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File: 1578536007267.png (415.16 KB, 861x540, 1578106556120.png)

No. 746783

Previous Thread: >>741284
Onion Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Have a seat with Chris Hansen Guest:
Lane (aka Lainey Clone) >>741757
Adam (iamsopoppunk/Trans F to M) >>742818
Beck (gingerbeckgirl/former onion ass kisser and potential 3rd) >>745034

Lainey and Sarah make a brief appearance in a local news segment about teens vaping. >>741307
Mini Greg (back tumor) guest stars in one of his melt down videos. >>741585
Shiloh finally got her "Gregory" tattoo covered. >>741636
We are going on over a month of Greg's fake freakout/breakdown videos. >>742090
Greg reaches incel tier by saying that he refuses to be alone in a room with a female. >>742461
The Onions once again have been spotted out in public. >>742544
According to a discord leak, Onion has changed his story about Lainyes nudes. He is now alluding that Sarah may of took Lainey's phone and sent herself the nudes. Too bad Greg forgot that Lainey sent nudes to Regina as well. >>743166
It appears the Onions spent their Christmas/new years in an airbnb. >>743321 >>743333
To no ones surprise, Greg continues with his sexual tweets but as of recent he has added random letter (keyboard smashing?) tweets. >>746685

Recently deleted social media.
Greg's younow. >>742231
Lainey's Twitter. >>743533

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No. 746791

Did Chris Hansen's video get taken down?

No. 746793

I was in the middle of watching it when it got put to private. It may be because at the end there was so much lag you couldn't make heads or tails of what they where talking about. From where I got to, Greg was informed of grown men grooming girls but he really didn't care and was not interested in doing a damn thing about it. It speaks to his character but we already knew he was that kind of sleaze ball.

No. 746795

Perhaps they took it down themselves to edit it because of the lq. They should really repeat the second bit, because it was all going really well.

No. 746798

oh my god the TRO video is fucking on point. pleased for the next two

No. 746799

I got to the point where Erica said she saw a known sex offender was on the forums and yea onion didn't even care

No. 746802

The TRO video is probably my favorite retrospective. He was classy but, Holy shit, he tears Onion to the bone. I just don't see how anyone can walk away from that without thinking Onion is a shit person.

And he's doing 2 more.

No. 746803

apparently the lawyer on the latest (removed) stream is facing sexual misconduct allegations. if so, WOOPS


No. 746811

I missed the stream. Was this Morse guy on the stream with Hansen and the ex-moderator Erica? Or is this more Onionfan grasping at straws?

No. 746812

He had someone else yeah, not just Erica, but I can't confirm the name because I couldn't make out the pixels.

No. 746814

File: 1578540112831.png (231.18 KB, 600x944, morse.png)

to be honest I don't know the specifics because I didn't get to see the stream, but people are saying he was on and the morse guy posted this last month

No. 746825

That case was dismissed against the lawyer. Apparently the accused lied on the stand. So did Erica add anything more about the forums that Rag didn't say already? Or did she just confirm his story?


No. 746828

There was nothing really new info wise, she reaffirmed the forum was kinda riddled with pedos, though. Overall it was an enjoyable stream and it sucks that it abruptly cut off ( but by that point I think her segment would have ended regardless ).
Lag, cut to Vincent's mug for a few seconds, afterwards a short interview with >>746814
But you could barely hear anything, the lag and the quality were terrible.

No. 746844

tinfoil but is there any way vincent could have been trying to prove his effectiveness by mismanaging the stream? not saying he 'created' the lag, but perhaps he'd normally be doing something to prevent it?

surprised he appeared on stream at all so soon after hansen disapproved publicly of vincent's drunk tweets

No. 746857

So Erica said the mods could see the private chats between the pedos and even saw the pics they traded?
That means Greg could also see convos and pics. I wonder if he saved some of that shit and that may be what the Feds are honing in on with his laptop. I can just see Greg trying to defend it to the feds
>Im an ex-military cop, I was helping you guys out with a sting by saving the CP as evidence.

No. 746859

Mista GG put out a video on the situation with Onision, Chris Hansen, and Vince.


No. 746861

take it to the flakes thread

No. 746862

I'll just say that he probably didn't accidentally wipe his hard drives. Several times, to my recollection.

No. 746910

I expected Hansen to sweep this under the rug and give lip service just like he's done in the past.

The twitterfags saying that calling out Hansen's & Vince's unprofessional (in Vince's case illegal) behavior is detracting from the Onision investigation are ignoring the fact that 1) Hansen isn't investigating anything, he's doing interviews. 2) Both Hansen's and Vince's credibility are rightfully under fire and they deserve whatever the resulting fall out is, only because Hansen himself let it get out of hand. If I were a victim I wouldn't place any trust in Vince or Hansen after what's been revealed about the both of them with plenty evidence/receipts to back it up. Hansen's credibility and motives are at best, highly suspect at this point.

No. 746914

If you missed the stream and want to watch it, it's still up on the Have a Seat facebook page.It's boring af and had tech difficulties, Vincent Doxotra made an appearance too.

saged for non milk.

No. 746926

People forget that Sarah and Regina do have an open case. Notice they haven't said anything else about their experiences with Greg, at least not that I've seen. My point is that they are the ones who started a case and that will either result in a conviction or it won't. Chris and Vincent's antics, while they are weird and disappointing, aren't going to have any effect on the real police case. The FBI case may or may not exist, I personally believe it does. But there is a local police case in WA and the cops there and CPS are aware of him. Something is still going to happen and when Sarah or Regina are able to, they will update no doubt.

No. 746935

When did they confirm they have an open case? Because the last I remember, Sarah said on her interview with Chris she had not pressed charges and did not think she was going to.

No. 746936

Looks like gerg is deleting a lot of the tweets with the random letters and shit. Don't know what he thinks he's doing with all of this.

No. 746938

I'm pretty sure criminal cases are pursued by a prosecutor. USA vs Kai Jackson/James Jackson, Regina and Sarah probably don't have to do anything in regards to the CP case.

No. 746949

And in Regina's interview she said that she hadn't even done anything legally yet.

No. 746951

Holy shit, Mike Morse is actually kind of a Detroit area local celebrity, he was on the New Years celebration for Detroit and is a persistent TV lawyer. That's a pretty good contact to have at the very least

No. 746952

Yeah this is… news. Any evidence of this would be great. Last I saw Sarah was really reluctant to press any charges and Regina was just handing things over to Chris and Vincent with the expectation that they were handing it to the feds. I have no doubt that the police & CPS know who Greg & Lainey are but that doesn't mean that they're taking or planning to take any action. I hope that they haven't said much because there is an open investigation with… someone… but I'm skeptical. I think that it's just as likely that they are over all of this and want everything to just blow over as evidenced by some of their anti-o friends distancing themselves from the whole thing.

As for Sarah specifically, what happened to her was horrible and she deserves justice. The thing is I have to wonder if Ayalla had never said anything if she would have even come out with her story like this. I get the feeling that she wants to see his platform taken away and she wants to see some sort of justice served, but she is uncomfortable with being directly involved in it much less being at the center.

No. 746954

Sarah is really spineless when it comes to pressing charges because she still has feelings for Footface and Gargoyle (she admitted it in her livestream with Ayalla and Lane) and because she thinks she's gonna hurt the kids if she puts their pedophile parents in jail

No. 746957

If they were to question any of the victims stories or talk shit about the ladies they already know they'll get shut down and no one takes them seriously. So they're trying to discredit the people helping the ladies bring their stories to the public. I don't think its going that well seeing that they've been banished to an Anti-O Flakes Thread in the dark corners of /snow/ that seems to have very low interaction or its just the same 3 people attempting a circle jerk. And any mention of Chris or Vince drama in this thread gets them banned.
Nice try though.

No. 746977

She was groomed since she was a kid and only just got out of it. She's going to be "spineless" for a while because she needs to de-program herself. Greg and Kai robbed Sarah of some of the most critical years of her development into a young adult, and as we've seen from before, she's still learning that some of the shit she thought was normal in that house were actually majorly fucked up.

No. 746980


Oh shut the fuck up.

No. 746983

Greg completely wiped his Twitter except a few tweets from december. Not suspicious at all.

No. 746984

File: 1578604175225.png (273.67 KB, 1206x1064, Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 22.0…)

Just thought I'd document the tweets our dear onion man though worthy of saving from tHe PuRgE oF 2020

truly a sommelier's selection


No. 746985

File: 1578604219434.png (198.29 KB, 1200x888, Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 22.0…)


No. 746986

File: 1578604382885.png (417.38 KB, 1198x1600, Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 22.0…)


No. 746989


Victims do not need to press charges for possession and solicitation of child pornography to be prosecuted if law enforcement has found evidence of it. There are many pedophiles who are in possession of pictures of children they don't know, it's not like they aren't prosecuted because that particular child didn't press charges. Homicide doesn't need to be pursued by the family of the murder victim for the perpetrator to go to jail, possession of child porn is treated the same way.

The county prosecutor's office, state police, and FBI are all agencies that could pursue cases like this, dependent on the details of each case. What Sarah and Regina do is completely irrelevant.

No. 746992

But this is assuming that the police and other official channels are actively aware of what is going on in the first place. We have only vague statements from Chris that any law enforcement is aware of Greg and lainey’s involvement in the distribution of CP.
they don’t just know all on their own. Someone has to make them aware

No. 746993

is the spergy tweet encoded in something?

No. 746996

File: 1578609186979.jpeg (87.72 KB, 960x954, 9B2C33E6-2B61-49B4-9CA6-519C91…)

Jimmy out in public today(?)

No. 746999

Posted a thread or two ago.

No. 747000

this is not from today >>742544

No. 747001

File: 1578609805382.png (288.67 KB, 1048x349, onyo.PNG)

so much for the broke homeless guy shtick

No. 747003

File: 1578609982556.png (161.13 KB, 982x594, onyo.PNG)

I do not understand why does he have always present himself like such a brat in every convo
Posting for people who haven't seen TRO's video yet

No. 747008

I haven’t had a chance to watch the video yet, did Greg actually supply him with documents ????

No. 747009

My bad! Saw it on Facebook and assumed it was today. Sorry.

No. 747012

So far not.

It's part 1 of 3 (despite being 70min) and the video was mostly historical events. It was very unflattering for Greg overall, using realistic pictures of him and ugly video clips (as opposed to photoshopped bs), as well as presenting him as a manipulative liar. I doubt he'd cooperate with someone who has that attitude.

No. 747014

too bad. I would have liked to see what Greg considered "the real story" and what his definitive proof is.
fake legal docs he got on google? Text messages that actually make him look bad? I mean, those are the only things he has ever shown publicly before

No. 747015

Perhaps something will turn up when a follow up video deals with his social crimes, this was really just who he is, his history on the internet between like 2001 and 2018, and the wetland stuff.

No. 747016


These say the 10th of March, anon

No. 747017

pretty sure he started pretending he's broke way before the patreon fiasco, no?

No. 747033


Lord. I'm hoping since then onion has sent him the fax documents and we get to see them in future videos. The first one was really well done.

No. 747051

File: 1578626605427.png (195.23 KB, 772x362, 8563211.PNG)

I was reading through the onions-discord-content.tumblr hoping for some milk in his private chats with his paying fans, since Greg hasn't done a public gaming stream for over a week. He did a short chat today but was interrupted. I wonder if he thought it was iDubbbz coming to his house to finally do a Content Cop on him. When in reality its the Pierce County Sheriff's coming to have a little chat.

No. 747069

>they've been banished to an Anti-O Flakes Thread
You do know how the boards work, right? It's moved to the flakes thread so their stupid horseshit doesn't derail this thread, and no one wants to make a dedicated thread just for those two numbskulls. If the victims you're referring to are Onision's, of course they're not going to be questioned because they have nothing to do with what Hansen and co. have been outed for - they've discredited themselves. You don't need a PHD to put the pieces together.

Speaking of low interaction, Onision's thread has died down so much people are bringing up old milk from months ago. I don't see anything happening until the rumored (possibly fictitious) FBI investigation yields some results.

No. 747074

I don't get "spineless" vibes from her at all, quite the opposite. Yeah some of her feelings are still pretty raw but she's a strong young woman. I think she does still have feelings for Lainey. She admitted Lainey was her first love and how close they were. I feel for her and Regina the most because they were literally children who got taken advantage of by two pedo parents. And now poor Regina had her trust broken by the half-wit that Hansen refuses to fire in the face of overwhelming evidence.

No. 747080

>if Ayalla had never said anything if she would have even come out with her story like this.
Some people have questioned Ayalla's motives there but I don't see the issue. If Sarah didn't want to talk about it she wouldn't have talked. I can see her distancing herself because of what a shitshow it's become for the obvious reasons, but she's still dedicated to making sure Greg loses all his platforms.

No. 747081

File: 1578635183204.png (210.47 KB, 640x632, Screenshot_2020-01-10 S Wolfet…)

>I doubt he'd cooperate with someone who has that attitude.
The attitude of calling him out on his lying bullshit? Yeah he hates that. It's one of the reasons I was looking forward to Stevie being on Hansen because Stevie's articulate, knows a lot of Greg's history, and has insider info from AJ. After all the fall out with Vince though it looks like he's among the many who've distanced themselves from that whole embarrassment, so any plans for an interview with him have been shelved for now.

No. 747083

>Chris and Vincent's antics, while they are weird and disappointing, aren't going to have any effect on the real police case.
No, but they've lost so much credibility especially with Vince Doxotra possibly committing a federal crime, it could potentially impact their future court case if they choose to continue associating publicly with Hansen.
>When did they confirm they have an open case?
They didn't. There were some twitterfags (Jesse/Donald Latsha, Heezy) who were going around saying either Gig Harbor or Pierce County PD had an open investigation going before Hansen got involved, and that it was closed after the FBI supposedly picked it up. There was never anything from the PD corroborating this.

No. 747085


That is not how it works. The DA decides whether there is enough evidence to press charges when it comes to CP. It will not be up to Sarah to press charges,

No. 747103

>people outside his house with cameras
>they look like youtubers
I wonder if it's Chris getting desperate attempting some ambush journalism? Whoever it is they're severely lacking in brain cells, especially since we know for a fact Onion is armed.

No. 747106

>Vince Doxotra possibly committing a federal crime

What crime?

No. 747111

The onion discord tumblr isn't appearing for me anymore. Did it somehow get deleted?

No. 747137

Check the flakes thread >>>/snow/912942 for Mista GG's videos.

No. 747140

>Regina was just handing things over to Chris and Vincent with the expectation that they were handing it to the feds.

And with the expectation that they were trustworthy, reliable professionals. I genuinely feel sorry for her. Some people criticize her for being too trusting, or getting too close to Vince, but she just recently came out of a fucked up situation with a pedophile - which I'm sure she has yet to fully process - and now Vince took advantage of her credulity and blatantly abused his position. A lot people thought Chris and Vince were more professional than they ended up being.

imo the only hope of Onision being held accountable is via other youtubers >>746779 publicly putting the pressure on yt to deplatform him.

No. 747156

Holy SHIT at all the misinformation here. In regards to everyone who keeps parroting that Sarah isn't interested in pressing charges, you're incorrect. Sarah isn't interested in filing a CIVIL CASE against the Onions, stating that she's too busy+it's expensive as fuck. Basically, she doesn't think she will sue them. This is absolutely removed and separate from anything to do with a criminal case, which is going to be dealt with federally.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 747167

well, there isn't evidence for that is there?

No. 747182

File: 1578675303475.jpg (233.77 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20200110_175439.jpg)

Apparently the only way to see Gurg's Tweets now is to pay him.

No. 747185

psssssh I give it a week before he's back to attention seeking on his main twitter.

No. 747199

How is it the ones who have publicly, actively gone after Onion the hardest have turned out to be complete retards, lunatics or cows themselves?

No. 747202

It was clear from the start that things would turn out like this. From Hansen's backstory to the everyone going completely apeshit instead of approaching things rationally.

No. 747211

Lol he's becoming paranoid like John Lang. I hope he has the same end too

No. 747214

If you mean evidence of things being handled federally, no. Thafs just what Hansen has claimed. Theoretically the FBI would be the ones to handle this type of case.

If you mean evidence that it's a civil case Sarah isn't interested in, she said it on her interview with Hansen.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 747218

Is his new patreon-like website working again?

I really hope no anti-o is dumb enough to sign up for his information stealing scamsite.

No. 747219


He does this often but he's also probably thinking that the right opinion's video will lead to people to actually pay for his shitty tweets

No. 747220

Then you're misinforming people too.

No. 747223

File: 1578688149533.jpg (54.12 KB, 702x632, onisionfans.JPG)

It's just a forward link to his paid youtube channel.

interesting that the emote he chooses to use for Lainey is back when she was still feminine. He never uses her masculine photos ever.

No. 747224

samefag but i really wish we could see how many people join this thing.
Someone made a comment somewhere that his list of supporters at the end of his videos was growing, and thats at least a $40 tier.
Those names could be fake though, who knows. Though he'd be dumb to fake it when there are members that would know that there aren't that many people in his secret club.

No. 747225

File: 1578688319744.png (255.54 KB, 952x528, uhohbro.PNG)

I have a question about how many have signed up for the higher tier memberships. All his recent videos end with the name of 27 of his fans in the credits. I cant believe that all of them are paying $39.99 for that perk. I get the feeling hes also putting up the names of the $4.99 and $9.99 members just to make him look more popular. If he only put the names of the $39.99 members at the end of his videos it would be embarrassing with 3 or 4 fans names popping up.

No. 747230

>Though he'd be dumb to fake it when there are members that would know that there aren't that many people in his secret club.
I agree, but at the same time his fans are really, really, really dumb and I can see them even encouraging him to put more names there, as a pr move.
If these are all real, that's pathetic, but half of them are going to drop off at some point anyway. There's always a new batch of dumb fans, can't help that sadly.

No. 747232


As long as the FBI is in fact, handling it like Chris claims, we can’t be too mad. At the very least Anus’s dwindling reputation has suffered even more, and he and Foot will never recover from that. If it’s enough to keep unsuspecting teen poon away from the swamp until they’re nabbed by police, that’s fine. The only truly awful thing is knowing the kids and animals are stuck with them until then.

No. 747239

You also can never question the Onion if you wanna stay on his good side

No. 747240

File: 1578693480427.png (37.55 KB, 592x152, screenshot1578493038907.png)

Don't know what she meant by "the police" exactly, but according to this, it seems that solely deplatforming yet being spineless irl isn't her agenda.

No. 747315

File: 1578723172613.jpg (97.57 KB, 944x822, EN9Uom4UUAAkXSG.jpg)

Gurg is still able to think he has won despite everything that has happened to him.

Not sure whether I envy his extraodinary confidence in himself or whether I pity his ignorance.

No. 747320

File: 1578725124903.png (208.83 KB, 647x618, oni.PNG)

Someone is on twitter claiming Chris Hansen went to Onision's house and Greg called the cops.

No. 747321

So that interrupted discord chat was Chris rolling up with cameras yesterday? >>747051

No. 747323

It would certainly explain the tweet for sure. I get that Hansen is a journalist and this is a thing they do, but I don't doubt he made a fool of himself.

No. 747324

why in the world would chris film outside Greg's house? Not saying he didnt, i just dont know why he would travel across the country to do so?
I am assuming he didn't knock on greg's door… or maybe he did??? he should know by now Greg would never talk to him.

No. 747325


That person is spamming the shit out of that post, also is he just some random guy and why would they be in contact with Chris about that in the first place

No. 747326

If you've ever watched Crime Watch Daily, which Hansen was a part of, the journalists/interviewers will do ambush interviews. They show up at the persons home or work and try to get some type of interaction.

No. 747327

What anon said, it's a staple of crime watch shows. They don't expect the person to actually say anything or talk to them.

No. 747328

File: 1578729274487.jpg (102.99 KB, 1328x594, 1-2.jpg)

Bigger photo. Probably fake, there's no good reason for it to be that blurry. Also his website is weird lol

Why is everyone who tries to 'expose' onion so fucking shady like oh my god

No. 747329

Samefag. Nevermind what I just said. Sorry. It's real. Check out the video in the picture.

No. 747331

Fucking hilarious. All of those attention whoring and Hansen "parody" videos that Greg made only to cry to the police when Chris Hansen literally shows up at his door.

No. 747332


Speechless but also have to laugh at the fact that Onion shits on any and every opportunity he gets to defend himself

No. 747335

this is some of the best milk we have had in literally years and we are literally shooting ourselves in our own faces with a shotgun because vince called someone a retarded and false copyrighted some videos? I don't know if I missed anything else but this seems stupid as shit to be upset over. What a bunch of self sabotaging autists everyone is being.

No. 747336


We can have a Hansen investigation sans Vincent. He's not important and he doesn't provide anything Hansen couldn't get elsewhere. I personally am enjoying the side milk, but I get why people lost trust in Hansen.

I do think going to onion's house is a dumbass move tho. I doubt he accomplished anything; it seems like he didn't even get onion on camera. I like a spectacle as much as the next guy but I don't even think we're going to get that. He just looks like a stupid boomer attempting this in the age of the Ring doorbell.

No. 747337


i think one bonus of hansen being at gregs house is maybe the neighbors will start becoming much more aware of the magnitude of gregs creepiness. They may not know everything that is going on but if they (and the cops) see chris hansen walking around they'll start to really wonder what is going on and take it seriously.

No. 747338


Maybe. But I don't have a lot of hope for that. Looking out your bedroom window to see what the cops are doing, you're probably not gonna pick out the random old dude as Chris Hansen. But maybe.

Does Washington have sunshine laws? I suppose if these things are reported a la Florida it could get out that way.

No. 747340

The whole point of journalists doing that is to shake up the person enough to get them to do something. This boomer method works fine on Greg because everything he does is outdated by 10-15 years anyway. The guy still believes in the DARE program.

No. 747341


Shake him up enough to do what? Leave the door closed and call the cops and get on with his day? I don't see how this is anything more than a mild nuisance. Maybe he got embarrassed in front of the cops? That would be funny, but only really worth it if captured on camera.

No. 747342

I personally find this fucking hilarious. He can't even face Hansen like a man, just calls the cops like a scared little dumb ass baby lol

No. 747346

Hansen shoulda interviewed the neighbors. I'm sure they have a lot to say about the screaming, the trash and the swampland destruction. And if they don't, they'll at least learn what predatory pos Gregory and Taylor are

No. 747351

File: 1578736982657.jpg (106.84 KB, 1200x600, EInnP98U8AABRum.jpg)

The anon that made this shoop is a fucking soothsayer.

I hope Hansen brought Vince along with him and as Chris knocked on the door Greg and Lainey peeked out a side window only to see Vince's fat ugly face pressed up against the glass.

When the Crime Watch Daily people would get a door slammed in their face or the person would drive off the next course of action was talking to the neighbors "Do you happen to know the allegations made against your neighbor James Jackson?" "Can you tell us if you've seen or heard anything suspicious going on over at their home?"

No. 747352


This is honestly hilarious/amazing. I can’t wait to see whatever YouTube video will be made my Chris about this. Will onion be on camera? Unlikely. Will we get reports on the state of the house, any yelling, possible information from neighbors? Yes. Also I’m sure the onion’s are so shook over this. I bet they’d love to move but can’t bc they can’t afford it anymore

No. 747353

oh for sure! we know the neighbours have a lot to say about greg since the wetlands saga

No. 747355

>I don't doubt he made a fool of himself.
That's an ongoing theme with Chris at this point, unfortunately.

No. 747356

And doxxed two people on two separate occasions, then lied saying they hacked him. He also lied about his family/friends taking his phone to tweet after being called out for said tweets. He also lied about his prostreams website being made in house when he just paid for an inexpensive script and didn't change anything, plus the blatant copyright infringement. There's a lot more in the flakes thread.(derailing)

No. 747358

>it would be embarrassing with 3 or 4 fans names popping up.
For awhile it was only 3,4 people; Mcfly, Blaison and a couple others. There's no way most of these new names are paying for the more expensive tiers, and for what perks? To look at his tweets and join the discord? His content is garbage, I don't see that appealing to any would be members.

No. 747359

You keep trying so hard, bless your heart. Im pretty sure Hansen visit is going to be the big story for a while, but you keep trying little fella.
Now back to /snow/ with you.

No. 747360

>I do think going to onion's house is a dumbass move tho.
At this point, assuming the FBI investigation is actually happening (doubtful), there's nothing for Hansen to do now aside from the interviews. Going to Greg's house makes him look like he's trying to score brownie points with the anti-o community who're gradually losing confidence in him. He's smart enough to know he wasn't actually going to accomplish anything by going out there except for making a spectacle, which Greg has already done in spades. Also, Hansen will never fire his incompetent side kick, who will only continue making things worse.

No. 747364

I think Chris and Vince have yielded the most milk out of all of them. The people Vincent doxxed whose channels he struck aren't done making vids on the situation. Apparently they have more evidence yet to share.

No. 747365

I have to agree. Chris has squeezed out the most milk out of Onision that Ive seen in years. I only hope this continues until Greg is bone dry.

No. 747366

As anon alluded to >>747199 Chris and Vincent are both cows, just as milky if not more so than Onision.

No. 747368

>Shake him up enough to do what?
lol I think the word for it is yellow or tabloid journalism. Pretty cringe.

No. 747369

Chris and Vince are cringey, but I dont think they've ever groomed underage girls or sent nudes to those underage girls, or asked for and received child pornography from said underage girls.

No. 747370

Big story? LMAO what story? That he went all the way to WA, knocked on Onions door, then left when the cops were called? I'd be surprised if anything noteworthy happened. Hansen is transparently spinning his wheels.
>assuming the FBI investigation is actually happening (doubtful)
No one knows for sure and it wouldn't surprise me if he lied about it.

No. 747371

Eh, that argument's been made before. One of them is a proven pathological liar and loose cannon, not someone a professional would trust to deal with vulnerable people or sensitive situations like these. The only hope people have for anything actually happening to Onion is IF the FBI are doing something. That's it.(derailing)

No. 747374

Im not so dismissive when it comes to the exploitation of children via child pornography.

>knocked on Onions door, then left when the cops were called
and then the neighbors were hopefully interviewed. That would be the cherry on top. If Hansen gets some juicy info that would be great, but just the idea that Onision and Lainey will be pressed that everyone on their street knows about the allegations is priceless.

No. 747375

>Im not so dismissive
Apparently you are if you don't care that some of the people who're supposedly trying to take Onion down have major credibility and other issues. That's a fact.

Onions neighbors already know how much of problem he is going back to the wetlands when one of them filmed Onion illegally dozing his property.

No. 747377

Plz stop flooding the thread with your "Hanson is God vs. Hanson is trash" sperging. We been over this already.

No. 747381

It's bound to happen when Hansen/Vince get milky.

No. 747382

bulldozing the wetlands vs child pornography and grooming of underage girls, sorry no comparison.
Im glad the neighbors will be able to delve deeper into Onisions history and Greg and Lainey will be paranoid every waking moment.

No. 747383

Wasn't making a comparison lol.

No. 747384

Because there is no comparison.
Onision and his spouse will always be worse than any cow trying to take them down. The tide turned when they involved underage children.

No. 747385

File: 1578743265191.webm (8.5 MB, 201x358, hansen onion vfgaz sm.webm)

No. 747386

The picture looks to be taken on the street. The cops would have told Chris to stay off Gurp's property. And since Gurp is poor by youtuber standards, all he has is a regular ass tiny front yard and itsy bitsy driveway separating the swamp trailer from the public street. So Hansen could stand there in the street as long as he pleased filming the Waterhead seethe, whine, and scream at the cops to DO SOMETHING, MAKE HIM BE HUMAN.

I guarantee Chris didn't go all the way to Gig Harbor just to knock on Gurp's door and then film in the street, though. They probably interviewed some neighbors, at the very least. And with it being Hansen and not some unknown youtuber, I'd wager he would have been able to score several interviews on the spot. But it seems more likely that he contacted at least a few people ahead of time to set things up in advance. He's done this before.

Hansen would have already foreseen that he'd get nowhere with getting Grugly to do an interview. He knows how these predators are. And we know how Greg is, he likes to pretend to be a badass domineering alpha male when really he's a deformed pussy scared of any real confrontation or consequences. I suspect the after-effect of Hansen's visit is why Grugly has been so quiet as of late. I hope he feels humiliated, I hope he had to watch out of his trailer windows as Hansen went door to door for interviews. I hope perhaps he DID go outside, and got caught by surprise, acting like the little snotfaced genetically defective embarrassment he is on camera. I hope he feels unsafe in his own home, and I hope he's left to dread and worry about the video being released showing all of it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 747389

I think it's great that Chris doesn't back off and literally shows those pedos that he's serious and won't stop until they're behind bars.
I would've paid money to see Greg and Taylor's ugly faces when they realized Chris Hansen and his team are at their doorstep.

