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No. 704359

Thread Image Credit: >>703915

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>The girls and Regina continue to talk about their experiences with Lainey and Greg. >>702634 >>702635 (Lane and Regina’s livestream can be found here. >>703633)
>Sarah states the Lainey wouldn’t leave even if Greg hit her. Regina adds that the only thing that would make Lainey leave is murder. >>702638
>Greg proceeds to lovebomb Lainey like there’s nothing wrong and has blocked Skye and Sarah (along with Shiloh) on twitter. >>702666
>Greg has choked Sarah while Kai was asleep in another room. >>702680
>Ex-patron Lizardqueenxoxo comes forward with her interactions with Greg, solidifying that he doesn’t give a shit about his patrons. >>702724
>Greg attempts to lovebomb Lainey in a patreon exclusive video calling anyone who has anything negative to say about her retarded. >>702788
>Skye shares emails from Greg begging for help regarding his IRS problems (these are from 2012). >>702801 >>702804 >>702806 A few months later he emails Alicia to “re-start” her channel and is willing to pay her. She obviously isn’t interested. >>702827 >>702831 >>702833 >>702834 >>702837 >>702838
>Greg once again confirmed for being an inattentive father. >>702899
>Billie was the only one who defended Sarah from Greg’s bullying of a 16 year old Sarah. >>702938
>Skye and Alicia share more emails from a desperate Greg. >>702966 Greg attempted to get back with Skye after his relationship with AJ failed. >>703007 Turns out she was talking to AJ all along! >>703017
>Billie starts to come forward with her experiences with Greg and Lainey. >>703012 Greg was the one who sprung the idea of a 3-way relationship onto Billie, Billie was led to believe she was only there for Lainey. >>703023 He also pressured Billie and Lainey to ask each other out. >>703035 >>703038 >>703039
>Turns out Lainey was talking to quite a few people while she was talking to Billie. >>703077
>Lainey also asked a 15 year old Sarah if she was a top or a bottom. >>703081
>Billie later states that the communication in the house is awful. Despite Billie telling Greg no to having sex multiple times he still pushed on telling her that Lainey was fine with it. >>703105 >>703107 She also brings up the “Lillie” tattoo and how she left Onion Manor. >>703109 >>703110 >>703111
>Greg, once again, post faux-positive twitter posts after Billie comes forward. >>703117 >>703118 >>703147
>Skye debunks his story about them “only being friends” when they got married. >>703142 She also brings up that he would tell her that she was replaceable when she called him out on his behavior. Not surprising that he did also told Billie something similar. >>703144 >>703145 >>703146 He also apparently threw a tantrum when Alicia didn’t want his gift when she was a kid. >>703155
>Billie posts the emails of Greg begging Billie to do her taxes despite her getting the forms in the mail, he also attaches a few half-assed apologies to a few emails. >>703163 >>703164 >>703165 >>703168 >>703170
>Greg had also shown Billie Alicia’s nudes. >>703193 >>703196
>Billie also shares her messages where Greg explains his “Remember Love” tattoos. >>703201 She also shares the emails of Greg trying to manipulate her to feel bad about leaving Greg and Lainey. >>703224 >>703229 >>703231
>Haylee (Luxymoo) comes forward with her experiences with Greg and Lainey, though short, they sill offer a lot of insight on how Greg and Lainey behave. >>703441 >>703442 >>703445 >>703458 >>703465 >>703468 >>703476 >>703480 >>703487 >>703494 >>703497 >>703498 >>703519
>Greg doubles down on the lovebombing. >>703615 >>703616 He also does a bit of damage control regarding Sarah’s allegations. >>703654 >>703665 >>703675 >>703688 (deleted tweet) >>703699 >>703711 >>703749
>Lainey’s gross ass nudes were released after Greg tries to play innocent for Lainey. >>703729 >>703731 Sarah was 17 when Lainey sent them to her, one was even posted on her Instagram a while after she sent the nudes to Sarah. >>703784
>To the surprise of no one, Greg is a slob and the place was trashed by Greg, not Skye, when Skye moved out. >>704082
>Cali (teacherspet/mildanxiety) and Jessica (maakenshixx) go on younow and speak about their experiences with Greg and Lainey. >>704289 (Livestream mirror)
>Madison states that they hated Leelu >>704011 (which who they ended up giving away to a friend >>704038), she often helped clean their house, >>704009 and that Lainey had no idea Sam was moving in. >>704011 She also re-told the events of diapergate.
>Currently, Greg is pretending that all the people coming forward against him and Lainey are toxic. >>704331
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No. 704366

File: 1568604225927.png (417.1 KB, 476x771, chrome_tPsUECiWah.png)

No. 704367

Is Greg so fucking stupid that he doesn't understand how bad this makes him look?

No. 704368

He is reeeaaally trying to make this situation worse for himself, isn't he?

Is this a sign he's finally cracking?

No. 704370

File: 1568604370149.jpg (23.61 KB, 540x363, 568976.jpg)

come on greg let your inner sperg all the way out

No. 704375

File: 1568604577755.jpeg (134.26 KB, 1125x828, 577639E5-47AF-4324-847E-F535A6…)

Is he trying to trigger Billie?

No. 704376

Is he on fucking meth? Shameless bastard. This is EVIDENCE.

No. 704377


The mask is slipping right the fuck off his busted ass tomato face.

No. 704378

Low effort trolling.

No. 704380

He has such a cringey obsession with playing the ~bad guy~ what with his Joker and Light Yagami obsessions. Greg you’re not a fucking comic book villain you’re a pedophile you’re not going to fool anyone into thinking you’re crazy or some shit you’re a predator

No. 704383

Is this a manic episode? What the actual hell?

No. 704385

File: 1568604797396.jpeg (127.14 KB, 1242x718, C6BE1A38-DB55-41E1-9DCC-90FAC7…)

No. 704386

Is he threatening Sarah?

No. 704387

Yeah this is actually terrifying. I hope the police do get involved.

No. 704389

maybe trying to get sarah's dad to threaten him so he can use it against her?

No. 704390

watching him slip back into manic I guess.

Then in a few days it will be 'I'm such a bad person nobody should give me a chance I'm so lucky to have my life I just dont deserve it I should just end it now'

just save it greg, nobodies entertaining it anymore

No. 704391

This fucking creepy and next level dumb. Is he trying to get arrested at this stage?

No. 704393

It sounds like things he might have done to her (the choking at least) and is maybe using it as a way to try to intimidate her?

No. 704394


> be the best rainbow you can be, you deserve the smiliest smile! emoji emoji emoji

one hour later
> i’m going to dog walk you to my sex dungeon

James you’re losing it.

No. 704395

please upload the rest of this series of tweets, he is finally snapping but i can't grab

No. 704396

File: 1568605023566.jpeg (160.95 KB, 1242x909, 2EDD6D50-35ED-4B59-8279-45B8D4…)

No. 704397

Here's a livestream thread for future livestreams to cut down on liveblogging.

No. 704398

File: 1568605062141.jpeg (143.65 KB, 1242x846, D58027C2-ABB8-448C-9131-C8569B…)

No. 704399

File: 1568605081119.png (9.69 KB, 479x96, chrome_sxbAVEqEyV.png)

No. 704400

He seriously sounds like he's threatening to rape Sarah.

No. 704401


Part of me is just brushing this off as typical Grug trolling/bad acting/nonsense. Part of me is really sketched out by this shit, though.

No. 704402

Why though? I mean this is stupid even for Grugly and that is really saying something! Why troll people as a cringey sexual deviant……when serious allegations are against you about you being a sexual deviant. Just when you think you’ve seen it all from Ogreasyone and he can’t sink any lower…Wow.

No. 704403

File: 1568605214289.png (10.25 KB, 479x101, chrome_mSoCQXDcGK.png)

revised tweet
it feels like trolling but I'm grossed the fuck out.

No. 704404

File: 1568605259300.png (14.19 KB, 599x125, chrome_0hJ43h8NDh.png)

No. 704406

you're feeling sketched because this is who greg really is. the 'character' is the guy who pretends to give a fuck.

No. 704408

i reckon he's intentionally trying to trigger the women who have spoken against him. he knows what triggers are, his manwife talks about them constantly. if they freak out online, he can play the card of 'THEY SO UNHINGED THO LOOK AT THIS!!!'

just grug being his usual scummy self.

No. 704410

He's a nasty human being. Tinfoil, mildly off-topic, and I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, but are we sure he's not sociopathic in some way?

No. 704411

They seem directed at Sarah but lainey’s real masochist to his sadist. I would be he’s taking a lot of his frustration out on her as he oscillates between showering her with love to keep her in place and inflicting “kinky”= violent/humiliating sex.

No. 704412

because he thinks he's untouchable.

No. 704413

It’s part trolling, part love song to Lainey

No. 704414

Tinfoil sure but maybe his account was hacked?

No. 704415

File: 1568605486466.jpg (26.15 KB, 349x642, db0.jpg)

he is the living embodiment of this meme

No. 704416

>He's a nasty human being.

Is he human, though? I doubt it.

No. 704417

No. 704418

It's gotta be. Seriously, wtf else could it be? Like, some grandiose "Ok, you caught me! So let me be evil!" bullshit? Is he trying to trigger all his exes?

If any of the girls have proof of actual crimes, I hope they turn it over. I'd love to see a forensic accountant on the case, too. Fucking with Onion's money is the best way to hurt hi.

No. 704419

Samefag but it’s also sad that if that’s true that it’s really how he sees their soul mate bond. They’re made for each other because he’s an infinite supply of pain and abuse but she is a receptacle with infinite capacity. That’s not love.

No. 704421

Looks like we got ourselves a real Casanova here

No. 704422

File: 1568605754001.png (68.75 KB, 436x668, you're scaring the children.PN…)

Hes not getting the reaction he wanted from a good percentage of his fans. This is not going to go the way he wanted.

No. 704424

Is this gonna make his fans turn on him? God I hope so.

No. 704425


“maybe I can distract everyone from these violent predatory accusations with these violent deviant tweets” - Onion logic

No. 704427

Another thing, aren't most of his patrons hella young, too? I see a lot of girls replying with… what he wants… but it seems like they're all really young from the way they talk. Fucking gross.

No. 704429

Absolutely..it's skin crawling. I think a patron pulled a pledge some time ago that her mom was paying for. Too young for his nastiness! I hate that he has his greasy tentacles in their ears.

No. 704430

He's just shifting from positive, lovebombing faggot to edgy violent joker wannabe.
That's what he ALWAYS does in his manic episodes. It's like clockwork.

No. 704431

from observation, he has a pattern of trying to act like the good guy for a period of time, and when it doesn't work, he goes into his manic mode

his internal thoughts: "I try to be the good guy but noooooo yall don't appreciate my kindness so now i gotta ruin you"

No. 704432

He gets off on exposing young girls to sexual content. FUcking gross.

No. 704436

File: 1568606391656.png (52.47 KB, 1198x180, 3a76cf341becfe64ba2fc961ed8dfa…)

example of braindead fan

No. 704440

Easiest way to pick a new victim to be honest. Post horrific shit, see which ones are stupid enough to think it's hot, lure them in and traumatize them for a few years

No. 704441

Easiest way to pick a new victim to be honest. Post horrific shit, see which ones are stupid enough to think it's hot, lure them in and traumatize them for a few years

No. 704442

File: 1568606558765.png (19.67 KB, 596x165, chrome_2019-09-16_00-01-56.png)

This one, too. She's in some kind of argument on a thread, but she absolutely refuses to listen. Someone showed her proof and she said "Ohhh everyone makes mistakes……"

No. 704445

this reeks of "notice me senpai"

No. 704446

What's sickening about Grease is that he will almost always work within the confines of the law. His young fans don't understand the nuances of manipulation and emotional abuse, and are unable to identify it.

No. 704449

He's trolling badly. He's just trying to get reactions out of people while being a nasty ass Great Value fake dom.


Who cares about what an idiot fan thinks.

No. 704450

File: 1568606827970.png (487.33 KB, 1222x1104, ce75883e632a8bd3ff01b73e9f7c14…)

of course how could you not be 18?

No. 704452

it's another troll. ignore them.

No. 704454

Holup. She just made this account this month? I call bullshit.

No. 704455

Once they receive what they begged for, they're going to end up realizing what a piece of shit Grepedo and Kainocchio both are. Let them live in their fantasy world where they're potentially the special ones. If Sarah can snap out of it, so can they. It'll just take a hard slap in the face first.

No. 704456

that ditto header with the account just being made this month screams troll

No. 704459

File: 1568607286661.jpg (175.56 KB, 1052x789, SmartSelect_20190915-211444_Tw…)

The irony

No. 704461

Greg super horny on main rn

No. 704463

File: 1568607437659.png (49.76 KB, 1125x233, image9.png)

No. 704464

File: 1568607487518.jpeg (229.45 KB, 1125x1075, D912D000-05A2-4EBB-A7BA-E17EBB…)

No. 704465

Greg usually goes mental like this when Lainey is not home. Tinfoil maybe she left for a period of time?

No. 704466

File: 1568607589981.jpeg (61.09 KB, 500x500, F625A3C1-1ABE-498D-BC27-A60B8D…)

No. 704468

File: 1568607657212.jpeg (808.66 KB, 1242x1207, 223DDA91-56AC-4E6D-A7C1-918D09…)

Thanks Greg, I didn't think you could make us any more uncomfortable.

It's insane to me that he feels the need to continue posting online and fueling the fire.

No. 704470

I feel like he's trying to sexualize his own humiliation by playing into the bad guy role. I wouldn't be surprised to find out if he's yanking on his Tootsie Roll while typing out all these messages.

No. 704471


He's so embarrassing. A 33 year old trying to play anime villain. You're not intimidating Greg, you're a flabby, middle-aged father who fails at everything in life.

No. 704472

Brilliant anon. Fits his pathology well. He always needs to feel in control.

No. 704473

50 Shades of Greg is even less sexy than the original.

No. 704476

He’s going through his narc phases while also trying to prove that none of the accusations mean anything against him because he’s just being kinky. All the young fans in the replies are how he justifies it being nothing more than boring people reacting negatively to how kinky he is

No. 704477

Tinfoil but what if he involved Sarah in some of his sick kinks and now he is tweeting these stuff to shame her and/or make her feel scared he will spill details?
If that's so, she has nothing to feel ashamed for, she was heavily manipulated and prepped for a long, long time and also he is going to look even worse by doing something like that.
Say what you want about Jimmy Boy, we all know he is a dimwit BUT if there is one thing he is good at, it s playing with the minds of young women,it s something he has been practicing all his life.

No. 704480

File: 1568608145620.png (16.46 KB, 595x176, chrome_hAnt7g3clo.png)

No. 704482

>Lainey sleeps downstairs with the youngest child.
Is that C? Oh no, she really is trying to prevent her from being alone with him…

No. 704484

More tinfoil: she didn't leave for a period of time but for good.

Imagine the milk

No. 704485

man idk what it is about these tweets they got me feeling more uneasy than usual. normally i’m just skeeved out but this is true and proper heeby jeebies to my bones.
maybe it’s just seeing his true form, he doesn’t give a fuck and thinks he’s untouchable, has zero remorse for the pain he’s inflicted, and now is playing this weird character/mocking them. but it feels significantly more sinister to me this time. idk. maybe it’s just cuz it’s in the wake of all this coming out.

No. 704486

Imagine how immaculate your house would look if you put even half of this energy into cleaning, Jimmy.

No. 704488

He literally cried because someone (A maybe) wanted to hate fuck because he only *~makes love~* He was so offended because he only sleeps with some for love. Okay.

No. 704489

I don't think she has the balls (literally).

No. 704490

That isn’t too uncommon of a practice tbh
Having kids sleeping on opposite floors or sides of the house—especially when one is a baby, means the other child sleeps the night through vs being awoken by a screaming sibling for a 1am feeding.

No. 704491

I agree, this is either him finally snapping and sperging out or he's doing this to show he has "power" over all his victims. Either way, I agree with you. This is way sketchier than normal.

No. 704493

Still, it's usually a bad sign in the marriage if the couple are sleeping on opposite sides of the house as well. If Lainey wanted to check on C, there's plenty of technology for that now. She could use a camera or a baby monitor.

No. 704495

File: 1568608692170.png (309.85 KB, 1142x660, Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 12.3…)

this is one of his sock puppets, it was made today, and the only 5 tweets it has is about oninsion. the only peopl they follow are related to Greg

No. 704496

Lainey co-sleeps with C and has done so for years.

No. 704497

so she's confirmed lurking. She doesn't have anybody to send her important bits and block out the h8ters anymore, so she has to do it herself.

No. 704498

Tinfoil Lainey does this to keep Greg from doing shady shit to their daughter

No. 704500

I dont think its a power play. He probably THINKS its a powerplay but now that his victims found solodarity with each other theyre not gonna be as affected by this as he hopes. Hes just showing off how much of a cringy idiot he is. Hes nothing more than that even though he likes to think hes the 'hot sociopath' type.

No. 704503

yup. referse image search on that profile picture brings up tons of results

No. 704505

greg can only survive on having the moral high ground, and not being able to control the narrative for the first time is driving him mad. These tweets seem much more so sinister because we've genuinely never seen such a massive effort to oust him like now, and we know he's melting down (seeing as he's melted down for less). He doesn't have the audience, the friends, or a devout trinity member. We know he doesn't get any enjoyment out of being with lainey, he just keeps her around to maintain his moral high ground of being a "married man" with a "spouse and family."

No. 704507

File: 1568609206022.png (218.07 KB, 595x375, Screenshot_1sdafas.png)

No. 704509

File: 1568609282989.jpeg (115.99 KB, 750x649, 2673C8F3-425D-4DB9-A085-D217F6…)

Sage for non contribution but this reminded me of Greg with his constant obsessions with villains like the Joker and Light Yagami when he’s really just a cringy loser kek

No. 704512

This twitter sperg reminds me of that tumblr dom gif of a gangly limp-wristed guy weakly whipping a bed with a belt
She did it with Troy too; she picked up on a few shitty attachment parenting trends before her fakeboi phase and ran with them.

No. 704518

File: 1568609706218.jpeg (243.33 KB, 1242x903, DCC120A1-E650-4ABC-A0F8-E0B597…)

No. 704520

Been like this for at least a month now maybe

No. 704521

Thanks, anon. I've been behind on Onion for a while.
Deleted because not milk/slowpoke shit

No. 704522

it was always like that. but he will allow anyone to follow him until he finds out you are a HATUR

No. 704523


No. 704524

But I thought he only had sex with people he looooooooves?!

No. 704525

File: 1568609952158.jpeg (505.47 KB, 1242x974, F11DE357-248A-4233-B194-C51240…)

What is going on at the bottom of this photo? I thought maybe she had bottoms on, despite the censor because it’s just grey but I am not sure?

No. 704526

File: 1568610007352.png (27.12 KB, 599x239, chrome_xIZS2bVkJx.png)

This is getting boring tbh

No. 704527

For someone who’s been rejected by his peers since middle school it’s absolutely hilarious that he is actively seeking the attention of more than one woman, under all of that shitty tumblr dom facade he’s a overgrown still pimply teenager that’s obsessed with shitty humour.

Everyone outside of his swamp finds him weird and that’s why he refuses to go out.

No. 704529

It’s the inside of the shirt

No. 704530

At first it was disturbing but at this point its just cringy edgelord bullshit

No. 704531

this one is particularly horrifying if we consider Shiloh's testimony two threads ago where she said Greg used to pull her hair back so hard she couldn't make noise

No. 704532

Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on some of the accounts who are tweeting Pedonision. Just like this one, many have been made recently, have no other tweets, no other followers, no identifying info or pics. Do you think he’s really that desperate that he’s making multiple socks to manufacture engagement and make it look like he still has fans/people accepting him? This gets weirder and weirder by the day, but if anyone had the time to do all of that, it’s him.

No. 704533

ted vibes? ted BUNDY vibes?
this new crop of kids i just don't fucking know

No. 704534

File: 1568610260131.gif (1.02 MB, 320x240, giphy (1).gif)

I have to laugh

No. 704536

lmao, right. just point and laugh, dont give him the satisfaction of being creeped out

just as if you saw a man jerking it in broad daylight

No. 704537


the funny thing is hes either snapped or trying to act like the villain or some shit to prove a point. a ted bundy fan girl actually unironically praised him to be like a criminal… and then he blocked her. now that is epic

No. 704538

File: 1568610366319.gif (4.25 MB, 500x368, 21BF96C9-898C-4700-9625-034C6A…)

No. 704539

Pansy ass pussyboi edgelord sperging on twitter again? I am so surPriSe. His pool of teen poon is drying up and his manwife will be in jail soon enough so he'll have no one to act out his little manlet fantasies on. Must be tough. How's that fail marriage holding up? How are his neglected children doing?
It's predictable, manipulative, psycho narc twattery. He thinks he's being big and bad after seeing what the girls had to say about him. He's so tuff, ain't he?

No. 704540

He knows people are watching everything he says and he's playing up the bad boy autism because even now his retarded narc ego loves all the attention

No. 704541

I actually don't think the ones that are larping at cute fans are him.
they are either fans of his that want to make it seem like he's getting more support, or to support him without getting backlash on their main accounts.

Or it could just be people trolling. badly.

No. 704542

it's a bench?

No. 704543

i think she is standing in front of a counter

No. 704545

Not defending Grease or Lame, but didn't AJ say Grease was a really loud sleep-talker?

No. 704547


It’s the bottomless picture she sent Sarah. Sarah said she had a shirt on but no underwear or pants. She’s flashing her nasty vag.

No. 704550

lol. All his life he's been trying to re-enact that sexual abuse with Julia (or whatever the hell her name is), and all that's resulted from that is him fucking his life up, trying to fuck up other people's lives. And now he's backed into a corner because he was never responsible or intelligent enough to get professional help for himself. Put him in SHU and get it over with, he's a lost cause.

No. 704552

File: 1568611343219.jpeg (123.93 KB, 1074x1064, 77F0DA85-C45B-4A27-9C5C-1B1287…)

No. 704553

all these tweets are making me wonder if he's inspired to write another awful book

No. 704554

>he simply doesn't understand that what he did was wrong
It's not that he doesn't understand, he understands fine. The issue is he has no conscience.
>It must be so traumatizing for someone to hurt your feelings on the internet
The point is he was a grown ass man insulting and harassing teen girls. He also sent his cult/fanbase after them for good measure. He can't do that anymore so now all he does is fail sperg on sm.

No. 704556

i hope at least some of his followers are laughing at him and telling him to fuck off and stop being such a degenerate loser?

No. 704557

every sleep-talker i've ever known was a wide awake attention whore, plain and simple

No. 704558

breath-play is dangerous if you dont know what your doing, and we all know Greg is a neanderthal hes going to end up making Lainey see the light at the end of the tunnel

No. 704560

>I'm going to DESTWOY YOUUU

Is he a 34 year old father of two or a 12 year old boy edgelording on the internet? Is he hoping to scare someone? I bet he's sitting alone right now in his basement, in his crusty little boxers with cheeto dust on his sausage fingers as he types that out.

Way to keyboard warrior Jimbo.

No. 704563

Well, at least then his kids will be taken to a nice home to live in. Always think of the silver lining, anon.

No. 704569


he’s running out of edgy material. this is getting repetitive. humiliate, destroy, choke… we get it you balloon-headed idiot. he’s no BTK with his little angsty s&m scribblings.

No. 704570

He seems to feel an urgent need to roleplay being powerful. I can't imagine why…

No. 704575


Ten to one this absolute specimen’s logic is something like: “Would a serial assaulter tweet so openly about sexual violence? If I tweet this way then that will show everyone!”

No. 704578

He's so 2006 vampirefreaks. No one talks like that anymore, Greg. He goes for teens but he's so outdated. If you're going to troll, at least be good at it. He's not even intimidating, just the midget embodiment of a pathetic joke.

Really wouldn't be surprised if we got another poorly written book out of this.

No. 704580


Onision's the only "adult" autistic enough to write this on their sm, and in the midst of rape/grooming/child predator accusations no less. The only thing that legit scares me here is that this gargantuan faggot has two small children sharing the same house with him. That is terrifying.
lol I think you're right anon.

