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File: 1484698512170.jpg (17.24 KB, 275x275, onisionweed.jpg)

No. 337485


New Onion thread
Last one: >>335433

-Onision still likes teen girls
-Also likes faking sperg-outs on twitter with bilbo and ayella

(idk, help me out here?)

No. 337486

anon doesn't know how to link previous threads. sorry

No. 337487

Cant screenshot rn but cyr is tweeting about it all

No. 337488


plain is so obsessed w labels and always correcting people who don't use her they/them pronouns but… she isn't gay? she's pan or bi, and the other girl appears to be to since a previous post said she said a boyfriend. I'm not a "SJW PC person" but why do they use the label gay so loose and then get all aggressive at people who don't use their other labels right?

No. 337489

File: 1484698745841.png (77.21 KB, 609x578, Untitled.png)

In which greg outs billies family as "illegal drug users"

No. 337490

Smoke it up and show us the contract Billie!

No. 337491

Cant wait to watcg the milky vid Greg is no doubt cooking up this very moment

No. 337492

File: 1484699011945.png (158.59 KB, 1242x961, IMG_3652.PNG)

No. 337493

Even if it was a verbal agreement, saying "contract" is so weird. Was it a -literal- on paper contract, lol?

No. 337496

Cyr, you're amazing.

No. 337497

>she violated a contract
Is Grease making every female in the house sign a contract to him to obey his rules?

No. 337498

File: 1484699127916.png (345.29 KB, 425x870, silenceofthelambs.png)

made this for the last thread regarding Ayalla's tweets

No. 337500

why would someone make a second thread? i get OP is bad but two new threads are just going to confuse people…

No. 337501

Holy shit anon

No. 337502

I don't see why he wouldn't have made Billie sign a physical contract, Skye did, and then Greg went on one of his autistic rages when Skye broke the contract, too. He called her a liar and everything, just like what is happening now, seven years later.

No. 337503

It's no biggie, I'll delete the other one if you're all happy staying in here.

No. 337504

I don't like Chad, but I had to laugh at that.

No. 337505

Anon, fucking love you

No. 337506

File: 1484699449251.gif (297.68 KB, 300x199, 4972723 _0a3b441c09cc3bcd59fc5…)

beautiful work anon

No. 337507

Skye was his wife, though. Billie, at the end of the day, was a chick he was banging on the side so he doesn't have to stick it into Plank alone. On paper contracts seem extreme in this case, but I wouldn't be surprised if he even made a video confession of it.

No. 337508

It's not the first time; he forced Skye into making a couple of contacts - one about never gaining weight and another to not be in the house when he wasn't around when they split up.

No. 337510


cuz being gay is trendy with the tumblr crowd she hangs with, going "i'm a straight mother of two with a female crush" just isn't as edgy, is it? i hate it too.

No. 337511

File: 1484699770536.png (46.29 KB, 637x354, calmdowntantrumbaby.png)


No. 337512

Let's all keep in mind that there are two children growing up in this environment. That is truly tragic in all of this.

No. 337513

Someone in the last thread said he's anti-caffeine. Is her Mormon?

No. 337514


i don't even care if everything is fake now, this is fun.

No. 337516

No. He just sees a lot of things as black and white. He's also anti psychiatric medication.

No. 337517

He seriously doesn't think it's really fucking abusive and weird to forcibly stop a woman from doing what she wants to or who she sees.

No. 337518


nah. just crazy

No. 337519

No, he's SxE… he's been that way since high school.

No. 337520

File: 1484700117139.png (23.61 KB, 585x82, Sarah.png)

Ohhh maybe Sarah is getting fed up too.

No. 337521

Everyone thinking this is fake. I think its real cause Onion is actually this crazy. lmao. I doubt he'd make fake drama that makes himself look so bad. And I feel like ayalla wouldn't join in on this shit if it wasn't real because she was never on good terms with onion ever since billie escaped with her lmao.

This also proves lameo is a horrible fucking person and onion and her deserve each other.

No. 337522

Has Grease been hounding Google Analytics to remove certain links to him? Searching for him on there no longer brings up any of the articles about his pedo'ing.

No. 337523

File: 1484700132364.jpg (25.66 KB, 601x125, 1.jpg)

No. 337524

people are saying that onion is been too dramatic in his tweets for it to be real. but c'mon, don't y'all remember the oldschool onisionspeaks videos where he would say the most edgy things in the world and 100% mean it? he's ignorant as fuck. he really does believe people who believe in god are douchebags, people who eat meat are douchebags, people who like caffeine are douchebags, and people who use drugs are def douchebags to him. he really does hate them. man, the onisionspeaks era was fucking terrible

No. 337525

>posts private messages on twitter
>wishes death upon his ex
>wanted her to get a tattoo saying shes a liar and shave her head
>wanted to keep her from seeing her family/friends

Onion: How am i the bad one??!! I dumped her! She smoked da weedz!

No. 337526

Nah, maybe she's tried calming him down or trying to talk to him and he's raged at her and pushed her away.

No. 337527

File: 1484700290894.gif (2.93 MB, 427x240, 20170117_183018.GIF)

Here you go anon

No. 337528

That victim complex, true narcissism at it's finest.

No. 337529

omgggg just needs the text

No. 337530

Lol trying to reason with onion would make me give up too. The guy is nuts. Hope sarah sees that. I like how luxy tweeted she dodged a bullet and she regrets badmouthing billie.

No. 337531

i used to watch Big Bang Theory when i was in high school and i'm envisioning a Sheldon Cooper roomate agreement-esque contract to date gerg and lainey


No. 337532

And I wish Lainey would see how he is able to rant for hours about personal stuff on twitter but they are not allowed to.

No. 337533

I wonder if onion and plank are anti-vaccine too. I wouldn't doubt it one moment if they were, hopefully their kids don't die

No. 337534

Maybe she's upset onion still has some feelings for billy? Just thinking out loud

No. 337535

Lainey doesn't care. Shes a lost cause and too selfish and a horrible person. Theres still some hope for sarah though.

No. 337536

I go away for a few hours and all hell breaks loose.

Nothing would surprise me with greg anymore, and it wouldn't be that crazy that'd he'd joke around that Billie needs to shave her head and get a "I'm a liar" tattoo, so Ayalla is just using that for fire.

I do believe that he'd tell her to move out with them for a year and get her away from her friends and family tho

No. 337537

I wasn't sure how to add text in the gif that would change with the scenes.

No. 337538

File: 1484700686440.png (89.16 KB, 500x530, AYYLMAO.png)

No. 337539

Haha, Dasha and Cyr are really slaying it.

No. 337540

lmao even plain clone's getting in on it. i'm living.

No. 337541

Onion is just like my ex with his black and white opinions except he isn't religious - it's just something to be right about.

He defaults to viewpoints that someone arguing against him could easily be talked over or made to look stupid. The weed thing is obviously (to a normal person) not a huge issue but Onion can say 'it's illegal, you are immoral and a criminal for doing it' and have a thousand immature (14yo) fans screeching everything he says at the poor person he's arguing against.

He's completely unreasonable and I bet arguing face to face against him would be confusing and oppressive to someone trying to be part of his harem bs. Circular arguments that don't make sense, random bullshit, built on a base of some kind of 'truth' - the only way to win is realize the whole thing is ridiculous and wrong, you can't actually participate in it if you don't want to be steamrolled.

No. 337542

It is almost cuddle gate 1.0 anniversary and they are still at it.

No. 337543

so its confirmed that he really was trying to isolate her from her friends/family……is this the REAL STORY we missed out on by not knowing y'all personally?

> NO, billie can't not see her FAMILY? She can't see her ILLEGAL DRUG USING FAMILY.

No. 337544

File: 1484701351521.png (343.17 KB, 605x673, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.59…)

I guess now that Lainey unfollowed her, Plainclone is going off on both of them freely LOL

No. 337546

Is he deleting Tweets? I clicked on his latest Tweet around the time he first Tweeted it (>>337523) and there were quite a few people calling him out on his bullshit.

No. 337547

File: 1484701464996.png (82.2 KB, 609x333, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 8.00…)

LOL even Luxy's showing support for Billie

(dropped the pic whoops)

No. 337548

He is SO mad he can't have Billie holy shit my sides.

No. 337549

>I told her she couldn't
And that's Gerg's entire perspective encapsulated right there. He is the one who issues the conditions. No one ever issues conditions to him. He may not even view himself as that controlling purely through lack of insight.

No. 337550

and by truth I mean some kind of "higher", "pure" truth that he pulls out of his ass. The legality of drugs, the "not polluting your body", especially "lying" - saying Billie lied and hurt them on purpose by doing normal person things that don't align to Onion's views and his controlling/unreasonable/weird stipulations.

Basically generic manipulative abusive tactics.

Hopefully Billie has actually realized that he's just a controlling and very retarded individual who isn't worth her time and energy.

No. 337551

File: 1484701580750.png (352 KB, 602x639, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 8.00…)

No. 337552

in the interest of good vibez i'm officially retracting my hatred of plain clone. everyone in this thread is my best bud

No. 337553

Love this. I hope more fantards realised how toxic he is.

No. 337554

File: 1484701717086.gif (1.1 MB, 260x146, deliciousmilk.gif)


No. 337555

Many anons didn't hate her to begin with, she's just an annoying kid.

No. 337556

File: 1484701786583.png (193.65 KB, 633x712, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 8.07…)


sorry for samefagging up the thread but this last one between luxy and Painclone…HOLY SHIT the shade on that last tweet. I'm living for this.

No. 337557


Work contract? Relationship contract? Because-I-say-so contract?

No. 337558

she overtly seeks our attention which is why we try not to give her any.

No. 337559

File: 1484701831647.png (65.02 KB, 624x311, WTF.png)

In response to something Billie tweeted two hours ago - While he kept tweeting her!

No. 337560

You know what else is legal in Washington that isn't in other states other than weed?

Fucking a 17 year old girl.

No. 337561


No. 337562

billie release the texts..i want "LOL BE MAD" to be the next thread's pic

No. 337564

mangoblock is luxxy

No. 337565

I wonder how many contracts he has with lainey LOL

"BE MAD" equivalent to i wish you would die? LOL. He's the one tweeting about her and then acting like shes the one starting things lmao

No. 337566

He really is the most unaware individual in existence.

No. 337567

Greg literally said he wished people that smoke pot would die from overdosing. And thats somehow comparable to someone going "LOL BE MAD" in the middle of an argument?

No. 337568

Didn't even realize that was her, my b

No. 337569

File: 1484702084388.gif (679.09 KB, 360x360, 1453729535447.gif)

goddamn this is beautiful.

No. 337570

I would pay good money to see Billie spill some serious milk. C'mon Billie, please, it would be the best revenge ever.

No. 337571

Well, the prenup is one of them and what that contains; we will sadly never know.

No. 337572

File: 1484702099444.jpg (11.83 KB, 400x400, fedora.jpg)

I feel so sorry for his kids, I wish Plain would stop putting up with him and leave.

No. 337573

Holyshit, hahahaha

No. 337574

>I wonder how many contracts he has with lainey LOL
Lol, oh god. Skinny pact, "health" pact, "don't be a fish predator unless you're disabled" contract, "kids are yours" contract, etc.

No. 337575

Can't forget the don't public tweet anything negative about me contract

No. 337577

No. 337578

File: 1484702393170.png (52.17 KB, 605x344, lel.PNG)

No. 337580

Cyr is on twitch but idk if he will talk about Onision

No. 337581

Sage for tinfoil, but didn't Gurg try to start shit with Billie when Lain was thirsting for other girls (Luxy)? Maybe he's not ready to get a new girl involved and tried to get Billie back with stipulations, but Billie declined. Now he's gaslighting her to get what he wants.

No. 337582

i can't believe this guy wants his young wives to sit in a room all day and only watch anime and play video games with him. like no wonder lainey is so stunted. how can anyone NOT think he's a huge pedophile after this?

No. 337583

He's using the same tactics he did the previous half dozen of times; his line of thinking is that because it's worked on her in the past - continuing to do it again will have the same result.

No. 337584

Cyr is casting now. Just waiting for possible shade?? https://www.twitch.tv/anything4views

No. 337585

File: 1484702922611.png (57.5 KB, 503x464, AYYLMAO.png)

What the fuck?

No. 337586

Chad threw shade at the beginning, saying that all drug users better get out of the stream, etc.

No. 337587

Doesn't seem to matter. Lain is going to get a girlfriend, even if it isn't Billie. She's very determined.

No. 337588


No. 337589


Is he trying to make her an oompa loompa?

No. 337590

Didn't onion boy recently post about how shaved heads are beautiful? Maybe it was part of him trying to convince Billie?

No. 337591

she's just trolling now right

No. 337593

I don't know how to feel about this. Sounds so farfetched but then again…it's fucking onion…

No. 337594

this is getting way too ridiculous now im seriously doubting its real milk

No. 337595

File: 1484703296482.png (720.77 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170117-213424.png)

No. 337596

Been following onion for about 9 years and I believe every word of it.

No. 337597

I believe the rest, but this one clearly has to be a joke or something he said in a passive aggressive way and it got "lost in translation". I very much doubt he said all of this to her in a serious manner, but he could have for ex. said "I'll take you back if you're in more videos. "Shave off eyebrows on cam, like Jenna Marbles", etc.

No. 337598

Guys, seriously. LOOK AT THIS. It's fake. How can you not see that by now?

No. 337599

Still doesn't mean the whole thing is.
Also, why would Old Yella be on board with any of this?

No. 337600

This is what she really said

No. 337601

Doesn't negate the milk, because he's probably losing subs left and right

sage for samefag

No. 337602

its onion constant shit that makes this hard imho, if he was sane guy i wouldn't even bother thinking this was real but with him…

No. 337603

Cyr just said in Chad's stream that they won't be talking about Onion

No. 337604

Doesn't matter, He's digging his grave hard and his very extreme reaction screams that ayalla might just be telling the truth.

No. 337605

aaaand I left

No. 337606

This sounds like something he would say. Like he was trying to find something that she had to do to prove her love and this was one option. Just like with the tattoo he wanted her to have something permanent that if she "lied" to them, she'd have a reminder of what a liar or "fake" she is.

No. 337607

File: 1484703683643.jpg (24.12 KB, 616x162, 1.jpg)

No. 337608

I was definitely thinking about this a couple weeks ago, onion was so mad at lainey for eating fish but vaccines are tested on animals/have animal products in them

No. 337609

lmao, I bet they lost alot of viewers

No. 337610

sage for samefag AGAIN.

He is getting attention, which he loves even wwhen it's negative

No. 337611

maybe greg is paying everyone or some other incentive to go along with it. i'm sure it's giving everyone involved more followers, except for greg. but he'll get more money from views from the inevitable video he'll make about the drama and that's good enough for him

No. 337612

File: 1484703802697.png (229.7 KB, 1861x886, fake.png)

Stop shitting up the thread with fake milk.

No. 337613


Ayalla is liking tweets disproving/ bashing Onision. If this was a joke or a way to create drama she would just ignore those tweets, but she isn't.

No. 337614

It's not fake, I screenshotted that myself from my twitter. Its real.

No. 337615

Look at ayallas Twitter.

No. 337616

He just said two seconds ago he wouldn't be talking about Onision sadly.

Everyone's saying that Ayalla wouldn't go along with bacne's attention whoring but she was happily using the Onision hashtag to promote her videos. If this isn't fake then drown me in the milk but it's not looking very promising to me.

No. 337617


Yeah you can go look at her Twitter and see it up.

No. 337618

File: 1484703972438.jpg (86.1 KB, 812x845, check.JPG)

sage because it's not something that needs doing

No. 337619

File: 1484703989339.png (322.85 KB, 1284x1162, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 01.4…)

Confirming it's real with another screenshot.
Sage for no new contribution.

No. 337620

you've left your twit pic in this

No. 337621


There was a coffee-machine in one of his old speaks videos (when he just started the channel), it was on Skye's workstation.

No. 337622

File: 1484704101899.png (405.06 KB, 586x617, Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 8.40…)

I just snorted omg
Feel how you want about her, attention-seeking or not but these memes are giggleworthy.

I honestly love how everyone's roasting him right now. Even if you look at his tweets, most of the tweets are done with his shit.

No. 337623

Okay, it's fake then and Billie and Ayalla are too new to make it look real.

No. 337624

Maybe she's exaggerating on purpose FOR EFFECT.

I think she should continue on this path.

No. 337625


What the fuck are you smoking?

No. 337626

>FAKE tan
>dye her hair green
>shave off eyebrows
>>FAKE tan

You're gullible as fuck if you believe that shit.

No. 337627

Hi greg, Damage control?

No. 337628



And you believe all this obvious shit?

No. 337629


It does seem a bit far fetched even for Gurg so I'm gonna suspend my belief

No. 337630


She was over-exgagrating on purpose, chill brah.

No. 337631

obviously she's exaggerating/making it up but the way i'm taking it is that it's supposed to sound like that. she meant for it to sound crazy idk why though

No. 337633

Does he know how many smart successful people smoke pot? A LOT. What a moron.

I mean he wanted her to get a lillie tattoo. I could see him having delusional reasons for things he wants her to do to prove herself to him. I also doubt ayalla would buddy up with onion all of a sudden and create fake drama and make her fans mad at her for lying.

No. 337634

I love this ahahaha

No. 337635

translation: It's fake but Ayela and Blob are making it too obiius because they don't have as much experience faking shit

jesus save me this is hard to do high
oh no, now i deserve to die!

No. 337637

>make her fans mad for lying
Exactly, Its too big of a risk especially with releasing her EP. She'll just lose fans.

No. 337638

didn't mean to reply to you

No. 337639

Not related to the current drama so staged, but I know Pewdiepie is always saying he unfollows loads of people/he mutes people on Facebook and twitter so he doesn't see their stuff but still follows them. Is it possible smegma's decline in people he follows is because he wants to one-up pewds? Or does he like to isolate himself virtually aswell as physically?

No. 337640

You really think that dumb teenagers care?

No. 337641

File: 1484705127541.jpg (57.95 KB, 589x331, lol.jpg)

Made me laugh.

No. 337642

File: 1484705371546.jpg (1.02 MB, 3019x2005, drugisbad.JPG)

had time to waste in between classes, gertrude's rage face is such a delight

No. 337643

This is fucking comedy gold

No. 337644

LOL, good one.

No. 337645

Bless you draw anon!

No. 337646

So, placing bets. Is Bilbo returning or are they going to hook up with a new teen?

No. 337647

Can I tweet this anon?
Same with other drawanons

No. 337648

i love this

No. 337649

Billie's roots, blowing smoke in grease's face, plainey's collar and LOOKING 4 TEEN GF…I love you, drawanon.