Chris has done this for decades, he won't change his routine pressuring pedos into reactions just because this time it's two Youtubers.

No. 747390


I'm no celebrity lawyer, but wouldn't a youtuber (Chris) turning up to doorstep ambush interview another youtuber (Onionboy) be super against the whole 'do not harass other youtubers' rule?

Maybe Chris has decided this 'investigation' saga has run its useful course and wants out.

No. 747392

please do not be stupid anon

No. 747393

Don't harass other Youtubers on YouTube.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 747395

Maybe he'll upload it to his own hansenvspredators website if YT strikes it. I wonder if him going to WA with a camera crew and production team is for something bigger? Is Hansen affiliated with any television show like he was with Crime Watch? This may start going beyond YouTube and end up on cable/broadcast/syndicated TV.

No. 747396


Oh right, maybe he'll put the video on prostreams instead, fucking kek.

No. 747405

By harass other Youtubers on YouTube, I meant it probably means don't harass other Youtubers physically while on YouTube.

A video of someone calmly knocking on someone's door and leaving when being asked to leave won't trigger YouTube's dAnGeR bells or whatever the fuck alerts them to videos which they later remove.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 747406

I'm on the this is amazing train, lol. Can't wait until we see more!
And jfc, stop with the Vince shit itt already, go to snow.

No. 747407

Yeah I already said that, and you missed the point again. Maybe try reading more carefully next time. >>747375

If having unscrupulous people investigating other unscrupulous people doesn't sound like a terrible idea to you, then there's nothing more to be said.

No. 747408

He's said that he's got tv projects lined up, who knows what the truth is.

No. 747409

I doubt his neighbors want to be publicly part of this circus, just like Skye and Alicia, and the anti's who've dipped. I'm not holding out hope for anything aside from the possible FBI milk.

No. 747410

He's been saying that all year, since before the gofundme. He's full of shit.(derailing)

No. 747411

Yeah he's never shown any evidence for it. He seems to talk out of his ass a lot.

No. 747413

Chris had to have interviewed the neighbors at this point. Especially after several filed complaints and filmed Jimmy destroying his backyard. Don't forget the next door neighbor he tried to get in trouble for cutting cattails as well.

The entire neighborhood has to despise the Onion Family and would be more than willing to talk to Chris Hansen once they found out what else was going on at the neighborhood black sheep house.

No. 747414

Skye and Alicia have issues with Grugly that are entirely different and more personal than the type of issues a neighbor would have. It's not a fair comparison at all.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 747415

"Honey! Get the children inside! Chris Hansen is trying to get our neighbor to have a seat!"

The cattails neighbor has a young daughter as well and she was trying to get into youtube. Kinda unsurprising that all that disappeared shortly after moving next to Onion and probably learning about him.

No. 747416

It's been speculated why Skye and Alicia have refused to be on Hansen's show. With all the recent milky fallout happening on his end, I don't see them wanting to be part of the circus. That's why some of the anti-o's who used to mod for Hansen's stream have separated themselves from him. Even THEY know better than to continue associating with him.

No. 747419

I personally think Hansen's got something up his sleeve. He's done this before… he wouldn't have gone out there just to knock on Shreg's door. Hopefully there's more to see and we'll find out soon but Hansen's been around the block enough to do more than that imo

No. 747424

File: 1578755659848.png (505.71 KB, 639x839, Screenshot_2020-01-11 Onision …)

lol he's hiding behind his paywall again. I thought he said he "won", so why bother?

No. 747425

Hansen's been spinning his wheels ever since the interview with Lane. The last one with Erica had serious technical problems and had to be removed, I don't even think it's been put back up. Where Hansen's concerned, don't get your hopes up.

No. 747427

File: 1578756981272.png (881.4 KB, 644x862, Capture.PNG)

I dunno about Hansen spinning his wheels if this video is believed to be true…


No. 747428

Chris you absolute mad lad. I hope Greg is extra paranoid from now on.

No. 747434

Where can I find the original video? The screen recording is so bad. I can't understand what he's saying near the end

No. 747435

>I hope Hansen brought Vince along with him and as Chris knocked on the door Greg and Lainey peeked out a side window only to see Vince's fat ugly face pressed up against the glass.
Lmfao, so specific but I love it.

No. 747436

From what I heard they got the sherif called on them (Chris) because Greg called after Chris knocked on their door.

He said they’re complying with the cops and that they didn’t have anything against Chris but they’re going to take a statement from him.

No. 747438

“Gig Harbor, Washington, we’ve been on his trail for the last day or so, he knows we want to talk to him. I knocked on the door, I heard his voice, I heard Kai. He called the sheriffs department, the deputies now responded, they’re talking to him now. We have another sheriffs department car coming up here. We explained what we were doing, they didn’t seem to have a problem with it, except there was a complaint, so they’re taking a report now. [indistinct/I think he was talking to the other person in the video] The sheriff did tell us that there was a male caller indicating Greg was in there, I’m pretty sure I heard Greg’s voice calling the police. Anyway, we’re gonna talk to the other sheriffs deputy right now.”

This is what I gathered from what he said.

No. 747439

Lol Greg couldn’t even be man enough to open the door and tell him to go away his damn self. He’s just using the cops as his shield like tattling to his mommy.

He said he wanted to interview Chris, now he gets the chance and he runs off to cry

No. 747440

I don't think this falls under regular YouTube rules. Hansen is still a journalist covering a story They can try to knock on a door and ask to do an interview. Journalists (at least the ones who know how to do their job) understand they must give the subject an opportunity to give their side of the story.

No. 747441

I don't care if people think this is a bad idea, it's fucking hilarious. Greg always hides/blocks people who are willing to confront him and now that he's faced with an irl fellow male he's hiding like the little bitch he is. He can't exist outside of his little self built echo chamber and I'm sure being confronted in real life is rattling him.

No. 747442

Jimmy GreaseBobble wouldnt even answer the door - he would not even answer the fucking door guys. Holy shit, that is honestly gold. Even if that is all we get out of a Hansen trip to WA, it's worth it.

Poor little Gurggy is beyond pathetic holy shit

No. 747443

Maybe we should lay off HomolKai for trying to larp as the girliest version of masculinity imaginable…its all the poor little pedo knows. Shes only been around Greg for 10 years, maybe she forgot what an actual man is like?

No. 747450

This was already posted >>747385 and yes he is spinning his wheels. Maybe lurk more.

No. 747451

It's weird that Anus isn't sperging about Chris "invading his privacy". He made a big deal about the officers who want there to take a look at the swamp after he bulldozed everything. It's weird how quiet he is

No. 747452

Not really. He already sperged so much about them not giving him the opportunity to tell his side of the story with all those e-mails. And his trying to challenge Hansen to come on his channel.

Then Hansen shows up and he’s too chicken shit to even answer the door.

He’s shown the world his true colors now.

You have to look at this from the perspective of people whose only knowledge of Onion is from Hansen. Now, they all know anything Greg offers is completely disingenuous.

So, for all they people saying he was “spinning his wheels”. Now you know. I guarantee you Hansen knew Greg wouldn’t come to the door before they even got on the plane. And almost guarantee that there will be interviews with the neighbors.

No. 747453

He'd have to admit that he cowered behind his man-wife and called the cops instead of stepping outside and having that in depth interview with Chris he told his fans he wanted so badly. In one of his discord gaming streams he told his fans that he wanted to grill Chris about the bad checks, cheating on the ex-wife, and the suicide by some pedo in Murphy, Texas during one of the TCAP stings. If Greg was as much of an alpha male as he likes to tout, then he would of grabbed one of the many cameras laying around his house walked outside and talked over Chris and try to swing the conversation to the topics he wanted to bring up. But instead he hid in his house, whispering into the phone to the cops that men with cameras were outside his house and he felt unsafe.

No. 747456

He hasnt been addressing anything publicly for a while now. He may mention it to his discord spergs, but on his actual social channels he'd rather pretend to be homeless/divorced/make gross impregnation tweets than actually talk about what is happening to him.
His tactic literally is to hide it out until it goes away.

No. 747457

>>If Greg was as much of an alpha male as he likes to tout, then he would of grabbed one of the many cameras laying around his house walked outside and talked over Chris and try to swing the conversation to the topics he wanted to bring up

This was my thought exactly. This was a perfect opportunity for him to say to Chris, I'll answer your questions if you answer mine. Or just film him opening the door. or SOMETHING.
He is a spineless coward who likes to talk big.

No. 747458

He probably announced he's only going to use his private twitter right after Chris left, so that he can feel a sense of victory that all his sperging will be behind a paywall. probably try to press charges if Chris somehow found out what he was saying anyway

No. 747460

I don't know when this board turned into sperging over everything. Since when do farmers give a shit about who has "credibility" to take a cow out… we're here for entertainment and this is peak milk since fuck knows when.

I'm sure whatever Chris got from going to the swamp is going to be milky as fuck assuming he's legally allowed to release conversations with the sheriffs and neighbors.

No. 747461

File: 1578769965168.jpg (59.61 KB, 660x371, 5-4edf-ba97-971b7782c085.jpg)

I know that Greg probably made all those hotel "homeless" videos on the same day or in one weekend and has been uploading them slowly in 3 minute segments making it seem like it was an ongoing weeks long ordeal, but I would of loved it if Hansen and his crew had ambushed Greg as he was leaving the hotel walking to his Tesla in the parking lot
"Mister Jackson… Mister Jackson, is it true that you had sex with your spouse and a teenage girl in the same bed as your sleeping infant daughter?"

No. 747469

I don't know why people are so surprised at how quiet he is. I don't think he's scared of Chris. If anything's getting to him I imagine it's the rumored FBI investigation.
>we're here for entertainment
Yeah I was super "entertained" when I found out Greg was having sex in front of his kids. Top shelf hijinks.

No. 747471

File: 1578773455634.png (42.86 KB, 586x247, EOBpOqfW4AM1-VG.png)

This is from the same source that was showing the screencap of Hansen at Gregs house early this morning >>747320 and it was shown to be true. Its all tinfoil at this point but what if they have another victim they are grooming? Sarah and the others have said it more than once, Greg is a sexual addict and he NEEDS some strange to fuck other than his boring manwife, and Lainey will allow it so Greg doesn't leave her.

No. 747473

This anonymous person is probably Vincent. Not sure who else would be there with Chris and then make these dramatic posts

No. 747475

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess the unknown female is Mcfly? I'm not sure who else would be stupid enough to go out there after everything that happened.

No. 747476

If the source's to be believed my money's on McFly as well. Quick cringe. I doubt Lainey and Jimmy are just peacefully coexisting through all of this, alone, just with each other, they can't function as a normal couple without any of what's going on as is.

No. 747479

This tweet appears to have been deleted ?

No. 747481

It's still there anon, it was a reply to a question from @citizensal but it's buried in the deluge of identical replies to any acct even mentioning onion containing the footage of Chris n co. I'm pretty sure the anonymous acct is currently in twitter jail for spamming/attentionwhoring.

No. 747485

I don't know about this. Chris didn't mention hearing an unknown female and without proof this means horseshit.

You can be emotional about it but that anon isn't wrong.

No. 747492


Wonder what victory onion could have been referring to the day after Hansen came by

No. 747493

If its hansen related he probably filed a police report or contacted a lawyer to sue Chris.

No. 747494

You can’t sue journalists for knocking on your door. Not that Gurg isn’t stupid enough to try.

No. 747496

Probably just that he called the cops and Hansen left, so he assumed the cops made him leave and thus, he, Greg, is on the right side of the law as usual.

No. 747500

File: 1578784941402.jpeg (592.56 KB, 750x1113, 912FA164-828D-48E1-B682-BFB3C8…)

the onion is rotting

No. 747502

File: 1578785461029.png (370.16 KB, 597x796, Sem título.png)

Chris just said on Twitter that he went to the swamp trailer and Greg called 911 lmao https://twitter.com/chrishansen/status/1216136347125153793

No. 747504

We already knew that from the previous vid, but good to get it confirmed in better quality, and it sounds like he got some additional info (from the neighbors maybe? Speculation on my part).
Regardless of whether it amounts to anything, if it makes Greg mad, I'm for it. I'm just here to sit back and watch.

No. 747505

File: 1578785830851.jpeg (378.74 KB, 828x922, 852C7226-CD90-4500-9054-A2A2AB…)

Fatass wants his 15 min of fame with Hansen now.

No. 747506

File: 1578785952311.jpeg (515.37 KB, 828x1349, 3E858A5B-665D-418B-B1EA-F2E3B4…)

No. 747507

Right. This >>747469 is such an emotional post anon lol. Looks like you missed the point.

No. 747511

>unknown female
For all anyone knows it's a family member. I'm betting on the most banal explanation. Greg's short on brain cells but he's not going to invite some underage girl over with all the attention that's on him right now. Doubt it's McFly, even if it were it's not going to affect his legal case.
>He came all the way out here he may as well get something out of it
He may as well since it doesn't look like anything else is happening for him out there other than hearing Greg whispering in his house.

No. 747512

The fatass is still pretending he still isn't friends with Onision behind the scenes? Oh and he did try to invalidate Sarah after she came forward by victim blaming her and implying she exposed Gunk just because she was bitter about the breakup

No. 747513

tbh it doesn't look like Chris would care. He's been scraping the bottom of the barrel so I wouldn't be surprised if he talks to Billy.

No. 747514

holy fuck is this real? he looks so fucked

No. 747519

You seriously believe that he wouldn't try for another girl? I'm pretty sure they would be willing to bring in someone else even if the heat is on them, they would just make sure she was 18-19 and keep her existence unknown to the internet. They brought other girls and Sarah back in secret even though they where being criticized for grooming. At the moment emotions are running high, Lainey needs someone to watch the kids while she cries and Greg needs someone to cater to his ego and tiny peen.

No. 747522

having another girl there secretly would explain those gross ass tweets. we all know he wasn't talking about footface in those.

No. 747523

>nope, he called 911
Lol, what a little bitch he truly is.

No. 747529

It’s probably Ryan, Lainey’s friend because she’s always there

No. 747536

Oh to have been a fly on the wall when Hansen knocked on Gerg's door. Can you imagine? Kai was probably crying too lol

No. 747539


Wait, extreme dad is listed in his credits at the end of his videos? If it's the same Extreme Dad, I remember he got banned from a Youtuber's Discord (Vaush) because there were screen shots of Extreme Dad being predatory toward minors, so he got booted out. Again, not sure if it's the same guy, but Grug and Extreme Dad both seem to like young girls….

No. 747541

Loey Lane is doing a series on Onision. She mentions a video of Onision, years ago, body shaming her after a Cosmo collab. Said the video was taken down, probably by him, but she'd love to react to it. Anyone have a mirror? I hope one makes it to her, so she can do a react.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 747544

youre in the wrong forum, loey

No. 747545

File: 1578796090280.webm (8.75 MB, 320x568, VJ5NcTIKO8E5RhSn sm.webm)

No. 747546

You need to know the month/year the video came out, then go back in the threads to that time. If it was reuploaded, that's where it will most likely be.

No. 747552

Whole first hour of the new Drunken Peasants is Billy the fridge talking about Onision and his experiences among them talking about the chris hansen clip, Billy is pretty fired up:


No. 747555

Thanks for the mirror, anon.
Not sure if twitter is being buggy or if he removed this tweet but the link appeared to be dead for me.

No. 747557

File: 1578798595311.jpg (237.45 KB, 900x1023, C4W_KxIWYAAm_UB.jpg)

Gregs new incognito look seemed familiar. Is he really doing this so hes not recognized when they go to Olive Garden?

No. 747559

File: 1578798942464.jpeg (140.53 KB, 1054x1054, 260193D8-951B-4358-A273-D22FEB…)

This was posted on his Facebook page.
His “second attempt at making [him]self.”

No. 747560


It looks like a face app type thing, beard looks shooped

No. 747561

It's hideous. But not hideous enough.

No. 747563

File: 1578799569813.jpg (75.08 KB, 815x880, gross.jpg)


From onions-discord-content.tumblr
Voice Chat 1/9/2020

I know you guys are gonna hate me for not recording but nothing super interesting happened anyway. Onion boy played around making himself in some kind of character maker, and posted images to the chat like this(not the worst one but I heard someone else say they were downloading it so this at least gives me an extra layer of privacy if he goes on a banning spree like he had been lately):

Mentions that he downloaded a bunch of similar programs lately and expresses desire to make a sidescroller with all the onision characters/chibi with a gun.

Speaking of, the Chibi video he got fans excited about was confirmed to be the short "chibi keanu reeves" one he posted. Since he wasn't filming lately, maybe he was just scared off by the number of obvious moles in the discord. He's hardly been online as of late.

Voice chat ends abruptly when he says there are cameras outside of his house. Says they "look like youtubers". Wonder who it was. If anyone happens to know please hmu. Possible he's bullshitting/stirring drama. Wouldn't put it past him.

Sorry this wasn't as neutral as I usually describe these. I'm tired.

EDIT: somehow I always forget the juiciest stuff. Onion boy admitted that he found feminine voices naturally more submissive sounding(and therefore more erotic to him, but sure keep thinking you're pansexual lol). He goes on to demonstrate this by saying Dom-ish shit in a high voice accompanied by a goofy accent. Because obviously that voice saying sub-ish shit in a goofy accent would be infinitely more erotic LMAO.

No. 747565

>I've uncovered must see info in my investigation
Investigation huh?
>Watch my yt channel
No thanks. I'll wait for the dozens of recaps that come out from the twitterfags or anons.

No. 747567

He always uses filters but he's been growing his beard for awhile. It might actually have grown out that much.

No. 747570

File: 1578800614699.png (320.64 KB, 481x486, 0583219.png)

I would laugh when he'd max out the filters and use camera angles to make himself look like a GQ model or a nonthreatening preteen boy.
Have his looks gone so down hill that no amount of filters or ring lights can make him look like he imagines himself in his minds eye so hes resorted to creating these CGI avatars?

No. 747571

How could he nail the caveman browridge but totally miss the bramble bush eyebrows? For shame.

No. 747588

All pedos have that stupid facial expression

No. 747600

File: 1578810189116.jpg (43.37 KB, 480x640, shmorks.jpg)

First thing that came to mind was Shmorky.

No. 747604

So Hansen has said that they have an insider going on on Wednesday? Who is it?

Apparently she has never gone public?

I'm calling it's crazy Tami

Sage for speculation

No. 747611

>Claims to have new milk
I'd love to be proven wrong but this looks like a straight up PR stunt tbh.

No. 747616

Lol imagine just what a humongous pussy gurgles is. Hansen just facing his property from the street is enough for him to call the cops

No. 747617

So much for being an "alpha male"

No. 747618

He said he didn't know anything about the abuses and that he never even met Sarah is person, what does he think he has to add? This piece of lard just wants attention

No. 747628


What’s the point of this spam?

No. 747629

You wanna add anything interesting?

No. 747630

Asspats from the looks of it.

No. 747631

>June 6 1966
Ok boomer.

No. 747632

Do you think any of this makes you look normal and not shady? Go to KF, creep.

No. 747633

That entire website is weird and creepy. He doxxed Greg's whole family, are the kids next?

No. 747644

Typical boomer scrote. Doesn't immediately get praise for being a creepy piece of shit, throws a tantrum and projects their issues all over the place. You're almost 60 years old and you still care about Onision drama, pathetic lmao.

No. 747645

Why the hell would you doxx their family members who have nothing to do with them?

No. 747652

Hey anons, friendly reminder to not touch the literal poo and to not reply to dipshit boomer trolls who don’t even know how imageboards work. Report and move on.

No. 747656

What did the post say?

No. 747657


A bunch of unrelated screenshots, some Greg doxx, then scat and bbc pictures.

No. 747659

ss of posts pointing out who he was >>747320, one showing he was logged in to his twitter to "prove his identity", I think there was one of his website, basically he was attention whoring.
>scat and bbc pictures.
I was here as he was posting and didn't see that, unless I missed it somehow.

No. 747660

I haven't reloaded and can still see it, it was definitely there. 3 black dicks and a picture of what Poop Beck must have imagined Onion envisioned her to be after she clogged his toilet.

No. 747666


No. 747668

Way to go, being mad at the full board just because one person writes you, anon.
Ignore it and stop posting, all you do is provoke more spam.

No. 747701

Goddamn I wonder how many kids scatman diddles irl. Fucking unhinged.

No. 747707

you think onion has enough brain cells and a small enough ego to call an actual lawyer to do anything? nah, he'll just send hansen a poorly written email with the first image result in the google search for 'lawyer document' attached

No. 747731

I mean just because anon said Onion called a lawyer doesnt mean he did any of his "homework". Look at his extremely effective counsel with the wetland shit. He could have called a law office, bullshitted most of the story glossing over the fact that he pretty much is a sexual predator, and then they tell him he might have a case. Onion is stupid enough to consider that a victory.

No. 747741

Billy name dropped Jessica as a potential new third that got cut off by Grease and Krainey when Sarah started going public. Anyone have any idea who she might be?

He also said there's so many more girls than everyone knows. Sickening to think about.

No. 747743

I'm also interested to hear about these parties with a hot tub and random chicks and patrons just randomly being at their house often hanging out while they're filming. I really wish he would go into detail about all of that. I wonder how Krainey felt about it.

No. 747745


>>702334 i think this is Jessica

No. 747747

File: 1578872083193.png (1.34 MB, 1087x1019, Pool Party.png)

Jessica is the one with the orangish hair, McFly is the retard wearing a snapcap in the shower, and Billy is the stereotypical fat guy who wears an over sized Tshirt in the pool.

No. 747748

Looks like Jaclyn's the next one on Hansen's show. Not sure what she'll have to add that she hasn't already said but we'll see

No. 747749

As much as these people help as character witnesses there’s not too much to add and I don’t get the sense that they’ve held back on stuff that they’ll reveal for Hansen.

Any people that can describe the environment of the house and how it might affect the kids would be helpful.

What would be best is if we got one of the victims that was totally kept secret from the public. Not just for new milk or whatever but it would show that they are capable of concealing their misdeeds and how they are likely going to continue abusing new girls until stopped.

Maya would be good to have even though she did a great job already of sharing her experience but I really thing someone who was not on the radar should get on. It shows they’re an active threat.

No. 747771

was just about to ask who the monster was in the black shirt

No. 747776

Jaclyn had been to the grease mansion so hopefully she doesn't hold back

No. 747779

Also Jaclyn is, for all her faults, pretty articulate & good at talking on the fly. We won't get a lot of pauses and 'ums' like we did with Billie or Beck. The girl has opinions on Grugly so if nothing else her dumping on Grug should be fun, even if the milk isn't that new.

No. 747785

I can’t believe I once found this faggot really attractive, fuckin’ kill me(no1curr about your bad taste)

No. 747790

Kill yourself dumb fuck we're not taking that responsibility

No. 747794

Did anybody see Sarah's now deleted tweet of like 44 days?

No. 747796

File: 1578888370472.jpeg (83.2 KB, 1211x230, 5791CF81-318D-42D0-8896-1C258D…)

What does it mean?

No. 747801

Hopefully not "44 more girls"

No. 747802

It's the name of a song by Logic so maybe she's referencing that? Just a guess. I have no idea if she's a big Logic fan.

No. 747804

I thought of that song too, but I didn't want to tinfoil. I kinda hate these types of cryptic messages.

This made me laugh way harder than it should have.

No. 747805

File: 1578891705556.png (281 KB, 606x635, 1122020.PNG)

I guess Lane is talking about the "unknown female" that was at the Onions when Hansen and his crew showed up.
I still laugh every time I think about it. Chris Hansen showing up at your front door and trying to make you "have a seat" in your own fucking house.

No. 747807

File: 1578892887549.jpeg (843.59 KB, 1125x1709, 4638AC3A-B777-43B9-9183-1C027E…)

No. 747808

So, the dog violently attacks his cousin and he turns it into a joke about the dog raping him? Jimmy's such a weird dude.

No. 747811

File: 1578894016402.png (113.12 KB, 500x1158, onisiondrama.PNG)

No. 747813


Sounds miserable and like typical lazy and cheap onion behavior. Just interesting why no one has talked about it before, perhaps not wanting the attention but still it should be public knowledge not to work with the grease Lord

No. 747816

Uhhh where are the videos with all these actors in them?
I haven’t watched every onion video ever, but the only people I’ve ever seen in his videos are other youtubers, patrons, and girls they’ve lured in. Definitely not agency actors

No. 747817

Does this explain that childs channel Onision appeared in as a clown?

No. 747820

He hasn't continued his shitty smut book in a while, has he. Too busy sitting in a swamp pouring kombucha on himself.

No. 747821

File: 1578905211099.png (876.71 KB, 750x1078, 17BCEEB6-7913-436F-8DF1-7BA7FD…)

fucking kek

No. 747822

listed in september, p sure we discussed it here

No. 747826

I got the impression that they invited him to collab with them and not the other way around with that video. "Hey, I have an idea, let me be a clown and chase some children around" sounds…weird. Although I wouldn't put it past him to reach out with that, lol, and think it sounds totally normal.

I can't think of any actors either, but I avoid his main channel videos like the plague. Maybe another anon has some insight into what casting call models/actors appeared in his videos?

No. 747830

So like.. where are the videos with these people in them?
Every video I've ever seen or heard about only had the usual suspects (Billy, etc) or Patreon/fans or ex-trinity girls.

The only video that didn't qualify for this was that little kid whose parents didn't know his reputation.

No. 747833

Well, mods can confirm if they choose but his posts here were capped, it's in the flakes thread and there's no scat or pron in the cap.

No. 747839

I remember the boat video with Anna Lichty when Lainey looked pissed as fuck and was pregnant with Trot. Maybe her.

I'll post the caps then in the flakes thread

No. 747840

mods are deleing this shit for a reason

No. 747842

No rule against spoilered porn, just don't click on it.

No. 747848

If I recall correctly Madison was originally hired as an actress from an agency. Knowing Greg's logic, the moment they became 'friends' he believed that she should work for free.

No. 747849

that's not what I mean, braniac

No. 747855

Jesus Christ, I thought this was fucking Ross O'Donovan from Game Grumps.

No. 747866

And he sold it without asking her before LMFAO. They talked about it in one of their shitty podcasts, I don't remember which one

No. 747869

No, iirc, the parents posted they found onision through an ad they had put out and they didn't look into his history. They posted an apology when they were told who he was.

No. 747870

I wonder if that's the cousin who died or the one who he felt uncomfortable being around just because he was gay

No. 747874

Aw come on, Ross doesn't deserve that. Gurg looks fucking scary in that picture

No. 747883

oh my. Greg's 911 call has been found by twitter


No. 747884


"My name's not even Greg!"

Really, gurgles? THAT'S what is important for the 911 operator to know?

He also said he has no weapons in his home……. REALLY GREG?

No. 747886

sorry to have to ask, can someone please transcript this?

No. 747887

He straight up lied about having no weapons in his home when the 911 operator asked. Yikes.

No. 747888

File: 1578942323541.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080, kk.png)


No. 747889

Did he lie about not having 2 guns in his house when they asked him if he has any weapons, or did I miss him getting rid of those?

No. 747891

They way he stutters and can't find words to describe why Chris Hansen is knocking, I can't! I love that he tries to evade the question at first and cycles back to how many people he can see in his driveway. He knows he's in big trouble.

No. 747892

I'm pretty sure the dispatcher was asking if Hansen had any weapons, not onion.

No. 747893

Downloaded the MP3 so if it gets removed I can reupload. Here's a quick summary:
>Dog barks throughout both calls
Call 1:
>Greg says there's someone at his door, and accuses them of "stalking" him
911 operator: Do they have any weapons?
Onion: They have a bunch of camera equipment (kek)
911 operator: Do you know this person's name at all?
Onion: Chris Hansen! (as if it's obvious and the operator should know)
Onion: He's saying "I want to know your side of the story, Greg" my name's not even Greg
>Says chris is yelling at him through the door
>General description of Chris
>No weapons in the house
>Reason for stalking is "A 19 year old with BPD, I uh, uh, didn't want to hang out with them anymore, and uh, they said mean things, and now uh, this person is stalking me" (paraphrased)
>Says they're standing next to his SUV, there's ~6 people there
>Says he feels safe enough to disconnect
>call ends
Call 2:
>Calling back to bitch because the cops aren't there yet
Operator: "they have to drive to you" (Gerg doesn't know cops can't teleport to his location instantaneously apparently)
>operator sounds annoyed and says to call back if anything escalates.
>repeated multiple times with different phrasing essentially trying to get him to GTFO
>Call ends

Sorry for shitty summary never done a recap before. He mostly sounds annoyed with the operator, but he did start stammering when saying why chris was "stalking" him though.

