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File: 1574357040665.jpg (368.36 KB, 1000x1324, under 21.jpg)

No. 731845

Previous Thread: >>728973
Onion Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/691458
A separate thread has also been created to talk about anti-o twitter >>>/snow/892011

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Greg continued to make a spectacle of himself by posting sexual videos/comments about Chris Hanson. >>730902 >>729019
In attempts to get out of the wetlands debacle, Greg is doubling down on the 'You trespassed on my property'. >>728992 It appears that he has not finished the required work or provided the required proof that he is repaired the damage he has done. >>729084
Apparently the best response to the current allegations is to make sexually demeaning tweets to his teenage fanbase. >>729670 >>729932 >>730141 >>731472 >>731616
Greg is also on the path of fucking him self financially by limiting is one dollar pledges on patreon. >>729142
Regina airs out Laineys predatory ways including her emotional abuse, appearing nude on camera, asking for nudes and much more. Also it is once again pointed out that the onision forms where a haven for pedos. >>729179
Chris and Vincent confirm they have evidence and are forwarding it to the proper authorities. >>729265
A new chapter of Greg's sex book is released. >>730188
Shiloh leaked a video where Greg abuses her. >>730474 To be clear the ear cutting was part of a skit but the words and actions that came after it where unscripted and real. >>730879
Keem announces that he is planning to make an Onion video, perhaps with Sarah's cooperation. >>730559
Farmers are split on if this is a good idea or not.
Billy appears on Have a seat with Chris Hansen. >>731361 During the stream it is reviled that Chris is in contact with the FBI.
Billie and Sarah herself have confirmed that Lainey would walk around nude in front of Sarah often. >>731726

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules:
- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT, just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.

No. 731846

File: 1574357136294.png (351.8 KB, 564x710, some said....png)

No. 731847

The thread is great, just needs a title like "Onision #threadnumber The FBI is coming Edition"

No. 731848

File: 1574357813245.jpg (69.32 KB, 1218x309, gRoWtH.jpg)

Thank you for taking the time to make a new thread, OP!

Nothing much is happening on his Twitter, so I decided to compare a tweet from 2017 to a tweet from today, as it shows his remarkable personality growth.

No. 731853

Billie didn't defend her, she did say she's just as bad as Gunk

No. 731854

i already want this as the next thread pic

No. 731855

File: 1574360115022.png (467.93 KB, 746x533, 43535435.png)

He's really looking rough as fuck lately.

No. 731856

His hair is really stringy in this and he looks extra greasy and liver spotty in this video.
Physically felt sick when he did the gay hair push with a big string of greasy hair at the beginning of the video.

Also one of his patrons supposedly 'told him about Shiloh crying at the study door while he fapped and bitched that it was 'nonsense'
Basically confirmed he watched Shiloh's stream. Also out of all of the allegations he addresses that one, not even the loli porn. What a loser.

No. 731857

Grease and his childminded fans are all having a pity party and trying to discredit victims. Fucking vile.

No. 731858

He's talking about Shiloh's dad right now and talking about how how he "threatened" him with broken drum sticks.

He's still talking about this shit while his patreon fags feed him the wrong info.

No. 731859

I thought if anything he would be sperging about Billie but I guess it really gets under his skin that Shiloh is getting her music career back. He's extremely jealous and probably thought he had rid Shiloh of the internet forever.

No. 731860

Who's dad wouldn't threaten him? You psychologically tortured his daughter, physically and mentally abused her. Ffs Greg, be glad he DIDN'T kill you. Mine would have, they just wouldn't find your body.

No. 731861

File: 1574361609546.jpg (14.61 KB, 245x174, GreaseLord.JPG)

>TFW all the makeup and filters in the world can't hide your terrible hygiene

No. 731862

He's talking about how the FBI is probably rolling their eyes every time his name comes up. He truly is delusional and thinks he wont get held accountable.

No. 731865

i think its romantic, but i also think they dont want kailor to lose custody of the kids. i think billie and the gang end game kinda want kailor to leave him and redeem herself somehow…if thats even possible.

No. 731869

He looks like utter shit. Probably haven't slept in days and been furiously masturbating for hours to Shiloh's livestream on Chris Hansen

No. 731871

Enjoy your free time while it lasts, grug. Wheels of justice slowly turns.

No. 731875

Note that he lies about what was said. Sh didn't say he was jerking off TO HER, I believe she actually said he was jerking off to hentai for three hours and locked her out while doing it. Because him jerking it to her crying isn't true (as far as we know) but denying this made up/exaggerated version of the truth he's not technically lying.

No. 731876

He's laughing at himself saying in that video "Noone will ever know how much I abuse you"

He's playing it off as a skit

No. 731885

File: 1574364917540.jpeg (96.6 KB, 500x466, 6C5EC83A-9A10-42AF-9F54-7D4ABC…)

just a reminder of the types of things Greg would release about Billie.

No. 731887

Fuck you, scum.

No. 731890

File: 1574365222772.png (910.31 KB, 1155x656, Alopecia.png)

His ugly greasy scalp is showing badly now.

No. 731891

Definitely don't want to understand a fucking predator and abuser anyways.

No. 731892

Not sure if this is Greg or one of his patronfags but either way if you've got nothing to contribute, quit shitting up the thread.

No. 731893

I bet you certainly can, he is "misunderstood good guy" right?

No. 731895

lmao i was about to post this.

hes talking about the shiloh video 'youll never know how much i abuse you'

i think hes looking through old footage to show clips and 'disprove' it.

No. 731896

That bald spot oh my god

Time is not treating him nicely

No. 731897

Onision discussing modifying his hard drives with his Patrons live now

Stream is on his Twitter wtf

No. 731898

Nice, leaving video evidence for the FBI of him planning to wipe his hard drive.

That's not gonna bite him in the ass at all.

No. 731899

File: 1574366109879.jpeg (37.33 KB, 625x626, 59744214-4D08-4244-9AAB-57662E…)


No. 731900

I'm sure when they do look through his devices, there are ways it can be fully recovered. I think he just fucked himself over by tampering with evidence. He's having a hard time accepting he's in deep shit.

No. 731901

File: 1574366183426.png (280.25 KB, 636x360, chappedup.PNG)

anyone else notice his lips bitten up badly? I used to do that when I was stressed before tests years ago, he looks a mess.

No. 731902

File: 1574366490287.jpg (10.12 KB, 98x118, kek.JPG)

I was looking up Shane dawson so i could talk some shit and I saw this, I know it's nothing but it's funny to see him "trending"

No. 731903

I don't understand why he would say that. Is it some sort of a power play as in "I can taunt people like this and I'm still not arrested"?
Or is he trying to speed up the FBI involvement because ( as far as we know ) Krai is going to be worse off?

No. 731905

File: 1574366871825.png (148.93 KB, 625x626, bait3.png)


No. 731907

stop taking the bait, let the mods deal with the underlings.

No. 731908


Nah, I dislike him because he's a bell end.

No. 731910

Types like a 12 year old, wonder if this is the newest dumbass he's got chained in his basement

No. 731911

File: 1574367318134.jpeg (281.75 KB, 2048x2048, 991F8EE6-FD1F-44C8-B463-769E32…)

No. 731912

Save it for the feds, no one here cares you're trying to get ass swallowed by the onion

No. 731913

>1,030 votes
Wait, how??? How/why is anybody giving him attention? Can you buy bots to vote on things too?


No. 731914

How much you want to bet that he thought closing his forums would stop him from getting in trouble for what's on them?

No. 731915

File: 1574367630481.png (69.3 KB, 854x705, buyingvotes.PNG)

Yes, you can buy votes. He has been known to buy subs etc, so it is not a stretch.

No. 731917

Ogreg mentioned how he was discussing the situation with Kai, asked something like "What will they [victims] talk about now?"

Then Kai said they will try to make Netflix special but it obviously won't happen because it's based on lies and they will get sued for it.

Lmao he said that on stream. FBI can't come soon enough.

No. 731919

Neither one of them will truly take it seriously until police are searching their house. Can't wait for Grog's meltdown when the FBI "trespasses".

No. 731920

That's gonna be the narc rage of the century. Can't wait to see it.

No. 731921

I think Chris said it best with the "and the response continues to be bizarre".

No. 731922


It says a lot when you're the most batshit insane person Chris Hansen has ever encountered.

No. 731923

I thought it was interesting and odd how Billie said that lainey always had the kids with her. Like even during getting her haircut she kept them with her instead of just letting Billie and Sarah take them because the kids don’t like being separated from her..Makes me wonder just how much of all of this they’ve witnessed and if that’s part of the reason they’re in the room/bed during sex. Seems all around unhealthy. I know attachment parenting is one thing but all around really, really weird. Lainey

No. 731924

one of the core themes of attachment parenting is that you provide enough comfort and confidence for your kids that they feel comfortable alone. lainey's a dumbass bitch though so i'm sure she hasn't read the first thing about it. she probably just thinks it means "leave the kids in the room while you fuck"

No. 731925

sorry not saged but also, i did think that was one of the stranger things that billie mentioned. i feel like there's more to that, but mostly it just highlights to me how abusive lainey was to billie/sarah.

No. 731926


I don't think she's doing attachment parenting. I think she's just so desperate for his validation and attention she'll roll over whenever he asks and she has no idea how to parent her kids

No. 731927

>drug abuser
it was weed you fucking mong lmao

the FBI can absolutely recover wiped data. all he's doing is making himself look guiltier.

No. 731932

I'm internally laughing at the idea of him buying programs that process to wipe data "permanently" and getting scammed hard.

No. 731933

Is there someone recording the stream, or a way to recover what was streamed? It'd be good to send video proof to Chris Hanson about him mentioning wiping his hard drive so the FBI can be alerted that he's tampering with evidence.

No. 731934

>She has repeatedly expressed she is suicidal to manipulate us into getting her way.

Imao so he wrote this to convince everyone of his superior morality and fortitude, thus justifying a character assassination. he's so fucking full of shit and won't acknowledge he's guilty of using the same damn tactics

No. 731935

I think they should be up on Twitch and Periscope afterwards

No. 731936

File: 1574374096426.jpg (92.22 KB, 1237x360, 20191121_230520.jpg)

throwback to the second onion thread when Billie first appeared on his instagram kek

No. 731937


There is so much to unpack here, oh my god

>She has repeatedly expressed she is suicidal to manipulate us into getting her way (if you have ex's, you've probably gone through the same thing)

Like, no??? Most people's exes do not threaten to kill themselves on the regular. The fact that most of your exes have told you that they're suicidal so you'll stop doing something says a lot about you, Greg.

Also, I love how he presents the tattoo thing as if it's a completely normal and rational thing to ask someone to do, when it's absolutely fucking insane.

In general, I cannot imagine being a thirty-year-old and talking about an eighteen-year-old like this. If you don't want to date immature people, Greg, stop fucking children. It's that easy.


I'm not sure if this is some idiotic attempt at a power play with the FBI or he really thinks he hasn't done anything wrong.

No. 731943

>She behaved in a dramatic way sometimes
>She smoked weed
Yeeah, that's what happens when you invite literal teenagers to stay at your house, dumbass.

Also, pressuring someone to get a tattoo to prove something(?) is really messed up … That is not normal. It's abusive.

>She tried to "sneak out"

She was not your ward, or your child. She was staying at your house and was trying to walk away. The fact that he calls this sneaking out is also SUPER disturbing.

No. 731945

Lol the bitch is joking about it but won't even leave her house because she's too scared the moms at T's school are going to beat her ass

No. 731947

Not to mention he tried to make her sign a contract to force her not to leave the McMansion, cause that's not weird AT ALL

No. 731948

The kids are probably scared of Gargoyle and that's why they want to stay with Foot at all times to feel safe

No. 731949

>The fact that he calls this sneaking out is also SUPER disturbing.

If I recall, the same thing happened with Shiloh and he chased her down in his socks or some shit.

No. 731952


It's another way to control them. If he calls it "sneaking out," it makes them sound more unreasonable, like they've done something wrong. Then, he can be like "see, you're the unstable one and you're misbehaving, unlike me, I'm being the responsible one, so do what I say."

No. 731956

His branding fetish is so gross to me. He had barely teens writing his name on their bodies like some kind of makeshift tattoos then demands tattoos to apologize?

Another control method so he can have them like cattle I guess.

No. 731957

Time, genetics, having to deal with so many haturz, fapping instead of sleeping really stresses you out. He'll be bald by the time the FBI, the ultimate haturz, come knocking at the swamp shack's door.

No. 731960

what’s this obsession with presents? in billie’s stream she mentions how she and sarah were at the mall because they were supposed to be buying presents for lainey and greg. didn’t maya have to buy them presents at christmas? wasn’t it speculated that sarah had to buy lainey presents every time she wanted her forgiveness? same with billie? and wasn’t lainey obsessed with getting people to send her shit back when she was on younow everyday? lainey and greg are entitled pieces of shit who expect everyone to bow down to them and “earn” their respect & forgiveness through presents. just a weird observation

No. 731962

That reminds me, he seems to have some sort of fetish regarding contracts (that he writes). I mean, I wonder what the penalty clause of a contract to not leave the McMansion was. I also wonder if he thinks they are actually legally binding. I am guessing he does, since he seems to be stuck on them.

No. 731963

Even if they did sneak out, that reflects real fucking badly on him and his huswife. Why did two 18+ women need to sneak out of someone elses house in the middle of the night? The ONLY reason anyone would do that is if they're scared and felt trapped.

IIRC Greg actually ran outside after them and Ayalla said she had to rush Billie into the UBER. Not normal and not the behaviour of two people who felt comfortable. Wasn't this was the same night after Greg coerced Billie into sex - where she's already said that she broke down crying afterwards - and Lainey freaked the fuck out? Shoutout to Ayalla for taking her friend away from that bullshit.

No. 731964

I am not sure she is in therapy, but based on her interview last night she sure seems to have PTSD.

No. 731965


I only just watched the interview. That poor girl was a nervous wreck talking about this. I felt so, so bad for her.

No. 731967

i physically said ew when i opened this link he is so fucking disgusting looking omg

No. 731968

Weird place to start balding. Looks like he's been gnawing on his lips, too. Getting nervous, grugly?

No. 731969

File: 1574379462738.jpeg (101.23 KB, 828x440, F245AD74-0DBF-4532-A662-5F42BD…)

It’ll be so satisfying to see this smug cunt get arrested. Someone please edit something Gross onto this image.

No. 731970

Just bewildered by the cognitive dissonance and/or retardation of grug and Kai fans, considering the amount of information and testimonies about their manipulative and abusive behavior, and the fact that Chris fucking Hansen is investigating them and getting the FBI should get through most people's heads but no!

No. 731971

That would be ironic considering he made videos mocking people who have trichotillomania. Karma?

No. 731972


Many of them are so damaged and so desperate to feel like they belong, that they're hoping they're the next victims. They don't see it as being a victim, they think they could handle it, they'd be the one to appreciate Gregs love for what it is, blah blah. It's the type Greg targets.

No. 731974

Preferably another gurg, that's the grossest thing I can imagine

No. 731975

Probably. I think Taylor also didn't want the kids getting too close to Billie. I think that's understandable to a point. But the more I learn, the less pity I have for Taylor.

No. 731976

lmao. Thanks to the anon who put up the thread pic and big thanks to whoever made that it's hilarious.

No. 731977

>The Legend of Onision
Ok Pedo.

No. 731978

Can anon please correct the thread? Will this one have to be deleted or can they just edit???

No. 731979

Tinfoil, but to me this video comes off as "see my expensive piano is a business expense!"

No. 731981

Looks more like he's been picking at his scalp almost non-stop in that area. He's looking pretty crusty, so he's obviously not keeping up with his "expert hair care advice" that dries the absolute shit out of his hair and makes it overproduce oil. Probably got a head full of scalp zits and sores from picking at them lol

No. 731983

Maybe I'm just dumb, but I never really got the whole Greg and Billie having sex "behind Lainey's back" thing, because as much as I didn't think Billie was the one in the wrong, why would she do that if she knew Lainey wasn't cool with it? But then hearing directly from Billie last night that Greg basically jumped on her the second they were alone and told her that actually Lainey would be fine with it… That makes so much more sense and must have been so confusing for her. Then to be publicly blamed for it all, wtf. Scumbags.

I don't think any of the women want to accuse Greg of rape but the way they talk about him jumping on them within minutes of meeting or basically instructing them to join in with him and Kai/Lainey, it's just so typical of him walking that fine line of legality with these young, impressionable, unexperienced girls.

No. 731984

File: 1574381752116.jpeg (421.75 KB, 828x1250, 148C017F-454B-4976-AD22-F0CEB5…)

Reddit sock. 1/2

No. 731985

File: 1574381808918.jpeg (385.95 KB, 828x1095, 96112C67-2004-4A2E-85C3-69D9E1…)

2/2. No defense of Kai. Kek.

No. 731987

If this is remotely for real, you guys are so misguided it's not even funny. If he were so "misunderstood" he wouldn't be having the FBI on his ass right now. Him blocking you did YOU a favor.

No. 731988

what subreddit is this posted in?

No. 731990

It's either that or dehydration. Weird things happen to your body too when you become terribly unsanitary, which clearly he has.

No. 731991

Low effort bait or is onitard really that oblivious to the faxx that he used the exact same insults (liar, druggie loser) that he always uses against his exes. Next.

No. 731992

This pleases me greatly.

No. 731993


No. 731994

lol. I like that Hansen's not mincing words. He called him delusional too. Both Greg and Kainey fail at living in reality.

No. 731996

Yeah. There’s so much wrong with this that it isn’t even worth refuting because it would take too long to name all the contradictions.

It boils down to this: Greg is as much of a liar and a cheater as he claims these people are. (And most of his claims are debatable) Difference is they were inexperienced teenagers and he is a grown man.

He is an unlikable, untalented twat who doesn’t deserve any sort of fandom and he’s also a morally corrupt sociopath regardless of whether or not he ends up in jail.

He just needs to shut up and go away.

No. 731999

At my age I've had tougher bm's than him, but if I were a kid? Those Bundy eyes would definitely scare me. He can only intimidate minors and really young adults.

No. 732000


That, and, kids can usually tell if their parents are in a mood, and I imagine Onion constantly gives off a constant aura of dislike towards them and overall psychopathy

No. 732001

File: 1574384157260.jpeg (44.35 KB, 297x396, E03E50F7-5786-4FE9-8D8A-72C6BE…)

This really does look like the scum himself…

No. 732002

Gift giving is part of the grooming process according to this guy. He says he's a clinical psychologist. Worth a watch imo. He also did one on Onion and calls him a jerk lol.

No. 732003

>Why did two 18+ women need to sneak out of someone elses house in the middle of the night?
I wondered about that the very first time I heard that story years ago. Turns out, where there's smoke there's usually fire.

No. 732004

She had anxiety issues before meeting the Pedo team.

No. 732005

Oops. Guess it'll be up to the mods/admin.

No. 732006

Greg is just itching to throw Kai to the wolves the moment things pop off. I almost feel bad for Kai. Almost.

No. 732008

>it's just so typical of him walking that fine line of legality
That's his entire life. He's a virtue signalling phony. As for the sex, most of the women he's been with it looks like were extremely coerced.

No. 732009

Tinfoil maybe but

I found it VERY interesting Kai didn't ask for pictures of Billie. Obviously not as valuable as kiddie pictures.

No. 732010

This got pinned by mods of that subreddit and everyone is tearing him apart. He deleted the sock.

It's not milky, but if you want a good laugh…

No. 732011

They look at each other’s phones a lot so it’s very likely that Greg has seen the underage pictures that Lainey received even if she didn’t make an effort to show him (I would bet she did). Would there be anyway to nail him on that? I don’t think Lainey would roll over on him even if she ends up going to jail.

They said it was a miscommunication but the fault really lay with Lainey because she was too cowardly to stand up to her own husband and say she wasn’t comfortable with what he wanted. So she went behind his back and put all the pressure on Billie to go against what all three of them had agreed on together (that it was going to be no rules).

I personally think she did it because she wanted to squeeze Billie out somehow because she was second fiddle and so close to losing Greg to her again but that’s just my opinion.

Billie did try to stand up for Lainey and say no to Greg but of course he pushed her and said it would be fine. He probably wore her down and she probably figured his word was ultimately gospel because he was the one making all the rules up from the beginning and leading all the action anyway.

I remember specifically in Lainey’s video she literally said said she needed to have an “out” and she took it. She screwed Billie over and said she cheated and consequently sparked the public smearing of Billie while she sat back and said “I’m innocent, I don’t control what Greg does.”

Did we ever know what Billie was to the kids? Aunt Billie? Mommy and Daddy’s special friend? She was around a lot so they must have had to address it in some way, right?

Agreed. “Escaping their house” has a totally different meaning than “sneaking out of their house”

No. 732013

a direct link to a video he just posted? Yeah pass

No. 732014

The pic on the left looks like he maintained at least some basic form of hygiene. Now in 2019, his outside matches his inside. OOF
It definitely eats him up when the girls he's tried to break have any success in their lives.

No. 732015

File: 1574385938814.jpg (118.5 KB, 933x733, ilsbcjj7u4041.jpg)

Saw this on twitter, but I have no way to confirm if it's real or not.

It's believable though.

No. 732017

That and there's evidence he verbally abuses his kids (the Taco Bell mukbang video)

No. 732018

>she did it because she wanted to squeeze Billie out somehow because she was second fiddle
There are glimpses of truth in Onion's vids if one looks closely. I remember one vid he made complaining that Lainey was a sourpuss around the other girls. She was left out a lot and she was definitely jealous. Not that Greg gave or gives a shit.

>She screwed Billie over and said she cheated and consequently sparked the public smearing of Billie while she sat back and said “I’m innocent, I don’t control what Greg does.”

Yep. She worked with Greg to throw Billie under the bus the entire time.

No. 732019

Highly doubt Lainey has any access to Gurgs accounts. He'd never let that happen. He, however, has all the access to hers.

No. 732020

Interesting! This does appear legit. Everyone knows Greg is the same retard he's always been. Thanks for sharing anon.

No. 732021

Apparently it came from the comments on this video. I just clicked so idk if its milky, but it seems interesting from the first few seconds at least.

No. 732022

>I love how he presents the tattoo thing as if it's a completely normal and rational thing to ask someone to do
He deliberately played it down like he always does his psychopathic, abusive behavior. Billie straight up called it a tramp stamp.
Guys, guys, you're completely misreading the situation, HE'S the victim here. /s

No. 732023

We need more father's like that. I don't remember where this was, Texas? But a few years back some guy literally walked in on a pedo molesting his little girl and he beat the pedo up so badly that he died. The guy genuinely felt bad because he didn't mean to kill, and I can understand that but at the same time it's like bruh, you killed a child predator and made the world a better place. You aight.

No. 732024


I don't get the home wrecker narrative with B. If she had refused to sleep with onion because Lainey said no, he would have gone and screamed at Lainey that she was jealous and negative and ruining everything. B even said she was trying not to get lainey into trouble. He keeps blaming B for his own shitty treatment of krai

No. 732026

The narc bit in this recount reminded me of what we’re really dealing with here. He’s a genuine, textbook narcissist and nothing will stop him from doing what he’s doing because of how severely mentally ill he is. His reactions to literally everything that he’s ever been accused of are defensive and manipulative. he’s made it clear what his intentions are and what he thinks of himself.

I really hope that Hansen and the FBI will be able to put him away. I get that he’s a cow and it’s entertaining to follow all of his bullshit, but my desired end result is to see him and cool pedo kai in jail.

No. 732028

Is this from the same guy who came out talking about onion in the air force, like a month ago? Or different guy?

I think it's interesting how these guys haven't mentioned anything about that rumor that went around that said onion was kicked out because he was trying to hook up with some officer's daughter or something along those lines. Maybe most people don't know about it, or maybe it was just a rumor? (I would definitely not put it pass him to do that tho)

No. 732029

I genuinely want this to be over soon so I can move on. I'm only keeping track of things in support of the girls.

No. 732030

>Onision would have payed for her school
Too bad he never paid for his own schooling so he could learn to spell. Illiterate imbecile.
We can be sure he told her a lot of lies about his daily experiences there, however, Skye may still have some good background info on his time in the military.

No. 732031

>The internet believed her because she's female
Of course. It's got nothing to do with all their receipts proving what a pathological liar he is, on top of him being currently investigated by Chris Hansen and the FBI. The people he calls liars have receipts, actual evidence, when all he has is his word which is worth nothing.

But no, it's "because she's female" lmao.

Total waterbrain.

No. 732032

What I've been wondering about the onions is that pedoguykai has pretty much been the one to bring the girls into the house. They have targeted girls through lainey(under the guise of being in a relationship with her and not gurgamel) and then pressured the girls to have sex with both of them. I don't remember any of his exes trying to groom girls. Was it always his plan to have his wife of the year to bring more girls into the onion cult or did he decide to do it when he realised what a doormat his current wife is and seized the opporturnity?