No. 704583

This embarrassing twitter sperg is like the poor man's equivalent to buying a Ferrari; he has no money left to buy expensive shit to overcompensate for his tiny peen so he does it over twitter. Such adulting.

No. 704588

File: 1568614040739.jpg (140.62 KB, 1412x898, SymjO8T.jpg)

I bet he'd be lame enough to release it chapter by chapter as a patreon exclusive, then try to self-publish it on amazon or something and then get pissed when his patrons don't buy 'the finished product'.

No. 704589

File: 1568614331662.jpg (433.08 KB, 805x550, weirdopedoooo.jpg)


What a fucking neck beard edge-lord creep he is, that's a big YIKES from me dawg.

No. 704592

File: 1568614619649.png (1.22 MB, 1024x816, Carbonite.png)

ffs. Everyone already knows how much you hate your mother, Jimmy. Fail sum moar.
>I would bet he’s taking a lot of his frustration out on Lainey
How could he do that when he's so busy sperging on the internet? Unless Lainey's finally ditched him.
Tinfoil but yeah I agree. He's always trying to recreate old memories because he's incapable of letting go of anything. He belongs encased in concrete.

No. 704597

I think you really managed to capture his essence with this one. Greg is a neckbeard trapped in a dad bod

No. 704598

it’s early but next thread image right here. You know Greg loves our edits and isn’t at all triggered.

No. 704600

Top shelf shoop, anon. I'm looking forward to seeing how much more autistic he's going to get before this is all over.

No. 704609

This has to be the next thread image. Beautiful shoop and it will trigger gerg’s narc rage so much

No. 704611

my god, anon, it’s beautiful, you glorious bastard.

No. 704614

Since he's posting all of this in an attempt to throw the attention off of his grooming behaviour and his wife sending nudes to a minor, this pic is very fitting.

No. 704616

File: 1568615907156.png (80.96 KB, 610x523, chrome_vg9SSL4OxH.png)

No. 704622

Lmfao. That sounds a lot like what he does to himself in a daily basis.
Just let the world see how sad and edgy you are and right when karma is too close for comfort BAM it's love this/that. Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat.

No. 704625

When Onion says "Who knows where I'll be in 5 years…"
It's so satisfying knowing that 5 years later he would still be bitching about his partners not keeping to his insane contracts. AND how he got pretty wealthy but fucked around and lost so much.

No. 704633

File: 1568618947674.gif (3.18 MB, 480x260, MVFSfLt.gif)

Skye has no chill. Greg tried for years to tear her down and now she's just slapping him in the face with it.

No. 704638

this is the most vanilla attempt at dirty "kinky" talk I've ever read. he must be such an autist in bed no wonder he has to go after virgins and inexperienced teenagers, anyone else would laugh.

No. 704645

Has Sarah gone to any authorities or just posted on twitter, I asked because I see she's refusing to tell her parents so I'm wondering if she's doing anything besides twitter? She says her dad will "freak out".. Isn't that good. Why wouldn't he.

No. 704646

No joke. It went from semi concerning to cringe roleplay real fast. I kek'd heartily at the shitty vampire rp in >>704526 tho ngl.

Skye is the best and I'm so glad she's returned. It's pretty obvious she was the real source of wit/humor in the early days and he's been riding that out into his current downward spiral/critical career failure.

I don't get what he's trying to achieve with this kink sperg, but considering he's spent the past two weeks spamming nothing but bland positive vibes only bs, it's kind of amusing to see him snap. Especially immediantly after the "I'm totally not a child groomer/pedo!" posts.

No. 704647

Concerned mom started an investigation without Sarah's consent because she considers herself a "mandated reporter" over the internet.

No. 704651

File: 1568621811373.png (67.1 KB, 604x348, 2100.PNG)

No. 704652

I just dont know why she expects no one to actually do shit and just retweet her and have that be the end of that. Idk how greg is ever going to face real consequences if she doesn't plan on actually doing anything

No. 704654

Because the american justice system is laughable. Lots of victims don't get the justice they deserve and it can be very invasive and embarassing to the victim to dig through all the evidence and go to court.

No. 704655

i hate to ask, but is lainey even still alive? we haven't heard anything from her since the sarah bomb dropped, have we?

No. 704656

Maybe she's not allowed to speak? She was his go to tool, a way to get girls, get cp, and excuse etc and now that's totally ruined. He has nothing to use to feign innocence anymore so maybe she's just banned from being online at all since he can't use her.

No. 704658


She was active on social media a few hours ago >>704463

No. 704659

People are tinfoiling that she left with the kids which could explain all of the Jimmy's cringey tweets.

No. 704660

That only shows her account is active. We know Onion goes on her account.

No. 704661

Well, if she actually left, it would be the only decent thing she's ever done for the kids and I respect her for it. Ofc her behavior is deranged, but in the even she actually did leave with the kids, it would indicate to me that even though she actively participated in the shit Greg was orchestrating with fucking yung girls, she is closer to their age than he is, so maybe that's why she went along with it, also considering it's the only experience she has ever had, so she doesn't have a good perception of what's creepy and what's not, instead of also being a full blown pedo like Greg is. If she left with those kids, I'd start seeing her that way and I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this one, but the act of leaving Greg and taking the kids is redeemable and it would explain plenty of things as far as her behavior is concerned.

No. 704662

I think she still should get serious help. Preferably inpatient. The kids should also probably get some help because I can only imagine how terrible it is in that house for those kids.

No. 704663

I seriously doubt she left. Dunno who tinfoiled it, or based on what. But literally nothing indicates that she left, and she probably never will.

No. 704664

Yeah, I know. Sarah even tweeted the other day Lainey told her she wouldn't leave Greg even if he started beating her. Which is not really surprising as I am sure he abused her for so long it has definitely eased her into taking beatings if he starts doing it, if he hasn't already.

No. 704665

Is he really going to angle for the "I'm not abusive, it was a BDSM relationship! Fifty Shades, people! Watch it!" excuse?

Did Greg buy a pallet of sex dolls or something? Because he hasn't got any other options now.

Truly the comedic genius behind Onision. It's only been downhill since.

No. 704666

File: 1568626916842.png (21.67 KB, 745x140, Capture.PNG)

I didn't see this posted in the last one. Everybody's coming out of the woodwork for this one.

No. 704667

He tried that angle after the basement revelations.
All his fan girls were just screeching that he's just kinky.
And he made that video trying to prove how uncreepy his basement is and shows a whole drawer of sex toys.

No. 704668

The BDSM community would reject him hard. Kinky folks really care about consent and BDSM is not an excuse for abuse.

Kink is fun as long as everyone involve is enthusiastically into it and enjoying it.

Pressuring people into things that later make them feel like crap is abuse, and the community reognizes this. He's end up on those "Beware of this abuser" posts so fast…

No. 704669

Move over Amistad! We have a real slave case over here. Weeks spend on ships as slaves chained together in shit? Psh, atleast didn't have to pay their ex wives what they deserve for sharing a business and emotional stress like Onion.
But really wtf is wrong with him? Lol

No. 704670

Fuck edwin. I like some of his videos but he's an opportunistic dick.
He was interviewing and chatting to Gregory James straight after the fall out with Dasha and Cyr.
Literally no reason for him to need to do that.

No. 704671

>some of the accounts who are tweeting Pedonision. Just like this one, many have been made recently, have no other tweets, no other followers, no identifying info
Can't you buy followers on twitter? It's the same thing with Youtube where you can buy subs (subotting) and also pay to have bots comment on your channel. This goes against YT's TOS but the channels that do it are pretty obvious. It's been going on for a long time.

No. 704672

I’d say it’s more likely a mix of socks by Greg and socks made by others to follow the drama/get in on what’s happening tbh. He’s private, most people don’t wanna follow him on their main account, understandable.

No. 704673

When has he not tried to couch his abusive psychopathy in something else?

No. 704674

File: 1568627689759.jpg (208.26 KB, 1080x924, 20190916_055545.jpg)

No. 704675

File: 1568628636897.jpeg (321.93 KB, 1242x1210, 02C9EEA3-30FE-4D6D-8BF8-4E7925…)

etc combined with pic related hours before the sperg just reminds me of how someone said he tried to start his own little cult with Final Fantasy (or was it Kingdom Hearts … sorry if I get those confused) quotes.

He’s aware of who the largest potion of his following is. And I believe he doesn’t care that part of his fanbase feels uneasy about those tweets. I think he just wants a small circle of extremely devoted fans instead of a larger one with fans that are only kinda invested.
He wants his sheeples to really give up any last bit of their own mind that they have left.

Either way he’s desperate and it’s hilarious. It’s the ‘I’m the domliest Dom of them all and you have to obey because I say so’ cliche kind of shit every single person that’s actually into D/s or bdsm stuff would make fun of.

Or considering his latest ‘No one under the age of 18!!’-shit, maybe he’s trying to get into porn/nsfw audio. That’s just a massive tinfoil though. Him recording his laugh might be a bit of testing the waters though.

No. 704677

>I think he just wants a small circle of extremely devoted fans

The smaller his audience, the smaller his paycheck. His revenue's shrinking as we speak. Goes without saying this does not benefit him.

I can't tell if he's desperately clinging to his last shred of relevance while maintaining his delusion of being better than everyone else "I am your god now", and/or showing what a remorseless little brainlet he is to do all this in the middle of the worst abuses he's ever been accused of. Either way he's taking a huge L.

No. 704678

He still thinks he’s worthy of high-paying paypigs that’ll fund his cult.

No. 704680

I thought that maybe he‘d eventually try to make those few just pay more. If he can make a few naive/insecure girls re-subscribe to his patreon against their will, I figured it probably wouldn’t take much more to make them just double the amount they’re paying.

No. 704681

He's looking for ultra-submissive teens now so they can bring home the bacon while daddy stays home fapping to hentai.

No. 704682

I'm just imagining him tweeting this disgusting shit with his son sleeping in the same bed as him. I don't doubt for a moment that his son will grow up to be like his father…

No. 704683

my dude, you are actually a daddy of two very young children, take 100% of the seats

No. 704684

File: 1568632293270.png (133.83 KB, 750x1334, 4AA308BA-8A54-424B-A5B5-50CF05…)

Oh a crossover episode

No. 704685

Greg would love to get his hands on TND. Honestly, would be the best milk this site has ever seen.

No. 704686

You know it's bad when Taylor thinks you're terrifying

No. 704688

Yeah nah even TND is waaaaaaaaay out of his league. Plus he couldn't stand dating someone with more money than him.

No. 704689

And that much taller than he.

No. 704690

He'd love to take all of her money. Lainey has been the breadwinner for a while. I don't see why he wouldn't enjoy being the freeloader. He'd sperg a lot while doing so though. It's a shame Taylor Nicole is a bit too old for him but Grug would have one hell of a ride trying to "ruin and defeminize" another very vulnerable young "alt" girl.

No. 704691

lmaoo the guy whose been called "asian onision" made a video saying that even he doesn't want to be associated with him

No. 704693

File: 1568633108722.png (2.48 MB, 1076x2670, AIDS.png)

This >>704399 is always the type of cancer he says to Lainey so… of course now that his speshul space prince has unargably committed a federal offense, and given how important it is for Jimbo to maintain the appearance of a good law abiding citizen, I don't believe he's interested in going down with her. He might be openly fishing for victims.

The timing of his autistic sperg says a lot. As soon as the ladies went quiet he chose to unleash his inner manchild because you know, he feels terrible for what he did.

No. 704695

Ouch! I kinda feel bad for him rn :( I dont think he deserves all this hate.(shit bait)

No. 704697

I find that ironic considering the Asian Onion got a Julia recently. I wonder why hasn't Grug acknowledged his Asian "counterpart" for clicks?

No. 704698

unless you mean “the Asian Onision,” fuck to the offth power

No. 704702

Because he’s so openly bad that people question if it’s an elaborate troll, and that is the reason anyone considers him the Asian Onision. To associate with him would mean acknowledging that he treats women badly even if it is to just deny as usual.

No. 704703

Kek I can't really blame him, daniel might be shit but he's not actively grooming teen girls or making abuse porn like videos or tweets.

No. 704704

This is very lulzy coming from giggleswho has less thsn a babycarrot flr a dick lmao

No. 704705

Lmao so she has payed attention onisions abuse of his exes, but not of her own ex's abuse

No. 704709

Hilarious how even trash people also hate onision he truly has nothing kek

No. 704711

File: 1568634691626.jpeg (668.24 KB, 1125x1174, F9C0899C-016F-413E-BFF5-85BE1E…)

Aww she looks so cute!

No. 704713

Why is Onision getting all this hate when Kai is the one who is predatory and a pedophile? His channel started dying after dating Kai.(shit bait)

No. 704714

they’re both predators and they’ve both gotten hate.

No. 704715


try a little harder

No. 704716

yet he still did extremely fucked up and disgusting things before lainey was in the picture.

No. 704717

What a dumb question. Are you seriously somehow under the impression (despite allt eh evidence that Greg takes over Taylor's phone and social media) that Greg is/was not working hand in hand with Taylor during all of these girls' induction into the Greasatorium?

No. 704718

bitch do you have eyes

No. 704719


Ignoring the fact that he violated the Mann Act at least twice but okay

No. 704720

Do we reckon Greg might divorce Kai? He has left much more blatant evidence than Onion has. He might twist this as if he were "unaware" and go and find another child to groom and marry.

No. 704721

He only will if there's someone lined up already

No. 704722

Read the thread before posting things that have been tinfoiled over and over again

No. 704726

If it weren't for that he would have to pay child support, (possible) spousal support and a general public backlash of "we told you so" he would've left her by now, it's purely an attempt to spite the haydurrs that Gregory Avaroe / James Jackson is still with Taylor Elaine Avaroe / Kai Jackson.

No. 704727

Onion gets hate because of his actions.

No. 704728

I don’t think they sleep in the same bed, they’re just on the same floor. Jessica said trot has bunk beds
she’s so beautiful !

No. 704729


I like to imagine this is Grep, who finally decided to sacrifice his wife to feds so he can get out pretending to be a "victim".

No. 704732


I believe there's significant happenings behind the scenes at the Swamp Shack. There's a few possibilities as to what it could be. Grugly commenting on discord to his paypigs that he can't commit to saying he'll be back in a few days is telling. He's also said his upload schedule is going to be sporadic. He's been using that website to post scheduled tweets on his behalf, indicating he's not sitting on his flabby ass in his Grease Lair on the computer all day as per usual. Lainey hasn't said anything publicly since this began, though someone has been on her Twitter.

Before all of this blew up, there wasn't much of any tinfoiling about Sarah being there on the low, despite the monumental amount of fucked up shit that was actually going on behind the scenes. Grugly and the Gruglettes, it seems, are somewhat capable of keeping things quiet. Even signicant things. But never completely. Looking back at the time Sarah was there knowing what we know now, there were indications that something was going on.

With the way Grepedo is having this disgusting, ovary-evaporating, putrid fit tweets like this, I kinda feel like Lainey left with the kids. Otherwise, I can't see her allowing him to say such shit in a time like this. We know despite being a doormat, she does have power in the relationship when she really wants it. For example, putting her actual foot down about the weed brownies.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 704736

That doesn't make sense tho. If they had left then he would have ( more than ever) free time to sit in front of the computer and spew shit all day long since they'd wouldn't be anyone to take his attention away .

No. 704737

He's probably only okay with Taylor being the breadwinner because:
1. He's desperate for money
2. He can convince himself that he's the reason behind Taylor's success
Part of Greg's MO is giving people money so that they feel obligated towards him and making them dependent on his money so that he can control them; he would not be interested in somebody who's had independent financial success. With exception to Dream Waifu Hannah Minx ofc
>I kinda feel like Lainey left with the kids.
It's impossible to tell right now.

What was Greg tweeting when she left during Billiegate? Were they fake-positive, depressive tweets, angry, pleading, etc.? It was so long ago

No. 704738

I think they were joking tweets. Like he was joking about cuddling me things like that. That was different though because he though he had Billie locked in.

I don’t think we’ve seen him when everyone leaves him and there’s no backfill yet.

No. 704739

I'd rather believe he and his manwife are in trouble with cops

No. 704740

This is prob why he's scheduling tweets. So no one can tell when he's visiting his lawyer, being spoken to by cops etc

No. 704741

>I don’t think we’ve seen him when everyone leaves him and there’s no backfill yet.

of course we did. when he had that hiatus Shiloh wasn't around, Skye didn't want to have anything to do with him and he was talking to Adrienne, he was acting pretty crazy, crying on camera, etc.

No. 704742

i dont think she left . in the midst of all allegations bitch is too busy being his dirty mop and personal maid . in a recent video he was talking how she prepared his meal. she will only leave when Gargoyle will force her to go to work to mc donalds. her laziness is stronger than her commitment to his abuse

No. 704743

For real, I think they might be busy preparing for future police and CPS unannounced visits. Their house was a total pigsty. They have to tidy it up and also coach the kids. I think they are taking this time to get the house in order, cleaning the fuck out of the yard, back yard, the inside of the house, etc, so when police or CPS shows up, it looks like they don't allow their kids to live in filth and put a good front. I bet 100% this is what they are doing and that's why everyone is quiet for the most part.

No. 704746

>They have to tidy it up

Only Complainey since Greg is too busy trying to stick his head further up his ass while tweeting. I hope the sheriff that made that tweet really was looking into Greg and his history. Here's to also hoping that Billie continues spilling milk since Greg slips up and shows his true face when she says something.

No. 704747

File: 1568639323827.jpg (398.39 KB, 1000x563, weirdopedo.jpg)

No way is he typing this shit unless lainey has left the house to be at her parents and sister. He is definitely sitting in his spunk fapping uncontrollably to hentai alone in his pigsty.

No. 704751

i was browsing the Onision tag on twitter by new and someone posted they called pierce county police dept and confirmed deputies were at his house last night but they quickly deleted it, did anyone else see that/capture it??

*note i am not advocating for tipping the cows or calling police but did anyone else see that tweet??

No. 704756

Stop being so gullible

No. 704760

Perhaps he's just pissed off at her for sending nudes to a minor and this is his way of punishing her.

No. 704763

File: 1568641072066.png (224.61 KB, 800x1169, Screenshot_2019-09-16-08-34-01…)

This petition is killing me over here.

No. 704764

Pissed off at her because the whole thing was leaked, most likely. Gurgles would definitely be able to find a way to blame it entirely on Foot and have her believe it, too.

No. 704767

I doubt lainey left, but I do suspect he's busy with something. The scheduled tweets and stepping away from discord etc are possible hints at something going on.
I'm not sure what else he would be doing though - I don't think he's sane enough to talk to a lawyer/get his affairs in order. Hiding evidence?

No. 704769

Onion messes with Taylor's phone all the time. Don't think for a second he doesn't know who she's talking or what's she's saying or sending out.

No. 704770

File: 1568642114688.png (395.08 KB, 1316x1376, Screenshot 2019-09-16 at 9.48.…)

is anon referring to pic related,
its a (canned??) twitter response by the gig harbor pol (Not gurgles jurisdiction) saying they'll pass it on to pierce county pol on 5/9
So far the only documents from pierce county are his wetlands fuck ups so…
Honestly not sure if it holds any significance

No. 704772

File: 1568642294046.png (596.75 KB, 882x1286, Screenshot 2019-09-16 at 9.44.…)

samefagging for full tweet

No. 704774

On the idea of Lainey leaving Onion (still dont believe she will), what will her defense be regarding the nudes?

"He made me do it!" Like Onion 100% took some part/satisfaction in it but, still most of the physical evidence is regarding her. How is she ever going to have an online presence after this? I don't think she'd be capable of it unless her and onion continue to play dumb together because he will completely blame it all on her if she were to leave.

No. 704776

She'd blame him for 'making her do it' and he'd blame her for sending the minors nudes.
I believe he still thinks he will be able to return to his YouTube career and if that means throwing her under the bus, he'll take it.

No. 704778

"It was an abusive relationship, I was coerced, abused, and brainwashed".
Essentially the same defense as people who participate in crimes while in a cult. It doesn't usually get them off entirely, but can net them a lesser sentence if they're lucky.
From the public eye it's fairly sympathetic as well, especially if she spilled details about the abuse and how she was groomed into thinking it was ok to flirt with minors due to onision's influence.

IMO, it's bullshit, but it could work if she played it right.

No. 704780

where you found this tweet ? i cannot see it on their page anymore ? did they delete t it?

No. 704783

File: 1568643592723.png (41.56 KB, 582x188, Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.2…)

he's back

No. 704784

Can't help but wonder if that's a sign of excuses to come. Of course it would be rediculous, but….desperation.

No. 704785

Not to WK but isn’t that kinda what happened though?
She got caught by Onion when she was barely legal herself. Very vulnerable, too, I guess. 17 is an age at which you’re (albeit legal) still very easily influenced. Especially when unstable and insecure.
She’s been exposed to his manipulation for several years now. I don’t think anything she does is a sane choice, but rather a consequence of Onion’s manipulation.

If she was sane, she would’ve left him. Anyone can tell from a 5ft distance how miserable she is. And I think any wrong she’s done was to some extent an act of desperation and, as I said, result of the onion influence.

That doesn’t excuse her actions and I don’t think she shouldn’t suffer any consequences. But as I said, I do think she’s not 100% accountable due to the circumstances.

No. 704787

Why the fuck is he talking about Eugenia Cooney's pussy on twitter? He managed to top the dom trolling already.

No. 704788

He’s implying that Kai’s nude pic was just an accident.

No. 704789

File: 1568644327248.png (50.02 KB, 610x322, Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.3…)

aaaand he's back on the gross dom shit

No. 704790

I requested an incident report from Pierce county dept over the phone and apparently there actually were deputies dispatched to their home last night but everything "appeared fine" and they found no probable cause to detain anybody. I think sarah has to make a report herself for any of this to be resolved legally but this confirms police have been actively visiting their home. I cant find the report online but it is a small county and I doubt they maintain a log of minor reports unless theyre relevant or ongoing. you can call or request online an incident report, probably takes longer online so i called instead(cowtipping)

No. 704791

not surprising as she posts here on the daily you can always spot her b/c she uses the word 'freshly' liberally and incorrectly. homeschooling fml.

No. 704792

eugenia had actual underwear on, kai was donald ducking it

No. 704793

I smell a selfpost.

Edwin is a sleazy, two faced opportunist. He's nearly as bad as onision and they were sucking eachother's egos after the cyr fallout. His bullshit isn't welcome here and he should just get a real job already too.

No. 704796

Calm down Dasha(hi cow)

No. 704797

thats so bizarre. why would they be called out? anons have spoken to cps before and its been agreed cps isnt going to do jackshit unless the kids are harmed or neglected.

also if sarah is seeking legal action then honestly it might be from her home state atm speaking to a lawyer and nothing may be filed yet. these things, especially as gurg has tried to be law savvy, take time and picking through the many many MANY threads

No. 704798

Can you imagine a tiny little man trying to tell someone what their place is.

No. 704799


Lmao no I think he’s trying to make people look dumb with faulty logic. He’s trying to say everyone was defending her when I was (rightly) attacking her so they hypothetically would forgive her if she had done what Lainey did. You only hate Lainey because she’s with me. You guys are so fake.

Or he’s losing his marbles.

No. 704800

Fuck off edwin you already did the whole “let’s get Edwin 100k subs so YouTube helps him against the meanies” in a few threads.

No one cares and you never have new milk go make a YouTube video about your ass hair

Either he lost it or lame left.

No. 704801

File: 1568644993425.jpg (130.38 KB, 750x1079, Adachi_says.jpg)

He wishes he was a real life Adachi and wants people to call him evil and crazy because he's still a pathetic edgelord who gets off on that shit and probably thinks it looks hot too underage girls lol

No. 704802

He's using EC instead of saying "Kai".
So his narrative is it was an accidental flange surprise? Are they idiots? Pretty sure Sarah has the texts Lame sent her at the same time DISCUSSING her nudes.

No. 704803

sad pseudo-dom, can only manage to top a teenager if that

what a waste of oxygen

No. 704805

If there's one good thing that could come out of this is if we never see anymore retarded "tongue out" pics.

