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File: 1551522152645.png (527.01 KB, 1100x1506, 1550025189381.png)

No. 643915


Thread Image Credit: >>639591
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/638649
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Kai/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last Time:

>Greg thinks changing a little girl's diaper is viewed as sexual >>638665

>Greg claims his haters are liars & that if they were telling the truth he'd be in jail >>638749
>Greg says hater bloggers want to fuck him >>638759
>Greg yet again references fucking dogs in his video @1.45 >>638798
>Greg continues to harass up Eugenia Cooney even when he has claimed to stop >>638809 >>638833 >>639427 >>639845 >>640559
>DM's between Jaclyn & Onision were leaked, of Jaclyn telling Onion to not tweet her about Eugenia >>639515
>Greg being confronted by a male irl and retreating in an old clip >>639726
>Lainey uploaded another sponsored vape video >>640456
>Greg begs people to stop writing to him about Shane Dawson & admitting to being a creepy stalker of Shane's >>640509
>Greg continues to stalk Jessie Paege >>640697
>Greg patreon continues to go downhill and do poorly >>640951
>Laineybot makes a patreon exclusive clickbait "Are We Meant For Each Other?" with Greg being pushy for multiple partners >>641079
>Court document update on the Wetlands >>641373
>Greg starts posting inspirational quotes because his phone number and address had been “leaked.” >>636245 >>636361
>Lainey makes a "clean my house" video, revealing the disgusting state of her house & garden >>642089 >>642113 and the poor living conditions of their dogs >>642813
>Lainey fucks up her hair once again bleaching it to Orange >>642436
>Greg completely destroys and rips up Lainey's wedding dress in her latest video >>642807

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking (This includes HDR edits of Greg and Lainey’s faces >>590295), derailing, or infighting, you will be banned. Please revisit the rules (https://lolcow.farm/rules) if you have any confusion as to what nitpicking, infighting or derailing consists of.
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No. 643922

I don’t know but it might be nitpicking but needs to be said! Maybe nitpicking but…

6:30 moment in the netflix documentary Abduction Grease mentions they aren’t Mormon?!? The entire Documentary talks about them (both families) being members of the Church of Latter Day Saints the LITERAL MORMON CHURCH! Grease likes to know the “facts” and criticize religion yet knows nothing about Religion!!

The main branch of the Mormon Church is called the LDS Church or the Church of Latter Day Saints! Mainstream Mormons and the most popular branch of Mormons is the LDS Church! There isnt a Church of Mormon or a Mormon Church its just called the LDS Church, the same religion the entire documentary talked about!

Like I'm sure there are different Mormons that will go to other offshoots or other branches that follow Joseph Smith's teachings, but what people call "The Mormon Church" is known as the LDS Church. There isnt like a Mormon church, its just the LDS church. Mormon Church = LDS

I'm annoyed that gease criticizes religion and knows absolutely nothing about it. At 6:30 he says they arent Mormon yet the entire film talks about the LDS Church. There isnt such a thing as a Mormon church. The Mormon Church is the LDS Church

muddy when it comes to whether Mormons are Christian or not.The Catholic Church, Orthodox and Protestants see Mormonism as a totally different thing. But Mormonism and Mormons belong to the LDS Church. It's dumb Grease mentioned they werent. Religion=edge points for greg Thats it(no1curr)

No. 643923

No. 643925

No. 643930

Again, outstanding thread image. The level of artists on here is unparalleled.

No. 643949

File: 1551539428061.jpeg (127.94 KB, 750x764, A45D39DA-289D-4FEE-A512-2744FC…)

Greg’s response to Jaclyn was a fucking nightmare. He went full cult leader & tried to gaslight the shit out of her. He filmed it in portrait mode so it went full screen when I clicked on it & I literally jumped. He looks like a pimply grinch. fans in the comments (which he’s monitoring heavily) are telling him his skin is beautiful and he doesn’t need makeup….

> He starts off by saying that ‘a lot of people’ make videos about him & straight up says he doesn’t usually address haters. He then says that he decided to reply to Jaclyn (oooh she’s so lucky) since she’s a ‘former friend’ and he ‘understands her’. He hammers in that he doesn’t like starting drama over and over and that he’d rather make quality videos instead.

> “even if I win an argument I feel like crap” yeah ok
> of course he’s basing this video off comments because he didn’t watch jaclyn’s video
> no more Eugenia videos except the one he just uploaded because “she’s getting better so there’s no point”
> Greg literally keeps looking away every two seconds barely ever making eye contact with the camera
> calls Jaclyn a hero if her main interest is actually helping Eugenia
> “Some youtubers may keep using Eugenia’s photos for views but I won’t because I’m above that and so woke now” basically
> brings Jaclyn up, tells her she deserves happiness etc (love bomb) then says “if I could change one thing about you it’d be to make you identify more with yourself and not the people you date” tiptoes around it, hesitates, then decides he can’t tell Jaclyn how to live her live and if she wants further advice to dm him and he’d be happy to help her improve herself.
> implies jaclyn has ‘dmed him in the past’ lol yeah to tell you to leave her alone
> says he won’t defend himself, more weird love bombing and generic positivity toward jaclyn, building her up again before he begins negging her again
> apologizes again for the comment about her boyfriend, then goes into a whole tangent about how he loves the ‘independent’ Jaclyn he once met (creepy) and says she was nice to him before she started ‘adopting the ideals of her boyfriends’ then apologizes, says he ‘hates conflict’, then implies that Jaclyn is being controlled and abused by the people around her, more specifically the men she chooses.
> lays on the positivity shit thick, says he wants to make sure the video is under 10 min so he doesn’t make too much money off of the drama. (soooo humble Gregory!)

No. 643955

OP if you make threads in the future can you please include the title and number of the thread? Otherwise, thanks for creating the thread.

No. 643967


NTAYRT, Onion's thread haven't been numbered in along time.

No. 643968

Onion is so predictable, we knew he would respond to her, and his manipulative language is so easy to deconstruct.
And I bet the moment Eugenia will be 'worse' or he will see that she is not his perfect size he depicted in previous videos he will make another 10+ clickbaity skits and comments and say that he must save her again, lol
And sorry, he is partialy right - Jaclyn seems to be easily manipulated fame whore, but he forgets to mention that he himself is trying to manipulate her (and probably wishes she would be with him)
I guess he will continue his positive shtick for a little longer?
Thank you for new thread!
Can you please add this one and previous one to thread archives?

No. 643980

In Taylor's wedding dress fiasco vid, they film some rando lab coming and humping on Caterpie. I don't expect either of them had the foresight to research dog heat cycles, or get her fixed. If they do, indeed, just kick the dogs out to play alone in the trash and shit, this may not even be the first time he's come by. The absolute last thing these two need is an oops surprise litter.

No. 643983

Holy hell is he going grey fast. Keep dying your hair tar black Gregory, that can only help. Not exacerbate this one bit.

No. 643993

The previous thread should also be summarized in the archive thread.

No. 643995

He's 100% making videos about her again as soon as she posts any "update" or anything else again.

Maybe they just got Dobs fixed and don't worry about Leelu (bless her) and Caterpie.

I also think a thread name would've been needed and we should add a thread #, but at least someone made a new thread, so, thank you op!

No. 644001

Of course they didn’t. Greg laughed and probably jerked off to the concept later. He’s obsessed with dog sex.

No. 644002

How long til one of their dogs gets pregnant and they try to auction off the puppies to fans?

No. 644007

File: 1551570288111.jpg (20.39 KB, 220x199, ugh.jpg)

He has finally removed his Eugenia videos in order to not trigger her. It's the year 2019 and Jaclyn has implied that she's in care, he has already triggered her to the fullest extent that he possibly could for more than 2 years. He said that he's probably not losing money since those videos were demonetized already. He takes a moment to condemn people who have reposted his videos and tells his fans to ask people to remove them and post the links in his forums. He says people who won't take down videos about Eugenia don't care about her and just want money and views. Quite the hypocrite there!

Also he has disabled likes/dislikes.

No. 644009

Why is he pushing those forums so hard? He’s not gonna make big money off of them, and he rarely mentions his Patreon anymore. He’s shooting himself in the foot unless his forums have some secret agenda we don’t know about. And no I don’t think getting photos of teen girls is worth it for him to lose all his money.

No. 644012

he resents super masculine Lainey and her effortless success (compared to his own currently)
and is fishing for fresh new YouTube click-bait to enliven his 5+ dead channels.
& maybe he'll find a new "soulmate" while he's at it. he's due for a new "my ex is psycho" series.

No. 644014

File: 1551573718067.png (88.28 KB, 669x201, wtf.png)

Wasn't he contacted by Sh's lawyer last year and told to stop posting anything about her/with her in it?

No. 644016

His recent experiences with other adults have been disastrous, see IRS and now the wetlands fiasco. He's unable to deal with any clear minded adult that don't fall for his shit immediately so his best option is to retreat into his little echo chamber of idiots.

No. 644020


He’s fishing for a new teenage wife, since Lame and his patron thots are so ugly and annoying. He doesn’t realize that he attracts women whose quality is proportionate to him.

No. 644023

File: 1551577574120.jpg (72.53 KB, 580x487, twitterrambles.jpg)

Having some deep thoughts on twitter today while assuring that a better version of himself will be revealed and simultaneously a vintage version of himself too. That's just what he needs to liven up his dusty channels, rehashing more old content.

Yes, he needs desperately needs money but he is also equally motivated by finding new teen girls and claiming that he is right constantly.

No. 644024

Well he can't bully Eugenia anymore, so why not spin the wheel of dead horses.

No. 644028

I mean he said this exact stuff mere months ago when he went and filmed all those weird ass skits with random nobodies and made a video proclaiming it was his return to greatness or whatever. Yet nothing changed. Those stupid skits he claimed were his true roots didn’t get him the views or the fame so what? He retreated into Eugenia drama for a month and now claims he’s changing again?

I mean you could literally take his posts from this time 3 months ago, 6 months, 10 months and make the same narrative. He shouldn’t bother posting at all he should just set up a bot to keep reposting his old posts and no one would be able to tell the difference

No. 644033

File: 1551584664684.png (1.26 MB, 1125x2001, 774ED691-E6E3-44BC-BFD9-25A4BE…)

He’s been replying to this girl an awful lot lately. She’s an annoying sicophant too

No. 644036

File: 1551586295785.jpg (286.57 KB, 1074x819, Screenshot_20190302-215928_Twi…)

the caption sounds like something laim would say and she puts the filters on heavy like greg besides that nothing will probably come of this since shes too old and not attractive and if it does it might be farmer bait to get us to speculate more

No. 644037

File: 1551587371333.jpg (82.32 KB, 585x666, feedme.jpg)

They're talking on this mopey I'm a hungry boy tweet too. Her username seems familiar to me, I feel like she would respond on Laineys younow streams.

No. 644043

File: 1551590152356.png (76.99 KB, 902x851, fuckingmoron.png)

Even his 'fans' think his latest Sh video was a bad move

No. 644048

they're talking about his favourite subject - him

No. 644053

their one of Lainey's 'friends' I've seen her talk to them before tbh who knows she might get jealous with all the attention he's getting from this chick

No. 644059

File: 1551603087540.png (66.45 KB, 816x589, 03_03_2019.PNG)

Wasn't late 2018 around the time she got busted for selfposting on here and talking shit about Laineybot? I think this was around the same time her father put in a loony bin for having some kind of "outburst" at her office and they sent her home.
I sort of feel bad for the little sycophant now.(Take it to the flakes thread )

No. 644064

He only wants all the people keeping copoes of those videos to delete the evidence so he can hide how much of a vile prick in them he was, so he can do what he's best at, rewriting the narrative to humble and caring intentions

Is he joking?? If a person criticising him has a large following he ALWAYS responds. Do not engage lol

No. 644069

>implies that Jaclyn is being controlled and abused by the people around her, more specifically the men she chooses.
the projection is strong(derailing)

No. 644082

File: 1551643106930.jpg (86.11 KB, 377x526, 00x700.jpg)

Hes being oddly secretive about this months Patron events.
He uploaded this "Patron Update!" video on his archive channel. A channel I think most people have forgotten about. Its like he hid it there and is only going to link to it from a locked Patreon post.

In the video he says
>There's a black out spot where nothing happens and I can't tell you why but the reason I can't tell you why is obvious reasons like everything I tell you guys it's like a huge ordeal but I'll give you a hint it's something that happens to most everybody once or twice in life. You can guess what happens to almost everybody once or twice in life.

My best guess is its jury duty. And his reason for being so secretive is that he fears if people know where he will be (in public) for a whole week they may show up and take pictures or document it in some way. Similar to what happened to Chris-Chan when him and his mother had to go to court for vehicular assault. Or could this be something to do with his wetlands situation? I didnt think the court proceedings for that issue would take a whole week.

No. 644087


Weird. You don't have jury duty on weekends though, and don't know how long it will be until you start. Can't think what else unless it's something medical… Maybe he thinks brow lifts happen to everyone once or twice. Q

No. 644104

>I'll give you a hint it's something that happens to most everybody once or twice in life. You can guess what happens to almost everybody once or twice in life.

Hmmm that reminds me how he's constantly talking about how most marriages end up in divorce, he made a tweet mentioning it less than a week ago for example. Maybe him and foot are getting a divorce

No. 644108

He's getting a jail stint for something imo. Hence why he's not admitting to it directly outside of "something that happens to most everyone once or twice in life". Check local bookings listings around that time.

I could be wrong but that's the vibe I get of what he's alluding to.

No. 644109

File: 1551652759664.jpeg (63.09 KB, 486x478, 6E4D347A-B577-4672-9187-7416B4…)

It’s jury duty lol
This was from his February calendar
Don’t have a mirror for the video sorry

No. 644113

>Go figure huh?

Not really, it's a common thing that happens in every adult's life.

I feel sorry for anyone who had to serve alongside an annoying cunt like him, though.

No. 644142

That's probably in reference to his insistence that he's never had to appear in court before, that was something he was reeing about prior to that post. But I'm sure he'll get dismissed early on or at least I hope so lol.

No. 644148

File: 1551662717489.jpg (Spoiler Image,261.53 KB, 1080x2220, PicsArt_03-03-08.24.37.jpg)

I swear I havent seen onion boy post on fb for years I completely forgot I was following his page until I saw this nightmare pop up in my timeline. Wtf is this? Him and Taylor having a gender swap?

No. 644149

That can’t be him, it looks like a girl cosplaying as him

No. 644156

File: 1551664384964.png (276.48 KB, 518x359, oniniongirl.PNG)

It was a cosplay, of him as a …. I dunno.

No. 644158

Taylorthot hasn’t uploaded a new video since her shitty 56th vaping video? Anyone know if there’s anything on her patreon? Is she bitching about how no one likes her videos on discord, or is she just silently gonna quit like she did beautybot?

No. 644159

File: 1551664609076.jpg (30.08 KB, 296x363, uncomfortable.jpg)

OMG, that is really him. >>644148 You can see the edge of his hater tattoo in the lower left pic.

No. 644161

Is he trying to be Lainey by putting on lipstick and painting bruises on his neck? It looks too much like Lainey

No. 644164

The magic of filters! And Photoshop.

My lord, he is so thirsty right now. Embarrassing.

No. 644166

gals I think he’s trying to transform himself into a kpop boy at last. it’s been tinfoiled in the threads for months but now we’re finally seeing it. unfortunately, it’s apparent to anyone that an ugly, botoxed mid 30s white Neanderthal can’t pass as a cute Korean male pop star

No. 644167


actual big fucking YIKES on this one

he reminds me of the old men on tik tok trying to funny their way into young children's DM's

No. 644168

Different lips entirely, it must be a filter app. Like those face swap things they actually look like Belle Delphine’s lips are that nyannyan girl he just made vis on. It’s not him.

No. 644169

He looks so fucking dumb when he smears what looks like period blood on his face. He looks more like a girl than his wife looks like a man.

No. 644172

imagine thinking this picture actually looks good
cant wait until he hits his 40s in like 5 years and the desperation to look young drives him to a botched facelift surgery

No. 644173

Wow, did Shmorky get on HRT?

No. 644180

Try to refrain from posting if all you can contribute is how ugly Greg and Lainey are.

No. 644183

Lainey is out of town. >>643680
Please lurk more.

No. 644203

I honestly can’t believe this is real this has to be like some Andy Kaufman type shit.

To this day my ultimate tinfoil is that he is indeed playing some elaborate joke but this is legitimately disturbing.

No. 644209

File: 1551685723337.jpg (49.72 KB, 918x354, forumfund.jpg)

So I guess this forum fundraising is going to be a monthly occurrence. I'm curious about that collab series though.

No. 644222

Every time Lainey is out of town he acts unhinged.

The bruises on the neck and the dumb expressions, is he taking the piss out of Lainey? That'd be funny af.

Is Lainey back in NM? If she had any sense she'd stay there.

No. 644226

Why are his events always scheduled around normal dinner cooking/eating times?? Smh.

No. 644227

Any idea if she took the kids or if they're stuck watching Dad pretend to be his own dream girl?

There's no one who will collab with him so I don't know why he's fundraising for it. That money probably will go the way of the wetland fund.

No. 644229

Probably so he doesn't have to eat or spend time with Lainey and the kids.

I'm sure she took the kids, he'd never watch them alone for more than a few hours. He's FAR too busy "working".
As for the collabs, my guess it's to collab with some Patreons (like he did recently), or Billy the Fridge. They;re the only people willing to work with him.

No. 644230

Onion would never be the sole caretaker of his kids of course he sent them with his doormat

No. 644231

File: 1551709274285.png (8.95 KB, 288x213, Capture.PNG)

file that under shit no one wants to see.

No. 644232

File: 1551709569749.png (9.66 KB, 286x269, Capture.PNG)

also surprising he actually has his monthly totals out. is he going to use this as proof of how broke they always claim to be?

No. 644233

I really do wonder how they are paying the bills. Living where they do with that kind of scratch, that's poverty level.

No. 644235

Lol TV pilot. As if it won’t just be an extended version of one of his skits where he screams except now we gotta listen do it for 30 minutes. It’s not like he could write an actual script with a plot or anything

No. 644236

He'll say it will take him 3 months to produce and then get it done in a day.

No. 644237

File: 1551710500010.png (9.9 KB, 536x237, onion and lainey.png)

> every time lainey is out of town he acts unhinged

couldn't help but think of this post

No. 644241

Phew with those numbers they’re gonna have to look into selling their house and renting around Tacompton, and I see that pushing him to a nuclear meltdown, honestly. Could they file for bankruptcy? I’m unfamiliar with how that would work for someone like Greg who, despite his failing numbers, does YouTube as a ~job~

No. 644245

I’d this were his only income it definitely wouldnt be enough, but Is he still making money off YouTube at all?

No. 644247


Anus would probably just tell her that the kids deserve to see their grandparents and vice versa, something that sounds innocent and wholesome, even though he’s made is abundantly clear that he thinks himself above her family.

No. 644248

I cannot wait for Troonion saga

No. 644249

File: 1551715793753.png (125.17 KB, 1226x538, Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 11.0…)

damn, he's really prodding at all of his old flames.

No. 644250

I just can't believe 455 people STILL want to give him money monthly. Who are those retards other than the 5 mentally ill women who post on his forums.

No. 644258

Lainey has a sponsorship in every other video, and some sponsored posts on Instagram. She’s definitely bringing in more than Onion right now.

No. 644274

How can animal control said their dogs state was good? Are those people blind?

No. 644285

Of course, why else would he make videos every day? people are naive to believe that he doesn't make money there. Sure, a lot is demonetized but not everything and he has thousands of videos from all these years that still generate views. He's only whining so hard because he used to be a millionaire and can't handle making less.

No. 644290

File: 1551733378685.png (16 KB, 418x250, Capture5648200.PNG)

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen.
When he was on top he had over 1300 patrons and was pulling in almost 6 grand a month.

I was disappointed that we didnt get the usual spergout. I was hoping for a replay of that weekend Taylor went back to Las Cruces for a family funeral and Greg was staying up till 4am freaking out on Twitter and only getting 3 hours sleep before starting all over again.

No. 644291

File: 1551733486809.jpg (142.05 KB, 808x593, whyareyoulikethis.jpg)

It looks like he went out of the house done up like this to pick up Lainey from the airport. He's even wearing that chest piece with built in boobs. Resisting feelings of pity

No. 644297

If a dog is in healthy weight, no wounds, and has access to shelter/food/water then Animal Control doesn't care.

No. 644298

It’s like Greg knows he can’t attack and gaslight the fuck out of her like he did with Shiloh so he’s just throwing shit at the walls seeing what sticks. Acting erratic and saying horrible, hurtful things without apologizing or even putting heart into love-bombing, trying to annoy Lainey & sabotage her success until she finally snaps.

Lainey’s comments on her videos are nothing but negativity toward Greg. The only time Lainey is successful is when Greg is detached from her. They both know this and Greg wants to jump ship but doesn’t wanna seem like the bad guy. Lainey is too emotionally stunted and dependent on him to leave. It’s kinda fucked up.

How did grooming drama get swept under the rug so casually?

No. 644302

Of course she took them with her. He'd never watch his kids. Remember he ~doesn't eat if you don't remind him~ so he wouldn't feed the kids and he can't change diapers because he's not a pedophile.

Lol for what. No channel or even Netflix would air the shit he produced. He has no professional team, everything he does is made solely by him, that's why his content is bullshit and no one's interested in it. He really does think they if he's got more expensive cameras etc his channels go viral again. Poor soul.

Is he still getting the $1K from Toboscus? If so, boy, he really is d o n e

Oops, sounds like he broke his "I keep tabs on no one" facade. You're checking daily on when the other half of your husband's coming back?

It probably is enough that they're still alive and look healthy, except for Leelu.

No. 644303

File: 1551737984474.png (213.63 KB, 751x700, shutupgreg.png)

I can't upload a mirror of his latest video, but which one of you motherfuckers called animal control on Greg? He basically says he's not going to talk about or film his dogs anymore, pretending not to have them like he pretends not to have kids… while filming himself with his dog

No. 644306

One thing is for certain he might not love those dogs but he sure likes them more than he swine

No. 644307

>Haterz call CPS - children will never be shown on camera
>Haterz call Animal Control - dogs will no longer be shown on camera

Who do the haterz have to call so he does doesn't show himself on camera anymore?

Hes so obvious and transparent in his actions. Hes accused of animal cruelty so he overplays the lovey-dovey shtick with Dobs for this one video. Most of the interactions between him and those dogs that Ive seen on his channels is him either attempting to drown them in the swamp, pushing them away in disgust, throwing scraps of food he spit out into their pigpen for them to scrounge for, or screaming at them to shut up while hes filming.
Him hugging, petting and doing baby voices with Dobs reminded me of the wife beater who suddenly becomes a total sweetheart when the cops show up because the neighbors called about all the screaming and banging.

No. 644311

I won't watch the video until it is mirrored, but how do we know it was really a "hater" who called, and not a neighbor?

No. 644323

It was a fan in his YouTube comments who had had enough of them. They took screenshots of the filthy yard and tagged the county in them.

No. 644324

No. 644328

A little "recycling"? It was full on trash EVERYWHERE.
Also I promise you they wouldn't have taken the dogs because of the yard condition as long as they have access to food water and shelter. Plus he fails to mention Dobs was trying to get out of the swamp and that's why he was struggling to get on the logs Onision threw in there. People say animal abuse because of Dobs hips problems. Hes such a cunt

No. 644331

Love how Greg is trying to do these more "intimate" style speaks videos where he films on his phone. Filming the wrong way on his phone as well, mind you. But I guess that's what makes it so intimate… lol.
Yeah, people are definitely concerned because your dog is disabled, it has nothing to do with the rancid living conditions you have them staying in. "A couple of recycled boxes fell into my yard from rain" get the fuck out of here your yard was trashed and it had nothing to do with rain.
Also love how he tries to make critics look insane because we're apparently calling the cops on him 24/7. What a complete dumbass.

Thanks to the anon who made the thread. I was missing my daily Onion thread reading. Much love

No. 644352

In Australia, that amount is what a person on a disability or aged pension gets in a month. It's actual welfare level of living.

No. 644401

Dobs has arthritis that's why people were annoyed during the video with the logs and his dogs struggling in the cold water. Then he leaves them out in the cold with frozen shit everywhere because there was fucking cold snap.

Greg is a willful ignorant bastard, he'd rather the various ailments take down his family and pets than him directly. He thinks when he does shit indirectly he's a genius villain but he's the most retarded cunt ever.

No. 644422

Looks like he found another way to humiliate and shame Plainey for leaving him temporarily.
>Travel again and I'll come back dressed even weirder to pick you up in public.

I'm honestly surprised his neighbor hasn't contacted them or whatever HOA they have. They have to see that trash dump every time they open their blinds.

No. 644429

Do we know that he actually went out in public like that? Can’t really tell from the photo

No. 644432

File: 1551802176425.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x2061, 111C3FAE-D2D2-4FB6-97CA-554B84…)

I guess Greg was harassing Shiloh while Taylor was gone.

No. 644445

I don't understand how his patreon's continue to support him. I mean, didn't you have to pay $50 at some point to be able to follow him on his private twitter? He recently made that a $3 patreon perk. If I had donated $50 only to be able to have the same perks months later for $3, I'd be pissed. But again, Greg doesn't take into consideration anyone else besides himself and his wallet.

No. 644451

Hah I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if this were about Greg - he did post that video of them together recently so he obviously has her on his mind. I don’t know anything about her other exes though.

No. 644453

File: 1551810992537.png (1.49 MB, 1349x2698, delinquent.png)

Sharing from Kiwi. It appears that Greg's company is now delinquent.

No. 644458


Kek, everything he touches turns to ash

No. 644461

Any finance anons here to tell us if this could be a strategy to shift swamp debt to a company instead of individual or something like that? It didn't seem to be a real company that one would expect bills on so to go delinquent so soon seems deliberate.

No. 644463

File: 1551818352090.jpeg (247.11 KB, 1125x836, 4E7E2A3D-857E-4289-ACDA-DBAAE1…)

I just gagged. Greg proving once more that all he thinks about is sex.

No. 644464

Where does this whole "Haters want to sleep with me" bullshit come from anyway? Lets be honest here he's the one that probably cyberstalks a few choice haters to rub his carrot too anyway.

No. 644466

He can't see anything beyond his own thought process, so it's likely coming from the fact that when he devotes a lot of time, hate and attention to someone, it's because he's wants something from them. When he does it to a woman, it's sexually driven. He knows most people on this site are women, and women are only good for one thing in his mind. Hence, wanting to sleep with him.

No. 644473

File: 1551822607007.png (880.85 KB, 1081x685, colgate.PNG)

Yes Smegma, they all want to sleep with this, look at those teeth, I guess he ran out of filters.

No. 644474

That projection tho. Everyone knows he wants to fuck Shane and Eugenia and that why he's constantly harrassing them, he thinks all his "haters" are the same as him

No. 644487

>Company Dierecotry

No. 644488

Ew and I'm 100% sure ne never visits the dentist considering his deep rooted hatred against all kinds of doctors.

No. 644489

It's cute he still considers himself to be a "villain" while almost nobody outside of the regular hate watcher circle pays attention to him. He's too irrelevant to be the baddie he thinks he is.

No. 644526

File: 1551848815077.jpg (60.5 KB, 575x358, anotherone.jpg)

He's alienated another paying customer and he's too broke to have this much bravado about it. He just keeps digging the hole deeper.

