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File: 1567374185886.png (249.96 KB, 650x464, groomers delight.png)

No. 695945

Thread Image Credit: None
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/693212
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
Lainey's thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
Greg starts love-bombing Lainey over twitter after accusations of him having sex with Sarah become public. >>693374 >>693687 >>694402 >>694418 >>694774 >>695165
Sarah does a live stream and confirms that she and Greg where dating. After breaking up with Sarah, Greg accused Sarah of raping him and Lainey. >>693858 (Partial transcript: >>694178) (Highlights: >>694709)
Greg puts out a podcast where he questions if he is really a victim of molestation if as an adult he doesn't feel like he was. He defends Julia (a 15 year old) who touched him sexually when he was 11 year olds by stating he looked very grown up and he enjoyed the experience. >>694964
Next on his to do list, Greg puts out another podcast trying to defend his stance on hating all Germans. >>695261
Lainey decides to update their future board. All mentions of a poly relationship are removed with out a word. >>695580

Old but relevant:
Lainey denies fostering a romantic relationship with Sarah. >>693418
Greg's live stream where he denies the grooming accusations and contradicts Lainey's earlier statements. He also leaves the possibility of dating Sarah open. >>693983
Greg claims they where like foster parents to Sarah and he sees her as a little sister. >>694846

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.


Onision's Links:
http://www.twitter.com/onision (private, for now.)

No. 695948

Sorry, I forgot the new aldlii video.

No. 695950

Don’t derail the thread, focus on the current milk and sage if you aren’t contributing anything.

No. 695982

Ur doing godbears work anon. TY.

No. 696089

File: 1567401879926.png (1.06 MB, 828x1792, 26FCE9B2-C62A-49C5-9155-766286…)


It looks like Sarah approved of Aldii’s videos and timeline.

No. 696095

File: 1567405270620.png (56.82 KB, 496x449, Screenshot_20190902-071701.png)

I don't know how a father of two has this much time to post shit on Twitter.

Not sure if this is one of his "inspirational, I'm so virtuous" posts or directed at someone in particular.

No. 696118

I have a hunch that this could be directed at Sarah.

No. 696122

Not sure.
For all we know he could post this to send a wave of hate from anti-os towards her. People are already breathing down her neck for not "doing moar" about the situation. Alluding to her having returned to suck his tiny pecker will probably result in some people bashing her.

No. 696129

his drop in patreon cash is monumental only earning 1 and a half thousand now .hope it stays at that level so he could go bankrupt.

No. 696131


Grugly probably got on one of his many sock-puppet accounts and autistically gushed on the forums (again) about how he was once an anti-o but has since seen the light and realized how sTrOnG and hOnEsT James Gregory Jackson Onision Greogroy James Avaroe of Gig Harbor, WA is. He's also VERY sorry for ever believing all the hAtE.

Of course, the reason for it is so that Grugly could then make this vague post on Twitter believing people would assume it's about Sarah. After some time passess,he can get back on and sperg that he NEVER said it was about her, the internet is stupid, you guys are straw-manning me (as per usual, uses that word in the wrong context, kek.)

It's just a very, VERY passive way to try and discredit/silence Sarah. Like always, he goes out of his way to, in HIS mind, skirt around dishonesty/immorality. "iTs nOt mY fAuLt mY sTaLkErS bELiEvEd i mEaNt sOmEoNe eLsE!!! yOu pEoPlE aRe sO bLiNd wItH hAtE!!!!" He will then link to the sock-puppet forum post and cry about anti-os's trying to gaslight him, also using the word in the wrong context.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 696135

File: 1567430456962.jpg (73.13 KB, 658x469, gfgdgdg.jpg)

is it me or Grugly has an uncanny resemblance to that Rodrigo Alves freak who had over 100 plastic surgeries ?or maybe its his long lost brother(Non-contribution)

No. 696138

Best part is that if he does declare bankruptcy, he will still owe the IRS.

No. 696139

Holy shit he lost 79 patreons in 2 days. If he gains them back instantly, we’ll know for sure that he’s harassing his supporters and possibly blackmailing them.

No. 696141

terrifying. that brow and serial killer eyes.

No. 696145

File: 1567434023075.jpg (62.07 KB, 616x658, patreon_sep_2_2019.png.jpg)

Samefagging, but I just want to add this.

No. 696147

He still probably earns a few k from his youtube channels (for now). I don't know why the hell they need a tesla with a 1200 monthly payment. When you have financial issues, you don't do this shit. It's not even like they leave the house.

No. 696148


yikes. He could work a minimum wage job and make more than he does on Patreon.

No. 696156

how much you think he's earning from those dead channels? i would say not more than 500 bucks with his views in the toilet and most of his videos being demonetized

No. 696162

File: 1567441844856.png (9.13 KB, 492x213, publicprivatetwitter.PNG)

Onision is getting antsy. He needs that exposure and publicity and being in that echo chamber has become boring and repetitive. How long until the lock comes off?

No. 696163

Oh god no. Please let him stay private, nobody misses him, nobody wants to read his fake ~uwu~ positive tweets nor his elementary school BS a la "I'm not Onision, I'm Pedo Charlie!" . Please let his followers all tell him that it's the better choice to stay private. One can only hope.

No. 696165

the twitter anti-Os can be kind of spergy too. They make him feel much more relevant than he is.

No. 696166

File: 1567443250296.jpg (25.23 KB, 753x260, twitter.JPG)


No. 696167

File: 1567443379823.png (408.84 KB, 567x730, trans kids.png)

Avoid and distract. He's desperate for a non-Sarah related controversy. He acts like they where attacked over this subject, you know things must be even worse if he's avoiding it this hard. Usually he feels like he has the moral high ground and will bash anyone that has 'wronged' him with out a care.


No. 696174

I wish these spergs on twitter would stop gushing over how great Onion was for not sending Repzion's grandfather's photos to him.

WHY should Onion get all this credit for showing basic human decency? I mean, I know no one ever expects him to be decent ever so it may be a shock when he is, But personally I don't think he deserves accolades for not being a shithead for once in his life.

Every time I go on twitter its all "MuCh ReSpEcT!" and "I KnEw YoU wErE a GoOd PeRsOn!"

It's just irritating as hell. sage for pointless rant.

No. 696175

They have to gush about basic human decency because he doesn't show any that often. His goals are getting a ton of money for his 'comedy' and starting a harem of living teenage fleshlights. Really, what else can they praise him for? The sad thing is he didn't really do it because he was a decent guy but because he saw a benefit to do so.

No. 696176


They threw a Get Out of Jail Free card at him with that dead relative photo. Gurgle picked it up and went, "yeah, I could release this, or I could be an even bigger arsehole and hold it over Repzion's head if he releases a video about who I've successfully groomed this year."

No. 696179

He ignores and talks over Lainey like she is a child and I cringed at the part where he is likening his experience of his father telling him to cut his hair to the experience of being trans. Lainey was in the middle of talking about herself and he butts in and makes it all about him and his daddy issues. He is dramatising one time his dad told him to cut his hair probably because he looked like a greasy little weasel so he can look like a victim.

No. 696181

they act like it was this BIG DISPLAY OF GOOD-HEARTED INTENTIONS like he went and fucking saved a bunch of orphans or some shit because he didnt make a video with a picture of a deceased man post brain aneurysm
like ????
is it really that rare for him not to do shitty things that this is seen as something extraordinary

No. 696182

Any excuse to drag his dad

This is what I was trying to explain last thread about the reason Repzion hasn't spoken about the Sarah thing, because the timing and potential leverage Greg now has over him. He can now pull the 'I helped you and you still stalk me' card. I was trying explain this but an anon sperged back angrily that I was being a Repzion white knight or something.

No. 696187

File: 1567448580197.jpg (619.33 KB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20190902-112315_Bra…)

What's up with this thread over at /snow/?

No. 696188

the voice doesn't even sound like him unless he's doing a voice on top of using a voice modulator or some shit

No. 696189

Im going to call it now. They want people to talk about the AntiSouthernMovement to drown out the Sarah grooming. And then it'll be proven as fake and they can use it against the anti-o's as running with make up stories.

No. 696195

It's not that I don't believe that Greg doesn't have more secret channels that nobody knows about (yet), but I watched one of the videos and it kind of looked like a guy roleplaying being in a bunker.

The timing of rekindling the fire about revealing this channel is a bit too suspicious, like low effort bait. But if that's really Greg trying to shift the focus, I'm actually ok with it since in the end, he'll always shoot himself in the foot and make himself look even more stupid and horrible.
I don't recognize the voice as his either, so I don't see any connection there (yet), but given that so many patrons have jumped the ship (or rather been ordered to walk the plank), it might also be one of them revealing info.

I personally will loosely keep an eye on it since either it will be debunked or he'll ruin his rep even further. Maybe it might be helpful and could be put into context in the future.

No. 696196

I find the whole concept dubious. After watching Jimmy for so long there are some lines he would never cross; be it not for moral reasons but for ego related ones.
Jimmy won't allow himself to go to jail because he is afraid that he'll be raped.
He would never consider a blitz shooting because that will mean jail, or suicide by gun/cop. He's said in the past that he wants to leave a good looking corpse and there is no way he'd allow his looks to be destroyed in his final moments. And lastly the most obvious reason, he's just way too much of a bitch. For fuck sakes he goes out in public wearing a bullet proof vest and isn't willing to have a face to face confrontation. It's only once he gets home and behind his computer that he grows some balls. He'll just continue to emotionally abuse the people around him and beat up Julia until she falls apart.

No. 696197

I posted about this yesterday, this person was all over the KF trying to make their tinfoil happen and calling themselves former "troll"
There's absolutely no evidence to back this up, the farmers there told them as much too
We should take the same route and ignore this bullshit imo if they have more compelling evidence than this then we can talk

For now it's just pure autism

No. 696211


Literally no one is falling for this, nor will they ever, so you might as well give it up.

No. 696221


Tinfoil: he dropped his fake patreon accounts so that next year he'll be under their 1099 limit. Is now $500 under the required amount for patreon to report to the irs. He is still supposed to report any self employment, but likely thinks that no 1099 means it must be legal! Imo the next step will be changing his patreon to james Jackson in hopes irs can't find it

No. 696222

i'd be shocked if he even knew any of this and managed to plan ahead. He's an uneducated idiot.

No. 696225

File: 1567459824894.jpeg (115.68 KB, 1500x500, B49D189F-69DF-4A14-BA63-288CED…)

Lane just made this her header. Is this Greg or Lainey?

No. 696226

File: 1567459915733.jpeg (127.42 KB, 1125x723, 82A2623E-8A0D-4713-BE72-CD582F…)

Thanks Lane kek

No. 696228

based, made me chuckle.Poor old Grug is near begging.

No. 696230

>>"really wish things were better"

"Really wish we hadn't been caught"
FTFY Greg.

No. 696231

File: 1567460885156.jpeg (148.45 KB, 1125x668, 87A22259-124D-4FF4-B3CA-5ABDBD…)


No. 696232

File: 1567461460454.jpeg (118.84 KB, 1125x617, 6BACE413-9B50-4988-994B-A1BB1C…)

No. 696233


uh what are they even referring to here?

No. 696235

Who knows but it seems it’s all related to Greg.

No. 696237

they act like high school age girls with the memes and the inside joke references and the clown emojis and then i realize how old they are kek

No. 696238

He said it was the same payment as his previous car, about $600

No. 696239

The dick tweet was deleted.

No. 696240

so much pettiness and passive aggressiveness. it kind of annoys me … like… go to the police, stop attention seeking on younow and tumblr lmfao

No. 696241

If thats Gregs pillow talk with Sarah I dont know if I should feel creeped out or sad.

No. 696242

Let them do it. It gets under Greg's skin to be laughed at by a bunch of teenage girls.

No. 696243

File: 1567462600553.jpg (15.14 KB, 489x210, fasdfdfasgerg.JPG)

Seems like they are all posting in unison right now.

No. 696244

actually, you're right lmao

No. 696245

The anti southern guy sounds like Billy the fridge(Lolcow.farm/info)

No. 696247

Maybe greg has one of those extensions you put over your penis when it's too small

No. 696248


Dude, they're making a fool of him. It's great and SO much better than the silence Grugly is used to regarding his victim(s).

I hope they keep it up, keep wearing away at Gronk and his disgusting caveman brow.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 696249

He would have to unblock everyone

No. 696250

Yeah he always thinks that he's attractive to young girls and here those young girls are making fun of him for being so pathetic haha it's great.

No. 696252

I love what they're doing with the passive aggressive posting, that's what gets under Greg's skin.

No. 696253

Again using his family as a shield when in reality he couldn't give less of a fuck about them. He signed the oldest kid away for teen pussy and cheated on Foot when she was heavily pregnant with the second kid, he cares about his family only when it's convenient. I hope Lane doesn't fall for his cheap manipulation

No. 696256

Let them be petty. After all Sarah’s gone through she deserves it.

No. 696257

You're not the victim. Sarah is. Lane has been harassed by them too. Let them have their fun and annoy Greg.

No. 696259

Seems like they stopped the moment someone complained here. Hope they keep making fun of him.

No. 696260

Girls, keep making fun of his micro dick please

No. 696261

>ignores his children or yells at them
>signs away T to elope with B
>calls his husbandwife names and abuses her emotionally
>has cheated on his husbandwife not only once but twice
>gets rid of his animals when they need attention and care

"This is too much to put our family through."

Being called out for this is still the nicest thing to happen to him.

No. 696267

The KF poster, and I'm assuming this autistic snow poster is the same person, mentioned that niccimusic or whatever had commented on one of the videos. Hasn't she tried doing some shit like this before? I remember her being an autistic Onion humper and trying to post fake milk. When I saw that name I pretty much discounted it immediately besides that doesn't sound like Greg at all, he's made videos talking in that manner but that's definitely not his voice.

No. 696281

File: 1567473700744.png (27.28 KB, 320x343, 922019.PNG)

Onision has hidden his earnings but not the patron count.
Hes not worried about the dip in patrons but is worried about showing how much money hes lost.
Have 2 or 3 of his very high paying patrons jumped ship and he trying to hide it?
Last time he hid his Patreon earnings was Xmas last year. When he allowed it to viewed 2 months later he had lost over 1000 dollars.

No. 696297

Lmao 13 more Patreons, sounds fake to me. No one in their right mind would automatically sub to onision. Simply no one is that interested in him enough to spend their money. Funny to watch him squirm

No. 696298

File: 1567479444936.png (368.27 KB, 600x670, timetochangeagainforthe88thtim…)

It seems now it is ADULT ONLY. Poor Greg must have had a huge dip or a scare.

No. 696299

File: 1567479490888.jpg (62.92 KB, 734x650, whatevergreg.JPG)

I thought his pateron was supposedly already 18+ but I guess that was a lie?
How many underaged patrons will he lose if this is actually enforced, I wonder?

No. 696300

It seems like Sarah is on the right path to healing etc, and has good support. I think when she is in her early 20s in a few years she'll be able to actually fully heal because she'll be Kaifuck's age and will realize how fucking weird and gross it was to reach out to a young kid like that in the first place.

Imagine being a 22-year-old seeking friendship with a 15 year old. Kai is a product of Gerggy James but is 100% just as bad and pathetic. They're so fucking disgusting

No. 696301

This is how he's going to try to explain why he suddenly lost so many patrons. I bet.

No. 696302

jinx, anon!

But in other news, His lovedoll patreon still has Zero patrons, but he added a $1 tier for "uncensored Onision videos". Not sure when he added that.

No. 696304

Lol as if he would ever actually enforce this. What about his new girlfriend candy savvy?

And yes so is he admitting he was LYING about it being 18+ before???

No. 696305

lol how fucking lame do you have to be, to think you need to make your channel 18+?

You can talk about mental illnesses, evil dictators, genocides, politics, and even experimental art/music/movies without a content warning. Having a content warning pretty much specifically means you're either going to talk about either sexuality or transgressive art, and it's pretty obvious Greg is too fucking stupid to even know what transgressive art is. So that means the only "interesting" thing Greg has to talk about is his sexuality, which is gross and creepy, but I guess not terribly surprising considering that he is a predator.

No. 696306

He's trying to avoid comments against him about having an underage audience and manipulating them.

This way, when someone claims it, he can say that it isn't true 'because my Patreon is for adults only!'

No. 696307

Is Onion slowly taking the Trisha Paytas road to a sustainable income hahahah

No. 696308

I just watched the unlisted Patreon Change video.
So now with his NEW 18+ Patreon you get-
1. More organic cussing
2. Rubber nipples

No. 696324

File: 1567484971091.png (14.23 KB, 270x337, new goal.PNG)

>Making A Huge Change
I love how he rearranges the furniture in a burning house.

I was looking over his Patreon now that he "streamlined it" Didn't he say he was going to have another Patron Gathering this month because Mcfly and Blasian didnt enjoy themselves after Dev went psycho on everyone? Well now it looks like theres a catch. If his fans dont start pledging and get his patron numbers back up to 500 no one gets to come to the swamp.

No. 696355

That’s disturbing, why would anyone want to watch these type of videos? Is his Patreon stuff even interesting? It’s all the same to me

No. 696356

>I find the whole concept dubious. After watching Jimmy for so long there are some lines he would never cross.

Given his history (including his formative years) imo he's mentally unstable enough to be more than capable. Why do you think psych majors are using him as a study tool?

All 3 of these vids were uploaded this month within a few days of each other.

>He's really focusing on violence a lot lately.


He's so ass sore about being exposed with the truth that he had to make a video about "murdering" a "hater", then admits he's a sociopath, all because his ego got bruised by the internets? Given all his very public manchild ranting and raving it's puzzling why anyone thought it was a good idea to sell him firearms in the first place.

If these windows into his mind aren't raising serious red flags for anyone else, then they're not paying attention. As his mental health declines, I think his wife and kids could be in real danger. He's gone off the rails before but now he's taken it to a whole new level into a genuinely psychotic abyss. No mentally stable person would make videos like this as a "joke".

No. 696365


I'm tempted to donate $250 so I can go check out the swamp with a hidden camera and just see how bad everything is first hand.

However that would be cowtipping and I'd die before I'd give the onion any of my money.

I'm surprised he hasn't gotten his husbandwife to go out and get a job though. If he gets each of the girls he moves in to get jobs he could be rolling in so much more cash.

No. 696373

This post gives me flashbacks to Sam

No. 696375

>imo he's mentally unstable
>If these windows into his mind aren't raising serious red flags for anyone else, then they're not paying attention

Calling someone like him mentally unbalanced is really an understatement. The people who look at something like this like it's nothing are fucking blind.

No. 696377

A quote from Greg from his "Making A Huge Change (18+) video.

"I'm no longer going to try to be offensive when it's not logical. And I'm going to be naturally offensive or naturally triggering or naturally tits out when it actually makes sense, you know. So this shit's about to get real. This shit's about to get intense, okay."

No. 696384

Washington minimum wage is $12. All he needs is manwife and one other girl to work part-time and he’s already making more than he is on Patreon. cracks whip get to work bitches

No. 696385

>about to get real
So it wasn't real before? But Greg, you're the most honestest Youtuber in the history of ever! How could it be?

No. 696393

I agree with you there, the point I was trying to make is that I don't feel like a public shooting would be in the cards. Whatever he does, he needs to be in control. I think his family could be in danger but it's up to people in his life to step in. Too bad his family has accepted his behavior as normal and foot wife would put their children's mental and physical welfare at risk just so she can stay with him.(Learn how to sage)

No. 696394

has anyone noticed now Grug hid his income on patreon ? probably to hide the utter embarrasement from now earning even less than the minimum wage . either that or he's deffinitely lurking here and knowing we been talking about his income

No. 696396

Can any patron anons see if confirmed underage candy savvy is still on his patreon, I'm just curious

No. 696398

For the love of god learn to sage your non-milk please

No. 696409

Huh it's adult only now. He had a couple of 'sex education' videos with Julia on there. Guess my personal tinfoil of him grooming minors thru a sex doll check outs. Stay Classy Greaseballs

No. 696411

He won't enforce the over 18 only on his patreon. He was told candy was 15 and his excuse for keeping her was that her fucked up parents gave her permission. Several of his patrons were under 18.

No. 696417

But anons, she probably is "so mature" for an underaged fan, she can stay, of course!

Edited b/c I'm too dumb to quote correctly.

No. 696421

File: 1567524735503.png (267.84 KB, 538x864, chrome_SslQPciJxa.png)

The video that was posted was Greg's "This Girl Humiliated Me" video.

Side note: can the twitter anti o's shut the fuck up for once? no one cares that you feel victimized because people tell you to shut the fuck up because of your invasive and inappropriate questions. You look like you're whiteknighting Greg.

No. 696422

Of course he won't, he's making it "18+" because he's seen ProJared sexting young fans and people absolving him just because he asked for their age even though he had no way to fact check it.

It's a flimsy front, but it worked well enough for Jared, so: Pedo see, Pedo do.

No. 696423


So many red flags so early. I know people are annoyed that it seems like nothing’s being done, but at least Sarah and company aren’t keeping quiet about this the way the AvaHoes are. They’re hoping it’ll get brushed under the rug, but it really may not.

No. 696428

File: 1567528103235.jpeg (366.7 KB, 1125x1182, 64F0F543-44A5-4926-B5DA-D3A13B…)

No. 696429

Omg he's such a loser.
Make him beg Sarah!

No. 696430

File: 1567528738244.jpeg (150.51 KB, 1125x656, AA99A0E3-0B8B-419A-9516-841899…)

No. 696431

File: 1567528766382.jpg (60.7 KB, 1073x198, Fjoakendn.jpg)

No. 696432

File: 1567528801493.png (44.07 KB, 1216x194, chrome_Rs9G9T83Bk.png)

uwu positivity will surely save my ass uwu
fuck off greg

No. 696433

File: 1567528947139.jpeg (206.69 KB, 1125x921, 01BEF414-36FE-4811-8073-FCE506…)

No. 696435

File: 1567529012471.png (62.75 KB, 1187x384, Screenshot_30.png)

No. 696437

File: 1567529210140.png (49.22 KB, 1208x226, chrome_v4BTnBWXhp.png)

No. 696438

File: 1567529234892.png (12.37 KB, 518x284, Sarah Stevie.PNG)

Is this in anyway about the Onision/Kai grooming or something separate?

No. 696440

He wasnt thinking about the kids when he signed his son away for teen pussy

No. 696441


He gets what he deserves.
You go girls! We do stand with Sarah, and we haven't forgotten about what he did to you and the other girls either.

Who was the tweet made by? Is it about SG from Greg's last stream?

No. 696442

This is separate. She's talking about the eoliveson admin, an anti-o Lainey and Sarah doxxed. Obviously, it was mostly Lainey's idea (since she was grooming Sarah) and the fault should lay on Lainey, not Sarah.

No. 696443

File: 1567529956354.png (75.15 KB, 1211x412, chrome_9npohp7xMg.png)

No. 696451

>We don’t want you to have a harder life either.
>Life for everyone can be rough. We’re in this together.
His wannabe cult leader proclamations/platitudes are beyond gross. The attempts at blurring personal boundaries when addressing them and making them feel as if his pain is somehow theirs or as if they should share his pain (implying shared fault/guilt) is so, so wrong and icky to put it mildly.
The young women outing his abuse to the world will move on from this shitshow and be fine in the end. Unlike Greg and his foot they have their whole lives ahead of them and, moreover, did nothing wrong. I’m glad they see through his creepy manipulations and faux concern, and have each other for support.

Is that someguy827?

No. 696453

I don't understand anyone's motive in attacking Sarah or in using evidence that she wasn't being groomed via a video that's scripted/directed when she was still a minor.

No. 696455

Being an idiot to shut Sarah up is probably the motive. Luckily, most people are supportive of Sarah to drown out naysayers. Hopefully she'll stay strong in spite of them.

No. 696457


> Is that someguy827?

No, it's another Stevie who like the other anon said was an admin on the eoliveson anti-onision tumblr blog. So, Stevie is someguy and the other Stevie (who is being referred to here) is the admin of eoliveson dot tumblr dot com.

No. 696458

Sarah just privated her twitter account.

No. 696459

We all know Greg's only concern is his dwindling patreon cash, he's likely claiming he needs that money to support his kids. and thats his ONLY angle. Which is retarded. You don't need patreon or youtube to support your kids. Go work at McDonalds and get Lamebot to do the same.

No. 696461

File: 1567533921658.png (146.39 KB, 602x514, SarahTwitter.PNG)


She's just posted this.

No. 696462

This is truly disgusting.

No. 696465

File: 1567533983821.jpg (64.95 KB, 750x438, EDjv7-IWwAEFHMC.jpg)

So much for being raped, huh Greg.

No. 696466

welp. there's the proof that Lainey was definitely involved sexually. No more denial, Lameo

No. 696467

File: 1567534077704.png (13.36 KB, 593x201, SarahTwitter2.PNG)

No. 696468

This was probably the day Greg sent sarah to the airport.

No. 696469

File: 1567534160979.png (141.16 KB, 604x617, SarahTwitter3.PNG)

Not sure where this places it on the timeline, but…

No. 696470

File: 1567534251463.png (48.23 KB, 1217x297, Screenshot_32.png)

I don't think this is from July this year. But regardless. I'm so sorry that you dealt with these assholes Sarah.

No. 696471

from a couple months ago… yet the first time they dated was only a month ago..

