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File: 1590951162546.png (234.1 KB, 476x306, superstar.png)

No. 777882

Previous Thread: >>770670
Onision Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Admin says: If you don't read the rules before posting, don't wonder why you're banned for a few days. Do the thread a favor and refrain from responding to blogposting and bait. Check the thread before posting to avoid reposting, it isn't hard. >>734887

Don't post anti-o caps unless they contain direct milk we don't already have. A separate thread has been created for anti-o's >>>/snow/941512

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban. The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/691458

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last time in the Swamp Shack
Greg continues with his sex work and speed runs 'time it takes to show the world your asshole' and overtakes Momokun's record.
Lainey on the other hand has been in hiding and is no doubt miserable.
Greg ends the month encouraging his fans to 'help' Eugenia. >>771031
To no one's surprise, now that Greg is a sex worker his opinions have done a 180. He use to call women whores and sluts but now that he's selling nudes it's "stop casting shame on sex workers". >>771796
Greg puts out another video about Sarah but it's all the same shit where he tries to frame himself as a victim. Bonus points for Greg talking about himself in the third person. >>771830
Greg stirs shit in his discord because he's oh so 'honest'. >>771915
We see what real men sleep on - spidey sheets!. >>772095
Greg de-mods one of his longest staying pay pigs (Tamara). >>772728, >>773031 She was hurt and leaves his discord for maybe a day but continues to kiss his ass. Greg continues to shit talk her and makes her a special category, "Retarded Friends". >>777694
Greg makes a poll for his next milestone photoshoot, all options are vomit provoking. >>777219

Since Greg has stopped uploading to youtube and is in his uwu soft boi, 'please love me' phase there hasn't been much going on.
Leaked onlyfans photos:
flexing in boxers >>771217
pale torso >>771327, >>771496
shower >>772911, >>772920
boxers/stuffing >>773046
nude, ass cupping >>773355
shower, first feet pics >>773533
boxers set >>774018
boxers/video >>774280
on back sucking in his gut >>774378
baby carrot peak? >>774706
boxers >>775329
flat ass >>775333
in bathtub with boxers >>775481
boxers >>775604, >>775817
pimply ass, laying on side >>775822 !!This image had the most reactions!!
more twink poses and feet >>776075
on all fours looking down at his tumor >>776228
pulling boxers down >>776270, I'm feeling ill about now
caution tape >>776761
murder victim? >>776837, >>776964, >>777035
on all for in bath tube, nude/ass >>777207
dick reveal >>777850 I need a drink NOW.

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules:
- REPORT AND IGNORE BAIT, just don't respond. Responding to blatant bait will result in a ban.
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not post nudes of any exes.

http://www.instagram.com/onisionprime [private]
~~patreon.com/onision~~ [deplatformed]

No. 777887

Thread #132

No. 777893

Can we please stop with the "fake dick" tinfoil?
He's got an average uncut dick that is seemingly thin at the base and curves dramatically due to chronic masturbation.

No. 777896

Although we willingly clicked on it, it still felt like an unwanted creepy dick pic some old perv sends to someone's dm

No. 777902

File: 1590958793582.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.04 KB, 786x1280, needle_dick_aspergers.jpg)

some jokes just write themselves.

No. 777915

Sorry if I am being retarded but look at this OP's name. I've only seen that when admin confirms it is the cow posting, did Greg make this post or…

No. 777934

OP here, An error message occurred when I started this thread and apparently it fucked up the title. I can assure you I am not Greg.

No. 777948

ew, greg has pearly penile papules (google it for a gross-out)…if you look around the rim of the head of his dick in one of the pics it’s really obvious

No. 777954


So? A lot of men do

No. 777960

Kek he literally looks like a rapist

No. 777966

The length is average but it’s thin overall, not just at the base. That and he has red spots on the shaft, nasty. I would say it’s due to an STD with anyone else on the planet but Gurg has acne everywhere on his fat dad bod so I’m sure it’s probably just more nasty acne.

No. 777967

His dick really does look like half a hotdog in a turtleneck lol, I was expecting a thumbtack.

Skye u lyin’ bitch, it ain’t even that tiny!

No. 777970

apparently blasian has been banned from his discord

No. 777973

File: 1590977253593.png (64.32 KB, 1577x432, 61813D48-1850-4796-9EE9-757A3A…)


No. 777974

Does anyone know how much his onlyfan is?

No. 777979

File: 1590979677697.png (37.04 KB, 963x500, Capture.PNG)

No. 777980

If Blasian is gone then Mcfly is soon to follow. Those two are attached at the hip, plus they both share one brain.

No. 777983

With or without sound, I wonder

No. 777991

You know what can cause red spots? A penis pump, because it makes blood vessels burst. Slight tinfoil but he probably pumped the fuck out of his dick to make it look "average" sized in those photos (it's still pretty small though, lol)

No. 777994

Anons have literally seen it now. There's no reason anymore for that kind of tinfoil sperging, hopefully.
Mystery revealed, he's average. On the uglier side, but still pretty average. Wake me up when he gets desperate enough to shove Legos up his ass.

His face on the other hand, lol, holy shit. Stick to not showing it, Jimmy.

No. 777995

Tripcodes appear when putting #s in the name field. They probably just fucked up by writing the number of the thread in the wrong field.

No. 777998

Oh God no

No. 778014

Why did it look like he took the photo with a potato

No. 778026

Jeffrey Epstein pumped his dick too.

No. 778031

Bad lighting and filthy mirror.

No. 778041

File: 1591000491353.webm (12.76 MB, 320x180, Blasian Banned.webm)

Reasons Greg gave for banning Blasian-
She is an Anti-O sympathizer
Partaking in leaked Onision nudes
Said Onisions dick is ugly
"Literally" sexually harassed Onision
Engaging in the piracy of his nude photos
Used Onision to get a free computer
Was only a Patron of Onisions to try and fuck Lainey

I cant believe that Greg is saying she sexually harassed him and Lainey throughout their "friendship." If Blasian comes crawling back like Tamara my mind will be blown. Grow a backbone Blasian.
If you listen closely you can hear Mcflys voice quivering when she asks "are you gonna ban me now?" How sad can their lives be that losing a one sided friendship with a washed up YouTube star will cause their world to collapse.

No. 778045

He's so hurt over the ugly dick comment lmao. I thought he liked brutal honesty, isn't that the excuse he gave to making videos calling young girls ugly and fat? Oh, I forgot he's the only one allowed to be brutally honest, other people are not

No. 778048


It seems fake to me. Maybe they're going to try to infiltrate the anti-os with Blasian. Anyone who trusts her (greg included) is fucking dumber than a box of rocks.

No. 778052

File: 1591006213460.png (563.36 KB, 842x567, onisionblasian.PNG)

That thought crossed my mind too. If this was a double agent attempt it had a short life. The mole leaking all of Onisions nudes and discord chats has updated that the token black is back. Can you imagine how much on eggshells Blasian is going to be until the next blowup where he bans her out of the blue. Having her wait for the second shoe to drop and worrying the whole time shes interacting with Greg is better than her becoming an outcast. She cant even enjoy her usual online activity because from the sound of that video clip
>Blasians all over Anti-O reddit, Blasians all over fucking 4chan or whatever the fuck she goes on constantly and I'm hearing about it.
Greg or someone that relays information back to him keeps a close eye on what sites Blasian frequents.

No. 778057


im sorry but his uncut dick is gross as hell.

i thought onision always sperged about how his mom abused him by cutting his foreskin?

No. 778064

Blasian knows Greg is a racist but hangs around cause she's a pickme biracial. She stood up for McFly when Dev outted McFly and Onision hooking up at their patron meet up etc. That's why Dev left, Onion had to deflect from what she was actually mad at and made it about her driving and her being crazy cause Greg keeps on cheating on his wife.

McFly hated when Greg was talking explicitly about being sexual with Shiloh, Billie and Sarah. He pushes everyone away and now he's showing his deformed looking dick off online cause he can't physically cheat during a pandemic.

We've saw his dick I pray we don't need to see it cum I don't care. That's not milk. All dicks cum. It's kind of why society is such a fucking mess. We saw his needle dick, im good thanks for the love of God do not post his cummy pics here without ample warning and spoilers cause I want to die without seeing it thank you

No. 778066

This might be true, sure in the last thread an anon asked one poster why they were so bitter about the ugly dick comments etc and they were like "we pity you". Def didn't sound like a farmer, sounded like a paypig

No. 778069

based blasian, he's so butthurt about that ugly dick comment lmao

No. 778073

I'm sure he didn't ban her because she "seems to be anti-o", Greg's just white with anger that she thinks his Frankenstein dick looks ugly.
Basically this >>778045

I wouldn't even put it past Greg to think that since Blasian is black, she's only had black guys with xxl PPs and now she's comparing him to those, which makes him extra insecure.
Sad how he always goes down the "she harassed me sexually" route. Well, I gues Lainey and Greg indeed are a match made in heaven, both being the poor, poor victims of the century. sadfaceemoji

No. 778076

Double post

Greg's probably also butt hurt that Blasian doesn't want to pay for his terrible morgue nudes.

No. 778094

File: 1591021400004.png (761.75 KB, 1087x651, Andy Dick - Young Madea.png)

>She's constantly like trying to push herself on either Kai or myself.

>Like constantly trying to get with kai when I didn't want her to try and get with Kai.

>She was literally acting like the only reason that she was a Patron was cause she wanted to sleep with Kai.

I couldn't unsee the comparison some anon made when Lainey was blond that she was a dead ringer for Andy Dick. Blasian always reminded me of those large, broad shouldered black men who try to do drag and fail horribly. Basically Blasian is a Young Madea. Can you imagine the horror show if Young Madea and Andybot tried to fuck?

No. 778101

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0LNB-LYhrM the slug guy gave us more milk.(this is an imageboard)

No. 778112

Someone transcript pls

No. 778123

it's amazing, all these pedo men with their sad, egg-shaped wangs. greg has a jeffrey epstein-tier dick. wtf?

No. 778127


OT, but why the fuck is that always Grugly’s defense/excuse that everyone just wants to fuck Lainey? It used to always be that he thought everyone wants to fuck him (he still definitely thinks this, he just doesn’t say it), does he think saying everyone wants to nail Krainey makes him look better?

Who wants to bang a cross between Andy Dick and Social Repose with busted udders, a herpes underbite, and a nasty Arby’s #1?

Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 778129

He's so weird. He normally takes pride in boasting about his flying monkeys that feed him info when he makes arguments and rebuttals in videos, but when Blasian tells him people think his dick is ugly he gets sooo butthurt.

No. 778131

I think he partially says it to fool himself that Lainey is still 'desirable' and worth something to him. She's not attractive in his eyes and hasn't been for a long time but he needs to assure himself that she is. The nicest he ever was to her was when she was in her non binary stage pulling in the kiddos and Billie (and obviously in the beginning when she was still 17)
He used to go on about her innocence and how she was such an angel and try to shill her channel because he knows he had fucked his own image and knew kids liked her. But now all the evidence came out about her and Sarah and videos have been made about her AND the fact she now looks dry and crustier than ever, he needs to assure himself that women still want Lainey and that she's so amazing.

No. 778134

This makes it pretty obvious he's butthurt about everyone making fun of his ugly nudes. The last thread was full of people arguing that his ugly peen shouldn't be shamed because he secretly loves the attention. It's funny because he only likes negative attention when it gets him paid. I think he's slowly realising that this onlyfans thing wasn't as lucrative as he thought and even the haters are bored of him now.

No. 778148

About time the coon got the boot.

No. 778151

File: 1591040181592.jpeg (224 KB, 828x1124, 92B7B590-E3D7-43D3-8C74-4729C7…)

Anon, im crying. The file name.

Listening. There are time stamps but I’m gonna skip around & see if there’s anything worthwhile. 1/4

No. 778152

File: 1591040204698.jpeg (228.81 KB, 828x1127, 0AB1961B-15AD-49FE-AFEB-655BA4…)


No. 778153

File: 1591040308019.jpeg (207.43 KB, 828x1182, B7F2994E-06F9-4E55-A17C-34073B…)


No. 778154

File: 1591040349146.jpeg (170.83 KB, 828x1012, 885BD9DE-DAAF-4DA2-8DAC-9ED5CA…)

His discord sounds exhausting and boring. He makes jokes but nobody even pretends to laugh anymore. Lainey is def still there.

No. 778171


You’ve been watching this motherfucker, haven’t you? Kek, based anon

No. 778178

File: 1591045458195.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.66 KB, 1046x803, Screenshot_20200601-093811_Chr…)

Is it just me or it's really kinda tiny? I mean it's all about the angles, ofc it's gonna look better from certain point of view. But when you compare it to his hand and fingers, it's really kinda small. It fits whole in his hand, that's why he's only using two fingers to pinch it at the base. Or I'm just used to seeing bigger dicks, idk.

Beware clicking this image, it's another pic of his deformed shlong with freakishly skinny base. It looks like a cartoon character's nose lol

No. 778185

She looks like John Coffey from The Green Mile lmao

No. 778194

>Greg thinks the San Juan Islands are "someplace Latin"
Jesus fucking christ Greg the San Juans are like 50 miles from you

No. 778261

Like when he got extremely butthurt when Dev told him he has a beer belly. He threw a massive tantrum and even implied he'd become anorexic because of her. He is incredibly insecure and pathetic despite pretending to be an alpha male.

No. 778264

No, you're right. He definitely tried to do some forced perspective shit. He's probably also specifically pressing down on the fatpad they all have at the base and holding his balls back and covering them for a reason. If we saw it from the side I bet it looks considerably smaller.

No. 778266

Wait, correction. We did see it from the side, but coincidentally there's nothing in the pic for scale lol

No. 778267

McFly said that Blasian told her to tell her Gorg that "shes not mad at him and will continue to pay him". How pathetic can this bitch be, seriously?

No. 778295

File: 1591084190275.jpg (51.06 KB, 692x399, Blasian Clarke Duncan..jpg)

>She looks like John Coffey
Dead on comparison anon.

Coffey was able to revive Mr. Jingles the mouse, maybe Blasian can revive Onisions dead career.

No. 778297

Fucking kek

No. 778306

I hope he keeps doing the bottom bitch pictures. I might subscribe to his onlyfans if he takes a dick up his ass kek

No. 778323

I wouldn't give him money if my life depended on it.
I hope he resorts to jamming Lego up there and damaging his pimply rectum.

No. 778332

I hope he shoves a ps4 controller up his ass and films it,

No. 778336

so I was just curious, is the group participating in these leaked discord audios a small group in a private channel or does the whole discord server have access? who is likely leaking this stuff? you would think greg would be hyper paranoid by now (unless he doesn't care about this stuff leaking)

No. 778354

How much of a doormat do you have to be to continue paying a guy who accused you of sexual harassment. Grease sure attracts a special type of spineless idiots.

No. 778356

I don't understand either. It's usually autistic mentally ill loners. He's not funny, entertaining or nice to talk to or be around and everything he says is so condescending. The only person he even seems to be a little bit nice to is Mcfly and that's probably because she laughs like a brain damaged hyena when he makes a joke.

I noticed that he gets butthurt when no-one responds to his comments or stupid jokesin discord but if anyone else makes a lol so random type joke (his brand of 10 year old humour) he always says 'what' really condescendingly like he doesn't follow the joke.

No. 778371

Anyone else catch him mentioning twice that he had sent in a talent/resume reel to a reality show. It didnt sound like they were impressed. He said his audition tape consisted of him crying hysterically then stopping and saying "thats acting" and then another take was of him doing his well known retching and dry heaving. Is it just me or is that all he does in his videos now, angry crying and dry heaving. Even though it doesnt sound like they were going to call him back Id love to know the reality show he was trying for.

No. 778373

>"that's acting"
Oh I'm sure he could put Daniel Day-Lewis to shame with his amazing "acting" (knowing how much of a narc he is he probably believes he actually can)

No. 778374

>The only person he even seems to be a little bit nice to is Mcfly
I was going to say you need to add Sierra to that list but after hearing how he reamed her out for contradicting him about Gandhi. Id say she may soon be going the way of Bootyslayer, FatBecca, PoopBeck, Dev, Tamara and Blasian.

No. 778375

Pencil dick, Looks to be about the size of his ring finger.

Nice try grease

No. 778380

>Partaking in leaked Onision nudes
>Engaging in the piracy of his nude photos
Onision never out right said it but he implied that Blasian is not a subscriber to his OnlyFans. How many of his old Patrons never transferred over to paying for his OF? Knowing that Blasian is one of his oldest supporters and wont pay him a measly $5.40 speaks volumes. All the OF comments that have been leaked dont have any names I recognize as being from his inner circle of discord regulars (aside from S.) The groans and sighs of disapproval from fans like Mcfly and Cat whenever his nudes come up during discord chat tells me that a large majority of his fanbase find his "porn career" embarrassing.
A very wise and entertaining transwoman once said "friends shouldn't know what each others buttholes look like."

No. 778384

File: 1591143316280.jpg (63.57 KB, 640x411, 50396752730.jpg)

I noticed these items on Gregs Amazon Wishlist. I give Onision props for being considerate enough not to use Laineys hairbrush handles for his new photoshoots.

No. 778387

What is the link to it?

No. 778393

No. 778441

One thing for sure is that he has no girth, if you compare the finger size and positioning at the base. Like anon said, pencil dick at best. The myspace angle are all over this picture to make it better than it actually is.

That's probably why he goes for tweens, they don't know any better and he just wants to bang everything that moves.

No. 778455

he really has 20k subs??? wtf are people on????

No. 778458

pretty sure it's 20k likes, not subs

No. 778465

Going for teens is his reason for everything.
Someone his own age would not be satisfied sexually, they'd have nothing to talk about because he hadn't gone anywhere/achieved anything.
They generally have more hobbies than having sex and playing video games. It usually takes someone more finacially stable to impress them. The way he rambles on about his ex's or past sexual experiences is probably not that appealing either. You cannot imagine a woman his age giggling and sitting there listening to that shit like his discord children do.
His humour and fashion sense are also extremely immature.
No woman over 25 would dig the swoopy emo hair or lame sexual jokes every 5 mins.
He picks teens because they would be impressed with an average pencil dick and are probably chuffed with the fact he can drive.

No. 778466

I remember when he was boasting about his basement being nice during the Billie saga he opened a drawer of sex toys (it was blurred for censorship)
Pretty sure he's also mentioned having a prostate massager.
I don't know why he needs more sex toys. Wasted money.

No. 778470

Greg doesn't take drugs cause uwu illegal but he'll buy a dildo cause he thinks it makes him edgy and alternative.

No. 778491

You can literally see Lainey age out of finding “the big goofy adult that makes out there dirty jokes” funny.

In older videos she laughs a lot at the ~random~ outburst and bad jokes. Then in later videos, there are moments of what seem like genuine exhaustion and now to the point where she seems deadened and numb to his stupid antics.

Billie went through a similar thing but much more quickly obviously.

Teenagers will always idolize him in a way that no sane adult woman would and I think that’s their main appeal to him.

No. 778502

Yes definitely. In all their old videos where she's a kid she's eating up the random lolz humour and almost has admiration on her face but as the years progress she gets so irritated with him. I remember one in particular when he gets gifted a Kurt Cobain poster by a fan and keeps pissing her off with it and she is very clearly trying to tell him to stop it and fuck off because it isn't funny but he keeps going throughout the entire video.

No. 778509

Billie had a similar attitude earlier on when she aged out of him but instead of looking annoyed or exasperated, she just would give slight faces as if to say 'yikes' or 'oof'.
You could see it in some of his rating videos where she clearly found him cringey at times but was too nice or perhaps scared to say anything. Lainey on the other hand showed straight out irritation.
Probably the reason he liked Billie more because she'd pretend to laugh or let his shit jokes fly.

I put this down to the fact that Greg would have been considered way cooler and funnier when Lainey was a teenager, whereas when Billie was 18 a lot of the scene teens liked him, but they were the new generation of alt/scene so there was things that didnt quite cross over or seem cool.

It was very apparent by the time he got to Sarah that he was out of touch completely because Sarah really seemed to find a lot of his behaviour cringey and obviously just went there to fill a void.
Like when she refused to call him JJ and seemed to eye roll at his memes.

No. 778517

I don’t want to open up another tired conversation around if and when Lainey will leave Greg but I do wonder how getting off social media might affect her view of their relationship.

Now that she’s just on Facebook I wonder if seeing how her real life peers are progressing through life will give her a clearer view on how abnormal her life is and what she’s really given up morally and personally to hold onto her relationship with Greg.

No. 778518

Facebook Friend: My husband has been spending this whole quarantine in the backyard restoring that rusty Mustang he bought last year. Whats your hubby up to?
Lainey: Hes been showing his cock and butthole to random gay men on the internet for tips.

No. 778521

Not to praise Lainey but she has always been a little smarter And covert with her online friends especially after she's been found out. I doubt she talks to anyone these days. Don't get me wrong, her shit has been leaked too before especially from talking to young women like Regina ect, but she doesn't burn her bridges as violently as Greg does and she's such a pussy she tends to be paranoid of 'new friends' whereas Greg has fallen for trolls before like Vix. So if she does have any 'online friends' there's only be like one or two.
She could have taken Madison back and chose not to.

No. 778523

File: 1591213520435.png (230.62 KB, 571x284, slim pickings.png)

I have it on good authority that Jessica Fivehead has crawled back to Lainey and they're talking again and Im sure shes still friends with that fakeboi. So that completes the Rule of Two when it comes to Lainey. She always needs one girl to be the human tissue (fakeboi) and another girl to string along that she wants to fuck and get her ego stroked with compliments and gifts (Fivehead)

No. 778524

Or he's just doing it whenever and arbitrarily making up a number that sounds impressive. When has he ever stuck to a schedule?

No. 778526

File: 1591214350841.jpg (133.38 KB, 1157x476, 2020-06-03_.jpg)

>someone asked me if it was ok that they rub their clit to my pictures

No one asked you that Greg. Maybe it was that same "someone" that thanks you for helping them stop cutting, bingeing/purging and kept them from committing suicide. The bulk of his OF subscribers (besides the bots) are gay men. It would of been more believable if he said they asked permission to stroke their cocks and pay tribute all over their screen.

No. 778530

File: 1591215678167.gif (Spoiler Image,4.1 MB, 725x270, spit_take.gif)

That moment Greg shows her his dick for the first time.

No. 778531

I pity anyone that would actually pay to rub anything to those photos. Agreed. He's full of shit and it's trolls/old men paying for that garbage. I like everytime he types with the tongue out emoji as well. It's so infuriating for someone his age.

No. 778533

Agreed at speculations that he pumps or more unlikely uses viagra.
Dicks that get pumped look larger at the end giving off that 'cartoon nose' look that someone mentioned before.

No. 778535

Uh oh. The angles are no longer working on his favour. The more confident he gets and the more he posts, the more he's going to expose how small much it is.

No. 778547

File: 1591219663428.png (38.86 KB, 585x387, ugh.PNG)

American History 101 with Onision.
Its almost as bad as his class on female anatomy. I still cant for the life of me find my "vulvus"

No. 778548

Am I too late for speculation? I thought he was circumcised. If that dick is circumcised… it was done poorly. It looks like a smegma trap

No. 778549

That foreskin is so swollen. That's another sign that he pumps his dick

No. 778555

He's not circumcised, he used to brag about how he doesn't need lotion to jerk off like circumcised men do. He had a weird obsession with hating on circumcision, probably because someone made fun of his pig in a blanked once so he started hating on it to make himself feel superior

No. 778570

jesus h. christ.

masturbation videos?! oh my sweet lord.
also, no one is rubbing their clit at you greg, no one. no one is jerking it to your shit either.

No. 778572

File: 1591229621786.jpg (Spoiler Image,229.37 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20200603-201158.jpg)

What the fuck is going on here? Girls. I've seen a lot of dicks in my days. But I've never seen such a horrific dick, nothing comes close. Is he like, mutilated? Deformed? A combination of both?

Seriously. Can some shed some light?

No. 778573


Why does his dick have a butt

No. 778575

File: 1591230822332.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.38 KB, 480x640, Untitled.jpg)

You ever see him stick out his tongue? His tongue has a butt, too. He is just covered in butts.

No. 778576

That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

No. 778577

ugh god wtf.

why is he shooping out his tattoo? i have a feeling he's using a photo editing app like Snow or Beautycam to edit pics. There's a lengthening tool in those apps.

No. 778582

This is so obviously an edit wtf. First of all, he obviously edited it to make it look longer because no dick head is that fucking long compared to the rest of it. AAAAND look at that shadow??? How tf does his dick have a massive shadow but the rest of his body doesn't? This is embarrassing…

No. 778587

He’s using the wide angle feture on his iPhone to make his dick look bigger. That’s why his head looks so long and the entire thing looks so fucked up.

No. 778605

File: 1591240761443.jpeg (105.41 KB, 474x628, D034583D-7C2D-400F-9866-ADBC7C…)

No. 778613

File: 1591242485487.png (295.29 KB, 599x626, I dont want to be famous anymo…)

February 4th in the video "announcement" Greg said he was "retiring his face" forever.
Today, June 3rd he tweeted this out.
I think this is the longest he's ever kept one of his promises. Kudos Greg on keeping your word for 121 days.

No. 778615

File: 1591242840126.png (24.94 KB, 596x282, asmr.PNG)

Jumping on the ASMR fad a day late and a dollar short. He is truly a dad.

No. 778616

Simple Jack cosplay? Why?

No. 778617

I hate that he looks good here.

No. 778618

File: 1591244459657.jpg (57.71 KB, 402x410, -Promo (1).jpg)

Good? The Snapchat filter hes using has smooth out his skin so much it looks waxy. And its altered the shape of his head giving it that light bulb outline most midgets and dwarfs have. Seems odd that hes only showing his face while heavily filtered. Something happened to his skin.

No. 778620

I actually felt disgust sweep over me when I noticed his skinny arms and emaciated body. It looks like he isn't worried about showing off those shrek-tier eyebrows either. And that angle…. isn't doing his crimson chin any favors. At least he smiled with his mouth closed so it's not as noticeable.
Honestly, at this point, I feel sorry for Onision knowing he's so desperate for attention that he's willing to post such a grotty picture.

No. 778621

File: 1591247207346.jpeg (67.7 KB, 1366x768, E9EB3DFC-06CF-4FFA-A442-CF44C4…)

Good this we all know this isn’t what he looks like. MySpace angles and filters can make anyone look less gross.

No. 778624

I’m a banana
I’m a banana



No. 778627

His caterpillar eyebrows got even worse somehow. I didn't know that was possible

No. 778628

His teeth are so crooked that when he smiles it looks like his mouth is throwing gang signs

No. 778631

thought people might have been being dramatic but oh my god lmao. what the hell?? its like the head doesnt end and the tip has a clit?? that really is mutilated looking…other anon is right too, looks like he's using a weird long angle feature too. no wonder he's so angry at and trying to force himself on women all the time. if they knew what they were getting into, he'd never have a partner. especially not after having no career anymore. what a hopeless deformed loser lol

No. 778632

File: 1591251930038.jpeg (Spoiler Image,702.17 KB, 858x1211, 53A3B7FB-0CCD-4567-8A03-F4283C…)


No. 778633

File: 1591251985353.jpeg (Spoiler Image,635.5 KB, 950x1231, 516E041D-5A55-4714-92F4-3FCFA3…)

He’s bishounen guyz see the sparkles?

No. 778639

>no wonder he's so angry at and trying to force himself on women all the time

That's what I was thinking. It made me remember how the victims of Harvey Weinstein and Jeff Epstein described their dicks as being extremely ugly and even deformed. Makes me wonder if men who are insecure about their genitals have a bigger inclination at becoming predators/abusers, it sure seems like it

No. 778646

I love it when he raises his eyebrows in certain pictures. It really does make him look ten years younger!

No. 778650

Lol wtf looks like he's trying to be cyr

No. 778673


Ew, did he fucking dye his caveman brows red? That selfie pisses me off, imagine being 35 and still trying to do teen boy emo poses complete with way too many filters and god damn sparkles, for fuck's sake. The amount of smoothing effect added to it reminds me of the types of selfies technologically inexperienced women in their 50s post to Facebook in between Minion memes, where they turn the setting on their phones all the way up to the point that you can't discern their features, believing that no one is going to notice. Gurp must be looking extra haggered or must be feeling extra insecure.

I read a few posts on KF that say he is circumcised. And that the reason it looks so fucked up is because he attempted to re-stretch his foreskin or something. It's fucking hilarious that the circumference is less than that of his thumb and index finger. Does he think doing that with his hand makes it look bigger or something? Is he trying to hold his tiny tiny marbles against the base of his baby carrot to try and make it look bigger?

He's definitely been reading how people are reacting to the leaks away from OF in hopes that people are impressed like the narc that he is. Instead, he gets to read that he's got the most fucked up looking dick that many commenters have seen. That's why he sperged so hard about Blasian saying it's ugly. I'm honestly shocked that he even had the nerve to post it at all, given how mutilated, small, and deformed it is. I wonder if he doesn't see it the way the rest of us do. Kinda like how he made all those side-by-side comparisonsof his picture and Ian Somerhalder's, saying that he's been told they look the same. I saw someone describe it as reverse body dysmorphia.

No. 778761

Masturbation pics - not to knock sex work - but selling photos of you jerking off…was that something greg envisioned while writing terrible books, making up religions and manipulating little girls into liking him. Don't get me wrong, I love how low he has sunk. I'm just thinking of of foot having to take care of the kids while he takes low grade photos of his anus…for…who the fuck is buying this other than to laugh at him?

No. 778767

This is starting to look like the Chris-Chan saga, only with less autism and not enough lulz.

No. 778772

I’m really curious about foot. I think for her to be so offline would mean a. Greg is actually keeping her off which worries me a bit or b. she is using another identity to stay online and connect with people. I hope she’s staying with her family and is going through the divorce proceedings

No. 778773

Foot will never leave Greg. She's silent because she's humiliated not remorseful. She's an educated grown mother of two children who has the means to leave if she wanted. She already said she will choose Gurg over the kids and would stay with him even if he hit her. She's as sick as he is and right where she wants to be.

No. 778777

I think another sign to her still living there is that Anus is sleeping in T's tiny ass bed. If Foot left, he's surely sleep in the bigger room.