No. 704806


You are right, this would require an ongoing in investigation and not a 911 call to their home unless someone at that moment was being physically harmed. Im assuming someone on twitter may have called 911 but I dont know what reasoning they gave for cops to appear at their home and itd be easy for greg and kai to put on a "we are a loving couple" act for police.

No. 704809

He tried to guilt trip subscribers people in the dasha thread they are all cows including him unless he has Greg’s nudes or new milk he should be ignored

Can we not compare this >>704801
To this >>704789

It’s a grown man with two children vs a fictional character

No. 704810

what if kai got pissed at greg and called cops on him then recanted when they showed up? people do that

No. 704812

If you think not siding with that disingenuous POS makes everyone Dasha, I've got some bad news for you.

We all know Edwin lurks here for content so he can make a quick buck and considering he has been licking greg's loins until just now is telling in itself. Plus, there is zero reason to be redirecting his pointless tweets here as well.

Funnily enough, in gurg's own words this makes him a cRiMINAL because he broKE The lAw! I hope that gets thrown in his face.

No. 704814

That still doesn't address the topless pic. Is there going to be some dumb shit about male presenting nipples?

No. 704815

File: 1568645520176.jpg (37.31 KB, 347x528, tweets.JPG)

No. 704816

File: 1568645574975.png (58.79 KB, 613x375, Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 10.5…)

are all these tweets supposed to be directed to lainey or what?

No. 704817

i feel like hes trying to do something to kai. like i feel like right now hes trying to convince SOMETHING and SOMETHING is going on down at the swamp regarding kai and greg. thats the only reason i can see him ignoring his public. god i wish we could see such a thing

No. 704819

calm down. I'm saying onion sees himself as a fictional character, of course he's not equivalent to one.

No. 704821

Would the times the police went to their house correlate with the times the nudes were dropped? Perhaps Lainey flipped out, perhaps both of them did?
Perhaps Greg set it all up and then call the cops to come see Lame freaking out as he did with Sh?
He pushed and pushed until the nudes were dropped (which we all thought was really weird) then he tweeted he was "going to be away from the internet for a few hours.."
That's an odd sequence of events no?

No. 704825

He's a garbage can.

No. 704828

I've been casually checking the Pierce County Sheriff's Office jail roster, and saw and inmate named James Jackson and my stomach dropped to my feet but it's NOT Grugly. It's very strange the cops were out there last night, though the fact that they determined there was no need to detail anyone at that time does not mean there isn't an investigation going on. The type of investigation that would be happening in this case is one that will take time, forensics, detectives, etc. They're not going to send squad cars out for something like this unless they're coming warrants in hand. I suppose either Lainey or Greg could have called the police themselves for xyz reason. Then there's always the chance that it was an idiot Twitter rando, I hope that isn't the case as it can discredit any real shit that's coming from the internet. Can they not say what the call was, as in the numbered code, in the incident report? Like how there's a code for a welfare check, or domestic violence, etc.

Also, I know you can monitor police/fire radio for any county, though I've only ever heard of doing so with live radio feed. Does anyone know if you can listen to past feed?

Deleted and reposted as I forgot to sage, also, what's Grugly's new full name again? James Daniel Jackson? James Gregory Jackson?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 704829

I don't understand why is he doing this 50 shades of grey fanfiction right now
Can't he see how cringy it is?
He writes like a tumblr girl that has never had sex before but is into BDSM

No. 704834

File: 1568646901619.jpg (151.44 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20190916-111144.jpg)


Here's a link to all scanner feed in Pierce County. There's a few different options, I don't know which would cover the Onision's area. This is the one that I guessed may be the right one. I've also copy and pasted what I guess is a description of the area covered by the feed?
"Dispatched by South Sound 911. Patrol districts east of I-5."

Can any WA state anons help?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 704835

the autism is out of control ITT

No. 704839

File: 1568647244757.jpeg (451.19 KB, 1125x1406, 18FEC85F-0ECA-4B55-9FF5-2A9582…)

No. 704841

His BDSM is weak. Where is the perversion at this point ? I don't like him fapping on his own torturedom in public… I mean… At this point he is reading exclusively from the "offensive for everyone" folder on his hentai site.

No. 704842

File: 1568647424484.png (221.84 KB, 843x474, Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 16.2…)

Some drama channels have taken notice

No. 704846

Onision has never dated (and prob never fap to) a women over 30…

No. 704849

I will say the last time Onion was tweeting manic demented shit was when Lainey was in NM. But like other anons I’ve got zero faith in her ability to grow a spine and leave. I’m sure someone has alerted her family by now and god knows what their reaction will be.

No. 704852

be real though- yes milk spills by awesome women coming forward, but the farmers have really helped encourage/produce/keep it flowing. not cow tipping per se but, giving it a boost if you will. just because its not constant BTS real news coverage but little tidbits on how fucked shit is and what could be happening keeps this shit interesting

No. 704853

Samefag here from who requested incident report over phone. All they told me was that they had recieved a 911 call and sent deputies out, they appeared fine and were sent home. I did try to press for details and mentioned he was a somewhat wellknown internet prescence, dispatch lady seemed very astute in not relaying any details, began to say "He says people are just-" then cut herself off and asked if I was involved or family. I stated neither and she state again that all was found fine and said if i had any concerns itd be best to contact his family instead of pierce county or to call 911 if i assumed an actual cause of violence, as cops were "aware" of them but found nothing when they were dispatched and couldnt do much else and imo dont seem intetested in making repeated trips there to find everyone ok. This def needs a case opened by a victim to get anywhere, or maybe it was just a call from lainey as tinfoil above stated but afaik the cops in their county apparently dont see anything wrong

No. 704854

that is pretty fucking telling. betting some money kainey called the cops and either recanted or onionboy tried to get her to settle without them. shit is going down

No. 704855

"I can help him" confidently claims child-brained adult who has so far let him cheat on her twice

No. 704856

wouldnt be surprised if the situation is so tense that he received her first beating and called the cops for that. i kinda have a deja vu back when that happened with shiloh

No. 704857

id like to think the anons bringing up taylor avaroe/kai jacksons impending fear of having a female child and sleeping with her female child in a separate part of the house might be the final kick in the ass for her. above all else she seems to love and care for her kids (so far all the whistleblowers agrees shes fucked but does parent)

No. 704858

i bet he’s fapped to incestuous MILF pron tho kek

No. 704860

What's the video called because holy shit that's great

No. 704861

Mother-son incest pr0nz

No. 704862

File: 1568648959988.png (50.79 KB, 610x328, Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 11.5…)

No. 704863

naah the lady saying "he said people are just-" before stopping herself is proof that was someone either from here or twitter calling on them. He probably said people are just boollying me because I'm famous on the internets, or something similar about stupid haters. Lainey won't do shit, I have no idea why some of you anons believe she would

No. 704865


samefag again here who called for incident report but yeah she made it seem like he was saying people from the internet were just harrassing him, he probably even has (fake?) hate mail on his phone to show them

even if someone makes a report on somebody for spousal abuse, if cops show up and both spouses are there "happy" and claiming nothing is wrong, they cant do anything.

No. 704866

One of the departments or the the twitter account for his country had replied to a few tweets regarding the wetlands months ago. I think again someone had tagged them but they responded.

It's tinfoil, but going by the public case files for the wetlands and how workers were discussing them I would not be surprised a worker has taken an interest and keeps tabs. Kind of relevant but when I worked on fraud cases for mitigation claims one of the first port of calls is doing a Google check to see if any incriminating evidence online. Like I've had a case in which the persons public fb showed them on holiday surfing with dated posts when they were trying to claim for debilitating injuries. If I ever had a client as weird as Greg that was a yootoober I'd be keeping checks, I'm sure anons and teenagers are not the only people he antagonises

No. 704867


she also seemed somewhat annoyed as if theyve recieved repeated calls about this and stressed it was more of a "call his family instead" situation, not a police one. sorry for all the samefagging, longtime lurker first time poster but im here for this milkmas

No. 704868

That could be a possible explanation for him going whole hog on the ~kinky~ tweets

No. 704869


They reside in a very small county with only one sherrifs dept who barely even has active twitter, Im sure the deputies/county workers are aware of them

No. 704871


They reside in a very small county with only one sherrifs dept who barely even has active twitter, Im sure the deputies/county workers are aware of them

No. 704872

File: 1568649762762.jpg (33.55 KB, 875x281, onision.JPG)

Recent response to a thread Onision created a month ago titled: What motivates Nutjobs?

"I see people making up stories out of literally nothing and I wonder what motivates them?

Like how does a person knowingly consciously spread things they know are not true? What is the point?"

No. 704878

I can't help but wonder if he's gaining the courage to lash out at Kai for all of this by raping and/or abusing her to let out his anger at the situation. He absolutely knows he isnt getting away with anything this time. Its looking bleak. Or maybe threatening to do it unless she willfully takes the fall for everything.

No. 704879

File: 1568650436660.png (55.49 KB, 607x322, Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 12.1…)

here we go with the lovebombing

No. 704880

I wonder if it was even a neighbor who called as a result of screaming and other loud sounds going on in the house?

I really feel like it has nothing to do with the grooming/child porn/abuse allegations. Those types of cases require special investigation, not just deputies showing up to make sure everyone is okay.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 704881

Samefag and also may be getting a bit towardd the spectrum, but why would she advise contacting his family for details? How would they know anything, unless maybe it's a domestic call or something along those lines.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 704882

I'm surprised he didn't break his back after having to reach so far.

More importantly, Eugenia Cooney wasn't sending several inappropriate pictures to a minor with the intention of luring them into have sex with a narc.

No. 704884


becuase theyve allegedly received repeated calls about him and currently nothing can be done within sheriff dept reach

No. 704885

If kai recieved a beatdown harsh enough to call police she surely would have had marks or even a red face from crying

No. 704886

Jesus, how he posts stuff like this mere hours after his edgy breakdown

>nothing feels better than your neck as your lungs struggle to breathe

>a few hours later

>I love you because there is no one like you

No. 704887

Yes, it probably is what happened. I only said it was bullshit, because as you said it doesn't excuse her actions.
I think it'd be acceptable if she went with that, but only if she also apologized to the people she hurt and actually took responsibility. Yes, she was in a bad situation, but she still ultimately did those things.

But this is Lainey, perpetual victim. She'd use it to say it's not her fault due to her situation which IS bullshit.

No. 704888


Are you serious? Its on record cops were at that house last night and found nothing, he clearly will get away with this unless a victim opens a case which currently only Sarah may be doing

No. 704890

He's also leaving out the part where she requested nudes SPECIFICALLY from minor aged people. She @ed them and everything. Multiple girls. That's no accident.

No. 704892

i bet he's getting $$$ from ads. don't go his site w/o adblocker

No. 704894

At this point i can assume cps has been called, and greg puts on a loving father act towards the kids and even talks to cloey while lainey plays role of loving wife

No. 704895

He’s a father! Imagine your Dad posting tweets like this(emoji)

No. 704896

It's another way of saying it isn't their problem, and even if it was they can't give details, so talk to someone who knows the person instead of bothering them.

No. 704898


The deputies were probably out there for something not directly related to the abuse and grooming. I put in a records request for an incident report and the 911 call (if there is one) so we'll see.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 704899

File: 1568652178034.jpg (357.18 KB, 1080x1276, Nudes.jpg)

In 2014, Regina was 17. Not sure about Selena's age

No. 704900

He was twitter jailed for the worst of these last night, the only reason the "lol so bdsm" tweets stopped was bc he literally couldn't post, which I'm assuming is why kaineys twitter acct was activated briefly to lurk the responses.

No. 704901

To be fair, after all his psycho rape tweets it's not surprising at all that someone called the cops on him.

No. 704902

hes started answering questions

No. 704904

Selena was born 08/09/1996. So Lainey was asking for nudes about a week after she turned 18. Makes you think.

No. 704908

But they knew each other for years, they went to school together. I think if she actually wanted nudes of her or if anything romantically between them happened, she would've had them already. Except Jimmy's the one who wanted them.

No. 704910

I don’t know what his plan is with that. It feels like a trap of some sort but I don’t understand. What does he gain from it?

Is he trying to tweet out that demented stuff and then see which of his remaining twitter horde with ask him sexual questions to see who’s a good candidate to be flown over?

No. 704911

I don't think Sarah has contacted any authorities. Everything I have seen on her twitter implies she has not, and does not plan to. They will definitely get away with this.

I wonder if someone saw all these tweets, and paired with Lainey's disappearance from social media, called the cops to make sure she was alive. They came, saw she was, the end.

No. 704916

my theories

backup in court to prove hes just kinky and bdsm and not abusing his spouse or lovers

or got an ego boost from cops coming last night but finding nothing and now thinks hes a god

No. 704918

File: 1568654154484.png (71.43 KB, 600x427, kneehightrash.PNG)

god just got a slap from his real god.

No. 704920


or a distraction from pedo events. even though it makes him look worse, theres no such thing as bad attention to a narcissist

No. 704923

File: 1568654808080.png (48.49 KB, 595x500, 4segments.PNG)

4 videos, milking it?

No. 704928


That obviously says one video with 4 segments. Not 4 videos

No. 704929


Are you daft? He says 4 segments into ONE video. Learn to read.

No. 704930


I mean to be fair you could make a 5 hour documentary on the onion and still not run out of material.

No. 704931

Ok, my mistake, 4 segments.

No. 704932

Repzion might have his cowish moments, but the yt algorithm has really been favoring his vids on greg, the exposure will be great.

No. 704933

no one cares about repzilla stop derailing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 704936

People were just whining about how Rep wasn't making a video in the last threads now he is milking it by doing one video with 4 segments. People need to make up their minds on what they want youtubers to do about this situation.

No. 704938


lol rly?

You do realise there are multiple people who post here, and many are likely to have differing opinions on at least some things lol?

Some may want people to make videos on the subject. Some may think to do a video would be milking it. These are different people, it's okay for them to have different opinions. It's normal. As for 'make up their minds' - they probably already have individually, they don't HAVE to think the same way as each other to have made up their own minds. They don't have to be a hivemind.

Gosh people are dumb

No. 704940

Everyone always thinks he’s cracking but sadly I don’t think so. He’s just throwing out distractions. It like the trump approach: do something insane but then redirect attention at a new insane thing.

He would only really “crack” in jail.

No. 704941

I’m a little worried for her. Knowing this sick fuck’s mind, he’s probably considering it as a sexual challenge from her. Ew

No. 704942


Whoever wrote that wrote a lot of youtuber fanfics so it isn't Greg. It is kind of prophetic and disturbing though.

Let me use this occasion to share my favorite Kaineybot fanfiction. It was submitted for her fanfic contest (where she asked her underage fans to write fanfics about her).


No. 704943

File: 1568655793948.png (202.74 KB, 550x826, Capture _2019-09-16-13-43-29.p…)

theory off twitter.

No. 704944

samefag but sorry for cutoff photo, her other response read "that was intense"

No. 704946

File: 1568656298057.jpg (54.18 KB, 895x569, ask.JPG)

The 'Ask Question' page is riddled with ads and links to referrals from Greg that he profits directly from.

No. 704949

Agreed, I don't know why so many people seem to think that something major is happening at his house right now. Pretty sure Lainey is fine and still with Greg. She always returned at some point, smugly showing off her amazing relationship.

They are probably still waiting for everything to die down a little and Greg is just trolling in the meantime.

No. 704950

I say we stop paying attention to whatever attention/distraction sperg he is having at the moment and continue to focus on the actual shit he did.
If we move on to something else, that's exactly what he is hoping for.

No. 704952

Do you think he owns laineys channel like he tried to own netunesas? That may be why hes okay with her making more than him

No. 704954

File: 1568657265533.jpg (40.73 KB, 576x724, EElAQsUXUAA6eFi.jpg)

Here you go, just so it's documented.

No. 704955

extremely possible

No. 704956


Obvious distraction tactic is obvious.

No. 704957

File: 1568657901508.png (211.17 KB, 474x889, whatachad.PNG)

JJ loves projecting. I bet he gets off imagining this scenario that'll never happen

No. 704958

I love this, I always watch nick and his drama videos. I hope he makes something in this.

No. 704959

I don’t think that’s a distraction tactic. That isn’t his tweet and he would be unlikely to want to draw more attention to the grooming allegations because it’s close to home but him shooting his mouth off about being such a big boy dom is what I think is just noise.

Remember, it’s in his mo to groom his fan girls and lately he’s been finding them off patreon/sm m. If this girl is 17 he can’t legally sleep with her yet (because he’s too old) so she’s safe but it is something to keep an eye on. If it’s not her it’ll be someone else.

No. 704961

A jab at Skye?

No. 704962

It could honestly be any of them, they all are rightfully jabbing at his compensation complex

No. 704963

Take your own advice and stop tweeting and getting involved in the “drama” (evidence of the long term pattern of your abuse).

Sad man has to imagine a situation where people want him back after multiple people have said they hate him/want nothing to do with him/never loved him on top of the fact that a lot of his newer potential trinity members have flat out rejected him or called him ugly in favor of Lainey. No one is pleading to get him back. He’s living in a fantasy if he thinks that.

Everyone on here always talks about dick size but it doesn’t matter at all the person it’s attached to is trash and he’s the real issue. His brain is the smallest organ anyway.

No. 704964

It's so disgusting that James boils down accusations of pedophilia, child grooming, child neglect, and overall abuse into "internet drama", whether or not its true. It really shows you how seriously he actually considers other people's feelings.

No. 704965

She was the only one tweeting atm, but it could be towards the others as well.

No. 704967

File: 1568658840762.png (95.79 KB, 500x330, Anna lichty2.png)

apparently Lainey doesn't like Anastazia (the black haired Hannah Minx clone) KEK she had a problem with Anna Lichty too and was crying about it on tumblr a couple of years back
she has massive jealousy issues and yet lets her husband fuck girls right in front of her

No. 704968

>"I can help him"
Bitch you can't even help yourself. The delusion

No. 704969

I am still floored that Youtube refuses to remove his channel when he posts shit like this.
It seems for this one he was "smart" enough not to post it directly on patreon. I guess even he knows it's against the patreon TOS but clearly youtube gives no shits.

Sage for autism, it just makes me super frustrated that this shit is allowed. It is CLEARLY a red flag and has no place at all on Youtube OR Patreon.

No. 704970

That’s a completely different Anna

No. 704972

Someome should message lames dad on fb.(cowtipping)

No. 704973

No no no no no, please gangstalk in peace

No. 704974

Does footface not have any family who follows her on social media? Doesn't she have a younger sister? If I were her parents, I'd pick up the grandkids and leave Lainey to rot in her own pedophilic mess.

I really hope someone is working behind the scenes to get those poor kids out the house

No. 704976

File: 1568659395913.png (27.03 KB, 598x258, chrome_gdmZebQpNt.png)

No. 704977

Alright mr bestiality

No. 704978


That's what I'm hoping. I dont give a fuck about mr and mrs onion. The kids though.

No. 704980

File: 1568659586846.png (56.83 KB, 608x544, chrome_Ccn0F7NSVP.png)

No. 704982

File: 1568659894688.jpg (1.05 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190916_145011.jpg)

Peep the space after the ellipsis over and over on this new account.

Probably just a troll, but lol.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 704983

I usually don’t mind anti os but he’s such a cow he spends most of his videos begging for $$$$$$ and doing an autistic poetry reading of what we post here

No. 704984

File: 1568660017506.jpg (59.78 KB, 804x332, 2019-09-16_14-54-47.jpg)

No. 704985

can you read? are you slow?
>she had a problem with Anna Lichty too
and im proving it with a screenshot

Madi said that Lainey doesnt like Anastasiza either over twitter


No. 704987

You seem mental, anon. Don’t have a sandy vagina(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 704988

brush up on your literacy comprehension skills and learn to read

No. 704989

And you seem like you’re looking for a fight over nothing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 704990

Ugh, yes. Thank you, Shiloh.

He still manipulating his teen audience with these tweets, trying to make being controlled sexy and kinky and they don't know any better because they don't understand BDSM. It's so gross.

No. 704992

Seems like a lot of effort to pretend to be Greg badly pretending to be a sock puppet defending himself…

Call me naive, but I wouldn't be surprised if that actually was him..

No. 704993

also, not sure even greg is dumb enough to create an account that advocates sex with children to defend himself on twitter. that's just next level retardation.

No. 704994

Not only that but you suck at grammar, talk about pot calling the kettle black. Kek

No. 704995

True but Greg is also the same person tweeting violent disgusting things in the midst of abuse allegations.

No. 704999

He probably imagined it was Netunesa writing him that while he stroked his tiny peen

No. 705000

There is an actual website that connects with that "Hebephile.com"

"Coming October 2019" I want to barf.

No. 705001

File: 1568661413898.png (8.55 KB, 558x202, Screenshot_2019-09-16 Hebephil…)

Screenshot might be useless, but for those who don't have Twitter the account has been created this month. Shocking, I know.

No. 705002

File: 1568661564379.jpg (118.3 KB, 720x1560, EEm1shCXkAQ4PM0.jpg)

Not mine, and I hope it has not been posted yet.

No. 705004

Someone’s been posting his answers from his “ask me questions” thing and he seems to be flat denying everything and claiming what’s on the internet is false. He’s trying to make out like he’s Johnny Depp and is the real victim in all of this.

No. 705005

Lame knows whether she likes it or not Greg doesn’t respect her or care how she feels about it. He’s not attracted to her anymore. Any lady that comes around him is a potential girlfriend or mate in his mind.

No. 705006

File: 1568661797212.png (30.01 KB, 920x416, chrome_M5vAu3Kh7Y.png)

No. 705009

I hope Sarah sees this and it makes her spill even more

No. 705010

I hope Sarah responds to this with text message receipts (or whatever it was sent on)

No. 705011

I doubt Lainey had interest and I would bet he was the one interested in sending nudes to get some underage ones back. I don’t know if he would have taken a nude picture she took and sent it to Sarah on his own or otherwise just pressured her.

She is a glutton for praise and would send a lot of selfies for Sarah or whoever to say one handsome boi but she doesn’t seem sexually motivated like Greg.

Tinfoil but…

No. 705012

he has started responding to questions, feigning ignorance, as evidence to authorities that he had no idea Kai was sending nudes to minors.

No. 705013

Omg you called it I reckon.

No. 705014


He's not actually denying anything, just trying to get off on technicalities.
According to Sarah, they had sex approx. 6 months after she turned 18. so he keeps saying "Right After" because in his mind, "right after" mean same month or whatever.

For Lainey's shit, this is the second time he's said she had no "intention" of sending nudes. He is 100% going off the excuse that it was an accident. Even though all it would take to disprove that is Sarah to post the screenshots. If there is ANY conversation surrounding the nudes, they could prove she sent them intentionally.
Otherwise, she would notice immediately that she sent a photo with her fucking tit out and be all like "OMG I didn't mean to send that!"

I mean we all know it's BS cause who the hell accidentally sends TWO nudes? But until sarah posts further proof, he can keep that charade up.

No. 705015

what a strange wording. is he going to try and claim that it was an accident, therefore she never "had an interest" in sending them?

No. 705016

samefag but I guess in this example he said she "had no interest" but the fact remains the same, he's implying it was accident or maybe she was coerced who the hell knows

No. 705018

knowing how autistic he is about definitions, maybe he's going to argue it's not a nude because shes wearing a shirt in the photo lol

No. 705019

He's trying to play dumb so he has no connection to the nudes Lainey sent, so if or when she does have to take responsibility he can claim he had no idea she was like that and that he feels betrayed! etc

No. 705021

according to legalmatch, the age of consent doesn't apply when:

When sexual activity occurs between two parties who have a “significant relationship,” the older person is at least 60 months older than the younger person, and the older person abuses the relationship to bring about the sexual activity. In a “significant relationship,” the older person has/does:
Taken the responsibility, as a professional or as a volunteer, for providing education, health, welfare or recreational activities for minors;
As part of their job, supervise minors; and/or
As part of their job, provide care to the elderly and vulnerable.

does this mean he's fucked?

No. 705022

File: 1568662553695.png (53.64 KB, 906x463, grooming.PNG)

No. 705023

samefag, what site is he using for the questions?