No. 696473

If this was right after sarah was "dumped" that means greg spent some time concocting his "rape" story after he realized sarah wasn't going to just forgive him and come back.
Every disgusting thing he does in on purpose. He's so gross. This may be the first time I actually WANT a larger youtuber to cover this so the entire world knows and wont let it get slipped under the rug.

Though honestly, I was really looking forward to him going public with his rape accusation because that would've been the icing on the idiot cake

No. 696476

Is there any possible way for him to ignore this? I’m trying to think of how he could circumvent this but I cannot.

No. 696478

I just wanted to point out the same.
So does this confirm that they had sex prior to "being in a relationship"?

It really rubs me the wrong way how Greg always claims that he has to be in love with the people he fucks, but he obviously just says make the other person feel special. He just wants to dip his crotch bump in.

Wait for this or Madame to go to court. Youtubers are going to jump onto it as soon as there's a legal case.

No. 696480

That’s his mo and any abuser’s mo. She didn’t do what he wanted (grovel to get back with him after he broke up with her to punish her) so he tried all sorts of different tactics to see what would get the right reaction out of her. He did the same thing with Billie where he would try to bully and threaten her or guilt her or make her think of the “good times” and how it could be good again if she just did what he said. It’s all fake though, none of the promises are true he will only go back to being a pos once she lets him.

I’m glad she’s seeing through his bs though. Good on her.

It’s also good she’s exposing his manipulations and everything she’s going through now. It will make it harder for him to keep trying and force him to be in lock down mode longer which is costly for him.

No. 696481


Possibly they did stuff without offically dating.

No. 696482


Greg: I did not have sexual relations with a teen.

Also Greg to an 18yo: I loved making love to you.

Also Greg: I have been raped.

No. 696485

>I loved you being around when you guys weren't fighting.

Oh no. Sounds like bad boy Lainey was fighting with Sarah after being bffs for years.

So Lainey got jealous again and started pushing Sarah out while Onion was getting to fuck two girls. I am shocked..

No. 696486

File: 1567535873882.jpg (26.73 KB, 794x243, 2019-09-03_14-38-07.jpg)

Teenage girls laughing at him must be bruising his ego but spilling milk too? I can't imagine how red that idiot must be right now.

No. 696487

Just a side note: either Groomin' Jimmy or Karla-Holmka-Kai deleted kai's vapid/predatory "would I date you" video that accidentally had the comments turned on from a few weeks ago.

I wonder if they removed it because it was further evidence they're both gross predators or because she was getting shit on with truth bombs in the comments

No. 696489

File: 1567536146261.png (367.75 KB, 496x495, when-two-lesbian-pillow-prince…)

>I loved seeing you satisfy Kai

Pillow Princess confirmed
Lainey laid there while Sarah ate her out. Greg would of worded it differently if both Sarah and Lainey were performing acts on each other.

No. 696490


Do we know where Lainey and Sarah having phone sex is on the timeline? If it was pre-relationship or perhaps during? I ask, because the ss could be proof that the Onions and Sarah were sexual and romantic prior an official relationship starting. No matter the case, fucking ew. I know Greg is trying to be romantic and sweet, but he comes across so needy and manipulative. Thanks for the bulimia, Grumpy.

No. 696491

So fucking proud of Sarah for not backing down or letting herself be walked over

No. 696492

File: 1567536340693.jpg (374.23 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190903-144339_Chr…)

Dropping confirmation for archive purposes - sexual before last month.

If Gerggy or Kaifuck try to say shit about Sarah they're going to look even worse because she was basically their ward. God this is great

No. 696493

File: 1567536394107.png (727.4 KB, 828x1792, CBAD0DEB-0B5A-4B30-B7B4-79AB48…)


Sarah also posted this:

No. 696494

yeah. I love how direct she's being. The guilt tripping must've really pissed her off

No. 696496


James Jackson probably “encouraged” her to, since he and Kaithot let it slip that Jimmy never goes down on her (all while expecting daily suk mi), so he left that part to Sarah.

Funnily enough, when he actually wanted to eat someone out, Billie, by having her sit on his face, she said no and he would also just make out with her while pounding his manwife. Sarah really was just a cheap B replacement, and now they both got away from him.

No. 696497

I feel like this is the first time we've had a victim of Greg's actually give information straight out instead of pussy-footing around with it. But Really if she wants Greg to stop contacting her she would start posting all of his messages straight up. It's not illegal to share messages sent to you. So there's really no reason not to. She shared one already.

No. 696498

She isn’t a pillow princess she just doesn’t like women. Do you think she puts in no effort with Greg? No I’m sure she does anything he asks for.

That’s a surprise to 0 people but I am surprised Sarah and co are calling Lainey Kia and using male pronouns. I’m not trans but if there’s a lot of sex with a very female part of you wouldn’t that be triggering? Maybe it’s a social transition like they were talking about for kids that are struggling with gender identity but idk.

No. 696499

Jimmy's trying to do some damage control behind the scenes and trying to manipulate Sarah but those tactics have officially lost their power. Good for Sarah. The moxy she's shown recently is impressive.

No. 696501

File: 1567536780023.jpg (11.86 KB, 320x337, 7b2.jpg)

meanwhile in the onion palace.

No. 696502

He clearly underestimated Sarah. And I'm glad for that.

No. 696503

Where's the source on Greg not going down on Kai?

No. 696504

meh, I think Lainey has legitimately convinced herself she wants to be a guy (even if its only because she likes the aesthetic) but wanting to dress like a guy and wanting to be sexually a guy are very different things. Its easy to dress a certain way and ask people to call you by different pronouns, but its not as easy to stop taking it in the vag and take it in the ass instead.

No. 696505

lmao getting head from sarah and just lying there and taking it
probably calls herself a sub because she's lazy in bed

watching videos of actual FtM trans people on YT, they talk about having sex makes them very dysphoric because it involves their vagina - a body part they feel they're stuck with

lainey's not trans. she mistakes her hatred for her saggy milkers as "dysphoria" when in reality, she doesn't want a dick, or and a quote, "a burly man voice"

No. 696506

File: 1567536991576.png (34.63 KB, 613x248, b.png)

No. 696507

>I am surprised Sarah and co are calling Lainey Kia and using male pronouns

I think they are trying to be respectful and doing it for the same reason I do when having conversations with stans of theres. If you use anything other than Kai or he/him they latch onto that and the conversation goes down hill. Ive found it best to be respectful about names/prounous and not insult their looks, the fans sometimes can be swayed.

No. 696508

I can hear Complainey sobbing into her binders from here.

I'm having some trouble on this too. I wouldn't put it past Greg to be a selfish lover but I think he's said stuff about liking to 69. That could have been bull shit to draw in the teenies or maybe there's something he finds repulsive about Kai's pussy in particular.

No. 696509

i've seen the video, but i forget the name of it. she has a bunch of hickeys in the video which they kept referencing, and they go to great wolf lodge, and they were talking about oral, and she says, "well maybe if you did it more often"

No. 696511

No doubt Greg's excuse is that he doesn't want to trigger her dysphoria, but that would be a legitimate concern in most cases. Lainey has always insisted upon how severe her dysphoria is.

No. 696512

What's the relevance?

No. 696513

This is revolting on so many obvious levels. also shows Greg is a morally bankrupt psycho incapable of valuing anyone beyond what they can give to him sexually. Not that we didn’t already know that but it’s disgusting how he can’t process the emotions a young teen in this situation may be going through, he only cares about having his threesome fantasy. He’s so autistically hung up on that and will clearly stop at nothing to get it, it’s fucking gross. Just hire a sex worker at this point instead of grooming underage girls for your retarded fetish. There’s more to life than what’s happening in your bedroom. He physically can’t understand that, that’s a huge red flag.

No. 696514

I wouldn't be surprised if they've been having sex since the day of her birthday judging by her reply. I'm so glad she's fighting back even though he's trying to pull even more shady shit in private.

No. 696516

It’s unclear but some of the other girls who are in the snake squad were liking it and because she tweeted this when everyone else was putting Greg on blast it might be related. Tinfoil but I think it has to do with using the kids as a shield against criticism all while pretending to care about them like these tweets were about:


I didn’t post the original cap but it’s fair to assume they had a similar experience with Greg and Lainey so maybe it has something to do with them.

No. 696517


No. 696518

Oh I think you're right, thanks anon.

No. 696520

File: 1567538934922.png (393.61 KB, 518x999, Capture _2019-09-03-16-28-48.p…)

lol Sarah's reply

No. 696521

File: 1567539244212.png (288.39 KB, 1200x1658, Screenshot_33.png)

No. 696522

The silence from groomionswamp is so satisfying.

On the other hand, I'm kind of waiting what kind of response he will make, if any. Will he still accuse Sarah for being rapist (with some kind of mention that people with BPD are often rapists), will he go all victim mode (Lainey and kids are crying!!) or will he say he'll sue (good luck on that)

No. 696524

I hope he goes full narc rage like he did after Billie left so they can laugh at him more.

No. 696525

He will a bit because of his chances of having Taylor Elaine Kai Jackson Avaroe of Gig Harbor Washington get more underage girls to fuck them both is dwindling to nothing. They don't willingly go to him. He has to have his bitch ass wife get girls for him.

Now it won't be a full on billie-esque narc rage because he didn't lust after sarah. She is not his manic alt pixie girl like billie was.

No. 696527

He’s such a coward for weaponizing his kids like that when he clearly didn’t care about the consequences of sleeping with the freshly legal teen that he groomed.

He is simply trying to do damage control and shut Sarah up.

I hope this doesn’t keep Sarah from speaking out and holding him accountable. She’s done a really good job so far.

He isn’t in a position to publicly rage. Billie was someone he “accidentally” fell for while he was generously trying to let his wife explore her sexuality but this is sleeping with a teen that he knew for a long period as a child (and had apparently set the expectation of a relationship in the future when she was a child) after a pattern of soliciting young girls to his house to have a third when Lainey was vocally against having a third. He has no legs to stand on and knows even his young fans will be smart enough to see what he was doing was wrong. Also Sarah seems like she has a good strong personality and will not take his shit which is really nice and probably scares him.

No. 696529

>Again using his family as a shield when in reality he couldn't give less of a fuck about them.

I couldn't be happier that this waterhead cunt is finally getting dragged for the "ur attaking muh famurly" retaliation tactic. Nobody gives a fuck Grug, most of all you because you just can't keep your tard like hypersexuality in check. Maybe start being a real Dad to your kids instead of a Sugar Daddy to dumb teens you sick fuck.

No. 696530

File: 1567540821741.jpg (12.34 KB, 800x127, 2019-09-03_16-01-14.jpg)

Wonder what the cunt said to her.

No. 696532

Just spill everything you can Sarah (except if it interferes with the case or something)

No. 696533

She may just be going through the motions of realizing that the two people she loved only used her for their personal gain and never truly loved her. It's all apart of the healing process. It'll be a long one but it'll be so worth it in the long run. They never deserved her or the other girls they've harassed.

No. 696536

My guess is he used her home life against her? I know he told Madison and Plainey that they deserved to be raped.

No. 696537

He probably berated her and ripped her to shreds, like he always does. What better way to keep someone silent than to totally degrade them and make them feel worthless (Billie- piece of shit loser drug addict who smelled bad and dropped out; Madison - terrible mom whore cheater who always overstayed her welcome and nauseated Greg just by looking at him; Sam - creepy touching Greg without him wanting it and having weird dreams about having his baby, overstepping boundaries; Adrienne - slut, dirty vagina)

No. 696538

And Maya the "liar with brain damage".

No. 696539

Oh yeah and Ayalla had brain damage too so that means her memories were unreliable and Ayalla and Madison were the REAL predators trying to sleep with Sarah. Funny how everyone around him seems to have an unreliable memory

No. 696540

The hurt of what's been exchanged so far is probably sinking in. These were two people she was trained to be in love with and please from a tender age, and she thought they would have had her back too. The fact that Greg is projecting his guilt on to her must sting, especially when he's tried to use his kids as a defense, and then Pedobot isn't saying anything at all. She's letting Sarah be harassed by her psychotic grinch of a husband.

No. 696541

File: 1567541660677.jpeg (57.04 KB, 1125x210, F815C075-D3A4-49DF-AE85-736A02…)

No. 696542

File: 1567541751025.jpeg (122.26 KB, 1125x732, 0F89F7AD-E5DF-47A0-B026-0F48B7…)

No. 696544

Greg's thoughts (probably): on one hand I've been outed as a liar again, on the other, yeah we fucked. sunglasses emoji

Waiting for the future flip flopping on how he's a stud, a good guy, and a rape victim.

No. 696545

Let's also bear in mind that when Greg was trying to prove how he's such a good person compared to other people Billie knew, he had the nerve to bring up a very private, very traumatizing incident she'd experienced with someone else. Sarah eluded to having a similar experience in het livestream, hence why she's not getting the police involved. Greg might have brought that up to her.

No. 696546

Im 99% sure hes threathing her and this is her defence “you threathen me, i release shit”

No. 696549

Honestly, he could say she's a kleptomaniac and it would still reflect worse on him

No. 696550

James is a retard if he does that. So he potentially releases info that instigates Sarah's homelife not being great? Oh wow, let's feel bad the predators grooming victim has a complicated past. What a boner killer.

No. 696551

there's no possible way he can NOT look bad in this situation

No. 696553

>yeah we told a 16 year old she was next in line to date us BUT SHE HAS BPD!!!
He's better off staying silent.

No. 696554

So weird that everyone around him is an “unreliable” witness but somehow all tell the same story about him being abusive and manipulative in a consistent way. It must be a coincidence.

I don’t know what this means exactly but good.

Is this the first time he’s acknowledged something is wrong? Has anyone checked in on his other accounts lately? From what I can tell all he’s been doing is posting regular stuff and ignoring everything that’s going on. I don’t want to burn anyone’s eyes but he’s continuing to post lewds on his Instagram.

No. 696555

it's so nice to be here for his and the manwifes true downfall. disgusting, grooming pieces of shit. it's insane how his obsession with sex has shaped his whole life, shame that the kids and obviously his victims had to be dragged in this way. he's like an incel that gets sex but is still totally focussed on it and hates women.

No. 696556

File: 1567542867200.png (66.19 KB, 594x364, time to hide.png)

Yeah Greg, keep on telling yourself that it's the fans that wanted you to keep private. Clearly the reason he's staying in the shadows is because of Sarah's tweets.

No. 696557

what a pussy LMAO

No. 696559

Any anons got screenshots of the compelling arguments?

No. 696560

did the most honest youtuber make a false rape accusation?

No. 696561

They were mostly
>it keeps the haterz away

No. 696562

Thought as much. God forbid his horny weirdo fans had to read any desenting comments against their fav sponsored pedo.

No. 696563

Funny thing is, the haturz can still reply to them without following him. His fans are truly idiotic.

No. 696564

File: 1567543635775.png (24.43 KB, 597x281, ChildGroomerTwitter1.PNG)

He's so fucking disgusting.

No. 696565

File: 1567543639730.png (998.85 KB, 1092x1882, chrome_qNnxHN8IKV.png)

lol get fucked greg.

No. 696566

how they can do any of this shit without drugs or alcohol, stone cold sober is beyond me

No. 696567

They're not human, that's how.

No. 696568

File: 1567544396529.jpg (17.48 KB, 739x156, sopositive.JPG)

i scrolled back (and had to scroll forever because he tweets ALL DAY LONG) and exactly 2 weeks ago today was when he was sperging about Pewdiepie's expensive wedding.
And the day before he was reeeeeing about the haturz.

So he's been fake positive for 2 WHOLE WEEKS. someone give him a goddamn medal.

No. 696569

It looks like you cropped it out but below this was lane’s tweet about onision not considering his kids before grooming a child (and using them to try to keep Sarah quiet)

Good to see she’s supporting too. They both went through a horrible experience having known Greg and Lainey.

No. 696572

I feel so, so bad for Sarah.
Imagine the state she must be in, realizing that the only people she thought of as a family have groomed and conditioned her to be a nurse for their children and a sex toy who is always available when they want sex. I wonder if she was also expected to clean the house and cook.
They promised her safety and a new start far away from a broken home, and lured her into the next broken and abusive home.

Please stay strong, girl, and don't let Lainey and Gregory Avaroe aka Kai and James Jackson get under your skin! There's nothing to be ashamed of, you didn't do anything wrong - it's their fault.

>So weird that everyone around him is an “unreliable” witness but somehow all tell the same story about him being abusive and manipulative in a consistent way. It must be a coincidence.

And even Lainey chimes in and says he's verbally abusive and manipulative. Oh gee, I wonder if she's also suffering from a bad memory or is telling lies, even though Greg actually admitted it himself. Makes ya thunk.

Thank god. We don't need him back on twitter. Let him stay private forever and ever.

It's absolutely beyond me how anyone can still support Greg after this. How desperate and blind can people be?
>>696567 makes me think whether there are just these 5 true hardcore fans of his while the rest is a horde of sockpuppets, and that's the real reason why he's so busy "working all day": maintaining his 200 fake accounts, making them seem somewhat real and tweeting at himself all day. kek

No. 696573


Kek. Sure Jimmy. Only a narc would find the silver lining to the cloud of pure disgust and animosity everybody is sending his way.

No. 696574

Thank god. No one wants to read your retarded bullshit Jimmy. As long as he's private he's even more irrelevant.

No. 696575

File: 1567544679418.png (58.52 KB, 1077x303, Screenshot_35.png)

James Jackson sure does know what it means to be nice in person. /s

No. 696576

NTA, but I'd say the exact same thing I write here. But "brutal honesty" doesn't too sit well with him, I guess.

No. 696578

in person? like calling them a loser, cunt, etc? Cause we all know that is how he treats people in person. And not just people, but the person he claims to love above everyone.

No. 696579

Kek. Greg is an exception then. He lovebombs Lainey whenever they're both in trouble and then constantly berates her on and off camera.

No. 696583

Honestly, I can't fucking wait for his kids to grow up and one of them to come public on the internet about this madness

Like hopefully Lainey doesn't fail to protect them and let them get diddled, but I want to hear from them what happened in that house and horrible environment for a child to grow up with a dysfunctional, potential pedo and narcissistic parent.

No. 696584

Sarah if you’re reading this don’t let this manipulate you. He uses the line “be human” all the time to manipulate people. He said it to Skype back in the day when they were divorcing and she rightfully was requesting alimony to get her to give up the money. You can’t be reasonable with the unreasonable. He’s taking advantage of people’s habit of thinking that people feel the same way that they do but if he really is a narc or something close to it he doesn’t have the same sympathy you might have for him despite how much he fucked you over.

He didn’t think it was a good idea to “be human” and not attack over the internet when it came to Billie and others and he only is saying this now because he’s the one that’s coming under fire (rightfully this time).

Please don’t fall for this. He will try to make himself seem pitiful and hurt but it’s just an act to get you to back down and leave him alone.(omgz if you are reading this...)

No. 696585


That creepy-ass video was sponsered. I saw a post on Twitter where someone was calling out all recent sponsers of Lainey's and tagging them, I wonder if the post caused that company to pull their sponsership which is why the video was deleted?

No. 696587

She's probably struggling a lot too when Greg mentions the kids (and knowing she'll never see them again) because realistically, she was the one who raised them for years. She spent her childhood being the second mom to these kids, which makes all of this even more fucked.

No. 696588


Guys & gals, can you check that you're the first posting a tweet because it's getting tiring having to read the same thing 5+ times.

No. 696589

can you learn how to sage?

No. 696590

What Sarah and the other girls are doing right now is the perfect way to get back at Greg, if court is not in the cards. His online reputation is the only thing that is actually of value to him and seeing it brought down even further by a group of strong young women is most likely tearing him completely apart. Especially when he has no way to excuse his behavior this time, and seemingly no way to 'justify' it to his fans.

Sarah posted tweets that make me concerned for her well being mentally, but I am sure that the rest of the girls are there for her to help her process this. I just hope that they realize when the appropriate time is to stop roasting Onision and pay attention to how she's feeling instead.

No. 696591

Yeah, and he has the gall to use them against her like he even cared about them. Honestly, get fucked Greg. I hope you die alone.

No. 696592

She should just fully expose him, so he won’t be doing rbis to other girls. He obviously cares little about his kids, when he’s doing toxic stuff like this. He already ruined his family by acting like a maniac, and Lainey pretending to be trans. Do you know what damages this brings to the kids? A lot. Like he’s in so much debt and never had a good reputation. Plenty of people are in Sarah’s side, only a few stans here and there.

No. 696596

ohhhhhhhh yeah

No. 696597

>most people don't know who I am in the real so when Im an asshole in public they just shrug it off kindly

>social media isnt a good place to argue unless you're me or you're one of my ass lickers doing it for me. Remember - you can't take the lolita flight unless you white knight

>Stop name calling unless it's me. Most everyone knows I have legit reasons to call people names and that cunt Kai backs me up all the way.

No. 696598

Oh boy. Loving this attitude. I hope she continues to not let herself get intimidated.

No. 696599

File: 1567545948913.jpeg (187.78 KB, 1125x844, 9D7A31FF-128A-40D3-A1AA-71E0C4…)

Don’t care if she does it legally or dumps it here, Greg and Lainey are about to get btfo.

No. 696600


I wonder if that's why comments weren't turned off on that one video. I wonder if sponsors micromanage their sponsored videos that way. If not, they should and this is a great example as to why.


Holy shit. How far did your stomach drop when you read that Gerg? lol

No. 696603

What did that post say? It's gone now

No. 696604

No. 696605


All I want for Milkmas is for Sarah to dump all of the texts somewhere somehow

No. 696606

Imgur? yeah, he'd be FUUUUUUCKED lmao

No. 696607

File: 1567547487879.png (196.29 KB, 338x500, zdDWEC0.png)

No. 696608


That would make sense as apparently comments bring up a video's engagement which would probably make it more visible in YouTube's algorithm.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 696609

Sounds like to me he’s bating for Sarah to talk to him in person, so he can groom her much more. Best to stay away from the abuser as much as possible. Absolutely disgusting, he’s only doing this to control Sarah. With the gas lighting, bringing her down. Disgusting

No. 696610

I'm interested in what kind of text she got when she was only 14

No. 696612


you seem to forget he thinks sex workers and even women with many partners in general are'' whores who deserve to be raped'' .not only that but he's too broke to pay somebody. he is an incurable incel/hebephiac/virgin fetishist in line with other pedophiles and sex deviants who will risk their freedom in order to fulfill their despicable sex acts . their whole life is focus only on hedonism without regard of hurting other people . its a mental disease

No. 696613

i wonder if this was the time when sarah and lainey had matching headers, lainey would never post billie unless they were on good terms

No. 696614

Well Sarah was there for the holidays.

No. 696615

No. 696616

File: 1567550897728.jpeg (140.47 KB, 1125x507, B2CCA1A7-B852-4416-B981-B41890…)

Whatever Greg did today, he really pissed her off.

No. 696618

File: 1567550963257.jpeg (189.44 KB, 750x1334, 2619300D-B20D-42ED-AE26-EA0F89…)

Oh shit

No. 696620

i cant believe we're seeing a round 2 (3? 5? 25?) of "lainey is crying" being dragged out as an excuse, oml. when will he understand that he's tanked her reputation as much as his own? the last thing sarah posted makes lainey look just as bad, it takes some cojones to quintuple down on the usual trick now that he's being called out for it preemptively.

No. 696621

Sarah was 16 when the movie theatre incident happened. Greg you truly are an idiot.

No. 696622


Jfc Greg get a new template response to these girls. You said the same shit to all of them. THEY JUST CANT HELP BUT WANT YOU UWU

No. 696623

File: 1567551287711.jpeg (99.19 KB, 1125x270, 89AADDC2-AA07-4C99-8FD5-3035D8…)

Meanwhile on his Twitter. He’s obviously breaking.

No. 696625

"uwu lainey's anxiety!! she's crying!!" i'm telling you, lainey seriously pisses me off more than greg with this pathetic, whiny, doormat, hiding behind her anxiety bullshit
grow a pair of balls

No. 696626

so not to be unnecessarily morbid, but what's the over/under on him actually snapping and going triple-murder-suicide because of this? is this going to be the final low? we've seen him take so many huge blows already, but never at such low power. this feels like karmatic repayment for the wetlands thing ending with such a fizzle.

betcha he's watching here like a hawk too.

No. 696627


goading her into a response just like he did with adrienne.

No. 696628

Sarah does not have to accept that she was used and manipulated Shregg. She's allowed to have an emotional response to being fucked over and she doesn't have to immediately get over it and compartmentalize just because that would be more convenient for you.

No. 696629

yUr hUrTiNg ThE kIdS!!!!!

YOU hurt Sarah, you waterheaded caveman faced predator, who was dead-ass a kid herself. Let's not pretend for one fucking second you give any fucks about children, least of all your own.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 696630

She was 16 at the time of the movie theater incident. GG JJ

No. 696631

Sarah is hurting the kids because she doesn't want to jump on his micro peen.

Mkay Gregory Avaroe James Jackson, you need to find a better template. This one has run its course.

No. 696632

File: 1567552466082.jpg (192.81 KB, 1075x561, Screenshot_20190903-171425_Chr…)

No. 696633


What incident?

No. 696634

How is she hurting the kids? She hasn't said a word about them

No. 696635

Because she has the audacity to come forward about the abuse she was put through at the hands of the Onions, which he views as disrupting his livelihood.

He's using the kids as a shield, which he always tries to do.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 696636

In the livestream she mentioned that when she was 16, Greg, Lainey, Billie, and her went to a movie theater and watched a movie together. The trinity started cuddling, Sarah got uncomfortable and confused, Greg noticed took her back home and told her that she meant a lot to Lainey and that it wasn't a triangle, it was really a square. I'll try to find a clip.

