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File: 1493235267030.gif (1.28 MB, 320x270, 1493206984305.gif)

No. 376801

-Drew claims Greg has been emailing Billie to get her back

-Lainey joins Gregma in making a pointless patreon

-Billie is selling Gurgs old clothes to see her boyfriend lol be mad

-Lainey streams on younow and is asked about emails, anons perpetuates rumours of recent April emails, Lainey cries and quickly leaves

-Gerg sperges out on younow, producing much hilarity, verbally attacks Drew, Billie, the people commenting in chat

-Drew uploads video laughing at him and his unstableness, more bitch slapping at Greg, no further emails have been leaked but the milk was plentiful rergardless

Previous thread: >>>/pt/res/374296.html

No. 376803

wanted to post in previous thread, but all monetized videos have been privated. andy biersack video, younow stream, girls cream + music videos are not monetized. i have the actual younow stream file still so in the case it gets taken down i can still reupload it.

No. 376805

Cant someone put the stream on liveleak or some other site that doesnt give a shit about onion?

No. 376808

give me one minute and i'll do that. i said in previous thread, all suggestions for other upload locations are welcome. it's currently on vidme and dailymotion as well as yt.

No. 376815

No. 376816

No. 376819

again, posted this in previous thread but is onion himself the one monetizing the videos? because only 1/2 have been monetized and it would confirm that he is lurking in the thread.

No. 376822

The thing is, I am a feminist and his dumb ass only contributes to the horrible fucking feminists-are-SJW-feminazi stereotypes. He's obviously not a fucking feminist, he's not even an ally and he was terrible at keeping up that shtick. He couldn't even stick through the inevitable backlash meninists gave him, so he switched to Egalitarian despite one being a movement and the other being a school of thought; they aren't interchangeable.

Any decent Feminist doesn't encourage misandry and, if you do, you're just as fucking shitty as a misogynist. He just feels compelled to pile labels onto himself and take each one to the extreme. He can't eat a vegetarian diet without telling omnivores to kill themselves, he can't be against circumcision without calling men with cut dicks "broken", he tries to be an LGBTQ ally but shows zero interest in the welfare of queer/trans people, fetishizes the shit out of lesbians and bisexuals and has to make a concerted effort not to call somebody a faggot. Every vegetarian, LGBTQ person, polyamorous person and feminist cringes at the idea of him being associated with them in any fucking way, nobody fucking wants you in their club, Greg.

So now he swings from one extreme, misandry, to the other by calling Billie and the audience cunts and bitches and basically says that Billie is used up, damaged goods because he's finished dicking her, that he only valued her for how pretty she is. He's made it known he only values women for the attention and sex they can provide him, we knew this shit already, but last night he seriously objectified the shit out of Billie and showed his true colors on camera for all the world to see.

I don't even care if a dude says cunt or bitch, it's just knowing that when assholes like Gerg sling those words at women, they're only using gendered insults because their intention is to hurt you as much as possible by shitting on your gender (despite the fact it never works, it's just too pathetic). Same thing with slut shaming. His full intent was to degrade and demean Billie and female anons based on our genders. Wow, what a feminist/feminazi/egalitarian. Great job, Greg, all it takes for you to slip and forget your supposed feminist or egalitarian or whatever it is now belief system is getting angry over some emails.

You can't cling onto this "IMA FEMINAZI, BOOOO MEN" facade anymore, Gerg, your actual views have broken through to the surface one to many times and are immortalized online. It's only inevitable that the tumblrina 14 year old SJWs you pander to will see the stream and see your true, narcissistic rage filled, acne riddled, sexist face.

Sage for ranting fuckery

No. 376828

File: 1493237545721.jpg (164.22 KB, 960x972, eyenision.jpg)

Our faces aren't symmetrical, blah, blah, blah, but has Eyenision's lid always been like this? A commenter on his new vid also noticed it.

No. 376829


lmao. yet another nickname for gregma.

No. 376831

File: 1493237926309.jpg (196.05 KB, 1858x762, IMG_0166.JPG)

Also in the younow it seemed weird. Maybe that's why he always opens his eyes real wide? It could be bad Botox causing it to droop kek
Or it could be he has ptosis pic related

No. 376832

File: 1493238006105.png (288.14 KB, 345x548, 1486862805340.png)

looked the same way back when he barged into Sarah's stream

No. 376833

Mm, preach it sister!

No. 376835

Usually with botox wearing off, the eyebrow also droops. Gurg's brows appear to be in place. Maybe he can't afford botox anymore to fix it. I've noticed it worsening over the past few months.

No. 376837


Ew he's so…old!

No. 376840

"Unga unga grunk angry"

No. 376841

It's like he gradually gets uglier with every breakdown

No. 376842

Let's be real though, his "feminazi" phase was only a thing because he was trolling for 15 year old tumblr pussy with his smol spaceprinxe. It was so transparent it's not even worth a real fucking critique. Well said tho.

No. 376843


Knowing how much Gergles loves doctors I wonder if he even listened about aftercare and when to come back to get it checked.

Dude needs a lift, not botox. With how much he naturally strains his forehead and brows to appear younger and hide his caveman brow. Those poor injections are working overtime to keep those hellish caterpillars up.

No. 376844

I wonder how Plainey Veiney feels about the fact that according to her own husband's logic, all she gets are Skye/Shiloh/Adrienne's dirty sloppy seconds?

No. 376846

File: 1493240461448.png (226.63 KB, 477x428, shmegmacumlaude.png)

I felt extremely grossed out while watching this. Onion's faces were making me very uncomfortable. I wish I could talk to Billie one day and just ask her, "How could you sleep with this thing?", because he looks so gross, and although I don't consider Billie gorgeous, she's well kept and looks like she showers regularly and doesn't touch kids. For the same "salary" Gurgles was paying her she could've found a better looking and less psycho sugar daddy.
I can't believe he rated himself a 9/10 when he's only 31? 32? And looks at least 45. He looks like he's been doing meth for ten years at least. I couldn't stop looking at his teeth, they look so crooked and greyish like those old men who smell of cheap cigarettes and a dusty car. I can only imagine how his breath must smell.
And don't even get me started on those psycho expressions, like when he opened his eyes very wide or did those creepy smiles. I don't feel well. This was worse than that video of him fucking a dummy with the face of Andy Biersack.
Sage for rant

No. 376849

Here's an unlisted mirror of this cringe video if anyone is interested. It looks like Plainey's wearing a (trans points!) binder, which must feel like murder on her lactating tits.

I don't advise watching while eating since they make out with gross tongue during the video. Just a warning.

No. 376850

File: 1493240762839.png (318.47 KB, 1080x957, 20170426_150503.png)

Billie commented on Drew's "onision breakdown" video

No. 376857

File: 1493242654261.png (222.57 KB, 582x382, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.36…)

He's making yet another video about Billie, this time scripted, with his makeup on

No. 376859

File: 1493242790412.png (176.04 KB, 586x308, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.36…)

And he's still demanding his FAX, even though Drew showed one of the emails that apparently didn't exist, and Greg showed the other email he (greg) said didn't exist.

Drew said the others are greg repeatedly sending Billie info about taxes, how to do her taxes, reminding her to do taxes. e's not going to release them unless Billie okays it, Greg. Because he respects her, something that's beyond your understanding.

And they're still focused on the mysterious email of April 11th. Too fucking funny.

No. 376860

File: 1493242888894.png (428.65 KB, 576x618, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 2.40…)

He's also started using fan art as his "photo". Guess the digs about his looks compared to Drew are really getting under his pitted, infected, pustule peppered skin.

No. 376862

lel of course he's using that it looks nothing like him. he's so salty about everyone saying Drew's better looking.

No. 376863

i'm rewatching lainey's side of the story and although i don't like her, it's depressing. the amount of power that greg has over her is awful - she's so manipulated and she can't even see it. he literally makes her feel bad for being insecure about having a threesome with billie.
old news so sage but after the rage yesterday i feel even worse for lainey. she's not a great person herself but she doesn't deserve this.

No. 376870

I'm working on a transcript of the whole stream.

No. 376871

But Drew already posted the screenshot two days ago on the 24th, it was already out there and readily available to see… but he's still narc raging because nobody directly linked his lazy ass to it? (as Drew already explained, you can't post links in YouNow)

That's on you Grease for not paying attention, nobody else.

No. 376872

can "i feel so sorry for lainey" posts just stop forever. her and greg get off on your sympathy. she is a shitbag just like her husband for luring in teenagers to get abused and mistreated, never stands up for them, and instead pretends the whole world is against her. she never said a word when greg tried to chain billie up, called her a cunt, etc etc despite being such a humanist/activist for LGBT rights or mental illness. no

No. 376874

you could make the argument that the April email rumours were cowtipping, but the milk was so good it was kind of worth it. Even though I don't think there's any more juicy emails to come, I'm sure Billie has shit on Greg from when she was in the harem that she could spill if he keeps sperging.

No. 376875

yes, and we've all agreed that she is a shit person for doing that. However we've literally just seen how greg blows up when he's angry, and if she WAS being treated like that I think the last thing on her mind would be defending those around her when it would set him off like that.
again, i don't like her. i don't agree with the things she does, but nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.

No. 376876

godspeed anon godspeed

No. 376877

>>Makeup: Check.
>>Script: Check.
>>Jumpcuts: Check.
>>Monetising that shit: Check.
>>The n'th video made slating an ex: Check.

Totally fucking predictable per usual, it's not going to be a particularly milky day tomorrow unfortunately.

No. 376878

File: 1493244763136.png (68.53 KB, 615x328, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.10…)

Greg thinks he's deep. So, we get an insight as to how he sees friendships and relationships: we're all either hunters. or prey.

NORMAL PEOPLE DO NOT THINK THIS WAY, GREG. Narcissists and sociopaths think this way. You are not special or superior for thinking this way. You are in error (which means: you are wrong, and interpret reality incorrectly.) What you think are FAX, are not, in fact, FAX.

No. 376879

nowhere in the months of the breakup has she expressed any kindness or sympathy towards anyone but herself and how her struggle is the most real, despite knowingly leading in a girl for her husband to fuck. she doesn't deserve to get yelled at but sympathy has been proven to be wasted on her, and perpetuates her dynamic she does nothing wrong. she is complicit in the shitty things greg goes, and to feel sorry for her means she will never get any self awareness

No. 376880

shut up greg you insufferable cunt you have no actual friends either way

No. 376881

He's going to try his hardest to make himself look as hot as he possibly can in this video, I know it.

Agree. This really shows what type of person plainey really is. If you really love someone, you would care for their well-being as well, ESPECIALLY if it was something as trivial as smoking weed. and Billie has obviously had some shit go down in her past, but we need trigger warnings all over for the ~space prince~

No. 376882

@ Sarah for still being friendly with billie kek

No. 376884

He'll probably spend more time choosing filters than Drew did making his whole video

No. 376885

also decent people don't pretend to love someone and try to rake in as much sympathy as possible for being heartbroken.

i'm curious about this too because sarah and lainey were BOTH making fun of the #istandwithbillie hashtag within hours. sarah does get kind of snakey.

No. 376888

>sarah does get kind of snakey.

Her time with Greg and Taylor made her a rather shitty person., or at least encouraged her shittier side to develop and prosper. She doesn't get to say she wants to distance herself– she's been acting as a literal informant for them, possibly since she left. So eff her.

No. 376889

she was quite reluctant to trash billie on stream last night, lainey was also lurking (obviously) in her and gregs mind if you dont hate who they hate then you are a backstabber.

No. 376891

In her defence, at least she streamed for over an hour and didn't cry once like spaceprince, despite there being constant trolling, and even laughed at some of the remarks. She's certainly more emotionally stable than both of them.

No. 376897

I wonder if this is about Sarah's YouNow last night, where she mentioned she's friends with Billie and Laniey? You know he's gonna turn on Sarah soon if she keeps doing that and it will be delicious.

No. 376900

I regret nothing. If Greg would stop sperging for five fucking minutes he'd see I was taking the piss. Too busy panicking that somehow someone knows something.

No. 376901

This is pretty much what makes it hard for many of us to cut Sarah some slack. Every time we do, she bites us in the ass.

No. 376902

File: 1493246626701.jpg (17.47 KB, 480x357, rexmanning.jpg)

Oh my god, is that Rex Manning?

No. 376903

If Gerg's philosophy on friendship here >>376878 is any indication of how he's been influencing Sarah for the past three years combined with Lainey's equally fucked up ways she treats people in her life is anything to go by – I'm very much inclined to go with the latter of your thoughts.

No. 376904


Omg I thought that, too!
>oh rexy, you're so sexy!

That painting needs a heavier set of brows.
sage for being an old cunt

No. 376906

but was she reluctant because she cares about her friend or because she wants more dirt to give to lainey? she was really enjoying the billie break up drama until billie's ~privacy~ was compromised. so she was laughing with lainey about chaining a girl up in the basement and shaving her head. but oh they're still friends

No. 376907

Drew and onion make an interesting comparison. Drew has narcissism within the healthy/normal range, aka self esteem. He can point out flaws in his face casually and still seem genuinely confident about his looks. Onion fills his channel up with projections by picking on the flaws of others and doing push-ups, and it's clear that he is insecure but must pretend to be confident. He only expresses vulnerability when it's strategic to do so. Malignant narcissism at its finest.

No. 376911


No. 376912


Yes, but Greg has crocodile teeth. That should have been a deal-breaker for Billie right there.

No. 376913

At the start of the video he claims the email where he tells Billie to go back to Lainey is fake, but that has been proven to exist.
He says Lainey was crying, and then he says "she was about the cry".
He is constantly trickle-truthing and lying.
He claims the only email he would have sent would have to do with taxes. Two emails have been released and they don't mention taxes at all.
I have a feeling Drew is concerned about legal trouble because I'm certain there are more emails.

No. 376915

File: 1493248154094.png (307.3 KB, 493x566, cravingthebilliepuss.png)

Oh lord.

No. 376916

I'm not sure how trans-Atlantic legalities would be an issue really, unless there's a shared law about that between the US and UK.

No. 376917

I bet he's been making Lainey dress up in that wig.

No. 376918

File: 1493248588794.png (84.82 KB, 498x363, ohshutup.png)

No. 376920

> >>>/pt/res/374296.html
link goes like this >>374296 or this >>>/pt/374296

No. 376921

yt anon it's done!


Sorry for the huge block of text, he repeats himself so much.

No. 376922

Based anon, Thank you!

No. 376923

nah it was some domestic violence video

No. 376925

Lmao when he says Billie didn't wash her armpits and stunk up the house. As if Greg smells any better. He looks like he smells like onions and dick cheese.

No. 376926

>>Rumors like I emailed that person that we repeatedly dumped, saying we wanted her back and apparently I wanted her back for my spouse?? That's fucking ridiculous.


No. 376928


Was it a DV video about how people are worried about Taylor's and the kids' safety? Because after seeing him raving uncontrollably, I am actually worried about their safety.

No. 376929


he always claims people smell when he has a falling out with them.

No. 376930

obviously anyone who doesn't shower multiple times a day is a disgusting person

No. 376931

its essentially just some random music video about domestic violence. nothing to do with anything. just some girl gets beaten and leaves her abusive husband. as if its that easy.

No. 376932


I suspect it might have been pot that he was smelling on her.
It smells like old sweat

No. 376933

Yep, it's one of the insults he always falls back on when he can't think of anything more creative.

He said it about AJ, Social Repose and now Billie.

No. 376934

The term is "bold-faced", Anon.

But pleeeeease someone make a video with him flat out lying about the existence of this email followed immediately by him showing the email on his own damn phone.
Cause god, he made a total fool liar of himself for the world to see.

No. 376935

if I'm honest I'm kinda pissed with Drew/Billie for not posting caps for whatever reason. I don't see the point in them starting all of this without proving it. Just makes them look sorta of like what Onions accusing them of. Just hate anything that "proves" him right

No. 376937

They are actually both acceptable terms, up Bold makes more sense.
Sage for off topic

No. 376938

I think those two emails Gerg showed on his stream were the only two aside from tax stuff.
They aren't that milky, but drew never claimed them to be. He just said Greg emailed Billie begging her to come back, which he did.

No. 376941

The only thing they "started" was posting the one email. Greg didn't even acknowledge it, clearly because he was going on as if he never sent ANY until people showed him that drew posted it. It was actually people in chat asking about emails that started it.
Tipping the cow, maybe. But it got milk everywhere

No. 376942

He did heavily imply and pretty much downright said at the end that Onision wants Billie more than Lainey which would make anyone assume he had reason to say that. I don't know I just think at this point Drew has done nothing but engage in a dick measuring contest with Onion.
I'm not saying that I disagree with Drew but I do think when it comes to arguing with Onion especially knowing how big he is on FAX it's go big or go home, imo

No. 376943

np! Sorry if there's typos, it was my first time trying to transcript something. And hearing his voice is painful enough.

But Greg was the one to start the drama? Drew just made an off-hand comment that Greg was still emailing Billie in the middle of his video. Greg was the one to blow up on twitter saying he never emailed her, so Drew replied with proof that he wasn't lying.

Also Greg outwardly lied the whole stream until someone sent him the link. And then he lost his shit. So, I mean if Greg never lied, we wouldn't have witnessed that meltdown. He brought it on himself.

No. 376944

I've been spamming Twitter with all the evidence of him lying about the emails, if anyone wants the screenshots for a video though; I'm happy to provide them.

No. 376945

I don't like Drew at all. He's kind of annoying and I think he's doing this 1) for attention and 2) because its the typical new bf hating and going after greasy ex bf.

i dont think we are ever going to see any more emails because i dont think there are any.

No. 376946

New to the onision drama, when did he get botox? Are there any images that prove he did?

No. 376948

it's all in the past threads

No. 376949

no, no, anon, he's an EGALITARIAN, remember? that makes it ok to be a dick to EVERYBODY.

No. 376950

Drew isn't any worse than Onion and he's certainly leagues better. He's no grand prize but at least he's human. And yeah no shit he's doing it for attention- where have you been in the past Grag threads where he decimates his exes all for attention? Finally at least one of his exes is getting it back at him.

And no shit about the emails, clearly it was partially a ploy by anons/Drew being honest about what was shown/and Greg loosing his everloving shit because he's a narc.

No. 376951

yo seriously the difference in his eyes…. is kind of extreme…

No. 376952

His frustration in the end of his rebuttal-video when he told greg to fuck off and lave them alone did sound sincere and concerning, though.

No. 376954

"the solution I have found is to instead have no friends at all"

No. 376955

I didn't say he was worse than onion? I just said I didn't like him. Chill out. I hate greg way more.

No. 376956

It fucking horrifies me that these two imbeciles have children. As far as we know they haven't done anything to warrant CPS taking them away, but damn,these kids will grow up to be fucked. Their parents have the emotional maturity of fifteen year olds. It'll be even worse if they choose to homeschool them as well.

No. 376960

They will absolutely home school them. Gerg is a huge narc and would never give anyone else any semblance of control over what his children may think. They're going to be functionally illiterate just like Daddy Onion.

No. 376961

I think CPS should still investigate anyway because if there is anything bad going on its not like we would ever know to begin with.

No. 376962

Oh I have no doubt they won't. With Greg's hatred of authority and public schooling,the kids are destined for to attend the Onion School of the Dining Room Table. I'm sure Lainey will be their "teacher".

No. 376963

I wish someone could get ahold of his personal phone number so real joy could be had. Release that Billie!

No. 376965

Seriously, I long for the day Grease is completely doxxed.

No. 376967

honestly at this point, I would pay a good amount for it. Billie, if you really want to see your boyfriend, sell his number, I am willing to pay

No. 376971

they're really starting to resemble each other

No. 376972

shameless and undisguised; barefaced.
"a bald-faced lie"

No. 376975


Both terms are acceptable.

No. 376977

I'd honestly settle for that P.O box to be leaked. Would love to send him hate via snail mail.

No. 376979

It seems he's not replying to any messages that call him out on his lying and he's been confronted by dozens of people about it now. I have a feeling he's going to keep laying low and avoid it all in fear that his fans will realise the truth about him.

No. 376982

there probably are more emails. billie got really close to them, she saw a lot. otherwise narc mcfuckcuck wouldn't be narcing out so much about it.

billie seems to have a lot to say about grainey but SHE has actual anxiety and doesn't enjoy being the center of everyone's sympathy/attention. whenever drama pops up it's because someone else is standing up for her and airing the abuse themselves. last time it was ayalla.

so, with that being said, remember how greg silenced ayalla and billie by threatening to send cops to their family's house? you guys wonder why billie's trying her best to get even but also be safe?

No. 376983

I wish there was a way to 'Deepthroat' this. Like, a secret insider who could leak it such a shame.

No. 376984

It's got to make me wonder what kind of crap Taylor has to go through. I wouldn't be surprised if she is just too scared to leave the pig man. I also wouldn't be surprised if she is trying to find a clean way out.

No. 376985

It was leaked in a previous thread

No. 376986

File: 1493254112540.png (167.14 KB, 881x1586, greg.png)

He got semi-doxxed on kiwifarms last year, but the phone number looks kinda fake to me.

No. 376987

I also have a phone number that seems comical/fake, it might be real, someone should try it.

No. 376990

my bad, it was my first time making a new thread, I apologize.

No. 376991

said the call could not be completed.

No. 376992

No. 376993

billie if you're here i will leak the emails and say i hacked you. i'm a nasty bitch and i don't care. XD

No. 376994

drew posted a video today and he said the emails that onision sent were those original 2 and then he sent her a few about taxes. he then said he suspected the tax ones were him trying to talk to her too.

No. 376995


Sadly for Taylor, there's no fucking way to do that. No matter how quickly and quietly she does it, even if she doesn't demand the child support and alimony she'd be entitled to, Gurgles won't let go that easily. I don't think she could find a lawyer good enough to make him shut up.

She'll have to knuckle up and just do it

No. 376996

that's probably why it got to her so much when people were supporting billie after the break-up. like greg has just drilled it into her head that no matter what she does, if she leaves, people will hate her. to see someone else getting freedom and being praised for it was probably a lot of salt in her wounds.

No. 377000

I think that's a really sad situation to be in. I don't think the internet is supporting her either. So she probably does feel trapped.

I hope she gets out alive.

No. 377002


>when he kissed her and he just sucked on her tongue for like ten seconds


No. 377003

someone should hack Billie… would be a shame to reveal all those things she cant show

No. 377004

I would but I am the kind of person who has accidentally deleted her own ip so I am bad at it.

No. 377005

Because for Billie it was a monetary transaction. Aka pay for play. Glad she's not prostituting anymore, because no amount of money is worth sleeping with onion

No. 377006

File: 1493256712188.png (109.43 KB, 365x102, 353654108.png)


someone better record

No. 377007

people should spam this to Lainey

No. 377009

Why does greg go live on his wife younow, Why not his own? Just weird…

No. 377010

He's interrupted her streams so many times that people probably expect him to use hers now

No. 377011

goddamnit I dont have my recording device on my computer, somebody PLEASE record this

No. 377012

Can anyone do a play by play of Eyenision's stream?

No. 377013


Got mine setup and ready to go

No. 377014

I can try to.

No. 377015

They sure are taking their time

No. 377016

they finally started

No. 377017

He seems to keep things under Taylor Avaroe in the white pages and had himself unlisted

No. 377019

PREDICTIONS FOR THIS STREAM: scream about facts, lainey cries, billie is 'a dumb bitch/cunt', WHAT EMAILSSSSSS, and oh my god hes listening to his own fucking music

No. 377020


No. 377022

Onion is live on Lainey's younow again.


No. 377023

File: 1493257624463.jpg (17.83 KB, 300x277, 15056220.jpg)

HAHA Asked him if he has NPD

No. 377027

Mine is gonna have video issues but I am getting the sound file

No. 377028

is someone recording his stream? pls do in case he goes batshit again

No. 377030

he's already mentioning billie lul

No. 377031

No. 377032

Posting drews response vid in case anyone missed it:


No. 377034

Someone keeps asking about his eyelid drooping

No. 377035

For once I'm in time to see history in action. I know nothing about YouNow so someone please tell Gerg that if they're in desperate need of money so bad then Plainey needs to get a REAL job or become a mommyblogger.

No. 377036

File: 1493258258941.gif (3.72 MB, 347x244, 1477700592740.gif)

No. 377037

Wait is this the same stream that he already did? He's literally talking about the same shit

No. 377038

oh my god he's so upset when ppl remark on his personal appearance

No. 377039

File: 1493258405987.png (234.41 KB, 477x476, Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 9.58…)

One of the tax emails

No. 377040

"Someone keeps commenting on my drooping eyelid..thanks fuckface"

No. 377041

He even tells her where to file. What a controlling microcock.

No. 377042

That's now THREE emails, that's a uprising amount for someone who keeps swearing blind he never emailed her.

No. 377043

He's suck a fucking idiot, Drew never said anything bless his heart.

No. 377044

Since he started patreon he's been doing almost no "ad friendly" content. He's making his videos even more vulgar and disgusting considering the age range he's popular with, and then censoring it so much on YouTube it's not even possible to watch unless you pay for the patreon uncensored versions. I really hope he starts to lose more fan base for that and he's definitely not going to expland his audience by making his awful videos an even worse quality, its pathetic

No. 377045

i'm dying he's saying how stinky billie is. like really??? that's it? why did u date her if she was so disgusting???

No. 377046

whoa hes talking mad shit about billie now.. I hope this encourages her reveal shit

No. 377047

he said billie needs a dog collar on her

No. 377048

File: 1493258877137.jpg (39.99 KB, 500x550, 1nwjqw.jpg)

>goes on YouNow to make Lainey money so he can kick her to the curb
>calls her viewers idiots and fuckface
>keeps talking shit about Billie and her hygiene
>"billie is violent, she screamed at my wife"

No. 377049

He needs a shock collar on him, is anyone bringing up what a compulsive liar he is?