No. 705024

I read this before and honestly, I am not sure. It seems to imply the significant relationship means something like a teacher, boy scout leader, etc etc.
I am not even sure what having medical power of attorney over a minor makes you. He likes to claim it was not HE who had the power but Lainey, but as Lainey's spouse I don't think that matters. He still counts.

No. 705026

"even right when turned 18" he wants a medal for not fucking sarah on her birthday?

No. 705027

the site lists volunteers of health and welfare of a person as breaking age of consent laws, which their household has done

No. 705028

there he goes again with the "right after she turned 18"

But according to sarah's timeline, he slept with her during her VERY NEXT VISIT after turning 18. She was not even in the same state as them until January 2019, and he slept with her that month. That was his first opportunity.

No. 705029

read the rules

No. 705030

Could be, but I feel like medical power of attorney is more of an administrative role than an actual caregiving role. The definitions ive read liken it to a business agreement.

I am definitely not saying it is NOT something that could fuck him, I just don't really know.

No. 705031


hes currently responding to most questions, as of recently 4 mins ago

No. 705032

File: 1568663418744.jpg (54.77 KB, 582x578, fgafgsdfgt.JPG)

No. 705034

File: 1568663636082.png (76.74 KB, 913x497, m9RPSVQ.png)

He's actually trying to push the "Sarah blackmailed us" narrative. Holy shit.

No. 705037


His own. Don't go checking, though, he has ads all over the page and I'm sure he gets some kind of ad revenue for clicks and page views. Just wait for the screenshots.

No. 705038

The problem here is that because Sarah was sixteen and was apparently legally allowed to have sex with her, that makes her an adult and nullifies Kai sending pics to any minors.

Also, I love that patronizing tone. It means these questions are getting under his scales, whether he admits to it or not.

No. 705040

File: 1568663954749.png (153.98 KB, 704x1142, Capture _2019-09-16-15-43-24.p…)

didnt a farmer here just mention Johnny depp too? coincidence or you lurkin grugly?

No. 705043

I had a stalker when I was 16-current who tried to groom me online. He would claim it was just internet drama despite calling my work trying to get me fired, harassing my dad and 12 year old sister, contacting my classmates, and stalking my social media. The way Greg talks to these girls reminds me of a letter my stalker mailed me when I was 16 that said: it would sure be a shame if you disappeared or something bad happened to you.(blog)

No. 705044

he is definitely lurking
where the hell would he get Johnny Depp from

he knows he’s nothing like Johnny Depp though and that him and Kainey are both disgusting predators

No. 705045

Lmao, that or Johnny Depp is his new role idol. Being a victim and an abuser at the same time sounds right up Greggles' alley.

No. 705046

Until further notice, I'm just going to assume that lainey is chained in the basement, getting the shit beat out of her… Especially considering what Sh said about having to sleep in his room for constant sex. He probably took her phone away and blocked her computers from the internet. Spooky that someone called 911 last night. I hate the bitch, but I do hope she's okay

If she had left with the kids, Grug would be posting about that, instead of hornyposting. Dude only thinks with his dick.

No. 705047

"go be happy " translates to his passive aggressive form of go fuck yourself. gurgle… we see through your bullshit """"positive vibes"""""

No. 705049

Ok I've read it a few times now and it seems like what he's saying is 'I consider 16+ to be adults and I am choosing my words very carefully.'

Johnny Depp was silent whilst he collected evidence to prove his innocence. He didn't just sit back and say that Amber Heard is silly and I have no interest in hitting any adult.

No. 705050

It doesn’t. Age of consent doesn’t apply to sexting/sending nudes over internet.
I took a screenshot on my pc of a site with this info but I’m not at home right now

No. 705051

That wasn’t him that was me don’t worry lol. I was just pointing out how he’s pivoting to try to excuse everything.

I just don’t understand what he’s doing. Is he just going to deny, deny, deny? Does he think it will just be a he said-she said (and she and she and another she) and he’ll be okay in the court of public opinion?

No. 705052

I know. I'm just saying that's his point of view on the issue. Greg isn't capable of actually answering the questions. He's dancing around all of them.

No. 705053

I doubt Greg would do anything physical to her. No doubt Greg is guilting her about all this coming out since her jealousy is what kicked all this off.. Lainey was so jealous over Sarah she had to lie about feeling raped to get her out of the house.

No. 705054


Do you guys think he may have chained her to the basement as a punishment for the nudes and Sarah? He's just banging the shit out of her as a punishment for what she did? That's the only way this tweet makes sense in any context >>704816

Billie didn't go for it, but Lainey did

No. 705056

*outside of the context of “kinky” sex

I think he will be very bad to her where he can get away with it.

No. 705058

He's not attracted enough to her to do that. plus, he'd never take care of the kids

No. 705059

Johnny Depp was silent because he was grieving over the loss of his mother, filming movies, and collecting his own evidence before pursuing legal action, Jimmy. You're doing nothing all day but using your family as buffers from criticism and jacking off in the shower. Your situations are nowhere near comparable.

No. 705061


Im not referencing it was you Im saying Greg may have seen it and now uses johnny depp as a reference

No. 705062


no, police went to his house last night on a welfare check and everything was fine.

No. 705063

How do you know that?

No. 705064

Why are you guys giving him attention? Why are you listening to him? Asking questions? Who cares about his invented narratives? Point and laugh, don't interact, ffs.

No. 705065

read the thread jfc

No. 705067


jfc lurk more and read up it was mentioned over 20 times now

No. 705068

people would be more likely to read the thread if there was more signal and less noise.

No. 705069

That doesn't mean everything is fine…

The silence is just eerie, idk. And how he's speaking for her. We know now that he takes phones away, so maybe she's just being made to clean the house or something as another anon said.

No. 705070


Either he's lurking or it’s a coincidence and he's just latched onto the Depp saga because it's the most recent high profile situation where a man was "cancelled" because of hearsay. He's hoping the comparison will earn him empathy points but he doesn't realize that 1) Depp isn't completely innocent and 2) Their situations are actually nothing alike.

I am expecting an Andy-Biersack-level obsession

No. 705072

Samefag, but it took a lot for these women to speak out their voice (since he's been suppressing it and pushing his own narrative), it's a damn shame to give it straight back to Onision. He's had years and years to say his piece, and he did. Fuck his qna.

No. 705074


It’s probably the second thing but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was lurking. If I were him (barf) I’d be keeping tabs on everything to see what I have to defend myself and anticipate problems.

This site is great for a lot of reasons especially cataloguing all his trash behavior but it does probably also give him a heads up on stuff and improve his strategy.

That’s why I’m glad the girls all have a group chat so they can stay organized and ahead without him being able to see what’s coming next.

No. 705077

The main issue with him comparing himself to Depp is that 1. He hasn’t had an almost 10 year history of the exact same behavior towards women, most behavior which O publicly admits to and brags about.

2. He hasn’t had EVERY SINGLE public ex come out with the exact same accusations.

When not even one ex can say they ended on good terms, or even simply that he isn’t an abusive fuck, there’s an issue. Hell, if it was only 2 or 3 of them I’d say he has some room for reasonable doubt, but when every single one can verify the exact same story and back it up with texts and emails, there’s no doubt in that.

No. 705079

Is the group chat reserved for the Onion Girls only or can farmers get on it too?

Btw who else is in it besides the youngins?

No. 705080

Why do you need to know? That’s something not connected to lolcow.

No. 705083


It's super creepy that you want in on it. This isn't a group chat for shits and giggles. It's probably meant as a support group.

Fuck outta here james.(hi cow)

No. 705084

File: 1568667112542.jpeg (639.54 KB, 1125x1458, ED00F623-8DF6-45B8-A6AB-365582…)

(twitter commentary isn't milk)

No. 705086

Greg confirmed for tiny cheeto dick. Dirty bastard.

No. 705087

File: 1568667272060.jpeg (71.52 KB, 550x440, 6D4CD5C9-234B-4D09-8637-61625C…)

Does he seriously think this damage control is working?

No. 705089

I was just asking since everyone keeps mentioning it, please calm down and change your tampons.

>inb4 Greg


Niqmo is one of Jim Jones’ aliases!

No. 705090


Has anyone looked into this?

No. 705091

Pretty sure it was a traffic ticket or running a red light or something

No. 705094

I know we’re not talking about every sock account he has going but he’s interacting with lane and getting totally destroyed.

Part of me thinks he’s attention starved and wants to tweet them to get any interaction. That’s also why he’s opening up questions too I think.

I wonder when he’ll finally unprivate.

No. 705095

it was also the name of one of his old sites.

No. 705096

It’s not letting me listen but gig harbor is west, not east.

No. 705097

>>The point is he was a grown ass man insulting and harassing teen girls

then all the anti o's on twitter should be classified as onision victims lol and all ex pay pigs

No. 705098

Watch the tinfoiling about socks. None of it has ever been confirmed and there has historically been plenty of trolls.

No. 705099

Pierce county anon here
Pierce county is not small. It’s all of Tacoma Lakewood parkland gig harbor etc. it’s very large

No. 705101

Thats probably why he started to cry like a little bitch when AJ wouldnt suck his dick lmao

No. 705103

Sh talked about how having sex with Greg gave her UTIs and vaginal issues as well after having frequent sex with Greg…

so Kai got cold sores and nonstop UTIs as well, and probably Billie and Sarah had them too. that’s absolutely disgusting.

No. 705104

File: 1568670431775.jpg (46.37 KB, 348x585, activity.JPG)

No. 705105

i think what he's implying is that kai didn't SEND the pictures herself, and that instead sarah somehow gained possession of them and is now using them as ammunition. seems like the kind of mental gymnastics he pulls whenever he needs to get out of a tight spot; plausible deniability n all that.

No. 705106

File: 1568670464391.jpg (31.83 KB, 345x506, dfgffffff.JPG)

No. 705108

File: 1568670914420.png (19.78 KB, 592x182, MrHF8SU.png)

No. 705109

File: 1568670924536.png (1.19 MB, 1366x768, mydad.png)

The video is his usual garbage: a song about a father and his child arguing about what happened to his mom. Turns out, the dad killed her. What a surprise. A+ comedy.

No. 705110

but what of the images she sent Regina?

Also - I don't think they would've shared these photos online if Sarah had obtained them in any other way other than them being sent to her, but Greg is hoping his dumbass fans wont think of that.

No. 705111


why does this dude own so many adult diapers

No. 705112

does he even know what “age of consent” means? he seems to have googled every definition except that one.

No. 705113

hes not wrong

No. 705115

Tinfoil but i think hes trying to convince Lainey that what they have is special and his abusive is his way of loving her or some shit when in reality he doesnt give a shit about her and she could be anyone else and it wouldnt make a difference to him.
Wake up Kainey.

No. 705116

File: 1568686623337.jpeg (123.39 KB, 1242x825, 853B959F-786A-4D77-82BE-B60A99…)

So that @niqmo127 twitter accounts been confirmed as an Onion sock account

No. 705117


No. 705118

‘Niqmo’ was also the name of Greg’s failed web hosting company. http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Niqmo

No. 705123

File: 1568688298197.jpeg (334.42 KB, 1241x1637, B9FF8C5C-8589-4962-8296-F02D1F…)

Regina posted this while the site was down. Seems relevant considering how many people believe teens to be their mo. She looks like she’s in fucking elementary school. Kai and Greg found this to be attractive and persued/flirted with a literal child.

No. 705125

As if there was any doubt. Hilarious how he's trying to go after Lane on Twitter though. Another failed attempt at controlling the narrative and scaring these girls off. Never gonna happen, Grease Dick.

No. 705127


I know it’s not relevant to current milk, but wtf is with this fool and wearing diapers

No. 705128

File: 1568688747254.jpg (556.81 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20190917-125046_Twi…)

I feel sick watching this video now .

No. 705133

File: 1568689028275.jpg (610.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190916-214528_Chr…)

This Twitter user says Jimmy Greasey told his patreon rejects hes posting vomit worthy faux BDSM shit specifically trying to trigger his victims

Is this the point where his patrons are like "are we the baddies?" How on earth can they act like that's ok/support that? Arent they all the tumblr uwu SJW types??

No. 705134

File: 1568689054288.jpg (552.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190916-214536_Chr…)

No proof, she hasnt posted the audio maybe to protect the source?

No. 705135

Samefag but I can't help but pick apart Lainey's choice of words… Sarah "it's very hard to get emancipated these days", Lainey "I have… WE had been looking at options for her for what a year"
This tells me SHE was putting the idea of emancipating from her parents in her head from at least her being 15, why encourage a teen from across the country to do such a thing, unless they offered to become her legal guardians I don't see how Sarah would've been seriously considering that.

No. 705136

he's a sexual deviant but aside from that a troll mailed him a sample package of diapers as a joke but he ended up wearing them in videos
exactly anon, they never had good intentions

No. 705137

Dat schnoz

No. 705138

Okay so everyone should basically act how they always have and not listen to him or his fan accounts. He always tries to start rumors that are more outrageous (like even the self-started rumor about him being a murderer or trying to kill himself because the slight red patch on his neck).

Hopefully the people who were victims and in his life can fact check along the way.

No. 705140

An almost 34 year old married father of two is intentionally trying to trigger ladies a decade younger than him by larping as a shite Christian Grey. Oh wow you got us Greg.

No. 705141

File: 1568690077884.png (5.45 MB, 2436x1125, 35900763-E285-4F34-B4D3-3A0B23…)

I don’t know if this is exactly relevant but I think it has to do a big with Greg’s whole Julia story or whatever. I was watching one of his old videos where he shares pictures of himself and his family/friends. I couldn’t help but notice this picture because of the year, ‘97. Greg was born in ‘85, making him 12 in this picture, a year older than when he was molested by Julia. Does this kid really look 15 to you guys? Cause he looks like a child to me. Thoughts?

No. 705144

File: 1568690211902.png (4.66 MB, 2436x1125, 0EB81051-9ADA-405A-8D99-D4F63F…)

Samefag but here’s his picture from ‘98

No. 705145

File: 1568690309398.jpg (263.21 KB, 1080x1385, IMG_20190917_041712.jpg)

Greg literally writes as if he's fucking God the Holy He. "I DID WHAT I WOULD OF WANTED SO HEED TO ME!"

This was already posted and discussed in a previous thread.

No. 705156

File: 1568692700259.jpg (212.82 KB, 722x1430, IMG_20190917_115716.jpg)

Wow what a troll

No. 705157

File: 1568692737929.jpeg (397.43 KB, 750x1013, ECFEA09F-C616-4AB0-B0B0-FE05F6…)

This was actually part of a back and forth between “notgreg” and Repzion. I guess we all have to bow down to Greg when he does something slightly human. Nope. Get fucked

No. 705163

and here Greg makes it plain exactly why he provided said help in the first place.

No. 705165

Yup. Completely self serving. He won't do anything unless it benefits him. He thought this sprinkle of good karma would make up for a swampload of bad karma he hasn't cashed in on yet.

No. 705175

he really thought he was owed a debt of silence here. thus his use of the word "repay"

No. 705176

The guy claims he takes 4 showers a day but probably doesn't even know how to clean his dick properly and that's why he keeps giving his partners UTIs. Nasty

No. 705177

File: 1568695265588.jpg (129 KB, 1239x821, hahahahaha.JPG)

Just incase Grugly wants to tell us we're awful and bullying him - we're just following his advice! This is what he wants us to do!

No. 705178

That isn't really Greg.

No. 705184

File: 1568696070089.png (836.91 KB, 720x1127, 20190916_235253.png)

Assuming this pic was taken the day he posted, Plainey came back home at least 3 days ago. Look at the arm tat.

No. 705185

File: 1568696273221.png (566.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190916-235658.png)

Well well well

No. 705186

File: 1568696404227.png (435.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190916-235938.png)

No. 705188

File: 1568696615646.png (769.24 KB, 1021x740, lol wtff.png)

he's really selling this nasty ass wig for 7$ plus 6.79 shipping

No. 705191


Ok what the fuck. Who the hell does he think wants this shit? I can't.

No. 705195


Maybe he should sell her graduation cap and birth certificate too? No respect what so ever in any way shape or form. That is not his to sell! That's his pedowife's shit so she can pawn it in jail!


What next? The adult diapers he continually wears in his videos? Or maybe when he runs out of physical items he will start selling exclusive UTI's to his patreons, one dick thrust for a UTI only $750

No. 705200

File: 1568697550993.png (298.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190917-001647.png)

Maybe it's symbolic. His fans are his "bees" who are retarded enough to destroy themselves for their "queen". Or he's literally looking for his next "queen bee"? Idk anons. What do you think?

No. 705201

>You continue to expose Onision after I… uh I mean, HE helped you
>This is how you repay him
That Jimbo's actually writing to Repzion using his sock account is all new levels of pathetic. He acts like Repzion owes him fuck all. Had Jimmy published the pics in question it would've only made him look even worse and he knows it. He knows damn well he was only doing himself a favor. Total weasel.

No. 705202

probs doesn't mean shit, he's going to manic and RanD0mzz

No. 705204

>I think they are taking this time to get the house in order
>so when police or CPS shows up, it looks like they don't allow their kids to live in filth and put a good front.

Most reasonable tinfoil I've seen recently. They are both absolute brainlets but one thing they do know how to do well is put on a good front for the public. That's how they managed to pull one over on CPS the last time.

Whatever the case, the Avaroe/Jackson's are good at putting on a front. So even if something sketchy went down they'd both answer the door looking perfectly normal. This is part of what psychopaths do. Put on a nice little face for the public (or in the Jackson's case, the authorities), while doing heinous shit behind the scenes.

No. 705208

>He’s not attracted to her anymore.
You'd think she would've figured that out after he tried ditching her for Billie. Now she's doing the transtrender/fuckboi thing in the hopes of getting his attention? Meanwhile he's busy fapping in his basement to loli/incest hentai.
He's definitely planning on throwing Kainey under the bus. He calls her dumb bitch because she has to be to stay with him after he's proven he has no respect for her as a human being. He's not going to take the fall for her - she's nothing but a doormat to him.

No. 705210

>Does he seriously think this damage control is working?
He's a brainlet, it's what he does best.
If anyone deserves a father of the year award, it's him.
>why does this dude own so many adult diapers
Manbaby confirmed

No. 705211

Tbh Repzion doesn't need YouTube drama to pay for his training anymore. He could have stopped making video about Greg and greatly diminish the amount of disturbing shit he is exposed to on a weekly basis. It's not unfair to say he is here for YT money and drama now. Video and Internet drama are not solving the issue now. Actual victims have to sue his ass. They can milk Greg all they want to get some comfort but the onion isn't really affected. In the end Greg lost more from EC drama than child grooming.

No. 705213

File: 1568699016203.png (705.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190917-004215.png)

He originally wanted more for all of it. Also, this. He's selling more of his YT crap.

No. 705215

>backup in court to prove hes just kinky and bdsm and not abusing his spouse or lovers
That's how he tries to cover it to avoid accountability. A cow if there ever was one.
Since we know he has access to all her sm it's highly likely.

No. 705216

>In the end Greg lost more from EC drama than child grooming.
In the end? This is far from over. Not counting anything that may or may not be legally pending.

No. 705217

File: 1568699225149.png (451.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190917-004552.png)

No. 705218

I think that price is the "original" price as in like I bought all of this for x amount but you pay y amount. At least that's how I remember poshmark listings work.

No. 705219

He must REALLY be pressed for cash if he's trying to sell off this literal trash to his fanbase that he obviously has no respect for:
>Hey fans, have my lice ridden wigs at a discount price!

No. 705220

I didn't know. Either way it's what he valued these literal pieces of trash for. If someone doesn't buy them I bet they'll end up in rags strewn out throughout his lawn.

No. 705221

>He was twitter jailed for the worst of these last night, the only reason the "lol so bdsm" tweets stopped was bc he literally couldn't post
I was wondering how long it would take twitter to shut his ass up. Can't wait until he gets himself banned on all sm. That must be why he created his little onion site.

No. 705222

what are you talking about anon? Twitter hasn't done anything to him.

pretty sure that anon was referring to him making a post about having to get off the internet for a few hours to deal with something.

No. 705224

>I can help him uwu
Says the mother of the year who told Sarah she wouldn't leave even if Jimbo physically assaulted her/beat her. Yeah that's some help, dumbfuck. Way to protect your fucking children.
>I don't think he's sane enough to talk to a lawyer/get his affairs in order. Hiding evidence?
Onision has shown himself capable of wearing a convincing mask of sanity, at least to people who don't know any better.

No. 705226

>People try to convince others they're right by isolating details
Pot calling the kettle black, as per usual. Predictable narc is predictable.

No. 705229

>Onision: I did nothing wrong. I am innocent.
>Proceeds to create sock accounts to harass, bully and intimidate the girls HE ABUSED
She's wearing braces and everything. Not surprised the Onion's were after her.

No. 705235

>Is being a Hebephile (attracted to children age 9-13) a sexual orientation or a choice?
>Let's talk about it ^_^

The phrasing alone makes it sound like something a child predator would say. Any half decent person thinking about harming or otherwise PREYING on children would take themselves to a shrink, not sit there rationalizing whether or not it's about a or b. Hopefully he commits neck rope, whoever he is.

>You're doing nothing all day but using your family as buffers from criticism and jacking off in the shower.


No. 705240

There's countless youtube vids showing him directly contradicting himself, lying repeatedly, insisting nothing ever happened, or was going to happen. There's even video of Lainey/Kainey contradicting what he's saying here. Why is even trying at this point?

Tinfoil: this is all for practice in case a detective comes knocking he'll have his usual scripted answers prepared.

No. 705242

File: 1568701720188.png (244.48 KB, 1301x668, Screenshot_2019-09-16 You're a…)

lol. And is that a Tesla ad? Does Tesla know they're sponsoring an (alleged) child groomer/abuser of women?(repost)

No. 705248

File: 1568703111298.png (271.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-09-17-16-35-52…)

Any truth to this ?
Disturbing but not surprising.

No. 705249


Amber is Sarah's friend so I doubt she'd lie about that.

No. 705253

Amber's in their friendgroup so I believe her, but still surprising considering Jimmy said anal's disgusting and expects his partners to shower after they use the toilet.

No. 705257

He literally lies about everything. He probably says that because Lainey wont do it.
He is seriously using the Clinton defense
>it was in the ass so its not technically sex because sex is for procreation.

No. 705258

poor sarah, object is right. this sick fuck needs chemical castration, prison or euthanasia

No. 705261

Is Sarah ok with her friend putting this on sm?

Both he and his hoe are disgusting. Only adults who're completely sick in the head send nudes >>704693 to teenagers. She's supposed to be a mother with two small children and ends up looking like some two bit whore. If Lainey was trying to make her face look extra punchable there, she succeeded.

No. 705271

File: 1568712703310.png (27.11 KB, 592x556, 9172019.PNG)

Anyone else not able to view?
I think he was getting upset over the questions from non-asslickers bringing up everything hes trying to keep suppressed.

No. 705273

Saged for autism but anyone else noticed YouTube gets flooded with cartoon 'I'm a banana' vids whenever the shtf?

No. 705275

Yep, he closed it down.
Lmao, cute how he always thinks he could handle his haters, but as soon as he gets bombarded with logic and FAX he shits himself and goes private.

No. 705277

File: 1568713843991.png (265.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-09-17-19-38-42…)

Proof nothing will come of any of this.
Cant scream pedo and then demand 'keep the kids out it '.
That's not how its going to work when accusations like this go public.

No. 705280


its the same with the pronouns thing people keep prattling on about having to use the right pronouns to not give Greg any retort.
When they're pedophiles I say it doesn't matter what they say, theres no coming back from that, call them whatever you like.

No. 705281

i'd like to congratulate the staff here with giving me my ninth millionth ban, how do you people still have folks posting here? is it usually just you guys posting amongst yourself or what?

No. 705282

What do you think is going to come of this legally? At best Lainey will get busted by federal authorities for sending nudes to minors and receiving nudes from those same minors. And as for Greg he may have fucked up when it comes to the letter of the law regarding sex with someone that was under your legal guardianship. Ive read in some states you are not allowed to have sex with a foster child until they are 21. And if proven he may get busted for grooming Sarah but that's a stretch. Plus Greg might get wrangle up in Laineys charges as an accomplice.
No one gains anything finding out the schools that his children attend.

read the rules https://lolcow.farm/rules and maybe you wont get banned so often and learn to sage my friend

No. 705283

Lmao imagine unironically campaigning on Twitter like you're a hero while whole heartingly believing onision is a pedo, only to say the kids have nothing to do with it.
Poor Sarah, the source of support she has are a bunch of low IQ retards who were dumb enough to be fans in the first place.