No. 732033

He looks way less greasy and unkempt with short hair, but now that his pustule-ridden hairline is receding, he has to keep it long to hide it. Also he's fucking delusional and thinks he looks like a 16 year old emo boy when its long.

No. 732034

I'd say the former. According to what his exes are saying, he's always been juggling girls.

No. 732035

Onision is such a cunt. Billie described it herself she arrived expecting one thing to be Lainey's girlfriend, then Greg tells her that it's to be a three way. He controlled everything. Billie told Greg she had a conversation with Lainey in which Lainey said she was uncomfortable and Greg refuted that he had his own conversation with Lainey and this was ok. I know you prob know this anon but just to be cohesive.

Immediately after that is when Billie went to seek her friend to confide in and she was upset after the experience (sex with onision) and crying.

Greg orchastrates everything and Kai is all to happy and willing to sit back and watch. She'll even gleefully participate in grooming if she can get validation and gifts out of it uwu

No. 732038

He's always been a scumbag and wanted more than he can handle. Shiloh was very anti other girls and hated his conduct on the onision forums.

Aj although it only lasted a few weeks I'm sure would never have agreed to it.

Skye finalised the divorce because he was a cheating scum bag.

Lainey is just a classic doormat that will go with the flow as long as she doesn't have to do any real work.

No. 732040

I think he doesn't have the patience for long term monogamy. He wouldn't have stayed around but he couldn't hold back his impregnation fetish, knocked Kai up and felt like he had to stay. Probably because he has crippling daddy issues.
So from there he just pressures Kai into being poly or he'll leave them, and Kai is desperate for validation and the unobtainable so they went along with it. I don't see any plan, just tripping and stumbling through life and women.

No. 732042

File: 1574389627289.jpeg (351.92 KB, 1242x1530, E28373E9-D0FB-49CB-A089-31CD2C…)

Just wanted to post this for the archives. What a fucking creep, has he gone full psycho?

No. 732043

Yeah. Not to be one of those people, but isn't every new thread supposed have a title?

No. 732044


My thoughts

He had never been in a situation before where he had to use someone else for it. He could always just chop, change the girls he was with. With Skye, he divorced her without realising the financial consequences/thinking he could get out of it with fake contracts or some shit. It all got done anyway, and he was a free man to pursue others… either having short term relationships changing all the time, or 'breaking up' constantly to still have his freedom to find others when he got bored/wanted to.

But then he married Lainey. I personally think the only reason he got married to Lamey was to have control of her. He was DESPERATE for a teen girl since Shiloh had completely gone now, he was lonely without anyone to adore him, and saw Lainey was a doormat… but her dad wasnt, and her dad made him feel emasculated and threatened. He wanted to take Lamey away and assert dominance over another male that way, as well as have a teen girl again, and bonus have the doormat Lamey on his control. Got her pregnant because of pregnancy fetish… I genuinely dont think there is any other reason he ended up having kids with her.

I don't actually think he looked far enough ahead to realise that this would cause him inconvinience when he wanted to swap her out just a couple of years down the line. I think it's as simple as that. He DOESNT think about consequences like that. He wanted to take control of Lamey so much. Leaving Lainey was not convinient for him due to child support and alimony etc so he started to get bored, but found himself stuck with her

But this is where her being a doormat comes in. I think he realised that he couldn't pull teen girls as easily anymore anyway with his aging… and, even if he could pull some fangirl, it would be too much of a risk to his reputation now since he was THAT much older. This is where Lainey becomes useful, she could be the one to do the fishing.

With AJ, he hated that she was bisexual, was very judgemental about it and cruel to her about it. Lainey seems to have vaguely mentioned to Greg one day that she may be bicurious (despite saying she was straight and such to the public) and he seems to have fully encouraged it. Suddenly, neither are monogamous.

I don't think 'personal growth' is a reason for his change of heart over the bi thing here, somehow, and I don't think Lamey stopped being monogamous out of nowhere either. It's just that encouraging Laineys bi-curiosity (to the point of forcing it, we all know she isnt actually attracted to other females) worked for him now.

He could have his teen girls, without having to pay off his now-wife in divorce. And infact, keeping her benefitted him.

tldr he never HAD to use his partner for this before, but now he does, and now its actually useful cus hes getting too old to do it himself

No. 732045

He's a waterbrain, I expect nothing less. I blame twitter for allowing him to stay on their platform when they've banned and suspended people for so much less than the shit he does.

Could you imagine being a father of two small children, tweeting this cancer all day long?

No. 732046

You are one of those people. Who the fuck cares? The thread is still here and you can read it. This constant sperging about OPs not meeting some invisible expectations is the worse thing about this site.

No. 732047

Maybe he’s trying to push the boundaries to get banned? Can never figure out this cunts motive

No. 732049

I don't want the thread to get deleted I just don't know what the guidelines are. Admin deleted a thread before because OP didn't do a proper summary.

No. 732053

File: 1574391495260.jpeg (813.97 KB, 1242x1888, 597B687D-187B-4BB1-8374-E99B8A…)

We’ve got victim olympics, but special needs victim olympics. Imagine thinking having a blowout with the Onions translates anywhere near what Billie, Shiloh, Sarah, and the other girls have dealt with.
It pales in comparison, and doesn’t make them victims.

No. 732054


just tinfoiling i guess but i’m guessing part of him tweeting this shit is to get under the victims’ skin. it might be stuff he’s said to them or texted them.

he just posted a “blooper” video of him and Shiloh. i’m sure it was to discredit that “no one will know I abuse you” video but also to annoy or try to silence her again. these tweets could be the same thing.

No. 732055

Lainey is well and truly trapped. Any halfway sane, intelligent wife would've left a scumbag like him by now. She never even speaks for herself, Greg speaks on her behalf.

No. 732056

Who cares? They came out with useful information, why care beyond that?

No. 732057

Is it an actual blooper real or just him dressing in hideous drag pretending to be one of his exes like he usually does?

No. 732058

There's that, it also riles people up so everyone comments on his shit and he gets more attention. It's pretty much all he can do at this point to stay afloat

No. 732059

Yeah it's real

No. 732060

I'm not going to his channel. Any takeaways?

No. 732061

sage goes in the email field.

No. 732063

Nah they just laugh a lot, it's clearly just a post to discredit Shiloh.

No. 732065

File: 1574394524565.jpg (104.83 KB, 1078x855, AIDS.jpg)

>I'll luck your scratch
Welp, looks like his waterbrain is so busted he's struggling to write coherent sentences now. Where are his poor children while he cringe tweets smut all day long? Lainey's too busy crying to look after them.

No. 732068

Pretty sure he's using it as a way to say "See? she's laughing, having a good time! Therefore, she couldn't have been abused!"

No. 732070

Father of the year for sure. I don't even know how many weeks he's been doing that. Any normal person would be bored of it by now.

No. 732072

He thinks it's a "power move" against the hAtuRz because most of the people replying to him are telling him the FBI's coming. It's why he sperg tweeted that mess at Chris Hansen.

Greg truly is a functional retard.

No. 732073

Don't give him views, use this instead.
Onion's in mental breakdown saga

No. 732082

File: 1574396398605.png (1.29 KB, 219x74, ....png)

He forgot to turn off likes/dislikes showing, duh.

He's still being an idiot but recently seems like even more out of control. Losing it, or getting ready for mental health defense.

I thought Billie was okay, a bit nervous and not wanting to get caught up in certain terms that could come back at her. The other girls have mentioned getting therapy, I hope it's something she's looked into as well because the emotional damage of this is obvious.

No. 732089

>doing whatever this shit is instead of finding a lawyer who didnt get their degree out of a cereal box


No. 732090

"I'm not upset or shitting my pants over this at all" onision says, while nervously wiping his hard drives.

This video is going to age very, very well, I can tell already.

No. 732091

>implying that greg won't try to represent himself in court


No. 732094

"She vIOlaTED the NDA your honor!!! Throw her in jail!!!"

I can already see the shit show.

No. 732095

Please. I would pay good money to be a fly on the wall in that courtroom when Greg is inevitably held in contempt for not shutting the fuck up and has a hissy kicky fit at the bailiffs when he's detained.

No. 732096

kind of an out there thought.. but what if greg wants his kids taken away at this point? maybe that would explain some of his baiting behavior recently.

No. 732097

"Your honor, she actually raped ME. I was BLACKMAILED into taking her virginity. Also she did cocaine once ARREST HER"

No. 732099

I think he would be upset if his children were taken, but not for the right reasons. He hates authority (the military, IRS, local gov) and would probably lose it if something was taken away from him without his consent.
I think he would be fine with abandoning them with Kai or his family, but not having them taken.

No. 732100

if he did it would his greatest comedic performance

No. 732102

He's joking, right? This video is one of his attempts at being funny? It's hard to fathom someone legitimately acting like this.

No. 732107

Wow, this is really demented. He has a fucking scary weird face. He's obviously trying to be "funny" but it's exactly the type of sense of humor that dangerous violent people have and you can see that some actual emotions are coming through … The cracks begin to show even more. So goddamn creepy. And hard to watch (like everything he ever made during his "career.")

No. 732111

You're right. Most people with Anti-Social Personality Disorder hate having things taken away from them or being cut off from a person without their consent; they "love" differently since they don't empathize.

The love they have for family members and pets for example, isn't the same as what a normal person would have. They see family members and pets as belongings, things they're entitled to, property. When they protect or defend a "loved" one, it's in their own self-interest - it's their property to them. If someone attempts to infringe on their property, bad shit happens.

It's akin to a male dog pissing in another male dog's territory. If a person actually has ASPD and "loves" you, unless they leave on their terms (get rid of their property), you're in for trouble.

No. 732112

Leave Greggie alooo-ho-ho-hooone !!! memes on the way guys

(Nah too cringey)(autism)

No. 732114

his kids probably had to listen to that live

No. 732119


if it’s a criminal trial i wonder if it would be interesting enough to outsiders to become a televised trial.

No. 732124

Why do you guys act like Billie was never there for onion lmao
She fucked him for a reason after lainey left the house
They spent all their time together during laineys pregnancy with the kid

No. 732125

>If you don't want to date immature people, Greg, stop fucking children. It's that easy.

Seriously I'm tired of hearing waterhead's bitching and moaning about how immature and unstable his TEENAGE victims are/were. No shit retard - you delight in naive young women from troubled backgrounds because you're a psychotic manchild that can't handle relationships with people within your own age bracket.

Wow Grug way to show us how not triggered you are by the possibility of the feds raiding your shit. Because when I think "unbothered" I think autistically dry heaving into a camera, kek.

No. 732136

On the off chance that it would be televised, I'd pray that Greg would be so conceited as to represent himself. I'd fucking die laughing watching him attempt to hide his narc rage in court. Cow of the Century.

No. 732137

sage but been going through the old threads to see what we said about Billie. Some anons were a little on the mean side, but everyone for the most part seemed to be on the team date swampmonster/get trashed/leave swampmonster/we're rooting for you camp

oh and I did come across this kek

Anonymous 12/10/16 (Sat) 03:56:25 PM No. 322286

I can wait two years for them expose themselves as groomers.

No. 732138

Is it still possible to represent yourself in court in cases like these? If it is there's no doubt in my mind that Jimmy's going to do it to give the haturrrzz one last show.

No. 732139


Yes, but it's, obviously, ill advised. But, I don't think Greg's stupid enough, somehow, to not get a lawyer. After all, he got one for the wetlands case.

No. 732140


It is possible. Ted Bundy did it. It's certainly not ADVISED, because someone trained in law can help guide you with "hey you don't have to answer that" type stuff

Televised - I wish. But there could be reporters.

No. 732142

I don't know, wouldn't surprise me if he decided to represent himself the minute his lawyer tells him "dude this does not look good, better just take the plea deal" as that would go against his "I didn't do anything wrong"-narrative. Plus his ego is so inflated it makes inflation porn on deviantart look tame.

No. 732144

I think all of Grug's twitter grossness of late are him building what he believes is a defense if he has to stand in front of a judge.
Either he is working on an insanity plea. Or trying to make it seem like people are misrepresenting his "online persona" as real life fact.

No. 732146

File: 1574418082305.png (610.54 KB, 1127x681, eek.png)

Greg's kids probably got more maturity than he does. He goes in court he'll find out it's not the same as stringing along social media. And Chris Hansen ain't ruffled at all by this behavior.


Imagine watching that screaming video like this, on projector, spread across entire wall. At cinematic volume. The apartment neighbors would be wondering wtf was going on…

No. 732147

His acting is sooooooo bad I felt second hand embarrassment watching this.

No. 732148

File: 1574419021975.jpg (39.88 KB, 585x386, sh.jpg)

He posted a really old video clip with Shiloh on twitter, he can't ever stop and just leave them alone. They're laughing so he thinks this means he wasn't an abuser.

No. 732151

Are you retarded? She said in the stream that she didn’t want to do those things, and it was pretty much forced.

No. 732159

Exactly. It's like smiling in a photo when you're in an abusive family.You do it to survive. You make the best of it. If he was going to be horrendous if she didn't do it, might as well try to have a little fun if you can & tell yourself it's not so bad.Then later you realise it was fucked up & you should have had the right to say no.
Forced smiles or the odd genuine laugh don't disprove abuse, Greg. You're a moron.

No. 732160

Im wondering, is it pretty guarateed that Lainey is getting jail time now? The swapping of nudes with kids, that evidence being given to the FBI with Chris chasing it up. Seems like it's over for her.

If so, wonder how Onision is gonna react

No. 732162

Greg strikes me as the ugly short type of man that can't make a woman cum. All of his sex fuelled tweets and his entire personality is about sex, but I doubt the middle ages faggot has ever made anyone cum let alone have multiple Os. No one has ever bragged about being dicked down by Onion, literally none of them have expressed a positive experience. He's obviously fucking terrible in bed.

No. 732163

Kainey is pretty fucked, the only way out she has is her being uwu trans as a trap card for speshul treatment and her mental problems. Grug might make it out (from minor nudes) unless Kainey throws him under the bus which is unlikely. Anons can take bets:
>the FBI is transphobic
>Kai dindu nuffin
>Kai got hacked
>oh I didn't know I married a criminal, officer

No. 732164

Regardless it was Onion's wife and Onion that invited Billie into their home multiple times. That hardly constitutes as someone wrecking a home when the two homeowners are bartering over what they can and can't do with their new sex toy.

No. 732165

I think that anon is trying to say that there was a time where Billie was clearly into it ( she sexually did far more with Jimmy than she ever with Krai )
After the cuddle gate when he tried to leave Lainey & sign over the kids to her, Billie wanted to stay with him, he was the one rejecting her that time.

It's a jumbled story. But none of the above makes how he treated her okay.

No. 732168

Uh don't think you can say Greg rejected Billie when she turned him down the final time and hasn't replied to any of his various emails over the years pleading for her to try again with them.

I don't understand how anyone is attracted to either Greg or Lainey but bizarrely it does seem to happen. Sure Billie probably ended up catching feelings for the people giving her overt sexual and intimate attention plus Greg was giving her stupid amounts of money for hanging around. It's not like she stayed around for that long. She went out at 18 had a few visits and her last one was at 19. She was never alone in her visits. Sarah lived there or she brought her best friend.

She left them at 19 and hasn't communicated with them further. Greg is 34 and thinks emailing Billie about his dreams is going to have her crawling back. He's a delusional retard.

No. 732169

Grug could have lured her with money when he had some but he's broke af now, really ugly, going more and more mentally unstable, he's terrible in bed, why would anyone go back to him, especially if someone had already dated numerous guys after him? Doesn't make any sense. In his mind all of his exes still want to fuck him.

No. 732172

File: 1574426045799.jpg (202.78 KB, 1228x716, cg.jpg)

Anon - I said he rejected her that specific time. I made a point to say that there was a time where she would have still been with him & was completely fine with Lainey leaving with the kids ( as that anon said "why are you behaving like she was never there for Onion" - they're right, she was ). Some anons in the previous thread were misremembering this so I'm just going to attach a quick cap.

I didn't say he was the one who then finally rejected her and peacefully moved on, clearly that's not the case, otherwise he wouldn't have left her so many e-mails. Also repeating that none of the abusive shit he did was in any way justified.

No. 732174

Two unaccompanied minors tickets to New Mexico for the Onion bulbs.

No. 732177

this may be pretty terrifying, but i laughed so fucking hard when he said mulder and scully. your age is showing bro

No. 732184

File: 1574434064671.png (1.8 MB, 2040x1126, Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 15.4…)


is… is that the inside of the garage door? Has he seriously rendered it unusable with trash to make room for a shitty greenscreen he never uses?

if not, what is this the inside of, a shed? what the fuck is going on here

No. 732185

His teeth are so fucked up, he needs to go to the dentist. They look crowded as fuck, no one he is teething and biting things. He's a grown ass toddler. Yet he looks like a middle aged tramp when he drops his face away from the light. Maya was spot on calling him frankensteins monster.

No. 732186

Lol, it must be the anti FBI barricade.

No. 732189

Wtf lol was that anon from the future???

No. 732190

A more normal person wouldn't act like this, guilty or not. Greg has always struck as the type who could receive a beatdown so bad, it's life-altering and he'd still keep starting shit.

No. 732191

The kinds of things he thinks are incriminating are always hilarious. Most people would feel sympathy for someone who has a "drug abuse" problem or an eating disorder they're ashamed of/don't like to talk about and here he is trying to convince us that she's a bad person because she's troubled. It's like he's stuck in a bygone era where this kind of milquetoast shit is scandalous. It's especially funny when you compare the faults of this "evil druggie scum" to his own, it's truly night and day.

No. 732194

he has his studio/work station in the garage kek

No. 732196

Last time he uploaded Shi clips he got a legal threat and a call from her management. Greg must be quite manic atm.

No. 732201

Who cares if he rejected Billie for 30 minutes to clear his conscience. What is your boner for that. He emailed her for years after

No. 732202


Yes, but he didn't see any real consequences, which means it's a-ok in his book. It's the reason he does all the shit he does- I dont think he has ever been punished for anything in his life.

No. 732203

Because the actual story is important. There are clearly people who are new to this or are not remembering how it all happened anymore, since a few even mentioned that she was the one talking about morals - that never happened.

Jimmy and Krai look bad enough on their own ( the FBI's literally looking into them ), there's no need to be adding info that never happened. Also, you're on a gossip image board, lol.

No. 732205

You sound jealous of Billie for whatever reason. He emotionally abused her, cheated on his wife with her, attempted to sign away rights to his kids to be with her, and emailed her for years after … how does him rejecting her one time briefly have any relevancy. Imagine your stupid ass going to the onion court case interrupting “bbbbut he rejected her once, that’s an important part! Judge is a newfag!1!” You shit up the last thread with this. It doesn’t matter

No. 732207


Yeah, I agree, if I wanted to hear someone sperg about Billie's actions, I'd go to her thread.


I genuinely do think his dipshit actions of late are a consequence of him only ever facing YouTube influencer consequences. He's so used to fighting against being "canceled" and behaving like a moron online that he's deluded himself into thinking that he can get away with that shit in real life consequences

No. 732208

Anon, calm down a little. I was simply replying to this >>732124 The anon got called a retard for simply remembering what was happening at the time.
I'm not getting into the 'jealous' part, because it's childish and cringy - not to mention I repeated that what they did to her wasn't okay, twice. If what I wrote and why I wrote it went over your head, that's fine. I'm ending it here.

>You shit up the last thread with this.

Yikes. That wasn't me.

No. 732210

Criminal trials are open to the public in the US. Recording devices are not allowed, but any anon could go take notes with pen and paper.

Onion could petition the judge to close the proceedings (and probably will) but the judge would have to agree that an open court would prejudice the jury, and that there is no other reasonable solution to avoid it. That's highly unlikely to happen, here. This will be a well-documented shitshow.

No. 732211

>>why care beyond that?
ask the annoying underage twitter newfags

No. 732213

Well this is fucking stupid to bring up considering who she was talking to is an extremely manipulative narcissistic grooming predator but go off I guess
>There was a time where she would have been with them
Except that didn't happen and would have never happened? Watch her interview. She said she did not want to sleep with Onion because she did not want to hurt Plainey. He coerced her into it. She was 100% manipulated and emotionally abused. Just stop.
Did we know at the time what was happening? No. But now we do. And it's over.

No. 732215


I bet every time he turns away from the camera is because he's trying to hide his smile between the fake crying

No. 732216

I believe if onion didn't publicly reveal she had an abortion she'd keep going back to him many times, and probably would still be there today

No. 732221

Then don't spread misinformation newfag

No. 732222

This is a gossip image board, not a a place to validate your feelings but most importantly, it isn't the place to spin your narrative.
Any further moralfagging to blatant misinformation are encouraged to be reported

No. 732224


Pretty sure this is meant to be blatantly "joking".

But personally, I think he's actually kind of ok at fake-crying-acting which means all the times he was trying to act genuinely sad or crying on camera, was just him acting for manipulation purposes and not feeling any genuine emotions in the first place. Way to discredit himself.

No. 732226

sometimes really famous trials are filmed tho right? i mean casey anthony's trial, and nick godejohn's (gypsy rose case) are available in full online. but maybe that's different because it's a murder trial. either way, this would be a federal case and i'm really hoping it gets filmed and uploaded to the internet.

No. 732227

It's all going to bite him in the ass just like it did when he was making jokes about the wetlands and the IRS. Authorities seem to always make his real emotions come to the surface.

Thank you, farmhand.

No. 732228

Most of the time these things get pled out. If charges are ever filed I wouldn’t be surprised if it never goes to trial. Either way I hope they get punished for all the pain they put people through.

No. 732229

I can almost guarantee that if Grug goes to court (not Krainey, but him specifically), he'll try to cop out and pretend he belongs in a nut house, similarly to how he bailed out of the Air Force, pretending he's depressed.

No. 732230


I actually burst out laughing at that

No. 732233


Where is B's thread? I've been looking but can't find it.

No. 732234


A european here, so IDFK shit about the US but my Google Degree tells me that filming court proceedings isn't actually "legal" in the sense that it's accepted in all (individual states'?) courts, but it can happen if there's reason for it.

In Sweden we basically judge by public interest, it's standard procedure to record audio from court which then, along with all legal documents, become a 'public right'. You can pay 1000kr (I think the current sum is) to have the whole pre-investigation protocol sent to your private person, no reason necessary. But media can't publish stuff like names of perpetrators unless it's deemed 'of public interest'.

What's the situation like in the US, and Washington specifically?(off topic blog)

No. 732241


I don’t think her snow thread exists anymore.

No. 732242


>the FBI, the federal bureau of inces-investigation

was that a freudian slip or an ~edgy~ joke made on purpose?

No. 732243


In US, recording is a no-no, but you can both sit in the trial yourself and take notes and pay the transcriptionist at the court house for a copy of the transcript

No. 732245

You are correct. Sometimes trials are televised in the US. Washington State is one of the states that permits it. https://www.courts.wa.gov/court_rules/?fa=court_rules.display&group=ga&set=GR&ruleid=gagr16

But Onion is not notorious enough to have his trial televised.

No. 732247

If Chris Hansen is talking to the FBI then most likely the case will be federal and not state charges. Federal courts don't have televised trials.

No. 732249

I thought the final straw that got him kicked out of the AF was him getting naked in front of his superiors. Basically feigning mental illness.

No. 732250

I mean it’s absolutely true that he’s deeply mentally ill in a way that renders him unfit for military service (or really any unsupervised, non-menial job function).

It’s just not the specific mental illness of depression which he thought he was bigbrainlightyagami fooling everyone into thinking he had.

No. 732252

holy shit i couldnt believe Grugly's latest vid i had a hard time trying to figure whether it was a joke or real but it seemed pretty real ..Billie coming forward as well on Chris Hansen channel must had put the ice on the cake .. i have never seen Gargoyle in a more pathetic state than this ..thoughts ? was the video real or hes still trying to laugh it off even with FBI breathing on his neck ? though i must say if its real that is the most childish tantrum i have ever seen ..i laughed my ass off

No. 732253

This mental breakdown is identical to a video he made when LeafyIsHere had sent his fans after him (mid 2016). Equally fake, equally retarded. This is someone's reupload, so it's safe to watch.

No. 732256

Luckily he's an incredibly bad actor. When he made that "Sh cheated on me" video he was also attempting to fake cry while dramatically grabbing his chest. It was honestly hilarious.

Thank you very much!

No. 732257

This has got to be a fucking joke right. Like he’s doing this sarcastically?
>”I can’t control my disorder”
He is definitely going to play the mental health card if this shit gets to the courts

No. 732260

No. 732261

I feel that him joking about Mulder and scullly is all he can say because he’s too scared to say Hansen and Sarah. When he’s sobbing that he doesn’t want them to take him to Area 51 he slips up and almost says jail. More like prison, Grease. Also the fact that he keeps saying “I’m not an alien” is not too far from his earlier “I’m not a predator” spheal. If this is him just ~play acting~ like a deranged emotionally unstable psycho the veil between his jokes and real life is very thin. Either way none of this makes you unable to stand trial due to mental health reasons, it just makes you look more deranged and dangerous Greg James Jackson of Gig Harbor Washington….you idiot

No. 732263

File: 1574454448033.webm (15.97 MB, 640x360, Please help a Narcissist.webm)

This SPCA parody is a good compilation of the times hes cried on camera to get his fans/patrons sympathy or money. He tries so hard and it always looks fake and hammy. The "clutching at my broken heart" is near the end.