No. 778779

>She's silent because she's humiliated

Exactly. She got cheated on -again- and this time she can't delude herself and blame it solely on the girl like she did with Billie, because this time Grease himself confessed he disrespected her demands and fucked Sarah in the ass even though Foot told him they weren't allowed to have sex. Having the internet know she has absolutely zero power in her own marriage must be extremely humiliating for that smug cunt, now she can't just scoff at the haters and act like everyone else is wrong, she has to admit to herself her marriage is a failure and it always has been. Her being exposed for being a creep and sending nudes to minors didn't help either.

No. 778788

i feel like they already got a quiet separation/beginning to divorce and that's why greg started showing his dick. could be a 'fuck you' or 'i can do whatever tf i want now' or 'look at what youre missing out' i honestly NEVER thought he would show his dick, he gloated in the mystery behind it/ "not giving the h8rs what they wanted" kek. now his behaviour is more unhinged and you know how manic he gets after his breakups.

No. 778793

As if the doormat could ever stop him from posting pictures of his dick. She couldn't even stop him from having anal with Sarah in the bathtub ffs

No. 778802

you think so? I feel like he’d stay down there to keep people from talking.

Oh, I know she’s garbage and I do NOT feel bad for her- and I agree that she’s humiliated and staying off because she got exposed as being just like Greg. I don’t know though, I would think they’d have turned on each other by now in order to point fingers and try to come out slightly cleaner than the other.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking because I’d love to witness the avalanche that’d ensue if they divorced.

No. 778818

Do you anons seriously think Taylor thinks about anyone but herself? She isn't embarrassed, she doesn't care. She claimed to be feminist but was ok with Greg harassing women, rating their bodies, assulting them and believing him over them. She claimed to want friends and respected her fans but always dropped them when they couldn't send her gifts or if Greg preferred to fuck them over her. All the girls were to be there for her, not the poly relationshit she was in. Once it stopped being about her desires, they were dead to her and the crocodile tears started.
Maybe at one time she loved the attention and money Greg showered her with. Now she just back seats it while he pimps himself out. Not because she approves or backs him up, but she can continue to be a parasite and now the bonus of not having to explain herself.

No. 778839

why the head so fucking LONG

No. 778851

Agreed foot is beyond selfish and only thinks about herself but that's not mutually exclusive with being humiliated. She is humiliated because it's game over. She's a joke and has been exposed as one. Can't even reel in confused teenagers anymore. She'll sit back and soak up everyone worrying about her while having no problem with Greg showing his dick and escalating on OF. She's manipulative garbage, but that doesn't mean she's not embarrassed to show her foot face

No. 778855

I'm not seeing the correlation here.

No. 778858

I will make a slight change to embarassed. She's embarrassed her image is done and gone. She isn't embarrassed about Gregs recent kambucha fueled slide into thottery. If she felt 100% sure noone would call her out and thay she was the sympathetic party she would come back. With a gofundme.

No. 778869

File: 1591382390559.jpg (Spoiler Image,195.52 KB, 2810x1876, Annotation 2020-06-05 110559.j…)

>Greg continues with his sex work and speed runs 'time it takes to show the world your asshole'

And there we have it. How long did it take from him creating his OnlyFans to this sad day, 2 months?

No. 778870

I feel sick. Why does it look oily? I can physically smell this photograph. Gross.

No. 778884

Because the only ones paying him are guys, that's his targed audience. Next up anal dildo play

No. 778889

Unspoilering Onions nudes is self harm

No. 778893

Every male onlyfans that is posted on LC is disgusting.

No. 778895

His weird back looks like 10 miles of bad road. Never seen a back like that

No. 778911

So he shaves his ass. Definitely pandering to the gay community. Sage for literally no contribution.

No. 778912

File: 1591391842904.gif (Spoiler Image,669.9 KB, 725x450, Onision speed bag.gif)

When I see those tiny little balls hanging down I hear the Rocky theme in my head.

No. 778918

Wow, not what I expected to be seeing today

No. 778923

Lol I was gonna say his nuts seem kind of small but I thought it might just be me nitpicking.

No. 778926

have to say that “z-list twink for closeted old dudes” was not what I had predicted as the next step for gurgles

No. 778929

File: 1591403058072.png (121.41 KB, 613x431, 1591402411313.png)

He's closing ranks. No new people allowed in his discord server. Does anyone know who Catbuzzle is? I know they call that older woman with an English accent "Cat." Shes a big part of his discord. Is this the same person and did Cat also get the boot for defending Tamara and Blasian?
Who the fuck is left to lick his asshole and tiny balls? McFly and Sierra Fivehead?

No. 778931

As much as he complains about gay guys he sure is pandering hard to them.

No. 778932

It makes you wonder why he is willing to shut down new traffic, especially with his tendency to try and find a third. I wonder if he's already chosen someone to try and come in

No. 778933

File: 1591404061971.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.94 KB, 400x400, 6YtPBbN9_400x400.jpg)

>he's already chosen someone to try and come in

I know its tinfoil to say its her, but how many times have you said "nah he would never ______." and then he fucking does it months later, e.g. fucks Sarah & shows his asshole to rando gays online.

No. 778936

Sage for being off topic but she would be so pretty if her eyebrows didn't look like that. Why do attractive women fall for this creep? Are they all seriously just mentally ill?

No. 778941


Hes definitely found a new carrot sheath if he's closing the discord down to new members. I bet he's hoping she'll do OF shoots with him since she's done a nude shoot already. Tinfoil but the insubstantive performative wokeness on Twitter right now is probably how he thinks black girls want to be lovebombed

No. 778944

Anon I think youre absolutely right. He'll fly her out and they'll do an ugly ass shoot together

(Its just a work related collab, of course)

No. 778956

She used to be an "Onision hater" so she's probably just a Vix 2.0. that would be hilarious.

No. 778959

So he’s banned his longtime supporters after recently defending that Sierra chick saying he didn’t care if she used to be anti-o?

Yeah. He wants to fuck her. I bet McFly was hoping she’d be the next one.

No. 778962

Go to his OnisionPrime account. Hes set it up so that only people he follows can reply to his tweets. And even though hes following over 147 people there's usually only one reply on every tweet, occasionally two. Guess who's always that singular reply or one of the two? That same person is the one who has been buying him those underwear hes sporting in his OF. If this is a Vix situation then its a long con.

No. 778963

I'm almost torn that its her seems like he wouldn't be so open and obvious about whoever he may bring in. He pretended to hate Sarah to keep us off the trail He likes every comment she makes even. Its obvious tinfoil but she could be a cover for someone else, either way he definitely found someone

No. 778967

this porn star crap is just his newest “brilliant idea” to manipulate lainey into letting him fuck other women. he’s setting it up to become their “income” to support the kids so she looks like the bad guy if she doesnt let him collab with other women (or men?)

No. 778970

Definitely. He can use this in a number of ways against her. Like you said he can argue it's to make money and put food on the table but I could also see him being all self righteous and trying to argue with Lainey's SJW side by saying she's shaming sex workers if she doesn't feel comfortable with him doing it.
Everyone knows how black and white he thinks and would totally try to use these excuses to do this.

No. 778971

Oh yeah, totally can see this. "It's not sex, it's a business collab"
Taylor will see dollar signs and continue to ignore him. Or start tanning to skinwalk her. Kek

No. 779005

She'll claim being super brown is ok bc she's so 'Mexican'

No. 779007

I think he tried to hide his attraction to sarah because it was illegal through the majority of their relationship. and of course being mean and breaking her down also served the purpose of making her desperate for his approval which he could exploit to get sex.

He doesn’t have to be obtuse about trying to have sex with someone if they’re legal.

It would make sense that it’s her bc he could exploit the “it’s just for work” angle but she doesn’t seem at all like his type. He must be desperate. Her face is more of a dominating vibe than an innocent/child-like face.

No. 779021

Beggars cant be choosers. There's no way he'd ever get a Billie type girl in that house with his reputation now. The only girls that seem to be interested in him have issues and are broken in some way. And Greg wouldn't have to talk her into doing nude/sex photo shoots because if Im not mistaken shes already a sex worker.

No. 779033

This is hilarious anon but I literally almost threw up at the sight of Onion's asshole omg siemper fi for however long you had to look at it to put that together kek

Honestly if she is willing to allow him to do this just so that neither of them won't have to put in the work to find a normie job than she deserves whatever bullshit comes with it. I just feel so fucking sorry for those kids man, they don't deserve this shit.

I think people who do sex work when they have children are really shitty, selfish motherfuckers. And Im not talking about the ones who literally have to suck a dick on a street corner to survive some sort of hardship, I'm talking about these kinds of idiots who decide they're an "entrepreneur" now and invest their time and money to do degenerate shit because it's their "passion" now when reality is they're just too lazy to better themselves (Onion).

It's bad enough when you're single, but when you're a parent selling your asshole for some desperate coomers you have sunk to a whole new low.

No. 779053

I thought Greg and his family were living off savings. They sold the Grease Mansion and I assumed that they stuck that into a savings account and were living off that because theres no way hes making enough with AdSense to survive. But if hes willing to degrade himself like this then that means they have no financial cushion and are living hand to mouth. I cant see him allowing Lainey to just sit on her ass not adding any income to the household. Im sure its not a 9-5 outside the house, but he may have forced her to do something online. I just cant think of anything she can actually do besides cry and talk about her fake gender issues.

No. 779059

"And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

No. 779060

he probably doesn't realize its obvious. Even when he pretended to "hate sarah" people were on to him. He and Lainey put out multiple videos denying it mere DAYS before they slept with her.

No. 779110

File: 1591495315185.webm (4.25 MB, 700x400, ass2ass.webm)

I hope the trolls and gaybos force Greg to include Lainey in this degeneracy and make them both reenact the ending of Requiem for a Dream.

No. 779125


Yes because being 12% Mexican and speaking no Spanish and having virtually no knowledge of Mexican or any Hispanic culture outside of eating vegetarian Taco Bell definitely makes you Hispanic. We could all totally tell with your pasty ass and white girl voice, Kainey.

No. 779135

It's weird that people believe he wouldn't be open to a multiracial relationship. I think he's living out the multiracial threesome fantasy from one of the "novels" he wrote

No. 779149

yeah, anyone who thinks onision wouldn't fuck a hole of any color is delusional.
He'd act disgusted about it but still do it.

No. 779156

File: 1591536598595.jpg (21.68 KB, 480x360, 9657d72494b878743682cc7b005c88…)

The way Lainey goes all in when shes skinwalking someone I can see her being one of those gueras I knew back in high school who hung out with the cholas.

No. 779164


"Hey, it's Lain. Today I'm going to be giving greg a prostate massage for the first time. Blasian is here for moral support"

No. 779166

saged for autism but does anyone know what song greg & billie were supposedly making out to? greg said it was a song with a hip hop beat about younger girls being with older guys, just thought that detail was interesting and i've wondered since

No. 779167

Little Girls - Oingo Boingo?

No. 779169

I always imagined Guys My Age by Hey Violet

No. 779184

It's probably "Age Ain't Nothing But a Number"

No. 779192


I feel so, so awful for their kids who will eventually see this one day while googling their family name.

No. 779209

By the time the kids are old enough to do that, I'm sure their names will have been changed again and again. These poor little kids, it really is the saddest thing. I really hope they get the love and safety all children should have.

No. 779212

Ive thought the same thing. But of course the future name changes will have nothing to do with the safety or anonymity of his kids. It will all have to do with him trying to hide his history. I put my money on him doing a first/last name change for himself and Lainey early 2021 when he thinks things have died down and no one is keeping track.

No. 779213

Oh absolutely, I agree without a doubt. I wouldn't be surprise if he's already working on it. Keeping 'James Jackson' as his porn name, but changing it soon to something else once he sees he actually needs to make real money to support a family.

No. 779233

This is the least of it.

I’m sure their classmates will find it even if there’s a series of name changes. That will be hard to grow up with but it might protect female classmates when they get to high school. If a teen girl knows about their friend’s dad’s proclivity for sleeping with teens, she might avoid being sucked in.

No. 779245

I feel bad for them getting embarrassed or bullied over their stupid parents choices, but I feel pretty safe in saying that by the time they are teenagers Greg would have lost his 'sway'
He might try to hit on Cloey's friends but let's face it, he is already out of touch when it came to Sarah. She laughed at the fact that he didn't understand half her memes. Even Lainey was making fun of him at one point. He still tries to use 'lit'.
His kids and kid's friends will be safe from the sex for sure.

No. 779246

Yeah this is what I always assumed too, seems like her type of e-girl tune and is really popular with these types the last few years

No. 779259

I work with kids, they most definitely still use "lit". Not that I'd ever use it as an adult a decade or more their senior.

Greg is the epitome of that old ass emo dad meme.
He's not even current enough to be like the "fellow kids" meme.
It's like seeing some 40yr old guy who can't let go of whatever shitck got him attention in highschool or his early 20s.
Except Gerg was never known for any kind of talent, skill, or clever self-marketing. I can't even say he had looks since it was only ever a very specific kind of 'taste' he catered to, and that was really only accomplished with Myspace era tricks.

I really don't understand how he thinks he'll make it with porn. At best he'll get a couple bucks(if even) and some negative attention for a bit, but after that he's back to having nothing.
I heard OF is going to eventually ban porn so this really wasn't thought through on his end. Not that anyone would expect him to.
Poor kids.

No. 779261

If onlyfans bans porn, what will be the point of it?

No. 779262

I doubt it. Onion has proved time and again he won't let anything stand in his way of manipulating someone.

He'd resort to alcohol and drugs to lure teenagers. Living in a very low income place, as his future, would offer him the belief he will be protected by his anonymity.

Greggs is a predator and he thinks he is above the law. Assaulting a girl he got black out drunk would be fully within the scope of things he'd do.

No. 779266

I thought it was Cola by Lana Del Rey, could be wrong, tho

No. 779287

It's the kids mental health people are also concerned about. Wonder if Onion remembers he use to virtue signal about mental health? He would grandstand against girls he deemed promiscuous, but the issue was clearly that these girls were doing it for free!

His kids are fucked just by being related to him

No. 779308

>The very definition of an E-whore.

Somehow he goes full mad because blasian criticized him on his pencil dick lol. Did he even consider the fact that not everyone would worship him like a Greek god if he decided to do ''sex work''? Probably not but still goes to show how full of himself he is.

Pretty sure CPS would find it amusing to know he does ''sex work'' to raise money from others for a living.

No. 779331

File: 1591651039482.png (Spoiler Image,181.4 KB, 380x290, 0563964412.png)

Greg has gone back on his "no face, I don't want to be famous anymore." promise in a very deliberate way. His new OnlyFans photo shoot begins with a giant portrait shot of his ugly mug. I've inspected the high res shot of his face and I don't see any signs of plastic surgery so my previous tinfoil is shot down. My second theory could still be true. When he told his fans that he would no longer show his face the nationwide stay at home lock down had just begun. He may have tried a DIY at home face peel and royally fucked up his skin and its taken this long for him to not resemble Freddy Krueger. Another thing Ive noticed is in all his photo shoots he doesn't show face along with his cock or hole. Does he think that as long as his face isn't fully visible in the nude shots he can deny it was him years from now? So I guess we can expect more face in his OF photos. I knew his vanity would take over.

No. 779332

CPS wouldn't give a fuck, unless it can be proven the kids were present when he took those photos and that's unlikely

No. 779333

Doesn't look like anything to me.

>Does he think that as long as his face isn't fully visible in the nude shots he can deny it was him years from now?

Absolutely. It's Jimmy after all. Denying the truth is very close to his little narc heart.

No. 779336

Based upon how warped and elongated his torso looks in the bottom row, second from right photo. I’m guessing he hasn’t taken a single photo of his dick without that wide angle lens. Desperate to look larger at any cost.

He posted in twitter that he got a new camera but I doubt we’ll be able to tell the difference in quality

No. 779351

he's doing that weird hunch and tensing in the body photos to hide his gut kek

No. 779371

Lmao he became an actul slut

No. 779374

After he slutshamed so many women and said sluts can't get raped. Also he's taking these pictures mainly for gay men and he's obviously a homophobe. The irony is delicious.

No. 779389

I love conspiracy theories, so here goes. Does anyone else wonder where all these gay men came from that are suddenly such big fans of Gregs? I dont really remember a lot of comments on his Twitter/YouTube from males that hinted at a sexual attraction. I think a large majority of them are trolls seeing what they can make him do. At first I thought why not fake being young women since Greg would more likely be swayed by female attention. But using the gay male facade wouldnt raise a red flag to him and makes sense since the ways they want him to degrade himself is not something a female would request. I know they're out there but I dont know many women who want to see their mans asshole or have him shove a dildo in it while they watch. An additional conspiracy theory is that these gay men trolls are organized and working together similar to how Vix had her little group of friends and they would discuss the long con she was playing on Onision at the time. I know its not great that if Im right then these trolls are all paying him 5 bucks a month. But if a fiver is all it takes to get him to play the bottom bitch and use a dildo on himself so we can all laugh at him Im cool with it. It would be the cherry on top if after two months the list of humiliating things they can make him do have all been checked off and they all end their subscriptions en masse and let him know he was hoodwinked and is nothing but a cheap prostitute jerking his ugly dick and pushing his shit in for a few dollars.

No. 779390

Greg is now emailing any website that has uploaded his nudes claiming its a DMCA takedown notice. Could admin let us know if Onision has contacted them? The email he sent to KF was hilarious and the reply they sent back was
>This is not a valid DMCA complaint.

No. 779396

The off putting gay porn aside, he's got little bitch shoulders.

No. 779399

That's why he's pushing them forward, to create the illusion of more of a frame instead of the scrawny old man bobble head body he has.

No. 779403

File: 1591692784360.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200609-165213_Chr…)

He looks so old, holy shit.
Also what's wrong with his mouth?

No. 779411

The top one with the torso, holy shit his arms are so slim and without any trace of muscle. I guess he never ever exercises, it's not even difficult for men to build muscle. How can he try and be a model when he doesn't even put any work into his dad/beta body.

No. 779417

File: 1591708255388.jpg (174.37 KB, 506x556, 20200609_085832.jpg)

The "not gonna show my face anymore" pRoMiSe came not too long after all those shots of him at court. We know that Greg has spent more than a decade misrepresenting his looks to the point of damn near catfishing the internet. But those court photos showed his true, unaltered appearance. Since we had Repzion's height (I think Rep said he's 5'10?)in the image to compare to Gurgle, it's confirmed that he is nowwhre near 5'11. The court photos also showed just how fucking abnormal his physical proportions are. People were doing all kinds of edits with them, as well.

So my theory is that Greg's ego suffered immensely as a result. So much do that he didn't even wanna show his hideous mug online anymore. But now that he's gotten some positive attention on OF (no matter how authentic it is,) he now has enough narc supply to feel good enough to go back to posting his giant waterhead and caveman face again.

And oh god, what an ugly face it is. He looks exceedingly punchable, here.

No. 779426

Well this is Grease, after all

No. 779464

He is definitely one of those people that has only ever looked decent from one or two specific angles and full face blown out lighting. When he’s in motion he looks like a pile of turds. We all saw his real face and body during his stupid meltdown videos and subsequent 30+ explanation videos.

No. 779465

I never saw such huge pores on someone's nose. His nose looks like a deformed strawberry

No. 779467

can we soak his head in saltwater for 15 minutes and see if bugs or worms come out?

No. 779469

File: 1591744549385.jpg (146.17 KB, 946x498, 692020.jpg)

He's having trouble paying his phone bill? If hes that strapped for cash then I cant wait until the August deadline when he has to prove he put up the fence+signs that border the wetlands and improved what he destroyed or face a huge fine. How much could his phone bill be, $300-$500? A few C-notes and hes crying to Twitter about big bad Comcast.

No. 779470

He's such an entitled asshole. DOes he seriously think a company is just gonna drop everything and cater to him because of his 'unique circumstances'? Everyone is going through the COVID lockdown, he's not special. What a narc.

No. 779474

His excuse about "people going through the COVID lockdown' is such bullshit. His life has been a quarantine for years. Whats changed as a result of COVID stay at home orders? He didnt lose his job, he didnt suddenly have to work remotely from home. I doubt him or Lainey are home schooling for the kids. Nothings changed besides him and Lainey not being able to go to Olive Garden or Panera for a few months and having their frozen meals, Ensure drinks and potato based treats delivered to their front door.

No. 779492

I wonder if he already had to sell that new Tesla he got a few months ago

No. 779495

He has a weird obsession with owning a Tesla no matter the model. He owned 2 high end X models with the gull wing doors then had to sell them along with his two house when Adpocalypse happened. He bought Lainey the Kia Sorento and himself a Dodge pickup. But that Tesla still called out to him. He sold the truck and bought the cheapest Tesla you can get. Im not sure if its the status the Tesla brand has or his ability to virtue signal that hes environmentally conscious since its an electric car. He used to boast in the same way about all the solar panels on the old Grease Mansion. He'll sell everything in the house before he sells that low end Tesla.

No. 779502

>they all end their subscriptions en masse
That would be preferable. I've been scared of accidentally hovering over any of the spoilers here.

No. 779503

File: 1591765691816.jpg (21.02 KB, 475x358, Homer-sourball.jpg)

Really looks like it's involuntarily retracting from the rest of his face.

No. 779504

File: 1591767823827.png (50.8 KB, 689x358, cleaning his ham flower.PNG)

oh no, is it happening? can we expect tomorrows photoshoot to involve that pink dildo from his wishlist >>778384

No. 779516

now that the skinny mediocre carrot is out of the bag, how much you guys bet that the next step in his ''brilliant'' career is becoming an actual gay 4 pay actor on some shady obscure porn company website? because lets be honest with that pathetic peen hes having and middle aged scrawny dad bod no straight company would hire him not even for free… i really think he is either becoming desperate for money or losing his mind ..nobody in his right mind would be doing this for attention or trolling.. this is beyond pathetic, humiliating and degrading on all levels..i am a straight woman and i just spent the last hour laughing my ass out at his pictures ..never laughed so much in my life and i bet the majority of his audience are not straight women …must be some necro fetish guys or some very old creepsters

No. 779537

I met Repzion in person last summer, live in the same town. I am 5’7 and I could see over the top of his head. He is 5’6 probably

No. 779540

whatever, Greg. You'll do it for two days and give up, just like your last extreme diet you claimed you were doing after your paypig called you fat.

No. 779544

File: 1591813821780.jpg (75.74 KB, 460x381, face-to-face.jpg)

I dont know why you replied to that post. Nothing was mentioned about Repzion. If you're 5'7" and could "see over the top of his head" then that would mean Repzion is barely 5 feet tall. Since your claim sounds like bullshit, you didnt sage your post and this was so random and out of left field Im going to assume your trying to swing the conversation into another "how tall is Onision" argument, hoping the thread gets derailed with infighting and wasted posts. Good try.

No. 779545

File: 1591814744581.jpg (48.83 KB, 540x462, 20200610-081450.jpg)

>Another thing Ive noticed is in all his photo shoots he doesn't show face along with his cock

Could the trolls on his OnlyFans be taking note of our posts and making requests to get Greg out of his comfort zone?

No. 779547

File: 1591815222055.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.21 KB, 540x677, 20200610-081519.jpg)

Why does he look so fucking weird from the back? I guess without clothes to hide things his bodies true dimensions looks freakish in comparison to his giant head.

No. 779548

Well I was replying to a comment mentioning a comparison between Onision and Repzion’s height in court, with what I thought was useful information. I have lurked this website for a few years but never posted that’s why I forgot to sage… wasn’t trying to derail anything. Repzion may have been slouching but he was definitely way shorter than 5’10. Think I’ll just keep my comments to myself now haha

No. 779549

its incredible how huge his head looks compared to his body . he looks so deformed

No. 779553

Dude fuck that other person. I'm glad you shared.

No. 779554

Lmfao he has a twink body

No. 779555

Twinks are hot. Onion has a flabby scrawny nerd body and that big old lipoma looks bizarre.

No. 779558

To you

No. 779562

Don't do twinks like that

No. 779567


I hope the anons from previous threads who tried to convince everyone that "hes kinda attractive tho!!1!1" all feel bad

No. 779568

I’ve never seen a fat dadbod twink before

No. 779571

someone on the other farms website posted an R rated upclose pic of his peen where you can clearly see that his dick is covered in white bumps around the head and thats veeery similar to what HPV looks like on men . so not only he has herpes, it appears he might have hpv too along with chlamydia since he gave most of his partners UTI. who would want to pay to see a disease ridden skinny little chode?

No. 779572

File: 1591822436590.jpg (31.81 KB, 540x406, 20200610-101850.jpg)

His fans wanting him to shove a dildo up his ass is old news. What I find interesting about this poll is Greg is trying to get his man-wife to join him in his "porn career."
>Kai my fans said they want to see you licking my cock, are you going to say no and make us lose money?
The only other adult in that house is Lainey unless they've trapped a new victim in the swamp and kept it hush hush. I could see him using a sex doll head but iirc he told his fans in discord that he dismembered his doll to fit in his trash bin easier so Julia's rotting in some landfill. There's plenty of sex toys that resemble a tongue but I haven't seen anything like that on his Amazon wishlist and I'm sure his fans would revolt if he tried his usual word games fuckery.

tldr: Laineys being forced to participate in his shitty porn.

No. 779574

tbh it sounds more likely that, as anons have tinfoiled, this is his way of roping a third into their relationship again than lainey participating. at this point i think lainey has left social media for good.

No. 779580

“It’s just work, Lainey! I’m providing for this family so I HAVE to have an ‘actress’ come movie on our house with our children. I have no choice!”

No. 779583

File: 1591826749558.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.38 KB, 448x275, bored.jpg)

You're both probably right. Going from radio silent on all her social media to participating in Gregs porn would be a giant leap.
Im going to get flamed for this but Id love to see her involved. On those rare occasions that Greg has roped Lainey into acting in one of his YT skits we've seen how wooden and stilted she is. It would bring me great joy seeing her try to convey orgasmic rapture as Greg calls her a bitch-faggot and rabbit humps her for 3 minutes.

No. 779586

I wish the paypig anons chose tongue.
I’m pretty sure they’ve separated and he’s sleeping with teemo. There’s been whispers around the discord that they’ve been hooking up. Teemo is probably jealous 5 head is soon to be getting the action.

There’s no way Lainey would degrade herself this low. At this stage she’s probably staying for the kids and nothing else. Probably doesn’t care who he bangs or what he does. Which is why he’s acting out selling his body. It was probably a threat to control her and she called his bluff.

No. 779587

who the fuck is teemo

No. 779591

newfag detected

No. 779592

File: 1591828164004.png (623.92 KB, 497x559, f935b6515c2f7921a593a1d63f7a85…)


kek, he really has shit standards if he's succumbed to fucking McFly but then again pic related is what he considered stunning

>At this stage she’s probably staying for the kids and nothing else. Probably doesn’t care who he bangs or what he does

she showed little to no reaction to him cheating and fucking Sarah in the ass, so i think you're right

No. 779593

She obviously cares a little if she had to give Greg orders not to sleep with Sarah only a year ago. But I guess a lot has happened since then.

Still I don’t think they’re separated officially. I do suspect they have very little interaction the majority of the day. We’ve seen enough mentions of her bringing Greg food to his desk semi recently so we know they interact the bare minimum at least. But they seem to live their own separate lives inside their tiny trailer

No. 779596

File: 1591831166011.jpg (159.71 KB, 692x670, keith.jpg)

I can understand trolls paying him money to see how far they can get him to humiliate himself. I can even understand the 3 or 4 brainwashed female superfans that pay to see his tiny balls and asshole. But I was puzzled at what kind of man would be into Greg. I present to you the type of gaybo that supports Greg and now it makes a little more sense to me.

No. 779600

Are those rhinoplasty scars above his nostrils? That'd be funny considering how often he shamed people for getting PS.

No. 779613

>At this stage she’s probably staying for the kids and nothing else.
I highly doubt it, she doesn't give a fuck about the kids, if she did she would have left that abusive narc a long ass time ago and would have spared them of many years of trauma. She stays because she's a pathetic spineless doormat.

>Probably doesn’t care who he bangs or what he does

That bitch is jealous and paranoid as hell so she definitely cares. She just doesn't confront him about it because as said before, she's a doormat.

No. 779619

He pushed his boundaries with the "fuck in the ass" after the loophole with the naked body massage thing, he truly knows he can get away with fucking ANYTHING now

No. 779620

like, he almost lost Plainey after the Billie thing, and yet he tried the bullshit with Sarah, maybe he even wanted her to leave lmao

No. 779621

File: 1591842631038.png (550.22 KB, 867x568, 65945512_6102020.png)

I was listening to the most recent Hansen video The second half was about Onision and featured that slug guy. He said he has a moderator named Hezzy/Helios helping him get into Gregs discord server. That woman was discussed in the last thread.
She was a fan, then turned against Onision and was making posts in Gig Harbor mommy Facebook pages and neighborhood crime pages about Greg and Lainey being sexual predators. Then I guess she got back in his good graces because she was part of his discord and was helping Greg when he was on The Killstream by revealing the dirt she had dug up on Onisions critics. Is she a TRIPLE agent or just a flip flopper whose loyalty to Onison depends on the direction of the wind that day? Are all his fans this wishy washy and willing to throw him under the bus? If they are then bring on the tag team of Blasian and Tamara to Chris Hansen next week.


No. 779624

I still don’t understand why he’s even floating embarrassing options like using a dildo on himself.

For the tongue thing yeah I don’t see Lainey doing that unless he’s punishing her or generally wants to humiliate her. She said in that bdsm quiz they took together she has zero interest in putting sex videos online so it would be a way to break her boundaries and humiliate her further but I would imagine it’s much more likely he would use the chance to have sex with a new girl. He’s already degraded and humiliated Lainey so much that he might have lost the thrill of it as depressing as that is.

He posted a picture without a wedding ring in his recent posts but i bet he’s stoking the rumour fire and that’s all.

No. 779626

File: 1591847335224.png (396.42 KB, 810x567, wb.png)

If you mean the photos he released today on OF and tweeted about they are taken in a mirror and his black silicone wedding band is visible in all of them except for this one where you need to zoom in and squint. But I get what you mean. He will play along or make up shit so he can say "GOTCHA!"

