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No. 750184

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No. 750185

Summary of what the incidents at their address have public info on:

1925502012 – C's fall

Greg's calls to police:
2000900913 – Hansen
2001101395 – eggs

Neighbor's calls to police (allegedly, anyway):
1931301342 – 11/9, neighbor calling about a disagreement with “maybe some sort of shoving”
1933900711 – 12/5, neighbor saying that Kai hasn't been heard from or seen picking up T from school since the 22nd

Internet tips:
1933002052 – 11/26 welfare check
1933201625 – 11/28 welfare check
1925801726 – the police report of the welfare check that was called in on Kai when Greg was making deranged tweets from the hospital
1935301013 – reporting a video from August, report seems to confirm FBI investigation
1925901267 – the police report following up the email to the school
1916101513 – 6/10, tip about Greg's forum and him requesting photos to rate

Not yet public but all have had requests submitted:
1908101419 - harassment
1924501647 – agency assist – CPS + police
1925900264 – welfare check
1924301058 – information for police
1924401343 – information for police

No. 750187

Hey sweetie, am I supposed to "enjoy the ride" of reading about a two year old having brain damage? Is a cracked skull and cranial hematoma on a toddler supposed to amuse and entertain me too? You fucker.

Sad to say, I am not in the least surprised by those reports about Cloey. Us farmers didn't keep screeching "the kids should be taken away!" and "CPS should do something!" all this time for no reason. Things like THIS were the reason. They're unfit parents and we've known it all along.

No. 750188

I’m most interested in the loud shoving argument they had. Any idea what was going on online for greg that time? KF points out it was around when they wouldve heard back from the wildlife dept

Also pretty ominous that kai disappeared around 12/22, was that when they went to the airbnb?

No. 750189

I think the "no tinfoiling about children" is a totally reasonable request. We've had anons sperging about T having Downs and shit, it was cringy af.
But I think discussing what actually happened shouldn't be off limits.

With that said - having a 3some ( with a kid they groomed ) in the same bed as your toddler, fucking in front of your older kid, being so negligent that your little one falls from a 2 story window…Like what the fuck? Yeah, accidents do happen, but this is next level. Like, it really is. Onions have absolutely no excuse, they’re both at home all the time, not to mention they have girls over “baby sitting” their kids.
Those I think should be allowed to discuss, since it actually happened and none of it is tinfoil.

No. 750190

So everyone on twitter is apparently running with OnionUnprivated's interpretation that C was knocking on the door - yes, Gurg described a tapping noise, but how exactly is a 2 year old child with a fractured skull and bleeding brain who's described as being found laying on the window screen, directly under the window where she fell, supposed to get up, walk to the door to knock on it, and then walk back to the window screen and lay back down? JFC seems more like she wasn't fucking knocking

It's fucking terrible enough without people inventing shit that isn't there to make it seem like nobody knows what they're talking about

No. 750191

James Jackson and Kai Jackson ate fucking horrible negligent parents, and anyone that states otherwise are retards.

A 2 year old should never be left unsupervised while they're awake and active. Their daughter nearly died and Onion who over shares everything doesn't even mention it to his gay fans who are his only friends. He still denies he even has kids publicaly.

Kai should feel absolutely ashamed of herself, and so should Greg. They both stay at home all day and have no time constraints placed on them except what they put on themselves. A child nearly died on their property because daddy was to busy wanking off in the garage and Lainey needed to concentrate while she preheated the oven and placed processed food on baking trays. Neither of them is overworked.

Makes you wonder about Lainey's family coming over around Christmas, do they know about Cloey's head trauma? Obviously their daughter that ran away as a teenager to get married is not coping well with her situation. Wonder if the fucking waterbrain thinks if he had a sex slave there they could have watched Cloey.

I'm so heartbroken for those kids. Onion tries to claim that he fell on his fat head as a kid and it could explain stuff, doubt he fell out of a fucking second storey window. Horrible people. Poor Cloey. Maybe Lainey is not allowed online while there's no third in case someone actually does die at the house. What a miserable existence. She needs to go home to New Mexico, look after herself and her kids and let Greg wank himself into oblivion.

No. 750192


The report is from 12/5 anon, so it can't be referring to 12/22, it has to be 11/22 or earlier

No. 750193

>James Jackson and Kai Jackson ate fucking horrible negligent parents, and anyone that states otherwise are retards.
This. I can't believe there are people arguing that "oh, kids get themselves in trouble, it's just an accident". Like, what? How many people do you know whose child fell out of a top floor window? That's right, zero.

No. 750194

HOLDUP. He has security footage all over his house, but only provides the footage that HE TOOK. It's OBVIOUS he was afraid to show that something else happened or the MORE LIKELY, THE WINDOW WAS LEFT OPEN. He didn't show the security footage because it shows him at fault.

No. 750196


1933900711 - Call was made December 5. "Someone" was dropping off the kids since November 22.

No. 750197

has anything actually ever come out from these internet tips? what’s with people online needing to assert their righteousness and cowtipping incessantly? Onision and Kai eventually show their ugliness anyway, just let the events unfold naturally!

No. 750198

I was thinking this too. Hansen said there were "a half dozen cameras and monitoring devices in the front yard, across the street apparently"—and not a single one was pointed toward his garage? Doubt. He said in the 911 call about the teenagers egging his house that he was watching them on security cameras looking in his car.

There must be footage of Cloey falling out of the window. So why wouldn't he show it?

No. 750199

13 incidents from September (one was August 31 and I threw it in because close enough) until present day. THIRTEEN

No. 750200

Can't help but think that they've got someone at the house since the Cloey incident. Onion never took a break from steaming, there is no way he would have put more effort into being an attentive father. More likely he sourced a new girl to nanny his kids because Lainey is too busy scrolling on her phone to be a competent parent.

No. 750201

Sorry if it's been said, but one thing I think is really strange too is him walking upstairs to get back to the house when he heard the tapping noise. Greg said T shouldn't have been outside, so why didn't he just open the garage door to see why the kid was outside? Why did he have to make sure the kid was inside first? Like if you think your kid is somewhere they're not supposed to be, you look there first. You don't look in the place where they're supposed to be or is he jsut that stupid he thinks he should look inside first?

No. 750202

I've been thinking about this too. Greg said he heard "tapping and a deep voice" and he went out to see. but he didn't hear the sound of impact of his daughter hitting concrete from 13 feet up? he didn't hear any bumping or smacking sounds as the screen popped out, hit the ground, and she followed? He doesn't have ANY footage of it from his complex security system of cameras? It smells SO fishy. Especially that he immediately whipped out a vlogging camera to "prove he was innocent".

Why didn't he hear the fall and impact if it was directly outside the door of the garage, where he was? why did he instead hear a "deep voice and tapping" several seconds/minutes later, and decide that's worth investigating? why did he film it, and why isn't there security footage?

No. 750203

umm yeah, remember the fuck cristali getting arrested from anonymous tips? and the horrorcows that were the dog fuckers who got tracked down by the internet and got their asses handed to them? when real innocent people and animals are in fucking danger you'd be a psycho if you had the power to actually do something and instead stood by and watched. thanks for letting everyone know you don't give a shit about minors and their safety(moralfag)

No. 750204

His garage has so much shit pushed up against the doors. He's pretty much barricaded himself in I don't think he could leave? Unless there's a side door in the garage? Then that is strange.

No. 750205

I have no idea what you’re talking about, I was referring to Greg and Kai specifically anyway. Like in the last thread where some anonymous person contacted the kids’ school - not sure how that’s even a little bit appropriate.

No. 750208

The explanation I could think of is that he just didnt want to open his door without knowing who was making the noise. But that doesnt sound smart either.

No. 750211


Could've been a random crow being about 50,000x a better caregiver than greg or kai.

No. 750212

File: 1579560638032.png (375.3 KB, 692x682, onisionisterrible.png)

Four days after the accident.

No. 750213

Jesus yikes this is so tone deaf, what a waterbrain. Wtf

No. 750214

There's no way this is some fucking coincidence. I'm gonna take it that the police aren't aware of this tweet?

No. 750215

I wonder how triggered Taylor got when the police reported and probably referred to her as a she. You know sense her identity clearly takes priority

No. 750219

reading the police report, it almost sounds like he's trying to say someone was outside. trying to frame someone. "heard tapping and what he thought sounded like a deep voice", but no crash from the screen, scream, or impact from C.

the more I think about the details the less it adds up. If you fall on your head from 13 feet, fracture your skill skull in multiple places, I would think you'd have a gash from it. Head wounds bleed A LOT, yet the police reports no signs of an impact or any blood on the concrete anywhere.

it's so suspicious. I have a tinfoil it was staged since there are so many inconsistencies and questions around all of it.

No. 750220

I thought this was very strange, there was no blood at the scene. How does a 2 year old fall out of a window and not have any cuts?

No. 750224


It fits the consistent theme of “every revelation proves things were so much worse than we thought”, and resolves some conspicuous missing pieces:
>>cameras everywhere confirmed by hansen, yet no footage of the incident
>>greg filming like a retard is his first instinct and top priority, yet he never produces the security footage he must have had. Why? because it doesn’t serve his narrative
>>cop notes no blood on the pavement, essentially saying “somethings not right here” as openly as he’s able to in the report
>>greg’s manic bdsm tweets could just as easily be the residual high from flexing his gOdlIkE poWEr @ his abused daughter

NOT saying this is what happened. Just my own personal speculation re the few ambiguities in the current narrative.

I believe greg had a much more active role in cloey’s injury (not that the negligent fall wasn’t bad enough already).

No. 750225

It sounds sus to me, it sounds sus to you, and you >>750220, it sounds sus to the detective, but what's most telling is that it sounds sus to Taylor.

Read the report, she expresses her disbelief at how the event was possible.

No. 750226

During the "egging incident" phone call he talks about watching the security footage and seeing the "suspicious people" looking into his car which we can assume was in his driveway. So he had cameras facing the direction of the window/driveway on that day. Def suspicious

Also in what world does a 2 year old falling from a broken upper level window onto the driveway, sound like "tapping and a deep voice"?

No. 750228

File: 1579563052698.jpg (177.96 KB, 1078x182, Screenshot_20200121-102552_Chr…)

Yeah why isn't talking about him hearing a deep voice? Obviously not the kid. Is he trying to set up a scenario where someone else was outside when she fell?

Also weird to me, why Cloey couldn't watch TV with her brother while Kai was cooking. But I suppose that's explainable, moreso than the deep voice.

No. 750229

Honestly, of all this shit this idiot's done, this has to be one of the worst. Even if it's just piss poor timing, this is disgusting. If it IS related….fuck man. Trying to hold back on the tinfoiling but this has my blood boiling.

Cops need to get their hands on his surveillance footage to really see what happened to that kid. C's just a TODDLER for fuck's sake & his dumbass, bare fucking minimum, was making disgusting ass tweets while she was being treated for skull fractures?

Fuck this POS. Save those damn kids holy shit

No. 750230

If they were home, why wasnt their car in the driveway?

No. 750231

That's how you know shit is sus af. If even Taylor didn't believe his story….fuck. There had to be something else up on his end. I'd buy that she put C in her room and had T elsewhere but Greg's side makes no fucking sense.

No. 750232

Hopefully this isn't some Burke Ramsey style incident. We know from Sam's account Troy can get violent towards Cloey. Pushed her off the couch when she was still a baby, and he has anger issues thanks to Greg's recommending he hit him (greg) when angry.
I know it's a rather morbid tinfoil but theres a lot of cases of poorly parented kids nearly killing their own siblings on accident. Its more common than most people think. The lack of security footage when it's been implied he does have a camera facing that angle and suggestion he heard a deeper voice to pose the possibility if someone else being on the scene gives me major coverup vibes.

No. 750233

I totally forgot about that tweet and now that you mention it, thats a remarkable catch. My compliments.
That post is worrisome and be at as i'm against cow tipping I hope the cops noticed it as well.

No. 750234

File: 1579563655257.jpeg (207.58 KB, 750x141, B6703629-FC9B-47FD-9BFD-DF8739…)

there was video, just not of the fall (idk how thats possible, unless he just showed them that footage and denied having cameras on his driveway)

No. 750235

Even Taylor handing the phone to Greg to conduct the 9/11 call seems strange. Like at what point did they call the ambulance, Greg was up and down the stairs, grabbing the camera, screaming for Lainey to phone 9/11, but she then hands him the phone? Definitely suspect. The no blood either makes it seem like blunt force trauma rather than falling from a fucking window on to an uneven driveway. Where was Troy when they went to hospital? I know not suppose to tinfoil about the kids, but didn't Sam say Troy hit Cloey? I don't know. The whole thing seems very strange. His daughter nearly died.

No. 750237

If your post mentions cowtipping or tinfoil, you should keep it to yourself.
You are free to discuss the contents of the leaked report, but don't speculate about molestation and other matters when there isn't evidence for it. That's called tinfoiling.

No. 750239

Does anyone have any screenshots of the outside of their house? Can Greg get in and out of the garage without going out the front door? I mean there really isn't anything to stop him from leaving the garage inside and going out a backdoor from the main house. I bet the cunt has deleted all security footage from that day.

No. 750240

Ima have to agree with the cops that Greg filming his kid on the ground to "prove his innocence" is shady as fuck. Most parents would have a heart attack when their kid, God forbid, falls out the window.
You run to the child, hold it and call the ambulance screaming for them to please hurry the fuck up.
Thats what a normal parent would do.
Then again, I can't get that tweet out of my head either, thats just deranged.
Greg is a sick asshole.

No. 750242


…Or he turned them off…

No. 750243

i wish this wasn't so plausible but it's really not uncommon, for abused children to take it out on their peers or siblings. greg gives a bad example to his son of how to treat women and the son probably believes he should treat his sister that way, especially if he sees greg treating the sister poorly.

i am concerned that maybe nobody heard screams from the daughter because she didn't scream. abused/neglected children might learn early in infancy that crying is useless, if their crying is always ignored by the caretaker. lack of attention/care or punishing her when she cries (we know how greg treats his dogs) might lead to her just not emotionally reacting when she fell. if she is used her parents being completely inattentive when she needs them she probably just thought that no one would come.

No. 750247

and why record C on the floor when he already has multiple cameras outside.

No. 750248

We conveniently ignoring the medical professional who said her injuries were consistent with a fall from a window? Can we relax with shitposting tier tinfoil?

They were negligent and that's bad enough without trying to figure out how they attempted to frame someone for blunt force trauma

No. 750250

The "deep voice" and "tapping" could probably just be inaccurate. Greg heard some commotion from the fall and with TVs on and him, his tiny carrot being flicked and porn, he could have interpreted whatever sounds as pretty much anything. I don't hold a lot of stock in what he thought he heard as any indication of foul play. One time I thought I thought I heard a pack of coyotes howling and it was just a flock of geese. Some things you hear are flat out wrong sometimes.

I just can't understand how retarded Greg carries on after his daughter received some terrifying trauma. He has almost zero attachment to his kids. I mean we all know that, but it's still shocking to see it confirmed. I think a normal person documenting their innocence during an emergency that involves their child would be suspicious behavior, but smooth brained Greg is seriously that fucking detached that he can make himself the priority even when it had nothing to do with him. Any one of Greg's paypigs deserves a punch to the face for enabling this psycho.

No. 750251

That all depends on how she fell from that window in the first place.

No. 750252


The police report said it was possible for c to climb into the headboard and get out the window. Stop trying to make a shitty situation worse just to make the milk more sensational.

No. 750253

Explain to me what father would tweet this:


Four days after his TWO year old daughter fell from the window.

No. 750254

i could understand this as a way to explain what he heard (if he heard anything at all) but i could not see a child that young knowing how to react if she was able to stay concious after the fall. she wouldve had to deal with the surprise of the fall, the wind being knocked out of her (i highly doubt she wouldve been able to cry or scream or do anything at all), the adrenaline, the head pain/having her head knocked- it doesnt make any sense. i gauren-fucking-tee somebody had to have witnessed what happened or have coincidentally checked on her during the fall for them to have noticed she had fallen at all. i sooner wouldve expected one of them to have claimed they heard the screen fall and clank on the driveway before anything else. i could not fathom what probably happened for the events to follow up the way they described.

No. 750255

File: 1579564936226.jpg (458.23 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200120-185444_Dri…)

From the house tour taylor released.
Greg's "studio" is in the garage with all of his shit blocking the door.
Also, from the video it looks like the second window would be Ts room.
Cs room is facing the backyard.

No. 750256

File: 1579564966492.jpg (485.27 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200120-185202_Dri…)

No. 750257

File: 1579564987062.jpg (510.03 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20200120-185434_Dri…)

No. 750258

Agreed. No way was she tapping on the garage door. That baby was knocked out cold…who knows for how long she layed there. Her breathing was probably VERY labored and could be what he heard.

No. 750259


Because he's fucked up? No one is denying that.

No. 750260

And why would he film "evidence" that he didn't do it?
Not trying to accuse him of anything, but these questions remain and I'd love to ask him that.

No. 750261

Maybe Greg did hear T, him and C were both in his room playing, who knows? The whole thing is extremely suspect and the details don't make a whole lot of sense. At least the police are aware of it. Imagine your daughter only being 2 and ever since she was born members of the public have been worried about her. 2 years old and she's already had a near death experience. It's just so fucking sad.

No. 750262

Interesting point since Drew said Billie told them she had never seen children who cried as much as Onions. Makes sense since Cloey was a baby at the time, probably ignored because Daddy and Mommy were busy with their "Triangle".

Sage for tinfoil

No. 750263

Drag Greg for this accident as much as you like but the reality is Lainey is the main caretaker of these kids. Greg doesn't even SPEAK to the child,so why anyone would consider him responsible for watching or caring about her welfare baffles me.
Lainey is to blame.
Lainey left the kid unattended upstairs,out of sight for however long it took for this to happen.
How long was she on the ground with a fractured skull?
Lainey is at fault.
She stays there with Greg and his abuse,that is her choice but she sacrifices her kids for this sick relationship.
The kid is MUTE ffs.
This is ALL on Lainey.

No. 750264

Omg imagining defending Greg and putting all the blame on Lainey. Greg's the one that got her pregnant you fucking retard.

No. 750265

No words for this human trash.
I ( I mean, we all do ) seriously hope C's not going to have any long term consequences over this.

No. 750267

three, to date actually, in my line of work.
kids falling out off/off of things is not that uncommon. it was investigated by the police as any accident like this involving kids should be. they pointed out the strange behaviour and discovered that the kid absolutely could have made her way onto the window sill and then pushed the screen out.

it was an accident. a fucking terrible one and hopefully the kid has no lasting damage, but an accident nonetheless.

in saying that, they both knew she is an active kid who likes to climb. she should never have been left unsupervised in the first place.

No. 750268

Does not matter what we "consider him" he IS responsible, that's his kid as well. He's responsible for those fucking kids.

No. 750269

Don't be a fucking idiot. They're EQUALLY responsible. Lainey as much as she's a piece of shit at least tries with the kids. Greg doesn't bother his ass to even lift a finger. They're both to blame. They're both her parents. Stop defending Greg for no reason, you fucking tool

No. 750270

In your line of work you've known of three toddlers that have climbed and fallen out of a second storey window? Somehow I don't see how having a brain bled and fractured skull won't leave Cloey without some lasting damage.

Perhaps this incident will be investigate further who knows, definitely suspect. Yeah it's plausible she could have climbed up just as plausible something entirely different happened. Who knows with Greg, he's a pathological liar.

No. 750271

I mean, he filmed Shiloh having a seizure and when she was suicidal so that the police wouldn't think he killed her.

All he cares about is himself, he doesn't even care about his own flesh and blood, a toddler of all things could be dying and his concern is making sure nobody thinks he's at fault.

Guess what Grugly, you are still at fault! You and your footface wife are shit parents and it's your fault she was hurt. You and Kainey are negligent and whatever happened it was your fault for not protecting your fucking daughter.

How the hell are the kids still in their custody? I knew kids in school who were taken away for way less and Pedonision and Kai with her collection of nudes from groomed minors let their kid fall out a window, and up with a brain bleed and while in the ER, pedonision is tweeting Xrated shit, get to keep custody?

Give them to Greg's Sister Joann or better yet Laineys Parents.

No. 750272

He probably filmed his daughter in pain to jerk off to the footage later, he did make a bunch of sexual tweets when she was in the hospital. He's a sadist who enjoys seeing vulnerable people in pain, seeing his daughter in that situation must have made his micro dick hard as a rock.

No. 750273

He's a fucking horrorcow. Onision deserves to be a-logged.

No. 750274

Exactly, especially at such a young age while her brain is doing the most growing AND not to mention the neglect of a father who refused to speak to her until she could talk.

That neglect alone would give even a child who doesn't have a traumatic brain injury some mental problems.

No. 750275

This just shows how worthless a parent Greg is. He cant be bothered to even be a father or parent his children. He probably does expect Lainey to do everything and probably blamed her for the incident. Since he doesn’t even talk to the kiddo. If he got off his ass and actually looked over the kids equally. Especially while Lainey is cooking for the family. Maybe poor cloey wouldn’t have fallen out the window.

No. 750277

Shiloh's seizures seemed fake as shit. I know it's not really discussed but fuck they did seem farfetched. Especially since afterwards she was just happily living in his house while trying to 'regain' memories rather than going home to her mother that would have preferred watching over her.

Greg filmed those seizures for YouTube content. Thats why he uploaded the videos on to YouTube and we were able to see them.

No way would he ever upload content of his daughter. Strange he recorded her for police records and could only get security footage of him running out and screaming to call the police. Why would a cheap cunt like Greg not have cameras on his driveway observing his vehicles? He use to have a tesla for fuck sake, seems so strange no camera covered an area of his property that had high value cars sitting.

I don't trust Greg. He literally is a pathological liar. People lie to the police all the time and hospital staff about injuries. Without proof or evidence vulnerable people slip through the system all the time. Greg controls his family like their his property. They're all probably terrified of him.

No. 750279

What if he filmed it in case she died for some tribute video. I could see his fucked up ass doing that.

No. 750280

I mean no one was aware of the details at that point right?? Seems a little too fuckin Sus. This guy just gets weirder and weirder

No. 750281

The video footage he presented WAS from the surveilance system. He has a thing called Ring doorbell, it takes videos automatically and sends them to your phone.

He didn't just whip out a camera before checking on his daughter.

Also, in the report the doctor said she had a skull fracture and that it was consistent with a fall.

No. 750284

File: 1579567807524.png (735.19 KB, 1125x422, image0.png)

He recorded a video and had video from the surveillance camera.

No. 750285

>in my line of work
Pray tell us, what is your job?

>it's not that uncommon

Bullshit x10000. Yes it is. Nobody except you knows anyone to whom this has happened to. And us farmers come from all around the world and all walks of life.

No. 750286

The report said he took a 1 second video from the bed room that pans down to show C on the ground. That's what Chris said in his most recent video.

No. 750287

File: 1579567876888.jpg (364.48 KB, 1075x1184, Screenshot_20200120-195038_Chr…)

She undoubtedly will, but hopefully she is resilient enough to compensate for the damage that was done. No one comes out of head injury like that unchanged. She is going to need extra attention and care now sadly (more so than a normal kid w/o that history), not a good environment for that currently.

100%. BOTH parents were equally negligent (i.e. abusive) and are fucking trash. However, HomolKai didnt tweet repulsive BDSM-wannabe smut at the hospital, nor did she tweet about pushing/abusing/raping(?) Someone out a window 4 days after it fucking happened tho. Gurg is a true narc and suspicious af

Pic is the Newsweek journo who did the original Sarah story

No. 750288

Yeah he had a doorball camera that's static and didn't have a view of the garage. What other anons are pointing out is that he has a sceurity camera system (more than one doorbell cam) and only showed footage of himself running out the front door.

Doctors can say injuries are consistent with a story, but they couldn't stand up in a court and swear an oath that's 100% what happened.

No. 750289

From one of the 911 calls he states he could see a teenager looking into his car from the security feed, so I would imagine he has a camera set up to see the drive way.

No. 750290

Yeah he did, so that the police wouldnt blame him for anything or think its abuse.

No. 750291

"A friend" lol at him downplaying Shiloh. Bet he didn't mention that his abuse and refusal to let her leave was the reason she was suicidal.

He always looks out for himself, didn't want Shiloh to kill herself because he knew they would think he murdered her, same with Cloey. Fuck everyone else as long as Grug looks innocent.

No. 750292

Everyone knows toddlers get into stuff and can get hurt that is why most parents watch their young kids closely instead of hiding in the garage fapping to hentai and Whatever laney was doing . If you know it is possible for them to reach the window and climb out you should get child locks and no they don’t fail you need a key to open the lock . This accident was purely due to negligence and could have easily been prevented . This is not a common problem Child accident I don’t know anyone who has had their kids fall out of a second floor window

No. 750293


I feel so bad for Sarah. She's been around since Lainey was pregnant right? So she's been in Cloey's life for nearly the entirety of her existence, as well as since Troy was small - and she's heard about all this with nothing she can do.

All of this is down to BOTH Greg and Lainey. Ffs Lainey told Billie that she was scared of having a baby girl because she knew her husband would mistreat their daughter - and she stayed regardless. She could've taken those kids at any point, she has family who would take them in. But no. Because she values Greg above everything else. And that alone could have killed their daughter.

No. 750295


Let's not forget that she & others witnessed a pregnant Lainey crying & distressed about how Greg would treat their future-daughter…

No. 750296

Funny how he bulldozed the wetlands to protect his kids from "noxious weeds", but couldn't put a safety lock on the window to prevent them from falling and cracking their skull. Priorities.

No. 750297

I don't think anyone genuinely thinks they were real. If anything farmers just avoid the topic because we know Shiloh is a calf

No. 750299

He was emailing Alicia the day it happened.

No. 750300

Sorry to tinfoil but I wonder if the "deep voice" was the wind being knocked from Cs lungs from falling. I had that happen to me when I fell out of a tree, and this terrible noise came out when I tried to breathe in. And I imagine the tapping could have been C kicking.

No. 750301

That's the opposite of tinfoiling, it's the logical interpretation of the evidence.
I was wondering what type of child doesnt scream bloody murder when they get hurt but: brain injury + wind knocked out + nonvocal child

No. 750302

That actually makes perfect sense. It would also explain why that part seems to be discarded and not mentioned again. Maybe the person who examined her took that into consideration.

No. 750305

>Greg is seriously that fucking detached that he can make himself the priority even when it had nothing to do with him.
Yeah, the one thing that makes this less suspicious than it should be in terms of Greg's involvement is that he is ridiculously paranoid and this is normal behavior from him.
If one of those rooms is the one C fell out of then it's definitely plausible that she crawled to the window from the wooden frame. That said, the window was probably open, and it sounds like the screen had a hole in it, either prior to the incident or because C's body created it.
Greg doesn't get a pass just because he's decided that he doesn't want to do any parenting.

