times before and yet he thinks basic hygiene is inappropriate?
Letting go of this is exactly what greg desperately wants.

No. 639017

You know, if he's revealing he thinks diaper changes are inappropriate, isn't that subconsciously admitting the massage he gave Billie was sexual? I mean we already know he admitted he was aroused before he did it. Now he's admitting touching a female while she's semi nude and seeing her nude body is sexual in itself to him.

We all knew this but it's always nice when Greg puts his foot in his mouth and reveals his subconscious thought. You might even apply this thought to the massage his mother gave him while he was half naked. Or the fact that Sarah apparently frequently saw Lainey topless/nude (including while she was a minor).

It's nice that whenever we give Greg enough rope, he always hangs himself with it.

No. 639018

You can always tell in his videos the moment he decides to fake cry. It's always the same. Scheduled in right at the end. And he always has to be like I'M CRYING BTW in case his followers don't know hes crying because his acting is so shit and weird.

No. 639032

Honestly I don’t think it necessarily means he wants to diddle babies, but instead I think this whole thing speaks to the fact that to him, all females are just sexual objects. Doesn’t matter who they are or how old they are, he sees every female in a sexual way. The rest of your comment kinda goes along with this thought as well.

No. 639035

Just watched the livestream. Love his retarded logic how he didn't cheat with B again.

If person A tells person B he is going to fuck whoever he wants whenever.
And then person B tells person C not to sleep with person A without person C
And then person C sleeps immediately with person A who can do whatever the fuck he wants, that's why person C is a cheater and not me!!!!!

He then sperges about how monogamous people are stupid because they don't understand poly relationship agreements.

Hey Greg what about the fact person C was suppose to be only person Bs girlfriend, but person As microdick got jealous and wanted in on the action. Remember how person A wanted a true trinity? He also said Lainey was a moron for getting upset when he said he would fuck anything.

He literally thinks he's so clever, the way he gulps air thinking he's making some profound point using what he presumes to be algebra. Such a genius. How can you argue against such flawless logic.

No. 639041

I like how is one failed attempt at a poly relationship means he's an expert in poly.

Poly relationships all require boundaries.
Person B set a clear boundary for Person A. Person A told person B "tough shit". Person B talks to Person C, trying to set those same boundaries on Person C. Person C agrees.
Person A then tells Person C that these boundaries are null and they already talked to Person B about it.
Person C has no way of knowing that this conversation only happened prior to their convo with Person B since none of them are mature enough to discuss their relationship, which affects all 3 of them, together. There was plenty of time between the B/C combo and the A/C combo for another discussion with A & B to take place.

Telling Lainey you don't give a shit about her boundaries and telling her ahead of time that you're going to cheat on her is still cheating you halfwit. All 3 people fucked up, but some more than others. You, Onion, are the one who fucked up the most because your primary partner set clear boundaries and you told her that you don't care.

No. 639052

He’s so goddamned dumb. First of all, he makes up his own stupid jargon for a three-person relationship (earth to Gurg, it’s a triad, not a “trinity”, but then we all know you think you’re God).

Then, he completely ignores the idea of relationship agreements. Yes, people can cheat in poly and open relationships. Cheating is breaking relationship agreements, whatever they are. Just shouting “I do what I want” like an elderly Eric Cartman isn’t an agreement.

No. 639053

Neglect is a form of abuse, period. He abused a toddler, why we would NOT discuss that??

His justifications are equally repulsive.

No. 639063

I thought the same, he tried to argue that massaging a girls naked ass and tits was not inappropriate because they were just "friends", but changing a baby's diaper is super inappropriate to him somehow. He's such a manipulative piece of shit

No. 639066

File: 1549907466038.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x2072, 1B08339C-A34B-4701-9446-B155BC…)

Sorry Greg, your harassment of Eugenia only made her worse.

No. 639079

I didn't mean "stop talking about this topic". I meant it more like can we stop the "I think he wasn't sexualizing the baby , Madi should've come home to change her , Sam was also there, she should've done it" talk and face it like it is, him sexualizing a babies genetalia, period.

No. 639080

god i seriously hope she has blocked/muted the creep. his saviour complex is so fucking irritating and his audience eating it up is braindead. needless to mention that weird vid where he pretty much sperges how he would bang her if she put on weight lol

No. 639104

Some of Greg's stans post here trying to whitewash his actions. It's just that some of the stuff he does requires more mental gymnastics than other stuff he does, so more twisting and reaching is required to normalize his grossness.

No. 639118

there is no way greg didn't know Lainey was absolutely not cool with him sleeping with billie alone. in fact, did he not make a video later admitting he used manipulative language to get his way?

point is, he KNEW Lainey didn't want this. Just because he says he can do whatever he wants doesn't make it okay. If you are in a relationship and you deliberately do something you KNOW your partner wouldn't want, you are breaking you relationship "contract".

I seriously cant wait for this dude to disappear from the internet.

No. 639125

He also said it was okay for Lainey to be topless around Sarah because they were both biological women.

No. 639129

She should NEVER ever acknowledge gregs existence!

No. 639153

The only good way (and I'm still not sure if it's better than just ignoring) would be if she gets better and returns to youtube, and does a video on how to approach or NOT approach people, and how damaging cyber stalking, harassment, and bullying is particularly for vulnerable people. She wouldnt have to name him, it would crystal clear from the fact hes the number one creepy asshole stalking her. Or name him, as someone should call him out for how fucking weird and gross his obsession with her is

No. 639161

tinfoil but honestly scared he made taylor do something fucked up he can expose her for if she ever tries to have the upper hand and leave him

No. 639165

Doesn't he claim to hate teens and kids?

No. 639167


Yes, that's the point.

No. 639187


So, by this logic, he would have hated a 17 year old Billie, so thank god he met her at 18.

No, I don’t think so. Greg would have banged a teenage Billie, a barely legal Billie, and Billie now. Who the hell does he think he’s fooling?

No. 639194

If he really thinks he is the only one demonized for his love for teens, he can look at the Brandon Calvillo situation right now. A little different because in California, 18 is the age of consent. But people are attacking him for being a predator, saying he used his fame to get with her, and calling him and ephebophile/pedophile. He thinks it is just that we love to hate him and tht the things he did aren't actually tha bad, but people are really upset about Brandon and his girlfriend dating before she turned 18 and the lies and excuses that they have been telling to justify it.

No. 639201

Lmao his fans are hideous looking, it's ironic that he made these posts >>638760 on Tumblr calling his haters ugly when his fans look like that

No. 639211

I bet he's projecting, If anything he wants to fuck his haters. His dying circle of super fans are all ugly as fuck. I wonder if he secretly seethes that he can't pull in any attractive girls anymore.

No. 639217

He essentially kind of catfished his fans back in the day with his black and white filter and angled Myspace photos. That's part of why he managed to get Shiloh and Adrienne and Lainey.

Now YouTube has HD quality and he still tries to upload potato quality videos to hide how ugly he is. It's very noticeable and hilarious. He began wearing masks in recent years as well to hide his fucked up skin and droopy eyebrows. The cat is out of the bag and no cute young alt girl will give him the time of day again.

I'm glad Maya ego checked him by avoiding his creepy advances and calling him Frankenstein.

No. 639240

He sexualizes any female regardless of age, weight, or family status… then desexualizes or delegitmizes any female-female interaction

No. 639241

File: 1549934722059.png (818.05 KB, 1088x500, 6764_977_4554_.PNG)

I wonder if Madison has seen this.

No. 639242


bless up

No. 639245


Didn't he forced himself onto one of his cousins and kissed her, and then claim cause she didn't "push" him off it must've been consensual. I also vaguely remember him excusing it as him just being a dumb teen or something. He really does look at every female as a potential fuck bag.


Whose videos are these?

No. 639247

Greg posted them on his Onision Reacts channel

No. 639248

They're on his Onision Reacts channel. Anyone can give us a reupload?

No. 639250

Everything in those videos is on this reupload of his YouNow stream

No. 639251

File: 1549936097082.png (228.38 KB, 629x458, kissing cousin.png)

That story came out during the Vixmas leak.

No. 639265

sexual predators

No. 639267

God he's too insufferable to even hatewatch anymore.
at around 18 minutes he defends wanting to chain up Billie. Then someone asks him why he think he's losing views on all of his channels and he completely avoids answering the question seriously, before ranting again about how he didn't cheat on Lainey, Billie did!!!

No. 639268

>Rees about dad committing “incest” and being a pedo
>Admits to doing this degenerate bullshit
>can’t change a little girl’s diaper without thinking of her genitals

No. 639270

File: 1549940009327.png (1.44 MB, 795x1049, snowman.png)

No. 639271

He's avoiding that gender shit w/his significant other.

No. 639272

It's certainly got the complexion of someone you "love".
Considering the height of it though, I hope the kids helped.

No. 639274

File: 1549941330083.gif (15.51 MB, 960x528, 6CABC95B-456B-4C82-B9C1-3E601A…)

Stole from KF. I need eyebleach.

No. 639278

That teeny-tiny jingle-jangle. Its heartbreaking.

No. 639281

I think it’s his son.

No. 639285

They are going so hardXcore with that justin bieber shit. He pretends that lainy is his pre-teen son now! AMAZING! Different strokes for different folks!

No. 639288

I knew a guy once with a dick that small. He had to physically hold the condom on during sex, and it was kinda like a toddler putting on a fully grown man's XL boot sock.

May be why he hates condoms so much. Plausible tinfoil.

No. 639289

Anyone noticed anus hasn't tweeted anything in over 24 hours? His last tweets were about Eugenia Cooney getting help

No. 639293

Probably doesn’t want to get called out for ignoring the hate in the comments and get called out for not using quotes and get called out for not expressing only positivity.
Also his kids probably begged him to play in the snow with them

No. 639294

It probably is his kid, he makes it a point to inform the internet if he does anything nice with or for Lainey. It doesn't matter if he's been horrible to Lainey behind closed doors because if he tells the internet that he loves his spouse than it must make it the truth.

No. 639306

Correct. Plus if it was Taylor he would of used the name he currently branded her with (Kai) at least a handful of times in the post.

No. 639310

File: 1549950510295.jpg (642.16 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20190212-004748_Ins…)

He describes everyone he knows really fucking weirdly. If I remember correctly this is his cousin.

No. 639311

between the phrasing and lack of other person in the picture i honestly thought he just meant himself

No. 639316

Trying to act like he has friends outside of people he hires for his videos or his family…
or his Stockholm syndrome wife.

No. 639317

Is this the infamous Tony?
The one he hugs and says I love you to all the time?

No. 639318

Another appearance of the infamous bulletproof vest…

No. 639319

He's admitting that Lainey tries to have normal friendships and when something doesn't go her way or she has a fight with someone, he tells her to cut them off.
He's basically saying he hates that Lainey has or tries to make friends because 'most people are shit and I'm usually right about these things' but he gives in and lets her have them around basically so he can say I told you so later on.

How can this bitch not see he's being manipulative and trying to isolate her? I bet even if he lets her have someone he dislikes around, he'd act like a rude fucking spoilt baby the whole time and make her and the guest feel uncomfortable until Lainey thinks 'Fuck it, not worth the hassle' because she's a doormat, or until the guest expresses displeasure and he can screech to Lainey 'SEE? This is why I had a FEELING they'd fuck you over Kai'

Not defending Lame because she's a fucking IDIOT but he really does try to isolate his partners wow.
Imagine if Billie had ended up with him, that girl's life would have been ruined. He'd try and preg her up at the drop of a hat because he's that insecure if his partners have friends or go out so he anchors them with kids.

No. 639320

He is self obsessed and refers to himself in third person. Yeah.

No. 639338

at least he finally revealed the honest truth

No. 639339


I can't stand even hate watching him because of his constant sarcastic laughter. I don't understand why he has to laugh screechingly at the end of every fucking sentence.

No. 639347

Yeah same. He doesn't even laugh when something is actually funny. Everytime he laughs it's at his own joke. It truly shows his insecurity because people that laugh randomly after something they say are either
A)Used to conversations being awkward so the laughter fills the void out of nervousness.
B) Giant douchebags that laugh at their stupid jokes and statements incase the other person in the conversation doesn't find them funny.

No. 639354

He also laughs when he's triggered and pretending he's not

No. 639363

He's his own biggest hype man because no one else apart from the mentally retarded are bigging him up

No. 639367

Implying Greg isn’t retarded himself.

It is weird that Greg isn’t on Twitter sperging to his little heart’s content. Maybe he’s trying to avoid criticism of his child neglect?

No. 639378

So he built it all by himself. Ok.


>He's admitting that Lainey tries to have normal friendships and when something doesn't go her way or she has a fight with someone, he tells her to cut them off.

That's all Greg knows. He doesn't know about putting effort into any relationship or friendship, or that people sometimes argue but can sort things out due to being mature adults. He's always been a crybaby about someone hurting his feefees. I remember Sh laughing about him when he slipped on ice and fell and he broke up because of that instead of brushing it off or just laughing about himself for once.


> at least he finally revealed the honest truth >>639274

He forget to stuff again. And then he keeps screeching that people lie about him and his doodlenoodle.

No. 639388

his power could be out lol tons of ppl in the Seattle/Tacoma area right now lost power cuz of the snow storm.

No. 639389

Since he doesn't leave the house he would have to "deal with" Lainey and the kids then.
I bet he's throwing a tantrum.

No. 639390

File: 1549990839946.jpeg (390.02 KB, 1125x992, 9DEC6C2A-0B3F-464C-83FC-97471F…)

Jessie Paege liked Dre’s subtweet directed at Greg.

No. 639394

File: 1549993068447.gif (732.93 KB, 320x180, 1428552088875.gif)

I just seen that, poor old Gurg must be so happy his crush hates him and likes tweets humiliating him. It must be a fun day at the Avaroes today.

No. 639416

Well he did publicly call her out for not talking Eugenia into getting help. He did the same to Jaclyn but for whatever reason Jaclyn just loves to pretend she's good with Greg now.

No. 639417

How can any teen or young woman find this interesting or appealing content? Red-faced dad shenanigans, micropeen hijinks, endless navel-gazing?

No. 639420

File: 1550001153221.png (76.23 KB, 620x649, jg.png)

No. 639423

Probably just to keep him off her back.

No. 639427

File: 1550001697324.webm (6.42 MB, 480x360, world's smallest violin.webm)

No. 639429

This is such bad acting. so cringy.

not to armchair but also to armchair… he's a narcissist but i bet he wants to be a pyschopath and probably tries to be like one

No. 639430

He was really struggling to squeeze one out lmao

No. 639431

The fake stuffy, teared up voice sounds - not to be crass - really fucking downsy

No. 639432

>>639394 where did you got that gif from?

No. 639435

File: 1550002704596.png (188.55 KB, 898x605, jg2.png)

At first I thought Dre and Jaclyn were talking about the Dirty Dan dude who made a video about Eugenia, but I'm more inclined to believing they're both talking about Greg.

No. 639447

this is definitely his worst fake cry to date

No. 639458

Oh oh don't forget the not cutting the reach-for-the-camera-to-switch-it-off out of the end of the video that you tubers always do when they're trying to make themselves look real and genuine (that's only ever in crying or apology videos) could he be any more of a fake bitch? It's always right at the end of his stupid videos too

My favorite fake cry to date is the cringey fake struggling to breathe and chest grasping in the end of the shiloh breakup vid. Worst cringe ever

No. 639459

He looks like he's trying not to laugh lol

No. 639461

he's trying to behave like he's desperately holding back tears but if he genuinely didn't want people to see him cry he would of just reshot this part of the video, omg he's so fake and his acting is so bad lol

No. 639463


but anon, reshooting to hide genuine emotion would be dishonest of him!

No. 639466

Did you see what his fans look like? Doesn't surprise me they like the red faced neanderthal, they are almost as disgusting as he is

No. 639468

On mobile so no image, but Smergenstein must be on suicide watch Jessie P replied to jacylns tweet "GO OFF QUEEN"

Poor Greggy

No. 639471

Don’t worry anon, it was posted. >>639420
I’d like to believe Dre, Jaclyn, Jessie, Eugenia and Shane have a group chat where they shit on Greg.

No. 639478

he just put out another eugenia video showing us yet once again what a pos he is. omg. I seriously hate this man.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 639482

holy shit he sperged out in the new eugenia cooney vid

No. 639483

This is some of the worst acting I've seen. Reminds me of that girl who said racist stuff on twitter and was "sobbing" and wiping away dry tears lol. She might have actually been more convincing.

No. 639484

File: 1550013839898.jpeg (137.53 KB, 532x587, 6F33D3CC-2C08-4407-894B-21F5B1…)

Well no shit Greg.

No. 639486

Let me guess… he says it was “you guys” referring to his forum members ?

No. 639490

He says it was Jaclyn Glenn after sharing private messages between them. This after a rant about how he wasn’t fake crying in his last video and just me, me, me, typical Greg. He was angry. Clearly Jaclyn and Dre’s Tweets got to him.

No. 639493

And after being very obviously butthurt he tried to play his favorite "Guise its just a performance, im not rly mad" card

No. 639497

Kind of stupid for him to try to play that card after denying his crying “performance”

No. 639498

>You guyz are trying to dehumanize me and it is sooo toxic of you guyz

KYS, honey.

No. 639509

Can someone mirror this before it’s deleted lmao

No. 639513

>So he bitches that people are dehumanizing him
>Then he says people don't know him and people who do love him
>Then he goes on to insult Ayalla and say she tried to have sex with "the sixteen year old"
>He says that he tried to stop Jaclyn Glenn from dating Social Repose. "It is literally because she didn't listen to me, and HAD she listen to me, she would have avoided that [social repose]. He made her get breast implants and this would not have happened [had she listened to ME.]"
>He actually goes on to state he DOES NOT TRUST Jaclyn and that she is a PLAGIARIZER. So he says he "does not trust her".

There is so much to unpack in this video he is such a psychopath holy God. He really is a bitch about Jaclyn and tries to destroy Ayalla's character by stating multiple times she is mentally ill because she has BPD so she "isn't in her right mental state" to be trusted.

Wow. Jaclyn has to think he's a cunt after this. The war is back on between these two for sure.

No. 639515

File: 1550016417042.jpg (116.37 KB, 700x599, JACLYNDM.jpg)

I edited together the DM's Greg shows in the video for anyone who is curious.

She knew he would make a video about that convo.. pathetic.

No. 639516

uploading it to liveleak atm.

No. 639517

File: 1550016515043.jpg (182.51 KB, 1079x591, Byebitch.jpg)

Thankfully Jaclyn didn't fall for his BS.
So he got triggered and made this video

No. 639519

thanks, anon!

No. 639520

No problem! I gottchu!

No. 639522

File: 1550016766090.png (139.58 KB, 565x446, 155001670811224121.png)

No. 639525

Something I found interesting was that when Greg brought up Ayalla attempting to, and stating that, she wanted to engage in sexual acts with the "sixteen year old", he also added:
"I was unaware of this happening until only recently when allegations were made by Ayalla."
Hmm. Yeah that doesn't sound like you, your man-wife, and Sarah came up with that nonsense bullshit on the fly so you could try and swing the blame in her direction.
Nope, not suspicious as fuck at all.


No. 639527

Well, it looks like the narc rage portion of the cycle is kicking into gear.

Also, he managed to wedge a comment about dogfucking into this rant for no reason. Outstanding work, grunk.

No. 639529

Jaclyn literally tells him in the messages exchanged to back off and not make a spectacle of eugenia and he ends his video by telling all his brain dead fans to basically harass her by tweeting her, messaging her, etc. He makes me so angry.

No. 639530

KEK he also starts screaming around the 20 minute mark. He is insane.

This was the sperg I was waiting for. We knew it was only a matter of time.

Part of me hopes Jaclyn doesn't entertain this but the other part of me wants the milk and meltdown that would result if she does.

No. 639532

I honestly don't think he's managed to go a full two weeks without sperging in the three or so years I've been keeping tabs on this shit

Which is amazing when you consider the amount of times he's 'committed' himself to either "ignoring the h8ers", or "being positive!!! Showing the real onion!!!"

No. 639533

Thanks anon. I couldnt bear to watch more than 1 minute of his delusional effeminate narc-whining (I even tried to skip around) but holy hell what filter is he even using? You can see the peach of his broiled narc skin even under a bleached cartoony filter. He must have some serious narc rage rn

Also noticed he called out Jessie P by name (looks like hes trying to troll her to respond to him lol). How fucking weird is this 33 yr old dad butting trying to publicly butt into a group of friends that want nothing to do with him/never mention him?? Does he think by virtue of making videos and posting them on YouTube he is personally involved with everyone who posts as well? It's literally public stalking at this point and one of the saddest, most bizarre things I've ever seen

No. 639534

Reminder that he got the stupidest fucking tattoo imaginable to "not engage h8ers."

Hilarious. 70% of this video is him bitching about people who hate him.
Good work following the instructions on your arm, retard.

No. 639535

Yeah, except this time he has branded himself in our honor, and still couldn't keep from sperging out!

No. 639536

It's really the horrid, cheap, stereotypical clip art that makes it imho

No. 639537

Wait, he actually posted these himself ?
They make him look totally mental!
He is not friends with Eugenia. He is not owed any information on what is or is not being done by her actual friends to help her.

And psssssh he doesn’t trust jaclyn. So what ? What does him not trusting Jaclyn have to do with anything?

No. 639540

wow his supreme intellect really knows no bounds kek

No. 639542

Honestly the fact that he got that embarrassing ass tattoo and still can't stop himself from sperging over us makes us winners by default.
Sorry, Onion. You lose.
Wondering a bit why he is so damn salty towards Jaclyn now when before he kept saying "we made up. She apologized."
Then just because she kindly asks him to stop making videos and tweets regarding a dying girl, he freaks out on her calling her a liar and saying "why should I trust you."

Dude she isn't ASKING you to trust her, she's asking you to shut the fuck up.
These people don't and never have liked you, Greg. Stop trying to push your way in to a group of friends who literally cannot stand you.
It is beyond pathetic.

No. 639543

please, anon. if there were a simpler word to express the same sentiment as "undishonest" he would have used it. after all, you know he's already looked up the definition.

No. 639544

kek. The googling king over here, folks.

No. 639553

his hard on for women being punished for not listening to him confirmed

No. 639554

Holy shit. Some girl can possibly die from this eating disorder, and all he can spazz about is wanting credit for helping her. And NOT RESPECTING what eugenia wants which can potentially harm her recovery and possibly lead to her death.

Hes acting like shes cured all of a sudden because she said shes getting help. Recovery can take years and have relapses. Shes only at step 1 and hes acting like he solved everything while potentially ruining what little has even started. Hes so gross making everything about him. He gives zero shits if eugenia dies or he'd shut up and be respectful of the privacy she wants.

No. 639557

He obviously doesn't want her to get better, he's trying to sabotage her recovery so he can continue making videos exploiting her disorder

No. 639571


If you want to skip the crazy

19:30 when he talks about him not trying to take credit for Euginia

No. 639572

>[He] tries to destroy Ayalla's character by stating multiple times she is mentally ill because she has BPD so she "isn't in her right mental state" to be trusted.
Manipulation at it’s finest.

With that logic, Sarah isn’t to be trusted either since she and Ayalla bonded over having the same disorder when they met. He also isn’t to be trusted since he claimed to have the disorder in the past when he and AJ were together.

No. 639574

at 23:40 he says "this is one of the greatest things that ever happened in my youtube career" wow he really does think this is all about him, he also talked about some weird hypothetical scenario where he would pay $10,000 to save her like he's just rambling, he's so weird! lol

No. 639576

I'm not sure if he's even making a conscious effort to do that. He doesn't have a modicum of self-awareness.
Greg's incapable of thinking about anything from a perspective that isn't completely self-centered.

No. 639578


Must have been his son since he doesn’t love Lainey or Clot.

No. 639581

If it was Lame, he would have mentioned her and vomitted love bombs. He probably meant either himself (topkek at this loser) or his son (given that he shared artwork made by them both recently).

No. 639583

File: 1550023828948.png (460.33 KB, 1100x1506, TheBetterPartOfGrease.png)

Is there anything to add my dear anons?

No. 639587

Avoiding infant genitals, Jessie Paege, saving the mentally ill through stalking/harrassment, neglecting babies, defending trans by speaking for them, gays in the closet are cowards, desu Shane senpai, DMing people who want nothi ng to do with him to leak later, self insertion in other peoples lives, tik tok thots, taco bell, fake positive emoji tweets, random diarrhea "content" pouring food on himself…

Fucking fantastic work anon it's beautiful. Oh, and "lainey is crying!!!"

