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File: 1594092567079.gif (6.67 MB, 360x270, groomer couple.gif)

No. 784303

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time in the Swamp Shack
Greg starts showing his disgusting dick after hitting 20K on OnlyFans. >>777973
Greg list the reasons why he banned Blasian (one of his longest staying fans). A few reasons he list where she was a 'Anti-O sympathizer' and that she called his dick was ugly. >>778041
Greg breaks his 'retiring his face' forever after a whopping 2 months. >>778613
Greg closes his discord because he wants to surround himself with positive people. >>778929 >>779652
Greg fucks himself in the ass for shekels. >>781454
Next on Greg's list is to give a sparkly dildo an awful blowjob. >>782088
Greg quotes his possible sock repeatedly on twitter in attempts to get more subscribers to his OnlyFans. >>782104
It looks like Greg is trying to bring in a new girl into the swamp shack. >>782166
DeOrio does an interview with Greg and to no one's surprise Grug just makes Lainey and himself more guilty. >>782172 Transcript >>782245
The main Onision Instagram was removed because his post included "nudity or sexual activity". >>782183
Of course Greg can't miss a chance for attention. He makes a video about Shane Dawson and claims that will be it but of course he quickly puts out two more videos. >>782285
I'm guessing Greg was in need of that sweet narc supply so he decided to open a new discord server. >>782934
Greg moral grandstands by setting up a fundraiser link on a whole 6 videos to show how good and caring he is. He claims that other creators have questionable motives because they monetize their videos but then says "I do porn now, I don't need AdSense money". >>783718
It seems like old man Greg is well aware that anyone who tries to get close to him are most likely trying to dig up dirt. >>783744

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No. 784306

I think that whoever this person in the video is, it is probably some girl he met through OnlyFans. He is following a bunch of girls that make OnlyFans content, probably in hopes to get close to them. The sad thing is, a lot of the people on there are young, impressionable women who are often single moms and need $$$ so they probably realized they may be able to profit off him or get more views by being involved with him. What a slippery slope that is… They might not even realize that he is an infamous, failed YouTuber, or know who he is at all. They may just like that he has a larger following on OnlyFans.

No. 784308

1) That was definitely NOT Blame's voice
2) That was definitely not her hand. When has she ever gotten acrylics? Also isnt she supposed to be a boi now?

So there are two options, they finally got a third and they are living together or Foot finally fucked off and onion brought that sierra hooker to their place to fuck her all over their house and post it online. I bet on the latter.

Hilarious post pic btw OP

No. 784309

File: 1594094190176.png (700.53 KB, 766x597, anastazianichole.PNG)

I just wanted to add my two cents. Could it be Anastazia (Annah Minx)? Billy the Fridge has been vague about if she is still cool with Greg. He and Joe were "dumped" but Ana could still be hanging around. She was defending him the last I heard. Also she has an OnlyFans, so she could be the fuckee in his new "watch me have sex" OF content.

No. 784318

This was the second to last comment in the prior thread by an anon:

>Would a mouse come up that close to a house if there were dogs about? Did Kai take her love Dobbs and the kids and bail to NM?

I honestly didn't think Krai had it in her bail 2 bail, but honestly.. There's no way the kids and her are in the house while he's making porn throughout, especially with another person now. It sounds so quiet in the house.. I'm honestly starting to believe she dipped.

No. 784319

Most of the very few replies I've seen on his twitter come from other OF "creators", they seem much younger than him and not too bright, same goes for his replies in general.

No. 784321

File: 1594098423123.png (55.21 KB, 655x296, 2020-07-07.png)

A few anons were speculating the house has been empty for awhile. He tweeted a few days ago about about "how attracted to his husband" he is. He also still wears that cheap black band on his finger. Even if Kai's not in the house anymore I doubt they'll ever get divorced, unless Kai can get her dad to negotiate a good divorce settlement.

No. 784323

>dad to negotiate a good divorce settlment
I can see both of them putting it off either because of money or laziness. Even as we speak, Lainey's probably cry-typing to private facebook groups about her shitty marriage, lost childhood, and lack of money, while her parents raise her kids for her. Meanwhile Grease stain gets to play bachelor in the swamplands as he let's OFthots suck his HPV-ridden micropeen.

The only way I could realistically see Lainey legally seperating from him, let alone contacting him, is if her family pushes for it. Other than that, she'll just fade away from obscurity faster than he does until he eventually spills the beans or forces her to.

Tinfoil but I feel like her dad's helping her regarding the whole CP-thing and if she does end up catching heat for it, he'll most likely be the one guiding her every step of the way.

No. 784325

Thread pic is top-tier, thanks OP!
If Taylor left then at some point Greg's going to want a divorce so he can finally be free to fuck other women without any stupid loopholes involved. Since she's the one that left, he can weave a narrative about how she was the one at fault; he seems to have been waiting for her to split for this very reason.

No. 784331

Thread pic is on point.

No. 784339

I think Foot is still in the house and Grease is just doing what he did with Billie by saying "I'm allowed to do whatever I want with her" and Foot just sucked it up and is crying alone in a room. That doormat is too far gone to suddenly grow a backbone and leave

No. 784340

File: 1594114413670.png (103.29 KB, 285x270, mysteerryy.png)

It's probably >>784309 as it matches her skin tone and previous manicures. The voice doesn't really sound like krai either.

I'd like to think Anastazia wouldn't stoop as low as to actually fuck onion, but crazier things have happened.

No. 784341

File: 1594114461209.jpg (182.26 KB, 719x581, IMG_20200707_103410.jpg)

The hand in the Twitter video

No. 784343

Definitely not footface. The voice in the clip was different too. Lainey is getting cucked yet again.

No. 784350

I kinda think he included her hand in the frame on purpose. Greg can't help himself from oversharing his life, like when he bragged about having threesomes with Billie and cuckface or going into detail about having relations with cuck's rapist S

No. 784351

I bet he just left his real doll lying around.

No. 784352

This looks like the same manicure type as well

No. 784353

I wish the Lainey's dad is a lawyer lie would die down. He works in insurance. I don't know if anons keep perpetuating this to hurt Greg or his fans but her dad works in insurance adjustment. He's not a lawyer. And anyway, you wouldn't need a top lawyer to get a divorce for Onion. You just need to file it state it was for extra martial affairs, file child support and be fucking done with it.

No. 784356

File: 1594121251911.gif (526.65 KB, 1280x853, 38787-zoom2.gif)

I actually think it could just be a sex doll hand? But that doesn't explain the voice. I wouldn't put it past Smegma to take out a loan to buy another real doll (and claim it as a business expense?)

No. 784358

It's not a doll, unless he bought a doll with AI that can speak exactly like a human.

No. 784359

And the voice is either just tv or his daughter (dude fucked with his daughter in the room, he'd certainly have no problem with his kid seeing his real doll)

No. 784363

That is without a doubt a sex doll hand. He probably has either voice overs or someone there to give vocals. I’m calling it now, he’s fucking a doll. He doesn’t have to pull to get anyone else without paying them for a collab and he’ll never do that.
I also think Lame is still there he just makes her take the kids and go somewhere while Daddy is working.

No. 784367

It’s possible it’s pure attention bait and is an audio overlay with the sex doll but it seems likely that another girl is there.

That Danny girl commented on the video on twitter…could it be her?

I don’t know who would chose to work with him right now but it could also be someone with an onlyfans that’s there to “collab”

Has anyone checked any of his twitter content polls to see if there’s one that is upcoming that requires another person? I distantly remember him saying he was going to release a full sex video.

No. 784388


Lainey will never leave Anus because she values being lazy and never having to work above all. She could literally walk in on him balls deep in another woman, hell, even a dead woman, or an animal, and she’d stay. Anon said she’d cry in the other room, but I genuinely think she’s dead inside and doesn’t cry over her cheating husband anymore. She’d probably just roll her eyes, kick the girl out, and go back to adding more items to her wishlist.

No. 784401

>She could literally walk in on him balls deep in another woman
BOTH inches?!

No. 784404

I don’t think it’s laziness I think it’s the deluded devotion to Greg as her ~soulmate~

When she first met him and he was famous and love bombing (not as much as his other partners but still) her she probably thought she won the lottery. Then slowly over time things got worse and keep escalating. She’s like a frog in a boiling pot to the point where she won’t even leave him after he cheated for the umpteenth time but this time with her best friend.

She might have had a cushy lazy life at the beginning but now she’s the only one that does childcare and household management. I suspect she’s also gotten some kind of outside job to bring money in now that she makes less from patreon and YouTube.

Her life is very shitty right now but ironically I think that’s one of the things keeping her where she is.

It’s easier to burry her head in the sand and hope things pass, the internet forgets her and Greg cycles through new girls but ultimately discards them so she outlasts them.

No. 784406

File: 1594141703925.jpg (720.87 KB, 1080x1113, 20200706_212354.jpg)

The danny girl who commented on the twitter video is litterally a Billie skinwalker who has an onlyfans. Holy shit if he flies out some billie lookalike to grease his barnacle boat.

No. 784409

If there's a new girl I hope she enjoys the UTI Grease inevitably will give her lol

No. 784421

I think she’s a prime target for him tbh.

He has the fake legitimate reason of an onlyfans collab for Lainey and she’s his type physically, constantly fawns over him on twitter, is into anime and hentai, etc

When she originally came on the scene people thought she was a catfish because she was such perfect Greg bait.

It might be too good to be true but otherwise you have to think she’s on Greg’s radar at least.

No. 784422

fyi I think I hear a voice in another room on this video. It could be a TV, but I'm not convinced it's just greg and this mystery girl in the house

No. 784425

File: 1594144668700.jpg (125.45 KB, 1530x412, Screenshot_20200707-125533_Chr…)

hes teasing hard about the up coming change in content, so I'm sure we will soon see whoever is there. I wonder if she's his new camera man.

No. 784427

It could be LickTheBlade?

She has an OF too and has been retweeting Greg’s. She’s also into hamsters/rodents and has the goth vibe he likes. Idk.

No. 784436

lol "bottom vibes"

Greg doesn't like that we've noticed he doesn't come off as the alpha male dom he wants to be

No. 784439

It almost makes me wish Lainey still had her live stream. Almost. Her smug defensiveness if it's a Billie clone would make for some good lolz

No. 784443

I may be in the minority here, but I really just want to hear her side of the story, period. Of all the crap that has gone down in the last year. Not that we could ever expect the truth. but she's a far different liar than Greg is.

No. 784444


Greg and Kai will bring in their old friend and great talent, Billy the Fridge to help them recreate the piggy scene from Deliverance out in the extra wetland strip they own.

No. 784446

sorry if i've missed it, but what's gone on with the wetlands saga through this new OF adventure? last i remember, he wasn't complying. came to mind because if he did/does kill lainey and the kids, he'll probably be busted when they come to check out his lack of work and find fresh graves.

No. 784447

I'm with you on that one, if only to see how the olympic level mental gymnastics she does to justify staying with Greg.

No. 784454

I think a good amount of people would be curious to hear her side of things. Most people just don’t want her off the hook for her involvement.

There’s probably a lot we don’t know about.

No. 784462

Well what's the point of hearing her out then?

No. 784470

File: 1594155176565.png (1.06 MB, 1354x922, 7-6, 7-7,.PNG)

I really do hope there is another woman in the house because of the chaos it usually causes and the milk it would bring. But I thought of another answer. Could it just be an old video? If you look at his OnisionPrime twitter for the past two days hes been posting old photos and screenshots.
>photos of him and Andy Biersack 2015
>screen shot of a tweet he made to sssniperwolf in 2016
>old fan art he saved
>photos of him shooting guns at age 14
>the mouse
>screenshots of positive reviews of his books 2015
>photo of him and Cyr
>photo of him dressed as L in his old house Grease Mansion

He rummages through old files when hes sad and trying to feel better about himself hoping to find screenshots or photos of the good ole times when people didn't think he was cancer and a pedophile.

No. 784475


The wetlands aren't really a problem for greg in the grand scheme of things. One angle that just occured to me is that it might suit him for the house to be impossible to sell because it traps Footface more than if it wasn't.

No. 784515

Major tinfoil put could this just be an altar old video. There was that ancient video from last year where onion and Madison were running around chasing a mouse inside the house. Could this be a reupload from that

No. 784520


I disagree, anon. While during the first few years, yes, I would say her blind devotion to her ~twin flame~ and ~soulmate~ was the prime reason, she seems pretty fed up with him at this point, which makes it all the more frustrating that she doesn’t just leave. Her pathetic tweets after the first Billiegate demonstrate how obsessed she still was with him (I can’t find the tweet, but there’s one where she says she’s “so fucking weak and codependent and can’t breathe without him”). By Sarah’s and other unfortunate ex-friends or victims accounts, the two basically are just roommates at this point who barely interact. Lainey brings him some microwaved food, and he probably still mounts her for 2 minutes every day, but that’s about it. He has no interest in her or his children, and she’s been ducked so many times it’s comical. Lainey doesn’t want to leave him because even if she goes back to her parents, she’ll have to actually get a job and put her useless degree to work. Jimmy doesn’t leave because he’s scared of alimony and child support. Simple as that.

No. 784582

it's Anastasia

No. 784586


No. 784606

This is inarguably the greatest OP pic of all in this fucked-up saga.

No. 784607

File: 1594180982702.png (2.37 MB, 1877x1197, ana.png)

According to her Instagram it looks like she is/was in WA and is sporting french nails. It's not a 100% but it's a possibility.

No. 784608

If lainey was smart she could leave him after he starts posting sex videos. That would ensure he gets taken to the cleaners in a divorce since its well known how hard he spurged and got smug about getting a prenup after skye got alimony. Infidelity clauses are common.Hard to refute video evidence in court with actual lawyers. Then again if he does anal that doesnt count as sex right?

No. 784613

File: 1594184853874.jpg (111.72 KB, 1071x372, 420442646.jpg)



Why does he always have to separate his content into these tidy little boxes. That's a sign of autism right? If I'm not wrong he ended up creating 12 verified accounts on YouTube. Does OF have any rules about how many accounts one individual can have? If they don't I can see him making more and more profiles for every whim he has.
>I've created a new OnlyFans called OnisionCharacters where you can see all your favorites like Emo Charlie, Chibi Derf and Rod Danger doing the only 4 poses I know - standing front view, standing rear view, on all fours, close up of me strangling my penis.
Is this a cash grab hoping that his die-hard fans will pay for all 3? The photos uploaded on OnisionFree have already been leaked and they're all just really old Instagram photos of him posing in front of his dirty bathroom mirror.

No. 784615


Isn't this against the TOS of OnlyFans? I think you're only allowed to have 2 accounts, with only one of them having a subscription fee.

No. 784616


OnlyFan's faq page says "It is allowed to have not more than 2 active profiles." No idea how/if it works with a free one.

No. 784617

I hope no one reports him to OnlyFans and gets him banned from yet another platform. That would be unfortunate.

No. 784623

For the drama of it all!
It's conflicting- on one hand, Greg will chew up and spit out any girl he gets his claws on. On the other hand, any girl who willingly dates him at this point is a fucking idiot, and some more entertainment would be nice. Greg's been pretty boring for a while now.

No. 784628

If the next woman he reels in is in her twenties and not a freshly turned 18 or "eighteen and a half year old" then Im fine with the milk it brings. If they're mid twenties and making stupid decisions like hooking up with Onision seeing how much information about his predatory past is available then they have to live with the consequences. That's why I had no sympathy for Blasian or Tamara. I couldn't understand the bleeding hearts who cried "oh but they were manipulated." Blasian is 28 and Tamara is 36. They are grown adults who should of known better.

No. 784632

I honestly wouldn't mind another clout-chaser/farmer ending up in casa de greg. Porn saga was fun for a hot minute, but I want some real milk.
I disagree. Sarah and Billie have been publicly fucked over by grease monger, along with every other girl that's interacted with both him and Lainey publicly outing how scandalous they are AND people taking candid photos of this ugly mountain troll, there is no excuse anymore. If you've hit the age of 18 and STILL want to throw yourself at Greg despite everything that's come out about him and his wife, you deserve the shitshow that comes with him.

No. 784642

1. Its the same returded strategy Shame Dawson used back in the day (more channels = more autism / attention)
2. See one

No. 784708

If Lainey were smart a lot of things would play out differently. Or if she weren't such a lousy terrible parent.

I checked the other farms if they have any milk and most posts are still about his dick.
I don't get it. How many times does one need to see that ugly, disappointing, below average sized dick?
Getting a third is the only remotely interesting thing that could happen right now.

No. 784713

he quit his free onlyfans account because you're only allowed two. His reason to compartmentalize the two was so he could have one where he's the dom and one where he's the sub. So an account to get pegged and an account to cuck his huswife on

No. 784742

I’ve never understood the strategy in splitting your audience. It seems really counter productive.

No. 784744


Counterproductive unless you have a braindead fanbase willing to pay to see that shit, then you have an ingenious revenue flow.

No. 784763

Which Greg does in his haters, who "go undercover" as "super sekrit agents" trying to leak his shit first.
If they where to seize all that activity, Greg would have been done a long, long time ago.

No. 784806

Plus then they wanna talk to Greg on his discord and all that shit, thinking they're clever and telling him shit he doesn't already know.
Newsflash Anti-O's, your words on twitter or discord don't get to him because he's so full of himself his eyes are brown. Paying him in order to talk to him doesn't solve a god damn thing. Just stop paying him, stop giving him attention and then and only then will he go away.

No. 784808

He said Only Fans emailed him. He read anons here talking about it. Kek

No. 784832

File: 1594256985233.png (63.27 KB, 598x364, 782020.PNG)

I called bullshit on that "OnlyFans emailed me" story too. If they had he would of shown the email in his video, he's done it before in similar situations with correspondence between him and YouTube. He just censors out any sensitive information. Instead he showed the faqs page that this anon >>784616 directed everyone to. If Onision didn't read it here then it's likely his last remaining fan Cattidotir (the middle aged English lady) who's keeping close tabs on whats being said on the farms and giving Greg bullet point briefings like they do with Trump. Greg wanted to get in front of this before OnlyFans penalized or banned him but he cant admit where he got the info from.

No. 784858

File: 1594261109137.png (132.33 KB, 480x392, Screenshot_20200708-211325~2.p…)

It's official. Greg and Lamp have officially morphed into one creature (right)

No. 784870

not to bring up lame in the smeg thread, but when was the last time we saw a picture or video of lainey/heard anything from lainey/caught word of lainey resurfacing or even in the bg of greg content? i know she's probably just doing her job as a parent for once, but doesn't anyone else find it strange how deeply she's committing to this 'offline' bit, and for so long?

No. 784871

Doubt seriously she's suddenly being a good mother. She's is way too much of a coward to resurface. She's been exposed for being as bad as Greg, but even worse in some ways. Nothing really strange about her not showing her face.

No. 784879

Honestly lame doesnt have the self control to stay off the internet. She needs that validation and mental escape from her ugly red faced cat girl husband. But she knows that if she leaves onision will slander her and just fully commit to throwing her under the bus. Im sure she has accounts that just arent linked to her publically or using fake names. All she does is sit on her phone other than cry and have her ogre hit it from the back twice a day.

No. 784884

maybe a lawyer told her to stfu on the internet and being the one with the brains, she actually listened. shes the one who sent the nudes so her avoiding a foot print on the internet would make sense.

No. 784891

I know this is a few days old but Chris Colfer? Like… Chris Colfer!!?! That’s just weird!

No. 784893

Pretty sure she's been heard speaking in the background of some of Greg's recent streams at least once. No doubt she's still at the swamp being a doormat

No. 784905

She made a new Facebook account a while ago, but deleted after people found it

No. 784923

"Being the one with the brains"
Um. No. They're both idiots.

No. 784929

amazing non saged contribution

taylor has known better when to shut up in the past even if its just her uwu anxiety. greg makes any sort of statement for him or her in any media on any platform as much as he can. he is quintessential yt personality. he does anything for a click or attention. the smartest thing she has done for herself these last few months was keep her profile low. greg is doing literally anything to keep the limelight on him.

so my reasoning is that since she was the one who had lewds sent to minors, a lawyer told her to fucking quit the internet for awhile so as to not exacerbate the situation. greg is a fucking mong and will not cease rattling his water brain so the idea that taylor fled elsewhere to get away from that makes sense at least to me. them consulting the law seems to be a pretty frequent occurence. court cases, cps, random police visits, their neighbors, the wetlands, finances, plenty of reason to have shitty lawyers on retainer

No. 784948

File: 1594315199401.png (1.27 MB, 1100x540, cringe photoshop billie skinwa…)

The Danny girl has commented on Billie's insta posts multiple times in the past kek, she's obviously skinwalking her despite sucking Onision's ass for years how fucking creepy and obsessive is that

her Instagram is

and if you put that into google, Billie's pics come up because she has commented/liked a bunch

She even photoshopped herself (her hair) to look like Billie in the past

No. 784951

The girl is clearly saying, "so adorable," in reference to the mouse, and he deleted the video, so I'm pretty sure it's another girl he's either hired as a "photographer," or to fuck, but he can tell Krai, "it's just work, so it's not cheating!" or Krai has straight up fucking left.

No. 784958

I think that >>784470 anon smart to question when the video was taken.

As much as everyone is sure that he’s going to try to exploit his only fans as a new cheating outlet, we don’t have proof it’s happening just yet.

She probably needs some kind of emotional outlet but I think unfortunately she’s going to remain offline. When Greg told her not to sad tweet anymore because she was being “dramatic” and outting a lot of his shitty treatment of her, she listened. We got some leaks from her five follower twitter or whatever but now that she’s been outted for sleeping with sarah, there’s no way she can afford to risk any exposure at this point.

Ironically she probably destroyed her one remaining source of emotional support and outlet by fucking sarah over.

Not so tinfoily but I think removing sarah as a support for Lainey was one of the benefits for Greg because it clearly annoyed him that she would vent to sarah about him. Like in his 10 things I hate about Lainey video there was the part where he’s playing Lainey and calls someone (likely sarah) to talk shit about Greg.

No. 784972

Gosh, how many creepy bitches skinwalked Billie? We had Footface, Sarah, Lame clone and this girl. I'd hire body guards if I was her lmao.

No. 784983

i thought it was debunked that this wasn't photoshopped? i remember that she left a review on the pink hair dye she used, either on the company website or it was somewhere on twitter or instagram ??

No. 784994

Already changed her username?

No. 784999

changed to dannybannny


No. 785015


Surprised it's not spelled "Dannie"

At least not yet.

No. 785029

Hmmm I actually seen that whore before, at the time it was believed it was a Greg sock puppet. Could she be real?
At this point anyone who goes to the grease house its up to them, they shouldn't pull a Tamara and come complain to us when it inevitably all goes to shit.

No. 785038

Please look at the lowest circled photoshop in the picture. Where she has photoshopped her hair pink it has also made the white on her jumper pink which real hair doesn’t do.
Tbh I couldn’t see the other flaws in the photo but that one proved it enough for me.

No. 785041

that looks like its caused by whatever filter is on the picture

The onision free account is still up, I wonder how long onlyfans let's it stay up before he gets penalized

No. 785074

File: 1594356111773.jpg (265.58 KB, 1400x1083, didyouhearthat.jpg)

Now he's cosplaying as Scott Disick's less attractive brother RockSpider-Man.

No. 785077

So one account will be photoshopped beards and the other photoshopped as a girl

No. 785080

Yes anon! I remember this exact same speculation and these same photos from a couple of years back; there were more too, that were (allegedly) proven to be photo chopped, and she was skin-walking Billie.

About half of the anons were sure it was Greg on a sock puppet however, and not someone skin-walking. So who knows. So weird how she just comes back into the picture now though. I'm so glad you also remembered this.

No. 785086

File: 1594367224993.jpeg (31.82 KB, 704x396, 23210A4B-7464-4AAF-8429-E8F3A6…)

The environmental story telling in this photo is depressing. I mean just look at the garage door and that rug. He should cosplay characters more in his league like Eugene Tooms from X-files1s2e.

No. 785095

That nasty-ass rug.. even Luna had cleaner surroundings for her porn.

No. 785097


I bet he tells the insurance company he keeps his tesla in that garage.

No. 785106

File: 1594382951434.png (10.73 MB, 4476x1640, billie skinwallking.png)

I hope I can dig up the messages she left on Billie's pages from awhile back, it will make this even more lulzy.
How are you gonna be apart of the Onion clan if he finds that you're obsessed with his "stank ass armpit lying Stoner, Homewrecker ex gf"? He'll call you a "BACKSTABBING TRAADDEEERRR" better hurry and delete those comments before he makes you tattoo, "I'm a traitor," on your lower back region

No. 785107

Tooms’ actor married a 16-year-old girl when he was 51. Greg wishes he was Tooms.

No. 785113

Lol, I hope he invites this nutcase to his swamp and she ends up choping his tiny peepee off

No. 785116

What I don't understand about these spastic girls is there like, "I've never heard about Greg until last week and I never knew anything about his life. Looking like Billie is completely coincidental, I'm not trying to appeal to him by looking like his dream girl he sperged about for years teehee"

No. 785131

Anytime, my friend, you're very welcome! And thank you too!
You may be right, judging from her pictures and her behavior this girl is mental.
What I don't understand is why they go for a washed up pedophile like Greg, who is married and has more scandals than Bill Cosby and R. Kelly combined. Are these those loonies that go for the "bad guy", because I can whip you up a list of celebrity bad boys that actually have money and fame just like that.
I mean if I were a hooker like that i'd go for a big fish and not some youtube nobody 99.99% of earths population never heard of and barely a nickel to pay for his tesla.

No. 785136

She used to look like a completely different person before, someone posted her old photos here a while ago and she was a nerdy looking girl with glasses, natural hair color and basic makeup, then she changed her appearance completely to look like an e-thot and "coincidentally" exactly like Billie. There's something up with this chick, she gives me the creeps.

No. 785137

She privated her Instagram lol

No. 785138

such a pointy demon tongue

No. 785167


Kek, Billie has been skinwalked before but this is a new level. Down to the details in different looks. Maybe she'll end up having her own thread in the future

No. 785190

Why do you think Onion persuaded Lainey into transition?
A) Those sweet woke points
B) Masculinization is his fetish
C) He's legit bi/gay

No. 785193

A lil bit from column a - c

No. 785197

I think it was mostly woke points. Taylor always wanted to be different and speshul, she even started calling herself Mexican even though she is way more European than Mexican. Anything for that straight white cis bitch to feel oppressed.

No. 785199

A lil of everything, particularly the woke points and getting to convince her to bring girls to the house for her (and him) to date. And ofc Lainey eating up the chance to be even more special and younique

No. 785205

Toinfoil, and maybe I’m just being optimistic, but could this be another vix situation? It just seems this chick is the perfect honey trap for Greg…

No. 785210

Maybe part of it is simply seeing how far he can push things.

I think it boils down to control and wanting his partners never to be able to rid themselves of him.

Encouraging someone to transition with hormones and top surgery if they aren’t trans and are just exploring their identity is exerting a high level of control and also creates a very permanent change. He’s done tattoos in the past but those can be removed or redone nowadays but a transition like that can’t be so easily undone.

I’m not going to open up the “is Lainey really trans” argument but it’s clear she has been exploring different gender identities and the discovery that she’s a trans man hasn’t been as clear as it’s been for trans people like Blaire White or Nikki Tutorials who knew from a young age and moved toward the goal of transition consistently. Identity doesn’t have to be linear but combined with her codependency and what seems like a general weak sense of self…

It also lowers that chances of Lainey leaving him and abandonment is clearly one of his biggest fears.

No. 785211

People thought it was a trap when she first surfaced and I think that’s the main reason Greg hasn’t gone after her. It’s too good to be true to be real for him imo.

No. 785228

He's against Foot transitioning though, he said people who get top surgery are freaks

No. 785230

I think it would work if she didn't go so far in the skinwalking and didn't make things so obvious

No. 785238

I think he really doesn't want her to transition cause he likes boobs and hate boob scars
That's why Lainey gave him Sarah, cause he needed breast in the relationship in exchange of her removing them.

No. 785296


I think he simply saw that the LGBT community was becoming more of a thing and convinced Lainey to believe that she was trans to keep them both more relevant. I think he gets off on the power play of mentally manipulating someone so easily too, so basically it was for money and power.