No. 337650

What if it's both? He snags Billie back after they've already moved in the new jailbait so Grease can have the Trinity he REALLY wants

No. 337651

Aw shit, anon.

No. 337652

File: 1484705884357.jpg (61.75 KB, 637x278, 1.jpg)

No. 337653

Idk shes pretty pathetic in those texts he posted where shes still saying she loves him. -puke-. I doubt she will give into his crazy demands cause she isn't doormat lameo though, so she might not return if he keeps that up.

No. 337654

How often does he rewatch his own videos and jerk off to them?

No. 337655


Did they just drop the whole "my wifes gf" shit??

No. 337656

File: 1484706401321.png (186.94 KB, 605x591, Screenshot 2017-01-17 at 9.25.…)

the attack of the clone

No. 337657

Actually, at 2:33 the video really does get extremely relevant.

No. 337658

I'm starting to think onion and Plain have a marriage of convenience for the sake of raising the kids together. She just seems far beyond removed from things and their couply posts seems fake as fuck.

No. 337659

Lol, she's on fire tonight, love it.

No. 337660

I'm so glad she wised up. That's all I wanted in the first place lol

No. 337661

lol feel free

No. 337662

Note him texting
>you said you were in love with me
>not us
>you said you loved me
They dropped it alright.

No. 337663

He groomed her too well and now she won't leave.

No. 337664

Anon or Ayella? That's the point I was making about the tweet from oldyella, that it's too exaggerated to believe. I'm not mad, bro.

No. 337665


This bilbo thing makes her out to look like a good little girl who listens to what onion wants, while meanie bilbo (and almost anyone he would replace lameo with) wont do everything he wants for him. Shes prob so proud that she knows she can keep onion boi as long as she does everything he wants and causes no trouble and makes sure to suck his d praising him on twitter and in his videos. She…just doesn't care cause she gets to sit at home on twitter and flirt with girls and get new iphones while her children are taken care of by a nanny onion pays for.

No. 337666

File: 1484707291535.jpg (142.91 KB, 925x602, 1.jpg)

Is he getting ready for one of his "special showers"?

No. 337667

Taylor gets a few things from her marriage that she isn't willing to give up:

- The '''''status'''''''' of being an internet celebrity's wife
- An identity without any personal development or dimension
- Bragging rights of landing the guy she was obsessed with
- No need to work, can sit on her ass all day
- No need to parent, can sit on her ass all day (most working parents wouldn't dream of hiring a full-time nanny on top of a SAHP; being a SAHP doesn't even require much work anymore with modern amenities)
- Fans and ATTENTION

Without Greg, she doesn't have any of those things (aside from maybe a couple hundred teens who'll watch her boring ass videos). I guarantee that she's with him for these shallow and self-serving reasons. She's a lazy, ambitionless cunt who's complacent in her parasitic funneling of Greg's fame and resources, and she knows that she'd actually have to do adult things and gain skills if she left him, and she's probably deep-down still attached to the idea that Gregma is a big famous youtube star and how high-status she is to have married him. Also, attention attention attention.

No. 337668

>The '''''status'''''''' of being an internet celebrity's wife
LOL, this reminded me of the time he called AJ a "star fucker", excuse me while I laugh myself to death.

No. 337669

File: 1484708190404.png (646.74 KB, 719x1280, shiloh being bald.png)

Might be relevant.

No. 337670

He's a CELEBRITY anon. He said so!

No. 337671

File: 1484708287866.png (363.86 KB, 1280x719, shiloh being bald 2.png)

No. 337672

Fucking A. Hanging out with anything4views is still picking at low hanging-fruit though. Dude's a loser.

No. 337673

File: 1484709050548.jpg (37.19 KB, 601x157, context.jpg)

No. 337674

File: 1484709147416.png (66.77 KB, 2122x88, druggie loser.png)

Different anon, but this also on the Shiloh page and might be relevant…

No. 337675


if someone added the subtitles this could be a banner!

No. 337676

File: 1484709254184.jpg (44.04 KB, 599x295, lol.jpg)

No. 337677

Can you link the whole thing?

No. 337678


oh man, i never thought that i would end up liking that crazy bitch but i love seeing onion btfo

No. 337679

every day he comes closer and closer to complete and utter self destruction and it is fucking beautiful

No. 337680

File: 1484709390450.jpg (15.76 KB, 606x92, faxmachin.jpg)

No. 337681


the victims of onion need to start a groupchat or some shit, they seem to get along just fine

No. 337682

No. 337683

Don't give him another place to stalk.

No. 337684


i love the way you drew billie!

No. 337685


LOL. Not the fax machine again. What is he even talking about? Calling someone a druggie loser and wishing they'd die for smoking pot. FAX!!! NOT OPINION! FAX!

No. 337686

This is so fucking dumb and arbitrary. So he wouldn't be mad that Billie smoked weed in WA since its legal, but since she did it in VA (assuming) then its a big deal? So it has nothing to do with the actual drugs, its just his autistic black and white morals.

No. 337687

I use facts guys! C'mon, get out of your safe spaces, and open up to reality. taps, "facts about____," into the google search engine with grubby stump fingers See? I'm not a moron, I'm a big boy. Jesus man, if you can't think of a definition of one simple analogy, or word for yourself, and have to use google search for every goddamn thing, you have no idea what you're talking about. You can know the definition, but it can be interpreted in several ways, stop flaunting yourself as a pseudo-intellectual you aging bottle of grease.

No. 337688

File: 1484709840735.jpg (43.53 KB, 595x217, im15.jpg)

Even when he has a point he has to promptly fuck it up with immaturity.

No. 337689

Exactly. It's like his brain had an extra stroke tonight.

No. 337691

File: 1484710278979.jpg (178.62 KB, 1143x843, IMG_9458.JPG)

some old but always relevant reading from s. i haven't read this since she originally posted it but damn it's just CRAZY how the past repeats itself huh?

No. 337692

That was a bad example because it makes it seem like pot users are all criminals. You know how many people know successful people who smokes weed and are nice people and would date them? A shit ton of people. There's a reason its being decriminalized and legalized more and more. What did billie even do to him while smoking weed? Be too chill? The horror.

No. 337693

samefag but god it sends a shiver down my spine like has billie ever read this??? girl.

No. 337694

File: 1484710436541.png (148.45 KB, 1121x879, IMG_2271.PNG)

Dat back-pedalling tho
I'm p sure the respondant was referring to their grandfather using weed illegally to relieve symptoms too.

He's such a moron.

No. 337695

I wonder if he's using bdsm style relationships to control these girls. In that case, he should get off twitter and and on fetlife, he'd have an easier time

No. 337696


so they just fucking with us? god damn it onion

No. 337697

Of course, although I didn't even take it as pot, just "drug users" in general. Which would make his point valid until he ruins it by being an immature idiot.

No. 337698

File: 1484710880540.jpg (25.78 KB, 611x186, dramaintensifies.jpg)

No. 337700

Also continuing to ignore the fact that use of weed is legal in Washington?

No. 337701

Pretty damn disgusting.

No. 337702

File: 1484711042756.png (43.56 KB, 475x414, AYYLMAO.png)

No. 337703

omg I hope he makes a song

No. 337704

>little to do with weed use
>crimes committed = weed use
>tweeting about weed all day

Uh huh.

No. 337705

He didn't ignore it, he made an autistic comment on the whole thing. >>337676

No. 337706

Would he somehow be less mad if she did use it in Washington?

No. 337707

I wonder why he really split up with Billie. You guys can't seriously believe it was for being a "lying druggy scumbag" because he took her back. What snapped?

No. 337708

This is some hardcore projection. Okay, it has little to do with drug use, he just "hates liars" while being a massive liar himself.

No. 337709

>> he didn't like when I spoke to my friends in Canada because most of them smoked weed or drank alcohol.

also lol at greg thinking he can tell anyone they're too close to their parents

No. 337710

Someone w/ Twitter please ask him that, lol.

No. 337711

No cause it wasnt about weed! It was about her LIES (about weed) and BETRAYAL (her breaking some weird contract about weed).

No. 337712

in an alternate universe, onion is washingtons duterte and duterte is a youtuber

No. 337713

guys don't forget many people that greg LOVES smoke weed including many people in his own family!!!!! (tell me onionmommy isn't blazed.)

No. 337714

File: 1484711445616.png (98.18 KB, 629x685, noweedshere.png)


No. 337715

File: 1484711513207.png (50.97 KB, 482x430, AYYLMAO.png)

No. 337716

It's not about specifics with
Onion as other anons have pointed out. It's about control. People like him just want to take away peoples agency to fuel their ego. That's why he will humiliate Lainey online over her eating fish. Sounds silly huh? That's just him.

No. 337717

File: 1484711686842.png (18.07 KB, 465x159, AYYLMAO.png)

No. 337718

Thrown in jail for years. LOL. She would have to be caught with a shit ton of weed to be "thrown in jail for years".

No. 337719

on the other foot replace "using a drug" in this tweet with "making videos of underage girls in their underwear" you can pretend he's sane

No. 337720

Can you get "thrown in jail for years" in the US over pot? Say it ain't so.

No. 337721

I know it's the control aspect but he seemed pretty chill about Billie doing the weed for a while, or it was atleast a non-issue whilst he was getting his dick wet. I don't think that weed is what caused this break up, not entirely anyway.

No. 337722

Grease would be gunning down "drug abusers" with an uzi just like Duterte

If you possess enough to sell, yah. Or just an unfortunate minority.

No. 337723

Things onion polices his friends/significant/world-at-large about:

YouTube content

Anyone else want to add?

God he's a psycho.

No. 337724

I always felt like that was his #1 go to excuse. Apparently many people in his family eat meat, smoke weed, are gay, etc. He always uses that when he's trying to show that "he's cool with x, because family". & he always does it just to appeal to his fantards.
( Although mama O must be blazed out of her mind )

No. 337725


exactly. anyone he dates isn't allowed to have any source of fun without him directly involved/overseeing it. weed is a serious threat to him because someone enjoying their own thing = independence = they come to the conclusion they don't need him and he loses control

No. 337726

It's obvious to me, anon. She wouldn't be abused by him any longer. He lost control over her. That's why he's doing this.

He's an abusive, manipulative, unintelligent scumbag. He's projecting this weed thing because he's actually just mad that she's slipped form his clutches.

He's obviously an abusive fuckwit. That's really what everything boils down to.

No. 337727

man this thread makes me wanna blaze lowkey lol

No. 337728

assuming this happened in VA Billie's home state, if they catch you with more than 1/2 an oz(up to 5 pounds)and decide to try and charge you with Sale/Manufacture/Trafficking it's a felony and that could be 1-10 years and a max $2500 fine

No. 337729

It's insane, he's acting like she's addicted to heroin.

No. 337730

I secretly wish that Lainey actually has some hidden online diary with all the shit Onion has done and said to her, and she becomes disgruntled enough to release it to the world

No. 337731

Well the weed gave him an excuse to move her in and have her agree to cut off her family and friends and she refused. Ultimately he's mad he can't put his pretty little butterfly in a jar.

No. 337732

I bet hes furiously googling weed laws in VA right now.

No. 337733


if you're black, yes. if you're billie, no

No. 337734

wised up about what? she's still obsessed with Lainey and is just demonising Greg for the attention she's getting here - and just out of general obsession.

No. 337735

Anyone know his State's harshness on assault and battery charges? A visit might be in order

No. 337736

No point. You'd just get more garbage for a reply. If he even acknowledges your tweet at all.

No. 337737

So hung up on legalities. Just because he so carefully arranged sex with his teenaged brides by researching state laws and moving them accordingly.

No. 337738

File: 1484712593793.png (160.04 KB, 485x723, AYYLMAO.png)

No. 337739


Recreational Drug Use (even something as harmless as coffee applies here)

No. 337740

>Onision mode: rating break-up's

No. 337741

Shit, just screen capped that too lol

No. 337742

I just hope more people start to see this cucklord for what he is. He totally goes ape shit insane when something doesn't go his way perfectly. How many publicly failed relationships is this now?

No. 337743

LUL yup.

Like he gives a crap. If billie only smoked in his state where its legal, he would still be trying to police it.

No. 337744

It's NOT about weed, here let me link you VA laws.

You criminal, scummy, law breaking druggy, god you're disgusting!
- What about if she were doing it in your state?
Well, it's legal here, you moron so it's fine.

No. 337745

But Greg, jaywalking can get you jailed, and has killed many people.

No. 337746

Does onion think the police in the commonwealth has so much free time they are gonna raid houses to arrest little white teen girls doing something like weed? He needs to stop. He is not a lawyer and won't ever be a lawyer.

No. 337747

This looks like a genuine argument.

No. 337748

File: 1484713034123.png (45.46 KB, 543x281, Capture3.PNG)

Billie and Ayalla are probably stoned as hell and just fucking with Grease at this point. I know I would be. I doubt that makes the whole thing a lie though.

No. 337749

Fucking Shiloh was illegal in the state he lived. That's why he had to go to Penn.

No. 337750


Onion didnt deny the fake tan thing or tattoo thing ayalla said or reply to it, which makes it probably real. He wouldnt let someone make BS about him without pointing it out.

No. 337751

File: 1484713287713.png (22.76 KB, 501x214, AYYLMAO.png)

No. 337752

File: 1484713315092.png (514.44 KB, 1440x1230, 20170117_212059.png)

I'm glad he is getting torn a new asshole

No. 337753

beautiful. feel the fucking burn, grease

No. 337754

If Billie has dirt on him I really hope she makes it public if he doesn't stop being a little bitch online.

No. 337755

I think it's real. Maybe old yella is extra enthusiastic about it to promote her music, though, since more people are going to notice her that way.

No. 337756

*except my husband

No. 337757


Eh, fuck off Plankton.

No. 337758

She just mad cause she wants to suck onion's d but hes too busy crying over billie and raging on tweeter.

She will fuck him the most. Thats all she does besides whine while saying shes gay as hell.

No. 337759

His micro grease penis turned her to women and they only way he allows her to be with women is if he also gets a cut of the pussy. This whole thing is gross.

Someone needs to tell him to go be a father to his fucking kid/s and grow up.

No. 337760

>>337642 I am in love with this and the Bilbo bong makeup pic from previous thread. There are some seriously talented folks on here.

No. 337761

This needs to be Tweeted at him and retweeted until the end of time. He wants to talk about breaking laws? Give him a taste of his own semen.

No. 337763

That's because this is scripted.

No. 337764

Yessssssss, thank god someone finally pulled out the trap card.
Shame it wasn't Ayalla, Sarah, or Billie, but it was someone nonetheless. thanks2u Beautiful Times

No. 337765

What's scripted?

No. 337766

the drama tweets

No. 337767

Greg = Dennis

No. 337768

File: 1484714363257.jpg (26.42 KB, 608x111, IMG_0569.JPG)

No. 337769

"contractual agreement"

yeah, that sounded like a healthy relationship right off the bat. Who the fuck says shit like that?

No. 337770

oh my god I can't breathe

No. 337771

Oh my fuck he is. This is too perfect

No. 337772

on fetlife it's an 18+ website though, i don't think he'll find what he wants there

No. 337773

File: 1484714950013.png (513.1 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0570.PNG)

I have to work in the morning so I can't stay up for this but does someone wanna watch/find out if she'll confirm wether the green hair, fake tan, etc. tweet is real or sarcasm?

No. 337774

The only Younow of hers I'll ever watch.

No. 337776


yo, blaze it for billie anon. take a hit for her sins

No. 337777


she killed him

No. 337778

File: 1484715973471.png (54.54 KB, 587x478, binkieuwasa10.png)

Billie was a 10 before she lied. Full retard mode activated.

No. 337779

File: 1484716203688.jpeg (39.83 KB, 540x437, 1462775522543.jpeg)

The video that comes out after this is going to be amazing. I can imagine him making a video of him arguing with himself furiously instead of just letting it go.

No. 337780


if binkie is a 10 then what is lainey? a 6/10 at best?

No. 337781

Already posted >>337698

No. 337782

Being absolutely honest, and not only because i dislike her, but I would rate Lainey at a 4. Literally no higher.
In my opinion billie is much prettier even though she annoys me.

No. 337783

File: 1484716390619.jpg (23.7 KB, 587x110, 1.jpg)

No. 337784


That's a bit harsh but you have a right to your opinion. I'd rate her a 7/10 if she grew out her ugly pixie cut and took it easy with the dark makeup. She used to be such a cutie before.

Sage for vanity.

No. 337785

she used to be cuter before grease, probably a 6 then. I say the 4 because her skin looks so crusty, her stupid "muh genders" haircut and clothes, her inability to apply makeup properly, and her underbite. (I think it's an underbite? idk the way she "holds" her mouth in every picture is damn annoying) Not to mention she is young yet looks in her mid 30's now, probably from the stress onion boy puts her through and having a baby so young.
Gerg loves youth and billie is youthful looking, fresh looking. And he wants that. I don't believe for a second that he finds his wife prettier than billie, just by the way that he looked at billie compared to lainey.

No. 337786

it helps picturing gergs twitter as just one big constant argument with himself

like just picture him yelling this in the mirror

a 10, kid. a 10.

No. 337787


Oh, I agree with you anon, Lainey's look definitely took a nosedive these past few years and it's a shame. She needs to get rid of Onion if she ever wants to look decent again. Abusive relationships really take a toll on people's looks, it seems.

And of course, her entire sanity needs it.

No. 337788

I'd rate both as average ( without make-up ) which is not a bad thing. I don't think either one's bellow avg. ( I agree with >>337784, 4 is harsh lol ). I don't know why Billie was a 10 in Gerg's eyes, though, because there's a ton of girls who look and dress this way ( he never went into specifics about her personality either ).

No. 337789

"You lied! You said you loved me! You were a 10 in my eyes!!"


This idiot just made it very clear who Billie was actually dating.

No. 337790

totally forgot but in Washington weed is 21 and up.

No. 337792

Eh. I rate lainey at. 5/10. She just reminds me of all the other emo/hardcore New Mexican chicks I've encountered. She just looked like your basic white girl who was awkward yet tried to be different. Also isn't she like part Hispanic? Maybe that's why she's going after that new girl lol

Billie is more attractive than lainey ever was imo. And Billie has bigger balls than the ~*~space prince~*~

No. 337795

>Also isn't she like part Hispanic? Maybe that's why she's going after that new girl lol
What is this comment?

No. 337796

I am the dumper!!1! For the millionth time!!

No. 337797

Lol he couldnt make people mad at billie, so now hes just going to scream shes a "criminal" as well as liar as many times as he can in hopes people will agree. He acts like she murdered someone.