No. 639588

>most all

No. 639590

this is very nice, good job anon. i discovered lolcow through reverse google searching onion art posted on twitter. you're doing good stuff.

No. 639591

File: 1550025189381.png (527.01 KB, 1100x1506, TheBetterPartOfGrease..png)

Added some more text, think I'm done though

No. 639593


Next tread pic PLEASE, lmao. This is glorious, anon.

No. 639594

These messages make him look SO bad. The fact that he's demanding personal information about someone he doesn't even know's eating disorder recovery. The fact that Jacklyn knew it would end up online so she wouldn't tell him. Why on earth would he post this?

No. 639596

Next thread pic for sure. I cackled, Well done anon!

No. 639601

Dental Plan…
Sarah needs Grooming
Dental Plan…
Wetlands need paving
Dental Plan…
Billy cheated on Lainy

No. 639602

File: 1550026287507.jpg (261.55 KB, 1058x808, Onisiondocs.jpg)

I'm 999.9% sure she's full of shit and probably lying but is it possible there's any truth to this person's claims?

No. 639604

She’s full of shit. About a year ago she was taunting Blaire White when her mother’s dog died. (She since had that account deleted) I think she just likes starting drama

I mean it could be true. But considering the source Id say it’s bullshit

No. 639609

I feel like he's become obsessed with displaying his package. Not sure why, because it's not remotely impressive but he does seem intent on sharing his shortcomings with the world.

It would be nice if he would stop.

No. 639612

He needs to show off his bb carrot anon. Even in the gif you can barely make it out.

No. 639613

You can blame onions stupid fucking fans for feeding into this. Messaging him telling him about how a single video of his cured their mental disorder whether its depression, self harming behavior, or eating disorders. His fans have fed into this delusion, it's entertaining.

No. 639622

>"i don't trust this convo won't end up online"
>he immediately puts it online

honest onion

No. 639632

Strange how Greg hasn't tweeted in two days now. He was going a full 40 tweets a day for a while there. I wonder if man-wife got angry or if he's just really trying to pull traction to his last "WE LUV U EUGENIA I KNEW I COULD SAVE YOU" tweet.

No. 639633

File: 1550033203378.png (19.78 KB, 1093x336, whoops.png)

He's been lurking Jaclyn's twitter page though.
He unfollowed her today.

No. 639644

UNREAL. This reads like someone rping as onion, it’s so predictably him.
>”you have to tell me you Dishonest woman”
>”I have been True & Honest”
>”remember how well coming near my cesspit worked out for you before?”
>”I’m the victim here!”
>”the bad stuff I do is actually what you do!”
>gets triggered by failed manipulation attempt
>does the one thing he was asked not to do by his victims

So manipulative. I’m glad gurg is an angry idiot who can’t control himself and outs himself as the scumscrotum he is.

No. 639649

So fucking funny, for sure next thread pic

No. 639659

>"I wasn't crying crocodile tears, that was genuine emotion"
five seconds later
>"I didn't cry once the camera turned off"

No. 639661

File: 1550041963077.jpg (105.31 KB, 584x601, youshouldnthave.jpg)

Well he tweeted for the first time in 2 days, just being a dirty, half naked, destructive mess. Pretty much normal Onion stuff.

No. 639662

I swear he stalks this thread like a hawk, hes responding to us constantly lmao
Onions wants to fuck jessie page
>>on twitter: NO I DONT REEEEEE
Onion looks fat
>>Uploads video: Is onision fat?
Onion hasnt sperged on twitter for a while

Am i the only one seeing this?

No. 639667

i think it's been pretty much confirmed that he lurks and responds to this thread.

No. 639668

I hope he didn't just fuck up his kid's snowman for an autistic photoshoot while half naked..

No. 639669

Those tears were hilariously fake. Also the dumbass goes on to say in the next video after he yells and calls us fycking idiots, that it's a performance and that he's not really yelling.

No. 639678

We should be flattered that we have so much power over him!
>dO nOt EnGaGe

No. 639682

He can upload as many videos as he likes about how he’s not fat, and how he’s six feet tall. Not going to make it so. FACTS

No. 639692

Hilarious how she writes she doesn't wanna tell him cause she doesn't trust him to not put their convo online, and he posts it online.
Also, thanks Gerg for proving once again that you're a 5 yo who throws a tamper tantrum if people don't do what you want.

No. 639694

I know this is old news but relevant as hell now.
Eugenia basically admits that Greg is not helping her and is doing the opposite, in the nicest way she tries to explain. I also found more than one video of her on this channel speaking about Greg and her disdain for him. This needs to be edited alongside his stupid arguments because it's clear that Eugenia never wanted anything to do with him.

No. 639701

Eugenia basically tweeted "i'm getting help PRIVATELY respect my privacy thnxbye" and he makes YET ANOTHER VIDEO crying and bitching about how it's thanks to him and his retarded fan's if she's still alive….
i'm gagging

No. 639703

Not to mention that screenshot in his emails asking him to email him to stop making videos. She only sent it because he said in a video that if she responds to him and tells him to stop, that he would.
He still continued though.

No. 639712

He might have a humiliation fetish. I actually wouldn't be surprised because he posts a lot of weird videos acting like an actual retard. Maybe he gets off on humiliating himself in front of his underage teen fans.

No. 639716

Maybe. Her certainly gets off on humiliating other people in his life: Sh, B, Kailor, Eugenia, Jaclyn. Kailor right now is his biggest target, but maybe she gets off on it too.

No. 639718

He's a bitchboy bully. He picks on weaker people and gets off on it because if anyone did it to him he'd roll over and go ass up in a minute. He tries so hard to be this image of dominant masculinity because he's anything but. Why else do you think he got so triggered over that pegging art made a while back?

Every time he's been confronted by someone he goes meek and submissive and then runs back to his basement to sperg over it and make himself sound tough when he probably jerks the baby carrot to it.

No. 639726

File: 1550067527124.webm (4.7 MB, 537x360, Greg Alpha Dog.webm)

>He's a bitchboy bully.
ding ding

When confronted by a male he crumbles.

No. 639730

Look at all that military training. He looks lost and afraid hahaha. He was definitely close to getting his ass beaten.

No. 639731

As much as I agree with him being a bitch boy. Wasn't this confirmed to be staged though?

No. 639734


Hope Sarah's aware that now that she's 18 she will be tried as an adult and false rape accusations are a felony oopsie

No. 639735

File: 1550069943837.jpeg (Spoiler Image,345.07 KB, 700x495, 1511028051990.jpeg)


He bitches about people creating art of him being pegged and yet made a video of himself raping Andy. Its like he has an animal way of thinking that humping things makes you alpha.


Part of me is hoping that she clears this shit up and that it was all Onion boy. Honestly though, if she did push this rumour than I do hope she gets shit for it.

No. 639736


No Anon, it's OKAY for him to "make love" to Andy because he LIKES him. Because you CAN'T rape people you LIKE.
BLAIRE, on the other hand, DOESN'T like him so it can only ever be an act of violence and akin to actual rape to retweet a picture someone else drew.

No. 639737

>hope she gets shit for it.
Hopefully more than just people giving her shit online. iirc Ayalla said she was giving all the info she had to her local police. Sarah you dun goofed gurl.

No. 639740


Do we know if she actually has already given the police the information yet? and how long does it generally take for police to respond to this?

No. 639742


She said she already has, and sadly, I fear they will do nothing. I’m not a lawfag here, but can the police in Virginia do anything about a case in Washington?

No. 639744

>Hes acting like shes cured all of a sudden because she said shes getting help. Recovery can take years and have relapses.

That's not how it works in Greg's brain, and that's why he's always so freaking giddy when someone tells him he ~helped them overcome their disorder~.
In his limited mind, as soon as someone says he's helped them, he thinks he solved a major problem which won't come up ever again.

Greg, please, that's not how the world works.

Welcome aboard!

No. 639748

If it was staged, Greg clearly wasn't in on it. His body language makes it obvious and he is not a very good actor.

No. 639765

File: 1550082487485.jpg (573.97 KB, 1076x2001, GregLies.jpg)

Jaclyn reminding an Onion fan that he's lied about leaving Eugenia alone in the past.

No. 639770

They are both clearly anti-o's but the latter is critical of Jaclyn.
He's been awfully silent about Andy for a long while now. If Eugenia stays out of the public eye, he's gonna have to spin the wheel of drama and maybe end up on his totes gay crush Andy.

No. 639776

File: 1550088069378.jpg (536.56 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190213-144531_You…)

For someone with such traumatizing body dysmorphia, you think she would shut the door…
She has stripped down enough times in a video that if she was in a towel, she would have shown herself.
Nah, this chick is butt ass naked on her bathroom sink with the door wide open.

No. 639777

Who is this?

No. 639779

See, this is why it makes so much sense that she was comfortable walking around naked in front of Sarah. Ayalla and Lane said the truth, doesn't matter how much the foot and the anus try to deny it

No. 639781

Kek this bitch uses Old Spice. She just had to slip it in to show that she's such a male.

No. 639787

Could have made it work if it wasn’t the most feminine one that they sell

No. 639795

Some kind anon should get on the reuoload of big gay taylor's snow day. Onion notices trees out the front of his property have fallen because of the snow and shows the one he dumped in the lake covered in snow like "oh well I guess they got broken in the snow too" when they've placed perpendicular to the water away from any tree lines.

Anyway he's a massive fucking retard

No. 639797

this pic gives me fight or flight feelings

she is disgusting. she has no self awareness at all. she sees nothing wrong with everything that has gone down here. theres 0 dysmorphia, its all a manipulative tactic. what a sick fuck.

No. 639798

That long haired dude is hot(non-contribution)

No. 639800

File: 1550092973181.png (37.74 KB, 803x365, lmao.png)

does anyone know if the data on these kind of surveys gets delivered to the creator? or is it just for youtube's own algorithms?

No. 639801

File: 1550093142132.png (321.78 KB, 1159x867, lmao.png)

Here you go anon.
Side note, it's hilarious that when you search Laineybot, one of the first videos you see is Ayalla calling Lainey and Greg out.

No. 639803

This is fucking hilarious. I wonder what the confrontation was about?

No. 639806

Wasn't it just a prank/joke whilst they were all messing around at vidcon? Think it's all acted anon, not real. Gurg still looks like he's gonna piss himself though.

No. 639807

Greg claimed he knew about it the prank but didn’t want to be apart of it. When it happened it probably was randomly sprung up on him.

No. 639823

Does Onision honestly believe his website has always been 18+? He added that rule AFTER the whole backlash about the 12 or 13 year old in the sports bra. Every time he brings this up he talks about it like it was always a rule.

No. 639845

File: 1550101018613.jpg (110.78 KB, 1016x835, pathological.JPG)

Smegma the fucking sped just uploaded this, not only another EC video but one that would be incredibly damaging should she see it.
Not only is he not respecting her privacy and weirdly inserting himself in things that do not concern him/he has been BEGGED to stay out of, he is now actively trying to sabotage her. He is so fucking retarded and disgusting it's almost hard to believe this is real

No. 639858

Of course he makes it about looks. He's so fucking transparent

No. 639859

"She's gonna give me a tiny woody when she gains weight, and that's what's most important! Photoshopping her fatter will make her better immediately, everyone knows that's how you cure ED"

No. 639868

And of course giving her enlarged fake-ass looking tits that he can goggle at in the thumbnail

No. 639885

We get it Shreg, you fap to shooped EC photos. Could he at least make the videos less repetitive or is that too much effort?

No. 639896

Is it just me or is he talking slower than normal in his new videos? I tried to watch his Eugenia spergout video on 1x and it sounded like it was slowed down for comedic effect. I guess he really does depend on quickcuts to sound even mildly “””entertaining”””

No. 639912

Worst part is that she will probably never look like this. Her disorder is so severe that she will probably be extremely thin and have health issues for the rest of her life. He really is stupid, huh?

No. 639915

Somebody should make a video of how Gurg would look if he went to a personal trainer, a dermatologist, and a hair stylist.

No. 639916

File: 1550115595393.jpeg (Spoiler Image,27.7 KB, 300x300, 3573F0A5-CC7C-4257-9955-F66440…)

>”How Kai Will Look After Transitioning”

No. 639917

He talks shit but I imagine in a fight it would go something along the lines of how Titanic Sinclair got bashed by that guy and tried to crawl away like a worm.

I can imagine. He'd then go online and cry that he got assaulted.
Just like when Perez hilton called Fergie a whore in public and Will I am decked him, then he ran online and cried to the camera and made it about homophobia.

I hate that I know this lol.

No. 639919

File: 1550116210482.jpg (8.98 KB, 300x222, 1511919227296.jpg)

Not suggesting to disrupt the milk, but what the hell does it take to get a Youtube video taken down for harassment? How has Onion not gotten struck for this yet? Making videos of a very sick girl who's trying to recover (after her and friends have begged him to stop) and photoshopping her into fap material is completely disgusting.

No. 639922

Sadly Idk anon, and I doubt Youtube will do anything but I feel the same way. There is an option to report under "Abusive or violent" → "harassing vulnerable people" or something like that, which would this would certainly fall under.

I love the randogirl on replying to his tweets urging him to get help for himself. I wish a youtuber like Jaclyn or someone would have a "get onision help campaign" and incessantly post and make videos about his obvious mental problems and "wHeRe Is HiS fAmIlY", maybe harrass Plaineyboi on twitter asking what she is doing to help him. They could actually copy and past his old material on EC.

>>639915 The world needs this. And a video of him dying in a fire he set himself on the sims

No. 639924

File: 1550117334381.png (75.05 KB, 928x513, onion.png)

holy shit. leave this poor girl alone.

So he doesn't care about triggering her in the past because she wasn't going into recovery? What stupid idiotic thing is this? While someone is in the depths of their illness, you don't care about triggering them and driving them further into it? Then he goes on about how now we have to be careful to not trigger her…yet he is making this video that is obviously triggering.

Yeah, I dont get how anyone in their right mind can claim greg "helped" eugenia. Imagine trying to get help for a mental illness you've struggled with for years, and some random asshole on the internet who has harassed and made fun of you is trying to claim he's part of the reason you are now getting helped. I hope she doesn't hear about this or see this.

No. 639928

"she was not trying to recover" how could he even know that, people can try and fail over and over again while trying to get over an eating disorder

No. 639935

Jfc I didn’t think I could hate him even more. He sexualizes everything it’s honestly so disturbing.

No. 639945

Obviously Onision knows everything, anon. He's an expert on Eugenia Cooney's private life, disorder, and recovery, just like he's an expert on everything else in the fucking world. If only we could all be as smart as him.

No. 639946

File: 1550123208121.png (951.24 KB, 1292x824, Screenshot_19.png)

(How Eugenia Cooney Will Look After Recovery ( Some Things I Need To Say) Mirror)

No. 639948


Why does he make absolutely everything about his dick?

No. 639951

omfg that poor girl. Not only does she have to deal with an eating disorder, but her job involves going online to be repeatedly confronted by this moron and his gaggle of even more moronic fans, going on and on and on about her appearance. How do you recover when everyone else is doing body checks for you?

No matter her appearance, her comments will never be free of people commenting on whether she looks healthy or not. And lots of them will be patting themselves on the back thinking they're being good people. That's depressing.

All because this narcissist can't wrap his tiny dickbrain around the idea that the field of psychiatry isn't something he can't google up in a 5 minute speed read through a wikipedia article.

No. 639952

Honestly Lainey doesn't just appear to not have any anxiety or discomfort towards nudity, she seems like a full blown exibihtionist. I don't know anyone who's so comfortable being butt ass naked all the time, sharing photos and videos where they're naked and not covering up when they have guests. It really seems like she wants people to see as much of her body as possible without posting full blown nudes.

No. 639974

Exactly. I don’t understand how she’s “””trans”””” when she obviously is so comfortable being nude. Fuck, I’m cis and I don’t feel comfortable walking around my home nude less the window accidentally was left open, not even considering when I have company over!!

No. 639975

Report any video he makes about Eugenia or what she would look like if she gained weight. That could seriously affect her chances at keeping her recovery up. This isnt even funny anymore. Up until now it was entertaining to watch this trainwreck, but now i hope this guy loses everything. Youtube should just get rid of him, he does nothing but bully and creep on the younger content creators.(Cowtipping)

No. 639981

All the girls that he's so called 'helped' say the same thing.

>I used to cut/starve/vomit and then I watched Greg's videos and he said it was stupid and now I don't do it!

So basically telling someone they are a fucking idiot and to 'knock it off' is enough? Basically bullying someone into compliance?
God help his children if any of them have eating disorders or something. He'll just scream until they eat. He thinks he's behind the whole Eugenia thing but there's been people donating and sending her messages to get better FOREVER. Not even including his retarded fans. She gets those messages every stream she does. It's so retarded he thinks he had anything to do with it. In the Jaclyn Glenn video he basically admits it was himself then later in the video screeches that it was Jaclyn Glenn.

He's actually a retard wow.
After looking at the messages to Jaclyn I'm dumbfounded.


There's no reason for Jaclyn or anyone who is mates with Eugenia to give him that info.
Eugenia doesn't even like him lol.

I hope she revovers and then tells him to fuck off.

No. 639982

Agreed. Alex Jones lost all his platforms due to accusing the sandy hook victims of being actors and even though he got sued by the parents and apologised deeply, he still got every other platform taken away. He's a wackjob but he's never never done half the shit that Greg has done.

Gurg has smeared people's reputations, most of which are young females. He's strewn their private details near and far,talked about their sexual encounters, harrassed them even after being told to stop. He's accused Shane of being a pedophile several times, accused Jefree of sexually harrassing him, helped groom a minor…the list goes on.

Why the fuck is youtube letting this cockroach still be on youtube?

No. 639983

I know he uses Eugenia for clickbait, but does anyone else think he's obsessed with her on a sexual/romantic level?
I feel like if she was a 30 year old woman with anorexia who dressed like a regular person, he would give no fucks but there's a few things that Eugenia has/does that make me think he wants to fuck her.

1-She dress quite scene/pop punk/goth/edgy teenbopper shit
You KNOW how much Gurg spergs over scene stuff and how obsessed he is with goth chicks. He's still stuck in 2005 and always autisticly mentions that one fucking gf he made dress as a goth for one day.

2-She somewhat resembles a younger emciated Hannah Minx.

3- She has obvious mental problems and comes across very vunerable in her personality and also physically since she is extremely weak.
A young broken girl with issues is the exact type he looks for.
Even Maya said his eyes light up when people tell him secrets.
Why else would he have a forum where old daddy Greg can 'help' you with your eating or cutting disorders? Because teenagers predominantly females, will flock there.

But yeah, pretty sure it's like the Jessie paege thing and he just wants to fuck her.

No. 639984

It would not surprise me at all if he wanted to fuck Eugenia. He probably fantasizes about saving her from herself and her being so grateful that she'd happily fuck him to show her appreciation for his brutal honesty and brilliance or some shit.

No. 639985

You know what, this (like all of his other videos on EC) is literally toxic and I hope she never has to see it. Making a video like this and thinking it will help just confirms how fucking stupid he is and how little he knows about eating disorder recovery.
Why is he so obsessed??? Why is his biggest concern not her health but how "attractive she could look"??? After he made that "cook with eugenia" video he has no right to be sitting there fake crying and self congratulating and trying to harass her friends into telling him what they're doing to help. This disgusting insidious little maggot. The amount of stress and anxiety and probably worsening health his retarded videos have prob caused her.. Not to mention the tweets, harassment from his fans and him harrassing her friends.
He's just repulsive.

No. 639996

the sandy hook parents had their lives threatened, anon. over and over.

No. 639999

the selfish part of me hopes eugenia will make a statement that gerg (and a lot of other people making exploitative videos) did not actually help. that’d rlly hurt his ego. however I wouldnt want to her to have to mention anything about the walking talking shitstain

No. 640000

>Obviously Onision knows everything, anon. He's an expert on Eugenia Cooney's private life, disorder, and recovery, just like he's an expert on everything else in the fucking world.

I fucking HATE the way he talks down to the audience like they're morons. 'If you people had any brains…" 'You people don't think'. And he wonders why his views are tanking. When you set yourself up as a fucking moral authority and tell your viewers they're shitty stupid people, how do you expect anyone to stay around for that condescending shit? He's not 'honest'- he's a rude arrogant fucktard who thinks he's better than everyone else. Spoiler alert Gurgles- you're an uneducated failure who had a few years of success when YT was less competitive or sophisticated. No one wants the amateurish garbage you put out any more.

No. 640001

I don't know why the fuck he is putting out half an hour vids of him talking complete shite and swallowing his own spit ever 5 seconds while he remembers the buzzwords he's been googling or the TV shows him and Taylor have been watching to emulate. He's thick as shit and has the audacity to call people that watch him brain dead morons. The fucking irony

No. 640005

I’m surprised no one has posted about how gross it is that Greg talked about watching himself in the mirror while he has sex with Lainey, and how he had the audacity to look disgustingly proud and say he was thinking, “The person that I am making love to is not making love to someone ugly”

He’s so disgustingly narcissistic that he watches HIMSELF while he does her. And then admits that to the internet freely kek

No wonder their marriage is falling apart

No. 640008


That's a pretty narcissistic way to say "I don't think I'm ugly", lol. But of course since it's Greg it's "long convoluted sentence = me smart"

He should do us all a favour and look up Ernest Hemingway. Maybe then he'd be less inclined to word-vomit all over Twitter and his "forum".

No. 640010

He probably thinks he's exactly like Patrick Bateman. Except PB was actually handsome and charming. And Greg isn't a sociopath, no matter how much he wishes he was one.

No. 640013

I wish, but the girl doesn’t have a mean bone in her body and/or wants to pull a Shane on him. She doesn’t have to say or do anything to dig his narc grave deeper.
Would be interesting though.

No. 640016


>That long haired dude is hot >>639726

Everyone's hot compared to Greg.

No. 640019


If she does, Gregs next Video would be "Eugenia Cooney is lying about Onision (and how ONISION saved her life)

This Guy makes me really angry right now, no matter what Eugenia would have done, Greg will always keep on exploiting her. I wanna shake this Guy.

No. 640021

It’s funny how obvious it was he did NOT like or appreciate that Jaclyn knows the “inside info” on Eugenia and there’s things at play with Eugenia getting help that he’s not privy to. He can’t stand it and wanted to keep vaguely taking credit for E getting help, but now he knows he had nothing to do with it and still wants the praise. It was hilarious knowing it’s eating him up that he’s not involved and has no place in the process. Hear that Greg? This isn’t about you. No one thinks you’re a hero who saved Eugenia and no one will. Just you thinking that crazily.

No. 640022

He'll abuse anyone who he has power over, including his audience. Then he wonders why people always leave from his life like the dumb fuck he is.

No. 640023

Can I just say that I love how easily Gurgstein exposes himself? He does half of the work for us

No. 640024

His life is a constant repetition. He was shunned in high school since he was an arrogant, uneducated idiot, and he's being shunned by other youtubers because he still is the same arrogant, uneducated idiot.

No. 640025

I cant remember if this has been said but I really think Onion was totally planning to push Lainey under the bus with regards to the Sarah situation. I think he purposely didn't care that he exposed Laineys lie about Sarah seeing her naked and I also think he purposely alluded to them having a relationship in the future so that its going to be easier for him to frame Lainey as the predator and abuser in the situation and that he as an HONEST GUY kept out of it

No. 640028

I hope they both end up in prison someday tbh

No. 640029

Eugenia is the Abby to his James. His entire book is a fantasy he so desperately wants. His savior fetish is completely appalling

No. 640034

Yeah I know and Alex Jones is a giant ballsack. Just wondering why youtube has gone after Greg though because he's just as bad.

No. 640037

*has not

No. 640095

File: 1550183008112.png (335.39 KB, 895x848, stop.png)

Yet ANOTHER video about Eugenia.
It's valentine's day. Go spend time with your wife you fuckwit.

No. 640097

What's wrong with his face in this video? Did he spread makeup foundation over his lips or something? Looking like a zombie.

And holy shit, is he in love with Eugenia? What does he get out of making everyone hate him even more, no one wants him to make these videos.

No. 640098

File: 1550183549048.png (20.04 KB, 694x153, deleted1.png)

He deleted his Eugenia Cooney cooking show video today as well as his Sims video of Eugenia Cooney as well as another video on her that I don't remember. His video of him making her in the WWE game is still up for now. Too bad for him the internet is forever.