No. 732265

Oh lol, this is comedy gold. I can nearly hear him at the end "Tell the people who you really are, tell them that you're a cHeAtEr" waaaaah

No. 732267

>> the veil between his jokes and real life is very thin
Thanks anon, I think you're totally right I just couldn't find the right words.
It's like… the reason his fake mental breakdown look somewhat convincing (though stupid and cringe as fuck) could be that he's taking inspiration from some of the very real tardo screamfests he's probably had over the years. Yes the video is 'acting' but I wouldn't be surprised if it's inspired by how he actually behaves. He thinks he can make it funny by talking about aliens or whatever,.

No. 732269

>he's taking inspiration from some of the very real tardo screamfests

Do you think his dry heaving was him taking inspiration from Lainey. Ive seen some videos (I couldnt tell you titles right now) where shes looking at old videos and something comes up about Billie or heavy drama and she actually does a little dry heave. Maybe Im wrong but it seemed real not a joke. She has an actual physical reaction to seeing it. If she does that on video Im sure she does that all the time IRL and Greg sees it.

No. 732271

His crocodile teeth really compliment his crocodile tears

No. 732272

So how's come with his bernaner video not only going viral, but getting cable tv exposure on multiple shows.. he maxed out at 2 mil followers? I've seen you tubers with more followers with way less media exposure. Ooohhh that's right.. he's an unfunny loser

No. 732273

I think Greg is just a complete retard. I watched his recent live stream and his defence is he has only fucked consenting adults and doesn't understand the investigation. His pay pigs and himself won't bring up the issue of nudes because none of them have a leg to stand on to deny it.

He's downplaying the allegations by likening them to aliens at area 51. He probably thinks he is cutting his haters down with the edge.

He's just a moron. In the same stream he cursed himself for being such a good actor and then demonstrated he was a brilliant actor by shouting at Blasian. As his voice didn't crack, it meant he was brilliant. He then demonstrated bad acting by doing a valley girl accent because portraying a bimbo is totes bad acting. He's not a deep thinker or a critical one. He thinks being a liar and being serious about it makes him a good actor. He's mentally retarded and has that child mentality to equate all his bad behaviour with acting. His paypigs are all irritating cunts and claim grooming isn't a thing at all, and all speak like pretentious dunces. If they're all so sure of themselves and clever why are they afraid to address the actual allegations? Because they're all as scared as daddy onion

No. 732275

Wow what a fucking horrendous actor.

And obviously the innocent thing to do when faced with the possibility of the FBI coming to get you is try and make a "comedy" video about it where you pretend to dry heave. What a narcissist.

No. 732278

Why would he get a televised trial? Lmao …is he OJ Simpson? It costs money to televise trials and he’s not a celebrity

No. 732280

Are everyone one of you different individuals (aside from the deceived ones) or are the same person?


No. 732281

Do you seriously think this is just one person replying to themselves over and over again? with different typing styles, tones, quirks, opinions, and observations?

What are you even trying to get out of that question? Is this bait or a genuinely confused idiot?

No. 732282

File: 1574460849240.png (473.15 KB, 940x614, 11-22-2019.png)

Hes been posting a lot of really old video clips to his Twitter. He also said in his second to last gaming stream he thought about going through and watching old videos with his patrons live and having everyone comment on them.
I feel like the reason hes being nostalgic and finding all this old shit is because hes been digging through old harddrives, old computers to delete things he thinks may be incriminating just in case Sully and Mulder actually do show up and request all his electronic devices.

Totally tinfoil but this crying parody >>732263 was posted an hour ago and he posts that unedited video of him crying on Twitter and saying its okay and healthy. Gregs watching the thread like a hawk?

No. 732285

The deceived ones can be found at patron.com/Onision

No. 732286

He also stated on that stream he was frustrated at the narrative Shiloh pushed in her interview and he wishes he could pull up bloopers to prove his case. So I think what he's doing on twitter is exhibiting that shiloh was in love with him and thought he was a totally cool actor. He's super butthurt Shiloh is getting positive attention and still raging over her not cheating on him.

No. 732287

Samefag because I think it's funny. He also boasted about how great shiloh was in bed. I'm sure that must be amazing for Kai to hear about. He rates sex so highly in his life and even after the years apart and the circumstances he still compliments shiloh highly.
>Lainey is crying.

No. 732289


News outlets just have to be interested enough to pick up on it. No one knew or cared about Jodi Arias until the news decided to cover the trial.

No. 732291


He is not even close to the first YouTuber to have some kind of underage sex scandal and the general public didn't care in the slightest about any of them, so I'm not sure why Onion would be special. There's nothing really notable about the case at all, it's pretty vanilla as far as these things go, he's just fun to make fun of.

No. 732295

lol don't even try retard

No. 732296

I don't think it will work with him howeverrrrr I think they would totally pick up on Plainey, and have Gerg included kind of but not the clickbait part.
The media loves reporting on women predators because they don't happen as often. Also I just saw (but didn't read) an article that said a woman got in trouble for accidentally showing her breasts to her step children. From the comments it seemed to be their mother that reported it, and that she got fiberglass on her and that is why she took her top off. So if that story is going around, imagine Plainey's.

No. 732298

Learn to sage or go back to onions patron and suck his fun sized snickers some more

No. 732299


Didn’t he also elude to Billie being great in bed? With both Billie and Shiloh, he had codenames for them on Twitter (Billie’s being anime) and he would always say he loved “anime”. What’s his code name for Lainey? Ball and chain?

No. 732301


Both good points. I think what sets this apart from the other scandals is what anon said about women predators being less common.

And people have a fascination with cults… which is what he was attempting to do.

Idk, it probably wouldn’t be televised unless someone really went in on convincing a news outlet but it’s fun to think about.

Hopefully the transcripts are accessible at the very least if this does go to court.

No. 732303

I have thought a lot about this very notion, and I have a guess about it. Since none of us believe that Taylor is truly bisexual, it would definitely push Billie closer in the direction of Greg. Why would Billie stay for someone who doesn't seem sexually interested or even romantically interested? Every time that Billie was intimate with Greg it was because Taylor was being a bitch, pushing Billie away. Billie was getting the most attention from Greg, and Greg is super manipulative. I really do believe that in the beginning that Billie did go for Taylor, but because of all the jealousy and disinterest, Billie became closer with Greg. There hasn't, from what I recall, been anything where Billie was the one that was directly trying to get with Greg. She wasn't messaging with him, or anything, in the beginning.

No. 732305

Guys Onion's here everyone point and laugh(hi cow)

No. 732306

Could Greg be posting those videos as a possible jab towards Lainey as well? We all know that she’s the most boring person that Greg’s ever been with

No. 732307

File: 1574467749181.png (129.98 KB, 630x676, Capture35223.PNG)

Did he give up trying to correctly spell ejaculating and just omitted it? I thought Google was his friend.

No. 732308

His dick can barely touch the inside of a vagina.

No. 732309

I thought bit of both. I think maybe he had a similar, real tantrum off camera before but now he's sorta roleplaying it again. Kinda like trying to rewrite it in his mind that this is him consciously acting goofy rather than being genuinely affected. Reason I thought this is because the fake vomiting stuff is not the first thing a person faking fear, even for a joke, would probably go for. Shaking, crying though sure. But real panic could absolutely mess with his digestion this way.

No. 732310

I was just making a print screen of this. I burst out laughing when I saw it. These edgy tweets are coming from the same guy who advised his audience that they shave because it makes the penetration deeper, in a totally serious video.

No. 732311

Id assume that the distance from the opening of the vagina to the cervix of a prepubescent girl is only a couple of inches so I totally believe this statement from Onision.

No. 732312

and that women dont have Gspots. Poor poor Kai.

No. 732313

File: 1574468184160.png (125.88 KB, 275x260, en.png)


No. 732315

(Sorry long winded - summary of my feelings/questions. Hope not being OT.)


He definitely looks crazed in the 'Please Stop This' video, but while he's trying to cry, it also looks like he's trying to stop a smirk.

Very disturbing to see a 34 year old man acting like a toddler throwing a tantrum however, throwing himself on the floor. Also, Mulder and Skully (or whoever, can't remember) were on TV before a lot of his gal pals were even born.

He's on Twitter now 'joking' about choking women in bed, biting if they don't do as they're told etc. How does Twitter allow this? It seems worse on Twitter where people often take words at face value. But Idc even if it's a joke, some things are not joking matter.

If you're going to choke someone - especially if they're not facing you (sorry graphic, but that's in the Twitter) - even the 'experts' in that field would say there have to be precautions taken, some kind of 'stop' signal.

I wonder what a real good criminal psychological profiler would make of this weird social media behavior, in conjunction with the testimonies? Maybe Chris Hansen should have one on board with him, if not already.


It doesn't matter. I don't think any of them have over-exaggerated in front of the camera how bad it was. They've said when it was both ways and shouldn't be blamed or shamed for it. The thing is that they were young, impressionable, vulnerable, not mentally or emotionally mature, searching for someone to look up to, while trying to sort themselves out - maybe a bit star struck about having attention from a YouTuber. (I find Greg and partner nothing but repulsive, but I can see how they could get to a younger type of person with their 'content' and their ambiguity.) There are some things you don't clearly recognize as abuse until later, but they are. They put all these girls through some messed up sh*t they're still suffering from.

If not a criminal prosecution, I've wondered if there could be a civil action lawsuit, maybe against the social media platforms as well for not doing enough to protect potential victims. That could really be a landmark.

No. 732316

Looking like a two week old bloated river corpse there Greggy

No. 732318

He spoke on the last stream about his tweets. He got offended that one of his paypigs complimented him for staying on twitter while all this stuff is happening. And he angrily replied its scared off Kai, whereas he's the type to tweet about pussy. This is his big power move. He also stated he believes twitter is on his side because his account has never been banned or suspended. Deluded.

No. 732320

lol how does he think twitter being on his side is relevant? what he's going to be prosecuted for are actions irl or on other platforms. does he think jack dorsey will pony up lawyer cash or something?

No. 732321

Wouldn't surprise me. His acting was pretty atrocious.
He buys most of his followers on all his social media, it's obvious. If you scope his twitter, 99% of the people replying call him a pedo. It's great.

No. 732322

I don't know why he even tries, he has no defense. No one's going to back him up except for maybe Kainey, and she's a predator too so.

No. 732324

>He thinks being a liar and being serious about it makes him a good actor
Hit the nail on the head, anon. It's not surprising that his paypigs have the same level of intellect as their leader.

Maybe I'm getting too into this but I'd love to hear an analysis of Greg by an FBI profiler. They might just call him a retard in the end but still, could be interesting.

No. 732325

Why do I get the feeling that he just learned the word "cervix" very recently

No. 732326

>He's obviously fucking terrible in bed.
Color me surprised, anon.
Much the same way they were arguing over Sarah's virginity, then when the backlash came, turned around saying everything was her fault.

No. 732327


I kinda feel that it'd be great if all of the people replying to him just stopped though. I know replying to tweets isn't the same as watching his Youtube videos/becoming a Patron, but it's such low-hanging fruit at this point imo. And I DON'T mean like the whole #OnisionBlackout thing, that was badly executed.

I get that they want people looking him up to see all the replies calling him pedo and stuff, but is that actually working? Twitter clearly doesn't give a fuck.

No. 732328

Thanks for posting these caps >>732172 I'd forgotten about that. I had a nice laugh reading how much he's pretending to give a shit about his family. Ultimately, Billie told him to stay with his family for his children's sake, and he never stopped trying to get back with her.

No. 732329

I get the reasoning behind not giving him attention, but at the same time there are still underage girls and some really mentally challenged adults who stan him. So for the moment, having "OK PEDO" for miles on his feed I don't think is a bad thing.

No. 732330

In his narc brain, anyone that gives him the slightest amount of attention must want to fuck him. He thinks all these people on the internet giving him shit for being a predator just want to fuck him. He's literally that much up his own ass, delusional.

No. 732331

File: 1574471690391.jpg (164.81 KB, 1054x1394, Ok Pedo.jpg)

>he thought he was bigbrainlightyagami
kek. This was posted in the last thread but apparently he thought someone passed out because they caught a glimpse of him. They probably just slipped on icecream or something. Either way, not surprised he's using someone else's misfortune for his own personal gain.

No. 732333

how could they not faint? It must have been his low caveman brow, or even his receding hairline, or even his filthy dirty t-shirt, how could they resist?

No. 732334

This is the worst combination of shitty acting and mental instability I've ever seen. This man clearly should not have small children in his charge.

No. 732335

He acts like a fucking boomer stuck on reefer madness propaganda and antiquated stigmas like all high school drop outs are lazy losers. The irony of course being that he himself graduated from high school despite being the biggest waterbrain (which really says a lot about the public school system), and if he smoked a blunt, it would probably help him A LOT.

No. 732337

He really thinks he's that important huh. The only reason anyone's talking about him now is because he's a pedo/predator and they want him gone.

I agree with you, that person either slipped on a puddle or they were already like that when Gronk took a snap.

No. 732341

He's just in his edgy phase, he didn't seriously think that. It happens after every break up/some other type of a blow up. I've never seen him deliberately act this insane, though.
Usually it was tweets & posts about religion, "meat eaters" and calling people hypocrites for mourning celebrities. Those were the main three. Afterwards he always had an "I'm sorry, I'm going to try to be a better person" phase.

He never tried presenting himself as a "sex crazed sadist who also smirks when people pass out" before. It really makes you wonder about his motives.

No. 732342

File: 1574473957360.jpeg (66.29 KB, 1300x863, baby carrot.jpeg)

>Thinks his micro-peen can reach a cervix.
Incel spotted.

No. 732343

>I've never seen him deliberately act this insane
>He never tried presenting himself as a "sex crazed sadist who also smirks when people pass out" before

We know for a fact he's always had a god-complex. I think this is just a natural progression of that. His mental health has been declining for years. He seems to think he's untouchable and can pretty much get away with anything. It's why he made those sexually harassing sperg tweets at Hansen. Imagine being that much of a brainlet you spam tweet sexual harassment at Chris Hansen?

No. 732344

Gargoyle even made a video complaining that Footface was being too negative and was ruining their threesomes lol

No. 732345

It looks like that person's arm is raised so they're not even passed out, probably just slipped. He's a fucking dumbass

No. 732346

Just his eye alone in that shot alone sets off my fight or flight instincts

No. 732348

It shouldn't, we all know he goes after teenagers because he can't physically or mentally handle an actual adult

No. 732349


Nah that's definitely Keith.


No. 732352

What kind of an asshole doesn’t stop and try to help somebody that possibly could have been hurt? Never mind, we are talking about grug here. What a pos.

No. 732353

well that's a given when you stink of chloroform

No. 732356

File: 1574477545865.png (7.72 MB, 3264x3264, badacting.png)


I'm a glutton for punishment so I went through some frames of his video. He looks a mess and I think put some glycerine in his eyes. There were times though I think he was trying hard not to burst out laughing at his own stupid 'humor'. Instead, he'd try to cover it with his hand (last picture, you can see the smirk) or some weird facial expression. Then in the end when he couldn't think what else to do for dramatic effect, he put on a 3 year old type tantrum and started pretending to be sick.

Go back to acting school Greg. Or maybe you could try adult films. If reports are true however, you may not have the ideal physique.

No. 732357

He's clearly acting, it shows very often in the micro expressions especially in the eyes when he does.

No. 732358

Do we really need to go into microexpressions? Not to be a dick but he's trying not to laugh throughout the entire thing.

No. 732359

Of course not, he's not even trying in that video.

No. 732360

File: 1574479261016.jpeg (378.7 KB, 1204x867, 1A7FDEE2-AB34-4C97-8D8C-E1FAE8…)

What is wrong with this guy

No. 732361

He's really trying to twist that knife, huh?

I'd feel bad for Lainey if she wasn't a pedophile.

No. 732362

Oh Boy… Looks like gregster is trying the kill them with (fake) kindness shtick

No. 732363

Kek he's still not acknowledging the fact that he was with Sarah, someone who was "like a foster daughter" as he said.

He's trying to get attention from them while making them uncomfortable. Probably going to email each of them several times within the next 24 hours.

No. 732364


This is some severe cringe. I wonder if his relatives ever check his Twitter.

No. 732365


>Is it ok to admit your ex's are all hot as fuck?

Kai is definitely crying

No. 732367

He turned out the way he did for a reason, they're probably not that different

No. 732368

Didn’t list Sarah, huh

No. 732369

Also didn't list Billy the Fridge. So that adds to the tin foil that Billy hasn't stopped being his friend, but just publically not admitting it cos of backlash.

No. 732370

Eh, Grog would have put him on blast if he did that. He does that when he gets slightly rejected by anyone. Just look at how much he cried like a little bitch when Maya called him Frankenstein.

No. 732371

File: 1574480655538.gif (1.26 MB, 274x274, kek.gif)

>My relationship with Kai is perfect
>Just look at how happy she is

No. 732373

File: 1574481710903.png (510.49 KB, 560x678, Bye bitch.png)

He thinks he'll get out of this by calling Shiloh an actor. How very waterbrain of him.

No. 732374

They fainted because they thought they finally found the missing link when he walked by.

No. 732378

Very shallow person. Stating the obvious, which is even more clear after these interviews, these girls are groomed and brainwashed by the time they're 18 through a methodical process. Then signing fake contracts and being deprived of their identity etc. Maybe they're letting him be crazy on SM atm just to see what he does, and trip his ego. So many weird people on YouTube but this guy takes the cake.

No. 732383

File: 1574485444107.jpg (33.17 KB, 582x174, whewlad.jpg)

No. 732384

File: 1574485814292.jpeg (810.51 KB, 1242x1237, 73FA4578-9A68-4DA7-B76B-6F7A70…)

He is definitely lurking Shiloh’s twitter/making subtle attempts to taunt her.

No. 732385


OOF. Just… wow. He's really fucking lost it. This is such a pathetic last attempt to get a rise out of them so he can try and gain the upper hand and feel powerful again. I mean, we knew he wasn't going to go quietly, but I also didn't think he'd embarrass himself so completely like this. He's such a sad little manlet.

No. 732386

File: 1574486440140.png (13.76 KB, 593x118, rope.png)

He is very predictable indeed.

No. 732387

>I also didn't think he'd embarrass himself so completely like this
It'll only get worse if his recent behaviors are anything to go by.

No. 732388

>How does Twitter allow this?
I think the overall consensus at this point is twitter's very lenient with blue check marks. Twitter isn't protecting him per se, they're just lazy idiots who give blue check marks too much leeway.
>I've wondered if there could be a civil action lawsuit, maybe against the social media platforms
I look forward to it.

No. 732389

God he's pathetic

No. 732390

File: 1574486850251.jpeg (332.91 KB, 1242x822, 185A1CF4-0336-42EF-9E9F-5B8170…)

Posting videos of her without any context. You know he’s raging over Shiloh and Billie’s stream. The fact that Shiloh gets more engagement and support is hilarious.

No. 732391

Didn't he, up to this moment, use to refer to Shiloh and Skye by their respective titles "my canadian ex" and "my ex wife" rather than by name?

No. 732392

File: 1574487318717.jpg (157.74 KB, 1600x800, EJ8NAQjXkAAty8Y.jpg large.jpg)

He's trying to manipulate them and go the "kind" route after spewing all that sexual garbage as if the women are going to forgive him and the FBI is just going to ignore him. It's easy to tell when he's having a break down cause his tweets are always jumping around like he's going through several mood swings.

No. 732393

He's so mad that his intimidation tactics aren't working anymore. Shiloh's not the scared little girl she was when you preyed on and abused her, you pathetic waterbrained loser.

No. 732394

Yo is lamey even still there? i cant imagine her being ok with Greg talking about how hot is exes are. Although perhaps she really has completely given up pretending he likes her at all idk

No. 732395

What the fuck is she going to do about it? That doormat has laid flat and let him walk his high heeled boots all over her for years, she's not going to squeak now.

No. 732396

Shes not going to leave just because hes saying his ex's are hot.
Lainey told Sarah that she wouldnt even leave Greg if he hit her, this is nothing.

No. 732397

Kai's been letting Greg fuck other people and been having 3-ways that Kai clearly never wanted to have, just to keep Greg with him. I don't think he's going to do anything about these tweets besides crying himself to sleep

No. 732399


Hmmm true enough, although she did used to stand up for herself more than this it seemed. But yeah she is a doormat and maybe she really has finally compeltely given up

>she wouldnt even leave Greg if he hit her, this is nothing.

Woah, damn.

Although regardless of the 'my exes are hot' thing, do we know whether she is still there anyway? things about her seem to have gone quiet.

I know this thread doesn't allow for Lainey specific talk, but usually there is something Greg-related info to do with her floating around. I havnt heard a peep either way though. Just wondering

No. 732400

File: 1574487998912.jpg (20.91 KB, 468x324, lol.JPG)


No. 732401

Yeah I don't think he's trans either but it costs me nothing to go along with it

No. 732403

If Lainey ever left we'd get the spergout to end all spergouts. The tweets and videos would be manic and directed at her.
We'd know.

No. 732405

The question now is - is she there? We know she didn't leave, but is she alive?

No. 732406


Perhaps you're right, but I'm not actually so sure about it tbh. He's learning to keep things way, way more quiet. Especially now he has extra reason to make it seem like everything is going fine in his life. I don't think he'd been willing to admit to the public if Lainey left with the current climate and his repuation - hes too much of a narc and too proud, all he had left was Lainey. Shes all he had to point at and see 'Look, I have a wife! I'm a good partner, else I wouldnt havea wife!' or whatever.

He doesnt seem to be lovebombing her anymore either lol

Not tinfoiling that she has left btw. She probably hasn't. Just noting her lack of activity or even mentions from Greg, especially after all that lovebombing, and its made me wonder whether we'd really know if she did with how things are right now

No. 732408


Of course she is. Who else is going to look after the kids, do the housework and cook greg's dinner

No. 732410


imo he's thrilled that she's been forced into silence because he can go around acting like he's single while she's doing laundry. She can't say anything and get sympathy anymore

No. 732411

Read the other threads. This is their normal behavior. They're both ignoring the allegations in their own retarded ways.

This. Those potatoes aren't gonna cook themselves.

No. 732413

File: 1574489081240.jpg (18.79 KB, 410x352, gh.JPG)

She had a Google Hangout with her patrons this evening. Shes alive, just hanging with her Grandma on Facebook and being boring as fuck for the required hour with her remaining patrons.

No. 732415

What does she even talk about during these hangouts? It’s not like she does anything of interest. She has no hobbies. She can’t talk about her personal life.
I’m pretty shocked she has enough people willing to pay 30 bucks a month for her half assed “content”

No. 732417

File: 1574490744279.jpg (28.67 KB, 464x376, rsn.JPG)

I dont like linking to that douche bags videos so I wont. But RSN has an unedited video that is one of her recent streams beginning to end. Its 30 minutes of tedious hell. She squats on a chair with no pants on, eating an ice cream and rambling while her shitty music plays full blast drowning out her annoying whining. If you really need to know what she talks about you can find it easy enough on RSN's channel.

No. 732418


For the lazy, like me

No. 732419


Lainey's sad

No. 732421


Meanwhile, the world’s longest rebound gets the award for best doormat at best and a collector of teenage nudes at worst.

No. 732422


Collector of child pornography at worst

No. 732423

Whats his reason for leaving Sarah out of this?

No. 732424

He can't admit he groomed and fucked his foster daughter

No. 732425

She said in this her next tattoo will be for James on their anniversary next month. So was this filmed in October?

No. 732426

File: 1574492157958.webm (13.16 MB, 1280x720, Shiloh.webm)

>Implies he broke up with gf's because they weren't compatible with him
>Published video where he told his gf "no one will ever know how much I abuse you"

Nice try failing to control the narrative, pedophile.

No. 732428

Yes, she talked about how she had an upcoming Halloween party to go to,.

No. 732429

File: 1574492417039.png (205.81 KB, 624x550, _patientzero on Twitter To cla…)

No. 732430

Lol what a fucking loser.
Her music is shit.
Her tattoo is shit.
She sits there half the time ignoring the questions and showing off her dreadful tattoo.
Why anyone gives this boring slug money to sit there and squint at the camera honestly confuses me.
Also she has time and money to get tattoos, how? Save your money for possible legal help or at least spend it on your children you fucking waste of space.
The pair of them are overgrown teenagers my god.

No. 732431

Aw, the tattoo after that she'll already get in jail, shortly before she's murdered for being a pedophile

No. 732432

I think she'd be safer in jail than she would with her husband who gets more unhinged by the day >>732331

I'm sure they'd beat her up but they'd only kill her if she had penis.