No. 377050

One of you guys better be recording this for us less fortunate souls here!!!!!

No. 377051

> Says Billie has a droopy eye when Onion himself is the one with a droopy eye

No. 377052

It really makes me sad to see him shit talking Billie like this. She looks young, she acts young, she is young. She's underdeveloped and making plenty of mistakes like every other 19 year old that ever fucking existed. She doesn't deserve being called smelly with a dog shit personality whose only worth in life is her looks. He disgusts me.

No. 377054

And yet he begged her for back each and every time. Maybe it's his way of saying that he likes "smelly" girls.

No. 377055

"why are you trolling me instead of fucking billie" um did I hear that right? The fuck?

No. 377057

My favorite… is that he has done no research and thinks Drew said the April 11th emails.


No. 377058

If he plans on doing this for the next week or so, it's going to wear Lainey down and more milk will come from that… keep it up Gerg.

No. 377059

This made me kek like how childish is that?

"eww shes stinky" onision, you look like a sweaty gym sock, and theres is no nastier stink then the stink of desperation which you reek of. Give it up dude.

No. 377060

Here he is obsessing over Billie.

No. 377062

It's his go to… "you're ugly and stinky! SO THERE!" From a 30+ year old man. How pathetic is that?

No. 377063

thats because he literally does no fact checking even though he has a strange obsession with facts. i 100% believe what he said to jac during their debate, that he doesn't read or watch anythng from "haters" and relies purely on what his fans tell him or what lainey reports back to him

No. 377064

i feel awful for her because she's spoken no word about him publicly since her video on him. He rages about how she can't get over him but its so one-sided on his part its infuriating

No. 377065


this pretty much explains everything. you make me wish that we were on reddit or something just so that i could save this comment forever, anon. greg isn't with us, he IS the problem. he's so fucking negative and ignorant about every single thing.

No. 377066

Whoa, has he overly narrowed his face through a filter? He looks nothing like that in his candid photos, wtf.

No. 377067

Holy dark circles batman. Greg looked like he hasn't slept in a week

No. 377068

WOW so he stink shamed Billie to the MAX. Getting major Adrienne vibes from this (dutty vagina) why does he always go for the hygiene shaming when he is the greasiest bastard. He wouldnt stop calling her smelly and describing how she smelled lmao he is so mad. Such a paragon for feminism "DUMB FUCKING MORON STANK, ONLY LIKED HER CUS SHE'S PRETTY."

No. 377069

>you have to put a dog collar on a person to control them


No. 377071

fucking send this shit to Billie so she will finally see what a fuckwit he is and call this bitch out.

No. 377072

Why is he admitting this to his fans?! Is he purposely sabotaging what is left of his "career"?!

No. 377073

I did send it to her but I hope multiple people link her to make sure she sees it, I sent it to Drew as well. She should really see what he's saying about her.

No. 377074

I keked so hard at people asking if he had a black eye. No, kids. He's just not aging well and has probably not slept at all.

This stream was tame as fuck. Other than him talking shit about Billie, this was nothing special.
>let's make lainey some moolah
>five people donate

No. 377075

I know she knows shit on him and is trying to be respectable but my god, bring him down

No. 377076

He called billie a whore and smelly, He also brought up adrienne and implied she had herpies.

No. 377077

Haha I can hear the person recording having a chuckle and munching on popcorn hahahaha it's so cute to me for some reason
Sage for ot

No. 377078


This is exactly why I think it's better Billie doesn't call him out. Not because it's the high road, but so everyone can kick back and watch the Extinction Burst.

No. 377079

That chuckle you make when he says "stank ass armpit, bad hygienic bitch", is everrrrything

He's adding more and more words to her title every day, and talks about her starving herself, which he "helped her with" kek

sage for ot

No. 377080

But aren't lainey's cold sores just another form of herpes??? Jesus he's a hypocrite

No. 377081

I feel like by her not responding to anything, it's having a bigger effect on him than it would if she did say something.

No. 377082

kek maybe billie left him because above all else shes too mature for him. Hes always been pathetic, I really hope we are seeing the beginning of his downfall.

I'm really horrified to learn he has kids. Tj=hose poor kids ;_;

No. 377083

File: 1493259841615.png (29.82 KB, 495x286, youfuckingcunt.png)

No. 377084

I got the full thing, just cropping and editing it

No. 377085

……Is he not calling someone narcissistic there? Gerg. Come on now.

No. 377086

Doing the lord's work here, anon. Even if this wasn't as juicy as yesterday, it's still great to have his shit documented so it can go on forever, like the Adrienne-voicemails.

No. 377087

Fucking top kek not only is he childish hes scrambling for reasons to make billie out to be awful-isnt he the asshole who made a video about lots of women "creaming on his dick" like shut up onion boy if anyone is a diseased ridden scumbag here its you.

No. 377088

Why do his hands look really little. They look like literally thin baby hands.

No. 377089

Apparently the people who call him a narcissist are narcissistic. He has no understanding of the term. He thinks narcissism = being into yourself.

No. 377090

File: 1493260010987.png (79.63 KB, 1294x510, Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 04.2…)


Hey, faxmachine - learn to spell, once and for fucking all. You fucking narcissist.

No. 377091

"Narciccistic" top fucking kek. This man wants to homeschool is children. Lord have mercy.

No. 377092

I cant…with that tweet i…english cuckboy-do you speak it?

No. 377093

I've also cropped the chat into it and put a filter over it like he does

No. 377094

File: 1493260232337.png (604.25 KB, 481x558, a46c00ef3fc0acbcc686c1fb6bb356…)

No. 377095

My program is crashing omg :C

No. 377096

thank you anon, much appreciated.

No. 377097


No. 377098


My God, he was so fucking vile here!

At least in the old Ustream videos he didn't cuss anyone out or called people names and shit, just interacted with his fans and sang along to his shitty music.

Yeah this is tame compared to yesterday, but damn!

No. 377099

14 mins till processed.

No. 377100

He roasted em for calling him a cuck and said my life was meaningless omg

No. 377101

Actually its more a brain dead defensive tactic used by idiots who have no argument
"you calling me a racist means you're the real racist"
"You calling me a narcissist makes you the real narc…narci…naricccistity smelly poopoohead"


No. 377102

I love how when I asked if he has NPD he flipped out XD

No. 377103

I asked about the alimony and typed the "suk mi" comment. Senpai noticed me!

…and gave a shoutout to Lolcow

No. 377104

He responded to me twice so that was pretty great.
I said "We aren't your personal army" and he said "YOU aren't, other people…" Like he knows full well his fans are mindless drones who do as he says, its gross.

No. 377105

He responded to me often XD I think it's coz I sent Lainey a video telling her to grow some confidence and not to live up to his standards and morals.

XD He's such a fucking cuck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 377106


underrated kek

No. 377107


No. 377109


Damn, are we were all females there, so much for ~feminism~

Guess I got lucky since he was "nice" to me, and I fucking called him a cuck in the alimony question!

No. 377110

he responded to me asking if he loved Billie more because she's cuter lol


Why not just say he thinks his wife is more attractive? Why equal? Cus he knows Billie is cuter and that's why he wanted to bang her without Lainey there so badly. Also said he didn't love Billie more because he dumped her so many times and chose Lainey. Yeah cus you won't have to pay Billie child support if you dump her unlike Lainey lololol.

No. 377111

You can tell what he really thinks of his audience by the way he treats younow chat, too. He assumes everyone is a young child that doesn't know anything about the world. That's the preconceived notion he has going in to a livestream in front of presumably his own audience.

Please stop.

No. 377112


Smart man, he really knows who he can and can't fool.

No. 377114

oh burn

No. 377115

He really is a cunce (cunt+dunce) since cuck isn't creative enough guys

No. 377116

Uploaded today's livestream. The first part cut off but he hadn't said anything yet.


No. 377118

sage your shit, anon.

Imagine how much more normal he would have seemed if he was just calm and said something like "even though Billie is cute, I am more attracted to my wife" instead he goes "reeeEEEEEEE, Billie is an ugly bitch who smells, eeew"

He could have done so much damage control, but he's too damn stupid and falls for easy bait all the fucking time. It must be so exhausting being around his bullshit.


Your account name is perfection. Good job, Anon.

No. 377119


Thanks friend!

No. 377120

File: 1493261483408.png (182.76 KB, 447x439, onions.png)

Thanks. Mines taking ages to render

No. 377121

No prob. I had recorded it with OBS so it was ready to upload. Went to eat dinner first.

No. 377124

I used obs aswell but younow wanted me to login at the most inconvenient time

No. 377125

Keem announced he's going to be gone all weekend so he's going to have someone covering for him.

Guess who? Guess who?


Meanwhile, no one with any clout, pull or popularity wants to work with Onision.

…Not even fucking Keemstar despite Onision's best efforts at sucking that Keem D.

Love it.

No. 377126

full stream uploading but my nets crap so it wont be for another hour

No. 377127

nah, he's talking about the lolcow anon who trolled Lainey and by extension Gerg over there being more recent emails. they cited a date of April 11 on one. meanwhile, Drew says there are more emails in existence so regardless of any alleged trolling, Gerg is squirming. Gerg will be desperate to locate any new screenshots that are out there, dated Apr 11 or no.

No. 377131

Fucking LULZ at his response to "Get a real job"
>Whoever said that, you can never watch tv, you can never watch movies, you can never listen to music again, they all fall under the same umbrella

Holy shit, Gerg, you ACTUALLY think you produce the same kind of content as legitimate filmmakers, showrunners and musicians? We've SEEN your shit, you delusional autist, you're an embarrassing, ugly, disgusting manchild with a camera, sperging out in your tacky fucking house, making GARBAGE fucking content and the WORST music…so bad, I wouldn't consider it music, so bad I actually thought he was doing it on purpose and it was a JOKE…I've ever fucking listened to, your "music" is like ear rape, Microdick Jones.

Oooh, but sure, the people who accuse you of being a "narccciccist" are the real ones with NPD, not you and your insane delusions of grandeur.

No. 377133

his cross-dressing is always done to mock, out of hatred. he betrays his feelings about women every time he does it.

No. 377136

>uses H&R Block
Greg you cuck.

No. 377137

Instead of Onion/Onion Boy/Cuck/etc, call him Droopy-I-Ni-Si-On.

No. 377138

absolutely. Gerg is in agony and everything is fine.

No. 377140

I bet he loved smelling those armpits and is off to take a shower just thinking about it right now.

No. 377141

The thing is it just comes off as retarded.

I remember he did a video to "mock" people calling him a pedo by dressing up as a woman and explaining in a really stupid voice in 3rd person how hes not a pedo and i swear its so wierd and creepy i could imagine it being used as exhibit B when hes on trial for getting his followers to commit ritual suicide.


No. 377145

can anyone tell me what that exact number is he payed her? I can tell he said it was for 5 months of work but I cant tell if its $3,000 or $8,000

No. 377146

I think he said $9000. That's what I heard.

No. 377147

just look at his dropped brows if you want instant proof. blog: I get botox for migraine and it (sadly) has the same effect.

No. 377148

That screen shot says 8 thousand dollars. He likes to say 10 thousand "paid to her" a lot because he's probably including food/gifts/airline tickets.

No. 377153

cant wait. i missed the stream ugh

No. 377156

Here's another copy of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhbEgdHJJ5E already up and ready to watch

No. 377157

File: 1493267328326.png (55.61 KB, 690x690, IMG_8498.PNG)

Good lord his brow is not even human

No. 377159

so billie cheated on them with some other dude. i wonder how she will try to defend herself about that,, cause you know that onion's fans are going to attack her relentlessly about it.

i'm enjoying the milk and seeing onion mad, but that is making me wary of billie…

No. 377160

Who gives a fuck he had a wife the whole time

No. 377161

File: 1493267777467.jpg (37.79 KB, 297x360, Harry-and-the-Hendersons.jpg)

(although harry is cuter)

No. 377163

Billie didn't cheat on them, they broke up with her for the umpteenth time and she met a guy. Greg talked about it one if videos saying she told them about when they all got back together and he said he didn't care. Now it is tho for some reason

No. 377164

I'd be wary of believing what the compulsive liar says about anything at this point, he could even mean "cheating" was sitting on that guy's shoulders at a gig back in the summer when he threw a massive shitfit at her and dumped her for the 3rd time over it.

Not to mention this >>377160 and the fact it was a poly relationship, he's the one that wanted the "trinity" is Billie's desires not as important as his? Cripes.

No. 377165

wasn't that just some dude who gave her a piggy back ride? back then Onion also claimed she cheated when he was angry with her and ended up admitting it was just a piggy back ride when he was sweet talking her again but that ''touching other men was not allowed'' and that it made Lainey cry and confused

No. 377167

She's always fucking crying, no wonder her skin is so shit it's probably dehydrated from all the salt. I bet if she sneezed and Billie didn't said "bless you" that she'd cry

No. 377168

Onion uses his own wife to try and control Billie.

>Um Billie? You still haven't adopted cult mentality and accepted me as your overlord…You made Lainey cry and confused, shame on you

No. 377169

Replying to posts from previous thread


Cyr is the host on DramaAlert instead of Keem this weekend. Guest hosts choose which news to report.

Wouldn't it be grand if Cyr addressed Greg's meltdown on the show? A farmer can dream…

No. 377174

I don't reckon cyr would say anything unless Dasha is on there with him.

No. 377177

Might be talking about the guy she fucked after they broke up with her for smoking on New Years. It's where lol be mad came from but they where already broken up when this happened

No. 377178

File: 1493271392133.gif (95.76 KB, 523x369, Forehead.gif)

He looks like something from star trek lol
Someone please send gurgles back to his home planet, he's unfit to live on Earth and clearly doesn't belong here!

No. 377179

he's gone in on onion before on his own >>>/pt/334178

it was just his snapchat, but he was raging.

No. 377181

Yes, they'd most definitely broken up (not sure if it was the pot smoking break up or one of the others) but he shamed her over the fact it was a "one night stand". He's a lying greasemachine to now say she cheated. If that was the case he would have bought it up long before. She only "cheated" on Lainey before with Greg lol because spaceprince logic.

No. 377190

I don't know why he's bothering to try and drag her name through the mud again, it didn't work the first time he tried it; even with the combined efforts of Doormat - it failed then and it's going to fail again.

Did he seriously believe he's safe to do all this shit behind his Patreon "paywall" where he thought he could bask in the validation of his supporters alone? Fuck no, haha.

No. 377194

Hes used to scaring his ex's off the internet with his harassment and sicking his fans on them. He didnt take into account that hes barely relevant now, and he has less fans than before. There are more people who hate him who will side with billie. And even his fans dont care and are sick of him talking about it.

Hes probably mad that shes getting the same amount of views some of his videos are getting with only 140k subs while he has 2 million lmao. And that she is not huddled crying in a corner cowering to stick her head out like his wife lameo would be if she got dumped. Billie's life isnt ruined and she quickly moved on and found a new boyfriend. With skye, he pretty much ruined her youtube career and she stayed away. With shiloh he ruined her music career and she also shyed off the internet for awhile. Billie however, all he did was really take her job from target and she quickly found a new job, got a new boyfriend and still has fans and a youtube channel with positive likes and decent views for how small her channel is. Hes so mad haha. He has to be reminded at how much prettier and interesting she is compared to plainey cardboard box personality lameo.

No. 377196

File: 1493274765841.png (411.87 KB, 540x488, troglodyte.png)

this water is the closest to fiji lainey will ever get

No. 377197

the way he's shaming her over hygiene, is exactly what he did to Adrienne. It's funny because someone mentioned SUK MI in chat and he bought her up haha. In fact he only started talking about Billies smelliness after bringing up his ex and how she made fun of suk mi…makes you wonder. I don't doubt that Billie maybe didn't shower a couple of times, she kind of gave that vibe in some pics, but "stank out the whole house" ?? yeah sure greg she stank out your empty mansion that's why you're cuddled up together in all the videos of you together. This is a 31 year old man attacking a teenage girl, he could have just ignored everything. So could have Lainey. People were saying in chat were blaming lolcow for the april emails and that he fell for it like a moron but he was too caught up in his stink rant to notice.

No. 377198

LMAO. How sad it must be to be married to a man that had more than enough money to take her to fiji.. and he never will cause he hates leaving the house.

No. 377203

Kek, he rather buys boxes of overpriced Fiji water than actually taking his wife on a trip to Fiji.

No. 377204

haha bless you anon.

I wish drew and billie would meet up in fiji next because lameo would cry so hard.

No. 377205

he certainly never will now he's "poor" either. Judging from some of her poshmark clothes, Lainey likes disney, and he's never even taken her and the kids there. If she divorced him now, wiggled out of the prenup with help from her lawyer father, then she could maybe use the alimony/child support to take her kids and a friend or something. Though, we all know that won't happen.

No. 377206


he can't even remember that she wants to go to fiji lol in one of their dumb relationship videos, she has to remind him

No. 377210

kind of want to get her PO box now and send her a letter about how she'll never get to go anywhere cause her husband wont take her. So much for "Traveling" together. Kek

No. 377211

She only broke out when she was in the Greasy Mcmansion so it's likely that he's trying to make out she was dirty when realistically he probably had unwashed bedsheets and pillowcases. I think he's just trying to get his punches in first.

No. 377212

I like how he goes on and on about that ONE time billie screamed at lainey saying she was a fucking bitch or whatever while in the same breath calling her a disgusting druggie loser whore homewrecker stank ass armpit unhygienic dumb bitch dropout secondhand gf lying slut criminal unstable violent uncontrollable psycho who needs a dog collar with a dogshit personality piece of shit, etc.

But that one time billie yelled at lainey calling her a fucking bitch!

No. 377213

And while Lainey cries about how her husband never takes her anywhere, Billie is still coming down from the high of having a little holiday with her nice, new boyfriend.

No. 377214

I think the unshowered look came from not washing her hair. A lot of people who colour their hair avoid shampoo and after a while it can make them look a lil grimy. I really doubt she stunk out the whole house though, considering Gargoyle spent all of his time trying to get her into bed.

No. 377215

I read somewhere that crying is actually good for your skin tho

No. 377217

Not to mention
>Billie completely independent
>Earns enough money for a trip to Europe to have fun with her boyfriend
>Her boyfriend is proud of her

>Plainey hasn't earned shit in her sad life
>Has to depend on 31-year old red toddler she calls her husband to give her some allowance
>He will never take her to Fiji, he doesn't even remember she wants to go

Lainey, you are so #blessed

No. 377219


>It's funny because someone mentioned SUK MI in chat and he bought her up haha. In fact he only started talking about Billies smelliness after bringing up his ex and how she made fun of suk mi…makes you wonder.

Lol that was me, and he didn't even insult me!

No. 377220

I like how onion even knows lameo does nothing. In the younow:
>"lainey has a patreon now. Lainey might actually do something on it…they want to."

While smirking and then laughing like he knows shes useless. And he says it after seeing the comments saying lainey doesnt do anything. He can't even deny the fact she does nothing.

No. 377235


everyone get off XD-chans back they are wholesome and pure!!!

I wonder if Lainey got so upset because she secretly wished she could be free like Billie

and it was probably true, too, lol

No. 377236

i'm going to upload onion's new patreon videos now. he has uploaded an ~informative~ video on domestic violence.
i'm also downloading and reuploading his younow stream from last night just in case. i did my best to spread the previous stream on all the tumblr blogs and it seems to have worked decently well.

No. 377238

onion's song on domestic abuse.
this gives me really weird vibes. maybe it's the fact that he's put on blue hair (like billie) and is singing about how the guy (himself) is abusing and being awful to the girl.

No. 377239

File: 1493279953336.png (54.48 KB, 629x562, IMG_9097.PNG)

Just stumbled upon this. Micropenis confirmed

No. 377240

here is the backup younow from yesterday: https://youtu.be/5rXjuU8wfJA

inserted is onion's video on otherkin. he rages.

No. 377241

He doesn't deny that Lainey is boring and plain lol.
>"Someone says my wife is boring and plain. You know what, better than a fucking whore"

No. 377242

The lack of self awareness is astounding. He's a complete and total hypocrite.

You're not wrong, I didn't hear him deny that fact at all lol

No. 377243

I think he likes cross dressing a lot more than he lets on

No. 377244

File: 1493280968141.jpg (28.99 KB, 564x564, ebcd23ec97bad01939000b1310b66a…)

Onionboy should really re-think all those "ugly as fuck" insults.Greg, look in the mirror, now look at Drew, now in the mirror. Who's ugly as fuck?
Sage for being petty.

No. 377245

he talks about not being "well endowed" in that video about girls creaming on his crusty micropenis lmao if you can sit through it

No. 377247

I'm developing a crush on this stupid idiot
He's not that smart, he's kind of into himself, but he's so cute defending billie. sage for being autistic i hate myself

No. 377249

i'm watching the younow stream as i upload it and he starts accusing billie and drew of having a shit sex life which is why they must be obsessing over him.
he admits he isn't well endowed, but he 100% believes he is a sex god lol.

No. 377250

ikr. he's into gross bdsm where he lives out his nasty power fetish and thinks that this makes him a cut above the rest. he probably gives horrible vanilla sex tho

No. 377257

They are both ugly, but Drew seems less prickish.
Some of you are massively overrating this guy's appearance lol

No. 377258

You're not alone. He's cute. I'd smash. Billie's got this shit sorted. I'm happy for her.

No. 377261

Stop spamming this thread with this fugly mug , we already have two fugly mugs being posted repeatedly.

Wasnt there a video in which he showed his sex toys in the basement or something like that? Im curious now lol

No. 377265

Kek nearly died reading this.

No. 377267

Greg going on about one time Billie called Taylor a bitch actually says a lot of good things about Billie imo. Given the environment in that house, and how Greg loves to spill everything, that was probably the worst thing she ever did to them.

Billie is young, uneducated, suffering from untreated mental health problems, and was in a chaotic environment full of fighting where she was having constant panic attacks, and the worst things they can say about her conduct is that she had bad hygiene and called Lainey a bitch, and that she took out her frustration on some pumpkins. Honestly, I think it's impressive–I couldn't have held it together that well, and I have the same disorder Billie thinks she has (panic disorder).

Compare that to all the shit Greg and Lainey have done through all the breakups… Yeah. Even if the hygiene thing is true, I think Billie still is way classier and more mature than either of them will ever be.

No. 377268

Isn't Lainey's dad a lawyer who tried to give her legal advice for her marriage? And then she ran off to tattle to Greg?
She has people who have tried to help her but she ignores it. Why do some farmers feel sorry for her and say she's helpless?

No. 377269

>Billie still is way classier

No. Lets just call it what it is/they are: a bunch of white trash people that behave as expected. I am sorry but if someone I was paying for screamed at me calling me a bitch while shes living at MY place with MY money, I would have slapped that bitch. Lainey and Billie are around the same age right? Seems only fair. I think the only one "classy" on that "kitchen fight" was Lainey and thats saying a lot. They are all shit-stains. (but yes Lainey and Onion are worse)

I dont think they feel "sorry" for her per se, they just feel sorry for her kid/s.

No. 377270

Dude, I think Onion looks really better in drag than he does as himself. Maybe he should get himself a new name and start over as a woman.

No. 377274

oh fuck off, she wasnt an employee. they were all romantically involved AND THEY WANTED TA CHAIN HER UP AND SHAVE HER HEAD

No. 377275

Sat through the whole thing and thought of someting, "everyone will see what you did to me" isn't that something shiloh said in that mental breakdown video? Do you guys think there's some truth about gregs behavior in this song?
Sage for speculation and no contribution

No. 377276


Despite what you can say about Billie's class, she seems like a sweet girl who tried to make the best of the situation. She specifically asked Gurgles to stop shouting at Lainey and Sarah.

Compare to Lainey the sour faced cunt who is manipulative and a crier all the time. Ughh.

No. 377277


Yep, I thought this too. He directly quoted Shiloh the fucking psychopath.

No. 377279

That's so fucking weird. Is he blatantly telling he abused her or is it a subconscious slip?

No. 377281

yes, also he put in the psychotic voicemails in that video.. I think it's definitely based on his "relationship experiences"

No. 377282

That's terrifying. I wonder how much BROOTAL honesty there actually is in the song.

No. 377284

yeah this is how i felt when i watched it. it feels uncomfortable because it feels like this is the exact situation that happens between onion and all his exes, including billie and sh, hence why he's quoting bits of what they say.

No. 377288

crying in his tesla, lol.

this seems to spell out a position where the abuser is, in fact, the weak one. like there's some gymnastics behind it that say 'see, women are strong and they always crush their abusers, therefore if that doesn't happen they were not really being abused'. that's not how it works, greggles. be mad.

No. 377290

I think he does it out of loathing for women, actually. There doesn't seem to be a hint of fetish in it at all.

No. 377292

Internet failed. It will upload here. Was out all day

No. 377297

With how quickly Greg is spiraling out of control I wonder how long until something finally comes along and does him in once and for all.

Aside from ladyboy he's losing fans, losing views, losing money. His wife does nothing but sit and cry, his ex has moved on and isn't under his control, and he's losing his mind on livestreams and Youtube.

Too bad we never got to see him on Dr Phil but at this rate he'll probably see him on Nancy Drew when he finally snaps. Just hope the kids are out of the house by then. Seriously, CPS? Get on this shit.

No. 377300

god, he's such a child. billie couldn't have smelled that bad considering he craved her crotch in his face and got all pissy when she wasn't into it.

No. 377301

Do you guys think Lainey would stay with him if he went broke?