No. 785304

I'd go with defeminization, he always strips his partners of typically feminine traits, he says that they're not allowed to wear makeup, have long hair, etc. The trans thing could also be intertwined with point a imho.
Normally, it's either because of jealousy and insecurity or one of his dumbass control boner. Or both.

No. 785321

Lainey tried to skinwalk Billie with her BeautyBot channel. People kept laughing at her attempts to copy Billie's make up (but she had to keep her hair short cuz Onion probably, or her hair was just thin af and didn't look good long). After she couldn't take the mocking over her blatant Billie skinwalking cause that's who her husband nearly left her and her kids for she was like "I'm not even a girl fuck you!" Lainey just gave up and rolled over a few years ago and now her husband just walks over their marriage, destroys her wedding dress and invalidates their vowels daily by lusting after teenage girls. Onion gives more respect to his fake NDA's than the actual legal marriage contract he entered with Lainey when she was 18.

No. 785323

File: 1594476960837.jpg (23.33 KB, 400x400, feddc016fa1e867479ffdad2cceca3…)

Smh Lainey could have been so cute if she dressed for her body type/wore makeup for HER face instead of trying to emulate things seen on girls with different features. Billie had a round/Gamine sort of face, so she can get away with wearing 20 pounds of makeup with high contrast, but it looks clownish on Lainey's sharp and long features. Doesn't mean shes ugly,

She could have found a makeup style that suited her and looked just as good. Is a shame really, so much wasted potential, now she looks like a haggard Foot

She looked her best around pic related, and that's when Greg admitted he was the most attracted to her, and said she gave off a Allison Mack vibe, kek

No. 785326

Yeah she does suit a pixie cut, can be a hard look to pull off. She use to look well in her dresses with her pixie cuts, thought it just looked far more practical since she was a young mum, but fuck that was years ago.

No. 785333

Imo she looked awful with longer hair. Her hair is flat and has no movement whatsoever so it looked like a bad wig glued to her head when it was longer, it also made her footface more pronounced. It was a good thing she got a pixie cut, but then she started getting those "masculine" ugly cuts and undercuts that didn't do her any favors either.

No. 785338

File: 1594484614142.jpg (102.75 KB, 564x769, boogie.jpg)


Greg has been the one who just passively accepted his youtube stan like he was Prince William getting moved on by Kate. I think the trender thing is all Lainey's idea.

No. 785356

How amazing would it be if Lainey showed up in 6 months on hormones and post-surgery, a true Dream Daddy (TM)?

No. 785371

She's not breastfeeding anymore (probably because her milk must have dried up while Cloey was in the hospital) so now she has no excuses not to transition.

No. 785378

That is really depressing shit for anyone to endure,i personally hope Lainey is not in the house living with all that degeneracy Greg is pulling of,in the best of cases she finally took transition seriously and is living the best trap boy dad life.

Back in the day when onion was making videos of underage girls bodytipes i remember he saying "anal sex is disgusting i would never fuck my wife in the ass that's not supposed to be use" or something along the lines and wow look what he just did, i guess he wanted to say i dont want to fuck my wife anymore but if is anyone else hell yeah.

No. 785394

File: 1594512794840.png (52.43 KB, 592x436, Salmon.png)

Greg eats salmon now. I dunno, I found that interesting with all of the sperging he did when Krai became pescatarian in the past.

No. 785397

Lol. What happened to "meat eaters are murderers"? And he doesn't have an excuse like Foot did, he's not anemic

No. 785408

Holy shit. After all of the autistic screeching he did online about being vegetarian, he now casually mentions eating salmon.
He called Lainey a fish predator. Lol, I can't. He's a complete joke now.

No. 785410

He's a giant hypocrite, probably been eating meat for years

No. 785415


Narc just showing more and more what a phony virtue signaling loser he is. Of course he's no longer vegetarian since it's no longer relevant to his income stream / edgy youtube persona.

No. 785421


He's already salmon Hitler after trashing the spawning ground at the bottom of his yard. It's personal.

Tinfoil: the waterbrain that could've got him aborted is starting to show the long term consequences and (along with chronic masturbation)is causing early onset dementia.

No. 785422

It's honestly hilarious. After over a decade of screeching about it, he now casually adds "& salmon."
The same autist who made countless of videos about how meat eaters are murderers, censored meat to shit on his forums, etc.
His vegetaaaaaaarian body!!! He fucking went back on everything he claimed to stand for, lmao.

No. 785429

File: 1594558234018.jpg (8.13 MB, 4167x2778, salmoncannongiffishtube.jpg)

why did you murder us, greg ?

No. 785452

He also asked Sarah to make him weed brownies after years of shitting on weed smokers lmao

No. 785466

File: 1594577268960.jpg (450.32 KB, 810x1576, 2deep4me.jpg)

No. 785471

Do you think he is larping when he writes like a 14 year old, is that how he actually thinks in his head/his overall level of maturity?

No. 785472

His actual level of emotional maturity. He's completely stuck in his teen years.

No. 785474

That last tweet sounds like famous last words before Onion does something drastic and Andy gets a restraining order.

No. 785489


Thats what always irked me about Lainey, is there was a point the Onions had a ton of spare cash but have we ever seen a treadmill or weights in their house? Or just Greg’s pull up bar? She could have gotten killer skin care products and healthy food and been attractive. But she wasted all her money on trendy makeup she didnt know how to apply and hair dye that washed her out while having skin that looked like bleached beef jerky.

No. 785501

its because she doesn't have any discipline anon. She couldn't make vids, she couldn't eat right or excersize, so a skincare routine was out of the question. Shes lazy and a spoiled brat.

No. 785510

>He called Lainey a fish predator.
I don't remember what he called her but I know he shat on her for years for not being vegetarian. It's always one rule for him and another for everyone else, then he wonders why no one can stand him - hypocrisy personified.

No. 785511

>worlds smallest violin blah blah
>A string of barely intelligible sentences
>I miss Andy
What he misses is the clout. He tried baiting some larger youtubers recently with the Shane fallout.

Does anyone know if the rumored restraining order Andy filed against Grease is real? I've never seen evidence of it but then Andy's avoided this autist like the plague for a long time.

No. 785518

File: 1594609608189.png (445.66 KB, 1264x1620, 1.png)

No. 785519

File: 1594609760385.png (425.43 KB, 1252x1636, 2.png)

No. 785521

File: 1594609902902.png (463.95 KB, 1257x1677, 3.png)

No. 785522


jeeesus it's so depressing seeing plainey get walked all over. can you fucking imagine your husband unironically saying "argument: destroyed" to you holy shit. absolutely no spine.

and i have no doubt that he did encourage her to eat fish privately but enjoys shaming her publicly. he loves baiting people into things (like revealing past trauma) and then using it against them online, where he can control the narrative

No. 785524

File: 1594611425857.png (396.51 KB, 1266x1680, 4.png)

No. 785525

File: 1594611562768.png (1.3 MB, 1273x1751, 5.png)

No. 785526

File: 1594611703727.png (217.03 KB, 1274x892, 6.png)

No. 785528


Greg has never been "in great shape". He relied on his quick metabolism in his 20s, but has been skinnyfat in his 30s, bordering on fatfat. and skinny does not equal "in great shape" anyways. the guy has never worked out in his life.

No. 785532


>when I met you, you were way heavier than you are now

Very romantic, Taylor. She said on her old IMs with a former friend in high school that she would starve herself (100-300 calories a day) to be “good enough” for Anus. She was what? 16-17? But even as an adult in her mid 20s she still tries to be an anemic twig for her ~twin flame~

No. 785541

But anon he does work out.
He does those 10 pull ups on the badly installed pull up bar in his creepy basement.
With terrible form might I add.

But seriously I get 2nd hand embarrassment when he does pull ups or pushups because he does it on camera for as long as he can bear it, and then probably gets up and thinks 'Yeah this looks great' as he's editing his video. It's cringe as fuck. He never seems to get any results either, the only time he's had anything even close to resembling 'abs' is when he is skinny and tries to hunch over and tense. Even then it's extremely obvious he's tensing.

No. 785543

Everything the man bitches about at some point he contradicts himself.

>He would bitch about cheaters and has been unfaithful several times.

>Hated sex workers and now is showing his asshole to the internet for shekels.

>Claimed bisexual women were more likely to be unfaithful, ended up fetishishing them

>Bitches about vegetarianism and animal rights, but eats fish and constantly rehomes/mistreats his pets.

>Obsessed with rating women's appearances, claims to be a feminist

>Used to bitch about makeup and filters. Uses makeup and a buttlaod of filters himself to cover his ogre face.

>Bitches about teenagers with coloured hair, piercings and tattoos. Literally is obsessed with and seeks out teenagers with those exact qualities.

>Bitches about others being predators. Calls teenagers dumb. Literally fucks teenagers.

The list is fucking endless.

No. 785546

>Bitched about anal sex then fucked Sarah in the ass

No. 785549

>>Defends offensive humor and bitches about people who can't take rape jokes. Cries about a drawing of him being pegged by Blaire White

No. 785552

Lets not forget how he poses as an SJW yet now cries about getting #metoo'd… or how he says people that got raped need to report it to the police, yet when he claims to have been raped by Sarah, they don't report it to the cops.
There have been times I seen him contradict himself in the same sentence.

No. 785562

Why the fuck is an of this public? These two retards deserve each other.

No. 785568

That was 5 year old spoiled milk but everything they do is always public, including Greg shoving dildo's up his ass and raping a makeshift Andy Biersack doll.

No. 785571


They should do a twitter argument about who was meant to be watching the window kid.

No. 785573

It's creepy as hell how he watches so closely what Footface eats or drinks. "I haven't seen you drink Ensure in months" …what a controlling freak

I wish he watched his kids as closely as he watches how many Ensure bottles Footface drinks

No. 785574

>It's creepy as hell how he watches so closely what Footface eats or drinks.
His control freak behavior is well documented, still good to mention though, i mean just look at what he wanted to do to Billie over having smoked whacky tabaccy.
Can you just imagine what life must be like for Lainey? Really try to picture it in your mind. And then of course theres the old rumor that Greg forced Shiloh to have sex with his dog. Now I don't know if its true but given how he is, I tend to believe it. The story back then was that that was how she caught the sepsis.
NOT saying if its true or not, I don't know, but the rumor back then was very persistent.

No. 785586

I'm constantly questioning the sanity of anyone who chooses to be in a relationship with him. Is the "fame" he had on YouTube 10 years ago worth being with a control freak who treats you like shit privately and publicly?

No. 785597

Lainey is so dedicated to Gregoid I'm pretty sure she'd kill both their kids for him, if he asked her to. And her parents too if need be.
Yeah, it really is that bad. I don't believe there is anything, anything at all, she wouldn't do for him.

No. 785604

idk why some people get upset about that drawing, it's not like it was something done in disgusting detail like Greg would do.

No. 785608

His entire life is a lie lol.

No. 785610

>theres the old rumor that Greg forced Shiloh to have sex with his dog.
She wrote on one of her old blogs that the dog would lick her dirty underwear and that it tried to bite her crotch and she didn't know what to do about it. Who knows what she or Greg did to it.
We know Greg was giving Billie fat stacks while she was there, so for her it was definitely money. For Sarah it was Lainey. For Lainey, Greg was on a list of youtuber's (including shane dawson kek) Lainey publicly daydreamed about meeting/marrying. She got the one at the bottom of her list. She settled and got what she deserved, as did Greg.

No. 785687

File: 1594704045251.jpeg (133.91 KB, 624x1017, DD552B3C-5225-4794-9C08-4764AA…)

Anybody watching?

No. 785701

The thumbnail looks old. It was from an old "expose" video that starred Cyr pretending to be uploading the behind the scenes of the onionboy. Dont fall for it.

No. 785718


Literally no one is/was upset about that but Anus himself. Which makes it all the more hilarious.

No. 785727

File: 1594739455872.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.63 KB, 535x500, Smithers and Mr. Jackson.jpg)

I realized what yesterdays shower photo set reminded me of.

No. 785732

dang I know people have criticized his butt before, but i'm pretty sure its never looked as saggy as it does here. And hes even doing the one-leg-up Jessica Nigri pose which usually makes it look LESS flat and saggy.
Let's not even talk about the moobs and back rolls

No. 785738

File: 1594744177102.png (Spoiler Image, 553.38 KB, 805x675, LifeAlert.png)

Does he understand that his poses are NOT sexy?

No. 785741


No. 785744

This is the best thing I’ve seen on lolcow in a very long time, anon. Good job.

No. 785752

Please let this be the next thread pic! PLEASE!

No. 785776

Bless you anon, we all needed the laugh.

No. 785804

He's so short with a saggy flat ass. I forgot about him being a porn star but he frequently mirrors all the times Mr Burns was nude in The Simpsons. Now all I can think about is Lainey being his Smithers. It works.

No. 785810

File: 1594770834350.png (173.14 KB, 360x450, Gollum_Render.png)

There's tons of creepy shit you can compare this returd to. I truly think that Shane rejecting him and standing him up at LAX left a lasting scar on Greg. So now he keeps telling himself how wanted he is, even by gay guys signing up to his onlyfans, according to him. (or gay bots he bought) After all, how could Shane not want him? He's so desirable, beautiful and handsome. Everybody wants him, including your sister, your mom and your dad, right?

No. 785852

File: 1594787988744.png (354.95 KB, 1014x723, onisionprimepatreon.PNG)

He just made another Patreon. Isnt that against their TOS? If you're banned from YouTube or Twitter and found trying to evade that you get any attempted new accounts suspended. Isnt Patreon the same?

No. 785854

His tweet about it claims it was approved by patreon, whatever that means.
Disappointing if true.

Not sure why he made a patreon with the exact same content as his onlyfans? Does he expect new people to stumble upon his patreon organically? Or does he think his 10 remaining fans will actually pay him twice for the same shit?

No. 785856

Patreon is expressly anti-pornography so if he posts anything other that simple nude photos he’s gonna get kicked off again.

No. 785861

File: 1594790715659.png (48.58 KB, 1059x91, onisionprime.PNG)

I missed it if he tweeted about it. I saw the leaked update he put out on his OnlyFans that said
>With the manual approval of Patreon, I just launched Patreon.com/OnisionPrime - You are all the first to know

I wonder what the "manual approval" means? Does he have a supporter that works at Patreon thats slipping this by without any of the higher ups getting wind of it? Similar to the theories that Suzy Lu had her connection at YT getting videos taken down and helping her behind the scenes.

No. 785863

File: 1594791724088.jpg (618.43 KB, 1600x1491, Screenshot_20200715-004015_Dis…)

No. 785879

>His tweet about it claims it was approved by patreon

idk, I think people should report it just to make sure

No. 785890

File: 1594816664849.jpg (81.79 KB, 1280x720, koolkuykarpet.jpg)

I can't help but think who shoots this garbage. I mean obviously theres a "camera-man", and I think its CoolGuyKarpet.

No. 785893

File: 1594818145185.jpg (99.44 KB, 1075x726, 698645.jpg)

Anytime his Apple Watch or iPhone is visible you can see that hes using it to frame the shot and then snap the photo remotely. The photo where hes dressed as spiderman >>785074 if you zoom in on the phone you see the same image that is being photographed. He could barely talk her into acting in his "comedy skits" I doubt he can get her help take shots of his asshole. Shes too busy letting their kids fall out of windows for that shit anyways.

No. 785894

Amazingly that makes it even sadder.
Greg is a tool.

No. 785903

Who the fuck wants a poster of Greg hanging on their bedroom wall?! Fuck me he really does think he’s some 90s boyband heart throb doesn’t he

No. 785913

File: 1594829390929.gif (1.72 MB, 446x349, gag.gif)

Wow I regret clicking that spoiler.

No. 785916

File: 1594830554984.jpg (72.96 KB, 1340x458, Ec8ybWQWoAEEdwL.jpg)

Uhh I don't know how Patreon works but I find it strange that they would ban him for doxxing and then approve him to come back and sell adult content. Pic from Twitter but I guess he really needs his lewds to pay off the wetlands ordeal as the next update will be on August 24th

No. 785917

Looks like the new Patreon might be gone now?

No. 785919


I doubt that's a hard and fast date now thanks to covid.

No. 785924

Perhaps Patreon made a mistake

No. 785926

File: 1594834487412.png (12 KB, 579x269, under review.png)

This is what I get when looking for it. Maybe he didn't get approval or lots of people are reporting it.

No. 785933

i assume its been reported a ton. twitch does this same thing, they auto remove it if a lot of reports come in and then reinstate it after manual review.

No. 785934

File: 1594835735463.jpg (79.74 KB, 1242x833, Ec-6gcsX0AYHS69.jpg)

He wasted no time…..

No. 785937

>even better than Patreon
Lol he’s big mad

No. 785951

As far as I know you can't open another Patreon account if you've been banned previously. I think they approved him by mistake. Like >>785852 said, it's against their TOS. If they haven't deleted the account yet, they will.

No. 785952

lol what is he talking about, launch what with what money? He's probably going to relaunch that shitty forum he had before something made him assmad and he deleted it.

No. 785955

File: 1594844081543.jpg (381.8 KB, 1078x1111, manyvids.jpg)

Looks like he's desperate for some cash. What is the point in having three accounts selling the same content (4 if he manages to get his Patreon back).

His new ManyVids account

No. 785958

Option A: Tiny brain and implying his fans have none at all, for paying him twice.

Option B: God complex, so Greg thinks he's "hawt" enough for people to pay twice or thrice for the same content.

Whichever you pick, both options make him look incredibly bad - well, on the good side, his horrible character goes perfectly well with his ugly looks. kek

Lainey must be proud of her ~uwu~ twin flame, Greek god husbando.

No. 785959

File: 1594844570236.jpg (132.82 KB, 1120x1040, lainey patreon.jpg)

Somehow Lainey's been making $131 a month. I'm sure Greg runs that account like he's ran all her sm.

No. 785961

>What is the point in having three accounts selling the same content
Exposure. That's why people who sm whore for a living use so many platforms, to get as much exposure as possible and potentially make more money. Uploading the same content across multiple platforms is the standard.

No. 785965

He’s hoping people will stumble upon his content organically and therefore he’ll expand his erotic content fanbase. He probably sees himself making a career out of porn at this point.

No. 785969

2020 is such a good year. If you had said "Greg will start selling vids dildo-fucking himself in the ass, fingertip jerking his mini dick, and coming all over his carpet to thirsty fags and fangirls" I would never have believed it. Yet here were are. Truly blessed. Corona-chan has certainly made every single cow just a little bit more special.

No. 785971

Bold move to put all your eggs into one basket and take jobs that rely solely on his physical appearance when he’s mid 30s and already looks like a carcass that washed ashore. But I guess we’ve already seen his plan in action: to shoop himself into a totally different person that looks nothing like him

No. 785995

Oh, I agree. Specially Greg and the returds surrounding him have been giving off lots of milk. And I LOVE Cancel Culture. Or as I like to call it Keklel Lulzture. I just love seeing these influencer scumbags getting their come uppance. Sure sure they'll survive it all, but the drama surrounding it is great. Hopefully these Zoomers will finally realize to stop giving these assclowns money, but I guess that'd be hoping for too much.

No. 785999

Of course his OF pics look nothing like him. Delusional as he is, even he knows he could never sell without shooping the hell out of himself. He did the same for his yt videos. He's been selling lies since his very first day on youtube.

No. 786000

File: 1594859016946.jpg (48.95 KB, 734x625, 20200715..jpg)

whys he still pushing his new patreon if its going to get denied anyway?
who wants to bet that lainey hasnt logged into her patreon in months and its been greg behind the curtain swiping that measly 131 from her.

No. 786001

That little smile emoji at the end is definitely a sign it's Greg.

No. 786006

File: 1594859776042.jpeg (153.02 KB, 1220x1264, 3D4D575A-1CE5-4E49-BEBB-84821E…)

Of course it’s greg. He already knows his patreon gone and has lainey’s patreon account sending the link to his website instead. Shouldn’t she be banned herself by now? It’s obviously greg using her account so if he’s banned, then that account should go too? She’s getting over $100 every month for doing nothing, even that Embarrassing amount is more than she deserves.

No. 786017

No, since she stated her hiatus and gave patreons the option of opting out, she isn't violating their TOS. Just collecting money from idiots.

No. 786021

Imagine giving someone over $100 a month just because they exist, while you're getting absolutely nothing in return.
How dense are her patrons? Major second hand embarrassment.

No. 786032

File: 1594866331730.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, ew.gif)

I could see giving a cool and respectable person a small amount a month, like 5$ or something even if they haven't been active for a bit in the hopes they'd come back. In the case of Lamey though, who the fuck really would still contribute to her? Probably braindead simps.

No. 786050

I think her Patreon is breaking rules because Grease is the one running it, and since he's banned from Patreon he isn't allowed to do that

No. 786065

File: 1594886447725.jpg (341.18 KB, 1080x608, 20200716_020002.jpg)

No. 786066

i honestly can't tell at this point if this is something greg actually made or someone photoshopped this to make fun of him.

No. 786068

File: 1594887764341.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.22 KB, 769x532, EcBQMAAWoAAx3A.jpg)

Someone was trying to pass this photo off as Onision in his ripped up spider-man suit and a wig getting fucked by the highly anticipated collab porn costar. Seeing how far into degeneracy he's fallen I didnt think twice about it at first.

No. 786072

I'd believe it if not for the distinct lack of caveman brow

No. 786075

That ass is wayyyy better than Gurgles could ever dream of having

No. 786076

Good eye, anon.

No. 786077

I meant shouldn’t it be banned because it’s obviously greg using it & he is banned.

No. 786083

why you gotta do belle dirty like this anon

No. 786085

This NEEDS to be the next thread pic, kek

No. 786120

File: 1594936290411.jpeg (403.29 KB, 1125x1206, 54831DD6-A181-4338-8D9E-27EE66…)

Hi Lainey

No. 786124

Anywhere stupid people exist you'll find people like the Onion's there to take advantage of it. Happens all the time.
This one's superior imo >>785738.

No. 786125

I remember Regina, Sarah and Ayalla hinting at there being more girls but there was never any evidence. It wouldn't surprise me though if Lainey did to countless other kids what she did to Regina and Sarah.

No. 786128

Do you guys think Blame's family is aware of Gorg having the OF and seeing the pics ? I would think people are sending shit nonstop to her sister about it right? Holy crap imagine how the parents felt after watching the video of gorg self impaling himself with a dildo in the shower or jerking off all over the carpet where their grandchildren play . Which makes me think, maybe he does that as a big fuck you to Lainey in a " you never clean anyways" kinda way. There's no way either of them can ever go back to having a normal life after this. Unfortunately their kids will be the most affected

No. 786132

File: 1594950465451.png (315.6 KB, 591x372, 617.PNG)

How long has it been since hes mentioned her? In the past he has to prove that their relationship is wonderful and perfect so he'll randomly tweets shit like
>look at the sexy underwear Kai bought me
>thank you to my wonderful husband Kai for the dinner he made me
or just general lovebombing because he called her a cunt earlier that day or insinuated that shes a rapist enabler last night.
The last thing I can remember that was Lainey involved is that photo of him and her when he had all those rub on tattoos. He doesnt even acknowledge her in the tweet. It reminded me of when someone from his past talks shit about him so he starts tweeting photos of them or uploading collab videos he did with them in some passive aggressive tactic.

No. 786134

or hes baiting people to join his OF making them think lainey will be there too

No. 786135

This needs to be a banner

No. 786138

File: 1594955938605.png (109.95 KB, 593x683, 067522.PNG)

He tweeted this out hours ago. You would think his legion of fans would have swarmed this tweet and bombarded it with comments of affirmation. But all hes gotten is single digit likes & retweets and ONE comment from a middle aged confused Desi. The same woman is usually the only singular comment on most of his tweets.
With all the positive comments he tells us (ad nauseam) that hes getting on his OnlyFans don't you think that some of those people would crossover to his Twitter? That is unless they're fake.

No. 786139

It’s more surprising to me that he hasn’t mentioned her bc that means he’s probably respecting her boundaries and privacy. She didn’t want to be online and he hasn’t been exploiting her by dragging her online for views.

When the initial wave of attention from his only fans dries up we’ll see if he tries to bring her back to recapture her audience.

My bet is he will have a new attention grabbing girlfriend by the time that happens and Lainey will be allowed to remain in the shadows.

His channel gets too boring without an internet-friendly partner to stir up drama and he knows that because it’s what he’s run his channel on from the beginning.

No. 786140

Whatever happened to the other old ladies like Laura and Sheila Motko? I remember them being prominent fans of his, especially Sheila who was a fan since 2010 and admitted to becoming vegetarian because of Onion-man

No. 786141

>It’s more surprising to me that he hasn’t mentioned her bc that means he’s probably respecting her boundaries and privacy. She didn’t want to be online and he hasn’t been exploiting her by dragging her online for views.

Lol no.

No. 786143

File: 1594960737248.png (610.92 KB, 700x455, Lennie Small.PNG)

I thought Laura & Sheila jumped shit when Dogfucker and John Coffey got kicked out? When it comes to that little circle of dimwits, is the only remaining loyal fan McRetard?

No. 786147

File: 1594968070420.png (46.48 KB, 426x498, 6535757_preview.png)

>RT this Tweet if you want a chance for a free OnlyFans trial
more than an hour later
That's fucking hilarious. Aren't his fans supposedly clamoring to get into his OnlyFans?

Hes doing an obvious bait and switch. He promotes his OF for $5 then next month you check your credit card statement and you're being charged the full price. I wondered how hes making money on these free OF giveaways. He gives them a code for a freebie subscription but you still have to sign up using your credit card for age verification. And once they have your card info that freebie turns into full price next month. And this can go on for months because some people dont check all the charges on their credit card statements and they keep getting charged month after month until a red flag pops up.

No. 786150

I think since his the one picking the winner it’s just an excuse to creep his older age fans profiles for the new unicorn but there are no winners in this game

No. 786155

File: 1594981557260.png (641.21 KB, 1098x978, JamesJackson (2).png)

Greg has added a sex doll to his Amazon wishlist for his fans to buy him. I thought the Julia sex doll he had last year looked young but this one is… yikes!

No. 786156

This straight up looks like a 10 year old. Holy shit.

No. 786157

Never change, Greg. Never change.
I hope the feds are watching him closely.

No. 786158

Holy fuck I’m absolutely disgusted. That thing looks prepubescent.

No. 786162


There was a user on the other farms who called themself Onision Fan who complimented Gunk's OF a few times before getting temp banned around the time this was being written yesterday.

No. 786168

Those poor sex dolls. This one will end up trashed and hacked into pieces like the last one because he's too disgusted by his own cum to clean the dolls properly. Does he miss making out with the plastic mouth after rubbing it down with antibacterial wipes? Dirty bastard

No. 786178

Better the dolls be the outlet than some real human girl.

Does anyone think he will be able to secure another new girl or that he will resign to monogamy with Taylor/Lainey/Kai?

No. 786179

So he gave up on finding a new girl, at least for now? Probably got too paranoid after that girl got outed for being obsessed with Billie and probably plotting a revenge against him

No. 786181

The pic of him and lainey with the fake tattoos is a reupload, it’s pretty old.

No. 786183

Yeah, she still had the ring that turned her finger green and she had to exchange for a cheap silicone one lol

No. 786188

The doll is his new girl anon. With those prepubescent features it's got to me 10x more attractive to the degenerate than his old fakeboi, ball and chain. Tinfoil but I forsee him leaving her for the doll unironically, and then focusing his entire only fans around their "sexual relationship" and his foray into madness. His current OF content seems to be monetising his insanity and humiliation fetish, this isn't much of a jump in my mind.

No. 786194

With the broken English in the listing and that cheap price, he'll be lucky if it isn't a novelty blow-up doll

No. 786207

File: 1595014647280.jpg (186.21 KB, 1079x1302, doll.jpg)

He's tryin to get his "fans" to pay for his sex doll.
WHO are the people that supposedly voted to watch him bang a piece of silicone? I can't think of a single woman that would be into that… and I doubt his creepy male viewers want any sort of vag in the picture.

No. 786208

File: 1595014741194.jpeg (781.48 KB, 1716x1125, 7E235D1C-BC16-474F-979B-0D4B7C…)

That doll looks like Skye, or maybe it’s just the bangs

Pretty eerie, still

No. 786209

The doll on his wishlist is like $200
why does he need a $2000 one??

No. 786210

the doll look asian, so nothing like skye

No. 786211

hes scammin hardcore to pay 200 for a doll and get 3x more money in donations to 'pay for half it'.