No. 696637

Can Onision stop dragging his own children into this to use them as meat shields? Sarah has every right to realize she's a victim of child-grooming and to speak out against her abusers. Just as well, Kainey isn't a victim either. What is she crying about? She wasn't the one lured into an abusive home by a best-friend-turned-poa to hop on her scaly husband's tiny dick. Sarah was. Lainey had a thousand chances to leave. She had several years to call it off with Sarah.

It's not about Greg's refusal to make out with Sarah at a movie theater, which by the way is some scumbag shit to do in the presence of a kid. He still instilled hope in her that something was going to happen with her someday, a fact which he has yet to deny.

No. 696638

Unfortunately, she's not wrong. Any child exploitation expert or child psychologist can tell that this was a classic case of grooming, but not every form of abuse is covered under the law.

Greg is disgusting, but I think I'm almost even more disgusted with kainey for some reason. I genuinely hope they get their kids taken away one day.

No. 696639

If you don't want your ugly wife and your kids to be hurt then stop being a sexual predator of teenage girls, you dumb fuck

No. 696640

I think this behavior is more disgusting coming from Lainey because she's the bait. By now, she should be aware that Greg is just keeping her around for his own ulterior motives and not because he loves her. With Billie, considering it was their first attempt at a "trinity," it makes sense how she couldn't see the signs as clearly. But after Luxymoo, Beck, and Maya, she's legitimately stupid if she stayed blind. She's evil if she could see all the red flags and still let her husband abuse them. Add to the fact that they manipulated and seduced an actual child.

I hope she drowns herself in all those tears.

No. 696642

>and the kids
Why do the kids even know about this? You can explain things like the deaths of relatives or divorces to kids in a way that protects them from unnecessary pain. This is rhetorical, of course we already know the answer it's because he's a pathetic idiot who will use children as a shield, and because he doesn't see them as separate entities from himself because he's a fucking narc.

He stacks so many logic leaps and fallacies on top of one another that he sneaks shit past you just by the sheer volume - it happens in all of the debates, people end up arguing dumb shit with him because every statement he makes is riddled with so much stupidity that you end up accidentally accepting some of it. If it were the only stupid thing in the statement it'd stick out like a sore thumb, but in a sea of stupidity it gets obscured.

Right? Watched a doc on Susan Powell recently and the parallels between him and josh Powell are seriously concerning.

No. 696643

she did leave him once because of the billie saga. i wonder if there are other times she tried to leave him that we don't know about?

No. 696645

The kids will literally not be affected by this situation. Greg literally ruined himself on the internet and they have to live with that fact. Everyone already hated him before Sarah. If worse comes to worse, the kids will be taken away and will be given to Lainey’s parents. Which is possibly the best situation from them to get away from the toxic situation from groomers.

No. 696646

I think he’s aware that she’s publishing their current texts and is trying to speak out through his communication with her. That’s why he’s putting this bs story about Sarah hurting Kai and the kids because big mighty Greg sexually rejected her.

He can’t directly attack her and try to suggest that she’s a spurned girl lashing out at them like he’s done with practically every other girl he’s screwed over. So he does it here.

It’s a weak story at best. You still groomed a child.

No. 696647

File: 1567554792586.jpg (35.1 KB, 1280x720, lol b mad.jpg)

lmao. Telling the truth about all his lies, bullshit and pedo behavior is "causing damage" to his family gais. Because ya know, it's not like he hasn't been doing that since his fucking kids were born or anything.

No. 696649

It doesn't matter what he says. He's a retard for thinking anyone with 2 brain cells is going to take him seriously or believe him over Sarah. The truth is already out and he's such a fucking simpleton he thinks he can cover his ass by playing stupid. He truly is a dumb stupid ass.

No. 696650

Why should Sarah care about someone else’s child? These aren’t her kids that she’s raising. Literally these kids are unaffected by this, only damaged of what onision did to himself.

No. 696652

Let me get this straight, hes trying to spin the situation to Sarah being upset because he “rejected” her when she was 16 while watching a movie or is this a recent event that happened when she was of age?

No. 696654

I mean she did take care of them, she might genuinely like them and he knows that and is using that against her.

No. 696655

jesus, it's so gross to think that she basically grew up with them. They might see her as a big sister. He is totally using them against her.

No. 696656

I could be misremembering so if any OG's are here chime in, but didn't he pull this very same shit when Sarah left the first time? He gaslit BOTH Billie and Sarah, made up some shit about Sarah being salty because, according to him she got rejected.

No. 696657

How do we know she was 16 when the theatre thing happened?

No. 696658

They are young. those kids will get over not seeing sarah again. Onion is worried about his internet career and nothing more.

No. 696659

>He is totally using them against her.
Doesn't matter. He doesn't give a shit about his kids anyway and he's proven it time and again with his own actions. If anything Sarah's doing those kids a favor here.

No. 696660

Ew no one wants his greasy bun . How narcissistic does he have to be to think that he’s valid enough to reject people. When people themselves reject him.

No. 696662

He did freak out when Lane came forward to say she had texts from Sarah about them all being in a relationship together so yeah he basically threw her out for wanting to be with them and talking to Lane about it… which is especially fucked up now knowing that these conversations WERE happening and she was talking to a friend about it and got thrown out and returned to her chaotic homelife as punishment

No. 696663


oh absolutely they'll get over it, but I'm just saying he's trying to bank off of sarah maybe not being over it.

However the bridge has been reduced to ashes, sarah isn't going back to grease manor

No. 696664

Sarah was the nanny of Onision's children. Having spent so much time with them, it's very highly likely that she grew attached to them and felt like they were her family. It doesn't matter if the kids will miss her, she will miss them and feel that loss. I don't know why people are implying she will just be 'ditching' them without any emotional repercussions.

And because children are innocent, Greg has found his chance to guilt Sarah into silence and submission using someone that can't be 'fought' against. It seems that she is very aware of the fact that she did nothing to actually bring harm to them, so I hope that she continues staying strong.

No. 696665

Onion's kids are not Sarah's fucking problem. Their James and Kai's problem. Have the kids went through as many spastic name changes as the Greaselords? Has that been explained to them, why their dipshit parents keep trying to shake former identities and associations? How sad that they no longer have a nanny. The kids probably hate their Dad already and miss the nanny.

No. 696667

Because Billie was involved. Sarah was sixteen when Billie was around.

No. 696668

A big sister that fucked mom and dad. Ew.

There's obviously some sort of sexual compulsion with Greg, Lainey or both going on if they haven't noticed 3 is a crowd, doesn't work and keep making the same mistakes over and over again expecting different results.

To be fair, I think Lainey is the grossest of them all. I just see that she's trying to emulate masculinity, instead of BEING a man, and it's really cringy. It's more like she's a drag queen than a trans person.

Imagine these two in a bedroom together in a sexual scenario. I hope Sarah is not fucked for life for having slept with them when she's being forced to give head to a literal soy boy drag queen and this psycho. I'd start a go-fund me for her therapy, for real.

No. 696669

He likes to throw that sort of game. Have past events brought up with current and try to get the girls confused.
He tries to debate until the other person is exasperated and just gives up the fight.

Don't give in Sarah. You got recipts, we got recipts.. let's share and bury both their asses. Those kids would be better off with her parents over Greg and Kai. They always have a scheme to get new girls. That's a bad environment for those kids. You lived a bad childhood, help those kids get a better one. Kai is too weak and selfish, and you know Greg has thrown them to the side before and will again.

No. 696670

Sarah will probably miss the children, but the children will forget about her. It’s best to move on. The kids will have a happier life when they’re with kais parents.

No. 696672

File: 1567555930655.jpg (47.13 KB, 604x453, truth.jpg)

>Onion is worried about his internet career and nothing more.

lol "career". Professional internet sperg? No even spergs have more dignity.

No. 696674

Yes that's right, I remember that now. Thanks anon.

No. 696675

Those poor kids probably rarely socialise with kids their own age. They can't see Madison's daughter anymore. Heck, all the girls that visit are probably like new friends to the kids. The Onions are a terrible fucking family unit. You'd think since he laments about his childhood so much he'd try to give his kids the best. He literally signed Trot away for a 19yo. He has been actively seeking trinity members since Clot was forming in Kai's womb. James' entire family is dysfunctional because he has no impulse control over wanting to fuck teens.

No. 696676

He's an even bigger piece of shit than I thought, using kids he doesn't give a fuck about as leverage to try and silence Sarah and keep the truth from coming out. He belongs in a padded cell.

No. 696677

I really do hope that the children have the best of their lives. Honestly with onion boys grooming, he really does needs to go to prison. Who knows how many other girls he’s talking to. Probably plentiful more, that don’t want to speak out, due to the burning dumpster fire he is. Hopefully kai wakes up and take the kids away and raise them rightfully so, with the help of his parents, or if not themselves.

No. 696679

Omg. Yes. She just needs to take a hundred screenshots and post them and end it once and for all. I had a very bad ex-boyfriend situation once and this was the only way to fix it. But it's embarrassing and traumatizing as fuck to post all your dumb responses to this guy, so it might take her a while to heal enough to handle going through all of that. It's good to know she has that much evidence, though.

No. 696680

>James' entire family is dysfunctional because he has no impulse control over wanting to fuck teens.

It goes well beyond impulse control. He's completely fucked in the head, totally out of touch with reality, then tries to gaslight others to control theirs. If Kainey had ANY mothering instinct at all, she'd get her kids out of there before it's too late.

No. 696682

I have to respectfully disagree. If Sarah decided to drop all the screenshots, I hope it's not all in just one dump. Greg and Lainey don't deserve to have the band-aid ripped off. That's more mercy than they deserve. I'd rather Sarah post the screenshots slowly over a long period of time, assuming she's emotionally and mentally up to the task in either scenario. Ultimately, she deserves nothing but support no matter what she does with those texts.

No. 696683


It's pretty obvious Lainey enjoys it just as much as Greg.

No. 696685

I think she should consult a lawyer before doing anything major. She is dealing with a severely mentally unhinged manchild after all.

No. 696686

It would make it easier on Sarah, though. Just doing it once and being done with it rather than maybe stopping halfway through for some reason. How much Lainey and Greg suffer should be secondary to the full truth coming out.

No. 696687

I agree, dumping them all at once while all eyes are on Greg would be great.

No. 696688

This could be an entirely different incident though.. it has no date on it and by the sounds of things these are texts she’s receiving today

No. 696689

People tend to forget stuff easily, if she keeps dragging it, people will become disinterested. She needs to dump it all at once, either that or/and report it to police if she likes to.

No. 696690

True. Her mental illness prevents her from taking proper care of her kids. They're both child groomers.

No. 696692

The texts were from today but that doesn't mean he's not recalling a past event.

No. 696693

Don't get me wrong. I agree that Sarah's mental health needs to come first before seeking revenge, especially in the long-term. I just meant that if her mentality was in top condition for it, it would be better to just take it slowly so that Lainey and Greg will have their days ruined. Like I said, it's up to her and she's the only one who can evaluate where her head is at right now.

No. 696694

From the sounds of onision, it’s really unlike him to reject a kiss, unless they’re a minor. Since earlier he admitted he gets turned on by Sarah x Lainey. Which is fucken crazy. Mental gymnastics at its finest.

No. 696695

Some people may get bored, but I doubt it would be the majority. No one is ever going to let Greg or Lainey live it down. It's more than just gossip or a scandal this time.

No. 696696

>I will bet you he’s talking to other girls.
Of course, that's how they all do it. People like that put on a nice show for the public, look at John Wayne Gayce: when his crimes were revealed all his neighbors were like "he was such a nice guy, made us laugh" etc. On top of that, he did a lot for charity, a lot in his community, was active politically. On the SURFACE, he was a model citizen. It was all an ACT.

No. 696697

It really doesn't matter if this happened recently or when she was 16. The fact is that that it should of NEVER happened and the only reason it did is because Jimmy and Lainey groomed her.

No. 696698

Talk of whether Sarah should go to authorities and how and when to dump milk should be banned. Stop shitting up the thread and scaring milk.

No. 696700

File: 1567557680818.jpeg (318.87 KB, 1242x2020, A3EDC29B-BD52-4446-BDDC-295E42…)

sorry for reposting(my icon was showing) but billie posting this, is hilarious

No. 696701

It honestly sounds like that "concerned mom".


I get the feeling that this is a dig at James Jackson kek. He's always obsessed with guns and Billie, and all of this stuff is going down. I wouldn't doubt if he's emailing her for supporting Sarah.

No. 696702

This, that way she could be done with it forever and move on with her life

Definitely slow is good. I'm just saying it's gotta be really hard for her to be the center of all this drama. She'll do it when she's ready. Luckily she has supportive and stable friends to help

No. 696703

Yeah, the way Sarah's doing it at the moment is fine. She's going at her own pace and we don't even have to rush her, Greg is doing it all on his own.

No. 696704

Exactly. Sarah has been doing fine going a steady, slow pace so far.

No. 696706

File: 1567558530089.jpeg (102.59 KB, 1242x816, 6F91EF4C-FA30-4251-AD63-08FB64…)

Sarah’s coming through with the receipts later!

No. 696710

File: 1567558649326.jpg (19.92 KB, 489x202, agwthetyjtyjrtyrtyjryku.JPG)

No. 696712

I appreciate the speed, but this is like the eighth time we've had a tweet posted multiple times and it wastes posts. Can ya'll please refresh the thread before posting a cap.

No. 696713

Oh man, Sarah Thanos snapping Greg is too good. Greg is forcing her hand all on his own, we just have to sit back, drink milk and support her. Billie's getting her digs in too makes it even better.


If he does, Billie might speak up to defend her. That whole thing with the "druggy family" was a bunch of bullshit.

No. 696714

I don’t know if this is related to what’s going on right now but if it is it’s great to see Billie standing with Sarah. I’m sure she has a lot of stories that didn’t come out when everything happened with her that would back up what’s going on with Sarah now.

It’s great to see they don’t have any bad blood between each other and can support each other against the real bad guys: greg and Lainey.

No. 696715

File: 1567558971716.jpeg (109 KB, 1242x827, 58CDF41D-8DCA-4F83-8E2D-96D45A…)

No. 696718

Or delete it after seeing it posted.

No. 696719

File: 1567559046262.jpeg (49.28 KB, 319x400, lyin ass.jpeg)

I can't with Cucksion pretending to care about his kids… pathetic.

No. 696720

No. 696721

Ignoring the fact that Greg was cheating on Lainey in front of her face whether she “agreed” to having a third or not, is this supposed to be an example of cheating that she didn’t know about?

No. 696723

I'm thinking it's an inside joke between the snake squad or it's a variation of the "shots fired" meme.

No. 696727

if she's talking about the recent New Mexico trip, that wouldve been after he "dumped" her, right?
Not sure when Lame went prior to this past week.

No. 696728


if you’re gonna delete the recent duplicates, at least delete the ones from earlier in the thread, fuckass.

No. 696729

The trip Kainey just took the NM? They fucked that recently? Damn. Of course Kainey doesn't have the self-respect/backbone to actually do anything about it anyway, cuckboy knows this.

No. 696730

i bet this spineless fucking retard does nothing about it and join's jimmy's reeing about how it was sarah and how she raped him
she's so fucking stupid

No. 696731

It's too late for a clean break. Lame's last chance for that was when Jimjams signed away his parental rights to get with Billie. If Lame had taken that and broke things off with Sarah, she wouldn't be so fucked right now. She probably wouldn't be on the hook financially for her dumbass husband's arrogance with destroying part of a swamp.

Billie smoking weed wasn't Lainey's "out". Those papers were. Dumbass.

No. 696732

I believe so dear anon. OR Jimmy Grease preemptively told Kai but ofc framed it as all Sarah's fault. Perhaps this is the "rape" he hilariously threw at the wall.

If his ugly cunt wife Kai felt betrayed or upset he just starts uwu-ing about he was raped and is the real victim. I guarantee that's how he spun it and like all his greasy shit, Kai loyally gargled and swallowed.

I feel horrible for Sarah and also weirdly proud of her

No. 696733

I can't wait to hear how Sarah made him cheat on Lainey. Knowing Lainey's passive aggressiveness, she probably demanded Sarah not be sexual with Greg until she got back from NM. It's never Ol' Jimmy's fault… and Lainey is stupid enough to blame everyone except her cheating husband.

No. 696734

I posted one screenshot and deleted it the moment I saw that someone else did, no other one. Report it if it chaps your ass so much.

She's not gonna give a shit. She's going to make up excuses to stay with him like she always does.

No. 696735

Onision managed to groom the most outspoken teen of them all lmao
Bet the rat bastard wasn't expecting this "betrayal" from his little victim

Get fucked James Jackson

No. 696736

Did he actually sign the papers? If she still has them,and gets them notarized by a lawyer, they might still be good.

No. 696737

It's great because he thought that Sarah would be the most passive and boring of them.

No. 696738

He overplayed his hand. When other girls left him they were in ruins. Shiloh, Billie, etc. He wore them down to nothing. Sarah got out and is still looking gorgeous and going on with her life working an actual job, furthering her education and making more of herself than Grease and Kai ever will. She's not exhausted of him the way the other girls were. She's just fed up with his shit. She's hurt but she knows how to fight back. Fuck him. He will never live this down.

No. 696739

Sarah is the BEST. This is how you slay an onion.

No. 696740

Who knows? The point is Lame's last chance to walk out with a half-decent reputation and finances was right when Gurg even put that shit on the table. She could have called his bluff and stayed gone.

No. 696741

If you attempt to post a self righteous message to Sarah on here, you will be banned.

If you want to screech about what Sarah should do, take accountability for scaring milk and take your ban.

If you're here because you're an ex-patreon, you're not welcome here, nobody cares and you will be banned.

This is the biggest happening since billiegate, so let's just all be chill and enjoy the onionslaying.

No. 696743

Literally no one besides anus cares about her doing coke. If he tries to use that against her, he'll fail

No. 696744

I second that notion,this is gold

No. 696745

Honestly only Onision and a handful of other people would care that she’s used drugs recreationally.. she’s young it happens. It doesn’t surprise me that they had sex while Lame was away I bet Greg initiated as well.

No. 696746

Damn straight

No. 696747

learn to sage

No. 696749

Exactly, all we have to do is sit and watch as Greg digs his own grave.

People experiment with drugs all the time, especially teenagers. He's an idiot kid that fell for the DARE stuff and hasn't stopped parroting it since then and makes himself look retarded when he does.

No. 696750

That's the funniest shit. He's literally sperging at teens for being teens

No. 696751

lol greg cant ignore this forever

No. 696752


If Onision feels like doing cocaine delegitimizes her in any way, he must have missed the part he groomed a teenager to have sex with him and his trans wife while they roleplayed some fucking hentai version of death note. This was a joke, but the dude traumatized her. She had a rough time with her family and then moved in with predators that exposed her to a very dysfunctional notion of what is love and how it is expressed like they have their children. If she did coke, IT'S UNDERSTANDABLE AND EXCUSABLE, CONSIDERING EVERYTHING.

I, too, would want to escape the memories of fucking them any way I could.

No. 696753

Yeah exactly, who gives a shit if she did cocaine? Drugs are fun, weed is legal now. Onision is out of touch with the kids if he thinks that anyone is going to give a single shit.

The fact she just outed it herself before he had the chance to is amazing, she's disarming everything he can legally use against her.

No. 696754

At this point the kids are irreparably damaged and probably doomed to fail depending on whether or not Greg and Kainey allow them to go to school; any relationship drama and people coming and going are going to be blips on the radar as it is with any child under the charge of a parent who has a rotating door of partners (like Greg's mom). Not that Greg understands this or thinks about his kids beyond the direct context of himself.
Early childhood is a critical stage in development, and there's no way the kids are getting anything beyond their basic needs met they're screwed

No. 696757

Notice that everyone close who he screeched at not to do drugs ended up doing so anyway while still living with them. No sane person can live in that house sober

No. 696758

Adding to this. Keep onionflake tweets in the onionflakes thread in /snow/. >>>/snow/691458

Tweets from Sarah, Billie, and Ayalla are welcome.

If I catch anyone self posting or linking their shitty videos then I will make sure everyone knows who you are. I'm also aware of who's potentially self posting their own tweets.

No. 696760

Greg never signed away his kids; he just said that he would/wanted to in order to be with Billie. In most cases a parent isn't even able to willingly relinquish their parental rights unless there is someone else willing to care for (i.e. pay for) the kids so Greg's going to be on the hook for their care until they reach adulthood.
>Onision is out of touch with the kids if he thinks that anyone is going to give a single shit.
Of course he is. He's been sperging into the void about this drug shit since Billiegate, the void being his mirror image and handful of remaining fans.

No. 696761

>Early childhood is a critical stage in development, and there's no way the kids are getting anything beyond their basic needs met they're screwed

Knowing that Lame studied psychology, this is especially sickening.

No. 696762

Greg is probably threatening to go public with her secrets, so Sarah is taking all his ammunition. He wants to ruin her life and sick his fans after her like he did with Sh and B, but Sarah doesn't appear to be backing down. But if Greg is stupid enough to use drug experimentation and his own sex life against her, then dude deserves to get wrecked.

No. 696763

This is the same guy who thinks caffeine is a hard drug. He's such a fucking loser lmao

No. 696764

i’m a little surprised onion hasn’t tried using the whole “she’s a druggie” on sarah, she must have some damming shit. he berated billie as a homewrecker who used “illegal drugs” go sarah! i’m sorry for everything they both put you through

No. 696765

This. He thinks he can tell these young girls what to do and they will obey him with no resistance? He is such a fucking idiot lmao. Just because Kia Pride is a doormat he can wipe his boots on doesn't mean he can do the same to all the
teen bait that walks through his door.

No. 696766

>Early childhood is a critical stage in development, and there's no way the kids are getting anything beyond their basic needs met they're screwed
They're not even getting that, james wont even talk to his infant daughter because she can't talk back yet.

>I'm also aware of who's potentially self posting their own tweets.
oooohhh admin taking off the kid gloves!

No. 696767

What secrets?
>experimenting with drugs
>turning homework in late
At the worst he will expose sexual shit and it just digs him in deeper.
What else does he got? Fake child abuse accusations like he made against Sam?

haha, get fucked

No. 696768


If she did drugs as a minor, doesn't that reflect more badly on Kainey as her guardian than it does on her?

No. 696769


> Imagine being involved with a woman that pretends she's into women not to lose her husband

> Imagine being involved with a woman that started pretending she is a man because she was made to feel like she was weak for being a woman and needed to be respected by her husband like an equal

> Now imagine being involved with a woman that can't take accountability for anything and guilt trips you into doing what she wants you to do through hiding behind anxiety and emotionally manipulative breakdowns

> Imagine this woman blurring the lines of friendship, sisterly love to develop a sexual relationship with you and being made to think if you don't bang them, they don't really love you because she needs to do that to keep her husband

> Imagine this woman trying to lure other kids in the relationship to keep her husband sexually satisfied so he won't leave her penniless with the addition he probably tells her that he'd win custody of the children if they ever separated since she's incredibly mentally ill and it's not a secret

This definitely is enough reason to explain why all these girls did drugs while with them. I can't even begin to fathom what it is like to be stuck in the middle of this dysfunctional relationship between Taylor and Greg. I honestly feel bad for all of these girls. Can't wait for the day this ends for good and they get the Austin Jones special.

No. 696770

well they lied about ever being her guardians, at least lainey did
What is sickening is how lainey used that to cover up the first round of grooming allegations.

If anything sarah was predisposed to doing drugs for dealing with Greg and Taylor's shit. Fuck id' snort a couple lines over a night in the basement

No. 696772

File: 1567562944725.jpeg (103.07 KB, 1125x288, 95930867-4C4F-4E99-8B97-132150…)

No. 696774

This is starting to feel like the beginning of a breakdown.

No. 696776

this is like his 20th meaningless fake positive tweet today. Surely even his braindead fans aren't excited about this riveting "content"

No. 696777

Yes, anon. That's because he starts off with all this fake shallow positivity bullshit that cycles down into him having a nervous breakdown, sperging out and snapping.

No. 696778

File: 1567563737754.jpg (17.4 KB, 470x140, fdgafasdfwteeeeeee.JPG)

No. 696779

File: 1567563785741.jpg (15.54 KB, 466x120, aaaaaaaa.JPG)

No. 696780

Teenager does teen things, nobody surprised. Still support victim of grooming and sick adult sexual manipulation.

No. 696781

In other words, here we go again.

No. 696782

Weren't they promoting EduBirdie for a while? I'd wager they paid someone else to write her essays for her.

No. 696783

Wow. Even that caught me off-guard. Jimmy is such a fucking hypocrite. Dude can go off on a tangent about caffeine addiction, but he let a minor drink? Damn. Go off on that toad, Sarah.

No. 696785

Lmao this is gold keep going sarah

No. 696786

I wonder if they ever gave her alcohol as a strategy for persuasion to get her to have sex with them

No. 696787

File: 1567564422326.png (380.22 KB, 1242x2208, 6420FFF6-E6E4-441B-9200-32B3B6…)

No. 696789

This is HIGHLY illegal holy shit.>>696788

No. 696790

Motherf. Just, wow. Keep going Sar

No. 696791

Holy shit???

>lainey is crying

No. 696792


Wow, I am really proud of her for not falling for Lainey's manipulation and sparing her.

Hope she saved that text.