No. 640116

tell me people saved those shitty videos, he’s such a fucktard pretending he never was a dick to her

No. 640117

File: 1550186417785.png (577.39 KB, 1357x885, Screenshot_20.png)

No. 640124

This shit ALMOST makes me wish people still cared about him enough to debate him on stream. I can't imagine how he could possibly twist this to seem like he isn't just trying to profit off of her illness, especially now that she's trying to recover.

No. 640138

I especially hope someone saved his shitty Eugenia cooking show sketch where he dressed up like her, mocked her, pretended to faint and throw up. There is no way that could be dressed up as concern and caring. It was not just triggering to ED sufferers, but mean-spirited.

No. 640142

Thanks so much, anon!

Honest to God, Greg is an absolute monster for everything he has done to this girl. Any normal person who is suffering from something as personal, painful and difficult as a long-term eating disorder would be put through tremendous emotional and mental hell over the hundreds of disgusting, demeaning videos Greg has made.
It is actually heart breaking to consider how atrocious this man has been towards this poor girl. In his last video, he even stated multiple times "She isn't monetizable. I'm not making this video for the money" and then goes into DETAIL over why he "probably" won't be making money off of the video - because the picture he used in the thumbnail was too upsetting (but we all know he's found a way around that countless times).

God… it is just so cruel and so indescribably heartless. There is no other word for it - Onision is truly a fucking monster.

No. 640145

I know this probably won't happen..
but if any youtuber reads this thread, I hope to God you call out this pathetic piece of shit for what he is doing.
Her close friends BEGGED Greg to stop and now the only videos he uploads are about Eugenia, because he is using this poor girl for views and monetary gain.

He seriously needs to be called out for this. The likes to dislikes ratio portray how ignorant people are to the truth of this entire situation.

No. 640146

He's such a fucking freak! I called it, he would make video after video now. After Eugenia asked him repeatedly to not talk about her AND she clearly stated in her tweet that she did want to deal with this privately. And he's out there trying to get and share as much information about her state as he can.

GREASE I KNOW YOU LURK HERE! LEAVE THAT POOR GIRL ALONE! you're acting psychotic and obsessed! She doesn't want ANYTHING to do with you!

No. 640160

File: 1550197245545.gif (5.44 MB, 398x290, 00F927AD-7BFB-40FA-96E8-E99EED…)

No. 640161

Like greg would ever have sex with taylor in any position where he can see her face
doggystyle always and forever

No. 640172

File: 1550203183565.png (1.17 MB, 1264x669, gkjfkdljghklfdn.png)

A masterlist of most of the Eugenia Cooney videos he's made.
If anyone has a mirror of We SAVED Eugenia Cooney pls post it.


No. 640177

File: 1550205249185.png (71.4 KB, 586x538, she hates you greg.png)

he'll never stop using her for validation that he's a good guy.

No. 640180

It's pretty gross the way he's latched onto this. He's trying to distract from the fact that he sexualized changing a child's diaper and he's still a pedo creeping on teens.

No. 640183

How on earth does this help eugenia at all? All the "positivity" is going to greg only and this is a shit exploit to get people to go to his fucking site. What a shit heel.

No. 640208

File: 1550215658401.jpg (277.21 KB, 1322x672, Undishonest.jpg)

>The other agreement is that we will stay skinny, and I don’t want to offend any fat people needlessly… uhm… But here’s the thing: For us it’s really hard to maintain attraction for each other when we know that that person is intentionally, consciously, letting themselves go. Uhm… If it’s out of our control and we’re trying - okay, that’s not as big of a deal. But if we’re being so disrespectful as to… forget, the necessity uhm… that is physical attraction as far as love-making and so forth uhm… then… that is to say that your own needs, your own desires, are more important than that other person and thus you don’t really care that much about the marriage… Or at least not as much as you care about yourself. (sigh)

>I’ve noticed that a lot of people, when they get married, let themselves go and that is something that I have feared in, uhm, getting married myself. That either I or she will let ourselves go.

No. 640209

File: 1550215772924.png (291.09 KB, 603x982, Capture _2019-02-15-05-19-12~2…)

I was looking through the replies to one of anus tweets and these two accounts (theonewhosighs5 and MyersSanti) look A LOT like they are sock puppet accounts created by him. The MyersSanti account has been harassing anti onision people on twitter for days

No. 640210

Wtf. Why is he compiling messages for Eugenia to go on his site?
If people want to leave supportive messages they will leave them on her videos or email her directly. Eugenia doesn't even go on the Onision forums nor would she even check it out if Greg emailed her about it. What the hell? This makes no sense. What an absolute loon. Leave the poor girl alone and stop acting like her spokesperson, jesus.

In Eugenia's stream posted earlier in the thread she even sounded confused as to why he's so obsessed. In a nice way it was almost like she was saying 'I don't have anything to do with weird old guy, um so I'm not sure why he keeps doing this'
Get a hint greg!

No. 640211

old but EC also had this to say about Greg

It's clear as day that she feels nothing but disdain for Greg. She also follows Ayalla (the last time I checked) so I doubt she would ever want to talk to him.

No. 640212

Her friends should try to convince her to send a cease and desist to this creepy fucker, what he's doing is not only harassment, it's also a clear attempt at sabotaging her recovery since she asked for PRIVACY and he's doing the exact opposite of that

No. 640222

Abso-fucking-lutely insane.

He knows for a fact after the countless disgusting videos he has made, she would rather die than go anywhere NEAR his stupid fucking forum.

You know he's compiling these messages from retard fans to make another video of pseudo-positivity.
Rot in hell you fat ugly piece of shit.
Its funny how Anti-O's rarely if ever harass or insult his dumbass fans directly, but of course his fans would harass them. They have no dignity as it is, I can't see them attempting to have it now.

No. 640223

samefag but I wouldn't doubt for a second he's trying to indirectly "engage" the h8erz by making sock accounts like his tumblr tattoo so emphatically denies.
God I hate this man.

No. 640233

She already tried. Not only has she mentioned it in videos but she also emailed him once when he said in a video 'I will stop making videos if she emails me to stop'
He never listened. He's truly obsessed and just wants her to acknowledge/talk to him.
He's so desperate.

No. 640240

Probably knows we(HATURS), concerned people, and people who know her name will click and watch the video = $$$$$

Its so fucked up that hes trying to bully information out of her friends so he can make videos about it, and maybe “convince” her that he cares, so she will “thank” him, making him liked and popular again(not gonna happen zit). Also giving him more to brag about when he talks about how GOOD and HONEST! He is, he even SAVED Eugenia Cooney u guise!!

No. 640265


Even if that were true (which we all know it's not), videos on her would bring something else he desperately needs - traffic. People search her and get his ugly mug, click his videos, give his channel exposure. This allows other mentally ill and ignorant teens to maybe subscribe and blindly believe the nonsense that spews out of his mouth.

He's said previously that he doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit him. Anyone with half a brain can see this isn't about "helping" EC or people with EDs at all - its all for his own benefit.

No. 640268

Strikes me as the type of bloke who wanks 24/7 to the point where normal porn doesn't do the job anymore so he faps to weird shit because he's so desensitized to porn.

I shudder at the sexual requests Lainey's probably been asked.

What was the point of him mentioning the dog collar fetish in that other video? To prove how honest you are? Admitting cringey shit to the world doesn't make you honest, it just means you are oversharing weird details to the world that usually have nothing to do with the subject. I feel like he casually drops his 'kinks' to the camera to appear cool or open when it literally just makes him sound autistic. Does he hear himself talk?

No. 640270

These days nearly everything he posts make himself look stupid, abusive, cringy, etc… but he still edits and posts it.
He’s gone so far off the deep end he can’t even see how deep he is digging his hole. Cause I sure as hell don’t believe he is self aware enough to actually realize how horrible he makes himself look. He thinks he’s a brilliant comedic genius who is also a honest do-gooder

No. 640272

Such is his ego and his arrogance, instead of changing(faking it, we all know this) he tries to bend the world and manipulate us to like him, which hasnt been very successful other than on teen girls he groomed and tried to knock up, being successful once, and his former “fame”, hes basically stupid and not ver calculative even if he thinks otherwise kek

No. 640273

i always thought greg was a dumb, gross, creepy narcissist and i've been entertained by all his stupid drama on the internet but this is just horrible, the way he is going about this eugenia cooney stuff makes me feel like he is a legitimately evil person. im not a fan of her at all as all she does is prance around in different outfits and her channel is super boring but she's clearly going through some serious shit and he just wont leave her alone it's so disgusting

No. 640274

All his recent spergs about how the haters believe anything they read on the internet proves that he is missing the whole point. He wants to latch on to a couple rumors that are untrue or not entirely true (I believe we are right about a lot of things but without perfect accuracy and he picks out the few things that aren’t correct and holds on to those).
But what he doesn’t seem to realize is that even if the grooming and wetlands stuff had never come to light, he is still completely unlikable. He blames his lack of popularity of these “rumors” just like he used to blame his lack of popularity on the algorithm. But he will apparently never realize it’s actually because he’s created a monster of himself that no one likes. Once the handful of 13 year old fans he has now grow up, they’ll realize what an idiot he is and by that time, he will be way too old to attract more.

No. 640285

Same. Eating order aside I think her content is boring and don't understand the hype (same with Marina Joyce) but I too agree that this is way too far. This man is nuts. He just wants Eugenia to notice him so so bad.
What a weirdo.

No. 640292

It is inevitable that in a few years time, at the latest when Greg is 40, he will have to finally get a real job. He can probably get a low paying job as a video editor for a small company or something similar since that's the only real experience he has. If he can even get a job like that after an employer sees the disgusting "content" he's made a living off of.

This whole teenage shtick he's been pulling won't fly in a few years time. If it's creepy now, imagine how creepy it will be when he's 40. The guy is rapidly aging - and poorly.

Knowing that no matter what Greg does, this entire debacle will be coming to an end in a few years time gives me so much pleasure. Lainey will also have to get off of her spoiled pampered ass by then as well and get her first job around 30.
I cannot wait until these two idiots will no longer be able to sustain this Cush lifestyle of sitting around their house playing on their phones all day, getting away with the most sickening behavior.
And when that time finally comes, boy is life going to smack them both in their ugly ass faces. Hard.

No. 640297

as a professional video editor, he absolutely can not do that job.
Not only is his "work" super amateur looking, but REAL editing is a job that requires you to throw away your ego and bend to the client's will with endless revisions.

I dont think Greggy is capable of being someone else's trained monkey. because he is such a creative genius that the client will never be right.

He'd get fired the first time he tries to cop an attitude.

No. 640301

Yep. Remember when he hired some guys to help him out, and he said a rude comment and was confused as to why the guy was offended? Onion made a whole video talking about how some people can’t take a joke. Lol he can’t work with others, period.

No. 640310


Yeah, and the reason why he can't work with others is that he is incredibly offensive, rude and arrogant and tries to tout that kind of behavior as "honest".

He should change his catch phrase to "the most arrogant and rude youtuber" - that would at least make him somewhat credible.

No. 640335

*most always arrogant

No. 640345

If you’ve seen the new video there’s obviously someone there with her that she keeps acknowledging tbh I’m convinced it’s Sarah and they faked the fall out

No. 640348

File: 1550261074578.png (87.07 KB, 562x754, netnobody.png)

Yeah it was the guys who worked the cameras etc for NetNobody. Greg was confused as to why people did not take his shit like his emotional punch bags do, and made a video calling them out. What an absolute tool-bag.

No. 640349

yeah around 46 seconds in you see someone beside her flip their hair into the frame

No. 640359

I don’t think it was a fall out. I think Lainey and Greg made her delete her social media.

No. 640363

Lol he was showing his predatorial side even then. In the video where he's explaining his side of the netnobody story, he mentions giving the camera to an amazing woman and mentions she's a woman every five minutes.
it's so fucking weird.

No. 640369

File: 1550263453383.jpeg (79.97 KB, 1125x404, 052A71FF-F8DA-4BD6-98B5-1EEE01…)

This was never discussed but this post of her’s on tumblr makes me think she’s there. Crazy tinfoil but, hey we’ve seen crazier.

No. 640370

File: 1550263544543.jpeg (665.36 KB, 1125x1804, D0F26914-5587-4CF4-A9A6-9D3409…)

No. 640374

She’s definitely there at 7:15 in Lames cool new vape video you can hear another female voice she is talking to. And lord knows with absolutely certainty Lame as actually 0.00000% chance she has any other friends outside of Sarah

No. 640377

The only reason this may not be true is because Greg stated in his most recent livestream that they have family staying with them.
And correct me if I am mistaken, but in Lainey's most recent video about playing in the snow, didn't she say she wanted to make her mom's soup but she needed to go ask her how?
I could be remembering the exact wording of this quote wrong, but it was something very similar to that.

So either Sarah or family are visiting. Hence why we didn't see the children anywhere when they made that snow video and spent what seemed like an eternity sledding down their driveway like fucking morons.

No. 640389

35 videos holy shit. i don't even think he has that many videos about his own spouse jfc

No. 640393

File: 1550268512767.png (48.93 KB, 1128x224, Screenshot 2019-02-15 at 22.02…)

Almost 200 comments, not a single one is even remotely positive, and this is the top comment KEK.

Also at 5:13 you can see the other person in the room is also holding a vape and their phone, so I'm guessing it's much more likely to be Sarah than her mum lmao

No. 640395

So in other news Lainey uploaded her 50th vaping video.
Quality. Content.

No. 640413

Expect one every month until her channel is dead.

No. 640414

File: 1550272993859.jpeg (90.44 KB, 576x1024, A4A4F101-31D8-4227-9993-9E22A3…)

I’m up to date, but didn’t realize her fam was staying with them! I wish we got more content with her family, just the cringe of it all! Raising a daughter for 17 years having hopes and dream for her. Spending every waking moment with your daughter with dreams of greatness only to have her stolen and ripped away. I’m so invested and intrigued by that dynamic! Old milk but I need more family milk with her mother! It’s gotta be heartbreaking.

No. 640426

She should have went into the room that he was hiding out in and punched him in the throat for this shit.

"Your mom is terrible cause she only put her tiddy in your mouth for twenty seconds! Who cares about those good moments that you two had together, think about how wrong and violated you must feel about the lack of tiddy milk!" I've never met a man so obsessed with breastfeeding. Then again, he is into incest so maybe it stems from that.

No. 640435

I was just bringing up what I thought I heard Lainey and Gerg say.. I never claimed that it made any fucking sense lol
It truly is amazing looking back at these tweets how little self respect this chick has.

No. 640456

File: 1550277715423.jpeg (273.13 KB, 640x808, 5B0EB83F-1E68-4A57-AE4E-576E7C…)

New thotty upload, don’t even know if this one’s worth mirroring. It’s only:

- another sponsored vape vid
- “itz 0 nic becuz dat healthy!”
- “I don’t inhale it into my lungs because that’s unhealthy”
- states that vape tricks are stressful and she basically has PTSD from her ex wanting to smoke
- more sooper masc trans boi vocal fry

No. 640458

it seems like shes slowly starting to put on more make up, or is it just me

No. 640461

I was browsing through the comments on this video and half of them were calling Lainey out on this.
That she claimed "makeup makes me feel dysphoria" yet somehow she can cake it on suddenly.
The dysphoria bullshitting needs to end. She's either naked or wearing more makeup than most cis women usually ever do.

No. 640466

He's probably lying so people don't realize Sarah is there again so soon. Someone had to watch the kids in the snow video and since the snow lasted 4 days and now the vape video, she's been there awhile. If it was just Laineys sister, she'd be acknowledged.

No. 640473

File: 1550279277483.jpeg (118.17 KB, 828x806, C79BADA9-5854-4BBF-B7CF-378A27…)


Much like Anus, one video got a lot of traffic, so now she delusionally thinks that if she makes the same one over and over it will get the same amount of views.

It’s actually pretty annoying, because said video got over 2M views, even more than her self centered Billie video and way more than she and Anus have made in years. Maybe it’s just luck, because vape tricks were a common search, maybe it’s because Sarah was in the thumbnail and the average Joe thought she was cute, or maybe it’s because Thot looks nothing like herself since she filmed it after the beautythot video where a “professional” did her makeup decently and she looks almost unrecognizable.

No. 640481

OOF. No WAY does this video have 2.4 million views now… how did something this pointless and shitty end up going viral?? That is actually bizarre as hell to see considering these two rarely break 30k on a video anymore.
And the likes to dislikes…?
This seems so fake and weird.. but I guess if she's attempting to continue with this vaping bs content, it must be real.
That was such a particularly bad video though.

No. 640487

I honestly don't even understand why she's still making videos. She CAN'T be making any substantial amount of money off of them and she obviously fucking hates her life every time she's in front of the camera. plus greg may be delusional, but at least he has fans. all of her comments are negative and she's admitted it's really upsetting to her

No. 640502

Yup she put black eyeliner on. Lmao she can't keep her lies straight.

No. 640507

To add to the tinfoil that Sarah is/was back, that's maybe why Trannybot is wearing her girl make up again. The Onion is getting horny for teen girl

No. 640508

>She should have went into the room that he was hiding out in and punched him in the throat for this shit.

As if that spineless doormat would even think about doing something like that, she did nothing when anus slut shamed her sister Lauren on Facebook. The more fucked up part is that Lauren was like 16 when that happened. I have a theory that she actually enjoys watching him humiliating other women, even if it's women from her own family

No. 640509

File: 1550284024771.jpg (127.11 KB, 1396x318, idiot.jpg)

Please Stop Writiing Me About Shane Dawson

Grease posted this video about Shane on his reacts channel, basically admitting that he's been a creepy stalker because he looked up to him, while still passive aggressively shitting on him. Thinks he's being self aware, but he's still an idiot. Claims that he freaked out when the pop blast Shane slander video came out because he just hates pedophiles so much, when we all know it's really that he'll exploit ANY dirt, no matter it's validity, to get back at people he perceives as having slighted him. Whines about how people are just so mean to him. Blah blah.

I wonder if this video is because Shane's lawyers have been on his ass.

No. 640511

Perhaps he's gone full schizo,He is known for writing emails to himself after all lmao

No. 640519

Thanks for the upload, anon!

I find it extremely odd that Greg goes through the trouble of uploading to Onision Reacts and Onision Archive. He's very consistently uploading to these two very dead channels.

No. 640532

>in a few years time, at the latest when Greg is 40

I wonder if he'll be chasing teens when he's 40. How undignified.

No. 640535


He will. As his body (rapidly) ages, his braincells disappear with every narc rage and tweet, and he’ll always chase after 17 year olds. Lol, never change, Onion.

No. 640537

Pls tell me they made a video. I can't find it.

No. 640550

I think so! That was my first guess and it’s pretty legit tinfoil!
It’s so gross! It’s just a form of isolation! Nothing that hasn’t already been said a million times! But if he can “remind” Lame how “shitty” her mother was than maybe Lame will disconnect even more from the people who loved and raised her for 17years! I’m so thirsty for family milk from her! Remember over the summer when she was alone how wonderful her visit was. She said they had family dinners together with her bio dad at her step dad and moms house as one family together. That’s how it should be! The tension is awful with grease and I hope her mom is there! I’m thirsty for that milk!! I need more

No. 640559

File: 1550292463119.png (2.61 MB, 828x1792, 40035E61-0DE9-4AC0-904D-E4A9A6…)

Onion has uploaded yet another EC video.

No. 640560


what's with the cyanide and happiness knock off version of himself in the thumbnail??

No. 640562


>The Most Hated YouTube Videos


No. 640566

We all know he's full of shit with his self-serving "concern", but how the fuck does Gurg think that him playing with his new cartoon program is an appropriate tone for talking about EC's death? Is he even trying to appear like he cares, or…?
I swear, he's just trying to "prove" that JC wasn't involved so he can rub it in her face because she wouldn't give him the info on EC that he wanted.

No. 640568


He must be looking God awful to take the time to make an animated version of himself. Kek.

No. 640573

File: 1550295908856.png (189.55 KB, 597x595, oops.png)

>"I'm not trying to make money off of Eugenia!"
>has asked for a review on one of the videos so it could be monetized (It has been denied).
>conveniently forgets he can take monetization off of videos manually.

No. 640577

This is cringey and he seems so obsessed to the point it's scary.

No. 640578

For real, he acts like a saint because he isn't making money off the videos about EC, even though it's not by choice, but because Youtube is over his creepy shit. Even in the one video, he makes he states clearly he doesn't make money off it, because YOUTUBE demonetizes his videos, not he himself.

Also he can't be THAT unaware of how creepy he is being with all the videos he throws out about her. He keeps saying he cares so much about her, but they aren't even friends. Or else he would actually know the things, he tried to get Jaclyn Glenn to tell him about Eugenia. It's so messed up that he insists on being entitled to know things about this girl, that asked him personally to get off her ass.

he's just lucky Eugenia is an actual angel and can't even be mean to someone who stalks her every activity. Because else he would already have a lawsuit on his wrinkly gross old ass.

No. 640580

>It's so messed up that he insists on being entitled to know things about this girl, that asked him personally to get off her ass.

Never forget.

No. 640585

File: 1550301114178.jpg (53.89 KB, 546x390, hidden.JPG)

I feel that Onision should just keep making EC videos as long as they are demonetized. Hes said it himself that if hes told not to do something he does it even more, so let him. He'll spend all his time and energy on these videos that ultimately bring him no money. Hes cutting off his nose to spite. And speaking of his face, I think his new video using an avatar is because his skin condition is getting worse. Ive noticed in the last few videos where you get a close up of his face hes looking rough. His explanation for the masks he used in the past was he read some where (Google) that harsh studio lights can damage your skin or worsen a skin problem. I wonder what his excuse for using Cartoon Onision will be?

No. 640588

Yeah, that's a dumb excuse. I remember when he said that. How about stop using extreme, unnecessary lighting?

No. 640589

How else will he hide his wrinkles?

>>640585 from yt about monetization:

>It will receive fewer ads but will still earn subscription revenue from YouTube Premium. A human review cannot be overturned.

He still makes money off of videos about Eugenia since people can pay to be a sponsor of his channel. He is still making money off of Eugenia.

No. 640593

God I cannot believe I sat through this new Eugenia Cooney video.
This was the absolute dumbest shit I have ever seen.
He just blabbers on about nothing with his ridiculous stupid ass cartoon.
He is riding high on his 50k views per video lately. I understand thinking that it's okay for him to keep making these videos because they are demonetized (again I have to reiterate NOT demonetized by him this stupid POS) but it is still aiding him in getting the attention he so desperately desires, as well as heavy traction to his channel.

How in Gods name can this man pretend he isn't completely taking advantage of this poor girl's pain.
He will rot in hell.

No. 640600

My thoughts exactly, ultimately all he does is add to his own downfall even more and I happen to enjoy watching people who once supported him fall to the wayside.

No. 640607

Writing TO me for fucks sake onion you autist

Laim is equally a cunt for this imo I'd never stay with someone who publically humiliated and shamed my mother and sister. Fucking gross. I don't know why her family even bother trying to stay in contact with that big chinned rotten snake

No. 640609

File: 1550308671409.png (75.3 KB, 1172x884, 136588638012.png)

His Eugenia obsession makes me very disturbed at the fact that this is also the same "man" who for seemingly no reason made a rape prevention site once.

I do not understand who he wants the rest of the world outside of Onionland to believe these allegedly helpful things he puts out there are for.

No. 640610

Greg is gonna be that dude at the old folks home who sexually harrasses the teens that come to read to him because his kids never visit.

No. 640616

Number 4 is retarded.

>Act like a different person to the rapist's sexual tastes so he can't get a boner.

No. 640618

He doesn't understand that sexual crimes don't necessarily happen all the time because the abuser is horny, but it got a lot to do with power and control over their victim. Someone who's out to rape someone definitely won't listen to insults by their victim and be like "oh shit my feefees are hurt i can't get hard now". If anything that causes them to likely just get more brutal with them to have them shut up. So that's a very bad advice Onion boy is giving there.

No. 640619


I think he writes from his perspective, so these are all things that he'd be turned off / hurt / chased away by.

No. 640620

his own perspective*

No. 640626

Sure, bite the dick of and 'take as many hits as he wants', just rejoice he won't have a dick to fuck anymore. Can't he understand that someone's dick is not as important as your own life and rape victim sure as fuck doesn't want to upset someone that's totally overpowering them and could kill them easily?

No. 640627

File: 1550317458487.webm (469.79 KB, 437x360, hand.webm)

Not to get all CSI:Swamp, but my need to look at small details (autism) kicks in sometimes and Im pretty sure I saw Sarahs hand. It doesnt look like a toddlers or babys hand, but an adults. Its like she purposefully waved it into frame. It would explain why we heard the voice, and Taylor was continually looking to right side of the screen and making comments.
0:46 in the video - lower right hand edge of frame

No. 640628

He does write from perspective.
Remember when he sperged about not ever ossibly raping someone because he hates rejection? Then there was the time Maya said he screamed in her face when she didn't wanna kiss him.