No. 750306

I agree. I'm not surprised Cloey wasn't screaming or crying. When you have the wind knocked out of you, you want to scream because you can't breathe and it hurts and it's scary, but you literally can't make a sound.

I feel so fucking bad for Cloey. And we have no idea how long she was out there.

James has this shit on security footage for sure. I believe she really did climb out the window and this isn't some kind of tinfoily cover-up for worse abuse. But I'd put money on that footage showing Cloey falling and then lying there for way too long before anyone noticed, and that's why he made video himself and showed the doorbell footage, but nothing from the camera(s) we know he has pointed at his driveway.

No. 750307

Excellent point.

No. 750308

nta but that is how eric clapton's 4-year-old son died (wandering off and falling out a window) so to say nobody knows anybody that happened to is absolutely false; it's tragic and definitely uncommon, and with grugly and kraibaby it is 100% reasonable to be suspicious, but it's not like that kind of accident is unprecedented either. feel so bad for c though, i hope she is as okay as she can be after that

No. 750310

You can't just name a famous person and use that as proof that everyone knows someone affected by x. No one here knows him only of him.

No. 750311

It's common knowledge greg doesn't take care of his kids, and I bet their daughter needed almost round the clock care while she was healing in the critical stage. Maybe that's why she wasn't pickikg T up from school, causing the neighbor to call in the welfare check.

No. 750313

In the video of Onision walking into the Dairy Queen with his family, and the short video someone took of Onision+family at the indoor trampoline park Greg is carrying C.
Could having that kind of head trauma cause the child to have issues with walking long distances? Im not saying shes in a wheel chair but she may get weak easily or not be able to walk for a long period.
I hope this doesnt come off as an insensitive question, but did C really crack her skull or is thats anons description. Hearing that sounded so horrible. Hitting your head really hard and rattling your brain and causing trauma is bad enough, but actually cracking the skull scares the fuck out of me.

No. 750314

Also nta,
2 years ago all the apartments in my city were being fitted with special latches to stop certain types of windows pushing open too far specifically to protect children from falls. It's obviously a thing that happens.

"ive never heard of it happening" is pretty weak. There's plenty of other things about the story that are suspicious, I would be completely unsurprised if there's more to the story, but this particular objection is just silly.

No. 750315

Released 911 call of a neighbor calling about a wellness check for Lainey. She says she hasn't seen Lainey drop off her kid in a while

No. 750316

Kids at that age heal really quickly without much damage most of the time. Unless it was REALLY bad (doesn't seem to be the case since she was only monitored for a few days) she will probably make a full recovery. A skull fracture in a toddler sounds WAY worse than it is.

No. 750317


911 call about a physical argument involving Gurggy and Krai

No. 750319

And OJ Simpson's daughter drowned in a pool with his first wife. The circumstances are varied and accidents happen, whether it's a day being off your parenting game and not taking proper care of them like you usually do or your kid actually slipping away for a moment while you're distracted. That's not really the point. The point is the circumstances and aggravating factors of C's accident. Every anon here says those kids are in danger and aren't taken care of appropriately. This is a pattern of behavior. Because of Greg's paranoia and negligence as an adult, he let a kid sit in their own feces until they were raw so he wouldn't be called a pedophile as if that's reasonable. Greg's own daughter may be dying on the ground and he thinks he should record evidence of it being an accident. No one like this should have custody of a child. Lainey was incredibly irresponsible, but there are TWO PARENTS IN THE HOUSEHOLD and if one is cooking there is no fucking reason Greg shouldn't have been watching C. I mean C could have been upstairs drinking bleach. What the fuck was Lainey thinking? She has two kids and this is her second. Just because Greg is too water brained and sex addled to be expected to help doesn't mean he's not responsible. He floppy tits could at least run after a toddler for 15 minute microwave vegan dinner.

No. 750320

Yes she did crack her head. Several skull fractures resulting in a piece pressing into her brain.

No. 750321

No intentions at all to blogpost or derail, but the anons saying "there's no way a toddler could have done that on their own/without adult interference!" probably haven't been around a toddler in a long time. I lost my 3-year-old brother who tried to climb out of a 1-story window, no clue at all why, died because the window slammed closed on him the wrong way. Happened around 11 at night when everyone was asleep and we only woke up after hearing a strange sound. Parents had checked before to make sure he was asleep and everything, but he woke up at some point, just was a complete accident. Sometimes unfortunate events like that really do just happen. Stating that fact isn't in any way abdicating Greg and Lainey's responsibility for children or suggesting that they aren't guilty of having done something to her, given their shitty record as parents.

>no one here knows him
Quite a good amount of people who aren't teenagers know of Eric Clapton, anon. Lol.(blog)

No. 750322

it depends on where the bleeds in her brain were located and how bad. They said subdural and subgaleal, both of which are closer to the surface, but if they were large (plus with the compression fracture) there's a chance they could have caused some lasting neurological symptoms.

she didn't have to have surgery though, so im guessing they weren't serious enough to risk permanent deficit (large bleeds usually end up having parts of the skull removed entirely to release pressure).

its hard to say what her long term outlook is. most likely, she'll suffer seizures for the rest of her life, if nothing else.

No. 750323

Stop being autistic no one personally fucking knows eric Clapton here that's why it said people know OF him not know him

No. 750324

>I spoke with Dr. Monje. He said that [Cloey] had multiple skull fractures. He said that she had a subgaleal hematoma. He said that she had small subdural hematomas.
>He explained that the skull fracture on the right side of her head was depressed and pushing into her brain.

No. 750325

Why are you so upset? Of course nobody here would know him, that's a obvious weird comment to make. The anon who stated that was saying incidents like that are more common than some people (especially people not around toddlers often) would think they were.

No. 750326

I think people are upset, rightfully so, because with Grub and Kry we have witnessed a history of neglect. So it isn’t as much a case of “unfortunate accident that happened from just a moment of inattention” even though that can happen even to normal parents. This neglect that resulted in the girl being injured is the norm for these creeps and something awful like this was bound to happen. That’s why people are so angry because they knew something awful would happen eventually.

I really hope she will recover okay. Brain injuries are no joke, and though kids have great elasticity and the ability to recover, there could be long term effects even with minor injuries.

I keep thinking about how long she might have been laying there unable the move or cry, with fractures in her skull and brain bleeding. It’s so horrific. A portion of her skull was depressed from the fall and pushing against her brain. Just think about that. Jesus.

If I saw that outside I might faint. And Greg decided to take out his phone and as proof he didn’t do anything like an absolute psychotic freak. He loves nothing in this world but himself. We knew this but this affirms it. And he doesn’t even talk to the poor thing. I doubt he gave her any attention during but her recovery.

They’re such inattentive dumb fucks I doubt they will notice symptoms of longterm brain damage in time to mitigate with therapy. Let’s not forget these are the same people who let the boys teeth ROT OUT OF HIS HEAD to the point he needed dental surgery as a goddamn toddler.

Just when I think these cows cannot disgust me more they always manage to surprise me with a new low. I feel fucking awful for Sarah, she’s basically the girls big sister and can’t do shit about this. Christ almighty. Not to be weird but I legit cried when I heard about the kids fall. It’s so fucking horrific and frustrating. Something has got to give soon.

Something else people are somewhat glossing over because of how fucked this is, is the fact that poor baby was locked in a room upstairs by herself to keep her out of Lainey’s hair. That must happen regularly. Who does that to a 2 year an old? Put her in a playpen in the kitchen with you with some toys, talk to her while you cook, don’t lock her alone in a different room in your freezing cold house! And of course Grunt is too busy J’ing-O his fun sized snicker to watch them while Creepy Kai does all the domestic stuff like cooking. I wondering how much time that little boy spends in front of tablets and TVs.

Also interesting to note the dogs were locked outside on the porch as per usual during all this.

Sorry to rant but I love kids and this legit makes my heart hurt.

No. 750328

Head injuries for young children can be a life long problem. A lot of famous serial killers suffered head injuries as children . Not saying she will become a serial killer just that it can cause unforeseen problems in the future that go beyond physical

No. 750330

Anus himself suffered a head injury, and look how he turned out…

No. 750331

You're clearly continuing to miss the point. You can't name a famous person that a lot of people know of and "See! Falling out of windows is more common than you think!" because that's still one instance and people are only more aware of it because it happened to a famous person.

No. 750332

Oh my god this is so milky.
>the whole community knows Greg is psycho + about Chris Hansen & the caller specifically asks for their name to be redacted from the record as to not give Greg “ammunition”
>refers to Taylor as “she” repeatedly, very passing Taylor good job
>Taylor/Kai is “very thin”
>the operator asks if Taylor has any mental issues & the caller pauses “…ummm… no, I mean she probably has some mental issues being in a relationship with Greg but nothing specifically”
>Taylor stopped dropping T off at school but he’s still attending daily - someone else started dropping him off (not Grug I guess?)

No. 750333

I really urge everyone to go over the police report and give it a close, thorough reading. There are some questions in this thread that it’s actually answers and it is interesting to see the responding officers perspective on this. I wonder who this other officer is that he keeps mentioning? Wonder if they have an open file or something they are working on in regards to Jimmy and Cry

No. 750334

>And Greg decided to take out his phone and as proof he didn’t do anything like an absolute psychotic freak
I mean, yeah. This is the first time something regarding Onions made me physically sick. The sex stuff was gross enough, but…No words for this. Do they have to literally kill their kids for something to be done?

These are both very telling.

No. 750336

Kek @ Greg being described as “medium” build & Taylor being referred to as “probably about the same age as” the white male. The only puzzling description was the guy saying Taylor was 5’1 or less. We all know Lamey is a tol bean.

No. 750337

I wonder who the person dropping Troy off to school is? The neighbour didn't say it was Greg and she was pretty happy to gossip a bit and say she thinks Kai has mental issues from even being with Greg, so makes you think there is someone else involved with the kids now.

No. 750339

If C had skull depression she had to have undergone emergency surgery to remove the pressure on her brain. Which is quite intense for a 2 year old and /usually/ quite intense for the parents. Difficulty walking is a symptom of an severe head injury so to tinfoil greg carrying her due to that is not unrealistic if the dates of those pics are after the incident occurred.
Unfortunately for C the right hemisphere of the brain is a crucial part of the brain as a whole, and deals with communicating where her body is in space relative to what she views around her.
It's likely she either crushed her skull in the temporal, frontal or parietal region (because the injury was on the right side, not directly the front or back.) The temporal region controls comprehension and memory, the frontal as we all know deals with logic, reasoning, and emotion (most serial killers have frontal lobe injuries), and the parietal lobes have to do with both spacial awareness and reading/writing comprehension as well.
This is a very severe injury and occured at a time when a child's brain is still developing. It's extremely likely that she will have complications throughout her entire life from this injury. It's very sad that this happened to her given the fact that she already comes from a very unstable family, and I'm sure this happening has done nothing to ease the tensions in the onion household

No. 750340

The caller also mentions not wanting to give Greg ammo to use on YouTube against their community. Sounds like he’s pretty locally reviled now.

If no one is doing a transcript I will do one after I eat for documentation / our hearing impaired anons

No. 750341

he could be talking about the girl that's there to ""help"" taylor, I don't really see the doormat being in any sort of argument with him ever
we've all seen how she reacts to him being an asshole, she just sits there and takes it
it would also explain the kids not being picked up by taylor anymore
we know there's another woman in there with them up until the chris visit, probably to this day

No. 750343

he said around 5 and a half feet

No. 750344

He said she's "probably around five foot and a half"

The report says she didn't require surgery.

No. 750348

Perhaps Chris interviewed the neighbours because of what happened to Chloe?

No. 750349

Makes sense why Plainey’s family came home Thanksgiving now - C probably wasn’t able to travel to New Mexico to see them.

No. 750350


Which other officer do you mean? Deputy Groat or someone else?

No. 750351

If Chris didn’t interview the neighbors yet (especially the super gossipy 911 call neighbor) I really hope he or someone else does after the Onions finally get picked up and booked. It seems the community is paying attention (“we haven’t seen Kai pick their child up” implies to me that the moms are probably talking) but aren’t speaking up because dealing with Greg’s crazy YouTube videos is intimidating…. WOW, if only youtube could’ve done something to take away this asshole’s platform at literally any point! /s for the retards

No. 750352

Kai is tiny, so is the kid. >>742629

No. 750354

Kai is not tiny, she was a chubby after school club cheerleader and she was big compared to Billie and Ayalla. Their daughter is probably underdeveloped because of a shitty diet.

No. 750355

Anyone else notice how Greg and Kai’s stories of what T was doing at time differ?
Kai says she put C upstairs in her room(BY HER FUCKING SELF) because T was watching something different than C.

But, when Greg walks in to check on where T is, he’s playing a video game.
Yes, it’s just a slight difference.
But, Kai says she is doing this while making dinner. She also says that’s her entire reasoning for putting C alone in her room. So, it is kind of odd that in the short amount of time she is making dinner T went from watching what we can presume is an “important” show for him since C had to leave the room to watch something different, to playing a video game. Kai probably would of had to switch the TV also from his show to the video game, and would of remembered this to tell police in her interview. He MAY be able to switch it himself, that’s kinda up in the air.

I’m not trying to imply anything. Again, it could be nothing. But, it is usually the little details that tell them most information. And something as minuscule as if T was playing a video game or watching a show that C for some reason couldn’t watch with him is something that should be agreed upon by both witnesses.

No. 750356


That particular caller said that they had a kid that was in the same grade as T. I was under the impression that they knew each other from drop-off/pickup at the same school or their kids played together.

No. 750357

Trots like 6 at this point and you use technology instead of parenting like Lame and Onion it's not hard to believe that he could be able to navigate and control technology by himself since his parents neglect him.

No. 750362

THIS is very telling. This person doesn't sound like a farmer, a kiwi, an anti-o, etc. so if the community around them is not only HEAVILY aware of what's going on but that it's noticeable enough that Taylor's been MIA for two months….what the fuck is happening?

No. 750364

I wonder if it's shame, a fear of being arrested in public, both, or something else that's keeping her inside.

No. 750365

It's one thing for these things to happen (like the teeth thing can be caused by bad genetic lottery; though there's evidence to suggest it was carelessness on Kry's part)
It's another thing when there's multiple signs of neglect and recklessness (even if it's not considered severe enough for removal)

There's no reason those windows shouldn't have been child proofed.

I still think Grug's account is fishy even if what happened likely was an accident.

No. 750366

Foot isn’t missing, shes obviously in hiding because of all the shit that’s coming out about them. Plus I’m sure Anus has instilled paranoia into her head hence why nobody has seen her.

Or it’s also likely Anus has chained her in the basement for getting caught sending nudes to minors.

I also don’t think there’s another person there, unless of course it’s Ryan aka Jess.

No. 750373

If it wasn't shame before it probably definitely is now. Someone calling a welfare check on her and the caller is connecting it to Chris Hansen putting pressure on them about their child grooming. I would not fucking show my face at that school again.

Onion fell off the pew so hard and smacked his head that his brain damage caused his daughter's head to have severe gravity sensitivity. Epigenetics be wild.

No. 750376

File: 1579579409446.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, onisionwindow.png)

No. 750377

>it pointed in the opposite direction
So he has security cameras and doesn't have one on the driveway? That's kinda weird

No. 750378

I wonder what made Footface stop dropping Troy off at school. Maybe she got confronted by other moms, or they were gossiping in her presence and it made her feel humiliated. Something definitely happened, apparently the entire school knows about the accusations.

No. 750379

Does the timeframe line up to when C was hurt? Maybe she had to watch her

No. 750380

She stopped taking Troy to school in November. Cloey fell in September

No. 750381

He definitely has front facing cameras, since he was able to spot Chris Hansen and his camera crew. Not sure how it's angled, though. Might just capture the walk to his door and the street.

No. 750383

And its another person that's been taking Troy. If it was Greg I think the neighbour would have said maybe they were concerned there was another female and Greg had already replaced his wife. Definitely think Greg would conclude he needs a sex slave in the house to help Lainey. They maybe waited until the heat died down after Clowy rehabilitation or whatever she had to do to recover, maybe anticipated follow up checks. Waited until mid November to rope another girl in.

When was the call made by the male neighbour about Onion and some short person arguing?

No. 750384

Could be. Didn't someone post a picture of her claiming it was her picking up troy in his classroom? From what I remember the photo only showed her back and she was kinda hunched over so any real identifying details where lost. If it was a legitimate photo of her though, I'd imagine it would be enough to spook her off from the school.

No. 750385

i’d be so curious as to what the neighbors know of from that day. the doctor did confirm that the injuries are consistent with a window fall, so i’m not going to speculate on other possible scenarios, but i think its interesting how a neighbor called the non-emergency line for a mere argument two months after C’s injury. given that the majority of Gig Harbor is aware of Grug’s fuckery online and the allegations against him, i’m sure seeing a child lying on the concrete and an ambulance showing up must have put them even more on guard.

No. 750386

File: 1579580911801.png (19.87 KB, 492x182, 3465433.PNG)

Onision has said that Ayalla and Maya both have memory and emotional issues due to a past Traumatic Head Injury. I can only find evidence of him mentioning Ayalla in a summary someone made of the livestream Greg did immediately after Lainey streamed on YouNow to counter the grooming allegations, but Im positive Maya mentioned it in her leaked messages I just cant find the screenshot of it. Im sure Ive heard him say this about other girls too but I cant remember names or specific incidents.

Is Greg going to use this against his daughter in the future if she has things to say about him that he doesnt want the public or law enforcement to know about?

No. 750387


>Onision has said that Ayalla and Maya both have memory and emotional issues due to a past Traumatic Head Injury.

LMAO he really pulled a ProJared!

No. 750393

Good catch anon, that skit was filmed the same day he did the speaking bit for the video so he may have left the window open. That room looks like Troy's though. Why would Lainey put Cloey in Troy's room unless there's a TV in there. Isn't there also a playroom that Lainey has filmed cleaning up in before? I'm wondering if Cloey was alone or she was playing with her brother in his room? Maybe the deep voice was Troy and he banged the floor since Daddy is always in the garage directly below the kids bedrooms so they probably hear him sperging in there a lot and Mummy probably had her airpods in blocking out her life.

No. 750396

Research more before posting inaccurate things. Didn't grab a screenshot but one of the girls confirmed in a reply from a similar tweet that the video was filmed in the basement. And they had been there several times. That's not the room she fell out of

No. 750398

Watch the video anon, other anon did research. I watched the video. It's upstairs and overlooks the driveway are you blind?

No. 750401

Massive tinfoil Im sorry.
Maybe hes aware of the connection to memory loss and head trauma, so he either dropped C out the window or did something else to just give her a concussion or head Injury because he doesn’t want her to bring up the times daddy and momdaddy were naked bed wrestling in front of her while she was in the room, or possibly even worse…
but he did it too hard so he placed her outside the window and called the ambulance(don't ignore farmhand posts)

No. 750402

File: 1579583128998.jpg (171.46 KB, 1020x679, 3fd74e321d6ce33230cc0c55fc7250…)

What's even more puzzling is which neighbor could that possibly be? It sounded like in the call they needed to look to see the house number, and they also mention being able to see them come in and out of the house, the only neighbor that could see both of those things is the nextdoor neighbor since they just have the Onion Swamp Lot on the otherside of the house.

If that was the basement though why is there no flagstone fireplace in that room? Why do the first floor bedrooms facing the front yard all have one window with two panes like in the video but the basement window facing the front yard appears to have two windows for a total of four panes? Also how can you see the driveway directly under the basement window when theres actually just grass?

No. 750404

>under 6ft


No. 750406

File: 1579584452835.jpg (138.94 KB, 1024x683, ISivvkb9fq75rb1000000000.jpg)

also the basement walls are that shitty prefab slat paneling. The walls in the screenshot >>750376 with the unlocked slightly open window are textured painted walls.
When I see accusations by an unsaged post >>750396 I take it with a grain of salt as ignorant or a troll.

No. 750408

So hansen says there was a 2nd woman in the house when he went to gurk's place. If it's a new trinity candidate, is there any possibility this person may have been at the swamp around the time C fell?

No. 750409

I feel like the police would've mentioned it in the reports so probably no.

No. 750411

I don't know if I'm confused but I think they did mention in the report another undentify woman

No. 750413

Police said a second woman was in the house when Hansen visited.
There was no second woman when C fell out of the window, we are assuming the police would of said something about another witness/woman in the police report and interviewed her.

No. 750414

this shit is too fucking grim. lainey not fucking parenting her children and then disappearing, locals calling for welfare checks, grooming, covert incest and now a head injury for cloey because these two shits are neglectful fuckers.

he filmed his daughter lying there. what human being does that? and that tweet is too creepy and too close to what happened for comfort. god, he's such a fucking useless waste of skin. it's real hard not to a-log them both.

No. 750415

>he filmed his daughter lying there. what human being does that?
This is mind fucking me the most. The first thing after finding his daughter laying on the ground after suffering a 2nd story window fall was to videotape her.
For eViDeNcE. To cover his own ass. This was his first thought. Fucking disgusting.

No. 750416

File: 1579586666372.jpg (102.67 KB, 1024x683, 0894537654638.jpg)

This photo was when the house was flipped and on the market.
You can see a reddish house though the big picture window in the main living room. If you can see the neighbors house that well then they should have a good view of the front of Onisions house. If it was that neighbor making the call it does seem odd for him not to know the Onisions house number but I have lived in a semi rural area where the homes didnt have perfect "odd/even" numbers and sequences like a tract home subdivision, meaning my house was 123 Random road, but my nearest neighbors house was 131 Random road.

No. 750419

I hate to say it but it was only a matter of time before something like this transpired at the onion household. It's a fact onion doesn't do shit around the house while they both scoff at anons concerned about their parenting capabilities (or lack thereof) and calling CPS on them, only for something like this to happen to further cement their negligence.

The news makes it even more bizarre that Greasy was joking about renting his kids very recently.

No. 750420

File: 1579587273511.jpeg (216.79 KB, 1536x2048, D1C05077-08A2-42CB-9479-AA76CC…)

Off topic. Found a Twitter pic of Grease out in the wild back in May. Just thought to put it here in case it might come in handy.(repost)

No. 750421

These photos actually make it seem like not so much of a swamp shack.
It's crazy how much junk they have filled it up with and how much rubbish is all around the yard.

No. 750423

This shit literally happens all the time. Just a few months ago, a toddler near C's age fell out the window on a cruise ship and died, all while her grandpa was watching her. It only made the news because the family tried suing the cruise line.

Is it neglect? In Krai's and Greg's cause it probably is, but these accidents sadly aren't uncommon. They're shit parents, but I don't think anything truly nefarious happened like some anons are alluding to.

What PROBABLY happened was the window was left open and she fell out, so Greaseman and Lainey tried to cover it up.

Not a medfag but her injuries sound somewhat severe in the police report and I imagine she would need surgery to relieve the pressure. But in the vids of C at DQ and the trampoline park, she had a full head of hair. Wouldn't her head have been partially shaven if she received surgery? Or need some type of protection around her skull so the injury could heal? It makes me wonder if her injuries just sound bad, but aren't awful if she was released after only a few days

No. 750424

File: 1579587818831.jpg (748.08 KB, 1080x824, 20200121_012000.jpg)

That is a storage barn, it isn't zoned for dwelling. The red circle is the barn, the blue circle is Onion's house and the person who owns the uncircled house owns the lot that the barn is on.

No. 750425

in that case the grandpa was literally dangling her out of the window

this could very well be an accident, but gurg's immediate actions and some of the details in his story are definitely odd for sure

No. 750427

TIL toddlers fall out of windows all the time.

Come on, if that was the case, it would be the case for a very very short amount of time because people everywhere would rush to invent and install more toddler-proof windows. Where is your common sense?

Of course that out of nearly 8 billion people alive today, one or two will fall out in a span of several years, and that will be recorded. But that still makes the odds of a toddler falling out of a window far smaller than the odds of a toddler getting struck by lightning.

No. 750428

Maybe Kai is in hiding because she’s knocked up (and possibly on bed rest).

No. 750429

I don't know a ton about CPS but I know it takes a lot to get kids taken.

I'm just thinking, with C's fall on top of the tons of non emergency calls against the Onions wouldn't that raise at least some alarms? The officer said he had nothing immediately to take them away from the home but after all the reports wouldn't that warrant a deeper investigation? I know anons are skeptical of anything happening legally but at some point someone has to notice that something is going on.

If you think about it, no normal person has a bunch of suspicious reports/wellness calls placed against them. Even if they are just "internet sTaLkErs". Even if the system doesn't always do its job, at some point someone has to be keeping tabs.

No. 750430

File: 1579590089647.jpg (321.08 KB, 1895x1396, liesaboutbedsagainstwindows.jp…)

Toddlers do some wild shit, sure, but what parent who cares and has a brain is putting their young child's bed up against a two-storey window that lies over a concrete pad no less. That creates a danger to their kids, pets, and to visiting children. I'm only amazed this didn't happen sooner.

And who, when their kid has come close to dying, thinks as their first thing to lie to police and say the beds are not under the windows? Is Lainey that divorced from reality she though she had nothing to do with this? Or did she think she'd get away with that lie and have a chance to change the rooms before the police visited? The police have eyes, they have cameras, and so do we have eyes. Lainey's child had a badly fractured skull and she was busy telling a lie to the police. She is, definitively, a terrible parent.

No. 750432

This is a completely fucking horrifying thought. It's also hopefully not true and keeping my fingers crossed it never happens again.
You know, hAtuRzZzZ - anons, totes terrible people to poor Jimmy, have shown more emotional concern towards those kids in the past 8+ hours than their shit parents ever did.

No. 750434

So I just read this comment on KF relating to Cloey's fall
>No doubt kai and James immediately told Sarah this was all her fault for being a bitch and not staying on as their nanny. Sarah was in Michigan and had just exposed them as child groomers by this point

It just dawned on me that as soon as they lost their teen nanny, being the neglectful shits they are their kid seriously injured itself.

Those girls they groomed were to thank for keeping their kids alive and well all this time.

Fuck, this is depressing.

No. 750435

There's also that toy chest in the first photo too that looks like it would definitely put a toddlers head and shoulders above the lower ledge of the window which would allow them enough leverage to climb up.

No. 750436

Could be why Sarah is always so sympathetic towards the welfare of the kids?

No. 750437

Yeah, seems Sarah was their actual parent.

No. 750438

I would be willing to bet everything I own, that Greg was the one who left the window open, or almost shut, but the window hadn’t clicked shut. Leading lainey into a false sense of a belief that it was shut.

Yes, lainey shouldn’t have left the child unattended at all. But can you imagine the situation, living with a manchild who refuses to watch the kids even for just a minute, and have Greg force you to do all the cleaning, cooking, errands, and parenting by yourself, as well as be a sex slave to him, not to mention back when she was also forced to upload videos and go on livestream.
She was overworked.
I don’t blame her for leaving the child unattended in what she believed was a safe space because it’s probably something they did often.
The weird part is, lainey said two things.
1. The window was shut
2. The bedhead didn’t touch the window.