No. 732448

With the top left "it's ok to cry" bullshit, I feel like he's trying to subtly normalize Sarah crying before she made the "Kai is innocent" vid. Like, "hey this is totes normal and NOT AT ALL a sign that something is horrifically wrong and perhaps that person doesn't actually want to make the video!" The tweet is way too specific (not just referring to crying in general, but crying before a video) and he's already namedropped all the other people he's ever obsessed over in the last few hours. Won't namedrop Sarah for obvious fucking reasons so this is what he does instead.

Nah Grug, it ain't normal to keep footage of yourself """crying""" ready at hand. In Sarah's case it was a sign that she was being horrifically abused and manipulated. In your case you try and fail to maintain your victim complex with it.

No. 732454

Exactly - no doubt, anon. Of course he's doing his best to intimidate her in a poor attempt to try to gain some degree of control over the prevailing (and now, more accurate) narrative, but I imagine he's also uploading Shiloh-related clips to his other channels with hope he will garner more views by including footage that has her in it, since she is more beloved online than he is. Because… no one fucking likes him, and rightly so.

No. 732455

File: 1574501940978.png (222.88 KB, 595x501, fbiiscoming-ipleadinsanity.png)

Posted an hour ago. Greg has seen all the insults about his size and is trying to prove he really does have a package, with very revealing pants.

Sorry to disappoint everyone (sarcasm), I covered it for you.

'It's okay to cry' is fake as BS as well.

No. 732456

File: 1574502624470.png (19.4 KB, 545x629, patreonstats.png)

Sorry if it's old news, but according to Graphtreon, Greg's patreon numbers have increased over the past month. No doubt a lot of them are people who just want to be nosy or spy, but is it worth it?

In April, he was getting $5.26 per patreon average. This fell to $4.05 in August. But now the $1.00 memberships are no longer available. So his income may have increased in the past month.

He's trending more on Google and I guess also on Twitter. I know it's for the wrong reasons, but he probably feels this just makes him more 'relevant'.

No. 732457

File: 1574503054721.jpeg (308.46 KB, 750x733, 47C4B8ED-76F8-47EE-BBCE-1308B9…)

He’s sifting through old clips not only erase evidence but also to find anything that might help his case. Pretty sure military PTSD isn’t a valid defense for being a pedo, Gurgles kek

No. 732458

Wth is wrong with you?

Your psychoanalyzation is sooo bad not even Freud would acknowledge that.(b8)

No. 732460

Uh… what did this water brain even think the military was about? Why the fuck would he join if he wasn't OK with the idea he might see combat???

No. 732461

File: 1574503596042.png (187.18 KB, 500x268, ggg.PNG)

Complete noncontribution, but… uncanny.

No. 732462

No fucking way, almost fell off my chair laughing at this

No. 732463

go to bed greg, and sage your bait

No. 732464

I feel actually angry reading his tweets at the moment. I’m not even remotely bothered about the try hard sexual tweets, people have been talking like this on the internet for years.

I’m getting real angry about the constant mentions of his exes, all of which exposed him, and the ass kissing for Shiloh, it only further proves he’s definitely still in love with her and always looked for girls that looked similar.

Like >>732457 said, I think all these clips are him sitting through his hard drives to delete any evidence, he also definitely mentioned he was doing this early on in his Patreon stream a few nights ago. The thing is though, unless you physically destroy a hard drive, old files can still be recovered Gregory.

This is the final descent into madness for Gronk , he either thinks he’s not going to get thrown in jail and he’s trying to taunt Chris Hansen and the FBI or has decided to post as much shit as he possibly can before he is eventually charged with several crimes he has committed.

Just to add he further, there is a man from Lancashire?? I think?? From his Patreon that is definitely a pedo sympathiser judging by the things he was saying the other night, if anyone has this guys info i seriously suggest keeping a very close eye on him.

No. 732466

The Peter Griffin channel uploading old livestream footage of Grugly and Skye, this is part 1.

>Trolls confront him about the shaycarl drama
>Onion boy has always been paranoid of the outside world
Skye subconsciously laughs and relishes at the thought of Gregma dying; “why am I laughing?”
>Jim Jones being a narc as usual

No. 732469

She doesn't think this will go anywhere. That's why she's sitting in a chair with no pants (nice trans dysphoria) eating ice cream (such a good vegan). Neither of them think they will face legal or financial repercussions.

No. 732472

He literally hurts her in the second part, I've set it to start at the time where he hurts her (I can't embed it since it's not a regular YT link). And then he blames it on her and says "Skye hurt herself, I feel bad"


lol, this guy.

No. 732473

Part 2:

>”What is the meaning of life? faces Greg you are!” (gags)

>Skye tries to nicely tell him to turn off his shitty music to no avail
>Skye is left to chat with the fans after an awkward silence,
>Greaseboi returns with a banana suit and autistically jams to one of his banana songs while Skye sits there awkwardly smiles
>Chats with fans
>Sticks his fingers in Skye’s mouth (suk mi time?!)
>Supposedly would not collaborate with minors due to “legal reasons”
>Jokes about being a registered sex offender, Skye tells him to shut it with the pedo jokes
>Has been going by legal definitions for a long time
>Rod Danger skit
>”Accidentally” hits Skye’s arm with the edge of the keyboard pad then gets upset when she leaves
>Asks his fans to make him feel better
>Leavs to change costumes
>Has a private convo with Skye, couldn’t make out what he said other than “we’re gonna have to pretend…some stuff”
>Comes back in a chicken suit
>Gets the teenage collab question again and this time he answers “maybe, it depends…” in annoyance
>Proceeds to dance…again
>Gives a lesson on washing your ass after taking a shit and goes into graphic detail on why, Skye cringes in the background
>Kissing and pda is gross apparently
>Acts like Sharon Barron (one of his characters)
>Admits to liking when his fans give him praise and getting sympathy
>Licks Skye’s hand as she tries to leave
>The End

No. 732479

My guess is it's either because he's legitimately scared of Sarah and Hansen or he tries to punish her by acknowledging every girl but her.

No. 732481


Yep, or he's trying to manipulate Sarah into feeling special in the hope that she might detract the allegations and therefore cast doubt on the other victims.

No. 732482

He won't mention Sarah because she retaliates back these days and releases further ammo against him. Also there's no denying the involvement with Sarah from when she was 14.

He thinks because he fucked everyone at 18 he's untouchable. He doesn't understand the definition of predator and groomer and that the girls on Hanson are basically giving character testimonies of who Onision is and this shit isn't him acting or playing a character. If he feels like he has control over a situation he'll try and manipulate the ever loving fuck out of it. He's never had to contend with a man with a career background in predation publicaly questioning him. He's even reverted to his dumber tactics of asserting sexual dominance. He's so fucking primitive and retarded.

No. 732487

Yeah it does. It falsifies reality. Kai is a female predator. Take your pronoun fagging back to tumblr

No. 732488

In this video he makes A joke one that calls Lainey a “bitch” and threatens her not to be like the other girls and turn on him.

That feels like when he makes jokes but they’re true. Like with the Shiloh video where he’s telling her no one will know how much he abuses her or however he said it.

It’s sad that the thing he likes most is how she won’t ever leave.

No. 732491

Ummm didn’t he want to be special forces? Not that I believe that the government would allow this tard anyways. But thats usually a job you choose, fight for and then train for because you have to know your own limitations. And SF’s definitely will require you to kill, that’s no surprise. It concerns me that they allowed somebody like grug in anyways. Most jobs in the military do unless you choose admin.

No. 732494

Lol did he really? They know from enlistment if you are set for SF. They send you to select boot camps that prep you for SF and special divisions upon completion.
Is he still claiming to be a vet, des5never having served in an overseas skirmish?

No. 732495

Unfortunately he is still considered a vet because he served. The good thing is that his superiors cared enough to make sure he did not get an Honorable Discharge, so he cannot get monetary benefits from the government up to $3700 a month for his fake depression. Under honorable doesn’t have access to those benes.

No. 732496

Because he probably has been furiously fapping to impregnation hentai doujinshi of questionably aged girls and those often bring up cervix penetration in the dialogue.
I wish I was wrong because I didn't need the mental image.
(God, that would hurt like fuck irl though if it was/is? even possible.)

No. 732498


He gonna try and use the Alex Jones defense that he's a 'performance artist' and it's all an online persona? That won't wash lol. Nobody acts like Greg unless they have some serious issues. He's really just giving himself away, all the time he thinks he's looking clever. If he thought he'd get a knee jerk reaction out of Chris Hansen, like some other youtuber he picks drama fights with, then he miscalculated - because it's not all just about him.

As Shiloh said, he's just hanging himself with his own rope, while they stand back and let it unfold. These people think they can get away with anything, but sooner or later it's always their own egos trip them up. Always.

No. 732504

Yeah no penetrating a cervix won’t happen, especially with his baby carrot. Keep dreaming Greg you sadist.

No. 732507


Greg doesn't understand that if you're "playing a character" 24/7, it effectively becomes indistinguishable from your actual personality.

No. 732510

Right you are. That's why he is just a vet and not a combat vet. And yes they do know the difference and do look down upon those that call themselves vets that have never served.

No. 732512

Trot’s about old enough to start writing his own name, I’m sure Onion will have him signing contracts soon too

No. 732523

And that's how no one outside the swamp mansion will know what these kids go through. Because if anyone asks trot and clot how they are treated they won't tell because they wrote "a contract" that they don't know is complete bullshit.

No. 732525

Sarah: Youngest

…says the idiot who voluntarily joined the military

No. 732528

I’ve just realised, I watched the I’m so Pedo music video only last year..

So did he recently delete it after the allegations?

No. 732529

Just…. stop…

uwu im such a good person.

He's just trying to twist his failure to be in the military with having "strong morals" lmao. Pathetic cope.

No. 732530

Now that this is all coming to a close (hopefully,) I hope Sarah gets help. Girls like her who've been groomed and raped without getting behavioral eval/treatment usually end up BPDish attention whore milk machines. Hope she gets some kind of therapy, maladaptive behaviors galore if she doesn't. Sarah, don't just focus all of your energy on taking down the ogre publically, or he might "win" privately by leaving lasting changes on your behavior. Get yourself help so you don't end up stunted @ the age he started grooming you, with no good coping mechanisms. You can go see tons of those on snow right now. We can all rally around what a POS onion is, but we've got threads on threads ridiculing the type of women that people like him/his abuse create. Use those as a blaring warning sign, srs.

No. 732533

how much do you want to bet that greg suggested she get the tattoo? maybe to prove herself in some way in the midst of the insanity. we know he likes his branding

No. 732535


Of course he did. i doubt lainey is immune to the 'earn my forgiveness by doing random shit' thing. of course she is gonna be branded, repeatedly, at his instruction

No. 732536

Since we are all going down memory road. Gregs supposed suicide day, November the whateverth. Was that the time he threatened Sky with it to get out of alimony? You all know, when he later admited he wasn't and it was just to get her to stop getting payments.

No. 732538

File: 1574529318163.png (321.01 KB, 566x488, new perk.png)


This is all a big joke to him. If there is a higher power, please let this douche get nailed for something.

No. 732539

Sarah has already stated she's going through therapy on her stream with Chris.

No. 732540

this makes it painfully obvious that this ISNT a joke to him. he is crumbling into pieces

No. 732541

here's a follow up to the cecil mcfly doc on onion

No. 732542

just incase you guys didn't see the cecil mcfly doc on onion

No. 732544

>Get yourself help so you don't end up stunted @ the age he started grooming you

…Like Taylor. Although she is seeing a therapist to help her process stuff, so good. I hope she continues to do well. She is already an infinitely better and more mature and more useful person than her previous idol (who is literally none of those things).

No. 732546

much like the "skit" about his argument concerning not talking to his daughter, I have a feeling this fake conversation about Lainey leaving him actually happened.

No. 732548

She will never leave him, despite all his efforts to make her GTFO. That is how utterly pathetic she is.

No. 732549

Too bad Lainey has no friends that could tell us anything

No. 732550

The only thing i sympathise with Taylor about is that there was a huge power imbalance , she was incredibly young AND a fan. That’s why celebrities tend not to date fans, that’s why teachers don’t really date ex students. The power imbalance. It’s incredibly safe to say that she herself was groomed and thinks that everything she has done was perfectly acceptable. It’s coercion.

No. 732551

File: 1574531467889.png (165.72 KB, 310x282, 645.png)

no, it is all a joke to him. he's detached from reality and views things in a completely different way than us. there is no actual way to get to know him because his whole life is an act; he's a "comedian" that's never off stage, basically. any form of attention he receives is good, he thrives off of the dopamine he gets from being noticed, there is no melt down happening here. he is simply having a field day with how much extra attention he's getting. this is further proven by how shiloh described him, barely having anything in his house, with the only real belongings being his video making equipment, and his office (where he edits videos). he makes the videos solely for himself, for the money, but mainly the dopamine he gets from getting noticed. it does not matter what the subject is. if the FBI does investigate him, it's not an if, he will begin making videos in the style of the "please stop one" not even for pity but for the reactions.

No. 732555

I want Mercedes to come forward becuase I would bet money they tried to make something happen with her even though she’s straight. They always made jokes together about dating and even made that girlfriends tag video.

I really want her first childhood friend to come on most though. She saw the whole transistor from not being with Greg to them being married. They’re clearly not friends now. I think she could give perspective on how she changed since she was friends with Lainey since they were a lot younger.

No. 732560

>Unless you physically destroy a hard drive, old files can still be recovered
Not to mention the fact that the feds would probably be interested in those forums he ran and how blasé he was allowing those children to post inappropriate photos and a festering group of predators preying on them. If they were looking into child endangerment charges couldn't they just go straight to subpoenaing the hosting site?

No. 732570

File: 1574538284090.png (536.6 KB, 711x483, 8638565.PNG)

You're talking about Selena? Im not sure about the status of that relationship. She could be one of those "irl friends" that Lainey is still in contact with on Facebook. Im not sure how long ago (a year?) Lainey went back to Las Cruces and did a gymnastics video with people she knew and Selena was in the mix.

No. 732572

wasn't Selena the nanny at some point? or was that somebody else?

No. 732573

Selena and painful don't follow each other anymore afaik? Correct me if I'm wrong but selena knew onion was bad news from the getgo

No. 732575

all of his bullshit skits and tweets and whatever have something to do with his real life. greg just thinks he is big brain enough to pass it off as a stroke of brilliance plot idea. everything he does is for him.

No. 732578

File: 1574539379240.jpg (70.55 KB, 835x601, jhjk.JPG)

A bit OT, but Shiloh's album is doing really good.
Imagine one day Jimmy opening youtube page, seeing Shiloh's new song trending with 50M+ views. He is about to make another video about her to gain attention only for FBI to come barging in through the front door.

No. 732580


So far it seems like textbook narcissism, which can apparently manifest different ways these situations - from childish behavior to being passive aggressive, 'cutting sarcasm', being aloof etc. It's all very self serving and manipulative. Fortunately it seems that a lot of the victims who have found their voice have had therapy to learn to recognize these behaviors for what they are.

It's difficult for anyone to deal with this sort of thing, let alone a younger person still building identity. We throw around the term 'narcissist' a lot these days but this is truly pathological. These cases are notoriously difficult to remediate.

Even when doing the fake dry heaving, he was almost laughing. Regardless, I think some cracks are starting to show. Expect more extreme and bizarre behaviors. With his 'talents' and ability not matching his need for attention, not much else to revert to.

Stay away from creepy old dude y'all. That's all we have here.

No. 732582

I personally cannot wait until the mental breakdown saga goes into full effect. We're gonna have lots of hilarious content.

No. 732587

File: 1574541837096.jpeg (276.87 KB, 1242x1266, 87A36CF2-A0B0-4CAD-BF98-BDB85F…)

Saw this on Reddit today!
The sub was being suggested, and this was the frontline picture. Good stuff.

No. 732590

Alternative link to Greg showing everyone real size of the mini carrot (?)

Feel so bad for the kids. This is what Greg does at 2 am after spending all day wiping his hard drive. I mean the one in his computer. Not his other gadget/floppy disk whic has so also where his brain is.

No. 732597

he really thinks that there is no evidence, I'm sure most of these posts would specifically state that they were 14-15 year old girls- what's more is that I distinctly remember Gronk saying that if a girl is fully developed, what's wrong with being attracted to them? makes me sick just typing that out.

Anyway here's the I'm So Pedo video he desperately tried to hide, how uncanny are these lyrics to the shit thats going on now.

No. 732600

I think Greg isn’t worried simply because he doesn’t understand that federal laws and state laws are completely different . He thinks because age of consent in his state is a certain age he is safe . He doesn’t understand federal crimes like child porn have nothing to do with state laws

No. 732602


oh shit youre totally right, timestamp 4:10

"I like women who are…. not developed…"

"Greg, you just said you like underdeveloped women and you're blaming me for how creepy people find you"

"Well yeah because I didn't say I liked underdeveloped women, I said I like a variety of mature women."

No. 732604

Images of child pornography are not protected under First Amendment rights, and are illegal contraband under federal law. Section 2256 of Title 18, United States Code, defines child pornography as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age). Visual depictions include photographs, videos, digital or computer generated images indistinguishable from an actual minor, and images created, adapted, or modified, but appear to depict an identifiable, actual minor. Undeveloped film, undeveloped videotape, and electronically stored data that can be converted into a visual image of child pornography are also deemed illegal visual depictions under federal law.

Notably, the legal definition of sexually explicit conduct does not require that an image depict a child engaging in sexual activity. A picture of a naked child may constitute illegal child pornography if it is sufficiently sexually suggestive. Additionally, the age of consent for sexual activity in a given state is irrelevant; any depiction of a minor under 18 years of age engaging in sexually explicit conduct is illegal.

No. 732606

they'll likely go with indecent images of children as it wasn't full blown as far as we know, however human trafficking will be a big one as its a federal offence

however, Lainey has full possession of Child Pornography and exposing infront of a minor, if she isn't arrested at the end of this year I'll be shocked.

No. 732607

I saw that video too where he said it's okay to be attracted to minors. I can pull it up and post segment later.

No. 732608

He has skimmed around the line of what's legal and what's illegal that he probably gets them all messed up nowadays.

Also is it me or are his morals just "If it's legal it's moral, but if it's illegal it's immoral" in a nutshell? As long as what he's doing is legal he think he's nothing but a good person. It's like he doesn't understand how something that's barely legal can be seen as extremely icky and disgusting.

No. 732610

>>732606 they not only have Lainey receiving pictures but I am sure that have a bunch of sexually explicit conversations to go along with it . She is done but not sure if they have enough to prosecute Greg unless Lainey flips on him and throws him under the bus which she might do to avoid prison

No. 732613

File: 1574545621408.png (31.43 KB, 590x252, Namnlös.png)

Although it's important to keep spreading awareness of his manipulative and abusive tendencies, I had to laugh at this tweet considering Onion fancies himself to be some edgy mastermind, 'the joker of youtube', but truth is his mind tricks only work on a certain vulnerable group of people

No. 732615

there is absolutely no way she would do this despite the blatant transphobia on his livestream the other night and the physical and emotional abuse.

or it could be a total Myra Hindley and Ian Brady situation where they threw each other under the bus because they're caught. All I want right now is to know that those children will go to a loving and deserving family, cant imagine what they must be going through right now.


not gonna lie anon, I can't put myself through watching hundreds of his rating videos to find it, I cant remember which one he said this in but I do know he said he liked underdeveloped women in blaire white's interview

you have a stronger will than I for doing this

No. 732616

File: 1574545793620.jpeg (341.97 KB, 750x855, 171C77B4-E113-40DC-B866-B0FB12…)

man what the fuck

No. 732617

Such an inspirational dad

No. 732621

Selena would come to visit and lived with Kaild Predator and Jimmy, to help take care of Troy, if i remember correctly, but went back to NM after a time. i think she went back for school and the visits slowed until they both stopped talking to each other.

No. 732622


I absolutely wish people would stop acknowledging his bullshit tweets, no different from a horny teenager on twitter, except this is a man in his thirties that thinks hes a teenager, tweeting because hes manic. every day I wake up hoping this fucker has been arrested so I can stop seeing these whack ass tweets

No. 732623

Greg wrote a skit for Selena/Lainey that was a joke about how they were lesbians and that Lainey was gonna leave Greg to be with Selena that was literally EXACT to the Billie/Lainey skit where they kiss and scissor Barbie Dolls together
I'm pretty certain he wanted to stick his baby carrot in Selena too

No. 732624

He pretty much admitted to being attracted to minors when he said that he would date Alicia because he was attracted to her but had to wait for her to be of legal age.

No. 732627


this video sent chills down my spine. he just seems so desperate and so unhinged. why do I feel like this is all gonna end in Onion murder-suiciding his family and himself. like I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. his behavior is so unstable.

No. 732629

At this point from what I've seen Lainey may be the only one to go down for any of this. Greg is trash but I haven't seen any concrete evidence of him breaking the law. That's why he's posting all this crazy stuff. He knows he's being watched and is taunting investigators because he's sure they don't have anything. Unless they can somehow prove he was hosting CP on his forums.

No. 732631

> this video sent chills down my spine

> Just his eye alone in that shot alone sets off my fight or flight instincts

People need to stop talking like this, he's just some 34 year old dad who targets naive young girls because he could never take on an adult.
Comments like this are why he calls himself "youtube's joker" and gets off on it. You know he gets a power boner reading shit like this

No. 732632

Holy shit I just realized that Greg is trying to act like the new Joker. The stupid little dance, the weird changes in his voice, the dry heaving/coughing fits. There was a video he made a couple weeks ago where he said he didn't belong in society lol. Greg really is a 14 year old in a 35 year olds body. how embarrassing.

No. 732633

Well, yeah. He tries to be every joker ever made and fails hard at it.

No. 732634

People need to STOP making videos about Greg, I have BPD and I can tell you right now Greg is fucking loving every bit of attention he's getting negative or not. These retards who think they are spreading a cause or helping by making 10-30 minute viral videos on Greg piss me off so much. Let's say he does get locked up and makes a court appearance, he's going to love every second of that shit and will probably encourage the public to take photos.He'll probably even play it up with an egotistical strut. The only way true justice is going to be brought down is if people stop talking about him entirely WHILE law enforcement gets involved. You'd think after 300,000+ videos on the dude over the course of a decade would teach any of these moral fags a single thing.

No. 732636

Lol wtf

No. 732637

Seriously, he's a fucking pathetic worm. Why everyone is acting like he's the next Ted Bundy is beyond me. He shouldn't give anyone chills, he should give them dry heaves.

No. 732640

Ok, SomeGuy

No. 732641


Flying a minor to another state with the purpose of having sex within state line is absolutely an offence. You’re right about the child porn stuff but if Sarah peruses this harder I seriously think there’s a strong chance they’ll look into her case as well, especially since we knew it was going on for years and she was forced to say that nothing had happened and she even cried because she clearly didn’t want to do it.

No. 732645


lol pls. Someguy827 is just as narcissistic as Greg is. There's no way he would admit to having BPD.

No. 732646


lol pls. Someguy827 is just as narcissistic as Greg is. There's no way he would admit to having BPD.

No. 732648


lol pls. Someguy827 is just as narcissistic as Greg is. There's no way he would admit to having BPD.

No. 732653

>if Sarah peruses this harder

I don't think she will. Whenever she says that she will, she usually changes her mind soon after with some excuse. Regina seems to be the one who will most likely pursue a case.

No. 732663

> Also is it me or are his morals just "If it's legal it's moral, but if it's illegal it's immoral" in a nutshell?

That’s pretty close but it’s more slanted to his favor.

So, for him, it’s like “if it’s something people don’t like that I want and it’s legal, everyone should shut up and not criticize me. If something’s illegal and someone I hate does it, it’s indefensible proof that they’re a bad person and I’m better than them. If it’s illegal and I do it (like doing my taxes wrong or destroying wetlands) I’m still a good person, someone else is at fault.”

There’s no consistent logic behind it aside from justifying his actions and trying to discredit his detractors.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be so self-righteous about not eating meat. It’s not illegal to eat meat but it’s just another way for him to feel superior to others.

No. 732666



Alimony is also not illegal, greg certainly had a lot to say about that

No. 732673

File: 1574551959804.png (152.66 KB, 585x706, Capture _2019-11-23-20-26-00.p…)

Saw this on Twitter, he's still making changes to his money laundering scheme, I mean corporation. Probably hiding things from the feds?

No. 732674


She's probably terrified, she's freshly 18 and was groomed for years. But then again she's happy to discuss with strangers on the internet but if she really isn't pursuing it I really think that all this has been for nothing, she has the strongest case against them both and it even encouraged shiloh to talk about incredibly traumatic subjects. It might look like shiloh is living her best life but its clearly fucked with her.

Sarah is not alone in any of this but I really think that's how she feels. Either that or the US Legal system is fucked.