No. 640632

What else is there for her to do?
She doesn't have a real job, no hobbies. It easy to understand the need to occupy herself with something so that she doesn't go coo-coo from being closed off in the swamp shack looking after two kids and a special needs adult.
She chose it to be videos, because that is an Onision approved activity. I think the monetary aspect is secondary to this, and that's why she keeps making vids regardless of success.

No. 640633

There's been a couple Greg and Lainey uploads recently were they've been looking off camera to someone and getting their attention.

Everytime something bad is happening to them financially or online slander they fly in a girl to cheer themselves up. They don't know other coping mechanisms.

No. 640635

File: 1550319754665.png (566.94 KB, 756x629, 5747439704623668565.png)

>they fly in a girl to cheer themselves up
Ive played that video back a couple of times and you not only see that hand sweep but theres a few shots where you can see who ever it is playing with their phone with both hands. If it was Greg he wouldn't have been able to shut up for that long without saying something inappropriate or degrading her. But why hide Sarah? I mean its not like the grooming accusations could get any harsher. Im wondering if its a NEW girl, or that one chick shes been going to concerts with in the past. I forget her name. I could understand a new girl or that concert girl not wanting to be on screen and getting hate.

No. 640642

nice James Charles cosplay, Lainey

No. 640658

OH I remember this girl. I wonder who of the two decided first to jump on the transtrender train, and which one did it just to copy the other.

No. 640662

File: 1550337282005.png (Spoiler Image,61.42 KB, 967x557, 3412778.PNG)

I wonder if Greg has private messaged Valentin and tried to get more info so he can "help" this woman in Florida.

No. 640663

Laimey claimed she had a "crush" on this girl but never got to date her, probably because anus didn't think she was attractive enough for him to want to stick his baby carrot in her. She can only date the girls anus wants to fuck too

No. 640670

>”please stop writing [to] me about Shane Dawson”
>”Onision, please stop making videos about me [Eugenia Cooney]”

No. 640676

omfg greg fuuuuuuuuuuuuck, just ugh.
First half of the vieo is about his and shanes "romance", second part is "HE SAID PEOPLE WHO LOOK AT NAKED BABIES DONT HAVE TO GO TO PRISOOOOONNNN", it was a fucking joke.
WHY is he so obsessed??

No. 640678

I don't think its a new girl at all. I think it definitely would be Sarah more than anyone else.
They probably just want to keep a low profile about Sarah. It will only anger people further if they know she's there because Greg and Lainey are probably trying to hook up with her and knowing this upsets people.

Damn that is some industrial strength autism, anon. Good catch, I never would have seen that.

No. 640680

File: 1550344676374.jpg (12.62 KB, 589x89, lincolnwouldhateyou.jpg)

He's back to using quotes from other people since his own words are so poisonous.

No. 640691

The thing is, she did actually look decent. And could have been Grease's type if she didn't transform into a clone of Lame.
Just imagine the horror for Grease if he would have to imagine being with two of the kind his trender wife is. So yeah, clearly he was the one not wanting her in the trinity. The whole reason he even wants a third is very likely cos he is over Lame's fakeboy shit after all.

No. 640693

File: 1550348939966.jpg (57.78 KB, 600x400, abraham-lincoln.jpg)

No. 640697

File: 1550350155299.png (115.77 KB, 947x654, desperatetimes.PNG)

He is also back to thirsting after poor Jessie.

No. 640710

kek oh good I missed the Jessie Paege stalking.
If nothing else it is pretty damn hilarious to see him desperately tweeting at someone who hates him every day.

No. 640718

I can only hope that she eventually posts “please leave me alone” @ him. Imagine the 20 videos of sperging

No. 640722

Honestly, I still won't believe Taylor is that dumb, that she'd try something with Sarah (despite that she's not even into women) or allow Gerg to do so.
Sarah's her only friend and the only one who cares about her. I doubt she wants to lose her. (Despite that she'd drop her in a heartbeat if Gerg told her he finds Sarah attractive and if she could be in the relationship).

No. 640730

He seems very bipolar about Jessie. One day he goes after her for enabling Eugenia and not getting her help, the other he thirsts like a dog. Lol wtf is his problem.

No. 640731

Topkek imagine them getting a third and she just turned out to be a Lame clone. Grugly would lose the remaining few hair strands he has.

No. 640733

he's just obsessive, he can't help it. it's like he never really leaves anyone alone

No. 640739

He did the same to Billie, one day he was calling her a druggie criminal and the other he was emailing her begging her back lmao. It's part of his manipulation tactics

No. 640747

It's always worth mirroring Greg and Lainey's videos.
Even though it might be unimportant at the moment, it could be helpful in the future because of details nobody has paid attention to yet or any of the two starts contradicting him/herself again.

No. 640751

Seems like it doesn't work as well as it did with Billie for a limited time though lmao.

No. 640754

I just hope she keeps ignoring him, like Shane.

No. 640760

will that actually make him stop, though, or just get angrier?

No. 640763

it wont matter because nobody is paying him attention

No. 640774

imagine if she collabed with shane and he made a documentary about her issues with her disorder, i mean shane over eats and she under eats they both have issues with self image it would make sense to me for them to collab, also greg would lose his mind if that ever happened

No. 640777

good point. he'll just find and latch onto someone else

No. 640795

I wouldnt be surprised if Lainey had zero interest in Sarah but welcomed her attempted advances and attention because she's thirsty for love and attention. She also probably feels validated in her gayness because another girl likes her even though she's not reciprocating.

No. 640915

File: 1550378338085.png (89.6 KB, 242x216, onionbutts.PNG)

Slow day for the Onion.
He uploaded one of the worst Tik Tok videos yet today to UhOhBro. It is literally the same exact 10 second scene of a girl pretending to show her ass and Oooh wow she actually is just wearing her pants backwards and stuffed it "hahaha rofl lmao!"
Lord the most repetitive boring shit ever. He clearly only makes these videos for the money as tik tok is so painful to sit through, yet he barely gets any views on any of them. At most after adpocalypse he's making 10$ per upload on that channel. The tik tok fad is phasing out, he needs to move back on to grading women's worth based on their looks, since that is the only thing he knows how to do.
Even that trash is better content than his tik tok videos.

I don't want to call this too early but hopefully this will be the first day he takes a break from his bullshit "Eugenia Cooney Update! Is she dead??" series on the Speaks channel.
…Adblock is my savior.

No. 640917

Greg definitely uses the "hold the baby/drop the baby" technique as a manipulation tactic with women.
He does this to A) make the woman feel he does not care about them or think about them as much as he really does, thus sowing seeds of insecurity and B) to see how much they care about him, forcing the woman to show him attention.
Clearly throughout Greg's life he learned that this tactic was a successful way of always garnering the attention he craves from these girls. It is incredibly gross and also emotionally/mentally abusive.

No. 640918

To be honest, I would hate Shane to have that opportunity. I would rather Eugenia address it herself in her own time on her own video.
I kinda like Shane but I feel like him profiting off Eugenia would be kind of shitty. It would be fun to see Gurg triggered but he wouldn't disappear, this would just give him more videos to sperg about how everyone hates him but HE helped Eugenia but all the credit is going to Shane who 'didn't even make a videoo or tweet about her!'

Also Shane has disappointed me ever since his Tana and Jake Paul series. He was too soft on Tana and the Jp stuff was an armchairing mess.

No. 640920

Agreed I found it disgusting how Shane let Tana off the hook for that massive dumpster fire that was Tanacon. He allowed her to use his platform as a way of escaping responsibility, and in a lot of ways Jake ended up doing the same thing. I still do like Shane as a person, but I don't think he is the right individual to be addressing anyone's issues - he's too damn nice.

Plus Shane isn't even actually friends with Eugenia.. I doubt they have talked in years. Greg just called Shane Dawson out with the rest of them because he's a stalker and desperate for Shane to look in his direction.

No. 640922

i guess i thought it could be a good idea since shane has a HUGE audience and eating disorders are a very important topic that alot of young people(his audience) go through but it would have to be done very tastefully and after she fully recovers(if that ever happens) and i do think she should open up about it on her own channel first, also she doesn't even really have to address it publicly ever if she doesn't want to since it's her personal life… i just think the idea of it would make greg lose his mind which would be entertaining drama to behold ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 640924

File: 1550380646062.jpg (39.5 KB, 1080x390, Screenshot_20190217-011619_Fir…)

good job configuring your website, onion

No. 640925

File: 1550381240677.png (32.08 KB, 545x313, onion forum.png)

He's really pushing his fourms.

No. 640928


This one was so weird. He yawns through it, keeps saying "you have a front butt" in response to every video, insults one girl's face, and finally, has his hand hidden and keeps shaking like he's jerking off.

No. 640930

New video on his channel posted like 30min ago on EC basically about why he shouldn’t stop talking about her. Dude give it up

No. 640950

lol yes you summed it up perfectly. I actually wasted 11 minutes of my life watching that. I am ashamed.
It seems to me that he is attempting to bring back people who have stopped supporting him. He has been losing a decent amount of patrons the past few months - it feels like only yesterday Greg made a lame tweet saying "We are at 666 patrons, that is a great number we should keep it this way."
In fact, his patreon has been in a steep decline for a while. At this rate he will have half that number by the end of the year.

No. 640951

File: 1550386493831.png (82.6 KB, 1102x766, onionpatreon.PNG)

Onision's patreon is doing quite poorly.

No. 640971

File: 1550394283598.jpeg (924.84 KB, 1242x1588, 95563055-84F4-483A-97E4-9B29A8…)

This bitch is really phoning it in lately

No. 640978

please tell me its another video of greg infuriating taylor those are my favourite

No. 640980

Mirror please anon? I think these two are honestly about to get a divorce so I'm very curious how they can play it off like they are sooo in love lol

No. 640983

It's so cringy how he keeps putting "hit or miss, I guess they never kiss, huh?" into his titles just because it got him decent views before. Not only is it a dead meme, it reeks of such obvious desperation of a middle-aged man who tried to get views on youtube.

That coupled with the fact that he's not that much different from these creepy old tik-tok predators, by thirsting after teen girls from that app. How long until he starts his own tik-top so he can "duet" with little girls on there.

No. 640984

File: 1550397773164.png (104.21 KB, 562x301, 62862310978.PNG)

This had me laughing. So whats next, .99 cents for daily updates on Onisions prostate massager?

No. 640992

File: 1550399369086.png (226.93 KB, 553x466, tiktok.PNG)

Just give it some time. Greg will be mentioned in the same breath as that Dana Carvey turtle charter looking creeper.

No. 641019

He’s been losing some big spenders too. most of his patrons right now are probably just $1-$5 tier who forgot to cancel it when they lost interest months ago.

Also, he HAS to be losing patrons because of the forums. Why would his minions bother paying to talk to him when they can do it for free now?

No. 641021

Is this a joke?
I genuinely can’t tell anymore. Who would make an entire podcast about their truck??

On another note, subscribe here to get daily updates on my new electric toothbrush.

No. 641022

I’ve never actually seen anyone charge for a podcast before. Who would pay for a podcast that they’ve never listened to and don’t know if they’d like? You can’t just put everything you do behind a paywall.

No. 641023

In the past year he has lost approximately 41% of his patrons. That is really bad. If it keeps going down the way it has been, he's screwed. That has to be why he's messaging his old patrons to please come to his forums, trying to coax people back into his little cult. Things aren't looking good for him at all in regards to that.

No. 641027

File: 1550422142648.png (871.63 KB, 980x600, snowprince.PNG)

Imaging being married to this hot piece…
A screenshot from the latest 'how to spend a day in snow'.

No. 641031

File: 1550424118603.jpg (109.57 KB, 1080x739, IMG_20190217_172128.jpg)

Has she been hit in the eye?

No. 641034

She always has these bizarre discolorations in her skin. Another thing I noticed in that snow video was the scarring from her constant cold sores… the area where she always seems to get them is permanently darker. Lainey clearly is malnourished or something because I have never in all my life seen someone get cold sores as consistently as she does.
It's really disgusting

No. 641036

There's plenty of evidence Lainey is that stupid but anyway, she makes Sarah buy her presents when they fight. How worried could she be.

No. 641039

Yup. Sure looks like it.

No. 641045

The red part looks like when a plucked eyebrow hair is ingrown but the brown part looks like a bruise

No. 641049

>Have a bowel movement

What? So you're meant to remove your own pants when faced with a rapist? Or are you meant to try and shit yourself mid way through rape and hope that your rapist doesn't cause any tears for the shitty bacteria to get into?

>Pretend to be mentally handicapped

Ah yes, make yourself even more vulnerable. Because nobody with a physical or mental disability had ever been raped, have they?

He's the stupidest fucking gargoyle.

No. 641052

File: 1550429655525.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.64 KB, 1100x836, eye-herpes.jpg)

maybe she rubbed her eye after touching his crusty dick

No. 641053

A lot of these methods would just make the rapist bash the victim until she is either dead or silent.

No. 641058

Maybe Trot poked her eye? He might be getting a little aggressive

No. 641060

File: 1550431302501.jpeg (29.51 KB, 1149x367, DzknAJBW0AUW6pL.jpeg)

He's pushing his little website because he's put up ads so that he can make money.

No. 641062

He should have sent this list to Adrienne before they met up, since saying "no" repeatedly isn't enough to get him to stop forcing himself on women

No. 641065

And she's still wearing mascara even after she claimed makeup makes her dysphoric. Last time I checked mascara is a makeup item

No. 641066

I can almost let the mascara slide, because men do typically have longer, darker eyelashes but in her most recent video shes wearing everything BUT eyeshadow

No. 641079

File: 1550435936765.png (502.87 KB, 729x494, are we ment for each other.png)

No. 641081

Looks like a hematoma. Maybe Trot hit her.

No. 641084

yeah, either her violent, maladjusted children punched her or greg accidentally shoved her face into the headboard instead of the pillow while humping her.

No. 641098

30 seconds in and Gurg is already pushing his fantasy of having multiple partners. Get over it, dude, Taylor will never allow that again.

No. 641099

huh. you think they filmed this lovey dovey video as a response to their last one where they looked like they hated each other?

No. 641100

my favorite part was her accidentally admitting she does get jealous when hes around other girls, and the quickly trying to cover by saying but not anymore tho

No. 641101

File: 1550439350672.jpg (116.17 KB, 919x1300, 53673272.jpg)

That's why they'll split. He'll never get over it.

He'll get it over with, though!
[banging others, poly stuff, his fetish fantasy shit]

It's just a matter of time!

He can't keep his lil'mini sausage in his pants!

No. 641102

Maybe that's why she was wearing makeup again in >>640456
Seems odd to start wearing makeup again when shes been trying to be masc. Even as much as she flipflops.

No. 641103

Choking can also cause bruising above/around the eyes. Does Greg also choke her during sex? Or maybe he assaulted her, he's been really really really frustrated lately.

No. 641106

Umm, I wonder if grandpa Onision has heard about ad blockers.
Well, I guess he'll find out soon enough when his plan to fund his life fails again!

No. 641109

Sorry for double posting.
Every time I read something like this, I hope that their kids and the dogs are alright.

No. 641113

The only thing keeping him loyal to Lainey at this point is that he can't find an attractive and trustworthy replacement. We already know that he's been asking girls for skype sessions/to be camerawomen like he did when he left Skye for Shiloh and left Shiloh for Lainey. Private Skype sessions are his preemptive way of grooming and approving a viable future victim. His selection is nonexistent now that his fans have all outgrown him and his haters have easily accessible platforms like Youtube and lolcow. Doesn't help that he looks like Frankenstein these days and he can't use Lainey anymore to find someone to cheat on her with. The only women he's gotten close with like Vix turned out to be trolls anyway. He can't trust anyone kek

No. 641118

has this skype stuff been backed up? i've lost track of all the claims at this point

No. 641119

Summary for those who don't want to watch.

Greg says he's bad at shaving and when he was in the military they would send him back to shave properly.
Greg is still pushing poly. Lainey rolls her eyes when he mentions this
Insert standard Greg incest joke.
If they don't agree on what to watch together usually Greg will get to pick or Lainey will watch Gray's Anatomy on her phone.
Lainey always keeps Greg updated on her plans and whom she'll be spending time with. Sadly enough she probably spends the majority of time at home wishing Greg would pay attention to her.
A question comes up about how you would react if your partner cheated on you. Greg tells Lainey she wouldn't know what it was like to be cheated on. Lainey is adamant that Greg would leave her in a heart beat while she has clearly tried to work things out time and time again.
Lainey teases Greg about how he's answering the questions because he is clearly trying to pick answers that will make the quiz results good.
Lainey says she married her celebrity crush but then changes it to her youtuber crush. NO LAINEY, Greg confirms that he thinks of himself as a celebrity. (In what world?)
After a bad day Greg would want sex and Lainey would want hugs.
Lovely little Lainey picking at her lip part @ 6:50.
If they disagree about something Lainey will usually back down or Greg will go off by himself until he cools down. Lainey then says "But us trying to talk about it is usually for the worst."
Lainey will sometimes talk to friends about her relationship while Greg says he keeps to himself or tells the internet.
They normally fight about Greg being a dick.
Lainey does get jealous when he's around other girls.
While reading the results it says they are 'great at communication' and 'Your friends and family love the two of you together' while Lainey shakes her head no.

No. 641120


No. 641125

Same, domestic violence isn't funny. A while back like months maybe weeks her nose on the right her left looked swollen. I only noticed because I had been booted in the face before and my nose was swol on one side for fucking ages. It wasn't the side of her nose piercing. I never posted it at the time cause its speculation and I've only blog posting to support it.

When I noticed her eye looks like it had a bruise that's when I wondered if her eyeshadow recently was to mask it. She doesn't post frequently anymore and could be hiding marks to her face. Hey maybe even big gay Onion is sporting wounds to his face, except it'd be hard to tell with his redness.

Wish I could sage for tinfoil etc.

The report for swamp estimates is due tomorrow, not sure how the time lines will be with the recent snowfall (from that snow day video it seems he's had a bright idea to blame snowfall on destruction). Either way I'm sure he's frustrated and atmosphere in the trailer isn't great.

I mean he uploaded that cartoon video of him having an argument with himself pretending to be a hater. That weird type of monologue shit should be kept in his head during one of his man showers. He's fucking losing it.

No. 641129

Well, didnt he use to be physical with Shiloh?
If he did (i cant recall, so refute me if i am wrong) its not that out there that he would perhaps to it to Lainey, too.

No. 641136

I truly hope this isnt the case with them. Not just because no one deserves to be physically abused, but also because their recent video shows Taylor is still infatuated with him. Which means she would accept no help and would defend him like always.

No. 641139

Even without ad blockers, a site that's probably getting less than 100 unique views a day isn't going to make anything off of adsense. He'll probably call it quits with the forum after a couple of months of losing money and not finding a replacement for Lainey.

No. 641141

As awful as Greg is, I can't picture him resorting to domestic violence. I think he knows that the second he lays a hand on Lainey, she'll have the upper hand when the divorce inevitably happens. I also truly believe he'd be stupid enough to make a video about it if he ever hit her in a fit of rage or anything.

No. 641146

File: 1550448118585.jpeg (751.85 KB, 1389x750, A8871050-F9C7-4B55-A564-FF76C4…)

Idk if anyone else has pointed this out yet, just catching up on the thread, but they actually read this question (that says his or hers) and said “wow hers? That’s misgendering”
They never fail to enrage me.

No. 641163

Shiloh said he pushed her into a door frame and it caused her to have a miscarriage

No. 641167

And Gronk said there was no way he could have done that because she was too fat.

No. 641179

Most likely she got injured during one of their greasy sex sessions. She used to get bruises from choking and biting not that long ago and I wouldn't put it past Gargoyle to have just pushed her face into somewhere trying to get his mini sausage in her out of rage because he doesn't know what's happening to Eugenia lol.

No. 641233

…too fat for what? to be pushed? to have a miscarriage? to have her stomach hit hard enough to cause a miscarriage???

No. 641234

File: 1550462801017.jpg (8.39 KB, 605x95, HruGxmH.jpg)

No. 641236


No. 641241

Is this dm to you or someone else?

No. 641242

where did this come from?

No. 641244

File: 1550466362644.png (217.26 KB, 1170x738, Screen Shot 2019-02-17 at 11.0…)

I can appreciate Ayalla not backing down while the Eugenia videos have distracted from his grooming accusations

No. 641253

I don’t think she’d ever back down at this point. Especially since he’s still trying to silence her and the other girls he’s forced himself on to (see: Maya and Luxymoo).
Greg will do some creepy shit again and the allegations will be brought up again.

No. 641289

I really love that she’s doing this, especially because she’s still young, this would be so stressful on anyone, and she’s well spoken making succinct points that people who may not be familiar with him would understand quickly and efficiently. It’s really fucking cool of her and I hope she sees this through and is rewarded.

I agree, if anything greg uses fetish/bdsm to get away with being physically abusive and we all know how Taylor loves nothing more than to romanticize and normalize abuse.

In their most recent video, and probably all of them ever, every time onion reacts to her insecurity with smugness she shows him affection. It brings out the fucking worst in both of them.

No. 641293

File: 1550472207955.jpeg (217.18 KB, 556x741, EE551F16-535D-4FC5-A0D3-0533DD…)

Is Greg a genuine fan of ANYTHING?!
He seems to only like stuff so that people will see that he likes that thing.

No. 641307


Yo, I've always wondered the same thing. I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan, which apparently Greg is, too. But aside from watching Aerith hentai and having a shitty Cloud costume, he seems to know NOTHING about the franchise at all.

No. 641310

He's only a fan of hentai and himself. All the other things he claims to like are to pander to his kid/teen audience.
Like when he says "uwu I watch anime" I always find it so weird because he doesn't specify which one, or ever talk about any anime he likes except Death Note. So he probably just claims to like anime because anime fandom has the kind of cute Billie-eque girls with colourful hair that are the right amount of nerdy yet girly. And he wants to make himself interesting to those.

Holy Shit look how red his face is next to Lamey's ghosty complexion. Both look like they need emergency treatment, Lame for her anaemia
and Gurg for whatever grows on his face.

Yeah I am starting to think its just a list of things that turn little Greaseboy off. Because his logic: "If it doesn't turn me on, it will not turn on anyone else and is going to keep girls from getting raped."
He's so transparent because it just shows what a creep he really is in the end. Because even at rape he looks at it from an angle that shows his sexual fantasies about it.

No. 641331

Pls more context anon
Hahaha. Ironic that a few weeks ago in her vid where she watches Grog oggling teens shaking their tits on TikTok she smugly says "I don't care because I'm not a jealous bitch" with the most stupidly smug chin enlarging self satisfied grin
More lainey lies yahoo


So he knows how much she really doesn't want it, she definitely is still jealous so poly couldn't happen anyway, why the FUCK is he basically making light in videos of the fact he's still trying to force his wife into a sexual relationship she doesn't want???? For real if any other YouTuber did this their ass would be shut down, but everyone knows onions a fucking pathetic old man cunt who's constantly doing fucked up and abusive shit that everyone's desensitised or some shit.
Like some people literally think he's just trolling
but yeah it's not really a jokey troll character if actual literal people in his life have been hurt sometimes even physically (his sexual harassment of previous partners and maya, also forceful of sex with Aj and Sh, causing sh to have miscarriage) he can't push this bullshit narrative that it's a character

No. 641332

I definitely think the only reason he engages in BDSM is so that he has an excuse to hurt Lainey without getting in trouble/have her believe that it's just affection when he hurts her. As far as we are aware, he only started engaging in these kinks when he had spent a significant amount of time with Lainey and had clearly become bored with her, but if he'd always been into it why hadn't he engaged in BDSM with previous partners? Because it's his covert way of punishing her for tying him down with 2 children and a dying career.

On another note, a few months back he put out a video where he tried to argue that domestic violence is usually justified - he said 'you wouldn't hit an angel' to explain that the victim probably deserved it. I was shocked no one really gave much attention to it, which is why I remember it so distinctly.I think he posted it during a period where he was being called out for other shit so it got lost. It especially struck me since he seemed very quiet and it came out of nowhere, almost as if he were trying to explain something he did before it got out (that's my tinfoil anyway). I doubt I'd be able to find the video since I have no idea which one of his garbage channels it was on, so feel free to doubt this until someone can produce something concrete, but it seemed highly suspicious and I thought I'd note it here since it's related to other relevant tinfoil. Before I saw that video I didn't really think he was capable of violent abuse but that really made me question it, especially since Lainey has probably made it abundantly clear to him that he will never have to face consequences for what he does to her - he probably feels invincible, and why not take advantage of that?