No. 747895

She asked both.
>Do they have any weapons?
and then
>Are there any weapons in the house?
Both are standard questions and he said no to both.

No. 747899

Ah, must have missed that part. My bad! But like >>747889 said, did he get rid of the guns then? Or did he lie about having any?

No. 747903


Many of those claims don't pass the smell test. I've been acting since I was 7. Very little of that behavior would fly if he truly was hiring through a legit agency. The biggest red flag is the non-payment accusations. When you work with an agency you're not paying the actors directly- you pay the agency. They take a cut of the check for commission, and then pay their clients. It would not be the actor's responsibility to chase him down for payment, and if he did not pay the agency's invoice that would quickly be escalated into legally territory. If he cancelled a shoot "last second" he would still be billed- every agency has different policies, but I've had a shoot cancelled twice, once 2 days before and was still paid 50% of what the rate would have been, and once less than 24 hours before and I was paid the full amount.

There would also be specific requirements for what he needs to provide for food and drink. I believe anything 6 hours or longer is a full meal.

An agency would dissolve the relationship with him the first time he pulled any BS. He's a crappy YouTuber, not a legit production company. Part of their job is to protect their actors, and if he was treating them poorly on set or not complying with agreements/contracts, they would not be accepting repeat bookings.

No. 747904

I don't think it was ever confirmed there were guns? I know in a report from a wellness check it says something about weapons but I think that was info from whoever requested the check-in, not anything the police officers found. Plus the one conspiracy about antisouthernmovement or whatever but I've not seen confirmation of that either.

No. 747905

How can emergency calls be leaked?

No. 747906


> What's going on?

"There are Youtube stalkers at my house"

> Do you know his name?

"It's Chris Hansen"

> Proceeds to give a shitty account of what Chris Hansen looks like as if the cops'll put a warrant out

my fucking sides

No. 747907


911: 911 we are recording.
Onion: Hi, uh, there's a person who's been stalking me online and they just showed up to my house. Yeah.
911: Ok, and they're outside now?
Onion: Yes, they're knocking on my door.
911: And do you know if they have any weapons?
Onion: They have a bunch of camera people. They're youtube stalkers.
911: But, no weapons seen?
Onion: I don't see any weapons I just see six guys in my driveway and one of them is knocking on my door.
911: And the one who's knocking on your door is he the main one who's been stalking you?
Onion: Yeah, he's been yelling things at me through the [??] now.
911: And do we know his name at all?
Onion: It's Chris Hansen.
911: Ok

[They spells out Hansen's name and describe him. No milk here.]

Onion: I have a security camera.

[They describe Hansen's outfit]

Onion: Oh, he's saying "I want your side of the story, Greg". My name's not even Greg!
911: What is your last name?
Onion: My name is James Jackson. He's saying "I just want to talk" through the door.
911: Do you have any weapons in the home, James?
Onion: No. I don't.
911: And you say there's roughly five more people with cameras?
Onion: Yes, in the driveway.
911: And do you know what he's talking about? Why he was stalking you or anything?
Onion: Yes, there's a uh… There looks like there's 1… 2… 4… 5… 6 people in the driveway. Um he… he… I havent, uh, someone that uh… there's a 18. No… a 19 year old, who I uh didn't want to hang around with and they uh their mental disorder was like, really affecting my life in a negative way. I told them I didn't want them in my life anymore. And they went to this person and said a bunch of mean things about me. So now this person is trying to aggressively pursue me in a really hateful way.
911: You said they were from youtube so, is it from a show they do? Or?
Onion: It's a livestream. Yeah. I've already talked to a lawyer about this. This guy is really really hateful toward me.

[They describe where Hansen is and to keep doors locked. Call ends]

No. 747908

In some states they're public record, I'm not sure about Washington but that's likely the case here - you'll sometimes see them leaked in regards to big cases too, likely via the same pathway.
If they are public record all you'd need to do is submit a records request with the specified info (pretty easy with Chris's livestream giving a date/time to request and people already knowing the name of the person calling and the address).

No. 747909

Records request. They're very rarely confidential as far as I know.

No. 747910

Doing the lord's work.

Holy shit guys, milkmas two electric boogaloo might be on the way already

No. 747911

Sounds like after working with them a few times and "befriending" them he would contact the actors directly, not through the agency, and that's when the issues started to rise.
This would be coherent with Gurg's personnality since he is cheap as fuck and would want to avoid paying an agency

No. 747912


Complete second call transcript, it's short but just for posterity:

(Last call ended with "If anything changes before they arrive, please call us back, okay?")

> 911, what are you reporting?

Hi, I'm calling back, I reported some people who showed up at my house, they're trespassing, um, they're trespassing and–

> What's the address?

[Possible that address has been removed, or she interrupts Greg]

> Okay, it's showing your call here sir (?), have something changed on site there?

Just waiting for the police to show up, they're still in my driveway.

> Okay, it is still showing here on my screen that law enforcement has been advised. If anything does change or escalate, call us back, okay?

Are you guys going to show up?

> Sir, it has been sent to the officers. They have to drive to you, okay? [Interrupts Greg] If something escalates, call us back, okay?

Okay, thank you.

No. 747913

Wow can't believe the most bRuTALLY HoNesT youtuber who NEVER lies has been caught on tape lying to the police about his weapons.

Hope he gets called out on this. No way he can backtrack or flip the narrative on that lie.

No. 747914

'they said mean things about me'

boohoo grug, stop wasting everyone's time. the police have better things to do

No. 747915

Where were the weapons ever confirmed though? I thought it was speculation. Or am I retarded/missed something?

No. 747917

I find it interesting that the operator asks him if the people in his driveway have a show - she knows that reporters showing up to interview someone isn't illegal and isn't "stalking". It seems to me she knows it's likely not a case of stalking and is trying to get that information out of Greg.. excuse me, JAMES.

No. 747918

thank you so much! i cant believe he has the audacity to call chris hansen an internet stalker. chris is such a household name, i can only imagine what the operator was thinking.

No. 747920

This, and the fact that the operator spelled out Chris's last name as H-a-n-s-e-n on the first try. A lot of people frequently misspell it as "Hanson" so she's probably familiar with him and knows what's going on.

No. 747921


No. 747922

File: 1578945113818.jpg (224.71 KB, 1080x1749, Screenshot_20200113-115143__01…)


No. 747923

i'm wondering if this isn't the first time the police have heard about him or hansen, especially if concerned parents from that facebook page might have been driven to contact the police about it. the cops are just citizens of the area, so maybe they're even part of those concerned parents too and have seen it firsthand. either way, calls like this are not going to help him later.

>a 19 year old, who I uh didn't want to hang around with and they uh their mental disorder was like, really affecting my life in a negative way. I told them I didn't want them in my life anymore. And they went to this person and said a bunch of mean things about me. So now this person is trying to aggressively pursue me in a really hateful way.

it strikes me how childlike his language his here, in addition to his attempts to minimize what actually happened - he can't even articulate his complaints beyond "said mean things" "being hateful". the lawyer part is also interesting, even if he probably only mentioned it because he thought it would make them show up faster. i really hope he got the same trash-tier lawyer as for the wetlands nonsense (which i bet is also on his record for the police to see) and we start seeing some hilarious legal threats soon.

No. 747925

LMAO we know for a fact Greggy - sorry - Jammy boi searched everything on Hansen to sperg about the bounced cheque and cheating scandal. He'd know the guy is taller than him. But he's not insecure about it or anything.

No. 747927

I dont believe for a second he has hired an actual lawyer. I'll bet he just questioned one with his half-truth side of the story to get a confirmation that Chris Hansen is totes a stalker just to make himself feel better.
You think if he had hired an actual lawyer who really and truly thought Greg had a case of stalking or slander on his hands that they wouldnt have made a move by now? Greg hasn't done shit. Deep down he knows Chris is not doing anything illegal.

No. 747929

I heard Grey say “this person” has BPD as well.

No. 747930

oh absolutely he's got no one on retainer with an active case in process, but i'm certain he has a number to call and an attorney willing to take his money to draft legal documents thatll be as ineffective as his NDA. hansen scared teh shit out of him by actually showing up, im sure greg's gonna be stupid enough to think what hansen did is illegal the same way he yelled at the wetlands people.

No. 747931

he really doesn't realize how much of an idiot he sounds using BPD as some sort of underlying cause of why a person is bad and dangerous.

It's not like its schizophrenia. BPD is a totally normal and manageable disorder. (that sarah says she doesn't even have, but we all know that)

No. 747932

God damn why is his house so fucking dirty and gross?

No. 747939

the last two lines are so amazing. I laughed through the whole thing

No. 747940

Looks like they finally got curtains kek

No. 747941


props to them for getting the actual 911 call audio holy shit this is glorious

No. 747942

I have ascended, this shit is so fucking funny.

No. 747943


Yeah at 3:32 he pulls the BPD card. and at 4:39 "We're hiding away from the windows". That alpha-male..

No. 747946

Anyone can get 911 audio if it's public record, which it often is.

No. 747947


The woman on the phone is killing me with her deadpan IDGAF voice.

>It's Chris Hanson!


No. 747948

weird thing to say, smells like BPDfag, schizophrenia is also totally normal and manageable. having a certain diagnosis doesn't mean you're inherently a "bad and dangerous" person, just like not having a diagnosis (read: Greg refusing to get the help that everyone around him insists he needs) doesn't mean you're an inherently good/moral/trustworthy person

Police did a welfare check on Kai when everything first started coming out. In their report they noted that there are multiple guns in the home that they knew about from having been there before. Something about "multiple complaints with this resident" as well. Go back to a week or two after Sarah first spoke out

No. 747949

It's not that serious anon. It's just that schizophrenia has been villainized by the media for decades, so it wouldn't be unsual for someone like Greg to try and use that. But BPD does not have that stigma so in this case he just sounds stupid.

No. 747951

this is fucking incredible!! based chris!

No. 747952

Other than that recent police report, he posted that weirdass picture of him laying on the roof of his garage holding a gun like a sniper. That was at his old house when Cuddlegate was going on though, it could've been a prop or he could've sold it for money since then

No. 747953

>It's….Chris Hansen
Lmao, shit. It's January and we're already having our first milkmas. Cheers!

No. 747954

File: 1578951577294.jpeg (264.08 KB, 996x2047, EOMMJ6EUcAE5sIa.jpeg)

Apparently they put the swamp trailer for sale. The door is different, but this could be an old photo

No. 747957


that's not his house. his house is a mcmansion tract house. there are probably more just like it in the neighborhood.

No. 747959

Yeah this isn’t his house. People are too quick to jump on shit. If you look up his address you’ll see every real estate site says it’s off market

No. 747960

You can tell it's not his because the yard isn't covered in garbage

No. 747962

To all the newfags after the Shiloh era and when Onion lived in LA he would hire actresses. And then it probably also means the fake Hannah Minx. And then he has done skits with males before. I always wondered how he got seemingly normal people to work with him and it makes sense he would use an agency. There was also a time he threw a towel at some camera man's face when Onion called him an amateur for wanting to take time to set up shots and Onion thought it was the mark of brilliance to shit out videos like no tomorrow, which he still does as evidenced by him making those gay freakouts videos over a couple days and dragging it out for months. Fucking lurk more

No. 747963

File: 1578952319677.gif (2.3 MB, 320x320, 1567565902165.gif)

so i am combusting rn

No. 747964

The welfare report listed whatever two guns it was that were in Grugly's home. I belive one was an AK, I can't remember the other. The information may have come from that visit. It was Kai who answered the door, so she would probably have told the cops what weapons Gurp has and wouldn't lie about it like Gurp himself. The existence of the weapons could have also come from a previous dealing with Grugly cause there have been a few.

I'm the one put in the open records request for that report. The person who called 911 to have the welfare check done was an online rando who would not have knowledge of specific guns in the house.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 747966

Amazing!! Hansen should have released the full audio in the video. Him trying to explain why anyone would want to interview him; uh this 18 year old, no 19 year old I think person. Uh. I didn't want her in my life anymore because uh she has whispers bpd, and it affected my life in a negative way? (know the way he uses the valley girl voice when he's acting like a dumb cunt, he actually sounded like one when he spoke this to a police operator, makes you think.) She is now saying mean things about me online, and Chris Hansen is being hateful. Plz send the army!!!"

What a wimp! And then he calls back demanding faster service, even tho he told the first operator he was content to hide behind his curtains lol. And not one of the cunts (James and Kai) could shut the fucking dog up.

No. 747969


this is so awesome. and so many dumbasses here wanted to put a stop to this stuff.

No. 747983

I haven't been keeping up with the onions since things had slow down but damn… This is great, it's gonna make him so paranoid and crazier than usual lol

No. 747984

File: 1578955732836.jpg (179.15 KB, 1078x527, onision guns in home.jpg)

This is the police report from the welfare check. Who ever called it in told the operator they didn't know if Greg had weapons "UNK WEAPS" but from previous contact with the police the cops know there are guns in the house "FROM PRIOR THERE ARE FIREARMS IN THE HOME A SKS OR AR15"

I love the last line "ONGOING ISSUES W/THIS RESD" I wonder how many times the cops get called out to their house.

No. 747985

I think you got some bad information. Cluster B personality disorders are among the most difficult to treat.(derailing)

No. 747986


it's in police databases, have fun adding "lying about possession of firearms to a 911 operator" to your list of sins, greg

No. 747987

Doesn't matter anyway because Sarah doesn't have a cluster B personality disorder. Can we please not derail?

No. 747988

Is it possible that there aren't anymore. I would not be shocked if one of the girls got a restraining order against him. I know in my state, the police confiscate firearms and weapons whenever someone has a restraining order against them. But, I highly doubt it, I feel like we would know and have seen documentation about it already. So he most likely still has those guns.

No. 747992


You have a good heart, anon but think it through: they would need to have searched the house for some reason and found the guns on the day of the call.

No. 747993

For the cops to have it in their database that there are rifles in that house there only two scenarios.
First- during one of the previous calls out to the house the officers asked if there were firearms in the house, which is a routine question for their own safety if they are going to enter the home or there was some type of domestic issue.
Second senario, if the cops entered the home for some reason they saw with their own eyes the rifles laying out in plain view, or they were searching for something and stumbled across the area Greg keeps his rifles.

No. 747994

I feel like Hansen would have informed the police before he arrived honestly, just incase it did go south/he confessed

No. 748006

Onion actually called 911 on Chris Hansen lmao

No. 748007

this is the full 911 call. i hope this escalates into something bigger rather than just a failed attempt at interviewing him

No. 748008

He lied to the 911 operator. If I remember correctly, that's illegal.

Lied about his name

Lied about Chris yelling at him

"He's about 5'10-5'11" lol Chris is 6'2.

No. 748010

They said mean things about me.


No. 748011

He legally changed his name to James Jackson, he didn't lie about that

No. 748012

I think he actually legally changed his name to James, didn't he? Still dumb as fuck to say "My name isn't even Greg"

No. 748013

Him throwing BPD as some sort of sympathy card/excuse is almost as pathetilarious as him leading with the age of the person who "said mean things about" him.

Lol "An 18, no I think a 19 year old with BPD was mean to me." God bless Hansen for giving us beauties like this. I wish we could get the 911 operators thoughts as the call proceeded, she must have been so fucking confused kek

No. 748016

The thing is, having weapons in the house and lying about it won't make a difference because the police didn't search the house and won't search it without probably cause.

No. 748017

>she must have been so fucking confused
I thought the same. They're trained for it, but still, imagine getting a call like this.
He's describing things in such a disjointed manner, but trying to pass it off like all of this is totally normal.

>An 18 yo with bpd"

Like what he meant and in what kind of a way he meant it is suppose to immediately click with the operator. The whole sentence sounds insane.

Things like
>My name's not even Greg
in a Regina George tone. Likeeee, my name's not even Greg, so uugghh?!

And then the "It's Chris Hansen". Jfc, lmao. Jimmy's such an embarrassing cringy loser.

No. 748019

Maybe he thinks if he plays dumb, they won't find the other police reports and wetlands stuff under the name Greg. Not sure if they would merge all his alias together in the database but I bet Greg was hoping they didn't

No. 748021

It's going to be a long night of sperging on Twitter when Jimmy-boy finds out the audio got posted on Youtube and he can't get it taken down.

No. 748022

Any anon-moles have access to his private twitter OnisionPrime? Id love to see if hes going off on there.

No. 748023

File: 1578965494362.png (36.82 KB, 487x166, chrome_c74MJiAIZj.png)

The only thing he's posted is this.
He's never going to let know his fangirls know Chris Hansen went to his house and the 911 call is out to the public. That would ruin his facade of not caring.

No. 748024

No this is actually how his thinking works - he ISN'T Greg anymore, none of this has anything to do with him since he's not even Greg. It's why he did the name change in the first place. He has a peanut bouncing around in his noggin.

No. 748032

I agree with you anon.. He thinks that by changing his name.. It magically voids him of what ever has happened.. So.. We need to make sure these journalists/vigilantes are aware of his shit legal name change and include it..

James Jackson (fka Gregory Daniel Jackson, Gregory Danial Avorae)

No. 748042

File: 1578973039254.gif (19.43 MB, 600x338, Hansen at the door.gif)

We know Greg was live streaming when Chris came knocking, and it was 10 a.m. on a weekday so the kids should of been at school. So I guess its Lainey running down the stairs and trying to look through the opaque glass and then scurrying off to tell Greg that Hansen is at their door. Sorry that it has a "Ghost Caught on Tape" feel.

No. 748043

yeah looks like Lainey's head and shoulders to me.

No. 748044

definitely has that familiar foot shape

No. 748047

It is funny that onion acted tough on twitter saying he wanted to talk to Hansen . So Hansen gives him the opportunity to do it in person and he hides and calls 911 . Guess he didn’t think Hansen would come see him . Hansen is an actual investigative journalist not some youtuber . This just got too real for Onision and he couldn’t handle it

No. 748050

Chris Hansen had his lawyer buddy Mike Morse send a letter to Onision and it seems to have scared Greg and made him stop those nonstop emails he was sending to Vince and Chris. Chris and Mike talk about any legal recourse Sarah and the other women have when it comes to a civil suit again Greg and Lainey. I embedded the video but I dont think it will start at the point in the video Chris and Mike have that conversation so I included a link that should start immediately at the 35:17 mark.


No. 748054

Pretty sure that's the dog that was barking.

No. 748055

>Many of those claims don't pass the smell test.
I thought it was odd myself. Thanks for the input.

No. 748056

>They're youtube stalkers
Technically, Hansen can hide what he does behind the badge of journalism, so Greg can cry stalker all day long, I don't think it'll make a difference. Not that Hansen's a legit journalist anymore, just that he can hide what he does behind being press.

No. 748058

I screencapped it but I don't really want to post it.
I mean what is even the point? It was just someone with the brain of a 13 year old trying to be edgy and failing.

No. 748062

>An 18 yo with bpd"
>Like what he meant and in what kind of a way he meant it is suppose to immediately click with the operator. The whole sentence sounds insane.
And stupid, don't forget stupid.

No. 748064

very kind of him to hand any prosecutor the ability to doubt his recollection of events in his own defence

No. 748066

If he's looking for someone he can relate to, he can always find a fellow sex pest in Mike Morse lol.
I heard that's exactly what he did.

No. 748075

>Chris and Mike talk about any legal recourse Sarah and the other women have when it comes to a civil suit
kek. Either they're lurking or they heard what Jeff said on Billy's podcast >>747505 about that very same thing. If the ladies do bring up civil suits I hope they find honest professionals, i.e. no one associated with Hansen.

No. 748076

The way he describes the situation, and tries to manipulate words, and the way the scenario looks, is really telling to how much HE KNOWS how bad this shit looks,

he never refers to Sarah to the public EVER as an ex-girlfriend; it's always a "18-19 year old with BPD that I rejected," he tries to paint it out to uneducated third-parties like it was just this random "cRaZy" young girl that is going on a revengeful tirade because Greg totally wanted nothing to do with her.

He's fully aware of how bad this looks, and how much he fucked up. He's painfully fucking aware

No. 748079

And you can tell he has absolutely no idea how to even word it.
"Why's this man stalking you?" "There's like…..uh……1, 2, 3, 4…..six guys here, so yeah this 18 year old, no 19 year old….with mental issues" What a fucking smooth transition, Jimmy, lol. He would crack sooooo bad in an actual interrogation room.

Oh yeah, definitely off the charts stupid.

Tbf, Lainey, the dog, it's an easy mistake to make. I can see both being plausible here.

No. 748081

Well it's a good thing that Sarah, like every other tumblrette, self diagnosed herself with bpd.
But honestly though, that defense has always been insane. He does say he has rejected all his ex's though. That's the ultimate cope.

No. 748082

>he can always find a fellow sex pest in Mike Morse
kek. Sadly, Morse doesn't practice in WA.

No. 748086

Didn't Greg diagnose himself with BPD at some point too? It's interesting that he's leaning so heavily on the idea that Sarah has it when iirc he used it to shield himself from accusations that he has even worse issues

No. 748089

Chris's actions have been criticized in this situation primarily because this kind of spectacle can put Greg's children in danger. Not just danger from lunatics like Gene the boomer who doxxed his entire family, but from Greg himself. This kind of "journalism" (circus) could affect Greg's mental state, which could in turn put his kids at risk. Case in point >>747983. A real journalist would've considered all of that and would've made different choices imo.

No one can honestly say we're dealing with someone mentally sound here, so the criticism is more than fair.

No. 748090

Shiloh just posted a short video on Twitter confirming there are ongoing investigations. I’m on mobile so I can’t save the video right now, if another anon can.

No. 748091

File: 1578983181937.webm (2.21 MB, 480x480, Shilo FBI.webm)

No. 748092

It was more that a fan on his forums said "it sounds like you might have bpd" and Greg just ran with that. He used the excuse to get AJ back.

No. 748093

fuck shes so cute lmao

No. 748094

Pretty sure it’s clot.
She is turning 4 this year, so she’s too young for kindergarten and they obviously don’t have the money to put her in daycare.

I wouldn’t put it past foot to be wearing pink pjs and sticky beaking though. They’re both definitely things she would do. But considering they have survellience, she likely just logs into the camera app and looks at door knockers there. (That’s what I do with my system. I never have to stick my head out the window and potentially get caught out, it’s great.)

No. 748095

File: 1578983543553.jpeg (69.78 KB, 828x549, AF0505C1-6230-493B-9C1F-327BA2…)

No. 748100

>Pretty sure it’s clot
>pink pjs
I thought it looked like someone was rocking a child back and forth.

No. 748101

File: 1578984295692.jpeg (218.42 KB, 1125x650, D38030BE-DBA5-49A3-AE00-081ED1…)

No. 748103

>Chris Hansen does have an open investigation
I wouldn't call what he's doing an investigation
>There is also to my knowledge, more than one FBI investigation open including my own
>to my knowledge
She didn't even mention where she's getting this info from. Was it Vince?

I really want things to work out for them. I don't see that happening if they continue being naive and ignoring the glaring issues with some of the people who claim to be working on their behalf.

No. 748105

>I really want things to work out for them

Im glad you added that last part or we just might mistake you for one of those spergs in the flakes thread and disregard your veiled slams at the girls attempts at justice.

No. 748107

Most of the detractors I've seen have made it clear they have empathy for the victims. IF the FBI are actually investigating (which there's still no evidence for, just hearsay), Hansen's or anyone else's actions shouldn't affect that. What could be affected is a court case should the girls continue associating with him, especially after everything he and his team have done to cast doubt on their real intentions. I hope they'd reconsider their association for their sakes. I'm sure Skye and Alicia are glad they never met Hansen at this point.

No. 748108

Can't wait to see Gurgles being indicted for all the stupid shit he's done and he pulls the "but my name's not even Greg so I'm free to go right"

No. 748110

>spergs in the flakes thread
Silly anon. Showing an abundance of evidence isn't "sperging". I mean yeah there are a couple spergs lol but there's plenty evidence there as well.

No. 748111

Maybe there's some portfolio site for people wanting to work more in media that's more freelance? Just googling "youtube find collab" pops up a few platforms that seem to be for connecting people for the purpose of making youtube videos.

If I was the 911 operator if I heard "Chris Hansen" and "youtube stalkers" I would be typing "possible mental". Like if you have no context it sounds like something actual paranoid schizophrenic people sometimes believe. And then when he drivels on about Sarah it just sounds even more mental.

Also not only did this sick fuck have a fucking threesome in front of his daughter when the Onion fam all changed their names it was revealed that Clots middle name was Abbigale (no longer, the entire Onion fam has no middle names) which is a character from his book that I think his character fucks. I can't read or listen to his dumb ass books for more than like a paragraph so maybe an anon can confirm Abbigale's role in the book.

Honestly maybe it is Trot? We know Lame lets him paint his nails im sure he can wear pink. Maybe they didn't vaccinate their kids and cant go back to school. Its flu season could be sick.

Yeah and if I remember correctly he framed it as AJ can help "cure" him, kinda like Lame's dumbass thinks her bachelor in psych kudos to edubirdie affords her the ability to fix JJ. Lame is such a smug cocky fucker and look where shes at now Chris Hansen knocking on her door. And I bet Chris Hansen has seen those flapjack titties too.

No. 748114

I think Hansen has given Onision's victims a public voice and I can understand why they have agreed to be interviewed by him.

Whatever Hansen's intentions were for doing this investigation don't matter hugely at this point because it's about what the victims have to say and greg being brought to justice and to the authorities/publics attention.

No. 748115

Do you think criticism like this isn't legit >>748089 or that it's from someone who doesn't care about victims?
I see too many people willing to look the other way and for what? Doing that is just going to cost you a lot more in the end, believe it or not.

No. 748117

Chris, Vince or Mike's actions can in NO WAY affect an FBI investigation into child pornography and child incitement which is what Greg and Lainey are being investigated for.

Yeah that's why all of those cornucopias of evidence have been moved to a containment board on /snow/ and get banned anytime they try and spout that evidence in this thread.


Why do you keep posting, deleting and re-posting with small corrections. We understand your true intentions even if you've misspelled a word.

No. 748120

>Hansen has given Onision's victims a public voice
They already had a public voice in someone like Blaire White, and she gets more views. Repzion's covered this, a lot of other youtuber's were on this before Hansen got involved. At this point, if the people around him are any indication, him being involved could do more harm than good.
>his intentions don't matter
It does matter because credibility matters in most lines of work, especially ones that involve victims of sex crimes.

No. 748121

>have been moved to a containment board on /snow/
It's moved there because it's OT if posted here. That's literally it.

No. 748122

Ok, if that makes you feel better about the banishment.
And remember that if you have to preface every post you make with "dont get me wrong I really hope the victims get justice" its similar to Onision constantly having to say "Im the most honest YouTuber" because no one believes him.(derailing)

No. 748124

Mods said it's OT, that's why it's moved there. Not hard to understand. Doesn't matter if you believe what I have to say, the evidence speaks for itself. If you don't care about evidence, that's on you.

No. 748126

Calling it OT is the nice way to say its annoying spergs.
And remember to add "now don't get me wrong, I want justice for the victims" on your next posted/deleted/re-posted comment so we know your true intentions.

No. 748128

Good to know you're a mod now lol.

If the only criticism you have for people who ask questions and exercise reasonable doubt is "they must not care about the victims", then you have no argument.

No. 748130

Mike Morse's video after he and Chris spoke with the police.

No. 748131

I don't understand what prompted her to make this. Without evidence she's just perpetuating more hearsay.

No. 748132

I think anon >>748107 meant a civil suit. Obviously not anything to do with cp.

No. 748133

>They already had a public voice in someone like Blaire White
Yeah I don't know why people give Hansen credit there. The only thing I could reasonably give him credit for is if an FBI investigation is happening (even though they allegedly said Onion was already on their radar). Other than that, his involvement seems pretty irrelevant at this point, minus of course the pr shitshow he's now tied his name to.

No. 748135

I think people gave him credit at first (at least before the Vincent bullshit and stuff) not because he's the only way for the victims to speak or anything, but because he has made a name for himself that most people - specially older people - would recognize.
Saying that Blaire White or Repzion are involved in it just won't have the same impact as saying Chris Hansen is involved, for most people.

No. 748139

>We were at the hotel with Greg Jackson where he filmed some of his youtube videos
>We talked to staff and found out what floor he was on
>Turns out, this whole time, he's been home
LOL fucking boomers. So were they at the hotel WITH Greg or was Greg home the whole time, which is it? He could at least get his story straight before coming on camera and bullshitting about it.

No. 748140

>The police came couldn't of been nicer or professional. They weren't surprise that we were here.