The officers disputed both those claims.
So why was the bed moved, and why was the window not clicked in, and therefore able to be open?

Because Greg probably set it up because he wanted an accident to happen.

There’s a million reasons why this could be.

He’s always seemingly hated his daughter.
Lainey has always gone out of her way to keep Clot away from him, even sleeping in separate beds. That is a huge cause of concern.

We know around the time of August, chris Hansen started investigating them.
Greg was furious.

There was a period of time when lainey seemingly was angry at Greg, as we saw in the text messages, blaming him for all the Sarah stuff. (Rightfully so, if Greg didn’t dump Sarah, none of this would have happened.)

Launch went to stay with her family for a while, she may have even threatened divorce.
We also know launch is the primary caregiver.

Did Greg set this all up to make lainey look bad?
Or was it to take the attention off the pedo stuff?
If Clot had died, and he made a video with his crocodile tears about how he lost his child, in his mind, he probably believes the pedo rumours and people being mean would all go away and turn into sympathy instead.

I can completely see that being water brain Greg logic.

I don’t think he pushed her, I don’t think he hit her and staged it.
But I absolutely believed he moved the bed frame and left the window unclicked because he knew she likes to climb the window frame.

It would also explain why Greg mysteriously heard something when no one else did.
He was waiting for it to happen.
He thought this was going to be his ticket out of internet hatred.

I am disgusted.

But everything fits.

The disgusting tweets, the inconsistencies in laineys words in the report about the window and the bed, Greg filming the crime scene.

Holy fuck, I hope I’m reaching. I really do.

But we all know Greg has violent tendencies, and he is careful not to break the law.. but “accidentally” forgetting to close a window isn’t a crime.(wall of tinfoil)

No. 750439

Not true at all. (low) Hundreds of kids die a year in the U.S from furniture falling onto them. There's 0 rush to improve furniture standards. Guidelines are updated to now say "anchor" furniture to walls instead of actually fixing the unbalanced weight issue of furniture.

No way there would be some rush for "toddler proof" windows. Companies agree that it's the parents responsibility to watch their kids, but unfortunately accidents happen.

No. 750440

She put a very small child in the bedroom and left her to watch TV on her own, because god forbid the two kids can watch the same thing for half an hour or spend time with mom while dinner gets made, she bears 100% responsibility fo the window not being shut. He's not hands-on with the kids so why would he be in there opening windows anyway? And then it's on both of them for thinking a bed and other furniture under a window like that is ok with a baby in the house.

No. 750441

its both their faults. he's not hands on? he fucking should be. it's his kid as much as it is hers. stop trying to place the blame on one or the other. they both live there and contributed to the child's negligence. hopefully the children will be pulled out of that obviously dangerous home, even a monkey would raise them better at this point.

No. 750442

warning: tinfoil

If onion's daughter had a Capri sun and spoon in her hand, how does she open the window?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 750443

File: 1579594540258.jpeg (132.83 KB, 1116x884, 7E2F5BE5-CF39-40B7-9194-6C8794…)

Holy tinfoil Batman! And why would Grugly risk going to jail if he wanted to hurt his own kid?

>calls Lainey “Launch”

Don’t do Launch dirty like that, how dare you?

No. 750444

It was an accident because they are shit parents.
Its that simple.

No. 750445

NTA but oh my God. You’re Miranda Constable-level stupid. In the U.S. alone, children falling from windows is in the THOUSANDS. You couldn’t have at least Googled the statistics? The death rate is low(averaging 8 deaths a year for children under 5) but rate of injuries and life-long impairment is very high. Now, do you want to do the math for how that factors into 8 billion people? Here’s a hint: it’s a lot!

Agreed. Kai is a major creep but there is no doubt she is overwhelmed with childcare duties and Greg should be stepping in to help her instead of auditioning a revolving door of nanny girlfriends. These kinds of accidents with small children do happen in a blink of a eye but if at least one parent was near the baby the fall could have been prevented or the response time greatly reduced. I’m most disgusted by Greg’s online activity after his little girl was most vulnerable and under observation. She could have died in that time period and was just “business as usual”. No emotional attachment at all.

No. 750446

What if grug didn't tweet the BDSM stuff for just shits and giggles. What if he was actually sexually aroused by what happened to C. He realized how much power he has over her, that he can kill her if he wanted to.
And the BDSM tweets were just the only way he can vent out that arousal without getting in trouble.

He really liked what happened to C. That's why he filmed it. He was aroused and excited.(tinfoil)

No. 750448

File: 1579596898624.jpeg (159.16 KB, 2280x1080, 6EA11C5B-77B7-4352-B10A-C783C4…)

Look at the window in this picture it is open . I bet anything that it was cracked open like this when she climbed out(repost)

No. 750449

Between the girl having a Capri sun and plastic spoon, the lack of footage except gorg's perfectly placed creepy video panning from her to the window, him clarifying he checked on Troy first and making it clear Troy was away from the scene, wouldn't shock me at all of Troy is still acting like a violent little shit and pushed her out and they're covering for him.(tinfoiling)

No. 750450

Yes I blame them both at the end of my comment, and the start of my comment was in answer to the anon tinfoiling about greg secretly leaving the window ajar and therefore Lainey being exonerated because she didn't know - PLEASE. she had the child in her care right at that time. we all know they're both terrible parents. just because Greg should be hands-on doesn't mean he will be, and it doesn't give Lainey a pass for her negligence in putting the child in a room unsupervised either. She also doesn't get a pass to lie to police about there being no bed under the window.

No. 750451

This image has already been posted. Yes it's exactly as the police describe with the thick padded headboard under the window. Basically an ideal scenario for an accident.

Kids climb and fool about with things in their hands, she could have dropped it out there and climbed out for it. And she's a baby, anon, logic doesn't follow. Stop with the jonbenet shit, you'r attacking and labelling a child over nothing. Greg's trying to account for why he didn't hear her for probably a while and is trying to portray what he thinks a normal and dedicated parent is. He's an unreliable witness because he's such an alien.

No. 750452

File: 1579597463987.jpeg (116.22 KB, 1440x897, EOwxFmFUcAAmwqF.jpeg)

tinfoil but there was a video posted the day of clots fall with the window open. Him prepping the room for her accident in the realm of possibility

No. 750453

I know the image was posted I am just pointing out that the window is literally opened In the picture . So we know for a fact they leave the windows open in the kids rooms

No. 750454

>Greg's trying to account for why he didn't hear her for probably a while

Correction, trying to account for why he heard a noise but didn't bother to do anything about it or check beause he was too busy fapping.

He absolutely heard his child fall out of a window, she fell right outside where he was, and the screen did too. He just didn't bother to go see what it was, and he knows that makes him look bad.

No. 750455

I think the trash (capri sun and spoon) is unrelated to the injury entirely.They're notoriously messy as fuck and it could have fallen out of their car since I've seen the Tesla parked there and they can't be assed to pick up after themselves.

No. 750456

Just thinking, I don't know whether this is tinfoil or a relevant observation - if the child hit the ground, wouldn't there be at least some blood at the impact site? Especially considering the poor baby bashed her head hard enough to fracture her skull? The report says there was no blood or markings where she apparently fell.

Not sure whether I'm talking shit or not, whether an impact like that would leave blood or not. Also sorry for being so morbid about what happened to the baby by bringing it up, but I really would assume there would be blood at where she landed and find it very strange there isnt any there?

No. 750457

that's the lower floor anon
I also don't think greg is big brain enough to think of such a convoluted plan

No. 750458

You're wrong and you'd figure that out if you scrolled up.

No. 750459

This sounded really dodgy to me at first too, though you have to take into account that the first report was from someone that was not too long at the scene. Might've just not seen the markings, considering there was a lot going on. Would be interesting to read the report on the findings of the people staying back at the house as well, since they probably got to check out the scene outside more thoroughly.

No. 750461


A sub dermal bleed usually mean the the brain is bleeding inside rather than outside. If the fracture compressed the skull inwards with impact rather than opening the skin (which can occur) the bleeding and bruising occurs interior which is twice as dangerous because it builds up intercranial pressure which can affect the brain stem and cause seizure/ affect breathing. If this occurs blood is more likely to escape through the ears/ nose rather than in a puddle at the impact site because physics determines that it will take the path of least resistance.

No. 750467

if he really wanted to kill her he could easily just leave the back door open and wait for her to wander into the water. why would he go to all that effort to stage a fall from the window when he can't even be fucked to wash his hair?
all this tinfoiling about how he totes intentionally harmed her is getting boring.

No. 750469

I hope you all remember to recycle your tinfoil, as it isn't a renewable resource…

I really, really doubt that Gurg did anything intentional to cause C to fall out that window. If he wanted to kill her, there are MUCH easier ways to do so, such as the window to the backyard. Why would he want to start a scene with police, with having Chris Hansen on his back? I mean, come on, like you've never left the oven on before. Either one of them forgot to close and/or lock the window, or that girl was trying to run away and escape from Swamp Hell. That would explain the Capri Sun.

Personally I don't understand how the screen would fall out with the kid, but maybe it was poorly secured in the frame. It said the corner of the screen was broken. My cats used to do the same to get outside, but they never took the screen with them.

Kainey said that it "didn't make sense to her" how she climbed onto the window, but >>750430 shows how easy it would be. It's just like what happened to the turtles. Greg is dumb and neglectful and stupid.

Fuck the police and fuck CPS.

(sorry for double post)

No. 750470

Everything points to an accident imo. They probably forgot the window open or thought that the window could be open with the screen in and didn't anticipate it popping off the frame under C's weight even if she climbed up. In any case it's horribly neglectful and Greg handled it in a weird fucking way (filming??). I hope C didn't sustain any permanent injuries. Poor baby, must have been terrifying for her.

No. 750471

yup, the swiss cheese holes lined up that day with the lack of supervision, the furniture placement, the lack of widow securing. it's not bad luck really, it was an event waiting to happen.

yes we can see that the first time its posted and you can link to posts.

No. 750477

Don’t do this. Greg is a selfish, horrible man, but that doesn’t mean it’s logical to assume he would do something this evil to his daughter. We only know for sure that he is uninvolved and neglectful.

I’ve caught my toddlers in the middle of dangerous stunts while holding multiple things in each hand with a vice-like grip. I can easily imagine C climbing up on the window sill with her drink and spoon, sliding open the window, losing balance and instead letting go of the items to catch the frame, did the opposite and crashed with her whole weight through the screen.

All of this.
We can clearly see from the pictures that it was just the worst combo of child safety hazards that day.

No. 750479

File: 1579613581820.jpg (35.34 KB, 776x169, Image1.jpg)


No. 750480

Truth. Greg is evil, but not Final Destination diabolical. Very few people are this capable of thinking so far ahead and Greg is definitely no genius.

And just think, if Chris Hansen hadn't knocked on the door and Greg hadn't called 911 on him, we might have never learned the full story as to why one of Greg's kids was in the hospital. Suck on that, anti-o spaztards.

No. 750481

>>750377 When he reported the egging incident, he said he was watching video footage of the person looking into his car. If he could see that on the cameras, then he could see the driveway. Besides, no way would he not have a camera that could watch the beloved Tesla.

No. 750483

this is what cops are for, anon. they would make note of any inconsistencies they found at the scene. they already noted that they found greg recording his daughter in the driveway and found it strange.

not calling you out but the thread is getting pretty wild with tinfoils right now. none of us are cops so let's stick with what we do know. which is that this trashfire just stood there and stared at his own flesh and blood possibly dying in his front yard and his response was 'hmm. better film it.'

fuck both him and lainey. subhumans.

No. 750484


Has a security camera to check the safety of his cars, but not to make sure intruders dont get in through his kids bedrooms

haha although I suppose if he did, we'd just accuse him of having cameras pointed there to spy on them or something so.

you'd think he'd have at least one camera pointed towards that wall though, below the windows etc.

i do think it was an accident, greg is neglectful and lainey is selfish, but we knew that anyway. that whole household is a mess, those poor babies

No. 750485

File: 1579614964459.png (68.67 KB, 275x271, 1579560638032.png)

To all the anons commenting about how accidents happen, how kids only need a second to find trouble, how their cousin's nephew's stepson fell out a window despite having good parents, etc… I think the distinction between freak accidents and what happened to Cloey is the longggg pattern of negligence and abuse the Shallots have had to endure.

Lainey had Cloey in a bedroom alone because she didn't feel like dealing with her. I imagine putting her in the living room with Troy would lead to arguing/taddling/extra noise, all disturbances Lainey didn't feel like dealing with. She told the Deputies that Cloey was in there while she cooked dinner. Even if that were true, it's still no real excuse. But it's not true. Lainey doesn't actively cook. She shoves whatever potato/soy garbage into the oven and walks away. I imagine the kids are usually separated with their individual electronic devices shoved into their faces to keep them occupied.

I don't believe their negligent parenting to be tinfoil, either. There's a lot of evidence pointing to it. I think the fact that Greg and Lainey have always had teenaged nannies to do domestic stuff is some of the strongest evidence as neither one of them leave the house or have jobs. The only reason for them to have these girls around is because they don't feel like doing it themselves. So it isn't a stretch whatsoever to believe Cloey was alone in her room because her shitty parents would rather A. jerk their baby carrot in the grease dungeon and B. scroll through Tumblr on their phone.

Also, I feel like the neighbor who called the second welfare check on Lainey would have mentioned Greg specifically being the one to do drop-off when she said someone other than Lainey had been doing it. I feel like it could very well be McFly who is at the Swamp Shack. All the reasons/evidence of there being something presently going on with Greg and McFly has been discussed plenty in the last thread, so I'll skip that part. Beyond that, I belive the fact that she suddenly (and recently) deleted her Instagram is sus. I could totally see Greg forcing her to do that as a requirement for moving in as the last thing he feels he needs right now is Mcfly making a mistake and sharing something that an eagle eyed anon could link to the Onions and Swamp Shack.

Also, I know this tweet was shared up-thread but it's so truly vile and disturbing that I think it needs to be attached again now that the thread has grown so much. Posting this tweet is without question one of the more god damn fucking terrible things he's done. I wonder how Lainey felt when she saw it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 750488

Ok but that's what anons have been saying, it's an accident due to neglect

No. 750489

I definitely think it was an accident caused by them ignoring her, but the bizarre sexual tweets while she was in hospital and the filming was gross.
Greg clearly doesn't love or have an attachment to his children but I don't think he tried to murder C on purpose.

No. 750490

Right, I was specifically referencing all the anons and Twitter fags seemingly coming to the defense of the Onions with the type of excuses I mentioned in my original comment.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 750491

No one is saying a kid falling from a high place is an "oopsie". Even good, attentive parents fail spot checks sometimes. Kids are ignorant, determined little bastards.

No. 750493

>Greg clearly doesn't love or have an attachment to his children
No, he never did. All of this is just a fetish to him. This gross tweet aside >>750485 he was posting more than that, all gross, all fucked up.
If I had a kid and this happened to them I would have been mentally fried for a week or two and this is if the child were completely okay. Jimmy, though, business as usual, like nothing of importance happened.

And the fucking videotaping. Just think of how this sounds to a law enforcement officer ( or anyone remotely normal ) - "soo uhh, my ex gf threatened to kill herself 9 years ago, so I'm trying to prove I didn't do anything. See there she was on the ground, there's the window…" We don't know exactly how he phrased it, but I'm sure it sounded batshit insane.

No. 750496

Random but isn't it likely that lainey's entire family went over to the swamp for turkey day because of cloey?
I don't think that's the typical arrangement and it would make sense since that baby almost became tomato. I can't imagine what it was like for her family to find out about it.

No. 750498


That makes sense anon. I remember at the time we were all eyebrow raising at why the family was visiting and acting normal/having fun considering everything that was going on. This explains it imo, the baby possibly couldn't travel, and they obviously would really want to see her and have a nice time with/for her whilst they were there. Nothing like an injured baby who nearly died to take any family heat off of the pedonions I suppose.

No. 750499

I wouldn't even consider this a tinfoil. It's a fact he is fucked up in the head and has fucked up fetishes. Between his sadism and incest fetish, it's very possible he was arroused seeing his daughter in that situation. Why would he be making hundreds of sexual tweets non stop during that time? Wouldn't he have more important things to think about?(Tinfoil)

No. 750500

File: 1579618672026.jpg (142.79 KB, 602x424, jackogreg.jpg)

No. 750501

He likely left Clot and Foot at the hospital and took Trot home (if he was with them) after being interviewed and seeing that the police were done taking pictures and left their home.

No. 750503


I dunno if it's wrong to like this but here I am. Bravo anon.

No. 750504

No, he was in the hospital with Cloey the day he was making the tweets. The police visited their house to do an welfare check on Foot, she was at home with Troy

No. 750505

File: 1579619758934.png (2.14 MB, 1078x2906, 1579540961690.png)

Well according to the police report both Onion and Lame went to the hospital where they were interviewed, the detective went back to their place to take photos when they were not there, they also let the dogs inside and made sure the stove was off since Lame was cooking dinner. So at some point they were both at the hospital and I highly doubt that Onion would stay there longer than he had to and plus they have another young child. I don't know what you are getting your info from.

No. 750507

>and I highly doubt that Onion would stay there longer than he had to

Someone had to stay with their daughter for news. If it was Gerg who went home, he'd actually have to do some parenting by looking after their son. By sending Lainey home to do that, he was able to stay at the hospital whilst the doctors take care of his daughter, and Greg could sit there on twitter. Do you really think greg would choose to be the one to go home and actually have to take care of a kid?

I might be remembering wrongly, but didn't people see Greg parked in a car on his phone during the time the BDSM tweets were going out? Or was that a different time.

No. 750508

I don't see "attachment parenting" Lame leaving her daughter, that she cried about before she was born because she feared what Onion could do, alone with Onion in one of her most vulnerable times. At 7pm Troy would need to be in bed soon and he would have school Friday the 13th so that's really not a lot of parenting responsibility for Onion.

No. 750509

I really wish Billie would shed more light on what exactly Lainey said about her fears about having a daughter around greg. I know we have the gist but I wonder if there’s more there in the details.

It still baffles me how much she seems to be aware of but tolerates and even and loves/prioritizes him in spite of it all.

No. 750510

one thing is sure. a huge part of lainey's world is her social media and someone told her to get off it. could have been a lawyer, could have been greg, doesn't really matter. she probably spends half her time jonseing for a screen and some outside validation and asspats. then her daughter was badly injured due to her complete and utter incompetence as a parent. she's stuck in that house getting verbally abused and rawdogged in front of her kids.

she's in hell. literally.

unfortunately those children are in there with her.

No. 750511

What I wonder is how she can look at people making correct predictions for years (e.g. Greg would cheat on her, he would not take care of or help with the children, their home life is and was an accident waiting to happen,
putting their entire lives online would come back to haunt them, etc) and not come to a realization about what her life is. The fact that her toddler literally almost died and she is still there, apparently, is what amazes me. That would be a come to Jesus moment for almost anyone, but not Taylor, because she can't stand to acknowledge that the haters were right about her and Greg.

No. 750512

File: 1579622829380.jpeg (313.93 KB, 1125x828, BC40E63D-9033-4392-98BA-EDDE52…)

No. 750513

Oh for fucks sake. I truly feel sorry for Sarah. She genuinely thought they were going to help her.

No. 750514

Wasn’t it Chris Hansen who told her it was send to the police/FBI? Who was the one who gave her that information to begin with?

No. 750515


Did she just delete?

No. 750516


She just deleted those tweets. I hope it's not Hansen who lied. This is turning into such a shit show.

No. 750518

yeah, i tried to check the replies but the tweets are gone

No. 750519


iirc it was vince who said it was with the fbi.

No. 750520

Yeah she did. Maybe it was a misunderstanding and it is at the FBI?

No. 750521

"an office in New York" sounds like Vince, but who knows? The whole thing is a shitshow. I expect the thread will once again descend into Chris Hansen, boomer at large bullshit.

No. 750522

I mean there is an FBI office in NY.

No. 750523

I get why anons here are so wrapped up in what happened to C but looking back and the 911 transcripts apparently Greg and Taylor got into a "heated argument" where they were in and out of the house with shoving involved?

Shoving isn't a good sign tbh and if the argument was startling enough for neighbors to call the police its concerning to see that their relationship is heading to a point of physical abuse. It would be interesting to know what they were arguing about (which we wont) but tinfoiling maybe it was related to the second person dropping the kids off at school / the other person Chris saw at Onions Swamp?

I know people here are speculating its McFly. When Greg flew Sam out we know he didnt tell Taylor and she was less than amused by her presence in the home (eventually getting Greg to finally give her the boot). Could the same thing have happened with potentially McFly? Taylor who's already getting most of the heat for the CP/nudes with Sarah is stunned and enraged Greg would bring yet another girl into their lives (or wants to) and she wasnt just going to roll over to Greg's whims this time? (Knowing our Krai she would have probably caved eventually if Gronk sperged hard enough)

I genuinely cant imagine Taylor physically fighting with Greg about anything else but him putting them right in the fire again. Like previous victims have mentioned she usually just cries. Tinfoil though.

No. 750524

Fucks sake some anons itt are being retarded.
>Onion tried to murder his daughter!!11!!
No. No he didn't.
>C had brain surgery!!!11!!!
No. No she didn't. She had a CT scan and was kept in for observation bc tbi's are changeable as all fuck.
>Toddlers don't just fall out of windows,!!!11!!
Yes. Yes they do sometimes, tragically.
>Onion tweeted depraved pseudo bdsm shit the night c was injured!!!!!
No. No he didn't. His tweets were made in the days of the aftermath. Still disturbing but even he had the sense in that moment to not be a twat.
>C is brain damaged and will suffer horribly for the rest of her life!!1!!!!
No. No she isn't and chances are she will/has made a full recovery. Toddlers are resilient as shit and bones are still soft (fortunately) at that age.

I'll bet my last fucking breath that klaineys life has been made infinitely worse after s/he "allowed" one of the children to suffer such a tragic accident. Onion will never ever let her forget this. This thread was the one place where I used to be able to fact check all of the greg shit, farmers used to be logical thinkers and always verified their sources, I get it's difficult to be impartial where the shallots are concerned but all the pearl clutching misinformation is just muddying the swampwater.
Tldr: The Jackson/Averoe's are shitty enough without anybody having to add to their narrative.

No. 750525

as far as I know aside from the door fiasco with Shiloh he's never been physical before which would mean he's escalating which is honestly a terrifying thought

No. 750526

Yeah what date was that phone call?

No. 750527

In the report it says that Lamp was with Clot in the ambulance and Jimmy and Trot were in the tesla, so they only had one car with them.
If Jimmy didn't drive home and picked them up again (I doubt they'd leave Trot home alone after Clot just cracked her skull open from falling out a window) he stayed at the hospital.

No. 750528

please stop spamming this shit about it being an AcCiDeNt. we get it, i promise. you're almost as annoying as the fucking waterbrains inappropriately tinfoiling about a toddler almost being murdered or molested by her father(integration)

No. 750529

I have to lol at the Lainey wk'ing in this thread. Like she's not an adult cognizant enough to make her own choices.

No. 750530

File: 1579625070301.jpeg (394.49 KB, 828x1102, 5B8F52FF-0843-4296-88C6-306E7E…)

Someone asked Sarah about her tweets, she said it’s still true.

No. 750531

See caps and videos >>>/snow/912942
I knew those motherfuckers were lying (not Sarah). I hope they get dragged to Kingdom Come for this.

No. 750532

oh, noooo…..
this is why you don't trust other people to do shit for you. But she wouldn't have sent it on her own.

Honestly I think it would have been better to keep this to herself and handle the situation behind the scenes. But whatever, She can do what she wants.

No. 750533

Wasn't it Vince's responsibility? I recall it being sent to his closet of an office.

No. 750534

I agree - this is going to get the anti Os and the anons sperging foaming at the mouth.

Theres evidence of child neglect and potentially another woman in the home and tbh I'd hate all of this to get sidetracked by Vince/Chris hate. I doubt anyone wholeheartedly trusts either of those two but Chris is doing more to light a fire under Greg's ass than any of the youtube commenters that have lambasted Greg for views has. Its heartbreaking her laptop wasnt sent but maybe if she can get it back it can be delivered to the authorities?

No. 750535

He vague-tweeted about a laptop and we all assumed he meant sarah's. but thats literally all he ever posted about it AFAIK.
I just don't know why they would lie about it? And how did Sarah find out now? Did they even find anything worthy of sending to the police on the laptop?
So may questions.

No. 750536


There are FBI offices all over the country. There's even one in my podunk town of 200,000.

No. 750537

>Fuck the police and fuck CPS.
Some people don't think they're doing their jobs but the fact of the matter is, unless an actual professional with some pull steps up - not the clowns "reporting" on this for clicks and views-, and sees reason enough to take action, those kids are staying where they are. I don't think the Jackson's are actively abusing their kids but there's definitely a case for negligence.

The timing of this >>750212 added to all everything else, just blows my mind that no one in a professional setting would've conducted a real investigation before now. If anything comes out of all this, I'm hoping for the best outcome for the kids whatever that looks like.

No. 750538

I'm going to hell for laughing at this, am I not. Oh well

No. 750540

Sarah's known, she wants the attention and she probably deleted since she got it out now

Circus circus

No. 750541

If Stevie is still going on the show I hope he questions the validity of the laptop and fbi investigation seeing as he seems to lurk here a lot. I know he's a cow but hopefully he or one of the next guests will question Chris about what's going on.

No. 750542

Wtaf anon? It's my first post itt regarding this fucking circus of horrors.. I'm assuming you can read based on the fact you can write but fuck me, you clearly have comprehension issues.
>>750500 doing the lort's work anon.
>>750530 I vaguely remember a tweet from either vince or Regina showing a laptop surrounded by microphones and other baffling pieces of equipment in a cupboard office and having a wtf moment. To quote Sarah, "shits fucked up fam".

No. 750543

File: 1579627848799.png (1.39 MB, 1156x2519, Lying ass boomers.png)


These dipshit boomers have been getting dragged in the Anti-O thread for a reason.

No. 750544

Thank you for saying this

The spaceprinces and generic manic pixie girls are coming here and constantly disregarding facts and restating events. Here are some retarded things I've seen
>onion raped so and so
>onion molested c
>onion wanted to hurt c on purpose
>Shiloh actually lost her memory in that video
I wanna make a rainbowww

No. 750545

Yeah, I know we're all tired of the "accident or something else" argument, but I haven't seen anyone mention this…
I think it's oddly convenient that the camera didn't catch her fall though it did catch Greg being Super Dad and heroically running to the child, screaming for Kai to call 911, getting towels, on the phone with 911… Come on now… We all know what a "brilliant actor" Greg is and that he dgaf about that kid. Compare the actions described in the ring doorbell video to the police description of his strange/nonchalant alien behavior. There's something really off here.