No. 337800


billie looks kinda cute without makeup. lainey looks like a dead person without makeup

No. 337802



lainey is as pale as a wall what are you talking about. and her family is loaded, no way she is hispanic.

No. 337803

Her grandma supposedly is hispanic. Selena and Plain are cousins and Selena looks like she has some hispanic features.

No. 337804

Isn't it her step dad or something who's Mexican and then she claimed to be 1/14th Mexican lol

No. 337806

File: 1484718580460.png (203.26 KB, 415x427, Screenshot 2017-01-18 at 12.48…)

No. 337807

Oh my god Karen, you can't just call people white and assume they can't be part Hispanic at the same time.

No. 337808

This and assuming Hispanic people can't have money?

Sage for OT

No. 337810

I just love how plainclone has unleashed the force on him lmfao. She was a whiny pain in the ass but this has earned her new brownie points from me.

No. 337811

They're cousins???No wonder she hasn't been added to the trinity

No. 337812

Ayalla's live on younow and Billie is there

No. 337813

File: 1484720106235.png (353.22 KB, 680x282, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 1.14…)

No. 337814

They look stoned.

No. 337815

Doesn't seem like they're answering anything related to Grease.

No. 337816

nope, I thought they would this time but nah. They say they're only gonna be on for like a couple more minutes.

No. 337817

This is a bit eerie to me because he lives in virginia right? The reason why he cares so much about the laws there specifically is probably because he was preparing for her to permanently live there and cut off contact with everyone she knows.
Also lol at the fact that less than 1/2oz is only 30 days and max $500 anyway. She isn't even selling it.

If I had some right now I'd be smoking just for this wonderful occasion.

No. 337818

Ignored my question about it, didn't bother staying after that.

No. 337819


Onion lives in washington!

No. 337820

Oops got confused there! That makes even less sense

No. 337822

Can someone ask her if the tweets are real?

No. 337823

Billie and Ayalla live in Virginia

No. 337825

holy shit she just confirmed everything is true

No. 337826

Someone asked if she'd always be savage and she said not to worry she always will be.

No. 337827

How so? I was in there anon

No. 337828

someone asked and she said they were true

No. 337829

"Susie" asked if tweets were true, she quickly said yes then ended

No. 337830

it was just >>337732

No. 337831

Did you also notice that Sarah was watching nearly the entire time?

No. 337832

Nothing at all in ayalla's livestream, just talked about weed alot

No. 337833

File: 1484721388956.gif (2.3 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

No. 337834

Commenting also but just random stuff like hi and here now

No. 337835

Fuck, Greg is the Scientology of youtube.

No. 337836

I was confused tho because she said "I dunno, yes"

No. 337840

holy shit this is such a nice thing to read after a shitty first day of the semester. i hope Nocturnal Emission and Lobotomy get what's coming to them, honestly. sad that no one is calling plain out on being mostly complacent in all this, but they never really do. glad a lot of the heat's on gurg now tho

No. 337841

Eyyyyy onion lost 1k followers on twitter. Went from 379k to 378k

No. 337842

File: 1484723381319.png (249.01 KB, 624x352, TheDENNISSystem.png)

This just makes me think of that episode of "Always Sunny" where Dennis tries to get women to sign a contract to stay with him in his bunker.

Really, Greg is like a real-life Dennis in a lot of ways..

No. 337843

already implied in last thread

No. 337844

honestly I can't even watch it's always sunny anymore because dennis just reminds me of gurg

No. 337847

It was three or four threads before this one and it ended up being the OP pic as well >>319776

No. 337848

No. 337849

File: 1484727026965.png (215.72 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4077.PNG)

No. 337850

Onision is twisting the story once again. What Ayalla says is true, he was trying to keep her from her family, he just doesn't consider "drug users" family.

No. 337851

hooooo damn three minutes in he calls ayalla billie's "ugly friend" and says that he and lainey were only with billie so long because she's hot

he looks…so mad in this video i have to keep pausing

No. 337852

that t-shirt is way too small for him

No. 337853


>that shirt

What a faggot.

No. 337854

been out of the loop for a couple of weeks has he accused any of the lolis of sexually abusing/harrasing him or plainey

it seems like we're about that point in the cycle

No. 337855

Oh my god how does he think this redeems him hes a goddamn psychopath

No. 337856

damn billie couldve gotten a car

greg may be scummy but bitch stupid

No. 337857

mkay so

>was going to buy her a car

>cosmetology school
>teach her to drive
>fix teeth
-already paid her med debts
>he gave her $10,000 in total
>he only put up with billie because she's pretty
>ayalla is ugly
>"not about smoking weed, it's about committing crimes"
>he confirmed the crazy hair and eyebrow thing
>confirmed "I'm a liar tattoo"
>he's rationalized the entire thing
>manipulated prep to be goth because he liked it
>on and on about trust, contracts, lies
>mad about promise ring still being worn
>posts billie "sadistic" texts
>"if billie shot up a bus full of kids you'd all defend her."
>they deserve each other
>"lol be mad"

No. 337858



Because that isn't abusive at all.

No. 337859

I do think Onion is a dumb cunt but still. If you tell your gf/bf you wouldn't do something that clearly bothers them and then you go and do that… You're a bad bf/gf. Plain and simple. She should've just broken up with them if she can't/doesn’t want to stay away from the weed.

No. 337860

Hair looks wet.
Furious shower masturbation confirmed.

No. 337863


>He seriously asked her to tramp stamp that says "I'm a liar"

The absolute madman.

No. 337864

File: 1484729550658.jpg (195.78 KB, 1920x1080, grease.jpg)

no words

No. 337866

I know, how can someone be so unaware of how ridiculous and abusive they sound.

No. 337867

3 min. in and I already want to vomit ( + his wet hair, we all know what that means )

No. 337868

People just need to start reporting his videos. This is disgusting, what a fucking nutjob. Also, all those filters and you can still see his bad acne. A+ Grease.

No. 337870

File: 1484729920438.png (323.01 KB, 446x506, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.5…)

wow he's ugly…the neanderthal brow is extra droopy today. I am not even half way through and I am already done with his pepperoni greasy face.

No. 337871

All I see is him telling Lainey in the contract to not get jealous when he fucks Billie.

No. 337872

he also said that in a video lol

No. 337873

Those acne scars will never fade. Keep adding filters Grog, you'll always need them.

No. 337874

Tbh this makes me feel a bit sorry for lainey. Just imagine the extreme emotional abuse shes been through. I know shes awful now but this really highlights how extreme Onion is.

No. 337876

File: 1484731059183.png (2.05 MB, 1072x1222, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 1.16…)

I just saw this on twitter and I had to share.

No. 337877

lmao when he's talking about everyone in billie's house getting arrested for possession and cites the 5lb-100kg punishment…like does he have any idea how much weed that is?? hell if you've only ever smoked "a handful of times" even 1/2oz is a stretch

No. 337878

I'm still reeling at how he's confirmed that Ayalla was telling the truth and yet, he sees nothing wrong with what he did because "they're druggie losers that deserve to die!!!"

I'm at least relieved that his fans are pretty much telling him to chill the fuck out

No. 337879

One of his rules says not to use manipulative language yet that's all he does. Doesn't that mean he "broke the contract" as well?

No. 337881

thank you so much!!

yeah, never actually seen a "real" bong, only ones made out of plastic bottles and hoses #growingupaustralian. I just sketched it out of memory rip

No. 337882

He's insane. He acts like asking her to tramp stamp I'm a liar or shave her eyebrows is no big deal wtf.

And he calls Ayalla ugly? Has he looked in a mirror? Lmao

Now we know why Billie wants to stick around with him. $$$. Buying her a car and paying for her schooling? The 1800 a month made no sense but that totally does.

No. 337883


He acted like he only made this video because ayalla and billie were also spilling the beans on younow. They didn't even talk about him LOL.

No. 337884

File: 1484732742528.jpg (164.84 KB, 1200x900, CqsQTx2W8AEULkd.jpg)





No. 337886

she doesnt look 12 so shes ugly to him

No. 337887

File: 1484732948908.png (36.01 KB, 585x104, Ayalla shade.png)

No. 337888

her face isn't great, but she has a great body

No. 337889

File: 1484733620488.jpg (153.85 KB, 798x1200, CtpALJeUsAAPFUC.jpg)


Damn right.

No. 337891

He deleted that overdose tweet and didn't mention it in the video. Of course lmao. Because that would make him look bad. Tell me more about how honest you are onion.

No. 337892

I disagree. Her face is fairly proportionate. She has a nice body. She just doesn't hide behind shoop, and filters like most women do.

No. 337893

like it's fucking unreal. body goals.

No. 337894


Wow, she's so pretty

No. 337896

Sorry but without shoop she's plainer then PLainey

No. 337897

Let's not shit up the thread with arguments about ayylmaos appearance k?

No. 337898

LOL gerg's mad
Ayalla and Billie aren't anything to sniff at, just your typical 19 year old emo kids

but compared to Lainey? no contest.
Ayalla and Billie win.

/inb4 "why is everyone kissing Old Yella and Bilbo's asses"
No one is, but Greg's idea of beauty is someone who surrenders to his demands and expectations, so it's kind of bullshit to call Billie and Ayalla ugly just because he can't control Billie's appearance, what she does, and who she's in contact with like he does with Lainey.

No. 337899

Geez Onion makes me want to light up a big joint and blow the smoke right in his face

No. 337900

I like how he said billie and ayalla should just marry each other because they are horrible and deserve each other.

It's like he was describing what everyone thinks of onion and lameo.

No. 337901

I'm the anon that suggested Billie doing her makeup. Trips me out that ypu are an aussie too! Yay!
Sage for OT

No. 337902


Can't wait for SR to parody this

No. 337903

He's on his way back from Japan, so hopefully soon!

No. 337904

Sometimes I almost sympathize with Greg a little (I can sympathize with ending a relationship because of not being comfortable with drug use), but then he takes things so far that I lose all sympathy. Calling someone a criminal and a "druggy" and wishing death on them and enforcing a bunch of rules and isolating them from their friends and family because you don't like it is honestly really creepy and weird. He says he's just anti-crime, but he really took advantage of it to try to humiliate, degrade, and isolate her.

"This is not about smoking weed. This is about committing a crime."

No, Greg, it's about you totally isolating Billie from her friends and family.

Does anyone else feel bad for Sarah? Sarah seemed pretty close to Billie and they seemed really genuinely happy around each other. I'm guessing her tweet was her being upset at being mentioned in that video.

Also: he didn't just call Ayalla ugly. He compared her to a burn victim. lololo Greg you only wish your wife had that figure and those makeup skills

No. 337906

You're sympathizing because you see similarities in your own life/experiences. Not because his concerns are legitimate.

No. 337907

I'm still not convinced he didn't have plans to add Ayalla into the harem if he was able to keep Billie in. I think that's part of why he goes in so hard on her too.

No. 337908

She does have "harsh" facial features, but to me she's prettier than Bilbo. Bilbo on the other hand has softer features = more babyface = more up Gerg's alley.

No. 337910

>Sometimes I almost sympathize with Greg
I stopped sympathising with him in 2009. I honestly feel like even if he suddenly had an epiphany and decided to be honest, stopped abusing everyone and actually started making "normal" videos…that he's too far gone. I'd never feel sorry for him.

No. 337911

Dunno, to me her face looks like one of those women who are always pissed at someone lmao. To me she is not pretty at all but, yeah, no reason insulting her looks on that video, it's not like she said anything like that about him and she could.

I think Greg is doing wrong arguments. Instead of saying "this is about breaking the law" he should just stick to "she lied".
Which I would completely understand. She lied to them, I would want her out of the relationship too. Why say you're gonna stop the weed sessions when you clearly won't?

As much as in hurts me to admit, I think Onion is right at one part. No matter what he does he will always be the bad guy. But that is all on him for always being soo fucking angry and making a detailed video about every shit in his life. People already hate your guts, why add to it with "contracts" lmao.

No. 337912

He wouldn't "always be the bad guy" no matter what. That would be pretty stupid. We all even agreed that it was pretty normal to end a relationship because you're not compatible - until he went off and created this shitstorm.
He's the bad guy because he is the bad guy.

No. 337913

So again he's using the whole "I'm buying friendship/love" shit just for her to be his dress up/fuck doll? And lmao keep telling yourself that Billie is ugly now. He's so fucking mad it's hilarious.

I honestly think there was more to it than just the weed. He didn't seem to care about it before, I mean she's been with them for over a year and it's just now bothering him? It's more of a reason to try and put her as the bad guy (for being a druggie criminal) rather than him just being psycho and her not doing what he wanted.

I'm glad he doesn't leave the mcmansion, we don't need your negativity here in Amsterdam. But god could you imagine his reaction! "YOU'RE ALL CRIMINALS AND I HOPE YOU OVERDOSE ON THE DEVILS LETTUCE!"

No. 337914


Stop and think a second. Have you ever dated someone dishonest with you about something that was a dealbreaker for you? If you haven't, you probably know someone who has.

Think about how you or your friend responded in this situation. Was it demanding that that person never see their friends or family for an entire year? Or getting a tattoo announcing they're a liar? Probably not. It's not that people are unwilling to see Greg as anything other than "the bad guy" or that he's too honest for us. It's that he takes advantage of people fucking up in order to degrade and isolate them.

Honestly, that relationship contract seemed reasonable… it wasn't a "skinny pact" or anything. It was just his response that was off-the-wall.

No. 337915

Well, thank you for this answer. It made me understand better and agree with you!

No. 337918

File: 1484741506791.jpg (68.09 KB, 842x428, germ.jpg)

This somehow makes me think she'll be back.

No. 337919

File: 1484741876390.png (615.09 KB, 847x668, Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 4.26…)

I would honestly think it's damage control because she didn't want him to make it public. Or she would have liked schooling and the car… I don't think that she can really go back from where things are now.

And OT but I agree with >>337911, she does look pissed off most of the time. I think it's the make up though. I think she looks great though, at least nowadays. And she's a very loyal friend.

No. 337920

Strong Latin features, anon

No. 337921

sounds like something trump would tweet
>you were a 10 before the lies, betrayal & crimes. Now you're ugly inside and out. Sad!

No. 337922

since when do they live in VA??

No. 337923

Onion lives in Washington. Ayalla and Billie live in VA.

No. 337924

No. 337925

jesus fucking christ. jesus. fucking. christ.

No. 337926

I did (on my second account, main one's blocked for not kissing her ass), but it'll be ignored.

No. 337927

Basically: I only love you when you comply with EVERYTHING I want.

Fuck I hate Greg.

No. 337928

What happened in the last 3 days I was away… Can someone explain please?

No. 337929

>Sometimes I almost sympathize with Greg
anon, no

No. 337930

I don't get it. Why don't Greg and Lainey just pay some tattooed sugarbaby bitch to dye their hair blue and be a doormat? They basically treated Billie like a prostitute, and made all these retarded rules that of course a normal teen would be like 'nah' to.
I'm sure there are plenty of young enough girls who would happily take 10 grand to suck gerg's dick and pretend to love Lainey. If you want a whore, pay for the real deal, not insecure, lost teenagers from your fanbase who know nothing about relationships let alone poly ones and are bound to BETRAY you. (By betray of course I mean in Greg's eyes)

No. 337931

Greg went off on Billie for being a criminal druggie who will go to jail for years if she continues to smoke weed, Ayalla comes in and puts Onion on blast saying he wanted Billie to leave her family for a year, shave her head, shave her eyebrows, color her hair green, get a super duper deep fake tan, and get a tramp stamp saying "I'm a liar" all for him and Lainey to consider taking Billie back. He admits that all of that was true in what he asked from her. He also was going to buy her a car and pay for college on top of the money she was getting from him. And more and more fans are seeing through his shit, and Plainclone called him out and is done with their shit too.

No. 337932

It may of been Skye's then, he's seriously anti-caffiene, he threw a massive shitfit at all coffee drinkers a while back and Billie was included in that, even Lainey doesn't drink coffee.

No. 337933


both Plainclone and Luxy
also Chad (anything4views)

No. 337934

File: 1484744460948.jpg (28.04 KB, 306x368, haha.jpg)

Plz no daddy-grease.

No. 337935

He confirms it in his video tho.

No. 337937

Sure, demanding that people be branded like cattle because they did something displeasing to you and they deserve a punition in your eyes is not psychopathic at all.
What a crazy loon that guy is. He tries to hide it but it's spilling everywhere.

No. 337939


He must've bought it for her then, since he usually approves of what his women should have cuz you know, he's the man of the house and all.

Wait, wasn't there a monster energy drink shown in one of his recent videos? Talk about hypocricy.

No. 337940

I love you draw-anon, ur my fave anon after transcribe-anon… I may have a request for you later on when you have some spare time, if that's alright with you.

Uhhh no, contradicting himself again - he made this whole breakup subject about weed, he did the same thing last time he broke up with her and made it all about coffee (I shit you not).

I have a feeling it's was something to do with not allowing her to see her friends (I believe that part is all true) until holidays, she made a few Tumblr posts about how she wasn't getting enough socialisation and was going stir-crazy because it's so out of character for her.

>was going to buy her a car
>cosmetology school

Fucking liesssss… these are empty promises to get her to stay with them permantly, he did the same thing by telling Lainey she would have a adventurous life travelling overseas whilst he did promotional tours, there's no way that Lainey would allow him to buy her a car and theres no way he would let her out of his sight to go to beauty school - he'd make her do online courses.

Isn't it a coincidence that Lainey also sees her family mostly over the holidays because Grease doesn't like her parents, oh ho ho.

No. 337941

File: 1484747167054.jpeg (86.02 KB, 500x685, sums-up-onision_o_2684127.jpeg)

I fucking love the Internet

No. 337942

File: 1484747350506.png (189.48 KB, 399x198, bloompaloompa.png)

No. 337943

edit, she was supposed to shave her brows

No. 337944

This vendetta he has against pot is insane. He's so beyond pathetic.

No. 337946



Holyshit, anon. I love this

No. 337947

Hahaha, he's back peddling like crazy now.

No. 337948

So does this mean that every time Lainey does something wrong; he punishes her by either saying snide shit to her in public surroundings (the mall, hairdressers, ect) and she isn't allowed to say stuff back? Does he make her cut her hair shorter everytime she "steps out of line" with him?

If he's making all these demands and punishments for Billie, he's got to be doing it to Lainey as well.

I hope Sarah is bracing herself for whenever he feels she's "stepped out of line" too.