No. 705285

I only use their new names and pronouns when talking to their fans because if you don't they latch onto that and the conversation deteriorates. Its best to get past that barrier and then start working on showing the fan they are supporters of garbage human-beings.

How does telling the intimate details about his kids lives help any court case against the Onions. It seems you might be one of the shitty people wanting dirt on his kids and are covering it with this argument.

No. 705287

Yh I get what you mean. Like it feels like “leave the kids out of it” is usually just used as a moral soapbox but if you’re going to expose their father to the public as a grooming pedo then you should kinda know you’re already involving his kids. I genuinely feel bad for this kids and I can’t see how they are going to be online on any platform, obviously not bc of what they have done, but because both their parents are disgusting pieces of shit.

No. 705288

File: 1568716218991.png (10.26 KB, 516x257, 4344.PNG)

Lovebombning at almost 3am swamp time? Somethings happening. Hes either not slept or woke up earlier because of trouble in the house.

No. 705289


lol they banhammer for the most trivial stupid reasons, if you think i am going to read that 2358 thousand page thing you must think people don't have anything other to do. and it isn't just me, its everyone. you read more red lines on this site than actual peoples posts

No. 705290


and thats another thing, the precious little sage thing. why not just built in an option like they have on ED, that you just click on "major update" when its relevant, then you people don't have to constantly ban for "not saging".
also, why the heck would I sage in this thread? its PINNED, so saging doesn't make a damn bit of difference!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 705291

Knowing Onision has kids doesnt add to the ability to expose him. Yes it gets peoples emotions involved "OMG he has KIDS!?" but it does nothing to further him being unmasked.

Okay, enjoy your next ban then.

No. 705292


hey buddy, i'm not doing anything different here i do on kiwifarms and ED, haven't been banned there once in many years and i'm even an admin myself on one of those sites.

No. 705295


k but you’re shitting up the thread. not here to read your history of bans, go blog about it elsewhere.

No. 705296

This isn't KF or ED
Maybe stay over there then and stop clogging the thread with your whining

No. 705297

File: 1568717185404.png (21.67 KB, 1325x116, sage.png)

We do have something similar to "major updates" here, but it only works when people do sage.
Can you please stop derailing? If you like KF or ED, why don't you just stay there?

No. 705298

Greg never had custody over Sarah, Lainey only had temporary guardianship over her I’m not sure if that means full custody or what..
It seems like Lainey may be in more trouble than Greg but the girls need to try to prosecute if something is going to be done about it.

No. 705300


I mention it because:

- You guys have been told this many times before that you ban too much, and I even know some former mods of this place who left due to in staff drama.
- Lulz, it upsets you guys when people are right and / or critical of your terrible mod staff.
- Advice from a PRO.
Take your pick. We need more red text ladies! Get crackin'!
Also, you guys yourself still don't know what Sage truly means, several people have mentioned this before and yet you still don't get it.
If there isn't an ED page on lolcow.farm yet there definitely should be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 705302

>We do have something similar to "major updates" here, but it only works when people do sage.

thats a boldface lie, and you ladies need to learn 2 code and make updates to your terrible standard chan script.
then again, you'd need a man to do that since women can't code for shit.

No. 705303


oh plus also, if that were true that makes you guys terrible coders. why not just have an option for "major update" (a little checkbox) under the text commenting box people can cross off when it is, and be done with it?
no instead you nag people to sage their posts day in day out and exhaust your own moderator staff. thats really awesome. one for the books keke

No. 705306

>newfag asks why they get banned
>doesn't sage posts

Mod complaints go to meta. No point sperging about it here.

>you ladies need to learn 2 code and make updates to your terrible standard chan script. then again, you'd need a man to do that since women can't code for shit.

And Kiwi was just hacked a few days ago, a lot of member info stolen. Big oof bruh

No. 705307


what does saging actually do though?

No. 705308

Ignore mad kiwifags derailing the thread.
If you have questions as to what sage is for besides not bumping the thread feel free to ask on /meta/ or read lolcow.farm/info but don't do it here.
Anyone who continues with this discussion will recieve a ban.

No. 705312

Fuck off, I wanna read about onion man here.

No. 705313

>Proof nothing will come of any of this.

That's not "proof" of anything. If James Jackson (pedo) and his wife Kai Jackson (pedo groomer) didn't think anything would come of this, they wouldn't be scrambling to salvage what's left of their fail reputations, with Jimmy boy posting autism all over sm keeping his footwife out of the public eye.

No. 705315

Greg could still slightly impress me. When Repzion releases the video and Greg decides NOT to post the photos.
But what are the chances…

No. 705318

He's not going to post the photo. That's not even an option, I'm sure. Not because "it's the right thing to do", but because it would make him look terrible.

No. 705319


thing is, history has proven that his scrambling works. in a few months, all will be forgotten and the kids will still be in a toxic (at the very least) environment, likely with a new 'trinity member' about to boot.

we have a dirty environment, daily verbal abuse, neglect, a bloke who doesnt seem to care about anyone elses wellbeing but his own and his dicks, a transbloke who doesn't care about anything besides the aforementioned bloke and the aforementioned blokes dick. im also kind of worried about how much all this sexual nonsense is thrown in those kids faces. look at gerg acted on twitter just to 'trigger' his victims. are the kids around this sort of BDSM talk and interaction, if greg just happens to wanna be that way with his partners?

i dunno, but surely the kids should be mentioned considering how much more serious this all becomes because of their existence in that household?

keeping them out of it completely makes this stay as what greg wants it to stay as - silly internet drama and is pretty meaningless and is over now anyway. when really, its a lot more serious than that for those kids, fucking their lives up massively even disregarding the barely legal teens being lured

No. 705321

Greg's already holding his "good deed" over Repzion's head via his sock acct >>705145

Apparently, Greg doing what a normal, decent human being would do is such a big fucking stretch for him. And all his sock accounts are so obvious they're called out every time. The only thing he succeeds at is being a horrible father.

No. 705322

>>705282 did i even mention where they go to school?
Apparently the dont anyway.
You seem to be missing the point.
Calling Greg/James out as a pedophile and then demanding the kids not be brought into a very public discussion is just plain stupid.
What do I expect to come of it?
I expect the females involved to actually DO something other than shit post on twitter.
Otherwise its just more attention to Greg,more views for Greg and no repercussions for Greg and Lainey.
Either hes a psycho mind warping law breaking who has endangered children in his house.. or he's not.
Seems like its all just drama for the sake of drama.

No. 705323

Think it like this.
If they say to leave the kids out of the picture it can't be used against the girls by onion, it stays as a hunt against him, his wife and their predatory ways, that already is working in favor of the children.
That however doesn't stop the general public from thinking and commenting about the kids and they know this.

You really think without a legal case happening yet it would be smart of them to start a thing with the onion kids?

No. 705324

You guys are acting like there's anything left of Jimmy and Kainey to cancel. They're both nobodies. Onion hasn't gotten more than a few thousand views on any of his videos in years, and the only people who follow him are braindead retards who have been told a million times he's a piece of shit and are too stupid to care. Footwife barely has an internet presence since she locked her accounts, got too lazy for YouTube and alienated her fans with her trans bullshit and ugly husband she keeps putting in her videos. Both of them barely make enough money to live on patron between having 2 young children, a mortgage, the IRS bending them over and all the other bills they have.
Yes, it would be nice to see them face jail time or at least be kicked off YouTube but it's never going to happen. Don't harass and guilt his victims into taking legal action which would be lengthy, humiliating and expensive ordeal for them. Might as well enjoy the milk while it lasts.

And stop fucking calling CPS, the kids are never going to be taken away while they have a roof over their head, are fed and clothed and don't walk around with giant bruises. CPS only cares about kids who are beaten and starving, unfortunately living in a garbage heap of a house with 2 screeching autists for parents is not enough for them to be whisked away to fosters.

No. 705326

>I expect the females involved
It's up to them how they decide to handle it. You act like they don't have a plan or something. Believe it or not, they know Jimmy better than you do.
>history has proven that his scrambling works
What's happening now is unprecedented, that is a fact. So he can repeat his same bs all he likes, it won't make a difference for him.

No. 705327

The more strangers call to CPs and other services against them the less effective it is. like the anon above just said, they have a roof over their heads, are well fed, clean, have clothes and two parents more than capable of acting everything is ok and the internet just hates them because they are public figures.
Kicking and crying about it on lolcow of all places also doesn't take their kids away btw justice warriors

No. 705328


>What's happening now is unprecedented, that is a fact

but its not though? it's happened plenty of times before. back when Lainey was a teen girl, people were talking about her being groomed etc. from a young age. then that died down and the cycle started again. and again. and again. even before lainey, people were trying to call out greg for serious crap. way back to Sh, people were talking about him crossing state lines and grooming and such.

this has all happened before. i remember it, saw it all happen.


but without a legal case, nothing is working in favour of the children. its just internet drama that, if anything, is making greg angrier and more voltatile, which works against them

but lets be honest, there's not gonna be a legal case anyway. none of these girls speaking out are gonna do anything. no one else is gonna do anything.

its all just internet drama. and its sad, because those kids are being fucked up by this. but no, we're not allowed to mention that, cus 'dont mention the kids'.

No. 705329

>this has all happened before
You're leaving out key details which (unless you're trolling), if you've actually been paying attention you'd know for a fact that this time is very much different from all the rest. But you believe what you want.

If you have a problem with how the ladies are handling it, take it up with them.

No. 705330

All this back and forth is for nothing. The rules are the rules and you will eventually receive a ban and we wont have to read you lamenting about the kids.
If the mods had a rule that we cant talk about the vehicles the cows drive then we aren't going to talk about the cars, you know why? Because its a bannable rule. If you don't like the rules make your own site.

No. 705335

Exactly. Lane is annoying. Their fucking pronoun policing is destructing and fucking confusing if you don't know who Jimmy and Taylor are.
They don't take this serious at all if their nummer one focus is recpecting Taylors pronouns and her new identity.
Their "don't talk about the kids" is pissing me off. No one wants to discuss or bad mouth them, but it's definitely relevant what an impact all of those situations with the girls had on them.

*correction, with "they" I mean all of the girls that aren't directly involved, and not Lane

No. 705338


I think, more than anything, Lane just wants to avoid giving Greg the opportunity to focus on that instead of replying to what matters….because you know he'd latch onto that if they were all calling Lainey the wrong name/pronouns. "The people who accuse us don't even respect my husband's identity!" or some dumb shit.

I wish everyone would just call Kai "Kai" to avoid all that stupidity in the first place. No need for pronouns, just say "Kai" every time. Though I guess people will have an issue with that too…

No. 705341

People should see through the transtrending as it’s a ploy/part of the manipulation. Kaild predator should be exposed for everything. Same as Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv.

No. 705342

Sorry but I can't follow your logic.
They are accused of being pedophiles. Ignoring it but clinging onto "you didn't respect my pronouns" makes them look even more guilty.
Why even worry about that? That pronoun argument is worth nothing in their case.

No. 705343

If you try to reason with anyone who likes either of them they will instantly shut you down for ignoring their pronouns. No one is saying you have to agree with the pronouns here, I think we are all on the same page that Lainey is not trans in any shape or form and is just fucked in the head. If she was trans she'd actually go to a psychiatrist or what the fuck ever they go to. Their sycophants and ex sycophants will treat you like you murdered their grandmother if you don't call Lainey he/him or Kai so its just easier to go along with the charade everywhere else besides the farm.

No. 705344

Not that anon but, the logic is on this site I use Greg & Lainey he & she because I know its all a facade, but if you're speaking to fans then not using the current legal names or pronouns is an immediate stop sign. They will start to argue with you about that and not listen to anything you have to say. If you're just making declarations and not conversing with fans, sure go ahead and use their old names and pronouns and even bring up their transtrending but understand that you will only be met with "its HE/HIM!" "its Kai" and it will drown out any statement you're trying to make.

No. 705345


You're right, the pronoun argument is pointless and adds nothing to the conversation. I can't speak for Lane, but I know that personally its frustrating for me to watch someone who is guilty talk in circles about shit that doesnt matter rather than address said guilt.

At the end of the day, though, it doesn't matter. If this is being pursued legally, Greg can talk in circles online all he wants, he'll have to answer to someone (hopefully a judge) eventually.

No. 705346


yes and he can't shut anyone down for shit considering both Taylor and him groomed and fucked kids.
So that should shut them up in return right away.
"You misgendered complainey!"
"so? you both are pedophiles and you send nudes to kids and fuck them"

No. 705347

Here's the thing, nobody knows if there's anything going on legally behind the scenes and if there is, obviously the girls aren't going to talk about it.

In the livestream Lane and Regina did the other day, they were talking about how cOnCeRnED mOm took it upon herself to report this to the Sheriff's Department. Not to be too autistic about reading deeply into what she said about it, but she did mention how that could fuck up something they have happening legally if there were something happening legally.

My point is, nobody knows but we're still seeing posts claiming they're going to get away with it, or that it's gonna get swept under the rug and nobody is gonna be talking about it. It's fine to think that but what evidence do you have to claim it as a fact?

IF (big if) there's an investigation going on, everyone should know that it's not going to be quickly resolved and it's not going to be public. The girls aren't going to be able to talk about it and we may not know the first thing about it for a long time. The best thing we can all do is to keep the heat on these predators and watch them squirm.

I know we all have differing opinions on Repzion. But he does get lots and lots of views. For that reason, I'm personally stoked about his video coming out and I hope it's soon!

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 705348

why do you think whining about it here is going to change the girls minds? if it bothers you so much DM them, explain why is it stupid.

We all hate Lainey's special pronouns as much as you do, you're preaching to the choir here. I fail to see how wasting so many posts is going to change anything.

No. 705349

This is exactly it. I think it’s silly to debate how you want to refer to them here as but outside of this and a few other platforms he will ignore any real allegations in favor of falling into this same debate and claiming transphobia. So I would also suggest to try not to give him an out elsewhere but in the end you can do whatever you want lmao.

No. 705350

File: 1568724087508.png (268.3 KB, 577x562, ss.png)

No. 705351


Also, same anon you're replying to here. Want to clarify: I don't give a shit how they're referred to here lol, I'm sorry if that was unclear. I was just explaining what I believe to be the reason why Lane and other people engaging with Greg on twitter are choosing to play the pronoun game.

No. 705355

Video includes another jab about being investigated for human trafficking and 'wasting the police's time'.

No. 705356

If you're implying anyone's talking directly to Onision or Lainey, thats not going to happen for a long time after this recent lock down.
The only conversations are with fans. And if you dont play their game it wont be a long convo.

>Laineys a groomer and she sent nudes to underage girls

"its Kai and he goes by he/him"
>fuck that pedo transgender piece of shit I dont care
"then I dont care about your opinion bye"

If you're just wanting to piss off their fans and not show them the error of their ways then thats the perfect way to do it. Im trying to turn fans into "I used to be a fan" not just troll them.

No. 705357

It's pretty obvious they are using the trans status and changed names to try and escape from their crimes.

When people talk about Lainey, they call her "he" and "Kai." When they talk about Greg, they call him Greg or James. It sounds like there are entirely different people involved, and that's what they want.

The actions of guilty people attempting to cover their tracks.

No. 705358


It's so interesting that Greg thinks that this kind of "performance art" is much different or "better" than sitting in front of a camera and sperging about his issues. It all has the same results, yet he thinks this is more creative.

No. 705359

what is this nonsense? if anything being trans just makes people hate Kai more. hence all the nonsense posts focusing on Kai being fake!transgender. it's irrelevant, stop pushing your transphobia and start focusing on onion/Kai predatory behaviour(MUH TRANSPHOBIA, back to tumblr with you)

No. 705361

Anybody notice that he cleaned up the garbage outside? Maybe something Did happen.

No. 705363

What I also noticed is that when the girls talk about the things Lainey did and say "he" and "him" that it could easily confuse people who don't know the whole situation into thinking they're only talking about Onion.

No. 705365

Anyone else notice he seems to be padding it with curse words? When you watch an uncensored movie there's usually scenes with violent/sexual content in it that were originally cut for the public release. Nothing in that video would have to be cut except for bleeping out some words. The obligatory violence is mostly off camera and even the blood splatter is black instead of bright red. Ive noticed that even that small detail (large amounts of red blood) can get a movie an R rating so Im assuming YT does the same. This is so fucking lazy. Make a video, add a few fucks and a "baby fucking shit head" then post it to your Patreon so your fans think they're special then do a quick 5 minute edit bleeping out a few curse words and upload it to YouTube 2 days later to get monetized.

No. 705366

Sigh. Yeah, even for us that can be very confusing. No shade to those keeping these places trustworthy and current. But that's not the focus right now, we have better frosh to try.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 705368

*fish. Damned autocorrect.

No. 705370

File: 1568728481332.gif (654.45 KB, 330x270, birds.gif)

Does that fucker now own birds?

No. 705373

>>705361 police visited 15/09 possibly why the clean up has finally happened, and isn't the wetlands court stuff just around the corner too?
>even for us
>who tf is us?

Also https://lolcow.farm/info is your friend.

No. 705374

Yeah that's already happened with parts of Sarah's livestream. She was talking about he as in Kai, and people took it as meaning Greg.

Maybe just use their legal names since everyone's sperging about legal implications, may as well sync up the names.

Not to derail further but I'm so bored of the sperging itt about the authorities, there's just blocks of texts that add nothing to further the discussion.

This thread use to be to discuss how fucking vile and gross Onion is and it has the benefit of hurting his ego since he lurks like a motherfucker here.

Us anons can't hurt him with the law so I wish we would go back to our unfiltered opinions about what a train wreck his life is. This isn't a raiding thread with the intentions of bridgading Onion off the Internet. Its suppose to document all the fucked up shit he's at, the police sperging is dull in comparison.

No. 705375

Stop namefagging, learn to sage, and click the post number to add it to your post so people know who you're talking to and what you're responding to

No. 705376

File: 1568729159683.jpeg (239.52 KB, 828x778, 0ED57DAF-521F-4724-972B-B60809…)

Sarah’s best friend kinda confirmed she was gonna take action when she has some sort of stability in her life.

No. 705377

Using carrier pigeons to transport nudes back and forth to their new teenage victims. No fear of having the Internet Police sniffin' them out.

No. 705378

Probably why he's saying "Kai" has no desire in sending nudes to minors because "Kai" was going by Lainey when the nudes were sent.

No. 705380

This is so stupid but you actually might be right

No. 705381

>Does that fucker now own birds?

I think he may have had chickens at one point.No idea is they're still alive or have fallen to the Onions' neglect or discarding of animals when it all gets to be too much work.
Also that PandaGod chr is a total ripoff of Nostalgia Critic's Santa-Christ. Imagine being so unoriginal you plagiarize shit from Doug Fookin' Walker.

No. 705384

I believe that’s just a dog kennel with a bird flying behind it. Probably keeps the dogs locked up outside now

No. 705385

Don’t worry, he killed his chickens too.

No. 705386

Good eye anon! it certainly looks like an aviary. Oh well another species for the onions to add to their deathzoo.

No. 705387

ntayrt but if you look at the gif in the post you're replying to, it looks like they've got pigeons/other flighted birds in a roost in their back yard. anon isn't talking about the chicken they've long since killed.

I'd believe it, he seems to like to lure/purchase and trap living beings in his house so he can abuse them for a power trip and dispose of them when he's bored with them. wouldn't be a stretch to think they've got random birds trapped in a cage for him to torment.

No. 705388

I reckon he'd be too scared to have birds flapping about him they'd probably end up pecking his eyes out. Maybe the crows in his neighbourhood want him the fuck out too

No. 705389

real fucking over dudes pushing anal sex on women. real fucking over it. i sure hope that wasn't her first sexual experience.

No. 705390

File: 1568731569833.jpg (327.95 KB, 720x887, Screenshot_20190917-154238.jpg)

Based billie dropping the nudes kainey sent to her too.. lol be mad pedonisions.

No. 705391

File: 1568731635853.jpeg (723.31 KB, 1125x1715, 7616D189-CD7D-4EDE-AF16-509883…)

No. 705392

File: 1568731656271.png (1.49 MB, 1360x775, onioncarrot.png)

lmao wtf ? this is absolutely gross for this middle aged guy flapping around his saggy tiny carrot in front of his teenage audience .. ..skye was right .. it really does look like the half of a really thin sausage

No. 705393

File: 1568731778963.jpeg (248.74 KB, 750x1334, 81AA103E-3151-4A89-8917-48035A…)

No. 705395

ew did someone actually buy one

No. 705397

using the kids to try to get Billie to give a fuck.
they use their kids as meat shields for their trash behavior and then cry b-but muh kids!
fuck them both. if nothing else ends their fucking careers, karma will.

No. 705398

File: 1568732036346.jpeg (203.8 KB, 750x1334, D5CABEA0-CC32-4142-8664-466131…)

No. 705399

File: 1568732169858.jpeg (277.54 KB, 1125x1185, 15038958-BDFC-4C85-84E4-68E197…)

No. 705402

>Also Troy told me to tell you to "be happy"

Oh wow, unbelievable

No. 705403

File: 1568732314983.jpeg (182.29 KB, 1125x722, C5E86079-96B6-4007-9E7F-77C9B4…)

No. 705404

File: 1568732337431.png (227.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-09-18-00-57-09…)

No. 705406

>Lainey was crying

Their kids must be so fucking confused with all of these teens coming in and out.


No. 705407

File: 1568732743009.png (26.73 KB, 593x356, webarebears.PNG)

No. 705408

courthouse? did she get a restraining order? you don't give a laptop with CP on it to the court, you give it to the cops. oh wow, i seriously hope she took legal action against them.

No. 705409

It must be like those mothers who tell their kids "And this is uncle Tommy" and the kids are like "but what happened to Uncle Terry, Uncle James and Uncle Paul?
They must have a confused definition of what a "babysitter" is.

No. 705410

But then gives her the silent treatment when she doesn't want to cut ties with Bille

No. 705411

They may have gone to speak to legal council and see what to do with the laptop?

No. 705412

He knows what he's doing and is waving his dick around as a challenge to the 'haters'. He wants to upset people so much that we seem crazy, just like he did with his ex's. He's gross and he keeps pushing the line, hopefully this time he went over it so that he faces some irl consequences.

No. 705413

And you just know they're passive aggressive about the ones that got away to both of their children "Oh darling, it's not your fault mommy/selena/lauren/sarah/billie/sam/maddie/jess went away.. They were silly people who just didn't love us enough..

No. 705414

18th of September? Isn't it the 17th today?

No. 705415

Yes exactly, when I first read their Tweets without knowing Lainey is now "Kai," I thought there were two guys in the story, Greg and "Kai."

We have Greg/James/Onision and Lainey/Kai/Taylor

Imagine what this is like for cops trying to deal with reports about what looks like 5 different people

No. 705416

>I was reading through greg's text because of all this sarah drama

So Lainey didn't really trust him during that time back in early 2017 when everyone thought both or one of them was fucking Sarah. Shes scouring his texts looking for proof of something.

No. 705418

>what are time-zones

No. 705419

You can tell that Greg wrote this because of the part mentioning Troy. When the huge final fallout happened, Greg was bothering Billie about some tiny chocolates that she got Plainey. "By the way, Lainey wants to know if you want these back."

Why the hell would she want some cheap chocolates from people who were abusive to her? He's dumb.

Anon is probably in a different time zone.

No. 705420

I totally believe lainey wrote this, the crying and playing her hair while greg didn't talk to her part isn't something he would ever include.

What's sickening is the fact that after billie obviously didn't respond, lainey would then go on to shade her and mention how she was "evil" in other videos and livestreams.

No. 705421

File: 1568733674327.jpg (Spoiler Image, 680.36 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190917_171942_com…)


No. 705422

The sad thing is, Lainey still obsesses over Billie. Cali admitted that Lainey wanted to reach out to Billie recently in her livestream. It was probably another way to rope her back into their failed marriage.