No. 644535

Ah yes, the whole "you don't like me because you're offended" schtick, the final refuge of the failed comedian.

No. 644536

Is there a single person that self-proclaims having “no-filter” that isn’t entirely insufferable and ignorant?

No. 644538

>i cant let an offended person dictate my humor
he says as he puts something in a video just to spite one specific offended person
greg you're such an idiot. everyone is just laughing at how mad you clearly are. the only person losing here is you because that person likely paid more per month than that video will ever make.

No. 644546

Greg cannot film a single video without making some lewd sexual remarks or straight up bringing up his sex life and "uwu me and my man-wife be so kink"
He even insinuated the lesbian who made a video talking about his book being cringe wanted to fuck him. A well-known lesbian.

It only further proves how lacking Greg's own sex life is and how he is still delusionally living in 2009 when girls found him attractive.
The only way anyone finds Greg attractive anymore is thanks to his copious plastic injections, chemical peels, pounds of concealer and so much filter that you can barely tell he's human.
Funny someone who literally cannot appear in picture or on film without a million filters turned up to max. The irony.
Someone needs to edit the Wikipedia page defining pathetic and set it to a picture of Onision.

No. 644547

Im way to lazy to bothering mirroring tonight. But at 5:06 in grease’s latest speaks video “ disgrace to my country” at 5:06 he mentions why the airforce is full of losers in his words, it’s made up of kids who couldn’t get jobs else where. Seosuly bitch?!?!? You’re a grown ass 34 year old adult man relying on patreon donations to feed your wife and kids! I’m dying! Kek! How is patreon donations more abnormal for an adult man (with kids mind-you), how can he even attempt to justify non the less criticize kids in the military when he himself can’t afford to feed his own family?!? I’m floored by this logic!

No. 644575

This is the same guy who was ass blasted about that drawing of him and blair white. Isn’t that considered “offensive comedy” or does it not count when it’s aboit him?

No. 644578

Rape is never comedic, he was virtually raped, think of his feelings.

deleted to add /s cause its hard to convey sarcasm in text

No. 644585

No. 644586


No. 644587

ANOTHER tattoo? Really? She should just tattoo "I'm a loser" on her forehead and be done with it. Jfc.

No. 644588

it's gross. it's so sketchy and gross feeling to see a cis straight man with this condenscending "everyone thinks i'm hot. i'm hot…right?!?!?! i mean even lesbians want me. right. they just want my d that's why they're so salty."

"oh you came here to date my girlfriend. you aren't interested in my d? but…but…my feelings."

you only date from your fan pool, Onision. that's why all your exes praise your looks and fan girl. with the exception of sk, who had to put up with you before the "fame". and adr who stood up to you like once and turned into the worst person on the face of the planet as far as you're concerned.

No. 644589


Makeup again despite muh disphoria

No. 644593

File: 1551883226950.jpeg (268.9 KB, 750x649, C7FBD82B-5F29-479A-8BEC-C85003…)

Ayalla posted these and unfollowed Billie, yikes. After everything she did to try and end Onion for her best friend and it didn’t even work.

No. 644602

File: 1551891921548.jpeg (54.95 KB, 750x345, 17A5EDF5-C183-46B4-8094-3F3B2A…)


No sure if attached pic is b’s response but…

Here’s to hoping they’ll talk it out before this reaches onion.

No. 644607


Billie is going on and on about how terrible guys are, and I doubt she’s stupid enough to go back to Onion, so it really isn’t relevant, unless of course, he spergs out about it.

No. 644618

Now that anus is "poor" and even more irrelevant I doubt Billie will go back to him. The main reasons she was with him in the first place were his money and the fact that he was relatively famous on YouTube

No. 644621


Lainey probably feels smug every time Billie’s relationship ends, since she doesn’t pursue Gronk each time afterwards. How sad when she’s smug that her husband doesn’t cheat on her again. Then again, B would sooner return to Gronk than she ever would to Plain.

Maybe she’ll just feel smug that B lost a friend, since she has no friends besides Sarah.

No. 644622

“Lainey” released a video for their anniversary and it’s entirely shot by Greg and from his prospective using the same videos scraps of paper with words and some pictures Schlick from last time. It’s totally centered in how they have continued to prove the haters wrong.

No. 644623

They’re still following each other on Twitter, what are you talking about?

No. 644628

it looks like billie is still following ayalla, but ayalla isn't following billie.

No. 644632


So he printed out a bunch of low quality pictures with stains and food on them, threw scraps of printer paper around, and showed off his disgusting mess. Real couple goals.

No. 644633

It still shows that on her father deer account she’s followed by and following Billie as the top account. She’s also following @downwiithonions account lol. They’re following each other on insta too.

No. 644649

File: 1551909030808.jpeg (Spoiler Image,209.66 KB, 1405x783, 6A9EF866-A757-464F-A4A6-C0E6CF…)

The whole video was Creepy, grimy, grubby & sinister. Which sums up their relationship perfectly I suppose. The close up shots of the filth in their hovel made me gag.

No. 644658

That's so gross. He couldn't have picked up a damp rag to wipe that shit up, first?

I mean, I'm not a neat freak, but the level of filth they live in is reminiscent of one of the many flop houses I've crashed in. Only there, people actually wiped shit up after a spill, cuz who wants bugs?

Aaaand I answered my own question. The Onions like bugs so much, they brought their own with them from the McMansion.

No. 644664

File: 1551914625309.jpg (77.82 KB, 925x437, wealth.jpg)

Here he is trying to convince us that he's super happy even though he's drowning in debt. He does this occasionally but we know that money and getting attention are tied to the things that make him happy in life. I have to wonder about that happiness dip in the fist third of the graph, is that when it was fully over with B and Lainey got extra mopey?

No. 644672

What a lie. He had fake suicidal thoughts and depression over being assfucked by the IRS and County which were definitely within those two years of his "happy life." He also sperged and went on a woe is me rant because Maya called him ugly.

No. 644680

No he couldn’t, he obviously hasn’t lifted a finger while Laineys been away.. just slobbed about. That shit is dried on! It’s been left for days! It’s almost as though he’s gone through the house labelling with notes the areas lainey needs to clean, in some passive aggressive way to bring attention to it. Maybe a better way to say I love you and appreciate you, (rather than make a freaky video), would be to clean up and let Lainey come back to a clean home.

No. 644683

Says the guy who implied he would commit suicide if his fans didn't give him money lmao

No. 644684

File: 1551919331250.webm (7.92 MB, 640x360, when i first saw you.webm)

No. 644686

File: 1551920332143.png (553.53 KB, 812x412, foot wife and gurggles forever…)

No. 644700

kek nice one

No. 644719

This video got Onion type of views 3k~. Lainey can usually pull 15k-30k. If this doesn't show her and everyone else that he ruins her channel, idk what will.

No. 644766

File: 1551943458685.jpg (300.62 KB, 1080x1469, 20190307_022417.jpg)

No. 644768

File: 1551944560629.webm (1.43 MB, 320x180, was it an accident lainey.webm)

No. 644769

File: 1551944926424.jpg (117.3 KB, 1273x710, Capture.JPG)

I'm amazed he's lacking so much self awareness he can't realise how self absorbed this video is. The entire thing is about how he proved the haters wrong and even though the haters kept wanting it to end they totally owned the haters by getting married.

The way he talks about their kids is especially telling.

>You asked for a child, I smiled…And I gave you two.

No Greg, you both created children together. He phrases it like he's doing her some big favour and she should be grateful, it's such a disgusting way to look at your own kids.

Then later on:
>I was looking at the person who would bring two beautiful children into this world. My children.

Hoooly shit. HIS children. Not their children. His.

This entire video is full of so many red flags. I know Kainey is in too deep to see it but it being on her channel means that her fans are gonna tear her apart about it.

No. 644775

Kek he didn’t even smile and give her kids! He condescendingly told her “what do you want a hug or something?” or some shit

No. 644776

>You asked for a child, I smiled…And I gave you two.

Omg it sounds like some kind of cringe Christian thing written from the perspective of god

No. 644780

Yeah, Lame got pregnant with band aid Clot behind his back in an attempt to save their failing marriage after he almost abandoned her and Trot for Billie. He gave her the most cold, sarcastic response when she told him she was pregnant so he definitely didn't want the band aid baby, but in the video he was pretending he "gave" it to her willingly. So much cringe

No. 644782

I feel like he's going out of his way to show trot in this vid. you see the child onision doesn't have multiple times.
This whole video was just onion ego stroking himself to the max.
He's going on about trusting her, the prenup indicates otherwise…. But congrats to him. "we won" sure did onion, enjoy continuing to hate your whiny transfoot prize

No. 644786

Why is it on his foot's channel though?? Is it a ploy to try and make himself look sweet and loving to get some of her fans? (since most footfans seem to hate onion)

No. 644790

this is so cringy. Him printing out pictures and snippets of text and then sticking them in plants, water and literal dirt is just embaressing.
I guess because she's getting more views than him. He already started editing her videos again and telling her what videos she should do. Guess it was just a matter of time until he'll take over her channel completely and yet driving another one in the sand.

No. 644793

I think you're mistaking Lainey for Trot.

This is the shit Onion slaps together because they lost the video file to the video they were supposed to upload this week.

No. 644804

File: 1551964789586.png (460.04 KB, 710x520, pay no attention to that Onion…)

He tells her what videos to make, edits the videos for her, and half the time is in the video with her.
Taylor is just another way for him to make money.

No. 644806

>You asked for a child, I smiled…And I gave you two.

Is he pretending to be God or something? That line was so cringy. It makes him sound like he deliberately shoots blanks every other time.

Also Pedosion, you don't even like your second child, so stop pretending to give a shit about your kids.

Exactly! Everyone already knows his real reaction to his kids. At this point they're just heavy baggage to him.

No. 644807

>You asked for a child, I smiled…And I gave you two.

very literal grog. Almost like you actually did try to give her the kids and leave her for billie except she turned you down and you had to crawl back to lame and do mental gymnastics to make her dumbass think YOU didnt cheat and that you were the one "being pulled away unwillingly UwU"

and as if he wouldnt try to sign them away in a heartbeat again if he could even manage to get teen puss inside the house.

No. 644817

Top kek at this picture anon lmfao

No. 644835

File: 1551978309763.jpeg (105.95 KB, 750x613, 6E0CA0A7-2F0A-42B6-BBC1-DBCB55…)

you know your marriage is ~goals~ when your husbands anniversary video causes concern that he killed your ass

No. 644848

Lainey recorded a video but they lost the footage so he had to scramble to make contact to replace it. That’s what she said in her Patreon update video.

No. 644849

Normal and (more) professional YouTubers have "backup videos" for that occasion, i.e. videos they've made previously so they can still offer good content.

And then there's Greg.

No. 644857


And Lainey. Instead of apologizing professionally or having a backup video, she bitches on patreon or her private twitter how nothing ever goes right for her and life is so hard and everyone will have to wait for a video.

They make sloths look productive.

No. 644866

> He condescendingly told her “what do you want a hug or something?”
lol is this documented somewhere?

No. 644868

Essentially, he’s acting like Lainey should be grateful for letting her carry his children (that he barely interacts with).

No. 644871


In one of lainey’s video, I think her pregnancy video, she said that Greg told her “congratulations. Do you want a hug?” When she told him she was pregnant a second time. Keep in mind this was between Cuddlegate 1.0 and billie’s first return. He probably was still steamed that he thought he lost Billie and his “perfect trinity”.

No. 644874

I'm really curious to know what "kai" bitches about on her private Twitter. Just a random thought lol

No. 644875

She doesn't. She knows farmers follow her.

No. 644876

It’s the my pregnancy story at 9:45 timestamp she talks about it and his reaction

No. 644879

File: 1551995559794.jpg (115.29 KB, 584x742, lb6.jpg)

No. 644882

File: 1551995661384.jpg (124.54 KB, 585x712, lb5.jpg)

No. 644883

File: 1551995765387.jpg (104.43 KB, 585x712, lb4.jpg)

No. 644884

File: 1551995889292.jpg (117.27 KB, 584x736, lb3.jpg)

No. 644885

File: 1551995994009.jpg (109.15 KB, 584x771, lb2.jpg)

No. 644886

File: 1551996133632.jpg (118 KB, 584x703, lb1.jpg)

No. 644903

I wonder if Greg really "lost" the file. She probably said no to the montage video at first and being the spiteful beta he is, he deleted the video she wanted and uploaded his video.

No. 644904

god I love you, private twitter anon

No. 644906

File: 1552001690253.png (293.99 KB, 581x366, twinsies.png)

Mission accomplished Lainey. Its like a mirror image.

No. 644907

We all know how much she used to whine and bitch about life and Greg on tumblr and twitter and every social media account shes had since high school. She didnt stop airing out her dirty laundry because SHE wanted to. She stopped crying online because it was making Greg look bad so he made her shut that shit down.

She has to have some kind of outlet for all this emo grief. Is it just Sarah on emergency call 24/7?

No. 644909

She's got nothing to be smug about. Billie is probably having a shit time at the present moment, but in the long term, she'll learn more personal skills and grow as a person from dating different people. She dropped that last guy asap after he refused to stop flirting with girls on insta. She's young and all of this will help eventually.
Lainey on the other hand is one of those 'stay together for the kids' type. She is so stunted for her age emotionally. I bet she is smug too, but honestly being in this shitty relationship for 7 years is not an achievement, it's nothing to be smug about. It's sad really.

No. 644910

Wouldn't that pink girly hairband in the first pics make her feel "dysphoric" though?

No. 644923

Personally I believe that’s how it started — Greg making her stop — but I do believe at some point she outgrew him and realized she was just making herself look dumb. Now he’s the only one who airs their shit publicly, generally speaking. I think she either saves her whining for Sarah or maybe has another super secret social media account removed from her Laineybot/kai self entirely. Somewhere to rant vaguely and secretly under a different name perhaps. Just my theory.

No. 644945

File: 1552016550526.webm (7.7 MB, 320x200, My Pregnancy Story - Laineybot…)

No. 644951

All the grey's anatomy posting… can she be any more basic at this point? And I wouldn't judge her for being basic if she didn't always pretend to be so "unique" but she's literally like any other stay at home mom. Just with a boy haircut, an manipulative husband and a tumblr.

No. 644959

File: 1552022621081.png (448.14 KB, 708x796, Capture _2019-03-08-02-16-37.p…)

Hes still bitching about the patron who pulled their pledge lmao. Btw "how a person justifies hurting Kai, no idea" how does HE justify telling her she deserved to get raped, calling her a cunt in front of their children constantly and cheating on her when she was heavily pregnant? I'm pretty sure he hurt Kai 1000 more than that patron ever could but now he's pretending he cares about her feelings so he can use her as a shield, as usual. Fucking hypocrite

No. 644960

What, how the hell can you hurt someone for taking back the money that you were freely giving them? How would he even know they did that unless he was monitoring her Patreon too? He's so ass-backwards.

No. 644962

File: 1552023574674.png (70.31 KB, 588x514, 96483246.PNG)

He's only uploaded the video to his Patreon, so I havent seen it yet. But Im assuming the joke was about killing children with mental disabilities after seeing this tweet from that disgruntled fan.

He tweeted this a few hours ago. I think hes backpedaling just in case any of his other fans start grumbling about pulling their pledges too.
>I made a joke about killing retards, but I wouldn't really do it guys

No. 644965

File: 1552024812137.png (7.5 KB, 355x237, Capture74551.PNG)

first off… thank you private twitter-anon
are these caps directly from her page? or when you do a "from:kai92229432" advanced search
if you havent done a "from:" search on her private account while logged in you might find some conversations shes having behind the scenes that arent going to show up on her main page. if you've already done that disregard my ramblings, and thanks again.

No. 644967

This is completely the behavior of someone who’s really positive, happier than they’ve ever been, and not worried about money in any way.

No. 644970

File: 1552027279905.jpeg (52.61 KB, 602x506, z2Z0Fx.jpeg)

It didnt take long for Grugly to go from fake positive and flirty to veiled insults. His last 2 tweets to her were the shitty Hitler photoshop insinuating shes pushing her merch to hard and now this one. How long until hes outright calling her a cunt like he does his wife? When Grunk flirts with you, you better flutter your eyelashes, giggle and flirt back… OR ELSE!

No. 644971

File: 1552027287224.jpg (149.6 KB, 620x908, rae.jpg)

This girl has been kissing both of their asses for a while now so I'm finding this pretty satisfying. Another supporter chased off by greg. He really doesn't see that the common denominator in all of these failed relationships is him. Priceless.

I didn't know that trick, thank you! I tried it and everything was painfully boring. Most were just 1-3 worded replies to comments on her own statuses, nothing worth sharing.

No. 644975

Yikes. I suspect he'll move on to a younger similar girl to lust over while criticising Jessie on occasion, she's become a section in his wheel of drama that he spins.

No. 644978

File: 1552031544901.jpeg (210.77 KB, 1125x473, 61D3EB66-BE03-48AC-B001-18E58A…)

Who is the next victim?

No. 644982

Tinfoil, Lainey decided to try to get pregnant without discussing it with Greg with both pregnancies. She then had to come to Greg and ask if she could keep it hence the "she asked me and i said ok"

No. 644989

He’s just mad she’s not a teen any more. He didn’t get the chance to put his mini peen in a teen in a while, so he’s frustrated!

No. 644993

I'm thinking it's Sarah. Remember onions livestream where he says laim is hesitant about her "feelings" toward Sarah and hesitant to move things forward?

And if so then that tweet about "always having the notion" would be incredibly troubling bearing in mind Sarah was 14 when they first spoke. Hope it's not Sarah though. Who else in laims lackluster and dwindling social circle could it be

No. 644998

It hurts the Onion's feelings if you don't give them your pocket money and lie to them about how great they are. Just be honest guys!!

What in the actual fuck is the point in paying either of these two cunts for content when their best efforts get posted on YT anyway and it's all shite.

Greg's already frustrated his pay walls aren't bringing in the 'hotties' and regressing to a free forum to fish for narc food. "Would I date you? How mental are you; mental enough for a guy like me? What's new in sex?"

Lainey's only role in life is to be a poor attempt at a mother and role play as a pathetic emo cunt because it caught them a Billie before, then a Maya the formula is faxxx it's honest, it works. 2008 Onion is no. 1!! We must return to the holy lands for salvation.

It's going to get weird when Troy is more competent and will demand more attention from them both. They're going to get frustrated when they have the sudden shock life is not about them and their gay egos. Children aren't just gifts to bestow from your small balls Onion boy. Is he prepared for teenage Troy releasing a TroySpeaks about his bad dad and strange family. Yet it's the haters that are a danger to his reputation.

No. 644999

I don't think it's anyone really. From what I see she posts "deep" song lyrics or lines to get attention, like many girls did when they were 13. For years she's been crying about wanting a girlfriend, but whenever she had the chance she didn't make a move. She might have kissed a few girls, but I've never seen her interested in a real intimate (emotionally and sexually) relationship with another girl/woman.

No. 645001


Quite honestly, I think Lainey doesn't know what a real (let alone good) relationship looks like.
She's exclusively known her abusive ex and her abusive husband, and idealized relationships on TV. Plus, being stuck in their trailer all day any day, she doesn't have much knowledge about real life either.
I guess that's one of the reasons why Greg hasn't divorced her yet. She's his perfect little puppet and narc supply but she's also extraordinarily boring and whiny. His life would have been close to perfect with her being ok with his "trinity" but now that she's apparently put her foot down, he's on the prowl for someone new.
Well, who'd like to waste their life being stuck with a mopey and boring partner, though?

No. 645003


they didn't send lainey a death threat they just PULLED THEIR PLEDGE. what kind of fucked up cult mentality is this?

No. 645004

The word choice.. wow. “Hurting”. They gave their money willingly.. even though they didnt have to. That money doesnt belong to him automatically. What a joke. Hope he keeps digging his hole further

No. 645006

File: 1552054752027.png (1.04 MB, 1147x710, new clipart.png)

No. 645007

>pulling a pledge=HURTING SOMEONE
This is how you can tell these people have never worked a real job. It's as if I stopped going to a bar and the barista would subtweet me saying how much I "hurt him"

No. 645008

File: 1552056557594.jpeg (178.8 KB, 750x404, 4BB5DBA2-2986-45DA-ADB4-C26541…)

Lainey literally begged Greg to call her hot and he refused… she said ‘wow, real feelings were shared today’ and he basically said ‘they usually are, that’s how this relationship works’. He can’t even act like he’s attracted to her anymore.

Can someone who reads lips tell us what Greg’s edgy bleeped out jokes were?

No. 645009

lainey straight up looks like shes about to cry

No. 645010

am I the only one who see's greg looking more and more feminine? like look at him from 10 years ago and now. He looks not just botox and fillers. This is Bruce Jenner before he came out level speculation here. In his twitter profile pic he has california woman lips

No. 645012

Onions face literally looks like wax that’s about to melt holy shit

Also the first bleeped word seems to be twin towers since after he said “them collapsing” so that’s my guess, couldn’t get the second one though.

No. 645013

the editing is abysmal

No. 645014

It’s official. He’s becoming a plastic surgery monster.
And no, Onision. People speculating about all your Botox treatments is not a compliment to how young you look. You look like you’re in your way to becoming the cat lady.

No. 645015

He’s making more 9/11 jokes. He’s so edgy……

No. 645017

No. 645018

for God sake its a significant change. what has become of this thread. smh.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 645021

Eh, the video is better than his usual skits or rants to be fair, but it strongly reminds me of what a student would do for a school project. There might be artistic potential there if he learned how to film correctly and if he didn't try to make everything about himself.


I don't have the impression that he looks as if he had Botox recently, but he looks really, really sick to me. It's looks like there's a swelling going on in his face with the puffy cheeks and all, and his neck (like when you have to take cortisone).

No. 645023

File: 1552063034823.jpeg (192.82 KB, 750x387, C933A944-1AE1-4A07-98D1-798681…)

No. 645025

I don't know, I mean Greg is an ass towards her. But what kind of reaction is she expecting? This isn't her first tattoo and while I don't think it looks bad, it is pretty basic and cliche and I wouldn't know what else to say either.

What's really sad is how hard she tries to make herself interesting for Greg and nothing seems to work.

No. 645026

Greg's huge head next to laineys is oddly really fucking annoying. Just the way his head looks, I guess. Lol

No. 645027

File: 1552063754166.png (141.36 KB, 629x172, lmaooo.png)

Now I wonder where he got the idea for this video?

No. 645028

The tattoo tbh looks pretty bad, honestly thinking about it I think she got it to be like Acacia Brinley because we know how she loves her and her family oh so much

No. 645029

When he guessed her tattoo, “ it’s the most clichè thing I could think of..” yikes, says the man who got actual clip art tattooed on his arm for all to see.

No. 645030

The rose on her tattoo is one of the most commonly found rose drawings.. a lot of people copy eachother drawing it. No idea who actually drew it first though.

No. 645031

Nice Tommy Wiseau face, Onision! And those titties, 10/10 would motorboat but not really.

These people are so undeniably tacky. What's with Lame's Archie Jughead cosplay? She needs to look into some products that will help fade all of that disgusting scarring on her lip and chin, good god.

Fucking kek so hard at that. These two are a collection of awful tattoos with no real style, just random shit slapped all over their body like they're NASCAR racers. He has clipart on his body forever and it's not even. Lame's tattoo is shitty but at least it has some shading and looks nicer than his black rectangle with clipart sprouting off of it. He's probably salty about it because he didn't choose it like he has with her other tattoos like the rainbow volcano. It's just another independent choice by Lame and he's mad because it wasn't in his control. He owns and controls so much of what she does and she's an idiot for letting him steer her the way he has been.

No. 645034

The editing is absolutely abysmal, further proving just how completely out of touch with the present media styles and trends Greg really is. It’s like if the “how do you do fellow kids” meme edited a video.

No. 645035

File: 1552067447851.png (4.87 MB, 2208x1242, 8190364E-717A-4942-A652-202116…)

Laughing my ass off at this dig at Lainey.

Greg edited the video and this is what he shows when she says «i’m getting this tattoo» lmaoo

No. 645036

Honestly, I think it's one of her better tattoos even though it's generic. This is someone who has numbers she likes and the volGAYno inked on her so the bar is set really low here. Yet I'm certain she's copying someone or trying to become more appealing to Onion.

>I would not abort a child…
He doesn't have a uterus he's not the one who would personally have to deal with receiving that kind of news. The chromosomes and parental love shit is ridiculous coming from someone who won't talk to his own daughter until she can speak. He has no idea how difficult it is for parents who do have kids with serious issues so what's his excuse for neglecting the 2 he has?

No. 645039

Okay so I have a tattoo exactly where Lainey got hers and 1. It’s not a sensitive area, 2. That tattoo parlor is nasty and 3. Why did the tattoo artist shave Lainey’s arm? If she was putting her toes in the tattoo community she’s not doing it right in the slightest… she’s just lazy and doesn’t put any effort into anything. The after care was a mess, there’s no information just stupid duh things.

The obvious eyelashes and the super feminine placement of the feminine tattoo with the feminine eyebrows and the fucking AirPods that kill me bc they stay on THE WHOLE VIDEO … the idientity crisis continues

No. 645040

File: 1552069642684.jpeg (188.35 KB, 1195x1101, EC447A81-C947-484A-9D39-A68197…)

As if we didn’t need any more proof Grub is completely inept at caring for his animals, he parades his grotty fish tank asking for help as to why it doesn’t work, he clearly hasn’t cleaned it in months. Poor fish! Figure it out your fucking self instead of broadcasting your scruffy living habits! He has no self awareness or embarrassment. Why is everything around him rotted, dirty and uncared for? (Even lainey didn’t escape)

No. 645041

what the actual fuck? this has got to be a joke, right? this tank looks like it hasn't been tended to at all in at least a year.

No. 645042

He's got a video clip on IG with the tank leaking that foul water onto the window sill and all over the ledge it's on. I can't even tell if there was something living in that tank or not that's how gunked up it is.

No. 645043

Yes it’s terrible, whatever was living in there is either dead or very poorly living in that environment. I think nemo blocked the filter trying to escape!

No. 645044

So he can spend money on a bunch of bullshit for himself, but when it could benefit the welfare of a potentially living thing besides himself he can't be assed to fork over the cash. Buy a new fucking filter you piece of shit.

No. 645045

he should befriend taylor nicole dean, birds of a feather

No. 645046

no he could never be around an ILLEGAL DRUG USER!!!!! i would pay to see a double date with lainey, greg, taylor, and jonny though.

No. 645047


Animal control surely must have walked in there backwards and with their eyes closed.

No. 645049

I truly think he is incapable of real love or looking after anything other than his own interests. At this point I just have to assume the kids are running round like the neglected wild kids from the MAMA film.

No. 645050

his face is starting to get very uncanny valley. he doesn't look like a real person anymore.

No. 645051

File: 1552072385191.png (10.36 KB, 246x233, Capture.PNG)

he's just mocking us now.

No. 645052

Christ. The narc back at it again, thinking the world owes him a living. His chicken scratch signature on a piece of paper? And a dvd of content already available for free? Those lucky bastards, his generosity knows no bounds.

No. 645053

This isn't the first nasty fish tank Greg has had. I'm more shocked that he bothered to start a new one after he moved.

No. 645055

She's trying to copy Billie who has a tattoo artist mom. She wants a floral sleeve like her idol BillieDawnWebb. Unfortunately Lainey hasn't got any taste and I don't think of the tattoo artists she goes to have any desire to go beyond what Lainey asks them to do.