No. 337949

Woah woah woah okay wait. It's a crime (felony) to have more than a half ounce of weed on you. Just the act of smoking isn't a felony then right? For a guy who's all about the black/white "truth" you'd think this would have been a very important distinction, no?

No. 337950

Tinfoil but I think Sarah is planning to escape with her whole "dude…no" reply to him. He's probably raging out on her for taking Billie's side and being one of those druggie criminals.

No. 337951

I just watched that video from start to finish somehow and the bit about the you now stuck out to me. Remember ages ago Billie and Ayalla were streaming a you now and Lainey was watching? What if it was Greg on her account? Because he always sounds too guilty "I didn't watch it no sir I just know what happened word for word My Wife told me it all I swear I'm just brutally honest"

Sage for tinfoil hatting

No. 337952

File: 1484749678763.png (40.94 KB, 244x415, uhhhhhh.png)

I swear to god, he's so far up his own lying ass, that he doesn't remember which shelf he left the last shit on in there.

No. 337953

File: 1484749854512.png (46.92 KB, 270x458, welp.png)

…and another one.

No. 337954

File: 1484750429701.png (598.12 KB, 781x475, another.png)

Sorry for samefagging, anons. But I feel these screenshots are too important to miss and be saged.

….this is another reason to believe it's all fake, if it isn't then his mental health has deteriorated so badly in a single year that it's not even borderline insanity any more.

He would be sectioned if he was being monitored by mental health professionals - if he doesn't get himself checked out sometime soon, he's going to do something very extreme by the time 2017 is through.

That's only if all of this isn't a hoax though.

No. 337955


Gerb is not saying this stuff to Billie because he genuinely has something against weed/weed users, its purely a control tactic. Hence the "SHES A LIAR!" in every interaction, he can't accept the fact that she has free will to do what she wants.

She didn't even do anything wrong. She wanted to see her blood relatives, her best friend, and smoke a lil pot (not a harmful substance, will most likely be legalized in all states in the near future)

No. 337956

He's just a down right hypocrite and doesn't do shit to hide it. He flip flops on all his opinions; remember when he made video after video saying how selfish and greedy bi women are, that they're more prone to cheat, etc? Now that Lain is "bi" he gets to exploit it for threesomes and youtube dollars.
He used to be a fierce straightedge and accused anyone of using drugs as scum that need a crutch to get through life, coupla years later Billie enters the picture, opinion completely changes.
He changes his beliefs when it's beneficial to him, not because he genuinely believes what he's saying.

Sidenote: Greg thinks Billie's family could have at least 5 lbs of pot in their house!! I'm fuckin dying. FIVE POUNDS. He clearly doesn't know how much weed that really is holy fuck.

No. 337957

It's so grotesque, isn't it?

If the "cousin-chan" anon still lurks these threads, please tell Sarah's cousin to hurry up and get an apartment - I know that sounds really insensitive considering today's economy, I'm well aware of how hard it is to keep up with/maintain rent and even find the money to find a place… but the longer Sarah stays there, the more he's going to accustom her to his abuse and she will eventually end up like Lainey.

Let's be realistic about this; Sarah has spent more time in that household than Billie has ever done and more, Billie was/is still a long-distance relationship and has probably spent less than three months in total under that roof during visits… Sarah is ALWAYS there and it's been… what? Near five months now, 24/7.

Oh no, don't get me wrong… I agree completely on all of your points. I'm just still very wary about all of this being 100% genuine, I'm still trying to figure out which parts are actually true and which parts are just baiting for attention and distraction. I have nothing to gain from this being all fake or being real, or even bits and pieces from it being either… I'm just trying to process how fucking insane he actually is in reality.

I bet he doesn't even know how many ways it can be consumed, how many strains there are, how many ways it can be produced, what kinds of benefits and disadvantages all of those different things have… he just has the whole negative knee-jerk reaction to it like a preteen D.A.R.E/SxE supporter does.

No. 337958

It's fine to dump someone because they lied to you. The fucked up thing is asking them to brand themselves with fucked up tattoos and weird body modifications to prove their dedication to you. What the actual fuck Onion, how can you think that's normal? wtfff

No. 337959

We should file a missing persons report for Grease, he has finally disappeared up his own ass and cannot be found.

No. 337960

I understand the wary-ness. I think it's best to see what really sets him off, he tends to slip up especially when he's angry. And he has a history for being against pot, from isolating shiloh from her friends, to the old ass speaks videos agressively condemning it. Don't forget that he's dumped previous girlfriends as well for hitting a blunt time to time.
I think all the positive stuff he's said about pot this year was just a manipulation tactic to get to Bilbo, and as a way to grab a bigger audience. He's never pandered to stoners in the past.

No. 337962

Thinking about it now, he even turned "vegan" for a few weeks when Billie came onto the scene and gave up because he wasn't getting enough nutrition (I wonder why!) so you may be right, those screenshots I posted may have been another attempt to impress her, they've actually been trying to impress one another for a while (Billie not wearing makeup in the household and turning vegetarian)… so that's a fair solid point, anon.

Poor Doormat, I still dislike the bitch and I always will until she breaks free… but if he demands all this shit out of a long-distance relationship from Billie, I wonder what kinds of "rules" he has her under.

No. 337963

>(Billie not wearing makeup in the household and turning vegetarian)
She was a vegan before she took a step in the McMansion. She's the one who is changing to meet this creeps ideal.

No. 337964

File: 1484754205356.gif (471.27 KB, 275x188, 1483500423468.gif)

>Go to sleep when the thread's 10 replies
>Come back and there are 400+ replies
That's when you know that shit went down. I'm loving all this delicious milk.
Destroy the sociopath

No. 337965

Yeah, that's what I said in my post… he tried being vegan though around the time she was visiting more, maybe a temporary slip to impress her back and then was ultimately like "No, I think being vegetarian suits us best" and then got her to change her stance about being vegan to suit his shitty lifestyle because he wants the upper hand/control… there's no argument about that.

Haha same, anon… just try not to count your chickens yet, she'll probably go back before February is over.

No. 337966


No. 337967

The only times I've ever seen and heard others rate people by numbers are autistic fedorabros, robots from /r9k, incels and the greaselord himself.

>>shady frowny eyes towards those who nearly derailed this thread with talk about rating Greaseball's victims and peers.

Don't do that, okay?

No. 337968

Don't tell me what to do. Onion is -5/10 REEEEEEEEE.

No. 337969

Hehehe, shush you.

Grease isn't my cup of tea regardless if he was sane or insane, I'm not gonna lie… I'm just not attracted to him in any way whatsoever.

I'm just here for the laughs.

No. 337970

i want another livestream of blaire, mr.rep and the other two dudes dissecting this. it'll be only the only way i watch all 12 minutes of this absolutely garbage

No. 337971

Samefagging only because I fibbed… I'm here to laugh and hope the women and girls under his control will fuck him over and leave and have a fantastic life not being under his control.

No. 337972

I asked earlier in the thread… >>337522 and it never got answered, so I'm assuming that no one cares or missed it.

No. 337973

>I wonder what kinds of "rules" he has her under.
"If you don't have another child with me you're a lying dirty bisexual slut."
But seriously, that'd be the only way getting preggs with Gerg twice would make sense.

No. 337974

His Encyclopedia Dramatica page is still first. All the pedo shit is on the second page.

No. 337975

File: 1484757463754.png (91.01 KB, 502x560, Screenshot 2017-01-18 at 11.36…)

Billie put him on "read" lmaooooo

No. 337976

Please no… I think that would be the WORST scenario, I hate Doormat but I don't want to imagine her being his breeding cow and nothing more.

Yeah, but all the original news stories about his rating teenage bodies has gone, that's what I mean… they were first up there at Xmas, now they're gone.

No. 337977

At this point he's starting to remind me of someone I met who was dx with ( crippling ) autism.

No. 337979


Oh my, he might actually be autistic

No. 337980


No. 337981

Billie, come here… we will love you to bits and help and sort you out with weed brownies, we just want every experience you went through with this "man".

No. 337982

Underrated this is gold

No. 337983

Best one.

No. 337984

why is he still posting screenshots of messages like this ffs
what the hell is wrong with him?
you can tell he's never had a proper conversation with an adult.

No. 337985

Cuz he's a tiny victim, how can people do this to meeeee!

No. 337986

File: 1484758065464.jpg (88.93 KB, 649x598, 1.jpg)

>the truth is my identity

No. 337987

I think Ayalla has a great body but an unfortunate face. I think her facial features make her ugly, bare faced or not.
I actually think her face is uglier than Plain's.
inb4 calm down, everyone it's just a personal opinion.

No. 337988

Honesty fails when you have to spend your daily life proclaiming how "honest" your are.

No. 337989

I sexually identify as the truth.

No. 337990


~honesty boners~

No. 337991


i wish someone would give him a black eye for stupid shit like this

No. 337992

I fancy Miss Ayella, best body on the block.. if only I was 25 and under again I would say "hey".

No. 337993

File: 1484758354952.jpg (23.2 KB, 609x184, 1.jpg)

Keep in mind he posted this not a full day ago.

No. 337994

LMFAO!!! Where did that come from?

No. 337996

This is the best thread, I hope all my farmers come on down.

No. 337997

Why's nobody commenting on the fact that he just admitted to giving her that ring… Yikes

No. 337998

File: 1484759131833.png (202.64 KB, 495x567, Screenshot 2017-01-18 at 12.02…)

screenshot #1

No. 338000

File: 1484759179959.png (145.51 KB, 746x300, Screenshot 2017-01-18 at 12.04…)

screenshot #2

No. 338001

Imagine Billie seriously coming here to spill it all, it would be like a second Christmas. Does she know of this site? Could we direct her here?

No. 338002


Beat me to it anon.

No. 338003

SOMEONE HOLD ME, I'm about to scream!

No. 338004

Chain her to a wall? This is bizzaro world shit here. We all knew he was a sick fuck but this is psychotic.

No. 338005

wtf chain her to a wall? as part of daily sex practice or as punishment like the shaving head things??

No. 338006

I think that was metaphorical, anon.

No. 338007

>chain to a wall
I think it's clear what daddy greaseball Gerg is into and not in a basic mutual respect way either. Fucking disgusting.

No. 338009

>called boring for not wanting to be chained to the wall

The fuck??
I almost forgot how onion hates "prudes"

No. 338010

is it not just a metaphor for following the rules or whatever

No. 338011

waiting a year for this milk, and it was so worth it

No. 338012

Considering Shiloh posted how he was violent in the sack I don't think this was a metaphor.

No. 338014

Stop derailing with your boner for Ayalla.

No. 338015

everyone is happy for bimbo but don't forget this is the second time he kicks her out. how long til she gets back to his greasy mansion is what i wanna know,

No. 338016

Probably valentines day, lol.

No. 338017

File: 1484759733527.png (85.41 KB, 605x376, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.1…)

No. 338018

hmm, it was just with how could gerg paint himself as the good guy from chaining her to the wall but i don't know, i guess i just can't imagine gerg doing anything than missionary for 30 seconds

No. 338020


No. 338021

She gonna go back for Valentine's special video


No. 338022

File: 1484760118748.png (142.38 KB, 618x703, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 12.2…)


No. 338023

So Lainey then?

No. 338024

No. 338025


inb4 the permission thing was just a trap by lainey

No. 338026

>"no one told you anything"
>tweets @ the girl telling her "i was told i would've been given permission"

No. 338027

she's just said she hadn't realised it was the same girl

No. 338028


OMFG. Billie, you are an adult. You don't need to ask "permission" to do things you want to do. Come on. I am praying all this has (assuming it is real) has made you catch a clue about Greg and Taylor. FFS. You are dodging so many bullets, and there are so many gigantic red flags here.

No. 338029

File: 1484760756534.png (23.98 KB, 632x252, wut.png)

the girl squealing to onions just said this??

No. 338030

All fake, backfired, trying to attempt at cooldown.

Can we sop doing this now?

No. 338031

File: 1484761031948.jpg (17.93 KB, 300x300, sweetface.jpg)

Did I hear sum weed?

No. 338033

People who smoke weed deserve to die? Does that mean Snoop Dogg is back on Death Row?

No. 338034

What are you talking about?

No. 338035

My thoughts exactly. OnionCult confirmed.

No. 338036

File: 1484761959303.png (281.12 KB, 507x617, FuckingDisgusting.png)

No. 338038

Holy shit. I'm so sorry this is happening to Billie.

No. 338039

File: 1484762023707.png (284.51 KB, 516x611, SoLow.png)

No. 338040


No. 338041

>you/the baby
Someone shoot me.
>publicly talking about her abortion
Someone shoot him.

No. 338042

what the fuck.

No. 338043


same anon, same

No. 338044

He's deleted it now (if it was ever a thing). Holy fuck this guy needs sectioning.

No. 338045

Lainey must love that - Onion having a baby with Billie on the side.

No. 338046

Did he just announce someone elses abortion and alleged rape to the world? Gross.

No. 338047

I can't believe he is putting all of this out there. "Would have texted you this" My ass. He's obviously trying to publicly shame and guilttrip her. Disgusting.

No. 338048

What is WRONG with him? My god, why would you share something like this publicly? Even if she did block his calls, why do this?

I… honestly think this might be a set up. Grug sounds so scripted, but maybe I haven't heard enough of him.

No. 338049

I still have it open in my browser.

No. 338050

Please learn to twitter.

It's right here, still:

No. 338051

You're reading the right. He just fucking…. told the world probably one of Billies darkest secrets.


No. 338052

has she ever talked about the abortion thing? that's pretty shitty if he's announcing her private shit like that.

No. 338053

Not that I remember. Certainly news to a lot of us.

No. 338054

Yeah sorry I just can't use twitter, found it, plus I'm still ultra suspicious.

Although, sharing shit like this almost confirms it's not fake because I doubt Billie would be low enough to fake that just for drama views.

No. 338056

the tweet is gone.

No. 338057

I am for sure it's not fake now.
Grug also talked about all these crazy demands like tattoos and hair colors in the video. I can image he just kept dropping them in conversations left and right to pressure Billie.

No. 338058

Anons, can we focus on
>you/the baby
THERE WAS AN ACTUAL CHANCE SHE COULD GET PREGNANT WITH HIM, apparently. He would have made her a sister wife for real, lol. Fuck, this is unbelievable.

No. 338059

Also Cyr, Dascha, Sarah, Plainclone, and Lexxy got in on it too. I doubt he would spend enough money to hire that many actors.

No. 338060

It's still there.

No. 338061

He's referring to the aborted baby

No. 338062

I reported the tweet for abuse and now I can't see it. Does twitter hide tweets if you report them or has he actually deleted it?

No. 338063


Rich hispanics exist?

No. 338065

Went to his Twitter and its not there anymore. Surprised he would actually delete something.

No. 338066

But he has no control over that. Why would he mention the other guy's baby in the "I" setion, lol.
Now if she were to get pregnant with him, he wouldn't have made her get an abortion sounds more plausible.

No. 338067

I think he has actually deleted it now.

This link is now broken. I guess the backlash was bad enough he backtracked, glad we have screenshots!

No. 338068

Yes, he did.

No. 338069

File: 1484762971992.png (31.04 KB, 582x83, Okay.png)

No. 338070

LOL. I think we should all start a gofund me to get Billie the best lawyer in the country, and take Greg to court! Imagine it… We have all the evidence of his abuse here as well, it would be glorious.

Sage for dreaming

No. 338071

Dumb ass. Now it lives forever on in screencaps. He knew what he was doung.

No. 338072


No. 338073

File: 1484763080822.jpg (78.32 KB, 806x760, IMG_0348.JPG)

so brutally honest that he deletes tweets that cause backlash :^)

No. 338074

"Meanwhile me?" = He is comparing himself to her ex.

No. 338075

Yeah cause he totally couldnt privately text ayalla that to send to her like she just did to him.

No. 338076

It's too late, though. A lot of people have read it and now know personal things I'm sure she didn't want to see shared. As much as it's milky, it's also pretty fucking disgusting.

No. 338077

I fucking hate how he lists these things her exes have done to like..what, shame her? Oh what a good and noble moral person, shaming a slutty abortionist teen girl like that. Fuck you Greg. I hope you die.

No. 338078

That's even funnier, considering he doesn't even focus much on his own.

No. 338079

File: 1484763326489.png (9.99 KB, 598x115, kms.png)

I feel pretty bad for her right now tbh

No. 338080

Billie could literally sue him for releasing all that private info she never released before

No. 338081

File: 1484763361430.jpg (30.18 KB, 589x206, 1.jpg)

No. 338082

Saging cuz i don't wanna derail but being forced to have an abortion?? That's fucked up

No. 338083


No. 338084

That's pretty vague. It could range anywhere from physical abuse to emotionally pressuring them to do it. Plus he's not really one to talk if he shoved Shiloh onto a wall. If that wasn't the exact cause, it still could have been the emotional stress.

No. 338085

I can imagine that Billie might also wanted to not be a mother - She must have been under 19 yr.

No. 338087

You'd be surprised.

No. 338088

Because it's always "us" or "my wife" deserves way better when it's clearly only about him.

No. 338089

Damn, I take it back about it being a ruse.

gurk definitely knew what he was doing, what a pos.

No. 338090

I'm afraid to even respond for fear of being called a Billie-Stan but seriously.
This is beyond fucked up, that's not his to fucking tell.

Billie sue his ass, we have the screen caps, feel free to use them.

No. 338091

I actually feel so bad for her having that information shared publicly. I doubt she realized who he really was when she told him something so personal.

No. 338092

Death row is the label that pays me

No. 338093

i don't even wanna circulate those screenshots . i know it was coming and everyone warned her blah blah - i feel so bad still. what the fuck is wrong with him?

No. 338094

Using deeply personal information/secrets to make himself look like the best guy shes dated on twitter. Holy hell thats fucking sick.

No. 338095

It's who he's always been. Who knows all of what he did to Skye. Shiloh relationship was fucked, AJ was very brief and still way fucked. Plankton drama was actually ( publicly ) pretty tame for who this germ is.

No. 338097

So all the previous stuff he said publicly about their sex lives, etc. wasn't so bad?

Bilbo clearly wanted to play Grease's game, even saying she didn't care about hate and backlash. She might not have texted them first, but she was stupid enough to respond and go back. I'm crossing my fingers she's learned her lesson, but new teeth and a car can be very seductive!!

No. 338098

Someone better call his ass out if he claims to be pro choice. He could have easily referenced the abortion without saying exactly what happened but chose to mention it explicitly. Why? He sees it as shameful and wrong, just like smoking or lying, which is why he chose to announce it to hundreds of thousands of his Twitter followers.