Maybe I've seen too much Forensic Files, but I felt it in my gut when I first heard the news, this is definitely a staged scene and not just cuz I think they're pieces of shit. I think the cameras were sabotoged in some way, cuz he'd def have one on his Tesla under normal circumstances. And then that tweet,gtfoh.. it's all too much

No. 750546

Yeah, that sucks. She’s been through enough and doesn’t need a third authority figure to fail her.

If it is Hansen’s team I hope they address and correct it soon.

There’s clearly images on there that implicate Lainey so it’s not like it’s not substantial.

No. 750547

Samefagging but I hope sarah backed up the evidence in some way (even taking a screen record or something like that).

It’s going to suck if her only way to get a shred of retribution is to publicly expose all the stuff they put her through.

No. 750548

>>750542Lmao Sarah talks like lainey

No. 750549

Rather, 25-year old lainey talks like a teenager (which Sarah actually is)

No. 750550

you’ve said waterbrain like 3 times in this one thread alone and 10 times in other threads, can you maybe chill and stop making your long ass sperg posts so identifiable

No. 750553


He pulled up the camera app on his phone while with the police. The police said there wasn't video of it, not Grug. He probably would not have had time to look thru all the videos and delete them. Nobody 'stages' shit like this.

Dude why the FUCK is Hansen so shady.

No. 750554

Tinfoil, but does anyone else think it's possible that Chris/Vincent held on to the laptop knowing it had incriminating evidence on the off-chance they could try to squeeze a payout from Grug not to send it in? I don't really trust any of them, esp given that Hansen is hurting for cash and there was speculation that ice poseidon paid him off to drop the investigation into his predatory behavior. I can't think of any other reason why they wouldn't send it in after they claimed they were doing so. It's not like they just forgot or have been too busy working other cases, this is literally their entire focus right now.(tinfoil)

No. 750555

Greg is not worth blackmailing since he's poor as fuck. Plus he'd squeal if he was being blackmailed, evidence or not.

No. 750556

Yeah we know he is poor, but Hansen may not know to what extent. His boomer eyes may have just seen his tesla, large subscriber base, patreon (at the time) and thought there was a possibility to get some money out of him. I think it's possible he was keeping the laptop around until he could try to meet Greg in person to feel him out and see if Greg offered to pay him off or something. I don't think Chris would be stupid enough to outright blackmail him or anything like that.

No. 750557

can we please take the Hansen tinfoiling to

No. 750563


I think there is camera footage of the fall, but Greg chose not to provide it to authorities because he's trying to hide the amount of time it took for these idiots to notice that their 2 year old fell onto their driveway. If there's one camera pointed at the driveway and one pointed at the front door, you don't know the exact time the kid fell just by looking at Greg running out of the house and reacting to something out of frame.

The kid could've been there for god knows how long before someone did something about it. Greg doesn't want to look like he ignored his kid even though he most likely heard a crash outside the garage and chose to ignore it.

No. 750564

Why didn’t they get a subpoena for the footage or did the popo not see the cams in plain sight?

No. 750565

>Onion tweeted depraved pseudo bdsm shit the night c was injured!!!!!
>No. No he didn't. His tweets were made in the days of the aftermath. Still disturbing but even he had the sense in that moment to not be a twat.

He was making weird bdsm tweets while he was visiting C on the 15th of September. Remember, Lainey mentioned Greg being at the hospital while officers went to their place to make sure Lainey was okay in the report the sheriffs made. This was discussed in great length several threads back if you’d like to double check.

No. 750566

Can Sarah not just get her laptop back and fucking send it to the police herself? I know she doesn't want a civil suit but surely the police would be interested in a device which may have CP or evidence of CP being distributed on it. This is such a shit show.

No. 750568

I would think so. This is taking a WEIRD turn. I'm hoping there is a good reason behind this but who knows.

I think the whole Hansen thing has been good overall but damn is it getting weird.

No. 750569

>good overall
how anon…he peaked at shiloh and wasted his time on a couple of snowflakes and destroyed his credibility by refusing to boot vincent/GENE

No. 750570


Well the incident happened at 1904 hours aka 7:04 pm, so it would've been dark outside when police arrived on scene. Don't think you would've been able to see all the cameras hidden around the swamp.

No. 750571

Excuse my dyslexic brain, I meant 1908 aka 7:08. And to clarify, that was the time recorded when officers arrived at the scene.

No. 750572

The investigation has got media outlets to write articles about it. We've had police transcripts and recordings of 911 calls from it and Onion and Lainey aren't as active on social media meaning they haven't as much influence over potential victims.

It's shite though that the devices have been left sitting in dust though. Hansen is going to have to address this tomorrow.

No. 750573

Ugggh. The fact that it was darkfreaks me out a bit. I realize kids are dumb for obvious reasons, but most are scared of the dark at that age. She must have been terrified laying there waiting for somebody to come.

No. 750574

Sarah's the only person I feel particularly bad for, tbh. She just got out of a traumatic grooming situation, where she was completely isolated - she obviously has shit-tier absent parents who don't give a fuck about what she does or who she gets involved with, she couldn't tell her closest friend about what was going on, sworn to secrecy by an unknowing unauthorized legal document by basically your foster parents that groomed you for a quick fuck while you spent years trying to earn their validation; your abuser finally is warm toward you when it comes close to a point where he legally can fuck you, but discards you like a sex doll when he realizes that you may talk about what you two did.

It must be nice to have people tweeting at you "YAS QUEEN," but I don't think she realizes that a lot of these clout-chasing vultures are just sensationalizing her trauma, and piggy-backing off her pain for their own taste of attention.

No. 750577

File: 1579633806582.jpeg (92.2 KB, 808x880, 6F3886B7-495D-4752-8BD5-938F40…)

I thought Greg had security camera monitors at his computer area that he was always looking at… what if he found out about C falling from the cameras? Could explain why he perfectly positioned his reaction for the ring doorbells then offered only that footage. I wonder how much the timeline was questioned. I could see him seeing C & taking a moment to strategize before going into “hero mode” & screaming for Kai, running out, etc. Something just seems so fishy and I could see Gurg caring more about making sure his optics are as good as possible before tending to his injured child. I might be high right now so …./tinfoil…(/tinfoil)

No. 750579

Tinfoil regarding the cameras.
Jimmy said in his 911 phonecall that he has "a" camera, which would suggest that he has one front facing camera that is in view of the approach to the house. This is what he used to spot Hansens crew with. I do not think that he has a camera in view of the direct exterior of his home. In Hansens video where he stands in front of his door you can see that the curtain was pulled back for a moment, probably to get view on Hansen so he can describe what he is wearing to the police. After he gave Hansens profile he took a little to inform the 911 operator of the number of Hansens crew on the street, so in that time he could've walked to his computer to check the actual camera. Furthermore there is a black wire on the exterior of the house that wasn't there in the photos of it before Jimmy purchased it.

No. 750580

Doesn't look like new info from what I can see but Newsweek has another article out.


No. 750581

It's probably his Ring camera doorbell. If it's street facing it'll catch most movement so it should have caught anyone coming to the door and knocking for example.

No. 750582

Fuck. That makes my heart fucking hurt so much just thinking of that. I really hope she wasn’t conscious while she laid there for however long. I don’t doubt this will cause her life long issues.
I have seen a few people trying to push the narrative that clot was verbal before the fall but now is nonverbal, does anyone know if there’s any truth to that? I just thought maybe it was cause onion never spoke to them as babies.

No. 750584

It's likely that C will recover but could have health issues that will spring up later in life. IE: the host of 'The Dream Podcast' had a similar injury when she was C's age and had horrible debilitating migraines until she was in her late teens.

It's been a well known rumor BEFORE the fall that C is/was nonverbal. I'm not 100% sure where that claim was first made but it's clear that she was nonverbal before the fall. If someone is trying to push the narrative that she's nonverbal because of the fall this is not correct.

No. 750585

File: 1579635460158.jpg (56.08 KB, 1115x885, good.jpg)

No. 750586


"oh i cant attend the court hearing woth hansen and rep because i am sick/injured"

No. 750589

No. 750590

Good, hope he runs out of breath. Probably the only way Lainey will ever leave him is if he dies.

No. 750591

People get this wrong and spread misinformation. C isn't nonverbal, at least there's no evidence for that. This rumor came up because when she was still really small Greg refused to talk to her because she couldn't speak YET (as a baby), he made a skit about it mocking Lainey for complaining about it. People would then often use the word "nonverbal" when referring to this which made other people believe she's nonverbal because she's autistic or disabled. There is no evidence that any of their children are disabled and I wish these rumors would stop unless there's something to back it up. For instance Deity talked about her being disabled in his stream yesterday and it made me so mad because too much misinformation is being spread

No. 750594

Well shit thanks for setting the record straight. I always assumed it was just a rumor. I'm not sure where it all started but that is now the narrative. Seeing as Sarah or the other girls who knew C have never made comment on it should be a big enough sign that it's not credible.

No. 750599

this was my immediate thought.
I never believed he would show up to court, but he will look VERY bad if he just no shows.
This is like a kid setting up their excuse to be sick from school a couple days in advance. Oldest trick in the book.

No. 750601

What if he gets Krai to show up in court instead of him?

No. 750602

File: 1579639268103.jpeg (358.68 KB, 1125x1022, A43AD123-58B1-4E5F-A136-1D65FA…)

No. 750605

File: 1579639362500.jpeg (780.73 KB, 1125x1734, 8E24AECF-3BA1-46FB-81CA-7D7ED7…)

No. 750606

File: 1579639465534.jpeg (545.17 KB, 1125x1373, D8CFB056-115F-4B38-AAC3-E501B4…)

No. 750608

I meeeean… it sounds like Chris meant well but he doesn't have the pull people assume he has.
Vincent is still an idiot that got caught up in the drama and gave sarah the wrong impression that the deed was already done.

No. 750610

What a bunch of idiots. How do they fuck up this bad, how was the computer not a priority??

No. 750611

File: 1579640022863.jpg (84.2 KB, 1075x321, Screenshot_20200121-153436.jpg)

To the anons going back and fourth about Greg being at the hospital with Cloey at the time he was making those disgusting tweets, here is an excerpt from the welfare check which was done 3 days after Cloey fell (the date is cut off in this screenshot but it's from 09/15/2019.) The deputy arrived at 10:52pm and left around 11:02pm.

You're right, it was Greg who continued to stay at the hospital (at least for that day) probably so that he wouldn't have to be home with Troy actively parenting. I could also see a situation where Lainey didn't want to be out of the house since the heat with Sarah and the others was really kicking up by mid-September.

Greg's Twitter is scrubbed. But if I recall correctly, some of the first (if not the first) of the gross tweets came out during the time Greg was in the hospital while Lainey was at home dealing with the welfare check.

He made this particular tweet (about falling out the window) the very same night as the others on the 15th only now it was past midnight so technically the 16th. He made this tweet in the fucking hospital, y'all. I am legitimately and to my core absolutely HORRIFIED that Greg could possibly say this as he sat in the hospital with his two year old daughter after she almost died from falling through a window.
"stand in front of the window over there, the world should see how helpless and pathetic you are. I'm going to humiliate you, and right before you lose consciousness, I'm going to destroy you."

There is no other explanation for this tweet than Cloey's fall three days earlier aroused him. Of all the things he's done, I believe this tweet is the most indicative, undeniable representation of how demented, disturbed, and monstrous he is. I am genuinely fucking astounded.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 750613

These tweets sound like there is no FBI investigation happening.

No. 750614

thats what happens when you shitcan all your friends.

No. 750615

I'm starting to think that focusing so much on Greg really does make his stupidity contagious. Everyone who ended up touching the poo ended up making an ass out of themselves and in the hot seat.

No. 750617


The Police reports showed that there was an open FBI investigation. That's a pretty official source.


No. 750619

There is an FBI investigation, let's see what pans out with the laptop being sent back to Sarah before we go down another sperging tangent about rUiNinG tHe cAsE.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 750623

That isn't a police report. It looks like a police dispatch report and the officer who wrote the notes was writing down what the caller said to him. You can look online at an example of a police report vs a dispatch report and see the difference.

No. 750626

I’m unable to locate the possible report on the shoving and pushing match at the swamp. Does anybody have the police report or the 911 call. I am only able to find the welfare check and fall.

No. 750627

Right? What kind of parent wouldn't run to their child immediately to at least comfort them after such a traumatic injury?

No. 750629


Right, so as ThE cAsE devolves day by day into an even bigger boomer shitshow it's people questioning it that are the spergs?

Yeah let's see how the laptop pans out now. Maybe Shiloh can open a GoFundMe so it can be sent to Mikenactor in straya because even he couldn't fuck it up any worse than Chris and Vince already have.

No. 750630

called it. Knew that Vince wouldn't risk compromising chain of custody on this. Even the most retarded computer techs are taught this to avoid fucking up cases. The fact it wasn't even referred to the FBI at all though, yikes. Maybe they dropped it completely after seeing who had hands on it.

No. 750633

No. 750634

Already posted multiple times.

No. 750636


Someone is going very hard with this narrative in this thread and the other.

It doesn't indicate the caller said there was an investigation. It DOES, however, say the caller was reporting the video from August. It doesn't say that the caller said for both instances.

No. 750638

File: 1579643916866.png (183.11 KB, 1033x577, 1579547697113 (1).png)

In what way does that remark read like a deputy relaying what some caller told him?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 750640

this does feel like sarah wanted the attention off chloe and back on her. jmo.

No. 750642

No. 750643

I feel like this whole thing has been an exercise in grifting. From Chris, to the girls, to Vince, etc. The whole group of them have been grifting from all the youtube people that desperately want to see Greg done in. Even those with personal issues with him want in on the cash because there's just so goddamn much of it flowing around at the moment.

No. 750645

>i am going to install a new hard drive and rebuild your laptop

Uh, wow, zero reason to do this and its basically tampering. This is what men do when they're interested in you and want to hold it over your head later, i.e "I did this thing for you once why wont you like me??!"

I know we hate Vince tinfoil but fucking ew. Imagine if he set it up in a way to continue gaining access to her laptop, or a keylogger.

No. 750647

doubt it, but Vince is a scummy guy so who knows. I don't think he knows what a keylogger really is, but that's not to say that he can't look some simple skiddie shit up and whitelist the exe. He's just so, whitebread.

No. 750648

He never did it at least. Be massively fucking retarded if he tampered with the laptop, glad Chris told him not to touch it until further notice.

Hopefully Sarah can submit the laptop herself and her phone and the police can handle it. Hansen is going to have to answer to this tomorrow on his livestream.

Yeah that doesn't look like someone alleges there's an fbi case, it looks like there is one. Hopefully we'll get more details soon.

Sage your shit.

No. 750649

I actually worked in computer forensics. If he just goes poking around, it is possible for him to taint the evidence to a point that defense could make a reasonable argument. He either needs to give this to professional digital forensics team that specialize in preserving evidence and data recover or to law enforcement.

No. 750650

Doesn't matter anymore. Vince's hands have touched the drive. The timestamps could be edited because he didn't use a write blocker, he 100% tainted the CoC. The evidence is shot as far as that drive is concerned.

No. 750651

Learn to fucking integrate and sage, same to the one blogposting about their work in computer forensics. No one has tampered with the laptop, once it was received Vince was told not to touch it until further notice. As much as they're boomers I'm sure they are aware of the legalities if they were to go through the laptop. You don't have to post shite just for the sake of it, I know it must be very exciting for you if you're the same sperg from the other thread.

No. 750652

Could be that he didn't even open the package yet, considering Chris apparently told him to not touch it >>750605
Should be easy to determine if it was opened though when Sarah gets it back

No. 750653

Well the wuhan virus just landed in Washington. Hope he got it

No. 750654

Phil DeFranco made another video on onision

No. 750657

don't self-post your shitty videos, noone cares

No. 750658

lol that you think PhillyD posts on lolcow

No. 750659

I don't like Vince, but some of you must be VERY young if you think a nerd in his 40s doesnt know anything about computers. Keyloggers have been popular since the 80s.

No. 750660

>just blows my mind that no one in a professional setting would've conducted a real investigation before now
CPS is constantly overloaded with cases that are much worse than the Jacksons', local PD probably don't give a shit about an of-age woman being groomed without solid evidence of sexual contact when younger, and there's only so much that the FBI can do if they can't find strong evidence of illegal activity without a warrant (plus they're probably up to their necks in sex crimes cases as well). Greg is a complete trainwreck, but in the grand scheme of things he hasn't done anything evil enough for law enforcement to pay special attention to him, or at least he hasn't left behind enough evidence for them to make him worth pursuing.

People who have been following Greg know that he's a useless piece of shit because he's laid himself bare, but to a member of law enforcement who has to deal with the worst of humanity on a regular basis, he's probably just a weirdo who may or may not be doing things that are a fraction as awful as what they see day to day.
What a shame; hopefully she can get it back and send it directly to the cops…and hopefully Vince didn't fuck with the contents.
You're assuming that Vince listened to Chris. Hopefully he did but he's not exactly good at making decisions.

No. 750665

I'm a police dispatcher, and while this definitely looks like a dispatch log to me, that's also not the way caller remarks are worded for us. We absolutely always have to say "RP claims/advised" in front of every allegation or we could get into a lot of trouble. The dispatcher is probably aware that they're being investigated, or was advised by a supervisor or investigator who is familiar with the situation

No. 750666

ok danganronpa

No. 750669

Forgot to mention that depending on the software that the comm center uses, things like current open cases regarding the caller may come up as soon as you type in the address or phone number of the RP for officer safety reasons. As far as I'm concerned, this is absolutely proof that they're being investigated by the FBI

No. 750679

File: 1579651770816.png (189.17 KB, 765x1357, AB24651C-2528-4CE5-96DC-D79255…)

No. 750685

DANG! Well I'm glad something is being said even if it's just from their mods. What a crazy day this has been.

No. 750688


The Hansen mods declaration of independence. I fucking love it.
I'm starting to think Hansen is just as full of shit as Vincent. I still see people arguing and talking about an investigation.. There is no investigation. There isn't one, and there never will.
Sure he's on the cops radar because of all the cow tippers, and maybe they're keeping a bit of an eye on it, but no where near as serious as Hansen makes it seem.(>>>Anti-O thread)

No. 750698

Who are the mods? Why are moderators giving an official statement lmao

No. 750699

The people involved, standing near the radiant light that is Hansen Christ, are nothing if not incredibly self-important.
They are unwarranted self-importance personified. Specially Regina.

No. 750701

Learn to fucking sage. Moderating a weekly live chat is fucking nothing in the grand scheme of things. Regina was happy to suck Vince's dick when it got her clout at the start and she could plug her stupid gofundmes but this shit is embarrassing. It's the exact same shite the twitter armies were doing, being unofficial spokespersons for an investigation they've no insider information on.

No. 750703

So I guess the FBI doesn't have anything aside from his videos and internet activity then. Hopefully they can still use Sarah's laptop. If not I guess we just wait for the next ridiculous milky thing to come out about Greg. It's not like there's some shortage of that.

No. 750704

no one cares about what a bunch of youtube chat mods say. like at all.

No. 750708

Of course Vince knows what a keylogger is, but Vince is worse than a fucking script kiddie, and can't even make his own website without stealing from someone else. So unless the guy totally bricked the laptop and other devices, there's still a chance it'll have something of use on it.

No. 750711

The people taking glee in this and twisting the facts around the accident with this baby are just as sick as Greg. Making coin and chasing clout off the fractured skull of a small child,spreading lies and misinformation. Sickness.(moralfagging)

No. 750713

Take it to the anti-o thread, that's spastic twitter users that do that shit or the cunts that come here to advertise their shitty yt vlogs. Pretty sure the majority of farmers are sick of the newfags like yourself that have been frequenting the thread as of late. We don't want clout or people that won't read the fucking thread before posting to come here.

No. 750715

Not necessarily, but him not making an immediately clone can -possibly- cause problems. You NEVER search the original HD, you always clone it and get your hash.

No. 750717

I think the important question is does Vince understand chain of custody. It's never a certainty that digital evidence is admissible. Collection and catalogue is under greater scrutiny than physical evidence and it's now been handled by three different parties. I don't think convictions are likely but there is small satisfaction if the children are safe and Greg is all alone working 12 hours as Wilson's parking security with only his failures to keep him company. That said if they want him enough they will find something.

No. 750720

IMO, Vince has fucked everyone over and bullshitted his way into a potential case that he thought he could make a name for himself in. Guarantee that he bullshitted his way into working with Hansen + that gave him credibility that the girls trusted.

I feel bad for them that they trusted him. They should've just went scorched earth on Onion & went direct to a local state/federal bureau of investigation.

The interviews were good for summarizing everything & Hansen storming the house was great but everything Vince was in has fucked this case.

No. 750721

This makes the most sense.

No. 750722

Think it came from Lainey saying somewhere (facebook mom group) her son was nonverbal still at 18 months or something like that

No. 750724

Honestly Sarah (and Regina I guess, why is she a victim again, nudes?) should have contacted the police directly if she had a laptop that had potential CP on it or conversations alluding to the distribution of CP. Hansen really needs to address this tomorrow. What about Shiloh going on she has her own investigation?

If the authorities (police/fbi) are investigating they could just go directly to the websites Onion used to speak with victims and request information there. Onion does give out his cellphone number as a perk and pretty sure Lainey has states she uses Kik which is what I use sometimes to buy drugs since its encrypted so those could be channels he's dodging legalities with. However, Greg and Lainey have been using YouTube, Instagram, twitter, fb, YouNow and Patreon to communicate with others and all those sites are not the property of Onion or his mentally challenged wife. Authorities could already be investigating through those channels, which is why I think Greg and Lainey have been deleting content and accounts.

If we were able to request police reports that essentially state that there was no evidence found in his YouTube videos of misconduct, Onion could have potentially saw that and why he is deleting videos and reuploading old ones. I would not assume that's all the police would do. By their own records they've stated there is an fbi investigation. We don't know the details we can only speculate but I'm sure a federal bureau is more competent at collecting evidence than Vince is.

Farmers were right to think Vince was a stupid unprofessional cunt, especially since he gave so much weight to Regina when she's a stupid bitch that calls anyone that's been insulted by Onion a victim.

Anyway, Onion has a court date soon against Chris and Repzion so hopefully some delicious milk comes from that. At least none of us have fucked up so bad that we've nearly killed a toddler through sheer negligence.

No. 750729

Chain of Custody doesn't start until evidence is in the hands of law enforcement. Authentication could end up being a problem if any of the devices seem to be tampered with. Also if this goes to trial everyone who had their hands on the laptop will be called to the stand and the defense will use the fact it was in the hands of someone like Vincent to try and discredit the evidence to the jury.

Hansen isn't blameless in this. He told everyone he talked to the FBI and that they had the devices. He said investigations take awhile when people questioned why nothing was happening. He acted like he was getting regular updates when in fact he wasn't or he would have figured out they didn't have any devices. Even if he knew they had a investigation going because of his videos he still mislead people. Onision's videos have been getting reported to LE for years so anyone of those reports could have triggered an investigation. Him acting like it was because of him or telling the girls there cases were getting investigated was cruel. There was a point when Regina was telling people not to contact LE or CPS because of things going on behind the scenes. The FBI might not even be paying much attention and this could be something they consider really low priority while these girls are all over twitter acting like some big deal investigation is going on.

No. 750731

Could be that Sarah wants attention but also it could be she's trying to get the attention off of poor C. I bet she's upset from seeing all the tinfoils about poor C being brain damaged. Remember this was a baby she helped raise; she was in her life since birth. To be honest Sarah probably did more child care than the both of her parents combined.

No. 750732

Let's be honest. No one has done anything for years about the abuse Greg has put girls through. His own kid falls down a second story window, he video tapes his innocence while his daughter is dying and the officer says it's "strange." There's plenty of psycho's who are enabled to do whatever the fuck they want as long as they're careful. Greg is this type and he was never going to get anything done to him as long he keeps fucking barely legal teens. Hansen was really the only thing that's getting Onision removed. Nothing happened to his patreon or twitch in all this time until Hansen. Law enforcement is dealing with pedophile rings and sex trafficking, I don't doubt one sperg slips through the cracks.

No. 750733

Yeah I seriously doubt Sarah has any bad intentions as far as C is concerned. I take most of what anyone on anti-o says with a grain of salt these days but I believe her when she says she just found out about the laptop thing today and I can understand being furious and tweeting what she did immediately after finding out. This taking attention away from the C thing seems like a coincidence and if she's happy about that because she hates hearing the tinfoils then good for her. I just feel for her at this point. I hope she sends it to the police and she can still get something resembling justice. I also hope that when she does she deletes her twitter, quits talking to her "victim sisters" altogether, and goes dark until its over.

No. 750734

You need to remember though that Hansen is a sensationalist journalist who cares about ratings just as much as he did in 2004. You can trust him about as much as you can trust any other news outlet. You think 90% of the individuals who talk about Greg on YT give a single shit about justice? Nah.

No. 750735

As far as I'm concerned Hansen cares about his viewage just as much as Greg.

No. 750736

Chicken goes MUAKY chicken goes MUAKY


Fuck a brick

happy ending please? ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 750737

I'm not saying Chris does this out of good intentions. I'm saying that Chris Hansen is getting Onision on normie radar. Greg and Kaicrying are in hell because of the ongoing investigations of Chris Hansen, not because law enforcement and the FBI are doing anything from what we can tell. It's sad if Chris might fuck up any real charges against Greg, but doubt there will be anyways.

No. 750738


Hi Greg(hi cow)

No. 750740

I can just picture Jimmy's T-Rex toothed grin when finding out about this.
But I do think we're at a point where it doesn't matter. He is done-done at this point in all other aspects and I'm sure plenty of milk is going to flow along with it. It's fucking tragic that the laptop wasn't booked. What a wasted opportunity. But realistically, he's done.

>Anyway, Onion has a court date soon against Chris and Repzion so hopefully some delicious milk comes from that. At least none of us have fucked up so bad that we've nearly killed a toddler through sheer negligence.
Yeah, this.

No. 750742

I don't think Hansen had anything to do with Patreon. People were contacting them when he doxxed Billie and they banned him before Hansen even said anything about it. He might have brought attention to the case but we haven't seen the fallout when the general public realizes he has been lying for weeks. I don't think Onision will get much sympathy or anything positive happening to him but Hansen won't be as trusted when people find out he isn't this great hero who got LE to act when no one else could. I think a lot of people will move on and that will be it unless they get him for rating underage girls or something on his forums.

No. 750743

Ok first of all I used to be good friends with Sarah and this is all being blown out of proportion to unbelievable extents by Chris Hansen's lies and
clickbait attempts to cash in on a famous persons name.

1. Sarah is a pathological liar, she made up serious extents of lies about her family abusing her because she's a homewrecker and wanted to
get into a famous persons home. I've known her personally for many years and not one good thing has come out of our relationships. I don't believe
a single word that has come out of her mouth

2. Chris Hansen is just as bad as James and uses clickbait to profit off of a famous persons name, this is the only big break Chris Hansen has
had since like 2007 so why is anyone buying this shit?