No. 641335

I'm sure once Taylor told Onion her ex was abusive he got and someone else knocked about his wife. I've saw it plenty of times. A woman confides her abuse in a partner and he starts gaslighting her and that she's deserving of punishments. She gets broken and takes it.

We've already had him discuss A J can't be raped cause she's slept around. He does not respect women. As a grown man he still gets butthurt and tells tales on his older sisters for roughing him up.

He's a fucking man child already teaching his son to punch his frustrations out.

No. 641336

I'm really flabbergasted how farmers are reluctant to consider Greg is physically abusing Taylor.

Realistically, it would be a surprise if he HASN'T been doing it. He's exactly the type. He's a rapist, a manipulator, a pedo, an animal abuser, the list goes on. But somehow, he's all that, but will not resort to physical violence? Yeah, no, not in the real world.

Come on, be realistic. He's a violent piece of shit and an undeniable threat to Taylor's safety.

No. 641339

This is especially terrifying bc we know Greg makes videos to justify his actions. Like Greg himself is responsible for us all knowing he doesn’t talk to his toddler bc he put out a thinly veiled sketch of him trying to justify it. So this video you’re referencing was likely him trying to justify hitting Taylor, bc then if all his comments agreed he would show her that as proof he’s right.

It’s also scary that he lets Troy hit and where do you think Troy learned it? From Greg I’m sure. Not to mention they are already very toxic and unhealthy to each other— they pay literal money for mistakes in the relationship, and they think tattoos are a reasonable form of punishment. I wouldn’t be surprised if Greg made her agree to let him hit her if she messes up.

No. 641340

I think we have to be careful about some things where we haven't accumulated enough evidence, it makes people doubt other stuff that literally was uncovered on lolcow.
Like we can document evidence and from that build a good argument but we can't SAY he definitely beat her because he eye bruise that could potentially have been trot, who is a violent little shit according to the onions themselves n Sam. Then again he's like 4 isn't he? How much damage can a four year old do?
I do agree with you to an extent and I think it should definitely be considered given the fact that Sh also made accusations of violence (pushed into doorframe) and also the way he man handles lainey in videos (re throwing her hand away when she tries to touch him and his expression immediately becoming stony) and his other weird and possessive behaviors like biting and strangling and shit, like I know it's in the bedroom but we know how fucking shit Grog is with respecting boundaries in the bedroom
like I would NOT be surprised. But I don't think we can say for certain yet nacause we don't want another video by lainey smugly telling us we're wrong and she doesn't need saving etc etc despite her constantly pointing out abusive and shit things about him in videos they do together like it's a fucking game

No. 641342

If the kid isn't paying attention to their flinging limbs or a big ass Onionkin noggin in the eyesocket could reasonably leave a bruise. Don't anemics bruise easily too?

No. 641343

Too fat to push. Didn't Greg make fun of her because he couldn't carry her through a doorway. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought there was an old SS of her carrying him.

No. 641345

Why should you tippy-toe around anything concerning this dude? Are you aware that you are AFRAID of being discredited by this guy if you do not follow a certain approach?

Please feel free to post unhindered on this imageboard. Nobody here will discredit you, and while Greg might try, nobody takes anything he says seriously.

No. 641346

Greg and Taylor both admitted that he has spanked her as punishment.

No. 641357

Does anyone have access to Taylor’s private Twitter? Maybe she posted something particularly angsty that could clue us in

No. 641360


I think the fact that anons don't like Lainey is clouding the discussion.

Besides the bruises a lot of their content and declarations points out to a potentialy physicaly abusive behavior on onions part. He has demonstrated recorrently that he has a lack of empathy and understanding of other's physical wellness ( e. not changing diapers; not understanding childbirth/aftermath; the whole billie in the basement thing), while also displaying tendencies towards sexualization of punishment whilst being a completely sexually obsessed individual.

I'm no lainey fan, but there's nothing I can read that could convince me a 100% that onion is not physicaly abusive. People we don't like can be beaten and abused too.

No. 641363

The mirror of the domestic abuse video mentioned above is dead so I think it would be a good idea for other farmers to create a new one; it was posted on 24th September 2017 under the title 'The Truth about Men and Women'.

Among other things, he says:

“Hitting. Whoever throws the first blow. That is obviously the opposite of the victim. But what I’m saying is, is there are scenarios where a woman can get called a name, but why was that woman called a name? Why was that woman treated poorly? Verbally abused? What did the woman do?”


“But if we’re just talking about people arguing, people calling names, find out why they called you a name. Counsel them on how to stop calling you names."

And lastly,

"You wouldn't hit an angel" to explain that there are always reasons for domestic violence - the victim had to have done something to deserve it!

He touches on the idea that male victims of domestic violence aren't taken as seriously as females, which is true, but the entire video all comes back to the idea that there are reasons why people abuse their partners and that means we shouldn't view the victim of verbal/physical abuse as wholly the victim - they must have had it coming. He said that it would be fine to call your partner a bitch or a cunt for being 'consistently passively negative' - could he be any more obvious that this is a jab at Lainey?

No. 641364

I dont think he hits her if he gets physical. If he does he probably “dances on the line” so to speak, things that can be twisted to not be physically “abusive”(i dont agree myself, but many people dont see it as, “as” bas)
Like pushing, man-handeling her, spanking, throwing stuff.
If he outright hit her, she would probably see why thats wrong.

No. 641365

Or chokes her, her injuries are consistent with choking. It's an extremely popular method abusers use to subdue someone, and still get to say "I would never HIT her".

No. 641373

File: 1550504858735.jpg (330.49 KB, 696x911, updatefeb19.jpg)

some minor update about the wetlands.

No. 641382

File: 1550507820400.png (2.08 MB, 828x1792, 42E8D1DA-BB7B-4BAB-95E5-8C7BA1…)

OT but a lesser known YouTuber Krimson Rouge is reviewing Stones to abbifail. He’s had some success with reviews of shitting books and movies, and this might get traction. Regardless, I wonder if Anus will sperg out again since KR mentions Strange Aeons, and he also of course hates the book:

No. 641383

so he still hasn't done what he's supposed to do?

No. 641389

I don’t think Anus is physical abusive, except during sex and we have some evidence to that.

One thing I’m wondering about is Wtheck hasn’t Lainey’s parents stepped in about any of the abuse that’s been made public. The basement chaining, the way she seems so emotionally abused in her videos etc I mean there’s so many things I find abusive in their relationship that gets displayed and I sometimes wonder where is her mother or even her father. If I was her dad Anus would have had his ass kicked to the curb by now

No. 641393

Lainey will take his side as always and they wont get to see their Grankids

No. 641395

As far as I know they tried, especially Lainey's father. But what can they do? So far he hasn't done anything illegal that we know of and Lainey is an adult. Lainey should be glad her parents still support her as much as they do though.

No. 641406

Well if Gurg is getting physical he probably justifies it with "Kai is a MAN". I wouldn't put it past him, especially with how much of a doormat his super speshul husbando is. He is an aggressive person by nature until he confronts somebody who doesn't tolerate his bullshit: then he turns into "calm" and "rational" Onion to try and make the other person look bad.

He did it with Sh when she was having a mental breakdown. You know, a caring person would put the fucking camera down and try to handle things like an adult but not Grug! He had to film it all to "prove" he was not the crazy one.

As much as he spergs about how awful child and domestic abuse is it brings up "the lady doth protest too much". We have seen him "prove" he isn't a pedo how many times? Because kids are icky…until they hit puberty and then, ya know, it's really hard to tell if that 13 year old was really 13 or not in those totally NOT creepy pictures with his name written on them, kek.

No. 641411

It's not about being discredited by him or Lainey. It's the fact that the two are very toxic, manipulative, and abusive AND they know how to find away around it with their fans and friends for whatever reason…. and the more we make accusations with almost no evidence the more they can gaslight people to make us look crazy and absolve themselves of blame for their actions.

No. 641412

I was wondering the same thing… especially during their quiz video when they were discussing how the relationship between them and their families have gotten "better". But we all know how Lainey thinks everything is always getting "better". But like other anons have said, shes an adult and there isn't much they can do. Especially when she insists on staying after this long.

No. 641429

Greg won't freak out because it's not a cute girl making fun of him

No. 641431

Nitpicking, but I always found it odd how greg uses his onision email for adult stuff. I mean, we all have those childish emails, but everyone knows that you usually have an email with your name to seem more professional. It just always reinforced the idea that he's still stuck in his teenage years.

No. 641438

clearly looks like a big ass under the skin pimple.

No. 641462

also reinforces the idea that Onision is not a "character" but Greg himself

No. 641468

File: 1550520720734.png (100.83 KB, 553x763, onision forum.PNG)

Am I reading this wrong?
It seems like his fan is saying that he made a insult directed at Repzion calling him "Rapezillia" and shes worried people may think hes insulting Repzilla whom shes a fan of. Greg responds with shit talking Repzion about his video titles being click bait and not fully understanding the comment his fan made. Its like he read the post up to the word "Repzion" and his rage-hardon kicked in and he just started typing his response without completely reading his fans comment.

No. 641470

What people would they gaslight into believing them? Their three remaining patrons? His reach is even smaller than the reach of this fringe imageboard. He devalued his own words long ago, and keeps devaluing them. Nobody believes him, he can't even gaslight Lainey that he didn't cheat on her any more, and don't get me started on his army discharge, the IRS, wetlands, etc.

The only one he's gaslighting is YOU. Nobody should be intimidated into not speaking their mind by this troglodyte. How did he manage to get people on a gossip website to be afraid to gossip?! Wtf

No. 641474

Spanking your spouse as “punishment” is abuse in itself.

If people want to do spanking stuff as part of their sexual whatever, cool. Spanking as punishment, except where the “punishment” is part of the sex roleplay, is just abuse with a PR spin.

Two people in a marriage shouldn’t be punishing each other. That’s emotional abuse.

If a spouse fucks up, the other spouse calls them out, holds them accountable, discusses remedies and amends.

There’s no space for actual punishment in a healthy marriage. The idea is insane. Consequences and amends and discussions of how to move forward differently are how sane adults handle conflicts within marriages.

No. 641479

File: 1550522206598.jpg (111.35 KB, 1312x892, donotengage.JPG)

Gurg, you can dress up in all the costumes you want to try to make it into a "joke", but it will never hide the clear fact that you are fucking salty as hell about what your haters say about you. Everything we say just eats you up inside.

Too bad you branded your body with an inspirational message about ignoring us. Cause it appears you've only gotten worse.

No. 641480

The thing is, if he really abuses her in that way and she "doesn't see it as wrong/bad" as if she would if he hit her, she's so so wrong and is gravely endangering herself.

It's much much easier to die from choking than from a beating.

No. 641482

Nothing we say here is going to make Greg take responsibility for his actions. This thread is for like minded individuals to discuss the Onions. Its not a fact source for those people on the fence about Onision to come and make up their mind about him.
No matter what is said about him here he will spin it or play word games to dispute it. Example- His wetlands fiasco. People said he lost in court. He kept pushing the point that he never went to court, which in reality is true. He never entered a courthouse about the wetlands destruction. Once him and his lawyer figured out there was an overwhelming amount of evidence of what he had done (the neighbors video, etc) they settled. He used the fact that people said something about him going to court as a lie "I never went to court, its all a lie"
If you're worried about how Onsion will spin something said here, then you best remove yourself or you'll end up pulling your hair out.
I personally find that tinfoil and speculation ends up revealing some very tasty information in the end. I dont care that occasionally its just baseless rumors or gossip. Who cares if Gregs feelings are hurt.

No. 641484

do we have any substantial info on his wetlands plan?

No. 641489


dat triple chin tho(non-contribution)

No. 641491

I think it was in that stream where he was wearing a blue beanie. Greg was giddy about making a video about the wetlands situation. But he said he needed to wait until he got all the paperwork and then he will make a final video about it. I think it'll be like the vids he did "exposing the haters lies" about his military discharge and him having to sell his houses, a lot of paper shuffling, word definition manipulation and fake giggling.

No. 641495

I'm really flabbergasted some farmers are so desperate to reach like this. "exactly the type" doesn't mean shit. Everything he does is based on psychology because he thinks he's a fucking genius and he can weave it into his autistic understanding of the world. Lainey is cowed as fuck without him needing to raise a hand, so why the fuck would he? Why would he 'lower himself' to physical violence when he can use that big old brain to emotionally manipulate and psychologically abuse?
There is ZERO evidence of physical abuse, and yet you can't believe people don't want to leap to support this tinfoil … take a step back and consider this, anon.

No. 641497

samefagging because lazy but what is this armchairing bullshit? Are you high?

>I think the fact that anons don't like Lainey is clouding the discussion.
>there's nothing I can read that could convince me a 100% that onion is not physicaly abusive.

Onision Derangement Syndrome; when the crimes we know about aren't enough and you have to tinfoil up a whole new batch. Jfc.

No. 641499

I was with you until you used the
>Onision Derangement Syndrome

Using a Trumpism just made you look foolish. And sorry to say that you are coming off as a undercover-stan.

No. 641501

If he spanks her as for-real “punishment” instead of a sex thing, that’s physical abuse. I didn’t see Lame’s video about it, so don’t know what her tone was when talking about it.

No. 641502

Greg likes to use that analogy often when discussing his detractors. He'll bring up how a person who hates Trump can never have their mind changed. Just sayin'

No. 641504

Eh, because he's dumb as fuck and Lainey could easily out manipulate him at this point, Where's the fucking clip of Lainey cowering from him on the hood of car. Or all the other clips were he makes her flinch.

Sure, he's too intelligent to hit. The man that won't speak to his daughter and let's his son hit him as an emotional pinching bag.

No. 641507

File: 1550527073447.webm (2.32 MB, 472x348, laineybot flinching.webm)

These ones?

No. 641508

File: 1550527436104.gif (1.67 MB, 260x146, onion 1.gif)

i think there are even more. thank you anon

Also the ones where he is violently grabbing her hand off him? Theres also this one with skye

No. 641509

File: 1550527465017.gif (1.68 MB, 260x143, onion 2.gif)

No. 641518

No matter how many times I've seen this it never ceases to make me supremely uncomfortable. Who the fuck treats their ~BeLoVeD sPoUsE~ like this? Taylor is such a fucking doormat that she probably thinks his manhandling of her is affectionate. She's a battered housewife in every sense of the word.

No. 641521

just for a split second the mask slips and we see the real Greg. It still gives me the creeps no matter how many times I see it.

No. 641592

File: 1550538247906.png (727.53 KB, 934x599, credit card signature.png)

He signs 'Onision' when he uses his credit card. Also this is when he was bringing in the youtube bucks and he was too cheap to tip.

No. 641593


Just gonna drop the transcript here for interested anons

No. 641599

File: 1550539048669.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190218-201311.png)

Dont forget the raw veggie mukbang where Gurg tosses a fruit over the balcony and lame cowers in defense.

No. 641602

Just a note on Lainey's constant flinching: that kind of reaction could also be a result of Onion yelling at her. It can create the same response and fear of aggression.

No. 641604

Exactly. We all know how much he yells at her with petty insults. It's rarely silent over at the Swamp Mansion. Knowing that she deals with that every day since Grug's lust phase ended, it's no surprise she flinches. The really rough manhandling in bed doesn't make it any better either.

No. 641605

Notice that she flinches at abrupt movement as well as loud noise.

No. 641607

I've got five dollars on at least three dictionary definitions read verbatim

No. 641609

Yeah I don't personally think Greg is physically abusive. He is a pathetic beta so I understand why some people might think differently, but he really just doesn't seem like the type.
He seems like the kind of worthless human who would emotionally/mentally IE verbally abuse a woman until she was physically harming herself through eating disorders or other means though. Sure.
This tinfoiling has been going pretty heavy since yesterday. Why do some of you think he's physically abusing Lainey? This was never something that picked up much traction in the past because there really is zero evidence of it.

No. 641615

File: 1550541715302.webm (1.65 MB, 320x200, punishments.webm)

I think their is enough evidence that at the very least he emotionally abuses her regularly and at times it has gotten physical.

No. 641617

Where is the proof of it actually getting physical though? The emotional/mental abuse is extremely obvious but I can't think of a specific example we could look at and say "this is evidence of physical abuse"

No. 641618

I think they're referring to when Lainey says she's been spanked as a real form of punishment, rather than as a sexual thing.

No. 641619

…hmm okay. Agree to disagree on that one.
I've just seen this topic going nonstop since yesterday morning and I guess I don't really understand it.

No. 641621

This is a dude who almost chained a teen in his basement for a week and asked her to brand herself a liar with a tattoo (none of this would have been known if Billie and Ayalla weren't brave enough, bless them, who knows how much shit like this he did with Taylor and his exes), who assaulted his pregnant ex and possibly caused her to misscarry his own child, forcefully shaved her, killed his pet turtle, scared his dog so much it pees every time it sees him, leaves a baby in a shitty diaper indefinitely and does not talk to his own child, he raped a woman, he blames rape victims for not coming forward and abuse victims for instigating it, he crossed state lines to fuck minors, alienated his teen-bride from all family and friends and went to fuck a brand new teen while the old one was preg with his child,

I got tired, and that's not even half of it. It's not tinfoil to presume he gets physical with Taylor, it's common sense, it would be shocking to find out he's not doing it. Not even common sense, common concern. Tell me those flinching videos don't make you uneasy. Of course they do. They show something is very wrong, they show danger.

You know what IS tinfoil? Alluding that Shane is a pedo. That is BASELESS accusation. What we're doing is far from baseless.

All those that are screeching for FAAAAX right now here are playing into his hand. Do you think Taylor is ever going to admit what Greg did to her like Billie had the courage to? Of course not.

Does her never admitting it = NO FAX = everyone should just shut up about it? Fuck no.

No. 641622

No doubt he emotionally abuses her, theres no denying that. But in situations where they are not in a disagreement, she still flinches in response to his movements. If shes not physically afraid of him, why flinch when he does something as harmless as tossing a piece of fruit or making an Eminem parody of Trump. Shes covered in bruises around her neck, her eyes, her legs. "Hickeys" sO kInkY tHo or HahA dOg BiT mE. This is a man who thinks you cant rape a woman because she's had several partners before him.

No. 641623

Wow! Would any of you be cool with your SO spanking you because you didnt take out the trash or left the milk on the counter? She makes it clear this was punishment for wrong doing not some sexual kink in the bedroom.

No. 641624

lol but do you really think Greg sits down and angrily says "COME HERE RIGHT NOW LAINEY THAT IS IT YOU'RE GETTING A SPANKING. A SERIOUS SPANKING."
I just cannot see this happening in a serious context.

No. 641625

You clearly don't understand how a malignant abusive narcissist operates.

No. 641627

Calm down, I am just trying to understand this train of thought. It is just a conversation.
The points you make to me result from how horrifyingly manipulative Greg has always been to these women.. he tears these women down psychologically, demeans them and attempts to own them. But so much of this is based on psychological abuse and the subsequent torture he puts women through. I am only stating that I haven't seen evidence of physical abuse (except for Taylor flinching) and if anyone ends up accusing Greg of this, they will need proof to back it up or Greg and his fangirls will write it up as h8er lies.
No one is saying he isn't a horrible abusive monster, I am just trying to see where the physically abusive point came into play. No one is defending Greg.

Greg just loves to catch his critics up with things like this in order to get away worse actions. Any time we don't have proof, he runs with it.

I am curious, though.. when you speak of assaulting is ex and causing her to miscarry, are you talking about Shiloh?

No. 641628

So she allows him to punish her but she never punishes him, what a pathetic doormat

No. 641629

Thank you for this. I think it's really concerning those anons are popping up to try to shut down this discussion when everything you listed has been confirmed. He's proudly put bruises all over Lainey claiming it's a fetish, but a man with his past with overwhelming evidence to prove how unstable and abusive he is wouldn't be able to handle a safe bdsm relationship. Even one of those things you listed is sufficient enough to say he's abusive, I don't know why people are trying to separate emotional abuse, a past of physical abuse, and the likelihood of him offending again with Lainey. Why is that the thing that makes them defend greg's innocence? Every opportunity he's had to be abusive, he's taken, if anything people are finally able to take this more seriously and analyze it before something very serious happens to his victims.

I understand those few anons are saying they don't want speculation to ruin all the credible concrete evidence we do have since he's gotten away with way too much so far, but people are very much in the right to communicate about this before he offends again. And since it's not getting through to some anons I will repeat that last part clearly, he has already been confirmed as physically abusive, why wouldn't he do it to Lainey when he has never faced consequences? Communicating about it here brings awareness to it so people can look more critically at smaller details to expose him, and since he reads here it's going to put a huge amount of stress and paranoia on him so if you need concrete evidence of him being abusive in this relationship, you'll likely get it now.

No. 641630

>Greg and his fangirls will write it up as h8er lies.
>Any time we don't have proof, he runs with it.

Why do you care what Greg or his fangirls think? You're so scared that he will "destroy us with faxxxx" that you're afraid of any speculation, or tinfoil. It doesn't matter if we had pages and pages of evidence. Greg is notorious for spinning it the way he wants others to see it or outright lying but later saying it was a play on words. We arent here to convince his fans that hes a monster, and we arent here to sway those on the fence.

No. 641631

no one can "allow" abuse, what the fuck? if someone doesn't fight back it's because they can't and have been manipulated or intimidated not to. you really think if lainey put her foot down that greg wouldn't escalate???

No. 641632

They might just be calling it 'spanking' because it sounds better than just strait up hitting her. It's a standard Greg tactic to choose his words carefully when it may reflect badly on him. I don't think Lainey will ever say anything unless he divorces her ass and she grows a back bone. He's always told her how she should be feeling and that she is the problem in their relationship… If he is physical I'm sure she would think it was her fault and would be too embarrassed to say something.

No. 641633

It's not that hard to imagine him getting mad/frustrated, grabbing her wrist and turning her around, and waling on her ass because he didnt want to hit her face. Its really not hard to imagine tbh, hes such an emotional baby who cant handle anything like an adult, he could easily lose control like that.

And then afterwards it's just uwu soulmate spanking so cute, were just so passionate uwu

No. 641635

This anon >>641624 seems to think its a 50' sitcom version of a spanking. I visualize it more like that exasperated mother in a Walmart checkout line who snatches the kid up by the arm and gives him one hard quick open hand swat on the ass. Gregs not making Lainey lay across his knee and him smacking her butt as he counts out each hit. He probably comes up to her, grabs an arm so she doesnt bolt and then whacks her once on the ass hard for not picking up the empty Amazon boxes in her room or leaving food laying around so the flies start becoming a problem.

No. 641637

Whichever way you wish to spin it, that is what tinfoiling is.. it is speculation on situations of which we don't have proof of.
Asking if there are specific instances where we can see this is as severe as some of you think it is (Taylor being physically abused long-term by Greg) is not an outlandish or ridiculous thing to ask.
People often use this thread as a source of information, that is why it has such stringent rules.
…good to know what you picture

No. 641638

are you fucking kidding how the fuck is that any better

No. 641641

You will never see any direct evidence of physical abuse. Abusers hide it and intimidate their victims into silence because with evidence the would END UP IN PRISON. Duh.

Domestic violence is insidious like that. All the more reason to speak up. Every time you suspect, speak up.

I don't even know what you were expecting. That everyone keeps their mouth shut about potential abuse until a "why I beat up my spouse" video comes from Onision? Anyhow, your expectations are unrealistic.

No. 641643

File: 1550546119169.webm (3.4 MB, 328x228, 5455667.webm)

>It's not that hard to imagine him getting mad/frustrated
>then afterwards it's just uwu soulmate spanking so cute

If you watch his live streams where he cant edit out his accidental outbursts you've seen that type of behavior before. That video about Jaclyn Glenn helping EC you see him break and then realize how bad it looked and playing it off as him "acting"

No. 641645

I get the feeling this anon wont be satisfied or convinced until Greg makes a video of him hitting Taylor. Abusers always film themselves committing the act… right?

No. 641646

That’s abuse. Someone spanking their spouse as punishment is abuse, however brief in duration or light in impact it might be.

The fuck are the “we don’t know if he abuses her” people trying to argue? That spanking an adult isn’t physical abuse? It 100% is, you lunatics.

Or are you arguing that Lame is joking or lying and that Gurg doesn’t actually spank her?