No. 786212

I see what you mean now, it looks Japanese specifically.

No. 786216

The prime account is where he is a 'sub' for the gay men, so the realistic doll is most likely a male one hes going to 'ride'

No. 786218

File: 1595019130690.png (24.21 KB, 1070x468, cd2ab5371422a605d4af39e228d03b…)

The new Patreon didn't last long then. Guess he didnt have permission after all LOL

No. 786219

Kek. Manually approved my ass

No. 786220

I've been gone for only a few months and Onision has literally started e-whoring? 2020 truly is the worst timeline.

>inb4 he becomes a live camboy

No. 786221

File: 1595022235961.jpg (240.05 KB, 1707x668, scam.jpg)

It that ain't scamming, I don't know what is… Does he need multiple dolls to make his threesome / harem fantasy come true? kek

No. 786223

idk what would be more hilarious, seeing what a $200 wish sexdoll would look like or if he's actually trying to buy a high-end one and is very willing to shell out almost a grand of his own money for it

No. 786225

Hes willing to pay 2k for a male sex doll but only $200 for a female one

No. 786229

He probably used an alternate email and/or lied to the Patreon staff and that's why they approved him initially. "Most honest YouTuber"

No. 786233

I'm wondering if he's THAT desperate for money in order to try to trick Patreon into accepting him back. It's hilarious that his little plan backfired and he ended up being humiliated by Patreon again, I hope it makes him narc rage.

No. 786243


It's been a few years since the last time the internet got an autistic man to fuck a sex doll on video. The quality of the sex doll isn't really going to affect the luls.

No. 786261


No. 786268

>How long has it been since hes mentioned her?

No. 786269

>This one will end up trashed and hacked into pieces
Remember the vid he did with the previous doll where he acted out a serial killer fantasy and tortured/drugged it till "she" died? Good thing this retard has custody of two small children, amirite?
>loli sex doll
This definitely doesn't reinforce the whole "Onision grooms kids/is a pedophile".

No. 786271

No resemblance what so ever except bangs

No. 786273

File: 1595046515780.jpeg (134.4 KB, 1080x1083, EEA2D7BC-2910-4401-AC22-9AAF58…)

Elaine Maxwell is a hypocrite when it comes to sending nudes.

>it’s what she deserves.jpg

No. 786276

File: 1595049986079.png (329.1 KB, 706x1078, 7-18-2020.png)

He deleted that doll that looked like a prepubescent little girl then added 7 new ones that look more adult. These are 1-6. There's even a black one because he wants us to know hes progressive. If hes so enlightened then wheres the male and tranny dolls?

No. 786277

File: 1595050228806.png (593.62 KB, 1071x656, 7-18-2020(2).PNG)

>The doll I saw costs about $1,700
Out of all 7 dolls this is the only one that matches that price. Good going Greg. No one will mistake this doll for a 10 year old girl and call you a fucking pedo. He better start lifting weights because this is going to be 150 lbs of metal skeleton and dead weight silicone. I hope it falls on him in the garage and Lainey finds his lifeless body in the morning.

No. 786279

lmao, do we need any more proof/debate on the topic that he lurks here/has someone lurk here for him and report back 2 him?

lmao, the materials make it sound more like a female skin-walking super-hero costume than a sex-toy.

>"Metal alloy skeleton, built-in stainless steel frame, strong skeleton, built-in joints. Makes various postures as you wish, some difficult poses that ordinary people cannot do."

Regardless, I can't believe there are people out there willing to spend so much money on shit like this, and I can't believe it's such a big of a thing that they also offer 24 hour customer service lmao. Imagine getting a call at 2 AM.

No. 786280

This is the poll, the 1700 is for a male sex doll

No. 786283

Thank you for that correction.

I honestly find it entertaining he's circling back to dolls after Julia. When you think he's hit a new low, he always finds a way to dig himself deeper into his legacy of cringe, and normalize what was once considered a "low for him" to the point where it isn't shocking - I can't wait to see what new genius plan comes after this.

No. 786284


In all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if he goes for the cheapest doll on that list to use it for his OF and additionally buys the doll that looks like a 10-year-old for his private sessions.

No. 786292

I'm sure it wasnt on purpose, but it kinda looks like crazy Tami.

No. 786301

Where did he say he was getting a male sex doll?

No. 786302

He didn't say he was getting a male doll but the fundraiser for this new sex doll was put up on his Onision Prime account. "Onision (Prime) OnlyFans focused more on butts & submissive content." I really don't think he's going to get a male sex doll because all he puts on his wish list are female and he's still scared of other men, even a sex doll would probably challenge his masculinity. I think he'll just get a female doll and fuck it in the ass while thinking about S.

No. 786315

File: 1595091024497.jpg (161.04 KB, 1542x1092, Screenshot_20200718-014218_Chr…)

my bad forgot to add the poll

No. 786401

>He deleted that doll that looked like a prepubescent little girl
This new list really looks like he's trying to throw people off - he'd be lucky to afford even one of them. Obviously he's buying the loli privately.
Death by sex doll would be a fitting end for Onision.

No. 786425

>Being found by Lainey dead on his garage floor suffocated to death by a massive pair of silicon tits on a sex doll that's larger than him.

Not gonna lie, that would be at least his first funny joke before retiring permanently from the business.

No. 786443

File: 1595130098580.png (1010.66 KB, 1087x547, Onision_Tami_Joanna.png)

Damn you're right. It looks like Tami or his older sister Joanna who has the same crazy eyes. He's admitted to searching for, and jerking off to incest porn so Id hate to imagine the fantasy hes going to play out with this doll.
Greg thought he was in the clear by removing the loli doll from his Amazon wishlist so he wouldn't look like a pedophile. And now we find out he's buying dolls to live out some fucked up incest fantasy. Why cant he just have some normal fetish? Why does it always have to lean towards the creepy and illegal shit?

No. 786450

File: 1595139471743.png (433.29 KB, 1033x1643, harem.png)

Just wanted to share this from our fellow farmers at Kiwi. Greg has bought himself 7 sex dolls with a total cost of $9,392 excluding shipping. I guess this was his only way of fulfilling his harem fantasy. We all know any normal or somewhat attractive woman wouldn't want to touch that nasty baby carrot with a 10 foot poll.

No. 786451

old milk shared yesterday here >>786276 >>786277

This is a wishlist. Hes requesting his fans buy him these items. He hasn't purchased them yet. There's no way he has 10K to splurge on sexdolls especially since the wetlands clean up is just days away >>785916

No. 786453


Nah anon look on the right hand side they all say “last purchased July 19, 2020” so looks like he really bought them.

Lmao Lainey made him throw out the one he had before, i don’t know how he plans on selling having 7 creepy ass dolls in their tiny shack to her.

No. 786460

File: 1595142996604.png (191.44 KB, 836x890, 7192020.png)

This must be some type of glitch then. If you go to his wishlist he has 151 items in it and every single one of them says "last purchased >date<" Why would he have a wishlist for his fans to buy him shit if he already owns it all?
Im not going to add up the cost of all 151 items but Greg does not have that kind of money especially after the IRS ass fucking and impending wetlands situation. There are some crazy expensive shit in it too like the camera, bikes and canoes that say "last purchased _____"

No. 786472

Why not just have sex with the real thing rather than a substitute?

Crazy Tami would probably be okay with fucking him on camera since, you know. Joanna, I’m not sure.

No. 786477


So a big way to troll wishlist owners is to mark items as purchased so they get a notification and it removes it from their wishlist, but you don't actually have to pay, its just a button click

Seems like someone is trolling him lmao

No. 786480

Considering that with Greg nothing he does is ever a coincidence we can assume that him ordering a fuck doll that looks exactly like his sister is no accident.

No. 786499


Wonder how he's going to write that off as a "business expense" on his tax returns

No. 786500

He must have gotten tired of masturbating to the video he recorded of Cloey with her skull smashed on the ground

No. 786502

The second doll still kinda looks like a child

No. 786507

File: 1595169742202.jpg (709.26 KB, 1536x2048, JZmkZZh.jpg)

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

No. 786514

File: 1595172273839.png (178.36 KB, 1077x410, onlyfanscomments.PNG)

From his OnlyFans comments section. After reading these I'm not sure if "C" is a computer program that strings together words to make posts, a bot service that employs people from countries where English is not their first language, or its an actual real female fan that had a traumatic brain injury.

No. 786515

File: 1595173592944.jpg (78.28 KB, 1076x303, Onision71920.jpg)

You can't destroy a sex toy with that weird chode of yours
The batteries are going to last more than 3 minutes.
I'm positive you don't clean your sex toys. For gods sake you cum on your carpet and leave it to get crusty.

No. 786518

He needs to be careful. If the doll gets any taller, its gonna be taller than him kekekek

No. 786531

I wish people would stop making youtube videos about his onlyfans. It feels like sex work by proxy and free advertising.

No. 786535

Fucking Kek anon. Sex work by proxy isnt a thing and we already discussed that people laughing at his crusty dick isnt exactly promoting anything. Enioy the milk.

His new sex doll looks exactly like the creepy 3D renderings he used to make and everyone speculated he was overcompensating then for being outed as a creep on a large scale. Everytime someone points out how attracted to underdeveloped bodies he is he thinks the best course of action is to misdirect to a huge pair of tits and ass

No. 786554

Didn't his relationship with Krainy started to deteriorated after she had their first spawn and didn't have a teen body anymore?

No. 786556

>This is a wishlist.
Some dumbass twitterfags were saying he bought all of these. It wouldn't say "needs 1" if it were already bought. He doesn't have that much money and neither do his paypigs.

No. 786558

Wouldn't be surprised if this was a sock. He only just pretends to be retarded after all.
If he's lucky maybe something will break off in his ass.

No. 786559

actually when you purchase something from an amazon wishlist the 'needs 1' thing appears for some reason

No. 786560

I've never had one so i have no idea. I don't believe he could buy all this shit >>786450, especially not in a single day.

No. 786561

File: 1595197861178.png (99.24 KB, 245x225, kek.PNG)

There are some spicy new pictures and videos over at Kiwifarms for those of you whos eyes are still intact from the last bleaching. Some absolutely hilarious reactions in the videos.


No. 786562

I refuse to click on this, but the screenshot here makes me lol because his true face looks literally nothing like his glamour shots he’s been posting lately

No. 786565

Yeah… reading the comments is more than enough for me. I'll never get how anyone can watch this cancer, even as a joke.

No. 786566

He is trying out a couple of those electric pocket pussies. His face was so glorious the entire time I couldnt stop kekking.

If you stop this video at 1 min you're peen free. Highly recommended for a good kek

I have a sick morbid curiosity. I too am shocked at how unbothered I am by it.

No. 786568

I don't know about the actual sex, but imagining this tard trying to act out being this uber chad dom knowing he's a 5 ft manlet with the annoyingly nasal voice he has bring a chuckle to my face.

No. 786571

Yeah I dont know if even I could physically stomach watching actual sex. Seeing the peen was something I was really curious about, as I was wondering if the dick matched his attitude at least. Nope.

No. 786582

File: 1595205692776.jpg (38.58 KB, 414x707, D8250B616211.jpg)

>His face was so glorious the entire time I couldnt stop kekking

This one had me rolling.

No. 786583

File: 1595206658246.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.08 MB, 284x263, OvipositorDemo.gif)

After watching some of his jerk off videos and seeing how he strangles the fuck out of his weird looking alien dick and tries to milk it with a death grip, it reminded me of The Ovipositor demonstration videos I saw on VICE. The Ovipositor is this dildo that allows women to fulfill their fantasy of being fucked and impregnated by some type of Xenomorph. His cock sometimes looks like it has this bulge in the middle. I wouldnt be surprise that one of these days a slimy gelatinous egg pops out instead of the cottage cheese cum we've been seeing him spray all over his carpet.

No. 786585


omg lollll i can hear the old man mountain yelling meme

No. 786586

dude spoiler that shit

No. 786590

File: 1595209716161.jpg (120.02 KB, 889x488, 7-19-2020_SE43F76G.jpg)

This is the only doll on his wish list that's in the 900 dollar range. Im confused I thought he was going to buy the $1,700 doll that looked like him mom and sister? Ive also read people saying that hes buying a male doll to fuck him >>786280
Which is it?

No. 786592

lmao. Guarantee he hasn't had sex with Lainey in months. I imagine her libido's close to dead what with whatever meds she's likely taking and everyone (including her neighbors) knowing she's a pedophile. Onion has a better chance of being wed to a sex doll before he ever sees real pussy again.

No. 786593

File: 1595210718226.png (Spoiler Image, 489.82 KB, 683x552, gross.PNG)

You would think that with his new pocket pussies it would help contain the mess. But no… he pops in the PP then turns it upside down to let it all dribble out onto his carpet and whatever else is underneath him. Is he cleaning up afterwards or just letting it dry? Is Lainey forced to clean it up like the boiling sugar water on the dinner table incident?

No. 786594

Seems like a very sanitary environment for his kids to grow up in (nice job CPS). Who knows what he gets up to in the rest of that disgusting house.

No. 786595

He never said he was getting a male doll.

No. 786596

Yeah, he started convincing her she was bi and shit when trot was barely 1 year old

No. 786597

Lol look at that gut, wasn't he on a diet and bragging about losing weight?

No. 786601

Spoiler that shit, anon! Fucking gross.

No. 786602

File: 1595213186898.jpg (138.43 KB, 566x579, greekgod.jpg)

He was focused on jerking off so he lets his guard down and stops tensing his muscles and sucking in his gut. Anastazia always got these great candid shots of him when he wasnt ready.

No. 786605

A male doll was one of the top vote getters on one of his stupid polls, though.

No. 786612

Anon dont get spoonfed. Its literally 3 scrolls up.


No. 786615


lolllll he recently posted a photo of him all flexing and arms raised praising himself on how well his diet is going, but he's a doughy and unhealthy as always.
Bold of him to start dishing out diet advice when no one would ever desire to have this body.

No. 786629

File: 1595226583894.png (2.54 MB, 1125x2436, CBFF750D-2AF1-4DC4-848E-327859…)

He looked so bored and dead-eyed, gave me the chills

In other news, Elaine Maxwell is back on Facebook

No. 786631

Is this even her or is Greg larping again I wonder

No. 786633

I was looking through her family’s profiles to see if they recently tagged her in anything but all I could find was this picture:

There is no specific date and it could be an old pic but the chick with grandma looks like Ghislaine, she even gots the triple d’s shrugs(rule 3.2)

No. 786639

File: 1595227968126.png (676.16 KB, 865x527, cali looks like lauren sis(2).…)

That's her younger sister Lauren.
I had to search for an old photo to confirm. Funny thing about this collage photo is the girl with red hair in the insert photo is Cali, the girl Lainey was trying to sweet talk into being in a poly relationship. The comparison photo was to show how much Cali looked like Laineys younger sister Lauren. And I thought Greg was the only one with an incest fetish. Greg wants to fuck his sis & mom, Lainey wants to fuck her little sister.

No. 786650

Couldn’t this bitch get any creepier?

No. 786653

he has such a deformed feminine chicken leg…very bony, doughy, with no muscle definition at all and his whole body looks so sickly ..this is what having 0 racial mixing in your ancestry looks like ..looking like a pale sickly manbird with fragile bones ready to break at the slightest dusk of wind..if i remember his 23andme video its confirmed he is 100% white with neanderthal ancestry..his manwife is slightly more mixed but has the same sickly pale fragile bone body as him ..probably from getting no exercise, sitting on her ass all day and rarely seeing the sun

No. 786657

Kek. He's serving raw poultry. But tbh I know he is full white with a side of extra neanderthal but his ugliness probably has more to do with him fucking with his face with botox and skin peels or whatever he does and eating a potato based diet for years on end. And Kai basically been eating tic tacs for years

No. 786668

It's not even that it's a racial issue, the man was literally meant to be aborted. His head is way too big for his body. He's retarded. I agree he made it worse with diet and shit botox, not to mention his muscles have wasted and he's so scrawny from sitting at a computer for hours on end.

No. 786670

Lol she's dead naming herself, what happened to "Kai"? I wonder if she finally stopped pretending she's trans

No. 786674

Can we expect another legal name change soon?

No. 786684

I always assumed She never “came out” to her family at all. I remember some video she posted of her back home and everyone was calling her Taylor.

No. 786687

anyone seen previews for the movie w anna kendrick about this girl who befriends her shitty boyfriends sex doll ?

might be laineys best option but idk if sex doll would want her she maybe looks like anna kendrick w cancer

No. 786691

Her name was Kai on her old Facebook before she deactivated it

No. 786694

Jesus do they ever go for any non-skanks? This one too just reeks of whore.
These girls they go for they look beat, like they're just a couple of days away from doing donkey shows in Tijuana.

No. 786695

also why does lainey look so gross? she's the only one in her family to look this putrid. she looks like she died 12 years ago and has been decomposing ever since.

No. 786698

I guess her untreated anemia has something to do with it, she admitted in a livestream once that she doesn't take iron supplements because she likes the paleness anemia gives her (how fucking vain is this bitch) so she looks like a zombie with a receding hairline because of that, so aesthetic uwu

No. 786732

I don’t recall this ever being mentioned in any livestream or video. I’m goong with it didn’t happen I highly doubt she’s that dumb to metion Something so silly

No. 786733

She's just so repugnant. They don't call her footface for nothing her head is shaped like a foot, and then she has that cold sore and smears make-up over it on camera. Its so disgusting. She even has a deformed pinkie-toe. I noticed that in that video where Sarah rubs her feet or something, I almost puked all over my keyboard when I noticed that.

No. 786736

you'd be surprised, lurk moar

No. 786737

Same person who lied about her height and shoe size to larp as a smoll bean so it's more likely than you think

No. 786744

Why does he never fully take his shirt off? Why is it always that weird cap sleeve, shirt behind his head look?

No. 786746

Probably holding back all the excess flabby skin and fat. It's like a dam. If he takes the shirt off it will all cascade and reveal his true vegetarian body

No. 786756

Bering lurking for a long time and don’t believe it happened

No. 786757


It was confirmed by one of the jailbait poly members, I think? Along with her extending breast feeding to lose weight kek. And also eating tik taks for dinner

No. 786760

File: 1595292312504.png (70.09 KB, 711x654, 5322345785.png)

The livestream happened over 2 years ago so it would be impossible to find, but it was discussed here on Tumblr, on Twitter… It looks like you don't lurk as much as you say

No. 786762

i heard her say it live lmao i dont feel like digging up the broadcast for you but you can find it if you lurk

No. 786763

It's been mentioned multiple times, but she specifically states herself that she has iron deficient anemia in the "I Tried Being Vegan for a Day" vid, bitch.

No. 786821

Poor diet but also living with Greg. Imagine all you do is cry and have crotch gremlins sucking milk from you while you sit on the internet all day. She's dehydrated as fuck. The stress of being around Greg would be extremely tiring. Look at how ugly all his partners become after living with him.
Billy had the worst breakouts while living there.

No. 786825

File: 1595312650359.png (108.15 KB, 601x734, active investigations.PNG)

Wasnt there some low grade tea/drama channels that called a file clerk in the DA's office and was told there were no open investigations involving Greg? One of the active cases is the call Onision made about Hansen trespassing so thats not against Greg. But theres two others. One active case concerning C falling out the window and another about Onision and child porn.


No. 786826

Wow, edgy

No. 786842

File: 1595322734749.jpg (504.85 KB, 1207x1664, case numbers.jpg)

The implication is these are 3 active investigations on Onion specifically, which is false. These are the 3 cases if you look through the available docs/corresponding incident #'s:


is Onision's harassment case against Hansen, which i'm pretty sure is closed anyway.
for some reason references a CAD/dispatch inquiry. (also irrelevant)
is the only one that looks like it could be ongoing.

No. 786843

File: 1595322992982.jpg (519.51 KB, 2928x1301, CPS1.jpg)

samefag. 012 is the CPS case that I thought was closed but it's a different case from the previous one. It looks like another case is now possibly being led by a different detective. Aside from that it appears Swan is correct.

No. 786846

So he has open police investigations going on plus the wetlands? Last I heard with that he never satisfied the terms given to him and he's on his final grace period?

No. 786847

Yeah but that doesn't mean he actually intends on getting one. His 3 fans are retarded enough to believe he'd never lie to them.

No. 786848

I thought the wetlands would be in there but i didn't see it. I'm sure that's still happening. He might have an open investigation with CPS but that's not confirmed since those other two >>786825 cases referenced aren't open.

No. 786854


The wetlands is an ongoing civil matter, not criminal since the fish and wildlife police didn't find enough of a crime to deal with.

I'm purely speculating about the CPS thing but that's an open case because there was a serious incident that could be evidence of neglect and the kids are still there. If any more "accidents" happen, the window fall would probably be relevant. Turns out having kids means you should take a bit of actual care with them in case those interfering police start hassling you.

No. 786867

File: 1595336437650.png (42.06 KB, 1554x244, 003426.png)

There is no "implication."
This is actual proof that investigations are still open. Good Citizen Reports specifically requested "All active investigations and cases against James Jackson, Kai Jackson >aliases<" and these 3 were returned to GCR.
The one open case that involves Hansen is not against Greg. But the other two are troubling. It seems that they're still looking into the accident that happened with Cloey and the investigation about child porn. The description of the CP report isnt specific to either Greg or Lainey. Could this open investigation be about the nude photos she sent to and received from underage girls? Lainey's fucked.

No. 786874

File: 1595338726425.png (323.04 KB, 600x546, Capture7_21_2020.png)

Looks like these tea channels are scrambling to make changes to videos they've been working on for weeks after it was proven there are multiple open investigations on Onision and Kai. I hope they don't choke on that first bite of crow.

No. 786875

and those aren't even part of another big investigation going on. I won't say anything but Rest assured it will have Serious consequences.
make of that what you will.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 786882


Proof in this context is something I'll take with a grain of salt. The idiots like Lola Bohemia and the john goose person thought they'd proven the negative.

It's all just wank until someone gets arrested and charged with something.

No. 786913

They deactivated that case without even talking to "Sara"? God American cops are lazy, no wonder so many pieces of shit get away with crimes

No. 786949

This ss doesn't show the primary source material/docs stating the cases I referenced are closed. C's case was closed by another detective.Read the primary source material and try again.
>multiple open investigations
According to the available public records the only possible open investigation concerns CPS, that's not multiple, nor do we know if it has to do with C or not. it's 1 case which may or may not still be active. Stop trying to spread misinfo like the anti-o retards and learn to think critically.

No. 786973

they are. you have no idea how fucking slow they move. takes years sometimes

No. 786981

Why would they be talking to Sarah about C's case? If you're referring to Sarah fucking in the bed with C's parents while she slept in the same bed, her parents allowed this to happen and also groomed Sarah as a child - you like to avoid context so your point is moot. The case that was closed was C's fall out the window. It looks like another might've been opened by another detective, either that or it's closed/old and the records haven't been updated. It's up in the air for now.

No. 786992

Look, you can debate till the cows on home but first there has to be something illegal Greg has done. The CP thing is hopeful but thats probably the Sarah thing, in which case it will be Taylor going to prison. Unless they can prove she did that shit for Greg, Greg ain't going anywhere.
If you're hoping Taylor will sing like a canary to save herself from prison in that scenario I highly doubt it, she's completely insane and willing to do anything for Greg, there's no way she would ever sell him out.
Still though I think theres a glimmer of hope, and it ain't those aforementioned cases, I think Greg might go to club fed over entirely different shit.

No. 787001

You're acting like queen neet wouldn't have a heart attack if she got arrested. They both would snitch on the other it just depends on who goes first.

No. 787013

Why don't you try it yourself. Request any open investigations/cases involving Greg and Lainey and you will receive the same 3 cases 1901100879 - 1925502012 - 2000900913. Thats multiple cases. I understand your trying to defend Onision and the tea channels under the guise of "critical thinking" but you wont find many here that agree with you.

No. 787021

I feel the same way. We've already seen how Greg will throw her under the bus as quick as a wink. If the choice was his freedom or spilling everything he knows about Lainey they wouldn't be able to stop him talking. And he would exaggerate things to make her look as bad as possible.
As for Lainey, she tells tales out of school when shes with her confidants. She cried to Billie when she found out she was having a little girl because she knows how Greg is. Who knows how many stories she told Sarah about Greg. She even did online house shopping with Sarah (and Cali at a different time) playing out this fantasy of getting away from Gregs abuse and living with which ever human tissue was around at the time.
There was a time when her loyalty was because of blind love. Now her devotion is because without Greg and his limited income she wouldnt be able to sit and stare at her phone all day looking for new girls to play with. She'd have to move to Las Cruces and live with her parents and get a job at the local Gap folding clothes and having anxiety attacks every time a customer asks her a question.

No. 787025

File: 1595383997993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 633.26 KB, 1079x1649, Screenshot_20200721-.jpg)

Im sorry for posting this but I have to share my confusion. Whenever I see a photo of him from behind his body looks so weird and disproportioned. There was a photo last month he took of himself from behind in the mirror and his head looked so big and elongated. And now he posted this shot and he looks like he has child bearing hips. Look how high his waist is. And when hes standing up straight you notice one butt cheek is longer than the other.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 787031

File: 1595385216430.gif (438.46 KB, 294x342, CFECD619-5688-43FF-9303-ACBD62…)

No. 787074

>one butt cheek is longer than the other.
It looks like his right leg is forward a bit? I don't know why … but then it also looks like his left side is larger in general than the right, everything about this is horrible

No. 787078

He's so short he's just mismatched together in a very ugly way.

No. 787081

Not only that but look at his arms. Why does one arm look like it belongs to a teenage girl and the other to a 70 year old grandpa? And you're right the waist looks abnormally high. Makes me wonder if he photoshops himself like Gollum on purpouse.

No. 787092


The only issue I have with this logic is that I know how completely incompetent people are and it could just be some admin clerk didn't update the computer. I wouldn't plant my flag into anything being certain in this Kafkaesque clown world.

No. 787171

>And when hes standing up straight you notice one butt cheek is longer than the other.

He's stepping into the shower stall. Geez, man.

No. 787206

Is he left handed? If yes that's obviously his fap arm.

No. 787221

They probably let the CPS case open so they won't need to open a new one each time some random retard from the internet calls them with "tips"

No. 787256

>I understand your trying to defend Onision
That's piss tier anti-o downie logic, I expect better from anons. I don't need to request/re-request anything when the available public docs prove what I've said. Saying this >>786867 is proof I'm wrong when it's literally an excel spread sheet made by who the fuck knows is fucking stupid.

You can disagree all you like, the fact is I read the public primary source docs which for some reason you're incapable of doing i.e., thinking critically. I already explained why youre wrong about "multiple investigations" >>786842. If you want to talk "tea channel" info that doesn't relate to Onision take it to the flakes thread.

No. 787264

Greg would rat Lainey out in a hot minute to save himself. He nearly ditched his family to be with Billie. He likes to talk about how he kicked all his nasty exes out of his life when in reality, the only reason he's not with Billie rn is because she rejected him, and then months/years afterwards he kept sending her pathetic cringe emails looking to collab or something equally stupid. Billie's the one that got away.
True but that doesn't explain why one arm is abnormally larger than the other. With his hips, if I had no context for the pic I'd think I was looking at a woman. Unappealing is an understatement.

No. 787267

That's exactly what I thought, their database hasn't been updated. Two of the 3 cases are definitely closed. The problem is some people (like the anti's) are pants on head retarded and can't be bothered to do the most basic reading or research. I noticed some of the anti-o galaxy brains have been shitting up KF with their autism.

No. 787287

onision debating "haters" right now. Raging about Sarah's laptop.

No. 787314

The more he keeps bringing up the laptop the more I think he really is scared of what could be on it. If it was really no big deal, if he were so sure that there was no chance it could incriminate him or Lainey, why would he ever mention it again?

No. 787325


On YouTube? I thought he has "retired" from YouTube and has since become a "porn star" (barf).