No. 696793

File: 1567564538972.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, AD9BC88A-AD63-4F8A-974D-A1EE19…)


No. 696794

She says she has all of the tests saved from this time period. I am hoping she can share them without getting into legal trouble. Not sure how that works in her or their state but I am so thankful she’s not falling victim to them once more and is dragging them instead. This is great.

No. 696795

All that shit I said before about Lainey having a chance to walk out clean? I take it back. Holy fucking shit!

No. 696796

Lainey can cry in jail.

No. 696798

Lane is currently implying that there is much, much more to come from Sarah. This is incredibly damning information against Lainey and Greg.

No. 696799

She can't share nudes but the two-party recording doesn't apply when someone is breaking the law kek

No. 696800

I think deep down she never deleted the texts because after seeing how other women that were involved with them were treated, she kept it as collateral in case they did the same to her. She probably never thought she would release it, but she wasn't stupid about it either considering their repeated history of fucking over the 3rd wheel. Good on her.

No. 696801


>lainey is crying

No. 696802

Her provider would have a copy anyway, deleted texts are not an obstacle for criminal investigations.

No. 696803

This is about the manliest thing Taylor has ever done.

That is, sending pictures of her manly vagina to a minor she was given legal power over.
You know, predatory behavior typical of a man like greg.

That is the manliest thing she's ever done, is being a fucking nonce piece of shit.

No. 696804

File: 1567564804811.jpg (191.75 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20190903-224031_Twi…)

(take it to the flakes thread)

No. 696805

It really is. Sarah's responses REALLY remind me of how the smart ex-scientologists deal with the church trying to blackmail them. Leah Remini:"Yeah I was the other woman in my husband's 1st marriage. Doesn't excuse the church's abuses though." Seriously, Sarah is braver than all the actors who are afraid if they leave they'll be outed by the Church. Greg REALLY picked the wrong teen to screw over. Go Sarah!

No. 696806

I would kill to be a fly on the wall in that house right now. Lainey is probably in hysterics.

No. 696807

I wonder if they reason they claim nothing can be done because it's in the context of Greg. Greg has always been tip toeing the law so I doubt he'd send nudes but if Taylor did and Sarah saved the photos can't she be jailed?

No. 696808

Of course Greg is shaking in his high heels, Sarah has enough evidence to get he and Plainey in legal hell. Without Plainey, James Jackson can't get more teen pussy.

No. 696809

I think it's more because she really cared about them and wanted to save them just to always remember their good times together- she probably never expected them to fuck her over like they did the other girls.

Sarah, you're doing amazing sweetie

No. 696810

Sweet delicious milk queen Sarah! Praise be. Bless up.

She has always said that she doesn't have bottom dysphoria in basically every trans video shes made. She also says that she liked chicks in the past and it's very clear that is not true based on actions and the Onion's latest futureboard video where she says she doesn't like girls. She just wants special internet points because if she wasn't "trans" or "gay" she'd just be boring Onion's doormat. That's her personality. Fucking sad lol.

Will Onion ever accept responsibility for the fact that all the money he spent destroying and repairing the wetland could have been money going to his family? Onion, you are hurting your family, you groomed a minor.

Shes a terrible fucking person. She tattles on people to Jimmy instead of dealing it head on like an adult. She ignored Sarah for weeks and only talked to her when Sarah gifted her an edible arrangement. Jimmy is right when he calls her a cunt, not that it's okay for him to call her that but he's not wrong. Shes a terrible human.

No. 696812

Sarah might not have wanted to use this ammo just yet, remember when she did her livestream, she was still missing lainey. But now?? Oh the gloves are off.

Best part? I bet greg didn't even know lainey sent her junk to sarah. She's getting shit from all angles. Watch her end up in the psychward.

No. 696813

I wonder if he's going to just throw Lainey under the bus completely to try to get out of this. "I didn't know my wife was a statutory rapist!" type shit.

No. 696814

File: 1567565398826.png (525.7 KB, 579x818, wat tt.png)

>She just wants special internet points because if she wasn't "trans" or "gay" she'd just be boring Onion's doormat. That's her personality. Fucking sad lol.

kek, reminds me of this comment that I saved

No. 696815

File: 1567565428157.png (469.15 KB, 1068x815, chrome_weExGvhoda.png)

No. 696816

lmfao was this lane self posting?

No. 696817

That's exactly what he's going to do, ala the first grooming scandal. She's probably in the house wailing somewhere while he's completely brushing her off.

No. 696819

File: 1567565585442.jpeg (174.16 KB, 1125x562, 9A716822-7F1D-4172-BC86-4C1360…)

No. 696820

"Kai told me exactly how big Greg’s dick is when I was 14."
oh good fucking god
I knew this bitch was worse

No. 696821

Bullshit! Of fucking course he knows about the nudes. Greg has all of Lainey's passwords and says on her phone all the time. He knows.

No. 696822


Can you imagine how much shit Lainey has on Greg? If he betrays her and then she betrays him, we are going to drown in milk


No. 696823

Sarah, if you have a date stamp for that photo, you have literal proof of grooming-esp if the accompanying text was sexually suggestive. This is the smoking gun you could take to police.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 696824

Remember all those people saying lainey was just an innocent bystander? Lmao

No. 696825

Makes me wonder did lainey send it or did greg maybe to try to get one back from S?

No. 696826

If the milk she was spilling while working was creamy, I can't wait to see what she spills now that she's free.

So how small was the baby carrot?

No. 696827

>If I catch anyone self posting or linking their shitty videos then I will make sure everyone knows who you are. I'm also aware of who's potentially self posting their own tweets.
Hell yeah
This reads like it could have been generated by a markov bot fed every middle-age travel blogger's instagram feed. Greg must be absolutely seething if he's trying this hard to put up a positive front.
Holy shit - finally something that could get one of them put away.

No. 696828

File: 1567565902165.gif (2.3 MB, 320x320, giphy[1].gif)

No. 696829

File: 1567565914658.jpg (22.94 KB, 1080x248, Screenshot_20190903-225837_Twi…)

If it was she cropped the tweet activity out of it so I doubt it. Picture is what your own tweets look like at the bottom.

No. 696830

Fucking shit. I'm glad this blew up now and that she's throwing punches like a champ. They would have ruined this girl mentally if she weren't this strong and had she stayed in the O hell hole dumpster swamp longer.

God damn, they're both such disgusting freaks. When you think nothing about Jimmy and Foot can surprise you anymore, it gets worse.

No. 696833

i wish billie would leak some stuff to just to add some extra damage but i doubt she has stuff saved from that train wreck

No. 696834

holy shit, lainey really just hardcore regressed around sarah and acted like a gossipy little teenager when she was an adult and a mother. disgusting.

No. 696835

How can she have regressed from a state she never reached to begin with? Taylor froze in time the day Greg first stuck his peen in her.
Sarah's been Taylor's emotional tampon and nanny for years; there's most likely nothing that anybody else can offer that she doesn't know, aside from the Jacksons themselves. If she tells all then we're going to be very satisfied

No. 696836

File: 1567566528742.png (844.51 KB, 592x978, 2019-09-04 13_09_09-Sar (@nots…)

get em

No. 696838

If she's a part of the conversation, she's allowed to share it in her state.

Which makes it even more dumb for Greg to go after Sarah. She knows all of their secrets and spilled hers so he can't use them against her. All he has now is his rage and a wet doormat to wipe his feet on.

No. 696839

File: 1567566812581.jpg (192.04 KB, 946x2048, EDltuFAXkAALy9-.jpg)

blue is Kai
grey is Greg

No. 696841

File: 1567566837777.png (15.72 KB, 591x223, meltdown uncoming.png)

Jimmy is sweating.

No. 696842

Oh shit

No. 696843

i wish these had date stamps. So Lainey must have sent this to sarah, but when? why?

I'm having a hard time trying to decipher exactly what they are talking about in greg's last message here. Is he saying Lainey took sarah's virginity and lainey is saying greg did?

No. 696844

File: 1567567056773.png (5.58 MB, 1242x2208, 6B164FEC-5F94-4453-AB37-8BA8D1…)

No. 696845

so much for “proving the haters wrong” by staying together for 7 miserable years, threatening your marriage is such couple goals!

No. 696846

Grown men giving hickies to people is so fucking bizarre to me. But then again, it's Greg, so I can't be surprised.

No. 696847

File: 1567567156733.jpeg (102.81 KB, 1240x844, 52774C0E-7379-4377-B19F-0E4482…)

lmfao WELP

No. 696848

File: 1567567156823.jpeg (152.83 KB, 1125x486, 378D86E6-8450-45BC-A6CE-A81BE2…)

No. 696849

It's so weird to see Plainey get a little backbone but then she caves and goes back to being a limp doormat.

Yuck, you know she's telling the truth cause Greg is hellbent on doing old ass things like hickies.

No. 696850

I don't understand the last message at all.

No. 696851

File: 1567567259560.gif (1.98 MB, 500x500, yus.gif)

>Don't give in Sarah. You got recipts, we got recipts.. let's share and bury both their asses.
>You lived a bad childhood, help those kids get a better one. Kai is too weak and selfish, and you know Greg has thrown them to the side before and will again.

No. 696852

Just outstanding. OUTSTANDING. Sarah, spill everything. They were done before, but now they're done DONE.

No. 696853

The real question here is why the hell do they text each other instead of talking face to face lmao

No. 696854

File: 1567567341723.gif (1.56 MB, 366x274, giphy.gif)

Me RN.

No. 696855

Ew Jimmy no virginity does not matter you misogynistic creep.

No. 696856

it does matter when you're a gross, child grooming piece of shit like Jimmy is. Kids are "pure" and he likes destroying that.

No. 696857

girrrrl we all know Lainey would be on the weed all the time if she weren't tethered to Greg. She's a trend follower, and weed culture is huge. Especially where she lives.

No. 696858

If I had to guess, Lainey half-assed sex with Sarah, then treated Sarah like shit afterwards. Greg decided he'd be the one to pop Sarah's cherry "the right way".

No. 696859

Uh no. Virginity is used to commodify women. Using and grooming someone is the issue.

No. 696860

Maybe this was when Kai was in New Mexico and she was getting jealous that Sarah was hogging up all the shrimp dick. So, Greg's argument is that Lainey was the first one to technically have sex with Sarah, and Lainey's playing the no u card

No. 696861

Even as a trans man Greg emasculates Lainey hahah how sad

She probably thought she could escape that once she started LARPing as a boy

No. 696862

Did you even read what I wrote? I'm implying it matters to Jimmy, not that it matters in general(sage your derailing)

No. 696863

I laughed so hard at this. Oh no not the evil weed! I guess they have to divorce now.

No. 696864

Are you allergic to sage?

No. 696865

Haha, she is SO out of there

No. 696866

Stop arguing over the concept of virginity and sage goes in the email field.

No. 696867

File: 1567568005881.jpg (62.48 KB, 807x617, 2019-09-03_23-34-26.jpg)

No. 696868

File: 1567568074391.jpg (12.32 KB, 809x121, 2019-09-03_23-35-23.jpg)

Seems like he finally tipped her over enough to talk to the police.

No. 696869

Indeed. Foot is well and truly fucked now.

No. 696871

File: 1567568238370.jpg (15.3 KB, 796x125, 2019-09-03_23-38-22.jpg)

No. 696872

File: 1567568270526.jpg (105.55 KB, 1207x834, liar.JPG)

so in this video, posted 2 days before this gross hickey, Onion specifically says he never made out with sarah and that everyone is "smoking crack" and should apologize.

No. 696874

File: 1567568551086.jpeg (442.92 KB, 1125x1058, A692E4EA-A1FE-44FC-B002-14582A…)

Billie is obviously in Sarah’s corner.

No. 696875

File: 1567568699570.jpg (28.32 KB, 519x562, 22045885_1424569980925343.jpg)

virginity aside…. oh my god, lamey fucked sarah.

No. 696876

Hail to the queen!

No. 696877

File: 1567568870492.jpg (12.48 KB, 288x228, BISHUTHOT.jpg)

Sarah is an absolute legend, this girl not only is taking these predators down, but in the most hilarious and satisfying way possible, both for her and us. She's honestly so funny, if she became a youtuber after this, I'd watch.

No. 696879

Yes, we SHOULD see it, kek.

We should make a bingo for it before sarah posts it, and see how spot-on it is.

No. 696880

I think the "ignoring" and "being hurt" Greg is referring to was back when Billie was still there. Sarah was feeling like a fourth wheel, remember? So Sarah and Lame fooled around, then Sarah got ignored. Greg is the one who talked to Sarah about being part of a "square". I don't think Lame was part of that conversation.

No. 696881

kai deleted their insta loooool

No. 696883

Can she delete her channel too??!? Grease should follow foot’s lead.

No. 696885

she probably just blocked you lmao
she is watching her comment section like a hawk
blokced me too

No. 696886

File: 1567569414986.png (197.64 KB, 1744x517, chrome_nXfHwkhJNY.png)

it's still up. both are.

No. 696887

i hope this gets youtube to ban them both finally, they've been letting his shit slide for years and this is not gonna be good press for them

No. 696888

Instagram is still there (kai’s) under coolguykai.

No. 696891

File: 1567569892711.jpeg (822.7 KB, 1125x1643, 3A939E93-5DBE-4E6D-B258-035B85…)


No. 696892

Rape from afar. That's a new one.

No. 696893


How on god's green Earth is Sarah supposed to have raped foot? I dont understand.

No. 696895

File: 1567570022316.jpg (574.02 KB, 1280x1440, Pedonision.jpg)

Oh god he actually compiled a list of bullshit. Nothing he has written is legible. I hate how he throws the word "Rape" around so much, especially when Sarah has evidence of them grooming her.

No. 696896

How do you rape someone from afar? Astral projection? Is he gonna claim that Sarah's Dr. Strange? I wouldn't put anything past that retarded fool.

No. 696897

File: 1567570098920.jpeg (720.08 KB, 1125x1428, 71AC89AC-1243-4AFE-9F95-D61504…)


No. 696898

File: 1567570168269.jpeg (200.39 KB, 750x1114, 217FBB12-629B-44F0-AD80-89BD76…)


No. 696899

>rape from afar

The absolute madman is really going for this angle? Lmaaaoo you can't make this shit up

No. 696900

I truly cannot see how he can get out of this unscathed.

No. 696901

Lame sends naked photos to sarah as a minor and someone SHE was the one who was sexually abused? Come ON. Greg is reaching so hard, but the sad thing is… I think he actually believes this bullshit.

No. 696903

File: 1567570210765.jpg (30.32 KB, 798x257, 2019-09-04_00-10-51.jpg)

Sarah is having a "Do you feel in charge?" moment and it's beautiful.

No. 696904

File: 1567570285438.jpeg (201.26 KB, 750x1053, 194F08F6-ECB2-4CED-AA1A-A85EE8…)


No. 696905

How many times can he use rape in a sentence jfc

No. 696907

“I refused to have sex with you”
“I loved making love to both of you.”
His retardation i fucking swear is at an all time high.

No. 696908

i think the point in gurg accusing sarah of all the drug/substance related stuff is him trying to make the rape excuse more valid.

No. 696909

File: 1567570376294.jpeg (157.32 KB, 690x1024, 21361C84-CCC2-4D5C-B667-A65CB7…)


No. 696910

Sarah is not a godddamned rapist! He's completely retarded and so is anyone that believes him!
He and Lainey are the rapists.
All this projection HOLY shit.

No. 696911

>like your personality disorder, this is sick Sarah.

He’s trying really hard guys

No. 696912

You see officer, I didn’t actually commit statutory rape because SHE raped me first.

No. 696913

cheers everybody, sarah is milking this cow raw

No. 696914

That was a painful read good lord, these messages really highlight just how low his IQ really is

No. 696915

File: 1567570547538.gif (2 MB, 390x271, 1532889256616.gif)

So she's harming kids and raping people in spirit, Greg? He's so unbelievably delusional.

No. 696916

the most predictable thing about greg, is that whenever he's accused of something, magically somehow it's the other person who actually did it

all hail queen sarah

No. 696917

Remember when he said some about daycare children climbing on him, "trying to tear" his clothing off and being "innapropriate"

This is kind of like that

No. 696918

More likely Greg made Lame "explore her bisexuality" with Sarah.

No. 696919


He said a drawing of him having sex with Blair white was rape so he isn’t very smart and throws that word around when it comes to him being a victim a lot.

Honestly though, this is the weakest defense he could come up with because it makes absolutely no sense.

No. 696921

File: 1567570744738.jpg (84.96 KB, 758x748, LegendaryThread.jpg)

This must be so vindicating for all the other girls too. Holy shit what a time to be alive

No. 696922

File: 1567570777866.jpg (29.08 KB, 474x191, omg.JPG)

No. 696923

So let me get this clear

Rape from afar, drugs and her bpd is all she has on her?
You know he's shitting himself over this, he knows he has nothing, not even a big enough of a fanbase to unfairly harass sarah

Once again, get fucked James

No. 696924

>…we'll still respect the NDA despite all of this because unlike you we're honest.

This is just a cop out to not show anything, as everything he has to show is probably incriminating as all hell.


No. 696926

They are suffering in silence because they know they're wrong. And come on foot being raped? LOL She talked to a girl sexually, pretty much said I want to 'fuck you' and now feels raped because the girl believed her? As for Jimmy, he's a pussy who uses his children as human shields and can only think about getting his micro dick wet. They are both disgusting and should be segregated from society.

No. 696928

I bet the they have sore udders in the grease mansion

No. 696929

File: 1567570961382.jpg (19.87 KB, 474x145, dareyou.JPG)

No. 696931

she could sue him if he releases personal info about her right? i hate for him to get away with it without consequences like billie

No. 696932

onion isn't saying sarah raped kai from afar, you guys. he said sarah and kai flirted while "afar" (i guess not together aka by text?) and then when they were actually together suddenly lamey says no.

i don't believe it ofc, but stop with this "raped from afar" thing and read the actual texts.

No. 696934

I bet when Onion means she hurt the kids he means he told the kids that Sarah is an evil home wrecking monster and she murdered Santa and she hates Trot and Clot or some shit

No. 696935

didn't she have to sign the NDA in the first place because Lainey was having phone sex with Sarah? lmao,

No. 696936

Hahaha she's only 19 but her logic is far greater than Greg's.

No. 696938

That’s exactly right. Name one time Greg thought he was even a little bit right and didn’t blast it all over the internet. Never. He’s trying to talk this offensive game but he’s trying to spook her and playing aggressive defense.

Gottem. If anything he forced his straight wife into having sex with another girl just so he could get in on it. He wrote in that email that he enjoyed watching her pleasure (apparently “rape”) Lainey so…..

No. 696939


even if their “NDA” was legally valid, which is doubtful, it’s immediately void if there’s anything illegal going on. which there was.

No. 696940

No one said anything about raped from afar. Can we not.. the milk is already good enough.

I can't wait until Lame and Greg turn on one another. Money on his defense being that Sarah only said the underage stuff about Lainey and not him, therefore he's clean and did not groom Sarah and even if he did have sex with her, it was rape.

No. 696941

It literally says "also raped Kai when he flirted with you as an adult from a far". It's no one's fault that Greg is bad at English.

No. 696942

It's worthless. Wouldn't be surprised if Sarah consulted with a lawyer about it.
She could sue him but wouldn't have much of a case. Nothing that Sarah's leaked about Greg so far is illegal, though the selfie Taylor sent could possibly get her into trouble.

No. 696943

Yeah well flirting also isn't rape either no matter how uncomfortable you are with flirting

No. 696944

It depends. If he released actual medical records or something along those lines, yes. If it's general information, she is consenting for him to talk about that stuff.

No. 696946

That's the most delusional shit I read in the last…decade. No exaggerations.
Either he completely mentally snapped right now or he was delusional for a while.

No. 696947

If he actually publicly says she raped them, she could sue him for defamation of character. Usually this goes nowhere, but it would get covered in the youtube community and she has plenty of proof.

No. 696948

continue reading the sentence then lol. yes greg is bad at his native language but it's annoying that this accusation is turned into a joke.

which is why he didn't say that and you should read the actual text. he's basically saying lamey was flirty over text with sarah but once they were together IRL and lame didn't want to fuck, sarah raped her because of the texts (the "flirting from afar").

No. 696950

is this the sexual extortion shit he's reeeeing about? he's using all these legal terms incorrectly and i can't keep up.

No. 696951

sarah mentioned the extortion thing was referring to her joke about how she "better get what she wants" when signing the NDA

No. 696952

i doubt it, since he says "not only with … sexual extortion, but also" and then goes on the weirdly-phrased thing about her and lame flirting by text and lame getting cold feet in person.

the sexual extortion thing is probably related to the thing where he keeps claiming she has blackmail on them and used it to get sex (aka extorting). probably what >>696951 said. greg is so fucking stupid.

No. 696953

what she said was so benign it's just crazy that greg remembered it to be able to use it against her.

No. 696954

he probably sperged about it when she said it since he has zero sense of humor. Such Comedian.

No. 696955

ok. thanks. jimmy has me perplexed as fuck. did anyone else hear his back cracking from how far he's reaching?

tbh greg shouldnt be laineys attack dog. if she has a problem, she should put on her big boy pants and address sarah directly. or he should stop using lainey as a shield to deflect accountability.

No. 696956

Didn't sound like rape when they were fighting over her virginity.

No. 696957

He was going on about how he loved her and Lainey most when they weren't fighting.
He honestly thinks he's that great, that women will just do as he says. It's completely normal to have disagreements in relationships but he is completely unrealistic. Last time with Billie one of the rules was don't let jealously negatively impact our relationship. You can't just make a rule like that.
How does he expect to do shit like this to Sarah and not let her get angry. He bitches to her about being human but literally hates anything that is human about a person. He hates their feelings and emotions, hence he wanted a toy for Lainey, because he hated dealing with her clingyness.

His attitude reminds me of Raven. She gets rid of animals if they aren't obsessed with her or if they show any true feelings of their own. He does the same thing to young girls. Once they have a problem with anything, it all becomes too hard and he gets mad and changes his story just like Raven. So that amazing human being becomes a liar druggie criminal just because they don't wanna lie down and tell him he's the greatest thing ever.

No. 696958

File: 1567572554934.png (195.58 KB, 598x866, Capture.PNG)

No. 696960

Lainey and the kids are always jimmy’s go to meatshields when he’s trying to guilt trip somebody close to him.

No. 696962

>or he should stop using lainey as a shield to deflect accountability.

except this is what he thinks is his trump card. he thinks if he goes "but think of what you are doing to my poor widdle wife!! she is so fragile and you are bullying her!" people will side with him and think sarah's such a big meany for making lainey cry for the millionth time that day. it's not working because no one gives a fuck about lameo and her crocodile tears anymore, not when there's clear proof of her being a willing participant in grooming sarah.

No. 696963

File: 1567572691515.png (56.4 KB, 584x565, 1456011502677.png)

According to grease's flawless logic, if you don't report a rape to the police that makes you as bad as the rapist. So grease, why didn't you report Sarah?

No. 696964

If Billy the fridge is still okay with Greg after this as well as Anastasia and Joe, I have completely written him off.
Billy frustrated me but I get that he wanted to be neutral but after all this and the Madison thing who he is STILL friends with, he really should get rid of Greg.

No. 696965

Btf and all the other people that film with him will look real bad if they keep associating with a groomer after this has all come out. I hope they publicly disavow their relationship with him going forward.

No. 696966

none of this will deter billy from being onision's friend watch

No. 696967

too bad no one gives any shits about Lainey's feelings anymore. She dug her own grave. The kids are fine because there's no way they could process what is happening. There's literally nothing to be guilty for.

No. 696968

I have this tinfoil that Billy the Fatass is into underage girls too so that's why he's ok with everything Gargoyle does

No. 696969

File: 1567572989351.png (326.6 KB, 606x642, snippy.PNG)

If anons can double check then please do so, but it says Billy does not follow Onision on twitter and vice versa. Also he liked Sarah's reply.

No. 696970

This is further proof that he knew what he was doing was wrong and took steps to conceal it. It weakens his “I was taken advantage of” argument.

No. 696971

seriously fuck him lets see him excuse this

No. 696972

File: 1567573169159.png (56.72 KB, 2409x814, Screenshot_40.png)

it'll take a while to update on apps like this so, this may be wrong.


No. 696973

Greg's not saying anything publically because he knows that he's got nothing on Sarah and he was 100% complicit in grooming her. There is nothing he can say to convince people that he did nothing wrong because there's already too much proof to the contrary. All he can hope to do now is menace Sarah privately into retracting everything she's said. Which she's hilariously sharing with all of us.

No. 696974

Billy has admitted he doesn't even watch onision's videos

No. 696975

The only reason Lainey was uncomfortable with Sarah in person was because she was worried about this happening. She didn't want to be exposed as a groomer.
She had no problem with all of this and no problem with Sarah tending to her every need and buying her presents, using her as a human tissue. She would have kept it under wraps had it only been Sarah and her. But of course Greg was going to make it a big thing and put it all over the internet and she wouldn't be able to get away with it like the Billie thing. And then of course she probably got jealous because Greg was obsessed with the new toy, so she needed him to get rid of her.
She's so pathetic and just as disgusting as him.

No. 696976

Lainey is just as disgusting as Greg, and on different levels. Manipulating a teenage girl who you've "befriended" into having sex with you and your disgusting husband is sickening. It's an abuse of trust on so many levels.