No. 779628

Tfw when Greg's gay fans are getting more pussy than him

No. 779652

File: 1591858503713.jpg (436.18 KB, 1100x907, onision farewell.jpg)

He was closing ranks less than a week ago >>778929
And now he has totally shut down his private discord. He tweeted out a 4 page rambling farewell letter. Im only posting the last page because its the only part that interested me. Im sure he will stay in contact with McRetard and Fivehead via whatever video chat app middle aged men use. The way he words his goodbye it makes me wonder exactly how many people in his discord that he thought were "friends" for years flipped on him. Or more likely his paranoia made any small infraction or disagreement mean they were Anti-O in his mind. Is the Hansen video that streamed today >>779621 with slug talking about still being able to infiltrate his discord part of the reason Greg nuked it all?

No. 779675

Leave it to the water brain to take "Go fuck yourself, Greg" literally.

No. 779683


He's hoping that people will start calling him a PORN STAR because it's an infinitely better upgrade from NONCE.

No. 779691

Breaking into porn is a super viable career option for a 35-year-old man with a small, weird cock.

No. 779693


She’s literally only staying so her lazy ass doesn’t have to face the real world and get a job. She wants to live out her teenage fantasy forever, where she can chat up underage girls and beg for presents from them that she just throws out after a couple months anyways.

She does the bare minimum for those children, who are the only victims in all of this.

No. 779694


honestly never saw the OF saga coming, and how quickly he jumped to nasty shitty porn. makes me wonder if he'll start involving other people in the future. "100k likes and I'll find another porn star for sukmi"

it'd be a convenient way to cheat on Lainey, find a new third but only for "his career"

No. 779697

Yeeeeah the fact that he keeps using the term “porn Star” makes all the tinfoil about him moving to doing sex acts with actual humans seen more likely.
Cause if you really wanna be a “porn star” eventually you gotta do the actual sex
People can really only see so many weird nudes or masturbation videos with the same clothes, lighting, and location before they move on to someone else more interesting.

I think Greg is in for a rude awakening. The people he is attracting to his onlyfans are not the same star struck girls that will follow in him anywhere. They’re pervy old dudes that are not loyal and will move on to the next twink that catches their eye once his content gets stale.
So far he’s had the benefit of whatever’s left of his cult of personality, but now that he’s cutting that off, he won’t gain any more of those and eventually those girls will move on too.

No. 779735

File: 1591907228762.jpg (114.49 KB, 955x711, handmaids tale.jpg)

I was looking at todays leaked OF photos and I swear I thought he was doing a "Sexy Handmaid's Tale" cosplay.

No. 779738

File: 1591908143833.png (26.92 KB, 555x275, Capture6112020.PNG)

>So far he’s had the benefit of whatever’s left of his cult of personality
His superfans(and potential third) are going to an hero if they don't get their daily dose of cringey dad jokes and verbal abuse from Onision. These tweets tell me that he has actually shut down all discords, public and private. She wouldn't be so distraught if Greg and those 3 or 4 brainwashed women were still in some secret discord server.

No. 779740

File: 1591908564235.png (127.17 KB, 599x735, Capture6112020_76.PNG)

Would this be confirmation that the reason Onision deleted all his discord servers is because slug revealed on Hansen that he was still able to record their discord conversations and that there was a 14 year old girl-lil Nutsack that was in the discord for months and Onision had DM'd this little girl.

No. 779744

This girl clearly has issues. I hope she does hook up with gurgles cause she’s gonna go psycho on his ass

No. 779747

File: 1591911281113.gif (3.74 MB, 640x378, tenor (2).gif)

Ive hoped for that too. All the women hes had relationships were/are spineless. You could say Shiloh fucked with him by making him run off to California because he was scared some biker gang was going to kill him. And of course Sarah tipped over the first domino in his current downfall. But I want true psycho behavior. Like scary Fatal Attraction and Swimfan kind of shit.

No. 779769

File: 1591917796396.gif (451.15 KB, 480x360, dxQZXYF.gif)

I'm sorry for sliding the convo back, but no one gave an actual "possible" explanation as to what happened here - he's always had a weird "mustache" upper-lip; wtf happened to his lip?

I'm starting to buy the tin-foil about him doing some at-home face-peel when the lock-down first started which was why he was covering his face-up (as well as saying he was never going to show his face again/saying he didn't want to be "internet famous"). His skin looks awful, and his lip looks so weird and unnatural..

He looks like spongebob lol.

No. 779791

File: 1591927346088.gif (5.04 MB, 480x270, Onision orders Papa Damons.gif)

>makes all the tinfoil about him moving to doing sex acts with actual humans seen more likely
If Greg is still in contact with his buddy Damon he could fly him up for an OnlyFans collab. Onision could do his very own "BLACKED" series and kick it off with the obligatory pizza delivery guy scene.

No. 779825

Most of the people paying for his onlyfans don't want to see him fucking a woman though, they want to see him getting fucked in the ass by another man lmao

No. 779831

He already was, Shane fucked him in the ass many years ago.

No. 779872

Imagine joining cringefest edge lord on discord was the only thing in life keeping you going

No. 779880

I think most, if not all 7 remaining Greg patreons are middle aged women that haven't gotten any since 1999, at this point.

No. 779883

File: 1592008603710.jpg (Spoiler Image,372.07 KB, 939x1641, Screenshot_20200612-203235.jpg)

No fancy wide angles lenses to trick out the truth a bit. Just a waterheaded neanderthal and his horrific baby carrot.

No. 779888


Wow its almost the same size as his thumb….

No. 779889


That's… A smaller than average penis. The only reason it doesn't look just flat out small, is because he's shaved his pubes off. What a sad looking little sausage.

No. 779892

This picture is a juxtaposition between hilarious and depressing. His proportions make him look like a midget, and even with that his dick STILL looks small compared to the rest of him. It’s not a microphallus, which would at least have a shock factor. It’s just a sad, small, disappointing dick.

No. 779896

>It’s not a microphallus, which would at least have a shock factor. It’s just a sad, small, disappointing dick.
Fully agree with this. If it were an actual baby carrot that would at least be hilarious.
This way his dick is just…disappointing and below average. And honestly truly ugly up close. What an ugly dick.
The less pics are posted, the better.

No. 779899

It still looks small even after he pumped the fuck out of it

No. 779917

It looks like a thumb thumb

No. 779923

Oh..that's a bit chode looking now isnt it..Have to remember a lot of that is just the oddly large head. He really is rather small. Oh that's embarrassing, I see why he uses all kinds of tricks and instead prefers to offer up his ass. But there's a niche market out there for smaller penises. It's just usually men who like it is all, but he's already making content for men anyway with how often he posts himself in submissive angles with his ass up so.

I think someday-and I'm sorry if this one day becomes true and I've cursed you all, but I think someday he'll actually do a gay for pay type porn video. They pay a lot of money and all he has to do is lay there and take it. Which is something he's been doing for the past 2 years or so now anyway, so it's right up his awkwardly presented alley!

No. 779942

File: 1592055756485.jpg (972.82 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200605_091214.jpg)

>His proportions make him look like a midget

Reminds me of a post I saw on KF recently.

No. 779944

At first I was like it's medium but after looking at it, I'm realising it's actually quite small and its only because he's shaved everything to make it look bigger. How sad.

No. 779945

File: 1592057026406.jpg (617.91 KB, 1046x1386, Screenshot_20200613-100311.jpg)

Yep, he also uses the wide-angled setting on his phone. Plus, he often tries to cup his tiny testicle against the base to create an illusion of extra length. Then there's the fact the he'll yank and bend it to scrape together an extra millimeter of length.

No. 779946

Needle dick. No wonder he hates wet puss, that dick would constantly fall out if it gets slick

No. 779950

Kek, he really is a deadringer for a midget. My personal favorite though is the courtroom photos where Rep makes him look like he’s the height of a child.

No. 779982

actually one hundred percent convinced he has a mild form of this.

No. 779983

File: 1592079277228.jpg (3.5 MB, 4032x2268, 20200613_154221.jpg)


I'm fucking dying he has the exact proportions of this cheaply animated Shaggy

No. 779986

File: 1592080747320.jpeg (86.86 KB, 628x457, gregisadwarf.jpeg)


Will 2020 be the year when the wetlands saga takes a tragic turn?

No. 780012

File: 1592099833391.webm (Spoiler Image,7.09 MB, 854x480, Onion.webm)

Guys… Open at your own risk

No. 780014

And I thought 2020 couldn't get any worse.

No. 780015

i'm revolted

No. 780016

Miss Heezy; when she first showed up farmers noted she had a few screws loose. When she was posting to the Gig Harbor mom's FB she lied about SWAT going to Greg's house, among other things. Interesting this "slug" whoever he is would associate with her. She has a twitter she privated. There's more on her in the flakes thread. She once bragged about being friends with Eugenia Cooney.
>So far he’s had the benefit of whatever’s left of his cult of personality, but now that he’s cutting that off, he won’t gain any more of those and eventually those girls will move on too.
Good point. He's already shown he'll do practically anything for money. I'm certain he'll backtrack like he always does once the shekels start drying up.

No. 780017

>Sometimes to get out of an abusive cycle you have to walk away.
>it turns out you can be 50 years old and still act like a toddler.
That lack of self awareness shining through like always. Isn't this his dozenth time "giving up on people"/"drama"/"internet"? It's almost amazing how he still thinks his word is worth anything.

No. 780019

That's almost too uncanny. He's got to have some weird genetic/chromosomal abnormalities.

No. 780022

It's not normal for a guy to only need two fingers to jack off, right?

Also, he looks really pudgy here.

No. 780025

That is so traumatic to watch. Least sexy thing ever recorded

No. 780026

The only way this could be grosser if he uploads him and lame going at it next

No. 780027

What a sad Vienna sausage

No. 780028

I wasn't expecting that. I needed more of a warning anon. I just about chucked my phone.

No. 780031

I feel like reporting this since there was not enough warnings but I thought it might be his cum video. I'm not watching it, I'm making sure I get into heaven.

>>780022 lol, small ween.

No. 780032

It looks like he was having a seizure. Also laughable how he uses only two fingers to yank his pathetic petit pp

No. 780040

didn't mean to click on this and here comes my blogposting ban, but this is literally what I do when i've done so much heroin i can't maintain a proper erection, I only have enough hard on for like 2 fingers and try to cum like that. fucking pathetic if that's his natural bard on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 780044

Why does it look like hes belly dancing tho. Like I know you quiver sometimes before orgasm but like that was so unbearable and not sexy

No. 780045

I was gonna say, he looks like he's struggling to get off.
It reminds me of dudes jerk off when they are either drunk or on benzos or they've jerked off too many times in one day.
Either way it's a weird way to hold his penis.

No. 780048

Can you post it again? I can’t see it (I’m not gross just curious I promise)

No. 780052

>can't maintain a proper erection
>he's struggling to get off
Baffling that anyone would actually pay for this, even as a joke or a troll. I guess a few people want to feed his delusions.

No. 780090


Reddit and twitter-fags ruined these threads. "ewwww the photos are so disgusting"

"can you link me again I'm 2 lazy to scroll up?"

"post moar!!!"

"ewww it's so smallllllll!!!"


that's what this thread has become. boring and gay.

No. 780097

How can anyone look at his dick and think it's not half a hotdog in a turtleneck? He's not tall and his hands are likely not big as well, that has to be a below average deformed penis.

No. 780126

File: 1592163852926.jpg (658.6 KB, 1706x870, RVAAA6sjO.jpg)

Explaining why hes shut down his private and public discords.
I hope that he has a full mental breakdown when he realizes that this happy little echo chamber he has on OnlyFans is actually full of trolls. And in a few months after they've run out of things for him to do to humiliate and demean himself they drop their subscription and tell him he got played and to go fuck off.

No. 780135

This reads as 100% as a man baby that cannot take any responsibility for his actions. Again he's accusing everyone around him of being toxic but in fact he is the common factor. The truth is Greg likes it when he can belittle his fantards and have them just roll over and lick his ass and tell him that he's funny and sexy.

No. 780136

Well, our hopes of Onision fading into obscurity and dying that way won't be coming true any time soon. Apparently Investigation Discovery is planning a television series on him now. I haven't linked the vid, since the video is on Chris Hansen and not Onision himself and I don't want to derail, but it's on Repzion's channel for those who want to check it out.

No. 780143

Well, YouTube might finally be forced to officially acknowledge him then and shut down his channels for good.
Let's see.

No. 780145

Onion-boi’s finally getting that big break, huh? Just not t the way he imagined it kek

No. 780146

It kinda looks like he's trying to keep his stomach sucked in to keep up his image of having a "superior vegan body" but failing because he's heavily breathing and stuff

No. 780147

It's kind of premature for a channel like that to be starting anything about Onion. Unless a legal battle starts sometime soon, there's not really much that their general audience would find satisfying or interesting since there's no "conclusion" yet.

No. 780149

I know it’s ot as fuck but that Jessie girl him and Taylor were obsessed with came out a while ago and said she actually had a horrible eating disorder to the point she was having heart palpitations. Looks like Greg only sperges about a someone’s anorexia when it’s so bad he can’t two finger jack it to them.

No. 780150

I think he passive aggressively mocked it tbh. He made a video copying her YouTube title for the anorexic video immediately afterward

No. 780154

I concur. Posting his pathetic, cringe eye cancer here (thank God for spoilers) just gives him free promotion too.
I get that people want to troll him but do they really think he'll be embarrassed by anything he does? He's a full on degenerate who will do anything (legal) for money. All this attention feeds his narc ego. The trolls are just doing him a favor throwing money at him - he probably thinks they're secret fans or something.

No. 780155

To the surprise of no one who's been paying attention, this was all a money grab.

YT won't get rid of anyone unless there's an arrest.

No. 780158

It's so funny how he can dish it out and can't take it. He always labels himself "brutally honest" as an excuse to put people down, and gets angry if you become insulted because it's "jUsT A jOkE," and yet, wants to surround himself with an echo chamber of people that suck his chode.

No. 780161


it's a good finale. let him flutter out to obscurity.

No. 780168


Imagine being 35 this year and STILL thinking you “won” by bragging and kiCkiNG pEoPLe oUt oF mY LiFe as your defense.

No. 780170

Hansen won't stop milking this Onision thing, will he? I wonder if in this series there will be a special episode dedicated to how Hansen and his employee lied to a victim for months and potentially ruined the most important evidence that could put a predator in jail.

No. 780173

I could see him having that mental break-down. He seems so self-aware, yet not, all at the same time to the point where I don't believe he's trolling lol. It also seems like he genuinely does believe OF is a source of positive narc kool-aid. His actions are also so erratic to the point where they're attacking his income.

I don't know how much of his OF is actually comprised of trolls or who they are (do you guys really think it's over 50%? some sick fuqs either way tbh lol), but when they actually do tip the cow, those fuckers are gonna break him imho.

No. 780179

File: 1592184194743.png (483.2 KB, 1280x720, 765542346788.png)

Hmmm so Hansen sold the rights to the "Onision story" to a TV channel? Did the victims agree with this? I can't imagine them being ok with someone who isn't even a victim having the rights to the story and then selling it.

No. 780195

Some of them are clout chasers anyway.

There is some silver lining to this: onion will be known on a national scale as an “abuser of young women” and will never have privacy again, same with Kai. Her friends and fam back home will see all her dirty laundry splattered on television and any “innocence she and Gruck tried to salvage will be gone.

No. 780220


The whole Hansen saga quickly became an embarrassing, disappointing anti climax thanks to Vincent, Shiloh, and Hansen himself. The only person I feel bad for is maybe Sarah, since she was the youngest and taken advantage of. In the end though, no one really won, since Anus’s and Thot’s reputations are still irreparably damaged.

No. 780222


I don't understand the sperging over Hansen selling rights. It's just Repzion getting salty over the fact that someone else gets money from Onision too. Is the extra 20k from his lawsuit fee gofundme already spent?

Hansen might not necessarily sell the Onision story itself, he sells his idea for a show and he sells himself as the host for that show.

And Repzion is one to talk about spoonfeeding information when he comes to lolcow and kiwifarms getting spoonfed himself.

I don't see any negative sides about this. Onisions story reaches wider audience people get educated.

Conclusion: Repziboy is just salty.

No. 780223

I think the issue is it gives onion more attention, really. Though if all of America knows he's a pedophile, maybe the benefits outweigh that.

No. 780228

File: 1592206421711.png (13.27 KB, 533x98, Capture6152020.PNG)

How can he not see that the trolls are taking a page out of his own narc playbook and love-bombing him to get what they want. All these compliments have blinded him to how fucking weird these requests are. Like "show us your asshole - jerk off your ugly cock with that weird two fingers grip - shove a dildo in your ass - eat your own cum."
I hope the trolls start asking him to play in that gray area of sexual content that may break OnlyFans TOS and he gets himself banned. Of course it wont be his fault. "I was only doing what my fans wanted, they made me do it, they should get their subscriptions suspended not me."

No. 780229

>it gives onion more attention
This, really. It's for sure going to attract a few crazy fangirls since it will be on TV.
I'm not surprised Hansen sold the rights. It's been painfully clear he's only there for the money for a good while now.

A narc getting a happy rush when receiving compliments? No way!

No. 780231

Selling off the story looks to me like he's washing his hands of it. He saw it was losing steam -money for him- and decided to cash out. I'll feign my surprise. He was only forever hinting at using yt as his springboard to tv. A few astute farmers expressed skepticism/criticism from the very start about his intentions.

No. 780232

Some people are being overly optimistic about the outcome, haven't we been there already? Network tv has been mostly trash, bottom of the barrel AIDS for a long time.

If ID airs this story they'll get most if not all the details wrong like they always do, sensationalize the hell out of it (like someone else we know) and take liberties with the facts, that way they won't have to compensate anyone but the person they bought it from. Plenty of us saw the writing on the wall months ago and the cult of personality stans got ass sore when it was pointed out. Some people just never learn.

If this show gets made I think it could get Onision more of the attention he wants. I could see this going either way though, depending on what kind of "job" ID does. Won't be holding my breath in any case.

No. 780234

>I don't see any negative sides about this.
It'll be interesing to see if Hansen got permission from any of the girls he said he was "helping" before he sold the story that includes them. Repzion actually got their permission before uploading the Onision Files (their story).
I'm willing to bet most of the positive comments are things he made up himself, it won't be the first time.

I still don't get how the trolls think they're winning here when 1)Onision is shameless, so trying to humiliate him (at least sexually) is pointless 2)they're helping him pay his bills. The trolls are doing him a favor. They sure showed him.

No. 780239

File: 1592212869990.png (309.82 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200615-101205.png)


I wrote a polite tweet on Hansen's page suggesting it was only a positive thing if the victims had given permission and he blocked me for it.

So I'm guessing the victims haven't agreed to it.

No. 780246

>most everyone likes compliments more than getting roasted
God I'd love for a youtuber to read this while adding clips of the times he "roasted" people by calling them ugly or stupid in his videos (but I'd say the juiciest rate by body videos have been lost). In fact, those insults are extremely mild compared to all the insults he threw at his exes, in particular B and S. What a little fucking bitch boy.

No. 780248

Whoever runs his sm has been on a blocking spree lately. lol

No. 780268

Hansen selling the Greggy Poo story is the best news I've heard since Take That quit. It is absolutely delightful. Imagine the amazing shitstorm this could potentially cause.
And then the documentary, or as is the trend these days documentary SERIES, with ominous music and bad actor re-enactments and interviews with the professional victims like Shiloh and Billie not understanding the questions. Plus you just know Greg would wanna see money for this, which I'm sure there will be some sort of settlement. I for one can't wait.

No. 780269

oh and by the by, tell us again how Chris Hanchan isn't doing this for the money, Anti-O's. Oh God I can't stop laughing.

No. 780270

Maybe Onion could have done something with the national attention if this happens before he started doing queer porn. He's provided enough evidence he's no hearthrob. There's nothing alluring about this middle-aged short fat father of 2.

His masturbation video consisted of him having a seizure for 22 seconds and shooting a sad load. He has a sad stocky short midsection and jerks his needle dick with two fingers whilst breathing like he's about to give way to intense explosive diarrhea.

He's only getting uglier and older and more unemployable. Who gives a shit

No. 780273

>His masturbation video consisted of him having a seizure for 22 seconds and shooting a sad load
You actually watched that shit? I can very gladly say I have never seen Greg's dick, nor would I ever want to see it. Its the whole reason I've been tactically avoiding it, GOD BLESS BOARD SPOILERS.

No. 780276

Onision gave me a free memebership to his onlyfans… I’m nervous that the paywall isn’t as strong as it seems

No. 780280


And what exactly is wrong in doing your job and getting paid for it?

No. 780286

I mean we been knew he wasn’t sincere after letting Tesah Jordin on despite multiple warnings about her history

No. 780293

I've seen it because I'm used to clicking on gurg spoilers and it being something slightly ot or his gross face.
It's a fucking curse. Don't ever open the box anon.

No. 780302

Looking at the bright side, if Footface was too scared to leave the house after Sarah exposed her (a neighbor even called the police because she hadn't seen Foot in like a month and was worried) imagine how it's gonna be after this series is released and a lot more people will learn what a creep she is. I wonder if this is what she imagined when she married a "YouTube celebrity" lol

No. 780303

That will deff permeate her Facebook bubble. It’s self serving of Hansen to sell the story but if it’s on tv it will reach a wider audience and people like her extended family and high school friends. It will be harder to escape reality and pretend her life and marriage are normal/not abusive to others.

No. 780305

I'm honestly not even sure how the story of Greg on ID would even work or be entertaining. Sure it's fun if you watched it all unfold but I don't think it would translate well to TV at all. If you stick to the facts and try to make it all TV friendly it's kind of boring. This will especially be true if they cant get the girls on board to do interviews.

No. 780307

It would be great if they could get them to sit down for interviews but I assumed they would just steal clips from Hansens interviews or even swipe YouNow streams.

No. 780308

>Network tv has been mostly trash
But isn't it a good thing Onisions story is shown on all modern media? Where else can he be exposed. His abuse has been talked about all over YouTube. There have been 4 articles in Newsweek with a dozen similar stories on smaller online news outlets. If it gets on a cable TV crime show like Investigation Discovery it would bring it to an older demographic. And if it could come to network TV like Dateline or 20/20 then you know everyone in Gig Harbor, Greg's immediate and extended family and Lainey's family and friends in Las Cruces would finally hear the disgusting truth.

No. 780309

Nothing, if you're being frank about it. Yet somehow the Anti-O's got it in their head that Chris Chansan was some sort of knight in shining armor here to save the blue haired damsels in distress.
What do you think his reasons for running numerous scams is by the way? Like you know the escobar phones, the merchandise he never sent, scamming his kickstart backers, the nano vapor biotech "corona killer", etc?
Did he do those scams for the victims, you think? I'm not saying, I'm just asking what his motives are there.

No. 780312

oh and might I add: Doing your job is just fine, if your job isn't scamming people. But in Hanchans case thats forgiven of course, since he only moonlights as a scammer. His first job is interviewing victims on youtube.

No. 780313

of course it's good. A lot of normies only believe something is true if it is on TV. Now boomers will know who onision is. It's going to be great.

Anti-O's sperg out about hansen because they cling to the idea that greg will one day be in cuffs and end up in pound-me-in-the-ass prison. When they see this is becoming increasingly unlikely, they look for someone to blame, and now they've convinced themselves if it wasn't for cHriS haNsEN BUnGlInG tHe iNvEsTigAtIoN he'd already be sentenced! It's totally unrealistic view of reality. Truth is, onision is a creep, a groomer, but probably hasn't broken any laws. I am more than happy with him being broke, mocked, shamed, incapable of employment, and having youtube completely taken away from him to the point where he has to stick dildos up his ass to put food on the table. I call that a win.

No. 780316

I agree that its not great that the trolls are helping him pay his bills but I see only one con with multiple pros because he thinks OnlyFans is the answer to all his woes.
1. He is no longer making YouTube videos. The last upload to any of his channels was May 15 and that was just a 58 second "bye" video.
2. He shut down his Onision Fans website which he said was bringing in $1000 a month.
3. Deleted his public discord and private discord where he would have 1 on 1 calls which fans had to pay $100 a month to access. I'm not sure how many were at this tier or what the monthly income was for that, but that's still him shooting himself in the foot.
4. He's banned multiple longtime fans who were paying him and buying him gifts because he felt they were making fun of him or being negative.
Greg has done all those things because he thinks his OnlyFans is the perfect safe space. Where trolls tell him daily that his cock is beautiful and his body is equal to Adonis. He's put all his eggs in this OF basket. This feels like a long con and in a few months after the trolls have talked him into the finale of pissing on himself or eating a dookie they will pull their subs, tell him hes ugly and that 2 grand hes earning each month will disappear. I see that as a great outcome.

No. 780320

File: 1592256693813.png (84.5 KB, 949x876, onision_ripoff.png)

Onisionfans being down didn't last long. Not pictured is 3$ for email address

No. 780321

File: 1592256819939.jpg (117.35 KB, 1600x618, 20200615_162805.jpg)

same fag but I've been lurking in the fan made discord for a week or so and they've all turned against him

No. 780323

File: 1592257038452.jpg (397.52 KB, 1600x2133, 20200615_162844.jpg)

No. 780325

It only makes me more curious about Greg's finances right now. If he's in such dire straits wouldn't shutting down a site netting him $1000/month be cutting off his nose to spite his face?

Just because the IRS and Pierce County have been quite doesn't mean they've gone away.

No. 780335

Fair enough. My point was this could get the attention of other pathetic degenerates like Greg, resulting in the actual increase of his fan base. I can't fathom being horrible enough to want to see, let alone pay for Greg's OF, but some people do.

No. 780337

Well, is it going to be factually accurate? ID isn't known for that. They're going to spin the story in whatever way they think will result in ratings, so how does that work towards getting justice again? It's just more sensationalized circus that imo won't amount to much of anything other than some rich old white dudes making money. I could be wrong but I was right about CH so we'll just wait and see I guess lol.

No. 780338

lol all good points. If he's shutting down reliable sources of income I'm thinking either Lainey has a job (unlikely I know) and/or they're both on the dole. There's no way they're paying for living expenses (plus the kids) on whatever meager amount he pulls in on his OF and this crap >>780320. Also possible he's scamming the IRS again.

No. 780339

>we all know james has a kiwi farms account too

Lmao. So much for "do not engage" with da haturz. It's even more hilarious cause he even got an ugly tattoo for that, and if that's not the biggest representation of what a liar and a hypocrite he is I don't know what is.

No. 780340

File: 1592262660647.jpg (95.31 KB, 1503x782, No.jpg)

Forgot I grabbed this one too hansen looks like we won't get to see this hansen interview

No. 780342

File: 1592262700269.jpg (90.2 KB, 1200x675, ayeholmes.jpg)

Well now I wouldn't say that the person who posted this here is a complete mystery..
I mean.. its not like it reads like a defense or something.

No. 780343

lol anyone who has a problem with Greg can just contact Hanchan. He'll do a one hour special sit down with you. "And what did the mean man do?" all the while getting remarks how brave you are from the 70 or so people remaining in chat.

No. 780346

>doing this for the money,
Those idiots maintained he was doing this to "get justice", that he had connections in LE, etc. while they kept ignoring the many elephants in the room. You'd think they'd have gotten a fucking clue after he lied to Sarah. They didn't care about any of his questionable deeds or associations so long as he told them whatever they wanted to hear. He played them but they were willing. Their excuse was "he's not a pedophile tho".

Hanchan's been planning all along to sell a story to a network, this was more than obvious a year ago. He's trying to do the same with the Dahvie Vanity story and the victims are none too pleased.

Any hope any of them had for a court case would I imagine, go out the window if a tv dramatization ever airs.

No. 780347

>but i was too busy irl

Busy doing what? Everyone was quarantined. You were home alone getting drunk and fucking dogs. You absolutely had the time to jump on Hansens stream for a 20 minute interview. Even without the stay at home orders Tamara has said herself that if shes not asleep shes in front of her computer.

No. 780349

File: 1592264346810.jpeg (245.65 KB, 1125x1206, 300145BD-4464-43B9-A12A-F69FD4…)

Blasian has been talkin shit on her twitter too

On the one hand, I’m glad all these people finally saw him for who he is, but it’s ridiculous it took him literally cutting them off to see it. He’s not wrong in that regard, though I hate to ever say anything Gurg says makes sense, but when he says people only talk shit once he doesn’t want them any more, these people prove it.
What the hell were they doing before? The guy hasn’t changed. They’ve seen the revolving door of people getting treated like garbage by him and yet they stay.
I no longer feel sorry for any of them.

No. 780350

>You'd think they'd have gotten a fucking clue after he lied to Sarah.
Here's the thing though, say for the sake of argument that there really is a case then isn't withholding evidence like that a crime?
I think these Anti-O's will never ever see the light. Its very easy to see where they're coming from. Hanchan is a. content, and b. he's anti-Greg and by default anyone that is anti-Greg is their super duper ally, that can do no wrong. Ever. Case in point, the victim queens. #ISupportAnyoneThatIsAntiGregdotcom

No. 780351

And yet this might amaze you, but the minute Greg would let them back in to the fold, they'd jump right back in and act as if nothing happened.
You know they would!

No. 780353

File: 1592264810700.png (480.01 KB, 700x450, bumchum bought those veggies.p…)

>I am more than happy with him being broke, mocked, shamed, incapable of employment, and having youtube completely taken away from him to the point where he has to stick dildos up his ass to put food on the table. I call that a win.
This anon said it better than I ever could. Plus it inspired me to imagine what its probably like at the Onion household during dinner time.

No. 780354

IF that documentary ever gets made. I mean I don't see TV stations flocking to buy this story. And even when a station buys a story its no guarantee they will actually make that documentary. They could have even have bought it preemptively in case something interesting does happen in the future.
In terms of Greg so much has been promised to us, specially by Hanchan, that I wouldn't hold my breath for that documentary ever being made.
There's a very big chance its yet another Greg red herring much like the so-called investigation with super many developments.

No. 780355

File: 1592266865303.png (183.93 KB, 490x349, 627883341.PNG)

Abso-FUCKING-lutely. And they'd buy him something expensive off his wishlist as a peace offering. Id love for Greg to fake a reconciliation just to tell them to fuck off a day later and prove these bitches have no backbone and will come crawling back. Does anyone know if McFly is still friends with Onision? Blasian and McFlys friendship seems similar to George & Lennies. McRetard doesn't have a will of her own and Blasian tells her when she can pet the rabbits. If Blasian hates Greg Im sure shes pressuring McFly to tell Greg to go fuck himself.