3. There is no laptop, I have friends who know this shit is just a publicity stunt to cash in on a celebrities name.

Fucking hell you people are stupid(shit bait)

No. 750744

Sarah's case could have potential for helping the kids get out of a toxic home so I'd be mad too if I found out I've been lead on

No. 750745

Fuck off with your bullshit.

No. 750746

post proof that you "used to be good friends".

No. 750747


No. 750748

Ignore bait. It's retarded.
>Greg = famous/celebrity

No. 750749

Stop encouraging dickheads to post and report cunts that won't sage or integrate or are just massive newfags. Where the fuck are the mods

No. 750750

Who doesn't know his name you stupid worthless fucking idiot? It doesn't matter james/greg/the god it's one person and everyone knows who it is. He has to wear a fucking mask to go to Walmart.

No. 750751

I genuinely doubt it's a toxic home, you people read too much TMZ.

No. 750754

That's his real face, anon. …he uses filters in his videos.

No. 750755

Wow you're hilarious and original, not

No. 750757

please sage this bullshit

No. 750761

this made me laugh, thanks anon

No. 750763


nice trolling.

I don't personally like Regina but she is a victim. She was groomed by Krai, and taken advantage of. She was doxxed and apparently used as pedobait. Any one would be scarred by that shit, especially since she was not old enough to know better. what the fuck are you on?

No. 750764

So where did the nudes come from? Why did the cropped photos of Lainey show up on insta during the time frame Sarah said Lainey sent those nudes to her? I mean there is more but what's the point in trying to explain to someone that has already made up there mind? Don't tell me you believe Sarah stole Lainey's phone and sent those nudes to herself? While we are at it, did Sarah force Lainey to make very touchy videos that hinted on more intimate than friends? Maybe you're the one who believes anything some narcissist says because of your own hangups? As far as the family goes, I admit we don't know much but we now know there was a 911 call from a concerned neighbor reporting a loud argument that included physical contact (shoving) happening outside the Onion's home. Greg has also made skits that have indirectly depicted real arguments that he and Lainey have had, (an example is the skit that he says it's stupid to talk to a baby because they do not have the ability to carry a conversation with him), and on top of that he's admitted many times he calls Lainey a bitch and a cunt. Logic dictates that these extremely private people would keep that stuff behind closed doors but yet it has gotten to a point that it has leaked outside. Most likely all this is happening in front of the kids and that is abusive.(responding to bait)

No. 750766

File: 1579667360216.gif (959.69 KB, 245x250, lYylKA0.gif)

Wow. This past week has been such a shitshow. Learning what happened to poor little C is just heartbreaking. Why Laineys family doesn't fight for custody of those children is beyond me. It makes me question them as parents, it's bad enough that Crai ran off with a predator. I've honestly been questioning them since I started following the Onion clan drama a few years ago. How does a child from a supposedly loving, supportive family end up turning into a predator? I feel like there's something more there, like Kai's parents are too careless/neglectful or something.

And this whole laptop debacle just is the cherry on top of the shit cake. Chris Hansen has really been stringing everyone along, its really messed up. Alot of people put alot of trust in him (myself included) and hoped he would help these girls. I genuinely thought that Hansen had good connections to law enforcement and would get justice for James Onision Jackson's victims. But I see that that isn't the case and he's just in it for his own selfish reasons.

Honestly Steven Asarch is the only hero in this whole scenario. He has actually been helping Sarah and been giving more insight into things. He is the only one whose shown any professionalism and actually helped bring more mainstream attention to Onision's behavior. Thank God there's at least ONE person with some damn sense in this whole debacle.

No. 750767

It has been explained before how hard it is to take children away from their parents. Throw in the fact Washington doesn't have grandparent rights and the family lives in another state and they really can't until the state acts on something. We don't know they aren't calling CPS or making complaints behind the scenes because all of that is confidential. CPS can be called numerous times to awful households and nothing is done.

No. 750768

Youtubers take some notes. Quit making stale Onision videos for clout. This woman describes the anti-os and chris hansen + goons perfectly. Also showing Onision's house isn't doxing if it's already been posted online.(>>>Anti-O thread)

No. 750769

>has to wear a mask to go to walmart
and how do you know that exactly? you're a good friend of sarah AND james? damn small world

No. 750770

You're right, I forgot, them being so far away and in a different state makes things harder. It's just so frustrating watching such small children suffer with no authority figure stepping in to help them. The legal system in this country is so frustrating, it overcorrects in some situations (like putting people in jail just for doing drugs for many years) and under corrects when it comes to children in shitty family environments like this.

No. 750771

Let me get this straight, the FBI's doing an investigation but they never requested key pieces of evidence involved in the investigation, that is, evidence that's been sitting in some idiots office for months? Yeah I don't buy that.

No. 750774

Sarah was told that it was with the FBI, she was lied to by these fools.
As far as I can tell chain of custody was already fucked when it didn't go straight to authorities. It should've gone straight to them, not the boomer squad who obviously don't know wtf they're doing.
No, they're skeptical and asking questions, which really more people should be doing.

No. 750777

>caring more about making sure his optics are as good as possible before tending to his injured child.
On its face it certainly looks that way. Even the responding officer thought it was fucking bizarre. I bet the cops not being on Jimmy's side is giving him a case of the vapors rn lol.

No. 750782

He's doxxed several people, lied about being hacked, and it doesn't end there. No one who's been paying attention is surprised at what an egregious shitstain he is, nor are they surprised that Hansen hasn't gotten rid of him. Deity even mentioned in his livestream addressing the one he did with Vince, that he was concerned Vince might've put some kind malware/spyware/virus on his computer.

No. 750784

I don't buy it. Between the upcoming court case that he'd be required to show up to, unless he retains a lawyer, and the current shitstorm surrounding C, it looks like he's ducking and hiding like his man-wife. The timing of it all is too convenient. Either way, if he can't show up and doesn't hire a lawyer to go in his place, his claim will be tossed out.

No. 750785

Someone made the point about the chain of custody a few threads back, which naturally the boomer frauds didn't follow. One would think with their alleged involvement with LE they would've already been aware of this, but no. Violating the chain of custody taints the evidence.
>It's never a certainty that digital evidence is admissible.
Especially not now. That doxxing dumbfuck claimed to be working with the FBI and we all see how that turned out. Of course he doesn't understand chain of custody.

No. 750786

He's not doing an investigation. I don't understand how this isn't obvious to more people by now - he's doing infotainment. As for the rest, I give the community credit for that. More to the point >>749958

No. 750787

I've heard from people in social work say that they're perpetually overworked. It's just fucked up when kids have been taken over far less, it really makes you wonder where the system's priorities are. Like that kid that was taken because his dad named him Adolf Hitler (true story). Yes the name is fucked up but to take the kid when there was no physical abuse or neglect is even more fucked imo.

No. 750789

That was tinfoiled in the Anti-O thread, best take it there >>>/snow/912942.
These people claiming to be professionals have been caught in countless lies now, and you're going to continue believing what they say? Ok then.

No. 750790

I'm glad they made this statement. The only part I disagree with is they seem to hold Hansen blameless? This is supposed to be HIS brand, his name is all over this thing. I don't believe he's been "unable to find anyone to replace Vincent", not when at least one qualified tech person that I know of literally sent in their resume. Other qualified, knowledgeable people have openly offered to help Hansen pro bono, only to be either ignored, blocked, doxxed, or have their yt channels removed by false copyright claims. That should say it all.

No. 750792

I think this goes well beyond Vince. Isn't Hansen in charge of his own show? He should've lost credibility with everyone after it was obvious he wasn't going to fire Vincent. Just looking at some of the people he chooses to surround himself with (that gross slimy lawyer included) should be enough to make anyone question his credibility and integrity.

The whole thing looks shady and some people keep ignoring it because they're enamored with the illusion and myth built around Hansen, who btw, was a pseudo-journalist con-artist before coming into Greg's orbit.

No. 750793

It's unclear how much money Greg has or makes exactly, but we do know it's not cheap to live in the neighborhood he's in, on top of the other points you mentioned.

No. 750794

He already fully paid off the swamp shack.

No. 750795

Chain of custody started with Sarah and Regina they could have taken their devices to the police without involving Hansen or Vince . Shouldn’t they maybe share some blame for giving it to so called dumb boomers instead of turning it in themselves

No. 750796

Sarah and Regina thought they were dealing with professionals they could trust. Hansen's often claimed to have contacts in LE/FBI, so why wouldn't they trust him to do what he said he would do? Of course they shouldn't anymore, just saying he was somewhat believable at first, and I don't blame them for being credulous then.

I put the blame squarely on Hansen for taking advantage of and lying to people who were ignorant of how this process actually works.

No. 750797

There were people speaking up and trying to warn others about what Hansen was really doing, but many times they were either shot down or ignored because the vox populi was too preoccupied with the clown show, and disdainful of whatever contradicted the sacrosanct narrative they'd woven.

Agreed on Steven Asarch. He has been helpful and professional throughout.

No. 750798

>Hansen was really the only thing that's getting Onision removed.
Hansen has literally done nothing but create a media circus anon. Greg's Twitch and Patreon were both removed because he violated their TOS, Hansen had nothing to do with it. That yt doesn't remove Greg proves that unlike Twitch and Patreon, they penalize people selectively. Their TOS isn't applied equally across the board.

No. 750799

To be fair since Hansen started covering onion this has blown up and it has made onions life miserable. Sure if you were expecting him to go to jail you might be disappointed but that wasn’t guaranteed even if everything was handled perfectly . You can hate Hansen all you want but he has really put a lot of heat on Onision and did more in a couple of months to ruin onisions life than all the youtubers and image boards have done in 10 years

No. 750800

>Your hard drive is being sent to the FBI
>I am going to install a new hard drive and rebuild your laptop
First of all, why would the FBI ask some nobody to copy data off of the HD? Second, why the fuck would he be putting in a new HD "rebuilding" her laptop? This makes no sense whatsoever.

>Chris said he called the FBI immediately but didn't want to ship it around without knowing the proper chain of custody.
>Time went by and (he) didn't hear anything back.

Uh huh. So first they (Chris and Vince) tell Sarah her evidence is with the FBI (or being sent to the FBI).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Chris has stated on video that not only did the FBI have custody of Sarah's devices, they discovered things on these devices that could be used to prosecute Greg. And now, Chris is claiming he never heard anything back from them? I'm not surprised that he's full of shit, I just wish some of his stans weren't so closed minded and thoughtless.
>This morning (he) spoke to his connections at the FBI again
Sure he did.

No. 750802

Samefag. Chris has been saying or at least insinuating that he's been in contact with the FBI throughout most of this, and now in his recent statement to Steven he claims he didn't hear anything from the FBI until when? Until his "contact" from this morning? It sounds like he scammed and lied to a lot of people, but it's not like this is the first time.

No. 750804

I pretty sure Regina also sent a device in too. Probably that got sent to the FBI but not Sarah’s

No. 750806

>Hansen's done more to ruin onisions life than anyone else
His life alone being ruined is one thing, but there's little kids there that are forced to suffer with whatever he experiences, which is why this should've been handled properly by professionals. The kids deserve better.
If they lied to Sarah do you really think they told Regina the truth?

No. 750807

If they did lie to Regina we should’ve heard from her by now. But so far nothing.

No. 750808

>First of all, why would the FBI ask some nobody to copy data off of the HD?
They wouldn't. This would never happen. It's not how things work, at all. It gets booked as evidence in it's original form. The real deal, not a copy. That is such a weird lie that I have no words for it. This is more of the anti o thread topic, though. I know it's kinda merged today, because this probably shocked everyone.

I can see your point and I agree with most of what you said. It would just be nice if, for once, none of this turned into a circus. But at the end of the day we are here for milk.

If at least one device has been sent to the FBI, that's great news, because sitting on a laptop+phone for 2 months is an incredible legal fuck up. I'm not putting faith into it, though.

No. 750809

How would she even know? Sarah only found out because this actual journalist, Steven, informed her after he had discussions with Vince and Chris.

No. 750810

Whatever the problems the kids are going through is strictly the fault of their parents . You can’t blame their problems on Hansen or anyone else . Blame the state for not taking action and blame the parents for being shitty but not the people exposing things he does

No. 750811

There's a difference between exposing Onision, and going to his house just to create a media circus for clout, clicks and views. What did Hansen accomplish exactly by going over there except to have Greg try and get a PO against him? The lesser of two evils is still evil.

No. 750812

It is not evil to knock on someone’s door and ask to talk to them . Hansen wouldn’t even be there if Onision wasn’t a piece of shit so yet again blame the parents for causing the circus by grooming underage girls in the same home where their kids live

No. 750813

inb4 hansen pushed the little one out the window. do you know how mad you sound?

No. 750816

So what did Hansen accomplish exactly? This isn't about defending those two shitty parents, it's about the fact that some lying boomer dumbshit is walking around pretending he's a professional, acting like he's trying to help people when he's doing the exact opposite, hence Sarah's laptop >>750530. It's not that complicated. He's made things worse for all involved, most importantly for the two minors who didn't ask for any of this. He's at least smart enough to know better, he just doesn't give af.

No. 750817

This is your final warning to take Hansen and Vincent discussion to it's proper thread >>>/snow/912942
Failure to actually read the warnings issued by farmhands will result in a ban up to a week. This shouldn't have to be stated 4 times in the span of 3 days, but here we are.

No. 750818

This is just pitiful. The FBI would've already had the laptop in custody if they were actually investigating this, not let it sit in some hovel for months. Not only that, they would've sent a field agent out to retrieve it from Sarah, not go through Vince or Chris first. Chain of custody. Talk about a clown show.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 750819

we've yet to see proof any grooming actually happened
I don't even think those censored photos were nudes. Some of you need to stop being naive because this is going to hurt shiloh and sarah in the longrun

No. 750821

You’re all gonna get banned if you don’t stfu

No. 750822

How are you gonna pretend to care about Sara while saying ‘there’s no proof of grooming’?

No. 750823


Nothing is going to come of this "investigation". It's pretty much dead in the water due to how it's been handled and Onision and Kai will get away with it all. Mark my words. I bet Kai is back to making videos within 6-12 months, Onision will still be making money off naive idiots and another round of girls will end up making their way through that house.

No. 750825

I'm referring to regina in my post, not Sarah.

No. 750827

Yep. Hurts to know, but it’s the truth.

No. 750828

Lainey is a pussy and probably will never come back imo.

No. 750829

All the people who think like this >>750812 should watch this >>750768. There's no excuse for ignorance at this point.

No. 750831


Problem is, she has literally nothing else. Nothing at all. And she and Greg need an income to fund their lives. I'm pissed that the investigation has been handled so poorly, especially with the steady stream of totally irrelevant interviewees. In the beginning, it had the potential to be very important, very necessary in deplatforming Greg and Kai but not anymore. It's really quite sad and unfortunate.

No. 750837

Jesus Christ chill out with the tinfoils and learn to sage you dumdums. Just sit back and enjoy the milk, don’t go spoiling everything.

No. 750838

I agree or will migrate to TikTok under a new pseudonym.

No. 750840

god damn this thread got filled with negative bitches

No. 750841

go back to your Twitter

No. 750842

At least they're never really going to thrive again. They're making relatively little as it is, there probably won't be many new paypigs replacing whoever leaves their orbit, and they're enemy #1 in their entire region of the Seattle metro. It's not a bad outcome.

No. 750843

If people were egging their house bc of the other allegations I can't imagine what will happen when they learn about the window incident.

No. 750844

greg and lainey will never have the amount of power they had ever again. the sheer amount of normies who now know that they are predatory pedos is massive. locally, they are pariahs on the radar of moms, schools, and with cloey falling from the window, most certainly cops and hospitals. we're kind of in our own little echo chamber because we've followed the shitshow for years, but they're not getting away with anything. normies don't just forget shit.

cops and hospitals never do.

No. 750845

Agreed. There's no recovering from this. Even if nothing happens to them legally, the Onions are just going to keep sinking further into obscurity. I don't see Lainey showing her face again on cam, making another video. Not going to happen.

No. 750848

Just a thought. All this time, Greg has been under the impression that the laptop had been handed to the FBI so he probably thought that they’ve found nothing on there, no-one came to arrest them, they’ve gotten away with it (hence the subsequent gross tweets that followed whilst feeling invincible). I am personally taking this news as hoping it will actually put a bit more fear back into greg + Kai when they realise that the FBI haven’t actually even examined the laptop yet & that Sarah can still take it to them and find whatever may or may not be on there. (And I’m still hoping there is evidence there of kai’s grooming and exchanging nudes with minors that CAN be used to prosecute her). Got my optimistic hat on today.

No. 750851

Now that he knows he may actually not give a fuck anymore and come back to discord and YouTube more often.
I was under the impression that they were actually trying to find something since lainey used to own the device, not that they already knew what was on it. With that being given I'm going to assume sarah isn't going to bother anymore.

No. 750852

What the cops/feds would be looking for is very simple. Lainey sending nudes and sexts to Sarah. Evidence of Lainey/Greg grooming Sarah. Inappropriate texts. Hell, we've all seen edited versions of one of Lainey's nudes to Sarah, it's quite famous. We've seen coercive texts from them posted on Twitter already.

All Sarah needs to do is take the laptop in to a local FBI office. They are everywhere. But she needs to stop relying on other people and she needs to do it herself. I think she's been conflicted about all of it because of her feelings (or what she thought were her feelings) for Lainey and Greg. She probably also feels partially responsible for the kids, since it sounds like she was one of the few people to really interact with them. But it has to be done and she has to do it, or nothing will happen. If all everyone wants is for them to be dead in the court of public opinion, then that's fine, because they're pretty much there. If they want justice, then they have to go through the legal system. She has to take care of it herself because no one is going to do it for her.

Greg and Lainey are absolutely finished regardless. They won't be able to rope in young girls again unless those girls have lived in a box.

No. 750858

That wasn't a nude though. The full photo was posted uncensored. Now I'm not saying that isn't weird but it wasn't an actual nude.
Most of the texts sarah posted were after she was 18 and a consensual adult relationship isn't illegal in the eyes of the law, even if it was morally wrong.
I agree she needs to do things herself but considering Dylan lied about even going to the station…

No. 750863

I'm not sure where you're going with this but I'm pretty sure sending pictures of yourself with your vag out (to minors) is classed as a nude.

No. 750864

Haven't you guys figured it out yet? Haven't you guys been paying any attention whats going on?
EVERY WEEK Chris Hansen says at the end of one of his little episodes that oh next week he'll have something BIG something MAJOR regarding the investigation and every week he never has.
On top of which he's supposed to be a reporter, so if he would have something new, he'd be the first to wanna air that scoop to his audience.
NOTHING is happening, there is no investigation nor will there ever be one unless Greg kills somebody or rapes a baby.
That is all.(anti-o thread)

No. 750865


>They won't be able to rope in young girls again unless those girls have lived in a box.

Bless you for believing this anon, but sadly not true. If Gerg gets to the point where he has teeny fan girls loving him again (with the help of filters and Kai ofc) then none of this will mean anything.

He'll easily be able to convince them that Sarah, Billie etc were just salty due to break ups, that Hansen was just a 'youtube hater' trying to get views, age is just a number, 16 is legal in his state so he's not done anything wrong etc etc. They'll be easily convinced due to being stupid and/or vulnerable teens, that's how he got them in the first place.

Shit if anything, the only thing this whole clusterfuck about Greg fucking his fans will prove to those teeny fangirls is that they DO have a chance with him, so they'll be extra keen to please him.

It's all fucked up and that's that.

No. 750868

Non-American here.Could someone pls explain what the sums of money on the police report list refer to?

No. 750870

File: 1579710447451.jpeg (162.68 KB, 1125x775, 5E3D7BDA-F88E-49CD-9FAC-FE2B76…)

No. 750871

Here's the thing about those bdsm tweets everyone now claims he made at the hospital - I distinctly remember them being posted via a Twitter app that helps you schedule tweets in advance.

At the time, farmers were tinfoiling about how something must have happened to keep him occupied because we had all these scheduled tweets and nothing else from him.
Then he made a video showing his hospital wristband. He only started tweeting "live" again after that.

Get your facts straight and get your memory in order. I don't appreciate having to sound like I'm defending Onision. He did not make those tweets while in hospital, they were scheduled.

Now, why would he have the need to schedule such tweets? When did he schedule them? Before the accident? Just after? Did he already have them in place for some reason? There are a ton of valid questions to ask.

No. 750873

There are people who write love letters to serial killers in prison. He’s not going to have a hard time finding teeny boppers. The infamy alone is enough to attract them.

No. 750874

Some of the tweets were scheduled and it’s shows the app name at the bottom of the tweet. Look at what it says under the window tweet. He absolutely tweeted while his daughter was in the hospital

No. 750875

Another VC leak where Shreg and his goons talk about baby dicks. You think he wouldnt be saying shit like this with everything thats going on

No. 750876

I think it might just be an identifier for the officer assigned. You see 387 show up several times with the officers name, I can't tell you exactly what the dollar sign is supposed to mean, maybe it means that officer 387 got credit for the call I dunno lol.

No. 750879

See for yourself.
Thread in question:

Anons tinfoil:

No. 750881

I'm talking about this tweet specifically being not scheduled. If it was scheduled it would say it was made by some other app like hootsuite/tweetdeck like this tweet

No. 750886

Someone doesn't want to go to court. I'm guessing trip to the ER tomorrow.

No. 750887


He’s so god damn transparent, he’s doing all he can to avoid going to court, which he instigated in the first place. I doubt Hansen will show up either, but have a legal representative. If Greg does show up and tries to present his case, he’s fucked and will probably get kicked out for screaming and arguing with the judge or defendant, and if he hires a lawyer or attorney, he’s just throwing more money away. Look at the shady woman he picked to represent him for the wetlands and how that turned out. Good job, Jimmy!

No. 750888

How much you guys wanna bet the next video he posts will be him in the hospital?

No. 750889

Why can’t he just dismiss the case if he’s too much of a pussy to go? Why waste people’s time and money if you can’t fight your battles in the first place?

Fuckin’ loser.

No. 750890

He pussed out of the case for the wetlands too with a shitty excuse. He always takes the coward's way out of things but wants to get on women's cases for being too afraid to report rape.

No. 750893


>Had over a million people watching his videos at one point

>"Thanks for caring"

Even for a private Twitter that's pretty pathetic for Greg kek. I wonder how it feels to not only have a little forum dedicated to your insanity who hate you but now also your neighbors and everyone around you be aware of how psychotic you are. I bet after the egging Greg felt his little bubble popping which is why he went so hard on trying to get them arrested. The first time Greg has ever experienced REAL people who dislike him trying to make his REAL life more difficult. It's no longer people he can bait over the internet knowing fully well no one would be crazy enough to show up at his house.

Now things are real for our swamp monster. He used to be able to just shut off the internet for awhile (which we all know is impossible anyway for Greg). How does it feel to have the only group of people who like you so insignificant and small that they can all fit into a discord patreon chat? Must be worlds different than getting thousands of thirsty teen girls to harass your previous victim because "how dare they not want to be with our Banana BPD king". I love watching Onisions fanbase get smaller and smaller because you know it literally is killing him slowly.

No. 750894


Because that would be him having to admit he’s wrong, and he’d sooner become a nun than do that. He’s gonna come up with some excuse and screech that he’s still right and iN dAnGEr and needs to be home to protect his wife and kids that way only alpha men do. I wonder if he hate fucks and chokes Taylor every night over this.

No. 750895

File: 1579718926120.jpeg (40.47 KB, 765x226, CDA242EE-B9FE-4D1E-8037-00FCA5…)

Saw this rn on the public records page. Nothing new except this part.

No. 750896

Also it looks like multiple people requested for the 911 audio about C but they only keep the audio for 90 days.

No. 750897

So wait his daughter was actually bleeding? I thought there was no blood at the scene when the officer was there

No. 750898

As much as I recall I’m pretty sure they didn’t see blood on the ground, not on C.

No. 750899

I remember the ground part but I'm pretty sure they didn't mention if there was blood on her or not.

No. 750916

They could very well have a return in their YouTube career, obviously he still pulls in girls and viewers while there are hundreds of websites talking about what a piece of shit “James” and “Kai” are.
Maybe they changed their names to these ridiculous names in anticipation of the blowback grease would receive. When the drama blows over or becomes mundane (no saragate) they’ll change their names again and evade as much relation to these events as they can.
The internet has a high turnover rate…new social media apps and sites will be made and they’ll join it under new pseudonyms and start hawking teen girls all over again

No. 750926


Was there possibly some amount of snow on the driveway where she fell? It appears to slope down towards where the garage is, and that might explain head trauma without blood.

No. 750928


It was September, I doubt it

No. 750949

I think this is only halfway possible. No matter what name they make, they'll still get exposed all over the internet anyway but the problem is that won't always matter anyway. Even as they are now, they still have idiots willing to go over there. Whether or not it's a comfortable thing to talk about, damaged teen girls do in fact tend to be attracted to clearly abusive men. For girls like this, it doesnt matter what story comes out-they're still going to go over there and then a year later they'll have short hair and post videos crying about what they endured when they knowingly walked into the lions den which is what's always happened with him. and then everyone feels bad but nothing happens.

Sarah did an absolutely amazing job, but again the issue comes to nothing too serious other than more public outrage happening. She passed her laptop off to someone else hoping they'd do the hard part for her, but it failed. So now either she has to do the leg-work and talk to authorities AGAIN or she just drops it and everything is back to normal at the onions (once hansen gets bored of him anyway).

Onion is loathed in his town but if he picked up and moved, wherever he went next wouldnt know the wiser and there he'd start anew. The bright side at the very least is that he's really truly on thin ice income-wise. but again, he could literally live in a cave with 12 mugshots of himself plastered all over the walls and a 16 year old will still happily wander in for whatever reason. No real charges, nothing changes.

No. 750961

It's a censored photo and you can't even see if anything is peeking through the slit of the PJs
I'm hoping they actually have more

No. 750963

No, what they are looking for is evidence they can present to a jury and get a conviction. It really isn't that simple.

Sarah should not just take devices with pictures of underage girls, even if they are her own pictures, anywhere. She should get a lawyer to protect her rights and follow their advice.

I don't even think they will have to change their names. Onision still has fans even in the middle of this shit storm. Lainey has people giving her money on Patreon and she isn't even uploading content. When they don't get arrested and nothing happens they will just come in playing their victim card and keep making videos. They might not ever really be popular but they will always have a few people to victimize.

Sarah didn't do an amazing job. I am not victim shaming but acting like she did things in the proper way helps no one. She should have went directly to a lawyer especially if she suspected she had electronic devices that could be used as evidence. She could have found someone pro bono/used a free consultation to find someone who could have walked her through the process and actually got something done. Going to the internet when criminal acts are being committed just taints the witness. Having electronic devices sent all over and not handed over to proper authorities immediately just taints the evidence. The shit show this has turned into has given the defense reasonable doubt and that is all they need to win a case.