Greg has 100% gotten botox. How do you account for his appalling diet, hygiene and daily grimaces. He puts his face under so much stress all the time yet his forehead doesn't move and he has no expression lines apart from around his eyes. Also looks like he gets filler in his nose too its changed over the years. I don't think he's a tranny, he just resembles his mom's crazy eyes yet has his dad's chubby face. He's trying to use botox to add some sharpness to his features. He's just a short chubby saggy man and since he doesn't work out or so anything his frame is sagging. He has terrible posture. He's just in ill health quite honestly.

No. 645056

You have to be ignoring a tank for MONTHS for it for all the water to evaporate like that. They probably think that just because the tank has a filter they don't have to do anything else for a fish. Even just adding more water to the tank was too much to handle. I'm not surprised tho.

No. 645057

Lol is her mouth photoshopped? I cant tell whats going on with it.

No. 645058

In the version uploaded to YouTube the thumbnail is different. Is this still the thumbnail on patreon?

No. 645059


he looks like vic mangina to me here. which is not a compliment, greg, since vic is 50 something and has had some very obvious and very bad work done to his face.

No. 645062

video review time

- the shading on the rose was nice

- lol you got it upside down
- there's no theme at fucking all to her tattoos, she looks like an ADHD 12 year old's scrapbook
- your husband looks like a team america character who spent too long near a radiator

No. 645063

also yeah, this was laugh out loud funny. best joke greg's done since the 10 things about lainey vid

No. 645064

>3. Why did the tattoo artist shave Lainey’s arm?
I've never seen a tattoo artist NOT shave an area before tattooing

No. 645067

Can we get him to do another one of those Lainey videos? I’d love to see what he’d say now.

No. 645068

wait was the video that was reuploaded actually edited by greg? i thought upload anon did that omfg. onion literally hates lainey

No. 645071


>lainey is crying

No. 645075

No it's not photoshopped, her mouth always looks like a sea turtle beak when she smiles like that

No. 645089

Any tattoo I've gotten, the area was shaved. (Back, hip and forearm). We have lil' peach fuzz every where on our bodies. It'd be bad if laineys tattoo artist didnt shave.

Anyway, laineys new tatt is boring as fuck. But I guess it goes along with her personality.

No. 645098

File: 1552090057491.png (273.54 KB, 418x695, Screenshot_33.png)

No. 645099

File: 1552090086090.png (373.11 KB, 425x875, Screenshot_30.png)

No. 645100

File: 1552090112691.png (350.35 KB, 419x843, Screenshot_31.png)

No. 645101

File: 1552090133998.png (221.34 KB, 422x634, Screenshot_32.png)

No. 645103

File: 1552090435147.png (158.84 KB, 639x769, canttrusthimwithyourgf,canttru…)

Lol someone on tumblr said that Onion started featuring his dying channels on the laineybot one while she was away. Can anyone confirm this is true? Iirc they weren't there before but I'm not sure.

No. 645111

Look at the grimy marks on the tank showing the lowering of the water level.Not a fish person so I need to ask:Can fish survive in a water level so low? This looks seriously dangerous. Poor fishies.

No. 645112

They do.Lainey believes in 'gentle parenting' a style of 'parenting'that lets kids do whatever they want, including scribbling on walls, breaking shit without admonishment. Trot has anger issues and has hit Greg and pushed his baby sister. B said his kids scream all day long. Kainey is a breast Nazi & breastfed Trot until he stopped on his own around 4/5. His entire baby teeth had to be removed surgically at 3 under general anesthetic cos she didn't brush his teeth at night after feeding him. Greg doesn't talk to his infant daughter cos she doesn't speak. He refuses to change diapers and he doesn't clean. The dogs show serious signs of neglect. His kids and animals live in filth. And he wonders why folks called animal control & CPS on him. He chalked it up to'haters' but anons were genuinely concerned for his poor kids and animals. I hate Greg, but like most anons I don't want his kids and pets to suffer.Trot alas is going to be a misogynistic piece of shit like his dad. I also wonder what headfuckery it does to him to call her 'Mom' and yet she wants to called 'he'. I fully endorse the strict 'no bullying' rule of the kids on here as they didn't deserve to have that shitstain & his translarping child bride as egg/sperm donors. I only comment on the kids when their situation is a direct reflection of their terrible, terrible parents.

No. 645113

File: 1552095721029.png (55.34 KB, 719x568, please come back.png)

He must be freaking out about his Patreon dipping so low that he even brought back the one dollar tier in hopes to regain some of his numbers. Also this is the second message I received from him this month. He must be feeling pretty desperate.

No. 645114

Their fish tank triggers me every time it makes an appearance. Unfortunately hardy fish could survive in shit like that, but it's clearly abuse. Some fish groups I'm in have posted about picking up free aquariums on the side of the road only to discover a betta or goldfish still living in the last 1" of disgusting water. Fish are very adaptable, for better and worse

No. 645116

Tbh it doesn’t seem to be like gentle parenting, the swearing and Him calling her cunt in front of them, Anus apparently yelling at his son for losing a video game, the way they treat the dogs, as far as Anus goes its anything but gentle imo.

No. 645118

>can fish survive in a water level that low?

Shockingly, yes. You'd be surprised at what sorts of horribly fucked up conditions fish can survive in. There's so much to unpack in that image. The bacteria growing in that tank is going to start to form mold colonies everywhere. Obviously, the filter in it isn't working…so his fish are just swimming around in an environment of their own piss and shit. He takes care of fish and other animals just like he takes care of kids. If nothing else at least his abuses of other living things are consistent.

No. 645120

Wow, I'm pretty sure harassment is against Patreon rules. What he did to this girl is clearly harassment

No. 645123

>I truly do love reading your feedback

Translated from narcissistic pedo into English: If you even try to give me feedback, I will harass and belittle you.

No. 645133

That move truly shows what a fucking idiot he is. That's terrible business. Why did he think that would work? If someone is only pledging $1 there's a reason, if they wanted to pledge more they would be.

No. 645137

He can't just admit he did it because he's greedy, anon. No, it was totally a business decision that backfired.

The over apologetic language while making excuses… He's so manipulative and creepy.

No. 645140

Yeah, whenever I've checked she had the 2 Character channels of all things linked off to the side under Beautybot.

Does anyone know what kind of fish/es he kept in there? I know some hardier fish can manage to survive in filthy conditions for awhile. Putting a fish tank right in front of a window encourages algae growth so it's clear he knows nothing about tank maintenance.

No. 645141

>wearing Hollister
>wearing a Jughead beanie
>gets a generic line art tattoo of a rose
>begs husband to call her hot but gets rejected

this is a grown ass woman with two kids and a community college degree in psychology. Happy International Women's Day, Lainey! You're an utter failure.

No. 645147

File: 1552106319909.jpg (20.3 KB, 570x570, a46a65762f9710fe850d26e585cc8c…)

her tattoo is just an exact copy of a temporary tattoo design that comes up on the second row of google image results for "rose tattoo"

could these people get any more basic if they tried? why are they so opposed to actually having a tattoo artist design an original tattoo for them?

No. 645148

That would take it out of Greg's limitlessly talented hands. And no one but Greg chooses what marks his manwife's body permanently but him.

I genuinely believe it's more than likely precisely that. Having a tattoo artist design his tattoos? No. If it's a man, that would be acknowledging that another male is superior than him in some aspect.

Allowing a female to design his tattoo would be a woman deciding what marks his body permanently, and he's constantly broadcasting his utter disgust for, and disdain of, women. They don't choose for Greg; HE chooses for them.

No. 645154

File: 1552111305091.png (62.3 KB, 498x672, Screenshot (2)2.png)

No. 645161

File: 1552113972582.jpg (21.85 KB, 584x142, trenders.jpg)

I wonder what this is about, aside from someone who criticized Lainey.

No. 645165

the filter has to be touching water to filter. Is he really this stupid?

No. 645174

this sounds like a compilation of things Ay, Sam and B have said before. this is not really new information, no? just unverified.

No. 645179

Anus is editing Lame's videos now and the editing is absolutely retarded (the annoying black and white filter coming on and off for example) it makes me wonder if Anus is intentionally trying to sabotage Lame's channel because he can't stand seeing her getting more views than him. I saw a lot of her fans complaining about the editing in the comments

No. 645189

Seems more like Madison or possibly Sarah since they say they were a visitor on and off for a few years. I don't think Ay and B were around past Cs infancy. The person who wrote this also refers to Lainey as a they even when it's confusing lol. But as you said unverified but similar to what we've heard before.

No. 645191

When you think you couldn't hate them anymore… these absolute pieces of shit. Grease can shove his "I am vegetarian" up his ass, he is an animal abuser. I still hope there're no actual fish in this tank…

If that's true, the whole, he ignores the girl but seems to not ignore his boy then would confirm what anons speculated before. That he ignores his daughter to be "mean to her" so she won't fall in love with him. Because that's his logic, like it was with Sarah. And I wouldn't be surprised if this narc thinks even his own child could fall in love with him. Since he's also super convinced his haters are in love with him and even lesbians. Because no one ever could not.

No. 645200

Fuck defending Lainey, but still at least be right when dissing her, she has a bachelors from a four year university not an associates from a CC. She'd still get more use out of that degree using it as toilet paper than what she's doing now.

I know psych degrees don't make you able to diagnose shit but you should be able to diagnose that your husband is a piece of shit and you should get the fuck out. It makes me wonder if the fact the Onision paid for her degree made her feel indebted to him and unable to leave.

No. 645209

>It makes me wonder if the fact the Onision paid for her degree made her feel indebted to him and unable to leave.
I also have the same feeling. We all know she is delusional and to some degree still obsessed with him, but then there are these clear moments where she sees what an asshole he is (she's getting more and more disappointed in the videos they make together because he doesn't show any affection, makes "jokes" about divorce and wanting another partner), so then there must be other reasons why she can't leave. Before her channel and income got bigger he basically paid for everything (of course that's part of his usual programme of making his partners dependent on him) so I guess she thinks she owes him something or that he'll come after her and want all the money back.

No. 645210

I'd be so offended by these copy&pasted text blocks. He clearly tries everything to get a few bucks per month back, but only on minimum effort levels. He doesn't even acknowledge what the former patron said because that's too much work. But filtering out the ones he had arguments with was also too much work. kek

>punish me
that fucking manipulative language, I haven't seen anyone this awful and guilt tripping.

No. 645214

Patreon will never do anything about greg unless he starts posting explicit porn. they make money off of all his patrons

No. 645221

Too bad she doesn't feel indebted to her father who also paid for her schooling and dorms which she ungratefully threw away for Onion Boy in a heartbeat.

No. 645229

"I have returned the $1 pledge tier so most anyone can afford my Patron again" he's basically saying "now you have no excuse not to give me money, you broke pieces of shit" god this retard thinks people have an obligation to give him money. Also didn't he use to make fun of his fans who were too poor to pay him?

No. 645236

>"take care of your kids"
Didn't Greg have this really weird "MY children" part in the anniversary video on Lainey's channel? We know he stalks hate sites so I wonder if maybe he saw this and freaked out

No. 645240

Doubt. Everything said in those anonymous asks were said here or by Sam, Billie, Ayalla or brought up by Greg himself.

Take what they say on tumblr with a grain of salt.

No. 645246

I think billie’s tattoos are pretty boring and generic yet somehow Lainey managed to get the poor man’s version of that. She mentioned wanting a sleeve, 100% it’ll be greyscale and similar to Billie’s.

When you get tattoos you don’t hand them clip art. Jesus. You have an idea for what you want, they draw it up. She couldn’t fathom going in saying “I want a rose” and having them draw something original.

No. 645266

A lot of people design their own tattoos. Most of them aren't dumb enough to use fucking clip art, though.

No. 645274

greg probably thinks paying an artist for an original work is too much money.

No. 645281

Ayalla compaining that her private life is being made public. You talked about your breakup with Billie on Twitter. Stop playing the victim

No. 645284

what happened to "DO NOT ENGAGE" lol

No. 645286


I'm not really understanding the order of these messages. Which one is first?? Looks like the initial "sorry that you took away your pledge" from onion, but the dated are off. The first ones are from Aug 2018 and the second half are from Feb 2018. Are they fake?

No. 645299

It's the automated message he sends to expatreons but the anon probably thought he was personally asking for them to pledge back.

No. 645304



No. 645308

Where did she say this? Post proof next time

No. 645319

File: 1552195111802.jpg (487.17 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20190309-231514_Twi…)

you mean this?? you could have at least posted the tweet for context and it was in response to someone who brought up a screenshot from this thread concerning unfollowing and what not

No. 645321

Yeah and it shouldn't be news, it is clearly some petty argument that went too far between best friends. They obviously have made up, as you pointed out.
These two have been like sisters for many years. To tinfoil over 'Billie going back to Onion and Ayalla being pissed about it' etc etc is honestly ridiculous

No. 645322

Stop derailing the thread to talk about Ayalla and Billie’s friendship.
There is no need to post about them unless it related to Onision and Laineybot.

No. 645341

File: 1552205556664.png (523.73 KB, 760x510, Jaclyn Glenn & Future Sunsets …)

I foresee a Twitter sperg out or rant video when Greg gets wind of this.
Jaclyn and RSN hung out at Playlist Live and had a sit-down interview about the Onision drama. The perfect trifecta would have been Repzion walking by and them calling him over to join in on the Onision discussion.

No. 645352

I've seen Billie's tattoos on girls a dime a dozen. Generic as fuck but the actual work is done well and it flows as a piece/sleeve/thighs.

An anon pointed out earlier that Lameo and Onision's tattoos look like Nascar sponsors just slapped on there willy nilly.

There's nothing wrong with having lots of little ones but placement and keeping the same artist or even keeping it so you have only black and white or only colour makes such a difference. It's the same reason Raven's tattoos look a mess.
Unfinished trash from all different artists, colour and black and white, old and new faded stuff and shitty placement.

There's nothing wrong with having basic shit but do it well, christ.
Pretty sure all of Billie's are black and white.

You can tell Greg doesn't give a shit about quality when he sperged about Billie getting the'lillie' tattoo.

>she was already covered in tattoos so I thought what was one more

He and Lainey think they are just shit to collect and see themselves as edgy since they have tattoos, but the tattoo community would probably laugh at their shitty collection of skin clipart stickers.

No. 645397

Just peeped laineys patreon page. Her next video is her reacting to Greg's anniversary video he made. I can already tell its going to be a fake reaction.

No. 645400

she's been more openly disdainful of their relationship lately. I wonder if she'll bash it or pretend to be touched by the only affection greg's given her in months

No. 645405

File: 1552241255468.jpg (582.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190310-130622_Twi…)

Any ideas on what is so creepy?

No. 645407

Lmao, he looks like an even more diseased Taylor.

No. 645421

File: 1552247856092.png (62.53 KB, 241x213, Reacting Anniversary.PNG)

Mirror for
"Reacting to My Husband's Anniversary Video"

No. 645423

That video was obviously dedicated to the "haters" in the first place, seriously he talked more about them than about her, and when when he did it was about how he GAVE her HIS children. Yikes

No. 645424

my guess is him saying haters are stalking him/lainey again or something like that

No. 645433

Is there evidence that she graduated with a 4 year degree? I've been curious of this for some time now because personally I have never seen proof.
Is there a video where her and Greg show off her degree? What university did she attend for 4 years?
Not doubting you by the way, I just have been curious about this for a while now

No. 645437

She has a bachelors in psych from an online school in Washington or something, idk if she ever posted the degree but who cares since she clearly learned nothing

No. 645439

File: 1552253939433.jpeg (356.65 KB, 1340x1218, DEEAB76C-9F08-48C9-A07D-759039…)

No. 645445

I hope that's trolling, because otherwise it really is a fiery cringe.

No. 645446

So Greg posted screencaps of this conversation?

No. 645449

It’s just a general psychology degree, she did attend actual rl college I believe Washington state but started taking online classes when she was pregnant. Apparently she graduated with honours but tbh the first four years studying psychology you don’t learn much in the way of diagnosis etc it’s basically introductions and statistics (math). I believe she showed her degree on twitter

Just because someone has a knowledge in psychology etc doesn’t mean they are immune to abuse or being shitty people themselves. In fact some of the most manipulative criminals have a knowledge on how people think and behave to con them.

No. 645453

File: 1552260070465.png (38.64 KB, 584x170, Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 19.2…)

No. 645459

I didnt even make it to a minute. She immediately starts telling stories weve all heard A MILLION TIMES. When will they ever learn the definition of content

No. 645463

Stop derailing to spoonfeed newfags.

No. 645472

File: 1552265690958.jpg (676.51 KB, 1080x5132, IMG_20190311_005446.jpg)

From Greg's stellar new DIY haircut video.

No. 645488

File: 1552271071949.png (1.86 MB, 1334x750, FC82B6F7-C500-43A8-B4A7-611212…)

Looks like they’re missing part of the ceiling tile in their bathroom. Greg really is just destroying that house.

No. 645490

File: 1552271247488.jpg (47.49 KB, 585x316, t.jpg)

He's a martyr for trans people, but seriously I wonder if his mom visited and said something rude to Lainey because she looks like a 12 year old boy these days. That newer tweet is pretty funny if you saw him and Lainey trying to eat fruit and vegetables.

No. 645493

It has physical locations and its called Washington State University.


Lainey on the president's honor roll if you scroll down to puyallup)

This isn't some university of phoenix shit, when her neurons aren't sparking up bright new identities she can actually apply herself to get an expensive piece of paper to wind up grifting and whining piece of shit like her husband. And that's the fucking sad part, she had the brain to fucking do something (could have taken the degree further or gotten a real job in an office or whatever) and she chooses to be miserable with 2 kids in a swamp with her ogre husband.

I thought Onion was disgusted at DDLB.

Or all the steam from his hot skin scalding showers soaked up a years worth of steam in one onion shower and it collapsed from the weight. Maybe all his yard work has caused some foundation shifts and they were checking for issues in the attic.(derailing)

No. 645498

But she doesnt look like a 12 year old anything. She looks like a poorly aged 25 year old woman.
With a proper diet and exercise she could actually look good!
Her mom and sister are very beautiful women, with effort and a much needed style change, taylor could compare.

No. 645506

In a livestream he said he "dumped" so much money on her degree (I thought it was odd because he said the same things about Cyr and Billie after their falling outs, that he "dumped" so much money on them and tried to make it seem like they used him for his money) and in a video he called her an investment. He definitely uses that against her

No. 645515

I dont believe he dumped any money on her. He probably transferred his G.I Bill to her as he wasnt going to use the free college anyway

No. 645517



I think that's the first time either has ever admitted that they were talking prior to the "soulmate" chat over Twitter DMs

No. 645527

Her ex David said they were talking while she and David were still dating. She was also still having sex with David while talking to Onision. The girl is a THOT.

No. 645528

She tweeted about him obsessively for a couple of months before the soulmate tweet and probably the only reason he didn't respond at first was him flip flopping between Shiloh and a new teen victim.

No. 645530


He has no GI bill, FYI. You need an honorable discharge for that.

No. 645532

He made money back at the same time by taking the Edubirdie sponsorship. And probably a handy bit of blackmail by getting her to maybe sample the sponsors product.

No. 645534

Not surprised hearing him discuss Lainey as an investment. I watched his military video the other day and he was talking about income in that video. Essentially he's already talked about only marrying Skye for benefits and friendly reasons and to live with him. Well he got paid 700 or so extra dollars for having a wife off the military base.

He only sees women as commodities either sexual or financial. Lainey's only a partner on YT cuz onion set up her channel off his. I'm not sure of the terminology or what but it was him that got her monetised basically.

He feels entitled to his spouses finances. He feels entitled to most women's fiancé's let's be real. He just feels entitled ffs.

Onion would not survive if it he wasn't able to exploit women he is so fucking pathetic.

No. 645535

i want to know when the turning point was.

Onision was a mostly harmless if not drama producing low-level youtube personality with problematic opinions, then a few years after his marriage to L he starting becoming downright militant.

No. 645536


He's always been this way, evidenced by his early attempt at creating a cult. But then he got popular, he had power and clout, so he pushed the ideals he's always had harder than ever. And now that he's tasted power, he's not going to be so keen to give it up.

No. 645537

He was always self righteous and militant. Some of his first videos were him dressed in his military garb and larping as a militant vegetarian. That's when he gained his popularity, he came across with vindication in some of his views because he was a try hard back then.

He had always been a piece of shit, but cuddlegate amplified his ego, his first 3some has had him acting relentlessly towards one again. Remember their future board? 3some! It's fuck all about being polyamorois, it's straight up Greg wanting a hareem of young girls to abuse and do all the busy work while he stores his ego online.

Lainey's just a doormat so no one checks his unhingedness apart from 'haters' online. He constantly falls out with family members of they're not pandering to him.

NB Greg mentioned in the military video his sister was in the airforce and was the one that vouched for him. The only independent thing this pansy does is make shit videos and his only viral video was edited by Skye. Well done Greg you big strong boy!

No. 645541

Can we also talk about how creepy that little end bit is where she’s talking about how before she met him she never saw herself getting married or starting a family? I mean nothing milky in it and it sounds like any other “he changed my perspective” bullshit people spew about their partner but when you think of it with the knowledge that she was 17 when she met him it’s so creepy and like duh you weren’t thinking about marriage yet cause you where a fucking TEENAGER

No. 645544


no you can get one under general in the USAF

No. 645548

File: 1552324942135.jpeg (113.22 KB, 750x941, 3D3A23AB-A2A9-4EBA-92EF-E333EA…)

Uh oh, baby needs attention.

No. 645550

File: 1552326499933.jpg (134.49 KB, 971x390, 2593574510774028566.jpg)

Greg begins his week long jury duty today. So Taylor's alone at home having to deal with the kids and household duties solo. I guess that's the reason for the pity party.

I would love to be a fly on the wall during jury deliberations. You just know hes going to be the one hold out on a 12 to 1 decision. And his conclusion wont be based off the details given. He'll do it just to be a contrarian and site events in his life that mean more than the facts of the case.

No. 645557


Anus is the type of moron to disclose information that cannot be discussed outside of jury duty. I’m also wondering how well he’ll do interacting with other adults that aren’t barely legal and are most likely competent individuals. Can you imagine the shit he’ll say to them?

No. 645567

File: 1552334277292.png (514.47 KB, 690x419, lost patron.PNG)

He just uploaded the video that lost him that patron. It was about killing mentally disabled children and their parents being relieved they no long had to bear that burden. He doubles down and says hes adding even worse things to joke about, and lo and behold first on the list is his love of dogs. I will not be surprised when Greg becomes the next Mr. Hands of Gig Harbor.

No. 645568

There’s no way he will get chosen. It usually takes 1-2 days to choose a jury and only 14 of about 50 people will actually be on the jury. They ask you a bunch of questions to determine if you’ll make a good juror and they don’t pick people that are loud and opinionated or express very strong moral views.

Source: have been in jury duty like 3 times

No. 645578

“Laineeey, the dogs bum is inside out again!”

No. 645587

She's seen the pieces of paper "lying around" so he didn't even clean them up after he made the video. It's meant to be a "surprise" but he couldn't even clean up to keep the surprise? Not that I'm shocked, considering the absolute state their trailer trash garden is in and the filth the dogs are forced to live in.

No. 645592

Well one of the factors lawyers usually dismiss potentials jurors on is college degree. Greg doesn't have that. However, he's incredibly biased so I'm sure either the Plaintiff or Defense will dismiss him based off of his egocentric ways.

No. 645594

File: 1552345350205.png (226.42 KB, 516x940, Capture _2019-03-11-19-50-01~2…)

More about the patron who pulled her pledge and made the swamp anus screech

No. 645595

File: 1552345385199.png (262.39 KB, 529x1049, Capture _2019-03-11-19-50-49~3…)

No. 645607

Laineys new video is a "life update". Wtf is there to update?

No. 645626

This dumb bitch has seen Smegma do this same exact shit to how many other former fans/random people? We have screenshots of him doing this shit to at least 3 other former "fans" (or their mothers), who knows how many others are out there, and he has publicly shat on people who cant pay him but actually like him several times.

The people who follow this idiot seriously constitute 1 big collective cow I swear.

No. 645636

Jury Duty was in FEBRUARY. This is old news.

No. 645661

LMAO his fans are stupid as fuck but I really do enjoy seeing them all jump ship one after another. How many more months until his patron is down to the last 5 remaining fans who all share one brain cell? I wanna see Onision and Lame getting real jobs. I would watch their videos even if they vlogged about that downfall.

No. 645686

File: 1552367426561.png (1.1 MB, 1280x720, 5323456864.png)

He included this "joke" about Jaclyn, he's obviously still butthurt that she didn't wanna share Eugenia's personal life details with him lmao

No. 645696

He received ALL his benefits. Even dirtbags get their benefits if they did a certain percentage of their time. How do you think he got a VA loan for his homes?

No. 645704

File: 1552369474744.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190312-074154.png)

Shiloh posted this. Onion?

No. 645707

Probably just another one of her exes, she's known for her amazing choice in men.

No. 645717

She had a messy public break up with her recent ex. Most likely just him tbh.

No. 645743

File: 1552385310758.png (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 750x1334, 852A0234-E08B-4EE3-BD7B-4D59B1…)

In onision video “why does onision still make videos” at around 0.08 he literally flashes his whole junk to the camera. You can see the outline of his genitalia and weird balls. It’s really weird and out of nowhere and further proves that he has some fetish with showing his junk to his audience.

No. 645744


Gonna have to agree with other anons. She had a livestream not long ago going public about what happened with a stalker guy. I imagine this is about him.

She specifically said "No this isn't about onion boy." during it when someone asked if it was about Onision.

No. 645747

File: 1552386070096.jpg (32.88 KB, 712x150, repzion.jpg)

Repzion dropped a video about the $2 patron flipout. At the end of that video he said he's been working on another one about Onions excessive amount of EC videos. I really wish he would just leave that alone since Onion finally took down his videos, the time to point out that fucked up behavior has passed IMO.

No. 645748


From the looks of it.. it reminds me of those men to have large balls and tiny dicks.. where it looks like a naked molerat..

No. 645755

I think it’s still something to be talked about tbh. Mainly to draw attention to the cooking video, sims, etc. It’s so annoying he is able just to sweep it under the rug and his fans still claim all the videos were “helpful”.

No. 645776

The past three videos posted on speaks he flashes his junk. Even in his hair cutting video he finds a way to flash it. Idk what's going on in the onion household, but he's reeking of desperation.

No. 645784

The funniest thing is that he thinks the redhead on the right is an ugly Jaclyn, but compared to him and his pasty face, she's a real hottie.

No. 645814

File: 1552432320053.jpeg (682.94 KB, 1125x1374, 3574B1B1-FE95-4160-B26E-935F8E…)

No. 645837

idk what this is about but sometimes i feel bad for sarah only because one day she will be 24 and look at someone thats 14 and imediately throw up and cry on the spot thinking about what happened to her

No. 645855

She and Lainey are still following each on ig but she also deleted the post from her tumblr. Either she doesn’t want “haters” to see or she doesn’t want Greg and/or Lainey to see.

Sarah should be living life like a regular 18 year old girl but instead she has to play protector to a 24 (going on 25) year old mother of two.

No. 645858

meh. they haven't slept with her. she will just look back at this as her stupid youthful decisions. As long as she doesn't waste 5 more years pining of Lainey she will be fine.

No. 645863

uh, getting groomed and emotionally abused by adults who are supposed to be your caretakers is absolutely traumatizing. even if they didn't have sex with her they were still entirely inappropriate, not to mention lainey walking around in front of her naked. i'm not saying her life is ruined, but it's definitely not something to be dismissed.