And no shit onion wouldnt want her to have an abortion. There's a reason he lied about being infertile and refused to use condoms. He WANTS to impregnate his partners to cripple them in many ways and make them more dependent on him.

The way he shamed Cyr and Skye about money? He wants to be able to lord over his financial support of people until the day they die.

No. 338099

Cyr retweeted more about Onion. If you happen to lurk here, please make a video about whats going down. Onion gets away with alot but this Billie thing is too far. The youtube community needs to take him down.

No. 338100

lol billies new post

No. 338101

Billie just posted a video throwing the ring into the woods

No. 338102

I'm going to really need her to spill more tea

No. 338103

I love it.

No. 338104

File: 1484764491961.jpg (50.24 KB, 585x332, ss (2017-01-18 at 06.33.52).jp…)

No. 338105


Showing off her friendship tattoo with Ayalla too. LOL BE MAD

No. 338106

good for her, but im honestly so pissed at gerg for doing this to her i just cant get over it

and then how lainyboy is just doing NOTHING about this and thinks its fine, shes such a bitch.

i really can see how all the money and shit would seem like a good deal to just date them to billie but they are honestly so fucked up how did she last this long?

No. 338107


Hope she's okay. Definitely over-reading into things, but her hands are shaking pretty bad in the beginning.

No. 338108


Welp. That was very dramatic, but she should have sold it/pawned it.

No. 338109

Lainey couldn't care less. Remember when onion released personal shit about her own sister and she didn't care? Yeah…she's just a horrible person.

No. 338110

i noticed that too, i mean if i were her i would be feeling a range of being upset and unbelievably pissed.

I think in a day or so shell be okay but i bet atm shes going to be pretty fragile emotionally, and its understandable

No. 338111

File: 1484764792925.png (427.51 KB, 600x502, Untitled.png)

Sarah's watching the whole thing. I can only assume plainey is too. Of course she says nothing. What a piece of shit.

No. 338112

I know like, society wise, abortions are still a tricky subject that a lot of people feel weird about and I'm disgusted that he would shame her?

No. 338113

i'm sure it wasn't worth anything

No. 338114

Yeah, she should've pawned it. This video was fun, but she's only going to make him go even crazier with rage. I'm honestly concerned about his next move.

No. 338115

These dramatic delights have dramatic ends

No. 338116

Lol enjoy it while you can sarah. Just don't do anything emperor onion doesn't want you to do, or he will release your personal info and your bff lainey wont care and will side with him over you.

No. 338117

File: 1484764940877.png (252.94 KB, 577x473, Sarah.png)

Sarah also tweeted this last night when Billie & Grrurg started fighting.

No. 338118


that's so frustrating. billie and sarah seemed like they were friends? they got along a lot better than billie and her "gf" and now sarah's just sitting there enjoying the show. what is greg going to say about you when you break YOUR contract?

No. 338119

File: 1484765091146.png (30.41 KB, 575x113, Ayalla.png)

No. 338120

File: 1484765099207.jpg (74 KB, 618x317, 1.jpg)

Clone has been on fire since this whole thing started, pretty awesome haha.

No. 338121


It kind of makes me wonder why Sarah thinks she won't be turned on and savaged just as easily as Billie, whom Greg claimed to "love" . I mean, it isn't as if Greg hasn't burned to the ground every single relationship he has ever been in, including the one with his current wife.

Basically, I hope Sarah has contingency plans for when the inevitable happens. And I honestly think that it happening would be the best thing that could befall her.

No. 338122

Lol. In any other situation, I would applaud referencing Romeo and Juliet/Shakespeare. But this is absolutely the least romantic thing happening on the internet right now.
If she goes back…I just….imagine how fucking awkward it would be in that house?

No. 338123

a trigger phrase that will make sarah kill onision and ollie outtie

No. 338124

Because Sarah is not as hot as Billie ;)

No. 338125

Suddenly her privacy won't matter much anymore. I can almost hear it now in a future speaks video "I let you in my house to escape your dad, and you repay me by tweeting 'LOL'?! I NEVER abused you like your family did!"

No. 338126

Very attractive … - Just as he also said in his latest video.

No. 338127


Just like every other person who gets shit on by onion, they think it won't happen to them and that it only happens to someone else because they did something to cause it. Not that onion is mentally unstable and can be set off by anything.

No. 338128

File: 1484765393393.png (13.07 KB, 582x123, ss (2017-01-18 at 06.48.44).pn…)

A few people are tweeting with this tag on Twitter

No. 338129


That's Ayalla? She looks different here.

No. 338130

The onion is quiet. Imma be mad if I don't get a drama video out of this lmao

No. 338132

I can just imagine how he takes out his anger on those closest to him… Especially Lainey and the toddler.. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised if he raged at the poor baby. He's truly demented.

No. 338133

File: 1484765861305.png (211.87 KB, 503x873, laineyisabitch.png)

If anyone doubted lainey being a bitch…well confirmation she is a bitch.

No. 338134

Onion posted laimey screenshots.

I don't get it, why do they always text? Do they live in a mansion and it's a 30min walk to come and talk to eachother about obviously big drama in their life?

No. 338136

Not gonna lie, even without knowing Lainey, she's a 5 at BEST.

No. 338137

I think there was a time where she was a little bit heavier, before she started eating better and hitting the gym.


No. 338138

i've lurked this whole time but now i feel compelled to speak. WTF GREG putting her personal info like that. Greg is such a bitch ass fuck face jesus.

No. 338139

>am i missing something?

Yes. Many things. Everything. Probably a brain at this point.

No. 338140


Yeah, now he (finally) mentions Taylor. I can see how much he cared about her thoughts and feelings during all this.

No. 338141

"I'm so sorry but seriously get your ass here so we can leave"

No. 338143

File: 1484766142887.png (719.28 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0351.PNG)

wow lainey.

No. 338144

Plainey cries over everything. BOOHOO People are calling my husbands bullshit out BOOHOO You have children, grow the fuck up. You were old enough to fuck a grown man, be old enough to take a backlash.

No. 338145

How is LAINEY such an awful person that she thinks the way her fucktard husband treats people is okay? Disowning someone and humiliating them and gaslighting them IS NOT LOVE. IT IS NOT A PROPORTIONAL RESPONSE TO SMOKING WEED. FUCK. LOL.

No. 338146

how is so fucking dumb

No. 338147

She is legit cute with a great figure. Onion is mad as fuck, it's hilarious.

No. 338148

Find it hilarious that onion and lamey are TEXTING each other about this. Ffs youre a married couple

No. 338149


Lol he showed her the post where hes revealing all of Billie's personal info about abortion and rape and she thinks it's okay? Lainey lacks empathy too. She only cares about herself. Her and onion boy are perfect for each other.

No. 338150

Can somebody please please download gergs latest videos about their breakup and save/reupload them somewhere else?

I don't wanna give him any views, and I'm on mobile

No. 338151

Would not be surprised if onion reports billies fam to the police or some shit

No. 338152

Lainey acts like she's all feminist and trans and shit but doesn't bat an eye when her husband publicly outs someone as a rape victim and shares private medical history?

but god forbid you forget to use they pronouns

No. 338153

LOL! How are people still on your side you piece of shit!

No. 338154

No. 338155

Also, i'm watch greg's video and am i the only who laughed @ Greg talk about maturity of a 13 year old OFSBFSI>DNLSKFL the IRONY. A 13 year old blast their personal drama on the internet, fuck face

No. 338156

>I need to cry badly
Like you always do, Lamo. Cry a fucking river.

No. 338157

Ya'll, we need to legit invite Billie here to let her spill the beans. This poor girl has no reason not to at this point. Christ.

No. 338158

Don't poke the cow. Rather show your support by giving her some youtube views and likes - After all that's real money she seems to need.

No. 338159

That's what I thought as soon as he said "if the police happened to show up at billies house where everyone apparently smokes" or whatever. I think he's too lazy to do it (and he's acting like they have POUNDS of weed in their house which I'm sure they don't)

No. 338161


I don't know if it's the fact that it's text or if it's something else, but I can only read her texts as apathetic as possible. It honestly reads as forced as possible.

No. 338163

They probably text so Onion has documentation of all conversations. The amount of screenshots he hoards is insane.

No. 338164


I honestly think with his whole honesty BS and paranoia, he gets unfettered access to laineys phone at any time. So I kinda think he grabbed her phone and texted himself as her to keep up the ruse. Bitch hasn't tweeted since yesterday so I think he has has her phone.

/tinfoil hat

No. 338165

To add, it feels like she could give a shit less about the whole thing, she's glad to have onion all to herself. But onion needs to uphold that laineys involved since that was his original lie.

No. 338166


i seriously fucking hate lainey. i do. she's not only a fucking sociopathic doormat with no friends or a means of living a meaningful life, but she's one of the biggest cunts i know. at this point i seriously wish her kids would get taken away from her because all she does is spend her time flirting- oh, sorry "bantering" with rando girls on twitter and sitting on her fucking ass watching as selena or sarah take care of her kids. she jas the audacity to claim "i'm depressed i want to die" when she puts all this shit upon herself??? i seriously hope a meteor fuckin flies out of the sky and kills both greg and lainey tbh lmao

and to sarah, since she lurks
wasn't billie your friend? didn't you two get along? and all you can do is laugh and watch? i understand you're under the constant supervision of onion but yoy're that shit of a person already to just sit back and laugh? have fun becoming doormat #2 sweet thing enjoy your laughs while you fuckin can :^) soon you'll be tatted "i'm a liar" and forced to shave your fucking head, bitch

god i'm angry lmao

No. 338167

I expect sillydawnweeb to go back to greg in 2 weeks- tops. even after he literally insulted her friend and post her personal info out there.

No. 338168

Does anyone think Grease dumped Bilbo partly because of the tax evasion shit? He can probably figure that she doesn't know a thing about filing taxes.

I think he has a huge fear of law enforcement, especially after all the pedo activity and people calling him out on it.

No. 338169

File: 1484767979708.jpg (107.08 KB, 500x440, 22543521.jpg)

waking up to even more milk is amazing. i hope billie stays far far away after this.


oh NOW he brings lainey in. notice how it's only after billie and ayalla didn't back down he uses her to try and hammer it in how "upset" they are with billie.

No. 338170


Yeah, Sarah's reaction to all this is kind of putting her on the terrible person end of the scale, but she may not want to rock the boat there if her lord and master is apparently having the temper tantrum of a lifetime. Even though IMO the boat rocking enough to drop her into the water is pretty much inevitable.

No. 338171

Saying that he only tolerated billie "bs" because she's attractive is such a slap in the fucking face and INSULTING. And Wow, you really showed your morals there onion boy.

No. 338173

He said that after claiming he only has serious relationships and sex with people he truly loves…

No. 338174


I get that she was manipulated from the age of 16 (Maybe even younger) but HOLY SHIT. You cannot sit there and call yourself a "SJW" or even pretend to care about minorities of any kind while you're married to this nutcase.

I hate how she's playing victim. What justifies your husband telling thousands of people your girlfriend was raped and also that she had to get an abortion? Fuck both of you. Even Sarah called him out when he went too far about ODing on pot. But her own "girlfriend" is crying and feeling sorry for herself for being lied to.

sage for blogrant

No. 338175

unimportant but there it is AGAIN
>most all

No. 338176


Is Washington a stand your ground state? Onion should be wary of who he fucks with in future.

No wonder he goes out of state for his fresh meat, a father in Washington would have his fucking head on the wall for this kind of shit.

No. 338177

I'm going to laugh myself to death. Seriously, Onion, stop.

No. 338178

He's digging this hole deeper and deeper.

No. 338179


You people do realize those texts are probably scripted, right?

No. 338180

holy shit. i love you anon

No. 338181

File: 1484769430481.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, 16145452_776065685877432_14051…)

baw poor little heartbroken lainey snapping selfies to make sure everyone knows she's upset

No. 338182

If she had pawned it then Greg could have threatened to get her arrested for stolen property. They'd have to go to court over whether or not it was a gift which gave her the right to sell it.

No. 338183

File: 1484769488178.jpg (136.29 KB, 622x840, 1.jpg)

I vote person C.

No. 338184

File: 1484769509383.png (165.76 KB, 472x509, fuckingonion.PNG)

new tweet

No. 338185

Also, Gergles, you autistic fucking manipulator, no one sided with Plankton, you made it perfectly clear this was 80 % your relationship.

No. 338186

He is SO petty. Is he really comparing them now? Why would anyone side with Lainey, anyways? Billie didn't even do anything to her (unless you count calling her a bitch).

No. 338187

stop ? shaming ? this ? girl ? for ? her ? lifestyle ?

you're the one who can only hang out with teenagers grerlg

No. 338188

What a fucking sperg. If Greg had any sense he'd be keeping his mouth shut, but of course he doesn't so he isn't.

No. 338189

Person C:
-30+ years old chasing after teens
-Abusing sociopath
-Neglects his children

No. 338190

Person B
>Online School Onion Paid For. Dropped out of her actual school to hang out with a pedo
> Is an adult who onion snatched from her parents to live with him. She pays nothing to afford it.
> Drugs? who cares. This girl ATE. FISH.
> lied about her age. Which onion brings up when convenient.

No. 338192


She had a job and was working towards financial independence before YOU MADE HER QUIT HER JOB. Billie is honestly still young enough that I don't think it's weird to be living with her parents. Most of my friends didn't move out of their parents' houses until they were in their 20s.

No. 338193

oh my…..how can you have the cognitive dissonance to claim that Billie, "cheated on lainey" but……not even acknowledge that it was with YOURSELF.

my fucking brain hurts

No. 338194


Classic onion boy. It was Greg and Billie/Ayalla who fought on twitter. It was Greg who made the video. It was greg who posted Billie's info online. It was greg who told her to give back the ring. But now its suddenly Lainey v Billie. Yeah, use Lainey when the tide isn't in your favor, Onion boy.

No. 338195

does he mean the hand holding thing by cheating? or does gurgles mean she cheated on him with the ganja? lmao. and also lol at pretending like plainey had anything to do with anything

No. 338196

Onion isn't a college graduate. He's a military drop out. and sarah is sitting in that house after dropping out of high school to do "online school". Really. lmao.

No. 338199

File: 1484769992317.jpg (87.96 KB, 750x601, IMG_0355.JPG)

human garbage.

No. 338200

lmao you're in a 3 way relationnship and you both fucked eachother but only the other person was wrong? like no?

No. 338201

this exactly, trying to drudge up some sympathy through lainey because all this furious asisine tweeting is proving less than endearing to even his densest fans

No. 338202

Lainey literally sits on her ass all day and has a nanny to take care of her kid. (Which is why Greg wanted the manic pixie billie goat in his life, to bring him the excitement that Plainey couldn't do anymore)

No. 338203

He's making himself seem important as if she actually would keep that piece of shit's Walmart ring, Billie just pawn it and buy more weed and make up

No. 338204

>Lainey crying in a restaurant
>SHE ( obviously ), not they

No. 338205

Hahahaha. He's been in a restaurant this whole time. That make's this whole thing ten times funnier.

No. 338206

i thought lainey didn't give a shit about cloney to start with?

No. 338207

He also just made a video about being fake as fuck (in his own words). And it's not like his videos never have lies in them. I'm very skeptical about a lot of this.

No. 338208

clone if you're here, don't let him guilt trip you. lainey wasn't even your friend unless you were kissing their ass.

No. 338209

Lol betrayal is if she dares think they did anything remotely wrong. If lainey really cried cause her teen fan realized her husband is a psycho…that's just sad.

No. 338210

this is 110% insanity, i can't even wrap my mind around his delusional fantasies. imo this is the year he finally cracks and implodes on camera because i don't know how someone could continue on like this

No. 338211

oh nuuuuuu, po lainneee.

(but seriously, if you're here Lizzie, you're better than them.)

No. 338212

File: 1484770286579.png (49.42 KB, 560x570, clone wars.png)

No. 338213

File: 1484770334196.jpg (54.33 KB, 720x406, sunny809-1005.jpg)

No. 338214

File: 1484770437074.jpg (34.06 KB, 634x217, 1.jpg)

No. 338215

Does this woman do something else other than cry? Where are the children? God, this whole thing is between extremely pathetic and extremely worrying if you think of the situation their kids are into.

No. 338216

I think lainey agreeing with onion and believing all his bs for so long has made him more delusional than ever. He thinks cause he convinced lameo, his explanations and justifications are fool proof. Like no…your wife is equally as psychotic as you. Most people wouldn't accept the lies and BS that come out of your mouth and rightfully point out how wrong you are and what a liar you are.

No. 338218

Billie should unleash any and all the creep shit that Onion did, he deadass put her on blast he's so ugly and to think he has kids

No. 338219

By cheat does he mean holding a guys hand whilst she sat on his shoulders at a festival? loooool

No. 338220

No, he means when him and Billie slept together.

No. 338221

first a human fax machine now a tooth puke

No. 338222

Traitor? LOL. Wtf does she owe lainey that she has to be her faithful minion that can't think for herself. Anyone would be on billie's side over onion. It wasn't even about what billie has done to lainey. It's about what onion is doing to billie lmao. Lainey has nothing to do with this. Shes just sitting on the sideline crying cause people aren't giving her enough sympathy.

No. 338224

When sociopaths project, they are giving their targets camouflaged clues. They talk about how other people cheat or lie or hurt others, as if they abhor such behavior, when in fact they are describing themselves. And during the devalue phase of their “relationships,” they often project this negativity on to their targets, in an effort to make their victims doubt themselves. It also has the effect of making targets feel as if they are going crazy.

The Truth
Sociopaths tell their targets exactly who they are, but they do it in such a way that it is impossible for victims to understand the consequences of the horrible statements. Targets might hear comments like, “You shouldn’t be with me” or “I’ve never had a good relationship” or “I wanted to hurt someone.” Sociopaths turn these declarations into pity plays and feel secretly justified in exploiting victims when they do not realize the statements are real.

The Opposite of the Truth
Sociopaths convince their targets that they will never lie or cheat and that they love them so much. They also promise that they will never do anything to hurt their victims. They regularly mislead targets by making claims that are precisely the opposite of the truth.


No. 338225

Jfc is he for real?

No. 338226

File: 1484770743731.jpg (32.91 KB, 486x442, 1.jpg)

No. 338227

is lainey even her own person anymore, she's like a puppet and onion just tugs the strings whichever way he pleases, she's perfect for him.

No. 338228

You could literally put onion's name on top of the "Billie" pile and it fits lmao.

No. 338229


define "betray", onion. leaking her private information online isn't a betrayment to you?