No. 696977

File: 1567573683444.gif (765.71 KB, 430x200, faggot.gif)

>you blackmailed us, raped us, and sexually extorted us

In his tiny delusional mind he thinks he has any credibility after YEARS of publicly doing the very shit he's falsely accusing Sarah of doing? I'm laffin.

No. 696978

Whoever predicted Lainey and Greg are fighting over who started it with Sarah and are now blaming each other was completely right.

No. 696979

She was grooming her to also learn how to put up with abuse as well. The stonewalling (silent treatment without telling her what for) and then only accepting her apology after getting edible arrangements lmao, that on it's OWN is abusive.

OK so bets on for possible divorcegate? It would be the perfect way for greg to distance himself from lainey, by saying he didn't know lainey was being sexual with sarah for "so long." He gets out of being near the kids, dating a fakeboi, and gets to try to paint himself as harmless (it won't work though).

No. 696980

i manually went through all of the people billy follows and he isnt following onision

No. 696982

File: 1567574407507.gif (401.2 KB, 498x278, lololol.gif)

Gonna be great when he tries gaslighting the police too.

No. 696983

I still don't think divorcegate will happen. Neither of them can stand being alone, they're toxically codependent on each other. Greg isn't leaving Lame until he finds a replacement, just as he's done with almost all his previous relationships. And with this drama alienating them both from their dwindling suitor pool even more than they already were, they're stuck with each other.

Even if he does decide to throw her under the bus as being a predator, he'll give some spiel about how he's a devoted husband and will stick by her while she ~gets help~. And Lame will never ever initiate a divorce because she's a coward and no one else is going to put up with her transboy bullshit and she knows it.

No. 696984

honestly im glad theyre in too deep to call it quits because they truly deserve eachother.

No. 696985

File: 1567574615182.jpg (35.65 KB, 756x196, lol.JPG)

not sure i could facepalm harder

No. 696986

File: 1567574668962.jpg (32.21 KB, 791x265, Bdjskic.jpg)

Looks like he may have unfollowed him after Sarah's stream.


No one is going to want to collab with them when this is all said and done. Their reputations are too poisonous.

No. 696987

File: 1567575243376.png (49.75 KB, 825x566, firefox_duQCXZf0Fq.png)

on that note, looks like he's still buying twitter followers

No. 696989

I feel like people are not talking enough about how Lame sent a picture of her pussy to underage Sarah. That's very serious and it's illegal

No. 696990

I have a feeling people are following him on twitter now just to see if he is posting anything on the situation.
Spoiler: he is not.

No. 696992

i swear to god you guys are so retarded. you'll add "14!!!" or whatever to shit that either is not specified or was literally not when she was 14. she said lame sent it when she was "underage". no specification as to when, just "underage". that could've been a week before she turned 18, or 14 for all we know.

No. 696993

Love you Sarah, Lane, Ayalla, Billie, Sarah's cousin.

No. 696996

incel detected

No. 696997

what blows my mind is that this is UNDOUBTEDLY still not the lowest thing they've done or will be willing to do. just the latest one to surface. EVERY time we think we've reached peak pathetic they find a new way. where the fuck do you go from child grooming?

No. 696998

I think we all got a real bad feeling what the new low will be in future.

No. 696999

Where did sarah say lainey sent her a pic of her pussy?

No. 697000

No. 697002

File: 1567577043496.jpeg (252.27 KB, 1242x870, 613B5C0D-6EF3-4FE4-8B49-7E2C82…)

Sarah has explicitly given ages during most of this. I.e. tweet below, or mentioning she was 15 when they had romantic conversations on the live stream. Pay attention, moron.

No. 697003

Bet it seemed bigger back then

No. 697005

calm down, there's been a lot of info dumped recently, it's okay if someone misremembered a little bit. plus it's really not far-fetched to assume she most likely meant when she was VERY underage, as she is actively exposing them for being inappropriate with her when she was 14-16 right now.

No. 697006

Remember when child groomer Taylor Lainey Kai Avaroe Jackson of Gig Harbour, Washington said that she wanted to be a child counselor? I can see this being Greg's new plan to get new child victims in the house.

No. 697007



(fr ik you just put out great new content but i selfishly want today’s momentous revelations appended via directors cut)

No. 697009

File: 1567578607627.png (35.78 KB, 662x316, billythescumbag.png)

Billy is a scumbag who defended Onion the first time the grooming allegations came out.

He's just trying to cover his ass now.

No. 697010

File: 1567578646259.png (28.88 KB, 664x385, psychopaths below average inte…)

Doesn't take much to outwit someone like gerg. Not that Sarah doesn't have brains. Everyone knew she was the smartest person in grease mansion.

No. 697012

File: 1567579075104.jpeg (20.8 KB, 448x328, pepperidge farm remembers.jpeg)

His 'plans' always blow up in his face. He's a vindictive, spiteful, retaliatory asswipe (tries to hide it), then wonders why things go so badly for him, and he's a moron to top it all off. He and his footwife deserve each other.

No. 697013

So Kai is just another Jessica Yaniv. Someone who uses their Trans status to prey on underage girls. Cool. Cool cool cool.

No. 697014

File: 1567579231409.png (13.92 KB, 595x107, Capture.PNG)

No. 697017

retard, the post i was responding to was saying she was shown lame's pussy at 14, which sarah never said. i was specifically referring to that, and that people are prone to saying sarah stayed with them at 14 etc etc, essentially invoking the youngest age at every point when it isnt accurate or even mentioned.

No. 697018

This is kind of ancient, but does anyone have screencaps of David (Lainey's ex bf) claiming how she enjoyed flirting with girls younger than her and use them as emotional fulfilment and then dump them?

That claim is really old but I recall it being circulated on anti-o blogs before first Onision thread on lolcow was made. Which means it was made early in their marriage, before anyone even thought Lainey would groom underage girls..

I know it's claim from David, who also turned out to be abusive, but seeing all the recent happenings I'm inclined to believe that statement wasn't a lie.

No. 697019


Wasn't she 17 when she got with Greg? So at 16(assuming that's when she was with david) what age was "younger" to her? So disturbing if true, but if it was made by a bitter ex, would be an easy thing to say because it's so believable.

No. 697021

it's starting to sink in, that lainey actually fucked sarah. all this time we thought maybe she was a victim when really they were in on it together the whole time. i felt bad for her. thats so messed up

No. 697022


Right? At least before and at my most sympathetic times I could pity her. I'm actually not shocked that she fucked Sarah (def disgusted & sad for sarah), I'm shocked she fucked a girl lol..

No. 697023

File: 1567581988813.png (25.39 KB, 585x197, sar.PNG)

No. 697025

File: 1567582689800.jpeg (44.2 KB, 720x797, EDmEVUJWkAAJZ91.jpeg)

No. 697026

This is so sad. Why would he be trying to make her feel bad about being a virgin? Sounds like he was pressuring her.

No. 697027

hope she's ok. can't be easy with grundle blowing up her phone all night.

No. 697028


No. 697029

Well he did tell Lame and Madison they deserved to get raped.

Yeah for someone who was uncomfortable and "raped" she had no problem sending a minor a picture of her crusty twat.

I feel like we all hit BINGO on our Onision scorecards after reading those texts. Druggy liar criminal mentally ill rapist blackmailer! He tried to discredit everyone this way. Too bad it's not going to work. It's very telling that every girl has the same complaints about how he acts towards them but no, they're the ones who are wrong and you should believe the Greaselord. I hope his baby carrot falls off.

No. 697030

If Sarah has nudes Lainey sent her when she was underage it would Be checkmate if they got leaked . That might be why they are staying quiet publicly , they know she has enough to bury them for good

No. 697031

File: 1567584935672.png (31.6 KB, 724x246, drew.PNG)


No. 697032

I think Sarah is above leaking Laineys nasty twat, also revenge porn is illegal.

No. 697033

yeah, because people (like me) were pointing out how kaineybot makes 2x as much as him without trying and you know that narc can't handle not being the big daddy breadwinner as the most "feminist, honest youtuber" on the platform

No. 697034


>Is there any possible way for him to ignore this? I’m trying to think of how he could circumvent this but I cannot.

no, but he's trying. he's uploading videos about kai's transition and trans kids and trying his hardest to be like "HEY GUYS DONT LOOK AT THE GROOMING ALLEGATIONS LOOK AT THIS CONTROVERSY LOOK LOOK!"

I honestly think he thinks that if he just ignores it and makes a new controversy people will forget this.

No. 697035


>There's obviously some sort of sexual compulsion with Greg, Lainey or both going on if they haven't noticed 3 is a crowd, doesn't work and keep making the same mistakes over and over again expecting different results.

It's greg. Lainey has been outed as saying she only wanted Sarah around because she didn't feel threatened by her physical beauty and that "greg would allow her to have top surgery if there were a pair of boobs in the picture."

2 of the most selfish, repulsive monsters on the planet tbh

No. 697036

you know as fucked as it is, i bet you a part of Lainey is in delusional ignorant bliss right now because it looks like Greg is now saying he doesn't want to do polyamory. They're both fucking psychotic.

No. 697037


Well, some sad news for Lainey: Sarah has always been more beautiful than you.

No. 697038


>you know as fucked as it is, i bet you a part of Lainey is in delusional ignorant bliss right now because it looks like Greg is now saying he doesn't want to do polyamory. They're both fucking psychotic.

he's lovebombing her right now, right on time in his narc cycle. sarahgate happens and suddenly his instagram is just all these pictures of them as vampires (complaineybot has said in the past their lovestory is just like "edward and bella" from twilight) and pics of kaibot with captions like "look how handsome and cool kai looks" while kai was silent on everything. he needs her on his side in case shit gets legal.

No. 697039

>she probably just blocked you lmao
she is watching her comment section like a hawk
blokced me too

it's not kai, it's greg deleting posts. even people who ask simple questions like "who's the green haired girl" are being blocked by both kai & greg. greg and kai have admitted greg edits kai's videos and photoshops her pics. wouldn't surprise me that controllingass greg is also controlling social media. too much of a coincidence that when kai blocks someone, greg does too.

No. 697040


It might not be because she's blocking (some) people, but because her instagram just recently updated the url. It's no longer /laineybot it's /coolguykai. It's linked as lainybot on her yt channel still.

No. 697041


>If Billy the fridge is still okay with Greg after this as well as Anastasia and Joe, I have completely written him off.

tbh, i never understood why either of them stuck by greg after all the shit he's done. they seem like normal, fairly intelligent people. i agree, if they stand by after all this i'm fucking done too. does anastasia honestly think she'll become youtube famous or even respected as a human being interacting with this shitbag?


No. 697042

patreon only vid showing greg's misogyny and attraction to violence, and fascination with domestic violence against women coming through even stronger.

sorry can't reupload because it's a 360 video.

No. 697043

Grooming a teenage girl , having sex with her when she turns 18 , and then telling her she raped you is textbook gaslighting .(Learn how to sage)

No. 697044

the fuck am I even watching. is this meant to be funny?

No. 697045

File: 1567588206819.png (477.57 KB, 600x988, SarahBearMovie.png)

No. 697047

He's such a monumental retard that he doesn't even realize that there's no point in making 360 videos if he's gonna make cuts. Like, it's not even his content that sucks. The execution is fucking abysmal. Christ, imagine being THAT old and being THAT fucking brain dead.

No. 697048

inb4 onion tried to convince Sarah that showing the cops lame's nudes is illegal and revenge porn kek

No. 697049

No one cares, Lane is irrelevant and the only ties she has was she was a pay pig

No. 697050

Illegal and a horrible thing to do.
That shit is so low I could only see Greggles doing something like that.

No. 697052


Lane has been Sarah's friend for years and I'm pretty sure she never paid the onions anything

No. 697053

Lane was one of the people that Lainey extorted for gift cards/gifts iirc around the same time Sarah was buying Lainey a bunch of shit

No. 697054

File: 1567591046560.jpg (91.67 KB, 435x580, gregandkai.jpg)

No. 697055

This. Not why everyone is shitting on Lane. She helped Sarah with the live stream and is almost as relevant as Billie and Ayallah in my opinion.
Inb4 hi Lane.

No. 697056

I wish Drew would troll more haha, he's always had a good way of getting under Greg's skin. He hates him so much and the stream where Grunk screams FAXXX is one of the most entertaining in onion lore.

No. 697057


No. 697058

Hahahaha, poor Lainey. All the lazy ugly spastic looking bitch wanted was for Greg to love her and someone else to watch her kids.

She must truly be delusional if she ever thinks Greg will settle for her only. She has no personality. She is a doormat. At least Sarah is experiencing youth. Experimenting with drugs is not unheard of for teens. And hey, Sarah can at least keep a job. Would Lainey even be capable of sticking to a schedule and dealing with clients daily? Do her kids even have a schedule? Lainey has one job, be a mom, and she fucks that up massively. Like I know we're not suppose to discuss kids, but to discuss their parenting abilities, those kids are going to be slow. Greg can maybe bond with trot over jokes about the special bus.

I'm glad Sarah is able to rise above this. I wouldn't be worried about this affecting her longterm. She's only 19 now and over their shit. The other girls Billie, Ayalla and Lane all know and have experience with Onion so she has support venting with them. She has the support of anyone who hates Onion.

Is it going to be the first lonely solo Christmas for the Onions this year? Have the two of them and their kids ever had a Christmas without a teen girl with a bow on her pussy?

I hope Lainey freaked out on the weed and had a panic attack when reality hit her.(don't discuss kids)

No. 697059

So to recap for spoon feeding, according to Sarah, Taylor started getting sexual with her before 18. I will dismiss the talking about Gregs dick as teen girl stuff, we all talked about what a dick is as kids (but adult Taylor is shit for bring it up with a 14 year old) The showing of Taylor's "boipussy" is legit illigal and fucking disturbing.
Greg threatens Sarah with general mental and verbal abuse to get her to shut up >>KAI IS CRYING!! (more like scared shitless her lies are gonna come up).

My biggest take away is that Taylor lied and hid something from Greg. Some call it backbone, oh no, she's just showing she is willing to lie and cover up to get what she wants without getting into trouble. Taylor is crying because even Greg's cave brain will latch on to the weed smoking and the fact that his harem had things going on and he wasn't in control of it. Ohh good god THAT makes me laugh. Mr. Control freak had no control over his girls.

No. 697060

She did it to please anus, not because she's into girls. Sarah said she doubts Lame is even bi

No. 697061

this is beautiful anon, I love it so much! Next thread pic pls

No. 697062

I'm sure the lovebombing is just online. I'll bet he's screaming at her nonstop and now even more because Taylor smoked weed and sent a pic of her frankenstein vagina to Sarah when she was underage.

I LOVE it so much that James Jackson is on a full on lockdown. He's NEVER shut his mouth, went private and hoped the shitstorm blows over cause he, in every situation, thought he's right.
He knows he can't escape Sarah. Hilarious that he can't handle her being ~bruutally honest~

No. 697064


oh look and its glorifying violence against women again. the few videos i seen of him hes always beating up then shooting women.
careful there Taylor, this might be a precursor in to your future.


I always had a feeling Taylor is as bad as he is.

No. 697065

Both Sarah and Billie actually held/still hold jobs.
Lainey has to have bubble bath selfcare days because it's too much hard work complaining in front of a camera about her fake sexuality while her greasy husband edits her videos for her lazy ass. She neglects her kids and her dogs for asspats on the internet.

No. 697066

that is actually terrifying, yet so very true.

No. 697067

How much do these cameras cost?

No. 697069

We all know Grug seems to endlessly escape any consequence of his wrongdoing. How messed up, yet a bit funny would it be if by the end of this caper the only thing that happened legally was that Lainey got locked up because the only hard and fast evidence they had was the nude sent to Sarah when she was underage.

Why even Greg would be delighted with that outcome. He could get rid of his spouse guilt free by explaining how he simply couldn’t stay married to someone who had sent a lewd photo to a child and had gone to jail. He couldn’t stay married to a criminal! Not law abiding Jimmy James Jackson!

I could seriously see this happening and him walking out of all this Scott-Free.

No. 697070


No. 697071

I'm wondering if he's going to say Sarah roofied Kai by letting him inject weed and then raped her lol. I'm sure the Onions are working on a story for how Lainey got a contact high and it was abusive.

I've been pondering too about how it's funny all the evidence is stacked against Lainey and not Greg, but it happened in Greg's home and he was involved. Has Onion premeditated keeping his phone etc free of incriminating shit? Doubt it matters, Kai and James are linked forever.

No. 697072

He's not going to do it but at this point it's his only option kek

No. 697073


Fred and Rose West are/were two of the most sadistic people ever to have lived in Britain, depraved to the absolute core and inherently evil.

Greg and Lainey are fucking nothing compared to them.

No. 697074

She's also the one who spilled the beans about them wanting Sarah to be a part of their relationship. Greg apologized to her and said he had no idea Sarah was thinking that, but now all the milk is spilling proving that Greg lied (which we all knew already).

Yeah there's no way he'll keep his mouth shut. Sarah calling him ugly or talking about how small his dick is might make him start sperging since he went on and on about how much she wanted them and they didn't want her.

No. 697075

yep, because at least fred had the decency to off himself when he got caught. more than what you can say for gregma.

No. 697076

File: 1567598237934.png (23.87 KB, 616x313, Capture.PNG)

No. 697077

Karla Homol-kai is great.

If this happened and Lainey ended up on the sexual offender list would the Onionbulbs still be allowed reside in the house?

No. 697079

It might also be in relation to the sexual acts? greg/Sara/billie being the active ones, while Lainey is just lying there

No. 697082

He was also incredibly adept and sociable, charming and convincing - even making the police outside court laugh with him.

She was alluring and managed to bring men over to the house to cuck Fred who got off on it and profited.

On the opposite side we have:

- A nobody who can't even tie his own shoelaces
- Another nobody who lies through her back teeth at every chance she gets

I'm far from idolising serial killers, but these guys are backwater inbreds compared.

And let's stop comparing them to serial killers aka "Homol-kai" it's a massive reach and we know they're not capable of it.

No. 697083


he has a daughter, anon

No. 697084

Lainey's quicker to supervise Onion fucking teens than supervise her own damn kids. I can not think of a bigger turn off than space Prince in the bedroom.

No. 697089

how did we go from lame not wanting a third to the two of them fighting over Sarah's virginity? it's so weird, we know she's incredibly jealous of Jimmy fucking other women, I'm just curious why Sarah was the exception. does Lainey really want top surgery so bad she's willing to let her husband jerk off into her personal emotional tissue?

No. 697090

Maybe he'll pull a Timothy Heller and say that Sarah made Lainey get high and raped her.

I'm glad Sarah is not scared of these idiots.

No. 697091

He could but Sarah already said doormat sent her pussy pics when she was underaged

Did she make her high over the phone, james? Kek

No. 697092

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that's one of the biggest reasons why Lainey hasn't left Greg. He has too much on her.

Lainey is as much of a victim as all his other exes, but the difference is Greg has insured she'll go down with him. She made her choice. I just hope the kids physically ok at least.

No. 697093

File: 1567601821347.png (560.64 KB, 596x598, 1567036624132.png)

Plainey is ok with Sarah becausse she's delusional and actually believes she's hotter than her so she's safe, she doesn't feel threatened the way Billie made her feel.

She's as delusional as her husband when it comes to her looks.

Pic related. The true face of beauty.

No. 697094


Bold of you to assume that she’s not an abuser herself that likes to control and manipulate to get what she wants. She used Sarah for sex as much as Greg like just cuz we speculate that she doesn’t like women doesn’t mean she doesn’t like control and is a perverse fuck just like James Jackson. It’s so stupid this whole “Lainey is Greg’s victim!!” When this bitch on her own sent a KID pictures of her vagina. How’s that on onision? The reason she stays with James is because she likes him and recognizes herself in him.

No. 697095

According to Sarah, Lainey also totally cried over billie which prompted Jimmy Jones to say "why don't we just wait for Sarah to turn 18?"
She was a part of it from the very beginning she was just smart enough to get on people's (kind of) good side when the whole Billie thing went down using the poor pregnant wife excuse as a shield

Whoever still thinks Lainey is a victim is as retarded as the Jackson's

No. 697096

I agree. I reckon Lainey knows exactly what Greg is like and realised much too late that she is married to the world's biggest loudmouth and he'll use her information against her so she just complies. She's still a piece of shit though.

I also think another reason she was not threatened by Sarah and by Billie is because she knew her at 14. She talked to her online and she visited at 16. Lainey would have seen her daggy teen years.
She only started to get jealous later on when Sarah actually started to grow up.

No. 697097

she is both a victim and a perpetrator. there is such thing.
she was only 17 when jimbo preyed on her too, and over the years she's morphed herself into someone just as foul as him.
she doesn't deserve to be dismissed because he's turned her into a wreck just like all of his other exes, but we can at least acknowledge that her future was ruined the day she met him.

No. 697098

File: 1567602624892.png (337.79 KB, 562x1020, why am i paying for this shit.…)


So this is what he's been working on. He has been playing with dolls and making them fuck in his mid 30's, this is pathetic.

No. 697099

It's insane that this actual foot thinks they look better than Sarah. In what world?

If there's any truth to >>697018 it's likely she gets off on the game of it all. We've all seen her run through the same cycle multiple times in the past.

No. 697100

I think with the way Onion berated Sarah and probably also had choice words behind her back to Lainey the she reckoned she was hot shit in comparison. Too bad Sarah didn't stay looking her age and grew into herself more. Lainey's stuck larping as a dude, I still do not believe this bitch is trans. Just nope. She's stuck in that lie too, but nowadays she's "gay" (straight for guys), so it seems like the trinity is off the cards until they navigate Sarahgate. Wonder if McFly will have to be called in to stroke Greg's ego

No. 697101

Reliving the days of playing dolls with Skye's underage sister I see.

No. 697102

She absolutely deserves to be dismissed because she’s not a victim you can’t prey on kids and then go uwu but my husband is baaaaaddd!! It’s also pretty sexists and stupid to assume female victims can’t have a personality of their own. Thousands and thousands of women have been in much much worse relationships and have done some questionable things but none of them sexted kids, manipulated and used a kid they had legal guardianship over to as a fuck buddy the moment they turned 18. KAI FUCKED SARAH AS WELL! Even tried to argue with her super bad husband who truly took Sarah’s virginity, just because it’s not necessarily penetration involved it’s still SEX. We are all always influenced by the people around us but uwu I’m a pedo Bc my husband calls me a cunt … is a bit of a reach.

No. 697103

She used Sarah for alot. Childcare, emotional support, a shield from Greg, a sorce of deflection, sex, and a bed mate for her husband so she can go pretend to be a trans guy for attention. That's just what I know, could be alot more.

Greg is working triple overtime to stop this and it isn't working. Kind of like all of his ideas.

No. 697104

She also is always up in Greg’s ear telling all girls’ secretes , spies on them and tattles to him. You have to be a special kind of idiot to think this bitch isn’t enjoying it every time he’s out on spergs telling the whole internet the girls secrets and calling them crazy. She triggers him and gives him ammo, she has been doing it for the longest time but “she has anxiety :(((((((“

No. 697105

how likely is divorcegate at this point? greg has an easy out now by claiming lamey was a fraud and for the whole weed thing (“my husband is a drug addict and hid it from me!! much dishonesty!!”) like i know they’re probably sticking this out together because they’re both fucked but i’m sure that house is a nightmare right now and they’re fighing like crazy. i think a divorce could be possible, especially after the nudes thing. greg can shove this allllll on lamey then say he has to divorce her because she’s dishonest or whatever. might be the only way he can get “out.” (in his mind, anyway). kind of hoping he makes some whiteboard stick figure videos giving the “real” story ala cuddlegate

No. 697106

She definitely does. She gets off on Greg picking her. She causes drama with the other girls and tries to get them ousted so then she feels like she "won" because she keeps her grimy husband. What a fucking prize.

No. 697107

honestly, i think its gonna be a long time until onion divorces lainey. he has groomed lainey into his perfect pet, she is even fine with bringing new girls into the relationship when he gets bored because she is so terrified of losing him. i think he is going to use her until SHE gets fed up with HIM and we all know that isn't going to happen anytime soon lol.

No. 697109

alright chuckles, you've completely missed the point of my comment but keep yodelling.

he's def got ammo to get rid of her for good now ('she broke the LAW by smoking WEED and sending NUDES TO UNDERAGE PEOPLE that is WRONG and we all know that i am a man of the LAW') but i still reckon their schtick of 'we're together to prove da h8rs wrong' is going to outweigh that. if either of them are good at anything, it's being spiteful cunts.

No. 697111

holy shit this is like avenger's end game, getting to remember all the characters from the whole series.

is he trying to trigger fans with abuse trauma or something?!

No. 697112

They're probably got as much mutual dirt on each other. Onion would be terrified of Lainey getting a platform to trash him. Lainey will be doing her best crying rn to keep Onion from leaving her because of the drugs and being sloppy with nudes (let's be honest, Greg would have been supportive of it).

No. 697113

Very lazy attempts at a poor man's Robot Chicken.
Nothing he does is original.
I hate the south park style voice he uses in videos

No. 697116

File: 1567605022392.png (71.56 KB, 1610x232, Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 11.4…)

He is completely delusional if he expects anyone to believe she raped him when seven days before giving her hickeys he was calling her innocent?
He has absolutely no way of defending himself this time I don't see him speaking about it at all.

No. 697117

Lame kinda, sorta got away with tweeting the "thirst trap" pic. Of course she and Gurg thought sending nudes wouldn't bite them in the ass.

No. 697118

That's what Greg is going for, pretending to be the nice / woke person, but his horrible personality and stupidity ooze through his every pore.