He's really trying hard to make himself relevant again. He needs to make his returns for purchasing all those shit dildos

No. 787338

Didn't watch but I imagine he's feeing more cocky than usual as he's most likely not going to jail and Chris Hansen has been exposed as a grifter. If anything, it's Kai who is in trouble (and even then she probably won't face much consequences). He's a piece of shit to young women but he'll take any opportunity sperg about not having committed any crimes and how he is actually the victim in all of this

No. 787348

I know we have some people fair frothing at the mouth to see both him and the wife go to jail. Well that will not happen, but that doesn't mean they have won. I mean look at him and remember what his very publicly stated desires were. He wanted to have a large house (nope) he wanted to be making 2 million a year (ahahahaha-no) he wanted a bevy of younger girls to fuck then fling aside, all manic pixie dream girls with rainbow hair that would worship his dick and meekly go away when discarded (yeah he's down to mcfly).
He's been reduced to being the things he used to vow were what was objectively wrong with society. He's a sexworker (WHORES!) he's a meat eater (EVIL SCUM!) and he is pandering and reduced to obeying the will of his fan group (I DON'T COMPROMISE OR LOWER MYSELF!!).

Unless he's somehow magically making enough to invest, or is putting some away to get an education, what is going to happen to him? He's starting super late into the sex work game. He's not trying to make his body or face more attractive to give him some form of longevity.
For me, this is better than jail for the both of them. He's fast becoming irrelevant, not even an "internet villain", and the cunt he married is no longer attatched to a (in)famous person like she tried so hard to be, just a sad former sex pest that shoves dildos up his ass for tips. That's her spouse. uwu goals.

No. 787358

It was on uhohbro, he ended up kicking the only guy on that was against him. There was a non binary, a stupid girl that had an ex that used his platform to bully her but believes Greg is honest and not that bad, and a silent black guy that said fuck all. The debate was not a debate because Onion asked what has he ever lied about and then when those lies came up he changed subject to deflect. He said again Sarah agreed that she raped him but wouldn't address the fact he solo dated Sarah after the fact and fucked her all around his house when Lainey was out of state. He got mad because the guy he kicked asked if Lainey was crying and then Onion sperged about Lainey being good and awesome blah blah blah then the guy said Lainey sent nudes to girls and Onion had to state he didn't counter that because he has never fully explained the full story so we can't say one way or another if he's lying. He then went on a rant that the girls are being fradulant because they made money off of streams telling their side and people made GFMs and other people donated. He ranted that he was mad the victims got paid. Its OK that Greg monetises personal details of people that won't fuck him anymore lives for money but if those same people address his slander theyre frauds. He denied he's been fradulant even tho he failed to disclose his full taxable income to the IRS which is why he's being fined and investigated for fraud… Accepting donations that aren't taxable is fradulant according to him but withholding information to pay your taxes and public services is fine. Especially if most of your money and content stems from the harassment of people you couldn't have a successful sexual relationship with

No. 787434

>then the guy said Lainey sent nudes to girls and Onion had to state he didn't counter that because he has never fully explained the full story

Why not, what is he hiding? So much for being "honest"

No. 787473

This is what people suspected at the beginning when all he did was provide very weirdly worded vague defenses like “Lainey would never want to not need Sarah to maybe not see those photos” everyone assumed he was being deliberately vague because Lainey was guilty and he didn’t want to get caught in a lie if it eventually came out

But he gave himself away a few months later by making a video with “proof” Sarah stole the images from the laptop. Wonder if that video is still up. It was debunked shortly after.
Then there was his recent “interview” with that Oreo guy where Greg denies ever having seen the images in question at all and being completely ignorant but insisting it was an accidental “nip slip”

No. 787475

He doesn't wanna tell the full story because it makes him and Footface look bad, because if it made them look innocent and made Sarah look bad you bet he would have told it 100 times already

No. 787493

He's a full on professional victim. Can you imagine what his life must be like? Inbetween his 8 hour masturbation sessions he angrily spergs about people who've happily moved on with their lives LOL.He probably rants and raves to Lainey too in the few minutes a day they're in the same room together (IF she's still there anyway).

All his "awful exes" live rent free in his unfortunately shaped head. And yeah, it's doubtful he'll ever see the clink but he already lives in a prison of his own making. I only care about what happens to his kids.

No. 787494

>He's been reduced to being the things he used to vow were what was objectively wrong with society.
I don't know why more people can't just be happy that karma's a thing. Sometimes that's enough really. It's why i don't like touching the poo. Just observe and let the Universe do its thing.

No. 787497

The only people that ever owned Onision in a "debate" were Blaire, Stevie and to a lesser extent Nic Deorio with that glorious cut off/hang up. Edwin was supposed to have one but dragged his ass for so long it never happened. Hansen could've done it but since that exploitative assclown can't do simple research he'd fall flat on his face.
>he's being fined and investigated for fraud
Is that still happening?? It didn't come up in Doges search >>786825 and I haven't seen anything verifying that it's still ongoing.

No. 787522

Ugh in his latest YouTube video hes going on about age and maturity and how certain people are more mature at a certain age than others. Typical Greg pedo speak.
Sounds like his old videos where he was trying to justify his and Shiloh's relationship by saying she had the brain of a 30 year old.
To top it off, he announces that he's on tiktok. Way to make yourself look even more like a creep. I'm wondering if he's migrated there on top of all the talk about age to lure more teens in.

No. 787544

Kek he's still going on about that even now when almost everyone who's heard of onision knows he's a creepy asshole who preys on barely legal girls. It's like he knows what he does is wrong but thinks he can gaslight the internet into making it ok (for himself only ofc)

No. 787560

I think this fat guy owned Greg pretty hard back in the day.

No. 787591

It’s so bizarre and creepy to me that he thinks he’s able to relate to this kids. His defenders are talking about high school still. Yet he talks about old and ancient Hensan is. That Hansen is an old man and that’s it’s totally normal to be in your 30s hanging out with young kids. I’m in my 30s and 90% of my adult interactions day to day are with people between 30-60. I can’t rememwvrr the last thing or time I had anything in common with somebody in their early 20s or high school

No. 787598

He has no perspective on his own life… or he thinks he is exempt.
When he was in his early 20s starting out on youtube, he tore some other youtuber apart and made videos mocking him because he was a 30 year old creator that had teenaged fans. Difference is, that creator never invited those teenaged fans to stay at his house or ever tried to sleep with them.

Of course now Gurg is making videos about how age doesnt matter, maturity does.

Dude has no morals and no convictions. He only believes what is relevant to him in the current moment and makes grand statements about issues that will allow him to feel morally superior whilst still getting to do fucked up shit.

No. 787605


It does vary. There could be 23 year olds you'd follow into literal battle and 34-35 year olds like greg you wouldn't let look after your dog.

No. 787618

File: 1595623168192.png (2.34 MB, 1173x1876, troglodyte.png)

behold the anemic troglodyte in its full glory..the pinnacle of Greg's career
i cannot unsee those jarish chicken old man legs..his limbs dont even look like it belongs to his torso and his head looks massive
credit: heatboss on kf

No. 787622

He looks like he's being trafficked good lord

No. 787629

That's true to an extent but it's still totally different life stages between early 20s and early 30s. Most people in their 30s wouldn't have anything more than a working relationship with people in their early 20s - obviously I'm generalizing but life stages make a huge difference. Greg can't relate to anyone his own age because he straight up lacks the mental capacity, then there's that whole grooming and being a pedo thing.

No. 787634

>Dude has no morals or convictions.
Like all pretentious imbeciles Onision pretends to have convictions, it's all for show. He's said more than once he doesn't care about right or wrong only what's legal/illegal. That was best demonstrated in his letting a 16 year old girl into his home, grooming her, taking advantage of her as soon as she's legal, then going on to paint her as the liar and abuser. Sarah proved her case more than once and the points Onion didn't ignore (because he couldn't argue them) he attacked with weak deflections and non sequiturs. I think he'd groom another girl too if he thought he could get away with it. Tards tend to be compulsive that way.

No. 787635

scrolling past this I thought this was a creepy, lifesize cardboard cutout kek

No. 787639

File: 1595631206393.jpg (33.1 KB, 640x508, onision.jpg)

No. 787654

He's a pervert. And this is what he wants to do now. Usually people that end up in porn have ran out of options, but he opens this onlyfans shit and full-on believes he's a porn star now.
I'm not sure if its been posted here yet but apparently he ordered 9 sex dolls. "Sorry kids, there goes your future college tuition."
Lainey picked out a real prince.

No. 787664


still can't get over that he called sarah a rapist and then let her stay in the house and had "not sex" with her. like why does that never come up in any interview?

No. 787670

According to Sarah in the first livestream she did, he even asked her to be his girlfriend at the airport when he picked her up (I don't see this being brought up enough for some reason). Cause you know, it's totally normal to ask your wife's rapist to be your girlfriend

No. 787671

Totally agree with this, people our ages have nothing in common with that age range.
He's disgusting as fuck for going there sexually/on any level.

Someone should point blank ask him that.
He "didn't want to see her face because she's their rapist" but he sure as hell could fuck her multiple times afterwards.

No. 787682

dude girl was hot i would have slammed my dick in her the second she arrived, gerg should get credit for not fucking her until she turned 18.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 787717

Unfortunately it seems anyone that ever “debates” him doesn’t really bring up the most important stuff either cause they don’t pay as much attention as we do or they’re shit under pressure. I find myself always groaning when someone either lets some idiotic lie or contradiction of Greg’s slide or they get the facts wrong. But I’m also not about to go and debate the idiot myself

No. 787725

It really isn't worth anyone's time to debate him so you're better off for your own sanity. The only people who seem to even try to are either super young and inexperienced with debates or just mentally ill. The last person I remember getting on his ass was that one lady with the red hair ages ago.

No. 787726

I remember this. Cringed ultra hard at the fat fangirl trying to rearrange and push her tits up into frame. She looks like a tranny.

No. 787732

>apparently he ordered 9 sex dolls
With what money? All this tinfoiling and no one can say where he's getting the money? I'm not convinced he bought crap worth several thousands of dollars all in a single day. From what we can tell he makes chump change on OF and makes next to nothing on YT. He still has payments to make for the wetlands and most likely the IRS as well.

Taking his wishlist at face value he also supposedly bought tons of other shit like wigs, clothing, shoes and glasses all on the same day he bought the dolls? I don't think so. i don't believe any of his few remaining orbiters are wealthy, most of them are barely 18 and talk like speds.

No. 787736

Probably deducted them as "business expenses". I can't wait until IRS finds out lol

No. 787737

File: 1595662459085.jpg (64.67 KB, 640x374, this is Greg.jpg)

>it's totally normal to ask your wife's rapist to be your girlfriend
>He "didn't want to see her face because she's their rapist" but he sure as hell could fuck her multiple times afterwards.

I want to know if pic related was before of after Sarah raped and blackmailed them? kek. The wind he keeps pissing in always blows back in his face, then he feigns surprise and offense when anyone with an IQ above single digits notices the stench.

No. 787738

It's possible he's risking going into several thousands of dollars in debt but it's far more likely he didn't buy all that shit. We know how stupid he is but he fears the law more than anything, he's not going to risk getting on the wrong side of the IRS again unless he's gone full blown retard and thinks he's above the law. Time will tell.

No. 787745

It's Grease were talking about, the guy literally only makes stupid decisions in his life. He already had trouble with the IRS before by trying to deduct his divorce as a business expense, that didn't stop him from deducting his whole house, cars, equipment, etc later on

No. 787763


See: wetlands saga. If he actually bought them he might just send them back used and enter a lengthy and ultimately futile argument. It was never a good idea to apply common sense to Greg but since he's actively dildoing his ass on the internet now even more so.

No. 787765

>he's not going to risk getting on the wrong side of the IRS again unless he's gone full blown retard and thinks he's above the law.
So, Greg rn?

No. 787768

Are you telling me it's NOT normal to send follow up e-mails to you & your wife's rapist, telling them in detail how much you loved it???

No. 787774

Kek, has no one confronted Grug about this yet? Of course he will deflect and change topic but I can't believe no one has taken this up either with him or in a youtube video

No. 787781

>I loved seeing you satisfy Kai

Didn't he say Kai cried and was traumatized after having sex with Sarah? Another lie caught

No. 787782

I don’t think he has ever addressed this specific screenshot, but he someone always has some lame excuse for whatever people throw at him. Not that his excuses are believable, but he always says them with such confidence that no one can really ever have that “gotcha” moment with him. Regarding other evidence Sarah has shared, he’s danced around them saying it la out of context or demanding proof or whatever. I don’t think he’s ever outright said her texts were fake, because we all know they aren’t:

No. 787801

He's standing with his shoulders clearly pushed way forward to try and add a tiny bit of length to his t-rex arms.

On that topic, mods should relax a bit on the "no nitpick" rule. Greg is fucking hideous, objectively and hilariously unattractive. Still, he's a raging narcassit obsessed with physical beauty and sometimes even deludes himself into believing he's attractive. Sometimes he even pretends people tell him how much he looks like really attractive celebrities. So it's lots of fun to point out how deformed he is, especially with pictures. That's why I'm glad KF doesn't have that rule.

No. 787828

File: 1595721142308.jpg (265.1 KB, 1080x1516, 20200726_014753.jpg)

What is he on about?

No. 787829

File: 1595724886632.jpg (94.09 KB, 1004x1620, 2537684.jpg)

No. 787830

He’s probably telling us he killed and buried Ghislaine and the kids in the backyard

No. 787831

lol good one. bonus points for the batman reference tho I do prefer the splendor of BTAS.

No. 787835


Highly unlikely he bought any of them. People can mark items on his wishlist as “purchased” similar to a wedding registry so no one buys duplicates. People are likely marking things as “bought” just to troll him which is why it’s showing up that way.

No. 787858

Do you know when he posted this? I didn't see it anywhere on his godforsaken timeline.
lol. Dude's approaching middle age, has two small children and he draws like an edgy wannabe school shooter - how cringe.

No. 787861

He also pretends people write to him telling him they get off to his awful, shooped with a million filters pics.

I get people making fun of his looks but there's only so much you can do it before it gets tired and repetitive. We already know he's horribly deformed and takes terrible pictures, it's not like he ever brings anything new to the table there. I do admit to having a good kek at this tho >>787829.

No. 787882

There's recently been a guy in Australia named Shea Sturt who murdered his gf. Just look at his Facebook posts before he committed the murder and then look at Greg's. Same type of deep edgy delusional rethoric. I had a chill down my spine when I saw the resemblance. And even the poor gf resembles Taylor with her being powerless and hoping the guy will change despite him causing her a brain tumor with the regular beatings.(offtopic)

No. 787885


anons are right

No. 787887

File: 1595772664291.png (133.42 KB, 739x359, C. Julia Lovedoll.PNG)

I wish I had a high def or clearer picture of C's profile pic. I just enlarged it from this OnlyFans comment section screenshot shared earlier

Doesn't C. look a lot like the sex doll Julia that Onision bought last year but just wearing a different wig?

No. 787892

When was the last time lamey or his children are mentioned.. do they even live there? Does he leave the garage at all? Does he even know?

No. 787897

He was still defending her in those “debates” he had a few days ago. Personally I think they’re probably in the “staying together for the kids” stage before their inevitable divorce

No. 787898

More like "stay together because he doesn't wanna pay child support for 15 years"

No. 787906

Bingo. He was ready to dump her when he was riding his manic high with Billie and still making a decent chunk of adsense rev (all before he had the IRS and wetlands fiasco as well), but now? No way. Taylor would have to leave him and she aint going anywhere either because she might actually have to humble herself and make amends to her family and friends for being an idiot and a creep.

It would be glorious though. If she left him not only would he be stuck with child support payments but he would be all alone again, and a single Onion is an even milkier Onion. Especially because this time he doesn't have youth or money on his side to wrangle in jailbait. The best he could hope for is McFly or some OnlyFans hoe. I could see him fully trooning out for shock coin, he would probably come out as a lesbian as a last ditch effort to score some Tumblerina poon kek.

No. 787918

Who the fuck is 'C' supposed to be just type her name out

No. 787919

C is the name "she" uses when she comments on Gregs Onlyfans. Its not a full name, just C. She's one of Gregs OF subs that constantly strokes his ego with weird comments shown here >>786514 I just saw a similarity between C.'s pfp and Gregs old Julia sex doll. You change up the wigs and they look the same. I guess what Im saying is Greg has used socks before and got caught because people would reverse image search the profile pic and find where he stole the photos from. Greg could use old photos of his sex doll add a little blur to it and it wouldnt come up on any image search because its an original he created.

No. 787930

OT but what future technological horrors await us in the same vein as "hey you know all those images you confidently uploaded before 2008? Well someone just invented reverse image search"

No. 787949

>People are likely marking things as “bought” just to troll him
I hope this fucking settles it then, unless someone can actually prove how much money he's making, which they never fucking do. The tinfoiling with that was getting autistic.

No. 787953

Check the ss up thread. You fags should learn to lurk more.

No. 787966

>credit: heatboss on kf
That's one of the anti's with a very rare, untreatable form of autism. Good to know they probably lurk here.

No. 787980

Some people call Cloey "C," so I think we need a new nickname. And just out this person, if they are willing to be open with him, and they are an adult, they already put themselves into the drama.

No. 787987

File: 1595814832904.png (984.91 KB, 1015x566, uhohbrols.PNG)

uhohbro livestream for charity is live now.
4 videos into this series and this new little group of fans are already imploding. They're all arguing because one of them sent inappropriate DMs to some others in the group. Im starting to see the same people on cam again and again. He nuked that old "community" when he banned Blasian, Tamara and a couple others. And now it looks like hes working to build another.

No. 787988

I liked it when he tried to hide his face filter and chose one that exposed his disgusting face as it is

No. 787989

File: 1595815075298.png (140.17 KB, 253x341, Capture.PNG)

Is this faggot using a SNOW filter while recording?

No. 787990

File: 1595815107422.jpg (39.31 KB, 379x569, m4Imu.jpg)

what in the hell is he doing with that filter

No. 787992

File: 1595815252802.jpg (66.04 KB, 453x341, ONISION LIVE.jpg)

onision shit talking blasian and tamara has commenced with mcfly looking uncomfortable during the whole thing

No. 787993

Idk how anyone can listen to him for more than 5 seconds, aside from the idiocy and bullshit he spews, his voice is just so fucking annoying. Anyway I hope something milky comes from this stream but I doubt it, it's boring af.

No. 787996

The person literally only uses the initial C as their posting handle.

Maybe refer to them as “fan C” if it’s not clear from the context that it’s not the little girl?

No. 788001

Jesus Christ. Is he hoping that making himself look like an animu character will help him win arguments? He should just put on some fake tits already and go full troon at this point.

No. 788005

File: 1595819225269.png (512.22 KB, 688x513, onionfans.png)

I was listening off and on and didnt hear anything really milky. We all know about him wanting to fuck his stepmom and that he enjoys incest porn. But Ive never heard this story even though he says "Ive told this so many times" He says that the night of the Tyson vs. Holyfied fight (1997 which means he was 11) as he was laying in bed
>I was praying to God, I was like please God have my stepmom come down here and suck my dick.

pic related - his new batch of fans reaction after he told his story.

No. 788009

This is the kind of tinfoil I like, cogent and doesn't stray too far from the facts.

Greg's desperate need for validation is what really keeps him going at the end of the day - how many times has he left twitter/YT only to come crawling back? Narcs don't care what type of attention they get, as long as they get it, he needs the supply. This is why OF is perfect for him. Anyone thinking he feels embarrassed or degraded by the shit he's done on OF doesn't understand that Greg making his entire super cringe life an open book the way he has, proves that his OF is just another extension of this.

No. 788011

Greg mentioned her tonight. At the end of the fundraiser stream he said that he promised Kai he would only stay on for an hour. Who wants to bet that he'd stream till bed time every night if allowed. How sad that he would rather hang out with teenagers and twenty-somethings more than his wife and children.

No. 788012

He ignores her and the kids 90% of the time, what difference would it make if he stayed for more than an hour? Did Foot FINALLY grow a backbone and is making him help her take care of the kids now?

No. 788013

It could be basic jealousy. Shes cool with him "working" in his garage office and ignoring her and the kids. She just doesn't want him spending hour after hour with those teenage girls. Every single relationship hes had except for Skye has been with a fan that caught his eye. Lainey doesn't want to run the risk of him trading her in for a newer model that hasn't been "ridden hard and put away dry." Lainey has some fucked up irrational fears when it comes to Greg. She said in a YouNow that when she cant find Greg in the house she immediately panics and thinks he's packed up and left her and the kids.

No. 788014

>She said in a YouNow that when she cant find Greg in the house she immediately panics and thinks he's packed up and left her and the kids.
NTA, I must have somehow missed this. Yikes. She should be seeing him leaving as a blessing.

No. 788020

He already cheated on her with at least two girls, one of them was her "best friend", how much worse can things get?

No. 788021

Laineys anxiety and irrational fears probably have her thinking that the next girl that Greg cheats with might be "The One." The one girl that Greg actually leaves her for. If he divorced her she'd be fucked. Yes she'd get alimony and child support but she'd have to move back in with mom & dad, get a job and hear "I told you so" the rest of her life.
Truthfully Lainey shouldn't be afraid Greg will leave her. He has it made. She allows him to fuck strange, then when Greg gets bored of the new piece Lainey takes him back thinking its a win. Its a perfect relationship for any cheater.

No. 788026

Makes me wonder how many locals from her home town knows about this. Wouldn't be surprised if she's staying to avoid being the town idiot. Either way she really fucked her life up when she decided to be a groomer so I can't feel bad.

No. 788027

I was gonna say the correct saying is "ridden hard and put away wet", but "dry" suits Greg better. Well-played, anon, well-played.

No. 788033

why is she so possessive over a person that doesn't even give her basic respect lmao
They're both so isolated, and Regina confirmed the only person Lainey really sees is Ryan (that other fake boi she used to make videos with), she fucked up her life royally, but it's not even that it's irredeemable, she's just lazy

No. 788034

>Lainey has some fucked up irrational fears
>when she cant find Greg in the house she immediately panics and thinks he's packed up and left her and the kids.
I thought this should go without saying but this literally almost happened, it would've had Billie not rejected him.

No. 788035

I would say sharing nudes with minors is past the point of no return, but she might not be facing much consequences for that and I don't know if she is actually a creep as much as she is just fucking stupid and in desperate need of emotional support and validation which she used Sarah for. And kek I remember her saying she panics about not being able to find Greg, I wonder if that has changed

No. 788046

File: 1595848029471.jpg (225.2 KB, 1024x576, scaredycat.jpg)

The both of them are scared to leave eachother and each of them has irrational fears of the world. Lainey has even had panic attacks and I reckon so has Greg. Remember when Billy the bitch was there and a car came down the street, Greg RAN inside the house.
Who does that?
If you ask me the both of them are afraid to be alone.

No. 788055

File: 1595854574398.jpg (354.45 KB, 984x1085, Screenshot_20200702-083511.jpg)

I am 99% sure that this account is the same account that used to be named Cora. The Cora account is the most obvious sock of all time. Greg is such a low IQ waterhead that he even outed himself like the retard he is. I know the screenshots were posted to KF, but that thread is so busy that I'm sure they're many pages back now. But basically, this Cora account was always commenting on any post Greg made to Twitter about his OF. "Cora" would always reply with the weirdest, most degenerate shit. Like perverted weird sexual shit that would only ever be concocted amongst the gallons of water in Gregs head. The way he got outed was he posted a reply from the Cora sock with some autistic nonsense about wanting to smell Greg's dick. Not even a day or two later, Greg was doing that interview with whatever no-name garbage commentary channel, and he said something about Sarah sniffing his fick. In actuality, she was just laying her head on his lap. But Greg is so disgusting and creepy that he somehow convinced himself that she was sniffing his deformed baby carrot.

Let me ask y'all, how many of you have ever heard a guy refer to sniffing his dick as some sort of sex act? Or ever in any context? Not me. So what are the odds that what was already a suspected Greg sock would mention wanting to sniff his dick , only for Greg to mention it again on a livestream the next day? He's so much of a retard that it doesn't even occur to him to be more careful.

I do have this screenshot saved to my phone, showing the Cora account. The picture looks to be of the same person to me.

No. 788061

I think it’s less about finding “the one” because while he loved Billie more than her he was still able to discard her. Sure he begged for her back for months and years but ultimately Lainey was able to outlast her and all the others.

I think there’s a very real risk with Greg that he lets his breeding pregnancy fetish run amok and Lainey gets stuck with another girl forever.

I mean he was already telling Billie if he got her pregnant he would want to keep it with her.

No. 788062

Eh, I don't know. He probably just wants the attention from his "fans" but doesn't want to spend too much time with them, because he knows they are cringy.
Then he goes back to whatever he wants to do - which does not include Lainey and the kids - he just uses them as a shield so that he doesn't have to say "Okay, I feel good enough for today, I don't want to talk to you unworthy peasants anymore."

No. 788065

This is what I think too. He uses Lainey as an excuse to not have to actually stream to his paying audience for longer than necessary.
We all know if he really wanted to do something that Lainey wouldn’t be able to stop him. It’s not like they ever spend time together.

No. 788071


This was in the context of Billythequintuplebypass live streaming with him outside of his house. He was probably smart to be wary of people turning up.

No. 788086

>I was praying to God that my stepmom would suck my dick

Kek what a degenerate. Probably the same day he became an atheist.

No. 788096

Why? I mean the whole world knows where he lives. Anybody could be pulling up that place at any moment just to push his face in over one of the many things he said on the internet.
Naw, I think he's scared like that all the time. He was afraid to box FPS diesel and even Chris-chan could beat FPS diesel up. Hell, even Woah Vicky could win that fight.

No. 788111


This gave me an idea: who gives a shit about Logan Paul vs KSI? Let's get Chris-chan and Onision in the ring.

No. 788136

I'm betting a 100 on Chris. Lets not forget Chris has retard strength.
Nothing beats the sure power of an American retard.

No. 788166

One of the new fans explained how he has p bad autism and onion asked if he had any advice for parents of autistic kids…wasnt there a major tinfoil that t is autistic a while ago? I think Billy or ayalla said he didn't talk?

No. 788196

This autism tinfoil needs to stop. It always comes up and it’s been disproven.

In her birth video lainey said that there was a risk the first kid might have autism and they would love the baby no matter what but he didn’t end up having it.

We’ve also heard him speak on one of greg’s lives and again on Lainey’s younow.

Unless people have actual evidence, people should give up stale rumors.

No. 788198

Greg asking for advice for parents with autistic spawn is pretty compelling and at least of enough interest to mention. If your sour panties are in THIS much of a bunch about it may I suggest you're the problem here? Does this sorta rhetoric tRiGgEr your own autism?

No. 788202

Lainey saying that really doesn't disprove anything, she is known for lying

No. 788212

Its very hard to tell, who knows these things for sure, really? There are stories though that trog beats his sister up a lot and has agression issues. I don't wanna get in to all that too much though after all its little kids. That being said with parents like these it isn't too hard to imagine that they'd have at least some issues.

No. 788225

No, that was for Down's syndrome and birth defects, etc. Autism can't be detected until well after birth. So if you are going to say that is proof he doesn't have it, know what she actually said in the video.

No. 788231


It's pointless speculation. Do all of the spergs and autists on here have official diagnoses? I don't.

No. 788237

Maybe not but anon who said it was Downs that Lainey mentioned is exactly correct.

No. 788240

>they would love the baby no matter what

Suuuuure they would. Didn't Sarah say Grease refused to swim in the same pool as disabled people? He hates disabled people, and if his kid really has a disability his life must be pure hell having Grease as a father

No. 788285

I wouldn't swim in a pool with the drooling, chest slapping retards either.

No. 788445

File: 1596050753805.png (19.56 KB, 589x244, new doll.PNG)

The sex doll saga begins again. How long did he have Julia before he dismembered it and threw it in the bin? And what was the reason he got rid of it? I dont understand how he just toss a couple of grand in the trash like that.

No. 788454

What I find hilarious with Julia/his other sex doll, is he adamantly refused he fucked it in videos, and said it would be "gross" because it's "cold and lifeless like a dead body," I wish I could find the videos where he said that - they're still up on his channel somewhere.

Now, he's living out his fantasies on a sex doll, so he can avoid Krai. Hilarious.

No. 788459

typical male Tifa fan kek. Wonder if he bought an actual cosplay outfit or just made a shitty makeshift one

No. 788491

>it would be "gross" because it's "cold and lifeless like a dead body,"
I mean, that wouldn't be very different from fucking Lainey I imagine

No. 788502

I know he thinks himself this big bad ass “porn Star” now, but I can’t think of a single porn Star that fucks sex dolls on camera. That has got to be the least sexy thing to watch ever. It’s going to be the most awkward and weird video he’s ever done.