No. 338230


No. 338231

take a shot each time plainey cries when shit hits the fan

No. 338233

File: 1484771127283.jpg (115.97 KB, 513x840, 1.jpg)

No. 338234


God he's such a dramatic faggot

No. 338235

this reads like he's blackmailing them

No. 338236

File: 1484771234863.jpg (25.57 KB, 599x122, 1.jpg)

No. 338238


No. 338239

I'm pretty sure this girl is like 16-17 wtf

No. 338240

File: 1484771293403.jpg (22.44 KB, 590x117, 1.jpg)

No. 338241

Crazy hair and eyebrow? I must have skipped over that.

I thought he was building up the "tattooing 'I'm a liar" above her butt" as a sarcastic example but then I realized he was serious. He's pretty deranged.

lol at Ouran HS he probably thinks Lainey is the MC.

No. 338242

File: 1484771348151.jpg (7.86 KB, 400x343, 4b6.jpg)

No. 338243


Maybe its just me, but i do count posting private information as betrayal. And "honest" Lmao. Not a criminal, sorry sneaking a underage girl across state line to sleep with her is prettttyyy criminal to me.

No. 338244



No. 338246

oh my god i am raging
get the fuck off the internet with your groomed doormat child bride
stop harassing women
take care of your fucking children
you absolute piece of human garbage

No. 338247

Yes. Not using illegal drugs for the mean time because you are setting it up to try to get them in trouble. So proud of yourself there.

No. No you didn't. People need to stop lying to this guy by saying he helped them. He really believes he's jesus and he just waves his hand and cures people of all their troubles.

No. 338248

File: 1484771501663.png (124.97 KB, 579x490, looool.PNG)


No. 338249

so let me get this straight, he's telling the internet she was raped, had an abortion and now she might have an eating disorder……… over her smoking weed?

No. 338250

* Gergles inhaled deeply, a couple of sweat drops running on his greasy face, smearing partially his pink foundation. "You are a liar" he whispered through his shark teeth, angrily licking his lips with labored breath, as he smashed his fingers on his smartphone screen, tweeting furiously. "I only tell the truth. THE TRUTH."
"Daddy, look at my drawing!" whimpered Troy, excited. "This is me, you and mo-"
"SHUT UP! Can't you see how dad is busy?" Greg roared, without even bothering to look away from the screen.
"W-Were you going to call me… mom?" cried Lainey, tears in her eyes. "Misgendered… by my own son…?" She shouted, running towards the restaurant toilet, smartphone in her hands. A new set of sadboi selfies, paired with 20 tweets about oppression, was coming. *

No. 338251

he is so bitter and pressed about this whole thing its hilarious. Yeah, i expect him to crawl back to Billie after having to spend more alone angst time with plaineybot

No. 338252


onion please jkys
please you fucked up faggotron
do it

No. 338254

Is Greg autistic? Not trying to be an internet psychologist, but has he ever mentioned if he is on the spectrum in one of his videos?

No. 338255

it's like he physically can't stop himself.

No. 338256

anything is possible when it comes to this squirt of cum tbh

No. 338257

Honestly Billie and Ayalla need to take these tweets/texts and get a restraining order. I'm not even kidding. It would be easy as pie.

No. 338259


fucking kek anon
his poor kids tho

No. 338260

second this.

No. 338261

It's sad that this seems like a 100% legitimate scenario to me. I feel for their children/child.

No. 338263

File: 1484771811903.jpg (67.36 KB, 750x481, IMG_0362.JPG)

No. 338264

File: 1484771837034.jpg (55.5 KB, 596x320, 1.jpg)

Never mentioned, but at this point I honestly think he is.

No. 338265

lmao. uses "they" only after clone does

No. 338266

They could and they could also sue him if they wanted. They are probably too scared to go to the police or anything though because he is basically blackmailing them by saying they will get in trouble for smoking weed.

No. 338268

File: 1484771935440.jpg (47.77 KB, 615x309, 1.jpg)

No. 338270

Onion boy is so insufferable with his "IM HONEST" "TRUTH" "FACTS" how can someone be up their own ass so much? Who the fuck say this 24/7. I'm sorry Onion, but its not convincing when you have to others that YOU are honest. Narcissistic pig

No. 338272

Can someone just hack and permanently delete his YT and all his social media. I want to see him explode and disappear.

No. 338273


The weed shit is bullshit. They would get a slap on the hand. Meanwhile, he is sexually harassing both women. Again. Billie and Ayalla need to take all the texts and tweets and get a restraining order against someone who is showing themselves to be mentally unstable (shave your head and tattoo your body) as well as harassing and abusive. No more fucking around. If I practiced law in VA I'd do it for them for free.

No. 338274

He's literally in a twitter fight with someone half his age. I'd like to see a man his own age put him in his place.

No. 338275

Surely he's leaking Ayallas real last name too by posting this?

No. 338276


No. 338278

These would normally be twitter polls, but he knows the results wouldn't be in his favor

No. 338279

File: 1484772382611.jpg (50.12 KB, 614x311, 1.jpg)

No. 338280


Yes he is and Ayalla needs to call the cops. Laws are a lot different than they were when he was w/ Shiloh, what he is doing is HARASSMENT, someone please inform Ayalla or Billie that they need to get a lawyer, oh my god I am seeing red, mainly because he's this close to a fucking restraining order and possibly more. I know that neither of the girls likely has much money but for god's sake, hit this scum where it hurts.

No. 338282

He makes me sick to my stomach. How can anyone be okay with this? How does he have any sort of legitimate following when he's this fucked up? I get that it's mainly tween girls who don't know any better, but shouldn't even they realize how far he's reaching now?

No. 338283


is this recent as in billie and ayalla are trying to make up with onion now? bc if so, smfh.

No. 338284

File: 1484772581368.jpg (24.6 KB, 611x166, 1.jpg)


No. 338285

pretty please

No. 338286

LOL Be ashamed of yourself? No how about you go fuck yourself onion. Literally bullying someone half his age trying to make them feel bad for doing nothing wrong.

I'm sure they could find a lawyer online who will help them out for free if they reached out for it.

No. 338287

In his last video didn't he shit on Ayalla for saying that she'd defend Billie even if she thought she was in the wrong? But that's exactly what he's telling Plane to do? When will the hypocrisy end.

No. 338288

Couldn't a lawyer possible try to get Onion to pay damages? Not really sure how laws and shit work, but he's publicly shaming Billie and Onion has cash.

No. 338289


No. 338290

abloo bloo bloo. "lainey's ring". sure.

No. 338291


No one cares, fuckwit.

No. 338292


LMAO using Lainey tears to gain sympathy YET AGAIN. Emotional abuse 101 everybody

No. 338293


This fucking bitch told her to lose the ring???? I don't have the words.

No. 338294


She wasn't flipping the ring off, you dumb shit.

As for Lainey crying… LOL.

No. 338295

keep crying Lameo

No. 338296

lainey is so pathetic jfc.
these two are professional victims

No. 338297


everyone needs to just start doing this. holy christ this monster needs to be shut down.

No. 338298


Hey Gerg, we all know you're here too–how do you like it? Even your useful idiots are turning on you. Feels bad, hmm?

Tell your doormat to keep on crying. No one cares about her either. The two of you are a joke.

If Billie is reading? The way you tossed that dollar store ring was a thing of beauty, girl, and I'm glad you documented it. Now lawyer the fuck up!

No. 338299

Did Sarah learn shitposting from us?

No. 338300

plz onion post a video of lainey crying

No. 338301

Oh lainey is crying again? Is the sky blue? Is Onision a predator? Is the grass green?

No. 338302

>my ring
>I'm crying


No. 338303

No. 338304


Done and done.

No. 338305

i'd honestly donate a bit of money if billie set up a serious fund for lawyering up against him. i just want to see onision get what he has coming to him.

No. 338306

if she started a kickstarter even just to buy herself an ounce after this mess i'd throw some money her way.

No. 338307

If someone could like, get this information to her so she at least KNOWS she has the right to go after this prick, I'd donate cash too. Anything to get this fucker shut down.

No. 338308

I'm in. Stay strong, Billie!

No. 338309

Someone should ask him to film Lainey crying lol (she's obviously not)

No. 338310

just did

No. 338311

He is using lainey to get people on his side and sympathy points. Shut the fuck up. You TOLD her to get rid of the ring.

No. 338312

He has already removed how many of his exes from the internet due to abuse/cyberstalking? She has a history of abuse already stacked against him.

No. 338313


'Public shaming' is not a thing. What he's doing is harassment at this point. Someone DM Ayalla or Billie that all they need to do at this point is to send him a public message that he must stop trying to contact them as they do not wish further engagement. If it's via Twitter? Hey, all the better. Don't take it down.

Once they've stated publicly that they do not wish to have contact with him, it's all gravy from there. Because if anyone thinks that he'll take that lying down? Let's just say every time he comments about them after that, even obliquely? Well, that's going to be a problem for little gergles.

Hey Greg, remember how you hate paying alimony? You might want to shut your fat mouth because you are right on the edge of having another monthly payment.

Lawfag, just saying.

No. 338314


I'm in as well.

No. 338315

No. 338316

This new shit makes me so fucking pissed for Billie.

Being in a situation where you feel you HAVE to get an abortion because of a shitty partner is really hard and upsetting even if you would do it without that consideration. Its not fun to talk about. Its not really something you'd tell anyone in explicit detail about unless you trusted them.

And here is Gregma, going all "oh hey my ex had an abortion" and kind of implying its her fault for not being with a "better man."

Take that $10,000 and sue his fucking pants off.

No. 338317

He is harassing them but he also released private info billie has never released before, which is also illegal, so he could get sued for that too.

No. 338318

Someone message them and tell them to lawyer up, we have all the original screenshots.

No. 338319

Absolutely fucking done

No. 338320

Lainey deleted her twitter and instagram accounts just now.

No. 338321

Billie can't even move out of her parents' house and you guys expect her to use crowdfunded money for a LAWYER?


No. 338322

HAHAHA good riddance

No. 338324


She probably just deactivated temporarily because she can't handle the shitstorm. She will be back soon enough.

No. 338325

good, nobody needs to hear or see from her ugly mug anyway

No. 338326

Forgot to mention that I meant the "laineybot" ones. The private twitter account is still up and running :D

No. 338327

Wahh wahhh. Poor lameo. Now if only she could convince onion to do the same, the world would be a better place.

I think it'd be more realistic to just find a lawyer who will help them out for free. I'm sure someone would if they really wanted it.

No. 338328

Fuck off Onion.

No. 338329

Honestly, with how Onion is treating Plainclone, it's like he's trying to cut everybody off from Plainey. Convincing her that him harassing Billie was really because Billie was hurting her. Then telling Plainclone that she's a traitor to Lainey…It's emotional abuse, he's isolating her AGAIN.

No. 338330


welp lmao

No. 338331

File: 1484774051230.gif (930.48 KB, 250x195, tumblr_nlcxt7TRyX1rfd7lko1_250…)


No. 338332

yeah maybe a lawyer will see this and jump right on it like an ambulance chaser lol

No. 338333

Billie is a pretty girl she needs to get herself a handsome new guy and ignore these 2 idiots.

It would drive Onion insane the most considering he's very insecure.

No. 338334

If either of them look here. Filing a restraining order doesn't seem that hard. You just go to the county clerk and fill out a form. http://legalbeagle.com/6515402-file-restraining-order-virginia.html

No. 338335



No. 338336

Ayalla has been contacted

No. 338337

So he admits to not respecting his wife's wishes for his own sexual gratification? Low.

No. 338338

Billie doesn't need money for a lawyer. Talking to one is free, and they'll likely just ask for a chunk of the damages she wins, which she absolutely will. Since he's profiting from publishing information about her and making videos, she can get a nice amount of that money, too. Between some states allowing punitive damages, the harm it has caused her, and the fact that he has profited from making videos about her… yeah.

Billie should file a lawsuit immediately. As soon as she does, Onision can't destroy any evidence without being charged, and he'll have to be really careful about anything he says about her and to her, which will give her some nice respite as well.

No. 338339


If she really wanted a sugar daddy, she could find a less insane one tbh.

No. 338340


Billie was also messaged.

No. 338341

What for?

No. 338342


Greg, how about you fuck off and go care for your children or something relevant like that. :)

Any lawyer who wants a fun case would take this on in a heartbeat. Someone in VA make some phone calls to public defenders. Fuck, look for the ones who deal in harassment and restraining orders and then forward that info to Billie.

Oh, this could be such fun if Ayalla and Billie were aware of how deep the hole Greg dug himself over the past three days.

No. 338343


Public disclosure of private facts.

No. 338344

this AND tax evasion. go hard!

No. 338345


Are they backed up anywhere? Because when they get the restraining order they're going to need that info. It doesn't matter if it's deleted because all this can be subpoenaed anyhow.

Just saying, Greg.

No. 338346

The fact he keep trying to call them criminals is just baffling. Who the fuck does that? I would never hear anyone calling pot heads criminals like wtffff lmao No more than 18 yo kids who drink alcohol lol

No. 338347


I'm not a lawyer but I don't think a public defender could represent Billie. You have a right to an attorney if you're being charged with a crime, but I don't think you really have a right to an attorney to sue for damages?

No. 338348

File: 1484774602937.gif (3.84 MB, 556x260, plsbereal.gif)

No. 338349

No. 338350

Please stop giving legal advice when you are clearly not an actual or capable attorney. Stop.

No. 338351

File: 1484774697014.png (125.48 KB, 694x470, k.PNG)


No. 338352


The thing is that right now, no one cares about Lainey. She is a willing participant and until she decides to get out from under, no1curr.

Now Billie and Ayalla, on the other hand, have been treated like shit and had their private information given to the general public. Greg has made a big error in judgement if he thinks that's legal in any way. It's kind of funny; he's a very stupid sociopath.

No. 338353

I'm wondering if they can get him for dragging Sarah also since she is 16. A lot of charges for onion.

No. 338354

File: 1484774719187.png (315.59 KB, 1242x1747, IMG_4083.PNG)

No. 338355

They don't have standing to bring a tax evasion lawsuit against onion.

No. 338356


Thanks to you, kind!anon! This lawfaggot is smiling all over just to hear it.

No. 338357

wait. so ARE billie and ayalla giving into onion's demands to stop smoking???? or am i as dense as onion himself

No. 338358

He deleted some of his tweets again.

No. 338359

I think he scared them that he is gonna report them to the police.

No. 338360


Now they both need to go and file.

No. 338361

i think they're trying to get onion to shut tf up about them

No. 338362

I think they're just saying that they and their family don't smoke, He's pretty much scared them by acting holier-than-thou and acting as if he's getting the law involved, The prick.

No. 338364

Deleting your fuckups doesn't make them go away when you have thousands of followers, Grease

No. 338365

Has anyone noticed (or has analytics on) how the past few days have affected his Youtube/Twitter/Instagram following #s?

No. 338366

Hope everyone here has been reporting the shit out of him. If not,do it now

No. 338367

I don't know if the accounts are backed up. I think Lainey just deactivated the account temporarily to clean up the critisism she can't take.

Oh, and I'm definitely not Greg. :D I just noticed the deactivation the second it happened and rushed to post about it on here, haha.

No. 338368


Since this would be a civil case and not a criminal, she would have to fork over the money to pay a lawyer. Plus, she would have to do her research well to find a decent one for media law (which if she's going to sue him for defamation/publication of private info, that's kind of the field she's going to need).

She could easily prove that none of this info was public (I assume) and that she did not consent to him uploading videos about her for monetary gains (which he has publically admitted that he does upload drama vids for views and revenue). Plus, the fact he has called her a criminal DESPITE her never being convicted of crimes really plays in her favor.

No. 338370

Here's the trouble. Ayalla only needs to tell him once. Now she needs to put him on ignore but also save any further tweets is she's going to get a restraining order. Ayalla if you're here, ignore anything he says. He's going to bait you hard but don't respond, because everything he does after this is his problem. You told him your intent. Now let him hang himself.

No. 338371


Please report his fucked up tweets here. A lot of people already have, the more the better.

No. 338372

She really does need to go with Billie and both of them get a restraining order.

No. 338373


Alla this.

No. 338374

Billie is now live on younow!

No. 338375

Onion will be in jail by 40. Its pretty lulzy atm but this is not a healthy man. These breakdowns will get violent one day. Especially when the youtube fame dies

No. 339238

Someone take notes and record if you can for us busy types.

No. 339239

Is onion in the chat?

No. 339240

Record that milk, anon

No. 339241

No, but Sarah is!

No. 339242

someone on twitter mentioned sarah is viewing billie's stream. can anyone confirm?

No. 339243

meh i highly highly doubt they'll talk about anything gerg related

No. 339244

File: 1484775927919.png (41.92 KB, 500x667, image.png)


He's degrading at a pretty fast rate now, it's only a matter of time.

>damn this milk, it's at full flow !

No. 339245

What if onion is using her account

No. 339246

Plainclone is on younow as well. Not as milkworthy but she might have something funny to say. She's been a pretty good spitfire through all this.

No. 339247

Plainclone said she has only spoken to Lainey a handful of time so she doesn't get why this would effect lainey that much

No. 339248

My 3rd world internet isn't helpful at all :(
If any anon has a decent internet, please do it!

No. 339249

Can you imagine being the poor lawyer who would have to put up with Onion during this suit? I feel pre-emptively bad for them. Onision will probably talk their ear off about how he's just being honest, etc.

Has Ayalla written anywhere about having an eating disorder? I really think they could both sue the pants off of him. Both for releasing private information. Ayalla might be able to talk to a lawyer about damages other than pain and suffering, given that she is trying to have a music career.

No. 339250

File: 1484776203322.png (252.85 KB, 730x388, vbn.png)

Sarah is watching Billie.

No. 339254

luxymoo is in plaincone's younow

No. 339255

Luxy is in Plainclones stream too

No. 339257

No. 339258

Sarah is also in plaineclones younow

No. 339259

who cares, plaineclone is boring as fuck

No. 339260

couldn't nab a screenshot but luxy said onion used lainey as a weapon against her

No. 339261

We already know sort of know that from what she posted here.

No. 339262

Someone also said earlier that Onion was there too but I didn't see him.

No. 339264

Yeah, I wasn't defending her at all. I think the only reason she's having a reaction (or rather, faking a reaction) is for attention - which Onion is happily playing into. He gets to be cruel towards Billie and Ayalla, and get him and Plainey attention - I'm sure he's overjoyed by all of this!

No. 339266

LOL cheated on person B? More like person B was cheated on by their own husband and is a fucking idiot.

No. 339267

I can't get over the fact that he's wearing his wife's Ouran High School shirt.