Greg wouldn't be LYING every time hes told his fans that him and the officers that show up to his house slap each other on the back and talk shop because he was a "military cop" and fellow LEO.
Sounds like the Pierce County Sheriffs have been having conversations about Greg on their own. People forget that police officers are also citizens of a community and hearing that a pedophile is in your neighborhood will cause them concern.

No. 748141

Of course there's the name recognition but like anon >>748120 said, strictly from a views standpoint the other youtuber's had already done the job of bringing it to a wide audience. Hansen doesn't get as many views as they do. His channel was barely scraping by until he started covering Greg, and that's cool, but I don't believe he's got the victims best interest at heart. Not anymore.

No. 748142

Eh, that is literally what Journalists do. Showing up to someone's house to ask their side of things or interview them has always been done.

No. 748143

Yeah sure but that's the thing - not anyone lives on the internet and watches lots of youtube videos, unless maybe when someone sends them a link or it's something of their interests. For these people (which probably includes a bunch of Onion's neighborhood) Hansen being involved does make a huge difference.

Not everyone is a farmer or grew in the internet, anon. Of course it doesn't mean Hansen's got the victims best interest, but that isn't what the other anon asked either. They were asking why people gave credit, and I solely responded why people were giving him credit when it all started.

No. 748144

That's beside the point. If the question is whether or not Greg's kids are being put at further risk by shit like this, then I'd have to agree >>748089. I'm sure there's better, less autistic ways to go about this but Hansen apparently hasn't come up with any.

No. 748146

>For these people Hansen being involved does make a huge difference
I guess? I don't think it mattered one way or the other as far as getting the word out. I've seen a lot of comments on channels like Repzion's or Blaire's where they'd mention talking about this to their family, their grandparents, etc. Info like this has ways of spreading to people who don't necessarily live on the internet.

No. 748152

kinda boomer-ish yourself not to get that this is just storytelling, making a chronology for viewers of how they ended up outside Greg and Lainey's house. don't take it all so literally and you'll be fine.

No. 748156

>The internet is not real life! Everything I said and every underaged girl I flirted with was all online so it doesn't count! I told Chris Hansen I wanted him to show up for an interview online, it was just a sketch!! HE'S STALKING ME, FAXXXXXX.

I wouldn't even trust him to have ever hugged his dogs at this point.

This whole time Greg has been trying to pass it off as living in a hotel somewhere, so of course they're going to check and see if he's there first. He wasn't so they went to his house. It's not that complicated.

No. 748158

>Don't take an attorney literally
Duly noted. You'd think Hansen's legal consultant would choose his words more carefully. Guess not.
He literally said "we were at the hotel with Greg". How else is that statement supposed to be interpreted?

No. 748159

File: 1579000221238.jpg (68.47 KB, 696x1200, EODfOYEUcAAVb93.jpg)

So in other news, Greg's cameo went from $60 to $100. Wonder how much he's profiting from this shitshow?

No. 748161

"Hug your dog" the dog he neglects, lets live in trash and doesn't even give water to?

No. 748162

it's for entertainment purposes, the daytime occupations of the people involved don't matter lmao. they weren't there to arrest Greg but to make entertainment about Greg.

No. 748166

File: 1579002138959.png (360.79 KB, 626x477, cameo.PNG)

I had to take a peek since its been a while since Ive looked at his Cameo page. Looks like hes shaved so I guess no more homeless living on the streets/motels videos. I actually thought the beard was his attempt to try and go under the radar on those rare occasions Lainey drags him to Olive Garden or Trampoline Sportz but no beard can hide the size of that Frankenstein monsters head of his. Seeing that giant melon wobble through the door is a dead giveaway Onision has walked into your establishment.

Do you think that when Greg and Lainey go out in public now if someone holds their gaze for just a little too long they automatically think "oh fuck, they heard about me and the underage girls" They must be paranoid as fuck.

No. 748167

The characters are called Evelyn and James, the Evelyn character is basically abused throughout.
Pastel belle made a video about it

No. 748168

That's wrong, I've listened to the books. The girl in the first book is named Abbigale, hence the dumbass name Stones to Abbigale. You're correct about her constantly getting abused though. Evelyn is the name of Madison's daughter.

No. 748171

Did Chris Hansen break the law doing this?

No. 748173

No. 748181

Soz genuinely just referenced the video, didn't realise it was his first book. Thought I know there's abuse throughout all his 'writing'

No. 748182

No knocking on someone’s door is not generally illegal .it can be under certain circumstances like if they have a restraining order or some other court order but generally you won’t go to jail for knocking on someone’s door and asking to speak with them . Plus Hansen literally had a lawyer with him to make sure he didn’t violate any laws

No. 748184

You all do realize that in order to conduct an criminal investigation, they have to talk to the people involved with the crimes, right? I get people don’t trust Chris or Vincent but there’s a lot of people who are trying so hard to prove there’s nothing happening with the FBI. Just because there isn’t a official public announcement or day by day updates doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. We just have to wait.

No. 748187

There's nothing to disprove when it hasn't been officially confirmed. Until that happens it's just hearsay, that's the point.

Shiloh didn't substantiate her statement with evidence. All she did was parrot what Hansen's been saying which doesn't add to anything we don't already know. I'm guessing she did it because a lot of people are having doubts, and part of the reason for that is the FBI never personally confirmed any of it, but for some reason they're using a journalist as their spokesperson which they've literally never done before? How does that make sense to anybody?

Speculation would end today if the FBI issued a simple public statement instead of apparently relying on a journalist and a victim to do it. The whole thing strikes me as more than a little strange. People will continue doubting and asking questions until certain things are settled.

No. 748198

I feel like ever since Sarah came forward, everyone's been impatient with this actually getting handled by the police or FBI, as it always looked like a long time coming

No. 748199

they won't issue a statement, it won't happen.

No. 748220


I just want to know if the anons who constantly demand "moar proof" are 14 year olds who have only seen the FBI on TV. Like the dumbass anon in last thread who really believed AN FBI agent would do a YouTube stream with chris Hansen.

Why would the FBI "issue a statement" about a nobody. The only time they really make statements is when it involves public figures or mass shootings.

And what "proof" are you expecting from the victims? To record their interviews with FBI agents? Phone calls? Emails? I'm sure that's a smart idea and I'm sure they definitely haven't been advised to keep details to themselves.

They also don't owe anyone on the internet anything… especially not a gossip board.

No. 748221

I'm 1:43 into the new video and jfc dude is so full of shit that it's infuriating. Like there's no way he could actually believe his bullshit mental gymnastics right?

No. 748223

Samefag but like, he never actually addresses the issue. He just talks about all the extra bs drama around it.fkn annoying. Ok I'm done

No. 748230

agree, i swear some yall on here expect the fbi to pull up to lolcow or start vlogging on youtube to confirm the investigation. realize that some cases take years before full info comes out, and that it's the fbi's job to INVESTIGATE not report. chris hansen is doing the reporting and we're all shitting on him for "not doing it right". he's been an investigative journalist for longer than a lot of you been alive for, and idk why these anons born in the 2000s think they know more about reporting than he does. the milk is flowing lately thanks to chris, why don't we just sit back and enjoy for now?

No. 748231

Hate how he puts on his fake little sad voice to make people feel bad for him and that this is some type of "apology". Chris Hansen got you scared Jimmy?

No. 748232

Did jim post a new video? Someone please link without giving water head views

No. 748233

No. 748236

It's glaringly obvious some of these spergs belong to the Anti-O crowd and are just mad they don't get to be in the spotlight.

No. 748245

this is some of the best milk we've gotten in a while so honestly I don't see what it matters who got it going and who gets "credit"

No. 748248

Shiloh is so cute and I could listen to her talk about dumb shit all day, but hearing her confirm she's cooperating with the FBI during an open investigation is evidence enough for me. She's obviously not able to give details on the open investigation and anyone demanding an official public statement from the FBI is either 12 years old or not from the US. that will never happen. MAYBE after Greg and Kai are arrested and possibly sentenced, but also probably not even then. they aren't going to do anything to jeopardize the success of the investigation, or give Greg and Kai time to run, or anything.

hearing from someone who has dealt with some of the worst shit confirm they're working with LE is all the proof I need. It's going to take months to a year+ before the FBI will conclude and potentially take action. be patient, farmers, you look silly for demanding a handwritten letter delivered to your door in person from the FBI

No. 748252

Agreed with sperges about Chris and the FBI, its getting fucking annoying, some anons here act like they have the right to be right up the investigations ass

No. 748257

Careful anon, Skye and Alicia lurk and get buttmad if you give praise to the new anti-o kween.

No. 748259

Oh jesus. Not the Skye hater sperg again.


No. 748263


I mean, he pretty much confessed to the police on the 911 call that Chris Hansen is at his doorstep, which of course was then confirmed by the police themselves when they arrived on the scene. That can really only mean one thing, unless you’re a friend or associate of his, which Jimmy is clearly not. The police are now fully aware that Chris Hansen is investigating him, way to dig yourself a hole, Grease.

No. 748264

Calm down white knight, no one’s hating

No. 748266

Holy shit can we make it a bannable offense to debate whether or not there's an investigation/legal case already? You assholes bring this up in every goddamn thread and the discussion is futile. The FBI isnt going to hold a press conference to announce who they're monitoring you fucking moron. It defeats the purpose if Greg knows what they're looking into, and the FBI cant publicly suggest someone is a criminal without any proper charge against them. No one can definitively say what is going to happen at this point

No. 748269

"hi, this is not what you expected, most of you at least. I wanted to talk about some important stuff. first of all the videos you've been seeing on this channel are all fake, and I thought people would know that they were fake because I didn't think my acting was that good, but apparently not, a lot of people did.
people think I'm actually homeless, they think I'm actually living in a tent, they think I actually would pour kombucha on myself, because my patreon did get deleted as a result of me posting a text that was very nice, it was a very nice text talking about nice things that happened in my past, there was somebody that I used to know we said nice things to me and I shared that with everyone else saying hey wasn't it great when we were nice to each other a long time ago and I was just showing how I kind of missed those times when we're nice to each other and I forgot to crop out the top of the text I actually noticed it and I removed it before anyone could really freak out about it but people freaked out anyway so then I lost my patreon because I forgot to crop out the top of the text which was again a nice text and the text to follower liked talking about how I don't wish any oh and I hope that everyone's you know happier and stuff like that but it just translated to doxing you know it was an accident was a mistake on my part I'm sorry for that.

so about these freakout videos - I made them to make money to compensate for the patreon loss. I thought when my patron was deleted I thought, how can I turn this negative into a positive. (…) I was like how do I promote this site how do I get people to watch this, this content that I make, and I thought, freak out videos, people love freakout videos. they go viral and they did a lot of them the first one got over a million views and it's because people want to see, what follows their narrative, they want to see someone have a meltdown if they think that that person is a psychopath. they want to gaslight them or whatever and they want to believe that this person is completely insane that they'll do that and anyone with common sense would probably know that you know listening to me explain this is a direct contradiction of the person who cannot explain anything in these videos who freaks out at the smallest thing who loses their mind on a fly, starts crying randomly. or I mean there was points where I was faking seizures in a comedic fashion for views and people still thought I was real. like i made an entire video about how i pooped on my back allegedly and people thought that was real. and I didn't realize I could push the limits so far and people would still believe it, and they did. and I thought that was crazy like people actually thought that I'd traded on my car in my house for a dog and people actually thought that when I was a child the dog hopped on my back and did horrible things to me. they they literally believe these stories that were a means for me to get more views on YouTube. and that's why I put every single video there in the entertainment category, because I thought that people would understand that I was doing that for entertainment.

but that's not really what this video is about. so I wanted to talk about something that I addressed a long time ago with you guys, and I did so in a
fashion which was both ignorant and cruel cruel you know like horrible of me. it was the topic of rape. I made a lot of anti-rape videos, like, trying to stand up for victims you know, be a white knight, say this is what you should do if you're in that situation.
first of all if you've never gone through that you shouldn't be telling people how to deal with it. and I was telling a lot of people how to deal with it what they should do and people were saying, 'you know you never been a victim of it so you want to know and you shouldn't tell people how to deal with it' yet I continued. I didn't just tell people who were victims how to deal with it, I would condemn them if they didn't do it the way that I told them to handle it and this is how I told them to do it. I would I would say if you don't report this person you are helping them, some might see that as true, but you'd have to be completely emotionally detached from the scenario to think that that was an appropriate agenda to push when you go through something like being violated or otherwise you know taking advantage of or illegally assaulted or something like that. when you go through that, and a lot of instances you're asking yourself if it was your fault, you're asking yourself if you go to court are they going to shame you, do you want to relive everything that you went through, and that's the thing with a lot of victims is if they even start to bring it up, they'll they'll break down crying, and they can't get through it. and that's something that people don't seem to recognize a lot. is when someone goes through something more often than not it seems like they can't even talk about it and if they do talk about it they're terrified that nobody's gonna believe them and so they almost feel like what's the point in talking about it because their story is so difficult for the world to accept even if it is true. but I had this black-and-white view of the world so I said you know if you don't tell your story, you're helping them and you're bad. you're an accomplice. but there's a parallel here we say you should be pro-choice because we don't want to force victims of our rape to have the babies of their rapists and that's a valid point. people shouldn't be forced to have the baby of people who force themselves on them. but at the same time why should somebody who's gone through horrible trauma, and it just sucks to say because it doesn't it doesn't help fight crime but it does help people understand themselves and how to deal with what they've gone through maybe, but it's how could you ask somebody who's gone through that to take on the burden of potentially being humiliated in court, having to face the person who did this once more, feeling like they're not going to get justice. feeling like they're helpless and that the world would just laugh at them if they were to say anything. if they were to go public about what happened to them would have just ruined their life more than they feel it's already ruined, and would it drive them into ending their own life.

so I just, I woke up way too early. I just realized it's 5:40, 6 a.m. but this was bothering me, it was haunting me that I had made such ignorant statements that were so hurtfulto people who only need support. so I wanted to say sorry. and the reason I'm sorry, the way you can tell that I'm sorry, is because I'm correcting my actions and I'm going to make an active effort to not speak for people at a disadvantage as if I know their life better than them. because that's the thing there's a lot of people who you never know they went through something. you never know how many times they've been taken advantage of or legally violated or anything like that.
you have no idea who has gone through. a lot of times they they don't tell you because they think that you would laugh at them or they think that you wouldn't take it seriously or they think that you would say it's their fault.

so I'm sorry I'm sorry for not being more understanding I'm sorry for trying to make it like people who have gone through something horrible are helping these people because life isn't as simple as are you or are you not helping someone, it's far more complicated. especially when you're in the shoes of those people seeing it from their perspective. it is not the duty of anyone to do anything that they were forced to go through legally or otherwise if you go through something like that you have no responsibilities. I would only hope that you would try to take care of yourself and that you would try to do whatever you can to heal. your responsibility is you."

No. 748276


Oh, Onision is trying to cover his tracks in case those videos are used against him. Chris showing up at his door and the 911 recording release must have reality checked him hard.

No. 748277

There's a small group that went for Chris Hansens reputation to undercut the investigation against Onision, that didnt gain steam so they started looking at his team and trying to get everyone to bring out the pitchforks and torches, that also didnt work and eventually got them banned when they'd bring it up and forced them to the Anti-O flakes thread in /snow/ where they just preach to the choir and jerk each other off with "evidence"
Saying that there's no FBI investigation or insinuating that the ladies who have mentioned that there is are liars is a subtle way of shitting on the victims but not getting banned. Im with you I hope that bringing up the validity of a FBI investigation or asking for proof eventually becomes a bannable offence.

No. 748278

Can you fuckers talk about something other than whether or not there is a FBI investigation? I see this on every thread.

No. 748279

how many threads have you been in and not learned to sage?

No. 748281


Greg then: If you don't speak out about your abuse, you're helping the abuser.

Greg now: If you've been abused, stay quiet… TO SAVE YOURSELF!! Going to trial or telling the police would just be like.. SUPER draining and bad for you. You don't want to relive your trauma, right? Just go seek therapy and leave me alon- I mean, heal and be free again!

No. 748283

no, we just talk shit about everyone on this website, get over it

reality checked hard. he must have realized that dealing with the police will not be fun, and suddenly understands why people don't report rapes. because police are not fun. his words are uncharacteristically sympathetic and sober, like it just hit him that this is actually happening and he is in trouble.

also interesting to note that the 'freakout' videos were just him compensating for the loss of patreon dollars, not an attempt at pleading insanity in the future.

No. 748285


>illegally assaulted

it's so gross how obsessed he is with """"legality"""" if u were assaulted legally would that somehow be less traumatic?? i just hate this guy

No. 748289

It’s 2020 and mr. Google Definitions has still not figured out what ‘gaslighting’ actually means.

No. 748290

Funny how he yelled at Lainey when she just wanted to leave her ex raping her in the past and not pursue a case years after it happened. He's always on the side of what benefits him at the time.

No. 748295

Completely off topic, but does anyone know what video game he's filming his voice over? Looks familiar

No. 748297

Does anyone know if cps has checked up on the kids at all?

No. 748301

I think its painfully obvious hes trying to indirectly imply that Sarah is a rapist again. Hes narc sperging his flip flopped view as a way of saying that hes a victim now with "personal expirence" and thats why he hasnt reported sarah. Just covering his tracks and getting ready to flip this on her again. Bet on it

No. 748306

Thanks for the transcript, spares me from listening to his whiney bitch ass. This is like if Weinstein made a video about the burden victims of assault have to carry lmao yes Grug please tell us how legit illuminated you are about the plight of rape victims going to the police now that Chris Hansen and co have come to your front doorstep seeking answers for your perverted abuse of women because you're too pussy to just go on live to prove your " innocence" because nobody will bewieve poor wittle Gwug over that big mean 19 year old and her scary BPD uwu

No. 748309

Dude seriously that same person says that exact same thing over and over and over I doubt either of them have ever posted here, I really don't get their weird hate boner for the quietest and least milky person involved unless its Shiloh

No. 748310

No there isn't, there's a large group of adults capable of critical thinking and saying "What Chris is doing to James is good, and he has done good things, however he has also done bad and shady things and should be held accountable for his actions." How do you don't understand that a person can do both good and bad things at the same time. People are not black and white.

No. 748311

There are screenshots of him telling Sarah how much he loved making love with her (ew) and watching her pleasure his Footwife (ew) and begging her to come back after one of the breakups. Why would he beg a "rapist" to come back?

No. 748312

I just get so much entertainment when the Waterheaded ape uploads content where he tries desperately to sound like this enlightened intellectual. As an Anon pointed out a few comments ago, he STILL doesn't know what gaslighting means to this fucking day, years after ReaganWolf first brought the term (which she explained really fucking clearly) to his attention. After the video she made where she was pointing out all the logical fallacies he uses during arguments, he was constantly adding LoGiCaL fAlLaCy to every other sentence in the following string of videos. And he never once used the term correctly. How fucking embarrassing?!

Greg is fucking stupid and extremely mentally fucked up. Obviously this isn't any sort of breaking news. But listening to him speak to the 911 dispatcher, like holy shit it's glaringly obvious. And he's 34 years old! At 34 he still doesn't have the life experience or cognitive ability/social intellegence to adequately speak to real life professionals in a real world setting. The part where he was sperging about the 18, nO 19 yEAr oLd whose being MEAN to him really illustrates my point.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 748320

Because its obviously Skye and or Alicia have posted about/shat on Shiloh on here often, because its always set up like “Why Shiloh this, Skye is much better at x” when no one gives a shit except maybe themselves So its pretty transparent. Also there are different anons calling this behaviour out.

No. 748321


Fuck off.

No. 748322

I see we're entering the comedown phase now, it always happens ( came a little late this time ). Interested to see how he's going to try to further spin all of this.

No. 748324

Why u mad tho? Cuz we’re telling the truth?

Lol be mad

No. 748326

are we calling baseless tinfoil the truth now?

No. 748327

Its stupid bullshit that should be on another thread. This is some twitter Anti-O drama.

No. 748329

>some yall on here expect the fbi to pull up to lolcow or start vlogging on youtube
>demanding a handwritten letter delivered to your door in person from the FBI
Nice hyperbole, but no. The FBI have official spokespeople, they don't need to use journalists or victims as mouthpieces.

No. 748330

According to the end of the video, they're going to gradually release the information that they found rather than a full dump.

No. 748331

Chris has said many times he knows retired LE or FBI. People retired from those professions do public interviews. You're right that the victims don't owe anyone an explanation, which is another reason Shiloh's video >>748091 is weird and weirdly timed imo, on top of being unnecessary, unless she was trying to unsuccessfully allay a lot of the doubts and questions people are having.

No. 748332

>>also interesting to note that the 'freakout' videos were just him compensating for the loss of patreon dollars, not an attempt at pleading insanity in the future.

Not sure how anyone could think he was trying for insanity plea when he made a public tweet and livestream both saying the freakout videos were 100% fake after the 2nd or 3rd one.
Anyone who was still going on about insanity plea hasn't been paying attention

No. 748336

He can make all the fake apology videos he wants to try and gain sympathy but then we have the real life 911 call where he victim blames Sarah for the millionth time and acts like he's the actual victim. So anyone with a brain would be able to tell that this apology is not him apologizing for anything he's currently under fire for. It's clearly his way of deflecting, attempting to gain sympathy points without ever actually addressing any of his victim's claims. AGAIN.

No. 748338

100% so dull reading this thread atm. "I have evidence there is no fbi investigation I'm not sperging this is just an OT discussion the anti o thread is not a shit thread! It's where me and the guys from TDP and Vince fan shit post without getting banned as much!!"

Chris Hansen's name has added credibility to this, to the boomers and people not up to date on Greg Faggy James Pedophile Jackson. All Greg and any lads associated with him that are scared about what information on Lainey's old laptop and other devices they can look up have in defence of this is "This is all drama. The Fbi have not went on television and addressed this on national television ergo, this investigation is NOT HAPPENING!!!"

Onision is fucked. Chris Hansen is not responsible if Onion snaps and kills his family. Is he reading Kurt's farewell letter to his family before Courtney shot him and added on the last bit that made it a suicide note for inspiration. Is he going to write some illegible shit that Hansen made him so this? Hansen made another predator suicidal, be human!!!! Fuck off out of this thread. Plz.

No. 748340


Nta, but I'm pretty sure admin/farmhand called them both out one thread for posting. They had actually applied to be farmhands also.

No. 748343

>they aren't going to do anything to jeopardize the success of the investigation
You realize it was already jeopardized once it was announced publicly, right?
>or give Greg and Kai time to run, or anything.
They've had ample time to ditch evidence. They could also leave the country today and nothing could legally stop them. I'm not taking Hansen's word because he's a liar and for all I know Shiloh got her info from him. Some of you obviously don't understand what hearsay means.

No. 748345

>They had actually applied to be farmhands also
Can confirm this, I remember it too.

It'd be nice if the thread wasn't getting clogged up with Chris & Skye, though.

No. 748346

still doesn't prove that they were shitting on shiloh, but I digress

No. 748347

>The Fbi have not went on television and addressed this on national television ergo, this investigation is NOT HAPPENING!!!"
That's very dramatic of you, and also misses the point entirely but do go on.

No. 748348

You really are a special retard. Shiloh has had a lawyer contact Greg before to remove her likeness from his channel and he was threatened if he kept it up there would be consequences. Now Shiloh has broken years of silence and went and did a compelling interview with Chris Hansen. She says she has her own investigation so there's one. You can dispute that but you cant state as fact there's no investigation. Also Sarah alluded that there has been evidence and information handed over to the authorities and there are allegations of child porn.

People are investigated by government bodies all the time, people do not need to remain locked to one location to be investigated especially if most of their crimes took place online.

Interviewing people about a person of interest wouldn't complicate any investigation. You're acting like there needs to be a blackout on Greg while this is looked into.

Honestly. Wtf is this mentality. For years farmers have been itching for someone to legitimise and bring the correct attention to Onision to stop him preying on young women and all some people are concerned about is point scoring on an anonymous board or on their gay twitter accounts. Wee doxxing cunts and cowtippers delegitimise this situation far more than some boomers. Keep you're derailing to your shite twitters and fuck off

No. 748352

It was brought up because of Shiloh's video >>748091. Calm down.

No. 748353

He likely did. This is not his first ambush interview. I think people forget Hansen is a professional with decades of investigative journalism experience. I don't love ambush interviews in general, but don't people like Greg deserve that?

No. 748355

She didn't mention her lawyer in her recent video. Most of us already know she did an interview with Hansen, that's not what the question is. There's no confirmation from an official source. Last I checked, Hansen & Shiloh aren't FBI spokespeople. Without official confirmation from the source, all else is hearsay. Maybe learn the meaning of the word before tossing all that word salad anon.

No. 748356

>but don't people like Greg deserve that
They absolutely do. In general, yes, not just because of the milk. I don't get how this is even a discussion.

No. 748357

If an FBI agent personally authorized Hansen to make their ongoing investigation public as Hansen claimed, then I have to wonder about the integrity of the agent. According to the FBI's own policy they don't make details on active investigations public in order "to protect the rights of people not yet charged with a crime." Easy to forget Greg has yet to be charged with anything. The question was never about the details of the investigation though, rather a simple confirmation from the source affirming or denying hearsay, which btw the FBI has done before. Look it up kids.

What makes no sense and what some people keep avoiding is why the FBI gave the go ahead to a journalist or a victim to comment publicly on an investigation when they have official spokespeople who serve that function. Again, no one's asking for detailed information. It's not complicated.

No. 748358

I guess Shiloh isn't enough of a spokesperson for her own life then? What are yoy expecting? The fbi website to give us an update, maybe put a flashing banner across the site saying "Onision is being investigated!" A victim tells you she has an ongoing investigation of her own with authorities and there is an open case investigation with the fbi. We don't believe the victims now? Honestly what world do you live in that requires a public statement to be made any time someone is in trouble with the government. He hasn't been convicted of anything yet ffs. Take your head out of your ass.

No. 748361

Is Shiloh a spokesperson for the FBI now? I'm sorry you don't know what hearsay is but the FBI have in the past publicly commented on active investigations. If you don't believe it look it up.

I don't know why some of you think moving the goalposts or using hilarious hyperbole and histrionics makes you sound more reasonable or proves your point, it doesn't.

No. 748363

Hansen has never stated the fbi gave him the go ahead to do these interviews. He interviewed Sarah first of all, got details of her evidence and helped her contact the relevant authorities. He has stated several times he has his own personal contacts in the federal investigation bureau and is aware they are investigating. He's not interviewing anyone on behalf of the fbi, this is entirely separate. I know the following is against the rules; but my own step father works for government security in UK and he tells me unofficial shit all the time, I use to work and handle fraudulent claims and interview claimants myself - none of what Hansen is doing would negatively impact this case and he has never said he is an fbi spokesperson. It would only hurt his career to come off with this shit and I doubt he's willing to throw his credibility under a bus for big waterbrain Greg.

Tl;Dr Hansen has never said he is working on behalf of the fbi or interviewing witnesses on behalf of the fbi. He just knows from his own contacts that he has obtained while working decades in the industry that there is an investigation. Shiloh says she knows of one too and had her own separate one. Sarah has confirmed she's handed evidence and devices into the authorities. You're not going to get an fbi spokesperson for this case, this is not a high profile case.

No. 748367

exactly. I don't know why an FBI agent would give Hansen details or even tell him that a person is being investigated giving him ample time not only to run but to destroy evidence when there are likely other victims that none of us know about. For all we know Greg could have hard drives full of CP and pages of damning chat logs with underage girls that he destroyed as soon as this came out. We all know there are likely other victims out there and those people also deserve justice. Why would an FBI agent compromise that at the request of a journalist? Do you think that the FBI just looked at whatever Regina and Sarah gave them and said "Welp, that's all we need boys! Time to tell the press."

I'm not asking the FBI to come out with an official statement. They have better things to do. I'm just not going to naively believe things just because Chris Hansen or anyone else said so. If he's arrested or Lainey is arrested I'll believe it and I'll be happy that it was successful. If not I hope the girls have some sort of plan B to get justice.

No. 748368

No. 748369

>Hansen has never stated the fbi gave him the go ahead to do these interviews
>He's not interviewing anyone on behalf of the fbi
lol that's not even the question… Can some of you try reading more carefully before posting?

No. 748372

No agent has compromised anything! You derailing faggots are the ones twisting the narrative. Hansen has never said he is acting on behalf of the fbi.

Sarah has handed in Lainey's old laptop and other devices with evidence. Greg has decades worth of material across the world wide Web and data recovery would not be an issue for a federal department. Greg's let us know before he's deleted hard drives well before any noise of an investigation was happening. He's more self aware than he let's on about his nefarious online deeds. If he wants to delay this like he's delaying the wetlands it'll only negatively impact him.