No. 645870

File: 1552453882193.png (260.45 KB, 707x675, 6533567897643.png)

Lmao that's rich coming from onision, a guy who made dozens of videos exploiting the image of minors in underwear. He isn't even trying to hide how butthurt he is about Jaclyn anymore, I wonder if he saw the picture she posted with Jessie Paege on Twitter and it made him even more salty

No. 645885

File: 1552460196716.jpg (40.56 KB, 397x336, agitated.jpg)

Someones feeling a bit agitated right now, so odd for such a positive person to tell people to STFU. Also he can't spell corporate.

He made a tweet earlier about Toby Turner too wondering why a guy like him isn't as popular nowadays. So he must've been thinking about Jaclyn, he likes taking jabs at her since she told him to back off from EC.

No. 645886

Literally about to post that, but yeah he seems to be spiraling, must be bad news or jealous of pewdiepie, as he raged on him earlier

No. 645890

That Jaclyn Glenn video is from a month ago. What that proves is that Grease (with his rage boner) very likely went on a search on her page to find ANYTHING he can call her out on that makes her look "bad" and him "good". He always finds someone new to obsess over now it's Jaclyn again because she said something that hurt his wee feelings.

"Do not engage" really didn't last long, did it? Two days?

No. 645917

File: 1552478547504.png (388.78 KB, 572x518, Capture.PNG)


No. 645918

Literally none of her fans want to see onion on her channel. Her channel is pretty much another one of HIS channels at this point, he's always in it and edits and does captions and shit. It's fucking stupid because the comments on vids with him are literally always people telling her to stop putting him in her vids. Idek why she has fans at all anymore she doesn't do a n y t h i n g

No. 645920

She also doesn't engage with her fans in the youtube comments or listen to them. She doesn't deserve a single viewer.

No. 645925

File: 1552486227871.png (347.75 KB, 576x704, superficial.PNG)

>make up is so fake… unless Im using it to try and look like a creepy young boy.

Did he forget his spouse dedicated over a year of her life to a failed beauty channel?
This must be sour grapes that Laniey had to abandon that channel because she couldn't handle the comments about her kids party face painting level of make up skills.

No. 645927

greggo doing the annotations for her "my side of the story' video was hilarious and proved that lainey's integrity only goes as far as not having to open up imovie

No. 645929


Anonymous 46 seconds ago No. 645928

I mean, he’s right. Why does anyone talk about him? He’s a failed YouTuber who barely makes enough views to get monotized, has strikes on his channels, never collabs with anyone because no one wants to work with him, or even just be anywhere near him, and he’s fading into obscurity.

Sarcasm, obviously, this asshat is so disillusioned. He has to rely on controversy to get 5 seconds of attention. He’s not attractive, he’s not talented, he’s not even competent. He’ll be remembered for being a moronic sociopath who’s a big, fucking baby.

No. 645934

That literally reads like Onision wrote it wouldn't be surprised

No. 645941

I agree, I'm 95% sure Greg wrote the description. Poor microdick Greg needs to control anything remotely successful. Too bad he's terrible at it and will run what little income they have left into the ground. Not helped by the fact that he just is not welcome among Taylor's audience

No. 645947

Dude even in his profile picture he's slathered in foundation eyeliner and lipstick. he wears makeup (foundation, filled in eyebrows, other shit) in almost every video

No. 645952


"I hope the enjoyment was up to par :)"
Who tf says this.

No. 645955

That would make sense and the video would be a dig at Lainey mby.

No. 645969

After watching this video I'm pretty sure Greg is trying to sabotage Lainey's channel and she doesn't mind because she doesn't want to make videos anyway. The editing gets worse and worse and they are not even trying anymore. I hope her channel dies soon just like Beautybot did

No. 645971

Can someone please be kind enough to mirror…? I would really appreciate it..
I mirror all the time and I know it is going out of your way, but it really helps the thread and archiving videos is always important

No. 645974

Gronk is such a fucking loser. They show the game they're gonna play and then he said 'we got it at target. that's where we pick up all of our……' and Lainey says 'games.'
Yes Gronk, we get it, Billie (the child you tried to ditch your spouse over) worked at Target. You're so edgy for making vague and stupid references to her years after she left your life. Fucking loser.

No. 645981

At least Billie had a real job, unlike Lamefoot who never worked a day in her life. At this point not even Target would hire her after they do some research online and find out what a fucked up child grooming POS she is

No. 645994

Onion recently uploaded a remake of the backwash featuring Lainey.

No. 645995

Wtf why can’t I say f**tf@cE anymore??!

Imaginary sage

No. 646018


yep he did it like, 8 years ago with skye. great new ideas greg you fucking joke

No. 646030

Admin-chan is punishing us for people nitpicking and going off-topic

Have there been any updates on what he still owes the county/IRS?

No. 646033

File: 1552524829698.png (608.48 KB, 752x395, two dudes.png)

No. 646055

Well he says "when I edit this video", so that's that. Lainey's channel truly is like this puppet image now.

No. 646101

They also joke about Lainey being more likely to want to quit her job because she hates it, to which she holds her hand up snd says "meee".

She really has no interest in doing Youtube anymore, I guess her fans have dwindled away to a handful since her videos are pretty boring and feature Greg more often than not.

No. 646103

I genuinely believe that his cutting hair video is a jab at her and shitty content plus the fact that she spends a lot of money on going to the hairdresser

No. 646109

Thanks for the mirror anon. I could only get through the first 4 minutes. Had to click out when Greg edited an awful dinosaur roar to slow mo of him yawning. Wow. Edit.

No. 646112


They really give zero fucks about their audiences. Lainey could not be more over this shit if she tried, and Greg is wearing a disgusting stained shirt. Wow. Couple goals.

No. 646119

File: 1552556011559.jpeg (242.5 KB, 743x348, 315AA528-74E4-4C41-B63D-3BA544…)

Look at those faces!! Some brilliant person work your magic on this photo!!

No. 646136

File: 1552562001558.jpg (194.73 KB, 743x348, animprovement.jpg)

No. 646141

Her mouth is unreal. She got a f00tf@ce, a lumpy chin and now she keeps doing this weird lip thing.
Onision really must hate her if he cant be bothered to edit shit like this out.

No. 646142

File: 1552565741684.png (110.13 KB, 580x550, Capture.PNG)

No. 646146

why is one of the categories 1$ - 100,000$? makes no sense

No. 646148

Has the dead turtle manifested in Lainey lately? Reptar's Revenge.

No. 646150


This reads more like "My bills are coming due, who wants to pay them".

If that movie was something he truly wanted to do, he would have actually done it when he had the coin. Also, no doubt those kids are just combining their parent's income.


So that the kids following him can feel included with their 10$ allowances.

No. 646157

File: 1552574713805.jpeg (372.08 KB, 697x637, 427143C0-246D-4B03-8B05-72D548…)

Lame looks like Jack McBrayer.

No. 646175

Gurgles net worth: negative hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Actual street panhandlers have a better net worth than him.

No. 646180

This is new, but I don't really know what it means.

No. 646188

I think it means that he had to put up a sign/poster to show he is fixing the damage he done. I could be wrong. Apparently it is attached to his mailbox.

No. 646189

He had to post a sign in his yard declaring he actually has the permit he should've requested in the first place. It's probably mandatory for everyone who obtains the permit, but I like to imagine he was specifically ordered to do this to prevent upsetting his neighbors again.

I'm dying to know how much control Greg actually has over how his yard gets corrected. It would make me so happy, for how much money he must of sunk into equipment rental and replacement sod, if he was obligated to pay for every single plant and hour of labor to return his yard into the exact way it was before. Including the nettles and blackberry bushes that he claimed were going to maul his dumb kids

No. 646210

I'm surprised he didn't sign it as "Onision" considering how much his life revolves around how popular he once was.

No. 646221

File: 1552597392218.jpeg (434.84 KB, 1125x882, 21D07A64-0984-4C57-ADAF-769E24…)

The lack of self-awareness is strong in this one.

No. 646227

Thank you so much for the mirror darling. Much love

No. 646233

Lainey says "uwu" 4 times during this video.
It is hilarious that she is trying so desperately to incorporate this into her vocabulary considering anons are constantly making fun of her pathetic uwu whining. Can't help but wonder if she/Sarah have been lurking since this is the first I've heard her ever use this term before.
The irony.
>Lainey being a whiny bitch over having to make youtube videos
This is her only job in life. What the hell would this chick even do if she weren't making videos? Such hard painful life (insert uwu here).
>You can tell Greg has been editing all of Lainey's videos.
I know her fans detest Greg appearing in her content, but I doubt she would make videos at all if Greg weren't constantly pushing her to create them and coming up with ideas for her because she just cannot be bothered.
Lainey has to be one of the most spoiled, lazy humans alive. Her content is nothing more than turning on a camera to film cleaning her house or dying her hair.
>Greg states Lainey hates her job
The fact that her content is considered a "job" to these two.. kek. Cannot wait until these idiots have to see what a real job is.
Also during the "who is going to hell" question Lainey has to add "I'M ALSO GAY".
Are you?? Really?? We had NO IDEA
Be careful guys, admins are seriously cracking down on this thread. While it is undeniable fun to mock their combined ugliness, I hate seeing these posts knowing they'll most likely result in temp bans..

No. 646292

File: 1552615424330.jpg (179.32 KB, 1080x712, Grossonion31419.jpg)


No. 646294

Just when I thought his intelligence couldn't get any lower. This makes absolutely zero sense and makes him look even more retarded than he already seemed before.

He thinks he's being funny and pro-gay but he's the only one who laughs at his jokes and it makes him sound sexist, not pro-gay. What about straight men like himself then?

No. 646299

He already Tweeted that he was gay or bi or some shit, so he thinks he’s “allowed” to say this kind of thing.

Keep your eyes on your own paper, Onion.

No. 646308

Literally never saw any youtuber as self-centered as Lame. She doesnt engage with her "fans" at all, unless its for asspats. Whenever she talks to patreons it's only about her. I never once saw her engage with a fan by being interested in what they tell her about themselves, if it's not about her. Many of her fans are teens who claim to struggle with deperession, anxiety or trans issues and seek out for her to say something to make them feel better, but she never gives a shit about that. That's why I wonder what these brainwashed fans of hers are on about when they act like Lame ever rly helped any of them. So of course she doesn't give a shit about what her fans want.

No. 646309

It’s totally the case. He called RSN a faggot multiple times on stream and he justified it by saying he was “gay”. Don’t forget he loves to call Taylor that during sex, either.

No. 646317

i swear i can already hear onion type his retarded opportunistic tweet about the tragedy that just happened in NZ and taking a jab at pewdiepie

No. 646338

i wonder if he's going to sperg about pewdiepie's association to that new zealand shooting, he likes to be a super insensitive edgelord when actual serious stuff happens

No. 646343

File: 1552638361030.png (64.27 KB, 595x366, Screenshot_2019-03-15-02-22-28…)

you called it. Also looks like he's gonna pull the same shit as he did when Christina Grimmie was killed. fucking trash.

No. 646344

File: 1552639053754.png (91.11 KB, 600x607, Screenshot_2019-03-15-02-34-46…)

imagine thinking that bashing religious beliefs/practices is an appropriate response to a mass shooting.

No. 646345

>Worth infinitely more than your thoughts and prayers

he has to make everything about himself and make sure he feels superior to everyone else he's so disgusting

No. 646348

Did this idiot forget a fan of his committed mass shooting was well? Randy Stair was his name

No. 646349

Wow. Just WOW.
This piece of shit uses the shooting as an opportunity to call out a YouTuber who is bigger and better than him. He seeps jealousy and uses this event to his own advantage to further his bullshit message of hating Felix. That is truly pathetic.
He doesn't give a flying fuck about the pain of those families and kids.
And telling people to stop praying and start helping? When has Greg ever tried to help??
In all the years of hate watching this douchebag, I have never once seen him donate to charity. I've only ever seen him make his own charity cases like he did for Shiloh when she was "dying" and his constant gofundme's for his wildlife disaster and his forum.
He is the most self-centered, delusional trash imaginable.

No. 646351

every time there's a shooting this buffoon takes the opportunity to show us just how much more of a shitty person he's become since the last.

No. 646352

File: 1552642635614.png (50.59 KB, 500x344, A4A3AFF8-FBA4-45F7-94BF-47DA78…)

He only says what benefits him huh? Why not use the same logic for pewdiepie. He didnt know or make anyone do anything either. Idiot.

No. 646354


You know he probably only donated line $15 so he could still feel superior without having to spend his hard earned Patreon allowance, too. This guy…

No. 646356

"look see? I donated money! I helped! REEEE!" Inb4 he makes a video about the fact he donated to this charity so he's a hero. Prob only donated like 25 cents. Much help.

No. 646357

I haven't looked into the shootings too much, but were they actually fans? I don't really follow the logic of pewdiepie is bad because some people who killed other people mentioned pewdiepie. Onion will grasp at anything to pull others down to his greasepit.

Yeah you donated money that your fans gave you, are we supposed to be impressed? What was it $10? Don't even bother writing that shit on your taxes at that point.

He definitely said in Laineys last video that in an apocalypse situation he wouldn't be a vegetarian so yeah Onion you would kill the fucking rabbit

No. 646361

Tightly closed jars?? WTF is he going on about, does he mean we all just keep mens balls in jars?

No. 646362

He means because women need men to open jars for them.

Also the absolute karma of Greg having to put a sign in his front yard saying he destroyed the wildlife and has to fix it, after his Billie tattoo morality way of thinking.

No. 646363

No it's a sexist joke about how women cant open jars so they ask men to do it for them

No. 646366

He failed to realize he isn't helping at all because those are US charities.

No. 646371

File: 1552654959700.png (178.1 KB, 731x487, Capture.PNG)

Saw this on Twitter this morning. Dude is wasting no time and Pewd's followers are all over him with their own commentary.

No. 646372

Greg is such a fucking moron, always preaching and being self righteous. Does he not realise this act of terror was against those literally practicing their faith through prayer? They will find solace that their loved ones will be at peace in the afterlife. A religious and compassionate person will appreciate that someone else is praying and reflecting on this tragedy.

And what does Greg do? He gives money to US charities for gun control.

The incident he is being zealous over happened in New Zealand and to a marginalised community, taking a tax deduction for donating to US charity is not directly affecting those victims either! Fuck off

No. 646378

File: 1552663135787.png (20.88 KB, 586x250, all caps means you're serious.…)

No. 646380

What a complete asshat. He made BANK on EC's eating disorder, and rating pictures of children. Fucking weirdo needs to stay in his own lane.

No. 646382

I fucking wish he was a parody jfc. What a massive hypocrite I lost brain cells trying to work out how he thinks HE should be the one to say this. He inserts himself everywhere he is not involved, and he is doing once again.

No. 646390

The audacity of this bitch. He fucking wishes he was relevant enough to receive this much support and generally attention from everyone as Pewdiepie does.
Does he even fucking know where New Zealand is? Being the illiterate moron that he is, I'd wager he only knows of 5-6 countries aside from the US.

No. 646393

File: 1552672511570.jpeg (141.77 KB, 1125x390, DF234CE0-D80F-4E62-B1CE-39BFFB…)

Meanwhile, Greg is making another video where he kills off one of his “characters” by shooting the multiple times.

No. 646397


What organizations is he even talking about? Why not give people a website or something? Not to mention NZ has strict gun laws already, what organizations are stopping this. Why not donate to the people affected? He's such an ass.

No. 646398

Greg only donated because people were calling him out for never doing anything himself while preaching on his high horse to stop sending love and prayers and start taking action.
And now of course he could never donate or do something selfless without aggressively rubbing it in everyone's face. Greg's probably jerking off while staring into a mirror right now.
Funny how he doesn't mention the amount donated either - that makes it clear that it was a very small donation, otherwise he would be screaming the amount from the rooftops.
He is such a revolting egomaniac.
Greg had to donate and only did so because he made a tragedy about his hatred towards another youtuber. He didn't have a choice.
It is obvious as well that he only donated to spite critics considering he couldn't be bothered to take the time to find the proper charity to donate to.

When you think he can't stoop any lower..

No. 646399

What the fuck even is he on about? This was a hate crime first… it was a hate crime against MUSLIM PEOPLE that were in their HOLY and safe space. Why he links American charities and talks about gun violence mainly???

No. 646402

What the fuck even is he on about? This was a hate crime first… it was a hate crime against MUSLIM PEOPLE that were in their HOLY and safe space. Why he links American charities and talks about gun violence mainly???

No. 646403

I would love to see him explain how donating money is supposed to solve anything related to hate crimes. How will money stop people from having fanatic opinions and beliefs? He is so dense it's laughable.

I'm sure his inability to keep his mouth shut about things he doesn't understand will cost him quite a few followers and patreons once again.

No. 646409

In Maya's messages that got leaked she said Anus has a pro gun cousin who visited them on Christmas and Anus agrees with his ideas of shooting anyone who enters their property or something like that. What a hypocrite

No. 646413

Kek I bet Gregma’s secretly in the NRA

Fuckin’ closet republican

No. 646414

>that help prevent gun violence
>has a banner of himself shooting a gun on the same Twitter

He can't be that stupid, but he really is. It's astonishing.

No. 646418

The Ex Patreon that recently left greg


No. 646420

Anyone have plaineys "update" info she posted to her patreon?

No. 646422

No. 646447

This is all old as fuck news

No. 646456

File: 1552692123137.jpg (334.4 KB, 618x1433, Gurgly would never do this.jpg)

> Anus has a pro gun cousin

>Anus agrees with his ideas of shooting anyone…

Kek I bet Gregma’s secretly in the NRA

Well, while wildly speculating to the point of tinfoiling is frowned upon, the Smegma does know how to shoot, has utilized a sniper rifle, and is quite proud of himself when he hits the target "dead center."

This is undeniable.

To the Tubes go You, and use /9raduis_Z_o to get his video doing just that, uploaded to his onision archive channel on 7/26/14. On a past description he stated he was shooting with family.

His repeated use of guns as props in his videos where he kills multiple characters and goes so far as to edit in the splurts of blood and the squick noises that accompany such wounds is such a sickening form of humor or comedy.

Where everybody public can be someone's idol, and hero's having undue influence that is not always positive, if Gurgenstein insists that Ec influences people to the point of developing ed's, then why can not his own videos of showing how impulsively and eflusively he guns down characters in his videos not be regarded as something that has the potential to dangerously influence people who watch him to gun down the characters in their own lives??

Where is his moral outrage unto himself?? Nowhere! It's it the toilet. Alongside his morals.

Also, >>646344
Like hell, he never donates to the homeless. Why bring this up as a point of logic? Its failed reasoning. He thinks they are a waste of space and time.

Has he ever asked one what he can do to help them? Has he ever bought them diner, gotten to know them, and invited them home for a shower and a fresh set of clothes?? No!

The only homeless people he cares about are the angsty 15-16-17 year olds he can lure to his swamp mansion basement. Those are the only ones he wants in his shower.

No. 646460

File: 1552693347322.jpg (391.6 KB, 1080x1564, PicsArt_03-15-07.41.58.jpg)

Wtf is up with "#sex"???

But hes right. Definitely more terrifying then Momo

No. 646481

Everything comes back to sex with him. It could be a post about a Scratch n' Win ticket, and he'd find a way to relate it to his sex life.

No. 646503

File: 1552701236784.png (45.79 KB, 907x378, sad.PNG)

In other news, I decided to look at Laineybot's channel statistics. I've noticed a steady decrease in her views and looking at social blade, it seems she's on a steep decline in viewership recently.
Which makes sense considering she doesn't seem to give a flying fuck about her "job".

Onisionspeaks hasn't been able to break 20k views on a video in over two weeks now.
I've never seen their channels so dead before.
Considering Greg's patreon is at an all-time record breaking low, I'm sure Lainey's is as well.
I think we are going to begin to see some sperging over this decrease in earnings… because it's pretty significant now.

No. 646507

File: 1552702579644.png (25.87 KB, 548x307, update.png)

No. 646546

File: 1552719404425.jpg (555.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190316-015512_Twi…)

Hahaha Greg tried it with Phillip Defranco. What a fucking shitbag.

No. 646560

He donates like 20 bucks and thinks he's morally superior to everyone, while at the same time being a huge attention whore trying to incite drama.

No. 646564

KEK "Don't make it about you" that is all he's been doing!!
This little man donates max 5 to 10 bucks to a charity that has NOTHING to do with New Zealand and the tragedy that occurred and he thinks he's suddenly the spokesperson for shootings.
Pewdiepie refused to upload yesterday and instead linked to an actual fund for the families involved.
Greg, you didn't help anybody. Your measly few dollars aren't going to save any lives.
You couldn't even be bothered to throw your pennies at the proper people.
He is so hilariously sad

No. 646566

he's just parroting what people have been saying to him. he's mad and taking it out on phillip defranco, he seems incapable of having any self awareness whatsoever

No. 646576

File: 1552752464391.png (148.56 KB, 544x433, eboy.png)

No. 646583

> rate my skating skills
geez Greg can you please make it less obvious that you're pupeteering Kainey's channel?

No. 646588

File: 1552757747837.jpg (286.9 KB, 1060x1077, Hypocriteonion31619.jpg)

Literally just made a video about shooting up special needs kids.

No. 646589

just when I thought she couldn’t get cringier

No. 646590

Lainey's channel seemed to be doing alright up until "collabs" she did with Onision. My bet is on that her viewers don't want to see Onision let alone his god awful editing.
It's all you see in her comments lately is about how she shouldn't let Onision edit her videos.

No. 646597

In the springform.me q&a’s from 9 years ago (damn, that long?), he admitted to being an “expert marksman” while in the Air Force, but he haets gunz u guis!!!1!1!111!!

I hope he doesn’t go Chris Watts on his family anytime soon.

No. 646606

Just realized Greg is probably editing Lainey’s videos now because she kept slipping up and not editing out their kids. I feel like it wasn’t long after she showed Troy’s full face in the car he took over. They probably had a huge fight about that.

No. 646608

Is there a reason that this thread is always on the second page and under ALR's deceased thread?? Whenever it was updated it went to the front like everything else, now it's stuck behind it all.

No. 646609


Also the thing about not wanting his dog's in his videos anymore because someone called animal control. He must be policing her content as well

No. 646611

the onion threads have been on autosage since last thread because of nitpicking and lack of milk, i think.

No. 646612

I think it was autosaged because the last thread was a shitshow.

No. 646614

Thank you so much for the mirror anon!
I really appreciate it!

No. 646617

What is that blur in the latest video? Hiding the fish tank? Also my bets are on for her dressing like this from now on. Cringe.

No. 646618

The fish tank is in the basement in front of a window. The blur is hiding a child, Sarah, or a new trinity victim.

No. 646619

File: 1552768201393.jpeg (100.99 KB, 555x399, 8495C29F-24D9-4E84-9A78-BBCECE…)

Its disturbing how much she tries to look like a 12 year old boy.

No. 646622

Its good to see Onion spending time with his young son…

…wait a second.

No. 646623

I’ll put money on it now. Something like this is going to happen when he finally can’t get money being a lazy pos on the internet. He’s already threatened suicide multiple times so either a Chris watts or he will just off himself.

No. 646624

I bet he got aroused while filming and they had sex after

No. 646629

There's absolutely no way he would only off himself. He's too much of a narc and has a thing for pretending to shoot innocent people.

No. 646631

Too much of a narc and way more of a pussy.

No. 646669

he's gettting blasted in his instagram comments right now. I guess someone made another reaction video to all of the racist shit he said about black hair, but I can't find it. Anyone know who posted it?

No. 646674

File: 1552800207283.jpg (658.17 KB, 1080x1870, 20190315_201842.jpg)

I noticed that too but more than likely another youtuber just reacted to his stupid ass opinions on ethnic hair.

No. 646677

The top comment with the yellow flower is just as cringey as Grug's videos. Good grief.

No. 646678

I second that 100%. What the hell?
The amount of racism this individual is spewing towards white people is surprisingly worse than what Greg said in his hair videos.
Can you imagine the push-back Greg would receive if he said "our people pulled your people out of the dark ages. You didn't even wash until we taught you how."
Christ… it is a rare individual who makes Onision look like the good guy but this commenter sure as hell did just that..

No. 646680

The person who invented shampoo was a Muslim from India anyways (before Pakistan seperated). Wtf is with this bitch? Greg will just use her as an example of "haters" being awful I bet you. Hell, he'd likely use it to try and virtue signal not being an Islamophobic dick on top of using dead Muslims to virtue signal (and also hate on religion in general like an idiot who doesn't know what narrative he's following).
Hopefully less of these idiots swarm to hate on Greg, it removes legitimacy of our actual complaints of him. Including his racism

No. 646684

Couldn't agree more they are just fueling his manipulative narrative that his haters are all psychotic assholes. Shit like this never helps.
People keep saying in his IG comments things like "do you even know what happened?" Like there is a new batch of viewers who just stumbled upon him thinking this is some new controversy when in reality its pretty damn old.

No. 646685

File: 1552808052409.png (16.49 KB, 596x226, No Life.PNG)

Love how Greg is playing it off like he didn't desperately crave this attention from being a judgmental holier-than-thou prick on twitter.
>*Ya'll have no lives can't believe you replied so much to my single tweet (not like I tweeted countless times using a horrendous tragedy in my laughable grab for relevancy) ..lol yikes guys jump off my dick already"
kek the desperation is so pervasive and so pathetic. Denying it only makes it that much sadder.

No. 646690

I think he is avoiding replying to them because each and every comment is calling him out. "what would you know about being a real man". Quite funny actually, taking a bubble bath like "a real man".

No. 646703

That's the most attention he received in months, if not years, so of course he enjoyed it

No. 646706

Wow. The "beauty"/ blur filter is all over the place in Lainey's video.
Her videos are the only ones I've ever seen that worsen that sharply. It either really shows how little she's interested in doing YouTube videos or it's due to Greg editing her videos now.
It's sad that people as untalented as the Avaroes still have something like a (manic and mentally broken) fanbase.

No. 646708

Yeah I watch this Youtuber, she didn't mention his name but reacted to one of his videos

No. 646718

File: 1552833252484.jpeg (393.08 KB, 1125x1640, 63DAEA27-9865-4D5D-A370-81829D…)

While Greg Rees about PDP and gun control his wife/husband is crying

No. 646720

File: 1552833972972.jpeg (108.76 KB, 1125x244, C2F50234-4128-4EBC-A1CF-C423A9…)

Greg owns semi-automatic guns so I guess he’s not a real man.

No. 646722

She's almost 25…
how does she still act like this..?
I feel like she is so emotionally stunted from being cooped up for the entirety of her adult life in Greg's sad little world.
Her newest video really highlights that immaturity. All of her videos really do, actually. She is half-way through her twenties and she still acts and dresses like a teenager experiencing hormonal imbalance.
It is actually kind of sad. It isn't good for this chick to never attempt to have a real job or never get the hell out of that house and see what the real world is..
And Greg was so controlling when she was younger and first entered his life that he basically groomed her to be the immature stunted mess Lainey is today.
With the way their channels and patreons are going, the wake-up call she's going to soon endure will be brutal. Brutal for both of them, but at least Greg has some limited experience in being an adult.

No. 646730

Real men don't use shooting and killing people as the punchline for almost every comedy sketch they make..