No. 641647

In the divorce documents, Skye admitted that he forced her into signing the divorce papers and those damn Onion-contracts “or else”. He later tried to debunk this as “I dindu nuffin to that woman, she’s trying to steal my money!!!” to paint himself as an innocent victim of a con-artist.

So now with the possible tinfoil, maybe my original feelings towards that “or else” sentence were true after all… damn.

No. 641648

I get where you're coming from…however, Gurg is the type who will continue to deny any accusations no matter how guilty.
"Clearly that is you on the video sir"
"No its not"
"Your fingerprints and DNA are all over the crime scene."
"No they aren't."
"Sir the evidence has been processed with the newest technology available in the world"
"No it wasn't, you people are retarded fuckface pieces of shit BE HUMAN"

No. 641649

No offense Anon but this is definitely the "customer copy" receipt that he scribbled on and posted and not a real one.

Not that it explains his actions.

No. 641650

Did you just say "duh" in a serious context…?
Yeah. Asking if there are any examples of something as serious as Taylor being physically abused definitely is the same exact thing as blocking out any proof/examples until Greg releases a video admitting to it.
Solid logic.

No. 641652

Lainey said clearly that he has "spanked" her on 3 different occasions as a punishment. Whats your thoughts on that anon? Are there types of spanking as punishment that you find acceptable between two adults?

No. 641656

Im not OP…but duh or not, the point that an abuser would never expose themselves on purpose is true. Trying to debunk a valid point just because someone said "duh"…you didn't address the subject matter.

No. 641657

Are there types of spanking as punishment that are acceptable between two consenting adults…
If Lainey was actually hit to the point where it actually hurt her, then it wouldn't be okay. It wouldn't be okay if she did not agree to it and was forced.. although I think she makes it clear she has agreed to it, she has even jokingly allowed Greg to spank her on camera as punishment during a video before (wouldn't she flinch during spanking and disallow filming something like this due to past situations involving spanking becoming violent?).
I definitely think this is following the right line of thought where we can actually see an example of Greg becoming physical.. the only problem is an example like this can easily get muddled in sexual kinks when Lainey is agreeing to it.. plus it can be difficult to say "Greg spanks Lainey" and consider it as abuse due to the often sexual nature of spanking.

No. 641660


I wanna add to the conversation that they are probably not talking about a sexual context, because we know about their kinky greasy sex and because Taylor seems very defensive "ONLY 3 times, that i can think of"

I doubt he has only spanked her in a sexual context 3 times and she remembers that vividly and gets defensive about it, most likely she is referring to it as a "punishment" outside of sex

No. 641661

>If Lainey was actually hit to the point where it actually hurt her
Are you trying to say that as long as him hitting her didnt hurt that much its okay? Fuck that.
So Greg is allowed to put his hands on her… as long as it doesnt hurt too much. Okay sure. You're coming off as an abuser apologist.

No. 641662

This is the guy who also let a helpless dependent female toddler in his care fester in her own poo for hours. If he can treat a fucking child like that, he can treat an adult like that, and then some.

No. 641663

Of course Greg would never expose himself purposefully. But Lainey and Greg have been married for over 7 years now. It is hard to believe that we wouldn't at this point have more examples or situations where hints of physical abuse would be dropped.. especially when Greg and Lainey also have people staying with them so often and these people (aka female teens) talk about their experiences online.

Greg would have to be talented at hiding something as serious as this from us to not have more examples if this was an ongoing/severe problem. I can certainly see this as something that has happened several times over the course of their relationship, but it is hard to think of it as constant or continuously occuring because usually when people live their lives on the internet as long as these two have, they would have left more clues to continuous physical abuse by now.
If she agrees to it and it hurts, I don't think that is okay. If she agrees to it and it doesn't hurt, it isn't any of our fucking business.

No. 641665

On the topic of whether G spanking T is abuse:

It is telling by itself that he's constantly "dancing the line" as one anon put it.

Who needs to constantly point out that he's not beating but spanking, he's not a pedophile but into "underdeveloped" women, not discharged dishonorably but "under honorable conditions", he didn't lose in court over the wetland because he hasn't physically been to court, hasn't cheated on his wife because he told her he's going to do whatever he wants, and so on.

Who does stuff like this and why?
A guilty idiot, that's who.

No. 641666

If she is agreeing to it, I can't see it as not being some weird little sexual thing between them. So if he smacks her bum and she doesn't feel uncomfortable physically from it, then you are insulting ACTUAL victims of physical abuse by claiming this as abuse.

No. 641668

No talent is required for domestic abuse. And literally everything about their relationship not only hints, but screams domestic abuse.

No. 641669

Yes, talented for hiding things would be required by these two when they upload daily to the internet, skype constantly with viewers, have young girls come over to their house who they barely know… hiding PHYSICAL domestic abuse would be hard in a situation where all those things culminated if it were continuous and constant.

No. 641670

I understand that you dont think Greg is full on swinging on Taylor with uppercuts and left hooks. I dont hes doing that either.
I do think he pushes her. Smacks her and moves her around roughly. Im sorry if you think thats not abusive.

No. 641671

I agree with you, i think people are misunderstanding what anons are saying.
No one is saying he is beating her, but he is being physically abusive when he manhandles her, spanks her, tinfoil pushes her

No. 641672

Oh, so not hurting your spouse in front of camera or witnesses is a talent now? Damn, how do I cash in on this new found talent of mine?

No. 641673

So I think we've come to a consensus. Hes not full on punching Taylor in the gut or slapping her in the face. But those little aggressive man-handling things he does is still abusive. I had an ex who would grip my shoulder tightly when we were out with friends and move me around the room and sometimes try to non verbally tell me that what I was saying was upsetting him by tightening his grip on my shoulder. He never hit me, but it was still abusive.

No. 641674

Honestly, this is going nowhere. You just want to argue over semantics, this conversation has devolved quickly. I think you know full well what points I have tried to make. Take it as you will.
>>641671 >>641673
Yes I agree that Greg has definitely done those things and they are abusive and wrong.

No. 641675

Yes, and I do think that arguing about degrees of abuse is counter-productive. Abuse is abuse. And Onision is an abuser.

No. 641679

Agreeing with this Anon. I don't think he does it to an extreme but I believe that he takes his frustration out on the people around him. AKA, verbal and maybe physical abuse His ability to regulate his temper is lacking as we have seen many times in videos and live streams. On top of that he is unwilling to take responsibility for his actions. In his mind it's okay to lash out in anger at a person then blame them for his reaction. See >>641332

Also to the Anon that keeps on bringing up the girls that come and stay with them; I really haven't seem many speak up about their experiences. The only reason we know so much about Billie's relationship with the Onions is because Ayalla stood up for her and revealed the fucked up things Greg did.

No. 641680

I think it's hard to know the level of physical abuse people are talking about when bruises come up.. which is why giving some examples like was asked for a while ago might have helped instead of becoming defensive and angry over it as some anons seemed to get. That would have probably cleared a lot of confusion up.

No. 641681

File: 1550552092274.jpg (121.09 KB, 771x499, onision.jpg)

You guys like my Onision comic? I worked all day on it

No. 641682

lol yes anon that is marvelous. Thank you I needed a good laugh after such a serious topic

No. 641684

This is def OT and armchairing and no doubt will result in being banned but I really dgaf, some ppl could learn something about narc behavior and why narcs like onion are so god damned dangerous. You cant expect a narc at his level to ever understand logic and reason. Back to ban induced lurking I shall go. Newfags please consider watching


No. 641686

File: 1550553543150.png (1.52 MB, 1312x798, 11.PNG)

Greg when he finds out Lainey was making DDLG videos this entire time behind his back

No. 641687

No, look, I personally do think he goes far beyond manhandling, and I've seen other anons express the same. I do think he hits her, chokes her, and does things that endanger her health and life.

I just think that arguing about degrees of abuse only benefits the abusers. I was agreeing with that sentiment.

No. 641688

>hiding PHYSICAL domestic abuse would be hard in a situation where all those things culminated if it were continuous and constant.

is physical abuse only valid if it's continuous and constant

No. 641692

It is extremely intriguing, this supposed huge difference between hitting someone, and doing literally any other kind of harm that surfaced in this thread.

It's personal. It's societal. It's got nothing to with Onision apart from him being the catalyst.

No. 641694

Which is why hopefully this topic ends.
It's been tinfoiled to death and back.

No. 641695

File: 1550555296522.jpg (6.13 KB, 290x174, haha.jpg)

> You personally should stop trying to pass as a teenager, though


No. 641698

In any other context this would be an important conversation blah blah blah

but people offered Lainey escape hatches many times and she just feeds the info back to Onion and mocks the people worried about her. So there is no point speculating about her home life without anything more than some blotches on her regularly blotchy face. Until there's something to actually go on, there's not much more to say.

And there is no point trying to preach about abuse on a goddamn anonymous image board.

No. 641701

My brain is barely registering this as a human form. He looks so uncanny valley here

No. 641703

Those blotches are something to go on. That's what started the discussion. You don't get such bruises on your eyelids from anything other than being punched in the face or being choked. Ask your doctor if you don't believe me.

No. 641705

Jesus Christ please drop it. You have derailed this thread beyond recognition.
We get it. You think Greg beats the shit out of Lainey. I think you've more than made your point.

No. 641706

Bans for derailing and tinfoiling have been issued. This thread reads like a bunch of 13 year olds fighting among each other.

No. 641712

He hasn't posted any Eugenia Cooney videos in 2 days, is this some type of miracle?

No. 641713

Maybe he got hit with another "shut the fuck up" dm from Jaclyn Glenn.

No. 641715

He received heavy backlash for how ridiculously immature the last video he made was.
Thankfully because it probably never would have stopped if the likes/dislikes ratio kept up.

No. 641716

No he definitely would have made a video then. Seems she would do better for Eugenia by ignoring him completely.

No. 641717

May get a ban, but no one brought it up so I'll drop it after this.

Onision knows Lainey goes on camera. Is it really so hard to think he wouldn't hide it? All he'd have to do is hit her where she can wear clothes to cover it.

And if people believe him about stuff that is prefaced with "tinfoiling" claiming it's a lie, then I doubt they would believe it with facts.

I agree there's nothing truly factual, but that doesn't mean it's not probable based on his past.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 641718

File: 1550558877350.png (1.79 MB, 1315x852, shitshow.PNG)

The last video Greg uploaded to the Onisionspeaks channel was the most insufferable garbage imaginable. He has a fake conversation with a "hater" for 11+ minutes, bringing up valid criticisms which people voiced on twitter.
One of the major downfalls of this video was the fact that he used these valid arguments, which might be the funniest part.
He brings up the fact that he is still bringing attention/views/traction to his channel, even if his videos aren't monetized.
And he tries the usual, "well everyone else is doing it and they don't actually care about her. I DO actually care about her."

Needless to say, the video was bombed with dislikes (which he strangely enough didn't hide, you would think hiding the likes to dislikes would be his first go-to) and he was heavily monitoring comments for the first day and a half. He liked as many comments as possible to avoid critical comments raising to the top, but a few strays are already getting through.

No. 641719

You are not saying anything that hasn't already been said.
You've made your point, I think everyone has, we should all listen to the people running this site and move on.

No. 641726

Nah. He's too much of a pussy to respond to another bloke. He only loses his shit when cute alt. girls tell him he sucks.When men criticize him he's silent like the coward he is.

No. 641728

File: 1550561690992.webm (5.68 MB, 640x360, the literal harley quinn.webm)

I wonder if she thought he fucked her for those 3 extra minutes on Halloween night because she looked pretty.
No Taylor, he likes to dress you up to look like things he wants to put his dick in. That's why hes slowly transforming you into Social Repose.

No. 641734

God you just made me laugh so hard. Top comment right here.

This is honestly bizarre. The fan clearly is asking Greg to fix the title for Repzilla but just as you said, he is reacting seemingly to Repzion…
Maybe Greg is actually this angry over Repzilla's one video about the UhOhBro channel being deleted and how it is fake news…? But he specifically says "video titles", plural…
I think Greg is finally losing it.

…wow I am so glad farmhands stepped in. That was out of control.. I think this is the first time I've seen tinfoiling/derailing to that extent on this thread.

No. 641750

Now that he has that "do not engage" tattoo, his spergouts are even more hilarious and pathetic
All he did by trying to prove he's "zen" and doesn't care is show just how much we get under his skin

No. 641751

It's insane.. he hasn't even tried to make change since getting this tumblr tattoo. He engages "haters" more than ever. His entire last Eugenia video was nothing BUT sperging about haters.
Greg might actually have to forgo his biweekly chemical peels and botox injections and put some cash aside for laser removal… at the rate he's going, he'll need it.

No. 641752

I mean, im not surprised. Most people in any kind of abusive relationship (especially since she had been groomed by him, and he had waaaay more influence over her) deny it to themselves. They defend their abuser because the abuser gaslights and makes them doubt themselves. It is REALLY difficult in situations like Taylors. I honestly don't hate her, but greg is a vile sack of human pus drainage. I don't doubt he's physically abusive, not full on beatings, but force. Grabbing, pushing. Hell probably even intimidation via throwing or knocking things over/implying he might hurt her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 641772

His logic is so flawed. But that's interesting, because I remember that video where he bought clothes for Lainey and it was almost only things children would wear. It would also mean that when he makes Lainey wear a dog collar, he's thinking about "literal" dogs?

No. 641773


We all know he's into beastiality he doesn't even really try to hide it. How many offhand mentions have we had from him? Harley Quinn + Dogfucking = happinest Grug.

Speaking of; I will never get over just how transformative longer hair with volume is for Taylor. I wonder how much use that Harley wig gets in their house. There's no way he doesn't notice how much it offsets her massive lantern jaw and masculine unattractive features.
Do we think he regrets making her so ugly or that he's so stubborn he's lying to himself about her?

No. 641777

I kinda thought the same tbh.

While he's at it, I hope he also saves some money to reverse his lobotomy.

No. 641781

This conversation he had with himself was so mental, I'm surprised he hasn't deleted it. Has it been mirrored?

No. 641782

Well, it is funny, because he used to say Shiloh sexually abused the dog they had together. Was he projecting? Was it a fantasy of his?

No. 641784


His dick needs to be much smaller to be true to scale, but other than that, brilliant anon.

No. 641785

His recent “I’m going bankrupt” video is the exact same thing only it’s him wearing two stupid costumes. Just him having a conversation with himself trying to dispel the haters comments by providing no actual evidence, just the usual “if any of this was true I’d be in jail” nonsense he has latched on to

No. 641789

I never got why he chooses that style for serious videos or topics. Like you’re not coming with any jokes to make the situation funny or satirical, neither are you validating your arguments by showing the person who’s criticizing you as a childish dumb character instead you just look petty. For someone that copies so many other YouTube’s he sure can’t copy the basic fucking explaining video where you have the topic you’re going to talk about throughly set up with points and structure… he is always either dicking around like a maniac with his stupid characters or going off into messy rants with no start or end with lots of irrelevant shit (talking about Shane, his exes etc), stupid metaphors and random side tracks (omg guis my hair is so weird today) and then just actually autistic screeches here and there. He is his own enemy because no one can make onision look more stupid than Greg himself

No. 641797

He just put out another one. Omg. He is using cartoons and bad analogies to "prove" he isn't a pedo…also, note the "bad internet troll is black, but "he isn't racist"

No. 641801

He gets pretty good views (compared to his usual toilet standards) with these Eugenia videos, he will milk this as long as he can. Fucking caveman.

No. 641815

File: 1550601172670.png (182.22 KB, 901x343, Screenshot_22.png)

Sorry for the late mirrors, google drive shit the bed on me:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Ere2clh9KqaYnK7_EQcUPIyWKGqKc_DL (Eugenia Cooney Update)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1syXKi-jYPH_0_pATNI0Qs4CkiKTY6LUe (Eugenia Cooney & Youtubers Cashing in on Her)

It's black history month, now is the worst (or the best) time to expose for Greg racism again.

No. 641818

File: 1550603922845.png (47.91 KB, 633x458, charcoalonion.PNG)

he is starting to cover himself again, not a racist I see..

No. 641820

Edging to the line of technicality again! Within themselves no, they aren't. But if you are a racist asshole portraying a black person in a negative way, definitely.

No. 641828

It's so cringey. Idk what the fucking voice he's putting on that's meant to be himself is, he probably thinks it sounds cool but it sounds just as stupid as the "hater"
It's so embarrassingly obvious how much his critics get to him by the way he immaturely and pathetically tries to make them all "hurr durr I'm a stoopid hatur" when their criticisms are actually valid and good points whereas his responses are huge dumb reaches and the good old straw man of "other you tubers do and everyone's fine!!" dude a few other you tubers made ONE video and your creepy ass has made like at least 20

No. 641839

File: 1550608535246.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.02 KB, 516x441, 56.jpg)

his fans are so stupid, if you wear a black face mask then put #blacklivesmatter it makes it seem like your trying to be a provacative edgelord, i can't believe he has so much influence over these idiots

No. 641841

are we ever going to get more context about this? like, at least a date sent would be nice

No. 641854

Thanks anon. The struggle is real trying to watch any of Grug's videos lately but I love how hard he still pushes how many people he has helped recover from ED's lmaoooo. Grug you haven't helped ANYBODY recover from an eating disorder - E.V.E.R. Get it through your thick cro-magnon skull. You helped attention whores and chicks who skipped meals for a day or two get noticed by senpai. Even if Eugenia gets to the point where she no longer looks like a skeleton cosplaying Andy Biersack it won't be because of you retard.

No. 641855

I’d like to know more as well. Anon just kinda dumped it and left but it’s pretty important to know when it was sent and who it was sent to I think.

No. 641861

Thanks for the mirrors, anon!!
God I remember when he made that video so obviously trying to rile people up and create controversy by wearing that "charcoal face mask" when in reality he purposefully wore it to look like black face.
Stupidest, pettiest, most immature bullshit.
What else is new though.

Greg's content has been awful lately. I know it's always been really bad, but this past month he has really outdone himself with painfully bad content.
He doesn't even seem to be trying anymore, despite his sperging about this "being the best year for Onision, we are returning to 2012 content blah blah blah" …
It is actually very sad. His patreon is 40%+ down from last year, his views have never been worse (except for the Eugenia videos and there are only so many he can possibly make when there is zero information about the girl and her recovery) and his relationship with Lainey seems like two bros who are seriously sick of each other.
Plus every year he's only getting older and farther away from the 16 year old he so desperately wants to be.
What a pitiful existence..

No. 641865

This DM is odd as well because someone purposefully photoshopped the times and dates out of it.
What would be the point of that except to make it seem like it isn't old and irrelevant?

No. 641894

Maybe anon is trying to bait and blackmail Greg, waiting to reveal more information if he doesn’t reach out. Wouldn’t be surprised with his nutto fans

No. 641896

that threw me for a loop too, especially since it was in response to a is there proof hes doing it right now. I mean we already know hes done it before.

No. 641902

Idk if anyone has heard about youtube being under fire as of late do to monetizing content that is clearing softcore CP. They are definitely gunna start cracking down on monetization again due to companies pulling back. Now would be the time to report and reach out to youtube regarding Onion and his doormats predatory ways and grooming.

No. 641905

File: 1550629309979.jpeg (92.28 KB, 958x535, 342962EA-DDD3-4F85-B047-A1F9E9…)

Anyone seen Gruck’s latest music video yet?

No. 641907

They deserve to be under fire.. That CP stuff has been going on for years. How are people just figuring this out now..?
Either way the automated systems seem to do a pretty good job at demonetizing him on their own.. I don't think I've ever seen a report actually change anything unfortunately

No. 641908

Instead of trying to demonetize Greg, we should try to get him to hypocritically complain about Youtube doing this; since it’s the exact thing he’s defended for years.
>”you’re not seeing anything you wouldn’t see at a public swimming pool, YOU’RE the pervert for thinking it’s creepy!”

No. 641910

Am I really staring at Onion's gaping arsehole?

God what have I done

No. 641913

His manic phases are so cringey to watch. Jesus christ, Gurg, get a diagnosis and some medication.

No. 641915

No one else does this shit for views, so why does Greg feel like he has to show off his sweaty underwear ass crack?

No. 641919

File: 1550632047512.png (168.11 KB, 987x1106, IMG_3785.PNG)

Oh no..
Greg uploaded one of those atrocious animated videos to his Onision channel..
it is an absolute mess.
It is extremely similar to the Eugenia video where he voices two characters "arguing"
This tattoo holds so much painful irony at this point.. this is the very antithesis of everything it stands for.

No. 641922

Lol he really got his crazy momma Tami to animate this. That's her drawing style.

No. 641923

sage but kai is short for mordecai which is a biblical name.

No. 641940

Hes so butthurt, poor little gruggly puff, no one cares about his garbage “content” and everyone sees trough his shit. And i thought karma wasnt real!

No. 641946

Notice how at some point of the video he inappropriately touches the "hater" and the "hater" inappropriately touches him back, it's so obvious he has fantasies about fucking his "haters", why would he include that shit in the video if he didn't? We don't want to fuck your saggy greasy ass you disgusting creep

No. 641947

I think Greg really let it go to his head that people used to enjoy his rant videos back at his peak in 2012. He's still a delusional egomaniac because of his popularity back then.
Girls used to leave hundreds of comments telling him how hot he was, the views were pouring in..
now he has to hide his face by using a cheap "animation" program because everyone hates him so damn much.

No. 641949

File: 1550641487062.png (13.96 KB, 474x113, _90_787_88.PNG)

So does this confirm that Taylor really doesnt do anything other than stand in front of the camera and do her best not to look bored?
She doesnt edit her own videos. Greg is the one who comes up with ideas for her Laineybot channel. And I get the feeling its a chore to her that Greg has to push her to do. Just watch the Making A Veggie Burger video they did right after the grooming accusations came out against her.
Greg: Alright Kai get the ingredients
Taylor: mumbles You get the ingredients
Greg: Its your video Kai
Taylor: Its your idea
Hes almost having to push her to do anything on camera.

No. 641950

Lainey is a miserable person.
I really wonder what she even does with her time.
She has no goals or passions other than taking selfies and telling everyone how gay she is.
She hates her only job in life and all she does is moan and whine and bitch.
…I really don't get her

No. 641954

Didn't Lainey say shortly after the Billie break-up video that she was going to learn to edit start editing her own videos because people were calling her out for Greg editing them? This is also another way for him to claim the money for the channel, if they divorce, because he will say he put in half the work editing.

No. 641955

File: 1550642287343.png (114.79 KB, 351x202, Capture _2019-02-20-02-53-13.p…)

He can justify the charcoal mask as not being racist but what about the confederate flag he put in thumbnail of that same video? Not that easy to justify is it

No. 641956

It’s pretty obviously a real-time animation program. He was messing around and stretched the hand, which turned into a terrible “””joke””””. Further proof that he needs to stop uploading unedited rants if he wants to be even mildly entertaining.

No. 641957

Yeah, Tami's work is much more sketchy and there is no way that she has any animation skills whatsoever when she can't even really draw to begin with.

No. 641958

Last time he talked about his mom, he had that video of "divorcing" both of his parents. Apparently they made up?

No. 641962

Imagine having a piece of shit son that uploads countless videos saying you physically abused him as a child because you found it odd that his wife was suddenly trans.
Who really blames her for not wanting to call Lainey trans..? It's freaking weird

No. 641974

He said in a recent video that he and his mom are cool. The “I’m going to jail” video he specifically said “oh and by the way my mom just told me she loved me the other day!!”

No. 641976

This is a family where obvious open abuse even a bizarre and sexual nature was going on in his childhood, by her hands, according to his own word.

Throwing one another under the bus and then immediately making up afterwards even in view of the public is the least odd family dynamic at play here.

No. 641980


>Notice how at some point of the video he inappropriately touches the "hater" and the "hater" inappropriately touches him back

Yeah I thought that was super creepy. It's the logic of a pedo.
"Oh! I touched you when you didn't want it? Why don't you touch my needle dick and we can call it even?"
Case in point lmao. Why does he have to show off his Reptar (RIP) every other week? It's fucking gross. Your a father ya freak. Keep it in your fugly underoos.

No. 641981

File: 1550650157315.jpg (25.17 KB, 316x141, NoticemeJP.jpg)

Fuckin' Christ: WE GET IT. You support the LGBTQYXZSUCKMY8=D CoMmUnItY. Jessie P will never want your micro weiner. Taylor has saggy boobs and a stretched vagina. She will never be a man. Nobody cares if your gay.