No. 705424

Knowing them it's more of "sorry trot and clot but they just said they dont like you anymore and wont come around."
Because we know onion is gonna want to emotionally damage his children just like his wives so they're emotionally dependent on him

No. 705425


Fuck Australia, amirite?

Good point, Greg wouldn't admit to their relationship being anything less than "rock solid"

No. 705426

I don't think that Lainey would ever truly want Billie back, but thinks that bringing her back would fix her marriage and make Greg happy.

No. 705427

There are tons of reasons they might have gone to the courthouse. Namely, that public defenders, who I really hope they talked to, do not reside in a police station. If the public defender went over the different courses of action they could take, he no doubt would have advised them to go to the police with the laptop if he thought it best. They also have to option to sue the Onions in a civil case for damages, like therapy costs and emotional compensation, which would almost entirely involve the courthouse instead of the police station.

No. 705430

fingers are fucking crossed. good on you, sarah.

No. 705431

A civil court case.
Why did I never think of that. Its not that hard to prove/win, and much easier than a criminal case. Every time someone skates on a murder charge they end up paying out their ass from the families civil suit. This is going to be GOOD!

No. 705432

wrong thread?

Also imo Kainey probably wouldn’t want Billie back for the sake of the relationship per say (there is plenty of teen poon out there that JJ would be happy to creep on if given the chance who are less competition than B) but perhaps she would try to get one of the “girls” on her side bc she lacks emotional support and still wants to be seen as an uwu victim in the situation

im surprised she hasn’t tried to guilt-trip B or Sarah recently (as far as we know)

No. 705435

File: 1568734675042.jpg (28.91 KB, 816x285, 2019-09-17_11-37-38.jpg)

She did try by using Troy. Luckily, Billie saw right through that shit.

No. 705437

I'm not sure what's more disturbing. That this seems like Greg lovebombing masquerading as Lainey after constant badgering to get her back didn't work, and threats/intimidation didn't work either… or the thought that Lainey has been groomed so thoroughly her writing can't be distinguished from her husbands.

No. 705448

My first thought was “obvious Greg is obvious.” I figured Lainey and the kids had totally left the scene and he was all alone, stuck rattling around inside that dilapidated hellhole all by himself, melting down and frantically texting all his exes and potentials, trying desperately to get a fix to distract him from feeling what an empty soulless person he really is. But yeah, maybe Lainey has become so psychologically deformed from living in Gregworld that she has gotten just as good at manipulating and gaslighting as Greg is. After all, she learned from the master. She may have come to think that in any interaction, there are only two possible roles: either you’re the one in control (the gaslighting manipulator) or the one being scammed, and if those are the only options, of course you’ll choose evil puppet master whenever possible.

No. 705449

When is Lainey going to realize he's adding teenagers to the relationship because she's got too old for his taste?

If this is not true, he would have tried to convince her to date 24, 25 year olds and for "some reason" it's either barely legal or freshly legal. Lainey, if you are reading this, you know he could have encouraged other women. Face it, he pushes for you to explore your sexuality because you got too old for him and he would not give a shit if you had a phalloplasty, because he doesn't want to bang you anyway. He encourages you to get top surgery because without boobs YOU'LL LOOK LIKE A LITTLE GIRL. Under-developed, the way he likes it. Yeah, it comes with your larping as a boy, sure, but in the end what matters your body will look like a female child's body as long as you have a vagina.


You are so dumb, it hurts, Lainey!

No. 705454

Lainey being pushed for top surgery reminds me of James Jackson of Gig Harbor saying how he likes undeveloped girls in one of his videos.

No. 705456

She'd get top surgery and even then Greg wouldn't be attracted to her. He'd still rather rub it to Alicia and loli incest.

No. 705458

He also doesn’t allow them to wear padded bras

No. 705461

File: 1568737740513.png (639.98 KB, 1282x1560, Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 12.2…)

No. 705462

File: 1568737837707.png (564.03 KB, 794x1378, Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 12.2…)


No. 705465

File: 1568737935680.png (511.54 KB, 846x1400, Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 12.3…)


No. 705467

Fuckin’ creep.

No. 705471

File: 1568738519069.png (9.93 KB, 156x44, Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 17.4…)

but I thought Sarah was a blackmailing rapist? hmmm

No. 705474

That kid needs to be careful. Greg is autistic about law and even though he’s guilty as sin not saying “alleged” can give Greg an idea of suing for slander or libel.

No. 705477

With what money LOL

No. 705488

>and if you're wondering why I'm writing you ~ it's because when you make accusations, they follow you for the rest of your life.

You dont say Jimmy Grease? I wonder what Repzion, Al Jourgenssen, and your father would say about that.

Good thing Onion has already thoroughly trashed his own reputation and credibility, or the fact he throws out rape accusations like plane tickets to emo girls might actually be dangerous

No. 705496

It wouldn’t surprise me if Greg had sent these. The fact that Lainey was sending/receiving nudes from people and Greg has access to all her accounts is so gross to me. You never know which one you’re talking with them.

No. 705497

Further pronoun derailing will result in a lengthy ban. Taylor Elaine Avaroe is a woman, end of discussion.
Discussion of the kids is temporarily allowed given the current situation; a child was groomed.

Further tinfoiling about sockpuppets will result in a ban. Take your confirmation bias to twitter.

Do not shit up the thread with twitter commentary. Nobody cares if a twitter account called Greg mean names. Refrain from posting caps unless they come from confirmed sources themselves.
Saying you are x,y, or z's friend does not confirm a source. Only Sarah and other girls can confirm sources themselves.

Sage isn't a big deal so I wouldn't worry about it but if you're an obvious newfag you're getting banned on sight.
Take any issues with moderation to /meta/ and enjoy the milk.

No. 705498

File: 1568741972301.png (2.95 MB, 2352x1316, ew.png)

yanks think they're the only ones who exist, remember? living in the future and upside down in straya keep up guys

since anons pointed out the absolute state of the Onion Swamp I've been looking mostly in the backgrounds and good god, his semen-caked desk/laptop shocked me. in every shot there's dirt smeared/cake carpet, dust and water stains/damage everywhere. I was surprised when one of the girls (read: victims) said the place didn't smell, I can smell the semen from here. the basement is filthy regardless of the yard, makes me sick they can live here.
sage for insane OCD nitpick but it's all I can see now. the showering constantly is just gonna make him greasier so maybe the stains are that as well as cum

No. 705502


People should use his emails as textbook examples of manipulation.

The fact he targets teenagers with this; who are trained via school and guardians to trust whatever bullshit an adult tells them, and trust adults for moral guidance, and he sends them reams of bullshit about why they are bad people. He is very intentionally using a child's psychology against them.

No. 705507

File: 1568743228986.png (148.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190917-185816.png)

No. 705508

File: 1568743261984.png (258.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190917-185909.png)

No. 705518

File: 1568745097539.jpg (292.92 KB, 996x967, Screenshot_20190917-143109.jpg)

No. 705519

File: 1568745183610.jpg (212.27 KB, 1060x730, Screenshot_20190917-143234.jpg)

No. 705522

Skye is so fucking cool. She's hilarious and incredibly supportive. She also managed to anally fucked Greg hard by collecting that alimony.

No. 705525


No. 705526

At least someone put his money to good use!

No. 705527

Skye is awesome. I can't imagine how difficult it must be having been married to such a disgusting piece of shit and her name always be associated to him.

She's doing the best thing which is use her experience to help and support others who've been abused by him as well.

No. 705534

why do you keep making the same post over and over again?

No. 705536



No. 705539

It's something that can happen if you post on lolcow from your phone or a shitty internet connection. You press the button once, but it posts 2-3 times.

No. 705542

those exclamation marks, that over usage of the ellipsis. I have seen that somewhere before.

No. 705543

Ignoring the sperg. They want to larp as onion because they dont get enough attention irl.

No. 705546

Let's ignore them and get back on topic.

No. 705557

I believe it was Lame writing this 100%. She's just as manipulative and disgusting as Gargoyle, I wouldn't put it past her to use her own kid to guilt trip someone

No. 705559

File: 1568747911237.png (65.74 KB, 596x400, Screenshot 2019-09-17 at 3.16.…)

Saged for no new milk, but it seems Greg (or at least fans of his) are starting to harrass content creators who are getting in on this.

No. 705560

File: 1568747945194.png (49.95 KB, 584x639, greg vs gremlin.png)

No. 705564


>Further tinfoiling about sockpuppets will result in a ban.

No. 705570


Samefagging from >>705560. I'll stop the tinfoiling, I was more trying to bury the troll than anything.

No. 705571

>Joshua Moon

Laura this isn't Lillie's thread.

No. 705577

teacher's pet/smolbutwide is streaming on YouNow again. Could be some juicy milk?

No. 705579

Mother of bizarre faux-influencer Lillee Jean, who believes that lolcow and Kiwi Farms are both owned by Joshua Moon, and that lots of people who comment on her social media are Moon sock puppets, or else some dude named Joe.

No. 705581

I wish people would stop trying to treat this as their personal investigation and let the girls just share their stories and show support. Yes, a lot of stuff that was speculated has been, unfortunately, proven true. Now, let all the legal stuff be handled by them and don't pressure them or constantly badger about going to the police. I'm sure all the girls coming forward are in contact with each other, and trying to come up with something to make sure Greg and Lainey don't get away with this.

No. 705585

Grepedo has no shame. So he was harassing Ayalla and Billie about tHeiR liEs!!!1! Just one month (iirc) after taking Sar’s virginity, knowing full well what was going on. He is so fucking autistic about THE TRUTH yet has never lived an honest day in his life. This is why I think some of the more outlandish tinfoils can’t be thrown out entirely, you seriously can’t ever know with Greg. Who the fuck knows what more he’s capable of or hiding. He almost had this and all of Lainey’s sexting completely hidden if they both weren’t such malignant cunts to everyone around them.

No. 705589


It's very familiar.

No. 705590



You're gonna have fun with this one.(Derailing )

No. 705592

File: 1568750182189.png (1.94 MB, 1355x1351, chrome_3gWAgTC5nE.png)

No. 705593

File: 1568750254877.jpg (60.57 KB, 576x1024, EEsN8jvXoAALIv6.jpg)

social repose is such a creep

No. 705594

File: 1568750287989.jpg (76.76 KB, 576x1024, EEsN8jmX4AEx-fM.jpg)

No. 705605

The girls are allowed to do things in their own time. The anon's insisting that they do this or that should seriously stfu.

>Maybe just use their legal names since everyone's sperging about legal implications, may as well sync up the names.
Or just use their channel names?

No. 705606

Holy fuck, I had to do a double take and for an instant actually thought that was SR.

Seriously thoug, Lainey is in my eyes just as bad as her pedo husband. Idk why farmers are still hoping she'll leave with the kids. This bitch belongs in a men's prison with "his" husband and hopefully their kids are given over to her family.

No. 705607

Sh and Skye both confirmed Jimmy barely cleans anything. Most if not all the cleaning was left to them.

About the "She Betrayed Me" video, Skye said all that trash was already there when she and her sister went to retrieve her things. Onision perpetually lives in his own filth as evidenced by the numerous pics of the Jackson home and property on these threads - must be a great place for small children and animals.

No. 705609


She is without a doubt just as bad as Greg, but people hope she'll leave with the kids because it's the last saving grace she has.They're in infinite more danger being with both of them than they would be if Lainey took them and went with them to her parents. Saying this is a logical option and something that should be done does not in any way negate Lainey's involvement and how disgusting of a person she is.

No. 705616


Ugh anyone else catch the lotion by his computer monitor? 3 hours.

No. 705619


Is that even a possible saving grace? Let's be realistic here, if Sarah does take legal action Lainey is going down with her pimp. They would have no problem proving that she sent illicit pictures of herself to minors which closes the door on any possibility of her leaving with her kids. Honestly, I don't think they would be fine with her involved in their life at all. She's a predator and a narc who will make the poor kids' lives fucking horrible. She doesn't deserve to live a carefree life anymore.

No. 705620


I don't understand why they don't pay for a house keeper to clean their nasty house? He has all this money to fly people out to record for his videos but can't pay someone once a week to not live in filth?

No. 705622


No one thinks it's going to stop her from going down legally, anon, but as a mother it's the best thing she can do. Is she supposed to just wait until she gets taken away in handcuffs to get her kids away from him? She's guilty, and nothing can change that, but the kids should NOT be in that home. That's the point.

No. 705624

Kek, is this l33t hax-kun again?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 705625

hahaha it gives me such pleasure to see him whine and moan like this

No. 705630

If anything happens, Lainey is the one who's most likely to get prosecuted. Gurg purposely didn't sign any paperwork related to S(though I don't know how valid that is when he's married to Lame and living in the same household) and as far as we know, he never sent nudes to her either(bb carrot too small)

Ideally Lames parents or even Gurgs sister's get the kids
Anyone but Greg or Tammy really

No. 705631

The government will be dealing with Greg if he doesn't start listening to the County and continues fucking up his taxes. We know that he was still doing shady shit with his taxes when he was messaging Luxy and Billie because "everything is tax-deductible".

No. 705633

File: 1568752474756.png (116.35 KB, 873x609, EEsVISHXoAApQSv.png)

More attempts at rewriting history.

No. 705634

holly cow dat long ass footface doe..social repose's long lost twin

No. 705635

Samefagging, but I think this might be an accidental confirmation that Lainey is straight and not sexually interested in women.

No. 705636


Don't be so sure about that, cops are lazy and like to take pedophiles down in stacks like domino's. If you have 2 or more pedo's the headlines read "PEDOPHILE NETWORK" and they get more funding and re-elections.
I heard gossip that Billy the Fridge might have gotten his willy wet at Chalét de Grease as well which could explain why he defends him so.
Besides, Greg also porked those underage girls, with Lainey, so any judge would be crazy to not just sent them both down the river, at least.

No. 705637

Because Jimmy would try to fuck her
Because Taylor would get jealous
Because having her sign a, totz legal, NDA would be sketcht af
And honestly, who the fuck would work there? Neglected kids and dogs living in a pigsty with a mom who cosplays as a pedo boi and a dad who's either in the basement or the shower screaming like a maniac

No. 705638


He likes to pretend he was the one "rejecting" everyone, when behind the scenes, he's grovelled to almost all these girls either begging for them to come back or acting like a weird stalker, reminiscing about all the stuff he loved to do.

No. 705639

He uses such weird phrases. I believe Kai was only ever attracted to Billie in an experimental kind of way, but that doesn't negate the evidence where she was flirting with Luxy, Sarah, Regina, etc. You don't have to be attracted to someone in order to lead them, lure them in for your husband to fuck, and then scar them for life. I wish he would answer one, damn question directly, instead of performing so much mental gymnastics around it.

No. 705640

I don’t think he would admit that because it would reveal he pushed her into trying dating girls for his own desires. I think he’s trying to reframe to she was so in love with Billie still that she couldn’t have been into Sarah and Sarah tried to make them a thing despite that. Tbh it feels like he’s scattershooting and trying a handful of different things with no clear strategy because there’s no defense for everything that’s come out even just so far. He’s scrambling for anything that doesn’t make him and surprisingly still to this point Lainey seem bad.

I’m still trying to think why he’s holding onto Lainey when he could clearly dump all the blame on her at least legally I think. Does she have dirt on him that keeps him?

No. 705641

> Kai doesn't care about reputation

I'm sure she doesn't. She did after all send nudes to minors.

No. 705643

>Does she have dirt on him that keeps him?

Dirt + alimony. The glue that binds all loving, healthy, #goals relationships together.

No. 705644

honestly same- this is his chance to make a clean break and look like 'the good guy.' I truly feel as well lainey is a little bitch and wouldnt speak back against him either.. either she has some serious shit on him that has him pissing his pants or he knows shes the last bait he has for any more underage nonsensen

No. 705645

pretty sure if he threatened to throw her under the bus to save himself shed threatened to expose him as well for wanting sarah and coercing kai into making it happen. etc "why don't we wait for sarah to turn 18" kai did dumb shit thats hard evidence but greg was equally involved in this. kai won't let him take her down unless they both go down.

No. 705646

>Imagine what this is like for cops trying to deal with reports about what looks like 5 different people

It will only compromise Greg and Lainey more if the cops look into when exactly they changed their names and when exactly their victims spoke up. To the police / legal system it will probably look like an attempt to sweep sth under the rug. Just saying.
In hindsight, he might have shot himself in the foot yet again.

I agree with you anon. It's a) interesting to find about how many things that were speculated here are actually true and b) great to be able to somewhat help by archiving info.
It's easy for us to sit here and try to tell the girls what to do since we've never been as affected the way the girls are. They've dealt with some incredibly nasty stuff, so they need time to process and overcome what has happened. I'm incredibly proud of and impressed by Sarah, she's really strong and being able to speak up so quickly is amazing but shouldn't be considered the norm.

No. 705647

He won't divorce Lainey because he doesn't want to pay alimony and child support.

No. 705649

At this point most women wouldn't want anything to do with him. Plus before the only time Kai was considering leaving Onision was due to him choosing Billie over her that one time. She doesn't have anyone threatening her place and seems A-Ok staying from what it seems.

No. 705650

Honestly, I can't wait for when Greg's children are teenagers. At that age pretty much everyone rebels against their parents and OH MY once they stumble upon these threads if lolcow still exists, they are going to be very ashamed and disgusted. Let alone the countless Youtube videos that will showcase how much of a loser and scumbags Greg is as well as Kai.

No. 705653

File: 1568753916960.jpg (220.9 KB, 1080x585, BillieLeftGreg.jpg)

Lol is he forgetting he wrote this in a 2016 email to Billie after she fled his home in the middle of the night after he asked her not to leave?


The delusion is strong

No. 705655

He gets so angry when people say “Thanks but no thanks.” It’s creepy as fuck.

No. 705657

I've thought about this before too. I hope that their kids will come out with stories about what it was like growing up with them as parents. Can't wait to hear their perspectives.

No. 705658

File: 1568754395903.jpg (164.27 KB, 1080x1845, EEsfh5YUYAUu9S0.jpg)

No. 705659

>sending nudes to a minor
>a convo about "who got to take Sarah's virginity first"

KaI iS iNnoCeNt

No. 705661

>doesn't care about online opinions
Def not. Online "opinions" is totally not why she's been completely silent for days.

No. 705662

Gotcha ,sorry. Just really don't want people to let her shit slide, as a mom of two kids only a year apart from hers it really bothers me knowing that they're in such a shit situation.
So baisically she was never interested in other women, only he was. Who'd of thunk???

No. 705665

But anon, that's why they fly in girls!
They clean, they care (for all FOUR of the kids), they cum! And they cost nada.

> Why doesn't Kai clear his name?
Incoherent excuses

> Why is Kai's patreon still active even though he's done with people online?

No answer at all

I've never seen anyone who's so bad at getting to the point as Greg. He's not even trying to communicate. All he does all day is cry about his shitty life, which he brought upon himself, and beg for asspats, if not for him then for his horrible creation he calls his wife… er, sorry """husband""". Oh, and trigger people with bromidic bdsm stereotypes, of course.

edit: deleted a snarky, non-contributing comment

No. 705667

Bold of you to assume they cum.

No. 705671

What a way to answer none of the questions, Greg.
He'll turn on her the moment her Patreons all stop their monthly payments and she's officially lost all use. Can't bring in new girls and can't bring in money.

No. 705672

So wait, Kai has only been interested in one girl? Then that makes all the grooming worse Greg lol.

No. 705673

File: 1568755696419.jpg (224.07 KB, 946x2048, EEskY_hWkAAx3DJ.jpg)

probably a continuation of:
Blue is Lainey
Grey is Greg

No. 705674

File: 1568755728509.jpeg (459.9 KB, 828x1325, 11614E5E-2092-409F-9908-64F150…)

No. 705675

>Kai doesn't want to talk about it because all of her accusers are lying on her
O rly? >>704693
>Kai doesn't care about her reputation

It speaks to how out of touch with reality these two are that they can continually DENY the truth that's right in front of their fucking faces.

No. 705676

>He likes to pretend he was the one "rejecting" everyone, when behind the scenes, he's grovelled to almost all these girls
They've only shown the receipts written in Onison's own desperate ass words. I'm laffin at how fucking stupid these two child groomers are.

No. 705677

>Kai's being quiet because she feels she has nothing to prove

More like Jimmy boy told her to stfu and stay dark lest she incriminate herself or her husband any further. kek

No. 705678

Where is this even coming from? How do we know it's not fake?

No. 705679

Him responding in all caps is fucking hilarious. I can literally feel his tard rage.

No. 705680

Sarah tweeted it out

No. 705681

File: 1568756102327.png (44.87 KB, 525x367, chrome_uRZ5NV9oCX.png)

No. 705683

How does she have access to these? Can't be screenshots from Lainey's laptop, right? Isn't that illegal? It would require her to have accessed someone's account without permission and screenshot it. I'm just confused about how she has those.

No. 705685

from Sarah's twitter

No. 705686

Read >>705681
Kainey sent the fight to Sarah

No. 705687

damn, who would have thought Lainey was actually the cunt. Onision is actually sounding empathetic in those messages. That's crazy.

If anything those screenshots don't really make him look bad at all, because he's not lying. That's what she did.

No. 705688


How long ago was this? Also, Lainey is a fucking idiot. If anything this fight makes Greg look better than her. They both groomed her but at least Greg wanted to keep her loll.

Why show this to Sarah at all though? It's an omission of guilt. Pretty damn telling that being a cruel cunt was more important than trying to not out herself.

No. 705689

Okay, but what happened here? Sarah got jealous of Greg or feetface?
She was dating anly Greg, right?
So Sarah wanted Grease just for her and then the fight started and they got Sarah kicked off the house?(spoonfeeding)

No. 705690


to me he sounds like he types as though anything / everything could be released. he barely has conversations where he isn't covering his own tracks or isn't able to spin his language in a way that no longer associates him with any wrongdoings.

No. 705691


lol. he's manipulating Kai into taking Sarah back… he wants Sarah. that's why he's defending her

No. 705692

I guess what I understood from this situation was Lainey banged her first and then became cold and distant. Lowkey started to ignore her. And that made Sarah feel bad and used.

No. 705693

Lainey wanted to only be friends with benefits with Sarah and said if Sarah wants emotional support to go Greg for that. These messages pretty much echo that.

No. 705694

Guys we're gonna be getting milk for a long long time, these girls aren't gonna stop until lainey or greg get kicked from some platform at the minimum and I'm pumped.

A week ago, Sarah liked a tweet that said it would be genius to slowly post screenshots over time so that the matter doesn't die down. If that's her goal, it's brilliant.

No. 705695

File: 1568756839558.jpg (192.16 KB, 736x542, delivery.jpg)

Kony is such a retard.

No. 705696

I love that. it'll slowly drive the jacksons crazy

No. 705697

No way thats Kainey, the biggest give away is the “bye Billie” part. He did the same to Luxy and everyone else, trying to manipulate a state of urgency into them.

No. 705698

Sarah said in her live stream it was Kai who wanted to be friends with benefits with Sarah but Sarah could get the emotional stuff from Onision. Kai also told Sarah Onision would be ok with her getting top surgery if their was another set of boobs in the picture.

The relationship ended because they wanted Sarah to sign a NDA and I guess it blew up from there. Sarah made a joke about wanting to get something for signing and they turned it into Sarah blackmailed us for sex and is a rapist. Twisted shit!

No. 705699

Sarah said they both tried to keep her a secret but I really want to know what their long term plan was for keeping this hidden. An nda is part of it but if this was going to be at least for a few years until Greg wasn’t getting his itch for teenagers scratched anymore how were they going to keep her out of pictures videos etc. Were they ever planning to come out when she was older and pretend it started later than 18? Greg has that gross impregnation fetish and joked about getting some pregnant together in their first dream board video was that ever the plan for Sarah?

No. 705700

For real. That bitch’s entire life is online. If she really didn’t care and had nothing to prove she’d be doing as Greg is doing and going on with her Patreon and shitty videos as if nothing was happening.
She cares very much.

Guess this means he’s done with the “Lainey is crying” narrative? Finally realized that won’t work anymore ?