No. 780356

Not to be a spurg but I remember watching a antphrodite's tarot reading on him and recall him predicting that a woman would step in and start paying for his lifestyle. I think it's a possibility that a rich but mental broken woman taking care of his family for him and Greg is doing only fans for his narc supply.(derailing)

No. 780358

>isn't withholding evidence like that a crime?
Even if there were anything incriminating on the laptop it most likely wouldn't have been able to be used in court anyway after chain of custody got fucked thanks to Hansen - farmers were saying this from the get go. Someone like Hansen would publicly support Greg if he thought it more lucrative. Shiloh and Regina continuing to buddy around with him after he lied to their "sister" was really the icing on the shit filled cake.

Like I said, if this makes it to tv any hope anyone had of Greg going to trial is gone. It looks to me like Hansen did him a favor there.

I'm unconvinced OF is his only/primary source of income.

No. 780361

I'm still wondering why the fuck he told Sarah to give the laptop to him instead of giving it directly to the cops. He's been "working with cops" for years so he should know that was not the right procedure at all. Maybe he was planning on selling the contents of the laptop too if he found something juicy in there or something like that, I wouldn't doubt anything coming from him at this point.

No. 780368

File: 1592271700788.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.66 KB, 712x657, Game Over Man.jpg)

>i imagine with a small dick that looks like the second tongue from the Aliens creature in Aliens, aint gonna bring in much revenue
This is the first time I've ever laughed at anything Tamara has said. Shes not wrong.

No. 780369

So this has turned into the Chris Hansen thread and once again sweeps the joke that is Greg under the rug. Derailed to defcon levels

No. 780370

Chain of custody was not broken. Chain of custody is a process that begins only once it's in the custody of LEO. Rarely is evidence presented to LEO directly in a nice neat package.

No. 780402

File: 1592283669306.png (144.2 KB, 1099x707, TamaraKF.PNG)

Tamara the dog fucker is doing an AMA on KF. Doesn't this dumb bitch know that they're going to play nice, squeeze out as much info as they can get then kick her in the cunt and tell her to go suck red cocks. She seriously thinks she's found a new home, with new friends where she can "joke" about sucking cow udders, share the furry porn she draws and talk about 10 year old boys as "any hole is a goal." Is this her apology tour? Id love to have a compilation of all the horrible shit she's said about Sarah and the other girls and ask her to defend each and ever word she's uttered or typed.

No. 780403

Calm down Greg. Go buy your dildo.

No. 780407

Lol okay "cheddercrackersticks". Why are you so obsessed with Tamara?

No. 780408

She fucked my dog. It got personal after that. Poor fella has PTSD now.

No. 780409

Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 780410

I don't know if you're actually stupid or just born that way.

No. 780412

Ask Tamaras loony mom, she was holding the camera.

Its hard to take insults from someone who doesn't know how to sage. Come back when you learn.

No. 780413

Sure "chedder", sure.

No. 780415

Starting to think you might be the one that fucks dogs instead of Tamara

No. 780416

Nice vendetta sperg. Time to go nappy in your Spiderman sheets, Gurgles.

No. 780418

File: 1592286061443.jpg (212.41 KB, 2600x602, 433879.jpg)

Now I know the true meaning of schadenfreude. Knowing that a rumor started by Onision and perpetuated by her friends and enemies almost sent her to the crazy hospital. >>780321

No. 780419

I rest my case.

No. 780420

The story's already been bought though, according the article. They wouldn't buy it if they had no plans or intentions of getting a sure return on their purchase. That's my understanding. They're not going to take a financial L for some simp who's millions in debt lol.
This >>780361

No. 780421

Tbh she’s not hiding that she talked shit and she’s not even blaming it on him but rather admits she did it and as she states “opinions do change”. By the sound of it she seems slightly insecure and a bit easy to bully and/or manipulate. Onision surrounds himself with women like her and I’m just happy there’s one less onion ass licker and one less woman feeling pressured to be in that toxic discord. What more can she do now that she has realized things other than explain and apologize. Plus onion was on her in the discord and the “outside” was so as well, ofc she stayed in a place where she at least had some friends. Tamara good on you bitch fuck that greasy caveman and for the love of god go outside, get some hobbies and real friends, can’t live your life in a state of mind where you can be bullied into staying in a discord where you’re being pissed on.

No. 780422

I wanna know if Tamara knows any of Greg's KF nicks. You know he had to have more than one.

No. 780424

Maybe ID TV is trying to make their own tiger king documentary
If it blows up the same way that did it’ll definitely do damage to Greg as well as other people in the story, in fact Hansen selling this story/idea means they won’t have to make bc arrangements with everyone to have them all in a Positive light
We all know most of the girls wouldn’t want a lot of things being aired if it made them look bad. Honestly Hansen probably has recordings and screenshots of a lot of things we haven’t even seen, he definitely talks to everyone behind the scenes and v things are said when not on livestream. I’m excited to see what comes out of this.

No. 780425

Why didn't these people make a separate discord for their "community" then if they weren't there for Grease? I see a lot of his ex fans using that excuse to justify why they stayed for so long. They would have saved money too since they wouldn't have to pay him anymore for his discord access. That sounds like a bullshit excuse, just admit you wanted to suck Grease's needle dick already insteady of lying and saying you stayed for the community.

No. 780427

Because any time they did they were screenshotted and posted all over the internet.

No. 780443

File: 1592301741019.jpg (78.12 KB, 670x906, greg_the_sex_crazed_lunatic.jp…)

I mentioned it before but it disturbs me how pre-occupied this guy is with sex 24/7. Look at his amazon wishlist. Its nothing but kiddie toys and sex toys. And now this purple sort of pegging device for Lainey? I'm guessing the idea is for her to fuck his asshole with that while she has that thing inside her?
He goes online, masturbates to hentai in the morning according to Shiloh. Then does this about 8 times daily while having sex on and off with his partner. He goes online, he talks about sex. He makes masturbation pictures and videos, goes on twitter talks about sex and feels like a porn star now. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex day in day out. And this man is supposed to be the dad of two little children? No wonder they're falling out windows and hurting themselves. This guy isn't acting like a father or a husband, he's acting more like a complete sex weirdo, a pervert and a rapist.

No. 780449

Omg… so the top one.. the strap on vibrator.. who's going to plow his ass? Taylor, McFly?

No. 780456

No. 780472

that's fucking grim anon

No. 780478

What the literal fuck anon

No. 780480

The chain mail… why did part of me want to buy that just to see him try to fit his fat head in?

No. 780483

I don't know, but I kind of want to too…

No. 780493

File: 1592327664203.jpg (22.31 KB, 225x225, 1564429515689.jpeg.jpg)

Dude… anon… wtf..

No. 780494

Is that yet another excuse? Why would having the internet know you're trying to separate yourself from Onision by breaking off and starting a new discord for you happy little community be a bad thing? Or were these fans worried that Greg would find out they had their own clubhouse that he wasn't a part of and he might get mad. They know Onision better than anyone and understand that he would get paranoid and accuse them of being undercover Anti-Os. These fans are such pussies. They treat Greg as if he's their dad.

No. 780495

I'd be really interested in her pespective on how things went down with Dev and what happened with McFly at the meet up in Boston.
Can't remember if she took part, though, but since Tamara's friends with Blasian, she might know nevertheless.

No. 780496

No it's not an excuse, it did happen and they got shit for it. Can't deny that. Just because they didn't out with "I hate grug" doesn't mean they weren't trying to get away from it. Gotta give them props for that.

No. 780497

We obviously were visited by Tamara late last night if you notice the posts white-knighting her and now we have this disgusting joke about a child. If you've ever watched any of the streams that his fans thought were private Tamara jokes about little kids in this manner. I fear she thinks shes chummy with the farms now and can let loose with the inappropriate jokes.

No. 780498

Can't say I agree, Tamara doesn't joke about kids, she jokes about poop.

No. 780499

Eh, I don't know anon.
But it's interesting how the thread changed from making fun of her for being a zoophile to straight up hating on her.
Makes ya think, ya know.

No. 780502

I've heard her make sex jokes about kids many times. Funny thing is she was making the pedo jokes because Greg was doing it. She was basically trying to make him proud or one up him, but she would go overboard and eventually Onision ended up yelling at her for talking about 10 year old boys in a public gaming stream where everyone could hear.

No. 780505

Got shit from who, Greg? If they wanted to get away from his abusive discord who gives a fuck if Greg got mad. And Im not giving props to spineless pussies who were in fear of a man thats only power is shit talking on Twitter or making hate videos about them on a dying YT channel. I agree with the anons that say if Onision called them back into the fold they would lick his boots and buy those new dildos for him.

No. 780506

1. Lucas's discord
2. Twitter
3. Here
4. KF
There's definitely more than that but you can do the rest of the work for yourself

No. 780513

Hanson served his purpose and frankly, you can throw him in the trash. Hanson still represents to catch a predator and the fact that word got out that Onision was being covered by Hanson demonstrated a link that Onision was/is connected to pedophilia and/or abusing teen girls. It was pretty gratifying. Anti-Os are obsessed with Onision getting the chair and because of that, can't really enjoy how low Greg has fallen.

Some farmers are annoyed about the dick talk, but that's all that's going on and we all know it gets under his skin…foreskin. It's a great end to Greg's career. Being humiliated for a few bucks and watching him fade out in a whimper. I mean the guy showed us him jacking off with two fingers wrapped out his hotdog dick. He has no dignity left.

No. 780514

I never saw any of these screenshots of their private discord, but whatever. If they weren't talking about anything damning then who the hell cares. Somehow that is supposed to force them to pay some abusive creeper money so they can talk to eachother? nah, It still makes little sense.

Their conversations were recorded in Greg's discord too. And the only reason anyone gave any shits about them at all was their involvement with Greg and hoping they'd bitch about Greg.
Also… discords can be private???

No. 780515

Yes Discords can be private. You're right, the weren't forced to pay to talk to each other, but when they did try to stop and move to another discord there were people taking screenshots of private conversations and recordings of chats without explicit permission. Part of that's illegal.

No. 780516

>people taking screenshots of private conversations and recordings of chats without explicit permission. Part of that's illegal.
hmmm, that statement sounds VERY familiar. I think we know who said that.

No. 780517

Regardless of who said it, it is.

No. 780518

Depends on the state. If you live in a one person consent state and you are in the discord, you can record because it is implied you are part of the conversation and you have given your consent. If you were in a private discord where its just you and another person and someone hacked in and you didn't know their presence and they recorded your conversation then that's illegal. If you're in a discord with multiple people, they can record you. If you want privacy do it one on one. Funny thing is Greg lives in a two person consent state (Washington) so he could not record a discord without everyones consent. He tried to record his telephone conversation with Madison when they were fighting over him not changing her babies diaper and allowing the poor child to sit in feces for hours. At the end of the phone call he implied he had recorded the call and would use it against her, she told him that it was illegal without her consent and he hung up. He must of looked up the law after the call because he denied ever saying to Madison that he had recorded the phone call when confronted about it.

No. 780519

File: 1592333866479.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.11 KB, 720x455, 6EF01D2D-B3EF-4A0A-9461-40EC6D…)

~Greek god~ uwu(spoiler this shit pls)

No. 780520

I was under the impression you had to have the consent of one OTHER person involved in the conversation, regardless of state law, because Discord defaults to the strictest laws.

No. 780521

brb I'm gonna hurl and then gouge out my eyes

No. 780522

Honestly I'm waiting for the news article that comes out when police finds bodies in his basement. He just screams future serial killer.

No. 780524

One person consent recording laws means just that, you only need the consent of one person in the conversation, so obviously it can your your own. Unless you have a law degree or can show proof of a court case involving Discord and the need for two person consent for recordings I'm going to have to call bullshit. I'm guessing you got recorded and you didn't like it, that doesn't change the laws and I'm sorry to say you're probably going to be recorded again if you frequent Discord.

No. 780525


Discord can default to Somalian law for all the difference it would make. If the person doing the recording isn't in a two party state how the fuck could they get in trouble? Put a bit of thought into it anon.

No. 780529

Okay I did just go back over Discord TOS and state laws and you're kind of right that it's not necessarily illegal (or fully outlined), but it does appear that uploading without consent of all parties could get the person recording the chat into some trouble.

No. 780530

File: 1592336030022.jpg (55.14 KB, 527x171, tamarastream.jpg)

Any bets on who Tamara will be interviewed by? Repzion, Edwin, Repzilla? Im trying to think who she'd be friendly with that's been covering the Onision drama. Shes shit talked every single person that's made videos about Greg. I've been reading the Q&A shes doing on KF and I don't think she was truly part of the inner circle. She doesn't have any behind the scenes info. It looks like Greg kept her at arms length not only because he didn't really like her but he knew this day may come and she'd spill the beans. Doesn't look like she has many beans in that pot tho. Id rather hear what Blasian has to say. She seems to have been his confidant.

No. 780532

File: 1592336343436.jpeg (880.91 KB, 1125x1949, 54F216CA-23A7-4494-A7B6-3E8BD9…)

Why were some of Tamara’s posts being censored?

No. 780539

File: 1592339084366.jpeg (Spoiler Image,20.82 KB, 174x250, 07AFA8F8-230A-455C-9B8D-668C68…)

his body is so vile and unfortunate.

No. 780548

as always his body looks weird. hes either starving himself or photoshopping himself to look smoller. and yikes that emo hair. you are 34.

No. 780549

samefag, i doubt its the angle but his thighs look bigger than his torso, 100% shooped. is he trying to look feminine? that shit only looks good on girls. is he trying to skinwalk a twink now? so many questions…

No. 780550

File: 1592345332976.jpg (129.03 KB, 448x600, bruno.jpg)

He uses a fuckton of crapple photoshop filters and what not. he reminds me a lot of Bruno, 39 years old and claiming to be 19, jailbait and a twink.
Bruno was a character by a comedian who was actually funny, whats Greg's excuse?

No. 780551

That's not censored. You mean spoilered so people have to click to read full? It's just her way of replying and not shitting up the thread with long posts I guess.

No. 780555

They're not being censored, she's using the reply function and answering in the comments she's replying to.

No. 780556

This is the same girl who said she was gonna continue giving him money even after he accused her of sexual harassment?

No. 780558

Meh, I don't have any hopes that she will spill anything. Everyone thought LizardQueen and Poopbeck had tons of milk but they had nothing besides "Greg was mean to me", it's gonna be the same with Tamara. And she was still defending him in KF saying he doesn't neglect his kids and he never had sex with underage girls, yikes

No. 780568

Don't expect anything from them. They are very spineless people. Even if somehow Lainey where to leave him one day (Spoiler: This will NEVER happen) they won't ever spill the beans since they then still have luvey duvey feelings for Greg.

No. 780571

Catching up, but I for one, am glad a long time paypig of his is seeing Greg for who he is. He's a predator and a bully. You could throw money at this man and he'll still be obnoxious enough to bully you and make your life miserable. Greg is scum, he is not even cut out for having friends.

No. 780573

Lainey guaranteed hates her life, she was larping as a sucidial teen when she met Greg because she came from a well off family and her ma remarried. She had a boyfriend who granted did admit to assualting her, but she was also hooking up with other guys and there was talk about her enticing other girls boyfriends at her highschool cause Lainey has always been an attention starved twat.

All her highschool friends will know about this, how could they not? She up and left her hometown and let her dad pay for her college dorms to run off and get married as soon as she was 18 and got pregnant. That's a fucking trainwreck without even knowing who the fuck Onision is. He's even inserted himself into Lainey's sister's social circle when he blasted her own fb for bragging about her boyfriends big cock.

I'm mostly convinced Lainey has fucked off for good. We've saw nothing of her. Heard nothing of her. All Onion can say is "Lainey made me this amazing processed microwaved meal." She nearly left during cuddlegate because of the constant humiliation of him lusting after Billie. You honestly think she's going to be happy Greg is giving every deranged fangirl what they want? Access to intimate images and videos of Greg pleasuring himself without his wife. Greg's for sale. We've known this. It's the entire premise of his queer little fanclub behind paywalls. You have to pay to get into the selection pool now. It's the worst kept secret.

Lainey will never say shit online about her and Onion because she's too involved. She's her hands dirty. She's nearly just as bad. She calls Greg out he can call her out. She's the most retarded of all the girls because she actually comes from decent means and has burned all her bridges for her gay pride.

No. 780574

Thats a very interesting take I don't mind saying. I never looked at it from that angle, but now that you mention it. I also had no idea about Lainey's high school days and her hitting on other peoples bf's.
Thank you for this, no really, very interesting indeed!

No. 780583

I think you're right, anon. Lainey could have come back by now and probably would have started pulling in more money than Greg like she used to. All the crap surrounding her blew over. But instead she's still out of the picture. It seems more likely that she left Greg and her family has her on lockdown from all social media. We can only hope.

No. 780613

I agree with this.
I read some of Tamara's posts and while she didn't say anything particularly interesting, I'm glad she's not financially supporting him anymore.
One down is still one down.

No. 780616

Agreed. Glad some of the kiwis are starting to call her out.
She apparently doesn't have any receipts except an email between her and Greg and she refuses to share it although she said it involved Sam. She says she's not making excuses but literally every response to farmers calling her out is an excuse. For some reason she won't call out Lainey whatsoever and another thing is how she's making up shit about farmers here apparently screeching at her to do things when no-one gives a fuck.

No. 780635

>That's a fucking trainwreck without even knowing who the fuck Onision is.
This is the slowest moving trainwreck I've ever witnessed. Going at a snails pace. I'm certain "rock bottom" hasn't happened yet.

>skinwalk a twink

Nailed it.

No. 780636


I appreciate her giving those AMAs, but it rubs me the wrong way that she keeps advertizing her future stream. Why not reveal everything on KF and then create an additional video for those who don't want to read or just to reach a wider audience? It would lend her more credibility imho.

I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, eben though it's kinda sad that orbiters always turn away from Greg after he has severed ties. It's disappointing that nobody realizes that he's a horrible person just by listening to the crap he spews but they always have to get the boot first. le sigh

No. 780637

You missed the memo anon. Being a degenerate is his vocation now. And why is that shit so expensive, $22 shipping? There are plenty sex shops in WA, paying for this online is just throwing money away.

No. 780638

>I’m excited to see what comes out of this.
You sweet summer children and your naive optimism. Some people were also excited when they heard the feds were involved. Someone said that if anything illegal were actually on the now infamous laptop, Lainey would've been locked up already and I agree. Again, if anyone had any hopes of an Onision trial/court, for obvious reasons that ain't gonna happen if this tv series happens.

All the "muh justice" was for show, empty rhetoric to get dupes to support a big fat grift. lol

No. 780645

It's weird how she's attention whoring on kiwi farms and keeps shilling her stream but refused to talk to Hansen. I know he's a hack and opportunist like everyone has figured out now, but her reasoning isn't even that, apparently it's because she's 'shy'
If you are so shy why are you running to online forums and advertising a stream?

No. 780647

He's not going to risk going into the public to get humiliated. Let alone get spotted in a local sex shop.

No. 780649

Sounds like she's just another opportunist. Knowing Greg he'll gloat about this and say something like "see this is why I kick people out of my life" blah blah. All of his orbiters are turncoats in the making and he knows it.

No. 780650

What was that expression again, like it being about the journey and not the end. Or that it ain't who wins or loses, its about the game. This entire Greg-thing is a lot like that. Like with all lolcows, mind you. Take for example Chris-chan, I don't know if you know him, but he has had several trials now due to just stupid dumb mistakes and actions on his part. People were waiting for it to happen, one trial being postponed a few times and absolutely nothing came out of it.
Its a lot like this with Greg too, even if he does get arrested (I don't think that will ever happen) and even if he does go to trial, who's to say anything will come out of it? And we had several trials with Greg too. The wetlands and him taking Repzion and Hansen to trial, nothing came out of it. Nothing, except a few funny pictures. Which is exactly the same result as with the Chris-chan trials. Now I definitely don't want to be a Debbie Downer here because interesting stuff does keep happening, but as for trials or documentaries, I wouldn't hold my breath. I really wouldn't. Just think of it like I mentioned before: Its about the journey, its definitely not about the ending. Because if the Greg thing would have a very definitive ending like with Austin Jones I'm sure we'd miss his stupid antics.

No. 780652

It's hilarious how he always tries to use that 'see this is why I kicked them out of my life/They were scummy all along' narrative when he's the one who talks to them and invites them into his life in the first place.
He tried to say the worst stuff about both Billie and Sarah when he let those same people babysit his children. The hypocrisy.

No. 780655

Meta anon is meta.

I see what you're saying. It's just funny these disingenuous actors who were really pretty obvious from the start with a long history of deception and double dealing, yet so many (mostly kids) fell for their thin veneer of "authority" and professionalism. Some of us saw this coming months ago and miles away. Garbage, self important, self interested people saying they're going to get justice isn't going to result in justice, that should go without saying. Anyway thanks, you're neat.

No. 780657

When all is said and done I think it will be Greg himself who will do Greg in one way or the other. Don't get me wrong I'm not talking suicide, but more financially, his "career", whatever you wanna call it. Ironically I think it will be Chris Hansen himself who will probably get arrested and go to trial, not Greg. And the reasons for me thinking that should be obvious, he's been in trouble quite a few times now and he can't help but associate himself with shady people selling shady products. I'm not saying that as a definitive about Hansen, but if he keeps this shit up, ya. As for Lainey >>780573 that one keeps going trough my mind. I think that anon might be right, although it seems so impossible for her to ever leave Greg on her own accord. I guess we can speculate till the cows come home but only time will tell. I do think however that Greg will eventually fade in to obscurity after he destroys his own "career". Like how he banned Blasian and Tamara, just to serve his own ego. God forbid anybody says anything bad about him or his micropeen. He can't handle it. As for the people raging at Greg like Rep, Stevie and all the Anti-O's, trust me, justice will be served regarding Greg just not the justice you want. It will kind of be poetic justice I think. Him ending up alone, bald, living in a dump somewhere either alone or some fat woman that nags at him all day. Thats kind of the future I see happening for Greg. Time is definitely not his ally and is starting to work against him, and he will hit the big 40 one day. Anyway, enough playing Miss Cleo here, its just what I sorta half-ass predict will happen.
I could be very wrong, of course. But again, time will tell.

No. 780683

We can dream, anon. 40 is also right around the corner for him at this point.

No. 780718

File: 1592452865120.png (32.36 KB, 686x232, tamarakf2.PNG)

I actually feel bad that Tamaras whole persona will forever be "Former Onision sycophant" and "dog fucker" I hope she doesn't have to deal with this in her real life but it seems her online life is all that she really has and once people find out who she is its automatically "ohhhh shes that dog fucker."
It looks like most of the denizens of KF are tired of her and trying to run her off.

No. 780721

File: 1592454866108.jpg (33.79 KB, 500x365, nQBBBsc.jpg)

I'm sorry, but I don't feel bad at all for Tamara. She could always join a few random clubs irl & make a few new rando friends. Sure, it's difficult at first, but nothing good comes of the comfort zone. It's part of life. As for online, lol, she could always easily adopt a new pseudonym and avoid the places she used to go to. That too, will eventually become habitual behavior; obviously her virtual environment has been toxic for years, so that needs changing.

She's the one choosing to involve herself with KF. I don't know how she still hasn't learned, but evidently she still needs 2 poke more beehives & get stung by a few more hornets.

No. 780724

I don't feel bad for her, but when you can not make friends in your personal life and have to pay people with a reputation as Onion has to hang out with you, that is kind of sad, and McFly in particular admitted that's why she pays Onion so much (she was lonely and wanted friends to play games with and I'm assuming wants to fuck Greg/Krai).

No. 780742

I don't feel bad for any of Greg's "victims". Like Shiloh too and her "healing" and what not. The only true victims in this are Greg and Grainey's kids, those are the real victims. They didn't ask to be the children of two incestuously bred retards and if people like Hanchan really cared they would put all their effort in getting these kids out of that house. If you need any motivation for that just look at what happened to the girl. Them having greasy threeway sex in that bed, and letting her fall out the window like that.
Those kids are the only victims. Everyone else can just fuck off.

No. 780746

Tamara is just another retard on damage control. After reading her posts on KF she is most outraged that Onion was mean to HER and hopes that a former online friend and mod speaking about Onion being bad will make people see he is mean! Fuck all those girls that actually lived with him and suffered harassment, he was mean to a 37 year old woman online who was paying him!!!

No. 780748

Agreed. She's just looking for clout because she got her fee-fees hurt

No. 780749

I feel bad for her in the same manner I feel bad for anyone SIMPing some fake half-assed celebrity influencer douche.
She had a bad patreon experience, blow me, cry me a river.

No. 780751

I mean we got Corona and cops killing people, half of America is on fire and / or rioting, we have a tell all book coming out about Trump and they finally caught Maddie McCanns killer. But oh no, lets put all of that on hold because Tamara got banned from Greg's Patreon.
Lets get her a blanket and some hot coco people.

No. 780755

Greggle's is just a pimple in comparison to the massive cancer-fest that's happening irl. Eventually, that pimple's going down. She acts like grug is this big celebrity and that it's so important to tell "her side" lol. Honey, just grow a pair and move on.

No. 780756

Her biggest gripe was Onion “roasting” her when they played LoL. She feigned ignorance (as they all do when questioned) about him traveling to fuck Shiloh underage. She’d still be paying him if he didn’t ban her. And she was sticking up for Krai and using her ~pwoper pronouns~.

I don’t get these girls. Grow a pair, and some dignity.

No. 780758

I will say this: Fans, like hardcore fans, of anyone will always expect way too much from the "celebrity" since they "super duper support them uwu"
Not to play devils advocate to Greg, but any "celebrity" being it an actual one or a piece of shit like Greg, these people owe the fans NOTHING imho.

No. 780763

Difference is with Greg and someone with talent and an actual following is thst Greg's content for years has been centred on his interactions and fucking of fans. Onion is nothing alone. He knows this, which is why his life focus has been tethering some dumb bitch to him.

No. 780772

File: 1592496499294.jpeg (91.73 KB, 1125x999, EaxcoGzUMAAsPDP.jpeg)

No. 780776

File: 1592498290973.png (568.39 KB, 754x629, june 25 2017.PNG)

Is this post to confirm Lainey is still around? Its a photo from 3 years ago.

No. 780779

If he’s posting it to his OF it’s an embarrassment/control thing.

Lainey doesn’t want to have an online presence anymore and has made that clear. He can post old pictures to include her in his scandalous content platform without nagging her into doing anything or even asking permission.

That or he’s trying to warm her up to participate in his upcoming shoots and videos. I don’t think she would do it though but who knows. If she doesn’t he has one more “justified” reason for bringing in another model/actress to create sex content with “for business reasons.”

The options might be exploit yourself online or I get to cheat on you again.

No. 780780

Let us just hope Lainey has left that situation, although it may be unlikely as I believe I've heard him mention in his Discord they were still together for the kids. Idk, don't quote me on it.

No. 780782

File: 1592503589297.png (28.6 KB, 594x272, sierra567322.PNG)

Looks like Sierra is not to happy that Tamara and Blasian (and Im assuming Cat and McFly) have been making the rounds on Twitter, Reddit and the Farms to talk shit about her boyfriend.
Im saving this screenshot to remind Sierra what she said when Onision inevitability turns on her and in his usual hypocritical way starts calling her a whore because shes a stripper/sex worker.

No. 780788

hasn't this girl talked shit about Greg in the past and then backtracked when he started giving her attention?
She is no better.

No. 780789

Lol, Sierra, the slut with the anti-o blog is preaching?! HAH

No. 780790

File: 1592506178303.jpg (45.43 KB, 584x453, sierra.JPG)

I guess she thinks it's okay because she also said nice things?
I haven't seen whatever it was she said, so I can't really comment on that specifically, but it seems like she's just wishy washy and two faced and will say whatever needs to be said in the moment. Kind of like Greg himself.

No. 780791

Also, has she missed the part where Greg treated all these people like garbage for YEARS? That doesn't really count as turning on him "the minute" he does something bad.
I'm not exactly defending Blasian or Tamara cause they're both idiots who would've stuck around if Greg had continued to coddle them like he is currently doing to Sierra. But Sierra is living in a dream world and needs to pay attention, because this comment sounds like the same shit his old pay pigs used to say before Greg decided he didn't need them. He will do the same to her.

No. 780792

I'm ready for the day he actually does drop-kick her like everybody else so I can fly in there with a "We told you so, cunt"

No. 780796

Is Sierra the next FatBecca? Remember that diehard paypig that got tossed aside too

No. 780814

She’ll probably last longer cause Greg wants to fuck her. Not sure why she’s too dumb to see that’s the only reason he keeps her around. (Or maybe she knows and likes it)
He made that dumb post about how he won’t kick her out for running a literal anti-o blog but then kicks out blasian weeks later for simply looking at an anti-o forum. His intentions are transparent and Sierra is either retarded or wants his gross peen so badly she’s willing to ignore it. Either option does not look good on her

No. 780817

>If he’s posting it to his OF it’s an embarrassment/control thing.
I don't know, but I find it remarkably suspicious that its posted here >>780772 after we were discussing that Lainey maybe left him. (All speculation, in case who ever reads this happens to fall in this thread here on my post!)
I have to tell you the plot does seem to thicken.
And Sierra does not see the incredible IRONY in her own post? Greg vs Shane, Greg vs Billie, Greg vs Shiloh, Greg vs Cyr, the list goes on and on. How many people did Greg slander? All former friends and lovers?
Well not just that, Greg is ready to slander anybody including his own family (like his mom and dad) at the drop of a hat!
I say anybody that goes for Greg DESERVES Greg, and that in itself already is punishment enough.

No. 780824

>they finally caught Maddie McCanns killer.
OT but I thought her disappearance was connected to the sick fuck Podesta brothers? Unless the guy they found was supposed to be the fall guy.

No. 780825

Yeah, you can see she barely says anything bad about the grooming and his abuse to others, but she's constantly bitching about how mean he was to her and how he threw their "friendship" in the trash

No. 780827

They found her clothes and the clothes of a missing 5-year-old German girl in the suspect’s van. You’d have to really want to believe QAnon to think this isn’t the guy.

No. 780829

Yeah and I’m sure the mom wasn’t being creepy talking about her kid’s genitals at all but go on.

No. 780834

It always annoys me at the how these people get butthurt over people doing the exact thing Greg has done for years. Sierra is a fucking idiot.