No. 646736

File: 1552842939872.png (630.94 KB, 780x897, sosensitive.png)

I was looking at the twitter of the people in his stupid Death Note murder mystery video, and the McFly girl posted a picture she drew of Lainey (I dunno if I see the resemblance though), and Twitter flagged the picture as sensitive. Even twitter is aware of Lainey's extremely sensitive nature(I added the revealed pic)

No. 646741

Anon that just means the poster has their account set as 18+ content. Any image they post will be spoilered.

No. 646742

Ikr.. she hasn’t even had a job, so if she’s going to be a house husband she could at least get a hobby, learn to cook and clean properly. Maybe she would have ideas for videos if she incorporated those things into videos but no she’s a lazy mom husband

And why is she always wearing coats indoors and always wearing ear buds, that burger making video really confirms to me how shitty of a parent she is tbh.

No. 646743


>And why is she always wearing coats indoors and always wearing ear buds

I don;t know about the earbuds– she probably thinks that is a thing all guys totally do, like wearing baseball caps backwards– but the coat thing is probably because they have the heat in their house turned on very low. In their other house they walked around wearing blankets and heavy sweaters/ jackets all the time. Maybe Greg likes it on the cold side, and everyone else being uncomfortable is irrelevant.

No. 646754

I remember back when Lainey still consistently used younow, her and Greg had a relatively big fight over Lainey turning the heat up, and this happened again more recently when she swore to him she didn't turn the heat up and so he blamed the son. He is always bitching over lights being left on and the heat being turned up, so I don't think it is that Greg likes it cold - I think he's just a cheap piece of shit who ironically pinches pennies when it comes to utility bills but needs to buy 10 new outfits a week for him and man-wife.
Lainey did constantly have blankets covering her in the old house as well. So that's been an ongoing weird issue between them.

No. 646757

File: 1552849980838.png (41.14 KB, 639x352, desperation x10000.PNG)

The hysterical Jessie Paege obsession continues.
Make sure to form your tweet as a question, Greg.
Because she definitely won't reply and you'll only bring more attention to the fact that you've been having a one-sided conversation with your bisexual teenage dream girl for months now.
What a funny little manlet.

No. 646759

You know it's time for a divorce when your red husband turns mega red over you turning the heat up during the cold so you and your two kids don't freeze. Even if it was Troy, so fucking what? clearly that would mean that he's freezing his ass off which is a problem since he's a child.

Because your face is fucking ugly, Greg. No one wants to look at that shit.

No. 646765

He's getting frustrated that Jessie isn't responding to his affections. His last few tweets to her have been kind of snide and borderline rude, a big jump from his lovebombing a few months ago.

Also kek @ "no one is ever mean to my face." you never leave your house, greg. you have no friends. who's going to be mean to you? your four year old?

No. 646770

His one-sided conversations with Jessie are one of the funniest things currently happening with Greg imo. I really hope she stays strong and never ever replies to him, even if he is starting to get confrontational. I wonder if he also messages her privately.

Extra kek because she dyed her hair red pretty much the same time as Lainey, but she looks very pretty with it.

No. 646772

No one is mean to your face is because you never leave the house, stupid cuck.

No. 646806

File: 1552870536537.jpeg (755.02 KB, 1125x1794, 0A45D737-460C-4955-8AE3-738AA9…)

Greg is reeing about Shane again, but on his scooper serkrit twitter.
https://twitter.com/duraznoboi/status/1107431785808449537?s=21 (Original tweet)

No. 646807

File: 1552870672053.jpeg (298.84 KB, 1125x541, 3DE5517C-5B0F-447C-BBBF-8A4A88…)

No. 646808

File: 1552870839723.jpeg (143.01 KB, 1125x345, 55463D41-6585-47AB-BC35-3DB5FF…)

>retweets posts about canceling Shane Dawson
>but if it’s Shane Dawson who cares

No. 646818

OnisionSpeaks Streaming right now over Shane Dawson cat bullshit.
Go and watch the dumpster fire.

No. 646821

Lmao he's too much of a coward to retweet that on his main account because he knows people would rip him a new one in the replies, so he retweets that on his private account where mostly only his retarded fans can see it and won't criticize him for it. What a pathetic little man

No. 646823

Onision jokes about fucking his dogs all the time, but here he is criticizing Shane for doing the same things he's guilty of, AGAIN

No. 646826

File: 1552874316448.jpeg (189.46 KB, 1125x656, 4EE3EC96-15C3-41A1-8418-D4FE9A…)

It’s hilarious that Greg is just now finding out about Shane’s fake ass story about touching his cat inappropriately. Get with the times old man.

No. 646830

If Johnny Depp was a youtuber and not an actor he would be tweeting up a storm about how awful Johnny Depp was and defending Amber Heard. He only attacks youtubers because he's petty and hoping that dragging their name through the mud will boost his career ($$$) and he gets to step on them as he climbs up. That's not going to happen though because his entire philosophy is fucked, almost every community could find issues with him. Even communities he "belongs" to could find issue with him, I don't think vegans and vegetarians are fans of neglecting and killing pets.

He's abrasive and confrontational and that's not the best way to convince people to join your side.

No. 646831

The Stream was titled "Shane Dawson & His Cat". I will try to summarize for those who missed it (wasn't anything that entertaining, just moderate sperging):

>Begins stream by acting like something really serious and horrible has occurred. Onision takes about 10 seconds before playing an old clip of Shane Dawson making a shock value joke about his cat.

>In the clip, Shane laughs and says "My animals will never love me after what I've done to them." The female co-host laughs and says "Oh no what have you done now. Are you sure you want to say it, Shane? Are you sure you won't be arrested?" Shane laughs and says "Yes. Well… Yes. laugh". Shane describes that he laid his cat on it's belly and humped the cat and came on the cat's stomach when he was 19. He laughs really hard at his own joke. It is clearly a shock value Onision-levels-of-unfunny joke, but still, quite clearly a joke all the same.
>Onision seems content after the clip is over and says, "I wanted to hear all of your opinions on this. People are really upset on twitter. This is a huge deal, guys. Whether you want to believe it or not." He is clearly attempting to hold back a smile.
>When people begin to tell Greg it is obviously a joke - a poor joke, but still a joke, Greg gets triggered and says, "Well I'm not here to argue with you fan-girls. There is no arguing with you fan-girls (tell me about it your fan-girls are brain-dead hormonal retards). If you guys want to argue, then you can take it up with twitter. People on twitter are pretty upset over this. It's a big deal shows on-screen keemstar tweeting about it"
>Greg gets agitated because he thinks he publicly retweeted the Shane Dawson cat sound-byte when in actuality (thank you for the prior post anon) he had only retweeted from his prime account because he's a manlet bitch.
>Decides he needs to analyze the sound-byte cat joke bit-by-bit. Greg talks (of course) in-depth about how Shane admits to "placing his 'phallus' on the cats stomach and 'spraying all over the cat' (I swear to CHRIST this pervert can not describe anything without making it as creepy and disturbing as possible whenever mentioning sex)
>"A lot of you are saying this is a joke. But when does it become clear that he isn't 'only joking', but that he actually did these things."
>"I promise you, this is going to turn into another 'Onision was right all along' situation. That is exactly what is going to happen. Support whoever you want, Jeffree Star, I don't care who, but don't support this …person (so clearly wants to say pedophile)"
>Makes mention that this behavior stems from things that happened to Shane when he was younger. Greg has clearly attempted 7th grade research on this topic. He mentions briefly that his dad was a creep but he was never touched. Insinuating that Shane was touched and that is why he is "so messed up".
>Greg abruptly ends the stream when he sees that no one in the chat is buying his bullshit nor agreeing with him.

More or less pointless. Onision truly believes that it is Shane Dawson's fault that his channels all died and that his career is over and clearly obsesses over revenge to an unhealthy extent. He also TRULY believes that at some point soon people will all have the epitome that Shane Dawson is an animal and child rapist and everyone will also realize Greg was right all along. He actually believes this. He is chronically delusional.

No. 646834

File: 1552876198586.png (27.4 KB, 802x232, Stream Description.PNG)

The stream description.
…lol he really believes he's got Shane by the balls apparently

No. 646840

File: 1552878884947.jpeg (590.35 KB, 1125x1663, E63A781F-B9D0-4834-84CD-DDE1AC…)

Someone called him out for watching the Harley Quinn bestality porn and responded with this.

No. 646841

Hopefully he’ll make a video to talk about it

No. 646842

He's having a MASSIVE sperg-out on twitter.
Shane made an apology and expressed that he clearly did not "fuck his cat" or "cum on his cat" but he used to think his shock-value humor was funny and he is immensely embarrassed of it now and know it will follow him for the rest of his life.
Meanwhile Greg REALLY is freaking shit because he genuinely thought this was a "gotcha" moment and thought this would stick.
He is really having a hilarious breakdown right now.
Even linked a video to Shane letting his dog lick inside his mouth (how many billions of people do this) and tries to imply sexual relations Shane has with his animals using that video as proof.
Kek Greg's really going nuts

No. 646883


Thank you so much I didn't want to succumb myself to that. He is losing his fucking mind. I really hope he keeps this up and Shane finally sues his ass for all the bullshit he has pulled between the Pedo allegations last year and now the bestiality ones.

No. 646891

You're welcome anon! I don't blame you, it is painful to watch someone so immersed in their own lies and this bullshit fictional world he has created for himself.
After Greg's massive sperg-out today on twitter, which totaled around 40 tweets including replies to fend off critics (most of which I assume have been or will be deleted to keep up appearances) I am absolutely dumbfounded that Shane still hasn't sent him a cease and desist order…
Here's to hoping he finally does because this was a whole new level of crazy today..
Greg truly thought he had finally proven Shane fucks animals. Wow.

No. 646898

'Shane finally sues Greg into the ground' saga is the one I'm waiting for.

No. 646900

Someone making a gross joke about bestiality < someone telling his fans, quite a few of which are underage, multiple times that he enjoys watching simulated beastiality where a human character is raped by dogs whilst another human male is made to watch, also this same person makes/has made jokes about sex with dogs and claims his ex had sex with his dog, generally seems obsessed with the idea of sex with dogs

No. 646902

He broke 20k views for the first time in weeks with that stream so this is all we’ll be hearing about for the next several weeks. Buckle up

Also I don’t think people on this site realize how incredibly difficult it is to sue someone for slander. There is a good chance Greg would win, and either way it would give his YouTube channel a huge boost. Shane would be better off letting him slowly fade into irrelevance.

No. 646904


Shiloh once mentioned that the reason they made the fake seizure video was because Greg needed enough money to pay the heat bill. I think he just has some weird-ass obsession when it comes to being as cheap as humanly possible. Maybe to make up for the fact that he has the hot water running for his 7x daily showers.

No. 646905



No. 646906

Onision says those who tweet about him and those especially who make videos about him all the time either
1- want to fuck him, or
2- are in love with him

No-one (apart from JoySparklesBS) has made videos or gone on about him half the amount as he has gone after one mister Shane Dawson.

So what is it, Greg? Love or lust?

I’m inclined to think straight up obsession, cause he acts like a spurned lover, which we know is the actual truth of the situation. He is burnt hard from those LA trips where Shane refused to meet him again after saying they would hook up while Greg was in town.


No. 646915


I love how Greg makes it out to sound like anyone else's extreme jokes are "serious" and "proof" of them being bad. Shall the world take his "let's shoot up special needs kids" joke serious? and assume he wants to shoot them all.

No. 646921

There's been another shooting, this time in Utrecht. Expect another Onion sperg as soon as he wakes up. Jfc

No. 646930

File: 1552921386547.jpeg (369.19 KB, 1125x872, E6DEA619-E0CF-4B78-A50A-1B90AE…)

Here we go lol
He doesn’t care, he has Shane Dawson to shit on

No. 646932

…Which is in the Netherlands. Can't wait for another reminder from Onion to donate to American gun violence charities.

No. 646933

File: 1552921865748.jpeg (708.72 KB, 1125x1694, A8F73804-099B-4663-9F37-FE94AF…)

No. 646936

Eh, let him yell and cry into the void.

No. 646941

i legit don't like shane dawson anymore since he started making videos with jeffree star, jake paul and tana. He is also clearly a gross creep with his jokes about sexy kids and jizzing on his cat. i used to be a fan before I knew about that stuff but it's okay to change your mind on someone. all because i no longer like him does not change my mind on how much i despise onision.

i honestly think onision believes that if people suddenly stop liking shane he will inherit all his fans and become popular and everyone will like him again.(nobody cares)

No. 646943

I love how quickly Onion is changing lanes from “hurr hurr shoot kids with disabilities” edgelord to protector of social media from Shane Dawson’s perfidy.

Whatever gets him attention, I guess.

No. 646945

You were half right, he is spreging but about his fellow perverts. 5 tweets in the last 25 minutes.

No. 646948

Onions only defense is that Shane “sounded serious” when he made that joke while when onion makes jokes he uses a funny voice.
That’s a pretty weak defense. Nowhere does it say jokes can’t be made in any specific tone of voice. He’s just grasping at straws.

For the record, Shane’s joke was disgusting and not funny. But at least he has acknowledged it, apologized, and actually stuck to his promise to change and not continue to make jokes like that. Onion made a joke like that 2 days ago. But it’s okay cause he was wearing a costume right???

No. 646950

Greg sounded serious when he mad his wetland gofundme, so by his logic…

No. 646952

Now he’s sperging about the diaper changing crap again. He still doesn’t understand why people took issue with it, and yet he calls the haters dumb.
If you can’t understand the problem, Onision, bot only are you the dumb one, but you’re also extra creepy.

No. 646958

File: 1552926761062.png (75.03 KB, 589x810, wew.png)

I want to get off of Gregory Avaroe's Wild Ride

No. 646959

File: 1552927097968.png (421.14 KB, 937x453, lol.png)

No. 646962

File: 1552927383737.png (19.87 KB, 869x249, onions.png)

His tumblr is a gold mine

No. 646964

Even hate watching Onion is becoming too painful and infuriating - that's how you know he's a proper fucking mess.

No. 646968


Onision may not be guilty being a pedophile, but he's negligent. Regardless if the baby bled or not, he should have at least changed her diaper. She could have gotten diaper rash, a UTI, or yeast infection from stewing in her feces like that. Greg claims to be a man, but he can't be bothered to look after a child in his care?

He is absolutely a child predator as well. Who cares about splitting hairs over ebephiles and pedophiles? There are multiple videos of him checking out underage girls, rating their bodies, gawking at them in their underwear, and spouting out nonsense like, "You'd see them in the exact same clothes at a swimming pool!!!" Nothing said in a tone of sarcasm or jest. He was dead serious.

Shane's made seriously disturbing jokes, but he's never gone through with animal abuse and child abuse. Greg can't say the same thing.

No. 646975

File: 1552931880359.jpeg (142.66 KB, 640x387, 6F6DFEFA-E011-4D8B-BD21-21AA81…)

A bit more from ‘onion doesn’t have any right to speak about animal cruelty’

No. 646990

I remember when he reacted to Lana Summer's video and made fun of her because she wanted a cruelty free shampoo. So much for caring about animals

No. 646991

That's pretty disgusting that their guinea pigs got fucking FLEAS. Which is so easily preventable by just cleaning the cage once a week but obviously that too much work for the onions. Why does he own pets if he doesn't give a shit about them?

No. 646994

File: 1552934393600.png (73.16 KB, 734x668, madison.png)

No. 646997

only a paedo would associate changing a diaper with sex. Regardless of seeing the child's genitals, he should be able to view it in a non-sexual context as he's a parent. The fact he's uncomfortable doing what should be a routine, daily occurrence for him is worrying. Changing diapers is as mundane as feeding a child or brushing their teeth. It shouldn't matter whether or not you're a stranger - people, especially parents, would do this for another person's child if it needed to be done. That's what baby sitting is?!

No. 646999

More than once? Jesus, Madison wanted to munch lameboi's carpet so bad she made her daughter suffer through that more than once? What an awful mother.
Also why was her child bleeding? Did she mention that before?

No. 647000

Nappy rash, anon. If you leave dirty nappies on the ammonia in the urine and constant dampness causes a rash which can bleed.

No. 647006

Absolutely agree with you. I've heard people (especially young men) give several reasons why they wouldn't change a diaper, like they don't know how or they find it gross. But worrying about seeing the genitals of a toddler? That he even thinks about this is weird.

But this is also worrisome and I don't know if Madison realizes that what she's saying doesn't make her look good either. Why would she leave her child alone with Greg when he already neglected her once and obviously doesn't see what he did wrong? Why does she leave her daughter alone with a man who worries about "her kids business"? Greg is a creep, but she is just as stupid for only caring about her child (in that regard) and the girls that got hurt by the Avaroes after they kicked her out of their life.

No. 647007

If the guinea pigs had fleas while being in a cage kept indoors you have to assume the Onions had a flea issue in their old home. The dogs probably had fleas too and brought them in the house from outdoors.

No. 647010

Onion has definitely never changed a diaper before.

No. 647015

That’s not even a Boomer thing, that’s a Greatest Generation thing. Imagine him acting like it’s 1950 and dads don’t change diapers.

It’s not like he does the old-fashioned dad stuff, either, like yard work or house repair.

No. 647016

Thats what I’m thinking. Fleas aren’t really a thing where I’m from but if the kids were playing with the guinea pigs I’d assume they’d be at risk to get flea bites.

No. 647017

did he delete these tweets? they're not showing up for me.

No. 647019

His own son had a serious rash on his genitals and had to be taken to the hospital. The doctor suspected it was a testicular torsion, so you can imagine how fucking bad the rash was

No. 647020

Greg's autistic, he thinks jokes are those things people do in funny voices only.

Wew Greg still uses tumblr and responds to ask. He must really be feeling starved for attention. Let's see he has twitter, his private twitter, his patron, his discord, his forums, his yt comment sections, his fb, his Instagram and tumblr. Lainey what you doing girl boring your man to death, he's online sperging like a lonely tween girl.

No. 647021

File: 1552940658305.png (964.09 KB, 1536x843, deletefuckingeverything.PNG)

he deleted ALL tweets

No. 647024


probably going to push the forums again. didn't he try something like this ages ago to get his fans to go but barely anyone did so he went back to twitter? regardless hopefully there's some real milk for once.

No. 647028

i’m PRAYING that since onion tweeted about the shane thing, that shane is now suing him for speaking about him(shane) again. it’s too good to be true but god i hope it is

No. 647030

I doubt it. Shane has always been too soft to put his foot down and I don't think Greg could resist keeping it to himself if Shane contacted him (but it's possible Shane's lawyer contacted Greg this time, not Shane himself, and that has Greg freaking the fuck out). I think he's just having a crybaby narc rage because people are in his comment section, pointing out his terrible and hypocritical behaviors and he retreated to his echo chamber. He's probably raging on his private account or Discord because he accused Shane of pedophilia and bestiality. The internet collectively gave him the finger and went 'no u.'

No. 647052

I believe he deleted all of his tweets because he was reported to patreon for harassing that young girl. Sorry greg, you can't delete the evidence. Though trying to hide it makes you look even more guilty.

No. 647060

Incoming: another "I'm never tweeting again this website is sew toxic" sperg followed by 4 days of silence before he caves.

He posted a new clickbait-y video to speaks. Are any anons willing to mirror it or summarize here? I'm assuming it explains why he deleted everything.

No. 647062

he's just sperging about outrage culture and videos that are being made about him exposing his shit

No. 647073

He is also under 300K subs on twitter now

No. 647077

he talks about someone trying to get his patreon taken down. he creepily smiles throughout the entire video and seems to be in a slight manic state

No. 647078

File: 1552949449474.png (989.09 KB, 1244x1024, Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 6.48…)

He posted a video on twitter (his only post currently) where he takes a glass of milk from Lainey, takes a sip, spits back into it and onto the table and puts salsa and a banana in it while Lainey is looking disgusted.

(https://twitter.com/Onision/status/1107769545337397249 I can't be bothered to download the video and couldn't fully watch it because it was disgusting).

#ComedyGold #IAmGod

No. 647086

File: 1552950790078.jpg (96.23 KB, 592x606, tweets.jpg)

He put up another video clip and he's boasting about his forum.

I think he privated his tweets so he can delete some of them.

No. 647090

File: 1552950987067.jpeg (372.63 KB, 1125x909, 0427EED1-F538-4B5D-AA78-CFC687…)

No. 647091

>I think he privated his tweets so he can delete some of them.
You can’t private tweets unless you have a private account.

No. 647098

It looks like he's trying to rebrand himself as a "comedy god". And as usual their house looks trampy af.

No. 647107

Not to mention the excuse "Well they look 18".

These are both videos on the onision channel

No. 647110

Whoa, hilarious monkeycheese random comedy! Spitting into someone’s drink, that’s fucking quality content.

No. 647137

Nah, we're due for a "positivity" sperg

No. 647142

Since he did a massive purge of tweets, Twitter has problems keeping up and refreshing the numbers but it should be updated soon enough.
Lol it sounds like he wrote that himself judging by his recent actions.

No. 647145

File: 1552959662450.png (53.81 KB, 1089x291, Screenshot 2019-03-18 at 9.32.…)

I've been lurking in his forums for a little bit. He says in his most recent comment that he's switching all of his real tweets to his prime twitter and keeping the normal onision twitter for "funny" content.

Also featured is greg calling a girl alluring kek. his patrons were too desperate and unattractive so he's resorting to the forums to find his replacement.

No. 647149

This won’t last. He will get tired of getting only 5 views on his tweets on his private twitter and go back to normal. He needs his super special important opinions seen by the masses.

No. 647160

This means his thirsty Jessie tweets are gone, too. Maybe Lainey was crying?

No. 647162

You think he actually gives a fuck if Lainey is crying? He only says that shit to appear to be a caring husband while perusing for new teen poon on the daily despite Lainey pretty clearly saying she doesn't want to be in a poly relationship.

No. 647184

File: 1552968251191.png (384.36 KB, 570x887, diapergate.png)

No. 647185

File: 1552968313964.png (317.64 KB, 569x587, this is worth money right.png)


Just a warning, I haven't watched any of these yet so I'm not sure if there is any milk to be had.

No. 647189

File: 1552971109593.png (51.77 KB, 597x425, 70482310675.PNG)

Im with you on this. If he had deleted all his tweets because of Shane taking legal action then the video he did yesterday "Shane Dawson & His Cat" would have been deleted too, but its still up on his Speaks channel.
I think hes covering his tracks so his Patreon doesnt get suspended.

No. 647193

File: 1552972688496.jpg (116.85 KB, 479x815, heyyourcardgotdeclined.jpg)

I do not doubt that is the case, this is apparently his messages to 1 ex patron. Imagine how many he has messaged…

No. 647196


Look at that huge engagement from his fanbase, a whole hundred votes or so!


Glug-glug, of course you can’t be friends with your exes; the rest of us don’t have a passel of restraining orders out on us!

No. 647202

You are so wonderful! Thank you so very much anon, you are the MVP of this thread!!

No. 647213

summary of the diaper video best as i could

>"so i am like super convinced the internet is full of some of the dumbest people on earth"

> "i gotta talk about this baby thing"
> "actually its a toddler were talking about like a 2 year old"

idk why trying to explain the age of said baby sounds creepy like you trying to stretch out the 2 years between barely legal and not legal from the girls you pursue

>mentions maddie cheating on her boyfriend with her boyfriends boss right away to drag her saying it made him uncomfortable and that it made him distance himself from her but lainey still hung out with maddie

predictably hes showing more disgust about maddie "cheating" on her boyfriend than he did when he actually cheated on lainey

> "one night she leaves her toddler with me and my 2 kids so im watching 3 total kids "

> "and her toddler about 20 minutes before they get back from this movie uh poops themselves… this little girl, little girl toddler okay?"

> apperently told maddie that her kid pooped themselves and they are not changing their diaper

>"and that person (maddie) says to my spouse, 'why wont he change my kid's diaper'?"

>"and my spouse responds 'you know with internet culture today and how society is in general a um man changing another woman's little girl's diaper
uh that could turn into some kind of insane crap online so its better to not even go there"

okay so i guess hes throwing lainey under the bus here too

> "additionally i dont feel comfortable with changing other people's little girls, I dont want to. Its gross to me. I dont want to see your kid's business, I dont want to deal with that."

>"If you guys, (Im talking to parents here) if you ever changed a diaper, and this is gonna be very specific. when a baby craps themselves they kinda poop into their front part right? the little girl poos into her front part. so you have to take a wipe and you actually have to be very thorough in cleaning all of that out so they dont get sick you know from poop in their front part .
>"Im saying front part for the sake of us not all freaking out"
>"for patreons watching this -vagina, shit gets in your vagina"
>"so I didnt want to clean the shit out of another woman's baby's vagina okay"
> "lets all be adults here and actually understand whats required when youre changing a diaper"

>says some shit trying to discredit maddie calling him a pedo only because shes mad she didnt change the diaper and because she said she spoke to shiloh who told her she was 16 when they started dating stating only in his defense that "she (shiloh) has stated on video to be a pathological liar"

>reeeeees about shiloh's age when they dated and putting a lot of emphasis on that even if shiloh was 16 its totally legal for him to have done it in washington but he so didnt guyz

> "anyway so what im saying is, and this is why i have very little respect at all for the internets intelligence"

> "you dont say someones a pedo and then complain about them not going anywherr near your little girls business, okay?"
> "its very confusing, it doesnt make sensen i did the right thing, and im still punished for it"
>"i know for a fact that if i had changed that little toddlers diaper that people today would be saying some shit about"

> spergs about people literally asking anyone else to change the diaper of their daughter

> "do not ask some guy you know from making really offensive videos with to do that to your daughter"

>accuses maddie of probably not changing her kids diaper prior to leaving because 20 minutes of a poopy diaper doesnt make a baby bleed from a rash

> ends video on a narc self ass pat about how hes so "real and raw:

sorry if its badly formated its my first time transcribing

Tl;DR Greg didnt change the diaper of a baby girl because his autistic ass thought if the internet ever found out they would call him a pedo

No. 647215

You did a great job! Thanks so much.
Did Madison begin tweeting about this and that is what set him off to sperging over this topic again?
I highly doubt the toddler only had a dirty diaper for the claimed "20 minutes" but at the same time it is difficult to say because I don't really believe Madison anymore either.

God I feel for the Avaroe children.

No. 647224

How does he know the child went 20 mins before Maddy and Lamo came back if he's now questioning whether the child had a dirty diaper from the very get go?

Onion logic never ceases to amaze me.

IMO this is what really happened.
>be onion
> wife and friend leaves for a couple of hours and ask you to babysit
>sure whatever, grunts in response and goes back to sperging on twitter
>hear poor child crying but is currently in the middle of a fap session
>pulls on headset and turns up the volume of hentai video to drown out the cries of the distressed child.
>finishes the disgusting act and notices the child has ceased crying, continues sperg session on twitter.
>wife and friend finally gets back and the friend starts screaming at you when they find their child with a massive diaper rash
>actually had no idea that the kid needed a diaper change but admits you knows cause its better than admitting that you have not touched or acknowledge any of the three young children in the house since the two left.
>very annoyed that someone dares confronts you but feels justified raging back and defending yourself after hearing your wife make feeble excuses on your behalf.
>continues to seek validation online about the situation while adding on 'facts' that you just made up to make yourself look better.

No. 647227

There's absolutely no way it was only 20 minutes before they came back for it to develop unless the baby is already prone to rashes/already had some sort of yeast infection going on.

Regardless, there's no reason NOT to change a baby's diaper when you're acting as the caregiver.
Would he have changed it if she had shit herself an hour before they came back?
I think not.