No. 705701

A courthouse is a decent place to get connected with affordable lawyers and relevant services.

This likely varies by location, but law enforcement does (for better or for worse) lowkey require a TRO before they'll do much of anything in certain situations.

Let's maybe just stop shaming these women for their (perceived) response to their experiences.

No. 705702

>You are exactly that. A cold, heartless person who used HER best friend and left her for dead

well would you look at that

No. 705703

The CID is usually at courthouses. I've reported and discussed online stalkers there before. I assume that's where she went, or some other division located there.

No. 705704

Gotta say, seeing Grugly refer to Lainey as "A COLD HEARTLESS PERSON" is a hilarious twist considering all the lovebombing we constantly see about how KAI IS ALWAIS THE INNOCENT VICTIM AND HE IS CRYIGN AND HE IS SOooooooOOoOoOoOo AMAZN.

Also doesn't he straight up 'misgender' Lainey here? "You are a cold heartless person who used HER best friend…"

He clearly never gave a fuck about her "gender identity" (see convo with Luxy where he constantly referred to Lainey as she/her), but to see it so openly and directly is great. Continues to reveal the sham that is their relationship.

No. 705705

wonder if the reason lainey turned against sarah was because she aimed to get her out/cause drama with their arrangement, because lainey felt that greg liked her (sarah) more than he liked lainey? and lainey was the one to actually get jealous first? would be similar to what happened with billie.

lainey lures sarah in to appease greg. lainey realises greg is too happy with sarah. lainey is uncomfortable. lainey turns against sarah.

No. 705707

What a shocker, as if that wasnt glaringly obvious

No. 705708

Out of all the ugly shit that's come to light recently, I'm at least glad to know Skye got to keep her cats

No. 705710

I think there is no doubt this is what happened. Lainey pretends to go along with it to appease Greg but can’t keep her jealousy under control

No. 705711

Oh he has definitely misgendered her many times but he probably edits most of the times he does out

No. 705713

Just stop. Hes manipulating her because he wanted to continue to use Sarah, dont make a saint out of him because you want a certain narrative.

No. 705714

Right. He didn’t want to lose his fuck toy he worked so hard for.
He’s been struggling since Billie to get another girl on a hook. Sarah was the first one that actually worked.

Ugh sorry writing this makes me feel like I am degrading Sarah but seriously I believe this is Greg’s mentality. Sarah is innocent, just as he said.

No. 705715

The funny this is I bet she’s telling him I told you so even though this was her fault too. She loved shitting on Billie and calling her evil (and telling Greg that she was right to be jealous and distrustful) in a lot of videos but it was because she set up so many interactions to push her out and cause the “betrayal” and “evilness”. They’re not evil it’s that you drive them to leave.

No. 705716

to be honest this just sounds like a whole plot directed by Greg to make himself look better and to direct all blame on Taylor ..and it works since some anons are already starting to be gullible and praise him..he has all access to her accounts remember? it wouldnt be far fetched if he was the one writting both conversations back and forth to himself and then send it to sarah without Taylor's permission

No. 705717

Not all anons, though. Some of us realize that the only reason Grepedo wants to defend Sarah is because he's tired of Kai's boicunt and needs to insert his bebe carrot into some sisbait. He's not gallant, nor does that conversation make him look better than Kai.

No. 705719

How is this a plot by him if Lainey was the one that sent Sarah the screenshots? I think you are reaching.

No. 705721

if this was Taylor why would she send out a conversation which makes her look bad ? for what point? and both writing styles sound like Grugles

No. 705723

Clear manipulation at its finest. I have a feeling that onision pressured Lainey to date Sarah, but she wanted nothing to deal with it . Then he turns around and make her seem like a bad guy. This actually shows Greg’s gaslighting

No. 705725

File: 1568758811719.jpg (32.07 KB, 531x241, kai911.JPG)

Kainey being shitty all on her own confirmed

No. 705726

no one is praising him.. if anything it just shows how frustrated he is with lainey for always messing shit up for him

No. 705727

Maybe the Lainey spergs can take it to her thread?

No. 705728

as i was saying, he has all her passwords ..some anons even pointed out that the messages she sent to Billie sound a lot like him

No. 705729


The thread title is about Lainey's vagina and has Lainey's nudes in it.. I think it's fair to say that this isn't just a Greg thread anymore.

No. 705730


Well now that is milky. It appears that Lame might have been not so loyal herself while flirting with all these girls. I wonder how Grug feels about this.

No. 705731

Frankly, it doesn't matter. If Greg messaged any of these girls while pretending to be Lainey, then she would have found out about it and co-signed the texts with her silence.

No. 705732

Tinfoil hat here, but what if there’s a possibility that she was hiding her friendship with other girls, in case onision was wants to drag them to the basement. It appears to me that he doesn’t want her to associate with anyone, unless he gave her permission. What if there’s another possibility that Lainey distancing from other girls, is not be with Greg. Because we all know for fact that with every friend the Lainey has, they’re always taken by onision.

No. 705733

Stop spoonfeeding newfags over last week's milk.

No. 705734

there's a good chance that most of the times "Lainey" made an interaction on the internet whether it twitter or whatever that it could've been him 🤷🏾‍♂️

No. 705736

he's a hypocrite he doesnt consider it cheating unless its with a man because then it hurts his massive ego

No. 705738

sarah confirmed it in her livestream newfag ffs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 705739

So far all of the milk is not only showing greg/kainey's grooming attempts, but specifically them lying to one another. THAT is 100% causing turmoil in the house. Lainey sending the screenshot of her fights to sarah is probably a surprise to him. The messages he sent begging for his exes to come back? Asking alicia to "hook up" and "make vids" days before their wedding? 100% bet it's new to lainey.

No. 705740

File: 1568760090012.jpg (52.71 KB, 582x273, EDltuFAXkAALy9-.jpg)

This constant argument on who took Sarahs virginity has me puzzled. Im sure Lainey is talking about full on PinV and Greg is playing games and trying to twist it by making it seem like Lainey doing some heavy petting was taking Sarahs virginity.

No. 705741

Lainey probably a 100 percent reliant on onisions income, and feels trapped. That what abusers do. And the reason why the other girls were able to escape, because they didn’t have children with him. Not only that Lainey has no life experience. Onision loves to drain his victims, that’s why he reaches them when they’re young.

No. 705743

File: 1568760273143.jpg (271.95 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_20190918-084357_Twi…)

Here's why.

No. 705746

Plus, at this point, no one will have any sympathy for Lainey if she were to leave. She's dirtied her hands too much, she's probably bitter seeing how much support Sarah, Skye, Shiloh, etc are getting.

No. 705751

so wait, am i understanding this correctly? lainey was already on the prowl for young girls even before greg got involved?

No. 705752

File: 1568761321968.webm (2.65 MB, 640x360, Law & Order SVU - They Stay Th…)

So can we expect Greg and Kai to be playing out their own real life episode of SVU by the end of the month?

No. 705756

Which that makes this very unfortunate, but she dug her own grave. This is what onision wants. He’s very sneaky, with statements like “ Kia is innocent and if anyone says otherwise, they are r word” . He’s Trying rile up the audience to hate on her. His goals are to bury Kia, or at least take her with him. I would say that this makes her shutdown even more, even though she has the most dirt on him.

No. 705759

It was a tactic to make sarah feel like lainey was on their side.
Lainey did the same thing to maya to make her feel like she was on her side when greg got offended about being ugly

No. 705761


I mean, if Taylor is blue in that conversation she clearly is not on Sarah's side. I think Sarah is exactly right when she says Taylor sent it to her to make her feel bad.

No. 705764

what doesnt make sense to me is why would Grugly and Footface talk to eachother on apps when they live in the same house and none of them ever leaves the house except when they go out together? did he lock her in the basement or something?

No. 705765


Sounds like a g8 theory anon, ^5


The anon you're replying to here– that is also a great point.


Petition to get a still image inspired by this for next thread, kek.

No. 705766


Not defending either of those twat waffles, but sometimes me and my spouse argue via texts in the same house (or if I drive off to cool off) because we communicate a little better because we both have anxiety. Kai is a douche, but it could be something similar.

No. 705767

They've always been like that. They rarely talk face to face.

No. 705768

They've been doing this shit for years, whether by text or Twitter. I think it makes it easier for both of them to be as passive aggressive/ridiculous as they like without having to look the other one in the face.

No. 705770

I would love confirmation that Kai Lainey Taylor Elaine Jackson Avaroe Anderson of Gig Harbor Washington is actually gay. Or even Bi. Gay/bi women share the responsibilities and straight women don’t even lift their head to see who is down there let alone return the favor. If not then she only has one job and that is luring in underage and young victims. We at lc have pretty much come to our own conclusions but I want a confirmation.

No. 705773

File: 1568763212484.png (1.24 MB, 1116x627, onionsvu.PNG)

here's a nice still

No. 705778

Honestly I think it's less sinister than that and is just a byproduct of their fucked up dysfunctional relationship (and they are both probably cowards). They probably have completely shit communication and fight half their battles in text message, intentionally avoid/ignore each other, barely spend actual quality time together (beyond for rating young girls together I guess) etc. They've had public arguments on Twitter as well. It's just a completely broken relationship by every single metric.

No. 705779

Her parents are rich and they would help her. She doesn't leave because she's a piece of shit who wants to stay there

No. 705781


I wish she would take her dumbass to her parent's house with her children. She can't possibly be being a good parent right now and if she gets hauled off at least the kids are already in a stable home. There's very slim chances of this happening though.

No. 705782

Kainey sold her laptop to Sarah. She didn't wipe the laptop. I'm assuming all her social media passwords are still on it. This exchange, however was forwarded to Sarah by Kai for some weird reason.(lurk moar)

No. 705783

This is their entire relationship. If they aren't making a video together or he isn't using Lainey as a sex doll they don't talk at all face to face. Couple goals.

No. 705787


>Couple goals.

Also, let us not forget, also Twin Flames!

No. 705794

Beautiful. There is from season 2 maybe something where Mariska Hargitay says something about a banana up someone's ass but I need to double check and find that. Would be nicely relevant.

No. 705797

File: 1568766163236.png (913.92 KB, 1172x782, Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 7.21…)

yep thought so, here you are. If an anon wants to do anything with this coupled with Skye's past tweet.

No. 705801

They communicate by text when one is with the kids, that's evident from their livestreams. Might be small silver lining that when Greg types on all caps over text to his spastic wife at least the kids don't have to hear.

All this new info just cements in my minds Kai is not gay. She may have even been hiding talking to girls from Onision for reasons other anons stated cause she can't her have own friendships without her narc husband having to control it.

Idk if Onision is trying to throw Kai under a bus or is just tyring to save both of them. The screenshots against them are damming tho unless you're too retarded to comprehend them.

Funny how after years of Onision ranting about being the most honest YouTuber he won't directly acknowledge all the evidence against him. Not that he had credibility before, but he's lost so much this time publicly, he can't even stay on brand making endless videos defending himself cause him and his wife have fucked up big time.

No. 705802

File: 1568766398558.webm (3.53 MB, 960x540, svu.webm)

From and old thread but still relevant.

No. 705807

Didnt teachers pet say lainey was planning on going to her parents or somewhere for her birthday in October? Maybe she already left hence Greg's creepy bdsm posting

No. 705808

More appropriate today than it ever was!

No. 705811

Sorry I'm just catching up, but hang on.
This is actually a pretty damning statement for him to make.
We have seen conversations with multiple girls that were all being invited to visit the Grease mansion because Lainey "was interested" in them. (I think only Maya took the bait and actually went?)

But now Greg is saying Lainey was never interested in anyone other than Billie. So he is admitting those girls were invited to their house for him and not Lainey. Lainey lied to them in order to trick them into getting them into their house.

I feel like this statement from Greg should not be buried. He legit just admitted to lying to every other girl they contacted.

No. 705826

>Also doesn't he straight up 'misgender' Lainey here? "You are a cold heartless person who used HER best friend…"

If he says anything about the haturs misgendering complainey we can use this against him to point out his hypocrisy

No. 705831

she's a cold heartless person when she risks losing the young poon but the most innocent person evar!!1! when she's the only other person there to keep the kids away from him.

No. 705834

It’s always Onision speaking for his wife though. So it can easily be that much of that is just his opinion and his narrative. I dont think we have heard a peep from Lainey/Kai since this all began.

No. 705835

eh…. I agree maya is the only girl that he got to the house while hunting for a third, he did try to get luxy, vix, and macncheese to go. We're not even including the patronwhores who went (gingershit & co.).
But there are plenty of other girls lainey contacted on her own as an emotional vampire and they never interacted with greg.
- regina (started around the time she met sarah while she got both girls to watch hate sites and spy on other girls for them)
- erin (twitter snek that only dm'd lainey before she graduated)
- mercedes (lainey complained about her having a boyfriend but wanted more)
- kittenspace?
{ HUGE GAP HERE OF TONS OF CRINGEY TWITTER INTERACTIONS} Remember when she often talked about new crushes on younow?
- madison, lainey promised a relationship but greg always saw her as a whore
- jessica (recent)
- mildanxiety (recent along with jessica)

Girls contacted by onion alone (without laineys knowledge)
- vix
- sam (he even got her to live there without laineys permission kek)
There are probably more we don't know about, most likely patreons

Not including gingerbeck because lainey knew she was coming, she just shunned her over leaked dms.

- sarah (for years on and off but shared by greg and her tumblr posts foreshadowed her interest in him)
I'm not including her in the list because of this. I know I'm missing more girls lainey flirted with but there are too many at this point to keep track. Feel free to add to this.

No. 705836

Right on the money, its been radio silence from Kai. He knows he's fucked.

No. 705839

And she larps as her husband. It's larpception

No. 705840

He is literally larping as the woman he is attempting to speak for each and every time wtf

No. 705842


Could someone explain what happened with mildanxiety??

No. 705843

nothing notable really, taylor just did the typical flirting shit over dms
You know how the girls think they're special and soulmates because they share emo lyrics and they talked everyday? It was like that. Lainey juggled jessica sarah and cali (mildanxiety) at the same time the same way taylor juggled erin, luxy, regina, and billie at the same time.

However onion never liked cali because she had "billie psychosis" as in she reminded him too much of billie.
https://imgur.com/a/s5Bst added the laughable pile of caps from old threads

No. 705848

File: 1568770585357.png (119.18 KB, 713x568, 70F953CA-3FCF-4D7E-9C89-8A8E5D…)

Dunno if that links to it properly but it’s midway though the first thread.

Sage bc idk relevance for sure and also if it’s real. No one really acknowledges it. But uh… the fuck(idiot)

No. 705850

"and was kicked out of our lives by me" more evidence of Greg making it all about him and all under HIS control.

No. 705853


It’s not real - It’s satire

No. 705855

The blog that originally posted this is still up, anon.
It's an anti-o blog. So yeah, it's a joke post.

No. 705856

Genuinely good or great people don't have to convince people they're good or great, Gregory.

No. 705857

>Kai would tell me to be quiet when Greg passed through the room
>he has all her passwords
I don't really get all this sneaking around if Greg has access to all her sm? Did Sarah confirm this? I know Sh said grease boy had all her passwords but as far as Kai goes, it just seems like speculation so far.

No. 705859

It is absolutely not speculation. Maya has confirmed that greg would call her from laineys phone and over snapchat she would ask if it was greg or lainey because they would play mindgames.
I doubt lainey has access to greg's shit given vix and sam but greg certainly has access to taylors phone.

No. 705862

Thanks. I think the Onion's have done vids together where Greg admitted he has access to her phone etc., but this doesn't mean she's not capable of hiding things from him, as anon pointed out
>Lainey sending the screenshot of her fights to sarah is probably a surprise to him

>Lainey probably a 100 percent reliant on onisions income, and feels trapped.
Doubt it. She's already demonstrated she's able to hide things from him. Wouldn't be surprised if she has assets he doesn't know about. Lainey might have started out as a victim, but now she's become just as much of a predator as Greg.

No. 705864

So what's gonna happen when they're both against the wall? It seems like a real prisoner's dilemma situation where one is likely to screw the other over to save their own hide

No. 705865

Look i hate the bitch too but please stop, shes not some abusive lesbian psychopath pedo, shes just an attention whorey straight spineless doormat who is her masters handler, very different things

No. 705866

Note the high inflection as soon as he says "we NEVER/ did anything with S"

No. 705867

Lainey drops the trans act because people are more sympathetic to women.

No. 705869

But she loses sympathy for faking being trans unless she really hams it up and claims Greg forced her. Sh did sort of provide an out with her tweet about how Greg would only let her wear boys clothes.

No. 705870

That’s what I was suspecting, she could easily say greg forced her to be a guy.

No. 705871

If you don't think Lainey's to blame in any of this you haven't read the thread.

>shes just an attention whorey straight spineless doormat who is her masters handler

She sent several minors nudes. Whether on her own initiative or if Greg put her up to it, it was still her choice in the end. This shit >>704693 is obviously something she decided to do on her own. She's just as disgusting as Onision. My point still stands.

No. 705872

No shit, no one said that. Im just saying her motivations were not sexual since she is straight as a pen and she doesnt get off on it, she just wants pats on her back for being such a handsome boi, plus the age difference is hardly anything.
Yes its fucked and not right, but the real fucker is Onion boi since hes the one who is a dinosaur who wants to fuck kids, plus its his thread.

No. 705873

oh my god HAHA FUCK

No. 705875


Can we include Greg being a dinosaur in the title of the next thread, please? That is just too good.

No. 705880

>I meant it when I said I will PROBABLY always love you
lol how definitive
>I don't know why you would hurt Kai
>She's an incredible mother
The same incredible mother who let her child's teeth rot in his head because she was too fucking lazy to brush them after breastfeeding? The same "incredible mother" who admitted to Sarah she wouldn't leave Greg even if he BEAT her? And now that hoe's been caught sending several nudes to minors. Sounds like fucking mother of the year to me.

No. 705883

That is disgusting. Kai Anderson Jackson/Taylor Elaine Avaroe had a sexual relationship with a literal child. Sarah looks like such a kid here.

No. 705884

He told Luxy that he has been giving Pedobot quite a generous allowance monthly so that just in case he decided to dump her ass for another side piece she could bounce and have enough to survive on until she either finally gets a job or finds a new CPW (Grugly didn't exactly put it that way but you get the point - Taylor had money).

If she really wanted to she could have saved up that money and left. You know your marriage is fucked when your slimeball husbando is essentially paying alimony prematurely. He is practically pushing her out the door but the bitch still digs her heels in and refuses to accept failure and move on with her life. She will do whatever it takes to be a forever child and never grow up and take responsibility for herself. She will force her children and the teenagers she grooms to endure their dumpster fire marriage so she can keep larping as a fakeboi for internet clout and asspats. They deserve each other.

No. 705886

>her motivations were not sexual
Whether they were or not is a moot point because sex happened.
>the age difference is hardly anything
In terms of mental/emotional development there's a huge difference. Kai and her husband would say otherwise but that's because they're predators. Kai's as much of a predator as her husband.

No. 705888

File: 1568774439597.png (471.65 KB, 693x521, Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 7.39…)

this reminded me of that video where he deepthroated the banana

No. 705890

pedophiles don't have a sexual orientation that's black and white. She's a pedophile.

No. 705891

Yeah, Lainey was forced to watch while Sarah got screwed by Onion

Yes but she is straight so moot point, can we stay on topic? Like discussing Onion?

No. 705892

No shes a straight woman(samefagging)

No. 705894

hahaha thank you anon. much appreciated.

No. 705922

Nayrt, but what are you on about, anon? "On topic" are currently both Krainey and Jimmy.

It's not just a "not that big of an age difference", she sent nudes to a minor. More of them, probably. Get it, very illegal, all that jazz?
If her motivations weren't sexual then she should have covered her saggy tits and vag.

But, not going to turn this into an infighting…

I'm not sure how I missed this of all things, but this is fucking brilliant.

No. 705924

I get the feeling Lainey turned cold to Sarah after sex because she found out she actually doesn’t like women and/or didn’t want to eat pussy and knew Sarah would expect that soon.

No. 705927

I vote for this as the next thread pic when it’s time.

No. 705933

This makes sense. It's what prisoners, students, and kids do when someone they fear walks by. However, how did that not ring any alarm bells in her dumb head? Spouses don't normally have to walk on eggshells around the other.

With prison bars over his photo.

No. 705934

I honestly believe that Lainey experiences what Haylee/Luxy experienced. Where she confuses initial excitement of a new relationship, even a platonic friendly one, as a romantic interest or crush. I mean her fangirling landed her into a marriage with Onion so that's literally all she knows when it comes to friendships. And then her autistic husband says friendships are pointless so that's probably warped her perception of relationships even more.

No. 705936

>He told Luxy that he has been giving Pedobot quite a generous allowance monthly so that just in case he decided to dump her ass for another side piece she could bounce
Looks like most agree Greg has/had no intention of staying with Lainey, he's only admitted as much over the years both by word and deed. Lainey is a real dumbfuck if she's not planning her exit strategy. It looks more and more like her "Twin Flame" is going to throw her under the bus to save himself.

No. 705938

>Lainey was forced
Source? All the evidence (the receipts released by the ladies etc.) shows Lainey's been a very willing accomplice/participant to everything, including initiating her own grooming of minors. She's in as much shit as Greg, if not more.

No. 705939

Would anyone be surprised? Lame takes the fall and he could run off with another teen.

No. 705940

Lainey is literally transitioning into Onion at this point.

I'm really glad Sarah has good friends both online and off supporting her through this shit. Hopefully people can stop harassing her about "going to the cops" constantly.

I hate stanning people on lolcow, but the return of Skye has been too good. She's everything Onion isn't, intelligent, witty, respectable. I hope she stays even if he does get arrested or finally run off the internet for good.

Beautiful anon. kek.

No. 705946

He told luxy about the allowance to gloat and lure her in.
There’s no way he can afford to pay Lainey that much now. That would have stopped a long time ago, and I highly doubt it was genuine anyway.
He would be paying her as an assistant to “manage his emails” so he could write it off on tax.
He said himself she pays the bills with it.
She was probably having to pay the mortgage, groceries, internet and utilities with that money and probably had a tiny bit to spare after all of that.
There was a period of time when he kept going on about Lainey being the breadwinner now, I assume that was around the time he probably started making Lainey contribute to the bills and mortgage.

I don’t even know how they’re surviving on their current income. Their patrons must be dropping like flies and they aren’t getting much money on YouTube that’s for sure.

My theory is, Greg hasn’t been around much because he’s been driving for uber or rideshare or something like that.
There’s been a number of YouTube videos about how much money you can make doing uber with a Tesla because you don’t have to refuel.
And uber don’t have job interviews or really screen their drivers other than check for a criminal record. It’s probably the only job grease could ever get.
With all the patrons dropping like flies, he’s probably driving a shit tonne of hours to just pay the bills.

No. 705948

File: 1568780338333.png (48.08 KB, 607x571, chrome_mSr6yvZF33.png)

No. 705951

how the HELL has Onion managed to gain almost 80 patrons in the last 2 weeks? WHO? WHY?

No. 705952

Greggy won't live that long in prison, child predators often get killed by other inmates in prison

No. 705954


He's doing it himself, just like he buys subs.

No. 705955

Also to reassure her that the "haterz" were wrong about him being financially abusive like the way he was with Skye and Shiloh. He wanted to prove to her "see she's not a trapped abused woman she has the financial freedom to run whenever she wants I'm not a bad guy".

No. 705959

File: 1568781507761.png (435.38 KB, 701x521, Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 9.37…)

added the bars

No. 705961

Himself or people trying to get milk/see if there's anything of interest happening on his Patroen during all of this. I wouldn't pay too much attention to it. They're going to disappear as quickly as they appeared.

No. 705968

File: 1568782201301.png (56.47 KB, 595x305, Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 9.49…)

No. 705969

File: 1568782241613.png (83.1 KB, 603x434, Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 9.50…)

No. 705972

onion doesn't give oral, shocking

No. 705973


Voting this for the next thread pic!!!!

No. 705975

i think she was talkin about lainey LMAOOOO

No. 705977


why not both

don't forget that, not only does Kainey not actually like puss in general, but Onion makes himself/probably others shower after shitting. I don't doubt that he treats natural lubrication as a nasty thing.