Tamara is also a retard because she's still making excuses on kiwi farms like 'oh I didn't know about insert scandal I just watched his content' and when people post content with him being an asshole she's like 'oh I didn't see that particular video'

All of them are pathetic.

No. 780835


He did this back when Lainey was somewhat trying to go the trans man route (stopping the little boy schtick after getting called out for it), and Anus reuploaded old videos with her looking very feminine in the thumbnails, one where her giant udders were clearly on display. He tried to defeminize Shiloh and Billie since they were both somewhat cute and feminine looking, but he knows that Foot makes a truly hideous man since all she can manage to pull off is a 12 year old horse on crack with grandpa’s hairline, so it’s an instance where he prefers her looking feminine.

No. 780837

Greg never let them look at the drama if you remember. It's possible they didn't look at it all to please his narc ass. According to Reddit, Tamara is at least educating herself.

No. 780838

It's also fucking annoying when they deny seeing him be an asshole in his content because he goes on about the exact same shit in his discord. The amount of times he repeats stories about his past is endless because the man has absolutely nothing new in his life so he'll talk smack about his ex friends or partners or go on about his previous sex life. That's all he has to talk about but they all bury their heads in the sand when confronted about him being an asshole.

No. 780839

Is Greg physically at their computer stopping them from looking shit up about him? No.
Stupid to make excuses for him.
He would have no idea they were educating themselves if they didn't parrot back to him what they were reading. Excuses excuses.

No. 780842

Greg was feeding them lies and they took them. It's their fault for just believing him like that. Can't excuse stupid people.

No. 780843

I'm sorry but in my opinion Tamara has had a long time to 'educate' herself especially as a 37 year old woman.
She says she was there for the community not Greg, but when people ask why she didn't make a new community without Greg she makes up excuses about leaks and all sorts of nonsense.
When people bring up people he's abused, she acts dumb even though a lot of his actions are shown in his content.
She claimed to have tea on the Sam situation from an email but when quizzed on it, literally just repeated what he says in his Sam video. Stuff we all know.
She's gone from one retarded community to now trying to be a part of kiwi farms to get some attention there.
I'm sorry but I don't feel like she's educating herself, but more trying to redeem funding a creep and she's only crawling to kiwi because she has no friends left.

No. 780844

That's what I'm saying though. It IS their fault. I was responding to the person who is excusing Tamara and the other paypigs.

No. 780848

You can't cry victim for one girl and not the others when they all orbited around Greg just as much as his pay-pigs did.

No. 780850

File: 1592520125686.jpeg (451.61 KB, 828x959, 41F6FBDF-3EA4-4079-9689-7FDCA0…)

Semi interesting tidbit from Tamara nonsense. She also called Greg’s dick an alien dick.

Imma be real, I always get them confused and I can’t remember which is which. Is Tamara the John Coffey looking fucker or the semi hot mixed girl?

No. 780851

File: 1592520335559.jpeg (502.2 KB, 828x1152, A701D8A4-A3BB-4DE5-B698-C97AB4…)

Samefag.. Tamara is white? And pathetic as hell now spending day and night stalking and talking about Greg on the farms.

No. 780852

She has no proof of any of this and farmers have speculated on and off whether Lainey has left him.
Also the alien dick comment was after she started to get roasted by the kiwis and some suggested she not respond to the trolls and get a sense of humour. She's trying to get on their good side.

No. 780854

"other girls"

No. 780855

On the farms AND reddit. Kind of want to see this stream she's been going on about to see how autistic she actually is. I know everyone makes fun of Greg because he's ugly as fuck, but I find it hypocritical of her to be engaging in insults and gameplay when she literally was giving him money every month.

No. 780857

I don't trust anyone who believes Lainey's tranny nonsense. Same with those who still paint her under the but she was groomed by Greg! brush. She's as much as a creep as he is and her fakeboi persona is fake and cringe as hell.

No. 780859

I think people want to believe Lainey left because it doesn’t seem like a normal person could put up with everything that’s going on but it’s just unconfirmed wishful thinking. She’s put up with so much worse than his only fans for near a decade now.

Until he starts painting her black or generally trying to smear her, I won’t believe she left. He always tries to discredit and shit on people he’s planning on leaving (like he did with Lainey when he first was thinking of leaving her for Billie) or after he’s been left himself.

No. 780870

exactly. He wasted no time throwing out the subtle jabs at Lainey when he thought he was gonna get to run off into the sunset with Billie. He did his stupid stick figure video making Lainey out to be a monster, and she wasn't even out of the picture yet. I am sure that was just the beginning. If he had gotten his way and she had left for good, his slander wouldn't have stopped there.

No. 780872

Lol are you serious? They obviously lurked forums about him like crazy. Blasian herself told him she was looking at his "pirated photos" posted on here and KF and was reading what people said about his dick, so she obviously was following the drama. Another shitty excuse.

No. 780878

Can we just stop making up excuses for gerg's paypigs? They had plenty of time and resources to figure it out, but they chose to continue supporting him and ignoring his history.

No. 780879

She was groomed. Doesn't mean she shouldn't be held accountable or shit on for her actions/behaviour.

No. 780883

File: 1592529691034.gif (4.45 MB, 480x368, think_of_the_children.gif)

>The only true victims in this are Greg and Grainey's kids
This has been brought up many times. imo the only person who ever really cared about them was Sarah. I know some people criticize her because they don't think she handled things properly but i believe she did the best she could with what she knew, which as a teenager wasn't much. She made a mistake by trusting people who talked a big talk, came across like they knew what they were doing and acted sincere. To her credit, she appeared to distance herself from them after they lied to her.

Aside from Skye and Billie, she's the only one I take seriously because I watched it all unfold in real time on the farms.

No. 780884

He was just exposed posting KF screenshots here a few posts up about Tamera.

No. 780887

I know we aren't meant to 'hi cow' but I'm pretty sure this poster is Tamara.
She's currently spewing the exact same excuses on kiwi farms and she's not saging.

No. 780888

File: 1592532927182.jpg (839.29 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200619-101404_Chr…)

Same excuses about being kept in the dark

No. 780889

it's true tho. dunno if you remember the open discord, that stupid rule was everywhere he really didn't want anyone bringing up Hansen unless he did it or the allegations.

No. 780891

It may have been a rule to not bring it up in the discord but it doesn't mean they couldn't look that stuff up for their own merit.
Plus like another anon said there was paypigs like Blasian already looking at leaks and anti o stuff so what's their excuse? Stop making excuses that they were kept in the dark.

No. 780910

I don't believe for a second these people didn't know about the allegations surrounding Greg. They may not have known about the suuuper old stuff, but most of his dirt surfaced last year so them claiming they didn't know about it AT ALL is super suspicious. Id believe it more if they just said they didn't believe it was true.

No. 780918

Are we still allowed to call her a dog-fucker though?

No. 780919

why would you need to when it's not even true?? thats greg likely projecting.

No. 780923

Just take a break from the internet, this comes from a good place.

No. 780924

File: 1592542167356.jpg (194.9 KB, 720x690, Ms5YTY1.jpg)

I'm still shocked we somehow live in a timeline where this is now a thing. I mean, if you would have told me a lot of things about Onion's future, I would have believed you. But this would have made me laugh.

It seems so self self-degrading, yet in reality he's feeding off of it in some weird way. Strange times.

No. 780925

Same anon, sorry for the posts, it also seems like ever since Shiloh, he thinks real orgasms involve hardcore body spasms, all the time. He has such a warped view on sex, intimacy and everything to do with the subject in general. He needs a sex-education class terribly.

It doesn't take an (armchair psychologist) to see at least in this area, he for sure has the mind of an at least teenage boy trapped in an adult's body.

No. 780926

File: 1592543541835.gif (735.07 KB, 311x224, vincemcmahon.gif)

>My job is to make you cum as hard as possible.

No. 780927

Lol I doubt he ever made a woman cum in his entire life

No. 780928

Unsaged newfriend has a point. Call her a dogfucker and you're behaving just like him.
It's best to just ignore Tamara until she brings some actual milk to the table.

He once said that you should shave because it makes the penetration deeper, I'll never forget that.
He never knew jack shit about sex, lol.

No. 780929

File: 1592544920913.png (58.16 KB, 750x380, Vulvus Onision_definition.png)

Don't forget he said women "pee out of their vulvus" and that only men have G spots.

No. 780930


Tamara, please fucking learn how to sage.


The sound of thousands of vaginas boarding up echo around the world each time he tweets this shit. I know it was speculated that he only did this shit when Lainey was gone or when Clot was in the hospital, but I think he’s so far removed from his family that he would do this if they were standing right in front of him, speaking to him. That’s how little they mean to him and that’s how little his regard for them is.

I do wonder if Crainey is on tinder trying to find a new sugar daddy who will probably just end up abusing her, too, anyway.

No. 780931

I predicted he would do porn because he is a degenerate retard with nothing to offer the world except his shrimp dick, disturbing hypersexuality and waterhead narcissism. The guy is completely unhinged and thinks that his 34 year old flabby, pimply, tragically proportioned body is orgasm city because some autistic randos pay him a few bucks to see it. Then he chimps out on the non OF weirdos paying his bills because they won't tell him his penis is perfection kek, you can't make this shut up. 10 years of lulz and still going strong!

No. 780934

File: 1592546434840.jpg (202.49 KB, 720x782, 20200618-224749.jpg)

What a bizarre way of shilling your OF.

No. 780938

>I predicted he would do porn because he is a degenerate retard

You're not wrong there, but tbh, I never saw this coming, especially after all of his (e-)slut shaming & making fun of whores, etc. It's just so ironic how things turned for Onion; I honestly would have never seen this as the isolated rock he died on, not that he doesn't deserve it and not that I'm complaining lmao.

I think even 2018 Onion would have been embarrassed if he found it this was 2 years in his future. It destroys his & his family's entire image, something he always had "pride" in and did his best to keep "private" - (Not for their sake, but for normie-walking. For appearances. To look "awesome". I remember when he did his best not to show the kids and swore they'd never get involved or seen by the internet. I also remember how pissed he was when things leaked about the speech shit). He did seem like a different person back then (more focused on keep appearances), crazy still, but different. I think he snapped in some way, or something happened (possibly with taylor), and he truly doesn't give a fuq anymore and any low-hanging fruit will do for narc-candy. He prolly truly needs meds now.

It's almost like watching an addict trying to get their fix, watching him do anything for what he personally perceives as positive attention.The interesting thing is, what a normal person could see as a bad idea or an obvious trap, he's either too manic or gives too less of fucks and would rather get those narc-candies.

No. 780939

Have you seen him try to cum? it's pitiful. Can't even blow a full load.

No. 780946

He has a habit of projecting his degeneracy onto others and being an envious little bitch so I wouldn't be surprised his slut-shaming was an expression of that too. At first I was surprised at the turn things had taken but when you think about it it makes sense. A sex-addicted, attention craving, way-too-interested-what-women-do-online narcissist with 10 years of doing ridiculous shit online for money could only end up here.

I hope he descends even more into insanity and we get a professional documentary made about his fucked up life someday so we can all fondly reminisce the good laughs we had here.

No. 780964

my absolute fucking sides, thank you anon

No. 780965

Onion Luther King

No. 780971


Basically he's saying "Everyone's money spends the same."

No. 780975

File: 1592574543843.jpg (Spoiler Image,383.86 KB, 1059x965, Screenshot_20200619-090611.jpg)

This is the worst dick pic I've ever seen and is a good representation of just how disgusting and hideous Greg's dick is. It's so deformed looking, small, and is covered in those weird bumps so much so that it almost looks like dick cheese.

Not for the faint of heart

No. 780978

I know those pearly papule bumps are normal but yuck they look disgusting. It's crazy none of his ex's said anything about them.
I remember on 4chan photos of those dick bumps would always come up in threads and that was the first time I'd ever seen them. Like I said I know they are harmless and 'normal' but I'm surprised more people aren't making fun of them. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 780979

He tries his best with his needledick. He keeps his pubes trim so he can be reminded of the 15 year old girl that saw his pubeless ballsack and didn't call it small. Adrienne just saw it with a lot of pubes…

Honestly his dick is so sad for a man. Very needle-like. Needledick

A matter of fact it looks like a dog penis. Probably why he's also been surrounded with dog molestation allegations. That weird dog Nibbles. How ironic he called a dog Nibbles that he later insinuated Shiloh let lick her downstairs whilst Greg has a needledick. He probably imagines he is one of the dogs in that Harley Quinn dog porn video he likes. Wonder if Greg gets envious of how much more Lainey loves Dobbs. Does it all come down to dog dicks for Greg? I'm starting to think it does.

No. 780981

What an absolute wanker tool.

He trims his pubes as the fans won't confuse them for his dick.

He is a degenerate. He's thinking about his dick and sex 24/7, its all he does. Its putrid.

No. 780984

i haven't audibly reacted to something in a long time, but damn, even his dick is a literal red flag

No. 780985

Man…and to think this is what all these women suffered his autistic bullshit for. They probably still smell it in their nightmares.

No. 780986

File: 1592579587158.jpg (53.27 KB, 474x500, mustapaarauta.jpg)

No. 780992

File: 1592584414997.gif (1017.46 KB, 386x244, disgusteng.gif)

Disgusting. Thanks for sharing.

No. 780996

Hooooooooh my God? Am I actually looking at onisions penis?? Greg’s been so boring lately I never check on him and when I do I see his dick. It’s honestly like the penis version of shaynas vagina. I know ugly genitalia is normal and shouldn’t be shamed but if I was Greg I could see why he feels so self conscious about it…

He knows Anything from OF is leaked why would he post this is he that desperate what the fuck happened to him????

No. 781004

Devil's advocate here:

It's average size
It has more papules than usual
It's ugly as fuck

But it's still just an average sized penis, you guys are going on like you need a magnifying glass to see it.

The problem is you're talking about it and he's loving the attention - I'm betting he gets more traffic from you than Google…

le sigh

No. 781008

Agreed. It's gross and I wouldn't let it anywhere near me never mind my vag, but it's average size.

No. 781017

Knock, knock, knock, let me in!

No. 781018

I hate Greg and men as much as the next farmer, but yeah, it's fucking ugly and unsightly but just average.

No. 781020

Greg's got a needledick. It's well below average.

No. 781022

hate to talk about his ugly pecker but its not average, just below. it looks like its 4.5 inches, and its the thickness of his thumbs which means its also thin. the angle hes always taking them in is made to make them look bigger which is why the head always looks long and lopsided. its just sad. he did everything he would to make it look bigger and the world can still tell its underwhelming at most.

No. 781026

It’s amazing that every single thing about Onion’s body is repulsive

No. 781032

Ew, why is it so crooked and wrinky

No. 781035


The reason why it looks so weird is because he's relying on camera tricks (scroll up and you'll see the wide angle lens meme which literally looks like every dick pic he's taken). Combine that with only using two fingers to jerk off his sad ugly dick, and the evidence is obvious: small ugly dick.

anon, read the other posts before posting before trying to defend a narc's sad ugly cock.

also, "le sigh"? fuck off, this isn't 2008 reddit

No. 781040

He pumps his dick too, it had red spots and a swollen foreskin in some pictures and those are signs of pumping.

No. 781042

I want penis saga to end. This is painful. At least most people are spoilering it.

No. 781044


sage your posts dogfucker

No. 781055

File: 1592605133173.jpeg (Spoiler Image,410.76 KB, 1125x2055, 70DC26BF-C65B-44CE-B676-E1C40B…)

His PPP are really prominent. 🤮

No. 781057

>penis saga
This thread is full of cringe now. Most of my time here is spent dodging the spoilers.

No. 781058

I'm more horrified over how fucking dry his shit is. What the hell. Looks like it got sunburnt and left out to peel and crack off.

No. 781065

File: 1592607268066.jpg (16.87 KB, 480x360, 230f0jfsfs0.jpg)

>It’s honestly like the penis version of shaynas vagina.
>They probably still smell it in their nightmares.
They have my sympathies.

No. 781066

Its weird that people are actually discussing his baby carrot, but heres the thing:

Even if Greg's cock was 10 inches and covered in chocolate, would you still want it, considering who its attached to?

I rest my case.

No. 781067

probably from showering too much. he probably scrubs the shit out of it

No. 781068

Reading these pathetic descriptions >>781022 have almost made me want to look at the spoilers just to confirm what people are saying, but I like not having eye cancer so I'll pass.

I know posting a cows nudes is normal but holy shit is this milk sour.

No. 781070

It wasn't until Greg started posting pictures of his shrinky dink that I started realizing what a blessing the spoilers are. I'm even avoiding hovering my mouse over that shit because I never ever wish to see it.

No. 781071

The head looks so crusty

No. 781072

Of course he gets off on all the attention. That's why the trolls paying for his OF hoping to "humiliate him" are just wasting their time. He might act self conscious occasionally but at the end of the day he doesn't care what he does for a few shekels. He doesn't care about his reputation, let alone his family's.

No. 781073

File: 1592608304765.jpg (161.06 KB, 1200x1200, 2453603.jpg)

I feel you anon.

No. 781080

Wouldnt want it, but I wouldnt lie and pretend it wasnt good looking if it was. I can hate a guy all I want but if he has a nice dick, he has a nice dick. Greg however by absolutely no means whatsoever not even in the slightest is anywhere near that category-I saw it one time and that was enough for me to know for sure without any doubts that he has absolutely no value to humanity whatsoever. No talent, no manners, no strength, no wiseness, can't take care of children, can't keep a wife/relationship, too short, bad hair, bad skin, and now the biggest nail in the coffin; ugly small chapped looking pecker dick. Poor thing.

No. 781083

File: 1592611987764.png (33.25 KB, 605x190, onision.png)

welp . . .

No. 781088

I still don’t believe he’ll actually insert them. More like pose with them on/next to his ass/between his cheeks

No. 781091

My guess is him sucking them with concerning enthusiasm

No. 781092

Good on you. Something tells me this is a sick form of trolling for him (there's no way he doesn't realize his OF shit isn't getting leaked to the farms, and there's no way he doesn't notice the traffic coming in from KF or LC), and he needs his narc supply from somewhere. Where's he going to get it from? He already did the tantrum thing for a month until it was played out.

We know Onion is hypersexual and he's even said in the past, "it's like all his haters want to fuck him because they're so obsessed with him". Then came the disgusting and obscene tweets for a few months. I have a feeling this is his a sick, warped and twisted way of trolling and "giving us what we want", while getting money for it.

Like other anons have pointed out, he's a degenerate and gives no fucks, has no lows, doesn't think about the future, only cares about the now and his constant flow of attention. We also don't know what's going on family-wise behind the scene. I don't think he's in a good mental state, and I truly think he thinks he's fucking with us by completely destroying his life.

So yeah, good on you for not looking at these disgusting photos, they're the same old same old, and they're only about to get grosser with him shoving a dildo up his ass.

No. 781095

He hated that prostate massager he bought for 200 bucks, tried once, and then immediately threw away. I can't see Grug doing any sort of prep before trying to shove something up there and hurting himself. Even if it's traumatic, he's going to have to continue to do it for those shekels.

No. 781104

He doesn't like a girl to be wet because it makes his below average cock feel better with the friction so hopefully he'll apply that to anal sex with himself and push that dildo in dry. I hope he does some kind of irreparable damage to his colon and he has to deal with rectal prolapse for the rest of his life.

No. 781111

There was lube on his wishlist. I'm sorry anon but i'm afraid it only gets worse from here on out.

No. 781114

Oh he knows, that’s why he sent Null that “DMCA” letter to stop leaking his no0dz

No. 781119

File: 1592626550091.png (171.41 KB, 746x480, the new victims.PNG)

I was watching The Drunken Peasants and Billie the Fridge said that Onision texted him and Joe yesterday to let them know he was "breaking up with them" and they would no longer be hanging out. And lo and behold look who was in chat during the stream making lame jokes and seeking attention, Onisions latest victims. Victims who only realized how bad Greg was only after he told them to fuck off and banned 'em because they sexually assaulted him and his man-wife and were a crazy dog fucker who went of her meds and started getting drunk on the daily. I think its hilarious they're now trying to be chummy with everyone.
>hey guys we hate Onision too now. Lets be friends even though we were cunts to everyone that tried to warn us about Gregs manipulation and predator ways.


No. 781122

Onisions latest "victims" aren't even victims. They chose to stick with him. There is absolutely no reason why they should even be referred to as that. They hung out with him every chance they had to I'm sure some of them were active as all day just to have someone to talk to.

No. 781124

They had every opportunity to leave, and chose to stay. They deserve every ounce of hate they get.

No. 781130

One drink calls for on the daily? really anon? are you so lonely and pathetic yourself you have to spend every waking moment stalking them?

No. 781133

I love that the number of drinks is the part of the story that Tamara is upset about and not the dog fucking accusation.

No. 781147

It's just pathetic that these people never cut him off first. It's like they're just waiting to give onion the opportunity to be like SEE, I BROKE UP WITH THEM!
We already knew the sad fuck Billy had no spine when he let the pimply manling hump him on livestream. This is just embarrassing.

It's birds of a feather when it comes to onion. What can I say, shit attracts flies.

No. 781152

Ive watched a few DP streams before I got banned. I knew the ban was coming and said, "fuck it, may as well do this shit back till something happens."

No. 781153

Haha, he’s burning bridges left and right!

First he ditches the fans, and now these bozos? Pretty soon he’ll have no one left, as expected.

No. 781180

God wish Lainey would just confirm if she's 'domped' Onion like he likes to reeeee into the night about all the people that have been unfortunate enough to meet him.

No. 781186

Of course she didn't, doormat will never leave him. I don't understand why people keep speculating she left him.

No. 781188

Who will he even have left after the people on his onlyfans have gotten bored of him and stop their praise.

No. 781195

sage goes in the email field tamara. If you can't handle people hating on you then its probably best to stay off the forums

No. 781201

The weirdos that send him letters and commissary $$$ in prison.

No. 781202

File: 1592672690548.jpg (1.57 MB, 1080x6127, IMG_20200620_180254.jpg)

This user pretty much sums up my thoughts on Lainey. Either that or she's buried in the wetlands idk

No. 781203

She got cheated on twice and still didn't leave him, she won't leave now just cos he's posting porn. Yes it's humiliating, but it's not like she's not used to being humiliated

No. 781207

Is that barnacles on his peepee?

No. 781209

I AM going to FUCKING throw up I have literally never seen a more disgusting cock in my entire life

No. 781211

It looks like those are maggots on his rotting dick. I know anons have said they're normal and not to make guys feel bad because of it, but I can't believe guys make fun of roast beef vaginas when this is a common thing with their dicks.

No. 781212

>all resulting from the behaviour and choices of her husband
Bullshit. She smugly participated in everything right up until Sarah spoke out.
The blame is on her just as much as on Greg. There's a good reason lolcow long ago started including Taylor along Greg in the subject of the thread. (which somebody botched this time smh)

No. 781213

She not only participated but she found a lot of these girls on her own and was initially flirty with them (all the underage ones iirc) while trying to hide it from Greg. Something I think most if not all the younger girls mentioned was skyping or video calling with them only to panic and hang up anytime Greg entered the room

No. 781220

Tamara is really pathetic. Hanging around Kiwi, hanging around here, in the drunken peasants live, going on Reddit.
She really needs a life.
I feel bad for some of his ex's trying to lay low or disconnect from this but then you have weird ex fans that do stuff like this.

I'm getting Sam/Narleeverse vibes from her. Like obsessive to the point they are popping up in everything afterwards. Hopefully she makes like Sam and eventually just leaves this all behind. She seems really mentally ill.

No. 781222

How is Tamara any less pathetic than you hanging around on here.That doesn't make sense. You clearly don't have a real life either

No. 781230

Maybe because everyone here knows how to sage and has anonymous lives and probably jobs they go to. You stick out like a sore thumb and judging from the amount of times you post here and on kiwi, it's obvious that you don't have much of a life.

No. 781231

File: 1592680639854.jpeg (47.15 KB, 577x597, E95D3D30-092C-4E22-9AD6-A12ED8…)

this is a polish hand-loom hobby forum where we have fun talking silly shit to each other. sorry you paid monthly to be verbally abused by gergles.

No. 781235

KF seems to have a video of Greg using a dildo on himself. Was uploaded a couple of minutes ago.
I've just seen the (non-anal) pictures, I think I'll pass on the video, but wanted to give you a heads up nevertheless.

No. 781240

ive seen and its so fucking obvious hes just squeezing the dildo between his buttcheeck..not actually penetrating him …underwhelming at best …only retarded fags would fall for this

No. 781241

Holy fucking shit it's disgusting.
I can't tell if it's actually up his ass or he's positioned it to look that way.

No. 781243

That was straight up in his ass.

No. 781244

No one pays to use lolcow, it's free to use. The paypigs are just mad they pay for exclusive content that isn't exclusive/gets leaked/Greg doesn't actually share shit with you. We've called it from day one. He wants to fuck another new teenager and he berates the dumbfucks such as Tamara that stick around and pay to be harrassed while he sweet talks 14 year olds in the DMs or tries to network with other OF thots.

Wouldn't be surprised if that's why he's dumped his gay fan club. He's networking with thots off of OF and they're all desperate enough to go along with him for clout.

No. 781245

File: 1592682255255.png (59.7 KB, 578x229, thnksfrthmmrs.PNG)

>She seems really mentally ill.
She is. She tells the story about her doctor changing up her meds and her fucking things up by self medicating with alcohol. Then getting drunk and pissing off Greg and getting banned the first time. Im not sure how her brain is broken but why is it that every Onision Superfan has serious mental issues.

The difference is that we anons come here to laugh at pathetic fucks like Tamara and Blasian not to cry that Greg was mean to us and look for ass pats. They're both acting like they're actual victims and making the rounds on the talk show circuit hoping the audiences will clap and gasp when they tell their stories. I think Tamara is looking for another home and she really thought she was going to find it in KF. Have you seen how many times shes changed her profile there? Shes like a tween who's just made their first MySpace profile back in 2005 and spends all day customizing it. Tamara is late 30's, lives alone, has no husband no b/f no job no friends gets $1000 a month from Canadian welfare because of her mental illness and spends all day online. She needs something to fill that void now that shes no longer attached to Onision and his forums. She keeps telling us that she has this new group of friends that's so much better than Onision and those fake friends. Then why isn't she hanging out with them instead of doing Q&A's on every site she can think of and giving non-answers.

No. 781246

File: 1592682310433.jpg (40.77 KB, 400x491, mysides.jpg)


Anyone else feel like they aged 10-15 years in the last few months?

If this is hell I am sorry for whatever I did to get here.

No. 781249

Ah yes I forgot that if someone isn't 100% agreeing with everyone else on here that immediately makes them Tamara.(newfaggotry)

No. 781252

His penis reminds me of asparagus dick. (I'm not posting it here you'll have to look for that yourself"

No. 781255

Seeing this video…
This is the actual downfall, anons. Fucking himself in the ass for pennies. Jimmy finally hit the absolute rock bottom.
Can't wait for him to wake up from this manic cycle and realise just how badly he fucked up his life.

No. 781256

He's taken so many photos wearing wrinkly suits and terrible wigs. They are less crusty than his old wigs but holy shit the photos are cringe. He's posing like he's some twilight pretty boy vampire but he just looks like a sad child molester. He bothers with costumes and wigs but doesn't bother to iron anything and he is posing in his shitty basement with clutter and bullshit in the background.
He will waste money on dildos and wigs but not even bother to clear the clutter or put up a backdrop.
The man has a green screen and Photoshop. No excuse.

No. 781258

his gaybo fans must be really dissapointed right now. for days he has lead them on expecting to be seeing a massive dildo rammed upped his butt only for Grug to be using dildo smaller than his own needle babycarrot dick in the video. plus you cant see any of the action. reminds me of those fail porn blooper videos with a nerdy skinny guy pretending to fuck a hot chick on camera with his dick sliding between her legs.

No. 781259

That's where this is all going to end in a total trainwreck.
He's going to either have to deliver with more humiliating acts to get the money (all is going to be leaked anyways)
Or people will get bored with the halfassery and bail and he'll lose money and possibly fly into a hard rage.

There's no happy ending and I agree with anons that this is his rock bottom.

No. 781261

Do you guys think there any chance Taylor left him now? Or she just buries her head in the sand like an ostrich ? This is the ultimate humiliation any wife can have. Her husband becoming a bottom bitch e-slut fucking himself in the ass for pennies. Now everything makes sense why Greggles wanted to errase the femininity of his wife/exgirlfriends so badly, and why he is so obessed with Andy Biersack and Shane Dawson plus the gay kiss with Shane. He is actually is closeted gay.

No. 781263

Some interesting points. On the subject of porn Greg has no idea what he's talking about. There's literally tons of guys that want to try and do actual real porn but to become a porn stud, its not easy. And then I'm talking actual real porn. It takes a lot out of a guy and you gotta be carved out of the right kind of wood. There can be guys that look awesome, are an absolute animal in the sack yet fail at porn. In Greg's case theres no way he'd be fit for real porn, I'd give him a slight chance in gay porn as the "daddy" in twink videos but even thats a long shot, since gay guys are pretty darn picky and Greg well, he's a goober.

We do know she's toyed with the idea but I think her biggest problem is fear. Fear all around basically. If we are to believe Greg's claims she suffers from panic attacks and since Greg's mom crazy Tami raised him to be anti doctor theres no way shes ever seeing a shrink. A shrink could definitely sort Lainey out and give her what little power she needs to leave Greg. He would for sure tell her that her relationship is deeply unhealthy. Then theres Lainey's fear that he will vilify her over the internet and lets be honest, Greg would and definitely will if she ever leaves him. And then theres the financial fears that are pretty standard really when someone wants to leave someone else. Plus as we saw in many videos shes actually scared of Greg as well, like when he suddenly tosses a book or slams his hand against a wall behind her.
And then some theorize she doesn't want to "prove the haters right" that her relationship was doomed to begin with, I personally don't know if I believe that, but it could be true. She of course worships Greg, was a huge fan and probably still is and I'm also sure the kids also play a part in all this. She didn't have much backbone to begin with and I bet Greg took away any lasting self-esteem she has. She probably feels like she's nothing without Greg, as I'm sure he tells her, too. Fear though I think is Lainey's biggest motivator to stay with Greg. Fear in every sense of the word. She's scared. Scared of the world she'd need to venture in to, scared what would happen to her without Greg, and scared of Greg. Fear.