I think fucking a fake silicone person on the internet for pennies is definitely rock bottom

No. 788506

Imagine being 35 with a wife and two kids and this is your dream come true kek

No. 788511

So much for a male sex doll even though he had his fundraiser on the only fans that supposedly catered to gay males. I guess it should of been expected because even a sex doll is able to challenge his masculinity.

No. 788514


No. 788522

I knew dog fucker would get desperate for attention again eventually and accept to go on Hansen

No. 788523


I highly doubt there will be any good milk she is just going to use it to get attention and ass pats.

No. 788524

I remember when Hansen actually seemed legit. That ship sailed after maybe his 5th interview.

I never cared that he did it for money or whatever other thing people always sperg about, but interviewing literal nobodies that have never even met Greg is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. he’s had plenty of opportunity to move on to other important topics instead of milking the same old ones.
Is he really too lazy to research other online predators? He could have actually made a fairly serious and interesting internet show but he fucked it up.

It seems he’s ignored a bunch of things from his polls. and was sex with a doll ever a winner of any of those polls anyways?
I am really very curious how much money he is making on Onlyfans and if it even covers the cost of one of those dolls. I know he had a “fundraiser” but he never posted about completing it so I guess no one actually wanted to chip in on that one

No. 788525

File: 1596067827045.png (326.64 KB, 869x1009, EeBSUFjU4AEOI3J.png)

>Tamara & Heatboss

LMFAO it's the Xanax chick all over again. So THIS was the "exclusive interview" Hansen was talking about? A few people thought it was Ed Troyer, the Peirce County Sheriff PR guy. Guess he has better things to do than bs again on Hansen's show.

A few weeks ago Heatboss was tweeting about wanting to go on the show so they could talk about Greg's OF and small cock. I mean, it's not like they have anything else to talk about.

No. 788532

I bet next week he will be interviewing John Coffey

No. 788533

>I think fucking a fake silicone person on the internet for pennies is definitely rock bottom
At first I thought his rock bottom was recording himself jerking off into his uncleaned, crusty basement carpet, but then i realized there's no low to which he won't sink. At least no other OF creators are desperate or dumb enough to work with him.

No. 788539

File: 1596072331570.png (163.64 KB, 625x553, onision pornhub streaming.PNG)

Im not sure how Pornhubs streaming works but could be his debut into webcam girl status. Hes so close to being on Chaturbate begging for tokens and bargaining with the degenerates on there.
>I'll use the medium dildo on my ass if I get 100 tokens… come on guys PLEASE!

No. 788543

File: 1596075813146.png (385.69 KB, 924x520, Next on Chris Hansen.PNG)

I cant wait for that either.

No. 788555

File: 1596079526185.jpg (13.1 KB, 322x322, gZQ0rE9T_400x400.jpg)

Am I a monster for laughing while DogFucker was crying on Hansens shoulder and blubbering all over her mic? I cant feel empathy when the only time these ex-fans cry is recounting how badly Onision treated them after he kicked them out. Where were those tears while they hung out in discord and Greg talked shit about the girls he abused? All I heard from those fans were giggles, agreement and their own bullshit defamation of the victims.

When she was interviewed by Billy TF, DogFucker said she might start an OnlyFans so she could "show off her tits" A little birdies been posting her private photos and I wonder if this is her attempt at a "sexy in bed" pose for her impending OnlyFans. If Tamara actually starts an OnlyFans Im going to fucking leave this world.

No. 788560

i honestly just feel bad for tamara. I never really paid attention to her antics when she was an onision loyalist so maybe she deserves some shade right now but ultimately I dont think she deserves most of the shit she gets. She's just weird it would likely be way better for her own mental state to just not be so public on the internet.

No. 788561

Topkeks like these are what keeps me coming back to this thread.

No. 788562

>>788555 don't be mad anon im sure yours will grow in someday.

No. 788563

>Tamara looks for empathy from another psychopath
Some people never learn. And yeah, she only feels bad for getting booted from Greg's circle of autists, ones that he regularly cycles through btw. He's already working on a new batch of replacements >>788005. He sees them all as expendable and they're too fucking dim to realize it.

No. 788564

>>788543 I have no intentions on talking to him and I told everyone hes been involved with I dont want to talk to him.

No. 788565


how's it going blasian?

No. 788566

File: 1596085444178.png (1.05 MB, 1015x570, onisionlivestreamcharity.PNG)

The newest batch of retards that are replacing the old retards Tamara and Blasian seem young and on the spectrum. Where was McFly tonight? I hope there isn't trouble in paradise. If shes on the outs with Onionboy I can only guess what stories Onision will suddenly remember about McFly that'll make her look like shit. Will Onision use his go to accusation and cry "McFly sexually harassed me!"

No. 788569

pretty good. I like the pictures you guys made of me.

No. 788578

1 potato on xanax, 2 blokes on everclear, 2 weed smokers and one person on shrooms.
This explains so much. What is your drug of choice to enjoy Greg's content?

No. 788583

Thanks for the giggle anon

No. 788587

I haven't watched the interview with Hansen and I don't think I will.

Tamara should really think twice about creating an OF. I don't know why these girls are so pressed for attention and validation. Is there nothing else in their lives that makes them feel good about themselves and accepted?
Eh, I don't wanna generalize, Dev and Blasian seem to do fine.

No. 788590

I made it 7 mins before falling asleep, I'd kiss a baby carrot for someone else to spoonfeed a summary. I'm guessing it'll be short. The summary, that is.

No. 788604

Him fucking sex dolls on camera or shagging plastic objects is akin to that freak from the documentary of the guy who fucks cars. Like Oooh yea, nothing gets people hotter than watching a social retard fuck an inanimate object!

No. 788606

None of Onion's paypig seem decent. They all pay to be in a social club of retards and the head of the club spends most of his time talking shit to them about the girls in his life that no longer want to fuck him.

Tamara can get fucked looking for sympathy. She has tried to defend herself before about being a cunt towards Greg's victims with she didn't believe it, but everyone is suppose to feel sorry for Tamara because Greg one of the biggest dicks online insulted her? Fuck off. Why should we believe Tamara's testimony? I heard Greg gave her countless of dogs to fuck and was actually soo nice to her uwu.

And if Blasian and Dev are so decent why the fuck do they give money to Greg too? Or have done? They're all twats.

No. 788616

Ecstasy and LSD

No. 788619

Chris asked Tamara what the worst thing onision has ever done was, and her response was 'taking away my confidence'

Really out of everything he's done, what a fucking crime. All the information was in front of her for years about how shitty of a person he is, and she continued to support him. Cry me a river.

No. 788622

This is why I don’t feel sorry for any of his former paypigs. No info about the wretched person Greg is has ever been hidden. He is openly racist, ableist, and homophobic in his own content. He openly shits on his exes (ALL of them) and openly treats his paypigs like lesser human beings.

Anyone who couldn’t see any of this just flat out didn’t want to.

Tamara talked about how he wouldn’t “let” them watch drama content about him, but they never needed to. He’s a horrible person all on his own. Even if they never saw a single thing Sarah said about him, they sure as hell got to see the 30 videos he put out about her, and none of those made him look innocent. They made him look deranged and spiteful. Yeah that’s surely the type of person I’d want to pay to be friends with!

I also don’t buy the whole “we were there for eachother, not him!” excuse. Cause you know discord exists outside of Greg right? Facebook chats exist, google hangouts exist. There’s a million places you can go chat with your friends where Greg isn’t. And no, the haters aren’t gonna find it and screencap it unless you invite everyone in, dummies.

TLDR: no one who was ever a paypig of Greg’s in the last 5+ years has any excuse not to know how horrible he is and they have no right to expect people to feel sorry for them because they chose to seek him out and they chose to keep paying a pervy sociopath for years and years.

No. 788633

File: 1596127457163.png (48.54 KB, 496x896, Screenshot (24).png)

On his PornHub

Turn Ons: Step Moms


No. 788635

Im not surprised he put his own shit down as "Favorite Books" What do you think is the last book he's read? Im betting he hasnt cracked open a book since senior year high school. He can barely get through a paragraph when reciting some Google definition he pulled up to defend himself.

Is Nesiamotu Inc still active? I know he created that with his CPA Alexander Vace as some kind of shady for profit corporation when the IRS ass fucking commenced.

No. 788637

>Turn offs: Lack of positive attitude

How can anyone take this seriously from a person that has massive sperg outs about his haters on a regular basis and calls his wife a cunt on the daily? He doesn't even try to hide is hatefulness. Doesn't seem like a positive attitude to me, Gurgles.

No. 788638

The kid at the top middle shared with the group his struggles with autism. It is almost unbearable to watch and hear him talk because you just pity the kid knowing his world view is going to be tainted by Greg. The autistic kid is already at a huge disadvantage and Greg influencing how he seees and interacts with the world is going to set him back so much. My butthole almost collapsed in on itself I cringed so hard. You can tell by Greg’s expressions how annoyed he is with this kid and it’s crininal that this kid is using Greg as a baseline for normalcy.

No. 788643

No anon, Chris asked her the worst thing he did to her as a person he didn't specify.

No. 788648

He's only putting stepmoms to look less like a pedophile.
Also the lack of a positive attitude is so hypocritical, he's built his whole career on being a wannabe edgy nihilistic douche.
Not only that but I feel like it would also be a way to get his own way in bed. When Lainey is uncomfortable or anxious with anything he paints it as 'negative'
Same thing goes for Mya trying to communicate that she was uncomfortable being picked up or Luxy saying she wasn't interested in him that way=broken or negative.
He acts like someone expressing their upset or anger automatically means not being positive.
The only time he's used Lainey's negativity to his advantage is when they fucked Sarah. Then he just claimed it was rape. It's funny how he twists it depending on the person. When Lainey wanted to stop halfway through fucking Billie she becomes a negative buzzkill jealous bitch but when she apparently was 'grossed out' by Sarah, she became this poor helpless rape victim who just laid there and let Sarah eat her out and innocently sucked on Sarah's tit because she had to.

No. 788651

Yuck. I already sense he's going to dress up in his crusty old Cloud Strife cosplay and make a garbage set of photos on his filthy lint and cum covered carpet of him fucking the Tifa sex doll.


No. 788652

File: 1596133837235.png (1.92 MB, 1404x790, Onision LIVE (for Charity).PNG)

The Autistic Katana Kid wont be around for long because he has 2 things working against him. Like you said Greg will get annoyed with him because of his autism issues and probably bounce him. But the bigger problem is Katana Kid is male. Greg has no use for men unless they're giving him money to shove dildos up his ass. Look at his recent fundraiser streams. He chooses who's allowed to participate and the majority of them are female, late teens, early twenties. Any males that are part of the "community" Gregs feels threatened and either makes it so uncomfortable for them they leave or he just cuts to the chase and bounces them for some make up infraction.

No. 788654

this moron really snapchat filters his face in every stream now? Guess he can no longer stand the fact that people have noticed he's aging terribly. all those "HeRes Me at 19 aNd NoW, tElL Me ThErEs No DiFfeReNcE, RiGhT?!?!?!" posts have always been a farce

No. 788655

File: 1596135214704.jpg (53.96 KB, 797x477, Have A Seat With Chris Hansen …)

>Chris asked her the worst thing he did to her as a person

No Chris didnt ask that. He said at 42:21
>What's the worst part of this for you, what he's done.

I would interpret that question as Hansen asking Tamara - of all the things you now know Onision has done, and all the things you've personally seen him do, whats the worst part to you? Did Tamara mention the grooming? Did she talk about the endless harassment of his ex's for years? No. Tamara made this about herself. This has always been about her and how her feelings were hurt. Every time she does an interview or AMA its 95% crying about how Onision called her a dog fucker and maybe a couple of sentences about the girls he abused.

No. 788656

He has a TikTok?? Wow. Total pedo move there for a 35 year old dude to add to his repertoire. It's also only his retarded clips from 12 years ago. Wasn't funny then and it's even worse now

No. 788658

File: 1596136870221.png (119.36 KB, 480x268, Screenshot_20200730-141653~2.p…)

Kek. His constant Snap filters scream insecure loser

No. 788662

File: 1596137217371.jpg (58.28 KB, 1366x768, 1.jpg)

Good thing he tells on himself every now and then

No. 788664

File: 1596137642446.png (1.12 MB, 1274x1270, mI-cUNHcFcUpzanU69PCRNLEcdh-m0…)

Every day he looks more and more like cricket lmao

No. 788668

he looks like my 50 year old crackhead uncle here.

If I remember correctly he actually said he never reads. Some kinda "why would I read books when I can just write exactly what I want to read" type bullshit.

No. 788670

File: 1596139658698.webm (2.8 MB, 320x180, Tamara victim blaming Sarah.we…)

I love the awkward silences and how uncomfortable Tamara got when Hansen put her on the hot seat by asking her to explain what she said that was victim blaming. Her sentences keep trailing off
>yeah, they were accusing me of victim…. bla…
and she keeps pausing hoping Chris will move on to something else because she realizes how shitty it sounds as shes saying it out loud, but Chris just keeps pushing for more clarification.

>If it was so bad why did Sarah keep going over there. It couldn't of been that bad if she kept going back.

How can that be characterized as an off handed comment or taken out of context if Tamara said it more than once and would try to hammer home the point if a discord troll brought up Sarah being groomed?

No. 788675

What a mess lmao. I didn't watch the livestream for more than 5 minutes but I read some of the comments and like 90% of them are bashing dog fucker and saying this interview was useless (miraculously Hansen's mods didn't delete the negative comment yet)

No. 788677

>>If it was so bad why did Sarah keep going over there. It couldn't of been that bad if she kept going back.
How can that be characterized as an off handed comment or taken out of context if Tamara said it more than once and would try to hammer home the point if a discord troll brought up Sarah being groomed?

Also this statement is idiotic. Did she not once think the opposite? Like how could Sarah be a horrible liar extortionist rapist if Greg kept inviting her back and sleeping with her?
It's like I said before, these people didn't WANT to see the faults in Greg's statements because they wanted to stay in his good graces. You just can't feign ignorance. Its not possible.

No. 788678

clearly was afraid of getting banned if she didn't fall in line with what was expected of her.

No. 788686

Less than 24 hours later, Tamara is on RapeStreamNews bitching about Greg and now Hansen.

No. 788693

God that AIDS filter he's using on his face. He's somehow surprised he attracts other retards, peak self awareness. Also I just noticed HEEZY? If it's the same one I'm thinking of she LARPs as an anti-o, goes back and forth between that and being a Greg stan.

No. 788694

The kid needs immediate help and an intervention. He is clearly severely autistic/handicap and that’s fine and all but what happens when he starts adapting raciest, misogynistic sexist and Paedophilic views and opinions. Knowing the difference between right and wrong isn’t a autistic person’s strongest point. He will absorb and adapt the morals of Greg thinking Greg is normal and Greg’s views are acceptable. This kid needs help and saving now. I’m worried about his future. The most vulnerable of society need protection the most.

No. 788697

Yes, Heezy is the same one that literally tried to infiltrate Greg's neighborhood facebook and outed him as a pedo to everyone in his neighborhood. The fact that he allows her to remain is kinda baffling. He must not know it's the same person

No. 788698

The content with Tamara doesn't start until like 15 minutes into it. It's boring and just her defending her attention seeking. Find it interesting how retarded she sounds and Greg use to remark on how "young" she sounded. Wonder when it's going to dawn on all these spastics sounding like you have autism isn't quite the same as passing as a hot young teenager. So much mental illness.

>interests and hobbies: "voting in a way I think helps the most people live a happier life."
He's so fucking autistic omg

No. 788700

Tamara has said she has anxiety and issues speaking in public. Plus she doesn't want to overshadow the actual victims. But this makes the 6th interview/AMA shes done in less than 2 months.

Onision subreddit AMA
KiwiFarms AMA
Billy the Fridge interview
RealStreamNews interview Jun 26
Chris Hansen interview
RealStreamNews 2nd interview

Shes had more interviews and AMA than some of the actual Onision victims combined. For someone whose nervous and has anxiety problems she cant seem to shut up.

No. 788710

She only cares about herself, this bitch is literally Madison 2.0 except Madison actually met Grease in person and had some valuable information about him

No. 788711

File: 1596150268021.jpg (317.5 KB, 1080x1792, muh exclusive interview.jpg)

None of the speds Hansen brings on have milk. The "interview" got roasted in his own comment section.

No. 788713

>'taking away my confidence'
She had none to begin with. No one with a shred of confidence or self respect would ever associate with Onision.
It is useless. An attention whore finally got what she wanted from another attention whore.

No. 788715

>When Lainey is uncomfortable or anxious with anything he paints it as 'negative'
He has to manipulate and twist everything, it's like breathing to him. I'm surprised he didn't include how "honest" he is in his little bio.
>Lainey wanted to stop halfway through fucking Billie
Which reminds me, didn't Sarah say Lainey cried right after the 3 some with her and Greg? Greg always mentions Lainey cried afterwards (because of muh rape) and of course a lot farmers think he lied about it but I'm pretty sure Sarah corroborated that detail. If Lainey did cry it's because Greg manipulated her into another 3 some she didn't want.

No. 788716

File: 1596150856086.png (662.94 KB, 1044x650, Onsion Confronts Banned Discor…)

We can add one more. That makes 7 interviews.
Onision Confronts Banned Discord Mod (Tamara) LIVE FOR CHARITY

Blasian was in this interview to back up Tamara, along with McFly.

No. 788718

>Company: Nesiamotu Inc.
>Is Nesiamotu Inc still active?
I thought it was closed last year after some redditfags started digging up documents and uploading them. Looks like he probably re-opened it. And i could be wrong but I'm pretty sure the business was opened before his IRS trouble.

No. 788739

You Actually believe Scamber Clements?? Even after the recordings admitting she lied?? Oof we gotta retard here boys an girls!

No. 788744

File: 1596160461285.webm (3.13 MB, tamara likes it in the butt.we…)

We now know which hole Tamara likes the dog dicks to go in.

No. 788750

why u so obsessed with dog dick? also luv how he had to pull in McFly when he felt he couldn't handle the stream alone

No. 788754

so embarrassing all round.

No. 788756

File: 1596163926547.jpg (8.86 KB, 200x200, why u so obvious.jpg)

>why u so obsessed with my ass?

>why u so obsessed with dog dick?

No. 788761

File: 1596165216075.png (16.85 KB, 501x174, onision.png)


nope. the company was started AS A DIRECT RESULT of the IRS trouble

No. 788763

Are you still giving Grease money? You said you would continue paying him, even after he accused you of sexually harassing him and Footface

No. 788764

Even McFly is shitting on her, some strong "friendships" Tamara had in that group, huh? I bet if Blasian wasn't kicked out she'd be shitting on her too

No. 788765

well, she did mention in various streams that greg's good at manipulating people and turning friends on each other when it benefits him

No. 788771

File: 1596172406003.png (640.06 KB, 858x592, Downsey McRetard.png)

Maybe I was hearing something that wasn't there but it sounded like Blasian was falling for Greg's gaslighting and hoping that Greg will take her back. This was the first time she was able to have a conversation with Greg since being banned and they shared a few laughs and Greg was manipulating her again by saying
>it's nice to have blasian back but i feel a little weird, but i like blasian when i'm not mad at blasian

I can understand if she goes back to Onision. Actually it sounds like she never really left. She watches everything Greg does almost more that the people on here and KF. And she'd be able to rejoin her BFF McFly in Onisions discord. She really didn't get the response she hoped for when she got banned and started speaking out against him. I know she wont admit it but Im sure there's a little part of her deep down that thought the "Anti-O's" would raise her on their shoulders and praise her as the Onion-Slayer. But now she has people on both sides shitting on her.

No. 788786

The whole interview was a damn mess. Tamara couldn't string a sentence together to make a coherent narrative and some other dude just archiving Onion's onlyfans ''for teh lulz''. He might as well just said that when Chris asked why does he do that. He replied on stream: I just want [onion] to hate me.

Jesus. You could have even faked a fucking moral highground for lip service but holy shit heatboss sounded like a massive basement-dwelling retard. And Chris gave no fucking bones either as of ''updates'' whatever that means anymore for the onion case. He's probably just gonna get dragging on until people just forget gradually. It's a shame really.

No. 788796

Tamara kept saying 'you know' and that other guy sounded like a deranged anti o.
The way he started to talk about Greg's deformed penis before Chris had to cut him off was cringe worthy. I mean it's spoken on here and on kiwi but to go on there and basically be like 'yeah I pay for his only fans his dick is ugly lolz' is really retarded and makes the 'investigation' seem like a bigger joke than it already is.
Tamara was the biggest aspie. It's hilarious how many comments on YouTube are defending her because young and naive and then when told her actual age are like wtf.

No. 788829

not to defend tamara or anything but, you'd be nervous too going on a show like that. She was clearly terrified but i dunno i found Heatboss's comments pretty funny learn to laugh some anons

No. 788831

imagine paying to be someone's friend and this is the way they treat you oof

No. 788834

Is it only me who's just getting really suspicious about those charity fundraising he puts on his videos? Do we know for sure the money are going to the charity and not Greg's pocket. He's been known before trying to scam people on GoFundMe so I wouldn't be surprised. Plus I really can't see Greg as the generous type. He seems more of a greedy bastard.

No. 788836

not just you anon it's easy to say it's for charity for him to be able to manipulate people into donating… funny how he has "charity" streams now when that big wetlands thing coming soon

No. 788837

To be honest Tamara sounded slightly more intelligible than heatboss who kept just repeating himself and had the vocabulary of a 12 year old. How old is this guy again? Doesn't sound like a grown self sufficient adult and his comment "I wanna make Onision hate me" sounds extremely autistic.

No. 788840

File: 1596226231983.png (14.28 KB, 398x181, TWLOHAuhohbro.PNG)

He's done 6 of those live stream debates for charity over the past ten days and all hes gotten in total is $270. Even though its a pitiful amount of money I could see him pocketing the cash since hes going to need every penny after August 24 when the review of the wetlands violation happens. But the way Youtube sets up these fundraisers up Im pretty sure it wont have to pass through Onisions hands. Its directly send to the charity chosen.

>Tamara sounded slightly more intelligible
Did we listen to the same interview? She sounded like a teenager trying to explain to her daddy how she got bullied by the cool kids. And when Chris pressed her to clarify how she victim blamed Sarah there were so many pregnant pauses from Tamara trying to figure out how to phrase her answer and not sound like a piece of shit I thought the video had stopped or was buffering. Im not even going to bring up the hysterical crying jag.

No. 788841

Christ even the charity is one that was majorly popular in the emo culture of the 00s

No. 788842

>to bring up the hysterical crying jag.
I had to stop listening at that point, that was too much.
None of these autists understand that he isn't their fucking friend. He's just a ( very shitty ) guy online they had to pay to hang out with.

No. 788845

Since it is going through Youtube, he can't pocket the money. But he can still monetize the video, having a donation button doesn't turn off adsense. So none of the money is actually coming from him personally, it's money other people choose to give.

He's using it to virtue signal, as always.

No. 788853

That’s what a child can make with a charity lemonade stand. Onion is less effective than a child at fundraising.

No. 788858


what are the odds that he thinks he can claim that $270 on his taxes as a donation?

No. 788897

Not really. Billie was nervous and didn't do a great job but she was still a hell of a lot better than Tamara. Tamara and that random girl that said people on Tumblr starved to death were both by far the biggest jokes on the show. Angry slug is in there too.
I don't think she was nervous, just retarded. She was able to cuss in a jokingly manner and kept addressing the chat, really didn't seem like she was nervous. Also it's funny how she talked about Sarah 'going back to Greg multiple times' but literally did the same thing with the discord.

No. 788902

Bille didn't know what blackmail meant.

No. 788904

she was addressing the comments people were mad at her for making about sarah

No. 788910

Can you at least try to make an effort to hide yourself better Gargoyle? kek(hi cow)

No. 788911

She was being interviewed by Hansen, not the trolls in chat. She should of kept her focus on him and his questions. That was another annoying part of that interview. You could tell she was busy reading the comments while Hansen was talking to her and he would have to reel her back in. Even when she was talking her attention was divided by reading chat. She would ramble because she was half answering Hansens questions and half thinking up a comeback to the trolls.
Shes threatening to do yet another live stream this weekend if she can find a camera (who the fuck doesn't have a webcam or smartphone in 2020, is this an episode of Catfish?) How many live streams is it up to now, nine?. Tamara said "I'm hoping to give people the answers they want" Who the fuck is still asking her questions? Shes already spilled everything she knows which was jack-shit, and I promise the stream will just be her crying that everyone's calling her a dog fucker and how mean Greg was. I will admit the Onision interview made me laugh when Greg and McFly revealed Tamara enjoys getting her shit pushed in.

No. 788915

curb your autism

No. 788916

integrate and sage

No. 788926

File: 1596260807369.png (68.28 KB, 899x590, AG.PNG)

This Anonymous Gene sperg has been yapping for weeks about how he was going to fuck up Swan and his buddies. John Swan, OG Tipster, Aystar and Josh Pescatore all had their Twitters suspended at the same time this morning. Gene is taking credit for it. Im not so sure he actually did it but if he has some kind of connection and his next target is Onisions social media I more than welcome the trigger being pulled.

No. 788927

Nah if he could’ve gotten rid of Greg’s twitter he would’ve done it by now.

No. 788932

bull-fucking-shit. I seen Gene try and take credit for shit he didn't do before.

exactly. what would even be the incentive here? delete it yourself or it will get deleted for you? thats the dumbest shit I ever seen.
remember that this is a guy who, when he got the lolcow farm mirrored screen ban, thought he hacked this place and the same guy that didn't know what DDOSing is.
the only thing he hacks is jack shit, and jack just left town.

No. 788936

Pretty sure John Swan and other critics of Chris Hansen were suspended by one of Chris's own connections at Twitter. Nick Oreo had a stream about it, basically it's someone Chris worked with on TCAP and now works at Twitter trust and safety

No. 788938

Exactly. If Gene the poser coulda thrown anyone offline it woulda been Greg, then he woulda sperged out and flaunted that till the cows came home. But he didn't, he can't and now he's trying to bluff to Greg like it means something.
Gene is an impotent anon wannabe, he isn't even a script kiddie, he's a big nothing, a boomer. And he knows jack shit about anything, let alone coding.

No. 788942


He won’t do it, he doesn’t know how and is too much of a faggot.

No. 788943

Aren't Swan and all these cunts better suited to that anti o thread because I have no fucking clue who any of them are or what relevance they have except they all have hate boners for Hansen, Shiloh, Sarah etc

No. 788965

Gene is trying to take advantage of the myriad of people who don't know that correlation isn't necessarily causation. Now Gene can claim credit if Onision's Twitter is terminated whether it is one day, one week, one month, or one year from now just because he claimed it NOW. Content creators will eat it up because it makes for content on Youtube and their half wit fans will eat it up because their favorite YouTube commentator said it so it must be true!!1one!

Sorry for stating the obvious but it seems necessary at this point.

(Sorry. Missed a word)

No. 788987

Billie didn't know what a cult or blackmail meant, I genuinely think she may be slightly retarded

Tamara is a joke and is only on Chris Hansen because she got kicked out of the Onion clan but… Billie is a whole 'nother level of stupid

No. 789004

Give her a break. She was visibly really anxious and I think her trying to clarify a term to avoid saying something that was untrue got confused with flat out not knowing what something was.

Most people know what blackmail is.

I mean, he emotionally blackmailed her throughout the relationship but never blackmailed her the classical sense by extorting her with the threat of revealing compromising information. So it makes sense to clarify.

No. 789008

Eh. She's illiterate, and I think that for not only the interview; you can tell by reading anything she's written on Twitter, or in leaked text messages, etc

No. 789082

Go suck your own dick buddy.

No. 789083

Ntayrt but you're kidding yourself if you think that Billie has an IQ over 90.

No. 789085

File: 1596375870650.jpeg (363.83 KB, 1125x1831, DF75F108-3556-422B-8BFA-1B39EB…)

Ghislaine’ s Patreon dropped to a mere 100 bucks, I know it’s not much but it’s somewhat of a silver lining.

No. 789086

I'm surprised she's getting anything at all considering she's vanished for months now.

No. 789090

I've been ghosting her patreon for a while, she's actually got a 5 dollar boost per month. Wrong thread though

No. 789099

I assume the people paying for her patreon are really Greg’s followers. He probably told them to support him through there since he can’t have his own patreon.