A perfect example was that I was groomed at 14, it took me 4 years to even go to the police about it and even then I remember details I never told police at 23 but could never go back and talk about it again, I completely sympathise with her.

No. 732678


It doesn't matter if Sarah doesn't go. She doesn't have a case against them, as far as we know they didn't do anything illegal with/to her (if they did, none of it is public info). Regina does, however, with the pictures she exchanged and still has proof of. Regina is all we need here (and indeed all we can have).

No. 732680

Sarah and Lainey exchanged nude photos and had sexual conversations when Sarah was underage tho

No. 732681

She's 19. She probably is terrified but I think it has more to do with her still having love for Kai and not knowing what is and isn't normal things for adults to do (like having sex with kids in the room).

Also this.

No. 732682

ok… he can love the attention in the meantime. ted bundy thought he was hot shit when girls were falling all over him. not saying greg's anywhere near as relevant or dangerous, they're both just narcs with major personality disorders.
point is greg's not gonna like the attention when he gets into prison and someone (probably several someones) make him their bitch/get revenge on him for being a wimpy pedo with a potato diet body and greasy emo hair.

No. 732684


Apologies, thought she was still 18.

I agree with this so much, when she mentioned about having sex in the room whilst the child was there she didn't even realise that it was a big deal and even said that she didn't think it was a big deal on twitter. That is definitely a law the onions have broken though but there's no proof of this ever happening, not to say I dont believe her, I absolutely do, but all these claims have very little evidence and its likely the reason the investigation is taking a very long time. It could take months..

I just want to know why Gronk is so desperate to erase his hard drives, there's got to be something on those that we dont know about, not necessarily CP but all the raw footage he's uploading seems to be the thing he's focusing on.

No. 732685

hey does anyone else think greg's weird obsession with weed and hatred towards smokers started because he found out that shiloh smoked? (just like caffeine and billie)

No. 732686

that's a good theory. it depends, when did he start bad mouthing weed?

No. 732688


Im unsure on the nude photos, I can't recall Sarah saying anything that sounds like it would be crossing that line (with her, Regina though for sure). I think I remember her talking about what COULD be considered provocative photos? But child porn has to be… you know… obviously pornographic in nature ( as greg says as his excuse, if similar images can be found on a regular google search or swimsuit section of a kids clothing line website, its not illegal. ew, dont make me go into more detail there pls).

I remember her saying something about being topless on Skype, but for a case you need evidence. Unless Sarah recorded it, we have nothing.

As for sexual conversations, sadly that's not illegal in itself - child grooming is only illegal if your aim is to have sex with the person you are grooming whilst they are still under adult age. The fact that both Greg and lainey waited until Sarah was 18 protects them from that accusation, they can turn around and say 'Well it obviously wasnt our aim!'

They did that on purpose ofc - the AoC in their state is 16, but they still waited until Sarah was 18, because they knew what they were doing was considered grooming. Their own states AoC wouldnt matter in regards to this, accusations of child grooming count up until the age of 18. it's so disgusting because its very purposeful, and greg obviously researched how to avoid child grooming charges.

All this they did to Sarah SHOULD be illegal, anon… but Greg very very carefully walked that line on purpose. Lainey though only ACCIDENTALLY didn't cross it lol, because as we see, she was fine crossing it with Regina

No. 732692


one thing is for sure, we won't see any tweets about cocaine at any point soon


almost instantly after billie smoked weed with her family on New Years Day (I think) hence constant jibes at her family being drug addicts

No. 732695

> I think it has more to do with her still having love for Kai

I’ve been very surprised and impressed that most of the victims have been able to recognize Lainey’s role in their specific abuse and are willing to hold her accountable but sadly I do think this still plays a part.

It has to be sad but you need to remember that her being “sensitive” or seen as a victim of greg’s abuse is what allows people to cut her slack where they shouldn’t or stay in their abusive environment because they falsely think they can save her from her circumstances. As far as we’ve been shown, she wants to be there and has fought tooth and nail to stay there.

If she did leave, it would be a slightly different story but as of now, that’s that.

No. 732696

Not sarcasm, I 100% could be wrong here, but we know they at least exchanged provocative photos when she was underage, talked about dating before she turned 18, and we have at least 2 people confirming that Kai walked around the house naked infront of Sarah and had Sarah sit in the bathroom while Kai was in the bath.
I reckon that's enough to get them in a lot of trouble if a case is pursued, but Sarah knows everything here only gets Kai in shit, and they still have feelings for Kai

No. 732698

He has tweeted about cocaine and it’s clearly about Sarah even though he doesn’t name drop her or even say “my ex”.

I’m actually surprised he hasn’t tried to really drag the details of her personal life through the mud more like he did with Billie (of course without mentioning her name because he can’t admit he dated her without basically admitting he groomed her).

Does anyone know why that might be? He normally tries to punish the person more.

No. 732699

There was no need to spoiler it anon. You'd need a magnifying glass to see that pathetic shit anyway.
Twitter too. I can't believe people are still getting shit for calling Lainey/Kai a female. Let it go dumbasses. She's a predatory transtrender like Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv.

No. 732701

Happy for her. And on an indie label too. Very nice.

No. 732702

Probably because soon the autorities are going to be on his ass.

No. 732703

He faps to loli hentai but denies being a pedophile. Sure Jan.

No. 732704

The only thing I'm genuinely scared for is for his children. I put nothing past him. He's vile and has proven he has no real conscience to speak of (all virtue signalling). Other than that, I agree with you.

No. 732705


I think people forget a lot of the time that Sarah was a fan of Lainey. Power relationships

greg dated a fan
fan (now wife) groomed fan

No. 732706

I wonder if it’s actually not love for Lainey but for the kids.

She’s the only one in their house that actually takes care of them and maybe they want to protect her so they don’t get even more damaging exposure to Greg. I get that but I agree with people on here that there’s no way he would want to be a single parent and would probably ship them off to their grandparents or something.

Keeping them with Lainey and Greg isn’t protecting them and it will only get more damaging as they get more aware of what’s going on and their boundaries with the kids get weaker.

No. 732707

>He thinks because he fucked everyone at 18 he's untouchable.
Shiloh was 17
>He's so fucking primitive and retarded.
Which begs the question of how he's been able to get away with this shit for so long. Of course he purposely drove all his exes off the internet to keep them silent, so there's that.

No. 732708

Father of the year. Seriously though, I fear for his daughter more than anything, and so did Lainey apparently.

No. 732709

it could also be because of the kids. like she doesnt want them to be taken away from their mother (even though its probably better for them to be out of that household).
Either because Sarahs been pretty open about her ''faults'' which takes the power away from Gurg or because hes scared to even talk about her
(see: >>732360)

No. 732710

I'm unsure of exactly when he said this but he has brought up his mom smoking the herb before. I wouldn't be surprised if it goes back to his mom like many of his issues.

No. 732711

>Expect more extreme and bizarre behaviors.
I'm counting on it.
>Feel so bad for the kids.
Isn't it time CPS took his children, or is it just me? I don't understand what they're waiting for, for him to make video where he's pointing a gun at their heads? Because it's not like the content of his vids become more and more unhinged by the day.

No. 732712

I’m sorry but I find this funny, especially when his face turns red

No. 732713

>So did Lainey apparently

Did I miss something?

No. 732714

The story goes that Lainey cried when C was born because she knows how Greg treats women. It's also another reason why she won't have anymore kids with him.

No. 732715

One of the girls who mentioned it. Either Sarah or Billie, can't remember.

No. 732718

Huh, that sounds amazingly self aware for Kai

No. 732719

>he's taunting investigators
I'm not even sure it's that deep at this point. I mean maybe you're right but he's so severely mentally ill that nothing he does is surprising. I'm sure the FBI have profiled him and have him all figured out by now. I just hope they're keeping surveillance on him in the event that he gets violent.

No. 732720

Because aside from people on the Internet he is a social recluse that skirts under the radar. Preying on vulnerable emos has kept authorities at bay, but the older he gets ultimately the more deranged and sloppy.

No. 732721

Pretty sure Lainey was also 17? I could be misremembering.

No. 732722

It does.This was before her uwu transtrender persona. I think she still had most of her mental faculties then. She couldn't be more comatose than she is now.

No. 732723

Twitter is absolute fucking trash for not deleting that pedophile's account. I hope they get fucked over in some way for this. All because he has a blue check mark he gets a pass, it's insane.

No. 732725


No. 732727

Yeah Greg proposed to 17 year old Kai after a month of online dating and sometime that month they meet up for the first time.
Then they get married 8 months later, a month after Kai turns 18 and behind Kai's family's back, and Kai gets pregnant about 4-5 months after their secret wedding because Greg just loves knocking up teenagers a decade younger than him.

No. 732728

This video alone should have been enough to cancel him never mind anything else. He's sexualised victims of CSA while also implying its their fault for being gullible. Onion has a fetish for "getting in trouble" with jailbait, in that weird fucking vid with Chris Hansen where he has the VR headset he says "let her get you in trouble." Complete pedo in every way.

No. 732730


Because she has NOTHING else. Nothing at all. That's half because Greg made sure she didn't by isolating her and destroying her world, and half her own because she has always had support/ways out (she could and run off with billie, sarah, stayed back home after visits, etc).

Now she has nothing. And, even if someone did offer her a way out, she wouldnt take it - shes extremely lazy and work shy, wouldnt want to get a job etc.

She doesnt care about her kids at all. Its all about her and her comfort.

No. 732731

Since we know his neighbours/ people in his town keep an eye on him, I can only imagine what they think about his tweets. He’s like the deviant creepy neighbour that people warn others about. I cant imagine Kai is OK with her 'husband writing this type of perverted garbage to the world. Really helps show how depraved Onision is.

No. 732733

Lainey has had a unsettling amount of awareness about stuff like this for a while now and that’s why it’s so weird that she didn’t take any of the outs that Greg gave her over the years.

Like with the first Billie incident she admitted over Twitter that she knows it’s bad to stay but she’s codependent and too weak to leave.

She admits that he’s verbally and emotionally abusive but doesn’t do anything with that information and just keeps taking it.

She also must know deep down that he doesn’t love her the way she loves him or really at all.

I do think that the cognitive dissonance she must feel on a daily basis if causing the “random” fits of crying. She used to always be like it’s so weird, I don’t even know why I cry sometimes and it’s like…okay…seems obvious but…

No. 732734


Did greg make that video that one time during the Shiloh era where he was saying its GOOD for people to be codependent? Like he was encouraging it?

bet he definitely tries to tell Lainey its okay for her to be so codependent on him

No. 732737

File: 1574557153104.jpg (151.51 KB, 1080x658, nesiamotu.jpg)

Google translate does say nesiamotu means that, but it's just a random bullshit translation that happens sometimes. All other hits are Grog, and it doesn't appear in any other dictionaries. Sage for meaningless word sperg.

No. 732739

>she usually changes her mind
I wouldn't write her off so easily, anon. She's got a lot of guts for someone her age, and I think her upbringing helped toughen her up too. Remember that she's the one who got the ball rolling in the first place.

No. 732740

>People need to STOP making videos about Greg
I think the medium sized channels have done all they can. The larger channels with a million+ subs should cover this at least once, especially now that the FBI's involved. The point is to spread awareness to anyone (especially for any vulnerable girls) who'd otherwise make the mistake of associating with those two pedos.

No. 732742

I'd bet money that he did the "go listen to Shiloh's music you guys" post so that he can take credit for her success

No. 732744

One of his girlfriends from high school, Shiree (the goth girl he lost his virginity to), smoked weed and "cheated" on him. He was around 15. I think that's the beginning of his hatred for "drugs and cheaters".

No. 732746

God he's such a simpleton. A teenage boy trapped in a flabby middle aged mans body. How embarrassing.

No. 732748

I think you summed it up anon. Someone mentioned that she seems to disassociate a lot too. It would seem her mental stability is declining at the same rate as her husbands. They're both living in their own delusional little world. Needless to say, their children will suffer as a result of this.

No. 732749

>There’s no consistent logic
That's his entire life, anon. He should've been put in a mental ward when he tried to start that stupid cult of his. He can feel as smug and superior as he likes, he's still a pedophile under FBI investigation.

No. 732750

except most emo boys from a decade ago were actually loving caring people and didn't abuse the flying fuck out of their lovers

No. 732751

He's a middle aged dad of two small children. I don't even know how he's lived through all the cringe in his life up to this point. Like other anon's have said, he's delusional and gets worse everyday.

No. 732752

>This video alone should have been enough to cancel him
I was just laughing at the fact that he's tried to spin all of this as "cancel culture", "outrage culture", "I'm being Meetoo'd" lol. What next, is he going to claim that FBI are trying to cancel him because he's a white man? He couldn't be a more pathetic incel trying to play the victim.

No. 732753

File: 1574559196604.png (284.1 KB, 723x720, 52.png)

there's no substance to any of this, he's not trying to spin anything at this point. it's a carnival clown sausage party, he might as well be a random sentence generator, he's just throwing terms around not even to defend himself but to get a reaction out of people.

No. 732754

>not saying greg's anywhere near as relevant or dangerous
Not as relevant, but possibly very dangerous only because of his untreated mental illness. Also they do share a passing resemblance.
He's definitely searching through his archives for something.

No. 732755

He's been trying to spin narratives his entire life. There's plenty to back that up. Where have you been?

No. 732756

oh yeah of course, but i meant now the mask is probably off and he's just fucking off, bathing in the attention he's getting, hence the twitter posts.

No. 732757

There's no doubt in my mind he's going to continue trying to control the narrative until he's forced off of social media. It kills him that he's lost control and it's futile for him to keep trying to regain it, but try he will.

No. 732759

I expect that he'll become more deranged as this drags on.

No. 732760

File: 1574559810729.png (13.25 KB, 585x122, a.png)

>It kills him that he's lost control
what do you mean, his channel was half dead, barely anyone cared about him, and now it's almost like 2010 all over again. he's loving this shit, he constantly makes himself look bad on twitter (on purpose) because he gets off on the constant supply of people going "EEWWW WTF".

No. 732761

File: 1574559836573.jpg (2.54 MB, 3116x1534, Pedophile.jpg)

>I was boohooing because I got an MOS that required me to kill

Says the pedo who made a vid where he "mock" drugs, tortures and murders a woman.

Fail some more, pedophile.

No. 732763

File: 1574560091218.png (142.82 KB, 498x378, 65.png)

also here's something that's been popping up recently. might not be true but you never know.
(you can thank our good friends at reddit for the cut off in the image)

No. 732764

Yes, he's still trying to control the narrative. >>732360

Very stupidly, but he tries.

As for the smut spergs, it's unfortunate that the youngin's keep reacting that way but nothing can be done about that. I think OK PEDO suffices.

No. 732767

Not to mention all the pets he's killed from either abuse or neglect.

No. 732768

Haven't heard about anything besides the turtle, what else was there?

No. 732769

Would gurg really be that dumb?

No. 732770

>I was crying!
>See? I have a conscience guiz
This just shows how delusional he is that he expects people will believe this bullshit.

No. 732771

File: 1574560583567.png (51.91 KB, 1573x536, p40tcktagj041.png)

No. 732772

Something about when was in high school he had some dogs that died of malnutrition. The animal abuse is mentioned in this vid.

No. 732773

Nobody said anything about writing her off, I said I wouldn't put much faith in her decision because she hesitates and changes her mind. Regina has been more consistent than Sarah.

That video will always be proof that there is no limit to how cringy he can be.

He was born retarded.

No. 732774

Does he even read this shit before copying and pasting it? It's reddit, nobody is calling him.

No. 732775

I found this reupload of a video from 2010 (absolutely terrifying btw) so yeah, his aversion to weed definitely dates back to way before that breakup

No. 732776

>That video will always be proof that there is no limit to how cringy he can be.
No one can watch that and not completely question his mental health, or doubt that he's not severely mentally ill.

No. 732777

imagine caring about what fucking reddit of all places thinks of you to the point where you threaten legal action LOL

No. 732778


His face looks generally red atm. Maybe his skin condition flaring up again - which can happen with stress. And I think he stuffed his pants in this video.


Found the video where he admits finding underage girls attractive - "Since when are we only attracted to people based on a number?"(direct linking to onision's channel)

No. 732779

I wonder what his kids thought, watching him leaving the room and changing outfits, then go back in and scream

No. 732780

File: 1574561016002.jpg (419.85 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20191123-200300_Red…)

Right now there are a shit load of posts threatening the Onision reddit over misgendering Kai.
It might be related.

No. 732782

they're likely desensitized by it now. you learn to just accept shit like that when people like him are your parents.

No. 732783

I hate talking about his kids because it's painful to see how much their parents don't give a shit about them, and knowing that they're trapped in that insane asylum for the time being…

No. 732784

has he ever even attempted to explain why he joined the military in the first place if he's such a "pacifist"??? was he hoping to just get a cushy light duty job if he just whined enough?

No. 732785

this is why i'm ashamed to be gay

No. 732786

my guess is for college funds.

No. 732787

>warnings and bans for transphobia
It's not transphobia if the person isn't fucking trans to begin with. That's like saying anyone who calls Jonathan Yaniv a man is "transphobic". The idiocy is astounding.

No. 732788

Oh no, that's a horrible thought, and unfortunately believable for gerg

No. 732790

OMFG. Taylor. Isn't. Transgender.

Reddit was banning people over Jonathan Yaniv. They think they're covering their asses especially when it comes to obviously fake trannies, but they're just showing their asses all the more.

No. 732791

>has he ever even attempted to explain why he joined the military
I don't think so, but I've been wondering the same thing. I know one of his sisters was also in the AF. And you're right, if he was such a pacifist he wouldn't have gone into the military in the first place. He's a disingenuous waterbrain.
lol did he actually have plans to go to college? He wouldn't have lasted 5 seconds.

No. 732792

Could you newfags stop directly linking to his channel? Don't give that pedophile clicks and views.

No. 732793

File: 1574561883630.jpeg (226.11 KB, 1573x536, E4A77C7B-0950-4C9E-8578-1C63D0…)

No. 732794

pretty sure this one is a troll

No. 732795

Its probably greg freaking out.

Even the reddits description calls Lainey a transtrender. I think the general consensus on there is that shes faking lol

No. 732796

He did one on Lainey too >>732002
Since he's a therapist I'd love to get his take on this shit >>732761
Talk about red flags.

No. 732797

His family was with the seventh-day adventist church, that's why he hates weed, alcohol and meat. Even though he's all anti religion, he kept a lot of his childhood religious beliefs.

No. 732800

I always forget he even has kids, I have no idea how their family even functions with someone like him "running" the house

No. 732805

I don't think his weed obsession has anything to do with Sh. It's who he generally is - the absolute stereotype of "I hate this" - "secretly want to do it/am probably doing it". I made a long ass post about this in the past so my apologies for not listing everything again, but pay attention to every thing he supposedly hates - he is going to end up doing it eventually.

It goes from the simplest things to serious ones - absolutely hating tattoos ( getting tattoos ), hardcore dissing people who drink ( trying alcohol ), hating weed ( begging Sar to bake him weed brownies ), absolutely hating rapists ( coercing a girl into sex ), hating pedophiles…well, we all know how this one turned out.
There's tons of examples like this through the years.

It goes beyond him "changing his mind".

No. 732807

Pretty sure it's all just from his childhood religion

> wholeness and health have been an emphasis of the Adventist church. Adventists are known for presenting a "health message" that advocates vegetarianism

> many Adventists are opposed to practices such as body piercing and tattoos

> The church discourages its members from consuming alcoholic beverages, tobacco or illegal drugs (compare Christianity and alcohol). In addition, some Adventists avoid coffee, tea, cola

No. 732809

You may be right! That could very well be the reason. I always took it as him wanting to project a near saintly image ( because, lol, narc ) - but being the actual opposite of everything he claims/claimed to be.

No. 732810

LOL. That must be the face Lainey makes when her neanderthal says he wants suk mi. Another reason why he's been sperg tweeting that dime store 50 shades cringefest, Lainey ain't servicing him so he's had to sit in his Tesla flicking his baby carrot for most of the day.

No. 732816

"We're going to start banning people for using she/her pronouns referring the person the topic of our subreddit is married to, whom he calls 'wife' on a frequent basis"

No. 732819

this mind game stuff is completely pointless, insane, and is actually causing them serious harm. gay boys who wanna be cute should just grow their hair longer and learn how to take care of their skin, instead of doing these body modifications that they later on regret and kill themselves over, vice versa with females. it's honestly depressing mate.

No. 732820

I mean with the clearance on that brow Onion could have just turned to the side to look at the poor kid and knocked them clear out with a single whack of his neanderthal ridge when he's standing feet away.

Onision: Most Likely to be incarcerated

Onion's mother's body attempted to rid us of this evil before he was ever born by strangling him in her womb, but unfortunately, it only made him more retarded.

No. 732821

Bit off topic, can we get back to the pedophile and not debate the validity of transgenderism?

No. 732822

>Onision: Most Likely to be incarcerated
how do we know for sure though? we have no real confirmation that the FBI is involved other than chris's word, he has more than enough time to destroy his hard drives, etc… and where are his victims going to get the money to fly over to whichever court that the case will take place in?

No. 732823

Kai's definitely way more likely to get arrested with the way things currently stand

No. 732826

i wonder why onion even let her do that shit in the first place. maybe he's using her as a scapegoat and wants her to fuck up.

No. 732827

File: 1574568079170.jpg (28.96 KB, 616x222, 1.jpg)

No. 732828

oops, meant to reply to

No. 732829

just putting it out there: this doesn't mean he's worried, if one of his ex's were to contact him he'd likely say the same gross shit he's been saying on his twitter to them, as to receive more attention.

No. 732830

It's not that deep. Just making a joke superlative like high school seniors get because of all the heat he's been getting from Hansen. Either way Onion had access to Lainey's phone, he had access to literal child porn.

No. 732834

I didn't take it as him being worried. It's bait, honestly. AJ was heavily advised to not apologise to him in any sense, for anything - she did it anyway, because she is a good person.
He twisted that apology into "see, I'm the good guy here, she's the one who did everything wrong". Same with Sh.

( I'm also unsure of what tweets to post, since 99 % is just verbal sexual diarrhoea, so I'm just choosing the really mental ones )

No. 732835

File: 1574570033256.jpg (127.12 KB, 587x776, 1.jpg)

It's definitely bait. CoNtAcT mE guize, remember the GoOd times??? You don't reallllly hate me.

No. 732837

Holy fucking yikes. He makes me physically ill.

No. 732839

He's definitely also feeling nostalgic of a time where he got to fuck anyone but Kai

No. 732843

All these old photos and old videos from years, even decades ago solidifies the theory hes going through all his old hard drives and computers deleting things hes worried about.

No. 732851

i think onision is going to kill himself. he keeps posting about all the "good times"

No. 732852


it's manipulation, don't be naive.

No. 732853

File: 1574572478351.jpg (113.87 KB, 575x642, 1.jpg)

Nah, that's sadly just wishful thinking.

No. 732854

That's a dumb assumption, anon.

No. 732856

sorry, you spelled "optimistic" wrong

No. 732858

So he's going through his texts with Billie and crying over what could have been.

So fucking gross he uses the text where he's all CoNcErNeD about SocialRepose being an evil abuser. Stop pretending like you give a fuck about women Greg. You're just mad he got to them first.

No. 732859

File: 1574573468634.png (340.88 KB, 598x920, lmaoooooooooooooooooooo.png)

Maybe he's trying to reel her back in because he saw how timid she was in the Chris Hansen interview

No. 732861

greg you can’t just go around cumming in people like you do

No. 732862

It's either that, or Kai is crying about the FBI right now so this is his last lifeline.

How does he reconcile being with Lainey, the AMAZING HUMAN BEAN, and now salivating over Billie, who supposedly betrayed her? Sure Lainey doesn't post to Twitter/Youtube anymore but you know she sure as fuck is checking Greg's Twitter constantly.

I've been thinking how it's been awhile since he publicly lovebombed Lainey. What do we think the chances are he is legitimately trying to distance himself as he sees the chance of Lainey getting arrested becoming more real?

No. 732863

I think it's called hoovering? Being all "Oh I was wrong, I said bad things, I was angry, bla bla, can't we just put this all behind us?"

then if they fall for it, the entire cycle repeats itself. He's also likely trying to garner sympathy by acting like he's learned from his mistakes. He hasn't, it's a lie. As per usual.

No. 732865

I love this so much. Who says that during a break up?

I'm 100% using this for all arguments from now on

Also, wow is he obsessed with cumming in teenagers.

No. 732867

I wonder if part of this is to try and shame the girls? "Oh, you let me cum inside you." Did she share that knowledge? Maybe part of this is to try and backhandedly expose the girls?

No. 732868

He has a heart attack every time he can't relate a conversation back to sex within 5 minutes. Bonus points the more serious the topic is.

Just like when he and Krai felt so betrayed by Billie that he wanted to chain her up in his basement, and when she rejected him, he immediately turns to "WOW THAT WOULDA BEEN HOT UR BORING"

No. 732872

This scene is perfect for Onisions current predicament.