No. 781264

Not sure if Lainey's still there, but if she is, she must be completely and utterly dead on the inside by now.
Quite a few of us speculated that he's at the very least a ( deeply ) closeted bi, long before he was literally fucking himself in the ass on cam.

No. 781266

at least the ppl at KF don't act like they know everything someone's personal home life and actually asked instead of draw their own conclusions. You don't even know this girl personally, why should it affect you? stop whining and go back to Gurgles sperg.

No. 781267

Whether she's left or not, one thing is certain, she'll never return to the internet again.
She knows that she'll either be trolled non stop about her husband or she'll be dragged over the Sarah shit. She'd have to come up with some massive victim story to redeem some fans and even then the majority of people won't let the Regina and Sarah stuff go.
She's a coward that only wants asspats. She's gone forever.

No. 781268

I mean, everyone knows they're most likely just together because they have kids together. There's no way anyone would stay because they wanted to.

No. 781272

If Greg was able to get away with paying nothing to Lainey I reckon he would be fine with her leaving.
The only reason he'd be worried about her leaving is money. He'd be glad if she took the kids and left.

No. 781273

File: 1592685769134.png (247.01 KB, 379x510, tamara_quirky gemini.png)

Can anyone that's been following Tamara's Reddit AMA, KF Question and Answer and her recent not so anonymous posts in this thread tell me one tidbit of information Tamaras dropped about Onision that we didn't already know? KF was surprised when Tamara revealed Greg and Lainey were sleeping in different bedrooms, but we already knew that because Jessica (maakenshixx) told us. Plus Jessica divulged a bunch of info on the kids that she wasn't suppose to reveal when she streamed with Cali (teacherspet/mildanxiety.)
I've been scrubbing through all of Tamara's answers hoping to find some real dirt but half the time its the other people informing her about things Greg and Lainey have done and Tamara feigning surprise or shock "oh wow I didn't know that."
Has Tamara dropped any real insider information that I've missed? The only card shes been holding close to the chest is a private email Greg shared with her that she promised never to talk about. She's been hinting that she will reveal what it said when she gets interviewed by some mysterious YT commentator.

No. 781274

ppl are obviously reaching out to her for interviews wanting deeper insight to what happened the one on reddit is more readable than KF she was probably scared there. Also she's been friends with Billy the Fridge for a long time now while she was still in the discord. It's not a recent thing.

No. 781275

She's not dropping anything new so everyone should probably just ignore her.
The private email between her and Greg she spoke of was about Sam. She disclosed this on kiwi farms.
She refused to show supposed email but she said all the shit that everyone knows about from Greg's 'Why Sam left' video.
She literally has no new or interesting information and is hanging around all these places to get some attention.
I really wish kids would ban her sperging or the troll pretending to be her in this thread.

No. 781277

Holy shit she's actually going to go through with some interview. What exact information does she really have that would add on to anything.

No. 781278

I dont know anon she didnt fear leaving him just around two three years ago during Cuddlegate saga, when she posted it on youtube, you think he acquired so much dirt on her in just a few years? And even if he did, there are ways for her to get around that, for example if she files a divorce AND no-contact order. She has so much dirt on him as well as years of online documentation of what kind of shit abusing person Greg is, it would be easily granted. With a no- contact order Gurg cannot defame her on the internet as far as i know. Then she could easily go back to her parents, who are quite wealthy from what i know, at least for a while until she can sue him for child support or splitting the assets. With those money she can start rebuilding her life little by little and get herself and her children some therapy. That would be the happy ending scenario for Taylor if she still has any brain and dignity left. The worst dark end scenario is her being just as mentally ill as Karla Homolka to the point of no return due to the years of mental abuse Greg inflicted on her. Then continue staying in that filthy swampshack with him and her kids, surviving from only the money coming from onlyfans and Greg's prostitution, which must be the bare minimum, and her husband shagging Big Bubbas in the basement for money as well as blasting his dildo rammed asshole all over the internet.

No. 781279

I feel like Greg would snap over having to send her any form of money though. If he doesn't make any mention of her, he would have to be emailing her like crazy.
He went psycho over alimony payments.

No. 781280

He probably wouldn't like having to give the money and would probably flip out over it but like if they want to leave him and need the money to take care of their children then he'd have to.

No. 781281

File: 1592688120263.jpg (107.51 KB, 795x464, daybell-vallow-1.jpg)

I totally agree, but there's 2 parts to it. He doesn't want to pay alimony or child support for the next decade+. The second part is he cant be alone for more than a few weeks. He treats Lainey like shit and even ignores her but he needs to have her presence in the house. Lainey's there to be used for sex, watch the children and as a security blanket so he doesn't feel like he's solo.
Greg would leave Lainey in a heartbeat if he had a girl waiting in the wings like with Shiloh and his 1st marriage and he was positive he didn't have to give Lainey any financial support if WA divorce laws punish a spouse who commits adultery by withholding alimony. I can see Greg spinning the facts that Lainey was cheating on him constantly, bringing in girls to fuck and he only allowed it because he loved her and didn't want to break up their happy home. I don't know how he would get around paying child support for T & C though. I mean I do know but it scares me.

No. 781282

He may have proof of her sending nudes to minors and I wouldn't put it past him to threaten her with that.

No. 781285

If there was proof he would have already tried to divorce by now, none of it would have been tied to him. We're past the laptop + phone situation at this point, none of it ever made sense so there's no point to this fanfiction. Lainey is probably going to focus on the kids while avoiding the fact their neighbors and parents at the school hate their guts.

No. 781292

Yeah agreed. She's probably just never coming back online. I personally don't think she's left him but if she has, she's still not going to return ever.

No. 781295

idk what did that Adam person on Hansen have to add. None of them had anything overly juicy that wasn't already known about here or KF.

No. 781297

This is the thing. Tamara paid to be in a Greg fan club. That doesn't mean she paid to get to know him. Greg doesn't share much with people unless he's about to fuck them. All her information comes from secondhand accounts from other paypig or what anons have speculated and Onion has been pressed to address. God knows how much money she's spent on Grease, and it did nothing for her. She's no actual insight into anything. Greg is deeply ashamed of his queer life that all he talks about are his past sexual endeavours when he was a teenager or sex in general.

What I can't believe is that he's willing to debase himself and fuck himself in the ass instead of apologising on his platform for all the hurt he has caused. I think most normal people would not have a price to fuck themselves on camera let alone for a low monthly cost when the Internet is forever.

If that's a photo of Tamara well there you go. That's the face of someone that would pay a man to see if he likes her as a person. Shock horror

No. 781298

Washington State does not consider marital conduct in awarding spousal support. Gurg would be on the hook for at least a few years.

He is exactly the sort of person who would go 100% off the books in order to spite his ex, and not worry about how his children were surviving.

No. 781299

Greg had Lainey make that video though, you do mean the video I attached to this post, right? Greg had Lainey make that video, no joke.

No. 781300

>no return after the years of mental abuse greg inflicted on her

Bingo. She was a teenager still in highscool when Greg began manipulating her. He isolated her from everyone in the beginning by publically slandering her family and forcing her to stop hanging out with friends that didn't approve of him or vice versa (aka everyone he can't fuck). He legitimately gave her a new name. Taylor isn't even what she's known by anymore and the fact thats not the biggest red flag baffles me.

Greg groomed Lainey as a teen to be his perfect doormat he just didn't realize how pathetic he'd find someone he sees as that weak even if he created her insecurities/weaknesses to begin with. Lainey is 25 now with the only friends she's had in the past 5 years being other women her husband only lets her hangout with so he can fuck them. Her brain has been absolutely warped and I doubt without intensive forced therapy will she see how fucked of a situation she's in. She will never leave because mentally she's still a teen being taken care of. She can't be her own person. Greg has made sure that if she leaves she leaves a ruined, stunted adult with two kids who's absolutely despised by most people on the internet and in their town. That's why Greg is dangerous, he's not just a shitty partner he wants to quite literally destroy every individualistic thought or opinion of his partners until they're just hollow greg sycophants.

No. 781301

Some people, including myself are wondering what is Greg's next move when his onlyfans pOrN career will inevitably crumb to ashes. I'll place my bets on him trying out prostitution (idk is it legal there?) for grannies or gaylord doms, or hacking his filthy brown carrot dick on some obscure pay-cam website.

No. 781302

I dont know why I didnt think of that, you're right. His new life would be planned out. He'd dupe some new teen fan to be his security blanket and cum depository then find work that pays in cash or is shady enough it doesnt report to the government.

No. 781304

Pretty much everyone knows she has nothing, the annoying thing is that she keeps hanging around pretending she does.

>What I can't believe is that he's willing to debase himself and fuck himself in the ass instead of apologising on his platform for all the hurt he has caused. I think most normal people would not have a price to fuck themselves on camera let alone for a low monthly cost when the Internet is forever.

When on earth has he ever genuinely apologised for anything? When he does, he just repeats the behaviour or goes back on his word. He doesn't care about anything but money and attention. When he ran out of money and attention last time he kept making those fake sperg videos because ONE of them was successful in views.
All his videos in the past were on popular bandwagon topics like tiktok. Now that people are making money on onlyfans, he's trying to do that. He's mentally ill and would never in a million years admit he has hurt anyone.
For god's sake, he had anal sex with Sarah and tried to twist it by saying it wasn't real sex just so he could fuck her.
He's an awful person with no moral compass and not only that, but he never thinks in the future about consequences. I predict his rock bottom is when the only fans route starts losing money. Then he'd got nothing.

No. 781305

>I predict his rock bottom is when the only fans route starts losing money. Then he'd got nothing.
Oh yeah, for sure.
The real fun is going to start once his OF fails. In my eyes he already hit rock bottom. There's nowhere to really go from here.
I'd never in a million years think this is how he's going to end up. The mighty have not only fallen, they have fucking crashed and exploded.
He envisioned he's going to be forever young, rich, healthy, happily married and be a household name before turning 40 iirc. Instead he's ageing very rapidly for his age, he's next to broke, with a lumpy body and a hideous dick. His marriage has been rotting for years now. And, his household name? "That weird pedo who goes after teen girls and fucks his ass on cam."
What an epic failure his life is, holy shit.

No. 781306

He seems to think as well that it will last, just like everything he does. He doesn't realise that this spike in interest and money is mostly trolls with a morbid curiosity. When it hits him that no-one actually finds him attractive and this is for laughs he's going to have a melt down and probably try to return to YouTube.

It's only been a month since he was last on there.

No. 781307

Tinfoiling that Gurg was not that anal-virgin to begin with. Which means only one thing: he is very deeply gay/bi closeted. Haven't you guys seen how much he's enjoying himself in that video like he's done this for years? And i don't believe for a second Gurg would put something in his onlyfans polls that he is not experienced with or not enjoy. Even with a ton of lube a true virgin ''straight'' guy would not be grinding himself like that. Plus i bet his paypig gaybos did not expect to be seeing an experienced ass fucker on video but rather some shy twink virgin documenting his cherry being popped. I would not be surprised if they drop like flies after that. Gurg seriously played them. From the size of the dildo to him not being an actual virgin.

No. 781308

I think there's always been some closeted stuff there. Hence he likes little teen girls, prefers short women and tries to over compensate, his nasally faggot voice, the way he calls himself an alpha. I do however also think that this onlyfans shit is desperation. I don't think he was truly enjoying himself in that video, rather he was trying to be 'sexy'.
It's all just desperation for money at this point. I don't think he thinks he's a fag yet.

No. 781309

Madison and tamara are pretty similar in that regard.

No. 781311

File: 1592695400443.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.27 KB, 876x519, gregmicropeen.jpg)

Greg is a homo, i've been saying that for years. He tries too hard. I think he hates teenage girls and likes to abuse them because deep down he wishes to be a teenage girl. He thinks they have no problems and that their daddy's dote on them. Those are his motivations. Oh, and he's gay. Really really gay. If there would ever be a Greg tranny saga it would not surprise me in the slightest.
Just look at how many crossdressing videos and pictures he made. Supposedly as "parody" but if you ask me he enjoys it a little TOO much and too often.

No. 781312

Madison was annoying as fuck, a Lainey apologist and very similar to Tamara in an attention whore kinda way but at least had a few stories to tell. Like the guinea pigs, or the fact Greg got hard during a skit they filmed, the fact that Lainey wanted to run away with her, confirmation of the 'cuddling' in bed.
Tamara hasn't given any new info and isn't even one of the ex paypigs that met him in real life.

No. 781314

File: 1592695894284.jpg (187.03 KB, 1080x1150, 20200621_072946.jpg)

Yeah he'll definitely be trying to go back to YouTube once only fans crashes.
Also kek at 'model' jesus….his ego at the moment.

No. 781316

Translation '' I just realized I became the ultimate freak-comedy show for anti-o's, I have totally embarrased and humiliated myself for pennies which doesnt even help me pay my phone bill, and now I am trying to patch up whatever is left of my failed youtube ''career'' in the hopes of producing one more viral song video even though 2008 was 12 years ago,I'm way past my prime and have no more reputation.''

No. 781319

In a leaked discord chat (back when he was still doing discord obviously) greg said Lainey was on meds and seeing a therapist. I think that was a couple months ago.

No. 781323

Too much Lainey wk'ing going on. Lainey had plenty issues of her own before meeting Greg. If all his paypigs have mental illnesses I'm sure Lainey already had a few before meeting him too. Like attracts like.

No. 781325

File: 1592700254712.jpg (181.77 KB, 1201x901, Midnight_Soyboy.jpg)

If he does go the male hustler route will Taylor be his his pimp?

No. 781326

>he's willing to debase himself and fuck himself in the ass instead of apologising on his platform for all the hurt he has caused.

He'd rather run with the (false) narrative that he didn't do anything wrong - certainly nothing close to what he's been accused of - that it was all just internet dramu, disappear off the platform, take sad, embarrassing photos of himself that make him look like a gay cadaver, than be honest and own up to anything he did. And he's STILL doubling down on the "Sarah extorted/raped us" lie.

No. 781327

>if it's even remotely possible for him to support a household with two children on what he can make with porn.
>He just jumped right in deciding it would be super profitable
Greg has just enough brain capacity to know there's no future or financial security in this porn gig, he just doesn't care, and he's also high on his own delusions as per usual. He'd rather stick dildos up his butt for a few shekels than be a walmart greeter, the only other employment option available to him.

No. 781328

Most doctors give out antidepressants at their discretion, you don't need to be in therapy just arranging for it or saying you're going to arrange then you can just state there's backlogs and blah wah wah. It's extremely easy to get medicated that doesn't mean shit unless someone is actively working on their issues.

No. 781329

Interesting that he pops this up just after he did dildos on his OnlyFans. Maybe he's starting realizing that, much like Momo, once you take a step forward you can't take two back. You shove a toy up your pimply ass once and no one is going to pay for anything less now.

No. 781330

I think he knows it's the most controversial thing he's done so far and knows people will check out his video out of curiosity also since he's been gone for a month and the videos where he disappears and comes back after a while tend to garner interest.
He won't address his onlyfans though, he'll just try and make garbage content, but he knows it'll get views regardless.

No. 781335

Billy revealed to DP that Greg was thinking about applying to Uber eats as a delivery guy before all this Hansen shit went down. Meanwhile, Stevie is gonna drop the Onion-drama from now on because he “doesn’t give a shit about Onion or Chris Hansen” anymore (lol)

No. 781337

Old milk.

No. 781345

Holy shit it actually popped out of his asshole in that video.
He actually fucked himself and looked used to it.

No. 781349

not really a fanfiction when it's already been proven that she did it.
Greg may have his reasons for not outing her now, but everyone knows Lainey is guilty

No. 781354

McFly and Onision never slept together.

No. 781358

File: 1592721083120.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x1986, 8009FE79-EEA1-48E8-B61E-42FE08…)

Oh my lord…

No. 781359

Can’t tell if Greg fucking himself in the ass in the shower like he assaulted Sarah anally in the shower was intentional or not. Probably not knowing this idiot, he’s just like a grody shape of water monster that has to keep his gross scaly skin moisturized at all times.

No. 781361

He's always had a weird thing about the shower though. In his retarded book, the fact he's always having showers/co showering/masturbating in there. It may have a connection to Sarah just like how a lot of people theorize that he started the only fans in the first place to mock Billie. I don't know though. I get the vibe he probably just does it for the poo cleanup factor. For someone who looks so smelly and greasy and crusty, he seems to be a pussy about body fluids during sex so he's probably scared of an accident.

No. 781362

Ugh. He probably thinks he's the male equivalent of Belle Delphibe with all these wigs and talk of lewd cosplay.
In reality he looks so old and crusty. The 'suit' photos on kiwi had me cringing hard. Half the clothes were wrinkled as fuck and the carpets were so fucking dirty.
He also photoshopped facial hair onto himself in one photo in an attempt to look like a sultry vampire I'm guessing but he looks straight out like a child molester. Also every damn visible cord was showing in the background.
Like someone on there said, he does the bare minimum and expects praise.

No. 781363

Doubt it. I also doubt the theory she is going to be in his content/helps him make it.
I could see her flat out refusing and him being okay with that.
Then he'd do a poll asking people what they want to see (all with his preferred answers of course) and collab with whoever and when Taylor gets pissy, he'd just twist it and call it 'work' and point to the poll like it's some evidence that the people asked for it.

No. 781364

File: 1592724794371.png (Spoiler Image,3.66 MB, 2474x1876, 1592677611054.png)

Clean. Your. Fucking. House.

No. 781365

Being gone from this thread for weeks and coming back to
How can it get worse from here. True horror cow.

No. 781369

File: 1592730989001.jpg (28.92 KB, 492x285, 5d8344baf3f1bd1d569ba3cd-large…)

Did anyone catch the posts Tamara has been deleting on her Reddit AMA? I came in late and only recently got to read through everything and it looks like shes trying to sanitize things. If shes trying to be totally transparent and help people who are still in Onisions orbit then why is she deleting some of her posts? She hasn't changed. Shes the scorpion and all these people on KF and Reddit are the frog.

One thing I found annoying is she's blatantly lying. She mentioned more than once in her answers that she wasn't on Twitter when the allegations against Greg came out and she didn't fight for him. Also that she was hiding because she was being attacked just for being a fan.
>I never defended him openly on twitter and there was a reason for that, because I didn't agree with how he was acting.
>But what did you expect me to do? I wasn't even on twitter during that. I was in hiding because of how toxic crap got.
I remember vividly that when anyone made a reply to Greg on Twitter that was negative she pounced and it would end up in a slap fight with multiple people that lasted for hours. She would get her ass handed to her and then go on a blocking spree. I don't know how many Twitter accounts she made and then deleted because people were trying to dox her but I do remember her crying because her original Twitter acct was connected to her IRL world and she was worried people she knew would find out about what she was doing online. People didn't attack Tamara for no reason, she was blindly defending a predator and would dismiss any evidence shown to her. And she didn't go into hiding because of the toxicity, she stopped arguing with people on Twitter because it was annoying Onision that she took up 90% of his notifications with her petty bickering and he told her to cut her shit or he would block her (again.) She was almost as bad as that annoying Scottish kid OfficalTallVideos.

If you've changed then tell us why you're deleting posts.

No. 781374

Because she’s a dogfucker.

Woof woof

No. 781375

Those of us who watched the shit go down back then believe it. For those who weren't there, they're certain the ss are fake and that nothing happened because there's been no conviction. Doubt there will be now.

No. 781376

She's not worth giving any attention.

No. 781392

I agree with >>781376, not trying to mini mod, because I agree with you also, she's a mentally ill loser and a liar, But maybe she should be spoken about in the onionflakes thread/onion patreons thread.
I wouldn't even care if she was milky but she's just annoying at this point and she probably loves being mentioned on here. Plus everytime she gets mentioned, some weird anon who doesn't sage appears and I'm not saying it's her but they keep weirdly defending her.

No. 781398


lol calm down Gurgles. Go back to your cum-stained Spider-man sheets.(hi cow)

No. 781399

this is an image board back your claim up with at least a little evidence ffs.

No. 781401

Agree 100% anon, unless she gives any interesting info theres no point to anything she's doing to be posted here. Best to just keep calling her a dogfucker until she leaves us alone.

No. 781421

File: 1592764047965.jpg (51.82 KB, 600x450, D1LwvNa.jpg)

It's like every time someone says Tamara, he pops up.

No. 781429

>If there would ever be a Greg tranny saga it would not surprise me in the slightest.
Lol, I hope this happens.
I also hope his kids are going to be far removed from him by then, somehow.

No. 781430

I'm pretty sure in the more recent years he's pointed out that he would definitely have sex with several men. He said he didn't care what people thought, and after Kai came out as trans he said again that he was interested in men.

No. 781434

apparently he released a video of him riding a dildo. can't wait to see that shit posted here…

No. 781438


Only if someone edits it to have Funky Town playing in the next room.

No. 781442

Maybe he is a gay boy? Greg transitions his wife so they can be gay and miserable forever. Licking out Billie gave him a taste for females of the emo variety, but she domped him, then Biersack ditched him and Shane got a boyfriend! Now all he has is fake dicks to satisfy his wants unless there's a teenage girl out there that can fix him!!

No. 781444

I agree, I think the mods should start banning anyone who makes posts about her here. She has no milk so there's no point talking about her here.

No. 781446

No. 781450

I can.
No thx, have fun with this one guys.

No. 781452

File: 1592782697691.jpg (Spoiler Image,224.88 KB, 963x867, Screenshot_20200621-193749.jpg)

Look at this fat fuck waterhead with his horrific needle dick baby carrot.

No. 781454

File: 1592783669991.jpg (Spoiler Image,228.18 KB, 1000x563, laineyiscrying.jpg)

I always knew he was gonna have a pathetic end of "career" but I never thought it would be SO pathetic

No. 781456

Alright, where's the video?

No. 781457

I can't help but think he did this in the shower to mock Sarah. Also why is there gloves in the shower?

No. 781459

at least post the video to see if he takes it in entirely

No. 781460

No. 781461

he bought a small one

No. 781464

They're exfoliating gloves, same material as the Asian exfoliating cloths

No. 781472

I don't know how you all have the stomach for this, I really don't lol.

No. 781476

File: 1592796413742.png (187.74 KB, 902x578, social blade.png)

He's still making money from yt. He's got a slew of channels with old content that's being watched/re-watched. Socialblade puts monthly earnings of his main channel between $473-7k and that's just ONE of his many channels. I'm sure he's still relying on yt shekels to pay the bills.

I've seen people say he makes good money on his OF because he averages 30k+ likes, but as with YT likes can be bought. No fucking way 30k real human beings are liking this absolute aids.

No. 781482

The funny thing is I'm sure he photo shopped this and it still looks small and weird.

No. 781485

He gets 500 + likes per post so he has at least 500 people subscribed to his profile, the number of likes on his profile are just the cumulative likes on all his posts, id round up to about 600 fans and most of those were at 5 dollar subscription rate so that's at least 3k if all those people stay signed up next month when the discount wears off thats over 7k not including the 100+ in tips on his pictures

No. 781488

He might be buying likes

No. 781489

That's thanks to morges, alizee, inabber and other idiots who give him free advertisement by making videos about his onlyfans. If no one made videos he'd be making not even 2/3 if that amount

No. 781503


You need to look somewhat presentable to even be a greeter. Customers will leave if they see a greasy redish grumpy pedo sitting near the entrance of your shop. No i think the only options for him are toilet or sewer cleaner where no one can see him.

No. 781506

>if all those people stay signed up next month when the discount wears off
Yeah he offers discounts and free trials daily, it'll be interesting to see how many stay on.

I must've misheard that 30k figure, 3k is still a lot though. Can any of the leakers responsible for posting his horrific nudes please confirm -with a pic- how much $ he's bringing in or how much engagement he gets on his OF?

No. 781512

File: 1592828041796.jpeg (549.25 KB, 2048x1364, A995F539-E9FC-47D7-834A-B6E71D…)

No. 781516

File: 1592831602243.jpg (24.33 KB, 408x388, cancer.jpg)

Ah if only Susan Wojcicki would do her fucking job and ban this sperge to the depts of hell already.

Say "poop" in comments twice you get banned, be an absolute cancer on the platform and make good money. Welcome to Susan's Youtube.

No. 781519

No. 781520

Early June poll had just over 1000 votes. So at least 1000. His latest poll only has 600 ish.. he’s making at least $5k per month this month. But not many people are going to pay full price next month that’s for sure.

That’s not even that much considering he was earning more than that on Patreon last year for doing things that didn’t destroy his future and humiliate his family and kids.

No. 781582

wrong thread, i know, but what happened to lainey? does anyone have any idea?

No. 781585

This has been gone over many times.
No-one knows for sure, but the most popular theory is that she's still living with Greg and the kids and is most likely never returning to the internet. There's been no mention of her from Greg/paypigs/videos so I mean she could have left and taken the kids to her parents but knowing her codependant nature, it's doubtful.

In conclusion, no-one knows but she's probably still at the swamp shack.

No. 781619

that was so simple yet so funny

No. 781622

This is the most unsexy thing I've ever seen

No. 781641

The last we actually heard about her was from Onion last year. In one of his discords around October-November he said she was seeing a therapist and on antidepressants (correct me if I'm wrong please).

Other than that, ghost.

No. 781649

New video posted on the other farms. Jimmy's anally abusing that poor dildo again.
Warning: it's more disgusting than the first one.

No. 781650

kek. If only he were working there we could use this as a thread pic.

No. 781654

File: 1592875457582.jpg (367.26 KB, 1410x1876, Annotation 2020-06-22 171933.j…)

how long until he troons out completely
would give him a great excuse to not be attacked anymore bc he'd just cry transphobia

No. 781657

Creepy. I wonder how many filters he used for this.

No. 781663

>greasy redish grumpy pedo
This and yet somehow someone's thirsty enough to pay for it. we live in a society. I will say I'm kinda tired of all the free promo he's getting here. I know some anons want to point and laugh but how many close ups of his anus do we need?

No. 781664

It's been said before but she's only doing what she's told. She doesn't run things, it's the old white men she's working for. She's the PR lady, the face.

It's curious how many people have been kicked off/had their channels deleted for a lot less than what Greg's done. There's no arguing he's abused his platform (with what used to be a sizable audience) multiple times.

No. 781691

Didn’t the guy who falsely confessed to killing JonBenet Ramsay in like 2006 did that? He was also a predator as well.

It’d be funny to watch the Twitter crowd go “Onision maybe a dangerous predator who preys on underage girls and is very abusive to his spouse BUT DON’T MISGENDER HER!”

No. 781693

File: 1592888118684.png (46.06 KB, 604x319, 0456323.PNG)

The Twitterfags have been doing that with Lainey since the beginning of this shit show.

No. 781699

This is so dark. Like it’s not even funny anymore, it’s just sad and straight up disturbing. I feel so bad for his kids that I can’t even watch anymore. They’re gonna be so messed up and it’ll all be Greg and Lainey’s fault.

No. 781705

File: 1592899735620.jpg (43.4 KB, 380x230, 143.jpg)

You're right. John Mark Karr would cross dress and used the only filters available to him back in the early 2000's to make himself into a not so attractive female. His final form is bottom row far right.

No. 781713


Burned my retinas but saw what we already knew, that he cannot produce anything remotely sexy or erotic and also cannot ride the D for shit

No. 781715

File: 1592906883930.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.38 KB, 600x449, 1qezfq.jpg)

>it’s not even funny anymore
>Burned my retinas
This thread is cursed.

No. 781718

I don't think Gurgles is actually gay, I think he's so frustrated by not getting teenage puss that he'd fuck literally anything that moves, man, woman, whatever.

No. 781724

File: 1592913357309.png (479.28 KB, 877x679, crazytami_tamara.PNG)

Crazy Tami's website was linked on kf and I realized some weird similarities between her and Tamara. https://www.revampshebang.com
They both have the same name, Tamara has even mentioned she hates that she shares a moniker with his crazy mom. They both overuse that cartoon avatar all the kids were using on FB back in 2012, but the two Tam-Tam's always seem to be stuck a decade behind when it comes to whats fashionable or chic. They both have the middle aged Karen haircut with glasses look. And Tamara has mentioned she always felt like Greg was a little brother or son to her. Was someone envious of his Oedipal relationship with mommy? I know I'm delving into Alex Jones territory.

No. 781733

Posts about dog fucker should go in the antio-o flakes thread in snow

No. 781739

God that always looks like a third nipple to me

No. 781750

Look at how much this asshole poses like a woman, look at how he even photoshopped himself with a vagina.

I stick to my earlier statements from years ago, he wants to become a teenage girl.

No. 781791

We're getting closer and closer 2 his ultimate form. Super Saiyan Horror Cow 3.

No. 781799

Kind of behind, was there a reason for the weird depression/killing Jaclyn Glenn fans vid or was it another weird random rant as onion descends further into insanity?
Vid for context:

No. 781804

File: 1592955695150.jpeg (Spoiler Image,405.81 KB, 732x640, 111B208C-8214-472F-B9C1-9B50CC…)

Onion boy? More like cat boy! UwU

No. 781805

Samefagging to say
>that gut

No. 781808

File: 1592956963410.png (704.61 KB, 876x514, Gig Harbor.PNG)

Behind him is the sliding glass doors, a 1/2 dividing wall and the blender on the counter. He's on the couch in their living room. So he's no longer locked away in the garage or bathroom taking photos/videos of himself posing and shoving dildos his ass. I know it was tinfoil but this makes me think that Lainey and the kids actually have left. I've felt this way since I noticed in his most recent photoshoots you can see in the background none of the doors are closed. If the kids were home and he was worried about them accidentally walking in he'd have them closed and locked.

No. 781810

He had sex with his kids on/around the bed. I don't think he cares about leaving the doors open, honestly.

But let's hope she did leave with the kids.

No. 781813

He's a stickler for the law and he would probably tell CPS that the kids "accidentally" walked in on them having sex or that the kids were asleep in the same room/bed and were unaware what was going on. But there's no way he could explain away posing nude and using his dildo for his new "porn career" while the kids are running around or watching from the kitchen table while eating their Frosted Flakes. I tried to find links to a story I read a couple of years ago, but I couldn't remember the names or specifics so I don't have ss or receipts. There were a group of transsexual cam models and an older man who streamed on Chaturbate. They gave their viewers a fantasy of Daddy Dom and his "little girls." One of the trans models had a child from an earlier relationship before she transitioned and that child lived at the home. The authorities were tipped off that the child was in danger. The child was not being sexually abused or on camera but the cops found out the kid had on multiple occasions been in the bedroom as they all performed on camera. The child was removed and 3 of them were arrested for child abuse and child endangerment. If Greg isn't careful the same people that cowtip with Animal Control, Police and CPS may start calling about his new career and the welfare of his children being in the same home that content is being made and distributed from.