No. 647228

Wow so he basically starts out by painting Madison in a bad light to belittle the situation, throws Lainey into it lol and then closes the argument with Madi calling him a pedo way after this happened which is irrelevant. He pretty much made himself look way worse had he just not said a thing lol

No. 647234

wow deep insights, your paying patrons are fans who would like to receive maximum benefit for their dollar.

No. 647235

The biggest problem, I think, is that he didn't:
1) establish a plan if he was going to be so adverse to changing a family friend's child's dirty diaper
2) it shows he didn't even consider the possibility that she might need to be changed while his fakeboi and friend were out
3) Like Madison said, there was no reason to not call if he was going to have such a big problem with changing a diaper

I also don't really buy his reasoning that people would accuse him of sexualizing the baby if he changed it

a) people didn't expect him to act so creepy about baby genitalia until it came out he left the poor thing in a wet diaper AND made a fuss about his "reasoning"
As hated as Onion is, no one would screech about him changing the diaper of a kid he was currently in charge of because it's a basic expectation
b) No one would think or talk about it if he had just changed the diaper himself

No. 647239

He’s a dumb idiot for trying to reason away child neglect and Lainey for encouraging his child neglect. I am just dumbfounded by this entire video and his reasoning. He is shooting him and his wife husband in the foot

No. 647240

This makes it so obvious that this dumbass went into the search bar on twitter, typed in "Onision was right" and then liked every tweet that showed up. Reeks of desperation and the need to approval, but GUYS he does't CARE what anyone thinks.

>>647213 Absolutely love how he calls everyone stupid who doesn't fall for his poor excuses. Yet he is too dumb to understand that people find it disgusting that he can't change a toddlers diapers without thinking of their genitals. Also if you have to make several videos and/or tweets to defend your point, you're very likely guilty or at the very least feel guilty enough..

No. 647242

I was thinking about this too. First of all I don't think Lainey told Madison that whole "you know with internet culture today" thing, it just doesn't sound like something Lainey would say or think of in that situation.

Apart from that it doesn't even make sense. If he changed the diaper no one would have known about it, so why would they be afraid of how the internet or society reacts

No. 647247

this is ANOTHER retread of vicky cheating on dale, but its after 8 mins of talking so he can hit the 10 min mark

No. 647249

He sounds more like a pedo who knew he wouldn't be able to control himself if he saw the little girl's privates and that's why he avoided it altogether. This video really doesn't make him look good, but then again what video does

No. 647262

Greg is a freak. Yes Greg, humans have front bits, the girls have front Vs and the boys front Ps!! It's so annoying cuz infants don't even know that they're sexual yet /s. Fucking Hell. If you are asked to care for an infant you take care of its needs. The mother thst left the child in your care is not going to be mad that when her child went in their diaper he cleaned the child appropriately and changed her. No ones asking for him to write a chapter about the nappy changing experience in his next shitty book or to do a fucking sketch for it. Is this why Lainey and Greg let the dogs roam around in shit, because if they clean up the dogs excrement which comes from its back part A is that sexual??

Are child minders that change the nappy of an opposite sex child a pervert? Like Wtf is his logic.

Like fucking hell, no one presumes a grown man is going to get turned on changing a shitty diaper that is a fucking reach Greg maybe get off the porn sites and come back to reality. We're not all just thinking about our next lay.

No. 647264

Is he suggesting that he will change baby boy then? lol of course not. I could understand if someone without kids or experience with them will be hesitant with changing diapers for many reasons but he is father of two. Is he using these excuses so lameo has to do all the work with kids? is that making her a creep too.. ugh, he is making it so creepy, the more he is talking about it the more strange it becomes. After his videos when he wears diapers I think it is some strange fetish of his, lol.

And about his outrage about Shanes cat joke.. this random gross shock stuff was popular when both of them were making skits with characters, he is still doing it to this day, so peak hypocrisy here Onision.

No. 647266

Tbh his argument that it would be stupid to change her diaper because the internet would freak out is vaild but that’s only because he’s done so much creepy shit in that past with young girls. If he hadn’t, changing a diaper of a friend’s kid would be innocuous. There’s no evidence that he’s attracted to babies but it just highlights how creepy he is with a different vulnerable group.

No. 647275

I can’t imagine anyone getting freaked out over Onision changing the diaper of the child he is babysitting. That is the reach of all reaches and clearly something he is grasping into now because people keep telling him he’s a creeper. He definitely didn’t mention any of that the first time this whole thing was brought up

No. 647283

people questioning leaving children with onion is possible based on his childcare

no one in their right mind would question the sexuality of an adult man changing an infant's diaper, "toddler" or not.

No. 647284

It's gross the way he describes it too. Like he has to go all in there since the poop will get all in front and in the vagina. First of all, you're supposed to use a baby wipe. He talks about it as if he would touch the baby's privates with his bare fingers. That's what creeped me out the most.

No. 647285

Greg is a father of two, so his argument isn’t valid. If he would have just changed the kid’s diaper or called Madison, he wouldn’t be in this situation and people wouldn’t be questioning his parenting abilities as much. Now people just think he’s a creep who sexualizes changing a little girl’s diapers.

No. 647287

File: 1553010282008.jpg (385.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190319-104244_Tum…)

Greg's tumblr. Lmao.

No. 647291

>>64726im dying over all this lol I’m glad this is come up now and he looks even more of a creeper and the cherry on top is him bringing Lainey into it

No. 647293

It's very telling that he says he's not comfortable changing little girls. It's not that he has a problem with changing diapers, it's the fact that it was a baby girl…
What a creep

No. 647294

Maybe that's why Lainey has to be both a girl and a boy so she can take care of the kids without being a sex offender

No. 647295

He clearly seems to understand why it's extra important to be thorough in cleaning the child so there isn't any fecal matter in or near her vagina, so the fact that he can listen to himself say that and still think it was preferable to leave her stewing in her shit for any amount of time because he doesn't want the internet to call him a pedo is just extra rage inducing. As a parent of two children he has absolutely no excuse. He has enough awareness to know what needs to be done and why and yet chose to actively neglect a child. That is absolutely disgusting.
And the internet/pedo thing is so obviously just an excuse he pulled out of his ass after Madison came out about it, why can't he just say he doesn't change diapers ever because he's a terrible parent kek. There was just no reason why he couldn't have called the mother if he was uncomfortable doing it himself. Once again his own personal comfort and convenience go before the needs of a helpless child.

No. 647296

omfg im getting so angry right now, he sat there and let a baby suffer for nothing, and then tried to blame the ""internet"". what a disgusting piece of shit

No. 647299

I have to wonder if Lainey was around when the whole diaper thing was going on. Couldn't he have at least asked Lainey to change the kid's diaper?

No. 647302

This doesn't occur from one dirty nappy, she had to have prior nappy rash and quite severe rash too to bleed. My daughter has had terrible nappy rash with chicken pox on her butt but never ever bled.
I don't think Madison is in a position to accuse Greg of negligence when it's blatant she is just as bad.

No. 647305

Is it really an accusation of negligence when the dumb cunt told us himself he let the girl sit in a dirty diaper?

No. 647306

File: 1553017882003.jpeg (718.27 KB, 1125x1714, CAC36C96-0AD6-4F0C-B3E6-816DEF…)

No. 647307

File: 1553017894592.jpeg (348.68 KB, 1125x920, CD6910D0-C24F-4B17-8C3C-53DC59…)

No. 647308

its possible that the baby had a previous diaper rash, but onion letting her sit in shit probably inflamed the rash

No. 647309

Madison herself said Greg has done this more than once. I get why people are asking why she let him babysit more than once but you’d expect a father of 2 toddlers to be comfortable with changing a diaper.

No. 647311

Cool. No one cares about your anecdotal experience. This type of post derails the thread because you're touting your experience as gospel and anons will feel compelled to reply with their own contrary experiences.

Some kids have more sensitive skin than others, just because you've experienced things one way doesn't mean that experiencing it any other way is impossible.

No. 647312

No, Lainey and Madison went out to the movie and Onision agreed to watch Madison’s daughter. Which, watching a diapered child includes changing their diapers.

No. 647315

Didn’t Madison say they went out drinking? A weird thing to nitpick but I swear this happened while they were at a bar, not watching a movie.

No. 647316

I'm so tired of reading about this diaper drama..
Hasn't everything been said about it that can be at this point..? Can't we move on..?

No. 647317

any suggestions?

No. 647318

That is probably the most independent thing Lainey has done in her entire adult life.
What an amazing landmark for her. She must be so proud.
Almost 25 btw.

No. 647319

Onions tumblr is poppin. Pretty sure he blocked me.(cowtipping)

No. 647321

People keep going on about it because he does.

No. 647323

Didn't they have to take Troy to the hospital because his diaper rash was so bad too? In retrospect that's pretty telling.

No. 647329

File: 1553021761323.jpg (304.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190319-185447.jpg)

No. 647330

File: 1553021879712.jpg (321.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190319-185644.jpg)

No. 647331

File: 1553022056691.jpg (307.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190319-190028.jpg)

No. 647332

File: 1553022081454.jpg (85.45 KB, 724x702, oniontumblr.jpg)

I guess this is the platform he chose to rage out on since it was best to quiet down on twitter. He's mostly going off about Shane.

No. 647335

File: 1553022383671.jpg (322.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190319-190240.jpg)

Even if its on tumblr Gerg you're still engaging uwu

No. 647337

Haha wow. So if I was convinced that there's a guy who does inappropriate things both to children AND his pet, I sure as hell would take a few minutes to look up how and where to report him. Pretty sure it's not that hard to find out in which area Shane lives.

I don't even like Shane that much, but that people take this cat thing even seriously is extremely stupid. Can't wait for Greg's disappointment when he realizes no one cares about this anymore next week and he will be the only one going on and on and on about it.

No. 647338

You wish onion. Even if Shane were to disappear tomorrow, his viewers would not become yours

No. 647341

File: 1553025030618.jpeg (392.79 KB, 1125x1374, A1EA24F2-72F6-400B-8342-E04645…)

This is embarrassing to read.

No. 647345

Onision just needs to realize that the way he feels about Shane, seeing everything Shane does as some sort or character flaw, is exactly how the entire internet feels about him.

No. 647348

Her life is so incredibly boring, wow

No. 647354

He knows shane lives in LA like he never shuts up about how he flew out to do that shitty collab. What a stupid cop out, he knows his “evidence” is bullshit and he has no leg to stand on I actually cannot with this man his stupidity knows no bounds. I know LA is a big place but if its anything like where I live ireland you can make make an accusation from any part of the country and they’ll take it seriously specially if it’s to do with endangering children.

No. 647356

He really does think that the moment the internet goes against Shane Dawson, they’ll go back to being Onision fans?!? He doesn’t realise that after the initial 2? Mil he gained with offensive humour and sketches. Unlike Onision he moved on and gained a real fan base on his passions. Half of the people I know who watch Shane Dawson (even casually) have never heard of Onision. So I want some of whatever onion boi and his “spouse” are smoking if that’s his thinking. I’m looking forward to the day j* finally gets Shane to slap onion with a cease and desists, let’s be honest it’s a matter of time. I’ll give it a month when the internets forgot about cat-gate and Onision is still trying to drag it out

No. 647359

Shane Dawson wasn't fined for damages to wetlands, unlike Greg. That's a solid crime. There's thousands of crimes has committed, but I'd be on device for days if I had to list all the fucked up shit he's done.

No. 647360

>can’t pick me up yet
More like won’t so he can get some fap sessions in. He doesn’t have an actual job that takes up any time, he just doesn’t want to be around his manwife

No. 647362

File: 1553034211635.png (404.57 KB, 616x783, 4723175866084.PNG)

I felt like one of the reasons he deleted everything off his Onision Twitter and is trying to make it all about "funny Onision moments and video clips" is so the hate would die down in the comments section.
Even though he seems to have blocked anyone whos criticized him those people are just piggybacking off his fans replies and ending up getting more likes than the fans original reply and sometimes even more likes than Gregs initial tweet.
Every time he thinks hes solved a problem, he shoots himself in the foot.

No. 647368

Also he knows he will get in trouble if he falsely reports a crime since that's illegal

No. 647381

>Every time he thinks hes solved a problem, he shoots himself in the foot.

Well, she is really annoying.

Onion makes the same kind of cringe jokes that he's condemning Shane for. The difference is that Shane stopped and knows that it was bad, while Onion continues his cringy, edgy "humor" and doesn't care to stop. That's why you will always be worse than Shane, Onion.

No. 647385

Exactly. Because he is a disgusting pedophile and is saying anything he can to even just confuse people instead of them seeing straight through him. He is obviously dealing with his attraction to little girls, he is an established pedophile and knows it and he would experience guilt if he did change her because he would be thinking sexualized things and he’s spent his whole life walking that thin line of being persecuted as a pedophile or “just an ephebophile”.

Honestly now that he’s proven he thinks like a pedophile and is clearly afraid of what he’s capable of, Madison and her child were very lucky they got away with a diaper rash and not anything more traumatic.

Even worse though is that Lainey clearly knows this and hasn’t gotten her children out there. Her poor fucking daughter.

No. 647386

LMAO this is the same person that said on camera she judged other college students for their parents still driving them to their school when she was already such an adult for her husband dropping her off, now she’s cosplaying as a 12 year old boy so her husband will sexualize her at all and stuck in a fucking Starbucks like the broke middle schooler she wishes she was to save her marriage. Life imitates art.

No. 647388

File: 1553043685985.jpg (34.45 KB, 714x472, guess.jpg)

Being vague about why Lainey has ghosted most social media. I'm sure that he's implying that it's all because of haters but the grooming is at least part of the reason she's tuning everyone out.

No. 647405

File: 1553048835107.png (17.06 KB, 1036x122, Capture.PNG)

Im still trying to wrap my head around the reason Greg deleted all his tweets. Its still shows on his page and SB that he has 38,000 tweets. This anon >>647142 said that it will take time for Twitter to catch up to his total tweet delete. But on SB it shows that today he manually deleted over 5.000 tweets. I know the only way to hide tweets is for you to make your whole profile private. But does Twitter give "Verified" users other options that the rest of us plebs dont have? Like an option to make your tweets unlisted like on Youtube? I wonder if he hid all his tweets and is slowly editing his profile and systematically deleting all the problematic tweets he thinks may come back to bite him in the ass. Hes trying to clean up his Twitter without anyone watching and once hes done he will unmask all his tweets.

No. 647408

this is such bizarre logic. so if you stop liking someone for any reason, you actually never liked them in the first place?

No. 647411

No, verification doesn’t give you anything else. It takes social blade some time to update things and there’s been times it hasn’t updated for days. He deleted his tweets just like he did last time.

No. 647412

This is exactly how he comes off. A pedo who is afraid of not being able to control himself around female children only. Every single story he has told about female children is sexualized. Little girls pulling on his clothes and him acting like they wanted to fuck him, his constant defense of his ephebophilic tendencies ("But she looks 18!!!"), looking up laws to see where he can legally fuck minors, and now stating that he specifically can't change the diapers of female children that isn't his own. I honestly worry about his daughter.

Also if he is as gay as he claims to be why is he saying he can't change girls diapers specifically? It should be all children by that logic. You're fucking straight as can be you big fucking pedo.

No. 647420

File: 1553054062591.jpeg (586.41 KB, 1125x915, 26671D64-426C-4A45-8C2C-188A55…)

Shane and Ryland are engaged to each other. Can’t wait to see how Greg reacts.

No. 647423

He'll be pissed cause of the likes and retweets. Their gay relationship is more believable than his and Complainey's.

No. 647460

File: 1553088391947.png (36.4 KB, 393x72, Capture.PNG)

i stole this from a facebook meme group because it's too appropriate.

No. 647461

File: 1553088686785.png (255.37 KB, 545x452, Capture.PNG)


No. 647463


Grugly projected imagined sexuality onto an INFANT and as a result, deliberately and knowingly chose to let her suffer in a dirty diaper covered in shit for hours.

He has a long and disturbing track record of doing this. He ignores a woman/girl's humanity and is instead hyperfocused on their sexuality, sexuality that he often mentally assigns to them based on his own demented fantasies. He does this despite their ages or the context of their relationship and definitely without their consent. This is why been so toxic to women in his own life and why he's so aggressive with women in general.

Now we know this same behavior extends to INFANTS and I want to throw up considering that. I wish Patreon would delete his page to speed-up the inevitable collapse of his remaining fandom so no one else can be hurt by him.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 647465

Well, he doesn't make himself look good by saying "you were lied to". People learn about him because he himself is the one letting the world know through the means of videos that are still up on his channel - and not only by his words but also by his actions.

How can he not make that connection?

No. 647466

Greg can't. He's too much in love with himself.
He's just not capable of comprehending how anyone could criticize or disagree with him.
Or maybe he just doesn't want to.

He fails to understand that the reason he was popular once was 1) because of Skye who had an entertaining way of editing videos plus sheer luck and 2) his use of filters (and maybe an emo attitude and random shock humor which were in at that time).
Even after that people were only interested in him because of the women in his life (drama with A, drama with Sh, drama with B).

It's similar nowadays: People keep an eye on him since everything he touches turns to shit. He's basically created the legacy he's always craved, just on the other end of the spectrum:
"Being like Onision" is used as something you don't want to achieve and you don't want to be called because Greg fails at (probably) everything he does (having a career, being a parent, being a husband or friend, being a singer/artist/writer/editor, being a pet owner, …).

And being so much in love with himself, plus realizing Greg's not good at anything and can't turn around his life for the better, he turns on Shane because he (Greg) is jealous and helpless.

No. 647479

Questions That Could End Our Marriage

Greg is still editing her videos. Surprise, his answers are the main focus of the video and he's still pushing the poly narrative.

No. 647480

File: 1553099332339.png (315.96 KB, 601x475, Capture.PNG)

he just posted to twitter a video clip of him destroying youtube plaques. this was at his old house. why is he posting it now?

No. 647483

Throwing his toys out of the pram in a ridiculous tantrum. "see? I don't care! I don't even want them!" He has lost so many subscribers that he couldn't get one now probably so he doesn't have to worry about them sending more heh

No. 647488

File: 1553102089828.jpg (67.53 KB, 960x933, 27880905_750877168440134_49647…)

>Used to fantasize about fucking his stepmom.
>constantly is bringing up Lainey has used someone for sex.
>Claims he's never blackmailed anyone

No. 647494

Seriously Grease could have made that video alone. He only cared about answering the questions, always ignored Lame's answers or didn't even let her finish, falling into her words. Overall he showed zero interest in her answers and being in the video with her. When she hugged him and he just stared at the camera without giving any affection back and then just jumped into the next question, that was painful to watch. His editing too, you can tell he only focuses on himself when editing, by how he edits the video by cutting Lame's answers short our completely out of the video. How does she not see she is married to a narcissist who only loves himself?

Also yay, seems like this thread is no longer on auto-sage!

No. 647503

File: 1553105832758.jpg (81.32 KB, 513x373, 1517043972327.jpg)

>forcibly shaving your girlfriend's head while she begs you to stop isn't a crime
>recording someone's mental breakdown without consent and uploading it online isn't a crime (in some states)
>transporting minors across state lines to fuck them isn't a crime
>tax fraud isn't a crime
>forcibly imprisoning people in your basement isn't a crime
>wetland destruction isn't a crime

No. 647504

>that one message from "Lainey"

Even in a preview that brief, the formatting from his own writing style is plain as a day. Kek

No. 647507

That humble brag about how MANY plaques he has gotten but he totally doesn’t care about them guise

No. 647524

Talking about having a threesome/orgie with clones of himself with his partner around 8:30
> G: Why would you want to be jealous over other people banging the person you're with?
> L: Yeah, whY WOuLD yOU WaNt thAT GrEG?

Damn that was satisfying

No. 647529

File: 1553111718137.png (562.96 KB, 1206x847, she's not wrong.png)

>alcoholic mom who alloys you to live with complete strangers (one is rumored to be a pedophile)
>bible-thumping catholic father who disowns you for being an atheist
>best friend only uses you to feel loved and often leads you on to believe you two will be more than friends and has been doing this since you were a minor.

No. 647537

File: 1553117440592.png (71.67 KB, 635x514, repzion.png)

No. 647538

File: 1553117577329.png (237.83 KB, 1491x454, repzion 2.png)

No. 647539

Calling making a lot of videos about someone harassment is hilarious coming from him. I hope he wastes his money trying to sue him, but I can’t see him being able to afford a lawyer for long enough to even begin the process.

To win a slander lawsuit you need to prove malicious intent and the fact that you KNEW what you were saying was untrue, both of which are incredibly difficult to prove. I wonder if this is the real reason he scrubbed his Twitter

No. 647540

Why does he keep doing things like this (sending these pointless “I’m gonna sue you!!!!!” Letters) ? He has never once actually followed through with suing anyone. Repzion isn’t a young girl, he can’t scare him into deleting stuff.

and again with the “MUH FAMILY!!!!” Card

He is the most pathetic human

No. 647541

If legal action was really going to happen then it would be a lawyer contacting Daniel, not Greg.
If Greg spoke to a lawyer about this the first thing that legal council would tell him is to not contact Daniel himself and allow the lawyers to speak for them.
This is a low energy attempt by Greg. At least when he tried to scare JoySparkles he Googled a shitty cease and desist letter to make it look semi-official.

No. 647543

I hope this leads to Eugenia, Shane, and others suing the shit out of Onion. I mean, he opened the door with this shit so they should all take turns plowing his ass alongside the government.

No. 647546

lmao, how exactly does he plan on paying for this lolsuit? repzion is gainfully employed as a welder and has been for some time, i’m sure he can easily afford to defend himself, but no attorney worth their salt would touch greg with a ten foot pole especially with that fat IRS debt looming.

No. 647547

Unfortunately that will never happen, both Shane and Eugenia are weak as hell and will never stand up against him. In a way that's a good thing since he won't gain the attention, in other it's bad because he will never stop harassing them because he knows they won't fight back

No. 647552

I hate to say this because she’s fucking crazy, but Joy Sparkle BS proved he’s never going to sue anyone. I remember he told her if she didn’t debate him/delete her videos, he would sue her and she basically told him to sue her. And he never did. He doesn’t have the guts to do it. He seriously thinks he’s threatening enough that people will listen to him but he won’t ever carry his threats out. He’s such a pussy.

No. 647553

Sadly, I think you're right. You would think that at least Shane would since there will literally be no end to the harassment unless he does something.

And this. A lawyer would be the one doing the talking and Pedosion can't afford to sue anyone. He's hoping that by suing, he'll finally have money in his pocket but the government will take that too.

No. 647555

I’m curious about how he plans to prove “financial damages”. Screenshots of his dwindling Patreon numbers? How does he expect to attribute that to Repzion?
Onision’s stupidity never fails to amaze me. I know Lainey is a terrible person, but I do t think she is this stupid. How can she see this shit Greg does and not be absolutely mortified?

No. 647558

Don't be silly gruggles.
As Repzion pointed out, 7 years worth of videos equals to 5 a year.
Now how many videos did Onision make on Eugenia and Shane?
But of course, pedonision is never wrong.

No. 647559

Jeeezus Christ lameo, your misery is your own fault.

No. 647560

File: 1553123194272.jpeg (156.58 KB, 1125x715, 928BF5A6-745C-47DE-BF0C-5D49EB…)

Meanwhile Greg is reeing at Repzion…

No. 647561

Why does he go so hard trying to fight Repzilla? Does he really tnink Rep is the reason people hate him? Personally, I've never seen even a single video from Rep.

Onion, people hate you because you're a piece of shit. I'd bed that most people who hate you are ex fans / ex friends who realized what a fuckwit abuser you are. Stop blaming others for your fall from grace.. You are the problem.

No. 647562

Thought she'd be used to it by now.
I guess it's time for another identity change!

No. 647565

It’s Repzion not Repzilla
Greg’s has issues with Repzion for years

No. 647568

IMO this is an attempt at a money grab. But he has no idea how costly and time consuming lawsuits are and that's true even with valid cases which this isn't lol. He's also jealous that Repzions Onion "updates" get crazy views compared to his own videos and with his logic if someone makes more money off his own life than he can he must be owed something.

I remember when he did this about a couple of years ago, he then tried to sell the buttons on eBay for hundreds of dollars each lol. Anyone who is a collector could have told him that they would likely be worth more intact.

No. 647574

when will she learn that she’ll be 10x happier, more supported and in a way better financial position if she just leaves his ass? seriously. he doesn’t give a fuck about her and it’s clear to EVERYONE. at this point she could leave with the kids and it’d be like four days before greg noticed. get a head start, expose his ass and get some sort of order against him so he can’t make videos about you. seriously. i wanna shake her.

No. 647578

Cant screenshot right now but Smergenstein is sending fake threats to sue to Repzion and Fullscreen now lol


The depths of how pathetic he and his boi-wife are keep getting lower!

No. 647579

Just for good measure: Repzilla (not Repzion) has ALSO made several vids on Greg, but he makes a point not to call anyone names, comment on their appearance much, or do any kind of snarky editing or remarks. And this is why Greg is able to attack repZION and NOT repZILLA. Because he cant nitpick any namecalling (like "greggypoo"), which would debase the entire video. I'm honestly surprised we dont reference Zilla more here bc the videos themselves are really neutral and a good basis for laying out cows' behaviour in the open.

Zilla may have his own cringe behind him but I'd love to see Greg try and refute any of Zilla's vids. They're all facts(!!1!) but I bet Greg would probably make fun of his southern accent and then ignore the rest anyways. Damn it.

No. 647581

No. 647588

It’s not illegal in any way to call someone “Greggypoo” or similar, nor does it provide the Greggypoo in question with anything to bolster a plaintiff’s case for defamation.

No. 647591

Honestly at this point I think she’s scared of what will happen if she calls things off. He’s not on good terms with ANY of his exes and constantly makes videos bashing them even years later.

She might be waiting for him to initiate it but he never will until he has a replacement because he’s petrified of being single for even a minute.

No. 647594

So he's straight up threatening to sue Rep if he doesn't take his videos down, isn't it considered coercion and isn't it illegal? Correct me if I'm wrong

No. 647598


That isn't a cease and desist. That's coercion. Which is illegal.

You can't make this shit up.

No. 647605

Well tbf before contacting authorities or lawyers you can technically send someone a non legal binding c&d it just shows legally to the court that you have in fact asked the person informally to stop. Then if they still continue you usually go to your lawyer to make a legal one

No. 647609

File: 1553138214161.jpg (70.77 KB, 868x254, IMG_20190320_231615.jpg)

No. 647612

It's not exactly coercion, which generally only applies to accusing someone of something that needs to be handled in criminal court rather than threatening civil lawsuits. Regardless, it was a bad move and would not look good at all if brought up in court.

Those emails are the result of Greg staying up too late watching repzion's videos and riling himself up. He has no intention of taking this further than empty threats.

No. 647617

Repzilla is also a "uwu let's all get along" fence sitter (except when it comes to defending Vic) and probably be quick to fold if Greg ever threatened him with a lawsuit.

However, we all know Greg doesn't have the cojones to actually sue anyone ie. Billie, Ayalla, Madison… etc.

No. 647623


Awe poor Lainey uwu. This isn’t what she signed on for. She stalked Greg while he was emotionally vulnerable (for him, anyways) until he noticed boring old her and expected a life of luxury where she could sit on her ass, taking selfies and posting on tumblr all day long while her husband raked in millions so he could treat her to Olive Garden and a trip to Fiji. Instead she gets to be millions in the hole with two spawn she has to care for since he can’t be assed to help and forced to provide by making shitty videos that barely break 10k and have more dislikes than likes.