No. 641982

So is this made using an actual conversation between an onion fan and a 'troll' or did he just pull this situation out of his ass and is pretending to be someone else to defend himself
Very cringey

No. 641983

>write tweet about how gay my wife is and how she's a man trapped in a woman's body and make sure to remind everyone that it doesn't bother the absolute hell out of me

No. 641992

Vaginas can't stretch, c'mon anon, no need to be sexist.

He definitely seems to be obsessed with showing his 'package'. I wonder why that is, it just seems very weird. It's not even fanservice, I refuse to believe that even his fangirls would get off on this.

No. 641995

Bold of you to assume it's sweat.

No. 641996

She's let too many bruises slip in through the editing process!

No. 641997

I think this is just a combination of some of the usual comments he gets on his videos and replies on his Twitter. He just mashed all the accusations against him into one video and tried debunking them all as his own little cartoon sockpuppet fan.

No. 641999

Why has he animated a black character and proceeded to do a poor imitation of a southern drawl while voicing it? He is so fucking deranged. I guess he thinks it's a win having a completely made up hypothetical conversion as two independent non onision selves. He needs fucking medicated. Billie should post him some weed.

No. 642003

File: 1550667171862.jpg (179.61 KB, 1600x800, 0_ja9DNQMvWTCrU7_6.jpg)

>>641999 >>641919
The "internet troll" is black and named Shonda. I immediately thought of Shonda Rhimes the creator and producer of Grey's Anatomy. If you've been keeping track of Laineys secret Kai Twitter account you know Lainey is obsessed with that TV show and Ellen Pompeo.
Is this just a coincidence?
I guess we should be glad he didnt name the character Laquisha or Sha’Nay Nay.

No. 642004

File: 1550667416760.png (318.64 KB, 554x515, Capture.PNG)

i'm so tired of her posting this shit. this is the lamest excuse for a video.

we know your house is dirty, taylor. get some new content.

No. 642005

"It was just an ACT!"

No. 642007

He doesn’t even include actual comments people have said which makes his attempt to debunk anything even more useless. He keeps talking about grooming 5 year olds when clearly no one has ever accused him of being appropriate with a 5 year old.

I do also love that he keeps going off about his forums being 18+. Didn’t he change it to be 18+ AFTER he got railed in the internet for being creepy? I wish we had evidence of that.

No. 642008

Woooow, so people pay Lainey to watch her do the chores and dying her hair.
The times we live in.

No. 642009


> I do also love that he keeps going off about his forums being 18+. Didn’t he change it to be 18+ AFTER he got railed in the internet for being creepy? I wish we had evidence of that.

Yes, it was specifically after Blaire White called him out. Her video is probably still up.

No. 642011

Lol he used to accuse Shane of coming out as bi as an attention grab and suggested people needed to “prove” they were gay.
………spoiler things like this pls……..my brain……

Agreed it’s some kind of backhanded nice thing where he can flaunt what a “good” partner he is but tries to expose how little he feels Lainey does even though she has to do all the housework and child care. That or trying to claim money in a divorce. Tbh I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to divorce her yet because not only will she not take money from him but she has to split his debt right? He would halve his debt and probably not pay too much child support because she wouldn’t want to be like his other wife and ~steal~ from him.

No. 642013


I’m sure he edits her videos because he probably gave her absolute hell for all the times she let something slip (usually the kids’ faces or voices, occasionally her giant nips or nasty crotch). I’m sure she’d jump at any opportunity to do less work and be even lazier anyways.

No. 642027

Isnt that Shilohs hat that Lainey is wearing???

No. 642029

File: 1550683308938.jpeg (162.79 KB, 1080x1080, F47B25AF-D005-412F-BC90-CB97A6…)

He’s had the hat since he dated Shiloh.
Billie has worn it too.

No. 642036


Is there a mirror for the video?

No. 642038

Looks like he’s been sperging and letting shit get under his skin on the down low even more.

Maya has posted on her insta story that she’s filing a restraining order against “someone” who has been harassing her and sending messages to her followers.

No. 642041

mind posting a screenshot of the story anon

No. 642052

File: 1550693131969.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190220-150300_Ins…)

Maya stating she is getting a restraining order against someone.

No. 642054

No. 642062

I dunno if she's talking about Greg. Didn't she have some other ex she talked about over the past year?

No. 642064

The gist is that he didn't do anything other than what he said he did (removing minimal brush etc) and their solution is to replace it all.

Which makes no fucking sense because his yard is clearly flooded out in certain pictures.

No. 642065

post screenshots, this is an imageboard and the link doesn't even work.

No. 642066

Wow I managed to access it and that’s it? He just needs to plant some trees and call it a day. Seems like this is less expensive then we all thought. I totally understand that trees themselves are expensive but I thought that he would have to do more. The gofundme detailed a lot of shit that he wanted to do to the backyard but now it just seems like he is on the hook for solely planting some trees in the area that he took out.

No. 642067

Yeah but how professional is this person he hired lol

No. 642068

File: 1550695838409.png (25.41 KB, 582x88, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.3…)

This is HIS guy saying all there was in that area was blackberries and trash, and all he needs to do is buy a few local plants. Greg paid him, he works for Greg, not the County.

In the report, even the dude Greg hired said any indentation in the yard immediately filled to the brim with water; it's obvious the whole thing is gonna flood. The County is gonna laugh at this shit and say, "no, do it again".

No. 642069

File: 1550695949049.png (32.78 KB, 589x109, Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.3…)

And even Greg's dude said the grading had been altered. The County is gonna pounce; it puts every person at risk to have the yard be flooding long before the snow all melts. Come April there's gonna be mudslides.

No. 642072

kek, the cherry on top is that he was so bound to find someone that will advocate for his fuck ups and pretend they don't exist that he just completely blew whatever he paid this grade A dipshit, and will need to likely find someone now approved by the county that won't work entirely in his interest to reassess, or they'll just straight up do it for him and fine him the cost, kek.

No. 642074

I don't know about that, anon.
Pierce County made him chose one of their officially accepted wetlands specialists, so I cdon't think they'd try to behind WA state's back.
It's an official, legal paper…

No. 642075

You didn't miss anything. Taylor thinks cleaning is lifting things and putting them in a less visible place. Folding poorly and not knowing what dusting is or disinfecting surfaces.

No. 642078

File: 1550697593443.png (25.5 KB, 587x117, Screenshot 2019-02-20 at 4.16.…)

300 Sitka Willow and dogwood slips.

At the cheapest, they're about $26 a piece. So about $7800 total

That's assuming he does all the work himself (which I don't think he can under the agreement, so, landscaper fees as well and any fees he has to pay.)

No. 642081

If this is about Grugly (not saying it is), will this be the first restraining order anyone's ever taken out on him?

No. 642082

File: 1550698464729.gif (3.71 MB, 320x180, JzvIuA.gif)

In Kainey's new video she films Greg as he takes out the trash and just….the waddle. He looks like a middle aged woman. It's not a good gif, so sorry for that, but I just had to put it here

No. 642083

File: 1550698700118.png (550.88 KB, 1080x746, Screenshot_2019-02-20-22-36-57…)

Another cartoon video, where he sings a Green Day cover about meat…

No. 642089

File: 1550700313859.png (1.65 MB, 1308x739, yuck.PNG)

The lainey video is a complete waste of time.
Neither of these people have real jobs nor make any content of substance or creative value and they can't even do the bare minimum of keeping their house clean…

No. 642095

no wonder they have flies. gross.

No. 642096

Well, if it is, than surely the products they use (Herbal Essences and Old Spice) are bad because they are products of animal testing.

No. 642097

She attempted to wipe down the kitchen and something was stained so bad she went "I'll need to get a knife for that." dirty bitch, I think the kitchens getting a wipe down happens weekly and the bathroom counters had the same stain from whenever the fuck she was last cleaning (lifting things) and filming in there.

They burn candles for the nice scent the place must fucking reek with dogs running around, kids with sticky fingers, the husband walking around with whatever shit he's poured over himself for his latest art film.

Someone from Taylors's family must be due over soon for a deep clean.

No. 642102

kek the cereal makes an apperance again, do they just live of, of that shit?

No. 642104


what happened to the 20 or so dedicated cereal tupperware? even though the mcmansion was sparsely filled, i bet they had to get rid of a ton of stuff before moving to the mctrailer. what a waste.

No. 642105

I'm gonna guess that they just can't afford to have 20 or 30 different kinds of cereal on hand at all times nowadays.

And, of course, buying no name food is probably totally beneath their dignity.

No. 642106

File: 1550703107559.png (2.94 MB, 1334x750, 4E42F69D-AA63-4B41-B880-34C6AA…)

They’re the epitome of lazy, she made pancakes for breakfast hours earlier and just left rotting produce scraps on the counter all day.

No. 642108

There is literally no reason for their house to look like this, neither of them DO anything.

No. 642113

File: 1550704691844.gif (7.03 MB, 485x340, into the trash you go.gif)

No. 642115

Oh my God YES.
There are some very talented meme creators who frequent this thread.. I'm grateful lol

No. 642116

If Onion actually removed the plants in question completely would the dude even have any idea what was planted up there before Onion destroyed it? Or is this just per Onion that only blackberry bushes were up there?

I wonder if Onion sent the dude some YouTube videos like he supposedly sent the IRS videos.

No. 642120

File: 1550705190438.jpeg (71.98 KB, 492x492, DF569CCE-5F2E-43BF-8EAD-A3B302…)

I thought that was Lainey first

No. 642123

What about the big trees he cut down with a chainsaw and even filmed himself doing so, isn't he going to have to replace those?

No. 642130

The restoration plan Greg paid for says he needs to replace "several" willows, but makes no mention of how many exactly, or how mature those trees were, because this is going to be extremely expensive. Greg's guy is trying to minimize the cost to Greg; the county is going to tear this apart.

Even if Greg purchased, minimum, 3 mature willow trees, the costs will likely be in the tens of thousands of dollars each.

And there's no way the county lets Greg get away with having re-graded a wetland buffer; even Greg's dude mentions the land has been re-graded and is soaked in water. That's going to cost even more than the trees.

This is just the starting point, and one that's as minimal as possible because Greg paid for this plan. He submitted it for county approval, trying argue that the wetland ins't really as serious as the county thinks it is (downgrading the category from II to III), and that the buffer ought to be smaller, so Greg has to do less work.
The County will not accept it.

No. 642134

everytime she said this room is really not that bad, I cringed a little. It was that bad. Also appreciated the random fly going across the screen while they were in the kitchen.Do they just have a different ring light in every room?

No. 642139


Is there any chance Gurg shouted this guy into minimizing the damage in his report?

There's just that tiny worry that Gurg was right and it wasn't that serious (as far as his costs are concerned), but then, there's surely no way the county will accept this right? The massive damage is on YouTube for all to see after all.

No. 642140

Man I don't know…
I could definitely see it swinging in either direction. Part of me really wants to believe this will put a massive dent in Greg's wallet but at the same time.. he doesn't seem that worried about it. While that could definitely be a ploy, I've seen people get off scott free doing much worse..

At least from other anon's estimations it is looking like it will cost upwards of 10 grand. While that is nowhere near initial estimates, it's still a pretty penny for these two assholes.
Shouldn't have bought that dumbass truck again, huh Greg?

No. 642141

File: 1550710705872.webm (7.38 MB, 320x200, divorce.webm)

If they where to get divorced he already said he wants to take all the 'assets' and leave her with the things she needs. AKA, He'll try to leave her with the house including all the fines due to his wetlands destruction.

No. 642144

You'd think that he would know how divorce works, having been through one and all.
>not only will she not take money from him
Prenups only cover assets earned prior to marriage, and even then they have to be air-tight to actually work. Greg likes to play lawyer, so it's doubtful that his prenup would hold up in court.
>and probably not pay too much child support because she wouldn’t want to be like his other wife and ~steal~ from him.
If Taylor applied for any assistance program after a divorce then the state would go after him for child support whether she wanted him to or not. Apparently the govt is pretty good at getting deadbeats to pay for their kids before they have to foot the bill.

No. 642145

File: 1550711295035.png (686.84 KB, 958x540, House Clean Out.png)

No. 642147

LMFAO at 9:27 I thought it was Lainey taking out the trash and then I realized it was actually Greg. They look the same from behind jfc

No. 642150

kek he is struggling with that garbage! I thought you could lift a half ton pool table Greg?

No. 642151

Does he actually say that a computer is an animate object because it has animation on it? Wow!
This is on par with his knowledge of the female body and his insistence that there is something called "the vulvus" that women pee out of.

No. 642152

When she showed the basement there was blankets and a pillow on the bed, so there's definetely someone staying in their house

No. 642153

lol yeah i had never seen this video before. I dont know why I am still surprised by Gurg's supreme stupidity but this one is a whole new level.

How is Lainey not embarassed to be with someone so idiotic and cringy?

No. 642159


Maaaaaaybe, Onion will read these reports and realise, just this once, that some things are not as simple and straightforward as one's amateur superficial intuitions would suggest, and that there's a reason for specialised professionals being hired to do things and for approvals to be necessary?

>>642069 is right - the sedimentation and erosion control issues caused by what he's done are potentially disastrous.

Your backyard isn't a minecraft map, Onion. Doing shit to it has ongoing effects on more than just the "blocks" you moved.

No. 642160

Is this his new way of hiding his face during cosmetic procedures? Instead of the masks?

Ugh, willows? Really? He fucking mowed down willows in a wetland?

No. 642165

File: 1550720192159.png (123.81 KB, 980x212, Capture _2019-02-21-00-28-48.p…)

Eugenia's friend made a video in which he confirms Eugenia told him Onision's videos bothered her, he also roasted the greasy onion. I can't wait for the spergout this will cause

No. 642166

OMG i hope onion makes a 30 min long rant video in response would be awsome and make him look even more pathetic

(Linked the video since you didnt)

No. 642167

lol the minecraft comparison is good.
Here we go. This is going to be a disaster.
Get your popcorn, folks.

No. 642169

File: 1550723180097.png (224.66 KB, 1500x1500, collage3.png)

No. 642179

You know as awful as Lainey is, if she left Greg, she could probably do a decent job at her own YouTube channel. No one wants Greg in her videos but unless she divorces him he'll be there. She has an option if she would just lose the deadweight.

No. 642185

They have a dishwasher like if they would just put their shit in as soon as they have eaten and maybe teach their kids to put away after themselves then this really shouldn’t be a problem. It’s just showcasing how lazy they are.

No. 642186

Are you joking? Lainey puts zero effort into her videos and would put even less effort in if she didn't have someone there telling her she had to do them. She has no personality and she's an entitled brat. She is forced to take care of the kids and clean the house and she half-asses both of those jobs.

I honestly can't understand why she isn't more concerned about creating good content. She was gifted a platform by marrying an established Youtuber and it's easy money. She has no foresight about how she's acquiring zero job experience at a time when young people should be starting out, so you'd think she'd focus on what she does have. Nope. She was born rich and it shows.

No. 642192


lmao this bitch really says she wants more counter space. Why? So you can spread out your filth a little more? Disgusting.

I absolutely don't understand how they can have so many dirty dishes piled up in the sink when the dishwasher was practically empty. Peak laziness. It's literally like a home run by teens, only they're in their mid-20s and mid-30s. Fucking embarrassing.

No. 642194

The girl has never worked an honest day in her life. The only reason she even made a YouTube account in the first place was because Greg made her do it. She got pregnant when she was 18 and lives such a sheltered life that she thinks she should never have to work. 24 and zero work experience with a sham associates in psychology gets you nowhere, honey.
Better start that internship now while things are still decent for you money-wise.

No. 642196

This. This bitch is what, almost 25, and still acts like a 2kwool4skwool teenager. "omg look at my book of word-search, IM SUX A DORK XXXXPPP lulz"
Also that ain't a "toy room", that's a closet. And isn't that the closet that used to be her "makeup room"??

No. 642202

I don't understand how two people that don't leave the house can let it get to that kind of state on a regular basis. The amount of clutter all over the floor guarantees they don't ever vacuum or mop either, not that it's surprising. These two are getting filthier by the day, I don't remember the grease mcmansion ever looking that awful. I feel bad for their kids having to grow up in such a disgusting environment.

Yep, her beauty bot closet is now converted to be for the kids. So it's fair to say that channel is definitely never making a comeback. I doubt her main channel will do any more makeup related content either since she doesn't have anywhere in the house to do a proper setup with how much junk there is everywhere.

No. 642212

At minute 1:46
I've never seen this Eugenia clip this girl put into her video. IDK if it had been posted before but wow, Eugenia really does not like Grease! I wonder if he ever saw this clip. Because usually, he spergs out whenever girls he is into talk about him in a negative way. (and I am like 100% positive he is into Eugenia in some fucked up way where he can play hero who saved her)

No. 642213

It's interesting you say that..
I began introducing Greg and how hilariously pitiful he is to a friend and they thought the same exact thing. He also said Greg clearly has some weird sexual feelings towards Eugenia… which I guess makes sense because she's very pretty minus the disorder.
No matter how you look at it, he's obsessed with the girl to a very unhealthy extent…

No. 642216

Anon, I wouldn't be surprised at all. She's everything he likes in girls. She has that emo/scene/alternative look. She seems childlike and innocent. She's into anime and video games. She has serious mental issues (which is one of the things I believe is required for Grease to wanna date them bcs easier to manipulate)
So yeah. I believe his obsession with her to some extent stems from wanting to fuck her. Maybe not in her current form, but that's why he wants her to become healthy. So she fits his ideal type even better. As some anon before also said, he probably jacks his cocktail-wiener to the shooped pics of Eugenia with healthier proportions. And she actually does have some eerie similarities with that other girl Grease used to be so obsessed with. Hannah Minx? So yeah. I rest my case.

No. 642223

Imagine working from home, creating your own working hours and staying in all the time and still being completely unable to clean your own house. People who work full time jobs still have the time and ability to clean up after themselves. And they have a fucking dishwasher, so why are the dishes piled up in the sink?

How do they even justify this? How hard is it to scoop up the scraps and throw them away and give the counter a quick wipe? It's like one extra minute.

No. 642225

I mean, in his videos about what she would look like if she were "healthy", he talks about how beautiful HE would find her and how attractive she would be.

He doesn't do anything that doesn't benefit him.

No. 642236

How can someone be such a slob? They have a dishwasher, they work from home, I bet for no more than 3-4 hours a day, they have no friends. They're parents, too.
Their kids must have developed a special immunity against any kind of virus for sure. They could survive a nuclear apocalypse like cockroaches, for the amount of bacteria they've been surrounded by since their birth.

No. 642254

File: 1550767676251.png (252.43 KB, 1440x1262, no1curr.png)

Uhoh looks like somebody is starting to come back down from their manic cycle and reality is setting in: time for Grugly to crawl to Twitter for answers about his failed existence, kek.

No. 642259

File: 1550768953506.jpeg (461.75 KB, 1125x1739, 2AC5D894-5FC3-416A-A75D-30FDAD…)

It’s not about Greg. He’s not even concidered her ex lmao. However, there was an instance of a troll tagging Maya and Lainey’s Instagram in a giveaway . I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a troll or another shitty ex she has.
this happened earlier this month btw.

No. 642260

As much as I agree that he wants to stick his peen in her, isn't she pretty tall? She's 5'9'' and the last time I checked, Gurg is such an insecure shit that he might not be able to handle someone being near his height, or even taller if she wears heels.

No. 642263

File: 1550770747465.jpeg (241.97 KB, 750x524, F53BC020-3AA2-49A5-9F53-01725C…)

Yikes don’t wanna give a view but u know it’s a bad video just from the title and thumbnail

No. 642267

As Onision videos go,it's actually not too bad - the lighting is shit, he uses another cringe animation and he clearly doesn't understand the difference between changing your mind abut something and changing fundamentally as a person. Oh and the post he's responding to is absolute gibberish. But aside from that he's a lot more collected than usual.

I feel as though that's just because he's coming down from his manic phase and this is the calm before the dark edgy storm however, so brace yourselves everyone.

No. 642269

whats with him using stereotypical black girl names in these dumb animations? He just can't keep his racism in check?

No. 642273

File: 1550777831763.png (458.5 KB, 627x617, muhforte.PNG)

It has already begun my friend, you hypocrite.

No. 642274

At 16:07, she includes tweets that Eugenia liked and one of them was about how triggering it can be to be told that she looks like she's been in a concentration camp and being blamed for other's eating disorders. It's pretty clear Greg triggered this poor girl with all his disgusting videos and it makes me angry that he probably was a reason why she might have gotten worse.

No. 642281

This is my favorite onion meme this month, even the file name is too funny.

Maybe he doesn't know that kek. Or he would demand her to never wear heels when they finally become a couple (I shudder typing that)

No. 642285

Jesus this is going to be bad…
I'm proud of her friend for sticking up for Eugenia, someone needed to..
but this was a great excuse to begin a never-ending sperge.
At least we all know Onion will make himself look way worse as always.

No. 642302

That's a nice video.
And wow, I never saw that clip of Eugenia talking about Gurgles, I had no idea she actually pretty much hated him. I hope he'll see that and sperg.

No. 642303

File: 1550790824425.jpg (74.52 KB, 636x564, 31043052_1733171567.jpg)

I couldnt figure out why hes been using those stupid animated characters in his last 7 videos. I assumed something bad happened to his face. Either his "skin disease" has worsened or a botched facial procedure.
Was it all so his fans would stroke his ego and plead for him to go back to doing his characters and not use animation.

No. 642310

His brow looks much smoother right there (could be shoop) but if his conceited ass hid his face, there was a reason that had to do with vanity. Otherwise he cannot resist shoving his festering mug everywhere. To me, that tweeted pic says he is showing that now he is "looking good" again. Why else has he always periodically appeared in masks and face paint? As vain as he was as a disturbed teen, his short years of fame created a monster of a diva Napoleon complex. Part of the reason he probably wants Lainey as ugly as possible (and she was no prize to begin with but at least normal/average looking).

No. 642311

File: 1550791608085.jpg (142.72 KB, 1000x1334, peel.jpg)

Honestly he most likely had another chemical peel done. Your face is so red and burnt after those that there is no way in hell he could be on camera. If you google search chemical peels, you look like a monster for 24-48 hours after..
Which interestingly enough was just about the same amount of time he disappeared for.
The white rings he has around his eyes really give those procedures away.
Doesn't this picture look just like what we see with Greg's skin? This is definitely the expensive skin treatments Greg gets consistently.
He's obsessed with trying to look younger than he actually is.

No. 642318

I found another clip of Eugenia saying basically the same things + saying she hopes he becomes a "better person" lmao that's gotta burn. She obviously hates him, I hope that idiot takes a hint and stops thinking he helped her

No. 642320

what I would give for poor Eugenia to finally say, loud and clear, with these exact words: "I hate Onision, he has been extremely detrimental to my recovery and mental health, I loathe him completely and there is absolutely nothing he can do to make me see him in a positive light after everything he has done, nothing. Onision, do not ever try to contact me again or talk about me at all in videos, put my likelihood in them, nothing". I know he'd have a spergout that would put Kiki Kannibal to shame, but everyone would immediately see him as the perpetrator and an obvious asshole if he kept contacting her and talking about her.

No. 642322

Friend of Sam, don't like Onision and we disagree on him a lot. But Sam is not Onision. Lol.
Sorry for the blogpost, but it's not true.

No. 642325

Sam is a male, but it is not Onision. I have their phone number, and personal info. Weird stan of Onision, but it is not Onision as original anon speculated.

No. 642327

Okay. That makes more sense.
Sam is known on this thread as a girl who stayed with Onision and his wife for a period of time and she went on to make many live streams obsessively talking about it so apologies for the confusion.
Greg has been outted for making sock puppet accounts in the past so that is probably why the anon was suspicious.

No. 642328

Is he as retarded in real life as he comes across in this screen capture?

No. 642329

I find it odd that of all the rumors he tries to prove "haturs"wrong on this is never one of them.

No. 642332

Why try so hard to vet your "friend"
Seems odd and suspicious.

No. 642333

File: 1550796515785.jpeg (306.53 KB, 750x826, C818FFAD-D0EB-46BF-BEE7-1FA1C1…)

Hypocrisy and a sperg at the same time

No. 642334

…it does seem a bit odd.
We take posts like that with a grain of salt.. we know it is speculation.
Nobody would attempt to doxx your friend if that is what you are worried about..
People aren't crazy here.

No. 642335

File: 1550797172807.jpg (75.06 KB, 613x380, Teratoma.jpg)

Is it just me, or does he look extra inhuman in this thumbnail?

No. 642357

Having contact information for my friend is weird? Lol.

No. 642358

Trying to convince total strangers who really dont give a shit that your friend isnt Onision by revealing you have his phone number and personal info is weird.
You're trying to hard my friend.