No. 781814

Don't delude yourself. Doormat will never leave.

No. 781815

Maybe Greg murdered Lainey AND the kids.

I really hope that they got a divorce and Greg's poor toddlers aren't gonna walk into the bathroom to find daddy shoving dildos up his ass for money. Although I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't sperg all over Discord if Lainey left him and they were getting a divorce.

No. 781818

I noticed what you did with the doors in the background being open, but >>781810 also makes a good point. I do get the sense he's alone in the house, though I could be wrong. For the kids sake I hope you're right.

>I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't sperg all over Discord if Lainey left him
That or make a video about it and post it to youtube.

No. 781819

>If Greg isn't careful
He's said many times he doesn't care about right or wrong, only what's legal. He's always stayed just within the legal limit. Someone's gonna cowtip eventually though.

No. 781825

I'm guessing Lainey and the kids are making their yearly visit to her parents house in New Mexico.

No. 781827

You're absolutely right. And the best milk hes brought to us is when he THINKS hes in the legal right. Like thinking it was okay because TurboTax showed green lights when he tried to write off his divorce and whole house for years. Or bulldozing the wetlands because he thought he owned the whole property including the buffer zone and could do what he wanted. I wish his knowledge of whats legal would have bit him in the ass when it came to underage girls and consent laws. Traveling to have sex with a girl under 18 should be considered sex-tourism, and yes some states have 16 as the legal age of consent but some states also have Romeo & Juliet Laws that only allow the age difference to be within 4 years. I know we're way past him being prosecuted for this but it would of been beautiful if he had that stupid smirk on his face thinking he toed that legal line and the feds came knocking because he didn't read the fine print about those consent laws. Once school starts back up Troy may let something slip about seeing his daddy doing funny things while naked and there wont be a need for Anti-O's to cowtip, the teachers and parents will be making the call to CPS and Pierce County Sheriffs.

No. 781828

Yeah, when he broke up with Sarah he couldn't keep his big mouth shut and made a ton of videos indirectly attacking her. He would have made some videos or at least some tweets indirectly attacking Foot too if she left, he has no self control when it comes to publicly humiliating his exes.

No. 781831

That was my thoughts too.
He's literally mentioned in videos that 'Lainey has told me she's leaving me if I talk about this' and said it to the kids on discord.
Even when he tried to not talk about the Sarah thing, I thought he wouldn't because it was months before he started sperging about it. He might be giving her special treatment at the moment but even then, he'll snap or something and end up blabbing. He's incapable of keeping anything relationship wise private.

No. 781833

You're right that he was making videos about people who smoke weed and have BPD but never mentioned Sarah's name. A way to jab at her without letting the public know what had happened.
He was able to keep the relationship and eventual break up with Sarah quiet for months until Ayalla tweeted about it. And he was able to not talk about specifics for months there after because he was afraid Lainey would divorce him. The top finally blew off the volcano and he made those 30 short videos giving all the details about him Lainey and Sarah. It shows he can keep quiet of a short period.
If Lainey has left its still in the early stages. He may be keeping quiet because he thinks there's still a chance of getting her back. Lovebombing her in private via texts or phone calls until she returns. Letting the public know that his wife left him and is asking for a divorce would be the worst thing for his ego. His family members, in-laws and people on the internet that told him his marriage wouldn't last will be smiling and taunting him with "I told you so." And Lainey would be the one who left him. His longest relationship and SHE broke up with HIM! It would ruin his track record, he'd be devastated. If he doesn't outright sperg about someone by name on Twitter or YouTube he will do things indirectly to fuck with them. Could his new found passion with posing like a uwu soft boi and shoving dildos up his ass be a way of pissing Lainey off? I know it sounds weird but its like that old idiom-
>Risking anal prolapse to spite your Footface.

No. 781835

File: 1592968461365.jpg (Spoiler Image,492.21 KB, 1612x2007, 592967779957.jpg)

Anons who are saying he's going to troon out are probably right.
This is disturbing on so many levels.

No. 781836

I can see him trooning out if Taylor left him and he isn't able to find new girls to abuse. He's so dependant on having a woman validate his ego, he'd become one rather than go without.
But I think Taylor's just at an extended vacation at her parent's house with the kids.

No. 781839

>He was able to keep the relationship and eventual break up with Sarah quiet for months until Ayalla tweeted about it.
That's because of the non legally binding google NDA he printed out and made Sarah sign to cover his ass because he knew what he did with Sarah was wrong.
>If he doesn't outright sperg about someone by name on Twitter or YouTube he will do things indirectly to fuck with them.

I don't know much he's still making on youtube but i find it hard to believe he'd be publicly reaming himself for cash if he didn't need the money.

No. 781840

File: 1592971024706.jpg (242.32 KB, 1600x1600, onision-sues-chris-hansen-repz…)

He edits his photos so much it doesn't look like him at all. His face looks more like Chris Evans than himself.
He takes off like 25 years from his face, I guess he gotta keep trying to appeal to teens somehow. It's genuinely pitiful.

No. 781846

He made another jerk off video and has moved from the shower to the living room. He literally cums on the carpet, no towel under him to catch the cottage cheese seed. Does that whole house smell like old cum and dirty ass? If Lainey is out of town visiting family she is going to have one hell of a clean up job when she returns. I added some sound effects for levity.


No. 781848

File: 1592979211307.jpeg (Spoiler Image,244.76 KB, 1125x1743, 48C4011A-5559-4D1B-9FCB-9DF1B1…)

The microdick is finally out of its cage. He’d been hiding it with angles and wide angle lenses but he slipped up In the last dildo video and revealed it in all its glory.(SPOILER THIS SHIT)

No. 781849

>If Lainey is out of town visiting family she is going to have one hell of a clean up job when she returns.

Implying her lazy ass would clean something. Their house always looked like a pigsty even when she was there.

No. 781850

File: 1592979362333.png (19.45 KB, 591x183, 6242020.PNG)

Did Sierra cry to him during one of their late night 1-on-1 pillow talk sessions that ppl are being mean about her current profession?

No. 781851

I laughed out loud at the effects.

Ew. All the old cum stains in the background too.
Lainey must actually be so repulsed by this stage.(emoji)

No. 781853


Lainey’s honestly probably glad. He may not even fuck her anymore, which by all accounts having sex with Grease is unpleasant or even painful given the lack of oral sex/getting wet and UTI history, not to mention how she tore and never healed properly since he insisted on sticking his baby carrot in her right after labor.


They aren’t toddlers anymore, though. Clot will be 4 this year, and Trot is going on 7. They’ll start to understand how fucked up their parents’ behavior is, if they haven’t already.

No. 781854

Spoiler this next time, that's disgusting.

No. 781855

>If Lainey has left it's still in the early stages
Oh, yeah. If I were Onion I'd be wary of Lainey's absence from the wetlands. I can totally imagine her asking her mom or sister for a place to crash under the guise of "if things aren't great with Greg" along with maybe throwing the hypothetical "if greg and I were gonna divorce" talk with her dad.
I almost pity Lainey, since now if she ever hookups with another guy post-greg her nasty snatch could easily infect another guy.
I know this little goblin would troon out for one of two gross reasons:
1. If no woman wants him he can jerk off to the idea of fucking the sexiest thing he can think of, himself.
2. He'd use it as a way to creep on lesbians so he can fuck them while still being a straight male. gags

No. 781897

>how she tore and never healed properly since he insisted on sticking his baby carrot in her right after labor

I've been trying to keep up w these threads since the start and that's news to me, is there a cap about this??

No. 781899

Remember that time she was mad he left sugar water on the kitchen table after a skit? Well cumming all over the living room carpet has to be worse to her, I wonder if there will be a fight or is she too numb/checked out at this point?

No. 781908

File: 1593021655855.jpeg (148.33 KB, 800x502, C99AAC62-8A10-499F-8C30-F82FD0…)

jesus fucking christ 2020 just keeps on giving

No. 781911

Has anyone considered that Greg is doing this as a sacrifice to Lainey for all his mis-doings? He is absolutely humiliating himself infront of all his enemies and family alike to take the heat off what Lainey did and all that hate she was getting. People are now either too disgusted to keep tabs on the Onions anymore, or are completely engaged in watching Greg degrade himself to the point of seeing his anal cavity. He is so brave.

No. 781912

It's been obvious he's been trolling which is why I haven't looked at one photo personally. Every time we say something here, he does it there. He even pops in here and we know he does. Everyone who did view his OF, got trolled hard as fuq imho. But if you enjoyed the photos or the videos in someway, good on you lmao.

And nah, I'm sure no one has considered he's doing this as a big white-knight act for krai or his kids because he doesn't care about them lol. his actions throughout the years have spoken loud about that. He's a retard, and so is everyone looking at his photos lol.

All he had to do was unplug his computer and people would have gotten bored in 6 months. But no, he has to shove things up his "anal cavity to be a hero" LMFAO. Seriously just laughed typing that sentence, don't think I've ever put those words close to each other.

No. 781920

If you are saying Greg is doing anything for anybody else, unless its to make them suffer, you don't know Greg. At all.

Everything Greg does is for Greg. Period. He doesn't give a shit about anyone and thats including (or even especially) Lainey and the kids.

No. 781923

Maybe it is a troll attempt, but if you eat shit as a joke you still ate shit nonetheless

No. 781925

He still took a dildo up his ass and flashed his smol bean for the whole internet to see

No. 781926


It's nothing so common as trolling.

Greg is a seriously sick fuck. He knows a lot of people like Alizee, Morges, their underage fans especially will look at him doing this shit and that gets him off.

He tweeted all that heinous sex shit straight after kid #2 fell out of the window on her head.

No. 781927

At this point for him to be "trolling" everyone would be unnecessary and truthfully embarrassing. He has to know that people are going to post his pictures and videos from his onlyfans.

No. 781930

Also, while Melon head can't feel emotions like embarrassment and acts cocky ASF, he ironically has a very low self-esteem which is obvious when he fishes for compliments and gets incredibly offended and whiny when a girl rejects him, calls him fat, or calls his dick ugly

No. 781933

It's obvious from the way he acts that he's self conscious about himself. He sits there and claims that he doesn't care what people say and then turns around and bitches about "drama" that mostly includes people making fun of him.

No. 781944

>It's been obvious he's been trolling which is why I haven't looked at one photo personally.
Same, and I agree. He feeds off of the attention, that's why he stuck with youtube for so long - he'll go back once OF dries up.

Greg is a huge degenerate who's not easily embarrassed - he's let the whole world see that he cums all over his carpet and never cleans it, it's mental. Him fucking himself in the ass was a troll to get mostly tards to watch and comment on it to get him more attention/$$. Some people thought he was going to escalate on OF but instead he's posting cheescake pics wearing cat ears. He's a massive troll.

No. 781948

Well said, I agree. That's why I feel bad for those who looked @ his OF for sour milk lol.

No. 781950

That's the thing people don't understand; Onion literally is mentally sick, he's becoming a horrorcow imho lmao. This is his form of trolling, this is not how your typical or semi-normal person, would think when it comes to trolling, reality or anything lol.

But there was a lot of foreshadowing with this OF thing. For months he was swearing all his "trolls and haters" wanted to fuck him; it was the only logical answer he could come up with in his sick, oversexualized brain as to why people were "ruining his career", when in reality, he was doing that to himself. Then he started tweeting those disturbing dom & sexual tweets. That was a small taste. Everyone reacted as expected; like his month of outrage videos, he got plenty of attention and his tweets were spread all over the internet. Now he's giving everyone the full ice cream cone - you wanted it, so you got it (that's his twisted logic, anyway), and he's getting your money while he's at it too.

Yes, even a semi-normal person wouldn't troll like this. But this is Onion we're talking about lol. He has no shame. He truly is a narc who feeds off of any kind of attention and having the "upper hand" in life, or so he (has to) feel. He loves feeling like he's in control - he's willing to shove things in his anal cavity to convince himself he has this all under wraps lol. That's how sick he is.

No. 781959

File: 1593044643137.png (Spoiler Image,228.97 KB, 536x372, at least he didnt get it in hi…)

>he's trolling u guise by shoving dildos up his ass and cumming on his carpet and not cleaning it up, lolz u guise got played!

I don't think you understand how trolling works.

No. 781965

Yeah, he would eat shit and post it to the internet and not care about the "fallout" because that's how he is. His goal is attention and trolling.

No. 781967

You are 100% right about the attention whoring, but that's not trolling. Unless you mean its trolling in Gregs warped mind only. "haha I made you look at me eat shit I trolled you!"

No. 781968

>he was swearing all his "trolls and haters" wanted to fuck him
>you wanted it, so you got it
That's why i don't understand anyone here/on Kiwi obsessing over his OF leaks. They're being trolled and I bet it makes him feel superior while he puts objects up his butt for attention. That's how he is.

No. 781969

>Unless you mean its trolling in Gregs warped mind only.

No. 781971

>I bet it makes him feel superior while he puts objects up his butt for attention
That is one of the funniest sentences Ive read here all week. He can feel however he wants, its not going to stop us from bringing it to a larger audience and mocking him. we all know he has a warped sense of reality, like how his hate videos somehow forced Eugenia to get help.

When Greg starts doing some dumb shit and everyone laughs and talks about it there are these small voices that start piping up that hes only doing it for attention, hes trolling us, we should ignore him. If we never talked about the stupid shit he does then there wouldn't be a reason for this site. I have to ask one question to these people. Why are you on lolcow if you think we should just ignore everything he does and not give him an ounce of attention.

No. 781985

to add on to that, I seriously doubt waterbrain greg views any of this onlyfans shit as trolling. The only thing in his life that he even takes remotely seriously is his sex-life. Saying his pants-on-head-tier life choices are all just his version of 4D chessing the "haters" is giving him way too much credit.

No. 781990

File: 1593057977446.jpg (42.26 KB, 520x418, 52-.jpg)

Old news but I just saw a mountain of screenshots drop on the other farm and a couple caught my eye. Having inattentive parents that allowed her to fall out a 2nd story window and crack her skull is bad enough, but I fear that as the boy grows older that little girl is going to be in even more danger. I hate saying this but is Lainey positive that the boy was sitting in the living room watching TV the whole time and didn't go into the girls bedroom and have something to do with the accident?

No. 781992

Blasian and Tamara are finally giving their interview. Why am I not surprised its Billy the Fridge. Softball questions being flung everywhere.

No. 781994


I guess Tamara claimed she had some inside info about the Sam situation on the other farms, but everything she had said on this stream is stuff we already covered here.

No. 781997

Tamara said that a sex worker is attempting to be in a relationship with Greg and Lainey. So she basically outed Sierra FiveHead. But I'm learning that Tamara knows about as much as anyone who's read the last two threads.

No. 781998

her posts on twitter have made that obvious.

The fact that he didnt ban her means he's into the idea

No. 781999

Wasn't it already confirmed Troy has anger/behavioral issues? (no thanks to a certain grease monster) If anything, I wouldn't be surprised if their son has been hitting on that poor girl whenever he's frustrated with her. Leading parents of the year to have them play separately in different rooms because their son doesn't know how to play or get along with the little one.

No. 782000


I’m sorry but can you guys clarify who exactly is being trolled? Because the only ones I’m seeing being trolled are his kids.

He’s literally like that “haha I was only ACTING retarded” meme. A bunch of girls laughing at greg laying on the floor trying to give of Belle Delphine realness or at how absolutely disgusting his penis is aren’t the ones that are being trolled. Not even the people who accidentally come across the leaks, that’s at most saying the flasher on the street totally trolled you!! Trolling is supposed to cause some major reaction, not bored quarantined people shit talking. And just because Greg perceives something as this or that doesn’t mean a sane person has to obliged to his delusion. In his mind anal wasn’t cheating does that mean he didn’t cheat? No, normal people aren’t gonna agree with him because Greg has no grasp of reality. So in the end he’s not trolling even if he himself believes it and at most the only trolling he has done is sabotaging his own kids life. They are the ones who will have to live with the fact that everyone can see their dad cum on their living room carpet with their backpacks visible in the background.

No. 782005

Poor Cloey probably already had brain damage even before she fell down the window

No. 782009

I hope this finally makes people stop speculating if those two retards have any milk or not (they don't) and stop giving attention to them

No. 782010

Could that explain why C is nonverbal? That argument Lainey and Greg had about him not wanting to talk to C because she wasn't talking yet happened a year or two before her cracking her skull. I wonder if T has been knocking poor C around for years and it did permanent damage.

No. 782011

I know this is Greg related but I couldn't give a shit less. This is where I draw the line.

No. 782027

Maya confirmed that Trot is autistic and C is non-verbal.

No. 782028

File: 1593090790751.jpg (994.99 KB, 1600x1200, gregfasion.jpg)

Is it any wonder when the doctor already advised Tami to have Greg aborted?

No. 782033

This. Hard agree.
The people saying omg let him fade into obscurity and are freaking out his leaked nudes are going to make him more famous or affecting anybody are idiots. I understand not wanting to look at them or finding the dick insults old, but there's absolutely no dignity in what he's doing, even if he's making cash at the moment, he'll get boring and content creators will stop buying his shit and he'll be left with the dregs.
He's not 'trolling' anyone.

No. 782041

Greg is extremely easily embarrassed. It's why he has no adult friends. Why he lives a reclusive fucked up life. Doesn't leave the house without a disguise and phones the police for anyone that gives him a dirty look. He's a terrified little faggot. He poses like an underaged female whore for his OF and that's him trolling us? What's the joke? Is the joke looking at his deformed body? Is the joke seeing his tiny penis? Is the joke that after a decade of trying to make himself something on youtube he now does very bad amateur porn? When is it that he's suppose to troll us? Gaining attention as an attention seeker isn't trolling. It's not winning. That's the thing with narcs and attention seekers, they think any attention is good. Yet with Onion being a fucking clown and having so many people know about him, how come he can't bridge that gap and make friends with anyone? Or why hasn't he been able to collab with anyone decent in the last 7 years on youtube? why has he failed so fucking much at so fucking much? Because he is an embarrassing joke. He even deleted his fucking discords cause he coudln't control his youtube fans from making fun of his new porn career. He's a faggot. It's the equivalent of him trying to find a new lunch table to sit at in the cafeteria but the bitter irony is that no one even liked Greg in highschool. He's been like this for years.

No. 782042

C fell out of T's room. I wouldn't be surprised if the cover up was that T pushed C out of his bedroom window and Lainey was content letting T watch C while she played on her phone as their frozen meal heated up in the oven.

No. 782043

Greg's mom was told he would be autistic when he was born, and was told to abort, plus he had an enlarged head and was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck

I think he carries a gene

No. 782051

Kids just talk at different ages, this speculation has always been dumb to me. Its not really abnormal for some kids not to talk correctly until 4 even just different development rates, it doesn't even necessarily mean there's anything wrong with her, though that may not be the case since the window incident happened

No. 782053

Anon, if a child isn't talking by 3 something is wrong. It's definitely not common or normal for a neurotypical child to not be speaking at that she.
Most children start speaking and move on from babbles by the time they're 2, simple sentences by 2-3, and should have mostly understandable speech by 3-4 (though of course there's variation to how articulate they are by this age)
A child that's completely non verbal at 3+ is 100% a sign that something is wrong. If not a developmental or intellectual disorder, it is usually caused by severe trauma, neglect or abuse.

Some Autistic children can suddenly regress and become non-verbal. One example is Chris-Chan who has Autism and supposedly became non-verbal for a few years when his baby sitter locked him in a room/closet with the lights off.

No. 782056

File: 1593107055524.png (2.36 KB, 244x226, 1348764844816.png)

>He poses like an underaged female whore for his OF and that's him trolling us?

This is what I'm saying. Just because Gruglet convinces HIMSELF that he is trolling us when we laugh at his sad stumpy pecker or any of his full blown aids extravaganza on OF doesn't make it true kek.

No. 782066

File: 1593114030376.jpg (65.25 KB, 604x650, onlyfans.JPG)

Greg keeps posting these I guess to make it seem like he is popular and desired, but all the comments are from the same person that has a newly created account 100% dedicated to Greg and retweeting Greg's posts.
The other farms thinks it's a Greg sock but it sounds like a bad troll to me. Or an old creeper masquerading as a young girl. But probably the former. Who else would go through the effort to create a new twitter account just for this?

No. 782077

We already established a long time ago that Greg uses systems like qqtube and what not to buy likes and comments. Its very tragic when you think that he's typing these tweets knowing full well that all of them are a lie.
Also funnily there are talks in governments all over the world trying to do something about such services:
I know its different between buying an electronic kettle and getting good reviews while the kettle is shit, and greg's tiny dinky, but I reckon when such a law gets passed companies like qqtube and what not might need to shut their doors forever, and that will definitely hurt somebody like greg.
he'd need to run his own sock puppets again like he did at the beginning of his "career".
Ironic when you think about him posing as a pornstar these days and sucking his own cock metaphorically with these bought sock puppets.

No. 782087

He’s sucking a sparkly dildo off in his newest onlyfans video

No. 782088

File: 1593124989503.jpeg (Spoiler Image,583.52 KB, 1394x1028, A68A29A0-496F-490A-AD78-918F2B…)

Is it really that difficult to apologize to the women you’ve abused Greg, that you’ve resorted to this? This isn’t trolling. This is deranged.

No. 782089

>its not going to stop us from bringing it to a larger audience and mocking him
Ok. My point is obsessing over his OF the way some people do (especially on here and Kiwi) is weird. Anon here >>781950 said it all. I never said "ignore everything he does".

>pants-on-head-tier life choices
lol fair enough.

No. 782090

Hope Sierra enjoys that disgusting cumstained carpet.

No. 782092

That sparkly dildo is a favorite of camgirls, not that we needed anymore evidence of him watching them instead of spending time with his family

No. 782093

>Greg is extremely easily embarrassed. It's why he has no adult friends.
He's easily embarrassed, yet he's made several videos talking explicitly about his sex life, how Lainey refused to put a finger in his bum, made several spergout vids looking like this >>781840, etc. Yeah nah. He has no adult friends because he's autistic.

>He's a terrified little faggot.

>He's a faggot.
I don't disagree.

No. 782094

imo constantly sperging about his OF is just giving him free promo. Don't forget there are actual people paying for this shit, and yeah I'm sure some of them are trolls but not all of them. It's common knowledge he's a degenerate with a small dick, so what in his OF is surprising or at all milky? And since when did Greg care about dignity?

No. 782095

I think he has no shame but I agree with the other anon he IS easily embarrassed. It just depends on what it is. He should be embarrassed about all the shit he does but I think he only gets embarrassed when called out for it irl or directly. He doesnt get embarrassed about his videos because he avoids people calling him out on it.
I'd definitely say he's capable of embarrassment because he tries to make explanation videos later on and often gets mad or changes the subject when he gets exposed.

No. 782096

How is sperging about his OF on here free promo though? No-one here is actually going to pay for it.
In my opinion if anything 'sperging' about it here or on kiwi is good because all the photos and material are being leaked, hence less coins in his pocket.
The only ones who are doing damage are the shitty content creators who keep making those 'I paid for onisions onlyfans so you don't have to' and even then those people aren't going to renew their subscriptions after making one video. If we can't talk about him h humiliating himself on onlyfans, what else is there to poke fun at?

No. 782097

>I think he has no shame but I agree with the other anon he IS easily embarrassed.
If someone has no shame that means they're not easily embarrassed. Saying he's only embarrassed when he gets called out is silly, he's feeds off of any attention, positive or negative. If he didn't want something to be public he wouldn't make it public. Even a tard like Greg understands that being public opens you up to public scrutiny.

No. 782098

He has no shame in regurgitating sordid details about his life UNTIL he gets called out.
That's usually when he goes through periods of blocking/deleting comments/making things private.
Like I said there's only no shame until he gets called out or the heat gets too much. Then he feels the need to create his little echo chamber.

No. 782099

I have no idea how much of his OF is being leaked because I don't keep track of it. It's getting leaked everywhere, even on twitter, imo that's free promo and not just for his OF. It seems like you don't think other degenerates like Greg exist and are happy to pay for his shit.
>what else is there to poke fun at?
I'm sorry i don't know what to tell you lol.

No. 782100

Pretty much all of his content is leaked on Kiwi farms.
I never said there wasn't degenerates who wouldn't pay for it, there's probably a few, but a lot of them are probably trolls and content creators. I don't understand your logic of his stuff being leaked creating more demand because if it's leaked, it's literally free.

No. 782101

Oh, I so wish we could ask Tami about this whole thing. He really does have FAS facial characteristics, but also he was born with macrocephaly which is common for Autism and a few genetic disorders. If Tami ever came forward about everything, that'd be the highlight of all of this.
Maya was involved two years ago. Chloe is 4 now? I don't think a two year old could be ruled as "non-verbal" but I think obviously she was delayed.

Remember how they wanted to do Amniocentesis on Taylor when she was pregnant with Troy? They do that only in high-risk pregnancies or if the child is suspected to have a life-threatening or life-altering genetic disorder. Perhaps he also had macrocephaly, and other markers for issues.

No. 782104

File: 1593131703191.jpg (26.79 KB, 909x68, 2022091.jpg)

These posts from his "female fans" are 100% him using sock accts. A few months ago when his fans on discord would get sexual or talk about wanting to fuck him or be poly with him and Lainey he tweeted out that he doesn't want that kind of attention and they should stop or risk being banned. But now its okay for his OF subscribers to talk about sniffing his dick? I dont believe it.
He's using sock accts to compliment himself but the only ones who can see it are his very small group of OnlyFans subs. He had to figure out a way to show the comments that girls still want to fuck him to a bigger audience so he relays the sock-comments on his Twitter. This tells me that his subscribers on OF are low and hes not getting the amount of ego stroking he hoped for so hes having to tweet about how desirable he is so more people see it.

No. 782106

Agreed. She even sounds like him. I am on the same tinfoil that he's got sock puppet accounts and is trying to create hype.

No. 782107

i’m so confused about why or how any woman could view him as sexually dominant even after seeing his OF..like this dude is/was by no means an anal virgin. he’s a bottom.

No. 782110

I present another option: maybe some of these girls are seeing the money he's making and are sucking up to him in hopes of being the third.
Don't get me wrong, I still think he's making pennies compared to what he was making before, especially in his golden YT days, but someone who doesn't have a lot is going to see it as a golden opportunity regardless.
Like, come on
>perfect cock
that's so laughable. I couldn't even type that with a straight face.
I refuse to believe anyone actually thinks this way, unless they hate themselves or have some sort of a weird disgusting dick fetish.

No. 782111

That's because these so called 'women' don't exist.
When they hire strippers for bacholerette parties, the men are extremely fit and attractive like eye candy. A large percentage of male strippers tend to be homosexual men, but at least they are actually good looking and able to put on some sort of show.
A straight woman paying for content by Greg is like paying for a gay Mr Burns or something. There's nothing sexy about him or his body.

No. 782115

It appears his Instagram is gone currently. Can’t find it when I search it and I was never following it so I’m not blocked

No. 782118

I find it crazy that Tamara is 37. Her voice and the way she interacts with people legit sound like a teenager. I can see why someone that autistic would interact with Greg. It seemed like she was low key flirting with Billy or at least trying to make friends with him. It was all a bit pathetic.
The thing that confused me though was Blasian. She seems well spoken and a nice person. I really don't understand why she associates with these people. She doesn't seem as social inept as Tamara, I just don't get it.

No. 782120

>But now its okay for his OF subscribers to talk about sniffing his dick? I dont believe it.
I don't look at OF but isn't this common on there? I'm sure there are some socks and a lot of trolls but why wouldn't he allow that language considering the content? It makes sense.

No. 782122

DeOrio's streaming live with Onision.

No. 782126

samefag. Greg just said Sarah and Shiloh compete for the bullshit trophy. Shiloh's in a league of her own, comparing her with Sarah is one of the biggest fucking reaches I've ever heard.

Looks like he's just going to use this to play the victim while saying how he's never wrong about anything. Nic (the host) is trying to reign him in a bit i think.

No. 782130

I saw he posted a new YouTube video, does anyone have a mirror?

No. 782131

sorry to samefag all to hell but Greg's literally trying to manipulate deOrio right now lol

No. 782132

samefag. Steam just ended. Epic 10mins. Nic kicked him off. LOL

No. 782133

Fuck this was AMAZINGG. Grease said the nudes Footface sent to Sarah were just an "accident" and that she didn't realize her tits and pussy were on frame. Nick eventually got tired of Grease's bullshit and kicked him out, Grease started crying "censorship" in the comments like a little baby hahaha

No. 782134

Nic is the ONLY person I've seen (other than the killstream dudes) not let Greg walk all over them. I don't know if nic will upload it but i hope he does. Good for him not taking Greg's bullshit.

No. 782136

Greg was trying to sway Nics opinions by saying he didn't know what context those photos where sent. He basically admitted they where nudes and you could see her vag but defended it by saying it wasn't sexual and what about nude beaches and NC-17 movies!

When Greg realized his argument wasn't getting no where Greg started bringing up all his ex's and trying to play a victim but Nic wasn't about to play that game. I don't care for the guy but I'm glad that he didn't put up with Grug's deflecting.

No. 782137

lmao so he just sold his wife out.

There is a difference between us speculating and proving something in the court of law. State would have had to prove it was actually lainey that sent the pictures (as opposed to say sarah lying/greg doing it/ etc. Now greg has gone on actual record saying it was actually lainey and she purposefully sent the images, now she has zero plausible deniability which she actually still had up until an hour ago. nice one greg.

No. 782138

File: 1593142268113.jpg (76 KB, 867x1277, EbaFosmXQAEOH1a.jpg)


Nic's response to Greg.

I'm canceling Nic for his bad spelling

No. 782139

Greg is live streaming because it hurt his feelings that Nic didn't roll over and let him go full manbaby. Now he's gotta try to push the narrative that he's a poor victim.(direct link)

No. 782140

does someone have a mirror

No. 782142

>The last
Sure. Just like he wasn't going to go back to discord and ended up doing just that because he was so ass sore after Nic gave him the boot.