No. 339268

Somebody please cap all the younow milk, currently sitting in pharmacy with no headphones

No. 339269

Laney isn't a person at this point anymore. Just a pawn/fluff Grease can use to get new underaged girl into his sex dungeon.

No. 339270

lel lainey first became friends with clone after clone gave her $50 worth in itunes cards… how typical

No. 339271

There was no milk - They did not talk about onion.

No. 339273

Plainclones dishing minor dirt on her youknow btw

No. 339274

File: 1484778001068.png (695.24 KB, 887x992, gerg.PNG)

No. 339275

>You argue because you're an idiot whose ego is more to them than the real world.

Onion boy is hardcore projecting there.

No. 339276

He's so annoying. He also called the cops to Billies/ Ayallas house it seems.

No. 339277

File: 1484778460156.png (503.38 KB, 1113x626, psycho.png)

Greg can't have any illegal activity around him. I imagine Plain's dad would jump on a chance to fuck him over.

No. 339278

File: 1484778474668.png (596.62 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4087.PNG)


He said he hasn't but he keeps talking about it. He's so disgusting.

No. 339279

File: 1484778489718.png (50.02 KB, 584x231, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 5.27…)

samefag, he didn't call the police.
I also couldn't stomach the video because he just makes me so angry.

No. 339280

You know what? I hope he did call the cops on them and they found nothing so they told the cops some of the shit he does and the cops look into him more.

No. 339281

Nah, he is only mentioning the idea five thousand times so someone will do it for him.

No. 339282

Thats exactly the plan, He's riling up his smaller and smaller fanbase into "WE MUST REPORT TO THE POLICE FOR DADDY ONION, MAYBE HE'LL GIVE ME SPECIAL ATTENTION THEN"

He's getting obvious with his tactics due to him not being able to control his utter RAGE at being told "No"

No. 339283

Can he get over it already? Ffs, he acts like she was trafficking crack. Onion has the mind of a child, "I'm going to show you how much you don't care by having a temper tantrum!". He told Billie to leave their life but he won't leave her's.

Also >>339277
>Do our very best to stay positive
Lol, Lainey must have broken that contracts hundreds of times now. This whole "contract" is so immature.

No. 339284

jw, between the huge history of shit he's done, this abusive situation, him having a 16 year old living with him for no real reason, him getting questionable photos from young teens and posting video proof of him drooling over them, and us knowing where he lives…..WHY isn't his local law enforcement contacted on him?

No. 339285

I feel so nauseous. So many of his dumb fans are gonna grow up thinking this is how you deal with ending a relationship with someone - by airing out your dirty laundry as loudly, publicaly and repetitively as you can.

No. 339286

Doesn't matter even if he did call the cops on them. All the police would do would be go to their house, ask if they have any drugs on them and thats it. Unless they have a warrant they can't do anything else.

No. 339287

he just deleted a tweet i wasnt fast enough to cap, it was calling billie a disgusting loser druggie with a lame anime gif

No. 339288

File: 1484778995505.png (295.62 KB, 615x453, druggie.png)

No. 339289

Lol onion broke the contract before Billie. 'Not manipulative language' - refers to billys blood relatives as drug users rather than family

No. 339290


for real this shit is making me want to personal army his sorry ass because he is just that fucking abusive to women. i can't even laugh at this shit i'm so pissed off. someone hold me, fam.

please tell me someone told billie to get a restraining order during that younow

No. 339291

same like this doesn't even feel like milk, I'm so mad at how someone can be so fucking stupid & crazy

No. 339292

Maybe youtube, twitter, and facebook will finally realize what a creep this guy is.

No. 339293

File: 1484779883485.jpg (219.14 KB, 1024x1453, sister.jpg)


ugh can we not dignify his stupid shit by using his half-ass gaslight language

there was no contract, this walking smegma thinks that tard scribbles count as legal documents ffs he tried to get out of paying alimony by having Skye sign a handwritten page of bullshit

pic sorta halfassedly related to my feelings about this heretical shithead

No. 339294

File: 1484779886070.png (60.73 KB, 620x298, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 22.5…)

No. 339295

sure bitch

No. 339296

File: 1484779994515.png (16.7 KB, 575x62, trJhjlH.png)

No. 339297


You know what Sarah, I know you're a kid but if you don't like it, then back it up by going and living with your cousin instead of staying with a fuckup who abuses women as casually as you take a piss.

I'm over all these dumbfucks who give this guy the benefit of the doubt in any situation.

No. 339298

File: 1484780179041.gif (961.53 KB, 245x180, Michael-Scott-Failing-to-Hold-…)

That sounds so sarcastic. She's probably trying so hard to pretend to be sad.

No. 339299

I never thought that milk would make me feel so bad for anyone. I never liked billie but I actually feel so bad for her.

No. 339301

I hope she remembers this tweet when she's back at Casa del Grease in a few months. As someone who once started a GoFundMe for cameras and lights to make more YouTube videos she is all about a free handout. What's a little dignity.

No. 339302

lol onion's not following sarah anymore on twitter.

No. 339303

I feel bad for her even though shes kinda shitty, but im also like how does anyone watch onion's videos and decide its a good idea to tell him your secrets? Like really? All his drama videos is him exposing people and using any info he has on them to try to make them look bad.

No. 339306

File: 1484780395281.png (74.54 KB, 1242x624, IMG_4089.PNG)

No. 339307



Lainey: Why are ppl defending her? Like do they know what she did to me. She stuck up for billie who hurt me. I'm like crying right now.

No. 339308

yeah, its not like him being a scumbag is recent news or anything. She was dumb and blinded by the attention/publicity she got from succing his stinky onion, and now she's reaping her rewards. I'm baffled by this board's total change of heart. Y'all were calling her a homewrecking slut and supporting plainey just a short while ago.

No. 339309

lmao you're not safe in the least as long as you're under the same roof as that menace to society. cry about it or do something and leave. pathetic. you have options.

No. 339310

that's so true. But then again billie got pregnant from onion, so she didn't really have a choice but to tell him. Jesus christ he's so disgustingly sloppy it's pathetic. Put a condom on gerg, you sick freak.

No. 339311

Lol no. he was saying an ex boyfriend got her pregnant and had her have an abortion. And that's why he cant possibly be the worst person shes ever met.

No. 339312

File: 1484780600845.png (68.43 KB, 1174x222, Screen Shot 16.png)

I have to agree with Billie on this. She may have done stupid and shitty things, but nothing compares to what Onion just did to her. Maybe this will actually be the end of Billie's relationship with the horror couple. Hopefully.

No. 339313

She didn't tho

No. 339314

lmao fucking everyone is idiots in this situation if they really think the cops are going to go raid/SWAT Billie because THE WEED.

Even in places where weed is still pretty illegal its getting rarer to prosecute these days.

No. 339315

Billie just liked this tweet:

please, please get a restraining order against him. neither you nor ayalla deserve this prolonged abuse.

Serious: Billie and Ayalla, we have a lot of caps here that can help you out. We aren't deleting shit.

Archive if you can, fam.

No. 339316

>succing his stinky onion

No. 339317

Saged for commenting on something too late in the thread

"I was called boring for turning down being chained to the wall" sorry I'm commenting on this now but sounds like some BDSM that she wasn't interested in?

No. 339318


omg i thought that was a metaphor

No. 339319

Sarah if you are reading this get out! Get out of there!!!

No. 339320


Sarah, you are exceptional af if you think staying in a house with a kiddyfucker is safe in any way. Wake the fuck up, child.

No. 339321

probably meant it metaphorically in the sense that she would be confined in the Onion Zone and not allowed to see her friends/family?

No. 339322

Either it's a metaphor for being emotionally chained to onion or it's some kind of a bdsm play that she didn't want to partake it. I kind of feel like it's the latter, but I'm not sure..

No. 339323

File: 1484780907649.jpeg (24.44 KB, 402x226, 1407204979237.jpeg)


No. 339324

ohh woops I misread that. My bad. Yeah why would she tell him that lol??

No. 339325


how can we if you don't link it or screen cap it?

No. 339326

is this real, cause if it is she deleted it?

No. 339327

this. sarah's fucking next the second she steps out of line, and not in the sense of being the next childbride for him to pump his grease in. If she wants to avoid being smeared to millions of people she needs to find an excuse to leave and distance herself from them stat.

No. 339329

>telling the world about a forced abortion and rape
>still wonders why Billie thinks he's shitty

He's such trash. Can't wait until he ages out and his preteen fans dump his useless, untalented ass.

No. 339330

I think it is BDSM shit and I bet onion attaches Laineys collars to it while he calls her daddy's angel for being his perfect doormat.

The phrasing of her being boring points to this. If it was a metaphor

A) they wouldn't take no for an answer
B) they would have said she wasn't fighting for love or some bullshit, not called her boring

No. 339331

File: 1484781536847.jpg (71.91 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ohwafoZAuf1r84h3xo1_500…)

Lainey posted this to tumblr an hour ago..

She's so fucking stupid.

No. 339332

Luxymoo announced during clone's stream that she'll be on younow later tonight. Not sure if much dirt can be gained from it that we don't already know at this point, but might be interesting to sit in on.

No. 339333

Unless she's realizing what a fucking psychopath lunatic she's married too then she can fucking cry a fucking river all she wants. This is all just manipulation to silence them.

No. 339334

Thye fact that somebody had to tell him to delete it is a testament to how fucking stupid he is. Does he ever actually have mature conversations? This dumb fucking bridge troll really thought that was normal? Even if Billie had been a shitty girlfriend, telling the world about her secrets would still be a petty move. I'm glad every woman in his life probably secretly hates him. He deserves to be alone tbh.

No. 339335

i'm trying to have an early night but the milk keeps flowing!!!

No. 339337

Yeah, definitely a BDSM thing. They're into DD/LG anyway. Plus they have a huge house, maybe they have an actual dungeon.

No. 339338

I'm warming to clone

No. 339339

Those poor kids

No. 339340


She deleted it right after she posted it.

No. 339341

She's as useless as her husband. She always stands by while he fucks up people's lives. I hope she enjoys being miserable because she's stuck with Grease now. They can be awful people together.

No. 339342

Is anyone interested for real in archiving Greg's tweets? Does this happen somewhere already and I just don't know about it?

I feel like this stuff needs to be kept on a site which is specifically about his bullshit (not a fucking tumblr callout blog) or at least archived or storified or something.

Next time he ramps up on one of his narcissistic mania phases, the women who are being abused by this cunt have the info they need right at their fingertips. It would be great.

Greg cannot keep his mouth shut when he's manic and he's gotten a blow to his ego; his narcissism compels him to continue talking shit when any sane person would go to bed. It's why a restraining order would be so terrific. He can't stop himself from talking about the women who wouldn't act like dogs for him, the judge will see those diarrheatweets and boom! Greg is fucked.

Anyhow, I'm willing to help. Or curate. Or whatever. This is weirdly like, my last straw as far as Greg is concerned. I just want to see him get what's coming to him.

No. 339343

It's not a bdsm thing it's a fucking metaphor. She's talking about living with no freedom.

No. 339344

We hope this every time, but then its always just about how meanie bilbo is and onion is her perfect angel best friend soul mate <3.

No. 339345

>How can everybody take her side?
Because you're both massive pieces of shit, which is probably why you can't even stand to talk face to face with each other.

We all know you lurk here. Hope you know how gross you are!

No. 339346

http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Main_Page this site tries to keep neutral and it still makes him look psychotic.

No. 339347

>make sure you refer to me by my special snowflake space prince pronouns uwu!!
>don't tweet me anything mean or I'll break down on twitter for 364936 hours!!
>support me and my child predator husband!!!
>but yeah it's totally okay to harass Billie over confidential information because it's one rule for me and another for everybody else!

No. 339348

I am so disgusted.

However lawfag here and if we don't see an Onion court case soon I have lost all hope.
He was pretty good with staying in grey zones, however even those can and will be used against him at this point.

And about Lainey at this point I just want to pull her out there by her hair. LAINEY PLEASE GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!!

I can't believe I enjoyed some Onision videos some years back…
This guy should be banned from the internet

No. 339349


lainey, honest to god, leave or shut the fuck up. no one cares. you're as bad as he is. you have a family who loves you and would help you get back on your feet and instead you choose to sit on your ass and post fucking lyrics while you watch your shitstain of a husband attack people.

worst of all, you let your children be exposed to this fucking filth. i have no sympathy for you at all.

No. 339350

File: 1484782257888.jpg (21.45 KB, 540x196, IMG_20170118_152804.jpg)

You should feel sick. You should run, Sarah. Greg is only going to get worse.

No. 339351

I think it would be good to start something. I'm willing to help too.

No. 339352

She's still a crappy person for allowing that to be out there under her name

No. 339354


Good, Sarah, be sick. Stop accepting the free ride from a predator and go live with your cousin.

No. 339355

>college graduate
And what is she doing with that education? Tweeting teens for attention and sitting in a shithole house with a psycho. Well done, Plain, congrats.

No. 339356

This. I bet her family would prefer if her and Sarah went to their house with their grandkids.

No. 339357

hear hear

No. 339358

>in a restaurant with your husband
>crying over tweets
Top relationship, lads!

No. 339359

and not to mention a BA in psych will get you nowhere without grad school attached, she has the same qualifications as billie right now

No. 339360

To her, it's either live with her parents with the kids and child support..or stay and have the money and freedom to do whatever she wants (buy).

No. 339361

If Onion didn't have money she would have left years ago.

No. 339362

>Lainey is crying
It'd be easier to tell us when she isn't.

No. 339364

I feel like all these girls chance living with onion cause of all the promises he makes of money or funding them. But it's not worth it when you have to trade your soul away and become a puppet like lainey has to get it.

No. 339365


So what if they're scripted, Greg?

What kind of loser lets their blobby, greasy, skinnyfat waste of oxygen husband post shit like that under their name, and then sits back and ignores?

Fuck Lainey.

No. 339366

Did Billie spill any milk in the younow?

No. 339367

I hope LOL BE MAD ends up being posted alongside CUCK on all his social media lmao

No. 339368

Apparently not :/

No. 339369


I hope Lainey plans to escape this is a situation where she really has to plan getting out of there, because of her and her kid(s) safety. I honestly hope she did put save some of the grease money and just flees to somewhere and divorces him. I mean I doubt onion would care about custody unless he could make dramatic FACT videos. Because he sure is such a good parent. Does he even know how his kid(s) look like?

No. 339370


well then she made her bed and she can fucking lie in it. i don't care about lainey or her feelings. she acts like a robot unless it has to do with her pronouns.

she just sits back and watches gerg abuse women and is secretly glad that the heat is off her for a while.

gotta be brutally honest sorry fam

No. 339371

Nope, but her and Ayalla will be back on later (I think they said 12 AM EST) so hopefully there will be milk

No. 339372

What's the consensus? Could this still be a hoax?

No. 339373


I plan to be there and I plan to beg them to get a fucking restraining order.

No. 339374


seriously, omg

i laughed, and thank you, because i haven't been laughing about any of this today, damn.

No. 339375

>i don't care about lainey or her feelings
MTE. When I first started following the drama, I had some sympathy for her but she keeps proving that she's just as shitty as he is. She has no compassion at all. Her studying psychology is a joke because she's blind to her husband's manipulation and abuse and she constantly contributes to it. I wonder why she studied psychology at all because she's too much of a heartless prick to do anything to help people.

No. 339376

Honestly, Ayalla isn't going to spill any tea. She's just using all the attention for her own personal gain on YouNow and to promote her merch.

No. 339378


I'm late but

It sucks that her private information was shared like this HOWEVER all it does is make her look better and gurg look awful.

Revealing things someone told you in confidence makes someone a shit person, that is what most people think. Just because someone is not in your life anymore does not justify dragging them through the mud and trying to ruin their life.

So basically he really shot himself in the foot with that one as well as the "all pot smokers should die" thing.

Also if anything, Billie will probably get a lot of support for her past because that is really shitty stuff to go through. Only a monster would look at that and go "OH YEAH WHAT A POS SHE IS."

No. 339379

Making profit from drama is what Greg has been doing for years. Ayalla getting some cash and keeping some dignity isn't a big deal.

No. 339381

I hope the #istandwithbillie hashtag takes off because it'll make gargoyle rage lmao.

No. 339385

It's not a fucking metaphor,why would he call her boring for that? Everyone is forgetting that he accused luxymoo of being sexually dormant. I 100% believe he wanted to physically chain Billie to a wall.

No. 339386

Considering that he's doing everything he can to tear them both down, her benefiting from it all would be a kick in the crotch for him. I'd be cackling if she ended up better off while he fades into oblivion.

No. 339387

I agree completely, And it all fits with his fetish for dehumanizing his lovers. He needs locked up he is a danger to women/girls.

No. 339388

This would actually get very ugly for him because of his romantic involvement with Billie, especially since he published personal things about her.

People who report that stuff get looked at too. He wouldn't want to risk it because he has a lot of weird shit going on himself. Like him and his wife propositioning 18-19 year olds on twitter to be in a three way when they have 1-2 kids, among other things.

No. 339389

It's probably not worth shit.

No. 339390

Lainey's wedding/engagement rings are cheap shit, I doubt Billie's was any better.

No. 339391

Did Lainey delete?

No. 339392




No. 339393


She probably just made another secret account. Lord knows the girl can't stay away from twitter.

No. 339394

"officer. i have two teenage white girls smoking weed in their home."

"is this onision? sir thank you for this TRUTH. i will be right on the case. my god we haven't seen one of these in ages"

No. 339396



No. 339397

Has Onision ever had a normal break up?? Everytime he splits with a girl he actively tries to ruin their life. P S Y C H O as hell. He definitely has mommy issues.

No. 339398

>weed cops ride the fax mobile to Bilie's house

No. 339399


even better: he's in a different state. He would have such a hard time getting the police to give a fuck when they find out he's a weird old dude across the country.

No. 339400

It's scary how Billie is the latest in a long line of girls he dragged down and his fans still haven't noticed that HE'S the common denominator.

No. 339401

he's still talking about his exes from HIGH SCHOOL in the recent billie slander video, but oh they have a "great friendship" still

No. 339402

Fuck, he holds onto some bullshit. His gravestone is probably going to list all the "wrongs" his partners comitted.

>Gargoyle FakeName Avaroe

>born: the 1850s, going by his views
>died: we're not really sure because he was being eaten by his starved pets and wife when found and we don't care enough to check
>believed in TRUEFAX, foreskins and veganaise
>led astray by temptresses

No. 339404

>"And how do you know this girl from another state, sir?"
>"She's one of the many teens I found online."
>police sirens

No. 339405

he'll only rage at their baby if it breaks its contract. otherwise all good!