No. 732873

I think it's another element of his control/ownership obsession. He tweeted the other day about "when you have sex with someone a piece of you is always with them." He can't stand the fact that Sarah Billie etc will never go back to him and he's completely alone with Foot, so he's trying to do whatever he can to act like he has any kind of control or leverage over them.

No. 732874



No. 732875

Sh did say he sexualized everything. Apparently, this includes breakups. Gross.

No. 732877



He’s literally always wanted Billie over Lainey, he only look Lainey back because a) they had a kid and now have 2 and he’s terrified of alimony and child support b) she would have crawled back to him eagerly, and did, and he can’t go a day without suk mi, and c) he was trying to pin Billie as the bad guy when the internet hopped on the home wrecker hype. He literally said Billie is the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen or been with. And Lainey? He said in another video, I think the giant connect 4 one with her that he didn’t pick her for her looks and wasn’t even attracted to her right away, she was just the most readily available. How fucking depressing.

No. 732879

that genuinely makes me sad
and then i remember shes a teen diddler herself, along with greg

No. 732881

File: 1574576385077.jpeg (702.51 KB, 2048x2048, E54191BA-90D4-4800-8FA8-E44F1F…)


Tinfoil, but aside from the obvious alternative weeb style she has, I speculate that he was so attracted to her not because of her piercings and tattoos, which he always judged so severely, or her makeup skills, as he always tried to defeminize his partners, but because she most resembled a child out of all of his exes, save for Sarah. Billie has a small chest, which he has explicitly said on Twitter and his disastrous BW interview that he likes small tits and “underdeveloped girls”, and a soft girly voice with a noticeable lisp. She was freshly 18 when he met her, too, but she could pass for younger with just looks. Lainey was also quite the babyface, and was also smallish chested before she decided to whip her udders out for 6 years straight, has a high pitched whiney white girl voice, and looked extremely young during the first year they were together.

No. 732882

No fucking lie, this is a line common in hentai. I wish I were making that up.


No. 732883

tbh I think it's just because Billie is argurably the most "beautiful" out of the bunch and most like his type.

No. 732884

File: 1574577018708.jpeg (307.25 KB, 2048x1033, 40A049F5-753B-401F-A1E7-8D7A8F…)

Someone fixed his photo

No. 732885

This made my night kek thanks anon

No. 732886

Whoever it was has deleted the account, which makes it likely that it is indeed Greg

No. 732887

Who wants to bet that Billie will be receiving some unwanted surprises in her inbox tonight.

No. 732888


definitely. he's still tweeting about her. i don't even want to know what his plan is

No. 732889

i wonder if the reason all this is coming up is because greg is busy deleting old texts

No. 732890

These are screenshots of old texts. Hes busy deleting files from his computers and growing nostalgic each time something about Billie pops up as he dumps another folder full of tween girls in their underwear with his name Sharpied on their stomach.

No. 732891

File: 1574578929134.png (488.44 KB, 505x675, 0.png)


He can get one from his girlfriends. But in 20 years with a comb over he will look like D Trump.

p.s. for all the skeptics out there, dis image. I can get banned for it, Idc. He just looks a fool.

No. 732892

File: 1574579003860.png (435.02 KB, 828x1792, C24F13A3-67CB-498B-BD4E-701E0E…)

>two women


No. 732895

File: 1574579416351.png (267.71 KB, 497x342, bt.PNG)

He's digging all the way back to 2003. Cant the feds add charges if they have proof you were attempting to delete files?

No. 732896

This is Lainey's face literally everyday. >>732371

No. 732898

This just confirms his weird hentai dog watching for me anon. Wasnt there also a video of him putting krai in a dog cage "as a joke"? He probably got his rocks off to posting it online since he loves to post videos with bits of truth or indirect messages(like his video about wanting to fuck sarah that only she would understand) lol

No. 732899

so he's calling lainey a woman now? lol.

No. 732900

I still can't process the fact that greg really has Hansen after him, it feels like a dream

No. 732901

From the angle it actually makes it look like he's looking directly at Chris Hansen. kek

No. 732902

Inb4 "I just happened to be sorting through all of my files and hard drives to delete things while being investigated for possible sexual abuse, grooming, and CP possession charges. That doesn't make someone a pedophile, you idiots, you guys call anybody a pedophile over anything these days."

No. 732903

File: 1574581600429.jpg (223.03 KB, 482x2268, The good ol' days.jpg)

>remember the good times guiz >>732426
>it completely invalidates all the abusive things I did and the lives I tried to ruin
>we just need moar love guise
>I leik who I am

That pedo trash really thinks he's doing something huh.

No. 732904

It's both imo.

Also, the body's cells are constantly regenerating, so no, a "piece of him" will most definitely not be with them forever - his shit was flushed out a long time ago. Not surprising waterbrain failed biology.

No. 732905


He’s always considered her a woman, and always will. As long as she has a pussy to fuck and does traditional subservient womanly duties for him, like make his food, raise the kids, and clean the house, he’ll be slightly, somewhat barely attracted to her.

No. 732906

File: 1574582728680.gif (2.26 MB, 400x170, FBI.gif)

The FBI should've paid him a visit for that one alone. I can't wait until his life becomes an FBI meme and he's off the internet for good.

>because she most resembled a child out of all of his exes
I stan your tinfoil anon. She does fit the "underdeveloped" body type he's obsessed with. She's very petite and in that photo looks very childlike. Her features have matured since then but she still has some childlike qualities. It's also why he was obsessed with Alicia for so long because he never saw her grow up. He was stuck on being rejected by the 15 y/o kid he lusted over and tried to force a kiss on. Sick shit.

No. 732908

>call me any of the following and I'll agree with you…
He left out pathological liar, narcissistic psychopathic predator, pedophile. But that's ok, I'll forgive him this one time.

No. 732909

“I forgive you.”

forgive them for what, putting up with your bullshittery? He’s trying to cover his tracks so hard, it’s pathetic.

No. 732910

File: 1574585445783.jpg (160.77 KB, 559x404, Untitled-1.jpg)

For breaking up with him even after he came inside them
The worst kind of betrayal

No. 732911

I don't know, anon. These things are only making sense in his mind.

What still gets me the most is that not only have they directly exposed both of their kids to sex, but that one of them is rapidly approaching the age where he's going to be able to Google his parents and see all of this.
I know he doesn't give a single shit about his kids, but damn.

No. 732912

>I have no idea how their family even functions
They don't. Their house looks like a trash pile most of the time. Multiple witnesses have attested to this. Even in the last collab vid Onion made that got taken down after the owner found out about the child grooming, his backyard was covered in garbage.

No. 732913

I have wondered what their plan is once the kids get old enough to know what's going on.
I guess Greg's just going to sit them down and explain how great he is, how no one understands him, his exes are all jealous whores, and I guess Kai will be crying in the background somewhere

No. 732914

Last time I checked, none of the people he thinks need his forgiveness were under investigation by Chris Hansen or the FBI. OOF

No. 732915

He's just looking through his old files seeing if there's any cp he needs to delete. Silly anon.

No. 732919

its not even tinfoil. he has done this before. he wants to believe that he can be big heckerman and delete his pedo footprints.

No. 732920

File: 1574587300614.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.44 KB, 263x309, baby carrot.jpg)

He's a perpetual incel who's insecure about his micro-peen, of course he's going to talk this way. He acts out his insecurities mostly by bullying and abusing women and girls. If he didn't have Lainey to vent his pathetic insecurities and mental illness out on, he'd probably be shooting up a school as we speak.

No. 732923

I wonder if he saw Billie's interview with Hansen and saw how scared she was, and embarrassed to discuss details so now he's using this "uwu daddy dom" posting to also use as intimidation/humiliation/retaliation? Seems like something he'd do - leak personal information about her as revenge for speaking out.

No. 732925

ngl you have to be new to think that he wouldnt be lurking himself or having patreon fags to report back to him on these

No. 732928

Not sure what you mean, my post didn't mention anything about him being here or not. I wouldn't doubt that he does, and the part in question from my post wasn't whether he saw the interview, but his reaction to it and the motives behind his latest tweets. Sorry if I'm missing something obvious here.

No. 732935

File: 1574590749772.jpg (96.61 KB, 720x480, banana eggplant.jpg)

I cant wait until his new celly learns hes that banana guy who fucks little girls.

No. 732950

There is no plan, I don't think. He never even wanted kids, it was just his impregnation fetish.
The only person who could have done something for the kids was Lainey and look how that turned out. In 2017 she boasted how she's going to "finally stand up for herself" and….it's near 2020 now.
She's still there. She exchanged nudes with minors. She said she'd stay even if he hit her. The kids actually have no one atm.
Fuck me, that's depressing.

No. 732951

Next thread picture.
I don't believe he'd fair well in jail. I don't think Lainey would either. Even in a female prison (which is where she'd go)
Even though rape isn't as common as in the movies, there's definitely a pecking order in prison.
Gregory James is a simpering little manlet who has rarely been around men his own age or older because he likes to boss around teenage girls and I'd laugh if Lainey tried to tell the Latino girls in jail that she's 'part Mexican'.

I hope they both get punched in the chompers.

No. 732952

Skye sounds so young and innocent here while Grease… tries to yet talks to her like she was a little kid.

No. 732955

File: 1574597905936.png (843.92 KB, 640x714, badtoworse.png)


I agree. He sees how fragile Billie is and this is more mind games aimed at her.


The recent video also making fun of Shiloh's interview, with the baby carrot again given some more fertilizer. I won't accept an insanity plea despite weird stupidity, because his response has been so deliberate, calculated and malicious so far. But he does look like a sick half crazed degenerate rn. Yuk.

Really however, best punishment for him aside from jail would be to ignore him. The more that people directly respond, the more he keeps posting this crap.

No. 732958

I think with the current victims testimony and others there's a good chance Onion could also be pursued on allegations of coercing his wife he married as soon as she was legal into being his assailant. They're both impacted through this. They're a married couple and both discuss bringing the girls into their home.

Thats why Hanson is interviewing anyone connected. Predators aren't just pedophiles and this is the technicality Onion thinks is going to see him bypassing any consequences.

Love for Hanson team to directly reach out to Lainey's family. That's be interesting. Hanson should try and reach out to all the dads. It'd be amazing if AJs dad ever said something, he has fans himself.

No. 732959

File: 1574598861936.png (44.9 KB, 594x579, uggggh.png)

wish hed stop fucking posting this shit.

>Yes, I'm addicted to sex.

finally, some real honesty.

No. 732961

If Gruck did get his way and got his insanity plea accepted, wouldn’t it be worse for him if he was thrown into the nut house rather than the slammer?

The moment he realizes his new surroundings, he’s gonna lash out and possibly attack the staff demanding they let him out. The staff will restrain him and inject him with God-knows-what in order to sedate him, this will probably happen a couple of times seeing as he won’t get his narc supply and the docs will administer more meds to the point he gets catatonic and in a straightjacket.

You really wanna take that plea, Gregma?

No. 732962

So many tweets about girls he misses, yet, he hasn't been boasting about big fake gay Lainey's sexy qualities. Even his paypigs all sounded disappointed when he was talking about how great in bed Shiloh was. His new squeeze McFly sounded especially disheartened and quit the game they were playing because he was more focused on talking about Shiloh and banned anyone talking about the game they were playing. I don't think Onion realises he's hurting all the feelings of his desperate fans going on about girls he's been bad mounting and getting them all to hate on. He really is a retard.

No. 732963

>I won't accept an insanity plea
It's not that type of a case where something like that could even come into play. If that's his motivation for acting this way, he's not going to get anywhere with it.
Luckily they do have trained psych professionals in cases like these who would be able to properly diagnose him - and it's not going to be insanity or depression ( it's so cringy how he clings to that one. A decade+ old diagnosis, that happened in one session probably - if it happened at all. You're not depressed Jimmy, fuck off. )

>best punishment for him aside from jail would be to ignore him

Agreed completely. I never reply to any of his tweets ( hopefully other anons don't much either ). I'm also honestly at a loss for words when I see people voting in his shitty polls. Bots?

No. 732965

i mean, if they learn who he is? he'll likely end up like that guy who was ass fucked, stitched back together, then ass fucked again. he'll literally die from being gang raped.

No. 732967

no it's not bots. it's easier than replying, you just click one button, so.

No. 732968

I guess I just have a hard time comprehending how he's getting very little comments and likes, but 700 people vote for something like this >>732959

It's also funny how he's married to a tRaNs MaLe aNd nEvEr GoInG pOLy AgAiN because women are just totes the worst, but two options in this shitty poll are very feminine.

No. 732969

That's for people that mess with kids, I don't think he's going to have that hard a time in prison over sleeping with 17 year olds minimum

No. 732970

Honestly he'd probably get his ass kicked for being insufferable but I think he'd have to worry more about the guards than other prisoners. He doesn't do well with authority and a lot of prison guards like to fuck with people like that. I could see him acting like a retard and getting himself thrown in solitary or getting more time on his sentence.

No. 732972

Oh yeah, I can definitely see that

No. 732973

I've always thought it came from his background in the 7th Day Adventist church. He's vegetarian, anti-drugs, anti-coffee and anti-alcohol like most from the church. As much as he wants to distance himself from his dad, he still follows his beliefs exactly, just under a new name. Hope he's lurking and the comparison between himself and his dad fucking torments him.

>he hates religion but tried to start his own

>accuses his dad of taking advantage of his female followers, takes advantage of his own female fans
>said his dad forced his beliefs, guilts his own followers into believing his very specific set of beliefs around vegetarianism, feminism, religion, body image etc.

No. 732974


Trying to 'normalize' something that really is an issue.


I've been looking at the laws of various western countries, with respect to 'child grooming'. In some places, you can get up to 10 years for setting up online communication with a minor with the intent of later sexual activity, and it doesn't even have to be communication of a sexual nature. It's communication that seeks to lower the inhibitions of the minor, gain their trust, etc. Greg and Kai doing this repeatedly shows up their intentions.

No. 732975

what's wrong with being anti-drugs, anti-coffee and anti-alcohol though? i mean i don't go around shaming anyone that i see with the stuff, i just don't use em.

No. 732976

Obviously nothing is wrong with that. He just talks about people as if they're scum of the earth if they partake. Like in this video >>732775

No. 732977


i was reading some comments on some tweets of his (its like 95% "ok groomer" and "shut the fuck up greg" kek) and someone brought this up; someone else replied they vote to see results, so maybe its just a lot of hate-followers doing that?? which is fucking stupid to give him any attention to see "what people answered", which is probably super skewed anyway by everyone voting just to see answers! but i do think he buys votes.

No. 732978

what do you wanna bet he's secretly a viagra & speed junkie

No. 732979

buying votes when he's piss poor? doubtful.

No. 732981

They're both getting new tattoos and new bedframes, they're not piss poor yet

No. 732982

but what about that environmental shit, where's he gonna get the money for that?

No. 732985


Friendly reminder to put sage in the email

No. 732986

Okay, good for you I guess. The problem is that he actually doesn't allow his cult following to drink, smoke, eat meat or even have a cup of coffee in his house. On the rare occasion I've seen Lainey with alcohol or a cup of coffee, she was out shopping with friends. There's a HUGE difference between not drinking coffee and uploading a 20 minute video rant to YouTube when someone in your household dares to defy your ridiculous rules. Please don't tell me you think that's normal.

No. 732987

File: 1574601505646.png (37.71 KB, 786x282, buyvotes.png)


they waste money like there's no tomorrow and it isnt even that expensive. why would you doubt this? hed probably write it off on his taxes as a "work expense" anyway kek

No. 732988

Honestly I think he makes more money off the hate he's getting right now than he has in a while, and if he can fake popularity, it fans the hate

No. 732989

because why would he buy attention when he already has more than enough from all of the stuff going on currently? who knows though, we're talking about someone who films their wife having a seizure instead of taking them to the hospital here.

No. 732992

He can only make money off the attention if he's channeling it to his content. His views on YouTube are still shit, I honestly don't think there's that many under cover farmers on his patron and he's been tanking actual patron losses. He can think all attention is good attention, but not this time.

No. 732993

They're shit but they went from 5k views to between 30k-120k, especially since Hansen.

He also started making more on patreon as everyone piled in to fail miserably at tricking him into grooming them, or "leak" content even though everyone was already leaking it.

No. 732994

Forgot to add, and now he's writing an erotic novel which everyone is going to read so they can get angry about it and try to tie it to the accusations.

No. 733002

Ugh. I can already see this creep using his shitty book as an excuse for all of these tweets. ‘BuT YeR HonOr, iT wUz FoR tHe BoOk.’
I seriously hope they get those kids out of there.

No. 733004

File: 1574606597559.jpeg (626.08 KB, 2048x2048, 8D1B8E5F-74A2-4068-A861-169862…)

Looking up his old vids where he’s having the time of his life hanging out with 3 very young girls is even stranger now. He actually thrives in their company, unlike any vid with his wife.

No. 733005

Has it been officially confirmed that he is currently being investigated by the fbi?

No. 733006

chris hansen confirmed it.

No. 733007

"See? they look happy in some pics, i
i'm really not abusive guiz, they are just butthurt that i DUMPED them. But its okay, i'm the bigger person and forgive them for their sins"

No. 733008

Does he do this to gross people out or does he actually think hes sexy and turning anyone on?
He is delusional so genuine question

No. 733011

It's having a negative impact on B, and I'd guess Sarah too since she locked her twitter
Which is probably what he's trying to accomplish

No. 733013

To be honest, it could be for a number of reasons with Sarah. I hope none of them, especially Billie, don't give him the pleasure of being afraid. They had a lot of strength when they all dropped the texts and emails but now it seems like it's petering away. Shiloh, Luxy, and Regina seem to still be going strong.

No. 733018

Sucks that twitter isn't shutting him down, not only are they letting a predator stay on their platform but they're letting him openly intimidate his victims

No. 733029

I wonder what’s going on. Regina and Sarah both privated their Twitter. Maybe the investigation just started and they have to private their social media’s.

No. 733031

No. 733033

Greg cares about exactly three things in his life: Money, cummies and having people around to manipulate and exercise power over.
No wonder he thrives under these circumstances.

No. 733035

Yes it's very clear that he is trying to intimidate/trigger/smear his victims. It might work if they see it but since he is doing it in front of the entire internet it's just more evidence against him.
I wonder if he knows someone on twitter or if they are just very lenient with men harassing women.

No. 733036

yeah, if they're cooperating with the investigation/the FBI then privating their socials would be something they would ask them to do, so this could mean its just kicking off now

No. 733038

File: 1574616314179.png (29.17 KB, 596x280, stop.png)


No. 733039

I really hope that's the case. Let that piece of shit think he's winning for now.

No. 733040


One of the things I've been saying from the start is that if there was an investigation going on, you wouldn't be seeing Sarah and Reginas twitters. First thing they'd do is ask them to make it private and stop talking about it publicly (my point at the time was there is no investigation and we shouldnt be getting our hopes up)

But this sounds like it could actually be happening now guys. boy oh boy xmas come early

No. 733041

I'm so worried about their children. Imagine having a dad that talks like that.

No. 733042


is he trying to make himself like some real life christian grey character or some shit. thinks hes gonna get a female fan base by making himself that? ew

No. 733044

The notion that Greg's literal micro-dick come make anyone have seizures is pretty funny though. Especially since I am 100% sure that he has never made anyone come in his entire life.

No. 733045

The mask he wore in public has come off completely. It's slipped so many times, but now he can't be bothered.

No. 733046

The polls are just for validation, I've no idea why people would vote to see the results since all the fucking answers are him stroking his ego. Probably easier than posting a selfie where people can say you look like a reptilian

No. 733048

Samefag. It calls to mind the time Shiloh's dad threatened to kill Greg. Then Greg said, "You're just going to have to kill me, then". He was taunting Shiloh's dad. Greg had no reason to think he was going to die right there and he didn't.

This is no different. He's never had reason to think he'd experienced any real consequences for his actions. Greg's showing everyone how untouchable he (thinks) he is.

No. 733049

So Onion boy is lurking again. Hey Onion, maybe get someone to fix your ugly fucking teeth and Skye already confirmed you have a one inch dick. I don't think that constitutes as dominating anything.

No. 733051

File: 1574617482369.jpg (456.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191124-174224.jpg)

Lol what a loser (forgot pic >>733050)

No. 733052

this guy aint a dom. hes a pathetic manchild with control, esteem, anger and ego issues that he expresses through sex. pretty common, but easy to tell the difference once you've encountered both.

i'd love to put him in a room with a real dom tbh, let them have a conversation. would be hilarious.

No. 733054

File: 1574618164428.png (17.03 KB, 596x168, fhkalfhjkaef.png)

guess there's not much else to post rn so may as well archive some tweets…this is really so disturbing.

also he added "Romance novelist" to his twitter bio..uh huh, sure…

No. 733055

He's the biggest loser going. His tweets and behaviour screams of massive insecurity which is why he has hoards of fat and/or ugly bitches thinking they've got a shot with him. He's like the ugly gobshite in the boy band the insecure girls form a crush on cause they think he's more attainable. Greg appeals to the insecure because he's the physical embodiment of insecurity.

Never once has any of his 'sexual conquests' ever spoke highly of his skills in the bedroom or even nice about him once they've escaped. The only positive is that his dick is so tiny and he most likely does not have the stamina to make someone endure a long session that it mitigates some damage. Obviously the ptsd of having the big old crocodile toothed freak bent over you is enough to send any sane person over the edge. We've already saw how Lainey is broken and would rather reject her vagina and become a man than the sexual object of Greg's desires. Nigga is terrible in bed

No. 733056

>orgasmic screams
Imagine having a father who's tweeting this to his mostly teenage audience.

Mother - crying or grooming teens.
Father - screaming in his basement, fapping for a min of 3 hours and grooming teens.

No. 733059

You can be an abusive pathetic manchild and a dom. BDSM is not some magic label that removes abuse, although it's treated as one. It makes me sad that Shiloh said "I don't want to kinkshame but…" in her video with Hansen while describing Onion basically raping her. "Kinks" and "BDSM" are shields. Everyone should look behind it, yet girls who grow up on the net are often groomed by "anti-kinkshaming" internet culture to accept everything labeled as such.

No. 733060

File: 1574618330237.jpg (61.06 KB, 590x708, kinky.JPG)

"Look guys… she wanted it! It's not abusive, just kinky!"

Except she turned it down cause she didnt trust you. As she clearly states.

No. 733061

File: 1574618360473.jpg (265.76 KB, 1372x2200, EKHoXq0UUAEwUJj.jpg)

No. 733065


nah mate. i dont consider people who abuse through sex real doms.

i agree they can call themselves that, as in i agree being 'a dom' is the shield, the label this kind hides behind, which is why i refuse to call them one and let them do it

he calls himself a dom, but this behaviour is not because hes into BDSM and is a dom. hes trying ot say he behaves like this, because he is a dom. no, he behaves like this because

>hes a pathetic manchild with control, esteem, anger and ego issues that he expresses through sex

they should not be considered doms, when their only reason for taking on that label is acting this way.

someone who is a dom would never leave someone crying the way he has left these girls crying, or exploit someone that way. thats not okay, that's not normal, and thats not what happens just because someone is a 'dom'.(derailing kinkfag analysis)

No. 733066

Best punishment would be a computer ban and house arrest. Spend your sentence without internet AND not being able to escape your wife… IT WOULD BE PERFECT!!!

No. 733067

Onion needs to realise that he crusaded against her smoking the plant cannabis and while he was texting her this shit she was mostly likely high on cannabis and just wanting to hear what wild shit Onion was demanding of her now. At this point she had already refused him from the airport and said she didn't want to be involved with his family anymore. He's mentally retarded. As soon as she started dating that guy Drew she showed him the emails and manic texts. No one takes Greg seriously once there is no longer a threat to safety. He's so fucking delusional

No. 733069

These BDSM fags just use that label to justify abuse by saying it's ~consensual abuse~ uwu because they've never had a critical thought in their lives. Ain't no therapist gonna tell you self-harm is okay if someone else does it for you lmao. They need as much help as Onion does

He's gonna start claiming people kinkshame him. I'm surprised he hasn't REEEE'D about Lainey being misgendered or deadnamed a few times during Chris's livestreams. always the victim

No. 733072

I'm more concerned about young girls being groomed into accepting bdsm and male violence or else they are kinkshaming than I am about someone being ~a real dom~ or not.

No. 733073

It blows my mind how many fucking contracts this autist drafts up. What is his understanding of a contract, who the fuck does he think he is that he has some type of legal jurisdiction over people if they sign something he has tpyed up? Does he keep a dossier categorised of the benign and insane laws of Onion land? This is some childish shit. I wonder if he made Troy sign a contract that he can't let the team down on Nintendo when inept daddy is playing? Greg is such a retard for someone in their mid 30s. I'm honestly shocked he has never accidently killed himself. Fingers crossed he gets stuck upside down somewhere some day and no one finds him.