No. 782143

It's still live. I can mirror once he's done spurging. He's only got about 200 watching so I rather not boost his ego. It seems like he's just allowing people that are willing to stroke his ego because god forbid anyone question him.

No. 782144

File: 1593143013830.png (159.44 KB, 403x499, lmao.png)

Geez Greg just grow a vagina already.

No. 782145

He repeated the drug story like 200 times already, no one wants to listen to him talking about it in a livestream more 20 times, WE FUCKING GET IT. No wonder Nick was pissed

No. 782146

Lainey's still there. He said that "he's spending more time with his family and that everyone's happier now when he's not working so much".

No. 782147

he's capable of lying and putting out misinfo

No. 782148

who are these people in his chat with him?

No. 782149

oh man greg is sperging hardcore and everyone on there is making fun of him this must be horrible for his ego

No. 782150

He talks about Shiloh like he's not just as awful as she is, it's hilarious. No self awareness. He's never going to change.

No. 782151

I'm sure he's busy spending time with his family and not leaving cumstains all over his carpet masturbating 8+ times a day.

Where was he when C fell out of the window? Spending time with his family my ass.

No. 782152

Nick is going to reupload it thank God. Grease incriminated himself and Footface massively in that one

No. 782153

This is why I really want Lainey to leave him. Not for her sake, she sucks, but because he is so smug about his relationships and how he is always the one to end them. I think Lainey finally pulling the plug would be a big blow to his ego. And despite what he thinks, I don't think he'd be very successful in finding another long term relationship. He'd be alone and desperate and I think that's the best thing that could happen to him.

No. 782154

He literally said it was just a "nip slip". When Nick brought up it was much more than that he started deflecting hardcore and it made things even worse. Dude threw his ugly wife under the bus and shot himself in the foot at the same time

No. 782156

I wouldn't bother with this livestream. He's putting on what he thinks is a cool voice and talking to his retarded paypigs. He's only talking about past events in which he stopped talking to people. Very boring. Nothing new. He said he'd rather wank off for money than flip burgers for fat people and one of his faggy 14 year old male sounding pay pig went "he's got a point!" Most of his fans will age out of him by the end of Summer

No. 782157

File: 1593144568232.jpeg (41.76 KB, 536x330, 27229B47-BFF7-49DC-BCEB-F265C1…)

No. 782158


other than skye the only relationships he's ever had was because he was a big famous youtuber. shiloh, lainey, billie, sarah. now he lives in a swamp shack and puts sparkly dildos up his ass. No more 17 year olds for him. So yeah I agree, it's lainey or bust for him.

No. 782159

I am curious how many of these people we hear in these chats actually stick around. We always hear about the 3-4 like McFly (and formerly Blasian/tamara) that have been there for a while but is there really anyone else?

No. 782161

He's been as sublty as he can, been throwing his wife under the bus. He did it during cuddlegate blaming her for the breakdown of the marriage. He's been doing it to her now. He's been blaming Lainey for Cloey falling out the window "I put fault with the parent that should have been watching her." He's been using her from the start as the fall guy by doing all the nude exchanges.

No. 782162

I give props to Nic for countering Greg on the spot. Greg tried to compare Lainey sending nudes to minors with people going to nude beaches. fucking wow.

No. 782165

There's an english one my age Cat which is extremely embarrassing for her. I'm nearly 30 and she is a parent. And she flirts with Onion and pays him compliments a lot. Very cringe. The older girls always try to do damage control and rise above people that call out their CuckKing James. The older ones are either autistic or desperate single mothers dying to let their kids be neglected for some Onion bucks, yet they'll invest their benefits into the Onion fanclub first. Twats.

No. 782166

File: 1593145006847.png (54.72 KB, 1184x375, onlyfans.png)

That's pretty funny because it looks like he's trying to move in another person to fuck, but it's okay because he 'has' to do it for onlyfans.

No. 782167

Lol, we fucking called it. "It's not cheating, Lainey, it's work!!"

No. 782168

he is so fucking predictable. I swear we know every move he makes a year out in advance. just like I knew he'd fuck sarah all the way back in 2016. He actually thinks he's clever, he has no clue how transparent and obvious he is.

No. 782170

>I do hope to have another man or woman in my future
No fucking way he'll bring in a man unless he dresses him like Andy Biersack. And btw, why can't we have more of these kinds of leaks instead of his nasty ass nudes?

No. 782171

I think the “man” means KaiLaineyTaylor.

No. 782172

here's his sperg

No. 782176

he STILL thinks he showed proof of Sarah admitting to sexually extorting him.


No. 782177

it is INFURIATING that no one is ever capable of correcting Greg on his definition of grooming. I am disappointed when he said "You know the definition of grooming is fucking a minor, right?" that this Nick dude just says "Yeah"


No. 782178

Yeah Nic messed up there. Oh well. Hopefully someone will school him on it.

No. 782179

Why will no one fucking ask James why the fuck Sarah had to blackmail them into signing an NDA?? Wasn't it James that wanted her to sign the NDA??? He got her to barter herself to sign an NDA. He killed two birds with one stone. He got to fuck Sarah and she signed a fucking NDA that was suppose to make her not tell anyone that James fucked her!! If Kai broke down trauma crying it's because her husband made her have a threesome with the girls she 'fostered'. Mental!

No. 782180

He forgot to mention when Sarah "raped" Kai he was there with them and did nothing to stop Sarah. He even helped in the "rape"

No. 782181

IIRC he did mention this in either one of his 5billion videos or the weird ass livestreams he did after, but his reasoning made no sense.. he kept going back and forth about it and contradicting himself. One minute he claimed he was "fine" with sleeping with sarah, but if he knew Kai wasn't why the hell would he go through with it? And he claimed that Sarah had no dirt on him that he was worried about, but that he made her sign the NDA so she wouldn't run off and tell lies about him.

Pretty sure Sarah said she signed that NDA after their first sexual encounter, but i'm not sure where she said that so I cant confirm.

No. 782183

File: 1593147590966.jpg (165.03 KB, 1080x1098, rZMukzb.jpg)

saw this on reddit. onisions account was nuked for TOS violations. I wonder if they will allow it to come back or not

No. 782185

Is his www.instagram.com/onisionprime/ account going down next? I would love this to be the 3rd domino in a line of accounts lost.
Patreon - Onision IG - OnisionPrime IG - OnlyFans - all YouTube Channels

No. 782186

File: 1593148275046.png (14.97 KB, 382x179, 7685611.PNG)

Is the full Onision interview only 19 minutes? I didn't get to watch the stream live. Did Nic censor anything out? I saw a few tweets where people were laughing that Onision kept trying to call Nic back but I didnt hear any of that after Nic booted him.

No. 782187

The entire video is Onision lynching himself, and now he's mad at Nic because Nic wouldn't suck his cock and eat his shit. All his usual manipulation and moving the goal posts failed. I cri everytime

No. 782188

I like how he always goes on about how "right" he is about everyone, but that's not fucking hard when he talks shit about everyone he comes into contact with.

No. 782189

File: 1593149345809.png (18.81 KB, 437x360, shit.PNG)

Anyone know what triggered this spergout? He was already pissed before the Nicholas DeOrio interview. He made a short video 6 hours ago rehashing how Sarah raped him and Lainey and going after YT drama commentators making money off victims and not being truthful. Repzion, Repzilla, Blaire White, Edwins Generation, Chris Hansen.

Was he pissed that someone got his main Onision Instagram suspended and directed his anger at the usual suspects? The timeline matches up. >>782115

No. 782192

Either it was his instagram deletion making him rage OR he felt the need to come tell everyone how right he is now that Shane is getting called out again.

No. 782194

Perhaps Luxy triggered him by saying Sarah's happy.

No. 782195

File: 1593153508645.png (566.02 KB, 1370x1028, ihavealittlemoretosay.png)

The video is pretty short. First half is his usual
>Sarah raped us!
>Sarah stole your money!
and the second half is railing against Repzion-Repzilla-Blaire-Hansen.
You can tell when hes really triggered because half the video are those banner-cards with walls of text. I can just see him editing the video and wanting to say more so he adds these. Its like having an argument and thinking up a good comeback hours later.

I never know if whats triggered him happened in his real life, online or those odd epiphanies he has after a bad nightmare or during his shower.

No. 782202



No. 782203

File: 1593158093288.jpg (167.96 KB, 496x850, Anal Rapture.jpg)

His latest photo set and overused filters looks like a romance novel cover.

No. 782206

….."you plot to commit federal crimes related to green card abuse" What

No. 782208

lol I didn't even notice that and I made that collage. When did green card fraud get mixed up in this? Is this going to be added to the list of crimes, felonies and misdemeanors Sarah has committed? Did Greg JUST remember this NOW!? Maybe he was flustered and was actually talking about Edwin and Mina. I know haters say they're playing fast and loose with the green card laws or work visas. If he was speaking about Sarah I actually want to know how this crazy idea plays out in his head.

No. 782214

I assume he's talking about Shiloh. Isn't she Canadian?

No. 782215

File: 1593162879973.jpg (93.97 KB, 1152x2048, EEgzDpwXkAALKdy.jpg)

Onion went full retard when he called pic related a fucking "nip slip" - does this pic look like an accident to you? I think he's just losing what's left of his sanity at this point.

No. 782216

I think you're right. It just threw me off because he put that accusation in a tirade against Sarah. Sometimes I think his brain is broken and he cant keep stories (lies) straight.

No. 782218

Her shirt unbuttoned itself without her noticing right before she took the picture, clearly an accident!

No. 782219

It was in the DeOrio interview at the 7:00 mark. Greg says that Sarah told him and Lainey
>My mom was trying to set me up with a guy to get a greencard. He was going to pay me a monthly fee to basically be my husband.
I find it suspicious that Greg just remembered this federal crime Sarah committed.

No. 782221

Kudos that Nicholas didn't let Greg fully walk all over him like Keemstar did. And kicking him out of the call mid sentence was glorious. But I found it funny that letting Greg talk about his victims mental illness, that they were rapists and criminals was troubling to Nic but not worthy of kicking Greg. But making fun of fat people is when Greg went too far.
>her record label wanted her to lose weight because they hate fat people or some stupid shit like… [disconnected]
I think Greg touched a raw nerve with Pugsley DeOreo.

No. 782224

If I didn't know that Greg's head is ginormous, I'd take it as badly photoshopped.
This literally belongs on a cover of a magazine about dwarfism. kek

No. 782225


Did anyone notice that this person (who is most likely a sockpuppet) wants to smell the Onion dick, but also according to Onion in the DeOrio stream, Sarah forced herself upon Onion by leaning down to smell his dick.

Onion is obsessed with his dick being sniffed.

No. 782227

I noticed the dick sniffing thing too lol and immediately thought of the sock puppet. It's so stupid he even says that about Sarah because it would have been just her trying to get his attention by putting her head in his clothed lap while he was at the computer or something, like when girls hang off their boyfriends in a silly manner and he keeps acting like it was her trying to signal she was staring/sniffing his dick for a blow job. For someone who is obsessed with using 'hugging'as a form of juvenile flirting, he can't even tell what she was doing.

No. 782229

This is something that I wish people would stop glossing over when they talk to him about this whole mess. He constantly tries to paint Lainey as an unwilling participant because she starfished it and didn't enjoy it. He keeps saying Sarah is a rapist but by that logic he's a fucking rapist too. Not only that, but in the older video apparently Lainey put her udder in Sarah's mouth. He doesn't even say 'Sarah tried to suck on Lainey's breast, he said Lainey put her breast in Sarah's mouth. Doesnt sound like someone who got raped.

No. 782230

File: 1593171375759.png (261.89 KB, 596x671, 1EXZLOx0U0A.png)

Nicholas really grilled Onision on the nudes sent to Sarah because he saw them. Sarah showed them on her phone to Nicholas through Edwin.
I applaud Nic for not falling for Gregs tricks. Greg asked him "did you see the picture uncensored?" and Nic said "was it not there?" I just know that if Nic had said "yes I saw the uncensored photos" then Greg would of flipped it and try to say Nic is somehow part of the revenge porn situation and hes a monster for looking at his spouses nudes without her consent. Same thing he did to Blasian and his ugly dick pics. She was involved in the "piracy" because she happened to see the leaks.

No. 782231

File: 1593171476411.png (98.03 KB, 611x608, 2EXZLOx3VcAA.png)

Nicholas DeOrio knows the truth because he has seen the nudes on Sarahs phone and knows for a fact they were sent when Sarah was underage.
>there was a date and each message had a timestamp
Nicholas tried to not so subtly tell Onision that Lainey is frantically making up stories so she wont go to jail.
>dude I think somebody's lying to you. I think that's what you were told maybe. If there was a naked picture sent to a minor it doesn't matter what the context was that's a naked picture sent to a minor you're not gonna win that argument.

No. 782232


I'm hoping Nick can do an interview with Onion, he would do a lot better than most people who try to debate him

No. 782233

Like a full interview? I hope he doesn't. In fact, I hope no one does.
It would only bring him attention again.

No. 782235

tbh seeing how Greg dug the hole deeper and threw Lainey under a fucking semi-truck in just under 20 minutes with the DeOrio "interview" Id like to see how Edwin takes control of an Onision interview. Hes calm, doesn't allow the person to speak over him, and he knows all the word games/mind tricks Onision likes to play and knows how to counter them. But you're probably right having Edwin spin him around isn't worth the attention Greg would get from another YT commentator interview.

No. 782237


>If there was a naked picture sent to a minor it doesn't matter what the context was that's a naked picture sent to a minor you're not gonna win that argument.

You're not wrong at all. It remains to be seen how much trouble some early 20s chick (because she is a chick for this situation) sending a pic with her titty out to a what, 16 or 17 year old? I think the fact they deliberately only say 'minor' means 17 but who knows.

Laws are laws but they go in front of a judge and this doesn't seem jailworthy even in pearl clutching America. The fucking 18 year old Sarah in a bed with a toddler present SHOULD be jailworthy but somehow it isn't. What I'm saying is people are getting excited over a pretty weak case.

No. 782238

>nb4 "since "kai is trans" it's not a tit pic it's just a topless man.

Not that it excuses her showing her cunt to teenagers.

No. 782241

Yeah, I mean, we are at a point where he's basically YT irrelevant. Which is a great place to be at, lol, he shouldn't get more attention.
I see your point, though. I would absolutely love to see someone just completely bulldozer over him with calmness and fax.
I think it would take a lot of preparation, because his narc personality has thrown everyone so far off the track.
I can't remember one successful interview/debate with him, ever.

No. 782242

If Lainey went to jail that would be great. I'm satisfied that Lainey is rattled that she may go to prison. I thought Onision was the paranoid one in that relationship, but now I wonder how scared Lainey is every time their dozen motion detectors go off and there's a loud knocking on the front door. I'm sure she grabs the littlest one as a shield hoping they wont put her in cuffs if shes holding her child.

>The fucking 18 year old Sarah in a bed with a toddler present SHOULD be jailworthy but somehow it isn't.

I've never understood ppl who condemn Sarah for being in bed and having her clothes flung across the room by Greg so she can't leave, but they think the parents of that child who continue with the sex act while the child is laid down next to them are totally not at fault.

No. 782244

File: 1593174400154.jpeg (820.58 KB, 828x1100, D3509137-95ED-4107-AF81-C2E130…)

transcript of interesting parts of nic/greg sperg

No. 782245

Transcript for those who don't want to listen to this shrill manchild complain about his discord server like he's 12.

Nic: So, what's up?
Onion: Oh, okay- uh, I was just laughing (uintelligable) brand new user. I=I=I don't care.

>(both laugh)

Onion:I-I-I quit discord, 'cause like, uh- I mean, I made a statement- But, that fuckin' slug dudes like (puts on a stupid voice) "Oh! I dId It! I gOt hIm To QuIt!"

>(Nic laughs)

No, I fuckin'- I fuckin' quit, because fuckin' like, ahhh- Like, I would- I would make one decision, like, "Hey, I wanna start a free server. 'Cause I don't want fuckin' people to pay me to talk to me. 'Cause I don't wanna be forced to talked to 'em, if I wanna talk to 'em. And then people start talkin' shit. And I'm like, y'know what? Fuck.- Ah, bye guys. I'm done. And I just like deleted a thousand dollars a month, just so I didn't have to deal with discord drama anymore. So I just deleted that shit. Uhhhh- 'Cause, y'know. You could talk to someone for three fuckin' years and if you piss them off once they'll be like (puts on dumb voice) "Uhh, I always thought you were shit. The whole time.

>(Nic laughs in background)

(mumbles) And it's like… Fuck you man! I thought we were friends. Fuckin' dick… Anyway. Uhhhh, no. But, I- I wanted to talk to you, 'Cause I'd like to get to the bottom of why the fuck people think- Like, they keep saying y'know (puts on softer voice, clearly annoyed) "Onision's victims need to be heard. The respect- hastag women. Hashtag me too. Hashtag all this shit." And it's like, they don't understand how bullshit- how painfully bullshit- Shiloh above- Ehhh, Sarah and Shiloh compete a lot for the bullshit trophy BUT, Shiloh was hauled away. By the police. For being as psycho as she is, for threatning to frame me for murder. Like, that shit sounds like straight out of a soap opera or some crazy shit but, I-caught-it-on-camera- That's why she's having that fuckin' meltdown where she's like, "You ruined my life! You fuckin' destroyed me!"- And fuckin' all this shit. That was right after she threatened to kill herself and make it look like I did it! And-

>(Nic interjects)

Nic: Alright, dude-

>(Onion speaks over him)

Nic: We don't have to talk about that one here.
Onion: I HAD MY MOM-

Nic: (repeats)

Onion: No, but what I'm saying! Is that when I see you, or anyone, saying "Onision's victims." I'm like, "You guys don't fucking understand what I went through with this crazy shit"- And every-single-one-of-them is just 'coincidentally' "Oh my god. He dumped me. He doesn't wanna fuck me. He must be a monster.". Like, that- It's never like,"Oh he dumped me. And, uhh- I'm actually a piece of shit who did this, this, and this to get dumped"- It's always like, *"Oh, he's a fuckin' piece of shit. 'Cause I ain't get that dick no more-

Nick: (tries to interject simultaneously) Alright dude- I'mma be honest with you-
And that's why I'm really mad but=I'm-gonna say-it's-something-else."

Nick: Imma be honest with you. I mean, y-you're not winnin' anybody over with that. I-I-uh-

Onion: (interjects loudly because hoe be mad) I don't-

Nic: Tryna be as fair as possible.

Onion: (calms himself before he makes a bigger ass of himself) I never- I never sit here and go, "Gee whiz, what would people like to hear? The sugarcoated bullshit or, the actual hard fucking truth-

Nick: Y-yeah but, that's why this is still happening.

Onion: (He's fuming now) I don't!-

(Back and forth between them simultaneously)
Nic: Y-you do care! It bothers you. I can tell it bothers you!

Greg: I never!- No-no-no- Y'see? 'Ya just put words inma mouth!- (rusty gears proceed to turn in waterbrain's head) I… Don't want… To pander. And it- It's-just-like-with-the-fucking-Shane-Dawson thing that's going on. Right now. Remember? I made this whole fuckin' documentary laying it out for people. Saying, "This is how it is!". Aand what did people do? They fucking lynched me. Because-I-didn't say it right. I didn't sugarcoat it the way the wanted to! It's the same fuckin' message. And now people, are like, reacting like, "OH! THIS IS NEW NEWS!" (unintelligable) It was fuckin' laid out! A day long ago! Repzion's getting lynched right now. (He probably lurked on the farms for that one) Fucking called it! Hansen's getting lynched right now! Fucking called it! Shiloh's being exposed for being a psychopath! (annnd course he lurks his orbiter thread) Fucking called it. How many more people do I need to say is, "This person's not right. This person has a lot of shit they need to deal with." And nobody-seems-to-fuckin'-register-it. How-many-more-times-do-I have to say. "This is the way it is."- Like, Social Repose. I told Jaclyn Glenn before she ever dated him. I said, "This guy is bad news. Don't fucking go around him." She's like, "Mm~ Tsk. Imma still go around him~", and she winds up getting cheated on with four fuckin' chicks. And like, crying on camera "Ugggggh I'm so stewpid!" Y'know this whole bullshit!- And it's like, if 'ya just fuckin' listened to me. And, actually paid attention to the words that are coming out of my mouth. You guys wouldn't have to go through the pain of supporting people you never should have, only to be, "OH-fuCk-it-I-WaS-StOOpiD, I shoulda listened." A-and that's what's also irritating, is nobody-ever-says, "Onision warned us of this." It's always like… "Onision's a piece of shit… But, he was also right. But, we're not gonna say he's right, we're gonna say the same things he was saying three years ago."

Nick: The situation is significantly more nuanced than you're making it out to be though. Th-there's a possibility-
Onion: (grugma mad he's talking to a grown adult instead of the discord short bus who'd suck his dick rn, proceeds to inject) I DON'T KNOW THE DEFINITION OF NUANCED! Can you- What does that mean? chimp giggles Nuanced?

Nick: (brief pause as he contemplates bringing grunga on his show) …There's more to the story than what you're letting on- I'm giving a broad definition here.- I'm just saying, it's totally possible-

Onion: (he tries to interject with one of his loaded questions but Nick wants back on topic) Okay. So, fill in the blank. Fill in the blank!

Nick: I'm just saying!- It's totally possible!- I'm just saying there's different scenarios here! There could be a situation where something's not entirely true and you're still a colossal douchebag!- A-again, I'm telling you like, this is the way that it is!
(Both talk over each other)
Onion: I- I know. I'm a fucking. (skip both of them talking over each otehr) Nobody's saying sensitive. Who said sensitive? I'm saying, don't just listen to what they say. Fact check
Nick: No, no, and I would agree with that.
Onion: Translate this for me, Sarah says, twice.- I-uploaded-a-thing-to-onision-speaks-got-no-views-no-one-wants-to-hear-me-ahhhh chuckles awkwardly I upload this thing to onision speaks! And I was just point out that Sarah literally admitted sexually extorting me, blackmailing me into having sex with her- She actually had to… wager a deal for someone to fuck her.

For the first five minutes onion regales us of the fun but brief marriage he had with nutterbutter shiloh, acts like an angry incel over social repose fucking regina first, and then cries over being "abused" by an 18 year-old girl while salty his channels get little to no views.

No. 782246

File: 1593174453538.jpeg (433.04 KB, 828x590, 13700328-7DA7-4C68-9597-1AF871…)

“I’ve been unhappily married for 8 years! these bitches are just jealous!”

No. 782247


fucking kek. Married for 8 years, only cheated a couple times

No. 782248

>acts like an angry incel over social repose fucking regina first
anon… what? did you mean jaclyn?

No. 782255

Must annoy him that he has to fuck himself in the ass and Sarah is on twitter talking about catching feelings for a new crush and being happy. So now he has to call her a rapist again and highlight anal because that's how he feels he humiliated her.

Still want James to break down how Sarah signing an NDA that James wrote, was her blackmailing two people into having sex. From where we all stand at the farms we understand James gets people to sign NDAs because he is a paranoid freak and doesn't want his personal affairs getting out to the public. Since Sarah confirmed these two pedos fucked her after they harboured her as a victim from her uwu bad upbringing and groomed her into finding a mongoloid like Greg attractive, all he has is that Sarah said as a joke after signing the NDA that she said you can fuck me now. Sarah is not a retard. She knew, Greg knew and Kai knew that it would be frowned upon if Sarah fucked her fake Foster parents. That's why Onion shrouds himself in boundaries. He's more pissed off his fake NDA got voided because none of his blackmail story makes sense.

Why did James make his wife also fuck Sarah? What a bunch of retards. I'm so fucking bored of Greg trying to use his fucked up logic to absolve himself, and that faggots actually let him away with it. They don't call him out about grooming. That you don't have to fuck the person underage, a person doesn't even have to be fucking underage to be groomed. Greg's just aware of the extremely negative connotations surrounding the word and understands he has been a sexual predator so that's why he has to focus so much on the 'blackmail'. There was no blackmail. Just a washed up Mid 30 year old loser that types up illegal sex contracts for teenagers and threatens his wife he'll kick her out if she doesn't comply with the sex.

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The lolcows posted here are, shockingly, n

No. 782256

Not only keeps highlighting the supposed 'rape' and anal to humiliate her, but I think he mentions the fact she apparently said he was black several times because he thinks it will cancel her because of the black lives matter stuff going on.
In reality it only makes him look bad because she was just retelling a story in private and mentioned what he looked like, whereas he keeps bringing up race everytime he tells of her abuse.
He's trying to make her look racist and it's really not working.

No. 782257

At this point in time I'm happy for a trial of public opinion and a character assassination. Greg's been as careful as a retard in his position can be. His autism fixated on age of consent laws has been a blessing and a curse.

This bastard will fuck himself over financially that I'm certain. And probably on his quest to continue living on his current means I'm sure he'll implicate himself further. I'm sure with onision blurring his career now with his sex life even more so than before and so blatantly his house of cards will collapse.

Onision and Laineybot are trailer trash. So many different branches of the government and social services have an eye glued to them. Their neighbours fucking hate them as down the wider community (without even mentioning the online communities). Their kids have behavioural issues and Onion keeps rehoming their pets if he can't project his zoophile fantasies on to them.

I'm sure Troy's classmates will be drawing pictures of Onion with stink lines coming out of him for years to come. Jail would be like a retreat for Greg with the constant shame and embarrassment I hope he'll feel anytime he has to leave his little sex dungeon. Oh here comes the sex pest cover your noses children and don't make eye contact!

No. 782260

File: 1593177182832.png (638.93 KB, 985x640, Chris Hansen Adam.PNG)

I thought the tinfoil that was throw around here was bad (mine included.) Greg brings this up out of the blue to see if anyone will run with it.
>Okay so you know there's this person that called themselves Adam, apparently that was Regina. Just Regina dressed up in a different outfit. That's what Vincent told me.
Not to be a dick but this Adam female-to-male person accidentally shows their face a few times in the stream and if it was Regina we would of noticed the nose. Plus the voice isn't even close.

No. 782262

Didn't Adam have alopecia? They're a whole ass person with a social media presence.

No. 782263

>because he thinks it will cancel her because of the black lives matter stuff going on
That's exactly it, he was trying to do that from the very start. He's desperately trying to make her look racist.
Not only did he out a rape victim ( absolutely disgusting in itself ), he's trying to cause her additional problems in life because she dared saying it was a black guy.
His mind works in horrifying and warped ways.

I'm not seeing Regina either.

No. 782264

Pt. 2 - around 10:42 mark
Nic: B-but d-do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Even if it's true! Even if it's 100% true! Do you know how un- Like, unbelievable that sounds? Like, why people criticize that point?

Onion: You're talking!- You're talking about a person who's play victim that's the problem.

Nick: Tha-

Onion: You're talking about a person who's playing victim when they actually had to barter just to get laid.

Nic: But, dude you're trying to come on here and playing victim to me right now!

Onion: (he's pissed now) I'm sorry! IS THAT NOT WHAT FUCKING HAPPENED? Explain that to me! Did that not happen?

Nic: I-I-I-don't know–

Onion: Dude, she- she- No-no-no. She admitted to it. So, if she admitted to it. And I'm saying, yeah. She fucking did that, if both sides agree that she fucking bartered just to get laid by the people who rejected to her over and over in the past. Okay? How is that- You could say it's playing victim. But, both sides agree that that's what happens. That's just reality, bro. (Oh fuck my sides)

Nic: So, she agreed she blackmailed you into having sex? That's-that's how she worded it?

Onion: Yes!- No!- She like- (kinda unintelligible because he talks so fast) You-gotta-look-through-the-video. I-in the video, she says… She's saying- That she literally saying, that- Uh, that she would only sign an NDA- A-non-disclosure-agreement so, we wouldn't go to war-

Nic: What if she doesn't sign the NDA?! Do you know where you land? Exactly where you are right now!

Onion: No… If she hadn't signed the NDA we wouldn't have had sex. (mumbles)

>(Nic speaks over him)

Nic: No, no, no, no, if she didn't sign the NDA, she'd probably tell the same fucking stories she's telling right now- Minus the sex part. I-I-I'm telling you, this is why people criticize- I'm sorry, I'm being 100% honest with you, this is like a 160-pound girl who's 18 years-old, uh- She's-she's

>While Nic's talking, Onion keeps trying to get a word in edgewise

Nic: Not intimidating.

Onion: She beat the shit out of her own dad. She deals drugs. Are you fucking kidding me? (he's smug)

Nic: Dude, you're not winning on the drug point.

Onion: (onion realizes how weak he really sounds and gets bitchy) It doesn't matter who I'm winning over. I just want to talk to you and, fucking- a-a-and fucking get you to actually understand the factors involved in this person and who they are! This person says, "Oh, my mom was trying to set me up with a guy to get a green-card. He was gonna pay me, a monthly- monthly- uhhh fee. To basically be my husband." Annnd that's a federal crime. What she admitted to- She admitted to meeting this guy. And this is just a morality check. This is just to, see if this person's an honest human being. She initially says, "Yeah, I deal with prescription drugs. Use it against me. She's like, yeah I did cocaine. Use it against me." Uhm, she also straight up framed uhhhh, my husband Kai. Saying that, uhhh Kai was the type of person to want to send her… photos. Which she would never want to do and if you were to ask Sarah, "Would Kai ever want to send you photos?" She would have to say no. Because she knows damn well, that Kai did not want her to have any photos. But she doesn't say that! All she does is she tries to- to frame everyone in the worst way possible without telling the full story or anything like that whatsoever.

>Nick tries to but in but fails.

Onion: You have some who's morally compromised. After two days of her being around me, she says, "Fucking come inside me". And I'm like, dude that's not why you're fucking here. And after all the shit she told me, doing cocaine, and her going face-down on my lap and smelling my dick… for some reason. Uhhhh, when she wasn't supposed to be near… that.- And being so fucking weird to me! Consistently! And pushing, and pushing, and pushing- Saying that, we would've kicked her out if we found out she was into us when she wasn't… an adult yet. And it's like yeah, we would've! That's the whole fuckin' point! Like, people were like, "You're a groomer! You're a groomer!". And it's like, dude, look at what SHE'S saying! She is LITERALLY saying, that they would've kicked me out had they known I was trying to be with them! Okay? And the we take the fucking fall.

Nic: N-now here