No. 377302

God I hope not. I bet she is staying for the kid

No. 377303

Pretty sure it's the only insult he can think of half the time

No. 377304

I'll never get it: How can someone think asking person (a person you are romantically involved, at that) shave their head and get a fucking tattoo is okay? I can understand how Onion could save face regarding other issues wit Billie, but doesn't he realize this requests were inhuman? Like, I couldn't be able to look with confidence at the camera after doing these things, yet he keeps acting as if Lameo and him were the victims in the situation. He hasn't apologized for ANYTHING.

No. 377307

lol, yeah right.

No. 377308

He's probably staying to avoid the backlash he'd get if he dumped lainey and the kids

No. 377309

What did he mean by this? There's no way he doesn't know he's the abuser in this video/song in reality. Is he trying to make fun of his victims or…? Because there's no way he has the self-awareness to ever admit that he's abusive human garbage.

No. 377312

But I bet he knows Billies favorite anime.


No. 377313

Hes a hyocrite because hes yelled at Lainey and called her a cunt.

No. 377324

>staying for the kid

That's a good one. This is the woman who is a lactation consultant (supposedly) yet let her kid breastfeed without brushing his teeth until his entire mouth rotted. This kid had to have oral surgery to fix BABY TEETH.

Lainey's definitely a better parent than Onion (a wild animal would be a better parent than Onion) but she's neglectful and spends all her time crying or doing social media. It says a lot that the only picture you've seen of Troy in his natural habitat is shunted off to the side with neither parent in sight and recording equipment dangerously shoved next to his play area. For fucks sakes they had a big lighting gear pushed right next to his play table where he'd sit. All it would take was for him to fall and it'd come down on top of him.

No. 377331

>Billie is sloppy second hand whore
Mr. Averoe, didn't your wife do the splits on another man's dick before you got married?

No. 377334

>"let's put on some music"
>puts on his own shitty music
how.. fucking cringy can you be?

No. 377335

To me she seems like a dumb attentionwhore who was hoping to cash in Onision's fame from the start, but then got way more than she bargained for. I'm glad she got away from him but I don't understand why she's suddenly a saint in these threads.

No. 377336

File: 1493296618023.jpg (30.4 KB, 490x490, grid-cell-27984-1447873473-11.…)

taking posing tips from zoolander is a brave move.

No. 377337


Sorry for pulling something from so far back, but he actually said "we talked about how narcissistic people who call people narcissistic are"

Think about this. This is a 30 year old who just used the "I know you are but what am I" comeback. "I'm not narcissistic, you are.."

No. 377340

I think the main reason she's still with him is because being the current Greasewife is her main identity and also out of spite to both her family and the h8ers. They may have a big house and a fancy car but aside from that their lifestyle is all but luxurious: hardly any furnishings, shitty processed food all day erry day, ugly plain clothes, no outings or vacations ever, not even a decent wedding band that won't turn her finger green. I think she'd stay with him even if they have to sell the car and downgrade on the house, as long as he doesn't expect her to get a job or take responsibility.
I do think she might leave him if he were to permanently sink into obscurity. Their entire relationship is based around the internet and his internet 'fame'. She is Onision's Wife. If Greg ceases to be Onision, the basis of their relationship falls through, plus there will be no h8ers to say "I told you so".

It will probably take a long time for this to happen though, dude is like a cockroach. He'll probably find some way to get rid of her before she ever considers leaving him.

B-but anon he PAID for her so it's only fair she does those things to prove her love in return!

Coming from the same guy whose immediate response to rejection is "well ur ugly and u stink", I can't say I'm surprised.

No. 377341

>Mr. Averoe, didn't your wife do the splits on another man's dick before you got married?

Did she? Can you go more into this? For some reason I always thought she was a virgin when they got married

No. 377342

She had a boyfriend before him. She would always rave about onion and eventually left her then bf for onion. Obvs I don't know about their sex life, but there's been hints that she's a sexual deviant

No. 377344

IIRC she herself bragged about the splits thing.

No. 377346

I remember a long long long time ago someone who talked to the boyfriend released the convo of him saying she was very slutty and theyd skip school to have sex and she was flexible and did the splits on him and shit like that. That's from what i remember.

No. 377348



Do you watch DBZ Abridged?

No. 377349


(Speculating this is the same anon from a few posts back)

Stop using "XD" dammit! And if you are, sage!

No. 377353

File: 1493301878715.png (77.55 KB, 632x606, ladyboy.png)

Kinda OT but i was looking at that ladyboy's twitter and she claimed that musician lainey is currently obsessed with is a rapist. Also her tweets are pretty ironic rn when she supports onion boy. I don't think lameo will be happy about this lmao.

No. 377355

File: 1493301932959.png (433.27 KB, 603x602, 2017-04-27.png)

he looks so fucking weird when his eyebrows aren't slouched over his eyes.

No. 377356


She's so edgy and honest, just like her idol Onision!!! U guise, it's not her fault, don't shoot the messenger!

Kys, Dani. Your photos are shit, your makeup looks like crusty sperm and your personality is by far the worst of all.

No. 377357

File: 1493302323310.png (607.08 KB, 410x595, B976FC5A-F2A4-413B-8160-A9DEAC…)

I remember that too. I'll try to find it, because he admitted that Taylor cheated on him with Greg. And that Greg cheated on Shiloh for Taylor. She and David dated for like 3-4 years and were planning a life together, and then she got her fangirl fantasy and ditched him.

She and Greg lie about dates a lot, and when someone asked when they started dating on stream, Taylor turned to him and asked "what did we decide on?" or something.
Also I found another screenshot of Taylor saying she's never been bi.

No. 377358


>your personality is by far the worst of all.

Yeah. They're never going to fuck you, Dani. You aren't their type.

No. 377359

Thank you. Also +10 for leaving the comments in the screen. Those comments were gold.
>"Ur skin looks like salami"
>"Accutane is worth it"

No. 377364

File: 1493302943528.png (93.13 KB, 588x742, ladyboy.png)

To add, shes going on and on about how this callmekarizma guy violated girls and took advantage of underaged girls (sound like someone?). And that anyone who supports him is terrible and just as guilty as him. But she supports lameo who is like his #1 fan. Her twitter banner is his album.

Also if what shes saying is true, that guy is fucked up.

No. 377365

She's about the most unreliable narrator who ever lived, so I don't believe her.

No. 377367


>He's a white male, what do you expect.

Jesus Christ. She is a fucking stereotype, how pathetic.

No. 377369

cyr is taking over drama alert until monday. I wonder if he'll talk about the younow sperging.

No. 377371

Nope that wasnt me

No. 377372


Alrighty then!

No. 377380

There so poor they cant even go to olive garden now #surviving

No. 377383


theres literally no evidence to any of this other than her tweets. why the fuck does she expect us to believe such outrageous things? she has no receipts! for all we know she could be a psycho spreading lies for no reason. this is crazy, no one is going to believe shit.

jesus, she's obnoxious

No. 377385

File: 1493306796202.png (48.57 KB, 828x156, Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.2…)

No. 377386

File: 1493307058727.png (14.3 KB, 592x109, lameo.png)

What a surprise!

No. 377387

File: 1493307231824.png (1.11 MB, 1558x862, Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.3…)

No. 377389

He looks like the most stereotype sociopath I've ever seen. When his fame slowly fades away into nothing and he starts going on his spree I can totally see the tumblr hybristophile cult that will arise from his trial.

No. 377391

Inb4 Onion talks over her

No. 377396

This looks like Zoolander lmfao

No. 377398

File: 1493309704226.png (583.77 KB, 479x1014, yesgregyouropinionsarentFAAAX.…)


No. 377400

Ugh would have appreciated a spoiler on that especially disgusting face right here anon

No. 377403

At least his skin looks good.

No. 377405

File: 1493310411772.png (260.29 KB, 390x383, cuck.png)

10 minutes + is really uncomfortable viewing. His anger mixed with feigned high-pitched giggles is nauseating.

I feel genuinely scared for those who are around him IRL. The MAHUSIVE size of his ego is way too big to actually be able to cope with the level of hypocrisy, lies, and cringe he has generated now without consequences. It would be better if he was completely unself-aware but you can tell the whole time with the fakeyfakey that he hasn't even convinced himself of the act he puts on.

He should smoke a joint and take some time to deconstruct his bullshit image that only fools a minority of pre-pubescent girls.

No. 377406

Zac Efron has seen better days….

No. 377407


Crocodile teeth on full display. How there are some people who don't think he isn't a predator I will never know. He even LOOKS like one.

No. 377408

kek dont say that if onion boy sees it his ego will grow again.


No. 377409

This banner will be in my suicide note

No. 377410

Same fag but we should steal it and use it for our lolcow banners kek…

No. 377412

I just remembered from Drew's second video in response to Grease's meltdown that he confirmed (I'm guessing through Billie) that he never leaves the house without a bullet proof vest on, haha… I knew it, what a total narcissistic dweeb, like some lame ass BA is going to stop a bullet going through your head or legs.

No. 377415

File: 1493311370944.png (33.96 KB, 505x372, after2nightsofshaming.png)

Fucking hell, Did the past two younow outbursts just NOT happen? jfc grease

No. 377416

>Assulting women is wrong
>Unless I believe they belong to me then I demand they get tattoo's when they "betray" me and should be locked in my basement.

No. 377417


He's such a great ~Feminist Ally.~

No. 377418

you forgot, to onion only PHYSICAL assault counts. he can say what he likes, because he's just being 'brootaly honest!!!'

No. 377419

Being paid a salary for fucking them does not give Gerg or Plainey the right to abuse and torment her whenever they want. They were constantly playing tug-o-war with her emotions, changing their minds every two seconds about the rules and boundaries of their relationship and trying to isolate her from the outside world.

No. 377420

File: 1493312100429.png (175.34 KB, 494x587, ohshutup.png)

No proof of who sent this email to him.

No. 377423

>>Spreading the truth to you ignorant fangirls.
>>Ignorant fangirls.

She's really not very self-aware, is she?

No. 377424

Just like the big grease botox melting pot himself

No. 377425

Apparently only dudes are rape apologists, good thing Laundry's agender uwu

No. 377428

Just confirms my thoughts that Billie was prostituting. Sad

No. 377429

File: 1493313003372.png (2.67 MB, 2880x590, cuckbanner.png)

his banner is so shitty, especially since he prides himself on being a website creator and graphic designer.

He should call this "a tribute to all my dollar store costumes"

No. 377430

I don't think she was prostituting or even escorting. I think Greg would have a major issue with that. She was probably just put on his payroll because he wanted her to come up to WA and she had to work, so he decided to pay her much more than target would to make it an appealing offer.

No. 377431

File: 1493313114842.png (62.96 KB, 508x490, wankstainonahotday.png)

No. 377432


>maybe i'm just a sucker for women having right to their own body

oision yesterday

>billie is a whore. she's stinky and useless. she's still beautiful tho… but my wife is PRETTIER. so have fun with your used goods, Drew! i already slept with her ;)

No. 377433

File: 1493313425964.png (26.68 KB, 486x328, 3yearsofsavings.png)

No. 377434


this is absolutely beautiful. thanks for posting this greg! its pathetic!

No. 377436

File: 1493313603449.png (44.91 KB, 501x399, youarentavictim.png)

No. 377437

Suuure they have rights to do whatever they want with their bodies, but they'll still be just used up old whores to you, won't they Greg?

No. 377438

File: 1493313684446.png (96.86 KB, 488x485, youarentavictim.png)

No. 377440


I love this picture from Sarah's stream. He looks like a fucking hunchback. So ugly.

No. 377441

God, it's like a sad version of Filthy Frank's banner.

Gerg, you can't hop on the Papa Franku train. Everybody already has tried (some have succeeded) in to switch over to the edgelord genre and it's already getting old and played out. Of course your old man self is realizing what the kids these days like just as it becomes un-cool.

No. 377442

His videos havent been demoted because of swearing

they have been demoted because they fall under he category of bullying and harassment you are no martyr cuckboy stop trying to make out you are being targeted unfairly you fucking shitstain.

No. 377443


iirc groggy explained that he made her work for him "editing" because her job was getting in the way of them spending time together. so less, "prostitution work" and more "culty sex ring" but sure man, if that's how you see it.

i wonder how this is going to play out because now his income relies entirely on whether people find him likable or not. so if he's a little too mean to lainey one day he might lose a lot of money. he's going to quickly realize how good he had it when his paycheck is in the hands of some 14 year old with an allowance

No. 377444

File: 1493314279667.png (53.83 KB, 493x351, youfuckingcunt.png)

No. 377448


Onion can pay "Laineys girlfriend" $9000 for no reason but he can't take his wife and kids on vacation LOL great father material you picked there Lamey

No. 377449

somebody posted on the community part of patreon that they hate the 'lieing cheating manipulative ex girlfriend' (exact words)
i desperately want to say 'but she cheated with greg… doesn't that make greg a cheater too?'
sage 4 irrelevant

No. 377451

It's the reason why he enjoys the Patreon, he will get nothing but validation from them there.

No. 377452

He has the strangest deep dent in the center of his forehead, as if someone got sick of his shit one day and hurled a baseball at his face.
Normally his videos are lit to disguise it but streaming reveals all.

No. 377453

That's quite funny, I said yesterday he's going to lose fans over being greedy and posting even worse context on YouTube to try and get people to pay for his patreon. Has anyone watched the "censored" version of his Andy biersack video on YouTube? It's like the ads on free movie sites where they stop you watching unless you pay for more content, but for his patreon

No. 377454

I like how in his last younow accusing drew of photoshopping emails, he says he knows ways to fake emails that can make them seem real even when scrolling. It like confirms he fakes all these emails to himself and has researched ways to convince people they are real. lmao.

This shit is too creepy, he basically acts out his ex's who have left him and then he posts this shit basically siding with them for doing the right thing while at the same time insulting billie for leaving him. And his fans are like omg onion you're such a great guy!

someone should really make a video of how onion has changed his story about what billie did like eighty times in his own videos. and how at first he was blaming lameo for all their problems, now its switched cause lameo stuck around and billie left. Funny how first, lameo was the problem, then billie was the problem. It's never greg is the problem.

No. 377457


How old are you? Billie did not cheat on him with anyone. Your hero onion abused her. Fuck off.

No. 377459

I can see it now:
Lainey-ok Troy. If John has three apples, and give Gene 2 apples, what pronouns would Gene use to thank John for the apples?
Troy- uhhhh, Xir?
Lainey- NO TROY HOW COULD YOU sob sobruns from room
Gurg come in - Troy! Lainey is crying! How could you you piece of crap???!?


No. 377462

Oh god, this comment made me just realize that if lameo and onion are still together as his kids get older, hes going to use the "you made your mom cry!" and "what you did really hurt your mom!" excuse for treating them like shit.

No. 377467

Ppl need to know they can avoid getting cucked by Grugs. Come here and watch his vids fo free. No bucks.

No. 377468

It's even worse that Troy is male. If there's one thing Greg hates more than women is rival men in his territory. Any age appropriate tantrum Troy throws Greg will be taken way too seriously. Poor kid.

No. 377471


Ooooooh, someone should ask Lainey about that in her stupid Q&A.

No. 377480

I have so much sympathy for those kids and everyone else that had to be raised and share a bloodline with terrible, selfish people like Lainey and Greg. And grandma, whatever the hell her name is. Hopefully she croaks before she decides to give Troy a full body massage.

No. 377488

I tweeted Plainey a few moths ago a screenshot of a tumblr ask from a while back where she also denied being bisexual, she replied to me with something like "lmao I was in denial".. I'll see if I can find it.

No. 377489

To be fair, did onision not used to be against bisexuality? Pretty easy to persuade a 17 year old it's wrong

No. 377490

File: 1493321802543.png (66.26 KB, 594x398, yikes.png)


if you didnt want to search i went and checked for it, i hope that's cool. lol she's beyond embarrassing

No. 377491

Yeah, he used to talk about how they were all disgusting cheats etc etc. But now he's okay with it, as long as they're willing to have a threesome with him

No. 377492

he did, some relevant clips here, also Lainey denying she is bisexual.

No. 377497

File: 1493323063483.jpg (88.85 KB, 480x578, 9d39704a8c872220f483900f3286be…)


Creepy Fact: That is Billie's wig. Wonder if he makes Lainey wear it when they're having sex in the basement.

No. 377499

Ah yes that's it! thank you..
There's been more times she's said that she isn't bi than times she's said she is, looking at her when she first met Greg I'd never think in a million years she'd turn into this "agender bisexual poly emo depressed mother of two" but then again destroying lives and sucking the life out of people is what Greg does best.

No. 377500

that is so incredibly creepy. when they did break up? like 6 months ago? and he's kept it all this time..

No. 377501

File: 1493323550203.jpg (133.79 KB, 1280x541, damn.jpg)

DAYUM! I knew it was circling the drain, butdamn.

No. 377502

We all know that she's not actually benefiting the LGBTQ community, but it really irks me that she does more harm than good for Bisexuals (taking part in that bi visibility hashtag by posting selfies of yourself doesn't fucking count, Plainey) by constantly whipping back and forth between "I am!", "I'm not!", "I am!" and shit. Like, rad, good job, you dumb bitch, you're feeding into the stereotype that Bisexuality=confused and experimenting.

No. 377503

File: 1493323922583.png (21.71 KB, 577x202, lameo.png)

ooh! That explains this one. It was all just her in denial for so long! Now that she keeps saying shes still polyamorous from having that one forced relationship (but will never date anyone again). Shes totally poly guys!

Also the screencap says 39m ago, but it's old from cuddlegate, not to confuse anyone.

No. 377504

onion put a new video up. first two minutes is him whining about him and lamo losing subscribers whilst jaclyn glenn is gaining. he also rags on jaclyn glenn and basically saying that social repose made her feel like shit and forced her to get a boob job.
the he proceeds to say he wouldn't ALLOW a spouse to get plastic surgery. he would love them enough that they don't need it.
doesn't he realise that makes him sound even more controlling?

No. 377505

Raaaad, Granglez, you threw all your money away on "stinky-armpit-skanks" and girls with "dutty houses" just so you could lord it over them in an attempt to feel powerful, now you make about as much as somebody with a job that pays $10/hour. Hey, Lainey, Troy and Claire: fuck you. Papa Onion getting puss was the priority, fuck any chance of cool vacations and financial security. Enjoy eating cold beans out of a can.

I'll always love Drew for pointing out he got a girlfriend, had a lovely time with her in a great city, makes her smile everyday and didn't have to spend a penny on her to do so.

You do get that you're as sad as a guy who has to pay women off of Craigslist to come over, hang out with him and suck his greasy cock, Greg, right? You do get that having to pay women to hang out with you is fucking pathetic? Right? And that you'll never get to do that again? Sucker.

No. 377506

That's rich coming from the dude with botox brows

No. 377507

god this video is fucking pissing me off. how can you be so hypocritical in the space of FIVE MINUTES?!
at the end he says "you should be able to identify as what you want, look however you want, and the person you're with should love you regardless' - but you just said if your spouse got plastic surgery you wouldn't love them? so which is it?

No. 377508

What if Taylor identifies with being fully trans, and starts taking T? Decides she wants top and bottom surgery?

No. 377509

He reminds me of how Lenny Bruce would just do "stand up" that consisted of him bitching about his legal trouble to an audience at the end of his career, like, him just reading legal documents and complaining how unfair it all was to a blank faced, confused audience who'd come to hear comedy.

Meanwhile, Lenny Bruce actually did face a witch hunt all because he cursed in public, while Gerg whining that "YOUTUBE IS UNFAIRLY PERSECUTING ME FOR CUSSING" is utter bullshit.

>doesn't he realise that makes him sound even more controlling?

He's so bad at impersonating what a good, decent person sounds like. He makes it so clear that these aren't his legitimate opinions, that he doesn't actually give a shit about women's rights and is an actual abuser. It's like "I guess this is what a normal human being would say? Right? Like, I'd hold my spouse down and scream 'YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU AREEE!!' in her face if she wanted to get a boob job? Yeah, that sounds good…"

No. 377510

He really is a creep. Wears the wig of his ex he abused and quotes another ex he abused. Doesn't he also wear a hat that looked like what shiloh wore before? Both who were strong enough to leave and get over him. And the abuser in this video just sounds like him. Telling the victim "it was all your fault. everythings your fault."

I feel like he is self aware of the shit he does but gets off on the idea of fooling his audience into thinking hes amazing when hes an asshole right to their face. He thinks hes so powerful.

lol what. jaclyn has said she always wanted a boob job and when she told her mom and everyone, no one was surprised and was like "i thought you would have done it sooner". But yeah, he always thinks girls only do things for the guys they are with. They are always just sex objects for men to him.

She would never cause gerg would leave her and she does everything for greg. Her whole life revolves around him. If he died, she'd have an identity crisis because thats 100% of her identity dying. Shes nothing if shes not onisions wife who became bisexual when he told her to and who became poly when he told her to. He probably told her to be agender too to attract girls for him who the fuck knows.

No. 377511


Mirror of this video here. It is incredibly hypocritical. I think (hope) he's begun the process of slow implosion.

No. 377512

Yeah im sure lainey feels so secure with you!

Hiring and flirting with half naked actresses, praising teens who send you semi nudes, asking fans to call you sexy, telling you he doesnt love you, not caring when you leave with the kids, not remembering tahiti or ever planning to take you there, trashing your family, getting mad at your music tastes, belittling you for being anemic, vaguely bashing you and overtly bashing you in videos, ignoring you when youre jealous, forcing you to get a girlfriend for his sexual satisfaction, flirting with the girl youre jealous about, massaging her, telling said girl you love her when your marriage is in jeopardy, naked massage and cuddling against your wishes, coercing you into polyamory, coercing you into threesomes and shaming you for not being comfortable, removing you from the threesomes completely when you object to them, etc etc.

But he wont make you get surgery so he loves you and doesnt want you to be insecure :) :) :)

No. 377516

He put her boobs in his thumbnail again he's MAD baiting them both

No. 377517

I just watched the video, I thought he couldn't be any more full of shit than he has already proven to be but onionboy just proved me wrong. He's like "I'm losing subs but others are gaining? I'M MAKING THE BEST VIDEOS. BIZARRE! CONSPIRACY! MAKES NO SENSE!" Logic is people are getting fed up with your shit, you fucking moron. I can't even bring myself to comment on his opinions about jaclyns boob job, I fear I might have a stroke if I think about it.

No. 377520

How can someone be this hypocritical?

No. 377521

The lack of self-awareness astounds me. I'm actually going to have a fucking aneurysm because of this moron.

No. 377522

I'm sure Jaclyn feels so much better now that Onion has texted her his permission to get a boob job.

No. 377524


savage, anon, love you.

No. 377525

Does Onision have Borderline Personality Disorder?

No. 377526

Seems more like narcissistic personality disorder to me

No. 377527

Why does he always say Jaclyn and Richie are dating? He even has to wonder aloud if they're still dating or not when, dude, they got married ages ago. They've been married longer than they dated, they got married after only dating for a short period of time. Whenever they refer to one another, it's as "my husband", "my wife" or "my spouse". For somebody who's so obsessed with the two of them that he feels the need to bitch about Jaclyn getting a boob job ("SHE DID VIDEOS WITH ME, RICHIE, SHE'S STILL MINE, RICHIE, HOW DARE YOU MAKE HER GET A BOOB JOB THAT SHE CLEARLY STATED SHE WANTED TO GET"), he'd know that they've been married…for, I think, close to a year now? Like, he's trying to tie in her boob job to her "recently" starting to "date" a guy when they've been married a year (hell, maybe more).

What a fucking idiot.

No. 377528

Why would you think that? He's def a narc

No. 377529

None of us can diagnose him, but his behavior screams Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Though, I've also noticed some signs of Borderline. When you read Adrienne's account of dating Gerg, he shows a lot of Borderline traits and it's pretty common for people with Cluster B personality disorders to have comorbid disorders (having more than one). I'd say it's Narcissistic Personality Disorder with some Borderline traits sprinkled on.

No. 377532

He wants to give the impression that he does not care, that other youtubers are so boring that he doesn't keep up eith their content or that they're not worth his time of day. He does this all the time, a recent example being him saying billies new bf is ugly "or so I hear". He doesn't want to admit checking up on other people. Probably doesn't realise how transparent he is, kek.

No. 377534

remember billie said that greg watches ALL of social repose's videos, in their entirety, but likes to pretend that he doesn't.

No. 377535

He's not this delusional, he keeps saying he makes the best content but I don't feel like he's being sincere. Especially after the abusing ex song and he's reaction about the personal army comment on younow. He knows exactly what he's doing, he knows he's playing on dumb teenage girls who believe anything he says. He knows he's manipulating people, and he thinks he's amazing at it but it doesn't work on anyone with a mental age over 14

No. 377537

On top of frequently being comorbid with other disorders, cluster B PDs often can present in a very similar matter. Seeing a PSYCHIATRIST (not a fucking therapist Greg. A doctor. If you or Plain had ever been properly diagnosed you'd be aware of the difference) is very important because of things like that.

No. 377539

I bet this means he watches Drew's videos as well. What a lovely thought

No. 377540

Drew just posted another shirt for sale saying "fuck greg" Billie is liking abunch of tweets making fun of greg lol and greg just posted a picture of a photoshopped screenshot

tin foil hat but imo it seems like onision is trying to bait them and was creeping to see when they were online lol

saged for not that interesting

No. 377541

It's really inconsistent branding too. Jacksfilms has really consistent branding, his graphics aren't always the best but it's consistent and very recogniseable.

Haha wow I remember watching him fall out of the top 100, and now he's nearly out of the top 2000

how can anyone bare to watch all his videos now a days. You can love yourself as is, and you can love yourself with plastic surgery. Not very feminist of him to assume that she can't make her own decision/is so easily manipulated by a man.

he self diagnosed himself a few years ago because a fan suggested it. But most likely narcissistic sociopath.