4got to sage before oops lol

No. 705979


Probably both.

Lame = Fake gay who hates pussy
Gurg = When has he ever been the kind to GIVE? I doubt he eats anyone's pussy

No. 705981

He likes dry pussy cause otherwise his manclit is too tiny to feel any friction. Or could be the fact that he has rape fantasies and doesn't want his partner to be enjoying it.

No. 705983

You're amazing, anon.

So neither Onion or his pillow princess wife gives oral? It's no surprise, but no wonder Taylor's miserable.

No. 705984

She's had friendships before, though. Her and Selena had a normal friendly relationship once upon a time and doubtless she had other friends in highschool that weren't sexually charged. She's just a bad person who only cares about other girls as far as how much they can boost her ego, and the best way to do that is to string them along and coax them into saying she's the prettiest most special footface in the world by pretending to flirt with them.

No. 705986

Not only that but Lainey has said that she wasn't interested in girls and that it was an idea that Greg put in her head, if I recall. Greg also proves it in his conversation with Luxy by saying "I told her that this is what she should be doing".

No. 705988


tbh this is probably evident based off of Greg's rapey sperg tweets

ie: fuck him, his manclit, and his wife's manclit, they're all narcs who only care about their own narratives and teen poon

No. 705989

Lol didn't he eat out Billie? O remember him talking about her sitting on his face.

That's got to hurt worse for Foot

No. 705990

Yep. If her husband wasn't such a sperg she would 100% be seeking out men to asspat and flirt with her instead. But since he'd probably murder her in a jealous rage if she ever so much as looked at another guy she's forced to seek out women and pretend she's gay instead.

If she had half a brain she'd realise that it's completely abnormal to seek romantic/sexual validation from the sex you're not even attracted to while married but whatever.

No. 705991


completely agreed; if Kainey can use them as fuel to keep Grug in the marriage (B) and/or use them as fuel for her victim complex (Sarah for some portion of all of this), she keeps them around for as long as she finds it convenient

There comes a point where an uwu victim (Kainey) may be making choices based on the interests of their abuser (Grug) but they're still actively making said choices when they could do otherwise, especially if it's harming teenage girls

No. 705993


Jeez, poor Sarah. Anusion himself said that he loved “watching her pleasure/make love to” Lainey, so I have no doubt he “encouraged” her to go down on her, since he and Foot all but confirmed he almost never does. And Anus himself is selfish in bed, demanding daily suk mi and giving nothing in return but bruises and hickies. And Foot is straighter than an arrow made out of fucking diamonds with no interest in being anywhere near pussy.

No. 706002

File: 1568787077842.png (81.54 KB, 738x804, EEsyakmWsAI0_JF.png)

[unsheathes katana]

No. 706004

File: 1568787824282.jpg (45.34 KB, 600x622, OrigCash.jpg)


Shit reads like the SO CASH copypasta.

No. 706012

Oh man, I love this. This is exactly what they're doing.

No. 706013


Lol. Who's afraid of arm-wrestling ? I was the weakest dude in my friend group I always had good laughts.(no1curr)

No. 706016

Did he… quote himself? The surname is DanielS, not Daniel but still

No. 706017

Greg admits his wife is a cold heartless cunt, then here it's >>703616
"my waifu's so great I'm so lucky uwu"?

If he really believed she was such a scumbag why is he still with her? Alimony's my best guess. He doesn't want a repeat of Skye so now he's trapped. That's what he gets for knocking up a teenager who's now become a pedophile. Those two miserable dipshits deserve each other.

No. 706019


now how in the hell does a person ragequit a message board in a day and get in to shit with 4 different people after only 3 posts? his fourth post there is his rage quit post.
that has to be some new kinda record
greg you are a special guy

No. 706020


reminds me of that one dude in the movie idiocracy that says "brought to you by Carls jr" after everything he says
aren't we already always quoting ourselves with everything we say? - brought to you by anon 2019

No. 706021

well done anon, thank you, quite gorgeous.

No. 706022

File: 1568795153249.png (466.77 KB, 617x624, u lost Pedosion.png)

No. 706023

I like the concept but it feels unfinished imo.

No. 706024

If anything, his dumbshit fugly wife will end up behind bars before he does. Even with a bachelors degree she still managed to out stupid Onision. Topkek

No. 706026

File: 1568796469202.png (15.72 KB, 549x124, Capturesd.PNG)


Well she didn't graduate magma cum laude for nothing

No. 706027

to be fair, onion's had his whole life to perfect being a creep. taylor only got started in the last few years…

No. 706029

File: 1568796915847.gif (1.75 MB, 400x225, a39aacebb9824fc1453232646c4508…)

He always quotes himself, his Twitter is littered with his cringey, nonsensical, pseudo intellectual bullshit he quotes as "- Onision" and probably comes up with after during his daily dose of loli hentai,he believes the crap he spews is genuinely inspiring and profound LOL… he definitely has a "way" with words.

No. 706030

The degree she got was from an online college and if my memory serves me correctly, during this time period Jimmy was plugging edubirdie hardcore.. go figure.
>>706026 well, now it was for nothing since she will NEVER get a job in the psych field as you have to deal with vulnerable people and one quick Google search of her name/s will warn any potential employers and clients that she is a predator of vulnerable people… even if she never gets charged with a crime from this she has completely fucked up her life and any future career prospects, also Jimmy paid for the now useless degree which makes it even funnier.

No. 706031

lol how new are you??

No. 706032

Wow Lainey literally looks like a tired mom lying next to her teenage daughter

No. 706033

Even with no context that's the shittiest thing I've heard in a while.

I'm living for this. Greg tried to break these girls and here they are coming back stronger than ever. I'm glad they're finding support in each other.

No. 706035

Exactly, Sarah was involved with them for the longest time and from the youngest age, and she defended them for a long time. It's really horrible.

No. 706037

File: 1568800399208.jpg (227.64 KB, 1080x1778, 20190918_194145.jpg)

I'm curious, does anyone know what Jimmy changed his middle name to? As it appears in WP, his name is now documented as James "L" Jackson.. I looked at the initial thread the name change was discussed and it doesn't appear to have been mentioned

No. 706038

oh my god I hope it's Light

No. 706039

Clearly never heard of fecal impaction that can cause bowel perforation that can literally kill you, but sure works it's way out.

None of them have middle names now according to public records.

No. 706040

It's almost certainly "L"
He's more obsessed with him than Light

No. 706043

Holy shit that would be so fucking cringey and hilarious… now I'm hoping it actually is Light.
James Light Jackson…. that doesn't scream beta edgelord at all

No. 706045


James Light, the fresh maker!

well he can certainly freshen up the breath of a young man with that breath mint between his legs.

No. 706046

Haha he wanted Billie to sit on his face but she refused

No. 706047

James L Jackson is a relative of Gregs and is 70 years old. Do your research properly before you clog up the thread. Sarah even stated they no longer had middle names, that should have been your first clue.

No. 706049

Probably no one wanted to touch Greg's dirty hands and he thought he was too strong to be challenged

No. 706055

Not to tinfoil on the kids but has Sarah given any indication on if Kai/Greg think the amount of fucktoys they bring around might not be healthy? I'm sure they're both selfishly just unicorn hunting and working about their man clits rubbed.

No. 706058

They're not surviving on their current income, there's no feesible way. What the both of them earn on Patreon is what you could earn monthly with ONE person working an entry-level job. That's not going to put a dent on their living ezpenses, let alone all the debt they owe.

I don't think either of them earn anything from YouTube. Lainey was getting sponserships from time to time, but they were obscure companies so I doubt it was lucrative. I can't imagine that will continue as I've seen several posts on Twitter calling our recent sponsers of Lainey's videos publicly. One of her sponser vidoes (the would I date you video from August) has since been removed after all of this has blown up. I dunno if it was due to the content not being a good look with all that's coming out. Or if it's because the company that sponsered the video asked her to take it down since it was one of the companies tagged in the Twitter posts I mentioned.

They're living on savings earned while they were doing well. I can't imagine there's too much left since they recently paid of the Swamp Shack and bought a plot of land next to their existing property. Anons were tinfoiling that they were attempting to… (I know there's a term for it but it's slipping my mind) take all their money and put it into property or other valuable things so that they didn't have straight cash as apparently it's more difficult for properties and physical things to be seized than straight cash. I know I'm not putting it well but other anons did in past threads and it made a ton of sense.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 706060

they have to be in massive amounts of debt, between the IRS breathing down on them, wetlands fines, mortgaging a new house, buying teslas and iphones - on top of having 2 small children and all the other expenses of daily living. maybe the sale of mcmansion (800k iirc, assuming it was paid off) kept them afloat for awhile or even paid for the swamp trailer in full, but that money has to be all but gone by now since they're both trash with money and refuse to give up their current lifestyle despite not making nearly enough money to sustain it. they probably have maxed credit cards out the wazoo.

No. 706064

The swamp house is paid off

No. 706066


Don't forget that Onion sold the "set house" not to be confused with the house he lived in with Skye, Shiloh, and Lainey and then gifted to his mom.

No. 706067

Guys? Do we know if Onision uses subliminal messages? Just had a dream/nightmare after watching >>705350 and I am seriously wondering. Because last time I had one specific it was after watching a known video on YT with some in it.

In the dream, I kept seeing these symbols or words that I knew meant bad things unless I "made a video" about them. At the end my head blows up.

I know this sounds foolish, but this only ever happened after I watched one with some in it and it wouldn't put it past me that Greg tampers with his videos like that. He does edit his own videos.

Also my head hurts. Sorry if I'm messing up the thread with this. I swear I'm not a troll.(blog)

No. 706068


Go home, anon, you're drunk.

No. 706069

You really think Greg is smart enough for that?

No. 706070


They paid the swamp trailer off and bought the plot of land sometime this year. The Teslas were sold some time ago now so I can't imagine that money is still around.

I don't know how many cars they currently have now as I've seen several in the driveway in recent vidoes, but those could be visiting cars or whatver. Grugly is currently financing a tesla but it's a lower end model iirc which costs something like 30k? I could be misremembering that detail.

Did they pay for the Grease McMansion in cash or did they have a mortgage?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 706071

This is classic, almost makes you nostalgic for mid 00s forums
iirc it was some sort of online degree program from UW. Either she was cheating, lied about the program she took, lied about her grades, or was too stupid to make the connection between any of the shit in her program and real life.

No. 706072

They had a full reconveyance on the McMansion so they paid it off in full.


Search Taylor Avaroe. She went to WSU.

No. 706075


Is he talking about Sarah in the first clip!? She admitted to using cocaine.
He’s so disgusting. I can’t even believe he would go forth and show how abusive he is at a time like this.
He really has no self awareness whatsoever.

No. 706076

No. 706078

They do have a puyallup campus though

No. 706084

File: 1568812342769.png (742.98 KB, 1034x662, gay.png)

This looks like a classroom to me

No. 706092

File: 1568813998067.png (12.26 KB, 586x131, lol.png)

Jimmy's still spurging about keeping things private and he's back to his false positivity. For everyone's sake, I hope he gets whats coming to him.

No. 706094

I love that he doesn’t understand of the irony of this applying to him more than the people he’s trying to make feel bad about attacking him.

If he had focused more on being honest and kind aka not manipulating and being abusive, karma wouldn’t be biting him so hard.

No. 706096

I knew I wasn’t crazy! Maybe he’s not smart enough to pull it off on his own but is probably being told to put subliminal messages in his videos, even the banana video has subliminal messages if you look closely. Maybe that’s why he’s still in the YT game, he’s privately doing what he’s told.

No. 706097

You sound cray, but onion absolutely puts various weird manipulative messages and motifs in his videos. Remember his one goal is to shag teenagers, be an awful asshole and get away with it all. Anyone willingly watching an onion video is a potential future victim so he puts all kinds of weird shit in to get a headstart on the brainwashing.

No. 706099

This is tinfoil, it definitely may have been Kai sending all these messages as everyone’s saying which is very plausible, but it’s also possible Onion could have sent Kai’s nudes himself to cover his tracks. It’d make it easier to shift blame legally onto Kainey were any girls or allegations to come forward, in case of a scenario exactly like the one he’s in right now. This way he would also finally have an option to leave the marriage looking like the honest one and Kai the bad guy. Maybe more of these grooming messages and scouring for girls online were really Onion larping as Kai than we realize, as >>705734 suggests, we don’t know how much was him, but we do know he could have tampered with any or all of it if he wanted. A number of the emails read exactly like his vernacular. Doing it on her accounts damns her with the paper trail and allows him to hunt for girls without directly tying the activity to himself.
He also has access to everything of hers so he could see if she did stupid incriminating things like sending nudes and advise her to stop or even attempt to cover it up like deleting evidence off of Sarah’s phone when she was around but he didn’t.
He could have sent the nudes as a sort of blackmail against Kai as well. Yes she could’ve come out and said “that was Greg sending that, not me!” but she could have been scared of what he’d do if she outed him, like him blackmailing her with some of the evidence he planted. Narcissistic abusers do things like gathering and planting false out of context evidence against their victims to later pull out and use against them when convenient, like the crazy-making videos he did against Shiloh. Not a Lainey fan by any means, but it’s so easy to imagine him trying to screw her over and set her up to save his own ass since he hates her more than anyone. He gets off on destroying his victims, like how we all think he still wants Billie because he couldn’t break her, well this would certainly ruin Lainey and fulfill his sadistic desire to break women.

No. 706101

The fact that you even took a dream seriously makes you sound delusional. The fact you decided to blogpost makes you sound attention-starved. You are not special. Go whore attention from a therapist. It's more productive than doing it here.

No. 706103

She blasted it on Twitter that she was sending/receiving nudes from these girls though. Pedothot creeped on them just as much as her husband. The difference was their intentions behind it: For Taylor it was attention/ego boost/sympathy, and for Grug it was barely legal poon and narc supply. I don't think he would have to do much more than say "Hey you should send Sara nudes" to Taylor for it to happen. She was all on board for this shit.

No. 706104

I mean, a charitable reading of Taylor's shenanigans is that she thought she was playfully screwing around with her peers. The thing is, by the point she did all that she was not their peer. She was a married adult and mother, not a teenager screwing around– and she knew or should have known that. It's yet another example of her stunted emotional development, IMO. (Another one is the recent revelation that she wouldn't leave Greg even if he beat her. What a great example of how a woman should act and behave, to set for her daughter.)

No. 706105

File: 1568817300168.png (87.54 KB, 805x440, Screenshot (29).png)

sorry i know his stupid q&a thing is not milky but lol at him trying to say because a CROPPED version was posted on insta that means the full ones can't possibly have nudity in them.

Also i dunno if the ** was done by the question asker or if he's made the site block out the word nude/nudes bc it wasnt like that when he first opened questions.

No. 706106

Again, he's trying to bait Sarah into posting the uncensored nudes so he can attack her for posting revenge porn or some shit and be seen as a victim and that he had no idea his "husband" was a pedo etc

No. 706108


Is the waterheaded, low IQ retard trying insinuate that the photo was scribbled on by hAtErS just to imply her smelly Arby's number 1 was out when really it was not?

It's like he knows they won't release the unedited version so his tiny peabrain thinks this is the perfect solution.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 706109

Despite the fact that the Instagram pics are obviously cropped higher-up than the nudes. You can't see the bottom hem of Lainey's shirt on Instagram, but you can for sure in the pictures Sarah received.

No. 706110

Lol. "Not actual gross stuff that people imply". If I'm nude from the waist down but crop the upper part of the pic for IG while sending the whole pic to someone else that's…That counts as it not being a nude, then? Jimmy, your brain's melting. What's left of it anyway.

No. 706112

Does he even realize that nobody has to release the pics online for Kai to be held accountable? If Sarah chooses to do something legally about this then it only matters that the investigators see them. But in his 10 year old brain they aren’t real if it’s not online. How did he make it this far in life without a Darwin Award?

No. 706114

If only he had actually gone to war and got kia but he's a pussy

No. 706115


Notice how his wording is always 'kai would never WANT to' or 'never had any DESIRE to send pics of that nature!'

He's not denying that Lainey did send nude pics. Hes saying that she never wanted to send nude pics - as in, 'she did, but it was an accident and she didn't realise the pictures showed stuff'.

Which is obviously bullshit. Lainey knew those pics showed her junk enough to crop them before posting them publicly on insta.

Besides, most people who take so many selfies tend to be very aware of how they may look in one before sending them to someone, so she'd notice her nudity for sure. She probably had a few from the same 'selfie session' and checked over all of them to see which one made her look the best. Most people taking selfies will double check them to see if they look good… let alone someone with body dysmorphia, no?

If those selfies had nudity in them, Lainey meant them to. End of.

But Greg will just say Lainey said it was a mistake, he believes her, easy mistake to make or some shit, yadda yadda.

He doesnt ACTUALLY believe that of course, but he can ignore the situation if he says he does. If he admitted that he knew his spouse sent nudes to minors on purpose, he'd have to then leave her to prove he's a good person, and then would be stuck paying alimony.

No. 706117

>>who would never want to do what people say.

There he goes again with this wording.
I guess he is now just hoping he can be vague enough that his idiot fans will assume Lainey didn’t send the photos, even though he can’t straight up deny it.

No. 706119

Greg is only defending Lainey because if she ends up in jail he’d be stuck with the kids.
We all know he’s never taken care of them a day in his life, and he doesn’t plan to start now.

No. 706122

I bet mommy would move in until he could replace Lainey.

No. 706123

A college classroom, maybe

No. 706124

That's what WSU is genius

No. 706126

no, you're crazy. this has nothing to do with anything and is a literal batshit tinfoil

No. 706127

Lmao stop feeding the tinfoil trolls. He’s not mind controlling anyone with his second rate content.

No. 706128

"kai is a cool person." i wonder what the coolest thing those two have ever done is

No. 706129

Sarah & Billie.

No. 706131

File: 1568821252195.jpeg (322.73 KB, 1125x1395, CE3A8B90-24F8-4F09-9BC3-96964C…)

No. 706132

File: 1568821275759.png (193.76 KB, 586x677, private.png)

He loves talking shit but now everything needs to be private because he doesn't want anyone outing their creepyness. We've seen him slipping and I really hope he's close to breaking.

No. 706134


This whole new info is so mindblowingly stupid. It's hard to believe Lainey can be this fucking retarded. Nudes to <18 … like why? I suppose she is that desperate for validation, but sexually? I'd love to see a case study on Lainey rather than your boring, classic narc, Greg.

No. 706135

i feel like they already have another victim, probably not but it’s so weird to see him be all “positive” during all of this. the only time he was tweeting positive things was when a third was in a picture

No. 706138

HES SO FUCKING STUPID KEK nick carter is being accused by a young woman of raping her (a 15 year old), aaron is speaking out against him… why would he interact with this at all during his own "scandal"? is he skimming hashtags relevant to himself ?

No. 706139

Mr "It's our duty to share information that helps society" has sure changed his tuned since a whole 2 months ago, huh?

No. 706141

Seems like he's trying to imply that the exes are lying for attention since they've taken it public… which is pretty rich coming from mister brootal honestee himself

No. 706142

I feel as though hes trying to b8 sarah or the other recipients of these nudes into posting the uncensored ones so he can claim revenge porn and "transphobia"

No. 706143

My theory is either A) He's just trying to show his victims they aren't getting under his skin that he is in the right because he feels he was well within the law to do what he did. He doesn't care about morals, obviously. He's just waiting to be cleared legally or for no legal process to get started at all and THEN he'll come out with an entire video about how everyone is wrong and he's right cause he's not in jail.

So essentially, he's being a smug asshole cause he still thinks he's right after all this.

No. 706145

File: 1568822604159.jpeg (312.04 KB, 1125x1161, F0D9F4E4-FF13-48AB-A3C0-485DAA…)

This is a thinly veiled stop calling me and Lainey out for grooming Sarah tweet

No. 706147

>>706145 wish he had this attitude when he made a million videos meddling in eugenias business even after being asked to stop repeatedly. guess it only applies when its his business people are discussing

No. 706148

shit, he didn't have that attitude 2 months ago when he made a video accusing Repzion of assaulting some girl. He only starts up with this shit when people are accusing HIM of crap. Pretty sure he made a bunch of tweets like this back in January when people were accusing him of grooming the first time around, but I can't really check since I am blocked.

No. 706149

Normal members of society like to inform others if another member is a dangerous risk, Onision. Like what your past victims are doing.

No. 706150

Oh sweet sweet karma. How perfect is it that all this shit came out after he kept sperging about Al Jourgensen being a predator? He really thought pointing the finger at everybody else would protect him from himself.

"B-b-but I exposed Al, Shane, and my own Father! Plus I dated a 24 year old once! How can you ignore all the FAAAAXX???!!" Kek.

No. 706151

This is why I'm starting to hate anti-cancel culture people or anti callout people(I think cancel culture is silly & doesn't do shit most the time) because most of the times its people like Gross Onion, who just don't want people calling them/or other people out when they are being fucked up people.

They just want people to be silent about bullshit. They don't want to go case by case, they think everyone should keep their mouth shut about fucked up people doing fucked up things.

No. 706152

File: 1568823605661.jpg (144.67 KB, 1073x1971, EEwljEWX4AIbYhA.jpg)

Now this is his attempt at "Hey, my 5 remaining fans, don't let these haters try to convince you i'm the bad guy. Just be ignorant -I mean… make your own choices!!!"

No. 706153

>it's not my job to judge
>rates women and little girls' bodies based on his opinion

For a comedian, he sure is a pathetic joke.

No. 706154

Onision has reopened questions but deleted the ones regarding where he and lainey violated the age of consent laws

No. 706156

samefag but
edit: you cannot ask a question unless you're a member, but you can view past questions again

No. 706159

Isnt that page giving him ad money? We should just ignore it - theres only so many times we can read "my ugly spouse never wanted to do that" anyway. It's all boring shit hes regurgitating

No. 706167

we dont know who this is , it could one of Greg's victims so you guys stop being so mean ..take a chill pill

No. 706169

>it's my job to be happy
Said the unemployed dad

No. 706170

File: 1568826485912.jpg (258.15 KB, 920x612, DUNDUN.jpg)

lmao shit is working itself out as you speak Greg

No. 706171

File: 1568827036375.jpeg (286.39 KB, 1125x1075, 172E498D-E346-4B87-A149-B2C190…)

more subtweets.

No. 706174

Why the fuck does he care so much?

Aaron Carter isn't going to fuck you or you're wife.
Fuck off and worry about how to handle your own shit.

No. 706177

File: 1568827486129.jpg (62.36 KB, 720x501, Screenshot_20190918-131635_Goo…)

Lainey didnt get her degree online

No. 706178

"this is none of my business and shouldn't
be talked about in public."

immediately makes poll and continues talking about it…

No. 706180


"I know Aaron Carter is a child predator and has threatened to kill his sister in law, but those kinds of things need to stay private, you can't just let people know that a certain individual might be dangerous".

No. 706181

Yeah I feel like everyone's trying to say that because it was online classes it was easy to graduate w/ a high GPA. The university has an acceptance rate of like 70% which is not competitive so even if she was going irl it still would not have been difficult to get a high GPA

No. 706190


Lainey did take classes on campus before she gave birth. After the spawn, she finished her degree online using that shady, now defunct edubirdie site that Gronk always promoted (basically you pay people to write your papers for you).

She has a degree, a virtually useless degree, and it’s clear she learned next to nothing from it.

No. 706192

Elliot Stabler would murder Grugly.

No. 706194

Lol anons I miss Stabler. Gurgley would start sobbing and victim blaming with not more than one of those angry gorilla glares Elliot would do.

In the next room, Olivia would be trying to hide her disgust while asking HomolKai about all her young girl "friends"

Sage for severe autism

No. 706195


nah, nick is the child predator and aaron is outspoken so his bro filed a restraining order.
im super surprised greg doesnt just take nick's side as he's being "accused" of horrible things by MULTIPLE women as well. tinfoil: hes trying to get fans reading about that to take the heat off himself.

No. 706205

>If he admitted that he knew his spouse sent nudes to minors on purpose, he'd have to then leave her to prove he's a good person, and then would be stuck paying alimony.

oh my god this makes so much sense. calculated autism