Keep dreaming about Fiji while being ignored in favor of Shane, Rep, and Billie, Plainey! It’s not what you signed on for, but it’s what you deserve, and your spineless transtrending self is too much of a pussy to do anything about it.

No. 647625

Cease and desist letters from attorneys are not in any way legally binding. It’s just an attorney asking you to stop what you’re doing.

No. 647627

lol if Greg can't afford to get a lawyer to write an official looking C&D then he for sure can't afford to sue.

No. 647633

Repzilla is a cow himself (primink is making a video exposing him) he’s such a pussy when it comes to talking about Onion. Greg’s an awful person and there shouldn’t be a “neutral” side when discussing him. While repzion is annoying/childish at times I think his videos are way more informative and get the point across about what a dick Onion is.

No. 647635

File: 1553146654485.png (247.83 KB, 556x550, wetlands.png)

No. 647636

why is he wearing grey eyeshadow in this thumbnail lmao

No. 647639

Okay, I've gotten to about 4:30 and I feel like that should end the video. I can't listen to him for 7 more minutes or my ADHD will force me to end my life.

From what I gathered he admits removing the blackberry bushes disturbed the wetlands and he has to fix it. The documents say the bushes were overgrown but also there was a bunch of trash in the wetland area. He argues that the bushes were ~noxious~ to the environment (tbh I don't know or care if that is true).

No. 647650

He's still reading out that report he paid someone to compile for him I see. Wonder if he'll delete this video when the actual government documents are released.

No. 647655

File: 1553168356753.png (46.55 KB, 890x647, DELETE.PNG)

nothing more than she deserves for protecting and ignoring all of his actions. I guess she also has things to hide.

No. 647678

Lol what a hypocrite.
Does he not remember his convo with Shiloh's manager? Or the email from Eugenia asking him to stop making videos? Why is it that he can sperg publicly about everyone and everything private and tells you to fuck off when asked to stop, but threatens to sue when people do the same thing to him but with information he's willingly put out himself?

No. 647679

Same reason he can sperg about Outrage Culture when he fueled a witch-hunt on Shane with no concrete proof (and admitted he had no concrete proof on his “documentary”)

Or how he can post about how awful gun violence is and then 85% of his skits have gun violence in them.

Dude is insane and completely not self aware

No. 647681

Quality content, there. I’m sure his teen girl and sad bitch fanbase is fascinated by hearing the contents of the environmental assessment and remediation report he commissioned because he had to.

Nice trick on his part, though, to imply that this is official in any way, as opposed to what it really is, a dude he paid to plead his case to the county.

No. 647694

He's fucking stupid. Does he not see his patreon numbers declining? That's directly related to him, because if it was a youtube algorithm issue and not a creator issue the number wouldn't be dropping so fast.

No. 647695

Oh he sees it. That’s why his letter to repzion mentioned his financial damages related to Patreon. He actually thinks repzion’s videos are the reason he is losing patrons

No. 647696

He's been told time and time again that he's rude to his patreons, attacks them when they don't agree, and goes out of his way to make content that will upset them. His finical supports try to address it in private but of course he feels like he's better than them and shames them on his twitter and even makes videos about them. This is all his own doing and now he's trying to blame someone else for the decline of his patreon?! Dude is an idiot.

No. 647697


>2 Patrons recently leave (Rae and friend).

>Rae says it's because of his content, friend says because of his treatment of Rae
>Must be Repzion's fault

No. 647698

What video did repzion even make about his Patreon? Was it about his recent messages yelling at that poor girl? I’m really not sure how A) showing screenshots of things you actually said could be considered slanderous and B) how one persons video could cause your fans to leave, was he hoping his transgressions would stay private?

No. 647703

These guys listening through a terrible onision album and mocking how edgy and awful it sounds made me laugh


No. 647705

I keep forgetting that it was over a $2 pledge.

No. 647709

Well, to be fair, they do owe him that money for entertaining them for so long.

Or as restitution for being a fraudulent fake fan the whole time after they decide they're no longer interested in him or his so-lowbrow-it's-6'under humour.

It's only fair to Onion.

No. 647712

Someguy827 who stopped ranting about onion about 5 years ago is doing a stream now
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwl9NlI6Pi0(embed youtube)

No. 647756

File: 1553217884214.jpg (97.75 KB, 695x599, hatesex.jpg)

This is confirmation that he wants to sleep with Shane.

No. 647765


get your self-posting bullshit the fuck out of here.

No. 647768


Just finished watching. So fucking satisfying. That guy rips both lainey and grugly a new one.

No. 647798

File: 1553235474161.jpeg (144.75 KB, 750x1334, 02862B9C-0B21-470A-93FD-69DFDE…)

No. 647800

Damn, this guy really went to town on Pedosion. Hope we get several sperg videos over this.

No. 647801

File: 1553238886984.jpeg (414.86 KB, 1125x1020, 70311465-7945-4B90-86E9-8D5769…)

No. 647802

Blaming astrology instead of your husband… what a healthy coping strategy lol

No. 647807

>husband abandons her at night
>must be mercury in retrograde!!!

except he's been doing it for years but nice cope lame

No. 647821


Not like her husband isn't pock-marked and hot-headed like Mercury tho

No. 647822

is this a joke

No. 647823


Irony at its truest form.

No. 647825

File: 1553261287503.png (311.9 KB, 565x486, Capture.PNG)


No. 647828


This makes no sense, first he tells Greg that he's a complete bastard (which he is) and then tells him "the best of luck in your life, you deserve it!"

No. 647829


Maybe he should melt them down to pay the IRS

No. 647830

Dude. Where the hell dose she get her hair done? I had long ass hair. Bleached, and dyed oil slick for less than 100. So she's either getting ripped off, not shopping around or over exaggerating. Much like Gregamels

No. 647832

I mean Onision probably wrote the caption and especially after his own haircut video where he complains about $75 hair cuts, I’d say they haven’t shopped around at all.

Lame can probably never spend money on anything without Onision bitching about it. What a miserable life she leads. I do not envy her. Hell, who would? She should stop looking so smug cause no one wants your life girl

No. 647833

How she bleached her hair yet Anus is doing it for her umm okay

No. 647835

No. 647846

she processes her hair to bleach it. to then process it MORE by putting permanent color on top of it? give your hair a break girl damn. put some manic panic or artic fox on that shit and stop PROCESSING IT.

No. 647847

this orange archie phase shes going thru is truly the worst color shes had.

No. 647851


> I’m curious about how he plans to prove “financial damages”. Screenshots of his dwindling Patreon numbers? How does he expect to attribute that to Repzion?

How unfortunate that those patreons have revealed on social media that they felt offended and harassed by Gregand his oh so top notch humor.
I wish Greg good luck with suing since all the harassment towards his patreons would come to light.


Thanks for the laugh anon! I really hope it'll be the next thread picture.


My best guess is she's skinwalking Jessie.

No. 647854

This! She should have just mixed a browny orange with manic panic or artic fox or whatever.
Also if she'd just used a lower volume bleach to begin with it would have lifted to a coppery colour anyway.

I agree. Even the auburn was better than this. The orange is awful but it looks worse when she's sick or doesn't have makeup on. It washes her out, just liked the blonde does when she's not done up.

She needs to leave the chemicals alone. Her regrowth wasn't even that long and shed HAD to bleach and colour. There's an alarming part in video where her hair is all slicked up and she has the face mask and her bald spot looks like it's gotten even bigger than before.

No. 647856

File: 1553273605491.jpg (740.89 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190323_005259.jpg)

No. 647857

But why does she shampoo her hair after dying it?

No. 647859

Because she's a fuckhead who doesn't know shit about anything. Just like retard when he made those videos dying his hair colours without bleaching first.

No. 647865

And also put his head underneath the running water because he didn’t get enough bleach, so he tried to dilute it in the sink…

No. 647873

I hope none of her fans follow this shit. Otherwise they'll have a hairline like this >>647856

Yes, let's blame the universe for you choosing to stay with a shitty bastard.

No. 647880


Oof, this anxiety inducing. How can she think that any of this is good? Why does she look like a little teenage boy?

No. 647881

>Why does she look like a little teenage boy?

Because that's exactly the look this infantile child-woman is going for.

No. 647883

File: 1553283084019.jpeg (644.07 KB, 1125x1863, 39BDA0B1-C464-4078-9853-2DF5DE…)

No. 647884


Don't ads only target things you've shown interest in?

No. 647885

File: 1553283328427.png (267.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-203258.png)

Tried to low key troll the master himself, I guess I wasn't obvious enough for the genius to uncover it(Stop. This is cowtipping)

No. 647887

File: 1553283368975.png (259.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-203304.png)

No. 647888

File: 1553283468857.png (208.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190322-203309.png)

No. 647889

with that hair line? more like balding mid 30s uncle(Nitpicking)

No. 647895


Fucking KEK he’s so genuinely stupid.. I’m 90% sure that’s how Google determines ads.. this just reminds everyone that he’s a slime ball and that Foot is crying somewhere only Trot and Clot can hear. Nowhere near the virtue signaling he’s attempting.

No. 647898

Lol yup. Doesn't mean he specifically looked up on how to cheat on his wife, but it could be that his profile is something like "married, but constantly looking up pictures of women". I'm pretty sure nowadays almost all ads are targeted.

No. 647900

There is no need to nitpick Lainey’s shitty hairline. It’s not milk.

No. 647901

He's complaining because the woman in the picture is not a teenager with blue hair

No. 647911

Lol that description.
Nice way of shaming Taylor for getting her hair done at a salon.

Does she do anything for her fans anymore? She doesn't film, edit, not even contact her fans or writing her Patreon posts. I wonder if she's still doing the Patreon only livestreams.

No. 647915

File: 1553290998674.jpg (91.24 KB, 550x526, estelle.jpg)

>Inge Fittfördig

No. 647921

Greg helped her with the bleach in the back and not the dye later. Lainey seemed more upset second half and was talking about feeling shakey because lack of food, and wanting to die. End of the video she shows back of her head and it's all patchy and she says she doesn't know what it looks like she hasn't looked. Wonder why Greg was too busy to help what's he fuming about. Any updates about the wetlands?

No. 647929

File: 1553295643351.jpg (160.52 KB, 618x666, deryck-whibley-3.jpg)


No. 647931

Well this thread has gone downhill within two days.
What the actual fuck guys

No. 647932

where is the video regarding them asking question that would destroy their marriage? dont wanna give them views if someone could upload it

No. 647933

there's no real milk. what are you expecting? its just the same old Onision behavior. sperg out. threaten to sue. cry a lot on twitter. the cupboard is bare, love, the heathens are going to get restless.

No. 647934

wtf i can't see any new posts on this thread
the last post i see is from 3 days ago but i know it's updating from the /pt/ homepage

No. 647935

I NEED to know who taught lainey to touch up her roots. I'm a pro and this nearly gave me PTSD watching her video on it. She doesn't measure any of the bleach/developer, she doesnt section off her hair properly, she overlaps, and then she takes a fckin' COMB to smear it everywhere. Billies root touch up vids have always been awful but at least B is a little bit smarter about it

No. 647936

Nah i get these kinds of ads too and im single, female and never watch porn so

No. 647939


That's the link try ctrl f or whatever the mac equivalent is next time

These are the ads you get when you have low traffic and no one else wants to advertise on your forums. Scraping the bottom of the shit ad barrel.

No. 647943

That’s some hot and spicy paranoia, Gurgles!

No. 647946

Wtf is a "non hate video" does he mean positive? No one makes positive videos about him besides himself, how is YouTube supposed to promote videos that don't exist?

No. 647959

File: 1553304378898.jpeg (610.71 KB, 1125x1678, 442A973B-E940-47B7-8005-9A3234…)

The tempfags are too concentrated on how ugly Lainey is to discuss anything worthwhile.

On a side note, the only girls attracted to Greg are crazy.

No. 647960

File: 1553304391315.jpeg (124.89 KB, 2046x344, 8AF79269-83F4-47FB-9247-26C4C7…)

No. 647967

Discussion of Taylor Elaine Avaroe is now banned unless it is directly related to Greg.
Taylor may only be discussed if there is milk that pertains to Greg. Updates on Lainey's hair styling choices, clothing, and makeup will earn you a ban. Updates on Lainey's content will earn you a ban unless it's directly related to Greg. Comments on how much of a fakeboi Lainey is will earn you a ban. I hope you all get the point by now.

Don't discuss Lainey unless there is relevant milk related to Greg.
If you must really insult Lainey's appearance then you can post about her in the fakeboi thread in /snow/.
Feel free to take your complaints to /meta/, or you can derail in this thread instead (and wonder why you got a ban.)

No. 647968

This is retarded and so are you for saging on /pt/

No. 647971


This is seriously confusing. All these threads have ever been, are Greg AND Lainey. Together and separate. Why is it suddenly not aloud anymore to make fun or talk about her? At least explain your bans and decisions

No. 647972

Actually, Lainey was added to the thread after basementgate. The threads have degraded ever since. Most discussion of Lainey consists of pure nitpicking, for some reason more than Greg. When there is an event related to Greg Lainey can be discussed, otherwise it isn't relevant.
Please take further questions about this in /meta/.

No. 647976


Hmm, i wonder who actually wrote that email to him. Hint: it starts with a G and ends in a "reaseboi"

Definitely speculation but, idk. Seems like all the emails or whatever he exposes about patrons/fans wanting him are really weird and extreme. And sound similar lol.

No. 647977

Just wanted to fucking say the admin on this thread is annoying,boring and nitpicky themselves.Fuck u bitch,I asume you are a female,if not,fuck you loser.
I guess is true,when lowlifes get a bit power they turn into little shits who boss people around.I dare the posters on this thread to criticize lainey for her own behaviour cause she is a full on cow,and ignore the bitch or frustrated dick that keeps bossing us around.So again,fuck you

No. 647979

Anons* not posters,sorry,I learned english by myself

No. 647980

In all of the others cow threads people criticize looks freely,not in this one though,guess the admin is even worse looking than lainey so she is taking it personaly(Newfaggotry/samefagging)

No. 647981

Guess Im done posting on here because this new rule is dumb as fuck. There is no reason not to bash lainey……..why are you licking her taint like this? IDGI

No. 647982

He literally made a video showing people how to make fake screenshots that look real, so he definetely has that ability. He probably wrote that himself and posted it for validation "see, people are still attracted to my sunburnt caveman looking ass even though the haturz call me gross!"

No. 647988

Lainey is as big of a cow as Greg, that's already been established. Who hires these people??

No. 647992


Might as well make this an Onion only thread again then.

No. 647993

Well most of the shit from the past 2 threads has been greg mainly anyways.
>Lainey uploaded another sponsored vape video >>640456
>Lainey fucks up her hair once again bleaching it to Orange >>642436
This is pretty bad but it's also Gregs yard
>Lainey makes a "clean my house" video, revealing the disgusting state of her house & garden >>642089 >>642113 and the poor living conditions of their dogs >>642813

No. 648000

It’s tax season, I wonder if the Avaroes are going to be audited for the fourth year in a row.

No. 648002


Oh for sure. Hes such an insecure little shit lol. I'm 99.99% sure none of his "haturzZz" want to fuck him. I wouldnt touch the dude with a ten foot pole. So greasy.

No. 648003

He might not make enough for them to notice him anymore who knows

No. 648015

I think just by dint of how badly he's already fucked up with them, he will be audited heavily for many a year to come. At least until every last cent he owes is paid back, and a while after just for the hell of it.

He's fucked when it comes to the IRS for a l'il bit, yet.

No. 648016

This is stupid. Lainey is a cow as well and just as shitty as Greg. Did we forget she’s the one who groomed a 14 year without Greg’s help? She deserves to have her appearance nitpicked since she’s trying to change it.

No. 648019

Is there more places where people discuss them more freely where we can have a but more fun talking about stuff? Just to not piss the admin off on here.

No. 648022

File: 1553323221385.jpeg (114.54 KB, 503x241, 62FADD30-A5D3-430B-93F0-6EDBF9…)

>her appearance should be nitpicked since she’s trying to change it.

Your newfaggotry is apparent. Please stop derailing the thread and cause the thread to get auto-saged again.
The quality in posts here has dropped extremely after tempcow. Focusing on Greg and Lainey’s looks is retarded, especially since Lainey has been grooming Sarah and Greg has done much worse.

If you want to nitpick their appearances and complain about why Lainey is a transtrender, go to PULL, stop shitting up the thread with hot takes that add nothing constructive to the thread.

Sorry admin-sama for contributing to the infighting, but the nitpicking and reeing over being punished for nitpicking (even though it’s been a rule for a while) is retarded and almost every thread in /pt/ is rampant with newfags commenting on their looks instead of the flaky/milky behavior of cows.

No. 648026

File: 1553326761915.jpg (23.2 KB, 478x265, 1494996836009.jpg)

>Implying that the swamp family is out of milk because of a few autistic anons who fuck everything up.
Nah, Lainey and gay husband always have milk. The issue is newfags. The summerfags have been showing up early this year.

No. 648036

I rarely post so I’m not the one detailing the thread. Her appearance should be 100% up for grabs because she’s a trans trender and that’s includes that. Quit being a goody two shoes and licking the Admin’s ass.

Admin must be some sort of stan to defend only Lainey and to be constantly policing and auto-saging the thread. As long as it isn’t those annoying hyper edits then who cares if people casually nitpick. They’re ugly people on the inside and it can be seen outside. It’s weird that admin has a stick up their ass over adding Lainey to thread since she’s Greg’s partner in crime.(Ban evasion)

No. 648037

I agree so much,mods here just suck the fun out of everything so suck on that bitch

No. 648038

They have new mods for over two months now maybe they hired some retards,who do we complain to?

No. 648039

Are we all gonna have to go to pull now,LOOK WHAT YOU ARE MAKING US DO(samefag autist)

No. 648043

File: 1553340595723.jpg (1.36 MB, 3000x2880, samefag-no-one-could-be-more-o…)

No. 648049

this thread is so fucking embarrassing.
>admin must be a fan since they won’t let us sperg anymore!
sure. that must be it. can’t have anything to do with the fact that the quality of these threads is absolutely fucking abysmal and attracts completely unintegrated users every single day. nah, it’s a conspiracy.

No. 648051

>add something relevant/informational about Greg to your post on top of ridiculing Taylor
This is bad advice anon, it doesn't help the thread. She's a banned topic now so the party's over anyway.

No. 648053

All right, well I tried. I deleted my post so no worries.
Thank you so much for the mirror, anon!
While funny as hell, Greg outting obsessed mentally challenged fans for an ego-boost is vile.
If they weren't cutting before…

No. 648055

Idk mods on these sites inevitably reveal themselves to be power-tripping egomaniacs. I started reading here regularly after Kiki was doxxed and Ediotz was starting to turn to shit. I thought this place would be better since it's anonymous, but there's still dumb drama with the Discord and so forth.

Kiwifarms isn't bad to read for updates on cows but I don't feel comfortable contributing there. It's an established community of men with no redeeming qualities.(Take it to /meta/)

No. 648056

That’s good and all however I have to agree with the other anons the policing on this thread has been overkill to say the least when there are other threads that need it so much more.

Lainey and Greg are a couple, they share the same household as well the same dramas more or less. I’m all for not being nitpicking but that’s really subjective and I’ve been banned a couple times myself in this new thread that made me question why exactly. We have threads with titles dedicated to Lainey, we have thread images dedicated to her so where is the consistency in that even, most of the archives have information pertaining to both of them, you can’t expect these rules to be followed if you aren’t being consistent yourselves.

Yeah I know this is derailing but as a long time reader and some time participant on these threads I’m out too. Peace

No. 648057

I'd like to know what isn't considered derailing on this thread. Ever since tempcow was shut down and the "no live blogging" rule was implemented, Greg's threads have slowed down significantly. Why are Farmhands/Admin monitoring this thread so closely? They're just giving themselves more work for no reason. This is a dumb forum to talk shit about dumb people, it goes without saying the conversations are not always going to be particularly poignant or insightful.

No. 648058

welp, guess it's time for me to move on over to kiwifarms where the moderators aren't completely fucking retarded.

No. 648059

File: 1553356841319.jpeg (427.35 KB, 1125x1496, 847A9778-8753-4E81-9D1B-F05826…)

To get back on topic…

No. 648062

Oh dear, Patreon must be cracking down on Greg spamming users on the platform to donate to him, or he's worried his messages are being monitored.

Or maybe he's been intrigued by this troll lol

No. 648063

Those are automated anon. It's not like he actually takes the time to message patreons individually.

No. 648064

Wait, are you saying that message with his emails is automated by Patreon?

No. 648065

Ya'll LOVE repeating each other. Bye


How are these automated when there are spelling errors? If you can fix a message to be automated, KEK that he couldn't be bothered to spell check. But I'm doubting these messages are automated - or at least the ones asking about payments because they all seem to vary slightly.
Seeing how often he harasses people for their payments no longer going through is insane.
He must realize most of his patrons are teens who do not have a steady income?
How does incessantly messaging these kids do anything other than worsen their mental issues? What a crude little man.

No. 648067


Did you guys not know this? I swear it was mentioned before. Greg and Lainey write one long heartfelt message and send it to like all ex patreons at once. It isn't sincere at all, obviously.
I'm not saying the message came from patreon anon, I'm saying Greg automates his spelling error filled messages at once. A lot of ex patreons have gotten the same messages.

No. 648068

Oh right, well yeah anon that's pretty obvious we didn't think he was tailoring each patron/former patron a message. He's still spamming all their inboxes though regardless if he sent them all individually or collectively.

No. 648069

Forgot to mention that I’m not a patron any longer and still got this.
It’d be interesting if patreon was actually investigating his account but I doubt it. A girl can dream.

No. 648072

It has to be against the rules and regulations in some way to harass patrons or ex-patrons the amount Lainey and, more specifically, Greg do.
I have been a patron to numerous artists with a smaller following than these two and if my payment was ever declined, they never once said a word to me. Most keep you as a patron even if you don't pay because of the mere fact that you are clearly a supporter and fan of theirs.
At the same time.. I don't know jack about patreon's ToS. considering they gain from patron's funding, maybe they ignore it purposefully.
Either way its scummy and hugely embarrassing to e-beg like some worthless twitch thot.
…Someone please bless us with a photoshop of Greg as a twitch thot. That would be heavenly.

No. 648074


I’ve been getting these, too. I was a patron for milk gathering purchases for maybe a month … a year and a half ago. He still sends these things. I think I’ve gotten around 20 messages in total since I pulled my $2 pledge. Some are automated, some are personal.

No. 648091

Jesus… that is REALLY bad. An entire year and a half ago…??

I'm going to browse through Patreon's TOS..
that is at the point of being legitimate harassment.. wow

No. 648109

File: 1553380644631.png (476.47 KB, 1080x1592, 20190323_163350.png)


I'm not this anon, but I went and browsed through the community guidelines. I found the spam section and found this which as it says, is strictly prohibited.

I can t find the SS of him asking how to earn the ex-patreons pledge back. This would count though would it not?

No. 648115

File: 1553381079365.jpg (205.57 KB, 1074x590, amrt4QD.jpg)

what did she mean by this anons?

No. 648121

That’s so embarrassing. His desperation is showing in all of these emails to patrons and ex-patrons!

No. 648125

this is a drama thread fag go cry to someone else

No. 648126

im sorry is this not a drama thread dedicated to discussing people from the internet none of us here have ever actually met? what rules? fuck all admins. BYE/.

No. 648127

NOT cowtipping, but if someone were to hypothetically contact patreon over this obvious and extreme breach of contract…
well, that would be a shame if something like that hypothetically happened, wouldn't it?
Just… totally arbitrary day dreaming of an ulterior universe where something like that occurred. Nothing else.
That shade is glorious.
For an anonymous image board, people sure want to say goodbye an awful lot.
You guys need to calm down. Some of you are making this a way bigger deal than it actually is.

No. 648128

sorry for brief derail, but really… Lainey discussion is not banned from this thread. You just need to bring it back to Greg, which isn't hard.
The day bans I've seen handed out are nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever… I personally have been day banned more times than I can count, I just don't take it personally.
Just because admins don't want 20 simultaneous people repeating "Lainey's uggo" one after the other is nothing crazy.
I'm sorry to see some of you go, but I do wish there wasn't so much extreme overreaction.

No. 648132

Patreon makes money off of greg. They aren't going to do anything about him unless he starts posting porn, which is the only rule they actually care about enforcing. If they haven't deleted his account at this point they never will

No. 648134

How tf is this nitpicking we do this to all the cows and this is hilarious

No. 648140

Yeah so I was watching gregs livestream on twitch and something odd came up, Blasian (One of the onionflakes) and another mentioned "kai" lainey telling blasian that greg talks badly about her offline. Greg seemed really pissed off about this and told blasian to go and get specifics from "Kai" and that he doesn't know what "Kai" is talking about.

He seemed pretty mad if anyone can look back and catch it. It was said during their jackboxtv rap battle shit.

No. 648145

It was on Onisiongames, 36 minutes in.

No. 648177

>I’ve been getting these, too. I was a patron for milk gathering purchases for maybe a month … a year and a half ago. He still sends these things. I think I’ve gotten around 20 messages in total since I pulled my $2 pledge.

Greg is Youtube's Church of Scientology. Losing numbers fast, only wants your money, can't take criticism,never stops sending you begging letters,threatens to sue all of his critics, slanders anyone who gets in his bad books,doxes & sets his rabid little cult on his detractors, likes to lure gullible teenage girls, etc.
Holy shit! Greg is LRH reincarnated!Illuminated Confirmed! Welcome back to Teegeeack, you old scoundrel.

No. 648199

Pierce County have been busy. A dawn photo trip by the biologist has been added along with a receipt from greggy for hundreds of twigs.

No. 648200

File: 1553429530973.png (274.38 KB, 547x491, not my fault.png)


Starts up car but the power steering isn't working right - drives home anyways. Greg comes out to check it and everything is okay.
She has been feeling weird and is having trouble articulating her thoughts.
Felt so sick she made a doctors appointment. The only open appointment for this week was at 8:00am.
Oh my, it was a Women's Health Clinic so she almost cried!!
Since Greg dropped her off and she finished up quickly, she decides to walk to Starbucks but the walk was about a mile and it was soOOoo cold and there was a hill!
The doctor said she had an infection so she got antibiotics but now those are making her sick too.
The horror, She had to run some errands all by herself. (Grossery Shopping)
Because she did such a good job she got some Starbucks. (Claims she rarely gets Starbucks) Ends up dropping her Green Tea Frappuccino.
She woke up 40 mins late and wasn't able to eat breakfast. Decides to order breakfast at the McDonalds drive-thru. Gets her bag of food and a coffee. Totally forgets she has already gotten her food and stays at the window. Cashier asks if there was anything else she could help her with and she asks for her food again. Ends up with two bags of the same meal and is too embarrassed to go through the McDonalds drive-thru again.
Almost broke/broke her ankle. She tripped on a pair of snow pants that had no reason to be laying in the middle of the floor. Afterwards she just laid on the floor for 30 minutes.
She's been over sensitive and has been crying at a drop of a hat.
Lonely because Greg is 'working' so hard.
Feels like everyone is ignoring her. (She admits to doing the same to other people.)
Is working on another binder video. (Cheap vs. Expensive) She ordered a cheap binder using her measurements and most likely fucked up because it was 'lung crushing, rib breaking awful'. The expensive binder shipped out late but she got a coupon for free shipping on her next order.
The last thing she can't really talk about but it's totally because of Mercury being in retrograde. She's shook.