No. 733074

Injuries and potential deaths aside, I can't imagine normalizing crappy sex, let alone high-maintenance crappy sex.

No. 733075

Jesus fuck wish I could hear the conversations between Shrek and Foot right now, he has given up all pretense of caring about her feelings. He's not even bothering with the public lovebombing anymore. In response to >>733069, I think he may be legitimately distancing himself from her due to a real belief that Krai will be arrested meanwhile he will be safe for "toeing the line". Ultimately both deserve to get fucked by the law but I still see the possibility that only Krai gets in trouble.

No. 733076

File: 1574619725886.gif (320.68 KB, 220x218, getaloadofthis.gif)

>Billie: Most beautiful/stunning.


No. 733077


No. 733078

Was he trying to mock Shiloh with that?

No. 733080

He hasn't mentioned his gay wife in a while and hasn't been posting any photos of her. She's probably crying but what else is new? I've the feeling Greg's sock puppets have been used to see what public opinion are and he for sure lurks here to see what the likely outcome is. This is the guy that asked reddit for help with the irs, he probably believes he is getting away because the phrase toeing the line has been used a lot. Fortunately actual people with careers in justice wouldn't give this case such a superficial glance and would gather testimonies and evidence. Similar to how slow the wet lands are proceeding, they're making sure they've covered their asses and legalities before they add blast him with fines. Because shock horror, he isn't cooperating with them.

No. 733081

Absolutely. No one says that shit normally lmao

No. 733082

I'm just imagining his tweets being read in a courtroom as evidence against him. I wonder if he'll find them funny then.

No. 733084

>Alicia: coolest to chill with

Huh, so Billie is the most stunning and Alciia was the best to hang out with, where the fuck does that leave footface Lainey? If any Lainey stans are lurking can you tell your girl her husband hates her and to get a bit of self respect? That's so fucking embarrassing for a spouse to put a list like that up.

Lainey: Best at grommong uwu

No. 733085

Yup, the last time I can recall was the ""article"" he was passing around to Repzion, Jaclyn etc. I wonder what will happen when Repzion finally releases his video on Krai, can't wait kek

No. 733086

The optimist in me hopes it's because she finally left with the kids like a rat fleeing a sinking ship.

No. 733087

He said he was uploading it to patreon today, so we'll be getting he Kraibaby vid soon.

No. 733088

File: 1574620358296.png (167.64 KB, 658x625, jhjhfjhj.png)

No. 733089

Technically, the list is about people "no longer in his life"… but it is particularly telling that he didn't even bother to give his husbando any kind of special mention kek

No. 733090

Without a doubt. He's a cowardly shithead who always takes the opportunity to mock people if he can.

No. 733091

onision is a jew(racebaiting)

No. 733092

He's not good with money or hygiene though. Definitely not kosher. And sage your shit.

No. 733096

Disgusting. Disguised as a compliment, the "watching you submit" and "memories" is a pure taunt to all the girls that he can think about it whenever he wants, will never forget it, and is trying to demean them by implying he took control. Asshole, your micropeen and grimy oily body have no lasting effects on any of these women except krainey.

No. 733098

Funny he doesn't care about his gay wife's feelings with all this explicit content about fucking other girls and remembering them. Can't see that anyone has boasted about him before.. Heard a few of his victims laugh at the small size of his dick though. Guess we can all say thanks for the laugh Onionboy

No. 733101

I bet he thinks that everyone is as sex obsessed as him, and that he's making the women so horny that they just have to come back to suk the lil cheese puff

No. 733102

I can't even remember a time where Krai ever remotely implied he was good at it. And he always forced the topic 100 times in her vids, each time she just awkwardly sat there or said something snarky

In one of their recent podcasts, he even brought up the baby carrot thing and she didn't even try to deny it, just laughed awkwardly kek

No. 733104

i wonder what kai's family thinks of their in-law writing all this nasty stuff publicly, honestly i'd be disgusted by my sister if she stayed married to a man who behaved this way, he's such an embarrassment

No. 733106

So how old was Sarah in the videos where she was hiding behinda mask?

No. 733109

I'd be more disgusted at my sister exchanging naked pictures with minors and grooming girls, but maybe that's just me.

No. 733111

i'm getting the feeling now that all these gross tweets have been personally aimed at specific victims, and that the point is simply to try to intimidate/win them back by tweeting stuff only they know is aimed at them.

No. 733112

I'd love to know what her parents are thinking/ doing. They're actually in a position to do something (even offer to take care of the children), while Taylor's sister is a kid.

No. 733115

File: 1574627220039.png (164.73 KB, 631x297, 723100.PNG)

Did something happen? They're both on lock down.

No. 733116

No one knows yet, only lots of tinfoil.

No. 733118

I think it's safe to assume either the FBI told them to lock their accounts and stop talking OR Greg's tweets have started wigging them out

Hopefully the FBI.

No. 733119

File: 1574628439975.jpeg (162.89 KB, 427x710, 9B047A24-F5A2-4FF0-A853-CC6E10…)

Absolutely. Look at the choice of hearts, especially the orange one. Who picks the orange heart anyways. Blue represents billie, hair color, red represents Skye, purple is shiloh, orange is Sarah. Skye, Shiloh, billie, Sarah. His victims in order.

No. 733120

You miiight be reading a bit too into that, I doubt Greg is that smart.

No. 733123

File: 1574629268383.jpg (237.5 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20191125-100034_Twi…)

NTA but these are the colors people are using for the girls in these hashtags, so it's possible.

No. 733124

Now he's just gonna roll with this to pretend to be smart. You guys gotta stop tinfoiling because you're always smarter than he is and you're going to make the idiot more smug. He is not a sociopathic genius manipulator, he was just an e-famous guy who took advantage of starry-eyed fans.

No. 733125

Holy crap, what a fucking creep.

No. 733126

Tbf after seeing people use those hearts for the victims that was my first thought as well. This is a man stuck in his teenage years, this whole shit is him being passive aggressive.

No. 733127

This. Some of this tinfoil is straight up retarded. Grog is an idiot who thinks he has a big brain, but it's just water and he isn't that clever.

No. 733128

With all the twitter faggotry he's producing there's not enough people discussing him being so sex depraved he fucks in front of his kids. People should just start replying "fucked the spouse in front of the kids today onion lad?" I feel like the Internet is letting the massive cunt away with that one. DISGUSTENG

No. 733129

I can see it, tbh. It's not like pasting some colored hearts is rocket science here, anons, lol.

No. 733132

That's not the case, though. He has always proven himself to be as dumb as a brick on everything that he says. They aren't even the same hearts or for each girl mentioned in >>733123 . It's not some cryptic thing, it's just him being annoying.

People shouldn't be replying to him at all. He's only doing it because of how much it's getting people to respond to him and freak out over what he says. Most of the replies on his tweets are outraged people. He always does this for a reaction.

No. 733133

They ARE the same hearts though? He didn't mention every girl, just the ones he actually fucked and thinks he can screw with their head like a mastermind edgelord, as he's been doing for weeks. You're seriously trying to gatekeep just how retarded Greg is like he hasn't seen this tweet with over 1700 shares during his 24/7 creepathons.

No. 733134

How is disagreeing with someone, gatekeeping? That doesn't even make sense. As the other two anons said, people are making him seem smarter than he actually is.

No. 733135

Right? They are the same hearts. It's very plausible that this is another passive aggressive attack. Again, it's just hearts. How would that make him a 'criminal mastermind', lol.

No. 733136

The sjws have spine chills over every tweet lmao

No. 733139

how is copying some hearts off a popular tweet to be creepy an indicator of intelligence? it's literally monkey see monkey do, it's not even subtle. no doubt he thinks he's super clever for doing it, too.

No. 733142

lol OP to the heart post stop replying to it if u think I was reaching I think it’s greg being a creepy fucker trying to intimidate and belittle his victims through twitter also lets not forget he fucks in front of his kids and has hurt many women deeply and traumatized them. he’s very sick and every tweet he makes is to try and intimidate or manipulate someone. Also he fucks in front of his kids and abuses women. Let’s not lose track(next level tinfoiling and armchairing)

No. 733143

Kai is crying rn

Guess he’s tired of her dutteh vajayjay anyway

No. 733145

He needs to be fucking castrated is what he needs.
>Love for Hanson team to directly reach out to Lainey's family.
That could possibly be the icing on the cake, anon.

No. 733146

>He acts out his insecurities mostly by bullying and abusing women and girls
And then tries to misframe it as "kink", like so many abusers and predators before him. He just does the same predictable shit over and over. He's textbook.

No. 733148

He was doing this dollar store incel shittery long before Billie's interview though.
>his response has been so deliberate, calculated and malicious
Definitely. He is an insane, brainlet, incel, but not to the point where he doesn't know what he's doing. He plans shit out (like it matters or is going to work in his favor in any way).

No. 733150

He does have a confirmed loli hentai predilection. Granted it's animated, but it goes without saying anyone fapping to images of children is a pedophile, whether those children are illustrated/fictional or not. Also, he tried to kiss Alicia when she was 15. I've no doubt he's gone after other girls her age or younger. Don't even get me started on his pedo forums.

No. 733152

>unlike any vid with his wife.
Lainey just doesn't give af that her uwu soulmate was seconds from ditching her and the kids.

She was often left out of the 'party' for various reasons, then when she complained about being ignored or whatever, Greg would tell her to stop being so negative. No sympathy for her anyway, she made her bed.

No. 733153

i don't think loli being on his computer is something he could go to jail for. i run into weeaboos who openly admit their obsession with it quite often.

No. 733154

His loli shit is the most obvious evidence he's a pedo. Idc if people say it's 'only a drawing'. It's a drawing meant to resemble and/or represent a literal child.

Another is when he got excited at Sarah having a childish girly room with toys. She revealed it on Twitter, he was so excited he wanted photos.

A real fucking pedo.

No. 733155

What's the point when he's been posting it all over twitter? One video on one of his shitty books is more than enough. Those people doing the book reviews are just repeating themselves because that's all Greg does, being the repetitive, banal, illiterate pedophile that he is. Only a halfwit would either buy or read whatever crap he's planning on publishing next.

No. 733157

Another big red flag about being a pedo is doing sexual acts in front of real life children. Having a threesome when your daughter is in the bed is degenerate and it's been said they've been walked in on fucking while their son is sitting there on an ipad. Wonder how often Cloey has been in the bed with just him and Lainey. Makes me fucking sick.

No. 733160

That's the point. Anyone who's not a pedo would never look at any representation of a child in a sexual way. All the incels with loli-hentai fetishes are pedo's, whether they admit to it or not.

No. 733161

OT, but is is legal for Jimbo to get or collect photos of minors at all without parental consent? Ifiak you need parental consent to take photos of minors, but does that apply to Jimbo using photos of minors in his videos and stuff, too?

No. 733162

He wouldn't go to jail for that alone but something like that CAN be used as supporting evidence for his preference for underage girls

No. 733165

That's the point. Anyone who's not a pedo would never look at any representation of a child in a sexual way. All the incels with loli-hentai fetishes are pedo's, whether they admit to it or not.

No. 733170

I'm laffin. I bet be believes this will somehow exonerate him or excuse anything he's done.
>Fingers crossed he gets stuck upside down somewhere some day and no one finds him.

No. 733171

Lainey's admitted multiple times that she's the jealous type too. It literally doesn't matter what he does, Greg knows she'll never leave him, and their children are the worse for it.

Mother of the year deserves all the shit she gets.

No. 733172

Let's not forget that most of the content for his trash Patreon videos consisted of him taking subtle (and not so subtle) digs at all of his exes.

No. 733173

Looks like he's really trying to disassociate from her now that she's most likely going to prison. What happened to "I'm so lucky to have Kai in my life"??

No. 733176

>your micropeen and grimy oily body have no lasting effects on any of these women except krainey.
Every one of these girls he tried to ruin is moving forward with their lives and look so much better than they ever have. Kai on the other hand…

No. 733178

He wouldn't go to jail for that alone but something like that CAN be used as supporting evidence for his preference for underage girls

No. 733180

>i agree being 'a dom' is the shield, the label this kind hides behind
There are a lot things Greg uses as shields, including his own wife and children. Such a big (incel) man he is.

No. 733182

They're not "wigged out", he's literally been doing this autistic shit for weeks.
>It's having a negative impact on B
Billie's not faring any worse than any of the other girls, anon, at least that's not what I see. Yes she was nervous during her interview but she told Chris she wasn't scared. She's always had anxiety.
I'm counting on it.

No. 733183

Wow, Greg just posted a screenshot of a text with Billie and didn't blur out her number. Good going doxxing someone while you're being investigated by the fbi

No. 733184

is this our chance? can we report his post and get him banned for this?

No. 733185

Pretty sure doxing breaks twitter terms & conditions, right?

I’m 1000% sure it was deliberate, though.

No. 733187

File: 1574639338870.jpg (96.44 KB, 1124x714, A5MQrMT.jpg)

No. 733190

he needs to be fucking torn to shreds. hes clearly going after billie because he knows shes very emotionally tender. anons can argue hes a knob, which is true, but hes also a predator. he knows this will upset her. he needs to seriously be taken down a peg, and have it planted firmly in his weeping asshole

No. 733191

Billie is cringe, what is he trying to prove here? He's like 30 lmao

No. 733193

It is beyond grotesque. Can't emphasis enough how much those two are genuinely pedophiles.

No. 733194

Kai is crying. I like how when they both used to still make videos they would talk about how they weren’t looking for a third and weren’t being poly, but jimmy still talks about all of these other women very melancholically and romantically. Kainey has no balls, divorce him. He doesn’t love you, where is the breaking point

No. 733195

>I wonder if he knows someone on twitter or if they are just very lenient with men harassing women.
It's all indirect though. If he were @'ting them directly then obviously he'd be in shit. Remember everything he does nearly always toes the line. Also this >>732388

No. 733196

He doxxed Billie. Likely on purpose. What a scum bag.

No. 733197

I reccomend reporting his twitter post. It's not fair to have her number displayed

No. 733198

All this shit is is a 30-something year old man ("father" of two) gaslighting and manipulating a teenager. He's cringe tweeting and releasing this shit because he's so ass sore that there's no vulnerable teenage girls lining up right now for him to abuse and exploit for his own gain.

No. 733199

Idk about collecting, but using the photos to make money without parental consent is against the law. One would think him putting them in his videos where he gets adsense would be illegal.

No. 733200

File: 1574640020363.jpeg (247.62 KB, 1125x337, 85A87FEC-8DEA-4B4B-ADE8-8FD9A4…)

I’m assuming Billie was worried because Greg was ignoring Lainey. This is around the time his second child was born.

Also if you’re going to post the screencap, censor the number. Billie wasn’t the one who leaked her phone number, Gregory did.

No. 733201

This >>732968
He bots everything, Patreon, Twitter. It's easy to buy bots and also helps explain so much of the uneven engagement he gets.

No. 733202

Greg’s number is posted.

No. 733203

It’s obvious he doxxed her for several reasons; 1. He knew it would spark outrage/provoke a reaction from everyone.

2. It’s an avenue of contacting billie again, without raising suspicion or it appearing ‘out of the blue’. Awaiting the ‘I’m sorry, forgive me billie’ influx..

No. 733205

File: 1574640246166.jpeg (177.11 KB, 1124x1254, 02F28913-2940-48AF-A1A5-48AB53…)

No. 733206


He is openly mocking the exes now and trying to portray them as just disgruntled.

Really though, most of the tweets are boring because it is always same thing. Like Shiloh said, he doesn't really have true talent, special genius or creativity to make real value content. It's just dumb and crass, or spiteful, nearly everything he does, and looking for a reaction to it. I'm surprised it still works this day and age.


I'm not sure but I think it may be the victim/target themselves i.e. Billie that has to report him for invasion of privacy and harassment. I'd look at a restraining order too. Hopefully she and the others getting good advice/support about all this BTS. Maybe they're letting him rant a bit to see him dig a deeper hole for himself, but this is really going a bit far.

I'm not easily shocked but (what I consider to be) sexually violent tweets being allowed p*es me off and trying to cover them as BDSM is a weak excuse. I think even many of those into that scene would take issue with what he's putting out there and find it irresponsible.

No. 733207

>many of us into that scene
kinkfag confirmed, nobody cares
so you post a snippet without posting the full censored version?

No. 733208

>Lainey is broken and would rather reject her vagina and become a man than the sexual object of Greg's desires.
We've seen how insufferable he is with the smut posting online, he's 10x worse irl. Lainey's sex drive must be dead in the water by now. The only thing Greg is good at is giving women dry vaginas, not even joking.

No. 733209

Oh boy oh boy, I can't wait for the sperg.

No. 733210

Seems like all the baby carrot jokes are getting to him. Hilarious. I can’t be the only one that has described a guy I’ve been with’s dick as “perfect” because it was small and I knew I couldn’t say it was big to him bc even they wouldn’t believe it about themselves. So instead say it’s “perfect” instead of big so the guy doesn’t feel insecure. IMO saying to a guy their dick is perfect is literally a nice way to say small.

I bet Greg would ask the girls if they think his dick is small and they’re like nooo it’s perfect so he wouldn’t have a meltdown.

No. 733211

Not sure if this is his actual number. Voicemail says paul

No. 733212

it says just as much as anyone who willingly gave him sukmi and yet taylor is the only person who still subjects herself to being hate fucked in the shower with steaming water
she has no self respect

No. 733213

>he was more focused on talking about Shiloh and banned anyone talking about the game they were playing.
kek. He just loves digging his own grave. It's almost entertaining.

No. 733215


>taylor is the only person who still subjects herself to being hate fucked in the shower

If she even is. Starting to wonder if Gregs horny tweets are because shes not putting out and hes sexually frustrated or some shit. Or, perhaps she is, but hes lost interest and neiter has a teenie girl around anymore, so hes no satisfied. Or if not the full reason, something like that may be part of the reason.

Hes flipped and gone on twitter rampages/rants before but never quite in this way

No. 733216

Apart from cringy & doxx, what are these convos suppose to even prove? I don't get it.

No. 733217

>many of us into that scene
>many of those into that scene

Anon 1 you're giving an anon shit for misreading what they wrote lol. Anon 2 sage goes in the email.

No. 733218

Maybe that she thought he was great at one point? Who knows, like he didnt (and hasn't) given her a thousand reasons to tell him he's the worst person she ever met.

No. 733220

File: 1574641283320.jpg (735.52 KB, 1080x3085, Screenshot_2019-11-25-00-19-31…)

Sockpuppet detected. (1/2)

No. 733221

What a piece of absolute shit. You know that since Shiloh & Billie have been on Hansen he’s been OBSESSING over them. Guaranteed he’s locked himself in his room wanking and crying over old texts and videos/pics of both of them. While his wife is outside grooming his next victims and taking care of his kids. Lainey is so pathetic that she’d stay with someone that so obviously loved his exes more than her.

I feel bad for Billie. She was brave for going and doing the interview and now Greg doxxes her and harasses her with more personal information being posted. I HOPE he rots in prison

No. 733222

Yeah, lol, but that 'one point' was in 2016. If these convos happened yesterday, he'd have a point.

No. 733224

File: 1574641370895.jpg (913.8 KB, 1080x4112, Screenshot_2019-11-25-00-19-57…)


So obviously this is all getting to Greg that he or his gay patrons are now going to dox victims.

No. 733226

1) attempt to break Billie down. "Remember this?! Don't you remember what we had, you know me, I'm not a bad guy"
2) an attempt to discredit Billie by showing how she had feelings for him = he did nothing wrong = he couldn't have possibly done anything she didn't want. "Look how awful I felt when we were apart!"

No. 733228

funny how greg probably "accidentally" left her phone number in this. i hope the girls realize all these antics are backhanded ways to scare and intimidate them.

No. 733229

Paul is that you? >>733211

Whoever's doing it, no one cares about that pedophile's phone number. No one should be doxxing anyone.

No. 733230

>he hates religion but tried to start his own
He didn't try to start a religion, he tried to start a CULT. I know some people would argue semantics but there's a big difference between the two.

No. 733231

How embarrassing that a married 34 year old is posting 3+ year old text conversations with the girl who dumped him. Get a fucking life.

No. 733232

He just deleted the tweet.

No. 733233

no, twitter likely deleted it since it was mass reported to hell and back. and if he did delete it, that won't keep the staff from viewing it. he finally fucked himself

No. 733234

Why would Billie cry and shout at me for calling to warn about the globalist pedophile ring after her family? It just seems like misplaced anger to me.(cowtipping)

No. 733235

What the fuck are you talking about, Anon? Nobody should use b’s number regardless

No. 733236


I was just trying to be helpful and she was so rude. Don't worry, I'm blocking her number.

No. 733237

Top picture:
2 x freshly 18 year olds, one he coerced into sex, one he reduced to tears and begged him to leave her alone.
1 x 16 year old he groomed and fucked as soon as she turned 18.
1 x 30+ year old married father

No. 733238

File: 1574642556213.jpg (45.37 KB, 640x405, pedos on blast.jpg)

>lower the inhibitions of the minor
Speaking of which.

No. 733239

File: 1574642585559.jpg (75.21 KB, 591x630, report.jpg)

Pretty sure it was twitter

No. 733240

From what I remember this is billies ex bf not onisions sockpuppet

No. 733242

following 2? I find that doubtful

No. 733244

What was he trying to accomplish? Doxxing literally isn't going to help anyone.

No. 733245

Good point. The account was made this month. Looks like a troll most likely.

No. 733246

Can they just delete his account already? What's it going to take?

No. 733247

So grongs flooding his TL with old sc’s from billie and now Sarah… zero fucking respect or human decency. Revolting

No. 733250

Kai is fucking BAWLING rn keeeek.

No. 733251


you called her anon? are u nuts? I'm sure she knew the moment he leaked it, she doesn't need internet randos calling her to "warn" her. You're literally doing greg's dirty work harassing her like that dude.

No. 733253

File: 1574643481684.jpg (74.3 KB, 680x635, 1d9b65bc0d93ce2cf3ec4c7be930d0…)

even when hes texting sarah to comfort her, he makes it all about himself.

i.. me.. my video…

he just fails are being a human being in every possible way.

his mother must be so fucking ashamed.

No. 733254

File: 1574643742237.jpeg (77.93 KB, 750x354, 3D23B003-F2EF-4EB0-A3F1-9B21D5…)

This is what Greg wants

No. 733256

She might have to change her number because of these trolls. Whatever, Greg can go off all he likes. He's a waterhead who thinks there won't be any consequences for his predatory, abusive shit.

No. 733257


What he wants is going to bite him on the ass.

No. 733258

Her tweets are privated for a reason why are you posting this?

Greg doesn't care about any human life, including his own apparently.

No. 733259

Greg is one sad lonely 34 year old man that hasn't had a true peer as a friend in over a decade. He is currently dropping screenshots to prove that he did in fact manipulate and coerce vulnerable teenagers to his home to fuck. Congratulations on your life. So amazing that he's constantly fixated on his past. Doesn't scream of regret and disdain at his current life. He's winning at the Internet for sure.

No. 733260

Keep leaking anon, you're doing the lords work.

No. 733261

The anon's posting it because this is lolcow, ffs.

No. 733262

There’s plenty of words for Greg, and bully is definitely on of them. Imagine being a grown, 34 year old man, husband and father of two. Yet mentally abusing and intimidating teenage girls a fraction of your age..

No. 733264

His mental health has rapidly declined since he bought that sex doll lmao he keeps getting crazier

No. 733265

Just because it's an anonymous board doesn't mean that we have to be ethnically bankrupt. Check yourselves. Don't be as bad as Greg

No. 733266

Can Billie contact Twitter reporting the doxxing? I think Twiter will take it more seriously with the victim herself reports it

No. 733267

It's a gossip site, fuck off moralfag

No. 733268

File: 1574645247489.jpeg (218.04 KB, 749x874, 7F6BD844-DAAC-4731-BC6A-BBFE9E…)

Onion is posting screenshots of his text conversations with Sarah. He acknowledges that Krai had feelings for Sarah while she was a child, admits that he was aware of Krai’s grooming. Plus, this screenshot reveals that he was texting Sarah encouraging her feelings for Krai, while she was underage.
And he’s being abusive in this screenshot. Trying to lure Sarah in with Krai and then turning the tables, suddenly saying no she can’t have Krai, and it’s her fault.
Is this him throwing Krai under the bus?

No. 733269

File: 1574645374236.png (20.08 KB, 656x271, apossiblehappening.PNG)


No. 733270

Pretending to have scruples like Pedo Greg really isn't a good look, fyi. But go off I guess.

No. 733271

This is the breakdown we were waiting for. Although its awful for even more torture to be caused to the victims. He's just incriminating himself and his disgusting man wife. Honestly, I can't wait for the authorities to truly get involved, and add this to the burning flame of shit. He's poking the bear and you know these girls are gonna let the milk flow now

No. 733273

He’s literally throwing krai under the bus. He really be like “fuck my wife” kekkk

No. 733274

>Hey guys, this is a gossip board, let's sink as low as the cow/pedophile in question

Never go full retard, anon.