>Jimmy is right when he calls her a cunt, not that it's okay for him to call her that but he's not wrong. Shes a terrible human.

And he is stuck with her for what seems the rest of his life. Ahahahaha, glorious!
Lainey and Greg, one worse than the other, absolutely DO deserve each other. I hope they stay together forever.
But I'm waiting for Greg's "How to get rid of my wife 2.0".

No. 697119

Wow, good find anon.
He's such a lying sack of shit.

No. 697120

File: 1567606231374.jpeg (88.43 KB, 828x458, DA68A756-8932-4D6D-AE1B-7E9CCA…)

It’s time to milk the cows.

No. 697122

I hope she dumps more text caps(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 697123

First off, Patreon anon, we can't thank you enough for these videos.
Second off, if you don't need these transcripts, I'll stop.

> PATREON Uh Oh Bros Preview

> Top Gun-esque rock music in the background
> Soldier doll: "What's up, troop? I'm here today to feature the Laineybot plaque." (Youtube play button plaque on screen)
> "We're getting rid of this goddamn thing and if you wanna buy it, it's for sale!"
> "Here in the military we ain't no goddamn fan of deadnames! It is a dead fucking name, and we are selling this shit. Deadnames piss me off almost as much as-"
> (Cuts to a Master Chief doll getting smushed on and moaning with a bitchy voice) "Ungh! Fuck me, Roger! Uagghh, right in my pussy ass!"
> (Show Roger, enter singsong voice) "Hey, sergeant Carthoff(? No clue), wanna come join my assfucking party?"
> (Sarge) "Holy (something) fucking shit, I'm a Bible Belt Christian you fucking gaylord(?)"
> (Roger moaning) "Oagh, I want your dick inside me, daddy!"
> (Master Chief) "Wait, it's only gay if I enjoy it, right? 'Cos… 'cos it's… I'm only half nutting"
> Ba-dum tss.

No. 697124

he would only divorce her if he had someone else lined up, which he doesn't. at this point most girls he has gotten through lainey. i don't think he will get rid of her, she's pretty useful to him

No. 697125

Pot is legal in Washington, the only reason why Billie was in trouble with Onion is because it's not legal in VA. He said Billie could smoke pot in Washington once shes the legal age (21) and even said that she would be allowed to smoke pot in the in-law suite above the garage at the McMansion.

Now if Sarah had said Lainey also tried coke…

No. 697126

Lainey wasnt groomed. She went after Greg like a well thought out plan.He was number #3 on her list of youtubers to marry. She wasn't innocent either, been fucking for a few years already at 17 and boasted at breaking up friendships by dating their boyfriends.
You cant groom a THOT.(sage your posts if it's not milk)

No. 697129

That's like saying you can't rape a slut. She was a kid, taken by a grown man. Is she responsible for her actions now? Yeah, definitely. But she was a victim at one point.

No. 697130

File: 1567608059941.png (21.47 KB, 652x455, chrome_BnT7qnnB2M.png)

Sage your posts, it's not that hard.

No. 697131

lol greg comitted tax fraud and destroyed protected wetlands, do you really think he cares that much about the law?

No. 697132

Yeah… she was groomed. He took advantage of a young girl and manipulated her. She was a undoubtedly victim back then then but now she's an abuser and 100% responsible for what she is doing.
What does her sexual history before Greg have to do with anything?

No. 697133

Taylor Elaine Karla Homol-Kai Avaroe Jackson had me in tears, anon! Great work!!!

It's because Greg probably thinks that owning a 360 camera is dope enough and everybody will praise him for the innovative work he's doing. He can't put 2 and 2 together and figure out that you actually have to be creative or artistic - or at least have to have a good script and some thought out preparation - to create a somewhat decent 360 video.
Then again, he has his 5 weird fans left who'll praise him for anything and everything he does, no matter how bad it is. Why would he spend more time on content for them? lol

Why would the trinity be off the cards?
Lainey's tried more than enough with girls, why not invite a hunk to the house? I mean, all Greg ever wanted is to support his "spouse", to make her happy by finding someone to take care of her and to enjoy the trinity. I know it's never gonna happen because Greg would snap (penis envy, loss of control, jealousy, realizing his feminitiy, … ) but I'd love to see Lainey put her foot down and demand adding a man to their holy trinity.
(Bonus: If they choose Billy, there'll also be a pair of boobs for Greg to grope.)

No. 697134

He said that but you know he'd still be a bitch about it.

No. 697135

What do you call her 19yr old boyfriend she was fucking at the time when she went after Greg?
He was an adult too. Girl was not innocent like Sarah. Lainey had been around the block. Was even known for sending people half nude pics in HS. A THOT(learn how to sage/infighting)

No. 697136

What the fuck.
Middle aged father of two… absolutely disgusting.

No. 697137

Oh no, a high school girl having sex and sending nude photos.. I guess that means she was just destined to be swept away by a 26 year old man and immediately married and impregnated. If anything, that behavior shows that she may have been troubled or insecure. Still a teenage girl, still a victim, regardless of how big of a "thot" she was.(sage/infighting)

No. 697138

>the fuck am I even watching. is this meant to be funny?
he thinks it is, i think. but it's so far off the mark from any form of "comedy" that i really can't be sure.

>oh look and its glorifying violence against women again. the few videos i seen of him hes always beating up then shooting women.
careful there Taylor, this might be a precursor in to your future.
yeah, i mean onioncuck has always had this streak, but lately it's gotten even worse.
and if kaibot hasn't realized this yet what if billiegate, shilohgate, and the recent grooming shit – you know this "comedy" video isn't gonna open her transtrender eyes.

>is he trying to trigger fans with abuse trauma or something?!
no idea. it's definitely not ANY form of comedy, not even an attempt. trying to trigger fans with abusive pasts could be a possibility, you know he likes his fans young, easy manipulated, and damaged.

No. 697139

This is pure objectification if I ever seen one - Sarah was just a pair of boobs and virginity to take, they treated her like a toy and argued who can play with her first.
Wasn't Sarah with Lainey during birth of bandaid because Onision was too busy fucking Billie? Doormat has no loyalty besides her abusive husband.

And correct me anons, but I think couple of threads ago we actually talked about vag pics already? The ones Lainey send to Sarah to edit/check for her? If I remember correctly that was one of perks on her patreon - some sort of photoshoot? That could help establish timeline, unless she was sending her more nude pics, which is totally possible.

No. 697141

File: 1567609374096.png (63.61 KB, 1074x559, Screenshot_41.png)

No. 697143

I realize that Jimmy thinks that no rules apply to him. He's narcissistic enough to think everyone is wrong but him. TurboTax fucked up his taxes, and he was just protecting his Onionbulbs from the scary weeds of the wetland. Its definitely not his fault.

Also speaking of Wetlands pretty sure Onion has 57 days (October 31) to have the fence installed and submit pictures to the county as per his restoration agreement.

Anything to keep teen poon around for Jimmy tho

No. 697145

Lainey said the same thing about Sarah.
You seem older.

No. 697146

>I feel like I'm talking to a 20 year old

No offence to anyone 20 years old, but 20 is not exactly a 'mature' age. Also doesn't he constantly go on about how mature he was at 11?
He said in the past he feels mentally 18 like he does now.
He always changes his idea of what age an adult really is.

No. 697147

File: 1567610096478.png (149.36 KB, 500x386, grooming.png)

never forget

No. 697148

No. 697149

File: 1567610250990.png (158.85 KB, 500x608, grooming2.png)

No. 697150

Yeah anything to keep the teen poon around but hypothetically if Billie had stayed and he allowed her to smoke he would have made her feel bad about it constantly.
Sarah only reposted something about weed on tumblr and Greg started lecturing her on why she shouldn't do it. She mentioned his preachy attitude to weed after she admitted doing it to him on the live stream.
She said to him after that she wouldn't do it at all because his response about it was so annoying.

No. 697151

Onion has never been good at keeping women. He always finds a way to fuck it up.

No. 697152

>No offence to anyone 20 years old, but 20 is not exactly a 'mature' age.

It's not but to a 16 year old it seems mature; telling kids they're "mature for their age" is a common grooming technique

sage for armchair

No. 697153

My theory that the reason he doesn't like them doing drugs is because he prefers younger 'purer' girls and in his mind women that take drugs are whores or criminals.
He's said in past videos he didn't like an ex smoking pot because she acted different to how he preferred.
The other thing is he's an absolute control freak and can't deal with someone taking drugs because he is really uneducated on drugs and thinks people become unpredictable and won't listen to him and he can't deal with not having control over a sex puppet.

No. 697154

I think that also speaks to where Onionboy is at mentally in that moment. Going 'this 16-year-old feels AT LEAST 20' like yeah okey.

No. 697155

He not only fucks it up but always blames the other person like it is never him being an asshole.

No. 697156

File: 1567611914158.jpeg (20.21 KB, 520x380, DwM8J4EW0AA0ym_.jpeg)

remember when

No. 697157

Can the angry house moms take it to Laineys thread?

No. 697158

File: 1567612082741.gif (1.72 MB, 400x200, giphy-1.gif)

I'm so proud of Sara right now. She isn't caving into their manipulative bullshit - trying to make her responsible for THEIR fucked up grown ass adult choices. If anybody was raped it was Sara, they took somebody young and vulnerable and played her like a puppet for their own sick gain. Get fucked Avaroes.

No. 697160

He only cares because its his clutch for being a “good person” because everything he does is LEGAL so hes a stand up guy or some shit lol

No. 697161

it's the latter imo. He clings to the drugs thing for several reasons.

It lets him feel set apart and speshul

It lets him feel like he's shaping the lives of those under his control

It's something he can shame others for when he needs a power play to get them back under control

It's something he can smear people for even years after the fact, if/when he recognizes that they're a lost cause and wants to exhaust them into just going away (cf right fucking now)

sage for armchair

No. 697162

Same. She's calling them out on their dumb logic also. Like when Greg cried rape and she checkmated him with 'well seeing as you participated, does that make you a rapist also?'

No. 697163

If you sage, you need to actually write sage in the email field.

No. 697164

I always think he's this autistic straight edge but it's weird he let Sarah have alcohol.

No. 697165

File: 1567612367904.png (1.79 MB, 2356x996, Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 1.50…)

Subtle dig at Sara? Notice how spergy he gets when Kainey tries taking off the "hugs not drugs" image.

No. 697166

This is sickening, in photos of her from the time it's obvious she's super young

No. 697167

File: 1567612562782.png (96.02 KB, 1082x554, Screenshot_42.png)

More digs at Sarah
>uwu i'm clean I've never done drugs

but you still have a room temperature iq and you and your wife groomed a teenage girl to become the perfect partner for you two so your marriage won't fall apart. Doing drugs is better than being a sexual predator.

No. 697169

>some of the coolest things you can do is eat well and look after your body duhhhh

Take your own advice you pale flabby dad bodded loser.
You have shit rashy skin and you and your herpes riddled wife both look unfit and extremely flabby, unfit and anemic.
He spouts this shit yet he eats like shit and his exercise consists of him sperging like a retard naked in his backyard for videos that no-one watches.
Then this flabby caveman tries to hunch over and tense in photos with a furrowed brow acting like he's in league with Andy Biersack or that faggot from supernatural/twilight/whatever teen heart throb is popular on tumblr.
Lainey doesn't even touch fruit without gagging and looks like she has aids half the time.

They like to try to be above everyone by being be vegetarian and drug free but they are the ugliest role models. I've seen hotter crack heads than these two. How delusional.

No. 697170

>I'm a straight edge
>Drinks alcohol in videos with Lainey for views
>was apparently open to trying brownies
>said he was okay with Billie smoking weed in his state

No. 697176

>said he was okay with Billie smoking weed in his state
This isn't really against straight edge philosophy.

You know what is though? Extramarital sex.

No. 697178

I'm actually so happy Sarah is outing Kai's abuse as well because too many people protect that cunt including Greg, who uses her as leverage like he does with his children. He started white knighting her more after Billiegate so she'd accept his 'she cheated but I didn't' story, and he also tries to paint her as a victim because he knows that no-one likes him anymore and she at least still has/had a fan base and he needs the shekels so he needs her to appear more likeable and innocent than himself. This whole thing will be killing him because they aren't able to bounce back from this.

No. 697179

They can never be above anyone, anon.. they are child grooming predators

No. 697180

File: 1567616593620.png (35.84 KB, 1078x155, Screenshot_47.png)

No. 697181

They've never been above anyone. I just meant that it's funny how they THINK they are because of a dietary choice. Not eating meat and not touching drugs doesn't mean shit on your morals scale when you try to fuck teenagers. But yeah wasn't saying that they actually are above anyone, just that they act it.
Like with all the Die antwoord scandal where they get outed as creeps and basically screech about being Buddhist vegetarians like it has anything to do with manipulating and fucking a fan.

No. 697182

Their mental gymnastics with the cheating is silly. I would bet he will do the same thing with his accusations of “rape.”

Billie cheated but Greg didn’t. Sarah took advantage of Lainey but Greg didn’t.

Greg is the perennial innocent who in no way is driving all the chaos and abuse.

No one except Lainey is willing to believe that lie about either of the situations.

No. 697183

File: 1567617176221.jpg (211.59 KB, 1079x803, Screenshot_20190904-131204.jpg)

Did anyone see this? Not sure what the context is, exactly.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 697184

Someone asked Keemstar to report on the situation. He's blocked by Greg and Lainey has a private account, so he's most likely too lazy to say anything.

No. 697185


??? Literally none of this has come out via Grugly and PredatorGuyJai's Twitter accounts. If Keem doesn't wanna cover it (there are valid reasons not to) he should just be honest or not mention it at all.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 697186


The irony of quoting a band whose lead singer was outed for soliciting young girls and having child porn on his computer isn't lost on me

No. 697191

keemstar being a pussy and failing to do his job as usual. he got a copyright strike from onision once, so maybe he's afraid of touching the subject

No. 697192

Jesse Lacey literally groomed a 15 y/o fan and made her watch him masturbate on a cam.
I guess Lainey can relate to more than just lyrics of Brand New songs. No wonder she never commented on the whole clusterfuck when all the BN fans were losing their shit.

No. 697196

File: 1567619564343.jpg (205.68 KB, 1080x980, Screenshot_20190904-135222_Chr…)

Is Blaire gonna cover this?

No. 697197

yessssssssssssssssss i dont care about blaire's usual content but she is good at calling out onision and has a sizable audience

No. 697198


Not a huge Blaire fan, but it would make sense if she did. She's an actual transgender and probably has something to say about Lainey's faux trans ass and also has a past with Greg.

No. 697200

File: 1567620131561.jpeg (192.23 KB, 1125x556, B6BE2643-DCD2-4AF4-BB4B-9CF3AA…)

No. 697201

Don't care for Blaire, but about fucking time a big name is getting involved and going straight to Sarah rather than the Onions.

No. 697202

Keem will swear up and down that Heidi is a whore for no reason but wont touch an actual proven children predator? He normally says just the most random uninformed shit on his show but cant screencap a few of sarahs tweets, is he scared of FAX or something?

No. 697203

Keem reports what his audience wants, that's the only reason why he's made it through all his scandals like a cockroach after nuclear war.

No. 697204

Keem only touches relevant people and this cunt is far from being relevant its laughable.

No. 697205

it makes me giggle to see that he gets max 20 likes and maybe 5 comments on his tweets and that's it.

I'd be interested to know how much engagement he gets on his patreon posts.
His need for attention is going to get the better of him soon.

No. 697208

File: 1567622008282.png (4.24 MB, 1242x2208, CCF9D069-505D-4ACC-85FB-DE3984…)

blaire’s ig story. could this be about onion boy? she called him out for the rating underaged girls stuff hence ~familiar~ pedo

No. 697209

He retweeted one of the tweets from Sarah's feed just to argue with people and still refuses to say where he stands after Sarah's proof. He's a fat piece of shit. Here's to hoping that >>697208 actually listens to Sarah unlike Billy.

No. 697210

he's a fake person lol he sucks everyone's dick for clout
hes a piece of shit

No. 697211

I think so. I think she might take the angle of calling Lainey a predator pretending to be trans, instead of only attacking Onision. Seems to be the direction she's been going with her channel lately and makes sense.

I expect her to attack Lainey a lot more than Onion this time, considering she already has expressed she thought Lainey was a transtrender and sent an underage girl pics of her vagina and fucked said girl even before Onion got his dick wet.

No. 697212

Please make this the next thread picture. It's perfection.

No. 697213

He also still follows Greg to the surprise of no one. He’s a shitty dude but we already knew that.

No. 697217

Every time there is a Onion drama he tells people the same thing, that he swore not to report on them until they actually went to jail or got charged because Onision’s channel is dead and feeds off the drama.

I can’t say I disagree with him. Anyone that doesn’t already hate James never will and anything Keem says about him will only give him attention. There isn’t anyone who supports him, no one is going to be shocked by this, and there isn’t much more damage to be done to his career. It will only bring views and attention to his channel, which in turn will cause O to make videos trashing Sarah to get even more views and attention from her. He’s not even apart of the YouTube world anymore, he’s non existent. Let’s just enjoy our milk because people trying to force bigger youtubers to talk about it will give O money. Nothing is to come of this except our entertainment.

No. 697220

So has Lainey been lying about breastfeeding??? Most people don’t breastfeed if they smoke weed lol.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was lying about still breastfeeding just to avoid top surgery discussions in the past

No. 697221

Don't underestimate Lainey's ability to be absolutely daft. She's the type of person to not even do the smallest amount of research on if it's safe to smoke weed while still breastfeeding.

No. 697222

She was retarded enough to breastfeed Trot at night and not brush his teeth after, causing him to end up with a mouthful of rotten teeth so it’s within the realm of possibility that T+C took a swig of her weed milk.

No. 697223

File: 1567624858833.png (677.39 KB, 1242x2208, 9331699D-4906-45AA-B5A6-E266AE…)

No. 697225

i hope she doesn't blow all her ammo prematurely and that she's saving the best for when she might need it.

No. 697226

Me too anon. I hope she really does have all their sick communicados from when she was 14. I cant even imagine how much milky shit would be contained therein.

No. 697227

File: 1567625638681.jpg (478.63 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190905-033420_Twi…)

Hi Sar

No. 697228

We already know what it led to, Onion and Lainey fucking Sarah. So she can trickle out whatever she wants in her own time.

Good on Blaire. Her debates with Onion were always good and she hates transtrenders too, so I'm sure she'll discuss all of Lainey's bullshit too.

No. 697231

She liked something from shane. As much as Blair shedding light on the situation will help could you imagine if Shane took this time to do a segment on child grooming with Sarah?

No. 697236

OH GOd,give me that sweet sweet milk

No. 697237

I was thinking this could be a huge series Shane could do. There would be so many people to interview. It could be an extension to his sociopath series of jake Paul, except instead of giving Greg any views he would just talk to the victims and advocate for onion to be taken off the platform.

No. 697238

shane would baby the shit out of kai and focus it all on onion. he would be horrible at doing this, he has no ability to remove himself from the situation or present anything as simple fact, he always has to provide his own "take" on things (which are usually shallow and naive, cough cough jake paul).

No. 697239

This approach would work! I dont think Sarah has had enough time to move on/process to make a really compelling documentary subject. But if the scope was expanded just a bit oh lawdy lawdy

No. 697240


Yes, obviously.

But she can trickle it out in her own time while ALSO being tactical. The two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

No. 697241

Sarah said in her livestream that she would give Shane all of her receipts, but that she wouldn't want him to make a video on it. Understandable. That's a lot of attention for any young adult. I wonder if she changed her mind, assuming she actually talked to Blaire in DM's?

I don't imagine Shane would make a video on Sarah's situation unless she asked him, but I think he must at least know about it. He's commented on Joy's channel, followed Mike, he and Defizzy talked about Onion briefly on his podcast, and he and Blaire are friends. While Shane won't say anything directly about Greg for fear of giving him attention, he most definitely hate-watches him and is at least semi-aware of the Sarah stuff by now. I wish Shane would take a dig at Greg, though (with Sarah's permission of course). Greg accused Shane of pedophilia for a year and a half, and now there's solid evidence of the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 697243

Very true. He gave jake such great publicity.

No. 697244

Shane would never make a video on that shit even if she asked and if she asked it would be a red flag imo

No. 697245

Only for a short while. It didn't take long for people to re-realize how much of a shitty person Jake Paul is, but maybe Nerd City had more to do with speeding up that great revelation.

I agree that Shane has hard time removing himself from the situation and if he ever felt responsible for hurting Kai and the children, he'd immediately cave in. It would probably be better if he went about the situation in more of a Conspiracy Series fashion like he did with his friend Brittani. Don't give Kai and Greg any chances to defend themselves or make excuses, and condense the information to one video.

Rn Blaire is the best person to handle the information. She's not going to let Lainey escape her wrath just because of her fakeboi demeanor. She's fucked just as much as JJ is.

No. 697248

File: 1567627788754.png (34.06 KB, 604x415, blockthemilk.PNG)

Poor Greg is starting to crack it seems.

No. 697249

god there's just so much ez past material to work with now that we have receipts

all the hard work is done by others ftr, I'm just piggybacking off them (the onion subreddit's pinned dossier is great)

No. 697250

File: 1567627919192.png (94.35 KB, 758x718, timeline.png)

I got permission from Sarah to share this

No. 697252

It can't be Shane, he's not actually good at real interviewing. Can't be that beak nosed girl with the red hair, shouldn't be repizon or whatever because he talks too much about onion as it is, won't be philly d or anyone relevant enough with a huge platform because they're all terrified even saying one thing will push onion into killing his family and himself. That just leaves Blair.

But realistically none of their videos should matter. What matters is that Sara contacts the police. Be real, internet outrage against a singular person rarely actually matters if the person is unemployed anyway.

The true ONLY way to strike is to actually involve real authority. Lainey has to be held criminally responsible. If at least ONE of them has a real actual child predator flag permanently on their record, this will cease their attempts at roping in another young girl. If they're marked for life as the predators that they are, this will spare the life of several other girls who we know will otherwise walk right into their trap thinking nothing is wrong and only realizing it once it's way too late. The cycle can only end through police action.

And if they cry about their children then yes, think of their children too. Think of how once their kids hit 14, greg and lainey will tell them to invite kids to sleep over. Think of how gred and lainey will manipulate those kids and eventually hurt them the same way he's hurt other young girls. If they both keep getting away with it, it will only result in more pain later on for more innocent young girls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 697253

Red flag of what exactly?

No. 697254

yeah. I knew he was a creep, but I genuinely didn't think he'd ever go this far. i can definitely see him trying to perv on one of his daughter's friends or some shit later in life

No. 697256

Onision should be going to jail for this. Not having a Youtuber make a video on it. The Youtuber could make a video on it AFTER he is in jail.

This story calls for the FBI, not Shane Dawson. Asking for a video to be made on by the biggest Youtuber on the platform is a red flag when it would be more appropriate and effective to be going to the Feds and not to a Youtuber with that. It's not entertainment, it's a fucking crime and it should be treated as such.

No. 697257

What I wanna know is why Kalvin isn’t jumping on this? Blaire and him are good friends so maybe he’ll have something to say after?

No. 697258

That whole video is just him saying we have not up to this point had sex or a sexual relationship with Sarah (lying about the cuddling and romantic discussions they had before they turned into an adult) and him thinking somehow that because she’s been 18 for a while that she is out of some made up period of time that it would be considered grooming. Claiming he could sleep with any consenting adult and everyone should shut up about it.

This was also when he got his “do not engage” tattoo. He should get a “do not sleep with teens” or “do not groom children” or “do not make false rape allegations when you get caught with your pants down” tattoo.

No. 697260

Given the all shit that's thrown at the farms, how anons are sadistic fucked up femcels, how we bully and drive all the poor poor cows to pretend suicide etc etc, we're pretty much the only people on the interwebz who can not only provide full factual backgrounds to the shittiest of the shit 'internet famous' wankers, we know how to look the fuck after our own when needed.
Doin' epic shit here anon! Can't wait for the next video!

No. 697261

File: 1567629565959.jpeg (89.99 KB, 828x675, 181BDFDE-5D41-4AFF-B660-A3E687…)

Not sure if anyone has seen this, but the greasy weasel uploaded this video to his archive channel about a week ago and it’s basically him saying ‘please feel sorry for me everyone is reporting me think of my children’ bullshit. The guy is sweating because he knows he’s in the shitter. I hope Sarah has gone to the police or something about this. As much as it’s entertaining for us to witness this all go down. I want justice for Sarah and everyone else that’s had to deal with this asshat in the past like Shiloh it Skye, Billie. The lot. This man deserves to be put in a cell. Not still be able to freely upload disgusting videos on multiple platforms and profit on it. If you haven’t yet I highly encourage you to report the fuck out of his social media. It’s about time he’s gone.

No. 697262

File: 1567629809408.jpg (106.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190904-134118_Ins…)

Big milk incoming.. Looks like Blaire talked to Sarah.

No. 697265

File: 1567630248434.png (18.07 KB, 604x235, 2019-09-04.png)

On CrazyDaysandNights today, pretty sure this one is about Onision..

No. 697266

Are we sure this is about Sarah? Hasn't she been on the Jessica Yaniv thing lately?

No. 697268

Blaire tweeted Sarah asking her to dm her, it has to be about her.

No. 697269

could also be Jared? but that story isn't really a secret at this point.

No. 697270



No. 697271

No. 697272

"It's not my fault that things happen to me."