The girls are always free to contact the authorities. Anyone is free to contact the fucking authorities at any time, Hansen isn't stopping that. What he is doing is publicising the on going interviews and drawing out more people willing to talk or corroborate on the narrative that Greg is a big old groomer along with his mentally handicapped wife

No. 748373

What was your question your green texting fruit? Maybe you could green text it for us all in your cool reply.

No. 748376

I like how they said the police wasn't surprised about why Chris was there kek.

No. 748377

Aside from the meaning of hearsay, this is what some people aren't getting: The investigation was compromised the moment Hansen (presumably on his own initiative) decided to publicly announce it. It doesn't make sense that an actual agent, who should know better, would give Hansen consent to do this, not if they're serious about maintaining the integrity of the investigation. Other anons pointed this out months ago.

No. 748379

Maybe try being literate then maybe you'll find the answer you seek.

No. 748380

no one said that Chris is claiming to act on behalf of the FBI. We're just saying we aren't naive enough to take what someone says at face value just because they were on TV a decade ago. This is especially true when you consider all of the other blows his credibility has taken. I get that you want to believe the celebrity boomer but sometimes people lie on the internet.

No. 748381

I'm going to get sooo hi cow b& for this, but you strike me as the same bold anon who was sperging that Jimmy was demonically possessed several threads ago ( in a serious manner, too ).
This is the only way any of this "cOnFiRm It" makes sense. You have a thread on snow for it. Go use it. Why is any of this in the main thread again?

I love how he used a whiny voice to impersonate Jimmy, lmao.

No. 748383

Bullshit. You and other anons clearly aren't that versed on the law if you think Hansen saying "the fbi are aware or this and looking into it" is compromising an investigation. Fuck me Greg could already have been contacted on a preliminary basis but you think he'd tell the fucking Internet? He can't even utter Sarah's fucking name anymore. If there's evidence already been found on the devices that have already been handed in, too bad, Greg can run but he can't hide. Data recovery is easy. And he's the mongoloid that uses other websites to host all his shit. He doesn't have his own channels of communication Greg always uses third party resources to host his gay patron steams, voicechats. He messages people from. Fb, twitter, Instagram, his forum that he has to pay someone else to host. He's a fucking idiot. Fbi just needs to request his online history.

No. 748385

Because Shiloh recently perpetuated hearsay.

No. 748388

File: 1579045823754.png (36.2 KB, 1074x205, chrome_RPjvjParni.png)

No. 748389

He's not wrong on the stupid part.

No. 748390


This reeks of a hidden apology to Billie.

No. 748391

Hansen said it's "confirmed" that the FBI are actively investigating, I have no reason to take his word when he's been caught lying and evading public accountability. Greg can't get rid of ALL evidence but you can't pretend he couldn't get rid of some of it.
I guess you're just going to keep avoiding this huh? >>748357
>What makes no sense and what some people keep avoiding is why the FBI gave the go ahead to a journalist or a victim to comment publicly on an investigation when they have official spokespeople who serve that function.

No. 748392

That makes sense now that you mention it. Especially considering the outright apology to her at the beginning for leaking her number. He's still so hung up on her.

No. 748393

They were shitting on Shiloh and were bitching about “where’s muh privacy!!!!1!2!34556!!!”. Maybe you should lurk moar

No. 748394

File: 1579046118086.png (625.48 KB, 1077x1051, chrome_H7gQuXrFFD.png)

here's more of his tweets
nothing too interesting, he's just trying to play it up like everything is just fine.

No. 748396

He really thinks that all of this is just going to blow over and everything will go back to normal. This isn't like all of your past scandals Greg. There's no coming back from this.

No. 748397

There are certain types of people who start doing and saying stupid shit when they feel eyes on them, and know they are being investigated. They buckle under pressure. They freak out. They make mistakes and drop themselves in it.

You'll also notice that Hansen made a big deal out of how the local cops are fans of his and like the show etc (fans of Hansen, that is)

Revealing that Greg is being investigated isn't going to ruin any investigation, it could however aid it considering gregs obvious and uncontrollable reactionary nature. Ditto making him feel powerless ('cops are on our side, all eyes are on you greg, everyone knows your game' etc).

Chris Hansen isn't stupid, and even if he is only doing this for his own fame and doesn't give a shit about the girls at all, he's not going to fuck up his own comeback. More than anything, he'll want a win with this to splash all over the headlines, and will try hard to make that happen.

No. 748400

They could easily go to France; past molesters have sought sanctuary there because France doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US.

No. 748401

They didn't shit on Shiloh and it wasn't even Skye that got putted as being the poster. Alicia filled out one of the forms when lolcow was asking people to submit a questionnaire if they wanted to mod. Any who fucking cares, Skye and Shiloh have both supported each other recently and only have said encouraging things about each other since Hansen has got involved. Even if Skye did feel animosity towards 'the other woman', she has literally put it to the side and came out in support because she understands the bigger picture - That Onision, James Jackson, is a danger to his vulnerable fans.

No. 748402

File: 1579046477608.jpg (53.39 KB, 1006x754, WH5MIQVMX7WP7FUBDDI3NLBTTE.jpg)

Actual pic of fbi agents interviewing gorg while he acts like a buffoon.

Not an apology, more like an attempt to cover his ass to show people that " he truly cares and he has changed for the better!"

No. 748403

Lmao, Onion isn't going to France. He's not that Slick. He's also a retard. Greg probably doesn't even know how to log on to the dark Web and I'm sure he wouldn't be able to attract the thick little emo girls he likes there either. He unfortunately has done all his grooming on the world wide web, has never covered his tracks except delete pictures he's collected onto his hard drive. That doesn't erase his histories online. Even when he said he bough a vpn, there are so many different ways to identify someone online other than IP address. Quite literally everything this man does will leave a digital fingerprint. If I was him I'd be worried about all the porn he's been searching for as well as all his chat with minors. He's a dumb cunt!

No. 748404

He can't even afford to go to and stay in France for a while.

No. 748405

Is that tortilla-man from Slipknot??

No. 748409

Gunk must have been buttmad when the cops sided with Chris. No wonder he's staying quiet about it, the humiliation must be too big that the cops stayed on the side of a his YouTube stalkurrr who's been saying mean things about him!

No. 748410

Xfiles season 5 episode 5

No. 748413

File: 1579047567023.jpg (17.06 KB, 256x353, 1262425256337L.jpg)

>he's not going to fuck up his own comeback.
You must be really out of the loop anon LOL.

I know there are a lot people hoping Greg will fuckup and fly in another 14 year old but he's rejected every single proposal that we've publicly seen from both minors and adults. He's been the opposite of careless where that's concerned. The poorly acted spergouts aside, he's been much more cautious knowing more eyes are on him. Hansen (or the FBI) apparently wasn't smart enough to realize the better strategy would've been to never mention FBI involvement.

No. 748415


I would hazard a guess that Hansen knows more about how FBI investigations work and how to properly handle them than you do, anon. How many predators have you caught, again?

Honestly if the anons here think they can do a better job of getting gregma behind bars, then go do it. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the milk hmm

No. 748416

LOL as if Onion would go to a country where English isn't the main language.He's a racist cunt. Heck he can't even stand UK or Australian or even American southern accents. He's too waterbrained to learn French to chat up little 14 y.o. Bridget Bardots. The only foreign country I could see him fleeing to out of sheer desperation is Canada(certainly not Quebec)& with his shitty online footprint & lack of employment history I doubt he'd be able to get a visa, especially if even ONE official has a daughter who was a fan of Shiloh's back in the day.(She was quite popular in Canada back then)

No. 748417


No. 748418


If anything I see him going to Thailand or one of those pedo-ridden countries in SEA. You don't need to know their language, they are cheap as fuck, and you'll (unfortunately but fortunately for him) be surrounded by pedos.

But we all know he would never ever leave the US. He probably feels somehow protected by the laws.

No. 748419

I second the anons who suggested making the back and forth regarding the existence of the FBI case a bannable offense. This shit is SO boring to read and has been discussed for several threads straight. The arguments on both sides have been made at this point and it's clear that no one is gonna change their mind.

Can we please shift conversation back to Gurp? Please?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 748420

Out of what loop? Greg's discord where they talk about Hansen being unfaithful to his wife (so has you Greg!) or that he owes fines to the government (so did you Greg!), or that he made a predator he previously investigated suicidal? Oh no, won't someone think of the predatory men!

What's the fucking point in talking circles about this? Either yoy think Hansen has compromised the fbi case you don't think is happening or Hansen is compromising any case that could happen? So no one should publicise any information about Onision alleged victims anymore? I think you're on the wrong website. Do you miss us nitpicking Lainey? Greg's fans always did prefer that discourse but the boring bitch has her own thread. Maybe you want to go to the anti o thread, although it's a bit dead and shit isn't it? Guess you cna just fuck off?

No. 748421

His career was effectively over (yt channel barely surviving) until he started covering this. He was fired after that dude an-hero'd himself. Hansen was the face of TCAP, not the brains or the muscle.

Greg's obviously been more cautious with all the attention on him. The FBI try to keep their subjects from knowing they're being investigated for a reason. Apparently this is too difficult a concept for some of you.

No. 748424

"it's ok guys you don't need to report me for any crimes, I understand if you don't!"

No. 748425

Greg's always been cautious since cuddlegate you dumb fuck. It has nothing to do with Hansen. He hid Sarah being back a couple of times too. He's already got someone that's lEgAl to fly in and out, that ugly cunt McFly. And good the cunt is being more careful. The whole point of outting his predatory behaviour is so he won't fucking contact vulnerable girls or coerece people out to do him and Lainey's domestic chores and sexual bidding. What the fuck are you invested in exactly? Who cares if some pedo killed himself. Good. Jesus.

No. 748426

>Out of what loop?
Yes, and everything you just mentioned proved that. You can stay uninformed but don't knock the people who choose otherwise.

No. 748427

Fascinating Green Text Queer. Guess it's irrelavent either way and most certainly not a relevant topic to this thread. Sit and enjoy the milk, unless you're one of Greg's friends and sweating that some of your convos will be glanced at by the authorities.

No. 748428

Yes, Greg's always been cautious and now he's being more cautious. And you missed the point at the end because you're being too emotional.

No. 748430

Again, stay uninformed. I answered a question. Nothing worth sperging over.

No. 748432

You think because Greg isn't broadcasting on his @Onision twitter handle he has found loopholes to hide any of his future and current behaviour from relevant authorities? I didn't miss the point, your point has been made several fucking times in the thread and it's been deduced to be pointless. Sorry you can't stalk his twitter anymore and we at lolcow don't have the literal Fbi coming here and updating us. You think Greg can come up with a plan to erase a decade worth of his online footprint? You give him too much credit. And again, you can't even say if Greg has had direct contact regarding this, you have no insider information. He can be watched at any time, so what he isn't telling his fans that he's got his hooks into some other girl. If a girl does end up there she can't fucking materialise in, you do understand in this day and age everything you do can be tracked lol. Maybe hold your breath until the fated spokesperson from the fbi YouTube media teams comes and releases a statement lol

No. 748450

Greg was cautious because of public scrutiny well before Hansen was even a thought in his mind, "muh Hansen conspiracy" anon. He's ben turning down underaged approaches on social media for a long while -it's why he chose Sarah too, she was "in house". hat's how long h's been cautious.

No. 748452

Since you brianiacs don't get it, go the FBI's website and look at their policy regarding active investigations, or ask any reputable lawyer. The FBI know it's to their advantage to keep a subject in the dark, which is why this is their standard protocol. If someone's aware they're being investigated they're that much more likely to not only seek legal representation, but to refuse an FBI interview, which you can legally do. You're acting like this whole thing is in the bag because some boomers are doing a hirewire act while telling you how sooper serious they are. The only insider info we have comes from receipts, not hearsay from your favorite boomer.(FBI derailing)

No. 748457

Sure everything can be tracked, that doesn't mean the information gathered can be used in court, what with that pesky 4th amendment that keeps our rights from being totally shit on. lol some of you act like the FBI are judge, jury and executioner.

No. 748458

We do get it, we're simply sick of the derailment of the Onision lolcow thread about it since it's well known he lurks and his spastic fans constantly try to derail. Not only do they come and post here but in the livestreams he doesn't broadcast anymore because of some stupid scrote patron spouting off when they were live that he had the info to take Chris Hansen and this investigation down. It's cowtippers and spastic Internet twitter users that are spooking the cows more. Hansen has said very fucking little on regards to any official investigation, he has simply stated he has been told they are aware and looking into it. He also shared the tidbits about how much time Greg could possible get for each image distributed of a minor or if videos are found that sentencing can be based per frames of video.

Also to point out to people that he is currently on his local government and counties government watch list for the shit he has done in the wetlands and the fact he hasn't fixed that issue yet. He's probably made enough nuisance phone calls to the police before to be known to local law enforcement not to mention CPS has literally been out to his house and when he was found in that hotel room with Shi with the filming equipment he was questioned then. He has been on the radar for years. Even with the wetland case he still sperged like an absolute retard on twitter and we can even see the fucking emails he sends himself.

This is not a high profile case for the fbi. We don't even know what evidence they're going off of, Chris Hansen has only confirmed they are aware of it and looking into it. Nothing official has happened in respect of the recent allegations; at least to the publics knowledge.

We get it, Vince doxxed some other YouTubers and flagged their videos and he's acted unprofessional, but seriously, take your vendettas elsewhere. Farmers have been drying for something substantial to happen to Greg James Jackson and now fucking Chris Hansen from TCAP is literally going up to this cucks house and entertaining this little corner of the Internet whilst also publicising the grooming allegations to the normie public. We've never had so many public sightings before. Big Gay Kai is scared shitless and is staying offline. I take it these same people that won't fuck up about how legitiment this investigation is are the same cunts that were reporting things to the police on behalf of Sarah and other victims that they literally told you to back off and now they don't post as much. You cunts are playing into Greg's hands. Fucking stop it.

No. 748462

Keep telling yourself he can get off on technicalities because 'muh evidence' wasn't collected how you like. He's been in financial dispute with the government due to taxes and the wetlands. If there's a viable case and enough circumstantial evidence they can collect more via financial records. Look into his travelling. See if he's bought plane tickets for some dumb girl. Literally go to his Internet provider and get so much shit on him. It really isn't that hard.

No. 748464

This Ted talk post should get a golden star and we should all move on.
Hop off, skate off, jog on. There's a snow thread for it. Like, fuck. You can talk about this to your heart's content there.

We're getting gems like >>748368 and instead of laughing at the milk, the thread's filled with sperging about Chris/the FBI, still.

No. 748468

If it's that much of a derail then why keep replying to it? And why are you bringing up Vince? Go to the flakes thread where your boomers have been thoroughly discredited, or keep ignoring it all telling yourself they're doing "great work".
A court case hasn't happened. A jury hasn't deliberated. It really isn't that hard anon.

No. 748471

lmao he sounds just like Trump when he says "posting a text that was very nice, it was a very nice text talking about nice things"

No. 748472

This is the part I don't think you understand. No one of actual value is going to the flakes thread. Flakes is just a big playpen for all the twitterfags and baby cows to circlejerk in.

Getting back on topic, I was amazed to hear him actually admit to doxxing Billie, even though he immediately glossed over it. It's almost like he's cognizant that if he wants to ingratiate himself in his paypigs favor, he has to pretend he has some humility.

No. 748473

I don't think his paypigs like it when he admits any wrong doing towards the girls since they all suffer some disillusionment around the whole thing. Like how McFly kept huffing and going offline when he would say how great Shiloh was in bed. As much as he says he doesn't keep up with his haters, he does. All the comments get to him. He probably realises if he wants to get any semblance of normalancy for his YouTube he's going to have to start apologising about what he can. Reckon he's probably still too shit scared to mention Sarah and I doubt he'll ever bring out the "Sarah raped us!!" allegations again. The simple fact that he looks into laws before he breaks them shows most people he is self aware, he just doesn't want caught. Yet, he's a massive retard and no matter how much he preaches most or society will not accept his polygamy lifestyle; let alone one in which the groomed teenage girl is made to be maid and sex concubine.

No. 748475

I know he wishes people actually labeled him the Joker of youtube but he's actually the Donald Trump of youtube. Shady business practices, tax fraud/evasion, incestuous, ephebophilia, narcissm, doesn't read. There's so many parallels with Onion and Trump.

No. 748481

>and I doubt he'll ever bring out the "Sarah raped us!!"
I wish he did, now that would have been comedy central hour.
He's in his comedown phase, which as mentioned before, always happens. He tries to spin the narrative, he's totes sorry, he promises he's going to be a BeTtEr HuMaN bEiNg. He gets a Don't engage tattoo, lol, etc.

Only this time shit's a lot more difficult for Jimmy. Things have never went this far before. He's not going to be able to quiet this down.

No. 748490

File: 1579061052474.jpeg (154.56 KB, 1125x304, 66150266-01A2-4BFF-BC80-D8317C…)

Jackyn’s tits are being interviewed tomorrow

No. 748494

No. 748504

File: 1579064416806.jpg (33.39 KB, 580x262, ripreptarripchickenbyeleeloo.j…)

No. 748506

sorry but this is the funniest reply I've ever read on here

No. 748508


sayeth the one who has abandoned at least 3 pets out of….6 or 7 total? 3 of which he gave away because they annoyed him/took more care than putting them out in the backyard
and 3 which died from neglect
1 of which was in bad shape when he pawned it off to a friend

No. 748515

File: 1579066383111.webm (5.13 MB, 276x368, hottest most honest christian …)

I think the reason he raised his price is that the only requests hes getting on Cameo is people fucking with him trying to make him say stupid shit. Its similar to those outrageous prices he had for some of his Patreon perks. Hes said if hes going to have to endure haters trolling him hes going to make them pay out the nose. Hes whoring himself out for the C notes.

No. 748518

He was having sexual conversations with candy savvy, a 15 year old, on his Patreon not too long ago, they were talking about how she lost her virginity and whatnot. That's not exactly being "cautious" considering the reputation he has

No. 748521

File: 1579067037292.jpeg (23.24 KB, 562x136, OnisionPrime.jpeg)

Just a friendly reminder that Greg will be having a private chat with his fans tomorrow evening. Im assuming this will be the first contact hes had with his fans since Hansens visit. Hopefully a kind anon will be able to record or transcript any milky conversations they have in private before they take the gamestream public and start censoring themselves.

No. 748535

The Sarah shit was extremely careless.

He's always had a veil of shame surrounding her, hence why he was always super defensive that nothing was ever going on
even when people didn't ask questions,

"this is completely unwarranted, but just so you know, ew, Sarah is plain. I would never - she's like a foster daughter to me"
going as far to be mean to her, not even acknowledging her as an ex, saying to her face, "i hate doing this to you" while feeding her, and hiding her existence from mutual friends like Billy the Fridge

He's gotten sloppy and crossed a line that i never thought he would cross, and i've always known he was a piece of shit, but i thought it was way too far fetched when people implied something would happen I didn't expect him to be THAT fucking deviant and careless

He has gotten sloppy, and i really wouldn't be surprised if something happens with Clot in the future at this point

No. 748536

>"kai is inside the house with the kids"
didn't this take place on a weekday morning? why are the kids not in school? i have to hope the onions aren't keeping them at home bc greg and kai are scared of being seen in public/by other parents

No. 748537

Who Greg chooses to groom vs who he lets approach him are two different things. Also he stopped (publicly anyway) with Candy when Ayalla blew up the Sarah thing, again before Chris. Maybe stop powerposting about Chris and step outside for some fresh air.

No. 748541

File: 1579071070308.jpg (247.65 KB, 1080x1171, Screenshot_20200115_074800.jpg)

Seems like the local Police is going to talk to Chris Hansen about onion.

No. 748543

File: 1579071785416.jpg (410.93 KB, 1402x1114, EDl44DNWsA45EDPaW.jpg)

Just once Id love for him to say in a video or during a discord chat with his fans the first allegations he messaged to Sarah in an attempt to scare her and shut her up. Like with this 911 call I would of loved him to try and make himself and Lainey look like the ultimate victims.

911 Operator: and do you know what hes talking about like why he was stalking you or anything like that?

Onision: There was someone… an 18… umm 19… no wait she's almost 20 year old who raped my spouse Kai and blackmailed us both. This almost 20 year old is a criminal liar who violated a legal NDA she signed of her own free will. This almost 20 year old is a sexual extortionist, blackmailer and child harming rapist, she went to Chris Hansen and now they're being mean to me in a hateful way.

No. 748545

File: 1579072650287.jpg (77.32 KB, 960x720, onionhomeinvasion.jpg)

No. 748547


Her name is literally right there, and you still misspell it. Also lurk moar, this was mentioned before.


>when we did not want to sleep with you or even kiss you

says the man who slept with her and kissed her. God, he is all kinds of autistic if he really thinks he can continue with this bullshit “raped and blackmailed” narrative. Your single space word template NDA is not legally binding, Jimmy

No. 748548

I think anon was in such a rush to post their unfunny joke they didn't think to spellcheck.

No. 748552

Kek next thread pic please

His narcissism finally got the better of him. He thought because he was able to convince so many people that all his exes were evil bitches that he would be able to do the same thing with Sara lol but practically everybody already fucking KNEW what was really going on in that dump and so when Sara finally came out with the truth there was no way Grugly had a snowball's chance in hell of making her out to be the "evil ex".

The biggest fucking reason why is because she never should have been an ex to begin with but waterhead thought his master plan of using her BPD against her and making false rape allegations would get his dwindling mob of knuckle draggers to rise up and avenge their pimply lord. But because he is still stuck in 2010 he didn't realize that most of his fanbase noped the fuck out a long time ago because of his own cancerous faggotry.

He really is only good at one thing in life and that is shooting himself with a double barrel shotgun in both feet. Oh and casting a considerable shadow with his fivehead wherever he goes.

No. 748553

Maybe they don't vaxx and couldn't go back to public school, maybe the kid was sick.

No. 748554

I think the youngest isn't schooling age yet. He could just be saying "kids" instead of kid to create a greater sense of urgency for the police to take him seriously

No. 748558

i can confirm greg was working through an agency at some point- i live in seattle, and my friend does modelling/acting part time through an agency in the area. she said that when she was first joining a few years ago, her agency mentioned that onision had worked with them, like they thought it would make them sound more legitimate, since he’s well known.

seeing mention of him treating agency actors poorly made me suddenly remember that conversion i had with her. i’m glad she didn’t end up getting swept up into anything with him

No. 748559

what year range was this?

No. 748561

my friend joined the agency in 2017, but i'm not sure what years greg would have been involved with them

No. 748584

It would be absolute Milkmas if they could interview the local cops about Onionboy. It would trigger the biggest narc rage because Greg swears up and down he's the most law abiding citizen and police love him!

No. 748587

Pretty sure Onion isn't anti-vax.It's literally the ONE good thing I can say about him.

No. 748599

>>748473 Does anyone have a copy of the live stream where he was talking about Shiloh?

No. 748601

>>748541 The anon guy who first posted the leaked footage of Chris Hansen at the house also said that they might get a hold of police bodycam footage.

No. 748605

The fact that the local law inforcement is out there talking to Hansen saying they fans of his and agreeing with him pretty much validates his presence there. This definitely propels the investigation further.

No. 748610

New video, if any anon wants to mirror. 22 min. He's saying him doxxing B is "fake news" and is mentioning Trump. Can't get further than that, it's unbearable, apologies.

No. 748611

No. 748613

Greg's going to turn into a right winger.

No. 748624

working through the video right now. some choice moments so far:

>I don't understand anyone who gets upset over someone else supporting Trump.

This is the same man who went apeshit over Cyr simply not voting for Hilary Clinton. I love when Greg completely flips sides and pretends like anyone who doesn't share his current view is mystifying.

>Trump's eldest daughter… I think she's my age. She's beautiful.

Hahaha, trying to emphasize that he thinks people his age are attractive. He's so transparent. Also of course the only comments Greg can give women are based on how attractive they are.

No. 748625

For anyone who doesn't want to sit through this video, it's basically nearly 23 minutes of him calling others (YouTubers, news corporations, reporters, etc.) bad for doing things that he's done and continues to do. He's acting faux-progressive concerning how people don't report "real news" and only report "drama" because they want "more clicks on their videos" (read: Greg.)

No. 748627

It wouldn't surprise me. He already has conservative views and if he was smart enough, he would try to get the same viewers that support ProJared and shit people like that.

No. 748629

>This is the same man who went apeshit over Cyr simply not voting for Hilary Clinton.
I remember that, it was so cringy, holy shit ( remember how Cyr had to even explain in what context he's using the word "love"? ).
And he's always behaving like absolutely no one's going to remember any of it, yeah, lol.

No. 748631

Powering through this. The main takeaway is: Trump has feelings, I do too.
I don't know if it's me or if he's sounding extra not all there, because I can hear him talking, but he spent 22 minutes saying nothing at the same time.
Jumping from subject to subject. His analogies, fuck me.

No. 748632

He’s mostly there already lol

No. 748633

It would benefit him if he turned into a full fledged right-winger retard. That fan base would come to his full defense over the "lYiNg wHoRe wOmEn" who accused Greg of abuse. There were a ton who flocked to ProJared and Hoelly when the cheating scandal occurred and still defend them to this day.

No. 748634

Jesus, I tried to transcribe and its looooong. I got up to 9:15 if anyone wants to take over.

I want to talk about something that is pretty important to me because it’s a reflection everyone, including me.
A long time ago, I used to make ‘gotcha!’ videos or finger-pointing videos, where I would say one YouTuber is bad because of this, another YouTuber is bad because of that. And I’ve talked to my Patreon members - onisionfans.com, essentially. They’re not patrons anymore, since Patreon said I allegedly funded something I did not fund at all with it. What a joke. I funded posting texts, nice texts from people, allegedly. Ha-ha. That’s what it was funding, that’s what it was all for. Everybody signed up so I could post nice texts to people that I forgot to crop out certain parts. It’s just fake news. It’s funny how that works. When you could say ‘someone posted something nice and they forgot to crop a part out’. You could say that, or you could say something was ‘malicious and hateful and evil’ and not even tell the whole story…but, Trump.

For a long time, he’s been talking about fake news and the media and how everything is horrible - people are horrible – who work for the news, allegedly. These people are parasites, these people are disgusting. He said stuff like that and I thought, ‘man, this guy’s an enemy of the public. He’s the enemy of the truth if he doesn’t want the news talking about him, because the news is an honourable institution, right?' Uh, sure. So, when I was part of the self-proclaimed reporter world, you didn’t see me covering ‘so-and-so murders his whole extended family at a family reunion’ article. You didn’t see me talking about anyone murdering anyone. You didn’t see me talking about people viciously, violently violating other human beings. You didn’t see any of that. What you saw me talking about was ‘so-and-so cheated on so-and-so’ or ‘what about today’s drama about one person doing something scandalous to another person?’ and ‘aren’t they a bad person because they’re in a relationship and they kissed someone else?’ or whatever. It’s really watered-down, none-of-my-business stuff. [inaudible] there was other stuff that was pretty serious, like trying to help people with eating disorders or stopping people from supporting people who promote eating disorders and stuff like that, but even that is taking a stance on someone’s life where I don’t understand.

What I’m saying in this is, when I used to do that, I was not only a hypocrite, but I was a fraud. For all I know, we’re all frauds to this day, but the reason I’m saying I was a hypocrite and a fraud is because we all know very well there are real issues in the world that need to be talked about. Like forests burning down, animals being slaughter in mass numbers. Millions of animals lost their lives recently to a forest fire. That stuff needs to be talked about, but we don’t talk about it because it doesn’t get us clicks on our videos. You see this happen all the time. You see someone popular do something that is scandalous or taboo or – not illegal, otherwise we’d just call the cops – we talk about it. We act like we’re better and we act like they’re beneath us and we act like they’re not human, like I did with Sam Pepper. Sam Pepper pinched someone’s butt. He did it on camera, so it’s open-and-close, he’s guilty…but it was part of a prank. He had a girl do the same thing and nobody had outrage over her doing it to a guy. So, he did make a good point there, that we did have selective outrage. So, we were not mad at the girl pinching guys, but we were mad at the guy pinching girls. The reason we were mad at the guy pinching girls is because it’s a more popular outrage subject. You have more women saying, ‘someone pinched my butt’ than guys saying, ‘someone pinched my butt’. You could say it’s because guys don’t feel comfortable coming forward because of the masculinity issue. You could say a number of things, but the point remains. People were outraged by Sam but not by the girl who did literally the same thing. So, I went after Sam Pepper and I was like ‘wow, what a pervert, what a weirdo, what a creep’ and I did this to a lot of people, where I’d say ‘what a pervert, what a weirdo, what a creep’ for whatever they did. I would ignore people who were victims of actual crimes – not that people weren’t victims of crimes that Sam Pepper put them through – but I’m talking about really, really serious, I-have-to-go-to-a-therapist-now-and-talk-to-them-for-the-rest-of-my-life crimes. Again, I’m not saying that if you got your butt pinched that it’s not a serious crime, but most people would typically see is… that the worst of the worst.