No. 789101

I have no clue what it is about this board in particular and it's refusal to see what's really going on with Hansen and the mid/low level commentary channels that have spent the past few months attacking him in an almost ruthless, personal way.

Over the past several months, these channels have convinced so many individuals and audiences to buy into every bullshit claim they make. To me, so many of the actions they've taken STINK of rotten intentions. And it's peculiar that all of them, that whole little group of commentary channels, are so similar in their anti-Hansen approach. I recognize that content becomes trendy on the platform and can become a topic that many creators engage with. But this stuff with Hansen hits a bit different. I think the way that they've gone about all of this, it just seems a whole lot more personal than your typical video with the purpose of exposing someone. So much vitriol. Their behavior has seemed a bit more like tactics. Almost like they've jointly decided to ruin Hansen's position on the platform in a coordinated and secret fashion. But why?

Initially, when Hansen began his Onision series he got loads and loads of positive feedback. His channel saw a boom in subscribers. And his views were increasing every week. It was pretty much all praise, all across the board. Then that began to change, and bit by bit the narrative was shifting. Eventually, Hansen's involvement in the investigation was "harming it." Not that this type of claim is really objective, but I never saw any indication of that being true. I mean, who decides that, anyway? It's probably a clever claim to make because it is such a subjective statement. What constitutes as "harming" a case changes based on who's giving it thought. It was certainly never claimed by Law Enforcement. Or the mainstream media outlets that were taking notice and writing articles about the situation for nearly the first time, despite Greg having been preying on young women and girls for years. Had Hansen been such a detriment to the invesgative case being built, I can find no reason why Detective Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff's Office would have gone on his show. Troyer gave that interview on the record in his official capacity as the department's Public Information Officer.
For those unaware, a quick snippet from Wikipedia,

"Public information officers (PIOs) are the communications coordinators or spokespersons of certain governmental organizations (i.e. city, county, school district, state government and police/fire departments). The primary responsibility of a PIOs is to provide information to the public and media as necessary and to meet the legal requirements."

So when Hansen approached the Sheriff's Department for an interview, the fact that they sent Troyer indicates that the department wanted to get this information to the public. Troyer confirmed that there was a criminal investigation. He could have stopped there. But it was important to Troyer's superiors that he also confirm the existence of a Federal investigation. And the fact that a taskforce of State and Local Law Enforcement was put together for the purpose of this case. I do think when he referred to it as being something to the effect of "the most prolific case of its type he's seen" were his words. But the nature of the interview, what was asked, answered, and what was to be communicated was most assuredly organized behind the scenes with the department and Hansen before the interview took place. That's why it was so quickly determined that Troyer did not violate any policy after Greg emailed the Department expressing his anger at the interview.

The laptop. The fucking laptop. How many nefarious claims have been attributed to that laptop. To me, it's as result of miscommunication, laziness, and insubordination on Vince's part. It was easy for so many people to be instantly convinced that the laptop had lost its evidentiary value. "I read it in a Twitter post so it must be true! Now I'm going to parrot this same exact thing!" "something something cHaIN oF cOmMaNd." I'm not hugely knowledgeable with the details regarding how documents are saved. But I do know that each document is marked with a timestamp at the time it is saved in more than one place. To have purposely altered the laptop once in their possession would have been obvious. The FBI employes many computer forensic invesgatiors that could determine if it were altered or even opened once leaving Sarah's possession. And this chain of command stuff is so consistently misunderstood, which there is no excuse for as a quick Google search would show that the chain of command begins the first time it is handled by law enforcement. Chain of command are procedures followed by Law Enforcement to ensure integrity of evidence while in possession of Law Enforcement. Sarah sending her laptop to Vince does not break chain of command because chain of command would not be applied to them as they are Law Enforcement.

The investigation into Greg went from being harmed by Hansen to not existing at all. And man, do the people sperging that sure have a lot of fucking passion behind their stance. This shouldn't even be controversial. The fact that it is is one of the things that scream COORDINATED TAKE DOWN ATTEMPT the loudest. Clearly, there's an invesgation. The local invesgation was confirmed by Troyer. It was mentioned in CAD reports. It's existence was verified via a FOIA request. It's reasonable to deduct that Pierce County finding no policy violation in Troyer's interview points toward Troyer having been telling the truth. If he had gone on there and lied to that degree, surely there'd be an issue?

Regarding the Federal investigation, those records are harder to obtain. These are some relevant exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act on a federal level:

"(b)(7) Records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes, but only to the extent that the production of such law enforcement records or information:
A. Could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings;
D. Could reasonably be expected to disclose the identity of confidential source, including a state, local, or foreign agency or authority or any private institution that furnished information on a confidential basis, and, in the case of a record or information compiled by a criminal law enforcement authority in the course of a criminal investigation or by an agency conducting a lawful national security intelligence investigation, information furnished by a confidential source;"

Occam's Razor dictates that the  explanation which requires the least amount of assumptions is typically the correct explanation. If you have to make a bunch of assumptions for an explanation to be true, it probably isn't. For Troyer, Pierce County Sheriff's Department, CAD reports, and granted FOIA requests to all be either wrong, lying, or misinterpreted requires some assumptions to be made. It's much simpler to conclude that the investigation existening is the truth. John Swan's call to the DA proves nothing. He didn't provide who it is he was speaking with. The whole thing appeared to be nothing more than him asking the first person to answer the phone about whether the invesgation existed or not. For all we know it could have been a secretary. And he seemed to just…record her answer without her knowledge. Regardless, contacting the DA was an odd choice. Since the invesgation has not been brought to the DA yet, why would he have not contacted Pierce County instead? It is the Sheriff's Department that gathers evidence and does the investigative legwork. They would be far more familiar with it at that level. The DA handles loads of cases in a totally different way and generally don't have too much to do with cases during the investigative phase.

With all of this information I think it's fair to speculate that the intense Anti-Hansen rhetoric could very well have been a calculated plan to remove him from the platform. Why? Perhaps it comes down to certain commentary channels feeling threatened by Hansen's presence on the platform since much of his content overlaps with theirs. Hansen has decades worth of experience in investigative journalism, reporting, interviewing, researching, presenting, etc. He's able to translate all of that into content that is much more…hard-hitting? Or compelling, than his peers.

More than that, I think his connections with journalists/law enforcement/higher ups in TV present him with oppertunity to work with individuals that can really bring a whole lot of information to his content. For example, he was able to interview just about every single one of Onision's accusers. And had Detective Ed Troyer on (and supposedly has him scheduled for a second interview.) Lastly, when his name is attached to something, it gets attention quickly reaches a much wider audience. His peers are really not able to replicate this. All of it, from his skill level. To his experience. To his connects. To his name recognition

In one of her vidoes (IIRC not even related to Hansen) she had the audacity to claim that Hansen should have taken the time out of his day to address the criticism given to him by Edwin because something something he's your elder on the platform, something something. Like compelled speech is TOTALLY acceptable if it means further discrediting Hansen. If we're being real, I totally believe she used Edwin as a stand-in for herself. Repzion was very butt-hurt to learn of ID Discovery having supposedly approached Hansen with the Onision story, feeling that HE she be entitled to bringing them the story. Imagine being that delusional? Repzion has never brought new, interesting information to the table regarding Greg. All he's done is lazily scrolled through the farms and posted the work of someone else as his own. Imagine feeling entitled to a fucking stranger's life, yeah?
Beyond that, for him to believe he's anywhere near the level of skill required to collaborate with fucking television gives further indication of just out of touch he is. And John Swan who is just so insistent that Hansen lied about there being an invesgation that he's literally ignored documented evidence showing how real it is. They all just seem very irrational, unconcerned with facts, super angry, stubborn, and they're outright refusing to look at evidence with an open mind. It's honestly nuts.

Those aren't the only 3,there are more, but I've just realized I've been working on this comment off and on all day.

No. 789106

People started realizing Hansen was full of shit after he lied to Sarah about the laptop. It's all his fault he's getting criticized, stop blaming "commentary channels" for it

No. 789111

Didn't read the whole thing. Hansen and the smaller community channels are their own thing. Hansen got involved with Onion, it seemed promising, then the "witnesses" that began to get interviewed veered from the irrelevant to bizarre. The thing became a train wreck, wasn't handled well and saw the victims continually slandered over misconceptions, such as Billie clarifying context for what constitutes in blackmail.

Lc has already had an aversion to certain commentary channels that cover Onision or any up and newcomers that usually misconstrue easily found facts, miss the point or turn it into petty vendetta amongst other content creators. It's boring and irrelevant to the general theme of this thread, which is discussing Onision and his cuntish behaviour, not the nobodies and weird old men that orbit around it. (Sup Vince)

No. 789132

Filling this thread with your novel about Chris Hansen when there’s a thread for anti-O flakes? Keep it.

No. 789142

>Initially, when Hansen began his Onision series he got loads and loads of positive feedback.
Oh you mean when he didn't sent his kickstart backers the merch they ordered, or when the quality was supremely sup-par? or was it when vince flagged all the channels you took the content from to re-upload all your old shitty episodes? was it that positive feedback? or when some guys with a youtube channel tried to give you free advice and you blocked them?
i'm confused about that initial positive feedback, help me out here.

>Almost like they've jointly decided to ruin Hansen's position

Was this before or after the Vince fiasco? or when they decided to do a corona scam? or a phone scam ran by no other than pablo escobars brother, whos name mind you is even on the phone casing, in gold cheap stickers over normal samsung phones. phones people who ordered never got, much like your merch? or was it when you hired that rapist lawyer mike morse, who stands accused of the very thing hansen fights? or how about when you didn't deliver Sarah's laptop with evidence on it to the FBI like you promised? or when you let Ice Poseidon buy off his case in a paid vacation and money?

>The laptop. The fucking laptop. How many nefarious claims have been attributed to that laptop.

What "claims" do you speak of? there are no claims: you promised to hand it to your supposed illustrious FBI buddy, and you never did. Those aren't claims my friend, those are facts.

>nd John Swan who is just so insistent that Hansen lied about there being an invesgation that he's literally ignored documented evidence showing how real it is.

Here's the thing bubele: When Hansen did his first interview about Greg he didn't even know who kai was. He had MONTHS to prepare before that, already having heard from Onision and knowing eventually that he was gonna do that. He has people on his show that can pretty much claim anything and he never ever fact checks. Now Greg supposedly actually killed people according to some belgian girl, and then im not even starting about angry snail or the recent former mod fiasco, or even that rag reynolds guy.

Why its so a cluster fuck is as clear as day: Hansen doesn't have NBC's investigative team behind him, he was just presenting a show and reading logs, that was it. And it shows.
Chris is a boomer who doesn't truly get the internet, and he never fact checks, ever. A reporter is supposed to always assemble the fact and in the very least vet their guests.
What i said here just now are just some of the problems that Hansen has, I didn't even mention his own scams and how he owes well over a million in debt. But its clear for all to see that he's a scammer, a match stick man. and he desperately needs that money.
oh and he cheated on his wife, theres that too.
but i'm trying to keep it short, don't want my post to be an entire novel like yours.
that is all.

No. 789153

Oh, a dismissive, catty, self-congratulatory pointless comment on the internet. How orginal.

>>What "claims" do you speak of? there are no claims: you promised to hand it to your supposed illustrious FBI buddy, and you never did. Those aren't claims my friend, those are facts

A few sentences after the portion of my comment you quoted I do address a claim, the fact that it was being widely asserted that chain of custody had been broken with the laptop, and that now the whole laptop was rendered legally useless as a result. Much like a whole lot of other claims the bitter commentary channels and SJW antis on Twitter make, is incorrect. As I explained in my original comment, It would have taken ONE quick peak at a Google search result to have seen that chain of custody does not begin until law enforcement has possession of the evidence.

Tell me, what would Hansen's motivation be to intentionally leave the laptop unopened with Vince? And it needs to make sense. How would he benefit from purposely misleading her? It seems far more likely that the laptop ended up unopened with Vince due to miscommunication. A genuine mistake. When all of this came to a head, Hansen chose the most transparent option available which was to send it back to Sarah so that she could arrange for it to be handed to the FBI.

>>Chris is a boomer who doesn't truly get the internet, and he never fact checks, ever.

>>He has people on his show that can pretty much claim anything and he never ever fact checks.

What a claim. You literally have no way to verify that he's never fact checked a thing. As far as the guests he interviews, he's providing to them a platform to speak their truth. By your logic, an interviewer would have to arrange for the interviewee to preemptively provide answers to each question before filming so that interviewer could somehow verify every single thing said by the interviewee. The interviewer would then have to provide a list of the questions with answers that were positively verified as true, and would then have to provide that list back to the interviewee so that they made read ONLY the provided answers. Have you ever seen an interview conducted like that? No. Because that's not how they're done. Beyond that, how do you expect every single story or truth spoken by the interviewee to be possible to verify? Interviewee states that they were molested by a neighbor growing up and never told anyone due to fear. Just how could that be verified?

>>but i'm trying to keep it short, don't want my post to be an entire novel like yours.

that is all.

What the fuck is it to you how long my post is? Imagine thinking you have some sort of moral high ground because your comment is shorter than mine? You don't have to interact with my post if its length chaps your ass so much. If you don't like a post you're afforded the option to scroll on by.(derailing)

No. 789155

>Oh, a dismissive, catty, self-congratulatory pointless comment on the internet. How orginal.
Oh, getting feefee's hurt on the internet, how orginal.

>Tell me, what would Hansen's motivation be to intentionally leave the laptop unopened with Vince?

You tell me.

>You literally have no way to verify that he's never fact checked a thing.

Eh yes I do, thats kinda my point here, the guests ARE the proof. He never asks them, never tells them they're wrong or anything.

>What the fuck is it to you how long my post is?

The only thing so far you're actually right about, the length of your post nor the content mean anything to me. But keep SIMPing Chris Hansen, you're one of the very few out there and he needs you.

No. 789161

Go to the anti o thread this is boring

No. 789248

Damn Greg needs to give us more milk. This shit is getting pathetic.

No. 789315

kek. I have to hand it to Mcfly for that little bit of self awareness. It's more than Greg's ever done.

No. 789318

>the biggest jokes on the show.
The biggest joke IS the show, anon.
I happen to remember a certain retard repeatedly asking every one of his guests if Onision was a cult leader, or something along those lines. Can't remember the guys name but i think he had grey hair and his hairline was visibly receding into the next fucking dimension. You can rightly/wrongly label the guests whatever you like but they didn't invite themselves on.

No. 789319

>It's existence was verified via a FOIA request.
Wrong. The conclusion most of us came to was that the database that contained the cases referenced here >>786842 hadn't been updated because their corresponding incident reports state that these cases are in fact closed, save one, which remains to be verified whether or not it's still active.

Also, sperg anon, ALL of "Onision's accusers" save one (Shiloh) publicly disavowed and called out Hansen because of the shit he's pulled and all the lies he's told (that's in the flakes thread since you obviously care so much.) If you want to get high on your own bullshit I suggest going somewhere else and doing it.

No. 789326

File: 1596527023227.jpg (104.99 KB, 469x767, tamarasarahregina.jpg)

Tamara makes it sound like she only talked shit about Sarah ONCE! And it was "an off handed comment that was taken out of context." There's a reason Sarah never replied to Tamaras apology and left her on read. Sarah knows its a hollow apology. There are dozens of receipts where Tamara is talking mad shit about Sarah and the other victims. Is she going to acknowledge & apologize for each shitty thing she said about them?

No. 789333

File: 1596536911896.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, wow.jpg)

No. 789360

She already did apologize and addressed those where have u been? either you have a Tamara vendetta or you're late to the party. You all made fun of Shiloh when she was breaking down on twitter don't act like a special snowflake anon

No. 789362

the victims aren't all innocent either they made fun of gregs fans too no one is 100 percent innocent here the subject of sarah coming up with stuff being "deleted" was talked about by drama tubers they were clearly discussing that

No. 789369

fuck greg's fans. who cares if they made fun of them? they deserve to be ridiculed.

No. 789373

By that definition the victims deserve it too because they were all fans of gregs and lainey at some point

No. 789376

They sure were about 7 months late with disavowing Hansen

No. 789378

When Hansen got involved not many people were aware of his sketchy past or how he is/was actively working with shitty people. I think the moment the tide began to turn was when Sarah found out she had been lied to about her laptop

No. 789380

File: 1596571860921.jpg (146.14 KB, 1008x633, cosmicbrain.jpg)


All fans of greg and lainey are morons by definition but it doesn't mean they deserve to be sexually harmed. Happy now?

No. 789385

They do, they're in a whole autistic league of their own. Also, who goes to a married couple with kids to have sex with that couple?

Thats also true, but its not like you can't check their background, if you do choose to have sex with married people "read the reviews", so to speak.

Moral of the story; respect yourself enough to go for someone single and most of all someone who deserves you, would be my advice.

No. 789389

Fuck off out of this thread cunt. No one cares about Onision fans. At least Billie had the sense to rinse Onision for over 10 grand and then fuck off to Europe with an actual hot guy that allowed her to party.

No one gives a shit about people they have only interacted online with Greg and Lainey and could just fucking log off and be done with the shit show. The attention seeking is mental.

Onision actually harmed the girls he had relationships with. Also he sold all those girls that did go to the house bullshit about the terms of him and Lainey's gay relationship. What the fuck is happening itt

No. 789390

I seriously don't get what your problem is with my reply?

No. 789391

That's because you have autism.

No. 789392

That doesn't answer my question WHY you got that upset over my post? I don't see a single offensive line in there.
Allow me to try and explain my point to you: Most these girls, if not all went for Lainey right? They wanted a relationship with Lainey, and yes Billie was suckered in to that.
My point was that a person should respect themselves enough to not go for a married person, to just find a single person who is right for them. As to avoid any problems later on down the road. Its just not worth it. That was my whole point. Now if you could still explain to me why you got this bend out of shape over my post as to curse and yell at me, that would be greatly appreciated, I honestly do not understand what triggered you so. But if I made any offense I am terribly sorry.
I hope that helps soothe your anger a bit, and smooth things over.

No. 789393

File: 1596578259110.png (66.6 KB, 577x773, tamaraquirkygeminipatreon.png)

>When she was interviewed by Billy TF, DogFucker said she might start an OnlyFans so she could "show off her tits"
lol I thought this was just a bad joke. I was looking around for evidence that Greg is trying to start up a 3rd Patreon and I stumbled across this. I can only imagine the photos shes uploading. Isnt bestiality illegal on Patreon?


No. 789402

I think you might be autistic there, friend

No. 789403

Lol wait, does she have content on Patreon tho?

No. 789408

This cow will stand for whatever is convenient for her in the moment. She and Onision are a lot alike in that way. Totally spineless.
kek. Bonus points for Colin Powell.

No. 789411

You're also forgetting that most of Greg's current orbiter's are grown ass women in their late 20s early 30s whose mental capacity shouldn't equal that of a teenager, and yet here we are. Sarah was 14, Billie was 19, Shiloh was 17-18. Their poor decision making and lack of mental maturity makes sense in that context. Tamara's not a fucking teenager anymore.

No. 789412

File: 1596586561963.png (94.67 KB, 734x777, 091828.png)

>I was only following orders
That excuse has never succeeded throughout history.

Here's one thing I've noticed. Blasian was a fan and friend of Onisions for the same amount of time as Tamara. Both were deep into the fandom with Onisions Patreon and Discord. I would even say Blasian had a tighter bond to him because she visited Greg during that weekend get-together. But I never once heard Blasian say such hateful things against Sarah and the other victims. I never heard Blasian laugh and giggle like Tamara did at the disgusting stories and jokes Greg made about the girls. Blasian was just as big of a fan and supporter, so why doesnt she have the same victim shaming history that Tamara has if Greg is this menacing Svengali? You cant be manipulated to do or say things that go against your moral code. Tamara said and did all those things when she was a fan not out of manipulation but because shes a shitty person with shitty ethics.

You're right. If Tamara was a current fan of Dahvie Vanity I promise you she would be sperging out on Twitter that those 12 year old little girls were asking for it and "what did those girls expect going into Dahvies hotel room, if it was so bad why did they keep going back to Dahvie?"

No. 789413

>You all made fun of Shiloh when she was breaking down on twitter
Shiloh got rightfully dragged for acting retarded, trying to dox and threaten people using her rabid autistic fanbase to do her bidding, all because they disagreed with her or asked a few questions she didn't like. She got what she deserved there.

No. 789416

wow youre an idiot. Blasian was just as conceited as the others. She even got herself suspended on twitter for telling Gurg to kill himself

No. 789422

Jesus fuck does she just stay refreshing these sites, she is really letting her life revolve around greg

No. 789428

lol stop taking her bait by giving her the attention u claim she's after then this whole thread reeks of Onision stans

No. 789430

Or you're just a creepy stalker who cant get over that she doesnt fuck dogs? patreon isnt banning her because she isn't doing anything illegal

No. 789439

this thread doesn't reek of onision stans it reeks of tamara self posting

No. 789441

File: 1596596209267.png (24.36 KB, 565x209, xxblasianxx gone.PNG)

Yup I remember when her XxBlasianxX account got suspended. But that was August 2019 and I thought she got banned for threatened an Anti-O. If she told Greg to kys back then Im assuming it was a joke since they were still thick as thieves. But still, when is telling Onision to kill himself a bad thing?

Her life revolved around defending Onision for 3 years so I'm positive the next 3 years will be crying that Greg hurt her fee-fees. Tamara told everyone in Onisions discord if there were trolls causing problems to message her no matter the time
>if i'm not in front of my monitor then i'm asleep.
I dont doubt she spends 16+ hours online. The majority of that is arguing with people, checking up on the farms and searching for anything Onision streamed/tweeted about her. The rest of the day is spent DMing her new BFF Whitney Wisconsin and trading secrets on how to get dog cum out of their hair.

No. 789468

Did Onion try to Fuck Tamara when she was a teen? Did Onion force Tamara to give him her money? Did Onion have an actual relationship with Tamara? Did Onion Abooose Tamara?
No? Yeah thats right. Fuck off.

No. 789469

Shiloh was 16.

No. 789490

>Billie had the sense to rinse Onision for over 10 grand and then fuck off to Europe
That is pretty lulzy. No wonder he was trying to get Billie in his vids for years after they split, he was hoping to get some of that money back kek. Osimpsion.

No. 789491

I know he and Kai were sending Billie wimpy emails after she bailed but wasn't it actually Alicia (Sky's little sister) who he was trying to get into his videos for years

No. 789493

Billie and Alicia looked similar, he was trying to get any girl he fancied in his videos since his gay lord wife turns him off so much.

No. 789501

File: 1596631087651.png (214.67 KB, 828x1418, ae3acf3e-69e0-420e-96c7-f6032e…)

Surprise, he never got rid of Julia.

No. 789519

File: 1596641582103.png (42.78 KB, 480x278, Screenshot_20200805-081251~2.p…)

Greg has deluded himself into thinking he's going to end up a hero. kek

No. 789520

So if his fans sent him money to buy this doll, he conned them and pocketed a few thousand dollars. Him and and Hansen should set up a side hustle.

No. 789522


I thought he dismembered Julia when he was mock torturing her in that horrifying video where he was playing serial killer. I don't think he'd fuck an amputee, living or inanimate.

No. 789523

Even if he did buy a new one that happened to look like his old one, he bought the cheapest model possible. No $2000 doll looks as cheap as that old one or gives you the knockoff version instead of what was advertised. He got another cheap ass $200 one from china

No. 789525

No way even he believes that about himself, especially not that 'happily ever after with the love of his life' part kek

No. 789532

File: 1596659221017.gif (7.03 MB, 485x340, into the trash you go.gif)

There was never any photos or video of him dismembering the doll, only the story he told his fans in discord of cutting her up into manageable pieces so it would fit in his trash bin. I wonder what his garbage man thought seeing a silicone torso, head, legs and arms all come flopping out as the bin got dumped into the hopper. Im starting to doubt he actually threw Julia away. Seeing how he likes to make videos where he plays out his serial killer fantasies as a Great Value Patrick Bateman. Dont you think this would of been a great visual to one of his sicko skits. Him sawing the the legs off with fake blood pouring out as he does that campy Joker laugh. I think he just stored the doll away for whatever reason.

No. 789535

maybe he means an hero. even though I don't think theres a chance in hell of him ever doing that.

Now raping or dismembering a woman is something i would NOT put past him. Sure, people say he's a pussy, but aren't all serial killers and rapists that? surprising their victims, knocking them out cold before the "fun" starts?
Judging by his stories specially the last one he's a deeply demented sick asshole with deranged fantasies that occupy his mind pretty much 24/7.

No. 789537

oh man lainey gave us so many accidental gems when she vlogged ~those were the days~

No. 789545

I think he not only never threw Julia away but kept fucking her and now used her to scam his fans for money.

No. 789552

Her live streams were glorious.

No. 789558

File: 1596675826320.png (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 1436x1874, 1596674246095.png)

The doll has arrived (or never left) and "full penetration porn" has commenced. I hope hes as lax with the cleaning of the doll as he is with his own hygiene and house cleaning and Greg gets some kind of super infection that rivals Ebola, or at least a UTI that can be shared with his ugly manwife.

No. 789560

Fucking yikes. Given he purchased the dress from the part of the game where Tifa's nearly sexually assaulted, it's likely he's playing out some rape fantasies of some sort. That poor doll.

No. 789566

File: 1596680364339.png (74.79 KB, 1195x520, F1322588-3644-46DE-B51A-B5FB81…)

Trouble in paradise?

No. 789567

It's rare to find a situation where this dude isn't deluding himself.

No. 789570

>You would give up anything for your family
Like the time he almost gave up his family/ signed custody of his kids over to his wife so he could run off with a teenager? Good one Greg.

No. 789571

You'd give up anything! Except cheating with teenage girls. Twice.

No. 789573

File: 1596684750678.png (68.32 KB, 726x731, onisionmetoo.PNG)

Im glad Greg has enable comments on UhOhBro. It gives me a chuckle every once and a while.

No. 789584

Seems he baleeted most of the comments like the sensitive pussy he is.

No. 789585

But he would NEVER do that. He hates censorship remember?

No. 789588

MoSt HoNeSt YoOtUbEr uwu

No. 789609

File: 1596729555243.jpg (443.79 KB, 1079x1331, 20200805.jpg)

A model, I can't stop laughing.

No. 789617

Even with a million shoops, he still looks fucking terrifying.

No. 789623


he looks like a lazy eyed child molester with a side of downs syndrome

No. 789624

giving us a sanpaku eyed lunatic realness today

No. 789630

File: 1596753891809.gif (39.11 KB, 220x166, 1ED4D0F4-312B-4C32-99D0-B74E62…)

Cucky ooks like he’s about to crack

No. 789631

Lol he looks like he has a glass eye

No. 789633

Even with Greg giving people overly explicit content like his onlyfans he’s never going to recapture his popularity without exploiting his day-to-day life like he and Lainey used to.

That’s what brought people back, it was seeing their bizarre dynamic and the details of their strange life.

I don’t see how he recaptures attention without reverting to that level of intimacy.

No. 789634

Yep, I agree. That might be the reason he's been on a hunt for a third. Not necessarily to fulfill his weird harem fantasies in the first place but also to create content that keeps his viewers interested, it's been mentioned multiple times and by several different people that he starts to instigate drama and arguments between the women he lured in.

No. 789637

File: 1596759617863.png (151.46 KB, 480x342, Screenshot_20200806-191622~2.p…)

Same crazy eyes

No. 789660

Not a retard who stans killers/cult leaders by any means but Manson was way less ugly than Greg.
He also could actually play music and shared drugs.
An awful man, but I bet most people would choose a night hanging with Manson than Greg.

No. 789661

I really don't think anyone said that to him.
He's not thin or tall enough to be a male model.
He wouldn't even get catalogue work, his skin is awful.

No. 789667


Stop equating a nothing, uncharismatic, turdy, mess of a man with any and all serial killers.

Douche wouldn't know what to do if you gave him a loaded gun and a target.

Also sage your bullshit

No. 789671

File: 1596806726395.jpg (266.42 KB, 978x1546, Screenshot_20200806-084340.jpg)

A literal midget

No. 789672

I can't get over that Onion taking his clothes off for money and fucking himself is the driest and most boring part of this whole saga. He really is becoming old and irrelevant.