No. 733275

File: 1574645949449.jpeg (178.65 KB, 882x1204, lol wtf greg.jpeg)

Here we have another one of Greg's contracts to Billie

No. 733277


share a closet with lainey lol? what. he wanted them to wear the same boy clothes? the fuck is that about

No. 733279

Gurgs number is out lmaoo.

No. 733280

Number is released

No. 733281

do you really think posting screenshots of a private twitter is the same as grooming, abuse and being a pedo

anon plz

No. 733282

that dylan person just posted gregs real number on his twitter lollol

No. 733283

I can actually hear the narc rage from here

No. 733284

File: 1574646330574.png (22.37 KB, 656x287, 3343443434.png)

No. 733285

It already says this number is not in service(cowtipping)

No. 733286

This was back when Lainey was a basic bitch and would skin walk Billie. She probably wanted Billie to style her since she's such a tasteless stupid bitch.

In one of the texts he is posting from Billie on twitter she admits to having sex with someone else and the next message is Onion still begging for her saying he'd have her forever. I bet big gay Kai would be kicked to the curb for good if she fucked someone else. Must suck to be married to a man literally obsessed with another woman. Couple Goals!

No. 733288

Dylan has posted both Greg and Kai’s numbers on Twitter.

No. 733290

Haha thank fuck they also doxxed Lainey that dumb cunt

No. 733292


if lainey gets an influx of calls its going to break the smol delicate bean. there would be so much crying. he may have just destroyed her tbh

No. 733293

See >>732222

Good. Sarah needs friends with backbones and not doormats like Plainey.

No. 733295

Both numbers are disconnected. Probably anticipated they’d be doxxed after Greg did the same to billie

No. 733296

Because Greg has never invaded or violated anyone's privacy or anything. Really.

No. 733297

>or run away from us in the middle of the night like you did

Only a retarded piece of shit says something like that. Hell, that entire list of demands is ass backwards. How far up your own dirty, greasy asshole do you have to be to resort to a list of dumb as fuck demands and genuinely expect for people to follow it kek.

His demand list sounds like those lists that wannabe cult leaders would make and the world would laugh at for being dumb. It's no wonder he goes for impressionable teens, cause adults would never fall for that.

No. 733298

No. 733299

And the numbers don't even work. So what's the point of all this again?

No. 733301

Create tension and escalate the situation. They were forced to disable their phone numbers and now do not occupy phones with operational phone numbers. That freaks people out. The pressure on them has increased

No. 733303

Greg and Lainey probably use the function that blocks unknown numbers from calling and texting them. If the numbers are real, people would just think the number doesn't work when the contact them. They're numbers have been leaked before and posted on public state websites.

No. 733305

There's no way of knowing whether or not that's even their real numbers. Big brain here >>733224 said he got Greg's # and it belonged to a "Paul". This is pointless. Also they can just get another phone.
>Greg and Lainey probably use the function that blocks unknown numbers from calling and texting them.
Of course they do.

No. 733306


Lane seems to have confirmed that it was onisions real number at least

No. 733307

I know some of these people are young and may not know any better but there's really no point to this. Going tit for tat isn't going to accomplish anything.

Greg is a predator, that's how he operates 24/7.

No. 733308


Lainey is literally emotionless. The joke is she's never crying when jimmy says she is

No. 733309

Sarah unprivated her twitter, for any of the failed abortions that didn't know.

No. 733310


She also deleted the tweet about being Suicidal…I am hoping she is going to drop a bomb here soon on waterbrain.

No. 733311

Me too, anon. She seems to always release something when he spergs and tips the scale like this. Hope she posts something incriminating.

No. 733312

File: 1574648872095.png (45.26 KB, 632x380, Screenshot_2019-11-25.png)

Because YouTube and Twitter stan psychopathic predators, apparently. Between all the times he's been reported and now Hansen/FBI involvement, there's no way that they CAN'T know at this point. They're pathetic, they have no excuse.

No. 733316

File: 1574649315665.jpeg (166.66 KB, 750x587, EF1A772C-0D66-4684-BB84-3174A7…)

No. 733318

>he would not be close friends with ugly people
>was friends with BTF

No. 733319

and she’s off
oh boy

Greg brought this on himself kek

No. 733320


No, Lainey said 'wouldnt be friends with ugly people' about herself. Its just that Sarah talks about Lainey as Kai and as male

No. 733322

It’s ironically funny because he’s “intellectually disabled” kek

No. 733323

This is very confusing milk, lol. Lainey…is pretty ugly, objectively, so. I'm not even sure what to say about the swimming thing, lol.

No. 733324

Always sad to see a self-hating tard

Also kek HomolKai wont be friends with ugly people? Bitch looks like a fucking old woman's foot.

No. 733325

I do apologize, my reading comprehension is not great today.

No. 733326


Sweet anon. Not your fault that Lainey is a fake trans and Sarah is compassionate enough to accept and respect it even when Lainey deserves no acceptance or respect. I can see where your confusion came from

No. 733327

so was onion boy trying to get billie pregnant? i’m glad she didn’t. i can’t imagine have another child in the middle of this situation or billie having another way of greg trying to contact her and stay in her life

No. 733329

He tries to get them all pregnant.

No. 733331

I was going to say, Grunt's incel impregnation fetish is well established.

That bullshit he told Billie was real rich: >>733200 "If you get pregnant with my child, I'll support you." I guess he means monetarily, because he sure as fuck doesn't do anything for the children he already has in terms of child rearing. He's just a sperm donor who occasionally spends money on them after throwing their toys off the porch and getting rid of their pets.

No. 733332

With the exception of Skye, if he doesn't get a girl pregnant they usually end all contact within a year. He's disgusting and has an off putting personality. Even coercion with money and signing a rip off of a 50 shades of grey contract doesn't keep them around.

He said when Billie dated Drew it was his sloppy seconds, yet Billie fucked some other guy before their final break up and Greg still begs for her. He's desperate and pathetic. In 6 years he'll be 40 and probably still stuck on teenagers.

No. 733333

He tries to impregnate them all, so they all have to be in his life forever

No. 733334

Oh, Greg. You can't catch the 'tard if you're already a tard. Of course, you wouldn't know that because you're a 'tard.

No. 733335

I remember how Greg was publicly trying to humiliate Drew, all the while he was privately grovelling to Billie that he wanted her back. Typical incel. All he does is flaunt his insecurities and act like it's something to be proud of.

No. 733337

>Despite how rude I am to you on a regular basis
>I'm actually just grooming you until you turn 18
Is what he meant to say.

No. 733338

Is anyone recording his stream? He keeps saying nigger

No. 733339

>He's winning at the Internet for sure.
Can't wait for him to "win" right off of a cliff.

No. 733343

He's trying to get as much attention as possible while it lasts.

No. 733345

>It will be symbolic of your honesty
Said the confirmed pathological liar. He's so up his own ass with his own fake integrity I'm surprised he hasn't suffocated by now.

No. 733348

Greg's live on Discord and streaming to Periscope

No. 733349

i currently have his stream on in the background, i'm not recording it but he's being pretty boring rn. i'll try to record it if anything interesting starts happening but rn it's just his patrons being little cringelords and him yawning and mumbling

he's on twitch as well, that's where i'm watching him atm

No. 733350

They couldn't be more "couple goals uwu" than they've been these last few weeks >>732371

No. 733353

File: 1574652894928.png (22.09 KB, 618x192, kai is crying.png)

For those that don't know, this "grimdear" girl who is responding to Billie was another scene chick that Lainey had a crush on and tried to get to flown out at some point (it never happened, at least not publicly), so this is really lulzy

No. 733354

How did Skye not get pregnant while with him for 5+ years?!

No. 733356

he's playing a children game with girls who don't sound older than 16.

No. 733359

Prob smart enough to manage her own BC tbh

No. 733360

More evidence of his pathetic god-complex, "can't share the water with disabled people, they're too inferior to me." I'm sure this will go over well with disabled youtuber's like Ricky and Donavan.

No. 733361


I think the majority of Gregs crazy came out after he left Skye for Shiloh. Skye kept him kind of straight, she's a sensible sort, similar age, and was a positive influence. She had a real world job and interacted with people outside of the Onision bubble (at least until he made her quit). Point is, she matured even if he didn't, and I reckon this just about kept him in line from the worst - even if he was still abusive and controlling. They (she) probably decided not to have a kid because they were young.

Of course Gregs level of crazy cannot be contained, so he left her for a teenager. A teenager cant be a good influence, they're still maturing and learning, and Greg had all the power anyway. Thats when all his nasty came out imo, including impregnantion fetish.

No. 733363

Didn't know he had a Twitch. Yet another platform he needs to be removed from.

No. 733365

twitch would probably do it too since theyre all sjws, so i hear

No. 733366

Just hypothesizing. But they were similar ages and pretty young. I feel Skye had more control over herself. Even though greg nagged her about her clothes and her hair (saying she looked like a Mormon) she didn't change anything for him. I do recall Onision once stating that Skye wasnt interested in kids then, and that he thought he was infertile at that point? Overall Skye knew Onision in highschool (I believe) and before he got e-famous. Had more of a backbone, and didnt have that huge age gap the other ladies had.

No. 733367

Twitch likes its female creator and is pretty tough on male creators cause they're all a bunch of whiteknighting neckbeards.

They'll probably ban Greg if he's reported enough.

No. 733370


It's a well-documented feature of NPD that narcissists feel repulsed by anyone they consider to be weak or inferior to them - children, the elderly, the disabled, and (in Greg's case) women.

No. 733371

Idk if anyone saw that moment where one of those girls was obviously lying about her age and he looked so terrified and then one of his discord mods muted her.

No. 733372


She also wasn't an Onision fan with a dramatic age gap, so he probably had a lot less power over her than he did over some of the other women, like Lainey or Sarah.

No. 733373

yeah and then then he said the fan sounded immature and that he felt bad for jared from subway having to put up with that. classy

No. 733374


They won't do anything until someone gets directly harmed, or they get a major lawsuit on their hands. Until then, they'll always pass the buck.>>733312

No. 733375

the fan didn't sound much younger then the girls talking right now and they keep joking about their real ages.

No. 733379

Yeah that must be it. I have a theory that any semblance of humanity and decency in him left once he decided to ditch Skye for Shiloh, that’s when the psycho in him really came out.

Skye was his rock, a link to reality.

No. 733382

Shiloh said herself that she didn't realise how bad things were because she didn't have context for the relationship. 8 times a day must be normal, permanent UTI's must be a natural part of sex.
I think that was when he realised what he can get away with and how much he can twist reality when with a teenager.
Then he got with Adrienne, someone his own age and tried all the shit he started with Shiloh, and it just confirmed that only a teenager would accept that kind of shit.
So he went back to Shiloh, moved on to Kai and proposed within a month of online dating to lock down that 17 year old as soon as possible, and got her pregnant right away to make it impossible to leave. Pretty sure he was hoping to knock up Billie too, considering he went off about cumming inside her, and how if she gets pregnant he'll support her.

No. 733383

File: 1574655531057.webm (637.21 KB, 640x480, hmmmselena.webm)

responding to this a whole day later but just wanted to post this clip, he absolutely tried it with selena. This is one of his tactics, secretly talking to his victims through his vids

No. 733384

What the fuck… how are his patronfags STILL following him given the shit he just tweeted, and making jokes about actual pedos (jared the subway dude) in the midst of all the allegations? Shitty thing to say but I hope he emotionally tortures each of them eventually so they finally realize.

Then again even if he and Krai are thrown in jail, they would probably be the same type of people that visit convicted pedos and serial killers in prison. "Only we understand him!!!" Fucking pathetic

No. 733385

Twitter and especially GoogleTube should get legally reamed for doing nothing after all the public outcry they've blatantly ignored, and now the authorities are involved. I look forward to it.

No. 733388

That screenshot that was floating around of him admitting he fucked Selena on fb in a comment comes to mind

No. 733389

Haven't seen that

No. 733390

>twtich are sjw's
What would you call Twitter and Google who refuse to remove a predator/pedophile from their platforms? Pedo enablers/defenders? That's what they look like anyway.

No. 733391

I always knew Footface was shallow as fuck. One of the main reasons she's still with gargoyle is because she thinks he's "hot", and she dated her rapist ex for 4 years because he was an emo fuck who fitted her aesthetics. Basically you can be a terrible person, Footface won't leave you as long as she's attracted to you

No. 733392

I'm just waiting for one of this girls to reveal Gunk is secretly a Trump supporter lol. I mean he has guns, is racist, sexist, homophobic, hates disabled people and shames women who got abortions, so that wouldn't surprise me

No. 733393

Let's not reduce it to that, come on. Sure Kai is a piece of shit that abuses kids and is ruining her own ones. But you can't be like "She's shallow because she stayed with her rapist and groomer"

No. 733394

In greg's little pea brain jared is the victim. Joke or not, why am I not surprised a pedophile's sympathizing with another pedophile? Hope his stans let that sink in.

No. 733395

Also shows that kiddy diddling is always on his brain. Who tf makes the leap from "kids are annoying" to "I feel so bad for pedos!"

No. 733400

He does seem to lean that way but assuming he has any real political affiliations ignores the fact that he just says whatever's convenient for him in the moment, particularly if it makes him look good or he's trying to manipulate. When he thinks being a wk will get him what he wants, he does that. If he thinks pandering to incels and MGTOWS will get him what he wants, he does that.

He's a phony in every aspect of his life. The only thing we can say for sure about him is he's a predator/pedophile that likes to take advantage of vulnerable young girls.

No. 733401


To be fair, given what Regina said about the forums, I wouldn't be surprised if a good chunk of his patrons were also pedos.

No. 733403

Greg tried to wear her down to nothing just like he did all the other girls he preyed on, if pics like this are anything to go by >>732903

No. 733405

You're right but a good chunk of them are still young women, if his live streams are any indication. Still just waiting for it to be their turn most likely. Gag

No. 733408

That's been tinfoiled many times, especially due to the absurdly expensive upper tiers. I forget how much he wants for a "signed picture" but I know it's an obscene amount that doesn't make any sense in any normal context.

No. 733409

File: 1574657876294.jpg (1.32 MB, 1920x3093, O Patreon.jpg)

If anyone wants it for reference

No. 733411

young women can be pedophiles, the fact they are supporting one makes them not much better.

It's gross how they all joke about being underage too, even if they completely believe he's innocent, making pedo jokes with a 35 year old man and joking about being underage etc isn't normal.

No. 733412

I know a lot of people that think sleeping with anyone from 14 up doesn't matter. They probably believe a fair bit of it but just don't think it's a big deal, a lot of them are probably young themselves and don't see how bad it is. They definitely think his exes are just jealous and crazy too

No. 733413

One is charging $45 for a lewd onlyfans.. Like way to take advantage of you victim status.

No. 733414


No. 733415

She'll just make another account, private it and vet it so Greg stans won't have access to it. Only a remorseless slag like Gregory Onision would try to re-victimize the victims.

No. 733416

I'm betting most if not all these young girls are from broken homes, just how pedo boy likes them.

No. 733419

That and honestly think a lot of them are just edgelords who want to side with the guy everyone hates because they want to feel special or want to be the one who claims to know the "real him".

No. 733420

Goddamnit if you arent talking some truth right now. My ex was a modest little fucker, but i called him perfect out loud and to myself til i completely believed it.

No. 733422

i feel like you literally have to be
there's no way someone can look at all of the shit he's done and support them if they're not A) extremely fucking damaged B) retarded or C) oblivious/ignorant to his history, and it's not C

No. 733423

this girl is broadcasting and tallking about Onision i forgot her name, my bad

No. 733424

Meh who cares? Her being with Greg is completely separate from whatever she wants to do next with her life. Yeah it's kinda cow-ish but she's always been a bit of an egirl, she likely would have pursued it even if she had never met the Twin Flame Pedos. The worst thing she's doing is taking advantage of lonely neckbeards, still 1000x better than grooming teens.

No. 733430

>she's selling lewds
>she's taking advantage of her victim status
Sure Jan. You act like she's writing a tell all and selling the rights to the highest bidder. Now THAT would be taking advantage of her victim status.

No. 733431

File: 1574659770090.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2208, 208B2508-8644-4B91-9AED-074313…)

Taylor/Kai sent this girl this picture of her and Greg in their underwear

No. 733434


I don't even know if I would go so far as to even call it cow-ish, it's just very vanilla run-of-the-mill sex work.


Was she underage at the time?

No. 733436

Greg and Kai just love blue hair don't they

No. 733437


Lainey said that this girl acted too much like Billie and "showed signs of her psychosis" wtf? This bitch has an undergrad in Psych, and uses words she doesn't know the definitions of; billie's an e-girl, but I doubt she's a schizophrenic LMAO

No. 733438


Also is Krai wearing actual womens underwear instead of boxers? I legit thought she only wore boxer briefs, wonder if Grug makes her wear womens underwear to at least give her the semblance of femininity. Or she wears womens underwear when she's specifically trying to poach women. Both possibilities are nasty and seem equally likely

No. 733441

Foot is revolting sending her crotch shots to little girls. I hope the othe mothers run her out of Gig Harbor

No. 733442

I feel like she's been reading what we've been saying busting her balls about her psych degree so she's just throwing out psych lingo in conversation to sound knowledgeable. I noticed in I think the last video she did with Onion she was throwing psych terms out all over the place. Or tinfoil maybe she's being more than just a lactating potato and is actually currently attempting to further her education and is still just a dumb bitch, but that's an extreme tinfoil.

No. 733443

The irony of Kai saying that about someone while being married to and having children someone like Greg. And also being Kai

No. 733444

I keep getting flashbacks to that one vid she and Freak did she wore just panties and kept spreading her legs and showing off her disgusting cunt stains every chance she could.

No. 733450

All of that with "dysphoria"

No. 733453

He makes it sound like a council meeting.
"we move that forgiveness will be granted. next item on the agenda"

No. 733454

She just mentioned that there were times she felt it was actually Greg talking to her as “Kai”

No. 733455

wow onision is based

No. 733460

Sarah and Regina are sjws like the majority of the manic pixie girls on twitter

No. 733463

I think they have some respect for krainey. If they called her by the wrong pronouns who knows how twitter would react.

No. 733465


For what it’s worth, it is a tacoma, Washington area code.

No. 733466

I'd rather be an sjw than a psychotic/pedophile/child groomer/serial abuser, but you keep doing you, anon.

No. 733467

>Kai wouldn't be friends with ugly people
Is that why she hates herself so much she stays with Grugly?
Damn. Now that's self hate. And Grug saying he doesn't want to swim with disabled people. Intellectually stunted dumbass.

No. 733468

He's your average pedophile. Nothing remarkable.

No. 733469

Dysphoric, anxious, shy, delicate, scared….

>Spreads her legs and shows off her vagoo on stream for everyone to see

>Does nipple slips on youtube
>Fishes for teenagers on social medi

No. 733470

Was this girl underage at the time? Some context would be helpful.

No. 733471

Regina identifies as agender or something like lainey

No. 733473

I don't like when people get upset over the pronoun thing because it's completely irrelevant to the conversation, but I'm not going to give Regina or Sarah shit over it.

No. 733476


Seriously. I don't think Lainey is trans, for the record, but the people who constantly derail the conversation to berate people for using he/him pronouns for her are more obnoxious than the people who use them.

No. 733479

Nah she said it was right after she turned 18.

No. 733480

Kai just identifies as a trans man now(pronoun derailing)

No. 733486

I saw ppl posting not to contact Billie’s number. Honestly, she should change it. Even if people do respect her wishes (which they hopefully do). But by changing it she’d remove a way Greg has of contacting her. I had an abusive relationship and for months/years after the guy would occasionally text me. I lost my phone a couple months ago and had to change numbers. Never heard from him again. It’s honestly been a huge relief. Hope she can find closure.

No. 733487

>Lainey is crying.

This has just got to be awesome for his wife to read. Probably feels good hearing him talk about how much he loved fucking all these other girls.

No. 733491

I'm actually quite surprised she didn't change her number before this, considering Gurg has aired her private information on the internet before. Not victim blaming or anything, I hope she won't give him the satisfaction of showing fear.

But seriously, how stupid do people have to be to call her and send text messages to "warn" her? Do people not realise that just because they follow her on twitter and send her encouraging tweets she's not their friend and she doesn't know them. And on top of that do they think they are the only one to contact her. If they wanted to warn her these people could have just send her DM's. Ayalla had to make a tweet about this too because apparently Billie herself telling people to stop wasn't enough.

No. 733493

File: 1574671189153.png (494.59 KB, 904x535, hotmouth.png)

No. 733494

File: 1574671287177.png (406.67 KB, 635x1359, WHO PROTECTS PREDATORS.png)

This is vile. Twitter's complicit (like Goolag) in giving a predator the platform to continue trying to harass and re-victimize the girls he abused. Those imbeciles better hope beyond hope that none of them get in contact with a good attorney or their ass is grass. He's literally doing the same shit he did before, using bullying and harassment to silence the people he abused.

At this point it's obvious @TeamYoutube and that (fake) CEO aren't interested in taking action. I'd go above their useless heads at this point.

No. 733495

>Those imbeciles better hope beyond hope that none of them get in contact with a good attorney or their ass is grass
They're reluctant to ban him because he's verified. If a serious investigation indeed does happen they're going to drop his ass. Otherwise, don't count on it at all.

No. 733497

File: 1574673629100.jpg (60.15 KB, 621x900, these 2 pedos.jpg)

Funny how Lainey and Pedonision think they can assassinate someone else's character when they literally bump uglies with their child on the bed, or sitting in the same room. Funny that.
He's a failed wannabe cult leader, that's why.

No. 733498

*Have sex with their foster daughter in the same bed as their toddler


No. 733499

I can't quite wrap my mind around the fact that it's ok for someone to dox another person as long as the doxxer is verified? Because that's what's happening and it literally makes no sense. So, were he NOT verified he'd get punished? Whoever runs and owns twitter is at best, severely lacking in brain cells. I don't give a fuck about their blatant bias, a good attorney can still hand them their ass.

No. 733501

Holy shit vote for thread pic

Also I really think this piece of literal human shit is enjoying all this attention, he definitely actively reads his comments on his live streams and made his live streams public (his god awful game play may I add but we’re not here for that) he absolutely loves this. He knows it’s coming but he thinks he’ll go down as a remembered paedophile at least like Jared from subway and we keep giving him the attention he thinks he deserves by making us mad and grossed out, he’s eating this shit right up.

No. 733502

How is this possible? Is doxxing on twitter allowed??

No. 733503

Me again, not to add that we shouldn’t pull more attention to him and not let it drop like the Romeo Lacoste stuff but how about we don’t reply to his tweets??? or not aknowledge them, they’re all purposely gross like that kid in school that used to do gross shit for attention.

No. 733504

I agree. That point's been made before but not everyone reads the threads in their entirety (understandable) and a lot of newfags have been coming around.

No. 733505

>So, were he NOT verified he'd get punished?
In a nutshell, yes - he'd already be banned. If Twitter would DM him, he could say it was an honest mistake, they'd give him a warning at best and let it go. This has nothing to do with Twitter being on his side as he likes to falsely represent reality - it's just the verification mark and Twitter not giving a shit.
It's not right, it's not okay, but that's what it boils down to. If people started massively reporting his account/tweeting at Tweeter, something might get done.

No. 733507

File: 1574675219116.jpg (2.73 MB, 3000x3000, OrangeisthenewGreg.jpg)

No. 733508

File: 1574675300737.jpeg (61.78 KB, 1200x630, Jack Dorsey.jpeg)

This is the guy who owns twitter so maybe he'll have an answer. Whatever's going on, someone's really gone out of their way to drop the ball imo.

No. 733509

No. 733510

I would love it so much if people stopped spamming his tweets with the same cringey shit but I don't think there's any getting through to those people.

No. 733511

I don't know who's making these but I'm dying laughing over here.

No. 733512

File: 1574675596578.jpg (1.01 MB, 3000x1686, kaiiscryingFINb.jpg)


Mirrorman of amigacam dot net

they also have a youtube channel youtube.com/amigacammie

No. 733513

This is both scary and very satisfying, lol. Remember the meltdown he had over the Blaire White drawing? I can see a meltdown 2.0

No. 733515

He didn't genuinely care about that, he just thought he could use the left to rally against someone he hates

No. 733516

Lol, yeah, I didn't think he cared. He just made a big deal about rApE JoKeS when the dude has joked about it plenty of times in the past. But poor Jimmy, it's never fun when the tables turn.

No. 733519

It's all he has left to look forward to now. Maybe that's why he's been so busy "reminiscing" because he's well aware what his future looks like, grim. To think, most of this could've been avoided had he just gotten some professional help, but no, he likes who he is he admitted it >>732903

No. 733520

I like that a pic of Jack Dorsey is right below this. lol. I'm sure Jack's a nice man but it's still funny.