So, you have this issue of us obsessing over stuff that doesn’t matter as much as things where people are for, their entire live, traumatically injured or traumatically affected. You have people who will talk about a Trump tweet over talking about more important issues. Like, for example, we get outraged by something then we move on. For instance, Trump allegedly did a lot of things. Some that he admitted to and later on said he was joking about. We’re not talking about that anymore. We’re talking about the latest offensive tweet. We’re not talking about the real issues. We're talking about the daily outrage. It’s like we don’t even care, we just want to hear something new and we want to gossip about it and that’s it, it’s old news. And if its old news then who cares? Even if it’s a horrible crime still - whatever happened with these alleged lawsuits that have been going on with our president and what has actually been going on in his past – it doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is whatever nonsense, shallow ting we can talk about that happened today. I’m obviously not a Trump ally but at the same time I understand what he means when he says fake news. Because the media does not care about atrocities or anything like that – the recognised media. They don’t care about anything except for what is going to get them views. And above all, the same applies to youtubers.

You see selected consideration for harassment, stalking, a lot of things because society is biased. [Deep comedic voice] ‘We live in a society’, as they say. It’s become such a meme because there is such a problem with our entire country or our entire world as far as out culture. In 2006, our culture was very…cool. It felt so new and fresh and the internet was exciting. Youtube had just been started. 2006 was lit…but then, too many people started logging on and people started realising how much money they could make off being a tabloid, where you print something that isn’t the truth.

I thought of this comic – and if anyone wants to draw this comic, you’re welcome to – you just pick any person. Trump, me, anyone and you say ‘Trump is bad’ under the first block and then you hand someone $10. The second one you say ‘Trump is a monster’ and you hand them $100. They made $100 for saying something more extreme about them. You say ‘Trump is murderous, evil psychopath’. The third person gets $1000. The fourth person, ‘Trump is a criminal, genocidal maniac!’ That person gets 10 grand for their crazy statement about this person, dehumanising him as much as possible.

Now I’m not saying that Trump is an innocent person, not trying to say that Trump is a good person. I’m trying to say that Trump is a human being like everyone else, and he’s not all bad. He has people close to him, that love him. He has people he has raised – or paid someone to raise – that he calls children. He has these people that he’s seen as a father to. He has a family. He has his own feelings and whatnot.

No. 748636


How do you fund posting texts?!

No. 748637

yet we don't consider that. And we don't focus on the important issues. If you want to really be a respectable outlet of news then you cover the stuff that really matters, the stuff that shows the greatest harm to the human species. The stuff that is a risk to others on the greatest level and that is something [?] as an integrity I lacked for a long time and that is why I don't point fingers anymore - is because I realised, first of all, what goes around comes around. You know, if you make videos about other people saying mean things other people are going to say mean things about you.

People online are not your allies, they never were, there's no honour amongst thieves. And thieves in my eyes are equivalent to people who are essentially the media…or obsessed with trying to cancel people. Those are thieves to me. Because their main purpose in life is to cause problems. To make other people's lives less happy. They're in it for themselves and it's always so ironic, when somebody like me is so selfish and so judgemental of other people. I point at other people and say you're this, this and this and maybe I'm right, you know. When I-I typically went after people who did admit it, they'd admit what they did - because that's open and closed, they can't say that you slandered them, they can't say that ( anything bad? ), because they admitted it. Umm…and that's it, that's the end.
In a serious context, if they admitted and that's it and whenever I heard a serious context that's something that I would definitely look into.

The agenda was clear, it's always clear. When you have somebody that has a monetized platform and they are saying something negative about another person, you see an add roll before their video, or whatever, and then they say something, you have to ask: are they saying this because it's true or are they saying this because it's going to get them money and attention. What you have here is cancel culture in a nutshell. You have a ( the? ) source of it. If you have an algorithm that promotes what people want to hear and doesn't want to promote what they don't want to hear you have a propaganda machine.

This is literally only jumping to 11:28. Jesus.

No. 748639

You don't have a machine that promotes the truth anymore, you don't have a machine that promotes what actually happened anymore, you have a machine that panders to the most immature and difficult to respect aspects of human selfishness. So…Are you willing to hear all perspectives, are you willing to hear all sides, of the, you know, Trump life, Trump world, his beautiful wife, his beautiful eldest – gosh I thhink she's my age, she's 30 something, she's gorgeous. Are you willing to hear the truth about these people? Or are you just willing to go on and say they're monsters, monsters, monsters, like a whole family, anyone who supports Trump must be a monster, right guys? Anyone? Hah, [ inaudible ] more than half of my family supports Trump, probably. And I love all of them. So, like..I just don't get where you're coming from.

I don't…I don't get [ smirk ] people who get pissed off at someone who shakes Trump's hand. Because, you have to, especially when you're on the other end of the media start to realise people are full of crap. They really are and they're going to say whatever they can to get them attention. So, when I'm seeing people constantly outraged, I can't help but to relate with the people who've been outraged over. I see them and I'm like "Oh, they went after you, huh?" Yeaah, they do that. Because they get paid. They get paid. I'll say it again - they. get. paid. To say what they say.

If you have somebody who goes like…Let's say ummm..With Trump. There are people who have gone to the police mmkay? There've been people who actually took him to court. I'm probably going to consider them a little bit more ummm…respectable? Then somebody who just got a paycheck for trying to ruin them publicly. You know what I mean? ( NO ONE KNOWS WHAT YOU MEAN )

Like there's people who do stuff for attention and there's people who do stuff because something actually happened. And that's why it's important to pay attention to the lawsuits against Trump and not so much pay attention to the media that's talking crap. Cause the media is…I have an analogy for you, okay? People like to claim they're journalists. They like to claim that they're part of the media, they, they…the, uhm, 1st amendment right they have the uhm, freedom of press and everything. Right? But people also have the right to privacy. So, there's a line.

You know, you can't show up in Trump's bathroom while he's peeing and say "I'm just a part of the media, this is freedom of the press, I have the freedom of speech to talk about…" No, there's a line. And people have their right, even if they're president of the United States.

The analogy that I thought of, is I-I, imagine you have an ex friend, an ex boyfriend and they decide they want to stalk you. So, you call the cops [ and ] say they're stalking you. And so they, start a blog. [ scoff ] Can you imagine? They start a blog that's entirely centred on you, saying "blogger.com". now they are a real reporter. And so, they can continue to harass you, right? Is that the law? Is that really the society we live in? Because that seems to me like a cope out. That seems to me, like….You're straight up manipulating the system so you can continue to harass and stalk somebody. And it's interesting that people would think that that's
someone with integrity, because without….If you say show up to an ex girlfriend's house and you're like "baby come baaack" or you're like "I'm gonna end you, woman" or if you're just like threatening or like just em weirdly creepy and um clingy, either way - that attention is unwanted, you showed up to your ex gf's house and you're being creepy, mmkay? That would be grounds for arrest. For someone trespassing. And stalking, right? It's just interesting how suddenly, if you're [ scoff ]…let me put it this way. Aaa–ummm, sleeping with someone for money's illegal. Okay? We all know this. But if you put a camera in the room, suddenly it's fine.

Understand? Cause then it's [ an ] adult film. That is the world we live in [ laugh ], that is a crazy, crazy thing. And I don't think I'll ever understand it. Because…Just cause you add something to the mix it doesn't make it any less what it is. Like, I'm not giving people advice here, I'm not trying–

16:06, someone please take over.

No. 748640

For what it's worth, I highly doubt Hansen and a crew of 6 others would fly across the country, from New York to out to the Greaseswamp, just to get footage of Hansen knocking on the door and being turned away. It would not be worth the effort just for that in terms of money and time.

Thus, it stands to reason that we can expect more milk from Hansen in Tacoma. I am hoping that he's travelled there with his camera crew because he knows some arrests are about to be made… Imagine if they managed to film that. Would be fucking gold. We can dream.

so yeah probably something is gonna go down, they wouldn't go out there for such little payoff…

No. 748643

Anxiety War interviewed Mike the lawyer and we get a little bit of the behind the scenes action that happened when Hansen went to Onisions.

No. 748646

Multiple people at the house. It doesn't sound like it was just the Jackson family. Somehow multiple people hiding from Hansen's even more hilarious.

No. 748647

His comments are still off. Is he hampering his own engagement or has YouTube shut his comments down?

No. 748648

>"The police knew who Greg was. They were not surprised we were there."

Holy shit my sides

No. 748649

The fact that the police didn't even ask them to leave and said they would stick around however long they needed them lmao

No. 748651

I think kid fuckers, even kid adjacent fuckers like Lame and JJ, are universally hated amongst criminals and cops alike.

No. 748652

He's pretending he's talking about Trump, but in reality he's talking about himself. And the comment about the daughter… ew. We already know you have an incest fetish you creep fuck

No. 748656

Apparently Onion has been banned on twitch.
I'm unsure why - I wasn't aware he had streamed any time recently or had broken any twitch TOS.

No. 748657

"stalker analogy" my ass, so he watched fatal attraction one time -or saw the trailer kek - and figures this is how he's going to characterise Sarah, as using Chris to stalk him.

No. 748659

File: 1579128618187.jpg (66.15 KB, 1035x885, onion-twitch.jpg)

does anyone recall when he last appeared on his channel?
also is there any confirmation that is he reason why his channel is gone?

No. 748660


I think him double-streaming on YT and Twitch at the same time (and/or making his T streams available on YT within 24 hours) is a violation of their rules. No idea why it took so long for them to react tho.

No. 748661


–trying to. But apparently if you're just, eh, turn on your camera phone when you're sleeping with someone for money, now it's legal [ laughter ] I just don't– [ laughter ] understand that, man. You can't, it's like saying "oh you, if you have, if you smoke drugs it's legal when you flip on the camera, you know? Like, it's the same with eh..eh..eh..we'll go back to Trump. Trump decided to say [ saliva swallow ] you know, uhhhh….And you can say he said this cause he said it, on camera [ holding in laughter ], you know he said the Russians hacked the Democrats ummm, you know, he indicated that that would be something preferable to himself. Mmkay, so encouraging a foreign nation to hack your competitor in an election, that's [ laughter ] irrefutably a crime. But because he said it publicly people were like "oh okay, this is okay now" - but if he said it privately it would've been over. And this point has been made many times. Yet it just doesn't seem to stick. Cause, like…The law just seems a little confused about itself. Like "yeah, technically you violated the law but we don't feel a certain way about it because our feelings are a certain way, I guess it doesn't apply [ snarky tone ].


I just wanted to talk to you guys about this, sorry it was so long, Jesus. 17 minutes. I hope I didn't bore you…ummm…Gosh, it feels good to talk to you again. So, thank you for being here. And I think I wanna say…uhm..I love you? [ smiling ] I used to, I literally used to say - and I know this is funny, I used to say "Youtubers don't really love you". They say I love you to get, uhm, to get more money, to get people to like you more, blah, blah, blah. I was a bitter little b*.

But when I say I love you, I–I feel so good. I really do. Cause, when you say I love you, people, there's like so much hate on on Youtube and so forth. People are like nah nah nah and whenever I made a video about someone I didn't like I felt like crap. You know, I felt terrible. After. But I–it kept paying the bills and when it keeps paying the bills and you're saying what you feel is true, like to the best of your knowledge it's true and you're saying it and you feel justified, like a white knight, snowflake, social justice warrior, which is literally basically every commentary channel here on Youtube right now - snowflake, social justice warrior [ laughter ] - Dude I'm not saying I'm better than you, I'm saying I'm further along than you. Okay? I used to be you. And I see how bad it is and I don't wanna be that. Okay? I see how delusional I was, I see how drunk on my own power I was, it's an ugly thing.

Soo..I'm looking at the people who said I love you and you know I saw those people in real life saying it's just a job to them..You know [ sigh ] - I hold the position that this is not just a job to me because if it was I'd do what everyone else does and just try to get views. Nonstop, try to get views. I did freak out videos and I was trying to get the views there – uhhm, but I wasn't trying to say I love you there [ laugh ] - umm - but, no. Like if you hate me, if you love me, if you something in between…It never hurts to hear that someone loves you. And when I say I love you I don't mean I wanna sleep with you, I don't mean I wanna be your best friend - I mean that this world needs a lot more love in it. And this world needs a lot more happiness in it, cause we're alll struggling.

This is the thing. When people see, especially online, when people see other people suffer, they for some reason seem to think "oh man, this is so funny ha ha ha, let's all gossip about it", right? But nobody likes that happening to them, nobody. If it happened to you - person who's laughing their butt off - if that happened to you, you'd be miserable. You'd be unhappy. Some of you would even be in the point where you want to end your own life. You know? And that's really sad to me. So, if you're the type of a person who's at that point, like, even if you hated on me before, or whatever, if you feel like you're going to end your own life because the table turned on you, just know, I love you. Like, please, don't. Don't do that. Okay?

You need to be in this world. You need to be a positive person to this world, but you need to know that there is love in someone's heart for you. [ pause ] Just…don't be like creepy about it, okay? [ laughter ] Don't be like "Hey, Onision [ "seductive" voice? ] [ laughter ] so I heard you love me." No, it's not that kinda love. When I think of you and I'm thinking how you don't wanna live anymore, it makes me really really sad. And when I think about saying I love you, it makes me feel really, really good. Because, bottom line, it sucks being alive sometimes. It sucks feeling like people don't like you. It sucks getting hate on Twitter, or whatever, it sucks being bullied and I know that even if you guys are like….bullying, whoever, even if you bullied whoever, people make mistakes. Not everybody's far along, not everybody sees the way things really are. And what their behaviour's really doing. So I want ou to know that like, despite everything we've been through, okay? At the end of the day, aliens invade, I'm going to stand right next to you and fight those aliens. Okay? If, if… you know, the fucking plague comes and, sorry about swearing [ snickers ], if the plague comes and we're getting - we're dying, I'm going to be putting a mask on your face if you can't put a mask on your own face, okay? You understand that?

If there's a house burning down - uhhmm, if something bad's happening to you, you're my neighbour or whatever and you ask me for help, I'm going to help you. I. Love. You. In that way. Because when we are all in this human experience together and even if you hate me, it doesn't matter, because at the end of the day, we don't really hate each other. Unless of course aliens did invade and you're like let's put Onision in a cannon and shoot them at the ship, then you kinda hate me. That's [ laughter ], that's kinda hateful.[ laughter ] If you wanna choose the aliens over me or whatever, then ya, I think that sucks. But [ saliva swallow ] I'm still gonna be there for you, uhm, if you're on that cliff and and and I'm reasonably in your proximity.There's a whole complicated world to what I'm saying, but the context is everything, sooo.

Umm, I love you fellow human and I want you to know that you're not alone and that people do care and that…we're just getting over hyped by the money that we can make by out own greedy selfishness. That we forget to be human beings and don't understand that we're all here and we're all here together. Alright [ tongue click ], good talk, bye guys.


Okay, finished it myself, so none of fellow anons have to suffer. My body's now ready for death.

No. 748662

File: 1579128875411.jpg (122.01 KB, 1402x1810, onion-twitch-ban.jpg)

Samefag, here seems to be some record of it being a ban, claimed by a twitter account "Twitch Partner Ban Bot"

No. 748663


I applaud your commitment and detail. Thank you. Now have a drink and go lie down for a while.

No. 748664

File: 1579129031529.jpg (404.43 KB, 1232x3204, onion-twitch-ban2.jpg)

the account auto records partner bans so we're good with this, he has ben banned we just don't know what for and how long yet

No. 748672

Severe Narc brain alert: Jimmy's response to being utterly and entirely devastated/made the most pathetic internet laughingstock by Chris Hansen is to…attack the institution of journalism. Fucking kek times a million.

Also noticed Cucklehead called himself a former reporter. lol trust us JimJim you never came close to creating journalistic even adjacent content you tween-grooming drooling retard.

I hope so badly he goes full Trump supporter now omg

No. 748680

That is true, but he’s already a far right-wing nutcase in spirit, just not label. The only reason he claims to be a liberal and feminist is because the younger generation (as a whole) that he preys upon largely falls into that category, not conservative. He can’t get conservative hot girl teenage poon because it doesn’t really exist and if it did, those girls would be disgusted by Grugly. This faggot’s current type are alternative Instagram hot girls, not the mythical “trad wife.”

No. 748683


100% agreed like he's trying to weaponize idpol to prey on young girls by literally being like "oh i'm not homophobic bc i am married to a trans person so i could never possibly be homophobic!" its the same shit as "i couldnt possibly be racist - i had a black friend once!" like jesus fucking christ

No. 748684

Jaclyn Glenn will be on Chris Hanson's stream in about 25 minutes.

No. 748685

LMFAO "white supremacists, nazis, war criminals, and fascists have feelings too! they have lines that you shouldn't cross!"

No. 748687

I have no doubt Chris and team are taking this situation seriously, but I feel it's important not to get things too twisted - this is also an entertainment series built off of an older, televised version of the same format of show.

I too, agree that Hansen flew there for more than just knocking on Onion's door. But I'm sure that was part of the plan too, and I'm sure they weren't expecting an interview - if they got a shocked reaction and Onion actually opened the door, bonus points for hype-building.

I feel like this particular stunt was all about building hype, between the multiple trailers/perspectives/videos of the situation of Hansen just "knocking on Onion's door" for Onion only to call the cops, and Mike Morse now jumping aboard the ship after catching up on things for the past month. It also feels like Hansen has kinda been stringing things along with the interviews. I think Mike Morse also sees this as a potential investment.

If not from the Onion situation itself, from how viral the situation currently is and how many potential fans both Hansen and Morse can make from this one event. This one event can increase the money they earn on a regular basis from their online presence far after the Onion situation has blown over if the play their cards right, get enough fans and keep the flame of interest lit.

No. 748690

it's more that he personally identifies as trump like all wildly grandiose narcs do. see also: margo palermo

No. 748693

mike morse or whatever his name is said on his interview with anxiety war that its gonna be some 3-4 part series.

No. 748695

It is network format. They use to do that with 'in depth investigations' and exposure pieces.

"Wait for our three part investigation in the world of Beanie Baby Counterfeits, you do not want to miss this."

No. 748713

Weird ass e-mail he sent to Jac starts at around 25 min+ in, the rest wasn't really new info.

She also reminded people that Jimmy would pay Lainey $100 if he insulted her, which was known publicly at the time, but I'm sure a lot of people forgot about it, since there's so much trash piling up.

No. 748715

Anyone know what the deal is with this? And is this the reason his Twitch was just banned?


Greg first talks about how he thinks everyone is out to ruin him because they hate him. The implication here is that he's done nothing wrong, naturally. He then starts talking about Chris Hansen's alleged fraud & other scandals.

I found this b/c I saw on twitter people saying that streaming on periscope is the reason for the Twitch ban.

Also, a troll shows up about 23 min. in. There's a lot here with the way these people talk to him and agree with everything he says. Especially wondering who the guy is.

No. 748718

File: 1579143434399.webm (1.29 MB, 865x480, 911call.webm)

No. 748719

i think you're completely right about this and i think it's the perfect stroke of irony. for anyone to make a career off of this (let's not derail about if chris and co are deserving please) is playing onion's own game back at him and beating him at it. i'm sure the popularity of this series vs his own videos is already chapping his ass, so if anyone really does make a career off of this, it's the perfect flower atop his grave.

No. 748723

i'm still loving every second of this. boomer media meets youtube retard is something i never expected but it's fresh enough for me.

No. 748725


It's finally happening boys. #GroomerGate is official. I can't wait for shit to go down. Even if FBI doesn't take any actions.. Any sort of authorities taking actions against them will be the best gift 2020 can offer to us.

No. 748728

oh boy I love a pandora's box!

No. 748730

you can't co-stream onto other platforms at the same time as twitch or release streams to other platforms for something like 24hrs, so his co-streaming to periscope (which he did often, right?) might have been the thing draw the ban. twitch does not play.

No. 748732

It's not surprising to find out Greg does the same information gathering technique with everyone. I'm sure he would of latched on to any of the people he collabed with as long as he knew their weakness, it just so happens that Jaclyn was the one to trust him and was going through a real rough spot emotionally so of course she was the one to get his attention. Also it's hilarious that he would come forward with information about her creepy ex only after Sarah spoke out and he was in need of allies. He sure didn't have a problem with the guy when they where hanging out and taking photos for instagram.

No. 748736

why do we sperg every thread about this? its not your fucking investigation and browsing 1000 threads on lolcow doesnt mean you're entitled to know everything thats behind the scenes- including knowledge on FBI investigations, chris hansens plans with his team, the girls feelings or responses on everything, how chris's show is run, etc.

fucking document it and move on. what is or isnt "information" is not any single anons' business. its what the girls and whoevers ACTUALLY doing shits business; you know, people who've actually talked to gurgmas the ugly

No. 748738

pretty sure the anti chris hansen people are just concern trolls at this point and some are probably even greg himself

no one that is here for the milk and has been watching this bullshit for as long as I have, would.. at this of all times, would want to pull the reigns on any of this unless they wanted onision protected.

No. 748739


It 100% is an investigation. This is exactly what investigation journalism is. When you investigate and interview witnesses.

No. 748742

Regarding what the lawyer dude said about Hansen’s plan to do a few “episodes” on Onion’s supposed homelessness, I can see how it might be frustrating for some anons to see this boomer rehash over shit we already knew. Like, some anons are complaining that he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel with some interviews, or will question why they would be so dumb to think he really is homeless and getting s divorce. But you gotta remember that for your average normie or boomer this will be all new info. Hansen and/or his team clearly has an eye for what will interest, shock, disgust, or otherwise get a response out of an average TV audience. Whether or not they will adapt to the Youtube video format …. or will they take this Onion story to TV …? Time will tell. Personally I hope we get a documentary series like Netflix’s Don’t Fuck With Cats.

Yeah please fuck off to /snow/ if you want to whinge about Chris Hansen and the FBI or whatever. The thread derailing is getting irritating as hell especially since it’s just entitled retards who clearly know nothing about how law enforcement works sperging and making demands they have no right to. They probably are Greg or his paypigs. That or anons so fucking unironically diagnosably autistic they have to nitpick about every detail and think anyone else actually gives a shit about their endless sperging. Stahp.

Hansen isncolleis collecting so much footage he could probably make a full length documentary,

No. 748743

i am someone who's had a problem and my reason could be seen as concern trolling, but it's more that pointlessly shady stuff like vince just makes it all look seedy for no reason and that's IMO the origin of all the /snow/ talk right now, it didn't pop out of thin air.

anybody who's been around the block with gurg knows that each time he's got out of trouble only because the pressure drops off, and chris boomering himself to death would be dumb, though it wouldn't stop law enforcement from continuing - which that latest video of which is fucking great. greg's always been a little toady for the 'law' because his narc brain's always seen it as a tool that he's been able to manipulate and optimise to his benefit, and he's always tried to chum up to figures of authority (even bigger youtubers) out of his churlish ambition.

greg is pretty much the 21st century equivalent of a shifty courtier, down to the obsession with sexual depravity, lol

No. 748744

Exactly.this. Over ten years of this bs and every time it comes close to seeing him go down in comes these kinds of people. Not saying they may not have valid criticism but sometimes you have to prioritize things for the common good and this is the closest we’ve ever come to date to seeing him pay the price for all the shit he’s done.

No. 748746

Who's trying to protect Onision? Just because people question the involvement of someone like Morse >>748643 (because of the actual lawsuits against him for sexual assault) or the other shit that team of boomers is in shit for right now, doesn't mean they're trying to protect Onision. You sound daft. I see comments like yours from a lot of people who don't know what they're talking about.

No. 748750

I don't take him seriously. Why? It's in the flakes thread. You're free to do as you please.
Did you look at what those comments were replying to? It started because Shiloh decided to make a video on it for some unknown reason.

No. 748753

>He's in his comedown phase
That's what it looks like. He's trying to project an image of how much he's changed, grown and reflected on his actions, when really he'll just be back repeating the same shit over and over again. It's why I'm glad someone like TRO made that vid further establishing Onision's never-ending pattern of merry go round bullshit. He still thinks he helped EC by endlessly mocking her and milking her illness for views.

No. 748757

File: 1579158699156.jpg (149.33 KB, 1100x750, img-e1531781935668.jpg)

>Onision had lots of cameras looking at us on every tree I think we counted five or six cameras looking at us so obviously he has something to be scared about.

Why does Greg have half a dozen security cameras outside his house? Does he just hang out in his garage all day watching the security monitors, chewing on his fingernails waiting for Scully and Mulder to sneak up to the Swamp-trailer.

No. 748758

Stop derailing about whether or not there is an investigation or not.

Just enjoy the milk. Time will answer everyone's questions.

No. 748762

He said it was an accident and he didn't mean to do it, ya know, after leaving it up for 30mins after people kept telling him B's number was there.
LMAO. Now he's gotten himself removed from both Patreon and Twitch, what will he think of next?

No. 748764

I didn't think she'd add anything important. Had Stevie not decided to distance himself from this boomer trainwreck, maybe we could've heard something interesting from someone who knew one of the victims personally.

No. 748771

I don't think that explanation applies here. One would think he'd get more requests with a lower price. It's not like he has to agree to saying something before he knows what it is. If he's getting more attention because of the circus, then maybe that's why he raised the price.

No. 748773

>No one of actual value is going to the flakes thread.
Funny because Hansen, Morse and Nicotra are all there. I guess you don't think they're worth anything beyond the Big Top. I agree.
I see this for the circus that it is. Until the FBI completes their investigation, I'll look on as all the virtue signalling
clowns (including the Onion-boy) do what they do best.(FBI derailing)

No. 748774

File: 1579162367796.png (7.99 MB, 3000x2500, CallThePolice.png)

Little "fan art" in the spirit of the recent events.

No. 748775

Yeah Stevie was smart enough to steer clear. I think he's actually on a cruise rn lol.

No. 748776

Probably a two birds one stone situation. He gets paid more and limits the amount of people requesting cameos that he obviously won't do.

No. 748792

File: 1579166991578.jpg (399.07 KB, 2160x2475, _20200116_092730.JPG)

So apparently Shiloh told Madison to keep quiet about her side of the story.

No. 748793

File: 1579167014297.jpg (323.37 KB, 2160x2057, _20200116_092806.JPG)

No. 748795

File: 1579167128014.jpg (432.05 KB, 2160x2198, _20200116_092901.JPG)

No. 748796

knowing Greg's logic he could be referring to the BDSM kind of "pet" in this tweet but you're still right that he neglects animals.

No. 748801

Weren’t they friends? I wonder what crawled up her ass to lash out publicly like that. I also don’t know what Madison would even say that we don’t already know. Unless she’s been sitting on a goldmine of hidden evidence, she’s probably just going to repeat the same kind of story we’ve been hearing on Hansen’s show

No. 748803


She could tell us more about how the kids are treated. Plus she was there in the Sarah days so she might have a different kind of milk there.

No. 748804

We already know that, though.

No. 748805

Madison’s probably already spilled all the real milk she has on Greg. It’s been well established by multiple people how he treats his kids. I think the best we could hope for from her is screenshots or some kind of proof to back up Sarah’s story

No. 748806

That only applies to Twitch partners. Dunno if Greg was a partner (I highly doubt it) but you can do whatever you want as long as you're not in a contract with Twitch.

No. 748807


Whilst we're only interested in new milk, Hansen interviewing the victims/people who know victims/people involved at all serves a different purpose. Informing people who don't know anything, establishing a pattern of behaviour re: greg that helps bolster the actual victims allegations, and generally telling the story of who gerg is to the fullest.

So no, we wouldn't get any new milk if Madison went on the show and such, but it would help 'the cause' so to speak. Whether you care about that is up to you.

That said:


Thank God Stevie isn't involved with this though, he'd make a complete mockery of it. Plenty of people know the victims or one or two of them personally - as well as knowing all the information Stevie knows (besides stupid 'theories' borne of Stevies own narcissism) and could contribute in that way, it's just Stevie is the only one up his own ass enough to keep shouting about it as if it makes him super duper special and somehow ultra 'in the know' over anyone else (spoiler, hes not). Stevie would go on, try to claim that all of Gregs tweets and actions in general were somehow directed at him lol. Stevie is cringe. The more stories the better, but Stevie is honestly just an embarrassment

No. 748810

God this bitch is so dramatic. She let Onision neglect her daughter just because she wanted to munch on Footface's nasty meat flaps. She already knew Onision was a shitty person when she left his daughter alone with him as it was after the "you deserve to get raped" incident. Who in their right mind would let a person like that take care of their daughter?