No. 789673

it really was the natural progression of things. take a narcissist who is a) obsessed with sex b) obsessed with getting attention from strangers and c) thinks he's the hottest man on earth. what do you get? a "porn star."

No. 789683

Agreed. I always think the same thing when people tinfoil about him hitting or murdering Lainey. I could see him having tantrums and breaking or throwing things but he's more the type to be verbally abusive or annoying to the point where you'd end up lashing out and then he'd bitch to the internet about you being the abusive one. I do reckon he pushed Shiloh and sexually assaults his partners cOnSenTuallY however.
He claimed he hid from Sarah ffs. The man tries to be this joker edgy violent hardass when he is such a pansy and covering himself with fake blood and taking cringey photos or masturbating is as violent as it gets.

No. 789684

I also can't deal with Patrick Bateman, Joker or Jim Carrey comparisons either because it's clearly who he tries to embody as his personality but he fails at all three since- Bateman isn't ugly and has money, Joker is actually intelligent and Jim Carrey despite if you like him or not is a successful comedian/actor.
Greg is none of these things and probably creams himself to the Bateman comparisons.

No. 789686

Yeah it's crazy because I truly thought he'd take fake softcore photos where he'd continue to prance around in underwear until he sperged out about making enough money or getting enough attention, then he'd retreat back to YouTube after a few weeks but ending up actually showing his whole asshole.
The whole thing was shocking at first but it's just mediocre now compared to all the drama he used to get into.

No. 789693

File: 1596820805336.jpg (270.38 KB, 1077x1114, Screenshot_20200807-192006_Chr…)

Still whining on his tumblr lol

No. 789694

File: 1596821018943.png (30.11 KB, 617x261, Capture.PNG)

No. 789695


And he's still a creepy abusive asshole at the end of the day so where does that leave us kek

No. 789696

So there will really be a TV show? Honestly I can't wait, it's gonna be make Footface die from a uwu anxiety attack uwu . I hope she still has her fidget spinners at hand

No. 789697

I'm hoping that her parents are finally socially shamed enough to do something about her (not her really, but her kids at least).

No. 789698

oh for gods sake. how many other people has he shit talked that haven't done anything wrong? Lots.
He acts like he's the only one who talked shit about these people. Tons of people hated shane, chris and SR. he isn't special.
They just ALSO hate him because he's just as bad as those people.
But good for him I guess he gets to feel smug because somehow those people being shitty suddenly means he isn't shitty himself in his mind.

No. 789699

File: 1596826097374.jpg (418.91 KB, 787x1365, Screenshot_20200807-095723_Twi…)

he's still stalking sarah

No. 789701

Lord even if he doesn't face any legal consequences for his actions it helps a bit to know that he is a miserable idiot who endlessly obsesses over every person he's ever been involved with

No. 789702


It's interesting that mr honesty doesn't drag Sarah for the whole sex in a bed with a toddler thing. It's because Gregstein and Ghislainey were also there, of course.

No. 789703

“ you Shouldn’t sexually extort anyone”
Rich coming from mr. “shave your head and stay chained to my basement wall for a week otherwise we won’t forgive you”

No. 789704

Good point anon.
We always knew that was a creepy and weird thing to ask of your girlfriend but the fact that he said she HAD to do it in order to be forgiven/let back into the house sounds pretty extortion-y to me.
And HE was actually serious, whereas Sarah wasn’t with her “I’ll do it if I get some” joke.

But Greg already told on himself a million times so I am not sure how he can still continue on with the extortion story. Didn’t he brag on some livestream that the whole thing was like a sexy 50 Shades deal? You can’t claim it was hot and you’re this sexy womanizer then cry rape, Greg

No. 789705

File: 1596834257840.png (1004.36 KB, 828x1792, EF0EBDC8-3978-49BB-9FDE-2D5B10…)

Billie is tweeting about Shiloh and Regina speaking with Hansen without the rest of the onion victims consent

No. 789706

He’s also going to gloat about being “right” about Shiloh and Regina as being two-faced liar and why didn’t you listen to me MR. FAX. He knows their front has cracks in it now that’s why he feels safe confronting Sarah on twitter.

He wants to be a constant presence in his victim’s lives so they can’t ever forget him and now’s his opportunity apparently.

I don’t understand why they ducked it up and rolled on their friends.

No. 789707

It's fucked up that Chris is actively pitting these girls against each other and using the situation for his own gain (which I think most people would have seen coming if his sketchy history was more common knowledge). Chris caused this situation and is giving Onion what he wants on a silver platter

No. 789708


Tbh they deserve having to hear greg crowing because they ignored plenty of other people who weren't greg… even took big projectile shits on them for their trouble.

No. 789709

File: 1596836243361.png (Spoiler Image, 424.35 KB, 742x1043, DrEaMyOnIoN.png)

what a terribly unsexy visage. imagine you look up and see this neanderthal heaving into you… it makes me shudder

No. 789710

Everyone keeps saying on twitter that Regina and Shiloh “sold the other girls’ stories to tv” but is that really what happened? No one has seen the show, they have no idea whose stories are going to be presented. People are assuming Regina and Shiloh are getting paid to retell other people’s stories but no one knows if that is what is happening.

Don’t they have every right to talk about their OWN story to whoever they want to?

Now of course I think it’s scummy of Chris to go make a tv show about the victims that did not consent, but they willingly told their story to a public figure to thousands of people in a video that would likely be on the internet forever, so I can’t help but feel they’re being a little melodramatic now about suddenly wanting their stories hidden.

No. 789711

I think it’s more that the rest of the girls collectively decided not to tell their story on Hansen’s show as they were treated so poorly before by Hansen, but then Regina and Shiloh went ahead anyway for the money. I guess we can see what story Shiloh and Regina will tell, however the rest of the girls must be pissed off for a reason. Also apparently Shiloh is now treating Sarah like shit, even after she promised to ‘protect’ them

No. 789713

I mean it's possible they want their stories to be visible, just not made into television content. I'm getting the gist from twitter that their stories will be dramatized and Regina and I guess Shiloh will be reacting to them

No. 789714

Well Shiloh is a nutcase all on her own without chris hansens’s involvement.

Have Regina or Shiloh said they're actually getting paid?

No. 789715

File: 1596838998392.png (873.22 KB, 828x1792, DD3E94F2-4BDB-4AB5-9F2F-906D19…)

My bad I just checked to see if they were paid to talk as I thought I saw a tweet about it but I was wrong, however I saw Billie accusing Regina and Shiloh doing it for clout… even more scummy if true. (screen shot taken from Billie’s likes on Twitter)

No. 789717

File: 1596839317626.png (41.5 KB, 596x551, theregoesshiloh.png)

woops didn;t mean to spoiler

No. 789718

Finally some shit I'm interested in

No. 789722

Shitshow incoming I guess.

No. 789729

Takes one to know one, you piece of shit.

No. 789734

Toxic people attract toxic people. The only way old Greg was able to get a girlfriend/wife was by manipulating teenage girls form troubled homes into believing his behavior was 'normal' before they have a good baseline of what is acceptable.

No. 789737

I for one, can’t wait for this show to air. Despite the “sistahs” backstabbing each other, all of America and possibly world wide will know what kind of pos human being Onioncunt really is, because I don’t think he’s getting arrested anytime soon.

No. 789746

It makes me think of a creature from Silent Hill, urgh.

I’m looking forward to any kind of televised exposure of Gurgles, just to see how big or small the public reaction is.

No. 789755

Man, nothing would get me wet than that tall midget calling out the sex doll's name. What was it, again? Julay?

No. 789767

File: 1596893732544.jpeg (517.25 KB, 1242x880, 03407E7A-190F-43D4-BA21-020931…)

No. 789770

So it seems like production of the show has already commenced without the girls knowledge about it (except for Regina and Shiloh). That's gotta sting for these girls who defended him despite the early warnings

No. 789771

"Forced to do the show" right. No one is forcing you to do anything, Billie. Either you do it, or you don't. But I already predicted every single one of the victims doing Chris' shitty show.
I hope they do realize that just because they're filming it, doesn't mean they will actually air it.
And yes, even if they "bought the idea" or whatever, doesn't mean a thing.
I doubt they will ever air it, I mean who the hell has ever heard of Greg besides us? Its not like when they had shows with victim statements from Cosby, Weinstein or R. Kelly.
Now those where some shows.

No. 789772

Regina has always been trying to skate uphill since this entire thing started. From weaseling her way in to becoming a mod on Hansen's scam-stream to down right trolling and harassing people. They should have seen this coming a mile away, Regina's ugly head is so far up Hansens ass only her kankles are sticking out at this point. Same with Shiloh who is just as desperate as Hansen is to try and restart some sort of a career out of all of this. Spoiler: It won't work, because you're all cunts.

No. 789774

I don't understand what's the problem they have with it. In the begining they were all so vocal about wanting their voices heard and to spread awareness about Onision's abuse, but suddenly it became a problem?

No. 789775

I wonder the same.
They can’t be mad just because it’s TV and not internet right?
In fact, I’ll bet if this entire thing started with Chris Hansen coming out and asking them if they’d like to tell their stories for a tv interview they would’ve all done it.

No. 789779

File: 1596899468950.gif (Spoiler Image, 590.01 KB, 320x240, BAD02F82-04A5-4566-8121-DC435D…)


No. 789781

>Regina's ugly head is so far up Hansens ass only her kankles are sticking out at this point

No. 789795

Because someone is making money off of "their trauma" and it's not them. Pure greed.

No. 789797

To be fair, they all did Hansen's show for free in the first place. I think they only bailed out after the whole laptop fuckery.
Not meaning to sound like a whiteknight.

No. 789801

File: 1596909659260.gif (477.18 KB, 320x240, she done did what now.gif)


Boomer in Des Moines watching the part about the toddler foursome on their wooden Zenith tv.

No. 789808

File: 1596911741077.gif (60.32 KB, 220x165, 6577381E-1349-4812-84C2-860908…)

Or the average Karen

No. 789812

Yeah good point. That could also be part of the reason that they’re not happy with having it on the internet vs tv. It might not be about the medium but how they view Hansen now.

I mean to have someone that gave them false hope and kind of fucked them over for money/trying to get famous again be the one who broadcasts their stories against their wishes isn’t ideal. They were on board with sharing their stories with him in his online show when they believed he was going to help them find some kind of justice.

No. 789821

he actually got the story to gain traction. why is tv different to youtube? the fags on yt will stretch it out with 20 click baity videos sharing all their details meanwhile shits actually going in a forward direction. maybe because they cant cry and cancel him like they could with youtube

No. 789823

Yeah but who even knows Greg, or Hansen for that matter? I understood on youtube that TCAP is already from a much different generation. Who the hell even cares about Greg, or Hansen?
I don't think this will pan out too great, and I doubt very much that this dreaded documentary will make much noise. If anything the only one profiting from this will be Greg since all these fresh new idiots will hate-check-him-out.
Remember, Greg was never that big to begin with and even Hansen's show was a pretty niche audience. Now had this been about someone huge like pewdiepie, it'd been a much different story.

No. 789827

>the victims are just salty someone else's making money off of them
I see many simpleton's making this argument. Most people don't care that Hansen's made money, it's HOW he's gone about doing it.

Most of the girls didn't want to sell their story, explain how it's unreasonable for them to want control of what happens to THEIR stories? Hansen lied to them by going behind their backs making deals while telling them to their faces he was trying to help them, then he lied to them again when they found out about his tv deal and they asked him not to use their stories, he said he wouldn't.

If only Chris Hansen's word were worth as much as his millions of dollars of debt.

No. 789828

they probably feel disenfranchised at this point and don't want to relive everything all over again

No. 789829

I thought the eyes reminded me of something. Good catch. There's only so long anyone can hide that kind of crazy before the cracks start showing.

No. 789831

Where has it been documented that Chris promised he wouldn’t use their stories without their explicit permission?
Maybe I missed it, but I haven’t seen that?

No. 789832

You're being overly optimistic like a lot of other people were at the start of this shitshow.

The production company (can't remember the name now) making this show are known for being sensationalist, as is ID. Sensationalism isn't about spreading truth it's about getting views. Whatever story they tell I can guarantee you it'll be far from accurate or factual, which could end up benefiting Greg more in the long run. Not like Hansen gives af if Greg benefits, he's probably secretly in love with him for bringing a tiny bit of relevance to his dead career.

No. 789833

You don't get to control how people react once you publicize something online. They brought attention to themselves on multiple public forums, and really none of them were even intelligible enough to tell a story on their own. Also, it's not just their story,everyone involved has "a story" and you don't even know how the documentary or whatever it is going to be portrayed. So assuming it's going to be based on their perspective or " their story".. is wrong. They're probably going to be using information from gurgles and Lainey s social media also, which based on your logic would also make it "Lainey and Gregs story". No one owns the right to an interpretation of events.

No. 789835

"reporter /rɪˈpɔːtə/
a person who reports, especially one employed to report news or conduct interviews for the press or broadcasting media."

The fact that Hansen is a reporter would have been a clue to the average person. But when you have people that don't know the meaning of most english words, you tend to get this shit.

No. 789836

>Chris promised he wouldn’t use their stories
Chris is on video saying he wouldn't do this without their permission and without ALL of them being on board. Look on twitter. John Swan's shown the video too in a livestream.

No. 789837

Did you miss the part where Hansen literally lied to them multiple times? That's the point. Whether the final product is an "interpretation" or not, the point is the girls speaking up rn didn't want their stories being SOLD. Obviously they were fine with attention being brought to it or else they never would've gone online with it, but again that's beside the point.

Oh and btw, Greg's probably salivating right now because if this tv show does air he'll have rights to some of the profits. Count on it.

No. 789839

Are you trying to tell me journalists are scum? Say it isn't so!
But you're right, Hansen lied, Hansen lies a lot and Hansen runs a lot of scams. I didn't miss that part no, and was publicly lynched for mentioning months ago when he first started scamming people over the back of the global pandemic.
Very little gets past me, my friend. And reporters being scum, I already knew that when they killed Lady Diana.
So, I'm aware.

No. 789840

Theyre going to try to turn him into a cult leader, it would explain why Chris tried to make almost everyone he interviewed answe the cult questions

No. 789841

>Greg: I loved fucking both of you (Lainey & Sarah/"foster daughter") >>787737
>Also Greg: The girl I kept inviting into my home raped and extorted me reeeeee

I love that moral high ground he always pretends he has, it's hilarious. He retaliated against Sarah for speaking out by making videos publicly outing her trauma (what she told him and Lainey in confidence) and also going into detail about what they did sexually, all in an effort to humiliate her, but that's not vengeful right?

No. 789843

They willingly gave their interviews for free they didn't listen or heed warnings and cried about naysayers and now they got to deal with it and move on but you know they won't because they're too invested.
Nobody cares they're idiots for working with him after all the inconsistent lies about the laptop and Gene, but that was months ago. It's pretty desperate to try to beg this hard when everything is public knowledge.

No. 789845

why would you copy a definition for "reporter"? lol sus

there's also something called "journalist integrity" jsyn

No. 789846

Hansen's the same person now that he was 30+ years ago when he started his "career". Nothing's changed. People like him aren't real journalists they just moonlight as one. Real journalism's become a rare bird but it still exists, it's just hard to find.
tbf most people weren't aware of Hansen's history back when this started. There were a few very small channels that made vids on it like MistaGG and Dank Net but it still didn't get enough eyes. After Sarah's laptop bungle the only ones among the girls I remember still supporting Hansen publicly were Shiloh and Regina, correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 789847

Right, like honor among thieves or in the mafia. The reason I posted that was for irony purposes and so that some people might learn.
You give me one trustworthy reporter and i'll give you 5 million bucks.
I also got a bridge I wanna sell you.

No. 789848


>Oh and btw, Greg's probably salivating right now because if this tv show does air he'll have rights to some of the profits. Count on it.

do… do you actual think that every time a person is spoken about on the news that they get residuals?

No. 789849

GARY WEBB. Look him up. He's no longer living.

No. 789850

Well there you go, the poor bastard is dead. Probably starved to death not making any money. An honorable reporter is like trying to find a dentist that isn't a sadist.
Its just not possible.

No. 789856

That's literally the only reason he never talks about it. Otherwise he'd have to lie even more than he already has.
You do know the difference between a tv show and a news segment right? The former he would be entitled to compensation. Thank Hansen for that.

No. 789857

How can we even confirm that Hansen "sold" the story? Maybe he just brought light to the situation and some big television network decided to do their own digging and publish a story? Really nothing we learned from their interviews was new information.All the history was pretty much archived by the participants themselves on Twitter, youtbe, here and many other places on the internet, the interviews really just gave the topic attention. This whole story has been laid out on various forms of social media for years by everyone involved.

No. 789863

I actually looked him up, he was suicided with two gunshots in the back of his head.l

No. 789870

File: 1596937574296.jpeg (11.69 KB, 252x339, regina_interview.jpeg)

This. Also, Hansen is not an idiot, it is 100000% sure that he got the girls to sign something that said he could use their videos (or any part of them) in the future, in any type of thing he wanted, and they were ok with that back then so what has changed? Did they think their interviews were never going to leave the intranetz? If so, why did they do them to begin with, didn't they want to bring awareness to what a POS onion is? They should do like Quasimodo has done and just ride the wave.

Also let's not forget that all these hoes decided to be with Onion after they knew how much of a piece of shit he was/is (except his first wife).

No. 789872

I talked to several who went on the stream. Nobody signed anything.

This is the closest to the truth I've seen ITT.

No. 789874

I should have added that voice approval counts too (instead of physically signing something). Did they do that?

No. 789875

its absolutely this. gregs dumb shit and all of what's gone on with his story has been on display and documented for a decade. retarded hansen spergs are acting like he has been the only one to ever find information on greg and these girls.

the fuck does their consent matter? what these women have been thru has been talked about and archived constantly for years. plenty of cows dont consent to have their information posted everywhere but sites like this and kiwifarms still exist. too bad so sad

No. 789876

Read the girls' twitters, they speak about this directly. Shiloh at first denied it then confirmed it, there's ss in the snow thread. Also >>789836.

Chris Hansen clearly doesn't respect the word no.

No. 789877

>the fuck does their consent matter?
It matters because it was sold without their consent. How would a deal get made for a tv show if money didn't exchange hands? This isn't a complicated concept.

No. 789879

There doesn't need to be a deal. What most likely happened is that they're basing their show on public information because everything is out there on a silver platter. Nobody needs to be asked for consent unless they're personally appearing in the show. I actually believe Hansen when he said the story wasn't sold, it really is not how that kind of thing works. He may have agreed for them to use his videos, but it wouldn't hinge on that. Have you ever seen any poorly made true crime docs? They don't get consent from the victims' families either (and many have been unsuccessfully sued).

No. 789880

You literally just said Shiloh confirmed, then denied it, so I don't think that she would be a credible source. I really don't think any of them are, based on history.

>>789877 I don't know what makes you think that any major television company would pay for "a story" that they could get for free, because Chris Hansen has no rights to "the story" They consented when they publicized the information themselves online, that's not a complicated concept to understand, either.

No. 789884

>There doesn't need to be a deal
According to the Mel article Hansen told the reporter directly that he "signed a deal with Investigation Discovery to do a TV series on the Onision story." So he signed a deal but no money exchanged hands? Bullshit. The girls (minus Shiloh) didn't want their stories sold. Even if they don't have any legal recourse here the fact remains Hansen gives no fucks about their personal wishes after pretending all this time that he did.
>Nobody needs to be asked for consent unless they're personally appearing in the show.
Ok but this wasn't what the girls were told initially. They were told their stories would not be sold or used for this tv show without their consent. I think the take away here is that Hansen is a predator never to be trusted.

No. 789885

The company Hansen made the deal with is going to, or has already paid Hansen to use the footage recorded on his channel. A "deal" isn't going to be made without money exchanging hands. Use your brain a little anon.

No. 789886

I think that the folks who are bitching about a television program using an interview that they knew was going to be put online, and conducted by a very well-known journalist, should use their brains. Maybe you have some growing up to do if you think every stranger on the internet is trustworthy, little anon.

No. 789887

Yeah he probably signed a deal to be on their show. That doesn't mean he sold the story, he just made a deal to appear or maybe narrate it. I'm not saying he's not getting money, he probably is. But he's not selling the story itself, there's no such thing.

>They were told their stories would not be sold or used for this tv show without their consent. I think the take away here is that Hansen is a predator never to be trusted.

I'm not arguing against this btw. Hansen is in this for money and fame and most of the girls regret their involvement with him. Just trying to clear up some details.

No. 789888

lot of concern trolls in this thread. if you like milk, you want this show to air. simple as that.

No. 789889

Exactly. I wish it was on network TV instead of cable. If it was a Dateline or 20/20 it would get way more eyes on it. Also I wanted to comment on some anon saying that the public wouldnt give two fucks about a washed up YouTube star and the drama surrounding him. There are plenty of news magazine shows like 60 minutes, Dateline, 48 Hours etc that air stories about people Ive never heard about but the story is interesting and keeps me watching. If ID can spin this tale so its engaging then people will watch even if they dont know who Onision is.

No. 789892

I hope it's one of those shows where they have actors re-enact events cause that'd be hilarious.

No. 789894

File: 1596950937141.jpg (71.75 KB, 1420x946, lyWB47k.jpg)

>tfw you save money by hiring just one actress to portray most of the girls

No. 789895

I hope a Lifetime movie comes out of this too

No. 789896

File: 1596952626141.jpg (124.63 KB, 795x1200, vore.jpg)

Generic girl with blue hair to play all the female parts and the actor who played Vore in Borders to play Greg.

No. 789903

You can call it whatever you like. A dissenting opinion doesn't = trolling. Did you think C falling out of the window and cracking her head open was milky and entertaining too? Milk is milk right? dumbass

No. 789904

>conducted by a very well-known journalist
>every stranger on the internet
The girls this "well known journalist" lied to expected him to follow through on his word and he didn't. They were unaware of his actual history and reputation, that's why they trusted him. Everyone gets fooled, even you.

No. 789905

That was quite the reach to prove a false equivalence.

No. 789906

A dissenting opinion isn't a reach either, anon. Enjoy your milk.

No. 789908

You can have a dissenting opinion. We're not a hive mind.
But saying people wanting to see the milk pour with a ID docu about this shitshow is the same as laughing at a child being injured is a false equivalence. And it shows what your mindset is.

No. 789909

>he probably signed a deal to be on their show.
Possibly but that's not what i got from the Mel article.My understanding based on the article and what the girls themselves have said is that their stories (their interviews with Hansen) were sold and the girls who didn't want part of the "deal" kept getting pressured to do so by both Shiloh and Hansen. Then there's Shiloh saying first that it wasn't, then that it was sold, and Hansen playing semantic games because he's incapable of telling the unvarnished truth lest he make himself look even worse than he already does.

No. 789910

Not quite no. I don't follow your non sequitur. I took someone else's general statement of 'if you like milk then you shouldn't be critical of the milk' to illustrate a point. Being critical isn't concern trolling either.

No. 789911

That anon said
>if you like milk, you want this show to air
They were speaking of the ID show in particular, not a general statement.
You in turn said
>Did you think C falling out of the window and cracking her head open was milky and entertaining too?"
trying to spin it that anyone who's in it for the milk (ID show) must have also had a big laugh when their daughter had the TBI, which is untrue.
You made a grasp and fell short. Did I dumb it down enough for you?

No. 789912

I actually took some time to think this comment over, not the other anon, but i've seen this type of response before about Greg. "Oh this isn't milk, it isn't tea, blabla." Yes, there are many people calling it that, including me. But does that mean we also "like" the bad stuff like his daughter falling from the window, or the girls being abused? No, we don't.
What you are doing is kinda like saying "Oh you enjoyed Resident Evil: The Last Chapter, then I guess you also enjoy how Olivia Jackson lost an arm doing a stunt for that movie, huh?"
I mean just because you enjoyed a movie like Titanic, doesn't mean you enjoyed the incident which caused the movie to be made in the first place. Greg and Lainey are morons, a lot of their antics are hilarious, but yeah theres a sad side to what they do also. Right now theres kind of a suicide scare around Chris-chan. I enjoyed many of his antics, and I enjoyed how he would react to people. Would I enjoy it if Chris-chan actually killed himself? Absolutely not.
Does everything need to be black and white? With lolcows like Greg there are many shades of grey. Plus, always remember you are here on a drama message board as well, same as the rest of us. I really don't think one person is better than the next here or anywhere else, for that matter. Every single one of us poops brown. Sorry if this post is lengthy but I felt it had to be said. Don't sperge when someone refers to this as milk or tea, we're all here to enjoy ourselves. Its a hobby and it keeps us off the streets during the pandemic.

No. 789915

File: 1596973923487.jpg (143 KB, 673x829, Laineybot casting call.jpg)

Finger crossed they get Andy Dick or Richie Giese to portray Lainey. Andy just got out of jail for misdemeanor sexual battery and Richie's music career is in the shitter so I'm sure both of them will do it for cheap.

No. 789917

I'd rather have a shitty documentary than the same 5 anons sperging about onion's micro peen and ogre body.

No. 789928


Greg is as likely to get 1 cent from that show as that high speed chase guy will be to get his youtube adsense millions that he thought were coming his way.

No. 789936

Yeah but the girls aren't exactly the most eloquent people, for all we know they could just be be saying sold but meaning they feel expolited

No. 789938

I mean… he does live in a swap and probably goes off about onions having layers so it's not a completely wrong comparison.

Came across this video by Nerd City for the first time and it's definitely an experience.
Sorry if it's been posted before, it's a bit old now.

No. 789949

File: 1596995851440.jpg (158.87 KB, 719x666, IMG_20200809_185007.jpg)

But yet he tried to cancel Eugenia, (only difference is he failed because no one gives a FUCK what he has to say) he is the one that harrassed all of his exes and made videos about them slandering humiliating and exposing their private matters for years and years

Also he literally was bragging about how he was right about Shane Shiloh social retard etc JUST A FEW HOURS BEFORE, and how everyone should have listened to him…. and done what??? Cancelled them????
Is he ever not a hypocrite?

No. 789951

Always the same thing with Onion where morals and rules applies for everyone else except him

No. 789957

File: 1597000306905.jpg (257.58 KB, 741x1318, 1596931677586.jpg)

greg's new desperate attempt to make money is to ask people to directly pay him to make videos…
how many actual fans does he think he has?

No. 789959

He should be paying his fans rofl

No. 789965

it seems a bit deceptive to include a thumbnail with foot if he's not going to force his doormat to participate in new videos

No. 789989

From when she "was" a woman too. He respects her transition so much lmao

No. 789993

>if you like milk…
Subtext: you shouldn't be critical of the milk (tv show). I wasn't trying to imply everyone had a big laugh at C's expense, I didn't word things right in the middle of the night. Were some people entertained by it? Sure, those types exist. However the accident/reports was technically milk was it not? Any new info or dramu is milk, correct? Which anyone's free to be critical of including Hansen's upcoming aids ridden sensationalist "show." That was my point.

No. 789994

>Don't sperge when someone refers to this as milk or tea
LOL I don't care what it's referred to it as. I wasn't trying to imply I'm better than you. I just don't see how acknowledging the thoughts and feelings of certain parties involved is a big deal or ruining anyone else's day.

No. 789995

The Mel reporter spoke with Hansen directly, he was quoted verbatim. When there was fallout from the initial report, Hansen had the words changed to play semantics. I don't pretend to know more than the women directly involved who said they've been repeatedly pressured to sign on to a "deal" they don't want to be a part of, and that Hansen lied when he told them this show wouldn't happen without all of their consent. He's been planning this for 6-7 months and Shiloh's the only one who knew about it.

No. 789999

>I just don't see how acknowledging the thoughts and feelings of certain parties involved is a big deal or ruining anyone else's day.
It doesn't, not to me personally. I could also turn that around and say why does it bother you so much when people do not acknowledge the thoughts and feelings of said certain parties?
You see the point I was trying to make is that just because they don't acknowledge them does not automatically mean they don't care.
Bringing all that up in every single post seems rather silly to me, like "oh btw that does not mean I don't care about these victims! because I do!" you know sorta waving your hands as if to excuse themselves, just so you won't mind these posts?
If that wasn't what you meant with this post >>789903 and then >>789994 that one perhaps you can clarify what it is you want from us.