No. 377542

Kids, don't get a boob job because then a greasy thirty something year old won't want to fap to you. Of course, by that logic, a bunch of other greasy men will fap, but Onion penis is the only peen that matters.

Omission, your channel is dying because your content is based on picking on better youtubers for stupid shit that is none of your business. Stop subtly baiting your mentally disabled audience with sinking ship and public execution metaphors.

But good on you for letting mastectomy patients know that their replacement boobs are ugly and disappoints your microdick.

No. 377544

As someone who knew him in another life I can confirm that he has been diagnosed with NPD following various incidents while he was in the Airforce. He of course refused to accept the diagnosis, which is probably why he got so touchy when it was mentioned the other night.

No. 377545

Oh man I want to believe this…

No. 377547

me too :/

No. 377548

If true; this is no surprise; the military cannot allow certain kinds of people into certain positions. You WANT a low empathy person who feels strongly about rules in combat, but they cannot be a narcissist because their ego will fuck up orders.

Any more info you could share?

No. 377550

Proof? How did you know him?

No. 377551

Please be Skye.

No. 377552

Please universe I ask for so little. I mean it all sounds believable, but too good to be true.

No. 377553

It would be great if you could contact a mod and prove that you actually knew him? It's hard to trust what you say when you're just another anon..

No. 377555

He does that shit on purpose. He's trying to diminish the significance of their relationship to have a dig at them. It's like when he said: "Drew's ugly… I hear." as if he wasn't stalking his social media as soon as Billie started dating him. Or, when someone purposely forgets someone's name to hurt them. It's passive aggressive garbage behavior.

GREG'S WHOLE LIFE IS DRAMA, of course he watches that shit, lol. (caps at the absurdity, not you, anon) He's cut himself off from a life outside of the internet, where he can control every aspect of his life and appearance to others. NARC.

Please be real, and please pass the milk?

No. 377556

>He of course refused to accept the diagnosis

What do you mean by this sentence? Do you mean he rejected the AF diagnosis on a legal or something like that basis, or do you mean he just refused to accept it because it was unpossible that the awesomest man who ever lived could be a narcissist?

No. 377557

you don't even have to say exactly who you are, just proof that you knew him. i trust you though

No. 377558

Anon she knows about all of that and has forgiven him it's really Billie who's ruining her life

No. 377559

Proof please. I want this to be true!

No. 377561

Narcissists never accept flaws, or address them. They live in a delusional world where they think MOST EVERYONE else is delusional/imperfect and unable to understand just how exceptional the narcissist is.

So, yeah, this
>he just refused to accept it because it was unpossible that the awesomest man who ever lived could be a narcissist?

I really doubt he pursued legal action, though it is a right under HIPAA to request a revision of your own medical records. I don't know if that right extends to military medical records though. I'm curious what's meant by his refusal too. I'm just guessing that he did something similar to what he did in the livestream the other day, sperged at the doctor/medical records staff, accused them of being mentally ill for implying he was, and stormed out like a child.

He really is a textbook narcissist imo. I'm not a psych or anything, it's just amazing to watch. He's so far gone.

No. 377563

>>I'm curious what's meant by his refusal too. I'm just guessing that he did something similar to what he did in the livestream the other day, sperged at the doctor/medical records staff, accused them of being mentally ill for implying he was, and stormed out like a child.

I would assume his goal was a higher position than the one he was allotted (MP, was it?) He was never promoted, sent into combat, never learned to fly, etc etc, and i would assume he was never cleared by medical for any of these things because they have to be careful what kind of people they hand power and bigger weapons to.

If there's anything else you can say, or would be willing to say, we'd appreciate it. You can confirm your identity to the mods without exposing yourself; we're very committed to keeping sources anonymous.

No. 377564

I have a feeling it's another troll. Just like the previous ones.

No. 377565

His sex face, no doubt

No. 377566


Is this Joy? fucking "knew him in another life"

No. 377567

Pretty common way to indicate "a long time ago," anon. Doesn't Joy have her own thread for that kinda salt?

No. 377569

>I would assume his goal was a higher position than the one he was allotted (MP, was it?)

Absolutely. If I recall correctly, he wanted to be in the Special Forces. When it became clear to him that his superiors weren't going to place him in that MOS, he had a narcissistic breakdown. Stripping naked in front of an officer and threatening suicide, etc. Narcs lose it when their ego is threatened.

Fortunately for the United States, the military conducts extensive personality screenings. They don't put unstable people in unstable situations. I bet he's still very butthurt that the air force wouldn't let him "Aim High or Fly-Fight-Win" LMAO.

No. 377571

Definitely a troll. don't be so gullible guys. let's just rejoice in Gronk's livestream rage and his creepy laughs and smile he tries to plaster over his thinly concealed rage. god help me those streams were funny.

No. 377572

It's just so easy to disprove that he's indifferent towards these "haturz" when he'd have to go out of his way to watch Jaclyn's video in the first place to know she was getting the boob job. I'm sure he could say "Oh, someone just mentioned it to me", but then it's likely he has Lainey and/or Sarah set up on laptops, checking on his designated enemies all day and that, again, shits all over him insisting that he doesn't care about them. Every single thing he does proves he cares waaaaay too much about everything everybody else does.

I want this to be true so hard that I am choosing to trust this anon. It sounds believable, you do have to be medically cleared for certain positions and the military does seek out a certain personality type when they're giving promotions.

Blogpost, but my uncle did SpecOps in Nicaragua, Bosnia and some other places and got pretty far in his military career because he's that certain kind of functional psychopath who's less narcissistic/cruel and just incapable of empathy and doesn't really feel any sort of fear or anxiety. The man luges down the side of glaciers as a hobby, like, he's perfect for the military.

Onion, on the other hand, is so fucking narcissistic, stubborn and emotionally unstable that he'd make a terrible fucking soldier. I'm sure they were happy to have somebody volunteer and hold a gun, but no way were they going to give him any real power or say.

No. 377573

I got a boob job (reduction and lift). Rude Greg. Rude.

No. 377574

No, because he doesn't have the capability to empathise… he's a narc.

No. 377575

He's made that screenshot himself because he's obsessed with that date that a farmer threw at him in his YouNow and made Lainey cry.

No. 377577


He's so obsessed with it that I am kind of wondering if that particular date was a shot in the dark (even though it was trolling) that actually hit something. That'd be pretty funny, if so.

No. 377578


one day people will fucking stop asking this fucking question

No. 377579

Was just thinking about HSanon's account of how Gerg started bragging about signing up/planning on signing up for the Air Force after HS, telling people they owed him respect since he was a future United States Air Force solider who would be protecting their freedom. He was so, so amped on joining and it shows how little foresight and self awareness he has, he never put any real thought into the decision past "This will make me cool, special and people will have to respect me."

He'd addicted to questioning experts and people in positions of authority. If a doctor tells him "We need to do this procedure", he smirks and starts questioning their medical opinion and expertise. He doesn't care that his arrogance is putting his loved ones in danger, he's far more concerned with making it clear he's the smartest guy in the room (hahahaha) by rolling his eyes and scoffing at anybody who tells him what to do/what's what.

I can so easily imagine him being told by an officer to make his bed in basic training and him crossing his arms, sneering and shooting back "Why should I? We're all just atoms and molecules, and, like, whatever, so why should I make my bed because you told me to? Because you're my superior? What makes you my superior? Your superior? Scoffs It's all bullshit!"

Gerg would feel so smart and edgy, but the officer would just think "Okay, this guy is not fit for the military at fucking all."

It's fucking hilarious when you think about it.

No. 377580

My thought was it's the one thing that isn't actually true, so is he harping on it because it's all he has.

No. 377582

Unless a farmer wants to fess up that they made and sent that screenshot (it's so poorly made, I'd expect a farmer to make a way more convincing attempt if they were to actually send him something) nobody knows of the exact date that the YouNow farmer made up except for Grease himself.

He's attempting to make it sound to his fans that the emails are fake, he's so hung up on being outed as a liar.

No. 377593

With the whole "Billie stank/smelly armpits" thing? Would any of us want to take a shower or bath in Gurggles house? Cold as the 7th Circle of Hades,prolly not at all clean showers and tubs, and no privacy! Weren't there videos and pics of him walking in on one of his ex's repeatedly in the shower? Add to that his propensity for "Together with my favorite Space Prince" bath time photos, and know how he would likely flip his shit if the bathroom door was locked???

Hell, the stink is completely understandable, and more then likely a defense mechanism.

No. 377594

I think at this point, it doesn't matter if she was a bit sweaty or not… he was always on the ready to fuck her at the drop of a hat, he couldn't even sit away from her in his videos.

That insult is about as empty as the other dozens of insults that he colorfully described her with.

No. 377596


Yes and yes. Along with admitting to forcing-I mean having Greasewife 1.0 shower/bathe with him whenever he wanted.

No. 377597

I have a theory that Greg says his exes smelled bad because it's pretty much the only thing they can't prove to be untrue over the internet.

No. 377599

lol, Grease would be a nightmare to work with in any capacity whatsoever.

Narcs have an extreme love-hate relationship with authority. They defy authority because they have to be the best at everything… but they’ll also appeal to authority because it makes them feel powerful by association. Narcs often seek authoritative positions (police, military, religious leadership, etc) because they feel they can’t be questioned. They also don’t really wanna do the work required to get to that position because they’re so entitled.

It’s speculated the love-hate authority thing stems from their parents. The narc want their parents acceptance, but they also resent them. I'm always intrigued when Gurg interacts with his mom because she's clearly a narc, and did a fucking number on him.

No. 377601

lmao why DOES he always resort to hygiene when he wants to drag someone? knowing how often he projects i'm inclined to believe he's the one who smells like a dumpster all the time

No. 377603

hahaha v convincing tinfoil
It's painfully middle school: pick on someone for their hygiene.

No. 377608

I'm the farmer who made the date and it was a bit of luck, cross referencing, and narrowing shit down. That doesn't mean I picked an EXACT date but I made sure to try and pick one that would be in a high realm of possibility for him to do SOMETHING.

No. 377610

what if he actually did send an email around that time but billie, being fed up, deleted it? and greg, trying to hide from lainey, deleted his too?

No. 377612

I can't say what it was (because I got no clue) but the absolute insanity its caused has been wonderful. Best shit i've done.

No. 377613

Yeah he somehow is calling drew a liar and shit as if he made up that date. It was someone in the chat who has admitted it here LOL. Drew was sleeping while this shit was happening. And whenever anyone says drew said something, he confirms it to be true, then keeps going BUT WHERE ARE THESE EMAILS, DREW IS A LIAR. Drew showed the february email, and onion confirmed there were emails by showing them too AND another one. And drew said there were emails up until end of march about tax stuff, and onion confirmed its true and even shared one of them. BUT THE APRIL 11 EMAIL?? Drew never said there was an April 11 email so what did he lie about lmao. So much for dem FAAACTS.

Lets all remember this younow stream where he calls lameo hygienic and says she smells good. If they break up hes gonna be calling her stanky too.

i doubt she'd delete it without sending a screenshot to someone anyway. I believe that he didnt email her then, but he probably would have emailed her again in the future. Look how he still keeps contacting jaclyn glenn about every little thing when they arent even friends lmao.

No. 377618

Ahh okay, I thought you specified it was April 11th and not just April itself, my bad.

Still, Drew never said any April emails existed… I think he mentioned there was one from March though.

Considering that fake screenshot said "to me" underneath the misspelled name, is he actually implying that Billie faked and released it because nobody else would be the recipient of it but her if it says "to me".

Obviously he made it himself, I'm just wondering if that's what he's trying to imply because that's a seriously shitty thing to make up and accuse someone of; which furthers my suspicion that he created it himself.

"I'm not saying you made it Billie! See! It was someone who tried to impersonate me, lol… look at my big glaring arrow at how they spelt my name wrong! Not at the fact I'm saying it was sent to YOUR inbox, lol."

No. 377619

the first thing I thought was it was written be him, the writing style is like his, but like hes changed it up slightly. I refuse to believe it is genuine lol.

No. 377620

Yep. I was just thinking about how he'd have been so frustrated that his superiors couldn't recognize his innate speshulness and that he'd resent the shit out of officers for telling him what to do, thus, making him feel unimportant and small (uh, welcome to the military, Gerg, where you're just one tiny cog in a giant monster of a machine), so he probably believed "If I get promoted, then I'll be big and important and I can boss people around. They'll see! THEY'LL SEE!"

Then they were like "Fuck no, you're not qualified for jack shit, you're unstable as fuck and won't stop being an insubordinate fuckass, get the fuck outta here with this 'promotion' nonsense", he'd have just melted into a puddle of pure narc rage. I seriously doubt his stripping naked tantrum was some clever ploy to escape military duty, he just doesn't want to admit he couldn't handle authority and rejection without losing his shit like a spoiled child.

It must've been beautiful to witness in a way that's simultaneously terrifying, pathetic and hilarious. Plus, gross because you'd have seen his micropenis.

No. 377621

Whenever he posts these emails he's written, it reminds me of the sad, ugly girl in school on Valentines day, having herself sent a bouquet of roses and eagerly looking around the room to see everybody's reaction to how much her "boyfriend" loves her, but everybody's so embarrassed, they won't make eye contact with her.

No. 377622

it is hers, it's crazy to me he kept shilohs bunny hat after all this time. He's also had Billie pose in it a couple of times in photos lmao.

No. 377623

File: 1493338485016.png (13.52 KB, 752x78, ObviousBait.png)

OT, but I just love this kid for baiting Onion's audience in the comments with this shit.

No. 377626

It would mean he purposely took it with him during the move from the house he last lived in with Shiloh to the Mcmansion he's in now.

When you notice something an ex (especially one who you supposedly hate) left behind; the first thing you do is either sell it, give it away or trash it.

He certainly thought it was too precious to give it away to Billie to have as well.

No. 377628

I have made up a different, but extremely convincing screen shot, however I feel like it would be cowtipping to send it so… I havn't done anything with it as of rn. I wanted to trigger him but I didn't wanna potentially put his kid in danger if he really freaked out.

No. 377629

File: 1493338869181.png (26.3 KB, 828x194, CHECKOUTMYPATREONTHO4REAL.png)

I mean, this is what happens when your audience is 99.9% kids under 18.

No. 377630

anything involving greg involves tipping so honestly…

No. 377631

I'm near enough 90 percent convinced he made it himself, it's far too much of an amateur PS job for a farmer to have created.

Noone else but us and him would've even cared to have remembered the YouNow-farmer's trolling date to have gone to the trouble of sending that pisspoor attempt at him… that chat stream in there goes way too fast for anyone outside of us or him to have noticed it.

In fact, it wasn't until YouNow-Farmer came forward to tell us of what they did to set him off that we knew about it ourselves.

It's him, he reacted to them so strongly that they made him expose himself as a liar and he's sore about it.

No. 377635


He also kept an old belt from Skye along with he old character costumes.

No. 377636

Lainey definitely saw the April date, what made her leave was when she saw comments asking why he loved Billie more than her, which is what caused Greg's mega tantrum. She went straight to Greg to report this and he then combined the two "People have been saying I emailed Billie saying I loved her more?!!?!"

No. 377637

Someone should order a "Fuck Greg" tee and send it to their P.O. Box.

No. 377639

I want this to happen so, so much that I was about to explain how I'm sure Troy/Claire would be safe, that it'd be all good, while actually knowing perfectly well that he could absolutely end up throwing Troy through one of the cheap walls of the mcmansion while in the midst of that narc rage.
>Flings toddler son into pile of filming equipment

Now I feel like a terrible person for being willing to shrug off his kid's safety for the sake of milk. Ugh.

No. 377641

Why doesn't he and plainey get a real job if they're that poor. I know she went to college. Did greg not?

No. 377642

I'm kinda against the idea, he's already trying to use a fake screenshot to convince his fans that the emails are fake.

No. 377643

Send it to lainey

No. 377644

be real, at this point that'd probably be the least terrible thing he's done to the kid. they let his teeth rot out and that was them being passive. that kid has seen some shit.

No. 377645

Ohh, you're right. I remember thinking "Heheheh, she's about to cry over the possibility of Gerg continuing to email Billie!" (jesus, I'm an evil cunt), but her smol space prince brain must've seen "emails" and "why does Greg love Billie more than you", assumed these emails must've contained Greg actually admitting that and that was why she was about to burst into tears when she logged off YouNow. She obviously then ran to Gerg, sobbing "They're saying you emailed her? Telling her you loved her more??"

So much for "Greg's never lied to me, so…", she doesn't trust jack shit about that guy.

No. 377646

"Help Onision get the fax he needs", I'm dying.

Sage for no contribution, just thought this was amazing.

No. 377647

Fuck Joy, she's just using the drama to collect money for herself.

No. 377648

"Suk mi…"

No. 377649

Oh man to be a fly on the wall when he receives his own personal FAX machine

No. 377650

Does he even know about the meme? He's too stupid to work it out on his own.

He'd just furrow that shitty fucking caveman brow of his, scoff, say "WHO USES THESE ANYMORE, WHY WOULD I WANT IT? IDIOT", scoff some more, wing it at Lainey's head, who'd proceed to go down like a sack of potatoes, and then he'd step over her prone body, ignore the wails of his son and go play shitty vidya games for 6 hours until he noticed Lainey hadn't provided his evening "Suk mi" sesh and plate of vegetarian chik'n nuggets and kick her in the ribs until she woke up.

No. 377653

That sounds fairly entertaining if I'm honest.. but the page says Joy is going to decorate it so hopefully she makes the dig clear.

No. 377655

this is hilarious because no, i don't think he knows about the fax machine meme. i don't think he knows about any memes that lainey doesn't show him. he has no idea what the kids are into these days. it's painfully awkward seeing him interact with lainey because she's SOO concerned about blending in with other 16 year olds..it's like watching a dad try really hard to relate to his kid but everything he says is out of touch and weird. but he's your dad and you love him and he's trying, you know? like, "no dad, no one says epic anymore. no we don't say on fleek anymore either, dad." does anyone else see this?

No. 377658

I hope it's just cutouts of pictures of Drew and Billie together, pictures of Drew where he looks particularly attractive, pictures of Lainey looking particularly unattractive and pictures of him without any makeup or filters.

No. 377659

Sage for a dumb ass dream story, sorry for shitposting, buuuut…

I dreamt I robbed Greg. In the dream I had flown to onionland and was shopping in a supermarket when I saw him in the vegetable section (not buying onions though - that would have been way funnier), and started talking to him, gave him a fake name, and flirted with him (ew) until he asked me back to his house because lainey was away and he wanted some suk mi. so i hop in his expensive car and go back to his place and keep fobbing him off when he asks for sex and riling him up by telling him i can beat him at video games, losing, then insisting again i'll beat him next time. he got so angry yelling "WHY DO YOU THINK YOU CAN WIN WHEN YOU KEEP LOSING?" his face turned red af. He went to take a shower and had left his phone and wallet on the counter. I ordered myself an uber with his credit card, stole his phone and his wallet, jumped in the uber and left to go to a lake about 20 mins away. at the lake i went through his phone and there was all this weird porn on there, as well as super abusive texts to lainey. i posted it all to twitter and threw his phone in the lake, pocketed the money from his wallet and left his credit card out on a bench. i then caught a taxi to the airport and flew home to australia with his money.

i think i need a break from this drama lmfao

No. 377660


Or just basic facts typed out, printed out, cut out and glued to it.

Like, "Dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago", "Dolphins are not fish", "The 20th President of the United States was James A. Garfield", "Our brains do not stop developing until we are 25 years old, GREG", etc.

No. 377662

My favorite part about this is he made what, 200K+ a year for how many years? And yet he has little to no savings? If he fucking budgeted, he could have lived off his profits by making wise investments so he would never have to work again. Now he clinging to a patreon to live by which is embarrassing for someone his age.

But I guess when you're inbred, your IQ can only be so high.

No. 377663

Oh, absolutely, yes. Like, I'm sure he only knows about the blinking guy meme after she sat him down and showed him a few and it's the only one he could remember.

I'm also sure he insists some old, un-cool things are hip with the kids like "Uhhh, kids do TOO like Marilyn Manson still, he's still HUGE, Lainey, what are you talking about. Idiot. He's so edgy…" and she just fucking cringes. Like the other day, he went "UHHH, EVERYBODY STILL USES FACEBOOK, IT'S STILL SUPER POPULAR, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT?"

…Just like an out of touch dad.

No. 377664

This needs to happen.

He wants facts, so send him facts with the fax.

No. 377665

Holy shit. My dreams are nowhere as clear and linear and similar to actual narratives. They're like "I'm here, NOPE, I'm there, now I have a baby, the baby is a cat, but that's not weird, my cat-baby is eating my insides, this, too, is not weird, the sky is red, it's the apocalypse, I'm running, etc."

I know it's a dream, but I can just picture Gerg screaming that shit at Lainey while holding her wrists and it makes me so uncomfortable.

Sage for not contributing whatsofuckingever.

No. 377666

I'm going to armchair a bit here, but you can tell in this video >>376815 that he is so not over her.

The way he talks about her (constantly demeaning her, calling her names, insulting her, and over clarifying how much he is over her so aggressively) plus the facial expressions/eye movement he makes while saying all of that shows just how not over her he is. He is so beyond bitter. He wanted her all along, even tried to switch to her from Lainey, and is so so buttmad it didn't work out.

So tldr; yes, the wig is probably used by him in sexual ways because it's all he has left of what he wanted.

No. 377667

A farmer could do it themselves if they wanted to, a fax machine doesn't cost $250 and the PO box address was already posted in the last thread.

No. 377669

Yeah…I wouldn't exactly trust Joy with money…

No. 377670

Yeah, I found one for $69.99. $250 is actually high range and why the fuck would you want to give Greg a NICE fax machine (as obsolete as they are)? Oh, yeah, because Joy's been accused of conning people out of money in the past and is probably gonna pocket the majority of it.

No. 377672

It's because otherwise Billie did nothing wrong, so it's all he can grasp at lol.

No. 377673

He's probably so pissed that Billie is selling his sweatpants and old socks on depop to raise funds to see her new boyfriend.

No. 377674

They broke up for good sometime around January 17th I think.

No. 377676

Lol the sweatpants and shirt were sold. The sock is still for sale. Also noticed she sold one of lameo's shirts(she didnt state it, but ive seen lameo wear that crop top before).

No. 377677

You could even pick up an old model in a thrift store or a garage sale for like $10… barely anyone uses them nowadays.

I even found a couple on Ebay for around $25…

No. 377678

babe it's not even armchair, it's so clear. someone should really make a compilation of comparing the way he talks about billie and lainey. he can't shut up about billie, good or bad. with lainey it's like "she is nice, and smells good. I like the way she is nice to me and I like her…eyes..they're acceptable."

No. 377679

File: 1493343310199.png (138.53 KB, 501x518, charitymyarse.png)


No. 377681

I know the relationship contract happened the last week of December, the "evil pot smoking" happened around New Years Eve and all that batshit drama fuckery happened during the first week of January. So, yeah, it's been 4 months.

Normally, you'd still be a tad salty 4 months after a year long relationship ended, but when you think about it, they really had something more like a 3-4 month long relationship cumulatively and he's going to be this furious over that shit for another year or two and then finally downgrade to making bitter, cunty comments on the regular for the rest of his life.

Fucking teenagers get over 3-4 month long relationships faster than Gerg does.

No. 377682

200k a year he could've bought a decent house with 2-3 years worth of income, not had a mortgage, taken trips, actually done something worth while. he's done shit. he's wasted it.

the charity of providing onion with botox? or paying his child's dental bills?

No. 377684

File: 1493343515596.gif (85.48 KB, 220x140, fuckyouGreg.gif)

I fucking love you guys.

Also, sure, Jan. Charity. Sure.

No. 377687

Just wait until he finds out some of the money he is expecting from patreon is fake too kek

No. 377690

I can feel the narc rage coming when that shit hits the fan

No. 377691

Exactly, the entirety of the physical time they spent together was 3-4 months in total. I don't want to shit on LD relationships because they can be lovely and work out in the best case scenarios for those who are genuinely committed… but he broke up with her nearly 6 times in that year of a LD relationship.

It was a seriously toxic relationship from the start, heck… anyone that gets into a relationship with Grease is toxic from the get-go.

This brought a huge shit-eating grin to my face.

No. 377694



No. 377695

W-What is this???

No. 377696

wew lawd
What's the date for this one, any idea?

No. 377697

This is written too well to be gerg

No. 377698

Is this a fake one? The top part is cut out.

No. 377699

wow i really can't fucking read, the date is right there kek

need more info on this, though. it's suspicious.

No. 377700


so beautiful!

No. 377701

File: 1493345123906.jpg (24.75 KB, 221x326, C7keLrzV4AEYdBf.jpg)

lord have mercy if this is true then i'll be waiting for the next liverage

would love more proof though

No. 377703

cmon anon you can't just leave us with no context

No. 377704


>Not just because you are pretty but because you are fucking beautiful and-

this has to be greg

No. 377705

Sage for OT is that Eloise? I LOVED that as a kid, this made me so happy to see wow.

No. 377706


No. 377707

how many times have we fallen for fake screenshots? my god farmers don't take this seriously until we know/ learn more

No. 377708

If this anon claims it's not fake… take it to Billie first and have her confirm or veto it.

Don't go spreading it around until then, otherwise it's just going to work in Grease's favour.

>>377628 Is this the email you were talking about sending?

No. 377709

File: 1493345333900.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1666, 20170428_120747.png)

Dates coincide but could just be a thorough anon

No. 377710

so far everyone here is being skeptical. doesn't mean we can't SEE gerg fapwriting something this lame.

No. 377711

Can the mods check if the IP is probable for Billie or Drew?