Much like her husband; she's unable to accept any sort of responsibility and therefor never makes any changes that will improve her life.

No. 648203

He didn't seem that mad he laughed it off and seemed more amused. So Kai is shit stirring on her patron about Greg patrons?

Turned the rest of the stream off. How do people have fun playing games with him when they play trivia games and you literally watch him Google the answers. He is objectively a fucking moron.

No. 648205

He finally cleaned his yard. The litter is gone, that's a plus in my book.

No. 648208

File: 1553434559804.jpg (274.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190324-133213.jpg)

Do you guys have screenshots? I tried looking for an update but didn't find anything new.

Found pic related tho, was this the cost for the initial report?

No. 648209

No. 648211

No wonder they’re both so antsy. Actually having to do adult tasks must feel like an outrage to these babies.

No. 648216


sorry anon, this has nothing to do with greg. enjoy ur ban

No. 648219

they added "much like her husband she refuses to accept responsibility" what has happened to this thread? smh

No. 648220

File: 1553439557314.jpeg (356.47 KB, 1125x1146, 109CDB91-B826-443D-A486-B05892…)

Greg turned off likes and dislikes for his Diapergate video. He’s also been deleting any comments about his negligence. So much for being honest.

No. 648222

File: 1553439944293.jpg (329.88 KB, 1080x1356, IMG_20190324_150111.jpg)

Cheers I'm going to dump the latest docs

No. 648224

File: 1553440009158.jpg (214.18 KB, 1080x1340, IMG_20190324_150237.jpg)

No. 648226

File: 1553440218072.jpg (211.13 KB, 1080x1269, IMG_20190324_150314.jpg)


No. 648227

File: 1553440301232.jpg (399.95 KB, 1080x1292, IMG_20190324_150340.jpg)

9 files of images of founds incoming I think, keep getting flood detected so might be delayed. I'm also on phone so can't edit into a long image

No. 648228

File: 1553440354332.jpg (391.48 KB, 1080x1137, IMG_20190324_150351.jpg)

Meant *grounds

No. 648229

File: 1553440401942.jpg (379.27 KB, 1080x1234, IMG_20190324_150413.jpg)

No. 648230

File: 1553440506938.jpg (394.2 KB, 1080x1228, IMG_20190324_150424.jpg)

No. 648232

File: 1553440623025.jpg (356.54 KB, 1080x1271, IMG_20190324_150436.jpg)

No. 648233

File: 1553440728646.jpg (359.47 KB, 1080x1189, IMG_20190324_150448.jpg)

No. 648234

File: 1553440830811.jpg (434.87 KB, 1080x1207, IMG_20190324_150459.jpg)

No. 648236

File: 1553440968304.jpg (382.72 KB, 1080x1199, IMG_20190324_150510.jpg)

No. 648237

File: 1553441146175.jpg (162.37 KB, 1080x640, IMG_20190324_150519.jpg)

No. 648238

File: 1553441406163.jpg (144.29 KB, 1080x1401, IMG_20190324_152829.jpg)

No. 648239

File: 1553441562971.jpg (237.08 KB, 1080x1321, IMG_20190324_153148.jpg)

Amendments have been made.

No. 648241

All the fees and costs he's paid so far aren't even final these are all preliminary. The biologists photographs are the newest update so we have to wait to see what the County think, has he done enough or is there more restoration needing done?

No. 648243

Thanks for docs and pics anon. So all he has to plant is dogwood? No replacement of the mature trees? For the amount of damage he's done that's visible to the eye, that doesn't seem like much. Is this only a part of the order?

It might also be that it seems so trashy due to the ugly kids toys thrown all over the place making it look worse than it is. I feel for his neighbors. They must loathe him.

No. 648244

Well his bills for the dogwood were paid off before the biologist went out to inspect so not sure if he went ahead and ordered supplies off the independent guy he hired for the initial mitigation report. As far as I can tell the County hasn't finished their inspection.

No. 648245

Just to explain docs so people don't misinterpret and Greg gets superior over something minor.

The letter for the mitigation application was 1st March. The $1600 was most likely the cost of arranging the inspection and biologist to go out.

The Gmail is Greg purchasing supplies as advised in the report he got someone to do to submit to the County. The same report he keeps reading out as gospel to what he owes. I use to work in a loss assessors, Greg hiring a man to do a report is normal and first steps. This is him submitting evidence. This is not FAXX.

The biologist photos are time and date stamped. So expect a report to follow on the back of his visit. Greg is an administrative nightmare.

No. 648248

Wow THANK YOU anon you are an angel!
Thanks for bringing the quality of this thread up, the transcript and mirror are awesome!!

No. 648262

Thank you anon, great post! I think this is the first time we have ever actually heard her refer to herself as "Kai" instead of Greg doing it for her.

Thank you for the information and screenshots, you're the best.

No. 648268

>"Because in my household, we change diapers pretty quickly…"
Oh so referring to Taylor taking care of the kids is now "we"? lol If anything, he's probably the one bitching her out for not changing the diapers fast enough, stinking up the entire house preventing him from doing his "work".
If only they properly cleaned the inside of the swamp trailer every once in a while…

No. 648280

No. 648284

He doesn't even talk to his daughter, are we supposed to believe he changes her diapers? And Trot went to the hospital with a rash so bad the doctor suspected was a testicular torsion, so I wonder how "quick" are the diaper changes in that household…

No. 648329

The only reason why Blasian brought it up because one of his dumbass patrons was going to make a racist joke, so either Blasian was told it was insensitive or she's jumping to conclusions. Greg wanted her to be more "clear" about what bad things Lainey said he does.

No. 648334

If he claims to change his daughters diapers everyone should just call him a pedo anyway because pedos still fuck with family so why would Clot be off limits.

No. 648337

Overly emotional, forgetful, sick…if I didnt know any better I'd say its pregnancy but let's be honest, fakeboi wouldn't get pregnant unless there was another girlfriend in the picture.

No. 648341

I dont believe his "it was only 20 minutes" shit either. I doubt he left the kid in a messy diaper for 20 minutes I think it was probably the duration on Madison being gone. He said that to cause bleeding kt would take like 6 hours (how would he know, unless he did it to his own kids) this also means that the kid had a dirty diaper when she arrived and he didnt change her. Either way he is scum.

No. 648343

Feels sick so she drinks Starbucks and eats McDonalds. Fucking Plainey logic.

No. 648353

Jesus Christ what a baby.Not going to self dox or autobiog but if you have actual real problems not of your own creation this is so much trivial bullshit I can't even. God Forbid she ever had to deal with an actual crisis like a disability in the family or the death of a loved one. Learn to fucking adult, Lainey. I know Greg has made you super-passive,but FFS TRY for your children's sake. ONE of you needs to be a grown-up.

No. 648422

File: 1553544578456.jpeg (422.8 KB, 2048x2048, DD8D85B6-055A-4408-A8FD-4635BA…)

These views are extra tragic lately. How much would they even be making? Don’t you need at least 10k to get monetized?

No. 648479

Has everyone who regularly posts to this thread been banned lol

No. 648486

Lainey said she has an infection but didnt say what kind. I wonder if it’s from Onision’s nasty dick

No. 648493

They’re just not doing anything interesting. Sad grasps for YouTube eyeballs that don’t make it. Is any worthwhile milk coming from the Onion Forums or the Patreon’s?

No. 648494

I was banned for a day, no biggie. I usually deserve it

No. 648495

There's no milk. they're both inactive across all social media besides youtube, where they're uploading halfhearted content as always.

might be for the best if they stay this boring. they'll slide into irrelevance even faster if not even the hate sites will bother talking about them

No. 648496

His forums are just his dumbass fangirls screeching about their mental health and crystals and other shit. Even his private twitter is boring at the moment.

No. 648497

If she had to go to a woman's clinic, it had to have been an STD or STI.

No. 648498

Or a yeast infection. I still don't understand why these faggots are so open about constantly having utis and other infections like that. Greg and Taylor are truly white trash.

No. 648502

Maybe they are passing the Herpes between them.

No. 648504

Calm down there are literally a million and one reasons someone would go to a woman’s clinic other than STDs Jesus this is why everyone is getting banned.

No. 648512

Does he never do any research on any of the bullshit he says?
Semiautomatic guns were the only legal guns in NZ (and even then as far as I know you need a license to own one) and that the shooter modified the semiautomatic guns to be fully automatic?
Fucking idiot.

No. 648513

His research ends at googling definitions for commonly used words.

No. 648536

oh you know the second that actually happens greg will pick a fight with someone or post hot takes about a tragedy

No. 648538

No, once you get your channel monetized then whatever videos you upload, no matter how low the view count, are usually automatically monetized.
I think I know what you are referring to, though. To get your channel monetized, I think you need to have one video with at least 10,000 views.. something along those lines.
But wow, the Avaroe's really have dismal viewership lately. It's heart warming.
Yeah there really isn't much to post about currently… I mean Greg and Lainey were already quite boring these past few months after Ayalla came out on the grooming allegations (obviously because they are attempting to keep a low profile and now spend their days quietly sobbing in the swamp over not being able to actively hunt for young impressionable bisexual teens), but it seems like they have somehow recently ended up even more lame and uninteresting than usual.
I can see where you're coming from saying that this is for the best because it will inevitably lead to the small amount of relevancy Greg and Lainey have disappearing, but at the same time… I AM addicted to the damn milk, and these cows are leaving me painfully thirsty.
lol same. I truly do not understand the people who freak out because of those common 24 hour bans, we've all had them. "What?? You're saying I'll get a short ban if I try to leave my fifteenth post on this thread where all I say is Lainey = foot?? FUK U FAGS I'M LEAVING AND I'M TAKING MY GOLDEN LAINEY IS UGLY COMMENTS WITH ME" (lol nooo what will we ever do without you)
…anyway, milk will inevitably flow again, these two rarely keep their shit together for long. And once something interesting happens, the posts will come flooding back in.
Right now its tumbleweeds.

No. 648554

There was an update about the swamp no one seemed to want to discuss the photos. KF are discussing the photos if anyone cares.

Greg has been quiet since the release and people here are wondering why he's more secluded. Uh cuz the government are investigating him.

Lainey has 2 young kids and pets and the inability to be clean. She's probably just got a viral infection from being a dirty lazy bitch.

No. 648560

Or we can discuss it here. I’m tired of the kf shilling. If you want to support a site run by an autistic pedo, go ahead.

What exactly are they investigating? And can you show proof of it?

No. 648566

I didn't want to be only one posting samefagging my own posts since I posted the docs and explained the letters and that Onion's independent report isn't gospel.

They're mostly discussing the visible fuck up and erosion. The photos have pretty shown Onion is as usual bullshitting and jumping the gun on coming off like an asshole on his various speak videos about it or giggling the whole things is only going to cost him a couple hundred dollars when he's already paid near $3000 or more on just fines and applications.

No. 648567

They also suspect Onion's turf is to hide burn marks since there was a burn ban and they are speculating he tried to burn evidence.

Like in this photo that looks like the makings of a fire.

He's also fucked the water table and has pushed logs into the water and there's a lot of damage around the water. And he's taken out bushes that looked like a boundary between him and his neighbours.

It looks like the water is encroaching onto his property when the buffer zone was enacted to separate private property from government owned wetlands.

Also is it me or do the trees on his property look dead or dying compared to the neighbours? I wouldn't be surprised if the biologist suggests more analysis.

No. 648568

So if talk of Lainey unrelated to Greg is now banned, would she get her own thread now?

No. 648571

No. It’s been said upthread that if you want to discuss her without any milk having to do with Ogre to take it to the transtrenders thread.

No. 648577

They would be getting around 8 bucks for 10k views, though Lainey is pulling in somewhat regular sponsors so they probably live off that

No. 648581

Samefag but forgot to mention that the threshhold for actually getting the money is $70, if they didn't get that amount by the middle of the month they don't get paid

No. 648589

I think he was flexing about the “couple hundred dollars” for those dogwood slips, when he’s already paid $3,000 more or less for permits, plus whatever he paid the dude to write the assessment (which is his argument to the county, not the county’s judgment), plus whatever he paid the lawyer.

No. 648606

wow his property looks horrible with all that brush and toys thrown about. Has the water started coming up onto his property?

The area they live in sees alot of rainfall doesn't it? Seriously asking, what's gonna happen to the already saturated land once rainy season hits?

No. 648610

Honestly? Between the heavy snowfall this winter and the predicted record breaking rain upcoming I think his already saturated yard is going to erode to the point that the ground around his swamp trailer will shift enough to cause significant foundation cracking. Without extreme preventative measures (that I’m not going to divulge here because it’s been confirmed that the grease gang lurks the boards) put in place immediately it’s entirely possible that they’ll cause enough soil erosion to trigger a landslide that will inevitably coax their home right into the swamp. Removing that established root system was the dumbest thing Smegma ever did.

No. 648613

I think the hard work you did uploading all of those very significant documents was derailed by several newfriends throwing tantrums.
I know I for one was very intrigued by the info dump but every time I began to work on theories and replies, some newfriend felt the need to add how uwu they were over their day ban. I was trying to wait to post until the whining had faded.
So let me just say, as a random anon who thoroughly appreciates those actually posting the real milk to this thread… thank you so damn much.
I won't lie, I have been a little bit weary to post my own speculation regarding this more recent information because I am so ignorant to how the government works in regards to situations like the one Greg is currently facing.
I am however thoroughly pleased to read from some of you that he is blatantly lying over this being a signed-and-sealed deal. Greg does NOT deserve to get off with an approximately 2,000$ fee and a slap on the wrist.

…But in the chance that the government fails us in finding justice, hopefully mother nature will see fit to flood the living hell out of the Avaroe swamp. Then maybe the fellow Onision-hating neighbors will upload a video of Greg and Lainey's rancid shack sinking into the depths thanks to the erosion Onion previously laughed off.

No. 648617

Music to my ears, anon.
I have heard that the rains predicted for 2019 should cause such tremendous flooding with countless millions in damages expected. It is said to be quite possibly the worst foreseeable recorded year yet for flooding damage in the US. Due to global warming, green-house gasses warm oceans which creates trapped precipitation in the earth's atmosphere. It has been so severe this past winter that the atmosphere is hypothesized to be unable to hold much more precipitation, and thus we will see unprecedented flooding and rainstorms which will be hugely exacerbated this year.

Greg in all seriousness should look into flooding insurance. While it is usually quite pricey (and I imagine considering his current situation, that price would be twice as bad as it would be normally) doling out a couple hundred a month to protect their home from being utterly and completely destroyed should be common sense.
…yet we all know Greg and Lainey are too immature and moronic to ever do something responsible and logically such as that.
Not that I mind. I'm happy to see their ship sink.

No. 648628

I don't know why he's trying to hide evidence since the county already knows about the burning and even burning of cardboard in their fireplace.

No. 648631

Not white knighting but ignorant reaches like this is what killed the threads to begin with. Even if its yeast infection they're perfectly normal and even the cleanest people get them. If she has one it probably has more to do with her shitty diet.

Anyone notice Onion breath is spam posting his extremely old videos on Twitter and facebook? Hes clearly hoping something will go viral. To bad this idiot is stuck in 2005 and doesnt realize nothing is "viral" anymore

No. 648640

File: 1553646227799.jpg (118.81 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20190326-202243_Chr…)

What's gay about wanting to be with 2 afab bitches?

No. 648641

He's just a gay guy really into vaginas, nothing straight to see here.

No. 648644

Why is he talking about his sexual fantasies again?

No. 648649

>2afabs, 20s to 30s
sure maybe if u add the ages together

No. 648660

KEK this is worded so hilariously.
>One guy who PREFERS one to two AFAB (to him meaning real girls)
>about 20's to 30's (so obviously Greg wrote the 'about 20's' part first and then he realized all the allegations against him, thus felt like he had to add the 30's part even though we all know he would never get with a girl his age)
>at once (you don't say)
>Disclaimer about how "happy" he is with his current relationship, blah blah blah (the fact that he feels like he needs to add this only makes it that much more apparent how sexually oppressed and dissatisfied he currently is.)

No human alive talks/thinks about sex publicly as much as Greg does without having some serious underlying issues. He is the creepiest fucker imaginable.
Also interesting how Greg wants to claim himself to fall underneath the LGBT banner and tell everyone how 'gay' he is when in actuality he could never touch someone that wasn't born female. He's so painfully retarded.

No. 648661

Yes, how is this content? Cool, dude, everyone on the entire Internet knows you want a threesome, and only a few sad cases with Daddy issues care.

No. 648664

File: 1553652771728.jpg (521.14 KB, 810x3668, Screenshot_20190326-221222_Chr…)

No. 648666

if he's really not looking for anyone at the moment then… why…. bring it up???

No. 648687

It's so obvious that he's always looking for more at the moment, the one who isn't is his wife because she knows he'll abandon her and the kids for the new girl in a second. Who is he trying to fool?

No. 648690

Why does he think it's a compliment? Your junk isn't supposed to look like a bunch of socks. It just looks like giant misshapen balls.

No. 648694

If his forums are 18+ why the fuck is their censorship of words like sex?

No. 648703

This is so satisfying to hear but can any anons knowledgeable in the environment let us know the potential danger to his neighbors? I'm actually really worried that not only will he kill his kids, that he'll take out the houses of anyone behind or around him

No. 648706

The sexual frustration is growing lol lainey must be bricking it because he won't let it go.

No. 648754

There is a huge possibility that whenever the wetlands flood, the neighbors will be affected. In fact, that’s probably why the neighbors reported Greg’s bitchass in the first place.

No. 648777

No. 648795

Damn, I remember at the beginning of Tractorgate anons saying he was gonna flood the neighborhood. I thought they were exaggerating but looking at the pics now vs how it used to look its already changed so much. Thanks for answering & gregma should really look into flood insurance lol

No. 648801

Wow.. the comment pertaining to trans issues is so demeaning.
This individual is telling Greg to please stop speaking on trans issues because he is not trans and he does not understand how it feels or what it truly means to be trans. He should stop acting as some sort of spokesperson for them because he is straight and vastly ignorant.
And Greg's response is more or less,
"People hate you. I don't hate you and you're lucky I don't hate you because most people think you're a mistake. So just take the hint and be grateful."
Jesus Christ what a pretentious pig…
I would have to personally look at the map of neighboring house locations in comparison to where Greg's house is located, but from what I have seen he did an incredible amount of damage on what appears to be a very large portion of land.
With the forecast for flooding this year being so high and so serious, I cannot imagine how angry the neighbors must be.
If Greg's "yard work" ends up resulting in major flooding and damage to neighboring properties, he could be looking at a class action lawsuit with several neighbors joining together to sue for damages.

No. 648803

File: 1553718932563.png (357.68 KB, 1205x261, No Uploads.PNG)

I am really surprised to see how infrequently Greg has been uploading to youtube lately.
Usually he uploads once daily to his speaks channel, yet over the course of this month he's consistently uploaded far less. This has been his "main channel" now for over a year, yet it has been 4 days since he uploaded that diaper video and nothing since.
Greg did upload a video yesterday that was around 2:30 long to the Onision account (just some random bullshit over Will Smith playing Genie in Aladdin), and before that a video was uploaded 3 days ago to UhOhBro.

This is really out of the ordinary for Greg. I wonder what has been going on? I did take a look at Greg's cult (forums) and he even has several people asking if he has been okay and why he isn't uploading as much.
His answer was very vague and more or less said "…you'll see eventually."

No. 648810

anyone have his Patreon videos? he uploaded a few these past couple days.

No. 648814


Mar 26
How To Be A Vegetarian (Requested Video) (2:30)
"Comedy" Video about how to be a vegetarian. Basically belittling whom ever asked by saying you must be an idiot because all there is to it is just not eating meat.

Mar 25 (6:18)
My Tattoo Stories :)

Mar 24
A Very Creepy Letter (O_O) (3:48)
A video about this. >>647959

Mar 23
The Most Raw Song I've Ever Made (2:19)
A song about how depressed he is and how he wants to die.

Mar 22
My Big F*ck Up (6:50)
Talking about his black hair videos.

Mar 22 (7:47)
Some Big Scary Men Are Mad At Me
Reading hate comments

No. 648831

Does anyone else find it suspicious that the guy anus hired barely mentioned in his report the mature trees that were cut, all the shit dumped into the lake and how saturated the soil looked? He minimized the problems a lot, looking at the pictures they are way worse than the report described

No. 648856

The job of the person you hire to write a mitigation report is, to some extent, to argue in your favor. It’s kind of like a defense attorney.

Gurgles was playing it like this was the final say, but he was lying as always. The county has the final say.

No. 648866

Thot uploaded a cringe, yet boring Reacting to Trans Memes video. The comments are amazing.(Take it to the fakeboi thread.)

No. 648892

Some of these sound extremely interesting…
would you be willing to mirror any of these?
Specifically "A Very Creepy Letter", "My Big Fuck Up" and "Some Big Scary Men Are Mad at Me"?

WinX Youtube Downloader is a free program that easily allows you to download online videos, and vimeo is an easy-to-use platform for re-uploading and mirroring.

I'm guessing you probably won't want to go through the trouble, anon, but it doesn't hurt to try! I'm sure there are a lot of people here who are very curious to see them…
thanks either way!

No. 648894

Could you upload them? Potentially to Google drive or mega so we can see them and they shouldn't get taken down from there I'm pretty sure. I checked out his blog and found the request for the video (https://www.onision.com/topic/1019-a-few-fun-ideas/). The kid requested it not for them but for convincing the "meat murderers" haha. Greg really doesn't like his fans does he?
Side note, also found this interesting post while looking:
I'm not sure if Greg ever mentioned the bases he was on before. Anything any US residents more knowledgeable in the Army can tell us? Not sure if this has much potential for milk but worth asking

No. 648915


Just a reminder, Greg is the king of click bait titles so these videos may contain milk.

Mar 22 at 12:19am
Some Big Scary Men Are Mad At Me

Quite a few days ago I said something on the internet that triggered a lot of folks :P Specifically gun lovers… eeek.

Anyhoot! Today was cray, super cray ~ But I was able to edit Laineybot's video and my own as well as help with Laineybot & create my own, so that's… something!

Thank you for being here and enjoying my uncensored content :)

Mar 22 at 10:35pm
My Big F*ck Up

So I messed up a while ago… I had the assumption if I dropped the conversation, it would end… but looks like people kept talking once I left, and it got uglier… so, here's me seeing how big of a deal me talking about different hair types & hygiene was, and how I need to stay in my lane.

Anyway, if you have a video style request, please let me know, otherwise I'll keep doing whatever motivates questions & interest in my mind. Love making you guys happy.

I think I only cussed three times in this video… maybe I found God XD

Mar 24 at 9:26pm
A Very Creepy Letter (O_O)

I wasn't supposed to post a video today but… here it is :P A few of you know most of the story… yikes :P

Mar 27 at 10:54pm
Something I Felt Needed To Be Said…

I've felt bad the last day or so… I wanted to express my discomfort with some issues I had with another person in the past, someone people agree with me having issues with, but nevertheless… I just wish I went about things a better way.

I hope I can remember this lesson in the future.

No. 648921

Gurgs was in the Air Force, not the Army. There isn’t anything milky about where he served.

No. 648951

File: 1553794130469.jpeg (85.74 KB, 979x542, F1A2D714-568E-4FE4-BA91-A4D42E…)

I saw this on twitter.
Troy’s bed in the living room?

No. 648952


Old picture from his set house. He used to have a racecar bed in the living room with a picture of a $1,000,000-bill above it and some christmas lights. It’s his idea of decorating.

No. 648956

That looks like it was a nice house. Shame he had to get his gross ass hands on it.

Seeing the grubbiness/messiness of the Swamp Mansion within months of them moving in, and the utter state of the McMansion when they left? He's got like a reverse Midas Touch.

Did they ever clean and paint the McMansion after they left to make it nice for whomever bought it?

No. 648980

Oh my gosh… anon…
this is amazing. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. You really just made this thread a million times better! Thank you so much, MVP of lolcow!

No. 648985

File: 1553814291327.jpg (198.81 KB, 1777x1007, IMG_20190328_230253.jpg)

Here's the moment ugly makes a joke that someone must be attracted to him flashing his crocodile smile with something stuck in his tooth the entire video. Guess even he can't stand to look at his teeth too busy filling in his brows

No. 648994

omg thank u so much

No. 649007

Who the fuck in that house drinks so much Ensure? For those that don't know, its a soy based protein drink mostly consumed by old people.

No. 649008

People with nutrient deficiencies

No. 649010

Guess that uber healthy vegan body isn't doing so well with that nutrient deficient processed diet.

No. 649017

Ensure has a lot of estrogen in it as well. If men consume a lot of it, it raises their estrogen levels making them more emotional. So that explains Greg's behavior

No. 649022

Shit, Taylor said she drank Ensure when she had trouble with morning sickness during her pregnancies because she couldnt keep anything down. Plus, the recent womens clinic visit. I think we should keep a close eye on signs.

No. 649030

The picture of the tub of ensure is back from when he had his set house which was before they even sold the McMansion. The ensure is old milk. You can't connect that picture with her recent doctor visit.

No. 649047

I remember Greg mentioning in a Speaks video years ago how he was mostly drinking Ensures (for a reason that escapes me) and he lost weight - so maybe he’s using them as some sort of diet plan.

No. 649048

I really hope she's on some kind of birth control because they'd be incredibly stupid to have another kid, considering Greg hates his daughter anyway.

No. 649049

A 7 hour derail over an old photo. Fucking hepl newfags. You guys get spoonfed milk constantly and would rather talk the most dumb shit.

No. 649094

I think it’s safe to say the moderators scared away the farmers on this thread.

No. 649095

Also have reached a new level of failure in that its not even interesting to watch their downfall anymore, it's a good thing since most of their internet attention has been through hate watching the past few years

No. 649118

File: 1553901397693.jpeg (63.88 KB, 709x685, 4836E550-B128-4E65-B078-90C82C…)

If y’all are scared of one day bans for derailing about dumb shit, maybe you should re-evaluate your posts.

Sidenote, has anyone been keeping an eye on Sarah’s tumblr at all?

No. 649123

There is no decent milk right now and farmers finally stopped using the thread as a chat room in the hopes of keeping it alive. The thread will still be here when Onision eventually does something interesting again.

No. 649137

I've seen a couple of people mention sarahs tumblr as if its the holy grail of milk, but I follow her and have seen nothing. She says a few vague words every now and then that really could be about anything.

No. 649142

Exactly honestly at this point his career is pretty much dead.
Just to point out tho, He still thrived off the attention he would get with the threads here at least.
With the threads dying out due to lack of milk will only make the sperg explode all the more and satisfying.

I feel like we're really at that point of "Even haters are bored of you" and really its a good thing that the thread isn't constantly updated with nitpicks, Especially keeping greg at the top of this board (not to mention the self victimization points) is nothing but more publicity for him.
Any attention, Good or negative, He thrives on it.

Narcs like him can't stand it when they're ignored.

I think the new changes are beneficial in the long run.

No. 649147

File: 1553911487003.png (322.1 KB, 550x483, another vape video.png)


Surprise! Another vape video. Greg acts childish because Lainey has the advantage in their little challenge. They try pushing the loving couple narrative while having no on screen chemistry. Greg of course edits the video with tons of close ups of himself. I have no idea why a company would pay her to sponsor their products.

No. 649148

File: 1553911635796.webm (3.01 MB, 320x200, dat editing.webm)