No. 750964

Vince fucked the devices. I'd be really surprised if they're even admissible at this point.

No, she didn't do a good job, but she's also just a 19 year old who was led to believe that she had someone in an authority position, or at least with a connection to law enforcement, looking out for her and guiding her.

She was taken advantage of. Again.

No. 750968

Anon the original photo isn't censored…

No. 750974

Wouldn’t sending the laptop to Vince rather than an FBI agent or member of law enforcement break the chain of custody and make anything found on the laptop inadmissible? Never understood why it would have been sent to Vince, but I think that’s still speculation at this point.

No. 750980

No necessarily. What it does do is give defense a chance to dispute that evidence to the judge and a jury. They can hire their own expert who will argue that it is possible that the evidence was tainted, planted, or modified. Reasonable doubt is a bitch. I seen an guy who did not follow the proper CoC get TORN TO SHREDS in court. It had to be one of the most humiliating things I've seen a professional go through.

No. 750985

probably a stupid tinfoil, but maybe the outrage that the laptop not being sent to the FBI yet was a bit unwarranted. It says allot that Chris Hansen said to not touch it until further notice, so I don't think the evidence has been tainted. First off, we know that Sarah's Laptop was previously Lainey's laptop. Sarah has made it a point multiple times that Lainey did not wipe her laptop before giving it to Sarah. So basically that laptop may have access to Lainey's personal account. If it was a Mac, (which I wouldn't be surprised if it was since they always like to sport the newest gadgets even when the irs on their ass.), that laptop may still have access to Lainey's old iMessages, pics, etc that are linked to her iCloud. I think Sarah also said that she could access old messages sent to her from Lainey's pov since she doesn't have her old phone. I do not know shit about the legal system but if I were to guess, I wouldn't be surprised if accessing someone else account information that is linked through a private account (such as iCloud, iMessages) without the account owner's permission to use for an investigation would be a grey area. Thats why I think it shouldn't be a big deal that Sarah's laptop has not been checked yet. Maybe the FBI needs more information or something to get permission to look into Lainey's messages to see the convo's between her and S. That laptop could potentially show more victims of grooming if they could access Lainey's old emails, pictures, messages, etc. Plus, from what we've heard from Chris, he's saying that there is a better case for a civil case then a criminal one. Idk if a civil case can grant someone permission to access someone else's private accounts without permission. Since regina hasn't said anything about her devices not being sent, it kinda makes sense since her phone has data that is linked to accounts that are 100% owned by her. Maybe that's why her data has been processed and not Sarah's.

No. 750992

so what was he waiting for? christmas was already last month.
doesn't he want these predators off the street asap? doesn't he want onision to not hurt more victims?
with that argument the whole "saint hansen thing is in it for the greater good" falls dead in the water.
cops take immediate action against predators, they take their hardware, examine it and if theres stuff found arrest them.
so hansen leaving it somewhere in an office to collect dust makes no god damn sense.
he best explain that action tonight, oh right it was probably vince's fault now, amirite?
this whole entire thing stinks to high heaven.(ban evasion)

No. 750993

Seems Vince has finally been given the boot.

No. 751011

They would need a search warrant or a subpoena to get conversations. Both need a judge to sign off. They would need evidence. They don't just call twitter and get conversations. Or call apple and get access to someones data. Regina bragged about having Lainey's passwords so anything she would have would be compromised by that fact alone. She isn't doing anything but collecting money based off a fake court case that never existed.

No. 751012


Source it. This is an imageboard.

No. 751021


A Transcript of Chris' video since I'm not sure if we can direct link to Chris' twitter video:

>As you know I've recently been reviewing the actions online, and in person, of my web producer Vincent Nicotra; things he's said and done without my permission and without my knowledge.

>I've come to the conclusion that I can't condone much of what he's said and done. And I can no longer work with him any way going forward. He's not going to be involved in any further projects.

>I do want you to know that I will continue our very important investigation into YouTube streamer Onision and the impact of his actions on his victims. I am in constant contact with law enforcement investigators to forward this project and I promise you that I will continue to treat the victims in these cases with the utmost respect and dignity they deserve.

>I'll have more to say about this tonight on my "Have a Seat With Chris Hansen" show on my YouTube channel of the same name at 8 EST.

Please tune in. Lots to talk about.

No. 751026


And what will his excuse for Kai be to not go? Because she's listed on the protective order too.

No. 751028


I bet he actually tries to get her to go and she'll refuse, and it causes an argument haha. And he'll say she has to look after the kids or something, and he doesnt want them at the courthouse 'for their safety'.

No. 751034


That'll be it, I bet. That he won't let Kai go because Repzion and Chris will be there, and he ~doesn't want their kids to be put at risk by those maniacs~.

No. 751035

The judge isn't going to want kids in the court room and if he were to show up with them a judge would probably ask for them to wait out in the hall anyways. Washington courthouses don't have daycares and it is really looked down upon if you take a child to court with you unless asked to by a judge or attorneys.

I get a lot of people on here want to make up their own scenarios where x and y are going to happen but when it comes to court stuff a lot of the time something is posted then it is spread as fact when actually it isn't. Kids shouldn't be at the court house so no excuse needed.

No. 751036


Thanks anon, I didn't know you couldn't take kids into a courtroom. Never been to one myself for any reason.

Ready made excuse for him there then. He can't go cus he's sick, and Lainey can't go because she has to look after the kids because he can't because hes sick.

No. 751038

and we've never seen it for ourselves

No. 751042

The $ there isn’t being used as a dollar sign, but as the sign indicating a string variable. They’re using a relatively simple anonymization program, which replaces an officer’s name with a numerical identifier. So, “Sergeant Johnson” is assigned the identifier “387” every time she updates the report, and they didn’t bother to replace the string symbol with “Officer” or similar.

No. 751047

Hansen said that the jacksons have multiple criminal investigations going on against them .not sure if it is state or federal or both he wasn’t specific but regardless they haven’t gotten out of trouble just yet despite the laptop debacle

No. 751048

>knowing fully well no one would be crazy enough to show up at his house.
Or stupid enough, and yet someone actually did. Greg's world is getting smaller and smaller though. He earned that.

No. 751049

That they're on the radar of their entire community is more than enough for me. In the end it's the community that's going to make the difference, not the clout chasing clowns in it for clicks and views, pretending they're helping the victims while lying to their faces and dropping the fucking ball.

No. 751051

>Dylan lied about even going to the station…
What do you mean? Sarah took a pic at a courthouse a few months ago. They met someone there.

No. 751052

Sarah said she was there for something different and just trolling.

No. 751055

This was covered up thread >>750818
>It says allot that Chris Hansen said to not touch it until further notice
lol so you missed the part where they (he and Vince) literally lied to Sarah and to the audience? >>750606, >>750530. Some of you sound so credulous it's sad.

No. 751059

>I can't condone much of what he's said and done.
>much of
LMFAO what does that sentence even mean? I guess summarily dismissing all of Vince's misconduct is too hard a task. This is pathetic. They're both liars and should really get lost and leave this situation to ACTUAL professionals.

No. 751061

Starting to wonder if all the Chris Hansen hate on here is just Onision shills trying to derail and steer the conversation away from Onision and kai

No. 751066

>Onision shills
Right. I don't support liars, this includes Onision. Sorry if you do.

No. 751068

Go start a thread on Christ Hansen somewhere else then nobody gives a fuck who you support . This is an onion thread

No. 751070

jesus, this interview with stevie is a mess. i wish they'd interview onisionhurtspeople on tumblr, i always appreciated her anti-o perspective in the sense that her blog was focused a lot more on publishing victims' stories. it would be a great treasure trove of information for hansen to tap.

No. 751075

This thread has dissolved into complete nonsense. This is an image board, if you want to make bizarre, barely-coherent "the investigation is dead" or "Chris Hansen is the real mastermind" or "Vincent contaminated the laptop" shitpost tinfoils, at least bother to source something, ffs.


Yeah, I appreciate that Chris is running out of people to interview, but Stevie fees like a mistake.

No. 751077


agreed. sorry for doubleposting, but stevie is doing exactly what we were all worried he'd do - rambling about tangential conspiracy theories, "evidence to suggest that KAI MIGHT'VE BEEN FiFtEeN YeArS oLd when they first started talking" - instead of just sticking to the facts. they're talking over top of each other, they're swearing, they're ranting, stevie looks like he's either on drugs or has a cold - it's just a complete mess.

No. 751079

>Christ Hansen
lol Freudian slip. Calm down anon. He's mentioned here occasionally when he makes public statements or videos related to Onision, that's the way it goes. Some people don't like when he's inevitably criticized, cry me a river.

No. 751082

I come here to laugh at retards like Greg not read a bunch of dumbass whining posts about the investigations not being done exactly the way they want . Just here for milk not some righteous cause to save the world .

No. 751084

I don't understand why anyone is surprised at how shit tier these shows have become. The last person that had anything of actual substance to add, was Adam.

No. 751086


this is absolutely fucking embarrassing to watch. stevie is currently popping off about youtube demonetizing his videos, and chris just had to cut him off and promise to bring him back on the show "in the future" after only HALF AN HOUR after almost every other interview in the series has lasted for over an hour.

i agree, adam was the last person who had anything new or relevant to add.

No. 751094

It's Stevie's own fault for choosing to go on in the first place, especially after everything that's gone down. He tweeted something yesterday about how some of the victims pushed him to do the interview to "keep the word out" about Greg, which makes no sense. Hansen will keep doing vids on Greg as long as it gets views, he doesn't care who he interviews. Other youtuber's who get more views than Hansen, make vids on Greg.

If Stevie wants to keep associating with Hansen after what happened with Sarah and everything else, good luck is all I can say.

No. 751096

maybe stfu would be a good idea for you?
Stevie is fucking awesome, he's been following and warning people about Greg for over a decade, long before you and I even knew about Greg's antics.
You seriously need to quit while you're ahead, kiddo.(ban evasion)

No. 751098

I disagree, I thought Stevie offered an interesting perspective. I'm also glad he brought up the phony religion Onision started.

No. 751100

Sorry but I have to lol at the fact that even Chris couldn't stand him for a full hour. All of the interviews have been at least that long, even Billie's was longer lol. I doubt Stevie will be back on unless Chris gets even more desperate.

No. 751101


nice try, but you'll find comments of mine on shiloh's music videos from like 2012 defending her back when greg still had millions of fans. stevie was an absolute embarrassment today to the point where i had to mute what he was saying several times. how do you explain even chris hansen having to cut him off several times just to get him to shut up, "kiddo", you absolute fucking faggot?

No. 751102

If Stevie is as good as you're saying, he can handle anonymous criticism. Chill the fuck out.
You DO know that no one cares who you are or what you commented back in 2012, right? lol

Also in general, Chris' show is an hour long in total, and that's why his conversation with Stevie was so short. Approximately, the first half-hour or so was taken up with Morse, so Stevie's ranty interview was cut short. Have some common sense.

No. 751103

He was specific, he said mulitple in the state of Washington

No. 751104

Will you all shut the fuck up & stop nitpicking? Stevie's interview wasnt as long because Chris talked to the lawyer first. Chris' streams last usually an hour. I actually felt chris was interested in what stevie had to say. & if you look back at any interview, chris tends to interrupt a lot.
Stevie, imo, is well spoken.

No. 751105

Why the fuck did they have a window open in winter?

No. 751106

If this is in reference to C falling out the window, this happened in September - not in the winter.

No. 751107

>the first half-hour or so was taken up with Morse
lol that's even better. Nothing like waiting for the other milky shoe to drop.

No. 751108

My bad, thanks

No. 751110

If Sarah or any of the other victims decide to keep perusing this, hopefully Hansen won't be involved, unless they want more incompetence and unprofessionalism. His response to straight up lying to Sarah's face and getting caught was basically an oops my bad. He's caused enough embarrassment.

No. 751111

Regardless of whether Stevie was a good or bad guest to have, Hansen's streams have been steadily increasing in viewership & support and building a larger public outrage against greg. It is very possible that as this continues to grow and more people contact youtube/Susan about wanting greg kicked off the platform, they might actually end up doing it.

No. 751117

File: 1579750657208.jpg (359.64 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20200122-213714_Fac…)

Krainey is still alive and well enough to post a shit selfie on her facebook. (She changed her name from Kai Jackson to Kai Anderson)
Doubt that means anything.

No. 751119

That airbrushing snapchat filter… lmao

No. 751120


Not sure whether or not this is tinfoil-y, but it does feel kind of significant to me? I mean, keep these things in mind:

- They JUST had their names legally changed, to the point where Kai was referring to Greg as 'James';
- She had her family visit unprompted for Thanksgiving (although, in retrospect, I suppose that could have been because Cloey wasn't medically cleared to travel by plane so soon after experiencing a brain injury that can be affected by altitude);
- She hasn't gone by Anderson for years, if I remember correctly - she even used to go by Avaroe rather than Anderson.

No. 751124

Gag. Looking at that face brings nothing but disgust.

>Doubt that means anything

She's probably trying to avoid getting searched up as easily. "Kai Jackson" is the name being thrown around. If someone's unfamiliar with their history ( which a good portion of people are, considering this went mainstream ), they're not going to be looking up Anderson.

No. 751127

I think before coming out as "Kai" her Facebook was Taylor Anderson.

No. 751130

that's a good point anon

No. 751131

File: 1579751517864.jpg (20.56 KB, 680x510, 81610424_2948862515148298_5292…)


Pic related

No. 751134

Onision got his twitch back


No. 751140

not even surprised at this point. if they can't rid of alinity why get rid of onision?

No. 751146

Eh, the views are uneven. The last interview to break 500k was with Ayalla, and that was just barely. The PR stunt with Morse has a million views (naturally) and the interview right after that with Jaclyn got under 500k views, I wouldn't necessarily call this "steadily increasing in viewership". I doubt this last one with Stevie will break 300k. YT isn't going to get rid of Greg until there's a conviction, and we've seen so far how that's going lol.

No. 751147

God these filters are a nightmare.
>She's probably trying to avoid getting searched up as easily.
That's what I thought. It's more trying to evade people looking her up.

No. 751149

That's interesting. I thought his offense was perma-bannable? I guess not.

No. 751151

Not saying you're wrong but she's pretty dumb if she thinks that'll work. I guess it might deter some lazy internet sleuths but their oodles of aliases are very easy to find and if >>751127 is true then she's not even that smart and is just playing a real boi on FB.

No. 751152


He still has his partnership too? Big fail twitch big fail

No. 751157

>I guess it might deter some lazy internet sleuths
I was mainly talking about the crowd that only tunes in once a week for an update. They're the ones that might only be looking up "Kai Jackson".
That she's dumb almost goes without saying. Between her and Jimmy I actually have no idea which one of them is dumber.

No. 751160

Lol, this bitch on a Oli London degree.

No. 751167


Hmm, Anderson is her maiden name, but she’s still far too spineless to divorce Jimmy, so my guess is just to make it harder to find her, since Avaroe and Jackson are out. Who follows her on Facebook anyways, her gullible family?

No. 751170


Lmao, all of your fakeboi photos didn’t stop the police from referring to you as a she in their police report, Taylor.

No. 751171

Taylor Anderson just removed her facebook

No. 751177


I wonder if the reason why Lainey has this blurry Instagram filter on her picture isn't dissimilar from the reason why Sarah had it on the video she made for Greg that one time - because she'd been crying for hours and didn't want anyone online to know how hard she'd been sobbing.

No. 751179


lol, good. We know from what Adam said that Lainey is now mostly using Facebook as a way to socialize since all of this has gone down. I think a lot of anons see "Greg and Lainey in jail for life" as the only demarcation of success, but personally, I'm experiencing a tremendous amount of schadenfreude over knowing how absolutely fucking MISERABLE these two have been over the past few months from having their social media, source of income, reputation, and child brides being ripped away from them by Sarah, Lolcow, Chris Hansen, et al.

No. 751182

>Oli London
Kek. Minus the lips.

No. 751183

>YT isn't going to get rid of Greg until there's a conviction, and we've seen so far how that's going lol.
I agree. In light of recent events, I doubt a conviction will come from any of this. Maybe if actual professionals handle it, there still might be a glimmer there.

No. 751188

Tell me about it.
Reading about how these interviews aren’t informative or milky enough for our precious anonymous little darlings on this here imageboard, is extremely tedious. Sounding like a bunch of stuck up snooty autists.

We have a legendary character, who is a meme in himself, a pop culture and imageboard icon, Chris Hansen, hosting the show. Channers couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and fitting scenario.
We don’t just get one poxy video. We get a seemingly endless stream of milk from this. If that milk isn’t good enough for you. I feel sorry for you. What a joyless cunt you must be to see this and think “not good enough”!

Anyway…. End of reeeeee’ing

Hansen was patting himself on the back for bringing these police records to light. And he’s right - none of these reports about the accident with the child, and the rest of the 911 calls and whatnot were dug up until Hansen showed up. I’m just wondering why? I’m surprised no one thought to check with Pierce county before all of this? Why is that? Especially since we already knew about the wetlands stuff, how did this fall off the radar?

Also is it possible to get records from Onions old house? He used to live somewhere else right? I assume that address is public … theoretically it would be possible to get the same police records for his old house or no?

No. 751193

File: 1579760798648.jpg (95.88 KB, 1280x720, kaianderson.jpg)

Kai Anderson, you say?

Now that's just fucking creepy.

We know they like American Horror Story. This is the lead character in a series called 'Cult'.

Just an observation. In pretty poor taste considering the latest talk.

No. 751202

>these interviews aren’t informative or milky enough
lol I'm not going to pretend these subsequent interviews (after the actual victims) are anything more than shit tier views and clicks dramu being presided over by a glorified reality show host.

As for the "police records", most of them were actually dispatcher logs. To my knowledge, this only got started because a twitterfag >>749988 was doing some digging and released the info. They even tagged Hansen, who apparently was unaware of this until said twitterfag was kind enough to share.

No. 751205

Then why are you here?

No. 751209

>What a joyless cunt you must be to see this and think “not good enough”!
True, we have been enjoying a never-ending onion milkmas for so long now that some farmers are just getting desensitized to the milk entirely.

No. 751211

LOL it only took months of Vincent being hideously irresponsible and abusive before he finally got the boot. This shit is a joke.

No. 751214

Some people come just for the lulz and that is what it is, but you can't say Greg isn't a horrorcow at this point. Hearing shit like what happened to his daughter isn't "milk" it's just fucking sad.

No. 751218

I would love to see into that house right now - we know how Greg is, but Lainey must be pretty fucked up being outed as a truly terrible parent. I'm sure she thinks the incident wasn't her fault but it must ruffle her feathers pretty bad that the internet's talking abut how she let her baby crack her head and come close to dying. Where's myyy supppoort…

We had some of the welfare and cps checks posted here across time. For example, we knew about the weapon in the house - but we didn't know about the shoving fight. Either no-one from here thought to do a master search, or no-one was able to. We've seen some erosion of quality posters in these threads, maybe the people who'd search for exclusive information to post here in the past have fucked off to twitter? We now seem to be culling info from there instead of being the source like we used to be, and the amount of sheer ongoing faggotry in here is probably a factor.

No. 751221

>the internet's talking abut how she let her baby crack her head
Anyone who finds that amusing should seek professional help immediately. People can talk about it like they give a shit or like it's anything more than gossip to them but the reality is, two little kids are trapped in a less than ideal situation and the boomer clown media circus isn't helping things, but fuck those kids, right? Right.

>We had some of the welfare and cps checks posted here across time.

>Either no-one from here thought to do a master search, or no-one was able to.
Who the fuck cares? What does it matter where the info comes from? It's still the same shitshow, you'll get your precious "milk" either way, stop autistically whining about it.

No. 751222

the report on the window incident w/ c did say she had a subgaleal hematoma and small subdural hematomas of an unknown number. along with one of fractures being depressed and putting pressure on her brain. though there was no blood on the sidewalk, sadly does not mean there wasnt any bleeding.
i am w/ u on this one. the stuff about C is just inviting alot of weird anons in that are trying to think us talking about it is cuz its funny. its so fucking not. the board has not had a hellweek in some time and the faggy anons are rampant esp here. (hint hint mods)
hope crykai is keeping an actual eye on the baby and listened to the fact that the baby does need monitored to keep from any worsening of the injuries.just because it was not life threatening now doesnt mean something worse could happen.

>People can talk about it like they give a shit or like it's anything more than gossip to them but the reality is, two little kids are trapped in a less than ideal situation and the boomer clown media circus isn't helping things, but fuck those kids, right? Right.

the reality of talking about it is because it is fucking concerning, at most points talking about T and C was a banned topic to avoid people bringing them into shit or making jokes. with what we learned from sarah and even the bits we did know before had, nothing about the children's lives have been funny or anyway amusing. no one has talked about it as if its amusing at all expect people who truly are 1) a troll or 2) fucked up. anytime lolcow has talked about these kids is because we are kinda fucking concerned and give a shit. so before you think for a minute are talking about this but going "lol fuck them kids". honestly if talking about the kids becomes banned again it's 100% understandable.
untwist your knickers, anon. you are apart of the faggotry.

No. 751224

Krai changing her name to Kai ANDERSON was completely deliberate and smart. it would drown out any searches related to her for evan. I was actually waiting for her to change it to anderson i totally knew this would happen.

No. 751289

I found nothing amusing in it, you're completely projecting. I also said nothing about "milk". your posting style is very distinctive btw.

No. 751291


Yep, same in thinking it was deliberate.

Though I was more thinking that it was a weird little fantasy thing of Gregs. He likes AHS, he likely LOVES the character Kai Anderson lets be honest and likely looks up to him in some twisted way (how the character Kai acts stinks of how Greg seems to want to be or even thinks of himself), and we know it was him that chose the name Kai for Lainey.

I kind of assume he chose the name 'Kai' as some sort of homage, obviously fitting with Laineys maiden name being 'Anderson'. I bet they had such a deep creepy moment over it, too. Eurgh

No. 751296

I have posted as 'autopsy anon' from the old Ashley Spoopy Ana threads.

Seen many a young child with head injuries (deceased obviously) from similar accidents and typically the scalp is intact and there is minimal blood. The major bleeding in C's case is located above the skull but under the skin and on the surface of the brain under the dura mater (the membrane surrounding the brain located directly under the inside of the skull). Even children who have had their head run over can have a smashed skull and brain yet have all the scalp intact. 2 year olds still have pretty thin skulls and weak sutures (where the bones of the skull fuse after infancy) so they can easily fracture their skull without huge blunt force trauma.

Yes these accidents are fairly common. Children getting crushed by furniture they tried to climb, kids failing from windows, kids being run over by their own parents reversing out of a driveway at low speed.. This shit does happen and no one goes to jail. They are true accidents in the eyes of the law. Should the parents be watching these kids better? Fuck yes. But they are still accidents. If C were to be injured again in a similar way CPS would then find that suspicious and consider that the parents are not fit to be looking after children. Even then they would return the kids after Greg and Foot have taken some court mandated courses.

No. 751299

Hey autopsy anon, just curious do you find it odd that the skull fractures were apparently her only injuries? It seems really off (to me at least) that she didn't have some broken arms/legs, abdominal bruising, ANYTHING else considering she fell from a 2nd story and it was enough to fracture her skull.

No. 751300

NTA but doesn't seem odd to me if she fell head first and was too surprised to put her arms out to catch her fall. Head would take most of the impact.

No. 751301

Not really. Her head probably made contact with the pavement first. I don't doubt that she would have some pretty decent brushing on her head and face. It is not unusual that she has no other broken bones. The depressed skull fracture is a pretty serious injury though and would be very painful. Her subdural bleed mustn't be big enough if they didn't perform surgery. These bleeds clot and then dissipate if they are small. Her dura wasn't mentioned in the report so I'm assuming it is still intact meaning brain damage will be minimal if the bleed does infact dissipate.

No. 751304


Leak from the first VC after the Chris Hansen 911 call.

Gronk talks a lot and says nothing at all, but seemed milky regrdless.

No. 751306

Was there confirmation there was no surgery performed?

No. 751308

lmao at him saying people should talk about Iran or heart disease instead of him

No. 751319

3 minutes into this whiny mess and I can't stand listening to him lol, but he's really attacking Hansens's credibility and implying he's a boomer etc. Judy really adds weight to all the derailing little unsaging cunts we've had recently to this thread.

He's sweating. His voice is cracking. He thinks Hansen should be in jail lol. What an absolute spastic. It should be a banned topic in this thread about Hansen's credibility it's clearly the only angle Onion has to debunk any of this. He still can't mention Sarah or say the true reason why Hansen is wanting an interview. He has to equate it to some bullshit story about a spouse being cheated on and alimony. Greg you fucked the teenager you claimed you were fostering many times online. You have a fan club in which you source teenage girls to come and shag you and to make sure Cloey and Troy don't kill themselves. Get off your fucking high horse

No. 751322

Vanilla Ice cosplay is a bold choice for 2020.

No. 751324

File: 1579798696761.jpg (41.63 KB, 1125x718, EO-rrL3UUAEInWQ.jpg)

No. 751325

I saw it last night but can’t I find the profile anymore. Did she delete her acc?

No. 751326

The lack of teenage pus must be truly hurting his soul, indeed.

No. 751328

>soul pain
What goes around comes around, Gregma. It's entirely your doing, quit complaining

No. 751329

It kinda is, but no one seems to care what the farmhands say >>750817

No. 751330


Greg:" How many people that Chris has interviewed are actually innocent? None of them cause only criminals would be dumb enough to be interviewed."


No. 751331

Bet he'll suddenly need medical attention overnight and miss out on the court appearance tomorrow.

No. 751335

Hilarious that at least Repzion is going. A no show when you're the petitioner annoys the judge to no end. Especially if he doesn't notify the court before hand. Milk. He thought he was going to scare Chris and Daniel, but uh…he HAS NEVER ONCE BEEN TO COURT. What did he think it was going to accomplish in the long run?

No. 751339

I just listened to the recent Chris stream and it seems to me that he filed those reports hoping that they would just be granted on the spot. I think it was a bit of a surprise to Greg that they require you to go to court in order to get the harassment order passed.
So if this is true, Greg never planned to go to court and it's likely once he was told his harassment order would not be granted without going to court, he dropped the issue in his mind.

There is no way in hell he is showing up for this. I just wish he'd get some kind of punishment for wasting the court's time.

No. 751341

Yeah it was posted she deleted it.

No. 751346

At that point, why wouldn't he dismiss it? Greg is so smooth brained. I'm sure he had to pay some fees to file the Protection Order anyways. Just threw money down the drain I guess. Let's all laugh at how he has to do three days of Twitter fake sick as an adult as an excuse not to go to court.