No. 377712

it honestly sounds just like him but we should still wait for confirmation. But chances are its a really good fake

No. 377713

I just mean in general, I don't want to see people get all excited when its most likely just fake. And don't send it to him either, that household is probably already walking on eggshells on him. The public freak out would be milky for us, but his kids have to deal with the IRL freakout while Billie just gets dragged more by this grease bucket.

No. 377714

Umm, I think we should bring the admin and farmhands attention to it, just report the post.

No. 377716

yeah, i went ahead and reported it asking if it could be looked into to see if it matches the posts from an anon earlier in the thread.

i feel if it was the anon from earlier, they would have at least filled us in a bit more, but could be covering tracks. then again, who knows.

No. 377718

The conspiracy theorist inside of me believes these could be fake screenshots made by Greg to use as evidence of h8erz doctoring emails.

No. 377719

especially after him bringing up that he knows how to do it. I need mod confirmation before I'm willing to believe it.

No. 377720

Same, either way… we should've learnt our lesson by now from the last couple of times this has happened, best to leave the farmhands and admins to it.

We've already had someone in here today claiming to have "known him from a past life" without verification and Grease's own attempt at making a fake email, so let's not do this to ourselves.

No. 377721

Why is someone faking emails from october 2016? I also think faking emails and sending it to him is a bad idea because it builds his credibility that other people are lying about him.

Also an anon earlier wanted to fake emails, so i dont believe any shit in this thread unless it comes from billie or drew themselves.

No. 377725

>>Top half of the email sender is cut off.
>>Discusses things that have been speculated and talked about in these threads before.
>>Uses comments said by Grease himself in available online media.
>>No indication of personal undisclosed information that would of obviously happened offline between them.

Yeahhhhh, I'm not falling for this bait.

No. 377726

Do y'all think if one of us dm'd Billie or Drew with the screen shots that they'd actually reply and confirm or deny they're legit??

No. 377728

I've dm'd billie but had no response, Can anyone dm drew? Seems weird since both of them wouldn't usually be active this time (and this is usually around the time that onion had his previous younow meltdowns)

No. 377730

File: 1493347094009.jpg (51.14 KB, 800x611, C-cwZ2LUMAAR5EP.jpg)

The same qvatar used is the same one in Gerg's fake email, and the name has been purposely hidden in these ones.

No. 377731

I don't think it's real either, honestly. It's too "perfect." and I don't think he would be dumb enough to say, "it's not just because you're pretty."

Greg told Billie he loved her. When she called him out in her video, she was obviously freshly hurt that he said he only wanted and stayed with her because she's pretty. That kind of shock leads me to believe he didn't say anything like that to her before hand.

No. 377732

Meh this email smell fake as his personality

No. 377733


yeahh, i was going to say sooner but I had to step out

my b

i've deleted them

sorry to get your hopes up anons


that's his actual avatar, I didn't make that

No. 377735

Ugh, am I just a fucking idiot (likely) or is the link not working for anybody else? I copy and pasted it into my browser, but imgur gives me an error page. I waaannaaa seeee.

No. 377736

This anon just admitted to faking them >>377733

Moving on…

No. 377737


People should get banned for doing shit like this.

No. 377738

Well that was stupid, I swear people on here are getting dumber

No. 377739

why would you willingly blue ball everyone like that? gerg is a milkfountain on his own and it just seems dumb to create milk with someone this unstable.

No. 377740

They most likely will be considering the amount of reports it got.

No. 377741

agreed it does nothing but confuse everyone and get everyone's jimmies rustled. it isn't hard to post them and also be "i'm this anon from earlier who wants to fake emails to greg" in the post. that anon is dumb as fuuuuuuck

No. 377744


omg srsly asshole

No. 377745

Agreed, I almost made an egregious error and nearly posted this to twitter. Last thing we want is to give grease more ammo that emails are faked, It discredits Drew and Billie and makes Onion look good. Serious guys.

No. 377746


>was going to say sooner but I had to step out

Also didn't think they were that great. I do apologize though. Figured I'd just delete the imgur link and have done with it.

Sage for guilty admission

No. 377747

pick your battles more wisely next time please

No. 377748

lmao so you had time upload the screenshots and type when you wanted to say they were made but didn't have enough time to let people know that they were fake?

bitch bye

No. 377749

I don't know anon, you happened to conveniently walk out on the cliffhanger?

No. 377752

Fuck you I ended up dming billie over this shit to try and confirm, Don't you ever fucking do that again god fucking damn it, Spoilt fucking milk.

Either way guys at least he didn't get a FUCKING CENT from his play buttons, motherfucker thought he was gonna get 9k donate 1k and keep the rest. Can't wait till its patreon pay day, I do wonder how much he's going to lose?

No. 377753

you could have easily linked back to your original post that mentioned you wanted to send fake emails. you just wanted to stir up shit but got spooked by ppl reporting it huh. c'mon don't play games anon

No. 377754

are fake screens even allowed to be posted if anon admits they are faked first? they are in anyones hands from that point

No. 377756

>makes Onion look good
lol, there is no way left for Onion to look good now. He's dug himself too deep in his own shit.

Only HE thinks those emails are important and obsesses over them. As if a couple of emails would make or break his dying career or make people not hate him for chaining girls in his basement.

We, or Drew and Billie, could make a thousand fake emails, and it would only rile up Onion more and make him flip out and embarrass himself on stream again.

No. 377757

Fake screens = Discrediting Drew and Billie, Proving Greg actually right and validating him and giving him credibility. Let the grease incriminate himself and get screens if they're released from the proper sources.

No. 377758

It might be wise to follow up the DM with an apology and a simple explanation that someone pranked you, the last thing we probably want is her somehow bonding back with Grease over this.

No. 377759

>her somehow bonding back with Grease

after the stanky armpit rant I think that ship has well and truly sailed

No. 377760

Already done :)

No. 377765

About the YT awards… with those bidders not paying, can he claim the bidding on the genuine bidders before them?

No. 377766

He can offer it to the 2nd highest bidder, but that bidder isn't locked in and can refuse it. 2nd highest would probably also be a troll bid too.

No. 377769

File: 1493349905030.jpg (53.86 KB, 468x308, lol.jpg)

He reminds me of a simpleton who wins millions at the lottery, and instead of putting it in a savings account or simply investing wisely in it… they blow it all within a year.

No. 377773

I've always wonder how they manage to take so many baths together and have sex every other hour when they have a toddler? Do they leave him alone?
Sage for OT

No. 377774

And an infant, born in October.

No. 377777

Drew talks about Onision in this podcast.

>Billie told me that she's never seen kids cry more than Onision's kids. It's fucking awful. That's how you know he's not acting. He's fucked.

No. 377779

File: 1493351207813.gif (1.19 MB, 250x224, tumblr_nwbs9xppPt1ruza0go1_250…)

oh shit i hoped he'd come out with more info.

but fuck, those poor kids.

No. 377780

Not to be devil's advocate but non-parents might not realize how much a normal infant cries. Crying is how small babies communicate their needs. A toddler, on the other hand, is a different matter.

No. 377784

idk I feel like billie isnt stupid enough to think regular crying compared to 'trauma'

No. 377785

>implying sperg lasts longer than 30 seconds
I mean…I'd say it's easy.

As a parent that would look to have a quickie every now and then, I'd wait until mine napped before having our "us" time. Turn his camera on, have the baby monitor with me, all is fine.
But since we're talking about Gerg, they seem more like the types to put them in a playpen and/or crib whether awake or asleep and just walk off……a lot. Like when they want to do something, they just put them somewhere constantly instead of waiting for the free moment.

True, but then there's the babies with colic that constantly cry, which is a whole different ballpark if it's not diagnosed. Toddlers? Yeah, they'll have temper tantrums, but most crying has subsided and they're learning to communicate more with words.

No. 377786

They invited Greg to come on their podcast!

Too bad he's a pussy who doesn't even @ Drew when talking about him, he'll never have the courage to confront him in a face-to-face discussion like a grown man.

No. 377787

sage for blogpost but ive noticed recently more mockery in other places than lolcow of greg from where i didnt expect. its pretty strange and wonderful

No. 377788

Listening to it and nearly finished, these guys barely know -anything- about Grease, they just know him through his video content and practically nothing about his background history… I rolled my eyes way too many times to be honest, too much playing devil's advocate because of the lack of actual information on him.

It was pretty tame and boring really except for the comment about his kids crying.

No. 377789

he's never lost his shit like this before so i think it's making more people pay attention and be more open to making fun of him

No. 377790

I gotta admit, Drew was very defensive of Billie (never directly saying things that would upset her, protecting her) that was nice. Also, he was pretty alert, articulate. Hes no prize catch but go on Drew, keep it up!

No. 377791

I agree but anything that sheds light or makes people dig up shit on Onion is worth it. This isn't favorable to him and done in a way that I feel more people would digest easily- then later go and look up and see the fuckery first hand

No. 377796

Onion paid Billie $8,000 for 5 months of contracted work.

No. 377797

I'm glad that Drew didn't let go of the fact he lied about the emails at least, there was no logic to his meltdown… he could've either of admitted that yes; he emailed Billie for tax purposes and left it at that or if he wanted to still deny their existence; just shrugged it off when Drew first insinuated he did.

I'm leaning with him on this one that Lainey knew nothing about them, that reaction from him was completely unnecessary… but narcs are just gonna narc I guess.

No. 377800

He is so universally hated by many groups/communities that it's not even funny. It's extremely pathetic. He can't even be tolerated by those who use the same labels he claims to be under and support. Much easier to list how many people do like him: himself, plainey, himself, his hardcore fans which are mostly younger teens that don't know better and have yet to grow up and realize their mistake, probably some really speshul adults, and himself.

That's about it, and ever since the beginning of this year, it's been going nowhere but downhill for him. Add in his YT advertiser meltdowns that he believes is only targeting him because PewDiePie caused it or some shit, yeah….people are seeing the real side to him, and it's a mess. It's great.

No. 377801

File: 1493353361771.gif (1.27 MB, 300x210, 1418955926267.gif)


Jeez what a greasy fuckstain, late to the party but goddamn gerg you're literally the toxic avenger compared to the average person. Ew.

No. 377803

>But since we're talking about Gerg, they seem more like the types to put them in a playpen and/or crib whether awake or asleep and just walk off……a lot. Like when they want to do something, they just put them somewhere constantly instead of waiting for the free moment.

Oh, yeah, I totally get the impression that that's what they do. Gerg doesn't care about anybody but himself and his needs and having them met right now. I do remember someone saying something about Lainey being the kind of mother who goes way overboard with spoiling Troy and that he rules their house, like, she just gives into his every whim, e.g. continuing to breastfeed him because he wants to, whenever he wants to. I know that's a part of attachment parenting, but with her it's more a general attitude of "Whatever the little prince desires", even if it's not good for him, like, rotting out his teeth. So you've got one parent who's a helicopter mom and gives into his every demand because she's a lonely, sad woman whose husband neglects her emotionally and she's looking to her kids to fill that void (that's a LOT to demand from kids, they've basically been born with a job: to fulfill your emotional needs) and then another parent who may be physically present, but is emotionally absent and any attention he gives them is likely negative, so he ignores them for long stretches of time unless he's screaming at them for something that's most likely age appropriate.

That, right there, is the recipe for a Narcissist. That's how Gerg was created, HSanon specifically detailed how his mother would go from blasting him with praise, telling him he was fucking amazing and he could do no wrong, then flipping on a dime and screaming at him that he was a worthless idiot. His mom's behavior has been split into two parents now: Lainey gushing at Troy that he's the absolute best and is fucking infallible and then Greg only emotionally present when he's raging…and we've seen how much he loves spitting out insults when he's raging.

Those kids are going to be beyond fucked, we have a narcissist in the making already, their parenting (from what we can see) is going to create a self centered monster with an unstable sense of self and self esteem. I'm sure Greg's going to be especially hard on Troy, he really hates other men (which he mistakes as "feminism") and views all males as competition for attention and affection.

They're bound to fuck up Claire; Lainey is a terrible example with her completely submitting to a bullying, toxic, controlling piece of shit and Greg will end up convincing his daughter that women serve a basic purpose, they're objects who exist to provide attention and sex and need to be aesthetically pleasing or they're stupid cows. I've seen what happens to women who are raised to believe their only worth is their bodies, that sex is used as currency. It's fucking sad.

Sage for long as fuuuuuck rant.

No. 377805

Those other guys besides drew are giving onion too much credit. Idk whats up with these dudes on youtube thinking onion is actually a marketing genius and its all acting. You can tell when hes acting and when hes not. And his personal life shit isnt acting. His wife lameo is actually miserable and he actually did ask to chain billie in the basement.

Also the guy who says having onion as a dad is better than foster care. That's not how CPS works. You only get put in foster care if there is no family that will take care of you. Kids are always prioritized to stay with their parents first, then close relatives, before foster care is every considered. Sorry it just irks me when people talk like if you call CPS you're gonna just straight up get taken away from your parents and put into foster care.

>theres no evidence that hes not a good father.


No. 377808

File: 1493354138862.jpg (76.84 KB, 651x776, Capture.JPG)

>I'm leaning with him on this one that Lainey knew nothing about them
Me too. His reaction just screams guilty. He was flailing left and right in pure panic.

I'd bet my salary that Onision himself sent this shopped cap to his wife.

No. 377811

I didn't see that bit of the livestream where Gerg shits on Billie for being a high school drop out and it reminded me that he's gone in on her for that before. He really loves that insult, he really is stuck on the idea that if you don't graduate high school, you're fucking dirt. It's so eye-roll inducing because, uhhh, I thought school was a fucking waste of time, Gerg? Also, his beloved, can-do-no-wrong Kurt Cobain was a HS drop out.

Wut!? Gerg!? Contradictions!?

It just irritates me because I dropped out due to undiagnosed and, thus, unmedicated ADHD, got my GED, went onto college (with the help of meds) and did fine. Same with my boyfriend. Like, he's a 32 year old with a HS diploma, a failed military career, no fucking work experience under his belt and a crashing and burning YouTube career. Billie is 19 years old, she's got time to get her shit together and do things with her life, you can't shit on a 19 year old for dicking around a bit before getting serious, that's what that age is for. Better that she gets some fuckery out of her system now instead of being in her 30's, when it matters, and being a fucking mess like him.

What an ass.

No. 377812

He probably insisted she ask for screenshots to be emailed and went on and on about evidence and screenshots and how legit the emails should be just so he could send her obviously fake emails/screenshots to further her THE INTERNET IS AGAINST US IM THE ONLY TRUTH mentality so he can get her to agree to a poly relationship in the near future. Also why hes acting so "protective" against her and angry against billie. See, I hate billie now and I'm always going to side with you even if we bring a new girl in!

Lainey is pretty dumb, so I expect a new girl by the end of this year the latest.

I love how he compares billie being a high school dropout to how lameo is college educated therefore lameo is better. While he sits there with no college degree, never reads books, and has a job that requires no education. He never cared about the HS dropout shit when he was dating her, but now its an insult haha.

No. 377813

Agreed, it was pretty fucking annoying listening to them playing devil's advocate every few minutes based on what little they actually know about him.

It didn't need to be drawn out for as long as it did but they couldn't stop insisting that he's just acting and playing his audience. They even admitted that they had no proof to think otherwise because they know nothing about him outside of his video channel… if they had disclosed that at the start of the podcast, they wouldn't be lamenting over wasting the whole podcast talking about him.

Without Drew's commentary, I wouldn't of even fucking bothered.

No. 377814

No shit
I don't know why some anons are acknowledging it? It's just a stupid kid tier insult. He can't actually think of anything on the fly. It's always:
-you smell bad
-you're stupid/retarded
-such a bitch/cunt/asshole

No. 377815

Yeah, I was practically smashing my head between my hands. You two have a guy there who's followed Greg's career for years, is dating his ex and has heard A LOT of insider information and is embroiled in Greg drama, he's TELLING YOU what's up with Onion, he's TELLING YOU he's seen the emails and texts that reveal how fucked he is and yet y'all wanna sit back and go "Yeeah, noo, but maaaybe that's just acting, maaaybe that's just how it seems…"

Fucking a, why wouldn't you stop, listen to Drew and go "Well, fuck, I need to look into this guy some more, from what you've told me, he sounds fucking insane!", like, jeeeesus.

No. 377816


nah, you are playing the devil's advocate. for all we know billie could have plenty of sibling, she might have worked as a nanny, etc. Its kinda silly to assume that she wouldn't recognize weird behaviour on kids unless she's a "parent", any adult knows that children aren't supposed to be crying all the time, especially because greg's eldest son is no baby.

No. 377818

Yeah these guys seem like the annoying people who dont care what you have to say but just want to say their opinion. They should have grilled drew on what billie told him about onion. Instead of their bullshit theories. Like you can tell billie has told drew about the shit and her experience there was real. Unless they assume drew's gf billie was also acting and made up all the shit. They thought the basement stuff and his views were all acting and shit he says for views, when they are sitting with the current boyfriend of the girl who revealed the basement stuff and was kicked out and harassed for smoking weed. Just really shitty podcasters in general.

No. 377819

Kinda OT, but you reminded me how Blaire White was a "stupid bleached blonde fucking cunt" when, uh, Blaire White is a brunette? I'm pretty sure, multiple times, throughout that anti-Blaire White rant, he used "bleached blonde bimbo" as an insult. It was fucking baffling. Like, he's reacting to the video and still insists her hair is bleached blonde. Also called her "plastic" because it's clear she's gotten plastic surgery and it's like, well, fucking durr, Gerg, she's a trans woman.

No. 377820

Sorry, I meant to say *thinks his views on weed were all acting.

No. 377822

They didn't even know he had more than one channel, they sounded confused as heck when Drew explained that he uses one for entertainment purposes and another two for personal discussion.

Like what the fuck, guys… how can you even make an "informed opinion" that he's just acting and playing his audience when you have no clue about him other than "hurrdurrr, he's just another Keemstar, he's just a dick… we can't really say what he's like in person, we don't know." then basically waste a whole hour repeating the same shit whilst playing Devil's Advocate for him.

I'm never doing that again, that completely wasted my time.

No. 377823

I don't know how anybody could believe Gerg is anything approaching that good of an actor. He demonstrated his acting abilities for us before and they were 1. fucking horrible and 2. his staged anger was stilted and fake as fuck compared to the times we've seen him genuinely raging, like with the Blaire White response video and the recent livestream. It tells me they were so uninformed and ignorant regarding Greg that they shouldn't have even been playing devil's advocate, they shouldn't have expressed ANY opinions on a guy they admitted they have a very basic understanding of.
Must've been really frustrating for Drew, good thing he had that joint.

No. 377826

No, he didn't, and he hasn't read a book since high school - he thinks education can be done at home, by yourself and on your own time.

No. 377830

A lot of people think like them.
I have few friends who used to watch Onion (kind of forgot, lost interest later) and once there was a discussion about him. I told them what I knew about him and they were all like "nooo he is not like that he is just an epic trolle xDD, you don't get it"

Though these podcast fuckers have a guy whose gf experienced first-hand what a psycho onion is and they still think it's all a big joke or some shit. "Oh his kids constantly cry? It must be just one of his genius trolling plans XD"

I don't get why so many people are in denial about him.

No. 377832

File: 1493358316018.png (44.61 KB, 501x380, fuckingcrybabies.png)

Some fucking crybaby went whining to onion about people who tweet against him. His fans go out of there fucking way to instigate fights and keep fights going. Christ.

No. 377835

This. I don't get why so many of these anons have to dickride anyone who's against the cow they hate. Just because Onion is a shitstain doesn't mean that Billy is an angel. If you go back to the CuddleGate 1.0 threads, she was a gold digging whore who took advantage of Onion pressuring an abused Plainey into an open relationship (for him) and acted like she was her "girlfriend" to get close to his internet infamous microcock. But now, people are going on about all the abuse she must have suffered (which is a bit funny given that Taylor has been groomed and more than likely experienced even worse abuse for a longer period of time, but is completely demonized in these threads). I don't even really care for Taylor, but elevating Billy to such a high standard because she's aggravated the Grease makes little sense to me.

No. 377836

If Grease ever took his own advice, Nickelodeon would've sued him by now.

My suggestion would be to pre-emotively block his more obsessive fans like this one, it really saves a lot of time and hassle. If you're on Twitter yourself, you'll notice which ones are the usual suspects because they'll purposely zone in and target anyone who dares speak up against their cuck lord.

Replying back to them just gives them any excuse to file a harassment claim against you and get your account locked up.

No. 377837

>I don't get why so many people are in denial about him.
Because he's such a caricature of a person.
Frankly, it's hard NOT to think "this guy can't be for real".

No. 377841

I'd heard about this fucko for years and just thought 'eh'.
Some of my cows were in a dry spell, I was seeking fresh milk so tra la la - wandered in and holy shitballs.
Grug is basically unexplainable until you go down the hole yourself. Ridiculous hilarious pathetic never ending three ring shitshow.

No. 377842

I'm relatively new to gurg and his drama, and I can tell you that reading some of this shit with his past exes (Skype, Shiloh) and experiencing the voice-mails/videos of how he has been in the past
…I still am having issues believing anyone could be like this. I mean, I know he is, I watched the younow breakdown live….but. It's pretty insane for a person to comprehend for a bit.

No. 377847


It's okay anon, I felt this way when I found out Onion used to be in the military (I was a fan during that time), took me 2-3 years to finally accept. Along with the exes part.

No. 377861

I support Billie because I want her to be the antagonist Onision deserves. All of his other exes basically disappeared from the internet after he ran their names through the mud.

Sure, she is dumb for getting involved with this monster (repeatedly), but I remember being 19 too. I know I would be attracted to the money, the PNW, the pseudo-celebrity; I would have made the exact same mistake. That and other aspects of her personality make me indentify with her.

I want to see what she can do. I want her to destroy Greg's career and I want to see her succeed without him. I've been following his shit for years and his story needs a hero.

No. 377865

File: 1493366721704.jpg (94.59 KB, 800x600, wimmin.jpg)

No. 377867

Deep down Gergamel knows if Youtube or Patreon ever shut off the shekel spigot he'd be fucked six ways to Sunday because his ""skill"" set consists of guarding Chairforce installations in Bumfukeon, Korea and editing and producing shitty "comedy" that only makes him money due to passive monetization.

No. 377870

Nobody sent this, you narcissist.

In other news, I have some ideas for shit to send to their P.O. box:
Glitter bomb, abuse pamphlets, mental illness and narcissism pamphlets, Fiji brochures, dog turds if you're nasty, and boxes of nothing but packing peanuts and more empty boxes to unwrap.

No. 377873

LOL the fiji brochures would be amazing. You could also send her pictures of Billie. I'm sure that would get under their skin.

No. 377875

>She should really see what he's saying about her.
He's just making idiotic, childish insults so what does it matter? Billie's doing the right thing by ignoring his stupid ass. And how sad is that when a 19yo has more maturity than a 31yo man? He's a narc. Unless he actually makes any moves to harm her in some way, what he spews is irrelevant.

No. 377878

Fucking kek, anon. Not only is Harry cuter, he's way more human looking.

No. 377884

I honestly have no idea what this means

No. 377885

>if someone I was paying for screamed at me calling me a bitch while shes living at MY place with MY money, I would have slapped that bitch.
lol it wasn't even Lainey's money, it was Gregs. And Lainey IS a dumb bitch - selfish, self absorbed, whiny ass who manipulates as much as Greg does. They're both mentally underdeveloped, they deserve each other.

No. 377886

At first I was really thinking Billie was a bitch and out of line for yelling that…
But as I learn more about Lainey, I really can see why someone would loser their temper with her.

No. 377890

the onion shows us all of his vegetarian food. for someone whos so "poor" its quite surprising how much food he has.
he also recreates the infamous vegetarian body clip and smashes an expensive camera lens and cries about it. he also mentions AGAIN the people unsubscribing from him.

No. 377892

I mean, just imagine being in Billie's situation: you're a 19 year old girl without much life experience in a "poly" relationship with these two adult-children who are constantly playing tug of war with you, you're being pressured to take sides, you're getting sent home, you're being brought back, you're hearing you're all in a poly relationship one day, the next it's just you and Plainey or you and Gerg, then you get accused of being a homewrecker due to their marriage problems and the choices Gurg made, Gerg is blasting private details about the drama in the house online and you're getting hate, whenever you try to ignore all the drama and go along with your Unicorn role, Plainey starts with her passive aggressive, manipulative, cunty nonsense because she's actually not into you whatsoever and is insanely insecure and jealous of you being with her husband when you're JUST trying to go along with the poly plan, you get dumped for sitting on some dudes shoulders, brought back, then you're threatened with being dumped and sent home if you ever smoke weed, Greg accuses you of having anorexia because you're not eating enough and harasses you for it, you're dealing with Gerg's narc rage and abusive insults, you're witnessing him slinging abuse at his wife, Sarah, dogs and, most likely his kids, and…to top it all off…you have a fucking anxiety disorder that isn't being treated in any way since Gerg+Lainey have forbidden you from smoking pot, which you use medicinally, and Greg is so anti-medical science, he harasses you for even thinking that you have a diagnosed anxiety disorder and, thus, you can't go get prescribed benzos or Zoloft or something to treat your anxiety and supplement the medicinal marijuana you're forbidden from smoking anymore.

Imagine alllll that stress going on while you have that anxiety disorder, imagine dealing with Lainey and/or Greg's stupid, petty drama for the millionth time.

Would you finally break and scream "YOU'RE A STUCK UP BITCH!" at Lainey?

I know, for fucking sure, I would and it'd probably be cathartic as fuck.

No. 377893

I think someone like Greg is incapable of actually feeling love. The fact of the matter is, he wanted Billie more than Lainey, that's why he was so ready and willing to ditch his wife and kids to run off with her. Then Billie dropped his ass and he keeps trying to spin it like the opposite is true. What a fag.

No. 377895

That's all just processed food. The broccoli is frozen. Why are you eating frozen broccoli?????