No. 697273

Old milk and she said she wont cover it anymore. Could be Jared but mosy likely onion. Eitherway ive invested heavily in both cows, the milking will be good this round.

No. 697277

File: 1567630863099.png (222.61 KB, 489x630, onision.png)

it's about Sarah/Obesion

No. 697282

It’ll spread awareness to future potention victims and sadly there is no case, so might as well burn the witch

No. 697283

File: 1567631397938.png (1.09 MB, 1852x1392, my boyfriend cheated on me.png)

Ok wtf. This autoplayed after that video. This was a month after Sarah says they started talking about being in a relationship, and like 2 weeks after Sarah turned 18.

>Someone new comes along who you're physically attracted to, but you haven't actually emotionally connected with, or mentally connected with necessarily. And now you just wanna fuck the shit out of them. You wanna see your cock go in their pussy. You wanna see yourself devastate their body. You wanna see them just wretch underneath you. If wretch is the right word.

I think he means writhe, but jfc.

No. 697286

>A-list youtuber

onion wishes

No. 697287


>Devastate their body.

This is the video diary of serial rapist. Only a sick, twisted fuck describes sex this way.

No. 697288

i gagged wtf

No. 697291

oh no, retch is DEFINITELY the right word

No. 697292

He must mean retch, it seems like the most appropriate word for that situation

No. 697294

>You wanna see yourself devastate their body.
>See yourself

Yeah, nice reference to his mirror headboard. This is so transparent

No. 697295

"They tell their partner what they want. They tell their partner who they are. And if they are meant to be together than their partner wants that too"

Dude, that was actually the creepy part of this video. CHILLING!

It really came off as "I told Lainey I wanted to fuck other women (maybe even fucking teens) and she had to accept it otherwise we weren't meant to be together"


No. 697297

File: 1567632395916.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.59 MB, 364x265, american psycho.gif)

Holy fuck, I didn't even think of that. I know the comparison has been made before but… geeeez

No. 697298

He uploaded this on the 22nd of August. Now I understand why. Pretty sure it might have been pre-emptive if Sarah chose to come forward with this info

He can just go "I talked about it on Youtube. It's not a secret. I wanted to try brownies" blablabla(Do not post direct links to Onision’s videos.)

No. 697299

So for whatever reason I just remember that Onion being the paranoid nut he is always installs security cameras both outside and INSIDE of wherever it is he ends up living.

So there is the possibility he is in possession of video of well…god knows what. Probably everything that's gone on in the swamp shack and McMansion.

No. 697301

no direct links to Pedonision's videos, please.

No. 697302

No. 697308

agreed. holy shit

No. 697313

File: 1567634917169.png (70.43 KB, 602x561, oopsy.png)

No. 697314

File: 1567634925688.jpg (17.19 KB, 757x121, butyouareugly.JPG)

I'm really starting to think Onion actually believes this will blow over and people will forget about it if he ignores it long enough.

I can't remember where, but I swear I remember him saying in a video or tweet once that the internet always moves on to some new drama and forgets when someone does something horrible.

And he's not entirely wrong, which is why I kind of hope the story gets blown up enough to reach the majority of his patrons cause that may be the worst thing that can happen to him outside of legal reprocussions.

No. 697316

File: 1567635464423.png (84.75 KB, 1176x248, detective.png)


No. 697317

It's a different conversation, but I'd rather Blaire stayed the fuck out of this. After the bullshit with Yaniv and the so-called "producer" that wanted to do the documentary with Yaniv, it's kinda obvious Blaire just wants to cash in. I mean, they all do, but still.

No. 697318

Can somebody explain the meaning I don't get it

No. 697320


Careful what you post. It seems the secret lifestyle vid is gone now.

No. 697321

File: 1567635755542.png (18.52 KB, 748x145, weedbrownies.png)

lmao at Lamey putting her foot down with Sarah making weed brownies but will go smoke weed on the down low.

No. 697322

Uhhh is Sarah cool with this? Not sure how I feel about some internet random taking charge of the legal proceedings

No. 697323


…who is this? Sage for my dumbass, I don’t remember this person from the stream or anything.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 697324

It was mirrored months ago. >>553109
It was posted July 24th, 2018.

No. 697326

File: 1567636481319.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2074, 027EC6F8-EBAC-4EDC-B10B-AC61C9…)

The police are officially involved

No. 697327

File: 1567636503260.png (1.34 MB, 1242x2688, 0A225869-6CEF-40C5-B808-18EB29…)

No. 697328

File: 1567636508724.jpg (565.12 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20190904-183558_You…)

It's also definitely still on "CoolGuyKai"'s channel

No. 697329

File: 1567636594912.png (63.79 KB, 353x293, greg.png)

current image of greb, 2019

No. 697332

sounds like randos have been bombarding the police with shitty reports, then, but seems like this one is going to stick….

No. 697333

It's happening! I wonder if Sarah will get justice. She said on the livestream that she didn't trust authorities so I am hoping this will work out.

No. 697335

HAHAHA i hope this little bitch is scared

No. 697336

honestly the kids would probably be sent to live with complaineys parents right? if anything everyones doing them a favor.
whats the worse case scenario if the cops look onto this?

No. 697337

Worst case scenario, I imagine, is that the police investigate this and state that there is nothing they can do because the evidence is not actually 'tangible'.

Perhaps that makes it less likely if something happened in the future that Greg or Lainey needed to be reported for?

No. 697338

Well no matter what we know for sure Lainey would get something for sending a picture of her vagina to a minor so there's that

Idk how would they see the rest of the evidence but that one is hard to let it pass

No. 697339

Fucking idiots reporting this to the wrong police force when they aren't involved. Good way to fuck this up.

No. 697340

leaving a paper trail is always good in cases like these even if things don't work out right away.

No. 697341

lol it's been passed on, it's really not an issue

No. 697342

If Sarah really has all the texts from when she was 14 like she says and can prove they were buying her alcohol and talking about sex with her, they will get into some kind of trouble. What I'm worried about is if she is really going to turn over everything. I think deep down she still might have some kind of attachment and not want them to get in trouble.. Idk, we'll see.

No. 697344

Considering they live in WA it seems likely they might go to Onion’s family that’s already there, in the event they were taken.
I don’t doubt that Lainey’s parents would contest for custody or at least partial.

No. 697345

Yeah dummys need to stop spreading misinformation. Hopefully the right dept will get in contact with Sarah and she'll be willing to work with them.

No. 697346

I’m ready to see at the very least kai be arrested

No. 697347

It seems like the only one that's been helping Lainey with the kids that we know of is her friends/girlfriends that come visit and her grandmother.. Last thing we need is onions mom raising another child.(do not speculate about the children)

No. 697348

Hate to say this but she is very likely to be compelled to present evidence she might have if it were ever to move into the courts. Not sure how valid Tweets are in legally proceedings but evidence can be subpoenaed.

No. 697349

Not true at all, since onision only has one parent and one sister ( the rights typically does not go to siblings). They do not live with him. The children will most likely go to the best parents available , which is most likely Lainey’s.

No. 697351

One thing I am genuinely curious about, if anything actually comes out of randoms on twitter reporting to the police. How fast will Lainey and Grug turn on each other?

No. 697352

She doesn't need to turn it over. Criminal investigations get things like message history by subpoenaing directly from the app or company because tampering is so easy. That's why applications like whatsapp are such an obstacle for police - end to end encryption means they can only be read on the devices that sent/received them.

No. 697353

File: 1567638980054.jpeg (561.38 KB, 1242x1475, 2B1FC447-07D9-48B4-92E9-CDA623…)

No. 697354

Kinda irritated about this. Not that I don't want these cunts to finally get what's been coming to them but did anybody talk to Sara about it first? She is the one that is going to have to come forward and provide all the nitty gritty details to the police. They can't throw them in the klink over twitter posts, an actual case needs to be established. I'm just tired of randos notifying the authorities only to have the case dropped because everybody is way too trigger happy, then seeing how smug Pedosion and TeenBaitKai are when they get off the hook.

No. 697356

Yes it is, that's why there are rules against cowtipping. If you can't understand why it's wrong for strangers on the internet with nothing other than speculation to contact the police instead of the victims, you need to get your shit straight.

No. 697357


At first I didn't even believe it was truly on that twitter so I checked. Thats huge, its from that documentary "an open secret" about pedophelia in hollywood.
Well then, its been nice knowing you Greg.

No. 697358

Or as Jimmy Grease says himself, it's our obligation to spread information that could be helpful to society

No. 697359


He has TWO sisters, Joanna and Christina.

No. 697360

These people might have scared Sarah away with this
There's a lot she must have in those messages stuff she's not ready for people to know yet
Remember she has known these predators since she was 14, she has gone through a lot and still hasn't had the time to assimilate it jfc

No. 697362

I agree with this tinfoil. I 100% think Onion would be into voyeurism.

No. 697363

Pretty creepy for someone to email details about this on Sarah’s behalf.

Anyways, I’m just holding out hope that both of these freaks get out on the sex offender registry. I doubt they’ll be arrested

No. 697365

Lmao! Gig Harbour have been all over his twitter since the wetland sperging. Onion privated his twitter I think in advance of this fallout so he could attempt to hide this from the County. Amazing.

No. 697366

Yeah this is dumb. The police aren’t going to talk to strangers on the internet who have no contact with the Onions. They are going to want to talk to Sarah - and she already said she wasn’t comfortable with that.

As usual, Onion will make some smug statement about how the authorities checked him out and he’s still not in jail so he’s in the right.

No. 697368

There is no point in anons here debating if people should have went to the police. We're not even sure who reported and the police may he contacted actual people instigated in the story for a statement. It could be contact with someone involved that has made the police compile a case on it.

This is good. The wheels are in motion. These scumbags need investigated.

No. 697369

I doubt Onion is going to feel smug when there's a literal case file against him with his local police.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 697370

If Sarah withhold information, she could be sentenced to prison time for either withholding evidence of a crime, or defamation. She has to show the evidence, or else she’s going to prison.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 697374

Sarah must be feeling like no one cares about what she wants, only about what people want from her, just like the onions

Hope this person reporting wasn't just some random and actually asked her about it

No. 697375

We are only spectators, do not praise twitter randoms for cowtipping, do not derail the thread to have an argument if someone should or should not have cowtipped, do not speculate about the kids, and once again, do not attempt to scare off the milk. All of these things will result in a ban.
Read the admin's warnings before you post >>696741, remember to sage and enjoy the milk.

No. 697377

I agree about the "concerned mom" comment, now with her calling herself "angry mom"

No. 697379

She looks a lot like the "concerned mom" from the stream that made Sarah uncomfortable. I went through her twitter and she was directing people to the Pierce Police Department.

It seems like the story is gaining traction around the internet which is great. Greg can continue pretending like everything is fine but he's going to crack. His pattern has always been deny and lie, pretend, deny and lie some more, full narc rage.

No. 697380

File: 1567641268435.jpg (165.05 KB, 978x649, Screenshot_20190904-195436.jpg)

He can't even get 5k views in 4 days, kek.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 697381

I also went and looked at her twitter. It is concerned mom. She has a pic posted and I matched it to the livestream concerned mom.
She couldn't leave it alone and let Sarah do it when she felt ready? I initially thought it was Sarah reporting but that was my bad.

No. 697382

Thanks again, Aldliii for making a perfect condensed video to send to everyone I’m friends with who still follows “Kai” and Greg. I’m having fun exposing everyone to their shit and watching their follower count go down.

No. 697384

ITT armchair lawfags talk about shit they don't know about and don't realize how things work outside the internet. Can mods add that shit to the ban list before it gets worse?

Anyway does plainey still have her 'secret' twitter? Can't remember if she deleted or anon lost access to it. Even if greg comes out of this fine, lainey is pretty fucked. Sending your nudes to someone underage is a serious issue, and I can totally see greg being the all gentle and caring kind of stand up guy, throwing lainey under the bus and divorcing her under the guise that 'he didn't know she did this when sarah was underage!1!!!' and 'my husband cheated on me with a CHILD!'. It's pretty obvious he's been trying to find a reason to get rid of her for a lonnnng time, just wanted another girl to take her place first.

No. 697385

File: 1567641650353.png (393.1 KB, 602x603, laineybot.PNG)

No. 697386


lmao. Anyhow, that account slings accusations all the time, at anyone even remotely suspicious. They've damaged their brand over the years, unfortunately.

No. 697388

Can someone archive this whole twitter before Lame gets arrested and/or they wipe their social media?

No. 697393

File: 1567642388436.jpg (53.78 KB, 607x544, madison.JPG)

in these milkiest days of plenty, don't forget to also savor the cameos from returning cast members.

anon from before was right, this really does feel like avengers endgame lmao. literal YEARS' worth of discarded and fucked over people uniting out of the woodwork to support sarah and add voices to the choir. beautiful

No. 697394

File: 1567642487025.jpg (96.08 KB, 1080x683, Screenshot_20190904-191412_Chr…)


No. 697395

you're probably exposing yourself since it shows she's following you, and followed by a mutual, who I think is her sister.

No. 697397

conspicuously evasive reply to the original question of "did sarah indicate she wanted you to do this"

i really disagree with her jumping the gun and believe it comes more from her own lust for vengeance, although am sure she believes in her heart it's for the greater good. we're all overjoyed but imo we need to be sensitive to how much this must've took for sarah to do, and respect that by letting her escalate at exactly the pace she wants to go at.

like someone else said, the greatest thing we can do for sarah now is what she spent all her teen years being denied - being shown that people respect her desires above their own personal priorities.

No. 697398

reminder to all that sarah may not have been scared, she works nights at a restaurant, so she may just be tied up

No. 697401


Jesus Christ. unless she specifically asked permission, or was asked for help, this shit is obnoxious.
it’s not an internet rando’s job to decide when or if a victim speaks up to law enforcement. this shit also just happened, it’s probably still fresh for Sarah (who is a real person, not just a fresh source of drama behind a screen).

lastly, law enforcement has been known to fail even bigger victims. i can understand why Sarah would be reluctant to spend her time and energy on something that could easily fall through. do people even think things through before doing this shit and popping vengeance boners?(ignoring farmhand warning.)

No. 697402

He has 3 sisters, one is a half sister, his dad's daughter. She lives near Greg but he never sees her or her kids. The dad visits her often.

No. 697403

People give this place a lot of shit but at least most here understand Sarah's mental state is priority. She was doing great exposing him little by little and feeling empowered for once

No. 697404


Oh yeah. I didn't consider his dad's daughter. You're right. My bad.

No. 697408

File: 1567643848177.jpg (91.08 KB, 590x442, 1501286341-easter-island-rano-…)

I know I'm gonna get banned for this but I just CAN'T resist making this post: she looks exactly like those statues for the Easter Islands(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 697409


still likely that she had a say in this and is just at work

No. 697410

I'm a mandated reporter you dumb shits.

It was reported before I made a stink about it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 697411

I know we're all jumping to conclusions right now, but I just want to mention that Sarah did at the very least joke about calling the police. Maybe it wasn't a joke after all? I hope Sarah initiated police contact and consented to the potential news being spread, but I'm still hesitant to get my hopes up if this is just some random's doing.

No. 697414


mandated reporter status is only applicable when you encounter suspected abuse when working in a capacity with children and only applies to filing reports with CPS, not police. just pointing out that you weren't legally obligated to report. let the victim choose how they want to handle this.

No. 697415


You weren't mandated to post on twitter you reported it and insinuate LE was reluctant to do anything until you called. >>697394

That is not how it works. You wanted your ass pats for calling LE and you got them. You may have notified Onision and Kai that it was being taken more serious but oh well you got some attention. You may have put Sarah in a more difficult public situation but totally cool because as a social worker you know how pushing a situation can make the actual victim clam up and not want to move forward with things.

No. 697416

Why is it the wrong police? They live in Gig Harbor

No. 697420

Doesnt that now give Greg time to get rid of evidence?

No. 697422

Potentially, but if he's caught trying to cover up evidence or getting rid of it, his ass is going to be in even deeper shit.

No. 697423

Mandated reporting doesn’t exactly include a call to arms on twitter

No. 697424

You are one stupid cunt.

If this case fails and The Onions avoid the slammer AGAIN while Sarah retracts then runs away, it will be all on you! Can you live with that kind of guilt, concerned bitch?

No. 697425

He cant get rid of the evidence on Sarah's phone which she says she has years worth of texts which will be linked to Greg and Kais phones. Thank goodness Sarah was damn smart and kept it all!

No. 697426

So I have a question that is unrelated in a way. Idk if this will be met with a response or a ban… when cuddlegate came to light and Billie was portrayed as a home wrecker by grease and lame, all the farmers jumped on her calling her a ‘cumdumpster’ and a slut/whore etc and basically ridiculed tf out of her so she never spilled any milk….
Now when Sarah comes out against obesion and his rapist tranny husband she’s applauded and supported as the new kween? Why the difference? Is it because this lacks the cheating scandalous aspect? Lainey is still crying…
Do you think it’s because of the me-too movement or something along those lines or the fact that now we truly recognize that Gregory Jackson James Jackson is a predator?

No. 697427

Because we felt for Lainey. Now she made her bed, she knew he was gonna cheat again.

No. 697429


and she got into that mess voluntarily as an adult and should have known better, Sarah was a gd kid

No. 697431

Why are all of the super vocal "anti-Os" so fucking annoying? Just shut up and watch the drama. If you're absolutely have to contact the police (bullshit) then do it silently instead of parading around for attention you moron. Nobody cares.

No. 697432

Also Lainey literally lead Sarah into this situation bc she wanted her tits chopped off. Gurg at least seemingly at the time had been the driving force behind Billie the entire time.

No. 697435

Wtf don't say that. Everyone knows she has a job but you don't need to specify what type.

No. 697437

At the time. How old was Billie? 18 or 19? Isn’t that the same age as Sarah now? Lainey wasn’t much older either back then…she was 20 something right?

No. 697438

Because Sarah entered this mess at the age of 14, and Lainey lured her in. During billiegate, Lainey was pregnant and still came off as the main victim. People were rooting for her to leave. People shat on Billie but only temporarily, when she came out with stuff and proof people were mostly just pissed with greg.

No. 697439

Madison brings up a really good point that I had wondered about when he first made that spergy video about changing her little girl. How come it's okay to talk about her child so graphically but his kids are off limits? Shane basically tried to say privately that he didn't want to sue because of the kids, and Gurg sperged at him to not talk about his kids.
His kids really are a meat shield.

No. 697440

I got really pissed back then when people were sympathetic to Lainey. All her credibility went out the window when she bitched about Billie being a cheater while Greg wasn't.

No. 697442

Was it because Billie raped him Just like Sarah raped Kai?

No. 697443

They don't care about the victims nearly as much as their egos. Concerned mom probably thinks she's this amazing hero.

No. 697444

File: 1567647522930.jpeg (31.85 KB, 448x428, 45646778-B976-44A6-B49C-6532C0…)

anon couldn’t have been more vague, chill. image unrelated and saged for infighting. I’m just high and laughing so hard at the fact that Gurgamel actually looks like this.

No. 697446

Billie was 18/19, Lainey was 21/22 iirc

No. 697447

Apparently she went downstairs and kissed him straight away and poor defenceless Greg couldn't push tiny Billie away even though she is smaller than his man wife.
It annoys me too because it's very obvious in Lainey's video that Billie tried to stop Greg and said 'But Lainey will be upset' and Gurg kept insisting and would ask her things like 'well don't you want to have sex with me?' And he included in the video that she replied 'duh' as if that is his supposed evidence that it was her iniation.

No. 697448

I understood the immediate hate Lainey must have felt towards Billie, but Lainey is dumb as fuck. Eventually the logical side of her brain should have kicked in and realize that her husband is significantly more guilty in manipulating and weaseling his manclit into places it shouldn't be. She's mentally a teenager, emotionally stunted, and she's a huge fucking snake too. Throw the whole bitch away shes fucking awful.

I hope divorcegate never happens and they're miserable together forever.

No. 697449

Lets pretend for a second that there isn't a group of scorned ex onionflakes that like to stalk, skinwalk, and obsess over Billie while pretending they have an ounce of legitimate victimhood.
Nothing ever happened to laneclone and she's been seen in drama circles for the past 3 years because she wants attention like madison.

Also flakes like fatbecca and co. have all legitimately been onision fans post 2012

No. 697450

My sentiments exactly and honestly there’s been so many reports made and it just spurs in more reports which in turn benefits anus because it makes them think he’s just being harassed by crazy haters.

No. 697452

Yeah and even if she was a dumb cunt and let the Billie thing slide there was so much dodgy shit he did after like the whole Sam scenario.
Like look at Greg's defence for his behaviour there.

>she sat on my lap because it was easier to hug sitting down instead of standing

>I should be congratulated because as a biological male it's normal for me to want to spread my seed and I turned down that homewrecker
>she brushed her head past mine omg i think she was trying to kiss me ewww
>I know what trying to kiss is
>I spoke to Lainey in the shower and she said Sam definitely tried to kiss me

Lainey sulked about the table being ruined by sugar water and was too busy at that time trying to get Madison to give her asspats instead of believing that Greg was starting the shit with Sam.
Greg only lost interest with Sam when he realised he couldn't get Lainey to fuck her even though Sam was willing.

But anyway, ignoring Greg's behaviour towards Sam after the whole Billie thing was even stupider. I bet Lamp is wishing she left when Billie gate went down and she may have been able to get out as a victim still. Dumb cunt.

No. 697453

Vague or not, there's no point or need to bring it up. You seem to be forgetting what site you are on.
Raven has been located several times purely from just saying she's eating at certain diners without even disclosing the address.

It was a dumb ccompletely unrelated thing to say, and saying shit like 'sage for infighting' and 'sage for posting an unrelated picture' makes me think you are the same newfag that kept posting earlier and saying 'sage for __' even though you weren't saging.

If you can't see why it's a dumb and stupid idea for disclosing the type of work she does, then you are a retard.

No. 697454

holy shit this is pretty big

No. 697455

Madison and Lane still bring milk to the table though.
Madison can be attention whore-esque but she has contributed to milk in the past. She exposed Greg's cruelty to the guinea pigs and the fact that Lainey said she hates her home life and wanted to run away with her and also she exposed that Greg screamed at them about the rape thing.
And Lane is Sarah's good friend who exposed Lainey and Greg's motives in the beginning.
I still think they are both relevant and to shit on them for saying anything is kind of disturbing the milk.

No. 697456


It's relevant bc it explains why she's not posting atm; most food and hospitality industries don't let you check phones on shift. Also didn't she just publicly post about her tips from waitressing anyway?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 697457

>caring about feelings more than the two children in that house
>"i saved all muh dms"
>"i got sent groce vag"
>thinking cops will do absolutely nothing if any of this is actually true

No. 697458

I mean there's a million fucking jobs that aren't even related to hospitality or retail that still don't allow you to have your phone on you during work hours, but sure, continue blabbing on about irrelevant shit.

No. 697459

sarah privated her twitter

No. 697460

anon, this is a gossip website


No. 697462

File: 1567649941653.png (1.27 MB, 1242x2208, 59931F6D-97D5-41B3-BE33-7A2337…)

fuck off concerned mom

No. 697464

File: 1567650050079.png (74.31 KB, 649x774, sarah.png)

maybe I'm being an insensitive dick, but I don't understand why she doesn't want to take action with the police considering how much she was fucked over…? Maybe it'd be too intrusive for her
either way, she's clearly upset that the authorities were involved

No. 697466

She has taken action thats the thing anon, Concerned mom here is going above and beyond the pale.

No. 697467

LOL concerned mom got told!

>y'all we did it! Asspats please

>um did you even ask Sarah?

>no she didn't

Hahaha concerned mom is just like Greg during his Eugenia recovery period. Give meee credit! I was the one who saved Sarah!

No. 697468

can some real sadist-chan bully this woman off the internet, please? what an absolute tool. no wonder she's a social worker, she probably thrives on being able to control people's lives while they're in ruins. bet she's a hellish narc mom too.

and here we thought nothing could go wrong this time…

No. 697469

Stop giving this irrelevant rat attention.

No. 697471

Yeah and why couldn't she have done it anonymously or in private or at least you know, asked Sarah?
Why is she posting shit about how she herself reported it and even self posted here? She wants attention.
Even if she's trying to help Sarah, she's still trying to get asspats and attention for it at the same time.

No. 697474

File: 1567650811824.png (12.55 KB, 595x105, 1566685490317.png)

Someone asked Sarah about this tweet in her live stream. Sarah said that they definitely threatened her but she was pretty sure they didn't have any nudes of her although Jimmy had jokingly told her he had secret photos of her so who knows.

No. 697475

It's unfortunate that someone spoilt the milk, especially when Sarah finally got the confidence to spill it. I hope she continues being a bad ass despite people trying to force her hand.

If he did take secret photos of her, it's going to make him look far worse than he already does.

No. 697476

it's not just her, just saw that anti-o twitter has been passing around the contact information for the police all day. we get it you guys are concerned but that's taking it way too far

No. 697477

Oh he definitely must hide cameras around. How else would he watch his man wife make out with the children she brings home that he's not allowed to be involved with? Greg is a creeper and obsessed with gadgets and technology. He's always trying to involve himself in Pedobots conquests, perhaps this is another method for him

No. 697479

File: 1567651173777.jpg (39.09 KB, 820x203, 2019-09-04_22-40-25.jpg)

No. 697480

Beautiful. Anons wanted to keep pushing for bigger youtubers to make videos, for police to be involved, or to circle jerk endlessly playing arm chair psychologist while the rest of us who have been here just wanted fucking milk.