No. 751347

If he dismissed it then he'd have to admit he's got no case and all his whining about being harassed is not a real thing in the eyes of the law or anyone else.

If he keeps the court date but is suddenly too sick to go or whatever, then he can claim his harassment suit is still valid and then just put off the rescheduling of the court date.

No. 751348

File: 1579803964135.jpg (45.09 KB, 1125x460, EO-sd0zWAAA8ur9.jpg)

Yup. He's playin the sick game hard.
He thinks he's playing 4D chess but everyone knows exactly what he is doing.

No. 751350


he used to call lainey his soul mate, maybe they are actually getting divorced

No. 751351

Do a flip, asshole.

No. 751354

File: 1579806436708.jpg (83.41 KB, 700x525, mcallen-kmart-before.jpg)

Here's a room full of people that care, Greg.
You and your foot wife made your bed, now go bask in your self-pity.

No. 751355

I'm tired. Onion hosting websites from multiple domains to get access to teenage girls willingly send nudes, for sure creeps found there way onto there and took advantage of that. And Onion has lonely hamplanet sugarmommas, who he somehow regularly talks about sex with because his peepee has evolved into a half baked toothpick

No. 751356

Those kids in your house are the only ones anyone cares about. Those poor miserable bastards, I can't even begin to imagine the suffering they go trough.
You can at least go watch them and take care of them, instead of wallowing in your own misery.

No. 751361

I believe the report said that no surgery was needed (I think she was only held there for about three days?).

No. 751376

Dont forget the animals they neglect and discard anon. Poor babies, all of them :(

Literally even Chris Hansen called this during last night's stream, unless I'm sorely misremembering. In the midst of he and Mike M shitting all over how stupid Greggy poo's (and HomolKai's, wish they had mentioned the 2 in her name too) petitions are, didnt one of then express doubt this greasy manchild would even show up? I may just be conflating that obvious fact with their discussion.

We shouldnt neglect mentioning not only are Smegma and Kais petitions criminally frivolous, they both fucking perjured themselves in them, lol. I really hope these come back to bite Gurg and Kai Anderson's pedo asses, like the 911 call did.

No. 751388

There's something going on. We know he was tweeting gross shit while at his daughter's hospital room. Not a fucking word was leaked about what happened. So he told his patreons nothing. (He has his patreon in Sept. when it happened). So our "most honest" you tuber doesn't tell what's really going on. So why is he suddenly in pain, and heartbroken. I smell another clickbait scam. I did sage for no contribution, but seriously he's up to no good.

No. 751389

>maybe the people who'd search for exclusive information to post here in the past have fucked off to twitter? We now seem to be culling info from there instead of being the source like we used to be
lol get over yourself. Like lolcow is some exclusive fucking newsroom.

Guess you missed the part where they said
>Anyone who finds that amusing should seek professional help immediately.
Obviously the "fuck those kids" comment was sarcastic, get off your high horse. It goes without saying that unless real professionals step in to do something, nothing will change. All this waxing on and concern trolling about the children's well being does seem a little pointless when this will never change the reality of their situation, it seems that some posters are under a different impression. I get that people can't help talking about it.

No. 751395

>Yes these accidents are fairly common.
I'm glad you said this. Hopefully some of the spergs saying Greg pushed C out of the window or that these accidents are so uncommon will read your comment.
If you read the report, the doctor said her injuries were consistent with a fall.

No. 751399

Unless someone else is going in his place.

No. 751400

>lonely hamplanet sugarmommas
If his livestreams are any indication, he refuses to publicly talk about his kids. He straight up told one of the paypigs that he has no kids.

No. 751405

>> He straight up told one of the paypigs that he has no kids.

He was clearly not being serious. All his discord pigs know he has kids. He just won’t let anyone talk about them

No. 751406

>really adds weight to all the derailing little unsaging cunts we've had recently to this thread.
I hope people like you keep burying your heads in the sand for the sake of your Greg hate boners lol. When all the "professional" efforts come to nothing, I'm going to laugh at you. Hopefully Sarah will find true professionals to help her, not pseudo-journalist hacks that will lie to her face, do a little damage control, and continue on like everything's peachy keen. >>>/snow/912942(derailing)

No. 751428

>really adds weight to all the derailing little unsaging cunts we've had recently to this thread.

You´re welcome.
And its just one cunt, singular.
I´m always right, might I add. I was also right when I asked a ton of questions about the laptop and why they where taking it to a court house instead of a police station.
And I was right there, too.(no1curr)

No. 751433

Just because it was an accident doesn’t mean it isn’t child abuse/neglect.
Leaving an infant unattended, or leaving them in the care of your underage poly gf (like Sarah) is literally the definition of neglect.
>ensure adequate supervision to protect a child from physical and emotional harm or danger (including the use of inadequate caregivers)

Leaving a baby alone for even a moment is neglect. That’s why new moms barely have time to shower. You can’t just leave a baby to go for a shower. You shouldn’t even put them down to sleep without a baby monitor/checking on them.
When the baby becomes a toddler, leaving them alone and unsupervised to the extent that they could fall out of a window is absolutely neglect.

Look up any legal or medical definition of child neglect and you’ll see that what the Greases did was child neglect. Doesn’t matter if it’s an “accident”.

No. 751436

>I´m always right, might I add.
That's cute, unsaging newfag.

No. 751439

When I think of the kids, the other victims, and the shitshow that's transpired over the last few weeks, I can't help being reminded of something I heard: America doesn't have a justice system, it has a legal system. Ideally, Onision's victims would've gotten the help they needed from authorities first instead of being left vulnerable to rank opportunists. They can still seek out genuine victims advocate groups like RAINN to find the help they need.

No. 751444

I thought so too. That is weird.

No. 751451

>its just one cunt, singular.
It is. >>751188

No. 751458

he has a serious case of narc flu coming on, poor dude! and yet he hates hospitals, what to do.

she's changed her name to avoid scrutiny, it's sleazy not honourable.

No. 751459

>the stuff about C is just inviting alot of weird anons in that are trying to think us talking about it is cuz its funny.
>weird anons
That's being charitable. Especially whoever was sperging about sources not being eXcLuSiVe to lolcow. That's autism at its finest.

No. 751461

He knows his tweets get leaked and all his sm is monitored by moles. I doubt this is anything but theater.

No. 751471

>Leaving a baby alone for even a moment is neglect.
I guess? I see a lot of comments from people who obviously aren't parents. I'm not, but I do know a few and they agree with statements like this >>751296
>This shit does happen and no one goes to jail. They are true accidents in the eyes of the law.
I saw a few comments from parents who understood this and weren't trying to make it out to be more than it was. If C's attending physician didn't suspect abuse or neglect, rando's on the internet aren't going to somehow know better. I understand her situation is upsetting, but c'mon.

No. 751474

Uh can we move on from sperging about other anons posting about the kids. Like well done if you had a baby and think you're special. Onion and Kai are neglectful. That's why their daughter ended up unsupervised and fell out a window and near died. That's why Troy had to have dental surgery cause his ma isn't capable of maintain his health and hygiene. Onion won't even speak to his kids until Lainey or a teenager has taught them to speak.

The thread is boring af with people correcting obvious inaccuracies. If people could learn to integrate and read the fucking thread there wouldn't be so many repetitive and redundant posts.

And FYI, there may be suspected abuse, there may be a more critical eye on the Onions now since they had to call out an ambulance to their house and after 19 instances with law enforcement in 2019 alone.

No. 751481

The "19 incidents" that are being reported as factual are ridiculous.
How many of those were people calling up with "kai is being held hostage" nonsense?
The number means nothing.

No. 751482

File: 1579833215059.jpg (233.26 KB, 716x758, Screenshot_20200124-133321_Pho…)

Onion ain't sick, he's preparing his legal strategy.

No. 751483

Someone on KF made the valid point that Kai's excuse that she put the kid down to cook dinner sounds like BS.Kai's cooking consists of microwaving or frying most things in 5 minutes or less. More likely Kai was giving Greg one of his 8 fucks a day. We know from poor Shiloh he's an oversexed weirdo who demands sex up to 8 times a day.If they were in the shower doing the beast with two backs who knows how long Cloey lay on the pavement before they heard her. It would also explain why their story after sounded so pat & why Greg had to 'prove' he did nothing wrong.

No. 751495

Greg went and fetched a towel so he probs put that under her head which absorbed the bleeding that there was. She was also still on top of the screen so any blood would have been on that rather than the driveway?

No. 751497

Sorry anon, we know this cant be the case because they rut with C and T right next to them, if not on the bed. It's probably their only actual "family" time.

Though I do buy HomolKai's excuse of reheating frozen vegan patties is retarded. They probably just straight up leave the kids with a screen alone for hours at a time every day. Not a stretch given what we know.

No. 751498

Lets be honest, Kainey was more than likey sitting on her phone while lazily microwaving a meal.

No. 751499

are you the same anon from earlier who was weirdly insistent that he was whacking it and had to run back in for a towel? why are you obsessed with this image of him?

No. 751502

File: 1579836167661.jpeg (134.16 KB, 2048x1151, F88F5B29-890E-4BB0-BB02-4DF761…)

She doesn’t cook, she lets them help themselves to whatever from the pantry

No. 751503

Ffs dont vaguepost us what is this from you filthy coont? This isnt twatter there's no character limit

I dont trust it because 1) looks fake and 2) seems too spot on

No. 751504

If I was to get back into the Anti-O game with a new Tumblr, YouTube channel, discord and possibly patreon would anyone here be interested?

I feel like after this latest drama we are on the verge of taking Greg down for good.

All the best, Big K (apologies for name fagging myself but had to this time)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 751506


No. 751507

>If C's attending physician didn't suspect abuse or neglect, rando's on the internet aren't going to somehow know better.
Is there something about the above statement that's difficult to understand? Unless you're their physician and are secretly posting here. People are needlessly speculating out of their ass when the doctor's verdict completely contradicts what they're saying. The tinfoiling gets autistic when it's not even almost in line with the doctors diagnosis. Stop acting like you know more than you do.

No. 751508

lol. That's pretty sad.

No. 751509

I bet she thinks those blocky eyebrows that look like 2 skid marks above her eyes make her look "masculine". They don't, they just make her look retarded.

No. 751512

>The "19 incidents" that are being reported as factual are ridiculous.
This. Some people throw certain information around like it means anything when it's just more pointless conjecture and/or misinformation, like what some of the anti-o's like to do

No. 751515

File: 1579837574376.png (420.41 KB, 1536x2048, 1AF84F98-8AB6-44B4-9D62-A9F686…)

Sorry, it’s already been posted here earlier in the thread so didn’t think to include the whole thing.It’s a page from the heavily redacted anonymous reports to the kids school/cps report. It’s a fair few pages if you want I can post each page individually? Pg1

No. 751520

File: 1579837754749.png (635.77 KB, 1536x2048, 80B1C37E-0D48-425A-8D16-946BD9…)

No. 751521

File: 1579837837478.png (758.52 KB, 1536x2048, 71D7C40D-318D-48C5-B1E0-C6F7A5…)

Pg3&4 - the rest is all blacked out so not worth posting.

No. 751525

Nah, missed that post. Certainly wasn't me.The thought of Greg doing anything sexual is just vomit-inducing. I just thought the farmer from KF made a decent point, is all.

No. 751528

>There is no information on "Sara" in any of the referrals and I could not find any reports which listed Jackson as suspect in any crime involving "Sara"
I thought she already talked to the police? or was this typed up before then? I hope at least someone is actually talking to officials instead of cameras so the ball can get rolling here. Cases have to be built, they dont just explode with a first offense

No. 751530

I don't think she ever talked to police, just Hansen and Vince. She seemed to be expecting a FBI investigation and them to contact her. I could be wrong, but she always seemed like she really didn't ant to talk to LE. She freaked out when that woman on twitter called Wa police "without her consent" but that was after her live stream with the 2 girls, before her live stream with Hansen and before sending them the devices. Hopefully she changed her mind and contacted Wa police with her story.

No. 751533

This report is from 18th September so I believe before Hansen was even involved? This was 6 days after the accident. Hopefully sarah will go directly to police herself once she gets her laptop back. Idc if most think chain of command is fukked now, if evidence can be gathered it’s worth a shot especially if there’s a chance that Vincent actually listened to Chris and never even touched it and it really has just been sitting there without tampering.

No. 751534

I don't think Hansen ever contacted WA LE until he went to Onision's house. He always talked about FBI investigations before that. He never said if he passed along Sarah's info to them or anything just the multiple investigations without any info on what those investigations were on. We all know there have been multiple calls and nothing has happened.

No. 751535


Ball has completely been dropped here. Nothing is going to happen. At least Greg was trolled all these months though

No. 751537

Why would anything happen? There isn't proof he has done anything illegal and even if anons believe in the CP the authorities clearly never got it.

No. 751538

File: 1579842572182.png (285.1 KB, 720x692, Screenshot_2020-01-24-00-08-57…)

(wrong thread)

No. 751539

If Greg ever gets charged with something, I have a feeling it will be some mundane thing like tax evasion. Now that he’s known to local law enforcement they may be watching him much more closely than your average person and could catch him on something dumb.
But that’s just wishful thinking. I’ve seen way too many cases of pedos, mob bosses, etc that the police couldn’t nail down and ended up getting them on some secondary crime instead.

No. 751543

Speaking of him pissing off the law, if he doesn’t appear in court tomorrow and his judge is particularly irritated about it, they can issue a bench warrant which could mean all kinds of bad stuff for Greggie.


Though I am not a lawfag so I have no idea if this applies to small civil cases like this one. I just wanna see it happen cause god knows he is not going to show his face tomorrow

No. 751546

FTA's would usually be used for criminal cases. The cases I have seen with ROs and the petitioner doesn't show the judge just dismisses them and moves on. The courts usually line up a few because it is common (at least where I am) for petitioners to change their minds and just not show up. They have already paid their fee to file and judges just dismiss and call the next name. I'm not not in Washington so I don't know how the judges deal with it there.

No. 751550

>The cases I have seen with ROs and the petitioner doesn't show the judge just dismisses them and moves on.
That's exactly what will happen if he doesn't show up or have someone else go in his place.

No. 751551

>She seemed to be expecting a FBI investigation
She expected it because they (Hansen/Vince) said publicly many times that there was one lol. Then it turned out the FBI were never in possession of her evidence in the first place.
>chain of command
Chain of custody. Hopefully the incompetence hasn't made her evidence legally inadmissible. Should she go through proper authorities and get help from actual professionals/advocates, there may be some hope there. Someone mentioned Regina's evidence as well - it's safe to assume that's been sitting around like Sarah's. Regina hasn't said anything about it.

No. 751554


Has there actually been any proof that there's no investigation, or is this all just tinfoiling? Shiloh says she has an active investigation along with the others, too, and consider she's had to deal with the FBI once before on account of Onision, she probably at least knows what it entails and if she does, in fact, have an investigation open.

No. 751559

Hansen and Repzion counter could sue for financial losses if he just no-shows right? Repzion is getting a lawyer and Hansen either has to have a representative or go back to Washington to appear which costs money.

No. 751574

lol I was thinking the same thing. He's going to show up in court wearing a respirator because of muh chest pains.

No. 751575

>Has there actually been any proof that there's no investigation
This was only a few days ago
It should speak for itself.

No. 751577

and this says there is >>750163

No. 751584

That is not proof of an investigation, it's a log of a conversation. Probably between some anti O or Hansen.

No. 751596


If it was a log of a conversation, It would've have denoted either who said that or that it was "alleged". What is show there is a statement of fact

No. 751601

Could Gunk and Krai get charged for committing perjury? They lied by stating Repzion had been stalking them for over 10 years for example, and that's not true since 10 years ago they didn't even know each other yet

No. 751602

That's a dispatchers log, not a police report. There is no source for where this mention of the FBI comes from, meaning it could've come from a civilian mentioning hearsay to the dispatcher, not from someone in LE.

There is no disputing that Sarah was lied to about the FBI having her evidence. How are the FBI supposed to conduct an investigation without evidence? Try thinking a little.

No. 751603

It's court day. $1,000 says Greg doesn't show. Rep will but Hansen won't (as he shouldn't).

No. 751604

Some anons were questioning whether or not Hansen etc. acted correctly where Sarah's devices were concerned >>734876, >>734880, >>734888, while others trusted Hansen implicitly. I think it should go without saying that asking questions is always a good thing, especially informed questions.

This was also the same time that Vincent/Chris stated publicly that the FBI had the devices >>734697, >>734898, which we now know was a lie.

No. 751607

The fact they've had them for so long has absolutely ruined them as evidence. Anything found on them would be found inadmissible with even a slightly competent defense attorney. Of course, Onion might try and represent himself in any case that came from evidence on them and dig his own grave anyway.

Sarah should absolutely still try but the fact a "tech savvy" person like Vincent had them means an attorney could argue there's no way to be sure he didn't tamper with them. File access dates/times and image EXIF data can easily be manipulated. The fact he lied about the FBI having them while he actually had them also makes it easier to get the evidence thrown out, because it makes his character questionable.

However, if there was evidence on them that gave police officers or the FBI a reason subpoena an independent third party (like Facebook) and get records from them that corroborated what is on the devices, the case would be sailing (assuming the third party complied).

No. 751609


The fucking dispatch log was already addressed here >>750665

Repeat the same shit over and over though. It's fine.

No. 751610

Hansen was never served so he doesnt have to do anything at all. I dont know if that means its dismissed outright or rescheduled but in any case we will find out because his lawyer Mike said he'd update tonight

No. 751611

Sorry for the spoonfeeding request, but what time are the court cases supposed to be today?

No. 751612

1:30 pm

No. 751613

The laptop and phone can still be used as evidence as any tampering (if any) would be clear to anyone that was tech savvy.

No. 751616

File: 1579883331428.jpg (98.59 KB, 1080x198, Screenshot_20200124-102820_Dri…)

I looked up the court case, and it has their names as Gregory avaroe and taylor avaroe. Didnt they legally change it?

"GrEg iSnT eVeN mY nAmE!!!11!"

No. 751618

File: 1579883759514.jpg (88.42 KB, 902x466, 1579438396509.jpg)

This was the original schedule posted. Wonder why the name's have changed?

No. 751620


That's strange. Their kids names weren't listed either in my search.

No. 751621

I'm wondering if it's to do with the fact that his "new name" has been disallowed for the following reasons: Where a court process is used, it is necessary to plead that the name change is not for a fraudulent or other illegal purpose, such as evading a lien or debt or for defaming someone else. Applicants may be required to give a reasonable explanation for wanting to change their names. A fee is generally payable, and the applicant may be required to post legal notices in newspapers to announce the name change. Generally the judge has limited judicial discretion to deny a change of name: usually only if the name change is for fraudulent, frivolous or immoral purposes.
Onion's reasoning could amount to either fraudulent or frivolous use? Idk seems odd.

No. 751630

>>751495 Im not sure what the context of the remarks in that ss is. There was no blood on her or around her but she was bleeding internally. Could be that's what the "bleeding" being referred to is. If they had used something to soak up her blood there definitely would have been some present at the scene so I doubt it's what you're saying.
The tinfoils about the event being intentional are really goofy when you consider all the evidence. The timeline is basically
>Taylor puts C upstairs in her room
>C falls at some point
>Greg heard noise from garage
>Greg goes out front door to investigate, finds C
If you assume that Greg was responsible for her injuries then that means he either a)beat her severely, multiple blows to the head outside or b) beat her inside, carried her outside making sure to avoid his security camera and then staged coming out the front and finding her. In both cases he'd have also had to have grabbed the screen from the window and placed it under her. I'm not saying shit like that doesn't happen, because it does but any investigator who wasn't a complete moron would catch onto that kind of deception pretty quickly.

No. 751631

that’s not how blood on concrete works. it stains instantly and can usually only be fully removed with enzyme solutions by cleaning companies. concrete is constantly “hydrating” meaning it will always absorb more water until the end of time because that strengthens its bond. that’s why if there was blood on the pavement, you would be able to very clearly see it, and that’s why if you pour something smelly on concrete you can smell the odor long afterward sometimes. C’s injuries were internal anyway.

No. 751643

I looked as well. The kids are listed but they’re still listed as “Jackson”. Greg and Lainey are also both under “James and Kai” Jackson” as well as Avaroe. For some reason they’re both listed under two different names

No. 751647

Was just trying to come up with explanation for the notes in >>750895 regarding that the child was bleeding from the head, eyes half open, breathing normal + then statements saying no blood at scene, it’s possible grazing on the outside of her head then?, not sure why they would state child bleeding from the head if there was no blood there, but I’m not a medical person, can they tell if bleeding is going on internally?

No. 751651


Anon, if the doctor and cops thought it seemed kosher it probably was. It doesn't matter how many times you go on and on about no blood on the concrete, your CSI: Special Autism Unit investigation isn't going to nail greg for whatever tinfoil you have going on.

No. 751654

What time is it in Washington right now? Sorry for another spoonfeeding request, but I'm an overseas anon & getting different answers when googling 'current time in the USA'.

No. 751656

it's 10:52, Pacific Standard Time

No. 751657


have you tried googling 'time in seattle' or the like? The US is a big place

No. 751658

10:52 AM

No. 751659

That was my problem. I know there are time differences in the US,wasn't sure where to start.
Thanks anon!

No. 751661

does anyone have any insight on what chris and mike are doing today? he was vague talking about it and just talking about how he wasn’t served but i feel like not showing up regardless won’t be a smart move

No. 751662

They said someone else will represent Chris at the court room, probably a lawyer. It's not like Greg is gonna show up either.

No. 751664

court dockets shows rep has an attorney but only chris + greg et all are listed on that one. i hope it’s just a lack of update thing

No. 751665

Chris posted a new update to twitter saying he's having an attorney represent him


No. 751666

If Onision is smart (He isn't) he will ask for a continuance to get his own attorney. If he decides to do that the judge can either A allow the continuance or B dismiss and tell him to refile when he has everything in order.

It will all most likely be dismissed anyways but going up against 2 attorneys with definitions of the law won't get him what he wants. A good attorney might be able to twist a tale that at least won't make him look like a complete jackass. Kinda hopeless but either way should be a good show for those who go to the courthouse.

No. 751668

He's in the hospital right now in pain, anon! Be human!

No. 751671

Please tell me you're joking

No. 751676

I am. But the build up…Greg was giving us spoilers all week.

No. 751679

Seems like they will take pics and video at cort today.

No. 751686

From the definitions of harassment here, I would bet he does show up today but tries to stake his case entirely on the kids being the victims of harassment and not him as much.

It’s the same thing he used to do when he would use Lainey as the “good guy who didn’t deserve to be attacked” to actually shut down criticism about himself. Like he would say “say what you want about me but don’t hurt innocent Lainey oh and by the way don’t say anything mean about me because it hurts Lainey when you insult her husband.”

He could say Hansen can try to interview him but he can’t because it would hurt his kids in the future to know pedo-hunter Chris Hansen was after him. Idk.

No. 751687

He talks like one of the Alaskan Bush people.

No. 751693

Trust me, he will never ever get those restraining orders.
Watch any stalker show to see how hard it is to get one. I seen women beaten to a bloody pulp by their exes, having weapons and guns waved at them and still nada.

No. 751694

Hair can soak up blood and be why there was no blood at the scene. The narrative also mentions Onion walking out with a towel on the ring doorbell camera which was probably used on her head to absorb blood.

No. 751698

Onision in Court: popcorn and disappointment in 20 minutes.

No. 751701

Can anyone see into their "exclusive" accounts if they are madly tweeting, or wrote anything? I wonder how soon we will see any photos or updates, hopefully as soon as it starts. I will be super shocked if they show. Maybe they will send the shitty wetlands lawyer they had to court for them. Which, if they do, I will feel bad because if they do send a lawyer in, they will be bombarded with the massive shit storm. But hey, less money for the Avaroes'/Jacksons'.

No. 751702


Onision in Sex

No. 751705

20 mins is a bit generous anon

No. 751706

Just so people know just because the hearing is set for 130 doesn't mean that is when it will happen. They usually set all the afternoon cases like this at x time then run through the cases by number. Kinda like traffic court but for civil matters.

No. 751708

He should be there at 1:30 at least.

No. 751709

Uhm, Billy the fridge is live streaming going to court

No. 751714

Where was my tinfoil? Don’t lump me in with the conspiracy anons, where did I say greg did it urhururhur? All I said was he went in for a towel which is what he said himself. Learn to read

No. 751716

Onision is asking to dismiss his own case. Twitter updates


No. 751717


How is this person reporting when cellphones aren't allowed in court?

No. 751718

This fucking Narc water brain. Kek.

No. 751719

File: 1579902368811.png (87.81 KB, 1256x418, Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 4.46…)

If this person is correct, he dismissed his own cases.

No. 751721

yeah, greg, the one filing charges, dismissed the case, a defendant can't just decide to proceed anyway.

No. 751722


Maybe he could be tweeting from his apple watch?
Sucks for Billy, he missed it lol.

No. 751723

Exactly. That’s why there’s one report saying bleeding from head & one saying no blood at scene. Not sure why some people jump to it must be a coverup. It’s honestly enough of a shit situation without conspiracy theories.

No. 751724

He can’t dismiss his own cases; he can drop them. The court is technically the one to dismiss the cases.

No. 751725

So I was there. Took video. He dismissed them

No. 751727

No. 751728

File: 1579902671293.jpeg (110.05 KB, 1122x453, 615600F8-2F7F-4600-858F-9EA8A4…)

Bitch. Where ?

No. 751729

So it was all just to waste Daniel/Chris time & cost them money in lawyers/travel etc. What a twat.

No. 751731


I love that this is just gonna be added his growing list of strange occurrences in his Police File.

He's the boy that cried wolf in their eyes.

No. 751732

He gave up and is trying to save face. He knows everyone's watching this circus with our favorite clown.

No. 751733

File: 1579902786893.jpg (381.46 KB, 1536x2048, EPE_U3TU0AA9pcu.jpg)

No. 751734

I just got out, I’ve never posted video here is it acceptable to load straight from my phone?

No. 751735


Onision standing beside Repzion. Never thought I'd see the day.

No. 751736

Onision a coward, so bet he afraid to be standing near Repzion.

No. 751737

We are all missing the most important part: he wore the suit from his WEDDING.

No. 751738

Apparently he came in wearing a beanie as well

No. 751739

Huh, he's shorter than I was expecting.

No. 751741

Obviously the guy next to him is 6'5" or more! Duhhhh! lmao

I am sure we will see even more pictures, soon, to deliberate this even further.

No. 751742

File: 1579903443857.jpeg (4.56 MB, 4032x3024, F400B9C7-A62F-407E-AECD-E7CFDC…)

High school anon here, I’m unable to load my videos. Does anyone have a recommendation for where to host it?

No. 751743

youtube is fine

No. 751744

File: 1579903568543.jpeg (449.81 KB, 1536x2048, 3F342A0D-5F8D-4497-A754-A998C3…)

His fucking shoes is ridiculous. The pos can’t even dress himself.