No. 339406

"Listen, Troy, the contract says you have to change your own diaper and you didn't do that, traitor scum. I'm afraid you'll have to move out."

No. 339408

God I'm just so sick and tired of this. The world would be so much brighter without him in it. For him to get away with what he does just blows my mind. I feel for Billie because apart from them means he's going to harass her mercilessly until she goes back which is what happened last time. If she is going to stay away she 100% needs to stop giving her a way to contact her, needs to stop tweeting about it, and just get a restraining order. I'm assuming it would legally bind him from harassing her online. in order to have any peace she needs to cut him off and take action.

No. 339409

I'm so annoyed by how much he gets away with. His fans would literally let him spit in their faces, they're so fucking delusional. I hope they all grow out of it or else they're in for some fucked up lives.

No. 339413


She will always be a doormat, anon (until Onion boots her out the door with the kids as she'll be no longer useful to him; though doubt it). Remember the Christina Grimmie scandal?

No. 339414


A doormat.

PS: fuck you for thinking I'm Greg, paranoid much?

No. 339415

she's of working age and of good health. she doesn't need youtube, it's just something she wants. sage for not putting Billie on a pedestal.

No. 339418

>until Onion boots her out the door
He won't throw her out because they have kids and she's one of his few partners that has a lot of fans of her own as well as support from his fans. He'll probably try to shake her off at some point, like he did after cuddlegate, but I doubt she'll go easily.

He probably thought he was onto a real robot wife until he realised she'd stick around through anything, no matter how much he wanted her to go lol

No. 339420

File: 1484787935678.jpeg (94.65 KB, 1242x811, image.jpeg)

And there he goes again. New teenager time

No. 339421

the sad part is there probably will still be tons of young girls lined up and ready to believe whatever bullshit he'll spew

No. 339422

Bitch is gonna be making a list and checking it twice like a paedophilic santa claus

No. 339424

Leave onions and vodka to get rid of pedo santa.

No. 339425

gonna find out who's naughty or susceptible enough to be coerced into an abusive relationship.

No. 339426


ye knows when you are sleeping
he knows when you're awake
he doesn't like them legal
so turn 18 for your own sake

No. 339427


Oh come on Onion, you only use Lainey here because you know not even close to this many people would want to date you.

No. 339429

he really has no chill. It's been a day and he already wants a replacement. If dating Lainey is such a dream come true why do you constantly need a third person.

No. 339430

>"mommy, there's an anti-weed pamphlet and some hair dye in my stocking"
>"Lock the doors, dear."

No. 339432

Sage for OT but the relationship between Gregma and Taylor reminds me a lot of the relationship between ancient cow Andy Blake/Victoria Bitter/Andy Thanfiction/Jordan Wood and his longtime partner "Orangeblossom Brambleburr". During the height of his activity in the LoTR fandom, Blake called the shots while Orangeblossom followed along and helped lure people into their schemes, and whenever his ventures would fail due to his incompetence, he would use Orangeblossom as a tool to distract angry people from his misdeeds. Orangeblossom would go into hysterics, or Blake would mention that she did, in order to emotionally manipulate everyone into laying off his case. It was a lot more effective than what Greg does with Taylor, and Orangeblossom eventually escaped him, but it's crazy how some cows use their partners' emotions as a tool to defend themselves from criticism.

No. 339438

Andywarsky made a new video about onion

No. 339440

No. 339441


No. 339442

eyyy, it's andy again.

No. 339443

File: 1484790574202.jpg (23.23 KB, 601x259, cringe.jpg)

No. 339444

No. 339445

File: 1484790624970.png (36.32 KB, 588x207, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 8.49…)

No. 339446

spam no pls

No. 339448


It's when he pulls shit like this I start to think that it's all scripted.

No. 339449

Why does he make this about lainey? It's not. People aren't dating lainey. They are dating him and lainey sits there and cries.

No. 339452

File: 1484790896703.png (60.9 KB, 571x589, zing.PNG)

No. 339454

That would be all the votes.

No. 339456

Ayalla saw this and did as she saw here, which is to say she requested that the tard leave her alone. The fact that she did it in public is even better.

Now all she has to do is save every single tweet he's posted about/to her and all texts. Then she can take them to court and file for a restraining order, which she will get. If Greg continues to mouth off about her, it will be bad for him.

We all know that Greg can't stop sperging when he's on a roll, so this should be a great lesson. I hope Billie is following suit.

No. 339458


>If Onision asked you out. Would you say yes?

Ftfy Gerg.

No. 339459

harsh, but also fair.

No. 339460


more like

>if Lainey asked you out, would you suk mi too?

No. 339462

if onision contacted you on behalf of his wife about dating her what would you say more like

No. 339463

correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't there have to be a threat if physical violence in order to file a restraining order?

No. 339464

Some quotes for the people who can't/don't wanna watch the whole thing

>Every time he dumps a girl he makes a video and exposes them…FUCK OFF

>Logically you don't have to date someone that smokes marijuana and you could break up with them. Wow, magic, just move on.
>There's a contract between him, his wife and his fuckbuddies.
>If she kept breaking the contract over and over and over, why didn't you dump her? You're the fucking idiot!
>He's saying, "you can't see your family." Holy shit.
>You offered those things. That doesn't make someone in debt to you.
>She worked for him. He said he hired her to do some stuff, so it was her money. She can do whatever the fuck she wants with her money.
>Severe case of narcissism
>So she smoked weed, he didn't like it but she was hot so he was like, "whatever."
>This is what happens when you make friends with Onision. He makes videos insulting you.
>We get it, you wanna look like a preteen.
>[mocking Greg] "Why aren't they hot and thirteen?"

No. 339465

I'm not in the US but I've successfully filed based on stalking and harassment. Pretty bloody stupid if you have to wait for threat of violence to file a protection order.

No. 339466

Jeez christ, scrolling through the tweets I found a girl who is obsessed with Plankton. Mega cringe.

No. 339467


He's gonna cross reference this with >>339420 to se how many teens he can shepherd into his holding pen, the dirty old man.

No. 339468

DM me
And then just succ mi
Till I can get my
Pedo action, pedo action, pedo action, pedo action, pedo action

No. 339469

Spongebob plankton or plainey

No. 339472

It would be safe to assume it's like that in a lot of places. I'm not in the US either and it's the same here. Unless the stalking/harassment is extreme, they're not going to prioritise cases where there's no threat of physical violence.

No. 339473

File: 1484791997912.png (183.52 KB, 389x483, lolbemad.png)

People are still contributing to the #IStandWithBillie tag. Hopefully it gets some attention because his reaction to it would be worth seeing. Maybe this will finally be the time that this shit sticks to him.

No. 339475

Lol it's on 38% for no now. Guess people don't wanna be a sister wife

No. 339476

File: 1484792193267.jpg (96.52 KB, 587x593, p.jpg)

No. 339478

In my state, WI. In order to get a restraining order for free there has to be some sort of physical altercation or the like, for harassment you pay $500 out of pocket (+court fees).
Looked into it myself, I ended up just leaving town.

No. 339479

39% now kek I hope lamp is having a full on breakdown. Suffer bitch.

No. 339480

Huh, I wonder if they would have to file in VA or WA and what difference that would make. Perhaps they could file in the state with the most relaxed laws? Though it'd probably have to be VA.

No. 339481

If you don't live in the US, or you don't live in Virginia or Washington, and you are not a lawyer licensed in Virginia or Washington, you probably have very little ideas as to how things work under those specific jurisdictions.

No. 339483

I didn't intend to imply I knew the laws, just stated I think they are ridiculous. Hence my use of sage.

No. 339484

No shit, captain Obvious. I was commenting on
>Pretty bloody stupid if you have to wait for threat of violence to file a protection order
saying it's like that in a lot of places.

No. 339485

luxymoo is on younow


No. 339486


she said she didn't have a lot of tea to spill because most of her story has already been told

No. 339487

Well, not looking at her pics before, I can definitely see why Gergle went after her.

No. 339489


So did Plainey. She didn't want Gurg to cheat so instead of going to him, she went to Billie

No. 339490

so depressing. this child is so lost.

No. 339491

Do parents just not pay attention to the media their kids consume anymore or what?

No. 339492

luxy is dropping the truth in younow.

No. 339493

No. 339494

BILLIE screwed plainey over more than her EX BF?!

Didn't her ex bf threaten to kill her? What??

No. 339495

No. 339496

No. 339497

>needing adobe flash player
looks like ill sit this one out

No. 339498

File: 1484794394434.png (57.04 KB, 630x497, sarahbear.png)

No. 339499

File: 1484794444870.jpg (24.78 KB, 592x115, 1.jpg)

Metaphor explained.

No. 339500


No. 339501

I wonder if Lainey cried when she saw this BETRAYAL

No. 339502

File: 1484794499784.png (53.37 KB, 619x339, 50shadesofgrease.PNG)


No. 339503

File: 1484794504657.png (23.27 KB, 592x201, urgh.png)


No. 339505

Maybe she was planning to choke Gregga the gut with the chains like princess leia

No. 339506

Luxy the majority of us actually like you here, no worries. We know you're lurking

No. 339507

>Billie says she didn't consent to getting chained up
>Onion: She totez agreed to it guise! XD

Right. I think we all know who to believe, Onion.

No. 339508


Please someone draw this, if no one does then I will and it will be terrible so someone else should.

No. 339509

File: 1484794624739.jpg (15.71 KB, 596x102, 1.jpg)

No. 339510

So she WOULD leave, it's just she CAN'T right?

No. 339512

File: 1484794685962.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.6 KB, 500x381, at least 50.jpg)

No. 339513


Impregnation Fetish, Forced Head Shaving Fetish, Cuckqueaning, pretty adventurous.

No. 339515

50 Scents of Onion confirmed


No. 339516

Grease's idea of consent is "she said no but I couldn't hear it over the sound of me complimenting my own pathetic attempts at sex."

No. 339517


Lol so they bothered her until she agreed to it? That's not creepy at all.

No. 339518

knew it was bdsm bullshit, that's partly how he's dragging these girls into bed. Bet his basement is dungeon.

No. 339519

he must be lurking on luxy's younow. I brought up him saying she's sexually dormant and all of a sudden he is tweeting this

No. 339520


so they basically pressured billy into being chained up wtffffffff

No. 339521

Or a hole in the ground. It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

No. 339522

He just got 50 shades creepier.

No. 339523

>she's saying she doesn't want it
>he's saying she does want it
Well that's Gargoyle's idea of consent explained.

No. 339525

good god, I can see grease crossdressing now. SEE I'M SUPPORTIVE OF LGBTQA

No. 339526

can someone chain greg to the wall and leave him there?

No. 339527


>"boo hoo i thought i had groomed you right :("

god bless her for leaving those assholes

No. 339528

chain him in a basement

No. 339529

File: 1484795076562.gif (1.77 MB, 540x372, 11.gif)

brags about ~*hella hot*~ sex life to his twitter followers which are mostly 14 year old virgins

No. 339530

chain him to railroad tracks in front of an oncoming train.

No. 339531


I lived with my parents until I was 22 and smoke weed. I don't think its that weird that girls barely out of their graduation gown haven't left home yet….

No. 339532

File: 1484795134413.png (25.42 KB, 488x204, nohoneyno.png)

No. 339533

>uses ex girlfriend who is talking about his abuse and manipulation as evidence of his kinky side

No. 339534

Any new milk from luxy? Can't get in the stream atm

No. 339535

Nah, leave him outside so he can enjoy nature without being bothered by his dogs.

No. 339536


i would have never imagine that there would be a day with plainclone beefind with onion on twitter. we did it kids.

also, during luxygate i remember this girl saying she wasn't that close lainey and that lainey constantly ignored her for no reason. but now she cares? fuck her

No. 339537

Not to mention he outed another personal thing that happened.

No. 339538


anon im high as shit and this had me dying, thank you

No. 339539


on better thought, yeah- a railroad track is much better

No. 339540


No. 339541

Nah that's probably where he buries his neglected dead pets. There's no room for him.

No. 339542

she said she lurks here lol

No. 339543


>"how dare you stop caring for my wife. after all those times she ignored you and replaced you with Billie. smh you 16 year old girl is bullying my grown ass wife"

No. 339544

That would cause trauma for the driver and passengers. He's been abusing people while alive, let's not him have abusing people while dying, LOL. Just chain him to a tree in some remote forest, let maggots have some food.

No. 339545

Yes Clone!

This warms my little heart. Take no shit girl.

No. 339546

like a lot lol. she said she lurks everywhere.

No. 339547

File: 1484795487477.png (38.6 KB, 588x217, Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 10.1…)

moar nope

No. 339549


this is surreal. he really is this mad that some 16 year old girl grew up and realized that he was garbage.

No. 339550

Seriously feeling sorry for the kids. They're going to be all sorts of messed up.

No. 339551

sage for derailing

Can anyone tell me how any of the cows being milked in this thread keep finding more and more obscure livestreaming platforms

its getting ridiculous at this point

No. 339552

He's just going to add option 1 and option 3 together and say that most all of his followers would love to date His Wife because that's the 100% honest Truth.

No. 339553

Actually, let's hope he never gets into the "real" bdsm scene. After browsing fetlife for his area, there's way too many girls that fit his type on there that he would just fuck up and destroy emotionally.

No. 339554


you can tell that lainey wanted to tell her all that shit but refused to unblock her, so now onion is just saying the shit she thinks

No. 339556

I feel like this is another desperate attempt to make Billie jealous and come back before they replace her.

No. 339557

File: 1484795760082.jpg (1.13 MB, 1944x2592, IMG_20170119_155431.jpg)

Bottle up that milk, Billie-girl. Get that lawsuit! We believe!

No. 339558

really? thats weird usually everyone on fetlife is just ham planets who get tired with rope tying demonstrations

No. 339559

File: 1484795776141.jpg (24.07 KB, 602x124, 1.jpg)

Pic related is another pointless selfie, so didn't cap that.

No. 339560

Onision and Lainey can't pick up anyone unless they're a fan :/

No. 339561


this could actually be done, i've seen it before. twitter banned some dude for making memes about a girl who didn't like him. onion can go down easily for his "stoners need to die" shit.

and if they did… onion would get butthurt about it for the next ten years. oh man…

No. 339562

Im screaming at the amount of people choosing nope lmao Plaineybot must feel heartbroken T_T

No. 339563

Imagine being chained up in grease's under-furnished, stuffy, oily room while Onion rubs his micro dick all over you. Meanwhile Lainey pouts in the corner wearing an ugly beanie. Not worth the cost of a car.

No. 339564


All this searching for a new fucktoy thing is to make Billie jealous. What he doesn't realize is how much of a creep it actually makes him look. Mentioning kinks and chaining people to the wall when your audience is predominantly children. Stay classy Greg.

No. 339565

File: 1484795925334.png (627.95 KB, 935x608, pukebarf.png)

The whole quote. Lol already wanting her back.

No. 339566

shut up, sarah. srsly that's the best thing you can do right now..

No. 339567


twitter is pretty much lainey's life. this is amazing. people really do like billie way more than her, even the onion fans lol.

No. 339568

The river of his ego? What river?

No. 339569

It just makes him look like a shithead. He made a big deal about his wife being heartbroken but he's prowling twitter instead of helping her out.

No. 339570

Talking about a resort by the river like he ever leaves the McMansion

No. 339571

File: 1484796001979.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170118-221556.png)

Capped but with a spoiler so you don't have to look at onion mug unless you'd like, there's more nonsense written with the selfie.

BTW Lainey, your husband has been losing his mind over billie on Twitter for close to 48 hours now right? When you left him he didn't care even half this much. Enjoy being second choice!

No. 339572

What is that skin texture…? SHED IT, LIZARD MAN.

No. 339573

Gurgs pickup game is so weak i doubt he could pick up a bed sheet

…oh sorry i forgot about his vegan body shivers

No. 339574

luxy poo

lmao I'm just fucking with you

No. 339575


someone make it a lolcow banner! even if this ends up not turning the way we wanted it to, its a reminder of this beautiful time of onion drama.

No. 339576

yo your image is so huge i can see the follicles of gerg's shaved chest. Gross.

No. 339577

>When you left him he didn't care even half this much
He promptly gave up the kids and was ready to let her go. This is how much she means to him. Real love.

It's rosacea, mixed subtype 1 and 2, something he can't control.

No. 339578

billie actually has a personality. lainey is a puppet who just tweets im soooo gay all day. Like she doesnt even seem like a real person anymore. No wonder billie is more likeable.

No. 339579

File: 1484796221915.png (51.9 KB, 1268x174, dontsavehershedontwannabesaved…)

Holy shit

No. 339580

Gross sorry anon, just posted the cap from my phone. At least it's spoilered.

No. 339581


No. 339582

I like dudes without chest hair but id rather it than some weirdo that shaves it

No. 339583

Ayalla can't control her face but he still thought he'd try and drag her for it. Grease deserves every comment he gets about his looks.

No. 339584

He cant even be "muh animuls" right

No. 339585

love yaself moonfluff

No. 339586


>when you're mom doesn't care about you, the girl you met on the internet and moved with doesn't care about you, the old man you like doesn't care about you. and the only positive female rolemodel you've had in your life was a happy 19 year old emo stoner chick.

No. 339587

That was just his buttrage talking. There's nothing wrong with her face. No force can convince me he actually thinks she's ugly while putting her in his videos.

No. 339588



No. 339589

File: 1484796436253.png (294.97 KB, 490x536, shut up greg.png)

No. 339590

Tin foil hat time//
I think the reason he does those contracts type thing is probably because his prenup with plain has an adultery clause.

No. 339591

File: 1484796524875.jpg (96.08 KB, 597x490, 1.jpg)

No. 339593

File: 1484796557448.png (546.22 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170118-222828.png)

Saged, but at least the replies aren't having it.

No. 339594

Classic "I have your stuff and we want our stuff back" tactic.

thats bait.

No. 339595

So he somehow found out she blocked him but he cannot use the source of that info to relay a private message to her? What a moron.

No. 339596


No. 339597

Who'd even want Plank's smelly pants as a donation. Burn them, Billie.

No. 339598



after dealing with plainey

Onion boy:……do you want these irrelevant chocolate? please please please talk to me.

No. 339599

It's common in abusive relationships too. Having their stuff and using it to bait them into responding or keeping contact with you is a known tactic.

No. 339600

maybe gurg was right this is a look for billie

No. 339601

what the fuck are those…

No. 339602

*never mind i misread what i was. Plainey bought her chocolate, and billie left her stuff

No. 339603


wow he really can only wave his money around to get people to talk to him. You know her address. Just send it to her or give it away yourself.