The second we start to get some of the best milk since Billiegate cunts want to go play hero for their own egos. If someone was genuinely concerned they wouldn’t need to post on here or Twitter about police involvement and certainly wouldn’t go ahead and do it without Sarah’s permission.

The true icing on the cake is that NOTHING is going to happen. The most they can even get a charge on would be if Kainey did send a photo, but they would need Sarah’s involvement. No, they aren’t going to go forward with anything with out a corroborating witness.

Concerned Cunt : Fuck You.
Non saging new fags : Fuck you.
Cow tipping moral fags: Fuck You.
Old fags that just wanted milk: you’re cool.
Farmers encouraging CM and cowtippers: Fuck You.

I’m going home.(based anon tbh)

No. 697481

Sad that a girl this young is way more independent than Kai and Jimmy combined. 2 jobs and her own place.
Meanwhile these two retards refuse to get a real job or stop posting retarded and incriminating shit for the sake of their kids.
As someone else pointed out in the thread earlier, Greg could probably make more doing a minimum wage job over what he's getting on Patreon but he'd rather keep embarrassing himself on the internet for the validation of a few broken teenagers instead.

No. 697482

File: 1567651479162.gif (257.29 KB, 480x270, giphy-2.gif)

No. 697483

I'll take my ban for this. With glory.
But what the literal fuck do you mean by you just want milk? You want the juicy details of a child being groomed from the age of 14? Sure, going to the authorities might not be the most comfortable of choices for Sarah, but if she feels comfortable enough blasting it online, and giggling about it on livestreams she should feel comfortable telling authorities. Whether or not they do something is one thing, but to be pissed off that you personally might not get that information? What are you going to do about it? "Kek Greg is a pedo.. kek!" That's a lot less than trying to get this documented, so in the event future victims come forward, they have a little more foundation. Because the police aren't checking the lolcow threads.
Digging your head in the sand, and wanting her for milk is just as pathetic as Greg being a cunt online.

No. 697485

old milk but now with new perspective. ayalla on sarah, etc.

No. 697486

are we sure minkywinks isn't joy sparkle, because she sure seems like that level of self-righteous crazy who can't fucking listen to reason

this is completely reasonable, i think anyone here would be fucking exhausted by all this.

fucking write fucking sage in the fucking email field you vain attention-seeking narcissist.

No. 697487

This is a hell of a lot for a teenager to go through. She just got her heart broken. I do hope that with a bit of time to herself to get her head straight she would have gone to the authorities when she was ready, but I guess we'll never know now.

No. 697489

while the guardianship thing was incorrect, everything else is spot on. not only were the conversations happening before age 15, but there's receipts corroborating all this, and all their concerns for Sarah ended up being warranted.

No. 697490

Agree with majority of this except the part about farmers congratulating CM, I think no-one is and it's just CM self posting and defending herself like the cow she is.

Back on topic though, I don't think either Greg or Lainey will ever be doing live streams or debates ever again. The cat is well and truly out of the bag, and they can never come back from this.
All the fake positivity and name changes in the world can't hide their sick internet trail.

No. 697491

> they can never come back from this

tbf this has been said before. Obesion and Homolkai are pretty brazen, and they're unable to learn from mistakes even for their own protection, because they blame everyone else.

Unless the police action is able to imprison them, which is extremely unlikely, they won't stop, they'll just be set back for a while. The pattern repeats ad nauseum.

No. 697492

Do you think that CM have just impacted whether or not Sarah will want Blaire to release the interview?

No. 697493

She was really having fun spilling milk too, she was doing what she was comfortable with just like she did when she was streaming. She's clammed up now so we'll probably never know what steps she and Ayalla were taking.(Ignoring farmhand/Admin warnings)

No. 697494

who knows, she already had doubts about that

she seemed to be goaded on by onion's shitty messages to her, so if she pulls back it could also be that onion has managed to restrain himself and the emotional impetus has gone

if she gets dragged into legal process that she only half wanted then she might have to stop talking about stuff

but better to not give CM the airtime and attention she craves by attributing that much power to her

No. 697496

it's reassuring that ayalla says that onion and lame seemed like OK attentive parents. it could be wrong but hopefully not

No. 697498

>but better to not give CM the airtime and attention she craves by attributing that much power to her

This is true. She throws her weight around in her conversation with Ayalla, who she's trying to throw under the bus by the way, and wants people to screenshot her tweets.

Please don't give her the satisfaction by doing that, anons. Her conversation with Ayalla is just simply that, a conversation. There is no milk in it and Ayalla didn't tell her to report a thing.

No. 697499

This doesn't mean shit.
Billie said Greg was a great person and the internet was lying, Sarah said she wasn't being groomed upon command, Sam said greg was a "cool dude". Maya insisted Lainey was a poor victim even after she fed her to the lions den.
Fact is, they groomed a 14 year old child. Can we really put Greg past doing anything to Cloey or Troy? You think he'll just creep on Cloeys friends? You think Lainey will ever actually give a shit?

No. 697500

Some of you are overreacting a bit. The girl said she just got off a long shift and has a busy weekend planned and is moving. Her life doesn't revolve around giving us milk or trying to lock her abusers up. She just needs a damn breather in between. I doubt she'll keep her account on private forever.

Who cares if you want your milk right now, or want to look like a big hero by going to the police and bragging here. Stop with the 'boo hoo we'll probably never know now'. Just try to be patient with her.

Also, lets not give the nobody the focus of the thread.

No. 697501

I think the reason everyone jumped onto Billie was because she literally went there to break a family apart. She wanted Greg -not Lainey. She was hellbent on stealing Greg from Lainey to have it made, so she wouldn't have to work etc. That's why everyone blew up on her. She was a homewrecker. Sarah is way different. She was groomed into this situation to be used for a sick purpose… Billie saw an opportunity and ran for it.

No. 697502


What on earth are you talking about

Also, can everyone stop sperging and working themselves up into a complete meltdown

No. 697503

New and have no idea how to use the site -was replying to the one who asked why lolcow was so harsh to Billie as opposed to Sarah(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 697504

That's what they said when they were still in the Onions' thrall.

Later on when they escaped and returned to reality, if there were any signs of abuse against the children then that's when it would be expected to come out

It's possible they've hidden it well or it doesn't begin until the kids are older, but it's striking that people who have nothing else nice to say about the onions are saying reassuring things about the parenting

No. 697506

Then learn to fucking use the site.

Billie was not a homewrecker at all.
She went there with the purpose of being Lainey's girlfriend. There's even a stream of her gushing about Lainey to Ayallah. When she got there, Lainey was jealous and cold and distant so she hung out with Greg more and he lured her into fucking him while man wife was out of the house.
To call Billie or even Sam a homewrecker is fucking retarded.
The only one who wrecks their own home is Lainey and Greg.

No. 697507

omfg that's who CM is, everyone else just mutually agreed to stop talking about her, keep up

it's irrelevant if Billie was a homewrecker just like it's irrelevant if Sarah used drugs or did any other shit that Gurgles would try to use to deflect blame

victims don't have to be perfect people. Billie's homewrecking, real or imagined, wouldn't be enough to maintain years and years of /pt front page like onion has.

it doesn't matter if we personally like anyone that onion predates on, otherwise he could just pick unlikeable victims and get away with it

No. 697510

They're referencing a question an anon posted earlier in the thread.
And pretty much this. Billie was not groomed, Billie was an adult. She saw the light towards the end but she made fun of Shilohs appearence and laughed off onion accusations until basement gate. Sarah was groomed for years and forced to be complicit in many schemes.

Not to minimize the shitshow Billie went through but she wasn't forcibly assaulted like Maya or raped like AJ.


Then why give them attention?
>That's what they said when they were still in the Onions' thrall.
Yes but as of recently both Sam and Maya have confirmed emotional abuse of the children and the kids were neglected during the trinity saga

LMAO Billie was never into lainey anon, stop drinking the koolaide. Billie wanted Greg and Greg wanted a pair of tits under the guise of a sapphic relationship. They never had any sort of intimacy, like Lainey and even Greg admitted, it was a "V".
Billie was paid as a "worker", only to not do work, lay around on twitter all day while fucking greg and lainey in greasesomes while Sarah watched the kids. Both Ayalla and Billie used Onision for some sort of clout in the past, whether or not to further Ayallas paramore copycat band or Billies low effort makeup channel.
Are you also forgetting that Billie was willing to be with Greg once he signed away the kids? Greg declined the offer only to save his channel from Lainey, it's why he can't leave her.
Agree. I'm not going to pretend Billie wasn't shady and complicit in mindfucking with Lainey but it doesn't negate or justify onion OR Lainey's actions.

No. 697511

File: 1567654087181.png (81.39 KB, 945x997, EDq0wUuW4AATrFl.png)

from concerned mom's twitter, it appears she was in contact with ayalla
(censored the email)

No. 697514

File: 1567654257351.png (80.04 KB, 956x1004, EDq0ltYXYAA9Ucm.png)

oh i messed up the order sorry but here

https://twitter.com/minkywinks/status/1169445617141239811(Move on.)

No. 697515

This thread isn't about CM. Get with the program.

No. 697516

LC has been generally supportive of the majority of Onion and Lamey's victims.
There was always a couple of angry spergy anons who hated Bilbo and Shiloh, but the majority of anons actually feel for them and want to see Grugly get a taste of his own medicine.
The frustration about Greg's suitors usually comes about because there is so much shit online about these two but people still go hook up with them. It's not victim blaming, more so annoyance that the victims don't listen when warned about their predatorial ways.
Either way your post was really random and out of the blue and had nothing to do with anything.

No. 697517

for fuck's sake, stop, this has already been discussed, and the screenshots weren't posted because it's specifically banned from the thread

No. 697519

>Billie was not groomed, Billie was an adult.

Grooming has nothing to do with youth— hence the term “child grooming,” to say nothing of the role grooming sometimes plays in elder abuse. I have no opinion on Billy; I just get suspicious when someone’s wrong about something a dictionary or Google could’ve cleared up for them.

No. 697520

Can we please stop derailing about how you feel about Billie? That goes for both sides, you’re shitting up the thread.

No. 697522


It was a rhetorical question because only Greg calls B a homewrecker.

This thread is extra stupid right now. Between the people wanting to involve the fbi and the people armchairing about the kids, you're going to get this shut down

No. 697523

It's time to stop being dishonest about stuff like this. No victim is perfect and that's ok, it doesn't help to lie. Either you're a newfag or a naive anon. Shiloh had done so many awful things, Lainey has done horrific things, Ayalla and Billie exposed Troy to the world.
It's true but it doesn't change a damn thing about the things onion has done, and to pretend everyone is perfect is cringe.
Nobody correlated the two but both facts still stand. Billie was never groomed, she entered a relationship and the relationship being toxic and abusive still doesn't equate to grooming.
Yeah but does it matter if she's a homewrecker or if sarah did coke? Doesn't make him less of a predator.

No. 697525

> Ayalla and Billie exposed Troy to the world

>>697522 is not wrong.

No. 697531

They exposed the back of Troy's head in a selfie which was quickly deleted. Clearly an accident and there was no harm done.
I'm not a Ayallah/Bilbo stan but you seem really salty that any defence given is claiming that they are perfect. No one is even saying they are perfect.
Also >>697523 is likely a newfag themselves that has just learned to sage and is projecting.

>It's time to stop being dishonest about stuff like this

Who here even words things like that? You actually sound like Greg or some weird ex patron.

Billie wasn't groomed from a child but they still tried to lure her back with money and promises of beauty school. And she was freshly 18. So no, not groomed, but there was a lot of emotional blackmail and trying to buy her off.
And Billie is friends with Shiloh on Insta so the whole thing about her laughing about Shiloh is whatever. All the victims laugh about each other because Greg makes them feel like they will be different. They aren't perfect people and no-one is even saying they are.(Infighting/derailing)

No. 697532

You missed the point.

>do it silently instead of parading around for attention you moron.
>totally cool because as a social worker you know how pushing a situation can make the actual victim clam up and not want to move forward with things.
>If this case fails and The Onions avoid the slammer AGAIN while Sarah retracts then runs away, it will be all on you
>cunts want to go play hero for their own egos. If someone was genuinely concerned they wouldn’t need to post on here or Twitter about police involvement and certainly wouldn’t go ahead and do it without Sarah’s permission.

Pretty obvious what Concerned Cunt's intentions are.

If she cared about Sarah's well being she would've consulted with her before making decisions FOR her. Sarah's a legal adult who's smart enough to handle her own shit, not a fucking child you have to hand hold as CC seems to think. Goddamn people like her are almost as shitty as greb..

No. 697533

>if she feels comfortable enough blasting it online, and giggling about it on livestreams she should feel comfortable telling authorities.

She "should do" whatever the fuck she feels comfortable doing, moron. It's not for YOU or anyone else to decide.(Ignoring Farmhand and Admin warnings/infighting)

No. 697535

Ignoring all the infighting, I think Blair is going to talk about the trans side of all of this. Exposing James and Kai for the whole we need a pair of boobs in the picture comment and probably a few other things.

No. 697539

Blaire will mop the floor with them just like she did with gurg the first time around.

No. 697541

What? As soon as she got questions about Lainey, she folded into herself and got really depressed. She was never going to spill anything that would hurt Lainey. She had fun teasing Greg and being our hero for about five minutes before that.

Didn't Blair decide she's not trans anymore or something? Anyway, it'd be fun to watch Greg and Lainey trying to come back on her the way they did with Kalvin

No. 697542

I really hope Blaire does deliver. I don't really watch her shit but it would be funny to trigger Lainey because apart from being accused of being a predator online, the other thing that triggers her the most is any kind of deconstruction or criticism of her fake sexuality. She loves that she can use it as a shield from the allegations, but now it's been outed that she wanted Sarah to fuck Greg just so she could get top surgery, she's going to have a meltdown.
No more poor trans confused victim status uwu
I hope Blaire doesn't hold back.

No. 697544

I don't think so anon. I think she still spilt some damning tea about Lainey. The top surgery thing, the fact that Lainey had sexual conversations at 14 with her. She definitely seemed sad but she still spoke up about Lainey more than Madison did. Madison painted the full Lainey is just a victim card.

No. 697545

You don't consider sharing that Lainey sent nudes to an underaged girl damaging? Or sharing the conversation about taking her virginity?
She was apprehensive during her live stream but she has since given info that gives us no doubt that Lainey is not innocent. I don't think she is protecting her anymore.

No. 697546

Sarah seemed very sad about answering questions about Lainey but she definitely still dragged the bitch. The text conversation about her virginity between Lainey and Greg showed that Lainey was cold as fuck and never gave a shit about Sarah in the first place.

No. 697548

File: 1567658263951.jpeg (209.21 KB, 1242x1400, 671A39DF-9DC8-4A3C-AC77-CDAA07…)

Something is about to happen tomorrow

No. 697549

Sara just retweeted Blaire's tweet about a video tomorrow exposing a pedo.. So, pretty much confirmed it's gonna be an interview with her.

No. 697550

she's releasing a video with blaire white

No. 697554

I'm glad she's not letting meddling twitter people get her down. (who deleted her entire account, btw)

I just hope Blaire asked the right questions and didn't focus on rumors or crap that doesn't matter.

No. 697555

Ok let's all breathe. Light-hearted flashback to the last time Blair took on Greggles, courtesy of aldlii.
Hopefully this time she's going to tear him an absolute huge one.

No. 697556

i think regardless of how anyone feels about blaire, she's always been pretty good about making sure she's got her shit straight before she puts people on blast. hopefully her interview with sarah stays in the same vein.

i think of any youtuber to pick this story up, blaire is probably one of the better ones. both because grug hates her guts, and because she won't fuck around.

i am so ready for her and sarah to rip onion boy to shreds.

No. 697558

I'm assuming blaire is going to pay special attention to lainey, seeing as she already was focusing on the jessica yaniv ordeal.

Another trans predator, a reaL bOI this time.

No. 697562

It's hilarious how much he hates her. He was giving her death stares this >>697539 entire vid, pretending to be calm and collected, with fake blood on his face trying to be an edgy little tampon. It was obvious he was seething. He kept looking at her like he wanted to chop her head off.

He's pissed because she owns his ass everytime, she doesn't take his bait, and his bullshit rolls right off of her.

Lest we forget his little narc tirade about her.

No. 697565

She will but I think she'll also talk about Greg a little bit too, considering he claims to be such a ally to trans people and virtue signals all the time despite telling Lainey she isn't a real boy because she cries too much.

Also that brings me to another really weird hypocritical thing Greg does. He screeches about men being allowed to wear makeup without a stigma and defends Lainey's choice in feminine clothing despite having disphoria and bitches about toxic masculinity but then he will say sexist things like Sam can't get into the air force because she cries too much and Lainey isn't a real boy because she cries too much. And then in the SAME breath, uses Lainey's crying for sympathy.
But it's weird how he is all for self expression but then sperges about how some things are more cisnormal than other things and scenarios. He makes no sense.
Are men not allowed to cry? Do people who join the air force have less of a chance if they do 'feminine' things like crying?

He goes on about how women are amazing and strong but then claims being emotional is a sign of weakness and that women are too emotional.

No. 697567

File: 1567660876903.gif (2.3 MB, 500x313, you can do it.gif)

you got this(ban evasion)

No. 697568

he has also (fake) cried in countless videos because he wants to appear sensitive, but now we have proof of how he really feels.

No. 697569

Blaire's coverage on Jessica Yaniv was fairly well done and comprehensive. I'm not really worried about her messing this up, for sure. Tbh, Blaire is the best person for the job, since she is trans, which will get to Kai because he's being called out by a trans person, and Onision fucking hates her.

The only person who could get under his skin more would have been Billie.

No. 697570

There's a medical term for what he has, it's called being a faggot. This cognitive dissonance is typical with low IQs and people who refuse to fucking think. He contradicts himself in the same breath because he actually gives no thought to all the bullshit that's forever tumbling out of his mouth.

No. 697575

I liked her before Onion sperged on her and liked her even more after.
>The only person who could get under his skin more would have been Billie.
Yes. These girls have more power than they realize.(Sage)

No. 697578


Cant wait for the video. This has got to be the best early milkmas gift.

No. 697583

Billie, Drew and Blaire have managed to make him the most pissed off in my opinion. He definitely showed the most anger in videos and streams regarding them.
I mean he hates everyone but those 3 are the ones that have gotten him to narc rage the most.

No. 697586

Doesn't James/Greg/Onision post a video every day? Because no video yesterday..

No. 697587

I was trying to think of others but fuck you're right kek
He's lying low because he's been outted 100% as a nonce.

No. 697588

Just realized that Kai lowkey got James whipped … dude wanted to some weed brownies and she was like nah you’re not doing that and then she went and smoked weed I’m genuinely amused by it wtf is that household “daddy” James is being told what to do by his “super sub” Kai like lmaoooo

No. 697590

That's the only thing that Lainey has a say over. She always sperged in the past that weed is a deal breaker because she dated some guy who used to smoke in the past. Honestly I think though she uses that as an excuse to get rid of Billie when she'd finally had enough.
I guess that's why Greg pushes the anti drug thing in a lot of his videos, because he's putting out their preferences to fish for the perfect trinity member.

I find Lainey to have really bizarre taste to be honest.
She wants a girl with dyed hair, that is okay with piercings, tattoos and weird made up genders, like basically your typical wild child, but she also apparently doesn't want them to drink or take drugs and be vegetarian. While there are girls that meet that criteria, it's a much smaller pool when it comes to straight edge kids. I think since Sarah said they let her have alcohol and Kai smoked weed, it makes me think that all that straight edge bullshit only applied to Billie because she wanted to get rid of her.

I actually think she only 'loved' Billie for the aesthetic because everytime they talk about ideal partners she spergs about coloured hair, big eyes and an upturned nose. She only nice thing she ever said about Billie that had nothing to do with looks was that she was helpful and nice during the 'My side of the story' video and even then, the entirety of the rest of the video was throwing Bilbo under the bus.

Tinfoil that she is actually straight as fuck and her experience with Billie and Greg was kind of traumatising so she's only attracted to that type because it was her first experience brought on by Greg.
I'm not saying she's innocent by any means, but you know how some girls get assaulted by older males or something as a kid and it forms their sexuality so they are attracted to older males down the track? That could of happened. Greg pushed her into dating girls and that's why she's retarded and is obsessed with Billie types.

Either that or she just knows it's Greg's type and that's why she aims for those girls.

No. 697591

Lainey had a crush on Billie the way a freshman girl would girl crush on whoever the hot senior girls are. And by crush they just want to recreate that girls style. Lainey skin walked Billie. She wasn't attracted to her sexually. Lainey can't even decide what she finds sexually appealing about women, any gender can have dyed fucking hair. Anytime she's made to do those would I date you videos with Grease she berates any women/girls that are actually trying to have sex appeal. Lainey is straight.

Her translarping has just been an act. First it was her normal transition from failed emo to tumblr transtrender, then Billiegate happened and for Lainey to score those valuable victim points she had to be a heartbroken member of LBTQA+.

Nowadays she's gay for guys until Onion berates her into looking for a third again. However they haven't had a past victim release as much ramming evidence as Sarah. Sarah's going scorchearth on their shenanigans, they're going to have to scrape that barrel now to see what shit they can get.

No. 697594

Lainey’s “taste” is just the shit she reblogged on tumblr when she was 14 mixed with whatever shit Gurg is putting into her head. There’s a Lainey thread in /snow/. Use it.

No. 697595

Billie was a “victim” of an abusive relationship but she was abusive herself and did try to tear a family apart, shes a shitty person and to compare that to a grooming victim is a joke(Derailing/Infighting)

No. 697596

Shut up patreonfag. You just reiterated everything that anon said. Stop derailing to talk about billie. no1curr it's not relevant.

No. 697597


ok but also lainey was sending her @s with shit like omg date me before billie was even 18 so if we wanna go there, lainey waited specially until the day billie turned 18 after sending her romantic messages as a minor to ask her out to date

No. 697598

I honestly just can't view Billie as an abusive homewrecker. An opportunist? Sure, but iirc Greg said that Billie was the one that told him he that abandoning his kids wasn't a good idea. Maybe at the end of things she wanted Greg for herself, but she didn't insert herself into that position, she more like got swept up in him because of Lainey's silent treatment of her in the onion house and proximity.

No. 697599

File: 1567689445862.png (332.96 KB, 630x721, playing with dolls.png)

He's avoiding hard and is still working on his UhOhBro's toy series.

No. 697600

Tinfoily, but is he putting out these doll videos now because he doesn't have anyone helping him film his dumbass sketches?

No. 697601

While Blaire may or may not comment on the translarping, I hope she lets Sarah tell her story as much as Sarah is comfortable with. Blaire was pretty disturbed by Greg’s rating underage girls. I have a feeling she will focus on Greg and Lainey grooming and let’s call a spade a spade, sexually abusing Sarah.

No. 697602

They also emotionally and verbally abused her. The abuse and grooming should be the focus.

No. 697603


way to try to rip off Seth Green's robot chicken, Greg.

No. 697604

It's just further proof that her "uwu I can't tell Greg what do" mantra is bullshit. Funny how she can tell her husband not to partake in mind altering substances (even though she did kek) but she can't tell him not bring jail bait into their relationship: because she is a pedo too.

Wonder how long this will last until it becomes took much work and he moves onto something equally autistic. Will he start drawing his own comic book series next? Nothing Grug can't pick up with 0 experience.

No. 697606


He used to do these sort of sketches before his YouTube "career" with barbie dolls. No shit.

No. 697611

Fun fact: the gregory jackson onision vimeo account does NOT have comments shut off and it's where he stores videos he sends to prospective employers and tv auditions

No. 697615

File: 1567694388074.jpg (3.14 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20190905152817033.jpg)

GregJames has his mods on constant discord watch, both server's patrons and non patron's. If anybody mentions Sarah in any capacity they're kicked and banned immediately with any and all logs scrubbed of mentions. Some die hard fans are demanding 'evidence' and others are conspicuous in their absence.
I have no idea if Lainkai even still has a discord, any patronfags able to check?

No. 697616

File: 1567694511557.png (293.48 KB, 418x625, sodumb.PNG)

He seems to be re-uploading videos with sara in them, and she is not amused..

No. 697618

File: 1567695001920.png (14.22 KB, 549x197, not a big fan.png)


Here is a reupload. It's just more sexual shock humor, so much for 'organic' cursing/crude humor.

For patreon engagement anon, This video has 4 likes and 5 comments. Most videos have 8-16 likes and anywhere from 20-40 comments but a lot of those are Jimmy replying.

No. 697620

What proof are these idiots looking for? Do they not consider emails and texts from greg proof?
I mean, I get that "TeXtS cAn Be FaKeD" that there a lot of things greg supposedly said to sarah when she was underaged that we have no tangible proof for, but we have good solid evidence that they banged when she was 18. And after all his videos referring to her as a foster daughter, little sister, and videos with him saying nothing was EVER going to happen with sarah… I mean… what else could they possibly want?

No. 697623

He's uploading ALL of his videos to encore en masse. Maybe he's prepping for his main channels to get striked and terminated.

No. 697624

File: 1567695711213.jpg (506.29 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190905-164404_You…)

It's not just the video with Sarah, he reuploaded a ton of his old deleted videos on his encore chanel, I wanted to count 'em all but I got tired of scrolling, lol. What is he trying to do prove that he has nothing to hide, lol.

No. 697627

Perhaps he's about to try to wipe his hard drive before authorities take it. Too