No. 751745

lol the adidas trainers

No. 751746

As soon as I’m home

No. 751748

oh my god hes wearing glasses too. i bet he did it to look sooper smart. this is fucking gold

No. 751749

Is he wearing a bulletproof vest?

No. 751750

No. 751751

He is wearing his bullet proof vest underneath!!! I am howling! Oh god.

No. 751752

The stream is just Billy making excuses and being too much of a pussy to confront gregma. Not worth the watch.

No. 751755

I didnt realize he is so short.

Can anyone verify that he actually claimed to be seeking legal action elsewhere?

No. 751756


He's got his smart-boy glasses on too

No. 751757

Is that a bullet proof vest underneath?!

No. 751758

This dude really is a fucking clown.

No. 751759


is it just me or is he wearing his bulletproof vest underneath his suit?

No. 751760


why does his back look so lumpy? is he wearing the fabled bullet proof vest?

No. 751761

He wore his bullet proof best guys

No. 751762

what the hell is going on with my man onion's back/shoulderblades

No. 751764

made me ugly laugh

No. 751765


what the fuck is wrong with his head? it's not a forehead or even a fivehead it's like an eighthead. his skull looks like a squished grape.

No. 751766


This photo is definitely taken from the dark haired girl from the first photo. How many people were there just to watch him freakout?

No. 751767

oh jeez i'm screaming at him wearing glasses like that's official courtroom attire. got to look extra smart for the judge! he's such an obvious manlet who can't dress himself and of course this pussy wore a bulletproof vest. what a joke of a person.

No. 751769

someone on reddit that went said kai wasn’t there - who are the neon haired front row people?

No. 751770

fucking lmao

No. 751771

Really speaks to how paranoid Onision is that he's afraid someone might shoot him that he needs to wear a bulletproof vest. This dude is living life in constant fear now.

No. 751772

Does anyone know how tall Repzion is?

No. 751773


Anyone shooting greg would definitely aim at his giant fucking head

No. 751774


he really is built like Frankenstein. his fucking head is huge!


No. 751775


I believe he's 5'9" or 5'10"

No. 751776

Why are his feet so small? Those shoes look like they'll light up if he stomps his feet lol.

No. 751777

Lol, he looks like a midget. His head, I can't, lmao.

No. 751779

They look like they give him extra height, too.

No. 751780


No. 751782

File: 1579904233746.jpg (145.19 KB, 1080x1562, loool.jpg)

No. 751785

This is terrifying

No. 751786

he looks like of someone summoned a hobo to court.

No. 751787


No. 751788


Honestly he probably wore the bullet proof vest to fill out his suit jacket. Because it's the only suit he has lol.

No. 751789


he straight up looks like one of his shitty skit characters I cannot

No. 751790


No. 751791

Noooo, I…Noo..This is fucking hilarious. What the fuuuck anons.

No. 751792


Holy fuuuuck. LOOK HOW BAGGY HIS PANTS ARE. I'm dying. The silk accents on his suit for court. KEK

No. 751793

File: 1579904387162.jpg (845.72 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200124-172010_Chr…)

No. 751794

Wow, Greg looks so old up close and with no filters

No. 751795

can this be the next thread pic?? he looks like a walking meme so no photoshoop needed.

No. 751796

File: 1579904424693.jpeg (702.64 KB, 1233x1156, 2480A92E-4D3F-4379-A0EA-AD2ABB…)

this man walks up and slaps u with a restraining order. wyd?

No. 751797


Why didn't Tammy dress him!??!!?

No. 751798

I'm ded. How the fuck did he not trip over his big boy pants on the way in

No. 751799


this grown ass married with kids adult man really showed up to court with this greasy emo hair and bulletproof vest under his extremely ill fitting suit. and the beanie, i'm dying, he is such a fucking joke lmao

No. 751800

God I hope this saga comes with more candids. Seeing him out in the wild is always some of the best milk.

No. 751801

>>751773. He will have to start wearing riot gear in public, bullet proof helmet, the target is sooo large.

No. 751802

His proportions really are fucked. His head is actually huge.

I hope no one lets him live this down. He's always challenging people to fight and take legal action, but then when it comes down to it, he pusses out. Gold.

No. 751804

File: 1579904576659.png (323.47 KB, 580x522, repzion.png)

According to Repzion, lot of information out there is wrong.

No. 751805

How did anon take this picture without him noticing and it turned out so good?

No. 751806

So I’m driving home before I post my videos could I get a kind anon to double check that I’m not breaking any laws or that I won’t get in trouble for this

No. 751807

>>751802 It's like an Orange on a toothpick.

No. 751808

I still can't get over this. What is this body type. What is this huge head. How. Hands down the most hilarious pic of him to date.

No. 751809

Apparently Gurgles served the wrong Chris Hansen lmfao

No. 751810

If the video is the actual court proceeding. Maybe ask another anon if they can write a transcript instead. If it’s outside the courtroom, then it’s fair game.

No. 751811

File: 1579904807236.jpeg (63.69 KB, 1261x426, 3F24AE10-DCD5-4A70-AF35-47D41D…)

He served the wrong Chris kek

No. 751812

lmaoooo fucking bobbleheaded, bulletproof vest wearing twat. he looks like a complete and utter goon.

No. 751813

The harsh reality that he is just a dysfunctional, incoherent abusive loser without even any hygiene skills has never been starker.

No. 751814

How much do you wanna bet he's narrating this scene in his head like one of his edgelord books? He probably thinks he's pulling some badass statement of rebellion.

No. 751815

Ah no it was the court proceedings and you ca See them in most of it

No. 751816


He looks like Lurch from Lunas thread.

No. 751817


What a hilarious milky friday afternoon

No. 751819

That would explain why Chris Hansen wasn't informed about it!

No. 751820


This "case" is the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 751821

I'm gonna piss myself laughing. Holy shit, he really went to court looking like this. Onision is a man who actually exists.

No. 751822

I legitimately thought it couldn’t get worse. kek

No. 751823

I hope this is true. What a fucking idiot. He probably realised and that's why he's running with his tail between his legs like the fucking pussy he is.

No. 751825

For the first time ever I am genuinely entertained by Greg. He has found his niche..being a fucktard but not the i was only pretending kind.

No. 751826

Mmmm. I accidentally ended up with a Friday off and decided to catch up with laundry and cleaning. This has made this day productive AND calcium rich!

No. 751827

i always thought the water head/frankenstein head comments were just digs at him literally until i saw this photo. the beanie really accentuates how fucking large it is. wow.

i wanna bear his side of it so badly. what’s going through your head James??? Did you scare Repzion with tour too-big-suit and bulletproof vest? Also lol at the fact that he looks like a school shooter, esp with the vest.

No. 751828

i cant believe we all thought he wasnt gonna show up and we get all this chef's kiss

No. 751829

chris was already on twitter talking about having a lawyer which means he must have been served.

No. 751830

ever see a picture you can just smell?

No. 751832

File: 1579905146883.gif (1.21 MB, 480x270, beautiful.gif)

No. 751833

He used to smell in high school

No. 751834

Scoop him up and put him in timeout since he's the size of an infant.

THIS DUMB MOTHER FUCKER! I love the idea of some guy named Chris Hansen who's just minding his own business running a metal working shop getting a court order from a 'onion'.

No. 751835

Saged because I don't know if this is the thread, but I'm watching the Billy stream just in case and apparently he is on his way to Greg's to ask questions. Will update here or wherever it belongs if anything actually happens.

No. 751836

I am pretty sure he has always smelled something fierce

No. 751837

File: 1579905231056.jpeg (403.03 KB, 998x1125, onisinfsdfjs.jpeg)

taken from kiwifarms - apparently confirming the wrong Chris Hansen was served.

No. 751838

I have the video loaded onto YouTube if someone wants to reply to me I can send them the link and they can transcribe it

No. 751840

I can transcribe. Just post the link here.


No. 751842

HOLY FUCK his head is so fucking big compared to his body even with the extra bulk of the lolvest omg holy kek

anon, you sound new. He wore the vest because in his narc giant greasehead that makes him look legit and not such a clown. He thinks (lol) it lends credence to his claims especially with the judge. It 100% does not Gurggy, you just look even more fucking unhinged and unfit to have children. He is not scared lol

No. 751843

this man looks like a giant chucky doll, I am fucking in awe

No. 751844

he looks like a gta npc. one of the homeless bum characters.

No. 751845

why the hell is he built like that. he doesn't look an inch over 5'7 what the fuck

No. 751846

GTA's designers aren't autistic AND NARCISSIST AND DELUSIONAL enough to design a character of this "caliber." We are witness the fusion of those three aspects in perfect harmony.

No. 751847


No. 751848

File: 1579905713863.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 204.79 KB, 815x1045, 50BBCACF-305B-49BC-9AFF-A28FBF…)

No. 751849

he looks like my pubg character lol

No. 751850

Please, please, please make this the next thread image. My sides cannot take the laughter.

No. 751851

Oh fuck anon that's exactly it. Terrifying and hilarious.

No. 751852

dude his fucking shoes

if you show up to court looking like that you are immediately laughed at. feel real bad for all involved that wasted their time on this absolute shit show but this is TOO GOOD

No. 751854

Billy said Greg tried to call him last week but he hasn't responded.

Everyone is chat is telling him to call him back on stream but he's ignoring it. Billy the Pussy

No. 751855

fucking KEK.

No. 751856

he looks like a middle schooler who went to court straight from p.e class and didnt have the time to shower or change shoes kek.

No. 751857

I doubt he's actually gonna go to Greg's like he's claiming. He's not that tough.

No. 751858

I am fucking screaming, oh my God. This is just beautiful. My sides are fucking gone. This has exceeded all expectations.

No. 751859

Just look at how ill fitting those pants are. They're sagging. He didn't even tailor his wedding suit? I never realized that he has the legs of a man that's 5'6

Kek at Repzion knowing how much of a waste of time this by not even linting off his hoodie.

No. 751860


No. 751861

Literally no offense to the artists on here who spend a lot of time doing detailed thread pics but this real picture is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

The person who thinks he’s running the same edge lord outcast hero internal monologue that he lays out in his book in this is spot on.

No. 751863

Remember when he uploaded pictures of him wearing dress shoes at the gym?

I wonder if he's the kind of person who just wears one pair of shoes every day until they're too worn out to walk in anymore. You'd think he'd at least swing by a goodwill.

No. 751864

are those womens sunglasses tho lol they look so small on his massive head did he wear Lainey's sunglasses and beanie as a disguise???

No. 751865

File: 1579906926317.jpg (38.85 KB, 1024x1024, FB_IMG_1579906945979.jpg)

No. 751866

Billy The Fridge just decided to go to Onision's house. Gonna be two hours before he gets there.

No. 751867

They're on their way right now. Should updates just go in the livestream thread?

No. 751868

holy fuck i love this

No. 751869

I love you for this, anon.
Holy shit, Greg really is an eyesore! kek

No. 751870

Ugly laughed out loud

No. 751871

“Mom said it’s my turn to groom the teeny boppers!”

No. 751872

This is art.

No. 751873

And here i thought Bobblehead Grug would pussy out and not show up in the first place. This is the best calcium influx I've had in a long while, holy shit

No. 751874



No. 751875

the way his back is archs keeps making me laugh every time I look at it.

No. 751876

This is absolutely incredible. The misery he must have felt standing next to two other men-one being REPZION of all people and BOTH of them being blatantly taller than him. Onision the absolute manlet. There for all the world to see. Short. Stubby. Musty. Squat. Poorly dressed and in a bullet proof vest, the mockery of his entire town. Probably mumbling and stuttering his words like the beta he really is. What a great day today is

No. 751877

What the fuck for?? Billy is so fucking annoying, he needs to just go away. He’s not gonna do shit

No. 751878

File: 1579907657136.jpg (131.77 KB, 1920x969, IMG_20200125_001431.jpg)

Repzion just posted this on Twitter.

No. 751879

how is greg not embarrassed by the way he is dressed. imagine standing in a courtroom where everyone is dressed decently and greg is standing there looking like sewer rat.

No. 751880


Guy can't stop trying to give a pedophile's a platform to speak their side with. They're all gross and Billy is a clout chaser.

No. 751881

File: 1579907686027.jpeg (348.1 KB, 1125x1019, 628BD264-200C-43A7-B547-3B5239…)

No. 751882

A gta designer would be fired to creating an NPC with such cartoonish features

No. 751883

File: 1579907737319.jpeg (136.07 KB, 1920x969, 70BAE258-2B00-41CF-9C1A-37824C…)

both from kiwi farms

No. 751884

signing the perjury declaration AGAIN. uh-oh

No. 751885

What is more effective legal action than a courtroom and a judge?

No. 751886

his head is bad enough, but jesus

No. 751887

It reads -

After legal review I have been advised to disregard prior instruction by on-scene police officer and instead take alternative, more effective legal action against both defendants. On site officer was very helpful however the proposed course of action by my legal advisor is being followed over prior advice I was given.

No. 751888

I'm almost positive this is his wedding tux

No. 751889

Anons we literally would not have dressed him better. This is such a hilarious, milky ass relief from the darker shit here lately. Omg he is so delusional it's so painful omg

Seriously if we crowdsourced a court outfit for him ours would not have been as keklarious.

No. 751890

Thanks anon, his tard scrawl was almost illegible.

No. 751891


No. 751892

None taken, real life is truly the funniest

No. 751893

You're welcome. I also just realised it says 'Petitoner' not Petitioner. He got the fucking petit part right didn't he, lil grug.

No. 751894

File: 1579908561035.jpg (85.66 KB, 549x481, Screenshot_20200124-182844_Chr…)

Guys….there are so many details to ugly laugh at, but look. At. His. Fucking. Hair.

No. 751895

maybe im being dumb but why is this stamp for the 21st? does this mean that this document was pre-made?

No. 751896

He was probably wearing his orthopedic shoes that give him a few inches. Also size of his fucking head

No. 751897

File: 1579908774599.jpg (399.02 KB, 562x1824, Screenshot_20200124-183248_Chr…)

For our artist anons, the isolated atrocity

No. 751899

Ahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhaha. He looks so retarded

No. 751900

I don’t understand the bulletproof vest, his head is the bigger target. He should have worn a Kevlar helmet if he could find one big enough.

No. 751901

This today was the first actual funny skit he has ever done, and the character is hilarious.
Can't wait to hear the audio.

No. 751902

File: 1579909107515.jpeg (199.53 KB, 640x625, 776A566E-4170-4F25-BBEA-F4B8C0…)

Not sure if legit

No. 751904

File: 1579909160942.jpg (35.03 KB, 567x627, ooo.jpg)

From the kiwis. Good honest kek.

No. 751905

The god damned stance, he looks like he's at the urinals

No. 751906

File: 1579909202216.jpeg (31.35 KB, 529x444, takeapiss.jpeg)

Shamelessly stolen from KF! Thanks for another masterpiece.

No. 751907

Not an excuse actually, when the wrong paperwork is filed (by a brainlet like Greg) the judge has no other choice than to dismiss the case.
He could file it again against Chris, I hope he does, then he'll get it declined again.

No. 751908

He looks like a trampy 40+ year old man here. I hope some big YouTuber will rate him out of 10 for this outfit. This is hilarious. His shoes look like they've a bit of lift in the heel too. I can't believe his suit, it's so outdated. He looks so poor lol

No. 751909


I don't think it is because the elevator pic shows straight lapels and the wedding suit has uh different ones. It's only slightly less funny that it's not literally the wedding suit though.

No. 751910

The beanie and Lainey's Walmart women's sunglasses must be his disguise for going out in public kek

No. 751911

it's night time… in a kitchen, just like yours. All is quiet… Or is it? The North American House Onion is found throughout Cananda and the Eastern United States. House Onions are very timid creatures and are rarely seen, but they will defend their territory if provoked. They come out at night to search for food, water, and illicit materials for their faps. The favourite foods of the House Onions are chips, raisins, and crumbs from peanut butter on toast. They build their nests in teenagers closets, using lost mittens, adult diapers, and bits of string. The nests have to be very soft and warm, House Onions sleep for about 16 hours a day.

No. 751913

Fucking Kek. That is all.

No. 751914

I actually believe I know what infamous youtuber posted that, eh?

No. 751915

File: 1579909841450.jpg (54.29 KB, 644x542, kek.jpg)

I think you're right. Still just as poorly fitted, I bet it's an ego thing lol. The alpha needs to have broad shoulders and long legs when he really has neither, kek he just exposed himself as the shrimpy little manlet he is (he's shorter than repzion who is 5'10" source:repzion's twitter)

No. 751917

there's more than one canadafag on here anon
I think people are forgetting the picture of him next to the 5'9/5'10 spiderman statue that he was standing next to and clearly a good 1-2" shorter than

No. 751918

File: 1579910061419.jpg (156 KB, 1242x1326, onision.jpg)

No. 751919

it's nice to put a face to the sleep paralysis demon at the end of my bed

No. 751920

I thought it was him because he mentioned that Canadian infomercial not too long ago.
And can't a fan of his dream?
(not samefag, actually a fan of hippie Joel or whatever his name is)

No. 751922

>Onision is a man who actually exists.
I still have trouble believing it myself.

No. 751924

Sometimes God makes mistakes anon.

No. 751925

>>751911 I will never look at the house hippo the same way again.

No. 751926

You can post it here. As long as it's Onion related.

No. 751927

If someone wanted to shoot him they'd go for his massive water filled melon head as it would be extremely hard to miss due to its size. The bullet proof vest is useless.

No. 751928


You forgot the spilled box of cereal and random tortillas that the Onionbulbs and dogs graze at.

No. 751929

I don't like Billy but if it's milky I don't see why not.

No. 751931

if only I could edit
because he's almost certainly still friends with onion, or at least wants to be

No. 751932

I cannot stop laughing at this fucking picture. Just how fucking embarrassing, greasy hair, short as fuck, peanut shaped head. I thought he scrubs his hair daily, why is it so greasy? Does the grease build up so easily?
Chuckle X2. Amazing Anon.

No. 751933

That and because he's getting donations thrown at him for just driving around, couldn't even make it to court on time. He said he'd end the stream after he reached x amount 50 dollar donations after he found out the court case had finished, he's just milking this for all it's worth.

No. 751934


Jesus, Billy and friends are saying on stream this is a rescue mission to take Onision's kids.

Are they fucking dumb? They're gonna mess with Hansen's investigation and give Onion ground in his harassment case.

No. 751935

oh come on anon they are obviously joking

No. 751937

They're doing it for the lulz.
God bless 'em.

No. 751938

you're cute anon

No. 751939


No shit, but who records themselves saying that on livestream? Onision will use this footage to prove Hansen made people start coming to his house.

No. 751941

yeah and you would look back at the video and see they are joking. wow your mind!

No. 751942

Billy the Fridge is kinda friends with Onion. He already knows where he lives.

No. 751944


"Onision will use this footage to prove Hansen made people start coming to his house."

No. 751945


What they said was actually hilarious. They're obviously joking.

Joe said "I'm gonna get them out even if he shoots me! I'll throw them out the windows if I have to!"

No. 751947

File: 1579911889546.jpg (48.49 KB, 508x679, IMG_20200125_012149.jpg)

Source: Twitter

No. 751949

>he's almost certainly still friends with onion
If it's milky then does it matter? If people only want to hear what he has to say if he talks to Hansen, that's never going to happen.

No. 751950

Billy's not giving any milk though, so people shouldn't bother giving him the attention

No. 751952

Nothing that comes from that sack of lard is "milky", he just wants attention.

No. 751953

i thought the exact same thing, the beanie, glasses and hair just do it

No. 751954

This is just the cherry on top of all this delicious milkshake.

$10 says this was why Greg was posting about his chest hurting and couldn't breathe. He found out some rando named Chris Hansen got served instead of the actual Chris Hansen.

No. 751955

>mess with Hansen's investigation
Um >>750512, >>751602, >>751604

No. 751956

This fool wore a completely unfitting oversized suit, a striped beanie, sunglasses, and Adidas superstars to court, with a bulletproof vest underneath to top it all off. Those pictures are literally the image equivalent of "grown man who has no idea what social skills are".

No. 751957

This killed me. How does one go about serving the wrong Chris Hansen? Of course he didn't double check before filing to make sure he had all the correct info. Complete waste of time. At least it's lulzy.

No. 751960

>slander and damages
What a joke that is. Slander/libel/defamation is extremely difficult to prove in court, so good luck with that futility.

I just figured Greg would re-file the PO if he wants it that badly. Hopefully he'll get the right Chris this time. kek

No. 751961

I'm listening in the background and honestly joe cracks me up.

>I've never met kai. greg said I cant met them because I'm transphobic or something like that, whatever that means. anyway she seems like a lovely woman.

No. 751963


So the judge dismissed them? Or did Onision?

No. 751964

I always loved how Joe would low key fuck with Onion on podcasts and he was too stupid to realize it

No. 751965

File: 1579912829760.png (1.67 MB, 1920x960, chrishansenwebsite.png)

Guess somebody didn't pay for the Chris Hansen VS Predators website linked from his YouTube.(>>>anti-o thread)

No. 751966


At first I thought he was being too harsh on Billy, but Joe has really grown on me lol

No. 751967

anon i love you

No. 751968

Agreed. Joe is the only person making this watchable.

No. 751969

File: 1579913298259.jpeg (164.84 KB, 1117x997, EAD15DCF-31C2-432C-BFF5-C95591…)

Good to finally have confirmation that this idiot has been lying about his height

No. 751970

Pretty sure it’s because Vince designed the website. I’m sure he’s rebuilding.

No. 751971


Doesn't Vincent run that?

No. 751972

Joe, Billy and all the other fags from TDP are a bunch of fucking losers that self post here and victim blame the girls. None of them are funny. They willfully hang out with Greg. They act like a bunch of virgin, and even when they do wind up Greg they apologise afterwards and suck his dick. Absolute faggots

No. 751973

What's it like being up your own ass that much? Can you still see the sun?

No. 751974

File: 1579913746960.jpeg (135.24 KB, 1200x868, 87B712ED-991B-4C01-8F36-88507C…)

No. 751975

Up my ass? I'm an anon posting on lolcow, I don't make queer videos and laugh at my own jokes. Lose some weight

No. 751976

It looks like he put his camera on the elevator's handle bar and took a selfie…

No. 751977

Then why are you on here blubbering and wailing?

No. 751978

Doesn't Greg claim to be 5'11"? There's literally no way he could be, and the court pictures are further evidence of that. Kek.

No. 751979

I love how butthurt this anon is

No. 751980

Why don't you learn how to sage and quit infighting, newfag?

No. 751981

lol. I'm taking this to the flakes thread. >>>/snow/912942

No. 751982

Me? You're on here crying about how Billy the fridge is going to the swamp trailer, as seen here:

Its ok if you need to cry, crying takes the sad out of you. Just don't lie about it, sport.

No. 751983

Speak when spoken to, thats what good girls do.(male)

No. 751985

Think you're the only one crying, did I fat shame you? Fat cunt(infighting)

No. 751986

where are the mods to take this bullshit out of the thread?

No. 751987

there is no need to fight, on this, a most giving of milk days my friends

No. 751988

The fat scrote will get banned for being a simple cunt. In the mean time he's probably got a sore head with all the blood running to his dick since this is the most attention he's got from wimmin in the last month

No. 751989

Billy and crew are 3 minutes from Onision's house

No. 751990

File: 1579914712198.jpeg (726.52 KB, 828x1275, JEFF.jpeg)

Anon relax. In one of the streams a few weeks ago, Jeff was making really great points and being supportive. Billy I don't totally agree with, but that's no reason to dismiss them all entirely.

No. 751991


Onision has cones up, and signs saying "Private Property" "No Trespassing"

No. 751992


Someone just pulled up. Woman just drove up and said that they "dont want this onision bullshit in our neighbourhood"

No. 751993

Police already called by a neighbor.

No. 751994

the neighbor went off pn billy and the sheriff is on their way

No. 751995

"She had great cans" Fuck Joe is killing me tonight

No. 751997


this is horribly embarrassing…

No. 751998


Billy the fridge and friends crossed a private bridge and cops were called immediately. As soon as they got out of the car at Onisions house, a woman pulled upand started yelling that the cops have been called, they dont want onision bullshit in their community.


No. 751999

Apparently the moment they crossed the bridge, the neighbors called the police on them. They're calling the police on anyone there for "onision"
Onision enters

No. 752000


No. 752001

oh shit the goblin actually came out of the house

No. 752002


No. 752003

ugh greg just came out. this is staged.

No. 752004

"If I were you guys, I wouldn't be here right now, but I'm a scared little bitch, so." -Onision

No. 752007

We don't need constant live updates of Billy's stream from a bunch of different anons. If there's milk, compile it into a list and then post it. The live updates are just clogging the thread.

No. 752008

Oy vey anon, these don't need reposting everytime, just reply to the same one please.

No. 752009

greg is calmly telling them they're "crazy" - and reiterating that they're 50 feet from the no trespassing sign. still talking to them casually though.

they're waiting for the sheriff.

"do you know how many chicks with dyed hair were there?" - greg about the courthouse.

"if you showed this in court it wouldn't turn out well for me" - greg about him talking on stream right now.

No. 752010


They are all still friend.

No. 752012

Billy is 5'8' and he is just as tall as onion, live proof
Also billy's live chat rips on him, calling him greasy, a pedo etc

No. 752013

Greg's been standing for several minutes with his hands on his side, trying to push his shoulders and chest upwards. I guess he's realizing how glaringly obvious it is that he's 5'8".

No. 752014

all these fucking manlets thinking they're hot shit. smh

No. 752015

Farmhands orders anon >>752007. Wait until the stream's over then post the milky bits.

No. 752016

I like how Onion is embracing the James name now that it has been discovered otherwise he would have kept going by Greg. He's just correcting everyone who says Greg because he is an autist and doesn't want people to know he changed his name and tried to keep it secret to run from his past.

Representin muhself

No. 752018

Apologies, thought that post referred to the video reposting only.

No. 752019

So embarrassing for The Drunken Peasants. They all look like predators themselves, hugged Greg and aren't giving him a hard time. In fact Greg was able to take command of the situation. So humiliating. How does anyone think these guys are decent

No. 752020

onision just alpha'd billy the beta. as soon as greg showed up billy shut down like a little bitch. Both of them were talking tough until they had to face him. P.S. I think greg is a pedophile predator and should be in jail. Doesn't change how pathetic billy was here though(ignoring farmhand warning)

No. 752021

"I noticed he's balding and gaining weight".. pot meet kettle.

No. 752022

Well Billy is acting all buddy buddy with shreg…gg fat ass

No. 752023

This is the only thing Greg is good at, manipulating people.
They know he is a piece of shit, but here comes Greg, white flag up, acting goofy and friendly and the idiots eat it up.
But I kinda of hope they are playing his game on purpose so they get something out of him.