No. 377896

kek that irrelevant cunt is still at it.

No. 377898

Thank you for confirming you're a cheese pizza vegetarian, Greg. We all pretty much knew it already, but you just went out of your way to show us, in detail, how shit your diet is.

I'm not even hating on the actual diet because I, too, used to be a vegetarian who only ate processed, instant shit, but I was trying to set rules for myself so I couldn't eat shit like McDonalds, I wanted to lose weight, I wasn't screaming at omnivores for being horrible people and using a fucking diet to make myself feel superior while telling everyone who eats meat they're going to die of cancer when processed food has been proven to be a leading cause of colon cancer.

Seriously, if you want to eat like this, it's fine, obviously, it's your fucking life, but you better be a fucking nutritional wizard who's insanely educated on vegetarianism with a pristine diet that's filled to the brim with fresh produce, legumes, etc. and doesn't give themselves a pass for eating gelatin if you even want to slight get away with lecturing strangers and placing yourself on a pedestal morally.

No. 377899

Because Lainey and him are the laziest fucks to ever slither across this Earth. They cook everything in the microwave, they probably only use the stovetop to heat up soup or ramen occasionally, it's like they're still eating a college kid diet. There are two small children who're living on this trash, as well. Yikes.

$20 bucks says Troy ends up only being 5'4 because of malnutrition, like some kid from North Korea during the Arduous March, and Gerg never loves him because being a short man is shameful and pathetic in his narc eyes.

No. 377901

Oh my god, i'm seriously horrified. They had what, one or two bags of frozen vegetables?
I feel so fucking bad for their poor kids. They're going to grow up with all kinds of problem considering their diets and their parents are both toxic. It's all processed garbage, and they're RICH. If you let your kids eat primarily processed food when YOU CAN AFFORD BETTER, you're a fucking retard.

How can you willingly eat like this when you have two houses? How can Lainey and Onion be this fucking useless as parents and as human beings? I'm so incredibly disgusted by both of them.

No. 377902

uh so he says he's not sure if he will be able to afford some of that food for long.. that's a load of bullshit. Unless he is eating multiple packages of fake meat per day, that shit isn't THAT expensive for anyone who actually has an above minimum wage job.

I know this because I have less money than him and I eat vegetarian junk food maybe two to three times a week, which is not that little in my judgement.

No. 377905

File: 1493375773310.png (801.59 KB, 1008x646, wfbFElX.png)


isn't this a bunch of bottled water in his fridge? why isn't he just filtering water? he has two fridges but none with a water filter? for the self righteous asshole that he tries to be, he's not doing a good job with all the plastic waste that he's producing.

No. 377906

I fucking hate knowing that he's twisted "muh views! muh subs!" into
"You guys, I'm going to end up living in a van in a Wal Mart parking lot, my FAMILY with my NEWBORN and TODDLER SON, are going to be raised as street urchins who pickpocket to survive…all because YouTube has unfairly targeted me. ONLY YOU CAN HELP ME FROM DYING, DESTITUTE, UNDER A BRIDGE! Giving me money from your parents credit cards is not stealing, it's borrowing, it's fine, do it. BE A HERO."

His career is torpedoing, there's no doubt about that, but he's still got a year or more until it hits rock bottom and, even when that happens, he can still scrape some extra cash from YT/Patreon. He has THREE houses, two expensive cars, his wife (despite her horrific online reputation and zero work experience) could get a job, he could do some kind of freelancing, like editing other people's videos.

His "Guess I won't be eating this much longer, siiiiiiigh" act is infuriating, not only due to how bullshit it is, but because he's stealing one of my only sources of joy in this wasteland of a life, his crashing and burning e-career, by twisting it into yet another way to manipulate his audience. Fuck you, Greg.

No. 377909

>Lainey opens the fridge
>Eyes settle on Fiji bottled water
>Greg's bellowing grows distant
>The ambient sounds of the mcmansion disappear, replaced by the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the beach, seagulls crying, happy people chatting and laughing
>She swears she can even smell the salt of seawater, hot sand and is…is that the intoxicating scent of exotic flowers?
>Suddenly, Troy fear-vomits on her legs and Greg screeches "WHY WON'T ANYBODY GIVE ME FAAAAAAAAAX!" next to her face
>She's sucked back into her present reality, sighs, closes the door to the fridge
>Perhaps someday

No. 377910

fucking kek anon, bless your soul

No. 377911

Not to be devil's advocate here but Lainey was probably already getting pissed with her because she was realizing that Billie was there only for Greg, not for her.

Also you talk of a "19 year old girl" and Lainey who is what, 21? you make it sound like Lainey is 40 and poor innocent Billie is but just a child! Remember that she and Greg had the same amount of blame for trying to split that family , it wasnt just Greg. Billie lied to Blamey and tried to fuck her over by literally fucking her husband (who again was also to blame).

This all can be solved in 3 steps:

1) Billie needs to stop fucking youtubers for exposure and $$$, and go back to her Target job or at least get a fucking education.

2) Blamey needs to divorce Onion, move back with her parents and start anew.

3) Onion needs to leave YT forever and find a real job.

inb4 they all end up working at target.

No. 377912

i was wondering about this… is this like a normal thing to do in america? i thought you guys had filters and stuff that you could get installed?
someone should tweet this at him saying if he wants to save the environment so much (considering he mentions in this video that the meat industry is bad for the environment) why is he wasting so much plastic

No. 377913

Completely abnormal. Most people have water filters installed, those that don't can buy pitchers with filters in them. I'm sure he has some bullshit excuse about how fiji water is better for you because blah blah blah you're a moron for drinking anything different.

No. 377915

You completely missed the fucking point of that entire post.

The point was not "BILLIE'S AN INNOCENT ANGEL, BLESS HER HEART, THAT POOR CHILD", the point was "Imagine being an average 19 year old with an anxiety disorder who's thrown into that fucking mess of a marriage, home and situation and not be able to medicate your anxiety: you'd probably snap and scream that somebody was a bitch, too."


No. 377916


holy SHIT 99% of their shit was processed food, ready to eat after heating it up, and the only fresh thing they had/he showed was bananas and he said they looked disgusting.

Goddamn. It looks more like a refrigerator from a frat house than the one from a family of 4. then again this is the US so its not like you can call CPS because they eat like that lol

No. 377917

It is not a normal thing. Routinely drinking bottled water, especiallt brand name water, is an egregious waste of money. Depending on the region, many people in the US drink water straight from the faucet, or if not, they can use filtrrs. Some people even have refrigerators that filter it for you and give chilled water. But probably most people just fill a glass up from the faucet.

No. 377918

Youre the idiot for thinking she has "anxiety disorder". Can you be more naive or oblivious? She threw herself into that fucking mess, no one did and no one forced her to do it. She was the one jumping on Onion's boy below average penis , taking advantage that Blamey had left with the kid(s). She was the one that went back to their shitty lives even after they broke up with her repeatedly.
Then when Onion boy disposes of her for the 29595303th time she goes and jumps on the next youtuber's dick that will give her the time of the day, while posting a million pics on ig and twitter with her kawaii ugu tongue-out-peace-sign pose.

The Onions think that just because it says "vegan/vegetarian" that makes it automatically healthy. Lamey should check more the stuff that shes eating because since she sbreastfeeding a lot of it can end up in her milk.

No. 377921

Bottled water is also HORRIBLE for the environment. I can't believe he wastes so much money and makes so much waste for no fucking reason other than he can. Fiji is no different from other bottled water, which is usually just tap water in a plastic bottle. Those faucet water filters are cheap. He could have them installed on every faucet in all his houses easily and save thousands of dollars.

No. 377922

not sure if this has been shared, but it gave me a good laugh

No. 377924

honestly, yeah, it is normal. i know tons of people who buy bottled water and just drink that. but usually its cheaper brands and not Fiji, which I'm not sure if you can buy in bulk.

No. 377926

that really lays shit out. v good.

No. 377929

yes it's been shared like 4-5 times

No. 377930


Holy shit I was the reason she started this LOL

No. 377932

Drew's patreon is pretty nice actually, he gives his patrons his own phone number so they can talk. He sends postcards, physical ones(which might cost a lot to send). That's really sweet of him and pretty unique.

On another note, how mad do you guys think Onion would be if he saw that Drew is in mint shape? You know, considering he has the VEGETARIAAN BODAAYY, yet he can't do a single real pushup. Drew is out there doing backflips while taking hits from the bong and fucking onions oneitis. I bet that makes Onision so fucking mad.

>tfw a ugly fucking hippie druggie with a second hand super pretty geef is in better shape than you, the almighty vegetarian ARMY TRAINED GOD KING ONION whoms 6months post-partum court cuck Plainey is also in a better shape than Onion


No. 377933

You forgot to sage.

No. 377941

okay the part where he goes on and on about watching anime with billie and it cutting to lainey saying "i don't like anime" made me spit out my water and cry of laughter

No. 377944

>dog turds if you're nasty
Or you send horse crap. You can even get heart stickers on the box.

No. 377945

"I can't afford it", "I can't afford it", "I can't afford it". Repeating it enough times won't make it true!

No. 377948

>Claims he NEEDS his $100,000 Tesla car cuz it's good for the environment
>Buys hundreds of bottles of water

No. 377950

To be fair, this girl's entire twitter shows she is a cow herself.

No. 377952

>Youre the idiot for thinking she has "anxiety disorder". Can you be more naive or oblivious? She threw herself into that fucking mess, no one did and no one forced her to do it.

Not that other anon, but I'm pretty sure she was diagnosed professionally as bipolar and Onion boi is like anti-psychotic meds + didn't even believe she was bipolar in one of his post break up videos.
I'm assuming which means he subtly convinced her to not take meds when she was visiting/skipped doses at best and at worst she wasn't taking them at all. I'm sure his love bombing quelled any suspicion she had about how wrong it was of him to do that. Like given how anxiety works I'm sure she was afraid of the typical being rejected or something Onion did like playing fucked up mind games of "no one will love you as much as we do, we put up with all your transgressions who else is gonna do that?" since the only time she told them to fuck off for treating her like shit was due to Ayalla. While she may have jumped at the chance of being e-famous, no one deserves to be abused. At worst what did she ever do, call Lainey a bitch? Nothing she has done warranted either of those two to treat her like that, even if she was there for the money you can't just abuse someone just because you were stupid enough to pay someone almost 10k just to have them around you for the convenience of sex.

No. 377953

Fun fact: The Chairforce actually made basic tougher and enforced higher physical standard for recruits some time after Gurg left. He probably wouldn't cut nowadays.

No. 377955

>That's really sweet of him

I think Drew is pretty sweet-natured, from what little I have seen. I also like the he has no qualms about defending his lady's honor, which I think is a nice quality in a boyfriend. Compare and contrast his treatment of Billie, with Greg's treatment of Taylor.

Drew: supportive and kind.

Greg: has zero qualms about throwing Taylor under a bus on multiple and different occasions to suit his own convenience and/or make himself look good.

No. 377956

Is it the same one that has the antifa avatar?

No. 377957

I feel like he broke the lens on purpose or it was just an old and already broken lens to try and garner sympathy.

"I can't have this anymore cause I'm broke. People want to know what I eat as a vegetarian cause they want to start being one too." That's bullshit. I'm not vegan/vegetarian but even I know all that is the equivalent of a normal persons processed shitty diet. Like where's the fresh veggies and fruits? They're cheaper and better than frozen or canned. And you can use a lot of veggies to substitute as a meat, like hand making bean burgers or using eggplants, etc. There's thousands of recipes but honestly they're both lazy piles of shit who refuses to learn how to cook or wants to take the time to cook. I guess buying fiji water is the next best thing than actually going there. Like I am seriously sick of this "we're so poor, we're barely suriving" bullshit. He wants fucking $15,000 per month to "survive". I know people who live off $2,500 a month and are doing fine. He just doesn't want to go get a job and to have someone else boss him around and Lainey's too busy crying all the damn time to go get one. It's all bullshit. Every last bit of it. I hope he loses money and is forced to sell his houses/cars and downgrade and he and Lainey both have to get a job.

On the note of all the bottled water, water from the tap differs everywhere in the US. City water can be full of chemicals where it's not drinkable and then well water can be full of dirt. And then you have places like Flint. So it's a bit normal to have bottled water. But that doesn't mean it's not common to do it everywhere. I'm sure Onion's water is fine but he wants to pretend to live a luxurious lifestyle and drink fancy water. If the tap water in his house did have a bad taste, he could easily get a filter like a Britta. But that'd require them to fill up each time and that's just too much work.

No. 377958


>They're cheaper and better than frozen or canned.

This is not true. Especially frozen vegetables and fruit are frequently better quality than fresh, and are also cheaper. If you buy fresh produce in the spring or summer, sure it will be better quality if you buy it at a farmer's market or whatever, but it sure as heck isn't going to be cheaper. Canned vegetables can be better than fresh, depending on the vegetables. Canned tomatoes are almost always better than fresh store tomatoes, for example, unless you want them for a salad.

No. 377960

Agreed, frozen etc are better as fresh veg often starts to degrade and lose nutrition during transit. HOWEVER, that being said, they showed hardly any veg so it's unlikely they're even eating much of it anyway. I also find it quite sad that they clearly force their kids to be veggie… kids can be vegetarian, but only if you understand how to supplement their diet so they'll develop properly.
Did anyone else catch the whole "my dogs eat meat!!" Wasn't there some whole thing a while ago about the dogs being vegetarian or something stupid? I might be wrong.

No. 377962

The fact that Gergles an Plainey shell out for Fiji water is what really gets me. My household drinks bottled water because we're out in the country so even filtered water isn't the greatest tasting but we can go to the local chain grocers and get 48 bottles of the store's generic water for $5. Meanwhile Gergles is paying at least double that for a 12 pack.

No. 377966

HE CLAIMED FIJI WATER WAS CHEAP ON AMAZON LOLLLL https://www.amazon.com/Natural-Artesian-Water-500mL-Bottles/dp/B004CQWWKY

No. 377968

holy shit. how can anyone justify spending that much money on fucking WATER?

No. 377971

Billie has a much younger sister. I'm sure someone would know if a kid was crying too regularly, it's human instinct.

No. 377973

I've also read that fresh veggies have more chemicals on them like pesticides than frozen veggies.

No. 377977

I agree. Not a Billie Stan but I feel like she could be the start to the end of his career. At least she has stood strong and continued to troll him. If not ending his career, at least providing some milk. I don't get why people hate Billie. If there was no Billie, there is no drama to follow.

No. 377978

Sage for conjecture but do you think that if Grease would ever be taken to court for any reason, he'd try to act as his own lawyer?

No. 377980

Depends what for, but nah he'd lawyer up. If he lost, he'd make a million videos on how the judge was crooked.

No. 377981

He'd just add a new donation level to his patreon to pay for his lawyer

No. 377983

It kinda says something when Drew really doesn't know much about Greg. This means that Billy is not fixated on their past relationship. Second, Drew doesn't see him as a threat in the least. Onion probably is looking up everything he can on Drew while pretending like he doesn't stock Drew's and Billy's social media.

No. 377984

LOL you can get a 24 pack of bottled water from WalMart for like $4.

No. 377989

File: 1493391808078.png (167.46 KB, 1468x282, Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.0…)

You mean a 6 pack?

No. 377990

Was referring to the Great Value brand. He doesn't need to have Fiji.

No. 377991

Laundry does. It's the closest to Fiji she'll ever get.

No. 377993

Fiji is such an overpriced brand of water it's ridiculous. Their customer are people in upper class that want to seem wordly by drinking water straight from Fiji even though it's not from fiji at all.

No. 377995


It's really mean, but this joke makes me laugh every time.

No. 377996

Hahahahaha it's obvious that the whole lens thing was faked. There was no wind or anything before it "fell," and amazingly no chips or signs of being broken?? But still, he tried to do a shitty jump for YOU GUYS so that's reason enough to support his patreon right??

No. 377997

He is so sad at this point. I don't understand how he has fans when he's such a manipulative money-hungry bastard.

No. 377999

his form is pretty sloppy but he could easily improve with some instruction. I'd love to see what shade of red onion would go even trying to do this shit.

No. 378003

I feel like people should spam them with Fiji related shit every day. But then the ounce of pity I still have for Lainey pops up. I bet it would be all too easy to trigger the fuck out of her about it. Then again, she's a little bitch so..

No. 378005

Can someone please tell Onion it's as apparent to the world he has NPD as it is to him that a certain youtuber has an ED.

No. 378012

Drew is, like, the epitome of what teen girls want to bone. I'd have fucking swooned like a maiden if I'd seen him when I was 16-19 years old. Now, I see a kid, so it's not really appealing, but I love that he's that unconventionally hot skater dude who just seems really sweet and goofy and good natured, like, you'd totally sit in a parking lot together at 2am on a summer night, smoke a bowl, laugh like idiots, he'd try to teach you how to ollie and then you makeout…that kinda dude. Teen girls fucking love that kinda dude.

Greg, on the other hand…I mean, we can see some teen girls want to fuck him, but they're creaming over a highly filtered, shooped, foundation slathered, botox'd version of a 32 year old troll who berates them and guilt trips them into taking his side or they're "gullible idiots". The average teen girl does NOT want Greg's dick anywhere near them, but, good god, that's all he fucking wants in life.

Nope. Sorry, not sorry, Greg, Drew's gonna swoop in on his board and sweep up all the pretty teen chicks. LOL BE MAD.

No. 378013

>cant afford a new $800 camera lens he supposedly broke himself
>still filming with a perfectly fine camera/lens.
Omgah greg is literally dying. Must go to his patreon to donate

>opens giant cupboard FULL of food

>we might not be able to afford this food for long! But i need all these fake meat products to live!
Back in my day vegetarians didnt need to eat fake meat products for every meal. They could eat healthy food with normal food products. You just dont eat meat. But omgah precious talented greg will die if i dont provide him money to stock up his giant cupboard full of food to the brim!

>opens TWO fridges full of even more food.

>stuffs fridge full of Fiji brand water
This is just unnecessary what youtube is doing to this guy. He has a family!

>wastes a jar of peanut butter to rub on his face for "comedy".

This guy is going to starve. Donate to his patreon!

No. 378014

He makes this all too easy for us, we know he's been eating frozen, ready-made, processed meals for the longest time which is why he and his wife look like complete shit. Lainey has to take supplements and this was the diet they put Billie on which made her break out and feel lethargic all the time.

Then he goes and does this in an attempt to look superior because of his "vegetarian" diet but ends up validating a lot of anons suspicions about him to begin with.

Buy fresh produce, pick up a book, learn to cook and start making your own fucking meals, you lazy fucks.

No. 378017

I still have no idea why the hell Billie got with Greg. I know her dating history is pretty shitty,but Greg doesn't even fit the ~ emo skater dude~ type she usually hangs around. Greg is just a creepy 30 year old man who still seems like he might shoot up the local high school,lol.

No. 378018

It was the money.

No. 378019

Nope, but it's another one of his high-paying patrons who is purposely baiting farmers just to report them for harassment to Twitter.

No. 378021

I assume lameo and gergles talked to her and convinced her she should visit, and she was cool with youtubers and shit so she said why not we can collab. Then lameo kept "flirting" with her and gerg realized she was very attractive and forced lameo to ask her out. And she was single so she said yes. She probably didnt have this mad LOVE YOU FOREVER SOULMATE LOVE, but had a normal oh shes cute i wouldnt mind dating her and seeing how things go vibe.

Then it was obvious gerg also wanted her and he was being the nice one to her while lameo was acting bitchy towards her. He kept telling her he was going to convince lameo this should be a threesome and basically forcing it. And she was the outsider to their marriage, so she wasnt going to dictate the rules to their marriage so she let him do what he wanted to do because she wouldnt mind a poly relationship since she liked both of them. And he kept promising her all these extraordinary things like cosmetology school, a car, etc. So everytime theyd kick her out and she knew it was wrong, she probably thought oh well i'll be able to live out my dream if i stay with them, so it's not that bad and we can work it out.

But then gerg went batshit insane lmao.

Also today is Billie's birthday. Shes officially 20 now. What a nice birthday week of your psycho ex's insulting you :).

No. 378025

Not exactly, Lainey was already interested in dateing Billie before she visted, but she said in "my side of the story" video that she thought it would just be her and Billie, no Greg lol. However Greg joined in on the greasesoms from the very start. He also says himself a lot that he doesn't sleep with people that he doesn't love, so he obviously intended for it to be poly no matter Laineys jealous feelings from the very beginning. I think that Lainey convinced herself she really loved Billie, because if her and Billie were truly in love, then it would be okay for her husband to be in love with her too. I doubt Billie was ever really in love with Lainey.

No. 378026

I think Billie was really into Lainey at the start, like before they ever met. As for Greg.. I'm sure the idea an older dude that us into you sounds cool fir an 18 year old. Plus him having money and probably promising het a life if luxury helped too

No. 378027

I doubt billie was really in love with either of them lmao. Gerg is king of saying he loves you one day after meeting you. She probably liked lameo at first. But it was obvious lameo was cockblocking onion so he got super mad at lameo and praised billie, and demonized lameo to his audience and to billie. And in turn lameo was blaming billie for gerg being mean to her and seething with anger/jealousy around her for "ruining" their marriage. You could tell how lameo probably treated her from her tweets after cuddlegate. For gerg, it was always i want to work things out but i dont know if i can forgive him. For billie, "i hope she feels awful" "i have no regards for her feelings after what she did" "i would never forgive her". Those feelings obviously didnt go away when they made up multiple times. It probably turned into billie siding more and more with gerg cause he was the one being nice to her, and they'd always drag her back in whenever she decided she'd stay out of their marriage.

But somehow its all billie's fault haha.

No. 378033

I thought anons were exaggerating. Holy shit. She only eats processed fake meat products. It's so disgusting!!!!

No. 378036

I bet Grease wouldn't even understand the Fiji meme because he doesn't bother to remember anything to do with his wife and so wouldn't get the reference.

No. 378044

How do the Onions even poop? Do they ever eat fiber? It looks like they survive on fake meats, condiments, coconut oil "dairy," and $6 bottled water. Okay, that bread he showed has fiber, but it's legit $8 per loaf, do they seriously think that's an affordable price?

No. 378048

He lives in Washington which has some of the best, cleanest tap water in the world. Add that with a brita and its all you need. He is for sure wasting money on bottled water in that area. Probably thinks tap water is for commoners and not worthy of his magnificent self.

No. 378049

Dyiiing with his new video. He is being audited by the IRS . And Plaineys phone broke lmao.

No. 378050

Jesus christ, I'm not surprised but I am disgusted.
I had a "vegetarian" phase when I was a teenager, but even I didn't eat that bad - I ate real food, just no meat.

Even comparing to how I eat NOW his diet is atrocious. My fridge and freezer is stocked with ingredients, not pre-made food.
Echoing the "poor kids" sentiment here.

Also notice the protein powder jab at lainey, lol

No. 378051

That's why his skin looks the way it does. His body is filled with toxins from never pooping, the poop toxins are leeching out of his face.

lol at bottled water, doesn't he live in Kent or Tacoma or some shit? What's wrong with underground natural spring water? Tons of people in Fiji can't even get clean drinking water. Processed fake meat product and processed water in plastic bottles and poop bacteria oozing from his skin. Much helth planit vaguhtarun

No. 378053

Really? Please do tell, that sounds hilarious.

No. 378054


No. 378055

Hes almost crying saying this is the worst month ever. And that people need to stop talking about his kids and that he cant affotd a new phone for plainey or a new camara lens while filming with a perfect quality camara and then with almost tears to his face he says hes being audited by the IRS for 2015. Lmao

No. 378063


I honestly never thought I'd see the day. I thought he would die from some freak accident before his life collapsed

No. 378064

This is fucking hilarious. I hope he gets into some serious trouble and talk about karma with Lainey's phone! This milk tastes delicious. CRY, ONION!

Now if only Moomookunt and Asherbee can get their karma served for treating people like shit too.

No. 378066

Keeps telling billie to move on with their life and making bs like her views "double" when she talks about us. Billie has not said one word about you. The only thing that mentioned you was her sock post on depop. lmao. Meanwhile you guys made 3+ livestreams about her, 5000+ tweets about her, etc.

Poor plaineys IPHONE 7 broke. wahhhh wahhh. Get a cheaper phone dumb bitch.

Did anything significant happen in 2015 that makes us think he actually fudged his taxes? Funny how he was so on top of billie about this tax shit hahahaa.

No. 378067

Omg someone upload a download I need to see him actually about to cry

No. 378069

File: 1493406845910.gif (87.07 KB, 192x197, 1477429891561.gif)


No. 378070

I'm strongly convinced he only made that video was to get more of his fans to send him money. Onision crying on camera? does it for attention.

No. 378074

I hate how he tells people to move on when he's being outed but brings up every ex like all the time. He's the epitome of someone who can dish it out but can't take it.

No. 378075

I think the only reason he was concerned was because a lot us were speculating that he doesn't claim what he should when it was revealed he paid Billie and Sarah for "work"

No. 378076

File: 1493407089859.gif (694.17 KB, 450x327, giphy-28.gif)

No. 378077

New vid about his kids out. Can someone re-upload, please? Thank you.

No. 378080

Dont know but it lines up when he bought the new house had the old one and was renting the other mansion.

No. 378082

I still don't get why anyone is donating. I really don't. I still find it amazing he has any fans left. The children who idolise him must be fucking idiots because I can't ever imagine myself as a teenager finding him funny. I found him years ago when he was with Skye and watched some videos and I don't get the appeal. Mind you, I didn't find Shane Dawson too funny either but I feel at least now his channel has changed it is watchable. What is it that makes him fan worthy? I see absolutely no physical attraction and his personality is horrible. WHY DOES HE HAVE FANS?