No. 642359

What are you talking about, anon?
He looks totally normal to me..
^ This.

No. 642360

Greg, get the fuck out of here.

You are by the worst at pulling ruses or lying to people because you give yourself away almost instantly. I imagine you're literally shaking at the keyboard right in self imposed restraint from typing "most every" or "most (insert noun)"…(hi cow)

No. 642361

Hahahaha! This is great lmao.

>then when you fail tell me again how fat people aren't strong

Ooookaaay so what? Am I supposed to applaud fat people for carrying their own weight around like it's an athletic feat? Strength isn't entirely dependant on fitness either, some people are just naturally strong despite weight: it's called genetics Grug.

No. 642362

I came in here to admit that Sam was my friend, and that it wasn’t Onision. Why the fuck would I make that up?
Like, who, in their right mind would make something like that up? Ffs.(no1curr)

No. 642374

File: 1550807917466.jpg (5.24 KB, 234x215, classic.jpg)

so obvious

No. 642381

I want more commentators to publicise the sketch he did of Eugenia which ends with his caricature of her pretending to vomit into a toilet. No one who sees it should believe the myth that he helped her after watching it, unless they're his few remaining gargoyle stans.

No. 642384

Trying pretty hard on the virtue signalling, Greg. Love the 'shouldn't be speaking of me, as they clearly do not know me at all' fresh out of the Eugenia situation.

No, it's just anons in this thread lose perspective and get paranoid / dramatic

Who really don't give a shit but obviously do … Fuck there are some weird anons in this thread.

No. 642385

No. 642391

File: 1550811341052.png (68.55 KB, 1265x376, Twitter.PNG)

So is Greg doing this "connect your twitter to the forum" deal in order to try and gain further traction to the site so he can make more money off of the ads placed there…?
…I'm guessing that is why. Very desperate for money.

No. 642393

File: 1550812025433.png (64.92 KB, 521x714, rate us.PNG)

Did Onision actually learn his lesson from the shit storm that destroyed him 2 years ago? Or is he waiting until the spotlight is off his brand new forums to start collecting teens photos.

No. 642394

I genuinely cannot comprehend the obsession Greg's fans have with asking to be rated by him..
it is so creepy. Seriously why?

No. 642395

File: 1550813259073.png (66.35 KB, 996x455, audience connection.PNG)

I think I know why hes ending his animation experimentation.
If you check out the comment section in his recent cartoon characters videos there aren't those thirsty tweens complimenting him about his looks. Its hard to swoon over Gregs "beautiful long lashes" when its a stick figure with an over sized head.
Greg really needed those small ego boosts as he scrolled through his comments looking for ones to pin and heart.

No. 642396

Very strange. It makes sense, though. After a decade of teen girls swooning over him, he probably bases all self worth on it.
If you find anything note worthy on the forums, please keep us updated anon!

No. 642397

He's the only youtuber that I know of that changes his formula for his videos practically every fucking week. How can you maintain an audience if you can't even maintain some kind of structure or format. If he catches fans with one type of video he might lose them when he changes his entire format the next week. No fucking wonder his fanbase is dissolving.

No. 642402

Could he be trying to gather more info on the people who have signed up? If you're able to connect the Twitter handle to the persons forum account then you can scour their Twitter history and find out some interesting things. Maybe Ive lost perspective and gotten paranoid / dramatic but I agree with that anon who said in the previous thread that many of the topics Onision started seemed like he was trying to get dirt on his fans. Topics like "Do you have any physical abnormalities?" Asking about what mental health issues everyone has or asking about the most painful experiences they had with a relationship break up. It seems like hes making a dossier for future use or blackmail. We all know he did that with B and every other girl who's visited the Onions.

No. 642405

lol I love the shade. We are "weird anons" after all.
This is an interesting theory, and one I could definitely get behind. I'm sure Greg would absolutely love the ability to read posts from fans and then go directly to their twitter, where he can see everyone that person interacts with and everything they say.. these fans also have a tendency of posting things to his forums that might be TMI for their social media.
it is as if he cannot handle a social situation where he doesn't hold power over others.

No. 642419

Or he just posted this so he can take a screenshot, make another "Onision rates you" videos and when someone complaints he shows them the screenshot and says "LOOK I, the MOST HONEST YOUTUBER did not want to make this video but MUH FANS wanted me to AND i always do what my fans want!"

No. 642435

File: 1550841431311.png (311.49 KB, 584x476, Capture.PNG)

of course shes box black and tries to go blond. of course. why not. what else could you expect.

No. 642436

File: 1550841458899.png (Spoiler Image,351.26 KB, 580x331, 1.PNG)

No. 642439

lmafo jesus christ

No. 642440

Woof what the fuck did she expect honestly.

I hope her hair falls out lol

No. 642441

Isn't Billie's hair orange right now? Interesting…

No. 642443

File: 1550842551675.png (233.72 KB, 548x316, 2.PNG)

this is the end result.

No. 642444

She looks like an ugly lesbian now at least

No. 642446

…it has this ungodly hint of orange but is a murky brown color…
Jesus yuck

No. 642448

Sweet jesus fuck just look at that face. So riddled with cold sores and picked at zits. For being a beauty guru why does she suck so badly? Who thinks you can go from a level 1 black to a blonde in one process? If she keeps this up she and her twin flame will have matching bald spots. Couple goals!

No. 642451

Also love how despite her dysphoria, she is actively wearing eyeliner, mascara and draws in her eyebrows.

I thought you wanted to be a guy lainey?

No. 642452

Is there a mirror available anon?
Thanks in advance!!

No. 642454

Why do onion and her insist on using red hues to dye their hair. Their skin problems are bad as is, we don't need them accentuated.

No. 642457

File: 1550844052781.jpg (634.07 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190222-140051.jpg)

No. 642466

Lainey would have an influx of viewers when talking about her marriage with Greg. Other than that, she comes across as really lazy, monotonous and whiney, so people wouldn't watch her content for too long. She's not creative or skilled when it comes to anything apart from tumbling - at least I don't think I've ever seen her do anything enthusiastically and thought, hey, I'd like to watch more of it.
If / When they're get the divorce, she'd be bound to find a job sooner or later. Or she could go back to her parents (where she could sit around all day and mope about how life's unfair, she can't do what she wants because she has to help with chores or has to share costs for food and utilities, or god forbid, raise her own children).

I kind of understand why Greg is fed up with hr and looks for a replacement.

Serves him right, though. lol


>How hard is it to scoop up the scraps and throw them away and give the counter a quick wipe? It's like one extra minute.

Well, and it's just so much easier to clean it right away since it's quicker and doesn't need to scraped off. But I guess nobody has ever told that to the Avaroes, and they're not the brightest, so yeah.


Thank you for the research, anon.
So much for Greg and his bullying fanbase helping the poor girl.

No. 642468

I mean, on the eyebrows front it could be okay because you can draw in eyebrows to look more masculine, especially if you're a victim of the 00s over plucking trend. But of course Thot does none of that, because she a) knows jack shit about makeup and b) a raging transtrender.

It's amazing how even on an anonymous image board, Anus is still far too incompetent to hide himself.

No. 642469

What happened? Did he piss off BTF?

That was my thought as well, about collecting information that is.
I don't really think he's trying to get dirt on his fans, but it's his tactic for making the forums feel like a "family" where everybody shares personal info with everyone else, so that they trust Greg, see him as their friend and it's easier for him to manipulate them later on.
He's already talked about his own disorders, so he basically emphasizes he's somebody to identify with and relate to. It's going to make it easier for him to belittle them later.

It would be fun if it was booty or another of his patrons lusting after him and making sure there's nobody on the forums that meet his criteria "because they are concerned about his reputation and the well-being of the forums".
Eh, I'm probably reaching.

No. 642473

File: 1550852371842.jpg (1.01 MB, 2206x2560, 19-02-22-10-16-35-397_deco.jpg)

Looks like good old onion still can't take a fucking joke

No. 642474

It's hard for Greg the autist to distinguish between a joke when he can't hear people do a Jim Carey accent.

No. 642476


"videos that are completely fine/honest/positive like so many of mine are".

That is EXTREMELY debatable Onion. especially since your definition of "fine/honest/positive" as very, very different from normal peoples.

No. 642480

Greg admitted in a video that years ago he bought some type of VPN program so he could vote multiple times on some online poll where people were going to troll him. If hes okay with doing that its just a hop jump and skip to making multiple sockpuppet accounts to tip the scale in his favor.

No. 642482

“I’ve apologized for so many things”

Bitch, Where? Show me an actual apology that wasn’t followed by some kind of justification “I’m sorry BUT Shane really does act like a pedo”

No. 642483

it looks like she has lost a lot of weight?

No. 642485

Besides hentai and his shit videos I'm guessing this is why he's glued to the computer screen as well. "Work" lmao

No. 642489

File: 1550855357714.jpg (428.66 KB, 1079x789, 20190222_180902.jpg)

Wtf is this? Is he losing it completely now?

No. 642494

hIs lIvliH00d u gUize

get a real job and cry more greg.(obnoxiusoius typign )

No. 642497

Trying to appeal to kids, maybe? Tinfoil, but it does look similar to all those creepy as fuck kids animations on youtube that get literal billions of views.

No. 642502

Thats… really creepy tbh like that totally would appeal to young kids

No. 642504

why is this thread permanently on page 2 despite more recent replies?

No. 642505

File: 1550859698466.jpg (909.64 KB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_20190222-192018_Ope…)

It honestly was just a matter of time until she started copying Billie again.
Just give it up. You're embarrassing, Taylor.

No. 642507

File: 1550860020487.jpeg (265.66 KB, 750x646, 5503BABC-ACD5-483F-8588-4029DD…)

No. 642509

It got really bad when the "Lainey is beaten" tinfoiling/derailing happened two days ago.
People wouldn't stop going on about it and arguing. Also didn't help for the mods to see people reacting to the "Sam is my friend" anon yesterday.
We just have to work to stay on track and it'll pass. I know I for one am going to try and post less after seeing that.. I don't want to add to it.

No. 642510

Jesus Christ this is so manipulative. Using his family as a shield and "you guyz are trying to destroy muh life", that's ironic coming from a guy who destroyed his ex wife's and ex girlfriend's lives and accuses others of being pedos without proof

No. 642511

bILlIe DoEsN'T oWn OrAnGe(obnoxiusoius typign)

No. 642512

He says he loves and has passion for animation but I find it hard to believe he is actually animating these things himself? Another anon said it looks like an animation software, so why on earth would he call it a passion and act like he’s hand drawing this crap?

Also if patreon anons can come through with a mirror to the dying her hair orange vid that would be appreciated!

No. 642513


How hard did she try and hide those hot roots while the rest of her hair barely lifted for the final result.
This is an absolute car wreck.
By the time she gets to orange, B will be on a different colour altogether. One step forward, and three oversized manfeet back Plain.

No. 642514

Okay but honestly she doesn’t? Lainey did genuinely try to skinwalk her with the floral tattooes/fake gauges/long colored wigs/wearing her old clothing but she hasn’t done anything to actually copy bil recently.

She’s still clearly going through an identity crisis with changing her name/gender/hair but I don’t think it’s related to bil anymore.

No. 642515

File: 1550865162531.png (485.46 KB, 1009x583, Screenshot_33.png)

Holy moly, when the beauty filter isn't applied she really looks like a drug addict. I would never guess that she's 24 when seeing this. I wonder what's going on in Greg's mind, since his teenage wife is aging so badly and he's so obsessed with youthfulness.(nitpicking)

No. 642519


Billie already got rid of the orange, she has pink hair again. So if Lainey is trying to skin walk again, she is reaaal slow

No. 642521

File: 1550865485448.png (3.29 MB, 1334x750, B8784F7C-363D-42FB-BA23-D0DDB9…)

The day Lainey dyed her hair black anons all laughed because everyone knew exactly this would happen. She would get tired of the black and lazily try to brute force bleach it away on a whim and completely fuck herself up. Lainey is laughably predictable. I predict shaved head in 2 weeks.

No. 642523

Maybe I’m mean or I just don’t get the new trend or something, but if you know you’re about to film a video that thousands of people are going to see— why not take the time to cover your very visibly acne? It’s so distracting and it doesnt come off confident and self assured to me at all. It just comes off like she’s lacking self awareness… like at the end of her video when she’s hyping herself up and getting so excited over the results she sort of resembles a chucky doll and the acne did not help the look at all. I actually feel guilty with that comparison, but why doesn’t she just go to hairdresser or pick a color she can actually maintain an would flatter her better? If she had long hair the red might be pretty but it doesn’t suit this cut at all. She’d have been better off blonde or staying black or her best look imo which was her natural brown.

No. 642525

i am almost positive that is an active and open herpes sore, and i'm assuming she can't put make up on that though she has tried and contaminated her beauty blender thoroughly. the way that she keeps dragging her hands across her face and pulling it down is driving me insane. touching your face all the time is a huge contributor to acne and she's aging herself that much more. people her age don't see the immediate effect of their actions and think there's no damage when it's going to hit soooo much harder in the very near future.
she doesn't care about her hair, it's just the emotional rush she gets from dying it. if she doesn't burn it off she feels accomplished and like a new person, like this time she might actually be attractive to her pedophile husband. notice how she compares herself to a child character, not like a red haired actor/actress or something of age that normal people do.

she is also so fascinated that she didn't damage her hair, yet it's all so short it's all basically new growth minus what she couldn't lift that will never be able to lift properly with the black box dye on it. she doesn't deserve to have hair.

i maintain she should've just gotten a nose job and chin reduction, and left his ass a long time ago. plastic surgery costs a hell of a lot less than children and her quality of life is vastly improved.(blogposting/weird nitpicking)

No. 642527

Its interesting to me she decided to dye her hair blonde AFTER onion told her how attractive he found her with blonde hair, and how she looked like that smallville actress

No. 642531

Is this bitchcunt reverting back to being "feminine" now? LMAO. First the additional/visible amount of makeup, doing a makeup "tutorial" on her main channel, now dying her hair? This is amazing. Stay mad, Lame.

No. 642533

If she keeps this up, maybe she'll lose all of her hair by 2020.

No. 642534

oh my God she's so fucking ugly I can't tell if I'm repulsed by her or feel sorry for her. no wonder Gregma is scraping the bottom of the internet barrel trying to find a replacement.

the psychological abuse is really getting to her, physically. she looks dead inside. Greg really ruined her life, didn't he?

No. 642536

File: 1550869945423.jpeg (Spoiler Image,130.2 KB, 1360x825, 4C4128D9-F881-4880-B154-7D23BA…)


Repulsed came to mind. She used to be average, but somewhat decently attractive. Now she and Gronk are just as hideous as each other.

Stay mad, Avaroes!

No. 642537

She'd be more attractive to him if she grew her hair out and didn't straighten it to literal straws. But she'll never do that so poor Gurgenstein has to rub it to hentai and tiktok sluts.

No. 642539

Honestly I really don't think her hair is that horrible. It's just that it's very visibly damaged that bugs me imo, and it doesn't really suit her face too well.

No. 642540

File: 1550871603687.jpeg (467 KB, 2048x2048, 858AB91C-9960-41C3-9179-D523F0…)

If Thot is trying to imitate Billie for the 123456th time, it’s not working too well.

No. 642542

File: 1550872794613.jpg (16.85 KB, 258x355, viv.jpg)


She looks more like Vivian from The Young Ones

No. 642543

By now he's just throwing shit at the wall and seeing what sticks. He got famous by a fluke. He has no actual talent . People are only hate-watching him at this point cos they can't believe someone so shitty still has fans.

No. 642544

File: 1550873593680.png (517.29 KB, 853x480, the craft hair loss.png)

Dear God, she looks like Christine Taylor's character after Rachel True put a curse on her in The Craft to make her hair fall out.Which is what will happen if she doesn't stop the hair abuse.

No. 642546

File: 1550875004576.jpg (1.11 MB, 2048x2048, 1550874996909.jpg)

No. 642547

Anons here seem to think calling Lainey and Greg ugly for the 100th time is milk. That's how you stay on autosage.

No. 642548


No. 642551

File: 1550876645001.jpeg (366.86 KB, 900x506, 7CC3F698-879B-4BE1-9B26-61CC2D…)

Honestly if these threads weren’t so swamped with dumbass nitpicking and overexposed edits, more people would care about Onion drama.

No. 642552

Perfect match, Considering grease acts just like Rick.

I wonder when we're going to hear more about the wetlands situation?

No. 642553

Honestly most threads have absurd nitpicking, it's not exclusive to Onion threads.
As always arriving 5 years late to trends. Why can't he dish out content that's at least somewhat relevant? The closest he ever was to being on time the past few years were Eugenia Cooney sperg videos and the tiktok videos. Momma Onion seemed to be busy with the animations though lol.

No. 642557

>>642542 >>642552
i love you young ones anons

No. 642558

There is a lot of that as well and I won't pretend I haven't aggravated that issue…
Some of you can throw tantrums if you want but a lot of people do look to this thread for updates and information.. I'm just going to lay off for a bit personally unless I have something funny/interesting to add.
I think a lot of us really enjoy this thread for it's discussion and because of that we all like to put our two cents in..
but I don't want to be someone who causes issue with the thread rather than making it better

No. 642565

File: 1550886728573.jpg (289.36 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20190222-205007_Twi…)

This looks like a facial composite/sketch of a serial rapist.

No. 642577

File: 1550890276863.png (479.29 KB, 949x483, Screenshot 2019-02-22 at 5.40.…)

It's fucking wild how much of a difference there is in his views when he exploits other youtubers vs when he's just being his regular, ~hilarious~ self. He really has no fans left

No. 642580

If it was drawn by a child, or a gorilla, it’s fairly impressive. Otherwise, crap art of a crap person. Does Onion want to make his forums look like some teen’s Trapper Keeper?

No. 642582

The best thing about this new dye situation is she tried to go blonde from box dye black and has taken the easy route to go “orange”. Honestly the colour itself isn’t the worst thing in the world but good luck going bleach blonde without frying your hair now that you’ve introduced copper dye into it. Those red pigments are going to be a bitch to get out without just going more ginger. Her best bet is to grow the colour out and then chop it off, but knowing her she’ll just dye over it. She doesntly seem to realise she’s piling colour on top of colour does she? Her hair must be so fucked up, Ive been dying my hair all sorts of colours at home myself since I was 12, and anything containing red I try to stay far away from.. especially CHEAP box dyes. You can get good dyes Lainey, they aren’t even THAT much more expensive.

No. 642588

File: 1550896257320.gif (3.55 MB, 450x246, 5b71894f.gif)

No. 642596

File: 1550900817300.jpg (73.59 KB, 1080x252, 20190223_003852.jpg)

Onion is so superficial. Even if he were handsome that's all he really has to offer. He's not charitable, he harasses people for their mental illnesses, his humor is for the most part shit even if that's subjective. I don't even want to say he has a good work ethic because his career in the military shows that's a crock of shit. The only reason why he has any sort of work ethic is because he is trying whatever he can to be bigger than he is. This loon tried to have a fucking cult. His head is so fucking huge I'm surprised it fits so comfortably up his ass.

Bravo anon.

No. 642598

The price you pay for poor nutrition as a means to be "pale." Being pale comes with a price and that's looking years older and dull, irritated skin. She thinks she's looking emo, but she's just having the complexion of a granny.

I do have a question since I've only gotten into Onion drama recently. When was the real downfall? Other than the tax stuff, what made his popularity take a dip since he's always been … awful and unfunny.(please spoonfeed me)

No. 642599

File: 1550902421101.webm (3.38 MB, 336x244, wetlands report.webm)

>did any of you guys see the wetlands report - or the paragraph I released - yeah there's a paragraph I released.

Is Greg trying to take credit for this leak >>642054

No. 642600

At the top of every thread-
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

No. 642603

File: 1550904271067.jpg (836.34 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190223-014247_You…)

I love when onion does the edits for us. This is a screenshot from a video called Twitter Bitter from at least July 2009. Its awfully prophetic.

No. 642606

File: 1550906213636.png (30.45 KB, 599x281, 67301644511.PNG)

Still creepin' on Jessie.
He let her off easy because doesn't he usually say that women who wear heels are whores.

No. 642610

File: 1550911301834.jpeg (299.47 KB, 1125x857, ACBFB4F6-C6ED-444E-8A1E-6921ED…)

Kai Spencer is Taylor’s new fakeboi name.

No. 642613

File: 1550912198996.jpg (724.12 KB, 1080x1630, glenfromchildsplay.jpg)

Damn this bitch is dense. Did you not remember when Onions shitty hairdresser aunt turned your husband's hair a putrid yellow? Has she not seen all the many bleach fail videos on the platform she bases her livelihood on? Also she really needs to stop skinwalking Glen from the Child's Play movies.

You'd think with how much of a Oedipal complex Greg has he'd want a taller female to smooch him on the top of the head, or is he afraid they'll be too far away and his immensely tiny peen would be practically indiscernible.

Sorry for repeatedly deleting I keep forgetting to attachthe image. Have mercy.

No. 642615


I'm pretty sure that he's probably using one of those programs offered up by sites like GoAnimate/Vyond or something similar. There's no way that he's actually animating these himself with his limited knowledge of even editing his own videos

No. 642622

get it as a tattoo greg!!

No. 642624

What, so now transtrenders change their last name too? Seems like laims trying to trans her whole identity. I don't see how a married mother of two can also be a bachelor fuckboi chasing teenies but I guess she can dream…

I guess it'll make the divorce easier if she changes her surname in advance. Lol

No. 642626

It'd be her middle name changing; her house cleaning video mentioned trying to settle on a new middle name with her saying one in particular she was considering (it was probably Spencer). So in this case, going from Taylor Elaine Avaroe -> Kai Spencer Avaroe

No. 642636

File: 1550928859990.jpg (68.64 KB, 698x620, ACA_CC.jpg)

Adobe Character Animator CC 2019
$52.99 a month

I don't understand how hes still spending money on stupid shit like this. When's the IRS going to start making him pay his back taxes and fines?

No. 642638

Creative cloud includes video, audio, and photo editing software. It's basically all of the programmes. If he makes that money back, it's worth the investment.

No. 642644

Does anyone have an idea about when we can expect to see a response from the county to the plan created by whoever Onisionle hired?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 642645

It still baffles me that drags eug for being too skinny when jes clearly is massively underweight too. They’re skinny to different degrees but there’s no way jes is at a healthy weight if you go though her pictures.

No. 642646

Yeah, if you purchase basic stuff like Photoshop and After Effects, you also get access to this. Creative Cloud is usually a decent investment if you're in the creative field at all.

No. 642652

how come EVERY time she dyes her hair she has to compare herself to a fictional character? maybe nitpicky but it's so annoying. when she had black hair she was jughead, when she went blonde she was malfoy. when she had that shaggy brown haircut she was 'a kpop boy'.

No. 642653

She’ll probably get rid of Spencer in a week once Greg makes fun of it just like he did with Eli

No. 642654

Eli Spencer sounds better

No. 642655

Stop with the friggin’ hand on the chin. It doesnt make you a dude!!

No. 642658

I think a peel would make Rosacea worse

No. 642668

He almost certainly has a monthly or quarterly payment plan. The IRS doesn’t sleep on that shit.

No. 642670

File: 1550941607028.jpeg (781.63 KB, 1125x1496, B699DA0A-9AC5-4B36-89AC-1C4C6E…)

Greg is reeing about the wetlands again

No. 642672

File: 1550941782117.png (351.1 KB, 851x376, 332.PNG)

The last TikTok Backside Challenge vid got him 150,000 views. So I guess we can expect 5 more videos like this in the up coming weeks. He'll just rearrange the words in each title and make sure the thumbnail has girls asses on display.

Who wants to bet that if Greg got 20 or 30 Million views for a video of him killing, skinning and then eating a rabbit he would throw his morals out the window and make daily videos on how to prepare and cook rabbit for different meals.

No. 642673

Yeah you actually did because you're still on the hook for the destruction and the government made you. Stop acting like you did it on your own volition to prove the haterz wrong.

No. 642678

File: 1550943926666.jpeg (734.46 KB, 1125x1565, B57C850E-B4EF-499A-82AC-BB60A5…)

Of course he supports Vic McChicken Nugget

No. 642679

File: 1550943958831.jpeg (608.41 KB, 1125x1494, FA605537-228A-4582-B6AE-D699C0…)

No. 642682

Bulma's and Goku's English voice actors (and many other women) have come out against Vic, yet Onion thinks it's not outrage culture for him to tweet these pro-Vic hot takes while simultaneously admitting he knows "very little". Fucking gross