No. 748812

Of course people see her as attention seeking, why else would she be having this conversation on public display rather than privately in the dms? She’s whining and basically attacking Shiloh here.

If she were on she would have to really share something big that we didn’t know but I don’t think she has it.

She was also so smug and at least once bragged about how she was “still there” after Billie got kicked out and thought she was immune to being dropped for some reason.

No. 748813

Madison is just mad Lainey never wanted to fuck her. Didn't she say she even got jealous when Lainey and Sarah would cuddle together and not with her? Madison wants to be a victim so bad.

No. 748823

I think you're confusing Sarah being jealous of Lainey and Billie cuddling

No. 748824

Oh yeah you're right. So much stuff has happened it's hard to keep track of who says what.

No. 748827

File: 1579180048735.png (122.04 KB, 580x609, 342172894606.png)

No, it happened with Madison too.

No. 748828

What do these low self esteem retards see in footface. She doesn't even engage in conversation lmao

No. 748831

File: 1579181736159.jpg (857.81 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200116_083434.jpg)

It's been stated that Gurp is suing Hansen and perhaps Repzion. Can anyone familiar with looking up court cases confirm? I'm not sure how to do it but I know it can be done. Perhaps that's how this rando Twitter person found out.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 748832

That attention to detail. Spot on lmao the onions are a joke

No. 748835

No. 748837

File: 1579183455594.png (14.68 KB, 400x200, ODVC.png)

credit to the discord tumblr mole

The 2 hour gaming stream is trimmed to 6 minutes. This was his first group chat with his fans since Hansen visited. Its not as milky as I hoped.

No. 748838

File: 1579183529640.jpg (44.6 KB, 663x453, IMG_20200116_150224.jpg)


There is so much shit with the onions, even tho I don't like PewDiePie I always think of this quote when reading up on Onion drama

No. 748839

Greg was a partner. Twitch often gives people partnership based upon their YouTube sub count

No. 748846

What a loser. He's boasting and whining to his patrons about him not being allowed to be the 'bigger' person because he didn't engage with Chris. They all basically pat him on the back and agree what a creep Chris is for going to his house.

No. 748847

He's been told to stay away from youtube. Also Greg thinks hiding from Chris Hansen is him being the 'bigger person' and OMG, Chris tried to offer to do an interview at a different location. He doesn't care that he got ban from twitch. 'They can go fuck their mothers' if they don't let him stream to multiple sites despite him being a twitch partner. Greg says the reason he's so familiar with the police is because he's always calling them on other people. Takes indirect digs at Shiloh. Greg thinks he's so famous he has to wear a disguise when he goes out. Also don't be surprised if Greg comes out as a transwoman, he thinks it would be hilarious.

No. 748849

Kek. And look at Onion-fucker now! Trying to eek out a living off streaming video games. Greg could have gotten by not being nearly as good looking as Felix, but Felix has always known how to build and keep a following. He's likable and doesn't act shitty towards his fans.

Greg's first tweet is sooooooo full of seething jealousy and salt. I love it.

No. 748850

I could understand if she was amazingly cute but had a dull personality or average/ugly with an out there, fun personality, but she's a drab combo of boring and average all round. Before she met Greg she looked basic, and after Greg she was still basic. No amount of hair dye or copying the young kid's lingo/clothes/trends makes her anymore interesting.

Never wondered why anyone would ever find Greg appealing either but I suppose to a tween with 'lol so randum' humor and an obsession with YouTube, he might seem funny.

Madison seems like an asshole. She's blaming Shiloh for telling her not to speak up about it but even then she still teased everyone with the 'pedophile connotations' comment on drunken peasants. The only reason she didn't want to speak up was because she wasn't getting asspats. And I feel like the I only reason she DID say anything was because she was mad at foot for not running away with her.

No. 748851

Madison wasn't there for sam or maya when shit went down. She willingly chose to be friends with a bunch of carpet munching degenerates who are constantly seeking out mentally ill retards to tickle
Shit makes me sick and you know damn well she'd still fuck with them if onion didnt trigger her ddlg fetish
She must also smell like ham and she got arrested

No. 748853

based shiloh tbf

No. 748857

File: 1579187893573.png (27.09 KB, 1012x120, Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 10.1…)


No. 748858

File: 1579187930270.png (48.7 KB, 641x269, Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 10.1…)

I'm 100% sure this one is going to get thrown out.

No. 748859

File: 1579188078789.png (60.15 KB, 651x386, Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 10.1…)

And this one is going to be as well.

No. 748860

I feel like opening court cases is one of the worst things Greg could do at the moment. This is gonna come back to bite him in the ass for sure.

No. 748861

Yeah especially when he's not going to win and is just going to waste a bunch of money on legal fees.

I'm not sure who his lawyer is going to be either. God I hope he's dumb enough to try to represent himself in court.

No. 748862

why are his kids listed as petitioners?

No. 748863

I think he's trying to sue or get a restraining order on Hansen for showing up at his house. This won't work though because restraining orders are difficult to get and suing him doesn't make any sense.

No. 748865

It’s his usual tactic of weaponizing his kids. Hoping the judge will feel sorry him because his kids may have been in the house. I wonder why he wasn’t concerned about their welfare when he was having sex in front of them.

No. 748866

God I hope those kids get therapy one day because god damn is this going to cause a lot of issues.

No. 748871

Is this the kind of hearing that the public can attend?

NOT asking for someone to do so, just don’t know anything about the law.

No. 748872


Absolutely it is. It's a public hearing, which means greg has to make his case!

No. 748873

You don’t have to sue someone to file a restraining order. I am sure this is for slander on both cases. He’s including his kids so he can play the “MUH kid’s privacy!” Victim card.

No. 748874

In that case I’d love for someone to be a fly on the wall here and transcribe his waterheaded arguments

I’d also hate for any attempt at cowtipping or intrusion into the natural course of events

A fine line to walk

No. 748875

Shit if this is involving Repzion and Chris we don’t even need anyone to attend cause I am certain those two will have full coverage of it themselves

No. 748878

How the hell can he try to claim the importance of his kid’s privacy when he just literally made their identities public to the entire world just so he could win a court case

No. 748881


Someone on twitter is asserting that the court cases were filed on 9th of Jan.

If that's true and I'm not just confused about dates, that's before Hansen turned up so maybe you're right.

No. 748882


Good chance it might be humiliating more to Onision than anything else.

No. 748883

Yuck. You just know Jreg is currently scaring the ever living shit out of his kids atm "Chris Hansen is a bad bad man and he's trying to hurt mommy and daddy, he's the bad scary man who came here to try and hurt us" and this is why I truly loathe the fucking Jackson-Averoe's, most parents would do anything to shield their kids from any type of negativity/upset whilst the onions just double down and reinforce their fear and confusion. Every person they've been exposed to in their short sad lives has been brutally removed and undoubtedly slandered by their "loving father".

No. 748884

I hope someone brings up that they have sex in front of their children

No. 748886

I think he's hoping
More petitioners = more money awarded if he wins

He's using his kids as pawns, as per usual

No. 748888

Interesting! I didn't see when they were filed.

No. 748894

Neither Chris nor repzion witnessed that so it would seem like hearsay and probably not do any good. As much as I’d love them to tell every sordid detail of Greg’s past, they are both far better off sticking strictly to their personal involvement with him and nothing alleged

No. 748896


Interesting if that's the case it explains the Pandora's box comment Chris said

No. 748898

Wwoooowww so Rustled Jimmies has the cash to file a court case. He DOES know he has to pay the fees even if his dipshit self doesn't hire a lawyer, right?

No. 748899

Yeah I seriously doubt this will go well for him.

No. 748901

spending money you don't have is such a sooper smert move. greg never fails to disappoint.

No. 748902

Is Greg REALLY trying to sue Repzion for making videos about his abuse allegations? Does he not remember the video HE made calling Repzion a racist and an anti-Semite?

I have a pretty good feeling Rep will come prepared with everything he’s got but o severely doubt Greg will prepare anything other than an autistic rant about stalkers

No. 748903

Not only that but he accused Repzion of being a rapist as well

No. 748905

Fun fact: Lainey deleted her CoolGuyKai and Kaiclassifed Instagram accounts sometime this week. Beautybot is still up for now. Too bad deleting your account doesn’t delete data.

No. 748909

Didn't delete her fucking patreon though.

No. 748914


by opening this court case, witnesses could be subpoenaed, also he may have to testify under oath. he is opening up a major can of worms. A lot of civil complaints result in criminal charges later being filed bases on the evidenced derived from them. He is such a total complete retard.

No. 748915

File: 1579201955130.jpeg (52.79 KB, 750x543, 76B3F148-1D5F-46F2-88DA-AD26C3…)

Tinfoil, but sarah posted this after Shiloh responded to Madison’s pity party. Who’s willing to bet they’re all done with her shit and pretending she’s a victim in all of this?

No. 748916

No. 748917


fyi lawyers can take a case on a contingency. (i.e. they get paid if they win)

If a lawyer thinks there is a 10% chance at a million dollar payout, even if it is unlikely they may still take up the case. you don't necessarily need money up front.

No. 748918

They still follow each other.

Greg doesn't have a case if he's trying to go for libel and slander. He would have to prove that everything Daniel ever accused him of is false and made up, which he obviously cannot do.

No. 748920

lmao this is gonna be so good. forget milkmas, 2020 is milk year

No. 748921

>> Emails sent to his account returned an automated reply advising "to speak to Onision, please sign up" to his special access YouTube channel for $4.99 a month.

Jesus Christ Greg, could you be any more shady? We don’t even have to try to make him look guilty he does it all himself.
If he were smart he would’ve had his interview with Newsweek, had his sit down with Hansen, and played a sympathetic angle. He’s just a supreme idiot.

No. 748925

They linked Hansen's video this time, so Greg won't make any easy money nor get any views from this. That's gonna hurt. Ouch!
Thank you, Newsweek!

No. 748926

I would say there's a zero percent chance of any substantial payout. Even if hypothetically in some alternate reality he won Daniel and Hansen dont have millions of dollars for him to win. My guess is he's using money from his freakout videos to pay for a lawyer. As far as why he's doing it goes…well.. he's a retard.

No. 748928

This is unreal. Bringing any case to court is the worst thing Greg could possibly do.

The only reason he's been left to roam free of reprimand no matter what he does is because it's the internet. No matter who he bullies the shit out of or defames, at the end of the day, there isn't a punishment for him to receive. Everyone knows that when a narc is harassing you, the only real solution is to cut contact entirely unless it escalates to the point where the law or the police need to be involved. People generally just publicly ignore him when he spergs out about them. His dedicated audience (whatever percentage of it is sincere at this point, anyway) is either not invested, empathetic, or old enough to see through his obvious twisting of easily-confirmable facts.

But when you bring all this into a legal setting, suddenly getting the story straight matters a whole lot more. No judge or opposing lawyer is going to take away from the events that have occurred that Chris Hansen is a stalker, or Repzion just makes shit up to bully him, or whatever, regardless of how Greg paints the story. The man's entire life is lived online; every interaction and conflict and questionable contact he's ever made with anyone has receipts. Every idiotic harassment campaign video he's made is archived somewhere. Watching him try to convince a judge that established journalist and irl entertainment host is stalking a poor, innocent youtuber just because some 18 year old–I mean 19 year old–crazy girl with BPD made up a bunch of stories and spewed them at him.

He's finally going to have to convince someone that matters, and it'll be like watching a child argue with his parents and not understanding why they don't believe his lie.

No. 748929

>Watching him try to convince a judge that established journalist and irl entertainment host Chris Hansen is stalking a poor, innocent youtuber just because some 18 year old–I mean 19 year old–crazy girl with BPD made up a bunch of stories and spewed them at him is going to be insane.
Sorry I'm apparently five

No. 748930

No. 748936

he doesn't have a case. this is the definition of a lolsuit.

No. 748938

So Mashable and Insider both posted about Chris Hansen's visit to Onions house.


Also Daily Dot posted about his twitch ban

I love that his antics are getting MSM attention! I hope when Grugly goes to court (for his lawsuit and/or criminal case) that there are reporters there to document his spergery.

No. 748940

Maybe anus deleted so many tweets and videos to hide evidence that Repzion never slandered him. All videos Repzion made about him were based on things anus himself revealed to the public

No. 748948

Lawfagging but attorney here and given the short hearing turnaround this is very likely a temporary restraining order application

No. 748949


If that's the case he's going to fuck himself more for tampering with evidence and there's so many screenshots and archives. Good job Grug

No. 748950

I doubt it. I honestly think Jizz just wants to drag Hansen and Rep in the mud and humiliate them because for the first time I honestly think he's scared shitless.

So now he's lashing out at the two people he finds most responsible. It's illogical, but when has he ever acted logically?

No. 748951

I have no knowledge about restraining orders - stupid questions incoming: how would one be "rejected"/is that even possible? What are the repercussions for a tard like Gurggy wasting the courts time by trying to get a journalist to stop "saying mean things about him" online?

If he has filed for one, its mindblowingly stupid (no surprise) but I just have no context for how it may be handled. Can a restraining order request be frivilous/would Jimmy be liable for anything?

No. 748954

If it was just for Hansen then that would be the most likely but it's for both Hansen and Rep at the same time. It's just odd. A temp restraining order doesn't stop people from talking about you online or interview victims.

No. 748955

But Chris and Rep an appearance date. You get served restraining papers, you don't show up in court for that. You're either lying, or a shit lawyer (probably both).

No. 748956

It is entirely possible to get a restraining order request rejected - all you need is insufficient evidence that it's required. E.g. Not enough proof of the defendant being a credible threat to you, your property, or family/etc or lying about said evidence.
Thinking someone is a big meanie isn't grounds for a restraining order.

No. 748957

WTF? You get a court date on a restraining order if it isn't an emergency. You show up in court to fight it so it isn't on your record. Even in an emergency situation they last x amount of days and then you go to court to have it extended or removed. You don't just serve someone with a restraining order and not give them a chance to defend themselves.

No. 748960

Yes, you go to court to fight it.. AFTER YOU ARE SERVED THE PAPERS. Otherwise you can't be in the same building as the person who sent you the papers.

No. 748963

Yes, you can be. There is no restraining order. You go to court to get the restraining order and whoever you are getting the order against goes to defend themselves. You get served papers for a court appearance. You can't just put a RO order on someone because you want to. Onision doesn't have the restraining orders yet he is petitioning for them. They can be anywhere they want to be. Even if there is a restraining order you can be in a court building with someone. WWTF?? They just put you in separate areas until you go before the judge.

No. 748976

What you are saying sounds valid. In your opinion, why would he be petitioning the court for restraining orders against those two though? I mean, is there any way a restraining order can stop Chris or Rep from making videos or speaking out online about Greg? Do you think he is just trying to get the court to approve the restraining orders so that it looks better to have one as evidence of harassment if he decides to attempt to bring a lawsuit against them?

No. 748977

File: 1579209593094.jpg (304.21 KB, 1080x942, Screenshot_20200116-161626_Chr…)

To wrap up this incredibly frivolous and retarded spergout by Madison DeCrybaby, she has since deleted her twitter (lol) after being called out for lying about Shiloh. May she stay gone or come back with actual milky receipts, amen.

tinfoil confirmed by Regina in the comments anon

No. 748978

I work down the road from the court house. I plan to go. I’ll do my best to transcribe the events

No. 748981

Madison has had plenty of chances to spill tea on onion and didn’t . She even alluded to the Sarah thing a long time ago on the drunken peasants podcast but refused to actually say what was going on . That is why I don’t trust her to actually spill anything other than some vague statements. She could have been the one to blow this thing open but she chickened out

No. 748985

greg really is a huge retard. His 911 freakout is the gift that keeps on giving and it basically has shot him in the face with even more media attention.

Think for a moment, you have chris hansen knock on your door. Do you:

1) stay in your home, not say anything, and wait for him to leave


2) call the police so your hysterical recording is played all over the internet, resulting in the cops coming to your house and learning (if they hadn't already) that the situation involving you isn't just "internet drama" but something big enough to attract a journalist literally known for busting pedophiles

No. 748986

I think she was trying to play both sides for way too long. She was trying to be an uwu onion slayer while at the same time not saying anything bad about him to keep one foot in the door of the swamp. In the end she went with the side that gave her more attention. All Madison’s story proves is that onion has something against changing diapers and that Madison was complicit in Lainey behaving inappropriately with Sarah

No. 748987

So Greg dangles the poor afeared onion sprouts in front of a judge to get a TPO? See in my state the victim goes to court with proof of harassment/abuse/stalking etc etc. The a t.p.o is made and then the alledged abuser is served the papers to show up in court to refute the charges. If they cannot disprove the abuse/harassment a restraining order is given and the terms of said order.

No. 748988

No wonder her & complainey got on so well. This reads eerily similar to the whole "where's MY sympathy?" era of lainey lmao.
Also, Madison clearly never gave a fuck about Sarah other than seeing her as the one person taking Lainey's affection from her. Those two things alone make me not want to hear anything Madison has to say either about the onions or anything else.

Shiloh probably gave Madison a head's up saying that if all Madison had to say was about the guinea pigs compared to what Sarah & Regina were spilling that the internet would make fun of her, and that's exactly what happened.

No. 748990

File: 1579211469640.jpg (208.94 KB, 1080x2220, EObvK8eX0AEZEbE.jpg)

No. 748991

File: 1579211512156.jpg (214.03 KB, 1080x2220, EObvLXuW4AELHJQ.jpg)

No. 748993

File: 1579211563537.jpg (208.73 KB, 1080x2220, EObvL2pXkAA_-C6.jpg)

No. 748994

File: 1579211597123.jpg (167.37 KB, 995x2048, EObvMYBWsAE6iux.jpg)

No. 748998

File: 1579211815470.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, F25DEA0D-677D-4652-A2F2-C76084…)

>boohoo I’m a VICTIM why is nobody kissing my ass like they do Billie and Sarah??

No. 748999

File: 1579211862221.png (192.12 KB, 601x610, uhh.png)

No. 749000

Gotta love how everyone is talking about how much they enjoy being friends with each other and Madison has to butt in about her seizures that have nothing to do with anything.

No. 749004

I never had a solid good or bad opinion on Madison but after reading this, holy shit do I hate her. She’s so insufferable in all her replies and like the other girls are hammering her to say her piece when no one is.

No. 749006

File: 1579211995322.jpg (138.73 KB, 995x2048, EObvM-6WAAEQaWP.jpg)

No. 749007

File: 1579212031057.jpg (175.31 KB, 995x2048, EObvNVuXUAEMQTQ.jpg)

No. 749008

File: 1579212068117.jpg (179.84 KB, 995x2048, EObvNz4WkAYwLhg.jpg)

No. 749009

All the girls are victims, but none are innocent. Except Sky. Every other one in this fucking mess did dirty bitch moves to appease Onion.

No. 749010

Very suspicious comment to make after screenshots were posted.

No. 749015

Madison isn’t a victim of anything expect her poor choices in friends. Her daughter is the real victim, as she was exposed to life on the swamp due to her moms poor choices. I don’t know what woman would willingly expose her kid to a man who (even at that point) was well documented to be a shitbag and creep

No. 749018

>he isn't going to be "brought down"
Maybe not ( hopefully yes ), but thanks for the vote of confidence, Madi, lol.
She's been doing this for years, it's pathetic. She's also that type of a person who could get 500 overwhelmingly positive comments and one negative one that would simply say 'lol u suk' and she'd turn that one comment into an example of how everyone's mean and no one wants her.

It should be really simple. Milk? Yes? Share. No? Stop.

No. 749022

I just realized these screenshots are all from 2019 and not this year. No one had come out at that point regarding Onision’s abuse at that point. I’m curious who she was talking to.

No. 749024

File: 1579213031565.png (830.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200116-171308.png)

If Waterhead is suing for slander, doesn't the defense get to take a deep dive in discovery to prove how true the claims against him are? If this is the case, imagine the shit Hansen and Rep's attorney will dig up.

Also, the pic Newsweek used in their article about the Civil suits has me deaddd

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 749029

She sounds shady as fuck.

When you file an Order of Protection, a short hearing is held that day to determine if a Temporary order is necessary. In my experience, the judge threw out all Temporary requests unless there was recent physical violence. Temporary (if granted) lasts until the hearing. Then the defendant gets served papers. They then meet in the same building for a hearing, and the defendant chooses to accept the order or fight it. Then there is another hearing with lawyers and evidence, which I don't know as much about.

Onion could request in the order that they not be allowed to post about him. He wasn't granted the Temporary order, or we would have heard about it.

No. 749031

tinfoil but it makes me wonder if Madison wanted to snuff this out to protect Lainey? I don't really get where she's coming from asking about what everyone's motives are and saying he won't be taken down no matter what. I'm guessing these are older ss, and since then Greg's lost his Patreon & his Twitch so how's that for "nothing will happen". I don't understand her hostility & negativity towards the girls?

also funny how she cries no one takes her seriously as a "victim" but also says she doesn't have time for this 'shit'. Like bitch maybe it's only an inconvenience for you but the onions have really fucked up several girls and I bet to they don't appreciate being grilled over why they're coming forward. Shiloh had her career cut short and fled from the internet because of Greg & the power he pulled in the past. He ran off Skye too. I really can't stand this crybaby bitch.

No. 749032

I'm thinking this lawsuit is the 'victory' Onion was alluding to here >>747315, if so it's even more amusing that that he thinks he has a solid case

No. 749033

Oh look. Her reasons for sharing her story are ALL ABOUT HER.
She doesn't give a shit about helping anyone but herself. She's the worst.

No. 749034

Well, a narcissist would think he has a slam dunk case, and Onion is one of the biggest narcissists the world has ever seen. He doesnt realize how badly this will backfire on him

No. 749035

File: 1579214407113.jpg (852.89 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200116_173946.jpg)

I really love all the photos of Gurp these news agencies are using lately, KEK.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 749040

I really do think he believes he's completely innocent and that everyone else is just bullying him.
I mean, why else would he legit tell the 911 operator about Sarah? If he truly thought he was wrong in that case he wouldn't mention it.
It's going to be a very rude awakening for him next week when this goes to court because I really think he is 100% sure he will win.

No. 749045

He does believe he is totally innocent. Narcissists take their thoughts as facts carved in stone by god almighty. He 100 percent believes he has NEVER done anything wrong, whatsoever. The way he treated Shiloh, how he treated Eugenia Cooney, how he treated Shane Dawson, everything with Sarah and Billie and everyone else. He truly, in his soul, believes he did nothing wrong, because that is how a narcissist thinks.

No. 749047

She's trying to play both sides to get the most attention possible. That's all she cares about.

No. 749053

If he believed he was innocent he wouldn't have tried so hard to hide the fact that he was sexually involved with Sarah. He wasn't even honest about her with 911, he called her a "girl he hung out with." If he 100% believed he did nothing wrong then he would've called her a jilted lover or something.

No. 749058

If Greg has all of these security cameras at his house then why hasn't he released footage of Chris Hansen yelling at his doorstep?

No. 749061

Wow holy shit, "your video isn't going to stop him, your video is not going to stop more girls from coming"
What is wrong with her? Who says this shit to victims/people who had to put up with abuse from Gerg? They need support from people close to them not this shit, Madison, wtf.

No. 749065

After listening to the recording of his recent discord chat i just can not wait for him to get ass reamed in court.
He's such a smug jackass.

(link here incase it hasnt been posted: https://vocaroo.com/iqwhE8nDgmR)

No. 749066

To be fair, this was apparently a year ago. No one at the time thought Jimmy could be brought down. There was nothing to really bring him down with legally either.

It still doesn't make any of this less stupid, though. If you have something to say, say it already. Post that video. Or don't, okay, but then stop being dramatic. Madi's been going in circles with this one for several years, as said before.

No. 749067

He's so delusional he really thinks the cops are on his side because he calls them a lot. What kind of retard logic is that?

No. 749070

No joke, does she have some sort of untreated mental illness? Her perspective on events seems really warped. Like, she's definitely being dramatic for attention, but it seems like she believes this is how everything went down and how the girls feel about her without anything to support it besides her own actions that make people not listen to her.

No. 749073

Right? And the weird thing on top of that is that she is annoyed that they aren't all friendy friendy with her in the discord. Not even sure why she was there. It's like she is there to make friends or some shit and got salty.

Something that stands out to me is that I remember the last time Greg talked about Madison in a video he extended an olive leaf. I am looking to find the video, but he basically mentions her and the boss sleeping thing and says that if he saw that person again he'd just be like 'hey'
Makes me wonder if Madison tried to get in contact with the onions and sends Lainey/Greg screenshots.

Major tinfoil though. It's just so weird she keeps telling them nothing will do good. If she truly thought that then why hang out in that discord?

No. 749074

He thinks the cops are aware of him just because he called them twice 10 years ago lmao. No Gunky, that's not why they're aware of you

No. 749081

Also the fact that he think he “won” because Shiloh was taken in for mental evaluation ? She was threatening suicide. Of course they’re going to look into it. But he makes it sound like they brought the damned paddy wagon for her ass.

No. 749086

She said that she has BPD as far as I remember

No. 749087

And she was released the same day if I'm not mistaken because one of the nurses noticed something was off about him and let Shiloh call her mom

No. 749090

that would make sense

No. 749092

Gurg has made 14 tweets in the last hour. He’s going manic again.
His “I’m leaving for my private Twitter” didn’t even last 24 hours this time did it?

No. 749093

File: 1579219654883.jpg (91.51 KB, 581x735, luckyluckylucky.jpg)

Lol, does it ever.

No. 749095

No idea who this YouTuber is, just saw it linked on twitter, but he somehow got the actual documents Greg submitted.
They are for restraining orders for both Repzion and Chris Hansen

No. 749097

Same fag, but after watching the whole thing, I find it hard to believe the court would grant him the restraining order on Chris simply because Greg has initiated contact with Chris and his team and even offered to meet/talk with him. Granted, Greg has since deleted his public offer for meet with Chris Hansen so I sure hope Chris is tech savvy enough to produce evidence of that.

Repzion I am not so sure of. He’s never gone to Greg’s house, and I’m pretty sure restraining orders don’t stop anyone from making videos on the subject so I am not sure what he hopes to gain there?

No. 749098

I immediately thought of a restraining order because of his shitty analogy in his last video. The "imagine if your ex bf is stalking you" one ( really disjointed and hard to listen to ).
As if it's at all comparable to Chris showing up at his front door.

No. 749101

Honestly it's pretty genius that onion's 911 call got uploaded to the internet. Youtubers have a chance to weigh in on this without the fear him striking them down. You know it's gotta piss him the hell off that he can't copyright claim his own 911 call.

No. 749102

Did Greg delete all the “parody” videos he made about Chris Hansen? Cause If not….

Also the video he made accusing Repzion of rape? I bet he deleted that too

No. 749104

That does make a bit more sense, but it doesn't explain her excruciating negativity. Even if you don't think it will happen, don't say that to them - encourage action that could end up with a desired result, maybe? Be a supportive friend?

It also highlights how she's been going in circles for an actual year and still saying the same stuff and playing the victim. She's nuts.

No. 749105

File: 1579220850544.png (192.7 KB, 722x489, cyberstalking 1.png)

He claims that Repzion is cyberstalking him.

No. 749106

File: 1579220949612.png (242.64 KB, 721x549, cyberstalking 2.png)

And Chris 'banged' on his door and made hateful statements about poor onion.

No. 749107

his grammar is terrible as always

No. 749109

This is the guy who made 80 videos about Eugenia and didn't stop even after she begged him, not to mention the dozens of videos he made about Shane Dawson. He's the last person who should be complaining about "cyberstalking"

No. 749114

All Chris Hansen has to do is show the judge the videos Jimmy Gurg himself made addressed to Chris (fake interview especially), and the disgusting sexual tweets about Chris. Chris has mountains upon mountains of other evidence the order is unwarranted, but it really could be that simple. James Jackson is a fucking lunatic imbecile.

If rep is "cyberstalking" Gurgles, wtf was Gurggy doing to Eugenia, Jaclyn, and countless others he's made obsessive videos about?? Lol wtf?? He is severely fucking brain damaged it's actually impressive.

No. 749115

Is this like an online form he can fill out or something? I’d hope if this went through an actual lawyer they would proof read it, but I also hope he has no lawyer and plans to represent himself for this mess

No. 749118


"no idea who this youtuber is" - i suspect self-posting by a keemstar wannabe

only fatter

No. 749120

God, this is embarrassing. What a fucking pussy.

No. 749122

Omg anon I hope you're right and he is representing himself, that would be so so amazing. Particularly if we get a court transcript. Imagine the juice to be squeezed from that.