No. 378083

I would die if Eugenia (or even anyone else) made a series on his NPD! Please let this happen!

No. 378086

He lives in puyallup. Tacoma has lead in the water and it's generally not a good idea to drink it or to plant veggies directly in the ground due to arsenic. But he's safe over where he lives. There's really no excuse.

No. 378087

That's pretty much every one of his videos now. And hes mentioned his suicide in like every video but still acts like keemstar saying hes manipulating his fans about that is total bs. Right.

Isnt it great? If you become his patreon you get his videos which are about him begging you to become his patreon one day early! And in his words this is his BEST content hes EVER MADE. Lmao.

Even the IRS are surprised this irrelevant manchild is still making money to afford this splurge of shit. Jk.

No. 378088

There is no excuse. I dont like drinking unfiltered water, but a brita filter costs $20 bucks and all you do is replace a filter every couple months. Way cheaper than buying bottled fiji water every time you run out.

No. 378091

Maybe if he didn't act like a big show off jackass in his videos where he shows his massive house,tesla, 4 wheeler, and other videos where he is showing multiple gaming consoles and TVs (some which are still in their boxes) then perhaps he wouldn't be audited. What a fucking idiot.

No. 378092

No. 378093

Thank you so very much, anon!

No. 378094

Anyone ever paid attention to any water bottles in the backgrounds of videos before or anything? I'm starting to think he has to be buying Fiji on purpose at this point

No. 378095

He keeps buying all those electronics so he can claim them as buisness expenses. Like a gamer can claim a console is a buisness expense cause he needs them to do work. So he claims hes 100000 tesla as his buisness car so he dosent have to pay taxes in it and it counts as his expenses so in the eyes of the IRS he probably makes like 50,000 a year after all his buissnes expenses and they probably finded some doggy stuff or he was randomly selected like most people. Saged for tax evasion bs

No. 378096

>wah phones are so expensive!
buy great value water instead of FIIIJIIII and put that $20 you'd save towards a monthly plan you moron

No. 378097

who the fuck is "going after his kids". and did he really add sad piano music in the background. how pitiful.

No. 378098

I really hope Drew & Billie keep roasting him with shit. It's crazy how he got away with so much and none of his exes ever publicly fired back properly.

No. 378099

File: 1493408372602.png (199.56 KB, 564x609, SOGRATEFULUGUIZ.PNG)

May 1st is gonna be a milky day. I'm so excited!

No. 378100

Dont forget the videos where he tells people to stop complaining unless they are a starving child in africa. He also made a video saying send me this video if i ever complain about my life, but his fans conveniently forgot about that too.

i think he pretends to never remember that lameo wants to go to fiji to fuck with her. There is no way he would not remember that by now if shes always talking about it, or he really is the worst listener ever.

idk who hes talking about either. Is he talking about drew mentioning his kids in that one video and podcast where he said like one line about them and didnt say anything bad other than they probably hate you. Onion uses lameo and his kids as a shield for everything. You can't say anything bad about me because then you are attacking lameo/my kids and that makes you awful!!!

No. 378101

Fiji water is very 'in' on Insta and tumblr pics. Not sure why, but I've noticed it a bit. I saw Fiji water bottle earrings someone even made on instagram the other day. Mostly it's just photos of boho tanned model types holding the bottle (kind of like they do with Starbucks photos, eg typical Instahoe style photos) Maybe Lainey gets it because she seems to be a bandwagon jumper. Idk sage for maybe reaching, but it's an observation.

No. 378103

Again makes it seem as if all emails were fake.

No. 378104

Which is why he made up that fake email himself so he can act like people are faking emails and he never sent any, ignoring the fact he did and showed them himself.

I really hope one day he fucks over lameo extraordinarily to the point where she gets super angry for putting up with his shit for this long only to be thrown away and reveals all the bs hes been doing for years.

No. 378105

Yup, business car to only be driven to his business house "studio" to film with other youtube celebrities (pfffft) After a long day at the business house studio he drives businesss car back home, which is also a business house studio because he also films there all the time. Everything's a write off because Grug above the law stupid = audit party times.
Unless he's bullshitting for attention. Odd timing after the other days email fiasco.

No. 378106

yea but he kinda ruined that by proving they were real himself on the livestream

im not familiar with patreon, but what happens after every month? + do people get the money at the end of the month or as soon as people pledge

No. 378107

You can actually hear the desperation in his voice, I don't think he's that good of an actor. I think he's screaming inside.

It felt almost frantic, his lies and bullshit were spewed out so quickly and he just…he does genuinely seem to be panicking.

I do NOT think he's about to end up living in a tent city with his wife and children, he was bitching about money issues with one breathe and then in the next is listing ALLLLLL the extravagant shit he fucking bought and could absolutely sell.

Also, Lainey, get a fucking Android or something, don't whine about not being able to afford a phone that's close to $1000. I don't even HAVE a phone, it's just not a priority in terms of finances, you gotta do that when you're tightening your belts. I still predict they'll bawwwwww about not having brand new iPhones like total fucking assholes, though.

No. 378108

On the kids stuff:

The Stoned Young Brits podcast really triggered him. As Drew hoped it would. Lol love how that kid keeps trolling him and pushing his buttons

I knew he would be too much of a pussy to accept their call to come and talk to them directly, this indirect jab at them is pathetic.

No. 378109

U get charged at the end of the momth not automatically

No. 378110

Payments go through at the end of every month… the legit ones anyway. It's extremely common for payments to not go through due to fake pledges.

No. 378111

Patreon payments are delivered to creators on the 1st of each month. Unless the patrons' cards have insufficient funds or they cancel payment. Most people on Patreon never see the full amount pledged because of dropped pledges.

He used H&R Block though, he should be audit proof! LMFAO

No. 378112

Oh man we can only hope Lameo throws him under the bus but that'll never happen because she has no spine. Imagine the stories though… shudders

No. 378113

Theres been anons here who said they faked donations by using empty gift cards. Plus that $1000 patreon will probably cancel after this month because he just wants a collab video and cant afford that monthly. And there will probably also be some people whos charges dont go through or only go through this month because they secretly used their parents cards who will notice the charge or people who cancel their charge before it goes through. Theres plenty reasons to assume he wont get as much money as is stated and that it will decrease next month.

No. 378114

guys just saying if you're reuploading gregs videos and its identical to a video on his channel, this is no point putting them on youtube because they instantly get copyrighted so he still gets money from them (although he earns fuckall from them now).

No. 378115

She has no spine, but if he fucks her over and villainized her after all the shit she did for him, it can build some unforseen anger in her which will cause her to burst and want to get back at him for ruining her life and making her waste her life on him. But honestly, she will probably still be pining to get him back and she will be waiting around for him to dump the new girl so she could get back with him. Shes kind of hopeless. It's kind of depressing because i saw a old tweet from her saying: "I wasted all of my high school years being mistreated by my significant other & I can't tell you how badly I regret it."

That's going to be her if she ever gets dumped by onion but 100x worse.

No. 378117

I haven't had any of my reuploads claimed yet. If I do, I'll just take them down. Making them unlisted should help in theory. For when the inevitable happens though, any particular host people prefer?

No. 378118

yeah it seems to depend, i was making mine unlisted and they would get claimed anywhere between 1 hour to 2 days. vidme is a good alternative.

No. 378119

Is he referring to Drew's or Billie's videos doubling views? Because apart from her dear onision vid, Billie hasn't made any videos on Greg. Also notice how he blames it on Lainey. 'MY SPOUSE NOTICES THAT YOUR VIEWS DOUBLE WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT ME' God I am sick of hearing 'my spouse' I was sick of 'my wife' but 'spouse' is doing my fuckin' head in, christ almighty!

No. 378120

File: 1493409600918.gif (933.17 KB, 408x230, G1n1s2h.gif)

be mad and stay mad bbbb…bitch

No. 378121

hes probably talking about drew, but the way he says it it sounds like hes clumping them together and making it billie's fault. In the video he just says our ex keeps talking about us. But billie hasnt said jack shit. Which is funny because lameo hides behind "IM NOT THE ONE WHO SAID IT. MY HUSBAND DID", but when drew is the one saying it and not billie they both are blaming billie for it hahaha. LAMEO YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS.

No. 378122


Premade meals that only need to be popped in the over and bottled water. These fucker are on a whole new level of lazy if they can't even just invest in a filtered water jug and just refill it to save on money..


Even if so I wouldn't be surprised if he has a backup one anyways. Plus most youtubers have more then one camera for filming, but I'm sure now that he's "soo broke" he'll pretend he doesn't have anything for back up/spares.


Listen to that sad piano music playing in the background LMFAO.

At this point I'm surprised he just doesn't accept the deal to go on Dr.Phil just to get some attention and temporary fame for that. Then make 1000 videos shit taking Dr.Phil. I remember him tweeting that he was invited on the show. . . ( didn't he ? )

No. 378123

File: 1493409820761.png (241.55 KB, 944x530, 2017-04-28.png)

videos where he rates the attractiveness of subs
"i feel bad" bitch where

No. 378124

He's just making things worse. These rating videos are old news and insulting his subs especially when he's losing views is a stupid idea. Let me kiss your asses on twitter about supporting my patreon, but call you all ugly in my videos! Fucking idiot.

No. 378125

imagine the potential milk, if he did in fact were to accept going to dr.Phil. it will be of the most pure quality and premium, but knowing onionsun he will likely not do so because "he above that" poor grug must be sad being such an unstable mess. He should probably be crowned the king of lol.cow I know we already have a beautiful everlasting queen but doesn't a queen need a king?

sage for unrelated bullshit, sorry

No. 378126

No thanks. PT doesn't deserve a cuck for a king.

No. 378128

I'd make CWC a king before Onsion. He's probably got a bigger dick than Greg.

No. 378130

Dr Phil would wipe the floor with him. Greg can't be anywhere he isn't heavily edited, filtered and wearing shitloads of makeup. He also cannot accept any responsibility or criticism, so Dr Phil would deem him a lost cause. Even though Greg was tweeting like 'fingers crossed!' I really don't think he would go on Dr Phil. The cunt barely leaves his house, who is he kidding?

No. 378131

File: 1493410764676.png (851.25 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4083.PNG)


He does take shits, anon…

(From the spider music video)

No. 378132

Sage for samefag, but I would actually prefer if he was on Jeremy Kyle instead. Can you imagine Jeremy calling him a disgusting human being right to his face? Omg it would be heavenly.

No. 378133

I know this keeps getting posted but it's beautiful

No. 378134


Glorious ! It would be sweeter then strawberry milk.

His patrons should spam him with this idea.

No. 378136

I feel like those are kid skids. I mean, whoever shits up that toilet doesn't do much flushing and while I wouldn't put it past Grog to dump and run small kids are nutritious for leaving floaters.
Also fucking gross. lol

No. 378137


Please spoiler this because I want to kill myself now

No. 378143

For some reason if feel like troy is still in diapers.

No. 378146

wasn't that after lainey manipulated the situation and was like "btw don't sleep with greg" or some weird shit

No. 378147

As gross as it is and how much I wish I didnt know this a kid sits more to the front of a toilet v. an adult who sits closer to the back where the stains are

No. 378150

>small kids are nutritious for leaving floaters

also I got to say I agree with onion on the discussion of his kids. I think making wild accusations with no real proof (not saying everyone does this) is kind of low. I've seen some really awful things said about the kids in past threads and it makes us all look bad. Fair enough critique their parenting but I really think people should be more careful about how they talk about the kids

sage for personal opinion

No. 378152

Has he ever mentioned having housekeepers?
I feel like he has but can't remember for sure.
Just wondering if employment of maids are part of the brag to beg thing his patrons are paying for because he's earned it by now being that he sees himself on the same level as Jim Carrey and everything.

No. 378154

he literally disclosed her darkest secrets. I think what he did to billie over weed was the worst thing he had ever done…
The e-net remembers greg…

No. 378155

I have a feeling we are all going to be disappointed, if the majority of his Patreons are only giving $1-$100 I can see him getting 80%+ of the pledges $$$.. although I'd love to see his reaction if he only ended up with <$1k

No. 378156

I bet that's not the only type of cheese pizza gargamel consumes either.

No. 378157

idk when it happened. But im sure billie was confused/frustrated by being thrown in that mess of a relationship and having all the blame/responsibility put on her for destroying or keeping their marriage. Prior to billie, onion and lameo have had like 4 years of dealing with their own bs and problems, and were used to their own mindgame bullshit. Billie was probably not used to it, and it was probably confusing when one person is saying one thing secretly to you while the dude who seems to be commanding the relationship and yelling at his wife is saying another. Idk why they'd expect her to act perfectly in that situation. I think regardless of what she did, she'd always be made the bad guy in the end because lameo wants to believe greg is good and pin the blame on her and greg will side with whoever will stick with his crazy.

eh i think it will go down eventually after a couple of months. It's good that his youtube views are still dying, because that means he wont be gaining many new fans, and many old fans will grow out of him and want to spend money on other people they support. Also if patreon ever dies, then he will still have low views on youtube + no patreon money. I dont really care about the patreon shit and am more hoping his views never go up on youtube.

No. 378161

yeah, it was super fucking revolting. the whole time he was going on about her eating disorder live i was cringing. he really has no empathy for anyone at all, fucking narcs man. this is an old-ass man telling the world about this teenage girl's eating disorder, chastising her for lying about starving herself (clear indication he has NO idea how EDs work) and mocking her for stuffing her face in response. I feel horrible for billie.

i never understood his stupid hang-up about her lying about stuff like that. what is he going to be like with his kids? if i found out my partner had lied about smoking weed or starving themselves, i would feel awful for creating a space in which they didn't feel comfortable telling me, or felt they HAD to lie to me. greg just can't see past it being a fucking personal attack because the entire world revolves around him

No. 378162

I think it's well documented that billie went with the inention of being there for greg, social repose spilled the details about how greg was planning to leave lamey for billie, and lainey confirmed they were planning to be together.
I'm pretty sure the only thing stopping them was greg when he realized his bananas were on space prince's side.
In the beginning it was an affair for billie but towards the end she did endure abuse and I don't blame her for fighting her away out of it.
I just don't believe she didn't have other plans in the beginning.

No. 378163

>32 year HS graduate with a:
>failed military career
>no work experience
>Failed YouTube career
Emma Blackery called him the laughingstock of Youtube for a reason. I remember his reply to her comment was something like "well i did want to be a comedian and make people laugh, so i must be doing something right."

If the fool opened a dictionary he'd see that being a laughingstock isn't a good thing. Is he too fucking dense to realize that people aren't laughing with him, they're laughing AT him? When he fades into obscurity, people will simply find something else to laugh at.

No. 378164

File: 1493413174062.jpg (40.25 KB, 799x255, Capture.JPG)

No. 378170

>If you go back to the CuddleGate 1.0 threads, she was a gold digging whore who took advantage of Onion pressuring an abused Plainey
>Implies Taylor is a victim
I think not, anon. Unlike Billie, both Taylor and Gerg are well past their teens - two adults with children. Taylor chooses to be a doormat and she enjoys playing the victim. She's a spineless emo-tard who manipulates just as much as gerg does. I have zero sympathy for her. Billie's alright in my book.

No. 378172

Can you imagine narcnision taking orders from a boss at an entry level job? What about lamey working as a waitress like the one who ruined her meal? Karmic justice.

No. 378174

No. 378175

Fantastic rebuttal, totally changed my outlook on the subject

No. 378176

Sorry to go back to the water thing buy is there something wrong with the tap water in Washington? I get why you'd buy bottled or have a filter in Flint, MI, but otherwise you're usually paying heaps to buy something virtually identical to what you have in your tap. It's all marketing.

Zero sympathy for the Tesla driver making up the petroleum consumption in plastic bottles and wasting a fuckton of money for nothing

No. 378177

fuck off onision

No. 378178

But really the only thing he said is they cry a lot. its not like he said they beat their kids or their kids are monsters who act up all the time or saying they are going to grow up to be awful people.

If hes going to talk about anything thats been said he needs to only talk about what drew had directly said not what random people (lolcow and twitter) are saying because then all hes doing is feeding the trolls. And from what I can tell almost everything Drew said was proven true other than his kids crying but he wasnt attacking them like greg is making it out to be. Drew said he emailed billie saying he wanted her back. He did. Drew said he emailed her about taxes. He did. Drew never said anything about an april email that was trolls and thats what greg is choosing to focus on.

No. 378180

Why buy water when your wife cries so much you could run a bath with her tears?

No. 378182

>$20 bucks says Troy ends up only being 5'4 because of malnutrition, like some kid from North Korea during the Arduous March, and Gerg never loves him because being a short man is shameful and pathetic in his narc eyes.
The only person Gerg cares about his himself. That's been proving beyond a shadow of doubt in this thread alone.

No. 378185

Her $20 patreon amount should be you get a bottle of lameo's tears! Poured into empty fiji water bottles in case you forget where her dream vacation is!

No. 378186

this made me laugh 10/10

No. 378187

Exactly. While Lainey is 21 and that isn't much, numerically, in terms of an age difference with Billie's 18 or 19 years, I remember how big of a difference 21 was compared to 18-19 for me, you make big leaps and bounds in the matter of a single year around that age. Hell, we roasted a 21 year old guy friend constantly for dating an 18 year high schooler, we saw it as weird. When you've just finished HS and haven't really gained any life experience yet, you're on a completely different level of maturity in comparison to a 21 year old who's likely moved out, gone to college, had more serious relationships, etc.

Lainey deals with shit with the maturity of a 15 year old asshole emo kid, but she's definitely less…naive, I guess you'd call it. She's lived with Gerg's lovebombing, manipulation, verbal abuse, lies and gaslighting for five fucking years and has developed her own unhealthy, manipulative methods for mindfuckery (mostly passive aggressive shit, which can drive anybody fucking insane after awhile), whereas Billie is like "An e-famous couple with money wants to fly me out, give me money, my own e-fame and have sex with me, sounds cool!"

Like, shit, I don't care how opportunistic her intentions were in the beginning, no 18 year old is gonna walk into that disaster of a marriage and be anywhere near mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with their toxic version of a relationship.

I know Billie had her own experience with toxic relationships before Gerg and Plainey, I know she dated that pedophile dude, but she was straight up groomed and taken advantage of in that situation and victims of sexual predators are far more likely to end up in another abusive situation later on because they've, sadly, been taught to view that shit as the norm.

Also, I absolutely believe she has an anxiety disorder and I don't see how it's ridiculous in the least to believe her. Tons of people have anxiety disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorder is actually insanely common.

No. 378188

>His "Guess I won't be eating this much longer, siiiiiiigh" act is infuriating, not only due to how bullshit it is
He turns on the fake self pity almost as much as his wife does. The tyranny of the weak.

No. 378189

This is excellent, it was my first time seeing it.

No. 378193

There's far too much salt in those tears, anon. It'll dry out his already horrendous skin.

No. 378194

File: 1493415323065.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3403.PNG)

"broken" iphone, everybody

No. 378195

>Also you talk of a "19 year old girl" and Lainey who is what, 21? you make it sound like Lainey is 40
Have you actually seen Lainey? She's 23 going on 40. She's also got TWO KIDS - wouldn't you expect a mother of two to have at least a LITTLE more maturity than a teenager? But given who she's married to, her mental maturity is the same as onions. Onion was going to RUN AWAY WITH BILLIE. That was his choice, dude.

No. 378196

i remember in one of her livestreams she said something about her phone doing something when she called people. I forgot what she said exactly. It's not really broken and unusable.

No. 378197

Dunno if people have seen this yet, but it was made by the same person who did the Hall of the Mountain Cuck and it feels pretty relevant after Gerg whined about how he'll soon be starving to death without his soy chicken feasts today.

No. 378200


But he's greasy …
Wouldn't it have a similar affect as accutane ? it'd slurp up all the moisture in his skin and maybe help clear up his acne ?

Though for all we know he already drinks her tears.

No. 378201

>She was the one that went back to their shitty lives even after they broke up with her repeatedly.
Seriously anon, youre acting pretty dense. Gurg invited her back, wanted her back. On her final visit, she refused to play Gurgs little dehumanizing games and chose not to go back. He didn't "dispose" of her. That's just the bs he likes to say to make it sound like he didn't get rejected for being a complete sociopath.

No. 378202

Lmao @ Onion getting audited for 2015 but swearing he "reported everything accurately"

No. 378204

$17 to send shit in a box? Too gimmicky. There are cheaper methods, anon.

No. 378205


Is it possible he's lying about that for more pity points ?

No. 378206

he very well might not be if he did his taxes himself. he seems the type to claim things he shouldn't be.

No. 378207

I totally agree with you there, whilst I have my own opinions of Billie regarding her intentions (she was known for shopping around relatively famous YouTubers and before she even started "dating" Taylor I remember when she would flirt with her on Twitter and she gave me that opportunistic vibe) BUT as you said, she was completely taken advantage of.. can you just imagine all the mind fuckery they would've put her through on top of having to be right in the middle of their failing marriage? I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating and confusing the experience of living in that house must of been, especially since she was pretty much blamed for them almost divorcing even though that was due to Greg and Taylor's inability to communicate nor be satisfied with each other.

No. 378209

>Especially frozen vegetables and fruit are frequently better quality than fresh, and are also cheaper.
Yeah i buy frozen fruit and veg all the time. I had a friend that worked at Trader Joe's - she said the same thing about frozen fruit and veg often times being more fresh than non-frozen.

No. 378210

Send frozen fish by the slowest delivery method available.

No. 378213

It's not. It's just some filtered, American tap water lol.

No. 378214

>Drew is, like, the epitome of what teen girls want to bone.
Yeah he is lol.
It makes sense in relation to her history with headcases; Gurg was just a natural progression of that. Good thing she met Drew. I'm pretty sure he reached out to her first?

No. 378215

File: 1493417020852.png (13.49 KB, 587x89, jaclyn.png)

Idk why her and SR fall for bait so easily. Onion wants to make views off them responding. He probably noticed his SR video response got 100k views.

No. 378216


Holy shit. Where in that fucking house could I even find anything fresh and healthy? No wonder they look so fucking horrible and old for their age. Ew ew ew!

No. 378217


in one of his recent vids judging his fans looks (where he calls sarah plain), he said one of them looked like their former nanny, Selena. My question is why do they hire nannies when lainey is a stay-at-home mom? She never went to a physical college and doesnt work. With no hobbies, job, or school what does she do all day.

Gerg has his "work" excuse so he probably sees them once a week. but honestly, the less the kids are around him the better

No. 378218

can you stop self posting already. It's getting on my last damn nerve.

Eh I imagine she gets quite a lot of views from doing it too.

No. 378219

File: 1493417360296.png (131 KB, 283x211, Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 5.55…)


Or just send a pinata full of shit with the request that he does a video bashing it open.

No. 378220

They have good reason to be suspicious - hope they rake his ass over the coals. Can't wait for the "Grug takes a job at Walmart" thread.

No. 378221

He wants her and Drew to keep talking about him so he can maintain some modicum of relevance while he's circling the drain. kek

No. 378224

People get paid to "advertise" shit on IG just like twitter pays "celebrities" to tweet.

No. 378226

>Dr Phil would wipe the floor with him.
Onion would do it if he gets desperate enough for money and attention. Think about it.

No. 378227

re: fiji
he really is the worst listener though - i remember reading adrienne's account of how he basically has conversations with himself, constantly talking over people and cutting them off even when he asked them something. it is equally possible he's doing it to be a cunt though lol

No. 378228

Yep. Let's hope the IRS situation provides some quality milk.

No. 378230

i bet he takes rageshits

No. 378237

Damn it, anon, you make me want to draw this.

No. 378238

they gets views but it's pretty personal, once again greg is trying to police women's bodies

No. 378240

Not in the US but you'd have one hell of a time convincing my government a SECOND tesla was a necessary business expense. Especially for what he does. If he claimed the house and car as business expenses and the IRS is similar to our governing bodies, he's hooped. Assuming of course the audit is real in the first place.

I think he and Taylor Elaine Avaroe just constantly have the shits. All they eat is processed food or taco bell, how does that add up to anything else?

No. 378241

So pretty much Shiloh at the end. The only reason she didn't go back to Greg after returning to Canada was that her mother hid her passport.

No. 378245

>I remember how big of a difference 21 was compared to 18-19 for me, you make big leaps and bounds in the matter of a single year around that age.
Isn't Lainey 22-23? But yeah different ages confer different stages mentally and emotionally, or least that's how it's supposed to be. The Onion's are perpetually mentally and emotionally stunted, so the company they keep comes as no surprise.

No. 378246

He's been desperately trying to bait other youtuber's since his career's been careening. Whatever he said I doubt it's worth responding to, let alone make a video about.

No. 378248

Who cares? They're reacting to his sperging just like he hoped they would.

No. 378252


Normal around here. Granted we had a company dumping chemicals in our water and a bunch of people got cancer (this was in the 90s) so people are paranoid

No. 378253


Meh, Shiloh was kind of a doormat too.

No. 378254


No one in east Texas drinks sink water either, we drink mostly bottled or filtered.

No. 378255

Companies are still dumping chemicals in the water lol.

No. 378260

File: 1493422303345.png (593.07 KB, 735x565, gerg.PNG)

I love that he mentions all these vegan products in the video and makes SURE to point out they're VEGAN!!! after people on Twitter started shitting on him for _not_ being vegan, despite using the ethical/environmental argument in support of vegetarianism, i.e. making sure everyone knows he's superior. Cheese gives him "chest pains" – but only with pizza? Most of the fake meat products he mentioned still have dairy and eggs in them (Loma Linda Prime Stakes & Fried Chik'n, Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable soup, MorningStar Farms corn dogs, Feel Good Foods egg rolls, Boca burgers, Quorn chik'n & cheese cutlets, bean & cheese burritos, Buenatural tamales…). Onion, you haven't done your research if you really think the dairy and egg industries are better than meat. Plus Frosted Mini-Wheats have fucking gelatin in them, which isn't even vegetarian. WHERE ARE THE FAX?