No. 790000

I didn’t watch the entire livestream or even get through a full minute, but it’s over an hour long and starts off talking about sexual assault. Greg regularly talks about sexual assault and rape in his skits, live streams, “novels”, onlyfans ect. It’s disgusting. He’s clearly getting some form of graduation and arousal from it!! He that I in unself-aware that it’s clear and obvious to his audience and haters that we all know he isn’t an advocate but rather fetishizing. We know he’s doing it but he must know that we know too.

No. 790008

It also weird that he keeps featuring that same girl. I work for social services and courtrooms. I have over 5 years experiences in law courts and court rooms and it is very very unlikely that her story of sexual assault happened. Sexual assault rarely leads to convocations and predators go free, but her assault did not happen. and its strange that Greg keeps having her recount it. Greg doesn't believe her but is being turned on by the fantasy. I dont think Greg finds the girl attractive but differently turned on imagining these events. He needs something to get his baby carrot hard during his new onlyfan shoot. I know the story is false and so does greg but his fantasies of rape is creepy and this is new material to wack off to thats why he keeps having her retell the false story.

No. 790023

File: 1597024768581.jpg (180.11 KB, 2056x1437, EfBEi94U0AAZCU-.jpg)

Guys… THIS is rock bottom.

No. 790027

I thought the no0dz were rock bottom

No. 790029

File: 1597027032672.png (162.88 KB, 647x555, mayatexts.PNG)

This jogged my memory of all the girls who have visited his home. They all say the same thing. Soon after they arrive he will ask them if they were ever abused or had some kind of traumatic event happen to them. They say the reaction he has when they tell Greg their story is not one of empathy, its more like hes getting off on it.

No. 790038

Oh boohoo

Holy shit these retards are dramatic, i dont feel sorry for most of them anymore thb because they exaggerate so fucking much lol, also take it to their thread

No. 790040

File: 1597039351302.png (133.02 KB, 574x483, 8956456749.png)

Yet another live stream from Tamara scheduled for Monday. I'm so glad that she never signed a NDA so she can spill all that boiling hot tea. Ill be on the edge of my seat when she reveals
>and then James called me a DOG FUCKER!!!
>he made fun of how badly I played League and put me on the losers team.
>James made fun of me and said he'd make a special "Retards" category for me.

No. 790042

nobody's forcing you to watch the livestream when it airs, so quit yer bitching shut up and enjoy the milk

No. 790054

Are you stupid? Tamara has no milk.

No. 790062

That NDA is so hilarious. Can you imagine one of your friends going "before we go any further, you have to sign this DNA", like when you guys start hanging out. Who the hell would even sign a thing like that? I would kindly tell them to go fuck themselves.
Besides which NDA's mean absolutely nothing, you can just wipe your ass with it. Very easy for any lawyer to get you out of.

No. 790064

I mean, let's be real. At most ID will aks them generic questions regarding the whole situation. The girls will either tear up or go on their "this was such a tramautic experience for me but it made stronger as a person" spiel, cue pause to record them tearing up or trying to keep their composure, and then we cut to hilarious bad acting complete with over the top editing.

Also, daily reminder to all the anons trying to make onion out as this horrific monster. He's a verbally abusive manlet who preys on kids because if he went out with a normal well adjusted woman, he'd be terrifed of her kicking his shit in. Anyone rember when Blaire White said she'd slap him and he immediately started going off about "muh military training".

No. 790070

And like I mentioned so many times before: who's even gonna care? only us autistics care about this shit. ever tried telling someone about Greg or another lolcow? they don't get it, because they don't have our terrible affliction that makes us look at the train wrecks.
When Grift Scamsen finishes recording his shit show and shows it to the network execs, he might be surprised at how much they won't wanna air it. Specially since its all about numbers these days, they're competing with netflix and such.

No. 790072

>Hey remember when I was way overpaid reacting to static images on Google and dancing like a waterhead faggot? Me either, but it was much more convenient than sticking dildos up my ass

OnisionSpeaks SeRiOuS ViDeOs:
>Pay me to sit in front of a camera and mentally masturbate about important issues like what you think about pornstars (me uwu) and why I haven't mentally evolved past the 8th grade. If you don't end up loving the sound of my voice as much as I do than enjoy one of my tard rage fests (also available at your expense!)

OnisionSpeaks Narcissistic Supply Creepfest Electric Boogaloo:
>Wow I really am fucking retarded. But hey at least it's """"18+""""" just like I said it was last time yet mysteriously chose all the jailbait submissions. If you need a fat, bloated, rapidly aging needle dicked loser to validate your poor body image and lack of self worth your search is over baby.

Onision """"Comedy"""" Sketch:
>Most everybody should remember my 10 Things I Hate About ____ videos, I think my most iconic one was about anorexic girls. Yep you read that right. I hate girls with eating disorders because I'm a disgusting control freak that loves damaged goods. Hey Eugenia Cooney forgave me so you should too.

FIFY Greg.

No. 790075


Video idea for Greg and Kai:

Lainey gets sent another skateboard to try and shill, hopefully there's still a friend to join in. Oh the thing that actually makes it good: have Greg silently rollerblade past all the way through whilst wearing a trenchcoat.

No. 790079

Only half of his videos were demonetized? They should have demonetized all of them. YouTube staff really are incompetent

No. 790081

I think I love you

No. 790099

File: 1597096649107.png (326.57 KB, 1573x602, luuul.PNG)

Quick summary of gergs new video:

Badly drawn stick figures talking about how Sarah, who he now dubs "Revenge Girl" took advantage of him and how he lost everything.

Big mad.

No. 790104

“Extended family”

Does that mean his in-laws?

No. 790107

File: 1597102772379.jpg (51.71 KB, 687x515, lmaodoe.jpg)

This video's honestly hysterical.
And it's the fact that he made this in all seriousness that makes it even more hilarious.

No. 790108

this is also the second time he's made a video attempting to reenact this scene to make himself not look like a creep. Point is, he made a comment about the ass of a minor. If Shane Dawson had made this same comment, he'd be sperging about it endlessly.

No. 790114

I couldn't even finish watching that garbage. Absolutely nothing is ever his fault. He just twists and bents the narrative and has this warped view on how people act, react and what they want its astounding. Sure Sarah kissed you, and not the other way around, exactly like with Alicia, right Greg?
I just.. it frustrates me to no end. Somewhere deep inside Lainey's warped spaceboi facade there has to still be a woman and a mother in there. She must have at least some brittle left of a spine, I know her vegan diet must be low on calcium but come on. Find that cartilage of a spine, tape it back together and be a woman and a mother lainey. For fucks sake, leave his whiny pathetic lying ass.
If not for yourself, do it for women kind.
Sorry for this little rant here, but Jesus Christ, I had to get it out. Very therapeutic.
Carry on.

No. 790116

Weird how he thinks he can justify 'dat booty doe' as a joke but when Sarah said 'sorry for raping you' and stormed off, he apparently cannot tell that it's hurt sarcasm.

No. 790118

I think he knows it was sarcasm. It's just the only thing he can grasp on to to give any sort of flimsy support to his whole "she raped me" story.
But yeah. he had to make an entire skit video plus this idiotic stick figure drawing to attempt to explain his "joke" away, and yet we're just supposed to believe sarah wasn't being sarcastic when she said sorry, nor are we supposed to believe she was joking when she said "i'll sign if i get what i want"
Nope. Jokes are only reserved for Greggles. No one else can make a joke.

No. 790120

Holy shit. This is peak autism.
The stick figures and dramatic music. The way that he included that retarded old music video where he's trying to talk-sing about 'lying'. He is an actual retarded manbaby.
Like any normal person wouldn't get themselves into this situation in the first place, but you would think a grown man his age would be seeing a lawyer or just stay quiet/find another job. Instead he stays online and creates immature shit like this whilst signing up to do the onlyfans like a sex pest.
If there was anyone who believes him from that video alone, they must be brain damaged.
This looks like a video an angry teenager or younger would create.

No. 790122

I like that Lainey is drawn the same shape as a doormat and Sarah's weird face shape is a mix of Onion and Lainey since they both groomed her. The attention to detail is amazing.

I love when Onion tries to rewrite history, it just sets him up later for a bigger fall when he can't remember his inconsistencies.

No. 790123

He lost his job? He didn't have one in the first place, and if he considers posting videos a job he didn't lose that either since he's still posting his retarded videos so nothing has changed

He always had an awful relationship with his extended family and they always hated him

His fan base has been dying since like 2017 after the last Billie scandal when people realized what a creep he is for wanting to chain a teen girl in the basement for a week, also he's the one who got rid of many of his hardcore fans by kicking them out for stupid reasons like fat Becca, female Chris Chan, John Coffey, dog fucker, etc

No. 790124

In the video you can see text that's loosely scribbled out. Does any art- or shoop-anon know if you can make it somewhat legible again? I wonder what he had written there.

No. 790149

Love how he leaves out the part where after S 'raped' them he decided to date her independently and then proceed to fuck her while man wife and sprouts where out of state visiting family.

No. 790155

>Holy shit. This is peak autism.
And therein lies the hilarity.
This is a nearly 35 year old man who is drawing stick figures explaining his "story".
She raped him, even though he in a text admitted that he "loved making love to both her and Lainey."
After this - very clearly rape - he also had sex with her solo several times.
He's lost whatever little mind he had and it's pretty hilarious to witness. I hope Sarah doesn't feel bad about this autistic display, it's not even worth any extra attention.

No. 790156

He is so sick in the head jfc. Being around this guy must be draining, hence why Kai has aged 20 years since inserting herself into his life >>789915

No. 790158

Remember how he used the butthole loophole to get around Lainey's no sex when she's gone rule. He's a fucking degenerate.

No. 790169

I’m glad he finally admitted his life is ruined. For a good year or so there he kept trying to make out he didn’t care, but we all knew he was actually breaking inside.

I don’t care if Sarah was vindictive. That’s what you get when you constantly use and abuse and discard people like trash. One day you’re going to abuse the wrong person.
Just a shame Kai and the kids had to have their lives ruined too.

God he is cringe. His face is so punchable in his lying song. Even at the end when he hobbles off like a little hobbit. There’s not one part of him that’s attractive.

No. 790172

File: 1597158808209.jpeg (5.56 KB, 226x223, images.jpeg)

>Just a shame Kai had to have her life ruined too.

No. 790175

>Even at the end when he hobbles off like a little hobbit.

Yeah, with his new porn arc, I was wondering whether he had a dildo shoved up his butt even back then. kek

Maybe a year ago he did have another teen girl lined up and had to keep his poker face straight about his life being oh so awesome and now that nobody wants him (or even wants to collaborate on his OF), he can continue to cry victim because there's no one there he needs to impress. Tinfoil but maybe that's something that influences his narc cycles.

No. 790180

>He's a fucking degenerate.
He really is. He also said in this one interview I forgot with who but he held his baby carrot with his fist or something and Sarah complained about it hurting, but him trying to find a loophole there only sticking the tip in?
It makes me sick even talking about this shit but thats what he was talking about. I´m sorry I forgot what interview it was but it was recent, and its out there. Maybe someone here knows which particular interview I´m talking about.

>I’m glad he finally admitted his life is ruined.
Not to mention time is starting to work against him. He´s already gotten that dad body and receding hairline that hes desperately trying to hide with concealer and what not. Pretty soon he´s making that transition where in the eyes of teens he´s no longer this `older dude thats hip with it` but rather the creepy old pedophile hitting on them. If he hasn´t made that transition already, mind you.
Time catches up to us all, its inevitable.

No. 790183


It's a testament to the power of narc that he thought he could endure all of the people who rightly made it a priority interest to pound him into the dirt where he belongs.

No. 790200

>I don’t care if Sarah was vindictive. That’s what you get when you constantly use and abuse and discard people like trash. One day you’re going to abuse the wrong person.

God I wish someone like Vix would've gotten in there when it was still possible. Too bad nobody was committed enough to really see it through.

No. 790206

Post-billiegate was fun times. Speculating who was the next trinity member, whether they were a clout chaser, mouth breathing tard, or some stupid troll just wanting to fuck with him.

Now even he's washed up. The only interesting 'milk' is some shitty documentary that may or may not even happen but, fading into obscurity while shoving dildos up his ass in some shitty studio apartment (no way he's keeping the swamp long term) is a fitting end to this goblin.

No. 790245

>why does it bother you so much when people do not acknowledge the thoughts and feelings of said certain parties?
It doesn't. I was trying to say that getting shit for bringing it up at all, is ridiculous. Anyway I didn't word things right, sorry lol.

No. 790247

This. He's trying to blame all of his shitty life choices and the resulting fallout on a teenager he repeatedly invited into his home and chose to have sex with.
He's still delusional if he somehow believes he's any better than Sarah in all of this.

No. 790248

Just thought I’d check in and see how his plan for “fundraising” his video content was going…
He’s gotten a total of 22 dollars.

No. 790250

Legendary post.

No. 790251

It's just going to be Shiloh and Regina. The other girls are apparently being portrayed by actors. Riveting, groundbreaking content if you ask me.

>they don't have our terrible affliction that makes us look at the train wrecks.
True, but ID is known for spinning a narrative to make it more "entertaining" to presumably draw in the normies (I always hated shows like that, 99% of it is sensationalist bullshit played up for views). If the show gets made I'm certain it will be as far from factual and accurate as you could possibly get.

No. 790252

This is why he was doing those fundraisers for charity, he was trying to gauge how much he'd be able to grift from his audience.

No. 790256

It’s August, any news on the wetlands?

No. 790261

No. 790262

I believe the next check up is scheduled for 23rd but with corona the date might get shifted.

No. 790272


I think the whole wetlands saga is a bust since the onions bought the house outright. The leverage of the bank caring that their asset is being trashed is gone.

No. 790278

I´m starting to think justice will never ever be served regarding Greg and Grainey.
Somehow they just keep getting away with shit.

No. 790281

Is he not part of a housing association though and the government owns the wetland? I don't think Onion can purchase the government mandated buffer. Didn't he just buy the plot next to him not even sure if its got property on it.

No. 790288

Yeah, but he´s Greg. Somehow douchebag turds like that always get away with shit.

No. 790315


From what I understand, they can stop greg doing anything bad to the wetlands same as ever, but actually make him plant the shit and put up the naughty fence, no. In my country they'd just do the shit themselves and bill them but it's probably unconstitutional in the land of the free or something. What they can and probably will do is put a lien so anyone buying the house inherits this issue.

No. 790331

I thought the county already seized the portion of the swamp that includes the Wetland and are gonna bill the Onions for the contractor's performing the restoration. Is that what the date on the 23rd is for?

If Onion decides to do anything with that plot he's going to fuck it right up and shoot himself in the foot and blame it on the gubmint for not telling him that he couln't do that

"I received a public inquiry today regarding whether parcel numbers 9760201080 and 9760201091 (lake access tracts F and G) could be built upon for single-family residences. Based upon my review, it appears these were intended to be lake access tracts and NOT buildable lots. It would appear to me that any conversion to buildable lots would require a plat alteration. Note, a somewhat similar situation appears to have possibly occurred on parcel numbers 9760201061 and -71 where proposed recreation area tract D may have been converted to building sites. I did not do an in-depth review of those two parcels but it appears that the Pierce County Hearing Examiner was involved. One would need to pull the file from archives to see the history regarding that matter. Anyhow, the history of those two parcels may provide some guidance regarding use of tracts F and G. Note, aside from use issues regarding tracts F and G, at a minimum they are potentially constrained due to critical area issues which could present other issues to overcome. -Ty Booth, Planner"

No. 790352


That sounds like some brainlet anti-o wasting their time and not even onion asking about it.

No. 790355


>I thought the county already seized the portion of the swamp that includes the Wetland and are gonna bill the Onions for the contractor's performing the restoration. Is that what the date on the 23rd is for?


No. 790356

File: 1597323511986.png (85.48 KB, 1303x644, sure.png)

The inquiry was before Onion even bought it, but sure it was some brainlet Anti-O

No. 790359

File: 1597327726753.jpg (250.05 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200813-235817_Chr…)

This makes me nostalgic for Billie era, when he made lots of these lazy stick figure whiteboard videos and makes me wonder if he is nostalgic for that drama too. Like he feeds off it even as it destroys his career.

No. 790360

File: 1597329518869.png (95.95 KB, 828x338, 90AC02E4-28F6-4B6F-86E3-C633C1…)

Really Greg? Cause your fake patreon goals haven’t moved. Still sitting at a full 20 bucks.

No. 790361

File: 1597329680066.png (414.87 KB, 828x1191, A2CC4368-4240-467A-947D-2FF8A7…)


ThE NeXt MeLtDoWn HaS bEeN fUnDeD!

Yeah… by you.
No one wants to see this trash.
Didn’t his old patreon fags say in one of their old discord chats they weren’t really into the whole meltdown thing and they wanted real content?

No. 790362


Maybe the brainlet anti-o was psychic like you expect us to be, dickhead.

No. 790366

>makes me wonder if he is nostalgic for that drama too
You can count on it, anon. Relationship drama was basically his YT brand.
Now he's stuck in an unhappy marriage while fucking himself in the ass alone in his basement. Hilarious if you ask me.

No. 790371

Yeah, it was thanks to Sarah and Hansen some of his retarded meltdown videos had a lot of views in the first place. He should be thanking Sarah instead of attacking her, before she came forward his videos got 20k views max

No. 790372

Is it still up? Cuz I can't find it.

So much about being ~ThE mOsT hOnEsT yOuTuBeR~…

No. 790376

The "fundraiser" is still up on his Onision.org page. It launched with that $11 donation and hasn't moved since.

No. 790379

Imagine making a public fool of yourself for only $11.

No. 790380

I guess his plan was to get paid per video he releases, but since no one is paying up, he will abandon this new site just like he does all his others after a month or so.

No. 790382

Thank you, kind anon.

Hmm, when you click the link it shows that the video is "overfunded", and he raised $40. It's weird because it's the only one , the others show the correct percentage.

Also, it's hilarious that his meltdown video costs $30 but a """sketch""" that actually needs some kind of planning, scripting and props is $150. Greg really doesn't want to put in any work, does he?

No. 790383

He always has some "infallible" plan to gain money… and all of them end up failing eventually, it's hilarious. He tried to trick Patreon into accepting him back after getting banned, so he must be pretty desperate for money, I guess people are losing interest in his onlyfans?

No. 790400

>He should be thanking Sarah
I mean, you're not wrong. kek
>people are losing interest in his onlyfans
Who the hell was genuinely interested in his OF aside from a few trolls?

No. 790405

File: 1597379897515.jpg (79.97 KB, 599x509, uhhh.jpg)

No. 790408

because kids are……..ugly? that’s the reason sperg is going with for why he’s not a pedo? not like……morality or protectiveness or immaturity?

this tweet makes me think now more than ever that he’s been molesting his kids, jesus fuckin christ

No. 790409

that part stuck out to me too.
the way he words things is SO. WEIRD. it really does seem like he is overcompensating hard for having feelings he knows he shouldn't.

Also he is constantly talking about pedophilia. I mean I know people call him a pedo on the daily, but the fact that HE has to keep bringing it up is super sus.
"Because kids are ugly" is definitely the weirdest reason to give for not being a pedo.

No. 790410

File: 1597383600614.jpg (838.1 KB, 1896x2638, s4nxgvG.jpg)

So I'm pretty sure this isn't a re-upload (please correct me if I'm wrong), but he uploaded a video a day ago to his main channel with a new song he made along with a music video with photos of his family members (or specifically aimed at his mom?), cut out of them, and he's burning his family members in each photo starting with their faces so you can't see who they are; the photos are always cut or burned in a way though so he's not burned by the flame in the photo.

I remember him uploading two similar music videos like this in the past iirc too, using his backyard like this with similar shots.

Can anyone confirm if this is a new song/video and not a reupload? If it's new, I wonder what's going on with the fam? The song/video is called "Pretend Your Morals Are The Best". If Kai's family or his family have caught wind of his porn career and aren't having it, this is going to get interesting lmao.

No. 790412

He made a comment on a recent livestream that his family didn’t invite him to some family event (maybe thanksgiving? Since he moaned about his thanksgiving plans being ruined last year) and I guess their reason was that they didn’t agree with his morals.

Someone on the other farms posted clips from the stream where he said this if you care to see what he said exactly

No. 790414

Thanks for the context, I believe you, makes sense. The video/song is filled with 14-year-old angst, he made it so obviously about family and took what feels like jabs at both his mom & Krai.. These were some lyrics that stood out:

>Go behind your husband's back,

>With another man in the sack,
>Mutilate your child with a grin,
>Proclaim another is full of sin,
>Beat the weaker down, laughing as you do,
>And play victim when it's done back to you.

Seems like this song is aimed towards all of his family.

No. 790415

File: 1597386981239.png (262.74 KB, 1194x978, Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 15.3…)

daily meltdown about CaNcEl CuLtUrE is bad from ole shelfbrow

No. 790417

>ole shelfbrow

I fucking cackled

No. 790419

He used to call Sarah ugly too, and look how that ended

No. 790425

I'm sure he doesn't want to say that it's morality or immaturity because that would destroy his perfect picture of himself because he knows he likes teen poon due to the lack of life experience.

I mean, of course, every middle aged man would go and make a Youtube video pissing on his family by nasally whining teenage-angsty word-barf into a mic when there are problems. It would be preposterous to actually go to said family and talk things out! Talking down on them online will also make it a lot easier to reunite with them later, obviously.
Jeezus Christ, what a crybaby.

No. 790427

File: 1597407093767.jpg (91.59 KB, 1892x922, oh-no-sion.jpg)

May I present to you Greg's brand new website featuring him and … well him.

For the bargain of $180 per month you'll have access to all of his crappy nudes, songs and he even whines and yells at you live. Phew, who could resist!

He really doesn't get it that he doesn't have an audience for this anymore, does he? I wonder if he'll fluff up his numbers on his own page as well sooner or later.

No. 790428

Oh, I forgot it's OnsionFans.com.

No. 790431

Greg's edgy song is literally an exact copy of NIN's 'Right where it Belongs' down to the note. Should've known.

No. 790432

What’s crazy about the whole entire Onision saga is how fucking retarded he’s been since day one. When he was bigger, making money, and hadn’t completely fucked his career he could’ve invested into various things. Instead the narc needed a massive home, Tesla’s, and spending money on girls coming over. Now he’s permanently branded as a pedo, mentally unstable, and broke.
He is broke, and useless.

It’s gorgeous karma, but also of course impacts his children which sucks

No. 790433

This reads as awkwardly as the Serengeti line in Toto's Africa. All these years later and he's still writing arhythmic shite with simple rhymes at the end of the sentence like a 4th grader.

No. 790434

If we can't even cancel onion, is cancel culture even real?

No. 790438

How can you say he's not been cancelled when he's resorted to dildoing himself for money? The Internet hates him, no-one will collab with him and he can't get a sponsor or advertisers, and even in the real world his neighbours hate him so much he got his hpuse egged, and nobody will give him a proper job after being Chris Hansen'd. He's been left totally without allies and without any options.
Remember he used to have a huge rabid fanbase, girls flocking to him, millions of views, a mansion and teslas…? He's definitely been cancelled, kek.

No. 790439


Cinnpie probably gets to walk around wherever she lives with less scorn and disgust shown to her than onion boy.

No. 790460

He has been cancelled a long time ago, he just refuses to stop posting his retarded content online. He's like a cancer that won't go away

No. 790461

i love his "metaphors" so much. honestly every time he starts a sentence with "it's like if" i just get ready to giggle. it's hilarious that he thinks he's insightful, and even more funny that lainey probably has to listen to like 7 on a daily basis while he bullshits reasons for not doing housework

No. 790465

is he still posting new lewds and porn or did people just stop posting them here? not that i'm complaining tbh.

No. 790470

>not that i'm complaining tbh.
No, because that would be like complaining about COVID-19 not being there anymore once its gone..

No. 790473

Yeah he called her Meg Griffin among other things.

No. 790474

>also of course impacts his children which sucks
As great as all this is, I do hope someone's taking care of his kids because we all know Greg and Kai won't be doing it. I can't tell whether or not Greg's family are too retarded to take on the responsibility, certainly not Tami. If his family's cut ties with him this could further isolate the kids.

No. 790475

The 35 year old edge lord is face down in the same filthy carpet he jerked off to in his garage. I wish Taylor still live streamed just to see her smugness taken down a notch or ten

No. 790476

>wah i ruined my own life through my own shitty choices and actions
Stay irrelevant greg.

No. 790481

File: 1597453365648.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 406.97 KB, 1104x2045, 54731759-795A-4B99-AF75-1701FB…)

No. 790482

File: 1597453484977.jpeg (320.58 KB, 1099x2029, 49EA66EA-3775-4A3A-AD15-91E225…)

No. 790483

File: 1597453597487.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 261.45 KB, 1030x2082, 6D8B8689-B5A6-45F8-A86C-3B426A…)

No. 790484

File: 1597453662020.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 31.44 KB, 500x375, 5815F543-6D4F-44B8-BB27-4CBD76…)

All I can see is mr burns, honestly

No. 790485



No. 790486

I thought spoilers were for nudity(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 790487

oh my god you're an idiot

No. 790501

Didn't C fall out of the window before November? I bet it has something to do with Gurg's handling of that.

No. 790507

File: 1597476214305.jpg (7.62 KB, 167x136, Andsobigtoo.jpg)

He called her Meg Griffin in the same fashion Chris-chan calls Meg Griffin.
And then he consummated the adoption of his much hated child.

No. 790509

According to him he was mean to Sarah to scare her away from his cock, unfortunately he couldn't keep his cock away from Sarah.

No. 790512

Which pretty much proves he's a pedophile pervert.
A normal man does not have this little "problem" of his.

No. 790513

It was more like he was afraid he couldn't control himself around her so he kept her away until she became 18. Like that time he fed her cheesecake, he quickly realized how wrong that was because she was still underage and he would get in trouble if he fucked her. He refuses to interact with Cloey and refused to change Madison's daughter's diaper for the same reason

No. 790514

File: 1597479959855.jpg (31.83 KB, 1170x212, Image1.jpg)

what family i wonder wouldn't be happy at having a hyperactive pedophile freak like Greg in the family?
Especially one that is so well known on the world wide web?

No. 790515

Oh and also; just because Greg wears a mask around you people, doesn't mean he has an online persona.

No. 790516

Pretty amazed Gregs family still talks to him. Don't families usually turn their backs on pedophiles?

No. 790518

Sure Greg might not be a theatrical idiot offline but his online persona is just Greg. He shares way too much of his personal life and relationship drama just for it to be an act

No. 790519

you'd be mistaken sadly
it barely rarely happens, even less so when there's no conviction because then "it's all just hearsay"

No. 790520

Have any of these autistic assholes ever heard of "where theres smoke, there's fire?"
Hope none of them has kids, and i especially hope said kids never have sleepovers at the grease house.
Greg seems to have a little problem down there regarding kids, and i stress the word little here. little problem.

No. 790523


It's like, what does it even mean? His 'online persona' of all those disgusting tweets were the result of father of the year here tapping that shit into his phone as his kid is nearly dying from his neglect. Greg is too retarded to get that and his family member is a pussy.

No. 790524

I keep an eye on the other farms and it's basically the same three poses he posts over and over.
He's also not showing his lil tictac very often lately, maybe he's been pumping too much. lol
Greg's also kinda switched over to taking more pics in which he cosplays or is dressed. According to the tweet he made before, my best guess is that he's trying the "model route" now. Maybe he realized that dildo-ing your butt is not as prestigious as he thought, or maybe people are just bored of his OF content.

No. 790527

Maybe the Narc got out of his mania and is starting to realize him ridding a dildo will forever be out there accessible for anyone to see lmao

No. 790532

I've always been curious as to how flustered would he get if someone ever challenged his "street cred" of being gay.

What I mean by that is ask him very specific questions to just flat out expose his hypocrisy about being having the big ghey like "When was the last time you had sex with a biological male other than your 'husband'?" or "How hard did you want to get pegged in the ass by Shane Dawson?" or "When was the last time you sucked a dick?".

Since he likes to chase after barely legal poon, he's probably hetero in reality. He'd obviously lie about it though because he knows the gays are a protected class now and would want to also have that leverage for his actions. So, he'd either flat out lie, get offended/chimp out or just avoid the question altogether cause he's a big pussy of a man about anything.

Would still be funny though IMO to take a stab at his sexual prowess and mock him on his own grounds.