A bit OT, but I have a feeling the private tweet about "finally winning" (in hindsight obviously about his lolsuits) will become more memeable than his "2019 is going to be the best year" tweet

No. 749123

File: 1579222035741.jpg (4.43 KB, 950x49, Image1.jpg)


"posted yesterday with very few likes but i found it trough osmosis, no idea who this great awesome youtuber is, teehee"

No. 749124

That's cool that people continue listening in on these but I never expected milk from them.

No. 749126

>Madison seems like an asshole.
I don't know why Madison started talking again but hopefully she'll stay gone this time.

No. 749128

The Narcissist's Prayer:

That didn't happen.

And if it did, it wasn't that bad.

And if it was, that's not a big deal.

And if it is, that's not my fault.

And if it was, I didn't mean it.

And if I did…

You deserved it.

No. 749129

File: 1579222842892.jpg (147.62 KB, 660x716, Image1.jpg)

No. 749133

this article is over 12 months old. and it's not exactly new info.
fuck outta here. enjoy the circus or go back to snow with the rest of the clowns.

No. 749134


you're absolutely right.

he's doing it all for free.

No. 749135


stupid, strawman argument, concern troll.

Everyone has to make a living. You could say the police and judges and lawyers, when dealing with criminals, are also "in it for the money." You could say doctors curing cancer are "doing it for the money"

Everyone needs to eat. That's the way the world works.

Just because someone is compensated, does not mean they also can't be doing good at the same time. Going after predator pedophiles and being compensanted don't have to be mutually exclusive things. Nor does it mean all altrusim ultimately evaporates.

Greg is getting into hotter and hotter water since all this started up, this is due to the victims coming forward with the HELP of chris hansen bringing this to a wider audience. lolcow doesn't get talked about on theverge or newsweek. Chris Hansen does. This whole situation has been moving in a positive direction, so quit being a salty butthurt concern troll over this and shut the fuck up.

No. 749136


you're wrong.

chris is doing all of this for free.

No. 749137

He doesn't talk to his kids anon lol what are you on about?

No. 749138

>This whole situation has been moving in a positive direction
>This whole situation has been moving in a positive direction
>positive direction
>This whole situation

you almost made me shit myself laughing.

No. 749139


he fucks them, though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 749140

I've watched one of his videos before on Onision's military career and them debunking it. He's a veteran of the Army I think?

How on earth did he get them?

No. 749141


they're public record and greg posted everything about it on his old website you spastic mongoloid.

No. 749146

I honestly don't give a fuck if he's in it for the money or not lmao. Take it to the o-flakes thread

No. 749148

Can gerg not read? This is a nitpick, but it says on the form to be specific and give exact dates, but he's vague about it and just says "10 years". I wonder if that's grounds for dismissal just by not providing enough evidence.
Unless there's something else blanked out.

No. 749149

Onions gonna fail thanks to a little thing called Anti SLAAP. Basically you can be able to drop the case if the petitioner is using the case as a way to silence, intimidate, and censor their critics who are protected by free speech. And if things go the way it should be the defenders can be able to go after the petitioners for the damages and sue them for Malicious Prosecution.

It’s funny how this motherfucker thinks he won since basically he shot himself in the foot and it all wouldn’t happen if he could have a seat with Chris and not do the shit he and his wife did.

Here’s a good read: http://www.dmlp.org/legal-guide/anti-slapp-law-washington

No. 749150


SLAPP laws are about libel and slander. Onion only petitioned for restraining orders. They will fail for other reasons, mostly because neither Repzion nor Chris Hansen pose any sort of realistic threat to his or his family's safety. But it will have nothing to do with SLAPP.

No. 749151

Technically, if Onion's name were somewhere in there it'd be fine, otherwise it has to go in /snow.
He's doing it all out of the goodness of his own heart lmfao.

No. 749153

This won't be considered as a SLAPP case. But if things are uncovered during the proceedings, then it way become a criminal case against grog

No. 749155

Rep mentioned on twitter he got a criminal attorney. This is going to be amazing. Poor little Greggy and HomolKai they're going to be absolutely demolished lol

No. 749156

>If I made my own video about Jay
>all the victims of Jay
I'm guessing Jay is an ex of hers?

No. 749157

Just when we think that Grog couldn't possibly make things worse for himself, he does.

No. 749158

Golly Gee, you mean a freelance journalist works on stories for money ?!? Oh my!
Don’t be fucking naïve. People work for money. It doesn’t mean he can’t care about the cause, and it honestly doesn’t matter if he does care. He’s doing a job. He’s not a philanthropist.

So here in his statement he says he fears for his safety, but he said on the 911 call he did not need to stay on the line cause he did not feel in danger, right?

No. 749161

Trying to mention Sarah (while avoiding saying her name like he always does) was such a dick move.

No. 749164

He continues with the lie that it was Repzion who contacted Lainey's family when he KNOWS and WAS CORRECTED WHEN IT HAPPENED that it wasn't Repzion but StraightDope.

No. 749165

Whatever anyone thinks of him, you can't say Stevie had less to add than Lane who said a lot of nothing. Like anon said, Stevie was smart to ditch those boomers.

No. 749168

He is honestly so unfunny. Talking and acting like a child, it's so annoying. Those people idolising him all sound like children too. One sounds like they are slow.

No. 749170

I don't get the point behind him scrubbing his twitter. It's not like there aren't caps of most of the gross shit he tweeted, and their records could always be subpoenaed.

No. 749171

>Everyone has to make a living.
No shit people have to pay bills, but I'm not going to take Hansen at his word or pretend he has so much concern for the victims uwu considering the events of late. Which events? Check the flakes thread.

No. 749174

why don't you check out the flakes thread and fucking stay there? no one here thinks Chris Hansen is a saint, we are just grateful for the milk that's come out of the situation

No. 749175

>He keeps lying
Rep has most of his lies catalogued lol.

No. 749177

This is hilarious. Hansen is one thing, but Repzion? Repzion never showed up at his house or is associated with a proven doxxer. I don't see his case against Rep holding up.

No. 749179

Stop derailing over Hansen's financial status.

No. 749187

I'm not Madison nor was my comment defending her at all. Apart from the word seems which I used because the screenshots make her seem like an asshole which she is.

No. 749188

they aren't saying you're madison.

No. 749189

Onion also benefitted from lower video resolution. He looks terrible in HD and 4k.

No. 749190


New Discord leak. He talks about sex with his giggling female fans. He says he's never been aroused by a male with male parts, but he's been aroused by trans men with female parts, and males that look like women. They also talk about how Greg disposed of Julia. He tells the girls that he's a grower and that he isn't necessarily big down there and he believes that big dicks are overrated and a hazard to women. They talk way to much about their sexual experiences all while Greg tries to brag about his sexual prowess.

No. 749191

Small dick confirmed

No. 749192

"Growing" to 3 inches doesn't count Gurgles

No. 749193

>big dicks are a hazard to women

kek for days. Baby Carrot paints anything that gives women pleasure as a "hazard." So pathetic.

No. 749194

I'll never understand how they're having these kind of conversations sober. The giggling alone is cringing me out af.

>I don't know why people want big dicks, because it destroys them constantly


No. 749196

and how the hell would he know what big dicks do to women? how many big dicks has he taken in his vagina?

No. 749197

>I'm a little too honest
Especially when he lied about Sarah. So honest.

Their sex convo is so cringe.

No. 749202

I guess his dirty micro dick can be considered a "hazard" to women too considering he gave all his partners UTIs

No. 749203

Onions not a good enough of an actor or smart enough to play a sympathetic angle.

No. 749206

So is Lainey dead at this point?

No. 749209

Did you miss the part where Chris went to Grog's house and said Plainey was there.

No. 749212

or the part where she's trying to get a restraining order?

No. 749213

I've been trying to find this video all night. Does anyone know the one where Kai says that Greg gives them $100 buck every time he's a dick? Or am I just getting confused with what other people have said?

No. 749214

>is a grower
>believes big dicks are overrated and a hazard

So why was he stuffing himself with socks for videos then? They weren't so overrated when they sent him into a tantrum shaming Lame's sister for missing an ex who had a big dick.

No. 749215

>Repzion is cyberstalking me
Says the guy who made 80 plus videos on Eugenia Cooney and continued making them well after she and her friends asked him to stop. All these years of empty legal threats and he finally does it lmao. Rep'll be fine.

No. 749216

>shouting through the door at my spouse and my child
So that was Lainey and C. You >>748100 were right.

No. 749217

She isn't dead, but I am wondering how Jimmy's allowing her to stay completely silent about all of this, considering she made it worse for him too ( pic exchanges, topless on cam, etc ). He must be really pissed at her for that.
Unless if he's afraid that she'd make him look even worse if she made a video or posted anything about it.

No. 749218

my guess is her lawyer dad put the fear of god in her and convinced her and greg that they needs to stfu. She listened. He obviously didn't. She's probably scared shitless.

No. 749222

being lainey must be genuinely fucking horrifying. her life is already a nightmare in the swamp, trapped with her prince charming turned oily gremlin, used as bait for girls he finds more attractive, cowering at home as a stay-at-home mother with her children who the father sees as the unintentional consequences of an impregnation fetish.

all that is pretty bad already but now she's under strictly enforced silence by greggy who probably has spent the last month screaming at her and berating her for allowing there to be evidence, and now she has to watch him blunder his way into a true police investigation and humiliate both of them in two lawsuits that, at best, will just increase their already mounting debts. she's just smart enough to be afraid, but still dumb and smug enough that she caused all of her own suffering by her own hands.

2020 truly is a blessed year.

No. 749223


>never been aroused by a male with male parts, but he's been aroused by trans men with female parts

Kek, that’s pretty much just his way of saying he likes women for their tits and vag, and that’s pretty much all Lainey’s been to him since Cuddlegate back in 2015-2016. That’s gotta fucking suck, and I’d feel bad if lainey weren’t a smug little cunt who wants sympathy for being the dumbest person imaginable and giving the teenage girl she sexually groomed a laptop full of incriminating evidence.

No. 749224

Lainey's Dad was never a lawyer he works in insurance mitigation he's as much a lawyer as I am.

No. 749229

She’s bringing in money without doing anything so that might be why.

No. 749230

File: 1579242236562.jpeg (141.79 KB, 1125x867, DB854AE7-9530-4237-9A9C-270DDF…)

Not sure what to make of this

No. 749231

That he's probably going to change his name and invent a new "character" again, lol.

No. 749232


Past what? Does he mean passed?

No. 749235


The comments on the tweet are great, no one cares.

No. 749236

File: 1579243511697.png (355.21 KB, 888x1920, 4gyndzx3drx11.png)

lol reminds me of this

No. 749239

Can almost guarantee he did this to feel better about himself by being the 'bigger person' while everyone insults him, to show off how cyberbullied he is

No. 749240

Sorry, samefag, but he's also probably trying to prove people will believe anything, like how some idiots believed his stupid freakout videos.

It amazes me that he doesn't realise he should have just had an adult man-to-man conversation with Chris Hansen. He's done absolutely nothing to convince anybody that he hasn't done anything wrong

No. 749241

is he pulling a "I killed myself cause of the hate" manipulative tactic? is he gonna "disappear" and inevitably return because he can't handle the lack of attention?

No. 749242

Yes, he's just retarded and can't spell.

No. 749243

>Scorpio King
His handle’s based on a 2002 movie ffs

No. 749246

These complaints are so fucking stupid. Where is the actual evidence, you can't just cry "cyberstalking" without any further details and expect it to fly. It's when you see him in documents like this (or hear the 911 call) you realise how retarded and how unable to communicate Greg is. I expect him to turn up to court in a 'business Joker' look honestly.

No. 749247

give him a break, anon. the only movie he's watched from a recent year apparently is joker.

i hope someone goes to the courthouse to get pictures of him in his fine purple business suit with green vest combo. kek.

No. 749252

File: 1579250542647.jpg (625.4 KB, 1826x1022, 20200117_034150.jpg)

I hope the evidence he brings to court resembles the clapback collage he made in Paint and sent to the county for his wetland violations.

No. 749253

>"Not even my statement is going to bring him down"

Yeah no shit YOUR statement isn't going to bring him down lmao. You weren't a young teenager being groomed and harassed by the Onionfucks, you were a grown adult with a kid that got butthurt because you didn't get into Lame's box and got shit on by Grugly. You could have been mature about it and said your fucking piece without having to constantly throw a pity party for validation while supporting the girls who really needed it but you just couldn't do that could you? Unbelievable.
Is this really all they submitted?
>we wuz cyberstalked
>Chris Hansen knocked on my door once and it was scary uwu

They detailed fuck all lmao, I shouldn't be surprised but Jesus are they retarded. Did they even read what the document was asking of them? I guess dipshit is so used to his own phony court papers that he didn't realize an actual judge is going to be looking over this bullshit and not the court of the internet. Thank you 2020 - I love a good lolsuit.
Fucking KEK. Microdick is a "grower" now. Protip Gurp: if your first lay said that to you it was either A. Pity or B. Fake optimism. The only thing you got "growing" for you is that beastly fatty tumor on your back.

No. 749254

Funny because he is a big dick with a small dick and a hazard to women.
>he should have just had an adult man-to-man conversation with Chris Hansen

He just can't, can he. Having a no bullshit adult to adult convo would be just impossible for him. So he hides and calls 911.

No. 749260

File: 1579257048078.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, bequeather of seats.png)

I hope he goes pro se all the way; all other grammar/syntax issues aside, no vaguely coherent lawyer would let the fact that hansen has apparently been stalking gruggers for 2000 years slip past them

I can't wait for all the court transcripts this year is going to bring

No. 749267

File: 1579265105341.jpg (102.07 KB, 1200x600, hIdInGfRoMtHeWiNdOwS.jpg)

who is the OP of this image? theyre magical and can see into the future.

No. 749272


you post that picture over and over again, always with the exact same name too, maybe you need to quit while you're ahead and stop sucking your own cock.
we get it, you made that image, it wasn't even that predictive since hansen was already on it when it was made. now just like, stop.
we all seen it.
good job, you.

No. 749274

So this bitch saw Footface grooming Sarah, an underage girl, in her groomers bed and all she could think was "i wish i could join"? How disgusting do you have to be.

No. 749275

File: 1579268846034.jpg (246.08 KB, 1056x1265, Screenshot_20200117-082911.jpg)

Gurp says Hansen has been making hAtEfUl videos about him since August/September of 20. How can the judge remotely take take this seriously when he either can't get the date right, or has such a glaringly obvious typo? That thing is riddled with grammar mistakes, I have such a hard time imagining an actual attorney drafted that. It's said Gurp has been talking to a criminal attorney. Why would you hire a criminal attorney for a civil case?

I think it's Tamara? starts making some sorta joke about tiny dicks which of course ANGERS the waterheaded narcassit since he thinks everything is about him. Butthurt, he makes a comment about gaping, loose vaginas. Another pig attempts to soothe the predator's bruised ego by saying (lying) she prefers small dicks.
Greg: let's cut the bullshit, OK? I'm sorry you prefer smaller. But that's cool that you do. I'm not small but people think I am and I'm not sure if I care. So whatever.

Paypig: it's called being a grower not a shower

Greg starts talking about how when he lost his virginity, the chick commented about him being a grower. He says she was disappointed at how small it was but was SHOCKED at just how "huge" it got. He literally referred to his tiny dick as huge. Fucking KEK. He's so insecure about his baby carrot.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 749277

literally nta but ok

No. 749278

Man he is in for an ass whooping when Hansen gets to tell the judge these 'hateful videos' are him interviewing and investigating women who he and his spouse abused.

No. 749279

File: 1579270090624.jpg (210.33 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20200117-090541.jpg)

According to Hansen, Greg didn't use an attorney to draft his restraining order petition. It couldn't be more obvious, given the shitty grammar and lack of evidence and how it's otherwise incomplete and unprofessional. But it is nice to have confirmation.

Chris Hansen (@chrishansen) Tweeted:
Definition of irony: https://t.co/GqpwsGcvEt #haveaseatwithchrishansen #855mikewins https://t.co/ihlaxuWrSA https://twitter.com/chrishansen/status/1218009634277117958?s=20

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 749280

If he did kill himself, I'm sure he would go out doing what he loved… making another mess for Lainey to clean up. Anyways I'm sure he's just doing this for attention per usual.

No. 749282

God, if only.

No. 749283


lol, denial

and from a FARM-HAND


No. 749285

Really hope they play the video of his fake interview with Chris where he makes weird sexual comments. If he was really being "stalked" no one would post a video like that.

No. 749286

This was posted in the Twitter thread. From grugs discord after the Hansen debarkle

No. 749288

"Yeah, he was like – he was like – he yelled maybe…fifteen different things."

Real fucking convincing JJ. It definitely doesn't sound like someone stumbling to create a false narrative.

No. 749294

Just shows how insecure Gurgles is about his microdick. Seriously how can these women still associate with him and not be repulsed to death?

No. 749299


Why don't you post the security cam footage to reveal what Chris was yelling then, Greasy?

No. 749300

I can’t wait for him to say to the judge “uh, so you know what satire is?!?”

No. 749301

Of course if a person is talking through a closed door they aren’t whispering, but there’s a pretty huge difference between calling out to someone over a closed door and “yelling”
He will just say anything that makes him sound like a victim

No. 749302

This is absolutely amazing. He's by passed making a statement to the police about being harassed and has directly filed for a civil court case lmao! And even Lainey's fucking statement of petition is retarded as fuck. Do they not understand going in front of a judge means they are going to be scrutinised? Who the fuck put this idea into his head that he had a case?

There are so many words Greg uses and doesn't understand the meaning of. Wonder what galaxy brain vocab he's going to bring to court lol. What a fucking retard.

No. 749303

File: 1579276395583.jpeg (79.31 KB, 1125x765, 124FC3AB-77F6-4F2A-BE8C-4F46C7…)

I guess this was supposed to be his goodbye tweet?

So who wrote the tweet then mere hours after he “past”? Cause I’m sure the most important thing the night someone dies is to log on to twitter and let everyone know.
Pretty sure Lainey knows how to spell “passed” so it’s not likely to be her.
Maybe his 6 year old son wrote it.

No. 749312


What I don't get is why Greg goes for a restraining order while he could have much better gone with the money angle. Chris Hansen doing a show about him every wednesday without him seeing a single cent, Repzion same ballpark making money with ads and promotions doing videos on Greg. This really shows how stupid Greg is.
Not trying to argue whether Hansen does or doesn't make money with this, thats besides the point, i'm just saying the money angle would have worked much better in court.

No. 749313

no one appears to care about poor old greg and his theoretical sunset.

No. 749316

Cause no one believes him.
I said this before, but all those fake freak out videos that he posted on the one channel of his he claimed to be “real” has destroyed his credibility.
No one will ever believe anything he says or does again

No. 749320

>Who the fuck put this idea into his head that he had a case?

Greg did a google search on "restraining order". Same as all of his "research".

No. 749328


If you've seen his last contact with the county over the wetlands you wouldn't waste your time trying to understand greg's thought process. Spoiler: he's a spazoid.

I'm surprised he didn't file a restraining order against the biologist while he was at it.

No. 749329

File: 1579283657447.jpeg (213.51 KB, 750x563, 73293D08-A833-4616-B0ED-540A66…)

god. so contrived

No. 749330

Can a judge force Greg to produce the security cam footage in the kind of trial he's initiated?

No. 749334

One would hope so that he can back up his claim. Oh wait it would controdict what the greasy onion is saying.

No. 749335


This bullshit case would never get that far so it's moot, but yeah in terms of the judge would say "produce the cctv footage" and if onion said "no" the judge could bang his wee hammer and say "lol case dismissed".

No. 749338

god, this smug dickhole deserves everything that is coming to him.

There were very few comments on his suicide bait post that had sympathy for him and honestly? If he really did do the deed the number one reason I wouldn't feel bad is because this dumbass has shown absolutely no remorse or humility since this entire thing began.

No. 749339

This is still the wrong version of the word "passed" in that sentence, Greg.

No. 749340

The judge will have any security footage if it’s available. Either the lawyers will provide it or they will get whatever information and cam footage from police

No. 749343

And I'm sure Hansen will be forthcoming with all of his raw footage. Jimmy won't be able to show anything to refute that's all he did there.

this is gonna be so good. We were all waiting excitedly for a big trial, but Mr. Jackson had to jump the gun and have his day in court early. I wonder if he was feeling as impatient as we are, or really… what he was thinking at all. such a dumbass kekekek get ready for a little pre-milkmas milkmas

No. 749348

File: 1579289162558.jpg (145.85 KB, 1080x908, Screenshot_20200117_202549.jpg)

For some reason he has unfollowed everyone he followed on Twitter.

No. 749349

He did that when he said he was only going to use @Onisionprime. Attention seeker gotta seek attention.

No. 749350

The fact that Gurp waited 11 hours to update his suicide bait post really shows how badly all the hate is getting to him. He's pretending that it's just a joke, or a troll, but the real purpose was so that he could see how everyone would theoretically react with the information that he could be dead. I imagine it took that long for Jim to finish his retarded ass joke because he wasn't getting the reaction he feels he deserves. He was probably expecting the "I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'VE DONE THIS, JAMES WE ARE SO SORRY, YOU ARE TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD, WE WERE WRONG, YOUR HEAD IS ACTUALLY SMALL, YOUR DICK IS ACTUALLY BIG, uwu" and even though those comments weren't coming as soon as he'd hope, the delusional narcassit in him figured everyone was probably just sleeping and he'd get his narc supply soon enough.

Finally, 11 hours later, he had to face the cold hard truth that nobody on a large scale gave one single spec of a fuck to indulge in his suicide bait. Luckily, Gurp knew he could protect his ego by finishing tEh jOkE. Kinda like when he made the gofundme for the expenses needed to correct the wetlands. Nobody was donating. It was only getting hate. So he claimed it was all actually a joke. He's so goddamned transparent.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 749355

>but the real purpose was so that he could see how everyone would theoretically react with the information that he could be dead.
Of course, yes. That was the purpose. Especially considering his "we don't really hate each other" statement in the last video. Like, yeah, Jimmy no one here hates-HATES you, we don't know you personally, but of course you'd be going into that cannon to be shot at the alien ship, lol.
He's an extremely shitty person, no value lost there, along with his pedo wife.

For about 3 seconds my mind did go there, because it naturally does, and they were exciting 3 seconds, but I doubt anyone actually bought into his suicide baiting, much less cared if it actually happened.

No. 749356

LMFAO he just shot himself in the foot and making an absolute mockery of his credibility (if it isnt fubar already).

The second he involves law in his shit, he must prove himself credible to the t on his claims. Not only he has lied to 911, making a dubious claim that hansen "banged" and "yelled" on his door, plus the apparent fact that he didnt even had a lawyer to consult before submitting an absolute joke of a case, he is in for a real slap in the face by reality.

No. 749357

Honestly I'd be shocked if he even turned up to the court house. He wouldn't even go to court over alimony with Skye.

No. 749360

I also can't imagine him actually showing up cause then he'd actually have to be face to face with Repzion AND Chris and he's just a manbaby.
But, I mean, the case cant continue if he doesnt show up right? I'm not actually sure

No. 749363

I can see Onision in court after his case gets thrown out taking off his clothes screaming your honor I am a human being

No. 749366

"The complainant was tased in the courtroom on the suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon which later turned out to be a bottle of kombucha."

No. 749368

I doubt either of them would go in person. They can be represented by their attorneys.

No. 749369

>I also can't imagine him actually showing up cause then he'd actually have to be face to face with Repzion AND Chris and he's just a manbaby
This so much. He hasn't had any face to face contact with men since he was in the army. This is why he sounds so effeminate - when you've only socialized with teen girls for nearly TWO DECADES, of course you'll start sounding like them.

Maybe he'll convince Lainey to go to court instead of him? He couldn't even open the door to face Chris. I really can't imagine him actually facing Chris and Daniel IRL.

No. 749370

Gurp just put another dumbass iNtrOsPeCtIvE videos on YouTube. In the video, he "confesses" that he's actually relieved his Patreon was DELETED (surejan.jpeg)

He also says something to the effect of "I know saying that could hurt a potential case" LIKE PLEASE DEAR GODDDDD LET THIS WATERHEADED APE ACTUALLY TRY TO SUE PATREON.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 749372

Exactly. He definitely didn't scream at Taylor nor Cloey.

No. 749381

I'm surprised he didn't list Dobs as a petitioner kek

No. 749382

If Chris was yelling, in the 911 call we would be able to hear him yelling in the background, but the only thing we hear is dogs barking

No. 749383

Not sure if anyone cares but Regina said on Diety's livestream it's a big possibility that the other person that was at Greg's house is a fan of his.

No. 749385

Unless she’s in contact with the person who visited she doesn’t really know more than anyone else

No. 749386

If there is a fan at his house they must be a massive fucking retard. Maybe it's special needs McFly, has he alluded to anything on the few livestreams he's done? He almost can't help himself unless the fan got there and that's why he stopped publicising the streams on twitter?

I doubt he has anyone 'new' in his house. If someone not related to the family is there, it's either Taylor faghag fakeboy friend or McFly. Maybe Taylor finds it overwhelming dropping off and picking Troy up from school she demanded Greg brings in a skivvy to help her. She seems like a pretty shite lazy mother.

No. 749387

>when you've only socialized with teen girls for nearly TWO DECADES, of course you'll start sounding like them.
I've noticed the way he talks and it does sound so much like my nieces in their late teens. It's tragic how much of a man child he is.
>it's a big possibility
A lot of things are possible. We won't know until we see evidence. I'm betting it was family but who knows.

No. 749388

I don't know where Regina's getting her "big possibility" info from. If it was Vince then we know it can't be true lol.

No. 749389

>I can't wait for all the court transcripts this year is going to bring
Oh I can't wait for more clown car entertainment from both sides. This is gonna be hilarious.

No. 749392

"A Youtuber is like an actor with a brain, quote me on that" Jimmy "My name's not even Greg" Jackson ( from his new video, didn't listen longer )

No. 749394

Why do some people keep thinking he'd ever have a conversation with Hansen, for any reason? Greg is an idiot but even he knows the worst thing you can do when there's pending litigation is talk to the press. All he's done is put out a few bs snippets to a couple news outlets. If Hansen's hoping for a 'scoop', he's wasting his time.

No. 749395

>she demanded Greg brings in a skivvy to help her

In the discord chat Jan 15 >>748837 a fan asks and Onision answers-
Fan: Why did he come to your house? That's so…weird.
Onision: Allegedly he followed, uh…another person with a child home.

This was a private discord chat with his fans. They feel a certain degree of privacy and are more open in what they will say. If it was Lainey that was followed then why not say her name instead of pausing, stuttering and then saying "another person" Being vague with his fans could be because it was the visiting fan who was driving with his child and knows it looks weird to have fans being nannies. This is tinfoil but who ever was there was being used as a nanny by them and driving the children around, dropping Troy at school and came back home with Cloey.

No. 749397

I hope the lies get noticed by the judge, from his petition because that’s perjury. I can’t believe he blatantly lied like that.

No. 749398

Oh my fuck, can Taylor not even trust to let Onion watch Cloey while she gets Troy ready and drive him over to school. Is it too much work for her to have two children ready in the morning for a school run. We know she's not got any other fucking obligations lmao. McFly drives doesn't she? I feel so bad for their kids. Even JG said she was able to get Troy laughing when he was just a baby and Taylor just sat beside her like a deaf mute and not interacting. If you're a loving mother and someone is doting on your child would you not be pleased as punch? Absolutely mental.

No. 749399

The sound feedback on this is horrible and McFly and Onion dominating the conversation. Do you think the static is from having those two cunts sitting near each other on the same voicechat? You know how you can get static if you call someone in the same room as you? When Sam was there she was on his livestream on the face cam, it might not be weird to think McFly is there with him.

I can't also believe him and his retarded fans are still talking about his innocence. Innocent of what? Has he even admitted to all those cunts that he fucked Sarah, half the time he pretend he doesn't even know why he is hated. How are all his fans so fucking dumb to be like "Omg Greg no matter what they will think you're guilty!" because he is retards.

No. 749400

Maybe they’re too scared to bring Troy to school now because of people taking photos of onion picking him up from school kek

No. 749401

If Hansen had agreed to have a debate with Onision on his Speaks channel where Greg would be able to mute Hansen and control what the topics were, you know Greg would have done it in a heartbeat. The reason Greg didnt open the door and speak to Hansen is because it was face to face not over a monitor and Greg would have no power over how the conversation went. In general Greg has problems interacting with men. If you've read any of his online journal entries during his time in the Air Force, he whines about his superiors and fellow soldiers and how he feels like an outcast all the time.