But we all know Gerg and Plainey are too lazy and/or stupid to actually check the label, and they don't really _care_ anyway. They're only vegetarians to appear morally superior to us plebs. Gergles says, "And let's not even go into the environment argument!" and then shows us a fridge full of expensive plastic bottles of water. Fucking moron.

I also love when he rips off his shirt to show us his VEGETARIAN BODEEEEHHH and his man boobs jiggle.

sage 4 annoying vegan

No. 378261

That's all pretty telling, given the consistency of certain info through the years. Complete trainwreck marriage. I think it's better to upload to vidme in the future.

No. 378264

Agree with you on all of this. Greg doesn't respond to anything about that topic though. Lainey isn't vegetarian though.

Yeah, but Washington/ Seattle has great water. And a water filter would be much better.

No. 378265


no shit, they still aren't even done cleaning the mess from the 90s

No. 378266

Most people i know have a filter or do buy bottled water. But I know exactly zero people who buy fiji water bottles in bulk.

No. 378267

Oh my fucking sweet jesus Maria magdalena shit penis alpaca whore god

Someone make this a banner

No. 378268

Baaaw he's being audited? Cri moar. And he completely lies about Drew/Billie and the emails without mentioning their names. Pitiful.

No. 378269

i get people that prefer bottled whatever but when you drink 2-4 liters of water minimum per day as an adult, how the fuck do you justify fiji water lmao

No. 378271

I'm laffin because he claims to spend thousands on his "high quality videos". He spends more money on brand name bottled water than he does on his shitty videos.

No. 378272

>That's right, my undershirt was a Nirvana shirt. I am now kewl.

Nirvana is the least ~underground band ever, as evidenced by the fact that you literally bought that shirt at Target, Grease.

You reek of desperation and Kurt Cobain would have hated you.

No. 378275

Maybe Plainey is the one buying the Fiji water as the least subtle, yet most passive reminder to Gerg of her hopes and dreams, which he continually sweeps under the rug.

No. 378276

File: 1493424101257.png (812.63 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4082.PNG)


Did someone say "vegetarian BODEEEH!!!!!"?

No. 378277

His stomach and nipples are staring into my soul

No. 378278

Hey Gerg, those lines on your abdomen aren't abs, sry2say.

No. 378279

this is fucking gross! i didn't realise he'd got so skinnyfat and flabby. his torso looks like a face and i can't tell which one is uglier

No. 378280

I'd do it but idk if anyone would watch it

No. 378281

This is actually a fantastic idea, a whole series of videos on how he's a narc but you're only making them to ~*~save his life~*~

No. 378282

Nah. Onioncuck's karmic rewards have only just begun, anon.

No. 378283

>Greg doesn't respond to anything about that topic though.

Another example of his ability to dish it out/inability to take it. Can you imagine how much more annoying he'd be if he were actually vegan though? Because he can't just, like, casually "be" something or believe in something, he's the very best at it, and the best for doing it.

No. 378286

All that really matters is if the Grease Lord sees it, which… he will.

No. 378287

All his "fans" and patrons NEED to see this. God what an over privileged piece of shit. Not surprised he has the gall to start a Patreon. I hope the IRS take everything.

No. 378288

File: 1493424902649.png (165.48 KB, 513x396, vegetarianbodeh.png)

No. 378289

I feel sick. Imagine that scrawny armed fat gutted dad bod staring down at you and whispering suck mi!

No. 378290

File: 1493424976379.png (44.12 KB, 574x203, tweet.png)

Tweeting him factual videos on NPD

No. 378291

The classic "Hunching over so hard my internal organs feel like they are going to explode just to expose an ab or two" pose.

No. 378292

Someone please tweet this to him

No. 378293

people should also tweet this.

No. 378294

His head is so fucking massive he looks like an irl caricature.

No. 378295

sage your self promotion

Yeeees! Give him the FAX! I was the one who told him he had NPD live on younow lol, I've been hoping he'll address it because i just KNOW he googled the definition and symptoms after he sperged and tweeted about it. i can just see it now, gurg pacing the room and frantically reading out the symptoms he reads, yelling about how he doesn't have them…

No. 378296

File: 1493425239271.gif (417.57 KB, 500x281, dad-bod.gif)

No. 378298

I told him he had NPD….. He flipped right out. I even have video footage of the comment

No. 378299

This was really good. The mashup between Billie and Shiloh near the end made me feel creeped out and kind of sad.

No. 378300

The last thing Lainey sees before she loses consciousness.

(god, that's dark… but eerily possible…)

No. 378301

yikes. i'd sooner fuck keemstar and he's no oil painting either. no wonder he's so insecure.

No. 378302

was that on the second one? i was rekomin (fake account) who said it in the first livestream rage. ahhh feels good doesn't it?

No. 378303

I'd sooner fuck a serated blade.

No. 378304

yeah on the second one. I said the cuck comment on the second one. onion boy said my life was meaningless. XD

No. 378305

NGL, when keemstar was countering onision with genuine FAX I had a bit of a hate-boner for him.

No. 378306

No. 378307

They're going on lainey's younow. Is anyone able to record it?

No. 378308

i called him a narc again and he's so triggered

No. 378309

I was the one telling him to get help hahaha

No. 378310

XD-chan i wanna be friends you warm my cold heart


No. 378311

He was tryhard white knighting over Jaclyn, this after he was just shitting on Billie a few days ago using every misogynist slur in the book. Only the mentally disabled can't see how fake he is.

No. 378312

File: 1493425910190.gif (3.71 MB, 480x270, gerg1.gif)

Even he looks slightly ashamed.

No. 378313

File: 1493425941867.gif (2.42 MB, 480x270, gerg2.gif)

No. 378315

It's not my video, anon, and his Patrons would definitely benefit from seeing it.

No. 378316


About her phone - he's using this as a "p-p-poor meee"-sympathy card. Lainey herself said on YouNow her phone had been acting up ever since she got it, and that the Apple Store would cover repairs since it was still a warranty thing.

No. 378317

It's only because Onion repeats the same dysfunctional, abusive patterns with women over and over that the stories always end up overlapping.

No. 378318

HAHAHA i called him Grugly and he loved it

No. 378319

I ain't talkin' to you stinky Billies I got donors now
All an Onion understand is lainey crying noise since I found Patreon
Everybody's laughing since I have to censor my channel
That don't matter, all I hear is did u just assume my gender since we found Patreon
I love it when you suk mi
My fax machine, my fax machine
I love it when you suk mi
My fax machine, my fax machine
Since Youtube fucked me

No. 378320

The only thing keem got wrong was that Onion didn't have a mortgage (assuming the paper Onion showed as proof wasn't a fake document). And Keem apologized but Onion still wants to sue apparently. With what money?

No. 378321

File: 1493426563112.gif (2.37 MB, 480x270, gerg2.gif)

oop, fixed

No. 378322

He thought onion only had one house which he'd paid for but really he has two and has paid for one. So if anything he's richer than keemstar thought

No. 378324

im trying to capture as many moments on younow as possible in case no one captures it

No. 378325

Hes actually shitting on all the fans who aren't patreons.

No. 378326

Clearly you haven't watched the video. It's very relevant to his patrons.

No. 378328

lel so angry over being proven wrong about washing his fucking hair

No. 378329

at this point he's just raging on younow because he knows we'll watch and hopefully we'll end up watching his videos

No. 378330

Which is another reason why Onion's e-begging is such a pathetic, transparent ploy to take advantage of people that don't know better.

No. 378331

He tried to claim is divorce as a tax deduction…

No. 378332

omg someone told him washing his hair everyday can make your hair more greasy, he looked it up and of course, google said that washing it too much can create alot more oils so you should wash your hair every other day and he fucking raged

like lmao he got facts and got proven wrong and got so angery

No. 378333

He admitted that he was audited once before because he tried to claim his divorce as a business expense lmao

No. 378334

I hope farmers are recording it all. Call him a narcissist more, ask him when he got diagnosed with NPD, maybe he'll sperg some more

No. 378335

Gerg says people claim his hair is greasy, doesnt understand how it can be since he washes it ever day, someone comments that washing it so often makes it greasy, he googles it to get some FAX, sperges out hard when it's confirmed. Who would have thought his precious googleFAX would betray him.

No. 378336

'The dentist said my teeth are great' he sounds like a 5 year old

No. 378338

Lol he said lameo got a bachelors for the sake of getting a bachelors. He basically admitted she doesn't ever want to get a job and wants to live off onion.

No. 378339

someone ask him if he got honorably discharged because he was diagnosed with npd

No. 378340

He also said he went to college and was in the Air Force, but he dropped out or was kicked out of both, lel

No. 378342

OMFG TAKE THE TIME TO CLEAN YOUR FUCKING TOILET, what the flying fuck is wrong with you??? That shit hasn't been properly cleaned in months by the looks of it, I'm so triggered rn

No. 378343

I did and he laughed lol

No. 378344

has he stopped it or just kicked me?

No. 378345

he stopped it

No. 378346


I called him a sociopath and he got triggered

No. 378347


someone asked a question that pissed him off and he ended the livestream but my video was crappy and I don't know what the question was

No. 378348

i recorded it on my phone very shittily, I'm posting it now

he stopped

No. 378349

unless he kicked me too (wouldnt be surprised i keep harassing him) then it stopped

No. 378350

it's done. he said, "how do i turn this off" or something.

i captured as many moments as i could: https://www.younow.com/aldlii/channel

No. 378351


No. 378352

He said something like he was discharged from the Air Force because he refused to step on a worm and kill a rabbit and they said he was too much of a sensitive pussy, so I asked, if he's so sensitive to animals, why isn't he vegan? I think he blocked me, lel

No. 378353

I asked about film and if he cares for his fans and why he disregards his non paying fans

No. 378354

He's just getting on Lainey's YouNow to talk shit about their fans, distracting from the drama around him. He always does this, he did it with the "I betrayed my wife"-series to make money and distract from the real drama going on.

And he might get a high from seeing his own face and being able to call people ignant fuckers when people can't really talk back.

Someone asked "is Onision and UhOhBro the same person?" and he said "did someone really just ask me that, how do i log off this thing"

No. 378355

NVM, I guess he just ragequit, ha!

No. 378356

how dissapointing

No. 378357

last time, someone on kiwifarm posted the full thing. hopefully we got that too. i was too lazy getting out of bed in the middle of the night just to record for you fuckers lmao. i was just able to record the last 6 minutes or something.

No. 378358

File: 1493427980481.png (72.92 KB, 884x246, uhohbronobodycares.png)

No. 378359

Come back to us, Onionlord! You weren't angry enough for my liking.

No. 378360

maybe dinner was just ready and he ran for the kitchen instead

No. 378361

Ok anon that made the vid here. I made it for fun and posted it once, in the last thread. As much as I appreciate it, Please stop fucking reposting it as you are making me look like a self promoting twat.

No. 378362

Maybe he saw Lainey looking at the TV when there was another man on it.

No. 378363

I wonder which shitty, processed meat substitute Plainey slaved over the microwave for tonight?

No. 378365

File: 1493428150972.png (303.32 KB, 720x1280, 2017-04-29 00.48.42.png)

also cristy ella why are you so annoying jesus christ
like at least hide the trails or something

No. 378366


As if that basement is a horrible place to be. It's probably the only fully furnished room in their house. He also said that it was Lainey's bedroom - not sure if he sleeps there too, but we know Lainey is a fan of attachment parenting and probably co sleeping, sooooo

No. 378368

True; the rest of their house is McMansion beige hell.

No. 378369

overall that livestream was a tad boring compared to the other ones. i am glad he wasn't going hard on Billie this time though. He should have stuck around longer. 4/10.

Why did you leave, Grugly? You're not FIGHTING FOR LOVE!

No. 378370

About to upload the livestream. It was really boring FYI.

No. 378372

File: 1493428538527.png (960.29 KB, 1247x879, water.png)

No. 378373


This livestream was boring as hell. He was mostly in control and didn't sperg out like he did in the first. My husband walked in on it when he was screaming "give me some faaaax" and got spooked.

sage for rl

No. 378374

I want to set a hundred raccoons loose into that room and watch him react to it

No. 378375

the only funny thing was when somone asked if he can buy greg's love with patreon and greg went on about how it doesnt matter if some cant afford it and that you absolutely cant buy love, but nonetheless, yes he could do it, no you shouldnt, yes you should, no you shouldnt. and so on.

also the other thing when he talked about his inner voice before doing comedy videos.

idk i enjoyed it lol-wise.

No. 378376

Has anyone ever actually seen Gerg in real life, aside from members of his teenage harem? Drew mentioned he never leaves his house. I can't imagine him interacting with the real world in any way.

No. 378377

File: 1493428882210.jpg (69.11 KB, 810x509, magma.jpg)

Don't forget that his speshul snowflake graduated "magma" cum laude. Too bad she didn't learn basic literacy while she was there - but she's so much better than a HS dropout, right Greg?

No. 378379

liquid hot magma

No. 378380


He talks to himself a lot. He loves the sound of his own voice.

He probably doesn't get on too well IRL. He can't selectively choose who he interacts with to screen for doormats/teen girls. I bet everyone IRL finds him intolerable

No. 378382

File: 1493429112372.png (453.78 KB, 783x766, zumiez.PNG)

Someone asked if they could buy his hoodie and he said yes, send him $100 on PayPal..
>$34.97 at Zumiez
>>Greg shops at Zumiez

No. 378385

Greg has such a tacky style. All his shirts are bombarded with the word USA, eagles, stars and big graphic shit. Just looking at Lainey's poshmark gives me cancer.

No. 378386

im fukcing dead jesus fucking christ is that tweet real? oh my fucking god how
kek until dead

No. 378389

Goes out of his way to fleece his fans. Typical. Or maybe he thinks his efame makes the clothing he sells more valuable? You could find better clothing in a Walmart dumpster.

No. 378390

File: 1493429380901.png (167.12 KB, 500x500, Magmar.png)


Whenever I see that tweet, this is what I think of.

No. 378392

>"I kept fantasizing about having a brain aneurism today. I was like, that’s such a fucking easy way out because nobody blames you, you know? You just, like, fucking die."
>Says it's okay that he's manipulative and a hypocrite, because everyone is!
>Says he calls Plainey is spouse now because people were giving him shit about it… not because it's respectful to his wife
>Bitches to/about his fans who aren't paying him
>"Some said, 'if I became a Patron, will you love me?' Don't buy my love. … I mean, you y-yeah. You'll buy my love, but-"
>Googles if he's making his hair greasy by washing it every day
>"Tried to claim divorce as a tax deduction because my ex-wife was pursuing me for my business. She wanted 50% of my business. And I was like, well that's a business expense, defending my business. And the IRS disagreed, so that's why I got audited in 2011"
>Loses it when someone suggests he didn't go to college
>Someone suggests he work on indie films. He makes excuses as to why he's lazy and unsuccessful beyond the internet, saying YouTube saved him some killing himself (blah blah blah).
>Says he has visual hallucinations on a previous acne med. They said it wasn't the acne meds.
>Compares being an isolated, misanthropic, bitter prick YouTuber to being a millionaire stock broker who works at home on their computer.
>Says he doesn't care about money (LOLOL)
>Got discharged because he didn't step on a worm and kill the rabbit (old news whatever)
>Brings up Cyr, rewrites the story of how he "dumped him" as if he was the calm, rational one. Nothing new.

that's pretty much it

No. 378393

It's real. She graduated from some no name, online college, on top of, from the looks of it, paying other people to do her work for her. It's what she does best: NOTHING.

No. 378395

Only new info was about his 2011 audit, really. He wasn't really biting today.

I do think it's hilarious, though, that he took that acne med before that gave him hallucinations (or altered perception or whatever) and then was told that the meds don't do that. He's actually just fucked, lol

No. 378397

ok here's part 1, sorry for shaky vid. its pretty boring except for some parts where he snaps at comments

No. 378398

I bet Gerg wasn't even aware of Zumiez until Billie met Drew, then he frantically googled "HOW TO LOOK LIKE COOL SKATE TEEN" and found it.

No. 378400

you did god's work, my beloved fellow farmer

No. 378401

He even says she got a bachelor's to get a bachelor's, not to work

No. 378402

File: 1493430520804.jpg (124.65 KB, 630x1200, AmI19OrWhat!.jpg)

No. 378403

I guess Lainey could be a full-time mom (doubt it though), but ONE of them should have a fucking stable income ffs!

No. 378404

She didn't even do the "work" for her worthless degree. I'm sure she edubirdie'd that shit.

No. 378405

You don't always die from aneurysms. What an idiot.

No. 378406

Full livestream from today is up. Sorry it took so long.


No. 378407

I got a bachelor, worked for 3 years and then quit when I got preggers. Havent worked since then. Unlike Blamey I really do want to work again but I want to be with my kids until they are old enough they can take care of themselves.

Blamey has nannies and yet she doesnt work? Shes being a lazy bitch, absolutely no excuse to do either one or the other. Where were the nannies when her kids were getting fucked up teeth? I hope they got fired.

No. 378408

They've always had a live in nanny. First one of her idiot friends around her age, then Sarah was given the task after she was groomed into the mcmansion. The only thing she does full-time is whine on twitter and tumblr.

No. 378410

Greg literally has the body of a 40 year old man. Literally my boyfriend has this exact same torso and he's 45. Greg stop bragging about your body. Just because you're not fat fat doesn't mean you look good.

No. 378414

File: 1493431329343.jpg (151.8 KB, 650x502, magma.jpg)

No. 378416

every time someone uses that word i have the paranoid feeling it is himself

No. 378418

File: 1493431775522.gif (1.86 MB, 700x306, keks.gif)

That's perfect. He really is that 3edgy5u tryhard middle aged dad.

No. 378420

Where did she graduate from, it wasn't WSU? I'm sure with everything that's come to light about her online, her college would be proud to publicly acknowledge her. kek

No. 378423

>"I kept fantasizing about having a brain aneurism today.
>Boohoo poor me, my karma's coming home to roost. Feels bad.

All he does is act whiny and self-entitled, just like his wife. And everyone's a manipulative sociopath like him now? He gets more delusional by the day. Thanks for the summary, anon. The less I hear his autistic screeching, the better.

No. 378424

I wonder if Grugglypuff will ever do a "responding to lolcow comments" video. I can't picture him getting through more than one without going red in the face and flipping off the camera

No. 378425

I never got this… what is she trying to say? This makes no sense to me.

No. 378426

Shes trying to say Magna Cum Laude.

No. 378427

Kassi Kandi was in the YouNow chat. Blast from the past. Anyone else remember her? https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/index.php?title=Kassi_Kandi

No. 378428

Oh okay, thanks, I had no idea that was a prase. Googled it and it all makes sense now.

Sage for pointless post. (sorry!)

No. 378429

No, he'd just cherry pick the cringey ones like yours

No. 378430

go back to school, because apparently you are unable to read.

i fucking knew there would be some kind of retards who neither know what magna cum lauda actually means nor are really able to read that old font and therefore not understood your piece of art.

No. 378431

File: 1493433356118.png (180.74 KB, 1080x996, Whatfreshhell.png)

Oh geez, what now?

No. 378432

Its probably just a video of his face.

No. 378433


Not every country uses those terms as their degree classifications, so I think it's fair that not everyone knows them.

No. 378434

calm down bitchy anon

No. 378435

HIS LAUGHTER, its slowly getting more and more shrill with each younow. hes just going nuts slowly its like an art film almost.

No. 378436

I really think Greg is gay and wants to be viciously railed by dudes. The way he's obsessed with mentioning guys dicks, talking about cocks, his videos… I know we all talk about his impregnation fetish but people can do both. Maybe… he wants to be impregnated?

No. 378437

Greg, is that you?

No. 378438

go take a bath and wind down grumpy-chan

No. 378439

ooOOOooohoohohoooooo hOOOOOO!!!

he made that vid about being gyneosexual or whatever, and he seriously seems to like crossdressing. perhaps he's autogynephilic (i can't spell)

No. 378442

he's also constantly obsessed with it it seems. Like maybe the reason he's so aggressive towards women is he wants.. to be subjugated like one? Then impregnated. Mpreg. I had this thought at work today and almost had a heart attack- it just makes so much sense to me. he seems to actually, genuinely miss his male friends while he is fucking ENRAGED at the women.

No. 378443


sage for kinda o/t and blogpost

fuck a guy i used to "see" had an impregnation fetish. i think it's common in people who love to be in power / manipulate others. come to think of it, this guy told me he loved me after like one date too, was a stage five clinger but yelled at me in front of my friends when i did something that indirectly inconvenienced him in a small way. there's something about narcissistic and power-hungry people that makes them pop a million boners for putting babies in people.

No. 378444

this is good tin foil hat stuff anon. i can see why you think that. lainey is the only female he seems to have ever reconciled with, or at least wanted to. all other women are nasty smelly bitch whore cunts.

No. 378450


And Lainey is the only one who was dumb enough to have his kids. I don't think it's a matter of wanting to reconcile but the backlash. Also the biggest doormat.

Greg tries to "reconcile" over and over again with every woman he is with to set up new ridiculous rules/boundaries, keep them on their toes and make them afraid to lose him. It's narc mind games. Eventually the women leave, not Greg.

No. 378451

Or maybe he realizes she's the mother of his children, she knows too much, has access to information that could ruin him and her father is a lawyer who hates his guts?

No. 378452


Lol, that would be a sight. It would be the Blaire video all over again because Greg knows no insults besides "slut, whore, bitch, faggot, YOU SMELL BAD."

No. 378458

It would be nice if he censored his face on his youtube videos. Then maybe anons wouldn't have to transcribe his videos so much

No. 378460

Was just reading though and saw this. Kind of bummed I missed the stream.

haha thats not even my younow. My younow is https://www.younow.com/PrincessWafflebunny
They do have my picture though. Weird.

No. 378462

Billie and Blaire are the only two people who have been able to make him completely unhinged in videos.

No. 378463

File: 1493439807600.jpg (36.54 KB, 320x240, Cz59.jpg)

>>378296 >>378312
he looks like this thing

No. 378464

oh my god he does

No. 378471

File: 1493442544571.png (106.77 KB, 640x845, IMG_0736.PNG)

DISGUSTING. And this facial expression is so fucking cringey.

I hate people who post shit like this with pity party captions, expecting people to compliment them because they're sooo brave.

No. 378473

Behold! Filtered and burry, shot with a top of the line iPhone and still looks like potato quality


No. 378474

Read what, an obviously photoshopped image? Are you high? Go change your tampon anon.

No. 378475

I love the "no filters" When low megapixel and image noise is essentially his filter.

No. 378476

File: 1493442917407.png (137.93 KB, 640x805, IMG_0735.PNG)

Gerg, you're like 35. That ship has long sailed.

Also, you can tell he's driving while taking selfies by the reflection in his glasses. Fucking idiot.

No. 378477

What are the tattoos on his wrists?

No. 378480

He's in one of those self driving Tesla cars, although I am unfamiliar with the law in WA, I assume even in such a car using your cell whilst in the drivers seat and in motion it is still very much illegal?

No. 378481

A shooped image on the internet is proof of the school she went to? kek
If her online college has a twitter, I'm sure they'd love to be tweeted the screenshots of their special "magma" graduate grooming a 14yo little girl.

No. 378482

He claimed in the YouNow to have tried EVERYTHING to fix his acne. Yes, everything except eating real food, not the overprocessed, expensive, convenience garbage he eats at every meal.

But he said he's glad he has shit skin and isn't well-endowed (micropenis confirmed?); otherwise he'd be an even worse person.

No. 378483

This whole charade he's playing is to deflect (as usual) from his own behavior and responsibility. He sits there acting like he didn't sign custody of his children over to his doormat wife,just so he could run away with "druggie, criminal, shitty person, dropout" teen girl. He thinks if he repeats the lies often enough, people will believe it. He's so fucking transparent it's pathetic.

No. 378484

It's funny cause in lameo's younow a little while ago (like a week ago), someone asked if she was going to get a masters and she said she might get a masters and go back to school but shes taking a break for now.

But gerg just basically admitted lameo's true intentions OR is saying what he wants lameo to do which is she just got a bachelors for a bachelors and shes not going to work.

I think he dresses like what he thinks jensen ackles from supernatural dresses like. But he cant pull it off, and he buys shit clothing. LOL.

No. 378485

"Behold, bad skin, premature wrinkles, totally obvious failed nose job and acne, do I look young guyyzzz?"
Ugh he is literally closer to being 40 than he is to being 20 yet here he is seeking validation from his mostly underage/teenage fans like an insecure manchild.. (where is his top lip?)
Also, what's with the totally "I'm so vulnerable plz compliment me" expression?

No. 378486

He probably got audited for trying to write off his botox as a work expense to keep his image fresh for his 13 year old fan base he claims is all adults.

No. 378487

if he's not wearing mascara, that is a fucking waste, he has long eyelashes. i'm mad. disgusting man

No. 378488

On one wrist he has the word "Remember" on the other he has "Love"

No. 378490

lol I'm just caching up with this on Vidme, and he shits on everyone armchair diagnosing him because they don't have the proper "education". Shame he wasted thousands of dollars on the education of his magma cum laude >>378377 do-nothing house frau.

No. 378493

The fact she has a patreon now is hilarious. All Lainey can do is e-beg and be a whiny emo tumblrina. There's nothing she can offer that's worth a damn, so she's going to try and leech off of her 14yo clueless child fanbase. And Gurg calls Billie a loser? kek.

No. 378495

"Welp, can't afford canned anymore."
>owns a tesla and giant ass house

No. 378496

File: 1493445499720.png (186.6 KB, 500x